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File: 1638601546709.jpg (628.73 KB, 1988x2030, 1637980257308.jpg)

No. 1384465

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1371468

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Real the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other e-whores. This is a Shay thread. They can be posted in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903 Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention /Fupa/Sol/Ellen/whoever shes involved with at the moment unless relevant. Do not sperg about Shayna’s pets.

>Shayna goes on a date with "The Dad" in an old size small juicy track suit with her gut hanging out, >>>/snow/1372665 says she looks "so much better in it since she gained weight" (spoiler, she doesn't) >>>/snow/1372687

>Posted some horror movie teir pictures tied up and hanging in "The Old Man" Max R. Cameron's basement >>>/snow/1372838
>She flew home for Thanksgiving, as tradition she had to get drunk at the airport and tweet about things that totally happened >>>/snow/1373513 including an old man AND the flight attendant buying her drinks >>>/snow/137 4076
>Had to make sure she was covered in bruises and "mumma's" bite marks for her family to see >>>/snow/1373661 and doesn't bring a bra >>>/snow/1375746
>While there, she records an extremely awkward and unflattering video of herself running around naked outdoors (presumably on her father's property) >>>/snow/1377396 while trying to cover her gut and unmoving zombie tit >>>/snow/1377396 >>>/snow/1377660
>After an otherwise uneventful and short trip, our irresistible Shayna must put up with the bartender and more men buying her drinks >>>/snow/1376414 while she sits at airport bar singing in her shein cropped jacket >>>/snow/1376412, no one can believe she's old enough to even be there >>>/snow/1376446 and more things that didn't happen >>>/snow/1376439 >>>/snow/1376468
>Tweets a stomach churning picture of her dildo covered in huge globs of yellow-ish discharge, somehow mistaking it for "cum" >>>/snow/1377938
>Spends more time being her "sugar daddy's" free to use whore >>>/snow/1378717
>Wastes her money on yet another god awful set of hot dog nails, this time with a festive twist >>>/snow/1379382
>Makes her grand return to camming for a christmas tree setting up stream in cheap lingerie that she keeps on to cover her fupa the entire time and bunny ears? Its really fucking boring >>>/snow/1380257
>Gets tipped to drink water and instead drinks gatoraid because she doesn't like water >>>/snow/1380214 "It has no taste!"
>On cam she talks about her plans to go blonde this winter >>>/snow/1380185 acts like a cunt because no one is tipping >>>/snow/1380314 spergs about music for far too long and then rage quits
>Still mad about Sol >>>/snow/1382446


Ellen "Patricia" Dresel (Shayna's "gf")
Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

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No. 1384466

File: 1638601729271.jpg (8 MB, 608x344, LgObQij.jpg)


No. 1384469

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No. 1384471

File: 1638602223216.jpg (7.98 MB, 616x344, fPteuQm.jpg)

Gif dump incoming

No. 1384474

File: 1638602269408.jpg (7.27 MB, 602x340, hyRzSGW.jpg)

No. 1384476

File: 1638602306259.jpg (7.86 MB, 608x342, nSMm1oq.jpg)

No. 1384477

I missed it did we get a bingo?

No. 1384478

File: 1638602333142.jpg (7.62 MB, 606x342, s2EOokJ.jpg)

When she got pissed about no one tipping

No. 1384480

File: 1638602362760.jpg (7.73 MB, 602x340, GbupXhe.jpg)

No. 1384481

anon i'm scared why does this say jpg and look like a still pic, but when you hover over it, it starts moving like a gif

No. 1384483

File: 1638602460599.jpg (8 MB, 602x338, 5vgqBgD.jpg)

No. 1384490

Yeah anon what are you using? This is wild

No. 1384491

File: 1638602712602.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.09 MB, 610x344, YgFhE3v.jpg)

I'm retarded/gifted I guess. I downloaded gyazo gifs and then uploaded them to imgur.

No. 1384492

File: 1638602732940.jpeg (1013.71 KB, 920x1163, 9FFB3CAD-5991-4456-B892-0DF6B3…)

She left the camera frame for a few minutes to change I guess that counts as leaving the room. I couldn’t watch it all

No. 1384494

And talked about her ex/probably Fupa. Compared to girlfriend and said ex wasn't as supportive about her having haters.

No. 1384495

File: 1638602990181.jpeg (300.9 KB, 750x600, BD3C529C-33DA-431F-9485-F57334…)

Uploading the end portion to Dropbox, but in the meantime I caught that banned comment.

No. 1384496

File: 1638603031963.gif (6.87 MB, 687x355, E283E32C-EE12-4B0D-9E55-F3B790…)

No. 1384498

something bad is happening tongiht. i saw an UFO earlier in the sky…

No. 1384505

File: 1638603474711.jpeg (325.05 KB, 786x617, 73FBC7B5-FA5E-438F-81CF-265CEE…)

Fatty keeps growing boils like no tomorrow

No. 1384508

File: 1638603633558.jpeg (181.72 KB, 750x1351, 7369B228-0373-4E8F-B7F8-FE0CE7…)

Did she seriously doordash $6 wine

No. 1384509

Anon I would love to hear more please share on /ot/

No. 1384514

i left a bit towards the end but missed this entirely, will that part be included in the dropbox vid? this is wild kek i almost feel bad but he’s honestly spittin

No. 1384517

File: 1638604774365.jpg (7.73 MB, 606x344, MwKmo5H.jpg)

This is like right after she banned him

No. 1384518

File: 1638604808169.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.26 KB, 750x681, 2754FFAB-A9C7-43D0-B981-1AC556…)

No. 1384519

File: 1638604845925.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.14 KB, 1205x1628, C6F23EA3-7E62-45C4-ACB3-3D80B5…)

No. 1384520

File: 1638604899483.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.99 KB, 1206x1621, 03AA02D7-2D63-4FD2-98DA-410731…)

Nice ass boil

No. 1384521

This person is right but she will never listen and keep bitching about nothing improving.

No. 1384522

Alcohol already did

No. 1384526

File: 1638605945168.jpeg (407.8 KB, 828x1048, 4E4A31B3-E8C0-4694-8C36-295DA9…)

She looks different here, I just got a blast to the past to that one guy from rooster teeth

No. 1384527

Anons who caught the stream: how much money did she make?

No. 1384528

Around 500-600 assuming her starting goal was at 1k, she didn’t even make first goal to put in a buttplug

No. 1384530

Yes, I took it from the vid. It finally uploaded! Enjoy the sperg nonnies: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7y1t6attm3u0c18/Video%20Dec%2004%2C%201%2054%2022%20AM.mov?dl=0

I’d say 400-500 tokens, about $20?

No. 1384531

So like $25

No. 1384534

File: 1638606828446.gif (1.46 MB, 725x397, 1638597410747.gif)

No. 1384535

File: 1638606878872.gif (5.62 MB, 725x397, 1638598088465.gif)

No. 1384536

File: 1638606920025.gif (2.43 MB, 725x397, 1638601288567.gif)

No. 1384538

File: 1638606950039.gif (5.58 MB, 725x397, 1638601200839.gif)

No. 1384540

File: 1638607110471.jpeg (413.98 KB, 2751x1434, 7518BFBF-3D82-4AC3-B4C3-C933B5…)

Gym motivation

No. 1384541

The only one I’ve seen is Moo and she’s in /pt/. Maybe Shat will do another stream to celebrate

No. 1384543

Why is the gif quality so bad? Looks like an oil painting kek thanks for capturing anyways nonnie, bless.

No. 1384558

Don't insult Gavin like that lol

No. 1384563

File: 1638609098012.gif (2.89 MB, 376x250, DC16BDF0-729B-4749-9DBF-959AA8…)

Shayna when she’s pedo-pandering

No. 1384565

Underrated comment kek

No. 1384568

Is that veiny tit the normal one or the zombie one??

No. 1384569

File: 1638609733670.jpg (72.74 KB, 540x720, 1505411930916.jpg)

Fuck just 4 threads from the 100th thread, its gonna be a special occasion
I mean fuck has any cow reached 100 threads yet

No. 1384571

God, the coughing is unbearable.
The zombie one anon.

No. 1384573

Only momokun

No. 1384574

The zombie tit is usually on the left but these pics might be flipped

No. 1384602

She talked about how much she’s in love with Ellen. But not love. Codependence? The beginning of this clip is like “my ex is not as supportive…” or “some people were not as supportive.”

No. 1384604

No. 1384614

How is being this dead inside not a wake up call?

No. 1384616

Jfc Shayna… the coughing after taking one dab, being on the verge of tears, talking about how people should “just be nice” followed by a coomer telling you off, all within the first MINUTE of the video… get off the fucking internet already.

No. 1384617

This is from the dance which Dropbox anon uploaded in full so if anyone wants to bother they can redo the gif

No. 1384620

"I know people have been telling me to break up with her"

I wonder if that's just what she's read in the thread or if other people in her life have been telling her to break up with Ellen?

No. 1384639


>>"She cares about me and I'm very grateful and appreciative of that"

Once again, Ellen only exists to give feelings to Shayna, not to receive. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't a cow in her own right.

No. 1384649

Holding back tears

No. 1384663

I bet she won’t cam for another 6 months because of this

No. 1384673

Yeah, that's interesting. I wonder if her family said something to her about it if she brought Ellen up while she was drunk there

No. 1384705


I know I am late, but… she is coughing every few minutes, pulling her nose, not doing anything remotely sexual, no flirting with the audience. Is she just alone and uses us as her company

No. 1384789

is she jewish? i’m serious she has a jew nose.

No. 1384793

Here’s the rest of the clips, there’s another dance and the end of the show included: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6jg85bcel8y3aju/AAB-xMLu56WfkQU0c1fr9isda?dl=0

No. 1384821


Yeah pretty much. Who'd want to be her irl friend, she's all around trash af

No. 1384844

probably not, her nose looked a lot different before the alcohol and weight gain

No. 1384845

>>1384517 She looks sorta cute here idk if its the lighting, angle or the gif quality but she looks soft and normal
>>1384518 yet here she goes back to looking absolutely repulsive and witch faced, its like any attempt of being sexy does the exact opposite effect for her

No. 1384848

Thanks for your work anon ♥

No. 1384866

File: 1638638595685.jpeg (32.83 KB, 260x320, E7B6613B-0B0F-43B1-852B-43C8FB…)

Omfg nonnie

Yeah I know what you mean about the softening flattering her and as far as I can tell it’s because the quality/lighting, her teeth aren’t showing, she’s flexing her jaw and cheek muscles which gives her a more defined jaw and a shallow dimple which is cute, and her face is at its most flattering 3/4 angle to the camera. Also when she tilts her head forward near the end there seems to be an optical illusion going on with the shape of her nose and the shadows around it that make it look more ski slope/pixie shaped and smaller than it is. Which shows that maybe if she could somehow get good at contouring her nose like a tiktoker it might help. Sage cause no one cares and shaynautism

No. 1384899

Must do wonders to Ellen's already low self esteem knowing that Shay is complaining about her to other people and getting told "well why don't you break up with her" in response. Break up saga when

No. 1384907

Less than minimum wage in the south to be wank material to pedos. That sure will show those haters. Kek

No. 1384909

File: 1638642544204.jpg (84.82 KB, 800x525, 2019-12_PHOTO_Mashed Potato La…)

Boxy and rippley

No. 1384910

File: 1638642801577.jpg (66.06 KB, 612x612, jumbo shaynus.jpg)

She is really jumbo sized now. Full michelin stay puft cosplay

No. 1384944

File: 1638647193577.jpeg (89.44 KB, 750x252, 0761A4B4-0A23-4F92-B582-FD9E7C…)

He’s not going to be your boyfriend Shayna, you’re just his cheap whore

No. 1384945

File: 1638647313467.jpeg (173.41 KB, 750x521, DC08A7C3-90F2-4025-AED5-FEC030…)

Why does sleeping u til almost noon even matter if you never leave the house or have anything to do

No. 1384973

An anon in the last thread said she was suicide baiting on cam, did dropbox anon catch it?

No. 1385000

File: 1638651500496.jpeg (165.67 KB, 691x453, 54BC1E19-ECEC-4DEB-81AB-D39F3F…)

holy shit grow up already. you’re 24. congratulations you bought wine and goldfish instead of ill fitting sweatshop clothing from shein

No. 1385008

Watched these in 2x to save time and feel like I have whiplash. Thanks anon lol

No. 1385016

Whats the point of spending money on “cute” clothes if you look like the fucking troll from harry potter in it?

No. 1385018

to make her feel less troll-like

No. 1385029

File: 1638653286923.jpeg (493.74 KB, 1196x665, 2A9F1EF4-0FEC-44EB-B17E-B6CD5E…)

Thank you anon. Bless.
This part disgusted me like she put her hot dog nail in her earlobe.

No. 1385030

File: 1638653336460.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 965x1753, 42B7D21C-E98B-4062-ACF7-95E79E…)

No. 1385035

File: 1638654280872.jpeg (610.68 KB, 1242x1180, 0A917A5E-06DD-49F3-9747-38B8BC…)

The other cam girls on that site are way more interactive and nicer than Shayna is to her audience. Like the movie night camshow is honestly a good idea. Pathetic coomers want the gf experience which is why they pay women for nudes. Shayna has nothing better to do idk why she acts all high and mighty and says she would rather make money. When all she does is nap and eat like a hog

No. 1385038

She is so lazy she can't do the most basic shit, also she has the problem of thinking shes the hottest shit and can do horrible lip sync and make thousands.

No. 1385045

File: 1638655689834.jpeg (208.11 KB, 485x623, F975F6A7-1552-4803-9BBF-79F05F…)

She’s gotten so huge

No. 1385051

File: 1638656452847.jpeg (172.56 KB, 1163x1018, 0AAF7747-24B1-4526-9994-8B0588…)

No. 1385079


No. 1385101

File: 1638660827703.jpeg (Spoiler Image,759.5 KB, 1170x1325, E73824A0-E6A4-4FA6-8BE3-59ADF5…)

Oh God

No. 1385104

File: 1638660891147.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1170x1778, D86072C0-6769-4888-9875-63610E…)

No. 1385105

File: 1638660954607.jpeg (Spoiler Image,51.49 KB, 423x528, 3503CD50-7D3F-41F2-BD09-5364DE…)

No. 1385108

My jaw literally dropped wtf is this

No. 1385112

You can’t view any previews on their website without making an account

No. 1385113

I hate her. This sort of stuff is disgusting and I don’t even want it posted here to make fun of her because of how icky it makes me feel to see it even to joke about how repulsive and ugly she is, inside and out.

No. 1385114

if you didn’t have clown phobia before, this would give it to you
straight up terrifying Ms. Pennywise shit

No. 1385119

File: 1638661914812.jpeg (Spoiler Image,804.39 KB, 1170x1291, 6EAC7F15-063E-4506-B584-3249C4…)

No. 1385125

This looks like some dark web shit

No. 1385127

Jesus that look. It’s not like she was inconveniencing herself to go on cam, all she does already is sit around in her room, this time she just had an audience.

No. 1385128

She's so fat she doesn't need to waste money on diapers anymore. Her regular shorts already look like adult incontinence diapers on her.

No. 1385132

This sumo wrestler baby wannabe needs to find another hairstyle besides greasy limp pigtails

No. 1385136

Thats what I dont understand? Like she got off cam to chug the rest of the wine aka exactly what she would've done on cam. Idk how long is normal to stay on for, but she always seems to be on a short time compared to pumpy, Sandra, and sabrina, but they're my only reference points

As far as abd I'm genuinely horrified. Seriously how can she claim this isn't directly marketed towards Pedro's?! I'm disturbed

No. 1385137

This is so painful. I used to tweet like this as a college freshman about the cute guy in my dorm. I can’t imagine not only carrying that energy on until I was 24 but expressing it for an old man. Yuck. Sage for blog.

No. 1385179

Something about her trying to do the stereotypical "I don't have an ass but sitting like this makes it look like I do" pose combined with the fucking diaper is killing me.

No. 1385186

they did what?

No. 1385188

This straight up looks like a cheap hotel lobby. Is this another air bnb set?

No. 1385192

it looks like her hair is styled half up, half down pigtails. that's definitely shay's fat body.

No. 1385193

Lmfao sorry maybe I’m retarded? Is she wearing her hair half up? It looks bad and awkward/shooped. I’m so confused.

No. 1385202

I think the ABDL Dreams (ugh) people have an apartment they have set up for shoots.

No. 1385204

ABD Dreams, sorry. You can see the same rooms used with other people on their Twitter if you can bear to look.

No. 1385221

File: 1638671529990.jpeg (159.32 KB, 1023x842, 1638604899483.jpeg)

Weight gain definitely but her nose also looks drastically different (for better or worse) depending on the angles/lighting.

No. 1385222

she’s a secret jew(bait)

No. 1385291

This bitch is fatter and taller than her "mommy" and that's the only thing keeping me from being experiencing absolute maximum disgust. The extra layer of pathetic

No. 1385366

looks the same to me, ugly, big and hooked like always

No. 1385371

Same. It’s always been big her fat face makes it look worse though

No. 1385382

I legitimately threw up in my throat scrolling through this thread. Holy fuck shat you're disgusting

No. 1385425

She’s legit twice the size of the carer lmao. Fuck you and your pedo pandering you fat disgusting loser

No. 1385427

File: 1638695644081.jpeg (688.53 KB, 1242x673, 7F11C329-D802-482A-9704-2E6043…)

I can’t get over how ugly her room is. The clashing pinks and tacky cheap furniture. And that phone case matches the pimples on her flat butt

No. 1385429

File: 1638695731702.jpeg (441.47 KB, 1242x666, 73970DA6-6B46-4399-81D3-43C059…)

She always acts like a retard on cam and the next day she barely tweets because of how embarrassed she is

No. 1385451

I think its because she knows that we are recording pretty much everything and mock her. Besides being lazy and ugly. She should just give up and drunk cam errday allday, people are interested in someone elses degrading themselves.

No. 1385498

She looks massive next to that woman and also legitimately retarded

No. 1385543

The fact women like shay even want to interact with coomers who get off to this vile shit truly shows how degenerate and tainted theyve become through sex work.

No. 1385554

It's such a reality check to see her next to a normal sized woman after only really having Ellen for comparison. She's huge.

No. 1385641

The fact that she's so huge makes this almost comical. Like she's an actual giant baby in a movie. All her porn is unintentionally parody and joke porn kek.

No. 1385643

File: 1638722745432.jpeg (148.94 KB, 695x635, 8FAE43B7-0E25-4C0B-A737-B75CF9…)


No. 1385649

The “models” are shooped to hell and back.

No. 1385657

those are the fucking chinese website photos, those clothes were NEVER going to look like that, plus all the photoshop on top of it

I get what you're trying to do but the quality of the clothes aren't even the same lmao not great for comparison

No. 1385659

>>1385657 nah these items are actually the ones the model is wearing. Ive got several from the same place and they are accurate. Just the models body is edited

No. 1385697

the clothes that come in the mail are similar to the pictures. Shayna looks bad in it because she’s lumpy and frumpy

No. 1385708

if you think those are the exact items the model is wearing you need to get your eyes checked, sorry nona

similar yeah, not saying she doesn't look like shit in them because she does, but I don't think anyone would look like the model because 1. not the same cut/material because they're bootleg and b. photoshop

but this is a stupid conversation anyway so I'll stop here kek

No. 1385796

Thought the bunny ears were her lopsided titties for a sec

No. 1385819

They literally are. They changed the tone and constrast and were comparing it to shays horribly lit room.
Theres much better pictures that show the lace, buttons, fake fur, embroidery and it's the same. They are cheap and bad quality but it is those items.

No. 1385875

paste a link to whatever company you think originally made the clothing. they all come from the same chinese warehouse.
so sick of seeing people paying 35$ on some shitty youvimi store for something they sell directly for 7$

No. 1385894

Serious Jeff the Killer vibes

No. 1385908

File: 1638743950607.jpeg (145.7 KB, 702x332, 7D6253EF-BC6A-418F-8814-BB8FC9…)

We get it, you’re a lazy bitch

No. 1385950

blasphemous to see My Melody looking this depressed and dumpy kek

No. 1385984

File: 1638749341287.jpeg (80.29 KB, 750x220, E84DE360-F15F-4A0E-BF1E-B120B8…)

Womack is up for the job

No. 1385989

…have you been to the Luna threads my friend?

No. 1385992


how does she work in sexual service and not know what a service top is?

No. 1386015

Shayna's natural hair texture is actually really pretty. Idk why she always straightens it. If I had hair like her after using herbal essences I would be happy. Curly hair also suits her face more. She just looks like she was meant to have curly hair.

No. 1386041

Because she’s lazy and curly hair requires maintenance. Straightening it is quick. She could do a lot of things differently with her hair but asking why she doesn’t do XYZ to her appearance comes down to laziness.

And why would she change anything when what she’s doing works enough for her.

No. 1386044

It’s because she’s too lazy to take care of it and is too stupid to do her research so it looks frizzy and dry unless she straightens it. She uses cheap products that aren’t meant for curly hair that have silicones in them, uses a towel on it which causes frizz, and doesn’t shower, curls need a lot of moisture to look good and when she does she doesn’t wet her hair for whatever reason. Plus it’s super heat damaged and it’s been bleached and dyed. Basically she does everything you’re supposed to avoid with her hair texture. She could have really nice hair still if she knew how to take care of it dispute the damage

No. 1386051

Her curl pattern has been completely fucked by all the bleaching, heat styling, and general lack of care. It's a shame, since it made her stand out a bit and suited her.

No. 1386064

Why do you think she rocks the welfare rats nest bun and turd braids SO often? Bc she can leave it like that for three days and keeping her wavy curls looking nice required actually washing her hair every day and not 2in1 products. I bet she uses her body wash as shampoo and calls it good.

No. 1386069

No. 1386117

File: 1638763779472.jpeg (326.55 KB, 1170x1147, BA007E0A-FB7F-4748-9F39-0ADF9F…)

Oh please Shay. If you truly cared about Ellen, then you would know what to do and not ask the internet

No. 1386126

She never does anything for anyone else, so of course she has to ask the internet.

No. 1386130

File: 1638765162347.jpeg (887.59 KB, 1170x1955, A02B9AD3-1FE5-46AB-A722-D68079…)

No. 1386131

File: 1638765287701.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, D9A47915-B6B4-4832-83B6-3F55AF…)

>fatter and taller than her “mommy
>she looks massive and also legitimately retarded next to that woman

wheezing n

No. 1386143

>Real mum or naughty mummy?
This degenerate mixes her real family in with her porn so much her coomers have to verify.

No. 1386151

File: 1638768150789.jpeg (53.67 KB, 721x304, 1DCAE802-189E-43CB-88B1-2FD333…)

She tweets about napping almost everyday and sleeps until almost noon. this bitch is hibernating her twenties away. bleak

No. 1386182

File: 1638772030003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,690.63 KB, 1242x1330, E7FA2D2F-63D8-4E2F-AF4A-5813F1…)


No. 1386225

Let’s ask the coomers who know nothing about my girlfriend what nice thing I should do for her. Talk about a one sided relationship.

No. 1386274

File: 1638787955145.jpg (497.86 KB, 2560x2560, 81GxHGwwU9L.jpg)

I have seen herbal essences 'for dry and damaged hair' in her shower.

Idk about you anons but that stuff makes my hair feel like complete straw.

No. 1386276

I'm feeling so much secondhand embarrassment from this. This is going to appear whenever someone googles her name. She can always change it but I know in the UK where I am originally from you can see all the names someone has used on their passport and birth certificate so it's not that difficult to find a person's original name. She can never fully escape this.

No. 1386299

How old is Shayna any way ? I'm assuming she's in her mid-20's at this point, most ewhores tend to settle down once they reach 30 as they know their desirability from coomers has gone down some pathetically try to remain online and it never ends well for them, its just beyond sad and pathetic

No. 1386324

Curly hair anon here
It takes hundred of dollars worth of salon quality treatments to not feel like straw. Shat doesn’t care enough to invest in a proper hair care routine, let alone even research what products what fits her hair type best. Supermarket brands just don’t cut it.
Everyone with curly hair knows that you need an extra something something after a shower to make their hair feel like it’s not horse bedding straw.

Also, for other curly hair anons, I highly recommend Goldwell serums. Makes 100% of a difference.

No. 1386491

Black anon, I was gonna say, "wtf, you don't need to spend hundreds," then I realized that after deep conditioners, leave ins, oils and serums, gels, and the literal three different kinds of shampoos and conditioners I use, yeah, that sounds about right, kek. Straight hair is so, so much easier to take care of, but every bitch and their mom straightens their hair. A big head of healthy curls makes you stand out so much more, and that could be a unique selling point,but God forbid Shay Puft spend money on anything that isn't doordash and wine.
Sleep, "masturbate," dab, and pretend to work. Every day, multiple times a day. Imagine the stench of her room. I know she's pornsick, and she's definitely lying about masturbating, but I can't even begin to imagine doing it every single time I wake up. Before even brushing her teeth (on the rare occasions she does). Vile.(hair blog)

No. 1386536

File: 1638815962109.jpeg (248.95 KB, 1170x838, 865E5BA6-028C-48F4-B816-811E2B…)

So much for YOU taking care of her Shay

No. 1386543

Yeah so she didn't brag or post about doing anything for Ellen Degenerate meaning she most likely did nothing but maybe let her pick what movie they watched and ordered doordash.

No. 1386548

File: 1638817084981.jpeg (127.68 KB, 750x275, 661CF072-3C79-48F9-9178-CE6171…)

poly my ass Ellen’s gonna have some issues when Shay finds her replacement

No. 1386549

Once again Ellen can only get some action if she pounces Shayna in her sleep

No. 1386585

Is Ellen a fucking vampire? Shayna is just regurgitating tweets but it's so funny to imagine Ellen gnawing on her like a zombie kek

No. 1386590

Shayna’s skin probably tastes like pork

No. 1386592

A dog gnawing the fat from a gammon joint is the exact mental image that appeared in my head after reading this.

No. 1386596

File: 1638820783780.jpeg (Spoiler Image,915.96 KB, 1242x1829, 3D97309A-E0DD-4AF8-A841-C1A406…)

Jason R Womack still around

No. 1386598

File: 1638820829995.jpeg (340.81 KB, 1242x1139, B9391ADC-457F-45B2-AA7C-16CE13…)


No. 1386610

File: 1638821740711.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1131x2076, 97530B2C-9FC2-4339-8947-4E0C06…)

She looks so haggard

No. 1386611

File: 1638821766353.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1086x1985, E1781265-42CF-47F7-B9CD-EC4D5B…)

The corn covered heel woof

No. 1386616

I'm convinced that she hasn't washed her hair since she last got on cam. Even 2 days ago >>1385029 her hair was looking like it could use a wash. That's 2-3 day old hair. Now she's putting it back up in the same style, but it looks like she's flattened it down with hair gel or something. I feel bad for her poor skin. No wonder she looks so rough if she's going 4 days without showering on the regular.

No. 1386620

Pretty sure she took all these the night she was on cam and is just slowly posting them

No. 1386624

Damn she ain't gonna need shoes to walk outside soon, she's growing her own soles kek

No. 1386679

File: 1638826763662.png (398.36 KB, 713x654, Screenshot_20211206-233708~2.p…)

She doesn't need to spend hundreds of dollars, anon. She lives in the USA. She can buy cone and sulfate free shampoo meant for curls for a couple of dollars. I mean she still has a fairly nice curl pattern when she isn't taking great care of her hair. I would imagine that it could look really nice if she laid of the cones and sulfates and added a bit of moisture. I kind of envy her for her natural hair. That's one pretty feature she has at least.

No. 1386702

I only work part time and am moving around on my feet the WHOLE time and even my heels aren’t this crusty and yellow and I maybe use one of those scrapers every FEW months?? Does she just walk around the city barefoot? What is she doing that’s making her feet so hardened and crusty for someone that never goes out and sleeps all day???

No. 1386715

Okay we get it her natural hair was nice shut up we don’t need the same three decent photos reposted from her high school days.

No. 1386718

File: 1638828920657.jpeg (763.32 KB, 746x1325, CF47643A-5E96-473B-B0AE-008D4E…)

The chins and huge honker nose woof

No. 1386720

File: 1638829049597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.45 MB, 1031x2008, 8E299C6D-2FA6-4655-BEC7-52B159…)

I love how “my melon-y” knock off has wonky mismatched eyes that match her ugly moobs kek

No. 1386723

She looks like an older male sissy here and I can't explain it

And here she looks like crunched up lawn chair trying so hard to hide her beer gut and give her tits some shape

No. 1386725

Probably from wearing those cheap flip flops everywhere honestly. I know in the summer when I wear sandals, my heels get a little rough and I have to moisturize them and stuff. So I'm guessing wearing those flip flops in cold weather/often, never washing or taking care of her feet and walking on her dirty floors.

No. 1386744

>I can't explain it

Its the hairline.

No. 1386745

it has been said ad infinitum but she truly looks like yaniv kek

No. 1386753

Yeah I think her hair is so thin and grease slicked that it looks like a man's hairline and she just looks extra ugly in these pics.

No. 1386757

She's so fat wtf I seriously thought one of you anons photoshopped this at first

No. 1386762

File: 1638832256339.jpeg (429.93 KB, 1242x1506, A1924C91-1BA9-483F-A8A1-C9FCC4…)

This is coming from one of the meanest most petty bitch on the planet

No. 1386768

File: 1638832516310.jpeg (34.54 KB, 500x425, 3DD94B49-687B-41B8-96AC-01DAAB…)

No. 1386770

File: 1638832593571.jpeg (481.51 KB, 1242x1401, 7BF1F007-580C-4769-9B8D-66AF7B…)

it must be so fucking sad to be stuck in the past and be upset you “peaked” in high school. High school, olive garden job, tumblr “fame” all this bitch talks about. Nothing new or riveting has happened besides Doordash gift cards it’s really fucking pathetic

No. 1386780

OT but is ufo anon still alive

No. 1386781

File: 1638833065272.jpeg (874.3 KB, 1170x1732, A854B700-8F36-44C1-9EFF-FE1DD0…)

No clue what she’s talking about

No. 1386782

File: 1638833091703.jpeg (822.65 KB, 1170x1456, A4FF5707-6F2F-47BA-9892-A2AB61…)


No. 1386792

I mean what else can she talk about?She doesn't have a car, she hasn't really lived her life. Everything she's done is for her job or a scrote. Traveling to new places? Only to chase a scrote or do porn.
Going out? Only when she's with a scrote, to smoke with people she met from her job/tumblr/social media or to spite a scrote.
She does NOTHING for herself. All she can talk about outside of that is music, food, the one job she had, High school, weed, High school.

No. 1386793

Basically she’s glad other people are bullied online cause she feels less alone but when she sees it she wishes it didnt happen.

No. 1386840

Out of all her on-purpose misspellings, ‘shud’ is the worst and those video ideas don’t even make sense.

No. 1386841

File: 1638838154847.jpg (157.36 KB, 1080x1140, Screenshot_20211207_014427.jpg)

those lashes look like one big bacterial culture

No. 1386845

Wow Yaniv is finally flourishing

No. 1386850

She straight up said she likes seeing other people get attacked, not a good look, Shay.
What even is this angle? She is ENORMOUS

No. 1386869

These memes are sad, they just tell me these girls are slaves to the changing trends with none of their own style or interests, it used to be all about being edgy and goth “liner could kill a man” vamp looks and now it’s e-girl Sanrio pedo pandering that’s popular so everyone is embarrassed they did anything otherwise in the past.

No. 1386872

I'm surprised she's not all over the new retarded Hello Kitty x F21 collab thing. Her 2 fave things. Or is F21 out of budget now and she can only go for cheap, unethical Shein??

No. 1386910

her baby talk is driving my crazy she’s developing autism i fear

No. 1386941

File: 1638849705508.jpeg (975.94 KB, 1170x1965, 2739149C-8C61-4160-B666-6957A5…)

Annnnd what dumb gift are you getting her?

No. 1386944

Lmao kind of a backhanded gift, probably a message that she needs to get a normal schedule and not sleep till noon and nap all the time

No. 1386952

How is this more difficult to read than Lucinda’s tweets

No. 1386961

I ate dinner a couple blocks from Shayna’s apartment and during that time my boyfriend mentioned “dad rock” which is something I only ever heard here, so it was a little suspicious, but also too far fetched for him to know of her. /blog

Also, she must stick out like a sore thumb in her neighborhood, it’s a classic PNW vibe, nobody wore colors.. beanies, arcade nerds, nothing that would seem remotely appealing to her

No. 1386968

File: 1638852300782.jpeg (270.71 KB, 1170x817, 68138C92-295A-49BF-828F-6E388B…)

Shay, you’re not even Poly

No. 1386969

why is she opening christmas gifts this early

No. 1386999

File: 1638855976755.jpeg (292.91 KB, 719x848, 9D365220-9705-4DBF-90B0-DA95F4…)

Too bad you’re too poor and irresponsible to ever buy a car

No. 1387009

Are you suggesting you’re getting cucked by Shayna? You know she doesn’t leave the house or interact with anyone who isn’t a coomer. “Dad rock” is a pretty common saying

No. 1387036

Shayna’s apartment has a little area with fake grass for dogs to use. I feel like it is useful for people who work from home who need to take the dogs out quickly, but I imagine Shayna takes Noodle there and he never goes for real walks.

No. 1387040

She mentioned driving just as we said she doesn’t do anything and doesn’t have a car kek also that’s weird as fuck people are going to think you have a child Shayna and they’ll be confused why a fat retard is the only person inside the car

No. 1387074

File: 1638867221400.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3250x1922, A81A1A99-C772-412E-BD5A-AD8492…)

If Yaniv got into sissification kek

No. 1387078

File: 1638867701529.jpeg (Spoiler Image,663.21 KB, 1132x833, 0B70F830-C7CB-4A43-9245-69B47A…)

>pretty girl titties
Kek the cope
The only facial expressions this bitch has is: yaniv smirk, ~quirky uwu~ tongue in teeth winking, and the thousand yard stare
Also nice use of the whitening tool lazy bitch go brush your snaggletooth

No. 1387081

File: 1638867986324.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3007x2814, F23ADA2B-0F6A-4C33-BEBB-9C9594…)

No. 1387082

File: 1638868014623.jpeg (Spoiler Image,237.52 KB, 1233x809, 25BC1769-0128-494C-90F9-9F3125…)

No. 1387084

These pics show how much she’s worried about her massive gut sticking out so far. She’s constantly standing like she has to piss to desperately try to appear smaller and cover her stomach.

No. 1387090

File: 1638869006888.jpg (Spoiler Image,455.85 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20211207-042246_Ope…)

The fat around her ~uwu back dimples ~ looks more like a pussy than her ballsack does(spoiler )

No. 1387091

She's hiding the flopping gunt but now the main focus of the picture is how absolutely massive her arms are.

No. 1387186

lmao I can't unsee this

No. 1387204

Why does she roll her tongue behind her teeth like that constantly when she smiles? idk why but it’s so enraging to me.

No. 1387225

p sure it's an attempt to make her jaw appear more narrow/slimmer in selfies imo

No. 1387266

The use of the teeth whitening tool proves she's editing these so hard. I thought it was weird how ugly and weird she looks and that her chin and jaw looked smaller and more pointed than usual.
Also her eyebrows looked shaved off and completely drawn on and it's so fucking bad. Everyone learned their lesson on that almost a decade ago. Marker brows overly drawn with no finess are awful.

No. 1387276

File: 1638897068666.jpeg (56.33 KB, 640x640, E4E9AB1A-4751-46E6-BEED-58FD7E…)

No. 1387286

Kek I don’t know why but the way she edited these makes it look like her top half and bottom half were cut and pasted from different photos.

Also I see her weight gain is starting to cause deep stretch marks.

No. 1387318

Can’t wait to see Shay sperg about how Ellen was possessive and aboosive in two months when they break up kek

No. 1387329


It's not an Xmas gift Shay, she wants you to set a schedule and be awake before 3pm like a normal adult

No. 1387381

File: 1638904879234.jpeg (241.89 KB, 750x1464, AC251A13-3306-4632-85E1-C4255A…)

fatty on fatty violence

No. 1387413

File: 1638905930589.jpeg (532.54 KB, 1170x1366, F7C01AA7-DD82-4759-AD35-8BB6DD…)

Shay, you yourself don’t like other SWers. You always complain that they get more likes and attention than you

No. 1387419

Because they don't like you shatna, you're gross and have the work ethic of sloth with mental retardation and you lack what your job requires, Sex appeal.

No. 1387422

File: 1638906195173.jpeg (68.92 KB, 605x654, 2DFAEEEE-4869-4E50-B818-C00660…)


Fuck you. Okay so Lana may have gained a few pounds. But she is no where near as fat as ShatPuft and has more sex appeal than Shayna could dream of. Lana could gain 200lbs and still be sexier than Shayna in her skinny stoner days. Sage for lanafagging and autistic screeching(derailing)

No. 1387428

>be sexier than Shayna in her skinny stoner days
Wasn't she in high school

No. 1387432

She was skinny in high school but really fattened up around 21 when she got access to alcohol and moved in with fupa

No. 1387434

Every time she reaches out for another whore to make content with I automatically think of the time she flew to florida to make content with her friend,and that friend forced her to take a shower within an hour of being there kek shes gonna need to find another nasty fatty.

No. 1387437

I meant after high school when she was transitioning from shaygnar to dumdolly

No. 1387443

File: 1638907161677.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1170x1648, 71CEB583-FF9B-4D31-8E77-902F82…)


No. 1387444

File: 1638907198393.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.14 MB, 982x1806, B1C8B5FE-7B23-44E1-944F-49E2B0…)

kek she’s just churning out these same photos instead of making new content lazy ass

No. 1387445

I bet she thinks she looks just like Lana Del Taco. They both got that fat girl mouth with the marionette lines.

No. 1387447

File: 1638907307188.jpeg (139.96 KB, 1000x800, A017DF8A-9A07-41AB-802B-1C9E86…)


No. 1387448

that ugly lip color, the ill fitting shein-tier dress, the shitty winged eyeliner, they could be twins

No. 1387454

>says mean things about muh idol
Sorry about your fat-girl mouth, nonnie

No. 1387457

Welcome to lolcow, sometimes woman call other woman fat believer it or not

No. 1387458

Lana winters is a babe you are getting your lana’s mixed up how dare you

No. 1387462

I really don't understand how she gives zero shit about her dry ass lips.every picture her lips are crunchy. Does she not feel it? Then she whitens her teeth but leaves her lips crispy. Then again she just doesn't care I guess

No. 1387463

Go back to screeching in celebricows you autist

No. 1387464

holy shit, blur tool working too much overtime. i bet the unedited version of this would be vomit-inducing, with her lumpy thighs and gut.

No. 1387465

Everyone knows Shayna looks like Ariana Grande

No. 1387466

File: 1638908007700.jpeg (100.13 KB, 750x728, 9CE3CFB1-56E5-4750-A472-53A635…)

The fatty lovers are thrilled

No. 1387469

More like Ariana Trenta. Shay bring back the greasy patrick star ponytails

No. 1387472

File: 1638908405790.jpeg (86.57 KB, 750x264, BC3D7AE6-3537-44F4-9BF2-0CF20E…)

Is it worth it? Is this all fucking worth it? and for what?

No. 1387477

File: 1638908531975.jpeg (147.66 KB, 717x357, 2C56E77B-D0DF-49E0-9AD9-EF981B…)

She deleted this tweet and she’s mad about that reply. It wasn’t even that bad lol what do you expect lots of men hate body mods especially older ones

No. 1387479

her delusion? did someone call her fat?

No. 1387483

i… why, shayna?

No. 1387488

This is deleted now

No. 1387494

FFS drink some fucking water first. Ptsd flashbacks to Luna drinking neon piss

No. 1387495

So you agree? You think you're delusional?

No. 1387499

Shayna should just pander to the degenerate 4chan r/pol coomers at this point.

No. 1387506

Imagine giving birth to a child, then she basically gives you her ass to kiss to live the life Shay lives. No car. No real friends, no nice expensive items. Nothing but weight gain, addictions and now she's drinking piss. I bet she wasn't offered more the $300 to do it, shit probably less. Shay does shit hardcore junkies do for the next hit. Yet she brags about it and thinks these men think she's so hit & she's thriving.
This is what Shay spent years of her life on.Ruined her body for. Fucked over relationships for.

No. 1387530

File: 1638911074976.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 951x1856, 446F5990-09F3-41CF-AE57-306E17…)

No. 1387534

File: 1638911214533.jpeg (152.08 KB, 1242x1219, EA4225AE-B896-4EFE-88DA-BA0165…)

Someone must be low on funds

No. 1387536

You okay? Her fat girl mouth was discussed last thread when she tried to look goth again and numerous threads prior.

No. 1387537

Lanafags are never ok. Terminal autism.

No. 1387552

File: 1638912065559.jpeg (971.57 KB, 1170x1799, 140DAF88-907F-4B74-B1BE-ED7049…)

Ummm what happened to the straight jacket she already ordered?

No. 1387554

File: 1638912191331.jpeg (673 KB, 1170x1588, E4E17A94-C91F-4625-AE56-2ECB99…)

No. 1387560

Would you stfu already

No. 1387561

Did she actually get that one? All I ever saw was her panhandling for it

No. 1387562

Before her shoot with that diaper company she showed a screen shot of that straight jacket being delivered

No. 1387563

oh bitch you gotta warn me if you're gonna post that

No. 1387565

Babies don't have piercings you dumb bitch, why does every alt ddlg girl have piercings, tattoos, and gnarled man-hooves, what fuckin baby looks like that? Get your degeneracy straight

No. 1387566

File: 1638913128745.jpeg (452.63 KB, 1242x865, E5378C2C-5755-4B05-A2CB-9526BF…)

Scammy Mattel back at it again she is e-begging for a different straight jacket but still. Bitch loves to waste money she doesn’t have

No. 1387581

It was probably too small for her so she needs to get a bigger one kek

No. 1387598

oh this again, kek. the last actual attempt she didn't get very far and thought she would get to an inch. every time she mentions it i really want her to follow through and ruin her ears like her other holes.

hate this but also laughing she got a medium, they'll make her look like a nice holiday ham.

No. 1387605


sex work is valid and empowering!

No. 1387622

Groundhog Day for a failure Twitter sex worker

No. 1387629

File: 1638918523200.jpeg (161.06 KB, 750x1055, FDD1B253-3BFF-4C48-96BC-838D87…)

No. 1387630

yeah they’ve mentioned many times how you’re toxic and people don’t want to work with or even be associated with you. you fucked up your reputation too many times.

No. 1387632

>5 random vids
>proceeds to explain what vids they are

shayna, that’s not what random is

No. 1387633

Noah Thompson's answer is cracking me up. shatna is so desperate for attention and is trying to appear vulnerable and the only response to it is a retard coomer saying "When i pet my cat today"

No. 1387634

I honestly hope someone calls her out on this. this is BLATANT scamming at this point, no shame.

No. 1387643

they could probably be happy speds together tbh

No. 1387660

File: 1638921609305.jpeg (295.31 KB, 713x786, 5E971672-025D-45B1-8091-1E63E9…)

No. 1387661

As a sexworker who shows her bits for free at LEAST three times a day, she's BEGGING for scrote attention. Telling them they are "Wonderful people". She's simping & not to get more money, but because she values random scrote likes/retweets and comments more then money.

No. 1387662

Didn't she do a scat video for like 72$??? The fuck is this "100$ at the very least" bs coming from

No. 1387710

Deleted ofc

No. 1387720

It’s almost like there’s an abundance of girls to give these freaks what they want for less money than deserved, also scrotes are cheap as fuck and shay isn’t special in regard to appearance anyway.

No. 1387727

Waving a red flag that says "I'm borderline and will text you constantly, asking if you still like me or if I did something wrong"

No. 1387730

>random feeder

No. 1387731

It was $25 I think

No. 1387734

File: 1638927679350.jpeg (316.88 KB, 728x983, B63DC30B-515E-4764-A77D-AF1BAB…)

she’s in such a mood today nothing but bitching and then deleting tweets

No. 1387739

Dreaming about island vacations she'll never take. Her travelling days are done. The small pittance she makes from selling her body has dwindled down to barely enough to keep her afloat. And it only continues to go downhill as she gets older, fatter & uglier. She's got no marketable skills by choice. No desire to find a real job anyway. The only place that I see Shayna going in the future is down the path of hard drugs.

No. 1387750

this is fucking depressing.

her family took her to Italy as a teenager, and then she sold her soul to sex work and now she’s scraping by every week, humiliating herself online for her daily doordash and wishing she could simply take a break from it all. she doesn’t have a job, but she needs a vacation from her life.

No. 1387751

Why is she acting offended? She's spent her whole "career" gushing over $5 doordash cards, discounting multiple videos for less than $5, she shows her naked body on social media for free every day and she's OFFENDED a scrote has the audacity to expect something cheap?? She also doesn't act professional or have any separation between her "work" life and real life so it's no wonder none of her customers take her seriously.

No. 1387754

are Rib and Noodle still alive?

No. 1387755

holy fuck I totally forgot about her pets KEK

No. 1387756

Not this again. They’re fine she doesn’t need to post her animals along side her asshole pictures

No. 1387757

no, she ate them

No. 1387761

big shaynus hongry. big shaynus no want cheemsburger.

No. 1387777

Lol Shatna you have sold ALL of your videos multiple times for $100 and under, let’s not get too greedy here

No. 1387820

the abandoned Payless shoebox this was “received” in

No. 1387832

File: 1638938849610.jpeg (105.63 KB, 750x384, A5601625-BEE2-43D9-A263-B6E539…)

Ok what the fuck. This must be the only “sexual” thing they do because it keeps fucking happening. What the fuck Ellen Dresel

No. 1387835

Who the fuck constantly bites their partner to the point they scream in pain, it’s not even in a sexual or flirty context…sounds annoying as fuck and like she has some special needs behavior

No. 1387836

Well, Ellen Dresel prefers to abuse babies, but sadists like Ellen Dresel are also known to make do with similar types of victims to their preference
Ellen Dresel likes to bite and beat people who are weaker than her, of course the obvious choice is kids, but a drunken, mentally ill, daddy-issues, $3 prostitute is also extremely weak, so she can suffice if there's no other easy option, as women sex offenders are much more likely to coerce than directly attack
/Ellen Dresel's sadistic enjoyment of intentionally inflicting pain in humans, specifically human babies rant

No. 1387837

I see what you're doing here but you need to add her state and city for it to really work.


All she ever really tweets about in relation to Ellen is either getting stuff from her or getting hit/bitten by her. I. Guessing Shayna puts up with the biting for the gifts and to have someone call the doctor's office for her.

Thriving. Absolutely thriving this one.

No. 1387841

ok so i know this bitch is broke and this cope daydream will never become reality but?? didnt she literally just spend $250 on yet ANOTHER pink straight jacket? she could have just… got a ticket to some caribbean island for around that price. then she could have just not had doordash every single day and cammed a bit more and literally in no time she’d have enough for a budget trip to some close-ish island, especially if splitting the cost with ellen degenerate. i know she’s not capable of saving money and not being an impulsive retard but it wouldnt even take that much self discipline or restraint NOT to buy a 2nd straight jacket or yet another shein haul or constant food delivery. its crazy how much she could actually afford with barely any work if she just grew tf up.

No. 1387844

she’s also super flexible with dates and can just get notifications for when tickets become really cheap, there’s no excuse besides laziness and bad spending habits.

No. 1387881

File: 1638947990485.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 976x1644, F4518AF0-2D15-4C81-A82E-9E7C55…)

Her feet are so fucking dirty. Why couldn’t she edit them clean?

No. 1387956

So she's probably drinking her own piss for $100. Not that more money would make it worthwhile, but at what point is this better than just quitting while she's behind?

No. 1388013

But a goth girl cosplay was her hard limit a few weeks ago btw

No. 1388023

>gnarled man-hooves
Oh, yeah I get it now

No. 1388041


It's weird to watch a girl go from upper class spoiled to drinking her own piss for weed money.

No. 1388054

Your point about her frivolous spending still stands but where the fuck is Fat Shat flying to in the Caribbean from Seattle for anywhere close to that money? And that’s even giving her that she can still fit in one seat kek. At least the straitjackets she can try to make money off of in her porn or resell, though we’ll never see her in either one because that would require her to actually have someone in her life who can put them on.

No. 1388065

Nah $100 is too much, she'd be doing it for whatever money her favorite coomer could scrape together
That's the charm of these threads I think (besides retarded anons), the fact that she could drop everything and her dad would help her, but she chooses not to. She doesn't HAVE to drink her own piss. A day working at McDonald's could give her more than $100 for god's sake

No. 1388091

I think the anon meant the ticket itself. But yeah, she'd have to do some actual budgeting and probably run a scammy sale/donation thing to afford the ticket, hotel, food, etc. But she won't because she's a lazy idiot who keeps herself in a drunk & high stupor to cope with her depressing life.
But she still thinks she'll find a sugar daddy some day that will take her on cruises and island vacations though (based on her SA profile) and that's just so delusional based on where she's put herself in life and how she's let herself go.

No. 1388136

>But she still thinks she'll find a sugar daddy some day that will take her on cruises and island vacations
yep. that's exactly what she's after. although i'm pretty sure the closest she's even come to this was when he-who-must-not-be-named took her to mexico with him for his work event when they first met kek.

No. 1388139

The older and fatter she gets, the chance that she's going to come across a rich sugar daddy who will spend more than $50 on her gets smaller and smaller. If it didn't happen when she was young and slim, it's not going to happen now.

No. 1388163

my bad maybe i’m talking out my ass but i went to curacao from amsterdam for $500, and that included a nonstop flight (return tickets) plus 7 nights hotel. i reckon she could find a similar last minute deal during the non-season if she really wanted to, but for some reason i doubt she actually wants to travel and derive meaningful experiences in life. she lives only for scrote validation and quick fixes like cheap sweatshop clothes and gas station wine. she probably only wrote up that island vacation fantasy on twitter to seem more high maintenance than she actually is kek she is clearly content with build a bear dates with ugly fat moids

No. 1388221

nta but nobody's brought them up for several threads. who cares if one anon asks.

No. 1388229

The sad thing is I think Womack would legitimately jump at the chance to take her on a vacation his reply was serious Im sure but even that would be stooping too low for her apparently.

No. 1388235

File: 1638992372684.jpeg (51.62 KB, 750x285, E24D2E5D-E033-4513-9C69-D61F6C…)

speaking of womack, why is he paying Ellen again? what does she need help with that he needs to pay Ellen for? maybe Ellen footed her medical bill?

No. 1388242

was just thinking this the other day. She could easily quit sexwork and move back to her hometown. Have daddy pay rent there instead of in expensive ass Seattle, be a local thot and get a job at target, spend all of her excess on weed and coomer gear and her thread would probably go away.

Her life would be so much better without sexwork but I'm starting to think she's in too deep. Going back home now will just make her feel like even more of a loser. All her classmates probably have jobs or are starting families, and even the burnouts probably didn't do as bad as her. Even the other sex worker girls you know graduated from her highschool have every right to laugh at her. Kind of a rough spot so in that light I can see why she won't quit.

No. 1388243

File: 1638993184109.jpeg (Spoiler Image,423.25 KB, 828x680, BEE6CE29-6D0B-461C-8CDE-15827D…)

About time for her to lose another depraved MV contest

No. 1388244

She never even came close to winning one of those when she was skinny and blonde and would always have a Twitter meltdown each time. What makes her think she would do any better now

No. 1388256

God I hope this means she won’t be drinking piss
Do people not realize this was a joke/hyperbole? She did not mean that literally, she was being an uwu whiny brat to a customer.

No. 1388263

File: 1638994731789.jpg (210.53 KB, 2048x1024, 20211208_151839.jpg)

That is one unflattering photo. Bitch looks like Megamind. They even make the same expression

No. 1388264

Obviously this isn’t the best photo, but does she just blindly ignore how bad all of her content is most of the time? She seems to at least pick pictures she doesn’t look like a gremlin for contests, which means she probably knows the rest is gross garbage

No. 1388265

File: 1638995065688.jpeg (Spoiler Image,286.56 KB, 1080x1462, 6A772993-F3B8-4435-8B61-7331B8…)

w..why would you do an ootd for no makeup, sweats and a hoodie. this isn’t a “look” this is what you wear when u don’t plan on being seen by anyone

No. 1388266

anon I cried KEK

No. 1388273

I literally can’t deal with this it’s so perfect

No. 1388277

File: 1638996462326.jpeg (Spoiler Image,286.51 KB, 750x1630, 3303ADD2-976B-41CC-A135-6BD4A3…)

all the top whores in that contest right now are mostly attractive, thin woman in lingerie or bdsm gear, not chubby girls wearing fucking diapers and straight jackets in nurserys kek good luck Shay

No. 1388283

you got me good anon holy kek

No. 1388287

Next thread pic please.

No. 1388303

Shayna, just… go home. She doesn't realise how privileged and lucky she is.

No. 1388315

Womack is literally offering to take her on a vacation. When she mentions wanting to be taken care of, he often replies he'd love to. Yet she'd rather be with the bald chastity cage coomer who only gives her cheap meals, Uggs and IKEA furniture. Literally just move in with Womack and she wouldn't have to work another day.

No. 1388325

File: 1639001152158.jpeg (Spoiler Image,353.96 KB, 750x633, BE6B2704-EC92-410B-BA10-550F45…)

Currently sitting at 50 right beneath a picture of pissed jeans

No. 1388370

that pose does not work for her. highlights the diminished gluteal syndrome.

No. 1388373

The man of shayna's dreams could come up to her like, "Hey, you are the hottest Barbie Bimbo I've ever seen. I'll take care of you, your baby. You can sit around eat, smoke and drink. I'll work, come home and listen to dad rock with you! All you have to do is give up sex work!"
And she'd still pick twitter, bald ugly scrotes and the life she has now. She doesn't want to be saved. I think in her head it's either Porn or Death. I don't even think she thinks she can't do anything else because of porn, but there's no other options.
She's been depressed for years and the only thing she chooses to have is twitter and sex work.
Oh and a bunch of fake flimsy dumb relationships with broken, miserable people.

No. 1388427

File: 1639010010816.jpeg (159.53 KB, 750x460, 9075D822-DDCD-4262-A671-BEA02E…)

Possible camshow tonight get your popcorn

No. 1388433

but she thinks she can get someone with middle-class money

No. 1388434

Womack has been the best sugar daddy she's had since moving to and from Oklahoma tbh he's a retarded sucker who throws a couple hundred at her and buys stuff when she begs for it while expecting little back. But she thinks she's above dating or actually sugaring with someone like that, despite looking like him and having slim pickings for anything better. This unconfirmed dude she's seeing on SA takes her to Applebee's or some shit after the mall, then manhandles her in the car with his bbq fingers kek. And that's assuming he exists and that's all she's managed to land on SA and in general for a sugar daddy.
Lord knows she won't do anything for herself. I mean just look at her wack fantasies. She just doesn't want to do a damn thing and wants to be rid of any responsibility to do anything at all. It's the weirdest laziest shit I've ever seen and she spins it like it's uwu dumb bby kinky shit. She's too haggard and gross to have such big delusions.

No. 1388436

Is it groundhog day?

No. 1388442

Everyday is the same for Shayna she’s always high/drunk so she doesn’t care

No. 1388444

File: 1639012772568.jpeg (Spoiler Image,342.9 KB, 750x958, 0E24FF6E-E408-42E2-BC6E-0C708F…)

She’s always giving her shit away for free. Go grab em if anyone else wants to post her OF stuff

No. 1388447

…. why would you attempt to do something again that failed not even a week ago?

No. 1388451

Does anyone know how many contestants there are?

No. 1388455

720 contestants atm

No. 1388456

Jesus christ

No. 1388459

File: 1639014317460.jpeg (531.44 KB, 1170x1042, 8BB34775-B324-4E6A-8C65-081DC3…)

Her videos literally never make any sense. A puppy video with diapers and pee?

No. 1388461

Sometimes I gotta go an check her twitter out because I can't believe a real human being is posting this kind of cringe shit

No. 1388470

File: 1639015709095.jpeg (985.66 KB, 1195x1771, F8B0FEE9-C014-463B-BBEA-1DD515…)


No. 1388472

File: 1639015807838.png (Spoiler Image,7.08 MB, 1242x2208, E844CF3C-DDB0-431D-90CC-995FD9…)

10/10 content from onlyfatties

No. 1388478

File: 1639016051998.jpeg (636.7 KB, 1242x1833, AB15D230-39D6-415E-99FC-95D4EA…)

The fact that grayhair is a father to an internet hooker makes this whole dynamic between them even more creepy

No. 1388479

what is wrong with her hand??

No. 1388499

skinny filter fuckery

No. 1388503

The nail on her thumb holy shit

No. 1388531

She looks like she's about to start yelling at her kid for fucking with the light switch while she's on face time with her special friend

No. 1388532

Personally I am only interested if she is a goth puppy peeing in a diaper

No. 1388537

Man, why is she tanking one of her only sources of revenue? She's not even posting content that her biggest platform will let her post. I highly doubt there's a big audience behind this kind of super niche shit anyway. She's gonna run off the only coomers that pay her

No. 1388540

She's probably drunk again. Waiting for "Shaynus Patrick Clifford: The Jaundicing".

No. 1388542

File: 1639019813723.jpeg (170.48 KB, 750x581, 84921701-83C5-4EA3-B556-D6A90C…)

She’s getting on cam

No. 1388545

Sex trafficking photo realness.

No. 1388547

If it weren't for the hotdog nails I would think this was an obese teenage boy.

No. 1388578

File: 1639021879349.jpeg (850.74 KB, 1170x1503, 6FB5D053-5343-401C-8F3D-AE6C97…)

She’s on

No. 1388579

File: 1639021933967.png (333.63 KB, 636x418, download (3).png)

Holy shit, the fucking belly bloat….

No. 1388583

File: 1639022030551.jpeg (779.38 KB, 1170x1095, 99217ED1-A846-4B54-B0C4-285ABC…)

This ain’t it sis

No. 1388587

Yess the fatspo is good today

No. 1388588

why is her music always so shitty? I am so done

No. 1388590

File: 1639022227508.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1170x1600, 08CF6AAC-2B0B-43F8-9C4D-FE46A2…)


No. 1388591

File: 1639022231208.gif (Spoiler Image,12.4 MB, 696x458, fd16b42f9071abbf4965e37101d652…)

"whats everyone up to tonight? other then not talking to me" already being a cunt. i'm muting i cant listen to "smoking in the boys room" AGAIN

No. 1388592

File: 1639022306097.png (821.91 KB, 1024x580, Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 23.5…)

She keeps feeling her gunt. The red shirt makes her look like Nikocado Avocado.

No. 1388593

File: 1639022315386.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x1624, FE090B7C-BE43-4313-A449-63DF8F…)

She’s so pissed that no one’s talking

No. 1388595

File: 1639022369953.gif (Spoiler Image,8.53 MB, 544x438, 9ba19055cf8f75bbaba4823d8d4ca6…)

shes drinking vodka tonight

No. 1388596

kek she's so awkward. She just did finger guns

No. 1388599

File: 1639022482322.jpeg (Spoiler Image,541.63 KB, 1170x655, FF7811A4-674F-4264-9CDB-2B6F01…)

The leg dimples

No. 1388601

File: 1639022618903.png (26.4 KB, 364x283, 1f9b0205997e91bddd4968b3a81fe5…)

she hasnt noticed this scrote in her chat because shes been off camera half the time lol

No. 1388604

half the time she isn't even on screen wtf

No. 1388607

An egg.

No. 1388610

That boil looks angry.

>the signature chicken dance
Shay. Put your hands on your thighs and squat jfc

No. 1388611

File: 1639022865549.png (682.59 KB, 485x585, Screenshot_20211208-200619.png)

No. 1388615

The lag on her stream is ridiculously bad. Does she not realise?

No. 1388616

She truly is shaped like a troon. Anons have said it repeatedly in the past, but I have never really, REALLY seen it before now. Jfc.

No. 1388617

Has she ever seen anyone twerk before? She also seems more comfortable showing her body from the front with this hoodie on. I guess she really is insecure about her breasts more so then her belly, because that thang has been hanging and in full view this whole time.

No. 1388618

File: 1639023095798.gif (Spoiler Image,13.32 MB, 800x444, bd0b11813e091408de842dd97c3ae9…)

no hiding it the gut is full out tonight. shes planning on fucking the giant teddy bear

No. 1388619

File: 1639023199623.gif (Spoiler Image,12.08 MB, 784x452, d929899258cdd08fff5af10bfe65dd…)

her wedgie looks uncomfortable

No. 1388623

File: 1639023504016.gif (Spoiler Image,12.2 MB, 792x446, 938934be9beff7df577c95ccef09dc…)

she went into a private show for the next 15-20 mins

No. 1388624

File: 1639023509306.jpeg (59.79 KB, 827x449, DCDF709C-3D6F-4A74-9740-E2DDC1…)

she looks rough

No. 1388627

you dont need to post blurry screenshots of the same thing others are posting

No. 1388645

bruhhh has she gained even more weight overnight?? she is almost in obese territory what the fuck i used to think she wasn’t that fat but jesus christ this is shocking

No. 1388647

it was posted at the same time as the other anon. you don’t need to be a cunt

No. 1388651

She must be close to 200 lb now. It's like a game to guess where her next roll will pop up

No. 1388655

Santa as a troon

No. 1388659

does anyone know how much her private shows are per minute? or how much one would approximately earn from a 15 min one, sounds kinda long to me

No. 1388662

Tbf she was talking about her highest selling videos from MV last time she cammed and it was all taboo diaper gross stuff (or from her skinnier days) so it might make more because it’s a weird niche with less competition

No. 1388666

she's so awkard and goofy, it makes the pink barbie/bimbo ultra feminine aesthic she clings to look even more out of place.Like she makes no sense.
The Barbie look isn't just ugly pinks, it's about being fashionable, you know giving a fuck how you look.A bimbo is big lips, dramatic make up, hair, nails, heels, crazy curves or just looking as sexy as possible.
Shayna just wears Shein outfits and is clearly always trying to look younger and pedo-bait.
It makes no sense, but then again we all know that.

No. 1388679

she keeps bitching about how no one is tipping for her to take a shot of vodka

No. 1388684

She’s said it about 3 times since she’s been back. Damn shay you just do it for free off cam. She’s rude as hell. Idk how she even got that private viewing

No. 1388695

she doesn't even have her camera angled to show her. she's just streaming an empty room

No. 1388696

she moved the camera before i screenshotted it but why does she have her blinds open while she does this? you can see them open here >>1385029 too.

No. 1388699

>she's so awkard and goofy, it makes the pink barbie/bimbo ultra feminine aesthic she clings to look even more out of place
Not to derail too much but have you seen videos of actual “bimbos” on barcroft and the like? They’re all awkward as hell because they were all dorks before they radically changed their looks. It’s actually hilarious.

No. 1388721

She's still bitching about nobody tipping her for a shot and visibly pissed at the lack of interaction

No. 1388722

File: 1639026931728.gif (Spoiler Image,13.2 MB, 804x464, 86e21e026a4e6ec98fb191235588d7…)

her shows are always boring but.. shes literally just decorating a tree. there is nothing sexy about it at all

No. 1388724

Wow Santa claus body realness ~ the gut and all!

No. 1388726

I know we all hate on her tacky pink shit, but this red Nikocado tee is not the look either.

No. 1388729

Still bitching, but when people chat she doesn't acknowledge them anyway

No. 1388733

LOL. She just said really bitchy "I guess I'll like, wrap presents or something… nobody's saying anything".
Then she left to get up and literally everyone but one person left.

No. 1388734

she's not doing anything. she's not showing her body, she doesn't have good angle on the tree or anything. Yet she gets a attitude when chat isn't saying anything.
I don't get her, she's so entitled. She thinks she's this super sexy interesting person people will watch do ANYTHING. Though it's only lolcow watching and maybe at best 10 others.
Her unclothed body isn't bringing the boys to the yard, so why would she think her in a hoodie and panties, not doing shit would bring them?

No. 1388735

File: 1639027247705.jpg (111.56 KB, 782x1515, Screenshot_20211208-231816_Chr…)

45 people in her room and these are the only members logged in and able to interact. She's probably pissed knowing it's all farmers

No. 1388736

Why is she so surprised nobody's there or saying anything when 1.) it's 9pm on a work night on her coast, and even later in the rest of the US 2.) she has the charisma of a wet towel

No. 1388738

the red crop top and the gut. ok winnie the pooh

No. 1388739

"The least that you 38 guests could do is like, make an account and say hi. I mean THE LEAST"

kek she's bitchy today

No. 1388741

Oh she gave us a shout out already

No. 1388742

She’s wrapping empty boxes because she doesn’t have anyone and is to selfish to get actual presents for people

No. 1388743

There's so many better looking women to talk to or watch.
Why waste time on Shayna, who treats this like twitch or a blog?

No. 1388745

I love how mad she is that her stream is dead. Girl needs to size up on those panties

No. 1388747

She goes, "I don't show my amazon wish lists because my haters, only my sugar daddies have it"
then goes, "So I don't get many packages" or gifts. So basically saying her sugar daddies aint buying her shit off of amazon either.
What do they do for her?

No. 1388748

Nta but I can’t believe she is wrapping empty boxes for a cam show… why?

No. 1388749

What I’m saying is she could be wrapping actual presents if she had any friends or cared about anyone

No. 1388750

Give her a crumb of worthless scrotal attention that she so definitely needs

No. 1388751

yeah but she's wrapping gifts for props for her pictures/porn. Thats kinda gross.
I don't even know why she's doing all of this, way too much effort for some porn thats not going to sell much.

No. 1388752

Anything to avoid doing her job as a sex worker & fucking herself. She thinks scrotes will pay her for her personality.

No. 1388753

she’s probably super miserable that no one’s tipping for her to smoke weed or drink alcohol, she must be slowly sobering up and it’s scaring her kek

No. 1388754

File: 1639027889182.gif (8.37 MB, 624x378, 627e49b863e2a9e150522ea776469b…)

huh I wonder why no one is tipping or talking to her. this is thrilling to watch

No. 1388757

Lmao right it’s so boring, why choose to do it on cam when you’re not even talking or paying attention to viewers. Any actual scrote with tokens will skip in an instant

No. 1388758

File: 1639028007037.png (11.35 KB, 176x155, Screenshot 2021-12-08 233258.p…)

I mean she was so boring only two people could even tip if they wanted to.

No. 1388760

even the people who are logged in are probably only farmers. All created in Dec '21

No. 1388762

It kills me that she doesn't even have the excuse anymore that she needed to set up her tree. The tree is done. She doesn't have the excuse that she needs to wrap presents because she's not giving any presents and these are just empty boxes… why even bother? Just do your chicken waddle and paw at your snatch like the scrotes are tuning in for. This isn't instagram live.

No. 1388764

the fat little boy at the pool when his mom is making him put on a life jacket but it’s too small

No. 1388767

Watching her wrap empty boxes and say to a silent audience “so what are your Christmas traditions?” actually made me feel bad for her. But now as I’m typing this she just called everyone boring for not “fucking saying anything” and now I’m back to not liking her.

No. 1388768

It's funny to watch her guest list. Obvious male usernames will pop up for about 20-30s. She doesn't notice or look up from her very important empty box wrapping. They leave quickly since who tf wants to watch a fully-clothed lard barge sat down for craft time? Back to the same 30-odd farmers & a couple female-sounding names that are probably farmers as well. Shay is still talking to herself, unaware.

No. 1388770

She is terrible at wrapping gifts lol

No. 1388771

she keeps looking up to see if anyone has said anything and then rolling her eyes that no one has

No. 1388773

the way she looked up when she read "it sucks no one is chatting with you"

No. 1388774

File: 1639028922439.gif (8.03 MB, 590x370, d6f3e12b6ec96770f97f3d43908c29…)

"I dont know why no one is saying anything. kinda weird. i'm trying not to take it personally"

No. 1388775

File: 1639029017918.png (574.46 KB, 798x451, cottagecheesechristmas.png)

Aaand she's gone.

No. 1388776

she wasn't expecting to make a lot of money today, but she expected people to talk to her about…what? She's not talking, she's not being entertaining. This is the dumbest shit i've ever seen. Someone whose supposed to be the show not talking or doing anything, but then getting mad at the viewers for not..entertaining HER.

No. 1388777

File: 1639029092348.gif (10.29 MB, 634x444, 27ad53c95f7fa2081d098ace984f02…)

shes running out of stuff to do so shes grabbing the boxes of trash off of her desk to wrap. then her stream crashed

No. 1388778

She’s still online she just changed something

No. 1388779

she just came back again?? for what?? lmfao kinda admirable that she’s still live

No. 1388780

why does she keep asking no one "whats your favorite christmas tradition?" shes never getting an answer

No. 1388781

shes going to start having joint problems soon. her small frame isnt meant to carry that much fat. her thighs look fucking warped.

No. 1388782

I'll never understand why she wants more to dance, something she does for free and badly. Then she does to do a blowjob and slap her face.
and she isn't going to put any bulbs on her tree or anything?

No. 1388783

File: 1639029498266.gif (Spoiler Image,9.83 MB, 594x446, 83800bdba8ad579bd3c2c52107aa1b…)

she posts free nudes every single day. why does she expect anyone to tip her to get naked when they can see every part of her body for nothing

No. 1388784

File: 1639029522621.png (391.97 KB, 712x401, Disappointed.png)

hmm lardy i wonder why no one is interacting with you? you're giving off major cunt vibes.

No. 1388785

dat ballsack

No. 1388786

shes going to be alone on christmas. she seemed pissed when someone said I hope you have a good christmas with your family

No. 1388787

She said she doesn’t understand the concept of magnetic eyelashes kek

No. 1388790

She keeps trying to talk into her mic but her audio is definitely coming from her camera and not the shitty USB mic. embarrassing

No. 1388791

is it me or is her bottom lip so cracked it's bleeding or raw? She constantly is stretching her lips and licking them but they still look dry and cracked.

No. 1388792

she's explaining how she doesn't skype to someone who asked about it and has since left

No. 1388795

her ability to talk to herself about absolutely nothing is incredible

No. 1388796

her shows always suck but that one sucked in a not even funny or milky way. just straight up nothingness

No. 1388799

File: 1639030101225.jpeg (Spoiler Image,584.9 KB, 750x1128, 16AFA0A1-20E2-4321-90A1-183E02…)

The contest ended with her in 44th

No. 1388800

I saw this from the front page and audibly gasped I thought this was a man

No. 1388802

She beat out the piss chick but lost to the grandma

No. 1388803

File: 1639030300354.jpeg (213.8 KB, 750x677, 1C7A112D-16A1-43D0-B141-3E9C54…)

2.5 hours setting up a tree mostly out of frame, poorly wrapping empty boxes and bitching with the same shitty playlist as always

No. 1388810

File: 1639031287495.jpeg (162.19 KB, 750x461, 4A2B0864-086C-4332-A6EC-5440EE…)

Oh no. If only you bought groceries like a normal healthy adult instead of ordering every meal on doordash. Now you’re going to wither away

No. 1388813

You've got 50 extra pounds on you for food, fatty. This is what you've been hibernating for.

No. 1388826

“Work” = wrapping empty boxes in her underwear when literally nobody is asking or wanting to see that

No. 1388830

Lmao she doesn’t even have something like ramen or Mac and cheese or frozen meals to eat? I can’t imagine wasting money just to get food delivered every fucking day, she has no assets and chooses to spend money on the laziest unnecessary services.

No. 1388834

File: 1639035922603.jpeg (147.17 KB, 750x242, C76DED16-CB09-4E99-A063-D0508F…)

This was deleted

No. 1388835

We’re back home shooby do we’re home hello we’re back home shooby do

No. 1388836

“Cottage Cheese Christmas” should be next thread title lmao I’m dead

No. 1388842

That’s really fucking sad. Wrapping empty boxes, for porn? Like I don’t think scrotes are going to care if there is presents in her video she’s so stupid. She has no friends, a boyfriend or family near her to give presents to. She is probably not going to give Ellen anything either kek.
And another thing I don’t understand is why doesn’t she flirt with her customers and make them feel special. And be more happy like she’s excited to cam. She’s literally just pan handling except it’s live.

No. 1388845

File: 1639037500672.jpeg (153.13 KB, 750x391, A68B0BB5-02A7-454A-AE60-373FE4…)

The only reason she’s staying up late is because she napped all day instead of filming herself pissing in a diaper. She can’t go a single day without napping she has never stayed up for 3 days lol

No. 1388853

File: 1639038176554.png (Spoiler Image,4.25 MB, 828x1792, 6A55EA05-A5BB-4355-ABA7-DB06AA…)

No. 1388854

She needs to tell Ellen to stop chomping her legs because it’s unsightly

No. 1388855

File: 1639038351468.jpeg (410.19 KB, 1231x1367, 9D54EE74-880B-45CB-8CB2-D96FD5…)

Not likely or feasible Shayna

No. 1388859

Lmao I thought the tree was a house fire

No. 1388861

File: 1639039316539.gif (2.4 MB, 498x372, patrick-star.gif)

No. 1388862

I love how during the stream her saying “well I don’t know what to do with these ornaments” as she’s wrapping up the empty Amazon boxes on the floor just to have them still in unopened “decoratively” placed next to that bear because forbid she actually stands for more than 30 seconds

No. 1388864

she'd be better off on youtube or reddit live, where people even watch paint dry live and no one wants to see her with her clothes off anyway

No. 1388866

She probably thinks she could be a youtuber or something, but she’s ugly and has no personality. She probably knows that deep down.

No. 1388942

lol at the nasty grandma even having more self-worth than shay and charging higher for vids

No. 1388995

anon KEK

No. 1388998

Too fat and boring to be that bitchy. Maybe do some teasing, flirting, and incite people to tip instead of being irritated and calling them out for not interacting repeatedly. Fat & ugly girls have to work harder, but even hot bitches can't just sit there on their phone or sit crumpled over behind wrapping paper, only talk to the audience to complain or repeating the same question to an obviously empty room.

You'll never be a blogger, influencer, youtuber, or twitch thot Shay. This is what you chose. At least pretend to be into it and do your totally real job, retard.

No. 1388999

There was no reason to get on a porn cam site for that. She just refuses to get on cam on Friday and Saturday when coomers are actually on.

No. 1389003

Lol you're going on 6 years Shayna. You should already have an audience and be doing content regularly. You've had years to build up and get into a schedule that works. Yeah things change and sometimes slumps happen, but if it's a complete downward spiral from every aspect, it's time to throw in the towel.

No. 1389008

Tree with only lights and a star thrown on, no ornaments, as well as the empty wrapped presents for decoration. She spent two hours doing this and this was the finished result.

No. 1389045

Least most other whores have actual gifts they wrap for friends and family. But not good old Shayna, just empty boxes from crap she got herself. How bleak.

No. 1389057

team grandma
imagine what Shay’s going to look like in forty years

No. 1389068

Doubt she’ll even make it that long

No. 1389074

She’s rattling off the bleakest depressed sex worker New Years resolutions, not even a big dream. She needs to get a diary

No. 1389075

Hell, most people have at least a small box of sentimental ornaments they've collected over the years. Even single losers who'll never get married like Shayna usually have at least a couple irreplaceable handmade ornaments from their nieces/nephews or kids they've tutored. Shayna doesn't have anyone in her life besides her parents & her partner du jour.

No. 1389077

One vid a week? Don't burn yourself out there, workaholic. I like how only one of these is an actual, concrete goal.
Get back in top 200? Get a consistent audience? Those are outcomes. You don't have control over outcomes. That's as ineffective as making it a goal to lose x pounds instead of making the goal to eat x calories for x days. If you make goals out of outcomes, you can do everything 'right' and still not reach your goal.

And 'work harder'. 'Cam regularly'. No concrete plans or dates.
These goals aren't gonna last a week.

No. 1389080

She already tried all that with “Dolly Mattelvision”. Nobody cared to watch the two or so videos she put out, not even farmers. Watching paint dry is more intriguing than her.

No. 1389093


I love how she has the audacity to photoshop her body this much when we know she looks like a porky apple shaped man on video. The self awareness is astounding

No. 1389102

The fact you have notifications turned on for her tells us you have no life

No. 1389110

File: 1639079135630.jpeg (Spoiler Image,491.79 KB, 1638x2048, 012C0DA8-600B-4C77-B5D9-AD5DAD…)

She’s getting really lazy with the blur tool

No. 1389116

File: 1639079450958.jpeg (382.55 KB, 697x876, 2CC71F94-923E-47BB-A84D-AC0DCC…)

No. 1389127

That heel is now pointed into a 90 degree angle. Blur the ass but leave the cottage cheese backs of your knees and corn heels. Oklahoma 10 right there!

No. 1389133

lazy is right she managed to blur her nipple clean off and forgot about the cheese under her butt cheeks

No. 1389138

nta but its most likely because Shay tweets and deletes so much.

No. 1389139

Lol how else do you catch her dirty deletes? Retard. If you think that’s weird then leave. Fuck this anon. I appreciate the milk >>1388834

No. 1389144

She deletes her milkiest tweets very very quickly but can’t seem to learn not to tweet her dumb emo shit all the time

No. 1389173

Kek since when did getting notifications for anything determine whether you have a life or not? Busy people don’t get banners on their phones?

No. 1389174


Lol she blurred her ass but not her thighs? Bold.

No. 1389175

wait you can turn them off for specific people?

No. 1389216

File: 1639088095883.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.03 MB, 1242x1607, F3069EE2-12DA-46AA-99BC-32DE10…)

She didn’t even shave all the way kek it looks weird asf not even a landing strip just bush and then bald dolphin. Her giant honker she calls a nose is so ugly

No. 1389222

Wow look at all her presents! She must be a successful sugar baby. I wonder what’s in that box

No. 1389223

File: 1639088587347.jpeg (Spoiler Image,220.35 KB, 1206x2208, 29B518A0-795B-4DD4-9CE5-D41D0D…)

She finally figured out how to do a dog face paint instead of drawing cat whiskers

No. 1389226

>”I’m not a nazi!”
>Hitler pussy

No. 1389227

Why does she draw that jagged edge on the inner part of her eyebrows? Are they supposed to look like hairs? Does she not know that the hairs there are supposed to grow upwards not horizontal? It’s clearly intensional for whatever reason because she’s been doing it a lot lately

No. 1389229

File: 1639088891133.jpeg (Spoiler Image,206.53 KB, 1206x2208, 6C5D2B1A-5B4F-4245-9521-AE3A3E…)

What’s with that stank face

No. 1389238

File: 1639089187002.jpeg (152.14 KB, 1913x1075, 44439F80-5B4D-427F-8634-473972…)

I knew I’d seen it before somewhere

No. 1389239

You can see that weird scar under her zombie tit on the right

No. 1389252

Everything about this is awful and that's with a filter. The spots on her face look just like the moles on her neck, those eyelashes are for drag, and the eyebrows are almost comically bad. Like they'd be on a buzz feeds top 50 worst eyebrows list. There's so many tips and tricks as well as products to fill in thin brows or just get them properly microbladed.

No. 1389262

I have such a hard time believing this bitch used to regularly go viral for her posts, this is like a grandma-Facebook-tier joke

No. 1389278

File: 1639092207457.jpeg (Spoiler Image,327.7 KB, 1206x2208, FFAFB57F-98EF-474C-955C-90E31A…)

Signature greasy limp pigtails with the two strands pulled out by the ear. And that heart filter on every photo

No. 1389287

Tbf that grandma could get it, and idc if I'm the same age as Shayna, no one could convince me to go near that thing. Hot gilf or bitter, fat crusty boring bitch? Hmmmmmmmm

No. 1389289

Yes, Shayna, even the animal kingdom gets sick of the same def leppard and Kim Mitchell songs playing for the 50th time lol. Go play with your dog, go walk him or something. Pets aren't accessories, only there to supplement your life. Ffs

No. 1389311

Lol, leave the sweet angry mole out of this

No. 1389318

File: 1639095361950.jpg (225.48 KB, 1080x1838, Screenshot_20211209-161438_Sam…)

Is it just me or do these prices seem higher than her usual?? Great sale.

No. 1389319

Also a real good getter as always. Only doing 10 vids and 5 photosets trying to act like it's so exclusive and slots will go fast when really it's just that she's a lazy bitch and doesn't want to work beyond that. As it is it'll take her probably months to get even a handful of customs done and a couple "if I owe you content let me know!" tweets at her rate.

No. 1389322

her hair is so greasy it’s just sticking like that on it’s own. imagine her skin. vomit

No. 1389323

it could be because she’s poorly using a brow marker and doesn’t want to learn, or that she edits over it in facetune with the makeup app and does that poorly as well.

No. 1389324

looks like she’s pushing out a fart

No. 1389344

the ridges on the side of her tongue because she's so dehydrated

No. 1389349

Kek is this a grandma self post?

No. 1389355

Shay get a job at the closest gas station near you - they are all hiring right now i promise.

No. 1389359

She did it correctly years ago so I don’t know why she regressed that last time to whiskers. Did she genuinely forget somehow….

No. 1389369

File: 1639101045461.jpeg (428.42 KB, 1170x1237, C6BE24F8-140F-4AC2-99D1-B85B5C…)

It’s going to be like every other video she does

No. 1389380

Bleh her tongue is so disgusting. It reminds me of when something gets ran over and eviscerated. Her whole body is akin to roadkill.

No. 1389393

Imagine being proud of pissing yourself on camera

No. 1389407

File: 1639104390892.jpeg (194.24 KB, 750x1120, 4CC411FA-8444-40C5-9ADB-800D2A…)

What the fuck is this look

No. 1389408

How does she manage to look 45 every time she takes a selfie in that cursed bathroom mirror?

No. 1389410

GILFchan btfo

No. 1389411

Sucking in for dear life and the grease of her hair giving her a Hillary Clinton combover. And the cheap wrinkled skirt kek totally Barbie totally ready for date night with some ugly old dude who’ll give her a pair of discount shoes or a stuffed animal

No. 1389412

Not the outdated aliexpress knockoff American Apparel 2015 skirt kek how is she late on every trend… also nice alcoholic face bloat Shayna. Big nose fatty.

No. 1389414

Lmao her expression. It looks uncomfortable to exist in her body. Also lol at her clinging onto that same skirt from 80 lb ago. It doesn't fit, Shaynus. Buy another one.

No. 1389419

Her nail bed’s look infected. Wtf is going on there

No. 1389422

Is the turtleneck holding up her double chin??

No. 1389427

File: 1639105462931.png (190.32 KB, 300x423, Screen Shot 2021-12-09 at 9.03…)

No. 1389428

why won't she let these wrinkled skirts go?Why not try a tube skirt, or just put on some pants? She doesn't look sexy. It never makes sense to me. Her top half is always covered up but her legs always out. She'd honestly look better in a low cut top, push up bra and tight high waisted jeans.

No. 1389444

File: 1639107500135.jpeg (173.21 KB, 750x574, B1966115-F94E-434B-8E62-931327…)

This man actually does pay for sex with build a bear. And she acts like he bought her diamonds holy shit. Such a spoiled sugar baby

No. 1389445

I’m >>1389411 anon and I’m laughing at how predictable her life is. She’s in her 20s fawning over some build a bear gift like this is her first middle school date

No. 1389447

So who is this supposed to impress? Cause if it's to impress the pedo-pandering sex workers, this isn't…impressive. Scrotes don't care about this. If this is her sugar daddy, "Stuffies" should be what he gives her ALONG with money and/or maybe a more expensive gift. Or just a "Thinking of you" sweet gesture.
Not even to mention he was supposed to take her WEEKS ago but never did. This man isn't her boyfriend. This isn't impressive or cute. It's sad.
After years Wormack is still the only man whose dropped a decent amount on her and he's broke. Meanwhile the men she meets with pays her in dinner and Build a bear.

No. 1389448

Shayna, he should be buying you clothes and jewelry and paying your rent. This isn't a sugar daddy, this is just dating

No. 1389451

it really reminds me of being a middle schooler in 2015 and wanting to dress like the ‘tumblr girls’ at the time but i was fat and had no money so i bought everything from forever21. But Shayna is a grown woman in 2021 choosing to dress like this, bleak.

No. 1389456

I think she just enjoys this crap because her dad never did this with her. It’s like she’s trying to relive her youth with this dumb shit. Cause only a child would act this way over a stuffed animal. And her calling him dad…bleh.

No. 1389471

File: 1639109962518.jpeg (572.59 KB, 1179x1760, 6B7A716A-69D3-4470-8352-A9F8EA…)

Discounted ugg boots from Nordstrom Rack and build-a-bear stuffed animal that’s on sale. Kek living the Splenda Baby Oklahoma luxury dream! If he is a real Splenda “dad” he would have bought clothes for the reindeer but we all know he is not rich

No. 1389486

Shayna is no prize but like, have some self worth. She has this idea that she’s super hot and funny and perfect but at the same time sells herself for nothing but crumbs and attention.

No. 1389502

This plushie is so ugly. I don't see what she's sperging about.

Its gross how much sense this makes.

No. 1389513

KEK it looks like she just finished scratching her ass and went to smell her fingers

No. 1389535

File: 1639121227515.jpeg (Spoiler Image,496.79 KB, 2048x1536, A565DDF6-7CDE-4554-99B4-E55304…)

No. 1389536

File: 1639121250454.jpeg (Spoiler Image,516.76 KB, 2048x1536, 12CD8241-160D-402D-8D49-95922E…)

Woof indeed

No. 1389538

She was probably excited her stuffed animal had yellow feet that match her calluses.

No. 1389540

wrapped empty boxes but didn't bother to decorate the tree. attention to detail

No. 1389543

TBH I dont think she has any ornaments. Hell she could do a paper chain. Anything to make it look less pathetic.

No. 1389544

honestly a surprisingly nice novelty tree. these kitschy colored trees are rarely full

No. 1389546

I thought she had a whole bunch of ornaments she showed before even setting the tree up. Someone even asked on cam last night if she going to add ornaments and she said she didn’t want to but I don’t remember the reason.

No. 1389547

Shayna, if you're reading this, for the love of GOD PLEASE MOISTURIZE YOUR FACE!! DO A FEW SHEET MASKS, KEEP A FACIAL MIST NEARBY YOU, DRINK WATER. DO SOME FUCKING SQUATS. MOVE AROUND FFS. Bend over, touch your toes, go back upright, repeat. Or just do leg lifts at the chair, you don't even need to get up. You're seriously hurting my eyes and I feel bad for how pathetic and ugly you look. I know you need plastic surgery, but that doesn't mean you have to neglect your skin and health too! Believe me when I say, you look AWFUL!

No. 1389549

File: 1639122478801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,86.3 KB, 625x1023, 63F9D58F-0A16-4E8C-8983-C5BF01…)

Sorry everyone but this just reminded me of that really freaky cursed goofy costume. Spoiler for creepiness. Can’t tell whose brows are worse

No. 1389571

File: 1639126549133.png (Spoiler Image,6.36 MB, 2048x1536, 4380D04E-1ADE-40F3-8D02-96541C…)

There’s something truly scary about her face here

No. 1389576

All of her features and makeup choices (brows) are just so bad, plus her teeth, skin, and hair is always shit which makes everything unsalvageable from the start

No. 1389578

i think these are some of her best pictures, composition wise. something about it works and her body looks decent considering how it normally looks. her pinks look kind of matching

No. 1389625

too bad shes ugly

No. 1389645

Oh yeah for sure, with her grey ass skin.

No. 1389646

This must be that 'cottagecore' kids are talking about.

No. 1389669

File: 1639145787553.jpg (498.32 KB, 692x447, actual presents.jpg)

Is it normal in usa to jsut wrap presents in paper and leave them looking like that? No ribbons or anything? What the point of wrapping if youre gonne leave them like that?It looks so… bad

No. 1389674

Kek anon

No. 1389678

omg can you UK fags just shut up for once

No. 1389679

>>1389678 Im from Scandinavia, theres more countries than USA and UK nona

No. 1389680

People in the US will put ribbons and shit on gifts too. But most people in the US also give those gifts to other people, not just wrap for decoration for their porn sets.

No. 1389682

She used to have Hello Kitty ornaments that her mom had sent to her when she was in OK. I guess she just tossed those in the dumpster when she moved.

No. 1389685

Yeah it's her whole face

No. 1389689

Are you the one who keeps describing outfits in detail that she needs to wear too? Give it up. You're putting too much effort into giving her beauty and fashion advice she'll never use.

No. 1389697

>Or just do leg lifts at the chair, you don't even need to get up.

this is legitimately the funniest post in this thread

No. 1389710

Kek, anon, she would look like a busted can of biscuits and you know it. Tight at the top and bottom with nothing but gut in the middle.

No. 1389711

>>1389547 she lifts the doordash fast food into her mouth, that's already exhausting enough for her

No. 1389725

The ornaments were sitting by the bear on the bed while she was setting up the tree.

No. 1389730

I'd rather she not waste more materials since she's wrapping nothing honestly, but yeah if she actually cared to follow through on small amounts of effort that would be the idea. But they're not real gifts. They're background props for the 2 Christmas porn things she'll do.

"Some of her best pictures" is a big stretch. I'd say these at least have a slightly different decent background that takes the focus away from her goofy ugly ass and she's able to pose and hide her gunt and her nasty muff isn't visible in these nor is her curdled cottage cheese backside on full display. So from a distance as they are, they aren't immeadiatly appalling. Maybe that's what you meant kek

No. 1389741

those hands giving me pan's labyrinth vibes

No. 1389763

kek the Pale Man has more sex appeal than Shayna does at this point.

No. 1389778

File: 1639157136264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.08 MB, 1242x896, 3A0DAD22-C634-4D22-A2FF-1F7023…)

No. 1389782

File: 1639157230335.jpeg (678.18 KB, 1020x1165, F3BB5320-B129-4749-B1A6-2C6B3D…)

>A puppy named Daddy
If this bitch is a dog then she’s Clifford The Big Grey Dog because she’s fucking huge

No. 1389803

The super stretched out paw print socks never fail to get me, you can hardly make out the design on them. Also her left leg/cankles are so stubby it almost looks amputated kek. That stupid pose never does her landwhale ass any favors.

No. 1389815

File: 1639159118113.jpeg (229.08 KB, 1170x840, F40CFC8C-6E35-4B70-AF52-1323D5…)

No. 1389817

File: 1639159165803.jpeg (179.69 KB, 1242x493, 0AB25A1C-66DD-4B53-9789-B37AED…)

No. 1389826

I mean, is that NOT the proper reaction to spotting Shaynus in the wild even if it was a dream? If she keeps living her life like this, that's how most people are gonna react to her ass on the street.

No. 1389843

Not that the coomers care but the presents do look super sad and low effort in her stuff like that. So much for harping on about quality and attention to detail.

No. 1389846

>Shayna does thing incompetently
>is it normal to be so terrible at that thing in America?
nothing Shayna does is normal in America

No. 1389848

File: 1639160988383.jpeg (408.7 KB, 1170x1301, 1FBF1C19-E882-4E9B-936E-C70415…)

No. 1389855


This looks like something you'd pick up for your 5 year old niece or goddaughter. Not even for Christmas, just cuz you saw it while shopping at Walmart and you know she likes pink.

No. 1389857

hot take but it might have something to do with never drinking water, smoking ridiculous amounts of weed and drinking a shit ton of cheap alcohol

No. 1389863

plus, shoving buttplugs up her ass dry
ass to vag with dildos

No. 1389866

For someone who tried to pass as a graphic designer (lol), she sure doesn't have an eye for composition and balance huh

No. 1389868

Fupa is literally moved on and blending his family with his new gf and Shayna can’t stop posting about him… get the fuck over it girl it’s embarrassing

No. 1389883

File: 1639164535302.jpeg (Spoiler Image,762.25 KB, 1242x992, FCF79D4A-A26D-4683-B281-5BAE27…)


No. 1389896

>>1389846 actually. good point I withdraw my question.

No. 1389898

i though she had a med fetish and got wet thinking about doctors. and yet the sad face. nothing cognitively dissonant about that at all.

No. 1389905

Oh you know just the usual sugar baby type present: stale pocky and panda cookies!

No. 1389918

File: 1639166990208.jpeg (428.36 KB, 1170x844, 0F69E0F1-EE7F-43E1-B6DF-3E1A79…)


No. 1389924

she's already locked up 85% of the time of her own accord

No. 1389946

These socks are giving her extreme cankles.

No. 1389958

At least fatty knows her body is a mess. Can’t wait for the diabetes saga.
Inb4 uwu slutty little beetus bby uwu

No. 1389960

Gosh, I sure do wonder why no one wants to buy her overpriced customs. Those prices would have barely flown 100 lbs ago, can’t imagine why she thinks it will work Joan

No. 1389962

No. 1389963

>n snacks
Kek. When is this bitch gonna call it a day and move to feeder porn?

No. 1389975

She tweets about this behavior being her kink 90% of the time, but when Fupa did it, it’s sewww traumatizing.

No. 1389986

File: 1639173382743.jpeg (173.86 KB, 750x1434, 88230902-6D43-4E81-9648-47D381…)

No. 1389991

everyday is a tough day for you Shayna youre not building up any kind of cam audience flaking over the slightest things. piss or get off the pot

No. 1389995

it’s not the socks

No. 1390018

It's Bulldog Barbie… woof

No. 1390034

File: 1639179093956.jpeg (Spoiler Image,720.47 KB, 1170x1097, 2E9403DE-BB4F-4197-A3A4-C1AE63…)


No. 1390038

You can see the grime on her. It looks like she hasn't showered in weeks.

No. 1390041

File: 1639180112845.jpeg (469.11 KB, 828x770, C45D21B6-AFF9-4EDD-BA94-53249B…)

These fugly greasy pigtails always remind me of picrel

No. 1390051

File: 1639180616757.jpeg (414.86 KB, 750x744, 41D121FE-F15D-44CE-9E71-ED7827…)

I love plushies but its not even cute lol and it was on sale >>1389471 her sugar baby larp is pathetic, bragging about discount build a bear. that’s how I know she’s not getting cash or expensive gifts. shes losing her damn mind over this thing imagine if he got her anything substantial

No. 1390063

What about her actual living dog, it’s embarrassing she’s showing off a plushie as if it’s some exclusive Birkin or something of value or purpose. Is she actually dating this man or just being escorted for a meal and a souvenir?

No. 1390067

File: 1639182002513.jpeg (128.85 KB, 1284x360, 107957AD-B069-4EE1-BF97-B1F43C…)

fucking figure it out yourself you stupid cunt, it’s called google. no one wants to work with you let alone give you advice.

No. 1390068

Shayna probably doesn't even wake up til 10am and for mid or east coast it'll be around noon. Why does she want to try every time but the fucking optimal time for camming? Friday and Saturday evenings. It's not that hard to figure out or for soneone who does nothing to do and yet is somehow is for her.

No. 1390070

It’s always someone else’s job to do everything for her. She’s completely useless

No. 1390072

She calls him a sugar daddy but at the same time doesn’t seem to be getting payed, just getting little gifts and her dinner payed for, she is obviously crushing on him the way she fawns over him on Twitter, which all just sounds like dating to me.

No. 1390079

Armpits fat now. Jfc.

No. 1390086

It feels like she has gained so much more weight since getting to Seattle. She was fat in Oklahoma but it's getting past the point of no return now. Part of me is wondering if her and Ellen are having these massive fatty feasts. Ellen probably wants Shay extra fat so then neither of them can get dates.

No. 1390096

File: 1639184294931.png (Spoiler Image,238.04 KB, 500x1059, abfo-no-2-wc-rt-weirdcrimefact…)

Kek. Ellen gonna be the next Ted Bundy?

No. 1390110

File: 1639185851977.jpeg (144.56 KB, 750x443, 9FCFAA03-BC03-4D68-8910-FC99FC…)

Watch her sleep through this

No. 1390115

Will she still be begging for tips to drink or just drinking anyway? Probably. It's the only way she can cope with being on cam and still doesn't cope very well.

No. 1390125

Yeah bc most ppl want to get up at 10 am on a Saturday. Killer idea

No. 1390128


her eyes give away her mental state so blatantly. She knows she's rekt but keeps on going to stubbornly prove a point. Also, wtf is with this bitch Ellen and biting? I know Shayna desn't taste good, probably oozes grease

No. 1390131

File: 1639189146242.jpeg (258.96 KB, 1242x630, 8374A68A-48D7-4A4B-AE91-26C5AD…)

Fatty needs to stop ordering take out she types like a fucking sped

No. 1390132

Oh anon you're assuming this is even true which it probably isn't. It's a preemptive excuse to not have to get on cam first thing in the morning.
She needs like 4 hours prep time to let shower water touch her frumpy body for 2 minutes, do her greasy limp pigtails, crusty and laughable makeup, doordash, dab, post on Twitter multiple times, and probably nap somewhere in between to then be at least an hour late.

She'll most likely say "private show went longer than expected and I got soooo dirty I have to clean up and get ready to cam" and/or "I'll have to get on tonight sorry!" Possibly just say oops overslept or uwu bad dream about my meanie ex again

No. 1390135

>din din

Just talk like a normal fucking person, you tubgirl clone.

No. 1390136

>have it out in a couple hours
>will be around 8/9pm pst 11/12 est
No wonder her engagement is so low. Why would you post the video that late? Put out a teaser tonight and post it earlier tomorrow. I doubt porn sick weirdos wait until night time to coom

No. 1390141

File: 1639190531975.jpeg (45.58 KB, 1006x377, BAA68E60-6621-4AD2-A7E9-5C1D72…)

I hate her so much nasty pedo bitch

No. 1390167

File: 1639193455750.jpeg (434.97 KB, 750x938, FD1D5318-B134-4622-9A03-0EC595…)

She talks about masturbating everyday but as a sex worker wouldn’t she want to like, take pictures of videos? Since it’s her job? She’s so full of shit

No. 1390168

She’s just trying to make a viral meme post kek she’s probably drinking right now and waiting for Ellen to gnaw on her fat legs

No. 1390180

I kinda thought that shatty was bullshitting everything about her online persona but I’m starting to think that she is genuinely just retarded.
Like she makes herself so….repulsive seeming. No sex appeal. Anti-sex appeal. I think she’s genuinely too retarded to realize it. She’s mimicking actions from pornos and thinking “god damn I’m sooo hot right now” and then she watches the content of her making the fugliest face of all time and thinks it looks good.
Like if she had a different personality with the exact same body she currently has she would be cute. Somehow she makes herself absolutely disgusting to look at with retard mind tricks alone

No. 1390186

There’s no way a normal person could watch themselves looking and acting the way she does on video and be like, yeah this looks good. And then post it for anyone to see.

No. 1390205

The more I think about it the more I think miss gorl belongs in a group home for mentally challenged adults Not even trying to be funny.
The pictures of her in the woods, all disgusting and terrible and she was so lucky she didn’t get murdered by the rando she went to the woods with. Everything she does is just so fucking stupid and she has no idea how she’s being perceived at all.
I think she’s so excited for the build a bear because she is cognitively at a preteen level at the most.
The girl is pretending to know she knows what adult women do and how they act. This bitch just has no idea what is going on

No. 1390207

File: 1639198488946.jpeg (325.15 KB, 750x918, 98728AA6-985C-42BD-812F-08E5BF…)

No one reads the fucking novels she writes on her videos they’re always so autistic and read like bad fanfiction

No. 1390212

she is so stupid, coomers only have one brain cell and is not for reading.

No. 1390214

File: 1639199505122.jpeg (125.76 KB, 750x289, C17EC258-EEB1-427C-934C-60B065…)

Goddamn she’s been acting like she’s never put out a video before. It’s supposed to be her job. You pissed on camera again, good job, what do u want an award?

No. 1390228

She’s only saying this because it’s brought up here every time she releases a new video

No. 1390240

It's funny how she thinks her descriptions are why shes losing sells and not the fact she looks God awful in every single thing she ever puts out. I dont understand how she can post pics like this >>1390034 and think it is a good picture to post.

No. 1390244

File: 1639202561766.jpeg (Spoiler Image,642.42 KB, 1056x693, 16B703AD-1669-4DD2-A2D6-F403C6…)

No. 1390246

The reason I think she's acting like this is because, she's back to doing the diaper shit and she's waaay bigger and older. Wasn't one of her diaper videos one of the most popular ones she did? Well she was thinner then, I think the only reason she even admitted to being a little embrassed about going back to the diaper shit is NOT because she realizes it's gross. Or that she looks retarded, but because she's gained a lot of weight and if it doesn't live up or do better then her old video, to her it shows how far she's truly fallen.
At least thats what I get from this.
For some reason Shayna thinks these scrotes have high standards for her and fucking care about the "effort" & background shit.

No. 1390248

File: 1639203061540.jpeg (Spoiler Image,913.06 KB, 1242x826, 61AF8001-F61B-4243-8B99-EE39CA…)

She looks busted and fat asf and the dialogue is so fucking dumb
>I’m your new puppy girl from buildyourownpuppygirl

No. 1390249

File: 1639203160616.jpeg (Spoiler Image,935.19 KB, 1024x1472, A323AA42-7D90-4028-BD92-37E89E…)

Her mismatched boobs send me every time

No. 1390250

If only she put this much effort into a workout routine

No. 1390251

File: 1639203461277.jpg (Spoiler Image,470.83 KB, 1090x608, a8eec698431e250b7c0a6bd8f0a6b7…)

No. 1390252

File: 1639203464765.jpeg (251.61 KB, 1242x936, 096A2BB2-C25F-4443-B913-606CBC…)

Dry heaving while giving a tooth job on a few two inches of a dirty dildo

No. 1390253

File: 1639203494125.png (180.14 KB, 1126x755, d4c6bda85f54a175930b717edaa17f…)

No. 1390255

This is some truly retarded shit.

No. 1390258

File: 1639204118849.jpeg (Spoiler Image,793.92 KB, 1019x999, 4AF69833-FE54-4A40-9C3E-365F24…)

Her makeup is so embarrassing wtf

No. 1390261

>puppy cunt juices


No. 1390263

File: 1639204351798.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1560, 67022D1C-0929-44F4-B824-C8A6C6…)

Spot on

No. 1390264

File: 1639204493960.png (Spoiler Image,4.19 MB, 1334x750, 7F785559-5B55-479A-863C-530360…)

No way the one flimsy towel she pisses on that’s on top of her white carpet didn’t leak through that’s disgusting

No. 1390276

Id have to agree. I think it's the reason behind so many of her shit decisions and the more time goes the more I believe it. I've never seen a cow do so many seriously risky things. Then her seeming to forget that sd's aren't supposed to be like fuck buddies you met on tinder, they're supposed to actually pay you lmao. I've never heard of anyone fail at being a prostitute yet here she is. Not to mention she can't even keep up with any of her basic needs

Ew, there's no way this bitch has ever gotten a security deposit back. Along with her pets & constant smoking indoors it's got to be filthy in there

No. 1390282

There is so much to unpack here. Jfc.

No. 1390288

File: 1639207104406.jpeg (152.63 KB, 750x486, 54946340-7505-407A-89C6-837404…)

Ok, then why don’t you work?

No. 1390289

Collar bones almost non existent

No. 1390296

File: 1639207889000.jpeg (118.09 KB, 750x392, 35CA8EB7-EA96-40E7-8E9A-005C6C…)

Jesus her begging for validation all day for doing her fucking “job” is just sad and screams insecure. This is why she will never get a real job, no one is going to call you a good girl and send you monsters inc gifs for working a shift.

No. 1390297

jfc this reads like something from aggys thread.

No. 1390303

File: 1639209387039.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, 10B52274-D170-423C-925A-A189EE…)

So damn ugly

No. 1390321

Way to expose that customers have voiced their disappointment about your god awful porn before Shatna. She sure knows how to sell herself!

No. 1390334

>the rungs of the cage
>virgin puppy cunt
>unintentional, yet instinctual bark
>puppy cunt juices
>But…what’s this? Uh oh!
>the dumb mutt begins to leak
>She puffs the fluffy padding on her puppy parts

Special mention: telling the viewer that they feel “appalled” upon seeing her urinating.

No. 1390369

I remember seeing her in her Tumblr days and she's definitely declined cognitively. Years of drugs and alcohol combined with her antidepressants and anti anxiety drugs have stewed her brain.

I'm not going to go so far as to say she 'belongs in a group home'. I don't think she has a learning disability or that she's being taken advantage of, I have a lot of personal experience with genuinely learning disabled people, but she's definitely not all there.

To be considered mildly learning disabled you have to have an IQ between 50 and 70. Shayna's is probably on the lower end of average or is borderline.

No. 1390383

Her descriptions are always stupidly long, but jfc this is actually insane. No breaks, just a giant wall of text on a simple porn video what the fuck. Ironically the most effort she puts into somewhat properly writing something too.
I'm not a retarded coomer and I wouldn't read more than a couple sentences on a porn vid. I didn't even want to just for the cringe and laugh.

Also God the way she just goes on and on after doing 1 vid each month is so goddamn annoying. Like wow it feels productive to be productive no shit. Quit begging for a standing ovation for doing your job. Can't figure a damn thing out after 5+ years. Incredible.

No. 1390407

File: 1639234542899.jpeg (595.07 KB, 1170x1625, 5529163C-B67A-4384-B57C-6D450F…)

No. 1390410

she looks like a fucked up muppet.

No. 1390423


Emptiest? Creepy way to describe someone.

No. 1390434

she's getting so gigantic that the rolls in her belly have their own rolls, like they're a family of fat rolls.

No. 1390442

But probably the best adjective to describe shayna.

No. 1390521

File: 1639247688178.jpeg (264.7 KB, 1242x1460, 87C45641-3A7C-4C9B-9E40-A7C87F…)

She sucks at her “job”

No. 1390533

File: 1639248537052.jpeg (118 KB, 750x380, 9FA901CF-3494-40C2-B02E-B8A7C7…)

allegedly she’s gonna be back at 11am PST, so like 10 minutes. gif anon won’t be there again if anyone else wants to document her in motion but hey euro anons, enjoy the trainwreck!

No. 1390534

File: 1639248770213.jpeg (373.71 KB, 1242x958, 4E0A8252-872B-4D67-87EF-D2E906…)

I don’t get why she posted this then

No. 1390540

It’s a automatic tweet when she goes live on there

No. 1390545

File: 1639249903490.jpeg (328.35 KB, 750x658, A21A2EBC-3A7D-40C7-BC95-5AD9A9…)

No. 1390548

File: 1639250464778.jpeg (298.13 KB, 828x656, BBCC3542-FAE8-4E1A-AC2B-BB701F…)

Her connection is fucked and the entire audience is dipping out. She looks and sounds a lot better like this

No. 1390550

File: 1639250569005.jpeg (194.53 KB, 750x425, 0FBABE87-F531-46BE-A0BD-300324…)

Glad it’s not just me

No. 1390552

File: 1639250582271.jpeg (166.9 KB, 723x377, D1F795BA-0EF4-47D6-9BAC-B9384B…)

She just went offline.

No. 1390553

File: 1639250582484.png (449.91 KB, 750x1334, 532A98F6-3AA3-4AED-9A96-ECB59F…)

She’s already gone. That lasted long kek

No. 1390554


She prob got disconnected cuz her wifi is shit. Hopefully I'll get to see fat Shay live, I just got home.

No. 1390556

File: 1639250766242.png (4.26 MB, 828x1792, 0B31DA6D-21B2-430D-BAE1-E24607…)

She’s back. Fatty broke a hotdog nail.

No. 1390560

Does she have fake freckles on her face?

No. 1390561

>asking for tips for a “breakfast shot” or “breakfast wine”,
>just said she can’t do double penetration because her pussy is too tight
>bragging about throwing everything away when she moved
>one coomer asks for her cashapp and her entire mood brightens up

No. 1390562

File: 1639251060743.jpeg (214.13 KB, 828x440, EA8052E9-21C6-4762-A7FB-426781…)

No. 1390563

yeah, but when we say it, it's cuz we think she's pathetic
when they say it, it's because they're serial killers

No. 1390564

File: 1639251267373.jpeg (157.02 KB, 684x426, 84C6DF51-43F9-4784-9861-F21853…)

Some coomer keeps tipping her to punch herself

No. 1390565

First time seeing her in motion and… if she actually just lost some damn weight and dropped the bimbo shit she’d actually be kinda cute? Ish? What in the world are people tipping her to show her gunt and sing along for?

No. 1390566

is the AZ guy Womack? kek

No. 1390567

look at earlier threads. she would not be cute even if she lost weight. she looks like a rat and has ramen hair

No. 1390570

File: 1639251570166.png (221.41 KB, 576x322, Screenshot 2021-12-11 1.39.17 …)

what the fuck is that face

No. 1390579

Has she taken to just buying pink wine by the litre now?!

No. 1390582

File: 1639252328951.jpeg (Spoiler Image,864.01 KB, 2458x3072, 1F651B60-2B28-4787-99CB-F0A337…)

Shed be better off buying boxes at this point.

No. 1390584

After seeing her “edge” and moan within half a second of a vibe near her I take this back

No. 1390586

Just wait until she starts acting like a huge bitch when the tips die down

No. 1390588

coomer complimented her outfit
>”look a lil thick in it, but who doesn’t love a little thickums”

No. 1390591

Apparently it is not even mid day in Seattle and she’s already taken bong hits and had wine…?!?! I get if you’re doing brunch or whatever with friends but… alone for coomers???

No. 1390599

please, someone, am I the only one who is fucking disgusted by hear gulping noises? she has 0 manners

No. 1390600

File: 1639253644236.jpg (83.1 KB, 1080x599, 20211212_071318.jpg)

This is the second time she's fished around in her drink with her gross hotdog nails

No. 1390609

File: 1639254371868.jpeg (556.88 KB, 1656x1950, BB3631F4-6064-45AD-B10D-88C3E2…)

Great content today, Shay

No. 1390621

its incredible how much more energy she has talking about apex than any of her ~work~ dialogue. twitch saga please come one day

No. 1390622

>Her mismatched boobs send me every time
this thread makes me lose my mind

No. 1390623

From the fact that she claims to masturbate to her own retarded videos, and the way she constantly looks at and almost flirts with herself on camera, I'm thinking she's less special needs and way more just a self obsessed bitch. You can tell Shay really thinks she's a 10

No. 1390625

Someone asked what she's doing for the rest of the day/weekend:
>Getting nails done
>Has "something" to do but might not do it

This bitch is so boring

No. 1390651

File: 1639259142401.jpg (144.97 KB, 1205x1530, 20211211_214402.jpg)

She's trying fake freckles now. Way late with the trends again.

Just what the fuck is this top though? It looks absolutely comical with how small it is.

No. 1390656

it's the shitty webcam quality. makes anyone look half decent

No. 1390664

Her entire face is depressing, but her under eye area is really sending me.

No. 1390672

Even her hairline is rekt. 28 will be a rough year for her

No. 1390702

File: 1639266093600.jpeg (545.61 KB, 1170x1581, C5C8FC3C-29CF-42E1-B35D-AF17A3…)

Sure you did Shay

No. 1390703

Her eyebrows look a lot better in shape and color, but why are they so fucking far apart? Also the band of this top is clearly stretched to its limit and squishing her tits flat.

No. 1390705

she supposedly bought her “gaming” setup to do just that but she never followed through. as much as i’d like to see what a train wreck her streams would be, the bitch is way too lazy to actually do it.

No. 1390710

File: 1639267069325.jpeg (679.59 KB, 750x744, F4DA09FF-87EC-4177-8BC9-037484…)

Thank GOD they aren’t hot dogs again but why the FUCK are her nail beds so red

No. 1390712

Could be irritation from getting them done by a shitty, inexperienced tech. Could be infection. I'm betting on both. Those snowflakes are so janky.

No. 1390713

1. She went to a shitty nail tech
2. Her skin is probably very dry and damaged around her cuticles
3. She doesn't take care of her real nails, let alone these big talons
4. She's gross and crusty and bad things like to happen to her careless ass
OR 5. All of the above

No. 1390714

the nail techs work on her like a normal person, not a dehydrated corn husk

No. 1390725

shay holy SHIT stop getting nails, your fingers look horrible let them fucking heal

at least stop taking pictures of them, who wants to see this

No. 1390727

The fucking grey skin

No. 1390737

What the fuck

No. 1390739

It looks like her fingers have frostbite and got swollen

No. 1390748

The dog hairs on her sleeve. Very bimbo.

No. 1390755

her nail beds and cuticles look like a grandmas hands

No. 1390758

This looks painful. Also is that a burn on her index finger?

No. 1390760


This picture is so grimey and bleak

No. 1390765

File: 1639272210141.jpeg (750.58 KB, 3464x1961, 61F88B2B-96B5-478C-BBEB-49E809…)

No. 1390768

If she hated it that much she would stop being a cow and get off twitter.

No. 1390774

File: 1639272510784.jpeg (64.38 KB, 750x189, 3F64C8E3-A322-4B90-9FD5-097DD0…)

All dirty deleted and replaced with this. Good catch anon I guess she lurked

No. 1390779

Because you're a piece of shit who sexualizes toddlers and kid shit. Simple.

No. 1390781

The safety of her totally real friends and family? That would be because of psycho coomers she on the daily tells she wants to be kidnapped and assaulted, not a gossipy thread online. And what she does regularly is post embarrassing cringe shit online constantly yet thinks she's an internet personality and thriving.

I wish e whores weren't so full of themselves and realized there's consequences to their retarded actions and behavior.

No. 1390783


Shayna, you pander to pedophiles and you sexualize abuse. Stop being a gross bitch, get a job like a normal human being, and practice some fork put downs.

No. 1390787

Im annoyed that I keep missing every time shes on cam again. I know I'm not missing much as ive seen it all before but it always makes me laugh. Thanks anons for the gifs and recaps.

Also wow she really is mask off when it comes to her weed addiction & alcoholism now huh? She must think it makes her a "party girl" or something but it's actually depressing as hell. She must get the shakes/dt's because it's crazy that she really does drink day to night and now that she's swapping wine with vodka so its going to be a steep fall down. Happens to every alcoholic who makes the switch. Buckle up ladies we're in for a crazy ride!

Also lmao if she's using wifi with her perfomance computer. What a dumbass

No. 1390798

What friends? Ellen? Kek. No one here wants to harass your parents retard. You’re the one who posted a picture of your father you dumb bitch.

No. 1390807

Yep and from being a degenerate weed sped it looks exactly like the edge of a red hot quartz nail ofc she burnt herself tryin to dab uwu

No. 1390809

somebody sent Shayna’s porn to her grandma
that’s assault
assault of the eyeballs
those old eyeballs didn’t want to see that
not like she wants to see Shayna’s gross nipples at ever family holiday either though

No. 1390811

Even when its supposedly a "serious" post, she has to be a fucking retard and use the word "frens".

It's not cute, Shay. You know deep down that it isn't cute. You're in your mid twenties talking like a special needs kid and absolutely nobody finds it quirky or adorable.

No. 1390812

You'd think fat shat would be proud of it though. She acts like she's so proud to be a cheeseburger pussy priced bitch. Show your thriving lifestyle off to your family.

No. 1390815

Probably her skin is too dry(sage)

No. 1390817


No. 1390818


Literally she asks to have her skull broken and be mistreated usually, in addition to treating EVERYONE like shit, why is she so hypocritical?

No. 1390819

This is late, but the state of her hand on the floor next to her… horrific. Is that from poor circulation?

No. 1390820

>practice some fork put downs
I am deceased.

No. 1390824

I noticed how corpsy she looks too. I think it’s a combo of her being pale as fuck from never leaving her shit apartment and having no idea how to edit pics other than cranking up that contrast

No. 1390842

Also she probably doesn’t get much nutrients and vitamins, if her diet mostly consists of junk food.

No. 1390849

File: 1639285011060.jpeg (388.75 KB, 750x932, 3F4F2DBB-2FF4-4805-99AA-8FFE1B…)

Only cause you buy tops that are too small and stuff yourself into them

No. 1390853

That’s not even her underboob that’s the front of her boobs that she was literally stuffing into the jacket for dear life on cam kek at least she tried

No. 1390860

what is the point in posting 4 nearly identical pictures

No. 1390862

File: 1639288077462.png (53.47 KB, 596x393, Screenshot 2021-12-11 10.44.43…)

this was on her tumblr. All the comments about her weight gain seem to be getting to her.

No. 1390870

You're still dignifying them by posting this, fat shat shitbrain.

No. 1390873

>adorable body
i still cant tell if shes seriously convinced her body is good looking or if she just says these things to make herself feel better.

No. 1390876

If she truly liked her body she wouldn’t try to hide her fat gut all the time. She’s just hardcore coping

No. 1390878

File: 1639291461914.jpeg (Spoiler Image,572.87 KB, 1536x2048, A21CB9E8-E1D3-42F4-BF74-7AEC55…)

Holy shit she’s huge

No. 1390879

File: 1639291517689.jpeg (Spoiler Image,531.29 KB, 1536x2048, 7EC133D9-ABCF-4638-A5F2-F861F4…)

Those diapers aren’t even “cute”? Like she just looks like a fucking retarded person who can’t control their bowels

No. 1390881

Diapers are never cute but she just looks like she belongs in some retirement home

No. 1390883

I know that, im not saying they are, but it’s not even patterned or anything like when pedo pandering adults wear?

No. 1390885

Yeah they look like depends, very medical looking and not cute at all

No. 1390890

lmfaooo the diaper is HUGE oh no

also wtf is this kink. a dog wearing a diaper means it’s retarded or hit by a car or something.

No. 1390891

debatable, i mean the way she dresses in public with her huge gut hanging out? just screams that she has absolutely no self awareness for what her body actually looks like

No. 1390895

Yeah that I don’t understand, she will hide her gut in pictures but goes out with that thing hanging out. It’s like she has moments of self awareness but then convinces herself she’s hot shit and doesn’t need to change

No. 1390898

No ones saying they are, anon. It's just unlike the shit she wore in the abdl dreams or whatever they're called. That one was at least purple with stars on it or some shit. The one she's got on now is straight up clinical.

No. 1390902

There are “cute” diapers for adults. ‘Always’ makes some. Pregnant women use them after giving birth, but they look more like underwear. She wears these because they look like bulky baby diapers. She knows what she’s doing.

No. 1390908

You'd think she'd have shelled out for some pink hello kitty or flowery diapers. Maybe she is tryng to look mentally challenged? It would be the most real style she could try to be

No. 1390938

I get that the cute comments now mean the design itself not the actual diaper. I just figured the main draw of the diaper fetish is moreso the roleplay of acting like a retard/baby rather than the appeal of the actual look of a diaper. I’m sure most of her diaper loving followers don’t care if she wears white or pink diamond sparkles because they’re deranged enough to like that shit anyway.

No. 1390962

>Your favorite lil bimbo bitch is taking a stroll when suddenly Daddy hits her with her car! Daddy runs to her and daddily strokes her mangled lil body with his big cock. He performs emergency surgery on the lil pup who gets all wet from all the medical attention she’s been craving. Babby puppy noticed she can’t move her legs which makes her squeal from joy. She gets to be the paraplegic canine sub sandwich she’s always dreamed of! ”We can’t have you leaking shit and piss out of your paralysed puppy holes”, daddy exclaims as he puts on depends for the husky elderly on the heckin pupper toddler on the street while counting down from 100.

No. 1390965


Top kek

No. 1390969

The blur tool on her torso and legs is sending me. Why doesn't she blur her wrinkled caked forehead too

No. 1390974

>started porn underaged using full legal name
>live tweets exact location 24/7
>makes it extremely easy to find her apartment complex through photos
>consistently tweets out about wanting to be violently kidnapped, held hostage, raped, and tortured

No. 1390994

>cheeseburger pussy priced bitch

No. 1391010

She was probably too lazy to source adult fetish diapers and just ordered adult incontinence diapers from amazon. I know alcoholics who wear them because they've lost control of the their bladder and bowel, so this is an early preview of her future.

No. 1391043

the counting down part got me anon kek

No. 1391044

Does she really think the type of scrote who watches her porn and consumes her content is above disparaging her physical appearance? She constantly posts about wanting to be brutalized and humiliated. Does she think a coomer is above hurting her feelings because she doesn't want to admit to herself that she's doubled in size and gotten uglier since starting her flop of a "career"? I don't know how she'd cope if lolcow ever got bored of her. So long as she can point a finger at her haydurrz she'll continue with her delusions and denial.

No. 1391072

File: 1639324921287.jpeg (74.08 KB, 250x323, D32E7AC1-2402-456A-8714-0C1C80…)

No. 1391115

Amazon is literally full of adult baby items. Most even available on prime

No. 1391147

File: 1639333717993.jpeg (365.53 KB, 750x735, 39F2AE30-AC26-4E05-9D3B-CC2BAC…)

Ellen’s been suicide baiting. Maybe Shayna was tweeting about her “frens” being harassed because she lurked and found our dirt on her

No. 1391148

File: 1639333985461.jpeg (147.43 KB, 750x362, 33B8A469-9187-4EF8-8BAF-E0482D…)

Meanwhile some old man dick and mimosas is the only thing keeping her “gf” going apparently

No. 1391154

Anon I fucking died jesus christ. Absolute KEK

No. 1391196

File: 1639338297907.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 1284x1560, A97D88F8-20ED-4CA2-9403-7893D8…)

the weird side smile doesn’t make you look cuter or your nose look smaller

No. 1391238

I fucking detest this fat retard. She knows why we hate her, she is a disgusting rat who validates and encourages pedophiles. She does not care that real children are the ones who ultimately pay for her fucking door dash meals and cheap pink furnishings. She makes violent men who hate women think that it’s fine to fantasise about raping and killing us. How many of them go on to actually do it real life shaynus you fat wobbly peasant? She has literally nothing to offer the world other than pain and misery inflicted on others so that she doesn’t have to get a job. I wish she could see herself from outside of the degenerate pedo world she lives in. This is how normal people feel about the likes of her, it’s not just us. Her poor family have to exist in a world where she writes fantasies about them raping her for the benefit of pedophiles. She’s a fallen person.

No. 1391268

I can't say I've ever looked for ABDL items on amazon. I do know that they sell Tena and Abena diapers with prime and this is what it looks like she's wearing.

Cockeyed tits.

No. 1391282

File: 1639344260921.gif (137.57 KB, 90x90, 83D89312-1A63-4968-A047-9BABCD…)

> while counting down from 100
I held it together until the end

No. 1391315

File: 1639346695710.jpeg (252.61 KB, 1170x587, 030F03CF-D740-4EB6-8C7E-992D1A…)

Are we going to get a stupid pic of her with Santa?

No. 1391319

All I can think of is mean girls right now. 4 for you Glen Coco.

No. 1391321

oh my god shes drinking costco wine ive had that stuff before and its so trashy i cant imagine drinking cheap rosé past age 18 yuck

No. 1391423

File: 1639355057742.jpeg (149.05 KB, 698x228, BCB9E9E7-4530-4DA1-A02A-51D599…)


No. 1391428

She's saying pacific northwest people are hilarious for choosing to eat outside in winter.

No. 1391435

Why does she tweet about the most menial things whenever she goes out lol. Her life is so… Dare I say it… Bleak

No. 1391436

imagine your leaving your house so little that seeing people eating outside in jackets for the first time is hilarious. Covid restrictions are still in place at a lot of pnw restaurants

No. 1391465

people are doing this in New York and New England also, she is just being a tard as usual

No. 1391516

Why does she keep saying it's been hard this week? All over the dream about Fupa?? It seems that way since she only started this uwu sad shit after boohooing about it. Did a cat die? Not invited back home for Xmas? Finally realizing she might just be a failure?

No. 1391524

Imagine thinking eating outside (especially with c19 restrictions) is weird but freaking out over a mall Santa Claus giving you a candy cane at 24 years old isn’t.

No. 1391531

Imagine having a sugar daddy and he's constantly taking you to the mall to eat, but never buys you anything. Then again, The Dad isn't her sugar daddy. He's someone who feeds her and fills her "Scrote Attention" meter up for the week.

No. 1391535

He bought her an ugly discount build a bear and brunch of course he’s a sugar daddy!

No. 1391554

File: 1639367468089.jpeg (536.14 KB, 1170x1444, 7325BE36-784C-43BE-B640-086C0A…)

No. 1391555

I wish this bitch would get a journal. No one on twitter cares Shayna.

No. 1391561

File: 1639368344526.jpeg (154.05 KB, 828x409, F2C58EB5-E323-4FDF-989C-6A4CA8…)

She’s the dumbest bitch alive for not taking this option holy fuck. She’s currently venting on her discord about how people are so mean and how she doesn’t know what to do in life

No. 1391565

I've never hated her more than I do now. What a spoiled dumb broad.

No. 1391566

This shit makes me want to Shay-log so bad. You know how many people would LOVE to have this option? To have people in their lives who'd help them clean up the mess THEY CHOSE TO MAKE of their lives?
It also makes me feel like maybe they made the horrible mistake of checking her twitter And/or came across these threads.
They see how dangerous and dumb she lives, plus the obvious weight gain I know they saw during thanksgiving.
That may be why Shayna is posting this on discord instead of venting on twitter.
She's so ungrateful and retarded. Sex work isn't going to make her famous or rich. It's not her "calling". She doesn't have a car, normal age apporiate friends, NOTHING. Her step mom is begging her to stop punching herself in the face for pennies, to stop begging to be kidnapped & raped online for EASY to get scrote attention.
And what does she do? Run to discord to whine about it, to people who don't give a fuck about her.

No. 1391572

I know, it honestly infuriates me how she lacks self awareness. People work so hard to get an education and improve their own lives with no help and here her family is begging her to do anything positive with her future and give up this disgusting job which she thinks she’s failing at anyway and she refuses because she thinks being a failed e-whore is her true calling…she really thinks some miracle will help her when all she’s done is lose subs and gain weight. She goes on cam and literally begs for a few nickels but won’t take an offer for free education. Truly mental illness.

No. 1391575

File: 1639369275956.jpeg (240.27 KB, 828x796, 9DC7B691-AA9A-45A2-ACD5-25D781…)

Her fans are just encouraging her stupidity. An empire? As if she’s a fucking kardashian

No. 1391578

I can’t believe she wants to be known for the rest of her life as a baby role player like what are you gonna do once you hit 40? Even Lori is struggling to make ends meet

No. 1391580

sage for blog but as a broke community college student this is so infuriating. Having parents willing to pay for a university education for their 24 year old fuck up who’s been out of school for 6 years is such a damn privilege, she’s right about that but it doesn’t make it less terrible that she’s basically just turning down free money/a chance to better her life and start over.

No. 1391586

An empire? what does she have to show for all this? Not a house, a car, any savings, not even single piece of clothing that wasn’t made in a sweatshop. Just thousands of free nude pictures of herself floating out there on the internet.

No. 1391589

you moronic cunt I stg

it's different when her step mom says it vs her bio mom for some reason, it sounds like she's actually starting to consider it

lets be real though could she actually go through college without flunking out lmao

No. 1391590

The fact that she tweeted this over an hour ago and it still only has one like says how little of a fuck anyone gives about her boring day, they’re here for the free nudes and that’s it. But she keeps tweeting this shit. Seriously get a planner

No. 1391593

File: 1639370761607.jpg (159 KB, 720x1133, 20211213_014317.jpg)

No. 1391596

File: 1639370851957.jpg (130.07 KB, 707x1139, 20211213_014345.jpg)

No. 1391598

File: 1639370924108.jpg (142.34 KB, 707x1103, 20211213_014415.jpg)

No. 1391601

Sorry for the spam! Context: Just some screenhots of Shayna complaining about haters leaving mean comments on Tumblr

No. 1391604

No thank you discordanon please keep it coming

No. 1391605

we rely on you for discord shit we can't see, not spam at all

No. 1391611

Aeriaz not getting the hint that this isn't a conversation, it's just one person ranting.

No. 1391613

She’s choosing to double down because she can’t admit that otherwise she wasted a good 5 or so years of her life and got literally nothing in return but an archive of her face and name attached to a catalog of embarrassing pornography. Sunk cost fallacy.

No. 1391614

Lmao "boohoo my family wants to pay for my education in literally anything I want. Can you believe that? How invalidating!):< They dont understand that showing my gaping butthole to randos on twitter is my true calling." Biiitch shut the actual hell up. I swear this dumb bitch has so many opportunities to better her own life but shed rather sit around and cry instead. Wish her family would just cut her off completely, let her fall shes begging for it.

No. 1391619

One manic delete-spree or a fire in the OF server room & her entire 5-year 'empire' is gone.

No. 1391620

File: 1639372709203.jpg (159.41 KB, 720x1106, 20211213_020304.jpg)

No. 1391623

File: 1639372818918.jpg (178.56 KB, 720x1118, 20211213_020331.jpg)

No. 1391624

File: 1639372882794.jpg (147.25 KB, 720x1130, 20211213_020356.jpg)

No. 1391626

this stupid bitch doxxed herself. ISTG, I really hate her. She really take no accountability for how her life being crap is her fault.

No. 1391629

File: 1639372967291.jpg (160.06 KB, 720x1133, 20211213_020411.jpg)

No. 1391630

File: 1639373078569.jpg (146.99 KB, 720x1123, 20211213_020434.jpg)

Last one

No. 1391636

File: 1639373791862.gif (533.23 KB, 267x200, C654BE24-0661-4E3B-A4B8-FDCB68…)

There are people her age who have studied hard to become nurses and teachers to make a positive impact on society and are being crushed under mountains of debt as a result, and here she is turning down a free ride because picrel. I’ve mostly felt pity and disgust for her so far but now I know I hate this spoiled dumbass.

No. 1391637

File: 1639373900650.jpeg (212.86 KB, 750x645, C8D3F270-9156-4A41-BE51-7BF365…)

She’s been saying this for years, I doubt it’s going to happen but if it does she’s gonna have a bad time

No. 1391640

The absolute lack of self awareness when she admits to doing sex work since she was 16, as if its no big deal.

No. 1391641

Didn’t some old man from tumblr who was sending her gifts for nudes figure out where she lived and showed up at her school when she was 16? That wasn’t the haters that was, once again, a consequence of your own actions.

No. 1391643

>>IDK if they even believe the things they say about me
Shayna…seriously? She really can't wrap her brain around people thinking she's not a bimbo barbie whose thriving and doesn't pander to pedophiles?

No. 1391644

This may be unpopular but I think she's trying. I think it's all getting to her especially her step mom offering to pay for schooling. She doesn't want to go to school, but she wants fame and to be paid attention to, so she may try to stream hoping she'll become famous & rich. Or she can get her parents to help her fund this or some shit, so she can switch from sex work to something else. She's probably not going to stick to it but sex work is all about attention and fame to her. She clearly doesn't need money because she has well off family willing to PAY for her schooling.

No. 1391646

SA- I know more then likely when she doesn't become instantly famous and it's not easy she'll quit, but her reasons for doing twitch is the same as her reasons for doing sex work. She thinks it's the easiest way to get famous without having a skill or doing anything.

No. 1391647

Good. She doesn’t deserve a generous gift such as a free education.

No. 1391649

she’s just using twitch to try to lure more men to her OF, and so she can blab to her camera without having to worry about actually having to do anything sexual

No. 1391655

i wonder if when she was mentioning how "so many people tell me to break up with my gf" it was her family saying that.

No. 1391657

Yeah I wondered if she was talking about Lolcow, cause I don't think she'd be dumb enough to tell her parents about Ellen. If she was, what was she telling them to make them go, "break up with them".
If she's not talking about here,she's obviously talking to someone about Ellen or someone saw what was here and said something, but who?

No. 1391658

not that its that hard, but i bet a nickel she’ll have no idea how to actually configure obs to properly stream games without it being laggy as fuck. i still hope she tries so we can all lol at how shit she is as Apex after bragging for years.

No. 1391673

File: 1639379016468.jpeg (115.5 KB, 750x459, E3D1EE20-81A9-4956-A36A-86D848…)

She’s actually mentally stunted, right? No wonder she’s so fucking fat, she’s never cooked a meal in her life if she can’t figure out grilled cheese

No. 1391677

It's entirely possible that her family found out about Ellen from LC. If anyone in her family ever googled her name, these threads are some of the top results.

No. 1391693

File: 1639382934160.jpeg (522.14 KB, 1170x1564, A07ED790-2D41-4BC1-AFCB-F1174F…)

i don’t think she knows what stalking is

No. 1391694

Kek fatty is so upset

No. 1391696

It’s getting to her so much lmao I think we’re seeing the beginning of the end of Shayna’s sex work career

No. 1391700

I really really hope so.. she's literally just been groomed since she was underage to do this shit such a horrible thing to see happen

No. 1391708

The contrast between the sassy tumblr reply and her whining on discord lmao

No. 1391722

The only thing preventing me from a-logging is knowing that Shay is too stupid and lazy to pass any degree program anyway.

No. 1391725

The asker said follower in a neutral or even positive way and she immediately takes it as stalking. This is where her lies come from. She has such a delusional view on her image and her "haters".

No. 1391728

File: 1639386419363.jpeg (158.84 KB, 750x518, E95B26B1-FF59-451A-8ECC-A2622C…)

she’s so desperate to get a viral tweet, her retarded old coomers will have no idea what the fuck she’s talking about

No. 1391729

a couple of months ago she tweeted about discovering her dryer makes cotton candy aka the fucking lint trap.

she doesn't live in the human world. she lives in the twit-o-verse

No. 1391731

If she lived in the forest she’d eat some lethal poison mushroom within seconds of discovering there is no doordash or wine

No. 1391733

So, she thinks following someone on social media is stalking? Darmn she might be actually retarted.

No. 1391745

Admitting too much degeneracy here (not really, I have nerve damage) but that is nothing like a tena or an abena. It’s a better dry which is a well used abdl brand. Have to say I look into these because they are simply much much better than any medical brand you get.

Kinda nitpick tbh she obviously just wanted something plain white(sage your shit)

No. 1391750

Dont get down on yourselves anons realistically even if shay quit sex work and attempted this it would never work, especially in her current state. She doesn't need college right now she needs someone to pay for rehab. I doubt her family is that dumb; I hope she isnt telling the full story. I hope they also confeonted her about her drinking/smoking

lmao at her being so bitter about us. There has been tons of genuinely good advice that couldve probably improved her of/porn "business" and or guided her out of it but she refuses to admit it because of this. She needs serious intensive therapy not some rich kid bailout

No. 1391754

She’s the same type of retard as Michael Scott from the office. If Michael scott had an onlyfans it would look identical to hers

No. 1391755

Or another Twitter ban lmao

No. 1391782

i know farmers are excited for twitch milk but unlike camming, success on twitch is mostly determined by viewer numbers. those extra 40 viewers from here will help her get discovered and she’ll actually think she has a shot at it, plus she’ll enjoy it way more since she won’t have to strip or humiliate herself for coomers and can just talk to herself like a sped. i wish there was a way we could watch but not give her the views so she could feel like she failed in every single venture she’s ever attempted

No. 1391787

don't worry nonnie all the coomers and usual twitchtards will rip her to shreds. also it wouldnt be any different from her cam chat. she might have our views on twitch but it will be an empty chat - which would be funny

No. 1391790

Not only that, but if she accepted their offer she knows she would have to buckle down and get sober or at least heavily cut back. Getting her substances is her number one priority every time she moves or even travels, I think she's really more attached to being able to be high and drunk 24/7 than she is to her "work" at this point

No. 1391797

i’m howling that she thinks the same person has been her sole hater running lolcow for the last 5+ years. she really thinks people like her. wow. this is one of the most popular threads, Shayna, you have more than just a few haters.

No. 1391818

someone can make a stream room on w2g or something so she doesn't extra views. She probably won't stream more than once though.

No. 1391832

Even if she took a short course or something part time for something practical like beauty, hair, nails, or even graphic design like she already claimed she did it'd still be more productive and worthwhile. She could improve her appearance and her content and hopefully being around other people her age who are not sex workers in a class setting would probably help her realise how negatively it's affecting her life and all the options that are out there. Of course she's gonna be resistant to change and think everything else is hopeless when she literally went straight from high school to shut-in sex worker.

No. 1391843

Bitch uses shot wifi for her cam shows and can't do them properly after 5 years. How's she gonna stream the 2 games she has?

No. 1391844

The "terribleness" is not good for your psyche, Shayna? You are bringing this on yourself. You pretend to be an actual BABY that people have sex with, and you think THAT'S okay and not offensive or dangerous to people??? It's YOUR fault you have almost 100 threads here. What a dumb ass bitch. The willful stupidity, my god. If my parents offered to pay for my university I'd be a doctor by now. Fuck you, Shaynus. I hate this cunt. Sorry for sperg, she just pisses me off.

No. 1391850

"I've been on the internet posting shit for attention from smoking weed underage to doing porn underage and have done that for years and these mean comments I for some reason get from strangers really make me lose faith in humanity:((Like how could I even quit sex work when I have to deal with haters"
Insufferable. She really has low iq. She couldn't keep up with schooling and probably couldn't properly interact with others because she's made her whole life revolve around porn and normal people aren't like that. Also imagine her wearing what she does to a campus. Idk I don't think schooling is it for her. I doubt she even has these "passions that costs hundred of thousands of dollars (that her parents would willingly pay btw) and years" because she shows no interest in doing literally anything herself. No hobbies, no creative outlets, no goals or things outside of flailing and failing in sex work.
She absolutely needs a detox from weed and booze though. Even picking up 1 single non sex work hobby, dropping drinking, and stop meeting these porn sick degenerates would be a good start for her. Idk what she would even be capable of doing in the grand scheme, but just starting with those things would improve shit for her and get her on a path with possibilities, not just circling this dead end street.

No. 1391877

if she really wants to shoot porn then do it under a new name, don't show face etc, like if she's so hell bent on making it in this 'line of work', then make it work? but you could also do something else worthy of your time.

No. 1391893

it has to be so exhausting making literally everything in your life about sex. everything she does just to appeal to the scummiest most disturbed men, and somehow she is still failing. what the fuck kind of life is that, even other (prettier, more appealing) sex workers don't have to make literally everything they do about sex to be successful. really don't understand why she wouldn't take the easy way out of this sad lifestyle

No. 1391902

If her scrotes knew better they’d encourage her to do school and spread her asshole on the side. Or say there’s lots of discounts and perks being a student.

No. 1391914

right? If anyone new to her needed more proof she chose this fucking revolting life on her own, there it is. Not a SINGLE SA survivor (like she claims to be) would choose sex work over getting out finally. I can't believe she has people in her life ready and willing to drop college money on this waste of fucking space but other women and girls in America are struggling to get through schooling. Fat sack of shit. She'd rather get a glass dildo stuck up her intestines and piss on a puppy pad instead of a career and owning a home. Hold me nonnie, I'm going to a-log.

No. 1391939

I think she's afraid. College would be a devastating experience for her, she'd have to face all these younger, hotter people with better lives, and if she befriends anyone and they google her name, they'd find all of this. Maybe she even thinks she's popular enough that somebody would recognize her.

No. 1391950

File: 1639414598277.jpeg (698.31 KB, 1170x1396, 8270CF7A-1CB1-46F5-A9CD-321494…)

Get ready

No. 1391953

Very excited to see her fake play video games and whine about people being extra mean to her on live KEK

No. 1391958

Why this dumbass can't just use a usb and plug in her controller.

Wasting money on shit she doesn't need, probably doesn't know how to get it to work and never use it. Woohoo.

No. 1391959

Not to mention it would break her illusion of college being High School 2: The Seconding with dick sucking and anal for good grades. I think if she had to sit in on a single lecture, even for something she cares about, she would try to drop out same day.

No. 1391961

I don't understand this. Aren't xbox one controllers compatible via bluetooth and supported by windows?

No. 1391964

I wouldn't play Apex on a Bluetooth connection, the reaction times necessary for it are wild. But yeah, you could definitely just plug it in via USB.

No. 1391971

she’s gonna be stunned when people aren’t praising her for her shitty playing.

No. 1391974

it only took her two years from getting this PC built, buying all the parts to stream, and deciding its what she "wants to do" for her to actually do it. I cant say thats very impressive. This set up has literally been collecting dust all this time, she could have been doing this months and months ago.

No. 1391975

> I can only play this FPS game with a controller which are notoriously worse for playing FPS games

Sorry to video game sperg but she does realize that a mouse and keyboard is functionally better right? "I can't play without a controller" kek you can't play WITH one either. Console players are ass at the game because you have a built in auto aim to make up for how shitty controllers are to aim with. I really wish apex would give you the option to turn off cross platform games. Weird how she's flexing like she isn't just going to drop in, run around for 10 minutes and die each time before getting off the game frustrated. Like every hobby Shayna does that isn't SW it has to be half assed and her skills need to be embellished. No coomer cares about you playing video games they'd rather you be wearing diapers and pissing yourself on puppy pads.

No. 1391982

File: 1639417056971.png (491.7 KB, 2048x881, Screenshot_20211213-173710.png)

No. 1392024

>after someone defending the person who harassed me
Ooh, can you post pics of this, discord-chan?

No. 1392026

This made me want to vomit there’s ppl doing this bc they can’t afford to be educated or legitimately have disabilities tht leave them unable to work normal jobs but SHE does it bc “she likes it” which we all know is a lie. Didn’t she want to be a photographer or graphic designer?? Why wouldn’t she just take some classes and get some kinda general design degree?

No. 1392039

File: 1639420543962.jpeg (853.68 KB, 1170x1598, 2B5CF829-F3E0-4931-912F-CBBA8D…)

What is the point of this?

No. 1392041

File: 1639420575707.jpeg (473.23 KB, 1170x1106, B6D862C2-8004-4D20-8BC1-B47E3B…)


No. 1392043

I’m one of the discord anons and idk what she means, maybe it’s a private message to her but all the interesting stuff that was said was already posted last night.

No. 1392044

Disappoints them because she looks like shit

No. 1392046

i’m honestly blown away that she thinks it’s one or two people hating on her. the delusion.

No. 1392047

to brag about how she did underage sex work and how her parents found out I guess? and trying to brag that she got the last pink dog cage ever sold on amazon as if you can’t find them anywhere.

No. 1392050

It never makes fucking sense what she spins together

No. 1392053

how is this supposed to be hot in any way shape or form and how does this scenario even make sense

No. 1392054

This is absolutely tragic… I don't know how her dad can still muster up any love or care for her after all that she's done. The dog shit is bad enough. Imagine seeing your own daughter regress into diaper fetishism & pedo-pandering.

No. 1392056

The level of self-unawareness that it takes to post this >>1392041 right after

No. 1392057

>i rly dont know why ppl hate me uwu
>posts this >>1392041
Shaytard, are you the dumbest bitch on the planet? kek

No. 1392058

This isn’t cute it’s disturbing and uncomfortable to let everyone know your parents know you film yourself acting like a dog in a cage- pretty sure most ppl that do this degenerate shit don’t want their parents to know

No. 1392061

To show she’s been self sabotaging since the beginning because sex work is much cooler than having a free education or housing or any semblance of stability and purpose in life. She should be a warning to all these girls on Twitter thinking they’ll be the next belle delphine success.

No. 1392072

And then the very same step mom and dad,offered to pay for you a education, always allow you in their house and love you very much. This legit made me sick. If she's lying about what her dad said it's even sicker.
She SHOULD change her name to Dolly Mattel and just leave them alone. Stop talking to them, because it's obvious they love her and won't stop trying to help unless she blocks them out.
There's no point. Shayna doesn't want to be saved, she doesn't care. She'd rather do this with her life. She doesn't deserve her family, she deserves exactly what she has. She's truly one of the most disgusting cows on this site. I've never seen someone so privileged and loved act like this and get NOTHING from it. No car, nothing to show for it, yet it's worth more then her family, health and mental health.
She goes on twitter to talk shit about people who love her to fucking coomers and sex workers who don't give two fucks. Then posts disgusting incest shit.

No. 1392076

File: 1639424381280.jpeg (Spoiler Image,204.79 KB, 750x1463, B3C2592C-FF8E-4036-95FC-7EC78C…)

Maybe try cosplaying as a normal functioning young adult who wears flattering clothing that fits her body? lol I almost forgot about no-ear Cinderella, and that “Barbie” cosplay I still think is the worst she ever looked, that makeup was just awful her eyes look so dead and beady

No. 1392088

i forgot how horrifying that barbie shoot was

No. 1392091

Sad when the best looking ones she did were a gender bent spongebob and an obese daphne

No. 1392092

File: 1639426613081.jpeg (423.11 KB, 1170x1347, 5859EF8B-BD1E-482F-9D7A-0D0B93…)

Which one of you idiots sent this to Shay’s “stalker”?

No. 1392106

Her nose reminds me of shreks here.

No. 1392117

File: 1639429263739.jpeg (233.36 KB, 2208x1206, F79F4DA0-354F-4D5E-9496-11EC25…)

Those fake freckles look like she slept on coffee grounds

No. 1392122

This retard. They're in a line wtf it looks like someone rubbed a thumb full of shit on her face, then it dried and is flaking off. Do better or don't do it at all, Shaynus.

No. 1392125

That's possibly the worst attempt I've seen of drawn on freckles.

No. 1392137

The state of her forehead though. Her skin is wrecked and so dry. Bitch needs to drink water and to exfoliate.

No. 1392144

when your fake freckles look worse than plasticnproud's it's time to reevaluate

No. 1392146

It surprises me she doesn't use any filter on her phone, never used an iphone but even cheap chinese phones have good skin smoothing filters.

No. 1392147

she uses filters all the time. for some reason she just randomly doesn't sometimes.

No. 1392150

Girl… you can't do fake freckles when you have eye bags like a 40 year old. It just looks like age spots.

No. 1392158

the fuck is this, it looks like she has a shit ton of blackheads. in her camshow she said she uses her eyebrow pencil lol

No. 1392166

She's serving moldy potatoe realness

No. 1392167

File: 1639432148079.jpeg (853.18 KB, 3464x3464, 36433DC4-8DE9-40A2-8F29-56549C…)

Kek very professional, fat hog. This is why a your “audience” is Jason R Womack and Grayhair. $8 is nothing, literal pennies. The video was literally the same thing she always does except in a hog cage…oops I meant a dog cage. I pretended to be a scrote and kiss up to see if she would give me a refund and she didn’t. I imagine this is how she treats her customers who don’t kiss ass and send money whenever she pan handles. She probably couldn’t afford to give me the $8, because it went to Doordash. I will not resubscribe there’s not even milk it’s just the same garbage.(cowtipping)

No. 1392169

Thanks for your service, but I doubt coomers have the word "Gregarious" in their vocabulary so that makes you suspicious

No. 1392174

Damn I always wondered how she talked to her costumers. Even though this is a bit of a cow tip, its still crazy to see that she is just so pissy with everyone. Like we have seen it when she streams, but still its just wild. She really should quit sex work. She clearly hates it.

No. 1392183

Why tf did you pay for it? The previews are more then enough milk, she’s a retard and puts pretty much everything in them. Don’t waste your money on her and don’t fucking cowtip and feed her ego.

No. 1392190

44$ down the fucking drain topkek anon you literally financed a doordash meal for that bitch

No. 1392197

I enjoy having disposable income too, but sometimes, do you ever buy something, and even though you don't have any kids or whatever, you still feel kind of weird about having spent that money

No. 1392208

This is so dumb on so many levels. Of course Shayna was rude to you, you made yourself so obvious. We all knew she was a bitch, did you really need to sub for three months to figure it out?

No. 1392217

File: 1639436483425.jpeg (700.76 KB, 1170x1366, 84FBE418-F238-4873-AA7E-8C90C2…)

Totally forgot about this tragedy

No. 1392219

Man, I am so glad no one will ever claim this bitch is from "poor white trash" origins again after this. I knew her parents were loaded. She's like a crust punk–poor by choice.

No. 1392221

nonny you didn't need to bring this back. This photoshoot took years off my life.

No. 1392223

This was born a man, right? The way her (?) tits curve in are the way a fat boys bitch tits do.(newfag)

No. 1392225

File: 1639437097219.jpeg (335.95 KB, 1170x1000, B797199A-EA7A-4C7D-B546-9FB788…)

Lmao have fun with your dead server of 3 people. Does she really think she can be a twitch thot without a public discord?

No. 1392230

your FACE? lmao shayna, please.

No. 1392233

she's gone full delusional with this face verification bs

No. 1392235

File: 1639437574485.jpeg (370.54 KB, 1170x2118, D80256CF-8150-4497-94C7-710343…)

Deranged. Shayna are you trading CP or something?

No. 1392238

She wants pedos and rape fetishists to give her their government IDs lol

No. 1392239

KEK this is some paedophile ring shit right here

No. 1392241

>your information is never saved

No. 1392244

She is dead ass going to save and doxx anyone that steps out of line.

No. 1392245

So instead of not being a crybaby bitch about haterzz, she does this shit kek. This makes her look even MORE like a pedophile. What she refuses to acknowledge is the fact that the lengths she will go to in order to not quit "sex work" will always be on the internet here. She's just making it worse.

No. 1392246

Is this allowed on discord? To ask people for all this information? And does she REALLY think people are going to go through all of that just to talk to her maybe..once every 3 months & only when she's having a break down? She has a girlfriend and "dads" yet she's doing all this JUST to be able to vent without it getting out to people who truly don't give a shit about her.

No. 1392247

You’re an idiot bc refunds are against Onlyfans TOS

No. 1392248

File: 1639438328025.jpeg (209.07 KB, 820x1009, A8DC8A65-3E47-4B5F-8FCF-FA1866…)

>she doesn’t know her camwhore haters gonna catfish with id verification they gathered from scrotes
She’s so fucking dumbbbb

No. 1392254

anon what

No. 1392255

congrats, retard, you're dumber than shayna

No. 1392262

Shayna, study literally anything….. anything. Then you won’t feel completely useless and depressed lmao like you don’t have a future.

No. 1392268

Yeah, it's not very uncommon in discord servers where people want to be sure only adults join. But good luck to her thinking her coomers will go for that with all the degenerate shit attatched to their accounts

No. 1392274

I'm positive her parents are at a point they'd pay for her to do anything or help her do anything as long as it's not sex work. Imagine having that option after you make a mess of your life and complaining about it. I don't know WHY she wants them to support her sex work so bad, because it's not like she's super successful. It'd be one thing if she was making a lot of money, didn't need them for shit, had a nice car, house and clothes, but she doesn't have anything.
What parent would support that? Be happy for that?

No. 1392285

Is it possible to tune into her streams (if she even ends up doing it) without all of us giving her views? I would love to watch her struggle to get affiliated but I know that if farmers watch she will be able to hit the requirements without any issues

No. 1392287

It’s chump change most of the videos made good thumb nails you’re welcome. I figured it would give Anons some keks and I’d laugh and get gym motivation. It’s not that deep.
True I just wanted to see if she would kiss ass to a subscriber because she claims she loves them so much because “they keep the lights on and support her dreams uwu”

No. 1392288

File: 1639442600983.jpeg (686.42 KB, 1170x1580, 8B2BB4E8-0907-4667-9976-909D54…)

No. 1392289

>submit your images to our staff
kek what the fuck she acts like it’s an exclusive club to get into like she has a whole team who manages her like she’s an influencer/streamer. I can’t stand this fat fuck. As much as her milk amuses me, she makes me want to a log but I know not long from now she’ll end up dying of alcohol poisoning. Good riddance

No. 1392291

Lol you're overestimating her. Does she even have the mental capacity to study?

No. 1392293

File: 1639442895161.jpeg (335.25 KB, 1242x784, 52D08B09-85DA-4B0A-980E-5D2350…)

Their liver spots, their saggy turkey neck. Yes so hot and attractive. Shut up you disgusting pick me. Claiming to like old men is so 2016. Grow up.

No. 1392299

Even if Shayna went to community college and took a few classes she would still be a cow. If these threads didn’t exist and no one on campus knew she was Shaynus Clifford the big red ass pimpled whore, she wouldn’t try to be ‘normal’. If she was giving a chance to start over and live a normal adult life she would still be annoying, obnoxious, loud, misogynistic, continue to dress like a $3 hooker and would definitely try to flirt with her professors.

No. 1392300

Just say you like the attention you get for liking old men

No. 1392312


Kek at both Shay and the shaytardz chugging dumb bitch juice, thinking they did something

No. 1392327

Cringe cowtip, but God she has no customer service skills. A whole big bitch. Like I get that sex workers and strippers have to put up with asshole and gross scrotes constantly and they should call out bullshit and stand up for themselves, but also… despite being in this "since 16", she has fuck all to show for it and struggles constantly, steadily losing subscribers and customers.
So in situations like that she should be the little pick me incel ass kissing e whore she is and be like "oh well I'm sorry to hear that. It does look like you've bought other stuff and been subbed for a few months, how about I give you a month free or a vid of your choice? Would that work? It would be a bit of a hassle for us both to get OF to refund you and it looks like your sub is ending anyway." or something like that. It's not that hard. I mean she's literally giving out free spots rn. Weird how she's so thirsty for male attention and needing money but also takes every chance to publicly drag her customers or potentials like a cunt.

No. 1392342

im not sure i asked my boyfriend as he knows a lot mor about twitch and stuff than i do and he said that on watch2gether when we watch youtube with his friends it will put ithe videos in your watch history on yt and because watch2gether is also integrated with twitch that he thinks it might give them a view but he said that whenever he uses a vpn in twitch his messages dont show up in chat so he thinks it wont give them a view as long as you have a vpn on i also tried looking it up but couldnt find anything

No. 1392344

samefag but maybe we should use watch2gether plus vpns to be safe

No. 1392345

Her entire staff is undoubtedly going to be just that Serenetitty girl simp, the same one who had her bf build Shatna's pc while he had Covid. Which makes me wonder what Shat is going to do when this girl gets tired of her shit, or even just gets too busy to be her little moderator.

No. 1392346

File: 1639448509113.jpeg (726.76 KB, 1170x1860, B3E596B9-2E44-424B-981C-F8D64D…)

Oh please

No. 1392347

File: 1639448538294.jpeg (455.03 KB, 1170x1362, 9DDE317A-C94F-40D2-AF42-F1A24A…)

No. 1392348

I didn’t tell her I was a farmer I just pretended to be a scrote and she still was a big chungus ass bitch, I decided to share here since I deleted my account. I thought it was funny I didn’t think she would even reply, which proves “business” isn’t booming.(don't touch the poop)

No. 1392367

Honestly, even if farmers watching helps Shayna out, it'll only be drama. Shayna's probably going to shill her twitter, the same twitter she posts her in diapers, begging to be beaten, kidnapped and incest. Then she's probably going to use twitch the same way she uses Camming sites.
Ask for people to pay her to get drunk, get mad when people aren't talking, saying cringey shit like, "give me ur money daddy!" or "i love money!!"
Doing shit like that, won't take long for random scrotes to come across her, post her on reddit or some shit. She thinks Lolcow is horrible, wait until she meets the side of reddit/youtube who hates Twitch Thots & have channels reddits dedicated to talking shit about them.
With all that said, I doubt she even streams and if she does it'll be one or two times and she'll quit if she has one issue or isn't instantly famous. She'll spend years on sex work but nothing else is worth her time.

No. 1392371

File: 1639451291576.jpeg (711.89 KB, 1242x1223, D1877FEA-C48E-459A-80FD-D3E190…)

I hope she picks the ugly furfag to make her shitty art

No. 1392373

Whats the context of this tweet? Why do these idiots keep saying shit about "empires" she doesn't even have a car. I hope this isn't about her turning down a paid for education.

No. 1392378

Lmao it’s definitely the cam girl that posted here and accidentally left her full name in the Dropbox

No. 1392379

No. 1392427

>big chungus ass bitch
KEK nonny thanks for spending $44 so we didn’t have to

No. 1392430

I just wonder if big shaynus knows her internet is shit and going to lag to hell running twitch and whatever shit f2p online shooter she's going to fail at. Like her shit internet can't even handle her streaming on mfc.

No. 1392503

Well said anons. I’m so fucking tired of this degenerate playing victim. Sage for 0 contribution

No. 1392516

File: 1639474099485.jpeg (174.83 KB, 750x454, A40F3917-B761-4790-B26F-11D307…)

She needs to start seeing a therapist again

No. 1392518

What is she saying? Even her coomers are tired of this bullshit?

No. 1392521

Who's buying this? How can one be dreaming of being hurt and abused but never of a millionaire falling in love, being kind and snatching one to a castle where one would be equally underwhelmed with chores and the world. Bitch, just do a comfort scenario and not this pandering shit, nobody cares

No. 1392530

Even if the hottest male streamer (doesn't exist) offered me to join his private server with blackjack and hookers, I would never show my ID to someone online. Who the fuck does she think she is?

No. 1392535

Was gonna say…what idiot willingly gives their ID info to some random Twitter whores discord. Maybe she’d like the last 4 digits of your social security number too and your mother’s maiden name.

No. 1392562

File: 1639481714779.jpeg (82.98 KB, 439x342, 2C4BE27B-0544-4E5D-AF30-A1D381…)

Jesus, back at it with the kidnapping and lobotomy tweets. If we’re bored of them imagine how her coomers feel. Also kek that she’s tweeting about this being her greatest fantasy, but if her dad sent her a text saying he was coming to Seattle to bring her home and send her to rehab and therapy, she would cry abuse and manipulation.

No. 1392567


Someone should really show her the movie, The Poughkeepsie Tapes. I couldn't even get through the whole thing. Knowing her she'd probably get off to it though. Truly horrifying.

No. 1392587

She absolutely doesn’t. One or two years out of high school doing what she does she might have had a slim chance but now? That’s six going on seven years of doing nothing that requires critical thinking or brainpower on top of drug and alcohol abuse and whatever unchecked mental/personality disorders she has. At the rate she’s going, she’s lucky if she can get through a John Greene novel in one month, let alone comprehend it.

No. 1392595

File: 1639485899975.jpeg (704.98 KB, 1242x1637, 3D376262-93D8-4FDD-BD26-189A87…)

It got worse. Lot of nerve talking about “boring” when every video she puts out is exactly the same; uncomfortable long sped intro, aggressive pawing of tits while breathing like a pug with emphysema, scratching of general vaginal area, buttplugfuck, buzz off clit, end with parody of an orgasm.

No. 1392598

Shatna you tried to pass off making your bed as porn. Let’s not talk about other people being boring.

No. 1392619

I'm convinced she is doing every single bit of this as a form of self-harm. Time for therapy with dad's insurance and money, and maybe a REAL trip to the psych ward could be in her near future. I'm sure even she knows she needs it at this point.

No. 1392630

There is literally a famous case of horrific child abuse– that of the Turpin family –in which the children weren't allowed to wear new clothes despite the mother hoarding brand new children's attire and were tied to their beds, beaten, starved and neglected for eating more than the meager amount they were allotted. They were treated as oblivious objects without a proper education nor age-appropriate attention. The things Shayna sexualises are REAL CRIMES and once you notice this there is no way you can consider criticism of her actions pure "jealousy and lack of empathy from haturzz"

No. 1392632

top tier post, anon

No. 1392642

Is the McKamey Manor still a thing? If she truly loves the idea of abuse and kidnapping so much, she should give it a shot. She loves throwing money at people to feature her in their work anyway. It's even run by a creepy old man! And she gets to wear a cringeworthy uwu onesie. Seems perfect for her.

No. 1392650

File: 1639491801766.jpeg (348.4 KB, 1170x707, 9DA0BC04-32CC-422F-A505-5114B4…)

Just stop

No. 1392651

File: 1639491853989.jpeg (324.5 KB, 1170x1020, AF4498F6-B82A-49D6-9A97-46A603…)

This makes no damn sense

No. 1392657

She means shoes that would stab her if she stood up and put her body weight on the soles. What the actual fuck, Shayna?? Sadists don't find your fucked up shit hot.

No. 1392662

I love her stupid fetish/kink tweets because they highlight how sexually disconnected she is. It's been said time and time again, but she just has no sensual/sexual bone in her body and every tweet is like she's pulling shit out of a hat and hoping something sticks.

No. 1392668

>get off on hating their partner
yeah unlike you and your tiny audience, who don't get off on disgusting abusive shit. paying to get off on some rotund bitch vomiting on a dildo and getting tied up like a holiday ham definitely isn't based in sadism and a hatred of women, right? at least people who are "having sex with the lights off" aren't making their girlfriend dress like a retarded dog and get diaper rash. lugubrious. coping hard.

No. 1392671

having spiky shoes that make it hurt to stand is so far removed from actual sex it's astounding.

No. 1392682

Spoken like someone who has never experienced real passion with a man or woman once in her life. If she had a real boyfriend or girlfriend that adored her and took genuine interest, do you think she'd quit and get a real job? I always wonder: what would it take for Shayna to say "I'm done with sexwork?"

No. 1392683

Shanya, eternally sitting will only make your cottage cheese thighs and hemorrhoids worse

No. 1392693

She really thinks other people have it worse than her and that she is thriving. Wow.

Sorry, Shay. Some of us are loved and cared for and we have safe, fulfilling sex. Sorry only geriatric men want you so they can take out their aggression and fake rape their special needs daughters. She doesn't realize people like her will never receive love or good sex cause she's established herself as literal garbage to be disposed of after use. Kek. Cope harder. Some of us are getting married next year or getting degrees, while you will be crying in your discord and sucking your own shit off of pinworm butt plugs. Sucks to suck. You can go crawl back into your yeasty dog cage, now.

No. 1392695

Saying this shit with her whole chest like she has a functional sex life even remotely. All she does with her """gf""" is get horrifically bitten by her, and when she sees The Dad, he slaps her around and spoils her at the local TJ Maxx. She doesn't like sex, she likes being abused by older people because to her that's "kink". Meanwhile her family offers her actual support but none of it has to do with treating her like meat so it doesn't appeal to her. Cumbrain poisoning.

No. 1392702

Omg that would be perfect for her except she would break down and have uwu panic attack after a whole minute. It's the sane as her fake med fetish. She acts like it's kinky, but cried when the nurse couldn't find her vein and she had to be a the hospital for a like 2 days. And that was supposedly with her fake gf bringing her thc drinks and shit.
She puts herself in dangerous situations with these dudes and acts inviting of this shit, but if a dude locked her in a car and started driving to the woods, the moment she realized it wasn't a joke or uwu kink play, she would absolutely freak.
It's all just incredibly harmful kink pandering for attention and crumbs of male approval.

No. 1392709

I wonder how her step family feels knowing she makes incest porn? It's crazy they even offer to bring her back. If I was in the family I'd be locking that bitch up, who the hell would want to stay with their family member that gets off to incest and shitty pissy diaper play? It's amazing they would still take her back.

Yep. Nobody would care either since her whole digital footprint is her quite literally begging for just that; to be kidnapped, raped and tortured. Cops would be like "what? She got what she wanted?" and case closed.

No. 1392719

Oh that will never happen sadly. She’s mentally handicapped and i don’t think shayna is even capable of caring about another human.

No. 1392743

>Spoken like someone who has never experienced real passion with a man or woman once in her life
Exactly. A couple having sex in the dark requires trust between them because neither one can see what the other is doing. This is another one of her mental deficiencies, she has no sense of danger or self preservation.

No. 1392750

Shayna would probably quit sex work if she had a normal relationship. The girl brags about her sugar daddy getting her stuffed animals. Anyone whose been in a relationship has received small gifts from their loved one without having to really do anything besides be their partner. She equates sex and pain so much that it can be unsettling.

No. 1392792

Your teeth are already bad you gargantuan sow, but please. Make them even worse. Slice your thumb open with your snaggletooth.

No. 1392801

I honestly doubt it, she was in a normal relationship when she started sex work and I don't think her high school bf Connor liked her doing it and they broke up. He seemed like a nice, normal hippy kid who adored her.

No. 1392803

File: 1639505159204.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1466, D9C39C55-94BC-419A-80CF-C2F023…)