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File: 1660230560496.jpeg (407.14 KB, 2571x929, 50AE566B-6A26-4F1A-B754-B5921E…)

No. 1612892

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1599657

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Last thread:
>Shay placed 115th in her latest MV contest. Congrats! >>>/snow/1599691
>Shay goes on rant #3938474 about how the SW community is mean to her >>>/snow/1600521 and complains about fellow SWers kink shaming her >>>/snow/1600725
>another embarrassing attempt at being a TikTok #egirl is made, the video does not break 1k views >>>/snow/1600568
>more tweets & deletes exposing how salty Shayna is towards toxic newbie sex workers (aka girls younger & hotter than her who don’t have to fuck themselves while dressed up like a baby to barely pay their rent) >>>/snow/1600767 and defending her pedo pandering >>>/snow/1600813
>more ranting to herself about how successful and happy she totally is >>>/snow/1600825
>anons find the source of Shay’s hours-long ranting: another lame callout post about Sol working with Shay because she’s a LITERAL NAZI!!1!1!1!1! >>>/snow/1600965
>unfunny cowtipper “fupapamattel” on tiktok is unfunny >>>/snow/1601044
>Mike Slack (daughter fucker) expresses that the reason he loves Shay’s porn is because it’s “original, genuine” & “unlike anything on any free porn site” >>>/snow/1601367
>Shay whines about wanting a guy to use as a “stunt cock” >>>/snow/1601380
>Shay looks absolutely awful in the yellow dress she’s been wearing for years >>>/snow/1601716 and anons expose her for editing her face to look skinnier >>>/snow/1601997
>Shayna’s fetcon roommate (Princess Sophia, apparently one of the girls from the Strictmoor shoot) posts about making content with Shay… milk incoming >>>/snow/1602322
>yet another incest themed video from Shaynus >>>/snow/1602375
>Shay celebrates a year of living in Seattle again, claiming she’s no longer suicidal since moving despite the fact that she was just suicide baiting recently >>>/snow/1602612
>Shay does a camshow busting out of her schoolgirl uniform, Mike Slack and Womack are the first to show up and tip >>>/snow/1602779
>Shay gets drunk and makes a mess of herself on cam, as usual. Typical dancing and pork sweats.
>Shay brags about an IRL John/client asking for her ID because he didn’t believe she was legal >>>/snow/1602889
>Shay slaps and punches herself on cam again for pennies >>>/snow/1602899
>Shay reveals that she let some guy she met online who she wasn’t attracted to fuck her with her head shoved in a hotel toilet >>>/snow/1602941
>shows off the nicotine vape that Ellen Degenerate bought her “another addiction to add to the roster” claims an astute anon >>>/snow/1603445
>anons expose Shay editing her face to look skinnier again >>>/snow/1603465
>Shay asks for promo from more famous e-whores, despite constantly complaining when others try to do it to her >>>/snow/1603817
>Ellen Degenerate ANGY >>>/snow/1604561
>Shay complains about the community hating her once again >>>/snow/1604733
>Shay brags about kissing 3 “hot people” at the bar… (sure..) and claims she’s entering her slut era >>>/snow/1607311
>more pedo fantasies featuring Mike Slack and new Incel player @BurntOutUtopian >>>/snow/1607515
>Shay goes clubbing in her best plus sized ladies swimsuit >>>/snow/1607772
>Shay is having the time of her life >>>/snow/1608377 while Ellen is trying not to let the intrusive thoughts take over. Such good girlfriends. >>>/snow/1608381
>MORE incest fantasies featuring Mike Slack, who is certifiably obsessed with family fucking. >>>/snow/1608937
>anons derail about Shayna’s clitoris for an uncomfortably long time
>another camshow where Shay gets drunk and makes a fool of herself >>>/snow/1609293
>”you don’t need a traumatic past to re-enact traumatic situations as a kink uwu” >>>/snow/1610122
>Shay fries her hair further, it still looks awful and unflattering >>>/snow/1611590
>Shay heads to Tampa, FL for fetishcon >>>/snow/1611987 and posts an airport bathroom picture featuring her skin looking absolutely horrible >>>/snow/1612175

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1612896

hoping floridanon went for the milk! good thread OP, just please include previous threads

No. 1612897

File: 1660231647489.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1167x1586, B8A2BB1F-1362-4B35-9630-3E4044…)

Thank you for the new thread nona

No. 1612901

File: 1660231942881.jpeg (163.6 KB, 1170x379, BBEE29D9-C8FA-4351-91B6-ABAFEC…)

Hilarious that she changed her twitter name

No. 1612903

File: 1660232094611.jpeg (402.3 KB, 1170x1128, 175E5237-41BB-49D0-B200-23BB4A…)

She posted this yesterday. But then last night on Snapchat she said she took a 2 hour nap and wasn’t going out. I think she’s anxious about this whole trip and knows it’s a bad idea

No. 1612913

File: 1660232826076.jpeg (Spoiler Image,899.87 KB, 1242x1592, 5FDBC0A1-6481-4C5E-B9A6-E77BCF…)

Trashy tacky hotel room which suits her

No. 1612914

Is she going alone? Because that’s really sad and embarrassing kek

No. 1612940

File: 1660234328312.jpeg (914.68 KB, 1170x1537, 81A0BC30-BD97-48FE-AA18-922AB7…)

Oh God

No. 1612942

I hope there’s a makeup artist or else this is a rough look

No. 1612946

I'm giggling like an idiot kek. This is going to be fun, anons.

No. 1612948

File: 1660234867350.jpeg (708.73 KB, 828x1363, C24AF7A4-4F63-45FA-A160-B29CF8…)

A lot of rancid kinkster whores seem to be doing that. Searching “fetcon” on twitter yields some fucking grim results, these smelly obeasts are exactly what I’d expect to be attending a degenerate convention, and the sort of people I’d expect Big Shaynus to film with on account of them not upstaging her

No. 1612949

On her Snapchat, she’s with that girl she did that academy shoot with. I just have issues doing screen shots with Snapchat

No. 1612950

Oh god nona PLEASE tell me it’s the one who looks like her twin

No. 1612951

File: 1660235347369.jpeg (1008.18 KB, 1170x1860, 30B8F457-DE5E-4D87-9FA1-3AB2C2…)

Unfortunately not. This one, they’re “roomies” and filming together

No. 1612952

No, it’s the one she announced she’s rooming with last thread, the chubby black one @prin666cess

No. 1612955

Shayna claiming abuse by a black chick should be interesting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1612956

Puppikumma will have a field day when she finds out

No. 1612959

Lord I hope so

No. 1612967

File: 1660237069455.png (710.25 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-11T09-57-30.png)

No. 1612974

It’s baffling how much she resembles her father with that picture she took with him and posted. It’s like a recreation of it

No. 1612975

Jfc Shayna (and white people in general) age like milk. She looks even uglier with this pretty woman beside her.(racebait)

No. 1612978

File: 1660238067518.jpg (Spoiler Image,332.78 KB, 1596x2063, FUB-O4GXEAANbkS.jpg)

That girl is busted but she looks better compared to Shayna I guess so good choice on her part there. Her and Shayna have matching fupas and cottage cheese thighs so that will be cute.

No. 1612982

Half the ewhores gearing up to call this woman a race traitor, the other half publicly tweeting to warn her nazi shay is going to annihilate her

No. 1612984

Don’t start the racebaiting again, Shayna is an outlier and treats her skin worse than an alcoholic long-haul trucker who’s never heard of sunscreen. Still surprising that this Sophia girl would meet up with her knowing full well what Shayna looks like irl. Chances of them actually making content together are almost absolute zero.

No. 1612985

You’re right she’s not that pretty but in the selfie Shayna took she looks prettier and not as haggard as Shaynus

No. 1612988

Shayna has neanderthal Jason r Womack white person genes. It’s not race baiting to say she looks old

No. 1612993

Anon can you please screenshot her latest Snapchat pic? It literally looks like she’s standing on a blue wrestling mat lol

No. 1612994

File: 1660239088497.jpg (907.47 KB, 1080x2403, 4875874.jpg)

Look like our resident cowtipper is at it again

No. 1612995

>Neanderthal white
>all white people age like milk
That is racebait so don’t try to say it’s not. Just say she’s haggard n looks old without the extra bullshit. Honestly don’t actually, we know shayna has shit genes, doesn’t take care of herself, and is ugly as fuck

No. 1612997

I really want someone to say some shit to her in person but I don’t have high hopes

No. 1612998

File: 1660239465515.png (714.99 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-11T10-34-57.png)

Is she doing wrestling porn?

No. 1612999

Puppikuma is stupid for even reacting, she gave that cowtipper exactly the rise they wanted. Should've just deleted it and instead she's making a fool of herself.

No. 1613001

This Fetcon thing will be organically milky if we don’t cowtip to utterly irrelevant camwhores. Please take this to her thread if it’s so important to you. All cowtipping does is cause Shayna to lock down, post less, and make “plz no booly” tweet threads (while we’re all at each other’s throats) which are uninteresting to read in the first place. Didn’t we learn this the first time with the step sister saga?

No. 1613003

She tries so hard to act like it doesn’t bother her. But she dragged Big Shaynus for days on end for being a nazi. She’s so fucking weird. I wouldn’t be surprised if she sent it to herself or another woke retard sex worker sent this email to her. Some of these ugly sex workers have a vendetta, I don’t know why considering Shayna is unsuccessful and ugly

No. 1613004

File: 1660239747468.jpeg (399.62 KB, 828x933, 70C9E2F5-410C-4430-9941-7FD941…)

No. 1613005

Wow Fatty is using big words! Go back to larping as blasian dumbass

No. 1613009

I’m laughing. Shayna never even said she was a literal nazi. Do you really think Big Shaynus is out there leading KKK rallies? She’s ignorant and doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. Doesn’t matter if you are white, brown, black or purple. Shayna is a misogynist. She hates all women, period. She said some dumb jokes , why do Twitter fags act like they haven’t said problematic shit. Shayna is so retarded she doesn’t even know what happened in Nazi Germany. She’s a literal idiot. To take what a crusty ugly bitch said to heart is embarrassing. Kek. I’m not even white knighting Shayna because she’s despicable. But JFC pick another reason to hate her. There’s so much ESPECIALLY the pedo pandering and tweets about wanting to be an abused toddler/baby. fucking weird

No. 1613010

This should be interesting

No. 1613013

Twitter prostitutes are so dramatic. She's barely set foot in Florida yet and they're already shitting and crying because they think Shayna has the drive and intelligence to be politically dangerous kek

No. 1613014

she’s constantly giving me 40 year old mom vibes and I hate it

No. 1613015

her creepy extra long toes and fingers make her look like a goblin

No. 1613017

No. 1613028

File: 1660241277151.jpeg (417.06 KB, 828x2745, 01877328-6BA3-4A93-84B0-6637A2…)

This is 100% what she is doing holy shit she’s gonna be beating up a black girl

No. 1613032

Kek you really think shayna is going to do anything but stand there and laugh like a sped? Not trying to racebait but the black girl is most likely the one that's going to do the beating.

No. 1613034

Either way not a very good look for her reputation that her first shoot with a non white person will be fighting her kek

No. 1613037

I can not even begin to imagine how bad that is going to smell with Shayna involved.

No. 1613039

Bets on one of Shay's goblin nails snapping?

No. 1613041

File: 1660242056191.jpeg (948.16 KB, 1170x1476, 72287CB4-C6DA-46B3-83C0-79C17A…)

It absolutely was haha. I know the pic was posted from Snapchat, but she just posted it to twitter with the caption

No. 1613048

You just know they're both hanging out with each other thinking the other is the ugly friend that makes them look better.

Shay looks significantly worse imo.

No. 1613056

she’s gonna act like a retard, giggle awkwardly, let the black girl beat her up, and then claim abuse later.

No. 1613057

her perpetually crusty lips trigger me

No. 1613060

not that it matters but facially/in general that girl is way better looking then Shayna. Doesn't mean she's a beauty queen, but her hair looks healthy, looks like she showered, she's chubby but her fat disbursement is better and looks clean. She's not bad looking. I feel like Shayna worked with her because SHE feels she's better looking or makes her look like a good ally. I don't think Shays going to fall out with this girl. She's the perfect person to have I her corner. A black sex worker, in fact I feel like she's going to act super nice and like best friends for a few days. We'll probably my get a "she says I'm so nice and doesn't know why I'm hated" tweet.

No. 1613065

File: 1660243557909.jpeg (954.93 KB, 1170x1664, DD87775F-AF49-41E8-8F1B-BE8089…)


No. 1613066

File: 1660243610368.jpeg (139.08 KB, 787x1705, 0012DF72-8123-404D-92AC-555998…)

2/3 Shay looks ROUGH. What is with her face?

No. 1613068

File: 1660243701547.jpeg (136.28 KB, 716x1310, FCFC45E8-7000-4511-A487-9761AF…)


No. 1613070

I swear to god this landwhale made that email herself, she probably stalks this thread ever since we made fun of her Asianfishing ass here

No. 1613072

gross. she needs to exfoliate so bad, her face is so crusty. and her hair… this is the best she can do for a shoot?

No. 1613075

When Shay a collabs with men, she seems more worried about posting them or about her "haters " with women she doesn't do that. Also, she's posting so much with this girl for a reason. Also, every collab is her doing something niche. Getting hit spanked and now fighting, yet she wonders why she never gets a boost. Maybe disgusting scrotes would rather see her interact sexually with another person vs. Being hit by one?

No. 1613079

File: 1660244268325.png (24.39 KB, 220x183, 675C0F5D-C0E5-4E83-AF0D-2F4AFF…)

No way

No. 1613080

they look like they don’t even want to touch each other

No. 1613081

crusty lipped troon vibes

No. 1613082

she’s fat and unemployed and can’t make money from her gross fat girl porn so she spends all her time creating drama. she frequents a lot of lolcow threads, based on information she has posted that has been directly from here. i’d bet she wants to be a cow herself for the attention.

No. 1613084

the quality of the clips on the site she linked too is hilariously bad. shayna always works with the shittiest producers. I bet she’ll complain they made her look bad or some shit.

No. 1613085

Tinfoil but I think she wanted the black girl with her because she thought using a poc shield might help her against the twitwhores calling her nazi and racist kek

No. 1613086

I know anons have dragged Shayna for shooping herself before, but I am formally requesting for her to shoop herself more. Seeing that haggard face & skin in HD is disturbing and ruins my dau.

No. 1613089

I hate these woke race-baiting retards significantly more than I dislike Shayna, because at least she's entertaining sometimes. I specially hate this Asian-fishing attention whore who loves to virtue signal. I can't take these McSluts remotely seriously when they constantly rag on jokes Shayna made at 15, but stay quiet on her recent, much more egregious and damaging pedophilic degeneracy (because they're all the same).

They don't go after actual politically dangerous Nazis, because they're not easy targets like Shayna's special needs ass. Imagine if they went after some 4chan turbo autist, they'd kill themselves due to the backlash. Kek.

No. 1613099

Could've guessed this is the tier and type of retarded and unsexy "pro" stuff she managed to land. This is so dumb. Its not even something she's into at all (except when she pretends to like WWE to seem cool for scrote attention) and honestly I don't see her capable of moving around and doing thay type of physical activity. She's so awkward and moves like a sack of potatoes. Also this is supposed to ne sexy or wtf? Seems like a very weird,niche thing that scrotes would be into 2 ugly heffers in sports bras or one pieces rolling around on eachother.
Like I kinda get oil/mud wrestling and things like that because it's hot girls in bikins or nearly naked but this…
Can't wait to see the other super professional and exciting shoots she threw herself into grasping for a crumb of attention and relevance.

No. 1613102

This too. She got herself into this dumbass shoot that requires you to get on the ground and roll around and wrestle with another girl and she chose the longest fucking nails. What a stupid cunt.

No. 1613104

File: 1660245711311.png (87.78 KB, 1196x360, doll.png)

Back to her regularly scheduled "everybody clapped" stories.

No. 1613110

“Doll from Mattel” Why not just say Barbi? Is she scared of copyright laws or what kek

No. 1613115

I mean, the people she's working with have to know her "stage" name. They were probably just telling her they recognized her walking in and she took it as her being an irl barbie for reals.

No. 1613119


How inclusive of Shayna to work with a visually impaired producer.

No. 1613125

She’s (Shay)sexual! She refuses to touch or be touched in any legitimately sexual way anymore and insists on niche fetishes because while it’s not “vanilla,” she doesn’t have to put out for anyone.

No. 1613140

File: 1660248356264.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1604, 36258CC9-451B-4141-A081-45B5BC…)

This is going to be just like with her cage picture all over again

No. 1613161

File: 1660249367048.jpeg (779.52 KB, 1170x1279, E6AA6725-FF3D-45C9-A7F1-169402…)

She’s acting like she’s some sponsored person who they personally invited

No. 1613173

maybe she should take the hint that no one ever reposts pics with her face or body in it

No. 1613175

Lol @ the fact that someone had to sit there and type out this bitches name on a cheap labelmaker and slap it on the badge

No. 1613238

File: 1660255661236.png (4.78 MB, 828x1792, 49656D59-336E-4EA4-9B70-D1FBC4…)

No. 1613246

File: 1660256129174.jpeg (26.49 KB, 225x225, CDB2A5E9-C617-4A0E-B5A0-E26382…)

>what is with her face?
it’s ugly, and she makes stupid grimaces

No. 1613251

She’s way more youthful and young looking than Shayna KEK she must be drunk because she did zero editing and looks like a witch

No. 1613254

I could go out in the streets and see homeless crackheads do this for free. They aren’t even wearing cute outfits like the women on WWE

No. 1613258

So it looks like Vivi didn't get out of porn after all. Sophia retweeted her new account right along with all the Shatna posting.

No. 1613265

File: 1660257455687.jpeg (302.71 KB, 828x828, 665B9B3E-A451-4761-88C5-4C6D6F…)

Wow. Pedo pandering lying hypocritical piece of shit.

No. 1613266

I wanted to believe she’d get out of sw, but tbh i’m not surprised that she didn’t.

No. 1613267

File: 1660257574694.jpeg (140.41 KB, 828x379, B9F7EA05-4C1C-41C9-A5C5-1C9F20…)

No. 1613268

File: 1660257622912.jpeg (394.81 KB, 828x1276, D574CCCF-9D00-49EB-950C-B7822E…)


No. 1613269

>Dolores Lolita
Ew what the fuck. She’s so nasty to use that as a stage name for porn. Dolores was a 12 year old girl sexually abused by her step father until she escaped with another pedophile. I know it’s fictional but still like wtf.

No. 1613270

Sorry but you honestly thought she'd stop? Top. Fucking. Kek.

No. 1613279

I’m surprised she’s not warning Sophia about Shayna after all their beef since they are mutuals

No. 1613283

Imagine going for an aesthetic then acting shocked whenever anyone recognizes it.
It's seriously just "wow when I see blonde hair and all pink I think Barbie!" groundbreaking shit ladies.
Maybe they only associate Mattel with the plus sized Barbies since Barbie herself isn't fat kek

No. 1613287

File: 1660258773344.jpeg (374.48 KB, 1170x862, 09BF7278-9E38-487D-B3D0-D653BB…)

No. 1613294

Kek I imagine the person was just making a joke (a play on her porn name) when she arrived and Shaynus took it like it was some big compliment and like they were fawning over her because she's a shut in tard that's full of herself.

No. 1613297

Why did someone double post kek

No. 1613298

Yeah you posted these in the last thread. We get it

No. 1613302

honestly i must be the most gullible bitch on the planet cuz i actually thought she would quit after realizing how bleak this shit gets. i'm not like too surprised, she is a bpd retard after all but jeez. fuck her pedo ass

No. 1613308

We got 3 more days of this, so buckle in

No. 1613313

At this point, I know this shouldn't be the case, but I'm always baffled by these coomers having no qualms about attaching their ugly mugs (and sometimes their full legal names) to all the degenerate shit they're into. Creepy humpty dumpty looking freak.

No. 1613332

>Copying shatnas crusty age play gimmick post fallout
The bpd is strong

No. 1613333

File: 1660263106938.jpeg (157.32 KB, 359x537, 7E68026F-8A3A-4A19-9427-D8FF34…)

Oh Shay, why. Other Snapchat anon please get this in all it’s glory

No. 1613337

this feels like sexual harassment

No. 1613339

KEK I had a feeling she was going to pack her “rich girl” deli ham outfit. I bet it’s about to burst

No. 1613340

File: 1660264015797.jpeg (242.57 KB, 1920x1280, AEDCF545-CA0F-4094-8B9D-83D9CD…)

No. 1613342

File: 1660264073243.jpeg (781.52 KB, 1242x1566, 7F4698AF-6CFA-4E74-B8F1-78AB3C…)

No. 1613344

Of course she wore that outfit

No. 1613347

Oh… oh dear

No. 1613348

Such a star posing in front of a public backdrop open to literally anyone and straddling random elders for Snapchat

No. 1613349

Why does she fucking pose like this

No. 1613351

I’m pretty sure everyone does this Shay, you’re not special lol

No. 1613352

Why did she wear this when she was begging for Amazon giftcards to get outfits for the con?

No. 1613353

Because she didn’t get them or she’s waiting to debut her new sweat shop piece

No. 1613354

File: 1660264788222.jpeg (600.25 KB, 1536x2048, E2965C3A-D8C4-4033-99B9-359183…)

Kek fr these are also the red carpet movie stars

No. 1613357

Top kek anon, was gonna post this after I saw it in the hashtag.
It's so fucking bleak.

No. 1613358

Whore anon and Florida anon where you at?

No. 1613362

Praying for the structural integrity of that skirt. That busted biscuit can belly is not a good look.

No. 1613364

File: 1660266148960.jpeg (276.95 KB, 916x1477, CEC81F34-6788-489C-B81B-DABC3A…)

No. 1613365

File: 1660266177375.jpg (262.87 KB, 1536x2048, 20220812_020059.jpg)

Can't believe she went out in public in this garbage outfit.
It's all around terrible but the skirt being all frayed at the seams is the cherry on top.

No. 1613366

File: 1660266200589.jpeg (190.6 KB, 1118x2048, 53DE35D4-FEC4-4B42-AD91-FDC880…)

Nightmare fuel

No. 1613368

File: 1660266256698.jpeg (548.31 KB, 828x1374, 25D2C174-A7AE-4A02-B438-94875F…)

No. 1613369

File: 1660266419014.jpeg (9.94 KB, 400x400, 93B29F63-1A79-4FAB-AB24-0139C1…)

No. 1613373

she looks so much like pixie locks here

No. 1613374

File: 1660267033868.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.98 KB, 462x975, 7D114E90-9205-432E-A1A4-11C760…)

The tag is really full of the ugliest and monstrous ogres of the industry I’d imagine. Las creaturas.

Check out miss Sabrina Valentine (left) who is at Fetish Con currently as well. How stunning and brave. Shayna should collab.

No. 1613376

File: 1660267162183.jpg (1 MB, 1090x966, 081120221.jpg)

No. 1613382

Shayna got that birkin bag 5, 6 figures KEK

No. 1613383

Ew not that Alicia Silverstone costume

No. 1613384

Her skin looks like sandpaper.

No. 1613393

File: 1660268897516.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3072x3072, 503D2E6A-28D2-4CE3-8D68-EE1ECB…)

Ugly both ways, but damn.

No. 1613394

I hope she loses her luggage again, I'm so fucking sick of the balogna dress it's probably the least flattering thing she owns, top 5 at least.

No. 1613396

kek her foundation is fucking green here

No. 1613401

File: 1660269447135.jpg (137.01 KB, 1300x933, piggy.jpg)

I hate to insult an innocent muppet and a likable character but the porcine pink dress makes her look like she's wearing a cheap Miss Piggy cosplay.

No. 1613402

File: 1660269657521.jpeg (186.83 KB, 933x1659, 9B434530-4A3A-45D3-A765-A55C71…)

Shayna should do it lmao fupa part 2 electric bongaloo

No. 1613404

>A bunch of people who look like they collectively haven't showered in a year
>furry in a dirty costume
>someone who straight up looks like Vaush and an elderly couple in the background
I feel like the milk is going to keep getting better, this is such an absurd event

No. 1613410

I guess she didnt get enough ~amazon gift card daddies~ to afford those new outfits in time for the con. Honestly as cringy and as badly fitting as they wouldve been, at least they wouldve been new and not as embarrassing and weird as this deli ham 2 piece. I cant believe she wore that out. I guess she was going for "Barbie" but she looks like the dumpstered dollar general Barbara instead.

No. 1613417

any farmer is autistic enough to find out where she got her pink dress from?


No. 1613418

The two piece? It's from Dolls Kill, an anon posted it right after she got it for her photos in that big fake Barbie doll box

No. 1613424

Safe to assume everything she owns is from DollsKill, Shein, or Amazon. Some older things might be from when she shopped at F21 before she found DK.

No. 1613427

Ew you actually want her ugly clothes?? Dollskill clearance rack she paid like $8-$15 because it was from the winter collection

No. 1613431

Why are you posting pics that have already been posted

No. 1613435

File: 1660275112519.jpeg (859.45 KB, 1170x1731, C8756D34-0AB7-4389-92B4-780580…)

Don’t worry, they’re not special. They posted multiple people. But I think it’s funny they didn’t post the solo pic of Shay

No. 1613441

Love the lower back tits kek

No. 1613445

Praying she loses luggage again so we don’t have to see this horrible outfit anymore

No. 1613448

File: 1660276599110.jpeg (368.24 KB, 616x1169, 382F3B7C-0BD8-4154-8656-0160A8…)

I thought I recognized the email so I went back and checked. It’s the same username as the brand new Twitter account that was trying to jump in on canceling her and tagging people she’s had issues with in the past like sol

No. 1613449

Yeah, thus “resident cowtipper”

No. 1613452

That guy looks exactly like Fupa, who is he?
Pretty sure that this is Soy Salvatore himself because of how quickly he liked this account's tweets despite not following it and the british spelling.

No. 1613455

Okay I really do think this email (as dumb and possibly satirical as it sounds) is Soy and he's trying to get the Asian fishing whale to remove Shayna's threads because he's linked to her through them. The motive makes sense but man is that pathetic, I doubt coomers really care about being a 'nazi' fucker so he must really be doing this to get back in the good graces of the 'sex work' community.

No. 1613457

I mean he was soy posting on his SoundCloud bio and had a mental breakdown because we called him a beta tranny fucking retard

No. 1613462

I feel like the Twitter is Sol and the email is someone else. The usernames are different by a letter and the Twitter hasn’t been active in a while, it could be a team effort between Sol and his wife though

No. 1613473

the size of Shayna’s arm is like 10x the size of the other girl arm wtf

No. 1613486

File: 1660281943105.png (653.29 KB, 588x503, santa shayna.png)

the old man dressed up as santa has got more neoteny and feminine features in his face than shayna

No. 1613489

The other girl is average looking at best but she looks like Marilyn Monroe next to dusty haggard Shayna

No. 1613510

File: 1660283607882.gif (8.92 MB, 640x640, A3344BB1-B408-4B6B-93D4-C16628…)

No. 1613511

Oh you just KNOW she thinks this means she’s ~famous~ I cannot wait to see how emboldened she is by this ego boost
I cannot get my head around the fact that this is the same person as skinny stoner blogger Shay-Gnar. Gaining weight usually makes people look younger because it softens their features but this big bitch looks prehistoric

No. 1613512

LMAO this is so autistic I love it

No. 1613562

No. 1613564

She's going to be so high off the experience because she never goes out and interacts with people so you know this is the highlight of the year. Im sure all the degenerates there are being so kiss ass nice to their fellow freaks so she's loving the attention. Plus she has a buddy there with her and its the closest thing she's had to hanging out with a friend in actual years. She's going to be riding this for a long time before she crashes again.

No. 1613567

Damn she’s bigger than santa claus

No. 1613568

File: 1660288494826.jpg (232.96 KB, 720x1120, 20220812_083320.jpg)

Why is their toe longer than waist length hair????

No. 1613598


What the hell, she has the exact same face as the meth head simp on twitter, forget his name tho

No. 1613623

genuinely curious how this bitch even sees through those rat eyes of hers. they're barely even open. she looks strung tf out

No. 1613634

Because he’s a big giant man with big giant man features. Look at him compared to the ugly chick, he’s fucking massive. This whole event is ugly people finding each other because no one normal wants to be near them.

No. 1613640

I’ve never seen anyone who is into degenerate “kinky” shit (this goes for cucktards in “poly” or “open” relationships too) who isn’t fucking hideous. They’re invariably greasy, crusty, stinky hamplanets

No. 1613656

kek at the manly bent leg stance in those ridiculous heels. I can just imagine him walking around looking like he's shat himself.

No. 1613679

File: 1660301080351.jpeg (75.78 KB, 358x315, 927C03B5-19CE-49F5-ADE3-50522B…)


people of all abilities can be kinky bla bla etc but fucking lol at this person being wheeled in in a fursuit

No. 1613680

God's good work

No. 1613696

Jesus Shayna, just accept you're fat and learn how to pose and dress for it. Embarrassing.

No. 1613698



Probably another pedo panderer or degenerate.

No. 1613700

The picture of her on her own is awful. She could have worn a better outfit or at least one that fits but this is Shayna we are talking about here. Everything she wears is a size too small. If something has any stretch at all to it she will go several sizes. To her tighter clothing = hot and sexy when in reality she just looks like she gained weight and she can't afford clothes that fit.

No. 1613735

She’s probably walking around this con thinking people’s jaws will drop in awe because they are in the presence of THE Dolly Mattel, THE buttstuffbarbie. When in reality, majority of people don’t know who she is

No. 1613797


Yeah, it seems like all the other degenerates are wearing black stretchy material which is automatically more flattering than anything shaytard owns. She should get the memo, but she won't.

No. 1613811

File: 1660313068915.jpg (294.55 KB, 800x746, Top_Gear_Erotic_Fanfiction.jpg)

I hope they line up some wheelchair ramps like a Hot Wheels track that leads straight into someones genitals and just let him go full speed into the clit. Picrel is a rough draft of how this is to be acheived

No. 1613818

At least it seems that she took a break for approximately three months, it was around April this year that she quit everything and went offline on all her old porn profiles, or however you'd call them. I guess her benefits are not enough. A little sad as she seemed to be smart, but after all SW gives you attention and some dollars under the disguise that "it's all a kink and I like it".

No. 1613823

It's the angle. They are both about the same size.

No. 1613828


Did anyone really think that Vivi clouds was telling the truth about anything? Why this high opinion of her? She's not really any better than Shat. People were only nice to her because she had milk after the thread had been stale forever.

Really she's just another pathetic BPD, pedo pandering whore. Probably does meth as well.

No. 1613831

You can take your opinions to the OF whore thread if you want. There needs to be more anons posting there

No. 1613832

I can only speak for myself but I kept quiet during that whole saga and took everything she said with several grains of salt because once a mentally ill degenerate ewhore always a mentally ill degenerate ewhore as far as I’m concerned. Colour me fucking surprised.

No. 1613836

Ikr? That’s why they have to do stuff like beat fuck out of each other or cheat on their partners. None of them are sexually attractive enough to turn anyone on so they have to go to these lengths just to feel wanted, even by each other lmao. I mean just look at them they all look like they belong in some weird Louie Theroux documentary.

Lmao big shay bent over at the bottom with her baggy asshole ready to swallow him whole, wheelchair and all

No. 1613837

Yeah her recent fuckery has been posted there along with more rancid milk from degencon, hopefully the next few days will be entertaining

No. 1613852

Ayrt, Shayna bent over as Jeremy Clarkson narrates the wheelchair Tokyo drifting into her butt hole

Nta but tbh I was actually optimistic about Vicki leaving sex work. Part of me wonders if she'll post ITT again when she notices she has been discovered (if that wasnt already her self posting)

No. 1613855

Tinfoil but I think that Vivi lurks and posts on these threads and is an actual farmer. I think she came here and posted here before she met Shat.

No. 1613861

She did, she said she lurks /w/ or something

No. 1613862

It’s not tinfoil, she admitted to lurking these threads but still “wanted to give Shaynus the benefit of the doubt”. There’s proof other degenerates post on here because they feel attacked about being fat and ugly or they want to feel better about their minimum wage only fans career. Miss clouds also talked like a farmer she definitely lurks

No. 1613866

I'm whore anon & I just could not bring myself to do it. This shit is way too degenerate, even for me.

Sorry, fellow farmers!!

Floridanon, where you at???

No. 1613867

I absolutely think she is self-posting. Also
>Shayna bent over as Jeremy Clarkson narrates the wheelchair Tokyo drifting into her butt hole
holy fuck my sides have been obliterated

No. 1613871

That puppikumma hambeast has posted screen caps from here on twitter too, they’re all doing exactly what you said they’re doing; looking to feel better about their own degeneracy

No. 1613875

Kek at Jeremy Clarkson narration!! I'm fucking dying!!! Love you, anon.

No. 1613905

File: 1660316763605.jpeg (25.79 KB, 280x390, 9D69473F-872E-4C7B-9E9F-FF54D4…)

The grease and crust and filth on that sandpaper skin and those fucking LIPS dear god

No. 1613944

File: 1660319824460.jpeg (652.83 KB, 1170x1714, 4384FFEC-37B2-4DA8-9881-F83519…)

No. 1613962

She posts an ass pic and it's just the imprint of a wheel from the wheelchair slamming into her ass cheek

No. 1613967

“This furry in a wheelchair navigates the infected fistula about as well as my dead Uncle John would” wry look to camera

No. 1613974

File: 1660321481596.jpeg (Spoiler Image,823.92 KB, 1170x1724, 877C8BB0-8B41-4FDF-8966-CE3DC4…)

Arching her back and editing for dear life to make it look like she has an ass

No. 1613975

Can you take this to a furry group or something? It has nothing to do with Shay since she hasn’t even interacted with a furry yet that we’ve seen

No. 1613980

This unironically looks like a disease not some bruises from spanking and I definitely wouldn’t consider it hot. Coomers are so weird

No. 1613997

Pls nonnie we're just having fun while we wait for the real milk to start flowing. Give it time, we have room for the wheelchair now and then more room for the inevitable race war that breaks on Twitter when the ewhores see Shayna wrestling a black girl

No. 1614024


Her brusies always look like a damn disease. I'm sure even her coomers don't find it attractive, they're just that desperate to coom for free they'll take anything.

No. 1614032

File: 1660325241179.png (76.87 KB, 805x845, uwuuu.png)

I bet they probably make fun of shayna behind her back and pretend to be bisexual for scrote attention but would not touch eachother with a 6 ft pole

No. 1614036


monkey pox arc when

No. 1614041

More like FATcon

No. 1614054

File: 1660326355368.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1231x1678, 2CBF1B64-CB15-4623-BC46-D15108…)

Macklemore in the replies made me laugh

No. 1614067

>beautiful stunning creature
“Creature” is the only part she got right

No. 1614073

Her ass looks like curdled milk. She's gradually morphing into Ellen.

No. 1614089

so she's just full on naked in a shared room? I know they're both whores but have some manners

No. 1614094

Shayna has no manners. She’s the type to raid your refrigerator and put her musty dirty feet all over your couch.

No. 1614101

I’ll probably cop hate for this but the girl Fat Shat is staying/shooting with isn’t ugly at all, it makes me sad that a normal looking young woman is participating in this degenerate shit

No. 1614104

Well we lost one of our farmers in the inside, Florida anon better come through

No. 1614121

I agree, she looks like a normal nice girl, sad.

No. 1614128

Shat wouldn't look worse than average either if her styling wasn't so repulsive. She styles everything in the worst way possible and chooses the least flattering option every time, clothes, hair, makeup, eyelashes, nails, shoes, handbags, lack of personal hygiene. I think that's what makes her so hideous and jarring to look at. If she just wore gray sweats and a black t-shirt and some basic sneakers and had her natural hair and made zero effort she would actually look better than she does now. That's how bad she styles herself, it would look better if she made no effort at all.

No. 1614140

She looks normal & wholesome, but I'm sure her childhood is a horror story just like any other OF whore.

No. 1614163

Not even a hand print. Just looking like straight up smallpox from the American Horror Stories episode I watched recently.

No. 1614203

Why are anons here surprised at all? She's a severely mentally ill degenerate who only ran to lolcow because her BPD told her to. She doesn't hate SW she arbitrarily decided she wanted to flame Shay on an anonymous message board after inviting her over and seeing that same board / the poor quality of Shaynus' living and personality. The insane ewhore's mental illness just told her to start some drama and fed off of nonnies here praising her bullshit kek. She'll stay a mediocre pedo pandering mentally ill woman who spends her youth making crusty porn for a barely interested audience of middle aged low value scrotes until she ages out. Should have taken advice from this thread and gotten a job at target.

No. 1614220


lmfao why would they? They're Twitter camgirls, I'm sure the other girl is in there taking nudes too. It will be funny when Shayna tries to claim this was visual and actual rape when they eventually fall out, though. I

No. 1614232

File: 1660342800791.jpg (550.7 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-12T15-19-14.jpg)

Oh my god. She must have got fucked up at brunch to think this is a good look

No. 1614237

at least her shirt's accurate

No. 1614238

That bra must be padded to the max

No. 1614241

really leaning heavy into that trailer trash vibe now isn't she? yikes.

No. 1614245

omg im laughing so hard rn lol what is she on? or just got temporally blind?

No. 1614246

I feel so bad for any Uber drivers who have to take any of these freaks to and from Fetid Con.

No. 1614248

Dear Christ, she looks like she weighs 300 pounds

No. 1614251

Looking more and more like a meth head each passing day of this con - And this is only Day 2!

No. 1614253

Her skin texture resembles a crunch bar. I’m drinking some water rn to avoid this

No. 1614256

File: 1660345155507.jpeg (582.34 KB, 1284x2535, B311B558-1F52-4CCF-A26E-A26E27…)

It gets worse

No. 1614257

The outfit behind her kek man it’s really the worst dressed convention not a fetish convention. I wonder if she packed her Hitler domme hat to Florida

No. 1614259

Fucking kek, this thread hasn’t made me laugh out loud in a while. Thanks fetish event planner anon.

No. 1614260

The other one was worse, she shouldn’t take low angled selfies, this one is more flattering

No. 1614261

I was referring to the pink bondage ropes over the already horrible trailer trash tank/bra combo but agreed anon

No. 1614266

She’s good skinspo I’ll give her that. Makes me want to put a face mask and use a gua sha

No. 1614268

anon that file name kek

No. 1614272

File: 1660346652195.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1847, 6006A17D-992F-4899-9A73-E3954A…)

Oh God (found in her likes)

No. 1614273

File: 1660346702988.jpeg (365.98 KB, 1445x2048, 06389390-8581-42E4-91CE-853D62…)

No. 1614279

Looks like a cheap whore

No. 1614280

Waiting for PuppiKumma to say something

No. 1614281

her skin and makeup looks so bad, holy shit. she’s so bad at her job.

No. 1614282

I wonder if they’re gonna film together

No. 1614283

It’s giving lot lizard

No. 1614288

File: 1660347911620.jpeg (420.06 KB, 1536x2048, 69CF8C5D-8BC7-4A09-BE09-1240D1…)

Her teeth are borderline brown

No. 1614292

Ngl he cute. Black men tend to like ugly white women instead of black queens for some reason

No. 1614294

Yeah he a hot black hunk… It's popular for his type to fuck ugly white chicks tho

No. 1614296

Looking at the other women he posed with, you’re right

No. 1614298

Pushing her meager tits together and taking a selfie from the bottom, rule number one in the flat girl book.

No. 1614306

Shayna looks so happy in the arms of a decent looking man, but these scrotes fuck anything and anybody, doesn't equal real attraction. I bet Shayna will work with him because he's actually decent to look at.

No. 1614309

im not a nazi u guise look i take pics with two black people

No. 1614310

File: 1660349438268.jpeg (162.77 KB, 339x533, B0301BAB-4E58-423E-A58D-560F49…)

Until other snapchat anon can post

No. 1614318

Bro's is grabbing a whole lot of nothing, sad.

No. 1614321

Don’t worry I’ll dump everything at the end of the day, just hold tight so I don’t get accused of double posting again

No. 1614324

According to all of the posts in the hashtag, giving people his #majorwork means fucking them. I’m sure her fanbase of mostly racist Trump supporting blue collar scrotes will absolutely love watching her interact sexually with an attractive fit black guy. God, I can’t wait. Shaynus should travel the country going to fetish conventions so the milk keeps flowing.

No. 1614331

She was trying so hard to cover those angry red pimples and nothing worked kek. Her face is a whole different shade compared to her body, it's so cursed.

No. 1614336

I mean she’s really living her best life right now, she seems so happy at this fetish convention haha

No. 1614338

That’ll change when she gets home and doesn’t wanna work

No. 1614345

to be fair, ugly women are the only ones who went to this shit
idk anon, racist white moids are the most obsessed with "bbc" of all humans so maybe shayna is on to something…

No. 1614350

Yeah they have a cuck bull fetish

No. 1614351

totally! its a shame that she hasnt done any of these conventions before, it would give her her so beloved “porn star” title she wants so badly.

No. 1614375

Degen spotted

No. 1614376

No I’ve just been exposed to weird shit on the internet

No. 1614381

File: 1660354511274.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 1089x1902, 83BCEBDC-354E-43C2-BBD8-F00C41…)

She is truly amongst her own kind, there are even other pedo medical restraint enthusiasts. Gross

No. 1614393

WOOF. She looks hammered. She’s really been focusing on her boobs these last couple weeks and less on her non existent ass. I think she just did the anal thing to appease Fupa.

Kek Ive noticed this..why is that?

No. 1614401

Insta nonnie search the geo location and the hashtags and see if you can spot Big Shaynus in the background of one of these losers pictures

No. 1614403

File: 1660356507592.png (11.14 MB, 1242x2208, F53E12D3-1357-402B-96BD-8AF8D4…)

They see a big ol’ white bitch in their Cookie Monster pajamas and are infatuated with them

No. 1614406

No. 1614415

I know they’re not gonna link and I’m sad because they look good together, almost normal

No. 1614418

File: 1660357226583.jpeg (Spoiler Image,647.46 KB, 750x1100, 5BF1D8D2-3EF0-4781-A905-CC5F36…)

No Shay yet, but I found this absolute unit.

No. 1614427

File: 1660358312150.jpeg (217.28 KB, 1150x2048, A44ACA5F-BD37-4730-AB79-9DF4BC…)

He’s been wanting to give #majorwork to every fat bitch he meets. Breeding ground for diseases and stds. It’s a shame he’s a pass around degenerate he’s kinda cute

No. 1614430

This whole thing and everyone at it is repulsive desperado white nonas will really yasss king the most basic and average black/brown men, kek. We get it you are racist #melaninking #bbc

No. 1614432

File: 1660358669890.jpeg (216.42 KB, 933x1660, BC2575B3-842C-4E29-90E7-329AAA…)

When this is the main audience attending any average person looks ten times better. An example of the moids attending look like:

No. 1614435

Go back to Twitter

No. 1614436

ew he’s a fucking porn degen who rapes women on tape, no thanks

No. 1614438

Holy fuck…I'm whore anon & I'm SO FUCKING GLAD I didn't go. 100% certain I'd be assaulted or worse if I did.

So sorry I can't get some milk for us, but this shit is SERIOUSLY disturbing! OMFG

No. 1614441

If she wasn't still pimple faced and butt ugly, I would be wondering if they edited her photos. She looks skinnier here than in any of her other pictures, but it's probably just a flattering angle and a better fitting dress.

No. 1614442

Good grief this is going to be the monkeypox super spreading event that ends mankind. Thanks fetcon 2022

No. 1614450

File: 1660359848681.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1764, 5DC35F50-72AD-4415-8647-7CCB79…)

I’m dead. Trying to get the video to upload. But she retweeted it

No. 1614453

File: 1660360014010.jpeg (800.34 KB, 1242x856, 11F0DA81-4475-4D78-9A2A-0DE3D4…)

She almost fell

No. 1614459

File: 1660360145482.jpeg (868.25 KB, 1230x1231, 424E85ED-249D-49FA-8EAD-A22888…)

Shay sighting in the background of a degenerate’s picture kek

No. 1614461

Is there anywhere lower than hell? Because that’s where the bar is

No. 1614463

is she wearing socks with sandals

No. 1614465

Cheap Payless heels and socks look closer kek she stands so autistically

No. 1614484

it’s not too late for you nona! just follow Shayna’s exact opposite footsteps.

No. 1614486

mutt's law

No. 1614494

Stfu /pol/

No. 1614503

>Those protruding front thighs

No. 1614508

Girl, bless your heart but you're so fucking annoying. You've mentioned you're "whorechan/anon" and that you didn't attend the con at least twice both in this thread and in the OF whores thread. I think we get it. You're a whore and you're so useless that you couldn't even provide us milk because you think you're better than the other freaks. Move on now.

I know this is a reach but I think it's interesting how she retweeted this, but she didn't retweet this one >>1614288. I wonder why.

She seems to be having a good time, probably because she's finally receiving actual (bottom of the barrel, low value) moid attention in real life.

No. 1614515

File: 1660367780802.webm (1.58 MB, 960x720, SPED-on-SPED Violence.webm)

Here’s the video.

No. 1614522

nobody cares that you're more useless than usual

No. 1614533

She really is getting chunky with her weight gain. She's even got extra width to her wrists and ankles.

No. 1614558

Fair enough! You're 100% right. I'll stfu now. Thanks, anons!

No. 1614593

Are any of her haters confirmed at the con too?

No. 1614594

they would 100% be posting rn

No. 1614618

I’ve been trawling twitter in the hope of a wild Shaynus sighting, there are photos/videos of the pool party a bunch of other degenerates have posted with this guy in them but no Shay anywhere in sight

No. 1614638

A literal retard

No. 1614644

We know why she hasn’t? It’s because the lightning in the one where she’s stomping on a guy is more forgiving than the one where she looks like she’s been doused in grease and her brown teeth are highlighted

No. 1614658

File: 1660386382573.jpg (65.1 KB, 1125x1125, kekw.jpg)

>sped-on-sped violence.webm

No. 1614668

And this one looks like a literal Neanderthal (perfectly suited to Shaynus)

No. 1614695

>flaunting my obesity at FetishCon
TOPKEK. these people can't be real. it's like looking into the twilight zone.

No. 1614698

I always wonder how she’s not embarrassed whenever she sells an older video back from she was thin and it gets automatically tweeted in between her hog photos

No. 1614700

this is a dummy shes jumping on right not an actual human?

No. 1614704

File: 1660392300795.jpg (222.53 KB, 1512x2016, FZ7rwpKWAAA4t2z.jpg)

AYRT but she retweeted it (twice) a couple of hours after I said that kek

Unfortunately, that is (arguably) an actual human. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with these freaks, but this one's "kink"/mental illness seems to be… this? Getting stepped on by hamplanets I guess

No. 1614759

oh my god his body moves like actual rubber in that clip with shayna. this is some degeneracy i've never wanted to witness in my life.

No. 1614821

File: 1660399873044.jpg (300.53 KB, 1920x1280, 20220813_151133.jpg)

No. 1614831

special officer doofy lookin' ass

No. 1614839

You can tell the event is happening in Florida due to all the obese sunburnt-looking people with terrible fashion (Shay included)

No. 1614847

File: 1660401490382.gif (948.58 KB, 375x236, 8C0834AE-6737-424F-9767-38C37D…)

Fetish Con exists openly.

No. 1614849

This is the only attractive person I’ve seen at the whole event, but the fact he’s “vibing with” Big Shaynus makes me think his IQ is 17 and he’s infected with every STI on the planet.

I do find it funny how she’s cuddled up to him though. You can just tell Shaynus really wants the attention of hot muscular Chads, but she’s stuck with ugly losers like Sol, “slave dad” and pedo Ellen due to her degeneracy and terrible hygiene.

No. 1614851

Lol shaynus that little bag is not big enough to hide your gunt. Try a suitcase

No. 1614852

All of them dress like shit, it's just so pathetic.

No. 1614862

The girl Shaynus did the shoot with is actually cute, this is depressing. LOVE YOURSELVES, LADIES..

No. 1614863

anons don’t steam roll me for this but…i actually think she looks way better here than we’ve seen in awhile. not GOOD, just better. and not when you zoom in, just from afar.

No. 1614865

That angle isn’t entirely terrible for her, besides the fact that her arm is twice the size if should be for someone of her stature. Her multiple chins and gunt are all concealed so that’s something. Her skin, teeth and huge honker are all ghastly as usual though

No. 1614870

It's definitely nice to see her out of her grimy apartment and spending time with people, even if those people are just as grimy

No. 1614874

It’s so fucking weird to see her interacting with people, besides fupaul it’s been literal years

No. 1614878

The bar is the floor

No. 1614884

Nonnas ITT who start worshipping other e-whores as soon as Shayna comes in contact with them are so weird. This girl is just as much of a degenerate as Shayna is and is far from “cute” and so was Vivi.

No. 1614893

I mean I guess she can remarket herself as a hill billy trailer trash “milf” who will fuck for a pack of cigs I’m sure coomers have that niche

No. 1614894

File: 1660405060200.jpeg (767.84 KB, 1197x1560, 30B3E667-32BF-4C04-8DF4-9B80B1…)

It makes Shayna mad and she lurks here. Compared to Shayna she’s decent. I mean she looks like she showers unlike Miss Clouds

No. 1614897

Arse kissing sperg

No. 1614899

People too often forget that the praise here is more often designed as a dig to hurt others and idk why.

No. 1614907

That and the bar is so low with all the degenerate cows here, showering once a week makes you look like a paragon of beauty & adulting skills compared to people like Shaynus.

No. 1614910

File: 1660405947584.jpeg (Spoiler Image,831.69 KB, 1170x1500, 43A60DE0-B9A8-41D9-8AAA-6A4EF9…)

No. 1614915

File: 1660406022520.jpeg (838.51 KB, 1170x1661, C15FA20B-C3CD-4B5C-8140-EB4885…)

She was begging on Snapchat the other day for someone to send money for this

No. 1614922

Those spank marks look like monkey pox pustules at first glance, disgusting.

No. 1614934

Or maybe nonnies think the girls she's with is actually cute/decent looking despite being a decent. What gets me is multiple nannies acting like that average looking black dude is soooooo attractive. He's not. There's a reason he's fucking women like Shayna (and probably troons), it's not because his looks.
It's not nice it's sad, that she seems genuinely more happy around these strangers vs. When she's with people she claims she's dating.

No. 1614937

*degen not decent and Nonnies not nannies, sorry my auto correct

No. 1614945

File: 1660408446333.jpg (136.89 KB, 900x601, back_rolls.jpg)

The Vivi saga honestly had a sad ending. It was a nice thought that Vivi got her revenge on Shayna by quitting sex work, improving her mental health and living a better life. I guess these whores are beyond saving.

The tied up back rolls give extreme boneless pork joint vibes.

This. The moid isn't attractive, he's just less repulsive than the people he's stood next to and he's there to exploit fat sex workers.

No. 1614957

File: 1660409720732.jpeg (171.06 KB, 344x534, 608906FD-8F55-4CEF-B4BF-2A2780…)

Until other snap anon can post the rest

No. 1614961

Just screenshot it on a sock account then delete the account

No. 1614968

She bought that rope there and the ends are frayed as shit already? Thats some low quality Amazon rope she already had or someone there is scamming kek

No. 1614970

I hate how anons thirst over any scrote that is over a 4 here. Like those 4 or 5 random dudes that got posted last thread and now this black dude.
There's even Fupa and Soy fangirls. Do better, ladies. Don't feed these nasty tards' egos.

No. 1614973

Wearing the same bra that you just know is sweat soaked and musty as fuck the next day. It would be one thing if it was just black or white and it wouldnt be as obvious.
Im shocked shes even wearing one though and not letting her topsy turvy tits do their thing like she normally does. She hates bras, thats like her "thing" to have nipples through the too small shirt.

No. 1614979

So she just brought one bra? I don't think Shayna doesn't buy new cute clothes because she's dead broke only. I genuinely think she doesn't care how she looks and clothes are the last thing on her mind when it comes to spending money. Every trip she's went on and the only one I can remember she brought new clothes for was her brothers graduation. However she claimed someone brought her dress. What she wears depends on what is clean and "nice". It always baffles me that she thinks throwing on something small and bows in her hair is a look.

No. 1614983

I'm not sure but maybe she's wearing a bra so she doesn't get kicked out for having her nipples out? Aren't their rules at this con? If not then it's hilarious that she wears no bra around town but around a bunch of coomers she decides to wear one.

No. 1614986

she looks like fat lana

No. 1615005

It's in the rules, it was bought up on the thread before this one. No one can show nipples or go there straight up wearing lingerie because they get kicked out.

No. 1615023

File: 1660414136165.jpg (964.46 KB, 1090x966, 08132022-1.jpg)

No. 1615024

File: 1660414232107.jpg (1.11 MB, 1090x966, 08132022-2.jpg)

No. 1615027

I promise I will post everything in a better quality then what you keep posting, seriously just wait

No. 1615030

Is she tweaking? I’m serious. This “look” is serving meth-addicted mother of 5 who turns tricks out of a motel.

No. 1615034

how this bitch manages to keep looking worse and worse each day is astonishing. actual sandpaper between her eyebrows and her face is saggy just like her tits.

No. 1615041

I just realized I have that bra. anons talking somewhere above wondering if it is heavily padded yes it is, very much like that one vs bra for small titties

Honestly I wonder why she is so about wearing a bra this trip, maybe she is finally connecting big round boobies=bimbo and bralass droopy boobies=Nature stoner girl

No. 1615044

It’s because there’s a dress code inside the convention. If there wasn’t, she wouldn’t be wearing one

No. 1615052

i mean i doubt she's washing her face every night

No. 1615057

Wouldn't her flat bumpy cheeks be exposed in that sissy skirt? Honestly, this is the most "bimbo" she's ever looked on this trip and it's ONLY because she's wearing her one push up bra.
You can tell she slept in her make up and her hair like that, seeing she's wearing the same bra, I feel like she didn't even shower. Just got out of bed, did a hoe bath, then pulled on the tank top and skirt. Probably my didn't even brush her teeth.

No. 1615066

the grease and sweat is going to make me puke. why would you post this to your “fans”?

No. 1615070

you can’t tell me that too small bra and way too small shirt don’t hurt. just wear something that fits, Shayna. ffs.

No. 1615071

I bet she smells like sweat and too much bath and body works body spray

No. 1615073

File: 1660418095556.jpeg (483.95 KB, 828x1006, C8063928-D09D-4106-AEAB-37654E…)

The quality of booth babes there says all you need to know

No. 1615075

File: 1660418164728.jpeg (571.43 KB, 828x907, 0D7B944B-B6DB-4A31-A297-4148BC…)

No. 1615076

Cursed family photo

No. 1615077

What is this pose lmao.
Can't believe she wore one of her famous skirt belts in public.

No. 1615080

Is that fuck toy "shirt" a sports bra? It looks like a sports bra more than a tank crop top.

No. 1615091

the last time i was on this thread was when she was literally 21, and i’m so stupid to think she would have a successful career being a thot, quitting the pedi pandering and actively taking care of her body and face. can’t wait to come back here when she’s 30!


No. 1615099

No. 1615102

Shat needs to get those spots on her tits tested for monkeypox kek

No. 1615103

Ohhh toy. I thought it simply said "fuck you" cos photo perspective kek. Oops.

No. 1615105

Tbf I'd put bets on the majority of farmes itt been fat white sw so it checks out lmao

No. 1615107

farmers and being sorry i'm a tard

No. 1615114

no1currs autist


No. 1615115

I love how she tries to make her boobs the focus of all her picture, but in real life she has no curves, and her ass looks disgusting like she has a disease. Even looking at it from the gross coomer angle, doesn't look like her ass is bruised but like she has some kind of skin issue. She looks like an awkard ugly Disney witch in the face.

No. 1615117

Also her ego is about to be out of this world. Not only did she leave the house and mingle with people, but she took two pictures with black people. Meaning she's not racists!! And she's actually really loved because some weirdo wants her to help with the booth! I feel like this is only going to make her want to be involved in IRL sex work even more. Because if she can't go viral online, why not surround herself by ugly/average coomers/coomettes and she'll be the boil of the ball by default.

No. 1615130

What a fat sack.

No. 1615132

I think the booths probably have an option to sign up to help out. I don’t think this person personally picked Shay

No. 1615133

I regret zooming in on her hairline.

No. 1615135

Is she hitting the bottle straight out of bed or what

No. 1615140

She is so bloated and crusty. Her eyes look like walnut halves.

No. 1615145

File: 1660423540228.jpeg (288.18 KB, 972x1632, 4F4D4D11-E9DE-410B-B39A-F36B63…)

No. 1615146

File: 1660423591766.jpeg (310.66 KB, 1052x2047, D241CE68-7C99-4FA6-AFFC-F8E429…)

What is that face Shay?

No. 1615151


she looks like she pooped herself and doesn't know how to express it

No. 1615157

The convention ends tomorrow. Hopefully she does something milky before she goes home

No. 1615164

You are such a dumbass.

No. 1615185

Cringe. It's always so obvious how much she doesn't want to touch other women. Compare this to her cuddling up to that black scrote and it's night and day.

No. 1615194

File: 1660426762333.jpg (305.87 KB, 1080x1324, 20220813_233923.jpg)

I hate how this bitch legitimately looks like this. She's so fucking rancid(fanart)

No. 1615199

These whores have 0 idea how to dress, disaster

No. 1615202

kek this is too accurate

No. 1615209

File: 1660428158912.jpeg (799.37 KB, 1156x1484, FBAE8A15-793A-4667-9C61-E6426A…)

No. 1615239

How does she have roots after she literally just got her hair done the day before going to this shitshow

No. 1615242

File: 1660430551202.jpeg (374.31 KB, 1242x1507, DAD332C7-6B72-45AA-9705-54FC5F…)

She sucks at business

No. 1615243

File: 1660430660588.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1631, 1264EECE-2E2D-4342-9F00-12B6C5…)

No. 1615247

Sure Shay. And everyone clapped when you walked into the building

No. 1615248

and were are they? where are the pics? not on the events hashtags tho

No. 1615253

Kek, she does, and that's why nonnies say any girl who comes within 5 feet of Shat is “pretty”. Vivi was “pretty” next to shay, of course this new girl is gonna look good, she's next to Shatna. None of those degenerate whores are actually attractive. That's why they don't have anything outside of e-whoring

No. 1615255

File: 1660432412883.jpeg (456.51 KB, 2048x1152, 7B3A1485-5D2C-462D-BA40-013DBB…)

Better quality photo for the archives. Shayna’s face is so old

No. 1615256

He time traveled to the future and ended up at this convention which he highly regrets kek

No. 1615265

File: 1660433467089.png (9.04 MB, 1242x2208, FA971103-6FEE-41E8-8976-9838FA…)

No. 1615266

File: 1660433583724.png (8.36 MB, 1242x2208, 4E7F7EC0-9CC0-41BC-A65D-BF05E9…)

No. 1615267

File: 1660433646714.gif (947.32 KB, 476x253, 908BF5CC-A4AE-49D1-884F-2707F5…)

No. 1615277

File: 1660434372814.jpg (22.42 KB, 400x400, bs9MJKvc_400x400.jpg)

Shayna looks so much like this youtuber to me. Just like someone sucked the life out of him and then dressed him in sissy clothes. >>1615265
I don't know why I find these pictures so funny, her head looks comically small and wrinkles. Like a shrunken head on a dehydrated body. This angle isn't doing what she wants it to do.

No. 1615281

File: 1660434596501.png (6.94 MB, 1242x2208, C073C30E-FDF7-4A2B-ABFE-E5F38D…)

Soy boy moment

No. 1615284

I'm tempted to turn this into an actual soyjak

No. 1615285

File: 1660434747139.png (7.65 MB, 1242x2208, C109A066-FCD3-41A5-9611-765358…)

I thought this was David doprick at first glance. They do look similar except he has bigger better eyes. Shayna’s are tiny and rat like

No. 1615288

Please tell me she doesn’t wear this shirt in public

No. 1615290

I simply can’t with the socks and sandals. that’s some 45 y/o white man shit.

No. 1615292

Please do

No. 1615295

I don’t understand how she can tell on herself like this.. The pic is so fuckin bad. She’s bloated, her skin is dry as a desert, her hair dead, eyebrows non existent, cheap and fake eyelashes, faded eyeliner and no colors on her face whatsoever except beige. All you see is her sad potatoe nose.

No. 1615297

Isn't she quite literally out in public in this shirt right now

No. 1615299

that bra makes her tits looks so weird like a troon with contoured tits.

No. 1615301

I’m sure they take pictures with any other whore, she’s always exuding desperation and then acts like anyone responding is because she’s just oh so sexy and alluring. The people who go to this shit are just looking for easy girls to ogle and grope at.

No. 1615302

calm down nonnas she's probably not even the worst dressed at this convention, which is most likely confined to a private place
not as tho she's walking around the supermarket in this

No. 1615312

I honestly think that she would look better in a fursuit.

No. 1615316

Sure but she commutes in public to there too and to shoots. Unless the cars she was in were driven by someone.

No. 1615326

Fucking kek nona, my vote for next thread pic
Jfc why can’t this fat stinky retard just buy clothes that fucking fit?!
No one is “worshipping” anyone, pointing out that it’s sad how a normal looking girl is throwing her life away on this misogynistic degeneracy isn’t “weird”, it’s the general sentiment that sex work is cancer and women need to stop perpetuating cycles of abuse and subjugation for the sake of a few shekels and a misplaced sense of empowerment

No. 1615327

Big shaynus furry saga when?

No. 1615339

Tbf it's a trend to wear chunky platform sandals with socks

No. 1615340

Probably never. She had the opportunity to get into furry when she lived with dog fucker Dawn.

No. 1615348

she would never. only because she thinks she’s gorgeous and covering up her face and body would be a travesty in her delusional mind.

No. 1615375

File: 1660445708681.jpeg (719.84 KB, 828x1351, 9A14055C-2D25-4637-AD03-BEF1BB…)

No. 1615380

I could throw up thinking of the smell

No. 1615386

Is shayna going to start subtly simping for black guys now? Is she learning that the older white men don't see her as a "prize" and coomer black males with low standards for white girls, will see her as a prize for 5 seconds and they arent all old, ugly weirdos but men her age?. I doubt it, because she can't openly fetishize black men how she does certain men. I'd be something new though kek.

No. 1615387

Absolutely fucking foul. Give it a week that dude is going to wake up with a moss patch for a beard from her foot fungus

No. 1615390

I was thinking the same thing anon

No. 1615391

i’d bet anything she’s too stupid to even charge for this kind of shit. just letting disgusting degenerates touch her and rub their orifices on her and take pics grabbing her however they choose. how does she not find that disgusting? is it just that she craves attention that much? you’re a fucking sex worker, make some money while you’re there you stupid cow.

No. 1615402

she said a moss patch
Topkek I love you ladies

No. 1615430

File: 1660450399819.png (1.02 MB, 748x993, night rider mattel.png)

Anything is an upgrade from her current brand at this point.

No. 1615433

…..sure, if it were 2013

No. 1615437

the way he's lost in it…. i'm nearly at the end of my rope with this shay era

No. 1615442

File: 1660451670469.jpg (485.95 KB, 1456x1859, 20220813_225118.jpg)

No. 1615444

File: 1660451831212.jpg (82.94 KB, 623x1246, 798878798.jpg)

No. 1615445

Lowkey think she should move to Florida I feel she’d fit right in. Atleast she’d save money due to cost of living.

No. 1615448

Ew KEK who posted this

No. 1615450

The stench killed him. Shaynazi commits another hate crime /s

No. 1615455

File: 1660454030355.jpg (35.05 KB, 386x500, 01.jpg)

I can see it, like OT but black moids have literally zero standards when it comes to white women, even shayna at her worst would be considered would be considered more "attractive" to most black moids, its pathetic how mentally colonized black moids are(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1615465

File: 1660455086337.jpeg (393.2 KB, 2048x1536, 6415A7DB-4AFF-4814-BBD0-A3DD26…)

No. 1615466

File: 1660455117982.jpeg (450.93 KB, 2048x1536, 4FB859B0-146E-4757-99A1-1B11BA…)

No. 1615467

Kek shes trying so hard to hide her gunt next to this skinny chick. But shes not insecure shes a thriving baby bimbo guys!

No. 1615473

Fucking kek nona I just snort laughed so hard

Dayum that’s a huge bitch

No. 1615476

Shayna looks irritated kek

No. 1615488

I bet she's going to complain about how she wore a bra because rules boo hoo but like yeah cheap bras that are too small would be uncomfortable to wear all day no shit.

No. 1615489

The socks with the weird shein sandals isn't a look Shaynus jfc I cant believe she brought one bra but mutiple ugly socks.

No. 1615490

How rude

No. 1615491

She could have worn pasties, rules say women can wear just a thong and pasties.

No. 1615492

I'm gonna get shit for this but that girl really is just black Shaynus. I'm sorry. Any anons who said she's "cute" or "average" or better looking than Shat are blind or just say that because it's funny to say anyone is better looking than her because she hates to read it. Like yeah her eyes aren't as rodent like I guess. But she's got an big ol snout, she's fat, ugly, and probably a smelly tard like Shaynus too. She's black Shayna change my mind.

No. 1615494

She is better looking. Is that an issue for you?

No. 1615495

Can we sperg about her in the general Onlyfans whores thread. This is a Shayna thread.

No. 1615500

Shat is going to gradually start fetishizing black men after this convention and she's going to start getting into black music. Old gray and all her white trash coomers won't like that.

She's going to realize that the black men she can get are more physically attractive than the white crusty coomers she already has.

No. 1615501

Yasss queens, get ya big ol’ guts out for these nasty moids so thriving so brave kek

No. 1615509

Mud shark Mattel kek

No. 1615511

It's always been so strange to me why some anons on this site get so upset when any woman is complimented.

No. 1615513

This thread is always full of autism

No. 1615532

Because yall only compliment degenerates. The compliments about her step sister I understood since she was actually pretty and had her shit together, but Shayna’s fat e-whore roommate that’s into the same disgusting shit as her? She and Shayna are basically two sides of the same coin.

No. 1615555

It was posted either further up in this thread that she's back under a different username doing the same degen shit as before.

No. 1615564

The ewhore in this pic has pinned the tweet, Shatna must be so high on the attention she’s getting, I can’t wait to see what kind of retarded shit she does in the aftermath of fatcon while feeling emboldened by all her new degenerate friends

No. 1615568

Saying someones pretty doesn't cosign their behaviour.

No. 1615570

That's a pajeet though retard(racebait)

No. 1615571

I doubt they're going to allow straight up soliciting at this sped fest kek

No. 1615573

They're both disgusting, fat, ugly degen hogs, Amerilard standards are truly bottom of the barrel.

No. 1615578

Where is her ankle?! Her leg looks like a prosthetic that hasn’t been carved down to shape, Jesus!

No. 1615593

I noticed that too. It's probably because the guy is looking at the other girl and not her kek

No. 1615645

Yeah I noticed that too, can't say "I think she looks fine" without some anon yelling at you like "OMG NONNIE ARE YOU FUCKING BLIND? SHE LOOKS LIKE A FAT HAGGARD 40 YO KEK"

No. 1615649

Who posted these?

No. 1615685

Okay, so sage for off topic, but she actually DID, in fact, LIVE with DottiPink, a degenerate fursuit porn creater with a disgusting plush dog pussy. Apparently even someone that vile couldn’t handle Shay because I don’t think it even lasted a month.

No. 1615691

Wow she's lived with 2 furries? I only knew about dogfucker Dawn.

No. 1615693

Dawn is Dottipink

No. 1615696

Shay looks drunk or high out of her mind

No. 1615699

he looks like he grew up with superstitious parents that told him to hold his breath going past cemeteries or the ghosts will inhabit his body and now he holds his breath when he encounters something uncomfortable

No. 1615701

Shay is so unbelievably awkward in social situations. She's definitely not neurotypical.

No. 1615705

File: 1660489544774.jpeg (572.2 KB, 1170x1583, BC20BF31-5EF7-47ED-A1F9-B62E3F…)

Sure Shay. Proof or it didn’t happen. Like all your other stories

No. 1615711

File: 1660490070619.jpeg (435.27 KB, 1170x825, F7B865A4-B6D8-41DA-8586-32020E…)

We’ll see how long this lasts

No. 1615712

How is this not the first thing you do? kek

No. 1615714

>>1615445 As a Louisiana anon, I emotionally couldn't handle her begging for cash every hurricane season. Like Florida gets it so much better then the rest of the gulf coast but shay would still fuck it up. I can only imagine her evacuating for a storm begging for money as she drives and cries. And abandoning her pets.

No. 1615716

she's so big now you can't tell where the tit starts and the fat ends

No. 1615717

File: 1660490431492.webm (647.45 KB, 480x480, ssstwitter_1660484761.webm)

Shayna braincells constructing the delusion that moids actually care what type of woman participates in their fetish and that she's special, building a wall between her and the reality that moids will literally fuck female animals as long as it is a female

No. 1615720

>implying she would have a car at all

No. 1615731

How weirdly specific yet somehow perfectly accurate, nonnie

No. 1615735

I think so too she’s graduated from weed and booze. I think she had a complete meltdown after spending time with her stepsister who is everything shayna could have been and it drove her to hard drugs. She looks seriously wasted in every pic from fatcon

No. 1615736

I love that she’s trying to cope by pretending like she’s better and more desirable than other whores. What they like about her is she will do so much more for free than actual prostitute dominatrixes

No. 1615748

It's so embarrassing that women like her fall for submissive losers manipulation because that's all it ever fucking is with moids of any caliber but especially submissive scrotes.

No. 1615759

It’s so uwu empowering to dominate “submissive” men in exactly the way they specify! Like yasss girl you’re totally in control of the situation and dominating him by acting/dressing/molding your entire persona to some gross scrote’s specifications to fulfill his fantasy!

No. 1615761

Let's not forget that they want the hurr durr "pink bratty princess" ""domme"" because to them there's nothing more embarrassing than being "dominated" by a feminine woman aka the lowest of the low for men. And that's ignoring the thinly veiled pedo shit.

No. 1615776

Its definitely this. She thinks she's getting these sub scrotes attention because of her style and being so uwu cute and sexy but it's literally because actual dommes have rules and boundaries and arent complete pushover pick mes.
A domme wouldnt be letting some random freak she just met but his face on her feet for free.
She couldn't even be a "bratty princess" domme like she wants to claim because again, she's so easy and goes along with whatever the dude wants and all just because it was a crumb of attention for her and she felt like they chose her because she's amazing. She's so delusional and terminally porn sick pick me.

No. 1615779

>I’m so much better than other whores
Dominatrix community you gonna let it slide

No. 1615781

It probably did. The sad thing is she thinks that’s something to boast about and not just creepy behaviour

No. 1615796

File: 1660496411324.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.85 KB, 1080x1433, AC1B7384-2E4C-444C-8516-897E26…)

She’s going full belly out today

No. 1615808

>>1615796 in that photo her face looks like that of a 60 year old woman.

No. 1615812

Awe, Louisiananons unite! Side note: if she made any content here (wrestling content, all these supposed shoots) do you think she’ll post them or will they just disappear into obscurity? Anytime she goes somewhere to “make content” she doesn’t really promote it for whatever reason making her little business trips seem like a waste of money and time.

No. 1615817

Not to wk shaynus but I think you're reaching. The other ewhore is clearly in the midst of doing something and she's just paying normal attention to it/not smiling for the camera

No. 1615818

Shaynus is amongst her peers. If she stops pedopandering and being a generic whore I think she will be happiest kek. Interesting shaysaga even if a boring one

No. 1615819

Yeah but let’s be real, decent looking black guys aren’t going to pay to rub her feet like desperate old white “slave dad” moids. They’ll just want to bang her since she’s fat & slutty, but Shaynus hates sex or making any effort so this alliance is doomed kek

No. 1615821

You really don’t believe Shayna got groped by these freaks of nature? Because I find that easiest to believe out of any of the bullshit she posts. The funny part is not monetizing it, I’m sure plenty of whores were there working but Shaynus is just getting wasted and letting anyone molest her for free because she’s lazy.

No. 1615827

“Dominating” a man for pay is literally as submissive as it gets. You’re letting a moid control you and use your body to fulfill his gross fetishes, he is 100% the dominant one. If you really think you’re the one in charge, say no to one of his kinks and see what happens.

No. 1615829

I bet she thinks she's going to land a rich daddy dom at the con. Hate to tell her everyone there looked poor as she.

No. 1615830

Nope, they are going to want sex and because their standards for women like Shayna is low, they can easily find a woman of Shays level and low self esteem to fuck for free. Shayna knows who to go to and what men to seek out. Shayna probably has never felt more pretty then at this con. She's going to be getting out more and when she does, I feel her need for attention will make her be more wreckless.

No. 1615832

You can tell she’s super proud of herself & high on her own supply for leaving the house and getting attention from coomer moids. This is going to make her even more obnoxious and I’m here for it lol

No. 1615835

She's a half naked loopy woman, all these weirdos came to do is hook up and be able to grope women. She for sure was getting felt up by all kinds of weirdos who were doing this to EVERY woman. Shayna, male attention isn't special and it's dann sure not impressive at a fetishcon with a bunch of degenerates. Every woman and man there is getting touched or groped. But I guess in Shayville these things only happen to her because shes a P.U Goddess and is so special. Maybe when the merge happens we'll understand.

No. 1615843

File: 1660500322402.jpeg (108.2 KB, 750x502, DD0EF95E-AD3B-4BAF-BC2B-7A4FF6…)

that guy was sucking everybodys feet.

No. 1615844

What ass? Lmao

No. 1615872

Those bruises look awful and not in a fun way. You’re not supposed to fucking 5-star someone like that, she looks like a leper

No. 1615874

That looks like a tacky bathing suit

No. 1615879

Monkeypox time

No. 1615892

great way to get fungal infections. tongue jock itch ?

No. 1615893

she looks like my white boyfriend’s mom in some tacky shitty lingerie(sage your shit)

No. 1615905

Why did she wear clothes to the pool party and a swimsuit today?

No. 1615908

Thriving bimbo that only brought 1 bra, 1 pair of shoes, the bows, and a few cheap amazon tops and skirts lol

No. 1615917

Learn to sage retard

No. 1615922

So she did the wrestling, that cheerleader thing, and she mentioned going to a shoot the other day. I wonder how much of that footage will be shown. She never said what the other shoot was

No. 1615928

File: 1660508782226.png (738.8 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-14T13-15-15.png)

No. 1615930

It was whatever this stuff she did with Sarah the woman who puts on the Strictmore Acadamy stuff was >>1615146

No. 1615931

I'm sure the fat and bald creeps willing to attend this event have a keen pulse on the "I can't hack it in regular porn" to "literal streetwalker" pipeline. Zeroed right in after seeing the genuine excitement her beady black eyes.

No. 1615937

File: 1660509201753.gif (10.46 MB, 366x656, 2bb2160301157aaccccdbcf4bf71ac…)

No. 1615949

I bet it did happen and I bed she was doing her chicken dance she does on lives lol

No. 1615956

Ty anon, was thinking the same

No. 1615964

Do men not realize women only do sex work and pretend to like their nasty dicks so they can make money? Kek no one is stopping him from not consuming porn or paying for sex services

No. 1615967

I imagine that a lot of people go to these events to meet real people interested in this “lifestyle”, rather than to meet sex workers. I bet a lot of people find the oversaturation of OF ewhores to be frustrating at these sorts of events

No. 1615969

File: 1660511012471.jpg (706.92 KB, 1090x966, 081420221.jpg)

She did end up breaking a hot dog nail, obviously, why the fuck would you get those if you were gonna be wrestling. anyone know who this special needs chick she was hanging out with yesterday is? https://streamable.com/rf4uki

No. 1615976

File: 1660511447229.jpg (Spoiler Image,396.32 KB, 971x2160, 20220814_161008.jpg)

The caked on makeup…

No. 1615977

you first retard(sage your shit)

No. 1615984

File: 1660511869892.webm (5.36 MB, 550x984, ¡No!.webm)

No. 1615986

File: 1660511932156.jpeg (Spoiler Image,529.63 KB, 1170x811, 2DDA481E-3C81-449A-B214-47FDA0…)

No. 1615987

File: 1660511959433.jpeg (Spoiler Image,98.5 KB, 1600x720, AD9E0939-55CF-4A97-A5FF-35777F…)

No. 1615992

I haven't been reading the thread so can someone spoon feed me and tell me if degeneratecon had a fucking plushie toy machine or is that some place else?

No. 1615995

I think that was the youtubers/vidcon

No. 1616002

is that a fucking build-a-bear knock off for the fucking ABDL bitches? i'm fucking disgusted

No. 1616004

all i'm taking from the fetcon stuff is that we need a shayna florida trash arc. she would definitely be the type to go to disney every week too

No. 1616005

File: 1660513335466.jpeg (291.89 KB, 1170x886, 0EE2D640-5EBD-4DD9-8A9E-461BBE…)

I just knew it was this guy lol

No. 1616008

File: 1660513410428.jpeg (Spoiler Image,117.4 KB, 1600x720, 7A1AB729-FB5D-4D7B-914A-911AC1…)

No. 1616014

No. 1616019

I imagine his hand hurts after hitting nothing but bone. Also imagine the stench of garbage and shrimp ramen wafting up as this cow spreads in front of you, gross.

No. 1616022

yeah don't take a break from drinking shay make sure you down them all day to keep up that nasty tectonic plate forehead wrinkle and eye bags, super cute

No. 1616028

Yeah, it has a “kinky” build a bear where you can dress the plushies in bdsm gear

No. 1616040

Nothing is sacred

No. 1616063

File: 1660518277348.jpeg (Spoiler Image,687.67 KB, 1170x1405, B8FAA399-FA1F-407A-AFE6-38797D…)

No. 1616066

It just looks like a fucking rash, and quite possibly could be. Imagine how many people these paddles and shit have been used on this weekend, ugh.
I don't trust these moids to wash them.

No. 1616079

File: 1660519982016.jpeg (930.1 KB, 1242x1314, disgusting scrote.jpeg)

Imagine letting someone this disgusting anywhere near your body.

No. 1616084


Those poor dogs look like they've seen unspeakable horrors

I hate Florida more now than I've ever hated that godforsaken state. All of the participants of this need to be on a watchlist.

No. 1616085

You neither spoilered nor saged this irrelevant post, good job

No. 1616099

File: 1660521320499.jpeg (853.99 KB, 828x1305, 7E4BD63E-DD6F-4581-B5B4-8ED957…)

No. 1616101

that is multiple days of foundation and sweat.

No. 1616105

is she legit smoking a blunt? is that not illegal?

No. 1616107

File: 1660521566782.jpeg (680.65 KB, 828x1308, 6196D415-D63E-4CF7-8F84-268593…)

She’s fatter then this woman who actually markets herself as a BBW, Shayna should take the hint

No. 1616112

I feel like that applies to strippers and most prostitutes, but ewhores… you have to remember theres so many ugly pick mes like Shaynus that feed off of any crumb of scrote attention. And theres plenty of retarded ones like her who will let dudes do whatever for free. So the statement isnt entirely true lol
I do agree with >>1615967 though. Like yeah sw probably comes with the territory for some fetishes like dominatrix and things, but this is a ferish convention, not an Onlyfans/sex work con so I imagine a lot of people attending don't want to be solicited by the ewhores but who knows

No. 1616118

I dont get why that chick(?) can wear that but the outline of nipples through a shirt like Shaynus does is against the rules? I imagine this is a 18 or 21+ convention… what's Florida's public nudity law anyway?

No. 1616121

What happened to “I can’t smoke weed anymore cause muh lungs” Shay?

No. 1616123

File: 1660522192447.jpeg (Spoiler Image,793.84 KB, 1170x1367, 0BF66951-4515-4105-AA65-12D4A3…)

God I hope this happens someday. Imagine the milk

No. 1616124

She said she’s only smoking like 3 times a week, she didn’t actually quit just cut back

No. 1616125

File: 1660522237599.jpeg (206.31 KB, 1170x399, F3747FDB-B7CF-4B02-8FC9-3F3A64…)

She’s gonna simp over this guy for awhile

No. 1616126

I’ve never seen someone spell dildo wrong, this man seems straight up retarded

No. 1616127

Perfect match for Shay, then.

No. 1616128

File: 1660522376490.jpeg (276.47 KB, 1170x768, 8D3A6BBB-B8A7-4DD0-B0EF-C45609…)

No. 1616131

Lol nice aneurysm at the end Shat

Just what we need, this retarded pedo to move to a place where abortion is illegal

No. 1616136

I want to see this happen, if only because we all know the moid will ask her to touch his penis and she’ll freak out & claim abuse and then the woke hambeast e-whore army will lose their shit on Twitter and call it a modern day lynching and it’ll be milky af kek

No. 1616138

A lot of anons were drooling over this guy in the last thread, I wonder if they’ll secretly buy the clip lol

No. 1616143

Either that or they'll make the nasty (in the bad way) most worserest porn you've ever seen. Smell'o'vision 4k.

No. 1616159

This would honestly be eye cancer & I hope everyone involved perishes in a house fire. (Sorry not sorry for a-log)

No. 1616173

He’s into women eating his ass (careful scrolling through his twitter, it’s a mess, was seeing if there were more Shay pics) so Shay might get to fulfill that “fantasy” she was talking about not too long ago

No. 1616176

Its fucked up to say, but I hope she does go through with it and actually gets fucked by him and it's such a bad experience for her that she reconsiders her choices in life lol
I don't want a fanfic-y Shay redemption arc, but I do want her to actually face some consequences and hate her life even more. Hate her pick me delusional ass.

No. 1616178

y'all know she's taking extra care to get pics with Black SWers to try and get away from her racist past lol

No. 1616183

Hope this confidence high continues when she gets home cause fuuuccck she's getting back up there in weight fast as fuck. Can't wait for her next cam show to see how bad that shit really is.

No. 1616189

shes like a mini Vicky Shingles

No. 1616194

No. 1616200

I only casually browse this thread but I thought that was just something twitterfags made up.

No. 1616202

Yeah she’s not actually racist, just an idiot

No. 1616215

I'm crying.

No. 1616219

I wonder how many of these people are local, and how many people literally flew across the country like Shayna

No. 1616232

File: 1660533370249.jpg (909.27 KB, 1090x966, 08120222.jpg)


No. 1616234

File: 1660533516186.jpg (1 MB, 1090x966, 081420223.jpg)

I have no words

No. 1616235

I just looked it up and it’s at a fucking Hilton? I feel bad for the other guests. And the maids.

No. 1616239

melting wax statue

No. 1616241

those are some ANGRY zits

No. 1616246

Shayna monkeypox arch?

No. 1616249

Ew we just said he was decent why do you keep bringing it up like, it’s not that deep. >>1616123
Kek Shaynus and the Human Didoe , coming to a theater near you

No. 1616250

Damn why can’t she wear something that will cover up that angry pimple. It’s not like she has attractive cleavage anyways. Whenever I get a zit I don’t wear low cut tops. She’s so unsexy

No. 1616253

She really couldn’t be bothered to spend $3 for some decent black stockings that would go better with the outfit. Damn she’s such a cheap broke trashy bitch
Holy shit they look similar in size. Shayna is real porky

No. 1616254

I wanna know who posted it too lol

No. 1616259

File: 1660535030074.jpeg (991.2 KB, 1170x1873, 1B73F3E9-3BE3-47D0-8A2D-AEE4FD…)

No. 1616263

This looks like a McDonald’s warning ad they look obese kek

No. 1616270

Jesus Christ her fucking nose/nostril

No. 1616274

File: 1660535996417.jpeg (337.78 KB, 1098x2048, 8808F3EB-D6C9-4212-9560-660DB6…)

He’s into crusty white girls who don’t bathe or brush their tongue as well. That convention is a Petri dish jfc of all kinds of diseases. I doubt they are using protection. I’d never host a degenerate event in my hotel

No. 1616275

omg monkeypox anon SHUT THE FUCK UP

No. 1616277

File: 1660536106755.jpeg (Spoiler Image,107.5 KB, 1600x720, 8A8966D3-8345-4131-BB00-F744DC…)

She has such a punchable rat face

No. 1616280

can she not pull the sleeves over her linebacker shoulders or is the dress just designed poorly?

No. 1616281

True they aren’t going to wash the paddle after each person they spank. Plus they’re all drunk so they can’t think rationally. Kek I’m laughing at the idea of these degenerates getting ass pimples after they used a paddle on Shaynasty.

No. 1616294

her massive nose just keeps getting bigger with each pic

No. 1616295

She has to be so impaired to not realize how absolutely nasty she looks. Greasy.

No. 1616298

This just looks like she has age spots on her ass. Esp when combined with the face.

No. 1616299

jfc what’s going on with this woman’s tongue??

No. 1616303

Are you the blunt buster or something?

No. 1616308

me too lol what if this is our anon jk

No. 1616310

you ever been to florida? they don’t care. you can do whatever in florida.

No. 1616321

That's why she punches it for tokens, anon!

No. 1616344

LMAO these woketards are so fucking stupid. I’m surprised Soyjak Salvatore hasn’t been malding all over twitter

No. 1616346

God these people are putrid, imagine the stench

No. 1616361

I'm a louisiana anon too, I would've loved to see shatna try and survive hurricane ida kek.

No. 1616438

File: 1660556159081.jpeg (342.81 KB, 828x1248, 391960D3-1758-4CF7-AF4B-1ABC88…)


No. 1616441

bet it's a tranny kek

No. 1616490

Plz no. If she gets it, she'll create a whole new virus that comes with sex worker delirium and ass pimples to match the new boils.

No. 1616491

Thank you for saying what I've been too lazy to post

No. 1616519

Not to armchair but she needs an antifungal. That’s 100% a candida infection between her brows. It’ll be there for awhile as regular skincare won’t get rid of it (not that Shay does that anyways). I know you read here Shay rub some monistat on your face

No. 1616528

Respectfully nona, how do you know it’s not just acne?

No. 1616577

you can’t tell that from just a pic. but yeah sure let’s trust lolcow MD, chief retard.

No. 1616587

File: 1660572142278.jpeg (309.12 KB, 1125x1107, 67A9FCFF-FDAF-4183-9BBC-4395B2…)

fungi sperging, respectfully it’s black mold spores spawning on her dome, like a true Florida Red Roof Inn finest jacuzzi suit. Shungus

No. 1616589

Shungus, fucking kek

No. 1616625

first it was a yeast infection now it’s upgraded to black mold. scientists should research the regular anons in this thread for autism and severe cognitive decline. y’all don’t get a new pic for a few hours and start to claim she’s growing black mold in her hairline.

No. 1616629

>P.U. Goddess
TOPKEK underrated comment nona

No. 1616630

Omg anon, the black mold comment was clearly a joke.

No. 1616631

nta but it's a joke, aspernonnie

No. 1616635

Imagine shayna reading this and actually applying Monistat on her face

No. 1616650

the casual shungus at the end obliterated my sides

No. 1616680

I made a monkeypox joke too so don't go so hard on that anon kek, it's not all one person

No. 1616685

we’re manifesting(sage your shit)

No. 1616688

File: 1660578413085.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1747, 3B3D7653-A35F-4176-B321-3051B5…)

“Not just the feet” you should be proud Shay

No. 1616689

File: 1660578463330.jpeg (811.74 KB, 1170x1518, 7EFB3ACB-1E8D-4178-B5C5-F9736C…)

And now she’ll be back home complaining about how much she hates her life

No. 1616690

File: 1660578523527.jpeg (164.75 KB, 908x2016, E6E547B7-CAEA-49F6-B92D-486872…)

No. 1616691

File: 1660578575667.jpeg (575.69 KB, 1536x2048, 59DF45B1-FA0C-45C6-99BD-39EAA5…)

I can’t with the texture of her face in this

No. 1616693

File: 1660578672482.jpeg (532.91 KB, 1536x2048, 5CAF2479-085E-4395-B187-574237…)

No. 1616695

filthy smelly helldumpster with a step and repeat

No. 1616696

Why is this other woman dressed like a Party City saloon girl in all of their photos?

No. 1616699

all of these e-whores are showing their teeth way to often for people who apparently never fucking brushing them. anyway back to big shaynus, when does this fat hog learn about the bimbofying properties of lip balm? there have never been drier lips on someone who makes money with them. there's porn entirely dedicated to the lips and mouth, does this bitch not know? she´s so bad at being a dollar tree tier whore

No. 1616700

Genuinely what is going on with the girl on the left's teeth. They look shriveled.

No. 1616716

File: 1660580192021.jpeg (490.39 KB, 828x1321, 6F8C4E6E-7BF3-49B9-86C1-EE841D…)

No. 1616717

She has to be awkwardly clopping around in those like a horse, they look loose kek

No. 1616725

the way she wears the skirt is the least possible flattering place for her body

No. 1616729

I mean of course I can’t be 100% certain from a picture but it looks close enough that I’d be willing to bet money on it. Knowing Shay’s shitty diet of sugar + alcohol (which feeds candida) and the way it’s small bumps clustered together all in the same stage of development. Plus, having an overgrowth of yeast in other parts of your body makes you more prone for it to appear on your skin.

I’m not going to post about it anymore as I don’t want to move the thread too off topic if you don’t believe me feel free to do an image search and see for yourself. Take care of your skin, ladies!

No. 1616737

I mean shay definitely smaller than the woman in this picture, but it does put her weight into perspective. Shay definitely looks like she wears a size 10, which is definitely a little chubby for a woman who isn't tall.

No. 1616738

Its hard to say. I think we'll see her high off the attention and just getting out and doing something for a weekend. I forsee a "it was so nice to meet other kinksters that were so fun and accepting and it was like so different from the online sex work community" tweet. Tons of thirsting after the black dudes she met. A bunch of "I miss fetcon" and "I wanna do a ___ shoot so bad" type of posts. She'll be like that for a week or 2 while saying she's "recovering from the trip" so she can't make content or cam rn.
But by next month the glow of it will wear off and she'll be depressed as shit as that truly was the highlight of experience and social outing of her entire year definitely and honestly in years in general. She hasn't done anything besides dinners and drinking with a couple people she's not attracted to but needs to use for company or otherwise in years. I think she's gone to clubs a couple times and the aquarium. The low tier few shoots she did. Like really think about her life since she's been in her 20s and you'll see why this con is a huge deal and that's so pathetic lol.

No. 1616743

File: 1660582012975.jpeg (271.75 KB, 1170x634, 8530FF16-1242-4674-B449-22A68E…)

No. 1616744

Shay definitely looks excited around all these normal looking black men who are close to her own age. I'm looking forward to the snowbunny saga where shay starts listening to black music and starts acting like a fake black chick and goes out to get a black 'daddy'. It will just be hilarious to watch all her racist incel coomers seethe.

No. 1616745

You know she’s only into tattooed white “goth” guys though, just look at the men she thirst follows. It would be funny to see her fake it though and end up with a man she’s not attracted to

No. 1616746


some of y'all are truly on the spectrum

No. 1616749

Terrifying. What unfortunate bone structure, she looks like someone made the troll face out of plasticine

funny how cannabinoid hyperemesis doesn't seem to affect her any more.

No. 1616754

Then she'll actually go viral because the internet loves to pick at below average women like Shayna doing shit like that, plus the audience for Black male sex workers is totally different then the woke weirdos she surround herself with. She'll get roasted,called ugly,flat assed and a pedo. At best Shayna will orbit these dudes,she'll think their flirting means they 100% really want to be with her. Messing with with black man wouldn't convince them she's not "racists" it'll just bring a whole nother groups attention to Shayna.

No. 1616762

You need 3 alcoholic drinks… To cope with being so ugly and crusty? Or because this experience was the highlight of your adult life and you need to drown your sadness to be leaving and going back to your shitty real life?

No. 1616763

Both their skin textures are creeping me out. Big Shaynus and POC Shaynus

No. 1616765

I’m manifesting that you sage newfag e whore

No. 1616770

File: 1660584041497.jpeg (56 KB, 1162x371, 8C4369B3-1248-4FAA-90C1-81EC24…)

I can always find the grains of truth in a Shay tweet. Back to her fake gf and fake “dad” and zero social interaction outside of twitter.
Ehh what’s the difference? She’s not attracted to anyone she has even a modicum of sexual interaction with now on or offline. I think she’d gladly take the opportunity to flirt with someone her own age for once.

No. 1616774

Shayna is asexual I doubt she’ll have sex with them on camera unless she starts falling in love with them

No. 1616777

The slightest of tin foils but what if Big Shaynus gets disowned by her family for taking suggestive pictures with black dudes? Didn't she say her mom was republican? What if they're like really waspy northeasterners who won't disown their daughter for being a wore, but taking pictures with black dudes? Ties cut.

Okay tinfoil done.

No. 1616779

Youre retarded. I doubt they would disown her. I mean she posted pictures of her father to strangers that follow her for porn on Twitter and complains about her mother on Twitter. Basically made porn using her name Shayna Clifford. They should have disowned her long ago. She’s a leech and a deadbeat loser.

No. 1616780

Alan Turing level deciphered skills there nonniette

If she hasn't been disowned for whoring then she probably won't be disowned for black guys. At a push maybe they would disown her for attending public events because that would be really disturbing to see a family member do and then plaster on the internet with her face visible + her family can be easily traced back to

No. 1616782

They didn't disown her for pedo pandering, why would they disown her for this? I don't know Shaynas parents don't seem like bad people, the reast of their childeen turned out fine, it's Shayna and Shayna alone whose the problem. Like everyone is in college, having fun, nice looking. Then shayna, a chubby sloppy slob who dresses up like a baby, makes videos on invests about fucking her dad, mom and brother. I genuinely believe they have a idea of what she's doing with all that stuff, but love her still.

No. 1616784

Yeah no I doubt that would be their line in the sand

No. 1616786

File: 1660585026196.jpeg (878.5 KB, 1170x1544, 7EA6C173-5D06-46E3-8C0E-F387C9…)

With those dirty ass shoes

No. 1616789

File: 1660585074726.jpeg (495.73 KB, 1170x1396, CF536C0D-7B33-4D8E-8403-870374…)

No. 1616791

File: 1660585141097.jpeg (736.08 KB, 1080x2880, 7A96C343-3B55-481B-B75E-D2CD7C…)

No. 1616792

probably fluoride stains

No. 1616797


That would be the oppreshun plot of her dreams. The SW Twitter tards would be forced to use racism as an excuse to cancel her

No. 1616804

File: 1660586097554.jpeg (219.3 KB, 828x660, F9062518-650B-443A-A265-4E7025…)

Girl we saw more then enough

No. 1616805

That’s your own fault then

No. 1616814

Is she saying she's going to put those same outfits on and take more pictures at home?. Isn't ever outfit she wore old? With the same pair of shoes, hair style and crusty ass make up? The only different thing is how big the boil on her chest as the days went on. Something that confuses me about Shayna, is she takes 25 pictures clothed like she's a influencer or something. Someone with style or good looks, these coomers do not care about her "cute" outfits.

No. 1616817

File: 1660587162169.png (865.03 KB, 1079x1415, gdjgfsjgkhg.png)

No. 1616821

KEK. Surprised based nonna was not put out to pasture for this

No. 1616835

Have you ever been to the northeast, let alone outside? Even the Republican ones aren't that bad. Race mixing is seen as progressive and brave and most are in support of it. If Shaynus lived down south that's another story

No. 1616838

Kek, her pork sweats were so bad her feet slipped down in those tacky shoes

No. 1616841

what is this a monkeypox superspreader event?

No. 1616845

Again, Shayna won't get anywhere with Black male sex workers because they're going to expect her to work (i.e. have sex on camera) and not pay her to lay around and eat junk food while they rub her feet.

No. 1616846

Fucking kek. Waiting for the pedicure equivalent of her nightmarish manicures.

No. 1616847

The ass pimples, the greasy uneven foundation, the dirty ass shoes on the bed…it's all so depressing.

No. 1616856

we know she's not detail-oriented enough to take off her dirty shoes for this shoot (literally anything would have been better) but is every "photographer" she works with totally retarded? Why do none of them ask her to change her outfits appropriately or even help pose her with some stage direction? ffs just go up and manually pose/adjust her, don't just accept that this tied-up ham flopped on a bed is what you have to work with. I'm so sick of seeing this bitch get excited over her shit-tier collabs with men with cameras.

No. 1616861

i made the mistake of opening this thread while eating lunch and now im not hungry anymore

No. 1616864

Because none of these men are real photographers nonna, just horny scrotes with cameras. Be thankful they stopped jerking off long enough to focus the lens.

No. 1616875

At least the moid made her lay on her pot belly so she didn't look like an ugly man wearing a swimsuit.

No. 1616893

Idk why they had her keep her shoes on. Even her calloused feet wouldnt have been as distractingly gross.

No. 1616907

File: 1660593434070.jpeg (557.87 KB, 1170x1860, E2ACE57A-EF62-4419-8B61-6116FC…)

No. 1616913

how long do we think it'll be before she starts going apeshit about the girl in the replies making a joke? you know she's going to start accusing her of trying to 'steal' her make-believe sugar daddy. then again, maybe the high of social interaction will keep her from being a nasty bitch for once

No. 1616915

She won’t cause this person is trans. So Shay won’t want the “you’re being transphobic over a joke” argument

No. 1616928

File: 1660594969265.jpeg (475.08 KB, 1170x1519, F39B87B1-71A4-4F63-B077-C58069…)

This is going to be her new personality trait

No. 1616929

File: 1660595019579.jpeg (226.6 KB, 1170x834, 3B1B95F7-1041-4156-B8A8-29C97B…)

She is going to get so wasted while waiting

No. 1616930

File: 1660595482283.jpeg (210.82 KB, 828x674, F9ED57AD-B3C7-4AE2-B71F-A131A6…)

That’s just fucking gross and weird

No. 1616932

Bold words from a broke whore that had to beg for money to go to this one and probably mooched off that other girl too. Sad because this is the most exciting traveling she can do and really she can't actually afford it herself. Rent is coming up in a few weeks and you know she's not gonna make content or cam when she gets back. Hope she did some actual networking and booked some whore gigs at the con. I know she did a few amateur low tier shoots while there, but they probably just funded her drinking and meals while there and maybe the flight home.

No. 1616938

Also doubt. Out of all the whores and sluts and fetish bitches there she acts like she's somehow special and why? Special needs maybe. She has such awful main character syndrome. Like moid attention is gold too. If anybody complimented her genuinely or did shit like that… they didn't just do it to her.

No. 1616946

why do people bother traveling if they’re just going to bitch about the traveling part? ATL has so much to do even in just the airport itself. explore a little, retard.

No. 1616986

File: 1660599630050.jpg (1.03 MB, 1090x966, 081520221.jpg)

No. 1616990

File: 1660599774125.jpg (413.35 KB, 546x972, 2022-08-15T14-37-53.jpg)

No. 1616992

Oof imagine seeing this creature walk past your aisle seat. She belongs in Florida with her trashiness and shitty skin.

No. 1616993

Jfc she looks genuinely diseased

No. 1617003

It’s black mold

No. 1617005

full service sex work, popping pills, addicted to alcohol, open sores on her face and body - we’ve officially entered her crackhead era.

No. 1617019

She looks all burnt up I thought today was the last day and tomorrow it was over. why is she leaving so soon? too broke to stay? I don’t know why she wouldn’t take the opportunity to stay for a week.

No. 1617021

It ended yesterday

No. 1617023

Oh ok I’m retarded my point still stands though like why not stay?

No. 1617024

Pretty sure she just went for the convention

No. 1617030

I love the Atlanta airport, Shayna should go down to the “The Plane Train” level and go on all the moving sidewalks, you can walk like a full mile down there and there is lots of interesting art and exhibits. Also she should get a “dad” to pay for her to go to the XpresSpa to get a chair massage or maybe fix her hotdog nails. Also there are a lot of interesting bars but she should probably go to TGI Fridays so she can have a burger and side of onion rings and maybe a milkshake

No. 1617031

Let’s just do it here bby, what are you wearing?

No. 1617032

yeh idk nonnie, im failing to see any reason for her to stay any longer than the convention is on. why exactly would she need to stay longer and why would this somehow be better than going home? pretty sure he flew out alone.

No. 1617062

The Shaynus Diet Plan, kek!

No. 1617064

damn just ask her on a date already

No. 1617069

Why would she need to stay longer in St. Petersburg, FL?

No. 1617077

How is a see through tank with her nipples almost fully visible allowed on a flight? I've heard of people refused boarding for less.

No. 1617088

I think she probably hides it under her cardigan at points like boarding. I mean you can see the cardigan shoved on the side in her toilet photo. How hygienic!

No. 1617091

Her insistence with taking airplane bathroom selfies is kind of fascinating. Instead of projecting the image of the jet set bimbo she envisions herself as, she gets into that tiny stall with grungy old clothes that hardly count as pajamas and offers to take nudes as part of some mile high club fantasy. Her unwashed and wasted look is more suited for a hook up in a gas station bathroom. Men are stupid anyway but if she's happy with the attention she gets from men in this state, she's one desperate filthy sow.

No. 1617092

Her arms are too hammy for that dress. As is everything else about her.

No. 1617096

I’m surprised Jason R Womack hasn’t commented on anything from the weekend

No. 1617099

that angry zit in the middle of her chest

No. 1617116

It's so sad. I really thing this was and will be her highlight of the year. I'd fucking rope.

No. 1617139

File: 1660609378894.jpeg (469.88 KB, 810x1339, 11B20A5F-CBDE-4158-A3CD-07729E…)

No. 1617141

Guess she finally read the thread… Way to go yall.

No. 1617142

File: 1660609482772.jpeg (158.96 KB, 828x398, 7152AA39-5D0D-4A62-874E-B49292…)

No. 1617143

Oh but when OTHER sex workers tell people not to interact or work with you it’s “muh haters”. But this is totally fine

No. 1617144

Would be funny if Vivi did what the hog does to other people and told a few lies. There's quite a few whores that would be more than willing to believe that Shayna made racist and nazi comments when around Vivi and her boyfriend.

No. 1617153

Her bf tried getting her to suck his dick. So what, he just asked? So say no and move on. You’re meeting up with a random person online for porn and surprise surprise you got uncomfortable in a situation. So much of the drama in the sex work world revolves around throwing these accusations and warnings about each and every person. It’s pretty hilarious how they eat each other alive for stupid reasons when there are so many actual predators and groomers out there who get off on abusing women.

No. 1617157

I don’t really understand the basis of her complaint? A man verbally asking a woman for consent to suck his dick is not abusive. Awkward, sure, but very few men actually verbally request consent. Like if he continued to make moves on her and didn’t drop it, then that’s an issue. This woke crowd just wants to collect victim points. Or am I missing something?

No. 1617158

Girl is obsessed with trying to drag another whore down with her istg

No. 1617160

Oh she HAD to make a call out after getting her convention high and making more connections. (if you can call taking selfies connections.)

No. 1617161

She's doing exactly what she says the mean booly swers do to her. And its not like Vivi threatened her life, scammed her, or her bf assaulted Shaynus. Dude either shot his shot or was straight up just offering his dick for content. Yeah gross, but he's a moid and they're both whores. It's not that serious. Shat found someone "beneath" her to shit on and play victim at. Im sure the scotes she's done content with in the past were actual creeps and asked if she wanted to blow them or pressured her into scenes, but because there wasn't a girl involved it was just male attention to her and maybe she was attracted to them so she was totally fine with it.
She's not still bringing up how Soy threw her under the bus and that whole fiasco of her actually blowing him for nothing and no content and all that shit and warning people about him.

No. 1617163

Agreed, especially given the context of the conversation (they are content producers, meeting up to shoot sex work, and he asked about filming a sex thing). I mean I am sure some of the other people she does shoots with also discuss with her which actions she wants to film. Obviously Soy and Shayna discussed whether or not she would suck his dick, was that abuse too? She is nude in some of her collaborations - was it abusive for them to communicate about taking off clothes? Etc etc.

No. 1617165

she loves digging up drama that she started. always talking about how she hates when people bring up her past but now is effectively obsessing over ending Vivi. let the bitch live her life, just leave her alone Shayna. what exactly does this do for her? give her a little power trip?

No. 1617166

Also not sure what her bf has to do with the "safety" of doing content with Vivi herself? She should be dragging the moid if she was that uncomfortable by him. Unless Vivi was there like "yeah come on Shayna, suck my bfs dick it'll be great content" and pressured her… Vivi didn't actually do anything. Oh but kissed her ear in between content kek forgot that's assualt in Shaynus' book.

No. 1617169

>>1617165 She'll seethe over Vivi posting about her on here forever kek.

No. 1617170

Vivi confirmed that they had talked about what content they were going to make and then when Shayna showed up, she didn’t want to do any of it.

No. 1617171

Wait but when she does her irl sex work, the moids always end up requesting and paying her more money to do things they had not pre-negotiated. She brags about that, but it’s basically the same thing as what Vivi’s boyfriend did(or even worse imo, because of the financial bribery)?? She just didn’t like Vivi and her bf and was embarrassed to have associated herself with them.

No. 1617174

she’ll be pissed when she finds out her fetcon roomie follows Vivi, kek

No. 1617176

File: 1660611345418.jpeg (279.72 KB, 1080x2365, EC1240EF-CE27-4969-8B59-A6925B…)

I guess she thought she looked so good here she had to take another picture for twitter

No. 1617177

File: 1660611391034.jpeg (152.75 KB, 828x769, 606C2AFF-02D6-4136-920A-FE7312…)

She knows

No. 1617179


Smells like cowtipper e-whore

No. 1617180

she also claimed that Vivi kissing her on the cheek was sexual assualt.

No. 1617181

samefag, the tumblr has nothing on it and isn't even following her. Seems likely it's a cowtipper.

No. 1617185

i’ll bet anything she’s gonna lash out against her roomie now too. just wait.

No. 1617186

Wonder if Vivi is gonna go back into hiding, either way she will be back. She’s fucking useless in the real world apparently

No. 1617187

File: 1660611839698.jpg (161.11 KB, 682x745, sdfdsfsd.jpg)

No. 1617189

I feel like I'm gonna get monkey pox from these Fetishcon pictures.

No. 1617203


Cowtippers need to learn how to let big shaynus milk herself, it's getting pathetic

No. 1617204

Lol she is probably wearing the sunglasses because she looks hungover

No. 1617208

Shayna is jealous that we got Vivis back that time and that, doesnt matter what she does, she cant keep a man by her side.

No. 1617211

File: 1660613046935.jpg (72.61 KB, 800x450, perspective.jpg)

No. 1617214

Better do it now, Shaynus. At the rate you're going, you won't be able to pull the waistband of any of those skirts over your gut in a month.

No. 1617216

i got a theory that this pic >>1615442 was taken by Shaynas roommie and posted by Vivi kek

No. 1617217

File: 1660613348978.jpeg (Spoiler Image,995.21 KB, 1170x1625, 2B0F40D1-6FAF-447D-8717-5D528B…)

Her roomie is just as stupid as Shay

No. 1617219

And then we’ll have Shay going off on a black girl. Twitter will love it

No. 1617220

Ok but she’s not Shay, post her in the e-whore thread

No. 1617227

I mean, it is fucked up in context. If shayna wasn't going there to film content and Vivi didn't allude to her BF being involved, then yes, a stranger scrote asking you to suck his dick is weird. Sexual harassment. But in this case it's not. If all that happened is this scrote asked for it and she said no, that's not abuse or weird with context.
Also, isn't shayna against call outs? Or only when it's her? I really hate how much bullshir Shay gets away with. Literally can talk about wanting to fuck people related to her while dressed like a baby, but still has a well off amily willing to bail her out. It's lie she faces no true consequences.

No. 1617228

there's no way she didn't send this to herself

No. 1617229

Yeah there is something suspicious about this picture since there is no context where it was found.

No. 1617235

I have scoured twitter and Instagram for it, no idea where the fuck it came from

No. 1617237

File: 1660615015895.jpeg (212.48 KB, 1162x994, 0CCCE4A5-A047-4E39-A243-8C9CD4…)

Okay old milk but I was refreshing my memory on this drama and noticed that Vivi accidentally texted “sage” instead of “safe” to Shayna kek.

No. 1617239

Tbh from the quality of the image it looks like a zoomed in shot from the background of someone else's photo, someone unrelated to her because they probably wouldn't have posted an unflattering picture like that.

No. 1617240

sooo she's not even sitting at the bar drinking? She's just sitting outside her gate with 4h to go… loser

No. 1617247

I met her April 20th of this year and it was horrific. She was rude, not classy and she lost a long time Dolly Mattel fan that day. I walked into the convention and say hello she replies with "heil hitler" and I shook it off because I thought maybe I had heard her wrong. As I approached her and asked to lick her ear she stared at me blank faced. I continued talking "you saved my life" I say. "You're the reason I do ageplay porn". She looks me dead in the eye and says "you'll die soon enough, jewess" and then whispered "kike". I started crying I had never felt pain like this and she started laughing and said "are you crying? Stop it. Stop it now" and she flicked my vagina. My boyfriend took the picture and I headed out of the convention and that's when Shayna started speaking hebrew to me. I still can't believe this happened. I cried writing this. I wish this weren't true but Dolly Mattel is in fact; a nazi. Thank you for reading this. And if you don't believe me ask @/prin666cess she was there with me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1617250

You had me in the first two sentences anon

No. 1617251

Kys tard

No. 1617257

Kek nonnie i love you

No. 1617258

Because it’s less depressing than being in her Renton prison cell with Ellen Degenerate. She could have booked more shoots and got her bag. And just pay to have her pets taken care of for a few more days. But nah she’s a retard. She already ruined her reputation might as well try and hustle for money so she has something to show for it.

No. 1617262

Delete it, fat

No. 1617267

Yep the surest sign of a farmer is fucking autocorrect, can speak from experience
Don't listen to other anons please, this is so funny and should never be deleted kek

No. 1617274

Shayna made this empty account to publicly warn herself to cover up her tracks after she read the thread. I don't see a cowtipper making a legit looking name and pfp that just so happens to match her aesthetic just to send a 1 time message. Would've been more believable if it was over Twitter but that'd also be more obvious since the date you join is shown and the empty activity would be even more sus. Couldn't have been any more obvious with this one.

No. 1617278

File: 1660618210014.jpeg (553.49 KB, 828x1184, 872BB805-E3F7-4D25-9B3F-AFA81C…)

No. 1617285

i know it's highly ironic since i'm commenting in a thread dedicated to her but like… let it go

No. 1617289

Kek found the e whore lurking!

No. 1617290

Kek, this is autistic but genuinely funny

No. 1617291

White people using white as an insult is so pathetic.

No. 1617293

So she just left poor Ellen all alone this whole time?

No. 1617301

She admitted to being a farmer, so that's no surprise.

It's been awhile since the Vivi saga so maybe I'm remembering wrong, but I thought Vivi said Shayna DID agree to shoot boy/girl content and then changed her mind when she got there? Which is obviously her prerogative, but I don't think merely asking her to do content she agreed to counts as "abuse" or "harassment." It honestly seemed like Shayna flew out to get drunk/high and party with them and got annoyed when they expected her to do actual sex work, which is a constant habit for her.

No. 1617308

White people who say 'yt' are so cringe. As if this same insult can't be said about you ("b-b-but I'm nonbinary!").

No. 1617309

Big Shaynus pimp saga
Those bathrooms fucking stink, also she shoved her sweater onto that nasty counter.
Great way to get kidnapped and murdered. Idiot
keksimus maximus

No. 1617312

File: 1660621190823.jpeg (231.91 KB, 1120x380, 9D69F83D-861D-4E6D-8E69-596BFF…)

(This was when Vivi was pretending to be a “friend of Vivi”). I couldn’t find any actual receipts of Shayna agreeing to work with the boyfriend though, so who knows

No. 1617321

File: 1660622171327.jpeg (599.59 KB, 828x1123, A4F5D81C-243A-4D23-90B8-3E1FD6…)

No. 1617334

I mean cowtipper or not it's true that girl she's been hanging out with at fetcon follows her lmao.
Maybe she's a farmer herself.

No. 1617350

Her voice sounds so… different than what one might expect.

No. 1617351

Why is her face all scratched up on those pics? Yikes she looks like a feral meth head

No. 1617355

File: 1660626587243.jpeg (114.09 KB, 827x1054, 4FA08815-784D-4EA2-8663-9A280E…)

It was whichever whore has a Samsung Galaxy S22. Whoever took it posted it

No. 1617365

File: 1660627677671.jpeg (694.11 KB, 722x1206, B42DF030-466A-4B5E-A6D4-EC3D97…)

I’m starting to buy this tinfoil

No. 1617368

keeeek no way.

No. 1617371

Iirc she didnt even mention boarding Noodle or her pets this time? Maybe Ellen was able to watch them.

No. 1617375

File: 1660628211109.jpeg (249.41 KB, 828x1952, 2C9E8D9A-75DD-4ED0-8BD8-AA37B3…)

Yeah Ellen was at home sick being a fucking weirdo and begging for Uber eats

No. 1617378

God sometimes I think Shaynus is the most embarrassing nobody ewhore who ebegs for everything and thinks she deserves it just for existing. Tweeting every little personal thing to an empty void. But at least Shaynus has old incest pedo and jason womack and a couple other coomer creeps that occasionally comment and like her posts and send her 20 bucks. Then there's even bigger (literally) fuggo losers like Ellen that can't even get that but don't ever seem to get a clue so they continue their internet panhandling and clownery.

No. 1617381

For those who theorized that Ellen lives in the apartment with Shayna, this doesn’t look like Shayna’s bathroom. Doubt she would travel to her parents for a bath

No. 1617384

Plus if she did Shaynus presumably wouldn’t have had to put the animals in a boarding kennel while she was in Ireland

No. 1617385

As much as I’d like that milk, it’s possible this girl took the picture without any malicious intent. For example someone asks her “what are you doing?” and she responds with a picture. Idk. There’s a million scenarios

No. 1617387

its just strange that no one can find the context for the photo, OP pls respond who the fuck took this

No. 1617390

Also idk why that girl would go through the trouble of taking that picture and posting it here. It’s not particularly milky (sure, it isn’t flattering, but it’s a candid and she’s not looking. Shay’s own pictures are worse and show her size more.) I do agree that this picture being posted is highly suspicious, though.

No. 1617392

File: 1660629942897.jpeg (957.41 KB, 1060x2224, 71C4440F-8D0F-4697-B855-6DE81E…)

My tinfoil is it was this girl bc another picture taken from her phone was posted without context at the same time

No. 1617393

This is the exact shit that's going to get sex workers bringing up the nazi shit yet again. Good job, Shay. She just can't resist throwing stones in glass houses, huh.

No. 1617397

Good, more milk for us

No. 1617402

File: 1660631301707.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1153x1637, 2BE15278-8E88-46F4-9C8B-05E2C9…)

No. 1617410

>we got Vivis back
Who is “we”? No one “had her back”, farmers just wanted milk.

No. 1617414

Doesn’t look like a zoomed in on the background picture so yeah. Ehwore who lurketh come forward.

No. 1617426

There are the same type of trees in both pictures. And the blanket Shat and the girl are on is the same from both pictures.

No. 1617429

Kek I got covid from not wearing a mask at this airport very recently good luck Shat

No. 1617439

Idk the blanket looks blue checkered. I don’t see that in the group picture

No. 1617448

I love this level of autism in the photo sleuthing
Is this the same sort of phone the picture was taken with?

No. 1617449

I think so. The three circle things by the camera looks like a galaxy phone, but I don’t know if it is specifically the “galaxy 22” referenced before

No. 1617460

Oh, this is just too good.

No. 1617469

Yeah Shaynus is going to have even less time for drippy sadsack Ellen, at least not until she comes down from the high of being hot shit at the coomer freaks convention and making new black friends kek

No. 1617471

I can hear mama june screaming for honey booboo in this one

No. 1617473

What I don't understand about kink people in general is that they all, regardless of whether or not they're a sexworker, constantly call eachother out on social media for being abusers or pedophiles and then either immediately start pedo pandering or gushing about their abusive pedophile boyfriends who are fucking them up but "oh guyyys it's just a fantasy". The actual state of people who are kinky

No. 1617490

Kek what does that even mean anon

No. 1617537

actual pig's trotters kek

No. 1617538

not much else to say that hasn't been said yet besides what a vindictive piece of shit she is. her personality is uglier than any weight gain or alcoholic bloat or bad hygiene made her.

No. 1617539

the mental illness is exuding from this picture. can this bitch spill the milk or what?

No. 1617554

ok nobody called anybody white here

No. 1617558

It's on the screenshot.

No. 1617559

Personal tinfoil that floriwhore anon actually did go to the con, just realized how easily she could be identified, especially when anons started posting pics of con-goers and tried to backpedal by loudly proclaiming she didn't go to avoid being pinpointed by both Shayna and us.

No. 1617562

Allow me to huddle under that tinfoil with you, nona

No. 1617578

File: 1660651646423.jpeg (690.09 KB, 1170x1860, 3B96ABFE-DE65-4F44-A9F5-B756F8…)

No. 1617580

She could even be someone directly tied to Shayna through the con. I have a feeling with the way she was claiming to be better than attending - she did to avoid getting caught

No. 1617588

Imagine always having to wonder if the people friendly to your face are just getting close to you so they can post unflattering candids on boards pretending to be better than you

No. 1617589

If she wasn’t a shitty person she wouldn’t be around people just as morally corrupt as her. She deserves it for being a colossal bitch to any woman who gets close to her.

No. 1617601

i hope she is miserable about that every day, shatna deserves it kek

No. 1617603

Her rancid personality truly is the ugliest thing about her. The way she tries to market herself as this uwu bubbly (sidenote but fuck that word, it alone makes me want to a-log) bimbo is laughable. Her repulsive behaviour is well documented, anyone who associates with her knowing how much of a piece of shit she is gets what they deserve. Vivi is a farmer for fuck’s sake and she still not only agreed to “collab” but paid for Shaynus to fly to wherever she is. These whores all deserve each other

No. 1617634

Exactly? These ewhores don’t understand them being ugly isn’t why they’re posted here. That’s just a side note for their BPD/narcissism. They can’t fathom that it’s their vile behaviour that makes them a cow

No. 1617658

File: 1660658628346.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x1726, 7375FDC1-3D61-476E-BB02-76ABE8…)


No. 1617682

>she built her whole brand on racism
These people are so unhinged. Besides the 3edgy5u nazi joke when has big shungus ever said anything racist? These retards believe literally anything, I don’t know how they can claim they have proof when there is no proof to be had.

No. 1617684

to be fair it's not proof of anything that she's taken pictures with black people. there are pictures with hitler and jews on it too

No. 1617687

AFAIK she made two jokes in reply to stupid asks on tumblr. Shaynus has done a lot of things, but building her brand on antisemitism is a reach so big that this bitch should take up boxing.

No. 1617712

They're still upset that she made a video wearing a MAGA hat and fucking a black dildo

No. 1617714

>built her whole brand on anti-semitism
Kek it’s like a meme at this point.

That degen pointing out all the photos of her with black people saying “see?! She’s totally not a nazi or racist!” Makes it really look like shat took photos with them to prove she’s not racist to Twitter tards.

No. 1617722

Lmao never seen Shayna actually say or do anything deliberately racist. Cape for trannies? Absolutely. Bash women on a daily basis? You bet. Defend pedos to maintain a semblance of a livelihood? Oh, yes. But these dweebs following her around calling her a nazi are high if they think Shayna’s got any sort of white power brand kek. I am honestly suspicious of anyone in the last thread who posted “can’t wait to see how twitter reacts to her rooming w a black girl!!!11!one” because it stinks of these idiots lurking the boards waiting for her to do something inflammatory.

No. 1617737

kek. Imagine being so bad at your not a real job that you become jealous of Shayna (at least that's what it looks like to me).

No. 1617741

Her hat said fuck trump

No. 1617750

These freaks are actually deranged, idk who tf they function in the real world on a day to day basis.

No. 1617768

They can't function in the real world, that's why they're begging for pennies on Twitter.

No. 1617772

i will never understand that we all hate Shayna to the core here, but yall hating on her haters too lmao why are we better? i dont care if shes being called out for shit she said 6 years ago, put that name on the floor. make her go on rants and watch her going down. you know shes miserable for these things, shes going to a fucking fetcon to make some sw friends to retweet her shit, nobody wants to do anything to do with her online. so again, im glad people throwing stones at her even when theyre no better just because it makes Shayna miserable.

No. 1617774

Because it's for tard reasons, muh nazi because she made a spergy joke 50 years ago and not for her paedophilia fetish and degrading misogyny.

No. 1617778

We hate her “haters” because they’re also degenerates who are calling her an anti semite and a “literal nazi” when she’s just an idiot and a massive pick me.

Go back to Twitter begging for pennies.

No. 1617782


I can see it. She wouldn't stop talking about how it was too degenerate ~even for her~. Betcha anything she went, found big shaynus and pretended to be a girl-power-feminist-yet-NLOG sexworker bestie to get pictures and "milk" on big shaynus.

No. 1617786

We're not pedopandering Twitter sex workers. Except for the ones that are and feel called out whenever someone mentions how much of a failed abortion you actually need to be to think it's okay to simulate childhood sexual abuse for coombucks/ ~healing my truaaamaa~. Simple, really.

No. 1617792

>why are we better
Fuck off whore, other than the lurking whores in this thread most of us aren't selling ourselves for pennies, some of us can actually wake up every morning and go to our job and be productive, not having to beg for pocket change and pedo pander on twitter.

No. 1617805

so we are better because we get to work, i got that, but we hating the same bitch kek so i dont know why yall so butthurt about the nazi shit kek just let them be and move on.

No. 1617815

You speak like a black woman, so I can understand why this concept might hard for you to understand, sorry nonnie!(racebait)

No. 1617817

File: 1660669357481.jpeg (334.8 KB, 828x857, 541067EF-78C6-44C2-9E72-C5674A…)

No. 1617821

File: 1660669533272.jpeg (385.58 KB, 1080x1517, A32F7187-53BD-4DCB-944E-DCEFF5…)

The fuck is this

No. 1617826


We're "better" because we're not failing sex workers calling her out for imagined racism, don't act obtuse. The e-whores also pander to degenerates who rape their biological daughters, so they can't call shaynus out on that. Its pathetic that they're clinging on to "racism" to call out someone who, at the end of the day out earns them (sadly enough because Shayna is a broke loser herself). But I also find it funny when they call her out because of how mad she gets, so in the end who really cares as long as the cow get milked.


What did you mean by this? Are you implying that she's an ESL black person or…

No. 1617828

>prom theme
Well we all know what dress she’s going to wear.

You’re mad because we’re calling you out for your extreme retardation. Yea, we’re better than you. Sorry.

No. 1617829

File: 1660670104949.jpg (730.24 KB, 1080x1732, 56456564.jpg)

I hope this farmer actually gives her receipts

No. 1617852

As it's been said before,
Unfortunately you won't get anywhere with the retarded twittwhores because Shaynus' pro- pedo and misogynistic beliefs and comments are shared among them.
And things like Mick Slack being an actual incest right wing creep have reciepts too hard for their porn rotten, uneducated brains to follow and understand to share.
Her scams, disgusting takes, shitty behavior, etc are documented here and some may still be on her twitter, but its not on one neat little easily found and saved screenshot thats been passed around for years now… so there will never be anything else.

No. 1617853

They’re too afraid to expose themselves as farmers too when all their shit obviously comes from lolcow. This Katrina one is for sure a farmer, retweeted both Vivi and Shayna’s roomie Sophia in the past couple days after they came up on the thread but has never interacted with either before now. No way she’s gonna follow through and get called out for using evil transphobic lolcow

No. 1617877

File: 1660673238331.jpeg (651.53 KB, 1170x1604, 5C7C7A60-8FBB-4DB7-9AB0-3DF17D…)

No. 1617879

File: 1660673290154.jpg (739.25 KB, 972x2134, Screenshot_20220816-130840_Twi…)

No. 1617884

File: 1660673686516.jpeg (910.62 KB, 1170x1704, A22932B2-4DEF-4324-B0EC-568407…)

Finally. Something that fits

No. 1617896

File: 1660674524839.jpeg (Spoiler Image,786.42 KB, 1170x1623, 6A53640E-21EE-4C73-80FC-CACE0F…)

And we all know Shay didn’t spank or touch the other girl

No. 1617924

Whoreanon here! I promise you I really didn't go. If I did I'd have gotten better milk than one candid pic. I stopped talking about it cuz farmers told me to stfu if I wasn't bringing milk, which is fair.

Though now I am curious about who took/posted that pic. Obvs there's another e-whore farmer who did actually go & I wanna know more!

No. 1617928

There was that other farmer who said she was going with her coworkers, wonder if it was her

No. 1617930

Kek not to infight but you kind of act like a guilty dog.

No. 1617936

Texas anon here! I want to get live tea of shayna if she goes to this, but I am not a sex worker / degenerate lol. Do yall think its possible to attend but blend in and not actually have to participate in any of the event?

No. 1617938

only if you're planning on getting spanked by weridos, it seems like its for the girls that work with that AAA Spanking studio who do the stictmore shoots

No. 1617939

You all need to stop asking us if you should uwu totally go. You won’t and we don’t care. It’s poop touching and you don’t touch the poop.

No. 1617941

That's what I was thinking. I'll just watch and see if she gets brunch / mimosas somewhere nearby on snap.

No. 1617945

File: 1660679120413.jpeg (493.4 KB, 1170x1298, C80E51C8-9E16-4709-A951-E69774…)

Well if you weren’t such a bitch and hated women, you could do that every day

No. 1617951

What will she cosplay? Slut Barbie?

I doubt she’ll even get the crowd funding to go to this event. At some point her coroners aren’t gonna pay for her to take 2 day trips everywhere.

No. 1617962

Hey, you can believe me or not! The fact is I wasn't there, so I have nothing to worry about.

No. 1617970

She could if she stopped being holed up in her hovel shoving food down her pie hole. Maybe instead of shitty Amazon clothes and plastic shit she should get a psychiatrist to help her out with her crippling depression caused by being a fucking pedopandering degenerate.

No. 1617990

Just get a fucking job lol. You will be able to walk around and “network”. She’s such a sheltered loser

No. 1617994

That’s the crux of it, really. She’s a bored shut-in with no connection to the outer world. It’s not the stupid degen convention that made her so happy, it’s the she’s so out of touch and such a NEET this is the first time she’s been out of her house speaking to living people who aren’t her caretakers in ages. She really is like somebody’s overfed indoor pet.

No. 1617996

They both look so bored and unaroused jfc

No. 1617998

>it stinks of these idiots lurking the boards waiting for her to do something inflammatory.
Uhh… isn't that the whole point of lolcow? If a cow isn't doing something inflammatory and having a meltdown, where's the entertainment? kek
That's the main reason why I honestly don't mind when the sw'ers call her out for the nazi shit since she always spergs out in the end (inb4 retard thinks I'm endorsing cowtipping or whatever)

No. 1618000


Don't forget crusty. I can smell this image.


It sounds to me like she misses having a reason to do makeup, wear something that isn't a crop top three sizes too small and interacting with people her age in person. If she went to college, she'd have all of this and more.

No. 1618021

File: 1660686769464.jpeg (197.93 KB, 1284x614, E9F8F682-422B-4FC8-A24E-DADB03…)

this almost makes me feel bad. $5 for thousands of nude photos and hundreds of nude explicit vids. it really shows how she views herself, as cheap and disposable. at least decent whores make exclusive content, pay per view content, and frequently delete or archive old pics to keep it fresh. Shayna is so fucking bad at this after 6 years.

No. 1618028

Realistically, how badly can all this impact Shayna's future? If police did a background check for whatever reason would the diapershit be considered suspicious? Do employers still care if they Google their applicants name and find an OnlyFans? Imo that in the very least her chances of finding a solid stable relationship with a normal person is pretty much ruined so that's marked out

No. 1618038

There have been stories of people getting fired because their employer found out they had an OnlyFans. And she's used her real name like a retard so unless she changes her legal name or applies for a fast food place, it will most likely impact her chance of employment.

No. 1618045

I knew flwhorida anon wouldn't be able to resist. Gain some self preservation instincts girl I beg you.

No. 1618046

Way for these whores to call themselves out for not actually caring about the shit she does now, just old posts from a literal half decade ago. They absolutely lurk and post here, so they 100% do see all her other shit, they just don't take those posts because they'll be called out for being hypocrites since they all do the exact same thing.

No. 1618053

NTA but when did Shayna ever use her real name as a "sex worker"? I know she's gone by shaygnar in her tumblr days, and several iterations of dumdolly thereafter, but I can't recall a time that she's ever used her real name for "sex work" for an extensive period of time, unless she accidentally let it slip once; I think she's only ever used the porn name Dolly Mattel. I do remember maybe a year or two ago when she was getting angry over something and she accused lolcow (not by name) of doxxing her by revealing her actual name. In any case, the lolcow link is on the first (or one of the first) page of Google when you type in "Shayna Clifford" so it wouldn't even matter if she once let her actual name slip up on Twitter since she's got 100+ threads on here.

No. 1618054

It's possible but I don't know if it's those girls, why would you post here when you could post on Twitter as a friendly post and anons would find it? Instead of outing yourself and identity.

No. 1618055

she had let people know her real name before she started sex work, and then used the exact same tumblr where her real name was exposed when she started sex work. and then she tried to claim people dug up her personal info when she literally let people know all of that stuff because she thought she would be famous.

No. 1618060

File: 1660692380642.jpeg (Spoiler Image,958.69 KB, 1242x1391, 1C9A4D95-74B4-446F-9B4E-539223…)

She looks retarded lmao

No. 1618068

it looks like she’s missing a finger on her goblin hand.

No. 1618075

File: 1660693744312.jpeg (225.5 KB, 1242x825, 9C4FCA1E-A8A3-4AAD-B1E6-649857…)

Looking like squid ward forehead lines big nose and all

No. 1618080

be real with yourself nonnie. shayna will -never- been in a job or career thats cares about her onlyfans past. she’s actually mentally stunted in incapable of holding even the most basic of jobs. even when she ages out she’ll even chug along surviving on a third of what she makes now or she’ll settle down with a OkieTwister type and pop out kids.

No. 1618083

where the fuck is her finger!!

No. 1618085

is it just me or does her head look weirdly small?

No. 1618106

Lmao what the fuck. 3 finger Mattel over here.
She has the skin tone of a Simpsons character but this is going too far.

No. 1618107

She tries to edit her face thinner sometimes and ends up looking like she's got a shrunken head.

No. 1618111

Her pinky is tucked behind the base of the dildo, chill lmao.

No. 1618127

this bitch needs 2 go get a job

No. 1618132

File: 1660699179266.jpg (79.11 KB, 899x505, EMTZMbZDImIwBXF-1600x900-noPad…)

No. 1618137

Yeah, and how many of those "followers" are real? We saw your fat ass at retardcon…you don't look like this!

No. 1618140

> Yea, we’re better than you. Sorry.
kek this is the most retarded shit I have ever read on this stupid site, congrats on reaching peak autism

No. 1618144

My god you bitches are like cockroaches. Fucking whores ITT can’t even deliver any milk but love to run their mouth. Shayna is objective better than you because she’s endless entertainment, you on the other hand invade spaces you’re not welcomed to like trannies and STDs.

No. 1618146

File: 1660700587795.jpeg (384.98 KB, 1824x1557, 8F8751F6-AB95-4E24-802B-850A4F…)

she looks just like The Situation from Jersey Shore. Uncanny.

No. 1618148

But it's funny anon.

But also what a weird way to hold something.

No. 1618153

spoiler this, i feel sick

No. 1618156

File: 1660702559882.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1227x1415, 5AEE46CF-D5E4-45DC-9904-0CF024…)

This made me audibly wheeze. She’s so damn ugly she has the same smirk as the situation

No. 1618158

File: 1660702816560.jpeg (123.36 KB, 1169x1169, 0BFCD217-BE78-4F59-ACED-6B9DCB…)

No. 1618162

It truly baffles me that she’s been at this foolery for so many years and still doesn’t know how to edit herself. She’s not Vicky Shingles tier but it’s still abysmal
I was going to say the same thing, she’s never going to get a job, she’ll keep making pennies from coomers until she shacks up with a literal retard who is okay with her being a useless NEET

No. 1618177

She legitimately looks like if the situation had trooned out. I'm in awe nonny.

No. 1618181

File: 1660705336505.png (381.63 KB, 710x599, Sin título.png)

the same

No. 1618191

you are so useless kek

No. 1618194

If you hold down the shift key in Photoshop when using the transform tool it will keep the aspect ratio.

No. 1618198

File: 1660708619920.jpg (86.55 KB, 919x784, the shaytuation.jpg)

Wow Shayna looked so good on the red carpet at fetcon!! So stunning and brave!

No. 1618201

File: 1660709152057.jpeg (203.32 KB, 1083x1773, ADC7A243-1EFA-4C43-9A8F-FECB9E…)

sage for autism

No. 1618202

She'd make a cute dyke ngl

No. 1618203

top fucking kek

No. 1618207

File: 1660709968724.jpeg (31.66 KB, 350x387, 68F7D46D-1B3D-4014-A578-20F93A…)

I can’t with this thread sometimes kek

No. 1618211

File: 1660710355668.jpeg (357.82 KB, 1080x2282, 7FBDFEA4-2B9B-4333-8C34-F6A2B6…)

No. 1618213

I hate her mouth

No. 1618216

the only difference is that big Shaynus would never gym, tan, or laundry

No. 1618218

Ironically those 3 things would help her so much

No. 1618221

All the peplum does is accentuate her gunt

No. 1618225

She looks like a teacup short and stout. This is a photo you’d find in your camera roll after being hammered out of your mind that you instantly delete because it’s so grim.

No. 1618239

Lmao, what did the Situation do to deserve this slander??

No. 1618243

Yeah sure let's make her already aging skin even worse. Listen to yourselves kek

No. 1618244

I thought someone edited this to make her fatter at first but nope. what’s her deal with never wearing straps on her shoulders?

No. 1618247

She keeps getting wider.

No. 1618251

Tanning is for degenerates so it would suit her
She’s fucking huge, I can’t tell if it’s just the unflattering outfit or if she’s even bigger now than she was in Oklahoma

No. 1618256

this should be the next thread pic kek

No. 1618260

Gdi fucking NO shes never a cute anything. Just imagining her demon nails inside me is giving me a vaginismus.

No. 1618265

the situation in the Miami season was some good milk, the shaytuation just being in Florida fits hand in hand

No. 1618303

No. 1618305

Fucking kek this is spot on

No. 1618335

I also remember when nazi used to actually mean something kek

No. 1618351

why is there literally grandmas as performers?

No. 1618373

Because there’s no age limit on degeneracy

No. 1618386

like half of the "performers" look like trannies

No. 1618403

I noticed the same thing about Fetcon kek. All these degenerate conventions are crawling with trannies. Are we surprised? Shay probably loves it, though, since she hates women.

No. 1618410

I can't envision Shay ever being a parent. I mean she is only 25 right now but I see her actively avoiding that type of responsibility well into the future. I still think she will end up working in a cheap liquor store with some neckbeard boss and she will die an alcoholic.

No. 1618418

Oh ew I just realized the old lady and Ella Raine are both people she worked with on that academy shit. One of them probably told her about the event.

No. 1618420

Yeah the “Fuck Trump” part always seems to be left out, I don’t know why.

No. 1618422

Either that or she will move back in with her parents and become a NEET munchie. She will have depression and will probably self diagnose with something like ADHD or autism. I can't see her ever finding a long lasting relationship even. It seems like after she got with Fupa she's actively avoiding that sort of closeness with anyone and I don't see that as something that will change any time soon. I think she knows on a deeper level that she can't handle a committed relationship or any type of intensity within a relationship. I mean it's not that difficult to find another fupa, but instead she ends up in poly relationships that have no commitment or intensity.

No. 1618444

She was already emotionally retarded but I think Fupaul’s behaviour fucked her up even more. She’s a piece of shit but the whole keeping her a secret thing and whatever else probably did a fair bit of damage to her self esteem
These absolute speds have been trying to cancel Shay on the basis of muh racism for fucking years, a couple of obvious edgelord jokes about Hitler and “fuck Trump” somehow equate to ebil nazi racist, it’s not just a reach it’s a full dismemberment. The way woke fucktards on the internet throw around accusations of nazism without thinking about what the word actually means pisses me off.

No. 1618451

the only time they care about “nazism” is if its a means to blast competition in their line of work. sadly these whores fail to realize the men they are fighting over are racists, pedos and degenerates themselves. shayna still regularly interacts with that exposed daughter fucker. why not blast that? oh cause he’s paying you too? interesting…

No. 1618455

Because the twitterfags she beefs with can't read

No. 1618459

Fucking exactly, they can’t “call her out” for the genuinely fucked up shit she says and does like pretending to be a raped baby for shekels and shekels being provided by incestuous pedos because they do the exact same thing. I know we joke about Shayna Luther King but onlyfats retards like Puppikumma and Soy (especially Soy, because he’s a moid) and Tenshii are even worse than Shat with the keyboard warrior perpetual victim fuckery

No. 1618476

That shirt makes her look so wide and her feet are red

No. 1618524

why is she so averse to properly fitting clothes? her body is being squeezed to death in too tight clothing while her feet are slipping out of too large shoes

No. 1618528

I think it’s interesting that anons itt will shit on Big Shaynus but get offended on her behalf over the nazi stuff. I think it’s all hilarious, I think it’s very funny that her career is floundering because of stupid innocuous shit she said years ago & it’s funny that no one wants anything to do with her, even if it’s for an objectively retarded reason. Quit taking the milk so personally kek

No. 1618533

Her thighs have blown up. In fact the shorts are choking them to death. She's morphing into lumpy pearchan Ellen. They do say when you spend a lot of time with someone you start to look like them.

No. 1618536

Nobody is taking the milk personally though. It's okay, anon, reading comprehension is difficult to grasp when you're in highschool.
Have fun.

No. 1618563

It's so annoying that those are adjustable straps and she is just choosing to wear them like a retard and accentuate her massive arms.
But that whole top makes her look huge. She looks like a cupcake or something but in a really bad way

No. 1618585

The people lazily stealing supposed nazi screenshots from her 5 year old thread (which themselves were 5 years old at the time of posting) are Shayna’s dumb, fellow pedo-pandering twitter whore colleagues. They pollute the threads and out themselves and never learn to sage. Better to receive no milk for a few days than to validate soy milk and invite these people here.

No. 1618587

wow a whore speaking a bit of sense. shocking.

No. 1618606

File: 1660760055394.jpeg (579.03 KB, 1170x1523, 84FF5768-8C7C-4F31-8701-5BA3F9…)

Shay, don’t you remember what happened the last time you had an agent?

No. 1618611

She is too old and will only get the worst jobs, especially considering how she looks and acts.

No. 1618612

Newly divorced, alcoholic mother of three about to go looking for a one night stand so she can trick herself into feeling desirable for the first time in 15 years.

No. 1618616

Of course her coomers want to see her get her shit wrecked. All pornographers deserve death but I just know the only places that would take her are monsters like Facial Abuse that prey on desperate women dipping their toes in and not understanding what they’re signing up for.

No. 1618617

As depressing as "real" porn is, Shayna needs to be hit with that reality. She has spent her entire adult life loudly advocating for an industry that rapes, abuses & traffics women almost exclusively. Yet she thinks that it's all sunshine & rainbows because she herself stays safe behind her computer screen, while most other sw are experiencing frequent sexual abuse & moid violence. She is only able to be so cognitively dissonant regarding the reality of sex work because she lives in an ignorant solo-camgirl bubble.
I hope she dives right in & signs up for facialabuse or something.

No. 1618622

File: 1660761234253.jpeg (280.96 KB, 828x1680, E98F63EE-F1AE-46A3-894B-705B43…)

No. 1618625

She would never work with Facial Abuse because Vivi has in the past

No. 1618626

All she's going to do is lay on her stomach or back, make ugly faces, and "cute" comments, while some scrote slaps her in the face or the safe boob. All her b/g content will be the same as her solo content just with a different scrote.
And what is "mainstream" porn? She means just actual porn? What makes her think out of all the women. Lopsided tits, crusty lipped, flat asked "Dolly Mattel" will become famous? Even if she did do facial abuse (which she won't until years when she's almost done), she's not going to go viral or become rich. At best, she'd be in that gross incest porn shit, and she'd become a regular face. But nothing more or less.

No. 1618627

she has done work with production companies before though. before she moved in with Fupa in Oklahoma she was traveling from Seattle to Cali to do embarrassing and grim bondage porn videos. there's video and pictures in past threads. not mainstream, but more "pro" than lovinglyhandmade or whatever. i'll never forget her making out with that one fat moid and almost getting her nipple bitten off. she frequently bragged about refusing aftercare on those shoots.

No. 1618628

Remember when she did that VR porn and then complained that her “pussy was swollen shut” from the dildo? No way will she make it porn. She’d have to do anal

No. 1618630

>my dirty talk is legendary
Flashback to "uwu the wetness fairy visited me dada"

No. 1618631

>I think my fans would go crazy
>1 like

No. 1618632

Shayna, you're too old, too fat and too unprofessional for mainstream porn. Don't get me wrong, I'm not defending the disgusting industry, but we're talking about hours of work for a 20 minute scene…she doesn't have the stamina, the charisma, and of course, is too ugly. Not to mention sex repulsed. Anyway, I don't think she actually means it when she says she wants to get into mainstream pornos…

No. 1618633

She still has so many hard limits and has been a major pillow princess in the handful of times she’s interacted with another woman on screen. The men she’s interacted with have all been clothed while she just kind of stands around and no penetration takes place. No one will hire her unless she lowers her standards and enters a scene where scrotes do whatever they want to her. >>1618628 is right, they would ask her to do anal.

No. 1618634

What is with the "____ anon here" posting lately? It's annoying and reeks of attention seeking. Go and post milk or stfu.

No. 1618639

File: 1660762626106.jpg (947.77 KB, 1090x966, 081720221.jpg)

Grandma was really feeling this look last night

No. 1618640

File: 1660762673271.jpg (793.96 KB, 1090x966, 081720222.jpg)

No. 1618642

File: 1660762718366.jpg (1.04 MB, 1090x966, 0817223.jpg)

mainstream porn's next big thing everyone

No. 1618650

I can't even see her making it big in BBW porn at this point, she's too haggard and strung out looking.

No. 1618651

I don't even see attractive women take this many pictures In decent outfits. Shayna has always wanted to be the hot arm candy but will never be flaunted around as the hot pornstar girlfriend. I think Fupaul hiding her hurt the most because she probably expected him to risk his family and everything for her. She wanted to be chosen over his kids, but she never will be. As disgusting as the scrotes are that she seeks out. Shayna offers men nothing then holes to fill or flesh to slap. She doesn't enjoy any of it, and isn't "attractive " enough that scrotes will deal with her shitty ways.
I hate to talk about another woman this way but it's true.

No. 1618652

fuck me she actually looks like the wicked witch of the west in that first photo

No. 1618657

I like how she'll pull her sleeves down when her hair is down to try & hide her fat arms, but then she'll pull them back up when her hair is back to try & hide her linebacker shoulders kek

No. 1618664

File: 1660763769681.png (1017.42 KB, 1022x623, 2c509ceb1c811c4a90970c5a97a19d…)

Looks more like the witch of the waste to me, same nose!

No. 1618665

I don't watch porn so I could be wrong, but I've seen random bits of porn in pop up ads and spammed on Discord and from what I can tell a lot of porn stars are weird dumpy mid western looking girls who look like the thigh high brown boot and blonde highlight autumn aesthetic pic girls of bygone era. I think it's easy to project on them since they're so blank which is why they're appealing (or at least thays how I interpret it)

No. 1618678

I highly doubt that would stop her. Facial abuse is a big name and she would think she’s hot shit for it and totally nlog.

No. 1618696

She looks like she is completely wrecked on drugs.

No. 1618702

she has the perfect look for washed out druggie gilf porn

No. 1618719

She should really take her clothes that don't fit anymore to a goodwill or local donation box or church even. And then buy herself some that fit properly. They can fit well and still be slutty. I know this is said every time she posts outfits but she'd look better dressed and we know she doesn't wear underwear. Coochie is suffocating in those shorts and developing new strains of bacterial vaginosis.

No. 1618728

That fetcon high is good oh man

No. 1618731

She’s so high off the attention she got at fatcon that she’s actually considering going into real porn? What did these people say to her? She’s absolutely delusional. And you can tell by the horrific photos she’s posting. I’ve noticed she’s been posting more filter-less photos. She truly thinks she’s this super hot sexy bimbo. Amazing.

No. 1618757

She just needs to look what the black girls wear when they go to clubs. I live in a city with a large black population and even they are dressed good at every size.

No. 1618771

Why are busted up bitches always the most conceited, you never see actual hot/pretty women talking about themselves like this kek.

No. 1618774

It's called fake it 'till you make it but they never make it, specially shart.

No. 1618775

File: 1660774058501.jpeg (724.8 KB, 1170x1841, FBEA055D-5210-4644-BFBB-ED1B1E…)

1/2 fucking nasty

No. 1618776

File: 1660774109721.jpeg (339.14 KB, 1170x997, 432E769D-7034-462C-AEC5-437A52…)

2/2 she is really going to get herself kidnapped and or raped one day

No. 1618784

>ERPing on a public site
Do coomer moids really?

No. 1618822

bro this is so nauseating

No. 1618825

I worked at a Goodwill for a long time and knowing that myself and my employees would have to touch that shit, knowing it isn't washed before putting it on the sales floor, knowing she doesn't wear underwear, just no. Use it as some kindling and call it a day. The idea of donating is wonderful, but it really is sad how much we ended up having to throw out because of yeasty looking stains and such.

No. 1618850

She probably saw how Chloe Cherry managed to go from pro porn to being cast in that Euphoria show as a junkie and now gets to run around Hollywood going to fashion shows and doesn’t have to do porn anymore(for now)

No. 1618863

File: 1660781011597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,381.57 KB, 828x920, 775C8A76-120C-43B3-A5C0-F657C6…)

Fantasy already ruined by the impossible notion of this bitch going to the gym

No. 1618871

Looking like the bloated corpse of a lifelong alcoholic, yikes.

No. 1618872

Needs to prop herself on the pillow to try to give herself an ass

No. 1618875

Why the gym though, it'd be more on brand( bleak as it is) if she said high school or even shopping??? But the GYM?!?! I can't see fatty not struggling a flight of stairs never mind even light exercise.

No. 1618878

I really don't know why anons areacting like shatna couldn't make it in porn, most pornstars are average looking at best, it's not modeling or glamour shoots, you can be a flabby drugged up 50 yo and "make it" even in mainstream porn. She won't because she literally hates sex, can't act to save her life and would just lay there like a washed up beluga whale.

No. 1618882

what are u talking about? she said mainstream porn, im not into it but my idea is like i dont know some Sasha Grey looking girl not the face and body of a 40-something.

No. 1618885

what dirty talk? the sped smile?

No. 1618898

the top looks like it's floating over her body in the first pic, but I'm just glad she didn't put her whole fucking ham on the counter again like >>1582709

No. 1618912

The fucking emojis kek moids are so autistic.

No. 1618941

it’s because she has no work ethic. she expects to be pampered with hair and makeup and then just lay there on set, and shoot a little bit until she’s tired. then she’ll think she can take a 2-hour long break to drink and stuff her face and can just walk back on set and they’ll redo her hair and makeup. she genuinely believes these shoots work on her time because she’s only ever worked with shitty indie producers. the mainstream industry would eat her alive. she was dropped by her last agency because she kept refusing work. you can’t be extremely overly picky in the mainstream industry.

No. 1618945

samefag, but the one mainstream shoot she did with that VR company was just endless complaints afterwards. they used an average sized dildo and she complained about it “hurting so bad her vagina was swollen shut” and kept complaining about having to simply do work.

No. 1618948

>Sasha Grey
IMO still only average even with 30 lbs of makeup. >>1618878 is right about the vast majority of porn "actors" being average-looking (or worse) without plastic surgery. If Shayna had taken care of her appearance and had even a smidgen of the relative good-looks that she had back when she was 18, I could see her having a shot in the mainstream (porn) industry. She was never going to be a stunner without surgery, but she is only as hideous as she makes herself to be.

No. 1618949

That too. When she was doing "professional" porn she lacked the "work" ethic to keep up and eventually stuck to filming at home.

No. 1618955

she also doesn’t care to realize that porn is all about connections, most in the mainstream industry know each other. there’s a chance if she tries again she’ll be turned down by other agencies having heard she was dropped from her last agency because she didn’t want to work. she has no connections in the e-whore industry, and is terrible at making them. this degenerate con really gave her an overinflated sense of ego. not that it wasn’t already.

No. 1618965

She also complained about hating how they did her hair and makeup

No. 1618970

I think she'd end up on efukt or something like it

No. 1618973

which is hilarious because it really was the one time she looked good. shows how delusional she is.

No. 1618980

Let's be real, she would have never amounted to any big porn star even if she was underweight. The only thing I could see working is if she was one of those PornHub "models" who produces their own content, leans into the grunge/stoner girl image, and shy away from the pink and frilly shit that accentuates her homely looking face. She would have to be underweight in that case too because she's ugly, but the stoner/alt girl aesthetic is a must as the only aesthetic that has ever worked for her was the stoner one. Sad she doesn't see this while goth girls are every coomer's fantasy atm and Pornhub models who work in the comfort of their own home are making bank compared to the girls getting chewed and spit out by the LA porn industry.

No. 1618984

Shayna thinking she can go from SeekingArrangements to Playboy real quick kek

No. 1618986

Does she mean full blown out pussy porn? Like taking dick and getting mistreated at best type of porn? That part of the industry? Yikes. So it's come to that for her. No way is she excited for it. She straight up said there she wishes just letting people spank her was enough, but she's nearing the end of the SW road and all she can do is get dicked down or feederism kek bleak. Has to pretend that her, Shaynus the lazy, hideous bearly asexual bitch is excited to fuck to make rent.

No. 1618993

All of that was such a lie oh my fucking god. This bitch can't be that delusional, right? She's gotta be faking it because what other choice does she have. Her face is one of the worst things about her - its dry and yet greasy, hag nose, rodent eyes, yellow bad teeth, atrocious skin, etc.
Then her hank hill pimpled ass, beer gut, massive arms, cottage cheese thighs, ball sack pussy, lopsided franken breasts… the list could go on.
And her "dirty talk" is the most awkward uncomfortable shit Ive ever heard. Worse than comedy/low budget porn dialogue. She retard laughs because she's nervous. She says generic standard lines at her best and weird shit like "dew fairies" at her worst.
Also her pussy is only "tight" because I doubt that bitch has ever been truly aroused and had sex because she was truly horny and wanted to. Seems to shove dildos in there just fine though most of the time.

No. 1618998

I forgot the white scalloped thrush tongue and the driest chapped lips I have ever seen. They look painful and so like… how the fuck could you live with that.
Can't suck dick whatsoever anyway either.

No. 1618999

Also she couldn't do anal. I doubt with an actual dick its as easy as she acts with a dildo and on that note, the bitch doesnt wash her ass at all, much less anal prep with an enema or fast or anything pros do. No porn scrote is gonna want shit on their dick. Im sure it happens, but like… the one taking it in the ass is supposed to prep.

No. 1619004

File: 1660793971528.jpeg (636.62 KB, 1242x2285, 32F6C820-7EAE-47B5-A245-D797DA…)

This is who she thinks she’s going to be if she does mainstream porn.

This girl whored herself out did degen porn , pedo pandering stuff, hardcore crap, she got to play a hooker in euphoria and now she’s quit porn and going to red carpets, catwalks, influencing.

She is everything Shayna wants to be but will never and even this chick got lucky she got out of porn

No. 1619011

Damn this chick looks more botched every time I see her.
Sasha Grey is not average especially compared to Shayna wtf. She and Riley Reid on top of being very conventionally attractive compared to majority of porn stars, also made their brand because they were 18-19 year olds doing 100 hardcore scenes in within their first year. Porn stars who “made it”, whom you know by names, are literally the 1% of the 10000 other bitches who got used up and spit out for nothing. Shay would never have made it even at her peak.

No. 1619021

>She and Riley Reid on top of being very conventionally attractive compared to majority of porn stars
Key words are "compared to majority of porn stars" (re: objectively hideous people). In the world of normies they are average, full-stop kek

No. 1619027

Samefagging, but why do anons ITT make it seem like being a top ten porn star or whatever is a good thing? The best thing that could ever happen to Shayna is that she quits porn, straightens out her affairs, and becomes a respectable person—not being given a trophy for taking 10 dicks up the ass. Sex "work" is, and always will be, exploitation, and there is no talent or pride in being associated with an industry that is inherently dangerous to all women and children.

No. 1619028

Sasha Grey is fucking ugly and Riley Reid has the same gross bulimia cheeks as Chloe Cherry used to when she was bigger than she is now. Plus being whores makes them all instantly uglier too

No. 1619029

The whores in this thread can’t help outing themselves as pornsick pickmes with their knowledge of “real” pornstars and degenerate shit like this >>1618999 and I wish they’d all go back to twitter, no one cares about moids getting shit on their dick when they’re sticking it somewhere it’s not supposed to be

No. 1619036

She is completely delusional if she thinks this will happen to her. It's like she has reverse body dysmorphia, she thinks she looks like a barbie bimbo doll but genuinely looks like a crack addict.

No. 1619037

omg thank you. Tired of the nonnies in here acting like women in porn are some beautiful standard kek. Vast majority of the women in porn are ugly as sin, they are literally just shown as a tool for moids to jerk off to. It isn't a compliment to be in mainstream porn (or any porn for that matter).

No. 1619039

this girl is a long time personal cow for me crazy seeing her in the shay thread

No. 1619043

I wonder if this girl is who motivated Shayna to want to do “real” porn suddenly. She did the facial abuse thing and was posting about it during the fetish convention

No. 1619052

Well,considering that girl said some time ago that she had to use makeup sponges with coconut oil as a life hack for period during her porn era then Shay isn't going to last a day in the mainstream porn industry.

No. 1619056

Post her in the only fans thread if she’s milky and you can get some ss. That thread can be good but definitely needs a bit more action

No. 1619069

I wasnt defending porn or moids, chill. I was adding to the list of reasons Shaynus isn't gonna cut it even as an amateur ~porn star~ in the "full blown" type of stuff.

No. 1619073

Considering there’s also countless women in porn who say male talent rarely care about consent and will just start doing what they want to do off script and directors will keep it going, meaning she can’t cry rape means she won’t last a day

No. 1619078

I have a feeling that Shayna has no idea who Chloe C is and never watched euphoria. Watch her in 2 years when the trend is over being like oMg the best show!!! She’s so outdated and ignorant about pop culture it’s embarrassing.

No. 1619114

When has shayna showed interest in media anyway? Whether it be music, movies or shows, she has no hobbies, interests or a proper personality beyond “pink” and “laying on her back with a buttplug”. Why would she care about euphoria or whatever.

No. 1619124

Literally no one said doing porn is a good thing dumbass. It’s fucking copium to say that porn stars are ugly. Attractive women DO porn, that’s just a fact, sad fact, but it’s fact. It comes off like thinly veiled misogyny to get a free pass to call objectively attractive women ugly as long as they’re whores. The rhetoric that only ugly/average women do porn IS apart of why sex work shit is normalized in modern times. Oh look at these beautiful models and celebs selling ~erotic photography~, but it’s not “porn” because only uglies need to do porn right???

No. 1619130

"the safe boob" I'M ABOUT TO DIE

No. 1619134

I'm one of the anons you're replying to and kek it's definitely copium to say uglies aren't in porn. Vast majority are ugly, just pop on over to any porn site to see it. And yes I'm talking about mainstream porn. Sure some pretty women do it but they are the minority. Most of the women look busted as fuck from the horrible plastic surgery.

No. 1619135

Samefagging but complaining about misogyny in the Shayna thread of all places is peak retardation as well kek

No. 1619140

I’m another one of the anons who hates sex workers, I don’t think any of us are denying that there are conventionally attractive women in porn, but the fact that they’re engaging in behaviour that actively harms women makes them ugly on the inside

No. 1619159

File: 1660818759038.jpeg (784.86 KB, 1190x1331, A311FA4C-417E-4F3F-93A6-9E187B…)

Sorry some of us were exposed to pornography as minors, anon. Saying they’re attractive isn’t defending or supporting their degenerate behavior. Riley Rapist Reid wouldn’t have gotten anywhere even though she’s a conventionally attractive pornstar. She’s mediocre at best. But Lana Rhodes is gorgeous. She got some clout for dating a ex-crackhead co host from Logan Pauls podcast and has said in interviews she doesn’t even like sex or porn. Which is sad because she is going to be exploited on the internet, forever. And now that she has a son, he is already being bullied for having a whore mom. She could have been a instagram influencer/ model in another reality.(derailing)

No. 1619164

on the off-topic, why do pornstars insist on bringing their spawn into the world? I'm not even r/childfree but even most normies are better off NOT being parents, sheesh(derailing)

No. 1619165

Kek I know right but I think it’s because her lard ass is wearing cheap “workout” clothes because her gut couldn’t fit into anything else

No. 1619166

I don’t get it. Just be a degenerate and don’t bring children into it. Not to sound like a boomer but a lot of the time people don’t even raise their kids to have manners. It’s sad.

No. 1619168

Shayna needs to fast before filming anal or else she will get shit everywhere. Shayna is too fat and lazy to stop eating and prep for it. It’s not even hard to avoid pooping on a dildo, it’s not a live video. like you can cut it out of the video. She’s so retarded she thinks the shit mixed with lube in her asshole was cum. Mayochup nasty ass low IQ bitch.

No. 1619185

Same! Someone on cgl compared her to Shay, and that's when I started reading these threads.

No. 1619188

> Also her pussy is only "tight" because I doubt that bitch has ever been truly aroused and had sex because she was truly horny and wanted to. Seems to shove dildos in there just fine though most of the time.
this is the most retarded scrote drivel I’ve seen on here to date lmao. No way an adult woman wrote this