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File: 1680306042636.jpg (433.04 KB, 1036x1238, princess_lolcow.jpg)

No. 2[Reply]

NONNY Welcome to the Dollhaus, nonny! NONNY

She’s really done it. As Shayna passes Momokun’s lead with 132 threads, she is gunning for the top spot. It should be no time before she surpasses Onision and becomes the Cow with the Most Threads. Our baby bimbo princess has also been robbed of her Favorite Cow award the past year as elections were not held. Thus, we thought a celebration was in order. Welcome to /shay/.

Of course, no one could ever replace Our Queen, but as the farm languishes without her leadership, we decided to put forth a new member of the Royalolcow Family. Shayna has previously said that a whole gossip site is dedicated to her, and why would we ever want to prove her wrong? Now it’s true! We figured that before our princess turns 26, we should have this board running like a well-oiled fuck machine on a balcony. Plus, now she’ll have some light reading to enjoy while she recovers from surgery. You can find all Shayna threads here, plus some new additions. The board will be subject to typical moderation, shayve our typical shayhead retardation. The only thing that could be more legendary is if we could recover her first ever thread…alas, nonny! Don’t go there!

File: 1684409259989.jpg (56.16 KB, 634x777, 23706524-7914239-Little_Britai…)

No. 162408[Reply]

Post public figures that you have come across who look like/remind you of Shayna
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No. 162756

File: 1684843369580.png (955.91 KB, 2506x1514, Screenshot 2023-05-23 at 8.03.…)

i died when someone said this, so accurate

No. 162766

Heather has nicer boobs tbh and I’ve never seen her post weird cellulite pictures either

No. 163060

File: 1685234977694.jpeg (598.08 KB, 1911x3295, 8256D3F5-2BCE-46A5-AED9-33A5B1…)

No. 163061

File: 1685235082999.jpeg (36.53 KB, 431x499, 4B6752AA-CCC3-4008-B13B-AB4C9D…)

No. 163062

she looks better like this

File: 1677868754376.jpeg (1001.66 KB, 1242x1359, 7C647FC4-EA45-4FB7-BAD8-55F7CC…)

No. 159974[Reply]

Containment board for Shayna memes and Shatposting.

This is a thread for collecting and archiving all Shay related media, mostly farmer generated. Please curb your autism and save any discussion of milk for the threads on /snow/, and spoiler any NSFW images.
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No. 163044

Kek that’s a good point. The Situation puts way more effort into his appearance and hygiene than this sow. He’s still hideous but at least he keeps in shape to try to compensate for the uggo face. Shat should take notes

No. 163049

I'm interested, nonny.

No. 163057

File: 1685223963993.jpg (279.65 KB, 1079x2185, 20230520_003704.jpg)

i hope all the women their mouth anywhere near an anus have all their vaccinations up to date especially hep A.
And there is literally no way to avoid parasitic infections if you're doing this, fyi. parasite eggs aren't very large.

No. 163058

File: 1685225864288.png (406.56 KB, 500x666, bleak shituation.png)

felt inspired today

No. 163059

This is still the craziest reply I've ever read on this site.

File: 1680311997568.png (809.2 KB, 2820x1128, Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 9.17.…)

No. 24354[Reply]

Need assistance quitting a bad habit? Use Shay as your inspiration? Hold each other accountable here!
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No. 163051

Ginger Ale supremacy. What brand do you prefer?

No. 163052

i prefer canada dry but the store i went to only had schweppes so i settled for that! definitely helped with my upset stomach though.

No. 163053

Twinsies! I'm glad it's helping your stomach nona. What's got you feeling down today? Or did you mean physically only?

No. 163054

physically mostly but i also ran into an old friend at the store i hadn't seen in years and it just made me feel insignificant as a NEET. she has a baby and a life and it just made me feel kinda shitty. she also got pregnant at like 19 so maybe i shouldn't feel so bad, i don't even want kids or anything, i just know she also probably has a job, and i just turned 24 and have nothing to show for it. have had some slight cravings over today but feeling alright overall. i woke up super congested and with an awful headache and i know my ability to breathe would be much worse if i was smoking right now so thats a plus!

No. 163056

I'm definitely acutely aware of that feeling of inadequacy. I hope it makes you feel better to let you know that I'm early-30's and am in the same position as you are in now. 24 isn't a baby, but it's still young and you have a lot of time to figure your shit out. I'm proud of you for making positive changes. I really wish I had done what you're doing now when I was your age. Also yay for positive physical changes! Keep it up friend and stay strong

File: 1680371114717.jpeg (181.12 KB, 720x1560, 20230401134609060.jpeg)

No. 157750[Reply]

Nona, Nonnie and Nonita get in here and let's tall about your favorite totally more then like true Shayfoil (tinfoil aka Titfoil). They try to silence the truth but they don't know the truth!
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No. 162882

Why? Her previous scar is so imperceptible that nonas kept saying it was just a fold/line.
Is this it, nona? >>>/snow/626117

No. 162884

I mean, this nona notices the faint scar on the breast >>>/snow/1643891 and this one immediately tells her it’s just a fat roll (missing the point) >>>/snow/1643920
Another example >>>/snow/1648276 in which the scaring is visible and so faint that it’s devolves into “fighting” because a lot of the nonas don’t notice the line, even when prompted to notice it.

No. 162887

See? >>>/shay/162867 very faint.

No. 163032

tinfoiling that her and the biggulpgirls guy are actually dating and thats how she’ll justify fucking him without protection. its definitely weird theyre going to the concert together.

No. 163045

Yeah Im tinfoiling that he’s one of her current “sugar daddies” and probably paid for dinner yesterday. He’s basically renting a cheap whore that’s on call and will fly out to him and film garbage videos. I guess coomers don’t care how fat and gross a whore is as long as they’ll degrade themselves. He’s finessing her

File: 1680365467480.png (752.94 KB, 979x780, image_2023-04-01_171004522.png)

No. 157728[Reply]

This category of fan art always absolutely cracks me up. Post your favs and send lets send our energy into the universe to manifest a Mattel Mukbang.

No. 157738

File: 1680368070386.jpeg (230.4 KB, 1242x1956, 1648705167726.jpeg)

No. 158290

File: 1680542589194.gif (4.64 MB, 540x540, shaynus hungry.gif)

Kudos to the anon who made this

No. 163017

File: 1685185431944.jpg (63.68 KB, 936x491, coney dog.jpg)

No. 163040

File: 1685191441534.gif (6.13 MB, 340x242, hoagie mattel.gif)

How has this masterpiece not been posted yet?

File: 1685183697697.png (344.31 KB, 1080x1080, True Shart.png)

No. 162981[Reply]

A place to share works of shayart featuring our beloved baby bimbo
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No. 163035

File: 1685188898785.png (15.37 KB, 728x464, Shayna Clifford.png)

No. 163036

File: 1685189283987.gif (1.37 MB, 1280x684, 1626145206411.gif)


No. 163037

File: 1685190963199.jpg (116.98 KB, 692x693, 1684968057110.jpg)

If it finally shuts up the poster raging in multiple threads wanting to personally vet what's considered "highly regarded art" then I'm all for the move.

I totally forgot she paid for this.

No. 163038

File: 1685190998328.bmp (2.77 MB, 918x1052, 1528515325530.bmp)

No. 163039

File: 1685191119943.png (119.51 KB, 542x534, bimbo barbie.png)

who sharted?

File: 1684957947199.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.25 KB, 664x1347, 4F88C8DF-52EE-4DFE-B569-206F74…)

No. 162863[Reply]

big news today in the shayverse… tinfoil hat anons rejoice; the necrotit was an implant all along. post caps of times that it was obvious that her tit was fake/necrotic. also post examples of when innocent nonnies were banned for hypothesizing that shay had an implant done when she was younger. those anons were absolutely correct and should be vindicated
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No. 162948

I don't think Shayna will ever get "semi-popular" again just because of boobs. She has too many things against her (age, weight, wrinkles, laziness)

No. 162950

I thought shayna's plan was to stay with her mom while she recovered. That's what she said before the reschedule.

No. 163016

$50 says Shayna immediately pops one of her new tits like her idol Chyna from wrestling

No. 163028

is she going to have to get these replaced again when shes 35?

No. 163055

yes, all breast implants need to be replaced every ten years or so

File: 1680494912023.png (178.78 KB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

No. 158187[Reply]

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No. 162085

the thing that pisses me off the most is her whole "haha losers your dad is spending YOUR COLLEGE FUND on my porn!~" schtick, she's said shit like this for years and it really exemplifies her disturbing, disordered attachment to her father. only a disturbed person would have some sick fantasy of other womens' fathers cranking it to them. and FYI bitch my mother is 52 and you could never compare, that is how awful you look at 25

No. 162111

Her laziness and e-begging

No. 162132


No. 162353

File: 1684204114086.jpg (122.51 KB, 1079x2130, Screenshot_20230515_192553_Sam…)


No. 163026

Yet again shayna's white privledge is showing. she gets a brand new set of boobs she doesnt deserve and probably wont even take good care of them.

File: 1680815584210.jpeg (292.85 KB, 1242x1530, 1680459466855.jpeg)

No. 160423[Reply]

I've noticed nonas made a few of these kek
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No. 162720

Love you girlie

No. 162730

Where is the fart?

No. 162734

Needs fart.

No. 162767

No. 163025

File: 1685186656069.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.99 KB, 1151x719, funny fart pic.jpg)

Do not unspoil this if you care about your mental health.

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