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File: 1681567867274.jpeg (520.48 KB, 2209x3300, 1681282411358.jpeg)

No. 1808965

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1803371

Shayna Leigh Clifford; 25 year old failing prostitute, porn sick degenerate, drug addict and alcoholic who spends her days posting free pictures of her hemorrhoid filled anus on twitter while begging for rent. Rejects her parents help to get an education and normal job. Hurts animals on purpose and panders to pedos by filming porn dressed as a child. Recently moved to Seattle after wasting years on an ex too ashamed to admit they were dating her and is currently looking her new Fupa 2.0.


REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1-day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in/edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage when there’s no milk. Spoiler any NSFW images. No blog posting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. Nobody wants to hear about your degeneracy. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whores thread. Shut the fuck up about her necrotit and take it to the shaynatorium.

Summary of Last Thread:

>>1803395 Shayna posts disgusting incest video with a stupid bandaid across her face like a 2019 e-girl
>>1803523 Hikes up Mt Rainier, the only outdoor spot she knows, has her wonky tits out in a tacky track suit
>>1803574 NSFL picture with the moid from vegas she did a shoot with
>>1803590 Her hand is looking necrotic in pictures from the same shoot
>>1803630 Does a live show on MFC
>>1803644 Shows her unedited pics in her camera roll from Vegas on her cam show
>>1803704 Puts buttplugs from amazon straight into her ass
>>1803742 Looking like Ellen from behind
>>1803760 A retarded dog appears
>>1803851 Shayna serving Jonathan Yaniv
>>1803882 Drama about how e-whores receive the worst kind of hate from other women
>>1803888 More awfulness from the Vegas shoot
>>1803965 More jealousy towards other women
>>1803913 Openly catering to scat fetishist moids
>>1804000 Sharing her disgusting rape fetish shit on twitter
>>1804006 , >>1804044 Absolutely hideous pictures in Shein wedding attire to dunk on another woman publicly (you will never get picked, Shaynus)
>>1804031 Sad attempt at recreating the make up from the vegas shoot
>>1804259 Has to prove to us she totes washes her clothes guise
>>1804693 Shayna is once again afraid about other e-whores "poaching" her three coomers
>>1804728 , >>1804959 Goes to her moms house, mother Clifford gifts her toiletries and new clothes to make her look (and smell) presentable
>>1807145 Double chin galore

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No. 1808966

hallelujah thanks nonnie

No. 1808967

File: 1681568101618.jpeg (236.21 KB, 1128x1733, 18206F79-2399-490B-ACA6-D648A6…)

some new milk that happened while there was no thread

No. 1808969

File: 1681568146972.png (11.43 KB, 737x247, Screenshot 2023-04-15 161522.p…)

surgery confirmed in june, what kind of surgery takes 3 weeks to heal?

No. 1808970

File: 1681568202257.png (31.42 KB, 738x552, Screenshot 2023-04-15 161713.p…)

she's projecting hardcore

No. 1808971

File: 1681568303020.png (481.32 KB, 544x909, new face.png)

she posted this one too and kek I thought it was a rt from someone else with how much that doesn't look like her face

No. 1808973

Thank you for the new thread nonna! I appreciate the shit out of you

No. 1808974

This retarded hairstyle she’s been doing is bothering me bc yes it looks like Grandma’s Lhasa Apso(tm) it also reminds me of babies when they finally have enough hair for a little pigtail and it sprouts up like that. She’s so disgusting.

No. 1808975

at your service queens. before anyone else says this i know i forgot linking to the new shaynatorium and that thread pic is huge as fuck when you open it full size, sorry. still better than another day without a thread

No. 1808977

File: 1681569378440.jpeg (47.48 KB, 832x555, 512BFDA6-5D29-44DE-9BAD-A476E7…)

I think it makes her look like a Yorkshire terrier. But more retarded

No. 1808985

File: 1681569902717.jpg (268.16 KB, 1080x1080, 20230415_014841.jpg)

I was looking on the Vegas superspreader's twitter and his collage of hoes in a cardboard box, Shay didn't make the cut. Well.

Funny to see other women in the same outfits Shay wore. Also gross

No. 1808995


Awew dumb fat baby couldn't fit into the pieces of the provided bimbo wardrobe she really wanted, and was stuck with the John Travolta from hairspray full coverage dress. THIS is why she joined the gym

No. 1809008

File: 1681571676932.jpeg (123.48 KB, 1000x1000, E07F7A10-2FD9-4E24-BC10-29C9F2…)

She should just get a ponytail clip like Ariana grande. A shake n go clip would look better than a sleek one though.

No. 1809015

File: 1681572171802.jpeg (35.66 KB, 750x346, 7EABDCB4-75B5-4AF5-AD64-1EE86A…)

did anyone see this tweet before she deleted it?

No. 1809020

File: 1681572920297.jpeg (200.63 KB, 1242x1739, 6A6299EE-99F5-4389-B3D9-9188B2…)

No. 1809023

Ugh please shayna don't start acting like your thighs are attractively think, please don't cling to this like you did when Fupaul unfortunately lied and said you now have a ass

No. 1809025

These are in no way attractively thick thighs UGH. Go use your new and totally real gym membership you HOG. She needs an actual gym daddy who will reward her with the male asspats she so desperately craves for doing basic exercise otherwise we all know it will never happen.

No. 1809031

File: 1681574323693.jpg (12.85 KB, 206x275, justwhy.jpg)

She had a clip in ponytail a few years ago, it looked ridiculous. I agree that a textured one would have looked better on her than the sleek one, but regardless she wouldn't know how to put it in in such a way that her head doesn't look like a cone. From thread 53

No. 1809047

She has so much free time to learn hair, makeup, and wardrobe from YouTube and she still massively fails at all 3. Conehead looking ass

No. 1809050

yeah seriously like her entire job is based on how she looks and she knows nothing about how to present herself in any context. when she DOES learn a new makeup skill or get a new wig, she obsesses over it and then forgets after a week.

No. 1809051

>bloated thighs
>absolutely no ass to speak of


No. 1809055

"claire james" in the top right looks older than her and about as wide and she made the cut… hate to see it

No. 1809069

Labiaplasty takes 2 - 4 weeks to heal. That's my guess

No. 1809070

no way she could afford that. and no way she wouldn't be talking about her 'bimboification surgery' nonstop

No. 1809071

I think that dress makes even that girl look awful and fat even though she's actually not that at all

No. 1809072

I think it's gonna be the zombie tit. Maybe it's wishful thinking but it'd be such good milk when she thinks she can hide it but the results are ovvious. you can be back on your feet and doing normal things in 3 weeks with a breast augmentation even if they're not completely healed and "finalized" or whatever for several months.

No. 1809082

I can’t get over the new troll doll hairdo she has going

No. 1809089


Agreed. Explanation for cosmetic implants is paid for out of pocket, but since Shay managed to get hers classified as a medically deformity I believe the time to get the original (and woefully outgrown) implant swapped out NOW before she's booted off her parents policy.

No. 1809105

Am I the only one who thinks it'll look even more unnatural? That breast is wide with barely any hang, her other breast hangs and is shaped differently. It'll be bigger but won't it just be stiffer and rounder looking of they replace it with a bigger implant?

No. 1809112

I completely forgot that Shay was briefly larping as Arianna Grande

No. 1809134

Unless she somehow manages to pay for an implant in the normal tit too and have them both done, but even then it would look obvious and unnatural af

No. 1809153

you usually don't get breast implants like that covered, even if it's a deformity. they'll tell you to live with it.

No. 1809158

do nonnies think shayna is going to take a full 3 weeks off of sex work degeneracy, or shes going to make 'lil sis blows you while recovering from surgery' porn?

No. 1809166

Her thighs are sagging down below where her ass should be…

No. 1809192

she’s got that unfortunate saggy inner thigh flab

No. 1809203

Why do I feel like that girl in bottom right pic wore the dress after Shaynus? It looks so stretched out in all the wrong places, kek

No. 1809204

Shouldn’t her video with Scott Hancock be up by now? Is he even going to post anything? I am eagerly awaiting the comments on Shat’s “skills” from the horrid moids on his site.

No. 1809212

File: 1681585577114.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.38 KB, 750x959, 50EC3C59-3F62-4026-9727-FBA360…)

Same anon but I went through tweets of his next upcoming release with “Megan Maiden” (according to his nasty website kek) and it appears she filmed with him mid-February (2/11) and the video is just about to be released as of 4/15. So we’re looking at a month and a half probably. We have quite a lot of waiting to do Shaysisters. Also consider that that woman is a legit porn star with way more fans whereas Shay is a nobody, meaning there will probably be a bit more delay.

No. 1809234

My tinfoil is that the surgery is ass related, possibly for fissures. If you get a sphincterotomy, you're out of commission for a bit, and three weeks seems about right until she could show her ass again. Just my guess.

No. 1809245

i’m always amazed at how you people know about these disgusting procedures, did you get it or what? kek

No. 1809247

If this is the case, I wonder if she told the doctor that her ”job” entails shoving various household items up her ass without lube three times a week. I have a feeling you’re not supposed to have even normal anal sex too often after a surgery like that. Is she going to just nonchalantly stop being buttfuck barbie or become the new one man one jar, only time will tell

No. 1809258

You don't have to get a surgery to know what it is, retard. I know what an episiotomy is, I know what a cholecystectomy is, I know what a splenectomy is, but I've never had any of those. Sorry you're stupid I guess.

No. 1809264

Dude why the fuck would you link the hidden board in the main thread. Literally doesn't get more retarded than that.

No. 1809267

why would you post your tits on the internet?

No. 1809268

No. 1809274

Infighting anon please explain yourself, are you the schizo tranny, paki chan, a kiwifag? Im dying to know.

No. 1809278

My money is on kiwifag tbh they think bc it worked one time that now they have a foolproof method to extract tit pics bc they’re genuinely retarded

No. 1809283

File: 1681594654942.jpeg (40.08 KB, 750x629, 35D5EEAB-835B-4F65-928F-46AD5B…)

Does the Shaynatorium not count? I don’t know about other anons but I am personally offended

No. 1809288

Kek ntayrt but you seem sooo triggered. Knowing a lot of random gross surgical procedures doesn't make you smart, if anything it makes you look at best like a munchie. Only reason I know about episiotomies is from dealing with medical malpractice suits, all the other ones I'd have to look up. Sorry about your broken asshole lmao

No. 1809291

Lmao the entire Shay boards are a shrine to her I’m also offended

No. 1809294

Could be anything invasive. If we go the tit route, when I got a reduction it knocked me on my ass for 2-3 weeks from the pain meds. But pretty much anything that’s invasive in the body is gonna have a longer recovery time. It’s def not lipo tho cuz that takes at least a month or two kek

No. 1809302

File: 1681597243624.png (48.86 KB, 806x384, image (1).png)

Sure nona, whatever helps your empty little head sleep at night

No. 1809305

you shayfags are as dumb and project as much as she does, what a shock

No. 1809306

corn cob? what is this word salad

No. 1809308

cobbed corn

No. 1809309

and you seem sooo obsessed with farmer's asses, butthole-chan

No. 1809310

An incredibly dumb tweet people constantly repost

No. 1809315

File: 1681598654119.jpeg (139.58 KB, 1125x1800, C731B4E2-3225-4F77-95A0-EF802F…)

The retarded energy from the retarded ass debate thread has carried over into this thread because there’s a lack of Shayna milk, what a shock. Can we please please please just fucking CHILL for a second I beg

No. 1809318

The tone of this thread reeks of kiwifags, kiwifarms has been down for some hours so they are coming here to write their sassy paragraphs and start shit more so then normal. Just ignore weird shit

No. 1809320

File: 1681599514978.jpeg (213.1 KB, 1170x1317, 3EDE710F-7B19-46CE-A783-14D820…)

Why is she asking for reimbursement when we know Ellen will for pay everything and Shay will pocket all the money she’s given?

No. 1809326

I’ve been trying to figure out what she looks like here and I realized she looks like a character from A Goofy Movie

No. 1809330

KEKKK yes omG you’re so right. The stoner one who all I can remember is him saying “cheesy” like Pauly Shore. Also serving late 90s/Y2K era Mad Magazine grossout comic Monroe’s nasty prostitute mom/Monroe himself realness

No. 1809331

i’m none of these but that was a long list kek
it’s just that i would have never think of someone getting surgery for their anal fissure, it’s like something that doesn’t happen in the world and here you’re telling me that is something common and that i’m an ignorant for not knowing this, maybe we don’t live in the same world

No. 1809335

It's called being a healthcare professional. You learn all kinds of shit in graduate school. Do you not have an education where you know things some people wouldn't know, or are you some retard moid NEET?

No. 1809336

Quit being obtuse anon, the point is that you don't have to have a surgery to know what it is and you know it. You're just being difficult and starting infights for no reason.

No. 1809341

Tinfoil but I really do wonder who that personality disordered anon is. They make digs at random anons in the thread and I stg has been in the last few threads provoking and infighting with anons. The typing style is kind of obvious once you realize they make petty jabs at anons and then include a little farmer lingo like “nona” or “kek” (that one especially). Could just be a kiwi moid who is bored but this is what jobs and hobbies are for.

No. 1809342

Butthole schizo from Jonny Craig thread detected.

No. 1809344

>it’s like something that doesn’t happen in the world and here you’re telling me that is something common
You are so weird and autistic? People get anal fissures and then get them fixed probably everyday you freak. What's with the infighting (I know I'm contributing)

No. 1809352

File: 1681602369123.png (68.77 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20230415-164336.png)

she wants to embrace her shquaysh (shay + squish). Also what curves is this fat shit talking about? Her gunt rolls and double chin?

No. 1809353

I know you're probably not pakichan but you sound a lot like her (similarly autistic), you should be friends

No. 1809354

No. 1809357

File: 1681602839740.png (275.65 KB, 1081x5067, chrome_screenshot_168160271625…)

sex repulsed Shaynus acting like she wants penis for coomer crumbs of attention. You know she thinks she's hot shit for this handful of replies cause it's the most interaction she's had in years.

No. 1809368

She’s reached unseen levels of desperation…this is her trying to get a scrote to regularly participate in her life and give her attention woof

No. 1809371

$180 for a night out for two including dinner? I thought Seattle was overpriced. Dollar store bimbo kek

No. 1809384

some people are actually college educated, nona.

No. 1809385

File: 1681605318058.jpeg (90.1 KB, 1170x1004, 1FE93791-1533-4942-B253-A034BC…)

No. 1809386

sorry maybe thats a thing for amerifats idk and i’m not trying to infighting it’s just that you all are so sensitive and wanna pick anything, you can keep reading

No. 1809387

NTA but I have a lot of free time at my job and sometimes I troll other websites (not lolcow) out of boredom because I have to be at the office for 8 hours a day

No. 1809389

File: 1681605409021.jpeg (30.25 KB, 1170x280, 7D52E39E-E98A-45A0-9F3D-59288E…)

No. 1809400

there's a gastroenterologist and a type one diabetic who frequent these threads, I'm sure there's others lurking, they would have good reason to know

No. 1809405

Some people are also just interested in random topics kek. I know a lot about microbiology for absolutely no reason other than thinking its cool.

No. 1809413

Truly an accomplishment to have my edit as thread pic kek

No. 1809417

Jesus - woof, woof, woof, woof, woof and…, woof. Fugly bitches, every one.

No. 1809423

>"hehe" in the tweet
>"hehe" in the screenshot

No. 1809432

Ew, saving too many of shartard’s images for too long can only cause a deathly curse.

No. 1809440

Stop antagonizing anons itt and focus on the cow then. For now you’re an admitted troll who is baiting anons that actually contribute to the threads unlike yourself. Also just because you have a job doesn’t mean you can’t get a hobby. Get a life dude.

No. 1809453

"Penis owning" partner
Does this mean she would be fine filming with a tranny

No. 1809455

Nonna visiting the doctor: ”Omg how do you know all this disgusting crap, that’s sooooo embarrassing!! Sorry about your asshole!”

No. 1809458

That would be hilarious, kek, and a new low. I find it already quite funny how not even trannies want to work with her, you would think that someone with such low self-awareness and self-esteem would be instantly recruited by the transcult.

No. 1809459

Lmao the ugly dress she wore was tight on her but it’s clearly too loose on the girl he posted kek that’s gotta hurt

No. 1809461

Kek I know right like tbh she would genuinely benefit from getting a restrictive ED.

No. 1809496

no skeletor, getting a restrictive ED is not the best way to lose weight. She should get off her ass and go for a run or 300

No. 1809498

absolutely, she’s always fawning over them on .Twitter

No. 1809501

Kek anyone think bottom far left looks like Dylan?

No. 1809513

How do you know that trannies don’t want to work with her? She has plenty of them in her replies and plenty of other coomers like Joshua Topkek offering to be in a gangbang scene with her.
Personally I think if she really wanted to film with moids she could easily do it which is why don’t buy this whole “I wanna do gangbangs, I wanna do more b/g scenes”. The emphasis for Shay is on the word “partner”—she wants one of those moids who she can use for filming content like other degen sex workers have but also have a goth guy who takes care of her while she contributes nothing except for her multiple current addictions, has no personality or long-term life goals, and hates actual sex and intimacy.

No. 1809518

File: 1681619493468.jpg (Spoiler Image,179.07 KB, 1079x1957, Screenshot_20230414_222859_Chr…)

Thanks for the new thread, have some OF milk

No. 1809519

File: 1681619546122.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.17 KB, 1079x635, Screenshot_20230414_223909_Chr…)

I can't believe these are pics she actually posts to her OF thinking she looks good

No. 1809520

File: 1681619575960.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.79 KB, 1080x597, Screenshot_20230414_223927_Chr…)

Warning for that disgusting fake cum she uses

No. 1809522

File: 1681619629411.jpg (Spoiler Image,178.74 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20230415_232753_Chr…)

Her sending out a message being so "sincere" & warning about her upcoming surgery kills me coupled with this ass pic

No. 1809540

Of course they would only pay for the cheapest thing on her list

No. 1809542

Ellen’s a SW too, right? why doesn’t Shay make content with her? why does she need a man?

No. 1809544

Genitals are ugly but hers are just so horror tier(sage your shit)

No. 1809549

learn to sage

No. 1809588

File: 1681628212460.jpg (22.94 KB, 500x500, pva.jpg)

The fake cum looks like polyvinyl acetate

No. 1809590


She's seemingly just a polyfag into the kink scene. Farmers found her old FetLife/Tumblr profiles with slightly sexy pics but it doesn't seem like she posts full nudes for pay or does FSSW like Shay… she was a ghost hand spanking Shay a few times, I think, but since they started dating Shay has posted a few times about wanting girls to shoot with regularly, so it seems we won't get the horror of their two cow bodies together kek.

No. 1809733

We should have a tit surgery vs ass surgery poll to see how us Shaytards are divided on it. The speculation is funny and reminds me of when nonas were getting attacked for fupafoiling then the big reveal that they had been going out all along. Whatever surgery she has will be clockable afterwards, and I want to see what team wins

No. 1809744

i mean it could possibly also be another surgery, maybe she gets surgery on her gallbladder, maybe it's some colon surgery or she gets her wisdom teeth removed (idk if she still has them). if someone makes a poll add a third wildcard option

No. 1809759

Nonas I am so sorry for what I’m about to say. Is that spot in the center of her butthole the tip of the plug because it’s clear glass and so it looks strange or is that a hemorrhoid? I’m team ass surgery so maybe this is my confirmation bias making me see things. Her nudes are always nsfl and sloppy so I wouldn’t put it past her to show off her hemorrhoids instead of just using a different plug or not gaping her ass.

No. 1809761

File: 1681655560542.jpg (109.44 KB, 1080x1087, Screenshot_20230416_102831_Sam…)

Sage for non-milk and suuuuper far reach…. but maybe bariatric surgery??

No. 1809766

she’s too much of a fatass mentally to get this procedure

No. 1809773

there's no shot, I don't think she's fat enough and I think you have to pass psych tests to make sure you're not going to get hurt by the surgery since it's permanent and eating too much could kill you

No. 1809775


double post, here's the poll, hope it's okay


No. 1809777

you cannot get gastric bypass until you’ve reached a certain weight. she’s maybe 200lbs, not enough for bariatric surgery.

No. 1809778

I honestly think it’s gallbladder with her diet and alcohol consumption. it would explain her nausea and vomiting also. if it is her gallbladder and she continues drinking afterward, her liver is going to be destroyed by 30.

No. 1809779

hemorrhoid surgery is possible, but is very minor recovery wise. it’s not like she’s going in for severe hemorrhoids. (and trust me nonnies, if they were severe we would have seen them. don’t look it up unless you want to bleach your eyes afterward)

No. 1809786

File: 1681660115827.jpeg (73.75 KB, 750x716, 67B1C6B0-1187-48AD-B829-EF84D6…)

No. 1809794

File: 1681660746993.jpeg (65.72 KB, 750x995, 0F1168B2-E134-4FCE-86FF-A4F40B…)

where is her nose? she must be drunk already to upload this

No. 1809795

File: 1681660770363.png (316.07 KB, 750x1334, D3DD4BFA-9264-4455-B2C2-0C1592…)

No. 1809799

KEK I thought this was edited by an anon to exaggerate her use of blur, you can even see the individual pixels across the middle of her face

No. 1809800

Dhayna you are always talking politics and nobody care, nothing you are saying is new, fresh or will change anything. Your whole life involves around you thinking you are special for Flaunting your genitals for Mc Donald prices and shitting women.
Nobody cares you have an opinion on troons on your sex work account or at all.

No. 1809801

Dhayna you are always talking politics and nobody care, nothing you are saying is new, fresh or will change anything. Your whole life involves around you thinking you are special for Flaunting your genitals for Mc Donald prices and shitting women.
Nobody cares you have an opinion on troons on your sex work account or at all.

No. 1809813


No. 1809815

Tragic. Not even coomer moids are dumb enough to not notice this.

No. 1809816

It's a completed paint by numbers Shay poster

No. 1809833

File: 1681663454576.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 0E44F10F-6D87-4421-8EAC-21B01D…)

the fat ravioli hand, the huge beak nose, the weird editing , the animal fur all over her. she is such a clown.

No. 1809840

I’m stumped by this because I truly think she’d be honest if it had to do with her tit. I think she’d even try to garner sympathy and tell her coomers they’re obligated to pay if it had to do with her ass. I think it’s more like a scoping procedure, or something being repaired in her GI (maybe an ulcer/bleed that needs repair?) that needs to be monitored due to her drinking, poor hygiene and lifestyle choices. If it were more invasive like that, she could’ve called her dad so he knew he’d see a surgery noted on his insurance, and he told her to come home, do it there and stay for a while to relax and heal out of worry. And she would add extra time to it because she is Shayna.

No. 1809842

She hyped up that shoot so much but never released it. Like the old crusty man posted his videos of other women after her and still has yet to acknowledge Shayna on his website. Kek it must have been bad footage. Pick me can’t get picked

No. 1809844

The over lined lips and fat bitch mouth agape. She’s disgusting

No. 1809845

Her hair looks so thin, these bows and her wearing black is so recycled, does shayna ever get tired of talking about sex 24/7, the same ugly hair styles, bows and clothes?

No. 1809846

The nose ring? Kek I feel like Shays trying impress some scrote who likes goth girls

No. 1809851

the intense oversmoothing and attempts to soften her jawline have just made her look worse, my god

No. 1809854

File: 1681665148362.jpeg (14.95 KB, 254x275, C88D8726-2B75-4CDC-9809-7F7017…)

Lose weight fat bitch

No. 1809882

she’s close to Luna

No. 1809883

it’s hard to believe these are the legs of someone under 25.

No. 1809888

She is 25 kek She'll be 26 this June

No. 1809898

These are all very true, so maybe lipo or something? Apparently to get approved for endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty you just need to show diet and exercise haven't worked for you, and have a BMI over 30. If she had high blood pressure (which of course she does) she may be a candidate. Could explain the Hello Fresh and brief "gym" saga as a "see?? I tried and it's not working!!" She would have to commit to a healthy lifestyle and behavioral therapy on top of it. I've known someone who had Medicare approve their gastric bypass and in spite of being a vulnerable adult, they went ahead with the procedure anyway. I'm not saying this isn't a crazy reach, but she's been complaining about her body an awful lot lately. Likely it's the necrotitty, tho. Or gallbladder like this nonna says >>1809840
If it does end up being the endo sleeve gastroplasty she could easily play the weight loss off as "I'm becoming a fit bimbo baby uwu" over time.
Sage for ridiculous sperg tinfoiling.

No. 1809901

Even for someone of her weight, having a hand that fat and bloated is not normal. Her liver must be screaming.

No. 1809909

If Shay was having weight loss surgery, she wouldn’t shut up about it and be like “uwu time to totally start my bimbofication”

No. 1809913

KEK WOW she shooped herself so hard her nose disappeared

No. 1809916

I can't believe she still wears this 2015 crusty matte neutral lipstick. She's so unaware of how cheugy she is

No. 1809921

ayrt Honestly I don't think she would be. She's so horribly ashamed of her fat ass and likely worried about possible backlash, I could see her trying to hide it. There's nothing uwu bimbo about gastric surgery kek. Ass implants? Nose job? Titty job? Sure. But no coomer is gonna be turned on by the gastric sleeve kek.
These are the legs my alcoholic, obese grandma had at 55.

No. 1809973

She is not comfortable enough to admit her weight or lifestyle is causing the issues- and not a chance she’s being covered for weight loss surgery when it can be reasonably solved by a lifestyle change, it’s something that’s being repaired or something like a sore or tear that’s being looked into to be repaired, we haven’t hit 600lb life levels yet

No. 1810011

File: 1681682656626.png (396.84 KB, 582x763, Screenshot 2023-04-16 180249.p…)

She calls herself a princess but what is she actually? A court jester? No, those actually exercise and are funny…maybe the hideous troll under the bridge?

No. 1810034

I swear she does this to troll the thread atp

No. 1810036

go back

No. 1810038

Why is she in her “goth girl” era lol

No. 1810040

Oh don’t say that anon! Remember, being goth is her “uwu hard limit.”

No. 1810045

Shes larping alt dream girl likely for general or a specific moid attention

No. 1810055

that’s weird. why are people saying she’ll be off her parents insurance next year then? if she’s already 25 she’s off her parents insurance for the year 2023 and beyond.

No. 1810063

Maybe it's her colon?

No. 1810066

Drunk by brunch and having to sleep it off? Oof

No. 1810081

It was explained that she’s given a grace period for a bit. What I understood is that it doesn’t cut off the minute she turns 26.

No. 1810084

> You can stay on your parent’s plan until coverage ends December 31, even if you turn 26 mid-year.
I’m pretty’s sure this is what was shared earlier. Some extra information:
> Depending on your parent’s health insurance, you may lose coverage the moment you turn 26, the end of that month or the end of that calendar year. If your parents have health insurance through their employer, you could be removed as a dependent on your 26th birthday (but it depends on the state and plan).
I also just learnt that in some states adult children can stay indefinitely on their parent’s insurance. What we know is that Shayna mentioned having to have this procedure and heavily implied it was time sensitive. We assumed tied to her 26th birthday.

No. 1810102

Decided to look for it as having things referenced soothes my brand of autism.

We had two Nonas claim that any child can stay on their parents health insurance until 29 but that it was costly >>>/snow/1759404 and >>>/snow/1750791
These Nonas >>>/snow/1735931 and >>>/snow/1701862 confirmed >>1810084 (one had Shayna’s age wrong but the information is still the same)
For those >>>/snow/1748256 patiently waiting for her to be kicked off her parents insurance and finally get her comeuppance, >>>/snow/1752679 shares that Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) in the west coast is rather decent.

> As a single person between 19 and 64 the most she can make a month is $1,677 and she can apply for it online.

No. 1810104

She admitted to being kicked off her parents insurance and that’s why she wanted to get braces because she wants to pedo pander

No. 1810105

She was about to get kicked off

No. 1810112

File: 1681697334521.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.69 KB, 1170x1381, B01839F3-E554-44F6-A2A1-F5097C…)

Shay, just stop

No. 1810117

Kek as if we don’t know that the real thing looks like wrinkly old lunch meat without all the filters but okay Shaynus

No. 1810137

Shaint by numbers

No. 1810141

Lol oh god how she missed the point again.

No. 1810143

Bragging about how her labia look but they’re still airbrushed to shit. Are you proud of em or not?

oh wait, it almost like you know they look like two deflated balloons glued to a taco holder

No. 1810146

File: 1681701857599.jpeg (78.18 KB, 840x1431, 4970726F-65FC-4822-AF74-90AEFE…)

all i see

No. 1810149

File: 1681703096022.jpeg (201.07 KB, 1170x1632, AAC4B83A-FF6B-4A22-9C4F-BFF56E…)

No. 1810150

I guess she fits a certain aesthetic standard where her inner labia are tucked away inside the outer labia. But her outer labor sag like a big ballsack. They aren’t “puffed” they are just huge.

No. 1810151

Whatever happened to “I need to not show my nudes for free” because she realized people weren’t paying shit when she throws her entire genitalia closeup into a photo collage on her Twitter every day. Everything about her is so enraging and worthless, a travesty to womankind.

No. 1810154

Shay has wrinkly pimpled pussy syndrome lol

No. 1810157

Sorry doublepost but I have to also add what a gross post to say you get an ego boost from other women feeling insecure enough to spend thousands on unnecessary surgery and procedures. If a hot popular Twitter ho said it gives her an ego boost to see all these fat saggy uneven breasted women paying for surgeries to look like her she would get raged at.

No. 1810158

Sorry doublepost but I have to also add what a gross post to say you get an ego boost from other women feeling insecure enough to spend thousands on unnecessary surgery and procedures. If a hot popular Twitter ho said it gives her an ego boost to see all these fat saggy uneven breasted women paying for surgeries to look like her she would get raged at.

No. 1810163

File: 1681705097766.jpeg (109.6 KB, 750x1097, braces.jpeg)

What she said is she’d be kicked off when she turned 26 in three months. She also said she signed up for her own dental plan BUT Shayna is a liar. The times it’s not an outright lie, it’s never the truth truth as she’s always scheming.

No. 1810166

Thanks, exactly what I thought. A lady getting an ego boost about being slim would RAGE Shayna. She’s too selfish to think beyond herself

No. 1810237

regardless adults can't get braces under insurance unless it's considered necessary and for her it would be for aesthetic reasons

No. 1810241

Yeah, I think her business tactics are just horrendous. Why would anyone buy her content since you can see it all for free posted by her? And the constant drama and whining in her professional twitter. Why tf do you not make a separate personal twitter for that and keep business business.

No. 1810244

is that ellen in the back? kek shayna is almost the same size as her now

No. 1810251

shay took this comment >>1809069 very personally, kek.

No. 1810282

This feels like she’s lurking about a previous anons tinfoil about labiaplasty, also either confirms it’s not a labiaplasty or she’s trying to throw off the scent. Personally think it’s to do with zombie tit, it’s a surgery that would impede her from working so it’s almost certainly to do with her ass or tits. It’s not bariatric surgery though you need a pretty high bmi for that, how tall is shaymu does anyone know?

No. 1810312

File: 1681741657779.jpeg (167.36 KB, 1170x1670, 5C3569CA-4653-48EE-A779-F81683…)

Back on her “femdom” bs

No. 1810313

File: 1681741698522.jpeg (42.48 KB, 863x1024, 26382380-1F9B-404A-B13D-9BE4F6…)

No. 1810314

File: 1681741789967.jpeg (35.1 KB, 1024x575, 1674F844-4BE2-486A-AAAC-E0CDD8…)

No. 1810316

File: 1681741852070.jpeg (32.58 KB, 1024x575, 11A3185E-B606-4BA1-A591-2772F1…)

Crawling out of my skin at “Princess Mommy”

No. 1810318

File: 1681741906978.jpeg (114.33 KB, 1169x1577, 37CFD10D-BCF2-4ADE-A130-5E3670…)

No. 1810319

File: 1681741967864.jpeg (25.76 KB, 1169x658, 379E912F-D474-419C-8127-3D08E8…)

Wow, a whopping $46 total. Much femdom Shay

No. 1810320

File: 1681742025855.jpeg (96.07 KB, 1170x1000, 8775E4F6-085B-4531-9B3C-762608…)

No. 1810324

This is absolutely vile, her femdom larp is so embarrassing but this shit is disgusting and paedophilic what the fuck.

No. 1810326

Looking at how fat and ugly you are and realizing I’m not the ugliest is quite the ego boost

No. 1810328

File: 1681742819973.jpeg (174.36 KB, 1242x1615, 962E67B2-CF41-4079-BEA3-D27738…)

No. 1810329

File: 1681742846083.jpeg (115.07 KB, 1242x993, 94A3C5F4-A25C-4BFA-B981-4E6FC2…)

She’s so fucking bitchy. She thinks she’s better than everyone else it’s annoying

No. 1810331

File: 1681742945475.jpeg (271.35 KB, 1242x1696, 9E10EB20-FF0D-4C59-8691-39CC37…)

Shayna Clifford interacting with Michael Slack, MAGA pedophile who purchased his biological daughters onlyfans and anonymously interacted with her on a Twitter account he made specifically to jerk it to his daughter.

No. 1810334

who is the daughter?

No. 1810335

It's in semi-older threads, lurk moar

No. 1810339

Lurk more retard
>Michael Slack from Missouri >>1521896, >>1524173,
>Truck driver, US Navy Veteran
>Works at CFI
>Usernames consist of: Gray Hair, zapman68,
>His Twitter handle is @GNotold
>known as the “Monsters inc gif” sender
>Proud Trump supporter on Facebook >>1523388,
>Had a sex worker daughter, consumes Shayna’s “incest” roleplay porn.
>Daughter quit sex work in 2020
>Mike made a Twitter account to follow his blood related daughter’s sex work account (without her knowledge) >>1523443, >>1523483,
>He’s shown holding her in his lap >>1523400,
>Selfie posted on Facebook and sw Twitter account, proving that she’s his daughter >>1523449, >>1523455, >>1524298,
>Buys things off her wishlist >>1523459, and watched her cam shows >>1524418,
>An anon must have cowtipped because she started deleting all of her pictures and >>1523551, deleted her whole account

No. 1810340

File: 1681743613726.jpeg (495.19 KB, 2560x1920, E4BCE298-EE7D-4350-B15B-E12FF0…)

Do you wanna per

No. 1810341

Michael (Mike) Slack of Missouri; @GNotold on Twitter. Michael Slack is a US Navy Veteran and CFI truck driver, who proudly drives one of the ‘True to The Troops’ trucks while he avidly supported his own biological daughters porn career alongside Renton’s Shayna Leigh Clifford (Dolly Mattel)’s porn!

No. 1810352

File: 1681745300100.jpeg (77.07 KB, 1170x900, 3DDB8194-1EA4-4A7E-8838-C5754D…)

This is absolutely hilarious knowing she broke up with Shane because he wouldn’t answer her texts

No. 1810353

File: 1681745350901.jpeg (324.72 KB, 1170x1669, 8042CF27-DB2B-4604-AF36-AF933B…)

No. 1810358

Finally pitiful fat retarded creature walks oh and noodle too.

No. 1810376

Capitalizing on legal FGM is really something from Shaynus.

No. 1810386

File: 1681748565426.jpeg (86.9 KB, 750x892, 15AD581D-C4F6-4F4C-B93C-F67B4C…)

No. 1810390

File: 1681748989348.jpeg (31.93 KB, 686x430, E34A35FC-2CA9-4590-8E87-BE9C4E…)

old ass milk but i don't think she's ever had any luck on there. does shayna even know what discreet means? her profile said she's 25 going on 13 and she never wears a bra or have any nice clothes to go to dinner in.

No. 1810393

File: 1681749597414.jpeg (200.47 KB, 1170x1654, 47BAC27F-2C35-475C-A010-FC1BBD…)

She must be broke, she always pulls her “femdom” shtick when she really needs money

No. 1810394

oh no not the bangs pulled into the pigtails thing again…

No. 1810419

Dog autism and nitpick but I hate that this bitch has those shitty dangerous retractable leashes and doesnt put a harness on her dog. Id bet that poor untrained thing pulls when walked and thats so bad for it. Its one thing to take them out to pee with just the collar set up, but she's never shown a harness for her and obviously doesn't use one. Also dog looks too fat for that dingey collar. I guess Shay thinks thats normal, based on how she dresses herself.

No. 1810421

she looks like shes about to cry here. bleak.

No. 1810428

Omg I'm honestly so so happy to see her and noodle out for a walk! I'm sure they bonded and felt rly good after touching grass together. Now just get that poor baby a harness Shay, you can do it! Her being a better dog owner is the one thing in her life I actually could see her managing to improve, thus improving her own bleak existence. Speaking from experience, when my dog thrives i thrive. Im sorry it's just the thought of noodle suffering has been bothering me for a long time, like way more than I wanna admit lmao(sage your shit)

No. 1810446

File: 1681757530829.png (455.74 KB, 828x1792, B2EB5450-7ECF-4581-A650-FF8D47…)

No. 1810452

This is such a nitpick. Even if Shayna could do something better for her dog, this is the kind of leash that most dog owners use in America. Do you not go outside?

No. 1810457

the way she shamelessly broadcasts her alcoholism this deep into her addiction… i would be insanely embarrassed to be this dependent on alcohol, why does she share this? it's not a cute look. it's giving can't bear her bleaque existence without consuming copious amounts of substances

No. 1810460

that original tweet is from a radfem which makes me think she actively searched for that post after anons here made labiaplasty comments.

No. 1810469

her clothes do not fit her! she looks so greasy and fat

No. 1810470

Next Shay thread title: Got Your Nose! Edition

No. 1810475

the bags that she was charged for at the airport because they were too big… were they her eyebags by chance? oof.

No. 1810482

No. 1810494

imagine running a radfem twitter making a point about unnecessary expensive plastic surgery for moid's pleasure and fucking shaynus quote tweets you with zoomed in snatch pictures. the horror

No. 1810499

No shitty or ignorant people use those leashes. They are dangerous to other people and dogs.

No. 1810500

File: 1681762560642.jpg (37.17 KB, 620x794, ow ow ow.jpg)

imagine the painful pinching feeling. i would be complaining on the internet 24/7 too

No. 1810501

Day drinking is really trashy and screams I have nothing going on in life. Very alcoholic behavior.

No. 1810503

Day drinking is fine if you're out for brunch or something with friends. Doing it alone is when it starts to get pathetic. The nitpicks today are outrageous.
Her skin is looking ROUGH, holy shit. I also don't get why she's only blurring the front of her forehead wrinkles while leaving the sides. Shanyus is a goddamn enigma, I swear.

No. 1810544

>I don’t need tht surgery!
Shut up fatty you need a goddamn liposuction and Hemmeroid repair and then a nose job

No. 1810566

File: 1681768812232.jpeg (249.37 KB, 1170x1387, 7D56B85B-9BB8-429A-9B1C-6C2B95…)

No. 1810586

Fucked up that that probably really is one of the best times that retarded dog has ever had since Shay adopted it.

No. 1810587

Am I retarded Nonnie I think it’s cute though maybe not on her, I think she over accessorizes her hair. A bow isn’t a good substitute for washing/styling.

No. 1810590

>you guys nitpick too much
>nitpicks skin
Let people nitpick nothing else is going on, better than stupid surgery tinfoiling

No. 1810596

She needs higher waisted pants. Even if you're really skinny, if you wear the wrong cut pants, they will look like shit on you and give you a muffin top. even the most fit girl would have spillage if their jeans didn't match their body type. You'd think after years of doing this, she'd recognize when things look bad. I'd imagine years of moid validation clouded her mind so that she still doesn't see anything wrong with this picture because her coomers will still faun over her. >>1810469

No. 1810600

File: 1681772006038.png (7.96 KB, 925x101, Screenshot (246).png)

Perhaps a nitpick, but as a dog owner it really pisses me off. I specifically go to places where leash laws are enforced because I'd like for my pup and I to go on a nice walk together without the threat of an unruly off-leash dog coming up to us. But no, I am automatically labeled a karen for worrying about a strange dog attacking mine.

No. 1810603

I actually really agree with you I think it’s irresponsible to unleash your dog around people or dogs, my dog is fairly trained and even if he’s off leash he still heels to me but I have severe doubts that shaymus dog is well trained. I have an infant and the dog took more work to train than the infant.

No. 1810606

>taking the dog for a walk and now this
I wonder if someone said something to her about her dog being obese and how cruel it is

No. 1810609

I think noodle is cute. You just know shat didn’t give her a bath tho so I bet her whole house reeks of dirty wet dog now

No. 1810616

>>1810609 Same and the fact she wont take noodle out again for probably years, even though she had so much fun is just depressing. I feel so bad for these pets man.

No. 1810617

Because she's dumb as a rock and sees 20 somethings like her posting themselves out partying and she thinks she's the same… except those people are out doing things with friends, and shes a greasy fat loser drinking alone.

No. 1810618

File: 1681774866541.jpeg (114.75 KB, 750x1093, AB0A1FC8-64A1-43D6-AB9A-3C7A98…)

shayna telling someone to get a diary and to stop posting on twitter

No. 1810619

All she does is bitch about what other people post, how about you worry about yourself idiot

No. 1810620

shayna is so narcissistic she typed this and hit post without thinking about how she also constantly complains on her porn account
or that it's okay because her coomers care about her retarded inner thoughts sooo much

No. 1810621

Could she BE any less self-aware? Jesus.

No. 1810622

why does she gaf if other sex workers ruin their bag by posting manhate on their sex work accounts? How does that affect her at all? Her rabid pickmeism strikes again.
She’s just bitter because those women are probably actually hot enough to not have to lick men’s boots to keep them as customers

No. 1810625

Fat Shat hates women so her making tweets targeting other women and sex workers isn't a problem but someone acknowledging that coomers are shit low value men is a problem. She's showing her audience of 3 coomers how much of a NLOG she is and no matter how disgusting they are, they're welcome to view her free asshole pics and also please subscribe to her OF so she can make rent. Bleak and pathetic.

No. 1810626

“a good friend” lmao it’s Ellen who’s secretly crying in the corner because Shatna won’t say she’s her girlfriend

No. 1810629

at this point, her lack of self awareness is so chronic and severe that I worry she actually does suffer from delusions and severe dissociation.

No. 1810630

Right? She makes constant posts about how other sex workers are fucking up their money, shayna is very concerned with what others are doing.
I do not get it, why do you care I'd your competition is losing money? It has to be people who she's not following because she wouldn't be saying this if someone she's following posted about hating men.
So she sees other people's tweets, gets so mad that she writes multiple tweets.Shayna told a story about how some scrote has asked a girl if she followed him back or something, the girl said no or was rude and shay said she called the girl out.
That's what this is, she treats twitter like hs. Where she's always the person speaking up except she's doing so in a vague way

No. 1810633

poor noodle, you just know it will be months or years before she has any fun again

No. 1810635

File: 1681776185565.jpeg (235.26 KB, 1170x1992, 38C4B997-DAB2-4D5C-AB8D-992EB5…)

And boom there it is

No. 1810636

Who's going to tell her that a lot of man hating sex workers probably make more or less the same or more money than her? Men don't care if you like them or not, they just want to coom.

No. 1810638

File: 1681776491553.jpeg (Spoiler Image,124.61 KB, 1170x879, E9AD6D77-B2AF-477C-8D16-298288…)

No. 1810641

Kek, perfect timing. I don't think she will recover from this, it will only get worse for her. Her weight is literally destroying her income. Maybe being fat is going to force her to go home and stop embarrassing herself further.

No. 1810642

What a loser

No. 1810647

Nta but nah I think this is someone else because she loves baiting moids with the "my gf" thing.
It's because it makes her feel above others, simple as.
Jenna Jameson and Bree Olson are two famous porn stars who admit that they prefer women and hate men because of what they've seen/encountered. If you're hot enough moids do not care, she's just ugly, fat, and not sexy in the slightest.

No. 1810650

Are these older photos? She looks thinner

No. 1810653


Socks are always so dirty.

No. 1810656

translation: i spent all my waking hours getting drunk and high ordering doordash instead of literally anything that would improve my life.
my family would not continue to bail me out for the one millionth time. i will continue to run my life into the ground with any money you give me.
sext me for $50.

No. 1810665

She’s so lucky Noodle didn’t take that opportunity to just take off. How could she even think to let her run around off leash? Besides the fact that she never fuckin thinks

No. 1810669

And yet she’s been posting all week about the multiple times she’s gone out and then expected reimbursement?

No. 1810671

File: 1681778380602.jpeg (48.19 KB, 750x380, 911D4C5B-7A89-412C-B864-92D495…)

she deleted these already. what a failure and it's all her own doing kek

No. 1810674

Stormy from the camwhore thread has been doing this a lot lately, and other things Shayna has mentioned on her twitter lately. I feel like she's talking about her. I know she's blocked every camwhore even mentioned on lolcow. She probably keeps tabs.

No. 1810689

i remember months ago people were debating if she ever walked noodle or not. nice to know i was right and that if she ever walks noodle shes going to post a shitty picture to her cooomers who don't give a shit. she 100% never does this and thats why shes announcing it. the same way everytime shes outside she needs to let everyone know by taking a nude in the toilets.

No. 1810692

What does a "rough patch with mental health" have to do with ones financials? Unless she's saying she was mentally off the rails and spent money irresponsibly but like… thats all she ever does. Nothing new. Get therapy or something ffs.

No. 1810698

>eats like absolute shit
>boozes nonstop
>never exercises
>lets ugly moids abuse & degrade her
>doesn’t go to therapy or do a single fucking thing for her mental health
>”uwu I’m depressed”

Why do these e-whores constantly use “depression” as a reason for doing nothing with their lives, when their shitty unhealthy lifestyles are a direct cause of their poor mental health? Like go outside and eat a vegetable bitch.

No. 1810703

she was making the exact same posts on tumblr years ago. she hasn't changed at all

No. 1810709

she literally just calls it depression when she just has no discipline. too depressed to do something she supposedly loves doing but able to go out to drink and go to the lake. she just doesn't like doing difficult things, which is why she'll never stop smoking/drinking/ruining her life
you can't be thriving and debilitatingly depressed at the same time shaynus

No. 1810717

didn't clean the dog when she got home and probably has leptospirosis now

No. 1810724

Posting this >>1810618 and then this >>1810635 within hours of difference is insane. that moid bootlicking isn’t taking you very far huh?

No. 1810727

it’s so hilarious how she tries the findom thing for a day or two when she’s desperate. then when it doesn’t work out, she immediately just reverts to begging and talking about how terrible her life is so people will feel bad for her. it’s like clockwork, I can’t help but laugh every time.

No. 1810729

Seeing that retarded dog off leash gave me anxiety. She’s a lab mix. Labs are runners + chasers when you give them the chance even if a trained dog. They love to chase things more then listen once they get that focus.
Hopefully if shayna loses this apartment she will rehome noodle and the cats..yet that’s wishful thinking.

No. 1810735

File: 1681786723838.jpeg (90.04 KB, 1170x1492, C614883E-6B70-4500-B2BB-BDC4F1…)

No surprise there

No. 1810740

Just get a real job you slob. This is so embarrassing. GET A JOB!!

No. 1810750

She could literally fold clothes and make more money wtf is she doing. I’ll never understand people like her

No. 1810773

The postal service is usually hiring, Shayna. She’d get benefits, good pay, holidays, and lose a ton of weight from all the walking too kek my little fantashay job for her. I’m sure she could still wear pigtails lmao

No. 1810783

At least she's admitting she's broke now. She cracks me up, though. She thinks sex work is the only job where you can be "free" or whatever. If you're a decent writer/video editor/code monkey, you can do freelancing, consulting, etc. on your own schedule. If you're good at it, companies will fly you out to conventions and cover airfare/hotel/food, and you don't even have to utter the words "reimburse me, daddy." Plenty of jobs dgaf if you went to college, will give you a flexible schedule/free shit, and won't make you get naked or replace you the minute you develop a wrinkle.

It's like in her mind, there are three types of jobs:
1. Fast food/retail normie
2. Office normie
3. Internet whore

I assume she has this mindset to keep herself from going insane, but my god she loves to talk about how great SW is while also looking like she's one "lol fat" comment away from bursting into tears.

No. 1810785

>She thinks sex work is the only job where you can be "free" or whatever. If you're a decent writer/video editor/code monkey, you can do freelancing, consulting, etc. on your own schedule. If you're good at it, companies will fly you out to conventions and cover airfare/hotel/food, and you don't even have to utter the words "reimburse me, daddy."
Do you think shayna would be capable of that

No. 1810796

She'd have to quit smoking weed for a couple months to detox enough to pass a drug test.

No. 1810799

>>1810773 She would not last 1 week at usps. Physical work 8+ hrs every single day and about one day off a week at most, her fat ass would collapse if she even attempted

No. 1810800

does all this recent weight gain and "depression" stem from the disaster that was shane? she's such a pick me that never gets picked

No. 1810801

remember when that moid a few threads ago hit her up for a video and she sperged about her video minute rates? smh

No. 1810809

The weight gain's been going on since she was with Fupa. She could be drinking more over losing that deranged moid but she's been on a downward spiral for a long time now.

No. 1810812

the worst part is she'd probably naturally drop some weight if she just gave up the booze. there is no safe or healthy way to consume it, and unless she wants alcorexia like Felice Fawn she has to put down the pink wine now before it's too late.
not saying it isn't already too late tbh, my money is on gall bladder surgery.
wonder how much she's going to balloon up after surgery/recovery, and how much she's going to drink and smoke on whatever meds they give her.

No. 1810813


this is making me cringe so much, the desperation for money reeking

No. 1810815

Get stoned immediately after waking up, get drunk before noon, wonder why you’re depressed. Maybe it’s the haters

No. 1810818

>If you're a decent writer/video editor/code monkey, you can do freelancing, consulting, etc. on your own schedule. If you're good at it, companies will fly you out to conventions and cover airfare/hotel/food
i mean yeah but shes none of that. shes been whoring and smoking weed non stop for almost 10 years and her "job" is making the same porn video every two months.

No. 1810825

Yeah I don't get anons who think that Shayna should just get a regular job, especially if it's a high skill one. It's clear that all she wants to do is sit on her ass all day and smoke weed. She has zero work ethic and that's why she's turned to sex work

No. 1810832

not that nonni, but thank you so much, this is top tier bleaque milk

No. 1810840

Of course not. I'm pointing out what a retard she is for acting like SW is the only flexible WFH job women can choose from that comes with decent perks. Maybe if she'd spent the last 7 years perfecting her writing or learning to code, that would be a possibility, but that would require ambition. I'm just tickled that she acts like flying to LA occasionally and barely scraping by on tips from moids is preferable to a job where you don't have to take off your clothes but still get all the perks (flexibility, travel, etc.)

Shaynus could never, obviously. Maybe if she'd had an intervention at 17, but definitely not now lol. My point was just that she thinks there's no gray area between "Fuck college, I'm doing porn!" and "I am a soul-less wage slave, thank you for calling Dunder Mifflin." This isn't one of those retarded "If only she'd just [do thing she's incapable of doing]…" fanfic posts. She just sees everything in black and white and is willing to ruin her life over it. I think it's hilarious.

No. 1810851

No. 1810856

RIGHT? she's so pressed that pretty girls can be outright in their misandry on main and STILL get paid while she's reduced to hellofresh, unable to afford to block even the most foul diapersubs

No. 1810863

KEK nona I cackled

No. 1810865

File: 1681816396972.png (27.14 KB, 1040x388, Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 9.11…)

No. 1810874


She really thought he was going to fight for her. It was refreshing to see a cow try to throw some classic bpd bullshit and to get totally rejected. I also tinfoil that she got really lazy around that period and she didn't have a backup plan bc Shane WAS her backup plan. She thought they were going to be The Mattels pt. 2 but I doubt he could've supported her like Fupa did anyway.

No. 1810894

>please clap
We all know she probably wakes up at one in afternoon because she's a lazy sow, but what the fuck can this bitch POSSIBLY be doing that she doesn't start "working" until nine at night?

No. 1810896

>finally gets around to her “job” of lying on her back lazily dildoing herself for pennies at 9pm
>”please be proud of me”

Just when you think she can’t lower the bar any further…

No. 1810899

Floundering around on her back like a beached whale while she buzzes her clit with the same cheap vibrator that uses every time. So difficult and so much hard work.

No. 1810903

She's so dumb, why broadcast to your customers that you're doing a video you DON'T want to do?!
She's supposed to be selling a fantasy and she has so little self awareness that she's constantly shattering it.

No. 1810911

Shayttering coomer dreams

No. 1810930

File: 1681828777411.jpeg (68.91 KB, 1170x866, 1F093540-CA8F-4026-ABBF-570CB6…)

And that’s your own fault

No. 1810932

but you’re totes a luxury findom, right Shat?

No. 1810935

I don’t doubt she barely makes ends meet but Shayna Leigh Clifford is always e-begging. The cycle is (1) findom larp (2) elicit pity for $ (3) carelessly spend (4) continue to do the absolute bare minimum (5) panic and back to (1).

No. 1810942

She's such an hypocrite who can't even follow her advice from less than 24 hours ago.

No. 1810946

Did her dad cut her off or is her travel catching up now?

Mte- she is so dumb

No. 1810949

i think the biggest reason for her ebegging now is cuz something happened with womack. she hinted in a recent camshow that he's her "ex sugar daddy" or something, even though he came back in her chat one time after that. venmo anon used to be able to see whenever he'd send money to ellen for shat's rent, but i think he's been kinda absent lately.

No. 1810952

File: 1681831579045.jpeg (308.8 KB, 1170x1583, 38D699C9-3E79-4CB2-BA7B-B6E760…)

No. 1810953

Go figure, she deleted this

No. 1810955

File: 1681831732689.jpeg (76.4 KB, 1170x1055, 0A3B4D69-86DF-4E6E-9C50-A015E6…)

Please no

No. 1810961

Pffft. Okay but she just did that Vegas thing and Skidmore recently. Seemed like she sold some customs and has been doing her ridiculous sales and things and bragging about people buying her vids.
Im not saying she should be well off, but? She just wont ever reflect and take responsibility. Like maybe a 2k+ apartment isnt suitable for her income level first off and shes wild to think it ever was. The economy is shite. And she's always going out and drinking and eating, splurging on shein hauls, buying retarded unnecessary shit, etc.
Tinfoil though that she's stressed she's losing her parents insurance benefits soon after this surgery. And bonus tinfoil the surgery is going to affect her content somehow so she's freaking out. Like she wont be able to do anal or something anymore or she's scared of the comments she'll get on her tits if its that. Idk.
Could also be her parents finally saying enough is enough and not be willing to financially help her anymore.

No. 1810975

File: 1681834890853.gif (1.99 MB, 540x960, 4fea807770.gif)

I would like to submit a vote to mark thread #106 as "Mike Slack incest reveal" in future thread ops

No. 1810991

Shayna travels so much and every single time she does for work she comes back begging for money. Even if she is spending every cent she makes as soon as she gets it, what is she spending it on?
Nothing expensive, just expensive food and weed. She didn't even mention her lie about someone stealing her info and buying something for $200. She knows she spends money on the dumbest shit as soon as she gets it. It makes her being flown out/flying for work seem worthless

No. 1810993

She spends so much money and still looks so cheap.

No. 1810994

Would also explain why she’s been extra territorial over her coomers, she prob thought the womackbux would keep flowing and spent accordingly on garbage

No. 1811002

File: 1681838300318.jpeg (94.05 KB, 1170x1236, EA29DC62-059D-469B-85FB-2E6F60…)

Oh boo hoo

No. 1811009

i feel like this constant and pathetic begging are driving away her followers

No. 1811010

For sure this desperation is definitely not appealing to her coomers, she may get the odd few that send a small pity-fuelled amount but even those will disappear and they already seem to be dwindling, porn addicted scrotes don’t care about her financial issues whatsoever and it’s surprising she doesn’t understand that. None of this is at all sustainable and it’s astounding that she still doesn’t see that this far on.

No. 1811012

if she actually needed money so bad she wouldn't be fat

No. 1811019

is it just me or is her begging extra bad? i feel like we're in for a quitting sex work arc OR full service sex work arc but this e-whoring isn't paying off in any way i don't think she'll keep going like this for much longer. she's getting extremely desperate

No. 1811022

I'm all for the tinfoil that her parents cut her off and she's panicking now. It's easy to slog your way through a failing sex work career if mommy and daddy are footing the bill for your rent and utilities, but if they've cut her off she's screwed and has to admit her failing job as a whore isn't making enough to cover whatever expenses she's begging for now, let alone her entire lifestyle.

No. 1811031

Shaysexual. Part 1.

You woke up in the middle of the night. The bright white circle of the moon was staring at you from the window. Your phone was there on the table, charging. A glass of water on the windowsill gleamed amiably. Everything was how it should be. You were already falling back asleep, but then you hear it. A weird sound from your balcony. You got nervous. It didn't sound like a raccoon or a pigeon. This sound reminded you of something, perhaps… A vibrator?!

You slowly got up and headed to the balcony, thinking, okay, it can't be anything dangerous, you just forgot one of your toys out there for some reason. You open the door and your jaw drops.

A gorgeous sex worker was cuffed to your balcony rails. She was wearing nothing but a tiny skirt and a translucent yellowish crop top that you assumed used to be white some time ago. The cottage cheese thighs peeked under the playful skit, heavy and voluptuous, and the lopsided tits that you could see through the flirty top were covered in elegant coral-like green veins. One tit seemed to belong to a zombie. A dildo with a treacherous brown spot on it was laying nearby.

It was her, the girl of your shaytistic dreams, the light of your life, the fire of your loins, Dolly Mattel herself.

— Sorry 2 bother u!!! I just had 2 make som content 4 the of!!! Also, I got kicked out for not paying rent, can I stay pwees??? Pwetty pweees?

But what could you do? You couldn't let her stay, could you? You were an average nonnie with a job and a nigel. But you were captivated completely by those empty eyes with fake dollar-store eyelashes…

You woke up the next morning, thinking it was all a dream. Someone was rustling in your kitchen. You thought it must be your nigel cooking you a dry omelet that tasted like that Rubenesque prostitute's crusty feet skin. But wait…Your nigel was on his working trip to Fuplahoma. Something to do with a mysterious whorish creature filming porn on people's balconies. You instantly got up and run to the kitchen.

The Walmart panties with fake cum stains were staring at you as you walked in. Shayna was in your fridge, devouring everything she could find. Her ballsack-like pussy jiggled as she turned around and noticed your shocked expression.

— Tnks for letting me stay!! Also u seem 2 b out of ice cream…and sugar…and butter….and  booz!!

You've taken it as your duty to take care of this vulnerable dainty creature.  You decided you could fix her the way you assumed you could fix your nigel.

You were infatuated with this fatal beauty for a long time now. You were the nonnie who would always bring the so-called "milk", the endless gallery of Shayna's photos…You dreamily closed your eyes, remembering your favorite Shay photocards that were glued to the wall above your bed.

One was of Shayna's power puff girls larp. Oh, that cheap shiny latex, one wonky underboob beneath the crusty triangle of the bra, a flirty side of a muffin top above the plastic belt-skirt suffocating her gut, a big bruise on the thigh, shaped like a rotting plum, which complimented the meaty lunch lady forearm. A sad little lavender octopus plushie on the corner of the musty bed, covered with unwashed sheets saturated with delicious Shayna's sweat…

A couple of other whores were included in this photo originally but you did not add them to your shaltar.

You mentally examined your shanctuary.

Aha, this one must be your absolute favorite. The comparison picture from Shaycountability Thread: Fitness Edition thread. The thin rail that your dearest Shay-Shay used to be back in her Tumblr days didn't evoke a thing in your heart. But the second one… Juvenile and timid, Shayna the bullied school girl was the image your mind went to so many times during the boring, stale "sensual nights" with your slightly-above-average nigel. The cheap porky pink flower in her oily hair next to a tatty ring pop in her uncleaned moldy ear. A little tacky backpack truly disclosed her pedopandering nature.

An off-white top with yellow spots under the armpits - oh, you could only imagine the delightful onion-y scent. And your favorite part: her tremendous thunder thighs under the teeny tiny plaid skirt. The savory coquettish gunt peeking shyly in between them made your little farmer soul explode in incredible ecstasy.

You couldn't call yourself bisexual. You weren't that into moids, and you picked your nigel as he was just a little bit better than other scrotes (at least he wasn't following Twitter OF whores, as you delusionally assumed) but you weren't attracted to other women either. There was only one person that could foam the saliva in your mouth and cloud your mind.

You could say you were…Shaysexual.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1811032

take it to the shaytorium nonnie

No. 1811042

I wouldn’t be shocked if between her needing surgery because of her lifestyle, seeing how awful she looked when she visited for Easter, and her dad being sent the diaper porn if they’re gearing up towards an ultimatum. Only thing is she would be FREAKING on Twitter if that were the case

No. 1811046

not a bad idea, second vote for this

No. 1811057

My 2023 prediction: shaynus will either kill herself, or get a job.


1) No man will ever pick her unless they are desperate AF but shaynus thinks she is too good for the only grade of moid she can get, her followers. Which means she cant just run out and bag a man real quick to marry her because she wont settle for her own league.

2) her looks are fading faster than a polaroid in the sun. If you ask me she never had any "looks" only her skinniness which just made her usual antics of retardation bearable and also fit the ideal she tried to sell as a pedo baiter. Surprise surprise, most pedos who consume her porn dont want to look at someone who looks like an adult, let alone shaynus who looks 10 years older than she really is.

3) she has dug her grave too deep for redemtion. She will totally be able to get a mediocre starting job at mcdonalds or a dispensary for sure, but will she be able to swallow her pride and look people in the eye and say "i failed sex work and now i have to get a real job". Which i dont think she can do. Her ego is too big to swallow she would definetly choke and die. Only fat, ugly bitches cant cut it in porn, right? Uh oh, time to swallow your pills shaynus.

Which leads me to…

4) all of the reasons listed above will ulitimately lead to her suicide. The only thing stopping her is her own narcissism.

Anyways, i hope she doesnt. I dont want anyone to kill themselves. I just wish she could look herself in the mirror, swallow her pride, and change for the better.

No. 1811059

It could be related to the state of the economy. OF whores only get paid because coomers have disposable income. A moid is never going to give money to a sex worker if he can't afford his own requirements like video games, food, funko pops and whatever else bottom of the barrel chronic wankers spend their money on.

No. 1811062

1. this is retarded
2. there's literally an entire board dedicated to this brand of retardation

No. 1811066

File: 1681844989374.jpeg (62.25 KB, 750x895, 0484A93C-BBD8-456A-9366-D040BA…)

bootylicious??? shayna??? KEK

No. 1811067

1000% agree. Some people think "my dog is super friendly, he loves people, kids, other dogs AND cats. Its fine if they are off leash my dog is an exception to the rules." Which just shows their ignorance. What about people/kids with extreme fear of dogs? Or the wild animals like squirrels, rabbits, birds and fish who just tryna chill in their natural habitat and home? Or god forbid your stupid dog runs up on a non friendly, reactive, aggresive dog? Some people have well trained guard dogs that have a right to be out in public as much as any other dog. But often times because of their training dont like being around other dogs or strangers. And its unfair to reactive dogs especially because if the reactive dog on the leash attacks and hurts the unleashed dog that ran up on it, the leashed dog could be liable for punishment! Hopefully not but all that sort of thing runs on a case by case basis.

Inconsiderate shaynus, but whats new?

No. 1811068

She's spooked her [zombie tit? wrecked ass?] surgery is gonna put her down for the count for longer than she has banked content to cover. She had months to plan for this, yet here we are

No. 1811074

>will she be able to swallow her pride and look people in the eye and say "i failed sex work and now i have to get a real job".
The crazy part about this is that she wouldn't even have to quit sex work. The "sex work is real work" crowd can not wrap their head around the fact they can have a job during the day and be an OF whore at night. OF is not and will never be full time work, and in fact a smart whore would realise they could fund their porn productions with a REAL job, but they're all retarded BPDfags so they won't ever do it

Poor Americans are always fat you spanner, they can only afford shit food

No. 1811081

>boohoo give me your money
Maybe don't live where the COL is so fucking high in a two bedroom apartment you can't afford by yourself.

No. 1811083

File: 1681846758292.jpeg (93.67 KB, 1170x1190, 283FC064-D28F-457F-B552-559AD6…)

No. 1811084

>can we keep going
The audacity

No. 1811087

anon the fact that you quoted lolita in reference to shayna is downright sociopathic

No. 1811096

File: 1681847876998.jpeg (61.07 KB, 1170x528, B03457F0-F943-4790-AB2A-796E9E…)

She probably thinks this will help with sales

No. 1811108

File: 1681849123814.jpeg (9.2 KB, 295x239, F625F0AD-BE08-4ABF-B7D9-C093B1…)

The video kek

No. 1811111

File: 1681849201213.jpeg (28.76 KB, 492x472, 6F31B2C4-7F23-41D2-AACF-00722E…)

No. 1811112

File: 1681849226874.jpeg (12.04 KB, 354x266, EB71C067-E92A-42A3-B939-5F898E…)


No. 1811114

please tell me this is edited? because i didn’t recognize her for a minute when i saw these on the front page. her body fat is starting to spread like dough when she lies down now.

No. 1811116

File: 1681849670384.jpeg (12.37 KB, 317x281, E18D5725-F4B6-4CA6-BB41-78E980…)

Nonna, I’m cackling that you’re questioning the reality of shaymu’s exponential weight gain. It’s not edited at all. She’s HUGE. It’s directly from the trailer she posted earlier on her twitter

No. 1811132

Its giving amberlynn reid.

No. 1811133

I don’t see her being able to get a job. She never worked, never had friends. She must be awkward as fuck IRL, 0 social skills. The only person she talks to is Ellen and she’s a special kind of loser. I don’t see that working for any type of jobs. People her age usually date around but no one wants to be around someone like that. Very bleak. Probably gonna mooch off her parents for the rest of her life, I mean they didn’t even cut her off after all her bs. It cannot be worse!

No. 1811134

If she wasn't a drunk retard she would just lean into the fat fetish stuff and give up her dream of being an uwu baby barbie bimbo

No. 1811135

Lord give me the strength to not alog.

One thing I don't understand is the lack of foresight. This job won't last, hell, it isn't even making ends meet now because she lives vicariously outside of her means. She's got the full freedom of 24 hour days to either learn how to improve her business to make more money or to go to school on her parents' dime and do onlyfans as disposable income. And she does neither. She's already aging out of the "prime" camgirl demographic, she's gained weight, she burns bridges with every collaboration partner she makes.

Wasn't the reason she moved out because her parents wanted her to quit sex work? Big deal, she hates being sexual on cam, hates filming the same tired videos, and prefers to take photos anyway. Aside from probably her pets, what is literally stopping her from taking a free ride to improve her life other than pure idiocy? She has no problem begging shamelessly on twitter.

No. 1811136

She looks like those fat people on reality TV shows. I know she's not that fat (yet) but she has that fat trailer trash look.

No. 1811137

Very true. And shayna doesnt even think she can work a real job period, she can barely work a lazy whore job. She definitely will not be doing them both. The fact that she cant barely do a considerably easy "job" speaks volumes.

Imagine shaymu getting up at 5am to be in the shower by 5:30 so she can be ready for her 10 min commute to work by 5:50 so she can be at work on time at 6am. Its almost unfathomable considering she procrastinates till 9pm to make one single porno video…

The fact that all her vids are average 10-15mins means she could pound out a video every other hour and still have time to edit, upload, do chores and relax. Not to mention that she refuses to make porn for other niches. She is so stuck on being a "baby bimbo" but is so far from that niche in reality that she wont ever make money making the content she does because the freaks into it arent into HER because she doesnt fit the aesthetic.

This bitch gonna crash and burn so hard, she has no idea whats coming.

No. 1811139

it's just astonishing how she keeps getting uglier kek the gift that keeps on giving

No. 1811142

She looks like Chris Farley holy shit.

No. 1811143

is it just me or is she looking fatter than ever? maybe it's the way she did her eyebrows and hair that makes her look even more like a southern trailer trash mama

No. 1811145

Maybe she’ll try working at Walmart when she’s 30+?? I wonder what her 5 yr plan is

No. 1811148

The stupid thing is that she does make a livable wage with sex work, but she squanders it all on day drinking in bars, expensive weed and takeout. She would live quite comfortably if she just cooked and drank at home and quit weed. But she’s too happy and content in her life and her work to actually be sober for 24 straight hours.

No. 1811150

big shaynus is the canary in the coalmine

No. 1811153

File: 1681853998145.jpeg (Spoiler Image,277.04 KB, 1600x901, A243F148-26BF-4E06-BFBA-D8F505…)

Jesus Christ nona now I can’t unsee it now

No. 1811155

File: 1681855207920.jpeg (135.83 KB, 1170x1391, A892C811-FF11-45C8-A3F6-71B003…)

No. 1811160

I wonder if she got her gym membership refunded.

No. 1811161

there's no way the majority of her living expenses weren't paid for by her parents and ellen. her dumb ass just spends all her sex work pennies on doordash and weed. i 100% believe her parents cut her off financially and that's why she's freaking out

No. 1811164

I guess it was a makeup choice but oof the shiny face. Looks like she's got the pork sweats.

She keeps trying to recreate the eyeshadow from Vegas super spreader shoot. The colour is doing her no favors.

No. 1811165

imagine if she was flying out another scrote with this money

No. 1811168

I know this has been said but I also genuinely doubt she actually does make a living wage though. She lives in an expensive part of the country in a two bedroom place, not even counting all her utility bills, internet, phone, all her shitty shopping hauls, weed, booze, doordash… it doesn't line up with what she's been making. I think she honestly hasn't made enough to live off since the Tulsa McMansion, when she was skinny and less busted than now, and ever since then she's had someone else pay her rent. Be it Fupa back in those Oklahoma apartments, her parents, Ellen… someone else is footing the bill for her life and it doesn't add up, and from the sounds of things whoever was footing that bill just might not be anymore.

No. 1811169

Already (somehow) reached her begging goal and is proceeding to beg for more good lord. Why is she expecting handouts due to her own financial failings, clearly thriving Shaynus.

No. 1811174

She'll probably be a miserable cashier at walmart or burger king with no personality and missing 2 nails

No. 1811176

I’m surprised she’s never been reported for tax evasion or that the IRS hasn’t come after her at all in all the years she’s done this. She’s a small fish, but they don’t play about money. She thinks she’s struggling now… she’d truly be fucked if they came after her for unreported income.

No. 1811178

I wonder if her dad cut her off

No. 1811179

File: 1681858391341.jpeg (137.24 KB, 1170x1542, F1D3FD1D-7B47-4EB3-A58F-3C1BB4…)

Get ready for the Vegas shit show content

No. 1811183

File: 1681858715752.jpg (715.26 KB, 4819x4819, 1681858548098.jpg)

Shay has claimed this diaper moid to just use for money

Dude actually shits his pants (well.. diaper) in the name of kink

No. 1811187



atleast one of her moids tag her in posts.

No. 1811188

File: 1681858953098.jpg (169.47 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_2023-04-19-00-02-36…)

Not at all.

No. 1811190

Kek I see what’s going on, she spent every last penny on booze, weed, and shein and probably starting having to pay for bills this year, and forgot to save anything for taxes. She waited till the last minute to file her taxes and fucked herself over. If she’s trying to desperately collect it today she must not have it readily available + next utilities. She doesn’t make much, maybe she has 5,000-8,000 in taxes due? so she doesn’t have that plus next utilities in her savings. Jesus. Not even 10k to show after constantly proclaiming to be a veteran sex worker, and constantly dishing out criticisms of how other people should do their “jobs”.
Shayna, this is supposed to be an easy job. You’re just too ugly and stupid for your own good and refuse to give up a job that does not work for ugly bitchy girls.
Truly a nightmarish way to live.

No. 1811198

"A moid is never going to give money to a sex worker if he can't afford his own requirements like video games, food, funko pops and whatever else bottom of the barrel chronic wankers spend their money on."
video games> OF(sage your shit newfag)

No. 1811199

Wow nona I didn't think about the tax angle, I think you're right. And always I doubted she files quarterly like most people who have a functioning brain do when they don't work a regular job/do gig + self employed work.

No. 1811203

she's going to be crying this time next year when CashApp snitches on her

No. 1811210

File: 1681861119872.jpeg (227.36 KB, 1170x1653, 5BE34C44-B4B3-4C58-A946-90F39E…)

I can’t tell if this is hilarious or absolutely sad

No. 1811211

Ooooh I agree. Today is literally the deadline to file taxes in the US. What an idiot.

No. 1811218

2nd one's kinda cute, if you get past the greasy hair and horrible blush.

No. 1811219

This thread is getting really sad

No. 1811224

the fucking lil spritz of hair at the top of her ponytail makes me so irrationally angry

No. 1811227

doesnt help that her eyes are barely open and red as shit

No. 1811228

It looks she has pink leggings on jesus!

No. 1811231

it depends on how much your income is. the IRS generally speaking doesnt go after people who make below a certain amount

No. 1811244

She should rebrand as Ms.Piggy

No. 1811245

My thoughts exactly.

No. 1811259

File: 1681865493097.jpeg (89.9 KB, 1170x1158, 970461DD-6EBC-4553-ACEF-18F210…)

She’s begging now and saying she’s broke. But just wait, she’ll be out to brunch or drinking soon

No. 1811270

I really think you may be right. This level of desperation is surprising, even from Shat, and it's the middle of the month so she should theoretically have some wiggle room if it were actually rent or whatever. I've seen a lot of people saying how they owe this year, too. God, Shayna tax evasion saga when.

No. 1811274

Carbie is one of my new fave nicknames for her kek

No. 1811283

That's one big bitch. I like to see it.
That might be an insult to Chris Farley.
Maybe that would be the wakeup call to her coomers.
How dare you. One is the peak of womanhood, classiness, the ability to know your worth and to clock a stupid moid when he needs it. The other is a degenerate pedophile e-whore.

No. 1811285

File: 1681867306888.jpeg (68.04 KB, 1170x464, C89771A3-27F9-4C7F-90E5-D48961…)

This account has been around since 2013 and interacts with a lot of accounts. So I hope this isn’t a farmer

No. 1811286

Amy Schumer on her way to Amberlynn Reid.

No. 1811287

Wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. There are males who love seeing twitter whores suffer, there’s a twitter account that I’m 99% sure Shay got posted onto too called “OF whore L’s” or something like that

No. 1811288

File: 1681867669391.jpg (54.75 KB, 500x709, Pepe-the-king-prawn.2.jpg)

i love when ewhores do that. it is always the same script, maybe their phone broke for the 12th time and they need money for a new one, or phone bill is $100 so please can someone help out, omg totally forgot about rent can someone send me money for rent i'll send you a pic of my crotch, and so on. then a few days later they're posting their starbux order and the next day their table for brunch.

No. 1811290

Yeah there are a few of those but the biggest is onlyfanspostinl, their ig account too

No. 1811292

>few days later they're posting their starbux order and the next day their table for brunch
Piggy and the pedo are going to be going out for lunch very soon.

No. 1811297

File: 1681869133605.jpeg (34.55 KB, 1170x419, 5F091E9E-A441-4E47-9295-3A7E8D…)


No. 1811298

And you know what people do when the job they have doesnt support the life they lead? They find a better, higher paying one, not get on twitter and beg. And what exactly is her job? Begging? No. Making crappy porn is. But instead of making more of her crappy porn so she can make more money, she cries and begs online for other peoples money.

Enablers are almost as bad as the actual people they enable.

No. 1811302

File: 1681869954935.jpeg (123.63 KB, 1170x1461, 290D24BE-509F-406A-BA37-631701…)

Gonna drink and spend all that money already

No. 1811309

If you’re a desirable person and have a bunch of simps that’s a good way to get money for nothing, seems to be common for those terminally online always overreacting about any issue and asking if anyone can foot the bill because what’s the harm in asking. Problem for shayna is the handful of people sending her money aren’t going to around forever. But hey all she had to do is beg like a retard and she got 600 dollars without any work.

No. 1811311

She should’ve pretended she didn’t hit $500 yet kek

No. 1811312

File: 1681871201723.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.65 KB, 1600x901, FaceApp_1681871189649.jpg)

I couldn't resist

No. 1811314

Next thread pic

No. 1811316

File: 1681871911316.png (Spoiler Image,1.84 MB, 1600x901, twins.png)

Just needed a slight makeup adjustment.

No. 1811317

forgot to tag yours nonnie

No. 1811319

There are off leash dog parks on lake Washington. I go to one that looks just like this, where the dogs can run out in the water like that

No. 1811325

coomers turn on their content creators for literally no reason. so pathetic to pander to men who will drop you at the slightest hint that you're not beneath them.

No. 1811346

no lmfao doesnt even have shayna in it. just a low effort shoop.

No. 1811350

she's deleted her begging tweets from earlier. i wonder if she got spooked the people talking about the irs

No. 1811358

that's the thing that gets me about scam artists or people like shay who fall back on scamming when she's broke…why do they always whine and beg and then openly flaunt whatever goodies they've bought with the scammed money like people aren't going to start asking questions? it's so infuriatingly stupid because we see her do this all the time and i just don't get it at all.

i don't think they've cut her off completely, otherwise they know she would start hooking on the street corner. i think they help just enough to keep her afloat, but not as much like before. they're likely just paying her portion of rent and utilities directly, but not actually giving her spending money like before because they know she'd blow it on weed and doordash.

No. 1811372

> Poor Americans are always fat you spanner, they can only afford shit food
Nta but you haven't seen the homeless, they always are thin after a while of being on the streets. You have to have enough money to fund ridiculous serving sizes kek.
Tbf I have a crackhead sister who refuses to get a job and somehow lives off of junkie moids. She is even filthier than Shay if you can believe it and yet moid standards are so low that they'll date/house her. If Shaynus was really that desperate she could find an endless supply of weirdo moids to take advantage of. It's definitely not the safest for a woman but some (aka very few) women have enough narcissism to make the scrote be more traumatized than the other way around kek.

No. 1811377

File: 1681882319882.jpeg (18.99 KB, 628x351, 07C2332F-6F97-4A2A-97F9-F8C9A7…)

Those teeth are looking awfully british lately

No. 1811382

I’m speechless at how ugly she’s gotten, this is worse than when she was doing her no makeup stuff

No. 1811386

She just can't help but brag and try to show off any amount of money or attention she gets, but yeah if she was a smart scammer she would underplay what she gets.

No. 1811403

File: 1681888965230.jpg (26.57 KB, 590x271, Untitled.jpg)

she deleted the tweet.

No. 1811409

no, they look pretty american.

No. 1811441

File: 1681901851339.jpg (30.18 KB, 500x374, Spongebob_Get_a_Job.jpg)

I'm no Forbes cover story but I can't imagine being 26, having no steady income, living alone in a two bedroom apartment in a major city, throwing all my money away on booze weed brunch and takeout, and then being shocked when there's nothing left for expenses at the end of the month.
Womack has 100% ditched her for a more competent whore, that's why she's been so shitty about "client poaching" recently. If it were her parents cutting her off she would be screaming from the rooftops about her bigotted anti-SW parents "financially abusing" her.

No. 1811465

>If it were her parents cutting her off she would be screaming from the rooftops about her bigotted anti-SW parents "financially abusing" her.
She's never admitted that her parents were financially supporting her so I doubt she would announce if they stopped. She wants to project the image that she's a thriving, financially successful sex worker with multiple sugar daddies that throw money at her.

No. 1811470

kek found the brit

she does look like shit though, it has to be the angle because there’s no way she gained that much that quickly

No. 1811484

File: 1681913291025.png (19.39 KB, 1552x734, Screenshot 2023-04-19 at 10.08…)

poll update

No. 1811506

File: 1681915929788.jpeg (97.95 KB, 1170x666, 2C1791FE-B2E8-474F-82A0-A7605F…)

No. 1811515

She has never worked a day in her life and it shows

No. 1811516

girl shut up and do your job it’s always “sex work is hard people don’t understand um I hate when other sex workers do this um I hate when woman say they hate men” same 5 goddamn recycled tweets

No. 1811518

>Shayna's coomers confirmed as retards that are too dumb to use OF
Self own.

No. 1811526

It’s okay because she likes “dumb old men” lmao

No. 1811527

It's tragic she has to help these crusty old men navigate onlyfans. Only bottom of the barrel tards need their hand held for someone like that. They're definitely the type of men to watch porn, brick their computer and call their kid to come fix it, exposing them to all sorts of weird ass porn inadvertently.

Good job Shayna, bottom barrel retarded camwhore with bottom barrel retarded coomers.

No. 1811541

Well tbf what kind of moid aside from severely retarded/inbred hillbillies would be attracted to this >>1811377

No. 1811549

Why she so dumb tho? She could just, idk, sell them the videos directly, cutting out the middle man and getting max profit. Its super simple and her scrotes wouldnt have to make an account on any websites.

No. 1811550

File: 1681920766564.jpeg (Spoiler Image,209.02 KB, 1170x1549, 49869112-61B1-4282-853E-436EFD…)

I can’t with the begging

No. 1811553

I’ve seen sex work Twitter advice that says this exact thing, sell directly through messaging and it’s also a way to evade taxes which they specifically mention as a perk of doing so. No reason for the onlyfans creator to get 20% of your shit if customers are already communicating to you directly. That’s a perk of having a free page too, just collect free subscribers who will follow you on socials and sell them shit separately so you have a larger audience while still posting the free content of nudes to keep them satisfied. Shayna must need the few bucks per subscriber every month though kek

No. 1811556

She couldn't brag about being the "top 50% " or whatever on her websites and she loves to brag and feel superior over other whores

No. 1811559

Her uwu am baby captions hit so much different now that her face looking as haggard, fat and saggy as it is now.
I wish I could go back in time to the early threads & show the old nonnas how fitting of a comeuppance Shayna had.

No. 1811565

File: 1681922464408.jpeg (92.09 KB, 1170x955, BC4C34A8-D0D6-4267-9FC9-A05285…)

No. 1811572

10:1, this woman is unfathomably stupid. unless you think trannies are real women lol

No. 1811574

File: 1681924020946.jpeg (229.13 KB, 1242x1723, 26BF51AF-A30C-4A43-9C85-7FD169…)

No. 1811575

“Why I’m acting different.” You’re being the same bitchy scammy person you always are

No. 1811576

Most people who suffer from anxiety and depression still go to work because you need to work to survive. Is it fair? No. Do we suck it up anyways because we have to? Yes. Does Shayna understand this and do what she has to do instead of complaining like a baby and making excuses for her shitty work ethic? No.

No. 1811577

File: 1681924324474.jpeg (95.57 KB, 750x824, 9DA5A144-FA51-45AC-9C9A-EA2DF5…)

using her poor animals to scam get a job shayna clifford!

No. 1811578

>acting different

she literally does this shtick once a month

No. 1811580

File: 1681924464432.jpeg (161.55 KB, 1242x1674, 8E1F4DDC-513E-43E6-A6ED-B16D56…)


No. 1811581

Women barely even watch porn, let alone pay for it.

No. 1811583

File: 1681924604505.jpeg (243.71 KB, 1242x1411, D9B97610-0E65-4590-8B78-395824…)

She retweeted this old video she made trying to be quirky and cute. I’m surprised it is still up. She looks ugly and fat as hell

No. 1811584


go figure, she deleted all of these showing her bank account & retweeted all of her ‘findom’ tweets asking for money or to spoil her. shat has reached a new low i dndt think she could bend over & touch.

No. 1811586

File: 1681924805407.jpeg (31.76 KB, 750x564, B7AE0FD0-A732-4585-B176-A8BAA3…)

shayna doesn't even follow womack

No. 1811587

Womack is probably assaulting his new dog Mia. Which he named after his fav whore. Coomers shouldn’t be allowed to have dogs.

No. 1811588

I am cackling at the juxtaposition of
>"gimme all ur money u unworthy loser. i am queen goddess bimbo dolly. i deserve all ur hard earned money and u deserve nothing!!"
>manages to milk over $650 from simps
>coomer: >>1811285
>oops uwu [deletes everything]

No. 1811591

File: 1681925408072.jpeg (241.94 KB, 1242x1412, 8DEEFF44-1DF6-461D-8CE6-C040F2…)

blank template for whatever you want to put on her shirt

No. 1811594

She just bought all that stuff before the Vegas thing, supposedly. Scamming or she buys small bags which I understand for cat food I guess. With 1 dog you shouldnt have to buy more than 1 average sized (like 30lbs) dog food bag a month. Shes obviously not getting smaller high quality bags of that.
Jfc shes really scrambling for some reason and its only mid month.

No. 1811599

File: 1681925763804.png (900.05 KB, 1242x1412, Untitled-1.png)

Remember to file quarterly, Shaynus!

No. 1811600

File: 1681925827055.jpeg (239.89 KB, 1242x1412, C9C84F82-B7AA-475A-BC15-414260…)


No. 1811603

I do think her dad cut her off, I also think that's why she went to see her mom, hoping to get her in good grades so she can ask her for money. Or maybe Ellen can't help? I feel like something more is happenings maybe Ellen was paying half her rent or something and now she can't

No. 1811608

She says this shit like she isn’t the one that made the choice to not get a damn regular job, bitch makes me want to alog more than any other cow. Like if it’s that much of an issue just get a job… nobody is making you do this tubby. Address the damn issues in your life good god.

No. 1811609

the pricepoint of their food told me what i already knew: it's the quality of newspaper clippings with gravy on top

No. 1811613

File: 1681927257462.jpeg (60.76 KB, 746x521, 418B9FA5-AD8B-469F-BB03-0B80CE…)

old milk but she said she never asks her parents for help but that's a lie

No. 1811617

That's a retarded nitpick. Litter is about $15 a box, that leaves almost $40 for each bag. I'm sure she's inflating the price of what she paid, but even if she was being honest forty bucks for one bag of pet food is more than enough.

No. 1811620

$40 for a month's worth of pet food = garbage pet food, fight me.

No. 1811622

where did she say it was for the whole month anon?

No. 1811624

Imagine being proud of that kek how depressing.

No. 1811625

Carbie please haha

No. 1811626

Nowhere, most Shaytards just have the reading comprehension of a first grader. There's a lot to nit pick about shay but let's not manufacture milk. She's good at doing that on her own.

No. 1811629

sorry, i will get back on topic: Shay's dog is retarded and i would not have sex with it

No. 1811637

If she really needed money she could probably ask Ellen and her friends for money for rent. It must not be that desperate. She continues to afford her 2 bedroom apartment outside of Seattle so…

No. 1811638

nayrt but a healthy amount of litter for TWO cats is way more than $15 even if you are buying the absolute cheapest stuff. if you disagree your house smells like piss & your cats are stressed, sorry to break it to you

likewise 40$ a bag of food for two cats and a dog with obvious weight issues is really not responsible unless she is only getting like a weeks worth at a time. pet food is expensive.

No. 1811641

you either dont have pets or you also buy them cheap bottom of the barrel shit from walmart

No. 1811642

Ah, I did forget she has two. Probably because she treats the Peanutbutter one like a redheaded stepchild kek. I don't own cats (had a roommate who did, that's how much she spent on litter every two weeks), but 40 a bag still seems like overkill to me

No. 1811643

can we get a petsperg thread in /shay/ and quit shitting up the thread, no1curr about your pets, move on.

No. 1811646

wtf kiwiscrotes need to go back

No. 1811647

File: 1681930656613.jpeg (242.52 KB, 1242x1412, carbie.jpeg)

No. 1811657

it's so funny how she says this and yet can't grasp that it would be way easier to just not use onlyfans and sell her coomers her videos directly kek she's so dense and so incredibly bad at her job

No. 1811661

File: 1681931546579.jpeg (Spoiler Image,124.51 KB, 750x1022, ADE96738-B63F-4872-A418-DE2DCB…)

the other lady comes off so much more professional than dumb ass shayna clifford. she has a website and watermark on her photo and shayna has a twitter kek

No. 1811667

She's proud she got kicked out for e-whoring? She's not even successful. Imagine if Shayna actually used her two braincells and quit SW at 18? She'd be infinitely better off, even if she could only land entry level customer service jobs. Had she been some sort of skinny hooters girl, she probably would have had an easier time finding a sugar splenda daddy looking to cheat on his wife for her weird ass Electra complex at the very least.

No. 1811668

I think about if she'd actually taken her mom up on that free ride to college offer. Out of all the stupid shit Shayna has done, that's the one that baffles me the most. People go into debt for years just to pay for a decent education and she gets the opportunity to go for free and throws it in the trash. Just because showing her tits on the internet was more important to her.

No. 1811671

Why the FUCK would you want retarded coomers thinking about your animals when they pay you? How the fuck can she not see how disgusting it is to post actual photos of your pets in between photos of you dressed as a dog getting fucked up the ass? Isn’t the whole ”reimburse me daddy” thing supposed to be used on frivolous bimbo things and not the absolute bare minimum you should use on three animals for them to survive? How is this different from someone shooting diaper baby porn and then posting photos of their actual infant child and asking coombrains to reimburse their formula?

No. 1811673

Goddamnit lunchbox, just eat less and drink less and you'd be able to barely make rent again.
Can someone edit retarded on this?

No. 1811675

File: 1681932251860.png (905.18 KB, 1242x1412, Untitled-1.png)

I still had the TAX EVASION .psd open so I changed the text, here you go kek
And yea, if she bought maybe a quarter of the alcohol she normally does she could have a decent chunk of savings put away every month. Her sex career is gonna die off really soon and she'll have no money to show for it. Just cheap plastic trinkets and a closet full of Shein sweatshop clothes.

No. 1811676

It was her stepmom and tbh I see why Shayna would turn it down. She's too retarded and lazy, would have been a waste of money because she would have just dropped out as soon as things got inconvenient for her. Outside of her failing sex work career, Shayna has no resilience for anything. And saying she'd drop out is being generous. I could see her being one of those girls who gets knocked up during college, or someone who flunks out of all their classes and gets kicked out. The money would have been best spent sending her ass to military school or a 2 week nature retreat when she was younger.

No. 1811678

No. 1811693

Take this to /shay retards

No. 1811702

File: 1681933906208.png (249.98 KB, 562x1000, shayylmao.png)

The airbrushing is getting ridiculous. She doesnt even look human anymore, picrel(sage your autism)

No. 1811718

Why you think her dad cut her off?

No. 1811747

An anon cowtipped and sent her dad and stepmother pictures of her pedo pandering porn.

No. 1811752

Did she ever follow him?
Also does he still follow her?

No. 1811759

File: 1681937173389.jpeg (220.87 KB, 1170x1723, 88B7D142-976E-4CF7-B7D0-A1F13D…)

Idk which is worst: the caption, her face, or the obvious photoshop to make her ass look bigger

No. 1811765

You're the retarded one. This >>1811702 belongs in shay.

No. 1811774

lmao her face in this is too fucking funny

No. 1811779

She’s really increasing the amount of “femdom” tags she’s using it is so embarrassing and desperate. The sort of shit women that think femdom is some easy free money post kek it’s astounding she’s doing this after years of sex work. This bitch is straight up retarded.

No. 1811780

How wrecked was she when she edited this? Her face looks like it's from the rotting corpse of a clown, her mid section is huge and her feet and upper arms are bigger than her head. It resembles a AI generated image.

No. 1811799

She looks so old in all these from this shoot

No. 1811802

What the fuck is that expression holy shit. It looks like you just caught some chick in the bathroom of a house party mid throwing up on the bathroom floor.

No. 1811803

This is not at ALL what femdom clients want. It’s so obvious she’s just slapping the label onto her current brand as a lazy attempt to cash out. The pedo diaper fetishists aren’t tipping enough I guess?

No. 1811816

What do you mean nona, are you implying that begging for free money out of desperation isn’t top tier findom femdom behavior?

No. 1811825

nta but why trying to infight?

No. 1811829


Shayna tryna make her DD/LG diaper bullshit mesh with findom is too hilarious. She's going for hot teen bimbo that has men drooling and willing to pay for it but she's physically not attractive enough to pull it off. The only reason she's scraping by is because she's one of the sex workers willing to do super degenerate shit like pedo pandering band extreme kink. A teen bimbo that has all men drooling over her doesn't have a diaper fetish Twitter account. A dumb submissive diaper wearing weirdo is not desirable by anyone other than the lowest tier dudes out there. And they only like it because they can degrade you. They're turned off by someone that acts like they're better than him. Those two fetishes are so far apart, it's hilarious how she's so desperate for money yet all she's actually doing is shooting self in the foot. Honestly it's kind of scary she's been a sex worker for so long and doesn't understand the Madonna/whore complex that men who seek out sex workers definitely all have.

Bitch, pick a lane. (it's actually already been chosen for you. It's not the glam bimbo route)

No. 1811833

File: 1681943290062.jpg (71.54 KB, 750x735, ScarierThanAGym.jpg)

No. 1811845

Nta but either you don't know what infighting is or you don't understand what you're reading kek.

No. 1811846

File: 1681943875217.jpeg (138.93 KB, 1170x1146, 49FE3C59-D43A-4843-96AA-DB2DFF…)

No. 1811850

she looked less bloated hooker corpse-esque when she was putting bronzer on and editing herself to be more tan, why did she go back smh

No. 1811866

File: 1681945462983.jpg (249.35 KB, 1242x1412, assmunch.jpg)

No. 1811901

File: 1681949625989.jpeg (59.2 KB, 750x480, 1A5D6241-2EC6-4E79-836F-C9FAAE…)

ewwww did she write these herself and tell that freak to tweet this? everyday i'm glad not to be shayna

No. 1811929

To be fair it's not the worst ratio that she could've used (i.e. 5:1 or something equally ridiculous). 90% of buyers being scrotes is still a lot, but I'd wager it's probably more like 95-97%.

No. 1811948

That anon was obviously joking nona
I think DiapermanDan has replaced Womack which is a new low for her. Imagine having to listen to “baby go cummies in diapey” just to make $5. If I was her I think I would kms.

No. 1811968

Was the last time she mentioned friends that time she went out and flashed her titties when they were walking and then they never talked to her again? There’s something deeply sad about her tweeting about being depressed and then blasting spread asshole pictures. She really has no one but dudes that don’t see her as human, and the only comfort she gets back is a monsters inc gif. This is not sympathy, she absolutely created this hell and deserves it

No. 1811976

the cabbage patch face… the empty eyes…. the dirty socks….. i hope she gets audited.

No. 1812007

she looks like how seth rogan sounds when he laughs

No. 1812015

File: 1681962985386.jpeg (69.12 KB, 600x638, 19B40D30-9AE6-478A-9E09-7D7551…)

No. 1812036

$90 for dog food, cat food, and cat litter? That's actually making me quite sad. I spend about $60 per month on cat food for my one cat and it's not even really high end.

No. 1812037

I'm confused because she could easily continue doing sex work, and work maybe 10-20 hours a week at a liquor or grocery store or something just for a little extra cash. Even shayna could do that. Even if it didn't work out and she hated it there's no harm in trying and she could just quit if she didn't like it.

No. 1812041

>but 40 a bag still seems like overkill to me
Are you serious? Jesus Christ many people spend at least $90 per month on cat food for one cat if they are a responsible owner and don't want to shell out thousands on vet bills later in life because of how fucked up their cats health got from feeding them flavoured cardboard.

No. 1812058

Workshys like shayna, tuna, and cwc are much happier to spend their days avoiding any kind of labor. Who knows what her grift will become when the twitter diaperbux dry up.

No. 1812065

Her face is freaking me out so bad, with the way her eyes are so prominent but the rest is airbrush blurred hell
It makes me think of a wax figure

No. 1812068

Kek is that self post? This whore is fucking hideous and calling a ho "professional" is retarded. I fucking hate how Shayna's threads are infested with prostitutes, you are literally no better than her.

No. 1812077

lmfao literally. Plus, nonitas don't use her full name like that. Smells fishy.

No. 1812080

This bitch looks like Buster Bluth

No. 1812086

She is so embarassing. I see other femdoms get $100-$300 tips…

No. 1812101

why would a 50 year old woman be selfposting on here? she's objectively more professional than shayna considering shayna would've posted 'PLLLSSSSSS does any1 wna work wif me and mommy on a cute babygirl bratty baby spanking shoot ???? if u say yes i'll send u pics 4 free !!!!!! i'm rly stwuggling atm so anyfing will help !!!! <3333333'. we know you hate whores, stop infighting and tinfoiling you total retards

No. 1812107

>objectively more professional than shayna
Whoreing into your 50s isn't most people's idea of professionalism

No. 1812110

I don’t care.

No. 1812111

Sorry your mom has been doing porn but you don’t need to share her in Shayna’s thread.

No. 1812113

No. 1812118

Are you retarded? They said more professional than Shayna, which pretty much everyone with any form of employment is.

No. 1812120

I don't care.

No. 1812127

why would you even reply to it? open your window and let some fresh air in nonna you can infight on the hidden board and stop shitting up the thread

No. 1812138


This has been a common theme since the Skidmore shit started and it's so true and bleak - even among other bottom of the barrel hoes Shay always comes across the worst. Like, Skidmore shoots have actual grannies working but they are somehow sexier than Shayna. I dunno why there's suddenly self-post tinfoiling when this has always been a thing.

No. 1812156

This. I don’t think anyone is saying that granny is super professional for being a Twitter whore into her 50s but anon makes a point that she at least looks like she’s trying to market herself properly, versus “I’m a VEDERAN SEX WORKER” Shay who constantly talks about her attention to detail and perfectionism but still can’t get the most basic shit right.

Nonnies wanna infight over nothing and shit up the thread. Probably the same ones who were wasting posts and peoples eyesight on ass eating lol

No. 1812165

File: 1682002481738.jpeg (63.96 KB, 750x652, 5BA30B3E-3F5C-471B-AF99-03BC69…)

she added "findom" to her profile. how long will this last? until that creepy diaper guy stops paying her?

No. 1812170

>ur probably gonna fall in love with me
Stop fucking kidding yourself Shayna good god. Her whole bio is extremely embarrassing but kek this findom larp is beyond hilarious, it is so transparent. Everyone can see the desperation for money, just get a fucking job girl!

No. 1812181

Do you know around when that was? Or a vague thread number? The fallout must have been amazing.

No. 1812182

There's something so sad about waging your livelihood on whether or not men think you're worth buying and calling that "love"

No. 1812185

Kek nonnie but being a whore is sooo empowering!!1 Definitely better than going to college for free or finding a job.

No. 1812186

An anon confessed to doing it in the Shaynatorium

No. 1812193

i'm the one who made the post and called the older lady professional because i'm not a whore, hooker or prostitute and i don't have an only fans so looking at the two pics side by side hers looks more professional than shaynas.

No. 1812212

she fucked herself over by getting a thread here and continuing to be milked for 7 years. if she applied for a job, they’d google her name and see this thread. unless she want to work at like a sex shop or something, she probably won’t get a callback from most places.

No. 1812217

I manage a gas station - we would 100% hire her

No. 1812261

oh what the hell how much of a newfag are you? it was like 3 threads ago

No. 1812281

File: 1682022070844.jpeg (178.47 KB, 1170x1287, 3F42D54A-7E7E-471D-8BF8-FD6004…)

Shayna Luther King back at it

No. 1812283

read up on münchhausens you dumb bitch

No. 1812288

I’ve done my fair share of hiring and firing at dead end coffee shop jobs and same here, nonnie. We’d hire Shat at any of the places I’ve managed. It’s really obvious that so many of y’all haven’t actually worked a real management job, unless it’s a serious position no one is going to Google you. You’re not that important.

No. 1812292

But it’s a safe space for pedophiles?? Get over yourself Shayna

No. 1812302

File: 1682024671778.jpeg (86.86 KB, 1170x526, 9B086746-FFEB-4C04-8AE8-324B62…)

Oh please

No. 1812310

getting bit by ellen once a month doesn't make you "queer"

No. 1812313

File: 1682025819305.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.67 KB, 1193x1796, 9E3B1F88-4251-41A6-96FD-7DBBD0…)

No. 1812325

File: 1682027984510.jpeg (87.46 KB, 1170x1260, 46C39856-C41B-46C8-9AAA-4C6E66…)

No. 1812330

File: 1682028486000.jpg (13.21 KB, 750x315, exotropia-intermittente.jpg)

strabismus titty ass bitch

No. 1812342

File: 1682030363579.jpeg (74.71 KB, 750x759, 249481D6-B46C-46C6-B30B-AE6030…)

holy shit how insecure is she to be editing like this??

No. 1812347

Posting random screens of nudes that contribute nothing to the thread makes you all look like pathetic coomers.

No. 1812352

[Greyhair disliked that]

No. 1812354

Kek wtf? She tries lip color that's not puke dry pink and she throw on this ugly ass outfit, the dog hairdo and then edits her face to death.

No. 1812359

It’s because her body look’s disgusting. Look at her fucking tits and gut. Nobody is cooming to that retard

No. 1812361

she genuinely looks leagues better in this unfortunate screenshot than she does in any of the outfits/lingerie she wears
maybe it's because her face is relaxed and she isn't making a retarded expression

No. 1812366

Managers don't GOOGLE people for dead end jobs with little to no risk involved.
She cam come work 3p-11p at any of my stores

No. 1812378

tbh this, my best shift lead got busted with half a pound of weed in his car while smoking, doesn't matter to me, he never comes in high and the registers always add up on his nights

No. 1812381

Her skin must be unfathomably bad rn she's had the blur slider cranked to 100 for weeks

No. 1812386

File: 1682034579396.jpeg (186.45 KB, 1170x2060, D3225A49-3B15-47EC-BD33-9FFEA1…)

Literally keeps making this face in the video. Must be drunk and high out of her mind

No. 1812389

File: 1682034637731.jpeg (182.08 KB, 1170x2056, 46F58687-51C2-4436-956E-C4F0A1…)

No. 1812393

nonnie that’s a filter

No. 1812397

A gas station near a truck stop would be a good fit for Shayna and her type in men tbh. But yeah, she could get any dead end job she wanted, only corporate will actually Google you. Hell, my job basically hired me on the spot to work the very next day, and it was an office job. Shayna could actually work somewhere part time and not have to beg for money every three days, it's not like she's actually famous. Only a real degenerate diaperfag would recognize her, and going off on how they all shat themselves at the idea of getting dox'd, they wouldn't risk outing themselves irl unless it was absolutely necessary.

No. 1812412

I'm sorry, which filter removes trashy plastic lingerie and make your right tit look like a tangerine in a tubesock?

No. 1812422

Butt lips are back

No. 1812431

pandering to pedophiles and pissing in diapers doesn’t make you queer, Shatna.

No. 1812432

looks like someone splurged on Facetune premium, kek

No. 1812444

>my sexually degrading obsession with this woman is fine and valid because im not jerking off to it

No. 1812445

smudged her honker away, bleak beak carbie

No. 1812447

File: 1682040175858.webm (Spoiler Image,10.02 MB, 720x1280, MXKu11e3xyY2TNw2.webm)

vid of her retarded dancing

No. 1812449

yeah I'm doubling down here; she still looks like shit, but infinitely better than usual, all she needs is a shower and she could pass for a functional human being

No. 1812451

File: 1682040673469.webm (8.56 MB, 720x1280, 5fNaVf0sHikrSnDz.webm)

No. 1812453

Keeeekkkkk what the fuck is this, she has to be fucking blitzed. I'm wheezing, nonas, this is so funny.

No. 1812454

her legs are the same grayish-ham colour as the comforter, jesus christ

she's so close to a diabetes diagnosis. has she used that gym membership even once yet?

No. 1812457

Why is she standing like that? And those eyelashes.. she really gives off stanky lot lizard or cougar at dive bar energy. yikes

No. 1812459

Why would she upload this with her jiggling gunt on full display and then upload this >>1812451 where she tries to hide her fat rolls by leaning forward? It makes no sense.

No. 1812467

why does she fold over like that? at this point it's like she wants us to edit in a fart

No. 1812468

>>1812451 she matches the same "sex appeal" of a trooned out senior citizen

No. 1812476

That was the least "sexy" exhale of smoke I think I've ever witnessed, she looked like a Puffer fish out of water, what a cringey lard ass.

No. 1812478

File: 1682045608246.jpg (52.05 KB, 819x767, returnofthebuttlip.jpg)

No. 1812479

File: 1682045813030.jpg (190.53 KB, 788x1080, shark tale.jpg)

No. 1812482

She looks like Pixielocks here.

No. 1812490

What aesthetic is she even trying to go for? She acts like wearing black makes her a ~domme~ but pairs it with a goofy hairbow?

No. 1812493

She's so fat that knee highs only go up mid calf

No. 1812495

File: 1682047506972.jpeg (43.2 KB, 1170x334, 552B067A-1CC6-45A4-8D46-3E910D…)

No. 1812497

Nonnas, it struck me in the middle of the night. She might have myomectomy or maybe an ovarian cyst removal. Makes it believable that it's an embarrassing surgery for her because she's a sex worker uwu and also a baby diaper bimbo princess. Personally I don't believe in anal surgery. She's always sick, her tummy hurts and her shark days happen several times a month.
> Myomectomy recovery takes up to 6 weeks.
> Uterine fibroids cause pelvic pain.
> Irregular bleeding or bleeding between periods.
> Heavy menstrual bleeding.
> Not being able to fully empty your bladder.

Anyways, I think we will not know for sure until she spills the tea, but I start to really think it's her reproductive health. Opinions?(medfagging)

No. 1812504

can we use his full name and location plus the words "incest reveal"?

No. 1812515

My opinion is that I think I should call you retarded for saying “shark days” but the way you paired it with “her tummy hurts” just makes me think you’re adorable.

No. 1812519

File: 1682051424151.jpg (180.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230420_212736_Sam…)

Throw back to what? Her goth days? This (picrel) is her doing a "throwback" of her "stoner goth chic" days 5 years ago to the day and she couldnt even pull it off then. Now she looks extra retarded trying again at 140lbs. Delusion is a hell of a drug.

No. 1812534

This. I thought nitpicking her body over and over and over again was a bannable offence? I swear half of lcf are moids now.

No. 1812535

Agreed. Her body doesn't even look half bad for being fat.

No. 1812544

I think it’s funny that she’s really ramping up the filter abuse again now that she’s gone broke. Finally realized the state of her current appearance is bad for business? She can go on about how her haters and other evil sex workers are the ones ruining her life all she wants, but at the end of the day, the only one making moids unsubscribe from her onlyfans is her. And in true Shayna fashion, she’ll take the laziest route possible and slap some filters over her photos and wear slimming black clothes when she could fix some of her money and fatness problems by simply eating and drinking less. But that would require the effort of discipline and self control.

Kek on what planet does she weigh only 140lbs? Venus maybe? Because here on Earth, she surpassed that a long time ago

No. 1812549

Unfortunately it does. Kinkfags have deep roots in queer circles, I have no idea how or why they've been accepted as a form of gay but it's been this way for a looooong time

No. 1812555

>Kek on what planet does she weigh only 140lbs?
That anon is probably an anachan who thinks 120lbs is chubby and anything above 130 is overweight.

No. 1812556

She looks so ugly and retarded here omg

No. 1812557

I have a lot of personal cows who happen to be sex workers.
The boomer in the celeb thread and other moms who have time to post here would like to have a meeting with you.

No. 1812563

lmfao what even is this. A half bong rip paired with a shitzu wet-dog ponytail, and her legs looking like they're gonna cut out circulation in 5 minutes

No. 1812564

she's got circle lenses in

No. 1812566

Wait… you fucked Trish?

No. 1812574

Saying shaymu is 140 is really crazy she’s at minimum 160 but my guess is around 170

No. 1812575

Nonnies… let's be real here. She is at least 200 lb by now.
The gunt line is the telltale mark. It doesn't matter how good or bad your fat distribution is. If you have a permanent gunt line, you are above 200 lb. Once that gut moves outward enough that it develops a shelf of its own that starts sagging, you are obesity bese my gals

No. 1812576

Braindead ana-chans unironically think that is what 140 looks like. I agree she's probably getting close to 200.

No. 1812579

File: 1682063831270.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.86 KB, 1242x698, 1679204898040.jpeg)

samefag but POINT

No. 1812580

I'm 170 and I have worse gunt lines than her, I'm fatter than her in general too (I actually started losing weight recently and it's working, calm your bones anachans). She's a bit taller than me but I still don't believe she's 200.

No. 1812595

>>1812580 Keep in mind how much difference it makes in weight if you have muscle under your fat too. I don't think her weight is as high as most nonas guess but holy hell all her weight will be fat.

No. 1812603

that tickle tickle comment made me lose it what the fuck is this

No. 1812613

Yeah actually same, that’s why I think she can’t possibly be 200 pounds. I’m 160 at 5’6 and have high muscle mass and I still look fatter than she is probably. She’d never be real about how much she weighs, if she even owns a scale lmao

No. 1812624

Lmfao her skin looks stretched so tight over her blubber I cringed in disgust. Why does she do a retarded version of sixties go go dancing every damn time smh

No. 1812626

Shayna hasn’t quite grasped the whole: “What you eat in private, you wear in public”. Oh lawd, Shayna’s coming.

No. 1812629

she's def at 180

No. 1812635

How can she look like this and not want to go to the gym? The section of her body between her waist and her knees is utterly tragic, yet it can be fixed by losing weight and gaining muscle mass. If I looked like that I would be hammering myself with 5x10 squats every other day.

No. 1812646

What happened to the gym membership she purchased recently? Has she even gone once?

No. 1812650

So right wing maga Mike slack is allowed lol but her mum can’t vote for trump okay

No. 1812652

I want so badly to see how she talks about her coomers to Ellen, and what disgusting/cringe stuff they send to her in private. I think she must resent them and it’s a part of why she’s so depressed, putting in a face and dealing with that for two dollars sounds miserable.

No. 1812689


Her body fat percentage has to be at least 40% - I do body scans on people ever day at work - she’s seemingly not at 200lbs yet but she’s not far off either

It’s unreal how much time she has on her hands to exercise and burns her brain all
Day instead

No. 1812694

Im not a weight sperg so i was just throwing a number out there. Im sure she weighs more kek. But also she is ALL fat and no muscle and that can be decieving. She def weighs more though.

No. 1812696

Oops samefag. Didnt see you reply. Im not an anachan im also not a weight sperg kek posted that at like 10pm my time. It wasnt a serious guess. I also dont really care what her number is because it honestly doesnt matter. She just a fat pig.

No. 1812716

File: 1682093371506.jpeg (Spoiler Image,98.07 KB, 1170x2055, 894F7DB9-D380-41B6-B563-53B9F0…)

Trying to get my screen recording to work. Because God damn this video

No. 1812723

This looks like some kinda creepypasta lmao

No. 1812729

I'm legitimately amazed Shayna doesn't have stretch marks given how tight her skin looks on her body and the weight gain.

No. 1812732

File: 1682095401198.png (Spoiler Image,167.56 KB, 573x1440, silent_hill.png)

No. 1812740

ive been wondering the same, she hasnt gone once. nonnies tinfoiling about how her gym saga would go were giving her too much credit assuming she'd even go at all

No. 1812748

it’s so weird how her thighs bulge out in the front like that.

No. 1812751

she went once, took a pic, never went again. which is amusing because based on the cost, she did a 6 month or yearly plan.

No. 1812752

You just have shit genetics.

Don't worry you're at the right place for coping, the Haus of Shart. Bitch needs to waddle down to the dog park more for exercise.

No. 1812754

Okay? And?

No. 1812755

to all the anons that tinfoiled about poland syndrome, this is a full view of her back and there’s clearly no grafts taken from it. I highly doubt she had/has any sort of medical condition. she probably got a small breast implant only because she was uncomfortable with her body and complained to her well-off parents about it constantly. I’d bet she used her tactic of suicide baiting on her parents to convince them to get her a breast implant, simply to make her feel better about her body. Plenty of upper middle class parents get their daughters rhinoplasties and breast implants/lifts/corrections. and because she doesn’t want to admit it was something as basic as her hating herself, she spins these wild stories to make her seem special.

No. 1812759

File: 1682099575021.jpeg (137.81 KB, 1213x1296, 555504E6-83CD-46C3-928C-1CDD4C…)

No. 1812760

It’s blurry as hell she used a filter because her skin ain’t that smooth

No. 1812762

File: 1682099848134.jpeg (133.52 KB, 1242x1475, 75D92474-A4B6-4ADB-921C-48D673…)

Greedy obese pig

No. 1812764

this bitch ain't sober at all

No. 1812765

there’s plenty other better quality pictures and you can notice there’s a scar nonny

No. 1812786

File: 1682104873974.jpeg (7.33 KB, 259x194, C442C6AC-355C-4A97-899C-C9B3AD…)

You guys are gonna dogpile me but she looks good here and she doesn’t look like a troon. She should lean into a more romantic styling.

No. 1812792

Do you feel better now?

No. 1812795

big words from someone who probs gags at the thought of eating a woman out

No. 1812798

File: 1682105492409.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.31 KB, 1439x1607, Screenshot_20230421-223108_Chr…)

first of all - Jesus Fucking Christ On A Stick.
second of all - i know she's being tee hee funny but after you basically post all of yourself for free you have no way of getting a sugar daddy and this stupid vid is no different

No. 1812800

Wtf is a "queer community" i'm so sick of degens.

No. 1812803

it’s the tranny sodomite klan

No. 1812805

When she did that VR porn during the Fupa days she did look disgusted working with/eating out another woman

No. 1812807

She's so fucking retarded, no sub man wants to be called daddy.

No. 1812813

File: 1682106812947.gif (Spoiler Image,6.63 MB, 720x1280, Shaytard.Literally..gif)


No. 1812817

File: 1682107438688.webm (Spoiler Image,735.77 KB, 754x1246, wtf.webm)

Audio is necessary for the full retard effect

No. 1812827

File: 1682108761818.gif (204.82 KB, 220x164, 5070084C-18A4-4E8E-8B72-ABA911…)

Literally her.

No. 1812830

jesus, how long does she live there? so many cardboard boxes, no real furniture, no decor, just blank white walls. no wonder she is going insane in that hovel of hers.

No. 1812831

everything on that fat body is jiggling in all the wrong ways EXCEPT her butt kek it looks rock fucking solid

No. 1812836

Does one of her coomers have a fat retard fetish?

No. 1812859

File: 1682111369866.jpeg (9.58 KB, 275x257, FB9A9C8E-23EE-400C-837A-76BBC1…)


No. 1812880

That's most of them.

No. 1812885

If she isn’t already pandering to that ahem extremely niche (barf) fetish, she should. It’s prob the only way she can ever hope to get a living wage off of “sex work” if she refuses to try and fix her godawful appearance kek

No. 1812887

This is truly pathetic and I’m embarrassed for her. Does anyone remember how she was telling people on Tumblr how rich she’s going to be, owning a house and making fun of people who get a degree? Imagine being her age and have 0 achievements.

No. 1812893

I really can't believe she voluntarily uploaded this

No. 1812894

I'm not really into Kibbe but isn't she more of a Natural type? I hate the troon comments by the way, she looks nothing like a man.
Shame because that woman was actually really attractive too kek.

No. 1812908

She doesn’t look like a man she looks like a man larping as a woman. Examples being that she looks like yaniv, she does. The troon smirk she gives in every photo. But I think it’s because troons and shayna have pornsickness where they find women in porn to be attractive so they dress and do makeup and looks like them. For example overdone shitty makeup, body with no shapewear and body con dresses, misshapen body, no idea how to pose, poor hygiene.. I could go on but you get it. So shaymu has the same sort of look as a lot of troons being that she wants to look like a pornstar but has no idea how to beautify or dress really. It’s honestly sad because her full time “job” is basically this and she’s so bad at it she looks like a man who has never applied makeup/dressed like a woman.

No. 1812913

Oh I agree with her poor taste but there have been comments talking about her body shape and stature being manly/troon-like that are completely bogus. Just because a woman has narrow hips and wide shoulders and is kinda ugly doesn't mean she's a man or looks like one.

No. 1812930

yeah i noticed her butt looked weird and hard in the other naked dancing video too

No. 1812981

File: 1682127227775.jpeg (70.81 KB, 1170x856, 3ED95BD2-F452-49BC-8202-CC14DA…)

No. 1812982

File: 1682127274040.jpeg (Spoiler Image,158.96 KB, 1170x1346, 28028BA1-5629-44CD-A102-AA5309…)

No. 1812993

Please no. Imagine the eye infection she will get from using her unclean hands to put them in/take them out.

No. 1812994

The contrast from her Twitter pfp and her video is delusional.

No. 1813002

Did she take a picture at the gym this time? Or do you mean a previous gym saga?

No. 1813004

I don’t get the point of these frog leg posed videos shot far away, chin fat exposed, with the dildo that’s supposed to be the viewer in her hand. It just looks like a gynecologist visit, beyond unflattering

No. 1813007

She has not taken a picture or even claimed she's gone since signing up for membership this time.
I'm guessing she bailed on the whole thing again.

No. 1813044

I don’t mean like romantic kibble I mean something loose and soft and I do think baby blue is a good color on her

No. 1813047

File: 1682135586788.jpeg (95.84 KB, 750x948, E96F801B-7C80-4369-B629-16FACC…)

No. 1813050

File: 1682135665037.jpeg (93.72 KB, 750x878, 5DD892FE-E2E4-4BF0-B311-D94DFC…)

Her pets are so sweet. I feel so bad for them.

No. 1813056

ugly cat

No. 1813062

You don’t gotta be mean to him just bc he’s unfortunate to be owned by Shatna. He’s actually quite cute despite her fattening/dumbening influences

No. 1813063

It’s hideous. So is the retarded fat dog. The long haired cat is cute but she neglects it, I doubt the poor thing’s coat has ever been brushed

No. 1813068

How tall is she again?
I used to be pretty fucking fat at around 160 and 5'2, her body reminds me of mine back then, add a few pounds, so I agree with >>1812629 , I'm feelin 175 to 180

No. 1813069

Id tinfoil she didnt even actually get a gym membership and was just trying to pretend she was caring about getting in shape post Vegas because of that moid. Or she just wanted to try to scam for "reimbursement"

No. 1813070

he’s a cute cat it’s really a shame she neglects him

No. 1813076

Hard agree. I’m 5”3 and her body reminds me of when I was at 180 during peak covid because, in a shock to no one, I ballooned up not leaving the house, drinking almost every night, only really getting joy from junk food and spending most of my time sat on my ass.(not your personal blog)

No. 1813079

File: 1682140939273.jpeg (81.27 KB, 1227x635, 8A3514C1-B37A-4876-880F-E4F3CC…)

Dollar Store Whore

No. 1813082

your self deprecation doesn’t make it not a blogpost.

kinda fuckin hilarious how these boomers translate her dumbass tweets for each other. has grey hair been posting recently? haven’t seen a monsters inc gif in awhile lmao. also she hasn’t mentioned that ‘surgery’ again either

No. 1813083

>your self deprecation doesn’t make it not a blogpost.
Did you misquote? What does that have to do with her cat? Are you implying anon is her cat sadly blogposting?

No. 1813085

She looks like yaniv in the way a woman can look like her brother. The sex difference is obvious, but the features are strikingly similar

No. 1813087

File: 1682141504427.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.37 KB, 828x1223, E8AD40E9-BA32-48F7-9F8B-CE71EE…)

Jesus Christ the absolute state of the degenerates she attracts. She probably copes by imagining they’re just followers. Newsflash Shay, these people are your peers. To the world outside your own massive head and these threads, you two are equals.

No. 1813090

mobilefag misquote, sorry. trying to respond to the anon talking about her covid weight

No. 1813097

Can fattie nonnies stop talking about their weight? We get it you're obese but you can just say what number shay looks at without getting into personal details about how you know.

No. 1813099

> without getting into personal details about how you know.
That doesn't make any sense. Nobody is going into several paragraph long stories of their weight woes, just saying "yeah she's definitely that weight, can confirm from being in the same place"
Chill out.

No. 1813117

He literally did three days ago do you retards not even read the thread see: >>1811580

No. 1813144

Wasn’t self deprecating anon, just saying was living a similar lifestyle to Shay is now put me at that weight really fast. (Prob more blogpost - It was also surprisingly easy to lose it by, as she could, just moving more and putting down the wine.)

No. 1813151

No one cares

No. 1813155

6 likes and 1 retweet after an hour. Does she really think this shit is worth it? I get she has no dignity at this point but is she not embarrassed?

No. 1813173

Jelly of its cute pink nose? Like wtf is this comment lmao

No. 1813177

It’s the same few anons who come in and call her dog fat and retarded all the time. I don’t understand why, it’s just a dog and they’re just cats.

If it were anyone else, they probably wouldn’t even say it—it’s solely because they’re Shay’s pets.

No. 1813190

nta but lmao, as if anyone is “jelly” of a disgusting, filthy, ugly feline’s nose
nah, they’d still be ugly and retarded regardless of who they belonged to(derail)

No. 1813192

Some of you really clog the thread up whining at posts that could've been ignored.
It's every day with her, like every single day since she's got home she's been whining at people from her dead qss twitter. Whenever Shayna is in a bad mood (whichbl is 75% of the time) she starts doing this. Finding some random person/situation to bitch at from afar. What I find funny is she's clearly defending someone but she's too afraid to actually do it, so instead she just makes vague statements so that if the person she's speaking on says anything, she can pretend she's being attacked.

No. 1813203

Get help

No. 1813214

it's an obvious dogposter trying to play the reverse uno card to the anons who call her dog retarded.

No. 1813227

you stink like balls(infighting)

No. 1813236

NTA but because then all other fatties feel compelled to talk about their weight/height compared to shatna and it just shits up the thread.
We don’t know shayna’s true weight and speculating a number is a moot point since she’s obviously on her way to obesity with her rapid gaining.

No. 1813237

On her last cam show he was being really cute, meowing and begging for attention kek. I feel really bad for all of the pets having to be subjected to her degeneracy. They deserve better.

No. 1813242

The ugly cat and retarded dog can't read the site and get their feefees hurt so why anyone gives a shit is beyond me, except maybe anons itt are also ugly and retarded and getting defensive projecting onto the pets kek(take your meds)

No. 1813256

File: 1682179850829.jpg (191.79 KB, 1439x1653, Screenshot_20230422-190950_Chr…)

what does she mean "what i owe"? perhaps she owes the IRS? also kek at basically admitting all the donations were jack shit in the long run (even though she went from having 600$ to just 400$ within days. fucking weird that was.)

No. 1813260


I think that was two different pools of money, right? Like she got 600 and then 400. So she got 1000 on top of her usual 'earnings' and she's still in the hole, which would be really scary I guess kek. Shouldn't have been flying out her noncommital dom daddy and traveling to shoots for free…

No. 1813274

Shaynus tax evasion arc coming to fruition. 7 years of sex "work" and she still has to beg degenerates to sustain her. Truly thriving, she sure showed us.

No. 1813282

File: 1682184471593.jpeg (24.46 KB, 750x449, 542D9EB1-F157-45FC-82EB-684E23…)

there are only 2 replies to this tweet and it's Mike Slack bleak

No. 1813288

>nah, they’d still be ugly and retarded regardless of who they belonged
stop projecting your worthlessness onto innocent cute kitties

No. 1813289

Locking it in her parents aren't helping her anymore, probably told her ass they were done helping her out until she quits. Because who does she owe? And why is she acting like this is it?

No. 1813303

most thin american(sage your shit)

No. 1813306

I know this is lolcow and the point is to lol but damn, I’m just mind boggled at how she literally tweets about spending $50 at brunch multiple times a week, over $200 a week at the dispensary, etc. in her begging for reimbursement posts pretty much telling on herself, goes to Vegas and makes this content she’s not even seeing a return on, probably spent a ton of money in Vegas on food because she doesn’t know how to budget, and now she’s whining like she didn’t do this to herself. Im in awe of how incredibly retarded she is. Girl needs to get a fucking grip.

I’d love to see an expense report for the last month or so prior to this “I’m drowning” bullshit. Maybe I’ll do it later.

No. 1813307

File: 1682189161920.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.08 KB, 1080x1341, Screenshot_20230422-204005_Twi…)

forgot to spoiler this shit

No. 1813313

>>1813307 it's just "hanging out" to her because she makes no money while camming

No. 1813315

I called her cat ugly, her dog is ugly too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1813317

Afterpay payments piling up

No. 1813321

Fowl hideous lascivious cretura lardass ham planet beast retarded put that tongue back in your mouth and close it so we don’t have to see those wretched British people teeth and those black pupils that take up her eyes barely visible red sclera

No. 1813325

Seriously would bet this is it

No. 1813331

My bet is that when she went to Las Vegas she went to a casino and fucked up, but also afterpay.

No. 1813340

I can definitely see her spending way too much and needing afterpay, and then on her trip home she either straight up told her mom or let it slip how much money she spends on bullshit, and mom threatened to stop supporting her lifestyle if she didn’t get a job by the end of the month.

No. 1813345

File: 1682193639794.jpg (54.07 KB, 1080x486, Screenshot_20230422-215959_Twi…)

Struggling so much with money and still can't stick to any sort of schedule

kek thanks for giving me a good cackle nona

No. 1813353

The Shien hauls of clothing that don't even fit her.

No. 1813354

I'm putting in my bet that this is her last year as a SW. At least not full time.

No. 1813359

File: 1682196040420.png (91.01 KB, 864x1920, Screenshot_20230422-134034.png)

She owes $4,000 apparently

No. 1813367

This is obviously a ploy to get money

No. 1813379

File: 1682199007138.jpeg (Spoiler Image,87.48 KB, 1170x933, C3A14AFE-7912-4B97-AE7B-ABDEB5…)

No. 1813385

This literally looks like an ass you see at the start of each ep of 600lb life when they show how hard it is to shower or use a toilet

No. 1813388

I do not believe for a mintie she's paying for her own surgery. She added that because she is ashamed of being in debt. I feel like she's going to start doing actual prostitution with random scrotes. Or selling herself to the highest paying

No. 1813389

Even though I know her parents will most likely be footing this bill, it's pretty pathetic that she's been a sex worker for her entire adult life and is always begging for money anyway.

No. 1813391

File: 1682200183399.jpeg (42.48 KB, 1169x1254, FuWLDGraQAATh1l.jpeg)

i had a good little kek upon seeing this! an hour passed and all she got is 25$. i sure hope afterpay or irs or some pimp named Slickback down the street won't send an extortionist (sorry, ESL) to take away her belongings, all she has to her name is heaps of dirty pink trash covered in feline feces, canine urine and homo sapien (barely) sweat. i can't believe she used to think she'd be a hot rich housewife with a secret past..

No. 1813402

im going with taxes too instead of revolving debt. taxes is only debt you owe quick. rest of her debt she can comfortable float as it grows.

No. 1813412

File: 1682203233257.jpeg (15.52 KB, 415x280, 139AFA60-4FAC-4912-9B9E-CAA3B0…)

It’s so… square

No. 1813430

KEK NONNA I scared my non-retarded dog with my ugly laugh. Seriously, she’s Ellen tier with the cellulite now. How does she not want to change?????

No. 1813446

>Oh I don't want to cam because i'm so sad
>camming being another way she makes money
This resolution is so bad it looks like that edited picture of Yoko Ono and John Lennon's asscracks

No. 1813448

File: 1682207347952.jpg (Spoiler Image,63.25 KB, 800x801, 20230423_004846.jpg)

A perfect nude according to shay lmao

No. 1813450

File: 1682207488484.jpg (240.45 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_2023-04-23-00-46-48…)

She always goes off on one when she's failing miserably in this "job" trying to blame it on anyone but herself

No. 1813453

File: 1682207695346.jpg (10.79 KB, 612x408, balloon knot.jpg)

No. 1813454

never apologize anon this is hilarious

No. 1813458

I really don’t think she can panhandle 4K

No. 1813470

wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait … this isnt a photoshop of a balloon knot superimposed on her pussy?

No. 1813480

The hilarity at guessing which hole you could be talking about is peak comedy anon, im dying

No. 1813481

she's 25… she hasn't been in this industry for decades..

No. 1813482

It's very telling that whenever Shayna is feeling bad she always finds someone to scream at on twitter. Kek, whenever Shayna starts doing these call outs I always think, "so what is she really mad about? And a few hours or at beat a day later she's posting whatever it is

No. 1813487

she barely panhandled enough to move out of Oklahoma and she squandered that all away immediately

No. 1813499

This has nothing to do with the pandemic. She just doesn’t want to admit she’s getting older and hates the younger, woke generation of women.

No. 1813501

Even though she's a "veteran" sex worker, she's just seething into the void because she knows that she can't compete in a crowded market.

No. 1813507

Shayna is such an idiot. Sex work isnt real work, but there are actual survival sex workers out there with multiple kids to support, homeless, leaving actually abusive relationships who are begging for money. Every single one of her coomers knows she is a healthy, physically able young adult capable of getting an actual job if she so desperately needed $4,000; or people in her family who would bail her out. And they know this because she incessantly brags over the tiniest shit and shows off her wealth/white privilege. No-one is buying this shit idiot, especially when its the 50th time you’ve cried wolf.

No. 1813512

Shayna failing at sex work means she's a failure. That's how she sees it. Shayna has invested years into this, she acts like her peak was her being a household name, but it was being famous in a spefic area of tumblr, it's not like Dolly Mattel aka shayna clifford working at a Walmart is below her.
Sex work is her life there's a reason why every area in her hous that's not used for sex work/tumblr is grey and personality free. Without it she literally has to start from scratch with everything, mindset, friendships, how she interacts with people, how she dresses.
She is dolly mattel 24/7 so blaming herself for her failure means she's wasted years doing this.
She's entitled so she truly felt like she'd become famous because she has too. Shayna will always default to blaming sex workers for her shit.

No. 1813523

she probably counts when she sold underage porn at 16 as the start of her sex work career. she’s told the story multiple times, you can tell she thinks it’s a flex because she loves pedos!

No. 1813571

She could set up a payment plan easy with the IRS for that amount. I know she's dumb, but there's got to be something more going on.

No. 1813581

Anon the accuracy took me out thank you

No. 1813588

File: 1682229506640.png (Spoiler Image,184.16 KB, 1548x902, weight.png)

My bad if this belongs in the shaynatorium but I figured it's better than just throwing out random numbers.

No. 1813591

I think that she's behind on rent. She probably didn't pay all of it last month or this month and now the notices are starting to arrive. She's been cut off by Womack who used to send money "for Dolly's rent", and her sales are obviously abysmal.

Now would be a great time for Old Pedo Slack to lowball an offer and be the daddy she's been begging for. She would turn him down and lose his coomerbux, ofc. Honestly she should pursue it. Other than the diapertard and fat fuck Ellen the child predator, no one even pays attention to her. They'er made for each other. Filthy fucking pedos.

No. 1813617

> Waist
> 25in
Nona pls. My waist is 24in and I'm 100lbs and workout five days a week. There's no fucking way. My guess is that her waist is more like 30in. I think that's like an American size 8 or 10?

No. 1813624


No. 1813632

It didn't look right to me either but I was recreating her body with the sliders and that's what it came out to.

No. 1813634

Shayna doesn't carry her weight in width, it's her stomach and her front thighs that blew up. As you can see here

Shayna is somewhere between 75-85 Kilo, but she will continue to gain weight fast. She will be between 85-95 Kilo at the end of the year.

Imagine selling your porn for 1,88$. Dollar Store Whore.

No. 1813640

Except when payment processors pulled out of things like pornhub, there WAS real children and victims involved, but lets not get too distracted talking about them huh Shayna?

No. 1813710

I wholeheartedly agree. Shayna is a liar. She’s not paying for her surgery and I don’t buy she owes taxes, these are just “causes” that most people would throw a dollar or two towards to as they could be explained away or justified as unexpected.

No. 1813756

Big tinfoil: shes trying to get money together to move.
Or she simply has no money and her parents are cutting her off, pkus no womack or splenda dads… so shes probably early stressing about next months rent and bills. I mean she needs over 2k just for rent.

No. 1813759

big tinfoil as well but do you think she owes that scrote in vegas money?

No. 1813770

You can do payment plans with the IRS. $4k isn’t that horrific but also seems too high for what little she makes.

My guess is she has a credit card and maxed it out with all her recent trips & spending habits. She also seems to have lost her biggest simp womack and I’m pretty sure he was funding her “lavish” lifestyle.

No. 1813797

File: 1682270361119.jpg (74.18 KB, 1200x901, Screenshot 2023-04-23 111754.j…)

It looks more accurate if you let the waist slider stay at its default value based on the weight you've chosen.
There is no universe in which Shayna still has a 25" waist lmao

No. 1813798

Honestly I don't think that it does look more accurate when compared to the image, unless she has body filters on. She clearly has a smaller waist than that

No. 1813801

Also samefag to add that initially it wasn't really about measurements but more about a better estimate of her weight as a whole anyway. Like sure I accept that the 25 inch waist seems unlikely but that isn't how her body looks.

No. 1813802

File: 1682270790296.jpg (11.8 KB, 272x685, Screenshot 2023-04-23 112557.j…)

Idk nonnie, it looks like Shaynus to me

No. 1813806

Fair enough nona. I agree that it does look like her from that angle, but she definitely has a more defined waist than the front view. The site also doesn't really account for different weight distributions since her upper thighs should really be wider lol so it's not going to be incredibly accurate regardless

No. 1813816

She's reaching her ALR era

No. 1813818

File: 1682272926751.jpeg (88.58 KB, 750x970, 1B5986F1-44CF-4546-A29D-4A3586…)

No. 1813819

So she’s out meeting a new john, kek

No. 1813820

Why isn’t he paying for her ride?? lol this makes no sense

No. 1813824

She claims to be a high class “sugar baby” but yet dresses like a bum to meet a new “sugar dad”

No. 1813826

File: 1682273583706.jpeg (90.94 KB, 1170x996, F759EEF6-60FB-452F-B792-E3F6A0…)

No. 1813827

Kek you are right he can't can't pay for her to get there bad start already, or she didn't ask which is even more retarded

No. 1813828

"Sugar" (Splenda) dad but won't even pay for her transport? Kek, every cheap whore knows you at least get a deposit for outcalls she's so retarded and going to get herself killed.

No. 1813830

File: 1682273852225.png (398.04 KB, 750x1334, E9F90A26-56AF-4C1F-A8FB-CA9EE7…)

No. 1813831

File: 1682273893530.png (368.32 KB, 750x1334, 6205C2C4-51D0-40E4-A8A0-0DD90E…)

the outside looks filthy

No. 1813832

Nahh because imagine the looks/level of people who wanna be spoiled by a sugar daddy….. And then look at this clown. She looks like she's heading to a "quick brunch with the girlies".. If I was the potential SD(gag), I'd laugh that I wasted my time meeting up with her bummy looking ass kek

No. 1813833

Samefag but is she wearing that $100 japenese outfit she wanted someone to buy her?? I need to locate that image again because it looks horrendous

No. 1813839

Oop, guys she posted these same photos a month ago, two threads back kek

No. 1813844

No anon iirc that outfit wasn't fluffy like this one.
WHY does she leave her hair in this state to go out? Is she adverse to showers because her hair is naturally curly and she doesn't want to straighten it? The nails, the hair, the outfit, the dry skin- how can she not feel insecure enough to pick up tips from others. Not even a necklace to accent the lowcut shirt. Since these pics are old she's probably eating doordash at home rn and fishing for unpaid rent, again

No. 1813852

File: 1682276954562.png (Spoiler Image,484.07 KB, 1792x828, 564F1FD9-4C72-4ACD-BA35-721ECB…)

I didn’t see this discussed yet but she posted a trailer for a new “spanking” video (which doesn’t seem to actually include any spanking-only dialogue and pretending). She also featured this lovely angle that I’m assuming she usually doesn’t use for obvious reasons. Her beer belly really gets bigger every time I see her in side profile.

No. 1813859

Anon I am cackling you’re so right! Such a scammer

No. 1813865

File: 1682279739694.png (94.04 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20230423-205820.png)

I found this in her likes. Is she really gonna sink into intentional scat before she accepts she's a beast and caves to the feeders? Her brain is such a mystery. She is so above things like feeder content and Womack, but low enough for scat and Shane. I will never understand.

No. 1813866

she's way taller than 5'3''

No. 1813867

>work with me only if you're established
So she doesn't want anyone who's an amateur becoming more famous than her, but it's perfectly fine for her to try and piggyback off other's fame?

No. 1813869

That's fucking insane; how do you shit on camera before you eat on camera? just doesn't make any sense no matter how you approach it
I guess she did start off her whole career with babyfuck s&m dungeon porn, so

No. 1813871

oops meant for >>1813865

No. 1813879

Because she hates being fat and won't accept that she is.

No. 1813894

But she loves shitting herself? It still makes absolutely no sense to me, but neither do any of these degenerates.

No. 1813898

File: 1682285038020.jpeg (96.52 KB, 1170x581, 6860ECE1-6F18-4E60-B8EA-3C4A72…)

No. 1813900

File: 1682285180572.jpeg (57.52 KB, 1170x501, EAB3FD47-C885-4970-9C8D-A70EBA…)

No. 1813901

She's complaining about the bug spraying because that means the animals won't have anything left to eat and she'd have to actually buy them food.

No. 1813908

And that’s how she’s going to cancel her cam show

No. 1813910

File: 1682286214030.jpeg (58.16 KB, 1170x377, 38B22482-BBAD-46E1-B6D1-070076…)

No. 1813912

>fetish content
Read: doesn't want to have sex with women

No. 1813916

For someone who's so desperate for money, she has another excuse to not work kek. How disgusting is her apartment where she needs to spend all day and night cleaning?

No. 1813921

File: 1682286936752.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, sure jan.gif)

No. 1813925

It doesn’t make sense that they’d bed spraying inside every unit. That would mean she couldn’t be there, her pets couldn’t be there, all of her dishes and clothes would need to be washed. How are they just gonna spray around people who live there?

No. 1813929

Bed bug saga

No. 1813931

It's not that she enjoys shitting herself, it's that she hates being fat more than she hates shitting herself.

No. 1813933

Have you not lived in an apartment complex before? In the Midwest they spray inside every unit around spring and summer to prevent bugs like roaches. It’s safe spray for pets except for reptiles. They don’t do every single room, just the front door area and around the walls with windows

No. 1813934

I have, but have never had anything like that happen or even be offered. Weird! Thanks for clarifying, nona

No. 1813938

She deleted these. Go figure

No. 1813942

So does she think everyone else in the building also is going to take a full day off from work, too?

No. 1813943

A whole day to move her tat. God she's pathetic.
She's apparently absolutely desperate for cash but will cancel working cos something that should take maybe 10 minutes means a day's work.

No. 1813959

is that a thing that you get a notice a day before something has to be done in your flat in other countries? Here it's like at least two to four weeks before. No one would hang a note on my door that I have to be available and ready the next day, it's even against the law, you have to be informed weeks before so you can prepare stuff, except it's an emergency.

No. 1813973

You’d think she would want to keep her parasocial relationship with the 2 coomers she has left and wouldn’t mention anything about a sugar daddy but she has to keep an illusion of being a spoiled bimbo up I guess.
She’s mentioned having a partner in the past (fupa) and sugar daddy’s before but it always seemed like bad business practice. Then again, when has shayna ever had good business practices

No. 1813974

Definitely something they would have given her at least a few weeks before. They probably sent a 24 hour reminder which prompted her freakout. They usually make you take everything out of your kitchen and bathroom cupboards as well which might explain why she has to clean all day if she left everything to the last minute

No. 1813976

I wonder if this is just a sly way for the landlords to get into the unit to check things out after she got in trouble from balcony gate. She probably knows she has to be on good behavior and clean up her pigsty.

No. 1813989

She’ll have to figure out where to put one of her cats, too if she doesn’t just take all of her animals out for the day. Isn’t she only supposed to have two animals?

No. 1813991

i don’t think decades ago the ppl creating and consuming depraved dark web diaper baby porn were so open and visible on a general public social media platform that like normal ppl use. ofc ppl are going to be legitimately offended, you are on twitter retard.

No. 1813998

The people that come in and spray are usually outsourced so I doubt it’d even cross their mind

No. 1814009

This isn't the first time that she has used public twitter as a medium to notify her coomers that she can't give them the content they've already paid her for, instead of just reaching out to them directly. It's literally 2 people lol. Why tell on yourself like that? Good business sense as always, Shayna. Gotta make sure to broadcast how much of a lazy fuck-up and grifter you are to potential new clients.
>feel free to DM w/ any questions!
Translation: I didn't DM you for a reason so don't DM me. Don't acknowledge in any way that I fucked up once again after taking your money.

This is also after she casually dropped the fact that she leaves these custom video requests for 3+ weeks after taking the money. And she doesn't warn her coomers about the wait time because she thinks her level of laziness is normal. These scrotes send her these requests with their dick-in-hand, thinking that they're gonna get a quick video from a sloppy cheeseburger-priced bitch within a work day or 2. They get "post-nut clarity" after a few hours. This idiot is out here waiting for weeks to get back to the couple of customers that she actually has.

No. 1814023

We’re gonna hear a story of how
> omg u guys so the bug guy came 2 my door 2day & when i opened it he got shocked 4 a sec & then said “barbie?”

No. 1814025

File: 1682301344507.jpeg (216.46 KB, 1170x1650, 0A13C065-0016-4AFF-A5A7-7EE5A4…)

And her “domme” account is back

No. 1814026

bitch doesn’t even know her life is so kafkaesque that they’re coming for her

No. 1814027

File: 1682301427440.jpeg (32.34 KB, 400x400, 1D040005-37A5-439D-85BE-94B15D…)

I can’t with the profile pic

No. 1814029

kek, nona please

No. 1814031

> I have a money fetish
> Give me what I want
can she please try this at the bank and report to Twitter with the results

No. 1814041

>Money fetish
Everyone wants money, no one is actually sexually aroused by the stanky ass notes or coins.

Having money = life stability and it's hilarious Shay tryna act like it's a fetish. She's just desperately in need of money and trying to pull out all the stops

No. 1814050

File: 1682308208417.jpg (35.61 KB, 720x436, Screenshot_20230423-234008_Bra…)

She did tweet this towards the end of last year. There was a moid in the replies asking about piss vids and she told him to dm her. He originally asked for scat.


No. 1814051

File: 1682308528654.jpg (61.58 KB, 647x1100, Screenshot_20230423-234701_Bra…)

Now that I re-read it, her response could be about either of the two.

No. 1814060

i already know that she won't stop at scat and pee. this is brokeness and desperation talking. i bet she would lick dirt off of a sidewalk if a moid asked her to, and she would do it all for the low, low price of $5.

No. 1814061

Was this depraved lunatic talking to her or was she trying to poach him? Why isn’t she screeching at Mia for daring to speak to her customer, if the gross dude was talking to her in the first place?

No. 1814066

>and it's hilarious Shay tryna act like it's a fetish
This is what findom is. Everyone obviously knows the woman doesn't actually have a fetish for money. It's just the language that's used in financial domination. I'm not saying it's not stupid but Shayna didn't invent that.

No. 1814067

File: 1682311055171.jpg (37.86 KB, 719x509, Screenshot_20230424-003648_Bra…)

His first tweet was in response to hers.

No. 1814070

File: 1682311305244.png (202.77 KB, 828x1792, 8BBF568A-A514-4297-BA8B-243901…)

It’s the same outfit.

No. 1814083

File: 1682312663708.jpeg (42.88 KB, 750x418, 61BF697E-AAA2-4CE3-BFAC-461405…)

she deleted this. how is she so bad at her "job" going on almost 8 years of this

No. 1814090

gonna out myself for the sake of talking shit about this fugly bitch (ex-stripper and escort, i got out and am much happier now) but believe it or not shayna there are rules in sex work.

what ACTUALLY sets back the “community” and your fellow whores is selling yourself lower than the price of a cheeseburger (it’s degrading to do it for lots of money too, don’t get me wrong)

you can’t fuck with the whore economy like that cuz “minD ur oWN business!!1” gossip is how girls stay informed in clubs and brothels and if u get caught selling ur stanky pussy for cheap they will throw you out and blacklist you. make the stupid coomers pay more.

No. 1814097

but she posted these pictures again pretending she went on a date but why?? wtf is going on??

No. 1814098

Maybe to make herself seem as if she’s in demand and she was asking to be “reimbursed” for her Uber ride so some scamming too

No. 1814099

glad to hear you got out of that life, but Shayna would fuck up exactly like this in real jobs as well, because she is stupid and malicious and scoldy, which doesn’t work in any profession

No. 1814103

is this far right cosplay?(learn2sage)

No. 1814128

so hilarious that shayna thinks she's blacklisted because of they hayters (shayters) when really it's because she's so cheap she tanks whore stocks. the bimbo larp is chefs kiss irony with that realization.

No. 1814131

CP in the tranny thread. Don't scroll.

No. 1814141

this is so funny i can't with the description

No. 1814202

File: 1682329698929.jpg (150.52 KB, 1116x946, jim sterling shayna.jpg)

serving Jim Sterling tranny arc with party city wig and all

No. 1814242

not to defend Shay, but in the two complexes I've lived in, I have gotten maybe 48 hrs notice to when they were going to spray. And they don't make you do anything other than make sure your pets are out of the way.

No. 1814256

NAYRT but in at least three complexes I've lived in, I was given over a month and had to clear cupboards so they could spray in there. Pets had to be caged or removed.

No. 1814320

I feel like she ruined her ability (aside from her body) to attract higher paying men by selling herself so cheaply to begin with. I’d assume that men who pay more or want the allusion of a high end whore would never give their money to some $3 onlyfans girl who accepts stuffed animals as payment for acts of prostitution. She has always looked poor and sells herself like a poor person; she’ll never financially recover from this.

No. 1814329

Tbh I don’t mind when people who have gotten out of sex work talk about how it works from an insider perspective, hope you’re doing better Nona. I didn’t know Shay was pissing off the community in that way.

No. 1814343


No. 1814350

I don’t care.

No. 1814352

File: 1682351610352.jpeg (171.1 KB, 1170x1200, IMG_1720.jpeg)

She’s absolutely disgusting. Just say you want to fuck your dad and brother and move on

No. 1814356

File: 1682351689800.jpeg (253.77 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_1721.jpeg)

She is really on one today. Which she’ll end up deleting

No. 1814358

File: 1682351774917.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.32 KB, 1170x949, IMG_1719.jpeg)

Shay if you didn’t give a fuck you wouldn’t have said anything(spoiler shit like this please)

No. 1814362

shayna is big mad because she has no money kek. Keep seething Shay >>1814352

No. 1814364

shayna is big mad because she has no money kek. Keep seething Shay

No. 1814365

shayna is big mad because she has no money kek. Keep seething Shay. Will she say “I think acting like an actual infant is hot” too? I wonder what her parents think.

No. 1814367

Ugly, broke, and bad takes? Pick a struggle, girl.

No. 1814368

File: 1682352672841.jpeg (71.04 KB, 750x624, 016B99CA-AD38-4904-A92D-3C03E1…)

calling women bitches, obsessed with follower counts. she's so weird

No. 1814369

File: 1682352715798.jpeg (59.77 KB, 750x456, E33873A3-9A26-4D7E-9E72-65F915…)

No. 1814371

“Has no effect on anybody else and isn’t causing anyone any harm.” So just just forget the victims of incest, right Shay? Or the perpetrators?

No. 1814372

Like your own constant suicide baiting?

No. 1814373

>finally just comes out and basically admits she wants to fuck her dad/brother
Ew, Shaynus. Just ew. Can’t wait for her life to get even worse, love that for her.

No. 1814374

File: 1682353252773.jpeg (58.18 KB, 750x709, EA51E620-3E1B-4BF3-9462-80613B…)

isn't it like 9 am where she is? instead of making her house presentable, she's defending incest porn on twitter. this is so funny, she's broke, ugly and getting fatter by the day. she could be doing anything but instead she's choosing this

No. 1814375

We need to create a cycle graph for Shayna. She seems to find herself embroiled in “controversy”/“scandal” of her own making ir suicide bait whenever she’s e-begging. I wouldn’t be surprised if the thread got weird again as I firmly believe Shayna, some of her followers and Ellen try to steer the threads into derailment

No. 1814376

File: 1682353394342.jpeg (139.29 KB, 1170x1385, IMG_1723.jpeg)

Yes Shay, you’re so big and scary that other SWers fear you

No. 1814377

Imagine killing yourself because people think shitting and pissing in diapers as a kink is degenerate

No. 1814378

Kek once a whore = always are whore. You do not deserve that other nonna's compassion. You are no better than Shayna, just like all the other whores in this thread.(infighting)

No. 1814379

File: 1682353739964.jpeg (109.21 KB, 750x917, 7F0C5261-D7F8-49C1-939A-A51F8A…)

No. 1814381

File: 1682354034883.jpeg (111.71 KB, 750x909, E6B1EB51-0991-43A3-8A0E-A1202D…)

No. 1814385

shayna is big mad because she has no money kek. Keep seething Shay. Will she say “I think acting like an actual infant is hot” too? I wonder what her parents think.

No. 1814388

Does she think her coomers care about whore politics?

No. 1814390

>the future of sex work is on the line
Kek prostitution has been around since the dawn of civilization. Unfortunately the only sex work on life support is yours, Shat. It’s not other whores’ fault you can’t compete with them so you have to resort to doing some of the most depraved, degrading shit out there to make poverty level money

No. 1814396

Yes, keep going Shay. Admit that you want to fuck dogs. Tell the world that you think that's ok because "I would never do it irl tho!! it's just fantasy"

No. 1814399

>Future of sexwork
She means this cycle of workfromhome chatty cheemsburger buy-my-vids sexwork.

The day she has to go out and be a prostitute to randoms, 'the future of sexwork' has arrived.

No. 1814402

keep seething Shay as you inch closer and closer to moving back in with Mommy and bagging groceries. Your entire embarrassing "career" all for nothing. You love to see it happen to a pedophile.

No. 1814410

Imagine this being your daughter bitter and arguing all day with people she refuses to @ because she's a pussy. Talking about loving incest porn but she's 4k in debt

No. 1814411

So why don't you @ them and defend them? Or your just going to whine

No. 1814416

How do they live with themselves? Shayna thinks every sex workers whole life is their gross "job". She thinks that someone criticizing their sex work will make them want to.die because they view it as all they are. She's so retarded, not everyone wants to die because someone said some shit.
And she's so.obessed with numbers because if she was big enough she'd constantly be @ing people. She wants a personal army so she can say whatever and have back up.

No. 1814419

File: 1682358247457.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.04 KB, 750x906, 38A5B93E-D503-41AF-902F-910E25…)

one of her coomers locked his account down, do you think she told him to do that?

No. 1814427

Is she worried that farmers are going to go after one of her last coomers? I'd love to see the DM she wrote explaining that. It always makes me laugh when she vague references these threads.

No. 1814439

File: 1682360685772.jpeg (133.63 KB, 1170x1125, IMG_1724.jpeg)

No. 1814444

I tend to lurk more than I post, but I wanted to say that I'm glad you're doing better nona. Keep that good shit up, you got this.

No. 1814446

Good riddance

No. 1814447

ok but imagine if someone commented "I'm an actual incest victim and this type of content does do harm, my abuser started with consuming that content before turning to me". she wouldn't be saying "thank you for speaking up on this!"
she only cares what other women have to say if they're confirming what she already believes or kissing her ass.

No. 1814448

File: 1682361705979.jpeg (114.67 KB, 1170x1166, IMG_1725.jpeg)

No. 1814449

big shaynus does all this and yet she's still broke asf. many pretty girls earn money by just posting pictures on instagram, not even nudes. the life fat shat wishes she could lead, instead she has to talk about wanting to fuck her dad and shitting diapers on twitter for below minimum wage.

No. 1814450

It makes me want to alog when she uses the word breffast. I can't fucking stand it.

No. 1814455

So… Are they NOT spraying for bugs today? Kek >>1813898

This pedo pandering, incest craving, stoned out of her mind coward can't even keep her lies straight

No. 1814467

In one of the previous threads she insulted a CSA survivor and told them to fuck off. She only cares when she's being told is what she wants to hear.

No. 1814484

it's insane to me that she wakes up and the first thing she does is start defending incest porn and with her real face attached! how much of a porn brained loser do you have to be to do that? she is at least 4k in debt and her apartment is being sprayed for bugs and this is what she does with her time.

No. 1814486

Shatna? defending another woman publicly? yeah that would never happen. all she does is virtue signal because she wants people to think she cares. in reality the only time she ever @ anyone is to bully them.

No. 1814487

For real, trying to imagine a day in shayna's life sounds insanely depressing. Sitting on her ass defending the most vile things that maybe only a few people will read or reply to. Her life is literally groundhog day

No. 1814496

She only cares when it's about her. She does incest porn so anyone ever shitting on it is shittinf on her personality. Shayna is sex work, this dummy talks about professionalism in a "career" she couldn't do without twittee where she talks like a fucking baby, calls out people daily and talks politics.
This girl tells customers on her Twitter account that their gross content will be late. She's retarded.

No. 1814512

I've never ever wanted to alog so badly.
>hating on kink is unprofessional!
You know what's unprofessional? Spreading your cheeks for less than a McDonalds' combo.
If you have to say that you don't care, you really do.
Good, one less pedophile in the world.

No. 1814526

So, a successful e-whore telling a failing e-whore that pretending to want to fuck her dad/brother is nasty is what's "ruining" the "community". Interesting.

Ya, this fat bitch is tripping and she deserves all the bad shit she's going through. Although I know the white knights will never stop feeling bad for fattie because they're projecting, I hope this serves as a good counter argument the next time someone writes a novel on how Shay could totally just change her name and get a job at target and a nice normie bf.

She could in theory, but she's nasty and lazy so she won't. Tbh I hope one of her johns actually asks her to follow through with her little rape fantasy tweets. I'll take my alog ban but I hope she gets irreversible mental damage to match her brain damage.

No. 1814528

Also it's funny that this bitch is apparently 4k in the hole but still pays for Twitter blue. I know it's not much every month but you'd think she'd cut back on all her extra unnecessary purchases/subscriptions. $8 a month could go far for a broke bitch like her.

No. 1814535

No shaynus no one cares if pedos hurt themselves (or anyone with your type of paraphilia) Good riddance! She really thought this was a gotcha moment lol. Obviously she feels guilty about it and lash out whenever someone bring it up.

No. 1814544

But she just loves giving money to manchildren who will never give her the time of day.
Makes you wonder if she's ever spent $8 of her own money on Ellen lmao

No. 1814551

The urge to alog is absolutey unfathomable. As a CSA victim I get so angry when people who claim to be victims say this shit, way to feed into the victim to abuser pipeline you piece of shit. A victim turned abuser is still a fucking abuser and needs to be culled, I don't care why you do it.

No. 1814564

She sort of has a point. Whores coming in and policing what other whores are doing as if they are any better than them. You're still a whore. If there are weird customers wanting to purchase gross porn, there will be someone to meet that demand. Complaining about it on your 80k follower porn twitter just sounds like virtue signaling.

No. 1814568

>my abuser started with consuming that content before turning to me
The reason you don't see people saying this is because it's typically not the case. There are studies done on this and it shows the opposite trend. Consuming content like this probably isn't good for the brain and it's weird and degenerate as fuck, but it doesn't make a person any more likely to be a perpetrator. Perpetrators will consume the content, but the content doesn't turn a non-perpetrator into one, studies show.

No. 1814571

Porn literally convonces men they are little girls or women, I'm sorry but I don't believe that study. There's literally an example of a scrote that gives money to shayna who was creeping on hos own daughters sex work, literally said he brought her a camera to film.
No scrote who watches that shit should be around underaged people especially female. Porn really does rot scrotes brain

No. 1814580

you seem like a moid

No. 1814587

Right like… that’s literally exactly what should happen? She’s so disconnected from the real world

No. 1814592

I feel like she’s made this tweet ten times already. Bleak

No. 1814594

she has. and i doubt she’s taken a shower since she has to mention it constantly.

No. 1814595

Wtf kind of logic is this? Incest porn does encourage disgusting moids to rape their family members.

No. 1814599

Like another nona said, if someone goes
>my dad raped me he was a porn addict, the type of porn he consumed was incest porn and I feel that fetish is why he decided to act it out in real life
Shayha would block and screech at that person in their dms. There's multiple serial killer who consumed porn that was similar to their crimes. Shayna even said that it's awkward when she has the same kinks are literal serial killers. Shayna does not care about anything but her right to exploit herself for pennies and scrote attention.
A sex worker is all she is, I don't think I've ever seen a woman make her whole existence based on a flopping career. One that causes her so much harm and has very little perks.
She's willing to risk it all to share her asshole online because she thinks she'll be famous, and maybe she will. For something gross, disgusting and possibly illegal or humiliating but not in the way she claims she likes

No. 1814609

Would love for her dad to see this kek, she is such a disgrace

No. 1814617

File: 1682380388922.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.39 KB, 1169x1728, 20230425_005217.jpg)

Those ears looking so crusty. How have they got orange stains on? Was she dipping her head in soup?

No. 1814620

They're brown around the edges like she ran of toilet paper and wiped her ass with them. She's disgusting. Also I have no idea why she always buys pink dog ears because all it does it make her look even more like fat sow than she already does.

No. 1814621

File: 1682380666523.png (137.63 KB, 828x1792, 7C9DEFEF-A3FC-498D-B71A-60C57C…)

Why does she look photoshopped on

No. 1814632

those pink spots just look like open sores lol

No. 1814638

File: 1682382107421.jpeg (44.65 KB, 985x621, 7F396E54-DDBA-40BA-82B5-676C5A…)


No. 1814640

File: 1682382144137.jpeg (40.92 KB, 881x614, CCBDD08B-8562-442F-BA0B-30BA90…)

No. 1814653

>25" waist
y u being so nice 2 her tho?

No. 1814654

How do you manage to do something as simple as sex work for nearly 8 years and still don't know how to be even remotely sexy. She's boogie boarding on this tiny dude and he's getting smothered by her blubber

No. 1814657

I would rather lick sidewalk dirt than shit on camera, dude, she should have gone there first

No. 1814663

File: 1682386288624.jpeg (Spoiler Image,227.53 KB, 1170x1535, 65F84637-0FEA-4046-84AD-BA3E12…)

No. 1814664

File: 1682386441906.jpeg (Spoiler Image,200.5 KB, 1170x1506, F1238EB0-A28A-4132-9B67-FE5040…)

No. 1814671

I thought this was kinda cute until i saw the dildo in the upper corner.

No. 1814673

Just to let everyone know, this is definitely a poster who is antagonistic and misogynistic (who I will personally name whore-chan). They are recognizable because of their constant need to call women “whores” itt and have typed extremely similar responses to former internet sex workers itt when they try to explain OnlyFats and some stuff to us normies. Whore-chan probably typed something similar to Vivi too when she was itt and spilling milk. I wonder if whore-chan has a Y chromosome?(derailing/ tinfoiling)

No. 1814675

I was the second post, not the first one. And I'm female.

No. 1814676

Okay whore-chan.

No. 1814686

Kek why is that man so ˢᵐᵒˡ

No. 1814687

Kkker bitch got her fee-fees hurt. Your tinfoil is retarded.

No. 1814688

The mannequin at Torrid

No. 1814691

Shaynus is just Large.

No. 1814692

but putting unconsenting parties like animals in your porn is wrong, right Shay? oh not for you, forgot about that part.

No. 1814694

Is the cat going to see this image and get traumatized? Kek.

No. 1814698

probably not, though it’s highly ironic when she was just virtue signaling about it earlier and now is taking a pic of her making porn with her cat.

No. 1814702

Cope further, porn addicted retard

No. 1814704

I don't even watch porn and I was sad to find out about these studies as well because they went against my world view at the time. But I like to be accurate when discussing these things.

No. 1814708

for the sake of accuracy, can you tell us which studies you're referring to? who wrote them, when and in what journals were they published? i would actually like to read them

No. 1814709

>has no effect on everyone
Talk to any survivor of CSA and they will say that their abuser escalated their grooming by exposing them to pornography. Whores and leftists caping for incest and pseudo-pedoporn is an abusers greatest wish come true because it gives them an easy means to normalise deviant sexual practices to their victims. Please imagine the most violent a-logging you can written here.

No. 1814712

Studies are funded by those that are invested in the outcome.
>radiation isn't harmful
>smoking is good for you
>it's safe for pregnant women to take thalidomide
>atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons doesn't cause cancer
>it's ok to dump toxic waste in the ocean because it gets diluted
>agent orange is just a herbicide
>sugar isn't bad for you
>seed oils are healthy and saturated fat isn't
All these statements are supposedly confirmed by science were paid for because someone somewhere makes a lot of money from people believing them.
>porn doesn't cause brain damage in moids
Porn is no different.

No. 1814714

Nonnie, those "studies" are made by degenerates/handmaidens with no self-respect. Also, nobody will give you a cookie for "being accurate" about how porn-sick incels are actually sweet uwu smol beans who deserve protection from le ebil prudes.

No. 1814719

why in the fuck would you discuss this of all things on a shay thread on lolcow

No. 1814720

>porn doesn't cause brain damage in moids
Never said this. It probably does have negative effects on moids brains. The study just showed that it doesn't turn men into perpetrators who otherwise would not have committed things like assault/murder/rape ect.
>porn-sick incels are actually sweet uwu smol beans who deserve protection from le ebil prudes.
No one said this. You're fighting a straw-man. I don't like porn because it decreases male satisfaction with their partner, and decreases health in relationships. Not because it "causes men to rape/assault" because multiple studies find that it doesn't.
I didn't "come here to discuss" this. I was correcting something inaccurate a nona said.(derailing)

No. 1814723

Not any of those anons, but here, a bunch of studies about how porn actually creates more predators and rapists.

Porn is a form of media, and just like any other kind of media it spreads ideas, and those ideas can manifest in individuals as real life actions. If propaganda can radicalize people so can pornography make men more likely to be rapists and pedophiles.

I'm ready for my ban

No. 1814728

>source being tumblr

No. 1814729

Did you even read what you linked? In those posts nowhere does it say that watching porn makes you more likely to commit a rape.

No. 1814744

She looks like what her fat ass retarded dog would look like if she was human: a fat bitch.(still a-logging a dog)

No. 1814762

File: 1682395273670.gif (192.78 KB, 320x218, 6F47F5C1-EEDD-4997-9A9F-63B9A2…)

jfc that’s gross

No. 1814768

Out of all the Shay pics, this one makes me the saddest. Her cat looks unhealthy and sad but it’s still looking up at her with so much love, it’s too dumb and isolated to know that it should be getting such better attention and food and care. I hate to be a corny loser but this pic genuinely breaks my heart. Fuck you, Shay. You don’t deserve any of your animals. I’m hugging my kitty extra tight tonight.

No. 1814773

Double the ugly

No. 1814777

IF this isnt a lie, then maybe its a dental surgery because shaynas teeth are rotting out and she wants braces so they need to take care of the nasty infected ones? Insurance doesnt ALWAYS cover cavity surgeries since they can be prevented.

Tinfoil im sorry.

No. 1814782

The rippling from her infected implant is making me nauseous.

>dildo hovering above cat
So wholesome uwu

No. 1814789

If I was big fluorescent white sack of dough bigger than an adult black man IDK if I would make a video like that lol. It looks ridiculous

No. 1814821

I know she fails spectacularly at POV every single time, likely because seeing someone else's POV is literally not ingrained within her personality, but this shit looks like she's about to give a blowjob to a comically hung dwarf. How does she always manage to create parody porn?

No. 1814855

Look into the work of Gail Dines. Studies do show that porn consumption is directly linked to prompting moids to seek more extremes, which in turn results in them committing acts of sexual abuse, incest etc.

No. 1814858

>porn consumption is directly linked to prompting moids to seek more extremes
Correct assertion from Gail Dines work.
>which in turn results in them committing acts of sexual abuse, incest etc.
Incorrect assumption which is not backed up by data.(derailing)

No. 1814868

Why are you so relentless to defend and excuse degenerates? Nobody is gonna pick you, there is not a single moid on this site.

No. 1814878

Stopping the spread of false information does not make me a pickme. I didn't realize this was an echochamber where we ignore facts.(derailing)

No. 1814881

okay whore-nonnie how about you share the sources to those 'facts' instead of just virtually sucking off degenerates.(derailing)

No. 1814882

Pretty fucked this is the hill you want to die on. You still didn’t provide any sources on these supposed studies. Just say you support incest porn snd go(derailing)

No. 1814894

Really feels like there is someone trying to purposely derail and infight yet again…this is NOT the thread to try and give shit takes on how porn doesn’t cause sexual predators go up the ante.

No. 1814902

Those Tumblr posts contain compilations of dozens of actual studies with source, scrote.
>In those posts nowhere does it say that watching porn makes you more likely to commit a rape
Literally the third study cited in the second link:
>A meta-analysis of 46 studies reported that the effects of exposure to pornographic material are “clear and consistent,” and that pornography use puts people at increased risk for committing sexual offenses and accepting rape myths.
Next study cited:
>A 2015 meta-analysis of 22 studies from seven countries found that internationally the consumption of pornography was significantly associated with increases in verbal and physical aggression, among males and females alike.
Other studies that support the hypothesis that males who are exposed to pornography are more likely to rape, harass, or be sexually aggressive can be found further down the post. Several more also show that men as well as women are much more likely to support misogyny, rape and sexual violence after being exposed to violent pornography, and if porn has these effects, it would only make sense that some of these men would start committing rape and incest too due to their porn exposure. And since these days every kid has access to violent pornography it's only natural that porn is making men likely to be rapists from childhood.
https://antiporn-activist.tumblr.com/post/611984122321174528/that-feels-like-a-sexual-assault-men-try-to There's a whole section here for cases of sexual assault committed by British boys after pornography use. Two examples:
>February 2014: A 13-year-old boy told a UK court that he raped his 8-year-old sister after viewing pornography at his friend’s house. The teenager told police he “decided to try it out” on his sister because she was small and “couldn’t remember stuff,” reported the Lancashire Telegraph.
>August 2012: A 13-year-old Canadian boy pleaded guilty to repeatedly raping a 4-year-old boy who lived in his foster home. The boy said the idea came from watching “gay porn” on his foster parents’ home computer.
Men get ideas from porn that they want to act out in real life and rape is no exception.

That's clearly a scrote, with his obsession with "stopping disinformation" about the link between porn and increased rates of sexual assault. I mean, from the /shay/ nudes incident I started to suspect that this general had a lot of males in it but this pro-porn infight pretty much confirms it.(still derailing)

No. 1814923

wow, janny literally has no idea what a-logging means

No. 1814984

What in the absolute fuck is this.. this is not the cute picture she thinks it is. Its disgusting with that dildo hanging over Mr.Peanutbutter. How does she manage to be so tone deaf all of the time. Get help Shayna you're porn rotted.

No. 1814997

poor kitty deserves a better home. makes me incredibly happy fat shat is sex repulsed and doesn't have children.

No. 1815009

Ya’ll really have to learn what sex repulsed is! She cums, she enjoys sex. She has fantasies. She literally is not sex repulsed. She’s just a lazy degenerate.(derailing)

No. 1815015

>she cums
Kek but does she tho

No. 1815028

she's admitted multiple times she hates sex, or are you another derailer?

No. 1815029

back to twitter with you.

No. 1815030

you called it nonna kek

No. 1815039

File: 1682450084304.jpeg (114.23 KB, 1170x1025, E32D7AD8-228A-4578-9D1E-1D6B40…)

No. 1815040

Thinking ya'll is a twitter term and not just something southerners say shows you are terminally online. It's not our fault twittoids appropriated that term

No. 1815047

go to the gym shay

No. 1815052

>4k in debt
>asking for $50 for food after drinking all night
She's not taking it serious at all.

No. 1815059

Is it me or has the state of her ass declined rapidly? It's been cottage cheese and pizza dough for years but recently it seems to become much worse.

No. 1815067

No you’re not wrong, it’s recently gotten even worse. Probably because all she does is lay around and eat the worst possible foods, get drunk off sugary drinks, and smoke weed which makes her eat even more. She’s officially a Fatass now, where for awhile she was just grossly chubby.

No. 1815102

Of course she does, what else do you think the thick white gloop oozing from her means? It’s clearly cum and not a sign of chronic BV or thrush my dear nona

No. 1815103

You tell em fellow yeehaw-chan!

No. 1815141

Southern USA'ers should learn to integrate then. It's easy to identify posts when you use area-specific slang.

No. 1815163

File: 1682459726744.jpeg (92.23 KB, 1170x971, IMG_1736.jpeg)

No. 1815171

Every day I manifest this bitch getting a tapeworm from all the low quality raw fish she eats so I no longer have to watch her tack on mass at an insurmountable rate, yet I still get to watch her suffer some real psychosis so she can learn what the fuck a bad brain day is.

No. 1815182

It’s Elmer’s school glue lube you idiot scrote

No. 1815190

>the thick white gloop oozing from her
And now you will say that women also shoot milk from their nipples when aroused KEK.

No. 1815193

It's bad dragon brand cum lube. She told hairy shoulders gay scrote that she doesn't cum from/enjoy sex. Also she hates to shower so chronic BV isn't out of the realm of possibility. Also yeast infections from her garbage diet

did the feeder scrote send this to her? Big Shaynus

No. 1815194

NTA but are you both retarded? That anon was clearly being sarcastic.
I don't know how she can just stuff herself full of more takeout when she's hungover. It's no wonder she feels like shit all the time, and I'm honestly kind of shocked that she's not violently ill more often with the state of her diet.

No. 1815206

No. 1815224

Lmao this is so evil nonna but I love it for Shat and I want to join u in manifesting

No. 1815234

The fact that no one picked up on your sarcasm is very telling of the average IQ of a shayna thread.

No. 1815267

I think I've said this before but the 'cum' lube really looks like she poured milk on her vagina to me. Anyone else agree? I can't see any other comparison kek

No. 1815290

it looks like the "milk" that's on the picture on the front of a cereal box, which is actually elmers glue lmao. but no i get what you mean

No. 1815312

File: 1682474016923.jpeg (89.32 KB, 750x993, 00FBC30E-EA52-40C9-82B7-FAD39A…)

what a dumb drunk loser

No. 1815323

What an embarrassing human being. Taking an entire day off work to prepare for someone entering your filthy environment, skipping work due to “bad brain days”, getting drunk alone every night, looking like a mess, unable to function as an adult even with so many privileges, can’t take care of her body even though she has SO MUCH time on her hands, bigger each year. And then she chooses to share it all with us wtf is wrong with her

No. 1815325

And in debt

No. 1815375

File: 1682484698577.jpeg (46.11 KB, 750x1187, 59E8772E-218C-4051-92A9-5B00E4…)