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File: 1462056555509.png (613.54 KB, 500x750, dsddadsadda.png)

No. 143879

old thread maxxed out >>217295

No. 143880

File: 1462056645841.png (416.01 KB, 590x592, TnvBPKw.png)

that snake habitat pisses me off so much. she doesn't even try to hide the fact it's just an accessory to her. it's just… barren.

No. 143881

I know nothing about this girl besides seeing her face when I browse /pt/ but I have to say, she looks pretty cute in the OP (weird lips aside…).

No. 143882

File: 1462058519012.jpg (336.84 KB, 500x750, 1451496320173[1].jpg)

I have bad news for you…

No. 143883

Whoa, i don't follow her as a cow, but this pissed me off. That is not a snake habitat. This is why i take in snakes from dumb people. My poor 7ft Columbian redtail was in a 40 gallon tank and had a respitory infection when i took her from her previous owner. She's now in a 6x8 tank and healthy. Sage for blog post.

No. 143884

She'll always be a potato nose but this hairstyle looks SO. MUCH. BETTER.

No. 143885

I'm sorry anon but its a wig

No. 143886

Doesn't mean that it doesn't look better

No. 143887

This is not how you take care of a reptile. Those animals need so much space, even if they're tiny af. And depending on the snake, it definitely needs sth different as an underground as tissues omg.

No. 143888

Maybe this is how they keep snakes in Japan? I've seen other Japanese pets in tiny cages, it seems normal over there.

No. 143889

It is indeed normal over there, since Japan has nearly no animal rights. That doesn't mean keeping a snake like this is right. And since she's from Germany she should know about animal rights omg how can one be so cruel? This is one of the few things I really hate about Japan. You can even keep an owl at home in a cat/dog transport cage and no one would give a fuck. If puppies and kittens aren't sold and get less kawaii they'll be killed right away.

No. 143890

The pet shops in America can be sad enough already, but the ones in Japan are tragic. I once went to a shop that had all sorts of birds in too small cages and they hardly had any feathers from stress. Makes me truly sick thinking of the conditions of pets in countries that are worse off.
I completely lose respect for the weebs who ignore the clearly awful conditions pets in Japan are raised in and purchase anyways.

No. 143891

If you really need to buy a pet in Japan, buy it at a shelter! Never at one of those lil stores where the puppies and kittens sit in tiny glass boxes.

No. 143892

Not defending her, but apparently it's not that easy to adopt a pet from a shelter when you're a foreigner.

No. 143893

Sorry if this has been posted already.
She's being super rude again in this video again. If she can't take that people will ask the same questions over and over again she shouldn't do ask videos tbh.
So famous.

No. 143894

maybe we shouldn't be buying into the pet trade but at the end of the days those poor babies need homes too

No. 143895

I know so many foreigners who've adopted pets from the shelter. Seems like foreigners are actually the only ones who ever get their pets at shelters in Japan.

For every (from the horrendous prices I'd say) 100pets which wheren't bought at a pet store one of them will close. It might sound a little hard, but that's the only way how these businesses will ever be made to close. Keep on buying the 'poor kawaii puppies and kittens' and there'll pop up even more stores.

No. 143896

kek that's a shooped pic of her, OP.

No. 143897

File: 1462116013946.png (674.45 KB, 537x701, eyebrowlogic.png)

No. 143898

Is it just me or her eyebrows are uneven?

No. 143899

File: 1462116230260.png (1.04 MB, 643x991, busuzawa.png)

No. 143900

File: 1462116296773.png (403.09 KB, 333x560, busuzawa.png)

No. 143901

File: 1462116357051.png (1.47 MB, 967x743, kawaiidesu.png)

No. 143902

File: 1462116391148.png (378 KB, 345x535, modeldesu.png)

No. 143903

File: 1462116437032.png (433.05 KB, 482x532, BUSU.png)

No. 143904

File: 1462116481375.gif (120.34 KB, 600x336, 600x600.gif)

what the fuuuuck please stop anon

No. 143905

That looks so uncomfortable and awkward

No. 143906


Hahahahahahahahahaha this is like the perfect Becky meme

No. 143907

File: 1462119245018.jpg (2.8 MB, 4160x2340, 20160430_130017.jpg)

Himezawa is starring in the swan lake in London. Who else has tickets?

No. 143908

File: 1462119300356.jpg (2.71 MB, 4160x2340, 20160430_130030.jpg)

No. 143909

>Keep on buying the 'poor kawaii puppies and kittens' and there'll pop up even more stores.
Why not just steal them instead, then?

No. 143910

She honestly doesn't look half bad in Westernized clothes/ make up.

No. 143911

File: 1462120591755.jpg (39.5 KB, 263x400, DJQualls_Kambo_5448936_400.jpg)

honestly tho

No. 143912

I think she looks good here. Very basic, but pretty.

No. 143913

Her arms are freakishly long

No. 143914


She looks like a hunchback old lady having some kind of hallucination in the trees

No. 143915

Did she buy subs? I've 500 subscribers and I've many more views than her by video.
(Sorry if this has been discussed…and for my potato english)

No. 143916

That shoop tho

No. 143917

this isn't busuzawa

No. 143918

I think she did.

No. 143919

Reminds me of Ashley

No. 143920

And it's easy to tell who bought their cat (like Sharla) and who adopted it. If it's a breed, it's 99% likely bought at a pet shop.

It's easy to adopt, just gotta know where to go.
This is fucking savage. I love you, and I can't breathe

No. 143921

She should dye her hair chocolate brown

But no way in hell she would get rid of the ratty blonde since she would stand out less.

No. 143922

File: 1462177694575.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1461921663671.png)

Nailed it, the resemblance is uncanny!

No. 143923

Why does she belong in /pt/ instead of /snow/?

No. 143924

are you retarded?

No. 143925

Poor thing. I hate it when people get accessory pets and don't even try to provide for them properly.

No. 143926

File: 1462187804152.jpg (74.93 KB, 1280x720, ball pythons.jpg)

That's either a king snake or some herp of a rat snake. Can't tell because the snake is so dark.

Either way guys, I think you need to calm down about the habitat itself. Snakes don't care about "enough space." In fact, snakes prefer smaller, tight, and dark spaces because it makes them feel more secure.
Many reptile enthusiasts and breeders keep snakes in plastic tubs, because seriously, that's all they need.
The enclosure isn't shit because of how tiny a space it is. It's shit because that hide is just a pot with holes and there's no place where the snake can really feel hidden. It's probably stressed out, which is why it's hovering towards the back of the terrarium where there's no glass. IMO it's also a dick move to line the cage with paper instead of wood substrate because then they can't even burrow for security.
Also I hope she at least has a heat pad underneath that hide because snakes can't regulate their own heat temp.
Even though I live in the south my corn snake gets chilly sometimes so I always see him underneath his hide with the heat pad under it. A heat source is also important for after they eat because it helps them digest.

I agree that she probably just got a reptile for the shock value of saying she owns a snake, but she isn't outright neglecting it…yet.

No. 143927

>>143902 i think she looks good here. i wish she would stick to this kind of style.

No. 143928

File: 1462204268692.jpg (30.67 KB, 387x449, Funny-Man-2065474.jpg)

No. 143929


OMG…granny arms

No. 143930

that's what I meant in >>143880. It's not too small, you can just tell by looking at it that it's supposed to look stylish, not give the snake what it needs (a decent hiding spot, ground to burrow in etc)

No. 143931

File: 1462215458067.jpg (75.55 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

New pic

No. 143932

File: 1462217961954.jpg (54.05 KB, 600x450, niconico.jpg)

Just found this on Twitter: She's participating in some Nico Nico program and if you want to watch her, the next livestream is on 05/05:


Yaaas, get that exposure girl!

No. 143933

lower right girl looks like manaki

No. 143934

File: 1462222247176.jpeg (82.47 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

No. 143935

Did you try to make her face less long or did you just switched haircolors?

No. 143936

She has such a man face. Also the lacy sports bra worn over a sweater look is kind of wtf.

No. 143937

And yet, she's called looking like an "angel" by Jap girls on Twitter, kek.

No. 143938

I'm too, venus is too, kota is too, u just need to be white and maybe have/had blonde hair

No. 143939

File: 1462381966133.png (263.91 KB, 748x578, blog1.png)

So inspirational.

No. 143940

File: 1462382073878.png (518.93 KB, 751x675, blog2.png)

Follow your dreams to be a nobody in Japan. Source: http://www.himezawa.com/blog/sub-tokyo-live

No. 143941

Idk much about this chick, what does she do besides being an ugly weeb? Is she, like, really bitchy or something?

No. 143942

Gag. I am so fucking exhausted by other rich white people spewing this "you can do anything if you believe in yourself. you just have to follow your dreams" drivel, especially within performance arts settings.

No. 143943

She's a scammer and a lulzy delusional weeb

Google "Sabrina Schultes scamming"

No. 143944

"She regurlarly makes appearances on television or the internet. She also works as a model on the runway and for photoshootings. By now she also published her first book, "Staubmaedchen". At the end of october, her debut single "Wagamama Love" Was also released. Author, Model, Actress and singer: In the entertainmentindustry of japan this is not unusual: Singers become actresses, models become hosts, and authors become singers. Sabrina first didn't put much hope in her singing career: "When I auditioned, I got interrupted right away. Not a good sign, I thought." A few minutes later the producer already came back with the team of the music label. "Accomplished it at the first try.""

Has she actually really accomplished anything or is this mostly her hyping herself? She doesn't appear to be anything more than a d-list idol.

No. 143945

How is her relationship with her parents? If they're on good enough terms, since she is young I don't see why she moved to Japan to dump tons of money into pursuing a highly image-based career right off the bat when she could have spent a while living with her parents and using all the money saved for a nosejob, which would pretty much save her entire face and make her goals far more viable.

No. 143946

File: 1462408602836.jpg (49.94 KB, 327x499, 510KJiUsAhL._SX325_BO1,204,203…)

You know about Wagamama Love already, Staubmädchen is for sale on Amazon (it's a shitty ebook on par with those hood romances), she's been a guest in some variety shows, I don't know about the rest. It's possible she's modeled briefly at a con or something.

No. 143947

Man, some people just want to be stereotypes.

No. 143948

Hey, at least people ENJOY hood romance novels (they were #1 most stolen item when I worked at a Barnes and Noble years ago kek)

No. 143949

This is the most self masturbatory shite I've ever read in my life

No. 143950

File: 1462426439555.gif (482.65 KB, 500x221, suuuure.gif)

"Accomplished it at the first try"

No. 143951

She's accomplished some things but with no people, aside from a few fans (and farmers) actually following and watching her, it's all for naught. Look at her Youtube/Nico Nico Douga views and social media followers. It's been speculated, the Facebook likes were bought. Also, she isn't doing anything a foreigner in Japan hasn't already done. Many foreigners actually appear on TV and model for part-time jobs but they don't delude themselves into thinking they're going to be the next best foreign superstar.

No. 143952

anyone know where she got this wig

No. 143953

Himezawa buys all of her followers. She can't speak Japanese and only has gotten minor modeling jobs on account of being tall, white and blonde.

No. 143954

There's plenty of below average gaijin girls modeling for brands here. The thing that makes Dakota Rose or Taylor R memorable is their personalities and image which himezawa has none of. Can't speak Japanese and is mentally ill in English.

No. 143955

my fucking sides kek

No. 143956

File: 1462644549320.png (481.24 KB, 455x547, busu.png)

No. 143957

Jesus that creepy ass selfie

No. 143958

Holy shit, them eyebags..SOO youthful, uguuu

No. 143959

wtf is this any recognizable character?

No. 143960

File: 1462651620848.jpg (39.15 KB, 845x895, kawaiidildouguu.jpg)

No. 143961

Your lie in april?
I've never actually seen it but there's some blonde girl who plays something that looks like that.

No. 143962

new video, it's just her shouting about first world problems like people sitting on her jacket on trains

No. 143963

File: 1462658476867.jpg (8.62 KB, 550x84, issues.jpg)

>I don't give a single fuck about your health, it's not my fucking job to make you look like a super model. I have enough problems myself

No. 143964

wow i hate her so much more now

No. 143965

how is someone in their 30s dressing like this, making "idol videos," have ANY room to criticize a single thing. get a real job, dress like a real fucking adult. jesus christ.

No. 143966

Her voice is annoying

No. 143967


i think she's trying to be funny like jenna marbles but it just doesn't work because her attitude and personality suck ass.

No. 143968

wow. way to make herself even more unappealing than she already is.

No. 143969

Does she think by being vulgar that it'll become her ~gyappu~ and will make her stand out as an idol despite Japan notoriously loving repetition upon repetition until they run that shit to the ground? How do so many weebs fuck up so badly at understanding what an idol is?

No. 143970

What's wrong with this chick? Is she trying to be edgy or something? I don't get it

No. 143971

There are idols with gap personality buys foreigner would make it too niche. And a few gaijin weebs understand idols but himezawa grossly doesn't. She just wants fame.

No. 143972

Her voice is so annoying OMG…

No. 143973


Kek, she's not even close to 30 yet.

No. 143974

>..things that upset me. I hate putting them online, I hate having proof of them, and hate having people pick on them
But I guess if it'll get her a whopping 300 views on Youtube, she'll 180 that stance for a teensy bit of attention.
Can't speak for others, but I'm sick of the whole "I HATE X" youtube rant videos. It's the lowest denominator genre.

Her list:
>winter jackets on packed trains
Fucking wat.
>talk smack about former employers online
I know why this bothers Himezawa, it just reminds her of the fact that she's 30 and has never held a solid job to form opinions about it.

Does anyone else think Himezawa is the type to rat to project "managers" about what people have said in private or outside the workplace? She seems that backstabbing.
>people who do stupid crap and blame it on others
So…she hates herself.
>ask me how much my clothes cost
Awww poor babby nobody else gets asked this in the fashion by strangers who don't know better!
>noisy neighbor
Why is she complaining about someone showering or boiling fucking rice?
>neighbor ratted me about talking to my gf during a sleepover
There's a difference between doing necessary things like showering and making food when you get home from a night shift, and herself doing willy nilly shit like talking loudly at 2am because she doesn't have a job to go to the next day.
What a self-important bitch.
>last minute notices of plan changes
Sucks I guess. But maybe Himezawa is hurt by this common occurrence especially because this means people have more pressing plans and don't want to hang out with her stupid ass. And how dare someone think she's not the center of their universe.
>people who ask me about my diet–BTW I DON'T DIET!
Ugh, everyone has a "diet." Why is it such a big deal to answer someone about what she generally eats unless she eats poorly or has disordered eating…
>passive-agressive tweeting- UR ALL THIRSTY FOR ATTENTION
And remember, Himezawa doesn't want your attention. Psh.
>region blocks on Paypal accounts
Then don't use Paypal. She could get with the times and fix her accounts, but it is easier to act like she has time to make Youtube videos but no time to handle her financial dealings I guess.
>people who hate animals
This seems shoehorned in to take a break from her petty ramblings that make her seem like a monster to let us know she might have a shred of empathy. But idk, it seems strawman because I've nary met a person who hated every. single. animal.
>people who put bags on the seats next to them on trains
It's only bad if the train is full and people are standing.
>"I'll sit on your bag if you don't move it!!!!"
then in her very next rant
>people who sit on her jacket or skirt
But Himezawa, they're just following your train of thought and sitting on the shit you fail to move out of THEIR seats! Dumbass.
>people who care about their sleepwear
So people aren't allowed to ask about her clothes or her eating habits because "it's none of their business," but Himezawa thinks it's her business to question why someone pays attention to their sleepwear?
>people who don't get the difference between a character and a person
I've tried listening to this three times and I still don't get what she's trying to say. Nobody should be accountable for personas? Is she talking about actual actors/actresses? I don't understand this one.
>who's your favorite soccer player? –GO SCREW YOURSELF UR STEREOTYPING GERMAN PEOPLE
Oh my goodness…isn't it easier to say she doesn't watch soccer instead of assuming people are trying to piss her off on purpose?

>she carries around a fucking notebook so she can write down shit that pisses her off

Lmao, what a petty cunt.

Just imagine this caked-up, little trollup skulking around on a bustling street. Giving anyone her baggy side-eyes who she supposes dare sneeze in her direction. Furiously writing down every manner and diction that she thinks are aimed directly at her.

Idol material.

No. 143975

File: 1462691664526.png (234.2 KB, 345x535, itried.png)

Removed that awkward expression

No. 143976

kek everybody hates YOU Busuzawa

No. 143977

2:09 fucking nazi

No. 143978

File: 1462692393656.jpg (94.87 KB, 797x397, germannaziraging.jpg)

No. 143979

Wow nice!

No. 143980

File: 1462692787589.jpg (20.46 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 143981

Jesus christ I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes. Her acting and voice are annoying af. Such a tryhard, it's almost sad.

No. 143982

Guys, this video gave her 16 comments, more than she usually gets. Clearly this kind of content fares better than her other crap.

I don't think she cares, lol. Sabrina has probably already reached her kawaii aidoru dreams in her eyes, being an underground, no-name foreign idol with ~6 performances under her belt.

No. 143983

What the fuck is wrong with her voice??
And somehow, she's made herself look even uglier with that shitty ass personality.
I thought she was just petty and sad and had no life, but now that I know how much of a dipshit she is its a lot easier to dislike her

No. 143984


Couldn't watch any more after "I am nort a facking doctah". Lol what is she even trying to be. A polite super kawaii dolly with no personality or an edgy YouTuber? You can't be both. In fact I don't think this girl can be either, she's shit at both.

No. 143985

File: 1462722087397.png (40.37 KB, 165x115, 409.png)

she's trying way too hard it's hard to watch

No. 143986

File: 1462722353272.jpg (17.79 KB, 480x360, readImage.jpg)

I like how she thinks abusing the F word makes her look soooo edgy and original desu

No. 143987

>it just reminds her of the fact that she's 30 and has never held a solid job to form opinions about it.

If you think 21 = 30 I'm honestly concerned for you.
She looks 30 tho, I'll give you that one.

No. 143988

Loving how she hid the like / dislike rate.

No. 143989

She was trying to be funny and sarcastic, fam.

No. 143990


It's crazy how lacking in self-awareness she is. I'm assuming she thinks she's being quirky and funny but she just comes across as a spoiled, whiny bitch.

Is she still trying to go for the ~kawaii aidoru~ thing while posting rants online?

Also I don't understand this whatsoever:

>people who care about their sleepwear

>no-one fucking cares what you wear to bed

>what are sleepovers

>what are significant others
>what is wanting to wear something you feel comfortable in regardless of whether anyone will see you or not

No. 143991

So Busuzawa was trying to be funny and quirky? She failed in every fucking possible way lewl

No. 143992

she tries so hard with that disaster of a fake British accent

No. 143993

I feel like most of these things could be solved with a single: 'Excuse me, could you please […]'. But she thinks she is too good for that. What a bitch.

If she is ony 21 there is still hope for her. She could still try to pursue education to get a real job. But she needs to start that soon.

No. 143994

It's not fake if it's not her mother tongue though?
She used to live in London too, and has always sounded like this. It's not like she's an Angloboo American.

No. 143995

No. 143996

>thirsty as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck
I dieded

No. 143997

File: 1462762188495.jpg (33.51 KB, 265x300, 8717566.jpg)

No. 143998

Oh I love Filthy Frank!This is gold anon

No. 143999

Her first language is german though anon.

No. 144000

she thinks that liking soccer is the worst stereotype out there for germans. did she forget nazis were a thing?

No. 144001

File: 1462767376544.png (345.46 KB, 726x396, sabrina.png)

>stereotypical german

No. 144002

File: 1462767479045.jpg (36.23 KB, 599x449, 4ae.jpg)

No. 144003

Finally watched her bitching video, so much cringe. Her personality is utter shit.

No. 144004

File: 1462767758526.png (131.5 KB, 500x201, tumblr_m8rcyggh7V1qet7n6[1].pn…)

i thought you shoop'd margs face onto hers here.
>mfw you didn't

No. 144005

>tbh I didn't even know soccer was a stereotype for German people
I thought that was lederhosen, bratwurst, and beer.

No. 144006

Oh shit. It's like looking into the future.

No. 144007

honestly, i didn't think it would be as bad as it was. she sounds genuine about her complaints, as if her real emotions are coming out. also she seems insecure and really defensive about the dieting thing. girl, we know you got issues but she's airing them so hard.

No. 144008

fucking kek

No. 144009

she's got margs attitude for sure.

No. 144010

and it keeps getting worse

No. 144011

And her potato nose. Can't wait for her to pack on the pounds once she fails as an idoru. Do you think she'll birth her own benoos?

No. 144012

God, no. She's way too selfish.

No. 144013

tbh i don't see a problem with people asking about her diet bc she's skinny as fuuuuuck

No. 144014

File: 1462768685168.png (663.05 KB, 691x404, 0.png)


No. 144015

that video gave me a lot of ana-chan in denial vibes honestly. she probably is kneejerking about it. also i think i realized why she looks so gross. it's because she's too tall to be that skinny. taller people tend to look a bit better with a more weight since it evens out their long limbs. she just looks like sticks without a bit more.

No. 144016

being skeleton skinny ain't kawaii

No. 144017

File: 1462769233052.jpg (159.69 KB, 1005x1507, DSC_0385.JPG)

No. 144018

She looks like an old auntie

No. 144019

File: 1462769389810.png (178.49 KB, 702x411, hime.png)

Ana-chan detected. Also, her not so humble-bragging about people giving her "jealous glares".

No. 144020

They probably thought she was spoopy.

No. 144021

>I don't do it for anyone else, just for myself
Yeah, that's why she's trying to make a career out of her looks, claim strangers are jealous, and post pictures of herself in tacky corsets on the outside of clothes.
Because, y'know, all that effort is just for herself.

No. 144022

Ok its confirmed
Every 'kawaii' girl has a 22inch waist lmao.

Why are they all obssessed with that number?

No. 144023

She's never gonna understand how to be an idol.

No. 144024

Yes, that said if it's NOT her mother tongue.
If she's German and has learnt English from English people, of course she's gonna try to emulate them and of course it's gonna sound off. Doesn't mean it's fake. NikkieTutorials sounds American even though she's Dutch.

No. 144025

I "blame" media. I mean we're surrounded by american movies, shows and music, even games everywhere we go. If british english was the norm in media, i bet a lot more non native
speakers would speak that way as well. As a non native english speaker in europe I would feel a lot more "fake" and forced trying to emulate a british accent.

No. 144026

Tbh to me 'fake' is only meant for people like Madonna, not ESLs. You can't help not sounding natural because it's not the language you speak every day.

No. 144027

If she had an actual career as an idol in Japan (like a known idol that actually has appearnces), she would lose all her wota fans with this video. Nobody likes a bitch idol.

Well good for her that nobody gives a shit about her lol

No. 144028

this, and the only 'fans' she'll get from this vid are edgy tumblr shits who won't do anything for her 'career' anyways.

i honestly think that if someone sent this video to her agency or job she would get fired on the spot. even outside of japan she would. this is just sad as fuck.

No. 144029

To be fair, most of these "I hate people" videos are cringe and make you look like petty bitch.

Top kek anon.

Seems like everyone is liking that video though: 21 comments and rising.

No. 144030

but you know those comments are from the same people who religiously reblog 'he told me to smile more' stories.

No. 144031

Deutschfag here.
The tone of her voice when she speaks English is fake and annoying. When she speaks German, she sounds fairly normal. It's lower in pitch(?) and sounds more natural. But I have never heard any German speaking English like she does. Her accent comes and goes but that fake squeaky sound never stops.

Personally I like the American accent more than the UK accent, especially when Germans are speaking English. It's easier to understand as long as it is not a thick Southern dialect or another extreme one. The UK accent sometimes sounds … pretentious (sorry, no offense).

Also she speaks English almost exclusively now.

No. 144032

she's up pitching her voice to sound more uguu.

No. 144033

>UK accent

Just like in the US, and in your own country, there's a huge variety of accents over here. I assume the accent you're referring to is RP (basically queen's english). Very few people here actually speak with that accent. If you want to hear some fucked up shit, check out the brummy, scouser and glaswegian accents.

What you've said is like me coming in and saying "Oh I hate German accents" based on only hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger speak (and, correct me if I am wrong, he's got an Austrian accent, not a German one).

No. 144034

to be fair there's not one 'american' accent either anon, i think they're talking about movie accents.

No. 144035

that's why I literally said in my post that the US has a variety of accents.

And, again, if you watch a film with british people in it, you don't just get RP. It's usually RP, cockney or mancunian (daphne from frasier as a famous example) that you'll hear.

No. 144036

i get that, i was saying that american accents are known through out the world to have a ton of variety so if she couldn't even differentiate that, it's unlikely she knows anything about anything brit.

No. 144037

true, which is why I offered some interesting accents for her to explore.

On that note, to get back on topic, can a deustchfag tell us what sort of accent does himezawa have? Does she have a posh accent? I would assume she has the german equivalent of RP because she's loaded.

No. 144038

i'm a bit curious about this too. also, i noticed that her japanese accent sounds weird in a way i can't place.

No. 144039

Sorry I really didn't mean offense. Here people are taught by native speakers. We learn either a standard British pronunciation or an American pronunciation based on the teacher.

I didn't mean to stereotype. and it could be based on my experience, what I prefer to hear and find easier to understand. When I watch British films/TV, I like to use English subtitles, but with American films/TV it's not always necessary. Exceptions: mafia films, all of the Sopranos, southern accents, westerns, stuff with gang speech

One question: why do American newscasters always sound deranged? I hate that kind of accent and have never heard a real American talk that way.

No. 144040

>why do American newscasters always sound deranged?

sensationalism. plus they're all dead inside.

No. 144041

I have only heard her speak German once, in the video announcing her book. Her syntax is correct and she doesn't speak in an overly complicated way. She speaks Hochdeutsch (meaning, not in dialect) but she still sounds slightly Bavarian to me. I like the Bavarian accent, it's not harsh and sounds friendly.

She sounds educated, but we don't have the same class distinctions here. It's more about where you come from and whether you speak heavy dialect or not. People switch back and forth - you speak Hochdeutsch at school or when everyone has to understand but dialect with friends and family. If you can't express yourself in correct Hochdeutsch, you will get shit from teachers and professors.

No. 144042

Isaki is that you?

No. 144043

File: 1462803986784.jpg (91.25 KB, 612x380, HIMYM-DOPPELGANGER[1].jpg)


she looks kind of like lily's doppleganger from how i met your mother in this pic

No. 144044

File: 1462809802074.gif (1.22 MB, 165x115, 0cc.gif)

YES! She sounds exactly like Schwarzenegger
and on top of that she tries to fake a british accent
so much cringe

No. 144045

File: 1462810008619.gif (935.22 KB, 540x304, tumblr_inline_o0nt9sSqk71tzwkw…)

Bless your soul anon

No. 144046

No she doesn't. PULL, sit down.

No. 144047

People change pitch when they speak different languages. I work in an international environment, and you can hear it all the time.
She speaks English because she wants to become a famous kawaii aidoru and people around the world don't speak German, especially not Japan.

There's nothing wrong with the way she speaks, can we please move on to some actually cringe shit like that book she wrote? What is it about, can any Germans spill more deets?

No. 144048


No. 144049

No she's not 30.

Her voice is horrid once I reached a few minutes into her video I felt like I had rocks in my stomach and had to stop. It was dreadful. I know people change pitch when they talk but she sounds so bad..if rather listen to aminyans old lady high pitched voice.

No. 144050

Nio, she's 21, she just looks 30 because of her extremely unfortunate genes.

No. 144051

I doubt anyone here bought her book. It generally didn't seem to be very popular, judging from the meagre amount of German reviews she got, even though she advertised it so many times and has a couple of German followers.

See: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25049292-staubm-dchen

No. 144052

>I doubt anyone here bought her book
oh heeeeeeeeeeeeell no

No. 144053

File: 1462861002003.png (309.27 KB, 420x420, kek.png)


>mfw she rated her own book with 5 stars

No. 144054

Sorry, I'm German and am around Germans speaking English all the time. We learn it as children in school. No one sounds like this weeb, not even the shyest girl.

I know why she speaks English. I was responding to Anons who mentioned that she sounds different because it isn't her native language. I wanted to point out that she speaks it all the time now so she should work on how it sounds.

I haven't bought her book, but I'm sure it's crap.

No. 144055

Another German speaker. Does even anyone want to know what her book is about? I could translate the description if there isn't already a translation.

No. 144056

Theres no way she 'accomplished it on her first try' based on her singing alone
There were a few videos of her raw singing floating around. It was god awful

No. 144057

Yes please anon!

Any of these videos still floating around?

No. 144058

Of course not. They probably thought they could market her as some exotic, foreign artist and that's why they accepted her. Awful singing can always be covered up with auto-tune.

No. 144059

I think she's going to regret uploading this. This is something she probably should've recorded as her own personal diary just to get her aggression out but not uploaded. The whole video and everything she is bitching about is embarrassing as fuck. She's trying to appear relatable and funny but she failed miserably at both.

No. 144060

No. 144061

I've never before seen this level of delusion lewl

No. 144062

In English it says:
As Mr Penber one morning finds the file of the case "Staubmörder" ("dust murderer") on his desk in the head office for occult criminal cases he doesn't realize which mysterious worlds hide behind the old report. On the trails of the exorcist Lucien (female) it goes to London (don't judge me she writes weird sentences and I don't feel like correcting her grammar) that after a terror attack carries the name "cursed city". He dives into the world of exorcists and demons in which he becomes part of a story he would have never dared to dream of.

Seriously she should have read her summary a second time before printing that book. She writes long ass sentences which makes it hard to read. I feel like the entire book must be as fanfiction-like and full of mistakes like this. I don't want to be a grammar nazi but it's kind of sad because she lived and went to school in Germany for a long time. Meh. What do you think about her story?

No. 144063

Actually thought of buying it just so I can ramble about how bad it is, but that shit costs 14€. No thanks

No. 144064

Why would you choose to present yourself this way? It's petty and aggressive. She's bad at dancing…anti-talented even. She seems to work a lot towards it and still remain as incompetent at performing as she ever was. It's sad that she's trying to make a career out of this. Is she married? Does her husband support this strange hobby of hers?

No. 144065

Wtf 14€? I don't think anybody bought it apart from her family. She misspells demons it must be bad.

No. 144066

pure gold

No. 144067

She married one of her Japanese IG fanboys (probably her only Japanese fan under 30 let's be real here) for a Japan visa. Odds are she sponges off of him & her rich parents and somehow makes a little money here and there just for being a token English speaking foreigner.

No. 144068

I actually thought of the same thing. I really want to read it for the keks, but I don't want to give her the money. She's spoiled enough.

No. 144069

File: 1462908426155.jpg (70.39 KB, 475x815, 1613957.jpg)

I remember her saying that the first edition sold out. This is how the display in her home town (?) looked like so I'm pretty sure other people than her family and friends bought it. I tried to find the book in other Bavarian book shops last year because I got curious but there was no trace of it.

No. 144070

That's only 16 copies… between family and friends it would be easy to sell out.

No. 144071

File: 1462910598804.png (36.29 KB, 461x307, kzBbxCu.png)

It's not even 200 pages…

No. 144072

>this is a waste of money

No. 144073

that's like a thesis.

No. 144074

aidoru material

No. 144075

The only good review is her own…

No. 144076

Im entertained

No. 144077

Looks like a stupid farmer made an account just to rate her little book. Really now…

No. 144078

In Johnny Rotten's voice: She's a nutter.

No. 144079

No. 144080

so what? pretty sure her book is shit

No. 144081

Doesn't matter it's still petty

No. 144082

You guys are cruel. Stop giving her hope!

No. 144083

if you're gonna review her book, at least give valid criticism. it's not like there isn't enough to complain about. leaving a one-sentence comment just makes her look like a victim.

No. 144084

I wonder how long is she going to pursue this "career" of hers… the only views her videos get are probably from farmers.

No. 144085

To the gerfags here: what is this shit?? Did she even visit highschool? Who wrote this?? This is literal kidcrap, I wrote sentences like that when I was in 6-7th grade omg

No. 144086

It sounds like any generic, retarded animu storyline. Small wonder there. She did selfpublish this, right?

No. 144087

Considering that it was accepted by a publisher, I am surprised that they didn't supervise the spelling/grammer/whatever.

No. 144088

Nope but Best-Off Verlag is a publisher that gets sponsored by the german government? for publishing the works of young german authors.

No. 144089

There was a deleted post here, saying anon was gonna post translated proof that Sabrina paid to have her shit published.

You better fucking deliver.

No. 144090

File: 1463023455931.png (26.92 KB, 597x186, cringe.png)

No. 144091

File: 1463027279141.gif (2.26 MB, 500x500, giphy.gif)

poor self-deluded thing

No. 144092

She constantly thinks that people stare at her because you know…she is like a super manga protagonist

No. 144093

They probably do though? She's a lanky weird looking white girl in Japan, it's hardly impossible

No. 144094

Not that anon but according to Best-Off's website, you don't have to pay to get your shit printed but one of their goals is publishing young, unknown authors and special kinds of stories that big, standard publishers aren't interested in.

To any aspiring German authors in this thread: Best-Off Verlag is your chance. :^)

No. 144095

She dresses like a complete moron, I wouldn't be surprised if people stare at her.

No. 144096

That not only happens in Japan, but in anu'y other country of the world too, if you write down notes when riding on public transport. That's not so speciul, swampprincessu

No. 144097

Yeah that was me, deleted it because I didn't want to tease. I'll still post it (give me a few hours)

No. 144098

If you want help translating, post links/files. I'm around for awhile and can do some.

No. 144099

I'd stare at her simply because of her freakish proportions.

No. 144100

It's not too much, I'm on it now. Arigatou anon-san though

No. 144101

File: 1463057045334.png (100.29 KB, 902x656, Vu4xDcE.png)

I did some digging on Best Off and read a couple of reviews and forum threads and found out they're a vanity publisher, just with minimal quality control. It's called a Druckkostenzuschussverlag (don't you love German) which basically means they agree to publish your writing as long as you pay for it. This means her novel has most likely never seen a bookstore outside of her hometown.

Here's their information for writers, I'll translate the essential:

>Wir bieten zurzeit noch kein eigenes Lektorat an. Gerne geben wir bei Annahme Ihr Manuskript an ein Lektorat/Korrektorat weiter. Die Konditionen für ein Lektorat oder Korrektorat legt hierbei der jeweilige Lektor, unabhängig vom Verlag fest und wird Ihnen vorab mitgeteilt.

>We do not offer our own copy editing at this point. We'll be happy to forward your accepted manuscript to an editorial office. Conditions vary etc. etc.

So basically, once your writing is accepted, you have to pay out of pocket to get it corrected, but I can totally see Sabrina thinking she doesn't need it and skip that part.

>Aber: Trotz intensiver Prüfung und Bearbeitung der Texte kann es vorkommen, dass ein Fehler übersehen wird, aber selbst ein Bestseller ist nicht fehlerfrei.

>However: Despite meticulous editing, errors may still occur. But even a bestselling novel isn't flawless.

So they already warn you about poor quality? Ok

>Unabhängig vom Lektorat/Korrektorat ist bei Manuskriptannahme die Buchveröffentlichung für den Autor / die Autorin kostenfrei.

>Aside from editing, publishing your novel does not come at a cost.

Okay, but what do they consider publishing? Let's find out:

>Informationen zum Thema „Publizieren“

>– ISBN (Internationale Buchnummer)
>– Aufnahme in das Verzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher VLB (Standard-Verzeichnis des Buchhandels) und somit Registrierung Ihres Buches bei großen Online-Buchhändlern (wie z.B. Amazon, Libri, BOL etc.)
>– Versand des Pflichtexemplars an die Deutsche Bibliothek (obligatorisch bei Büchern mit ISBN)

>Publishing informations

>they assign you an ISBN and register your book. That's it

>Der Autor übernimmt auch Marketingarbeiten, um sein Buch bekannt zu machen.

>The writer takes care of marketing and publicity.

So they really don't do anything other than give you the satisfaction of pestering your friends and relatives to buy your book, because they sure as hell won't place it.

There's also an article about a young kid who published with them, and they can't mention the publisher without criticizing them:

>A publisher isn't supposed to just print the book, they should really also edit the novel

>But his mom didn't want to wait for a big publishing house

Bonus: If you visit their shop, you'll see she's not even doing well in a vanity publishing setting. For all her talk about her book selling out, she's not even on her own publisher's bestselling list.

While other writers get at least a bit of promotion on the website, her author page is completely empty.

No. 144102

File: 1463057812549.png (21.99 KB, 542x199, njXhZUg.png)

and one more: This review says that after a few weeks (presumably after the "publishing" was done) she wasn't able to get in touch with anyone from the publishing house anymore, not even to order new books.

No. 144103

>publish your writing as long as you pay for it
>publishing your novel does not come at a cost

So what is it now?

No. 144104

the publishing itself, as in registering the book, is free, but you have to pay for corrections, actual books printed, and do your own marketing

No. 144105

This is common operating procedure for vanity presses. Make it sound free, but it's not.

Fun fact: In Germany, it's required for a dissertation to be published with a press in order for someone to get a PhD. Vanity presses charge new PhDs a lot of money to publish their dissertations. It's a big business. Even legit publishers sometimes take advantage of the situation.

No. 144106

File: 1463065018907.png (306.57 KB, 833x461, book-summary.png)

More info about her book and announcement for a potential English release.

She also talks about her "career" in Japan: http://www.aishaanime.co.uk/2015/12/04/interview-with-himezawa/

No. 144107

cringy shit

No. 144108

Why do i have to think about death note?

No. 144109


No. 144110

File: 1463109644811.png (714.94 KB, 927x588, oktoberfest.png)

>not all germans eat sausages and drink beer muh stereotypes!!1!

No. 144111

She is uploading a movie?

No. 144112


She does realize that that Hairstyle/makeup doesn't work for everything, right?

Looks ridiculous..

No. 144113

Actually the braid crown is a traditional hairstyle and quite popular for Oktoberfest. I don't see the problem with it?

Here is a webpage of historical photos showing German women wearing it

No. 144114


i hate the way she does her makeup with the pink around her eyes. looks like she has the start of two black eyes or a skin condition or something. what is she trying to pull with this?

No. 144115

It's a popular makeup trend right now in Japan. I think it can look cute on doll faced girls but himezawa has a face like an ugly bird.

Her body looks so masculine here.

No. 144116

Anon probably meant the stupid "hime" pieces of hair that frame her face.

No. 144117

I asked my non bias native German friend and they said it's fine grammar and If anything it sounds posh. I'm nowhere near fluent enough to judge personally

No. 144118

Dirndls with this cut are ment to be worn by busty girls and not by 12year old boy chest girls like her

No. 144119

what's with that japanese title?so patriotic kek

No. 144120

Of course it's in Japanese. She wants Japs to be able to read her boring posts.

No. 144121

its a makeup trend called like 'hangover makeup' or something. supposed to look drunk or flushed

No. 144122

Actually, there is one spelling mistake but that's it. Sounds incredibly boring tho.

btw, I am a bookseller and literally everyone is able to publish their crap today. I am currently operating with esoteric books and you won't believe what is out there…

No. 144123

That's one sad ass Dirndl, she literally has no tits.

No. 144124


Other Anon is correct; I was talking about the cut on the sides (That she wears with everything).

No. 144125

Aaaaand she can't even get simple Japanese right.

No. 144126

Ditch the bangs, wear your hair long and down, get rid of the stupid side burn things you see in anime, wear some contour or some highlighter or do SOMETHING to give your face some depth and bring out your cheek bones. Confused autistic weebs piss me off so much.

No. 144127

Tbh if she at least had a smaller nose or a rounder face, it could potentially work. Himezawa has a long face and bird beak though so it just looks like shit.

No. 144128

File: 1463196383669.png (627.06 KB, 832x570, maggot.png)

I wonder if she'll age to look like Marg.

No. 144129

Central Europeans aren't a pretty bunch, are they?

No. 144130

Holy shit, the resemblance is uncanny.

No. 144131


Oh my god this.

She's actually a pretty girl imo but the way she does her make up is awful. Plus she looks like a bad crossdresser in that picture.

No. 144132

I'd rather say she should wear her hair and do her makeup according to her face shape.

Eg I have a more roundish head with a high forehead so this kind of hair and makeup and hair works pretty well for me

No. 144133

The sad thing is, they are both heavily abusing filters, yet have almost equal amounts of eyebags and laughlines. Himezawa is how old?

No. 144134

21 kek it's sad

No. 144135

File: 1463213622203.jpg (12.2 KB, 268x359, xY2OCew.jpg)

This exactly. The hime cut is popular in Japan because it frames (typically)rounder, wider Asian faces to make them look daintier and reduces the jawline. It does not work with long, narrow or masculine faces, especially if you have a prominent, long nose. For the same reason dramatic, contoured eye shadow often doesn't work on typical East Asian faces, Usagi eye make was not created with European or stronger features in mind. The combination of these two styles just makes Himezawa ends up looking like kawaii Ferb.

No. 144136

You're not wrong but let's be honest. She could look even shittier and nobody would care in Japan because of her height and foreign looks.

Beckii Cruel also has a longish face, a big nose tip and she wasn't even blonde and Japanese people creamed their pants over her.

No. 144137

I don't think she is super ugly or anything. Just she using beauty techniques that are so unflattering for her features. Young Becky was a little dopey looking, but she wore light makeup and had hair that complimented her face/nose shape. Girl-next-door was also her appeal, which wota are more attracted to. Himezawa is really on the edge if trans clown

No. 144138

margo looks even younger kek

No. 144139

Beckii was also 16 at the time. Beckii looks old in the face now, as does Himezawa.

No. 144140

Beckii doesn't look old, she looks her age.

No. 144141

Oh shut up anon. Beckii and Himezawa both look like men.

I recently watched kawaii international and Risa Nakamura commented on some girl's outfit because it is Larme inspired. Tenshi Chole she was called or Chieko… She is another weeb who looks like a man.

Most of these weebs who get noticed have manly long horse faces and big noses.

No. 144142

Most weebs in general have manly long horse faces and big noses. There's a correlation between being ugly and having nerdy hobbies.

No. 144143

Beckii was 14, not 16.

No. 144144

Beckii has a huge nose but it actually sits nicely on her face it's not the first thing that'd pop out to me if I saw her(and imo for her race she looks her age). Himezawa just looks old and her nose has its own life and career.

No. 144145

Himezawa is also starting her aidoru career at 21, while beckii was 14. Beckii's has already burnt out, but Himezawa's doesn't even stand a real chance…

No. 144146

File: 1463289988272.jpg (132.2 KB, 500x749, tumblr_mxrlq5si5R1rpg9pxo1_500…)

not with that unfortunate face

No. 144147

File: 1463290077019.jpg (55.93 KB, 498x426, CCdiLc4VIAA2ju3.jpg)

No. 144148

Busuzawa is in this @ 2:35
people are starting to notice her

No. 144149

She would look less weird If she had a top lip

No. 144150

If she was smart enough Himezawa would go for that tokyo girls audition thing. I know Aminyan is going for it but if Himezawa wants to get real shops in Japan then she should up herself.

No. 144151

File: 1463314660353.jpg (103.86 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_93…)

Holy fucking cringe, I hadn't seen that clip yet.

No. 144152

File: 1463317737860.jpg (517.15 KB, 667x1000, yukappp.jpg)

Don't you have to know Japanese for the Tokyo Girls audition? Yukapon/Natalie went for it as well but she and Aminyan can speak fluent Japanese. Judging from several videos, Sabrina is far from fluent.

No. 144153


Why does she apply that dumb pink eyeshadow around the end of her eyes and temples…It looks so bad on her

No. 144154

It's a make-up trend in Japan and Korea.

No. 144155


Jesus, it looks so bad

No. 144156

File: 1463322090840.jpg (21.49 KB, 400x280, hangover-girl-makeup-07-400x28…)

It has the potential to be kind of cute but very few people have the look to pull it off at all, especially not Himezawa with her long, sharp facial features.

No. 144157

File: 1463322646111.jpg (115.37 KB, 600x900, tumblr_ndwn78TICC1rb9a6wo2_128…)

It looks super cute on asians, but I've never seen in on a white person without it looking like a rash/sunburn

No. 144158

haffu here. apparently looks cute on me i'm told. busu isn't even applying it properly for her face shape.if it was more in the middle and less to the side it'd be better.(please tell us more)

No. 144159

Wtf she looks bizarre here. Why is she standing like that.

No. 144160

>haffu here. apparently looks cute on me i'm told.
we dont care

No. 144161

I think she was trying to look thinner and cross her legs to hide the dent in her shin. What I don't get is why her knees look so ashy and her legs look so gross. I get that she can't help the dent, but you'd think she'd at least take care of her skin if she was going to run around in shorts.

No. 144162

The other girls are wearing those invisible stockings. Her legs are normal.

No. 144163

wtf please explain. If they are wearing stockings, I will order whatever they're wearing. Because if they are wearing something, I can't tell at. all.

No. 144164

Sabrina I know you lurk here so:
Your hairstyle and your makeup make your face even uglier than it already is. They completely ruin it to be honest. Brown hair suits you so much better than blonde and the longer fringes make her face shape look round (not good) . You should get rid of them but I understand that it wouldn't let you look like a perfect blonde gajin waifu desu ne kek. The misplaced blush under your eyes makes your nose look bigger. Don't people stare at you for example when they sit next to you on the train? I'm sure they do.
You need to learn how to contour your nose desperately.

No. 144165

They aren't. Look at the girl wearing open-toed shoes.

No. 144166

File: 1463349864282.jpg (104.84 KB, 800x800, 2015-Top-Fashion-Rushed-Animal…)

I don't think the toes are an indicator, I saw an ad for them in cancam and they're pretty much meant to be worn with sandals so the stitches are on the sole of the foot and it doesn't show. Kind of like pic rel

No. 144167

it looks stupid on asians too lol

No. 144168

>this are

No. 144169

Isn't she a rich german princess, why don't she get a nosejob?

She is a kinda cute and high class looking blonde besides of that

No. 144170

Asians have been wearing pink and red eye makeup for hundreds of years, though. There is historical context. Usagi and igari make are just modified versions of traditional styles.

No. 144171

European Victoria's did it when taburculosis started trending (a lot of traditional European styles are based on looking I'll with TB. Waif waists, glassy eyes, flushed cheeks, watery lips and whisky hair), it wasn't unusual to line your eyes with rouge.

No. 144172

omg let's bring this back

No. 144173

File: 1463386556692.jpg (98.27 KB, 565x366, ATWc99t.jpg)

Bring these back too!

No. 144174

File: 1463388033433.jpg (263.89 KB, 720x607, 2016-05-16 10.40.23.jpg)

No. 144175

If this is true she'd be massivly underwight, no matter the 'good metabolism' shit or not.

I know somw guys around that height 170-173 who are about 55-60kg and look like her, shape wise. So I guess they altered her wight so she can be 'cute' and 'aidoru' like in a Japanese way, cuz there no matter how tall you are if you weight more than 50kg as a woman, you're considereda fatty.
>no matter your height

No. 144176

She's only 5'7? She looks taller with those spindly limbs. 95 lbs tho, if that's true she's def an anachan.

No. 144177

theres no way shes 43kg lmao.

No. 144178

File: 1463392817888.jpg (132.74 KB, 750x750, 13166974_241983376178973_37732…)

I'm definitely not trying to defend her, but doesn't this look possible? Look at this photo, she has no fat on her body, not even hips.

She's basically just a white noodle with a (big) nose.

No. 144179

Oh btw, enjoy Himezawa and her rehearsed questions/answers. She's doing the classic mistakes like Dakota did, where she's ready to already answer before they're done asking.


Look at her, sitting there laughing while they laugh, even though she doesn't understand anything. She's keep repeating their reaction, it's so fucking embarrassing.

No. 144180

lmao, she pulled up her shitty book. It's so obvious she paid someone to be there. lmfao

No. 144181

Since she's in an agency now, they probably put her there or she auditioned.

Why is she the only tarento at the company?

No. 144182

Not gonna lie, I think she looked good here. Maybe it's the poor video quality.
But damn, her voice is killing me. Why does she have to speak like this? Why does she waste her time with shitty dances instead of learning proper Japanese?

She looks like she is skinnyfat and has almost no muscles at all. So I'd say she is close to 45 Kg.

No. 144183

How bad/good is her spoken Japanese?

No. 144184

As said before, take eg an asian guy in her size 170-174 and her body shape.
They usually wheight around 53-60kg having the same body shape as her with no muscles etc

43kg is desillusional. Except if she was seriously ana, but that'd be visible within her face already at this point of underweight.

No. 144185

It this video it sounds very good, but like, you can clearly tell it's 100% rehearsed. It's kinda like when two radio hosts talk to each other and they answer each other before the other is done asking. Like thet knew what they were gonna say.

No. 144186

the other reason you can tell she has no idea whats going on is because shes just staring ahead at the front camera for most of the video. the other girls are facing and interacting with the host but busu ia just staring forward nodding

No. 144187

Plus you never once hear the host compliment her Japanese, which ALWAYS happens with foreigners, especially when they're asked about themselves and such.

She probably sat there practicing her lines, maybe even looking at a piece of paper in front of her.

No. 144188

File: 1463459640528.png (30.52 KB, 852x486, busu.png)

Hey Busu,still lurkin?

No. 144189

File: 1463459856724.jpg (45.18 KB, 600x400, 1462377400572.jpg)

No. 144190

The other girls look like they're having fun, but she just sits there like a blob.

No. 144191

She's an idiot for trying to be an idol and not having a decent knowledge of Japanese. It's obvious she doesn't know what they're talking about because she just sits there staring ahead and nods at the most random moments. She only speaks during certain parts with the host. But even if she doesnt understand whats being said, I dont get why she doesn't look at the other girls when they're speaking, its a natural thing to do

No. 144192

Taylor R also sucks at Japanese but still gets job opportunities.

Now that Sabrina has joined a new agency, maybe she'll finally become more popular and not just live in her delusional expat fantasies.

No. 144193

She's not sucking that badly. to add taylor also speaks cantonese. Himezawa can't even handle her mother tongue kek

No. 144194

Taylor R is pretty (when the fillers settle down) and used to be a legitimate model…and kind of still is.

Sabrina is unattractive. I think awkward, plain looking white girls are so desperate to be seen as "models" they seek out Japan so they could be seen as exotic and bank on that instead of honest to god good looks. It doesn't take them far. Taylor R, before fillers, was a cute girl in her own hometown so her white girl looks only boosted her potential in Asia while Sabrina could never be seen as cute so she's working at a huge disadvantage only banking on her eye and hair color. If you're ugly, no "uniqueness" is going to bring you legitimate fame. And to add to Sabrina's lack of good looks is her lack of talent. I've never heard of someone who gets professional dance lesson still be so bad at it.

No. 144195

Her Cantonese is dreadful

No. 144196

well, at least she's somewhat able to speak and write it. as well as some basic japanese.

Himezawa can't use proper english despite from living in the uk for a while and she's not even getting a single japanese sentence right

No. 144197

File: 1463499586833.png (98.88 KB, 229x275, 1455681666215.png)

No one makes fun of Busu, she's perfffffff!!!

No. 144198

>somewhat able to speak and write it
Same with Sabrina's Japanese though.

Her pronunciation at least has definitely improved, compared to the cringy weeb videos she used to make, even though she's making grammar mistakes left and right.

No. 144199

>cantonese is one of the most difficult languages in the world
Taylor can communicate nearly fluently using it. As well as in Japanese.

Himezawa struggles with both English AND Japanese kek

No. 144200

wait, what are you basing these comments on? It's clear that Taylor has people who have written Japanese and Cantonese subtitles and blog entries for her in the past.

No. 144201

samefag, but "nearly fluently"?? wtf no. Please provide proof of this.

No. 144202

No, she can't. Busy might be terrible but Taylor isn't anywhere close to fluent in either language

No. 144203

Try out the videos she's posting on FB from time to time where she speaks cantonese

No. 144204

File: 1463502941699.jpg (143.66 KB, 498x426, kawaii.jpg)

I'm bored

No. 144205

she has a grand total of TWO that she didn't delete. One doing a basic Happy New Year and one where she's in a car, saying again something very basic.

So again, that's proof of fluency? Please.

No. 144206

File: 1463503184515.jpg (37.65 KB, 374x320, busu.jpg)

Kawaii anime girl!!

No. 144207

This is great anon!!!!

No. 144208

I thought this was non-shooped and I was like "Oh, that's a nice pic of her". Then I saw the original and felt sad.
She's not even ugly, but for some reason her face is just off in photos.

No. 144209

Doesn't matter if Taylor's fluent or not. You can discuss this in her thread.

No. 144210

File: 1463503577087.png (7.09 KB, 229x275, 1452078784408.png)

Same here. The disappointment is real…

No. 144211

File: 1463503920247.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.76 KB, 384x216, Armgod_fig_1b.jpg)

Anon, I tried Googling "tuberculosis face" and I didn't come up with any kawaii results.
Fuck you, anon.

No. 144212

this is probably how she thinks she looks like kek

No. 144213

what are thoooose

No. 144214

she needs a nose job asap

No. 144215

Those hands make her look like she's in her mid-forties.

No. 144216

Even shooped, her nose is awful. She really need a nose job.

No. 144217


i actually googled 'tuberculosis style fashion" and got interesting results. didn't realise this was a thing

No. 144218

obvious asian thinks asians are actually cute and not fetus looking

No. 144219

Fuck off racist-chan

No. 144220

File: 1463588624878.jpg (97.68 KB, 602x897, 1462769233052.jpg)

No. 144221

not all asians are cute

No. 144222

No one said they were all cute.

No. 144223

File: 1463588892753.jpg (45.86 KB, 302x450, ARDMelanieWiegmannneubeiSturmd…)

Reminds me of Melanie Wiegmann (a German actress) kek

No. 144224

just no! this looks horrifying

No. 144225


No. 144226

this woman is pretty

No. 144227

File: 1463697052094.jpg (33.92 KB, 600x338, aidoru.jpg)

Busu on another episode of 風色学園

No. 144228

File: 1463697061249.jpg (39.3 KB, 600x338, aidoru2.jpg)

No. 144229


Will Japan really try converting this mess into the next Dakota?

No. 144230

I doubt it. Her current agency is hardly Bravo Models and only has Sabrina in their roster.

Plus this show 風色学園 has around 500-700 views on Nico Nico Douga and doesn't seem to be super popular. Correct me if I'm wrong though. It just looks like a niche thing about idols Busu applied to and they simply accepted a token foreigner.

No. 144231

File: 1463698576242.jpg (8.53 KB, 182x277, download.jpg)

I finally figured out who she reminds me of

No. 144232

She's by far the ugliest one. Is she just there to be the token white girl?

No. 144233


my god this girl needs to get her hair & makeup in check

No. 144234

>the ugliest one
Japs beg to differ. She was called an angel by some of the girls on Twitter, kek.

No. 144235

Someone else said it earlier as a reply to this >>143901 post. I completely lost it! Looks like him in a wig.

No. 144236

File: 1463706901162.jpeg (194.59 KB, 750x1062, image.jpeg)

I saw this post….. And she had a whole lot of Patreons. Wait for it………..

No. 144237

File: 1463706948701.jpeg (126.87 KB, 750x519, image.jpeg)


WHY IS THIS GIRL SO FUCKING SAD HOLY SHIT. She's definitely more delusional than any other cow. Dear god.

No. 144238

hi >>143937

stop bringing it up no one cares what some fuggo called her once or twice. there are uglier fatter people who get called angel too.

No. 144239

File: 1463709917860.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, 1455439279908.png)

So much secondhand embarrassment.

No. 144240

Oh look a blonde, blue eyed white girl, she looks like an ~angel~.

Though to be fair, angels are neither male nor female, maybe they are lowkey saying she looks like a dude. Because let's be real here.

No. 144241

File: 1463727019066.png (443.53 KB, 733x579, edhime.png)

No. 144242

This looks like a PSA for why young people shouldn't use heroin and become street walkers.

No. 144243

The make-up looks nicer here than her kawaii shits, at least.

No. 144244

I agree, but she looks haggard without all those filters and high contrast she uses.

No. 144245

File: 1463765744901.jpg (6.82 KB, 223x227, 1463250747575.jpg)

She's always trying to steal the spotlight.

No. 144246

File: 1463765859329.jpg (6.76 KB, 186x200, 1462791517116.jpg)


No. 144247

Why is she always looking ten years older than she actually is?!

No. 144248

Long face combined with being gaunt.

No. 144249

It's not really, this is something that's come up more recently. Things like pale skin, rosy cheeks, red lips, and narrow waists have pretty much ALWAYS been in fashion in western culture and has very little to do with tuberculosis

No. 144250

When will this potato nosed cindy loo cunt just quit and piss off back to germany

No. 144251

She married some Jap. She will never piss off back to another country lel.

No. 144252

As soon as her hub is pissed off enough of her shitty behaviour and dumps here for an easier thai gurl kek

No. 144253

Busuzawa sits through another episode of Minkame where it's even more obvious that she just rehearses her answers and understands nothing.

No. 144254


It's really awkward that she's always looking at the camera and almost never at anyone else…

No. 144255

She looks so goddamn lost, wow…

No. 144256

File: 1464064534231.jpg (8.28 KB, 175x218, 1463924899174.jpg)

Her japanese is so awkward

No. 144257

I don't get this, does she think she can build an aidoru career on rehearsed answers in Japanese because she apparently can't be assed to study the language properly? She has been living in Japan for so long now and her language skills are still piss poor. The language barrier will be a bigger problem for her "career" than her age or looks imo.

No. 144258

Dear god this is one of the most embarrassing things I have ever seen

No. 144259


Her neck is so weeird.

No. 144260


It's weird because her reactions are so delayed. Not even in the "my brain needs a moment to process another language" delay, either. It's like she's using her prehipheral vision (sp?) to gauge the reaction of those around her.
I didn't watch it all, but based on the 20 some minutes I did watch, I don't think I saw her answer one time.
If she's really trying to be an idol she's gotta study. Full immersion only works when you can immerse yourself as well.

No. 144261

So for like an hour they talked about a cat laying on a rock wat was that about

No. 144262

Oof…she looks like an awkward, ugly white bird next to all those cute dark asians.

No. 144263

Cute? Really? I'm amazed these girls are even "idols." They look so average/plain. Is this what is really considered cute for an idol?

No. 144264

These are pretty much D-list idols, which is why they accepted a nobody like himezawa onto the show.

No. 144265

How the hell does she expect to gain any actual traction in her "career" this way? She needs to commit herself to hours of serious study each day starting now.

No. 144266

Though, not to samefag, watching through the video. The girls are pretty average, but next to himezawa's gawky/bird-like appearance and gaudy style, they look awfully cute/sweet in comparison.

No. 144267

File: 1464223527079.png (772.09 KB, 861x961, birdzawa.png)

No. 144268

Fucking hell! Who fed Gizmo after midnight?

No. 144269

wtf this bitch looks so try hard next to them

No. 144270


Those bits of hair down the side of her face drive me fucking insane. I know she's completely delusional but I don't get how she doesn't realize that they make her look absolutely retarded.

No. 144271

Looks like an Afghan hound. Ew

No. 144272

Someone plz tell me why they talked about a freaking cat on a rock PLZZ fack

No. 144273

Ugh…when she'll understand that "aegyo sal" and "igari" are only a good match with cute baby round face?
On her, it looks like shit.

No. 144274

File: 1464233754696.jpg (71.02 KB, 600x900, 0cb80264fed4832f28f10d89f06102…)


It's called a hime/princess cut and it used to be a style of the Japanese women of the court during the Heian Period. Obviously it looks completely retarded most people in the contemporary era.

No. 144275

File: 1464233788914.jpg (79.08 KB, 720x720, original.jpg)


The only time I've seen it look good is when it's quite subtle and flowing like pic related.

No. 144276

Japanese women are seriously beautiful

No. 144277

Hime cut doesn't always look good irl, especially not with long faces/noses, it makes them look even longer imo.

No. 144278

This haircut is actually super cute on this woman.

No. 144279

She looks so fresh-faced and pretty. Never thought such short bangs could look good and not like some tryhard alt/pinup nightmare.

No. 144280

Cute face but she looks like shes balding

No. 144281

They look like someone hit them in the face with a frying pan and the sun is always in their eyes.

No. 144282

when you're old af but still trying to look kawaii

No. 144283

Your just a jelly white girl

No. 144284


No. 144285

She's literally a younger margo.

I agree with you anon. She's a cute girl, but I'm still not on board for this hairstyle.

No. 144286

I agree but I also think it only looks good on people with round/square faces which is why it looks like such shit on her. The whole point of the hairstyle is to slim your face so it looks ridiculous when your face is already slim.

No. 144287

Why would a human be jealous of a monkey?

No. 144288

File: 1464242786624.png (103.29 KB, 420x420, 419961fec6bf7ee15174d62790ac1c…)

No. 144289


it looks fucking retarded on everyone. anyone who looks good in it, would look 100 x better with just full length hair. should've stayed in the Heian Period.

No. 144290

her make up though…why?? Looks like someone just slap her some blush on her side cheeks so hard and leave it there

No. 144291

File: 1464249863659.jpg (23.63 KB, 300x168, image.jpg)

Pretty sure that asian girl is 100X prettier than yew hehe

No. 144292

Ok but seriously wat about the cat sleeping on the rock? The discussed it for an hour

No. 144293

No idea, but the show seems like utter shit. They bring up a random, boring topic/clip, the girls react somewhat, I don't get it. You think with the slow as shit pace that himezawa could follow a bit better, but she still looks lost.

No. 144294


It probably isnt even a well known show anon. Just some shit no one watches

No. 144295

Weebs are delusional enough to think That anything with chink eyes is pretty.

No. 144296

Definitly needs less forehead to make it look good.

No. 144297

File: 1464294054982.jpeg (174.93 KB, 499x333, image.jpeg)

Too be fair, the average Japanese girl is funky looking. It's easy to think they are all perfect and pretty when your a weeb.

No. 144298

Pretty sure that was satire, but alright. Keep trumping along anon.

No. 144299

Looks aren't everything you superficial person learn to grow character.. No matter how cute u are if ur a mean person u will b hated by everyone

No. 144300

I don't know why white girls keep trying to work hime cuts when the result is so awful. They always seem to make the pieces weirdly thick and curled in too which is an awkward looking combo.

No. 144301


Being a medfag, first thing I notice is that very few of them are overweight. Second thing I notice is very little acne.

No. 144302

>being so bitter about not being a cute Japanese girl that you have to voice your disagreement/get angry whenever someone says "Japanese girls are cute/pretty"
Pathetic tbh.

No. 144303

File: 1464330180335.jpg (129.75 KB, 868x620, Murphy-CHS-Cheer-Region-Decemb…)

Sure, but for comparison, here's a Amrican Highschool cheerleading squad. These girls are probably deemed some of the best looking at their school, popular, and are wearing/make-up, etc. Yet… they too are still pretty awkward looking teens.

No. 144304

oh my god.
that redhead.

No. 144305

Haha, no. You should leave your house more often.

No. 144306

File: 1464338765300.jpg (221.04 KB, 1024x1024, 1419883437252.jpg)

Damn, poor girl…

No. 144307

You do realize that you don't technically have to be "pretty" to be a cheerleader. You basically formed your opinion from typical western movies. There are many pretty girls that don't always become cheerleaders. I really don't get this post at all.

No. 144308

Anon is right, the quality of a person isn't weighed on outward beauty. Easily and attractive person can become unattractive by being a horrible person. Learn how the human mind works.

No. 144309

The point was to compare it to the random picture of the Japanese students. I'm not saying that all of these girls are attractive, I'm saying that here's a random picture of white people looking awkward too. Everyone is usually pretty awkward looking at that age.

No. 144310

Oh, I'm sorry.

No. 144311

it's horrible lol it makes her look dumb

No. 144312

Nah. It's pretty cute. Nice and fluffy, but her bangs could be a bit longer. Nothing spectacular but overall, a nice cut. Horrible is exaggerating.

And so I reading up about Iggy Azalea and thought she looked a lot like non-starving version of Sabrina.

No. 144313

File: 1464356054866.jpg (97.25 KB, 640x883, Iggy_Azalea_Walks_the_Red_Carp…)

Pic dropped.

No. 144314

She looks more like OP's shopped pic of himezawa

No. 144315

The black girl in the front and the kneeling girl on the far left with the red lipstick are pretty attractive.

No. 144316

I have been to Japan, most of the women there don't fit the standard you expect. Most of the girls don't even look like their photos they post on social media, extreme photo editing is common and widely accepted there.

No. 144317

White girls on this board get to so sensitive Jesus.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE FOR HATE CRIMES)

No. 144318

Holyshit, how old is this bitch?

No. 144319

All teens are awkward and gangly. If you look at some of the most attractive men and women today from their highschool photos, they're always really meh.

No. 144320

File: 1464693919222.jpg (94.84 KB, 499x600, ss (2016-05-31 at 08.12.08).jp…)

omg, this girl is so sad. i was in harajuku running around with my friend looking for a toilet so I could change clothes. (i had a photoshoot with my friend for her school project at tokyo mode. should I also start calling myself a model now???) suddenly I see this tall creature coming walking… it was our glorious busuzawa! i wanted to punch her in the face. her whole body language said "I'm so special, beautiful, amazing and everybody most look at me" You know, walking almost slowly with her head high and like a fuckig "im better than you"-face. also, her dress was waaaay to short for her spagetti-body.
the direction she went to was to a small section of bad recplica stores where there also are some purikuras. i could bet that time that she would do her usual forever-alone-dont-have-any-friends-purikura. haha, and what do I see when I come home? pic related

No. 144321

This is terribly cringey to read through.

No. 144322

The German yohio tbh only difference is that HE's only ugly face,style,body and personality vise BUT he has some real talent if it comes to music.

No. 144323


No. 144324

how old is this girl?

No. 144325

Good lord, those shoulders.

No. 144326

File: 1464707253967.jpg (102.36 KB, 1280x840, 1460161781243.jpg)

>Aaaaand she can't even get simple Japanese right.

Venus is an exception to the rule. Most weebs can't speak Japanese

No. 144327

File: 1464707412968.png (99.42 KB, 250x250, 133346-1461505371.png)

>There's a correlation between being ugly and having nerdy hobbies.

Any reason behind this?

No. 144328

Probably because it's harder for ugly people to find the kind of acceptance in mainstream shit that more attractive people get, so they seek acceptance in more niche communities instead. Same with social awkwardness. People who are both attractive and charismatic/not crazy who like nerdy shit do exist, but they're kind of rare.
With modeling specifically, it's pretty easy to see that alt models are on average uglier than mainstream models. In these communities the novelty of someone with piercings/tattoos/nerdy interests willing to pander to men with those same interests can be enough to compensate an otherwise plain or below average face.

I have no idea if this also goes for Japanese aidorus because honestly cutesy Japanese girls arr rook same to me.

No. 144329

File: 1464714984268.jpg (922.43 KB, 1796x2181, Photo-24.10.13-20-21-52.jpg)

>Probably because it's harder for ugly people to find the kind of acceptance in mainstream shit that more attractive people get, so they seek acceptance in more niche communities instead.

This is actually how the brony fandom was started. It was a social experiment on 4chan's part, to see if they could convince people that liking a show intended for little girls was cool and acceptable. And it actually worked, and plenty of ugly/mentally unstable people latched onto something that was never popular before.

No. 144330

Why do you keep adding irrelevant pictures to your posts?

No. 144331

A better question is, "Why do you care?"

No. 144332

Isn't it just sad how she seems to have no friends at all? She posts almost every day and the captions on her pictures only revolve around herself, events and her clothes. Never 'I was doing this with xyz today'. She is the kind of person that would definitely post about this though.

She is in Japan basically doing nothing but doesn't even find a few friends to do things with. Everything she has is being known by few online, the family she complains about and the dream of being an idol that will never come true. She never looks like she is actually having fun. It's really sad that she is wasting time and money like this when she could be so much happier.

No. 144333

I've only ever seen robots do that, but they usually post porn, borderline porn, and waifus so I doubt that anon is one.

It's just odd and stands out is all. Literally no one else here does that besides the occasional robot shitposting.

No. 144334

It's stupid to ask "why do you care" just answer the question. You're likely to be banned for being a twat.

No. 144335

>You're likely to be banned for being a twat.

Go ahead. It's not like this website is good or anything

No. 144336

File: 1464799065591.gif (1.04 MB, 400x225, qsFm1d.gif)

>Go ahead. It's not like this website is good or anything
And yet you continuously post here anyway.

No. 144337

that shit ain't cute

No. 144338

File: 1464946333715.png (323.43 KB, 666x379, Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-03 um 1…)

what do you think of her new Cosplays?

No. 144339

She looks like a white female version of abed from community.

No. 144340

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT. I bet she doesnt know shit about dangan ronpa and someone suggested touko as a joke.

for those of you dont know the character in the seifuku is a social retard who is a shut in who writes novels all day (another possible reason is her only seeing that the character is supposed to be a genius novel writer) and doesnt shower, smells like shit and even in a latter game her BO is brought up. Like seriously this character other than having a split personality is literally a gross shut in that no one likes and i cant stop laughing.

It's perfect for busu.

No. 144341


Maybe Busu has some sense of humor, or is it asking for too much?

No. 144342

short hair seems to be the only way she doesn't look like a 40y.o. with a wig. I like it.

No. 144343

how dare you insult my husbando so

No. 144344

Literally every weeb and a half knows Dangan Ronpa and cosplaying "gross" characters for edge points isn't new either.

No. 144345

With her face and body type she might actually be kind of successful if she crossplayed for every costume and wore ouji/aristocrat instead of lolita. She looks so much more like an awkward teenage boy than a cute teenage girl.

No. 144346

They tried to fix her nose with photoshop and failed, top kek on this

No. 144347


She looks like a 40 year old with or without short hair. In fact she looks like someone's gran in that grey bob. Yuck.

No. 144348

I see our little princess has been deleting any remotely not-ass-kissing posts on her youtube videos

She deleted one on her Toko Fukawa video that basically said she was doing the wrong poses for that character. Sadly I don't have screenshots

Sage for old news

No. 144349

File: 1465186972762.png (538.97 KB, 458x571, flawlessswampprincessu.png)

No. 144350

Damn… she looks like Skeeter Valentine.

No. 144351

No. 144352

tbh this video kinda proves that she has no idea who the character actually is. I think Himezawa thinks she's legit the generic 'shy' character

No. 144353

Eh, I don't think it matters, though.

Plenty of cosplayers hungry for fame and attention sometimes cosplay as popular characters they don't seem to know anything about. But if they're really fans, it's shitty to accuse them of otherwise.

No. 144354

Well I mean at least she looks kinda cute like this.

No. 144355

she like contoured herself a squidward nose

No. 144356

I was super distracted by her huge ears this entire video. She looks way better with the dark hair though, though there's no saving that nose.

No. 144357

File: 1465253599093.png (2.14 MB, 1125x2001, image.png)

This is so bad. I didn't even bother playing the video

No. 144358

If she saved up for a good surgeon it would save her nose and by extension her whole face but she would rather spend her any extra money she accrues on dumb shit like renting out dance studio rooms to flail around in.

No. 144359

Whos more attractive?
Mira vs Himezawa?

No. 144360

File: 1465268074500.jpg (189.76 KB, 1089x501, sloth-6.jpg)


Now that's a toughie.

No. 144361


no kidding! her nose looks so much more bulbous afterwards than before!

No. 144362

File: 1465274203570.jpg (8.71 KB, 200x200, Currently my sides have entere…)

No. 144363

Shit. Himezawa is less disgusting to look at over all, but Mira prob has a better body, though that isn't really saying much…

No. 144364

Mira has a huge audience compared to busuzawa

No. 144365

Doesn't mean she's more attractive though. Her face makes Himezawa's look good. Himezawa has the body of an anorexic teen boy though.

No. 144366

Yeah that's true. Both can't be helped by photoshop.

But if it comes to poplarity mira would always win.

No. 144367

I think mira looks better than rachel so i dunno thats just me she needs braces like bad tho but atleast miras face is younger looking than himes

No. 144368

File: 1465317097941.png (1.09 MB, 1280x720, 1409372876026.png)

Mira needs a hell of a lot more than just braces. Her teeth are bad, but her severe overbite is more due to her chin being a mile behind the rest of her face. She needs jaw surgery, don't know if anything can even help her sloth-like eyes though.

Himezawa needs a nose job, beyond that if she'd stop with the bad hime hair cut and, god forbid, put on a little weight, she'd probably look a lot better.

No. 144369

File: 1465317220318.png (701.31 KB, 693x461, 1437672320154.png)

Though, I do think Mira has a better body than Himezawa. She's a bit out of shape, but it's better than Busu's weird bird body. Mira looks kind of dirty all the time though.

No. 144370

the joke was that busuzawa cosplayed a character who's filthy, smells bad and no one likes probably only because she's on this 'i'm a writer' train (I'm amazed she didnt do a pose holding her own book).

> But if they're really fans, it's shitty to accuse them of otherwise.

Welcome to lolcow? Legit have you never been to the kooter, JNig or like Half of the threads on this site?

No. 144371

Damn, Some serious child bearing hips on this one.

No. 144372

File: 1465326178377.jpg (30.87 KB, 750x150, image.jpg)

She seems to be very malnourished

No. 144373

File: 1465326202797.jpg (28.73 KB, 750x150, image.jpg)

No stamina?

No. 144374

File: 1465326281657.jpg (33.75 KB, 750x188, image.jpg)

She needs make up like its oxygen damn

No. 144375

I rather looks at miras face than hime's

No. 144376

I sometimes do similar (but definitely not as shitty looking) makeup to hers, it's ny basic everyday makeup and takes me like 10minutes at max 20 if I'm not in a rush.

And tbh, for what does she need the makeup? It's not like she has photoshootings, tv shows and so on everyday but only like once in two weeks at max lol

No. 144377

At least iron your fucking backdrop Busu

No. 144378

File: 1465356747047.jpg (30.65 KB, 261x275, 1459584292349.jpg)

No. 144379

Mira's unfortunate face will never cease to make me laugh.

No. 144380

Himezawa. Everything about Mira's face is unfortunate, but Himezawa has some tolerable bits if you compare them

No. 144381

>implying that bg wasn't copypasted in post

No. 144382

She's skeletal already, I wonder what she would look like if she legitimately started doing real exercise daily. Maybe she will eat more.

No. 144383

i didnt know you have to take off makeup to go in… like… you dont put your face in the water so…

No. 144384

It'll melt off when you sweat.

No. 144385

You're supposed to completely wash yourself, including hair and face

No. 144386

Do you legit not know how onsens work?

No. 144387


ewww who the fuck runs around like that?

No. 144388

File: 1465483978350.png (498.58 KB, 1007x571, busuchan.png)

I trieded

No. 144389


You failded.

No. 144390

No. 144391

yes. and you dont put you face in. you take a shower before and then you go sit in some hot water.
i didnt sweat my face off when i went in?
im sorry im not the supreme gaijin of nip knowledge like you guys

No. 144392

How insecure do you have to be to wear makeup to an onsen? You're gross. I bet all the natives were laughing at your dumbass.

No. 144393

who cares what some random nips think

No. 144394

File: 1465893597448.png (1.22 MB, 742x1213, sharkchan.png)

No. 144395

Get those chipped teeth fixed jfc

No. 144396

File: 1465905431008.jpg (75.11 KB, 600x415, 200301e3fe5282c9d4fa9f8cc8fec7…)

Jesus christ can women stop doing full eye makeup when cosplaying men? (It looks like she is cosplaying Lev from Haikyuu, pic related)

No. 144397

I get doing eyeliner for a more "anime" like eye shape, but the mascara and everything is laughable.

She almost looks better here though? Not sure if it's the hair or angle. She looks dumb, but her facial proportions don't look as awful as they usually do. Even though her forehead goes on forever and is weirdly bulbous…

No. 144398

I think it's the angle, you don't see the potato nose straight on so it looks somewhat normal.

No. 144399

I second this! This angle really does her favors

No. 144400

This angle does most people favors because features that are a little closer together are generally seen as more "beautiful". Especially helpful for Busu because there's so much length between her eyes and mouth

No. 144401

If I do a selfie from that angle I'm getting a double chin and my eyerings will appear enormously wide and dark, you won't find my eyes.

No. 144402

That's really cool and interesting, anon.

No. 145753

File: 1466434491470.png (895.89 KB, 664x701, sokawaii.png)

No. 145754

File: 1466434534385.png (285.96 KB, 582x590, getajoblazyshit.png)

No. 145756

Dear lord, why? Why would you do your makeup like that if it's 100% not looking good on you?

No. 145757

A patreon for what?

No. 145758

For wigs, costumes and shit.?

No. 145759

File: 1466435007117.png (309.74 KB, 347x554, busu.png)

No. 145760

File: 1466435071732.jpg (130.07 KB, 701x728, 1463761500492.jpg)

Holy shit,look at the size of that sleeve

No. 145763

She looks cute in this.
Even her beak looks decent

No. 145764

her nose is so gross

No. 145767

Why would someone give her money for that trash? She isn't even popular

No. 145776

she looks like a girly boy and tbh thats a much better look for her

No. 145789

It's a magic angle again. I don't know why her nose seems so much more potatoish up front but it seems any angle that is coming from below slightly reduces the effect.

No. 148454

File: 1466970762654.jpg (92.57 KB, 341x642, BOKU-NO-BUZU.jpg)


I don't know, maybe it's just me but, she looks like Boku no Piko with all this short wigs on.

No. 148482

Well, that is her body type to a T.

No. 150681


No. 152191

She finally popular now or still a nobody foreign idol with under 1000 views per video…?

No. 152342

File: 1467952989124.png (185.83 KB, 621x184, popularz.png)

what do you think lol

No. 152346

Those views are embarrassing.

No. 152347

Everyone has to start somewhere.The only embarrassing thing is her acting like she has a thousand followers, while hardly hitting 1000+ views. And most of these views are probably just people wanting to see her delusional ass pretending

No. 152362

File: 1467960015919.png (9.12 KB, 275x103, 1446481832936.png)

I'm not an expert but she doesn't seem that popular

No. 152441

Nice Japanese.

No. 152451

There's 'starting somewhere' but busuzawa has been at it for at least 2 years now.

No. 152463

What is with that claw?

No. 152471

I'm not even trying hard
Only loading up a video once in a blue moon
Having less than 700 followers

>my videos get more views than hers

Wtf is wrong here???

No. 152472

She isn't marketing herself right… Face doesnt suit kawaii fashion. Doesnt mingle with weebsters, needs to join communities and other things to push herself.

No. 152491

I thought Japan gobbled up every skinny, pale foreigner who wants to be famous though.

No. 152713

But she's just too old and unattractive

No. 152717

It isnt really age due to other japanese models in their late twenties have careers amd plus taylor R whos 30 nearly models

Himezawa just isnt what theyre after

No. 152723

They only like the photogenic ones who know how to do their makeup and style themselves properly.

No. 152736

i've seen uglier girls get gigs this girl just doesn't do anything. is she a cosplayer or a jfashion model? what is her personality? what does she do? why am i supposed to care about what she does? she randomly sings, does cosplay and is apparently a model? what? i don't know shit about this girl she's all over the place and has no substance in anything she does. she has the personality of a baked vegetable. she's like a pretty cake without sugar why should i eat it.

No. 152742

I wouldn't go as far as saying she's even a "pretty" cake. She's more like a bland grocery store cake that someone tried to decorate to look cuter.

No. 152749

she looks cute to me in the first pic lol if she had a personality her wonky face wouldn't matter. if anything it would make her more of a character. i've seen fugly ass girls have huge followings because they're nice and are actually good at something so you open up to them. this bitch does nothing and isn't stunning enough to get away with it. she's got a goofy face which would be endearing if she was actually good at doing literally anything at all but she isn't. i've never seen anyone with less appeal or charisma than this girl. nothing to draw you to her whatsoever. that's why she's a flop.

No. 152824

OP's pic is shooped anon. See >>143882 for the sad reality that is busu's face.

No. 152826

Oh my god.. And I thought she looked unfortunate in the OP.

No. 152838

File: 1468031045697.png (315.55 KB, 381x482, tumblr_inline_n5yltgxP981qcils…)

it honestly isn't that bad like i said if she had a nice fun personality and was talented at something it wouldn't matter. it's called a redeeming quality. but since she does nothing all she is is a face and hers isn't good on its own lol. sometimes i dig her look when she's doing cult party kei and she's in a group with the other zipper models but idk where they went? was she ever a model? what the fuck was she doing there? bruh i don't even care anymore. if she wants to be a social media personality she's supposed to document that shit so her followers know. she's just a bunch of unanswered questions without a shrivel of personality. there isn't even anything recent to drag her by except her weird face. she is just one ball dropped after the other i don't know how she managed to be a zipper model and go on tv and fail to amount to anything. she's literally the opposite of charismatic. it's a tragedy.

No. 153099

I noticed she seems to post about things she has already done. So anyone who is wanting to watch her perform or model or…. whatever can't go to an event as she will only post about it after

She could so easily say "I will be at blah blah event if anyone wants to come see me" and any of her fans can go and actually meet her. Then they will post about it to their little friends and say about how awesome she is and whatever else she wants them to think about her. ..

Posting about events after is just like… oh look you did a thing.

No. 153139

I don't think so. Scrolling through her Twitter, she always says "I'll appear/model at blah blah" or "I'll appear online in two hours".

Her fanbase is probably just so small, they can't even promote her and go to every minor event she posts about.

No. 153318

File: 1468148824086.jpg (14.08 KB, 275x266, 1446758618807.jpg)

You ain't kawaii Busu, give up. This is so sad.

No. 153376

Sweet Jesus, the zipper on those pants is screaming for mercy

No. 154812

File: 1468407486475.png (22.66 KB, 521x370, scam.png)

Lel. Nottingham-girl, you're here?

No. 154815

Surely posting this person's address is illegal despite the "hacking"? Sabrina is well hardcore now.

No. 154821

If she'd really post this girls legal information on
>as many pages as possible
She's the one who'd get tracked down by law.
Even if this girl has 'stolen' from her

No. 156685

File: 1468819784070.jpg (155.58 KB, 464x437, 1463118890613.jpg)

The girl from Nottingham is fucked,yo!

No. 156905

And this is why you get your shit delivered to an Amazon locker and not your home address, Nottingham girl!!

Anyway, did she come forward?

No. 157701

Why would the IP matter if she has her name and address? Sounds like a bluff, there's no reason not to fire back straight away. Attempted theft and fraud is enough to warrant a strong reaction. I don't believe her.

No. 157703

'Girl from Nottingham' sounds like all she really has to go on is an IP roughly pinpointed to they area

No. 157866

File: 1469124618019.jpg (43.7 KB, 500x500, q8LCeFe.jpg)

She's trying to sell Polaroids now.

No. 157873

That hairstyle really isn't working for her. Unless her goal actually is to make her nose stand out even more.

No. 157880

IA, she should take a page from beckii's book and lose the bangs and curl her hair.

No. 157883

who's gonna buy this shit?

No. 157889

how did she learn japanese?

No. 161584

File: 1469815460209.jpg (46.6 KB, 480x529, 13722010_144956832600960_27695…)

She's going to appear at AkiCos next month, her next shot at fame.

No. 161586

Explain this to the non weebs please. What is this?

No. 161599

Looks like some kind of cosplay event? You can judge for yourself.

No. 161609

Oh man, this place looks exactly like her 'idol event stages'. One of those tiny events only die hard fans will attend.

Can't wait for her 'twin' to visit her in a few weeks though. That'll give me some great laughs

No. 161620


Himezawa at Akikosu Vol.14

August the 7th (Sunday)
Opening: 17h30 (5:30 pm)
Start: 18h00 (6:00 pm)

Going to hold a Special Cosplay Live [Event/Performance]!

Goods will be 50% off!

Pesela Resorts AKIBA Multi-Entertainment
8th Floor Grace Bali


Like the other anon >>161599 said it is a cosplay event. On their website it states that the event that was inspired by the popularity of Cosplay Skit contests abroad (something that has only recently become more of a thing in Japan).I believe that there are cash prizes and shit that contestants can win too.

There is more on their website: http://www.akicos.com/

No. 162034

File: 1469968777214.png (575.22 KB, 429x631, desuu.png)

No. 162035

File: 1469968904456.png (19.41 KB, 572x175, autism.png)

No. 162036

She looks so old! I think it's the eyes.

No. 162037

>I know every line of the History of Japan video
not sure if being sarcastic or just deluded

No. 162038

File: 1469969042986.png (269.44 KB, 554x391, nosehime.png)

No. 162039

File: 1469969316762.png (212.46 KB, 554x391, Busuchan.png)

Now this would be ingteresting

No. 162040

File: 1469969712495.jpg (31.87 KB, 680x387, 1469728657106.jpg)

No. 162047

Looks a bit high fashion to be honest.

No. 162057


I love this photo so much, it sums up 90% of /snow/

No. 162066

I think she's referring to a video that is surprisingly not weeby and very quotable. It's not a stretch for her to memorize it.

It's a dumb tweet, but yeah.

No. 162115

kek'd waaaaayy too hard

No. 162116

File: 1469997330837.jpg (17.7 KB, 266x275, 1446783153936.jpg)

>I'm cute

No. 162223

Her nostrill is almost as big as her eye

No. 162225

File: 1470053453486.jpg (29.83 KB, 500x358, 1465502690014.jpg)

Good one.

No. 162276


Not even "kinda" cute

No. 162277

It's a shooped pic anon , see >>144147

No. 162278


No. 162280

Her fake high pitched voice makes me cringe

No. 162281

File: 1470067150944.png (508.85 KB, 824x412, nightmarefuel.png)

No. 162282

Great, now I have to wash my eyes with bleach!

No. 162361

Wow, the videos on her vlog channel all have around 100-200 views only. All this effort and barely anyone watches them.

Or maybe she films them for herself? Maybe she likes watching herself talk…

No. 162543

Yeah probably

No. 162564

Its so weird to me. Her videos are decent quality (besides her being in them) and there are enough weebs in the world to watch another jvlogger. I would think she'd have around 1k subs at this point, since she's been pushing this for a year now. But only 330? So pathetic.

No. 162566

I think it's bc she's cocky and has no talent. Her vlogs are boring af

No. 162677

Her main channel has more subscribers but barely any views for someone who wants to be a popular idol/tarento/internet personality. And she's doing this in Japan for around 2 years already.

No. 162729

This is why I followed this thread. It's so interesting to me to watch her try, I've seen obviously fake social media accounts get more successful than her

She totally jumped the gun with all her stuff. It seems like the moment she started putting herself out she made a YouTube, a second YouTube, a instagram Facebook and all that shit doing "ask me" and "who's himezawa" and acting like she had so much going for her before anything actually happened and its so unnatural. Most successful online personalities gradually develop their social media

Maybe she thought if she just did it all at once and faked being super popular and interesting people would follow along and the fans would come.

No. 162787

File: 1470231578223.jpeg (99.6 KB, 750x588, image.jpeg)

Why is she meeting with an AV actress?

No. 162808

"Before the after recording session I met Himezawa-chan. I was touched when she said she was a fan!"
Oh… lol

No. 162818

File: 1470240502527.gif (53.61 KB, 275x275, 1455981893329.gif)

She looks like a wasted whore in front of that cute japanese girl kek

No. 162827

She… really doesn't. She's a major tryhard attention whore but that doesn't change the fact that she's pretty.

No. 162834

File: 1470245549240.png (831.17 KB, 905x659, low makeup my ass.png)

I agree, she's nowhere near as cute as she thinks she is and she should get a nosejob and fillers if she wants to be a perfect idoru, but she's conventionally/plainly pretty.
But I also agree with the other anon that standing next to the cute Japanese girl does make her look old.

No. 162841

Yeah, she's far from ugly in my opinion (despite some of her make-up faux pas) but that's why I don't understand why she isn't getting attention based on her looks alone.

There are tons of weebish Youtubers/Instagram girls who look similar to her and post the same shit but have way more followers and views.

No. 162943

So Zawa is a porn fan eh?

No. 162962

lots of women like porn and sex, there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 162967

Wow, that hair improved her so so much. She should ditch the eyebag makeup, and she'd be pretty cute!

No. 162969

File: 1470281265438.jpeg (250.5 KB, 1527x1135, image.jpeg)

This is filtered so much her eyebags are almost gone (although you can clearly see how tired she is). I can't help but to say how cute she looks…. What's wrong with me.

Too bad she has no lips, but I'm really digging the new hair. Damn it.

No. 163119

Do I smell sarcasm?

No. 163125


Its not very kawaii desu though

No. 163127

Looking cute doesn't seem to help with her popularity and career though.

Maybe we're both just blind and other people genuinely think she's just average or even ugly, lel.

No. 163149


its because there is too many himezawas out there already and nothing stands out about her

she's meh at the most

No. 163158

Yeah, plus she looks quite haggard for her age. She's not "doing it right", so she's completely wasting any chance she has at being taken seriously. If only she'd focus on one thing, and not claim to be a talent in everything in the world.

No. 163914

File: 1470598146704.png (550.26 KB, 574x607, akicos.png)

Busuzawa making friends at AkiCos

No. 163915

File: 1470598255200.jpg (89.35 KB, 750x791, busuchan.jpg)

No. 163917

Her new hair is 10/10 but I'd never call her pretty. Not even plainly pretty. She has a dick nose, no lips and horrible teeth. The hair really helps though, the bangs seem to shorten her nose somewhat.

No. 163920

being a perv if totes kawaii, what are you on

No. 163974

I wish fat transfer surgery was affordable it does WONDERS to skinny faces

No. 163990

does himezawa lurk here?

No. 164048

She does or used to. In one of the older threads, there's an angry Facebook rant where she whines about farmers nit-picking her nose.

No. 164063

>those wide bony shoulders
Even if she did get surgery on her nose and upper lip she will never be able to change her awkward-teenage-boy-after-a-growth-spurt body. I feel quite bad for her, actually. To be so focused on a single goal in life that she never even stood a chance at achieving.

No. 164097

Fucking lol, seems like she has beef with two Notts gals; myself included. Ahh entertaining.

No. 164127

Tbh you're being too harsh. Literally any 'odd' facial or body feature can look pretty and unique unless the person is literally disfigured. Just look at the London Look girl, or whatsherface with the fugly butch brows and pig nose.

The issue is that she keeps trying to squeeze herself into kawaii Japaroo loli clothes when they obviously don't suit her. The hime cut did her no favours either. She shouldn't be wearing cap sleeves with frills on them and long, flat hair with a blunt fringe. Or really anything she wears atm, though >>163915 doesn't look too bad on her tbh. It has volume on the sides, which she so desperately needs.

I just want to grab her and burn her clothes so I could dress her in something fitting. Ugh. She'd suit dramatic, sharp clothing a lot more, I hate it when weeaboos try to shoehorn themselves into this style, you can like anime and aidorus without looking like an ugly womanchild.

No. 166191

File: 1471362118833.jpg (61.13 KB, 750x750, 13628122_60225140994.jpg)

>Busu mutating into Sheena

No. 166193

No. 166221

This made me recoil from my screen a little bit when I scrolled down, thanks. Busu has never been very pretty, but what the hell is she even trying to do here? Definitely getting Sheena vibes.

No. 166249

She looks like a kawaii granny.

No. 166265

>pregnant spiderman
>she's dressed as elsa
Were they making a toy review video?

also, she looks much better with her hair dark now

No. 166690

Her new hair looks a lot better.
She's not ugly, just normal looking and really boring. It's kinda sad to see her try so hard.

That was my first thought as well lmao.

No. 166733

Is your nose really big?

No. 167049

File: 1471679851919.jpg (139.66 KB, 1500x1000, 1hUiSci.jpg)

…genuinely shocked me for a bit

No. 167054

i like this better than her kawaii look

No. 167081

I like her hair here. This look is good for her.

No. 167106

>Tbh you're being too harsh
>whatsherface with the fugly butch brows and pig nose.

No. 167116

Yes and?
I have a small Asian nose honey, keep fishing ;*

No. 167138

You mean a flat broad nose?

No. 167140

There's more than one type of Asian noses, like three. Anon probably has a small flat potato nose.

No. 167146

Would be a good photo if she didn't have that fucking makeup making her look high af. Also that lingerie's bra cup's are about 4 sizes too big for her.

No. 167148

File: 1471716403926.jpeg (43.64 KB, 500x292, image.jpeg)

I can't be the only one getting "sekushii Fox Mulder" from this one

No. 169530

No. 169752

Her new hair suits her a lot more.

No. 169753

Not again. Does she even get real questions or is she making some up by herself?

No. 169783

I think she does get real questions. Everytime she begs for them, she receives 2-10. Can't tell if this is a lot or not.

No. 169784

I wonder when Taylor will contact Himezawa? Oh wait lol

She aint famous enough :^)

No. 171178

File: 1472989098320.jpg (103.06 KB, 1200x900, Cral1e8VMAESNk2.jpg)

No. 171182

File: 1472989449622.jpg (76.71 KB, 1200x750, Crb6cNxUsAA1Dm5.jpg)

No. 171186

Literally as horribly bad as her music and dancing.

No. 171254

Damn her art is really shit

No. 171256

Yeah to say she studied art - this is fucking awful.

No. 171260

Edgy as fuck

No. 171261

tbh I like the makeup, it makes her look like a drunk/horny anime character in the cutest way possible.

No. 171313

Man, I wish I had her confidence and support system. Any self-aware 13 year old would be too embarrassed to post this kind of absolute crap and here she goes, in addition to noodling around London and Tokyo having the time of her life. The only thing not painfully mediocre about her is her ego.
I wonder how long it'll take before she returns to Germany. Her ~stage actress~ phase didn't last long (I still wonder how she got there in the first place), but becoming Wapanese has been her endgame all along, so I hope she keeps wasting her time in glorious Nippon trying to rise above her amateurish delusions until her funds run out and it's too late for her to do something worthwhile.

I could see her returning to Germany and take on a seamstress apprenticeship to try and launch her own ~fashion line~, inspired by the time she totally was a celebrity in Japan of course.

Where do y'all think she'll be in five years?

No. 171321

Himezawa isn't having the time of her life in Japan. Take it from someone here, she's pretty miserable. She can't speak a lick of Japanese and has no idea what an idol is or anything about jpop culture outside of Lolita fashion. She fucked her connections in the gaijin aidoru and fashion community and only has her gaijin hunter husband. Albeit she does get a bit of attention for being a gangly white girl with a tengu nose, but besides that nobody gives a shit about her. She would do much better as a Lolita model than the idol bullshit.

No. 171334

The only one giving a shit about her is her clone who'll visit her next month

No. 171392

Why making new twitter though? She might have just post it on her regular twitter

No. 171395

Still in Japan. Possibly being a housewife and part-time model. Busu did say in a video she was planning to stay there. What's going to happen to her husband for example? Foreigners like her don't have any reason to crawl back because of all the attention they get and obviously, Japan lived up to her fantasies enough which is why she's still there.

No, I think Busu's having plenty of fun what with all those photoshoots, cosplay events and flatteries. Maybe she has finally realized she isn't going anywhere with that idol/author thing and shifting her focus on cosplay.

No. 171525

File: 1473114891743.png (42.59 KB, 534x586, patreon.png)

Apparently, she's been kicked out of art college after an accident. Probably didn't get to study it much.

No. 171629

Or she just made up a sob story

No. 171637

I think she gets real questions, but not many. She's delusional af so no doubt she's making up some questions by herself

No. 171638

So weeby

No. 171639

File: 1473133323433.png (24.63 KB, 569x194, kekkitykek.png)

No. 171641

File: 1473133506211.png (17.52 KB, 588x169, busu.png)

No. 171643

File: 1473133577325.jpg (344.87 KB, 808x808, 1471292216163.jpg)

Keep that shitty "art" to yourself,honey.

No. 171646

File: 1473133712535.png (150.06 KB, 577x350, genuinesmile.png)

No. 171647


No. 171648

Spoiled little rich girl problems…

No. 171649

File: 1473133988319.png (79.91 KB, 391x345, 1473133712535.png)

i'm legitimately scared

No. 171663

tbh I think it's bullshit.
you don't get "kicked out" of art school unless you fucked up something real bad… Not your hand. lol

No. 171674

Especially because art schools get paid from you. They won't kick out their money cows for sth like a broken hand as long as that hand still pays it's student fees

No. 171715

Gaijin hunter husband confirmed. Probably couldn't get an American wife and settled for a German girl who speaks British English.

No. 171762

fucking hell!!!!

No. 171911

Now she knows how people feel about her

No. 172517

File: 1473423604119.png (71.63 KB, 588x311, baitochan.png)

No. 172518

Has she been on the sniff? She's so fucking irritating.

No. 172562

Is that even safe to do?! I'm creeped out..

No. 172579

File: 1473444980635.jpg (34.08 KB, 634x311, 1389929543_015.jpg)

Maybe she's gonna do that trick where you put the needle through the first layer of skin on your fingers and palm.

No. 172587

File: 1473446167540.gif (8.23 KB, 256x192, bdUryyp.gif)

That's a desperate attempt to get more attention if I've ever seen one. It's so out of left field for her too, I'd get it if she had more of an edgy persona, but…

> "Moderu Tarento kawaii Cosplayer-chan!!"

> "watch me sew through my skin"

has she given up on being an idol?

No. 172648

Maybe she has finally realised no Japanese guy will give a shit a out an Aidoru who is married.
Not exactly going for that innocent and unobtainable persona is she?

No. 172654


fucking ignore that attention seeking whore.

she's obviously discovered tokyo ghoul (super fucking late too) and now she's trying to be edgy imitating suzuya juuzou.

for those who don't know: suzuya juuzou is one of the characters in tokyo ghoul, who has stitches on his body that he himself inflicted as a form of body modification.

in a nutshell: she's nothing more than a stupid weeaboo.

No. 173160

Disgusting, unsubscribed

No. 173224

She has a new patreon thing going on, begging her followers for at least 400€ until the end of this month, but 800€ in total, because -wait, now it's coming- her second computer/laptop is in it's last breath within only TWO months!! How?

Also, just the pure fact that she'd need to beg for money online (if it's true that it is for her laptop) shows that her husband is a pure visa thing and doesn't give a shit about his wife, otherwise he'd help her, instead of making her beg online

No. 173256


i'm pretty sure the visa husband is encouraging her to beg for money online

No. 173258

I actually kind of like this, but not in the way she's intending. This looks like a still from a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane type movie…I want to see a movie like that made but the weeb version. Where Himezawa just goes nuts and imprisons Venus or something and feeds her dead birds.

No. 173261

Suzuya Juuzou was an annoying character most of the time tbh. But I guess it's the most ~edgy~ character in the series indeed.

No. 173291

Why were you subscribed in the first place?

No. 173382

Aww seems like mommy and daddy cut her off finally.

No. 173558

she's lying through her teeth, I've personally seen her drive in Germany.

No. 173577

If she bought that PC new it's still under warranty. I don't get it.

No. 173595

Me neither, it's a blatant lie

No. 173596

uh for lush desperate weeaboo content

No. 173603

Maybe she doesn't know about the warranty and how to claim it because her japanese isn't very good and she probably lacks a common sense too

No. 173607

Her husband's Japanese is probably fine though?

No. 173610

Didn't she herself said that they aren't even living together (which is by fact illegal)

No. 173620

Pretty sure they're legit together. She used to post videos and tweets about him, implying it's not just a pure visa marriage.

No. 173621

File: 1473767267308.jpg (74.79 KB, 588x594, takizawa.jpg)

No. 173623

It was more about her having her own apartment

No. 174444

No. 174675

File: 1474112700369.png (459.2 KB, 383x566, squid.png)

No. 174676

File: 1474112844092.jpg (70.7 KB, 516x440, 1471280817030.jpg)

I'm genuinely disgusted

No. 174735

Oh grossssssssss.

No. 176802

File: 1474809244758.png (560.34 KB, 573x536, k.png)

No. 176803

wtf is happening with her chin?

No. 176809

Probably a fail attempt in shooping her face shorter.

I tried this with my own face a few times and if you don't get it right it'll end up like this

No. 176811

Her hair looks cute, not gonna lie. But what's up with that awful eyeliner? She shouldn't end it halfway like that, it makes her look more retarded.

No. 176827

File: 1474816994347.jpg (41.01 KB, 720x334, _20160925_172254.jpg)


No. 176832

I cant tell if she's being petty or not

No. 176867

>gravure idol competition
>apparently looking for busty idols?

Zawa isn't expecting to win so there's that.

No. 177459

File: 1474999381048.png (689.57 KB, 813x455, tgs2016.png)

Video: https://abemafresh.tv/aki_ste/42513

It's a segment about the Tokyo Games Show where Zawa appears. I only watched 20 minutes here and there but is she just that boring or is it normal not to talk as a special guest?

No. 177460

She probably doesn't understand anything at all during the interview and her Japanese still might be shit. Is she even attending a language school at least?

No. 177462

Yeah, I can confirm it's total bullshit, got a friend in art school who is taking time off (more than half a year by now) because of delibetating health issues and they don't mind as long as you pay your semester fees. I assume Busu did go to art school in Germany, friend is german as well.

She more than likely quit art school herself and you can practically forget getting back into one after that and the same school won't ever take you back from what I was told by said friend, it's the reason why he's still paying his fees even if he lives in quasi-poverty.

No. 177470

To be honest, I assumed she was more or less fluent because her pronunciation sounds heaps better than in that old weeaboo clip of hers.

No. 177501

The things she said, are things she always says during interviews. So it's all pretty much rehearsed.

No. 177529

I'm a weeb and I can pronounce shit properly. Pronouncing japanese is some of the easiest shit too since all vowels always sound the same.

No. 177907

Taylor has a pretty significant following so she'd probably try and suck up to her for promo points.

No. 178087

Wow that thirst is REAL

No. 178723

File: 1475427598894.jpg (12.01 KB, 240x240, IbMBGgRB.jpg)

Get used to it, butterface

No. 182977

File: 1476469156316.png (46.05 KB, 580x315, busu.png)

No. 182979

Now busu is a super special asexual snowflake!!1

No. 182981

Proofs for that her husband is really just good for the visa. Wonder what she's paying him

No. 182989

Yikes why would you post that

No. 182995

Yeah Sabrina, I'm sure your dad totally said that.

No. 183000

Why do all the attention seeking bitches come out as "ace" nowadays?

No offense to actual asexual people.
It's just that Ive been seeing (both internet and RL) thirsty attention whores who have been fucking guys left and right suddenly come out as "ace". And they are all spoiled too.

No. 183003

Everyone I've ever met that is "ace" is really just a plain old straight person, usually something like Christian, that wants to be apart of the LGBT crowd. It's really insulting to put that in there with LGBT since "ace" people have no issues.

No. 183004

That's a creepy thing to say to your daughter…

No. 183014

>hey virgin NEETs did I mention I'm like totes asexual and pure
>look at my boobs tho!!

No. 183016

She has no boobs
>yumi king has bigger boobs

No. 183019

That's how it reads to me too, tbh.

No. 186109

File: 1477001293137.jpg (255.21 KB, 720x621, IMG_20161020_234820.jpg)


No. 186388


No. 186392

oh come on as if that's something they could actually do. You cant just look at a few photos of a garment and magically know the pattern.

No. 186709


Actually there is a form of dyslexia where you can see a dress and create a similar pattern yourself.

What I find ridiculous about it…. She says it's for a cosplay… That many people will be trying to recreate… Pattern for the dress is probably different but the outlook will be the same. Because cosplay

No. 186717

I just hardly doubt that shhe has created this by herself in thr first way

No. 186730

If it's a cosplay, that means it's not her design anyway lol. They probably just made the cosplay and used her photo as a "worn" photo, it's pretty common with taobao cosplay retailers.

No. 186753

So she's trying to make it sound like they stole her design, not just using her photo? lol this girl.

No. 186811

That's…what it seems like…. girl wtf

No. 186881

She's just so self-absorbed that she thinks everything she does is original and inconceivable for anyone else but her.

No. 190644

does anyone know where I can find her single? I wanted the instrumental because I like the style but I'm not really up to give her money

No. 190792

File: 1477881866029.jpg (208.08 KB, 1275x895, IMG_9875.JPG)

Who is she with

No. 190934

Her husband probably

No. 191093

probably a manager or something. her husband is more of a twink

No. 192972

File: 1478170105460.jpg (344.1 KB, 1681x2048, IMG_20161103_114236.jpg)

Her art is stunning as ever… And she's releasing another book.

No. 192982

at first glance I thought that that was some ahegao shit or something until I saw the arms

No. 209525


Zawa uploads song covers again.

She still sounds half tone-deaf but those singing lessons were definitely worth it lol.

No. 209544

File: 1481039773732.png (411.86 KB, 470x713, w343q45.png)

Huh…for some reason I'm surprised she likes drawing guro.

No. 209578

File: 1481045233456.png (205.64 KB, 759x420, babywolf.png)

So she's joined an idol group called Baby Wolf.

Being the token exotic foreigner among all those Japanese girls is gonna blow up her ego even more, kek.

No. 209593

Ah yes, this substyle of guro also known as I have no idea how to draw hands or basic anatomy so here's some broken tubes I'll just pretend are chopped up arms

No. 209596

samefagging but this one she definitely copied from somewhere.

No. 209982

Yeah, it reminds me of a Shintaro Kago piece but I can't find the original at the moment.

No. 210317

You can listen to the autotune on the chorus part of the song though (around 1:12, 1:20, etc), her voice is it's really distorted

No. 210321


No. 210323

Hands are the hardest part to draw so I'm not surprised she just chopped them off

No. 210429

File: 1481204562514.png (113.88 KB, 640x893, IMG_1067.PNG)

Roommate? Doesn't she mean her "husband"?

No. 210431

We all know that she's NOT living together with her husband

No. 210853

File: 1481261776116.jpg (14.62 KB, 225x225, 1478296338460.jpg)

She's asexual now DUH

No. 210854

File: 1481261847934.png (50.89 KB, 581x332, busuchan.png)

No. 210855

>here's a list of reasons why I didn't succeed, def not because I have no talent or looks!!1!
So sad, jesus christ.

No. 210856

Who are you to talk about talent? Girl stop

No. 210951

The fun thing is,
>this isn't true at all

I know a bunsh of people who don't have supportive 'chill' parents who made it in Japan. And no you also don't have to start in your early teens to learn the language. Learning languages is getting a little harder when you grow older, that's true, but it's not impossible if you just put in some little effort.

No. 211094

Busu actually doesn't sound deluded for once. Is this why she's aiming for China now?

Honestly, I think she's pretty enough for Japan, since they don't seem to have any standards for foreigners besides "be foreign, don't be fat and deformed, wear make-up". And it's not like underground idols have to be incredibly talented. She has had all these opportunities just like other foreigners with idol or other similar aspirations but remains a nobody while others are getting an actual fanbase. Maybe I'm overrating Busu's looks and ability to market herself, idk.

No. 211096

The problem is that she has no charisma. She's 100% uninteresting

No. 211100

File: 1481298134580.png (82.83 KB, 558x690, busutweets.png)

There's more to these tweets >>210854.

No. 211104

File: 1481298331020.png (65.88 KB, 583x648, selfaware-busu.png)

No. 211118

So much second hand embarrassment

No. 211187

The weeaboo dreams die.

She's finally seeing reality.

No. 211228


lol and japs arent POC

ok then

No. 211255

she obviously means non-asian POC, don't be daft

No. 211277

Other Asian people have it harder than white people, actually.

No. 211340

they cant tell them apart unless they speak so how?

No. 211344

Do you really think Japanese people can't tell Japanese and Chinese apart? Or Japanese and Thai? Or Japanese and Malaysian?

No. 223606


Update: himezawa got a normal office job, is in some idol group called babywolf, released a new book, got a new phone and laptop…

No. 223622

sage for OT but this kind of attitude is silly

just because we're Asian doesn't mean we're born with some kind of special power to tell each other apart. we can generally have an idea of the region (southeast or east Asia), but it's never a guarantee. it's like expecting white people to have the secret power of decoding who is Norwegian and who is Swedish without them speaking the language.

No. 223628

I live in a small ass European country of 5mil and even I can't tell who's a foreigner and who isn't. That's not how it works. Unless you have very distinctive features or are super inbred like people can neither tell where you're from nor bring themselves to care where you're from. Americans, I swear.

No. 223630

sorry we're as bland as hard boiled eggs

No. 223640

>>223628 >>223622
I'm European living in Japan. I can tell you if someone's not Japanese, especially if they're from SEA or wherever.

No. 223796

That's nice. I'm ethnically Japanese and lived in Japan for over half of my life, and while it's easy to tell who's a foreigner based on their behavior, you can't always differentiate between the different kinds of east Asian in terms of looks. Anyone who thinks they always can is fooling themselves.

No. 224035

She looks so much better with this short hair… it's actually a cute style. If she did her makeup a bit more toned down than this, she could look cute.

No. 224043

They usually confuse physical features with makeup and clothes ime. Like yeah, a Japanese-American from Texas will look different from a native Japanese in Japan, but when you take off the slap and fake tan you wouldn't be able to tell.

No. 224182

File: 1483103013686.jpg (393.92 KB, 1156x1920, tumblr_oiz1xzmmSY1vvtozmo2_128…)

Found her fat twin

No. 224183

File: 1483103031964.jpg (721 KB, 1080x1698, tumblr_oiz1xzmmSY1vvtozmo1_128…)


No. 240706

File: 1485528431912.png (416.08 KB, 582x597, image.png)

No. 240707

File: 1485528475198.jpg (148.07 KB, 900x675, purity_by_kurouda-d4ah23m.jpg)

nice nose shoop busu!

No. 240708

File: 1485528653560.jpg (249.91 KB, 829x825, 1421245284013.jpg)

No. 240716

File: 1485530296834.jpg (9.72 KB, 249x200, 1447649984382.jpg)

This is how she wants to look

No. 240720

File: 1485530509738.jpg (105.92 KB, 750x750, uglywolf.jpg)

Maybe she got a nose job, anon. Saburina is a famous idol member now lol.

Anyone else think the girls are all plain ugly-ish? It was a good decision by their company/agency to put in a blonde exotic girl to grab some attention.

No. 240725

Even for idols these look very boring, and yet himezawa still looks ugly compared to them.

No. 240727

Don't be naive. Western = automatically pretty to Japanese people.

No. 240741

Did she get another haircut? She looks like a transgender scarecrow.

No. 240750

File: 1485534165695.png (395.52 KB, 912x662, nah.png)

Nope.Same uhly ass nose. This is a recent pic too. Also, full recovery takes MONTHS

No. 240751

No. 240752

File: 1485534220494.jpg (66.46 KB, 358x475, mlady.jpg)

No. 240754

File: 1485534268288.png (47.18 KB, 568x336, images.png)

No. 240755

Yes, you literally ARE attention-whoring. GTFO

No. 240759

She needs that attention though. Look at her Youtube views. Nobody watches her videos unless the content is interesting and relevant.
What could be better than a coming out video? It'd garner her lots of supportive comments and views.

No. 240765

She looks like that mixhail guy or whatever his name is on IG
Who pretended to be half Japanese only to say he's Russian

I just recently stumbled upon her, but damn-
If I didn't know any better, I would've assumed she was a guy whose into that visual Kei look but couldn't make it work but kept the long hair

No. 240780


No. 240866

So… what happened to the japanese guy she was dating? >>240754

No. 241136

She married the guy to get a visa. What a cunt

No. 241165

Looks like it. Shame, she actually looked really cute with this >>162969 length.

No. 241315

She's in a cringe comp - skip to 2:31

No. 241351

The amount of secondhand embarrassment that caused me…

No. 241466

This video is legendary

No. 241528

Is this a sneer towards Aminyan? Cause I remember that Aminyan complained before about White idols in Japan, so I immediately read it in that content. And it fits tbh.

No. 241530

Imagine someone saying they envy her tall nose. kek

No. 241585

it's not that hard for someone who studied design and has experience. Actually, I can make a dress 90% similar to hers (-10% because I don't know which fabric she used).

No. 243249

File: 1485988130021.jpg (24.66 KB, 268x275, 1451937618348.jpg)

tf did just i watch

No. 243485

File: 1486016434528.png (20.57 KB, 565x158, images.png)

No. 243504

Wow lol, so she's pulling that to seem special and less privileged. L

No. 243532

Is there a follow-up on this? I doubt she identifies as male. What's her snowflake identity and pronouns?

No. 243549

With her face and body type it might actually be a smart 'career' (lol) move for her to drop the feminine aidoru shit and create a more androgynous/bishounen image. Surgery could fix her nose, but nothing can fix her awkward lanky teen boy body. As such she'll never be a truly successful cute girl idol but she might be able to appeal to fujoshi as a fakeboy in a butler cafe or something.

No. 243565

File: 1486046973417.png (47.61 KB, 583x276, theheck.png)

Himezawa-chan doesn't want to be Japan's toppu aidoru anymore.

No. 243567


Non-Asians just need to realize that the Japanese really don't want non-asians and they prefer Japanese girls(they barely want Asians from other countries as idols). If they do want to be idols they should at least learn how to sing and produce their own music, there are enough cute Japanese girls who do the same shit they're doing so they need to set themselves apart.

No. 243593

>they need to set themselves apart
I mean, they already look vastly different from Japanese and other Asian girls, and Japan loves blue-eyed blondes. Isn't that enough?

No. 243600

I think Japanese otaku prefer Japanese girls because they can relate to them and see them as pure/cute which are things they can't see in white people. Non-Asians can't come into the idol thing trying to do the same thing as Japanese girls because it just doesn't work.

No. 243627

>I think Japanese otaku prefer Japanese girls because they can relate to them

>and see them as pure/cute which are things they can't see in white people.

Ok I don't agree with this part, many white celebrities are described as sweet and pure (Elle Fanning for example, even Miranda Kerr is described as Kawaiiiii), it's more about the language barrier, culture and certain looks

The only foreign girl I know who was close to the "idol" concept is Dakota. She has a cover in Pop teen, the ultimate weeaboo dream…

No. 243637

I think you're talking about a different kind of idol. Dakota doesn't even come close to the idol concept.
Keekihime, kerukkuma and Beckii Cruel were real foreign idols but they all had brownish hair and could speak Japanese.

No. 243647

In Japan white people have a rep as being sluts, which means otaku might be intimidated by them. Also, it's just hard for a lot of people to see someone who isn't the same race as them as "the girl next door", which is the whole point of idols. If a white girl knew how to sing and produced good music I think the Japanese could ignore the fact that she's white but if she can't do that there are many Japanese girls to choose from and there would be no point in paying attention to her.

The "Japanese love white girls" concept is completely thrown out of the window in the idol industry where Asian girls are preferred…
And if we look at issues like visas etc, companies are less likely to waste time and money on foreigners for long when they could just find 46373737 Japanese girls for half the effort and money who can do the same shit, if not better.

No. 243650

>Japan loves blue-eyed blondes
As being the cool foreign moderu-san, yes. But not as being the cute idol waifu. If even haafus lack in the idol industry, what makes you think complete foreigners are wanted there?

No. 243655

I agree. And to add on to that, re:the point about Miranda Kerr and Elle Fanning, those are white women who are seen as cute specifically by Japanese women envious of their looks, not guys who would be into idols.

No. 243662

>Keekihime, kerukkuma and Beckii Cruel were real foreign idols
Real idols? they were self proclaimed "freelance idols"

>but they all had brownish hair and could speak Japanese.

But they aren't fluent, not even close. The brownish hair has nothing to do with this lol

>In Japan white people have a rep as being sluts
This couldn't be further from the truth, avoid this kind of statements. Race baiting.

No. 243666

>race baiting
We live in a world where people stereotype each other, and unfortunately that's the reputation westerners have in Japan.

No. 243669

No race discussions in /snow/.

No. 243670

Eh, No? Most people are repectful. Please stop.

No. 243673

Making assumptions about people doesn't mean a person is being rude. A person can have a thought without expressing it.

No. 243676

They all joined groups at one point, like Himezawa. What's considered a real idol then?

No. 243683

I guess they means really popular idols like some of the girls in akb48 etc, which is a status no foreigner who doesn't have Asian blood as achieved yet.

No. 243685

Fame and reputation.

Those girls lack of notoriety.

It's like those self proclaimed living dolls on IG, some of them do it right, some of them are just try-hard girls, it takes more than a pair of circle lenses and a liz lisa wardrobe.

No. 243701

By your understanding, aren't most Japanese underground idols (and Himezawa) not idols? They lack fame and reputation. No one knows them except of hardcore male fans.

No. 243704

Don't get me wrong, I know they are giving their best, it's just that the idol dream is a very very difficult one. Himezawa accepted this. I hope she feels better now. She's pretty and talented imo.

No. 243707

Humm… some of them have the potential, but I think a real idol is amired and considered a role model, that's why reputation and fame are important when it comes to idols.

No. 243715

Talented? How?

No. 243721

Beckii Cruel was a real idol. Read: was.
Had a following of Japanese fanboys, was represented by an actual company, made a photobook or two, did official commercials, was featured in magazines, made two English-learning DVD/book sets, etc.
Out of all these white weeb chicks, she got the closest to the idol dream. She kinda threw it all away, though.

No. 243726

well, she likes to write kek I was just trying to be nice.


A fan? low standards? No, I'm the anon saying that I never considered them idols, read again.

No. 243980

File: 1486133056813.png (988.45 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_ois34qLbE01vaaf3bo3_128…)

after all this time, she finally realized it. it's a miracle!!

No. 244362

Ah, okay, I get it. She couldn't break through with the idol scene. (I can't blame her. The age limit is really young for that kind of thing.) I'm kind of of the unpopular opinion her face is homely in an innocent kind of way. Like, she could model for Innocent World or Juliette et Justine since they like that kind of basic but sort of cute white girl look. Lolitas kind of don't give a fuck about age and a lot of professions there don't mind older girls, especially if female dominated. She just needs to pick better choices.

No. 244834

According to an anon from the new idol thread, Baby Wolf isn't an actual idol group that makes music or does show performances.
Does that mean we won't get to see her weird dancing and flailing around on stage? Anon, are you still here? lol

No. 244860

Not that anon but I tried Google G Baby Wolf and can't find anything about them at all. Other than a list on Himezawas website where she put a date of a livestream where she joins them.

I am starting to think the whole joining Baby Wolf was just an appearance on a livestream with them and she isn't actually a member of the group at all. After all we have heard nothing about them from Himezawa and normally she doesn't stop spouting about how much she is working for her aidoru dreams.

No. 244895

>we have heard nothing about them
She posted on instagram about joining the idol group Baby Wolf and keeps appearing in their livestreams. You can see pics on Twitter about them. I was looking forward to seeing her perform lol but if that anon was right, they don't even do music but only stream? I'm disappointed.

No. 247027

File: 1486531587811.png (31.64 KB, 275x234, 1447167735617.png)

So..her pronouns are they/them now?

No. 250315

Lol she looks like a drag queen next to them.

No. 250319

Told you guys she's not in an idol group. She's a fucking liar and you can't believe anything she says.

No. 250320

Sorry to be problematic. I meant *~they~*

No. 261799

I was checking some videos of a music tv show that airs on NHK World called J-Melo and I found our swamp queen there lol

They have a website where people can send singing videos and then they show a segment of it on the show. Apparently Busuzawa sent them that one where she sings completely off pitch LOL does she have shame

sorry for the resurrection

No. 261810

OT but man if only koots had half the desperation this girl does … lol

No. 264643

File: 1488862389570.png (308.7 KB, 525x583, cbIIFYk.png)

She's getting rid of her pet snake, what a surprise

No. 264653

Which of the videos?

No. 264684

Too busy to take care of a snake? I call bullshit on her. She probably has no money to take care of it anymore or simply doesn't want it anymore as it doesn't give her any kawaii bonus points like a cat or dog would've done

No. 265600

J-melo Singer Search (19/04/2015)

She's the first.
I thought I had linked it directly but apparently the link doesn't work, sorry about that

No. 265615

So her visa husband can't take care of it?

No. 266001

I agree with the bullshit. Snakes are not that difficult to take care of.

They eat once a week (twice if they are young, as in under a year)
You clean their poop once its done, again once a week. Full Viv clean out every two or three weeks. This takes fifteen minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the Viv. Seriously, nobody is too busy to take care of a snake.

No. 269953

This is a girl whose idea of a "busy" day consists of a few hours of modelling, singing and dancing lessons. She likes to exaggerate lol.

No. 270840

File: 1489690182939.png (561.16 KB, 522x609, zawa.png)

Dang, what an ego boost. She probably looks like Draco Malfoy or Luna Lovegood to the girls.

No. 272032

They're probably all trying to correct her, thinking she is cosplaying Deacon Malfoy, but with the wrong scarf.

No. 272040

Why do they all have the same hairstyle?

No. 272042

I'm not sure Himezawa enjoys being in Japan anymore. Even if she got there, she's going through the same crisis Pixyteri is going through… her idol dreams and expectations were crushed, and feeling irrelevant now, she decided she's a man (perhaps because she feels better as a male than trying to compete with prettier females). Ironically, I find she looks much cuter now than she used to in her idol wannabe days, with her short hair and natural look.

She now has a real boring job like everyone else and the kawaii Japan novelty is gone. There is no more milk to Himezawa, but it's shocking to see how hard her ego got run through the mud, specially since she used to fake her fame (remember when she claimed a ton of girls were taking her picture?)

No. 272066

I've never been to usj but it seems like maybe not many white foreigners go there? Pmt also got attention when she went there.

No. 274246

Yeah, it's disillusioning how she moved to Japan two or three years ago and thought she'd totally become "big in Japan" but never took off. At least, there's no shortage of Japanese girls willing to prop up her ego once in a while lmao.

>real boring job

What is she working as now?

No. 274262

There's been more foreigners since they opened Harry Potter World but not a whole lot. Japanese take pictures with foreigners there bc they assume they work at USJ and are off duty since most of the performers are foreigners. And sometimes middle/high schoolers do it just to have foreigners in their photos. It means nothing and is pretty common.

No. 274272

No one knows because she's keeping it private. In any case Himezawa wasn't a real idol, she self-funded every music video and gig she got, her dancing/singing lessons and her photoshoots (she complained about this on twitter some months ago). She had a manager (I suspect either her own husband or someone she hired with her parents money and patreon) who would push her into modeling jobs and those awkward streams but she ended up cracking, that's when she took a youtube break. Nowadays she hardly ever uploads videos, she's given up on the YT thing as well.

My theory is that she realized it was too much money and effort for what she recieved. I know many foreign idols from different countries and spending less they have a much bigger fanbase than she's ever had, because they can actually sing and perform well or engage their japanese audience. Hardly any of Himezawa's videos reach the thousand views and you have to give it to her, she does put effort in her videos. But she's just that boring and whiny, nothing she ever did took off.

Basically, she's full on quarter life crisis. If I were her I'd go back to Europe, there's still time to pursue an actual career.

No. 291377

File: 1492141532897.png (374.25 KB, 774x436, kek.png)

who is she trying to fool?

No. 291401

Did she finally get that nosejob or is she just shooping it away?

No. 291440

Nah, the right pic is more recent

No. 294603

File: 1492619007014.jpg (53.07 KB, 640x960, 15826721_1203009396444149_9069…)

i'm kinda shit at recognizing faces so sorry if i'm wrong but… is this her? sage just in case

No. 294604

File: 1492619054120.jpg (43.67 KB, 960x640, 15873307_1203009259777496_1592…)

samefagging but here's another pic

No. 294711

>nasolabial folds meme
Yeah, it looks like her. Or him or whatever she's now. Didn't bother to watch her special gender video.

No. 296680

she should stick to the bishie route honestly
and with the new gender thing/short it suits her more and she looks less try-hard-y in her new vlogs (the ones she isn't taking at least).

looks like she wants a taylor R approach

No. 299503

File: 1493263408698.png (809.95 KB, 912x471, image.png)

>not girl, not boy, just me

No. 299508

Never realized that cutting your hair short and wearing a raglan shirt means you're no longer a girl

No. 299515

Claims to be neither male or female. Uses Japanese male form for me/I

No. 299521


The amount of special in one caption made me cream. Wow I had no idea one person could be so complicated and unique. Someone should write her biography.

No. 299547

I always thought she looked way better in those old crossplaying pics.
The genderspecial shit is super tiresome but I'm kinda glad for this style change otherwise lol.

No. 299598

This style suits her so much better but the way she acts about it is just so retarded. Can't she just dress and do her hair however she wants and not be a total idiot about it?

No. 299612


Hopping on the LGBT bandwagon now that she failed at being famous, what a surprise.

No. 300938

What do Japanese think when foreigners use the wrong pronouns? Too polite to correct them? lol She obviously looks and sounds like a girl.

No. 300967


why isn't she just going for the tomboy style? It would fit perfect for her current hairstyle and she would be less annoying without this muuhh genderfluid whatever attitude, but I guess it would mean less attention …

No. 347153

Kinda old news, but Zawa confirms in the comments that she won't be making Japanese idol music anymore. Instead she'll drop an album of a different music genre in fall or winter.

I'm disappointed that we won't get to see more of her toppu idol shenanigans and bad dancing lol. It's the end of Himezawa's special snowflake phase.

No. 347227

She didn't even know what idols were so I'm glad she jumped off the bandwagon.

No. 386134

File: 1505332729811.png (750.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170913-205637.png)

Himezawa seems to have dropped the whole fakeboi trend. And is also apparently touring around unknown stages in Tokyo

No. 386243

I can't believe she is still uploading videos regularly despite having less than 1000 views most of the time. I guess she still thinks she can make it in Japan.

No. 386247

is she still relevant? I mean, even Yukapon has more followers than her nowadays in every sns and she doesn't try that hard kek

No. 386254

also this
watch from 2:48 for maximum keks

No. 386264

She can't even speak Japanese.

No. 386273

Those halls are gonna be empty lmao

No. 386337

Who would actually pay to see her though?? She's delusional.

No. 386358

The blackhole is the rattiest little shithole I've ever been at, I can just imagine how the other stages look like. Though ikebukuro blackhole only has (safe) space for maybe 60 people or so.

No. 386378

I doubt she can gather 60 people together. I'd surprised if 10 show up.

No. 386483

Maybe she's just part of a bigger show and it's guaranteed there will be an audience.

No. 386497

Actually think so, usually blackhole has evenings with 5+ bands/artists in the line. People will wait outside if the artist is shit and go back in for the next one

No. 386712

omfg i laughed so hard at her singing. is she for reals tho? i mean i'm sure she's delusional, but there has to be a point where you say to yourself "yeah i guess ppl are right and i can't sing for shit."

No. 386743

She sings live from 1:58, kek. I think she's improved if you remember her completely tone-deaf covers on niconico.

No. 386892


who are you

No. 387640

File: 1505575645913.jpg (109.3 KB, 911x462, Screenshot_20170916-162355_mh1…)

No. 387648

How can you pour so much money into voice lessons and dancing and still be so talent-less. It's a black hole.

No. 387682

Why would anyone copy HER if she most likely copied it herself. It's not like she ever got creative with anything

No. 387900

lol no. they're copying you copying another lolita.

No. 387914

File: 1505607937908.jpg (15.71 KB, 300x304, Gonzo-OneEyelid.jpg)

Well, Sabrina, you stole your nose from Gonzo from the Muppets but you don't see anyone whining about that…

No. 392335

Self-centered snowflake syndrome lol. She once complained about a similar thing some time ago where she assumed a website copied her cosplay dress pattern because they stole her pics to advertise their own cosplays. Doesn't mean they actually copied her though, because websites like Taobao steal pics all the time but she just assumed they did.

No. 396618

File: 1506953403867.png (25.66 KB, 621x227, himezawa.png)

Now she claims she didn't sing or talk for half of her life:

Has she mentioned that before?

No. 396719

Is that not true? I think she started singing (if you can even call it that) during her actress phase in London.

No. 396975

She said she didn't "talk or sing" for half her life. Not just singing…

No. 396976

Samefag but in her draw my life video, she mentions singing in a garage band as a kid, so who knows. A lot of her draw my life sounded fake. No lisp mentioned there!

No. 410210

So our special snowflake aidoru is complaining about YouTube.

No. 410211

File: 1509109321323.jpg (200.68 KB, 911x778, Screenshot_20171027-135910_mh1…)

(forgot the pic. Sorry)

No. 410212

Her videos don’t even got many views anyways. I guess she might not even get a dollar per month or so lmao

No. 410217

>if the video hits 1k views
>complaining about de-monitization
really boo?

No. 410429

Even really bad videos get at least 1k of views on Youtube. And she can't even reach that…. but tbh I find her reaaally unsympathic, I'm not wondering at all why nobody wants to watch her.

And she even posted a new #askhimezawa today. She said several times that she loves stuying… but still can't speak japanese properly??

No. 415501

Remember when she got rid of her snake because she was "too busy" to take care of it?

She adopted a bird.

No. 415527

Can't wait to listen to new shit songs. She seems so robotic speaking in japanese kek

Sometimes I feel bad for her, she doesn't even have 4k subscribers but she tries so hard to be relevant. I mean, even Yukapon has now 60k subs despite all the shit she did kek

No. 415535

Not just any bird. A conure, which is a type of parrot. They are very intelligent and need lots of intellectual stimulation. They, like all parrots, should never be kept alone except in special circumstances (e.g., illness, severe aggression).

I'm fuming. I love parrots. If she's too busy for a snake, why the hell did she adopt a bird smarter than she is? Has she talked about adopting the bird in one of her insufferable Askhimezawa videos?

No. 415578

She even made an Instagram account for that poor little thing. I really hope she doesn’t get rid off it as well. All type of parrots need so much attention. It would be heartbreaking if it would start plucking feathers. They are so sensitive :(

No. 415611

Does anyone knows where I can get the wagamama love single for free? I hate her voice but the instrumental is quite nice

No. 415725

what the fuck…
I have a bird and yeah… if you’re “too busy for a snake” you can’t handle a bird.

No. 415806

How the hell can anybody be too busy for a snake?
They are one of the easiest pets to look after.

No. 415912

File: 1509884349001.jpg (101.51 KB, 1452x640, himwzawa.jpg)

So many people visiting her concert kek

No. 415925

Man I can't even laugh at this, it's just sad.

No. 415946

And all of them are otaku. A dream came true. Kek

No. 416084

Did anyone ever found out more about her visa husband? Because soon she'd be able to apply for pr visa I think and then she can drop him an be a pure kawaii aidoru again.

No. 416088

Uh no she can't. Where are you getting that info from?

No. 416217

I said I think. Since I wasn't sure when exactly she got married. But I for sure know that you can apply for it after three years of marriage

No. 416391

Does anyone even know who she could be throwing shade at? What’s even the “lolita hair video” she’s referencing?

No. 416394

Ah yeah.. I forgot she had a visa-kun.

No. 416562

this is sad, what kinda life is it for the snake that its stuck in a white plastic square with no plants no space no sand and no place to wrap themselves around like they love to do. like this is animal abuse

No. 416565

to be fair germany is kinda stupid with their animal abuse laws "birds cages can be empty and small BUT WHITE CAGES REFLECT LIGHT I HAVE NO PROOF OF THIS BUT IF YOU HAVE A WHITE CAGE YOU ARE GOING TO JAIL!!!1" so im not surprised that she is oblivious

No. 421001

File: 1510418443683.jpg (141.8 KB, 556x800, zawanews.jpg)

Himezawa is now singing

News from Krummennaab's Tokyo-Export: Sabrina Schultes presents her first album. The 22-year-old has been living in Japan's capital since 2015, where, until now, she has predominantly attracted attention as a model of the Japanese manga-comic-style. Soon, a bigger emphasis will be on music.

Tokio. “White flags, folded to paper planes, float out of deep-black rooms across the night-lit windowsills”, Himezawa describes her first album. On the 7th of December, it releases worldwide. The Japanese cosplay-star has her origin in the Upper Palatinate (we reported). As Sabrina Schultes she grew up in Krummennaab, but soon took a rather uncommon path: after finishing middle school followed an education in singing and acting, first in Leipzig and finally in London. From there she dared the next step to Japan in 2015, after an agency had sent her an inquiry. Since her youth, her heart belonged to the Japanese cosplay-culture. As Himezawa she delves into the world of Manga-Comics. In Japan the scene and market is huge – as a European, she is exotic.

Regardless, Himezawa has worked hard for her achievements. Until now she has earned money as model, moderator, cosplayer and author – now, also as a singer. But she has also already made some experience in this métier: back in 2015, she released her single “Wagamama Love”. The first album's title is now named “Spades & Stars”. Twelve songs, with each six in English and Japanese respectively, are available. Himezawa has written most of the lyrics herself. She is especially proud of “Clock Machine”, which she has co-created with the singer-songwriter Flaviyake. The Russian artist lives in Los Angeles.

Himezawa calls “Spades & Stars” a concept album. This means there is a consistent, progressing story throughout the songs. Main topic is a destructive love story. “Not necessarily between two people, but rather between a dreamer and their notion of the world”, Himezawa explains. The entire album was created in roughly four months, the vocal recordings were done after four days. The most time consuming task was getting the 'Okay' of the producer, who took three months to take the CDs into stock. The entire album is “Do-It-Yourself”. A label took care of the professional production, but it was funded by Himezawa herself. Fans contributed via crowdfunding, the rest came from the earnings of her books.

She has even planned a tour herself: “Usually a project manager does this, but I wanted it to be as Himezawa as possible.” Now, she's already on-tour. During shows in Tokyo, Himezawa is accompanied by live musicians. “It's what I'm most excited about yet afraid of”, she admits. The outfits for her tour are rather punky. Fishnet stockings, slit jeans and shorts, leather jackets and crop tops. Tattoos, blue and pink wigs. “What I end up deciding on always depends on the date and how I feel”, she admits, winking.

At least once per show Sabrina “falls” into the crowd. “My manager always says it's dangerous”, Himezawa explains. But for her, her fans are like family: “I'm always happy to see familiar faces, and refuse to let myself be scared.”

Outside of Japan Himezawa won't be able to tour just now. “If somebody wishes for a concert in Germany, they can support me on patreon.com/himezawa”, Sabrina said. Her further plans are to produce even more music and “to bring together as many people as possible in a project.” Himezawa is especially excited for the “Charity Live Performances”, where the incomes will be donated. “Every year, I donate a part of my earnings on my birthday to a different charity”, she explains.

No. 421027

she must be writing and sending in all this info herself to the local news media back home. Low key cringe.

No. 421033

File: 1510420330442.png (569.26 KB, 848x477, blackhole.png)

I know this article is from last month but I don't really follow her activities anymore.

It really puzzles me that all the German news articles paint her as this successful foreign celebrity in Japan with tons of fans, but then you see pics like these >>415912 or watch her live performance videos and wonder wtf the newspapers are talking about. If I didn't know anything about her aside from these articles, I'd think she was as popular as Ladybeard or Dakota/Kotakoti from a few years ago.

No. 421045

Krummenaab is a tiny place tucked away in a corner of Bavaria with a population of less than 1500 people. She's probably the biggest fish they can write about. It's the equivalent of a raving review in your school's newspaper.

No. 421052


Ah so somewhat like how Drachenlord is Emskirchen's biggest hit. I gotcha

No. 421076

I can assure you from personal experience, small, local newspapers will write anything you tell them without checking. You can write to them and straight up ask "hey I do xyz, want to write whatever I shove down your throat?" If it isn't too boring they will write about you because they just want that paper filled.

No. 423502

Why do girls like this always have to do the Japanese thing… it's so fucking cringy I can't even..

No. 423787

I'm from a very small bavarian town as well and can confirm that it's indeed quite common that only a few articles are written by "journalists"; the rest are from local clubs, who simply hand in their already finished articles and they'll print that.

So there's a 99% chance that she herself is writing those…

No. 423789


Why is she always performing in such depressing places? Never bent to tokyo but isn't there any other concert venues or clubs for people like her to get in touch with a better audience? Something with a bunch of younger people and less of such weird old dudes? Idk those gig pics are getting more and more depressing.

Himezawa just lacks charisma and talent in every way. Everything just looks so unnatural and stiff?

No. 423938

Her singing sounds horrible, she can't hit the notes from her own playback

No. 424018

File: 1510696931802.jpeg (46.24 KB, 549x534, image.jpeg)

What drives her to this profession when clearly she is shit? Is she not self aware about how she's embarrassing herself? Is there anything she's good at?
Like even her movements in that video are so…awkward, she needs to let go. If she wants fame why not try things that require no talent? Like be a jvlogger, a Japanese based instaho, fucking anything else. Why the hell would she choose that type of song for this type of event? They want otaku idol shit.
Sorry if this seems nitpicky but jfc I really honestly don't understand. I just want her to not embarrass herself.

No. 424092

Her voice isn't even horrible, it's just…basic. It's not bad, not good, it's the singing voice you would find on the typical white gurl singing in the car. She has no technique or amazing tone. But holy crap, watching that was cringy as hell. The fucking "dance moves" she was doing…..

No. 424391

I thought she'd given up at being an idol. Guess not. Shame on her, I thought she'd learnt better from the fiasco that was her first single.

No. 424406


If you're a girl or in a band full of girls, these guys are essentially 75% of your fanbase in Japan. Being in a better venue won't change that, even if she could muster up enough to people to cover the drink fee.

No. 424557

Anon, she's a "singer" now, not an idol.

No. 441701

the new album and music video are out

No. 441713

I got through 45 seconds, its horrific.

No. 441920

Flat singing with neer neer neeer shit guitar with cringe fest cursing. "go ahead and call me a slut." This singing is beyond bad.

No. 473748

File: 1516225914491.png (941.56 KB, 1151x746, yeah.png)

omg why did I never see this MV. The lyrics and her voice are horrible.
"So go ahead and call me…Slut!"

And poor himezawa, no more yt $$$

No. 473835

Maybe it's just the angle, but her body proportions look so weird in that thumbnail. She looks like a titan.
Also, damn, how could somebody pursue a singing career for so long with such a bad voice? And of course, recording studios put heavy auto tune over recorded singing (bad auto tune, you can hear it in the song), so imagine what she sounds like live. She must have done major people pushing her in life, giving her false hope that she has an amazing voice. It reminds me of that infamous fat girl, Emma, from the X factor.

No. 474086

i thought she was a gayboi now, what happened to that? lol

No. 474113

not enough interest. old asian men don't like weird fakebois.

No. 474173

File: 1516250204482.jpg (15.05 KB, 225x225, 1447858816657 - Kopie.jpg)

>fed YT a ton of money
>videos have between 800-1000 views

No. 474317

tbh this aesthetic and sound suits her a LOT more than the weeby shit.

No. 486448

Suddenly Himezawa conveniently has DID.

No. 486769

I bet money she’s gonna turn into a YT spoonie mental health vlogger when her singing career doesn’t end up taking off.

No. 488199

It amazes me how she hops on every attention seeking trend she can imagine yet the only followers she's amassed are us

No. 490101

American Newscasters are taught to speak with an accent that is thought of as "neutral" or "featureless", with intonation that is supposed to make the words sound very clear. Prior to the 60s they were taught to speak with the Transatlantic accent, but nowadays they speak with the General American Accent.

No. 490102

People in Germany and the Netherlands learn English from a young age, and since all three are Germanic languages, your pitch doesn't change when speaking them naturally. It's not like when you change language families where you may hear a small difference (and certainly not a total change like himezawa)

No. 490108

People tend to unintentionally over-exaggerate how often they get stared at in Japan as a foreigner because they are self conscious and come in with the expectation that they will be stared at, which causes them to stare at people…therefore their natural reaction is to stare back. I do business in Japan and from absolutely rural Akita to bustling Osaka I haven't gotten stared at much more than in my home country.

No. 490116

It's totally rehearsed. Her tone is super fake and there are a few small mistakes. It's a shame she didn't just learn basic Japanese on her own considering she lives in Japan as it would help her immensely. There are even parts where she doesn't react, like not nodding her head when they are speaking about photoshoots!

No. 490134

Translation: Talk want to! everyone! friends!
(yes, it is THAT bad)
should be 友達に教えたいよ

No. 490168

I believe they are cosplaying Cho Chang.

No. 490203

I think it's just part of the whole "They think I look so pretty and different because I'm a ~foreigner~ with blonde hair!" Dream that a lot of weeaboos and koreaboos have. I've seen other girls like her do it before, where they act all insulted and surprised to hide the fact that they're humble bragging and imagining that everyone thinks they're gorgeous and cute.

No. 523123

how high were you kek(necro)

No. 536543

No. 536552

OT but sere is also there listed at age 22 BAHAHA

No. 536559

File: 1521809696915.jpeg (196.69 KB, 689x1121, 3BC3AA29-474C-47AA-81FB-543AF5…)

>inb4 you see her irl and you get bamboozled by her weird fucken nose

No. 536566

Well now we know how she’s funding her aidoru career kek thanks to the anon posting the link of the club to seres thread

No. 536581

Can't read moon. Is this advertising her as a hooker or is this just a gravure set or what?

No. 536584


No. 536619

She’s married, right? Is her husband okay with this or is he actually a cuck?

No. 536678

lmao wtf
why do all these desperate weebs go into prostitution?? Just fucking go home!!

No. 536750

Sorry to dissappoint you but that‘s not??
Just by hair and body mass it should be obvious??

No. 536754


Yeah, that's obviously not her. Himezawa is shaped like an anorexic ruler.

No. 536762

Stop defending yourself girl.

She’s always just been married for the visa. For nothing else but the visa. She didn’t even lived with her husband. They might be divorced by now so she most likely got a PR visa.

No. 536845

It says on that link the German girl has lived in Japan since she was a child.

Not Himezawa.

No. 536849

File: 1521838242424.png (549.95 KB, 1047x539, wagamama.png)

i dont think sabrina or whatever her name is can pose as well as ms. hooker can..(?)

No. 536857

It also says Gaya is German and that Lorena is 22. These soap lands do whatever seems cool to advertise their ‘models’

Looks pretty much the same level of awkwardness.

You also have to remember that they’ll shoop the hell out of these advertisement photos. You’ll NEVER get what you see on the web.

No. 536988

That… looks like her.

No. 537068

File: 1521858060830.png (201.49 KB, 456x165, missuniverse.png)

It's definitely her. Look at the face shape, you can make out her nose shape and lips in one of the blurred photos too, also her hairline is the same.

No. 537070

File: 1521858118212.png (390.68 KB, 578x447, missuniverse1.png)

Additional photo as proof. The body type is the same, just slightly different angle and smoothed/shopped.

No. 537119

no, it isn't. sabrina's bodytype is clearly shown here. >>536849 she has a ruler shaped body, not a pear.

No. 537137

>what is lighting, angles, and photoshop.

That is literally her in the left image. You can clearly make out that she has a similar shape (leg length and width, hip to waist ratio, small chest, etc.) while she is similarly posed. She's even wearing the same shoes.

>>536849 isn't a good example to compare due to the pose, lighting, and upward angle.

No. 537142

hair is too long

No. 537149

Anon is aware hair grows right and/or can be cut right

No. 537153

While all this might not be the same anon, it's clear that there is at least one anon here in particular that seems desperate to say this isn't her. Himezawa is that you?

Honestly, looking back at how long her hair was in previous updates, it's not unlikely that her hair would be this long by now. Also, this looks like her natural color that we've seen her have previously.

No. 537154

Her hair here actually matches up to her hair recently in color and length as seen here >>473748

No. 537159

not her, no interest in defending her. it's just that i checked her instagram and she dyed her hair a white blonde and it looks shorter than the girl in the pic. but then i realised those pics could have been taken in a different time. Body type does seem a little meatier than her, but the proportions otherwise match up.

No. 537165

no, she really doesn't. y'all are blind as hell. sabrina's shoulders are wider apart, her torso is shorter, her ribcage is MUCH, MUCH wider in comparison to her hips, etc. angles and lighting (which, first of all, there are no magical angles in that lingerie shot), can't magically fabricate a smaller ribcage and closer spaced shoulders. i know you guys really want to believe it's sabrina, and it does look similar, but it's not her. sabrina doesn't have that nice of a figure. tallish, skinny girls all have roughly the same looking proportions, but you can easily see obvious differences in their figures.

sabrina has a very straight ribcage, unlike that woman, and as i said, a much shorter torso. it doesn't mean she isn't a secret hoe fueling her aidoru fantasies with cock-cash. she's just not likely to be -that- secret hoe.

No. 537167

Only one way to truly find out.
Someone is gonna have to take one for the team and hire Ms. Hooker.

No. 537169

You’re either Kanon her little clone or Sabrina herself. Because other than Kanon and yourself no one would jump up and defend you cause no one else knows you girl.

No. 537171

nope, i just have functioning eyeballs. there is no lighting or posing that can give her hips she doesn't have. sabrina does not have that waist to hip ratio. get your eyes checked.

No. 537174

Nah, it's pretty obvious that it's her. The face proportions, the hairline, the hair color and length, the shoes she's worn before in previous shoots, her body looks better, but it's all lighting/photoshop/etc. that they use on all these hoes on these sites. You're trying way too hard to convince everyone it's not her and the way you are typing reeks of someone trying to mask their writing style.

No. 537182

so they lengthened her torso considerably, too? why? this woman also has considerably more muscle tone. you can't really fake that using ps. sabrina is all skinnyfat - 0 muscle tone. a generic blonde shade, vaguely skinny body, and basic black heels isn't too damning when her body looks legit nothing like sabrinas.

No. 537185

i wouldn't even say sabrina is skinny fat. she's really bony, while this girl has more meat to her.

No. 537187

yeah, she is. she is more bony, but my point is that she has absolutely no muscle definition, and no definition to her body in general. that woman is built more, like, solid. you can tell she has more muscle on her legs, and especially her stomach. just cinching sabrinas waist in photoshop wouldn't give the impression of a more firm stomach.

No. 537188

Have you not seen >>537070 the proportions are the same. The only difference is she's leaning over in the left and leaning back/standing tall in the right. Otherwise, it's a near perfect match. And yes, they probably airbrushed her boney hips and ribcage to appear softer. This is my last post trying to argue with you because you are clearly just denying for the sake of denying. The obvious comparisons of the body/facial proportions are pretty solid, but it's also backed up by the German origin, hair, shoes, etc.

Are you replying to yourself now? What's with this sudden influx of anons with the same unusual grammar style. Seems fishy in itself.

No. 537213

I’m the anon who posted the link and you made excellent points with the photo comparisons.

If the anon defending really isn’t her and really is just naiv af please go to the gaijin gyaru in Japan thread as there’s recently been a few posts about a French av actress showing how much Japanese companies shoop the hell out of their advertisements. Everything is possible using shoop.

No. 537269

File: 1521890741229.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1242x2013, BB5676A0-9A6E-44C0-8610-465AB2…)

Hi, actually me here to fuel the discussion.
I revealed on livestream yesterday that i had to work as a Sugar Baby for my ex bf to pay for his „debts“ and living expenses.
The picture and link going around isn‘t me. The pictures I took were moderately closed and completely hidden from the public / only mailed around to potential dates.
I can only imagine what fueled this discussion but I‘m glad I found it?

Picture evidence, I had short hair with no extentions since November 2016, unless this profile is years old by now, couldn‘t be me. If it‘s recent I‘d check the location since I have mostly been in Germany since December.

No. 537272

This is very clearly the same person. Nothing wrong with that.

Most of the last posts are by the same anon replying to herself.

No. 537273

Lol called it it is her and she is trying to defend herself

No. 537276

File: 1521891923335.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1533, E0311555-D325-4C6C-BC77-90DA23…)

Streaky blonde hair november 2017

No. 537279

no, they're not. i'm >>537187 >>537182 >>537171 >>537165 >>537119. multiple people have already chimed in about her body type being different, before i even posted in this thread. i'm not surprised to learn that sabrina was an escort/sugarbaby/what have you, but if she's copping to escorting, what would even be her motivation to lie about -just- those photos in question not being her?

you can't take a muscle-less, weak looking flabby body and make it look firm and 'solid' by shooping. you just can't. photoshop, meitu, editing doesn't work that way. cinching a waist is one thing. trying to imitate entirely different body composition is another.

No. 537283

File: 1521894531176.jpg (328.65 KB, 1080x1080, 6tag_240318-122630.jpg)

This is a shoop, the hips are removed

The comparison photo at >>537070
She has an unusual body shape; the crotch/hips, feet, waist, neck all the same

No. 537285

Yeah thats def not her

No. 537286

> 好きなプレイ - フェラ
> likes to give blowjobs


No. 537415

lmao can admin tag all her selfposts now?

No. 537512

If she's ok with the size in that pic and just wants to change the shape a bit, that can be done very easily. She could get that without any damage being done to her breathing ability and it will age well and look natural. She should go for it. Life's too short to hate one's own nose.

No. 537522

Did you see that one of your jelly haters was outed? How do you feel about it? >>>/snow/462435

No. 537553

File: 1521926650766.png (27.11 KB, 497x253, Screenshot at Mar 24 22-23-28.…)

can you confirm this was about Megan?

No. 537616

This is too hilarious to come home to. I have a even harder time believing it's not her unless she actually provides some solid evidence, but I'm dying that she came to us and outed herself as having escorted before. Not to mention, she didn't even escort for her own benefit, but to pay off her ex's debts? So he was your pimp then?

No. 537663

Omg yes. She came to us and delivered milk, this is incredible!

She should never pose with her feet apart like that ever again, it makes her look like she has such an awkward boy figure.

No. 537755

As far as I can tell, I'm not seeing any samefagging. So stop the shit flinging.

No. 537811

>boy figure

didn’t she just come off a fakeboi phase

No. 541897

Why the heck would you wanna sell yourself for someone else's advantage? Your bf could have done the sugaring instead;I know of male gaijins who have done it.

No. 542075

She's just trying to pass off the blame and minimize her responsibility of choosing to escort. Sounds like he was her pimp and she was using him to stay in Japan. Basically like Gaya.

No. 542666

File: 1522527148380.jpg (13.69 KB, 219x265, eU6cgwg.jpg)

I'm suspicious. If it's really her and not an imposter, why would she come out of the woodwork to leave a comment? Does anyone here even watch her livestreams? If she hadn't suddenly outed herself as a sugar baby, nobody would've known.

No. 546155

File: 1522858584567.jpg (8.42 KB, 192x211, 86.jpg)


No. 546159

Not even that amount of filters can make her look youthful it's sad

No. 580286

File: 1526134638728.jpg (28.75 KB, 578x203, twwet.JPG)

From time to time I like to check on Himezawa for the pure personal entertained and what "big project" she is currently working on because the previous one didn't brought her the fame she wants.

She has been super vague about where she lives and what she does and but at some point she admitted that she left Japan because she "doesn't want to make kiddie music anymore" and stays currently at her parents place where she now tries to be a game streamer on twitch before she goes back to uni this fall, which is also ~super secret~ (she wants to study performing arts or something like that)

the funny thing is that since she left she constantly writes about how right it was to leave Japan because she is such good person that deserves better than being there!!!1 At some point she made a video (which she deleted after that) because she admitted that she still sounds very salty about the fact that she isn't in Japan anymore but followed again by many tweets about how right it was to leave Japan, J-fashion, the entire Idol thing and everything else behind lmao

her 5 minutes of cringe fame while trying to be an idol were pretty lulzy and prob the peek of attention she ever got from people.

No. 609389

File: 1528889989628.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, 0DF7EDD0-EFB5-4D85-A61A-B6EA97…)


No. 609394

Kiraouji doesn't deserve this. She dresses well and is a nice person.

No. 609397

I mean she's claiming to have dissaociative identity disorder now and 7 alters or some shit, which is lmao because basically no psychs worth their salt believe in that crap, but yeah she'll just pin the weeb stuff on an "alter"

No. 609410

so she divorced her japanese visa guy?

No. 609414

She finally got a nose job??

No. 609416

about goddamn time tbh

No. 609419


she … really did it? A nose job?
What happened to "I love my big snooze so much"? lmao

No. 609447

she's always been a crazy gaijin chunnibyou weebshit.

No. 609941

I know they can only do so much and we can't really tell the whole deal in this pic but… it doesn't look like it's going to be any different?

No. 610161

Considering she came here and claimed he forced her into prostitution to settle some of his debts and that she's moved back to Germany as of December 2017. Yes, it appears that way. >>537269

Curious to how this will turn out. >>609941 it's still fresh and probably really swollen, but it still does look pretty wide for her narrow face. She probably just got the beakishness of it toned down a bit.

No. 610336

Didn’t her visa husband put her up to that (supposedly)?

No. 611480

File: 1529070590656.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, C8A312D6-DC48-4BD0-B104-DF706C…)

No. 611483

lmao, it doesn't look any better. her weird bridge was never the problem, her nose is still fucking huge, now it's just shaped better from the side.

No. 611495

Looks like they did a good job, but can't really tell without a frontal photo too.

No. 611498

So is it confirmed that she prostituted?

I'm confused and this is nuts!

No. 611537

no it can't be fucking confirmed. you idiots are super naive.

No. 611565

Not entirely idiotic for people to think those photos are her. We are all aware that her English skills are not good enough for her to teach English out there (take her books for example of her literary skills) and her performances are dire and she'll make little to no money from that. It's not foolish to think she has done host work or the likes to get by in Japan.

No. 611576

Well she probably got this one ‚for free‘

No. 611626

well she's right. we can't confirm shit. i def think it's her with her back arched. she seems the type to think that style of porn with cute panties is super kawaii!!! plus it would get her dicked by asian dudes to quell her yellow fever.

i do find it funny that someone popped in the thread claiming to be her and claiming to have done "something similar" but that those pics were totally not real.

No. 611717

Well she said in a Youtube video that she was sugaring, so whether the pictures are real or not, she was doing something.

No. 611718

while being asexual
"ace" pride

No. 611940

As >>611717 said, she confirmed being a "sugar baby" as she put it in a youtube live. I don't know if anyone has any recordings to post as proof, but it was definitely said. I think it's interesting that she decided to use the term "Sugar baby" as if it's softer and less of a prostitute or something. The girl was escorting to settle her now ex's debts.

Looks a lot better tbh. >>611483 you sound like a weeb if you think the after is "huge" by white person standards. It's a strong nose, but definitely no longer a straight up beak.

No. 613209

File: 1529242921851.jpg (26.41 KB, 429x410, 13252951980.jpg)

Haven't kept up with her much after she dropped her awkward, talentless cute idol shtick. I'm surprised she suddenly moved back to her home country.

>she left Japan because she "doesn't want to make kiddie music anymore"
Did she say anything else about why she left? I'd hardly say >>423938 counts as kiddie music.

No. 613876

File: 1529303578421.png (677.49 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-06-18-16-31-53…)

Her nose is looking really good!
Hopefully now she's back in Germany she grows out of her cringe author idoru whatever phase and concentrates on being a normal artsy girl

No. 613880

If left was the before, she looked totally fine. Shoulda just left her face alone

No. 613916

not to sound like a wk but this en