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File: 1657488386379.png (500.28 KB, 917x965, shaynus.png)

No. 1585094

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1571184

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903

Last thread
>Shayna's birthday comes and goes with a relatively dull camshow >>>/snow/1571219
>In typical Shaynus fashion, womack carries the show >>>/snow/1571232 Shay is drunk and clumsy >>>/snow/1571241 >>>/snow/1571260 and dancing >>>/snow/1571271 >>>/snow/1571285 >>>/snow/1571363
>Ellen is also in chat >>>/snow/1571275
>Despite quickly (and grumpily) logging off after no tips for 15 minutes, Shaynus praises her coomers on twitter for an "amazing night on cam" >>>/snow/1571375
>Shayna mentions a "worshipping sesh" >>>/snow/1571844 and farmers begin to tinfoil that she's tricking irl
>@OnlyFansPostinL on twitter posts Shayna crying about pretty girls getting more likes than her >>>/snow/1573663 >>>/snow/1573686
>Meanwhile, Shayna goes to The Melting Pot in her pink rubber dress >>>/snow/1573783 where farmers spot Ellen Degenerate in the fondue bowl >>>/snow/1574041 >>>/snow/1574059 >>>/snow/1574075
>We are reminded of Shayna's cursed "Honey I Shrunk You" shoot with InSex as she retweets size-kink art >>>/snow/1574231 >>>/snow/1575154
>Shayna simps for moid ass and tweets about wanting to rim a guy >>>/snow/1574484
>We get some fresh Ellen pics to remind us of Shay's "pretty girlfriend's" likeness >>>/snow/1574712
>Shayna tweets about her foot slave coming to her apartment >>>/snow/1574969 and her worship sesh client jacking off in front of her >>>/snow/1575924
>Shayna wears her "Sex Work is Real Work" shirt >>>/snow/1576869 to the aquarium with Ellen where she is in clear view of children >>>/snow/1577279
>Another date night with The Daddy comes and goes, inspiring art nonas to bless us with our current thread pic >>>/snow/1577468
>Shayna's bigfoot woods wolf "professional" photoshoot gets released >>>/snow/1578275 >>>/snow/1578282 >>>/snow/1578285 >>>/snow/1578287 >>>/snow/1578289 >>>/snow/1578290
>Shayna decides she wants to attend a convention in Florida >>>/snow/1579557
>One of Shay's diaperfags seems a bit too excited she'll be in his state >>>/snow/1581399 >>>/snow/1582111
>Shay brings us a blast from the past with her firework asshole video >>>/snow/1579900 resulting in her moids crying about the flag being on the ground >>>/snow/1579930
>Part 2 of wolfsquatch is released, all in black and white for ease of editing of Shayna's ~~curves~~ >>>/snow/1581922 >>>/snow/1581926 >>>/snow/1581928 >>>/snow/1581930 >>>/snow/1581933 >>>/snow/1581935
>Ellen tweets about being poly >>>/snow/1582741
>For Ellen's birthday, Shayna goes to the spa with Ellen, farmers hope she adjusted her clothes and washed her ass before she left the house >>>/snow/1583677
>After the spa, Shay goes to dinner in a "better than the usual too small trashy pink bimbo shit" dress >>>/snow/1583997
>Ellen reminds of us Shay's stellar house hygiene >>>/snow/1584423
>A schizo-poster on twitter catches the farm's eye, accusing Shayna of being a "Mikayla Clifford" attacking Eugenia Cooney >>>/snow/1584488 >>>/snow/1584502 >>>/snow/1584587
>Farmers point out that schizo-poster sounds oddly similar to KT "Game Grumps Stalker" Price
>Farmers struggle to resist engaging multiple derailers and infighters including fridge-chan, pear-chan, professional dominatrix-chan, and American nationalist-chans while Shayna's train wreck life proceeds at a portentously slow pace…

https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1585105

Anon there’s still time to delete and fix the links, put commas between them. Also there’s still 60 posts left in the old thread and it’s been slow so hold off

No. 1586018

File: 1657579094987.jpeg (Spoiler Image,642.84 KB, 1320x1080, E558A834-3DA3-43B9-928A-8E60E6…)

No. 1586027

File: 1657579580960.jpg (69.95 KB, 540x360, 360_F_133936872_lmXWoBUjaLUtmI…)

No. 1586031

No. 1586036

File: 1657580123144.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.39 MB, 1242x953, C3E72878-13A5-452E-B0B2-3EB1DB…)

No. 1586046

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No. 1586081

dem arms

No. 1586113


Why does it look like someone took a picture of her during a cam session or one of her uglier nudes and pasted it into a woodsy background?

No. 1586126

Don’t post dead animals you psycho, I hope every recreational hunter shots themselves

No. 1586201

Yuck, look at her elbows, her skin is so loose & wrinkly, how is she only 24 or whatever?

No. 1586215

File: 1657603117383.jpeg (718.88 KB, 1382x1080, 155C7A7D-1218-4BE4-BCA4-C008C6…)

Crazy how she goes from having no ass in the photographers pictures to having an ass in her own

No. 1586238

Can't wait for autistic anons to scour the fetishcon's tags in order to find candid shots of Shayna and her cottage cheese rippled creeper girlfriend Ellen Patricia Dresel

No. 1586284

It’ll probably be the only milk we get in the foreseeable future, now that she has seemingly graduated from being a degenerate on the internet into actual prostitution. I can’t begin to imagine how her family feels about her life choices. It’s not like she’s one of those “successful” sugar babies or onlyfans girls (e.g. Anna Paul, if anyone itt knows who that it) who make a fucktonne of money and live a luxurious life at the expense of their dignity, she’s doing all this for literally nothing. No one in the “community” will support her, much less work with her. She has to beg just to make rent, she has a “girlfriend” that she’s clearly ashamed of and definitely only keeping around to leech off, both materially and emotionally, what kind of life is that for a twentysomething? It blows my mind that she won’t oblige her parents and pack it all in. She’s so fucking entitled and ungrateful

No. 1586299

I love how she thinks we’ll believe people don’t claim her because they’ll get doxxed by us. No one wants to post you because you’re an embarrassment Shaynus. You’re a pedo, you’re ugly, you have boils on your ass, you dance around like a demented chicken after two wines and it’s painful to watch. She has no idea how real life people feel about degenerates like her. No one, not even fellow fat degenerates like fupaul, want to be associated with her because they know normal people are disgusted by them.

No. 1586312

She's a cautionary tale: keep your stupid kids off social media. Her tumblr fame really did ruin her.

Also I wonder why she hasn't registered as an official model with Fetishcon. Seems like shes passing up some free promotion.

No. 1586356

These shoots are so fucking weird, like who the fuck wants to see this shit, much less pay for it?

No. 1586374

It's not about selling, I don't think. I think she's starting to realize she's nothing like the person she wanted to be and she's trying to move towards that instead. (Model, influencer, eventual trophy wife) I'm sure in her head, these make her look like a real model who's making it in the world, except I doubt she's fully capable of disconnecting from the reality of how she doesn't look like other models, and that's why she went back to try again after not posting anything from the first set. Eventually she'll realize she's too ugly to go any of these directions and slink back in to sitting on cakes and licking discharge off spoons.

No. 1586391

I don’t think she’ll even go back to that, she’s a fucking sped but surely she must be aware of the fact that allowing herself to be fucked by disgusting fat unwashed old moids is the only way she’ll ever earn any money from “sex work”

No. 1586578

>inb4 shayna takes a trip to Dubai

No. 1586594

File: 1657648935769.jpg (376.06 KB, 940x1220, 20220712_105843.jpg)

Saw this on an old shay thread. Who wants to take bets for how long it will take for this anon to be right? Kek, its almost been five years since then. Im gonna give her till next year in march.

No. 1586615

That will never be true because she will never apply for a real job. I believe she would rather be hooking on the side of a road or dead before getting a job

No. 1586638

File: 1657651188534.jpeg (309.13 KB, 1170x633, D1A808CB-4D0E-425A-8889-A6013E…)

Keep inviting creeps to your house and you’ll get your wish

No. 1586644

Sorry for being an idiot but I have no fucking clue what she's trying to say here

No. 1586646

She already does that with the dad

No. 1586649

That people who go to college shouldn’t complain about being in debt. And she pretty much tried to make her sound smarter and better for not going to college in a different post

No. 1586660

That anon wasn't right cause if Shayna wanted to, she could have a paid for education AND change her name, get offline and attempt a "normal" life on her parents dime until she can find a job. She won't, but Shayna's very privileged and she knows it. Thats why she makes a mess of her life.
I also think this talk is shade towards her siblings. She always felt she was "better" for moving out at 18 (to go chase a scrote kek), while her other siblings probably stayed home longer or went to college, it's the ONLY thing she can "brag" about. Because she's not more successful then them and never will be.

No. 1586714

File: 1657657982213.jpeg (97.72 KB, 828x722, F613F6BB-25B5-4820-BBFC-167A57…)

I don’t understand where her delusion of being a good person comes from

No. 1586716

its part of her LARP of an innocent, bubbly, cute little girl to attract the coomers

No. 1586722

It’s just grease from your oily forehead from your oily unwashed hair.

She will be a full blown prostitute before she ever gets a job.

No. 1586737

No girl there's a full miasma formed around you at all times that is curiously even spread through photographs

No. 1586912

File: 1657675632253.jpeg (395.5 KB, 1536x2048, 0D947728-C2D7-4076-9138-CB1A0A…)

Her face has the texture of sandpaper

No. 1586922

i cant with that “i can’t breathe” face kek

No. 1586932

nah, she really believes she’s a good person who spreads joy. she couldn’t play a character if her life depended on it.

No. 1586933

addict fashion

No. 1586943

This is so specific but she looks like the mom of a friend you'd have in highschool who was extremely trashy and immature but very welcoming because she's stuck in her teen years and wants you to think she's cool kek.

No. 1586947

and probably tried to fuck her teenage sons friends

No. 1586970

The chola headband, the thin crusty lips, the middle aged mom glasses on the tip of huge nose to appear smaller, and the tacky ear plugs. Damn why is she posing like that? She looks like a Facebook mom

No. 1587034

Wait has she literally never had any sort of job? Like even the typical jobs teenagers get like working at a summer camp, smoothie shop, etc? I mean I suppose I know the answer but it just hit me how wild that is

No. 1587047

Topkek, perfect description.
Fucking hell, Shaynus, eat a vegetable occasionally.

No. 1587056

She worked at olive garden for a week and quit.

No. 1587102


Yeah you show 'em Shayna. You don't need no education

No. 1587110

Beat me to it, that was like the cherry on top!

No. 1587133


she looks like the type of white trash that has three biracial kids by three different men

No. 1587134


she also worked at an apple orchard in her hometown wayyyyy back in the day. a local pizza place as well. so she knows what it’s like to make honest money, she’s just not interested.

No. 1587181

I always use these opportunities to get a peek at her living space. Looks like a lot of shit in piles and clutter everywhere. She’s usually pretty careful about hiding the filth she lives in.

No. 1587290

She hasn’t made a full length video since early June. I wonder when she’ll mention “working” again

No. 1587347

File: 1657736842589.jpeg (694.32 KB, 1170x1437, 0E2BA3EA-CD38-4707-A92F-2B53CA…)

Oh God, she still has this

No. 1587349

File: 1657736904513.jpeg (324.06 KB, 1536x2048, 8BCF026A-A563-41AA-ACF6-B74237…)

Shay, please get clothes that fit. Your fat is literally spilling out

No. 1587364

That looks so painful to wear
Especially on a hot day or to swim. Also why is she styling herself this way? I thought she hated her goff phase and is a bubbly uwu bimbo baby strictly.. unless there's a scrote around her into alt girls, of course. So there must be.

No. 1587373

File: 1657738553875.jpeg (14.34 KB, 286x176, 0E4B4A7B-60D1-450E-81AE-01EF0B…)

who wore it better?

No. 1587374

what? didnt she just lose some weight? she looks awful

No. 1587382

Isn't this old? Someone remember the last time she wore this?

No. 1587385

I think because she's doing "irl sex work" and "domming" she's shifting back to this look. Notice she's back to her serial killer fake fantasies of wanting to be treated like shit. I feel like whenever she's out with certain people she changes her look to fit in.

No. 1587393

The state of her smelly folds in this swimsuit dear god. Her tit is being squeezed in half in that second photo, you can see the dissatisfaction in her dead eyes too. There's no way that's even remotely comfortable and she trying to say she is going/went to a pool party with other people around lol

No. 1587398

she looks more and more like a trashy boy mom each fucking day kek her body is tragic for 25

No. 1587437

if she’s going to a pool party with that gross swingers crowd she will fit right in with that look

No. 1587467

the color difference between her dry face and wrinkly neck is insane

No. 1587471

I mean… I guess she'll have a wash?

No. 1587494

Jfc just buy the cool tone shade, shat.

No. 1587497

kek, white people who think a pool is equivalent to a bath are fucking disgusting. on brand for shayna I guess.(racebait)

No. 1587550

Keking at the brand new soap on the floor of the shower. Who does that????

No. 1587563

File: 1657758579977.jpeg (518.54 KB, 1539x1070, 1B6FB77A-2ABB-40CD-90BF-E34A26…)

Her mind is stuck in 2015 like everything she wears was trendy in the earlier 2010’s. Her style and mindset have not matured since high school

No. 1587564

I’m praying it’s a pumice stone

No. 1587565

As if she knows what that is/ even washes her feet

No. 1587567

File: 1657758889437.jpeg (686.98 KB, 2260x1643, C6A10BE0-DD91-4B61-BC30-7B64B8…)

Damn Shayna looking like a double door fridge lately

No. 1587574

File: 1657759818152.jpeg (303.8 KB, 1118x2048, 72E87B08-8E65-4FA1-8C7B-DD8305…)

Drunk Aunty at the pool

No. 1587580

Don’t do what I did and zoom in on that crusty ass hair line, full of dandruff and other unfortunate debris…

No. 1587584

Why does she keep wearing things that bind her chest down jfc theyre pancakes and you can see the straps just digging into her shoulders. Its summer she couldve grabbed a black swimsuit that fit from literally anywhere.

No. 1587601

her nipple is nearly exposed. what the ever living fuck. I hope you expose yourself and get on the registry you fat fuck.

No. 1587602

The dads wife must be out of town

No. 1587603

File: 1657762301902.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.97 KB, 1440x1744, 78DEC28F-6D2D-4BCD-B811-133C60…)

It’s obviously someone’s backyard not a public pool

No. 1587611

File: 1657762527891.jpeg (Spoiler Image,291.49 KB, 1535x2048, 5270A366-B055-4921-834D-0A66EE…)

Christ, look at the color of her ear compared to her peanut butter foundation. The cellulite is almost as bad as Ellen’s

No. 1587613

that swimsuit tie is hanging on for dear life. You can see how hard the stitches are being pulled out. lmao

No. 1587617

File: 1657762778664.jpeg (356.8 KB, 1231x1080, 14E9E610-B027-4694-ADB1-4DBCED…)

It’s a nice looking place, beautiful view, any Seattle anons recognize the area

No. 1587623

It really is looking like her full service prostitution saga has started.
But on the other hand it looks so weird that shes just posting all these pics out there alone kek some pool party. Looks more like she hopped a fence in a nice neighborhood and is using someones pool while theyre out of town. But I bet she's having fun pretending to be a lavish BiMbO

No. 1587625

Obviously a john’s house, Shayna doesn’t have any rich or successful friends. She’s gone full hooker.

No. 1587633

File: 1657764087166.jpeg (682.17 KB, 897x994, ED1D4D54-DE72-498F-A154-AE1CE7…)

>pool party
But it’s really just Ellen and Shaynus and an old crusty John cooking burgers on the grill

No. 1587634

Pool party, huh. I can see the pool, where's the party? kek

No. 1587647

Might be one of Ellen’s family members house, that’s how they got that helicopter ride in California.

No. 1587650

This has to be Puyallup. Scenery is almost identical to the Grease McMansion.

No. 1587668

nah, im betting it’s ellen’s family or one of her friends. there’s literally no one else there and she’s calling it a party. how sad.

No. 1587671

Who the fuck wears makeup and false lashes go swimming? I mean she’s obviously desperately trying to cover up her disgusting, dehydrated, unwashed, sandpaper skin but still.
Either that or it’s one of the fat, smelly, old “kinksters” from that degenerate community they’re part of

No. 1587672

she look like those fat rockabilly bodyposi single mom from tumblr.

No. 1587673

There are a million places that look like that around seattle. Like it could easily be anywhere overlooking lake Washington or even the Puget sound. Kind of impossible to narrow down imo, although having a pool is not terribly common

No. 1587674

File: 1657769392339.png (278.74 KB, 726x489, Untitled.png)

No. 1587675

kek, I love the autism

No. 1587678

It’s a party for 2!

No. 1587680

Goddammit nonnie kek

No. 1587681

My bet is they are at an Airbnb

No. 1587682

Shaynus once again outed by the reflection of her sunglasses kek. Did she tell Ellen to go hide while she takes some pics?? And its literally just the 2 of them. Meaning its likely a relative of Ellens or less likely a john Ellen found for them through the nasty kinkster community.

No. 1587683

I actually considered this. I think it's a very possible option. Maybe Shat can turn some tricks from there now kek

No. 1587690

File: 1657771582851.jpeg (375.23 KB, 828x3178, EA7FD1BA-901F-4135-906E-FE1681…)

Ellen and Shayna are offering “twice the fun” dates

No. 1587691

File: 1657771591908.jpeg (424.2 KB, 1708x2495, D984A9AF-5BA8-4324-B5F7-33F800…)

she reminds me so much of spike from land before time here kek

No. 1587693

My sides, this is shooped to the point where it doesn’t even look like Ellen

No. 1587695

File: 1657771960693.jpeg (411.72 KB, 828x2104, 3716F44F-71E8-42F6-A43B-300D43…)

Shayna updated her profile too. She really thinks people will question if she’s underage kek

No. 1587697

File: 1657772139460.jpeg (448.32 KB, 1242x1658, 16B625B1-9314-4FD5-AB93-FF627B…)

Even as a teenager this bitch looked haggard

No. 1587698

>exquisite dining
gets fingered in the parking lot after an applebees dinner
>I may be small

>going on 13

>strangers questioning our legality
she literally wants a pedophile. she wants people to think she’s a child with a pedophile. what the fuck?

No. 1587700

I've never seen someone with forehead wrinkles as a teen… she really got nerfed by genetics

No. 1587701

I'm pretty sure it's a relative of Ellen's, if not her parents, place. When I looked up her info this place came up with the dresel last name. I didn't dig that far into it, but it looks lake Sammamish based on how close the house is to the lake and this view >>1587617

No. 1587702

maybe she has a more successful sibling and they're house sitting or something? if that's her parents place, i can see why shayna is "with" ellen.

No. 1587704


No. 1587708

Idk lake Sammamish isn’t as massive as that waterway

No. 1587709

this is so creepy and weird. she's so brain dead. how can she not take a step back and think about what she's implying and who this is supposed to be attracting

No. 1587713

She'll say stuff like this, "going on 13" "questioning legality" yet gets triggered and goes on a rant when coomers ask her to say the same in custom content?

No. 1587714

God she HAS to be ashamed when she shows up with her face after larping to look young??? Or is she deluded?

No. 1587717

honestly i dont know how she keeps getting lower and lower lol

is people really THIS desesperate?

No. 1587720

File: 1657774376884.jpeg (213.48 KB, 828x1284, C6208662-821E-4DA0-BECC-86564A…)

She took the “no sex on the first date” part out

No. 1587730

>someone who wants to see me grow
The jokes write themselves

No. 1587734

The delusion in her profile has me fucking rolling. Big shaynus is so trashy that she doesn’t even know what actual luxury is. I always found it so bizarre that “woke” ewhores used to call her classist, she’s a “person of Walmart”. Her idea of “exquisite dining” is literally cheap steak night at a chain restaurant in a strip mall. Living in Seattle is wasted on her, she was amongst her people in bumfuck Oklahoma

No. 1587742

Its funny that ellen points out she has a girlfriend in her little bio meanwhile shatna doesnt mention it and she even goes as far as saying shes looking for a life partner? kek
Sorry if someone already pointed that out, I don’t always keep up with these threads.
What the fuck is Ellen still doing with Shayna? Shayna is obviously not attracted to her or girls in general, Ellen could easily find another younger retarded girl to be gay for pay with in the Seattle bdsm scene

No. 1587744

File: 1657777508827.jpeg (129.63 KB, 1526x889, 415A64F2-55AA-4704-BC48-21E6BE…)

Yeah, Shayna’s relationship status is “single” while Ellen’s is “open relationship”

No. 1587748

>Shayna’s: social drinker
lmao yeah, right, ya fucking bum.

No. 1587750

I assume she has a fetish for acting as a Madame

No. 1587751

>Children: 0

No. 1587754

File: 1657778587309.jpeg (49.06 KB, 253x615, 4FE47475-2F59-4C1F-A6A2-E1102E…)

I wonder sometimes if they are more just like “kink partners” and don’t really see themselves as romantic partners. I mean it is just night and day comparing how Shayna used to talk about Fupa. Even if she is trying to be private now, the energy is stale with Ellen.
I wonder nowadays as she is meeting old men and maybe veering towards prostitution, with her description saying she is looking for a “life partner”, if she is ever scared that she won’t ever feel the way she felt for Fupa those initial couple months.

No. 1587757

Fucking kek, “social drinker”. I guess if you can call downing a bottle of pink wine while whining on twitter and e-begging “social”

No. 1587764

Going on 13? Shayna Clifford just come out as a pedo already. A disgusting subhuman through and through.

No. 1587765

I dunno, it’s not like Ellen has anything to offer, I’m sure anyone she meets on the basis of that profile will nope the fuck out once they see what she looks like IRL. Her and Shat are both desperate, Shat even more so because she needs people to leech off just to keep a roof over her head

No. 1587766

This is such a catfish pic given we've seen what Ellen looks irl. And it's not even an attractive pic, it just makes her look normal kek.

No. 1587768

Fucking disgusting to say "going on 13" period.

No. 1587772

So shayna and Ellen are selling themselves and doing it togeathsr NOT because they are "poly girlfriends" but for safety because I doubt Shayna is doing the irl sex work alone. I kinda feel like Ellen moved in with shayna after the Ireland trip. It wouldn't surprise me if after the trip Shayna was dead broke, feeling anxious and feels like maybe she can get the same lifestyle that her dad provides by doing actual sex work. Or Ellen convinced her.
I feel like even though Shayna milk has been dry her life is only going to get darker, when going down the route she is. That's probably why she's complaining about not being able to show her partner. She wants to be able to advertise the their services. Ellen has nothing to lose, we know everything. Ellen has linked to Shayna. There's zero reason for them to hide. I wouldnt be surpised if Shayna makes Ellen take her @ off that profile now. And has Womack been paying rent lately? That could also be why she's doing all of this.

No. 1587773

File: 1657780756448.jpeg (220.32 KB, 1518x1000, A09A9C6E-B8D8-49D4-94E3-765DBD…)

Ellen’s an even bigger catfish then Shayna kek

No. 1587775

At least she doesn’t pretend to look 13

No. 1587776

i know its been said before but she reminds me of pt

No. 1587777

How do you expect a woman in her 30s, going on the hoe stroll with a 25 year old to look? This is shaynas only friend, the only person who gives half a shit in Seattle and it's someone equally as retarded gross and mentally ill as her. Someone whose lived longer with nothing to show for It.
It's really sad when you think about it. A low self esteem shitty pacifier stealing woman,living through a slightly less ugly, low self esteem 25 year old. Both in the same place in life.
Both are super pick mes but never picked. I seriously see Ellen leading Shayna down a darker path. I can see mugshots in their future.

No. 1587778

All that editing and they both still look like shit, yikes.

No. 1587781

She has the intellectual capacity of a 13 year old though, never forget “costed”

No. 1587784

She’d take this as a compliant for sure

No. 1587786

I think more than anything Ellen is extremely lonely to the point that she allows Shayna to use her. I think Shayna would have ended up as a hooker regardless of whether Ellen was in the picture, she’s just not earning anywhere near as much as she needs to be earning in order to support herself and she’s far too proud of herself to concede defeat

No. 1587789

What is happening to the back of her neck? Why does it look like that

No. 1587794

How did she gain back the weight she lost so quickly?

No. 1587795

Pink wine and eating her feelings

No. 1587798

The delusion in both of their body types kek. Shayna, you haven't been an average weight in years.

No. 1587799

Surely it would make more sense to market themselves honestly because there are plenty of men into bigger women. By lying all they are doing is increasing the chances that a potential client is going to see how fat they are and nope the fuck out.

No. 1587801

File: 1657783284951.png (830.27 KB, 1140x600, Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 7.02…)

The irony of anons itt being worse at spelling & grammar than Shay & still trying to dunk on her for it

No. 1587802

File: 1657783289078.jpeg (130.34 KB, 749x624, neck-humps-dowagers-hump-buffa…)

She has a buffalo/dowager’s hump

No. 1587807

I mean they’re both technically average, maybe even below, for Amerifats
I know it’s been said before but Shat would probably make a lot more money if she went down the feeder route, she’d get paid to eat and wouldn’t have to worry about editing her pics to buggery the way she is now. She clearly thinks she’ll be able to get back to her skinny self but I think that ship has long since sailed

No. 1587847

File: 1657796489896.jpg (172.18 KB, 1920x1080, Emma-0419.jpg)

Couldn't stop thinking about how Ellen and her look alike while watching the movie

No. 1587851

She needs to start to realize that even if you get the clothes on it doesn't automatically mean they fit.

No. 1587861

Shay has obviously gained some weight back again. Not only did we have the vomiting saga but I think she was probably skipping meals because she couldn't be assed to cook something as basic as a bowl of pasta and jarred sauce with cheese or even some egg on toast when she didn't have money for doordash or microwave meals. I think at one point most of her calories probably came from alcohol and Gatorade.

Now she's seeing crusty old lonely Johns with pearchan Ellen who are just desperate to have time with younger women, even if they look like pearchan and fridgechan kek.

No. 1587886

I don’t think they’ve ever really presented themselves as romantic partners, they’re roommates who do sex work together.

No. 1587887

she knows exactly what she is implying. she WANTS people to think she is a child with a pedophile, that is her fantasy because she herself is a pedophile who thinks of herself as a child when she’s in sexual situations. it turns her on to pretend to be a child having sex.

No. 1587889

she does that on her public twitter so she doesn’t get backlash from the “community”. we all know she loves making people think she’s a child. I would bet my life she approaches them in DMs and does that shit.

No. 1587891

Ellen most likely presents herself as shayna’s kink “mommy” or some shit when they do these supposed meetups (I really don’t think they’re getting as much as anons want to believe, look at them) and Shayna loves it because she loves being referred to as a child in sexual situations.

No. 1587911

I’m inclined to agree with this, nonita. It’s a relationship of convenience, they clearly don’t have romantic feelings for each other. I dunno about Fat Shat necessarily being even slightly better looking than Ellen Degenerate, they’re as fugly as each other, though I’m sure Shat secretly thinks she’s too good for Ellen

No. 1587914

once Ellen can longer be of use to Shayna, weather that’s to pick up the slack emotionally & monetarily, or to help her film and do most of the work, they will be over. Shayna will use her till she can’t get anything else, or Ellen will ask for something and Shayna will cry abuse.

No. 1587918

samefag, but I bet it would be like this

Ellen: asks for emotional support through a hard time
Shayna: “OMG she USED me and EMOTIONALLY MANIPULATED me! She used me as a crutch for ALL her problems and never let me express my feelings!! I’m such a good, happy, loving person why does everyone abuse me?!”

No. 1587919

Absolutely. The way she’s so obviously using Ellen and offering nothing in return is testament to how low Ellen’s self esteem is. I’d feel bad for her if she wasn’t a disgusting pedo, she seems like a sad, lonely woman

No. 1587978

She was also traveling to and from her parents and staying with them and then in Ireland. So she had to eat on their schedules and whst they chose and then move around a bit lol

No. 1587984

"And they were best friends" Best friends who fuck each other and go on dates and call eachother gf.
Look nonnie, I know their relationship is performative and not a meaningful legit one. Shat is fake bi definitely. They both use eachother and neither truly care about the other, but they have very much insisted they are partners. Sexually and romantically. Your post makes you sound like that meme of people denying gays in history kek.

No. 1587992

you sound fucking retarded. shayna presents herself as single and even claims she is on literally every platform she’s on, unless it benefits her.

No. 1588003

Theyre in a shitty poly thing, dumbass. So she presents as available like the whore she is. But she also refers to Ellen as mumma and posts about their dates, the gifts she gets her, their pitiful sex life, etc. We just saw that profile from SA or whatever where she is listed as single.
Never said it was a good and legit relationship. Maybe read what I actually said. But I was making a joke about how that other anon was trying to say they've never presented as partners and they're "just roommates". They have both put on that they are partners. That's confirmed. Even if Shay only does it for twitter and to mooch. It's still tinfoil on their living arrangements.

No. 1588024

File: 1657820810209.jpeg (332.46 KB, 716x1280, E8F57823-519F-40D7-9641-7D259F…)

Creepy short clip on her Snapchat this morning that made me laugh. No music or anything, just her heavy breathing kek

No. 1588032

They call each other girlfriend and Shayna talks about how “mumma” bites and fingers her into an orgasm. It’s all fake bullshit she just wants to seem quirky and not like other girls to cope with the fact no normal male wants to be with her

No. 1588033

File: 1657821800987.jpeg (169.37 KB, 1242x419, 717AD8AD-BDF0-4B7A-9F79-C00A86…)

Kek fucking fat ass

No. 1588075

My favorite is "passion for fashion"
Only wears the cheapest, tackiest, ill fitting pink and stained white clothes you've ever seen from Shein, Amazon, and Dollskill clearance exclusively.
Also "small" when she's literally the average height of a white girl and built like a double door fridge kek

No. 1588118

File: 1657831602382.jpeg (520.02 KB, 1620x1080, A7D7829C-918B-40F4-8784-D48DF3…)

Holy shit she looks even older

No. 1588126

That is THE soccer mom who thinks she's still got it hair style. Those kind of blonde highlights age her so badly holy shit. Her lips are so dry it looks painful.

No. 1588127

File: 1657832042641.jpeg (431.5 KB, 828x1252, 476CC760-8512-4E85-828D-010D16…)

No. 1588130

She almost looks like one of those trophy wife moms who don't let their kids have sugar, but she's too ugly. The hair and the get up are right on though.

No. 1588132

I thought she was gonna stick her tongue out in every clip for a second. But yeah her hair looked better before even though it was flat and greasy.

No. 1588135

GILF shaynus era incoming kek

No. 1588139

File: 1657832661508.gif (960.52 KB, 500x250, 058613AC-B285-489B-8F38-FE8B93…)

No. 1588147

“(going on 13)”

No. 1588148

When she was super skinny her neck always lurched forward like a tortoise, I think this is partially a skeletal issue

No. 1588149

File: 1657833577120.png (23.22 KB, 589x120, Screenshot 2022-07-14 10.18.33…)

screencapped this, opened the tweet to try and get a better cap, and she had instantly deleted it. what on god's green earth

No. 1588154

What the fuck, good catch I went to screenshot too and she deleted it too quickly

No. 1588156

Ty, I agree. She is definitely an autopedophile. At the same time, I think she has some sort of dysmorphia and actually thinks she looks childlike (maybe only when she isn’t looking at herself? Idk)

No. 1588157

Did she mean her actual father? I think so, since she usually calls her clients "the dad", not "my dad".

No. 1588158

Yes her actual father, “the dad” is her “daddy” from seeking arrangements

No. 1588161

Disgusting. Hope it makes it on the next thread pic.

No. 1588162

She’s like one of those housewives who are age 60 but still act young and hip because they’re insecure and unhappy in life. Also her teeth look like a bunch of mints that got stepped on inside a forever chapped lip mouth.

No. 1588170

I mean, at this point she should just keep those tweets up and admit that she wants to fuck her father, it would attract more degenerates, it's at the same level as diaper porn, the absolute bottom of the barrel.

No. 1588172

She just has bad posture

No. 1588179

What the fuck Shaynus. She literally has brain rot if she can’t even avoid sexualizing her dad’s ringtone.

No. 1588218

kek her top lip is non-existent, this is especially bad even for a white woman

No. 1588219

She knows how her dad feels about what she does, as well as her brother and she keeps doing this. It's not just disgusting it's disrespectful. She cannot have a conversation with her male family members without sexualizing it. I think she'd love if her dad was like Greyhairnotold. She knew it was wrong because she deleted it yet she couldn't help but tweet it.

No. 1588230

Sounds like her dad just wants to know whether he should give a shit about the text or not.
"Is that my beloved normal daughter or the bitch one?" kek

No. 1588234

I mostly agree with you. I think we might see the milk drying up, as she moves into IRL escorting with Ellen. Her life will get much bleaker, must faster but none of it will be shared with her Twitter coomers.

No. 1588240

File: 1657840688264.jpeg (273.29 KB, 1170x939, 55A7EFFB-F8C0-4767-91BB-17D42D…)

I wonder which one Brian is

No. 1588242

I scrolled by and absolutely thought this was Shayna with a middle part, holy shit.

No. 1588243

She's managed to make herself look even more like a middle aged mom lmao.
Bitch wtf. Also she owns a dog, every time noodle barks does she think about gross puppy play? What a freak.

No. 1588249

File: 1657841288621.jpeg (522.2 KB, 828x1332, 15D5C347-143D-4ECD-9042-6F4DCC…)

People keep telling her she looks like a weather girl and she doesn’t like it kek definitely not the bimbo of questionably legal age look she thinks she has

No. 1588251

Probably @BaltimoreBrian1 he’s a long time coomer who replies to most of her tweets

No. 1588257

kek even she realizes that 'weather girl' means middle-aged

No. 1588261

File: 1657842021003.jpeg (977.36 KB, 1170x1533, BBCED503-7740-4ADB-8967-B3DF71…)


No. 1588263

File: 1657842135054.jpeg (301.78 KB, 1170x701, 705DF3A0-C147-4D74-BB3C-2AB3B1…)

No. 1588264

File: 1657842259389.jpeg (167.2 KB, 721x209, B6AC6667-6587-49EF-B63E-C784ED…)

just to confirm this anon i have notifications on for her for this exact reason bc she's always dirty deleting.

No. 1588265

What does those things even mean? I don't speak retard.

No. 1588266

The showing off my tit scar pose is an interesting choice for someone seemingly so self conscious about it

No. 1588275

File: 1657843177226.gif (5.13 MB, 600x970, 1C07C231-30B6-4C68-8E25-F7EDD3…)

The fact that she wore this outfit outside too.. jesus christ.

No. 1588276

File: 1657843254045.jpeg (247.27 KB, 828x1549, F653DE05-EA23-4B2F-9632-B1E715…)

No wonder she’s been wearing so much foundation you can see in her Instagram reel her acne is getting worse

No. 1588281

She looks like she’s high. A strung out silver haired weather girl. Either she’s smoking weed again or doing pills or something, either way, ew.

No. 1588286

File: 1657843995603.jpeg (291.17 KB, 1242x720, 62D57F53-0DF3-46DA-A584-2871B3…)

No. 1588287

File: 1657844107932.jpeg (192.88 KB, 1228x570, A186BF7A-E71B-415B-B068-CE9391…)

Even her orbiters think she looks middle aged

No. 1588288

and shes on her bed, bending to hide her gut lol

No. 1588295

File: 1657844749779.webm (2.64 MB, 672x1194, 292939237_1413246429176728_568…)

here's a webm of the reel

No. 1588299

Next thread pic pls, just add the tweet about her father's dog barking and It's perfect.

No. 1588301

this is the best she's looked in a long time kek, it suits her way more than the ~baby bimbo~ hairstyles she tries to do

No. 1588302

If she really wanted to play into the bimbo thing she'd have ass length platinum extensions by now but she can't even do the bare minimum

No. 1588304

She looks better with this hairstyle but very old. If you told me she was 40 and I wasnt aware who this is I'd believe you

No. 1588307

Honestly, she really should just play up the milf look. She doesn't fit any of the other aesthetics she tries to push, (Baby, bimbo, teen, popular mean girl, luxe sugar baby) but the trashy step mom look fits her aged, arrested development look/style pretty well.

No. 1588314

File: 1657846496629.jpeg (84.55 KB, 828x235, 2A2130CD-19D2-4F4D-9498-04FFBF…)

No. 1588328

kekekekek these people fetishize everything to the point that it's become completely removed from sex.
It reminds me of an anon from an older thread that said something about Ellen to the effect of "do these 2 retards even have sex or do they just bite each other & post on twitter?"

No. 1588334

File: 1657848963243.png (Spoiler Image,3.82 MB, 1334x750, 1572545386078.png)

She should do the step mom counter porn again kek

No. 1588337

The color really does age her but holy shit the difference some shampoo & styling makes. And then the video loops back to grease lightning at the beginning again and gives me whiplash. The grime is palpable.

No. 1588340

honestly. every time she gets her hair done i’m like “oh, nice” (please know i’m using the word “nice” very loosely) because it’s styled and clean for once…. and then we get to actually see how long it takes for her to wash it.

No. 1588342

how do scrotes even come up with this shit

No. 1588348

File: 1657851271404.jpeg (662.94 KB, 828x1215, 9D7A7ECD-BEA1-45D1-A28E-2DC606…)

She already ruined it

No. 1588350

I am absolutely cackling at the way she's wearing this bikini. What the fuck. It's worn like that to offer more support not the spread your tits as far apart as possible.

No. 1588352

This for the next thread pic
Also I know everyone wants the dog bark tweet because it’s disgusting, but this one would be funny too since she tries to pretend she looks younger kek

No. 1588355

Kek she's gonna have a breakdown over these comments and go back to the salon

No. 1588357

The bar is in hell for Shaynus I swear. Anyone looks decent after the salon with washed, fresh hair and a blow out jfc.

No. 1588361

I guess this is a trend but with her it's like she's just a dumbass who doesnt know how to put on a bikini top lol

No. 1588362

Is it the filter or did the stylist really fuck up her hair? The top looks like a really dull greyish blonde and it doesnt blend at all.

No. 1588363

I bet she’s crying over this comment

No. 1588364

and tbh it only looks nice because the hairdresser styled it. it’ll look like shit very shortly.

No. 1588374

it’s an ash blonde, as opposed to a brighter warmer blonde. tends to be used when your hair can’t take a lot, but you still want to go blonde.

No. 1588376

Not the crusty headband. This hairstyle makes her look older than the one the hairdresser did kek

No. 1588377

what is it with this fucking headband

No. 1588401

File: 1657857614602.png (620.74 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-14T20-59-38.png)

No. 1588409

File: 1657858326743.jpeg (461.49 KB, 828x1132, D6980544-A7BA-4B3A-99FD-8FAFCE…)

Who called her out for her gross diaper shit now

No. 1588410

There is so much wrong with this that I don’t even know where to start, dear lord. Is it just me or is she even bigger than before she went to Ireland?

No. 1588412

Either that or the puppy play tweet she deleted

No. 1588415

This is the worst she’s ever looked. What is going on with her face? And her hair is awful. The color washes her out terribly

No. 1588416

She must have had a filter on before because they only toned the roots with ash toner and the rest is brassy and orange. It's very very bad.

No. 1588418

She's looking Oklahoma levels of fat and wide again.

No. 1588419

It looks almost the same just greyer and worse honestly. I hope “hair daddy” didn’t pay too much. The only improvement is from the salon washing and styling it

No. 1588422

No amount of money would adequate compensation for having to get that close to her, imagine the stench wafting up

No. 1588423

lol what is this face? What a witch

No. 1588432

it was a trend but like 2 years ago? probably more

No. 1588442

File: 1657861276890.jpeg (204.67 KB, 828x714, 23F7BEA8-C7F5-4BEC-A825-72F5AA…)

Someone is missing the Fupa

No. 1588451

File: 1657862218783.jpeg (27.45 KB, 272x274, B771BCCC-8B92-46C1-B0BC-5CA19A…)

i’m not fluent but i have learned some retard from these threads. basically, pedo scum is encouraging shayna’s bimbofication, which could become a reality if anons are right about the prostitution. jim wants her to make a video where she delivers a pizza and seduces the customer, instead of the customer seducing the delivery driver or however the trope goes.

No. 1588455

WHY does she not go platinum blonde?? No "bimbo" would ever have the middle age soccer mom blonde highlight hair. Why does she do this to herself

No. 1588471

She quite literally looks like a cartoon witch. Her eyes are so unnerving, I find brown eyes ugly in general but hers are so beady and nasty, they really add to her overall hideousness

No. 1588476

She should stop talking about goths she has no idea what a Goth is

No. 1588478

Who is she kidding, her videos have been exactly the same for years

No. 1588487

Holy SHIT her hair has aged her like 20 years what the fuck

No. 1588488

File: 1657867449668.gif (28.82 KB, 220x165, 62C505DC-BB0B-499A-A0A4-86EB2A…)

No. 1588489

Working on burning up her leathery decolletage to match the winemom hair I see. Also lol at dat strokeface.

No. 1588501

God I wish she would get a nose job. Shayna use your hooker money to get a nose job.

No. 1588557

She should start by practising basic hygiene, being as filthy as she is any surgery would almost certainly result in mrsa and sepsis

No. 1588579

The Nazi sex workers in the thread are revealing themselves again. Go and have a seat with Shay because you are more like her than you want to believe.(infighting )

No. 1588580

Fupaul was hardly goth. He dressed and acted like a feminine teenage girl. I wish we could just never speak about him again because he's not interesting anymore.

No. 1588582

I mean she's exactly the kind of bitch to date someone like Marilyn Manson and then complain about how he beat and raped her, only she is way too ugly for him.

No. 1588584

File: 1657878409430.jpeg (76.85 KB, 752x501, AF88F35B-F47B-4F1F-A094-5A1076…)

>She quite literally looks like a cartoon witch. Her eyes are so unnerving, I find brown eyes ugly in general but hers are so beady and nasty, they really add to her overall hideousness(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1588586

File: 1657879055682.png (55.71 KB, 753x317, throwing around the word nazi …)

can you twitterfags integrate or fuck off? if you believe someone is a literal nazi for disliking brown eyes you should really sit down and read a book about national socialism in the 1930 you dimwitted piece of shit. calling everyone and their mother a nazi is antisemitic in itself.

No. 1588587

All this 'I want a man to beat and rape me' stuff is not genuine. Shay is literally just trying to be an edgelord. That's how she became famous on Tumblr at 15 and that's still how she is at 25. In reality Shay is nervous as hell. She complained about how big and scary pussy ass bitch Fupaul was. As soon as Vivi's boyfriend asked her to suck his cock she freaked out and acted like someone threatened her life. The only men she can cope with being around are faggot femboys like fupa and sol or beer estrogen soaked lonely old men with erection problems. She fears the vast majority of men and she is terrified of PIV in general. That's the ironic thing about her whole act.

No. 1588588

>you are more like her than you want to believe.
The whores ITT are projecting again, kek.

No. 1588589

Nona you are probably a ginger femboy sex worker kek.

No. 1588593

Can you /pol/ pickmes integrate or fuck off? Nobody cares about your watery blue eyes or your frazzled bottle blonde hair.

No. 1588595

Omg stfu fridgechan. Not everyone you disagree with is an ewhore. You sound like a scrote.

No. 1588607

I bet you look at pics of Marilyn Monroe and think to yourself 'I'm literally her' when what you really are is a blue eyed blonde haired miss piggy lookalike with an Ellen Dressel body. Seethe pearchan.

No. 1588608

FFS. The Banderist's who were Nazi allies in Galicia during WWII slaughtered over 100,000 Polish women and children at the Volyn Massacre. Some of them were tortured to death by having their unborn children ripped from inside them while they were still alive. That's a Nazi, not someone who posts about disliking Fat Shat's rat eyes. Get a fucking grip on reality.(derailing )

No. 1588610

Because you definitely can't be a racist unless you literally kill or torture people. Facts and logic right there from pearchan.(derailing )

No. 1588611

This thread is as autistic as fuck.

No. 1588613

You say that like it’s not always the case, nona

No. 1588617

Triggered browneye detected kek. Or, excuse me ma'am, I assume you refer to them as "hazel".

No. 1588618


No. 1588625

File: 1657886323602.jpg (54.11 KB, 600x800, REEEEE nazi ewhores.jpg)

No. 1588638

nazi does not mean racist, nazi means person who was part of the NSDAP in the 1930s-1940s. use the right words for what you mean.

No. 1588650

File: 1657892879790.jpeg (845.67 KB, 1170x1897, 0036C744-4E8D-4BE8-A771-B643AF…)


No. 1588652

File: 1657892991423.jpeg (913.4 KB, 1170x1687, 00BA0A82-3045-48DA-BC17-B2F7EF…)

No. 1588654

File: 1657893079329.jpeg (797.26 KB, 1170x1815, 9BFCF203-6BA0-4BE0-A74C-B382C8…)

3/3 another brain dead pedo pandering ewhore kissing Shay’s ass

No. 1588656

Ooga booga spooky whores lmao

No. 1588658

Aw man, who is touching the poop? I still don’t really get why people go on crusades on twitter about ddlg. You’re not going to change the minds of degens. That’s why every time she gets called out with some momentum, it’s about the stupid trump jokes and the one time she said hitler on tumblr

No. 1588663

>muh kinkshaming1!!11!!!!!
I fucking hate these degenerate whores so much, anyone who has “kinks”, especially if they talk about them publicly, deserves to be shamed. Normalize kinkshaming. Normalize “whorephobia”.

No. 1588666

File: 1657894093130.png (9.19 MB, 1242x2208, E527BE1E-4C27-49D7-9ACD-0ECB50…)

It’s always the old ugly whores who defend ageplay and say it’s a valid kink.

No. 1588668

I mean whorephobia isn’t real. It’s a made up word to feel oppressed. Whores should be scared of being whores it’s not empowering and stds exist

No. 1588669

This pic made me whorephobic. I'm scared.

No. 1588670

Good lord, all of these hollow crackwhores look like they're just thin dried skin stretched over a human pelvis. No wonder they all have to be terminal pick-mes over this sort of shit. I've never seen a woman who looks employable holding this same opinion.

No. 1588671

File: 1657894407766.jpeg (211.71 KB, 1242x1349, 04C11863-B323-4C61-8946-F107CF…)

Soy liked the pinned tweet.

No. 1588675

the onlyfats thread maxed out, I hope someone less retarded than me makes a new one so we can continue to rip into all those disgusting degenerates but especially this hideous piece of shit moid who makes rape and pedo porn with stinky inbred landwhales and trannies

No. 1588679

it gives me weird vibes that she always wants to drag her partner into her porn. she has no respect for her partners, and just wants to use them for aesthetic purposes for her social media. it’s disgusting the way she views people and relationships as solely a means to raise herself up.

No. 1588680

someone calls shay a beady eyed rat and you call them a Nazi. make it make sense anon.

the autism in this thread is always peak and it’s hilarious

No. 1588689

It’s always the ugliest people who are into pedophilia, something something ugly on the outside as they are on the inside. No normal person would be caping this hard for pedos unless you’re a pedo yourself ‍♀️(don't use emojis)

No. 1588715

Right, I forgot Baltimore Brian. Rough times in charm city.

A scrote who groomed his current wife when she was underage has no room to participate in calling out other pedophiles, sit the fuck down Soy

No. 1588721

For years the only connections Shayna has made with anyone has been via sex work. I think nonnies don't realize the kinda life that Shayna truly lives. Her dating pool is tiny and she seeks out certain kind of scrotes because she's never had a "Normal" relationship with anyone in her adult life. When she says these things, she's admitting that it's not about "Saftey" that stops her from posting the other people she's "Dating", they just don't have the look she likes and she truly doesn't like them. Her partner IS going to be involved in porn anyway, because she seeks bottom of the barrel coomers. >>1588671
I know it may be a cowtipper, but i think it's a chance Sol watches this thread (and the other thread he's in) and he made that account. How did he find a random tweet made about Shayna? He's obessed. At least call her out and retweet it idiot, start some drama.

No. 1588726

The cowtipping whore tagged him in her tweet. It’s clearly a degenerate who hatewatches shay thread

No. 1588732

Oh I didn't see that, thanks nonnie.

No. 1588741

It’s the same retard farmer who posts @tenshiitushii in the e-whores thread, that account has a ton of mean tweets directed at her too.

No. 1588743

tenshit is a cow though she’s always complaining about being fat and having no money kek she’s even a bigger dumpster fire than Shay

No. 1588751

File: 1657902889876.jpg (117.98 KB, 1080x400, Screenshot_20220715-092925_Sam…)

Honestly, fuck urban dictionary. If Shat had half a brain to look shit up for herself she would see this and have an ego spike she DOES NOT need…

No. 1588753

Pretty sure they meant she looks like a weather lady middle aged fox news type mom

No. 1588754

This was clearly written about Yanet Garcia

No. 1588760

Old milk autism im not sure how performative this post is but I genuinely believe she was into vivis edgelord boyfriend and this just hammers it down for me. Her bf just looked like an emo loser but I don’t think shayna actually knows what goth is so it stands

No. 1588767

Ofc she was into him, he's male and she needs all their attention all the time. Bonus points if he's not retirement age with a beer belly that rivals that of a woman 7 months pregnant.

No. 1588777

Tbh, most "goth" moids are the kind that like to be "doms" and are into nasty shit, so at least she got that right.

No. 1588780

She unironically should. With her new hair, she could easily pull off the "40 year old semi-bimbo who wants to fuck her step son" look. Unfortunately for her, she's too retarded to cater to a niche that would actually work for her, so she's going to keep pretending to be a toddler and constantly having to beg for rent money.

No. 1588790

File: 1657907877226.jpeg (544.37 KB, 828x1362, F87B3EC7-1A48-4A55-819E-C9765B…)

No. 1588791

File: 1657907919647.jpeg (213.64 KB, 828x725, 05981D21-1E71-4FC1-99C4-657A95…)

No. 1588795

she isn't bipolar, this is once again text book bpd bullshit

No. 1588798

Didn’t at one point she try to say she has Bipolar and Bpd?

No. 1588799

Saving this for the Ellen breakup saga when she inevitably claims that their relationship was actually aboosive & blames her mental health on Ellen

No. 1588804

acting like her whole situation isn't at all self-induced or involves any form of self reflecting or, god forbid, actual work to improve. it wouldn't be shay if she weren't in denial 24/7 ig. Also, "healthy" relationships lol

No. 1588806

A goth guy wouldnt look at you with anything but disgust if at all, Shat. Even a shitty alt dude would be superficial and thirst for more of the e girl type kek
The only type she'll ever draw is old smelly scrotes or cringey incels. Which is why she has to pretend shes into old men and pander to bottom barrel basement dwelling degens. She was honestly lucky to land Fupa even though he was super cringe, chubby, and gross so that's saying something.

No. 1588818

Honestly Shayna's so boring and says the same shit.She's not happy, she's not a caring loving amazing person. If you constantly have to post every week how happy you truly are (and to shit on your ex) or how good of a person you are (In comparision to other people). It's not true.
I would'nt doubt if Fupual is planning his shitty wedding or something & she's still lurking his life. I don't get whats so "great" about her relationships when every day she's been begging for a "Goth boyfriend' or having a Daddy do this or that.

No. 1588821

"My life is finally better than it has been in years"
Is she refering to moving to Seattle being lifechanging again or is she referring to her new irl whoring saga? Kek either way it's awful.

No. 1588824

Men aren't that picky, the type of "goth" men she wants isn't the kind i'm sure you have in mind (The ones who want a certain kind of woman), Shayna's standards have never been high for men. "She wasn't "Lucky" to land fupaul, a baby daddy ugly weirdo. In fact, the reason she knows Fupaul is another one of her bad choices, because she contacted him first. It's why I never had much sympathy when it comes to Shayna about that situation. She wanted Fupaula and she got him

No. 1588837

pick a fucking lane, either you’re thriving and on top of the world or everything is terrible boo to the hooth power

No. 1588853

I mean every one has bad days or days their mental health is in the garbage. But the difference is that most people dont blog about it to porn twitter and instead they take steps to help themselves. Especially if its a reoccurring mental health issue. Be it meds, therapy, or just any little self help efforts. Shay thinks she's just cured when shes somewhat happy and doesnt know what to do to regulate her shit or help herself when she's not. She's still going on about how boo hoo terrible life in OK was but it was only terrible at the end when Fupa had officially moved on from her really. She was fine with everything until that point. But she wont admit that. So now moving to Seattle almost a year ago just magically made her life the best its ever been which is retarded. She's made no actual advancement or improvements in life. She just changed her setting, not her life.

No. 1588857

She probably only posted these because of that post calling her a pedo

No. 1588872

Someone’s sad bc their new haircut is ugly af and they’re also still fat. She was in such a high with all the anons saying she lost weight. Sorry you’re still a fat b

No. 1588881

File: 1657913773416.jpeg (258.37 KB, 1170x953, 96AF108F-CA4B-40F2-B955-7BE909…)

If you’re in “healthy relationships” then have your partners praise you

No. 1588883

Or, hear me out, help yourself and stop relying on the validation from others. What a concept. You need therapy, not some coomer to tell you you're pretty.

No. 1588891

Im astounded by how quickly she gained it all back

No. 1588893

Am I the only one who doesn’t believe Shayna’s mental illness? I think her depression is circumstantial. No one will feel good if their life was eating fast food take out every day, binge drinking 24/7, staying indoors all week until Ellen degen or moid takes her out for her monthly date. Also she has no friends and she’s barely making ends meet.

No. 1588899

Its not impossible that she has a clinical mental illness, but I agree that her biggest issues are because of the lifestyle she chooses. Her main diagnosis is being a terminally online attention whore. She's dramatic, but she lives a very lazy, boring lifestyle just scraping by and fueled only by porn and kink. Her brain is rotten from SW and the internet and enabling parents that never really put their foot down with her. She chooses this dead end awful SW life every day though.

No. 1588915

>depressive episode

they’re not interchangeable, sis

No. 1588917

I can think of one time where Shayna took responsiblity for her own actions causing her issues and everytime was with her ex. Admitting she made a fool of herself at the party/admitting she acts horrible but wants him to be "Nice" when she does. Sometimes I think she does have mental illness, other times, I think she just doesn't want to look at herself/choices as the issue. So she blames "Mental Illness" for her being "Depressed" & having an episode. Instead of her just sitting back and realizing her life isn't that great because of HER. Or she saw something that bothered her & instead of saying that, she's blaming it on mental Illness. Her bringing up her "toxic" relationships makes me feel it's EX related.

No. 1588918

File: 1657917428031.jpeg (237.69 KB, 828x752, F464A8BB-F6D8-471B-8163-3E5749…)

No. 1588919

she’s already blaming her mental health on her partner. she’s expecting her partner to fix her problems. she even said it, she expected that now she’s in a “healthy” relationship that her mental health would just get better.

way to admit you aren’t willing to work on yourself, shatna.

No. 1588922

shayna get a fucking life. or even some friends. or just a fucking therapist god damn. are you selling porn or looking for a buddy? can’t be both, dumbfuck.

No. 1588923

Yeah, clearly she wasn't THAT depressed for "Weeks" because she got dressed AND her hair done. Something happened and she doesn't want to vent about it, which who cares, but this is so retarded. Just say it, nobody cares but here.

No. 1588936

but did she wash her hair?

No. 1588944

No amount of coomer flattery (assuming she even gets any) is going to un-fuck-up her life. She's arranged her daily existence to be as degrading and depressing as possible and somehow doesn't connect it to her "breakdowns" at all. F'n retard.

No. 1588959

Imagine being depressed and then wanting coomer praise that you fucked yourself on camera because you had to fulfill a custom to then go out on a prostitution date. Bleak.

No. 1588973

Someone needs to screen record her Snapchat “muh mental illness” rant. The one I have gives a notification

No. 1588990

If her mental illness is SO horrible it's tricking her to feel sad, even though her amazing awesome life is so amazing and awesome, how come she doesn't take her pills or go run to the doctor for a "quick fix" that you know Shayna craves in pill form?

No. 1589002

She's cluster B but I doubt it's BPD. Where are her extreme emotions? She only pretends to be excited or upset about things, even when she's bragging or ranting online you can tell it's just a facade for the lolcow "haters" or her having being slightly sober and being faced with her reality. I think she's distinct for her delusion and shallow emotions. She has no sense of shame either kek.
Yeah she's a NPD/HPD case who has no sense of connection with others or ability to love. PD symptoms are largely environmental and will change with fluctuations in the surroundings, which is why treatment baseline is basically having a sleep schedule, exercise, and so on on top of therapy. She definitely doesn't have emotional extremes that you'd see with bpd or bipolar. It's being sober vs being drunk. Her emotions and relationships are extremely shallow. Her attachment to Fupaul is her attachment to the famous tumblr ddlg bimbo baby lifestyle that she dreams of having.

No. 1589008

>sugar date
Shat we know you’re a full blown prostitute fucking fat, smelly old scrotes for a free meal, drop the act

No. 1589039

File: 1657929259855.jpeg (790.24 KB, 1170x1909, CB6D0E3E-054B-4F66-8E3D-4138C2…)

Erin Painter posting about Shayna

No. 1589042

File: 1657929719993.jpg (69.85 KB, 272x274, thank you anons.jpg)

No. 1589046

kek cow crossover, she’s such a hypocrite

No. 1589049

File: 1657930040369.jpg (388 KB, 537x955, 96c757f70e625bb45e33dad9168388…)

mental illness rant is uploading hang tight

No. 1589052

imagine the smell and dead skin in her neck folds. can we crowdfund for a loofah?

No. 1589054

I guess she threw on whatever was the cleanest on top of dirty clothes pile. Wrinkled skirt, face and ruined the "weather girl hair".

No. 1589055

She’s always had this dehydrated, corpsey look about her since the Tumblr stoner days and it’s just been getting worse throughout the years.

No. 1589060

File: 1657930545082.jpg (395.05 KB, 537x955, 1ef73ffca54f24c6ca812b7517e63c…)

No. 1589061

Yes and she looks old af

No. 1589064

Jesus Christ the john she is meeting must be either desperate or visually impaired or both because who pays money to fuck someone who looks like this?!

No. 1589069

Yeah her skin has always been grey and crusty, even as a teenager
lmao the peanut butter foundation that’s in stark contrast to her actual skin colour, this is so fucking bad (never mind the outfit, holy fuck)

No. 1589071

File: 1657930978749.webm (1.6 MB, 608x960, 75438779583.webm)

that fucking skirt is even worse in motion (or lack there of)

No. 1589072

she's soooo on benzos here, it's giving luna thrist trap

No. 1589074

File: 1657931427806.webm (18.66 MB, 830x950, failure.webm)

here's the mental illness rant. sorry the audio fucking sucks
hey Shayna, maybe the reason you feel like such a failure is because you are one? Just a thought.

No. 1589076

“I want to cancel my subscription to being Bipolar. I want to sue whoever gave it to me..mom.” Yes Shay, once again blame everything on your abusive mom

No. 1589078

File: 1657932030066.jpg (38.57 KB, 1000x548, one more.jpg)

SAY 'mental illness' ONE MORE TIME SHAYNA

No. 1589080

She looks so dirty omg
Erin was the queen of pedophiles idk why she acts brand new now. Ugly bitch probably still does loli shit on a different sock account. >>1588918
How professional of her to complain about her date. She doesn’t know how to fake being into a disgusting scrote like it’s not that hard to get money from losers.

No. 1589084

File: 1657932567732.jpeg (177.18 KB, 562x596, C7ABB01F-6124-498C-94B3-C6484B…)

that hair makes her look like Sid the Sloth

No. 1589086

The dehydrated look paradoxically got better for a short while. After she gained all that fat so quickly, it bloated up her face & pushed out her natural crinkliness a bit.
It's caught up with her now though. If this is how haggard she looks as a fatty then she's gonna look like a wrinkly old grandma if she ever manages to lose weight.

No. 1589087

Kek the projection, if erin actually managed to ever lose weight she'd be right back to the pedobait shit.

No. 1589088

>it’s unfair
No bitch, it’s karma for being a pedo-pandering piece of shit who treats everyone like garbage. Sowing and reaping, Shayna

No. 1589095

I always forget that she has a hulking big bessie bass voice kek

No. 1589098

That top and skirt do not match one bit. I really hope she's wearing panties because that skirt does not fit and is too short.
>peanutbutter foundation
It looks like she rolled in it. Her forearms and legs are a completely different color.

No. 1589102

the “mature”, weather girl comments definitely got to her. she usually keeps her hair styled from the salon for weeks before washing it.

No. 1589106

File: 1657933586969.png (125.01 KB, 369x356, blanket.png)

she still has her crusty star blanket

No. 1589107

Smooth PB on the body, crunchy on the face

No. 1589113

Fuck kek nona, I audibly snorted
Bold of you to assume she washed it

No. 1589114

Why is she talking to her snapchat coomers as though she's in a zoom call with her therapist? This is so embarrassing to air out on your private social media, let alone public. Get a diary, Shaynus.
This is what happens to your brain when you choose to live in an echo chamber of mentally ill e-skanks who make mental illness & sex work their defining character traits.

No. 1589118

Shayna, it’s not mental illness. It’s a natural reaction to a sad life

No. 1589119

seriously, shes trying to find an excuse for why she feels like her life is shit, when its because her life IS shit. Its not your bipolar thats all your moms fault. You just ARE a failure.

No. 1589121

Shayna is a perfect encapsulation of the addage "no matter where you go, there you are".
She will never reflect on herself & realize that all her problems lie within herself and that's why they keep following her.

No. 1589128

File: 1657935468280.png (478 KB, 680x673, 24553682-BCDD-442D-94AB-56F57C…)

Oh my fucking god anon me too

No. 1589129

I think the worst thing Erin’s said was that she’s a “legal loli” and she was only like 18 when she said that stupid shit. That’s not even close to being a pedo. On the other hand, calling yourself a sexualized 13 yr old and saying your customers will question your legality is so much worse. That’s actual pedo shit and she needs to be investigated for sure. The definition of being a pedo is liking children sexually which she clearly does

No. 1589133

yeah i kinda should have clarified. she went out of her way to straighten it when she usually keeps the salon blowout UNTIL she washes it.

No. 1589134

>question her legality
It's kind of funny that the only reason she gets away with saying pedo shit like that is because she looks so damn old & sped-y. If she were able to actually pull off looking underage then she would be stirring up a shitstorm. But most people look at something like that coming from Big Shaynus & think "ew. what a gross old broad".

No. 1589138

it’s the fact that shayna sexualizes children and makes it clear by saying shit like that

No. 1589139

That's still gross as fuck though, the difference between Erin and Shart is that Erin was trying to attract weebs while Shart tries to attract your average moid.

No. 1589142

Erin might not have been as flagrantly depraved as Shaynus but she still rode the whole ddlg degenerate train pretty hard, don’t make excuses for her
I know it’s stating the obvious but fuck me, she’s so ugly. The poker straight hair really accentuates her fat moon face
Jfc the wrinkled skirt, she looks like a homeless lot lizard

No. 1589146

Am I autistic for thinking this might be a feeder trying to see her around food & probable eat the pizza?

No. 1589149

Ffs I know not everyone steams their clothes these days but this is way too intense, especially for a date. Looks like it had been lying on her dirty floor in a pile a couple days before she took it out snd decided to wear it…

No. 1589153

what is up with the erin wks today?

No. 1589156

she cannot think that looks good to go on a date, let alone a “sugar date.” it’s a lace bralette with a starchy, crinkled, cheap skirt. idk what kind of delusion you need to live in to go out of the house like this.

No. 1589169


Erin is certainly AS depraved as Shayna, please don't forget she took a pacifier from one of the children at her babysitting gig and used it in sex play later on.

No. 1589172

Wasn’t that Ellen?

No. 1589174

I mean no one would question the legality with a face as haggard and horribly worn as that

No. 1589175

You’re thinking of Ellen, Erin Painter is a different cow on here

No. 1589179


You're right, sorry guys. Very similar names. I don't even know who Erin is tbh.

But fuck Ellen for that. She should be in jail

No. 1589180

Nah he’s probably just a NEET who wants to self insert into her gross porn & the only role he knows he could easily fit is coomer pizza delivery customer.

No. 1589184

File: 1657939408105.jpeg (252.35 KB, 806x701, 321612AF-2369-4DAF-9845-9E06F7…)

This??? >>1589049

No. 1589185

File: 1657939613804.jpeg (171.18 KB, 1242x444, 8374AA39-F3EC-4190-97AA-2DA74C…)

Her personality is obnoxious though

No. 1589186

Read the Erin painter thread she’s not really milky anymore but her old threads were funny >>>/snow/915439

No. 1589192

So she lived a somewhat normal life again on vacation with her family and now she realizes how much her life sucks? It's almost like making pornography for the absolute lowest tier of males is morally and spiritually bankrupt! Who woulda thunk it? This is truly fascinating. She should join a cult the way she drank the fuck out of the tumblr uwu sex work kool-aid.

No. 1589194

They’ll say anything because they just want to get their dick wet kek compliments from a “sugar dad” mean actually nothing real it’s just a way to attract someone with low self esteem who’s selling their body

No. 1589201

Shouldn’t the goal be to get as much money as you can - not fawning over stupid compliments?? She’s so retarded

No. 1589206

This retard will complain about her mental illness but do zero things to actually improve her life. Get a therapist you fat idiot

No. 1589207

Even if fatty got a therapist she wouldn’t listen to the advice that’s given.

No. 1589208

She claimed to have had a therapist back in Oklahoma, didn’t help at all

No. 1589215

File: 1657943269997.jpg (490.1 KB, 533x954, 4d142c3fb7b439c18765124db0616f…)

that man is lying to you

No. 1589216

Yeah she said that therapists make her feel “small” or “weak” or something and if change is going to happen, it has to be from her, or some shit.

No. 1589218

these men are doing this because they want to pay you for sex. that’s it. cheap dinner and drinks and maybe a stuffed animal and this girl will let you anally raw dog her, ugh and also what the actual fuck, why do you want men to perceive you as a CHILD? do you know how many men prey on girls that young, do you know there are millions of girls that age being groomed right now and you’re turning it into a fucking selling point which a) isn’t true and b) shows how much you love emulating children for sexual pleasure. there is no mental help for this woman, she has wet brain and will never, ever value herself enough to see that sex does not equal value. people use you, and they’re not affluent, wealthy “daddies” they’re just other more deranged people. like yeah everyone take notes, shayna clifford knows how mental health works and how it’s soooo unfair that even if you allow others to degrade you and mix bipolar meds with alcohol and other drugs, you still feel like shit! mind blowing

No. 1589220

Jesus. this pic is almost a twin of OP >>1585094 lmao

No. 1589222

yeah prolly because they tell her the truth and when you are faced with the fact that you have no self worth, emulate children for sex/money, and have a substance abuse problem, she recoils, gets defensive and quits. she doesn’t want help, she’s not “doing well mentally” and her life is most definitely not on track so the delusional rants she spouts off on twitter just come off as severe coping

No. 1589234

Her boobs are shaped like kidney beans

No. 1589266

god these are some of the worst nails

No. 1589272

Fupala gave me quite a kek
Thank you, anon

No. 1589286

that underbite. Even worse when shes talking

No. 1589296

She literally looks 40, she needs to invest in some SPF and a prescription tret treatment.

No. 1589300

Her nail beds looks bloody again, especially the pinky

No. 1589309

I wonder if she’ll ever get to a point that she realizes that there’s nothing cute about alcoholism. She’s still posting her drinks like it’s something to be proud of
She definitely needs some kind of skincare routine but I’m not sure how much it’ll help. Her eyes are so sunken in that it’s made her cheeks protrude in the most unflattering way while also making her nose look even bigger. She needs to completely change her lifestyle and diet but she never will

No. 1589318

Her eyes are hideous, she looks like she’s wearing halloween demon black sclera lenses, and they’re so tiny and sunken and beady in her fat face. They look like actual buttholes. Comparing her to a rat isn’t fair on rats.

No. 1589341

You people need to go outside

No. 1589374

Why? It's the truth
I thought she had a fungal infection on her pointer finger nail bed but no, just shitty "decorations" that could lead to an actual infection with her gross hygiene. Just ew

No. 1589393

(sage for med question) But don't Bipolar people have depressed episodes and manic episodes? Isn't that what the disorder is? So she could be saying she's in one of her low points of being bipolar aka like a depressive episode?

(obviously shes probably exaggerating her mental illness for twitter likes and splenda daddy amazon giftcards, so it probably doesn't matter either way kek).

No. 1589411

That’s correct, have we ever seen her manic? I can’t remember a single instance of her displaying signs of mania. She fits the bill for depression though (overeats, never bathes, etc)

No. 1589428

You're right she's never been manic. I'm inclined to believe she's just an attention seeking alcoholic who needs to log off and stop trying to validate every single emotion through another person

No. 1589451

I completely agree. Her ”depressive episodes” are just moments she isn’t drinking or she’s hungover. Alcoholics have that same yellowy grey skin tone she has.

No. 1589457

Like many lolcows, the source of her depression (&/or anxiety) is an acute awareness of (and shame at) her own failure to launch, and a dread of what that means for her future.
It's an awareness that she has failed, at some deep level, to develop the ability to function effectively as an adult & to make her way in the world. Only she can't bear to admit that the problem lies with her, and that she is the only one who can fix it. So she calls it depression &/or bipolar lows, thus reframing her internal failings as something that unfairly happened to her. Something that she can't help & that is totally not her fault.

No. 1589470

I wonder if Shatna will ever gain an ounce of self awareness. this whole “everything is everyone else’s fault, i’m always abused and mistreated, not because of my own actions but because people just hate me and that’s why i’m mentally i’ll and can’t fix it.” is getting old. Shatna is nearing her late 20s and soon will find she has no life skills, no job skills, no friends, nothing.

No. 1589479

I honestly believe that she never will. If you want to get a glimpse into her future after 30, look no further than Ellen Degenerate.
She will continue to pedo-pander. She'll probably delve into even more extreme fetishes as a way to soak up whatever dwindling scraps of scrote attention that she can get before she becomes entirely too ugly for even the least picky coomers. At that point, she will just switch to playing Madame & grooming a younger sw as her "girlfriend". One that's young, but ugly enough to be non-threatening to her ego. It's the sw circle of life.

No. 1589483

Ellen may be a disgusting bitch but at least Ellen can say she has a resume and job skills, and can get a job if she needs to. I think Ellen also has some sort of college education. Shayna can’t even say that.

No. 1589486

When will she be one of those girls who posts food pics lol it's always a crusty selfie with booze. Lets see some "exquisite dining" Shaynus. Proof youre on prostidates and not just getting wasted alone or something kek

No. 1589488

Actually, that's true, you're right. Shay will probably have to get a real job eventually.
It always seems to circle back around to sex work though. I doubt that Ellen's real job at the daycare is anything more than another way for her to monetize her pedo fetish…

No. 1589494


I agree with pretty much everything you wrote but..

>will just switch to playing Madame & grooming a younger sw as her "girlfriend". One that's young, but ugly enough to be non-threatening to her ego. It's the sw circle of life.

I think Shayna is too stupid and insecure to ever be a madame. She'd flip her lid seeing someone younger than her getting more attention. She'll be trying to sell the "Barbies little sister" gimmick until she's old enough to be Barbies grandma. If she makes it to that age anyway.

No. 1589524

Shaynas parents are willing to pay for education. I have no doubt they'll easily fund her lifestyle/schooling or whatever, if she quits. It she does work, it'll be after some years of her parents fixing her life for her and setting her up with one. I doubt that will happen though. I think Shayna would rather end everything then "give up" sex work.

No. 1589550

Sorry for spoonfeed but what website is this?

No. 1589551

seeking arrangements which i only know because it was mentioned in some "call out post" by e-whores

No. 1589553

Seeking Arrangements, it’s a “sugar baby” website that is popular with escorts

No. 1589604

Which is funny because the site was seized by the feds years ago- you would think she'd use a little bit of discretion when writing her ads especially considering how often she posts her exact location.

No. 1589606

I can only imagine the type of dudes that have to use an escort site for dates. Also obviously they will be nice and complimentary on the first date especially. What would they get by being rude or blatantly honest?

No. 1589609

I don’t think real sugar daddies use that website. It’s just broke men who have a few bucks for sexual favors

No. 1589622

File: 1657999113880.jpeg (192.9 KB, 1242x856, 1672E26C-38DA-433A-A974-79D317…)

Broke and fat, pick a struggle

No. 1589626

"i was in an unhealthy abusive relationship"

Yeah Shay. You were the unhealthy abusive person in that relationship lol

No. 1589629

She’s just mad fupa slowly lost interest in her. She was a clingy annoying over dramatic bitch. Fupaul just used her he was a piece of shit but she was the aggressor

No. 1589646

Fiverr for ewhores

No. 1589660

I'm not sure why nonnies always need to act like Fupa was not abusive or also the aggressor. He was a fat manlet father in his mid thirties who got off on punching a 20 year old in public and helping her film diaper porn. Now he is engaged to some fat chick he strangles in public at the Walmart self checkout line. Shay isn't any less of a piece of shit if you admit Fupa was just as bad or worse.

Of course she'd probably go back to him if he called her up and promised this time it'd be different.

No. 1589664

This fuck him, he’s gross he had kids and got off on some younger chick wearing pacifiers and calling him “daddy” he shouldn’t even be allowed around children

No. 1589669

lmfao thank you for this, some anons in this thread really want fupauls fat, latex-gloved, baby hands all over them or something. him and shayna are equally pieces of garbage and you don't have to compare them to make shaynus look bad.

No. 1589674

You seem to forget she is a violent alcoholic. Fupa is a pedophile and so is Shayna

No. 1589678

Can someone remind me how she even met Ellen? I remember her helping her move and calling her a friend, but I cannot remember how they know each other. Did they meet on ugly fat pedophiles with no other options dot com?

No. 1589686

They used to “date” back in Shay’s tumblr days. But I’m not sure how they met

No. 1589697

File: 1658006237264.jpeg (Spoiler Image,202.27 KB, 828x1742, 694E17E8-C7C0-46A8-A8FD-9FE2CE…)

They met through tumblr, Ellen was an orbiter who hit her up and they started hanging out irl. Even back then Shayna would talk about her “gf” but never tag her or post pictures with her but Ellen would talk about her all the time

No. 1589701

Did you notice how in her bipolar rant she blamed her mom: “I’d like to sue whoever gave it to me… MOM” (just before minute 1:00). What a bitch lol I hate her

No. 1589711

No one is comparing them just stating she was an alcoholic suicide baiting abuser claiming to be abused kek. Go in tho

No. 1589712

Samefag but fupa never helped her with diaper porn either idk where nonnies got that from but that's new for her

No. 1589713

Someone mentioned it>>1589076

No. 1589715

There’s a video of him fucking her while she sucks a pacifier. Not exactly diaper porn but pedo porn for sure

No. 1589720

Yeah I'm aware it's just annoying when stuff like that gets tossed around like fact by new farmers.

No. 1589726

I feel like I'm travelling 12 years back in time with that hair and the head at an angle to keep the hair in place. Enter the 2020s Shatna!

No. 1589782

Isn't she too young to be this embarrassingly millennial? Not that any of that shit matters but lmfao she is perpetually trapped in 2012
she's going to see the first four words of this post and take it the wrong way lmao

No. 1589808

I’m proud of u, shaynart.

No. 1589829

The important detail of whether he helped her with pedo porn featuring infant pacifiers or diapers. She was living in his house and calling him daddy and acting like a child during the same period he was the father of actual small children.

No. 1589858

It's funny that when people call her out for being the abusive party in the relationship (which she even admits) there are farmers who come out swinging in her defense

No. 1589886

Knowing how Shayna loves to brag about doing anything even vaguely functional (like putting cheese + grapes on a plate, or going to a gym one time ever)

What do we think the chances are that she does laundry without mentioning it? Does she even own clothes hangers? Not to mention her bedding

No. 1589902

No one is defending her. It's just pathetic that every time she complains about Fupaul a bunch of pick me nonnas, probably fellow whores with daddy issues, come out to act like the fat, pedo scrote in his thirties with young children was the real victim. They are both pieces of shit and were in a mutually abusive relationship.

No. 1589906

It's entirely possible that an alcoholic, mentally ill admitted abuser was indeed abusive. It gets spun when ANYONE mentions the possibility of her being the aggressor in the relationship. fUpa sMacKeD hEr aT wAlMaRt tHo bullshit gets littered on the board and it becomes a who's the bigger POS contest. She was consensually slapped and choked and that turns into abuse while she's admitted to being the abusive one in the relationship and even posted about getting too drunk and putting her hands on him in front of his friends. Him being in a ddlg relationship and being a father doesn't change the fact that she's a raging lunatic with substance issues. White knighting her because you hate fupa is dumb.

No. 1589912

god i can only imagine the foul accumulation of dead skin, cat/dog hair, and mayochup on her bed sheets that she definitely has never washed or changed

No. 1589913

>who's the bigger POS contest
This. We don't need to rehash all this him v her shit again. They're both degens.

No. 1589915

Someone needs to make a
Milk is dry Time to infight

No. 1589919

Literally no one says or thinks Fupa is a victim. There probably are some gross whores who want his chode, but everyone knows he's a piece of shit.
None of us will ever really know how their relationship actually went and who instigated or how (likely both) of them were abusive and shitty to each other. We can only speculate. No one takes sides on that shit though. It's just annoying when Shat tries to spin it for boo hoo muh mental illness points and almost as annoying when anons make a fuss to drag him in comparison when people call her on it. Theyre both shit, but bringing up her shittiness can exist without it meaning that Fupa is blameless or needing to rehash that he's garbage too.

No. 1589938

Of course he’s a piece of shit, he’s a moid and all moids should an hero just for being moids and because Big Shaynus is also a piece of shit they fucking deserved each other. Shat only started screeching about him being aboosive after he dumped her fat ass, you best believe she’d still be with him if it were up to her. And you best believe she’ll be screeching about how aboosive her current “partners” are when things inevitably turn sour, it’s her MO with people whenever she doesn’t get her way

No. 1589952

Can nonas just stop defending Fupaul already he was just as disgusting as Shayna if not even worse. This thread is full of pick me e whores with a hard on for these disgusting pay piggy/fetish scrotes I swear. I still can't forget how many whores here were lusting over that bald creep with a voice like Micky mouse who was punching shat. It really revealed who follows this thread.

No. 1589956

Violent kink is just disguised abuse. Anyone who denies this is a pick me ass bitch. It doesn't matter if she 'consented', he's still a disgusting, violent creep who violently abuses mentally unstable women and gets off on it. Shat has her problems, but he was a 30 something man with children, she was an idiot teenager. How much of a fucking pick me ewhore do you have to be to not realize this.

No. 1589959

File: 1658047427579.jpg (2.49 MB, 4096x7401, InCollage_20220717_114354261.j…)

No. 1589962

Fucking exactly. You can tell a lot about someone by what “kinks” they have. All “kinks” are just a cope for degenerate, violent, abusive tendencies. All “kinks” deserve to be shamed. Not just shamed, pilloried to the ends of the earth. Anyone who participates in and/defends degenerate behaviour is subhuman scum. I have zero sympathy for pick me whores who enable this misogynistic bullshit, they’re harming the rest of us and don’t get a seat at our table.

No. 1589963

I'm not going to defend shat for her current behavior but she was a teenager. He was a 30 something man with kids. He shouldn't have even been looking at her, let alone all the degen pedo shit he took part in with her. She might have took part in it and was a willing participant but the main point still stands. He was a 30 something year old father, she was a teenager. That automatically makes him the worse out of the two. I'm fupa's age with kids and just the thought of someone like him existing and doing that to a teenager makes me physically sick. Shay has been offered a way out by her parents, a privilege that so many people don't have, and isn't even beginning to get her shit together at 25 and is pedo pandering right now, I can give her shit for that, but sorry, back then, Fupaul was the one who was way out of line. It wouldn't surprise me if she does have some trauma from that relationship.

No. 1589968

I'm not judge, executioner and jury, but when they are old enough to understand things I fucking hope his kids realize what a piece of shit he is and disown him until he's grovelling on the floor and truly sorry for what a pervert he was when they were growing up and is ripped to pieces with guilt over it.

No. 1589973

This is hilarious, nonny.

We all know they're both a piece of shit, absolutely disgusting, abusive people. We all know this, no one is defending either. No infighting ladies, please! Y'all are better than that!

100% this.

I'm sure that website is chock full of absolute con men. 'Sugar babies' are absolutely delusional to think otherwise

She uses every chance she can to publicly drag her mom for her own bullshit. Typical narc behavior. They need to cut her loose

No. 1589975

pearchan clearly has a huge crush on fridge, she makes sure to accuse users of being fridgechan every couple days, a heart just full of yearning. fridgechan, "babe"… where art thou?

No. 1589976

Men adore her yet the only “man” she could bag was a fat dad in his 30s who lived in Oklahoma and rented a two story slum duplex.

If men adored her she’d have men, you know, around and interested. Not two broke orbiters who only care because she shows her infected cunt and blown out asshole for free.

No. 1589980

Bullshit. First of all, no one cares if you have kids. Second, she was 20, that’s not a teenager. She was a grown adult, don’t make excuses for her.

No. 1589983

It's clearly Ellen and Shay lurking and posting in this thread. We all know Ellen is the one with feelings in the relationship.

No. 1590016

>How many times are anons going to call people in this thread "whores" while pretending like 98% of this thread doesn't know Fupa and Shayna are equally disgusting??
I have no idea what calling people whores has to do with Fat Shat's relationship with Fupa but I do agree with the rest of the post. Shayna's behaviour is documented in previous threads. Shayna was mentally unstable and manipulative. She would suicide bait to get him to spend time with her.

No. 1590022

I don't feel sorry for him at all. He was a dirty old man abusing much younger women under the name of 'kink'. He got almost everything he deserved with Shat.

No. 1590025

When Shayna is so boring anons are fighting about who was the biggest piece of shit. They both suck but don’t act like Shayna was innocent. She was just as manipulative

No. 1590026

Nonas please quit your armchairing, it is actually possible to be a complete cunt without it being a diagnosis.

No. 1590027

There was a significant age difference and fupa is a father. He was the biggest piece of shit. Shat has her issues and isn't completely innocent but that point still stands. Anyone who says otherwise is a pick me. End of discussion. This isn't what we think of Shat right now for how she behaves at 25, or whether or not she was completely innocent, it's the fact that fupa is a 30 something person with kids, there is automatically a higher standard for his behavior.

No. 1590030

I mean this thread isn't made up of the finest. Of course people are going to feel sorry for a 30 something kinky edgy baby daddy scrote. There are legitimately self confessed 'anal whores' and girls who are apparently 'thinner and cuter' than shay but want to be punched and slapped around by a slimy squeaky bald man who makes 'lovingly handmade porn'.

No. 1590044

Yes I agree so can the fupa fandom stfu about him

No. 1590048

okay Quaker Oats, we’ll be sure not to masturbate either, it might piss you off.

No. 1590051

File: 1658066091349.gif (285.69 KB, 200x113, 200w.gif)

The infighting in here over two equally horrible human beings is ridiculous. Fupa hasn't been relevant since she moved. It's over

NTA, but really? That's your takeaway from that post? Go back to Twitter or FetLife or something, please.

No. 1590055

Yeah that's my takeaway. He gets dragged when she gets called out for being abusive. Ellen going full on mUmMa mode

No. 1590058

She doesn't get an abuse pass because she's younger and he has kids.

No. 1590063

No one said anything about masturbation. That's perfectly normal, although no one needs to hear about anyone else doing it.

Sex is also perfectly great and fine, but again, no one needs to know about your sex life.

However, choking someone and beating them isn't sex, it's physical violence. Maybe if you need physical violence to supposedly get off, you don't actually like actual sex that much, just like Shay, just saying.

No. 1590066

Exactly. She sought him out and knew exactly what she was getting into and she admitted to being an abuser while only calling him out when he was done with her bs. I don't care how old he was or any of that bs she publicly stated she was aggressive to him and suicide baited him DAILY. Stop making excuses for her sis

No. 1590069

I mean it's obvious you want to fuck Fupaul. Love yourself more sis. No matter how much of a pearchan fridgechan ewhore you are, you deserve better than Fupaul.

No. 1590070

Seriously, almost everyone has sex and wanks but the internet doesn’t need to know about it, if you feel the need to advertise it you’re fucked in the head, and if you’re into kinkster degeneracy you’re even more fucked in the head and should be sterilised. It’s a good thing Shaynus hates sex because it lessens the chances of her getting knocked up, and that’s the last thing the world needs

No. 1590086

So because Fupaul didn't admit he was an abusive piece of shit he is clearly less at fault? Newsflash. Abusive scrotes never admit they were in the wrong. They always act like the woman is entirely to blame. Shay is a suicide baiting, manipulative liar, but he was the one keeping tabs on her cam shows after he supposedly broke up with her to "protect" her, sent her depressed texts when he wanted to get his chode wet, and vague posted edgelord sad boi shit all the time. They are cut from the same cloth. Men are scum and will never admit they were part of the problem and there is always women like you and Shay ready to defend them.

No. 1590089

No I'm just not going to act like someone can't be abused just because I don't like them. The bitch admitted to being shitty and even said he started filming her abusive episodes (which anons quickly tried to call that abuse kek). I'm just saying abuse isn't justified and bringing up things you don't like about a person still doesn't make it ok to suicide bait them or and physically and mentally abuse them. I don't agree with the choices these cows make but I'm not going to stoop so low that I think they deserve that kind of shit. Be better

No. 1590090

No I'm saying she never claimed anything like that until after she was forced back to Seattle and he wanted nothing to do with her. The whole time she's smelling his shirts and saying how great he is for taking care of her when she had surgery or whatever. Meanwhile, she's openly admitted to being the aggressor and apparently there's proof of her getting drunk and hitting him. You hate men more than you hate the cow and it shows in your justification.

No. 1590091

There is no new milk for a minute and this thread is at the top. Stop infighting, derailing and fucking sage your shit.

No. 1590095

I mean it's not like he was afraid for his life. Poor helpless little Fupaul kept her around for a booty call and whenever she talked of plans to move away he would suddenly be back in her life again.

Abuse is about power and she clearly didn't have power over him. It was him calling the shots and pretending he wanted to get back together this time just because he couldn't stand that his younger mentally unstable booty call was moving away and he wouldn't be able to get it anymore. As soon as a fresh young slut came along he forgot all about Shat.

He's the worst and I hate to say it but even Shat deserves better than him.

No. 1590096

>you hate men the most
As it should be

No. 1590097

Shayna and Fupa both deserved what they got from eachother. Both abusers, both degenerates.Neither is better or worse then the other. Nonnies bring up Fupauls age and kids, but clearly shayna doesn't/didn't care. Her biggest issue isn't his age or kids, it's he doesn't want her.
Theres zero reason to keep going back and forth about it. I Don't see either as a victim.

No. 1590098

I think she clearly used his kids against him for power in the situation and probably threatened his job as well. Just because he's physically bigger than her doesn't mean that she can't abuse him. That's absurd. She's mentally ill and absolutely used him just as much as he used her but that doesn't negate abuse. He didn't want to continue with her well before he met someone new and she continued to gush about him even when she left. You want the narrative to be different than what she actually laid out but it is what it is.

No. 1590100

>He's the worst and I hate to say it but even Shat deserves better than him.
No she doesn't. People need to move on. Shayna doesn't dislike him because of all that, she wants another relationship with a older scrote and doesn't care if they have kids, steal pacifiers or what. Shayna and Fupaul are both idiots and neither deserve sympathy or "better".

No. 1590101

I can get with that. Some of these farmers seethe about him and it gets annoying to hear them take up for the cow in a Shat thread

No. 1590107

y’all sound like incels who actually deeply like that stuff, or amish puritans who think sex is sacred and should only happen in specific ways at specific times. yeah, lots of kinks are gross especially when paraded on the internet. but coming on to to forums to write paragraphs about your disdain for any sex that isn’t sterile missionary to make children, sounds fucking weird. saying people should be sterilized for masturbating (and talking about it) makes you sound like some retarded religious freak. get a grip.

No. 1590108

didn’t think i’d come across sex repulsed puritans on lolcow but here we are

No. 1590109

I hate to say this but shat's motivations were clearly not as malevolent as Fupaul's. She was clearly wanting validation and acceptance in the relationship and I do believe Shat is a masochist. Not because she actually gets off on it but because she looks for indirect ways to self harm. She clearly loathes herself, as much as she likes to tell us that she's 'thriving'.

I also believe that she is stunted and does not want to grow up, so she gravitated towards an older, more experienced man to be her 'daddy'.

Fupaul saw an opportunity in Shat to play out his perversions. All the while he could not deal with her emotional baggage and her need for validation but he kept on. He just wanted a quiet, young fuck toy and things exploded whenever she wanted anything else from him. Women simply aren't people to him, and he doesn't give a shit how his so called lifestyle that he parades publicly makes his children feel.

Scrotes like him are 100% the worst kind outside of scrotes that actually rape and kill.

No. 1590110

Being beaten around and strangled isn't sex, it's physical violence and abuse.

No. 1590111

I’m vegetarian thank you very much

No. 1590112

This has to be Ellen I swear

No. 1590113

so if they’re having sex while doing those things it’s not considered sex, got it. you’re a puritan who thinks sex can only be done in one pure god like way. kinks are degenerate and disgusting but take your religious bullshit elsewhere.

No. 1590115

LMAO okay pickme twitter whore, nobody said anyone should be sterilized for masturbating, they said people with degenerate kinks should be sterilized, which they should. Nobody said anything about sex being repulsive, if you’re that mad about people bashing sex-related degeneracy that harms women then this isn’t the place for you. As another anon said, go back to fetlife or whatever.

No. 1590116

lolcow is now a site for quakers and puritans who hate sex.

No. 1590118

I love that we’re now at thread #111 and it’s so still easy to bait anons in here regarding sex. the sensitivity of Shaynas anons is astronomical.

No. 1590119

Again, no-one said nowt about sex being repulsive, its using violence in sexual situations that’s the problem. But we get it, you’re a degenerate sex worker who is triggered by women who actually have respect for themselves

No. 1590120

I'm definitely not religious and I don't believe in God. Don't pull that shit. There are plenty of people who aren't religious nuts who see 'kink' for what it is, internalized self harm/a desire to abuse another person.

Sex is a mutual act of intimacy and enjoyment between two people. There is nothing enjoyable about self harm or abuse, and that's what kink is.

You clearly have issues and you are not sane or healthy if you want to strangle or slap someone, walk over someone's balls or you want them to do that to you.

No. 1590121

y’all are so easy to bait, omg. this is what keeps Shay threads going I swear.

No. 1590125

Nor am I (religious), I just have respect for myself and my fellow women. But not the women who are actively harming us by normalizing violent misogyny

No. 1590132

Did you forget you're not the cow of this thread? Just because milk has stopped doesn't mean we need you to take center stage

No. 1590150

Sorry if this is a late reply, but it's painfully obvious you don't know much about PDs, please just do more research and stop talking about things you don't know much about. Laughable you'd say she has npd. she very obviously has bpd. Don't know about the bipolar part because we aren't her doctors but that gets into mood disorder territory, maybe her bpd episodes are dependent on mood who knows. She shows a great many of the bpd symptoms just with her online presence alone, we just don't know what her real romantic relationships are like in private to know what her actual strong emotions are like. Really sucks because bpd is 100% recoverable, more so than anything else. It's just therapy. She could afford it easily too.

No. 1590160

File: 1658075290335.jpeg (61.02 KB, 800x717, jesus-memes-funny~2.jpeg)

So this is how you dumb bitches chose to spend your Sunday morn?? Go to church or a farmers market or something, that's enough lcf for the day

No. 1590169

>ooh 100 new posts in the Shay thread
>she must have done something milky!
>literally all infighting & whores calling whores whores for disagreeing

No. 1590199

Morning? It's almost 8.30pm where I am. Not all of us are in burgerland.

No. 1590209

Nta but it has been going on for like 12 hours sooo it probably was morning in everyone's time when these tards were going at it

No. 1590297


Seriously, just hours of maybe 2-4 autists sperging about how they like to masturbate with lawnmowers/ hate the idea of orgasming without procreating

No. 1590302

How does this bitch have negative cheekbones

No. 1590329

she was genuinely born to be ugly

No. 1590338

she has a weird sunken in look about her face but also weird puffiness in some areas. it’s the look of someone who’s consistently dehydrated.

No. 1590364

Is fatty in the ER again?Suspiciously silent today.

No. 1590367

Is the twitter drama still going on? She hides from the heat sometimes. Then comes back and spergs out.

No. 1590387

Probably the depressive episode idk

No. 1590413

File: 1658098615235.jpeg (225.39 KB, 1170x843, 55B1C7E2-1DB3-4E86-9FAD-2FADF6…)

No. 1590436

sub turns into a domme. yeah, a very common fetish shatna. keep going for the way too niche shit and then wonder why your content doesn’t sell.

No. 1590455

It makes sense that she's into pedo shit now because she probably thinks after the fupaul saga that men only like minors/pedo shit. That's probably why she's wearing very over the top baby clothes like a bonnet and diaper because she knows she's getting older and not fitting that niche anymore but she also thinks it's the one true thing that men are into.
Based, he was 100% in control of her. Abusive men who call the cops or film their partner freaking out is actually quite common because it helps with making sure the victim is not believed.
Stop trying to infight, she definitely has NPD or HPD. BPD? Where the fuck are you seeing any empathy within this woman kek. I don't need to go on about my own background but I know PDs. Do some research yourself. Shayna has shown over and over again that she only cares for herself and that's it.

No. 1590457

She was into the pedo shit before she got with Fupa

No. 1590475

Yeah she was a degenerate before him and she contacted him in the 1st place. As much as nonnas don't wanna admit it, she didn't get this way because of him. His biggest aBuSe was making her take her psych meds lol

No. 1590496

File: 1658110192166.png (622.43 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-17T19-07-22.png)

No. 1590498

File: 1658110217181.png (637.66 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-17T19-07-57.png)

No. 1590499

File: 1658110268494.png (640.29 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-17T19-08-05.png)

this is her only "domme" look

No. 1590500

File: 1658110305082.png (689.14 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-17T19-08-19.png)

this edit is hideous, why?

No. 1590501

that’s…that’s a Nazi hat. what the fuck?

No. 1590503

squeezing her flat ass cheeks together for dear life.

No. 1590508

File: 1658111437056.gif (17.34 MB, 552x984, 7562f25c93c2fe010d2a1ad6162164…)

No. 1590510

She needs a nosejob asap, it looks ugly as fuck.

No. 1590512

That saturation filter is not helping her alcoholic flush in her face. Fucking yikes

No. 1590515

I believe body shaming is wrong but if shayna is gonna bask on calling herself a plastic bimbo Barbie she’s fucking retarded for not getting a nose job when hers screams elderly witch. Is she just unaware or just too poor?

No. 1590520

A little bit of column A and a lot of column B. There’s very little doubt in my mind Shayna thinks she’s beautiful or at least thought so for a very long time.

No. 1590528

Her gunt is getting big again. You can see every roll.

No. 1590534

She has tweeted about wanting a nose job before so she’s definitely aware. She knows that the only reason she was ever considered “cute” by anyone other than inbred, mouthbreathing literal speds like Jason Retard Wojak and daughter-fucking, truck-driving veteran Mike Slack of Missouri is because she was skinny. She has always had terrible teeth and terrible skin, her nose has grown considerably (everyone’s nose keeps growing but hers seems to have accelerated) and her alcoholic bloated face and overall weight gain makes her ugly rat eyes appear even smaller and beadier. What gets me is that she is so lazy she can’t even be bothered to properly edit herself to look prettier. If you’re going to shoop/facetune at least fully commit to catfishing, kek

No. 1590536

The domme costume makes it seem so fake / pretend. I know it’s role play, but I imagine guys would rather it seem somewhat genuine?

No. 1590537

File: 1658116257667.jpeg (101.93 KB, 828x436, 0D8E9544-D982-47A9-89A0-C109BA…)

Here’s the video, she put it on Instagram too, must be very proud

No. 1590538

I don't think a nose job would make much of an improvement as long as she still has those cavernous nasolabial folds

No. 1590539

File: 1658117067432.jpeg (437.33 KB, 1242x1809, CA9A4C52-9DBC-40F0-BA4C-279310…)

I love the contrast between the scrotes she actually thirsts over vs the scrotes she can obtain.

No. 1590542

File: 1658117183521.webm (2.53 MB, 480x854, In my dreams, I have a plan.we…)

Here are all the stories she’s posted today on Instagram. The blurred lines between Shayna Leigh Clifford and her Dolly Mattel persona, oof.

No. 1590543

She can’t even type in character. “I’m a dominant :)” bruh. How can you suck at your job so bad.

No. 1590546

Holy fuck this outfit looks like it’s about to burst at the seams

No. 1590551

It has grown but its kinda odd I feel like it was actually bigger looking back then, now it just looks fat like the rest of her face. A common complaint about people who’ve lost weight is realizing their noses are big

No. 1590554

Despite everything she says about her healthy uwu relationships with Ellen and the other nasty old guys she dates, she would throw absolutely all of it away just to be with knock-off Post Malone

No. 1590559

That shirt is NOT white jfc a basic ass long sleeve isn’t even that much at forever 21 buy some there or at shein. Shayna is so musty

No. 1590561

Why he got a wrench tattooed on his face? KEK

No. 1590562

File: 1658119124004.jpeg (1006.81 KB, 1098x1853, E6B0DB90-7C75-4197-99A5-FCC610…)

She’s always had a wrinkled old face most likely due to her always wrinkling her forehead and aged genetic huge nose. She wasn’t as famous as she loves to proclaim. It seemed like a lot because she was just a high school kid

No. 1590566


No. 1590570

are you lost or time travelled from 2015

No. 1590571

I can’t believe this is the face of a teenage school kid, good grief. No one I know in their 30s has forehead wrinkles and eye bags of this magnitude, as per >>1590551 you can clearly see her huge honker here too, it had just changed shape (now that the tip has become more bulbous and started to curve down she really looks like an alcoholic cartoon witch)

No. 1590572

You should probably visit an optician.

No. 1590582

File: 1658120580932.jpeg (912.83 KB, 1208x1460, 677AE486-6FB1-4F0A-B45B-C62465…)

She sucked in her nostrils here >>1590562
so her nose wasn’t as wide and bulbous. She’s always had a big nose but it wasn’t as huge as when she was skinnier for some reason. Inferior genetics

No. 1590584

I am all for women aging naturally, but Shayna would be SO happy seeing her face after Botox. I am surprised she doesn’t get it. I suppose it is hard to ask for funding for Botox while being an baby uwu?? She could just call it “skincare” or even lie and say she’s getting a facial or something. I have similarly terrible foreheads genes and for me it’s $300 3x yearly to have 0 lines. She spends way more on dumb shot that makes her happy for 2 seconds

No. 1590586

Aging isn’t a bad thing but wrinkles when you’re still a teenager is tragic. She really aged like milk. Woof

No. 1590589

keep throwing npd around and armchairing calling people "cases" kek. As if npd literally only means "no empathy", its so much more than that. She has never showed grandiosity. Lots of bpd sufferers seem to only care about themselves, it is not the same as a narcissists lack of empathy. idc for my ban youre dumb as rocks AND a newfag

No. 1590590

File: 1658121213279.jpeg (149.57 KB, 950x680, 1AB6489C-3F59-4A88-A957-E2313A…)

Kek I love how you can see the outline of her life jacket stomach above her fupa

No. 1590591

I think the grandiosity is possibly shown in her belief that the world owes her shit, that men should bend over backwards and pay her for existing, etc. (At the same time that she acts this way, she seems insecure deep down, so idk what is wrong with her.)

No. 1590592

you just know that outfit smells like ass with that cheap material. Jfc she doesn’t hand wash it since it isn’t exactly a washing machine friendly piece and it still looks somewhat newish. God this outfit is ugly she’s been wearing this outfit for every domme video, like at least wear the shorts with a different top? Or get rid of the comedy sketch cop hat?

No. 1590593

File: 1658121566829.jpeg (986.76 KB, 1170x1359, E3230B9C-2EB9-4506-8D0A-FAE923…)

It is really hard to not compare her to uneducated google searches of histrionic personality disorder

No. 1590594

File: 1658121582148.jpeg (322.84 KB, 1205x1197, BCCDE25B-2E8F-4673-9BD2-A23F3C…)


No. 1590596

Completely agree, nonitas. For me it’s less the wrinkles than the fact that her skin is so crusty and dehydrated, clearly attributed to her complete lack of hygiene, much less a skincare regime. I’m massively autistic about skincare so maybe I’m being irrational but I can’t imagine giving so few fucks about myself. The fact that her appearance is her only source of income makes it all the more egregious, like seriously, learn to love yourself Shat.
And her monstrous mons pubis. The whole camel toe situation here must be so fucking uncomfortable, I don’t know why she refuses to buy clothes that fit. Plus there’s nothing remotely cute about this, she legitimately looks like someone who rides the short bus (I say that like she doesn’t always look like someone who rides the short bus, kek)

No. 1590597

I just… yeah.

No. 1590599

I hate it so much. Creepy big baby vibes.

No. 1590602

She legit need facial feminization surgery. She has the same harsh features as a troon

No. 1590603

File: 1658123570771.jpeg (602.25 KB, 828x1153, CAD70674-AE67-4AF0-B1E0-D5B808…)

This looks like a kid painted it. An “art daddy,”these desperate bitches will try anything to make money but get real jobs

No. 1590628

Every time I open up this thread and see a new photo of big Shaynus, I am baffled by the fact that she is younger than me. I am average at best in terms of looks, but fuck me at least the texture of my skin is not identical to that of tree bark… Drink some fucking water and for God’s sake, get a decent moisturiser you crusty whore.

No. 1590629

I’m a skincare autist too and I couldn’t even imagine not having the most basic of routines in place. No wonder this bitch looks fucking aged.

No. 1590661

lmfao literal preschool shit

No. 1590683

Are we sure this isn't another thing that Ellen has stolen from the kids she babysits?

No. 1590685

File: 1658139614045.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.42 KB, 555x800, Bundesarchiv_Bild_146-2008-027…)

please get a pair of glasses if you can't see the difference. all you dense idiots overusing the word nazi, it's getting old

No. 1590701

Nonna, they have the same shape, the nazi's hat just was made with more details/(sadly) actual craftsmanship, than the plastic nazi one, so the plastic nazi hat looks taller and doesn't have a decoration on top of the band. I mean, of course a shitty company that makes plastic shit wouldn't want to be genuine, but it has the same shape, was it inspired by them? I don't think so, they're too lazy, I just think it's funny how Twitterfags will start taking caps of the thread and use it to say
>see?! She's a nazi!!!!!

No. 1590707

kek you beat me to it, I was going to say “inb4 the sjwhores get their grimy knickers in a twist over Dolly Mattel being an ebil nazi!!1!!!1!!!”

No. 1590710

She needs cold-pressed, higher gsm watercolor paper, not an "Art Daddy" to throw his pennies at her and her poor water control.

No. 1590715

Jesus she looks so awkward and uncomfortable doing this. Why does she put herself through it? She’s clearly not making enough to live, she is visibly cringing away when she sees herself (as she should) so why continue with the embarrassment? If she wasn’t a pedo I would feel bad for her because she’s just so pathetic. She looks like a middle aged woman trying to get a hookup from a bar at the end of the night and hating herself for it.

No. 1590717

This is so embarrassing. Slightly tangential but does anyone find it a little bit surprising that Ellen hasn’t locked down her social media? I’d have thought Shayna would have told her to due to how merciless we are towards anyone associated with her

No. 1590721

I love how she oscillates between looking like a middle aged lot lizard who gives toothy blowjobs to smelly old rednecks like Womack and Greypedo and a crayon eating sped on day release from the care facility

No. 1590743

This edit is entering fried meme territory.
When she first debuted this look it was the smallest step in the right direction for once (in terms of what she was going for) but she screwed it up quick. For someone who's only access to money is whoring herself out on Twitter, she sure does strive to put in as little effort as possible. Get a backdrop that isn't a child's daybed. Buy clothes that aren't ill fitting and cheap and learn how to coord. Start taking care of that fridge body and learn some angles. There's not a single thing she's doing right.

No. 1590745

It’s called a peaked cap you fucking twitterfag. Many militaries of the world use formal hats in that shape, also boat captains, pilots. It’s a dollskill cheap chinese take on BDSM leather daddy aesthetic where there’s a lot of military fetishization. Yes in the old days, bdsm gays took fashion cues from Nazi uniforms (boots, pants, riding crops, etc), but that hat is not exclusively a nazi thing. Get your head out of your ass.

No. 1590746

>fried meme territory
That’s exactly what I thought when I saw it too, it blows my mind that this is shit that she posts expecting to get praise/money

No. 1590756

I know It’s got a big grey stain on the back of one arm, you can see it in the prOcRAsTinAtIOn video

No. 1590777

This is something that truly annoys me. It's not like she's wearing expensive shit/pieces of clothes over and over again. That's probably the same exact long sleeved shirt she's been wearing for years at this point. You can tell by how it's starting to get that yellowish look to it. It's so weird to me how someone who clearly doesn't wash her clothes often, always buys/wears dirty looking WHITE clothes. You know she smells like mildew or funk.
I don't even think it's a "shaynas broke" thing. Her clothes are cheap. It's she genuinely doesn't care how she looks. She throws togeather these weird outfits based on what's "clean" and then acts like it's the cutest shit in the world. If she loves these white long sleeved crop tops, or wrinkled white skirts, of even that pink Bralette I think we'll be seeing a lot more, why not buy multiple? She's already a wasteful idiot

No. 1590780

im dying at her big belly button lol her stomach is massive

No. 1590785

learn how to use a fucking period instead of fifty thousand commas jesus christ. shit is unreadable

No. 1590791

we like spreading misinformation to the e whores who lurk so they can drag big shay

No. 1590795

File: 1658158575149.jpeg (108.51 KB, 933x998, D9AD7F04-4EFB-4B92-973F-30CF76…)

Can the mods permanently ban the scrote posting dick pics and wk posts?

No. 1590851

File: 1658163517348.jpeg (309.18 KB, 1170x954, 93365595-E1C3-4E5F-8728-43B40D…)

Why should someone reimburse your dumbass mistake?

No. 1590881

File: 1658168010469.jpeg (563.89 KB, 1536x2048, 42CDC907-A4D6-4B12-B745-C490C4…)

She looks completely out of it, Wtf Shay

No. 1590884

pill head eyes

No. 1590886

Is that the sweater her and Fupa shared kek

No. 1590893

This is actually a different hoodie, the one Fupa wore was fully pink

No. 1590895

File: 1658169353052.jpeg (558.96 KB, 1536x2048, 91ECD1B2-BDAF-4B79-91D0-67FAA1…)

No. 1590896

At least this aesthetic fits her more than the babygirl pink one, she can't pull that off at all

No. 1590897

I cannot imagine being unable to go anywhere on your own. She could at least e-beg for money for a used car or something. Or does it really just not bother her?

No. 1590899

this isn't the worst she has looked recently.

No. 1590901

The bar is so low it's in hell but I agree. The hoodie fits her and I can't see grey cottage cheese or her gunt trying to escape.

No. 1590907

there are buses but she’s just too much of a sped to use them

No. 1590911

lmao her face is edited af and fatty still looks high as a kite.

No. 1590913

lmao its an oversize hoodie, and its old. shes just now showing the rest of her body.

No. 1590926


I'm pretty sure it's highlight but Shayna manages to look greasy and ashy at the same time and it makes me irrationally angry.

Closest she's been to looking like a 20something in years tho

No. 1590935

she looks barred tf out

No. 1590940

she has a full thick layer of grease on her face. wtf.

No. 1590949

Deleted Kek she’s such an idiot why would you admit to this publicly

No. 1590951

File: 1658174794266.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1622, E3537339-EEEA-4284-862F-A2161B…)

Nah that’s the already crusty hoodie she got from dollskill. The fupa hoodie was a Lisa frank tye dye one

No. 1590952

It’s not an “aesthetic” she’s just lazy normal clothes not the I’m baby uwu pink pedoveralls

No. 1590955

No one is giving her enough money to buy a car. She’s broke and her onlyfans subscribers are tanking

No. 1590957

Yikes she look like she’s wearing black sclera lenses on her already small demonic eyes. Wtf is this pic?

No. 1590962

Not a newfag, I just don't agree that all cows have BPD like you and others seem to think. Her narcissistic and histrionic characteristics are more apparent than borderline characteristics. She's shallow emotionally the same way that people with HPD are, she doesn't have emotional intensity or an excess of emotion that BPD is characterised by.

No. 1590967

This is literally Shaynus in a nutshell, idk how anyone sees BPD in her when she's 100% shameless kek

No. 1590972


I can't wait until the internet psychologists take a break and remember that you can't diagnose someone over the internet, so all the arguments about whatever mental illness is causing her to disgrace her family name are moot points.

The bitch is stupid and clearly mentally unwell. But not in the uwu sadbaby way she'd like us to think. I diagnose her as having dumb bitch disease. It's fatal and you can catch it from the internet.

No. 1590988

it’s what happens when you get a moderate amount of attention on the internet as a teenager for being extremely average and mediocre.

No. 1591016

I mean everything we talk about is pointless, and we speculate about a lot of things. I think the internet psychologists are interesting to hear from (but also know it’s against the rules)

No. 1591087

Distinguishing between cluster B personality disorders is as pointless as trying to distinguish between M&M flavours.

No. 1591089

Fuck off. A woman with « harsh features » is still a woman. She doesn’t need any troon procedures.

No. 1591099

Her face is more suited for textured / curly hair. Idk why she insists on straightening it to a flat board. It just emphasizes her huge nose.

No. 1591119

File: 1658190487008.jpeg (112.88 KB, 1242x321, 66468C1C-A9F4-4029-BE1E-5B9A75…)

She’s so boring. The majority of moids don’t want to see diapers and domme shit. Why can’t she make normie content?? Like g/g and penetration from something other than the crusty dildo

No. 1591122


There's never a new perspective though. Just a bunch of people with access to webMD and free time talking about what they think is wrong with her. I'd welcome perspective from an actual psychologist, but I also don't know how I feel about opening the self posting portal to hell, the BDSMfags and camhoes never know when to stop.


She's too fugly to get any sales that way. She has to cater to weird niches. And even in them, she's not top tier. Even when she was skinny she had that fuckin pussy boil situation which turned the average porn consoomer off too much for her to make sales.


Because she's insisting on pushing "Barbie bimbo", and bimbos have straight blonde hair. She's a trainwreck, but her chosen aesthetics just make it so much worse.

No. 1591140

File: 1658192273088.jpeg (571.46 KB, 1242x959, F26BFD43-7F90-4EC0-938F-6C82C0…)

No. 1591144

File: 1658192429702.jpeg (677.24 KB, 1242x678, 18AA9FAC-9644-4715-940C-8932B5…)

The scenario is her “daddy” looking at her computer and watching her porn.

No. 1591155

File: 1658192795389.jpeg (93.35 KB, 602x670, DF3A594B-376F-4EC0-9B24-409CCB…)

No. 1591185

What is old greypedo going to think of this one

No. 1591196

Ah that's impressive attention to detail again.

>Muh dad been watching my porn omg

>Her manyvids on her own computer screen during confrontation for some reason
>Domme nazi hat on the shelf in the background

Top kek.

No. 1591199

She looks hideous, more so than normal in this. Her head looks disproportionate to her body, like a petite Tess Holliday.
What are these angles? Practice doesn’t always improve our skills, apparently.
Shayna was inspired by him or he commissioned it. An obvious shitty joke, to those unable to understand humour.

No. 1591206

What's in her hand

No. 1591212

No. 1591216

File: 1658199205370.jpeg (319.79 KB, 828x1833, 2D537990-3DE0-48FF-A872-3F5B87…)

No. 1591222

I've never read these descriptions so reading this was quite the miserable experience and I wish I could recover that time I lost reading that shit.

No. 1591225

File: 1658199822756.jpeg (410.08 KB, 828x1835, 1CC82D12-1D82-4368-AA3D-46D217…)

No. 1591227

File: 1658199927371.jpeg (373.61 KB, 828x1858, 65A5508C-37D9-43CC-BA6B-4247AA…)

No. 1591228

damn; 3 outfit changes, That's some extra effort for Shatna.

No. 1591229

File: 1658199972215.jpeg (742.2 KB, 1231x1557, CEB71407-5B4A-40C0-9DD3-2D7B1F…)

No. 1591230

File: 1658200160615.jpeg (700.44 KB, 1242x1560, E0CC48B0-D9AD-47A4-A29F-806D57…)

The tie is so stretched out kek that outfit doesn’t fit her fat ass

No. 1591232

Silly nonnie, she's a movie genius, the nazi hat on the back is used as foreshadowing to the domme part, her videos have such intricate subplots that she should participate at film festivals with them.

No. 1591233

She looks like she's been dipped in grease yet sadly even this horrendous highlight job is better than her usual dead yellow face

No. 1591244

He's a tool.

No. 1591245

No. 1591290

I stg people are only buying these things to support the local retard

No. 1591294

This is so fucking hideous, even on a thin woman, what kind of white trash losers buy these sweatshop monstrosities? Rhetorical question, obviously

No. 1591296

She looks like a literal pig, my god. I wish I had this level of confidence.

No. 1591297

Fucking kek nona. I feel the same. But I swear she enjoys those essays more than the making of the videos.

>spits in your mouth
>hits you a bunch
>uwu I’m so nice
>k good night

No. 1591299

>muh bimbo claws
she desperately needs to find a new look. this is disgusting wtf

I will never understand these idiots who will rot at home instead of figuring out a way around. you don’t even have to drive!

also she looks like she smells like a yeast infection

No. 1591305

File: 1658209502040.jpeg (476.86 KB, 828x1287, 9CF5AA5E-7F73-4F14-8212-E24A79…)

Do they consider Shayna her “deadname” now? So fucking weird, I’ve never heard a non-tranny get offended by being “deadnamed” before. I can’t believe they dropped someone for calling her Shay instead of her porn name.

No. 1591308


No. 1591315

Unfortunately have known of non trans people changing their name and being ridiculous about it. They always pick some edgy shit too. One chick would lose it if you called her her legal name because "muh ex used to say my name in a scawy mean tone and Im twamautized now" it was so retarded. Others just do it for snowflake points and because they want to reinvent themselves I guess. Though I imagine the reason for Shayna doing it is thinking less people will find her threads and shit online. Which would only be kinda smart if she legally changed it and ya know, stopped posting her asshole and greasy rat face online. Under the same dolly mattel porn persona no less.

No. 1591316

Do we know how many other partners Ellen has? Could one be MTF?

No. 1591318

Shayna is her only gf, and her only partner other then mentions of hook ups with men sometimes. She hasn’t had any other girlfriend then Shayna in a very very long time, last mention of another female partner was a tweet about an ex gf from 2010.

No. 1591322

>Vee Vee Bella Morte has entered the chat

No. 1591325

Very good observation. Unless Ellen meant one of her degenerate pay to play “friends” and not a real friend-friend? I assume if the tinfoils are true maybe Shayna doesn’t want her friends to use her name in front of clients? After writing it down, I realise it might be a stretch.
Kek, I thought “poor Felice was too ahead of her time”
Also a good point.

No. 1591326

I remember her talking about wanting to legally change her name to Dolly at one point years ago. She clearly dropped the name Shayna a long time ago. Her Starbucks always say Dolly, her cards from Ellen and the dad are always addressed to Dolly, she has no reason to separate her sex work life from her real life because she has none.

No. 1591330

Eugh, imagine forcing your biological family to call you "Dolly"

No. 1591331

>Shayna gets called Dolly IRL
The sped factor just increased by 10. She's waddling around Seattle dressed like a special needs retard while she calls Fat Pedo Ellen "Mumma" and Ellen calls her "Dolly".

No. 1591333

For whatever reason, I don’t think she would. Her name is just a variation of her beloved father’s name. If she were named after her mom, I bet she would.

No. 1591334

Art anons, I beg you.

No. 1591335

If that's the case though then "deadnaming" is a complete non-issue for her. I can't believe I'm somewhat caping for trannies here, but deadnaming is an all or nothing deal.

No. 1591337

My god these degenerates are fucking retarded. Every day my hatred of trannies reaches new heights. At least this one displays a modicum of self-awareness by identifying as “it”
That would be glorious, especially given that the milk is drying up at an increasing rate since she has moved into actual whoring

No. 1591381


It's pretty obvious that she's talking about Shay. If you type in Shay's real name lolcow and kiwi farms are the first hits. She knows full well that these boards exist, and that's why the milk has gone dry. She still wants to provide some content for whatever coomers she has left, but she's giving as little as possible and has gone as far to change her name (to something stupid, no hope of her choosing a normal name).

I can actually totally envision her future.

I think she will gradually taper out of online sex work and become a full time hooker doing bad domme, sub and foot fetish shit. She will make barely minimum wage. When she ages out of sex work and is completely unable to sustain herseld she will probably work in a liquor store or something and hang out with a load of other piss artists and drunks. She will die prematurely from alcohol abuse.

She's not charismatic enough and isn't enough of a team player to work in a bar. It will be some dingy off license/bargain booze type place.

No. 1591394

Kek “Dolly Clifford” is such an ugly name

No. 1591398

My sides, actually changing her name to “Dolly” is so fucking embarrassing, too bad the internet is forever Shayna Clifford aka Dolly Mattel. Patricia Ellen Dresel no doubt goes by “Ellen” in an attempt to distance herself from the disgusting pedo shit she does in her spare time

No. 1591399

File: 1658218013452.jpeg (454.34 KB, 1242x1588, 0D4E8894-94A1-47DE-B610-39D886…)

Ellen Degenerate always needs a reason to e beg!! Two peas in a pod, these two

No. 1591401

File: 1658218396360.jpeg (297.01 KB, 796x1832, 58C7850B-EE49-4145-8552-0BB07F…)

Shayna’s pay pig hasn’t been simping for her lately. Maybe he’s moved on. Imagine being so pornsick you name your dog after a pornstar. That’s so fucked up

No. 1591403

>sexually harassed
In other words, he said something sexual to you, a sex worker, and you arbitrarily decided to file it under 'harassment' because it wasn't the sexual thing that you wanted to hear.
If he laid hands on her, it would be sexual assault. But he clearly didn't because she claims 'harassment'. Going to the bar with a man who you are trying to convince to sleep with for money & having him say something crude is not 'harassment', Patricia. If he were 'harassing' you, you would not have been able to walk out of the bar. You do not understand what harassment means. Stop playing the victim & appropriating real issues, you fugly bottom-tier slut.

No. 1591406

Going without dinner for one night won’t hurt, you fat sow
Imagine being a literal whore and being offended when the coomers you expect to pay you in exchange for sexual services say something sexual to you, she really is a different breed of retard

No. 1591407

Jfc if I didn’t see her horrific nudes, I would’ve clocked her as a Troon. She has no shape whatsoever and is just pure chubby brick body

No. 1591414

Uh oh Shay’s number 1 coomer has moved on — I’m sorry, been stolen by Mia Malkova. I swear Shayna has a mental breakdown over other SW’s interacting with her top simp or was that only whores with less followers than her and not actual pornstars

No. 1591430

LMAO the comments. Good god Womack is fucking ugly. In addition to being a literal retard. I wonder if even he finds Shat’s diaper, bonnet and mittens baby LARP too much

No. 1591438

I wonder if Shayna has moved to IRL sex work because Womack stopped paying her rent? Did he just get bored of her or was he put off by the diaper pedo porn?

No. 1591462

The dog looking away in shame, kek. I love when scrotes spider man meme bully each other.

No. 1591468

I know right, it really keeps my misandrist fires stoked. This whole tweet is so fucking weird, calling a porn star who is probably young enough to be his daughter “mommy”, naming his dog after her, the “love you” tacked on the end, the picture of his hideously repugnant mug and poor hound looking the other way, it’s a whole lot of what the fuck is this

No. 1591476

I have had enough of people saying that Shat looks like a troon. She doesn't look like a man at all, she has 100% a woman's body. A woman can look ugly and not look like a man at all.

No. 1591477

Stop deadnaming her nonna

No. 1591479


Must be pearchan. All real women have a 0.7 waist to hip ratio and lip fillers.

No. 1591480

I mean when men call women mommy it usually means they live in filth and can't cook a basic meal.

No. 1591482

Fridgechan spotted

No. 1591484

Real women have curves.

No. 1591490

Shut up fridgechan, fat thighs save lives, get a butt job and join the curvy crew.(derailing)

No. 1591493

File: 1658230125788.jpg (100.8 KB, 780x1189, Ye_6c24d6_2351221.jpg)

stfu pearchan, thicc shoulders move boulders. get a gut job and join the burly crew(derailing)

No. 1591494

Which applies to most men, but definitely the coomers
She doesn’t have the body of a moid but you can’t deny the facial resemblance to Jono Yaniv

No. 1591514

Mods - where was this energy yesterday when there were literally over 100 posts by the same 2-3 autists infighting about fupa vs shay?

No. 1591524

I, in the most annoying way possible, reported each post with a separate sentence begging mods to do their job. I didn't do that to the posts yesterday. I suggest just sending a bunch of reports and then waiting ~15 minutes if that sorta thing happens again, but that's probably why they only did this set of spergs.

No. 1591558

Then get a gut job

No. 1591559

There are anons posting softcore porn images and using term world 'milf' unironically in the fakeboi thread and there are self confessed tranny's and moids on this site. A year ago that all would have gotten a ban. The mods seem to have gone awol.

No. 1591562

There's no such thing. It's called an abominoplasty and if you actually diet and work out you won't have a gut regardless. Try it sometime fatty.

No. 1591563

Keep coping my frigger(infighting)

No. 1591565

Are you the same anon that wants that lovingly handmade old bald man to punch her and is smaller and cuter than Shat?

No. 1591568

at least Mia Malkova is hot and legit

No. 1591569

Once womack found a new e whore and old gray was outed as a molester shatna's two biggest pay piggies have gone.

Tinfoil but I think a lot of her 'i will never be your girlfriend ' speeches were directed at Womack and he finally got the message and found a smarter whore to blow his wages on.

No. 1591586

Well she still has her parents to always bail her out, so unless shes dead in a ditch no lesson was learned.

No. 1591587

Do we know if he has sent anything to Ellen lately?

No. 1591602

She started setting their payments to private and hid a bunch of his payments on her Venmo profile so we won’t know anymore

No. 1591605

Maybe he saw himself being featured on these boards and backed off, especially after grayhair was exposed.

No. 1591617

Greyhair is still around, he still replies to almost all her posts and tags her in boomer memes every morning

No. 1591627

I assume based on the picture, retard there was into the “puppy play” stuff Shaynus did, and lost interest when she went into the diaper stuff. We should should all be praying for that poor puppy right now, even the other scrotes’ comments in that image know nothing good is going to happen to a female dog owned by a southern fried freak which he has already named after his favorite porn star…

No. 1591628

Oh god nona that didn’t even occur to me, now I need to bleach my brain

No. 1591672

What difference does it make? "she's ugly but doesn't look like a man." ok?

No. 1591680

The ugliest woman in the world isn’t even half as ugly as a man in lipstick

No. 1591686

File: 1658251253083.jpeg (656.65 KB, 1170x1370, 4C2F1226-75DE-4395-ADB1-5287B8…)

No. 1591687

No. 1591692

I think she looks cute in yhe second still Im sorry

No. 1591695

nah i think even Iggy Pop looked better than this ugly pig in lipstick. God he even rock that bimbo straight blonde hair better kek

No. 1591705

she has absolutely no curves to be seen in that dom outfit. tragic.

No. 1591713

File: 1658253795527.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x1700, F62BCA4F-31BE-494F-AC0D-18E99A…)

Found shat’s nail tech

No. 1591799

there is still time to delete this

No. 1591816

File: 1658265616417.jpeg (513.68 KB, 1170x1065, 6C22D389-A14D-4DFF-9AA6-AE5A74…)

She’s literally labeled herself this multiple times

No. 1591826

so she wants a caregiver. we already know you are incapable of living your life independently shayna

No. 1591827


The saddest part is that the black strappy thing is hiked so far up, yet she's still built like a fridge so it can't create the illusion of curves for her.

inb4 I summon fridge chan and pear chan: plz no

No. 1591843

That first comment sounds like Womack, he always calls her “princess” (or “baby”, even the way he talks makes me want to a log)

No. 1591848

we are now at 8+ random users being accused of being fridgechan whilst the real fridge has not posted in nearly a month. stay fixated, pear. your enemy to lover may return soon.

No. 1591854

i hate so much how she wants to be seen as a minor in a sexual way. she's not going to be young forever and her trying to larp as a child when she's 30 is going to be even more depressing and gross than it is right now

No. 1591858

File: 1658269773761.png (281.49 KB, 400x334, B5DDD457-859E-4209-A133-E61026…)


No. 1591910

Why do I feel like these posts are aimed at this thread?

No. 1591950

She deffo thinks she's sticking it to us.

But it's retarded.
For 1 nobody is gonna say anything negative in a dm to her
It's not a fucking film, it's porn, moids have no standards.
It amazes me that some of these weirdos actually take time to do reviews on manyvids.
And more amazing when they aren't 5 star and get nitpicky about their wank material.

It's fucking bizarre.

No. 1591974

these are some snapchat and OF screenshot, we know shes not making any MV sale.

No. 1592042

File: 1658288973313.jpeg (530.92 KB, 1198x1721, 3C3B0FDB-E2F6-483C-86A8-106495…)

She only has bots interacting with her tweets. Kek She literally has no fans

No. 1592050

Is this her way of back peddling from the diaper porn? Also I can’t help but think she got the idea from reading the threads and seeing how mike slack jerked it to his own daughter’s porn. Fucking whack.

No. 1592069

Hilarious when she’s supposed to have 30K followers, her stubbornness is kind of impressive, anyone with a modicum of self awareness would chuck in the towel
Does she ever interact with oldgreypedo anymore? I’m honestly surprised that her “competitors” who lurk/post here haven’t made a song and dance about it on twitter. But then I guess if they tried to “cancel” Shat for interacting with a pedo coomer who molests his own daughter they’d have to “cancel” themselves too

No. 1592228

File: 1658321707311.gif (896.47 KB, 220x220, 1642789419278.gif)


No. 1592289

File: 1658327579758.jpeg (Spoiler Image,424.62 KB, 1536x2048, 80DE682D-CE09-4310-82CE-3AB606…)

She always looks terrified in her pics

No. 1592316

her face and her pussy looks 40

No. 1592342

>She always looks terrified in her pics
You know why that is, nonna

No. 1592352

If you post anything with the word “onlyfans” in it on twitter it triggers a response from these onlyfans bot accounts

No. 1592391

“No Dutch angles, bland cinematography. The hat put me in mind of Nazi paraphernalia, which left me unable to fap. Verisimilitude left a lot to be desired. 0.5 of an erection out of 5 do not recommend”

No. 1592431

Proving her only engagement is from bots liking every OF post. And her followers which are clearly bought
Those socks are so stretched out kek are these not the same ones she has been wearing? If so, when she was skinny it reached her knees

No. 1592434

File: 1658337289506.jpeg (669.48 KB, 1099x1098, 676FC68B-C496-422A-BB0E-AED420…)

>uh oh stinky

No. 1592513

File: 1658343261414.jpeg (368.36 KB, 1170x1068, A6E0CFB0-4694-4CA9-9FA6-A2FF17…)

No. 1592526

The mead obsession kills me, it’s like hobbit-tier and not especially girly. What a weird thing to brag about on twitter.

No. 1592564


It's made from honey so it's sweet, and its the strength of wine. Not surprised she'd be drawn to it (also the pick-me energy)

No. 1592587

she used to have this smug kind of expression in all her old tumblr glory pictures and it's completely gone now

No. 1592603

a single rolled up slice of salami

No. 1592607

No. 1592614

true, i forgot she was a classy shart coochery board girl!

No. 1592634

Its part of her new ~cool girl~ personality I guess kek probably one of her johns introduced her to it so now she's gotta talk about it all the time

No. 1592649

Still don't understand the ashy blonde dye job. It looks so bad. She simply has no aesthetic sense for someone who seems to talk about it constantly.

No. 1592650

File: 1658356309602.jpeg (394.49 KB, 1170x772, 98DDD5F3-C8F9-4E13-93A2-18A7B1…)

No. 1592700

Fuck me dead, she’s drinking the equivalent of 2 whole loaves of white bread, no wonder this bitch in ballooning!

No. 1592705

Samefag scratch that, she wouldn’t only be drinking 2 ounces. My reading comprehension is abysmal.

No. 1592706

holy fucking shit. and you just know shes downing the whole bottle. shes going hard on that whale cosplay. god, the hangover must be unimaginable with all that sugar, too.

No. 1592708

File: 1658360332022.jpeg (172.72 KB, 1118x2048, 52D59DB3-37DF-4AC2-ACFA-74A7E3…)

The tongue the yellow skin tone teeth the hair ah

No. 1592709

File: 1658360377232.jpeg (808.73 KB, 1242x1629, 1945D176-2AC9-4310-A7EF-762C70…)

Better than hot dog but still fugly because her cuticles are ALWAYS bloody and bruised

No. 1592742

Oh my god she went out in public with those poorly done fake freckles lmao

No. 1592743

The difference between her white nails and the yellow teeth… Also her fake freckles are so poorly done, they make her look like she has massive pores

No. 1592747

is there a pic with no makeup or falsies?

No. 1592748


Yeah, same thing.

No. 1592749

god those freckles remind me of plastinnproud’s tragic early days makeup

No. 1592755

she's been looking extra insecure in all of her pics since coming back from the ireland trip

No. 1592777

she needs some crest white strips. I'm always blown away by how little she cares for herself. Especially to be 'barbie bimbo'.

No. 1592783

i think its an snapchat filter but still terrible

No. 1592813

File: 1658366397252.jpeg (1.19 MB, 828x1460, 4131FC22-D8DB-463A-A0A7-1B8287…)

There’s actually a ton around threads 80-85ish, she went through a long phase during the end of the Oklahoma saga in the middle of one of her Fupa breaks ups where she was at her fattest and most depressed and hardly ever wore makeup, even in her videos. It was bad, but I kinda miss it because it was really funny. She got eyelash extensions and her eyebrows micro bladed to try to replace makeup and did not take care of them at all

No. 1592817

her hairline is receding and her nose is getting larger. what the fuck.

No. 1592828

She looks like an alien race from Star Trek in the 90s.

No. 1592831

It gets brought up, but jfc getting a new set of acrylics every week is not only a waste of money but just terrible for your actual nails and fingers. Im surprised they even do it considering she has half nubs for nails.

No. 1592838

SA and sorry for being dumb but can acrylics be repainted and stuff so maybe its possible shes just getting them filled in and repainted weekly? Or do we think these are new sets?

No. 1592857

File: 1658368736448.jpg (800.65 KB, 1009x900, 3243423.jpg)

the shorts look like they're about to cut circulation to her cellulite

No. 1592859

File: 1658368772809.png (981.36 KB, 1118x1181, yellow.png)

Everything is yellow. Fucking nasty.

No. 1592861

Kek the elastic fat girl shorts

No. 1592863

kek she matches the restaurant colors

No. 1592869

Has this bitch never heard of a soap dish? At least she didn't leave it on the floor this time like in >>1589060 and where it didn't move two days before in >>1587611
Whatever. Leaving your soap on a wet surface is fucking nasty.

No. 1592871

File: 1658369332988.png (975.44 KB, 591x729, Autistic Science.png)

Scientific evidence that Shayanus' nose is HUGE.

No. 1592873

We don’t need your turbo autism here to know her nose is huge

No. 1592875

KEK why anon why

No. 1592879

File: 1658369756396.png (1.71 MB, 1118x1181, chiklets.png)

No. 1592886

File: 1658370489167.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1911x3295, 3BFF1346-F3EF-4D2D-9617-7A6E6B…)

The Jason R Womackification of Shayna Clifford

No. 1592889

They look like they could related and Jason Retard Wocrack probs thinks that is sexy

No. 1592891

File: 1658370733913.jpeg (224.23 KB, 431x499, 35E96E88-9083-4588-B3FB-67B86B…)

Jason is Shayna if she was a scrote Coom brain. They even have a female black dog. Twins.(autism)

No. 1592894

her tongue is whiter than her teeth

No. 1592895

This image is terrifying. Cease, please.

No. 1592897

Lifejacket gunt is re-inflating I see

No. 1592898

lmao didn't even realize that she had fake lashes on in this pic until I zoomed in. What a tragic face.

No. 1592899

According to my calculations, Shayna is ugly

No. 1592913

File: 1658372309453.jpeg (573.13 KB, 818x1215, D36A5B7E-3A20-4317-A33A-DBD5CE…)

No. 1592918

Dark times. I miss the milk

No. 1592921

If you're gonna post old pics then at least say that it's old & why you're reposting it.

No. 1592946

She legit look just like WOMACK!!! wtf, so unfortunate

No. 1592952

what is going on with her neck in the second pic?

No. 1592953

looking like this, it's hard to remember she doesn't live in Oklahoma anymore. white trash at it's finest.

No. 1592956

If you mean the back of her neck, this Nona might be onto something >>1587802

No. 1592966

File: 1658377166585.jpeg (540.63 KB, 750x1106, D82DF046-1A7B-4529-8701-FCCA0E…)

wtf is going on with her thighs???? she looks like a deformed freak!

No. 1592977

Just quick weight gain and unfortunate cellulite patterns imho

No. 1592979

Calm down, nona. It’s just cellulite on the body of a woman who subsists on nothing but sugary drinks, liquor and cheemsburgers. Remember her next time you’re thinking of skipping that run or gym sesh. It blows my mind that any woman can give so few fucks about herself, like how can you own a mirror and let yourself get to this state?

No. 1592989

shit like this really supports my years long theory that shayna is such a low iq narcissist she genuinely just does not see her glaring issues/flaws

No. 1593019

Is this one anon who makes the uh oh stinky posts? Are you also Comedian Fart Anon? Kekkk

No. 1593020

It's tape, like the other anon said. The unicorn tape she uses in the video but honestly kek @ proscuitto I like that much better

No. 1593021

>It blows my mind that any woman can give so few fucks about herself, like how can you own a mirror and let yourself get to this state?
You know that most women in the US are overweight and tons even have a higher weight than Shayna, right?

No. 1593023

Well nonnie Shayna is hideous and flat and has no curves, she really has no redeeming features.

No. 1593024

It’s not just her weight, it’s everything, her skin, her hygiene, quite literally everything about her and her lifestyle. But I’m also not from nor am I in the US, so

No. 1593028

Seriously, she has a really unfortunate face. The ugly black pisshole eyes, skin that’s always breaking out and desperate for moisture, gnarly crooked yellow teeth that she never brushes, whatever is going with her Petri dish of a tongue, paper cut lips that are dryer than the Sahara desert, snatch and ass covered in mrsa boils, and even if she addressed as much of that as possible she’d still be hideous because her personality is vile.

No. 1593034

Yeah but most of those women didn’t have a bmi of about 19 just 3 years ago. That quick transition makes it harder to fathom

No. 1593066

She's such a piss artist. She doesn't go a day without drinking and she starts early in the day.

No. 1593067

There are tonnes of anachans in this thread. Being a bit of a porker is the worst thing that can happen to a person, apparently.

I'm way more alarmed about her alcohol intake.

No. 1593069

A lot of people are skinny in their teens then balloon in their 20s, anon. Obesity actually becomes more common in adulthood.

No. 1593071

File: 1658394670756.png (81.76 KB, 275x275, 1656423530077.png)

A wild pearchan appeared.(samefagging retard)

No. 1593073

She looks like a smack addict street hooker or local alcoholic that bums in the park and drinks cider from a plastic bottle. That really is her whole look. Her clothes are poorly fitting and she doesn't look like she has thought about her outfit at all, she looks strung out, she looks dirty, she looks like she has been sleeping at a bus shelter.

No. 1593074

She looks like she's about to approach and beg for a cigarette or some coins to 'use the bus'.

No. 1593079

Some of us do not come from countries where everyone is a lardass. But with Shat it is more that she is just a slob who lives in squalor and treats her body as a garbage disposal unit, I mean we are talking about someone who does not even drink water and spends an inordinate amount of time in the emergency department

No. 1593080

Even though she readily admits to never bathing I am consistently surprised by how much every single one of her pictures is a picture you can smell

No. 1593094

Not the fridges acting like it's a 'gotcha' to say someone has the most objectively attractive body type lmao

No. 1593113

I should probably tip her, she really helps me through fast days.

No. 1593127

before the inevitable fridge vs pear debate posts clog the thread-

Yes- Shayna has an unfortunate body, but it’s not just that. She has awful hygiene, a bad diet consisting of “cheemsburgers”, and photoshops herself to be smaller. She also has extreme narcissism while being a clearly vile person. These clear, overly-established things all tie into why anons criticize her body.

You can be overweight and still feel good about yourself and look decent. No one is personally attacking you for having a similar body to Shayna or being overweight. No one would care about Shayna’s body if she were a normal woman walking around Walmart in actual well-fitting and age-appropriate outfits.

No. 1593134

File: 1658402865844.jpeg (130.58 KB, 1170x1170, 144D8478-6DD0-4436-BF0B-62D533…)

Sage for Fan-Art. Willing to be Shayna will jump on this trend too late and post this meme format with some ddlg caption kek.(do not post fanart)

No. 1593135

File: 1658402915552.jpeg (487.13 KB, 828x1270, 8A2E2EB2-3617-45C3-B430-2332CD…)

I had to Google blueberry pancake mead, this makes my teeth hurt

No. 1593155

When I was growing up having a big ass wasn't attractive at least not for white girls.

No. 1593158

Point me to a country anon that doesn't have many fat people that isn't northeast asia.

I'm in EE and obesity even in young women is super common here, as much as 'muh mail order bride' moids would have you believe.(derailing)

No. 1593161

I have met a lot of white and asian moids who think big asses are ugly. Black moids tend to favor them, if that's your thing, not knocking that Nona.

No. 1593163

Personally I think slender and fit with minimal curves anywhere is the most attractive. Not anorexic but a BMI of 19 or 20 or so. I think it looks cute but not oversexualized and it looks good in most clothing.

No. 1593178

Yeah ok Patricia Ellen Dressel.(hi cow)

No. 1593221

No one asked but ok.

No. 1593239

File: 1658411854257.jpeg (736.88 KB, 1170x1490, DA37A719-4919-4B98-94AF-AD010B…)

We all know these blueberries are gonna go to waste with their diets

No. 1593248

Mead is girly as shit its just norsefag larper men who think there is something manly about it kek

No. 1593320

Shaynus is actually eating a plant that isn't french fries or fermented into alcohol. The bar is in hell but this is an improvement.

No. 1593350

yeah, going outdoors and doing something fruit-adjacent is the most wholesome moment from Shayna in a while

No. 1593423

and she still has to involve alcohol and photograph her beer can

No. 1593467

File: 1658425723871.jpeg (171.13 KB, 808x654, 5F5C3B92-9DA9-4B69-A5D8-C364A9…)

No. 1593473

can’t wait till she gets home and cries abuse because she winds up changing her mind

No. 1593486

It looks like she rubbed coffee grounds on her face

No. 1593496

How long has it been since she quit weed? I keep waiting for her skin to improve but IMO she looks just as dry and gray as before

No. 1593502

"5 shoots" aka some randoms with cameras going to the con offered to take some pics of her while there or something equally mundane that she's trying to exaggerate. She couldnt book more than 1, if that, even semi pro thing on short notice in another state on a busy weekend when better, more known whores will probably be in town. She could be saying she'll meet up with ol diaper dan or some other no ones but Im sure she'll make excuses when there.

No. 1593508

because she's still day drinking constantly

No. 1593532

File: 1658430610407.jpg (2.14 MB, 1600x2513, talent.jpg)

What an incredible group of talent. Shayna is going to fit in just fine

No. 1593535

File: 1658430747483.jpeg (206.95 KB, 828x1560, 6F0CA834-603B-46B9-BE1A-E36029…)

No. 1593539

Fetish or not, I refuse to believe that a sizeable amount of people could ever be genuinely attracted to any of these creatures. Let alone to the point where they're considered minor celebs in fetish scenes. Is there really a market for overweight middle aged fridge bodied troons in rainbow socks?

No. 1593540

File: 1658430992200.jpeg (439.69 KB, 828x989, 3121999B-EE19-4284-9EBD-E87DEB…)

No. 1593542

Kek half of these are trannies

No. 1593547

kek there must be, looking at all the nasty shit out there

No. 1593550

rubber jeff here is literally the only one I can see having a genuine following. This is an assortment of uggos. Why are the kinksters always the most wholly unattractive greasiest people

No. 1593551


She posts this every other week. I can't even make a joke about it because it's beating a dead horse. It's seriously Groundhog Day with her

No. 1593552

File: 1658431521384.jpeg (253.86 KB, 828x622, 1F953BEC-3CFA-49C9-A483-17D32A…)

No. 1593564

Did some random fellow prostitute call her a pedophile for larping as a toddler again

No. 1593569


She used to love exposing nonconsenting parties to her degeneracy before she became a full-blown alcoholic shutin. Absolute cognitive disconnect

No. 1593575


Already deleted.

No. 1593617

I don’t consent to her being this ugly and gross and yet here we are

imagine having to say “there’s no kids involved so it’s fine” as some weirdo gotcha, I hate swers

No. 1593619

she's played all of those "roles" in her "porn videos" so she does know it's wrong to act like a child or a dog but doesn't care

No. 1593643

Gotta say that I agree with Shayna on this one. The “I am woker than you” trend is super annoying

No. 1593652

I’m going to disagree with what Shayna is trying to say, tbh.

I don’t think it’s sex workers trying to be “woke”- I just think they are rightfully trying to distance themselves from the even more degen workers who would cause prostitution to lose even more respect from the public.

just to preface this- all sex work is degenerate, but the public will obviously view ddlg, furry, whatever with more disrespect than just normal porn imo

No. 1593653

>unless there are children, animals or non consenting parties involved
Says the cheesehuffer who:
>flashes her tits & takes pics in public washrooms while random women are on the toilet behind her
>watches & edits porn in public places & tweets about how she wants the non-consenting parties around her to notice
>whose gf steals pacifiers from the babies she looks after to fulfill her pedo fetish

And who wants to bet that she lets Noodle sleep in her crusty masturbation dog kennel?

No. 1593655

File: 1658437904738.jpeg (359.86 KB, 1170x1075, 83B564F0-6002-47FA-9D97-163CB4…)

That’s sad. Her first convention and will be dressed in Amazon

No. 1593658

If woketards never went after her and kissed her ass she'd be right there with them throwing every other Twitter slut under the bus for dumb shit too.

No. 1593668

Don’t forget “films porn in public places like fields, parks, forests”

Like did she forget about the fireworks photoshoot, cow (and I think a Little Bo Peep?) photoshoot, mountain Seattle photoshoot that were all very clearly filmed in the public sphere.

No. 1593686

And going out to the aquarium with Ellen dressed in ddlg shit to do their mumma/baby thing, getting punched by Fupa in public and when she took her top off and walked home from a bar with her tits out

No. 1593689

idk what thread but when she first moved back to washington she went to a bar and exposed her full ass and pussy while sitting in a booth.

No. 1593692

I remember what you’re talking about!!! But I think this was still in Oklahoma honestly?

No. 1593693

yep you’re right it was at the end of her oklahoma saga

No. 1593700

Special shout-out to the flashing and nudes from her hospital bed and her medical fetish fantasies she projected on real medical workers.

Also clearly it wasn’t the munchies causing her to be fat because she still eats like shit

No. 1593714

>Special shout-out to the flashing and nudes from her hospital bed and her medical fetish fantasies she projected on real medical workers.
And this was during height of the covid pandemic.

No. 1593740


I truly believe she's always been too broke to get new sets everytime she goes to the salon. The technician doesn't want to have to do all that work half the time either. She probably just gets fill ins and a color change every week until she has to get the set off.

Shayna is stupid enough to get a new set every week, but I don't think her or her nail techs have enough patience to do a new set, everytime her unwashed manic ass shows up to the salon. If anything her tech prob just charges her out the ass whenever she comes in because Shayna is an annoying degenerate who we all know isn't going to tip.

No. 1593743

Easy now fattie chan. Shayna used to be skinny and she let herself go after the fupaul saga. It's made even worse by the fact that she's a sex worker. Fat sexy women exist, but usually they've been big most of their lives and know how to take care of their hair, skin and nails. They also wear flattering outfits and look like they shower everyday. Shayna does none of this. So yes, it's weird and kind of sad how much she clearly hates herself. And she won't stop until she gives up this sex work ghost and find something she's actually decent at

No. 1593758

There’s actually been numerous times where she had her nails done and then less than a week later she ripped them off

No. 1593817

File: 1658447858957.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.12 KB, 828x1559, 1C4F74CD-A701-42ED-856C-3A8215…)

Oh great, yet another contest for her to beg for paid votes for, lose, then throw a huge fit about how manyvids contests are unfair, then say she will never enter one again because they make her feel bad about herself.

No. 1593821


Her face looks like Honey Boo Boo's mom, Mama June, in this kek. Her week of weightloss was very shortlived

No. 1593823

File: 1658448248538.jpeg (674.6 KB, 754x1451, D57069B9-9D55-4F5A-9957-48A876…)

I hope her ass stays down here now that Jason is in love with Mia

No. 1593849

That ugly piece of shit inbred retard tweets at her obsessively, it’s actually alarming. I mean I know she’s probably used to it because she’s a disgusting degenerate porn star but his tweets are disturbing. Shaynus is probably seething

No. 1593854

Womack hasn’t gone anywhere, he has been obsessed with Mia for a long time now, Shayna isn’t the only whore he simps for. He’s also into that coconutkitty woman who shops herself into a young girl

No. 1593913


No, they're rightfully calling her out on being a disgusting degenerate on top of already being a sex worker. She's like half a step above the prostitutes who sleep with minors if paid enough. Everyone should call her out on her pedopandering

No. 1593928

I’m betting she’s going to be working with at least one of the trannies there

No. 1593935

You best believe it, she’ll see it as a way to score the “woke” points she claims to be opposed to

No. 1593957

meanwhile Mia is already with some coombrain streamer

No. 1593973

File: 1658459656580.jpeg (189.59 KB, 425x786, 7F48FEC5-DA93-4284-8A32-523801…)

Womack is already her top voter

No. 1593977

File: 1658459776362.jpeg (536.08 KB, 1170x1103, 74E7CD4B-1692-4CE3-9EC8-5E6FF1…)

Shay, your whole twitter is free nudes

No. 1593994

God thats so embarrassing to beg for new outfits to wear to this event after already negging for money just for the ticket. She needs to get a screen printed shirt that at least says "Here thanks to my fans" or something because damn this bitch does nothing on her own. Basically an online panhandler. And she acts like thats ~empowering~ and a thriving lifestyle she wants.
Also yikes putting fetish and sexy wear together on amazon is also sad. Theres gotta be fetish wear sites and small businesses/independent creators she could support.

No. 1593996

All she had to do was crop her ugly face and fat arm out and it wouldve been almost passable. But she insists on keeping her inbred Neanderthal mug in frame

No. 1594028

Still convinced she doesn't have her nails done. She just glues on cheap online nails you can buy in bulk. Nobody does such shitty nails, always in the exact same length.

No. 1594059

File: 1658468546040.jpg (641.78 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-21T22-37.jpg)

her skin has been awful lately, i'm shocked she posted this

No. 1594068

File: 1658469636054.jpeg (32.46 KB, 499x500, 8DBCEA31-E37B-476E-8346-8D0E6E…)

>rubber Jeff
Kek stop, I’m crying

What an unfortunate group of goblins. Half of them look like trannies and the other half look unwashed and on the spectrum.

No. 1594080

File: 1658470815295.jpeg (67.29 KB, 750x288, A19487B8-72D6-4C54-BEF6-4D7851…)

putting quotations around it doesn't make it any less creepy

No. 1594081

Someone’s got Fupa on the brain tonight

No. 1594109

File: 1658474213805.jpeg (134.39 KB, 828x493, AA1B798A-9107-436E-93B0-9D284E…)

I guess she’s forgetting about the one she did on Halloween with “slave dad,” I’m guessing it’s gonna be with him again. Gross.

No. 1594142

These people are fucking gross, especially the trannies. Imagine what that room is going to smell like. These people are so ugly, this is what kink is. People too ugly to attract normal sexual attention so they debase themselves for other ugly people and pretend they like living that life. I’d kill myself if I was on that page with the likes of “Sabrina” valentine. Fuck that, death is preferable.

No. 1594151

I bet there's gonna be a crusty ballpit like tumblrcon for all the kiddy-LARPing freaks

No. 1594160

I love that Shayna is going to an event for disgusting degens because she’s like 0.5% more attractive than all the troons and freaks going, she wouldn’t stand a chance at a normie porn event.

(And yes she’s still ugly but you know she sees herself as an god tier hottie compared to these troons)

No. 1594162

Can’t wait for her to cry assault because the guy got a boner near her

No. 1594168

kekkkk the too small bra, the pork sweats, the agp smirk, the huge ass pimple, the greasy 2005 combover, it all comes together to create the perfect shaynus selfie

No. 1594174

+ trying to make nose smaller with sunglasses.
Shaynus selfie bingo?

No. 1594214

She's probably begged for thousands of dollars over the years and yet she doesn't have a single item of worth. No house, no car, no savings, just a pile of cheap tacky clothing from Amazon and a now out dated computer. It's like she has no concept of the future and doesn't realize that the time when she will be to fat and old for sex work is rapidly approaching.

No. 1594250

Does anyone know how this works? Is she paying 5 different people for shoots? Is it a mutual collab where they both get practice and exposure? Or is she being paid by 5 photographers to model for them?

She fits in perfectly kek

I think it makes her feel intelligent.

>Fupa on the Brain
I love that Rihanna song!

No. 1594317

File: 1658496123393.jpeg (311.24 KB, 1170x758, CC8465E6-379E-44DE-A227-7572B6…)

Way to out that you and your “girlfriend” don’t have sex Shay

No. 1594319

At least 5 trannies and you got BTK on the top right. Humanity is doomed.

No. 1594385

I think in her mind it isn’t sex bc of the lack of a penis.

Didn’t she say something about “not having sex for a year” a looong time ago? Is it closer to 2 years now?

No. 1594408

I would love for Shay to post that and then twitter get on her for discriminating lesbian sex

No. 1594439

Why does she even call Ellen her girlfriend? Why did she start calling "The Dad" her partner? It makes sense to not have sex with your sugar daddy/mommy if they are providing with shit without having to put out, but she considers both of these people her partners but doesn't sleep with them?

She really just lets people beat on her for companionship and food sometimes. What benefit does she get from larping about being in a poly relationship?

No. 1594441

Looking at her forehead actually made me nauseous

No. 1594450

All the "female presenting" ones including Shat look like troons except for the 2 haggard ones that are cut off on the bottom and the green haired fatty yikes. Looks more like a cross dress con.

No. 1594451

She’s a sex worker. The benefit of pretending to be hypersexual & poly is strictly a business one, so the gross coomers who follow her think they have a chance. Anons have been pointing out for years that Shayna comes across sex-averse, if not completely asexual, and the pedo pandering “kink” persona is obviously just for money.

No. 1594455

Lol damn she's trying to say she hasnt had sex at all since moving to Washington. I kinda believe her tbh. But if she wants to keep sugaring aka whoring irl and not doing online content, she's eventually gonna have to put out.
I wonder if she doesnt consider lez sex actual sex and if she's done oral how that fits in to all this. I know oral isn't actual piv sex, but its still a sex act.

No. 1594457

To be completely honest, I can't imagine doing the same stuff she does and still having a normal healthy sex drive. Many prostitutes have said they have 0 desire for sex anymore. She pretends to be a toddler and dog for bottom shelf scrotes all day and gets almost nothing in return. After a long day of degrading yourself in increasingly extreme ways, nobody would log off and then have sex with their partner

No. 1594464

Begs the question of why any of this porn sick idiots would even be around her if she's not putting out? Like sorry but her ~amazing, sweet, and bubbly~ presence ain't enough. Not to be moid brain. But she's seeing at least one guy and Ellen, plus hanging out with male kink freaks and doing content with them. As well as claiming to be sugaring/prostituting where she lets them finger her, jerk off on her, bite her, etc. Is she just like "Im down for anything but no pen sex" weird af. Not to say being asexual or sex adverse isn't valid. Just imo if you dont like sex maybe don't make your life and income revolve around selling it?

No. 1594469

It's valid, but it just further shows why sex work is not empowering and it's destructive and bad for your mental health and body. A lot of them degrade themselves so much metaphorically and literally to put on this ~mega slut~ persona while encouraging harmful sexual mindsets, under the guise of kink, in scrotes and trying to normalize it so other women buy into it too. It's fucked up.

No. 1594486

It’s what you said, they’re kink freaks. She doesn’t advertise to people who like regular sexual intercourse, she advertises to weirdos into taboo shit like pissing in diapers, beating each other up, and child abuse roleplay. Of course these weirdos will hang around someone willing to indulge their fetishes, even if they aren’t actually having sex with her. I think Shayna knows what she’s doing. She hates sex but has zero job skills outside of sex work (and is too lazy to learn any), so she caters to niche fetishes to avoid doing real sex work. Notice how she flips the fuck out any time she’s asked to suck a dick or do any act associated with “normal” sex work, I think she believes she’s too good for it. She needs the “edgy poly kinkster” persona to cling to the delusion she’s doing this for funsies and isn’t just a depressed alcoholic hooker.

No. 1594494

She did really bad oral for that one POV shoot she did a few years ago

No. 1594501

Just looking at this makes my boobs hurt
I think she does let the putrid old scrotes she goes on “dates” with fuck her, shes just trying to maintain the illusion of being a “spoilt sugar baby” who is worshipped by moids without having to do anything. She probably thinks it makes her seem desirable and unattainable when she’s very clearly neither. That said, I’m also inclined to agree with all of this >>1594486

No. 1594528

File: 1658510309020.jpeg (109.69 KB, 1500x1500, 3C4CE39D-0325-4494-8E8C-15D989…)

Shaynus needs one of these

No. 1594533


I remember, and I remember people thinking she just got press ons and lied at times. But eh, she's stupid and bad with money so anything could be the case

No. 1594692

File: 1658521397513.jpeg (307.99 KB, 1170x925, E9626ABB-2DCA-49F3-B33E-8C4211…)

So is this who she’s supposedly making “content” with today?

No. 1594704

Considering that she's disgusting sow that never washes her clothes, he's getting a lot of feet sweat for $100.

No. 1594720

She should just sell this freak her dirty laundry since we all know she doesn’t do it.

No. 1594726

i shudder thinking about what kind of guy this would be. never in a billion years would i let that into my house. no wonder she has no real sex drive outside of her "occupation"

No. 1594745

She should try being mysterious instead of retarded

No. 1594759

Seriously. Like can you imagine the type of creepy, disgusting, coomer that has to pay to touch a below average, greasy chick like Shaynus and that would want sweaty dirty socks too? You'd have to pay me at least a few thousand to even talk to someone that gross and pathetic and I'd never let them know where I fucking live.

No. 1594804

> "I'll post a free nude"
Bitch, that's literally your entire feed. Does she seriously think that's enticing when she's always sharing full nudes and photos of her gaping asshole? She's so bad at her "business".

Further proof that being a troon is a fetish.

No. 1594807

I didn’t even think of that, it doesn’t help their cause much, does it? Embarrassing in so many ways, of course Shaynus will fit in.

No. 1594813

File: 1658531838523.jpeg (566.02 KB, 1242x1725, FB08EA5E-8923-4D44-8A63-E3677A…)

Mike Slack really likes hemorrhoid assholes doesn’t he

No. 1594818

she’s gonna land in some deep shit if she keeps allowing services in her home, with no boundaries. it went from just a massage to completely showing her asshole. bitch has NO boundaries and is gonna get killed all because she can’t admit to herself that being a prostitute isn’t worth it.

No. 1594819

What kind of “massage slave” is playing around in her asshole? Her attempts to disguise her prostitution as pro domme work suck. I’m not expert but I’m pretty sure that crosses the line between what a dominatrix is allowed to do legally and just straight up prostitution if her asshole is involved?

No. 1594825

oh cmon u guise , we know shes making irl sex work, its so obvious and shes never gonna admit it because ~haturz~ as if a really spoiled worshipped dom princess would be dating a whale and getting on SA, pathetic.
shes been believing her lies since forever so idk why anons believe her shit.

No. 1594837

I mean he could of just seen it on Twitter and gave her more because of it. Who knows though

No. 1594838

Shayna is not a dominatrix she is too pick me to degrade men.

No. 1594841

but it’s clear that she does not establish boundaries before meeting, and allows them to change the session as they please if they just offer a little more money. you don’t just go from “massage slave” to showing them your asshole randomly. why would a domme even do that?

No. 1594844

Yeah she’s unprofessional and stupid. Shayna fried all her brain cells for slight tumblr clout and now she’s killing her liver with cheap wine. She’s not a domme, she’s just a pick me who wants easy money because she’s too fat and lazy to get a job

No. 1594851

She is so proud of contributing nothing to the world lol

No. 1594914

Until she posts any little evidence, I’m not believing any of this tbh

No. 1594997

Seems like every time this dude comes over, he's asking to push the boundaries more and more and Shayna thinks its somehow flattering and totally because she's so ~special~ because he's giving her money, but it's actually kinda predatory and this is a big red flag she's not gonna notice. Didn't he jerk off on her last time? This time he's asking for her socks and to see her asshole. She's definitely not domming like she thinks she is. Dude is just using massages and money as a gateway/bribe to get her to do progressively worse things for him. Gross.

No. 1594999

I like how she just tweeted she hasnt had sex in a year, then posts things like this. You can't tell me she's not fucking these scrotes. You don't just show your asshole and that's it. I don't think she's meaning to out herself, but she is and all because she's such a narcissistic pick me that can't help but brag online about any penny or crumb of positive interaction she gets.

No. 1595021

Whores like this piss me off so bad. I promise she is not even close to being interesting enough or pretty enough for a guy to pay her an extra 200 bucks just for being cute (something she has never been). She’s ashamed of admitting she has sex with moids so instead it’s “becuz my rotting asshole is cute uwu”

No. 1595104

She’s probably pretty enough to them. A moid like that has to be bottom barrel. Shat is gross and ugly as sin, but to scrotes she’s not that bad and probably prettier than what they can get outside of paying for a whore. Men will fuck anything.

No. 1595123

Yep, plus they’re all degenerates who are obsessed with ass fucking so they’re probably not paying any attention to her face, she’s just an “anal brat” to them. They probably think they’ve hit the jackpot with a woman who lets them do whatever they want for chump change.

No. 1595129

I guarantee that she's letting all these "dads" finger-fuck her butthole & just doesn't count it as sex.
She has already admitted to getting fingered in the parking lot by some scrote in exchange for a Build a Bear during the time that she was supposedly "abstinent". To Shayna, it only counts as sex if there's PIV penetration. She's been letting all of these scrotes finger whatever hole they want & probably licks her shit-crusted mayochup off their hands afterwards.
I wouldn't be surprised if even getting someone to fuck her with a dildo doesn't count as sex to her.

She's a fuckin smoothbrain hooker on a turbocope.

No. 1595149


Degenerate whore also attending the event here, hoping to snap some candid pics of Shayna if I spot her.

No. 1595156

Oh my god, please deliver

No. 1595161

File: 1658561563018.jpg (953.54 KB, 1203x1080, 5436546534.jpg)

No. 1595162

File: 1658561611308.png (629.58 KB, 546x972, 2022-07-23T00-28-18.png)

yes she went out in public like this

No. 1595163

Damn, Shat be looking extra fat. Must be all the mead.

No. 1595171

My goodness she has chunked up, does it make the backing up noise when she walks backwards yet or does she unlock that with the next ten pounds she will gain by tomorrow?

No. 1595177

So much for the few pounds she lost on holiday, how is it even possible to gain weight so quickly? She must be doing nothing but stuffing her face and quaffing booze every waking moment

No. 1595187


No. 1595204

shayna's whole career summed up in one sentence

No. 1595208

Is her thumb going.. necrotic??

No. 1595236

It's like she's returned to being Oklahoma levels of fat in the time span of a single thread.

No. 1595285

Didn’t all of these nails have a gem at the base? Is the gem really under her skin now? Good god….

No. 1595290

Holy shit anon I didn't notice the gem is actually under her skin. Good god is right.
She's gonna end up like Luna sooner or later.

No. 1595295

The small, crusty lips. The greasy yet dry bumpy skin. It looks like she's been crying and this looks like a white trash depression outfit. Can't believe she wore that to a restaurant.

No. 1595309


ouch, what the fuck. her skin is swallowing her nail…? guess her body parts have gained sentience and want to eat everything just like Shaynus.

No. 1595323

Her cuticles are infected and swollen. It can happen when you go to unsanitary nail techs.

No. 1595375

She just lost weight from her travels in Ireland. Happens all the time when Burgers travel to other countries for over a week. Shayna doesn't cook so she was eating the same in Ireland with mass amounts of walking and sight seeing. If this pig moved, she would be a decent weight. I love how much she was feeling herself after a few pounds and hilariously ballooned up. I'll miss her weight when she was living in banjo town but she's too poor to get food delivery like she used to.

No. 1595381

File: 1658594862936.jpeg (247.97 KB, 1080x1169, 8C7282D7-F002-4E18-B6CD-A518C2…)

You can see the dandruff piled up next to her scalp

No. 1595383

File: 1658594884635.jpeg (201.28 KB, 1080x1169, 5DB723EC-E82C-4A74-AD15-437249…)

No. 1595389

I don't know if it's foundation in the hairline or something, but her forehead looks so much weirder than usual here.

No. 1595396

You wouldn't lose that much weight in the space of two weeks. She was eating out and drinking alcohol, still. Walking alone doesn't burn many calories unless you are hiking all day everyday. It was the cyclic vomiting syndrome. Ireland still has a tonne of fat people, it's one of fattest places in Europe. There is an all day breakfast and sandwich deli in every corner shop. It's not really exactly a place where people lose weight.

No. 1595407

Not to mention she was begging for rent a few months ago and probably couldn't afford to pig out as much. The vomiting probably bought on most of the weight loss, however. It seemed to have stopped now she's quit weed.

No. 1595493

WHY ARE YOU OUTING YOURSELF LIKE THIS? omg i cant believe she got THAT fat.
in how many time she will be looking like Ellen?

No. 1595500

It's so funny. Does she not see how hes escalating things?
'Cause at first this guy was the one naked building furniture for her. Then he's touching her feet. Then he's massaging her feet and shes naked. Now he's worshiping her feet, but they somehow end up in a position where shes spreading herself so he can look at her asshole and genitals.
I give it two weeks before he talks her into oral, a month before he's hitting it raw. Then maybe two months before shes taking other fs clients.

No. 1595509

Highly recommend scrolling through the events webpage. There’s a deathfat hosting a workshop on “surviving poly” and another on “DD/LG dynamics,” there’s a they/them therapist hosting a workshop on bdsm for ~~trauma~~ and enough sexpest clowns to host a roadside circus.

No. 1595531

File: 1658605360156.jpeg (418.49 KB, 1079x2608, 907885B0-9557-4FF4-BDD7-331940…)

Christ this whole thing seems like a parody of what you would think a fetish convention would be. It must be very low budget, I don’t think there’s a single famous porn star in attendance. Just a bunch of horny goblins

No. 1595532

Which threads is she the fattest/best worst moments? Only started following just before the last move

No. 1595536

Any of the Fupa break up sagas are incredibly milky, especially the psych ward saga in thread 55

No. 1595543

File: 1658605985644.png (Spoiler Image,4.3 MB, 1660x1448, gut shelf.png)

Fattest - She started gaining around thread 40ish I think? Shortly after moving in with Fupa. It got really bad though after they broke up, when she was living as a shut-in in Oklahoma bc she was just doordashing & drinking all day for months on end. Even with her recent gain, I'd say she's still a bit smaller than her highest weight. Whatever thread it was when she bought that cardboard box from Amazon to pose in for her bday, that was probably her fattest.

No. 1595547

Not the two inch butt crack she calls cleavage KEK

No. 1595548

Wow this is really the lowest of the low

No. 1595550

>BSDM to Heal Past Trauma
>Buck has been a pony since 1982
>Surviving (??!) Poly for 20 yrs
>Safely…Public Play
Dear fucking lord, you can't make this shit up.

No. 1595564

Seeing her dancing in a cardboard Amazon box was a surreal experience. She clearly had to be SO drunk or high to cope with her body. I almost felt bad for her.

No. 1595566

At this point she needs to be on fucking accutane

No. 1595572

I doubt she ever lost weight …maybe just hid it better? I can’t imagine her ever making the slightest effort to be better in any way.

No. 1595575

She defiantly doesn’t have that disgusting apron of fat that she used to have there. I mean she still has a Fupa but it doesn’t look like she’s wearing a flesh life jacket. It wasn’t effort, she didn’t do anything to lose weight, it was the constant vomiting she was experiencing from weed and most likely all her other unhealthy habits that help putting her in the hospital.

No. 1595612

File: 1658610042131.jpeg (325.78 KB, 1170x931, C3B80BF9-427E-4D4B-B103-D921A0…)

But Vivi kissing your ear and her boyfriend asking if you wanted to do a bj scene is “abusive” and “assault”

No. 1595676

Yeah but a few pounds would hardly be noticeable on her body. I agree that it was her vomit issue and inability to dash food as frequently + a small amount from being more active.

No. 1595691

File: 1658615333181.jpeg (387.1 KB, 1080x1136, DA13F2FA-04C1-43BB-8F84-EBF758…)

The schitzo from last thread finally caught up and had some things to say about our speculations about her being KT. She’s quickly becoming a personal lolcow of mine, she also thinks that Onision is one of Shayna’s followers

No. 1595705

No. 1595720

She looks mentally handicapped here.

No. 1595745

File: 1658618167421.jpeg (216.76 KB, 750x443, 02BB87B3-AEE0-48ED-B788-2CA557…)

>if only you knew how bad things really are

No. 1595770

I want to be a fly on the wall at this event lol

No. 1595774

Apparently we have a woman on the inside >>1595149 which is exciting

No. 1595776

I still think this is KT

No. 1595782

inb4 nonnies chase her off by spending 50 posts rabidly a-logging about how she's a whore, should be ashamed, sw isn't real work etc etc

(and before you all come for me, no I don't think that sw is real work)

No. 1595783

File: 1658620083813.jpeg (511.45 KB, 828x1263, 7E6A48EC-2D4A-42DB-A61E-7FF905…)

No. 1595799

Maybe all the other brain addled fucks you hang around with think you're smart Shatnus. But everything you've done on the internet since god knows when is documented, you're a dumb whore kek

No. 1595826

>buck has been a pony since 1982
KEK I can’t.

I would go to this just as a form of therapy. Being surrounded by losers like buck the pony, rubber Jeff and death-fats would make me feel so much better about my life choices kek. Maybe that’s why shat is going.

No. 1595833

This person is extremely fucking annoying. Who tf is Mikayla. That’s Shaynus Clifford you fucking retard, they keep posting the same screenshot of us calling them schizophrenic and saying we are obsessed.

No. 1595836

File: 1658626741509.jpeg (240.9 KB, 1242x707, 1646249993664.jpeg)


No. 1595846

Obviously she edited the hell out of these because her big eyebrow zit is gone kek. Ok Shaynus. If you really believe you looked so hot, then why all the editing??
I really hope she at least didnt wear the grey sweatpants out thinking that was all a look.

No. 1595848

Damn, who knew John Cleese got down like that?

No. 1595850

File: 1658628096689.jpeg (316.88 KB, 1080x1148, CDF533B3-92D2-4371-BC2B-2BBABF…)

I’m in fucking tears over this “triad”

No. 1595854

kekekekekekekekek I love you for posting this.
These people as well as Shay & her gf/bf are reminiscent of this song

No. 1595855

Why are poly people always the ugliest morherfuckers?

No. 1595858

The fucking cheap backdrop I’m crying

No. 1595859

It’s crazy to me how they manage to get in multiple relationships when they’re ugly as sin

No. 1595860

File: 1658628674316.jpeg (825.38 KB, 1242x1206, 0AD5D01F-9EE0-4BB5-A481-4B67E6…)

Mmmm mmm - Jason R Womack

No. 1595862

It was an cartoon of two poly couples, one was "attractive" the other couple were dorky reddit looking people. A chubby woman holding a cat and a guy with glasses who was a ginger. Both setslooked better then Shayna/ellen though.

No. 1595863

It's not confirmed this dude is the sub she had build her ikea shit and wacked with a riding crop. But yeah, whoever it is is definitely pushing the boundaries more each time and just bribing her. You forgot that the time before last he jerked off on her.

No. 1595865

Wasn't that literally her birthday before last? Like 2021?

No. 1595866

Keep saying shit like this and inviting dudes into your apartment… what could go wrong, right?

No. 1595867

All of the production companies in attendance on the website look super amateur, low budget and seedy as fuck. Whatever shoots she’s doing while she’s there are going to be hilariously bad

No. 1595868

File: 1658629179844.png (62.39 KB, 1938x164, Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 23.1…)

Eh? What are you talking about? If you're trying to reference the deleted post that I linked, it was not a cartoon at all. It was picrel
I have no idea what you're referencing in this post.

No. 1595870

The phrasing is so bad jfc. "Surviving poly for 20 years" sounds like a tale of trauma and the road to recovery after. I think she meant to be funny about it, but it straight up sounds like it was an abusive weird relationship she made it out of.
Also they look like a family getting portait photos done at a store lol tf

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Yes. Sometime around thread #80