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File: 1679039283757.gif (16.04 KB, 300x100, cutecow.gif)

No. 54709

A nice, cosy, official banner thread to submit your new banners for the benefit and expansion of the website.

Banners must be 300x100

Banners should mention the site directly or indirectly. "lolcow.farm" written, a picture of a cow, etc.

Thread Pic: >>>/meta/27528

Previous Thread:

No. 54711

File: 1679039540059.png (18.97 KB, 300x100, HANDS UP MOID! LC Banner.png)

A quick edit of >>54643 because the text in the bubble was bothering me

No. 54795

File: 1679416229585.gif (407.2 KB, 886x296, 20230321_111632 (1).gif)

Ganer from Pro-Ana Scumbags

No. 54796

No. 54861

this is shit

No. 55026

File: 1680216292181.gif (211.74 KB, 300x100, 347340.gif)

No. 55116

Love this

No. 55118

The little cow image you use is so cute !! I like it so much I even tried to screenshot it and reverse search when I first saw it on the banner in the last thread but no luck

No. 55123

for the love of god someone tell me that cerbmin are adding new banners, there are so many great ones like this

No. 55125

File: 1680505156817.png (77.12 KB, 2400x1849, cow clipart.png)

nta but immediately found it by searching "cow clipart"

No. 55268

File: 1680914672006.png (59.23 KB, 300x100, therapy.png)

please it's just too good

No. 55281

File: 1680943693577.png (8.18 KB, 300x100, Cute Cow Banner.png)

spent a frustrating amount of time trying different borders before giving up and deciding it looks better without one

No. 55283

File: 1680943967957.png (3.51 KB, 300x100, Pixel Lolcow Banner.png)

This one was randomly put together but I was so sure that someone already made a pixel Elsie banner. I couldn't find any so I figured it was a good idea to make one. Used the Elsie pixel from >>>/meta/23807 ! Thought the caption would be fitting considering how annoyed Elsie looks, the annoyed cow pixel was a lucky find.

No. 55284

File: 1680944290640.png (51.63 KB, 300x100, RadFem-Bears Banner.png)

Sorry if some of these seem too wholesome for this site

No. 55285

File: 1680944487320.gif (104.15 KB, 300x100, Punky Azumarill TERF.gif)

Second attempt of this idea >>>/meta/53350 since I still like the idea but don't like the first execution. Also found a better Punk Azumarill pic to work with this time. Captions were taken from this post >>>/ot/1322082

OT, does anyone know any good scrolling text generators? I tried to find one just for this banner but couldn't find anything that would simply scroll vertically through text into a gif format.

No. 55286

Can we pleeease replace the creepy ones with these. The current ones are so gross

No. 55287

File: 1680944528268.gif (2.79 KB, 300x100, Scrote Detected Banner.gif)

No. 55290

Awww this is cute as fuck

No. 55291

File: 1680951537603.gif (849.55 KB, 1270x424, Media_230408_115557.gif)

A handful of our favorites in the ProAna threads

No. 55300

File: 1680962010875.png (56.85 KB, 300x100, spice world no type.png)

No. 55301

File: 1680962035229.png (57.28 KB, 300x100, spice world.png)

with type

No. 55307

File: 1680977519226.gif (397.83 KB, 886x296, 20230408_190851 (1).gif)

No. 55308

Sorry, very tacky. Reminds me of tumblr’s “I like your shoelaces” or “first rule or tumblr: never talk about tumblr”

No. 55316

thanks I hate it

No. 55317

No this is shit

No. 55318

-5 points for weak desperate GUI nostalgia

No. 55320

i like it, dont let the idiots saying that ur thing wasnt that cool

No. 55323

Thank you, nonnie!

>weak desperate GUI nostalgia
It's far easier to edit something with less pixels, looks cleaner too since banners are small. Besides, I personally think newer windows looks like hot garbage.

This is a good idea, nona. Only think that you should slow it down, seems to be going a bit too quick with that last frame.

No. 55326

+10 points for cuteness

No. 55327

When did anons get so critical of banners of all things? I like these, they're cute and funny.

No. 55328

Samefag but the only criticism that I have is that the last frame on >>55307 goes by a little too fast. I had to watch it like 2-3 times to read it.

No. 55331

File: 1681021182217.png (16.1 KB, 300x100, Cow Sage Tip Banner.png)

thank you nonny

No. 55346

File: 1681062491829.gif (456.26 KB, 886x296, Media_230409_184657.gif)

No. 55348

This is good, it just has to have the dimensions of 300x100

No. 55349

I like those but since when did we pander to newfags??

No. 55357

File: 1681110422953.gif (114.75 KB, 300x100, 6433b524092e8783668803.gif)

Kek my bad sorry for shitting up the thread. Last attempt I swear.

No. 55376

File: 1681154663215.gif (66.03 KB, 300x100, 20230410_202356.gif)

No. 55383

This is cringy and reeks of newfags thinking sageing absolutes them from making retarded posts.

No. 55384

Are you one of those Kiwifarms women who have been coming here? Something about a lot of these recent banners smells like that category of late 30s to mid 40s Kiwimoms with "old internet" nostalgia and a lack of understanding of our site culture despite being otherwise drama- and internet savvy No hate towards women of that age group in general

No. 55385

I like this one, but it should have shayna for /snow/.

No. 55400

you are fully the only person noticing this mythical group, everyone has old web nostalgia these days.

No. 55403

There's nothing wrong with the ones you quoted. I'd prefer them to the crystal cafe-esque ones.

No. 55419

There's countless new threads on /snow/ and /pt/ that are clearly written by the same group of older Kiwifarms women incapable of dropping their shtick and everyone who used to be in the lolcow Discord knows exactly who I mean. They also kept trying to make new websites for "us" and they all feature the same graphic design style. They even posted their banners and other contributions in the server, so while I don't expect anyone to know they exist, I'm not making them up. Yeah, the internet nostalgia is popular right now, but I mean a very specific group. This has been going on for over a year and is blatantly obvious if you've crossed paths with them.

No. 55420

( >>55419)
Ayrt. I'm a 21 year old who's lurked since 2020 and started posting towards the end of last year. Admittedly I frequent reddit but definitely no other farms and have never had server/discord access. I have an embarrassing amount of spare time so have taken out a subscription to a shitty editing app and am making the most of it. I'm sorry that they've caused do much discourse so won't make any more.

No. 55436

Not any of the anons I kinda like the old web thing. Maybe the banners you made could be a bit more polished? Idk how to avoid them looking like the kiwi farms women ones like this anon said. They should show examples if they’re going to bring it up

No. 55981

File: 1682708588370.jpg (72.58 KB, 787x542, lolcow.jpg)

This isn't a banner but it would be nice to see it being made into one, have no idea how I'd go about it though

No. 55995

I agree lol

No. 55996

could you link those threads bc i haven't noticed

No. 56145

These two are fucking gross, how are they still up?

No. 56158

Also how is the hentai manga in the last thread still up and uncensored 7 years later kekkk

No. 56281

File: 1683563541627.gif (63.02 KB, 300x100, consider this moid.gif)

i love this lc so i made her into a banner

No. 56283

I love it

No. 56285

Why does it matter if they use the site and create banners and threads? If their banners and threads aren't shit and they integrate?

No. 56298

Excellent work, nonny

No. 56308

File: 1683604451329.jpeg (369.77 KB, 1170x1371, 2B0924BA-309E-4687-A9AF-4449B0…)

Would some art anon make a banner with this image cropped down and “twinning” overlaid?

No. 56369

File: 1683625281551.jpg (8.46 KB, 300x100, autism2.jpg)

inspired by this post >>>/ot/1334063

No. 56370

File: 1683625340634.jpg (8.71 KB, 300x100, autism3.jpg)

and a more lolcow themed variant that I attempted

No. 56788

Who is this and what board is she from?

No. 57414

File: 1684135155893.png (35.52 KB, 300x100, cows.png)

Hope this is okay.

No. 57540

Omg I love it anon!

No. 58382

File: 1685577074895.gif (9.33 MB, 860x502, chrome_wNCmCBVZEu.gif)

I feel like this could make a good banner, I'm bad at reading lips but someone could overlay "let's get milky" or something that seems to fit. We could use a new, fatter Shay banner.

No. 58721

i see "the milk is flowing" kek

No. 58724

Thank you, didn't think anyone would actually do it. Looks great!

No. 58739

File: 1686539365510.gif (1.89 MB, 300x100, Shaylife.gif)

I was going to make a DJ Shay and her on the dance floor but that was way above my non-existent level of expertise and it reminded me too much of the party with Kiki banner. We need more relevant cow banners!

No. 58741

anoooon thank you!!!

No. 58760

This is iconic

No. 58771

Requesting a Felice banner.

No. 58954

Why? She’s an old cow. Do you have any good pics or gifs to make into a banner?

No. 59059

File: 1687950811348.png (20.57 KB, 300x100, NO TROONS - banner.png)

No. 59402

File: 1688581292055.gif (1.15 MB, 275x155, 1687830137337.gif)

For anyone who has the skills

No. 59489

File: 1688669139600.gif (1.54 MB, 300x100, CB0D2F7A-B895-4011-96B8-027950…)

One of my favorite lolcow hall of fame moments I had to make it my damn self since no one else would. I love it.

No. 59504

and a very merry  to you too, Anon!

No. 59540

This is killing me thank you nonnie

No. 59564

File: 1688713458106.gif (1.61 MB, 300x100, 0595334E-17FF-4C2D-8C33-CB99AF…)

I made it a little better

No. 60290

File: 1689780683476.png (44.29 KB, 300x100, The New Farmer Banner.png)

original pic and idea

No. 60312

beautiful nonna, you made my silly little edit a work of art.

No. 60321

File: 1689840766033.png (287.56 KB, 512x512, rose for nonny.png)

thank you so much nоnnie! ♥
your edit was hilarious, keep up the good work!

No. 60325

File: 1689852493247.jpg (14.98 KB, 493x512, 7767616010539020470_n.jpg)

Eh, I'm not really good in this type of stuff, its just a quick edit I did on MsPaint in 5 minutes, what you did seemed like real art and required actual effort.

No. 63550

File: 1695315190207.png (23.36 KB, 300x100, cute cow moooo.png)

No. 63599

No. 63614

Love it nona

No. 64025

File: 1696845280133.gif (263.7 KB, 300x100, shatban.gif)

No. 64026

I'm losing it. Great work, anon.

No. 64027

Ewe no I don't wanna see feet

No. 64033

great execution, but I don't want to see this again, so

No. 64090

Gave the banners ever been updated recently? I haven’t seen any new ones in years

No. 64959

No. I believe the Lori one is the newest added and that was like 2 years ago.

No. 64985

File: 1699404294596.png (61.35 KB, 300x100, yasss banner gurl.png)

No. 64986

File: 1699404830085.png (55.15 KB, 300x100, Untitled-2.png)

No. 64987

File: 1699405456395.png (69.78 KB, 300x100, sylvanian families.png)

No. 64993

File: 1699412180380.gif (376.43 KB, 300x100, chase.gif)

No. 64997

File: 1699417064285.gif (3.63 MB, 300x100, the sad cow.gif)

No. 64999

File: 1699418024360.png (70.33 KB, 300x100, cute sleeping cow.png)

No. 65175

No please

No. 65342

it's shaynus feeding a pig from waaaaaay early in her threads

No. 65386

We’re adding banners soon, please give feedback to banners you like and remember to include “lolcow.farm” prominently in your banner.

No. 65397

No. 65398

Im already seeing the new banners, thanks admins!

No. 65404

Admin pls link the list!!! Thank you this is such a happy day for me

No. 65405

The banner list is at lolcow.farm/banners

No. 65406

thank you nona!

No. 65408

A lot of people say this, but the daddy pork chop one should go (also the special snowflake freezbee got an update somewhere in the last thread)

No. 65410

These might’ve been linked before but these are all so cute

No. 65412

File: 1700009753086.png (71.8 KB, 300x100, 1662147528464.png)

Ok! from this thread:
>>59564 legit kekking at this one lol
>>55331 this one is the best one from the sage ones! wait it doesn't say lolcow.farm I'll fix it
>>55287 kek
>>55026 kek please

Ok from last thread:
>>54279 please lmao
>>53352 necessary tbh
>>46949 dunno if you want the .farm in this one, but I love it. Will fix anyway
>>45002 I think this was added? didn't see it in the list
>>44383 need tbh
>>44378 to replace the ugly one
>>43724 I looooove this the leyend of zelda one. Please if you can, I would love to see it!
>>36144 honestly this one is very funny, but I understand if mods don't want it
>>36143 same as above
>>27528 pleaseeee. So cute

I think that's it. Thanks for your consideration! picrel is my favorite

No. 65413

File: 1700013341843.png (1.91 KB, 90x30, simple_LC_logo_for_banners.png)

We added all banners that had some positive feedback and included "lolcow.farm". Some didn't include the URL, but we'd be happy to add them if the URL was added. Here's a png to make it quicker, but feel free to make your own. Here's a few that were skipped due to URL:


No. 65414

thank youuuu will do!! I'll help out!

No. 65415

File: 1700014410972.png (42.98 KB, 300x100, 1681021182217.png)

ok here's the first one I fixed
also, I noticed that on lolcow.farm/banners there's the banners updated today, but some of the new banners (like the 'where is shaymin' one) aren't on that list. Is there an earlier update from this year missing in that list? or am I completely blind? I only checked the 13-november-2023 ones, the other newest update is from 2021

No. 65416

File: 1700014645186.png (54.16 KB, 300x100, 1667506534812.png)

second fixed banner

No. 65417

File: 1700015421616.gif (4.61 KB, 300x100, 1680944528268.gif)

more fixing

No. 65420

File: 1700016036309.png (55.44 KB, 300x100, 1664245674091.png)

next one

No. 65421

File: 1700016245215.gif (120.31 KB, 300x100, 1681110422953.gif)

and last one from the list! thanks admin for adding new banners

No. 65422

File: 1700016560508.png (26.43 KB, 300x100, newfag.png)

also threw this one together real quick just for fun

No. 65423

https://lolcow.farm/banners/173.gif direct link to the daddy porkchop one for anyone interested in talking about it

No. 65424

File: 1700022509564.png (51.8 KB, 300x100, Cow Sage Tip Banner URL.png)

Thank you for adding new banners, cerbmin! It made my morning ♥

>Some didn't include the URL

I thought including the URL wasn't required if you've included a picture of a cow?
>Banners should mention the site directly or indirectly. "lolcow.farm" written, a picture of a cow, etc.

I can't repost >>55287
Error: "That file <a href="/meta/res/54709.html#65417">already exists</a> in this thread!"

Updated >>55331

No. 65425

I just now saw this at the top of the page and fucking died. God that post will never not be funny.

No. 65426

File: 1700023986587.gif (4.25 KB, 300x100, Scrote Detected Banner with UR…)

>>55287 repost with URL added

No. 65427

You made them so much better!! Thank you nonnie they're wayy better than my edits lmao (I am >>65417 and >>65415)

No. 65430

File: 1700026983086.jpg (145.03 KB, 650x706, heart-cow.jpg)

Thank you! Thanks for your edits too, appreciate the helping hand!

No. 65433

I saw this one three times in the past three days. Please get rid of it, admin.

No. 65436

I'm not a fan of the banner but I don't understand how anons would rather whine about it for years than adblock it. It's a single file with a static url, just go ahead and do it. Yes on your phone too

No. 65438

Probably too late of a reply but I would avoid banners that contain explicit man hate purely for the reason that it would likely result in an increase of angry moids posting spam. It doesn't take much to trigger scrotes into posting CP, gore and other vile content.

No. 65439

because I still want to see the other banners, just not the porkchop one kek

No. 65442

File: 1700066748363.gif (118.21 KB, 300x100, 1700016245215.gif)

Fixed this further. Upped the contrast because of the low legibility, and got rid of a weird line it gets to the left at the start
Considering recent developments, I think this should be added too.

No. 65443

File: 1700066931877.png (59.76 KB, 300x100, when the husbando appears on t…)

No. 65444

I'm sorry but I want more cow centric banners and not literal ones. I dislike the cc tier and the low effort ones.

No. 65445

File: 1700067691691.gif (31.76 KB, 300x100, girls.gif)

No. 65446

A lot of cow centric banners were added too though, I saw plenty of shayna and pixielocks on the thread. You can always come and suggest a picture / gif to make into a banner though, maybe an anon will pick it up (I've done them by request before). Sadly most cows in this website aren't even that funny anymore.

No. 65447

lolcow.farm is not a cow site anymore, haven't you heard? we're a feminist family. Don't go on the cow boards, we disavow them. In fact, we should get rid of them entirely

Sorry just frustrated with how much the site culture has changed

No. 65448

You can't seriously be this retarded, no wonder you need admins to hide the evil .gif from you. Just block https://lolcow.farm/banners/173.gif, you're welcome

No. 65449

Don't be dumb, we just need funnier cows to laugh at. Dakota is boring, Venus is a dead horse, Pixielocks is just a DID larper, the list goes on. We need new juicy stuff

No. 65450

It doesn't change the fact a lot of anons want it gone. Whenever that'll happen or not, I don't give a fuck, but let the community decide.

No. 65451

A lot of the most interesting cows in this day and age are coming from TikTok. I've stopped reading here for new cows for the most part because, like you said, they're boring. We need cows like Tophiachu and ChelseaLeeArt. There are obvious issues with introducing TikTok cows to the board, but these individuals are more eccentric and a whole lot milkier than some random e-thot from Twitter

No. 65452

Hard agree. And that's why a lot of the new banners are Shayna, because most anons are shaynafags. I'm not a shaynafag myself but even then she's one of the most active cows on the website, we need new milk.

No. 65453

sorry, this is ugly imho

No. 65454

File: 1700070134632.png (46.52 KB, 300x100, komscum.png)

No. 65455

I'm gonna be honest and say I never understood why anons made such a big deal out of the old banners. You literally only see banners for like a second when you're on a board/thread, then you scroll down and it's out of view. If you really dislike a banner so much just refresh the page or scroll. It reminds me of when anons were trying to get rid of the pt spoiler image. It just such a non-issue and also to me kind of feels like some anons want to get rid of lolcow history (not that the porkchop banner is a significant part of lolcow history, but still) and turn this into a different site. I feel like if they get rid of the pork chop banners anons are just gonna find something else small to complain about imo.

No. 65456

Tell the original anon to fix it then, because it didn't even have the lolcow.farm at the end when she posted it

No. 65457

I vote for this one!

No. 65458

Kek this is so true.

No. 65459

I just find it ugly and not funny at all. Anyone who spends more than 2 minutes on this site will see like ten redtexts. I don't need to see an ugly, unfunny schoolmarmy banner about sageing.

No. 65460

Ok, fair point. So it's not the edit itself, just the banner entirely that you hate?

No. 65461

Don't make a bug fuss of the new banners either then, goes both ways by your logic.

No. 65462

..huh? I like the new banners. I'm glad they added them.

No. 65463

yeah but it's not your fault or anything. just my opinion that I decided for some reason to post (I've never posted in this thread before today lol)

the porkchop one is the only one I personally asked to be deleted. Feels like the porn ads on other imageboards and if it were posted in a thread without a spoiler, the poster would probably get redtexted for it

No. 65464

Honestly I prefer this one
But admin also wanted to fix the one you dislike, so it got fixed. If anons don't like it, it doesn't have to be added!

No. 65465

Ok thanks for clarifying it

No. 65466

ayrt - I like that one bc it's cute! that cow can tell me to sage no problem

No. 65467

Because they're dumbasses who read the site in public. I remember even during the pt spoiler discussion that was the exact reason given for why some of them wanted it gone.

No. 65470

loving all the new banners!! so nice to see some changes and updates on this site.

No. 65472

Tbh somehow the pt spoiler never occurred to me that it was offensive or anything. It's just the pork chop one lol

No. 65475

No. 65476

>>65454 kek yes please
>>65445 funny
>>65426 yes
>>65424 this one is better yeah
>>65422 cute please add!

No. 65477

I hope this fixed version gets added, same with >>65416

No. 65479

No. 65499

File: 1700156915187.gif (55.07 KB, 300x100, devilcow.gif)

made this real quick from the doodle board, hopefully some other talented nonna can animate this better! so glad new banners are being added!

No. 65506

I could help, could you please post the original drawing? Thanks nonna

No. 65507

File: 1700169724483.png (171.51 KB, 417x524, IMG_5929.png)

No. 65508

KEK? I didn't expect to see some pic I shat on the AI thread made into a banner out of the blue. Makes a shit banner, but I'm still touched.. Love u mon nonna.

No. 65514

this one please!

No. 65523

It's funny that's why

No. 65526

I'm gonna animate this, wait a little ok?

No. 65527

great addition, thanks, finally some decent banners
for all cow related banners purists, would you really like to see tit jangling or a carton of piss that much rather than a random glittertext? idk man (also you may contribute)

No. 65656

File: 1700548540224.png (15.38 MB, 1920x5049, All LCF Banners as of 2023 Nov…)

Made a collage of all the current banners, figured it'd be a helpful snapshot for some nоnnies considering some of recent suggestions have already been uploaded. The order follows lolcow.farm/banners.

Also would like to take this chance to request Cerbmin to please get rid of the hentai banner, 39.gif, and the scrotish anime girl milking cow banner, 106.gif.
Neither of these banners are related to lolcows so there's no lolcor-lore to be lost with their removal (as some anons are worried about). Another nona complained in the previous thread too >>28405

No. 65663

Would really appreciate seeing the nude porny banners removed (the porkchop one, as many others have requested, but also the "going to the river" boobs one)

No. 65666

"goint to the river" is Margo and iconic. But maybe the boobs could be blurred, that would be a compromise. I'm not a fan of nudity in banners but tbh that's not an egregious example and Venus's mom's antics back then did involve posting nearly nude photos to try to get pity from Venus's fans.

No. 65667

File: 1700568892314.png (105.6 KB, 300x100, banner.png)

No. 65668

this is so cute!! love it

No. 65670

That's not AI, is it?

No. 65671

who cares? it's cute

No. 65674


No. 65676

File: 1700579430455.gif (425.14 KB, 300x100, Sick Sad Banner.gif)

another daria one

No. 65677

File: 1700579526068.gif (395.8 KB, 300x100, Updated Don't Respond Banner.g…)

Not sure why >>53352 wasn't added, but I updated it so it looks better is easier to read

No. 65678

File: 1700579593942.png (8.66 KB, 300x100, Updated Pixel Lolcow Banner.pn…)

Updated with site link

No. 65679

Seconded, nonnie. Mods, please retire >>1052
and >>13912 , they're so ugly and stupid.

No. 65681

No ai banners please. The cow one was posted in one of the ai art threads months ago.

No. 65682

The daddys porkchop is the worst one. It literally looks like I'm on a pornsite every time it pops up

No. 65683

This is so cute, might be my favorite banner (even if it hasn't been added yet lol)

No. 65684

Lol this is cute
Ohhhhh I like this one!!
Kek I like it
I've been busy but haven't forgotten, I'll do this soon

No. 65685

This is very helpful thanks

No. 65689

Who cares if it's AI

No. 65705

This is so special, I hope the nonnie who made those cats sees this, she's so based

No. 65727

File: 1700676823157.gif (134.67 KB, 275x92, 1700672786484.gif)

No. 65729

I love this!!!!

No. 65766

I concur. But farmhands are using AI themselves in their own thread pics here on /meta/ now so it's probably no use complaining. So nasty and cheap looking though.

No. 65770

File: 1700713982019.png (16.35 MB, 1920x5409, 22-Nov-2023 Lolcow.Farm Banner…)

Updated the visual to reflect Cerbmin's latest changes (22-Nov-2023). Thank you for the banner updates, you're killing it ♥

Good news, both "goint to the river" and "daddy's porkchop" banners have been edited! Still waiting to see something done about the two banners in >>65656

No. 65879

File: 1700772063034.gif (305.02 KB, 300x100, banner.gif)

I just got the updated daddy's porkchop one and something about the super shitty editing has me rolling. It's what mystery.jpg deserves

No. 65880

If we're editing/removing the porny banners, would it be possible to do something with the ones of Shayna literally masturbating (1.gif, 64.gif)? For some reason both of those come up super often for me, I think I've had to see both more than any other banners and I can't stand either of them

No. 65886

Get rid of the ai banners and reduce the number of nonsensical cc tier banners as you guys censored the "porny" banners as it was just tits and piss.

No. 65889

No. 65893

Censoring the bannerd to appease newfags is stupid. They are shitting on lolcow history because some tiktok refugee who found the site yesterday is angry she cant lurk at lolcow at the family dinner. The weird banners were a nice newfag/phonefag filter.

No. 65902

It's funny, lighten up

No. 65905

great news about those 2 banners!

No. 65908

File: 1700780273626.gif (1.56 MB, 300x100, devilcow banner.gif)

Not the other anons, but I had a very specific vision so I tried my hand at animating >>65507 kek

No. 65918

File: 1700793104302.png (154.84 KB, 720x408, IMG_20231123_203012.png)

Kekkkk saw this today

No. 65919

It's giving amazon children book, pass

No. 65923

I'm one of the anons who requested the changes, been here 4 years now which I don't think is considered new kek. Just because something is part of the site's history doesn't mean it was a good choice in the first place. Sometimes change is a good thing and I appreciate the admin seeing that.

No. 65925

let me guess you phonefag? i never had trouble with banners, either just refresh or scroll down. God this site is becoming the sped playpen.

No. 65927

Source of image

No. 65928

If you aren't a newfag yourself then you know that anons have complained about them for many years. I'm glad something has finally been done about them.

No. 65930

Nta but it has not been many years kek. It's maybe been like 1-2 years. It really was not an issue until relatively recently.

No. 65947

You can be here for 4 years and still be a newfag in spirit. I'm not sad about the edited banners but the weird insistence to make lolcow completely NSFW so it can be browsed in public is bullshit. It should be lurked from the comfort of your NEET den as intended, if it's not wholesome enough to open on your phone then just wait til you're home instead of spending years begging for images to be dropped/edited for you and 3 other anons specifically.

No. 65948

What we need is more banners that aren't porny but still off-putting, offensive and hard to explain. And most importantly, focused on lolcow culture instead of whatever random uwu moe gif somebody found and slapped the url onto

No. 65949

Why are you so mad about it though? How do banner changes affect your browsing or posting? It doesn't. You can continue doing whatever you usually do.

No. 65950

lol I like it nonna

No. 65951

Who's mad?
>How do banner changes affect your browsing or posting? It doesn't. You can continue doing whatever you usually do.
So can everyone who complained about the old banners.

No. 65952

No. 66006

Still pass

No. 66008

It's not just 3 anons, also you used NSFW incorrectly
This is embarrassing, they're not going to revert the change for you, who cares, go watch porn instead of begging for it here. Begging for nudes was always a bannable offense and nsfw images like the daddy pork chop have to be spoilered in a thread or you get banned. Are you new? Why have an unspoilered nsfw gif of an ethot on top of the page if lesser shit has to be spoilered daily. For that matter I don't care about the "do you like getting milked" one because whatever, doesn't show nsfw so who cares where it comes from. And honestly, if you don't think >>65879 is way more hilarious, then you really just wanted to stare at an ass I guess. Apply your own logic and reload the page, who the fuck gets so defensive over a porny picture anyway

No. 66010

you are super annoying i genuinely dont understand newfags that cant just reload the page

No. 66016

File: 1700885530212.png (29.03 KB, 300x100, meltdown.png)

No. 66017

File: 1700885558688.png (31.54 KB, 300x100, is coming.png)

No. 66020

Nonna this is gold

No. 66026

File: 1700887390018.png (42.8 KB, 300x100, margo3.png)

I honestly wish the censorship was funnier than just some leaves. I like the censorship in this one, >>65879 it's funny. I think if we're going to censor banners, we could make them more hilarious. Dunno if this works but I made this as an example.

No. 66031

File: 1700887550149.png (52.48 KB, 300x100, kawaii.png)

I also made this one for those who wanted more cow banners, and maybe it could replace the river one too if anyone wants that.

No. 66032

i think this one could be perfect if the guy was one of teh balding cows

No. 66038

File: 1700890387175.gif (3.61 MB, 300x100, cow-dancing.gif)

No. 66039

File: 1700890439265.png (33.79 KB, 300x100, hank.png)

No. 66054

Are you still that same anon who doesn't understand that it wasn't some random camgirl we're thirsting over by dedicating banners to her?
>>>/ot/1787159 PULL refugees, man.

No. 66057

I know who she is retard, still doesn't make her banner worth defending.

No. 66059

File: 1700926416928.png (57.05 KB, 300x100, 1.png)

No. 66060

File: 1700926502532.png (70.61 KB, 300x100, 2.png)

No. 66063

yes to all of these:

hard pass, no thank you:

>>66026 I agree it should be more hilarious, the current censoring is lame
>>66031 I'm ok with replacing it with this one

No. 66082

Can you stop shitting up the thread now? It's not gonna change back no matter how mad you get.

No. 66083

Just ignore them, they're probably baiting on purpose. Only autists hate change this much

No. 66094

Love them
Agreed it should had been funnier. That edit is retarded though no offense. But maybe someone else can make it better

No. 66133

why is one of the new banners a fucking /jp/ meme,

No. 66162

Agree with this replacement

No. 66252

File: 1701456441857.jpg (86.87 KB, 1080x359, IMG_20231201_184722.jpg)

Don't know where else to post this but this bear picture is my dead mom's social media photo and I like seeing it in this banner because it makes me think of her, banner maker thank you

No. 66253

I’m definitely overemotional but this brought a tear to my eye I’m sorry for your loss nonnarita

No. 66254

This is so adorable. What does it say on the original?

No. 66256

I really like that cute banner too. I'm sorry for your loss nona.

No. 66339

just saw the banner of jills aunt for the first time, brought a smile to my face on a rough morning. love her, jill wishes she could be as fun and creative.

No. 66340

i need this banner in my life

No. 66345

Thank you anons for sharing your thoughts, it makes me happy that the banners can give people joy, thanks to all the creative banner people itt
Yeah I want this to replace the river one kek it isn't even funny to begin with

No. 66346

Cute. Vent thread energy, I like it

No. 66380

File: 1701906499186.jpeg (113.33 KB, 1000x894, IMG_2631.jpeg)

banner-anons I would love a holiday themed milkmas banner!

No. 66393

will do but i need a good background with lolcows or elsie in it

No. 66395

/r/ banners with sniper elite testicle shots (vid related)

would make my own and post but too lazy to boot my ps5

No. 66464

File: 1702153944592.gif (799.37 KB, 300x100, youreallblockedinhell.gif)

First banner ever!

No. 66471


No. 66482

Nice one. This feels like an old banner. And it's not going to make the purity police sperg out.

No. 66512

Whoever made the Tekken banner, I love you. Made me crack a smile

No. 66524

Nice, I love when ppl do these old lc vibe banners

No. 66991

File: 1703429261764.gif (606.97 KB, 300x100, banner---shay.gif)

No. 67064

We have too many Shayna banners, no hate to you nonny

No. 67069

Agreed. Tired of these. There's much more interesting and worthy cows who deserve a banner

No. 67077

Don't we already have a banner with this gif?

No. 67763

File: 1705272245312.png (37.4 KB, 300x100, fail.png)

I want to make a banner for Dex the furfag but graphic design is not my passion. Any tips? here is an ugly, pixelated failed attempt

No. 67790

I just saw this banner and came here to say how much I love it. Wasn't expecting to get emotional at another nona's reaction but I did. Hugs nona.

No. 67795

this is still the best banner ever
could add the url in glitter text and some blingee style emo sparkly gifs

No. 67821

I don't feel comfortable having a furry wishing death upon farmers as a banner tbh. It's not that funny either

No. 67824

who are you dictate what is and isnt funny

No. 67830

Nta anyone can give their opinion of banners here, someone being uncomfortable with a furry alog banner is an understandable opinion

No. 68016

File: 1705903379871.png (62.55 KB, 300x100, banner1.png)

No. 68017

File: 1705904122573.png (63.8 KB, 300x100, banner2.png)

No. 68018

File: 1705904200701.png (53.66 KB, 300x100, banner3.png)

No. 68127

Love this one
Kek based
Want this super bad!

No. 68443

File: 1706134041546.gif (9.56 MB, 642x432, 1696411044923.gif)

i know we have tons of shayna banners already but i really want one of picrel, kek.

No. 68581

File: 1706218335707.gif (285.12 KB, 300x100, IMG_0326.gif)

No. 68593

File: 1706223650136.png (65.44 KB, 300x100, IMG_0352.png)

click, clack, moo 1/2

No. 68595

File: 1706223931401.png (41.17 KB, 300x100, Untitled12_20240125150547.png)

click, clack, moo 2/2

No. 68801

No. 69238

File: 1706856521035.gif (155.41 KB, 300x100, 1000031223.gif)

No. 69438

File: 1707193571762.gif (1.26 MB, 300x100, moo.gif)

No. 69439

I love these

No. 69846

This one is so perfect I'm gonna cry

No. 71052

File: 1708212527401.jpg (122.42 KB, 1434x644, 20240217_152819.jpg)

Which cow is it on this banner? I'm intrigued…

No. 71064

its not ready to glare?

No. 71113

not a cow, it's Pixielocks' much cooler aunt, Serenity Sam

No. 71129

No. 71151

If she’s not a cow I don’t think she should be on a banner. Maybe I’m wrong in thinking that though.

No. 71174

some of the banners more represent the vibe of a women's place on the internet and inner memes as opposed to just being about cows so I always figured she was included as like a godmother to us weirdos.

No. 71217

What a stretch

No. 71225

You are wrong in thinking that.

No. 71302

Anons requested it in the pixielocks thread if I remember well

No. 71303

You wouldn't get it

No. 71329

File: 1708408601870.png (893.44 KB, 640x1136, 1708279819478.png)

please can anyone make a banner of Venus transforming into Margo? they look so alike

No. 71337

more old timey?

No. 71344

I will but give me a good Margo picture too please.

No. 71365

File: 1708441703755.png (42.82 KB, 340x249, 1468274632126.png)

Thanks, I think this one would work

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