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File: 1683445903255.png (404.08 KB, 680x631, C480F0C6-020D-409B-8347-8FB521…)

No. 162131

Thread for all of the side characters in the Shaynaverse.

No. 162174

File: 1683570845955.png (370.45 KB, 523x454, ew.png)

Shes actually so fucking ugly

No. 162191

She could be a sister of Venti.

No. 162197

ghetto trailer park trash. her clothes and decor are ugly and trashy as well so i guess it does suit her.

No. 162202

More attractive than Shat though, which obviously isn't saying much

No. 162226

File: 1683725274532.jpeg (27.79 KB, 451x578, AC324E60-6D61-41C6-9F7F-DA0827…)

No. 162246

File: 1683867019138.jpg (10.48 KB, 525x102, kennotes1.JPG)

No. 162247

File: 1683867069881.jpg (31.79 KB, 537x213, kennotes2.JPG)

Nobody likes him

No. 162249

File: 1683867388213.jpg (34.06 KB, 527x280, kennotes3.JPG)

No. 162250

File: 1683867520546.jpg (49.87 KB, 535x644, kennotes4.JPG)


No. 162260

Woah he’s an abuser/rapist too? Between this dude and Scott Diseasedcock, is Shaynus trying to get assaulted? I think she’s probably just too stupid to check

No. 162301

File: 1684046629271.jpeg (48.01 KB, 828x282, 44186BCA-2408-4FF1-ACA9-1938E8…)

I’d love to find out more about his drama in the community. He’s always given me the creeps and has the same exact vibe as every “progressive male feminist” who is just using his politics to get laid.

Also kek check out this tweet. Partially directed at Shay, and while he’s not wrong about the in professionalism of using SWer SM this way it’s still funny to watch a man try and direct how women do things.

No. 162334

I think that guy John got blocked or unfollowed her.

No. 162335

oh god, Shay, get checked..

No. 162336

File: 1684155167858.jpeg (77.07 KB, 1170x630, 88F11900-7812-40AC-B96F-D865F3…)

he's still following her

No. 162341

File: 1684180344804.png (94.9 KB, 1080x1430, 1.png)

>being anti-trans because "abolish gender"

No. 162342

File: 1684180367584.png (98.53 KB, 1080x1670, 2.png)

No. 162377

Not to sound like a sociopath but I cannot wait for this woman to age and have a crisis from not being attractive to the scrotes she caters so hard to, I hope a troon acts vicious towards her and she peaks the hard way.

No. 162396

She's already not attractive to the scrotes she panders to kek. That's why she only has like 5 coomers now and never gets replies on her posts even though she has tens of thousands of followers.

No. 162400

they are /so/ close to getting it kek

No. 162564

File: 1684610401328.jpeg (Spoiler Image,155.62 KB, 1170x1298, E518D9FF-0AC8-46A0-BA1E-C5B3AB…)

found this creature in shay's likes

No. 162621

File: 1684626558327.jpg (164.62 KB, 1080x1879, 1553485486872.jpg)

I was looking at old threads and found this. Kek

No. 162701

File: 1684689251101.jpeg (33.46 KB, 750x296, 6FA82664-998C-45CB-A017-976465…)

josh topkek is so gross. he's built like projared and shayna is built like a farm pig. the mental image of them together makes me cackle

No. 162703

his head and neck look like a skinny ugly penis

No. 162736

File: 1684771467525.png (138.54 KB, 1170x2532, 1684712360957.png)

Anon from high school's pfp

No. 162737

You're such a fucking sped creep. She'll never come back now.

No. 162738

Thanks for posting. People who comw here to dish on cows or use this site without knowing how to crop their profile pic out are often cows themselves. I swear nonnies will suck the ass of any anon who comes here to give the tiniest shred of info. As if we didn't already know she was a bitch in school. People come here to soak up the fun of being an inside source without knowing how to post or realising that we love milk, regardless of the source. No one is immune to being milked. I'm just as happy to laugh at shayna as I am at some retard who says they lurked threads but couldn't even bother to read the rules before engaging, which ended up turning om them. Shaynas threads are absolute trash fires of autism, and someone would have to be an idiot to jump into posting without thinking about it. This is also the same reason I'd never be a personalityfag here. You're only as good as your entertainment and then you just end up being milked with any other cow. On a site like this, it's poetic.

No. 162739

Who cares if she'll never come back. She has already posted all the milk she had. And this is common for cow threads in general, are you a newfag?

No. 162751

You know, I kind of forget you're all real.

No. 162778

File: 1684877623896.jpg (120.63 KB, 1080x1124, holtzbaby.jpg)

Saw her on Shayna's live >>>/snow/1833027

No. 162781

of course the girl who did a presentation on shayna looks like this

No. 162801

File: 1684919003258.jpeg (30.83 KB, 554x554, 6E2CE29B-80BB-479A-A77F-87E266…)

What I wouldn’t give to see a recording of that presentation

No. 162931

File: 1685055540850.png (17.59 KB, 510x488, Screenshot 2023-05-25 185950.p…)

That "DeGrowth Futurist" dude (@BurntOutUtopian) is now @UtopianFuturist and does not follow Shay anymore.
Funny because a few months ago he used to respond to like every other tweet she posted.

No. 162943

File: 1685104822588.jpg (40.54 KB, 800x450, reddit.jpg)

>ai prompter
You just know that he looks like picrel and spends most of his life wanking to fat OF whores or posting on reddit

No. 162959

omg yes i remember when he would reply to her and was like hitting on her on her shane break up tweets

No. 163024

File: 1685186284107.png (140.11 KB, 648x672, Velma.png)

I kind of miss the Shane P Sonnier saga. Velma with Man Hands was the best Shaynaverse side character.

No. 163073

File: 1685314784968.jpeg (68.25 KB, 750x714, 62CC41C2-3660-40AE-8435-217A20…)

this made me cackle

No. 163115

File: 1685476128641.jpeg (153.92 KB, 750x1334, C362390F-973A-4783-A858-3AC59D…)

this creature shayna follows 1/2

No. 163116

File: 1685476157987.jpeg (59.08 KB, 750x798, FE3C0FCE-2809-40C1-A092-5FDAC7…)


No. 163119

File: 1685510253927.jpeg (Spoiler Image,126.9 KB, 750x999, F1091679-4A4E-4118-8DC3-363667…)

i forgot how nasty shayna and ken looked together. spoilered for her brown exposed fupa

No. 163120

Oh my god I forgot about the fungus on his nails and I’m cringing so hard. Did he finger her in the videos? She probably exposed her vagina to whatever it is.

No. 163138

File: 1685675170524.jpeg (128.52 KB, 750x1334, 9487D602-5A5E-4455-8DD6-EFAD79…)

No. 163139

File: 1685675203167.jpeg (Spoiler Image,194.11 KB, 750x1334, 8B51B142-8DDA-4FEE-99E6-A34200…)

shayna looks like a real porker here

No. 163182

File: 1686007115327.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.37 KB, 750x551, 1633667620675.jpeg)

Literally the grossest thing you'll see today.

Would anybody be interested in a thread specifically for Ellen? She's gross and I think it would be nice to be able to quickly link to a thread about her when needed. Some of the bigger players could definitely use their own threads for quick linkage.

No. 163187

File: 1686007430874.jpeg (639.28 KB, 2048x1536, 1668227535827.jpeg)

I never realized that Kiwi girl was one of the girls she hung out with and met at last fet con.

No. 163191

I’d be interested, even if it were just for ease in referencing Ellen’s involvement in Shayna’s life.

No. 163215

Is there enough material for a thread? Idk if she’s active on sm or anything

No. 163225

File: 1686076496586.jpeg (798.94 KB, 1080x7011, 337C5C6C-4BB7-4A4C-8A10-1475A0…)

Please so we can have a place to properly catalog shit like this because what the fuck

No. 163273

Even if it was just a place to post photos of her/related to her. Like Womack for example, im having the hardest time finding a basic photo of him to use the barbie filter on. It would be nice to just have one dead-ish thread we could quickly go to instead of having to save his ugly ass on my phone or computer. then historic milk could also be stored in these places.

No. 163274

Why is it only girls with negative ass that choose to go into sex work? The heifer on the right has like 50 lb of hamhock hanging out and still no ass to be found. Just a giant chicken drumstick thigh.

No. 163275

Why would anyone voluntarily do this to their hair?? She honestly doesn't have a bad face at all. She's not fat either. It's just the cookie-monster-pajamas-gas-station-smoker-girl aesthetic that makes her so offensive to look at. Some people are just set on looking as ugly as possible.

No. 163276

Not sure if she's the one on the left or the right, but the one of the right is the most cartoonish looking troon omg. He should join Shayna et al in their powerpuff girls cosplay as Him.

No. 163277

>visible ribs jutting out as though she's sucking in
>still has a bit of a muffin top
Cursed body type, RIP

No. 163278

Bro did they reinforce the beams of that ceiling? What's the weight limit before she faceplants onto the concrete kek

No. 163327

Eesh how can these fat ugly retards be so wild during sex

No. 163330

Because insecure women are the ones who get into this shit to appease moids. Rarely ever are these women actually attractive for obvious reasons.

No. 163618

File: 1688010553826.jpeg (72.66 KB, 1242x614, 868DF495-0C48-42FF-8B28-FA3CDD…)

No. 163619

File: 1688010676399.jpeg (192.26 KB, 1242x1840, 05536642-4CA6-4B87-9E21-ACC876…)

No. 163620

File: 1688011091024.jpeg (65.13 KB, 1006x952, 01358A7D-BCFB-4A90-82EC-699650…)

I can’t believe this retarded scrote had this bitch in a chokehold. He was so cringey

No. 163626

File: 1688013984155.jpeg (284.5 KB, 1242x1696, B2C7F49D-0EF7-428E-9871-10AF1A…)

No. 163630

He looks short as hell

No. 163640


>Somebody's ex BF

Is this loser really still tryna use shamu for clout? Honestly if she never left Oklahoma she probably would have been his side piece lmfao

No. 163643

Why would anyone post a pic of themselves online looking like this oh my god she is hideous

No. 163646

In addition to a chokehold, he also had her in a household. Looked back at some old threads and saw the "Haus Tour" video again where Kyle Nathan Perkins debut his prepubescent boy voice while waddling around the house he "bought" for her. Meanwhile he left his own children and baby mama out to fend for theirselves.


No. 163647

i NEED to read the fupa saga… how long was she even in that house with him before she moved to that apartment alone in OK?

No. 163648

It was a wild ride nonnerz, I recommend rereading.
Iirc it felt like a month or less before she was banished from that house because farmers were cowtipping to Fupas babymama. He also made her do all her camming from the walk in closet kek

No. 163654

File: 1688264652663.jpeg (Spoiler Image,624.94 KB, 750x1211, A357C34A-48FB-44B5-8876-C0E1DA…)

this insane shopper shayna is following kek

No. 163659

>ya girl is taken care of
>she deserves nice things and she’ll have them as long as she’s with me
Man Fupa is such a chode. What a dick to flex all over tumblr and then cave immediately when his baby mama had something to say.

No. 163692

No this was when she first was with him. Kek

No. 163693

File: 1688427426032.jpeg (274.28 KB, 1242x1212, 935955EB-B9B0-4719-80BA-3C40A0…)

No. 163708

File: 1688614314108.jpeg (145.9 KB, 1242x2208, D4007644-5003-4038-AD3B-2DA718…)

This dude commented on her tweet saying she’s pretty lmao

No. 163758

File: 1689372023124.jpeg (430.07 KB, 770x1226, 60E4921D-5632-415F-8BF5-08294D…)

No. 163921

File: 1689960734677.jpeg (300.25 KB, 1170x1847, IMG_5703.jpeg)

The man Shayna was having a meltdown over lmao. He has returned

No. 163922

File: 1689960783229.jpeg (88.03 KB, 1169x493, IMG_5699.jpeg)

No. 163924

File: 1689960949170.jpeg (245.11 KB, 1169x1846, IMG_5701.jpeg)

No. 163927

File: 1689997853467.jpeg (347.44 KB, 1169x1854, IMG_5709.jpeg)

He’s into breast implants kek that’s gotta hurt

No. 163928

File: 1689997937171.jpeg (267.38 KB, 1169x1320, IMG_5708.jpeg)

He added an about. We’re all shaking in our boots

No. 163934

Can you pleeeeeeease post the people he “owns” (lol) it’s amazing when these dudes post pictures of them looking so disgusting but late as a big bad dom, insecure men would be hilarious if they weren’t so unhinged

No. 163937

File: 1690063201654.jpg (41.5 KB, 400x399, pbs.twimg.com_profile_images_1…)

@kiddoviolet on twitter

No. 163938

File: 1690063224943.png (854.26 KB, 1080x2486, carrd.png)

No. 163939

File: 1690063355977.png (454.35 KB, 1080x1537, 1690061560811.png)

No. 163940

File: 1690077901965.jpeg (642.25 KB, 1170x1662, IMG_5732.jpeg)

One’s a scrote kek

No. 163941

File: 1690077942949.jpeg (278.74 KB, 1169x1565, IMG_5730.jpeg)

No. 163942

File: 1690078052394.jpeg (251.58 KB, 1169x1763, IMG_5731.jpeg)

No. 163943

File: 1690086251865.jpg (64.4 KB, 750x720, threesome.jpg)

I hate how accurate this meme is

No. 163952

this one looks like skinny shayna kek

No. 163983

File: 1690818901892.jpeg (324.48 KB, 750x906, DAD10496-227C-42E7-B7DE-71E9DC…)

nasty fucking freaks

No. 163985

File: 1690840956304.jpeg (58.97 KB, 600x600, 3F53EA62-4226-480E-91A0-D17F08…)

already fucking hate this faggot @alexknightABDL

No. 163986

She’s going to look huge next to him

No. 163996

just a casual thought of a porn brained moid kek

No. 164138

File: 1692236400382.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1290x2533, 0DF314BA-954E-4B7D-A91A-EC3FF1…)

Was searching shaynas friends Instagrams for fatcon pics and found this one. These people need jail time. How fucked up in the head do you have to be to turn out like this? Disgusting

No. 164139

File: 1692237659085.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2266x2901, A494425A-577B-4CC2-979B-AD296C…)

She reminds me of Vince Vaughn

No. 164294

File: 1693178066751.jpg (837.13 KB, 1440x1920, cringe.jpg)

No. 164313

File: 1693419479380.jpeg (142.04 KB, 750x563, B235B4CD-11EF-474D-82AA-0FFBE6…)

why does womack pay for verification kek

No. 164390

File: 1694620009596.webm (2.02 MB, 720x1280, Diaper store.webm)

These two degenerates work in a store for adult baby fetish people. Are there really so many pedo larpers in Denver that they need a whole store to satisfy their needs? Wtf, people! Bring kink shaming back.

No. 165120

File: 1696932257725.jpg (164.37 KB, 1138x842, broke bitch.jpg)

Good thing she and Shat went to the aquarium and stuffed their fat maws with a seafood feast for the thousandth time though

No. 165140

to show whores he has money

No. 165141

Imagine doing "sex work" and still being poor

No. 165670

File: 1697670854055.jpg (695.05 KB, 3660x1013, A Scam in Progress.jpg)

So Kiki is also a stripper, a seamstress and a scammer. A Shrekette of many talents, it seems.

No. 165671

File: 1697670924982.jpg (1.03 MB, 2224x1628, Will it Relaunch? Stay Tuned!.…)

And to think some were developing a soft spot for her in the main thread.

No. 165674

I think there’s a lot of e whores and cows in shaynas thread they probably originally come here to look at their own threads or see how our successful bimbo baby does it then they integrate and eventually start posting and they just have to sympathize with people like Kiki because making porn isn’t that bad even if it is degen diaper porn but not me. I refuse to see kiwi as a victim she’s just some fugly slut who perpetuates men abusing women and children for sexual gratification (diaper porn and slapping and spanking until blood and scars) and if an anon sympathizes with her it’s all just a big fucking cope

No. 165677

Nah. Not only sex workers. I think a lot of women feel bad for her. What she does is gross, but it seems she was groomed into it and had a really bad life leading up to this. She’s not like privileged Shayna.

No. 165680

> she was groomed into it and had a really bad life leading up to this. She’s not like privileged Shayna.
You seem to know things we don’t, Nona. Care to share?

No. 165684

How would you even fucking know? Is this racebait? Because she’s half black? You don’t know she could be just like shat and just be a lazy sow, nobody healthy makes pedo porn

No. 165687

there's a world of difference between a woman doing stripping and porn and a woman helping pedophiles get off to and sexualize the ideas of babies pissing in diapers, needing their diapers changed, needing to be fed, discipline, and so much more.
Also she can sew and go on disability like most munchies do except unlike them, 1 she clearly is bad enough to need an actual hysterectomy so less excuse not to use disability if she's incapable of working, and 2 actually capable of sewing.
Kiki is no better than Shay and deserves the same ridicule shay has gotten over the years.
>both scam
>both value their videos next to nothing
>both pedo-pander and enjoy it (her scrote is roleplaying daddy irl beyond porn like fupappy did)
>both have other options
I'm done but it just bothers me to see people act like pandering to pedophiles isn't a big deal on the threads, like kiki isn't at shay's level. maybe it's scrotes but I know the ewhores on the threads tend to shit the place up in an almost scrote-like way and it's disgusting

No. 165690

File: 1697789517586.jpg (274.17 KB, 1300x1645, Stringed, Stripped and Scammed…)

The website opened/went live in July 2022

No. 165691

>it just bothers me to see people act like pandering to pedophiles isn't a big deal on the threads
goddamn same, I was beginning to think I was in the fucking twilight zone seeing all that boohoo shit while these fuckers are simulating literal infant rape

No. 165693

Don’t worry, Nona, there’s at least 5 of us. Bleak.

No. 165694

File: 1697813653308.gif (82.83 KB, 342x288, I love you.gif)

it's nice there are more of us
the worst was reading that one with kiki and the scrote with the description of blackmailing a child into csa in order to have their wet diaper changed recently

No. 165698

Idk if you guys are parents, but I’m a 3rd anon who gets disgusted by the baby rape probably because I’m a parent and I love being a parent but there is a ton of cope on the threads lately for Kiki, her moid and honestly even Shayna. Honestly not sure what’s going on.

No. 165699

I'm >>165691 and not a parent but to me is common sense that this fucked up behaviour is unacceptable. I imagine is very upsetting seeing all these pedo-apologists in the thread anon, hope your kids are cool, take care

No. 165700

Her thread attracts other degenerate sex workers who don't see the problem with pedo pandering, they just don't like Shayna because she's rude and retarded. The rest of us are overall disgusted by her and her pedo pandering buddies.

No. 165701

I would say theres more than five, but the amount of SW's in her thread that shit it up because they arent as bad or see nothing wrong with being a whore are ridiculous.

No. 165702

I’m sure there’s more than 5 but if you look at mainthread right now you can see why the normal people choose not to interact anymore so it’s an echo chamber of retards who Infight, don’t know the lore, cope and justify this pedo shit, take up for moids and generalize pick me shit I mean like the amount of people who wk vivi and Kiki is astronomical and if it’s not then it’s the samefag being very loud

No. 165711

Yes nonna I'm also a parent and find the baby rape aspect of their degeneracy particularly abominable. I hate that these people even exist tbh.

No. 165720

File: 1697927853927.jpg (291.92 KB, 1076x1257, 20231022_012949.jpg)

This is the strip club.
Is that even legal?

No. 165723

Yeah they’re like “we’re not here to moralfag!” As if pretend baby rape isn’t grotesque

No. 165727

File: 1697936707878.jpeg (328.07 KB, 828x1434, IMG_1428.jpeg)

Truly like I don’t understand the weird grandstanding they do.
Anyways as I stated in main thread I believe Kiki is the bipolar sperg that unsaged retardism all morning this morning here’s some stuff if you just search bipolar on her page

No. 165728

File: 1697936728508.jpeg (296.8 KB, 828x1455, IMG_1427.jpeg)

No. 165729

File: 1697936788653.jpeg (268.08 KB, 828x1465, IMG_1426.jpeg)

The sheer idea that it could be Kiki who threatened to get my ip and beat me up is hilarious

No. 165730

File: 1697937027895.jpeg (509.46 KB, 828x1409, IMG_1429.jpeg)

I think this means Kiki is coming to Shay threads and talking shit about her kek weird that she snapped over bipolar discussion like she’s the bipolar chairperson.
bonus Kiki talking about possibly her moid not having a shrimp dick kek

No. 165731

File: 1697938211473.jpeg (185.12 KB, 828x564, IMG_1432.jpeg)

Girl what the fuck

No. 165732

Umm ???? How

No. 165733

File: 1697940045479.jpeg (291.25 KB, 828x655, IMG_1435.jpeg)

Imagine talking about this as a 30 year old. Peaked in high school more like peaked in preschool Christ it’s sad

No. 165734

>Voice actress
That makes more sense, she's too ugly for any visual media

No. 165738

I don’t think she meant “reading lines” as voice actress, Nona but more like learning her lines and rehearsing.

No. 165739

File: 1697945699753.jpeg (476.52 KB, 828x1339, IMG_1440.jpeg)

She did say she loved doing that audio. But I think she was just random kid A in commercials for like random shit. Which may or may not have included voice lines.
Listen it’s an interesting picture she paints. Her mum was a cosmetologist. Presumably she was the white parent. Her dad is “a deadbeat dad” who was also super strict and ignores her sisters suicide baiting. Meanwhile Kiki is a child actress. Not that it’s any surprise but she’s so trashy.

No. 165740

File: 1697945752247.png (606.74 KB, 828x1792, IMG_1438.png)

Sperging about her dad on her sex work Twitter

No. 165741

File: 1697945935331.jpeg (306.62 KB, 828x947, IMG_1437.jpeg)

>i actually feel bad for kiki she had a hard childhood and is survival sex worker
i hope this puts that narrative to bed. kiki you grew up with choice you could have atleast been a subpar hair dresser like your crusty mum.

No. 165742

Well she could have been a cute child fetal alcohol syndrome aside

No. 165755

Her dad abused her.

No. 165756

I'm beginning to think that there are anons in the main thread that don't know how to access /shay/. It would sense if it's other OF whores and newfags.

I think that farmers try to give the other people in Shayna's life the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. We all know what the Hog is like because we've been seeing the toddler rape fantasies she posts to twitter for years. When Shayna meets a new associate, the thread automatically assumes that Shayna will be the worse of the two.

No. 165759

So are you Kiki? Because where is the proof? Being a strict parent and wanting what’s best for your kid is not abuse.

No. 165760

If >>165742 and >>165677 want us to understand Kiki and Shayna are not cut from the same cloth, they should post the proof of this alleged abuse and grooming.

No. 165761

>e-whores and newfags not knowing how to access shay
kek pretty much

No. 165763

Doubtful. I’m sure Vivi is lurking about in here.

No. 165765

Vivi is the one whore with the extra brain cell that allows her to post and lurk here, maybe dogfucker dawn but that's about it

No. 165766

You guys really act like it takes a degree to learn to integrate it’s quite literally one fairly short list of rules kek. But yeah I mean you guys are right. But honestly I’m certain Shay, Kiki, Dawn (proof in friends thread regarding her moid), and finally vivi all post inside /Shay/

No. 165774

Vivi is always calling herself cute even tho she’s built like an alcoholic tio

No. 165825

File: 1698214972532.jpeg (97.73 KB, 828x539, IMG_1506.jpeg)

Well for sure they haven’t broken up

No. 165827

My tinfoil is that Shayna advised Kiki to throw us off with a faux breakup à la Fupa.

No. 165828

And to think some were worried he was physically abusing them as retaliation for his dox.

No. 165833

And the doxxing didn’t even work. Parents don’t even care that their kids are around this guy and that’s upsetting. But nothing anyone can do.

No. 165835

File: 1698300761885.jpeg (649.46 KB, 1668x1700, 87617203-22D1-4C6D-9548-3EDC54…)

No. 165881

File: 1698670007317.jpg (34.12 KB, 283x298, 2010.jpg)

Shay’s latest “friend”. >>>/shay/165870 in 2010.

No. 165883

oh he's gonna murder her murder her.

No. 165885

No. 165886

No way. I’d kill myself again and again if talking to or possibly selling ass to somebodies grandpa was the only way I could make a living. No wonder she looks the way she does..

No. 165905

File: 1698726097964.jpeg (854.1 KB, 1170x1257, IMG_5338.jpeg)

Kiki has a hysterectomy scheduled for December.

No. 165929

File: 1698817038738.jpeg (310.16 KB, 750x1059, 6B987486-A266-4A8B-B702-B3E0BF…)

more shayfoil that her old lady friend is encouraging her to stop smoking weed

No. 165934

File: 1698849615252.jpg (268.52 KB, 1440x1920, benmayes.jpg)

His profile is private

No. 165936

i don't believe she's sober from weed. she at least relapsed when she was at kikis but maybe just maybe she did actually quit again.

No. 165937

to be cynical for a second (considering this is the woman who with her moid played "stepparents" and absolutely pummeled shay and kiki's asses black and blue), maybe this is so she can film more with shay. Some tinfoiled that shay didn't stop the scene before her ass got destroyed cause she was too high so this could be to ensure that doesn't happen again allowing lower recovery time between shoots. I just don't trust the pedo couple to have good intentions with someone acting the child in their fucked dynamics. Honestly, even if it's just her giving "older woman" advice I'm still suspicious it's part of her pedo fantasies considering we've seen proof shay acts her dumb baby act even to random normie moids so she almost definitely does with this woman she's done actual abdl stuff with. If shay can't or doesn't turn it off I can't expect this pedo simulator to not take advantage of that.
On a weird note, I find it amusing that despite shay being straight as a board, the women involved in her "kinks" end up being the better fits. I think fupappy tried getting shay to work out but despite all her claims to the contrary, he never really "fathered" her nor improved her habits in any way. Meanwhile this woman is barely in her life and regardless of how little I expect shay to succeed, she's having better success at getting shay to try and change for the better. Then we get to shay's countless bdsm shoots vs that one woman who actually tied shay up and got her to cum, something a man seemingly has never done despite shay begging for it. It was just an odd thing that hit me thinking about this situation

No. 166024

File: 1699445847795.jpeg (378.83 KB, 1100x1500, IMG_9041.jpeg)

this photo sarah gregory gives me the creeps. like house of a 1000 corpses family vibes.

No. 166033

File: 1699485692211.jpeg (547.94 KB, 1283x2079, eww.JPEG)

She’s meeting Scott (Las Vegas) there. I can’t believe she willingly sees him/does any of this.

No. 166034


No. 166044

i noticed kiki has been begging for money for a hysterectomy and shayna never retweets the posts. seems like the least she could do after having her at her house for over a week and blowing up her personal life

No. 166055

File: 1699561265153.jpeg (705.94 KB, 1170x1879, IMG_5384.jpeg)

Yeah I noticed Shay hasn’t even replied some half baked “I’m here for u girl” comment. I even noticed one of their mutual coomers in Kiki’s comments consoling her KEK The fact that the coomers have more empathy than Shat.

No. 166064

File: 1699642327836.jpeg (156.81 KB, 750x920, 7FD4E3F9-1DBD-4F73-A842-6B5263…)

kiki is so ugly

No. 166068

Hysterectomy as a sw? Yikes. I wonder if she realizes yet that she'll go through menopause after getting it out.

No. 166069

She is a total dog o can’t believe anons called her cute

No. 166071

kek nona I was just about to post this, you beat me to it. She’s apparently at the degenerate convention but hasn’t posted anything with or about Shat, I wonder if they had a falling out or if she’s just ghosted her after Ricky got doxxed here

No. 166073

File: 1699695839722.jpg (126.03 KB, 533x800, @littlekikicali.jpg)

They still interact, they were calling each other sisters a week ago >>>/snow/1923744
I think Shaytred blinds some Nonas and that’s why Kiki is praised when she’s just as vile and depraved as Shayna. Her styling is as horrendous too, she even had her own less severe version of the Coke can bangs. They don’t look as bad here but I can’t find a non-degenerate image of them.

No. 166075

on pictures of her on her own, it's easy to see that her facial features are ogre-like. but in pictures with shay, she goes from being below average to cute-ish just by default of at least taking care of herself to some degree, like taking care of her curls, keeping her skin clear, maintaining an average weight (if untoned and dumpy looking). a butterface who is average/decent in other areas is going to look by comparison in pics with someone like shay, who has quite literally zero attractive traits and does nothing to get the parts of her that have potential to be average or attractive up to speed (like restoring her curl pattern, learning to do her eyeliner in a way that makes her eyes bigger instead of even smaller and beadier, losing weight, getting more sleep to reduce her eyebags, drinking water and getting a basic skincare routine to improve her acne, etc)

shayna is the definition of the ugly/fat friend the other girls in the group just take pics with because they look amazing in comparison even though in reality they're just average like most people are

No. 166089

File: 1699835854833.jpg (399.86 KB, 2048x1536, Shayna Leigh Clifford, “Sophia…)

Shayna and Sophia seem to have “reconciled” if they ever had a falling out as was speculated. Do we think they roomed together? The other person is @KimChiFetish (Twitter)

No. 166091

I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re only hanging around each other because they’ve been booked for the same shoots or something, or Shaynus is imposing on Sophia and Sophia is too polite to tell her to fuck off. I wonder where Kiki is, she’s not posted a single thing from the “spanking party”

No. 166096

File: 1699845227651.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.94 KB, 680x383, 1699834048650 (1).jpg)

this photo is genuinely revolting

No. 166098

File: 1699845694541.png (760.82 KB, 992x898, ewww.png)

holy fuck this girl is grimy

No. 166104

Is she trying to act like a "little" here with the onesie (?) and pigtails? She's way too old for that man

No. 166108

File: 1699887333325.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.96 KB, 1170x1567, IMG_0041.jpeg)

She let this man poorly finger her too eww >>166096

No. 166130

File: 1699930210658.png (712.77 KB, 761x622, uhhhhhh.png)


No. 166143


The “kiki is so cute and I’m rooting for her low key” crowd have been real quiet after these

No. 166145

File: 1699978246063.jpeg (553.11 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_9224.jpeg)

i dont buy the tinfoil in main thread that this old lady is trooned out. check her hands in this photo, these arent man hands. she just has the troon flag because she targets fucked up young people willing to enter the scene

No. 166148

Yeah nah she’s not a troon. She just has the troon flag in her name as a “solidarity” thing. I hate troons as much as the next nona but can we not tell what a biological woman looks like? Kek she’s so obviously a woman

No. 166150

KEK anon I just posted how she and Sarah are evil madams preying on the mentally ill, I think the trans flag as a signifier of being "trans friendly" might work…HOWEVER considering that the Skidmark "buyer" is allegedly super obsessed with natural women then I guess this is meant to appeal to the she/they women that haven't chopped off their tits yet

No. 166155

It’s crazy to me how these women just degrade themselves so much for money. I don’t support any sex work but you would think most if not all women would draw the line at pissing yourself for what, $100?

No. 166164

File: 1700095334472.png (291.93 KB, 600x680, thelovelybunnie.png)

Here's the he/they spanking girl from >>>/snow/1928203, she tagged Sarah Gregory in a weekend roundup tweet too, I wonder if she's going to Aruba

No. 166169

File: 1700115257520.jpeg (239.48 KB, 933x1907, IMG_6466.jpeg)

This looks like a Victorian postmortem photo

No. 166170

It really does! Yikes.

No. 166173

The goofy looking old lady reminds me of chris chans mom

No. 166185

File: 1700273090001.jpeg (71.73 KB, 1169x332, IMG_6645.jpeg)

Hope it never rains at Sensei Ricky Delgado’s dojo

No. 166230

File: 1700546101292.jpeg (259.67 KB, 1170x674, IMG_0074.jpeg)

Nonnies WHY is he still uploading to OnlyFans? Was the wake-up call of what he could lose not enough? What a pornsick idiot, he deserves to go bankrupt.

No. 166231

File: 1700547317517.png (Spoiler Image,16.36 KB, 105x143, ss1.PNG)

I still have this compilation I made when the ricky hunt was happening including some of the photos admins removed kek

No. 166233

I hate him so much for working with children. It makes me sick. The parents should know because the chances of a porn addict not making disgusting jokes are extremely low. I would pull my kid out immediately if i found out that their instructor was a john/prostitution buyer who makes porn to fuel his porn/sex addiction.

No. 166239

File: 1700636750862.jpeg (540.32 KB, 1080x2425, IMG_6826.jpeg)

Sensei Ricky Delgado taking lewds for his porn account in his dojo

No. 166240

I'm trying so hard not to a-fucking-log

No. 166242

Same. I really wish someone would let the parents know…oh well.

No. 166243

I don’t think the parents care.

No. 166244

File: 1700648202734.gif (100.63 KB, 500x500, kam .GIF)

You’d think, since he can’t stop being a degenerate, he’d at least be more careful.
What makes you say that, Nona?

No. 166250

File: 1700695597125.png (Spoiler Image,364.29 KB, 531x641, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.png)

oh dear god, kiki reposted this monstrosity and im scarred for life

No. 166253

when you have to lift up your fupa to expose your "fat cock".. ma'am you're hilariously delusional

No. 166255

I hate tifs and why are so many of them fat

No. 166262

kekkkk she’s trying to say her clit is her “fat cock”? i didnt even realize kekek i thought she was saying she wanted a female-to-male tranny with a fat (fake) cock.

No. 166301

File: 1701042285308.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x2108, IMG_0147.jpeg)

Ik Kiki is a nasty degen but she clearly has WAY too low self-esteem to think that Ricky Delgado is some sort of a prize? Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO literally went broke at one point from his addiction to paying to rape women.

No. 166302

Seeing the poor self-esteem and self-worth just makes me sad bc you know that Ricky Delgado of Boulder, CO is getting away with so much. She’s even editing his videos where he fucks other women like… Kiki is past 30 which makes it even more embarrassing.

No. 166303

File: 1701044673961.jpeg (Spoiler Image,463.54 KB, 1080x2297, IMG_6893.jpeg)

Why does Kiki deserve a scrote who’s a prize though? She’s no prize either. All she brings to the table is stripping, pedo pandering, and whoring out her body for peanuts. She’s over 30 and still has to beg to afford her rent and medical care. Even Sensei Ricky at least co-owns a legitimate business. They’re the same level of fugly too. Water seeks its own level and they’re a perfect match made in hell imo. I don’t think it’s low self-esteem keeping her with him when it seems like she wants a scrote with the same lifestyle as her. What scrote with any value would want to be with someone who sucks milk from a human blimp for a living? And yeah picrel is from 2020 but she reposted it this week

No. 166304

her hair actually looks decent here

No. 166305

Why are you assuming I said she deserved a “prize”? Are you a moid who got triggered? All I said is that she treats Ricky like he is one when he’s a despicable piece of shit. Idgaf what she does and what she “deserves”, Ricky the serial rapist doesn’t deserve to have degenerate sex sessions with a revolving door of whores while making Kiki edit the content with other women. I am personally pissed seeing HIM using her and “gaming” this pornographer crap so he can have sex with droves of women for free. He should be a lowly incel who never interacts with women at all.

No. 166312

What in gods name

No. 166317

Jason Womack is retarded and inbred

No. 166321


No. 166343

File: 1701257497582.jpg (147.47 KB, 1290x918, Shaynaesque .jpg)

Tell me she’s not just as horrible as Shayna. Why can’t these freaks keep their kinks degeneracy, let’s be real private and between consenting parties?

No. 166346

wouldn't a diaper potentially (and unnecessarily) heighten the risk of infection or irritation on fresh surgical incisions/stitches?

No. 166428

File: 1701650761397.png (796.55 KB, 643x756, buttterrrface.png)

cracking up over this photo of grandma gregory from main thread. her face is sooo unfortunate looking. major butter face.

No. 166429

The other girls are pretty.

No. 166433

Kek i was just coming here to say the same shit. I know it sounds moidish but her body is so nice, like, she clearly works hard to stay in shape but seems to have ZERO interest in getting a better haircut, not dressing like a grandma, or wearing better makeup? Its like she puts absolutely all of her effort into her body, which I am honestly jealous of kek, and zero time spent on anything else to do with her physical appearance. I feel ok saying it because she’s a nasty depraved pedopandering ho like Shay but yeah…she is the queen of butterfaces. I honestly think Shay even looks better than her in the face, at least she has the capacity to look ok. Sarah Gregory always looks like she just rolled out of bed and slipped on a kaftan.

No. 166436

i thought that was heather on the left kek

No. 166442

I feel like she could use some bangs or maybe even some cute glasses and concealer idk just cover up that forehead and, she’s ugly but in a really mild way that can be hidden.

No. 166443

Her eyes are the opposite of shay’s, the pupils are so tiny

No. 166451

She was definitely always ugly and "not picked" during her formative years. Would explain why she's a raging bitch with a power trip now that she has a few elderly men financially supporting her. She probably loves to have even the tiniest bit of power over Shayna (thinner, not-addicted to drugs, "stable" married relationship). Sadly, the fact she has compare herself to the lowest tier of whoredom that is Shayna is just pathetic in itself. Transparent as fuck that she only hangs out with younger, troubled women. She wouldn't "look as good" if she tried to square up with a woman her own age who is equally or infinitely more successful than her without having to piss in diapers and pretend to be a baby getting a raped.

No. 166472

File: 1701834976521.jpeg (620.31 KB, 1668x1840, E2D7B179-9B24-4FF1-BA23-77AF75…)

Not shart also horrible shop but Nona that said Sarah Gregory looks like mr burns had me shayspired

No. 166477

File: 1701869948190.png (139.36 KB, 1293x677, CHS.png)

So Kiki also suffers from CHS and just like Shayna decided not to taper her usage to prepare for her surgery, major in her case. Total hysterectomy, for those that don’t keep up with her. No wonder these two get along so well, cut from the same cloth.

No. 166487

File: 1701907745169.jpg (607.28 KB, 1014x3658, Vile.jpg)

These people are vile. Nothing is sacred, everything is to be used as degenerate content. No public comment from any of Shayna’s accounts so far. Although Kiki mentioning Telegram makes me think this is how they all communicate.
It’s sad to think one of Kiki and Shayna’s gross customers, @thatshyguy1, left a more thoughtful reply regarding Kiki’s surgery than Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado. Don't worry, I’m 100% certain @thatshyguy1 is also a piece of shit too. Censored Kiki because I find the picture Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado chose is horrible, given the circumstances.

No. 166488

ofc kiki has CHS too and won't quit either. these women are gonna end up with even worse health problems down the line. people have actually died from CHS because they get so dehydrated.

No. 166489

She brought it on herself but It made me a little sad that she didn’t want to text/bother her “friends” because they’re on some degen vacation meanwhile she got a major surgery and they can’t make time to call her for a few minutes . All her bf is talking about is not being able to have sex with her. Not even a “can’t wait to cuddle you and take care of you” type of thing. Horrible people they all surround themselves with

No. 166490

Hideous. The cops.

No. 166492

kiki let shayna stay at her apartment after a con when shay came down with one of her usual puking spells and took care of her even though kiki herself was suffering from endometriosis pain. i don't know if they had a falling out but i would be shocked if shayna even bothered to text kiki and see how she's recovering from surgery.

No. 166499

It's really sad that a random coomer's response is the sweetest one there. Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado is a sick disgusting person.

No. 166539

File: 1702031000812.jpeg (784.48 KB, 1170x2408, IMG_9575.jpeg)

this weird guy in shaynas comments gives me serial killer vibes

No. 166541

File: 1702031052490.jpeg (316.92 KB, 1170x1223, IMG_9576.jpeg)

like imagine having to interact with braindead moids like this to pay your bills? gives sped womack vibes

No. 166552

That’s Womack’s other account. Kek.

No. 166557

does anyone know what happened with dawn’s dogs? i’ve been worried about them and haven’t seen an update

No. 166561

Doesn't hysterectomy make you more prone to vaginal prolapse?

No. 166571

> That is the person I want.
If that’s true, it’s hilarious that he doesn’t get that Shayna has/had no interest in him at all and barely tolerated him, despite all the spending he did on her.

No. 166572

How do you know? It’s a new account.

No. 166575

File: 1702111030777.png (76.13 KB, 1855x423, whoops.png)

oh she fucked up
she's weakening it up early and I figure heavy fucking support is one thing the uterus holds the canal up for. Ricky's gonna break up with her the moment she starts prolapsing I'm confident in that. Wonder if she had other health solutions and just was determined to yeet out her uterus instead

No. 166577

File: 1702126699479.jpg (377.09 KB, 1285x1561, Adenomyosis.jpg)

> Wonder if she had other health solutions and just was determined to yeet out her uterus instead
She says she didn’t but in previous Tweets she revealed her doctors were not to keen on her having the surgery.

No. 166579

Obviously I don't know how bad of pain she was actually in, but getting a hysterectomy when it is not strictly necessary sounds like a terrible idea. The second she got it out, she started going through menopause. I'm willing to bet that Kiki was only thinking about how nice it would be to stop having periods. Not thinking about how she's going to have hot flashes and her skin will start rapidly aging unless she gets hormone replacement to counteract her lack of estrogen coming from her uterus.

No. 166581

its so fucked up that she basically did this so she could continue to do sex work. like moids have women so brainwashed that girls are fighting tooth and nail to continue to be degenerate doormats for them.

No. 166586

i don't blame kiki for wanting a hysterectomy. there are limited treatment options for women's health issues because most moids in the medical field are indifferent to our suffering and it's truly sad that she felt she had to take such a drastic step at such a young age. her content may disgust me but she's one of countless women dealing with gynecological health problems in a world that doesn't care about women's pain. i wish her well in her recovery.

No. 166587

Surely she's on HRT now though?

Is it because of that? Sounds like it's painful condition like endometriosis

No. 166592

yes the root cause of the pain was endometriosis, but the reason for her removing her uterus was so she could continue to strip and film sex content. she was constantly crying on twitter about how the pain made her miss shoots and miss out on work and how she’d basically be broke unless she kept up with her schedule. what im trying to say is if she wasnt so keen on being a degenerate she could find a more suitable job that didn’t involve ricky the baby-dickie and whoever else ramming their cock repeatedly against her cervix - like no shit she was constantly in pain and flaring up from her lifestyle. she was literally in the worst “job” for her condition. and instead of reevaluating her life choices, or maybe finding a guy who didnt need fucked up depraved sex constantly to stay hooked, then she could have maybe not had to take this insanely drastic step until a later age.

No. 166594

File: 1702265616935.jpg (23.84 KB, 1170x555, penis bumper.jpg)

I wonder if an iud and a penis stopper (picrel) to reduce length during period shoots/sex would have been enough for her. Considering them advertising she could take dick deeper now I wonder if she never sought solutions for it hurting or if she prioritizes moid feelings over her actual pain so didn't want to use something like this. They're pretty cool actually, you can buy fancy vibrating ones too

No. 166609

File: 1702340711700.png (86.53 KB, 661x654, a gross spanking wiki.png)

I regret to inform you that there is a spanking wiki where I found Sarah Gregory's entry. This shit is so gross and disturbing but I also find it hilariously low-rent in the way that things created and driven by near-dead old men are. I mean, look at that butt icon kek.


No. 166610

A "lesbian bottom" but she's married to a man??

No. 166611

File: 1702348457431.png (30.68 KB, 589x285, uh.png)

already starting? yikes

No. 166612

File: 1702348968978.png (Spoiler Image,1.46 MB, 1887x981, ew.png)

ew. kiki letting ricky piss on her.

No. 166614

I think it means in the context of spanking. Since she's a "lesbian", show won't let men spank her, which is honestly the best option.

No. 166616

File: 1702350445073.png (240.79 KB, 604x478, ssccaatt.png)

kiki is seriously deranged. she is talking about how she can take a shit again without pain after her hysterectomy and how she's excited she can shoot poop porn again (dear god dont be poop play)

No. 166619

can any medfags explain the whole scar tissue being used to hold the vaginal canal up thing? I guess something has to hold it up I'm just amazed it has to be scar tissue. that could potentially be real bad if she expects rough play in porn. maybe not ricky, but someone with a big dick or even going too hard with a dildo at the wrong angle could rip the scar tissue
fuck I thought she meant being able to take anal without pain, i didn't realise she might actually get off to shitting, and worse, in diapers

No. 166621

File: 1702374551269.jpg (65.09 KB, 800x544, sarahgregoryspanking-sgs-the-c…)

I searched for "dolly mattel" and there's content that I don't think has been posted

No. 166623

File: 1702374624310.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.3 KB, 799x546, girlspanksgirl-auntbfull-image…)

She always makes the most sped faces(spoiler needed)

No. 166624

i’m pretty sure she is implying that she had to stop doing scat (“big core fetish”) because her condition made taking shits really painful for her? she’s basically talking about how she took a giant shit and it didn’t make her nauseous and she is excited it means she can finally go back to filming type of porn. i took that as scat porn.

No. 166636

no that makes sense, my brain just refused to make the connection but it's all there. god I think she's lower than shay. I don't think she's been pissed on before. though there is that call to her dad and the humiliating things video…

No. 166643

File: 1702510572495.jpg (20.91 KB, 221x300, grossgrossgross.jpg)

Main thread is rightfully concerned for Shay's pets again. I got autistic with Sarah Gregory's blog looking for old milk and mainly what I've learned is that Shay and Sarah are a match made in hell. In her 20s Sarah spent years constantly leaving her pets to go to spanking parties and vacations. One time while there was a WEEK-LONG POWER OUTAGE.

>I have so much that I want to write about and need to get to sleep as I have an early flight. I wanted to get as much in before I leave as there will be no electricity where I live for at least another week. I will try to get to some friends houses in the neighboring state to get my updates for the site done and perhaps another blog post.
>For me even 11am is early….I usually sleep 12 hours, but at these parties I get 5 to 6 a night, not good, which is another reason my mood may have been off. I hope too many people didn’t notice, I tried to hide it and have a good time and make everyone fee good. I do love the parties, but with the excitement comes the downs and ups and shocks to our nervous system. Spanking is also a very emotional outlet for me as well for many others. I was also very worried about the situation back home with the snow, no electricity, my pets, etc.

To lighten the mood, here are some recordings of disgraced theater kid Sarah Gregory singing for her spanking "momma" Dana Specht.
>One of them is called, Somewhere Out There, and I sang this for her at my voice lesson in March when she came to visit me and it made her cry, she was so touched. I am posting a music clip of the song I sung for her here.The other favorite song that she has that I do is ‘Don’t Know Why’ by Norah Jones. I recorded this for her too.



No. 166644

> call to her dad
Are you confusing her with Luna, Nona? Or is this another disturbing porn trend/category?

No. 166669

this woman is going to be 40 next year. she is disgusting.

No. 166671

> some recordings of disgraced theater kid Sarah Gregory singing for her spanking "momma" Dana Specht
Naur, stop! You know she did this performance earnestly and thinks she’s fantastic. I wish we could upload them here for archival purposes.

No. 166672

kek maybe they can be set to a shay slideshow in windows movie maker

No. 166673

Nta but the first song yes definitely it would be so fucking funny. Sarah’s singing reminds me a bit of when Colleen Ballinger would purposefully try to sing bad as Miranda Sings tbh. I respect trained vocalists but her singing is not pleasant to listen to at all. Very musical-ish.

No. 166674

File: 1702523604600.jpg (Spoiler Image,297.19 KB, 504x899, eternal youth.jpg)

I'll give Sarah one thing, she hasn't aged a bit. She's been a solid 40 for almost 2 decades.

No. 166676

Jesus Christ. She really has.

No. 166677

This bitch was born earlier than 1984. She just wants to be “forever 39.”

No. 166678

She’s been forty the past two years. Lol.

No. 166679

This pic is giving “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” vibes. Her voice is actually not bad. It’s annoying in a musical theatre way, but it’s okay. She’s still a vile wench though. Kek.

No. 166680

No. 166681

This is a shatsterpiece, nonna! I love it so much. My fucking sides!

No. 166682

stop lmao whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

No. 166683

i am absolutely floored that a pick me whose entire lifestyle is centered around making repulsive sexual content for rank old pornsick moids is also a terrible pet owner

No. 166685

Kekkkk the quick flash to that picture of Shay's massive back when the song goes "that BIG somewhere out there." This is the funniest thing I've seen on this site in months, excellent work nona

No. 166686

File: 1702569475727.mp4 (16.94 MB, 720x720, Shaysterpiece.mp4)

Brava, Nona! Brava!

No. 166687

File: 1702570359311.jpg (25.1 KB, 600x338, p12.jpg)

Oh my god the fast zoom in to shay's face on the heavily enunciated toni-TE. Bravo nona, it made me cry, I was so touched. Also just realized this is a singing mouse song from An American Tail.

No. 166688

beautiful shart brought a tear to my eye. sarahs terrible singing contrasted with shatnas ugliness truly makes a beautiful product.

No. 166689

File: 1702578683580.jpeg (282.48 KB, 750x804, D56F6609-0590-4C22-BD72-DB1C1A…)

ewww josh topkek

No. 166690

>Baphomet pentagram hoodie
>ski mask

No. 166696

Can we post this to the main thread? It’s fucking hilarious and actually deserves to be in there. I wish the screencaps from that Big Bleak Girls video were included too, she made some seriously retarded faces there.

No. 166697

I second this!

No. 166698

This is beyond just a work of shart, it's a masterpiece. I can't stop cackling.

No. 166699

File: 1702665522905.png (431.41 KB, 694x554, IMG_8432.png)

The bigs Nona, my sides

No. 166706

File: 1702692467203.jpeg (897.3 KB, 1170x1860, IMG_9630.jpeg)

kiki is about to be evicted because she owes her landlord $600 for december’s rent which is now like two weeks late. bleak.

No. 166707

Pedo diaper bitch is gonna be evicted, boohoo, oh well.

No. 166708

I don’t believe her. They’re all scammers and she’s simply trying to illicit pity.

No. 166715

how can women call guys like ricky delgado “daddy” when they cant even help their girlfriend from being evicted. guess she didnt think how bad this makes him look.

No. 166717

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal.

No. 166720

and yet shayna won’t retweet any of kiki’s posts to do the absolute bare minimum to support her

No. 166721

This is one of the things about OF whores that amuses me. All of their relationships are fake or shallow. They're incapable of forming genuine friendships because all they care about is themselves and money.

No. 166722

It’s probably because they’re afraid farmers will bother “Little Dicky” again. They just want everyone to let this poor, innocent sensei be a pedo in peace. Barf.

No. 166744

File: 1702948073154.png (3.08 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_2879.png)

No. 166750

sarah is such a sped kek

No. 166759

File: 1702995751090.gif (Spoiler Image,460.63 KB, 220x229, vine-takeon-me.gif)

>>166744 Kek she looks like that one vine

No. 166778

File: 1703025672109.jpg (149.99 KB, 1290x484, Sure.jpg)

The Internet should make us cynical skeptics.

No. 166780

This is spot on! Holy fucking kek!

No. 166781

Why doesn’t her boyfriend sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado help her out? This is such a scam. If she really needed money that bad, her significant other would pitch in.

No. 166783

she could have prevented early menopause if she requested not to have her ovaries removed. They normally insist on removing them at the same time, but you can keep them. My mother kept hers after her hysterectomy and didn't start going through menopause until 20 years later.
Just as a general FYI in case any nonnies need to go through it for any other kind of health reasons.

No. 166784

this tweet should be shown to every young woman who thinks sex work is easy money

No. 166792

Imagine being at this point as a 30 something year old and not thinking “yeah you know what? Maybe I should see if my local supermarket/burger joint/call centre is hiring”. Or even put an ad for cleaning services on taskrabbit or something. Her degenerate “daddy” is either broke or doesn’t care about her enough to help. God what a bleak existence.

No. 166808

File: 1703062788579.jpg (363.11 KB, 1080x1619, 1000014490.jpg)

Her situation isn't even quite as hopeless as Shayna's, she has a degree from FIDM (doesn't say so in the tweet but this grad pic was taken across the street from the Staples/Crypto Center, couple blocks away from FIDM)

No. 166813

Wow. She has more options and STILL chooses to do this.

No. 166828

Kiki dresses better than Shayna but she still has a shit sense of fashion. She wasn't going to get hired anywhere good. Maybe if she had more technical skills, but if she picked porn over this then she probably didn't have that going for her either. We don't need any more pedos in the fashion industry anyways.

No. 166832

Maybe she got into debt to pay her off her student loan and then couldn't get out of it, or became to far gone to care.

No. 166843

File: 1703185189755.png (Spoiler Image,328.98 KB, 742x813, Screenshot 2023-12-21 135726.p…)

I found this from the Taboo_Daddy_Dom dude, this is just depressing to see sex workers delighting in wives' misery. It makes me never want to get married ever.

No. 166844

I’m glad I’m a lesbian. This is absolutely disgusting.

No. 166846

you've got to have zero self worth to willingly sleep with an ugly fat married old man

No. 166850

I’m glad I’m straight. This is absolutely disgusting.

No. 166851

You’re an asshole. Glad you’re straight too. Have fun with ugly moids.

No. 166852


No. 166856

Late response but I thought she was talking about getting cum inside her? Hysterectomy so no risk of getting knocked up?
At least I’m hoping.

No. 166873

File: 1703278412330.png (1.3 MB, 1416x672, JUST THE SHAYX.png)

posting this here and saged incase mods delete it from main thread

No. 166874

File: 1703279429184.png (222.85 KB, 574x405, evidence.png)

more proof kiki was at that spanking part that sarah gregory hosted.

No. 166875

File: 1703279535272.jpg (704.69 KB, 2048x1534, ewwwwwwww.jpg)

Sensei Ricky Delgado of Front Range Judo

No. 166876

stuffing his pants now? ladies, we got to him.

No. 166877

File: 1703279663642.png (311.39 KB, 589x400, wheres the police.png)

Incase you thought you couldn't be more grossed out by Kiki than you already are. She just reposted a video of her masturbating a CHILDREN's PLAYGROUND. The scratched out purple area is where she has a fucking dildo out. She needs to be put on a list and people should be alerted if she is in their area.

No. 166878

This is not okay. This is lower than even Shayna. I wanna a-log.

No. 166879

File: 1703284075312.jpeg (45.41 KB, 697x870, 1634230514660.jpeg)

top kek content from the sol saga

No. 166880

File: 1703320057057.jpeg (19.34 KB, 225x225, 0D2162AC-0F4F-4A8E-BB3A-B88985…)

Yeah she’s sick. But these whores lurk and flick their bean to us calling them disgusting so let’s just call her the fat stubby trippie red in a wig lookin ass so she can be burnt where it really hurts her. Vapid retard. We all know they’re vile but we can’t do anything about it except just watch her slowly crash and burn she’s already 30 which is like 50 in porn years. And Ricky well, he is ugly on the outside and we know the only pussy he gets is by paying for exploited women or “collaborating” with $3 whores or having Fiona ride on his std ridden tiny flaccid dick.
Dale Gribble is cool tho, he’s a loving wholesome dad. This degenerate could never

No. 166895

getting her ovaries ripped out and losing her sex drive and having her vagina atrophy will be so funny, what a retarded pedo

No. 166897

File: 1703534641747.png (Spoiler Image,1010.08 KB, 1388x602, plaque hell.png)

it's like he put a tiny fanny pack there kek
also wtf is up with his teeth? it's like there should be a gap but the bottom is too covered in tartar. has he not brushed his teeth or gone to the dentist since his divorce? cause it look like that if not since mommy stopped making him do it

No. 166903

File: 1703556985940.png (154.69 KB, 1293x598, Ovaries.jpeg.png)

Unfortunately (?), she kept them.

No. 166907

funnier if she has her sex drive still when she prolapses

No. 166909

kiki is gross but you sound insane

No. 166912

Oh shut the fuck up. She would definitely deserve to have a high sex drive but no ability to have sex. Look at the porn she does.

No. 166913

Whore defending should be bannable offense

No. 166929

I think those anons sound like moids/troons, or sociopaths at best

No. 166968

But it’s so sad that Kiki doesn’t have any self esteem topkek

No. 166977

honestly took a step back and thought about my post but no, she makes this content >>166877 pandering directly to pedophiles and does shit that is illegal for a reason in broad daylight. I've been on this site and seen the stuff pedophiles get off to. I don't know if you're blessed enough to have not opened this site or crystal cafe during a raid but it's downright horrifying. Pedophiles are sexual sadists and it's most accurate to describe it as a heroin addiction because they're constantly chasing the dragon and needing a "stronger" high over time. Shay and Kiki are pandering to these people and the starting step to consuming or engaging in real pedophilia, there is no innocent reason to get off to this, and doing so doesn't prevent the engagement of worse stuff. Don't bother disputing that the studies have been done and this isn't "weed means you'll obviously progress to crack" hysteria.
I believe those pedos who are not sequestered away from children, avoiding csam, and in therapy and are instead engaging in their pedophilia deserve punishment and people like Kiki and Shay who know what they're doing and support these pedos when there's tons of other degrading porn they could do (and literally make more money doing, this is a certified choice by them) deserve my ire too. Their customers aren't innocent and they know that. Even at their most "innocent" we've had a man following his own daughter's porn and that's under the rare assumption he wasn't physically harming her and was keeping it fantasy.
There are anons here with ptsd from the shit we've seen and I can only imagine what the farmhands have gone through. I'm going to assume that's a big reason people hate Shay and those like her harder than most and do actively wish the worst outcomes happen to them. If there are two paths for shay and kiki I'd prefer they take the worse one. Both for milk and because I think they deserve it. This isn't me a-logging about Vicky Shingles or someone inconsequential like that, these are pedophile supporters who are very likely pedophiles themselves. Because seriously, who else would actively want to surround themselves with pedophilia?

No. 166983

Honestly you will get some flack for this I’m sure but I agree with you 100% and I don’t think you’re being over dramatic.

No. 167001

File: 1704084901017.jpeg (579.48 KB, 1080x4002, Fiona from Shrek’s expanded se…)

Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

No. 167002

File: 1704084996459.jpeg (333.62 KB, 1080x1824, pimp momma.JPEG)

Suddenly a lot about KaKa makes sense

No. 167003

File: 1704085062251.jpeg (505.3 KB, 1080x2578, families who whore together st…)

At least Shat’s parents still have their dignity

No. 167004

This is extremely bleak. I know it's overused and is a shayna related meme but there is no other word that describes this situation as accurately. This is now the second example of someone who is somehow hog adjacent and is a parent helping and encouraging their daughter to do sex work. The first being Mike Slack. What the fuck is wrong with these parents? Is society so delusional that people that have honestly bought into the libfem bullshit that selling asshole pics for less than the price of a cheese burger is empowering and a good way to live? They are harming their children by allowing them to take part in an industry that is innately exploitative and harmful for women.

No. 167009

File: 1704123145500.gif (29.9 KB, 220x280, LXd0Zi5naWY.gif)

>"my milf of a mother"
>shares her porn with mom, grandma, and aunt in a group chat
>ma kaka drives kiki to sex things
>asked to go to spanking party with her daughter
>mom encourages daughter's porn over a costume career
>uses daughter to gas her up so she feels confident enough to start porn
>launches her porn name and face reveal on her daughter's account
>might also be to mooch her daughter's porn followers

No. 167010

This is even worse to me somehow than Slack, or not worse because his story is so vile it makes me gag, but a mom being involved in the whoreification of her daughter is a whole other kind of sad sickness. I actually told my mom about this in passing just now (I mentioned it like something I just randomly saw on socials) and she was aghast. It goes so against what a mother is meant to be, and especially to a daughter. From this Twitter thread we can see Kiki has an aunt a grandmother and a mother who all failed to protect her or raise her with the proper views on this shit. It’s incredibly sad and bleak. It makes you wonder what in gods name her childhood would like. I’d say she needs her own thread now but it might be way too dark.

No. 167011

*was like not would like fuckn auto

No. 167012

File: 1704154482419.jpeg (263.02 KB, 519x726, D90FB861-93BA-4850-BDD1-3C67DF…)

My sides, this dusty hag is the milf in question

No. 167032

No smile, just an empty facebook photo with a blank npc stare

No. 167038

i wouldn't expect a woman that encourages her daughter's sex work career to have any kind of soul

No. 167042

>This is even worse to me somehow than Slack, or not worse because his story is so vile it makes me gag, but a mom being involved in the whoreification of her daughter is a whole other kind of sad sickness.

I agree with most of what you have said except for this part. Stop making apologies for scrotes and saying "boys will be boys". Stop holding women to a higher moral standard. You have some internalized misogyny going on that you seriously have to fix. This man jerked off to his own daughter and followed her sex work account, his intentions could never be well meaning in any way, ever and he's a sick, dangerous pervert. He's objectively worse than Kiki's mom. Lots of women buy the myth that sex work is 'empowering'.

No. 167044


tbh I get what that anon means. Both are horrible but at this point, a lot of scrotes sexually abuse their kids to the point where it's almost "normalized". It's more shocking to hear of a woman grooming her daughter to be a sex worker. They're both extremely vile behaviors, but I think the average farmer knows the depths of disgusting male sexuality, so seeing it in a thread like shayna's, it's desensitizing.


I bet Shayna wishes her mom was "this cool", but from what Kiki posted about in her childhood, her mom is definitely a giant narcissist who would have allowed any ole groomer complete access to her kid if it meant a chance at the limelight or a few extra bucks in her pocket. Wasn't Kiki a "child actor"? Her story is probably extremely fucked up. Horror cow status tbh, I want a thread on her.. but at the same time I don't. Shayna's thread is more fun because she's the architect of her own misfortune. Kiki's whole life just seems bleak.

No. 167045

Let me ask you this, do you think you're helping women by pretending we don't have sell outs in our ranks and that selling out is a special kind of shitty thing to do? If you get voluntarily involved in porn and encourage your daughter to do it you are a patriarchal zombie and yes it is a special kind of disgrace because your responsibility as a woman is to resist that bs. That's the whole point of feminism. Do you think you're helping women by denying reality? Because the fact is, women ARE inherently better than men, that's why we hold ourselves to not acting like them. Some of you radfems are so married to muh double standard that you equate yourself to the pigs. Just admit that as a woman she SHOULD have known extra better, because she herself is a member of the oppressed class and has a responsibility to protect her female child. You are intellectually dishonest by pretending like women don't have a different standard of behavior both as the oppressed group and because we literally aren't as shitty as moids, to our core, as a group. Sorry but thats the way it really is and feminists should respond accordingly.

No. 167048

You sound like some feminist to me with this college essay tbh. Mike Slack buying dildos for his daughter to watch her use them on herself is objectively worse.

No. 167051

Nah, a mother grooming her daughter to be pimped out by men is objectively worse than a father doing it. Both are horrible but men are the weakest link so its worse when the superior sex (women) fall so far from grace and do their children, especially daughters so wrong. Mike slack is still a repugnant pedo who doesn't deserve to breathe oxygen like the rest of us, but Kiki's mom is absolutely fucking vile. Her whole family is.

No. 167052

Why does everything in the Shay threads have to turn into a competition of what's worse? Not everything needs to given a pecking order. It reminds me of when anons spent 100s of posts debating whether Womack or Fupa were worse. Why are shaytards so uniquely incapable of saying "both of these options are terrible in separate ways" and leaving it at that?

No. 167054

Definitely feels like Kek was groomed and abused as a kid. If not directly by these women then at least by the scrotes in their lives. Seems like she actually lived the childhood Shay fantasizes about.

No. 167056

File: 1704317782941.jpg (757.76 KB, 1059x3433, daddy and bro content origin.j…)

You wouldn’t be shocked then to learn with her obvious daddy issues that she has multiple half siblings and all of their dads have walked out of her lives. Her response to finding out her older brother has cancer was to talk about how special he is because she learned her degeneracy from him. Certainly puts Kiki’s lil/big bro content into a different light than Shat’s

No. 167057

File: 1704318052166.jpeg (386.67 KB, 1080x2141, why stop at one vice?.JPEG)

Also I didn’t post this one originally because it seemed trivial in comparison to the other revelations, but “Fiona Fox”’s support of her daughter didn’t stop at porn. She also kept her daughter gassed on weed by supporting her daily dispensary runs and would take dabs with her 21 year old roommate who stole Kiki’s pots and pans (context for the last tweet in pic)

No. 167058

>i would not be the deviant person i am today without learning it from my big bro, little did he know

what the fuck does this mean?

No. 167059

No. 167060

Yeah maybe but a lot of anons have blogged about going through CSA and having an aversion to sex, or just not being able to say or do certain things in a sexual way( me included) so most are extra disgusted at these enablers

No. 167063

File: 1704329500912.jpeg (871.61 KB, 1080x4307, soy salvatore.JPEG)

When even the degenerate loser illegal alien that is Soy Salvatore can close his sex work Twitter and gain some weight to improve his appearance, Shayna may as well pack it up

No. 167064

kek. I guess the soy boy comments got to him.

No. 167065

>You sound like some feminist to me
moid spotted
omg not a feminist uwu. how drab

No. 167066

Ewwww he needs to gain muscle not fat, he still looks like a soyboy

No. 167073

File: 1704345408306.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1481, IMG_5673.jpeg)

This fucking leech still refuses to get a real job. Now he’s trying to stream on twitch. Any thing to continue mooching off his wife and not work.

No. 167074

No. 167075

What in the numale catboy allergic to an honest day's work am I looking at here. Modern males are so pathetic & somehow void of both masculinity & femininity.

No. 167077

I need to remember that this hideous degenerate moid plays Runescape the next time I get the itch to play again.

No. 167079

File: 1704380262647.png (Spoiler Image,715.04 KB, 948x515, fat soyboy.png)

Tbf, kiki also chose to do CSA recreations all on her lonesome. She isn't a girl with a fucked up childhood just doing regular porn or desperately doing bdsm shoots cause she can't make money mainstream. Kiki is 100% self produced pedo bait from start to finish.
considering she mentioned "little did he know", I wonder if she stumbled upon his b/s porn habits one day and it stuck in the worst way imaginable.
so he became fatter "skinny" fat? soon he's not gonna be skinny fat and just fat kek. not a hint of definition except his weird shelf development in picrel

No. 167082

How long until he troons out?

No. 167083

Yeah, I'm aware she chooses to do pedo pandering porn. I'm just saying that unlike Shayna, it seems like she was surrounded by abusers who exploited her. Ffs she sends pictures of herself in her lingerie to her grandma. That girl was not protected at all, so it's not surprising she grew up and became a giant whore. Usually CSA victims either develop sex aversion or nymphomaniac tendencies. I'd say Kiki* fell into the latter category

* I have no idea if she was actually sexually abused as a child, but by God… It's looking like she was. She's literally got all the hallmarks

No. 167085

my god that's beautiful. How did she turn out a whore?

No. 167088

File: 1704420702421.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1290x1639, IMG_5121.jpeg)

I couldn’t find the milk I wanted for the main thread but speaking of Kiki, I found her actual prostitution ad.

No. 167089

File: 1704420833382.jpeg (117.2 KB, 1290x1529, IMG_5126.jpeg)

Her prices are disgusting. From the rest of her profile “fetish” sessions don’t involve sex, but the second box of prices does. Bleak.

No. 167101

Where is this from? Does Shayna have a page too?

No. 167102

File: 1704586138929.jpeg (803.47 KB, 1290x2574, IMG_5198.jpeg)

A site where IRL hookers advertise. It’s easily google-able so I’m not inclined to type the name and provoked the unwanted traffic, it’s in this additional screenshot though. No Shayna. If she’s operating as a regular escort outside Seeking, it’s gotta be under a whole new name. I noticed her personal site has fallen to the wayside and become fully outdated despite it seeming that she’s hooking more than ever. So that sent me on a quest of sorts, but this is the only thing that’s turned up worth mentioning. Anyways, lolcow gave me autism. Thanks.

No. 167106

Kiki deserves her own thread at this point

No. 167109

i'm sorry nonna but if you found your way here then you already had autism and /shay/ is just the symptom

No. 167112

Yes please

No. 167113

File: 1704643526918.jpeg (373.85 KB, 1290x2153, 280A2C4B-9D1C-4EB4-AC73-AB31E1…)

AYRT, you’ve inspired me

No. 167115

This should be next thread pic for shaynatorihm

No. 167124

why is 30 min more expensive than 1 hour? is Kiki retarded or am I retarded?

No. 167125

Was thinking the same thing anon kek.

No. 167127

Not WK-ing but you wouldn’t be able to stack the 30 minute sessions. Encourages customers to buy the longer session. You get more $ for selling to less people while the customers feels like they’re getting a discount, if that makes sense.
(Source: I teach private lessons in a real world field, and have used a similar pricing structure. It works, it’s common. A place I TAKE lessons have a similar structure for their class credit packages. More credits bought at once = cheaper than buying a single class.)

No. 167131

File: 1704819882308.jpeg (2.1 MB, 3464x3464, E66AF2EA-6B3F-46D2-B256-21DB50…)

kiki looks like Trippie Redd.

No. 167132

File: 1704820007206.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.09 MB, 1242x1590, 279DABA8-6C17-4345-A48C-01DF2B…)

I know it must smell foul in that room especially when Shayna was staying over. Gagging

No. 167133

File: 1704820361721.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1242x1602, E22B9784-9E4E-42F8-A938-63960F…)

>Kiki’s mom has got nothin’ goin’ on
I guess her sex work account flopped kek hasn’t been active since 2021

No. 167134

File: 1704820553086.jpeg (473.02 KB, 1536x2048, 6722D9D2-626E-402F-B3AC-29A91E…)

Kiki’s mom seems like that type of crusty white lady to fetishize black men and mixed children. She gives me creepy vibes

No. 167142

I'd be so embarrassed to have this crackhead for a mother.
She definitely is exactly that type. Kiki apparently has a lot of half siblings who also don't know their fathers.

No. 167143

File: 1704903303366.png (3.03 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3162.png)

Ew her mom was replying to Kiki’s coomers tweets about her. How are either of them comfortable interacting with each others sex work accounts, Kiki posts her whole vag and asshole on her account and her mom looks at it. Fucked up

No. 167144

Very incestual. I bet for a certain amount of money they would have sex with each other. They both have no morals it’s disgusting.

No. 167176

File: 1705241235153.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x2030, IMG_0548.jpeg)

Kiki now complaining about not being allowed to post “family” porn while simultaneously getting her own biological mother into sex work (1/3)

No. 167177

File: 1705241320833.jpeg (133.2 KB, 946x2048, IMG_0549.jpeg)

No. 167178

File: 1705241413698.jpeg (159.62 KB, 946x2048, IMG_0550.jpeg)

No. 167186

No. 167188

What the fuck is a ‘middle’? T*n is obviously teen, but is middle middle schooler*? These disgusting freaks. And what a retard deranged pedophile to not even be able to comply with the extremely loose restrictions of just saying “step” before your foul incest porn.

No. 167189

From what I’ve gathered, she calls her “personas” (?) little, middle and big. To some of her degenerate customers she’s a little sister, to others a middle sister and to some (like Shayna) a big sister.

No. 167190

Kiki is more depraved than even Shayna. This whole thread cements it. She just blatantly puts it out in the open that she wants to make porn starring middle schoolers and family members. Fucking pedophile ogre. Not only that, but she feels entitled to posting her pedo vids. She is somehow upset and considers herself a victim when porn websites tell her that she's being too degenerate for even them.
I never thought I would be happy for another woman's hysterectomy but THANK FUCKING GOD that Kiki is now infertile and will never procreate. She shouldn't be allowed within 500 ft of a school at all. She has already filmed pedo porn ON A SCHOOL PLAYGROUND in broad daylight >>166877 . She's more than just a waste of oxygen - she actively makes the world a worse place by existing.

No. 167191

Kiki thread when?

No. 167192

Samefag I want Ricky Delgado or Boulder, CO in it too

No. 167193

Kiki is worse than Shayna, although it's becoming more obvious that she had a fucked up childhood. Most of the other OF whores that are Shay adjacent are also either in shitty situations or are from less than ideal backgrounds. I'm not defending any of these pedo panderers, it's just odd that the hog surrounds herself with damaged people when she herself is from a privileged middle class family.

No. 167194

She doesn’t deserve a thread

No. 167195

Like it'd be some price to be talked about on here.. It's exactly what she deserves, her pedo antics to be documented.

No. 167198

NTA but anon clearly means 'deserve' as in "she doesn't warrant a thread", not 'deserve' as in "don't give her the highly honoured prize of a lolcow thread".
Obviously we all agree that Kiki is a worthless retard. That doesn't make her milky. She's just gross. She doesn't embarrass herself constantly like Shayna does. A lolcow is someone that you can laugh at, not someone who makes you angry.

No. 167199

She got her mom into being a sex worker, that’s pretty horrorcow

No. 167203

She does deserve her own thread 100%

No. 167212

I’ve never heard this before! That’s so disgusting, she totally deserves a thread.

No. 167213

Wouldn’t be surprised if mama kaka allowed her kid to be abused, or had Kiki doing vile shit growing up ….. this is so sad wtf

No. 167216

the whole thing is very telling. aside from psychological pathologies, the reality is very few women enter sex work without having experienced some sort of abuse or trauma, and her mother further encouraging and facilitating this behaviour probably has echoes in kiki's past. at minimum, the two have probably had very inappropriate boundaries for a mother and daughter for a very long time.

No. 167219

She let her be a “child star” so it’s definitely a weird relationship between them like Venus and Margeret

No. 167234

I'm late and catching up on the thread, but Sol is holding a "best dad ever(?)" coffee mug. Is there actually a child involved with that degenerate?

No. 167248

It's not surprising at all. Shayna is a giant narcissist working in the sex work industry. A lot of her co-workers come from broken homes and have fucked up backstories. It'd be weird if she managed to make SWer "friends" who've had a similar life to her.

No. 167308

Agree. This bitch is a fucking freak.

No. 167339

File: 1706012317769.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1635, IMG_0737.jpeg)

TURBOKEK the half-assed attempt at censoring Ricky Delgado’s face.

No. 167341

holy shit Dave and Buster's it's every woman's dream.

No. 167361

File: 1706285819243.jpeg (326.59 KB, 1290x1470, IMG_3305.jpeg)

Feels weird to me that she would repost something like this on her porn account where she pretends to be a child being raped

No. 167363

File: 1706315833221.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 1290x1467, IMG_3309.jpeg)

Kiki wearing her fetish store pjs to the doctors and taking a picture of her pussy while there

No. 167364

tinfoiling that Kiki is lava rock anon

No. 167365

What was that about again

No. 167376

Some degenerate asseating anon was shitting up the thread about how eating moid ass totally isn’t disgusting if they shower and how it’s something normal you do for a moid you love, and when she got pissed that other anons were calling her out on being a gross degenerate and a tranny, she posted a picture of her outie vagina that looked like lava rock or even more dehydrated roast beef than what the scrotes she loves to eat the asses of call roasties with a paper sign between the wrinkled lips to prove she’s a true and honest woman (along with a picture of her greasy zit covered tits) as her trump card

No. 167377

Samefag here's the lava rock pussy from the previous shaynatorium >>163830

No. 167378

You sound like you’d be a cow

No. 167381

least my cunt isn't posted all over 4chan like a pickme ass-eating bitch. nothing more cowish than posting your nudes to an imageboard

No. 167386

U mad fr fr(twitter lingo, learn2integrate)

No. 167391

i managed to forget asseating anon and i resent it being brought to my attention again

No. 167396

File: 1706463764571.jpeg (278.55 KB, 750x614, 8D1E2FA5-9490-4180-BE9E-50112B…)

No. 167405

No she was trying to say shaynas vagina looks good and hers looks worse, but the ass eating anons posted their tits and they were all fat with tuberous pierced tits and tattoos, they were probably OF whores who were already taking pictures to sell and thought that they may as well prove to the faceless anons that they eat man ass and they’re so proud, why they posted their body on SHAYNA board I would never know, I bet the fat anon stopped eating for a while after that.

No. 167430

File: 1706824918878.jpg (Spoiler Image,199.46 KB, 720x720, Sarahdoubeimage.jpg)

in honor of shay going to see grandma gregory again, some stuff sarah put on her blog

No. 167432

File: 1706825145991.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.25 KB, 397x720, boot.jpg)

No. 167434

File: 1706825444304.jpg (Spoiler Image,321.75 KB, 500x769, IMG_9012_ace_-jra-PDM_sma.jpg)

No. 167497

These are all hilarious but this one in particular has me ROLLING

No. 167536

This is so fucking weird, why would she repost this given her audience? It’s like she’s trying to pornify the story?

No. 167542

File: 1707423044014.jpeg (707.09 KB, 1170x1876, IMG_7041.jpeg)

Will delete if already posted, Shay’s sissy mood BF stays in her apartment to clean it 1/3

No. 167543

File: 1707423076517.png (2.98 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_7042.png)


No. 167544

File: 1707423154120.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1939, IMG_7043.jpeg)

3/3 gag. The state of that toilet

No. 167545

And probably does god knows what to her pets. Sick. Sick sick sick. Shayna is gonna reap some serious consequences one day smh

No. 167547

That’s Shayna’s crusty toilet the dead giveaway is the knockoff hk toilet accessories in the back. She’s such a hog

No. 167548

He could literally put cameras in her house for fun. She’s an idiot

No. 167554

She is fucking disgusting for allowing a shit ring to form in her toilet. She can't even be bothered to squirt bleach around the toilet bowl once a day. Fat lazy sow.

No. 167555

What’s the point of dressing like an ugly maid and pretending to clean a toilet if the toilet still has a shit ring? Wouldn’t people want to see the “after” pic instead of the “before”?

No. 167557

He's a coomer moid, I'm sure he barely cleaned, just took a lot of pictures of himself in a woman's room in a maid outfit for his personal spank bank

No. 167565

The wig on his forehead
He’s 20? Jfc I bet he calls Shat mommy

No. 167578

I don't think this is Shatna's place, look at the battle station in the bg

No. 167596

I have a personal tinfoil that he has moved into her apartment, so it could be his. I remember seeing a story or post from him recently saying he has moved and he's been with Shatna quite a bit lately. Purely my own speculation though.

No. 167603

Adding my own tinfoil to this, I think she wants to move because she realized too late that too many creepy John’s know where she lives

No. 167629

if she moves she's just going to keep seeing freaks in her new apartment. the only thing that will change is her address. i doubt she's going to give up any source of income when she barely makes any money off her online content and the thought of having a normal job horrifies her

No. 167631

Imagine if she played her cards right, and moved in with her sugar dad, she could continue to pump out content and make money

No. 167635

having to stomach a moid for the duration of a session is a lot different than living with him full time. the last thing she needs is to be fully dependent on a creep that treats her like a sex toy. and even if she wanted it to happen eventually her real personality would start to show and shatter whatever illusion he's paying for.

No. 167755

File: 1708990918049.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1170x2362, IMG_7155.jpeg)

Gag. He’s so fucking gross.

No. 167775

He looks like an old homo

No. 167780

He seriously does, his ' i dont get along with cis men' claim is probably because the men in his life told him no one wants to see you flabby, hairy and sweatty all over the they/them/N.B SWs, whos buying his porn? i couldnt imagine him making many sells. Description probably reads "Sweaty and hairy in all the wrong places that smells like a mix of crablegs and vitamins doing this because im a pervert and have delusions of being hot"
hes so creepy to me, after his post of "i want mt co-stars to really cum" when its like, dude these hoes trying to do a job and make cheemsburger bux, TF? and the "d.I.L.f" claim (obviously a lie) that his TEEN DAUGHTERS FRIENDS "supposidly" made.
All around fuck this guy, he makes me alog

No. 167948

File: 1709820799408.jpeg (101.4 KB, 1533x1207, IMG_0996.jpeg)

I saw this bumper sticker “BOOBIES MAKE ME SMILE” on a truck the other day while driving and immediately I thought of Jason R Womack. I was expecting to drive up next to him and see him in the drivers seat but the windows were blacked out so no luck.

No. 167987

File: 1710105904879.jpg (Spoiler Image,193.46 KB, 1146x2048, 20240310_222139.jpg)

So, the Ellen account reveal…What can we work with when it comes to making sure it's actually her?

No. 167988

File: 1710106075192.jpg (Spoiler Image,572.24 KB, 1920x1920, 20240310_222931.jpg)

Here's one with half of her face uncensored. It looks very similar to the grin in >>163182

No. 167989

File: 1710110544750.png (Spoiler Image,1006.47 KB, 1080x1322, Screenshot_20240310-175341-974…)

I hate that this is how I recognized/knew it was her (and if another nona can find it cos my migraine meds aren't working), but this is the same pic she was using for her profile pic for her cuddlemenow Twitter where she was subwteeting that Shay wasn't paying attention to her, nobody loves her etc. Pic was in b/w and cropped but the same otherwise.

No. 167990

File: 1710110933398.png (Spoiler Image,1.12 MB, 1080x1499, Screenshot_20240310-184958-089…)

You can see a good deal of that smirk in this one. I'm so sorry.

No. 167992

File: 1710114464355.png (369.66 KB, 985x968, Screenshot_20240310-194739-444…)

Here you go, found it. It's Ellen. Went back and found a tweet.

No. 167993

File: 1710114554873.jpeg (276.15 KB, 1170x624, 1667783927223.jpeg)

(Dat ass dough in full)

No. 167994

File: 1710114752697.jpg (Spoiler Image,318.84 KB, 865x1560, ellendegenerate.jpg)

it's definitely her. looking through her twitter, her weird friendship with Shayna really starts to make sense. All she posts is stories of doing FSSW meeting up with moids to perform their disgusting fetishes, begging for reimbursements to very little engagement, and delusions about how (not) attractive she is. They're two grifter peas in a cellulite-ridden pod

No. 167995

File: 1710114988151.jpg (211.49 KB, 865x1091, ellendegenerate1.jpg)

she also has a bunch of posts talking about the scrote with the nasty teeth

No. 167996

File: 1710115151078.png (Spoiler Image,362.24 KB, 691x776, gunt apron.png)

Ellen taking fashion cues from Shayna kek

No. 167999

File: 1710119049574.jpeg (Spoiler Image,559.55 KB, 2048x1793, IMG_5079.jpeg)

More photos where you can see part of her face

No. 168000

File: 1710119094395.jpeg (Spoiler Image,274.04 KB, 961x1224, IMG_5080.jpeg)

No. 168001

File: 1710124906251.gif (620.75 KB, 440x247, 1392005310503.gif)

This is worse than anything posted in the shatspo thread.

No. 168002

It’s definitely her. The tweets about her gf is about Shayna. And she interacts with the same polycule

No. 168004

File: 1710162796988.png (13.33 KB, 599x144, ellidot.PNG)

NGL I kinda hope someone makes a Ellen thread here on Shay, her twitter is Shay's future. She takes VERY unflattering pictures of her body, somehow has a weirdly big ego, is sex worker "Woke" and just retarded. Isn't she like 40? The more I look, the more I realize that Shayna and Ellen are two fat peas in a streched out pod. It also makes me feel like Shayna has been hooking for longer then what we think.
My tinfoil is that Shayna probably has a client with some kind of STI/STD that her and Ellen share, they clearly share clients. I would'nt say Ellen "groomed" Shayna, but she 100% is guiding her in the lowest level of hooking possible. Bleak

No. 168005

Ewww the sliver of exposed ~mound~ from her too small underwear

No. 168006

File: 1710163268438.jpg (88.1 KB, 1280x681, Fw6X76faQAYZBv5.jpg)

Ellen's edits, kek, I want to dump them all in the main thread but I know i'll get banned

No. 168007

Sub is called paypigs needing domme yet its the women posting themselves there begging for money. That's so sad and pathetic.

No. 168008

It's a depressing look into their lives. Both of them are fat women aging out of sex work and their only clients are unwashed greasy moids from the Seattle fetish scene. It's nightmare fuel.

No. 168009

File: 1710193568791.jpeg (361.76 KB, 1170x1573, IMG_2220.jpeg)

if you check her likes she has been active today on her mistress account and even liked a post from 2 hours ago

No. 168010

Doesn’t Ellen live at home with her parents? I feel like Shayna must have learned to host the men at her own apartment from Ellen so now I’m wondering if Ellen lets these moids into her parents home?

No. 168018

Her likes are insane! Are people really paying these women for them to bully them? I feel there’s a bit of stretching….,

No. 168021

This whole Selina Berlin thing has 100% convinced me ellen is special needs. It's commonly stated ellen is a caretaker for her elderly parents, but i don't recall where that came from, do we know it for a fact? could it even be the other way around, that they're her caretaker(s)?
>>168010 Shay's mentioned ellen having friends over at her (shay's) place when she's out. Maybe ellen is hooking from shay's apartment? Just tinfoiling though.

No. 168025

Can a kind nona point me in the right direction of what thread Shayna disavowed Baldi Gaysics? I see this mentioned in the /snow/ thread but I must have missed when it happened and want to read about it kek

No. 168026

Are you aware that the first post of the thread has an archive of all the previous threads and some threads have a note beside it marking eras of milk sagas? Including baldy gaysics aka kendoll

No. 168050

Why is it ok and not bannable to find out everything about ellen, but ricky was off limits bc its derailing and not about shayna? Honestly, whats the difference? Why is it ok to talk about some calves in her thread but not others?

No. 168070

iirc ricky actually threatened legal response and most posts were (justifiably imo) doxing his place of work while talking about him which is what caused the extra shut down of conversations about him. one of the ways lolcow is able to avoid the same legal problems moidfarms gets is the fact that doxing is against the rules.

No. 168175

Lol there’s no proof he ever threatened legal action, that’s just insane tinfoil. The only difference is the Ellen shit happened a long time ago under a different admin and farmhands.

No. 168322

File: 1713312938291.png (100.28 KB, 786x438, kaka woes.png)

Checked up on Kiki's mental state and she's constantly having one crisis after another. She kind of deserves her own thread with the shit she overshares. Guess she let some moid torture her and then he didn't pay her.

No. 168323

File: 1713313051543.png (407.09 KB, 784x1630, Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 5.16.…)

Another money crisis and begging for Uber gift cards? kek idk why the bitch needs to go buy uber cards unless she's one of those people without a bank account.

No. 168325

You'd think at some point that she would realise that it's not worth it and get a job a McDonalds.

No. 168338

Craziest thing is Kiki is a more successful sex worker than Shayna, and this is still her life. Why any girls do this shit is beyond me, one glance around thot Twitter and you can see they are not doing well at all.

No. 168362

File: 1713928098683.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.12 MB, 1290x1843, IMG_4870.jpeg)

Ricky Delgado passed out drunk and Kiki put her pussy on his face

No. 168401

File: 1714353319255.jpeg (291.74 KB, 1242x1605, 52532066-AA75-4282-A46D-A7B7BB…)

Ellen’s throne wishlist on her dom larp account is funny

No. 168402

File: 1714353343034.jpeg (225.82 KB, 1242x1581, 5CC4F507-6EAA-415E-B174-6457EF…)

Art liscense

No. 168421

I think I've figured it out; I think she's thinking about art licensing. So this payment would allow the payer to use her art. Ellen's retardation fascinates me.

No. 168433

Illiterate retard. I wonder what grade her reading level topped out at lol

No. 168444

File: 1715047827617.png (208.01 KB, 1293x865, Show your face if it’s not dem…)

As if TikTok is not populated and corrupted by the same degenerates in his circles. This is why the kids at Front Range Judo aren’t safe with him.

No. 168447

it's all demeaning, porn and tiktok. as if tiktok users promoting their OF aren't one of the big reasons OF blew up the way it did in the first place. it's full of degenerates

No. 168449

my tiktok is cute animals, celebrity gossip and funny videos. what is on his algorithm thats more demeaning than porn?

No. 168469

File: 1715548562224.jpeg (381.89 KB, 1290x1141, IMG_5149.jpeg)

Her coomers crack me up

No. 168470

File: 1715548618009.jpeg (356.55 KB, 1290x806, IMG_5150.jpeg)

No. 168471

File: 1715554975955.jpg (52.51 KB, 500x500, artworks-9Mq2VqsYI3nSr4sn-7Eh9…)

I'd bwaid your hair for you, Pwincess. Then, mmm… Well, hah… wet's just say, we'd have some… fun…

No. 168472

File: 1715565950954.jpeg (498.96 KB, 1290x1245, IMG_5151.jpeg)

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