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File: 1639719542879.png (791.17 KB, 670x1198, 1639645897883.png)

No. 1395092

Previous Thread >>>/snow/1384465

Repetitive comments about Shayna's vagina is grounds for a 1 day ban. Repetitive nitpicks about her body and face are subject to a 1 day ban. Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking.
REMEMBER: Real the rules before posting. Sage when there’s no milk. No nitpicking and/or blogposting and please try to curb your enthusiasm when posting screenshots from other e-whores. This is a Shay thread. They can be posted in the e-whore thread >>>/snow/1363903 Do not reply to spergs. Do not mention /Fupa/Sol/Ellen/Womack/ whoever shes involved with at the moment unless relevant. Do not sperg about Shayna’s pets.

In the last thread..
>She went live on cam 3 more times, >>>/snow/1384530 where she claimed to be in love with Ellen >>>/snow/1384602, acted like a huge cunt to her empty chatroom >>>/snow/1388591 set up a christmas tree mostly out of frame >>>/snow/1388722 sat there wrapping empty boxes >>>/snow/1388754 and drank wine at 11am >>>/snow/1390582
>Her extremely creepy shoot with ABDreams finally came out, where she, dressed as a giant baby, dwarfs the "mommy" in the scene >>>/snow/1385101
>Ellen still keeps fucking biting her >>>/snow/1386536, >>>/snow/1387832, >>>/snow/1390034 because how else do woman have sex? She's also been suicide baiting >>>/snow/1391147
>Decided to start stretching her ears again, >>>/snow/1387466 one of her feeder fetish coomers isnt happy and Shayna wasnt a fan of his reply >>>/snow/1387477
>Had to film herself drinking a glass of her own piss at some point >>>/snow/1387472
>Scammed her coomers out of another pink straight jacket >>>/snow/1387552
>Tried to win another manyvids contest >>>/snow/1388243 because that always went so well in the past, came in 44th right behind a GILF >>>/snow/1388799
>Apparently doesn't buy groceries at all like a normal functioning adult as she keeps no food in her home, only orders takeout >>>/snow/1388810 didn't know how to make grilled cheese >>>/snow/1391673
>"The Dad" bought her a discount build a bear plush >>>/snow/1389471 Shayna acts like he bought her diamonds because her standards are that low >>>/snow/1389444, >>>/snow/1390051
>Put out a weird doggy diaper video >>>/snow/1390253, >>>/snow/1390878 where she pisses on the floor >>>/snow/1390264
>Swapped out the hot dog nails for some pink ones, her nail beds appear to be infected? >>>/snow/1390710
>Shayna lurks and gets her feelings hurt >>>/snow/1390765 tweeting about how she has to worry about her families safety because of the mean bullies. Tweets are quickly dirty deleted >>>/snow/1390774, went on to suicide bait about it a few days later >>>/snow/1393567
>Turned off anons on tumblr because people are "harassing her about her adorable body" aka people called her fat >>>/snow/1390862
>Proving herself to be the dumbest bitch alive, she went to her discord hugbox to complain about about her stepmom and dad offering to pay for whatever kind of education she wants >>>/snow/1391561
>Then goes on to complain about her life, being unsure if all of this is even worth it >>>/snow/1391575, and the haturrs >>>/snow/1391593, >>>/snow/1391693. She then decided she doesnt trust anyone in her discord server so she made a new one where you need a photo ID to join >>>/snow/1392235
>Got OBS and a new controller set up so she can stream Apex on Twitch >>>/snow/1391950, >>>/snow/1393730
>Tried to get her dad to send her the pink dog cage she filmed porn in when she was 18 >>>/snow/1392039 he refused "knowing what she does in it"
>Also accidentally "comes out" to him as poly while talking about Ellen and "The guy shes seeing" aka The Dad, alluding to their relationship being more then just sugar-daddy sugar-baby (obvious by lack of gifts and money required to be a sugar daddy)
>Horribly attempted the fake freckles trend late like everything >>>/snow/1392117 they look like shit of course
>Went out in public wearing a diaper >>>/snow/1394199
>Uploaded an "ahegao" cumshow where she looks like an actual retard >>>/snow/1394070 and a festive diaper incest pedo rape video >>>/snow/1394967, >>>/snow/1394986 merry christmas!


Ellen "Patricia" Dresel (Shayna's "gf")
Seattle/Renton, WA Nanny

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No. 1395095

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No. 1395099

Kek that pic

Thx for the thread anon

No. 1395108

File: 1639721997844.jpeg (336.52 KB, 750x997, 3DE1DB66-30D6-4FB4-93D9-99619D…)

she's so unbelievably cringe and pathetic.

No. 1395113

Oh boy can't wait for the new "totes uwu gamer grl" larp phase. But tbh anything is better than the "mommy & daddy drug me and I wear diapers" shit.

No. 1395115

I guess Shay heard what we said about the “one of the guys” vibe…she really is on a roll with taking ITT advice

No. 1395118

>implying she won't just be posting "mommy & daddy drug me and I wear diapers while you play video games"

No. 1395119

Maybe she's been reading ShoeOnhead's thread, both are huge pick me's but end up with gross losers.

No. 1395121

SA…yeah, you’re right

No. 1395169

That last video she made is against manyvids TOS, this bitch really thinks she’s untouchable

No. 1395183

You’re right, piss is also banned on manyvids but the puppy video she pissed on

No. 1395189

File: 1639732531123.jpeg (185.08 KB, 750x506, F4C9B94C-1C0C-4930-B4E5-0009BE…)

Oh god she better fucking drink water her piss is probably toxic. Paying a bitch who doesn’t drink water because she doesn’t like the taste to drink her own piss is cruel and usual.

No. 1395192

Eww what a fucking inbred

No. 1395212

Big yikes. She's really going there, huh? Jfc…
You're not that girl, Shay, trust me, you're not that girl.
She's disgusting af, but idk. I don't see her as a piss girl. I know she pees on cam, but that's different. Guarantee you she gags and throws up and won't be able to do it. Also literally why? It doesn't fit with any of her fake kinks and bullshit branding. Unless she's getting paid a large amount, but then she should just do it privately. Bitch just wants to see how far down she can go I guess.

No. 1395217

She’s hasn’t met her daily water requirements a single day of her life. That shit is going to be chemical warfare.
Slight tinfoil but does anyone else feel like the swinging for the fences she’s been doing recently is to try and win back Fupa’s attention? From her recent cam shows she still thinks about him, and knowing her worldview and MO it almost feels like she’s constantly giving lead-up posts for all the weird kink shit she’s doing in the hopes that he’ll reach out and try to convince her otherwise. Sage for tinfoil sperg.

No. 1395246

I think she's desperately fishing for fupa 2.0, perkins has a new gf and probably hasn't given a shit about Shayna in years.

No. 1395282

I’m getting Luna flashbacks dear god not again

No. 1395284

I don't care how much you hate someone, getting someone to consume their own waste is absolutely torturous. I hope she's getting paid an absurd amount of money, otherwise she's more insane than anyone could've ever imagined.

No. 1395287

File: 1639750012676.jpeg (221.06 KB, 620x626, 0D27119B-7C9A-49B6-9C6F-00A545…)

No. 1395289

File: 1639750072443.png (7.38 MB, 1242x2208, 764F0BEF-6126-4C81-AC97-FC8BDE…)

Her feet are so huge(constant nitpicking and edgy obsession over shayna.)

No. 1395316

Neither do we he's irrelevant. Read the thread rules.

No. 1395319

this isn't her taking anybody's advice though. she's just finally following up on her twitch thot larp 2 years after buying a gaming setup.

No. 1395330


She's probably getting like $50 bucks. I hope it makes her puke so she realizes she needs to choose a new life path before she's licking shit out of an old man's asshole for crack money.

No. 1395345

Fucking same. That was absolutely nightmareish, never would i have guessed shayna is at the same level of disgusting.

No. 1395357

nonnie she’s already dabbled in scat porn kek

No. 1395387

Let's be real though, that's just because she doesn't clean her ass properly, got more shit on her dildo than usual, and decided that instead of shooting again she would just try to use that content and pass it for scat porn. It was disgusting, but she didn't intend to do it and hasn't since. It was literally her being too lazy to reshoot a vid. When she starts shitting in her diaper, rubbing it on herself, getting shit on literally, or recording her shits in the toilet, then I'll consider her having done true scat porn.

I still think that Nathan account was a farmer tbh that's my little tin foil.

No. 1395395

File: 1639760945512.jpeg (492.38 KB, 1170x1064, 6BA31CF0-AA7B-4309-A9B9-111BB4…)

Get ready

No. 1395399

Sitting on your ass all day the same way will also give you those types of pimples. It's a combination of probably wearing the same sweatpants without washing them everyday and sitting on her ass on the computer.

No. 1395409

File: 1639761923795.jpeg (667.5 KB, 1170x1846, 2BDBD366-855E-4067-B071-CF4A9E…)

But you have such an “uwu med fetish” Shay

No. 1395411

I was talking about how she doesn't do proper anal prep and admits it. And that's why we have on many occasions seen shit speckles in her shows and vids. The one scat vid she did was due to extreme laziness and not prepping at all. From the context around all that, I really don't believe she set out to make a scat vid. Iirc she even admitted the video "turned into" it or something like that. Not saying it wasn't fucking nasty and yeah she still sold a literal shit video for all of 25 bucks, but she's openly saying she's going to purposely drink her own piss now. That's a certain type of deranged chick.

No. 1395412

File: 1639762100203.jpeg (503.05 KB, 1242x1662, D770A62C-2D90-4A1A-81F1-F26C64…)

No. 1395416

So she didn't have sex with Sol?

No. 1395417

If you're always at the doctor, then you've got fucking problems. And knowing Shay, they are all things she could fix herself and prevent if she took even a little care and consideration for herself.
Such as not smoking or vaping, not drinking so heavily and frequently, eating better, mildly excercising/losing some weight, washing her hands and body, etc. But she's so retarded and dead set on ruining herself, she'll never change any aspect of her lifestyle and keep wasting doctors time. Fuckin cunt.
Oh and her med fetish is totes real obviously.

No. 1395418

I’m pretty sure Shaynus only sucked Soy’s pindick

No. 1395419

According to her then the last time Fupa shoved his chode in her was at that 4th of July BBQ thing with his friends lol bleak

No. 1395420

He claims he only fingered her and she sucked him

No. 1395424

Lmao no she basically paid Sol to suck his tranny-shit stained dick

No. 1395435

uhh is she forgetting that she posted a video of fupa fucking her

No. 1395437

I love the backhanded fat comment “oh you definitely fit under a desk!” Kek

No. 1395445

>tiny lil baby cunt

If anyone had any doubt, Shayna is a pedophile and always has been

No. 1395454

Its weird how she's begging for sexworkers to fuck her, yet she has a sugar daddy. I'm sure he'd pay her in toys, meals and maybe another pair of uggs to sleep with her.

No. 1395469

Sa-its like she surrounds herself with unattractive older people that she wants attention from out of but she's not attracted enough to them to have actual sex. I bet you if she does find a scrote sex worker to screw her its going to be someone like Sol. Aka someone she's probably attracted too. I'm sure the dad would let her film him having sex with her.

No. 1395484


The old dudes she services for toys and UGGs don't look enough like her father for her to want to fuck them.

No. 1395525

Literally die. I’ll take my ban.

No. 1395528

I hope a farmer is making her drink her own piss honestly. Doubt it, but that’d be great and deserved.

No. 1395662

Shayna is worse then Luna IMO, Both could've lived a different better life, but Luna was groomed and is on hard drugs. Her drinking piss for a couple of bucks is sad, but understandable considering her situation. Shayna can stop living this life any day she wants. Also, it makes no sense. A bimbo, but she's drinking piss and larping as a baby & doesn't care about her looks. A barbie, but she's drinking piss, larping as a baby.
She bragged about Doordash gift cards, but now it seems like she never even brags about getting money from scrotes, probably because she's getting so little and us calling it out is finally getting to her.

No. 1395674

File: 1639781149634.png (56.33 KB, 595x250, Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 2.45…)

Where does Shayna get off on thinking she's qualified to give anyone beauty advice?

No. 1395692

File: 1639782123663.jpeg (349.15 KB, 750x1018, 2A7D3D06-DE03-4B18-8679-640485…)

No. 1395699

Excuse the nitpick, but I think "wna" is my least favorite of all her dumbass misspellings. I always read it in my head as "w'NAH"

No. 1395702

And just like that my migraine has returned.

No. 1395708

I don't blame you because its difficult to ignore when she types like this all the fucking time. When she uses 'breffast' and 'mumma' it makes me want to a-log. She sounds like Putseye-chan.

No. 1395742

Has Shayna actually ever fucked someone on camera? I've been following along for a few months and I was under the impression that she just sort of can't have sex

No. 1395760

She fucked her ex boyfriend kyle perkins on video on Snapchat

No. 1395762

I know it’s like her whole thing rn but it’s so fucking foul how she COMPLAINS about doctors being “too consensual”. Like maybe your degenerate ass wants to get sexually assaulted by your doctor but do you really wish we lived in a world where the norm was unsuspecting women getting assaulted by their doctors? It’s nauseating, how does she not hear herself and think “hmm actually this is actually a really evil situation maybe I shouldn’t post this!”

No. 1395765

This. Only pedophiles would think and then tweet out "dick in my tiny lil baby cunt". No one can say she isn't pedo leaning.

No. 1395767

The thing is if she were to be actually sexually assaulted by her doctor, she would kermit. She's already on the edge; that would be the push that puts her over.

No. 1395771

File: 1639785195168.jpeg (194.48 KB, 750x481, 0C15EDBF-2009-4DC1-B472-00A3BB…)

Violence in sex work is there because you go on Twitter and ask men to kidnap you and crack your skull open

No. 1395774

She had a plethysmography inb4 she has lung cancer or some other issue that puts her on oxygen or needing a sleep machine

No. 1395782

It's because her dumbass dabs and vapes daily when she fucking has asthma.

No. 1395783

She’s overweight; does no exercise; has not mentioned walking her retarded dog ONCE since moving to her new shithole; smokes like a house on fire and breaths like she’s 600lbs+ while standing still, yeah bitch probably has something seriously wrong with her lungs.

No. 1395786

After watching her loose her breath and take a break after setting up her Christmas tree for a couple minutes on cam, yeah she is very unhealthy

No. 1395796

Shayna has amazing luck so far, I doubt anything will happen now, but if she keeps at it she's seriously going to be fucking herself over in the future. I genuinely don't think she cares what happens to her deep down right now.

No. 1395807

Violence is in sex work because men are pigs, so yes it is inevitable. Cope harder whores, kek

No. 1395839

She has truly lost her fucking mind. Sexualising an appointment with the lung doctor….

No. 1395848

Exactly. If Shay wants to advocate for sex workers it might help if she didn't come across worse than every creep I've ever met put together in to one greasy lardy scalp flaky slime ball

No. 1395854

>Violence is NOT just an "inevitable" part of sex work

Except that whores have never been treated with respect in any culture, in any part of history, and not to derail but wasn't there some infamous case about a porn star having her home broken into by teenaged boys and gangraped? People came to the defense of that by saying porn stars are actors just like insert A-list celebrity here. Scrotes don't give a shit and I'm honestly surprised that Shay hasn't run into the type of men who would be like the aforementioned case with the kind of shit she tweets out. I don't know if its because she's deemed to ugly to be worth the trouble or if maybe (don't blast me) her coomers actually find her tweets to be retarded. She gets one or two interactions and even those aren't always guaranteed.

No. 1395860

Prostitution is literally financially coerced rape, rape is violence, being prostituted is by definition a violent and dehumanizing act. These fucking priviledged Twatter ewhores are a disgrace and deserve to get the wall(a-logging)

No. 1395879

Sure just eradicate every mentally ill woman that will solve the issue I’m surprised y’all don’t feel sorry 4 a lot of these ppl but then again looking at the state of shatna it’s hard to especially with her admitting her parents would pay for uni classes. Like cool maybe if you picked up a real job there’d be enough money left for ppl to actually fund homless mothers or veterans but instead ppl spend their hard earned cash on watching this hog piss on her rugs

No. 1395880

I’DROPdefinitely argue tht some ppl get away with milking degenerate coomers without showing more than oily feet but even shatna is too dumb for that- bc she’s shown her retched face in an attempt for clout

No. 1395901

>I’m surprised y’all don’t feel sorry 4 a lot of these ppl

I don't know why you think that sympathy for twitter whores is something lc specializes in. This isn't wimmin support reel wimminz uwu space.

No. 1395912

File: 1639798178236.jpeg (189.99 KB, 933x987, 863B4D6B-252A-4B5D-BB1E-ECAE7C…)

Twitter sex workers are the weakest links in society and should be sent to re-education camps along with scrotes/troons and any scrote in the porn that actively participates in trafficking of young women and children

No. 1395913

File: 1639798421543.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 832x1317, 2DA63173-756C-4EFD-9213-192C9D…)

What the actual fuck…..this looks like a wild hog in a cage

No. 1395914

It never fails to shock me how grey and corpse like her skin is from lack of sunshine and vitamins

No. 1395917

File: 1639798635493.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1170x1800, CD047E37-6A79-40BB-A917-100806…)


No. 1395918

File: 1639798701256.jpeg (842.98 KB, 1170x1992, F27C1058-DC5D-410F-B066-9F7EAC…)

2/2 I absolutely can’t with Shay and her disgusting followers

No. 1395920

her degeneracy truly knows no bounds. i ususally roll my eyes when anons say she’ll end up kidnapped or raped by one of her scrotes (or a random one) but now i’m starting to see it. this is literally an open invitation what the fuck

No. 1395921

How can a human brain even work like that? I know she is like drunk/high almost 24/7 but c'mon, this gotta eat up at you at some point.

No. 1395923

More like she needs to be tied to a treadmill

No. 1395924

File: 1639799309522.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.02 MB, 1242x1570, 4FF22A78-98D0-48D4-B080-E8A255…)


No. 1395925

File: 1639799354844.jpeg (384.32 KB, 1242x1002, 97CEBC0C-F1E5-4587-A276-6BF06E…)

No. 1395926

Can some anon shoop her into a pit of mud with a trough nearby like the pig that she is.

No. 1395929

The choice between three options is clear kek why does she try and act like she has anything worth envying

No. 1395935

Literally nobody wants to be a cheeseburger pussy priced bitch

No. 1395940

Anyone who wanted to be her could be her?? Does she think that posting nudes on only fans is an exclusive gig? That any woman in the world couldn’t get at least as much male attention as she does, simply by posting nudes anywhere on the internet? Or that binge eating doordash is something that not just anyone could do? Does she think that cheap Chinese children’s clothes are hard to source out or that most women just don’t have what it takes to cam drunkenly once a month?
Why would anyone want to be her? And if they really did, wouldn’t they just…be her?

No. 1395943

Oh, how I wish I could be so washed up that even crusty, divorced midlife crisis dads would dump me like a sack of garbage. Someday, perhaps. /s

No. 1395946

Kek not to mention
>No punctuation in the wall of text save for a lone period
PLEASE go back to twitter

No. 1395964

File: 1639805765054.jpeg (141.03 KB, 750x431, 3D612654-95CA-451B-9443-15324E…)

She’s gonna be on cam in the morning

No. 1395965

What is her rationale (besides retardation) behind this decision? shouldn't she be camming like on a friday night? (like tonight) I don't think coomers want to coom first thing in the morning but what do I know

No. 1395968

she forgot the most popular option
>laugh at me

No. 1395973

Lol she forgot she has a humiliation kink

No. 1396106

Someone mentioned just-chatting mfc girls can get a full room in the morning so she’s trying her luck I guess. As if eastern europoors and indians would shell out for a hog when all the hot ukrainians are live.

No. 1396123


Coomers don't ever stop cooming so she can be on cam whenever. Not like the ones with real jobs and substantial disposable income are going to spend it on shays sweaty pimple butt.

No. 1396126

Not all mentally ill women are sex workers but all sex workers are mentally ill. And not the type that can be fixed with therapy and hugs. Most of them should be used for target practice along with their disgusting coomers.

No. 1396128


Pretty sure that was a nickname Sol gave her during their 24 hour honeymoon period

No. 1396145

this is on another level of effortlessness, holy shit. it looks like she doesn't have an upper body and her feet are crusty

No. 1396190


Go and live in North Korea or get a time machine and travel back to the days where people were routinely institutionalized if they did things that society felt were immoral.

I'm definitely not pro sex work and I'm critical of the transgender movement, but I don't want to live in some nasbol Soviet dystopia.

I wish authoritarian socialists would stop shitting up the thread with their retarded beliefs. They need an immediate ban for derailing. Go and create your own political threads like scrotes do on 4chan.

Now let's get back to watching shay embarrass and humiliate herself.

No. 1396195

Shay shouldn't be battling this sort of thing at her age.

She's going to end up with pulmonary disease in middle age if she keeps smoking weed. I have seen people with asthma in my family get pulmonary disease which is made worse by any type of smoking and it's not a pleasant way to go.

Wasn't she in hospital just a few months ago?

No. 1396208

Society would be better without pedophiles, pedo pandering pieces of shit like Shayna, and rapists. I don’t see how you would disagree with that. Regular sex workers who don’t cater to pedos are whatever. Twitter sex workers are annoying asf and real pornography actresses aren’t as privileged. They actually have to fuck scrotes on camera and be abused by producers etc. Shaynus the fatty just pan handles and lives off of Papa Clifford’s checks

No. 1396216

Porn production and distribution needs to be made illegal. This would target the people that actually profit from porn while allowing the victims involved to be free.

No. 1396221

File: 1639847900188.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.01 MB, 1242x1629, 2681EF56-60DB-4970-9FA1-F57872…)

Shayna looks like she smells like hot dog water. She probably does not clean her plugs so she probably has ear gunk around them

No. 1396222

File: 1639847966032.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1242x1522, A9F02B5E-3794-4E05-8E9C-617A52…)

Her dog makeup is so fucking stupid and is not “sexy” at all. She looks retarded

No. 1396223

File: 1639848010217.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 1242x1644, 21CEBE52-0DB1-418D-8B14-EED49B…)

Nice gunt shaypuft

No. 1396229

She really needs to wear pig makeup instead because all this reminds me of is a sow in a gestation crate.

No. 1396239

File: 1639848916060.jpeg (405.8 KB, 1242x974, E8E3C9B1-AD10-45DB-94E8-FC6A2B…)

Like clockwork, this bitch always flakes

No. 1396253

>genuinely good at this job
Kek. The delusion is stronger than ever.

No. 1396257

File: 1639851140081.jpeg (421.53 KB, 1242x1010, B266389E-36BB-4D5C-8D62-56F7F3…)

She’s so butthurt kek

No. 1396262

File: 1639851270926.jpeg (348.05 KB, 1242x921, A1A73B42-889E-490B-8493-CF357E…)

Yup, she’s definitely going to end up like that slaughtered fatty who had deranged kinks

No. 1396268

your typed that out, didn't you

No. 1396275

No just happened to lurk at the right time. She deleted it like clockwork

No. 1396280

God forbid we extend care and compassion to fellow women who have been damaged by men and this fucked up society. Get out of here with that bullshit.

No. 1396283

Christ, even her wrists are noticeably gaining weight fast

No. 1396285

Ok then take this to Twitter and educate those poor sex workers who wear diapers for men, gtfo

No. 1396290

File: 1639852884366.jpeg (554.35 KB, 828x1293, 01C414E9-1951-451D-9263-C8B233…)

If only there were terms of service your dumb ass could’ve read!

No. 1396300

File: 1639853506065.jpeg (28.62 KB, 750x277, DF6A4B8F-A2FF-444B-98A2-F8A46B…)

Both deleted of course

No. 1396307

She’s already broke their TOS with her ageplay and her other piss videos but they’re still up, why does she think she will get a special pass if she asks nicely

No. 1396321

It's been years and she's STILL talking about building and letting people find her. It's not going to happen, she's getting greyer and bigger everyday, she's not going to wake up one day and see "Dolly Mattel" trending because she did another puppy video.
I mean at least she could start working with other sex workers instead of just saying she wants too, find scrotes, film with them, that would be a change. Something new. Shayna isn't going to go viral for anything other than something gross, negative or embarrassing.

No. 1396333

>she's getting greyer and bigger everyday
topkek anon

No. 1396341

File: 1639855863032.jpeg (125.91 KB, 750x393, 413C0FED-4ABA-446C-971D-49E8DD…)

No. 1396352

File: 1639856928137.jpeg (161.4 KB, 1242x431, DA28B77B-86D6-4222-9257-83286B…)

No. 1396353

Fucking clockwork.

No. 1396354

“Harass” here meaning “to ask someone to do something about the gross sex and/or dog noises and/or smells coming from their apartment”

No. 1396355

Maybe cause u blast dad music with your window open when u cam, if that even happened sounds like a convenient excuse to me

No. 1396357

I mean Shaynus is always posing naked in front of her window and films herself masturbating on her porch and she wonders why she gets harrassed? (If this is even true) Her neighbors are probably sick of seeing this fat greasy pervert

No. 1396358

weird how she goes into explicit detail about every other gross thing that happens in her life, but not this

No. 1396362

She just did a tweet about wanting to be kidnapped and striped at knife point and was being all edgy, but some neighbor said something to her and it's scary and harassment?? Like what could they have possibly said that would be jarring to a bitch who daily says she wants to be drugged and kidnapped and coerced? Come on Shayna, step it up, go flirt with the neighbor!

No. 1396364

I bet you five cheeseburgers that Shayna was referring to a female neighbor. If it was a scrote she’d be all ~uwu my neighbors want to fuck me because I’m the hot bimbo pornstar next door that makes all the wives jealous ~

No. 1396369

Probably a mom sick of having to listen to her awful fake moans and dad rock with her kids in the house, she hates woman so I imagine a female neighbor would spook her more then a man

No. 1396374

Female neighbor: “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that sometimes, I notice you forget to close the blinds. I have kids, and I would just really appreciate it if you could try to be a little more careful with the blinds.”
Shay: iM bEiNg HaRaSsEd

No. 1396375

Eviction saga, when? I don’t understand how she hasn’t gotten noise complaints you know she’s loud as fuck. She probably stomps around late at night to the fridge like the big heifer bitch that she is. I feel bad for her neighbors having to deal with a naked fat pig flashing people through her windows with no shame, loud music blasting, fake moaning, lawnmower vibrator noises, heavy breathing and walking.

No. 1396376

File: 1639858320369.jpeg (254.63 KB, 1242x1091, 90A96558-95E0-48CA-B9C2-FA1A87…)


No. 1396381

I wouldn't be surprised if a scrote though she is a prostitute, the way she is running around. Maybe they even googled her name and found out what she is doing.

No. 1396383

How would her neighbor find out what she does? She doesn’t leave her apartment other than doing her daily food and weed trips. Do you think she introduces herself by full name to her neighbors? “Hi I’m Shayna Clifford!” Tinfoil: I think she is worried about getting kicked out

No. 1396389

File: 1639858848943.jpeg (372.71 KB, 1242x1017, B76A2997-F96E-4D40-82A2-91CAE7…)

Kek Jason r Womack coming through with Doordash gift cards

No. 1396390

Moving fund scam coming soon

No. 1396391

File: 1639859133592.jpeg (296.73 KB, 1242x1465, 6D6A06C3-ACEE-4963-9E18-E7B69D…)

Stfu no one cares

No. 1396392

She is incredibly loud on cam and leaves her window open because she overheats from dancing for a minute. She literally stomps around when she walks, plays loud annoying music, yells at the chat when they aren’t tipping her from across the room, not to mention her awful moaning

No. 1396393

It's so fucking retarded how she's like "oh rape me, drug me, kidnap me, murder me" all the fucking time but now some scrote irl said something weird to her and she's freaking the fuck out. Like damn maybe she shouldn't invite that kind of shit because pandering those kinds of things online is dangerous af and having that shit go down in real life isn't fucking kinky after all. Fuckin stupid bitch.
I'm not one to be like "they're asking for it so" but this bitch. She needs some harsh wake up calls tbh. Not saying she needs to be actually assaulted or something, but she needs to have some close calls or sketchy shit go down like this (supposedly) to scare her enough to stop being a fucking retard and posting that shit online. It's dangerous to herself and harmful in general to encourage that shit from scrotes.

No. 1396394

And not to mention her loud ass manly smoker cough. She also said she punched the wall when she was mad. She’s constantly binge drinking so she is probably in the toilet all hours of the day puking

No. 1396396

Well go on, tell us what happened.
I doubt it was a female because unless it was some psycho junkie or something, what would a lady say really that would scare her? Shay has already exposed herself to everyone and everywhere willingly. Yeah she can get a noise complaint or something, but like unless she got caught masturbating outside and the person threatened to file indecent exposure.. there's really no scary consequences a female could threaten.
It sounds like a scrote said something weird to her and maybe it wasn't even that bad but since it's irl she's freaking the fuck out and making it into a huge deal.

No. 1396397

I saw this expression in the last thread. Wouldn't it make more sense to say she's a bitch with a cheeseburger priced pussy?

No. 1396399

File: 1639859520964.jpeg (148.06 KB, 750x511, 1360F5C2-3485-4AF7-BD40-632645…)

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. Sorry someone finally got fed up with your annoying behavior

No. 1396403

A woman could look her way and she’d be scared. She talks about how all woman are hateful and evil and bullies

No. 1396405

She's saying she's scared to live there now. So it wasn't just somebody being like "can you keep it down or I'm telling the landlord"
Or honestly with as attention seeking and retarded and unhinged as she is, maybe it was just that and now she's going into full manic paranoia mode because she had a negative interaction with a real person.

No. 1396411

Is she just gonna milk this for the whole weekend and never actually say what happened? Just trying to get attention and sympathy for probably some retarded and brief interaction. Welcome to life outside a screen, Shay. There are other people that exist besides you, your actions have consequences, and not everyone will kiss your ugly pimpled ass because they think you're special needs.

No. 1396412

>"wah wah stop shitting up the thread!!1!1"
>shits up the thread complaining about it instead of actually discussing shatna

No. 1396416

File: 1639859940661.jpeg (146.07 KB, 750x449, AC31F810-3AB4-4315-A3F0-80BC26…)

No. 1396418

File: 1639859973160.jpeg (331.04 KB, 1242x1440, 1971F063-160C-4303-9432-29F8C4…)

No. 1396422

She’s a constantly high, paranoid anxious mess of a person who doesn’t leave the house or interact with strangers outside of the internet. Someone coming to her house to bitch her out over her noise would definitely be enough to freak her out like this

No. 1396426

With Shayna who knows.I feel like it's scrote related and it's something that she knows goes against her brand of "Take advantage of me, beat me and drug me!"
Or she's in the wrong and because the person was rude about it, it's "harassment". Someone could've literally asked her to pick up her dogs shit and it made her go into a panic attack.
Regardless of it all, she calls her dad whenever anything goes wrong. She just was talking about how he threw her dog cage out and turning down college, but whenever anything bad happens she calls him to save her.

No. 1396430

There's a difference between women forced into prostitution and adults ruining their lives by starting an OnlyFans yet refusing to take accountability for it whilst promoting that which harms so many other women in much worse ways.

No. 1396431

she lives in an apartment complex, so i assume they see her last name on the bell and usually people introduce themselves with their forename to neighbours. also maybe they saw her name on a package for her. i know all my neighbours names. and how would they find out? just google her name and see what comes up

No. 1396433

She needed an excuse not to cam at first. Now she needs time to fabricate the story to sound as dramatic as possible. I bet it was just a weird comment or a legit complaint and she's overreacting and is gonna make it into a huge deal. Whatever she says, you know it's gonna be exaggerated. And if it was a scrote making a creepy pass at her, then good and fuck her since that's the kind of shit she posts about wanting constantly.

No. 1396443

She's probably venting about it on her discord to the three people who were dumb enough to follow shayna's rules. I really feel like she's overreacting or in the wrong. She always is very vague when she's not 100% right.
Like with the situation with Fupaul and his friends. Or it could be like her "Trump supporting" Personal trainer. Something small probably happened and now she just doesn't want to get on camera at all.

No. 1396452

>i know all my neighbours names
that's not the norm in an apartment complex in the US

No. 1396453

File: 1639861061777.jpeg (111.12 KB, 750x387, 1140E243-B1EA-44A0-ACB2-698A12…)

No. 1396467

File: 1639861646275.jpeg (416.1 KB, 1242x1602, 909FE8A3-3E86-4223-A91F-6D2EA2…)

No. 1396478

this bitch is gonna get bianca devined at this point

No. 1396481

I thought this was her dream? why is she complaining lol

No. 1396485

Agreed. Maybe it depends on the building, but everyone lives their lives here. I only know a few neighbors via friendships/acquaintances built on personal interests. Otherwise, no clue who the rest of these cats are

No. 1396495

Her poor Dad. Your "porn star" daughter had some scrote spook her irl and she's too far away for you to do anything about it. Even though knowing Shayna it was probably minor compared to the shit she posts on Twitter.

No. 1396499

She could have gotten a paper response from the management. Depending upon apartment complexes, some will have your name written on it. I lived in an apartment complex for a short time that did that. Her neighbor could have easily looked at it. Another possibility is neighbor looked themselves up and the site had neighbors who live next to you. Those aren't always accurate but I did find a neighbor once that way. I personally think she was leaving the same time her neighbor was either coming or going and asked her not to be so loud.

No. 1396500

She is so transparent lol nothing happened; the bitch wants money but like always doesn't want to put in any work so she pulled an extremely vague "scary incident" out of her ass to get out of camming and instead e-begged.

No. 1396501

I'm thinking that her rent is due and she hasn't got the money.

No. 1396505

It's the middle of the month, I'm not sure she has the intellectual capacity to think that far ahead.

If she were really smart, though, she'd cam and use this on top of it as a way to get even more money, but she's lazier than she is smart, so.

No. 1396512

I wouldn't be surprised her neighbour said something, she seems like a nightmare person to live next to. The music, the drunk tottering, the smell (her pets and her untidy flat that probably attracts vermin) the weird noises I am sure she does (possible slapping and moaning, gagging and falling when drunk). Her neighbour might have also saif something more weird than creepy and Shayna the turbo autist is now petrified.

No. 1396514

Probably rolled out of bed, had a moment of sobriety, and realized her chances of getting money next week is slim because of Christmas and NYE.

No. 1396516

> Neighbor: Hi, can you please keep it down and close your blinds while filming porn? Thanks

>Shayna: I AM TERRIFIED. My neighbor just harassed me in a SCARY INCIDENT. Send money now.

No. 1396529

She will talk about it if she gets on cam.

It’s always interesting seeing her post about her kinks and then something irl related happens and that link goes out the window. Like in the hospital and her crying about the IV but wouldn’t stfu before hand about being strapped down and lobotomized.

She tweets all day about being tortured and raped but can’t function when a neighbor supposedly harasses her.

No. 1396530

I feel sorry for women who have to stand on street corners. I feel sorry for women who are trafficked into a life of sex slavery for various different brutal gangs. I do not and will never feel sorry for fucking lazy bitches who take pictures of their gaping assholes to sell for $3, and think that means they can appoint themselves as leaders of the prostitutes. They are not, and they have no idea how actual sex workers suffer. They make me sick demanding this and that about decriminalisation and prison abolition for rapists and murderers when all they do is embarrass themselves on OF, while real life actual sex workers are tortured raped and murdered every day.

No. 1396552

Just like the time she claimed a maintenance guy at her Oklahoma apartment saw her set up and was like “what’s your site” and tried to come in

No. 1396565

>>I don't know if it's because she's deemed to ugly to be worth the trouble.
1. Shayna doesn't leave her house.
2. She manages to be lucky enough to always find scrotes who are harmless degens (at least towards her).
3. Shayna is a nobody
4. Given the chance if a scrote wanted to harm Shayna, they would.
A man who sets his mind to do some shit like that isn't thinking, "She's not attractive enough to be worth the trouble".
They want sex, they want to rape and harm. In fact some men might look at her tweets, looks and how she acts and think she's perfect to harm.I hope it never happens and I'll never wish it would.
In general I think nobody takes Shayna seriously and she better hope no scrote ever does, because one look at her twitter shows that you can easily say, "She wanted this, it's her kink".
Hopefully it never happens.

No. 1396573

Yea I also hopes nothing happen to her, she is obviously in a very weak mental place and that in itself is vulnerable.
I do wish she get a bit of a scare so she realises how actually crazy she is being before something bad happen.
Honestly if you're wishing her to get abused and kidnapped that's severely fucked up. Yea shes fun to gossip about but actually wishing death on a person?

No. 1396579

Meh. Obviously we don’t want her to die because there would be no milk. But realistically no one would care if she died besides her parents. She contributes nothing to society. Her porn isn’t even viewed enough for it to contribute to society. Legit no one would care. She’s a mean bitter nasty person. Her siblings and family members are disgusted by her incest step brother/father fantasies and pedo pandering. It’s bound to happen. We have warned her many times. She’s a really dumb bitch. She hates women (us) and kisses the dirty ass of scrotes for pennies .

No. 1396580

File: 1639872691697.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 1242x1616, 15A4DA98-F67A-4F96-8F3A-184A8E…)

Nice cellulite fatty. It really is beginning to look a lot like a cottage cheese christmas

No. 1396581

File: 1639872836345.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.22 MB, 1208x1638, F297DD60-A940-4F78-A12A-D8AA10…)

Her yellow corn feet is such a turn on to foot fetish scrotes /s
That’s nasty I’m on my feet all day at work and even mine don’t get this bad, nothing lotion and pumice stones can’t fix. I don’t get how her whole sole is calloused if she sits on the couch all day

No. 1396584

File: 1639873054880.jpeg (Spoiler Image,531.31 KB, 1242x1222, 0A8CBB05-7B72-4827-AC2C-C64525…)

>Ugly thing
>Big footed thing
>retarded thing
The excuses get dumber and dumber she didn’t even explain what happened. She’s such a liar

No. 1396591

This entire post is spot on and the recent influx of pity party twitter fags like >>1396573 >>1396280 >>1396190 >>1395879 need to fuck off. Can a farmhand please do something about these idiots?

I feel like I can't see any actual corns this time, just filthy feet and that's just as bad. Pumice stones are like a dollar shay, what the fuck. Some bimbo and you don't even use one of those foot masks.

I misread the top tweet as porn & potatoes.

No. 1396623

“Pity party twitter fags” just because some anons actually don’t wish more abuse on someone that already obviously abuses themselves- the anons saying she deserves to be raped or murdered should be banned that’s some psycho shit to wish upon a stranger

No. 1396629

Did anyone say they want Shayna to get raped? No. She will because she’s literally saying on Twitter that she likes and wants to be drugged and taken advantage of. I have no sympathy for this fat piece of shit

No. 1396633

Nobody fucking cares. Stop derailing with your sympathy shit. This isn't PULL.

No. 1396645

File: 1639877465752.png (21.59 KB, 766x216, lazyass.png)

You weren't unable, shat. You chose not to.

No. 1396660

Shatna doesn't deserve pity. she gives none to others anyway. bitch hasn't done shit for someone else since she was born.

No. 1396662

For real where the fuck are these newfags coming from with this kumbaya bullshit kek

Big Shaynus has always been an incredibly nasty, manipulative scammer and bully to other women. She treats her own family like shit and their response is always to leave the door of communication and resources open for her spoilt, rotten hearted self. She pedo baits and brings other women down with her nonsense. If something shitty happens to her, nobody can act like she never brought it upon herself for years.

No. 1396667

y'all remember when she was on cam a couple of years ago and she was being so loud, the neighbor started pounding on the wall? kek

that's probably what the "harassment" was

No. 1396670

Probably. I wouldn't be surprised if she was in her usual stupor and that knocked her right the fuck back into lucidity and forced her to be self aware if only for a few minutes.

No. 1396677

Fuck off. Shay literally tweeted about her little baby cu*t this morning. She is pedo pandering scum.

No. 1396696

"Couldn't" cam would imply it was a noise complaint lol. But it's more likely just that she didn't want to and used some minute interaction as an excuse or fuck maybe made up the whole entire thing.

No. 1396707

I always wonder what her neighbors can hear and even worse see. They have to hear so much especially when she's had the window open. Having seen her building there's no way they dont hear anything. She has to be the most annoying neighbor even 10x worse because the noise is from degenerate porn

No. 1396719

File: 1639883538028.jpeg (229.41 KB, 750x671, 741D2648-0634-4D3F-B54E-685E32…)

no cam tonight, I mean obviously she wasn’t gonna but damn I wanted to hear the story. Also apparently it was a man that “harassed” her

No. 1396720

Oh Shay the big ol pick me who writes degradation, kidnap, assault brags and fantasies all the time had her day ruined by a mean guy boohoo

No. 1396726

kek what if it was the buildings’ manager? Maybe a resident complaint was filed and she got an ‘in-person’ warning today

No. 1396727

File: 1639884729045.jpeg (210.26 KB, 750x641, E6D69A74-775B-4291-9FB5-EAD58F…)

God damn she’s really milking this

No. 1396730

any excuse to drink & not "work"

we know you're lying about the bath tho

No. 1396732

Seriously. It's like… shut the fuck up already. Spill it or get over it. She doesn't need to mention it every post and use it as an excuse to do nothing. "Sorry guys" literally not even your couple scrotes care.

No. 1396743

I made it to the new server and what happened was a neighbour knocked on her door because Ellen crashed into his car at the parking lot. The guy was mad and filmed Shayna as they argued. According to her, it wasnt Ellen who crashed the car and he got the wrong people, so Shatna called the cops on the guy

No. 1396745

Anon post caps asap

No. 1396749

File: 1639886357163.jpeg (29.75 KB, 448x456, A4D2B0D9-6EDF-4DAB-AB3D-46EDBC…)

She called the cops on someone her “gf” rear ended? And he got her on film while she was likely drunk/high as usual?

Please be real

No. 1396752

Kek. How did that turn into harassment? It was a misunderstanding and if the guy truly believed it was them who did it of course he would act that way. Never fails to amaze me how far and twisted Shayna can make her stories from reality.

No. 1396755

File: 1639886662738.jpg (148.38 KB, 720x871, 20211219_010158.jpg)

I made it for all of you nonnies i hope they dont kick me out too soon and i can keep bringing some milk

No. 1396757

File: 1639886875359.jpg (91.76 KB, 720x592, 20211219_010717.jpg)

Last one

No. 1396758

Thank you for your service nonny, we all deeply appreciate it.

No. 1396759

Bless u anon, and thank u for getting in. I would love to see that footage

No. 1396761

She acts like she's delaying a game people have been waiting to drop for years for instead of a video of her in a fucking diaper looking grey and retarded. I'm positive not ONE fucking coomer gives a shit. They are probably following 100s of other girls and won't notice or care.

No. 1396763

How many people are in her discord, nonny?

No. 1396764

Not that anon but from the link on her old discord it shows 41 members in the new one

No. 1396765

>>1396763 only 18 so far. Most of them fat camwhores, three or four coomers and Womack.

No. 1396766

Depending on how she does her verification and if she kicks unverified members that might not be correct. It would be how many can access the channel/have a role to

No. 1396767

>three or four coomers and Womack.
bless his soul KEK

No. 1396768

Lmao literally the other day she's all about "I do so well in my job when I actually try! Teehee!" & now right back to lazy excuses of literally anything to not work. Bitch when was the last time you actually tried? Imagine calling in to work bc some dude accused your nasty gf of hitting his car lmao she is pathetic. So scawy!!! Literally unsafe in her home now

No. 1396770

Yeah, I bet her dad was so annoyed. He was probably the one telling her to break up with Ellen and now she calls crying because Ellen hit a dudes car and he was rightfully upset about it.
I honestly feel like Shayna started freaking out from the jump, if he was yelling it's amazing how she screams about wanting to be treated like shit then when it happens she shuts down.
He probably started filming because instead of slamming the door in his face, Shayna started crying or acting out. She probably was already drunk/high since she was about to start streaming.

No. 1396781

God I wonder if the guy will end up posting it to Facebook or something. I doubt we’d ever find it if it did get posted but it’s fun to think about her behavior being exposed to people who don’t know what we do kek

No. 1396783

preach, nona

No. 1396811

File: 1639891656751.jpeg (803.34 KB, 1170x1642, 17893667-92E4-4997-AB71-C4A98A…)


No. 1396812

For real. She sexualizes her father and what does she get? He and his wife offer to buy her an education. Interesting.

No. 1396815

I thought she had a neck brace here

No. 1396819

I thought so too and it didn't even faze me kek

No. 1396832

Lol retellings like this are typically one-sided but damn, it is extremely obvious she is omitting most of what happened. Even with her leaving most of it out, nothing she said warranted her calling it a “scary incident” of harassment. She’s acting like she has PTSD over a neighbor rightfully confronting Ellen over hitting their car. Between this and “tight lil baby cunt” within the last 36hrs, rot bitch you deserve it.

No. 1396837

Lol, now that you mention it, it's weird tht she never tried to get into foot shit. It's the one genre where she wouldn't need to show her face or body so she could keep getting fat. Just need to pay for a pedi every once in a while to shave off those massive callouses.

No. 1396839

Grandma, what's PULL?

No. 1396841

Lmaoooo Shayna's about to get posted on reddit under "Fat Karen freak out"

No. 1396847

This will go over swimmingly with her audience of old coomer moids who love their precious vehicles. Doesn't Old Gray drive a carrier truck for a living? Hearing that a camwhore doesn't respect other people's vehicles is unironically more likely to turn off a scrote like that than any sort of diaper porn would.

>he called his wife
Lol, I love that this is a normal, non-coomer male. Likely right around the age Shaynus fetishizes too. Her worst nightmare.

No. 1396851

This. I’m not gonna wish it on her but I’m not gonna give a fuck if it happens to her. She told minors to take a dick up their ass for not agreeing with her, harassed a sex traffic victim for not thinking all women were evil and men are all good, and made porn pretending to be a 6 or 8 year old being taken advantage of. Why would Anyone feel bad for her.

No. 1396852

what happened to acab fuck the police lmao

No. 1396853

NAYRT but PULL is Pretty Ugly Little Liar, a gossip site that was shut down a while ago.

No. 1396855

I know bb, I'm just poking fun at nonnie for using it as an insult when it doesn't exist anymore.

No. 1396856

I ain’t never seen an attractive woman named Shayna. All the Shayna’s I have met were overweight, pasty, and ugly

No. 1396857

The ugly twitterfags who scream “hello kitty says ACAB uwu” are the ones who threaten to call the police in real life. Shayna Luther King just wants to fit in and be accepted she doesn’t give a shit about social justice

No. 1396858

It just dawned on me that there are literally thousands of gross, unattractive, desperate e-whores who post degenerate porn and livetweet their substance abuse and mental problems, yet Shayna’s the only one with 100+ threads on lolcow. I feel like Shayna serves as this community’s sacrificial scapegoat upon which we lay all of our criticism of online sex workers as a whole.

Or is Shayna just uniquely awful? Like she’s the perfect storm of a hot mess lolcow?

No. 1396863

Before onlyfans and the “modern day e-whoring bpd quirky gamer girl with pink battlestation and neck beard bf” there was a whole epidemic of cringe tumblr nsfw and ddlg. Shayna had followers on tumblr she wasn’t hugely famous like acacia brintley but she had racked up a bit of followers when smoking weed was considered artsy and taboo. She then changed her blog to explicit porn and exposed minors to her disgusting pedo pandering content. Lots of mentally ill teenagers saw people like Shayna bragging about how much money they make and want to join in. Then they realize how much they fucked up and can’t escape

No. 1396869

So she updated her body type but not her three sizes. Afraid to face reality, perhaps? Her waist has to have overgone her hips by now…

No. 1396873

Yeah, kinda true. A lot of the degen shit Shayna does is common for OF whores. Shayna is both a participant & a casualty of the tumblr>OF degrading porn pipeline. I don't know any irl OF whores though. I only hang around with cool, normal people who do meaningful work & contribute to the world in some way. I cut out all the attention seekers/white trash/sexists from my contacts in high school. People like that poison your energy.
It's a bit of a weird to look up Shayna every once in a while & get a glimpse into the sad alternate universe of the people like her that I knew in high school.

No. 1396888

Kek I was wondering the same thing. Doesn’t sound like she actually called them but just said she would. No surprise she’s likely a total bitch in real life. He-who-shan’t-be-named supposedly filmed her acting a fool at least once. She must be quite a sight if she keeps being filmed acting like a moron kek

No. 1396890

Love how this is Ellen’s fault and problem yet Shayna still makes herself out to be a victim

No. 1396892

but literally no one cares how long you've been here and you're coming off like another desperate newfag replying to hours old posts that had already been moved on from

and ellen deserves it

No. 1396895

Triggered grandma again(infighting)

No. 1397070

Shay is so far off the deep end now. I can’t believe what I read when I saw her last video description.,.actually the most vile thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

I can’t believe this exists outside of the dark web or some shit. How does she get away with doing this? Literal pedo rape ? Like WHAT Twitter do something!

No. 1397103

no one cares about your "cool, normal" friends or your unpoisoned energy. get a diary.

No. 1397163

go home boomer

No. 1397164

File: 1639936677121.jpeg (644.45 KB, 1242x1483, BBE92C3C-1E52-449C-ABDC-037347…)

Stfu fatty, your time is worth a $1 menu from McDonald’s

No. 1397168

File: 1639936972494.jpeg (226.39 KB, 1182x821, 6EEE16F7-788D-4313-BA85-70AE1D…)

It was probably two people who messaged her. Just block them it takes two seconds or don’t even open the dm. Get over it ~miss sex worker for five years uwu~ no one likes a negative bitch who complains all the time.

No. 1397170

File: 1639937029794.jpeg (537.13 KB, 1242x1351, C4AB115A-5891-485B-9117-82BD27…)

No. 1397176

The diaper community… guess that’s what happens when you fuck with the grossest people on Earth.

No. 1397178

File: 1639937350397.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.12 MB, 3464x3464, 89E1669D-D353-4CBB-936A-C83FC3…)

She literally just posted the same pic twice. She sucks at her job. Her onlyfans is garbage. I don’t see how you could get off to this, then again I’m not a scrote. Seeing those cankles and huge calves make good gym motivation though, thanks fat shat!

No. 1397179

File: 1639937418445.jpeg (Spoiler Image,905.11 KB, 766x1256, 6C90495D-C848-4036-B528-475723…)

She’s so ugly

No. 1397183

> stop projecting your fantasies on me

> I want you to play with me

Um…what? Do you genuinely not see how your sending mixed messages, Shay? Letting your followers insert you into sexual scenarios and situations is part of sex work. This is one of the reason most normal people consider sex work demeaning and degrading to their humanity. Most sex workers deal with this by drawing a clear line between them, the person and them, the sex worker character. If you want anymore advice, please send $10 on circle pay kek

No. 1397196

She gets typical scrote comments and messages of "I wanna do this this and this to you baby" or "I put on a diaper and ____" and after 5 years she doesn't know how to deal with those types of comments and messages apparently.

And then goes on to type these weird deranged fantasies that directly invite those scrotes right after and constantly.

No. 1397198

File: 1639938710703.jpeg (163.42 KB, 750x564, 248F086A-007E-43A4-B58A-2A720B…)

The amount of waste she produces is awful, she’s so fucking selfish. Another perfectly good thing she’s going to throw away just because it isn’t the right color.

No. 1397199

File: 1639938730269.jpeg (347.46 KB, 1242x695, 6DD5D251-B9C3-49C9-89BA-6DE165…)

No. 1397205

Yeah gross that to her followers it would be unclear if she meant her bio dad or some gross coomer she hooks up with. Nasty bitch chose to write that on her sex work Twitter. She'd like it if her dad did too which is the grossest thing of all.
Not to mention yeah, that is shitty and wasteful. Just buy one yourself, resell the other. Stupid bitch.

No. 1397214

It's always so disrespectful to me when she posts about her family on her sex work account, like she knows this man is disgusted by what she does, yet she still mentions him to her disgusting scrote commenters and it's always like she tries to sexualize it.
Her parents are apart of the problem, stop buying her shit, cut her off. If she wants to be a "Pornstar" and live this life, let her. I know it's hard but she gives them her flat Hank Hill ass to kiss daily.
She also enjoys how these idiots don't know if she's talking about her real dad or "Dad", she's a idiot.

No. 1397217

"Stop projecting your fantasies on me" says the fat hog always trying to sexualize medical workers. I would fling myself into the sun if I was taking her vitals and she started acting all "baby" and coy, let alone all the disgusting shit she's thinking about in her head. Like imagine just doing your job and getting thoroughly eyefucked by this degenerate and her gross fetishes.

No. 1397220

she doesn't act like that in irl kek it's all posturing for her degen twitter followers

No. 1397225

Honestly just waiting for the day she admits her incestuous feelings for her bio dad and makes it an official part of her sexual identity. I'm sure she'd feel extra good finally getting that off her chest and not having to beat around the bush anymore with the vague dad-posting. Most of her scrotes would probably support the hell out of it, and her discord echo chamber would be full of equally gross bitches calling her "brave" or some shit.

No. 1397232

watch her go to the emergency room from consuming so much straight up tar

No. 1397239

Lil bit late with less than a week to Xmas for her to be asking, bet she’s a twat over it? No wait it’s not her ~~~evil~~~ mother so it’s fine

No. 1397276

She invites the attention of creepy ass men who objectify little girls and then gets mad at them for objectifying her while she pretends to be a little girl for them, how does she not see why it works out this way?

No. 1397280

File: 1639946909046.jpeg (475.83 KB, 1013x1416, 0C382072-7D39-40AE-8C3F-603421…)

She always sexualizes fatherhood and uses the word dad sexually it’s fucking weird. I’d cut off my daughter if she was sexualizing our relationship

No. 1397293

I feel shayna is so fucked in the brain that she's unable to love a man without sexualizing it in some way. Notice she hates her mother and doesn't really sexualize "mothers. Why? because she's not attracted to women, doesn't really like women and the fake pedo-pandering relationship she has with Ellen isn't that serious to her. Every man she gets with she calls her "Dad/Daddy" and wants to do this incest larp. I've seen women with bad relationships with their dad do this, but I've never seen a woman do this BECAUSE they love their dad so much.It's not like her dad isn't in her life, doesn't love her and she doesn't talk to him. She's just disgusting. I bet if she became super close to her brothers she'd start doing the "big brother" Larp more.
She does that but not as much as the daddy shit.The only time Shayna likes women is when they are doing shit for her, like Ellen. She only lets her touch her and does that "Mumma" shit when Ellen has just did something for her.

No. 1397304

This is not news kek
Shayna Patrick "Big Boil" Clifford wants to fuck her own father. We know it, she knows it, and her father probably knows it too.

No. 1397322

But…you do this. All the time. To NON CONSENTING normies. Her doctor,
The nurses at her hospital stay, random men at the bar and her own biological father.

Oh and let’s not forget she pulled down her pants down at a bar and spread her ass open in full public view.

No. 1397342

You’re forgetting that she’s practically asexual, she doesn’t actually go out and flirt with anyone, and shes terrified of the doctor. She just tweets whatever the fuck weird fantasy that comes to mind to sound edgy and kinky. But yeah, her constantly exposing herself to the public definitely isn’t consensual.

No. 1397404

File: 1639956824104.jpeg (126.46 KB, 750x295, C1701AD7-1CC1-47A2-965C-27DB1C…)

The smallest things ruin her day and she never shuts the fuck up about them. This isn’t gonna happen

No. 1397433

File: 1639960119727.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 1242x1280, 8454BA87-7DD5-431C-8651-258B68…)

she needs to make new content like okay we get it you’re a disabled diapered dog

No. 1397449

File: 1639961606841.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.83 KB, 750x1087, 2957AA62-50B6-4CCC-AF31-98D353…)

Don’t worry, you’re about to get 55 pictures of her in the same exact poses in this look instead for the next few weeks. She doesn’t understand that quantity doesn’t outweigh quality

No. 1397458

Welp, she can't use her arm to fully cover her gut in pics anymore. Kek

No. 1397470

The paws on the socks are stretched so much it's indistinguishable

No. 1397494

Yall need to slow tf down - i had a busy week at work and almost completely missed the whole porksweat potty playtime thread - cant keep up

No. 1397534

Draw a bath and get cozy, nona!

No. 1397560

>>1397449 goddamn she a big ol bitch now, ain't she? Certified heifer status, total alcoholic and addicted to weed (kek), broken asshole, zero prospects. Her 30s will not be kind to her.

No. 1397570

File: 1639980740657.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1242x1218, 3B8EDADC-84BB-454B-9383-208F34…)

No. 1397575

How many more of these pictures do we need to see

No. 1397578

File: 1639981595842.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1242x1259, 74C43914-AE05-4AEC-8080-8DD186…)

No. 1397590

File: 1639983336070.png (Spoiler Image,110.58 KB, 368x398, ballsack.png)

No. 1397610

File: 1639986074310.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x510, tumblr_m1hfee3Fg81qjm55w.jpg)

Shaynas attempts at being sexy:

No. 1397623

This is the only "Christmas" content she's gonna end up doing and it's not even Christmas themed, she just has her tree in the background and was biting the fake presents.

No. 1397659

I'm late to the party, but you should censor your timestamps or use a different time zone so they don't figure out who you are.

No. 1397671

File: 1639994006789.jpeg (542.42 KB, 1242x1152, 568DBB62-8807-4D8E-8161-2157F4…)

>I’m trying to let people know I am interested in their community by complaining about it and wanting everyone in it to follow my rules
Look, their community” is about as low as you can legally go; they’re degenerates who don’t care about consent or making Shayna Clifford, who constantly tweets about being kidnapped a land raped, comfortable. Don’t know where she got the idea making a few videos pandering to them will make them treat her better but that’s not how that works. They don’t care, never will, and you doing diaper contebt is just going to further enable them.

No. 1397731

There's nothing really special about Shayna, she's just the type specimen for "pathetic e-whore burnout." In following her, you're actually following thousands of poor, desperate, ignorant women. The Burger King crown could have just as easily landed on someone else's greasy head, but in this reality, it landed on hers.

No. 1397734

>this has been a way bigger problem since finding myself deeper in the diaper community
If you find yourself ever sincerely typing that sentence, your problems are bigger than you know.

No. 1397746

Not that I give a shit about the pedo and sw community lol but here is exactly why she always end up being kicked out of everywhere. She hasn’t been participating for more than a month and she’s already complaining on her timeline and vagueposting about people. Just take this shit to your dms.

No. 1397802

Exactly. Did they really think offering to pay for her education was how they'd get Shayna to quit this "lifestyle"? They need to admit they're powerless and she's going to make whatever decisions she wants to make. Stop pouring gasoline on the dumpster fire.

No. 1397809

>Hope this doesn't ruin the whole diaper community 4 u x
God, this needs to be a banner

No. 1397877

File: 1640029217158.jpeg (461.51 KB, 1242x1542, AE2ACBBA-247A-4222-8C46-5E2921…)

Literally who is doing this to you, fat shat? Pick me that never gets picked

No. 1397879

File: 1640029321826.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1015.76 KB, 1242x1605, 8F9015AF-E50C-4715-93D9-DF1073…)

kek she probably thinks she’s hot shit that a knockoff onlyfans page promoted her

No. 1397888

She’s posted this before, and I don’t even think it was an original post when she first posted it. This kind of shit used to circulate on degen tumblr constantly. She’s trying to go viral. Enjoy your 5-10 likes from feeder fetishists, fatty.

No. 1397890

It looks like that account has a bot that automatically retweets any tweet that links to their site

No. 1397894

File: 1640031992067.png (Spoiler Image,40.25 KB, 293x544, shatner.png)

Please no ban I don't know where else to put this but I wanted to share this doodle inspired by her new cage shoot and weight gain, okay that's it. Saged for fanart and ot.(fanart)

No. 1397900

This is fucking hideous, and not just because it’s Shayna.

No. 1397914

Thank you so much! I want it to be repulsive.

No. 1397965

Give up on art

No. 1397980

Looks just like her good job

No. 1397986

File: 1640039576753.jpeg (54.31 KB, 704x179, 3905309F-3671-46F2-8EB0-23DA8F…)

why would she retweet this?

No. 1397989

Most honest thing she’s ever retweeted about herself

No. 1398002

this is yet another recycled tweet. I stg she must keep these in her notes app thinking they’re fucking incredible.

No. 1398007

File: 1640041125738.jpeg (Spoiler Image,858.89 KB, 1170x1263, 5E77CED2-C496-48F4-9CA6-E4F869…)

No. 1398008

File: 1640041153179.jpeg (Spoiler Image,918.27 KB, 1170x1337, F7E1B86E-A6F7-4F13-AB4C-CA0804…)


No. 1398013

File: 1640041576338.jpeg (Spoiler Image,344.4 KB, 750x414, 4485EE5F-1616-4197-A1F4-367109…)

I forgot about this one, she blurred her whole damn face away, and the tiny beady eyes, are these really in her opinion her best pictures of 2021?

No. 1398019

15$ a month lol, Shay you're not even worth 3$, that's why so many unfollowed you on OF

No. 1398048

File: 1640046928393.jpeg (184.25 KB, 750x540, 441A8E58-5016-474C-AC2A-EE9F47…)

Bleak. Ellen lives with her parents, if they’re baking cookies at her house do you think she’s introduced her to them? How strange to see your 32 year old daughter hanging around a 24 year old whore who doesn’t know to wear a bra. She does look older then 24 though

No. 1398103

File: 1640053885139.jpeg (Spoiler Image,779.87 KB, 3121x1090, 1C395642-8CE5-4D77-877B-E5FE42…)

Hank hill photo shoot

No. 1398105

File: 1640053916947.jpeg (378.75 KB, 955x1751, FA38CA0B-366F-44BC-B68B-586D0D…)

Nitpick but I hate this outfit. It’s is so ugly kek

No. 1398112

Good gracious, ass is bodaci - wait nvm.

No. 1398121

Not like there will be a lot of content there either. She did a couple diaper vids when she was blonde, but just got back into it. I guess she's just gonna put the 5 diaper vids she has and then fill the rest with 200 photos that are almost exactly the same, if not actually.

No. 1398122

Because she is wearing like a lounge/pj top with the matching underwear and then threw on her fave cheap ass tacky material shein skirt to hide her beer gunt

No. 1398127

I mean she looks ugly and dingey, but this kind of photoset/look is more suiting than when she tries too hard and goes overboard with the draggish makeup and pink outfits attempting to look like a uwu baby or bimbo. The bra is literally carrying the weight and it's just all just a more relaxed vibe. I could see a scrote liking this. She looks normal, "cozy gf" which she ought to lean into. But she won't give up being disgusting and retarded and clawing the bottom of the barrel because the bitch is unwell and is addicted to crumbs of attention

No. 1398161

nitpick but she's clearly grooming herself like a cat in the puppy picture. YOU HAD ONE JOB.

No. 1398207

Lmao true tho she's such a fucking idiot

No. 1398273

lmao she literally drew cat whiskers on her face the photoshoot before this, i like the idea of her being too retarded to tell the difference despite owning both. someone get this bitch a picture book kek

No. 1398294

File: 1640067600554.jpeg (170.99 KB, 750x476, 05C0EFF7-F510-4F66-89C5-EC5753…)

So much better then getting a free education

No. 1398303

File: 1640068793131.jpeg (Spoiler Image,552.2 KB, 750x874, F8EFF88A-7BFA-4773-9C35-1F3004…)

I guess this is the “look” for drinking piss in

No. 1398306

File: 1640068892983.jpeg (Spoiler Image,455.24 KB, 750x842, 3E096F11-3817-480A-A0C1-49D94B…)

Good lord she looks crusty

No. 1398311

Why is she stretching her ears again? How does it fit into the baby bimbo puppy schtick? How can someone be so bad at everything?

No. 1398312

>the bloated alcoholic face
>the giant bulbous nose
>the signature shayaniv™ ‘smirk’
>the neck rolls covered in moles
>the fake freckles that look like blackheads
>the grease covered weeks-of-no-showering hair that is literally standing on its own
> the lumpy cottage cheese covered ass
>the huge boil on lumpy ass
>the forehead wrinkles
>the drag eye lashes
>hammy arm

No. 1398313

File: 1640069402133.jpeg (780.51 KB, 1050x1268, CEC25419-089C-44E3-9DB8-52A36F…)

Also wtf did she fuck up on facetune trying to edit her eyes or something. What is up with her black eyeball?

No. 1398314

Diapers and now drinking piss kek im scared of how low she’ll go.

No. 1398317

Can't tell if freckle filter or mottled alcohol liver spots

No. 1398319

No. 1398321

I don’t think that drinking a bunch of water right before drinking your piss will make up for months of dehydration

No. 1398327

I never seen a "Barbie Bimbo" brag for days about drinking piss. However, you'd think a sex worker doing something as disgusting as this not for her own pleasure would brag about how much she made doing this.Or put her prices, she probably did this for no less then $200 and will probably end up selling this (if it even sells) for $50 or less. I guess she thinks it's hardcore and it'll make coomers/sex workers think she's SO kinky. It's been years and I bet she thought by now she'd be famous & happy, instead she's drinking piss.

No. 1398328

File: 1640070835235.jpeg (41.5 KB, 676x454, 33AD5F8B-1C8E-4386-8BD8-149684…)

Once again…

No. 1398331

Vertical stripes is not a good look for someone of her size.

No. 1398333

File: 1640071604151.jpeg (Spoiler Image,229.02 KB, 750x1341, 0621E5D7-90EF-4D57-8F7C-96ED8E…)

I guess this look is appropriate for this fucking clown behavior

No. 1398335

eugh, she looks like she'd be sticky

No. 1398355

the gunt shop woof. the line in the wall disappears and her arm is tiny kek

No. 1398357

I'm sorry but why does shat only shave the bottom part of her pussy? Like if your trying so hard to be a "baby" wouldn't you shave the whole thing? I've just always found it weird.

No. 1398441

First pic: what do you mean, you're out of weed? Why do you think I came over?
Second pic: oh man, it's musty down here, lemme just air this thing out.
Third: oops, teehee, I just farted and a bit of poop came out. I bet I can pass it off as scat porn
Fourth : I think I passed really well as a woman
Fifth: yeah, I know, it's disappointing, but give me your money anyway

No. 1398444

Because she knows better from early on in her career, and she doesn't want to take care of a freshly shaven pubic area, so she chooses patchy vag stubble over hundreds of ingrowns and red bumps. It's better for her tbh. Just because a smooth puss = younger, doesn't mean everyone can pull it off, or should. She didn't have as cute a pussy as she thinks lol not to bodyshame or vagsperg, but it's not the nicest thing to look at, even as far as pussies go. It does look small m I'll give get that, but it looks like a mini scary alien mouth

No. 1398557

Ayrt oh lord yes thanks for reminding me I forgot about the pussy boil saga. And that the last time she fully shaved people started calling it a dolphin mouth or something like that.

No. 1398580

I like it. It encapsulates the horror quite well. Has vibes of that weird mlp crystal art or Chris simpsons artist.

No. 1398614

You’re actually a really good artist nonnie. You really captured her greasiness and rancid personality. It’s ugly to look at but that’s how you know it’s a spot on portrait of Big Shaynus. Kudos anon.

No. 1398625

She really just did the same thing she did for performative Pride. She could've just wore the mesh bodysuit thing, used her regular dildo, drank piss. Why is she so autistic and boring. That get up looked awful the first time. The only way it sort of makes sense is if she's going for a retarded clown look.

No. 1398670

lmfao it was actually another ewhore calling it a dolphin pussy and it made shayna almost an hero

No. 1398749

File: 1640116111955.jpeg (73.7 KB, 660x487, 639A40AE-F1F9-40A2-83E0-420899…)

I know this is a nitpick, but Jesus Christ, she can’t wear that neckline anymore. It looked cute enough when she was smaller, but now, with those linebacker shoulders? Jesus, she looks MASSIVE.
Shay, when you visually divide yourself into vertical thirds like that, it just makes it clear how goddamn thick each of the thirds really is. A wide or boatneck top, or something wider like that (the opposite of the high-neck halter look) will contain your shoulders and lunch lady arms

No. 1398778

File: 1640118674451.jpeg (1.28 MB, 953x1737, 902D68D7-ECC9-425F-AC46-5DEEEC…)

No. 1398783

File: 1640118892448.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 1087x1920, D07EFC17-3B57-4B41-8822-6BD173…)

Kek @ her double chin
Slow down on the cookies, porky

No. 1398798

the obvious blur on her fucking feet calluses KEK

No. 1398799

This has powerful "fart just blew my skirt up" energy

No. 1398801

TOP KEK it absolutely does

No. 1398810

The first decent outfit she's used in years is ruined by a cheap nylon gunt cover.

No. 1398817

I just can’t with this face she pulls! I want to know what her intention behind this is. Is it supposed to be a smile? It’s literally just a lifeless smirk

No. 1398828

looks like the oingo boingo comic in jojo

No. 1398841

Shinjiteru ze! Nonnie

No. 1398861

Can someone please explain what is going on with the right cheek? Why does it look like that?

No. 1398875

She has no ass it’s all thigh

No. 1398877

File: 1640129946441.jpeg (700.98 KB, 828x1306, 38212AEE-F5F7-4C4E-B531-5C6785…)

Goddamn this is one of the worst pics she’s ever posted of herself.

No. 1398883

she looks so sweaty and slimy

No. 1398890

Depression in a photo.

No. 1398891

File: 1640130845772.jpeg (1017.63 KB, 3072x3072, C0584875-9D82-4903-9415-2A0CAA…)

It’s been a rough year.

No. 1398893

Soles of feet look are freshly debrided of their filth that they're still red. The rest of her looks gray and in need of exfoliation, as always.

No. 1398900

File: 1640131582323.jpeg (Spoiler Image,831.63 KB, 750x1002, C3E29A71-690B-4089-8280-377B70…)

Her editing is so inconsistent. Sometimes she blurs her whole face away and sometimes she leaves it looking this fucking rough.

No. 1398911

did she never wash off the fake freckles or something? it’s been nearly a week why are they still there?

No. 1398921

Apparently this is her new thing. I hate how they’re in like a straight line and only concentrated to a stripe across her face

No. 1398931

Has her tongue always looked bumpy like the right?

No. 1398938

She really is dumb lol. She doesn't even understand the concept of freckles and how to make them look somewhat decent. Like, shay, your supposed to scatter them randomly, not evenly, and not just over one random patch of skin. Yes, they should be more concentrated over the nose and top of the cheekbones, but not just only put there and nowhere else. Also, you're supposed to blend them by dabbing it with your finger, and do at least 3 different levels of light brown to dark, by making some of them more see-through. Sage for my spergy tedtalk, but I'm with other sons that Shayna really is genuinely mentally retarded. That should be her new theme, mentally challenged ugly fat girl attempting to be sexy. She can label it as humiliation fetish because anyone would feel embarrassed just looking at her kek. Shay, we solved your popularity issue, your in the wrong market lol. You're not a dumb bimbo, you're a dumbass tard who keeps embarrassing herself without trying.

No. 1398940

You're and anons, not sons, but my point still stands

No. 1398943

File: 1640134409956.jpg (34.9 KB, 600x323, LuYTe-e1475535029184.jpg)

She's trying to look like a DreamWorks character

No. 1398961

no; progressive mouth deterioration presents in a few places

No. 1398967

Looks like she’s wearing grey tinted panty hose and it’s just her fucking grey skin gross

No. 1398970

File: 1640136883577.jpeg (211.86 KB, 750x564, 85D43AC4-9DF6-4BC7-B24D-E0DB97…)

No. 1398972

Surprised she doesn’t have a kink for getting her vag waxed cause she would totally make it a sexual experience and never shut up

No. 1398976

She 100% did make up some story about getting wet at the salon back when she used to get waxed

No. 1398983

yes, it's called scalloped tongue for the hundredth time – google it
>>1398961 - this anon is retarded

No. 1399003

Sorry, sage for diary sperg, but:
Yup, I actually learned about this from this thread and also I had it around the exact time I learned that;I got it a few weeks back when I got my tongue pierced, even though I had my palate widened for braces, I was scared somehow because I haven't worn my retainer in 80 years,that my jaw was somehow growing back to its original shape, and that it was permanent, I was really panicked, and it also hurt really bad too, but after about 4 days the swelling mostly went down; And, for that week, I related to Shayna over something I never thought I would.
Also I had dreams about pearls and oysters and people getting their tongues chopped off, and a dream where shayna was my sister and I hated her lol. Oh, and eating and talking was a pain. K thanks for not reading this, I'm gonna go back to my home planet now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1399008

a palate expander doesn’t affect your jaw, it affects your palate, dipshit.

No. 1399020

But she had a full melt down when Fupa would tell her to take her meds

No. 1399023

Yup she said the waxing lady made a comment about her “being wet”. Just like she said she thought the guy who would do her pedicures had a foot fetish cause he “would make sure her feet looked perfect”

No. 1399024

Sorry, upper jaw* please stop giving me excuses to fill the thread up with anymore of my spergs kek I'm done now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1399026

Anon are you ok? The upper jaw. A palate expander on the upper jaw.

No. 1399031

The mayor of Whoville's side whore

No. 1399034

i think it depends on whether or not she’s sober enough to realize how unattractive she is and edit out the insecurities, which is basically everything. she should be insecure 24/7 but is probably too high all the time to realize she looks like a rotting hog left over from a luau

No. 1399046

File: 1640140645111.jpeg (152.82 KB, 750x476, F19D361F-61AC-4FF2-8296-7D85C3…)

Selfish, lazy, fat, disgusting

No. 1399060

Jesus christ those eyes are dead & empty

No. 1399065

I would say she's the reason I've managed not to succumb to total despair and sacrifice my dignity to it
no matter how bad it gets, because of big shaynus, I know even in the throes of a completely unhinged bpd meltdown, I'm never going to sell my ass online or anywhere else
tbh, thank you, big shaynus, I may never have reigned in some truly psychotic behaviors if not for you

No. 1399073

Mentally ill, rich girl larping as sex worker, fat ass

No. 1399074

Kek you already know how people talk about you anyways. You're always checking these threads.

No. 1399081

the only thing rich about this girl is her sense of delusion

just because someones parent has done financially well for themselves does not by association make their grown ass adult retard child also rich

No. 1399092

Just read the threads, ban for spoonfeed

No. 1399105

Did you forget her dad through the stepmom offered to pay for ANY education so she could quit sex work?

Education is expensive and just shows how privileged she is.

No. 1399122

To back up nonny this bitch was offered a free education to whatever college she wanted, and she had the nerve to complain about it.

No. 1399134

ew, why, how in that order

No. 1399136

Privileged does not mean rich

No. 1399139

File: 1640154868404.png (Spoiler Image,10.48 MB, 1242x2208, F860934A-6B10-47AD-BD5E-0C6350…)

The fucking double chin and rolls all down her body yikes

No. 1399141

File: 1640155028624.png (Spoiler Image,8.66 MB, 1242x2208, A9B5217C-BEFC-47A0-B208-3EC952…)

She has to be trolling what the fuck is this face top kek

No. 1399143

File: 1640155142331.jpeg (611.26 KB, 1160x1085, AC0B13E9-1794-4E26-862A-1F45F7…)

No. 1399153

Her being offered a paid education doesn't put money in her bank tho

Privileged? absolutely
Rich? absolutely not

No. 1399154

File: 1640156943855.gif (2.21 MB, 480x360, 8E3350C6-4D30-444C-A17D-F8BED8…)

No. 1399157

Shayna six chins should be her new @

No. 1399161

Does she drink piss or nah?
I'm just curious if it's just an awkward add on tacked to the end of that video with no continuity or if the video itself had a story around it and to see the rest you have to pay more. Or are these caps just from a retarded cumshow she did wearing the outfit for the vid?

No. 1399172

Those are just from a cumshow she posted on OF before she drank the piss, she’s only selling the piss video privately

No. 1399180

File: 1640160466173.jpeg (130.18 KB, 750x393, F77DDB1D-E61D-4AA1-A7F5-2DEE4F…)

Holy shit let it go

No. 1399218

kek same anon. No matter how shit my life may seem some days, at least I'm not Shaynus.

No. 1399220

File: 1640170518153.png (69.04 KB, 1214x274, Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 9.54…)

Begging for sales and not even one like. Bleak.

No. 1399225

File: 1640171549470.jpeg (67.84 KB, 684x259, 39DDEF39-7529-4D88-A788-A9D9A1…)

she's so fucking cringe

No. 1399226

She's so distressed she can joke about the situation.

No. 1399261

File: 1640178003221.png (62.96 KB, 957x462, Screenshot 2021-12-22 135918.p…)

this gave me a hearty kek

No. 1399266

Restraining order for someone who knocked on your door one time. kek Shaynus that's not how it works.

She tweets out wanting to be stalked, kidnapped & raped, and other shit that spits in the faces of women this really happens to. Then some scrote comes and tells her off for hitting her car & she wants to cry 'stalking'? Gtfo whore. You ask for much worse daily.

No. 1399269

Its also a thing that happen if you dont move your tounge and mouth breathe with awful tounge posture.

No. 1399282

I am no way here to defend shatna, but have you all never heard of bruxism? Bruxism can also be a way of getting away with stress, not only teeth grinding but also pressing your tongue against your teeth (at night). And thats how it looks like in her pic.(lrn2sage)

No. 1399298

Lol sex work is not real work. Degrading yourself for literal pennies or nothing but online comments. I am absolutely failing to see how she can pay her bills without her dad helping her. It's not possible.

No. 1399359

Shayna IS the crazy neighbor really. Nasty retarded whore drunkenly bumbling around all day and night, listening to the sane shitty music, making awful porn sounds and getting naked on her porch, inviting weird degenerates over frequently, multiple pets, weed and b.o stank, etc. Those are just things we can assume. Who knows what else goes on.
I just wonder if Ellen really did hit the car and Shay is just trying to cover it because of course she would, or if the guy really did have the wrong person. And they say "ran into" so I'd think the damage would be decent enough to see paint or some marks on the other vehicle.
Hopefully the guy just made a police report and filed a claim with his insurance and they sort it out. Would be hilarious if it was Ellen and they came back to charge her and take her license for not reporting or doing her end of the paperwork.

No. 1399380

Who knows, maybe Ellen is a drunk too. She shares the same bloat as Shayna, it could be their common hobby. None of the tweets she graciously shared with us are or her exactly sober. Ellen might be a snacks, alcohol and weed fetcher in exchange for a place to do these things away from the parents she lives with. Ellen does already fetish photos with dummies she snatched off of the children she should take care of. Her being a drunk or hungover driver would be just as irresponsible.

No. 1399446

File: 1640199461233.jpeg (273.53 KB, 750x741, CDBC0B0D-1E70-40EE-B0DE-1EDE19…)

She’s a broken human

No. 1399450

File: 1640199630972.jpeg (245.55 KB, 750x693, E9139171-C52C-4B40-9C1B-836251…)

No. 1399452

Holy shit this is sour grapes if I’ve ever seen it.

No. 1399456

Lmaoooo even Grayhair thinks this is pathetic

No. 1399458

She's about to block him, subtweet him and delete orjust delete the tweets

No. 1399462

>”I’d be repulsed if someone asked me to be their girlfriend.”
Oh, Shay. Cope harder. We all know that having a scrote ask you to be his girlfriend would constitute one of the best days in your entire pickme life.

No. 1399466

She is entering the femcel territories.

No. 1399471

grayhair talking sense, shay is NOT going to like that lmao

No. 1399476

File: 1640201669832.jpeg (123.78 KB, 750x270, D1EE8112-B19B-4A3D-B4F5-5F6FCA…)

First of all she’s been ostracized by a lot of the Twitter whore community, so who would want her? Her edits are nothing special, in fact they’re awkward and weird most of the time. And she is so fucking lazy, it takes her forever to edit her own videos between all of her “bad brain days” she needs to “take the day off work” imagine how frustrating it would be to have to work with her. She’s said this before in the past though and no one took her up

No. 1399482

Grayhair assuming she regularly speaks to her family or has a single friend

No. 1399487

smells like shes desperate for extra money to me. she spends "hours" editing 55 of the same exact picture and they all look like shit, not even almost consistent across the board. who in their right mind would want to pay for shatna's shitty editing when they could do the same thing by themselves (and only take half the amount of time)

No. 1399507

Well, the end of the month is near and rent is due! It’s funny to see her scramble when her rent is due for her shithole den. Most of her money goes to Afterpay payments.

No. 1399509


If I was a sex worker I wouldn't let Shayna anywhere near my raw footage. She'd probably hold on to embarrassing screenshots to use in a Twitter meltdown. Not to mention I'd feel like just having her edit my shit would give me pussy boils and a diaperfag fanbase. Shay honey you do not have the range.

No. 1399511

she literally refers to ellen as "gf" constantly, what is she even talking about

No. 1399522

File: 1640205494971.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3247x3464, BA5FD4C2-32C6-4602-85C6-D7144B…)

No. 1399524

File: 1640205570485.jpeg (862.83 KB, 1170x1818, 1BCAC0F7-9BDF-47F1-9715-7653E0…)

No. 1399526

File: 1640205603134.png (Spoiler Image,8.21 MB, 1242x2208, A53FE9D3-99CC-4AFB-961E-A83625…)

looking like a retarded rainbow

No. 1399529

lmao these are all speddy but middle left & bottom left are just something else.
If I saw these out of context I would think that someone had tricked a downie child into doing retard porn.

No. 1399531

the way she mashes that wand against herself, she must be numb for hours afterwards.

No. 1399533

Uses boyfriend as an example when she has an actual girlfriend? Ellen is not even on her mind.

No. 1399537

In context of refusing a fully paid education this is even funnier, truly something she can build an empire from

No. 1399541

She really is, though…now I have the answer to the question, “what could possibly lead a woman down that dark, dark road?”

Looks to me like she doesn’t want to have to do SW anymore, but doesn’t want to admit defeat, either. Sorry, Shay, it doesn’t work like that.

Are these retards so divorced from normal society that they think couples are out in public calling one another “bunbun”? I mean, sure, there are people that do that. Their friends find them annoying af and roast them half to death whenever they’re not around.

No. 1399543

“Daddy” is what children call their father. A grown woman calling someone who is obviously her partner “daddy” makes it extremely clear to everyone around that one/both of them has an incest fetish. Fetishes are inherently sexual, so…

No. 1399552

File: 1640208737812.jpeg (348.74 KB, 1170x708, 23AD2658-0762-417C-9A89-E55540…)


No. 1399553

File: 1640208768784.jpeg (887.24 KB, 1170x1567, A98768CE-A7BE-449D-AB28-514BE5…)

2/2 They wouldn’t remove the Cindy Lou Who video, so what could be worse than that?

No. 1399556

This sounds like a rape-y man trying to send dick pics… I just wanna make SURE that someone normal is gonna have to watch this extremely kinky video

No. 1399583

File: 1640211256355.jpeg (522 KB, 1170x1409, 8230F31C-D033-41CB-9DBB-14CF20…)

Oh please Shay

No. 1399586

File: 1640211393094.jpeg (208.19 KB, 750x516, 97E6123F-3A0E-43FD-A91C-C9E672…)

Weird that a company wouldn’t want videos of retards pretending to be children being raped and pissing themselves on their websites.

No. 1399588

nona are you ok?

No. 1399599

That’s because your “kinks” are so objectively disgusting that even the greedy men trying to make money off sad whores like you feel that that content crosses a line. Even immoral, shitty men are more respectable than you.
This is also why you don’t ever have to worry about a scrote telling you he wants you to “be his girlfriend”. Only the bottom one percent of the bottom one percent is desperate enough to associate themselves with the likes of you, and men like that don’t have “girlfriends.”

No. 1399638

I just imagine that everytime something happens before or after she tweets about it, she sends a tweet out to the scrotes she fucks with & ellen. Thinking they give a shit and genuinely are impressed she's so kinky and interesting.

No. 1399641

>>This is also why you don’t ever have to worry about a scrote telling you he wants you to “be his girlfriend”
Yeah, a few threads ago I was one of the anons going, "Why doesn't she just download tinder it's obvious she wants a boyfriend!" but now i'm realizing she has to use Sugar Daddy websites/twitter/tumblr and fetish sites to "date" men,because the shit she's into is extremely disgusting weird dumb shit.
It's not even like she's an attractive sex worker that scrotes would brag on, nah, she's average/unattractive with a goofy body and drinks piss & pedo-panders. Only ugly old men and Fupauls will be into that or other ugly sex workers.

No. 1399662

shay, you don’t even know how to use premiere pro or after effects. people don’t want to pay to get their videos poorly edited on apple movie on your iphone. you don’t even know how to edit the lighting or color correct, or even fix your audio. WHY would anyone pay you to edit?

No. 1399666

samefag but this sounds like a way to scam newbie sex workers.

No. 1399669

I don’t even think she’s into the shit she says she is, though. I think she likes the attention she gets from being shocking, and I think she liked the attention she used to get when she did actual scenes, but I don’t think she actually enjoys any of the fetishes in and of themselves. In other words, I’m sure she’d enjoy an attentive partner that simply paid attention to her far more than she enjoys any of the sex she’s ever had.
She’s one of those girls that heard that guys likes girls with a “freaky” side and just went crazy with it. In Shay’s mind, if letting a guy fuck her in the ass is good, surely letting a guy put her in a diaper is even better. After all, there are plenty of girls that are sad enough to let a guy fuck them in the ass, and very few desperate enough to don a diaper. In her mind, this makes it harder for men to leave her, because they’ll be hard pressed to find another girl as willing to degrade themselves as she is. What she fails to realize is that, while the average man is a selfish shit, he’s not as full-out fucked up and gross as she is. She is such a pickme, she’ll tolerate and pretend to enjoy fetishes that disgust 99% of men. She’s such a pickme, she has actually alienated the very men she’s trying to attract by taking things way, way too far. It’s like a masterpiece of irony, sadness, and internalized misogyny.

No. 1399682

This is spot on. In addition, since shes not attractive she has to pretend to be into all this gross shit in order to “stand out” from all the much better looking whores on the internet. So she does weird niche pedo and piss stuff other better looking girls won’t touch.

No. 1399693

She’s also dug herself in too deep. She’ll never be able to wash the stain of what she’s done off of herself. She’s as stubborn as she is lazy, and she’ll probably read this and lean in even harder, just to prove how much she “really does love” her disgusting kinks.
She could have done a lot better for her pickme self if she’d just learned how to cook a nice dinner and give a good blowjob, now she’s stuck catering to bottom-of-the-barrel scrotes that successful whores want nothing to do with. Literal incels would take one look at her Twitter and say, “I’ll just stay a virgin, thanks.”

No. 1399698

>So she does weird niche pedo and piss stuff other better looking girls won’t touch.
I think she went hard into ABDL and pedo shit because she realised that she can't compete with other ewhores. She wasn't getting enough attention or money from the standard fuck herself with a crusty dildo videos because there's younger, slimmer and more attractive women that do it better. It's a last attempt to cling to any relevance she has in sex work. She seems desperate for money recently, so it clearly isn't working.

No. 1399721

File: 1640221813573.jpeg (334.72 KB, 1170x1046, 89A77900-4B8E-4024-8B33-FE8BF9…)

No. 1399725

I know she's not into this shit, but its out there now. Its connected to her real name and grey face. There's no way she could date a `normal`scrote. Only below average older men because I do think she's somewhat into incest or finding a man to acts like her dad to replace him.
Even with her low standards, she has to go even lower now. Even if she deleted everything these threads exist. She has always known she couldn't get by on looks alone.

No. 1399771

I don’t think she is actually attracted to older men, but likes the attention of being that younger girl who likes older men. A lot of men are into that, so she can get attention and a fan base. I feel like when she has actually demonstrated feelings of attraction for real people she has interacted with (not just fantasized about), it is usually someone like Sol or Fupa

No. 1399787

That and a lot of porn consumers are older men, so she’s trying to appeal to them.

No. 1399803

It was said in one of the previous threads but she hasn’t socialised with guys her age since high school. All she’s had for the past 7-8 years are her coomers and splenda daddies. If she had normie guys in their mid-20s in her social circle then she wouldn’t even look twice at older men. It’s a combination of daddy issues and absolute cope.

No. 1399817

File: 1640231742135.jpeg (355.99 KB, 1170x1149, 21BC4E8E-5FFE-4239-99E7-63E8CD…)

She literally just got her nails done. And here we have Grayhair kissing up after he probably pissed her off on that one post

No. 1399818

I'm sure she'll get her usual hot dog nails.

No. 1399819

File: 1640231917917.jpeg (Spoiler Image,699.9 KB, 1170x1373, 79DBB9E4-1216-460E-9F27-DB47DA…)

Looking rough

No. 1399821

…that's a stupid name

No. 1399834

Backwoods Barbie is more appropriate.

No. 1399846

… is there a pun I'm missing?

No. 1399847

One of the scotes that follow her constantly posts about being lonely and wanting specifically a camgirl girlfriend. Just an example of the type of men she attracts.

No. 1399857

underrated post

No. 1399862

File: 1640240107434.jpeg (298.87 KB, 750x711, 48C81A43-F728-45CE-8AE9-1F291A…)

How many times has she made this tweet now

No. 1399875

File: 1640242593665.jpeg (563.58 KB, 750x985, B0C1D157-D832-48CE-99B1-2336B0…)

It’s pretty sad that she goes by her porn name in real life apparently, she has no life outside of porn it’s her entire identity

No. 1399878

File: 1640243259653.jpeg (272.29 KB, 750x616, 292BCF5A-5497-4BC6-9D65-3C92F3…)

So they’re “dating” I guess. lol at constantly spoiling, last thing he got her was a discount build a bear

No. 1399882

At least there’s one gift that’s not a fake empty box prop for her ugly diaper Christmas porn backgrounds

No. 1399883

Another recycled tweet/tumblr blog. She is so uncreative and lame.

No. 1399884

She is only saying they're "dating" because she lurks here and knows that she would never EVER get a ~normal~ scrote to date her.

No. 1399890

>>I'm surpised when he wants 2 see me again
>>He constantly spoils me
Imagine dating the most bottom of the barrel weirdo old scrotes, yet YOU are surpised when they decide to see you and throw you a little attention, a dinner and cheap toys.
It's not fucking hard to get a old gross horny man's attention & it seems like Shayna can't even do that. She acts like such a weirdo and thinks the dude doesn't want to come around because "She's bratty" and "high maintenance" when the truth is, he's probably not getting any sex or the sex isn't good or it isn't worth dealing with her dumb ass.
All Shayna wants is a meal, someone to compliment her, listen to her dumb ass stories, dumb cheap toys and rides. She's not asking for Chanel, birkins, her bills to be paid or anything else. She's very used to men using her up or stop dealing with her because she's not worth the trouble.
Look at the scrote she spent years of her life on or the woman she's fake dating. I seriously think she refuses to have real sex with this dude & he's "Dating" her now hoping he can finally stick his penis in her. She was just screaming about how she hasn't had PIV since Fupaul.

No. 1399891

Not really

No. 1399992

>constantly spoiling
>with $20 build a bear toys and a nordstrom iced coffee

No. 1399996

High maintenance? She doesn't even bathe regularly.

No. 1400007

So how much time went by between her tweeting >>1399446 and >>1399875 ? A couple hours?

No. 1400023

File: 1640266282348.jpeg (285.35 KB, 1170x601, 7375F0BE-7BFD-45D2-8D1B-0ECC9A…)

Why not your “gf”?

No. 1400027

Did she really say high maintenance?? She must mean emotionally/mentally, as in she's fucking exhausting to be around because she's such an annoying autist that has unchecked mental issues so she needs constant coddling, Validation, and attention. Surely she didn't mean materialisticly because that would be a big joke.

No. 1400034

File: 1640267452761.jpeg (153.24 KB, 750x1003, 801599F1-FB09-4CA8-B06B-F8CC8E…)

Ellen is too ugly and she knows it, not that Shayna is a looker either

No. 1400207

Shayna is so weird to me, she'd let any crusty woman or man touch her in real life, for toys, stuffed animals and a pair of ugg boots. Yet when she talks about wanting to film with someone for her "job", she acts like it's SOOOO hard.
Like you flew out to basically suck a bootyhole flavored dick. If she wanted to meet with sex workers SHE WOULD. She doesn't. She doesn't even have actual sex with the two people she's "Dating". She just wants attention. Not sex, not to make content but attention from people she's actually attracted to. She acts like it's so damn hard, when her standards are so low and she's a sex worker.

No. 1400212

File: 1640281942207.jpeg (669.57 KB, 1170x1802, 796C7608-464C-4494-AC18-7B0DE4…)

Of course MV approved it. They approve anything on that site

No. 1400215

I wonder if she's going to spend the holidays with Ellen? If so would'nt this be the first Christmas she spent with the person she dated? Shit did her ex even buy her any gifts? More than likely she'll spend it alone because even though she's dating two people.

No. 1400228

File: 1640283708301.jpeg (60.24 KB, 750x178, 41C4541E-5294-4291-BD3C-BC42D6…)

Her last video where she pretends to be drugged by her parents definitely broke TOS so it seems they don’t care

No. 1400232

File: 1640283884073.jpeg (53.93 KB, 750x186, 52CB57AF-E3E5-455E-B064-24662F…)

They also don’t allow ageplay but she’s definitely broken that one on there as well

No. 1400233

That and it's probably gross, but she's always dramatic and likes to be edgy and act like she's just the most ~not like other girls~ and so super totally kinky when really she's doing the same thing other ugly degenerates do or is just fronting anyway because she needs pennies and crumbs of attention.

No. 1400237

SA but a while back she kept acting like she was doing this super duper taboo vid and it was a step bro vid. Like one of the biggest categories on pornhub. Like yeah, it's disgusting but her idea of "extreme kink" really isn't and yet she somehow thinks the diaper stuff isn't that bad when it's kinda the worst with the grossest coomer base.

No. 1400256

File: 1640285882978.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 1170x1872, AA3623EA-96A7-4E56-8506-DB4909…)

Is she stupid (yes). This video was literally already uploaded to MV and then she took it down and said it would only be available on a different platform

No. 1400257

ehh what the fuck, this literally says "daugher" man, i fucking hate coomers so much

No. 1400260

File: 1640286082842.jpeg (664.59 KB, 1170x1250, 6B770E28-F89C-4507-A988-AECE62…)

Scamming Shay once again

No. 1400276

File: 1640286897453.jpeg (Spoiler Image,160.81 KB, 750x1516, 36CF9A81-045A-4251-AA2E-A6BC70…)

Living in perpetual darkness sounds awful, no wonder her depression is so bad

No. 1400278

KEK I know that kind of reply is overused but it fucking killed me

No. 1400279

>Give me one bobs
is that comment for real? KEK

No. 1400281

That was the one where she got “shared” by her dad and brother. It was pretty nasty.

No. 1400282

File: 1640287547292.jpeg (131.96 KB, 750x858, BE5B4676-D026-4C5C-8008-398298…)

Dan Nicky your bobbies

No. 1400293

File: 1640289386948.jpeg (366.84 KB, 1170x1110, 7359820D-3D86-4835-AA4A-1EE10E…)

No. 1400314

she is taking 15$ for the subscription on the other platform, she might think the diaper pedos will register for her

No. 1400357

Kinda looks like he's in a landfill in the banner, literal garbage tier coomer

No. 1400359

File: 1640295470335.jpeg (332.45 KB, 1242x1421, 6E61BF7E-F28A-4741-AD36-834BE3…)

Imagine e begging for your animals’ gifts/food because you’d rather get high and order doordash instead of taking care of them

No. 1400378

Spoil you how? Show it bitch. You’d show off $20 gift card and an sale bin stuffed animal but nothing else?

No. 1400453

File: 1640305232994.jpeg (567.97 KB, 1170x1298, EB082A4A-B6D1-4F19-84F1-3CF352…)

Why does she not show the MV username when literally everyone can see it on the video review?

No. 1400517

That was a different one and it was boyfriend and dad I believe. Which is still nasty. She did those "little sister does ass to mouth" vids.

She's such a scammy bitch and her couple coomers are fuckimg dumb. What's she gonna get them? She never goes anywhere and it's Christmas eve tomorrow. I'd love to see pics of what she gets them. Also why didn't she already get them things? They're animals. Get them some special treats or a new toy. She could've done this all month. They don't know what day it is anyway. It just irks me that she's not only ebegging RIGHT BEFORE Christmas for things for her animals and knowing she's just going to spend it on herself anyway.

No. 1400529

What does his comment even mean? Is there a joke I don’t get, or did he misspell boob, or??

No. 1400533

File: 1640313283107.jpeg (202.82 KB, 750x728, A80E91D1-2380-4D4E-99A3-074822…)

This is depressing

No. 1400538

File: 1640313512279.jpeg (43.54 KB, 400x386, 99342BF8-895B-49B8-9E0C-6F0A81…)

asl coomers spell boob like that all the time for some reason and it always makes me laugh

No. 1400542

Just fucking marry Womack for christs sake ahhhhh

No. 1400567

So was this the super kinky ultra taboo vid she was going on about? The one she already released elsewhere

No. 1400771

Who wouldn't want a fat, lazy, unhygienic, slob who drinks their own piss for pennies.

No. 1400999

I think she only likes wearing diapers cause they cover her fupa

No. 1401004

So she hasn't gotten anything for her animals yet, and won't unless she gets a handout right now because she's already spent all her money on herself? Selfish cunt. Buy your dog a bone next time instead of ordering another round of pig slop and booze for delivery so you can gorge while it lives in misery.

No. 1401006

This. But it's extra funny cause he only wants one of Shayna's walleyed bob

No. 1401008

And cause it muffles the vibrator so she can finally feel something on her buzzed-off clit

No. 1401059

A wrapped DoorDash giftcard? - so spoiled.

It’s either that or another Hello Kitty-themed veiled callout to sleep less/ eat healthier/ or bathe more than once a year. kek

No. 1401090

File: 1640378804380.jpeg (362.03 KB, 1170x986, 4AD9E180-B1A0-426B-BAC3-EFBBBD…)

Leave your dad out of this

No. 1401104

Her dad is her only friend really, everyone else is around either for nudes or to beat her up.

No. 1401116

Cant wait for "New Year New Dolly"

No. 1401122

Peeking ya dumb bitch

No. 1401130

She peaked in high school so he doesn’t need to worry about that

No. 1401158

File: 1640383515383.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1902, 29390E15-C3C9-4551-8CC7-E06AC9…)

No. 1401171

File: 1640384286947.png (89.46 KB, 400x300, pork chop hair.png)

She really couldn't even wash her hair on xmas eve? Kek

No. 1401183

Honestly when did she last wash her hair? Ffs at least use that talc powder she was throwing all over her uwu smol baby cunt to soak up some of that disgusting grease

No. 1401188

For real, it looks so bad, she can't even try to put it in a slicked back ponytail or something. She's just accepting her status as a white trash skank who goes around in only pajama pants and sweatpants, looks like she smells of cigarette smoke and sweat, with 3 kids in tow that she constantly yells at. And she doesn't even smoke cigarettes or have any kids, she just looks that rough lol

No. 1401221


I hope one of her daddies buys her shampoo and forces her to use it for Christmas

No. 1401249

i know we’re all constantly complaining about her hair being greasy but WOOF it’s really bad this time, she must stink so fucking bad. How is she rounding out her mid 20s and still hasn’t figured out how to bare minimum wash herself.

No. 1401253

Shampoo /scalp massagers are $5 or less, Jfc shay

No. 1401259

File: 1640389758801.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1242x1652, F5A17E3C-CA0E-431A-81AB-8073B1…)


No. 1401261

File: 1640389803008.jpeg (Spoiler Image,183.58 KB, 1206x1608, 8259E65C-B23D-4B46-B8B3-1666EB…)

Hitler ‘sashe pussy

No. 1401264

nona im eating :((:()

No. 1401266

File: 1640389994416.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1058x1219, 492C9871-9B77-461F-BA8B-3E9B2C…)

Shay in an alternate universe:

No. 1401276

File: 1640391270215.jpeg (Spoiler Image,788.36 KB, 802x1386, 4FEFB65A-AD7F-4D6B-AF89-5FFE95…)

No. 1401280

You know she's eating all of those cookies herself tonight.

No. 1401282

Old photo shoot from like a week ago we know those cookies are gone her and Ellen Degenerate ate them all like fatties

No. 1401283

What is with the smirk? Why does she make that half smirk every time she takes a photo? It screams "Wait until the smell hits you Daddy"

No. 1401293

It’s the dead emotionless eyes that take it from a happy smirk to a creepy “I just farted” face

No. 1401312

I remember reading somewhere that unilateral facial expressions are a sign of trying to hide disgust and revulsion.

No. 1401319

How high does someone have to be to post this?

No. 1401329

sooo…santa likes dandruff in his cookies i guess.

No. 1401342

Her hair is either dry and flaky or greasy there is no in between

No. 1401345

Is she still trying drawn on freckles or is that part of this terrible filter?

Either way it looks god awful.

No. 1401354

Still fucking drawing them in a stripe across her face. The filter freckles look less shitty somehow

No. 1401380

File: 1640407250691.jpeg (398.65 KB, 1170x1176, 49A36270-8246-4B2E-B969-9AB355…)

Annnnd what did you do for her Shay?

No. 1401385


what is this 2011-era image macro kek

No. 1401423

File: 1640418577340.png (Spoiler Image,9.33 MB, 1242x2208, 1548469166523.png)

sage for old non milk, but remember when people thought Shay was gross when she looked like THIS? kek. the years have not been kind.

No. 1401429

She was gross tho

No. 1401432

80 lb gained in less than 3 years… here's to breaking 200 lb in 2022!

No. 1401443

Damn she really must think the hotdog nails are iconic and her lewk. I didn't realize they went back this far

No. 1401462

Exactly. Anons think because she was skinnier she wasn’t disgusting but she was. Always has been, always will be. That’s just how she is.

No. 1401547

tbh i think her hair looks better now, this hair is bad

No. 1401554

The eyeliner is fucking awful too. Her eyes look like they’re melting with that filter to enlarge her tiny eyes. The only decent thing she had going on was that she was skinny.

No. 1401573

how did she have a scrawny grandma bod at 20 and a pudgy grandma bod at 24
this is some absolute ancient curse shit

No. 1401588

File: 1640472196569.jpg (34.94 KB, 582x323, shay.JPG)

No. 1401590

File: 1640472295587.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1170x1840, 9727176C-C954-402E-9C9C-E8E424…)

No. 1401601

she's dating two people yet she's spending christmas alone drunk and running around in silly slippers. So amazing, she's striving.

No. 1401627

File: 1640477310934.jpg (41.8 KB, 607x336, what.JPG)

Her "fantasies" get more retarded by the day, wtf does this even mean?

No. 1401629

Looks like she wants to rub her disgusting grey asshole all over someone's dirty shoe.

No. 1401633

File: 1640477628892.png (331.63 KB, 2718x582, Screenshot 2021-12-26 at 01.13…)

>that dick necklace anon tier fantasy

No. 1401634

Imagine being with ur family and love ones on christmas, they give you gifts, you eat good homecooked food and best of all you are surrounded by people you love & who love you. And not spending christmas, alone drunk and tweeting dumb shit to coomers who don't give a shit about you.

No. 1401655

File: 1640479854396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,591.57 KB, 727x1334, 985E9187-9619-4A89-846A-AEBF42…)

She’s got eyes on her ass

No. 1401656

Do you think she even owns a vacuum or mop?

No. 1401660

Nah she def threw it in the trash when she moved kek just like the multiple giant pink teddy bears

No. 1401672

I had to wipe my screen because I thought it was dirty but is just a fuck ton of dog hair?? in her rug. I'm vomiting.

No. 1401682

File: 1640482223759.jpeg (551.03 KB, 750x1078, 4D76DD01-F4E9-45D9-907D-4D7117…)

Being sad and alone on Christmas and then doing shrooms sound horrible

No. 1401691

Alcoholic coffee is just sad.(derailing )

No. 1401702

it’s fun to have with friends at brunch
alone in your apartment, sad

No. 1401709

Sorry even that’s sad

No. 1401729

this, alcoholics are pathetic

No. 1401741

coffee with booze is delicious, doesn't mean you're drinking it first thing in the morning. if you would drink a cocktail or a glass of wine, it's no different from having coffee with kahlua after dinner.

No. 1401753

ok wine mom(infighting )

No. 1401757

Most people can handle alcohol and not go overboard into a mess like shay, drinking in general doesn’t make you an alcoholic and most people don’t make it a personality trait either

No. 1401759

so you're against drinking alcohol, period?

No. 1401762

Its amazing how there's always a few of you retards eager to pick a fight for no reason in a Shay thread.

No. 1401765

Keep lying to yourself(derailing )

No. 1401766

Yes. Do some research and you will be too.

No. 1401780

KEK ok xedge-chanx, stay true

No. 1401785

Tumblr just expanded their rules on adult content even more, and made it so blogs flagged as adult can no longer be viewed on mobile. I don’t understand how her blog hasn’t been flagged yet. She doesn’t post her asshole or anything but it’s definitely adult.

No. 1401787

Naryrt but alcoholic coffee and anyone who drinks it is trashy as fuck.

No. 1401807

She changed the url of her original blog (same one she's had since shay-gnar days) back to dumdolly and made a new account that's not explicit

No. 1401812

The new account is still explicit

No. 1401813

We get it, you’re an alcoholic(derailing )

No. 1401819

kek she's really gonna destroy herself with "alcoholic coffee"

No. 1401846

File: 1640512100416.jpeg (143.14 KB, 1242x405, 5D64D92F-9628-4E16-8697-581A14…)

Lol even to a non-druggie like me this sounds extremely fake and forced. What mid-twenties being that’s done shit like this before says this?

No. 1401922

truly. who knew putting a shot of something delicious in a cup of coffee would be so controversial.

No. 1401932

So she spend Christmas alone getting high on shrooms in her apartment? Instead of opening presents, spending time with family or friends or partners (which according to her she has at least 2), cuddling her pets, or doing literally anything else in spirit of the holidays.
Bitch used that 50 bucks she said was for gifts for her pets towards buying those drugs 100% too. Fucking shitty person. And that's legit addict behavior.
She also acted like she'd be opening so many presents too. She got a box from her dad and maybe something from her mom, she already opened and put to collect dust and grime what Ellen got her. And she got what for anyone? Didn't even get a single thing for her pets.

No. 1401974


Why tho? I was at my family's house for Christmas and there was typical dessert shit, and then frangelico,sambuco, and amaretto to put in coffee…(derailing )

No. 1401983

I don't expect Shayna to get anyone anything, but did her sugar dad or BF give her anything? She got 1single gift from Ellen and it must have been a cheap gift card cause she didn't brag. She didn't get a stuffed animal or anything. Its crazy she let's these people bite and pretend to date her, yet she spends every holiday alone. Even when she was with Fupaul she never spent the holidays with him.

No. 1401985

Lol everyone shut up about alcoholic coffee

No. 1401986

Ellen apparently lives with her parents, so obvs she wasn’t going to invite this shambling mess to her family Christmas

No. 1402018

She spent time this Christmas with her dad but not her mom. Tinfoil but I guess she was invited to both and they probably planned it so children can spend with both parents but she of course didn't want to spend time with her mom.

No. 1402021

Yeah, she would have definitely bragged about getting her pets gifts like she has in the past. I figured she spent it on take out and liquor, but drugs is always a good guess. What a sad life.

No. 1402026

Just ignore the troll and report them for derailing

No. 1402042

File: 1640546384924.jpeg (Spoiler Image,410.91 KB, 1536x2048, 4AF4F971-6208-48CF-8163-7F50E7…)

What is this face?

No. 1402043

File: 1640546513971.jpeg (245.8 KB, 1170x1213, 0318135A-6DA2-4D99-AA4C-AAFF87…)

So she’s accepting it now?

No. 1402045

This picture looks like she's falling, the pose, the lopsided tits, and her stiff hair standing up. For some reason it reminds me of "How it feels to eat 5-gum" but retard version.

No. 1402048

I bet she does go down the feeding route, except she'll do it this way. "Chubby Baby drinks milky and eats christmas cookies" "Chubby baby sneaks ice cream and daddie punishes her emoji"
She's so gross.

No. 1402053

Her neighbors have to be so over seeing her fat ass stumbling around while taking nudes outside. Or inside I guess since she doesn't close the curtains when camming. Nauseating just thinking about it

No. 1402056

File: 1640547382085.jpeg (235.86 KB, 703x302, C0D7E911-A086-44CA-A62D-0B83E6…)

she really tweets the same thing and deletes it. what an ugly drunk bitch

No. 1402083

The first one made it sound like she gave birth to their child or something

No. 1402085

Damn I never thought she would ever call herself chubby, the delusion runs too deep. At least she knows she can’t call her fridge body “curvy” like a lot of fat girls in denial do

No. 1402119

File: 1640553207189.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1242x1558, 0853E0AA-A498-4B6A-8336-F4BE95…)

The pic is even worse

No. 1402124

File: 1640553595914.png (Spoiler Image,6.45 MB, 1242x2208, D3E2AF22-90C9-4478-861F-81D326…)

Her and Ellen have the same body now topkek

No. 1402126

File: 1640553727589.png (Spoiler Image,6.3 MB, 1242x2208, B0866DB4-EB7B-4982-B6AD-3EBCCB…)

No. 1402127

File: 1640553791388.png (Spoiler Image,6.72 MB, 1242x2208, DE25219D-4CC4-4336-B786-B2AFE0…)

big shaynus isn’t even trying to be sexy woof

No. 1402129

File: 1640553873642.jpeg (533.66 KB, 792x1114, D2E39F0B-C2CB-4DCB-9E3D-2B9813…)

When she scrunches her big ass nose it looks like she has a wart on the side of it

No. 1402130

tbh it's a cute picture, you can't tell her actual bodyshape from here and the wintery accents are decent. it's a cozy pic for her low tier porn

No. 1402136

Ehh can't other people not see onto her balcony?

No. 1402142

she literally has toilet paper smeared on her neo vagina looking pussy

No. 1402150

Implying Ellen isn't a shambling mess herself lol

No. 1402159

anon it looks like a corpse

No. 1402162

File: 1640555439292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,271.72 KB, 750x1493, 39920E42-3C3F-46D9-8FFB-2A939A…)

When the “baby” is fatter and taller then the “mom”

No. 1402163

Are we looking at the same image?

No. 1402176

I love how even in this picture she's using her arm to try to make her boob look even and hide her belly. Just let it all hang, nobody into this shit cares. She doesn't care either because she's not going to eat better or do anything to fix it.

No. 1402178

These are bad. But I can only assume the rest is worse

No. 1402182

She gets so excited when they say pumpkin pie

No. 1402195

These dark bathroom dancing videos she makes are never not horrendous. Everything going on is horrible.

No. 1402208

Her skin looks like a flesh-coloured stocking that's a bit too big so the fabric is bunching up. Like an ill-fitting bodysuit. Only that's just how loose her skin is.

No. 1402223

File: 1640561486324.jpeg (65.27 KB, 425x785, DDC335E4-9B58-46BA-8A4D-E4AE13…)

sage for no contribution but was scrolling through dolls kill for shits and giggles and found shayna’s super barbie bimbo birthday set heavily discounted..she really has the worst possible taste it looks like shit on the model too kek

No. 1402226

Like a really old, lumpy, down-feather pillow. She isn't even trying anymore. She must be so depressed. Bleak.

No. 1402245

File: 1640564931697.gif (Spoiler Image,10.69 MB, 600x1067, 2C1F0311-4A49-45BC-97F9-019932…)

The one floppy tit is so awkward

No. 1402247

File: 1640565014720.gif (Spoiler Image,14.49 MB, 600x1067, 24A1212B-2023-45E0-BA7F-49E9B0…)

Her body looks uncomfortable to live in

No. 1402268

you give me trust issues.

No. 1402270

frankenstein tier body, scary. also love how they had to edit all this cellulite out in the pro photos, night and day

No. 1402273

That’s why it took so long for them to release

No. 1402277

She could easily have cropped her chins out of this but she really wanted us to see them, huh

No. 1402281

It looks like they shopped her boobs too but not the size of the nipples.

No. 1402284

File: 1640572945415.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1284x2255, 040566D0-B41A-48E1-917E-1F532C…)


she looks bigger than the chick pretending to be her “mommy”, fucking barf

No. 1402289

File: 1640573344421.gif (Spoiler Image,702.76 KB, 580x326, 319E9D78-A1F9-42DF-AACE-FA76A8…)

No one looks happy to be in any of these frames

No. 1402293

File: 1640573602989.gif (Spoiler Image,9.03 MB, 600x338, 70F9559D-1063-4025-859C-A06BB0…)

She looks severely disabled adult having an episode more then a “baby”

No. 1402295

special needs adult has an autistic meltdown

No. 1402308

She's bigger and older looking than the "mommy" and that really adds to how awful and embarrassing it all is.

No. 1402318

This is legitimately one of the most terrifying pictures of her I've seen

No. 1402322

That foundation color is horrible

No. 1402355

>She looks severely disabled adult having an episode
that's more or less describes her attempts at sexy, It legitimately seems like a mentally retarded not understanding what's going on

No. 1402374

File: 1640590064811.jpeg (210.92 KB, 828x1196, 290F592C-7E1B-4A36-BA48-B9733D…)

Full description + length and price. Who’s gonna take one for the team and buy this bullshit so we can all laugh?

No. 1402380

Please don’t give profit to this pedophile studio.

No. 1402383

Horrifying. I can see why it took so long to come out, they’ve had to edit out her blemishes and colour correct her skin to be a pinker shade. Probably had to cgi it.

No. 1402386

Yeah I say not buy this one. It's bad obviously, but it's not gonna be as comically bad as her stuff she does solo. I don't think any of us need to see her getting diapered by some weird bitch that works for the pedo diaper fetish company.
Shay will probably release some other stuff from it now on her own. It's too much just for some screencaps.

No. 1402390

Not worth it. All that happens is she gets a diaper put on her like a fat disabled mutt and the screen caps are sufficient to see how terrible she looks and acts. Even seeing the few frames from this video makes me disgusted, every purchase is just motivating this lifestyle for her

No. 1402391

File: 1640592473038.gif (6.11 MB, 640x400, 9B3AB4CC-E456-4A4D-BA9A-C99599…)

She dances like a wine mom.

No. 1402508

I’d rather one anon buy it and leak it now than have a few anons buy it and leak it later because nobody else has. Most of us have never given a cent to Shayna and aren’t planning on changing that anytime soon. I’d rather literally physically burn $20 than spend anything on her disgusting ass especially when it’s diaper porn.

No. 1402515

Nobody wants or absolutely has to see that content. I highly doubt multiple anons will buy it, especially when literally no one should.

No. 1402568

Fuck me this is excruciating to watch. Why does she insist on doing these horrendous dances, I can’t bear the second hand embarrassment I feel watching her. This is the worst one yet, how is her skin so loose at her age? I’ve never seen anything like it. How can she bear people looking at this? If she wasn’t a massive pedo I’d feel bad for her.

No. 1402576

There's a website that rips ewhore content and hosts it for free
I don't know if they will have her ABDreams content because the uploads slow down once she starts getting fat.

No. 1402612

we should stop posting her gross porn entirely. it's rarely anything new or milky. it's just disgusting. i hate having to scroll past tons of screenshots of her porn

No. 1402615

If anyone gives their money to those fucking pedophiles that’s on their conscious. We don’t want it. The previews are enough milk, her pro shoots aren’t as funny as her awful home made shit.

No. 1402619

She posts so many pictures of every shoot she puts on onlyfans on Twitter for free and more. Then just 50+ identical pictures from that shoot for the next few weeks on OF. I don’t know why the fuck farmers give her money just to post those same pictures in slightly different poses for days. It’s not milk. And if you buy her porn you’re even more retarded because she puts everything in the previews anyway.

No. 1402623

File: 1640625643259.jpeg (156.36 KB, 750x427, 206CED56-DE71-4AE2-8BDF-F53AEE…)

She’s the worst business person in the world, why would they give money for something they get for free on Twitter

No. 1402625

there's something so weirdly asexual about this, like you're somehow just seeing some dork dancing to their favorite song in the bathroom after a shower. there's nothing titillating about it, it's like she thinks she's alone and is just being goofy.

No. 1402630


She’s joking right?

No. 1402644

File: 1640627961951.jpeg (179.23 KB, 750x453, 251E98A6-CCD7-4CEC-9989-B0CB46…)

YES! GO HOME! Your life is a depressing fucking Groundhog Day. Nothings going to change nothings going to get better, you’re just getting fatter and older everyday it’ll only go downhill from here

No. 1402647


No. 1402651

File: 1640628285926.jpg (42.53 KB, 601x389, kek.JPG)

kek at her 2 coomers

No. 1402659

Yes give up and get a fucking education, these girls look down on school and work but at least those allow you to advance and make more money over time and experience instead of sinking to diaper fetish shoots

No. 1402660

File: 1640628693237.jpeg (328.1 KB, 750x1088, 1A940A40-379F-49C3-9C82-484320…)

She only says this shit to get reaffirmed by coomer who don’t give a fuck about her and just want more free nudes. She’s never going to throw in the towel

No. 1402663

File: 1640628868963.jpeg (321.95 KB, 750x715, B1007442-00EC-4655-A4F1-3C42EC…)

No. 1402664

File: 1640628895387.jpeg (374.76 KB, 750x901, 8EA352A4-B33F-45F4-9BFB-BAFFE9…)

No. 1402669

>you made the cut because you cater to my particular fetish

Very reassuring words to hold dear to your heart from a decrepit coomer, having actual contributions to society and working is much more soul sucking than this!

No. 1402670

She could frame and phrase it in a way that doesn't sound so defeated. To her it seems like giving up and failing, but she doesn't see how positive it can be.
She needs to phrase it by saying "I've done this for years now and had so many experiences and learned a lot, but I think it's time to shift my focus and grow outside of sex work"
It's healthy to acknowledge when something isn't beneficial enough anymore and make changes.
I mean she could still post nudes and clips on OF as a side tuuingh even, she just needs to stop making it her entire personality and living on porn Twitter.

However, she has no savings and she really needs to clean up and sober up to get a legit job. So unless she asks her parents for some funds to go to school or do something, idk.

No. 1402673

9-5 aren't the only jobs out there besides sex work, you dunce. In this age, so many people are finding ways to be self employed by starting their own business or hussling in ways that isn't getting fingerbanged in the Applebee's parking lot. Pick up a hobby and dedicate yourself to it, or go to school and learn some shit including socializing with people in your age group that aren't pedos and bottom barrel degens.

No. 1402675

Jesus christ, she makes the same exact tweet every month, the only thing that changed is now whatever brainworm makes her type shit like “cud” “wud” “mumma” spread to the word “should” as well

No. 1402676

File: 1640629702864.jpeg (103.11 KB, 750x239, 6AC283B4-227E-4F12-93DA-2A47A9…)

It’s everyone’s fault but her own. Your content is boring and you get fatter every day

No. 1402682

She posts this once a month for validation purposes only kek She just wants her coomers to tell her that she is ~talented~, then she will continue because, like other anon said, her life is Groundhog Day.

No. 1402716

File: 1640632638331.jpeg (124.04 KB, 750x299, A6AAA68F-19C8-4E60-BA21-5D6643…)

No. 1402719

File: 1640632877598.jpeg (236.48 KB, 750x825, F5F4531C-B85B-4615-B2C6-88EF20…)

Her fleeting moments of self awareness quickly followed by incest pedo fantasies prove herself to be unredeemable

No. 1402738

File: 1640634405408.jpeg (111.83 KB, 750x285, DB23EF2C-72A5-4DC3-B738-84A085…)

Ellen is trying to make Shayna into a cuck. I’m sure that would go over well

No. 1402746

Sounds like "cuddlemenow" isn't getting any cuddles from her girlfriend, so she resorts to violence, biting her hard enough to leave marks and now talking about actually beating her. Desolate.

No. 1402751

File: 1640635195270.jpeg (169.44 KB, 750x410, 3A6CF65F-C965-45D1-954C-F98754…)

Shayna is just a punching bag for that miserable ugly pedophile

No. 1402752

this sounds so weird and desperate. hate to break it to her, but her fantasy probably won't be coming to fruition. as nasty as Shay is, scrotes in the same room as these two will not be choosing "cuddlemenow" over Shay. wouldn't be surprised if she realized this on some level, either.

No. 1402765

File: 1640636332574.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 1242x1653, 1EF8E119-668C-4518-B75C-0F0099…)

Nice chins Big Shaynus…
she looks like a ventriloquist dummy with those lines on her face kek

No. 1402766

File: 1640636373025.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.77 MB, 1242x1616, 22BD462D-0E01-4591-9FDD-86619C…)

Im shocked this is actually a decent photo too bad it’s shooped from hell to back

No. 1402769

No wonder she swoons over her sugar daddy when this is the “real” relationship she has.

No. 1402770

I know she is in denial, but it's literally because she got fucking fat. Not fat in the "good" way like she thinks, either. She still has no ass and no hips, but just a weird stomach and huge arms. She has to see the correlation between her gaining weight and her subs plummeting. >>1402765 Like here, the constant retard pose with your arm draped over your fat roll isn't fooling anyone. Your fupa is all over your OnlyFans already.

What is this pose? She is lurched over like a zombie.

No. 1402773

she looks like a dead body propped up by hooks

No. 1402806

What the fuck is wrong with her chin? It's square.

No. 1402812

Shayna has talked about her weight gain, I think eventually she'll tweet and delete about how she's gained weight and her subs/attention went down.
The only thing I can't imagine her ever mentioning is her smaller tit. She'll call herself "Chubby", she'll claim her sweatsuit looks better with the weight gain.
But I can't see her trying to make her tit difference seem cute like a "good thing". Or her mentioning it.

No. 1402814

Shayna is no looker but any guy Ellen Dresel tries to bring around would pick Shayna over her. Ellen’s got at least 50 pounds on her, shes in her 30s and lives with her parents and dresses like a sheltered homeschooler

No. 1402820

File: 1640639893470.jpeg (145.4 KB, 750x411, 2FC67CCE-855F-4838-A969-54D956…)

Any excuse not to do her job. It’s 1pm what else do you have to do the rest of the day

No. 1402825

Why does she even think she’s qualified for a 9-5 job

No. 1402870

The day hasn’t even finished yet. As much as she bitches about “9-5 work blub blub” she sure does like to center her at home sex work around the “9-5” schedule

No. 1402879

Wait does she know about "other jobs" or does she think all jobs are office jobs?

No. 1402886

This is just a stupid cope, as if she would even be able to do any work lol. She’s incompetent in everything.

No. 1402891

It’s just trying to make herself seem cooler and alternative compared to the boring people who slave away at a desk, meanwhile she just slaves away for a few old creeps with diaper fetishes and drinks herself into obesity. She’s acting like there’s no other path for her but also admits porn isn’t good for her either kek she’s too set in her ways of laziness to ever change unless something drastic happens. She wouldn’t even get an interview in any office.

No. 1402910

getting better at anything takes work and effort, and to some degree, brains. you have none of those things. you will forever be a bottom of the barrel, stupid bitch who gets no where in life.

No. 1402916

It's the same song and dance she whines out every couple of months but never stops. So predictable

No. 1402919

lmao most people, including myself, in my shithole latam country would kill for a job that's just 9-5 sitting at a desk and pays a living wage. How privileged… so depressed over the thought of having a mediocre job that allows me to live a mediocre but comfortable enough life because she doesn't get to shove dildos on her cunt and ass all day wah wah… she should try being poor and having to work 2 jobs, ubering for pennies or maybe being a real prostitute having to be actually violated by greasy old men she feels not a single drop of attration to.

No. 1402921

>>1402663 She doesn't even need to work 9-5. She would make more money working part time at Mcdonalds than she does currently kek

No. 1402924

File: 1640648866992.jpeg (241.33 KB, 750x580, 10FF11B5-CD49-4CA7-8622-6B6E53…)

the hog is squealing for her doordash

No. 1402927

How does she live in Seattle and DoorDash everything? Is she begging every day and draining her mommy or is she really just making fat ass diaper money?

No. 1402931

Her dad is definitely paying her rent, there is no way.

No. 1402933

File: 1640650257560.jpeg (291.35 KB, 1170x935, F95403BE-1D16-4194-BABD-3624A5…)

No. 1402934

This dumb asshole can't even cook herself some eggs or ramen. There will never be anything cute or desirable about an adult who depends on showing her crusty asshole for takeout. At least get some microwave meals.

No. 1402936

File: 1640650513330.jpeg (Spoiler Image,355.83 KB, 750x960, E141195E-8ABC-422F-9D19-6C1531…)


No. 1402939

How does she not have any food at home lmfao this snow storm was in the news for weeks and she couldn’t be bothered to stock up on basics? She’s a dumbass for depending on doordash people to risk their lives driving in ice to get her every meal.

No. 1402943

if you’re able to go out then you’re not snowed in. you’re from massachusetts you retard.

No. 1402944

Man, all she talks about is her “fetish”, sex work and food. And she’s asking for food for groceries now instead of her ubereats. She’s turning into a deathfat whose only thought when waking up is “what am I going to eat today?”

No. 1402947

File: 1640651757003.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.94 KB, 667x1000, hanging pork.jpg)

No. 1402953

The most depressing thing is she acts like the compensation she’s getting from her splenda daddies is completely unique to sex work and doesn’t happen in any other industry. I’m a 9-5 desk jockey and my senior staff and mentors insist on picking up the bill whenever I have lunch with any of them. But I would give it all up in a second to punch myself on camera for pennies and let some weird old man fuck me for the cost of a McDonalds Meal Deal. Kek.

No. 1402957

she looks so gross now, she is my inspiration to lose weight this coming year

No. 1402960

This looks like a dude

No. 1402961

If she leaned into the feeder thing she would get as many doordash giftcards as she wanted. She’s gonna gain weight and she’s gonna overeat takeout portions anyway so why not? Too much pride? She drinks her own piss.

No. 1402962


Ellen really hates this bitch lol.
Yeah, because making stable money and being able to turn off your work persona and pursue your interests in your free time is so much worse than selling your body for door dash and attention. It's so much worse than drinking piss for weed money and having a video of you licking shit off a dildo attached to your real name. It's not like you can ever do anything substantial. You probably couldn't even work your way up the ranks at McDonald's

No. 1402968

I'll never get why she thinks the feeder community is a no go, but drinking piss, pandering to pedos and screaming about wanting to be tortured is better.She could still make gross porn while eating or just sit naked in front of the camera, talk, listen to music and eat. For some reason, I think she thinks thats beneath her. I feel like thats the best community for her.

No. 1402975

File: 1640655746674.jpeg (562.77 KB, 1170x1500, B5C3B1C9-17B3-4AE5-828E-6CA83F…)

So you didn’t get actual food?

No. 1402980

Why didn't Ellen drive her?

No. 1402981

That makes sense the only thing I’ve ever seen her “cook” for herself were those massive ghetto charcuterie boards. And she replaces water with Gatorade and mixes her vodka with sprite.

No. 1402982

She crashed her car lol

No. 1402983

Cause they're both lazy fucks. There's like four inches of snow in Seattle and all my friends are still doing irl stuff and going to work. Fat Shaynus is just a fat lazy bitch and Ellen is an equally lazy fat bitch.

No. 1402986

Did we ever confirm this?

No. 1402990

Shayna denies it was Ellen and the neighbor was just insane and harassing her for no reason but she could be just playing victim

No. 1402994

File: 1640657839642.jpeg (133.62 KB, 750x399, 3FF78359-644E-49E6-8D1D-B4966B…)

Quickly deleted. I don’t know why this was funny enough to share I’m confused

No. 1403002

I mean that would make sense tbh. She said she's snowed in with her, yet Ellen can't drive to get groceries or even takeout nearby? Sus. I don't like to drive in the snow and I know other people don't if they don't have to, but still. I think it's a big possibility she's not driving because of the incident lol but no, it's not yet been confirmed.

No. 1403011

>$30 there n back

In a snowstorm? Bitch don't be tipping huh

No. 1403015

At first I thought that somehow their finances are connected so the dad is getting emails from Sephora as Shay gets stuff from there? And she’s embarrassed hence the skull?

But probably she was just laughing that her dad felt it was called “Sephoria”, and is a narc who has nobody to talk to so she posted in on the internet

No. 1403016

Shayna lives a few blocks from Safeway but of course she would have someone lug her through the snow and ask coomers to “reimburse” her because she likes target

No. 1403019

Is there no public transportation where she lives?

No. 1403024

File: 1640661840319.jpeg (460.17 KB, 1170x870, B1A8B0FD-F6F5-4243-A54C-657E44…)

No. 1403026

Blog but I used to live in anchorage and didn’t have a car, and lived a few miles from Fred Meyers and would walk there for groceries even during winter. Poor shatna is too obese to waddle to the bus stop

No. 1403029

Why doesn’t she just buy a bag of rice and frozen chicken breast? Or maybe cans of soup in case of something like this? She makes no sense

No. 1403050

Ugh my first thought exactly

No. 1403053

Why are they so goddamned bleak?

No. 1403054

>buy groceries
>wow what an idea thanx wuv you
she frustrates me

No. 1403060

She did that for like a week when she was “meal planning”

No. 1403061

>you made the cut bc you are young, do anal & respond to me

No. 1403063

Lmao she's never had a real job in her life. What does she know about an office 9-5? I get paid $30/hr to hike around & survey.

No. 1403070

As a sex worker I have so many issues with the way Shayna runs her platform.
For one, her subscription price is insanely low. There's no way she makes a sustainable income off that. Second of all, the way she uses her nsfw twitter to tweet random mundane and sometimes off-putting bullshit bothers me to no end. I think she's simply too stupid to realize feeders and diaper fetishists don't care about her personal feelings and she should just make a personal.
I'm simply shocked that there's an army of deranged scrotes throwing their money at a fat unwashed insane woman making shitty low quality porn in her dirty apartment.(>As a sex worker)

No. 1403073

lawd she comin

No. 1403081

Instead of filming a video she could just do her makeup put on some lingerie and take a ton of photos, it’s not hard to do her job

No. 1403098

It takes a fucking snowstorm and transit shutdown to get this woman to not dash food to her door. How on earth did she have no other options for food? Is it literally every night she has food delivered?

At this point it must be some sort of depressive food addiction - home cooked or simple meals don’t fill the void. It can’t simply be laziness, because you can be lazy and use a microwave

No. 1403154

More like the foremost reason being the scrote couldn't afford all the OF subscriptions and had to narrow it down to a couple of the cheapest whores for the new year kek

No. 1403201

i'm sure she just thinks she is "too good" for public transport.
everyone else should be thankful so they don't have to be close to her disgusting stench

No. 1403212

Sex work isn't real work. Get a job, and stop trying to flex on the other whores.

No. 1403291

As a sex worker, shouldn't u be busy making money moves or some shit that doesn't involve slinging horizontal aggression at someone who doesn't know u exist? Go suck some more dick about it

No. 1403294

as a normal person i think you should get a real job. you aren't any better than shatna.

No. 1403305

She's probably in this thread because she makes less money than Big Shaynus and is pissy about it. We've seen the "quality" of the other sex workers who come here to keep tabs on her.

No. 1403379

File: 1640711802442.jpeg (519.04 KB, 1242x1273, 38D1BD84-5B38-4622-9995-5B3F8B…)

No. 1403391

Lmao mind your own $5 pussy bitch, you’re not above Shayna

No. 1403393

So Shayna Luther King is telling the brave and stunning how to deal with trans phobia? Isn't that problematic in the twitter worlds? I hope the same people she's trying to protect tells her to shut the fuck up.

No. 1403401

File: 1640713662738.jpeg (442.41 KB, 1170x797, FA4A2085-1007-405D-ACD3-6FC4D9…)

Shay you are one of the biggest bullies out there. Stfu

No. 1403403

File: 1640713698739.jpeg (581.11 KB, 1170x1326, F84D854C-062D-4C12-9B7A-347EB5…)

All you do is bully people who don’t agree with you

No. 1403415

I would say she's about to be cancelled but she's going to delete these before anyone can comment. We all know that being transphobic is the WORST cybercrime. It literally means people can say whatever the fuck they want to you and it doesn't matter cause, "u r literally killing us". Shayna should just mind her buiness.

No. 1403419

Kek she sounds jealous that some terf is going viral and getting “promo”.

No. 1403420

File: 1640715460950.jpeg (174.4 KB, 750x470, 27A8C135-6452-4C16-B2B3-DBD093…)

No. 1403421

File: 1640715565696.jpeg (312.22 KB, 750x1016, 549B3919-851C-494C-B8DC-F51CCA…)

No. 1403423

"…most of our followers don't read shit we say"
So, so close to self awareness Shay

No. 1403426


I know most of you onlyfans girls got rocks for brains and potato salad where common sense goes but how many times do people have to tell y'all to stop sw'er posting before you actually stop?

No. 1403428

Does anybody know who she's talking about? What's the context here?

No. 1403432


Is it really good to sass a potential customer when your bank account is as bleak as Shayna's? I laughed but still. She's no viral sex worker who can afford to piss coomers off

No idea who she's talking about but she's right about it being shitty to attack the appearance of someone who's opinion hurt your feefees. Too bad she'll forget she said this the next time she gets into a Twitter slap flight with some other sad ewhore

No. 1403433

she sounds triggered by this cos she’s been clocked as a trans girl before and doesn’t like it.

No. 1403434

Fight not flight lmao

No. 1403440

File: 1640716763169.jpeg (355.53 KB, 750x860, 51B4E94A-8380-4817-832B-F33491…)

Apparently this is what Shayna is referring to, it’s got Twitter whores all up in arms today

No. 1403448

I get why Shayna is defending her now, they're similar looking lol.

No. 1403455

Lmao so close to self awareness. But any excuse to be a bitch. Shayna, be nice to the last 4 coomers you have if you want to make it through the winter. They're boomers who don't know how Twitter works really. She's such a cunt to her last remaining "fans" and potential customers and I'll never understand how she does that but then a post later is going hard on that pick me kissing the feet of men thing. Pick a lane. If you don't like the nasty retarded scrotes, leave sex work. Just because she's been doing it for years, doesn't mean she has the the actual credit to be choosey and bitchy to customers. Begging for grocery money bitches ought to be a bit more humble and charming.

No. 1403456

How is that even controversial? I'm supposed to know what your gender is just by reading your mind? If you look like a man I'm calling you a him.

No. 1403461

It's a valid point, but it's the tone. "This mess" , "pronoun bullshit", being dramatic, etc. Unless it's communicated, yes people will gender things as they are presented and people with preferred pronouns shouldn't reeee about it if the person isn't being a disrespectful douche about it.

No. 1403465

Kek that pfp looks like Shaynas Neanderthal kin. Looks like Shay by next year with the heaviest and shittiest Snow editing.

No. 1403467

Kek I zoomed into the pfp and you are right, they look kinda similar. Shayna doesn't care about SHIT that's not about her or can't get her clout. So seeing a chubby similar looking white woman get called ugly triggers her.

No. 1403480

God I just scrolled a bit on Shats page. Her engagement level is so fucking embarrassing. Imagine having 30k followers and getting 6 likes on your text posts or "sum1 buy me this" retweets. Like that's so damn bleak. Any average person could get a few likes on a tweet.
Her tit pics average at 500-600 likes, maybe 50 rt, a couple comments. Then only her full vag and/or ass spread pics even barely break 1k likes.
Just give it up already that shit is embarrassing as hell for a sex worker especially.

No. 1403557

>scrote telling her they read her dumb diary posts
Is she physically incapable of just not being a cunt to people? Even if she's trying to be "funny," that's just such an unnecessarily rude response to someone trying to say they support you.

No. 1403634

File: 1640732792473.jpeg (227.8 KB, 750x650, 98B33B34-03D8-42A5-9513-43E9FE…)

She’s been making it very clear she hates her “job” lately

No. 1403644

she complains too much, I thought it was 9-5 desk jobs that were the end of the world?

No. 1403645

She should be grateful that her coomers don't just tell her to STFU and post free nudes.

No. 1403650

She’s spent Christmas by herself and is probably going to spend New Years sitting at home with Ellen or on an Applebee’s date with her coomer when she could have spent it with her family or friends. I know she has no brains but even a complete idiot would take her dad’s paid tuition offer if this is how sad SW is making her.

No. 1403681

File: 1640737418704.jpeg (197.19 KB, 750x561, 433C6C94-5FC3-4E6E-A62E-AA33E3…)

And families that they’re spending the holidays with, unlike you. The dad probably has actual children that she’s jealous of, like fupa

No. 1403685

File: 1640737701782.jpeg (270.32 KB, 750x701, D94FD816-0B45-40D6-BD19-6A436A…)

Apparently she was too fat for that other straight jacket, that’s why she needed another one. How does she still think she’s a small?

No. 1403695

No fucking way. She actually thinks she can wear a small?? I know she's delusional and squeezing into her old clothes, but on something like that… come on. She can't actually believe she's a small. That's ridiculous and isn't even logical. If she used to be a small and has gained noticeable weight, she would have to be at least a size up. But realistically she's a large at the very least, more likely an XL.
Maybe she's just saying "teehee my booty is to thicc getting a medium" when really she had to go bigger and just won't say. But I guess it's not hard to believe she'd still try to stuff her fat into a medium.

No. 1403698

Yup, working a 9-5 is way more depressing than this. Totally thriving shatna.

No. 1403709

File: 1640739626965.jpg (Spoiler Image,530.42 KB, 792x1578, Screenshot_20211229-010019_Sam…)

Spoilered for degeneracy: this is the size chart for the straight jacket she ordered

No. 1403727

i cannot wait to see her in a medium, pulling at her crotch and squeezing her fat out her neck.

No. 1403742

She's so bitchy and nickpicky for no reason kek. You can tell she's in a bad mood. This coomer replied to the end of the thread it's not that bad.

No. 1403747

File: 1640742898985.jpeg (697.78 KB, 1170x1860, 9BC1A120-75BC-470D-92B4-55C224…)

Ummmm….hmmmm….your “gf”?

No. 1403756

Lol her not wanting to make content with Ellen because her “haters” will find out who she is is just a lame excuse to never have to touch Ellen’s gross body. We know 32 year old Patricia Ellen Dresel, who works as a nanny in Renton, WA is your “mumma” Shayna.

No. 1403767

File: 1640745361265.jpeg (52.92 KB, 612x406, ADC08278-DF46-402B-A0FA-1BEF14…)

Ellen and shayna scissoring probably looks like two walrus mouths rubbing up on eachother during a fight..think about it. I wonder if two big beasts as such would break the bed at such momentum their disgusting beer guts flopping up and down as the struggle to breathe after four minutes, shayna grabbing the vibrator and mashing it on her razor burn fat woman vag while Ellen bites her fat neck like a sped

No. 1403770

Why would you write this awful fan fiction. They don’t even have sex anyway Ellen just punches and bites Shay

No. 1403773

I appreciate the spoiler but it's not enough. Unpost this right now.

No. 1403787

Who even says cunt in a sexual content like that, these old men are really rubbing off on her because that’s the least sexy way to refer to oral. Why is she so obsessed with removing all semblance of romance and sensuality as if having someone bite and punch you is better? God her standards couldn’t be lower for content or life

No. 1403791

She used my words lmao I said that exact line ‘get the attention she so desperately craves’ in regards to fat Shay and a workout plan. Fuk you shatna you pedo bitch. You really showed us didn’t you? Way to let yourself go. Happy your outside matches your inside lard ass

No. 1403930

I hope the seal lover on /ot/ never sees this awful, awful post.

No. 1403960

No. 1403982

How is she claiming her ass didn’t fit in this when it doesn’t even cover the ass at all? Just say you’re fat and go

No. 1404071

i think the crotch straps connect in the back not that youre wrong though

No. 1404173

She didn’t buy the straight jacket. She bought the straight jacket pajama thing. It was like footie pajama but with the restraints around them- so makes sense why it didn’t fit

No. 1404330

File: 1640803538037.jpeg (138 KB, 750x390, 30EE9AA3-23D5-43F1-A91B-4A3951…)

Tf is this snuff shit it makes no sense

No. 1404337


What kind of cursed pornography does this girl consume? who ever asked for posts like these, I bet she's starting to make her coomers uncomfortable with all this weirdo shit. She's so asexual it's sad. I know she's one of those girls who got into sex work because Tumblr told her it's empowering and she has daddy issues but still, how does she not get how bad of a decision pursuing sex work was for her?

No. 1404365

Oh she's definitely been skeeving out Old Grey recently with her mixing up her real dad & her kink 'dad'.

No. 1404424

nothing could be less sexy
also, she’s IRL killing the few brain cells she has with alcohol and sugar and no intellectual stimulation or physical activity, so good job making your own fantasies come true, Shayna

No. 1404500

File: 1640818108622.jpg (194.05 KB, 754x480, Screenshot_20211229-224615_Sam…)

Sorry that's my mistake. Anyway this is the size chart for the pajamas. A size S should fit someone with 102cm hips. Woof.

No. 1404532

File: 1640822121115.jpeg (229.36 KB, 1261x1080, 90A4D63C-04D3-401E-8703-4D822A…)

The first one is about to suffocate her good lord why is it even an option??

No. 1404537

i know she thinks that expression is cute but she just looks sad

No. 1404539

how did she gain 600lbs without losing the weird JJBA level detail lines on her face

No. 1404540

File: 1640822550319.jpeg (167.89 KB, 750x1072, 0829D249-1B42-4A70-8308-504403…)

Also peep the multiple sprite cans and the wine glass on her shitty little vanity the submissive built. And she allegedly spent 5 hours cleaning her entire apartment yesterday. I wonder how many sprite cans she’s drinking a day to replace water

No. 1404551

Please tell me that Barbie purse is supposed to be pink and tan, and not that the white just got that fucking dirty

No. 1404556

File: 1640823853308.jpg (27.79 KB, 400x260, s-l400.jpg)

No. 1404557

That’s fucking disgusting, especially filthy against the new white outfit, what a pig. She shouldn’t be allowed to buy white anything

No. 1404558

That was the first thing I noticed in that image. She is fucking gross.

No. 1404559

File: 1640824076880.png (222.99 KB, 449x240, Thriving.png)

The face of a "thriving" sex worker everybody.(Reposting the same photos zoomed in and edited is not milk and you will receive a ban for nitpicking)

No. 1404560

The face of a woman who drinks sprite instead of water. Stay hydrated

No. 1404563

File: 1640824456252.jpg (48.48 KB, 436x639, cdb30707-2891-4c22-b423-978635…)

>>1404559(retarded nitpicking)

No. 1404565

File: 1640824773876.gif (54.96 KB, 888x43, picasion.com_fsCT.gif)

>>1404559(retarded nitpicking)

No. 1404577

File: 1640825755878.jpeg (25.94 KB, 400x400, 82FE3E04-F00A-4ABE-B41A-F217B9…)

>>1404565(retarded nitpicking)

No. 1404587

There’s literally a dirt spot on the pink outfit

No. 1404588

File: 1640826771158.jpeg (Spoiler Image,417.43 KB, 1673x2048, 355FA19C-0ABF-4E6C-A92A-A173B7…)

She looks like she’s holding back tears

No. 1404589

Just wanted to point out that white things often turn yellow with time, not necessarily because of dirt. Often there is a white pigment in shoes, bags, electronics and clothes. As it fades it can look yellow.

No. 1404592

File: 1640827289020.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x2347, 1F6D3D41-8410-4905-9C53-1BD6C9…)

What is going on with her hands?(Nitpick)

No. 1404598


why is she so dingy looking? Her trying hard to look cute and dainty only makes her look fatter, I wish she'd buy something actually flattering or try to lose some weight. She's somehow harder to look at than someone like Phoebe or amanda baggs

No. 1404604

isn’t the point of NYE parties and whatnot to go all glitzy and glam? this is her typical “going for brumch n mimosas n cheemsburgers to take sad topless selfies in the grimy bathroom!” OOTDs.

No. 1404614

She can't get a man with a career, only dead end jobs.

No. 1404619

For me its the colors she wears don't flatter her skintone. I think thats why she always looks so dingy.She gets dressed up and puts on heavy eyelashes with black eywliner and heavy eyebrows, but nothing else. Not even lipgloss. If she wore colors that flattered her skin tone not even her body, I think she'd look a little better. The light pinks and whites don't look good on her. She always looks like she's not done getting dressed. Like she its on a new outfit, slaps her hair in a crunchy bun, braids or greasy looking flat hair. I, just thankful shes not wearing that ugly ass headband. Not to mention she always looks outdated and like a 35 year old woman in her nieces clothes.

No. 1404620

I don't understand why she doesn't get a fake tan. Fake tans are associated with bimbos and it would be a better way to spend her money than more horrific hotdog nails that she rips off within a week.

No. 1404621

Says the retard cataloging some fat greasy e-whore.

No. 1404622

As tacky and cheap that pink dress is that's the first time I've ever actually seen her look like she's attempting to look like a "bimbo". She's not trying to loo like a child or "jail bait". Sure the hair and make up is normal but its better.

No. 1404623

Cry about it.

No. 1404625

She would look better in bright colors, like a hot pink instead of baby pink.

No. 1404626

I never said I was. Sorry you're spending the 3-4 hours of the day you have left after wagecucking sitting at your PC a-logging about some trainwreck onlyfans whore. Couldn't be me.(infighting )

No. 1404636

Why are you responding to days old comments? Get a real job and learn to sage bitter whore

No. 1404637

Learn to sage, whore-chan.

And reminder, sex work still isn't real work! I'd rather be a wagecuck than blowing my ass out for a bunch of degenerates.
It looks like this bitch has zero circulation to her fingertips. She probably feels like absolute ass 24/7; I'm sure she has constant heart palpitations because she's so dehydrated.

No. 1404638

File: 1640830570734.jpeg (400.64 KB, 805x874, A28CBFA5-B349-4AC4-A76F-A77142…)

Her chipped pedicure just screams high class bimbo. Has she even gotten another pedicure lately?(nitpicking )

No. 1404656

Acting as if she has any plans she'll follow through on. The pink dress would almost be ok except as usual it's too small making her tits binded looking like a tranny. Also something she never does is accessorize with cute, simple jewelry. A dress like that needs more than a retarded purse.

No. 1404660

SA in fact only like twice have I seen her wear jewelry that wasn't from a dollar store kid princess set. She wore an ankle bracelet once I think and then some tj max faux jewel choker thing. Both instances for her porn, not to wear as part of an actual outfit.

No. 1404669

"At least I'm better than Shaynus" is to Onlyfans ethot lolcow users what "At least I'm better than Chris-chan" was to autistic NEET pornsick moids.

No. 1404717

big trashy grandma energy here, between the necklace and the sweater and the makeup and the pillows

No. 1404817

it’s been weeks since she mentioned gaming on cam or streaming on twitch and she made such a big deal of getting a capture card or whatever it was she needed. what a surprise

No. 1404845

the sizing is one size smaller than regular because their customers are landwhales.

No. 1404920

File: 1640875319797.jpeg (Spoiler Image,755.45 KB, 1170x1855, B91E523E-8225-46B1-A307-475FFF…)

No. 1404921

File: 1640875356732.jpeg (856.04 KB, 1170x1882, 30E6F5C9-CDDE-4831-B344-D27DEB…)

What is with her putting count downs in all her videos now?

No. 1404932

"Get out her tits"

No. 1404944

She writes porn with the pacing and basic vocabulary of a middle school creative writing assignment.

No. 1404957

Nice twist at the end there, Shayna.

No. 1404963

Sorry for replying to an old post but this fat bastard makes me heave. How hypocritical of her, was it not just last week she was all over her Twitter whining that no one would work with her because of her wrong views on racism? Now she thinks she’s fighting bigots because she’s joining in with a pile on on some other whore who has the wrong opinions about losers pretending to be the opposite sex? I hope the next dildo she shoves up her massive asshole gives her a prolapse, the unwashed mutt deserves it.

No. 1404993


watched the preview to this monstrosity on her twitter and the secondhand embarrassment is unreal, also it’s probably been mentioned on here before but it really irks me how most of her videos are supposed to be a POV concept (i.e the viewer imagining themselves fucking shay) yet you can literally blatantly see her hand holding the dildo and fucking herself in frame, she doesn’t even TRY to make it immersive in the slightest for her coomers despite that being the entire concept of the video, jfc this lazy bitch

No. 1405021

Does she not know what a magic eraser is? She could probably make that ugly ass purse look brand new in five minutes. She could order them on Amazon for like $4. There’s absolutely no excuse.

No. 1405024

File: 1640886229052.jpeg (193.38 KB, 750x1064, 14035CC4-236E-4E4C-8044-346E4A…)

Why doesn’t she buy something like pic rel, which is only $20 on Amazon? She could layer all the tacky pink shit she wanted on top—the navy would ground it somewhat, and the darker color would be slimming and flattering. Actually, if she paired the dress with a shiny pink heel and small shiny pink purse that matched in color, I think it could be a fairly cute look for someone that wants to incorporate Barbie/bimbo shit into their aesthetic. She’d look classy-ish for once on New Years, the color would help to hide her grease and food stains should she attempt to go out in public, and she’d finally have an item of clothing to wear home that her family would actually be happy to see her in. Navy + Barbie pink can be preppy and cute, dingy white and Barbie pink just feels sad and Luna-esque, especially now that she’s such a heifer.

No. 1405028

who the fuck cares. amazon quality is on par with shien

No. 1405031

Better grimy in navy than grimy in white.

No. 1405033

I've never seen any other whore or porn company write the entire script out like this it's so weird. There's a line between too little of a description and too long and she definitely goes overboard. She said it's because she wants coomers to "know exactly what they're getting" but to me it just sounds like her dialogue and porn skit are so shotty that it can't carry itself so she has to explicitly say what's going on.

This. This always annoys me. If you're going to do solo vids only, then for fuck sake learn how to do them properly. This is just a solo masturbation video with a weird fantasy narrative thrown on, hence why she has to write a whole page describing it. If she knew what she was doing and put in some effort, she wouldn't need the long summary.
I think there's literally only been a handful of times she's done pov fantasy and even then it wasn't done great. So again, almost all her solo porn is just the same masturbation scene with a different fantasy tacked on.

No. 1405061

what’s with her larping as a daughter and little sister when she looks like she’s in her 30s

No. 1405071

Boomers have kids that are in their 20-30s (she literally is) but yeah when she says shit like "I'm grounded" she's pedo baiting and trying to portray herself as a teenager. But it's ok according to her because she doesn't actually say what age she is!

No. 1405072

Girl don't lie to yourself, she looks 45

No. 1405095

File: 1640891941488.jpeg (389.71 KB, 1170x1428, 612F2E62-6B8E-422C-9108-81E7E1…)

Such a successful sugar baby

No. 1405097

Wow…. Not the flex she thinks this is lol

No. 1405114

Ok we get it, Jason Womack the inbred hick from Oklahoma is weirdly obsessed with you and brain malformation makes him give you his unemployment check. Congrats.

No. 1405169

File: 1640897747317.jpeg (318.12 KB, 750x849, A52041F6-518D-4EE6-B998-5614E3…)

What a retarded take. Cope harder Shayna you’re the farthest thing from a bimbo

No. 1405172

This is the wannabe-bimbo version of those Tumblr kids who want to be punk but don't want to put in the effort of DIYing their wardrobe and don't like punk music. "Punk is about spreading positivity" kek. You're not a bimbo, Shayna.

No. 1405173

Bimbos and bimbofication is literally a sexual fetish with very specific aesthetic goals. It’s retarded but saying the only requirements involve being ~uwu nice girl~ is even more so.

No. 1405176

Just say you’re too broke and lazy to go through any sort of bimbofication. By her definition any decent woman is a bimbo and the implications behind that are just oof

No. 1405185

Why the fuck do teens think being a bimbo is cool and positive now? It’s literally a fetish for guys where you’re dumb as fuck and have big titties with manufactured trashy feminine traits lmfao I’m experiencing brainwashing every time I see social media

No. 1405189

What the fuck is she saying??? That's requirements to be a good person. A bimbo is being a fucking retard and you can't even afford that.

No. 1405204

I feel like she tweets this once every three months

No. 1405206

File: 1640900908334.jpeg (290.81 KB, 750x702, B27DC297-7DAB-4667-9B67-649DF2…)

The fact that she can tell herself that people could care less about how fat she’s gotten sounds like a convenient excuse to not have to change. Remember when she used to flex by posting her OF followers? It went from 1000, down to 600, then 400, then she just stopped posting them. I think all those people might care about how you look.

No. 1405217

File: 1640901588983.jpeg (544.6 KB, 1170x1315, C8AF1F0C-4D04-4CD3-A18B-F9C9F2…)

The fact that she didn’t even put her “gf” at the top of the list

No. 1405220

File: 1640901668925.jpeg (709.49 KB, 1170x1940, 0F96D25A-4DE9-4F93-9406-126754…)

No. 1405235

God she’s manic. She was just talking about not getting support and now she’s talking about “immense amount of support”.

No. 1405245


I have a hard time believing she got two payments AT THE EXACT SAME MINUTE. Feels more like she forgot to change one of the timestamps while faking one or both of these. Sad.

No. 1405256

Tagged everyone but the gf KEK Ellen is such a fucking loser.

No. 1405283

People who couldn't care what her body looks like are just her friends, no? Her product is literally her body. Even people who are her size or larger has a consistent branding. So she's love bombing her friends on her professional porn work account. Such a weird person.

No. 1405289

"couldn't be me" keep stretching your asshole out and spreading those legs for ugly misogynists who fully control your body, genius

No. 1405305

I love you, retard-chan

No. 1405306

File: 1640909303344.jpg (432.61 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20211230-160734_Chr…)

Here she goes again with the abuse accusations

No. 1405311

exactly you’re spot on, I’ve seen other e-whores pull it off; it’s just a case of framing and maybe using a fuck machine in certain scenarios, things big shaynus could do but just straight up chooses not to because it’s too much effort for her, hence why she has to write an entire novella of erotic literature to explain what’s going on. honestly considering the quality of her “content” it truly baffles me how she makes any money at all

No. 1405347

Oh yeah shes definitely ~happy and thriving~ alright

No. 1405364

The original >as a sex worker
anon doesn't even do like actual sw kek. So her going after shat when all anon does is post shitty voice acting clips and stolen hentai pictures on twitter is so laughable.

No. 1405366

File: 1640914069047.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1242x1619, 50DE03FC-C7CD-4124-9C75-376485…)

which art anon will be remixing this ??

No. 1405373

It's ironic because she's hiding Ellen like Fupa hid Shay for years kek. Her excuse is to "protect her from the haters" but I think she's embarrassed of her just like Fupa was embarrassed of her. We already know it's Ellen so it's a flimsy excuse at this point.

Also sad that her only friends are 3 fellow whores she's never met irl and ones a tranny with a weird fetish thing. Then her other lifelines are her fat pedo failure fake gf that bites and talks down to her and some gross scrote she's seeing that fingerbangs her in the parking lot after 2 for $20 Applebee's and who knows what other misogynistic sketchy shit.

No. 1405381

File: 1640914898659.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.38 MB, 1009x1525, A5F6CD06-F2DB-4684-85A4-C203FA…)

No. 1405383

You mean the art you commissioned? Because no one but retards itt are drawing you for free kek(hi cow)

No. 1405385

Kek thank you nonnie can this please be part of the next banner picture?

No. 1405402

File: 1640916758923.jpeg (109.18 KB, 750x329, C31253E8-AAA0-4245-8E31-1A3BA8…)

But why?

No. 1405416

What the fuck even is this take? Bimbo culture is very explicitly not centered on being kind, it’s centered on a specific aesthetic. No aesthetic is really about who you are as a person—that’s what makes it an aesthetic and not a personality, not that she knows the difference—but bimbo culture in particular is explicitly and inherently ultra-superficial.
Being a kind person is all about being a kind person, and it’s not confined to an aesthetic—although I’d imagine bimbos, known for being vain, selfish, and narcissistic, aren’t exactly leading the charge.

No. 1405429

SA, but if she really wants an aesthetic that is more associated with “spreading positivity,” why doesn’t she go back to her hippie roots? Obviously there are plenty of asshole hippies, but at least there is some kind of connection there

No. 1405431

“People who support me couldn’t care less what my body looks like”
Shay, you are a SEX WORKER. Not a charity. Your supporters are CUSTOMERS who are trying to buy porn from you. Porn is mostly visual. I just don’t even…

No. 1405494

Right? If you are a pornstar and say you are being supported by people despite your body… what are you being paid for? Pity? In no other job are you paid if you can’t do the job

No. 1405501

The current teens/zoomers don't. It's just Shayna's weird in-between tail-end millenial generation that's obnoxious about kink. The teens nowadays think people like Shayna are cheugey.

No. 1405504

No no woman. It's not that you have any value outside your body - it's that your body isn't completely rekt just yet.

No. 1405511

KEK the original artist gave her veins. Those aren't usually stylised into art. I guess that and the moles are the things they can put in that's recognisable without offending her.

No. 1405547

File: 1640935166551.png (Spoiler Image,791.5 KB, 665x665, shaynus.png)

Thought I'd give it a go

No. 1405549

>the new year comes and so do the both of you!
Topkek I laughed way too hard at this what the actual fuck

No. 1405566

wow anon this is disturbingly good

No. 1405572

Thread pic!

No. 1405574

Sage for not Shay milk but I believe this is because of that Chrissy who blew up on tiktok etc for being bimbo and doing videos about “you don’t need them you’re irreplaceable be kind” https://instagram.com/chrissychlapecka?utm_medium=copy_link

No. 1405575

slightly ot, but to answer your question, I’ve seen a bunch of coomers trying to get women on tiktok to do this countdown when their content is clearly non-sexual. Some women are aware and won’t do it but some are oblivious and these men use it as a command to ejaculate without the streamers consent. I think maybe shayna picked it up doing camming. Of course she plays into these predatory fetishes like the pickme creep she is.

No. 1405588

My other tinfoil is she has a scrote who orders multiple customs from her which is why some have a countdown and some don't.

I also refuse to believe that one man would be willing to drop that much cash on Shayna of all people.

No. 1405590

This is so accurate you did better than the original artist WOW. The artist just lied and lied and lied to her. I'm cackling. That is Big Shaynus.

No. 1405620

Bravo, anon! You captured perfectly her dead eyed stare, alcoholic bloat, veiny uneven tits, stupid smirk, and bonus for throwing in one or two hotdog nails. This is why I come to Shayna's threads.

No. 1405634

How poetically pathetic that she's too fat & ugly for anyone to harass her nonconsentually so she has to make up fantasy scenarios instead.

No. 1405651

A little late, sorry too busy working my 9-5 desk job. But didn't she literally write on her twitter a day before this tweet, saying she spent 100+ dollars at the grocery store plus what it cost her for an uber?

Lol her profile looks like Dwight Schrute except way shittier, and that's saying something.

No. 1405758

File: 1640975436108.jpeg (Spoiler Image,177.62 KB, 750x1360, BDB0B30B-1691-4A45-B995-3ED7C9…)

Open at your own risk, what the fuck did she do editing her pussy it looks like it’s melting what the fuck my brain is having a hard time registering this as a vagina

No. 1405778

She shooped all the actual bits away and now it's just an angry red hole…

No. 1405806

She should’ve shooped her face too.

No. 1405825

She was so busy shopping any recognizable vagina away she forgot all the acne between her eyebrows

No. 1405843

God she should censor that herself. No wonder she loses subscribers and has no actual engagement. She always posts full spread explicit pics. I mean even her pinned tweet ffs. It reminds me of ads on a porn site. Like try teasing and enticing people to buy content. Throwing it all out there for free reaks of desperation and bottom barrel whore. But I mean, I guess the shoe fits. It's just weird because sometimes she realizes this and acts like she's going to censor her content or stop posting it all for free, but then realizes being completely naked and spread is the only way she gets any engagement and attention and she'd rather have that. But honestly it's far too late anyway, especially given her physical state and work ethic. Dudes are there to get off cheap and fast and that's it and she's past any hope of a prime.

No. 1405844

File: 1640981251155.jpeg (541.11 KB, 1170x1457, 1085D335-C3C6-41AB-94D9-9E6C87…)

No. 1405845

File: 1640981345223.jpeg (253.52 KB, 1170x831, 2DE9D98F-1D05-4CCD-918C-7B6ED8…)

Karma bitch

No. 1405855

Abusive relationship? She has to mean she was the abusive one to fupa right? Top kek. They didnt even have a blowup at the end, she clung on and used him as much as possible to help her move her shit and fucked him until she literally was miles away and could no longer fuck him.

No. 1405893

I'm pretty sure this was a mutually abusive relationship. I always find it weird when people try to pretend he wasn't a disgusting piece of shit and everything was Shay's fault. He was way older, used her up during her "good" years, hid her from his family, recorded her during her alcohol fueled breakdowns and then threatened to use it against her if she acted out of line, broke up with her then called her up when he wanted sex and promised to get back together. She was no doubt terrible but he seemed just as bad.

No. 1405990

Women aren’t porn categories don’t call their existence a fucking fetish and leave them alone you freak

No. 1405992

she shooped herself a second asshole for double the butt stuff

No. 1406011

No cap but if you told me this was a post op I would believe it. A “nicely” done one but a post op all the same

No. 1406065

File: 1641007928689.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1170x1737, 6A692306-CC5A-4320-A57C-0A7223…)

No. 1406082

That doesn't come off like abuse. Videotaping your drunk abuser is just smart. She could have been the one texting or calling him to come fuck her for all we know because she is the porn sick degenerate here after all.

No. 1406084

Knew she didn't have anywhere to go to lol of course because she has no friends or any life outside of porn and sexual relationships.

No. 1406102

No but really there’s no clit wtf

No. 1406121

It’s trying to escape her abuse

Shooping aside, can’t help but wonder if she’d still be flaunting her bits everywhere if they hadn’t been as ‘’’’’cute and smol’’’’’
irl not too many people care, but in porn it seems important to have no outer vagina bc bigger labia is ewww

No. 1406125

File: 1641018405326.jpg (38.86 KB, 600x600, chiclet teeth.jpg)

No. 1406126

It looks sealed shut lol

No. 1406144

She literally just buzzed her entire labia and clit off her body??

No. 1406150

You captured her retard face so well

No. 1406212

This literally passes for a post op tranny

No. 1406296

She used to brag nonstop about having a "cute, innie vagina," and we all see how much she likes to insert lines about her "tiny little cunt" (horror) in her novels. It's 100% her proudest selling point, and it's really pathetic.

No. 1406372

imagine bragging about something you literally had no control over or influence on kek

No. 1406384

File: 1641065410116.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.1 KB, 1200x655, FICCGhEUYAAoda4.jpeg)

Snapchat filters working overtime.

No. 1406386

she watermarking her pics now? Like anyone is going to steal them wtf?
Also what is up with her pubes?

No. 1406409

Catfish have used her photos before. Honestly it took me like 3 minutes to find that watermark. Pointless if it’s unreadable and tiny.

No. 1406415

She brags about it but it isn't even true, no 'baby cunt' going on there not without the help of Photoshop anyway

No. 1406426

File: 1641070197666.jpeg (Spoiler Image,564.15 KB, 750x745, 1D842353-C457-4E1B-8BCB-7FE254…)

She’s got the cottage cheese legs of a woman twice her age

No. 1406468

As long as she doesn’t call it her ‘kiddie cunt’ or I might just jump off a cliff

No. 1406479

That mf should die of painful and slow ball cancer. He deserves way worse than ~abuse~ from some dumb pothead.

No. 1406547

File: 1641080367666.jpeg (131.18 KB, 750x439, 2D4FB50A-DA3E-4EF0-887D-F3B439…)

Girl, we see the kind of men you attract. No one wants them

No. 1406548

Literally no one but you is in Jason R. Womak's dms, Shaynus.

No. 1406549

we don't want you

No. 1406553

File: 1641080905834.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.65 KB, 500x375, main-qimg-c026a070fbfd640ea118…)

are you single nonny?

No. 1406563

Snowboarding is not hard or niche, nona. Even if you suck, just get out there & try. There's gonna be at least 1 or 2 snow bunnies on the hill that will stop to hang out & give you tips as a newb & fellow girl.
If you don't suck, then you can commence ascension to your final form of hot snowboard chick. No need to thirst pathetically after people with skills/drive you can easily develop yourself.

No. 1406564

Thank you for the advice nonny.
>No need to thirst pathetically after people with skills/drive you can easily develop yourself.
Still find you attractive tho.

No. 1406574

File: 1641083300771.jpeg (616.77 KB, 1170x1292, 769BDF51-6E8B-419C-A008-0F6835…)

Blah blah blah

No. 1406575

Weed & booze really has rotted her brain. Since she continually posts what her inbred "sugar dad" sends her…we all know she makes below minimum in the south for prolapsing her asshole on the internet.

No. 1406594

So close yet so far. The most compassionate thing she could do for herself is quit porn, move home, get an education and make something of her life before she gets to 30 with no friends, hobbies or employable skills. But of course, that’s only what society wants for her, so she’s going to keep up the same bad behaviour and poor decision making thats gotten her through the past half a decade and expect something different to happen. Idk if there’s any cow that aggravates me as much as her, bc she’s had multiple opportunities to choose a better life for herself and she keeps choosing wrong.

No. 1406607

Her unrealistic expectations is losing weight kek for the last two years her goal was to get back to being skinny.

No. 1406620

Well, that and also announcing (what seemed like a perfectly doable, in terms of workload) schedule of camming and video that she instantly failed to fulfill. Now those are apparently “unrealistic expectations” and she is going to cut herself slack.

No. 1406626

She’s already not setting goals or standards for herself, how much low can she go? Seriously this “self care “bs is just destroying her. She doesn’t even work lmao and she acts like she’s on a burnout.

No. 1406628

2020 resolution: I want to be skinny again.
2021 resolution: I want to be healthy & confident again.
2022 resolution: I want to be realistic with my expectations.
2023 resolution: I want to accept my body the way it is.
2024 resolution: I wanna smash 6 cheemsburgers for this feeder on OF.

No. 1406660

The only way she could be nicer to herself is to find a fucking crumb of dignity and change all the stupid, negative shit she does in her life. She already cuts herself a break daily and thus hardly ever actually does well, anything. Be it taking care of herself on a significant level, "work", quality of life improvements, etc. Like idk how much nicer one could be to themselves. What she needs is to be harder on herself so she actually has a chance at improving in any aspect.
Instead of being like "uwu poor me I didn't get this done or wow I wasn't good at this to give me immeadiate results so I give up boohoo I'm a failure" she needs to be like "ok, this is more than I expected and that's ok, I just need to put in the time and effort to get better at it" and then actually do it. But her idea if being nicer to herself is more like "this is too hard but that's ok I'm only baby uwu at least I still have followers and Jason Womack sends me doordash cards" and drops it to relive her groundhog day.

No. 1406663

File: 1641091258780.jpeg (205.23 KB, 750x1068, 8906D9B3-3527-4008-9D5D-FBE9FA…)

The bar she has set for herself is so fucking low, and we know this will be wayyyy too much work for her

No. 1406677

I know the answer but I just don’t understand why camming 3x a week is so unrealistic for her. It’s so pathetic. She has literally nothing else going on. I hate that her family enables her. I hope this is the year they stop paying her rent and tell her to get an education.

No. 1406680

Seriously, what does she do all day? Beside sleeping wtf does she do with her time? This doesn't make any sense. She doesn't even have a hobby.

No. 1406693

it’s frustrating when every time she seems to get close to the idea of “quitting” sex work and going back home and getting a real job (despite how serious she is about that or if she’s being insincere and just wants validation for her shitty choices), all the degenerate, coping whores come out and tell her that she shouldn’t and should keep at it because there’s nothing wrong with it! she will never get a grip when she is in the Twitter SW echo chamber of degeneracy.

No. 1406696

Crabs in a bucket. The thought of someone leaving sex work and having a successful life must make them seethe.

No. 1406697

It must be exhausting for her 3 coomers to always see her post these false promises regularly and never follow through a single time. Keep running off what little fan base you have Shay

No. 1406706

But the maximum amount of time I can imagine someone spending on a single video is 5 hours (with setting things up, makeup, maybe doing multiple takes, and editing). And when she cams it’s like a few hours?

So it would be maximum 7 hours of work a week. That could literally be just a side hobby for someone pursuing education or working.

So lazy. And it’s not like she practices a skill, has kids, does Art, exercises, or anything meaningful.

Life is going to hit her so hard one day.

No. 1406725

Someone a thread or two back called this almost word for word

No. 1406755

the idea of this being “huge expectations”
most people I know with full time jobs spend this much time working out every week

No. 1406808

Laziness begets laziness

Fat lardasses like Shay fail to see that you NEED exercise to make you feel more energetic
Sitting on her ass all day eyes glued to her phone or TV it's no wonder she is so tired

Eat less move more, its not rocket science Shay

No. 1406965

This wet brain types almost more incomprehensibly than lucinda does

No. 1407008

I mean 1 cam night and 1 vid a week is where her lazy ass should start. However she needs to set a video release and a camming day and stick to it. If she doesn't set aside a time/give herself a deadline, she'll just keep blowing them off until it's Monday, then be like "I'm so sowwy I didn't do any work this week I was having bad brain days" or some shit and know she failed and rinse and repeat.

No. 1407133

File: 1641155921977.jpeg (61 KB, 679x206, 04F9A160-771B-41CB-8F8B-CD5DB5…)

every single thing about this is gross. why would she compare herself to a "little kid" on her sex work twitter account. i mean we know why but still.

No. 1407146

The username @pweteen too, what the fuck

No. 1407270

File: 1641164800034.jpeg (245.83 KB, 750x2905, C2D88D86-76B6-4510-9465-778E7E…)

I wonder why Ellen’s been to court so many times

No. 1407289

Hey, she went the entirety of 2019 and 2020 out of the courts

(You are kind of nuts but I am very intrigued, ty anon)

No. 1407301

This is autistic but also what if that Dec 6th date was over that car thing with Shays neighbor kek
Or was that too early in the month? Also I don't think they'd get a court date that quick, but maybe if it was just the appearance to say guilty or contest? Idk I just really want to believe Ellen did actually hit that guy's car tbh lol

No. 1407311

Why is anon nuts for exposing Ellen's many court appearances?

No. 1407314

Moreover, why is >>1407289 concerned about pedo Ellen's wellbeing. She shouldn't be in child care, she deserves to be exposed.

No. 1407316

It wasn’t. That happened on the 18th

No. 1407325

File: 1641169765882.jpeg (157.99 KB, 750x1370, FE23C1B8-DF90-424E-B4BE-4A2FC3…)

I would go insane if my lips were that dry

No. 1407326

Applause anon. This is perfect. The only thing that's truly missing is that retarded heart dandruff filter she uses.

No. 1407329

File: 1641170209824.jpeg (323.64 KB, 750x1024, DC6AD5B6-6809-4D91-83F1-F3F71D…)

Shayna someone with a gut your size should never own a single track suit. It’s not bimbo on someone that looks like her it’s just trashy

No. 1407337

Ok, thanks for correcting. I thought the date was before that incident tbh, but wasn't sure. Well, maybe we'll see another court date soon lol

No. 1407342


You can literally tell from this picture alone that the only time she showers is when she has her hair in turd braids… and that's maybe every few weeks. Extremely raunchy.

No. 1407345

File: 1641171157072.jpg (159.58 KB, 687x434, Znm8lst.jpg)

how is a tracksuit bimbo? it even got regina george kicked out of the plastics.

No. 1407346

KEK! She's just stuck in 2006 Tumblr when Paris Hilton and Juicy tracksuits were a thing… that's all there really is to it.

No. 1407359

I think the trend is trying to revive. But like other anon said, it looks so white trash if you're not hot and skinny lol. Also I feel like she wants this because she's lazy and it's too hard for her to put an actual outfit together and maybe tracksuits fit her because they're like female sweatpants equivalent lol

No. 1407383

I literally don't disagree with anything you're saying. Unless you're a celeb getting your picture taken when you're just trying to go out and get a coffee… track suits are just not a thing anymore. Maybe for lounging around the house? I mean shit, even Sandra is reasonable looking, ridiculously skinny, and in LA…it's still just such a trash look. I guess none of bimbo babies clothes actually stretch to her body anymore.

No. 1407449

File: 1641182178695.jpeg (97.45 KB, 750x339, 2F69526B-4160-4312-A1D4-26A083…)

keep telling yourself that

No. 1407468

No you're stealing quotes from twitter and tumblr that went viral years ago

No. 1407499

The only thing that's manifesting in her future is weight gain.

No. 1407520

you’ve peaked my curiosity immensely autist-chan, pls let us know if you find out what the charges are/were. the most uninteresting explanation is she drives like an exceptional retard and is always getting pulled over or clipping other cars, but that many times in a couple years would almost definitely be revocation worthy

No. 1407531

I have no idea how to find out more, I only found out about court dockets today. It seems like an excessive amount of times to be in court in a relatively short time span i have no idea how you accomplish that

No. 1407532

Sperg but manifestation is big on TikTok, which shares a brain cell with Twitter. also a great way to screw your life up, there’s demons in that mess

No. 1407543

Having a suspended license doesn’t stop people from driving. It’s possible she doesn’t have a license but drives a car registered under her parents names.

The only things I can think of that would cause that many arrests in a year(things that makes sense for Ellen) is drugs, domestic violence or prostitution. Or maybe shoplifting. Maybe Ellen is a klepto kek

No. 1407548

Lmao anon that shit isn't real. Visualizing & announcing your plans for future success are proven to be detrimental towards actually accomplishing goals. You're giving yourself a dopamine hit from imagining how it might feel IF you changed when you haven't actually made any concrete steps. "Manifesting" is what burnout losers do all day.
Shayna should be proof enough of this. In order to even reach the level of pathetic that is her life, and to (most importantly) keep displaying that online for the world, I think you would need to live in a sort of made-up reality where you're just a moment away from living your best life and being your best self.