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File: 1671258569674.png (1.16 MB, 756x1023, woof.png)

No. 1729371

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1718262

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.

REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy.

This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Reminder that Shayna refused an offer for a free education so she could continue partaking in what will be described below: >>1721055

Last Thread:
>Shaynus returns to regularly scheduled bringing her actual dad up on her whore twitter after suicide baiting about her snapchat being deleted the night prior >>1718281
>Controversy arises on twitter when Shaynus mentions how hot a fake safeword would be and further convinces the farms that she is asexual indeed >>1718675, >>1718677, >>1718850, >>1718857
>Anons lament over the lugubriousity of Shaynut's life as she posts a selfie of her middle age open bobs tier "foot slave" nose-deep in her asshole >>1719583
>We get some of Shay's Snow's finest work yet, and nonas recognize that shirt from somewhere… >>1719466, >>1719667
>Shaynart sells the girlfriend experience for $100 a week >>1720695 as she is, once again, low on funds
>More caps of Shay's various shoots come out, most of her looking Oklahoma cheemsburger-style >>1720775, >>1721353, >>1721374, >>1721498, >>1721511
>Shay and Ellen make Christmas cookies that Shaynart gorges herself on later >>1721872, >>1722473
>Ribmeat somehow is greasier than Shart herself >>1723291 anons cry cat abuse
>It's a flashback Christmas for the farms as Shay doles out some old favorites >>1723621, >>1729239
>Shayna is pressed over Markiplier's OF >>1724550, >>1724570
>Shatna sends a spanking video to her wolfpack daddy >>1724769, she plans for him to visit soon for Take Two of the Great On-camera Porking >>1725185
>More sexual harassment of wage workers >>1725006
>Anons discuss Shay's true size >>1725279, >>1725293
>The Coke Can Bangs Return >>1725969
>Shaynut saves a lock for her wolfpack daddy >>1726150
>More tiktoks >>1726514
>More nasty twitter "fantasies" >>1727401, >>1719641, >>1722571, >>1724593
>More pedobaiting >>1728447, >>1722901
>More "that happened" esque stories >>1729347, >>1719628
>Shayna accidentally shops a sliver of her ear out in her "I love how I look" post >>1726608
>Shay begins to resemble Ellen >>1726963
>Shaynart butthurt on twitter about some scrote saying he doesn't like a certain fetish she made a video for >>1727548, >>1727631
>Scary Titty makes an appearance in a strap-on horror vid >>1727751
>Shay's headed to Massachusetts in 4 days >>1728153
>Anons tinfoil to the brink of insanity about Shay's height. Consensus of 5'6" is reached >>1728344, >>1728379, >>1728384
>New domme twitter for Shayna appears >>1728943
>Shartna says we deserve happiness >>1728804 and then gets on cam for us >>1728897, anons are not impressed >>1729103, >>1729120, >>1729169
>Wolfpack daddy inbound 10 days >>1729191
>Shayna gets progressively more inebriated as the night goes on, starting with her taking anti-anxiety medication before getting online >>1729280, >>1729243, >>1729245, ending with a hurried pre-puke goodbye >>1729323, >>1729359

No. 1729376

https://www.tiktok.com/@itsdollymattel (DELETED/BANNED)
New TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@dollhausbarbie
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly (BANNED)

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No. 1729386

Bless do you remember when she used this cage for her literal dog kek

No. 1729387

Also sorry for same fag but if Wolfpack brony is inbound in 10 days does that mean he’s skipping Christmas with the pack to see shaymu?

No. 1729391

Wouldn’t that put him there after Christmas? Also the weather is going to potentially be bad the days coming up to Christmas, so her flight may be delayed or even cancelled traveling to the east coast.

No. 1729394

It was her stepmom, not her mom, who offered to pay for her education to get out of sw. So her dad by proxy

No. 1729474

Yes the Barf thread pic lol!!
I would still like to know wtf was happening when she punched herself in the face. That was unsettling.

No. 1729490

She lets coomers pay her to punch herself in the face, she’s been doing it for ages.

No. 1729498

Jfc that's horrible. I've only gotten into the Shay threads recently… just when I think I've hit the limit on her depraved shit she goes further.

No. 1729504

Excellent OP nona, a blessing upon your house. Though I think we need to bring back the cow bio purely because there are always retards arguing about shit that’s been documented because they’re either new of lazy or both. Anyway, that cam show was beyond bleak, yet I feel like this isn’t even rock bottom for her

No. 1729548

She does it for literal pennies too

No. 1729564

unironically think shaynus may end up giving herself brain damage with this shit if she hasn’t already. Even ‘light’ head injuries can cause concussion and the more concussions you get, the easier it is to get concussed. She’s certainly getting dumber and making increasingly rash & retarded decisions.
If she lets moids choke her (bet) then she’s flirting with hypoxia brain injuries too.
Imagine destroying your brain and asshole for pennies & crumbs of attention from paedophiles & sex offenders. Bleaqué.

No. 1729586

Shayna upcoming stroke saga where she actually needs diapers for medical reasons and not for coomer crumbs

No. 1729591

She hates her new bangs. She literally would not stop trying to fix them throughout the entire 2/3 hour stream. It even got to a point where she literally begged coomers to confirm they looked cute because no one had been saying anything to her about it. Her main cash cows could only muster a “sure, theyre cute” then said she looked like Cindy Loohoo from Grinch.

No. 1729592

i wonder if she got them to hide her forehead wrinkles

No. 1729596

if she really couldn't be bothered to shower, it would have taken her less than 10 minutes to wash her bangs in the sink and blow dry them. she would still be crusty and the bangs would still look stupid but at least they wouldn't be such a stringy mess on cam. but no, that's too much effort for her. remember when she claimed to be a perfectionist and obsessed with tiny details?

No. 1729614

File: 1671306505422.jpeg (656.17 KB, 1170x1848, 623AC315-4FB1-4372-98D2-06FF45…)

No. 1729617

Thanks much nona ♥ I agree, I tried to compile her pedo baiting and nasty Twitter posts in the OP so compassiononas can reconsider.

No. 1729621

how much does she even make from these shows?

No. 1729622

popping xanax and drinking like a real loser Shatna

No. 1729642

File: 1671309437552.jpeg (511.88 KB, 1170x1176, 6B9916C9-B572-42A7-B82C-522FBB…)

No. 1729648

Thank god she doesn’t have a car

No. 1729659

File: 1671310940204.jpeg (515.47 KB, 1170x1006, 89DF5B4E-01D0-4B08-AF14-B80B89…)

Ah yes Shay. So you constantly talk about “good girl pills” and sexualize your mental health

No. 1729660

File: 1671310988313.jpeg (416.36 KB, 1340x2048, 8CDECC35-E2E6-40E7-A5CB-6F7EB3…)

Why put big ass Shay on top?

No. 1729661

File: 1671311039741.jpeg (Spoiler Image,570.3 KB, 2048x1671, 73A79E6C-1A40-46F9-845F-E2158F…)

No. 1729663

and people wonder why this thread is full of so much rage and autism, this shit is disgusting and retarded. It pisses me off the most because this shit is right in our faces. Three fat ugly retarded women thinking they look like childern but then going-
>Omg stop kink shaming! Worry about the real pedo's. We are literally grown women"
Despite doing everything to protray the vibe/thought of fucking toddlers. I wish them the worse

No. 1729668

Ugh. Shat’s baby content has always been vile, but something about the diaper/ snap onesie where their faces aren’t visible is making my skin crawl more than usual. Veering ever further into ‘should be on a watchlist’ territory

No. 1729669

Does anyone have some streams of Shayna in general? Couldn't see her last night

No. 1729671

I can smell this and I fucking hate it

No. 1729675

A-logging really should be permitted where Shayna is concerned

No. 1729681

File: 1671314328023.jpg (44.87 KB, 425x515, Screenshot_20221217-145652_Chr…)

The face of a fresh faced baby bimbo (her haters are just jealous of her cause they caught their boyfriends jerking off to her)

No. 1729694

Idk but probably breaks even with how much she spends on alcohol and weed for the event

No. 1729705

Gd she looks wrecked and insane

No. 1729717

File: 1671318701452.jpg (461.87 KB, 1076x1348, Screenshot_20221217-231056_Chr…)

Images you can smell

No. 1729749

Shay is that one SpongeBob sound effect as a person

No. 1729763

Are you the same anon that has been told for years how to use worse/worst?

No. 1729781

yes sorry i still slip up, it's my worse flaw

No. 1729801

File: 1671327463843.png (1.58 MB, 858x866, Screenshot_20221217-173518.png)

The girl under FatShat can't contain her face, the pain of being crushed by shaynus' blubber

No. 1729808

In podiatry school and I want to scalpel off those gross yellow corns so fucking bad, you know as soon as she develops type 2 diabetes from her shitty lifestyle those feet are going to ulcerate.

No. 1729809

No. 1729816

Jesus. She (obviously) should not do that. Depending on what she takes and how much, she could pass out and worst case scenario, die. (nona here >>1729622 said Xanax but I think Xans are super hard to get a hold of if you go to the right doctor)
Is there a general area for when her IRL whoring saga began? Meaning her 'foot slave' coming around, I don't think getting fingered in an Applebees' parking lot for a build-a-bear should count.

No. 1729835

How tf are her feet this calloused? She lives an extremely sedentary life, sorry for blogpost; but I’m on my feet 8-12 hours a day at work and that’s not even including walking to/from my job and gym/general exercise. The only part of Shaymu that should be calloused is her fat ass from sitting on it all day.

No. 1729836

File: 1671333586335.jpeg (425.52 KB, 2048x2048, 570F6793-A2ED-46DA-B309-FC56B2…)

Her look for “date night”

No. 1729840

She looks like those crusty white dogs

No. 1729841

I don’t like the bangs very much but they do hide her wrinkles/over-expressive forehead

No. 1729848

Shayna enjoys looking like a dog

No. 1729849

i absolutely hate the fact that they put actual children’s toys and books on this set. children could be playing with and cherishing this stuff but no, degenerates are hoarding it all to pander to pedophiles.

No. 1729866

the retarded bow says more about her mental state than even the most autistic of nonnies.

No. 1729870

KEK underrated post

No. 1729874

I'm sure if she just cut them shorter she wouldn't need to curl them into that coke can shape you can see from the front right they'd just lay flat on her head it doesn't have to be this way right

No. 1729876

I have a feeling that she only does the curl because they flip outwards otherwise. She very obviously cut them herself, so they're not going to lie flat without curling tools.

No. 1729887

She just doesn’t have the face for bangs. As a lifelong bang-haver I get irrationally annoyed when I see people get them without considering if they’ll actually look good. Very few people actually suit blunt bangs, they generally only work on faces with defined bone structure and well proportioned features. Shat clearly hates hers as evidenced by how she keeps asking people to tell her she looks cute with them and spending pretty much the entire duration of her stream fiddling with them. She washes her hair once in a blue moon so they’re doomed to be a crusty, greasy mess that will undoubtedly exacerbate the putrid fungal acne on her forehead

No. 1729901

Congratulations on your well-defined bone structure and proportional features anon

No. 1729902

You know what I’ll say it, at least the sweater is nice.

No. 1729909

literally anyone looks good in bangs Nonna it's called choosing the right style

No. 1729910

It’s undoubtedly atrocious quality toxic waste from shein but it’s a vast improvement on the shit she usually wears. I don’t know why it’s so hard for her to wear clothes that fit more often

No. 1729922

>being this emotionally involved with other people’s bangs
Kek seek help

No. 1729940

Thank you for all your hard work

No. 1729941

bangchan pls

No. 1729943

I’m honestly kind of sad that she finally figured out filters. The Oklahoma depression era where she didn’t use filters or makeup was so interesting to watch, her entire face got wrecked in like 9 months from muh pink wine and shartcuterie breffast
I can already smell the “actually, she looks pretty here” posts from the nonnies that don’t understand filters. Her bangs are awful but they are also basically a filter for for forehead wrinkles

No. 1729946

She still looks tragic with a fucktonne of filters too. Her horrible beady little butthole eyes are straight up terrifying even when she tries to make them bigger

No. 1730033

File: 1671375790546.jpeg (152.54 KB, 1170x384, DB459254-78F9-45C8-8E7E-86D2BF…)

No. 1730068

its nice, but knowing her she’s not wearing anything under said open-knit sweater in hopes people will see her tits on display.

No. 1730070

More like 50%

No. 1730102

Feels like everyones mom (when they were younger) dressed and had hair like this in the 80s lol

No. 1730125

It's funny because it's by accident, she's not going for a time period, she just thinks slapping a bow on any hairstyle is stylish, youthful and bimbo. Instead of making her look like a dated poodle woman

No. 1730144

File: 1671389585272.jpeg (489.94 KB, 1170x1195, 4BDCED41-A9D7-4215-8ED5-2027E5…)

Shay you yourself are a bully

No. 1730156

File: 1671390245373.jpg (144.28 KB, 1073x1486, 20221218_200101.jpg)

Lollllllllll, Elon about to ban advertising other platforms, first she lost Snapchat and now she is about to lose Twitter as a platform for advertising her depressing porn.

No. 1730162

File: 1671390962966.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, 2AD83B1B-06F8-45A4-9C84-46266A…)

looking rough today

No. 1730173

>sees the autism in the most autistic thread in snow and is put off by it

No. 1730176

damn, she looks rough, she looks like a 35 years old meth addict that hasn't washed her hairs in 5 months. Her bangs look like she stuck them into melted butter so they stay in form. And those moles, I have moles myself, but those things have to be looked at, skin cancer isn't a joke.

No. 1730185

the sideburns……. please

No. 1730192

the return of the grease tendrils

No. 1730197

her skin breaking out is just gross. looking like a fucking methhead

No. 1730206

She gave herself a new face but didn't think to shop out the massive amount of acne? She legit looks like a junkie.

No. 1730214

She’s got a little pinhead compared to the long ass boobs kek. Her boobs and her mound are getting so weirdly stretched out, she has one of the weirdest fat distributions I’ve ever seen

No. 1730215

Yikes her bangs look awful. I know nonnies here hate her coke can bangs but if she washed them they'd actually hide her wrinkly forehead kek. Bangs for people who refuse to bathe is the worst idea. She looks unwashed overall and the lump of hair she balls everything up in makes them even more noticeable as being greasy and unwashed. Honestly my bangs look sweaty and gross after a long day I can't imagine how disgusting they're going to look when she doesn't wash her hair for a week. Her hair is tragic to look at. It's either limp and hanging forcing her to style it into a hair tendril bun or she gives herself busted bangs. Maybe go to a hair stylist for once instead of hacking at it with a pair of sicssors you found in the junk drawer? She really is trailer trash chic kek

No. 1730217

Her bangs look like PS2 era graphics

No. 1730218

its cause she facetuned the shit out of her face. she kept the acne >>1730206 as an attempt to make it look more "real", but if you look around her eye area you can especially tell she manipulated it. she probably did the feature that shrinks your head in an attempt to make it look less fat, but then it makes the rest of her look giant and stretched in comparison

No. 1730225

File: 1671396018388.jpg (115.81 KB, 700x796, bangs.jpg)

Who told her these bangs were nice? I've never seen anyone (who wasn't going for a certain look) wear their bangs like this. It's just ugly and autistic. Why can' she just go get bangs like picrel? This is why having non-sex work female friends would help Shayna. She literally thinks she's the most stylish unique person on this planet, but she walks around looking retarded. And who is going to tell her? Ellen? Who probably wears old lady new balances that are leaning to the left, walking around in v neck shirts with no bra and soggy walmart jeans?
They look greasy, burnt and retarded. I hate it so much

No. 1730256


these bangs would not work on her because shatna's forehead is about an inch long. she doesn't need a new hairstyle, she just needs to lose 80 pounds and shower regularly

No. 1730262

File: 1671399891028.jpeg (881.85 KB, 1170x1632, 63F439F6-94F6-433C-94F5-A466CB…)


No. 1730264

File: 1671399992512.jpeg (864.51 KB, 1170x1949, 8698C370-9E21-4C24-8790-46C9C7…)

No. 1730282

>le misogynist stoner
i wish the internet never happened

No. 1730283

So do I, but then we wouldn’t have all these train wrecks to laugh at

No. 1730290

AYRT I love the autism in this thread. Bangchan and her perfect bone structure still needs to seek help for her irrational anger towards the bangs of strangers kek

I’m screaming. This would make a great “tag yourself”.
>I’m the moles that look like a trail of rabbit turds

No. 1730307

no way she saw this pic of herself and thought she looked good enough to repost on other platforms her reverse body dysmorphia inspires me

No. 1730309

those bangs really took her from 30 year old straight to 40+ year old mom in an unhappy marriage.

No. 1730310

Lookin like Rhonda Mattel

No. 1730316

he doesn’t ban linking to OnlyFans

No. 1730318

File: 1671406793853.jpeg (803.73 KB, 1170x1848, B7CCB66B-56E6-4DE5-9C0D-419CFB…)

Yes, $190 is very much “spoiled”

No. 1730324

Obesity is bad news for foot health in general but she probably wears crap shoes with no proper support that used to fit her 200 lbs ago and no longer do due to the fat making her feet wider and causing arch collapse. High heels are awful for feet and usually don’t have proper orthopedic support in them if any at all so if she had a small problem wearing those cheapo plastic bologna heels or whatever she wears in bed would definitely exacerbate them to the point of what she has going on now. Also some people are just super genetically unlucky and form super deep painful calluses in response to any minor foot injury.

No. 1730326

the end of the month is coming, she better be working hard for her rent

No. 1730333

Oh I thought she finally started editing her waist but it's just the ugly wig

No. 1730395

Obviously filtered and edited because her face, including the cluster of gnarly acne, is completely smoothed and her nose has a decent shape to it lol. Whats with her cleavage being so weirdly long?? literally has more boobcrack than asscrack. Bleak.

No. 1730406

It reminds me of my Sims after they've popped out 3+ kids and never work out ….

No. 1730422

File: 1671416871794.jpg (63.45 KB, 828x881, muny.jpg)

if she calls $190 successful findomming i sense another breakdown by the end of the month

No. 1730429

Thank u based footchan

No. 1730443

How the fuck does a fat, crusty, 40 year old single mother dressed as a toddler in a bologna wig looking retard expect to be taken seriously as a “domme”? Admittedly I don’t know anything about sex work but I always picture dominatrixes as looking something like cat woman, or at least very high maintenance and imposing, Shayna just looks like a genuine special needs person with a stupid pink dildo attached to her gunt

No. 1730476

File: 1671422688419.jpeg (134.22 KB, 828x404, 8D1C6B71-D136-4CAF-B72C-6CE34C…)

I swear to goddess Muskrat had better ban whoring on twitter. This shit deserves the chair.

No. 1730487

This is one of the most degenerate things she’s ever tweeted

No. 1730490

Musk is making a big deal about stopping CSA being shared on twitter and here's Fat Shat the porcine pedo panderer making tweets like this for crumbs of male attention. All it takes is for someone to cause a scene and bring this to Musk's attention and he would probably ban all the OF whores posting simulated CSA. She does not know when to shut the fuck up.

No. 1730492

File: 1671425019137.jpeg (249.5 KB, 828x1153, 39C3996F-B5D5-417D-BCA7-D39ABF…)

Same energy as TND’s junkie selfies after a binge
If Musk doesn’t do it hopefully the FTC will be the final mail in the coffin for Twitter and its degenerates. After picrel article came out in August about how Twitter’s own internal teams discovered that the website fails to adequately prevent children from viewing and uploading porn and being exploited, I remember reading statements from ex-FTC commissioners and current FTC employees that Twitter could potentially face a fine in the range of $5 billion because of this. They were fined $150 million earlier this year for breaking the consent decree Twitter signed with the FTC back in 2011, and that was just for sharing phone numbers and emails with advertisers. I want these fuckers to burn.

No. 1730504

I want nothing but karma for this pedo pandering bitch.

No. 1730508

Radfem twitter is experiencing a renaissance at the moment thanks to Musk wanting to be a bastion of free speech. The dedicated TERF and SWERF accounts are getting pretty aggressive with dragging degenerate troons and whores as are many of the conservatards with big followings so I feel like the days of degeneracy are numbered. I loathe Musk but I’m hoping his efforts will lead to more normies feeling comfortable in “kinkshaming” these pieces of shit

No. 1730526

Lmao nona

No. 1730626

Twitter isn’t going to ban SW/OnlyFans, don’t be ridiculous. Porn of varying kinds brings far too much engagement to the platform. If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if Musk continued with the plan to make Twitter an OnlyFans/Patreon competitor by enabling users to set up subscriptions for private content on-platform - he seems to be interested in finding ways to monetise Twitter (e.g. purchasing of checks) and that would in part explain why he’s rightfully being so hard on the proliferation of child pornography.

No. 1730631

This is why I can’t feel sympathy for her.. the things she says and the way she acts

No. 1730644

musk isn’t being hard on cp tho, he’s just a retard who probably jerks to it himself. i don’t know why people are ignoring that he’s just another misogynist nerd scrote because they’re allowed to say tranny on twitter now. also he’s planning to ban third party links so the OF whores won’t be able to use linktree, link to instagram, etc.

No. 1730652

I don’t think anyone is ignoring the fact that he’s a colossal piece of morally bankrupt shit, they’re just taking advantage of the situation at hand. Frankly I’ll take a win wherever we can get it, I’m sick of women being silenced by scrotes so if he has created an environment where TERFs and SWERFs are on a level playing field with the terminally online woketards who want to “cancel” everyone who disagrees with them then we might as well make the most of it

No. 1730672

>im sick of women being silenced by scrotes
>ahh yes scrotemusk is saving all us radfems from the pedos and troons !!!
he probably watches troon porn and cp himself fuck off with this shit. if you really hated men so much you wouldn't be siding with someone like musk. he hates women more than the average scrote. i don't like tranny rhetoric either but someone like musk will never make the movement look good, it will only turn normies even more against it. people will just start saying "oh well twitters just full of terfs and nazis" and won't be using twitter at all. people will start labeling elon a "terf" even though theres nothing radical or feminist about him. you're dumb as shit and not a feminist in my opinion.

No. 1730673

Good thing no one cares about your opinion, stop derailing and take it to the containment thread

No. 1730684

File: 1671456271109.jpg (7.06 KB, 236x236, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

another fattychan reporting in. at my highest weight my body looked almost identical to shayna now. im the same height. shayna is around 215-220 if im right

shes really gained at least 100lbs in just a couple years. imo her weight gain will get faster as she gets more depressed about her body and eats and drinks to drown her feelings. no way shes losing weight without a major intervention for her drinking.

cant wait to watch her continued downward spiral nonnies. karma is real

No. 1730689

Yeah, after a big weight drop I really realize now there's no way in hell Shayna would ever find the discipline to drop the weight, either via gym or even CICO. CICO wouldn't even require her to move around and get off her fat ass, all she would have to do to even get back to skinnyfat is just eat less and track calories with an app. But Shatna's far too lazy for that. She's going to be 300lbs by 30, guaranteed.

No. 1730700

100% she doesn’t have the motivation or just general care for her well being. Like losing weight isn’t easy and neither is creating a healthy lifestyle, it takes a lot of mental strength and a solid support network, she only surrounds herself with enablers and not healthy ones. Said as a current fatty (84kg, 155cm tall) and losing weight

She’ll continue to get fatter and greasier solely because she doesn’t see it as something she needs to change it’s her delusion that it’s everyone else’s fault/meds.

No. 1730704

Dead on nona, but it's also because because Shay expects instant fixes for everything. It's her whole "gimme gimme gimme" personality. Something she wants to buy? She e-begs. She wants food? She won't cook, she'd rather blow hundreds a month to have some greasy restaurant do it for it. It's no different with weight loss, if she doesn't see results immediately she's gonna give up, she's addicted to instant gratification and it's pathetic. Weight loss IS hard, been fighting it even with PCOS an in my 30s when it's harder to lose with your metabolism slowing down, but if you have a shred of discipline it's still possible. But Shayna has the "I deserve everything handed to me on a silver platter" mindset. And once she's no longer in her 20s her metabolism is going to screech to a stop, so enjoy becoming a Slaton sister, Fatty Mattel.

No. 1730712

not to blog but my abusive father said something similar to me (sans gangbang). this bitch is disgusting and twisted and deserves every horrible thing that's coming to her. god this gave me such a visceral reaction.

No. 1730715

I’m sorry people like Shayna make a mockery of what you went through. Wishing you healing nona

No. 1730727

I'm sad that happened to you, nonna. Fuck him and fuck her. I would alog so hard right now if it didn't mean a ban. You're safe now?

No. 1730773

She's lazy af. It was why she was skinny and strange enough, why she's fat. Before she was too lazy as a teen to eat anything and now too lazy to eat healthy. She won't lose weight unless she's forced into it by a situation where lazy = weight loss. I'm in my 30s and suffered from pandemic drinking (not quite as bad as Shat) and my body started to slightly resemble hers despite being a pear-chan (please no pear vs fridge. both body types look good if you're in shape). Shayna has aged her body by poor diet and drinking. I managed to lose the weight with drastic diet and exercise changes, but Shayna won't and can't. The miserable atmosphere of relying on begging scrotes for money always deeply fucks with you. She needs to drink I think. She's going to get the grossest body because of it. A warning to all anons, doordash and drinking will give you a Shayna body. Cooking for yourself will change your body quickly. I'd feel sorry for her but >>1730476 this. There's comfort in knowing that she will never become thin again and will continue to grow and get the nastiest body possible.

No. 1730805

bangchan boys

No. 1730821


Bitch someone forced your head into a toilet what the fuck

No. 1730831

We gatekeeping ugly bangs now? Lmao grow up, bangs are for people who don't have a nice enough face to look at, so they use that ugly fringe shit to distract from it. Stfu anon, we don't care.

No. 1730836

waiting for impending drama just like the time someone called shaynas dog ugly

No. 1730839

Retarded*, not ugly

No. 1730841

I just think its interesting that she continues to gain weight. That's something I don't understand. Does it have to do with age? Like do you plateau at a point? I feel like that happened with me, where I gained from being a skinny teen and I didn't balloon up fast and hard like Shay, but I feel like I gained at some point in my mid 20s, but Ive never gotten past a certain weight? And I havent made much effort to exercise or change my diet.
Not trying to blog. What Im saying is… how do people continue to snowball and get morbidly obese? Is she really gonna keep porking up? How do you not just maintain a weight (well I know weight fluctuates a bit day to day but you know what I mean) when you go about your boring, daily life. I just feel like I'd definitely make changes if I was approaching plus size level fat. Having a daily calorie intake isn't all that hard and she could walk her poor fat dumb dog and I feel like that would keep her from snowballing further.

No. 1730852

Having a higher muscle percentage consumes more calories, so if someone stops exercising they fail to maintain their muscle mass and their TDEE goes down while they're still eating the same amount of food.

No. 1730853

she has to get to the point where calories in = calories needed to survive. as you get larger, the body requires more calories to survive, as its hauling around pounds upon pounds of fat. so if shes intaking ~4000 kcal per day (rough estimate), she's going to need gain roughly ~75 more pounds before that intake of ~4000 kcal is equal to what her body is expending each day, therefore allowing her weight to plateau.

No. 1730858

>>1730684 hope you're doing good nona

No. 1730859

She's an alcoholic, thats why she's gaining so quickly and always so bloated and sickly looking.

No. 1730862

The other night on cam she said that she can’t drink pure alcohol, just sugary/fruity drinks or something with a chaser. The only alcoholics I know of can tolerate the taste of pure alcohol so I’m wondering how common it is to be an alcoholic but detest the taste of alcohol so much when she’s been an alcoholic for years now?
Also idk if anyone pointed it out but the other night on stream she was saying she would pay for a lobotomy and laughing/joking while saying that. God I hate her so much.

No. 1730863

>>1730841 Snowballs yea. When you start indulging your cravings gets bigger and stronger the more you eat. But most people get to a point when they realise they need to stop…

No. 1730864

honestly yeah. if shayna was an actual porn star with millions in the bank, she probably would go down the momokun path

No. 1730875

There's all kinds of alcoholics. Some only drink beer, some will get smashed on anything they can get their hands on (think mouthwash and shit like that) and some, like Shayna, drink sweet sugary stuff. I don't understand why it's even up for debate whether she's an actual alcoholic or not… No one can consume those amounts of alcohol (+ other substances) on a daily basis and not get addicted. She's also mentioned many times that she uses alcohol as a coping mechanism. Plus she's tried to stop and couldn't. Girl's a fucking addict.

No. 1730881

I’ve known alcoholics that only drink wine or beer. If you’re used to drinking hard alcohol you become desensitized to the taste. If shay was given no other option but hard alcohol she would drink it. Sugary drinks are easier to drink quickly. You can be an alcoholic and not like the taste of booze

No. 1730891

Ok yeah, I was thinking about portions fat people eat and that maybe as you get bigger, you feel "hungrier" and your stomach expands, thus you feeling you need to eat more. So I figure that has to do with it. But yeah your explanation makes sense. I was wondering like when does it kinda stagnate for super fats and morbidly obese. Some can get to plus size/250lbs, but some keep going into those 600lbs whales.
I guess I just wonder what her plateau will be. And how much fatter she will need to get before she accepts it and does feeder and fat fetish content kek.

No. 1730897

This lol. Theres drink a 6 pack a day type alcohoics and then there's straight out of the bottle types. Oh and wine moms. Alcohol addiction doesnt depend on what alcohol you drink. Its about how often you drink, how much/how fucked up you get, when, and ultimately how you feel without it basically. People legit get withdraws or will feel sick if they try to take a day off or quit. I think that, drinking while the sun is still out, drinking entire packs/bottles/etc, drinking daily, are signs of alcoholism. Shats just a fatty idiot so she prefers things that taste "good" and thinks its quirky and cute to down white claws and pink wine. Like thats "uwu party girl" rather than just just drinking a bottle of vodka. Though flavored vodka she has admitted to on multiple occasions.
Ironically, hard liquor would get her fucked up faster on way less calories and sugar content. But fatty gonna fat.

No. 1730899

I think this is an important outlook. If Shay just had a claw or two a night to fight boredom or have some fun it’s whatever. But she’s shown that alcohol is one of her top financial priorities (along with weed) and she’s miserable without it. It’s a coping mechanism. I wonder how long it’ll be until she gets into pills.

No. 1730905

She already tried to buy Vivis pills after using up her food stamps. Very high class bimbo

No. 1730911

Pills would require a hookup outside of a dispensary or ordering groceries online. She doesn’t have any friends outside her demented polycule and if she did meet someone who sells, they’d likely be a scrote and she’d get obsessed with his attention and then call him a racist after he cuts her off.

No. 1730962

File: 1671481219186.jpeg (265.32 KB, 1122x1122, 4D53F40D-40AB-4FBD-888F-DD02D8…)

She’s styling her bangs with her head grease. yuck

No. 1730970

She probably said that because pure alcohol tastes disgusting and she doesn't like the taste. Sugar/fruity drinks or something with a chaser is pure alcohol diluted with sugar. She "can't" drink pure alcohol just like she probably "can't" eat healthy.
Just like how she said she can't smoke anymore but was doing multiple bong rips on camera.

No. 1730976

most people think pure alcohol tastes gross, not gonna fault her for that.

No. 1730983

id love it if she did a different pose just one time

No. 1730985

The top of her head is so flat, the bangs really show that off

No. 1731001

More like she "cant" drink pure alcohol, like she "cant" drink plain pure water kek

No. 1731002

>>1730976 She could just not drink it

No. 1731003

Its giving trailer park mom going to the bingo night potluck

No. 1731006

No. 1731007

fantasizing about a father selling his daughter to his friends.. shay needs to rope

No. 1731008

Yeah that’s why they do it in shots. I love savoring some good neat single malt but I get that it’s an acquired taste for most people. Shat exclusively drinks disgusting alcopop and cheap wine full of sugar and poisonous additives, imagine the amount of calories sfs consumes from booze alone. Add to that the rancid processed meat and plastic cheese and it’s no surprise she’s expanding at such a rapid rate
Jfc I know it’s been said before but her eyes are so fucking ugly. I don’t think I’ve seen another human with such hideous nasty little black eyes. They really accentuate how big and ugly her knows nose is, and the retarded faces she makes really pulls it all together, especially when her festering brown snaggleteeth are on display. Repulsive cow.

No. 1731010

Alogging needs to be permitted in this thread

No. 1731012

File: 1671483908263.jpeg (105.08 KB, 897x891, 5023B101-3E49-4C93-B5D5-DB04B7…)

I’m be late but her eyebrow looks like a shrimp and her micro blading was for nothing

No. 1731024

File: 1671485295767.jpeg (352.87 KB, 750x946, B5A747B4-6E68-4D74-8D9C-83E53A…)

she reminds me so much of pixie locks the way they are both fat ugly liars

No. 1731036

what kind of weird ass larp is this. degens are something else.

No. 1731038

Bitch could just drink vodka diet soda or whatever. Anon who prob drinks more than she should here: but before I started the gym the biggest no effort weight loss I ever saw myself house was swapping out wine for gin and slimline tonic.

Anyway; she won’t because it’s not “uwu pink” just like she won’t go to the gym or walk her dog or drink water or cook because she can’t be arsed and just wants quick fixes. She’s the kinda stupid that she’d genuinely believe a diet pill will make her drop 10lb a month

No. 1731042

And then everyone clapped. Funny how she lies about this and not about making money cause they're both non believable anyway. Fix your bangs you lying retard.

No. 1731046

ya her choice in drinks is just as bad as her choice in, well everything. i just think that it's silly to criticize her for not liking pure alcohol in general, when the issue is her drinking the literal koolaid versions of booze like a womanchild.

No. 1731048

>a waiter risked losing their job to tease me about acting like a baby just like in all of my sexual fantasies, isn’t my life so quirky guys?

No. 1731050

And then later that day when he was walking Noodle five people screamed "Jezebel!" at her

No. 1731054

Literally servers and any other restaurant worker do not care enough and also wouldnt even jokingly put down a patron like that. She made that up for her gross pedo "im baby" larp and it'saa disgusting as it is stupid. Its not uncommon to get plain burgers.

No. 1731058

I wonder if she justifies this type of lying to her partners as being part of her job

No. 1731062

I hate those pompom, they look goofy rather than “cute” or “pretty”

No. 1731064

she would realize how unrealistic this sounded if she had ever worked a real job , but she ~walked out on her first ever shift at the olive garden~ because she's so quirky and rebellious!

she claims that customer service is a big part of the "career" that she loves so much, but she clearly knows nothing about how people in actual service positions have to act to keep their jobs.

No. 1731066

I don’t think meat, cheese and onions on a bun is something for a four year old. Why does she think any of that is believable

No. 1731076

File: 1671488395038.jpeg (178.35 KB, 750x1334, 5BBA21F1-866A-48CD-99E2-2C02F9…)

just wanted to add this to the thread after trawling the older ones out of boredom….. shayna says she used to weigh 109lbs in 2018(ish) so she is now quite possibly twice her body weight if not more. i know she'll see this and i hope it gives her sleepless nights, the fat pedo.

No. 1731080

Just when I think anons can’t get more retarded. You can’t give yourself brain damage buy punching yourself in the face? She doesn’t go for walks let alone can lift 50lbs that’s insane like you’re assuming she has the punching power of some mma fighter? Maybe bashing your head off of some walls or using a heavy object but really? Your own fist. Come on now.

No. 1731097

File: 1671490506551.jpeg (236.95 KB, 1170x438, 33314651-D902-4E45-A1B6-5A5DA5…)

No. 1731098

File: 1671490556255.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1848, 64E5C738-61AC-4717-A2A9-7845F6…)

Yes, much spoiled

No. 1731101

File: 1671490637065.jpeg (987.51 KB, 1170x1653, D0C233D5-C379-45FD-BC34-6ECAC1…)

Yes Shay, talk about your childhood on your twitter where you cater to pedos

No. 1731102

File: 1671490692348.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1170x1828, 48B8BCA2-8B0B-4E60-8129-F4B4E0…)

No. 1731109

yes, any blow to the face or head can injure your brain. Look it up.

No. 1731114

God just shut the fuck up you actual porn rotten retard. These gross obviously made up stories every time so waddles out of her trash hovel are insufferable.

No. 1731115

Autistic as fuck of me but those loungefly bags are like £80??? For something she’ll never use. What the fuck. Actually a semi “spoiled” purchase

No. 1731117

Kek its just funny to me that everything she gets is food or alcohol themed. Also wow what a pitiful "haul" of less than 100 bucks of garbage.

No. 1731122

Oh wow she’s so spoiled for having a few body washes, a board game, and a tacky novelty purse. This is what most people buy on a regular day off to the mall, even most broke teenagers will splurge on that random shit

No. 1731128

Thanks to everyone else who responded.
I wasn’t trying to debate but just wondering. Like I said, I only know a few alcoholics myself and not the entire population of alcoholics so I am pretty clueless about it. Is there any likelihood that she’ll tolerate the taste of hard alcohol or is it more likely she’ll just be a box wine and white claw type of alcoholic? I always associate hard alcohol with the types of alcoholics who are so poor and they need to get drunk fast. I’m shocked she doesn’t have a higher tolerance being fat and drinking constantly.

No. 1731139

Shes seemed to have gotten into flavored vodka more lately, so theres that. I think she's too lazy for making even simple cocktails at home and no, I dont see her drinking straight hard liquor, save for shots as she does now. I think she loves sugary bullshit and is lazy plus her ~quirky fun barbie baby pink princess~ image so yeah, she's always gonna stick to canned and bottled booze.

No. 1731140

she got candy land because her and ellen the elephant are fat pigs

No. 1731146

is your rent paid shay?

No. 1731147

Ew she won’t even eat lettuce (has no nutritional value but at least it’s not more cheese) or a slice of tomato. That’s embarassing.

No. 1731148

Yes even just cooking packet rice and roasting some chicken and veggies instead of going to doordash and you’ll see a drastic loss in weight if you keep it up. Eating healthy isn’t hard it’s the keeping it up which you’re right she’s too lazy to do. She’s too poor to get ozempic or a mini sleeve or have fat sucked out of her so she just wallows and balloons up

No. 1731152

I hate that I know this anon but that’s at least $250 of garbage, unless she found the loungefly at a discount/sale and the Sephora bits where Nordstrom.

(I used to shoot content for someone who worked with loungefly and their £100 / $150 branded bags actually trigger me cos it’s pure trash not worth the money)

No. 1731169

trying to pander to her new daddy with that mlp backpack huh

No. 1731173

I'm a server and I absolutely would mock her for that order, but it would be in the back with the kitchen staff and not to her face. Servers talk loads of shit but not typically to the customer themself.

No. 1731177

And not even a full sized bottle of spray?

No. 1731179

i’ve never in my life encountered a waitress who would say this to a customer, especially if they wanted a tip. unless they’re at some greasy sitcom-esque diner with an old disgruntled waitress who’s worked there too long.

the shit she makes up is really weird and creepy.

No. 1731182

Kek that possibly 250 wouldn't have done shit anyway. I'm starting to realize The Dad doesn't give this idiot money. He seems to pay her exclusively in dinners and mall trips and probably doesn't spend more then 250-300.
If she's fucking him (she claims to slept with 9 people, I don't think she counts women, so I assume besides the people we know she's dated she probably has been sleeping with the dad) that's even more crazy. This is giftcard for Christmas shit. Not, "I'm selling myself ". Then this idiot gets a expensive bag probably to impress the Brony and knowing her pick me ass if they actually get serious, she'd let him have it.

No. 1731185

Kek honestly that's probably it. It being a child themed thing was secondary. So stupid and ugly.

No. 1731186

I feel like there's way more to make fun of her for than getting a plain cheeseburger. Just look at how she went out and imagine the scrote she's with and how they act. But yes, I meant servers dont really care what you order, but if it was weird or annoying, they wouldnt say something to the person themselves. Especially something weird and backhanded.

No. 1731195

I was thinking this too, I mean admittedly I’m vegan but I love lettuce (even if it’s not especially nutritious) and tomato and pickles and they add to the flavour and texture of a burger, the fact that she won’t even eat salad when it’s smothered by (what is probably gross processed low quality) cheems and borbger and shitty white bread is pretty telling. She’s fucking putrid, I don’t want to think about what state her gut is in after years and years of refusing to consume anything that has nutritional value and isn’t full of chemicals
She was drinking a lemon drop in stream the other night and when she finished it she made a big song and dance about how she couldn’t bothered making another one. It’s one of the easiest cocktails to make, it’s literally just vodka, Cointreau and lemon juice. And I bet she used disgusting bottled lemon “juice” full of preservatives too. And some cheap vodka and triple sec because she’s a broke loser.

No. 1731200

What the fuck is this cheap, tacky garbage, other whores are being flown first class to Dubai just to go shopping at Hermes but she thinks this is spoiled? I’m so embarrassed for her, I’d actually feel sorry if she wasn’t such a monumental piece of shit

No. 1731201

Aw, poor nona. Don't you realize we're all too autistic here to use Google?

No. 1731203

File: 1671498707177.png (561.7 KB, 570x955, Shaynas Crusty Broom.png)

Fuckin' Broomhead.

No. 1731205


No. 1731207

Not when you consider shayna is now in her "Letting johns into her apartment"/"Letting guys eat her ass for cash" saga. She's the only dumb whore who gives it out for trinkets. I doubt she even exchanged actual cash when she whores herself and lets random dudes finger her for Spencers merchandise.

No. 1731212

Reminds me of the childish trinkets Luna buys from amazon

No. 1731216

And 80 pounds for a bag isn’t “spoiled” lmao, that’s so cheap and pathetic. I still can’t get my head around how she thinks anything she posts is worth broadcasting

No. 1731220

There really is a fair bit of overlap between the qualities of these two cows hey. Luna is only marginally less degenerate because she’s not a pedo. But that margin is really fucking tiny

No. 1731223

File: 1671500847660.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x1423, 455409B5-D008-4F05-B613-4BE20B…)

Everything she buys just screams special needs adult. It’s not even girly or bimbo just retard-o. This won’t match with any of her clothes. These and the SpongeBob vans don’t scream “hot sexy bimbo”

No. 1731227

as an mlpfag it makes me irrationally mad shayna has this. but loungefly bags are ugly anyways.

No. 1731229

File: 1671501131697.jpeg (350.69 KB, 1170x1097, 862DB024-B985-424D-900D-3E182F…)

I swear they never matured past middle school

No. 1731232

File: 1671501194706.jpeg (272.57 KB, 1170x740, E8C04A0F-5F65-4B34-8070-96CA50…)

When they break up she’ll mention this as abuse

No. 1731235

I fucking hate all cutesy shit and cartoons with a burning passion but this is especially ugly, I’m physically cringing that this is a grown adult trying to “flex” such an eyesore

No. 1731237

guess we'll learn about her new autistic sped boyfriend through her mimicking him. if shayna becomes a brony and starts sticking those tail buttplugs up her ass to look like a pony - im out.

No. 1731238

The small trial size/travel size body spray is sending me. So spoiled but can’t afford to buy the regular size from an already cheap brand

No. 1731245

There’s something about this picture that unnerves me. Something about the collection of gifts and past evidence of what her “sugar dad” has gotten her just paints an unfortunate picture of some 55-year-old cheating scrote who has to hide their meetups and gifts with cash and gift cards. I bet he got these gifts as he was buying presents for his poor, unknowing family and just hoping his wife wouldn’t notice the gifts that didn’t end up with her or so he kids.

No. 1731251

a cheap pedo whore's chanel kek

No. 1731253

same nona, but loungefly zippers bite so at least she'll get scratched a bit before retiring it kek

it's all for the aesthetic anyway, she didn't grow up with that show

No. 1731261

Why does anyone even care if she is drinking alcohol, especially if they aren’t even there what’s the point, or is it just to indulge her / get points?

No. 1731262

Can’t wait for the break up of “he forced me to drink uwu I’m a victim” any excuse to be an alcoholic

No. 1731263

I love how everyone in her life is constantly calling her retarded, telling her to shut up, saying "Drink more" when she's telling them about her dumb ass adventures and Shayna legit takes it as-
>Ohh so kinky
>I'm such a baby bimbo!
>I'm so stupid
She's been on a role tweeting every single interaction she claim she had today. It's very clear she's on a high but also trying to paint a narrative that she's this, spoiled bimbo barbie who is constantly being treated like a baby. I wonder if nonnies saying she looks old and mentally handicapped is getting to her more then usual

No. 1731272

Why does she act like these bags are so special when any Disney adult/mom/hot topic enojoyer has one branded around some animated movie or character they have nostalgia for? There must be thousands of those things, they’re like funko pops. Cheap trash that’ll end up making its own small island in the ocean

No. 1731281

File: 1671506933078.jpg (907.26 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221219-212732_Ins…)

She really took the whole "Brittney plus 35% body fat" thing and tried to channel it. Imagine seeing this in public - guarantee she's wearing too small track pants too

No. 1731282

Her bangs look so greasy they're clumping together in little sections. Gross. Does she actually wash her hair or is the build up from alcohol and xanny sweats kek?

No. 1731288

she's absolutely too lazy to shower and curl her stupid bangs everyday. you know she's going like at least four days without a shower.

No. 1731290

oh, if she's 5'4 and was skinny fat at 109, she is absolutely over 200.

No. 1731297

File: 1671509119744.jpeg (1.75 MB, 4095x2049, A1AFC090-F570-414D-8DB4-6CC6AF…)

All the gifts Shayna has gotten from her polycule circle or “sugar daddies” aka the Johns she sleeps with for cheap stuffed animals

No. 1731301

we are back babyyy

No. 1731305

File: 1671811062685.png (129.52 KB, 1190x738, Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 8.55…)

~1600 views/ ~50 likes. i wonder how this is going to impact her psyche kek

No. 1731306

glad to be back, nonna

No. 1731307

Why did you give him money then for the blue check? Get the fuck off his platform and stop paying him retard

No. 1731308

I'd love to see a crossoveer with her in leftcow spacss

No. 1731309

File: 1671811586498.jpeg (341.21 KB, 1284x767, 54FC7243-5770-44CD-9731-8834B0…)

but they were so uWu aboosive

No. 1731310

File: 1671811620654.jpeg (348.81 KB, 1284x838, 4B0E1BD2-6B7C-4D24-BCFC-8ED8DC…)

trying to convince herself she’s small

No. 1731311

File: 1671812157566.jpeg (159.49 KB, 828x471, 06EC13F8-3D98-4DBC-9B9F-0E3021…)

missed you nonnies

No. 1731312

File: 1671812205915.jpeg (583.43 KB, 828x1339, 36F7FB4C-3E4E-4F08-BE61-808826…)

shayhog day

No. 1731314

>Spills drink
>Oh here's a top lid
How many times she's going to tellt his story?

No. 1731315

I find it so ironic that sex workers like Shayna try to be woke and come at Elon, knowing if he banned sex work she'd have to move back home, it's literally how her ugly disgusting ass makes money

No. 1731316

Not a Shayy-follower(though I occasionally lurk) but I admire all of yours dedication?

No. 1731317

it’s called having a brand, Shayna. maybe you should try it.

No. 1731323

Did anyone screenshot the rant of her mom?? Apparently she ditched her mom early and walked out of the car they were driving in together because her mom wouldn't agree that white men were evil

No. 1731325

How is her pastel pink track suit not dirty spilling cranberry juice all over herself? What a clown.

No. 1731327

But Fat Shat has only ever dated white men.

No. 1731334

I saw the screenshot on one of the bunker threads on crystal Cafe. Also be prepared for shayna to continue to shit on Elon since it's a easy way to get likes.

No. 1731337

She loves to bait her mom and then screech about it on Twitter to virtue signal. Kek imagine acting like a 12 year old brat while you’re a grown ass woman.

No. 1731349

File: 1671819523581.jpeg (936.37 KB, 1228x1619, 958323F0-4B28-4059-BFD7-3BB081…)

No. 1731350

File: 1671819613945.jpeg (303.53 KB, 1242x714, F53CA221-DA16-4987-A3F7-9BBACF…)


No. 1731353

Kek the button on her waistband is about to pop off.

No. 1731354

Holy gunt

No. 1731355

File: 1671819822351.jpeg (551.93 KB, 1916x1133, 1D53FC71-9D89-4D69-A4BC-AD755E…)

Fatass had a sugary Starbucks drinks and mimosas. She looks so busted and crusty

No. 1731356

People must think she's special needs adult outside with her tard wrangler.

No. 1731357

the constant asking for childrens items and spilling shit all over her already shit encrusted self makes me want to listen to the conversations service workers have behind her back about her. they must think she‘s behind mentally

No. 1731361

File: 1671821590786.jpeg (81.74 KB, 221x275, 1671744792625.jpeg)

heres the screenshot from the bunker thread another nona had shared (#0011)

No. 1731364

I’m laughing so hard. Those pants are so tight on her I know they gotta hurt. I take back what I said about the sweater. Put the alcohol down Shay.

No. 1731365

She probably thinks she looks like a casual effortless model with messy hair but it’s really giving people of Walmart when really it’s some fat bitch in mid 20s gripping a ratty stuffed animal while her shein jacket sags and her floppy boob bounces. Classic shay delusion, shocked she didn’t mention how some old man was staring at her and paid for a drink

No. 1731367

tysm anon

No. 1731370

>my whole Christmas is ruined because I have thin skin and can’t handle anything that isn’t ass-kissing

Grow the fuck up. She’s such a worthless human.I hope her parents stop enabling her because she’s clearly mentally stunted.

No. 1731374

File: 1671826388097.jpg (536.02 KB, 1080x1878, Screenshot_20221221-095653_Twi…)

Anon got a lot of the stuff I didn't! Here are some more caps in relation to >>1731312

No. 1731376

I wonder what her mom said that triggered her. I feel so bad for her mom can you imagine

No. 1731377

File: 1671826492396.jpg (367.54 KB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20221221-095716_Twi…)

No. 1731378

File: 1671826544915.jpg (157.42 KB, 1080x792, Screenshot_20221221-095801_Twi…)

Classy as always

No. 1731379

File: 1671826557073.jpeg (178.66 KB, 1242x403, E4D4E0D1-D1B7-4616-A549-42D38E…)

No. 1731380

File: 1671826589392.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1514, 3D78452E-8F52-4EB7-BD02-6A68F6…)

I’m sorry but this cabin looks so cheap kek

No. 1731381

File: 1671826629164.jpg (893.11 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221222-175354_Ins…)

And finally, rocking the crusty track suit & greasy coke can braids @ her mom's

No. 1731382

Old people tend to be more conservative. Idk why Shayna can’t just ignore her remarks, change the subject and talk about other things? Enjoy the time you have with your mother she won’t be alive forever. She has no personality besides regurgitated woke talking points and being a minimum wage whore

No. 1731384

Love that it's okay for these random scrotes to say this shit, but when her mom actually cares about her and tries to get her out of the hell she's created for herself, suddenly it's a problem

No. 1731385

The next time her old ass walks out on her mother, it might just be the last.
I know that her mom comes across as a doormat, but every parent has a breaking point when it comes to dealing with disrespectful & ungrateful adult children. Her young daughter with potential is now a 26+ year old obese alcoholic failure-to-launch, who is still eye-rolling and tantruming like she's a tween because she's a pedo who has convinced herself that it's cute.
This isn't the first time that Shayna has ruined Christmas for her mom. She ruins other "special" occasions frequently & intentionally. She's too old & has been targeting her mom emotionally for too long. One of these days, she'll find that she's no longer welcome back into her mom's house or heart. But of course, it won't be her fault. Nothing ever is. It will be her "bitch mom" who is "abandoning" her when she is nothing short of a perfect child.

No. 1731399

Someone in the bunker posted a cap, Shay claimed her mom told her “black people aren’t the only ones who suffer”, something along those lines.

No. 1731400

this in combination with her ordering a kids meal on the same fucking flight makes shatna irredeemable, she is really living her own fucked up pedo pandering hell

No. 1731403

>orders child's portion because smol dumb baby
>is obese
Walking oxymoron

No. 1731408

File: 1671831680137.jpeg (185.07 KB, 750x1051, 262654F2-285E-4C8B-811C-B9A21A…)

Saw this a few days ago, she should make it in the thread lol

No. 1731411

File: 1671832762398.jpeg (339.92 KB, 1242x1215, D69EC217-47C7-47FD-B8AD-978A68…)

But her mom is a mean bitch smh

No. 1731412

File: 1671832815895.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2016, 38F315C8-5652-48B1-884F-5D69D5…)

No. 1731413

File: 1671832873242.jpeg (232.64 KB, 1242x577, 52EBA3B8-2A69-457A-8876-A9DA46…)

No. 1731419

you could see the level of animal hair accumulated on this garish black velour tacky bugs bunny (for some odd reason…? was the more appropriately "bimbo y2k" juicy couture brand tracksuit out of the budget?) sequined track jacket from the thumbnail

No. 1731436

Who are these girls?

No. 1731456

i literally cannot get over her fake stories about her every single person she encounters plays into her weird fantasies! it's like a creepy foot fetish guy going "oh the flight attendant said i was so hot so she let me rub her feet" like that's how embarrassing and fake she comes across.

No. 1731486

Kek she has no idea what normal interaction is and it shows.

No. 1731490

That fireplace is as small as shaynas 2 inch buttcrack.

No. 1731499

File: 1671852101805.jpeg (793.76 KB, 2048x2048, 097A7FE0-3511-4B29-8274-372AEE…)

No. 1731510

Do we have any nonnies archiving the shayna threads incase shaymin decides to nuke them?

No. 1731511

wow shes going on full on alcoholic aunt infront of her family this year. she used to at least be able to hide it for a couple days when she'd visit. she looks totally blasted in that shot.

No. 1731518

Fully supporting my tinfoil that she acts this way around her dad so he will worry about her. At mom’s it’s all about lashing out at her and being abusive. At dad’s it’s all uwu I’m dating older men and call them daddy. I’m soooooo drunk! Look how much I drink!

No. 1731523

this is the least horrible he’s nails have looked and they are still a bit chunky. I wonder if her abusive mom or her sweet step mom stepped in to attempt and fix them

No. 1731525

she really looks like a 40 year old who never married and drinks to forget the pain

No. 1731547

Idk what this new twitter thing is but how embarrassing that she can now see that less than 10% of the people who view her tweets interact with it kek

No. 1731552

They’re made she’s a cheap whore who doesn’t even have money for rent and still had to leech off them

No. 1731553

She looks the same age as her step mum here kek

No. 1731556

File: 1671861842461.jpeg (441.45 KB, 1242x1043, 85CD5562-5D49-4F72-A651-D0804D…)

Shane really is Fupa 2.0
Shane and Shayna.

No. 1731557

File: 1671862057697.jpeg (885.38 KB, 1242x1254, 49F1B313-7B4C-42A6-A473-859091…)


No. 1731561

File: 1671863384480.jpg (132.98 KB, 540x428, Shatslife.jpg)

How she lives the way she does all these years off of pennies,praising musty old men not even doing the bare minimum and being a artificial sugarbaby is pathetic

No. 1731568

moid spotted, you could have just said she looks like a psycho wine aunt rather than implying unmarried and childless older women aren’t happier than married women with children of the same age
except he’s literally engaged and she’s the second girlfriend after his first. she’s not even the other woman, she’s the third pick after two other women. knowing how she lets men use and fuck her for free she’s probably covering his stay so this moid will get to degrade and fuck her at little to no cost. bleak.

No. 1731572

Love how they’re old pics too, considering she wore the same outfit this year and it was stretching for its life lmfaoo

No. 1731574

>two other women
I thought one was a troon?

No. 1731579

When was this?

No. 1731580

Literally this week or some shit

No. 1731589

hit too close to home huh kek

No. 1731590

File: 1671874516518.png (30.86 KB, 200x202, BBA26C45-FB93-479D-89E3-F6F77F…)

Kek I love these types of memes

No. 1731592

can't even afford branded lashes and full size sprays kek truly spoiled

No. 1731593

File: 1671875345135.jpeg (648.41 KB, 1242x1241, D63E4337-5B45-43B8-BD17-8B97A6…)

No. 1731594

This is her whole life huh
>DADDY GOT ME (child’s tacky thing) IM SO LITTOL AND SMOL

No. 1731595

nonnie…your metabolism doesn't slow down until you reach 70. and even then it's by a 100 or so calories. losing weight is harder mentally than it is physically.

No. 1731598

Damn anon, I'm sorry you went through that and that you had to be reminded of it by this retardation. Hoping for the best for you.

No. 1731606

moids remain incapable of anonymity kek. literally incapable of considering any pov outside of neet memes

No. 1731607

Between 25-50, you lose about 100 cal from your BMR.

No. 1731618

More like Christmas present from Krampus, alongside a lump of coal.

No. 1731620

>3 days
>three THOUSAND views

No. 1731628

his fetlife profile said he’s dating someone else too iirc
this is a female only image board, leave

No. 1731632

bitter nonnie is back. yes i’m the og poster and i’m a girl. plenty of unmarried women regret their life and turn to drinking, especially crusty white women who had opportunities in their life but squandered them. also she does look 40+, don’t lie to yourself. you’re probably on the same path as her and got personally offended, kek.

No. 1731633

Ignore the bait nonas

No. 1731641

>shitting on older women
>sees giving birth to some moids spawn as an "opportunity"
>"I'm a girl"
Fuck off tranny

No. 1731654

sounds like this is hitting too close to home. go back to the trailer park, crusty bitch. drink your pain away like shayna. you’ll never have kids or get married.

No. 1731657

File: 1671905214594.jpg (119.73 KB, 1024x768, dont-feed-the-monkeys.jpg)

>woman is when bebe & marry
That's a whole lot of hooting and turdflinging for a "woman." Remember nonnies: pic rel

No. 1731664

It’s funny imagining she buys these useless foods just because she wants to be infantilized and desperately hopes someone will notice as if buying some trash lunchables snack will give her more pedo points

No. 1731668

I don’t get this meme

No. 1731671

>this is your brain on pick-me’ism

No. 1731682

bmr and metabolism are not the same thing

No. 1731702

don’t actually put your email in the email field nonnie. just letting you know for next time literally anyone can see your email, put sage instead.

No. 1731708

>haha this bitch can't handle getting sexually abused for money, what a crybaby, go back to having a 9 to 5 job.
"Kiss the tip" is kissing a dick and probably giving a blowjob. Or it's something like "just the tip" while fucking.
I don't get how the meme is funny, being a sugar baby isn't a "lol funny relatable thing" you can make memes of, it's a degrading thing that women are literally getting meme'd to join for the sake of moids' pleasure, that without considering how then they have to go to porn, engage in violent sex acts, drugs, and so on.
The anon posting that shit is either a bitter whore or a moid.

No. 1731710

what is up with this radical feminist bullshit on this thread? we’re here to make fun of Shatna, not hyper analyze porn and shitty memes under a feminist microscope.

No. 1731713

It means bitches just want to be a sugar baby until it’s time to have sex with a crusty old man . The joke is it’s nasty to be a prostitute. No one is encouraging this idiots

No. 1731714

Do you know where you are? Everyone has been extra retarded since they changed the website

No. 1731715

No one is saying that you fucking idiot it’s a shit post move on and stop thinking to much over a stupid fucking meme

No. 1731716

Sugar babies are just lazy middle class women who don’t want to work. It’s not making fun of actual prostitution/trafficking.

No. 1731727

Oh fuck off with that "do you know where you are?" Bullshit, lolcow isn't a radical feminism site it's a cow watching site with a female userbase, a userbase that calls other women fat, ugly, old and judges women.

No. 1731730

You fuck off back to the bunkerthread or where ever you came from. Clearly you don't know where you are because you aren't even following the rules of saging

No. 1731734

File: 1671920647311.jpg (34.91 KB, 800x400, 562e38976bb3f70d5f56334f.jpeg.…)


No. 1731735

Cry over it, radfag and fuck off back to radtwt or radblr.

No. 1731739

File: 1671922138572.jpg (103.16 KB, 500x997, Snapchat-416784706.jpg)

No. 1731742

I stg radfems love the Shay threads because they think they can save her from sex work or some shit. it’s hilarious.

No. 1731747

Stop posting unsaged things in my sacred festive shayna claus thread you fat retard

No. 1731751

Not really, some of us just like to see her ruining her life by her own means. She deserves being the loser she is right now, and she will never become a good person. Also, not everyone in here is a radfem just because some retarded memes are unfunny as fuck and smell like balls.

No. 1731754

Ok moids, please continue jacking off to your precious shay-chan

No. 1731757

> radfems love the Shay threads because they think they can save her from sex work
or maybe because she’s living proof that catering to moids does nothing but ruin your life. she’s a cautionary tale. gtfo scrote.

No. 1731758

Unsaged and unhinged

No. 1731759

Fuck offfff

No. 1731760

I bet she got her nails done with her mom because she had her disgusting infected big manly fingers at the airport. She prob let her mom pay for it only to disrespect her.

No. 1731761

Please I already apologized to you moids…. just ignore me and keep jacking off to your fat queen!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1731775

this is really starting to sound like Shat trying to muck up her own thread.

No. 1731776

I feel like you're over estimating Fat Shat's intellectual capacity.

No. 1731792

i was thinking the same thing noonie. I wonder if she will get a new tacky set once she is home, or if she will leave this ones for a while since they probably costed more than she usually pays kek

No. 1731821

just report the retard and move on

No. 1731823

is that more butchered mrsa hands i see or are her cuticles just weird looking

No. 1731826

File: 1671941433082.png (4.86 MB, 828x1792, E10B0CEE-3A7B-4E4E-BBB3-D80143…)

No. 1731832

ok honestly her hair looks nice wavy. bangs look awful but she looks happy. she should just admit defeat and move in with her dad, i don’t see any other path working out for her. 2023 new england saga

No. 1731844

She's become the old ex wife she always thinks she's stealing daddy's from.

No. 1731847

I came to snow purely to find shats thread and I scrolled right by the OP while involuntarily curling my lip in disgust and thinking "whose that ugly bitch ew"

Then I realized…

No. 1731854

A man waiting for you to pick you up at an airport is really nothing to brag about…the bare minimum.

No. 1731856

The 80's hair looks pretty nice on her tbh.

No. 1731858

Damn her face is so fucking round. Even her nose looks fat now. Look at those cheeks.

No. 1731886

Did all she bring was that sweater?

No. 1731887

It looks like shit

No. 1731898

Just came here to say that. Bitch, you only got one sweater?

No. 1731899

So the fugly, poly, brony scrote she's letting screw her unprotected is giving her a ride from the airport? Only Shat would think that's a flex kek. Of course she's been used and disrespected by every other moid in her life so that must seem like a real loving gesture to her.

When will this lazy cow grow the fuck up? She's breathing down 30's neck and has absolutely nothing to show for it but fine lines and alcohol bloat, which typically indicate a much harder life than the zero-effort existence she leads. Everyone outside of her 10 or so diaper-soiling orbiters find her to be an entertaining trainwreck. Can't wait to hear what kind of unwarranted comments she gets from strangers on her way back @ the airport about what a big dumb baby she is.

No. 1731914

The standards for her ugly ass are so low, my God. She looks like a cracked out auntie. Her crunchy hair and greasy bangs look terrible and she can barely keep her rat eyes open

No. 1731927

Don't fucking lie, if you saw her walking down the street looking like this >>1731826, I.E., no retarded smelly bimbo cosplay, in just a normal sweater and with her hair up, you would be crying about how fugly she is because you wouldn't give her a second look. Shay derangement syndrome.

No. 1731931

If I saw her in the wild I'd probably be more offended by her smell than her look. But she's still ugly as shit and looks bad. She never looks good, sometimes she manages to trick dumber anons with filters and angles, that's it.

No. 1731932

Sage your shit. Most people would look at her go ew and continue about their day

No. 1731933

They wouldn't say "ew" because their minds haven't been eroded by board culture. They would ignore her completely because she's an average fat girl and average fat girls are invisible to society kek.

No. 1731936

I think she’d be an average fat girl if she dressed and acted normally. If I saw her wasted and slurring in the airport, smelling like stale Doritos & weed smoke, with her 45 yo trailer park mom hair/makeup and wearing a hot pink Shein outfit four sizes too small that said “bimbo”, I’d definitely have a brief “ew” response. She looks way more trashy and pornsick than the average woman in any context.

No. 1731938

Well, yeah. I was talking about how she looks so much more normal like this >>1731826, and if I saw her like that IRL I wouldn't think twice, maybe I'd even think her hair was cute since it looks like she took the time to style it, however lackluster and low-effort it may be. She looks so much nicer when she's dressed like a normal woman and not some junkie trailer trash. But if Shaynus was in her usual garb, I'd definitely be grossed out and repelled.

No. 1731941

You won't ever see her like that though, unless you're part of her dad's family.
I don't get what's with the fanfics since the site came back, do you want to meet her or something?

No. 1731943

She is literally dressed like a normal woman here >>1731826, so yes I've seen her like that. Sorry I'm not calling her a smelly disgusting useless whore that should be beaten in public and you're mad about it. It's not my intention to anger you.

No. 1731948

Why the fuck are you on lolcow? OF COURSE nobody would care if Shayna was dressed normally and we did not know of her past or anything, but we fucking do.
What is it with anons coming into this thread whining about us doing what this thread is for? She's not the normal fat girl to us at walmart. She's Shayna Clifford aka Dolly Mattel, who makes fucking porn in diapers and writes shit like, "Mumma and Daddy drug my sippy cup and make me do gross things".
Shut the fuck up and go back wherever you came from. Then you aren't even fucking saging. You are not proving whatever point you want to, especially in a Shayna thread about us being meanies. Shayna hates women and if she had enough followers and money, no doubt she'd be a huge bitch to everyone more so then she is now.

No. 1731951

File: 1671986920221.png (286.75 KB, 565x212, brows.PNG)

Her eyebrows are yet another example of her being cheugy and out of touch with trends. These 2015 baddie block brows have been out of fashion for years and she just learned how to do these when she had the weird spaced out sperm brows for years. The new trend is bushy, separated and brushed up and out with brow gel. She is a living relic of whatever was popular in her tumblr heydays and because she refuses to look up to or be inspired by any women with actual style let alone hang out IRL with one. It's all really funny to watch.

No. 1731956

You're so insecure over anons saying she looks nice, it's like you thrive on people thinking she's ugly and disgusting as fuck and when some normal anon comes in saying that she looks alright in normal clothes you freak the fuck out. Oh no, some rando thinks she looks okay in this one picture, which threatens my self-esteem because I rely on Shatna to feel better about myself. Anyway I can say whatever the fuck I want to say about a cow.

No. 1731959

The only comment I made on Shayna's apperence was asking if she only brought one sweater.Anons can think she looks nice others can think she doesn't. Going on these rants constantly because people think she looks ugly and disgusting proves nothing. "Normal" anons post what they want, like everyone is doing. Instead of these weird fan fictions you are doing about
>Shayna is a threat to your self esteem
>Blah blah
Shut up. You can say whatever you want and others can criticize it.

No. 1731961

I'm with you, nona.

No. 1731963

Nta but she looks awful and she's just less of an eyesore cause she's covered up and she's a nasty pedo so of course people get mad when people call her good looking how would you feel if someone posted onision in men you wanna fuck?

No. 1731964

Genuinely tell me how exactly my "rants" (I am literally just saying she looks OKAY, jesus fucking christ) are any different than the paragraphs of sperging over her imagined odor? I may be writing fanfiction, but so is literally every other anon writing essays about how they imagine (keyword: IMAGINE) she smells, kek.
I literally would not give a fuck because why would I, would be pathetic as fuck imo.
Thank you anon.

No. 1731967

>how would you feel if someone posted onision in men you wanna fuck?
How would you feel? I would feel nothing kek and so would other people who aren't terminally online. Getting triggered over posts on here is ridiculous, even the ones where an anon says she looks better than she usually does. You don't have to respond with your opinion of someone else's opinion of Shay. No one fucking cares.

No. 1731971

nobody was mad, they just gave their opinion on another anons (unsaged) opinion. Then it turned into a, "Come on you know if you saw her you wouldn't think that" and "Come on you know she smells like shit". This thread has been weird since the site reopened with all the unsaged retarded shit

No. 1731974

This brow trend is terrible and only looks good on a very few select people. If you think shat would in anyway look good with these brows, you need to spend some time off IG or tiktok or whatever is rotting your brain.

>shat looks like an average fat girl and not a pink uwu old lady sausage

No. 1731980

These eyebrows are rank and would look awful on fatna.

No. 1731997

Tbh I think it's the anons that get defensive when others say she's always going to be ugly no matter what with the low self esteem. This shit always happens when she goes around her family and abuses filters to make up for the fact she's not flashing her gunt or tits in a misguided attempt at being "sexy". She will never look like a normal fat girl, she doesn't bathe often enough. She might look decent covered up and wearing filters, but in the wild she's going to look like a haggard piece of shit because we'd see all her wrinkles, hair breakage and have to deal with her smell. Her parents (mom and grandma especially) probably have pulled her aside at least once to ask if everything is okay with her hormonally/health wise, since they're seeing the unfiltered shaynus up close.

No. 1731998

Did you guys not see her full body outfit in the dog dancing video? I would see at her and think she looks ugly with her pants suffocating her fupa, her crusty 1992 Billy Ray Cyrus fan hair and bangs paired with her mall goth gauged ears. There's nothing good there. She's not the ugliest woman at a rural midwestern Wal-Mart but she does go out of her way to look exceptionally off-putting.

No. 1731999

File: 1672000104392.jpeg (66.78 KB, 320x240, 71AD32E9-A864-4FAE-ABF1-C544C5…)

stacy step sister chan is that you

No. 1732006

More like Ellen is gonna drive him or Shaynus and the brony Wolfpack leader are taking an Uber which is still kinda sad kek. He won’t have a car there being based in Kansas iirc—I doubt he will drive all the way up to Seattle.

No. 1732020

>ThE NeW TrEnD Is bUsHy, SePaRaTeD AnD BrUsHeD Up aNd oUt wItH BrOw gEl.

"when marketers tell me to consoom I obey"

you cannot make this stuff up. just as this girl chooses to remain wilfully ignorant, you will likely remain stupid through all your lives too and lack the self-awareness and value system to comprehend the implications of that.

legitimately what is the point of internalizing the notion that your value lies primarily in your appearance as a woman, besides the fact that that's one of the ways that male dominance is replicated? This idiot is obviously trying to look attractive for the males, she doesn't fucking need to please you on top of them too.

I'm out

No. 1732041

File: 1672011108110.png (3.93 MB, 828x1792, 55C06D6E-D14D-4AAD-A31D-4C664A…)

No. 1732044

she looks like a boy

No. 1732045

File: 1672012306088.jpg (664.85 KB, 1152x2048, Fk1tfx2WAAAK2jf.jpg)

No. 1732047

Roseanne Christmas Special energy

No. 1732051

She looks so ugly. Her hair is so bad. She should honestly get some style tips from her step sister if she wants to look cute and less cracked out

No. 1732056

Those crusty scabby lips make me want to scream every fucking time holy fuck mine get bad too but buy some fucking treatment so they don’t look like shit. And she wants fillers but can’t even take care of making sure her own skin isn’t crusty. To be expected from an alcoholic fatass who never drinks water though

No. 1732059

File: 1672014197543.jpeg (457.89 KB, 801x1010, ED875064-5923-44EA-AB52-659833…)

Looking all zooted at the function

No. 1732063

can someone walk me through the thought process of taking a picture with your lips that fucking dry and cracked?

No. 1732067

grease covered side swept coke can bangs. amazing, truly.

No. 1732073

Kek that cabin is so ugly. It looks like what living inside grandma’s maple China cabinet would look like.

>those lips
>that fungal acne
>that outfit


No. 1732089

Sperg alert. Everyone makes fun of everything shayna does, the eyebrows are no different

No. 1732093

Jesus Christ, I thought she looked fine in >>1731826, and then she posts shit like this to remind you that if she ever looks passable in a photo, it's because it's filtered to the gods. Also nice to see that she still managed to make even a normal ass Christmas sweater into a tasteless "crop top." She's a goddamn parody of herself.

No. 1732104

worst part is the photo is facetuned and she still looks like that. woof.

No. 1732108

File: 1672027713487.jpeg (868.26 KB, 3072x3072, DC547BEF-DC96-44C5-95BB-E3525E…)

No. 1732115

Hahahahhaha a troglodyte called her fat! Rich coming from a hulking ogre fetishist but hey that’s the bad karma that Shaynus gets for pandering to pedophiles. Anyone else think that her downward spiral the last few years is the result of karma for the horrible things she portrays in her content?

No. 1732128


To clarify, she PAID to attend a fetish con and get cold approached by degen trannies who them mock her on fetlife?

No. 1732129

If I saw her in the wild I would think, “wow, that bitch really needs to lose weight. I look fucking amazing compared to that heifer.” Even at her “best”.
Exactly. So that retarded anon thinking she really did something with the “dOn’T fUcKiNg LiE…” post basically fell for the smoke and mirrors. Kek must be a newfag. Also, is any other nonnie experiencing error messages while trying to report? I’ve also just gotten a ban notice from 2020 (obviously expired) for a post I didn’t even make while trying to make this post… is the site bugging out?

No. 1732141

She is aware her coomers like slack probably have the same thinking as her mum right?

No. 1732142

are you from the Rez the way you say UGLLLYYY makes me think so.. spoiler for OT

No. 1732143

Sportscaster anon at it again

No. 1732146

It's only ever ok when men are like that. Her mom is just so evil for wanting a better life for her.

No. 1732166

File: 1672044042028.jpg (27.41 KB, 281x284, Screenshot_20221226-163832_Chr…)

Her visible bumpy forehead acne reminds me of these tacky face gems. It's like a forehead tiara of acne. If this pattern had matching chin gems it would fit her acne pattern perfectly

No. 1732200

the 200% increase of forehead acne is probably from the greasy, sweaty unwashed coke can bangs now living upon her cakey foundation crusted unwashed skin. Such a bimbo beauty

No. 1732201

She's the type of ugly that looks better the more covered up she is

No. 1732208

I know it gets mentioned all the time but her lips are so unbelievably crusted. Shaymu you’re a whale you need water please.

No. 1732244

Nta but huh never would have thought rez women or just native american women in general browsed lolcow

No. 1732263

Nope. You’re both wrong

No. 1732273

If you watch her camshows she's 100% unaware, she's stretches her mouth in weird ways. It just doesn't bother her and I believe us telling her it was the first time she noticed her lips are cracked and flaky. Of course she doesn't change it but I think it's just something she doesn't notice or care much about. She will talk and stretch her lips while her lips look close to bleeding.

No. 1732274

Man even when she filters she looks plain as shit. I wish she would keep doing the “tacky but average chick you pass by in a Kroger and don’t give a second look” look because it’s way less revolting than her normal pornsick “baby diaper drooling retard bimbo stuffed into sausage casing” aesthetic. Of course Shayna doesn’t want to look like a flyover state normie because she’s addicted to attention and can’t tell the difference between positive and negative attention. It’s just sad (and also hilarious) that she peaks at “average looking American” and all her efforts to try to look “sexy” just make her look even worse than her already-meager baseline.

No. 1732301

File: 1672077789195.png (460.3 KB, 864x1203, Screenshot_20221226-100201.png)

Wtf are people supposed to assume when she's dressed up as a toddler?

No. 1732305

You’re supposed to assume she’s an incontinent retard with terrible babysitters

No. 1732309

>the show came out in 1964
so by that logic, real cp filmed in the 90s should be legal because theyre over 18 now then right shayna?
absolute retard behaviour

No. 1732313

File: 1672080686366.jpeg (298.57 KB, 750x901, DE9C0F28-BC89-48E8-B39C-52EA8C…)

she's so fucking fat

No. 1732314

yes shayna. better eat two lumps of cheese or maybe even a whole block, that will make you feel better.

No. 1732316

>good girl pill
What? Xanax?
>I'll hide it in cheese if I have to
It's like she's baiting for anons to call her a rat.

No. 1732317

Shut up you fat, greasy, fungus-colonized coomer apologist. How does it make you feel that despite thousands seeing your tweets you hover around a pathetic 3% engagement at best?

No. 1732323

So did brony boy not come get her at the airport?

No. 1732324

kek but every person on Roseanne was more attractive and charming, it's like if Darlene had an ugly friend who also happened to be a pedophile.

No. 1732325

File: 1672082667924.jpeg (265.68 KB, 750x808, B8FE9CDF-2E55-443F-9B3F-DC56C2…)

how much you wanna bet he bailed on her

No. 1732328

I'm so glad this whore is ugly, fat and alone

No. 1732330

kek love to see that. how tf was she even going to get to the airport, this bitch can't drive? bet that fat freak daddy's flight did get cancelled but he didn't bother rebooking.

No. 1732342


love how she apparently never looked outside or read the news in the past 5 days to have known half of america had their flights cancelled due to the storm. like there was 95% chance of this happening dumbass, plan accordingly.

No. 1732343

mini rant - but she is too dumb to see it herself so I'll type it out: This is the shit that makes people leave you.

You seriously want a relationship where you can't your control emotions and have to have your significant others tell you take your meds so you can calm down and handle a slight inconvenience that you should have known had a high probability of happening?

(part 1)

No. 1732344

Take away the pedo "babyification" surrounding what he's asking you and you'll see the reality of your fucking life:

Brony Boy: Shit, my flight got cancelled we'll have to reschedule. I really wish I could have been there!
Fat Shaynus: "omggggg im gonna dieee this was all i had to look forwardd tooo my momm was meannn and i am fat noww and my bangss look badd and fuppa is married but you were supposed to fix everything and be bronny boyfriennd. I already told all my haters how happy I was and that YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO PICK ME UP i want to die i dont wanna live anymore. HOW WILL FUPA KNOW IM HAPPY AND DOING BETTER THAN HIM"
Brony Boy: "Yeah uh… take your meds… and we'll talk about it later"

Even if these moid freaks get off on it in a sexual sense at first ("im in control"), they eventually blow their load and have post-nut clarity that you're a fucking psycho with no boundaries who desperately needs a reality check. I mean, the brony wont even claim her, she's just in line with the rest. I already smell another moid who won't admit he's dating her.

even tho hes a sad brony i give him until valentines until get gets tired of this constant victim shit and shayna turns to "he made me drink. he only liked me on the drugs. he never made me number 1 in his brony thrupple"

saged for the 'tism.
(part 2)

No. 1732349

He would’ve rather been with the stricken Velma fiancé

No. 1732350

File: 1672088330209.png (356.88 KB, 465x463, living the dream huh.png)

does this bitch seriously only have an iphone 8?

No. 1732356

Kek I thought it was an iPod. She’s probably just using an old device for Snapchat because she needs filters to survive and also random boomer coomers that don’t have social media.

No. 1732360

If you have an iPhone eight or lower it’s a sign that you are poor af

No. 1732363

damn im poor af but honestly i dont care about phones (just for family and lolcow kek) and im not a ~porn star baby influencer~ neither is Shatna but she tries.
i think she’s using it for the pic tho, her actual phone is taking the picture.

No. 1732368

Oh my god shut up you dumb consoomers

No. 1732370

she really is poor though

No. 1732395

Shatna you made anal pornography using the character of Cindy Lou Who, a character you did not age up. you saw to that when you made sure not to mention her age, and explicitly stated that she wasn’t aware of sex or masturbation. you are a disgusting pedophile hypocrite.

No. 1732407

yep, any of these pedos who partake in dressing up like children also -ACT- like children while being fucked. she's even tried a different take years ago just saying she was playing a child but that because it was adults it was somehow okay.

No. 1732410

Are you actually this vapid or is this bait

No. 1732419

Lmao look closely it’s just the phone case you can see her hair/collar through the apple
Girl’s tryna look all ~rich bimbo uwu~ and poses with an old ass phone case for an old ass iphone because in her little rat mind iphone=much monies teehee
She’s so pathetic

No. 1732428

well its not like it's her job or anything to take photos of herself, and this bitch is too lazy to use a DSLR. So it's not that hard to laugh at the "successful sexworker" who can't afford to upgrade her main piece of equipment thats paying her bills; yet goes to lizzo concerts and makes sure to never be low on weed or alcohol. lol fake ass bitch.

No. 1732438

File: 1672101695895.png (928.07 KB, 863x1223, Screenshot_20221226-164059.png)

No. 1732440

File: 1672101859197.png (525.58 KB, 863x814, Screenshot_20221226-164317.png)

She does none of these things

No. 1732441

she cant cook clean or pay the bills for herself let alone another scrote.

No. 1732442

File: 1672102103313.jpeg (775.52 KB, 1242x1204, 82F341E2-40BE-42FD-A41A-48A169…)

No. 1732444

it's so funny how no one interacts with her. she has no personality outside of being a pedophile.

No. 1732450

She is absolutely talking about pumpy from camgirl thread lol cos she's a big lurker and probably posts in other threads.

No. 1732453

they probably think you’re a hungover drug addict

No. 1732462

The views (people scrolling by) vs people interacting is so embarrassing kek but it’s funny how little anyone cares

No. 1732468

Kek I assume Shayna has been watching that Wednesday show, which is why she got the bangs and she probably planned on making porn and/or saw other gross heifers making porn of WA. She saw a comment of someone saying, "she's underaged!!" And git tilted because her plan was to make porn like that.
It's crazy how much make up and filters do for her. I'm always shocked to see how acne spotted and bumpy her skin is she looks like ahe does meth and picks her skin/crusty lips. She doesn't look like some super cute anxious young woman. She looks like a meth head who got her clothes out of grab box, saw a stuffed animal and picked it up hoping she can find a retard who'd buy it off her to add to her meth funds.

No. 1732474

i’m creasing because is “daddy” that rainbow haired fag who’s main squeeze is an actual tranny? doubt the brony doppelgänger of “the hilarious ross matthews” could even lift her beefy body

No. 1732490

File: 1672107569548.png (936.21 KB, 864x1143, Screenshot_20221226-181902.png)

The state of her skin…

No. 1732492

You looking at her skin on her face, I'm looking at her Grey zombie hand with pink knuckles

No. 1732494

Looks like meth sores

No. 1732496

not saying anyone should cowtip but i think it's very funny that she's talking about vaping in the bathroom of an airport when it's obvious what airport she's at and she has so many people that actively hate her guts. she's almost asking for someone to ping security and let them know tardy's puffing it up in there lol.

No. 1732504

not just any rez women, it's ur auntie

No. 1732510

kek not the cheese

No. 1732517

Wtf is this filter doing to her nostrils

No. 1732518

>(part 1)
kek love you nonnie

No. 1732519

I have an iphone 1 kek

No. 1732522

She's got her sunglasses on the tip of her nose to try to make the honker look smaller, she does that a lot

No. 1732528

File: 1672113718426.jpeg (267.18 KB, 933x1659, 391D552A-A67B-48E4-B7C4-45EF5E…)

No. 1732529

File: 1672113741350.jpeg (241.28 KB, 933x1659, F959F897-8484-48C9-8A6E-4580BF…)


No. 1732530

File: 1672114084302.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2027x3276, 8A14A5BD-8752-447B-BF67-F4D566…)

Why this bitch always going out without a bra in white dingy tops that don’t fit her fat ass

No. 1732532


"sHe loOKs gOoD tHo" nonnies quiet again. I can't wait until people stop falling for her filters and shit. She's not even good at it.

No. 1732537

File: 1672114917868.jpeg (414.78 KB, 1242x904, 15AFE602-FA9E-4C79-9B8D-A3A042…)

No. 1732541

wow, well some nonas up thread really called i it that she'd tweet some ~thathappened bullshit abt how uwu she is

No. 1732542

KEK the buttons are literally busting open stretched to the limit. I always remember the scene in white chicks where the guy takes an exhale and his pants button goes flying and all the seams rip

No. 1732545

File: 1672116303115.jpg (460.45 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221226-224421_Twi…)

No. 1732546

If it turned out Shaynus was a lost Wayans brother in a skin suit it wouldn’t even surprise me

No. 1732547

is flopsy her one floppy boob?

No. 1732553

No. 1732554

Anon didn’t post the full convo but the user is referring to scat porn…she’s really going there to pay rent. And acting like it’s her choice as a New Years goal when it’s grasping at straws to reach depraved customers who would pay more for vile shit (literally) that other whores actually have standards against doing. She’s made the choice between free college education and shitting for random men on the Internet.

No. 1732556

I don’t think he bailed. Haven’t a lot of airports been having flight issues because of the bad weather? I bet someone could find out if they bothered to check though

No. 1732566

File: 1672119147404.jpg (110.09 KB, 387x688, 20221226_200228.jpg)

It's like shes effortlessly looking more like amberlynn,I feel like they'd be the best of friends since they look alike kek

No. 1732570

This is the cute outfit she had planned? There's Something About Mary's retarded brother chic with a fungal acne jaw accessory? Fat boy at the pool boobs trying to escape from her long johns? Stinky velour pants over her Pillsbury doughboy roundness? So sad her brony daddy missed out on such glowing sexual radiance.

No. 1732583

What is Shats sign(cancer, like this unsaged post)

No. 1732593

File: 1672128078136.gif (3.55 MB, 480x268, 49B7995E-A900-4F30-90D9-C5C1E4…)

This is Shat’s sign
Sage your ‘tism next time pls

No. 1732603

Cancer, does anyone remember the exact day? Looked at her chart awhile back but I’m curious to see it again

No. 1732610

good god search the word “birthday” on her twitter it’s not hard

No. 1732613

She has no concept of personal safety. She’s getting increasingly reckless and increasingly desperate for money as evidenced by her letting smelly old moids into her apartment to sniff her unwashed asshole and now openly advertising that she’ll shit herself for coomers, this is not going to end well.

No. 1732618

>anxious about not meeting up with a crusty moid that you’ve met once before
This doesn’t even make sense, how the fuck is that anxiety inducing? She is literally fucking retarded

No. 1732621

She looks like Laura from the proana threads in these… she’s so fucking bloated

No. 1732626

File: 1672142675400.jpeg (241.88 KB, 1170x887, 5DED0F54-EBB8-458A-8A98-D2EBAF…)

> Buy me food and brush my teeth

No. 1732645

tinfoil: shayna is already on Curvage selling her weight gain to feeders. its weird she doesnt mention how big she is at all - no posts about frozen pre made meals, no workout outfit posts, no gym or trainer rants, no “goals” set. I guess if she was secretly selling to feeders she wouldnt be humouring scat requests on twitter.

No. 1732656

File: 1672149539538.jpeg (257.76 KB, 1169x2026, 3B2379C6-751A-43A9-9968-C45245…)

The texts she posted from her mom

No. 1732657

File: 1672149583441.jpeg (174.91 KB, 1102x2048, 48992F80-D3DA-48D1-BA24-3470D2…)

No. 1732668

the way she was still replying to herself four hours after her initial tweet… she's so mad and pathetic about it. at least don't make it so obvious you got your feelings hurt by the internet, jfc

thanks for posting these nona, i've been wondering about the context of their fight. her mom sounds like your average middle-aged american lady - wtf was shatna expecting by trying to get into a discussion about fucking race politics with talking points pulled straight from retards on twitter dot edu dot com? and then she posts the screenshots on twitter to try and air her mother out to a load of fat trannies and weirdos… she's so fucking annoying and bizarre. also kek at her censoring her mother calling her 'shayna'

No. 1732670

Shayna makes child theme porn which includes cosplaying a child character. There’s not a single high horse she can sit on; politics being on the last.

No. 1732672

Shayna's mom's politics are probably very retarded but she is writing coherently and trying to make some sense of her thoughts. How did Shayna end up so retarded in every way? Weed, I guess.

No. 1732675

>you brought it up
I knew it. Baiting her mom as usual so she has a reason to scream abuse. Poor mom.

No. 1732679

Agreed, her mom sounds pretty level headed. Her views I don’t agree with but she’s right, she does have a right to defend her opinion. Shatna is a shit stirrer and I just knew her family was one of those “our ancestors were original settlers” kinda white. They’re just as insufferable as the families who claim they’re Native American royalty.

No. 1732687

this is victim shit shayna plays on her parents. she demonizes her mother but her mom is probably the one she desperately needs validation from. i bet she got off on her mom being worried for and looking for her after she ran off after shayna started an argument that she knew her mom had no way of winning. she could easily end her relationship with her mom, she apparently doing “well” so has no reason to associate with her if she actually hated her mom and thought she was a bad person. shayna gets money, gifts and most importantly —attention— from her mother so she will always string the poor woman along with the hopes of a normal relationship with her daughter. its no secret shayna seeks out attention regardless if its negative or postive, and her relationship with her mom is where it started. she craves having these stories to tell where she is “allowed” to shit on her mom and clearly is now at the point of creating situations to make it happen.

No. 1732688

shayna clifford knows the farms watch and repost what she posts publically on twitter and yet she still threw her mom under the bus like that. fucking disgusting.

its literally your parents job to have outdated retarded views for you to challenge and grow from. and its your job as their fucking child to not expose them to literal pedophiles perverts and those who wish you harm just cause you want ass pats.

worst fucking daughter ever.

No. 1732689

Does she think this is a fit? She looks homeless and like she gets all her clothes at a Sunday sale at goodwill.

No. 1732691

File: 1672155261280.jpeg (899.13 KB, 1170x1940, B4654E33-F86B-4C53-B420-3323E5…)

No. 1732695

I bet top dollar her dad has the same feelings as the mum but because it’s an evil woman saying it; it’s wrong. She’s fine with racist, right wing, inbred, pedo slack spouting nonsense but her mum having a fairly mild take that’s rooted in history and not just “yt folx evil muh oppresshun” is supposedly the end of the world.

Her mother must be so exhausted trying to have a rational and reasonable conversation. Why does Shayna even care? It’s not like she’s black or oppressed?

No. 1732696

Shayna and her mom both sound like pickmes tbh

No. 1732699

Her mother has bad takes on politics but at least she’s coherent and not super batshit maga. She’s acting like her mum called for the genocide of minorities

No. 1732700

God, I hate yt guilt retards like this big fat bitch. Yes white men are the only colonizers and slave owners to ever exist even though slavery is still a big thing in the Arab/middle eastern world. Yet fatty only fucks and simps after the most degenerate, ugly ass, bottom of the barrel white scrotes and women kek. I guarantee no BIPOC is sat celebrating her abusing her poor mum who's tried everything for the ungrateful cow, whilst takingg money off of muh ebil huwhite man.

No. 1732701

File: 1672156627704.png (186.47 KB, 863x738, Screenshot_20221227-075645.png)


No. 1732702

i would like to cowtip just to found out her mom’s views on pedos.

No. 1732703

She really does have incel scrote coombrain she basically just wants a bang maid to cook tendies and brush her rotten plaque infested teeth whilst she screams about her evil mother on the internet.

No. 1732704

Kek I don't care I hope her mom stops talking to her. I do not care about her mom's views. I knew shayna brought it up. White men are evil but that's all she sucks,fucks and ponders tops her whole vibe is TRYING to be the blonde thin barbie. Even said she wanted blue eyes. She straightens her hair dies it blonde to attempt to have a stereotypical white girl bimbo looks while fucking ugly white and bisexual bronies. Fuck her

No. 1732705

Just like when she posted, "I led about fupaul" that was for us. She was hoping that someone would cowtip or expose fupaul again to his ex wife. Hence why she'd constantly say she wanted to ruin his life. Shayna does certain things knowing this thread is watching. She literally could never speak to her mom again, never go around her. She goes around her dad because he probably let's her get drunk, keeps his views to himself and she doesn't bait him. Plus I 100% believe she's the main one shayna gets money from. I kind of wish she'd not contact her mom at all. Let her be free. Shayna is gross and does. Not care for anyone but herself. She filmed a video in her mom's house with her mom's dog. On the same account she posts about wanting to be raped and beaten. She shows no respect to her parents by constantly posting pictures in their places, not to mention them not respecting her job

No. 1732707

Oh she was was imagining doing a fupaul 3.0 except 40 pounds heavy and only one boob bouncing when she jumped?

No. 1732708

What does she even get out of this? She wants to be seen as smarter and more woke than her mom so bad. But why? She's literally a middle-aged white woman living in suburbia. There's no point in her feeling white guilt unless she's a direct decedent of slave owners/people who exploited natives for financial gain. And even then, if she's not getting money from that, what the hell will white guilt do?

Shaynas trying so hard to be the racist allegations. She never will.

No. 1732714

She has no real reason to hate he mom. She's been clinging to this "republican. Fox News. Wacists" shit for years. She knows that whining about her mom not accepting her job yet still loving her and letting her be around wouldn't get her any points on Twitter. Plus I feel In a way she thinks constantly doing these huge shows, will not only be "proof" to other sex workers she's not racists but also it's all her mom fault that she even said it. Now she's trying to deprogram the racism out of her mom. To show how much she's changed etc.
Her dad is also republican, her coomers probably are racists and republican. There's no doubt in my mind if she dated some scrote who had conservative views she'd deal with him. Like how she let fupaul hide her for years even though he lied about her job from the get go to his ex, when her parents are supposed to 100% support everything she does. Or she ices them out/doesn't want to come around. Well her mom anyway. One day she's not going to have her parents. She's going to regret how she treats them

No. 1732720

File: 1672158968602.jpeg (864.89 KB, 1170x1507, 3CB8F897-41C1-4C57-B95A-E188A2…)

This was before the car ride and fight

No. 1732721

so her mother went out of her way to buy her fat ass daughter something she KNOWS she would like and shayna still made the choice to start a fight in the car, run out at a stoplight like a fucking idiot and go crying to daddy. she needs a lobotomy

No. 1732722

File: 1672159179574.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1170x1509, E9965784-0055-4371-8B19-5F355C…)

She went with her dad and brother

No. 1732723

File: 1672159240153.jpeg (602.59 KB, 1170x1309, 626B2CAC-A877-4E04-8B6A-C77167…)

Coming from Shay who always posts “funny no one has tipped me for just living today”

No. 1732724

File: 1672159295022.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1543, DDCC6AC4-5F80-48DF-81F6-B15EED…)

I think this is the last screen shot I have from her visiting family

No. 1732725

how many times is she going to tweet that bottom tweet

No. 1732732

i 100% believe shayna films degen custom content at her dads and moms houses but keeps it off her public socials cause she knows we’d go scorched earth on her

No. 1732733

Whenever she fully convinces herself pooping on camera is worth ruining her life, aka never. Idk why she goes between talking about cruising life on easy mode as a high paid bimbo to these bitchfest about how hard her job is. Which one is it shayna? Or is it just not paying off and you’re tired of hearing how easy it is for prettier girls? Isn’t that what it was supposed to be, back when you were bragging about not going to college?

No. 1732735

and you get paid to not get fat… topkek. do your job shayna.

its not even that shes chunky either, its that she she looks seriously unwell, off coloured, and flabby. its like her old body is rejecting her new one.

No. 1732738

yep if fupa said it she'd agree and adopt it as her own beliefs. i mean fuck, this is the same girl who laid the american flag down on some dirt than sat her bare ass on it as she fucked her boil-ridden cunt with a dildo made in china.

No. 1732742

its because it's almost the start of a new year - a fresh batch of underage teens will be hitting the market soon. this is just the life of a sex worker, each year whores get older and more bitter cause they're being aged out. they have to work harder to achieve half of a what a fresh faced 18 year old could make.

and yes i think the whole system is fucking disgusting but im not gonna pretend it doesnt exist.

No. 1732745

so why exactly is she broadcasting her personal belief of "white men are evil" on her work twitter where the only men she has left paying her are old, back-road, sleeps-with-cousin white men? Is that not the audience she's been trying to capture for the past two years with her "Your dad texts me" "Daddys Girl" "I want someone to care for me like my father didnt" "I only listen to dad rock" persona?

No. 1732750

She's confused. It would be slightly more of a "own", if a sex worker of color was dunking on whitey while taking his money. There was a black dominatrix that used to make her clients read intersectional feminism and pro black works of literature before she'd accept them as clients. Kathy skinwalked this woman before she died.

Shaynus probably thinks she's doing something similar. Educating her oppressors while taking their money while "empowering" herself with sexwork. But, she's missing the mark and lost the plot immensely, because she's a pedo pandering loser who's considering scat porn. Also, she's really trying her best to get into the camhoes Twitter sphere, saying you hate white men will get you points.

No. 1732753

I don't understand the sympathy for the mom at all. Probably has pretty bad misogynistic views if she's downplaying native American genocide ( "helped lay the foundation" KEK ). It's no wonder Shayna turned out so fucked in her head, it's what these kinds of parents lead their children into. So what if she bought some crap for her or has a lot of money to give, these people are bad parents for never caring enough about Shayna to teach her her worth. And they continue to enable her even, seriously so retarded

No. 1732756

i dont think anyone agrees with or thinks her mother is correct; the “it was big no one actually OWNED it” comment was all one needs to understand shes a shit human being. the sympathy comes from having shayna as a daughter. i think most people have that one bigot in their family who everyone thinks is retarded but we dont broadcast that theyre a racist asshole to our boss, coworkers and potential clients just to make ourselves look better. at the end of the day shes still shaynas mother who financially and emotionally supports her fuck up of a child. shayna is 26 and should know who her mother is by now, its clear as day she was baiting her mom so she’d have something interesting to say for once.

No. 1732768

Parents shape the way children relate to themselves and the world, it's who we learn to love from. If the parents are shit there's a big chance a kid will not learn to love themselves or relate to others in a healthy way. I have no sympathy for these parents because I just really don't think they care about her at all. Everything we see them do is bare minimum. And from these retarded statements I can only imagine what Shayna's childhood was like. I still don't get over the fact that Shayna was doing weird sexual shit when she was a minor, really big red flag that parents neglected their kid.

No. 1732769

holy shit I thought this was Shat when I was scrolling by

No. 1732772

no, she didn’t. flight attendants are supposed to compliment you and make you feel welcomed as you’re boarding. they wouldn’t ask to touch you. she’s so disgusting dragging people into her weird kinks. she really thinks she’s important and special and different and can’t admit she’s below average trash. I bet if she admitted that to herself she’d be a bit successful.

No. 1732780

so of course Shatna started it, but wants to act like her mom just randomly starting bringing up politics. I have a feeling she likes “poking the bear” and purposely brings up things she knows her and her mom disagree on so she can paint her mom as a bad person in her head. she’s starting arguments to justify that her mom is a bad person. Shat seems like the kind who was a bully in high school.

No. 1732781

multiple people have said that her mother sounds like your typical white american who unironically believes they singlehandedly built America from the ground up. the point is not that she's racist, it's that she is not the one causing conflict. also, is it surprising that a middle-aged white american woman has antiquated views? what IS surprising is that shayna chooses to start stupid fucking arguments with a mother who very much could have chosen to totally remove shayna from her life and then airs her out on social media to a band of pedophile tranny daughterfuckers while also accepting money from white men who ARE overtly racist and who have shared racist, trump-supporting, right-wing bullshit on their social media pages.

also sorry but there is some semblance of choice in the way that teenagers choose to act. of course it can be linked back to parents but there are plenty of girls like shayna who have grown up with cushy lives who still choose to degrade themselves. we know that she had a very comfortable upbringing. while it could link back to her home life, the fact that she was on tumblr for years as a teenager is the most likely cause of it. tumblr at that point was insane - if you were over the age of 16 and you weren't a they/them fakeboy called socks then you were a 'cool' girl selling nudes and making a porn blog. grooming was extremely rife on tumblr back then. not everything is due to her parents.

No. 1732784

So how come shaynas siblings are all college educated seemingly productive parts of society? How come the brother who lived with the mom seems to be doing well for himself? Shayna is the only kid who turned out this way. Her parents took her to the police station when some scrote was sending her shit

No. 1732785

Her mom's a retard boomer with retard boomer views, shocking. Also, it's kind of hard for a parent to keep track of the internet going ons of a teenager, especially if you're working full time and have other, younger kids to take care of. Can't really fault her for that, even nonnies have admitted that being on the internet too young fucked them up. And I don't think all of us has super neglectful parents, we just kind of grew up towards the end of the wild west era of the internet, where grooming went unchecked in a log of different platforms.

Tl/DR: Shaynas main issue is that she's a spoiled brat.

No. 1732788

if anything their flaw is caring too much. they need to cut the bitch off and leave her to fend for herself if she wants to be a freak in diapers letting stranger sniff her dung.

No. 1732792

the bare minimum lol they offered shayna an opportunity to go to college while living in their home rent free, all she has to do is give up sex work which is clearly making her miserable and fueling her addictions. shat is 25 so no, that is not the bare minimum, that’s extremely generous despite what her parents believe politically. shay could bite her tongue, shut the fuck up for once and actually secure an education instead of sinking lower into sexual exploitation and depravity but she thinks she’s too good for that. admitting that her dead end “career” of flashing her hemorrhoids and pissing in diapers is and was always over is too difficult for her, who would choose that over a free education? she would rather pedo pander to disgusting scrotes, drink and smoke herself delusional because she’s that stubborn and spoiled. many people don’t even have a relationship with their parents at all, and shay is STILL being financially supported by them and gifted nice, expensive things/trips. who cares if her mom is a retarded right wing, she’s a fucking boomer and most people don’t agree with them. boomers and their ideology will die out when they do. shay admitted she was spoiled her entire life and instead of getting a job or working on an actual career, one that won’t leave her or leave her debased forever on the internet, she’d rather pretend to be a baby or a dog and fuck herself on camera with her crusty dildos. she lives and dies for pickmeism and male attention.

No. 1732794

The fact that Shat dramatically exited the car and stormed into the street over this dumb argument shows that Shat is, in fact, the unhinged one. Not her mom. How does she not see that she's telling on herself by posting these?

No. 1732797

File: 1672168390520.jpeg (365.42 KB, 1170x1103, A0946D8B-7678-4EB0-B9F2-A6A529…)

No. 1732798

I also think she comes at her mom this way because seems like her step mom doesn't allow her to run over her dad. Shayna doesn't pull this shit on her dad, yes because he's a man and she likes him more. However, I do believe the dynamic is different. I don't know if her mom has a husband or what, but Shayna never had respect for her mother but talks about her step mom.
Even though her stepmom has also tried to get her out of sex work.

No. 1732800

how about yourself shay lol jk not alogging don’t ban me

No. 1732803

the way she still fucking types like a cringey tumblr text post circa 2013

No. 1732805

right and who brings that kind of shit up during the holidays? you’re there to spend time with your family that you see maybe once a year and you ruin it by being fake woke and virtue signaling on the bird app like her coomers actually care about her opinions on anything. shat ruined the time with her mother on purpose because she’s a fucking idiot. OOOO LOOK WHAT MY MOM GOT ME uwu she’s a racist tho!! this is why we don’t have a relationship, it’s so turbulent because she doesn’t support me selling my body for pocket change and won’t submit to my fake white guilt rhetoric! i really cannot imagine what’s going to happen to shay in the future when she has a mental break and realizes what she’s done to herself and the relationships with the only people who give a shit about her. she’s going to rope.

No. 1732807

i hope her mother finally works up the courage to drop the fat hog. the point will come 100%, because no parent puts up with being a pay pig for a scat selling education denier who stomps away like an angry thirteen year old. i know the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and there is a reason shatna is the way she is, but i still feel for her mom.

No. 1732820

I cannot believe she found someone and cringe and uglier than fupa, I love this and she’s going to stick to him like glue out of desperation

No. 1732827

that's what i can't understand. EVERYONE i know mentions how hard they try to avoid any sort of political discussion or even topics that could lead to political discussions during Christmas. who the fuck goes to their parents house and actively tries to start shit using twitter talking points? it's fucking wiiiiild, and it's all for what? twitter clout that she doesn't get? 40 likes maximum with 8000 views? christ

No. 1732833

This. Her mother isn't right in her views but this is the "worst" screenshot Shayna has of her from the holidays and it's like any other run of the mill boomer parent. I see no manipulation, no being mean, no insults, no abuse. If she had worse texts she would've posted them. There has never been proof that she has been as abusive as Shayna makes her out to be. She has issues with her mom for no reason besides wanting to be a victim as always.

No. 1732840

noonecurr but she’s seeing her moid on my birthday. Never thought I’d be excited for getting milk as a gift.

No. 1732854

happy birthday nona, i’m sure shat’s reunion with her crusty brony will be hilarious. how she deals with knowing he raw dogs 2-3 other women plus a troon and is engaged (?) then fucks her and still manages to delude herself into thinking she’s special and he’s her “daddy” is beyond me. wonder when this dirty bitch is going to catch an STD if she hasn’t already. dying alone is better than polyamory with diseased scrotes, shat

No. 1732859

still keking at her getting that ugly my little pony bag to appeal to a brony like i am so happy everyday my life isn't hers

No. 1732873

Dying alone is far superior to any sort of polyamory situation. Imagine having so little respect for yourself you agree to be some moids back up fuck sleeve and reveling in that fact. Imagine believing that a moid with multiple partners is capable of genuinely loving you. Bleak as it gets.

No. 1732906

shayna talks big but her choice in men reveal how she really thinks of herself. an over the hill FTM balding trans man who cannot commit to her fully cause he fucks other trannies is the best she thinks she can do.

No. 1732952

Totally agree with this anon. Shayna is a shitty daughter but not let’s pretend her mom is a saint either. I don’t get why people are rushing to defend her

No. 1732961

Natives scalped each other and fucked their relatives , as well as white settlers. I don’t see why some people forget that everyone back in the “old times” were barbaric and degenerate. Honestly who gives a shit what her beliefs are? Shayna could just stop egging her on and starting shit. If Shayna was really raised with morals I doubt she’d be a two dollar whore. Her parents didn’t raise her right, they spoiled her too much.

No. 1732962

it's not defense it's just that her brother isn't showing his bootyhole, wearing diapers and acting like Shayna. He's graduating from college. Lived in the same house as Shayna. Maybe Shayna is just like her mom, but jumping out a fucking car because YOU brought up a topic and she gave her opinion is crazy. I do not care what her mother thinks about politics. She can feel what she wants, I do not agree but Shayna is making a huge mess of it. On her platform to shame her mom who probably doesn't even know.
While also sleeping with exclusively white men, with mostly white males as her audience. So it's all a paper thin belief anyway. She's loyal to the penis no matter what.

No. 1732984

Again, no one is nominating this woman for mother of the year. We're just saying that this isn't one of those cases where the mom was a psychotic whore who raised her daughter to follow in her footsteps. If Shayna ever reproduces, she'd actually be the type of mom she's trying to make hers out to be. Especially if she has a daughter with enough braincells to rub together to realize sex work ain't it, and succeeds in the real world.

No. 1732997

hes ftm?

No. 1733005

i think anon meant that he looks ftm, shayna would never pathetically grovel for the attention of a woman lel

No. 1733009

no one is defending her, she’s a right wing boomer, her views are shitty we get it but did she also give shayna every opportunity to get out of the situation she put herself in? absolutely, she does care about shayna otherwise she would have disowned her daughter for being a low class whore. shayna exposes her family online and embarrasses them, she sexualizes everything, she can’t separate her depraved sex life from the real world and if she was my kid i would have told her to fuck off until she was ready to fix her life. no money, no nice gifts, no vacations but again her parents spoil her. i’m sure her parents just bought her shit and didn’t bother to try and discipline her as a child and now she walks around off her meds drunk and high all the time with her tits flopping about. that’s not great parenting but they have money and they want better for her, they’ve shown concern many times for her safety and they obviously know she isn’t happy. they’re just slowly watching her decline at this point and do their best to not cause her to throw a fit when she does come visit. shayna is fucking hopeless and brain dead, her parents concern and money is wasted on her.

No. 1733012

i cannot get over her releasing personal text messages from her mother on her sex work twitter account. her mom should cut her for that alone.

No. 1733015

It’s really weird that she literally uses her “work” social media as her only social media. Can you imagine posting this type of message from your professional profile lol. What a weird person

No. 1733023

I mean shay has no real personality to blog about online. If you asked her about herself, what her hobbies are etc she would just start rambling about the color pink and how she loves old men, how stupid she is and that she’s just a big dumb baby bimbo uwu.. what else is there? Edibles, alcohol and doordash? Her fucked up rape fantasies? She’s curated her entire personality around sex. It’s really fucking bizarre because she truly is incapable of separating sex from other more important aspects of life. Shayna doesn’t care about her health, other people, she doesn’t have any hobbies, she doesn’t care about her animals. She’s the most vapid, retarded whore I’ve ever read about right next to Luna. Thinking about her existence makes me physically nauseas because I cannot imagine the misery. She doesn’t have a thought that isn’t under the influence of some substance and one that isn’t about selling her sickly body to scrotes.

No. 1733035

File: 1672196875272.png (627.33 KB, 895x598, greedy entitled bitch.png)

>jump into his arms
Bitch you will fall into an undignified fatass heap in the middle of an airport.
Funny how she only likes her mom when she can get something out of it, picrel

No. 1733047

File: 1672199164545.jpeg (494.38 KB, 1170x1437, A539EFEC-0269-4C4A-BAD6-06EADC…)

I feel like her content is going to get so much worse

No. 1733048

File: 1672199256412.jpeg (897.34 KB, 1170x1547, BBEA0BCB-C221-4ED6-9F72-55B42A…)

Well Shay, if you actually bought clothes that fit properly

No. 1733049

File: 1672199302322.jpeg (391.49 KB, 1170x1289, 83C3D0EF-C494-4C7B-AB03-39F08F…)

I love how it takes $100 to be a “king” to her

No. 1733053

It’s weird that she begs like this. Why not just say you need new clothes and to cash app you or send you gift cards? Why act pathetic and offer a OF subscription? Shouldn’t your followers already be subscribed?

I know she’s terrible at her job but damn.

No. 1733065

I found this while looking for another lolcow. As a male, it makes me sick to see guys paying money for “exclusive content” when he could have google searched her naked for free. And that body isn’t worth $100 naked. I don’t know who Dolly is, but she seems truly awful, just like her male simps.

Also sorry for not saging or whatever you guys do. I probably won’t be back to this page soooo sorry?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1733067

As a male

No. 1733071

poor porn consoomers and their wasteful spending kek there’s a reason moids feel a need to send money instead of googling “boob” and it’s for a sense of power for the broke ho to fawn over him like he’s some moneybags guy and not a basement dweller creep

No. 1733072

File: 1672204404065.jpg (158.8 KB, 1080x1000, Screenshot_20221228-001304.jpg)

No. 1733073

No. 1733075

File: 1672204952989.jpeg (Spoiler Image,779.28 KB, 1170x1201, A4F332E1-4425-47BD-8E00-D65217…)

Really Shay?

No. 1733076

Who the fuck even shop on amazon??? It’s even worst than Walmart. Like lazy bottom of the barrel people shop on there.

No. 1733078

I really draw the line at Uggs with laces

She honestly emits like a bum aesthetic. Her clothes are like crusty crop tops and sweatpants Uggs and messy buns with yesterdays makeup. Far from bimbo for sure.!

No. 1733080

that was my thought too…amazon clothes are just gross and she could get nicer stuff at the mall for the same price

No. 1733081

I don’t get it?

No. 1733084

>the agp/yaniv smirk

No. 1733098

She gives big "Cookie Monster Pajama Pants Girl" vibes

No. 1733110

Or just nicer stuff online from actual stores

No. 1733113

Shayna used to be bulimic

No. 1733114

She’s gonna look even fatter and more retarded when she wears these. Those cankles kek. Put the leg warmers back on
I’m guessing the gift cards aren’t actually gonna be used for clothes. She could get nicer quality, name brand clothes from the thrift store for dirt cheap where she could try the clothing on and make sure they fit. She doesn’t even have to say that’s where she got them and shatter her bimbo delusion. She’d have more money for her precious booze and weed if she did that. But she’s so bad with money or making any type of budget

No. 1733134

I have been here every thread I don’t remember this part of the saga.. infact I doubt she ever really was considering how fat she is now not that all bulimics are thin but there’s no way dysmorphia would alllw her to get this big AND do nothing about it. Literally fake.

No. 1733179

i think it means when whores remember the horrible shit theyve allowed to happen to them they get sick and throw up over the thought (letting strange 40+ man into your house and sniff your asshole and pussy bare); but when they can manage to forget for brief periods they are confident and feel like a bad bitch for being able to make rent that month?

No. 1733184

Think it’s probably even more straight forward in that her dad and stepmom have more money, pissing them off means she gets less whereas her mom probably doesn’t give her enough in her mind.
Not to mention shays deranged mindset, wouldn’t be surprised if she is into her father in some twisted capacity with the way she loves to tweet about her “daddy” “dad” etc in the same sentence as her actual father in an attempt to equate the two, or so it seems.

No. 1733208

citation needed
shaynas mental health has done nothing but decline for the last 10 years. she hasnt lost a single bad habit, theyve only gotten worse. if she ever was bulimic she still would be, and she would constantly post about how she 'overcame an eating disorder' and use it as an excuse to be obese

No. 1733209

No. 1733212


I've said it before, but even Luna has more interests and hobbies outside of her drug addiction and "sex work" career. She'll at least play animal crossing or give us some cracked out outsider art to laugh at sometimes. Shayna literally does nothing outside of her high and shame her family. She used to be into photography when she was younger but when's the last time she took a picture of something other than herself? It's actually kind of sad to see how weed, alcohol and twitter whoring just zapped her of all other interests.

Even sex workers who are in deeper than her don't end up this bad.

No. 1733213

I doubt it's that deep. I think it's just another way of them saying "uWu I'm a dumb bimbo thinking makes me sick", she's throwing up on a book afterall.

No. 1733226

She was never bulimic she said she threw up cake that she ate and sat on for her porn but she never posted it. She only ever posted about thinspo and a shitty made up fan fic of her starving herself in middle school and fainting or something

No. 1733237

File: 1672242894112.jpeg (1.91 MB, 3465x3465, C3F73A10-61ED-4BF4-B88B-04E373…)

This bitch’s life is Groundhog Day

No. 1733239

Don't come back.

No. 1733243

it was speculated. but let’s be real, Shatna doesn’t have the willpower for an eating disorder.

No. 1733252

File: 1672245405820.jpeg (860.41 KB, 1170x1737, A187D4D0-7536-46BE-956F-80B696…)

Just like clock work. It wasn’t the meds Shay. It’s the shitty diet and no physical activity

No. 1733256

File: 1672245637487.jpeg (306.19 KB, 1145x885, 1D17135F-9E49-485F-B38D-B1A0A8…)

Lazy fat slob it wasn’t the meds you dumb fucking bitch

No. 1733262

SSRIs are handed out like candy and they fuck you up if they’re wrong, zero oversight. But she is a lazy pedophile so I hope she continues this cycle as she deserves. C’est la vie.

No. 1733266

dumb fucking bitch turning to drugs cause she cant handle she got fat. she literally answers her own problem at the end - she isnt willing to put in the work to get what she wants so shes looking to big pharma for an easy way out

No. 1733269

medication fucks you up but it’s from misdirected and over active hunger cues that the brain produces, it’s up to you not to cave on those urges. also alcohol makes you fat, fast food makes you fat, no exercise etc she’s retarded and if she doesn’t want to go to the gym, start walking your fucking dog for 30 minutes a day. buy an exercise bike or a stepper and some weights. she doesn’t even try, like you don’t need to make working out a public spectacle but if shay isn’t receiving some sort of attention (or thinks she is) whether it’s good or bad she doesn’t want to do it. i get the whole muh mental illness drains my motivation but it’s her job to look good, so if you’re not going to try then STOP DOING SEX WORK and go home ffs. get a real job. she’s so stupid i can’t deal with the fucking woe is me attitude when she’s actively in addiction and makes zero effort to feel better. bitch doesn’t even have a therapist because self reflection is boring and she can’t twist it online for her disgusting moids to jerk their microdicks to.

No. 1733272

honestly shay probably would benefit from medication IF she was sober and properly diagnosed/in therapy etc but she can’t handle the criticism and just uses her meds to suicide bait online, it would be a far better alternative taking 100mg edibles and drinking a bottle of wine each night and flashing her asshole. like of course you feel like shit, of course you don’t want to degrade yourself live on camera for gross moids it’s like she has a moment of clarity and then just baaaaws about how unfair mental illness is and that’s why she can’t work.

No. 1733279

she has 0 impulse control. she will get on higher and higher dosages to combat her depression without ever accepting shes most likely depressed even worse because of her own choices. she needs behavioral therapy but any therapist that points out her bad behaviors is considered the enemy. she cant even have a personal trainer

No. 1733284

It’s not the meds. It’s the lack of water, the soda, the Gatorade, the cheese and crackers, take out…bitch even your dog is fat.

She’s not going to get skinny ever again. She should accept it. Maybe she should look at some other fatties and get some inspo from them kek

No. 1733288

I’m same fag as >>1733134 and I’m certain she never had one. Must have been a bad tinfoil. I’m certain she never had one because remember when edtwt got ahold of her photos and used them as fatspo, she got upset but she didn’t say anything about that triggering her eating disorder. I don’t doubt fatty has some sort of disordered eating like binge eating disorder but not bulimia.

No. 1733290

File: 1672249772495.jpg (54.92 KB, 701x347, FZ96cugaIAAyQlY.jpg)

>being stuck in this rut of insecurity, lack of motivation and feeling absolutely hopeless
music to my ears

No. 1733302

I wouldn’t be shocked if her real issue wasn’t something to do with having an addictive personality disorder. (Like, she clearly will do anything for a crumb of sweet sweet attention, drinks too much, smokes too much, has too many “addictive” food types in her diet)

Not to blog post but it makes it really easy to get in awful habits really quick after enjoying them once and getting them as part of your routine. If that’s the case she should just force herself to try use it to her advantage and go to the gym for 30 days and try get her ass addicted to cardio. She won’t though, because all her other addictions will make It too tough

No. 1733348

Shayna doesn't even need the gym, just count calories and MAYBE do the gym. Her issue is she wants a quick fix. She wants to drink/smoke all day, work out 15 mintues and think it'd make her lose weigh.

No. 1733350

he's married shayna ! move on! he doesn't want you and he never did!

No. 1733357

File: 1672258735276.jpeg (632.28 KB, 1242x1410, 00FDAE08-CB1E-437F-B7FC-08A854…)

No. 1733359

I mean she has been off them for a long time though. She can blame it for her weight gain, but not for her behaviors that prevented her from getting healthy again. Shayna eats a lot

No. 1733363

Deffo the meds and not the gallons of cheap sugary wine and walmart tier charcuterie boards every night.

No. 1733364

She'd never talk about how much her belly, lopsided boobs bother her. I do think she thinks she has a fat ass kek and nice legs

No. 1733367

Fatty delusions are so funny, it's not even like shaymu can cope by saying she has curvaceous figure, her body is shaped like a misshapen sack of rotting flat potatoes.

No. 1733383

She doesn’t even have to workout, she cut continue sitting on her ass all day and just NOT drink sugar beverages and takeout every day. Don’t get cocktails and Starbucks at the airport, just pick one. She would probably lose a lot of weight with some minor lifestyle changes. Meds are going to make it worse

No. 1733405

we don't know much about her siblings other than that one is adopted and the other is male. I'm sure shayna got the brunt of the neglect. i can only infer from these gross statements that the mom most likely always made shayna out to be crazy as a child. I'm sorry but i'd blow my fucking brains out if i had to be raised with that crazy racist boomer. And just my tiny little tinfoil: when they found out about shayna's porn they most likely insulted, scolded, and blamed shayna which further alienated her when she just needed support as an underage child. Having money and offering tuition or buying shit is bare minimum, telling your daughter not to do sex work is bare minimum. Actually caring about your daughter doing fucked up shit online and getting her the therapy/love/support she needed would've actually gotten shayna far away from this stuff. But they are shit parents who only found out about what their kid was doing on the computer after some creep sent her a camera. I can assure you she was most likely the black sheep who was blamed for shit she didn't understand fully and now she is just doubling down on her self destructiveness + apparent pedophilia for crumbs of attention. They failed shayna so shayna turned out this way, they deserve no pity

No. 1733411

Shayna wasn't neglected or abused. Her brother just graduated college, her step sister is her dad's wife daughter who is also on college. Again, Shayna has always said she was doing shitty things for attention as a teen/child. Her mother tried to get her mental health she said it was abuse. Stop creating an abuse story that didn't happen. Being punished qnd taking care of her brother was the most traumatizing thing that happened to her shayna claims. Again, how come her brother isn't acting a fool?

No. 1733415

Same anon, like shayna never even blames them just hates they don't accept her job and blasts her mom for woke points. Trust and believe if what you are saying is true she'd vented. Not once had she claimed to be a black sheep, and the only comparison she's ever made with her siblings is moving out the house first

No. 1733455

Shayna was just a bratty child. She wasn’t abused or neglected. This honestly reeks of cow or one of her calves.

Shayna has documented her teen years pre porn blog and she was skipping school, doing drugs, being a typical tumblr addict. Her parents crime is probably being too accepting of her and not cutting her off completely.

It’s a kick in the face to kids who have been abused. Shayna is lazy, entitled and a pick me. She isn’t some traumatised uwu survival worker who’s family is evil.

No. 1733456

can’t wait for Shayna to read this thread and start claiming child abuse aka being told to not sell porn online at 16 and watch her brother before and after school so they can keep living in MA?

No. 1733460

File: 1672269702384.jpg (71.38 KB, 640x728, ZN3NJ6vOc7s5grFSoBIx-s2NmIWLeR…)

where have you been this entire time? shaytan doordashes every meal, eats garangutan sized portions, refuses to learn how to cook, doesn't drink water and hasn't seen a green vegetable since elementary school, but sure yeah it's muh meds that are making her fat. i bet she's not even on the kind of medication that is actually able to mess up your metabolism like abilify or some shit.

her avoiding water during hiccups on last camshow made me think of picrel.

No. 1733467

Back to twitter wokie

No. 1733510

It has been a long time since she mentioned what she used but vaguely remember seeing an anon make a comment about how those could make you gain weight.
I can’t remember what thread it was, it was a long time ago. Before she really started to gain the weight.

Still the reason for her major weight gain is not just medication it’s her bad choices.

No. 1733511

yeaahh, shaynas past the point of just putting down the snacks. she would need to actively do cardio and lift weights or else she'd just get even more saggy with the temp weight loss.

No. 1733514

Shayna is the type of person who wants the same recognition as someone who has achieved more than her. She wants her parents to respect and congratulate her as much as they do their other children, when their other children are: holding down jobs, networking, going to college, and being useful members of society.

No. 1733523

File: 1672279824550.jpeg (517.99 KB, 864x1536, Img_2022_12_28_18_09_44.jpeg)

Holy shit

No. 1733524

kek at this point Shayna needs to set a camera up on her ceiling to look uwu, bitch is about to fall down from leaning so far forward. The caption both pedopandering and nearly self-aware, the retarded outfit she's busting out of, the lack of comfort in her skin, the shitty makeup…this is quintessential Shay.

No. 1733525

who the fuck is that

No. 1733526

So she was begging for clothes because she can't fit any of it and I thought nonnies saying, "she doesn't want to buy new clothes be because she doesn't know her size/qnd or doesn't want to buy bigger clothes"
I assume it's not just her being broke, she doesn't want to live in an reality where she can't keep squeezing into shit the size of her old body and going up sizes really triggers her. The fact she's still blaming fupaul for her weight gain still cracks me up. He was telling you to take pills the same reason Ellen does. But fupaul telling her to do it is abuse, yet shayna using her pills to manipulate him into coming back isn't? Kek fuck fupaul but shayna really is a sorry sack

No. 1733527

And you can really tell she's regretting these bangs from the awkward way she's doing her hair. Though no matter what she always manages to do some 80's sitcom hair style kek

No. 1733529

File: 1672281093272.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1170x2023, 3B9B89D8-F9BA-4E74-B142-0ED3F1…)

No. 1733531

back to twitter

No. 1733532

File: 1672281623210.gif (1.36 MB, 498x207, austin-powers-mike-myers.gif)

No. 1733535

Oh god why is she trying to be an egirl now lmao it’s so cringy

No. 1733540

Please never post here again

No. 1733542


WAYY too on the nose. Yes shay, skirts become belts as a consequence of your lifestyle

No. 1733548

this makeup style is extremely 2020 she's literally always late to the trends

No. 1733551

She looks like she’s missing a tooth?

No. 1733554

Why would she post this. Why.

No. 1733556

I was thinking that too, I don’t even know what to say about Shayna anymore, her devolution is accelerating

No. 1733558

What makes it even more tragic is that she's redoing the same tiktoks from her previously banned account but looking even more retarded.
Congrats on that Shay.

No. 1733564

holy fuck fat nonna here i was on abilify for bipolar and it is terrible, i was shatna weight on it in highschool and late middle school and i still have trouble feeling full because of how hard it fucked me over
ive also been on multiple ssris (zoloft, lexapro, citralopram, trazodone and more) and NONE of them ever made me as bad as abilify did she is truly just a lazy cow who doesnt care to learn to volume eat or cook

No. 1733565

I thought this one was banned too. I don’t know how tiktok works or how easy/hard it is get banned but I wouldn’t be surprised if that group of fat whores who screech about her being a nazi report her (I’m hoping that none of the autists in this thread are reporting her because her being banned means one less platform for her to post retardation on for us to laugh at)

No. 1733570

why are her boobs at her elbows. she looks insane

No. 1733572

the filter makes her rat teeth look like beaver teeth and it’s the funniest god damn thing. she really thinks this is a cute look.

No. 1733573

fortunately this time it’s a filter and not makeup she actually did

No. 1733594

File: 1672291449578.png (7.12 MB, 1242x2208, 624FEE68-7D61-44E9-BE23-4FE561…)

Why she lip syncing the beginning skit of Eminem’s song kek she’s so retarded

No. 1733596

File: 1672291543923.jpeg (1.15 MB, 3465x3465, 0A8319EC-9E8F-4690-ACBD-EC675C…)

Idk but she looks like this lol

No. 1733599

File: 1672291811113.jpeg (879.54 KB, 1049x1300, DD8576DF-11F9-407E-9F4C-94B25B…)

Not the Bella Poarch filter after Shayna was shit talking about her on Twitter lmfao

No. 1733601

I hate grown women like Miawaifu who try and be teens and kids online but it’s funny seeing her desperately try and look like them but still always look 20 years older and disheveled. She really can’t pull off the DDlg/egirl/uwu look kek

No. 1733603

I don’t know why miss bimbo didn’t go to a salon instead of getting Ellen to cut them

No. 1733604

Do you think people see her as an egirl parody and think she’s doing a bit and doing some big brain commentary when in reality she’s a failed egirl. Honestly it would probably make her more successful is she used her frumpiness to make content based on the joke of egirls

No. 1733605

Yeah I know you are suppose to kek but why is she trying to make the song pedophilic like ~goo goo gaga I’m a pedo neck beard daddy uwu you’re a meanie~ it’s gross and cringe

No. 1733606

File: 1672292847070.jpeg (187.35 KB, 901x1152, 3ED9D5A2-A792-4F19-99C5-3CC0CF…)

The mismatched pony tails and sloppy hair ribbons do look like a trailer trash parody but Shayna is just a weird pathetic wannabe and she’s too drunk and high to realize how ridiculous she looks

No. 1733607

Perhaps lip syncing to that gurgling stereotypical fat person voice wasn’t the most flattering choice when you look like that Shayna

No. 1733611

Why does she use that hammer as a prop like that.

Also her TikTok was banned

No. 1733613

Whenever I watch these I’m always tensed up because of the pure cringe, I never use tiktok so seeing normal fat ugly people like shayna try to act a certain way mimicking the popular girls on the app lip syncing some sped up chipmunked song is bizarre to say the least. You’re not cute you’re not good at acting it’s just content for cringe and that’s probably her only chance at going viral is being posted on Twitter as some laughingstock

No. 1733625

This is just my tinfoil theory, but I feel like Shayna just discovered that one girl on tiktok who is a woke bimbo, who talks in a valley girl accent with a nasal voice, Idk who she is but you guys probably know who I am talking about. Anyway, I think Shay saw her and is now trying to make it seem like her stupidity is just her playing it up for bimbo-points, and isn't just her brain literally shutting down from the years of abuse she put her body through lmao. Like she wants us to think "haha! 'twas but a ruse the whole time! I was actually profiting off of an exploitative market for my own benefit, which is 'empowering', and I wasn't actually just a dumb teen/young adult who thought this would be easy money, and came to realise she won't be thin and young her whole life, and now reality is dawning on me that people don't like someone who is genuinely stupid. I are smart! woman power!" or some crap.

Sorry for the wall of text, but I just get the vibe shayna is just repeating woke talking points in order to prove to her fans and haters that she is informed and knowledgeable about the world, when she's actually just 2 rosé bottles and a doordash order away from pre-diabeetus, and not suffering from porno brain rot or lack of stimulation beyond interacting with scrotes and making up scenarios in her head that she thinks make her look "cutesy".

No. 1733626

File: 1672298939477.jpeg (79.09 KB, 828x1123, DD7EF98C-2DD4-4BCF-B8C0-BC84CD…)

I just tried searching for it and nothing comes up and when I go to her account’s url I get this, not the “this account was banned” message, maybe she got bullied by zoomers and nuked it herself

No. 1733629

I can’t stand that retarded woke bimbo chrissy chalpeka, she’s friends with faggot tranny dyldo mulvaney and they’re both insufferable, I bet fat shat looks at her and think “omg meeeee!”

No. 1733637

still up for me

No. 1733640

File: 1672301321823.jpeg (1.01 MB, 828x1442, 1FE066BF-D907-4BC9-BD74-5729BB…)

It’s there now for me, must have been a glitch. She posted this 15 minutes ago, she’s probably drunk and high, that filter might make her nasty little turd eyes less beady but my god those teeth. Absolutely putrid.

No. 1733643

File: 1672301746755.jpeg (1.06 MB, 828x1429, 26C476E5-CAFB-45DE-A94E-2E1631…)

>switch from doe eyes to siren eyes
You have neither, you stinky, greasy hambeast. You look like an actual sewer rat.

No. 1733644

she's really feeling herself with the filters and still no lip balm to be found. tragic

No. 1733647

Surely lips that dry must hurt, they look like they’re close to bleeding. Everything about her body looks so uncomfortable, from the cracked lips, fungal acne that has now colonised her whole face, weirdy hard blubber and gut shelf, frankentit that looks like it’s about to burst, blown out asshole, boils all over her unwashed cooch, crusty yellow feet, she’s absolutely rancid from head to toe, literally

No. 1733648

File: 1672303505365.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1530x1800, 7D183472-B0D1-4F65-9C11-E76640…)


She has Hartley hooligan eyes.

No. 1733649

File: 1672304201097.jpeg (945.4 KB, 828x1457, 9E21CF6F-98FE-4CF0-9592-CF5B95…)

lmao that tiktok was terrifying with her ugly mug rising up into frame and that monstrous honker. slightly ot but when I was searching for her account and it seemed like it was gone this troon was the first result that came up for “dolly mattel”, it made me chuckle

No. 1733654

Looks like the main character from the video game Bully in a wig

No. 1733655

File: 1672309436022.jpeg (290.92 KB, 618x928, 9536DFB0-4EA2-4345-ABF5-56F631…)

Kek nonna you’re so right ahahaha. Picrel

No. 1733665

the fucking teeth! yellow and crooked as fuck. i would never show my teeth on purpose if they looked like that, thankfully my mother worked extra hard to get me an orthodontic treatment. looks like in shatnas family no one cared about dental hygiene and getting their child braces

No. 1733668

File: 1672315240857.jpg (76.25 KB, 660x408, tammy-mattel.jpg)

lookin like the lost Slaton sister

No. 1733675

File: 1672318700582.gif (14.2 MB, 600x1067, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

No. 1733676

Because I’m legitimately autistic I’m obsessive about hygiene and teeth in general gross me out unless they’re straight and white, looking at her mangled gob makes me so fucking uncomfortable. I can’t fathom how anyone lets their teeth get this bad. Or why her parents who clearly have money didn’t pay for her to get braces (maybe they didn’t because she’s always had an aversion to brushing her teeth and they knew that braces would have been a waste of time and money given how meticulously clean they need to be kept, she’d have been completely toothless by now).

No. 1733677

kek, uncanny. I can’t get over the size of her arms, they’re like Christmas hams

No. 1733679

File: 1672319461129.gif (10.18 MB, 576x1024, ezgif.com-gif-maker (2).gif)


No. 1733682

File: 1672319962591.jpeg (143.93 KB, 1046x930, 10CC10AF-69E7-4BFC-9768-84D6C8…)

I now present the lost Slanton sister, Shaynus Slanton

No. 1733685

While she is a complete slob unable to properly wash herself, she probably justifies how fucked up her teeth are as being part of her whole pedo pandering schtick, you know, since kids stereotypically hate to brush their teeth kek

No. 1733709

Can't imagine dressing up like this and pantomiming a Veruca Salt style tantrum and recording it for the whole internet to see at her big age. Legitimate humiliation fetish.

No. 1733712

File: 1672324929724.webm (1.96 MB, 576x1024, 1.webm)

> u big meanie!!! (Angry Face Emoji) (Angry Face Emoji) #brat #brattysub #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #bimbotiktok #egirl

No. 1733713

File: 1672324995695.webm (984.57 KB, 576x1024, 2.webm)

> haha bye !! (Face with Peeking Eye Emoji) (Woman Running Emoji) #brat #brattysub #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #bimbotiktok #egirl #foryou

No. 1733714

File: 1672325116001.webm (1.31 MB, 576x1024, 3.webm)

> i heard the assignment was 2 switch from “doe eyes” 2 “siren eyes” (Eyes Emoji) #doeeyes #fyp #blonde #bimbo #pink #bimbotiktok #egirl #foryou

No. 1733715

Bro her transformation into a white micky moon is almost complete.

No. 1733723

kek I was abused and I still don't pity her. there's a point in your life where you need to get over blaming your shit parents for everything, self reflect, and get your shit together. I took myself to therapy and do my best to improve my life like tons of adults that are abused as children do and I'm younger than shay. She is a retarded loser who grasps at any excuse to be a retarded loser when in the end its entirely her fault. You can't be a victim forever and you need to start taking care of yourself and working to be the best version of yourself you can be. Blame her parents all you want, she's out there and has the choice to not be a bumfuck loser.

No. 1733726

>micky moon
I completely forgot about her

No. 1733730

nonnie how did you download these withouth the tiktok watermark did you use a website instead of the tiktok app?

No. 1733732

nta but duhhh.

No. 1733734

ok i was being a retard and thought shayna was posting them herself because i thought you could only do so with the watermark nvm kek

No. 1733743

what gets me is that this "siren vs doe eyes" trend was trending months ago she's amazingly simultaneously terminally online yet always late to trends

No. 1733759

I also love how out of sync her mouthing it is to the audio itself. There's layers to the retardation.

No. 1733784

File: 1672334470726.jpg (221.4 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_20221229-120836_Tik…)

We'll see how long she keeps this comment up for, her videos all suspiciously have no replies kek

No. 1733794

I noticed that too. She’s got an abysmal view to like ratio. I wonder if she’s going to start paying for folllwers like she did on twitter

No. 1733795

File: 1672335710128.jpeg (Spoiler Image,811.21 KB, 1170x1674, F9D6E039-170F-4C68-96D6-13411A…)

Get ready

No. 1733797

Her arms are insane now jfc

No. 1733811

File: 1672338154819.jpeg (258.41 KB, 750x722, 5248D45E-B6A6-4CD9-ACFF-B7CBE6…)

that's weird

No. 1733814

File: 1672338540914.jpeg (360 KB, 1170x1128, 4C367FCF-9034-4737-9BF0-68E005…)

No. 1733815

inb4 he isn't going, OR he is staying and spending his trip with someone else

No. 1733816

Part of me goes “ew some weird r*pe role play”, part of me goes “why would you not remember the rough time” and the other part of me thinks brony has bailed

No. 1733819

Everytime she visits her parents she always seems more depressed and does drastic shit. Like last time getting into invitung random scrotes over, her first boy girl etc. I wonder of she sees her siblings and feels like next time she sees them she has to be famous or having something to show for it. Inviting this scrote over her house to probably fuck him raw, feed him, not even get a orgasm or anything more then like cheap stuffed animals. Yeah, she's doing anything. It's both her family visits plus Fupaul living rent free in her head. She still feels talking shit about him now bothers him as much as it did when they were together. I remember when she'd say he'd ask her to delete shit. My new tinfoil is she brings him up hoping we'll say his real name and forever connect him to her rants to "ruin his life" like she claimed she wanted to do

No. 1733820

does the brony have twitter is he posting about shat the same way she posts about him? she's so embarrassing when she thinks someone likes her.

No. 1733831

File: 1672340480996.jpeg (186.85 KB, 828x783, 36FD2644-CCC3-4BEE-84DA-13BCD3…)

his only recent tweet

No. 1733835

can’t wait for, “omg daddy burst into my apartment unexpected and then KIDNAPPED me and put me in a WHITE VAN!!! it’s so hot to be treated like a little baby kidnap victim!!”

No. 1733845

KEK nona

No. 1733884

File: 1672345984055.png (98.61 KB, 250x192, Mater_(Cars).png)

No. 1733889

File: 1672346948828.jpeg (192.52 KB, 1170x1388, F207244A-1F5A-4397-9B6A-B96A5B…)

Shane your girlfriend, woof

No. 1733919

File: 1672349681031.jpeg (430.28 KB, 1242x1466, CBBF4BAB-4FAF-4030-980F-DDB507…)

Kek the scrote who commented

No. 1733927

The gunt joggle lmao

No. 1733930

File: 1672350038215.jpeg (129.49 KB, 1170x1170, A459589E-5CB6-4529-B6B7-D37A27…)

No. 1733931

File: 1672350075225.jpeg (111.55 KB, 1170x1170, 4AB90607-E229-4ED0-BD5C-727445…)

She looks like melted butter

No. 1733934

Next thread title? Also, she looks so drunk, dumb and dirty, with that makeup

No. 1733936

i feel like if i ever touched her i'd get neurotypical cooties(autism)

No. 1733937

kek i can see the pain in her eyes

No. 1733940

Damn, she can barely move her face enough to actually make the behated smirk… things might be way worse on her end. (yay)

No. 1733943

Amazing how you can tell how fucking fat she is without needing to see her whole body and in spite of her editing out her multiple chins
How the fuck is any of this “doe eyes” or “siren eyes”? Sure the filter makes her ugly tiny eyes a bit bigger but they’re nowhere near doe-like, and the “siren eyes” just make her look like a literal psychopath

No. 1733960

File: 1672354153953.jpeg (257.72 KB, 1242x1242, 7748CE80-1E42-4249-B2E7-37A5BF…)

She really does look like that MF kek

No. 1733967

so this is the first time theyre really hanging out 1-on-1 right? everything else has just been at the shoot with other people around and then sexting?

No. 1733968

Bets on ol’ brony Shane showing up?
Anyone wanna make if he does a bingo card;
- “daddy tweet”
- “bondage uwu”
- “my lil shamu unicorn shit”

No. 1733969

It definitely reads like her weird surprise gangbang tweets. Damn bitch you win at having the weirdest saddest relationships for the sake of not being like other girls. Imagine making your life this complicated in all aspects

No. 1733971

File: 1672355423724.jpg (28.2 KB, 552x174, catherine (1).jpg)

she looks like the fat chick from silence of the lambs

No. 1733982

KEK this has to be edited into next thread pic

No. 1733992

she literally wishes she could be in that predicament.

No. 1733994

topkek nona you made my night
next thread’s pic please

No. 1734022

Maybe you need to be cut off from drinking and/or are too incompetent to do basic tasks? Neither are uwu cute…

Grow the fuck up this is so retarded and dramatic just to seem woke for the internet. A lot of us have different views and opinions from our family. Either cut them out if its that bad or just deal with it/dont bring up or entertain certain topics. Its that easy. Getting out of the car because your mom isnt validating your woke stance you only have because youre terminally online and want virtue points is so cringe and pulling that shit on a holiday trip is extra selfish. We know Shay only went to see her parents because shes a lonely loser who wanted to mooch and get paid for trip & presents. If her mom is such a terrible racist bitch and you're so affected… dont interact with her. Oh but then she couldnt get assistance, internet attention, gifts, etc. Its pathetic.

Youve met him once, like a month ago jfc. I hate people who are "in love" immeadiatly like this.

No. 1734023

Did she forget what he looks like or something? All this enthusiasm for a minging bloke like

No. 1734028

Theres literally a very obvious filter over this picture. Why are so many anons fooled by filters into wanting to die on the "Shay isnt that ugly" hill. When shes not covering half her face with sunglasses or abusing filters… yes she is an ugly, greasy, troll and she probably acts awkward or outright retarded cringe in public on top of never wearing clean, fitting clothes. So yes, I would think "ew" at the very least.

No. 1734044

Maybe stop buying chinese made, garbage, too small shit off Amazon. For someone who acts twitter woke and "white men are evil" and jumps on Muskrat hating, she sure supports the shit out of Amazon.
But shes totally ~spolied luxurious bimbo princess~

No. 1734046

Literally admits she just wont go to the gym. So do home excercises,walk your dog, and diet. Meds can make you gain, but not continually consistently like she has. Thats on her. She just as usual refuses to take ANY responsibility for her life and self. Like she really thinks her lifestyle, drinking, and eating habits have nothing to do with it??
Also meds arent a "im cured" thing. You have to find one that works for your issues and take it properly. And the most important part of any of that shit is… you have to help yourself. You have to look at yourself and your life and change what is in your control, then if your lifestyle and environment changes arent enough, then look into if you have actual chemical imbalances in your brain that certain meds can help fix. But a lot of meds aren't supposed to be used with alcohol. I believe the bitch has depression and mild petsonality disorder, but I also firmly believe a lot of it is just from her choices and lifestyle. Meds wont just fix all that.

No. 1734050

Seriously. Imagine being 26 years old and behaving like this. Her mother is a fucking idiot not just for her retarded inbred boomer views but because she continues to indulge her ungrateful piece of shit daughter.

No. 1734052

Exactly. No one needs the gym, walking around the block is free. Going for a run around the park is free. Doing 30 minutes of some sort of workout along with a YouTube clip is free. How is it possible to be this fucking lazy?

No. 1734055

Like yeah, depression and its hard to find motivation. But her stupid dog is fat now too… at least taking it on a walk would give them both movement and minor cardio. And there's not really an excuse to not be able to diet. You google what your calorie intake should be to lose weight and you can even do it for a "no excercise" lifestyle, then you look on the back of food items and calculate it. Theres meal plans, meal prep deliveries, etc. All things she can do from her couch. From what i know and have seen, meds can make you gain… but you dont continue to balloon up like she has for a couple years now unless you're overeating and doing nothing to help yourself.

No. 1734057

Sure she wont be as skinny as she used to be, but you can get noticeable results from little things like switching to sugar free drinks, being mindful of calorie intake and when you eat, eating cleaner, smaller portions/not overfilling yourself, etc. You clean out your cupboards and do a grocery shop where you buy healthier things. Thats the easiest thing you can do and you will see some results. There are options for idiots or lazies who don't cook too.
Then if you want to lose more, you add excercise. Diet is the biggest part of it all though.

No. 1734058

Precisely. She’s not just physically lazy, she’s mentally lazy. This culture of psych meds being a cure-all pisses me off, obviously people with schizophrenia and bipolar need to be on medication for their entire lives but personality disorders require putting in the hard yards with therapy. And the first step towards that is actually wanting to get better. Irrespective of what is actually wrong with Shaynus she clearly doesn’t want to get help because uwu muh bad brain days pls gib shekels uwu

No. 1734060

Ok but the whores who do this
1. Shouldn't really be cosplaying as characters from kid shows or characters that are minors for PORN purposes anyway
And 2. They NEVER state or make attempt to show the character is in fact aged up. Shatna has done the opposite in fact. And no one will just assume, "Oh yeah this girl must be playing a 20 year old Wednesday!" it doesn't even make sense. How about you just dont put minor characters into porn scenarios in the first place?? Like why do you want to do that at all??

No. 1734068

File: 1672367727575.jpg (Spoiler Image,683.76 KB, 1080x1566, Screenshot_20221229_183429.jpg)

No. 1734070

These look like case file photos for domestic violence, Jesus Christ. Imagine this not only being your life but being proud of it. I hate this fat misogynistic pedopanderer so fucking much

No. 1734082

Think this is somehow the most repelled I’ve been by any picture of her

No. 1734083

Oh my god her lopsided boob topkek her weight gain fucked her body up horribly

No. 1734084

Couldn't even take her on a dinner or date. Just straight to shoving his cock down her throat, raw dog her down, and finish on her chest like she's a common motel whore. Bleak doesn't even begin to cover it. Disgusting moid and no wonder Shatna feels like a depressed sack of shit – this is how she chooses to live her life. She's like 3rd or 4th in his line of degen hogs to top off this pitiful shit.

No. 1734086

I bet he left right after too

No. 1734087

Kek maybe it’s just me but the mixture of the bangs and now using that filter to make her look all anime she really is skin walking Vivi

No. 1734088

Lmao because she's terminally lazy and half-asses (pun not intended) her way thru everything. Be it her "sex work" or political views, it all only goes so far as the next cheemseburger she gets Doordashed to her fetid apartment.

There isn't a modicum of effort in anything she does. She's perfectly content pointing the finger at anybody but herself when it comes to the sorry state of her life and body. I have no doubt she's depressed, but her depression is 110% self-inflicted and as long as she keeps trying to pedo-pander whilst looking like a trailer trash mother of 4, she's reaping exactly what she's sown.

No. 1734089

What the fuck shayna

No. 1734090

Shayna the lot lizard

No. 1734093

Is her zombie tit becoming necrotic?? Is her body rejecting the implant or something??? Jesus Christ Shat, do something good for yourself for once and get that shit checked out. Looking at that legit makes me feel sick.

No. 1734094

Kek you know that shit must've traumatized Shayler Park, she's not even doing the troon smirk or that retarded tongue bite thing. That ugly brony came, fucked her raw more then likely, probably ate all her cheese, and is laying in her bed at best OR more likely, going off to his other lover who he'll stay with and take to Mc Donalds (Like that gay scrote). I don't like using the "W" word but she really looks like a Meth Whore.A 45 year old meth whore on her way home from a long day on the track, selling her ass for meth. Except Shayna does it for Build a bear and small bottles of Bath and Body Works perfume

No. 1734096

Also her veiny boob is glowing red, kek

No. 1734097

Kek lot lizards get paid, shayna fucked this freak for free

No. 1734098

File: 1672370589506.jpeg (2.21 MB, 3072x3072, F5FE10BB-A46F-40C3-AA58-82A0A5…)

No man should do this to a woman BUT of all scrotes she really let a BRONY mf do this to her. I am baffled. After seeing picrel I don’t think I could look this man in the eyes without snickering. My little soy boy indeed.

No. 1734099

Anyone notice how miss bi kween was never tbis excited about Ellen? Kek

None of these scrotes are men she could proudly bring around her family. It’s so sad

No. 1734100

this looks like pics a woman would take after being assaulted at a bar for evidence. and she thinks it’s sexy. she looks like she’s about to cry. bleak, indeed.

No. 1734101

No. 1734102

Most people do something cute for their first time together or at least go get dinner and check out the area for a little. The fact he didn’t even take her out or bring her a gift. I can’t believe she let a bottom of the barrel moid do this to her. There’s no love or affection just brutalisation.

No. 1734103

i hate to think this way but this seems…different. She'll cope tweet about how-
>He came in and fucked my throat, I was so scared
Or some disgusting shit, but why do I feel like this gay ass looking brony may actual be the most hard core "Kinky" dude she's ever been with? Her came over and immedeitly fucked her. No dinner, no gifts, shayna didn't even live tweet. Kek she beter be careful with this brony

No. 1734104


No. 1734108

he barely knows her and unlike Fupaul, he has multiple ugly people to fuck. Something about this scrote seems different, I would'nt be surpised if he ghosted her after this or stops talking to her as much as he did before. He's no fupaul Shayna, I doubt he's going to spend years of his life caring about your bullshit, mental health or anything.
Even Fupaul did a little razzle dazzle.

No. 1734110

idk what she was really expecting. she met the degenerate at a fetish con where she was pretending to be the most kinky horny woman on the planet. she invites johns over to her apartment. she doesn’t care about safety. I have an ugly feeling she would do just about anything to gain attention, even getting herself into these very dangerous situations so she can get on the news or something. it’s why her thread simply won’t die; she LOVES the attention, so she just keeps ramping it up.

No. 1734119

The fungal acne is raging and stronger than her shitty filter lol. She looks absolutely like a fat wet blob,disgusting .

No. 1734121

Gross, she only fucks the ugliest moids possible, I know she’s no catch but Jesus she can do better than this fat brony and the bald flaccid dick gay one. Showing off her semen covered tit and fucked up hair like she’s sooooo wild and crazy for having sex omg so scandalous. Oh yeah babe wait hold onto the towel I just need to take a few selfies looking off into the distance before washing your rancid cum off my body!

No. 1734123

Idk I just see a traumatized mentally ill woman self harming through sex and trying to exert control over the situation of being treated like garbage by scrotes by pretending she loves humiliation anyway and acting smug. I think she just has a death wish and wants to die that’s why she’s always talking about wanting to be raped or have a home intruder and inviting fucked up scrotes to her home willy nilly. She probably doesn’t even lock her door at night because she wants some random serial killer to rape and snuff her.

No. 1734131

The only thing that traumatized this fat greaseball is her own hubris and arrogance.

If she was as suicidal as you theorize, she'd be out on the streets in Downtown Seattle in one of her many ill-fitting Shein/Amazon outfits.

No. 1734132

Hearty kek. Literally looks like some inbred hillbilly girl caricature. This screenshot reminds me of the Hartley hooligan jump scare TikTok from before.. god can she not see how bad these are.

No. 1734134

I am never getting over this image. It haunts me

No. 1734138

This. And I really believe Shats whole existence revolves around sticking it to her “haters” and her mom. Nothing more, nothing less. She thinks she’s winning with the cum picture, when this might actually be the most pathetic she’s ever been.

No. 1734149

File: 1672375809291.jpeg (988.56 KB, 1242x1504, 231D7BC1-6C87-414A-A0B0-38531B…)

No. 1734151

In b4:
>Moving sale! Daddy wants me to be closer to him and live with his pack. Help fund my moving sale to Kanas with donations. I’ll reimburse with airplane nudes.

No. 1734153

I am so hoping for this

No. 1734155

Praying for a disgusting polycule saga

No. 1734157

Are they shopping and buying a laundry basket? Lmfao seriously it’s not impressive for some dude to go to Walmart and spend 20 bucks on a plush for you. It’s funny she acts like she could be a bimbo but has to settle for these cheap kid gifts since it’s easier for ugly losers to butter up DDLG whores rather than ones who live for designer goods. Remember when she got that fake Gucci purse and it looked like complete shit kek

No. 1734160

Not often one to gatekeep but holy fuck I’m in no doubt this one’s never picked up a single Pokémon game

No. 1734163

Bold of you to assume she washed off his cum and didnt just let it dry so she can smell his jizz flakes and post about how she misses him

No. 1734168

Has anyone been able to find Shane "Infamous_Mr_J" online aside from the FetLife and Twitter? I would love to actually locate his real name and find some public records because I am 99.9% certain that man is not 33 but at least 35. It's not uncommon for moids to lie about their ages when it comes to sex and since he's dating a 22 year old I could easily see him understating his age to make young women feel "more comfortable" or to make himself seem less unattractive than he already is.

To be clear I'm not suggesting doxing as that is against LC rules but rather figuring out if he is who he says he is. I wonder for instance why he has so many names on his arm and what the "soldier" tattoo is for. Given the soldier tattoo I wwonder if Shaynus is fucking a Trumpie conservative.

No. 1734179

who cares about doxing sexually deviant moids anyways, wouldn’t be surprised if this dude was on a sex offender website. fucking freak. you know he’s on a power trip rn too because he gets to fuck as many self hating women as he wants raw and they devote themselves to him. it legitimately makes me want to rope jfc imagine letting this man fuck you and add you to his whore hoard i feel sick

No. 1734181

For fucking real. All the moids posted in Shaymu’s threads make me extra thankful for being a lesbian

No. 1734182

his twitter is so empty it almost seems like he made it just to interact with shayna and even then he barely does. he's hiding shit for sure

No. 1734183

There’s a lot of wokes piece of shit in the military nowadays. I wonder if that’s just a “I’m such a bad ass” bull shit tattoo or stolen valor crap.

No. 1734185

Cheap 99c washing basking and $20 plushie to turn brown and yellow before she trashes it in her next move. Such a designer, such bimbo.

You’d think after letting a moid degrade her she’d at least make him get her an MK bag and some Steve maddens. (I know they’re low end but it’s the most luxury she can aim for)

No. 1734198

Women who wear Steve Maddens and carry a MK bag are almost as trashy as Shayna. I’m glad I’m able to afford the real good shit and actually have a Hermes

No. 1734201

Your life sounds so fulfilling

No. 1734202

What’s also trashy is thinking buying expensive bags or designer shit makes you a better or classier person than someone who buys retail fashions. They’re just brands, this isn’t the consoomer olympics.

No. 1734204

Way to let the entire point of that post go over your head even though they made it really fucking obvious what they meant.

No. 1734213

I’m assuming you’re one of the intellectually challenged whores who uses Shayna to feel better about themselves. Michael Kors and Steve Madden are not the height of luxury or good taste but boasting about your materialism is embarrassingly gauche, and doing so on an anonymous thread about a degenerate who LARPs as a baby and thinks she’s a high class spoiled bimbo makes you almost as cringeworthy as her regardless

No. 1734215

If you’ve got the thousands to spend at Hermes you definitely shouldn’t be in a Shay thread. Even so there are way better brands than Hermes, it’s for grannies.

Even so MK and Steve Madden is the peak of luxury for Shayna and the best she can hope to get from a moid

No. 1734216

Could not imagine thinking you’re better than Shay with your DHGate Hermes and bragging about it on an anon board. That’s almost as pathetic and trashy as Shay kek

No. 1734224

Either grannies or the nouveau riche who have more money than sense or taste.
The bitter onlyfats degens really can’t help themselves when it comes to “flexing” on Fat Shat, kek

No. 1734225

Doxxing scrotes is good and righteous.

No. 1734226

Do you think she genuinely believes she is being spoilt with all this literal junk or she looks at actual “successful” (for want of a better word) bimbo sugar babies who are being flown to Dubai and showered with designer shit in exchange for giving disgusting moids access to their genitals and feels as depressed as we do watching her humiliate herself?

No. 1734232

Doxxing moids and a-logging should be allowed in Shayna’s threads

No. 1734240

File: 1672394679986.jpeg (265.94 KB, 828x1284, 53302FCE-2ECB-43FE-989B-04C868…)

You really think a soy boy who dyes his hair rainbow colored is a Trump conservative? Anon upthread is right that his Twitter seems to exist only to interact with Shay now. Here are the only things on it that aren’t related to Shay. I tried digging for info on him and his pack yesterday but couldn’t find shit

No. 1734244

That plush is 48 dollars. I genuinely believe she sees that as being spoilt to an extent. Because I think.. and believe most people would that is a retarded amount of money to spend on a thing like that anyway.

No. 1734246

Interesting how she makes a point of keeping Ellen hidden and uses us as an excuse but hasn’t done the same with him (we all know why). I wonder if she told him to scrub his twitter so “the haters” don’t target him or anyone else he is involved with. He probably has at least one other account too

No. 1734248

Beyond retarded. I don’t understand adults who have plushies full stop.

No. 1734251

File: 1672399038626.jpeg (190.53 KB, 828x1061, BDB285EC-7840-433D-A1AF-D9B2D5…)

Inb4 the ban for doxing I’ll post what I’ve found. The moids name is Shane sonnier. I haven’t been able to do a background check if anybody wants to look for that it’s possible he’s a registered sex offender with the level of degeneracy found here.

No. 1734252

File: 1672399104075.jpeg (150.06 KB, 828x855, 51BB48A4-E280-42F2-A79F-0946E7…)

I cross referenced this with the shop he lists on his fetlife and it’s run by a seller named Amber who is his fiancé so this checks out

No. 1734253

File: 1672399142981.jpeg (188.38 KB, 828x1029, FADCFEE2-A238-416E-9595-216E23…)

The iconic rainbow hair if you didn’t believe

No. 1734254

File: 1672399199941.jpeg (171.79 KB, 828x1404, 99B64CE4-25D9-4354-84A9-AEE10A…)

His army retirement certificate or something (sorry eurofag)

No. 1734255

File: 1672399271945.jpeg (1.23 MB, 828x1530, 189E9CFA-0FA6-4064-B243-D991FD…)

Ofc he has children or maybe his girlfriend has children?

No. 1734256

File: 1672399325132.jpeg (166.13 KB, 828x1020, 1131D2FB-54B6-4F60-B04E-51A9A4…)

Ask and you shall receive

No. 1734257

File: 1672399458689.png (2.88 MB, 828x1792, 025CF7B1-F775-4717-B91B-4BCD04…)

Anyways sorry guys for so many posts I’m on mobile right now. I was also able to pull some of the wolf pack from Facebook along with their names but it seems a little irrelevant to post now.

No. 1734258

God bless. I love sleuth anons.

No. 1734260

Really hate coming on the shay thread and seeing actually real life children

No. 1734264

File: 1672400603410.jpeg (177.79 KB, 828x1076, 52F712D3-60E4-4080-B22F-DBFC75…)

This picture is my favorite though the shirt is beyond white trash lol funny how he also used to be thinner and has blown up their combined weight gain could probably kill a normal human

No. 1734268

File: 1672401082628.jpg (193.28 KB, 470x609, fupa 2.0.jpg)

I doxxed him earlier but didn't post because what's the point in having them shut everything down before they even do anything milky? Oh well. His middle name is Pie. Like OG Fups, he used to be fatter, lost weight and went poly/kinky while with a wife and child.

No. 1734270

My findings were Pierre, and there’s really no reason to withhold, actually probably better to post while he’s visiting

No. 1734272

I disagree. He's openly surrounded by troons and he's white trash. The little that's been posted isn't going to shame him to the same extent it did Fupa with things like videos of him punching Shayna in the face.

No. 1734274

I’m not infighting by any means if you’re pissed I posted sorry but imo 1 of 2 things is going to happen. She’s not gonna check lolcow while he’s visiting because she’s riding the high of that or she checks it which would
Probably freak him out while he’s there I would be freaked out if my child’s photo was posted on shaymus thread

No. 1734275

God ew ‘people’ like this shouldn’t be allowed within 500 yards of children

No. 1734277

>degenerate freak who hates women
>army vet
Imagine my shock!

No. 1734279

It was bound to happen because he made it so easy. I just wanted more Fupa 2.0 shenanigans. He was probably going to drop her pretty quickly and this will give him a good out.

No. 1734280

BASED NANCY DREW NONITA you’re a real one, thanks for taking one for the team. I’m fucking cackling

No. 1734282

>He was probably going to drop her pretty quickly and this will give him a good out.
Imagine the post break up meltdowns

No. 1734285

The cow milks herself

No. 1734303

Can you at least blur the kids’ faces, no reason to post them here

No. 1734305

>wears a shirt that says fuck on it multiple times to a birthday party decorated for a child
Not surprised

No. 1734307

imagining the wolf pack descending on the thread to defend their alpha AWWWOOOO

No. 1734308


No. 1734313

This isn't doxxing, this is a retard having a public profile that's easily found and showing hos real face. Just like Kyle, just like Ellen, just like Baldi Gaysics, just like Soy Gribble. Everything nonnies find out about these people is information they put out there. As far as we know this scrotes degenerate ways are out and open. He's probably going to not be around anyway for long. Or it'll be drama because shayna will get clingy.
Shayna is fucking gross and I hope she knows every scrote that comes sees her and fucks her raw, does the same to other women as well with no care.
She's not special and a huge retard.

No. 1734314

I fucking hate men.
>looks like an ordinary family man from the south
>is actually a degenerate pony fucker that has sex with trannies and whores

Fupaul had his faults and was far from perfect but I am convinced that being with him is going to be the highlight of Fat Shat's miserable life. Every moid she's managed to attract since makes Fupa look like a prize.

No. 1734316

File: 1672408464791.jpeg (122.55 KB, 537x539, B2C2D47F-8905-4182-B445-A15E33…)

sorry just had to post this one on it’s own, it’s taking me the fuck out kek. what a fucking loser

No. 1734317

The bike is a Harley V-Rod and these cost over $10,000. Maybe Big Shaynus is after his money.

No. 1734323

Nta but I doubt it’s his and even if it is, I doubt he has that much money. Looking at his FB it’s clear that he has an established relationship with his fiancée and Shat will never come first. He already has other women he’s “dating” including a 22 year old.

No. 1734325

>after money from men she let touch her
I'm laughing out loud. You mean she's after $200 or less worth of childish bullshit. I bet shayna has never dated anyone whose given her money besides Ellen. If this scrote has money why would he spend more then needed on Shayna? Literally came to her house, fucked her and brought her a $48 plushie and she bragged about it. If he does have money Shayna ain't getting.much of it and I legit think she feels getting gifts is a surprise, not something she expects.

No. 1734327

If she's after his money she's like, last in line. He's got a fiance, a younger girlfriend and a tranny to buy cringe plush toys for.

Side note: the amount of scrotes that have kids/access and interact with big shaynus and her pedo porn make me sick. I'm really praying for all of their downfalls

No. 1734329

yeah i feel like these dudes impregnate the first woman who will put up with them, realize they’re selfish retards who don’t actually want to raise a child and then troon out and become openly poly. why be a decent father and partner when you can be a disgusting sex depraved pig and not have to hide it from anyone because ~kink shaming is wrong uwu~ anyways i feel really fucking sorry for his kids and the woman who had to bare his child unless she’s also a freak. imagine being this guy’s offspring and being subjected to this kind of shit from an early age.

No. 1734330

oh fuck off. no one is talking about them or even gives a single shit about them. in fact you're the one bringing them up now. yeah anon purphaps should have blurred the faces but what's done is done. just ignore them and pretend like they're already blurred out

No. 1734334

The fiancée makes BDSM gear (paddles) but doesn’t have a fetlife so I assume the relationship is only open on his side. If the kids are hers maybe she thinks that this is a compromise for him taking care of her kids. Bleak, no woman deserves this fugly toad embarrassing them publicly like this. Here’s another reminder to practice self love and not watch porn or engage in degen kinks.

No. 1734346

There is also the distinct possibility his fiance is in the dark about certain aspects of his actions. Could explain how little there is available of him on the internet but that's a tinfoil.

No. 1734358

Kek, I feel like if lolcow wasn't around Shayna would be posting up with a different scrote every three months. For some reason she thinks these ugly freaks are a "flex" because they are older then her even though she looks like she's in her later 30's in ill-fitting clothes. Sp what's the shock factor? It's not like she's dating 70 year Olds. Even with fupaul and when she was thin they didn't look that age gappy. I find it so ironic she walks around thinking she's this hot young sugar baby with these old men.
Nah you look the same age if not slightly younger . I guess when you can't compete with girls your own age for bottom of the barrel scrotes you go for older men. Yet they still don't treat her like a prize.

No. 1734362

It’s going to be so milky when he choose his fiancé and kids over her just like Fupa discarded her. I can’t wait for “he was abusive and used me for sex meanwhile he actually showed off his fiancé and kids and kept me another shameful dirty secret”

No. 1734364

My tinfoil is that the wife knows and instead of letting him brutalise her she lets him be a degen with other women/men so she doesn’t have to suffer him. She probably forces him to regular STI tests.

No. 1734366

My god, what a depressing thought >>1734364

No. 1734371

His wife is probably as degen as him. This isn't a fupaul situation of him lying about what shayna really does. I also don't think he wants more then sex from shayn. Trust me, we will get a vague tweet about how she hates that she's disposable in people's lives and being ghosted. Someone said he has a 22 year old girlfriend (yuck). He has options and every man with options doesn't choose shayna kek. Baldie immediately went to fuck another woman and thrilled after her. Sol has a wife and will fuck anything. Shayna was probably Fupas best option at a young girl to use and abuse. Then he moved on quickly to another sad sack who be married (he never wanted shayna, just to use her body).
The only reason Ellen sticks around is because she's lonely and is just like Shayna.
I don't see this shit lasting longer then the middle of January at best. He got what he wanted quick easy cheap sex.

No. 1734376

I think she’s going to warn him about the threads and to keep his distance and he’ll use that as an excuse to bail

No. 1734378

when he leaves, likely soon because she's already talking about how she hates her meds, she'll blame it on these threads

No. 1734380

File: 1672418754879.jpeg (380.29 KB, 752x824, B3BD03DC-56A3-4756-B535-74A2E9…)

No. 1734384

i hate it

No. 1734393

I think she’s just as deprived, she’s friends on Facebook with everyone in his pack
His kid seems to be older to be fair he has no pictures of him as a baby so maybe it’s not his and it’s his fiancés
Either way idk why everyone always gets so salt about the faces being blurred or not those pictures are from like 2016 kid probably looks completely different anyways

No. 1734406

File: 1672421529747.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1577x1363, 853CB708-C233-46CD-9F27-CFFFEF…)

No. 1734407

It's not unheard of for pedophiles to save completely innocent photos of children and use them for nefarious purposes.

No. 1734409

Oh shut the only pedo here is shayna. With your logic no one should ever post a photo online of someone under 18. The only pedo lurking this thread is shayna

No. 1734410

I wouldn’t want to find my childhood photo from a Shay thread, idk about you nona

No. 1734411

With these people as parents the kids have more to worry about then their childhood photos being posted. Shaynas degen bf fucks a pedo

No. 1734416

Well don't date shayna kek. The pictures are available on the internet and nobody even discussed the childern much. Pro tip, if you don't want strangers to see you or people around you don't post pictures of them or you online.
If we were gushing over shayna and this scrote I'm sure they'd love us discussing their PUBLIC social medias

No. 1734418

>With your logic no one should ever post a photo online of someone under 18.
Nta but yes.

No. 1734422

pedos are evil but theres still a chance someone will jack off to your pics even if youre over 18. thats part of the risk of posting content PUBLICLY on your facebook for the world to see. with that logic no one should ever post a photo of themselves ever just incase someone jacks off to it. no one is going to see a 5 year old pic of some kid in a cringe thread and then abduct them irl

No. 1734423

>With your logic no one should ever post a photo online of someone under 18
Ayrt and Yes %100

No. 1734424

…okay? It's still retarded to post pictures of children online.
>welp, pedophiles will jerk off to it so get used to it!
You sound retarded. And weird.

No. 1734426

careful nonnie evil pedos are jacking off to ur post number right now

No. 1734430

ayrt that is so fucking bleak, and likely true. Likely that she is depraved in her own way as well. Probably fucking dudes behind the brony's back while he's porking Shay. I hope that's the case at least, I feel so fucking hard for the kid being raised by these perverts.

No. 1734434

Retarded and weird.

No. 1734441

Nta but seriously kek the pedos are coming from inside the thread.

No. 1734442

File: 1672424072308.jpg (82.92 KB, 600x800, soy.jpg)

He even has the soyjak glasses

No. 1734443

Please post pics of the pack nonna lol

No. 1734446

same i want to see what kind of degeneracy they try to get away with on their public fb accouts

No. 1734448

Nta but, I mean, if we're being objective, why would you post pictures of yourself publicly? Specially knowing that you can create circles with your family and friends to show them the good times you're having, you don't really need to make your profiles public, you can create alternate accounts for business, even for hook ups if that's what you're into, you don't have to drag your family and friends along with you because you need attention from the internet.
You're just moving goalposts at this point, I also think kids shouldn't get posted or post their pictures on the internet for the world to see, they just should have an alternate internet without camera or microphone options so nobody knows who they are, where they live and such.
But that's the issue with degenerates like shart, like, the problem isn't even that the moid posts pictures with his kids, it's that he's a fucking degenerate who wants to fuck women and moids dressed as women, pretending to be children, and then posts pictures of himself with his family as if that wasn't completely fucked up, he probably knows that nothing will happen because he's into having random people calling him "dad/daddy".

No. 1734449

samefag but literally why would shayna not tell him to lock his social media down? 'oh btw i have some haters make ur fb friends only' would be super easy to explain and she doesnt even have to talk about lolcow. she knows we're watching yet associates with him in public surely knowing someone would find his accounts

No. 1734450

Just because cheap, garbage has an overpriced price tag… doesn't mran you're spoiled. It means you're stupid and wasteful. Get him to buy something of value, not just random pink shit to clutter your filth hovel because you have no actual personality.
Its also kinda the bare minimum that you point out something you like and your partner is like "oh I'll get it for you" especially when theyre in their stupid honeymoon phase. You typically want to show youre giving and capable and nice the most when you first meet/date someone.

No. 1734453

Didn’t say that though did I, Go tell Shayna?

No. 1734455

Samefag but on that note… what's Shayna showing and bringing to this relationship? Yet again she seems to think spreading her legs is the greatest gift and all she has to do is be sexually willing to do whatever and that warrants the other person buying and paying for everything and being there for her emotionally and taking care of her and making her feel loved and so on. That's not how actual relationships work though. Putting out (and you know she doesn't even enjoy it) being your only contribution is gross and stupid. I know she thinks she has an amazing super cute super funny bubbly awesome personality too, but you know that she can only force that for so many hours a day before she's just an embarrassing and near literally retarded drunk stoner with no hobbies or passions. Then she probably complains about shit all the time and is super needy in wanting emotional validation and shit.
Like bitch get therapy and use it properly. Clean yourself up. Having a "good personality" (which she doesnt actually have) and sex is the bare minimum in most relationships, it's not effort to develop and maintain the relationship. Its not a real contribution. Not saying this moid is worth it. But thats just her mentality with every weird relationship she has.

No. 1734460

Not them and blog OT sorry but I have a very clear and disgusting memory of discovering pictures of me and my friends age 13-16 being posted in school uniform threads on 4chan, and with a bit of research found them all over websites with names such as jailbait gallery, schoolies in tights.. etc. I firmly believe that yes. No photos of children should be posted online. We were innocent messing around with our digital cameras at break. Pedos were scouring our social media’s and trading these. And I don’t think the majority of people realise this, the average parent it seems to me to also suck at internet safety in general.

No. 1734461

You did. I was agreeing with you. Sorry it came off in a way that upset you nonnie.

No. 1734462

That is an informed choice for an adult to make. See

No. 1734465

Military is always a big red flag lol

No. 1734470

Is that the Velma?

No. 1734475

So fucking ugly I would never let a man with scraggly facial hair stubbled and a puffy bloated (alcoholism?) pork sweat face come near me let alone slap me? Wtf I can't believe this freak is allowed around kids I hope he doesn't hit them like he hits random whores.

No. 1734482

Just woke up grumpy. Guess I jumped the gun a little there. I feel quite the fool now.

No. 1734487

Shayna: my mom defended imperialism and that makes her evil and i can never talk to her again
Also Shayna: fucks an imperialist

No. 1734491

Same reason why she admitted to being with fupaul on Twitter. I think in some ways she wants us to know. She would say things like,
>they find ugly pictures to convince themselves I'm ugly
And act confused at times why we don't like her. I think she thinks everyone is jealous of her, probably truly thinks her dating anyone is a flex and we're so impressed and jealous. secretly. Plus she has to get attention. She could make another private profile to share her life and monitor it, but sex work is her life, everyone she knows is connected to her sex work.

No. 1734492

It makes it all that much more stupid because she's hypocritical. She met black guys that wanted to just work with her at fetcon. But she only fucks and works with creepy and crusty white dudes that get off on incest, rape, pedophilia, etc. She'll interact and take money and praise from evil old white men that have hard republican beliefs and shit. No morals, she doesn't actually care. Just wanted to bait her mom because she cant get over hating her in therapy and loves to get internet points, even crumbs.

No. 1734494

she did that weird wrestling match with the black dude in a spawn mask but it was only cause she went with the half-black chubby girl who did the facesitting porn with her.

No. 1734501

Well the only people that are jealous of her are the dumb OF whores who come in here to brag.

So I guess she does have some jelly haters, but I would say most of us are just here to watch her destroy life. Kek

No. 1734504

kinda looks like it. her profile pic she's doing the same bug eye thing and looks a little boss-eyed, and she has fairly deep (hate to say it here folks) nasiolabial folds, like the Velma. I think the photos on FB are older, so she looks a bit more worse for wear in the Velma pics. I think they're both degens and I feel sorry for their kids.

No. 1734517

Oh bless you one and all nonnies I never thought I'd see you again! Now to go see what Shaynus has been up to.

No. 1734543

I have been blessed 0:-)

No. 1734547

All I can say is thank fuck my parents do normal shit online lmao. I see so many degens/moids w their kids as their profile pic while sperging the most embarrassing takes or posting the dumbest shit. Or even if I had a $1 for every chick I’ve seen post a pic of their child then promote their OF w/ a nude right after I’d be swimmin in coins lmao. Poor kids though, parents on fetlife & their family pic on a Shat thread bc they have no idea daddies doing that then kissin em goodnight w the same mouth. Blah puke.

No. 1734552

File: 1672436043076.jpeg (Spoiler Image,904.76 KB, 1170x1860, 545C9A28-538A-4351-9320-0DAC82…)

Not a farmer cause he’s interacted with her before

No. 1734565

I love how in all her promo pics she tries to pick the best angles/photoshoops, then the minute you click in the vid it’s full hank hill gunt action

No. 1734578

do you not realize how old this vid is? she actually didn't have a gunt yet in these. actually pretty funny that someone who's been putting out content for years and years is selling such old videos as if there's no new ones

No. 1734580

No actually ahaha I thought it was some new shit she was shooping but that’s even worse

No. 1734583

File: 1672439485908.jpg (338.68 KB, 1025x816, Screenshot_20221230_162705_Tik…)

Her trying to do the Bella poarch facial expressions really highlights her crooked teeth.

No. 1734613

And using the Bella Poarch filter

No. 1734619


she's bound in fat 100% of the time

No. 1734620

She had a nice stomach. And her arms were nice Her arms look huge now like pillows stuffed with cake mix.

No. 1734621

love this

No. 1734631

can we have like a rule to at least censor out the childrens' faces in these posts? i know these are public pages, but kids don't choose to have degenerate parents. i'd hate for someone to recognize a classmate's sibling or friend on these threads and bully the poor kid. damn i know moderation is in the shits right now, but it should be common sense for most farmers.

No. 1734634

Posting minors has always been against the rules, I don’t know why that’s not enforced anymore

No. 1734639

I stg how many times does this have to be reposted? We get it, she chipped her tooth on a beer bottle threads back. Since she’s posted it I’ve had to see that tow mater shit like 8 times on here. Maybe less if you don’t count the exact same pic but the milks dry

No. 1734642

it’s the one crazed sanpaku eye for me

No. 1734643

10k isn't even mid range for a motorbike lmao.

No. 1734648

Nice fanfic but i doubt she has that level of introspection.

No. 1734653

Looks our wolf alpha used to be in motorcycle club, and the bike looks like he bought it used (biker fag here sorry) but he probably got booted from his club over the stupid polycule shit which is why we don't see shayna sperging about having a biker daddy kek.

No. 1734655

Is being a degenerate against bike club rules? Based if so

No. 1734666

File: 1672452551749.jpeg (389.88 KB, 828x1057, 2AE79287-D0C6-4D88-9031-A5F36B…)

Guy should not have custody of his kids

No. 1734668

thinking of these creeps in walmart grab assign each other in the baby section makes me feel sick

No. 1734670

Honestly she probably already had the bottle and she probably was like “hey wouldn’t it be crazy if I put my drink in here? Should I do that? Sure? Haha wow you’re making me”

No. 1734672

File: 1672453770803.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x1921, 28BD4DAC-2F66-499C-839C-7EE95D…)

No. 1734675

>trophy wife
>sugar baby

No. 1734676

The kids really shouldn’t be visible in this.
Kek. Go figure he’s also posting a fucking pitbull in bed with a child, he’s hit the white trash trifecta.

No. 1734681

I was just thinking that too, of course this ugly piece of garbage moid has an ugly piece of garbage shitbull. Shane and Shaynus are a match made in banjo-strumming, crayon-eating heaven. Or hell, depending on which way you look at it.

No. 1734685

Honestly. I feel like, much like her r/thathappened stories that she posts every time she waddles outside, she bullshits things like this too. Its not impossible he did tell her to, but I feel like she at least brought up the idea referencing her retarded stories from earlier in the week about being such a ~dumb baby who needs sippy cup~ but still uwu alcoholic.

No. 1734694

The max these guys spend on her is $70
Totally sugar baby

No. 1734699

I still can’t get over the travel size fragrance mist

No. 1734700

I wonder why she went with short nails instead of those god awful hotdog nails

No. 1734720

Call me crazy but I don’t think any moid bought this for her. I think her real sugar mommy, Ellen Dressel, went to the local mall and grabbed all of this in one visit probably for Christmas. This is too pricy for her “Applebees and Uggs” Great Value splenda daddy if we add it all up. Shayna freaks out when she gets one cheap plushie on Twitter, she wouldn’t be able to sit still and not immediately hop on Twitter after a moid pays at one store. I also doubt that Shaynus personally cares enough about bath products and fragrance; given how many products are related to hygiene it’s probably Ellen’s way of trying to make sure that Shat doesn’t reek of BO around the Johns. So, tinfoil but I think this ‘haul’ really meant “Merry Christmas you stinky bitch.”

No. 1734751

File: 1672468126750.jpeg (Spoiler Image,293.48 KB, 1536x2048, FB057DB6-FBDF-4A7C-A009-F2CE1E…)

No. 1734752


Mind my sped behavior but is that a jump rope?

No. 1734753

Late reply but how is it possible for a person to look like an ai image?

No. 1734754

File: 1672468468216.jpeg (235.9 KB, 1228x1616, 9C208AF3-3B4D-4572-88D8-D42A06…)

What if she got alcohol poisoning and couldn’t regurgitate the cheese and salami platter her fat ass ate on a pink Amazon cutting board before he tied her up and she choked on it and died. Kek it’s really fucked up but I think she’s going to die at the hands of a John or from alcohol poisoning in a pile of her own shit

No. 1734755

Looks like ~brony bondage rope~ to me

No. 1734758

why does her foot have a whole ass nipple

No. 1734760

On that filthy couch no less. I mean theres no clean surface in her hovel, but that cheap pilled crusty couch looks nasty. Why arent they doing that shit in the bedroom or even her porn room??

No. 1734761

"especially crusty white women"

ok male

No. 1734764

soooo they left the house to get weed and alcohol and he’s just been brutalizing her this entire time? what a catch. also lol at the weed strains he probably bought for her, a half assed and pathetic gesture from him to insinuate she’s anything but another whore to him or she picked them out herself which is even worse.. like, he’s engaged already and she’s one of 3 or 4 women we know about that he’s raw dogging? how the fuck does this girl sleep at night knowing the incubation period for many STDs is at least 6 months, i would have to be blasted out of my mind 24/7 too but she CHOOSES this over and over and i can’t understand it. she puts herself in danger constantly for what? honestly tho drug addicts do insane shit and stay in toxic situations that abet them until they’re forced to change and even then they’re likely to relapse. dunno why it boggles my mind so much when in reality it can very easily be chalked up to a personality disorder, addiction and zero self worth thus needing a never ending supply of scrote attention and drugs to coax herself into thinking everything is fine which is fucking abysmal

No. 1734765

I don't understand how she is this pathetically fucked in the head from nothing. Like what caused… this? Why is she doing this? This is the type of behavior I'd expect from someone raised by neglectful crackhead parents. It's like just because she showed her titties online however many years ago she's wound up slotted her into this bizarre ever-devolving life track. She could literally just get a job at target and a normal boyfriend and leave all of this behind her tomorrow. Instead she's letting anyone who gives her posts 1 like on twitter over to her apartment to enact simulated child abuse on her. Why? Why?

No. 1734773

You said it best, nothing caused this. Maybe if she had crackhead parents she would actually be normal.

No. 1734775

…I genuinely don't think she's smart enough to realize how pitiful these snapshots of her "love life" are, but goddammit. At some point even an e-whore has to realize that getting tied up in pride-themed cord and fucked raw by a sex-obsessed, troon-plowing moid is absolutely nothing to flex.

Also kekx1000 at her tensing her turkey thighs trying to look thinner. You're the bottom-tier skin sleeve that this overweight, nympho, (engaged) moid can rail raw, Shay. Get yourself together for Ribmeat's sake.

No. 1734776

Her smudged sharpie brows KEK
She needs to put down the 2016 ABH pomade until she learns how to use it properly

No. 1734777

She shaved for her moid so she can get infections through open wounds and other totally bimbo genital infections.

No. 1734778

The saddest part for me is if he did decide to take it too far/ignore any real indicator of sage word or body language that she’s in danger I think he’d leave her there for dead and run home to his fiancé and pretend like she doesn’t exist hoping it’s not traced back to him.

That’s the quality of moids she lets in her life. They’re evil. These John’s see her as nothing but an east target for brutal “kinks”. One of these days there’s going to be an article that mentions her being murdered at the hands of a John.

No. 1734779

>lolcow finally unavoidably shoved before the public eye when shay's netflix documentary limited series goes viral
I wonder if we'll be blamed, or if normies will also say, "I don't understand why wouldn't she go tf home"

No. 1734781

I mean I agree with you, yet even if some awful shit did happen to her, I'd have a hard time feeling any sympathy. She tweets daily pining for abuse that CSA victims/victims of human trafficking experience daily.

If she gets hurt, it's her own dumbass fault. Shame on her for sexualizing abuse. She's vile and deserves whatever consequences come her way.

No. 1734782

I wonder if her parents have conversations along the lines of “what did we do that led to this?” or if they blame each other for their retarded daughter selling her unwashed asshole to fat smelly geriatric moids for the price of a happy meal

No. 1734785

I know it's kinda cruel but I think that nature>>>>nurture in Shayna's case. Her parent were not the best but not bad enough to be the only reason and her siblings turned out ok.

No. 1734787

That guy is legit as retarded as Womack. Only fat white trash men with no money are attracted to her. What’s the point of selling your ass online for that? Not that it’s ever ok but wow… the bar is LOW

No. 1734800

The way her armpit is more voluptuous than her boob

No. 1734805

Shayna probably paid for his plane ticket and is footing the bill for all their door dash. This poor ugly hick is having the time of his life with this desperate bottom of the barrel whore.

No. 1734808

Same anon and it depends on the club but most of em are strict when it comes to internal drama and if that involves a member or members partner that causes too much trouble then they'll cut the member loose, so yeah if the degeneracy becomes too big of an issue it can be a reason why they'll remove a member. Plus the clubs already deal with enough stigma so having a pedo troon chaser in their mix probably doesn't look good.

No. 1734814

pit bull ruptures shayna's implant titty saga

No. 1734817

Low key feel like a lot of normies would find out her life wasn’t bad apart from her own choices and ask why she didn’t accept help. Outside of chronically online woke tweeters being offered education and a home to live in whilst consistently borrowing money from family isn’t a reason to choose sex work. A lot of the true crime community has empathy for victims but if they find out she had the means to escape her situation they often question why she didn’t choose to.

No. 1734820

It wouldn't surprise me if it was Ellen paying for all this.

No. 1734822

Whats Ellen’s job? Feel like she is even worse at sex work than Shayna. Does she have a regular job at the side?

No. 1734823

Pedo Ellen works a babysitter. Don't you remember her posting about stealing a pacifier?

No. 1734837

He likes to commit violence and physical suffering, sounds like the average shitbull owner to me

No. 1734841

If that’s cum I’m fucking done lmao spoiler that shit

No. 1734842

Shoulda kept her in it goddamn

No. 1734843

nonnie do you really think that’s cum…? have you seen cum?

No. 1734844

Wtf is it then

No. 1734846

ice water, please schedule your next eye exam soon

No. 1734849


No. 1734854

Maybe they're cum ice cubes?

No. 1734857

why do you want it to be cum so bad

No. 1734859

I don't think Shay's brony soy boy could recreate the pony cum jar project in one day.

No. 1734862

i guess none of her coomers cared enough to send her that go pro she was begging for

No. 1734863

knowing shayna im surprised its not full of pink wine

No. 1734876

LMAO I appreciate you anon

No. 1734883

It looks like cheap cold iced wine

No. 1734903

It’s Shayna? I would fully believe it was cum more than I would iced water.

No matter what it looked like.

No. 1734904

I wear Steve Madden bitch, fuck you

No. 1734913

I'm not sure that wearing EA sports merch is worth arguing over.

No. 1734915

The true crime community would probably hone in on her mom's takes and them being Republicans. They'd also be like, "sex work is real work and I am in no way kink shaming. I'm also so confused why any sex worker would be jealous of shayna. She doesn't have a lot of followers, they aren't active, she's not making tons of money, she's not even a known cow outside of lolcow. Shit, even kiwifarmers don't follow shayna. Only us retards "care"

No. 1734922

happy new year! pretend youre shayna- what are your #GirlbossGoals for the upcoming year?

No. 1734928

Get another animal to neglect

No. 1734930

1. Get more pink stuff
2. Make brony daddy my new FP #bpdthings uwu
3. Throw pink stuff away
4. Move to Kansas sans invite
5. Get on cam more, make a work schedule and get the body of my dreams!!!!
6. Keep up with my lolcow thread, lol why are you soooo obsessed with me?
7. Spiral
8. Cry on Twitter about failing #5, repeat 5-8 until 2024 #girlboss #urjustjealous

No. 1734940

Omg nonita my sides

To add;
- have another deleted Snapchat
- at least another 2 deleted tiktoks
- remind everyone monthly about my HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of tumblr followers
- shoot more uwu kinky content with Winnie the Pooh guy

No. 1734949

>This year has been really good for me despite it all!! I have amazing partners and I've done so many new things!!I left an abusive relationship and next year, I want to learn to love my body and thrive even more!!! This year is year of the Bimbos!!!

No. 1734951

Literally she's gonna post this. Just missing the "I want to work harder and stick to schedules and make even more disgusting content!"

No. 1734957

File: 1672512462197.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1503, 5F5A3C03-135C-45D3-A60E-E339FD…)

No. 1734961

Yup, she's never going to lose weight.

No. 1734962

Kek, he put your drink in a fucking water bottle???
How many posts has this autistic retard made about what she's drinking out of?
This is the fifth one, either he does do this everytime shaynas like, "oh my God, let me post this!!!", I guess when there's nothing else.to brag about you gotta Start posting how he pours one liquid into another container and sexualize it and make is seem like such a huge show of care. It's getting obsessive shayna. Also didn't Ellen buy that for her?

No. 1734963

File: 1672512957198.jpeg (337.13 KB, 750x1005, 46D8E401-F105-4FB0-B12F-82D0DE…)

shayna for the sex offender registry 2023 please

No. 1734965

like even EXTENDING EXTREME UNDERSTANDING that this pedo shit is “a kink” like she needs to fucking put a warning in her twitter bio like “THIS IS AN ADULT KINK TWITTER THAT ENGAGES IN EXPLICIT AGE PLAY” and put that shit on private to only be seen by other closet pedos like her. she isnt just acting out a scene in a professional setting like she pretends is happening when asked to explain to herself; she is enjoying and living out the fantasy of a child being raped by their father cause she gets off on it. shayna clifford is a fucking pedophile. any future friends and suitors please ask her to explain this to you before engaging with “it”. And then she wonders why no one in the sex work twitter wants to associate with her; i would imagine sex workers have the highest percentage of girls who were -actually- raped by their dad and i cant imagine how triggering this shit would be to have randomly pop up.

No. 1734967

who the fuck drinks juice on a hike; she really is in her fat era.

also its concerning how braggy she is being, who are you trying convince shay? i know most people in love getting to spend time alone for the first time kinda disappear from the world for a bit.

No. 1734969

how romantic, shes wearing the same work-out fit that she wore to let the 50 year old arab sniff her ass in. we love a frugal whore.

No. 1734971

Its Fupa making Shatna hydrate and her making it into some "daddy dom" thing all over again. Is he gonna tell her to brush her teeth and bathe too?
I just dont get why she feels it needs to be a weird kink thing and nearly forced to do the basics of living or else she just won't. Same with her gross "fantasy" posts about wanting to just be a doll or baby with no thoughts and taken care of. Its extremely bizarre to diguise your severe laziness and lack of care for yourself and life as kink.

No. 1734972

She definitely trying to flex on someone. she probably thinks fupa keeping tabs. it’s obvious she hoping to make someone jealous.

No. 1734974

Amazing dollar tree water bottle that’ll leech microplastics with each use! But muh pedo kink!! Just get a fucking pink hydroflask, all she knows is Walmart clearance corner gifts.

No. 1734980

Not to WK but if you’re not used to hiking and you go on a trek, your blood glucose can drop very fast

No. 1734981

People who go out in public with plastic water bottles are trashy