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File: 1663644263022.jpeg (337.63 KB, 2048x1366, goodlord.jpeg)

No. 1651457

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1633907

Repetitive nitpicks about Shayna's body, face, and genitals are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in or edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Read the rules before posting. Stay on topic, derailing and infighting will result in a ban. Sage (in email field) when there’s no milk. Spoiler any nsfw images. No blogposting or bragging about how you're a better whore than Shayna. This is a Shay thread, curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots of other e-whores, they go in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1596608

Recent Milk:
>Starts publicly simping for "tattooed goth boys" once again, following a handful of basic white tattooed men on tiktok >>>/snow/1631613 and making a video about them >>>/snow/1631608
>Found herself a cringy tattooed tiktok dom she plans to fuck on camera >>>/snow/1628756
>Bragged about getting catcalled on twitter >>>/snow/1629945, is so proud of herself she makes a tiktok about it too >>>/snow/1630400
>Monthly "I hate women, they harass me" tweet which is quickly deleted >>>/snow/1631049
>Went out in public to brunch half naked with no makeup looking horrible >>>/snow/1632062
>Put out a forced diaper shitting POV video >>>/snow/1632239
>Begged for booze, cheese and crackers >>>/snow/1632252 and then fed it to her dog on her couch off her plate >>>/snow/1632409
>Had a John come to her apartment to watch Ellen beat her >>>/snow/1632931
>Her tiktok account keeps getting banned and unbanned, likely will not survive much longer >>>/snow/1633198

Last Thread:
>Dropping subscription price, 100 $3 signups >>>/snow/1634628
>Still skipping camming >>>/snow/1635334
>Womack deleted all of his reviews >>>/snow/1636641
>Shay and Ellen continue to just spank and bite each other >>>/snow/1639023
>Made a girlscout bondage rape porn video (NSFW) >>>/snow/1639720
>Her new tattoo moid has a period fetish >>>/snow/1641563
>Made another video with the guy who shot the retard punch porn with her (NSFW) >>>/snow/1642491
>Got her "Favorite message ever in the history of her sex work career" >>>/snow/1643323
>Cancelled going on cam due to her period >>>/snow/1644883
>Despite owning a baby bonnet to shoot porn in, she doesn't understand breeding kinks >>>/snow/1646187
>Planning a collab in vegas for January >>>/snow/1647196
>Shay is a Seattle 9, but an LA 7 >>>/snow/1647956
>Noodle is fat >>>/snow/1648690
>Had a foot session and went on a road trip with Ellen Degenerate >>>/snow/1648981
>Lolcow was down for 2 days >>>/snow/1650158
https://discord.com/invite/eA8kSzuz (need ID to join)
Snapchat: irlbarbiedolly

Ellen "Patricia" Dresel:
>Shayna's "gf," Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

Other relationships:
“The Dad” or "Daddy"
>The 45 year old mystery man she’s “dating,” met him on seeking arrangements, ex sugar daddy turned boyfriend
”Slave Dad”
>@bluefrodo1 on Twitter, submissive masochist “slave” of Ellen and Shay, participated in a video getting smacked around in Shay's pathetic attempt to domme >>>/snow/1362327
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #1
Jason R Womack of Oklahoma, @okietwister85/ @womackglass on Twitter AKA "Womack"
>In love with Shayna, helps Ellen pay her rent, currently her main cash cow
”Twitter Splenda Daddy” #2
Mike Slack of Missouri, Zap_man68, @GNotold on Twitter AKA "Greyhair"
>Redneck right-wing trucker who gets off to his own daughter's porn >>>/snow/1523443
>Shayna's #1 twitter pal, replies to all of her tweets, frequently with monstersinc.gif

No. 1651466

File: 1663644877114.jpeg (395.3 KB, 1170x1093, 2FDE17AE-4383-4D0F-82CF-F309C2…)

I’m pretty sure she deleted this

No. 1651467

File: 1663644918547.jpeg (385.45 KB, 1170x1083, 30C5E5D5-F2C1-4A9E-A1C7-7F88EB…)

No. 1651470

File: 1663645616547.png (630.4 KB, 500x690, shaysbedquest.png)

I wanted to contribute this photo for the new thread pic but the last thread hit max replies before I could so enjoy here instead I guess

No. 1651471

File: 1663645711023.jpeg (980 KB, 1170x1585, AE86FE2D-FCCA-4685-AC32-6BA650…)

Can’t wait to see Shay’s cosplay outfit

No. 1651479

The first thing that came into my head when reading this was that she was finally being honest with herself about eating enough food for family of four but it was just the usual pedo pandering whore shit.

No. 1651485

Weird flex to admit you don't know how to cook and that you just eat like a retarded fatass but ok

No. 1651494

You’re not a child you’re a fat lazy bitch. Romanticizing trashy snack food as everyday meals kek she’ll turn everything into some pedo LARP when really they’re more likely to believe she’s some hypersexual tardette

No. 1651510

dear god Shay please do not upgrade your camera quality

No. 1651530

The second picture looks like some of the pickmes wondered away from the Lularoe meetup happening the same weekend

No. 1651537

This clip of her with the animals in her degenerate paraphilic “work” room where she doesn’t put them outside but just tells the dog to lie down out of frame instead is fucking nauseating. Not that it’s anything out of the ordinary for her but it’s still sickening

No. 1651539

She eats like a basement dwelling neckbeard incel. Which is basically what she is, kek

No. 1651543

nona this is amazing

I think this is hosted or heavily promoted by that weird lady at FatCon who was probs in her 30s but looked mid-50s, in her Party City pirate wench best. Sarah something? I genuinely can’t wait for pics.

also. I’m manifesting Noodle escaping off the balcony or enclosed porch or w/e. because you know Shayna just puts her out there on the concrete. BE FREE, NOODLE

No. 1651550

They're just booking individual hotel rooms and hoping that normal guests don't happen to get rooms in the same floor? Don't they plan to just rent an specific venue for their degeneracy? I briefly looked at last year's schedule and seems like most of their fetish related "events" are held at different random rooms and suites. So fucking trashy.

No. 1651552

I’m a bit disappointed with the current thread pic given how much comedic gold there was in the last thread but whatever, I love you artanons. As for her doggy, I feel genuinely bad for her, labs are very energetic and social, poor Noodle must be so depressed (in addition to whatever other health issues she has developed from being fed improperly and not walked enough)

No. 1651566

>be proud that ur so pathetic that she’s been forced into virtual prostitution uwu


this sounds like a trap, and why do I hear banjos in the distance

No. 1651582

I hate that her entire life revolves around her weird child pedo aesthetic

No. 1651587

File: 1663657041349.jpeg (777.19 KB, 1170x760, 52B93351-D654-48AA-812E-C8FE72…)

Hehehee this gentleman has cracked the fucking code, look at all those ladies! Legitimate lol, have a blast Shayna !! Lmao

No. 1651598

OP should’ve included her tweet “I’m glad lolcow is down” on the thread pic kek

No. 1651612

File: 1663661117327.webm (9.04 MB, 1920x1080, vile.webm)

I thought you were perhaps exaggerating but you were not, Shayna Leigh Clifford is a vile person.

No. 1651633

I really want to know what happened to Shaynus that made her turn out like this. Is it just a combination of laziness and too much tumblr during her formative years? No rational adult woman would choose this life for herself when they have the options she has. I wonder if it keeps her parents up at night, wondering what they did wrong

No. 1651635

sorry nonnie but thank god this isnt the thread image. shit is garbage.

No. 1651638

I wonder if Jason Womack will pop up at her Texas convention since he’s from Oklahoma. She’s giving him plenty of time to make those arrangements… how terrifying

No. 1651654

you just know she saw this comeback on some more popular SWs twitter and has been sitting on it since, waiting for someone to inevitably ask her about her father so she can pull it out like some shitty trap card lmao. its not as funny or as original as you think it is shay

No. 1651656

has shayna ever been to texas? i don't remember her mentioning it before her and i can already picture her taking crusty selfies in a pink cowboy hat walking around saying yall or something equally as cringe

No. 1651667

I thought she went with fupa early into their relationship

No. 1651669


No. 1651677

116 threads and how is she not on pt?

No. 1651679

jesus christ, her fat ass thighs chafing against one another. she should really walk her poor [redacted] dog, even if it'd be just for her own sake. why get not one, not two, but THREE pets when you can't provide them the most basic care? animal abusers like shat are always horrible people and huge cows. she deservers her miserable life for giving her pets hell.

No. 1651681

pt is where cows go to die… next thread nona please do not move the shayna thread

No. 1651682

Cause there are a lot of retarded anons that show up itt, and nitpick more so than normal. Sad!

No. 1651699

Shayna not being on PT is the perfect. She may have won favorite cow but she'll never be good enough to be off /snow/

No. 1651733

Isn't /pt/ just meant to be legacy cows, not some top 10 high score board shit?

No. 1651740

They're for cows who have done something monumental in one way or another. Shaynus is just another dime a dozen sex worker. Gaining weight, being an alcoholic, and sharing your mundane life on Twitter isn't /pt/ material.

No. 1651743

File: 1663680414908.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1485, 29468A9E-FAE5-4285-8DF4-89713C…)

No. 1651764

She keeps drinking heavily and she'll ruin what's left of her body in a few years max. Drink some fucking water and eat a vegetable once per day, Shaynus. Fuck.

No. 1651779

big shaynus is one of those cows that you can take breaks from reading because she does the same shit. She drinks, smokes weed and ruins her life.

No. 1651783

I'd hate to see what her colon looks like. Probably similar to a gross old man, which she likes so I guess win win?

No. 1651789

File: 1663685478070.jpeg (27.54 KB, 450x470, C42DAA9B-8EA4-4B60-95BE-9488AB…)

Ugh gross Nonette lmao I don’t want to think about her colon or anything involving her no doubt tragic bowel movements!!! As payback I will posit the following: considering her diet, how absolutely plant-wilting, animal-killing and noxious do you suppose her gas prob is?

No. 1651793

You are what you eat, kek. I suppose in Shaynus'case she's turning into an old farty man.

Probably smells like fermented sugar beets and cheez-whiz.

No. 1651807

is she really not aware she can play the switch on her tv?

No. 1651834

File: 1663688206733.jpeg (339.34 KB, 1170x1018, 4ACECCA0-8102-47EB-99B8-33EFFA…)

No. 1651862

File: 1663691377545.jpeg (273.46 KB, 1170x957, 5221D2C9-01BE-4FA7-968A-17387D…)

She literally had her period last week and that’s why she couldn’t cam. Lazy Shay is back at it

No. 1651895

>Saturday Theme: Prom
she's gonna wear the Miss Piggy's ham dress again, isn't she? It really is Groundhog Shay.

That crackhead Alanis Morissette looking ass bitch? I can't wait for pics either kek. I'm manifesting with you, Noodle will get to touch grass soon.

But then she couldn't show off her uwu pink plastic and/or cardboard cutout paperweights. The animal hair caught in the grip slide, vom.

No. 1651909

File: 1663694899235.jpeg (674.97 KB, 1170x1736, 254055A0-40C8-4657-B819-5C9B37…)

Oh please

No. 1651919

Kek She's faking a two week long period to get out of working and dude thinks she's a hard worker.

No. 1651953

File: 1663697680792.jpeg (214.1 KB, 828x1376, C2ED1681-1A4D-4B12-9150-F618F9…)

Wow, back to back periods. Tough luck huh

No. 1651966


She's such a fucking dumb ass. Like of ALL THE GAMES to fucking be to pick-me about on her stupid pink WISH arcade set up (which the fugly contraption actually does have a port to have it hook directly up to the tv) - she chooses animal crossing? like a game with small important details all over the screen that would give you a head ache to try to play for more than 10 minutes on this fucking casket of a switch holder. she tells on herself all the fucking time like this. no actual player of animal crossing would willingly choose to play on their switch screen unless theyre poor and can only afford those shitty handheld only ones that they hold an inch away from their face so it makes up for it. like the sausage has a full on TV and living room but she's playing on a 6"inch screen on a shitty desk in a room full of crust shit laden dildos? bitch, try harder.

No. 1651968

Wow I completely didn't notice that first tweet when it was posted before but the specific addition of "rubbing lotion on my princess parts" is so disgustingly pedophilic. I fucking hate her so fucking much. Yeah let's sexualize the changing of diapers that won't lead to any horrific molestation if any of these men are responsible for changing any child's diaper.

No. 1651980

take your meds

No. 1651991

those hands against the cutesy pink items…

No. 1651997

File: 1663699463390.jpeg (Spoiler Image,828.28 KB, 1170x1514, 3BF38A44-B9CB-4BCE-B02E-502E0A…)

No. 1651999

File: 1663699511890.jpeg (468.97 KB, 1170x1279, 149433DF-51C1-44DC-A796-2DFF04…)

Idk which account is worse at this point

No. 1652021

full blown pedophilia, only e-whores and tumblr degenerates will defend this as a kink

No. 1652027

lol apparently she's been bleeding for over 7 days now.

No. 1652031

File: 1663701156320.jpeg (222.22 KB, 1170x864, 640DA27A-EFAA-4B12-9D2E-25C64F…)

No. 1652033

Im not an AC-fag so tbh I thought a dumb laid back game like that would be the type for a handheld. Thats why they make it for them lol. The retarded pink box faux arcade thing is still just for aesthetics and dumb, but yeah out of all the games to play on it that's not the worst imo. That anon obviously is very passionate about AC though kek.
We all know Shay the gamer grrl only plays AC, Apex, Sims, and that retarded dog one anyway.

No. 1652034

File: 1663701263449.jpeg (732.82 KB, 1170x1846, 4E02D8C1-82E8-4DE3-B48A-7ABE2E…)

No. 1652047

>skinny dipping
The only skinny she will ever experience.

No. 1652055

This is funny because I read the word grainy in the post as granny at first and had to double back kek my mind just instantly made that connection. She looks more like someone in hospice than anything close to a baby.

No. 1652074

File: 1663703724602.jpeg (107.75 KB, 828x409, CD5A0A0C-7130-44A5-81E8-5B1916…)

She barely figured it out last year but I’m assuming all the booze is causing memory loss

No. 1652076

bleeding for 7+ days isn’t particularly unusual, especially for fat girls. The fatter you are the more disrupted your endocrine system is cos extra fat massively fucks with your estrogen production. I would fully buy that Shaynus has 10-14+ days bleeding every cycle. Possibly even more since she might be fat enough to have an abnormally long cycle in general (say like 60-90 days for example).
this is viscerally disgusting. literally sickening. I keep thinking she can’t possibly sink any lower but somehow she keeps managing it. absolutely vile.

No. 1652080

The main selling point of the switch is that you could make it go on the TV and still be a handheld console???

No. 1652088

You know damn well shay just gets shit cause other people have it. She didn't (probably still doesn't) even know you have the option to move houses in NH. She never pays attention to why other people actually like things that are popular. She can't relate cause she doesn't actually like anything besides drugs, alcohol, junk food and attention kek.

No. 1652092

I don’t even remember the last time she mentioned she couldn’t work because of her period. She used that excuse all the time. Then it stopped, and now she’s doing it again

No. 1652100

talking about rubbing baby lotion and powdering your vagina while you’re on your period is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard someone say.

No. 1652123

All that’s well and good anon but she said it started again on the 19th, not that she still had her period as if it’s been continuous since the 11th when she said it “snuck up on her.” She’s just a big fat liar.

No. 1652140

File: 1663707596451.jpeg (Spoiler Image,844.71 KB, 1170x1210, BCB05E8A-7119-40DC-A402-C05DCC…)

This probably means they’re still planning to film together. Btw he took his account off private

No. 1652142

File: 1663707629197.jpeg (133.08 KB, 319x524, 2E6FBBF3-4A46-4BDE-A4BB-19DA1D…)


No. 1652151

is she fucking retarded

No. 1652152

ayrt. totally agree. actually wrote a paragraph about how the “just started!” tweets a week apart suggest that she is lying and also potentially reinforce my theory that her cycle is so long or nonexistent that she’s basically forgotten how periods work but apparently I deleted that too while cleaning the a-logging about Princess Paedo Parts out of my post. So apologies for the retardation & thanks for pulling me up on it kek, you’re absolutely correct

No. 1652158

The fact that literally no one cares about her lie (but us) is sending me. She's seriously out here embarrassing herself trying to make excuses for not filming her regular 1 video a week in the exact same position doing the exact same thing with the exact same Miss Piggy outfit so that less than a dozen coomers can have a shame-wank. And she seriously thinks that she needs to come up with an excuse to skip one day.
Sis, no one is watching you. No one cares.

No. 1652161

Babies don't menstruate but ok groomer

No. 1652164

walleyed titty looking bitch

No. 1652166

Because it's the only time that she's hiked or been outdoors for more than an hour in literally a decade. She is proud of this kek

No. 1652171

it’s giving 40 something year old mom who’s still obsessed with the fact that she used to be a county fair “pageant queen” at 16.

No. 1652174

Of all the things to nitpick anon… How does playing a handheld console in handheld mode make you poor? Animal Crossing isn’t neurosurgery, there aren’t any important details to miss when played in the other mode it was designed to be played in, especially not two and a half years after it was released. Although I’d bet money that this is the first time she’s played the game since the initial hype where she maybe logged on to it a few times and tried to sell her nudes as designs

No. 1652179

>should I buy these things
>maybe I'll get more subs & sales
She's heading for rock bottom kek.
Shayna - make a yearly budgeting spreadsheet. Do that challenge.
Your subscribers have only gone DOWN on ALL platforms. And it has been this way for years. Your income is only going to continue to plummet as you get older & fatter. But yes, you should totally buy a couple hundred dollars worth of Shein costumes on Afterpay.

No. 1652180

shes not playing it handheld though, shes playing it mounted in a case on a desk on a tiny screen as she sits on her bed? on her computer chair? like god, why wont the greasy hog just go out into her living room and play it on the tv where its comfortable like a normal person. probably cause she already ruined her couch with dog fur, cat piss and pig fluids.

No. 1652189

because only a poor person would buy the version with limited features such as being able to plug it into your damn tv. like, its kind of a big thing if you actually frequently use your switch.

she has a switch that can dock into her tv but she chooses to not hold it handheld but to play it far as fuck away from her eyes just so she can show her dumb hoarded garbage she thinks makes her look like a "Gamer Girl" when every other choice begs the differ. She took the picture then logged off.

No. 1652191

kek the moid pandering is off the charts bc he thinks he's gonna get his dick wet soon. You just know that she bought this performative pandering entirely bc it's exactly what she wants to hear.

No. 1652195

Bc Ellen is out there

No. 1652196

I wonder if she’s still on the depo shot, that would explain the messed up menstrual cycle.

No. 1652214

feel like if she were, she’d blame getting fat on it, and also try to sexualize the shot in some way. plus, she tweets every time she leaves the house.

No. 1652298

This is so fucking disgusting. The term “princess parts” makes me want to an hero, like seriously stop the fucking planet so I can get off
She makes me want to a-log more than any other cow, anyone who participates in this “kink” deserves the chair. She’s a straight up pedophile catering to other pedophiles, I hate this fat, ugly, stinky piece of shit so much
>padded floof
Yeah, fucking kys

No. 1652332

File: 1663713156541.webm (2.12 MB, 1080x2340, Screen_Recording_20220920-1726…)

New TikTok alert

No. 1652333

do all these videos on tiktok have filters or something because she doesn't look as flabby and nasty as usual. Looks decently cute in this vid.

No. 1652340

File: 1663713471431.jpeg (105.42 KB, 426x406, BB8843E6-7609-4C14-9BB0-7EFA43…)

the socks with the pleasers kek

No. 1652341

would be cute if it wasn't for the old ass cabinets and plastic stove, she should upgrade to a place with better interior if she wants to live that high life

No. 1652351

File: 1663713772814.jpeg (2.07 MB, 1284x2365, 6A54D793-1923-469F-B4D2-F82402…)

“natural enhance” filter, and her legs still look like that. yikes.

No. 1652372

i have to say the halter top style is a lot more flattering on her linebacker shoulders, makes her look like less of a wide load.

No. 1652398

yeah, maybe if it was on an outfit that actually fit her. but alas, she chooses to squeeze herself into too-small clothing because she thinks it’s part of bimbo aesthetic or something.

No. 1652400

bruh. she really thinks that her nikocado shoulders + hank hill ass look good from the back…

No. 1652403

6" heels to obfuscate the cankles

No. 1652405

The muffintop sideboobs are coming in nicely I see. She should have a second pair of side tits by 2023.

No. 1652406

All she had to do was not show her flat ass.

No. 1652410

The slutty cougar housewife serve suits her so much more than the teen baby bimbo thing, probably because she looks 45.

No. 1652415

it’s actually disgusting that she’s purposely been trying to show her ass, tits, and even her pussy on tiktok. she has no fucking shame.

No. 1652419


It's weird how someone can be so absolutely void of hobbies that don't relate to drugs or sexwork. Even Luna will draw some outsider art or post crackhead slam poetry and I'm pretty sure she's still on heroin or something. You mean to tell me Shaynus is more brain dead than a literal addict that drank her boyfriend's piss more than once? bleak

No. 1652423

My guy… can you at least be reasonable with the ass kissing compliments lmao. Yeah Shaynus that hasn't stuck to a cam or any other schedule or routine for more than 2 weeks (besides day drinking or tweeting) is definitely "the hardest working and most dedicated" in all the porn industry. I know he's desperate for a crumb of coochie but jfc. She's not even in the top 100,000 hardest working whores.

No. 1652436

This is the most put together she's looked in years. The outfit makes sense, it's cringey, she looks like an adult woman instead of a sissy. The wait makes sense and it's not pedo shit. It's hilarious, she goes out in public wearing the same bra two days in a row, hair in ratty pigtails but gets dressed up semi decently for a fucking tiktok that's going to flop

No. 1652458

Yes I prefer this SO much more and I think a lot of lonely scrotes could get into this. She could easily make a ton of “dumb bimbo wife” type content, and do private session where she behaves like someone’s wife. Id still hate it, but it is a lot less anger-inducing

No. 1652464

Sorry if this is offensive but she looks like she has a Chinese filter or something on

No. 1652466

File: 1663718809424.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1153x1902, B5033227-C060-46AC-B4CA-477FE3…)

I bet this comment made her seethe

No. 1652474

It does. I mean there's a good chance the filter was created by an Asian person.

She doesn't look good in these tiktoks but she doesn't look anything like her actual self.

No. 1652477

Shayna went from being thin and thinking her thinness/youth made her the hottest thing on the block, that acting "slutty" and "kinky" would mean ANY MAN would want her and to care for her.
Now she's chubby and STILL thinks she'll one day be some man's trophy wife and he won't care if she's useless, a star fish and doesn't want to do shit PERIOD.
It's been said endlessly, for the life Shayna wants you have to be extremely attractive and if you aren't, you have to have something. Charisma, be manipulative, be "good" at sex. Even fat baby daddy fupaul dumped her, married some other sorry woman who he can take pictures with and show off. And she's some normally looking chick. Shayna is'nt a good friend, she doesn't have any talents, she's not funny or charming, thats why she attracts depressed idiots like Ellen, who just want somebody to be around.

No. 1652484

Now that I think about it most Cows have an obession, some kinda hobby and maybe a “talent” of some sort. Even the Cows who do get sucked into online personas have SOME kind of personality. Even Chris Chan has “hobbies’ and things he’s passionate about and he’s one of the most “Raised by the media” people I can think of. Shayna has managed to go this long, with no true personality. Sex work isn't a passion or a hobby, it's all she thinks she can do and wants to "prove" to everyone that she'll be famous and rich one day. Then she doesn't do shit, because she can't post everything because of Lolcow. I feel she'd been on boyfriend 4 since the break up, she'd filmed with a few of these men and would be filming all kinds of dumb shit if lolcow wasn't around. I feel she doesn't do shit because she likes it anymore. If she can't post it online is she really even having fun? She never talks about how much fun she has on trips or outtings, because she's always trying to find a "Viral" moment.

No. 1652492

She had me fooled into thinking she was on the shorter side but she looks like a giant here. Not to mention she’s blocking a whole oven. So smol.

No. 1652497

I feel like it's partly because she spent years having everyone treat her like she was hyper interesting for smoking weed and being skinny. Then she felt like everyone thought she was super interesting because she did sex work and was dating a tumblr dom. Her personality and interests are always based off of what men around her like (even her fucking father) and things that she knows are considered "shocking" to get attention for being so edgy and quirky!

No. 1652507

Is there ONE thing Shayna likes that isn't because a scrote (or her dad) had a interest in those things first. Everything she clings too her whole adult life, has been hoping she'll get the attention of scrotes who like that thing.

No. 1652522


Momokun is also like that but at least she has more of a niche and genuine interest in some of the shit she peddles. Shayna blew 2k on a gaming system she doesn't even use as a prop anymore. And because she doesn't even use it as a prop or do her taxes she can't get a write off for it. It's just odd to me how little of a personality she has, even for a sex worker. Literally not one individual thought, I'd actually tip Shayna to see her struggle to draw a self portrait kek. Not really though.

No. 1652594

Now shes either going to be like, "guys I decided to take some cute pictures in my maid/housewife picture, guise I'm going to do a house wife/step mom porn" all in the same outfit to relive the high of getting a pinch of attention without being fully naked.
Be prepared to see this outfit/hair a lot more.

No. 1652596

Didn't know one booked thing a month with a month not booked at all is hard working.
I guess her one video a week, if that is supposed to count?

No. 1652609

File: 1663724381367.webm (963.08 KB, 576x1024, ham.webm)

Here’s pt. 2, where >>1652460 comes from. You have to wonder if >>1652531 made her make the new one.

No. 1652645

oh absolutely, she’s gonna ride the high of getting a few views and likes for the next 3 weeks, at least.

No. 1652662

Honestly if she marketed herself as the homely horny milf instead of a baby she probably would get more traction tbh

No. 1652670

File: 1663726194519.gif (890.06 KB, 391x365, 73BACAE2-49C6-4734-A651-6EEF8A…)

It’s so early to be thinking about threadpics but WOW this is just great kek. It’s simple and succinct and spot fucking on

No. 1652672

File: 1663726249456.png (9.74 MB, 1242x2688, 8814CDB9-CC5C-4B3B-8D6D-77A8BB…)

Even with a filter she looks crusty

No. 1652677

File: 1663726305934.png (10.08 MB, 1242x2688, 7E947622-4C3E-478F-A9E4-24ACA0…)

Covered in a layer of filth

No. 1652681

File: 1663726477724.webm (903.13 KB, 576x1024, sad.webm)

Here’s another one. Referenced in >>1652672
and >>1652677

No. 1652694

Why does it feel like she takes all her fashion inspo from old episodes of toddlers & tiaras?

No. 1652699


Imagine her going viral for this and sexworker TikTok starts the cancel brigade kek

No. 1652700

she constantly tries to escape to other platforms where people don’t know her so she can attempt to hide her pedo content and other problematic attributes. once it catches up to her she just flees. she’s already had multiple tiktok accounts.

No. 1652706

That cursed matte lipstick makes her lips look even dryer. Scary.

No. 1652711

The tiktok has a bunch more comments now, I wonder if she’ll try to become tiktok famous now like her tumblr days kek even though her videos are terrible and not even in sync like she did one take. Show suggestive images and male users will click it, congrats you figured out the key to winning tiktok!

No. 1652721

Oh my god why is she doing a Hitler moustache sign. Lmao just giving her retarded Twitter "haterz" to call her a Nazi again.

No. 1652727

File: 1663729153920.jpg (2.85 MB, 2188x3000, miss piggy.jpg)

She looks like a muppet

No. 1652733

I'm honestly rather impressed by how incredibly out of sync she is every goddamn time.

No. 1652736

It’s up to 20k likes and her followers have more than doubled, I really hope that whore TikTok goes after her

No. 1652737

How can you see that? I don’t use TikTok so I don’t know how this shit works

No. 1652758

File: 1663731697486.jpeg (102.21 KB, 396x348, BBCCB727-9298-4DD7-ABA0-9AB7F8…)


Nightmare fuel
Did she always have a slight gap tooth?

No. 1652763

She won’t be able to handle it. Tiktok is way more brutal than Twitter or tumblr ever has been.

No. 1652768

File: 1663732199194.jpeg (427.59 KB, 828x1030, 08920EF3-E17A-4425-9E49-3C9849…)

No. 1652769

File: 1663732200351.jpeg (430.69 KB, 828x686, E97815E7-5D2D-4962-AEB1-F610C8…)

kek at the level of engagement she usually gets. this cringe viral video has already tripled her followers though

No. 1652792

before i got to the end i thought she was implying that she buys enough food to feed a family

No. 1652799

i want to shove all of these people in a room and

No. 1652800

There's already some idiot talking about the Nazi thing. Just mention the pedopandering and the fact that she is now in the doll tags. Those are the issues. And tiktok teens go rabid over dressing as minors for cosplay, when they find out she pretends to be a toddler in actual porn. She's gonna get swatted.

No. 1652809

File: 1663734457208.png (176.83 KB, 310x404, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 12.2…)

damn shay, no lunch?

No. 1652825

Kek yes I am looking forward to the manic posting of cringe tictoks. I hope tictok saga is milky.

No. 1652827

surely she wouldn't sexualize a gynecologist visit, right? … RIGHT???

No. 1652838

File: 1663736129861.webm (1.5 MB, 720x1280, eww.webm)

She’s also been active on Instagram.
Still doesn’t get the lip sync.

No. 1652845

File: 1663736338224.png (9.77 MB, 4860x2160, big Shayna.PNG)

While better than most of the things she wears, this is still so ill fitting.

No. 1652851

Her kitchen looks so cheap and nasty, even without the ugly ass Hello Kitty cringe and assorted other pink kiddie shit it’s such a tacky apartment, I bet the walls are paper thin and her neighbours get the full Dolby surround sound degenerate experience

No. 1652852

Is the new tiktok trend to pretend you're a moid for one part of the fake dialog convo or is she just weird and retarded?

No. 1652860

I fucking hate 50s/pinup style with a passion but if she wasn’t obsessed with pink plastic landfill from shein/Amazon and bought better quality clothes that actually fit and wasn’t a lazy piece of shit who puts no effort into hygiene much less decent make up it’s a look that she could make work for her body shape and size

No. 1652862

She’s weird and special. The trend has always been to mouth the words of the sound. I’ve seen people do both “characters” but I’ve never seen anyone “read” the caption. TikTokfags, correct me if I’m wrong.

No. 1652866

>large amount of highlighter on tip of nose
>blush just below cheek bones
>chola brows
>2009 bump-it pompadour
Yas sweetie you’re doing great

No. 1652870

This is fucking disgusting, I hate this filthy bitch so much

No. 1652871

If she were capable of 1/8 of what nonas wish she’d do (or didn’t do), she wouldn’t be on thread 116.

No. 1652879

I'm not much of a Shay lurker, but this is the best outfit I've seen her do in the past several threads, so like, years? Tbh the pinup style and more a-line clothes would flatter her best considering she's older and definitely fatter. I'll take this over her retarded camgirl/pedobait saga. This could be the path forward for her.

No. 1652892

I hope Shayna take the hint and does milf stuff from now on

No. 1652917

File: 1663738392750.png (1.45 MB, 926x1502, Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 12.3…)

She starts by talking about Sol collaborating with "known Nazi sympathizer" ItsDollyMattell and how he's taking advantage of Jewish swer now by lying about not knowing about it.

No. 1652930

I love how the majority of comments are people wanting to know where the dress is from and tagging their friends rather than complimenting her personally. I wonder if she’s been getting hate but deleting it immediately

No. 1652937

That’s from May

No. 1652948

It’s wild how she can show her full ass and not get flagged. I’ve seen so many other accounts shut down for less

No. 1652955

Especially when she’s wearing all pink and the AI TikTok uses to assess posts could easily mistake it for nudity. Really hoping she ends up on the page of some woketard whore with a big following, once the zoomers get wind of her pedo shit they’ll be merciless

No. 1652969

Either that or Shayna pulls a Keffals and uses lolcow for oppressed sexworker points. All she'd have to do is say there are terfs lying about her and boom instant TikTok star

No. 1652972

That fat hairy thing is a sex worker
What a joke

No. 1652973

File: 1663741363759.png (645.33 KB, 757x439, cwcshay.png)

you guys made it click in my head

No. 1652988

This hair is straight out of a Warren Jeffs wet dream. She'd probably sexualize being part of that cult tho lol

No. 1653021

Agreed. I actually hope she sticks with this style and abandons her pedo pandering ways

No. 1653032

It’s at 40k likes now and she’s gained a thousand followers in less than 24 hours, no doubt this has emboldened her to make more gigacringe “content”, buckle up nonitas, Big Shaynus is about to enter her wannabe ~influencer~ era
Apparently TikTok bans people for saying “nazi” (and even just for saying “white”, hence retards using “yt” instead), the whole thing is a fucking joke

No. 1653035

Don’t get your hopes up, she’d have way too much competition from girls who really invest in that look/lifestyle, the whole reason why she does this repulsive pedo shit is because it’s the only way she gets coomer attention/shekels. No attractive or even average looking people participate in this “kink” degeneracy

No. 1653064

she wore one (1) new style, she won't stop with the baby bimbo princess shtick

No. 1653070

KEK don’t give her ideas nonnie

No. 1653086

>influencer era
Oh my God, finally, some milk. We are finally getting a moment of something gossip worthy- Shay trying to navigate the trials and tribulations of internet fame

No. 1653121

Ngl as a zoomer kind of embarrassing that she's acting like it's that hard to go viral on tiktok x100 since she thinks she's hilarious and relatable regularly. That's all it takes. Say something absolutely retarded or "relatable" and it'll get shared. All her other tiktoks are about pedopandering, and while I'm sure if she tagged them with some sort of ddlg related shit they'd get views, being a bimbo is something a lot of zoomer women (and girls let's be real) are retardedly latching into. It's like "I can't imagine having a part of my personality men don't fawn over and sexualize so let's relate my laziness, lack of independence and ability to take responsibility to a degrading fetish!" I fucking hate it intensely. I'm just venting now kek.

No. 1653138

Nona’s acting like this one tiktok that did well means she’s going to be popular there, unfortunately she doesn’t have the drive or charisma to maintain an audience there. She’ll give up once her other TikTok’s don’t do as well

No. 1653141

it's also just tiktok's algorithm. you're going to have a video every now and then that gets shared to more people–it just so happens that the one shayna made had 'bimbo' in it and that's one of tiktok's braindead teens' favourite subjects.

however, tiktok is just like twitter. all it will take is one person with a decent following to post a 'call-out'. (i wish it was for the pedopandering but we know it won't be.)

No. 1653148

that's the thing - i don't think she will give up. she's been riding on the high of having a few thousand followers on tumblr back when she was 16 for nearly a decade now - this is the closest she's come to that point 'organically' (though that's arguable bc of the tiktok algorithm) in years and years. she's still on cloud 9 from having human interaction from that grotty con she went to, she's booked another half-dozen cons that'll keep on feeding her ego, now she thinks she's famous on tiktok… i don't see this phase ending any time soon, personally. she's always believed she was better than everyone else - now that she's finally gotten a vague taste of 'virality' (which is what she's always attempted to reach with her constant rehashing of tweets in the hopes that one would blow up) she's gonna keep chasing it for god knows how long.

No. 1653184

TikTok goes after pedophiles so I think someone will bring it up

No. 1653194

It’s not that I think she will be popular. It’s that she will ride the high of going viral for weeks. So she will make cringe tiktok after cringe tiktok to go viral again.
She thinks this will be her big break.

No. 1653240

>>1653194 going viral from 18k views?

No. 1653244

it’s cute that y’all think that’s considered viral on tiktok. you’re just hyping up her inflated ego even more.

No. 1653255

yeah like tiktok literally specifically pushes videos so accounts get one "viral" video that makes them wanna use the app more. at least we'll get to watch her spiral trying to get 100k views again lol.

No. 1653262

its not viral in the tiktok sphere, but she has 250k views on the video and about 50k likes. Which is kind of sad. People are basically forced to watch your views - but less than a third of those who watched cared to like it. Kek. Same old story huh Shay?

No. 1653269

File: 1663774634506.jpeg (749.21 KB, 1170x1638, 34DFA040-8010-4221-9E06-B971D1…)

No. 1653270

Is her saying dumb shit like this really considered milk

No. 1653278

It's funny because it's pathetic.

No. 1653282

Is tiktok really that crazy about pedo panderers? I'd thought they be like "it's a kink!!". I think the idea of her talking about stuffies or of she goes into more childish shit/Meme and people see, "Oh shit, she does literally porn and uses the same name" that could maybe be a thing. Only if she gains a true following. Also, tiktok seems easy to get views on, people like shit and swipe. It's not you shayna, it's endless mindless entertainment to some.

No. 1653283

all tiktoks are like this. way more views than likes

No. 1653287

Nonnies have said it before but it's disturbing how she keeps trying to push out onlyfans lite content on an app that's notorious for being filled with minors. Shes so brain damaged from tumblr as much as the psycho tiktok teens calling everyone a nazi are unhinged its nice to see the pushback from "body positivity uwu no kinkshaming" to young girls actually going after pedophiles as they should instead of entertaining them like they did on tumblr during the ddlg days. There's one million places on the internet Shayna can show her ass but she chooses the platform that hasn't yet completely opened their doors to degenerate content yet like Twitter. It's so pathetic that the only thing she knows how to do is show her body. She doesn't even have a body or content that looks like takes a lot of skill or talent.

Shay genuinely gets up after doing nothing but drinking (and pill popping kek) puts on an outfit that's two sizes too small and jiggles herself in front of a camera for a few hours and after a day of long hard work she'll drink more and take a nap and do it again tomorrow all for the attention of pedophiles like grey hair who actually wants to fuck his irl daughter. Like holy fuck her existence is so bleak if getting 18k views on a tiktok like that isn't embaressing her she really can't read the room.

No. 1653290

It goes after pedophiles if they're a creepy man. It protects people like Shayna though because kink is considered an extension of LGBT culture now

No. 1653299

You know what? The more I think about it the more I hope she continues tiktok. The only reason shayna hasn't truly been called out.is because her reach is very small. On tik tok she's exposing herself to all kinds of people and I promise you she'll do something problematic or cringe enough to get the attention of someone bigger.

No. 1653300

File: 1663776713060.jpeg (633.22 KB, 1170x1711, D9746395-7418-4CBB-9BC2-60BE18…)

Nice one Shay. And knight in shining armor Jason R Womack swoops in

No. 1653301

Her fucking teeth are sending me into rage mode, especially the bottom row. But hey at least she fixed her chipped front tooth.

No. 1653302

File: 1663776827385.jpeg (174.59 KB, 828x1329, FB5294A4-E7E5-4B00-AC83-772686…)

No. 1653303

Could be from that sketchy site she bought that ugly straight jacket from.

No. 1653309

Jesus just get a Keurig instead of ordering coffee every day. All you have to do is pop a pod in and pour water. Easy enough for your lazy ass and cheaper on the long run.

No. 1653311

Is "grrr bark" going to be her new "totally" as a signal for when she's lying or what. It's cringe-inducing.

No. 1653323

come on nons, you know shaynus' keurig would be filled with cockroaches and maggot eggs after the first month of use and non-cleaning. i wouldnt shocked if she has roaches considering how cluttered and disgusting her place looks.

No. 1653341

Kind of imo. Getting that much views on tiktok is not viral.
I know at least zoomer youtubers has been calling out pedo panderers, who knows if the discourse has made it's way to tiktok.
If it comes in pink she will probably buy one and fulfill her consoomer urges to be real. While i don't think she cleans, I don't think she makes much mess in the first place to have roaches. I bet her apartment is sparse looking.

No. 1653368

File: 1663780804020.jpeg (727.09 KB, 1242x1274, 6AB10391-12C0-4C8C-8B5A-ECABE0…)

She literally owns a coffee maker though she’s so retarded omg

No. 1653377

File: 1663781303236.jpeg (779.89 KB, 1242x1669, 887E20EB-8C7B-447A-B760-015249…)

She finally got a plus sized costume kek it still doesn’t fit her fat ass

No. 1653386

Literally looks like a chubby teenage male gut. Hilarious

No. 1653387

Ppl that post how many views a vid gets are truly the lowest of the bottom feeders

No. 1653402

Even her coffee is Cinnabon.

No. 1653406

Why she even post the second picture it's soo unflattering, shaped like a literal tranny

No. 1653409

File: 1663783803618.jpeg (559.77 KB, 1170x1465, E8361316-B967-43FB-9146-5ABA40…)

More obvious lies

No. 1653418

So is no one else disturbed by "this is what I want to be when I grow up" ????????
Gross, it's most likely an actual child

No. 1653424

No he didn't. Jfc. There's always something that coincidentally fits her "kinks" and ego boosts her when she leaves the house. Every uber or every time she walks down the street, there's guys fawning over her apparently >>1652758
Moids will be moids and cat call or flirt badly but not to that degree and frequency over a retarded stinky slob like Shaynus.

No. 1653436

I don't know what you nonnas are on, she's looking good…for a 39 yrs old mother of 3! Damn, girl, you still got it, woo!!

No. 1653437

Ken, fella, she’s not going to shag you.
(If she does she’ll accuse you of abuse and rape anyway, it’s kind of her thing)

No. 1653452

That was my first thought too, fucking disgusting
How fucking retarded would you have to be to believe this? Rhetorical question, obviously

No. 1653462

File: 1663786889725.jpeg (Spoiler Image,196.49 KB, 828x945, 80EB1E07-D327-43D8-A15D-9F92E2…)

kenthedoll had his twitter privated for awhile with his initial debut with shayna, his comments on his profile are off the chain e-begging and commenting on tweets of literally every OF whore in a 300 mile radius. Thought the shayna gig was off since he got blow back from “omg shez a nazi” crowd. maybe her recent “viral moment” inspired him to crawl back since he loves cringe tiktoks. Also he managed to sneak his way into another shayna-esque camwhore’s bed.

No. 1653463

It’s cute you think we care about her ego kek. Who cares what it does or if anons use the term viral? The point is she thinks it’s viral and that will boost her ego which will make her spiral. This is the most attention she’s gotten online since tumblr. Are you mad shat gets better engagement than you?

No. 1653479

Okay Vicky. Get a new line.

No. 1653483

Nah I want her to go viral before she finally gets dunked on for the PEDOPHILIC shit by tt children. Other pedo whores calling her a Nazi doesn’t generate milk anymore.

No. 1653484

File: 1663788050907.jpg (71.46 KB, 746x453, im asexual but with more retar…)

She already came out (ha) with the monthly tweet of asexuality.

No. 1653489

She mouthed the n-word kek. Wait until the twitter whores get their hands on this, I remember a tiktok girl got ran into the fucking ground for doing that.

No. 1653502

Theres still time to delete this, nonita. Youre reaching.

No. 1653510

she's lipsyncing the text about the dog cage are you blind

No. 1653516

Embarrassing. This is the kind of shit that makes us all look bad.

No. 1653524

Lies or not, the way she encounters red flag behavior with men and turns it into "waaa my pussy is so wet now crying emoji" is disturbing. This is such a fucking weird thing for a stranger to say to a woman. But then she has no creep radar because she is a huge creep herself.

No. 1653538

You're on lolcow and think we care about Shayna's ego?

No. 1653545

Most of the comments are from fellow fatties, i'd lose it if she only became viral through fattok

No. 1653570

Theres something off about her face that makes me very uncomfortable but I cant put my finger on it. Not only in this screenshot but that whole video.

No. 1653583

I honestly think her hair & makeup look better than usual, she looks less sweaty and smudgy

No. 1653586

I guess it's mostly her lifestyle but it always surprises me when Shaynus looks more… wrong even compared to other whores. This one is clearly homely af yet she still looks human while Shay is a half dead blobfish.

No. 1653587

File: 1663794326150.jpeg (176.96 KB, 828x526, 68426444-8434-4B74-A44E-4BCFB2…)

There’s no way anyone recognizes her fat ass

No. 1653594

rat teeth..

No. 1653596

There have been a few people commenting that they have actually, which is frankly astounding given that she looks like a completely different person

No. 1653599

Me too, not in a heritage property way with original fixtures or vintage styling, it just looks tacky and like it was hastily cobbled together using cheap materials and appliances, it’s so fucking ugly

No. 1653601

She uses the same name

No. 1653602

sorry to break it to you miss tiktok influencer of the year, but nobody gives a fuck


what is the thing she's holding? it looks like a fly swatter kek

No. 1653607

Didn’t she change it “Dolly Mattel” after the tumblr purge? I think she was calling herself “Bambie Doll” or “Dum Dolly” or some shit (after she became famous as “Shay-Gnar”)

No. 1653611

Please go back to whence you came and never return

No. 1653616

It's the filter

No. 1653620

Y'ALL know some people online are black or just from the south, it's not that deep anon. Twitter appropriating our lingo is not our fault damnnit

No. 1653622

She's deleting and blocking, I'm guessing. I saw a few negative comments last night pointing out that she shouldn't be showing her ass on tiktok with all the kids. Now they're gone. Shocker

No. 1653623

God I hate how she's never gonna get over this. Its not even viral really. One of her vids got a significant amount of views compared to her other ones no one cared about. But its not hard to get views and likes on tiktok. Viral imo is when it becomes a meme or wildly known/seen across platforms. I dont think that's even anything above average for content on that app but I dont use it so idk.

No. 1653624

But she called out twitch streamers who were streaming in bikinis for “shaking their asses for little kids”

No. 1653630

Will this bitch please stop wearing the same butthole-colored liquid lip? It's not a flattering nude and like the rest of her aesthetic choices dates her back to 2013. Please watch some tiktok girlies use some lip gloss or even a tinted balm jfc

No. 1653631

Some of the comments are from children that look like they’re under 10 years old. I feel so grossed out, her content should not be anywhere near children

No. 1653634

Lol I'm neither from the south nor black and I say it all the time.(not that anon that said it up there)
I don't like saying "you guys" and "you all" is too formal most times. Especially when typing.
I agree it's not that deep tho.

No. 1653638

Im surprised there's still any left she's had it so long and its the only lipstick she uses. Lip products arent that expensive idk why she doesnt try a few. Tinted lip balm would be great for her, but she won't touch anything that hydrates even a bit.

No. 1653647

ive been thinking this the whole time, i hope she continues to out herself while using extreme tiktok filters to make her body look appealing- when people start seeing the reality shes going to have to deal w the fact its her physical being that makes her so repulsive, until they dig further and find out about her pedo tendencies. blessed be the milk that could flow.

No. 1653649

"viral" kek.
She uses that term like a boomer does. Yes Shaynus, any woman sub 40 who puts on makeup and makes a 'relatable' video will go """"viral"""". That's how the app works.

No. 1653664

Definitely something she bought drunk & forgot about. Also
>using debit for a hundred+ dollar purchase
kek. Bitch is still in debt & on Afterpay.

No. 1653666

She lie-tweets like she still lives in backwoods Kentoklahomionapolis

No. 1653669

Weird nitpick, I use debit for everything (ie pay the cost of something upfront) because I refuse to have a credit card/be in debt to anyone, why would her using debit mean she’s in debt? Wouldn’t it be the other way around?

No. 1653671

She’s remarkably out of touch for her age, especially given that she’s terminally online, it’s so bizarre that she’s got no clue about pop culture, trends, et al

No. 1653672

That paddle looks like a litter tray poop scoop

No. 1653673

lel her bumpit makes it look like her hair is half the length of her face. The only way she can look feminine anymore short of FFS.

No. 1653677

sis is about to flap flap fly away with those batwings hanging out

No. 1653681

>her content should not be anywhere near children
She has reached the age now where moid influence &/or childhood sexual trauma is no longer a valid excuse for her type of pedo content. There is a lot more leniency when it comes to women sexualizing childhood vs men. But even then, it only lasts up to a certain age. Shayna is a full-grown obese woman now. She will be rightfully cancelled on tiktok as the pedophile that she is, rather than coddled as a young girl using a "ddlg fetish" as cope like when she was younger.

No. 1653682

Your credit score is shit then nonnie. Start using you cc if you want to buy a house in the future. It's stupid yeah, but I don't make the rules.

No. 1653683

This gave me a good chuckle. Thanks

No. 1653691

Credit scores aren’t a thing in my country and I own a house so that must be exclusive to burgers
It’s gross how many degenerate pedo-panderers use “muh trauma” as an excuse for their vile behaviour, no one should get a pass for it regardless of their age or circumstances

No. 1653706

Please god no one take any financial advice from the Shayna thread- if you need advice for cheap cheap cheap housing go to the Luna threads!

No. 1653709

Well then good on you, no sarcasm. I wish that it was an option in NA to exist without having a credit card. My mom taught me the same way as you - never buy something that you can't pay for upfront. I lived like that until I was ready to buy a house kek.
In NA, the bank will not give you a mortgage if you don't have a good credit score. Housing is getting pretty bad now actually. You need over 20% upfront, plus an immaculate credit score, plus paper verification of a steady job etc etc.
Bc of this, you pretty much NEED to use your cc for any large purchases in your 20s (to build your credit score for later in life).

No. 1653720

I agree. The "trauma" excuse just isn't valid when you're broadcasting it online for profit and for attention. If you really truly use it that way, it would make sense to do so privately. Otherwise its just perversion being ronanticized and girls being groomed by gross moids.

No. 1653726

>never buy something that you can't pay for upfront
That’s exactly what my parents taught me too.
The credit score thing is so morally bankrupt (no pun intended, kek) and designed to keep people held hostage by financial institutions, my condolences for being subject to that, nona. What’s the deal with this Afterpay thing that Shaynus uses? Isn’t that credit as well? I’m still mystified as to how she can even afford to rent a two bedroom apartment and pay the bills for it when she very obviously earns fuck all from her whoring. Tinfoil but I wonder if Womack sends money to Ellen Degenerate because the lease is in her name on account of Shaynus never having held down an actual job, even though Ellen doesn’t live there. The whole arrangement is weird as fuck.

No. 1653730

I haven't used it but I think afterpay is essentially you make payments on something. Maybe like online layaway kek

No. 1653736

Yeah I can’t speak for people who have experienced trauma as I’ve been fortunate enough to not have done so myself, I can’t fathom how participating in degeneracy would be helpful but if there are people who do find it genuinely therapeutic (even typing that out makes me feel gross) shouldn’t it be something kept behind closed doors? Wouldn’t doing it publicly and commodifying it exacerbate the trauma by virtue of the fact that you’re normalising/legitimising paraphilias ergo perpetuating cycles of abuse?

No. 1653745

Afterpay is essentially like getting a mortgage on tiny purchases kek. Like, you buy a $400 IPhone but instead of paying for it upfront, you pay for it in smaller monthly increments. Only the debt system has expanded now… it's not just hundred dollar things that you can finance for the future. You can literally pay for $20 Shein clothing using Afterpay. That's the reason it's a thread meme is because Shayna has admitted to paying for clothes on Afterpay as a monthly bill.
It's sadly pretty easy to keep afloat & to make do & seem normal while in debt in America. That's why I sussed out her debit purchases as pointing to her being in debt (can't use your CC if you're past a certain limit).

No. 1653756

I wouldn't call it 'therapeutic'. Moreso it's just an unintentional coping mechanism. Many people who have experienced sexual trauma will go on to be hypersexual &/or to seek out situations in which they can relive that same trauma in a controlled environment. It's like a way of convincing yourself of the normality of the situation. No one wants to feel abnormal.
And victims of sexual abuse are not necessarily willing or ready to explore the reasoning behind their decisions yet because they may not have processed their situation. That's why younger girls are given a bit of leeway. Because yes, it absolutely perpetuates cycle of abuse, but it's also a side-effect of being abused themselves that they need to grow out of.

No. 1653762

I honestly think she doesn't have a credit card, iirc she admitted to it before and I don't think that's changed. Which, as a burger, is pretty retarded, but Shay is extra retarded so maybe having no credit would be better for her than shit credit and a ton of debt.

No. 1653795

File: 1663804828502.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1170x2075, 1661826577604.jpeg)

Kek after her gOiNg ViRaL she deleted the tiktok of her terrifying retard face rising up.

No. 1653797

hartley hooligan jumpscare

No. 1653798

Plus tiktok has the largest userbase, it’s not that hard for children to watch 4 second videos all day and stack up the views. Viral would mean it’s more of a common knowledge thing going around normie Internet, we’re past the point where having a million views on something is a huge deal. And even with those views she only gained like 2 thousand followers so why does the number even matter when it’s not giving any real engagement. Being viral only means something if you know what to do with it anyway, she would fumble that ball hard.

No. 1653800

She's stuck in 2010 where viral still means a couple thousand

No. 1653804

Unless it got removed by TikTok for thinking it contained nudity (though I can imagine she had a bunch of mean comments under it so she probably just nuked it). She’s gained over a thousand followers in less than 24 hours, her ego must be riding so high right now

No. 1653813

nonas im devastated. my life is ruined! i can’t believe Shayna is viral! isn’t that what we all want? can’t believe it IM SO JEALOUS, the only thing she needed was 5 years of sex work, alcoholism and obesity. bravo Shayna! you are really showing us and all ur haterzz that you have (finally?) made it!

No. 1653817

Even pumpy had over a million views on sever of her tiktoks (before she got suspended cos these hoes can't contain themselves) and no one knows who the fuck she is these days.

No. 1653820

I wish she went more “viral” that would have been really fun

No. 1653836

Who tf is pumpy?

No. 1653849

A gross psycho ana whore in the cam whore threads. Who’s also broke and rides the coat tails of once being “famous” and won’t let anyone forget it

No. 1653851

No. 1653856

File: 1663809509159.jpg (99.9 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_2022-09-22-02-13-02…)

How can a woman squirt inside a man? Kek.
Can't believe shat is still gonna work with this freak.

No. 1653874

Probably because he is a fag and takes it up the ass.

Also post him in the OF or one of the other whore threads. He doesn’t really belong here unless it’s pertains to Shaynus specifically.

No. 1653912

File: 1663813172503.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2087, E63B25D8-4004-4F5A-98B5-CBF21C…)


No. 1653915

Why does this give me Gabbie Hanna vibes
Cringing so hard I’m on the verge of spontaneous combustion, what the fuck is this mess

No. 1653917

LMAO my sides

No. 1653925

it looks like a shitty office lunchroom that u wanna kill yourself in

No. 1653927

Is it just me or does she look a lot skinnier here?

No. 1653933

why are her headphones down so low? they’re like not over her ears, it’s weird.

No. 1653934

it’s the big ass nose and the insane levels of delusion

No. 1653942

omg she looks like a man

No. 1653948

She looks like a completely different person here

No. 1653966

No. 1653999

File: 1663821254411.gif (852.49 KB, 400x167, A232493F-F083-4D98-8540-74C99B…)

You have to admit she is rather man-ish

No. 1654000

File: 1663821537015.jpeg (275.44 KB, 1252x1252, 478A761A-3251-49EF-8704-0CA0DC…)

No. 1654009


nonies, he means squirt in the mouth.

No. 1654038

He's like love bombing her or some shit. it's so fucking creepy and blatant

No. 1654041

She’s probably loving it, between that and her ~totes viral~ TikTok foolery she must be feeling so pleased with herself. I for one cannot wait to see how bold she gets before inevitably being “cancelled” by some teenagers

No. 1654052

Kek at how he said "I can help you on your transitions" in the comments of her retarded cringe latest vid tho

No. 1654055

Are they actually going to work together or was it just one of those twitter interactions to gain followers that dont really mean anything? from what i see in these threads is he replies to her a lot but she ignores him. i feel like they arent actually going to work together

No. 1654076

File: 1663830404663.png (8.35 MB, 1242x2208, FB5A01F6-9E48-4C24-A2D2-8D2E1C…)

Not the bologna wig https://streamable.com/87pmet

No. 1654079

File: 1663830474300.jpeg (273.51 KB, 1198x1434, 1BA696D7-7CCE-4D8E-83DC-3F1D88…)

No. 1654080

She needs to stop doing the hitler moustache it's cringe af

No. 1654082

No. 1654084

Shaynazi puts her finger over her lip to mimic hitler’s mustache. It’s a dog whistle to show her support to her alt right followers (Mike Slack, Jason R Womack) kek I know her sex worker orbiters read here so I’m spreading this rumor

No. 1654085

Which is interesting given his political leanings and being outed as an incest-loving actual pedophile. I reckon she gets significantly more coomerbux from that repugnant piece of shit than Jason Retard Wojak or anyone else so that’s why she interacts with him, he follows a fucktonne of whores so she probably doesn’t want him taking his business elsewhere

No. 1654088

File: 1663831006204.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1231x1819, 5E3EB26F-B787-4C03-A81C-C961A4…)

The crusty butthole brown lipstick that’s clearly over lined and noticeable, the blackhead looking freckles, the fake broomstick lashes not properly glued on, the caked on foundation that doesn’t conceal her acne ridden face.

No. 1654094

She has the ugliest eyes I’ve ever seen on any human besides maybe Jonny Craig. Brown eyes are ugly in general but hers are especially hideous. And what the fuck is going on with her forehead, a combination of caked on cheap foundation and blur tool abuse? Everything about this is rancid

No. 1654096

>Brown eyes are ugly
Nice racebait, back to /pol/

No. 1654099

I wonder if she’ll try do some cringey shit like belle and pretend to eat tide pods or film an actual captive kidnapping

No. 1654100

I love how it doesn't even make sense, half the moids on there probably have brown eyes too seeing as it's the most common colour.

No. 1654101

File: 1663832959079.jpeg (198.38 KB, 640x639, D3F203A0-9437-4885-9CED-7CF43A…)

I swear “brown eyes are ugly” sperg lives in this thread, waiting for a chance to screech about her hatred of brown eyes. I saw her screeching about the same thing 6 months ago. I imagine her as the blue eyed version of Shayna, still fucking hideous but with a slightly different font, desperate for a sense of superiority.

No. 1654103

Nta and i don't think that any eye color is worse than other, but >>1654094 is entitled to her (wrong) opinion

No. 1654104

She looks like Cardi B and no that is not a compliment

No. 1654105

No she isn't cuz this isn't her blog. Nobody cares about TA's aryan blue eye fetish and she should keep her subtle racism to herself kek.

No. 1654111

?? she looks like she travelled back in time to her tumblr days and lost weight, what the hell. The uwu-trend really doesn't fit her. Her face looks much less like… rancid without makeup too

No. 1654114

Le funny mustache and double chin frown face, ah yes take me back to 2012. She’s desperately pumping out shitty tiktoks that’ll get maximum few thousand views compared to the bimbo housewife one, shockingly the only one that does not have the thumbnail image showing her face…

No. 1654119

>inb4 she gets banned from tiktok for “yahtzee” behavior

No. 1654122

She’s filtered to fuck though. I’m probably in the minority in that I don’t think she was ugly back when she was pre-sex work shaygnar, she was just a regular looking skinny girl, her current level of fug is mostly due to her putrid pedo-pandering personality (exacerbated by shit sense of style and non-existent hygiene practice) manifesting in her physical appearance

No. 1654126

as much as jerma looks a like a freak here it's nice to see him

No. 1654131

I know I've said it before but she really does look like a pit bull's asshole.

No. 1654139

File: 1663841375805.webm (718.51 KB, 576x1024, uwu trend.webm)

Local archive, as Streamable isn’t reliable.

No. 1654140

File: 1663841445671.webm (1.94 MB, 576x1024, great, the bologna wig AGAIN.w…)

No. 1654152

She looks so good in her normal lounge wear and no makeup compared to the awful """"cute"""" shit wtf

No. 1654154

>'so good'
get your eyes tested

No. 1654158

It’s likely a body filter, heaps of girls on tiktok use them

No. 1654159

File: 1663844304798.png (9.61 MB, 1242x2688, 4A6427C4-E1E9-47D3-BFD9-1637BF…)

“She looks like she’s lost weight”

No she just found a body filter and maxed it out
This is what she actually looks like (still with a filter but much fatter than her slimming filter in her previous video)

No. 1654160

File: 1663844448576.png (7.72 MB, 1242x2688, 29D4A6C0-4091-42A2-9F01-34E7C5…)

Her disconnect from what she actually looks like is going to get so much worse now that she’s discovered filters. The amount her nose has been shrunk into a whoville nose kek

No. 1654176

It's the "enhance" setting TikTok has when you film kek it blurs your skin a bit and brightens your eyes she's still a beady eyed baby hamplanet kek

No. 1654179

Anon it's not inherently racist it's just retarded. The majority of white people have brown eyes too. You don't get to say who can and can't have an opinion here because you're offended, that's twitter shit.

I think she missed the point of these kind of tiktoks. You're supposed to glow up, not down on transition.

No. 1654182

Nice to see her discover actual filters instead of Snapchat. Kind of want her to continue getting followers because she'll get even more milky when she has an audience

Do anons remember the dog filter phase? She seemed so bleak then, but man, has she spiraled.

No. 1654191

File: 1663847860189.png (11.16 MB, 1242x2688, 566F3780-61F6-4B49-BDCB-9A8FFA…)

This weirdo comes up if you search Dolly Mattel on tiktok and he dresses just like her

No. 1654196

cuz she's filtered and posed to look skinnier, kek.

No. 1654198

leave him be

No. 1654208

File: 1663850798813.jpeg (980.52 KB, 1170x1524, 0E50F5DD-F772-46FF-B6EF-8567F6…)

No. 1654209

This fat whore only wishes she were a witch.

No. 1654210

This kek, I feel like rodent eyes-chan is all the same person

No. 1654219

I wish she’d wear a top normally it would look sexier and less Winnie the Pooh

Her face is so bloated

No. 1654220

>porky fattel squeezes into some halloween themed sausage casings
Wow, nobody saw that happening. It would be less predictable if she wore something that fit her correctly.

No. 1654222

nta but anons have been calling her eyes ugly/beady/rodent-like forever, i dont know why people are only getting offended by it now, and to the point of >>1654179 saying its racist is a reach and thinking its all one person is ridiculous, people can have different opinions, however retarded said opinions may be
the too-small top with the underboob will never work on her, as another anon said up thread this recent boost in exposure on tiktok is likely to prove pretty fucking the milky, the more she shows her ass (literally and figuratively) the more likelihood there is for some zoomers to lambast her to hell and back

No. 1654224

the fact that people on her uwu totez viral uwu video are asking where she got the housewife outfit from and complementing it has me cackling, i hope people keep gassing her up so she makes more milky cringe in shitty shein costumes for our entertainment

No. 1654235

Ok I know there’s currently eye sperging going on and I didn’t want to contribute, but seriously what the fuck is up with her eyes in this picture? Why did she practically close them both lmao she looks stoned out of her mind

No. 1654241

Yeah, I know the filter is doing the heavy lifting here, but her face looks so much better with no makeup on. She could probably get the crusty, fat tattoo guy she wanted if she presented herself more like this.

No. 1654269

Man if anon says something stupid why can’t you just ignore it instead of anons having a ten post sperg about how they disagree. Who gives a fuck

No. 1654272

>pretty fucking the milky
I know this is a typo but I laughed kek >>1654111
You’re a retard

No. 1654276

the tiktok filters are fooling you, nonny

No. 1654300

Is this old or is this where some of the $300 she claimed was charged to her card? It's plus size so it has to be a new purchuse

No. 1654301

File: 1663857983952.jpg (153.7 KB, 720x1288, Screenshot_20220922-104405_Chr…)

No. 1654311

I mean I know she’s gotten chunky but I don’t think she’s classed as plus sized… yet?

She’s like size 8/10 tops

No. 1654328

you tripping kek she doesnt have tits, shes a fridge and a fucking whole unnit, she must be at least XL-XXL.

No. 1654331

File: 1663859973360.jpeg (33.37 KB, 480x480, 45A82B34-F53D-4308-8E27-7E155B…)

No. 1654341

Shayna had always been wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Now shes wide everywhere with big thighs. She's definitely shopping in the plus size section.

No. 1654372

File: 1663862021291.jpeg (520.37 KB, 1007x781, 1C7FFECC-50B7-47E8-BF3C-033A47…)

OT but Mina got around to describing “bimbo-core”

> “Bimbocore is a niche internet aestheic…it is a tutorial celebration of the bimbo persona. Bimbo of course is referring to attractive women who are assumed to be stupid”

> “Bimbos are leftist, pro-LGBTQ, pro sex work, pro-sex work, and anti-capitalist”
>” A modern bimbo is hyperfeminine, embraces their hotness, and rejects the capitalist mentality that they must showcase marketable skills, defying the male gaze in the process”
> “the resurgence of bimbos feels like a direct reaction to the fact that so many unprecedented/giant world events are happening at once, and it’s way too much to handle. In 2020, the sentiment was just wanting a smooth brain. If everything’s burning down, you might as well be hot and happy on your own terms.”
“It’s hard to have an unabashed joy in your femininity” due to society
> “a large part of bimboism’s appeal is in its potential to shield oneself from harm - smooth brain style. It’s the ideal of weaponized unintelligence”
> “it’s all about vibing and relaxing”
> “but it shouldn’t be about depending on men for financial needs”
> “the definition of bimbo has expanded from the stereotypical Valley Girl blonde. Anyone of any race, gender, sexual orientation, body type, or style aesthetic can become a bimbo”
> “pro sex work”
> “defying the male gaze”

It’s literally Shat’s level of “bimbos are just nice girls!” It’s definitely not a culture that makes you hyper-consume the dumbest shit (but anti-capitalist!!!) and feed off the male gaze (but totes don’t need male validation!!!1!). Mina does call out the anti-capitalist bit is dumb, but she doesn’t completely agree that wearing skimpy stuff isn’t self-objectifying. And she thinks intelligence shouldn’t be correlated to respecting femininity/one’s feminist stance.
> “is it fair to pin the plight of feminism on (Bimbocore)”(take this to the youtuber or commentary thread)

No. 1654421

How the fuck are bimbos anti caplistist? Am I retarded or is the whole thing about being a bimbo is spending shit tons of money on surgeries, Clothes, shoes, hair and wanting men to do the same???

No. 1654463

Oh God nona…… the horror

No. 1654483

File: 1663866375931.webm (4 MB, 576x1024, “.webm)

Perhaps a TikTokfag can chime in. Is she endangering her account with these videos that include underboob?

No. 1654489

I’ve heard that TikTok doesn’t play around and can suspend someone’s account for pretty much anything

No. 1654490

File: 1663866940063.png (663.37 KB, 864x618, Screenshot_20220922-121240.png)

Fully off topic (mods pls no ban) but does anyone else read her name as Dolly Matel, and not Mattel? I was rewatching Always Sunny and I realized that's why. Kek

No. 1654491

She has three ideas. About 90% of what she puts out includes that Cheerleading outfit, that bra and the only lip product she owns. The faces she makes are so retarded. You know those bootleg Disney Movies? Like instead of Toy Story it's "Story of a Toy?" Shayna face reminds of the cheap animations used in those. Plus a knock off of a knock off of a attractive e girl tiktoker.

No. 1654492

We don’t need your analysis that’s been discussed a million times. If a grown woman wants to be blonde and ditzy that’s her right. It’s degenerate but way better than abdl. Shayna is just a fat bitch with blonde soccer mom highlights. Nothing bimbo about her she’s a blimp

No. 1654493

File: 1663867447279.jpeg (743.41 KB, 1021x1106, 141E4C52-5C44-45DF-85E7-591D1E…)

Stank ass mug

No. 1654495

I don’t get why she insists on wearing packaged ham colored clothing it makes her look porcine and washed out. Her gray skin along with her cellulite is so gross.

No. 1654496

Please I hate the finger mustache thing what the fuck is up with that? She always finds some way to be distinctively retarded. Maybe she should draw one on her finger like it's 2009.
I have not seen that in any other vids online.

No. 1654498

File: 1663868012421.jpeg (229.82 KB, 1200x1200, A63A9664-EF6B-42F6-956D-EB06F9…)

Great Halloween doll look, Shay!

No. 1654500

Absolutely, yes. I'm honestly surprised her account hasn't been permabanned yet. It will be soon.

No. 1654501

Is the lipsync or audio off for everyone else? Looks like its the same on the original on tiktok. Looks awful… like her.

No. 1654503

Are those zits on her forehead? Or is my screen dirty? Did she had some fake freckles up there? And why does she think this puje colored lip gloss is a timeless look? Shit, a red or pink or just gloss would look better

No. 1654512

This is hardly even underboob, her tits are practically hanging out of the bottom of her shirt. I don’t know why she thinks this is a good look, or appropriate for a social media platform like tiktok. I noticed that she doesn’t even have 18+ in her tiktok bio, and she’s posting shit like this.

No. 1654516

Im surprised she hasn't gotten in trouble with tik tok yet. She isn't even just treading the line, she is way over it.

No. 1654518

I think she can squeeze into XL still or if places size 2XL.
Plus size stuff has a whole different fit for when you have a huge and I mean actually morbid obese stomach and that weird mound fanny pack/fupa. She's not there yet. I accidentally bought something plus sized once and it was weird but I guess when you see what those woman look like it makes sense. It just wouldnt fit her right. Not that anything she buys does kek

No. 1654524

When she gets banned she'll just blame her hayturz because she thinks nothing she couldve done herself would have consequences.
Tbf farmers probably do report her shit.

No. 1654525

If she’s gonna really start making TikTok vids she needs to drop the weight, tt is ruthless when it comes to fat people

No. 1654578

She doesn’t even do the bare minimum of writing 18+ in her bio. Not like writing that stops minors from being exposed to your degenerate behavior. I swear she’s such a nasty groomer. I got exposed to ddlg when I was 14. I was looking at weheartit and Pinterest for cute pictures during my kawaii Sanrio phase. I’m such other zoomers were groomed by people like Shayna during 2016-17

No. 1654588

File: 1663874368058.png (8.27 MB, 1242x2208, 7825D56F-4465-47A6-9235-8C8135…)

No. 1654590

File: 1663874482698.jpeg (373.87 KB, 1242x1840, 431E32AA-9CE1-4311-B9A9-DE3408…)

Gloss on her chapped lips would just bring them out more. She needs to use her lip scrub and drink water

No. 1654598

nooooOOOOO. Not the craft, not Nancy, not this scene. Sorry to sperg but just UGH

No. 1654614

she needs to go on ozempic. thats how kim kardashian lost all the weight…

No. 1654636

8 or a 10 kek she fukn wishes

No. 1654670

File: 1663878900918.jpeg (793.52 KB, 828x1322, 7F28A437-08B6-44A2-8C0E-6161D7…)

I have not full body cringed in a long time but wow I have so much secondhand embarrassment. She wishes she had a hot guy teasing her and not some bald fool slapping her around while she guffaws and tries to act cute

No. 1654671

>How the fuck are bimbos anti capitalist
Because they want free money. Just like the lazy findoms who e-beg on twitter all day. I'm sarcastic by the way, these zoomers have no fucking idea what anti-capitalism actually is and they sure as hell wouldn't be able to be a "bimbo" under socialism

No. 1654676

at this point she knows children see her vids and follow her. she wants children to see her porn and she wants children to think about her sexually. i’m convinced she enjoys exposing children to porn because when they say “oh that’s so cool, I want to be like you!” she feels a spark of joy, not a sense of dread that her vids are encouraging children to do sex work or be trafficked. she’s so delusional that she thinks her lifestyle is truly something aspirational.

No. 1654678

How do you get the videos without the tiktok watermark?

No. 1654680

File: 1663879890188.jpeg (Spoiler Image,366.95 KB, 828x1312, 171FD3D5-EAD2-45A9-A463-E8238F…)

She’s trying to use her busted body as clickbait even though the “viral” one wasn’t even showing much and has fizzled out within a day. It’s embarrassing on an app full of children and teens who are the only ones who can maybe pull off making stupid ass cringe faces to a loop of some pop song line.

No. 1654685

File: 1663880281627.png (38.28 KB, 517x261, Screenshot 2022-09-22 9.51.12 …)

and for how long have we been telling you this?

No. 1654696

lmao of course u look good, all fatties look good in black kek sorry shayna but pastel and pink is better for petite girls, fatshion 101

No. 1654707

what's wrong w him? he just looks like a generic British man. Nowhere near as hideous as that head royal parasite Charles. Shay looks semetic. Like a female yaniv/Stallone. It's such an ugly look to me.

No. 1654713

OMG STAHP NONYA you can’t seriously look at Big Boi Pimpin and not gag. He is every bit as hideous as Shaynus and his little beady rat eyes are only one piece of the overall ugly portrait kek (Sage for OT)

No. 1654746

Damn Hoggy Mattel is trying to speed-run getting booted from the app.

I bet when the thick skull discovers the creative fund she'll quickly be banned. Like Ive legit never seen someone show that much underboob on the app.

No. 1654785

File: 1663885442760.png (8.34 MB, 1242x2208, F6CC7383-1769-49D6-ADA1-244980…)

Big Shaynus spilling out of that damn outfit kek

No. 1654788

God the finger mustache is so tumblr 2012 - 2013 how can someone be so dated?

No. 1654789

> brown eyes are ugly in general
Yet I always get complimented on my brown eyes kek

No. 1654790

No one cares

No. 1654800

File: 1663885961239.jpeg (Spoiler Image,769.74 KB, 1170x1502, 0A166B2F-FCF2-4536-9950-051BE8…)

No. 1654804

Left picture is so edited it literally looks nothing like her, of course you look hot when you've copy pasted generic hot ethot face onto yourself you fucking spaz.

No. 1654805

i said this last thread, don't steal my comment about that shayna pic pls. or i WILL take legal action.

No. 1654818

Never getting over this one.

No. 1654822

the fucking lip thing she does absolutely triggers and outrages me. I have no idea why.

No. 1654823

This and the "I may not show it but that gas leak in my house really be giving me brain damage" pic

No. 1654838

Her lips in general annoy me, she doing all these close up tiktoks and constantly doing these emoji faces while her lips are dry,cracking and crusty.

No. 1654845

File: 1663888925661.jpeg (357.76 KB, 1170x1161, 5B50EA74-5427-49FF-8C8E-255ACB…)

The newest lie

No. 1654851

Yeaaah why would you ask another hoe to take pics, not a photographer. Especially a shaky drunkard like Shay.

But I'm confused why would you have contact with a hairdresser as an acquaintance? Is this an American thing?

No. 1654854

She looks like those southern moms who make being a boy mom and doing fridge restocks their whole personality.

No. 1654858

She wouldn’t be able to afford it plus they’re stopping the limit they give it out as it’s a diabetic medication primarily. They’re not guaranteed to make you lose weight, you still need to eat right, exercise and portion control otherwise you’ll end up gaining more back once you stop

No. 1654870

lol so this is why her hair always turns out so shitty. some part time wannabe stylist part time of whore does it

No. 1654875

If this hairdresser is also her nail lady then I'll believe it.

Maybe it is. American anon and I'm pretty chill with the girl who does my hair. We've had drinks but it's more of we get along so like chilling wasn't weird. We're not pretending to be tight like whatever Shat is faking. One of my top five fave lies of hers now.

No. 1654880

This. It's only a matter of time before the anachans start posting her to fatspo threads.

No. 1654881

Possibly, not sure if hairstylists in other countries have the same setup but a lot of them in burgerland will basically rent a spot to use in a salon without being their employee, so if you want an appointment with a specific stylist you'd need their contact info and not the store's. The rest of her story may be bunk but it wouldn't be too weird to have your stylist's number.

No. 1654887

the tiktok filters make her look like alice bender kek

No. 1654895

Shayna you don’t even understand basic lighting and editing for your own pics. This is such a lie.

No. 1654911

What really happened-

>>"Hey I want to go blonder, but i'm low on cash rn. I had a random charge for $300 and my debit card is locked, I was hoping maybe we could work something out or I could pay you at a later date?"

>>"Oh..remember you told me how fulfilling sex work is, and how you fly to go to cons and get to make money by taking cute pictures? I've been thinking about starting my own onlyfans, if you take my pictures I'll do your hair for free!"

She more then likely vents/talks to her hairdresser about what she does, her hairdresser may be a woman wanting to make extra money and buys the dream Shayna sold, or was thinking about it for a while and Shyana was the one to push them to do it. I could see this happening because Shayna DID say she was low on cash and people do vent to their hairdresser. I could see telling this lady her life is so amazing and she's so happy, she's a "Onlyfan model" and all this dumb shit. It's honestly how onlyfans women groom eachother, they'll brag and make it seem like they are making all this money to justify what they do and other women will slowly if mentally weak enough, buy it and think they can do it as well. Which is why it's dumb they whine about new comers. You idiots pretending to be happy and empowered, paid and comfortable are why they run to onlyfans

No. 1654920


>grooming each other

Yall know there's a pretty fuckin sweet referral program in onlyfans and those you sign up will get you kick backs forever, right?

No. 1654922

Nope I didn't know about the "Fucking sweet" referral program,

No. 1654927

File: 1663896597120.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x2329, 9D9D05AB-8895-46D7-9680-A79F2F…)

The “pool party” Shayna went to was just someone’s family pool that you can rent by the hour

No. 1654929

Even Tumblr was late to that shit it was a fad amongst scene kids in the 2000s. She has no self awareness it's like there's absolutely no distinction between her and Lori Lewd and she's going on 40. Shaynus is an old soul kek.

No. 1654930

File: 1663896887907.jpeg (190.28 KB, 1170x895, 2780E4CC-3AA2-4E1D-B6A8-369B89…)

Unfortunately Ellen didn’t love the hot tub, though (Sorry for old milk)

No. 1654932

File: 1663897185678.webm (2.36 MB, 576x1024, ,.webm)

Local archive, as Streamable isn’t a reliable archiving method.

No. 1654934

Great find, Nona. I don’t know how paedophilic Ellen Patricia Dresel of the Seattle, Renton and Bellevue, Washington area isn’t more careful with her online footprint. I suppose she cannot use a fake name for these rentals, I hope they are eventually banned from everything.

No. 1654944

Omegakek, I love your weaponised autism nona
>reddit spacing
>obvious onlyfats whore
Get off my board, loser. No one cares about your degeneracy

No. 1654954

File: 1663899038270.jpeg (736.58 KB, 1170x1418, C1F20AA5-444E-4870-BCA6-340C27…)

No. 1654958

The shamelessness of her to wear shorts that cut so high, displaying her ripplely ham butt. Her pussy is suffocating in there without an extra layer to protect it. When will Ellen Degeneres book her next gynecologist appointment? Surely she constantly has BV.

No. 1654960

Okay…this has to be a joke? Kek, Shayna you may have went "viral on tiktok" but I pray this goes viral on "chick in hilariously bad I'll fitting outfit" side of twittwe, wherever that is. This is ridiculous. It's not even a Troon outfit it's an, "all my clothes are dirty, it's wash day and I only have these to wear" sitcom like outfit. Comedy outfit

No. 1654963


If her awful coochie çutters were black or dark gray it would have been a bad, but not "special needs MtF dresses themselves girly for the first time" bad. She needs to give up on pink, she's too flabby and greasy for it.

No. 1654965

We get it you don’t have to say that every fucking time just embed it and shut up. It makes it easy for Mobile users to quickly view it.
Some of you anons should work for the FBI kek I had my suspicions it was an airbnb type thing. So pathetic Shayna trying to seem like she has sugar daddies with money

No. 1654970

Why the fuck is she wearing that? She doesn’t know how to put together outfits. That crop top is so fucking retarded and ugly. The jacket is cheaply made, flimsy ass chain and thin material from AliExpress. Those shorts dont fit her and look horrible on her cellulite ridden acne butt

No. 1654974

File: 1663900290870.jpeg (436.41 KB, 2048x2048, DEF5BC2F-1300-42F4-848F-6C9B1E…)

You can see the texture in her forehead and ass. It’s grossing me out

No. 1654975

This makes me want to go for a 8 mile run without any pants on, my chocha hurts just looking at it

No. 1654976

File: 1663900338958.jpeg (485.97 KB, 2047x2047, 099FE197-E2A8-4907-97D4-AC7E41…)

The dirty ass come here womack top kek the letters are going to peel soon

No. 1654977

This is the worst outfit idea she has done to this day in my opinion, even the under boob outfit she wore to the hardware store wasn't as unflattering as this. It's like she took the time and effort to engineer the best outfit to accentuate every body flaw she has going on.

No. 1654979

Her whole face is putrid, as is the rest of her, she looks like she reeks of curdled milk and a Red Lobster dumpster in the middle of summer, brb I need to take a long shower after having my retinas violated with this mess

No. 1654981

File: 1663900646931.jpeg (661.01 KB, 3163x2029, 5F8F3135-C2D2-484D-B53C-740254…)

Speaking of Ellen Degenerate. She’s e-begging for 900 dollars to go to a Lizzo concert with Big Shay

No. 1654983

Why the fuck would she need nearly 1k for a show that at most should cost a hundred or so?

No. 1654985

Lizzo charges ten times the price of other artists because she’s ten times the size and has to spend ten times as much on food for her disgusting lardy ass

No. 1654988

Kek you’re out of pocket. I think Ellen wants front row tickets or she’s scamming like Shayna does.

No. 1654992

If she meant so much to you, you'd save up to see her instead of begging for tickets for you and Dirtna.

No. 1654994

There's no such thing as front row tickets. It's just who gets there first; who are usually retards who literally camp outside the venue.

No. 1655002

Oof I'm not sure she's ever done a more punchable face than this one.

No. 1655008

I imagine the crowd at a Lizzo show would be mostly ~bodi posi~ landwhales with pork sweats, Shaynus and pedo Ellen will fit right in

No. 1655009

what the fuck are you talking about? it depends on the venue. some have seating,
some don’t. you can also pay extra for early access/VIP access so you get in before general admission.

No. 1655013

It’s 10% of every subscription and unless you hit $100 on referrals you can claim it until you do so Shayna would have to hope her new onlyfans creator would be getting hundreds of subs and tips

No. 1655016

seeing some other obese person be famous means that much for you to start crying and form a parasocial bond just because you’re both overweight? Only in America will everyone throw money at someone for being fat because it makes them feel less guilt for their lifestyle lol they’re so oppressed by their own overconsumption

No. 1655028

File: 1663904975848.jpeg (886.38 KB, 1170x1860, 4394D6B7-A9DF-4634-9F79-17A4D9…)

No. 1655036

File: 1663905676702.jpeg (Spoiler Image,805.7 KB, 1242x1518, 11B3A0C5-462D-4EB5-AC24-B3702D…)

No. 1655038

File: 1663905783125.jpeg (510.65 KB, 1242x690, 92CC7296-7E1E-4027-85D5-2D03BB…)

No. 1655039

kek not the coomer warning her about her fucked up tweets… seriously though why is she so insistent on inviting violence into her life, she's gonna get murdered.

No. 1655040

Kek what the actual fuck

No. 1655070

heil fuhrer

No. 1655071

kek the absolute cope of those snuffalufagus momokun eyelashes

No. 1655073

probably fridgechan

No. 1655075

REEEE everything I don't like is racist

No. 1655078

She should really get rhino & chin lipo already

No. 1655080

Size 8/10 is like 130-150lb IF you have a normal fat distribution. Shayna stores all her weight in her midsection. She's at least 170-180lb by now. She's a size 16 minimum.

No. 1655082

I'm so fucking embarassed for her… put your tits away, mom. There are kids on this app.

No. 1655083

>up to 15 guests
And yet not a soul in all of Shats pics of the "pool party". You know it was just her and Ellen Degenerate and MAYBE some loser moid or some equally retarded chick Ellen knows and no one else. Like just go to a public pool at that point it would be less embarrassing than pretending to have a party while paying $100 to use someone elses pool.

No. 1655085

For all her preaching about 'don't expose kids to your fetishes', she is so fucking out of touch with what is & isn't appropriate content for a kids' app.

No. 1655086

She's already ~viral~ on tumblr as fatspo kek

No. 1655089

Lopsided underboob drooping out the bottom as a way to try to mask the lunchlady batwings spilling out the top

No. 1655090

You're not the first, tard

No. 1655091

If the top was just white, no graphic and the shorts actually fit and she didnt look like a sack of cottage cheese… it would be an almost ok outfit for something lowkey I guess like just a reg hang out. But looking like she does and putting together the stupidest shit… well it's a look – a bad one.

No. 1655097

This looks like a literal diaper from a distance so… fitting I guess.

No. 1655099

With skin like that she doesn't even need the fake freckle filter

No. 1655127

she looks as tall and wide as he is and he still has a bigger ass lol

No. 1655142

What, really? Caps please!
You cannot be serious

No. 1655150

File: 1663913075945.jpeg (922.61 KB, 1242x1881, F791D404-7C69-4436-B48E-32816D…)

Are you sure it’s not to slim down your giant ass honker ??

No. 1655151

File: 1663913123526.jpeg (348.34 KB, 2048x1152, 9C8CA935-0DB6-41DE-B671-DC19A6…)

Dead pig with apple in mouth vibes

No. 1655154

File: 1663913361451.jpeg (185.44 KB, 828x1317, A8E91E09-F326-4AE7-8835-0E120F…)

Wake up babe it’s time for more cringe toks featuring the necessary Bell’s palsy expression

No. 1655156

File: 1663913480234.jpeg (1006.21 KB, 3465x3465, 81F79B56-950B-460D-B4C3-36DBDD…)

In b4 nonnie says it’s not the best way to archive because streamable isn’t reliable
#1: https://streamable.com/n6poex
#2: https://streamable.com/yzj8nm

No. 1655158

File: 1663913624448.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3465x3465, 0CE1226F-AFE0-4BD8-A27F-A3ACE4…)

You can’t put a filter in reality Shayna. Who does this crusty ass bitch think she’s fooling? Lmao

No. 1655160

File: 1663913797448.jpeg (430.85 KB, 1242x2208, ADD9C869-94A6-4B89-A5A7-37400A…)

Uh oh stinky

No. 1655174

File: 1663915302658.webm (1.63 MB, 576x1024, no.webm)

It’s not.

No. 1655176

File: 1663915357412.webm (3.35 MB, 576x1024, w i d e.webm)

Her proportions look off here.

No. 1655181

File: 1663915898928.webm (1.95 MB, 720x1280, fatty spice.webm)

Over on Instagram.

No. 1655186

she looks so special needs
i like the new influencer thing, it's good milk i hope it ends up being a way out of porn for her. not that she'd make money but maybe she can get the attention without humiliating herself.

No. 1655211

She legit looks like a male WWE wrestler after years of not working out and no steroid use. Just flabby and Brolic at the top with no muscle defination.

No. 1655215

What the fuck was she even mouthing? The retarded lip arch thing is so annoying

No. 1655226

She looks fucking enormous, I will never understand how she looks at this shit and goes “yes, this is attractive, let me post it real quick”. It’s not just a matter of her being fat, ugly and greasy with terrible acne ridden skin and furry brown teeth, she has no fucking clue how to dress herself or take a picture

No. 1655240

I love how shayna has no shame. She'll do a tik tok in a outfit/piece of clothing and then wear that same piece of clothing mix matched with something she wore a thousand times the next day AND film a tik tok in it. How many times are we going to see the daddy tank top? Or the cheerleader outfit? She'll probably my do another video in that maid costume and bring out the black cheerleader outfit again. No creativity. Same dusty crusty clothes that all e girls owned in like 2019 or some shit. You'd think shayna was doing some real complicated make up looks and putting together real outfits the way she stresses, "going to get cute and take some pictures!!" Instead it's the same make up, ugly heart, same clothes and hair. Like bitch, you could be making 20 videos a day since you clearly don't care about what you wear and your make up never changes.

No. 1655241

She looks like the girlhood troon here

No. 1655279

tiktok is the perfect platform for her because it's like snapchat on steroids. filters will change your entire bone structure from head to toe, smooth your skin and put makeup on your face and that's acceptable over there. tiktok users will keep commenting "omg you are so pretty!!!!" because they have no idea how ugly and degenerate she really is.

No. 1655283

Unluckily for her, the cottage cheese cellulite. crusty cracked lips and makeup-smothered acne/face fungus is still visible under all the filters. I hope her new followers google her and find the threads, she’s going to get eviscerated

No. 1655293

File: 1663928302101.jpeg (288.14 KB, 750x915, D7FF18E8-6DC8-4005-8589-DB059B…)

ewww i wonder what nasty freak this was

No. 1655314

this type of behavior is so bitchless. makes me feel like she didn't stay "celibate" for this long by choice

No. 1655315

Stating the obvious
Yeah, not so much. Seriously though, how fucked in the head do you have to be to post shit like this? She needs to get a journal. Disgusting bitch.

No. 1655316

I was thinking that too, yet she clearly doesn’t enjoy sex. She just enjoys getting picked by the most bottom of the barrel degenerate moids. She’s really courting trouble tweeting shit like this too

No. 1655317

>sex worker constantly talking about wanting to be used and abused
>hasn't had actual sex in over a year despite "the dad", "gf" and "foot slave"
a very healthy, normal, exciting life for shaynus

No. 1655342


Full service sex work confirmed. Shatna is peddling her pussy by the hour BIG WOOF

No. 1655344

File: 1663934257992.jpeg (483.95 KB, 828x1324, D5FD9CAE-06AB-4B62-9E89-40CA42…)

She wishes cute guys would care about her and not just balding hideous moids/Ellen who get off to hitting her. The way she tries to act like some Hannah Montana best of both worlds sugar baby

No. 1655351

>hashtag egirl
Jfc she’s so cringeworthy and embarrassing, how is she not being pilloried by mean teenagers yet? Is that “egirl” retardation even a trend anymore? She’s so out of touch and late to the party, as per usual. And x to doubt “cute boy at the bar”, or if it’s someone she has managed to catfish they’re in for a rude surprise, kek

No. 1655352

File: 1663935048718.jpeg (604.75 KB, 828x1446, 76B0B6B6-63E6-4BC6-AF4B-76F282…)

lmao the double chin

No. 1655353

File: 1663935235734.webm (1012.68 KB, 576x1024, >hashtag egirl.webm)

No. 1655379

File: 1663938458465.jpeg (351.83 KB, 828x611, C9C46639-C7C2-4E63-A0F2-07B702…)

She may have gained a couple of thousand followers from gOiNg ViRaL but kek that engagement on her recent videos, c’est tres bleaque

No. 1655404

I wish she'd stop with the Baby Jane makeup

No. 1655410


Nitpick but can't she clean her shoes, jf those dusty ass bottoms get me everytime.

No. 1655412

Imagine looking this busted before 25

No. 1655413

that second video makes me so uncomfortable, holy shit. why is she staring into the camera with that “i’m on drugs” blinking, soulless expression? it’s fucking scary.

No. 1655419

is say yes if she was getting paid, but she clearly let this moid hit it for free.

No. 1655420

wait isn't shayna already 25? she can't only be one year older than me. why doesn't OP have her age wtf nonas.

No. 1655423

Blogpost but…When I was 175lb I never got over a size 10. But I hold my weight “well” I suppose.

How tall is she?

I think she’s a size 12 at very most

No. 1655424


No. 1655426

Cause people making out like she’s a mega fat plus sized qween. She’s just a midsized sized chunker at best. She’s not shopping plus size…. for now

No. 1655450

She's boring and not pretty enough to sustain interest in her account with looks alone. She better put on that bimbo housewife apron, it's the real star of the show.

No. 1655453


I've been saying this for at least a year ain't no way she's not slinging her funk box for $200 and some uggs. More like $20 but still… I'm actually kind of convinced Ellen is her pimp. Or at least hooking her up with all these old scrotes that will finger her in a parking lot.

No. 1655454

She’s not shopping plus sizes bc she’s still retardedly squeezing into S, maybe M shit

No. 1655495

File: 1663947416955.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.37 MB, 1170x1978, 8FEEE959-8D02-4285-A260-6A10CD…)

No. 1655507

File: 1663947878396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1170x1746, F62ED444-BDE4-4458-B613-137DD3…)

Immediate jump scare

No. 1655511

File: 1663947977855.jpeg (874.91 KB, 1170x1506, 2CF64B5B-5C8D-4F71-9644-23E48E…)

“The role she plays here is not her in real life.” No, this describes who she is exactly

No. 1655529

File: 1663949738209.jpeg (650.71 KB, 892x960, 93A15640-E460-43AB-AD62-929729…)

Kek she looks so sweaty and her face looks like raw pizza dough

No. 1655530

Her face is so fat jfc that’s a big bitch

No. 1655538

File: 1663950330509.jpeg (123.82 KB, 1080x1920, FA276521-C5A2-4E7E-9288-B0BFDB…)

No it’s a dying trend. All articles about the egirl trend are from 2 years ago. Shayna is late as usual

No. 1655545

The contrasting textures of her dry ass hair and greasy fucking face make me wanna take out my broom and sweep her up and spray some Mr. Clean

No. 1655562

File: 1663953391177.png (243.93 KB, 680x625, 0394EC93-3380-47F6-8A68-A87651…)

> hogtied
so easy but so funny

No. 1655572

File: 1663954242066.jpeg (545.66 KB, 1170x1043, 66C48631-DB4C-44F3-89B6-A1F8C0…)

Get ready everyone

No. 1655573

"i always feel like" and then it cuts off before the line "somebody's watching me" so it's extremely pointless. and her weird staring for 10 seconds is unsettling kek

No. 1655575

oh my fucking god, get a diary

No. 1655578

So is this some random guy she met at the bar? Didn't she day she left the dad and went to a bar? Did this idiot get fucked by a random and now will become obsessed with him? If it was "The Dad" she'd say that. Ellen's days are numbered, even if this dude uses shayna as his FWB, shayna will become obsessed with him. Will accuse him of abuse or using her when he moves on and/or will waste years of her life chasing after him. The thought of shayna having a one night stand and allowing some dude she doesn't know to slap her around, while she gets no physical pleasure but mental Is hilarious and sad. Dude literally pumped, dumped and now she's writing paragraphs on Twitter and wants to send HIM a good morning text. She's the simp.

No. 1655581

This! I see nobody replied to you but word, exactly what you said. She wants teens to see her shit and be oh, I want to be just like her, so empowered, you're so cool Shayna etc Saged for my own shit

No. 1655584

Shayna's train of thought: damn, I got chunky! Should I lose weight through diet and exercise? Nah, I'll just embrace the black, that will do just fine!

No. 1655589

File: 1663955947459.jpeg (46.56 KB, 275x270, 98D582E7-4986-4C0D-A1AF-63D21A…)

Fupa flashbacks

No. 1655590

File: 1663956005751.jpeg (127.81 KB, 1242x344, 1089BEF1-8CAB-4F92-BF03-90E26D…)

No you want moid attention

No. 1655591

File: 1663956079141.jpeg (193.84 KB, 405x556, DA65D0F8-FA6E-47F4-BA4D-BDDAF8…)

No. 1655593

File: 1663956238102.jpeg (479.47 KB, 1242x2208, 84F003B0-02B3-4C63-A8C2-CACDD9…)

Why she staring at her unmanicured hands like that and acting like she has acrylics? kek

No. 1655594

If you mean a potato with no lips then go ahead shat.

No. 1655597

File: 1663956523524.jpeg (422.57 KB, 1242x2208, 76D1B263-66A0-4B45-B564-9162B8…)

Shayna really does get her kicks out of showing her nasty lopsided man-boobs to the world.

No. 1655598

This bumpy faced dry lipped ugly retard thinks actual serial killer quotes from a man who beheaded and raped his own mother is so cute! I know she's not the first to do it but yuck.

No. 1655599

How the hell does she think this facial expression is in any way attractive

No. 1655602

So distasteful especially because the Twitter fags she panders to are mad about the new dahmer documentary thing or whatever.

No. 1655603

It doesn't even look good, just saggy, lumpy and unnatural tbh. Just like a sloppy man letting the end of his belly and moobs hang out his shirt.

No. 1655605

What was the purpose of this vid? She looks like a crossfaded idiot trying hard to focus on something and its just weird and vacant. Creepy but not in a halloween haha way. And then the end was uncomfortable and cringe.

No. 1655606

>>blah blah blah
>>shayna looks uninterested
>> I want to abuse /harm a woman
>>Shayna makes ugly retarded face with dry as lips, pretending to be into it.

Can she get a new idea please?

No. 1655607

Getting second hand embrassment realizing Shayna wore that ugly ass outfit in public to meet some scrote.

No. 1655608

This is like the same tweet Ellen posted a month or so back after she finally got dicked down. These bitches are pathetic kek.
Way to tell on eachother that they don't consider lez real sex and/or have the saddest unfulfilling sex lives.
So much for sugaring and having multiple partners and being a "bimbo slut".

No. 1655609

The hog tied part was accurate at least.

No. 1655611

It just makes it look like her tits sit way low down on her chest/torso and that her shirt doesnt fit. I guess both aren't incorrect. But its not sexy and flattering like she thinks

No. 1655613

Like a prev anon said, utterly bitchless. I’m humiliated just reading this good god

No. 1655618

Why don't these "poly" idiots just stay single until they meet someone they're actually attracted to? Any time any of them meet someone they seriously like they sperg like crazy with no regard to their other "partners". Every "poly" relationship ends up like this. Are these people afraid of being alone with their own thoughts or what? Kek

No. 1655636

In normal gross poly relationships at least sex happens, in Shayna's relationships she just doesn't want to be alone. She'll take faking it with Ellen, using the dad for cheap meals. You see how she met with a guy at a bar and literally had sex what I assume is the first time meeting him.
I hate to go into the "Scrote" mindset, but most men aren't going to take you serious if you behave like that. Let them hit you (softly) and have sex the first night. Shayna thinks giving men the pleasure of sleeping with her, means as much as to them as it does to her. Just like Fupaul, they'll use her up sexually, get bored, then immediately get with someone they like. Shayna treats Ellen just like Fupaul treated her.
They are simply placeholders. I think Shayna has only been without "Dating" someone maybe months since she became an adult. These people are obsessed with sex, but don't really have it because they instantly become obsessed with the scrote. I truly believe no one will ever take Shayna seriously, if she keeps seeking hypersexual scrotes who she gives access to her body the first time meeting. It's not like she's a nice, pleasant person. No she's a needy, selfish, generic weirdo.

No. 1655649

A 25 year old woman acting like this over what's most likely (definitely) a bottom of the barrel tattoed slob she met at a dive bar is beyond fucking bleak.

No. 1655650

they're scared of rejection and non-commitment is the best they can get

No. 1655655

Disgusting misogynistic bitch

No. 1655661

did she fuck that sad balding guy on tiktok who had like 5 twitter followers? or does he live too far away? i can see him easily conning her to fuck him before the shoot for free to "help with nerves" or some dumb shit.

speaking of dumb shit, she has no fucking business acumen. why wouldnt she milk the "my first fuck in over a year - uwu my hymen is resealed!" angle for an actual video she could profit off of?

No. 1655662

the fat girl shes dating must have a humilation kink because how embarrassing for her.

No. 1655664

the girl she's dating acts the same way everytime she gets with a scrote, they make it very clear they don't really like eachother and just don't want to be alone. I wonder what Ellen was doing before Shayna came back tbh

No. 1655675

File: 1663962910457.jpeg (397.05 KB, 1170x1275, 186433B9-7174-4059-901B-AB7159…)

Get ready for mom drama again

No. 1655684

Stop doing self-misogyny exercises on tiktok and make yourself a dentist's appointment.

Reimbursement for something she bought for herself that solely involves her going to see her family. She's going to have a ~bad bwain day uwu~ and ask her faithful coomers to cover the cost because she remembered she's going to have to deal with her family trying to help her leave sex work again, boohoo uwu

No. 1655685

This may get me screamed at, but I wonder why her parents never pay her flights. I feel like they have the money for it.This is retarded though

No. 1655693

I feel like she's never invited, she just decides when to go see them and they don't really want her to come. When she revealed that the trip to ireland was the first trip she'd been invited too, that makes me feel like despite her family wanting to help her, they don't want her around until she gets help.

No. 1655702

Maybe she has an ounce of shame and pays for the tickets herself to show them that she's totally thriving as a prostitute.

No. 1655705

I have a tinfoil that maybe they did use to offer to pay it but she would pocket the money or use it on stupid shit instead. Plus are tickets really that expensive for a round flight? I took one form tx to il and it only was around $400-$500. She’s inflating the price for scrotes to pay

No. 1655709

Shayna always asks for a little bit more then she needs, which is one of the smart things she does. I don't care if she's scamming scrotes.

No. 1655712

this is more than a little bit. seattle to boston is $300-$400, average. maybe a bit more in december due to the holidays. what she’s doing is just a bold faced scam.

No. 1655716

In-flight drinks add up

No. 1655718

File: 1663965837468.jpeg (747.18 KB, 1170x1860, 1DECD3C3-8B2E-4475-A3F5-93B6A3…)

But what happened to Goth being a “hard limit”?

No. 1655720

File: 1663965887837.jpeg (621.27 KB, 1170x1133, B0136901-29C9-4ABB-BF00-C9F2E6…)

And this is why you need help

No. 1655732

I think I remember her saying she flies business class. Maybe her family only offers coach and that's too beneath her.

No. 1655734

I hate this hideous, repulsive, abuse-glamorising, pedophilic hambeast so much, anyone who is into this disgusting shit deserves the chair

No. 1655738

Her life is already shitty. My dislike for Shayna is up there with troons at this point, she literally doesn't have to live or be this way. We see how she could be living by seeing her siblings. It pisses me off.
Shayna can't have normal sexual relationships, is 25 and trying to compete with women her age or younger who are naturally attractive with better bodies/personalities. The only way she can get a handful of attention is posting retarded shit like this or showing her retarded body.
She lets scrotes sleep with her on the first date. She's disgusting, her family barely likes her. She's created her own hell and the funny thing is, it's boring and uncreative as she is. She has to surround herself with uggos because she can't bare being around people her own age, who don't want to treat her like a retard.

No. 1655740

She'd be so intimidated by a male who encouraged vanilla sex more often. I wonder how insecure she would feel if kinks just were completely off the table for her dream scrote. It would be harder for her to feel "memorable" in bed since she couldn't just resist then lay around getting slapped and squealing.

No. 1655745

I think she'd be fine with that. I truly believe all she does is bend over and laying on her back, while a scrote slaps, chokes or does whatever. IF she was doing more Shayna would definetly be bragging about it.

No. 1655746

Having a rape fetish because you’re desperate for any man to “want” you is another level of pathetic. Mutual attraction and care is just so lame that she gets off to being a fleshlight as if males wouldn’t fuck a hole in the ground. Just proves how delusional she is.

No. 1655772

The sad part is she has to pretend to be into these deranged kinks because she’s not attractive or interesting enough to get attention any other way. Such a grifter always pandering to the latest degenerate trends for money

No. 1655790

File: 1663971565096.jpeg (711.82 KB, 1242x1311, 6853F901-DCD8-44EE-953C-2152CD…)

No. 1655794

comedy porn for the first bg scene, how on brand

No. 1655814

>don't involve non-consenting parties in your fetish
The men that get off to this shit have ABSOLUTELY 100% raped women in real life. THAT IS LITERALLY THE FETISH YOU FUCKING RETARD.

No. 1655819

Is it normal for pornstars to take a long time to do scenes with other people? She's been in porn for years and this is the first but there are people who start with sex on camera, but she's acting like this first one is a huge deal? It's not her first even she had sex with fupa in camera once

No. 1655822

Of course the guy will be covered up with a whole fucking costume kek so much for all the cute guys she meets with

No. 1655825

I love how she's buying the outfit for the dude to wear, unless she's planning on wearing it in some retarded way. Such a pick me.

No. 1655848

Not like its an original concept anyway but she's just copying what that other ewhore just did but I bet it'll be even worse kek. That fat yellow toothed one with glasses that did a post about working with Shaynus and Bustedpixie. She did some Scream themed porn where she was camping in the woods and the dude assaults her or something.

No. 1655863

because she seems to be terrible at sex, like “just laying there getting it in, gagging at 3inch dicks” kinda gal.

No. 1655864

she literally types like that furry tranny on kf, kevin gibes

No. 1655883

yes shayna rape is soooo sexy and hot, try actually getting assaulted and see your delusional views on “kinks” crumble, you stupid bitch

No. 1655890

Not endorsing this pedo pandering trash but, where is this outfit from as I kinda wanna wear this but not as short for halloween

No. 1655895

Dollskill. Even though she claimed many times she doesn’t support the company

No. 1655900

Damn this bitch is sick.
And tweeting this to be seen by everyone. Men have always been rapey but Jesus Christ don't encourage them more!

It's that last tweet that's killing me. You put the idea of a woman saying no and trying to make it stop like it's just some act and they actually love it?
Fuck you Shay, you are scum of the earth.

No. 1655901

Literally the only website she buys from now besides Shein and Amazon.

No. 1655915

I strongly believe that the reason she likes being forced is because she is lazy and doesn’t want to make decisions.

No. 1655922

Don't forget the occasional AliExpress!
It's a bit deeper than that. I'd say I'm lazy and hate making decisions but I don't fantasize about being raped!

No. 1655924

As a victim of SA at the hands of someone who I thought cared and loved me, seeing this shit from Shat truly makes me want to a-log so fucking bad. Anyone who romanticises being abused/raped/forced/assaulted and pander to that “kink” are as bad as the abusers, they all deserve each other and they all deserve the chair. Sage for selfblog

No. 1655955

it's always the ugliest pickme women who have rape fetishes

No. 1655973


Usually when it's women with the CnC fetish it comes from being in cultures repress female sexuality. Idk what Shayna's case is outside of being a giant pickme

No. 1655974

the psychology behind it is girls who like rape fantasy -actually- just like the idea that they are so irresistible that men cannot control their urges and must “have them”.

but in dolly farttel’s case i agree she probably is just lazy and loves not having to do much. its gonna be hilarious if she actually has sex with saggy tit tiktok guy to see how quickly she has pork sweats and is out of breath

No. 1655978

They should just say "I want to be wanted so badly" and leave it at that.
Attractive and normal woman can just get laid and have kinky sex when they want it. And I can't speak for all sa survivors but I doubt a significant amount have rape "fantasies" where they want to relive their trauma in that way. So that just leaves ugly dumbasses who don't know what it's really like out her perpetuating harmful misogynistic shit because they can't get meaningful relationships or good sex for themselves so they come up with these ridiculous kinks to cope.

No. 1655991

This is the only reason why she has a rape fetish. She just wants an excuse for her making 0 physical effort during sex.

No. 1655993

Idk what made y'all think she has any pride or dignity in being self supporting except for show. It's way more likely her family bought her ticket and she's just scamming for extra cash/rent. If she was truly ~girlboss~ and had pride, she wouldn't ask for reimbursements and shit.
How the fuck would she afford to drop 750 on a flight home, and book all this other shit she's said she has, AND buy a $300 retarded straightjacket, plus other stuff. Not on her 500 of subs salary. She's doing in person prostitution now and gets help from Ellen and Womack and whoever else. Plus her family def helps out.
I refuse to believe she was able to spend $1-2k this last week at the end of the month after being short on rent the last few months. Shit just doesn't add up. I figured she already blew through her payouts on the fetish con gigs and I can't imagine they paid a whole lot anyway. She was just behhing for money for coffee or something and complaining about an overcharge on her card.
Yeah she's a scammer, but she's also a broke bitch after she impulsively blows through what pathetic amounts of money she can scrape up.
But above all else She lacks pride, shame, humility, and dignity. She's made it clear she's never above panhandling, begging, mooching, and handouts. She might pretend she's so independent and sticking it to her parents, but she's nowhere near above taking from them in reality.

No. 1655997

>you didn't say no angrily enough
>it seemed like you actually wanted it
>even though you said no multiple times
This is the exact kind of shit that she encourages. And it's not rare at all. So many women who have been raped will avoid referring to it as a "real" rape in their mind because of disgusting shit like this that scrotes use to gaslight their victims & excuse their assault. Well, scrotes and Shayna.
She is doing real harm to other women. Yet she still tries to act like she's uwu such a sweet caring dolly who gets hate fow no weason?

No. 1656005

Bitch starts falling in love with a tinder fuck lmaooo. Shayna he’s not posting about your pussy like this, why are you??? Holy shit the embarrassment!

No. 1656007

Imagine your only contribution to life being creating content for rapists and defending the act because it’s your NLOG fantasy. Bitch you’ve never had a relationship where the other person cares about your well-being or pleasure and it shows. The fact so many moids get off to explicit non-consent even if it’s faked for a video is horrific, how can you be aroused at the image of the person you’re fucking not being into it? I mean I know men are evil but still this is BLEAK how normalized it’s become as a ~kink~ and these girls think it’s fine to put it out there as paid content knowing men will get off to it just because it’s simulating a rape situation.

No. 1656011

Hugs nona, I’m sorry you went through that. This shit is exactly why I despise this repulsive piece of shit more than any other cow, she’s actively harming women and profiting off it (albeit not by much, but still). No one calls her out on it except us. Degenerate whores on twitter screech about her being an antisemite just because she made a retarded edgelord joke but no one says anything about her promoting rape and incest and pedophilia. I really fucking hope she gets “exposed” on TikTok

No. 1656012

Survivor here too anon. So I’m right there with you on this

No. 1656014

File: 1663985094932.webm (2.02 MB, 576x1024, %.webm)

No. 1656015

File: 1663985119258.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1170x2003, 1D803E22-305D-4308-958F-A1F243…)

Sorry if this has been posted already. Like wtf

No. 1656024

She's so ugly I can't take I genuinely think I'm gonna stop looking at this thread I cant stand her face

No. 1656028

It's because she uses every muscle in her face to make those weird ass expressions save for her eyes. She's a little like Tom Cruise in that way–she looks friendly, but there's nothing behind those eyes.

No. 1656029

Every single one of her videos is out of sync, she’s such a fucking retard

No. 1656031

whos this? is this Ellen? kek

No. 1656034

tf is this alfred e neuman expression

No. 1656035

So the video is acting out what happens to porn stars in real life (abuse by male talent and producers)? Vile

No. 1656039

File: 1663986802664.jpeg (361.96 KB, 1242x852, 25793950-BB2A-46C5-A4B3-D645F1…)

Of course fat bitch wants money to eat.

No. 1656045

So Fat Shat has probably been exposed too, and you know she’s going to keep whoring and not isolate

No. 1656049

Who is the woman in Ellen's pfp? Because it's surely not her lardy, cellulite-ridden, obese af self kek. Was she once 50 lb lighter like Shayna?

No. 1656051

It's clearly just a really old picture.

No. 1656052

Wait didn’t she just claim she started her period 3 days ago?

No. 1656064

She’s been on her period all month she’s just a lazy fat worthless shit who can’t even do the bare minimum of getting on cam to beg for pennies

No. 1656069

I know Shay is a tone-deaf retard but her recent tweets about "forced" shit right now when that dramatised documentary series about Dahmer has just come out..
He's basically the kinda man she sexualises as "daddy" except he was gay.
He forced drugged people, fondled them and even dabbled in Shay's favourite: lobotomy!

No. 1656076

Who the hell is sending her tips? And for what? She gets absolutely no engagement. I bet she posts this shit just to bait Womack to send her money.

No. 1656172

File: 1664000979581.jpeg (502.3 KB, 828x1239, D3603A81-5A37-405C-A96D-C3A71D…)

kek the hag from skidmark academy didn’t even acknowledge her. Imagine being 46 and doing this shit. Get a glimpse of your future, Shaynus

No. 1656190

She’s the kind of girl to post an edgy “he was just kinky uwu he’s daddy” tweet about him

No. 1656201

Kek 46 and looking better than fat shat at 25

No. 1656251

File: 1664014707484.jpeg (516.16 KB, 1466x1869, 8986334D-5F16-40A1-B94E-56B886…)

From her latest TikTok, I don’t understand what the point of this “trend” is but holy shit her skin is fucking rancid, even with filters you can see how bad the texture is. And the dead black eyes, and the eye bags, very sexy Shatna

No. 1656270

She looks way better but she’s still a degenerate whore. Probably even more pathetic than Shayna because who hasn’t found a real job by 46?!

No. 1656275

God, the smugness of this misogynistic, repugnant, pedo pandering, pick me, hamplanet whore. I want to a-log so bad!

No. 1656280

how does this so called bisexual explain never having sex with her girlfriend?

No. 1656290

Kek of course she has a Penzance poster. Picture perfect Cornish town. Except for the heroin, the extreme poverty and the massive homelessness problem exacerbated by the government giving free train tickets to people from upcountry so they can ride that very same trainline the poster is romanticising down to the part of the country where they’re least likely to die sleeping rough (due to the warmer temperature down south).
Forgive the geosperg - am only pointing it out cos Penzance is truly bléaque and it’s such a good metaphor for these nasty women glamorising their nasty selves and failing to conceal the absolute rot that lies just barely beneath the surface of their photos/videos.
This is exactly what makes me want to a-log. Men are already using the “she wanted it” defence to get away with raping and murdering women. Encouraging that is inexcusable and shameful. Imagine selling out women and girls for pennies and crumbs of NLOG attention from rapists and paedophiles. Fucking disgusting. There’s just no way her “uwu this is how I process my own trauma” is true. She’s just evil.

No. 1656293

>Imagine selling out women and girls for pennies and crumbs of NLOG attention
Fucking this. Thank you for succinctly putting it into words. I wish I could deck her in her smug, busted face, or at least face-to-face publicly insult her until she cried. Resisting to urge to a-log rn myself.

No. 1656298

It’s a trend about how the zoomed in version (right hand side) is what you actually look like to IRL (closer to) vs the distorted phone camera lens in the left hand size, this trend on tiktok cycles every few weeks, funnily enough she looks 10x more overweight in the “IRL” version kek

No. 1656316

File: 1664024107050.webm (1.03 MB, 576x1024, the smugness of this misogynis…)

No. 1656326

File: 1664025709126.webm (3.54 MB, 720x1280, what are these brows?.webm)

Instagram Stories.

No. 1656366

Absolute jumpscare. I don't even see attractive people eyefuck themselves as much as she does. I wish I could see what she sees, kek

No. 1656367


The TikTok filters she uses work harder than the devil, if this was a random that popped up on my feed I'd think she's just a semi, almost cute crusty stoner chick.

No. 1656390

File: 1664032052918.png (8.53 MB, 1242x2208, EE71BA13-317B-4D19-81FA-FF0397…)

No. 1656396

Literally what is this hairstyle

No. 1656402

Clearly there were quite a few days between Facetiming and the meetup because that hair hasn't been washed in a long time. So gross, so bimbo

No. 1656406

why does she look so much like alice bender? is it just the filters or is this weird dead stare blank mouth facial expression a "thing" on tiktok? i do not use it so please anyone with insight also shayna having a crunchy phase would be so amazing, she could go back to the grungy stoner look and if she started eating raw vegan crap maybe she would lose some weight

No. 1656407

File: 1664032545525.gif (12.25 MB, 270x480, 27818FA8-AF18-4329-A5FA-2F666D…)

No. 1656408

what is she trying to say with this? that she's an ugly bitch irl? because we all know that.

No. 1656411


"Innocent and cute vs sexy bad girl" but Shayna is ugly and too lazy and dumb to change her outfit and makeup so it falls completely flat.

No. 1656418

According to >>1656298 its meant to show how you look IRL. I reckon what she’s trying to say is she looks just as “hot”.

No. 1656421

we know u look like Jason R. Womack IRL, what is this shit lol

No. 1656431

does she think the blinking is cute? it makes her look retarded and/or on drugs and completely blank. ain’t a thought up there.

No. 1656432

File: 1664033749929.gif (6.57 MB, 291x480, 9C28231E-C3A7-4424-99A4-FBF08B…)

No. 1656443

Nona, Nona, Nona! This is perfect!

No. 1656447

kek is she blinking in time with the beat? she’s such a retard

No. 1656452

Wide and flat like an Idaho plain

No. 1656454

Lol at her thinking that greasy combover is sexy

No. 1656461

TOPFUCKINGKEK next thread pic please

No. 1656464

This looks like a mugshot kek

No. 1656474

Wtf is she doing with her hair? She looks like a spastic hit by a strong breeze

No. 1656493

Nonnie I'm choking on my food. That's brilliant.

No. 1656519

The greasy combovers final form

No. 1656522

Her makeup is blank and one trick pony just like her. Everyone knows how to do decent brows by now. Brows have been on focus trend for a dacade now and there's hundreds of products specifically for it now. It's nothing worth posting and gassing yourself up about. Also what little brow she has left or draws for herself isn't as flattering as it could be if she wasn't a retard and figured out what looked normal and good on her crusty face.
Try contemporary lip products and eyeshadow styles next.

No. 1656532

File: 1664042149669.jpeg (313.32 KB, 1242x1586, 57681ABF-BF5F-47E6-B9A3-5E7F89…)

No. 1656544

Eat a fucking vegetable, drink some water and exfoliate.

No. 1656547

She's too old for pink hair.

No. 1656554

File: 1664043015082.jpeg (Spoiler Image,140.55 KB, 1080x1038, 59888737-0FB8-4EFF-8B46-79F884…)

Let’s not do that. No one is too old for a hair color.

No. 1656556

I hope she does and it's an awful reddish or purple pink that stains and ruins the blonde she just finally got to kek
Piercings aren't ~bimbo baby barbie~ and she just wants to look more "alt" because its october and either several scrotes or one in particular is into it. She already went through this phase with Fupa.
Getting some random dick (allegedly) really got her acting up like a hypertard again

No. 1656557

How the hell does this lady look more youthful and glowing than Shayna? Jfc and Shayna with pink hair will make her look even more trashy she doesn’t have the look or face for colorful hair

No. 1656559

File: 1664043248968.jpeg (518.67 KB, 1242x1599, B3EFBD62-A69A-4B05-9C6C-81BDF9…)

No. 1656561

It's the blatant lies for me, idc what nonnies say yes we know scrotes are retarded creeps but absolutely no one is walking around complementing shatna this much let alone her trotters.

No. 1656565

Exactly she has a new story every day. Beautiful women don’t get these weird wild interactions. She’s making up shit for attention. Her life is so boring she had to make up a story about random scrote complimenting her feet while walking her fat dog

No. 1656569

Agreed, Shay's age is the absolute least of her problems

No. 1656572

File: 1664043796760.png (8.38 MB, 1242x2208, DA2696CE-8F11-4C6F-A661-AE6044…)

When you’re fat and retarded https://streamable.com/5vrs9z

No. 1656577

File: 1664043981565.jpeg (143.02 KB, 1102x1125, CDE7677A-8679-4D17-BFD7-8B0342…)

Serving rodent realness

No. 1656578

Kek Shayna found the perfect platform to blogpost on. Tiktok loves this stuff. Just can't wait for someone to bring up her baby larping

No. 1656580

Remember when some miachan told Shayna she thinks of her when she purges. Kek ED TikTok and Twitter will have a field day with her videos. She looks so retarded. A lot of ED twitter is minors and they hate pedophiles

No. 1656582

she would look sooo much better without the underboob. miss the bra wearing era.

No. 1656584

Her mid section looks like Pepe in a helmet and face mask.

No. 1656585

She doesn’t even need a bra just needs to pull her retarded top down. Why does she get off on tucking her shirt underneath to show minors on tiktok her nasty man boobs

No. 1656586

File: 1664044952667.jpeg (370.08 KB, 1242x964, 551164A5-CFB3-490F-B9F0-B03F07…)

Depressed Ellen retweets

No. 1656587

File: 1664045032311.jpeg (252.09 KB, 889x1527, 3E6A2FA7-A2C5-4400-AEC7-5F7EC1…)

She looked awful with pink hair

No. 1656588

She's absolutely delusional. I feel this is the start of her downfall. I hope she really goes viral and shamed into oblivion for being so fucking putrid.

No. 1656590

why did she ever think uploading these no makeup pictures/videos was a good idea

No. 1656593

Totally thriving in a healthy poly relationship with her successful sw gf kek
Ugly lil Trunchbull. If she lost weight shed be as hideous as ever. She'd probably revert back to her spring 2021 habits of zero effort of not wearing makeup and wearing her turd braids all the time.

No. 1656594

File: 1664045731760.jpg (67.48 KB, 794x831, il_794xN.2870665878_7olx.jpg)


No. 1656598

She looks like an actual meth head here kek

No. 1656601

My vote for next thread pic

No. 1656604

I always thought she was a meth head in her first threads. She’s so nasty.

She looked best with the dark purple hair.

No. 1656677

She looks awful with any color hair because she's just ugly. There's 10 other things she needs to improve before changing hair color.

No. 1656704

because she’s actually happy with her life and the things she’s done, i’d assume

No. 1656705

File: 1664053503744.jpg (153.46 KB, 960x960, 306387656_635271574631067_4600…)

Yaniv isn't the only troon she resembles

No. 1656712

Wow really giving 2016 tumblr heroin fandom a la #nodsquad and yet somehow she is even more pathetic than those girls

No. 1656721

she literally does not have anything to fall from

No. 1656779

Aw this is adorable. Made my night, thanks nonners.

No. 1656832

File: 1664062620489.jpeg (540.35 KB, 1242x1049, 480A9CFB-1510-4F93-B38F-0F5474…)

No. 1656845

oof she's getting cellulite on her gut now.
Now that she's been getting dressed up again & trying to make herself look presentable (rather than hanging around all day in hobo clothes & no makeup like before), it's all the more jarring when she posts a nude. Not only is she bordering on obese but her fat distribution is just tragic. Ninety percent of her gain goes to her gut & core. Classic alkie fat distribution tbh. Her internal organs must be screaming.

No. 1656858

Great inspo for me to go to the gym this morning, cheers Shaynard you fat ugly turd.

No. 1656863

and do what with it exactly? fyi, she still has the whole colourpop lizzie mcguire collection (or one of those similar ones), as well as a bunch of other makeup. why bother buying new makeup when you don’t even know how to use it?

No. 1656875

I swear all she does is crusty foundation, eyeliner and some shit on her brows which is probably what she uses for those crap fake freckles.

No. 1656882

she doesn’t even know how to use lotion or primer but sure, but some more makeup for your crusty skin Shayna.

No. 1656888

File: 1664065936592.jpg (30.2 KB, 800x450, Xbawks2.jpg)

No. 1656893

File: 1664066321974.jpeg (329.98 KB, 750x640, 22EFF8BC-1C4B-4BBB-BE9D-062347…)

She must have lurked because she tried a new look today. She posted this video talking in a fake ass Kim kardashian voice. So cringe. We know she sounds like a manly stoner chick https://streamable.com/vy4uyl

No. 1656907

She still looks like a retard because her eyebrows and too far apart.

No. 1656910

Jesus christ she’s 24 or 25, she is not too old for pink hair. Diapers maybe but not hair dye

No. 1656911

I mean you can barely even see it because the ludicrous eyelashes.

But ugh the fake voice. Bitch, why?

No. 1656918

File: 1664067345208.png (8.48 MB, 1242x2208, 771E60C9-F5F2-4BC2-A9D9-97E087…)

No. 1656924

Another Shein abomination that makes her look like a pig in a pink plastic trash bag.

No. 1656925

kek it looks like a court jester costume

No. 1656936

i dont get it, why hide her gut with those belt-skirts if she’s going to post her gut on full blast kek

No. 1656946

The video for whatever this abomination is. She looks straight up retarded and like she smelled her own alchi and processed meat farts.


No. 1656959

Lmao what the fuck is that?

Has she made her weekly excuse for not camming yet?

No. 1656961

If she used it for running it shouldn't be such a bad thing. Does this idiot even knows how to run?

No. 1656964

For someone who’s terminally online, she really misses the mark with literally every fashion choice she makes. Also this bitch is so wide that hiding her gut with high waisted pants actually makes her look even fatter

No. 1656973

File: 1664071151160.gif (510.51 KB, 498x343, retard-alert.gif)

My god. Some anon mentioned it, but it really is Baby Jane, right up to the retarded underage dressing. This is the ugliest outfit with the ugliest fit and it's even in her size. How is she not bullied off tiktok

No. 1656976

i zoomed in on her face in this and the absolute state of her under eye area. she looks like a stinky pig

No. 1656994

Sage bc semi rant but when I see her body in all its vile, repugnant horror, I think about how much shit she talked back in the very first threads. I think about how she used her body as a way to feel superior to people. I think about all the gross shit she is into and perpetuates, and I think about how she deserves this. She deserves every dimple, every roll, every pound. I don’t think I’ve ever even felt anything remotely like pity for her, either. She’s one of the few women I would say is as nasty as a goddamn scrote and boy I can’t wait for her bedridden deathfat saga. Thanks for being such great gymspo, Shatna.

No. 1657007

File: 1664074018169.webm (3.89 MB, 576x1024, rodent realness.webm)

For whatever reason, she didn’t post this one on TikTok, just Instagram stories. She’s probably “afraid” of TikTok on some subconscious level.

No. 1657010

File: 1664074191489.webm (1.8 MB, 720x1280, Her mid section looks like Pep…)

No. 1657015

File: 1664074536859.webm (1.48 MB, 1232x672, her eyebrows and too far apar…)

No. 1657016

File: 1664074690132.jpg (503.54 KB, 889x1580, nos.JPG)

Accompanying photo.

No. 1657022

What is that shitty material? At least it’s baggier than the other tracksuits she’s squeezed herself into, but her gunt is still hanging out. And that fabric is just irredeemable. It looks like corduroy. What the fuck?

No. 1657041

File: 1664077133797.jpeg (979.82 KB, 1170x1798, 38811C09-E812-4AC8-B431-7374D6…)

A little?

No. 1657045

It’s polyester woven (?) to look like corduroy. Hopefully it wasn’t too warm in Renton because the thought of a polyester corduroy outfit on someone who refuses to shower, do laundry and wear underwear sounds (smells?) like a nightmare.

No. 1657050

File: 1664077812963.webm (4.35 MB, 672x1232, ~fit.webm)

Don’t deprive us of the full effect of this -fit, Nona.

No. 1657056

File: 1664078832265.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1082x1947, 3ADABDBB-B7BF-4102-B7C2-917DB5…)

Crackhead at the halfway house vibes

No. 1657058

Fishing for pity, also kek at the extra alcohol version white claw, drink some damn WATER and maybe you wouldn’t have a flabby beer gut from chugging shitty seltzers every day. Idk how people like her can drink casually every fucking day and not feel shit and bloated

No. 1657062

i predict she will delete this when shes sober. what was she thinking.

No. 1657079

the music she chooses to listen to is so bizarre, especially in conjunction with the wannabe crusty bimbo act.

No. 1657080

File: 1664081003482.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2208, 67FA2D90-F238-409A-B318-C0F00B…)

The text came on after she fell. She sucks at making these kek she’s so nasty can she not make TikTok’s without bringing up sex or her whoring job https://streamable.com/icecq7

No. 1657085

now shes looking like a chav fr

No. 1657086


Scrolled too fast and thought this was a part of the troon thread kek

No. 1657090

Any weird mouth thing she does is immediately ruined by her single snaggletooth hanging down, top kek

No. 1657100

File: 1664082908716.jpg (65.52 KB, 780x438, 90 day fiance mike.jpg)

she reminds me of him in this pic for some reason

No. 1657102


this voice is 100% a result of now being addicted to tiktok and trying to be like the content creators on there, it's a really common affect on that app. she probably has spent most of her time in this "manic" phase mentioned here >>1656532 glued to her phone obsessively scrolling through her fyp and trying to copy shit she sees lol

No. 1657109

Oh my god. That's who she reminds me of. I couldn't fucking remember for the life of me but it was him.

No. 1657110

Fuck tiktok for not keeping her banned, TWICE.

No. 1657112

fat kek

No. 1657117

As she should be, it’s only a matter of time before she gets dragged over the coals. On the one hand I’m disappointed she didn’t stay banned because she’s a disgusting misogynistic pedophile but on the other hand I’m glad because her cringey boomer behavior is pretty hilarious

No. 1657118

File: 1664084839547.png (9.96 MB, 1242x2208, 15C87AE1-A66F-4166-A38D-0C043D…)

No. 1657119

File: 1664084894967.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1162x1525, 733E6087-86A9-474F-BDE8-4E681D…)

A mix of him and a garden gnome

No. 1657121

Second one makes me want to die
Shoutout to the topth and domth

No. 1657123

That second one is so cringe. And that fake nasally baby voice. Vom.

No. 1657128

File: 1664085346945.jpeg (432.99 KB, 1242x2208, 4254DF18-D5C3-4487-A39E-66F5AF…)

That makeup does NOT go with that outfit. I know she doesn’t go anywhere but she could wear a better outfit that actually matches her shitty eyeshadow. The ugly hoops gauges, the crusty space buns, and sweaty goody headband from the drug store. Also that sweatshirt is so ugly it looks like it’s from Walmart. I know it’s from dollskill but it looks so raggedy and she hasn’t even had it that long.

No. 1657129

Dear god that profile is unfortunate, she legit looks like a Hartley Hooligan

No. 1657131

>implying Dolls Kill is any better than Walmart

No. 1657134

I never said that. I’m saying it because anons will correct me by saying it’s from dollskill. Like that tacky Walmart bikini she got from them that looked like the kids clearance rack .

No. 1657145

I fucking hate this ugly rat faced degenerate so much, she’s so punchable, especially in that second video (though I love how even with that excessive filtering her disgusting acne is still front and centre and she still looks twice her age)

No. 1657151

File: 1664087932808.webm (874.43 KB, 576x1024, cringetok .webm)

No. 1657152

I'm already so sick and tired of seeing that outdated heart on her haggard face.

No. 1657155

This is in the top 3 ugliests wtf "outfits" she's ever worn. That top looks like an accident on the sewing line. Like it was supposed to be pants but it got fucked up multiple times along the way.
None of it is flattering or cute. Corduroy is a sin.

No. 1657158

File: 1664088315974.webm (3.13 MB, 576x1024, gross.webm)

> just a lil bit of positivity for all the tops / doms out there
(Two Hearts Emoji) (Sparkling Heart Emoji) (Sparkles Emoji)
She’s getting bolder.

No. 1657159

File: 1664088359187.webm (1.9 MB, 576x1024, 90 Day Fiancé Mike.webm)

No. 1657164

Her lips are so dry and cracked she has deep indentions in them. Like they were sliced open. How do you just live like that

No. 1657169

I've lurked in these threads for so long but have never heard her talk before. This can't be her real voice right? Shes just playing up a valley girl accent or something right?

No. 1657171

it’s so ugly when she fakes her voice like that but once you really see her she speaks and acts like a man on camera,

No. 1657172

I was thinking the eye makeup actually looks good until i saw >>1657128

No. 1657176

File: 1664089562354.webm (18.78 MB, 720x1280, ugly rat faced degenerate.webm)

Stitched together Instagram Stories, the “end” of the video is >>1657050 which I didn’t stitch with the rest as it had already been posted.

No. 1657177

Shayna’s natural voice: https://streamable.com/9a75c5

No. 1657178

Why is she talking like this? This is not her real voice

No. 1657197

Trying to be an uwu cute sub bottom

No. 1657234

File: 1664097068690.jpg (21.18 KB, 550x309, 1tb5dd.jpg)

No. 1657236

THAT FAKE UWU VOICE KEKEKEK. Once again trying to act 'cute' and failing to realize that it makes her sound like a literal retard.

No. 1657254

I don’t mean to be a spoon fed tard but I always assumed these dates with the “dad” were resulting in sex? What do they even get out of it? Either not having sex for a year is a lie or the dad is literally not real.

No. 1657260

File: 1664101491683.jpeg (499.04 KB, 1242x1177, A39CD77E-D3F1-4F13-8085-9725C7…)

She just says he bites her and fingered her at (what we assume) an Applebees parking lot. The tweets about him make him seem like a fag so idk. It would be so funny if she was making him up the entire time or lied about it being one consistent guy giving her money.

No. 1657262

File: 1664101613380.jpeg (885.65 KB, 1242x1207, F6C991B2-C21F-436B-A609-5DE113…)

I mean she had her pic taken by a bald guy. We saw the reflection in the window. Idk why anons won’t consider her lying as a possibility. Shayna makes shit up all the time. Her whole life is a fabrication

No. 1657264

Not all moids want a prostitute? Although it does sound weird…

No. 1657268

Right? He’s been around for a while now and way longer than any man who would hang out without sex? They’re not like dating really so it seems weird that we be would buy her anything? I know people have said he’s made up before but I remember the picture of him building some furniture or some stupid shit so I assumed he was real or something. So he went over to her place to build furniture naked but they didn’t have sex?

No. 1657274

The moid with his chode in a cage was “slave dad”. A submissive she met through Ellen Degenerate. We’ve never seen “the dad” or any of her cheap splenda daddies. Kek @ the memory of her lurking the threads and unironically calling them her splenda daddies on her discord. She loves regurgitating the shit she reads on here.

No. 1657282

he could just be a pedo kinkster who used her to fulfill his fetish. you're talking as if any of her relationships with men are like regular dating. they're not.

No. 1657285

I'm so embarrassed for her. There's no way she didn't tell the dude she fucked about her socials. She was probably posting bait for him to text her about all day kek.

No. 1657298

File: 1664105469679.jpg (21.86 KB, 474x315, th-2355263562.jpg)

Imagine it's your turn to make some people go missing 411 and when you open your bigfoot portal you see that.

No. 1657311

This is really autistic

No. 1657332

File: 1664109680270.jpeg (321.55 KB, 1797x1002, 3AF5172F-49C2-4EFF-BE63-376689…)

Idk why Shayna can’t buy plus size versions of cheap tacky clothes. She’s at least a size XL

No. 1657368

She's in denial about her weight anon, that's why. She thinks she's still a tiny uwu bimbo and will be cramming herself into a medium long after she's ballooned up to 2XL.

No. 1657373

she probably just doesn't count her prostitution as sex because she's retarded.

No. 1657406

Damn I thought that fat roll was a shirt

No. 1657415

she knows she has children in her comments too. I know this because she combs through her comments to delete anything she deems bad. she knows what she’s doing. she’s trying to lure children into sex work, just like she did when she was underage. she wants to seem like the cool older sister when in reality, she’s a sex trafficking pedo.

No. 1657520

Shayna is dangerous at best, predatory at worst. She gloats about her TikTok going “viral” but how many of those views were from children, especially vulnerable teenage girls? It’s disgusting and enraging. Does TikTok censor sensitive content from underage users? She’s essentially using the platform to sling her sex work content in addition to fueling her ego from the filters and fleeting attention.

No. 1657540

the bald guy is that nosferatu looking creep from the bdsm shoots where she giggles like she has down’s syndrome

No. 1657542

she also let a guy “sniff and lick” her feet in her apartment while she laid on her back naked in a spread eagle type pose. shes fucking disgusting and her perception of sex is warped.

No. 1657564

tiktok doesn’t have any way to mark content 18+/sensitive content. kids can see anything that comes up on their fyp or if they search. she knows this. she wants kids to see her content because they’re the only ones that say she’s cool or that they want to grow up to be like her.

No. 1657584

Actually it does. I went to look at one of her vids and I hadn't put an age to my account I guess so it said the vid was restricted until I did to confirm I was over 18 I assume.
It said the age doesn't show on profile and there was no verification. So we know a lot of kids will just lie. But technically Tiktok does censor content. Again, Im not sure how much good it actually does though.

No. 1657606

It's also the "Aym from Waaahshiyngton Stayte!" accent creeping in.

No. 1657638

The nasty pedo adults get around the censorship by misspelling banned words using seggs instead of sex. And using the word “accountant” when referring to prostitution

No. 1657683

looking like she just rolled out of B&M bargains with a few tinnies ready to shout and start fights on the streets of the estate. Also the UWU baby voice gave me so much second hand embarrassment, she sounds like such a retard

No. 1657712

File: 1664136869572.jpeg (390.01 KB, 1170x1003, D0DDCEB4-F173-43A3-93C1-2E6CF5…)

Get ready everyone

No. 1657717

Does anyone have a recording app? She just posted her kitchen on Snapchat- complete with using purses as decorations on her countertops.

No. 1657718

I can’t wait for the regret and depression filled comedown from all this clown shit kek.

No. 1657762

File: 1664140568954.jpeg (433.2 KB, 1226x1365, EB9893FA-DA0A-456E-B074-1813CA…)

You’ve always been repulsed by sex, Shayna

No. 1657767

like a javelina in the dirt, yes

No. 1657769

When she says feral I think of a rodent with rabies. I don’t get why she uses that word kek

No. 1657777

>I got the hershey-squirts from shark week starting again :( no peepee in gigi today afterall grr bark bark

No. 1657778

File: 1664141157777.jpeg (41.33 KB, 534x406, AFA30442-D5DE-4C6E-BE8A-B43067…)

>Hershey squirts
please stop anon

No. 1657790

the way she wiggled her finger in her stretched ear lobe oh god ew wtf was that

No. 1657793

>>1657717 your phone should have an inbuilt one unless its really old. Some can be awkward to access but just google it. I don't use snap so cant do it

No. 1657795

oh, welp, turns out me and the phone are both old kek

No. 1657810

“Put love and care” from a guy you met an hour ago at the bar that won’t talk to you after. Sure, shat

No. 1657820

The size 8-10 nonnies got quiet real fast kek

No. 1657847

Sad that she still doesn’t get that she’s repulsed by the fat/old randoms she lets slap her around. One guy around her age does it and suddenly she’s feral for cock. Shocking!

No. 1657852

The idealization, that’s mento illness.

No. 1657854

Shayna Fupaul is married. You said multiple times that you can't have sex with a man unless you have feelings. Stop blaming fupaul for something that you've always been. Even before Fupa she wasn't running around sleeping with anything with a dick. It's not even abnormal to want to only have sex with someone you care about and not silly nilly. Just say you haven't found the right scrote to sleep with. She'll either have a weird fwb with this dude and accuse him of abuse when he does one thing she doesn't like or end up dating him.

No. 1657859

there really is something about her that gives me greasy Gabbie Hanna vibes. like if Gabbie Hanna was a low energy stoner.

No. 1657864

File: 1664145910533.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.62 KB, 1080x2106, Screenshot_20220925-174422_Chr…)

No. 1657867


I assume shanga allows him to do shit that's much nasiter than regular penetrative sex. And she does it for money and "gifts". Prob her little girl larp IRL,

No. 1657872

It really pisses me off that she keeps saying “getting fucked” rather than just “fucking”, her pornsick, degenerate, misogynistic brain can’t help but view her own pleasure (for want of a better word, as we all know she doesn’t actually enjoy sex) through the lens of moidy violence. I fucking hate her so much.

No. 1657875

>a rodent with rabies
I mean if the shoe fits…

No. 1657880

didn't she just claim to be manic? is now really the time she should be filming her first "b/g" content?

No. 1657881

God her apartment is so ugly, that kitchen is cheap and tacky as fuck

No. 1657895

bless you nonnie.

jfc, am I seeing that this retard keeps her cat feeder and pet water fountain on the counter, encouraging the cats to jump up and walk all over the countertops??

No. 1657903

what do the comments say?

No. 1657904

how is that organized? nitpick I guess but that amount of stuff on counters looks ugly. Not to mention it’s cheap plastic stuff..

No. 1657921

oogna boogna

No. 1657931

That's so unhygienic. She probably puts her bags on the ground. All the germs from outside going on where you're supposed to eat food…nasty

No. 1657942

hopefully it completely covers your disgusting face.

No. 1657963

Has Ellen never done anything sexual with her? Or does she just only define sex as PiV. It wouldn’t surprise me if their “relationship” was totally sexless but she’s really showing her straightness here.

No. 1657972


I guess I could see why she'd do some shit like this since she doesn't cook, but I know Shayna did not grow up in an environment where doing dumb shit like putting purses in a place that will destroy your tj-maxx find Betsy Johnson and Micheal kors purses. She's special needs, she has to be delayed mentally.

No. 1657976

Never showed her cleaning her ears or the plugs either so you know the smell was rancid

No. 1657981

imagine her trying to put it on kek

No. 1657994

and she dropped it on the floor too. she’s so gross. I bet she smells like ear cheese and old alcohol.

No. 1658020

All positive, gorgeous etc the bar is low on fetlife in terms of women to be honest but the scenery is passable enough to make the pics impressive to people. She is by far the ugliest model uploaded

No. 1658032

She's the type of person to wash paper plates but even that's too much of a stretch

No. 1658035

File: 1664158214005.jpeg (967.04 KB, 1242x1367, E2839A07-1C0E-4776-B266-A2B527…)

>cat food on the counter
I mean, I know she doesn’t cook food but it’s still nasty that her cat(s) eat up on the kitchen counter. Maybe cause noodle eats the food but like put it up higher somewhere else wtf

No. 1658038

As a pet person, that is fucking gross and super weird. Ive never seen that before probably because who tf does that really.
Cant train her dog not to eat their food, too lazy to put them on a feeding schedule but like… put it anywhere else but your kitchen counter or table jfc

No. 1658049

This is so fucking disgusting, cats are filthy animals, they shit in a box that they step in and then track it everywhere with their nasty feet. Between this and letting her fat dog eat off human crockery on the couch, she’s absolutely putrid. Imagine the stench in that ugly ass apartment.

No. 1658051

wtf is this kitchen, it’s so hideous and makes no sense. The bags on the bench, why? She is legitimately retarded.

No. 1658062

Step AND dig around in. Liter and urine are caked in their toes and claws. And we know this bitch does not wipe down her counters daily, probably not even weekly.
KEK I love how she literally keeps that pan on her stovetop as a decoration.

No. 1658064

Shayna is the type of bitch to let her fat dog shit outside without picking it up. I know that apartment smells crazy two cats, a dog, and a human that hates showering jfc kek

No. 1658072

It's been said time and time again but she really shouldn't have any pets if she can't take care of herself or her living space. And I hope tubby feels like shit knowing her pets are miserable living with her.

No. 1658088

Oh she absolutely does. I wouldn’t be surprised if it shits in the apartment too, knowing how rancid she is
Who the fuck uses cooking utensils as an “aesthetic”? It’s different if you’re someone who cooks and keeps items you use frequently on the counter and you happen to have appliances and other utensils that add something interesting to your space but this is just retarded and cringeworthy, it’s so trashy and hideous

No. 1658098

Bold of you to assume she wipes her counters down to sanitize them at all. Probably just brushes the crumbs and shit off on the floor and calls it good

No. 1658102

File: 1664165057583.jpeg (1.7 MB, 3465x3333, 4DBA302E-7842-49EB-BCE0-6D7F4B…)

Shaynus stuck in 2014 starter pack

No. 1658103

File: 1664165183449.jpeg (243.51 KB, 1242x1112, 9CD75722-5D2B-47BD-B27B-9E778E…)

Fatty really put her cashapp in her TikTok bio. So pathetic

No. 1658104

This and the purses used as decoration on the counter screams special needs / ASD (no offense to anyone). And not understanding laundry, having moving boxes still in the apartment. Her independent living skills are really bad

No. 1658106

Late but I just wanted to point out that this audio is justin roiland quoting an actual murderer during trial. the state of Georgia vs. Denver Fenton Allen. Not cute

No. 1658111

This can get her account banned

No. 1658145

Dont tell her lol
Its gross of her to put her socials at all and pathetic to ebeg on tiktok of all apps.

No. 1658161

she probably thinks 3k followers is good for TikTok, kek

No. 1658165

yup. and considering this dirty bitch more than likely rarely cleans her cats litter boxes or wipe their paws when they step off it, there’s definitely traces of cat feces all over her kitchen counters

No. 1658179

Oh, she does still have the coffee maker. Why is she always ebegging for coffee money then?

No. 1658184

Because her idea of “coffee” isn’t what non-amerifats know to be coffee, it’s some artificially flavoured corn syrup and milk concoction

No. 1658192

plenty of amerifats make their own corn syrup mixtures but i guess it's not glamorous enough for shay. she's so trashy she thinks takeout/delivery coffee is aesthetic.

No. 1658283

File: 1664192593104.jpeg (870.88 KB, 828x1538, 2BD0957E-403B-464D-ACB2-97D050…)

This came up on my fyp right after I checked Shat’s page and I can’t stop laughing, the algorithm terrifies me

No. 1658285

she's truly pathetic. I don't even think I can blame her parents anymore, she's too old and her childhood was not traumatic enough for her to be this much of a woman child. I just know she's never seen anyone put purses and the cat feeding station up on the kitchen counter, Shayna is her own unique brand of smooth brain. I'm surprised she hasn't given herself food poisoning or burnt a house down yet. I suppose it's a good thing the bitch NEVER cooks

No. 1658286

No. 1658359

File: 1664198394997.jpeg (829.44 KB, 1170x1227, 73A5312F-5BBF-4E0A-864E-E1BE72…)

No. 1658368

Neither bitch take a shower kek

No. 1658373

The way she keeps saying “getting fucked” over and over really makes me want to a-log this fat fucking pedo piece of shit

No. 1658391

I stg her forehead unironically looks like a pumice stone.

I’m so curious how much better those tops would be if her tits weren’t being squeezed out of the bottom. I think it’s the worst thing she does with her clothes.

No. 1658438

She thinks it’s sexy when it just give retarded whinnie the pooh/too small vibes

No. 1658510

kek, she did buy a $50 costume for her broke co-star. how pathetic Shayna.

No. 1658514

Kek shat is supermodel tier for fatlife, absolute bottom of the bottom of the barrel individuals frequent the rape fetish site.

No. 1658584

Is she working with an actual porn actor or just some random guy which is why he’s going to wear a costume to hide his identity? You’d think she’d be tagging him if he was another SW

No. 1658612

Love how she brought him a costume but is going to wear one od the two outfits she's been wearing for death. Are all her costumes dirty or too small? Kek. Imagine buying a scrote a new outfit to fucj you for free in but wearing the same outfits.

No. 1658615

Its obviously that guy she fuxked from the bar. I wonder if she going to let him go raw, sorry I do not think shayna gets tested or requires scrotes to get tested before touching her. This scrote is just going to be her FWB and she'll gush over him while he does even less then what Fupaul did, while Ellen constantly "looks" out for her.

No. 1658616

Pretty sure it’s that Tattooed bald faggot that looks like shrek.

No. 1658630

Idk if it’s him. I feel like he would have said something on Twitter. Shayna follows the Ken bald scrote so idk.

No. 1658782

Shayna and Foodie Beauty are the only two sloth-slobs I’ve ever seen doing this

No. 1658790

File: 1664225389785.jpeg (448.63 KB, 1242x1292, 3E15A8FF-9BE3-4025-82CF-521BA5…)

AYRT and he did a month ago. Idk if it’s still him since she hasn’t actually said who it is but they seemed like they were actually going to film together.

No. 1658796

sorry I meant to say NTA cause you didn’t reply to me kek but I can’t delete for some reason

No. 1658863

i doubt it. i think he just says that as some sort of weird manifestation thing. there were screenshots posted before where he'd say similar things in replies of other e-whores. shayna has never even acknowledged this dude altho she does follow him so idk..

No. 1658888

File: 1664231882471.jpeg (537.13 KB, 2224x1383, 9E2CA0E8-C35F-43A8-9F30-C76E1B…)

She’s such a fat slob

No. 1658891

File: 1664231992466.jpeg (818.53 KB, 1242x1678, C17EECD8-C9CE-4548-BFAA-BD33B4…)

No. 1658893

File: 1664232301926.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 2620x3103, 91151EDD-DBF8-4ED7-B109-AFA975…)

Shayna and her mismatched moobs >>1658891

No. 1658895

Those things are so mismatched and ugly its unreal. Like an artist learning how to draw. The Hills Have Eyes inbred ugly.

No. 1658902

The second picture it's so noticable, no wonder she doesn't take tit pictures everytime she goes to somewhere with a public bathroom outside the house, I legit think it's hard for her to even pose to hide the difference.
Thats why every picture is from the side or back, why even be a pornstar if you only feel comfortable showing your body from one angle and refuse to do anything to fix it?

No. 1658911

most of us (sadly) see shayna enough that its hard to really notice how steadily she is putting on weight but fuck, she isn't just a "few extra pounds" shes putting on visceral fat that will be extremely hard to lose without a complete overhaul of her diet and lifestyle.

and its the same for herself, she puts on 10-15 pounds every 6 months without noticing and kind of "settles into it" and "learns to love it" instead of doing ANYTHING about it. I predict her hitting 250 by age 30 if she changes nothing.

No. 1658914

there is a whole sub-culture of Sex "Workers" now and this is just how they flirt and mingle. i want to doubt this would happen but shes pathetic enough to fly herself out for some dick and let the guy film + sell it.

No. 1658917

it wouldnt shock me if her weird SWer haters started using that pic of proof that "SHES A NAZI! SHES DOING THE HITLER MOUSTACHE!"

No. 1658926

I find it really odd that the supposed implant boob has gotten significantly larger.

No. 1658934

Eventually fat starts going to “unexpected” places.

No. 1658940

Why does her hair look so muddy and brown? Didn't she just get it dyed a lighter blonde a few weeks ago?
Why go through the trouble of bleach if you're not going to maintain it.. she's such a sped.

No. 1659024

File: 1664240472480.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1170x1872, 76E177D1-0847-44FC-99AD-7294FE…)

No. 1659027

File: 1664240705880.jpeg (157.07 KB, 750x459, 67D2043D-595E-499E-A5DF-B5E888…)

the fact she's replying to this actual literal pedo like this

No. 1659030

Kek at the shein bags in the pile
Is there really even any point to grt rid of her clothes that dont fit, only to spend money buying more clothes that dont fit?

No. 1659035

Fucking hell Shay. Wash your hair instead of the ugly fucking combover, Christ alive.

No. 1659038

she looked human until she stood up

No. 1659044

>R u proud of me?
No. This is what normal people do, but far more often.
What a shithole.
What's worse is she's been transporting these crappy old clothes that don't fit for years for some reason.

No. 1659045

I should not be surprised that the person who will show their asshole at any moment wouldn't have enough shame not to show the giant pile of unwashed clothes in their closet. Jesus girl maybe that money could've gone to the rent you had trouble paying.

No. 1659051

anther Fabrisexual, I said that Shayna wears certain outfits over and over again, because she feels they hold some kind of "Power" and whatever compliments she got from them, she thinks it'll bring more. Like the bra, cheerleader outfits and those tank tops.
It's not just a "I'm lazy and don't feel like washing my clothes" or "these are my favorite items" kind of thing.
it's autism and fabrisexuality

No. 1659054

also, does she plan on washing these donated clothes?Please don't tell me she's going to give people unwashed clothes, with Shayna juice on it that she literally did porn in? I hope that Fupaul cum shirt isn't included. It's funny how she had sex with a guy and suddenly she's throwing away clothes because "Feels". I think she's dating this guy, or has some kind of relationship and now she wants to "move on" aka, move on to the next scrote to accuse of abuse

No. 1659056

Shayna doesn’t wash her clothes in general when she wears them. They all stink of B.O and booze. She’s getting rid of them probably because it reminds her of Fuplahoma and all those clothes are too small

No. 1659057

could a kind nonnie post the full size pics here? I don't have a twitter and it keeps locking me out of viewing it without being signed in

No. 1659062

She moved like a year ago. Why wouldnt these be in boxes or bags? Why are they in a 2 foot deep pile in her closet wtf lol especially clothes that are old and don't fit. She is one of the weirdest slobs. This is hoarders looking shit.

No. 1659068

Maybe it’s from frantically trying on all her clothes in order to find something that fits?

No. 1659072

I think she's just depressed and has been depressed since she first moved out her mom's house and that situation didn't turn out amazingly. I cannot be convinced everyone else i her household/raised by her parents, look clean, presentable and attractive, but Shayna was the one who just missed the mark.
She's just not organized and depression from shitty life choices has made her situation even worse for her.

No. 1659080

File: 1664243802427.jpeg (300.44 KB, 1168x1777, 84286D05-39D1-4E01-A611-781D75…)

No. 1659082

File: 1664243919045.jpeg (768.47 KB, 1976x2047, 8F5ECEC8-2D7B-4DC1-921B-CCEC8A…)

No. 1659084

File: 1664244072145.jpeg (518.3 KB, 1536x2048, 8F55EBEC-529A-4326-AD99-9A4609…)

No. 1659085

File: 1664244186611.jpeg (512.66 KB, 1170x1464, F68855E6-8DD7-43CE-9F51-83E9AD…)

IF Shay is telling the truth, so much for Ellen canceling plans due to a Covid exposure

No. 1659088

Actually pathetic that she’s moved STATES like three times and still held on to all of this. Girl you are twice the size you were at 19. Get a fucking grip.

Funny how all of these chicks are so mentally ill uwu and glamorize it but refuse to see that the lifestyle they CHOOSE is the main detractor. I’m tired of this retarded whore. I hope she grows up, eventually, or gains 100 more lbs by 30 like an anon said before.

No. 1659090

Figures these two fat slugs would be out and about spreading plague like Shayna spreads smegma everywhere she goes

No. 1659102


The plastic SheIn bags from her more recent drug induced mania hauls kind of prove she literally just lives out of a pile of clothes on the floor. You know she reeks of cat piss and sweaty polyester.

No. 1659103

bless you nona. love that she's kindly donating these clothes that are likely a health hazard to the unfortunate goodwill that receives them

No. 1659105

Kek she literally didn’t wash them

No. 1659113

I honestly don’t think she’s donating. I think she says she is, but is actually throwing them out

No. 1659122

Imagine her trying to open up a Depop store and selling off her cat piss stained wares like what chiclet teeth does.

No. 1659124

I think she did in the past, and she never sent the items out.

No. 1659151

File: 1664250712705.jpg (358.96 KB, 1080x2210, Screenshot_20220926-173610_Tum…)

Has Shat said anything about Tumblr allowing porn again? I'd love for her to try to uwu reclaim her former glory only for her old followers to see her a good hundred pounds heavier.

No. 1659177

And with that ratty star blanket of hers in full view. Get rid of that too Shayna, for the love of god.

No. 1659190

nowhere in there doe sit say that it allows porn, "a graphic fsog edit" is not porn. the porn blogs have been claiming that tumblr has stopped banning them in recent months, though. they're probably desperate enough for ad revenue to opt for this now…

No. 1659195

She really kept that ugly ham colored body con dress and retarded Patrick Star backpack

No. 1659201

She's gonna take her listing photos on her filthy floor or that star blanket

No. 1659259

File: 1664268580669.jpeg (236.06 KB, 828x1478, AABD41D5-FFAE-4475-BB0A-4CFFFF…)

This fat retard popped up on my FYP as soon as I opened TikTok, there were a few comments like this, she’s going to start getting real bold

No. 1659319

Shayna needs to go to a fucking dermatologist. Her textured forehead is getting worse and grossing me the fuck out. She looks contagious and like she spreads disease every place she goes.

No. 1659321

I was just about to say the exact same thing, the fungus is getting worse, most likely because she never showers, cleans or does laundry, her entire apartment needs to be burnt to the ground of the basis of it being a biohazard

No. 1659322

Can’t believe she didn’t mention how fat she got kek

No. 1659336


the commenter is also a chubby-chan so she wouldn't lol

No. 1659343

People have been testing it and posting straight up porn and not getting flagged, so we'll see. Much like Shat, Tumblr refuses to admit that it's well past its prime.
This entire photo just looks musty as hell. All that cheap fabric just catching and holding onto these smells.

No. 1659481

Nonna I laughed kek thank you for that

No. 1659538

Epitome of damn bitch you live like this

No. 1659641

Oh puke, I can smell this picture

No. 1659666

File: 1664300506764.jpeg (566.14 KB, 1242x1347, 4A103CD4-3BB2-408A-8B59-49CDE7…)

Okay dollar menu ass bitch

No. 1659668

there was probably cat piss all over this pile

No. 1659669

File: 1664300617669.jpeg (595.98 KB, 1242x1682, 2B8AEADE-E6DA-4D69-A650-6B527C…)

Shayna not everyone is dumb enough to do sex work on the tumblr they used in high school with their first name

No. 1659672

File: 1664300639412.jpeg (259.68 KB, 1242x672, 8D1099BB-3623-45B9-8C6B-5112DA…)

>I love my job

No. 1659679

And what is her backup plan exactly?

No. 1659681

>if you don’t have a backup plan in case things don’t work out you’re not ready
Do you have a backup plan, Shay? Because it hasn’t been working for the last 5 years. Begging for donations from pedophiles is not it working out. I hate when she makes these annual stupid “you guys could never do sexwork but I can” posts

No. 1659683

2 for 1 BJs behind the local liquor store

No. 1659689

“Hell yea I gatekeep sex work.” But has complained numerous times about other people who do it

No. 1659698

So in conclusion she went through that horrible ordeal so she could sell asshole pics for the price of a cheese burger?

No. 1659701

You ever think maybe there's a reason for these consequences? Almost like being a whore isn't a good choice? Especially when you literally don't have to be.
Porn is misogynistic and harmful.
Perpetuating moid fetish and mentalities and having a virtual pimp like OF isn't empowering. Women can be sexual and kinky without catering to porn sick scrotes to the point that it ruins their own mental health and life prospects. Sex work isn't glamorous. At all. Unfortunate that it got boxed up that way and so many girls especially bought it.

No. 1659702

Found the salty e-whores. Have fun wasting your youth selling pictures of your blown out assholes for pennies and telling yourself sex work is real work as you drink yourself into a stupor every night.

She's usually on the defensive because, deep down, she knows she fucked up by choosing this life path. Even now >>1659672 she's trying to pretend that she doesn't regret her choices, but she's having enough of a moment of clarity to tell the truth about it being a bad idea to exuberantly and carelessly jump into sex work.

No. 1659704

She's back down to $3 subscription and Im pretty sure burger joints sell burgers for $5-8+ nowadays kek
She's value menu priced or like gas station coffee.

No. 1659708

her parents, they would let her move back home and pay for her education. Not everyone has the luxury of a family.
>>1659669 And I hate how many sex workers act like people with mental health issues can only get jobs in that business or every mentally ill person considers sex work, it's bullshit. As if sex work isn't one of the reasons women have mental health issuses.

No. 1659710

As disgusting as these threads are, they should be mandatory reading for teenage girls. The then and now pics alone would make any girl dumb enough to consider sex work think twice.

No. 1659718

>>considered other options
The reason Shayna never brags about having well off parents, who'd literally fund her education and possibly life, is because she wouldn't be able to justify why someone born into so much privilege would do this and the COMPLAIN ENDLESSLY about not being successful, how hard it makes her life etc.
Imagine how many, "privilege white girl telling people she "gatekeeps" and lectures poor LGBTQ+ sex workers or survival sexworkers about who should or shouldn't be in this community ". She needs to shut the fuck up. Nobody cares that you lurked sex work tiktok trying to take ideas or find something to be mad about.
This is about competition, I wish she'd stop pretending she gives a fuxk about what "risks" other women may take. A woman who cared about other women wouldn't do or say the shit Shayna does. Wouldn't scream at a sex trafficking victim. Fuxlck shayna, she created her own hell. Idiots like her go one day screaming how much they love this shit and then the next about how mental ill they are.

No. 1659722

I meant to add "imagine how many comments she'd get from sex workers-" before the "survival sex workers rant.

No. 1659730

She’s worried about the ~young adults~ stealing her clientele.

No. 1659731


No. 1659744

#im not self censoring I'm a fatty and my fat finger slips Fuck Shayna

No. 1659750

Says the sex worker who literally posted a photo of her dad on her porn Twitter account.

No. 1659758

Kek, you still gain fat in your chest if you have implants, anon. Implants don't halt your fat cells from working.

No. 1659760

Her TikTok got banned kek

No. 1659770

God damnit I hope it's not because someone cow tipped. I feel like we were heading towards some good milk if she got a big enough following on TikTok.

No. 1659773

she was literally showing her tits and asscheeks in multiple videos. even if farmers were reporting her it was a ticking time bomb regardless

No. 1659794

I've seen people comment this exact sentiment for over 100 threads but no one knows for sure her parents would just take her back in and fun college for her. I believe that might have been the case at one point but she's 25/26? now and honestly I highly doubt at this point her parents would fund an education for her. But if there is actual proof that they would I'd love to see it cause I do really get tired of this take with no back up.

And KEK at her tiktok getting banned. I wonder if she will make 17 more profiles ala twitter circa 2019 ish

No. 1659797

This. The dumb whores "making millions" are few and far between and all extremely severely mentally ill if you even take a gander at their tweets. I mean where is queen ethot Belle at nowadays? Scrotes saw her body naked, checked that off the list and moved on. If you want a real view on how sex work "empowers" women look at any of these threads even ones not about Shayna. Pumpy is still chained to porn even though she made enough in her early 20s to stop. Male sexual appetite is an endless black hole which when catered to or fed to any degree will cause women suffering. They simply do not have the self control or moral compass to ignore the whims of their reproductive system. These mentally ill women are like crabs in a bucket only they both want young women to admire them and think their girl bosses and at the same time they hate young girls because they are a reminder that the clock is ticking and there are fresh new meat to take their place. The biggest crime that's been done to women recently is selling them the lie that they can rely on using the purest form of misogyny to support themselves when in reality its just a man telling you when you can eat, buy clothes or pay rent but now its not just a single man expecting a stay at home wife but mutiple men judging whether your body is sexy enough to have dinner that day. All these twitter whores should be embaressed and ashamed.

No. 1659804

Oh yeah. Kek I'm retarded and didn't put that together when I read the account was down. I'm meandering through her old threads and feeling nostalgic for the milkier days when more people followed her and she got in more slapfights. Please forgive my broken brain.

No. 1659818

Was it last year where her step mom literally begged her that they'd fund college for whatever she wanted to do? Her siblings seem to live good life, travel, have money Shaynas parents would take her in there's no doubt in my mind at the moment. Maybe a few more years later? Sure, but i don't think they've given up on her yet.

No. 1659885

Not an e whore just saying there’s plenty of whores who make 6 figures off semi nude pics. Shayna fucks herself every two weeks with a dildo and still can’t afford rent

No. 1659891

File: 1664310907143.jpeg (357.23 KB, 1242x1655, 151C62CF-5FF7-4725-B86C-00E201…)

Kyle Nathan Perkins

No. 1659894

100% her back up plan is just taking her parents offer of moving back home and going to school again. She knows they’ll never cut her off

No. 1659897

Didn’t she fuck some fat ginger dude on cam when she was still in her tumblr glory days? Right after she broke up with the first boyfriend she was living with.

No. 1659920

Shayna sucking fupas chode on Snapchat https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgghotlpfpfnkkt/tulsa.mp4?dl=0

No. 1659928

It took me 37 seconds to know that she gives horrible blowjobs. But hey, I guess a wet hole is a hole.

No. 1659931

File: 1664313318360.jpeg (172.83 KB, 828x560, 9F8FCC54-550D-4A67-AE0D-6CBA2E…)

RIP, surprised she’s not sperging about it

No. 1659934

how long till she tried it again?

No. 1659942

Jesus she’s so bad at giving head

No. 1659953

Nonnies- which thread was the era of no makeup? That was peak shayna horror to me and I want to binge it again. I tried looking but can’t find it. Ty

No. 1659957

She did on her “private tumblr” page. It’s probably archived in the first few threads

No. 1659971

She also had links in her bio that TikTok doesn’t take kindly to, so it could have been that in isolation or a combination of all her retardation. Kind of disappointed, there was potential for full cream milk there

No. 1659972

All you had to do was not show your Frankenstein tits. Like how hard is that? Seriously.

Shaynus herself said a year ago that her dad and step mom offered to pay for her college education so she could stop spreading herself for pennies. She bragged about how much she’s loved by her dad and step mom but loves sex work.

No. 1659976

I DESPISE the way whores coopt anti sexwork opinions to pretend they are sooo concerned for the children! But in reality these fuckheads are just seething that 18 year-olds are their competition who can just “smile and be skinny”.

No. 1659979

Was it even a year ago? I feel like it was even more recently than that. Either way, there’s evidence in the threads of her bragging about it, farmers who question it need to lurk more, it’s not the first instance in recent times some retard has questioned what is well documented

No. 1659983

My sense of time might be way off but I don't think this was even half a year ago, that was incredibly recent, don't think anyone would have to lurk back all that far to find it lmao. Like 10 threads max I swear

No. 1659989

File: 1664315775911.jpeg (181.58 KB, 1080x786, DF0D9CCF-E1C6-4385-9899-053007…)

Hasn’t gone through her clothes since she was a teen, but she did this last year in Oklahoma before she moved. Anons even made the same comments about hoping she washed them first. Same shit different day with Shayna. Always fishing for that attention

No. 1660005

9 months ago last year in December.

No. 1660006

Just like she never had sex on camera before, she either lies or forgets

No. 1660028

File: 1664317996779.jpeg (407.15 KB, 828x1427, 5D0FE604-2536-4D9D-82A9-1AB765…)

No. 1660030

File: 1664318043119.jpeg (234.3 KB, 828x720, ECEE78F8-BA9C-4885-B2D6-149B22…)

lmao imagine how ballistic she’d have gone if it was a girl who said this

No. 1660057

File: 1664320312835.jpeg (314.54 KB, 1170x977, B434E9B7-DC65-4923-A658-314CFB…)

She retweeted her Sol call out post and added this

No. 1660079

no worries nona! i've been perusing her old threads too and i get what you mean

No. 1660105

This piece of shit’s accounts have been private for a while, either because all the other fat degenerate sjw whores were trying to cancel him or because he found the onlyfats thread here where we all bully the fuck out of him or a combination of the two

No. 1660157

File: 1664326363687.jpg (95.31 KB, 612x408, justdothis.jpg)

How would long nails be an obstacle when doing this? Just put your hand at an angle, problem solved. I know this is another one of her braindead attempts to go viral but I hope she will actually embarass herself publicly by trying to pull money from an ATM with these tiny bitchass tweezers that wouldn't even grip it right.

No. 1660163

It’s for pulling the card in and out of the atm which isn’t even an issue anymore because most atms make you leave the card in now

No. 1660169

How much do you want to bet that she thinks he has something to do with her grinning banned from tiktok? Not that I doubt he and all the other woketard e-whores have been reporting her, in fact it’s more likely to be them than farmers imo
I’m surprised this fat sow even has enough money in her account to withdraw from an ATM

No. 1660176

kek that would be even better. Good luck trying to tug on a smooth piece of plastic with these Shaynus

No. 1660181

Trying to pretend like she’s not devastated kek, remember how depressed she’d get when her brand new twitters would get deleted

No. 1660185

She finally gets a chance to expand her dwindling fan base and inevitably fuks it up. You can tell she’s hinting that it’s not really her fault and it’s her ‘haters’ that caused it. Everyone tried to warn her that she’ll get banned and of course she didn’t listen. I’m surprised it was up as long as it was considering she posted a vid with her entire ass exposed and her saggy tits hanging out. Rules apparently apply to everyone except her

No. 1660196

Girl being a salty bitch to one of her only coomers lol. Bold move.

This is what agitates her from him, not him being a gun loving trumpster who wants to shag his own daughter.


No. 1660205

File: 1664328387922.png (491.98 KB, 747x717, confusedblackgirl.png)

can a graphic design nonnie please make this shoop happen?

No. 1660210

File: 1664329276330.png (811.04 KB, 628x657, confusedgoblin.png)

No. 1660214


No. 1660226

Topkek, a blessing upon your house nonita

No. 1660232

File: 1664330456133.jpeg (337.08 KB, 828x1238, 665296F4-A62A-4E7D-9A96-20A2A8…)

No. 1660236

She sounds like the most annoying partner possible

No. 1660262

Probably somewhere around thread 70. Whatever thread it was that was titled simply "Shaynus edition" lol

No. 1660263


No. 1660268

God this sounds like the most insufferable thing ever. Good luck finding someone who wants to stick around for that shit.

No. 1660305

She sounds like the average moid, maybe that's why she can't find anyone who wants to have sex with her.

No. 1660357

File: 1664338067740.jpeg (235.29 KB, 1170x675, EC3F0E27-A464-4A6A-BDC3-58DDC7…)

No. 1660366

This doesn’t even make sense, he can still film a tiktok with her and post it on his account, it’s not like she has a following he could farm for “clout” or whatever, the fact that he is associating with her at all will probably result in the fat whore brigade going after him with pitchforks. Sex workers really are a special breed of retard

No. 1660370

shaynus threads warp time because nothing ever happens in her life anymore confirmed.

No. 1660374


I'm so glad us shayheads share a collective braincell, because I immediately thought of this when I saw that video still

No. 1660383

File: 1664340138633.jpeg (Spoiler Image,272.17 KB, 828x587, D65E0FA1-69A5-4C0C-8658-6EBC8D…)

blegh the last thing we need is another sex scene with this crazy moid. Being one of the two women this dude fucks with after messaging hundreds of woman on twitter really desperate behavior. He is really building his porn career from the bottom up

No. 1660393

File: 1664340938659.jpeg (152.45 KB, 828x1518, 3DEBD67A-70F5-49F2-9991-7340E5…)

she dressed up as bologna in a new twitter video

No. 1660397

At least she's covering her honker.

No. 1660399

She’s so obviously drunk here, holy shit

No. 1660410

Should wear her bologna wig and ham dress to complete the look.

No. 1660436

I was scrolling too fast and thought she was wearing a mexican wrestler mask, Shaysquatcho Libre kek.

No. 1660460

this is just proof shayna would be less hideous and goblin looking if she didnt have a massive witch nose. i really dont know why she doesnt start ebegging for a rhinoplasty, yes she'd still be ugly but i really think she looks better when her fat toad nose isnt visible

No. 1660466

Nona please, we’ve seen her de-happy merchant her schnozz with filters and shooping, she’s still fug. Even when she was skinny her facial bone structure was average, I mean that and her non-existent lips can be fixed with filler but there’s no procedure that could make her eyes less nasty(racebait)

No. 1660469

I love how even with that hood covering most of her face she’s still filtering it, we know your lips don’t look like that, Shayna

No. 1660560

The crusty butthole lips are driving me insane, why can’t this big bitch drink water and use chapstick? Is it really that hard?

No. 1660561

File: 1664363604843.jpeg (185.54 KB, 828x733, D585F16C-8209-47D0-82C1-DF8CB2…)

Wtf is this attempted chola look, is she trying to relive her tumblr heyday or something?

No. 1660587

Sweet nona I think you’re being confused by the stupidly huge fake lashes and filtered lips. >>1660232
How shit must these scabby whores be at sex? Scrotes are so fucking easily turned on that just walking by them while wearing leggings will make them bend you over the couch. I always wonder why they have to resort to violence and abuse to get a guy to want to fuck them, it’s actually quite sad for them that they consider themselves sex workers but literally can’t get sex when they want it unless they humiliate themselves. I’m sad her tiktok was banned, I was looking forward to watching her do even more ridiculous shit. I bet it was a mother who reported her after finding her showing her tits and ass on her 13 year olds fyp.

No. 1660597

I never could understand her aversion to water. I believe way back in some of the earlier threads she talked about how it’s “””slimy””” or something? And that’s also why she doesn’t like lip balm? Idk I know some people who are actual victims of SA and CSA don’t like to shower for multiple reasons but I don’t believe Big Shaynus is a victim of anything but her own ego and retardation, so. Basically she’s just crust personified, much like Luna.

No. 1660645

lmao how the fuck is water slimy, shit like this makes me think that she really is autistic (low functioning, obviously)

No. 1660674

She could easily buy flavored sparkling waters, it would be better than only consuming sugary sports drinks, Starbucks coffee, and alcohol

No. 1660676

AYRT and I know right! She could also get any of the million ‘water enhancers’ that exist now for whiny babies who can’t consume the most basic life-giving substance without complaining that it doesn’t have a taste. She’s just a disgusting pig who seems to have a literal aversion to real health and self-care

No. 1660680

File: 1664374450168.webm (766.51 KB, 672x1232, Shaysquatcho Libre .webm)

> new skin, who dis

No. 1660688

The idea of not liking water legitimately blows my mind, I’ve never heard of “water enhancers”, they’re probably not even a thing in my country, we all chug mineral water, if you want something different just get the sparkling kind, putting flavouring in it is some actual sped shit

No. 1660699

File: 1664376744035.jpeg (20.2 KB, 300x250, 11C866BF-B843-42D8-95DD-E5E0D0…)

Thank you anon. The funniest comment on this thread kek.

No. 1660705

the orange-toned sausages stuck to her fingers really add to her sex appeal

No. 1660753

Kek 100% does look like a Mexican wrestler.
Where did she buy this crap cos it's all loose on the top of her head and chin.

No. 1660769

File: 1664381903024.jpeg (581.97 KB, 1920x1920, D05BA652-C0D3-4C2E-80C6-531F5B…)

Shayna stop using 2015 liquid lipstick, 2014 tumblr combover, and 2012 stupid rockabilly bandana challenge. How are you this young and this dated?

No. 1660787

It’s her mouth that is ugly. The no