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File: 1680306042636.jpg (433.04 KB, 1036x1238, princess_lolcow.jpg)

No. 2[Reply]

NONNY Welcome to the Dollhaus, nonny! NONNY

She’s really done it. As Shayna passes Momokun’s lead with 132 threads, she is gunning for the top spot. It should be no time before she surpasses Onision and becomes the Cow with the Most Threads. Our baby bimbo princess has also been robbed of her Favorite Cow award the past year as elections were not held. Thus, we thought a celebration was in order. Welcome to /shay/.

Of course, no one could ever replace Our Queen, but as the farm languishes without her leadership, we decided to put forth a new member of the Royalolcow Family. Shayna has previously said that a whole gossip site is dedicated to her, and why would we ever want to prove her wrong? Now it’s true! We figured that before our princess turns 26, we should have this board running like a well-oiled fuck machine on a balcony. Plus, now she’ll have some light reading to enjoy while she recovers from surgery. You can find all Shayna threads here, plus some new additions. The board will be subject to typical moderation, shayve our typical shayhead retardation. The only thing that could be more legendary is if we could recover her first ever thread…alas, nonny! Don’t go there!

File: 1689600837027.png (373.97 KB, 408x612, REIMBURSE!!!!!.png)

No. 163871[Reply]

Containment board for Shayna memes and Shatposting.

This is a thread for collecting and archiving all Shay related media, mostly farmer generated. Please curb your autism and save any discussion of milk for the threads on /snow/, and spoiler any NSFW images.

Infight all your autistic battles here.

First thread: >>>/shay/158765
Second thread: >>>/shay/159974
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No. 166362

File: 1701369270974.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1080, Shaynus_BINGO_scaredofcoomer.p…)

No. 166363

File: 1701369335300.png (864.71 KB, 1080x1080, Shaynus_BINGO_sheactuallylooks…)

No. 166364

File: 1701369448133.png (839.17 KB, 1080x1080, Shaynus_BINGO_wrinkledmodel.pn…)

No. 166365

thank you for the bingo cards! you did a great job!

No. 166366

Damn Nona, your autism is showing!

File: 1685154840186.jpeg (311.68 KB, 2102x1926, 1668186457624.jpeg)

No. 162962[Reply]

Post before & afters, or just pictures of Shaymu looking particularly portly.
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No. 166251

ew why does her upper vaginal mount look so puffed up like that? is that from "pussy pumping"?

No. 166252

KEK honey I shrunk you what a stupid parody

No. 166263

File: 1700823391734.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 730.22 KB, 480x852, 1700818213044.mp4)

No. 166291

It's wild that it's just floating suspended like that & hasn't dropped yet.

No. 166358

File: 1701362019063.jpeg (12.91 KB, 275x143, 1638607110471.jpeg)

an opportunity was truly missed to call this thread "shatspo"

File: 1683445903255.png (404.08 KB, 680x631, C480F0C6-020D-409B-8347-8FB521…)

No. 162131[Reply]

Thread for all of the side characters in the Shaynaverse.
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No. 166312

What in gods name

No. 166317

Jason Womack is retarded and inbred

No. 166321


No. 166343

File: 1701257497582.jpg (147.47 KB, 1290x918, Shaynaesque .jpg)

Tell me she’s not just as horrible as Shayna. Why can’t these freaks keep their kinks degeneracy, let’s be real private and between consenting parties?

No. 166346

wouldn't a diaper potentially (and unnecessarily) heighten the risk of infection or irritation on fresh surgical incisions/stitches?

File: 1696457057989.jpeg (16 KB, 172x274, 9EBA7EC8-56FD-483D-BD11-F83B78…)

No. 164799[Reply]

Which pic made you think DAMN SHES UGLY for me it was this one her head looks like a deflated balloon and her expression is so ugly the smirk the double chin
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No. 166340

yeah middle right pic you can see she has chipped one of her front teeth

No. 166342

File: 1701252230915.png (1.02 MB, 894x1024, shaylusion.png)

Sometimes I wish I could see what she sees because reality and whatever goes on in her head are two very different things.

No. 166348

File: 1701282411338.jpeg (378.83 KB, 750x868, 1DC5D513-1E0D-4492-810E-0B8D2A…)

No. 166349

File: 1701290223960.png (688.77 KB, 806x798, rudolph.png)

seems like everytime she posts a new photo it ends up here these days. but theyre truly all stinkers. literally! she stinks!

No. 166351

She’s so ugly and crusty and looks at least 10 years older than she is. But most older women look better than this stinky fat bitch.

File: 1681569992182.png (361.12 KB, 422x750, 1498924199236.png)

No. 161616[Reply]

Are you rereading old threads? Discuss landmark vintage milk in this thread.
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No. 166326

I agree with you, nonna. I’ve been around since the beginning but that was a really dark period in shaystory.

No. 166327

File: 1701132387972.png (105.66 KB, 2030x568, Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 1.37.…)

Shayna trying to bring down the establishment one empty slot on the Olive Garden schedule at a time

No. 166333

Kek all the emphasis on partying and yet she’s a massive homebody. Doesn’t Seattle have a strong nightclub and live music scene? Wild Messed Up Partygirl is the most low effort goal imaginable but even that is too much for her.

No. 166336

Agreed, it was fucked up and in the long run probably did a lot to derail her career. OT but ex-pornstars who do interviews will talk about the hierarchy of degeneracy, when you start off you’re supposed to do very tame b/g or g/g content, working your way into more intense content like gangbangs and raceplay. Extreme kink shit like this is meant to be a last resort for longtime whores whose work in more normie categories is starting to dry up. Once you get into it it’s very hard to pivot back to less degen content because apparently even porn producers have room to be picky kek. Doing this crazy shit right out of the gate kind of boxed her in and ended her professional career before it started.

No. 166339

Hahahahahahaha this is great. A normal 40 hour work week is already too much for her lazy ass to handle, but she really thought she was going to up and join rural commune & start fucking plowing fields. I'm dead.

File: 1684409259989.jpg (56.16 KB, 634x777, 23706524-7914239-Little_Britai…)

No. 162408[Reply]

Post public figures that you have come across who look like/remind you of Shayna
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No. 166100

File: 1699849586905.jpeg (1.93 MB, 3361x3318, CFB9DCDB-9B65-4E87-B6F7-001410…)

No. 166149

File: 1699985883028.jpeg (216.84 KB, 592x625, F34BEA4D-8B8E-4535-9AD5-B3F62E…)

No. 166300

File: 1701034325544.jpg (98.38 KB, 499x750, tumblr_mgici6PhzG1rsts5ro1_500…)

No. 166330

File: 1701143649952.jpg (24.68 KB, 600x600, 1701134204634.jpg)

No. 166335

kekkk omg shayden

File: 1681169294719.jpeg (101.28 KB, 750x986, 80088601-FAEE-4110-9A95-F34B33…)

No. 160523[Reply]

I saw some other anons in the Quitting Weed with Shayna thread >>24354 asking for this and I also want to post about shitness (Shay fitness). Let’s hold each other accountable by posting fat Shat, sharing fitness regimens, healthy meals, and tips to curb cravings!
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No. 166297

If I wanted to prevent a shay flat ass, what workouts would I do to avoid it? I’m genetically kinda naturally flat in the ass, but not at Shays level, so there’s a little hope for me

No. 166307

Hip thrusts
Bulgarian split squats
Make sure you got the right form

No. 166308

are you/is anyone able to elaborate on the right form? when i do squats i feel it in my thighs but not in my glutes and i'm worried i'm doing it completely wrong

No. 166309

NTA. With compound exercises like squats and dead lifts, form is important. If you go to a gym a trainer will usually work with you when you first start to teach you about correct form. If you're working out at home, watch youtube videos and use a mirror. If you're just starting you may want to do dumbbell or goblet squats to perfect your form before moving onto a barbell.

No. 166311

So there’s a lot of videos on YouTube on how to get the right squat form, try to do it without weights first. What I did was start from the bottom and get low with thighs parallel to the floor and then go up, you also might have long quads and need to lean forward a bit

File: 1680323423539.jpeg (9.1 KB, 224x225, 1673535769752.jpeg)

No. 157669[Reply]

Share your favorite iconic moments from the thread, or a specific memory you share with your fellow shayheads. My favorite was anon who hated the word bleak so much she was getting a shayneurism (but eventually embraced it). What's yours?
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No. 165743

>you'll notice in the caps that even though she was paid to strip naked, she left her skirt on like a belt to cover her stomach for the entire night.

No. 165973

File: 1699116956524.webm (669.18 KB, Shane Sonnier Prank Call.webm)

This was so stupid yet funny. It belongs here.

No. 166292


Shayna's 21 humiliating things video. Here's a rough transcript of this video. Sorry for the huge block of text.

"One time I got fucked with my head in a toilet and got my hair all wet, and I lost an eyelash in the toilet. And that was pretty humiliating. Uhm that's one. There was one time I was filming one of my videos, my piss puppy video, and I accidentally pissed myself while the camera wasn't rolling and like no one was even there and it just felt like really, really humiliating. Uhm my first pro-shoot I did with another model, I didn't realize I was going to be working with another model so I didn't shave. And yeah that was not my favorite look on camera and it was not… it was just like… not cute and I was like, really humiliating cause like incoherent disgusted noises. Uhm, I mean it's pretty humiliating how, how bad I am at putting dick in my throat to the point where I literally cry and throw up and that was my first blowjob that I gave my ex-boyfriend. Yeah like, I yeah I got laughed at pretty hard when I uhm threw up all over my ex-boyfriend's dick. It was pretty bad. Uhm so that's four. Oh another thing that happened with me and my ex-boyfriend, the first time we met was uhm, he took me to like a really nice hotel and that was the first time I did anal and the sheets were terrifying afterwards, there was just like blood everywhere and like piss. Terrifying. Absolutely terrifying. I was absolutely fucking humiliated groan and uhm, oh my god sigh. So that's five. Uhm, at my friend's uhm kinky New Year's party I was being beat up by like two girls at once and one of them was holding a leash that was attached to my nose and the other one was like pulling on my nipple and stepping her heel into my leg and I accidentally pissed on the floor because I was trying to focus so hard that I got scared and pissed myself. And that was– I just pissed myself on a hardwood floor in a really nice mansion in front of like twelve people. Uhm there was one time, I went out to the grocery store and dinner with my friend without realizing I had cum all over my t-shiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 166293

Her voice is so deep

No. 166350

File: 1701292971153.mp4 (16.86 MB, 21 moments of Shayme.mp4)

Thanks! Let's archive that locally!

File: 1680371114717.jpeg (181.12 KB, 720x1560, 20230401134609060.jpeg)

No. 157750[Reply]

Nona, Nonnie and Nonita get in here and let's tall about your favorite totally more then like true Shayfoil (tinfoil aka Titfoil). They try to silence the truth but they don't know the truth!
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No. 166266

File: 1700843255197.jpg (Spoiler Image, 548.06 KB, 1200x675, 1531583876093.jpg)

titfoil: this was the moment her nipple would never be the same again

No. 166268

this made me physically cringe, jfc

No. 166269

I knew what this was going to be and yet I still unspoiled it anyway. jeez

No. 166270

Imagine letting a dude do that to you and now he’s done it to like 45 other 19 year olds in the past 6 years since you. How does she not feel dirty? I mean I don’t wanna ~slutshame~ women but porn is so grotty and doesn’t benefit anyone except for the men

No. 166310

The reason Shayna doesn't squeal about lolcow on twitter for pity points is because she knows that her coomers would find the site and join in laughing at her.

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