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File: 1632429484994.jpeg (1.68 MB, 2940x3464, E97AAAE2-6FB8-4236-9260-80B2DB…)

No. 1332441

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Sage when there’s no milk, no nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other cam girls. This is a Shay thread. Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention Kyle Nathan Perkins/Fupa unless relevant. Do not make repetitive comments about Shayna’s retarded pets.

Last Thread:
>Shayna continues to write novels of pedophila on Twitter as an attempt to go viral on SW/troon/pedobait Twitter >>1321429 >>1321446
>Also buys items and toys for literal babies on Amazon >>1321447
>Shayna gets hotdog nails again >>1321615,
>>1321657, asks for reimbursement of $80 for them, >>1321740
>Degenerate scrote says Shaynus’ content is helping him make a baby with his partner >>1322250, Shayna hopes it’s named after her
> Sexualizes mental illness and mental asylums for some reason >>1322388,
>Commissions a drawing of herself being “lobotomized” >>1325733, looking nothing like her fat ass
>Age play content >>1322549, >>1322573, >>1322602, >>1322832
>Dropbox video of Shayna sexualizing pacifier >>1324181, along with another cumshow in a too small outfit from shein >>1324989
>Shayna pretty much admits to lurking as she calls her customers splenda daddies unironically on her discord >>1322769 (not knowing that means her sugar daddies aren’t rich and can only send crumbs)
> Claims she’s more happy in Seattle than in Oklahoma >>1322778
> Shayna keeps talking about incest and encourages scrotes fantasizing about her being their daughter, >>1323061, >>1331255
>Shayna has a “girlfriend” >>1323780, >>1323910
>Mentions her retarded dog potentially being sick and having cancer >>1325185, >>1325254,
>e-begs for noodles vet bills >>1326036, >>1326741,
>Then talks about her “kidnapping fantasy” >>1325268
>Few days later she complains about noodle >>1327561, then complains about vegetables being in her fatty food from doordash >>1327629,
>Jason R Womack returns >>1325302, >>1326830, >>1328275, >>1331637
>old man taking her on dates >>1327588, >>1327859, >>1327878, >>1328122
>Brags about the old man buying her a french fry card and gas station tier gifts >>1328121
>Big foot silent-hill hog in the fog themed photo shoot in woods >>1328657, >>1328689, >>1328768
>Video of her on OF looks different than the photos she posted on Twitter >>1328786


First Thread:

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No. 1332458

File: 1632430807206.png (60.45 KB, 751x593, groundhogday.PNG)

Dude really is trying to be the new Womack.

No. 1332460

File: 1632430965779.png (38.26 KB, 757x400, andwha.PNG)

Shay, you know what they meant and you're trying too hard to appear like a stupid uwu bimbo.

No. 1332461

File: 1632431074018.jpeg (Spoiler Image,972.71 KB, 954x1452, 0189AB01-945B-4BC9-AABD-CEA956…)

No. 1332462

File: 1632431106919.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.21 MB, 1099x1682, 708221C9-187B-45B1-8D27-D8F5D8…)

No. 1332463

File: 1632431135577.png (542.54 KB, 952x552, girls-9.png)

No. 1332467

File: 1632431397435.jpeg (18.63 KB, 210x240, 83E48A3E-FB9D-413A-B6FB-CF4674…)

No. 1332472


"i can't believe anyone would ask me to say i'm underage in a porn video! get help, pedophile!"

also: "i'm litearlly an actual baby, drug me and fuck my innocent new little baby holes teehee googoogaga"

No. 1332480

Looks like her sad tits are beginning to slide off of her chest

No. 1332488

I seriously thought these were stills from a video she posted on twitter and not just images she uploaded to twitter. Kinda grim she even captioned these photos "good morning neighbors" hopefully she really isnt yelling at shit at them while doing stuff like this. Shes basically asking to be evicted.

No. 1332511

The most punchable face. No wonder scrotes want to film BDSM with her kek. And she loves it cause she knows she's disgusting and the only time anyone wants to be with her is when they can beat her senseless and not look at her face. If she was my neighbor I would simply break my lease. Living around a pedo cam girl who constantly flashes us? No thanks. >>1332462

No. 1332523

File: 1632436473880.jpeg (Spoiler Image,983.84 KB, 1242x801, 69BD3A1F-480A-4FFB-9464-9AD95F…)

No. 1332524

File: 1632436567795.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.06 MB, 1242x1698, 387BEDA5-ABB5-4BE2-BA0F-37560E…)

These are so awkward

No. 1332526

File: 1632436617673.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 1242x1675, 50AFCC2B-3FDF-4E3A-A681-78AFE3…)

No. 1332530

File: 1632436720382.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 1242x1663, 50349647-B1D7-47CE-B860-34F084…)

No. 1332531

File: 1632436753292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,702.99 KB, 1235x1733, 8817A66D-B6CD-4833-9588-063D07…)

Last one. Whoever said she looked like a wild animal trying to find food was spot on

No. 1332532

Her fingers and nails look like crooked roots. Why is she posing like she’s squatting in front for a group picture…

No. 1332539

For someone who claims to be a model and a professional, she sure is horrible at posing in a sexy way or even just normally. It’s laughable and weird that she posts content that looks like that. I’d be embarrassed. At least try to improve after all these years. Just because you have a nice location/backdrop doesn’t mean you can still spazz out in front of the camera and expect the pics to look nice. Sorry ladies just ranting.

No. 1332541

Lovely pic of the scenery but shayhog ruins it.
Think it's her trying to hide her gut.

No. 1332574

Dear lord the smell of ass cheese and mud radiating from this photo…

No. 1332585

she really thinks pointing her foot out like that will make her look skinnier lmao

No. 1332587

File: 1632443271270.png (391.56 KB, 720x480, 302079-silent-hill-2-restless-…)

No. 1332602

Proving once again how much of a degenerate she is jfc

Oh no no no anon don’t ruin Silent Hill 2 for me kek

No. 1332639

That's a really nice tree too bad that hog is in front of it

No. 1332659

File: 1632449206343.png (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 2048x1468, Screenshot_20210923-190626.png)


No. 1332664

Yeah because that went so well when you weren't such a bloated lardass.

No. 1332668

He hand groping at her leg fat made a second labia wtf

No. 1332677

Waiting for someone to suggest Plumperpass lol

No. 1332684

File: 1632452546201.png (373.44 KB, 2048x572, Screenshot_20210923-200213.png)

No. 1332685

I saw that too. It looks so weird like a freakshow bitch with 2 cunts

No. 1332726

Scrote or farmer?

No. 1332730

definitely a scrote, checked his account and he's been retweeting porn for years

No. 1332732

didn't she completely trash and talk shit about porn companies recently? This is just funny to me because in OK she was sooo against major companies. Idk if she was just so distracted/controlled by f* or what. I do feel like her gf is helping her big time and basically showing her how to do her job because the editing and relative quantity of work has increased and that's def not something that comes from her.

No. 1332745

File: 1632459819056.png (638.81 KB, 2048x1348, Screenshot_20210923-220318.png)

No. 1332747

File: 1632460751393.png (403.33 KB, 2048x1072, Screenshot_20210923-221849.png)

Being a complete idiot for $25

No. 1332748

These are haunting. The scenery is beautiful and Shayna is not.

No. 1332750

File: 1632461232411.jpeg (194.74 KB, 1508x848, E5B9567A-5674-4E64-AAE7-FE8E66…)

Ew look at this stuff “he” bought her

No. 1332752

File: 1632461258058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,81.45 KB, 676x960, 4303968A-0AD2-4026-A422-DD6AFD…)

No. 1332753

File: 1632461287464.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.24 KB, 675x957, 21AD1809-98D0-43D6-89BB-37281B…)

No. 1332759

File: 1632462158791.png (915.7 KB, 2048x1761, Screenshot_20210923-224159.png)

She sure talks about this "old man" more than she talks about her gf

No. 1332760

>she smelled you on me
Keep exposing yourself Shayna. No one likes a whore that fucking reeks.

No. 1332762

File: 1632462380335.jpeg (181.84 KB, 1242x1364, 65D8AC11-1F00-495C-9C9B-834CBC…)

And it’s now all dirty deleted

No. 1332763

File: 1632462502195.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1440x2021, PicsArt_09-24-01.45.29.jpg)

No. 1332764

Yeah maybe your armpits you little hog

No. 1332768

so she's messing around with some guy whos cheating on their wife/gf?

No. 1332774

it's the old man with the dungeon & his wife I would bet. they have this triad going. they were the first ones she wanted to have as mommy and daddy and her be the baby. That felt so wrong to write. But yeah now she wants her gf to be mommy. She pays more attention to him than any other because he's the only one with actual money lol

No. 1332778

Update: her doggo is fine

No. 1332780

File: 1632464794340.jpeg (113.63 KB, 659x934, 6245B171-33D8-4951-9E90-9EBF3F…)

damn I know this has been said many times but it amazes me how she’s ugly even with a Snapchat filter

No. 1332783

File: 1632465292011.jpeg (338.02 KB, 1242x1591, 54BF1CFC-874B-4EFF-ACF3-35DF65…)

No. 1332790

File: 1632465831089.jpeg (227.43 KB, 861x1069, 5E3AEA49-E272-4114-A8A2-0630BF…)

No. 1332811

File: 1632469881824.jpeg (150.8 KB, 980x1040, 4049F936-A5AE-4095-B8CF-2D4CF9…)

No. 1332824

Beautiful work nonita!

No. 1332863

Up till now I just thought Shatna has a relatively normal vagina that looks worse because of her being fat and poor hygiene and dildo practices, but that second pic makes me question how it can end up looking like that.

No. 1332935

It's probably the guy she and her friend are poly with, it seems like all her recent posts have been about him

No. 1332945

Back in her early days she had some sort of horrific STD or infection down there. It went all the way into her ass. I'll spare you the photos but it went on for literal years and she used to grow a bush to hide it. Her present day junk is nothing worrisome in comparison.

No. 1333005

Damn, the thread's barely started and already I had so many keks! Good work, nonnas. Also >shayhog, let's make this stick!

No. 1333048

She would never be in this "relationship" if she couldn't brag about it and use it for content on her twitter. You just can't convince me she would quietly lead a life like this if it wasn't just to try to get attention/likes. What a pitiful existence.

No. 1333087

Pffft next thread pic god please

No. 1333151

File: 1632499478206.gif (1.84 MB, 275x255, DCD97233-A6AC-4DEF-88EF-A1128B…)

The sole reason I keep following this mess of a thread. Absolute masterpieces, ladies

No. 1333159

File: 1632499845924.jpeg (Spoiler Image,110.62 KB, 676x1014, BBC9B0E5-ABB8-447D-B97F-60EFE9…)

The alcoholic face bloat is getting worse. The outdated extreme Snapchat filter can’t even save her now.

No. 1333163

File: 1632500374186.gif (874.59 KB, 354x193, 89F70642-4470-417E-B68E-6AB192…)

No. 1333186

Kinda gross he didn’t shower in between being with multiple women. Especially after getting shayna’s rancid stench on them, I guess they’re perfect for each other.

No. 1333206

her AGP smirk keeps getting more and more intense

No. 1333282

she's starting to look how Amberlynn looks when she puts on those filers, in fact she kind of looks like Amberlynn in general.

No. 1333314

File: 1632509944393.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 950x1817, 6DF6409B-C47F-4F0E-B3A9-D285AC…)

No. 1333319

File: 1632510128137.jpeg (Spoiler Image,716.99 KB, 1242x1343, 168CD96B-34FD-4DC7-9F28-B6D54C…)

Imagine begging for groceries kek

No. 1333321

File: 1632510150216.jpeg (68.36 KB, 676x853, 9DAA61DE-4BC1-4217-91C9-E2A711…)

No. 1333323

serving pure truck stop lot lizard in this one, kek

No. 1333346

I agree. She used to look more like pixielocks imo but after shayhog has been gaining so much weight, it think she looks a lot more like amber.

No. 1333393

why did she delete this kek guess she couldnt afford to go

No. 1333398

Gurl you can't afford the fancy Aldis. kek

No. 1333405

With jeans that tight how does she even breathe?

No. 1333413

That doublechin kek

No. 1333417

File: 1632516953917.jpeg (765.64 KB, 1242x1579, BF53895E-F822-4773-87D8-67EC80…)

That’s embarrassing all she could afford was a $14 planner kek

No. 1333421

More junk shes never going to use

No. 1333425

Brush teeth, shower, and make bed every morning? Shaynus could never

No. 1333437

File: 1632519651756.jpeg (58.21 KB, 800x450, 450440EE-4618-423F-AEBB-05270C…)

No. 1333441

What is it with losers like Shay and Tuna being obsessed with purchasing cutesy planners? What's to plan? It's an infinite loop misery and hole stuffing.

No. 1333490

Remember not long ago when she was saying she's too stupid to remember to eat? (A
as if)Kek, I imagine this planner will just be an hour by hour reminder to order door dash and edibles, with the occasional "stick random household object in ass hole"

No. 1333507

I can understand of you have like memory loss or on a lot of meds needing this shit but you could easily just write it down yourself, not hard.

No. 1333517

She’s so ‘extra’ for dumb shit like planners and weed accessories but won’t make an effort on her appearance. Like a foot scrub, dry shampoo, and chapstick would do her wonders and wouldn’t cost that much money.

No. 1333540

okay this is actually perfect for her with the personal care and especially the chore chart lmao. She even can write that she "promised would cam on ____days but didn't oopsie" in the "who were you supposed to follow up w/yesterday?" section. Oh please who am I kidding. While I know it can be helpful to some who are actually trying to make positive changes, we all know that's not the case with shayna. She's still trying to pretend like she's always been this functional person so she doesn't scare away her gf and all the scrotes she's fucking. I wonder how long till it all falls apart? Tbh she's kept it up longer than I thought

No. 1333584

File: 1632531678013.jpg (Spoiler Image,72.63 KB, 676x910, FAELa97VkAQvdoU.jpg)

captioned "morning whores"

No. 1333592

she looks like a bloated hungover whale

No. 1333593

File: 1632532819822.jpeg (241.64 KB, 1284x655, 7C791E12-E12E-4D01-86D6-E1996C…)

ew so your girlfriend assaults you in your sleep? wtf

No. 1333595

samefag but this is also a big tell that her “girlfriend” lives with her.

No. 1333603

Think she sleeps over and visits because she posted that she was gonna see her “gf” when she was in a Uber so I think they live separately. I wouldn’t be shocked if she tries to move in though

No. 1333607

File: 1632533949161.jpeg (155.24 KB, 1004x1024, B6D6C342-1BD0-44B2-B06A-C8D43B…)

Imagining horse face sucking on Shayna’s fat mole covered crevices of her neck gives me the creeps

No. 1333610

File: 1632533997644.jpeg (580.11 KB, 1242x1715, 77CECF26-5DE8-4910-8282-5C2523…)

Tell me you don’t have sex without telling me you don’t have sex:

No. 1333612

File: 1632534106213.jpeg (115.01 KB, 1023x1024, E5F7C94B-CD2D-43D1-8D25-6513C6…)

Crust and chip-crumbles are probably in her neck rolls. She’s so stinky looking

No. 1333633

Forget about her girlfriend sucking the dirt off her neck, she just bragged about getting $50 from a "Sugar dad".
It's been years and $50 makes her love being her. Wow.

No. 1333641

legendary shoop. next thread pic pls

No. 1333645

File: 1632539470829.png (672.02 KB, 1332x2048, Screenshot_20210924-201038.png)

What the hell is this autism

No. 1333650

I wonder how much did shay pay for that tweet and merch.

No. 1333694

>your page is my safe space on OF


No. 1333719

File: 1632549512233.png (1.8 MB, 2048x1839, Screenshot_20210924-225800.png)

These pics are terrible but any bets that she'll go blonde again soon?

No. 1333727

No Shay, you just miss being thin.

No. 1333736

ratty fattel thinks that if she has blonde hair again she will be skinny and young again. she literally looks like a slaton now

No. 1333737

She just misses eating garbage and not having it affect her physical appearance.

No. 1333772

Dollar store garbage. At least its on brand for her kek.

No. 1333889

She deleted this lol

No. 1333958

File: 1632584992580.jpeg (Spoiler Image,950.27 KB, 869x1318, E39AC124-7ECC-444A-A418-1AC9EA…)

Beached whale vibes

No. 1333960

File: 1632585470561.jpeg (Spoiler Image,996.86 KB, 3464x1940, 8EB6BDA0-2A3C-4159-9559-56528A…)

No. 1333984

File: 1632588081457.png (966.73 KB, 1594x2048, Screenshot_20210925-094058.png)

No. 1333986

>anons document shayna's rotten behavior
>it's LC's fault that her coomers look bad for dating a piece of trash
lmao whatever makes you sleep at night, shay.

No. 1333987

File: 1632588168817.png (517.06 KB, 2048x1353, Screenshot_20210925-094237.png)

We got a shout-out!

No. 1333988

>my haters
shayna, you fucking retard, if you're referring to LC we've known who your fat, horse-faced "gf" was before you even moved to seattle. what the fuck is she on about?

No. 1333989

It's so cringe how she's speaking directly to this thread but is pretending she's speaking to her twitter followers, one person must've asked to see her girlfriend, she thought it was a Farmer or some shit, but this, "If you guys acted better you'd see my girlfriend!" is dumb as hell. Plus, Fupa ruined his own damn life. I don't care if people cow-tipped, he posted his ugly ass face and porn fucking shayna online. Shayna herself outted them dating and said she wanted to "ruin his life". Someone already posted how the GF looked, nobody fucking care. The only people who think she's lying is people here, again, nobody cares.

No. 1333990

the fact that she assumed someone saying she doesn't really have a girlfriend was bait to post a pic of her really shows how stupid she actually is. that anon probably meant it wasn't a real relationship, not that the bitch ceases to exist.

No. 1333996

>>cuts her family off for not supporting her relationship
>>Gets with a dude who hides her for years because his ex-wife is disgusted by his pedo-pandering kinks and pedo pandering girlfriend he PROUDLY bragged about and did porn with.

Maybe instead of getting mad at lolcow, maybe she should get mad at the fact she spent years on a man who didn't fully support her job & could'nt mention her by name on his social media. Her family get treated like shit for not liking it, Fupa gets years of her life. She's a idiot. Why is she even bringing up Fupaul's ex anyway?

No. 1333997

>Why is she even bringing up Fupaul's ex anyway?
because despite her "uwu thriving poly relationship" she still can't resist mentioning him at any opportunity

No. 1333999

I also like how she goes, "they ruined my exes lives", Her ex easily moved on, I bet all her exes are doing better then she is right now. I feel like she's about to have Fup out and start playing the victim. Lolcow didn't ruin her and Fupa, if we never existed she'd STILL be in the same damn situation now.

No. 1334002

This wouldn’t be a problem if fupa didn’t hide you for years lol. Tbh I’m glad someone cow tipped the ex wife because you’re a fucking pedo alcoholic mess and you have no business being around kids, you predator lol.

No. 1334004

she also acts like it would NEVER get back to the ex or to Fupa's real life, these idiots connect their real faces to the disgusting shit they do online, then expect NONE of it to catch up with them.

No. 1334010

God tier kek worthy, anon!

No. 1334019

jesus could she clench her as cheeks any tighter

No. 1334020

File: 1632591466494.jpeg (Spoiler Image,896.27 KB, 3145x2069, B48C5E97-7558-4802-A075-777179…)

She’s so ugly

No. 1334023

File: 1632591637140.jpeg (130.6 KB, 1242x296, EEB753F3-C721-4873-98C6-D8EA58…)

She’s so bothered because she is reading the current thread. I’m laughing. You’re really fucking ugly Shayna. Keep talking to the 6 real followers you have

No. 1334025

the far right pic…how could you even post that and think you look sexy?

No. 1334027

File: 1632591772539.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1242x1798, C21F4A04-4088-4A87-B3F9-55186F…)

More Sasquatch pics

No. 1334028

File: 1632591815416.jpeg (Spoiler Image,378.75 KB, 1039x1536, 83E7DC19-C89D-4FC2-8C7C-20CCD3…)

No. 1334029

File: 1632591856723.jpeg (Spoiler Image,326.87 KB, 894x1366, 6C4E22A9-767F-480F-A6FA-9C0AEC…)

No. 1334030

wading in shallow water isn’t a good look for you shayna. try drowning next time.

No. 1334031

File: 1632591902312.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1242x1714, 14F79EA4-4664-4431-BC52-095F60…)

Her hair looks ugly here

No. 1334032

She basically removed her asscrack with the blurring tool. This looks like she photoshopped herself in front of a really nice background.

No. 1334034

File: 1632591977445.jpeg (698.75 KB, 1242x1493, AD2E901B-5B6D-4A87-9DA3-D005B6…)

Keep eating, hog!

No. 1334036

She looks like an absolute troon. She looks like Bob from That 70s Show with her beady eyes, manly facial shape and Trump lips

No. 1334038

File: 1632592083655.jpeg (Spoiler Image,792.08 KB, 1242x1653, 794AA987-387C-4960-9E0C-2C8512…)

Clearly you don’t care woof ugly ass face

No. 1334040

File: 1632592151331.jpeg (500.53 KB, 1242x1035, A0342774-53CC-4933-8987-76F54C…)

Another Shaytard video that’s behind a paywall. The description is so retarded

No. 1334042

at this point i’m convinced she makes those faces solely for lolcow, she isn’t even attempting to be sexy

No. 1334043

her hand looks like a sea creature

No. 1334048

i see her hygiene is back on the downhill kek

No. 1334050

i’m still left trying to figure out what is “sexy” about any of the pics from this shoot? they look uncomfortable and cringey and you can tell how desperate she was to try to hide her fat gut and mismatched tits.

No. 1334058

Her ass cheeks are so pointy, she has the ass of someone who only sits. Do some squats fatass

No. 1334060

"Gender neutral" kek she's really pandering

No. 1334062

That’s because she only sits and rolls around when filming her coom shows and doesn’t exercise at all kek

No. 1334068

Shayna no ones hates you more than you hate yourself lol

No. 1334069

A dirty hippie doing a water birth in the local lake

No. 1334092

Shaynus you’re multiple treads behind. We already knew who she was before you even moved and have seen her ugly man face. No one questioned your middle school hickeys. Kyle Nathan Perkins moved on with his life before you even boarded the plane while you were having a mental breakdown sniffing the armpits of his shirt in the airport bathroom. If anyone ruined anyone’s life, it’s you who ruined your own.

No. 1334102

I think she would post picture with Ellen if the girl was cute or aesthetically pleasing in any way, but Shay is not attracted to her, she’s just lonely and it would be kind of embarrassing

No. 1334105

How did we find out his identity against. It was some time ago I can’t remember. Surely it wasn’t just from her posting about him(sage)

No. 1334107

She is going to be seething about that for the rest of her life.

No. 1334108

Looked at that bitch’s page. Shayna’s followers are either ugly scrotes, trannies, or fat washed up sex workers who make content for less than my Starbucks order.

Shayna isn’t attracted to women anyways and she wouldn’t post her “gf” if she was pretty. Bitch is hateful and can’t stand that 90% of women are prettier than her.
Sage and lurk retard. Fuck off.(a-logging)

No. 1334109

File: 1632599050301.jpeg (Spoiler Image,641.57 KB, 750x921, 4BB32831-C0D0-4B17-B4A5-05A402…)

Maybe she should consider taking pictures with her gf, it would make her ass look so much better in comparison

No. 1334112

Without the blur tool Shayna’s legs similar to that

No. 1334119

File: 1632599642309.jpeg (194.45 KB, 1160x1544, 7BC01403-9EC4-4092-9AB6-94BE93…)

kek this is them

No. 1334120

anon why did you post a picture of the elephant man after his beatings

No. 1334124

File: 1632599874499.jpeg (Spoiler Image,181.72 KB, 595x492, 6A85B377-C82D-4DBF-A886-D6728C…)

No. 1334125

A match made in heaven, who wouldn’t pay $3 to see these two jiggling their cellulite together

No. 1334127

god damn everything about her is so ugly! and it's only going to get worse with age

No. 1334142

>it was impossible to get out of bed
Lmao unless you went to a cheap Italian restaurant with Fupa and went day drinking in bars. Such a liar

No. 1334143

File: 1632601257863.jpeg (414.47 KB, 1544x1160, 449C5A46-CAD4-4285-BBE2-E1F4F8…)

The fact they all look around the same age bracket kek 35-55

No. 1334144

File: 1632601263398.jpeg (264.97 KB, 1125x703, EB558D67-5D70-422A-B5C3-37F685…)

the amount of copying by retweeting this. NO SHAY you are putting on child’s clothes and the notion of being a child to appeal to dirty disgusting men who have fantasies about daddy daughter shit. You can create content for that but you cannot, should not pretend to be a child or dress as one

No. 1334157

>that's it that's all there is to it
Except it's not only it and that is not all there is to it. Adding real items that babies, toddlers, and children use and acting like them in porn you make for men to get off sexually to is explicitly pedo-pandering.

No. 1334159

And THEN creating a fantasy around it involving pretending to be a child having sex with mommy and daddy on top of that

No. 1334160

Why did she even retweet this? OP doesn't make porn and is just ranting that people say those things to her when she is Asian and wears frilly clothes. There is a huge difference in what Shayna does and this girl's style. Spedna loves to drag non-participating people into her fucked up shit.

No. 1334161

Shayna literally posts her pedo fantasies online, she is so dumb.

No. 1334180

Isn't that Venus' friend? Cow crossover heh.

No. 1334187

Tell me you're a pedophile without telling me you're a pedophile

No. 1334199

File: 1632606644552.png (1.67 MB, 2048x1766, Screenshot_20210925-145029.png)

E-begging incoming

No. 1334202

File: 1632606752553.png (242.91 KB, 585x513, Screen Shot 2021-09-25 at 2.52…)

Already started kek

No. 1334204

File: 1632606844904.jpeg (358.35 KB, 1554x2048, FAKX8mYUYAA0C2j.jpeg)

wtf is going on with her wrist

No. 1334208

Not to iPhone Sperg but it’s literally the same phone as the cuter purple / baby blue iPhone 12.

She could have at least got the same colour pro if she’s that “high maintenance bimbo”

No. 1334212

probably some kind of lake water irritation kek

No. 1334213

if it was anyone else i would say a rash from excessive hand washing due to Covid but we know this bitch is filthy and never washes herself if she can help it

No. 1334216

Her totes gf scratched her because they're just sooooo kinky

No. 1334222

File: 1632608105278.gif (474.47 KB, 500x500, nectar-bath-treats-custom-scen…)

No. 1334226

it literally looks white in the clear case???lmfao

No. 1334256

I literally dry heaved jesus christ.

Insert link to the post from a couple days ago where she fantasizes about "mommy & daddy locking away the no-no juice bc she's too wittle"

No. 1334262

Kek, that's the least pink phone I've ever seen and that was literally her reason for buying it.

Which is obviously really stupid anyway, get any phone and just get a nice case.

No. 1334267

literally if it weren't for the box showing a pink phone I would've just told you that was white – that ain't pink lmao

No. 1334306

File: 1632614728379.jpeg (107.79 KB, 1284x295, 9428BF61-30E1-47A8-83CF-98D6ED…)

shayna, your “girlfriend” taking you to coldstone isn’t exactly a roadtrip but whatever you say

No. 1334321

we believe you have boring performative sex with another ugly woman
we just think it’s hilarious

No. 1334330

>surprise roadtrip
Either they’re driving more than 5 minutes to get food or her girlfriend is going to murder her.

No. 1334348

Did she just get scammed or is the lighting so shit that the phone looks white?

No. 1334369

I'm not color blind but it's literally not pink? Like maybe in a very certain lighting it's the palest pink ever?

No. 1334376

did retard order the wrong color? the pink looks noticeably pink on the apple website and in other photos. this is literally white.

No. 1334405

She bought a white phone case for it

No. 1334406

File: 1632621989068.jpg (272.01 KB, 1080x1123, Screenshot_20210925-210614_Twi…)

She really put a TW in her bio, I can't with her

No. 1334408

but you can see the apple and the kate spade case has no apple on it.. unless i am missing something. i thought that too at first

No. 1334410

You're right anon, didn't even realize that

No. 1334412

Aw Shayna and her phone have matching pimples <3

No. 1334420

File: 1632622831913.jpeg (Spoiler Image,365.53 KB, 635x637, 9A5B0D55-D06A-42E0-9712-F72EAF…)

They really are perfect for each other huh? At least this Ellen is in her 30s, Shay is only 24 she has no excuse

No. 1334448

Serious motivation to squat heavier.

No. 1334452

File: 1632625295447.jpeg (Spoiler Image,421.09 KB, 766x786, 7FA29F7D-D3FF-4A88-8776-E43C5D…)

Still trying to figure out if they live together. Is this one of Shay’s nasty blankets?

No. 1334457

Can I get a rundown on this lolcow, liked the pun that was her name this thread is #4 or so when you search her name.
Got a good laugh, thanks ladies?

No. 1334458

File: 1632625655982.jpeg (408.42 KB, 828x804, 6F0DB992-90F6-474F-88DE-16010E…)

Dolly Mattel? More like dollop of daisy
(please clap)

No. 1334460

Read the threads retard

No. 1334461

It says this picture is from June, shatna moved to Seattle late july

No. 1334462

File: 1632625862024.png (Spoiler Image,2.18 MB, 1909x2048, Screenshot_20210925-201026.png)

No. 1334463

how fitting, shayna has the ass of a 50 year old and her girlfriend somehow has the ass of a 70 year old

No. 1334466

File: 1632626028832.jpeg (156.3 KB, 647x443, 7858F469-733B-436D-9CAE-EA3CAF…)

Oh yeah we got you

No. 1334470

Good catch anon. I don’t know if I believe they actually live together, but Ellen has kept the backgrounds of her pictures noticeably vague in the past couple months/stopped posting selfies since July so it’s clear she and shay are trying to hide something, even if it’s just their boring ugly fake relationship

No. 1334471

I don't understand what those purple splotches are?? Skin irritation? Internal bleeding?

No. 1334475

Bruises from impact play

No. 1334481

Was planning on reading the threads fags, just don't want to trawl threw 76 or so

No. 1334482

literally nobody cares, retard

No. 1334484


thank me later for the grammar lesson nonny my beloved

No. 1334485

Sorry for no sage lads

No. 1334486

It's the only way she has any ass. She's trying so hard to give off that perky butt shelf look.
This is a weird way to say you'd fuck a pig.

No. 1334487

It didn't even work lol, sorry for dicking up your catalog.. It's all my fault won't post anymore. :)

No. 1334491

your a silly billy lady

No. 1334492


now i want 1$ for my services

No. 1334493

No. 1334509

Damn her legs are wider then her ass. That's crazy.

No. 1334513

File: 1632629503165.jpg (23.77 KB, 360x240, 12339999.jpg)

All I see kek

No. 1334571

I'm still confused on the phone. It's not the case because you can see the apple logo through it and then there's the camera area that's not covered at all.
Did she get the box for a pink one but really bought white somehow or what kinda bullshit is apple pulling? Her ugly nails are almost the pink it should be (from the box). And she's got dingy pink sweatpants on. That phone is deadass white.

No. 1334574

>or what kinda bullshit is apple pulling
she buys everything off amazon so she probably got scammed or something

No. 1334586

not to iphone sperg but many people have complained how the new pink iphone looks borderline white irl. they advertised it as a light pink online but it looks near white most of the time irl defeating the purpose of buying a pink phone

No. 1334587

the pink iphone is barely pink, a quick google search will show you that it’s basically white tinted pink. it really is a rip off and a lot of people are disappointed.

No. 1334606

Giving me ALR vibes here, like they’re depriving us of such a privilege of seeing their gfs lmao fuck off no1curr

No. 1334612

And Fupaul never once showed you, so…

No. 1334686

I think this color is literally called "not pink"

No. 1334707

Kek, you’re right, I think it’s the Pantone colour of the year, nonita!

No. 1334754

this killed me

No. 1334842

File: 1632669769517.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 934x1859, A73AA5DB-4646-4D2D-A1F9-F16B5B…)

No. 1334844

File: 1632669830848.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 894x1860, 32DDE447-796A-44D2-ABCB-76997E…)

her hair…

No. 1334846

File: 1632669882040.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1172x1582, FD3320EC-7EA6-4C50-90C8-B11C04…)

Alcoholic bloat face

No. 1334848

File: 1632669915077.jpeg (Spoiler Image,907.21 KB, 892x1722, 87AC0C58-E075-4DD4-AF0E-42D23E…)

No. 1334850

this face is cracking me up kek
the amount of filters she insists on using on a daily basis and she still looks constantly like a sped rat

No. 1334854

What is this weird body shape? Gotta be photoshop.

No. 1334857

Has she just completely given up? I haven't heard her talk about exercise or eating right for months now. Does she think she's just going to magically get thin by wishing it?

No. 1334861

Yeah this is shooped. Her stomach is much larger than this.

No. 1334866

yeah you can really tell by how freakishly skinny her wrist looks on the left

No. 1334870

She tried e-begging for trader Joe's groceries the other day kek

No. 1334873

I don't get her logic when everyone can see her stomach in the lake photos from the other day.

No. 1334907

File: 1632675742586.jpg (408.47 KB, 1080x1514, Screenshot_20210926-120015_Twi…)

No. 1334935

jfc this looks like someone shopped Womack's face on Shat's head.

No. 1334942

File: 1632677904209.png (Spoiler Image,2.36 MB, 2048x2043, Screenshot_20210926-103722.png)

This bitch is truly disgusting. Associating a children's show with her degenerate blown out asshole

No. 1334945

Lmao right.

"U guys ruined it for yourself" Like nah no one asked to see your ugly faux girlfriend. It's not that deep and no one is that invested sweaty.
We just wanna know if she's living with Shay. And when she acted like she was going on dates, we don't buy it because she didn't post anything indicating another person up until now. So everything up until recently was truly fabricated Fupa bait including her pathetic ass birthday.
We all know she crawled back to her old Seattle connections. That's believable because she's just so dumb, predictable, and unwilling to progress in life.

No. 1334958

Ew wtf is this suppose to be serious? Wow congrats you make bread crumbs on an over saturated degenerate “market” when there’s women out there making thousands. All you’ve gained from being a whore is pounds, you’ve gained nothing. Hemorrhoids, obesity and diabetes. Wow thriving!!

No. 1334968

>physically destroying her sphincter for three likes on twitter
Winning at life.

No. 1334989

A blown out asshole is not an accomplishment, it’s a tragedy. Is she roasting herself? It is kind of amazing how much she’s destroyed her entire body though.

No. 1334999

She looks like she's lipo-ed away an underwear-shaped patch of fat underneath her panniculus, and now her gunt is just hanging over a normal-sized pelvic mound, with 2 ham hock thighs sticking out.
Like she's perpetually wearing panties 3 sizes too small, but it's just her fat distribution. Wild.

No. 1335167

she looks like she hid a whoopee cushion and someone's about to sit on it

No. 1335227

Fuckin kek

No. 1335235

File: 1632697560132.jpeg (234.09 KB, 1284x828, 5FA93133-CC96-48AF-BE2D-26739B…)

she buys the shittiest stuff, I swear. it’s crap if 100+ mg isn’t getting you high. i’m a hardcore stoner and 50mg of a lab tested regulated dispensary edible has me on my ass. recreational dispensaries are such crap, their products are unregulated and most of the edibles are just sugar and fat filled nonsense. have fun getting fatter and not high.

No. 1335244

At this point I'm convinced hogna is more invested in the food part than the high

No. 1335247

File: 1632698944242.gif (409.44 KB, 209x200, 93AE1456-70FF-46EC-B290-14739C…)

No. 1335258

File: 1632699676400.png (90.96 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_20210927-023916~2.p…)

Can we talk about the weird age difference between Shayna and her gf? If someone is still doing this shit in their 30s they have to have problems.

No. 1335261

>Can we talk about the weird age difference between Shayna and her gf?
she’s literally hanging out with a geriatric man on a regular basis

No. 1335265

Shayna doesn’t look for partners, she looks for caretakers

No. 1335268

File: 1632700295716.jpeg (386.14 KB, 750x963, 25358E66-1535-4373-B3B6-B8FED2…)

In her 30s and still acting like this, she’s a good look into shays future

No. 1335270

Hanging out with the old scrote is even more creepy but dating someone who is in their early 20s when you are in your 30s is weird, especially if you haven't grown out of showing your ass on the internet and having 'poly' relationships.

No. 1335278

File: 1632700831139.png (51.97 KB, 720x236, Screenshot_20210927-025813~2.p…)


Ellen is obviously miserable with her lifestyle. I'm just waiting for all the drama between her and Shayna.

No. 1335297

it arguably was way worse when they were together when shayna was 19 and ellen would’ve been in her late 20s

No. 1335324

Early 30s and looking like that?
I hope she's lying because damn, that's a rough 30. Shayna and her must've bonded over their shitty habits and total disregard for skincare.

No. 1335326

Of course she's miserable. She doesn't have anything going for her and she's "dating" Shayna. They are two below average women who seem like they'll deal with anyone just to not be alone and have attention, which is why Shayna is always with older ugly men and now a below average woman.
Shayna thinks/knows older men have lower standards, some have no standards for younger girls willing to offer their body in exchange for cheap gifts/attention. Thats some of her obsession with Older men/daddies, everything in her life is about shortcuts.
Why try to look attractive, have a personality and actually have a real relationship with an age apporiate scrote, when she can find a thirsty old man who'd play with her for a while and then get bored.
Or a depressed 30 something year old woman, who is just as sorry and lonely as her?

No. 1335338

ew. this is absolutely revolting. Does poop just fall out cause that is just so blown out. Like she birthed a baby outta the wrong hole and it never went back to normal. Fucking gross. Ew.

No. 1335339

maybe it’s like a pearl color and in the right lighting it’s pink?

No. 1335347

File: 1632705508688.jpeg (937.44 KB, 1164x1686, 339F2CF2-75E5-4F26-B4B7-5ECABE…)

The woman on the right of the old man with the dungeon is his wife, not her gf. This is Ellen

No. 1335351

let me guess ellen and her got on a phone plan? or the old geezer added her to his family plan. lmao that phone looks white she'll literally use any excuse to spend money

How many seconds of miserable cunnilingus did her gf wrangle out of shatna to send this totes real customer text?

ew wtf is that ellen in the tub or shayna? wtf that's just so messed up and creepy. I'd have to agree nonitas ellen is clearly very stunted and miserable to be still doing this at 30. Guess she didn't magically make it big like they both thought they would in porn lol (no surprise there). In that sense then they are perfect for each other. Gonna stock up on popcorn lol

No. 1335355

Oh ok, disregard my autism then. But still, her legs and ass look like they belong on someone much older.

No. 1335406

She truly has the legs of my grandmother, do your squats kids

No. 1335454

File: 1632722252001.jpeg (173.94 KB, 750x468, E49A2C8C-8E48-459D-AB24-77E84A…)

Ellen certainly has the mom bod for the part

No. 1335455

moisturize, god damn

No. 1335458

File: 1632722529849.jpeg (174.66 KB, 750x391, 91DEED90-BBFA-438C-AA84-FF7ED3…)

I saw a man was recently arrested for writing child porn fiction in a landmark case, hopefully this type of shit is illegal in the future

No. 1335461

File: 1632723562357.gif (108.6 KB, 220x220, C657ED26-2232-424E-9710-26F058…)

can she stop saying “mumma” it makes me irrationally angry

No. 1335463

Shayna is almost worse than the men writing out their fantasies, because she is actively fueling these types of thoughts. Uff she is so gross. I mean, just keep it between you and your partner if it has to be a thing.

No. 1335485

Did she watch AHS: Asylum recently or…? That is almost verbatim to what one of the characters (who is a csa victim) says.

No. 1335496

it makes me cringe out of my skull every time she says it. why tf did she choose 'mumma'?? 'mama' surely works better and doesn't come with the weird mental imagery

No. 1335497

it's like she purposefully goes out of her way to make her already garbled tweets even more unreadable. her dedication to being infuriating on top of a pedo and rape fetishist is almost admirable

No. 1335499

kek she realized she bought the wrong color iphone and immediately changed the cover for one that hides it

No. 1335506

Christ she looks like Sangie Nativus

No. 1335513

File: 1632730750138.jpeg (276.78 KB, 623x554, FEFDEF90-B0EA-499C-A8D6-D97C8F…)

holy shit

No. 1335523

dumbass thats her old phone look at the camera

No. 1335533

File: 1632736711555.jpeg (732.78 KB, 1080x2400, 98AB51CD-61F2-49FC-AFAA-C97EE5…)

Sorry but why does she look like Umbranwitch??

No. 1335540

oh god I'm retarded

No. 1335577

Never thought i’d say this, but cumbran looks almost pretty compared to shayna’s girlfriend, wow.

No. 1335579

No. 1335642

I keep thinking about this and the fact that she dates such hideous people that she’s probably just too embarassed to show them off. Like I would never date someone who looks like this >>1335347 but if I did I sure as hell wouldn’t be proud of it kek. She and everyone she’s involved with are very genetically unfortunate.

No. 1335643

Tried to delete to edit within time limit but it won’t let me….anyways, first link should have been >>1333984

No. 1335651

Oh my god, is that actually her girlfriend? I mean Shayna's no prize either but certainly she could do better than this? And how on earth is this broad also a sex worker? What man on earth would pay to see that body? She's horrifying.

No. 1335660

>but certainly she could do better than this?
LOL.Not really. No one but a degenerate dumpster fire is going to want to be with shayna.They deserve each other.

No. 1335664

Ayrt, the one on the right/in the tweet is her gf yeah. She’s ugly as fuck AND in her 30s still doing pedophilic degenerate shit online. Absolute madness. Still not over how ugly she is tbh.

No. 1335673

File: 1632756512892.jpg (711.76 KB, 1080x1846, Screenshot_20210927-102721_Twi…)

That's literally a fucking child Shay

No. 1335679

File: 1632757200396.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, mac.jpg)

She looks so haggard and dead inside that actually feel for comparing her to moon from mac tonight.

No. 1335700

are you retarded? there are literal deathfat obese twitter e-whores these days. her and shayna are like the lowest common denominator at this point.

No. 1335703

>She’s ugly as fuck AND in her 30s still doing pedophilic degenerate shit online.
it's not okay to be doing it in your 20s either, not sure why this point keeps getting brought up. it's gross at all ages.

No. 1335706

no she can't do better, she just takes whoever stumbles in. Shayna's dating pool is tiny because of what she wants out of a person, a caregiver, whose just as fucked in the brain as she is. This lady is exactly on Shayna's level.

No. 1335707

NTA, I think people bring it up because the lady's life just seems sad. In her 30's and nothing to show for it but gross shit on twitter and dating Shayna. It's gross for all ages, but it feels like a glimpse into Shayna's future. 30 something and still looking for someone to take care of her, not even in a sugardaddy way, just sit around, feed her cheap food and be around.

No. 1335709

File: 1632760513145.jpg (52.98 KB, 1080x1082, DeepFryer_20210927_183335.jpg)

i'm sorry but i can't get over how absolutely retarded she looks in this pic so i had to make something. outdated memes are very on brand for shayna i think

No. 1335713

Who said it was? I said she’s still doing it, as in she hasn’t grown the fuck out of it/made anything of her life, much like Shayna won’t either. There’s no need to reference how gross sex workers that aren’t relevant to the thread/Shayna’s life are, there are other threads for that. Read between the lines, jesus.

No. 1335736

I think it’s more that it’s shocking to most normal, well-adjusted non whore nonnies that she’s doing it in her 30’s, but what’s more is I think most of us are at least somewhat hoping shayna will grow the fuck up and figure it out before she ends up like Ellen, though I truly doubt it at this point.

I’m personally praying for a change in the tides and for all of these whores to realize that it’s not cute and it’s time to respect ourselves. like, this isn’t feminism and it isn’t helping.

No. 1335737

love this, thanks nonnie

No. 1335739

This makes me feel physically ill. Reminiscent of the time she retweeted an image of a toddler innocently playing with her dad riding on his back like a pony. I can’t imagine being so insecure in myself that I’d have to resort to promoting the sexualization of children just to be shocking and try to get attention

No. 1335747

where are people getting the idea that sex workers are all a bunch of Miss Universe contestants? certainly not here, maybe Pretty Woman or similar scrotewashed fantasies?

No. 1335776

The whole situation reeks of untreated mental illness. Ellen is mentally ill, the hog is mentally ill. Instead of taking steps to not be mentally ill, they're both just reinforcing mental illness in each other.

No. 1335798

File: 1632770079069.jpg (15.59 KB, 236x353, Nasty bitch.jpg)

I still can't get over her 1inch pink "nail beds" on those vomitrocious crusty nails. The nailtech probably used mma dental acrylic on that nasty $20 looking shit.

No. 1335801

File: 1632770497444.jpg (199.28 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20210927-142031_Twi…)

No. 1335844

File: 1632775056578.jpg (359.88 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20210927-153636_Twi…)

They'll slip up one day. Remember how hard she tried to make it seen like her and Fupa weren't together and then anon spotted him in her sunglasses? It'll happen

No. 1335850

The only way it doesn't happen is if they break up before Shay slips up. Honestly, what is the gf even getting out of this relationship? Fresh lard?

No. 1335857

She can't afford to pay her actual dog's vet bills, but she can buy herself dog toy props that she'll be way too massive for?

No. 1335895

File: 1632777300106.jpg (136.11 KB, 800x1200, desperation.jpg)

I think this combined with her unfortunate face and body says all we need to know about why shes doing this

No. 1335934

Yikes, she's debatably more pathetic than Shayna kek. By that age she should've figured her life out and not be so cringy annoying begging for attention on social media. Shayna posts absolutely retarded shit for a few likes and she's been known to beg for attention too but at least she tries to do it from a faux sarcastic/"bratty" angle so it doesn't seem as desperate even though it's obnoxious and we know she's pathetic too lol.

No. 1335969

File: 1632782404496.jpeg (178.2 KB, 750x482, 6FF72CF5-6508-4CF1-9EC1-08860F…)

is her horse faced mumma and elderly coomers not enough to distract from
the fupa feels?

No. 1335972

File: 1632782478234.gif (714.74 KB, 480x270, D386F773-D2F0-488D-B458-7B8E03…)

No. 1335977

Big fucking yikes. Miserable birds of a miserable feather. For sure, nonnie. Mento illness xo

No. 1336014

File: 1632785888073.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1242x1639, D7AEB844-36AD-454F-9E3A-EBCD74…)

The stench and crust barf

No. 1336016

File: 1632785944956.jpeg (Spoiler Image,699.83 KB, 746x1750, 8BF1E733-3FE3-4C25-AF38-047DCE…)

No. 1336018

File: 1632785991346.jpeg (Spoiler Image,801.81 KB, 1242x1262, 39A0A949-D638-4C3D-9408-239D71…)

No. 1336023

This is so photoshopped, she does not have a waist like that even if she sucked in

No. 1336027

File: 1632786326691.jpeg (210.08 KB, 1242x1137, 9C0E3119-A788-461A-8A3E-7FA845…)

Shayna posted an audio of her saying “if you’re listening to this you’re my dad now” kek at the replies. Such attractive “dilfs” Shaynus, we are soo jealous of Splenda deadbeat dad Jason R Womack sarcasm

No. 1336029

File: 1632786412157.jpeg (512.8 KB, 1242x1366, AEA3AAA4-6C50-4C06-8171-0D3241…)

Why can’t Fatty just use the star blanket?

No. 1336066

because the star blanket is her official cumrag, duh

No. 1336070

File: 1632789376090.jpeg (179.1 KB, 1284x539, 506DB5DD-E52B-4526-A545-9F3BA0…)

shayna you try to “turn your brain off” on a daily basis.(sage)

No. 1336080

Brains are for adults? At least she's admitting she's larping as a minor on her PORN ACCOUNT, then when coomers ask for her to say she's underage, she acts outrages as if she has NO idea where they got the idea from.

No. 1336083

She even dabs stupid. Like I’ve never seen anyone dab the way she does.

No. 1336084

Where is her clit?! It's just.. not there wtf

No. 1336086

i was thinking this too lol. it's like she has plenty of labia and a big saggy ballsack and even a fupa now yet no clit. maybe that is why female pleasure doesn't exist to her.

No. 1336087

no wonder men cant find the clit. cant even find it myself

No. 1336100

You're just an alcoholic

No. 1336106


no clit and 3/4 of her inner labia missing. Honestly the weirdest vag I've ever seen.

No. 1336117

She totally is sucking in with all she's got AND still edited it poorly. But what's really tragic is her face looks awful WITH a snap filter and she forgot to touch it up kek

No. 1336128

She buzzed it off with that industrial strength vibrator she jams against it to feel anything

No. 1336144

yes lol i love how she took a chunk out of her stomach to make it look like you can see her ribs.

No. 1336146

but remember that if a dude asks her to say she’s any age under 18, she will shame him on Twitter
because she’s clearly an adult woman enjoying baby talk and sippy cups, it is certainly not pedobaiting, how very dare you

No. 1336157

File: 1632799214935.jpeg (135.36 KB, 750x496, AA39988D-D02E-4764-86DB-1426A1…)

She’s been lurking

No. 1336166

This post is about having maybe a couple people hating on you, not an entire thread that's dedicated to you

No. 1336175

File: 1632801342310.png (802.74 KB, 2048x1671, Screenshot_20210927-205421.png)

Lmao fatty

No. 1336181

I can only think she edited her lips out? In her other pics you can at least see her inner labia a little but here they're completely missing

No. 1336210

Hey nonnie. I just wanted to say that I went to the gym today and did leg/core day for the first time in weeks and these photos were the reason. Thank you.

No. 1336350

every day is a bad brain day for shayna

No. 1336385

File: 1632834420346.jpg (586.88 KB, 1080x1314, Screenshot_20210928-080653_Twi…)

No. 1336388

File: 1632835481725.png (684.58 KB, 2048x1167, Screenshot_20210928-062411.png)

No. 1336398

File: 1632836410640.gif (4.54 MB, 640x406, here-it-goes-again-ok-go.gif)

No. 1336399


Are we gonna go back to non-consent kink being evil and abusive again, or is she going to keep pretending to be into it?

No. 1336406

But BDSM and sex work is so empowering and healing for women, right Shayna?

No. 1336408

i think the traumatic experiences aren't the way fupa used her as a chode parking lot, it's how he told her to drink actual water and lost all interest in her fast. she isn't able to reflect on her behaviour, only whine about how he didn't treat her as an uwu bimbo princess

No. 1336415

who does big coloring pages like that with crappy gel pens? weird flex.

No. 1336416

shayna you had nightmares when you were with him and claimed to be happy. those are most likely from your insane consumption of thc, not “ptsd” from your “severe trauma”. god I hate how she paints all her bad choices as someone else’s fault.

No. 1336417

Laugh about it?? All she ever does is cry about it, go back to him, then cry some more. Shayna truly lives in a different version of the world than the rest of us.

No. 1336423

All we heard about right before she left was how good of a guy she thought he was for taking care of her when she had surgery and all that shit about being on good terms. We knew she was going to do this and I'm not going to believe a thing she says. She's an attention whore and will say anything for pity money

No. 1336427

Do moids really send money to sex workers for oversharing about their “trauma” on Twitter? They must, since so many of them do it.

No. 1336431

Amberlynn Reid. Some anons really complain when the comparison is brought up but they really are one in the same stunted, adipose trash heap.

No. 1336455

She’s obviously lurking on FB and triggered. He posts constantly about his new gf including photos and they seem to be introducing their kids to each other. Must be pretty humiliating for Shayna

No. 1336459

I just love that he’s posting about his kids, his gf seems relatively normal enough he can publicly show her off, meanwhile all shatna got was a late night secret booty call and the occasional gallon of soda from a gas station. She must be seething hard

No. 1336461

He's always posted his kids but I don't see anything on his profile about introducing his kids to her or anything. He's irrelevant though

No. 1336462

She gets pity money all the time from saying she's having a bad day and doesn't want to work

No. 1336465

She's for sure going to try to "expose" Fupa, not even because she think he did something SO wrong, but he moved on and moved on fast to a normal relationship he doesn't have to hide. It's always fuck Fupa disgusting ass, but Shayna is very transparent in how she moves.
I just hope she does freak out, "exposes" fupaul and then he claps back, i want to watch these idiots fight.

No. 1336468

He posted about being a #stepdaddy and that her kid had drawn something for him, so I’d imagine they’ve introduced their kids. I know he’s irrelevant but I was speculating as to why Shayna might be seething, it’s humiliating considering she was his dirty little secret for years

No. 1336469

That’s my point too. That will be a trigger point to her because prior to this girl he rarely posted about his kids and putting it all together it seems like he’s not embarrassed by this girl. Shayna will definitely be seething hard over this because she’s still miserable in Seattle and always will be. This couple she’s dating she can’t even bring home to her parents

No. 1336472

I can definitely get with him not posting Shay while they were together but he has always posted stuff about his kids looking at his Facebook. I've been following this thread for years and he's always posting at soccer games and stuff like that it seems like every week. Just never anything about Shay.

No. 1336475

No one is talking about him posting photos of his kids- the point is he’s posting about the new girlfriend and being a step dad to HER kid, which implies they’re introducing their families pretty quickly to each other in contrast to how Shayna was treated

No. 1336479

Tinfoil but I think she's been reading this thread and got triggered we're talking about her troglodyte girlfriend by name

No. 1336481

File: 1632843585759.jpeg (117.06 KB, 1231x586, 150E545E-811D-484A-8DB4-EF6766…)

Why did you buy a following then Shay?

No. 1336482

It literally said he rarely posted about his kids. That's exactly what I was replying to

No. 1336486

The lack of interaction for her bottom of the barrel content is getting to her again

No. 1336503

Maybe they ignore your shit content because it's sprinkled inbetween your posts about "trauma", dabs, food, neglected pets and your elephant man looking gf, retard

She'd rather make $0 if it means getting social media likes/comments, unironically

No. 1336511

File: 1632847119131.jpg (283.47 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20210928-113832_Twi…)

What got up her ass this morning

No. 1336512

File: 1632847185134.jpg (564.87 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20210928-113926_Twi…)

You're just pissed because you're not as successful as you think you are

No. 1336526

she isn't even successful herself, why would anyone ask for her advice

No. 1336527

Stop drinking and doing drugs and maybe you won’t have trouble sleeping fucking idiot. She couldn’t even keep a sober day while in the hospital no wonder she has “anxiety” and nightmares but it has to be someone else’s fault

No. 1336528

Delete you paid for bot followers then, shatna

No. 1336529

When you see it in this context, why would she even get into sex work? She had more of a following as the "weed blog girl"… Seems like her popularity and her following dropped once she got into sex work, I guess that could also correlate to her extreme weight gain and overall appearance though

No. 1336535


love seeing her act like an entitled cunt while asking people to interact with her. The irony is so good. Keep shooting yourself in the foot dummy

No. 1336547

Deleted as usual

No. 1336554

So you had people following you for completely different (also technically not legal) content when you and a lot of them were minors, then as soon as you hit 18 you exposed those people to porn and gross kinks? Very cool. Bait and switch is such a wonderful tactic! I can see why she's so successful making minimum wage completely exposing and humiliating herself with absolutely nothing positive or of value to show for it! Of course if she can find the time in her amazing, busy life to answer questions for the new girls she hates she might. Lol this fuckin bitch. Go back to bed, fatty.

No. 1336579

That's exactly what she did, and she didnt even give people a warning when she switched blog themes. I remember a lot of minors asking her to tag it and she would flip out of them as if they were at fault for not wanting to be exposed to that.

No. 1336581

no one else could have 90 threads could they

No. 1336582

wild throwback

No. 1336596

Take a shot every time Shayna mentions ~muh famous tumblr weed blog~ and her job at Olive Garden. All these years of thriving sex work and that’s all she talks about. What a failure. She wasn’t even that tumblr famous, she needs to shut the fuck up and admit she’s even more irrelevant than she was, and to top it off she’s overweight.

No. 1336603

File: 1632853720814.jpeg (73.35 KB, 750x206, 70169D4C-3847-4CCF-8DA6-051D55…)

Sounds like their sleepover was fun

No. 1336611

oh thats why shayna's pissy this morning, someone else had the pity party spotlight. These cows need a 24/7 stream of sympathy to survive

No. 1336614

This is exactly how a lot of young girls get roped into sex work nowadays - does she think her experience is different? Having a big following just comes with being a young girl with a public social media account. You don't even need to try to amass subscribers on tumblr, instagram & whatnot just by being a teen girl who publicly posts banal shit (so long as long as you're not fat or ugly lol).
Thousands of sex workers followed the same tumblr>onlyfans pipeline as Shayna did. She's actually among the least successful of them lol

No. 1336619

Shayna has to find a way to make other people's issues her own so either they got into a fight or her gfs issues triggered her own

No. 1336621

LMAO. This should be a fun relationship. Two BPD bitches ping-ponging off each other's histrionics.

No. 1336623

She'll find a way to blame their issues on fupa just like she blamed her issues on the ppl she was with before him. It's a sad cycle

No. 1336627

Wait, so shays getting drunk out of a sippy cup while her gf cries herself to sleep in her bed? What the actual fuck

No. 1336632

This woman does not sound prepared for the caretaker role for Shayna. Her Twitter makes her seem very emotionally immature and lonely. Plus she has always been in the “little” role with her own daddies taking care of her before switching to mommy mode for poor baby Shayna. This is going to be such a mess

No. 1336653

okay I know we're not supposed to 'post repetitively about Shay's vagina' but WHERE IS HER CLITORIS

is it really not there? did she PS it out for some reason? as a lesbian who has seen many, many vulvas up close this image is going to fry my brain in confusion all night

ain't never seen a cunt without a clit before nonnies

No. 1336654

and if she doesn't have a clitoris… what exactly does she even do with her 'girlfriend'?

No. 1336656

shayna should lower her rate to 2$ and then people will ask her for sw “advice”

No. 1336659

Has anyone actually seen Shatna's clit after years of spreading her cooch? I'm convinced it doesn't exist.

No. 1336661

Where does she post her dab vids? I know she always wastes oil but I don't think I've seen her technique.

No. 1336666

File: 1632859935533.jpeg (145.41 KB, 676x370, 0A33F983-9E77-4D1A-98F5-1A0F84…)

i had a feeling she would delete this so i screenshot the notification before clicking it and sure enough she did.
what kind of adult woman wants to date a man that "hates his mom" this sounds like something a wannabe edgy 13 year old would tweet. she's so embarrassing

No. 1336685

File: 1632861437446.jpeg (Spoiler Image,261.54 KB, 936x1851, 10A2CBD2-ACED-4941-BE79-DA0E4C…)

Serving my 600 pound life realness

No. 1336686

File: 1632861472684.jpeg (288.44 KB, 773x661, 82CD93D0-824B-47B9-85B0-32B616…)

No. 1336687

jesus fucking christ that isn't even a double chin… that is no chin. Just straight fat from the face to the neck. Gross.

No. 1336688

This is haunting

No. 1336691

Yeah that doesn't even sound like her type lmao unless you go to the trailer trash end of that, it sounds more like a loser edge lord alt guy or a serial killer. Thought her type was a BBQ ACDC recently divorced dad that can give her a ride to Outback kek

No. 1336695

File: 1632861849074.jpeg (Spoiler Image,748.76 KB, 1242x1451, 364680F2-B00A-46DC-A717-31080F…)


No. 1336697

File: 1632861914089.png (Spoiler Image,12.4 MB, 1242x2208, 2A742219-E7A3-42F6-A170-984EBF…)

No. 1336698

File: 1632861963027.jpeg (780.88 KB, 2178x3142, 84F8695D-8CC9-4C3C-8FFC-77B086…)

No. 1336701

Is this a skin disorder of some sort? Meth?

No. 1336703

Maybe this Ellen actually likes women and realized Shayna doesn't/is only in their polycule to skim attention from the gf's old fart splenda daddy

No. 1336709

the longer this goes on the funnier it will be she's "dating" like 3 people and still talks about fupa not to mention she's doubled in size since tweeting that LMAO

No. 1336712

i don't usually care what cows see or don't see in their threads but i'm reeling in the fact that she's probably going to see this and doordash her feelings away KEK

No. 1336724

its literally just bruising from ~sewww kinky~ impactplay, it just looks horrendous because its on a cottage cheese ass

No. 1336728

So herself, as a man

No. 1336751

File: 1632865684767.jpeg (168.72 KB, 686x430, 15059575-4BCE-4256-A7CA-B12119…)

she's rly tweeting and deleting today
i wonder if they don't want to give her money in person bc she looks so bad and off putting irl and you know she smells

No. 1336755

anon, ily

No. 1336771

File: 1632866544432.png (1.05 MB, 1439x816, Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 3.01…)

Here's her pathetic SA account (1/3)

No. 1336774

File: 1632866620158.png (131.06 KB, 913x474, Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 3.01…)

Explicitly stating an underaged age which she claims she would never do (2/3)

No. 1336779

File: 1632866827623.png (92.93 KB, 914x479, Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 3.01…)

She can't guarantee sex on the first date but it's not off the table either (3/3)

No. 1336789

This is the most coherent thing I've ever seen her write. No wonder she's mad

No. 1336790

shayna has a passion for travel, exquisite dining, and expensive taste in fashion? she’s a small girl? This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day! No wonder they don’t want to meet her IRL, it’s apparent NONE of that is true based on the odd selection of photos she included.

No. 1336794

I was just about to say how suspiciously coherent this is in terms of grammar and spelling. She must have written it while on one of her rare sober days.

No. 1336797

>> Passion for Travel
But all but ONE of her pictures are of her indoors
>>Expensive taste in fashion
Every single picture shows her in cheap, too small clothes from Shien. Not a brand name in sight, also most of them show her with the same cheap family dollars headband.
I also love how the ONLY picture of her outside is the one that shows what she really looks like, the others are filtered and posed. That picture stands out so much.

No. 1336809

expensive taste in fashion

i’m dying, this is hilarious

No. 1336810

>>strangers question our legality
Is this more pedo-baiting? Or is this, "I dress so sexy people will think i'm a prostitute"?
Because she always looks her age, sometimes older when she "dresses up", like in her cheap pink outfits she sometimes looks like someone older attempting to look younger by squeezing into too small clothes. Her looks never give, "i'm wearing a short skirt" but, "i'm wearing a skirt thats made for someone thats two sizes smaller then me"

No. 1336812

>I need someone to keep me safe, stable, and happy

there it is. she doesn’t want to be a sugar baby and do the necessary things a sugar baby does, like having sex. she wants a parent.

No. 1336817

I've been to Mexico, Cancun, and Cozumel.

No. 1336819

There’s a lot to clown here but that line is by far the most disgusting whether she’s pedobaiting or talking about dressing like a prostitute. That would only be appealing to the absolute lowest common denominator of men, even on SA (which is already bottom barrel).

No. 1336820

Kek right? She’s so worldly and well traveled but named the same country three times.

No. 1336822

From that pic you replied to, I'm almost inclined to believe she's got lichen sclerosus. That white discoloured skin and the disappearing clit/fusing of labia. Tinfoil but I can't explain wtf is going on there.

No. 1336823

and seeing the pictures she doesn't even dress all that "Sexy" anyway, it's just her wearing clothes that aren't her size, since she doesn't have big breasts, butt or isn't curvy she just…looks a mess. I would'nt think she was a prostitute based on those outfits or someone whose so young, I'd think it's illegal. She just looks a hot pink mess.

No. 1336826

i opened this image and a huge black fly landed on the screen immediately after i think this fat blob of rotting flesh really is cursed and haunted >>1336688

No. 1336838

>I love to travel!
>names 4 other states she’s visited.
>lived in CO for two whole weeks
>lived in Oklahoma for 3 years and left the city limits once to shoot porn at a lake all by herself
>didn’t mention texas

Such a world traveler.

No. 1336844

File: 1632870466454.jpeg (239.04 KB, 1537x1537, yaniv mattel.jpeg)

everyday she looks more like Yaniv

No. 1336850

She means travelling from the couch to the front door for her ubereats.

No. 1336851

File: 1632871073621.png (673.9 KB, 2048x1945, Screenshot_20210928-161739.png)

No. 1336853

24 going on 13? who is she even trying to attract with this description. it’s so all over the place kek. possibly one of the funniest things that’s been posted in a while just based on the retardation and contradiction of all of it.
i would love to hear her describe her “fine dining” experiences. that steakhouse in tulsa that you took the pics in the bathroom of to larp that you were on a sugar daddy date? or all the fine doordash you have delivered?

No. 1336855

shayna… you don’t castrate a cock…

No. 1336859

Do it Womack!

No. 1336864

The Womack posters never really go away, do they?

No. 1336868

>Castrated cock
Top kek. Is she trying to say circumcision or does she think a castration is chopping ya dick off?

No. 1336881

When he stopped replying they did. He think he’s slick changing his user to okie twister or whatever. Jason R Womack we all know it’s you, you retarded fuck

No. 1336897

Anon omfg. Thanks for the laugh

No. 1336915

File: 1632874896379.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, 43743CA4-BAFE-4212-83AA-8C6CAC…)

No. 1336918

Thread pic

No. 1336920

I forgot to crop out the white and it’s bothering me

No. 1336921

File: 1632875309720.jpeg (667.66 KB, 1193x785, F0434FCC-6603-4F96-8E1C-A4A17A…)


No. 1336931

Don't forget passionate about traveling and ~expensive taste in fAsHiOn~

Reminds me of when you're a teenager filling out your first resume. Really exaggerating every boring, dumb thing and topping it off with some straight up lies. The only thing that was legit there was those same 3 bands she always talks about because she's totes not like other girls. She forgot about: Loves takeout, Amazon gift cards, every shade of pink, buttstuff because so quirky and spongebob!
She's fishing so hard for a sugar dad with cash and means to take her places and also take care of her, yet she's the damn Catfish.

No. 1336941

Men think she's worth $2 for a quick wank but not worth $50 for dinner date.

No. 1336955

She’s delusional if she thinks she still small. What happened to getting a personal trainer?

No. 1336974

File: 1632879720152.jpg (86.79 KB, 768x1024, 20210928_184153.jpg)

No words

No. 1336975

File: 1632879768607.jpg (86 KB, 768x1024, 20210928_184248.jpg)

No. 1336978

how does she always manage to look both greasy and dry!!

No. 1336994

File: 1632881092278.jpeg (589.96 KB, 1242x1150, 688E6808-CAC4-4C2D-A243-719A21…)

Woof is right

No. 1336995

File: 1632881134776.jpeg (296.25 KB, 1242x881, F80A473C-52B0-4DDF-9D3C-973534…)

Cellulite ass much to brag about

No. 1336998

She looks like she got a spray tan? She doesn’t look as pale and yellow.

No. 1337003

Interesting how she left out sipping wine out of a sippy cup and getting trashed as soon as the rooster crows. It’s almost as if she knows she’s got to try to hide her low class behavior and can’t rope sugar daddys in the same way she does with her twitter coomers.

No. 1337035

File: 1632883542139.jpg (116.13 KB, 1007x1029, Quasimodo.jpg)

Figured out who she reminds me of but with a saggy undertitty

No. 1337060

Alcoholism and extremely bad hygiene.

No. 1337076

File: 1632887708901.jpeg (123.14 KB, 1169x1169, 839ACF7F-483A-4D40-A361-FC5ED0…)

captioned “baby vamp”

No. 1337077

File: 1632887733150.jpeg (40.82 KB, 835x835, 500D461E-D98E-40AC-A441-46A46C…)

No. 1337089

>>1336512 tumblr to myfreecams vs tiktok to onlyfans pipeline

No. 1337118

File: 1632894574053.jpeg (607.32 KB, 1209x1190, CDFCCEEF-70F0-4478-81D0-2503C5…)

snaggle tooth witch looking ass

No. 1337120

File: 1632894614579.jpeg (330.61 KB, 1242x1201, 12D22BAC-070D-4551-8312-A9F2DF…)

besties plural
kek sure fatty

No. 1337121

File: 1632894640984.jpeg (18.22 KB, 720x400, E2B8DEF7-BE49-4F54-BB01-8A8F3D…)

How does she possible think these faces are cute?

Her lopsided nips remind me of this guy from scary movie 2

No. 1337125

Did she get a terrible too-dark fake tan? It aged her more and god damn she looks

No. 1337127

File: 1632895536732.jpeg (103.95 KB, 1200x1200, 28A37DDE-FB86-4DC1-B307-433AD3…)

No. 1337159

Underrated post.

No. 1337179

Have you guys never read a book or looked at a diagram? Clitoral hood anyone? Her clit is inside. She's not aroused in most of the porn she makes.
I'm just surprised at the unbridled retardation although I guess I really shouldn't be at this point.

No. 1337260

Thought this was a cowtipper making for of her snaggletooth lmao

No. 1337321

in some pics there really isnt even a hood though, its like she shops it out.

No. 1337337

circle the hood in any photo and I'll believe you that it exists. Like even just one photo

No. 1337348

God she’s so greasy and musty looking.

No. 1337349

She does realise cops in the US regularly use SA to catch girls for prostitution. She’s going to end up in jail for soliciting. Can’t wait for her dumbass to get caught in a sting

No. 1337351

eh she’d only end up with charges if anyone actually took her up on her offer. police care about whores who are actually bringing in customers, kek.

No. 1337356

I know but I mean if someone does decide to sleep with her for $50, she should be careful though SA is rife with traffickers and cops and weirdos who’ll murder her - she wants that but I’m reality it’s not something she’d truly enjoy experiencing

No. 1337362

she probably just added the tan in facetune or something

No. 1337377

Right? Anon so pressed calling everyone else retards. Probably doesn't have a clit herself kek

No. 1337378

hopefully she has enough self preservation to screen people she talks to on there before meeting up with them irl

No. 1337397

I doubt it, the idiot tweets about rape and kidnapping fantasies + screening doesn’t mean they’re safe, plenty of creeps screen and then murder

No. 1337398

This could be a thread pic for how horrendous she looks. I can’t handle the way her face is melting off from the alcohol abuse and she’s only 23/24. It’s so pathetic, how can she scroll through the pics she takes and think “I look good enough to post on the Internet” she literally looks grotesque like a fucking troll doll

No. 1337413

File: 1632931055735.jpg (Spoiler Image,631.58 KB, 1064x1735, Screenshot_20210929-085544_Chr…)

No. 1337415

i thought that was her urethra?

No. 1337418

The urethra is under her labia minora, above the vaginal opening. Shall I circle that too? kek

No. 1337424

Are you joking?

No. 1337430

Face bloat has been unreal lately. Wouldn't be surprised if she picked up purging since she's so desperate to go back to "old dolly" pre-fupa days. Moving back to Seattle, the gross pedo porn, bondage shoots with questionable people, reigniting old flames with her ugly ex/s, the nails, getting an iPhone, wanting to go back blonde.. only thing left is being thin. Might as well erode the rest of her snaggle tooth by throwing up copious amounts of cheap pink wine.

No. 1337436

She hasn't even mentioned anything about her weight, I really think she doesn't care. She could be 600 pounds tommorrow and as long as some scrotes online and a scrote IRL pays attention to her then she'd be fine. When NO ONE cares thats when she'll care to change. How she feels about herself depends on the likes/retweets and attentions he gets from scrotes. Any scrote.

No. 1337437

Anon that's not a clit… at least no one can accuse you of not being straight

No. 1337445

If that’s her clit, it’s just proof it’s atrophied. She doesn’t enjoy sex. We’ve watched it slowly disappear over the years. The only way she could fix it if clitoral atrophy was the case would be to.. enjoy and have sex.

No. 1337447

File: 1632934563119.jpeg (953.44 KB, 3000x2274, lf.jpeg)

That tan looks so awful lmao. I used to think womack looks like this character from a kids movie & now she is starting to too with the bloating and shit.

No. 1337462

File: 1632935666597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 1000x1854, A44603E5-1F47-4DC8-B5A6-44452D…)

Her cockeyed boobs kill me every time

No. 1337464

File: 1632935700276.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1005x1843, EC21FE2B-6FD3-4FC8-918E-24B6DD…)

Did we make her insecure about her huge ass nose? Because she keeps using the puppy filter to cover it kek

No. 1337472

She looks like one of the really, really ugly pugs. Please Ive always hated this filter can we leave it back in 2015? I thought she had furry ears can't she at least throw those on or use one of the other animal filters that are ok? Like why this bitch so attached to the dandruff and retarded basic bitch dog filter almost exclusively

No. 1337486

File: 1632936767227.jpeg (Spoiler Image,407.9 KB, 1818x1818, 15507721-5F06-4208-A911-372E0E…)

here. very clear. you’ve been warned.

No. 1337490

that’s not how clitorises work. they don’t get larger or smaller depending on your enjoyment of sex. i’m convinced this thread is full of autistic retarded 12 year olds.

No. 1337491

lol yes it is wtf is wrong with you people have you never seen a vagina

No. 1337494

I saw "where's her clit" posting in Belle Delphine's threads too, and honestly the funny part about it is that it proves all these onlyfans girls aren't turned on at all when taking their pictures, so they became numb to exhibitionism or any kinks.

No. 1337495

Wow. know nothing about female anatomy or arousal, apparently. That is exactly how it works.

No. 1337501

lol yes they do, rub your pussy and see yourself

No. 1337502


The clit doesn't wither away or become "atrophied". HOWEVER, when a woman is aroused, her clit does swell up.

Shayna's invisiclit is due to her being about as un-aroused as humanly possible.

No. 1337513

>I'm a 24 year old
>I've done some traveling in my short 23 years of life

i know it's a typo but this had me dying

No. 1337530

Google is free, retard. Just Google “clitoral atrophy” and do some reading.

No. 1337532

Wew I'd be so fucking embarrassed if I was who made this post. Like a simple Google search could've saved yourself, but now you get to eat the irony of your words

No. 1337539

File: 1632940295313.jpeg (154.8 KB, 1181x852, 9AB836C8-532C-4821-A9EE-2F251B…)

Time for a little self exploration nonita

No. 1337542

File: 1632940481965.jpg (431.5 KB, 1709x1400, ct-tribu-weigel-shame-20121204…)

Oh holy hell, it's an actual thing. I thought you were spouting some incel shit.

No. 1337551

You have to be 18 to post here

No. 1337576

File: 1632942166179.png (130.42 KB, 374x365, fupaflashback.png)

>you've been warned

No. 1337588

My sides!

No. 1337594

theres no way that wasnt on purpose. gosh…the lore

No. 1337596

Kek I’m glad I’m not the only one.

I’m dying. This is like that episode of OITNB when some of the inmates find out they have a second “hole”.

No. 1337661


No. 1337674

clitoral atrophy is real, but rare in premenopausal women
having it at 25 would be very unusual
more likely that Shauna’s clit is shrinking away in disgust from her own relentless unsexiness and her unattractive partners

No. 1337681

I hate Fupa but this is gold

No. 1337684

I said this before and everyone thought I meant Vamps. I definitely said Umbran and this is exactly why.

No. 1337685

She's going to take this as a compliment, anon. Shay's whole thing is being brain dead/bimbo/baby.

No. 1337687

Thank you for making aware I can now see Belle’s vagina. Damn that SW slippery slope is the real deal. Belle, Momokun, etc. Shayna never even tried to have a limit ever since she got that first drop of online attention though. Makes me laugh she is trying to cover up her puss in her recent twitter pin after having her rotting haemorrhoids on display for months.

No. 1337708

File: 1632954540501.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 1242x1452, BB58582A-7AB4-46A7-98B7-362207…)

Flashing at a pumpkin patch

No. 1337713

File: 1632954805196.jpg (241.38 KB, 1080x1795, Screenshot_20210929-233039_XRe…)

Jesus Christ she's looking rough.

No. 1337720

That nasty little tooth gap on the left side of her mouth… How is her tooth shrinking? Is she purging, or is this just what happens when you don't brush and floss?

No. 1337733

Down syndrome “Dolly” kek

No. 1337744

She needs to stop opening her mouth with that filter that plumps the lips because it gives her giant buckteeth in comparison to her tiny snaggle teeth

No. 1337750

“shrinking away” is literally what atrophy is, anon.

No. 1337753

uh no it doesn’t wear away from not enjoying sex or not “using” it, are you really this fucking retarded nonnies????

No. 1337756

your clit doesn’t shrink from not using it, kek

No. 1337757

File: 1632958181175.jpg (6.25 KB, 318x159, download.jpeg-8.jpg)

Peter Pettigrew looking ass

No. 1337758

That’s not what that anon was disagreeing with we’re all on the same page retard can we move on with our lives

No. 1337761

I'm about to atrophy after reading this thread today

No. 1337771

Shayna has a clit. It's physically impossible for her not to as a biological woman who hasn't been through female genital mutilation. Can we stop discussing this now?

No. 1337784

Top kek anon, i thought so too.

No. 1337797

File: 1632961656785.jpeg (Spoiler Image,773.41 KB, 1173x1250, 8E9CFFCC-8A5B-4E0A-B19C-D8AF4A…)

Shayna’s breasts are starting to look like this hamplanet. Sage for no milk(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1337807

geez anon you didn’t have to self post, yikes.

No. 1337822

Did her breast somehow get like that with her weight gain? I didn't keep up with Shayna for a while, in the mean time she fucking ballooned, and I really don't remember her breast being so very different from each other

No. 1337828

Kek it’s not me nonnie I just searched onlyfans fatties on Twitter and found shays twin

No. 1337839

This isn’t Shayna I have no idea why this retarded anon posted this

No. 1337840

File: 1632966433698.jpeg (523.01 KB, 750x738, 51ADFC96-EDD5-4CB0-AE94-1CF182…)

I can’t wait to see her try to cram herself in there now. Last time was so funny when she realized she couldn’t fit and ended up getting frustrated and doing the video halfway outside the cage

No. 1337844

She really does look like the troll from >>1337447 that movie and hunchback even with a filter like jfc she's ugly af and yet she thinks she's cute and can get by without makeup.

No. 1337849

What about your actual sped dog that has actual medical bills that you couldn’t pay?

No. 1337851

File: 1632967487729.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.47 KB, 1284x724, EE405C5A-02EE-4335-A774-50FDDF…)

I honestly think the last video she attempted from that cage was the fattest she ever looked. Being shoved into that cage really accentuated all her rolls. I hope she tries again

No. 1337852

How long until she fills up the cage completely?

No. 1337853

I feel like I'm in a horror movie, but I think that her vagina looks so bizarre because she's never turned on but mostly because her clit is low and her labia minora are so short. She just has an unfortunate looking vagina for the "job" that "does". It's just a weird saggy mess down there.

This makes me break out in hives. Prepare for the inevitable meltdown after she "perfects" her cage, gets in it and hates everything about her content she makes since she's gotten to the size of that thing.

No. 1337854

These don’t even look the same! She had to have ps’d it.

No. 1337858

They do say some animals grow to the size of their environment

No. 1337865

you really deleted the first draft and replaced it with sped. god you are cringy.

No. 1337872

KEK i thought the same exact thing

No. 1337881

I follow her public snap which is where I see her dab from time to time.

No. 1337887

So sad that she couldn’t have even dress up for this. A lot of girls do when they go on a date or even with their “besties”. It’s a fun thing to do to take pics—for a dolly bimbo who should love makeup, she can’t even find joy in dressing up for this? Bleak, sorry thesaurus-chan.

No. 1337903

Sped dog chan is back

No. 1337906

File: 1632974769081.jpg (565.84 KB, 1242x1242, 90troll.jpg)

She looks more and more like troll doll from the 90s each passing day

No. 1337917

With the insane blur, rat teeth, and lack of chin she almost reminds me of a white trash version of elizabunnii

No. 1337942

You really refresh this thread that often. God you are cringy.

No. 1337945

nta but some people just leave the threads open, it’s not the sick burn you thought it was kek

No. 1337946

Imagine leaving Shayna’s thread open. Some of you really are worse than her kek(infighting)

No. 1337948

They do it so they can’t miss out on riveting updates like clit sperging

No. 1337981

the projection here, you were the fag desperately searching for a reason to call her irrelvant dog retarded for the 5th thread now and you deleted it to replace it with the stunning and original "sped" kek. i'm sorry you did not delete your autism fast enough i guess?(infighting)

No. 1337995

File: 1632985505997.jpeg (98.95 KB, 828x720, original.jpeg)

grass touching time

No. 1338027

I'm creating Shaynus in Sims2 and apllying all the ideas I can. Results posted later.

saged for autistic traits

No. 1338044

Please dont, just.. Autismus Maximus and we do not care

No. 1338053

Welp, the thread's already an autistic dumpfire of aggro speds for the day & the sun's barely up.

No. 1338057

You forgot a few there

No. 1338063

Their point was relevant in that she can buy all this dog shit for her porn yet was crying about her real dog’s vet bills not long ago. You’re the autist that got stuck on anon calling her retarded dog a sped and derailed everything.

No. 1338066

No hun, you're the one sperging out at multiple people who all think you're a tard who needs to go outside

No. 1338067

My first post in this conversation but sure, I’m the one that needs to touch grass. The retardation in this thread is always astronomical.

No. 1338071

File: 1632999944355.png (494.05 KB, 800x442, fuck.png)

i just want to see shayna try and fit into a too-small dog cage ffs

No. 1338073

i think you should see a doctor for that

No. 1338144

File: 1633011996956.jpg (394.55 KB, 1080x1666, Screenshot_20210930-092628_Twi…)

Yeah, we'll see about that Shay

No. 1338145

File: 1633012104530.jpg (321.07 KB, 1080x1321, Screenshot_20210930-092734_Twi…)

$50 isn't going to feed this hog and her "besties"

No. 1338148

Not a penny of that will be spent on anyone else but her

No. 1338199

File: 1633017410558.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 1242x1657, AF6302B7-DF51-4896-9DAA-7BEEA9…)

No. 1338201

File: 1633017469046.png (Spoiler Image,9.46 MB, 1242x2208, 25B7C4BD-5CA0-46A7-A31A-E22549…)

No. 1338202

File: 1633017581396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 948x1853, EFF87FAE-F13F-4C9D-9A26-D48B19…)

No. 1338206

holy fucking shit she looks second bordering third trimester pregnant here

No. 1338209

File: 1633018584500.jpeg (455.34 KB, 1926x2468, C0D2EC51-539E-4AF9-9859-A6B169…)

>painfully obvious warping of her hand under her decrepit tit that she's poorly enlarged
>massive gunt spilling out and barely contained by her pants
>open fly
so much for her "attention to details!!111!1"

No. 1338211

File: 1633018655093.jpeg (Spoiler Image,548.26 KB, 755x938, 661289F1-8AB9-4DD5-B684-0B8E0F…)

Truly a match made in hell kek

No. 1338214

File: 1633018796979.png (Spoiler Image,9.4 MB, 1242x2208, D8AA4772-FA56-407A-A2D4-4E000D…)

Her stomach is getting huge

No. 1338217

Yikes emoji, holy hell. This is the worst picture she’s posted.

No. 1338218

It’s a screenshot from her latest anal coom show she filmed on her iPhone. Uploading to Dropbox now

No. 1338219

File: 1633019309868.png (Spoiler Image,7.02 MB, 1242x2208, 78CDA870-4753-4B6B-B059-FBE92C…)

Her wobbly buttcrack sends me. Hank Hill acne ass

No. 1338222

how did she manage to make her body look worst with a tan?

No. 1338236


No. 1338244

We’ve got all the fan favorites coming out of the woodwork this fine autistic day

No. 1338250

Just report them for bait and move on at this point, they're purposely trying to start infighting because this thread is a hotbed for it.

No. 1338253

her tiny dark beady eyes scare the hell out of me, its like shes dead inside

No. 1338265

Holy cow she’s a whole cow now. She’s close to 200lbs at this point given her height and how much fat she has around her stomach. I learned recently that they actually make healthy (fruits instead of baked goods) thc edibles. It’s astonishing how she continuously makes the wrong decisions and then tries to blame it anyone but herself.

No. 1338279

I don’t think she actually got a tan but is just shooting is different lighting that doesn’t wash her out. it’s certainly not better that’s for sure.

No. 1338280

her boobs scare me

No. 1338284

Holy shit. She's massive. Did she forget to filter them or something?

No. 1338290

I'm convinced Shayna has very poor eyesight because how do you look at this mug and think it looks attractive? It's not just looking aged and wrinkled, it's the stupid a-log worthy Dreamworks smirk that accentuates how fat her face is and her piggy eyes opened as wide as they can. It looks like a very old woman with a face made of rubber trying to look like a toddler that just got away with crapping its pants. Sorry for the paragraph sperg, I just go into panic mode whenever I see this face.

No. 1338298

How does one look like such a trailer trash methhead aunt that's somehow fat lol. This is disturbing how awful it all looks. Showcasing those horror Frankenstein tits? Gut about to burst out of those $10 jeans. Face looking strung out and aged as hell.

No. 1338326

Is that living dead vein something that could have been prevented? I can't get over it I can't look away could happen to me?

No. 1338378

Tbh sometimes those can just happen. It's not too common but not exactly unheard of. Sometimes for no reason or sonetimes diabetes can cause them over time.
That being said excessive drinking actually does make it worse and more prominent so she's got that going against her…

No. 1338393

if you dont have it now you'll probably never have it nonny, shayna is just a freak of nature

No. 1338416

File: 1633035882002.png (Spoiler Image,9.68 MB, 1242x2208, C50F7293-DE5F-4B5E-B687-ED4AC0…)

Warning: a-log fuel

No. 1338418

File: 1633036070609.png (9.56 MB, 1242x2208, D2BE338B-81C9-45F9-80C7-D88965…)

The way she e-begs for a new vibrator in between her fake ass “orgasms”, didn’t she buy a new one anyways? https://www.dropbox.com/s/pmlde9g04ec4tc6/Video%20Sep%2029%2C%209%2044%2038%20PM.mp4?dl=0

No. 1338420

File: 1633036115409.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x1935, EB04BFB6-FA13-46C2-8D3D-C05F37…)

How is she gagging on less than an inch of a butt plug….

No. 1338422

File: 1633036194113.png (Spoiler Image,9.83 MB, 1242x2208, E9ED87D5-8748-453B-AE3C-06FC63…)

No. 1338426

Because it’s probably covered in her own fecal matter.

No. 1338427

how is she not joking at this point

No. 1338429

She got that white one and the pink one. Awhile ago she said the pink one she always uses died, but then a couple weeks later she was using it again. So either she scammed, she found it/it wasn't dead, or bought the same one again.
Regardless, not sure why she would need more than one anyway when he content is bad, fake, and the same every time.

No. 1338430

File: 1633036600230.gif (1.17 MB, 198x198, 69B5159F-3F49-4A70-AADF-420187…)

No. 1338433

File: 1633036779707.jpeg (386.56 KB, 618x843, 40650AAE-0135-4C35-A16F-BDDFAC…)

holy shit she is so fat and ugly i can't take it!!! she literally has to be filming and uploading these wasted.

No. 1338435

I always find it disgusting when she films in clothes she wore out, I feel like whenever she showers, puts on clothes and make up she thinks, "I might as well film since i'm clean and dressed!" because she's too lazy to shower and put in effort just to film.
I guess because she's so dry it won't matter if she just puts on her clothes after her "cumshows"

No. 1338439

Its literally the right tense you retard, you’re not even making the “joke” right

No. 1338443

NTA but it’s not and honestly it’s just a running joke. Like when thesaurus-chan got mad everyone only used the bleak so we all started saying lugubrious.

I don’t know why nonnies here get so hard pressed on meme language.

No. 1338446

File: 1633037582574.jpeg (141.13 KB, 600x576, A17B2F5B-5B58-4CFB-A998-AAB43A…)

I hate this comment and I hate Shayna

No. 1338463

The sounds she make around 2:50 shoving in the butt plug sound like a fucking toddler or baby. I hate it here.

No. 1338464

i don't get why she edits her vagina in pictures when in videos, even with the vibrator squished against it, it looks like the sagging jowls of a bloodhound

No. 1338469

Incorrect. The worst would make semi sense. Are you esl too?

No. 1338528

fucking kek anon. gave me a good chuckle.

No. 1338529

good/better/best = bad/worse/worst
if she gets any worse at this, she will be the absolute worst

No. 1338536

right. i'm convinced she's making parody porn, especially after this latest vid. barf.

No. 1338576

File: 1633049493908.jpeg (126.64 KB, 750x392, 9EA51616-7A2E-4B32-AE7D-4026F1…)

Imagine seeing these two fatties role playing mom and baby in public

No. 1338577

File: 1633049565153.jpeg (Spoiler Image,331.2 KB, 750x755, 5A51E050-45DA-4A3D-BED7-94F575…)

No. 1338610

File: 1633052913348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,201.63 KB, 828x1472, EEA82580-7E06-4DAD-A872-817BC6…)

Did she really count down to her fake orgasm?

No. 1338611

ok so where tf is her clit tho(stop with the vagina sperging)

No. 1338612

File: 1633052962729.jpeg (Spoiler Image,198.84 KB, 828x1458, C60B98C1-A521-4AAE-8533-A0E8E8…)

her asshole is so loose the plug just falls out

No. 1338615

her intros… like how does she believe in her being that she has any sex appeal whatsoever?? Make it make sense!

No. 1338619

OOF. She’s so fucked. Brb puking.

No. 1338629

File: 1633054662706.jpeg (121.28 KB, 1021x1371, 6ACFAEB3-9F37-47E2-B0DD-712479…)

Shayna’s heels still look like this. Yikes from a few threads ago

No. 1338633

Fucking kek this picture

No. 1338663

And what do you do for her, pillow pauper?

No. 1338666

why the fuck does she insist on using ‘mumma’, it’s objectively the least sexy way to call someone your surrogate parent. every time i see it i just imagine a retarded southern little boy begging his mom for kit kats in the grocery line

No. 1338668

It’s not the edibles making her fat, it’s all the food she eats when she’s stoned and the gallons of pink wine a week.

No. 1338685

File: 1633060298978.jpeg (137.86 KB, 750x397, 4FAC56CB-F330-4B5C-B26A-DC2DC8…)

No. 1338691

I like how she zooms in and you can see the vibrator isn't on her clit

No. 1338694

i'm convinced she doesn't know where her clit is. it seems like she's just mimicking where other women normally put their vibrators (aka on their clit, which is usually much higher than shatna's)

No. 1338702

Not WKing shay but not putting a wand directly on your clit isn’t unheard of. Unlike her, some of us have sensitive clits and didn’t sand them down with our wands.

That said, I agree she touches her self In such an uncanny way , wand or hand. It always looks unnatural.

No. 1338719

It was a 1:30 too. Cut to the fucking chase. Your coomers do not care about you wearing jeans and cardigan like a nOrMaL gIrL.

No. 1338720

is that countdown shit an actual thing people do in porn, or is it something she made up?
it’s repulsive

No. 1338725

The fake baby cooing is bone chilling. You have a 24 year old woman who looks a good decade or two older than that mimicking baby noises in her porn like it’s fucking normal. And again with using a butt plug as a dildo; will be in diapers by 27. There’s no way she isn’t already shitting on herself constantly.

No. 1338743

File: 1633068420592.jpeg (286.41 KB, 929x829, 11BA5211-4B9E-49FA-A6A2-DC2FCA…)


Serving witch of the waste realness.. sorry nonnies.

No. 1338753


No. 1338761

File: 1633070674486.jpg (32.08 KB, 844x287, daddy's lil weetawd.jpg)

the faces in this one are great

No. 1338772

Would this work as a banner, or would it be too deranged

No. 1338782

Oh shaynus is such a high class and professional porn star!! We’re all just jealous of her minimum wage income.

No. 1338793


No. 1338812

I’d love this as a banner if a nonnie could add lolcow.farm on it

No. 1338838

i dont think theyre adding banners anymorr with the site closing

No. 1338953

Shaynas embarrassment can’t be scrubbed from the internet. Whatever is posted stays no matter if the site is down

No. 1338954

File: 1633104283228.jpeg (763.5 KB, 1106x1582, BCACFDC6-366D-44D4-A964-7FE967…)

That cheap ass polyester bag and tacky pins

No. 1338958

File: 1633104489783.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.31 MB, 1242x1622, E1797BE1-B520-4667-8E10-208037…)

No. 1338960

File: 1633104588180.jpeg (232.74 KB, 716x563, 4148E929-685F-4935-AD23-C007DC…)

No. 1338997

File: 1633107738648.jpeg (Spoiler Image,471 KB, 750x1001, A56F04D5-75C6-400E-B6D7-C4E0BE…)

What is this face and why does it look so greasy

No. 1339011

Whatever photoshop she did to her head looks crazy, also it looks like she edits her butt crack, I've noticed in a few pictures how it looks longer and defined.

No. 1339013

I think her mummified fake gf has helped her with makeup or Shay finally decided to give it a go. Ellen is fugly and doesn't seem the type to wear or know much about makeup so maybe Shatna is dabbling in that box of makeup that was previously untouched. Just seems like she's been going harder on the face makeup since she moved. Still looks like shit though.

No. 1339021

I wonder if she's drinking more because her face looks more bloated than ever. Maybe Ellen is also an alcoholic and they drink together.

No. 1339022

This is exactly what I was thinking actually. Her neck and chin area is just fucking scary at this point. She's a god damn whale, but you would think you would have to be alot bigger to acquire those jowls and neck rolls.

No. 1339034

She must be feeling self conscious about her nose because she gave herself a new one here

No. 1339042

She's starting to look like the mirror of her fake gfs body and that's really unfortunate because she's in her 30s and ugly as shit. It's just Shays future but honestly she'll end up worse. Hard competition between the 2 of who's more unfortunate looking kek.

No. 1339060

I have thought that too. Her face has looked so bloated recently, with the rest of her body but esp her face. Maybe that is one of the reasons she has e-begged so much lately too.

No. 1339067

File: 1633113717475.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1248x2048, Screenshot_20211001-113915.png)

Alright, shay

No. 1339076

File: 1633114665972.jpg (570.96 KB, 1080x1331, Screenshot_20211001-135743_Twi…)


No. 1339080

File: 1633114793752.jpg (163.69 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20211001-135947_Tum…)

But you were offended when Fupa did it in the parking lot

No. 1339082

File: 1633114820255.jpg (692.29 KB, 1919x2560, Steve_Buscemi_at_the_2009_Trib…)

not even buscemis eyes look as bad as hers

No. 1339085

Drinking in public before noon. Totally doesn’t have an alcohol problem!

No. 1339091

her eyes look so puffy and swollen also kek at her continuing to use the dog filter

No. 1339097

File: 1633116475509.jpeg (24.01 KB, 350x387, 2F3517FC-67A1-4F53-8749-CB0405…)

>B-b-but it’s brunch time, nonna!

No. 1339099

File: 1633116837900.jpeg (386.06 KB, 1162x1306, 27AD8FA0-3AEA-4131-B6AD-E09192…)

Literal sped behavior

No. 1339101

File: 1633116882959.jpeg (754.96 KB, 1536x2048, BBDC951A-E192-4ED3-973C-77817D…)

Noodle seems to be fine but look at those finger toes

No. 1339108

She's really enjoying making this new, dumbass face, huh? She looks like the cow banner with them licking themselves.

No. 1339144

Probably an unpopular opinion but Ellen's face is in better condition than Shat's.

No. 1339160

File: 1633120910792.jpeg (215.43 KB, 750x667, 48BD55AB-19E7-45CD-A8F2-F00328…)

i wonder how this will play out

No. 1339168

I agree. She's not attractive by any means but she isn't as haggard as Shayna is at only 24.

No. 1339179

massive nitpick but who walks their dog in flip flops/sandals lol I'd love to be in her brain for a day

No. 1339193

I can’t wait for unedited Shay realness if she does pro porn down there, last time she wasn’t even fat yet and it was nightmare fuel

No. 1339212

This is some animorphs looking shit

No. 1339214

That is a very weird nitpick, tons of people have, myself included, maybe not in the fall but for sure in the summer. Are you worried about the dog shitting on your feet or something? Kek

No. 1339219

>covid free
>no mention of std’s

No. 1339222

Probably more like worried for their feet since Noodle is untrained and most likely pulls as they walk. As if Shay could even jog, but it would be a nightmare having to chase Noodle down in flip flops

No. 1339228

When you’re such an expensive luxury bimbo that you go out for brunch in a messy bun and zip-up hoodie

No. 1339229

>who wants to make porn with me

is this not coming from the same person who got mad at dms from people asking if she'd make porn with them and blasting them all over twitter?
also ik she's poly now or whatever the fuck but this really does smell like a bpd cry for attention/trying to make her gf jealous

No. 1339232

Jesus there's kids and families there

No. 1339233

I think she's referring to the semi-legit LA companies she used to work with 3 years ago. Hell, she was featured in a ManyVids takeover (kek) and was picked up temporarily by an agency riiiiiight as Fupa came into the picture. Basically he got jealous so she stopped going to LA. The thought that any agency or company would feature her in this state is honestly shocking.

No. 1339241

File: 1633126158382.png (150.65 KB, 720x799, Screenshot_2021-10-01-17-06-03…)

It's been up for an hour with 5 likes, no takers, and this addendum because we helpfully reminded her not to pick up any STDs. Yikes. With almost 30k followers that's rough. Even a few years ago her Tumblr interaction used to be through the roof with opportunities. Bleak.

No. 1339247

I fucking hate how she says shit like "who wants to beat me up" is it a-logging to say I'd take her up on it?

No. 1339256

Nona…do you mean the banner with the girl in red lipstick licking her lips in a terrifying way? Because that IS Shay lmao

No. 1339271

File: 1633129092821.jpg (Spoiler Image,89.11 KB, 1052x1052, 20211001_155807.jpg)

Damn she's huge

No. 1339273

File: 1633129156561.png (Spoiler Image,1.62 MB, 1831x2048, Screenshot_20211001-155900.png)

No. 1339277

she has so little sense for aesthetics, even the way she writes is ugly. mumma, wud, cud

No. 1339285

The fingernails prove her gf is Ellen

No. 1339288

Kek, it really is!
No I fucking don’t, why would anyone want to watch it?

No. 1339289

At this point queen pts ass looked more in proportion when “poopin”

No. 1339290

What the actual fuck? Her rear end looks like a uncooked turkey.

No. 1339291

Maybe it’s cos of where I’m from but I’d always wear trainers when walking my dog, regardless the weather/season or if it’s pavement or not. For better grip and control in case I need it. This is already a blogpost so don’t wanna carry on defending my nitpick lol, but I think it’s just smarter to wear good shoes especially when you have an active, fairly big dog like noodle.

No. 1339293

Why does this look like she's wiping her arse?

No. 1339294

I raise you a better nitpick and call out those shitty retractable leashes and walking an untrained dog with just a collar. She cant be bothered to get a harness and safe leash for the wellbeing of her dog and it would make things easier on her too. Just proves she only actually walks her dog or takes it to a park maybe once a month if it's lucky.

No. 1339298

God with all the actual and fake lesbian porn out there… who the fuck would want to watch 2 haggard fatties pretend they're cute uwu babygirls and shit?

No. 1339303

It’s not even a nitpick tbh it’s a very good point.

No. 1339322

> Basically he got jealous so she stopped going to LA.
kek what? the story supposedly was that she was a huge bitch and got dropped from the agency. she only agreed to do girl on girl anyway.

No. 1339325

what the fuck is wrong with the circulation in her legs she looks diabetic

No. 1339332

it was only speculated that she got dropped. but if Fupa didn’t want her to go, she wouldn’t. plus they probably could barely find work for her since she would only do g/g when she was with fupa.

No. 1339333

anon what are you even talking about

No. 1339338

pretty sure fupa was a total non-factor is the point i’m trying to make. hell, they full-on pretended to break up and she moved states to live with dawn the dogfucker and he seemed to be fine with that.

No. 1339341

OT but is the site really closing? i thought they were looking for a new admin to take over after the current one leaves

No. 1339344

read /meta/

No. 1339363

File: 1633138819736.png (Spoiler Image,2.45 MB, 1763x2048, Screenshot_20211001-183917.png)

What the actual fuck is this?

No. 1339371

Pissing on a swing looks fun? What?

Realistically you'd end up swinging back into your piss stream. Kek. Shay please do it… No wait, don't, it's equipment for kids. Unless you got your own swing that's just gross.

No. 1339374

where do these braindead whores even come up with this shit? jfc.

No. 1339378

So is she gonna disclose her genital herpes or…

No. 1339379

File: 1633142245921.png (181.3 KB, 551x522, Screenshot 2021-10-01 10.32.33…)

Yup the fingernails prove her gf is 100% Ellen/@cuddlemenow. Only a few days after she was sperging about not letting her haters know who her gf is.

No. 1339381

her and shayna are a match made in heaven. They think the smallest things to approve their apperence is being "spoiled". Two sad, depressed women settling for eachother because nobody with sense will want to deal with them and they haven't found the right disgusting low life scrote to get with.

No. 1339398

She literally has hpv and the warts to prove it not that she’d disclose that or get tested herself

No. 1339404

Jesus Christ why does anyone her age have HPV
did she not get a Gardasil shot

No. 1339406

File: 1633147369066.jpeg (351.24 KB, 1176x989, 73A82C44-7FAD-41AF-A914-BE61E4…)

Mumma spanks special needs adult for $12!!

No. 1339412

File: 1633148413562.png (349.3 KB, 2048x740, Screenshot_20211001-211957.png)

Potential candidate

No. 1339413

File: 1633148988038.jpeg (99.09 KB, 1500x500, 1EF048BE-D49B-4337-AB38-8DBBCB…)

lol gross she would snap this twig in half. Funny enough looking at his Twitter most of his porn is with BBWs so I guess she is his type

No. 1339420

Her monkey toes match her acrylic nails

No. 1339423

File: 1633150695551.gif (8.76 KB, 150x203, all_about_lc3.gif)

God damn she is one haggard, busted looking creature. No redeeming qualities whatsoever.

No. 1339425

No. 1339428

This gangly mother fucker must be an AIDS patient with those looks. Shayna, RUN

No. 1339429

File: 1633152902482.jpeg (Spoiler Image,157.09 KB, 828x1355, AE1DB1B9-94C0-4919-B1D1-C5D6C3…)

No. 1339430

File: 1633152929441.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.58 KB, 828x1369, B3C9A9E0-500C-4C54-A4FB-28A684…)

No. 1339436

It’s serving sex offender living in a van under the bridge with 17 stray cats

No. 1339444

File: 1633155530233.jpg (36.88 KB, 536x537, U got it bad.jpg)

>tfw your cottage cheese thighs are visible from the front

No. 1339450

The shoes definitely don’t go, but she does look cute here

No. 1339451

Those are her "totes alt grl" shoes kek. Also saying she looks cute is a stretch and a reach. Anons get fooled when she wears a black top because darker colors suit her and most anyone for that matter better. That skirt isn't wearable outside because to actually cover her lard ass she'd have to pull it down under her beer gut that's already been pushed up top and is spilling. I mean she's using the fucking snap dog filter anon and has the greased combover. And that's not getting to her crater thighs and saggy tits. Cmon anon

No. 1339457

lol calm down anon, just said it’s a cute pic. Not that she looks like that irl, not that she isn’t using filters, not that she’s not hiding her gut with the pose— just that the pic turned out cute. Anons itt sperg to the moon and back when she takes blatantly unappealing/lazy pics (rightfully), but then sperg on to jupiter when someone points out the times she improves and takes a good pic.

I feel like shaynus threads harbor a unique strain of farmerillis autismonella

No. 1339463

Maybe this would look cute if she didn’t have her same strained fat smirk face and greasy stinky looking hair. Relax the forehead for once please

No. 1339477

She's always wrinkling her already wrinkly forehead to try to make her eyes bigger lol

No. 1339482


No. 1339484

Didn’t she say this account is a catfish? Or is it her weird way of promoting it??

No. 1339485

>takes a good pic
But it isn't. Apart from being pure cottage cheese below the skirt, her gut is clearly spilling out over the top of it. The top is so small, it's only just clinging on enough to cover her nipples. The lighting is pure shit, it makes her look like she hasn't showered in three weeks and to top it all off she's using a snapchat filter that was popular five years ago in an attempt to cover up the frog eyed alcohol bloat.

Does it look better than what else is posted in this thread? Yes, it's slightly less repulsive but it's still repulsive.

No. 1339567

Working at a sex shop, you must meet a lot of Shays. Just imagine all the local lolcows.

No. 1339619

Yeah you would have thought she would have learned by now. How stupid can you be to try to hide someone by not showing their face meanwhile they just posted their hands on Twitter to show off kekkk

No. 1339627

File: 1633188081359.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.21 KB, 828x1629, C0249A34-FA17-44FC-8D27-542EE8…)

Her head is disproportionate to the rest of her body. Does she ever wash her hair? Whoever said she looked cute is delusional.

No. 1339628

Her fashion sense is so stuck in 2012, it feels like she'll never evolve. She's too young and too terminally online to be this outdated. The floral Tumblr boots are a sin.

No. 1339629

the elastic on her sleeves is about at its limit. and her arms are full on spilling out the top of the cut off. lets all remember to lift some weights this week anons.

No. 1339633

why has she refused to let go of these ugly docs? it’s so weird, the plain ones are still “in” but these ones in specific are so ridiculously outdated and hideous lmao, I hope they fall apart soon

No. 1339636

bold of you both to assume shes walking the dog. shes probably taking these when she takes noodle out to shit. of course she wants us to think she walks kek.

No. 1339637

Lord this isn’t the thread for my stories, but as someone who works at a sex shop, these cringelords come in all the time

No. 1339638

Because as much as she claims to be a barbie and have "expensive taste" in clothes, she doesn't care. She thinks too small, too short clothing is "Sexy" even though she never wears anything actually sexy.

No. 1339639

The cheap products she uses dry out curly hair and make it frizzy, that’s why it’s always straightened or piled up on top of her hair

No. 1339642

File: 1633190632543.jpg (293.9 KB, 1007x1249, Screenshot_20211002-170121.jpg)

No. 1339644

File: 1633190885021.jpg (162.45 KB, 896x727, Screenshot_20211002-170637.jpg)

No. 1339647

hmm, you post your whole body and the inside of your orifices fo freeee all over the internet, and then you complain that no one wants to pay for your shitty porn? kek.
i hate this bitch. get a real job, retard.

No. 1339648

Even if those followers were real… why would they need to sub when she posts nudes on her twitter for free?

No. 1339651

File: 1633191303984.png (504.08 KB, 2048x965, Screenshot_20211002-091443.png)

No. 1339652

Yeah sure, the reason you have so many followers is because of spam porn accounts and horny ass men, they don’t give a shit about who you are. Starting a new account will just be the same thing

No. 1339653

File: 1633191795292.png (Spoiler Image,6.25 MB, 1242x2208, BD3780BA-963C-4119-97E2-E6AAAD…)

Kek she looks way different on video

No. 1339657

File: 1633191995001.png (Spoiler Image,8.17 MB, 1242x2208, 6194730E-29FA-4C13-9C48-780B73…)

The too small shein shirt cutting off her lunch lady arms, the greasy combover, the buck teeth, the lopsided boobs, the cellulite running down her front thighs almost to the knee. Yikes

No. 1339659

File: 1633192407752.png (804.46 KB, 1655x2048, Screenshot_20211002-093314.png)

Which one of you retards did this?

No. 1339660

>I give up
What other options does she have at this point though? Imagine throwing your whole future and life away to own your mom and haterz on the internet and still ultimately failing

No. 1339661

No. 1339664

everytime she has one of these twitter meltdowns she finds someone or something to get mad about. She does it so she can get sympathy attention.

No. 1339666

screen recording a Snapchat set to public with the intent of people watching so you get more views is not stalking. They never even said they stalked you for years, dipshit

No. 1339667

This again? It’s simply theres too many other actually attractive and in shape girls doing the same exact thing, if your audience isn’t growing after what 5 years? Yikes that’s a harsh reality and it’s only going to get worse. Sex work isn’t supposed to make you feel good and appreciated anyway, its literally revolved around using young girls and spitting them out unless you have a real fanbase.

No. 1339671

File: 1633193134359.jpeg (563.34 KB, 1242x1727, 69ACC2C4-40FB-47C9-8233-5D55C2…)

She’s just making things up top kek

No. 1339673

This has been posted already retard learn to read

No. 1339674

its so embarrassing how shay thinks she totally got her good

No. 1339679

that’s on you. you chose to put your best pics on twitter and make people pay for the crap unedited bullshit you put on OF. of course no one wants to pay when your best content is FREE.

No. 1339680

this is definitely the kind of content that is going to get her more coomer subscribers!

No. 1339684

She's pretended to be into every kink there is, the BDSM pedo-pandering shit isn't working anymore. She says she "loves" what she does, but she doesn't. She loves the attention and the idea of going viral. The only way I feel she can gain a bigger following that interacts is if she gets into Feeder shit. She doesn't care about her body or gaining weight, she really loves eating and drinking, why not profit off of that?

No. 1339686

Shayna Clifford/Dolly Mattel #91: “Dwindling Income” Edition

No. 1339688

There's almost some moment of self awareness but she buries it with the biggest pity party and blaming other people. "No one reaches out to me, no one interacts, you all are so ungrateful and making me want to give up!" Like shut the fuck up and reflect on yourself and your own actions.

You're 5 years into this with nothing but weight gain to show for it, you post full nudes for free daily, and all your content is the same shit over and over. Ill fitting cheap outfits, same poses, flashing in bathrooms, haggard no makeup selfies, obvious snap filters, etc. Every video is you pawing at your dry pussy, lay on your back, get the pink wand and mash it on your whole vag for 30 seconds until you badly fake orgasm. You're constantly drunk and stoned and sound fucking stupid and not in a ~dumb bimbo~ way. Constantly e begging and being annoying, shitting on potential or current customers, etc. Could go on and on. But the bottom line is.. you peaked. It's not getting better. If you haven't made it in an industry like this after this many years and by your mid to late 20s, you're not cut out for it. Low self esteem nobody OF whores are a dime a dozen now.

No. 1339689

File: 1633194145169.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2208, DE947F50-A0A8-405B-AFD3-465688…)

No. 1339690

it's been dwindling for like the last 40 threads, she just can't be honest with herself

No. 1339691

File: 1633194307625.png (Spoiler Image,7.91 MB, 1242x2208, C0B3F358-BE06-471E-9C99-689D75…)

No. 1339692

It couldn't possibly be her fault though! What could she be doing wrong? It's OF fault and her followers obviously!

No. 1339693

Not the huge dog tongue from the filter.. jfc that was embarrassing. She looks so desperate and stupid just aimlessly getting all her junk out and trying to form a sentence all while that cartoon tongue just flops out randomly lmfao I just can't. Premium content there! Definitely worth paying for!

No. 1339696

File: 1633195087055.png (Spoiler Image,3.71 MB, 828x1792, 4C85D2D5-E072-4F95-92E5-B76FC3…)

She’s out of breath just standing there! Her videos are so awkward! Yikes. She can’t even think for herself she’s asking for ideas as she grabs her fatty leg before plopping it on the counter ugh Barbie is more like Carbie.

No. 1339699

There is all the shit she could do vs the shit she actually does kek

No. 1339700

>I don't know what I'm doing wrong
You're fucking ugly, Shay. Not that hard to figure out. Also. All your thousands of nudes and hundreds of videos are EXACTLY THE SAME. You flop on your back like beached whale and use the same butt plug and same wand to saw off your clit and make retard faces with your 18 chins showing. You can change the outfit and the scenery but goddamn find a way to do fucking ANYTHING ELSE besides the same ass routine.
You're boring AS FUCK.

No. 1339717

Her looks are declining, she’s ruined her body, and she’s aging out of SW. The simplest things would make a difference: regularly workout, eat healthy, cut back on substances, take regular showers, and get cosmetic work or at least use all the impulse purchased makeup. Bonus points for deleting twitter/existing free nudes, making a new twitter and not buying followers, posting nude photos to OF only, upgrading wardrobe to current trends, and choosing a work aesthetic that better matches her lifestyle (grungy stoner vs “barbie bimbo”). We’ve said it a thousand times.

No. 1339724

File: 1633197418708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,916.53 KB, 2760x2507, D1FDD566-C41E-484A-9AFB-38ED83…)

Facts. And this is the “quality content” she has to offer

No. 1339727

File: 1633197653069.jpeg (988 KB, 1242x1731, 37846F25-2B32-45BD-9917-0D39A8…)

She’s so damn lazy she can’t even make new content for Halloween she’s just recycling her ugly devil crow costume pictures

No. 1339736

Shay, the fact you have to numb yourself to be able to stand living your shitty life is not a flex

No. 1339744

There is so many beautiful women doing sex work (sad). Why do you think your bottom of the barrel body is any competition in this already over saturated market?? Also women usually do this job to save up for college/get a house and you never planned for your retirement. She really thought she would get picked up by a sugar daddy and not have to work a day in her life lol but not even a busted dad of 3 in OK wants her.

No. 1339745

She’s the one always publicizing her mental breakdowns and exposing how she’s fallen so far. No one is crying themselves to sleep except herself, and she copes by believing she’ll get some big break any day now while she drunkenly flops around her room and waits for the doordash Womack food stamps.

No. 1339747

No one is jealous and crying here lol. You just admitted you have a dwindling income pretending to be a r*ped baby online.

No. 1339769

yeah we're totally crying over getting 37 likes on a photo kek

No. 1339778

God damnit she almost had it. The attention she gets from posting her holes will always cloud her rational mind. She’s said before she’s done posting free nudes and never sticks it out when she realizes no one gives a fuck about her sparkling personality

No. 1339780

I mean you listed more than one thing that takes effort and logic, so it's easier to blame other people and things and keep doing the same shit kek

No. 1339786

Nta but I think it's funny she never retweets other girls content anymore. I mean she hardly ever has, but I've noticed since moving especially she only retweets stupid aesthetic shit and a couple gifs from legit porn or something (the rape/kidnapping bait ones). She's so insecure.
I like how she said "I see my friends go through this and they get support" Like where? Lurking their pages? Your only friend rn is your fake ass ugly older gf who's your current crutch and helped you move. Haven't even seen abustedpixie for a while, she probably bailed kek. There's only a small handful of gross coomers who interact with her and maybe like 2 troons.

No. 1339792

The problem is people don’t want to promo her (in like Instagram pods? But for Twitter SW where they all retweet each other and chat) because she’s toxic. What she really needs to do, as anons has stated, make a new persona, join a gym, swap her door dash for pre prepped meals if she cba to cook and start not putting her entire pussy out there for pennies. She could have a decent following if she made scroats feel special by “hehe I am only taking this off for you”

No. 1339793

Also sorry to double post but that brunette repost from last Halloween is more the kinda content she should be putting out. Lewd, grungy, not “bimbo” and makes people wanna subscribe to see more

No. 1339807

why do i feel like her and her ugly ass "gf" concocted this for sympathy. she's so cringe

No. 1339811

File: 1633204384598.jpeg (162.77 KB, 1242x552, 1512168217999.jpeg)

Shay has always been relativelu5 friendless. She responded to endless ass-kissing anonymous asks back in the day but was always beefing with anybody and everybody on Tumblr. Fun little tidbit, pic related is from one of the first threads. Shay has been relying on "mumma" for as long as she's been around.

No. 1339814

She always brags about what people do to her, it never seems like she's thanking them or shouting them out it's always, "I'm so lucky! I'm such a spoiled baby!"
She's always been a user and wants everyone around her to treat her like someone who can't do a thing for herself, meanwhile she does nothing for them. Then pretends like she does and deserves all this support. Every five mintue it's "Other people get this or that, why not me?"
she doesn't care her "Friends" are going through shit, she hates that she doesn't get the same amount of attention.

No. 1339817

She hates to see other girls doing better then her. I remember her bitching about how some girls clothed selfies get thousands of likes while her holes can hardly get 100.

No. 1339818

File: 1633205032020.png (201.56 KB, 1191x1199, F53E0E17-52CC-4873-91EA-292193…)

Samefag but this is what I was referring to from her last moment of self awareness 8 months ago. It’s a constant cycle with this bitch

No. 1339837

"show my entire asshole and get 200 likes" god i forgot about this im cackling wtff

No. 1339848

I wonder why people on social media would rather interact with pretty girls taking cute SFW pictures and not care to see a disgusting gaping asshole in their face. Save that shit for a paywall.

No. 1339849

her floppy tit wouldnt look so bad if her other tit had some jiggle to it. its mind boggling. like seriously wtf is wrong with her tits. Ive seen other girls have have one larger boob before but the floppy one isnt even larger, its just completely deflating.

No. 1339856

File: 1633207827083.png (192.06 KB, 416x416, greezy.png)

Lol at the fake high-pitched voice.
And does she have a random mini ponytail in her hair at 0:08 or is that just the grease making it stand on end?

No. 1339863

I know it's useless to say but her hair would look a little better if she bumped the ends, like it just looks dry

No. 1339864

File: 1633208470482.png (208.33 KB, 1174x2048, Screenshot_20211002-140027.png)

Kek deleted

No. 1339885

kek sadly even when she posted this set last year she immediately followed it up with a free video posted to her twitter tl of full on dildo in vag >>1070043

No. 1339894

no she needs it cut, all that shit on the ends is just dead and raggedy

No. 1339927

all true, great advice. and yet, Big Shaynus will never do any of these things and fix her life because she has to own the "haturz". what a sad fucking existence. she truly contributes nothing to society.

No. 1339930

>what am i doing wrong?
it's because she is and always has been an insufferable piece of shit. it's her own fault no one likes her but the denial/delusion is strong.

No. 1339965

I'm suprised there's not a Twitter dedicated to reposting all her deleted tweets by now.

No. 1339976

that would be the most autistic thing ever

No. 1339982

>You are twice the lady they are
fucking kek, old man is a soothsayer and a poet.

No. 1340012

File: 1633222526795.jpeg (278.6 KB, 1284x969, 3C3DBEFD-1C39-4258-A99A-BE7145…)

she really doesn’t understand what a sugar baby does, kek

No. 1340015

File: 1633222590761.jpeg (175.4 KB, 750x546, D65E5AC1-91EE-45F4-A61C-25724E…)

Is this all they do in bed. Shay just a punching bag for this woman’s sexual frustration lol

No. 1340016

Posted this right after you but jfc the delusion. And it's not like you sell pics of your holes for $3

No. 1340023

File: 1633223532108.png (874.82 KB, 1517x2048, Screenshot_20211002-181150.png)

So she announces that she's going to LA but admits she doesn't have the funds for it

No. 1340031

More stale hole stuffing in a slightly new locale. Get a day job if you want a vacay, this is not a draw.
I had this thought too, if she and her gf actually had sex she could probably entice more coomers by recording it. Isn't she also an OF hoe? She documents everything else, they must not be banging much.

No. 1340034

Separate airbnbs huh

No. 1340036

isn’t that more than the pros get in Nevada brothels? and they have to split with the house.
honestly, shayna is unlikely to get a better offer.

No. 1340038

For being an e-whore, her actual sex life seems so…unsexy. From dating a woman whose idea of foreplay is just beating her ass, to her bizarre “erotic” fantasies about being lobotomized in a mental hospital or getting roofied by her parents. Her sexuality is so weird and off-putting, it’s just further proof scrotes will literally coom to anything

No. 1340050

I feel like she inflated that price so she could feel better about herself. $700 for one night is a good offer for a bitch as ugly and haggard as Shayna. If it was real, she should actually start doing this instead of peddling her hole pics for $10 gift cards on Twitter. But we all know she doesn't like sex so full service is probably off the table for that reason (not because the offer is 'cheap'.)

No. 1340054

File: 1633228201987.jpeg (694.67 KB, 1242x1534, E9CC6CE9-12AE-46C6-A899-9E23DC…)

Kek Womack come through I want to see this train wreck

No. 1340060

Waiting for this to be drama central when she realises he’s married, she’ll see his wife as competition even if he’s fucking other whores

No. 1340061

File: 1633229041976.jpg (244.81 KB, 2048x1152, 20211002_194243.jpg)

He got the fupa gloves

No. 1340062

He’s fond of cancelling people, I feel like she’s going to be -problematic-

No. 1340063

Oh no this lil twink is gonna make shayhog look huge

No. 1340065

pretty sure this is one of her discord orbiters

No. 1340066

File: 1633229839830.jpeg (144.92 KB, 750x1288, 5C82365F-9153-4BC1-A899-71C85F…)

it is. they’ve been planning to meet up.

No. 1340068

lmfao as if she didn't just go on a rant and say that she posted nudes on twitter for free?? come on now

No. 1340070

Love how Barbie Bimbo can't even get the dude whose going to "beat her up" to pay for her air bnb, she has to beg.

No. 1340072

File: 1633230685243.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.32 KB, 640x630, tumblr_7e98b6b550485c092fc7a07…)

sage for autism but why the fuck does this art look like her kek

No. 1340074

Damn idubbbz is looking rough

No. 1340081

OnlyFans isn’t the product, you are. Almost 100 threads telling you what you’re doing wrong and full of free advice; there’s no excuse for not knowing what you’re doing wrong. None of your followers interact with you because you bought them all. Your audience as an online whore only wants to see your holes. They do not give a fuck about reading every dumb thought that passes through your pea brain. Don’t want people to only interact with hole pics? Don’t be a sex worker.

She really should just quit this shit. She’s aging out and makes it worse by looking haggard, already pandered to every fetish, and has to be under the influence of several things just to get through waking hours. Hang it up already Shayna and get a job.

No. 1340106

Too bad those Amazon and doordash gift cards can’t pay for real expenses

No. 1340118

like shayna would ever willingly drink water kek

No. 1340140

Kek it does resemble her a bit. But shayna has the lopsided boob, her bed isn’t as nice, and she doesn’t have a headboard just a prison cot and a children’s daybed to make porn on

No. 1340149

So what are everyone's predictions for when
Shayna's OF income inevitably dries up? Do you think she'll try a new genre like feeder porn, lose weight(unlikely), or will she quit SW for good and move home and get a real job? Predictions?

No. 1340154

I think she would become an actual prostitute before ever giving up and getting a real job

No. 1340156

I think she’ll still continue to panhandle on Twitter/ make up sob stories/scam or offer nudes to scrotes while living off of her parent’s money.

No. 1340157

Doubt it. She thinks her holes cost more than $700… the going rate in Seattle is like $150-309 for 2hrs kek

No. 1340161

not that anon you’re replying to but I think Shayna will just leech off a scrote like a Jason R Womack,if push comes to shove. She will offer sex like a whore for a roof over her head, attention, and money. So not necessarily a sugar daddy because shayna has cheap taste and anyone can afford her “uwu high end bimbo demands” aka door dash, shein, and amazon

No. 1340163

File: 1633240035449.png (742.71 KB, 1776x2048, Screenshot_20211002-224655.png)

I feel sorry for the air bnb owner

No. 1340172

She can’t even drop $280 and needs it to be reimbursed, such a baby bimbo. He’s in LA and couldn’t even host her like all the other whores he’s fucked.

No. 1340177

spoiler this degenerate shit retard

No. 1340178

File: 1633241972455.jpeg (Spoiler Image,175.31 KB, 1241x1743, 5A7F515E-7A41-41BD-9B80-581692…)

Shay’s going to have a meltdown when she realises his wife is living her dreams, she gets tied up and into the same fetishes, actually looks clean and is much better body wise (she also has other things outside of SW) she’s still a gross e-whore with gross fetishes but she’s more than Shag will ever be and I hope and pray that there’s milk from it all

They’re both gross but shay likes to compete

No. 1340182

if shay meets her she will have a mental breakdown. I hope this time we'll get it on video

No. 1340185

why would she have a mental breakdown meeting someone she already knows exists? she knows the dude from her discord and is aware of his wife already, he’s posted pics of them together on there.
i get you guys are desperate for milk, but this isn’t it.

No. 1340186

she'd probably make an okay amount of money if she did, from what i've seen on the news, irl whores tend to look the same or worse than shay

god i can't wait to see how this goes, it's gonna be terrible

No. 1340187

She will just chug along for years like she is now but probably doing more things like going on cam if she’s really desperate. I really can’t see her doing actual prostitution or porn but keeping in mind she drowns her shame and hopeless reality in alcohol, weed, and food we can’t rule anything out because she needs that high to even function.

No. 1340193

File: 1633244354541.jpeg (50.86 KB, 827x241, BDA53AEF-ABAC-44AD-98EF-B1CE5B…)

Idk anons, I think her and Shay will get along just fine lol

No. 1340209

Imagine paying thirty bucks for ten pictures that you can get for free by following her Twitter and a 70 second trailer of her anus blinking. DELUSIONAL

No. 1340211

bodywise she looks a lot like shay did before she started her amberlynn reid transition, this is gonna be hilarious

No. 1340226

I think she still will, it’s different when you know someone exists but when you see that he actually likes his wife and only works with other women and doesn’t see them outside of that Shay will have a BPD meltdown and get possessive.
This woman is a threat to her solely for being the actual wife and also thinner, cleaner and cooks for her man (despite being a $3 OF whore too)

No. 1340231

There's also the competition factor. This is what Shay is up against when she competes for coomer coin on OF. Maybe the reality will hit her and she will realize that unless she does something her income is only going to decline further.

No. 1340232

File: 1633253937660.jpeg (Spoiler Image,338.44 KB, 1242x2208, 3156CC54-B11E-4367-802F-F81BCD…)

> i just don’t know what i’m doing wrong.

No. 1340237

Precisely this, she’ll either flake or start some steal your man drama and try and sow the seeds of a rocky marriage to -save- twink daddy

No. 1340252

File: 1633256824984.gif (994.76 KB, 245x170, 5FBA98B1-3414-4A4F-8B1D-6DF994…)

all i see is the life jacket of fat. she has the body type of a fat kid in a 90's movie.

No. 1340253

280 bucks for an airbnb in LA is either not in LA proper or is in skid row so good luck with that Shayna kek

No. 1340264

Even by skid row is astronomical price wise. Dumbasses like her think Disneyland is in LA so most likely staying in SFV or some other shithole outside the city kek

No. 1340289

Shay's gf is the I've who will actually get jealous is my prediction, tbh. She is anyways melting down on Twitter about being lonely. She was already subtweeting Shay about ignoring her feelings while she was crying in her bed lol. I could see her losing her shit over this.

No. 1340291

I hope shay gets jealous of the wife, GF breaks up with Shay and the old man they’re dating breaks up with Shay or even both because drama. The absolute breakdown

No. 1340295

It’s been 6 days and I can’t stop thinking about this, anons. I’m sorry I’m not trying to vagsperg I am just deeply disturbed and confused. What the fuck is going on? Where is her clitoris? Is this normal? I feel like I’m going insane. This is like a vagina drawn by a man. Can someone please, please explain this to me? I can’t get over it.(stop)

No. 1340305

Pathetic. This is why Shayna's thread is a joke to the rest of the site. Take your retarded vag sperging somewhere else.

No. 1340312

>It’s been 6 days and I can’t stop thinking about this,
Go seek help.

No. 1340318

unless her fake gf is also paying, anything for that price in LA or even outskirts is going to be a room in a shared house or condo. are they really going to film gross hog porn with poor unsuspecting people next door? i hope whoever is going to stay with them gets reimbursed.

No. 1340324

File: 1633269095373.jpg (104.98 KB, 1080x514, IMG_20211003_155011.jpg)

I bet they didn't ask for permission…

No. 1340332

this… people forget shaynus has no real aspirations in life other than to just scrape by. as long as she can afford rent in a shitty apartment, buy booze and doordash she's happy and satisfied. she can survive just scraping by selling her crust to coomers until at least her mid-30s. even if she continues on her path to death-fat coomers are disgusting and will toss their pennies at any girl willing to do what they pay for sex wise.

No. 1340337

what are you not getting?

No. 1340340

Where her clitoris is. The anon before claiming to know genuinely circled her urethral opening.

No. 1340353

I don’t think that was her urethra. Idk what it was.. I’m pretty sure her clit is under the hood underneath what that anon circled. If that was her urethra she would literally have nothing, the urethra is below the clitoris.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1340357

you are correct. her urethra would be under/below the small flappy things in the pic, aka the labia minora
if she were to press on the edges/top of that clitoral hood, the clitoris would pop out.
it's bullshit how we're kept ignorant of our own anatomy. hope this helps some anon(s)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1340358

kek you guys are something else with these hypothetical scenarios. it’s like a fanfic sometimes.

No. 1340371

i've never seen randos online so obsessed with a woman's vagina before who weren't jerking off to it. are you autistic? is shay your special interest? i'm begging the mods to give out bans for you.

No. 1340388

thank you very much, nonny. I’m pre-med and none of the anatomical models or charts in my classes go over this sadly. I really had no idea.(stop with the vagina sperging already)

No. 1340390

File: 1633275141176.jpeg (Spoiler Image,864.02 KB, 885x1451, 292A3045-02F8-4F76-A1D3-AC4B9C…)

No. 1340392

File: 1633275181053.jpeg (Spoiler Image,878.49 KB, 925x1487, E264DBD3-52B9-4A9F-A47C-E606BC…)


No. 1340396

File: 1633275382708.jpeg (Spoiler Image,880.81 KB, 982x1635, 393D32E8-4223-46A5-9A1F-0F9DEE…)

No. 1340397

File: 1633275416485.jpeg (Spoiler Image,822.99 KB, 968x1533, B9F99009-E352-4716-9ED9-16711D…)

No. 1340411

looking pretty swollen overall, kek

No. 1340416

Take some responsibility for your own ignorance in the days of Google. Yes, women's health awareness is atrocious and many people don't have access to information like we do, but all these idiots in this thread have no excuse.
I do find it surprising that so many people are clueless. I went to a very conservative Catholic school, and we learned about female anatomy in 7th & 8th grade during health class. Does that not happen anymore? Public schools teach about preferred pronouns but not basic reproductive anatomy? Catholic schools are more willing to do sex Ed? WAP is the only thing nonnies know about what's between their legs? Everybody here is actually 15? I don't get it.

No. 1340421

she really has a scrotum dangling between her legs

No. 1340425

This lighting is not working with her makeup, she looks like she covered whole face in highlighter. She’s grey and greasy.

No. 1340432

What has Wireless Application Protocol got to do with vaginas?

No. 1340433

File: 1633278698310.png (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 1629x2048, Screenshot_20211003-093113.png)

Barely lasted 24 hours without posting free nudes on twitter

No. 1340434

I can only imagine what she looks like in the unfiltered video of this

No. 1340435

I just thought of something. A SW who branded herself as poképrincess after Pokémon got sued by Pokémon. How has Mattel not gotten wind of this cow and sued her yet? Found it be the drastic difference in following?

No. 1340436

Could* not found. Also speaking of Pokémon, I find it funny she has Pokémon stuffed animals like she knows anything about it.

No. 1340438


Much like her brain, her vagina was also probably undeveloped in the womb. Get over it.

No. 1340440

Congrats for the vagsperg and blogpost double whammy

No. 1340476

Her face looks so sweaty/greasy in these she's so bad at doing basic makeup. Also she really smoothed these to hell to hide her cottage cheese thighs and assne.

No. 1340479

filters doing amazing work on this one, she looks almost human

No. 1340516


kek I love you for this nonnie

No. 1340519

Exactly anon. None of that’s gonna happen, all three are degenerates. Their marriage must be shit if her husband has to beat up random girls on the internet for content kek. They’ll get along just fine off of that.
Why is she so greasy and wet? Pork sweats ?

No. 1340520

File: 1633288349083.jpeg (772.41 KB, 1242x1470, 8E0ACC76-11EB-420D-ACCE-4DF38F…)

No. 1340523

Hahahahahahahahahaha why the fuck does she think these looks good

No. 1340524

okay these look even more like raw hotdogs than the last ones

No. 1340530

Wtf why is she getting her nails done weekly or biweekly? Ive never seen anyone get their nails done that often, especially the exact same design. It makes no sense and just shows how clueless she is about nails OR how shit her nail tech is. Probably somewhere a bit of both. I mean she did used to go to a school to get them done. Though i'm not sure if that was just tinfoil

No. 1340532

pretty sure she rips them off. i think she’s mentioned doing it before. so she’s just wasting her money on ugly nails for no reason.

No. 1340540

File: 1633290184220.jpg (32.87 KB, 240x320, mole_hands.jpg)

No. 1340546

I can’t tell if it’s a shitty nail tech that thought this is how French tips are supposed to be, or if fatty is telling the tech she wants tiny nail tips at the expense of a hotdog nail bed?

No. 1340554

File: 1633291439174.jpeg (65.03 KB, 1050x1050, nails.jpeg)

I actually could no find a single pair that looks like this through google. I've never seen such an awful an attempt at "french tip". If she wants long, modern french tips she should have gone with the attached pic. They would look so much less gagworthy.

No. 1340558

Why are they nude?? That’s not even a classic French tip how does she mess up everything just do pink you retard

No. 1340565

File: 1633292264789.png (692 KB, 2048x625, Screenshot_20211003-131735.png)

She thought she was eating cottage cheese

No. 1340567

Oh my fucking god I can’t, last time was the first time I saw her to do this and I almost did internal damage to my organs from laughing so hard. A bitch was crying. It cured my depression. Now it’s fucking with my head and I want to scream but only when I look at it, I can’t not have a visceral reaction to this. Now I’m back to laughing my brain is broken.

You don’t fucking elongate the nude “skin” part, you elongate the white of the edge of the nail. Which everyone knows, even men I would think considering how these nails are a porn cliche. The nude part stays the same unless her goal is hotdog alien fingers. Which can never not be funny but holy hell my beain right now is damaging itself looking at them

Where the fuck would you even buy these and no nail tech would do this. Did she at any point go viral for these???? They’re fucking cursed

No. 1340568

Also Chris Gentle Daddy Dom is violently fucking stupid. There’s nothing wrong with them?????????????? Now I’m thinking someone told her that long nails elongates they finger and she took that so fucking literally to birth these atrocities. They need to be in a museum.

No. 1340575

This is what Shay’s hot lesbian sex life is, getting beaten, a good old fashion biting, and then crying yourself to sleep every night

No. 1340585

File: 1633294252285.jpeg (135.45 KB, 909x580, 7B33FF35-5895-4A28-8699-C84827…)

That is, in fact, exactly what I did by asking. If you google the anatomy of a vagina, the same images come up, none showing what Shayna’s vagina looks like. Your contribution was useless, and you are gay.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1340586

Not that anon but your contribution isn't necessary either you fucking sped.

No. 1340604

kek "hot dogs wearing aprons" nails. just when you think she can't get any more retarded…jk no one thinks that.

No. 1340610

She needs do be nail shamed for these. How hideous.

No. 1340613

The fact that she’s so proud in claiming that the hot dog nails are her brand is sending me. She really thinks she’s giving high class bimbo vibes

No. 1340615

I have never seen a more baffling choice. This must be some attempt for viral Twitter attention because how can you think that looks good to post it unless you want people to clown your ass.

No. 1340619

She probably rips them off because she can't be bothered to keep them clean and just leaves them until they're filthy, rips them off and starts again.

No. 1340620

I don't see why she couldn't have gotten pink with black or something anyways? Why would she get the same ugly shit again. It's boring and retarded. Her natural nails and fingers are going to look disgusting pretty soon. You can't keep getting low quality acrylics that often and she definitely breaks them or rips them off. I really doubt she soaks them or has the nail tech remove them based on pictures and how it's been in the past. Awful. She can't stop herself from biting her natural nails into nubs so she has to go to this other extreme. The color and length are just so wrong.

No. 1340621

She probably gets shit underneath them knowing how much she digs in her asshole and how dirty in general she is.

No. 1340629

3 days ago she was shoving a buttplug into her gaped asshole and sucking on it. Then she rips her fake nails off. I'm going to stop there because the the conclusion to this is fucking disgusting.

No. 1340665

Why does she keep getting them done exactly the fucking same????

Hideous choices aside they started like this, then went 1 shade pinker, now back to the skin colour.

No. 1340668

File: 1633304338429.jpg (206.89 KB, 1077x1638, Screenshot_20211004-003726_Twi…)

At least 1 person has been straight with her.

What's the betting she probably blocked the girl?

No. 1340671

She’ll clap back with some “youre ugly and have no followers, you just don’t understand luxury”

No. 1340696

File: 1633307037287.png (1.26 MB, 1333x929, vomit.PNG)

she really retweeted a screencap from kodomo no jikan, where the plot is about a 3rd grader who seduces her schoolteacher. can't say i'm surprised.

No. 1340700

File: 1633307443244.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 37FAD723-837B-43A5-95B9-55B5F3…)

could her sweater be more filthy

No. 1340701

File: 1633307630041.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1002x1836, C50F6C30-3815-4A2E-9A84-115D6E…)

I can’t believe this picture is real

No. 1340702

it’s Shayna, of course it could be more dirty anon. just wait for her to wear it a few more times.

No. 1340704

File: 1633307675517.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.22 MB, 1016x1826, 8931D6FF-82ED-4D39-BC32-B4DD8C…)

No. 1340706

yeah she could be luna.

No. 1340707

Lmao. The flopper does look photoshopped on.

That nip is nearly double the size of the other now.

No. 1340713

File: 1633308473376.jpeg (111.63 KB, 464x312, B891AFF2-7F98-4724-B6D3-279779…)

her nails have always been so ugly especially her french manicures.

No. 1340717

wonder if she'll get blocked for that – she's right, shat

No. 1340722

i know it's kind of a nitpick but i almost went out earlier with a tiny amount of cat hair visible on my black jeans and was so embarrassed i had to find a lint roller before leaving but shay just goes out looking like she picked up a dirty sweater off the floor that her cat and dog rolled around on for weeks without shame. how fried is her brain that she thinks it looks normal or even acceptable? jesus christ and she still thinks looking good is meant to be part of her job but still goes out looking like this. how can someone unironically call themselves a bimbo while wearing a smelly dirty cat and dog hair covered early 2010s tumblr sweater

No. 1340741

File: 1633312176664.jpeg (137.67 KB, 1205x1324, CD3A2F8D-C3CD-440E-92D8-45E656…)

literal retard

No. 1340742

Come on Shayna, this look was SO close to being presentable. Just wash your hair & clothes. Please.

No. 1340745

File: 1633312447480.jpeg (84.54 KB, 735x841, C28F77B9-8B31-4F1E-9435-52DA7D…)

Pretty sure she has to get them redone so often because they just fucking fall off. They barely look attached to her goddamn fingers. She must go to the cheapest, bottom of the barrel, just off the ship nail salon to find this low of quality nails. Maybe her cottage cheese thighs girlfriend pays for them to go together and has convinced Shayna these are actually good? Big barf.

No. 1340746

it looks like they're attached with elmer's glue kek

No. 1340750

My nail tech has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R
My nail tech has a second name, it's M-A-Y-E-R

No. 1340751

Ew of course she would

No. 1340752

i think they just look like that because the angle of her hand and the fact that her natural nails are literal stubs

No. 1340757

She's had this sweater for a couple years now iirc but this is only the second or third time we've seen her wear it. But of course it's covered in lint and pet hair and who knows what else. She seems like the type to have a pile of clothes on the floor and does laundry maybe once a month if that. Bet she stuffs her clothes in a drawer too and that's organized, by her standards.

Imagine paying for someone's content and they use obnoxious and retarded snap filters.

No. 1340759

File: 1633315249721.jpg (122.79 KB, 1205x1669, 20211003_194025.jpg)

This picture is tripping me out, it looks like her hands were cropped and added in

No. 1340760

File: 1633315287543.jpg (102.09 KB, 1205x1554, 20211003_194122.jpg)

She didn't bother ironing her skirt either

No. 1340761

File: 1633315484695.png (Spoiler Image,1.43 MB, 2048x1802, Screenshot_20211003-194441.png)

No. 1340763

File: 1633315825843.jpeg (1012.49 KB, 1228x1478, 39D3DAF1-338B-4DB6-8F61-D2D0B9…)

She still has the same wardrobe from when she was skinny. So thriving!!1!1 yet wears the same forever 21 clothes

No. 1340769

She definitely has clothes crumpled up and thrown I'm drawers or on the floor. This confirms it. And seriously, Shay ironing? Bitch doesn't even own a lint brush by the looks of it.

No. 1340771

why is her face so different in those photos? it can’t just be makeup. did she actually bother to edit her photos back then?

No. 1340772

she gained a ton of weight in her face and at that time she was for some reason filling in her eyebrows with black eyeliner

No. 1340790

Her ugly claws make the way her thumbs bend backward look way worse and unnatural

No. 1340793

I wanna know WHO THE FUCK did these nails? They need to take more lessons, watch that nail tech lady on YouTube, Suzy. Everyone, ANYONE knows that the white part is the long part! Because it goes up to where your nail bed ends. I would say I'm surprised that shay didn't notice or say anything, but it's shay, so her mail tech met a client as much, or even dumber than her. I'm just….. I can't. WHY DO THEY LOOK LIKE HOTDOGS?
this above example, >>1340554 are called "baby-boomers" and are much more forgiving than regular French tops, because of the gradient. Shay, if you happen to be reading this, GO GET THEM GARBAGE JANKY-ASS FRANKS OFF OF YOUR NAILS, OR AT LEAST FIX EM! My lord!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1340795

Dey look like chiclets from the side

No. 1340799

You’re looking at a few less chins there

No. 1340804

Shayna has been doing this ugly style on and off for years. I think somewhere around thread 40 - about 3 years ago - an anon commented about her nails saying not the hotdog nails again. Shayna’s also previously tweeted photos of various times she had the hotdog nails in her porn and said she wished she could show the nail tech those photos for reference when she was going to get them done one time. I have no idea why or how she decided on hotdog nails being her go to style but it’s been a thing for years sadly. I’m sure the nail techs all thought they were ugly AF too.

No. 1340818

The right sleeve is fucked where she pulled it in facetune while trying to make her waist smaller

No. 1340819

the retards have really been running wild in here the last few days huh

No. 1340825

File: 1633323885657.png (617.82 KB, 2048x1494, Screenshot_20211003-220357.png)

Do any of these retards have sex or do they just hit each other?

No. 1340827

Fat Troon beats old coomer for doordash

No. 1340832

I’m convinced she does them that way because we hate them.

>Do any of these retards have sex or do they just hit each other?
KEK my sides. They most definitely aren’t having sex.

No. 1340849

Pick. A. Lane.

No. 1340857

i support this retarded bullshit because at least her content will venture away from "naked on my stinky 5$ rug" pictures

No. 1340862

File: 1633329206570.jpeg (143.05 KB, 750x398, E8A8F0A4-7753-4675-8A85-91477A…)

her using the baby bottle for this makes me squeamish. how does she not see a problem with that!

No. 1340865

File: 1633329500887.jpg (20.92 KB, 298x315, AirBrush_20211003231853.jpg)

I tried to fix them a bit, just a little bit of tweaking and I can make them look semi decent.(sage your shit)

No. 1340867

File: 1633329774077.jpg (433.21 KB, 1169x1169, AirBrush_20211003223740.jpg)

Also I tried to edit Shayna to not look so trashy and busted. This is how she might look if she picked a proper foundation shade, got better at doing makeup, lost some weight, and started taking better care of her skin (GIRL have got ever moisturized?)
Sage for autism but compare this to >>1337076
I had to search super hard just to find one unfiltered pic of this cow(nitpick, fanart)

No. 1340868

Both of these are still bad pls don’t do anymore weirdo fan edits

No. 1340869

Appreciate the effort but she cannot be salvaged. She is so fucking ugly….. unless she gets plastics surgery, lipo, and ortho treatment lmao and even then…. That garbage personality

No. 1340871

I don't condone cow tipping, but I wish someone would call him the fuck out for working with Shay considering he's spent so much time on Twitter recently calling out other sex workers.

No. 1340872

Oh god yes!!

No. 1340874

Newfag fuck off and die

No. 1340876

I had a scroll through his twitter and he's a bit of a cow himself. He acts all high and mighty and like he's some big bad sex worker but he's just a scrawny coomer.

No. 1340885

nona this was not the thread to make edits these bitches hate that shit

No. 1340888

File: 1633333199051.jpg (123.97 KB, 1300x956, close-up-of-the-claws-of-a-eur…)

underrated, the resemblance is off the charts.

No. 1340908

genuinely made me gag. I hate this nasty bitch.

No. 1340920

it’s also against the rules, sped.

No. 1340950

oh i am laffin

No. 1340955

Lmfao your comment nonny

No. 1340983

She was most likely inspired by the drag queen Trixie Mattel who has mentioned before that Mattel don't have an issue with her using the name, and couldn't sue her if they wanted to because Mattel is a real surname that many people have.

No. 1341012

File: 1633356060689.jpg (190.48 KB, 1080x1241, Screenshot_20211002-165257_Tum…)

I hater her and her followers so much

No. 1341017

peak 2012 fashion

No. 1341026

The style and persona she's trying to pull off just isn't her. The whole twee, barbie, kawaii look just looks terrible and pathetic on her. It's a false, badly performed persona that she's adopted for some reason. I'm thinking flannel, mom jeans, her natural curly hair and a band tee and doc martin's kind of look, like a stoner, grunge, white trash kind of look would really fit Shayna's looks and personality and would attract more coomers. It would also fit with her lifestyle.

No. 1341028

Can you fucking stop repeating this over and over again. It’s been said countless times already

No. 1341036

All she needs is an outdated sock bun instead of the turd pile. Even thrift stores have more in date clothing

No. 1341038

nauseous. please tell me this fucker isn’t really a parent

No. 1341048

File: 1633362118440.jpeg (269.37 KB, 1242x916, 4A7FC27D-7F76-4056-BEDE-43681F…)

No. 1341049

can’t fix ugly on the inside

No. 1341060

Oh please tell me someone has the pics of her when she did drag makeup! I’m sure I can find it in like thread #20 lol pls hold

Chill. So much shit is repeated daily and constantly nitpicked. Like people are still talking about her vanishing Houdini clit.

No. 1341073

File: 1633364899123.jpeg (954.34 KB, 1242x1823, F9A095A8-970C-4213-ADE3-0C9177…)

This is old but why does shayna freak out and sperg about depop sellers, like she’s just jealous they make more than her spreading her asshole for $3

No. 1341075

she belongs in jail for her atrocious nails & pedo pandering

No. 1341078

File: 1633365352541.jpg (434.63 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20211004-113539_Twi…)

No. 1341104

This isn’t allowed on OF either, as she likely didn’t submit ID photos and a model release for the old guy. How is she so bad at her job..

No. 1341108

You have made her look bright orange nonita.

No. 1341121

Age play isn’t allowed there, either..

No. 1341127

File: 1633372771344.jpg (342.25 KB, 1080x1411, Screenshot_20211004-133856_Twi…)

No. 1341142

I’m sure it isn’t allowed but I also feel that’s her way of trying to get people to switch over so she can still have coomers.

No. 1341144

Wtf is that dark line in between her ass cheeks that extends down to her scrotum coochie it looks like a shit

No. 1341147

>>1341144 her slit?

No. 1341180

File: 1633380044398.png (254.89 KB, 1148x825, fansly-TOS.png)

I don't think Shaytard even bothered to read the TOS.

No. 1341183

File: 1633380289883.jpg (503.82 KB, 1080x1379, Screenshot_20211004-154411_Twi…)

No. 1341184

File: 1633380327257.jpg (511.69 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20211004-154429_Twi…)

Can't wait for him to see how she really looks without the filters and photoshop

No. 1341202

Think if someone requested he take a steamy dump on her face she would do it?

No. 1341206

No way, it’ll just be the same BDSM shit she always does

No. 1341211

>what do you want to see me do to her?
give her a bath

No. 1341212

kek. I would die. Like when sadbaffon made her shower.

No. 1341216

I hope he tags their videos as bbw

No. 1341227


Brush her teeth?

No. 1341228

File: 1633384857372.jpg (Spoiler Image,247.53 KB, 2047x1151, 20211004_150028.jpg)

Her thighs are giant!

No. 1341229

Looking back at her past threads, she’s really let herself go. Pink doesn’t suit her. She looked slightly more tolerable when she wore black but only slightly.

No. 1341231

File: 1633385136509.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.12 KB, 828x1458, 198907E4-B302-448E-9608-27A27F…)

I take it back. Black doesn’t work either.

No. 1341233

File: 1633385262838.jpeg (Spoiler Image,157.15 KB, 814x609, 73C12C9D-1C62-43F5-A97A-BD45B3…)

found it. yikes.

No. 1341234

yeah this gets said like every 5 minutes

No. 1341237

File: 1633385776137.jpeg (Spoiler Image,605.57 KB, 1936x1936, 760816B1-FFC1-485B-B35D-F36518…)

never forget

No. 1341242

damn, anon. did that really take you 6 hours? kek

No. 1341263

the higher quality on her new iphone is not doing her any favors…jesus

No. 1341265

So who's paying who here?

No. 1341270

some of us have a life and real jobs

No. 1341271

You didn’t have to post this. You really didn’t.

No. 1341275

SHE HAD NO BUSINESS POSTING SHIT LIKE THAT! I can’t wrap my head around why or how she thought posting/caming was a good idea when she had that going on down there. Talk about sex appeal. Barf.
“What am I doing wrong?” Well for starters…. look at you.

No. 1341277

do some of you just enjoy staring at her grossest pictures for as long as possible? why make a collage…

No. 1341293

It’s a trade shoot

No. 1341300

This guy is such an idiot for shooting with her… This is going to ruin his reputation

No. 1341301

Trading what? HPV and genital warts?

No. 1341302

tbh though she’s the only one spending money. he isn’t spending a dime. so is it really a true trade? she’s just a moron.

No. 1341310

his reputation as what? scrawny greasy male e-whore with not even 15k twitter followers?

No. 1341334

handy travel size

No. 1341356

File: 1633404679124.jpeg (360.35 KB, 750x687, A9BDEC0D-A7CC-4676-8E1C-E0C525…)

I don’t know which of her two faces are worse, surprised retard or dreamworks smile

No. 1341357

File: 1633404703479.jpeg (366.63 KB, 750x743, 7F96070A-8979-4456-BE35-CAEC30…)

No. 1341358

File: 1633404727206.jpeg (678.86 KB, 750x990, DBDC5935-526E-4059-B593-14BAD7…)

No. 1341360

Oh my god it's a miracle, she covered up her potbelly

No. 1341361

I'm sure there's a lot of editing at play here but this is probably the least awful an outfit has looked on her in a very long time. Shame she couldn't completely hide the extra chin and lunch lady arms though.

No. 1341365

thats the smile of someone who has had a stroke and cant move half their face

No. 1341367

I don't know why she only wears darker colors for October and wears the more revealing garbage fits in public during the day, but yeah this looks ok even though it's plain and the bows are retarded. She'll be back to the ugly pink shit next month when she's done pretending to be ~spooky season alt girl~ though.

No. 1341369

File: 1633406535657.gif (1016.33 KB, 250x281, Dont understand.gif)

No. 1341374

The nails KEK such a fancy “dad” bringing her to some empty sports bar for a beer

No. 1341377

Pumpkin beer for the bitch with the pumpkin face

No. 1341378

I almost felt like creating a "recovery/responsibilities" bingo for shay, with spaces such as "hair washed", "self reflection", and "cooking" - but then I'd realize even with a free space, we'd never get a bingo.

No. 1341379

File: 1633407472093.jpg (7.55 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg-21.jpg)

She must do this to elongate her sausage fingers. Imagine being shayna's nail-tech. Her nails must be swarming with mold and fungus from her crusty asshole. If she doesn't brush her teeth or shower she probably doesn't wash her hands either.

No. 1341388

There are so many things that are just all around terrible about this. Those nails and that tard-smirk being the worst offenders.

No. 1341396

Keep adding to that alcohol bloat and keep working on that alcoholic nose!

No. 1341398

warped ass walls lol you’re not fooling anyone girl

No. 1341401

File: 1633412380192.j