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No. 1829410

Thread to talk about people who are radical feminists, but are batshit insane OR claim to be radical feminists, but are just using it to gain money and/or notoriety.

Warning: This is not a thread for ranting about TIMs, TIFs or COVID. Please go to the respective containment threads for that.

Anna Slatz
>Grifter with a plastic surgery addiction.
>Fired from her job as Editor-in-Chief for writing two puff pieces for the leader of a Neo-nazi party in Canada.
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.

Vanessa Vokey
>Anti-mask psycho who compared face masks to hijabs.
>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask.
>YouTube recently deleted her channel.

Meghan Murphy
>Founded the website Feminist Current and was a radfem.
>Moved to Mexico to escape the anti-feminist dystopia of Canada.
>Ditched her beliefs and doesn't feel comfortable calling herself a radfem anymore.
>Writes articles about feeling sorry for men nowadays.

Leah Tverly
>Unhinged druggie who makes crazy rants online while playing a synth.
>Thinks that hygiene is a tool of the patriarchy.
>Made a video of herself freebleeding in response to Contrapoints.
>Peed on the toilet seat and the floor of a public restroom because of a troon.

Elle Androphobia
>Anti-vaxxer, who believes that COVID is a fake pandemic.
>Believes that vaccines makes you troon out.

Amy Dyess
>Former radfem who claims that was brainwashed by Julie Bindel to join the TERF cult.
>Currently in transition to become a man and working on an anti-TERF film.
>Believes herself to be the alpha in the fight against TERFs.

Previous Thread

No. 1830279

Ngl, I still chuckle every time I remember Leah Tverly's freebleeding video response to Hontrapoints. Gross and unhinged, yet based af.

No. 1830533

So apparently this is Vanessa Vokey's last video before she deleted her online presence. And honestly, Good for her! She's autistic and online drama is not good for her mental well being.

No. 1830541

I'm surprised no one has tried to include Phemoid, the radfem onlyfans creator who went on that whatever podcast, and then got exposed by radfem twitter for defending her boyfriend finding 16 year old girls attractive.

No. 1830655

File: 1684536936131.jpeg (27.18 KB, 500x281, IMG_4891.jpeg)

Blackpill radfem twitter has some of of the weirdest lesbians and bisexuals you'll see
Obviously not all on are like this but like so many are so weird, There was lesbianmolester who was a bisexual woman, who liked her father and frequently posted some father daughter anime or manga thing and made very creepy and questionable comments on it and also called the father cute. I have seen others who have rape fetish(like the one doing the raping) and then they say its a joke
There's also nina who gets off to abuse victims (women) crying while telling their sexual abuse story (according to that leaked screenshot) and then she admitted herself on twitter that she likes all kinds of molestation stories
dyk3namite alleged male hating lesbian who was in an online relationship with a 16/17 boy

No. 1830962

>There was lesbianmolester who was a bisexual woman, who liked her father and frequently posted some father daughter anime or manga thing and made very creepy and questionable comments on it and also called the father cute
Wait, so "Les"cel from proshipper Twitter is finally having her bisexual arc? She keeps locking and remaking so I missed this. Last time I was aware from her, radfems who were mutuals with her got backlash because she openly likes noncon/lolicon/incest/etc. fanfics.

No. 1831314

File: 1684638931866.png (444.44 KB, 1136x640, 84A2D6BC-A60F-4B59-AC21-856EFD…)

>be me
>like Dystopian Deep Dives
>always comment on her videos but not streams
>always leave long reviews and multiple posts to help the algorithm
>shill her videos
>basically look up to her because older radfem

>ask her to explain a joke about drugs

>she outright says “oh maybe someday you’ll have experiences that aren’t online”
>flip through some of our prior conversations
>it becomes abundantly clear that she thought I was a loser and was treating me with contempt
>she told me at one point to write a book
>at the time I thought maybe she was insulting me
>chose to believe that maybe it was a compliment
>maybe I should start my own blog or something and be a mask off TERF
>she completely dunked on me for no reason after I was her fan
>can’t enjoy her show anymore because she hurt my feelings
>said I didn’t think I wanted to keep engaging with her content if she’s going to be so mean to me
>she basically laughs at me and says I was the loser kid who didn’t realize no one else wanted them there

It’s amazing how a bunch of mentally ill women with fringe political beliefs denigrate other mentally ill women with fringe political beliefs. Why is being some cool gen Xer more important than fostering more female voices to rise up? I hate this. I can handle meanness from TIMs because they’re monsters. Other women (especially other radfems) just makes me feel like I’ll never fit in anywhere.(not your personal blog)

No. 1831317

first of all, literally who? second of all
>she completely dunked on me for no reason after I was her fan
kek i suspect theres more to this story, I can smell the milk from here

No. 1831322

She has a podcast. It’s actually pretty good and she has some great stuff that’s against sex work.

And no, not really. I didn’t talk to her in DMs or anything. I just left what I felt were decent longpost replies on a channel I liked and getting shut down for no reason hurt my feelings. Simple as. I think the milkiest thing I did was fedpost about wanting to kill AGPs. Normal stuff.

Never forget that Hontra sent her a bunch of pornography as a “joke”. Remember, this dude got “cancelled” for saying Macho Ma’am was mean. Or having Cuck Angel on his show. But asking Milo Stewart about her T growth clit? Sexually harassing feminist content creators? Yeah, that’s fine.

But yeah, seconding the based comment. Freebleeding is the way of the sage.

No. 1831334

are you new here or something? When you claim milk, you bring screenshots. This isn't a place just to blogpost about being rejected. If you think what she said to you was really that crazy, show us the interaction.

No. 1831357

I thought it was rude and hurtful, and indicative of larger issues within the radfem sphere, but I wouldn’t say it was crazy on her part. It reminded me of how when Lisa Michelle went full cowmode people dunked on her for writing her diary in pink ink as opposed to anything substantive. Michelle herself even tried to be cooler than Ella by pointing out the inherent silliness and posturing inherent in a boymom calling herself an “androphobe”. There’s this quality to radfem cows (and non-cow radfems who sperg out) to create this inverse mean girl hierarchy. One becomes radfemmery than thou, so to speak.

And yeah I am new to posting here. I usually lurk but since the Farms have been down I’ve been sharing my autistic speculations here. Sorry for not posting pics, but I wasn’t trying to dump on this person.

No. 1831362

I don't think dystopian deep dives is an rf, just gc. She has some videos complaining about rf's and claims that sexism isn't real and is pushed by the modern techno establishment to divide people kek. One anon on here once mentioned that they posted on one of her live vids about why then if it's the elites has it existed before things like technocrats who she claims to be the ones who started it, and she got blocked kek.

No. 1831367

This is going to sound mean, but you have to understand that 9 times out of 10, the type of person who wants to seek mass attention for their opinions online is some kind of weirdo or self-absorbed freak. There's a certain brand of person who sees the internet not as a space to connect with others, or even just make money, but as a version of Hollywood they aren't too mentally ill and/or incompetent to make it in. That includes being able to look down on others, especially their "crazy fans". Said fans don't actually have to be crazy, just invested, so they, as the quasi-celebrity, can feel big, important, and pretend they're absolutely hounded.

Sometimes, it's even less deep than that. We know some people go on gossip sites to feel like they're Regina George in high school. Well, the same often applies to "content creators" like TikTokers, podcasters, etc etc. Naturally, they'll form a special "clique" and get a high off kicking others down to feel uplifted, especially when they're already in niche spaces.

You did nothing wrong, except assume you were interacting with a stable, genuine person. Most internet personalities are not that. It's probably not a good idea to keep rewarding someone who was a dick to you with views/engagement, but in a general sense, whenever possible, take in the content without bothering with the person. Your attention alone is worth much more than they want you to know.

No. 1831377

Oh yeah. The hunter gatherer thing. I remember that. And that’s probably what pissed her off. I regularly fedpost about wanting to kill troons, and she treated that with sarcasm; she made made fun of me for saying “moid”, etc. However I assumed she was a radfem because she talked about why prostitution sucks.

Interesting. I can definitely see that in some AGPs like Philosophy Tube (who lie about having stalkers) but I never considered it a thing in feminism. It seems very counter-intuitive to post stuff about feminism and then get annoyed when some woman excitedly longposts in reply. Then again, if what the person is longposting seems irrelevant to your point, it could seem annoying and arrogant to them.

And what you’re saying about Z list Internet celebrities rings true to me. I think about how the Brooklyn socialist podcasts like Chapo and Red Scare collectively shit on their fans.

As for the comments that hurt my feefees… I think everyone would be better off taking jokes, so I tried to make self-deprecating jokes about being terminally online back at her when she said things like “wow you should write a book you have so much to say”. Eventually it dawned on me that she really didn’t like me and this wasn’t just bantz. I felt really embarrassed. It makes me feel way more shy about approaching other GC / radfem women.

Anyway, thank you. This is a very intelligent comment and I appreciate effortposting.

No. 1831378

Schizo-theory: Troons will regularly cancel each other to steal the other’s position as “guy who gets passive income from the Internet for being trans”. See Keffals and the other MTFs who want his GoFundMe gibs-me-bucks. The alternative is just dunking on any of your fans that show a creative spark or enthusiasm to eliminate potential competition in the future.

No. 1831425

>always leave long reviews and multiple posts to help the algorithm
>shill her videos

no offense but you sound kinda a sperg

No. 1831454

File: 1684673124264.jpg (122.37 KB, 1080x1140, IMG_20230521_094001.jpg)

>dyk3namite had a relationship with a boy
why are you lying? the callout was done by the victim herself, who was obviously a girl and is still on twitter

this is the original document she posted compiling their chats
>lesbianmolester was bisexual and liked her father
actually I'm not and I've also never mentioned my father in any context whatsoever, sorry if you're unfamiliar with the concept of liking an animated character
you would find enough stuff to talk about if you look into the rest of radtwt since they are all borderline libfems, you wouldn't have to resort to lying(are you lost?)

No. 1831460

They should be dragging you for following bisexual pedophiles instead, you know what I'm talking about. Gifs of little children with grown males on top and qrting posts about a gay male couple anally raping their adopted autistic little kids.

No. 1831467

why not drag my mutuals themselves though? they said that, not me. i dont have to like or agree with everything my mutuals say

No. 1831480

Following a pedophilic account because you want to view gifs of little boys getting touched should get you dragged. Amazing how you dispute the bisexual accusations while actively seeking out actual real life pedophilia involving males, not surprising to see though from someone who claims to be a lesbian but has no interest in homosexual sex. Average bisexual.

No. 1831492

I know youre just trying to make me mad, but i think everyone else knows being mutuals with someone on twitter doesnt mean you jerk off on voicechat together to eachothers posts
you've clearly never even seen one of my public profiles if you think i have no interest in or never posted about lesbian sex lol, thats the only problem i have with discussions about me nobody even knows what theyre talking about. there's not even any concrete "milk", its all hearsay

No. 1831495

Yes your honor I just wanted to be mutuals with this literal irl pedophile for the lolz. Yes I signed up to see updates on their essays on how it's actually okay and healthy to touch your little niece. But we didn't have e-sex through videochat, because I'll have you know I'm a sex repulsed volcel whose ideal relationship doesn't involve interacting with each other's genitals ever.

No. 1831502

Then maybe, again, you should post about them and how horrible they are and not about me when i haven't said such a thing, but you cant, because you don't even have a single screenshot to share to discuss those terrible terrible posts
>their essays on how it's actually okay and healthy to touch your little niece
sounds interesting, link?

No. 1831532

Who are you talking about? tbrainrot????

No. 1831563

now i much prefer this conversation over the fake father lust, but two of these points are debatable. i do keep a picture of hayley on my wallet though

No. 1831569

Aren't you the self proclaimed female browncel who "wants to rape little girls" and is obsessed with the singer from Paramore?

No. 1831571

I don't get it, are you trying to be cancelled? Why do you want attention for this sort of thing?

No. 1831577

>completely falsifies information about several people
>complains when one of them defends herself and accuses her of doing this for attention

are you retarded?

No. 1831582

I didn't falsify anything. This thread has multiple posters.
Anyway, there's a whole host of shit about you that doesn't bode well, and I don't get why you're open about it and even try to get into fights on it. You kind of do the "half-truth" thing, but like, people know and you don't really hide it. What's the point in that?

No. 1831586

File: 1684681444267.png (57.67 KB, 333x333, imagen_2023-05-21_120453969.pn…)

"cancelled" for what? liking a celebrity and being cringe? only people with an audience and a public persona can get cancelled. im a private account with 100 followers and i hide nothing from them. i just want you to realize you are retarded for trying to discuss me when you have no milk and whenever you bring me up you HAVE to lie about me to even say anything. bring me up again when you find my self insert fanfiction on ao3

No. 1831592

No, cancelled for shit I'm kind enough not to post screenshots of. You privated the account very, very recently, and idk why you're assuming we wouldn't also talk to you here. No need to lie, I'm not even attacking you. I just don't get why you do all this.

No. 1831602

then i guess i would rather get cancelled for all my posts talking about how much i want to fuck her, but im not even a radfem and im not in the same realm as the other women you talk about on here so this reeks of vendettaposting. i only replied because "lescel is bisexual and wants to fuck her dad" is objectively not true and neither was that thing about dyk3namite

No. 1831613

guys do you remember Miranda Adria from tumblr?

No. 1831686

File: 1684693722378.png (285.07 KB, 900x880, Just Stop.png)

>Following a pedophilic account because you want to view gifs of little boys getting touched should get you dragged. Amazing how you dispute the bisexual accusations while actively seeking out actual real life pedophilia involving males
Wait what, how are such accounts allowed to stay up?

No. 1831690

they are not, this anon has a vendetta which is incredibly obvious, and should be ignored unless they have actual screenshots.

No. 1831724

NTA but ok cow. You literally never denied it upthread. I don’t know what’s wrong with you but you should fuck off back to degen twitter

No. 1831727

that's not me lel. i never denied it cuz i thought the fact that she didnt post screenshots of either me or my mutuals' posts said enough and it would be obvious to anyone not-retarded. but since you insist, i see 0 "gifs of little boys being touched" on my timeline, my oomfs do frequently celebrate moidlet rape and abuse though

No. 1831732

the infighting in this thread is why the trannies are winning

No. 1831740

Lol I think we have a new personalityfag

No. 1831788

Not surprising this thread has gone full retard considering half of radtwt members are farmers themselves

No. 1831905

File: 1684715898289.jpg (33.06 KB, 540x398, tumblr_3e6371112056df41c87620f…)

Huge claims, do you have any actual proof? Are you saying there's a pedophile integrating in radtwt?

No. 1831935

File: 1684719528420.jpeg (39.63 KB, 1168x322, IMG_4513.jpeg)

She got her account deleted recently retard, and openly pedophilic accounts do get deleted all the time. I never said I was here to provide milk, or screenshots to make a callout (to who, her 100 followers on her locked account who are already aware of the way she is?), im not even the person who brought her up, either.

>which is incredibly obvious

says the person who is (or acts?) unaware of how prevalent actual irl pedophilia is celebrated by those specific blackpill circles. She literally posted about it in this thread, don’t be stupid with the “muh screenshots’ stuff. The person on picrel and sh1tai_cor3 interacted heavily and openly with the pedo gifs account in question and nobody gave a fuck. Why would anyone even care to gather screenshots. Use your brain.

No. 1831969

File: 1684723164622.png (675.9 KB, 2122x2147, IMG_4531.png)

No, but nice attempt at derailing. im talking about lescel following @Wy1_osis when the account was up (the suspended one in the screenshot), along with others. This is nothing new with the shartfem/homosharts, lescel, maskedsadism etc bp friend circle.

for the people talking about”vendetta posting” I’ll recap it out for you, because you seem a bit confused: a random anon posted misinformation about lescel wanting to fuck her dad (untrue), she shows up to correct it, several people comment on how she’s still fucked in the head. I’m not >>1831592
, I’m not even lescel acusation OP, and of course I’m not here with proper milk either because those comments have been nothing but others responses to lescel histrionicism having the need to come and defend herself over dad fucking accusations. but following this whole circle since the sharters discord server, since lescel was edating the Angelina girl, it’s hard to miss the pedophilic patterns of the whole circle.
celebrate moidlet rape and abuse is putting lightly, picrel.

No. 1832011

I might get banned for this, but this is why gay moids should never ever be allowed near children in any context.

No. 1832038

i can't figure out why
>radtwt is completely unhinged, racist, pedophilic, trad, whatever other edgelord bullshit you could think of, and hardly even related to radical feminism, generating a seeminly endless supply of "radfem cows" who are radfem in name only
>radblr is serious, academic, and quick to call out bad behavior– maybe even too aggressive on gatekeeping, and therefore no cows flourish there with only one notable exception who is utterly tame by radtwt standards

How are these two islands so different when both are communities that go by the same name on two common social media sites? There seems to be little to no overlap at all.

No. 1832049

the difference between radtwt and radblr is super noticeable and weird, but maybe tumblr just tends to attract an older and more mature userbase as a whole? most of the users on radtwt are literal teenagers or else barely in their 20s so the level of tardery isn't really surprising. also longer post format on tumblr means you can actually write long-form, detailed analysis, but the twitter character limit makes it really hard to get in depth about feminism or get beyond surface level discussion on these issues.

No. 1832062

Nah, I agree with you. Moids do be moidin’. For clarity though, I should add that the people involved are women.

No. 1832063

>maybe tumblr just tends to attract an older and more mature userbase as a whole?
I don't think so, the demographic of users that I see around radblr (especially lately) are typically 16-21. Of course there are some older 20s and early 30s women as well but they're not any sort of majority. Maybe one difference is these young users typically adopt the "rad learning" identity (idk if that's a term used on twitter?) and don't start cranking out posts until they've been there long enough to have learned shit. So more mature, yeah I guess that could be true. But not older.

No. 1832190

Radblr has its share of clownery (there are right wing/male/etc. orbiters who fit the bill of the average radtwt user), but it's due to Tumblr's userbase dwindling in the last few years and the lack of character limit allows long form discussion and replies.

Yeah, same, I didn't notice that many "older" (in internet standards) users on radblr to my knowledge. I was on radblr when I was mid-late 20s and while some "legacy" bloggers who have been on there for 5+ years are in the early 30s range, a lot of "newly peaked" sideblog crowd are 16-24 range.

No. 1832227

Nah. Radblr is just inhabited by long term tumblr users that are used to culture of discourse and crazy policing that happens on the more “mainstream” parts of tumblr. Radblr is full of silly drama and useless discourse that serves no one, much like every other part of tumblr.

No. 1832246

>quick to call out bad behavior
what a joke. radblr is filled with racist women & homophobes kek

No. 1832339

I can understand hating little boys but even most manhating radfems would be disgusted.

No. 1832355

there is a ton of policing on radblr compared to radtwt, where seemingly anything goes, no matter how vile. Big blogs are constantly naming and shaming racist/homophobic users and there's almost zero tolerance for trad orbiters. Of course it's not perfect, but it's completely different from radtwt that seems to be populated by nothing but edgy cows that no one bats an eye at

No. 1832514

I hate male children because their abuse of female children is often downplayed as "they're just kids/boys will be boys", but why the fuck is this side of Twitter so pedophilic? It's still creepy and illegal as fuck, even if it's a woman towards boy.

No. 1832647

Some of us follow them because we are observing their instability from far away. Why does being a mutual mean we like the person?

No. 1832752

Which is not the same as actively interacting with that content and befriending the people who call prepubescent children hot. Then youre not observing mental instability from a distance, you're the mentally unstable yourself.

No. 1833240

I think you put way too much leverage on online interactions that are as intense as asking for ketchup from a cashier at McDonald’s.

No. 1833332

File: 1684906719192.jpeg (51.56 KB, 680x612, IMG_0517.jpeg)

Jah on twitter came out as bisexual kek

No. 1833334

nta but the gymnastics you're performing are breathtaking. do yourself a favor and stop responding if you don't want to be milked harder

No. 1833340

what's her deal and why is this a big thing?

No. 1833344

Milked harder for what, not being terminally online and following people because I find them unusual? I wasn’t the original anons you were arguing with, I don’t make friends with anyone online. What’s with kids assuming that everyone we follow is someone we like? Haven’t you ever hate followed someone, or tricked them into doxxing theirselves?

No. 1833347

fakebian drama

No. 1833356

Why does this matter? You don’t have to be lesbian to be a radfem

No. 1833373

You keep saying “follow, follow, just a follow for curiosity” like “I was just looking stumbled upon it”, “I was just curious” wasn’t The excuse for people who get busted for browsing child porn. If you have no repulsion to seeing GIFs of nude children on your TL while you and your friends call yourself a noncel who celebrates moidlet rape then you’re a pedophile, end of.
> but but but that’s just like hatefollowing a tradwife or keeping up with a cringy furry or asking for ketchup at McDonalds!!!

No. 1833417

>I never considered it a thing in feminism
Unfortunately, it's part of human nature. I recently came to terms that the internet is the perfect place for these types, because they're able to act like this behind a screen in the comfort of their own home, so I understand the confusion and discomfort of having to experience this type of person first-hand and realizing it's not really an isolated incident.

No. 1833440

who gives a shit? is she a cow?

No. 1833442

File: 1684930043163.jpg (60.58 KB, 1178x486, 20230524_140253.jpg)

It wouldn't matter if she wasn't acting like she's the queen of lesbians 2 months ago. She's a cow

No. 1833444

I hate this bitch so fucking much, along with any other bisexual woman larping as a lesbian. Lesbians from the get go have been saying she wasn't a lesbian, she kept saying that lesbians can "self harm" with men & even admitted to stopping herself from fucking a man when she was in a depressive phase. But when lesbians were telling her that is not what female homosexuals do & what she's doing is spreading the same shit that leads to lesbians being raped & their sexuality not being taken seriously, this cunt would block them. She also has a deep obsessive hatred of shartfem, another lesbian who called her out and look at what happens, just like all the other bisexual women who want to larp as militant goldstar radfems, she comes out as bisexual. ffs.

No. 1833449

File: 1684930747785.jpg (57.04 KB, 603x602, likeclockwork.JPG)

nta zzzzz

No. 1833450

File: 1684930808417.jpg (38.29 KB, 593x299, larper.JPG)

doublepost lesson of the day: radfems are no better than trannies & tranny lovers in their obsession with lesbianism, redefining it & bringing moids into it

No. 1833459

>radfems are no better than trannies
YWNBAW. A man isn't a woman because of a twitter retard nor do they suddenly become so.

No. 1833460

0 reading comprehension, she said in regards their obsession with lesbianism

No. 1833462

>0 reading comprehension because I disagree with the post
A bisexual women choosing to call herself a lesbian because she doesn't date men is dumb, but not really as bad as men trying to rape lesbians. Pretty disgusting to suggest as such. Also, learn to integrate newfag.

No. 1833466

ok fakebian

No. 1833467

NTA "is dumb" You're so full of shit, "dumb" is a massive understatement here. Those two groups are both eager promoters of the rape culture surrounding lesbians. You're both arrogant & use your numbers to shout down any lesbian who calls you out on your bullshit. Any bisexual woman who has larped as a lesbian & when told they're not a lesbian, continued to spread the same pro-conversion therapy garbage like "actually lesbians can consent to sex with men! muh comphet! muh self harm! muh later in life lesbian" you are on the same level as the moid that rapes lesbians. You're both entilted, you're both obsessed with redefining it to include yourself & both of you believe lesbians can consent to sex with men & the man who wants to rape a lesbian uses larpers as proof.

No. 1833476

>Your numbers
>Everyone who recognises they aren’t on the same level of rapists must be who I am seething about
Never mind. Just report the baiter kek. Obvious vendettachan.

No. 1833479

ayrt you as in larpers & trannies. your numbers because both groups have bigger numbers than lesbians?? love how nobody has responded to what i've said though, just nitpicked & screeched the usual manipulative "women can never be as bad men! theyre innocent angels!!" no wonder so many become blackpilled kek

No. 1833483

You seem like you are trying to minimise and awful violent crime. I'm glad you think such a horrific thing is akin to a retard on twitter being offensive. They literally are not the same thing.
>sick of this women are never as bad stuff

No. 1833487

File: 1684934050063.webm (1.27 MB, 188x270, ssstwitter.com_1684932642269.w…)

>phemoid got exposed by radfem twitter for defending her boyfriend finding 16 year old girls attractive.
here's the cap i posted this before but deleted because i said something really retarded and didn't want to instigate any infighting

No. 1833488

the radtwt vendettaposters shitting up this thread without actual milk are so obvious, just ignore them kek

No. 1833490

I don't think calling out some one attracted to children being raped is a vandettapost.

No. 1833491

ayrt >retard on twitter
are you the other anon? is this your shit reading comprehension again? i said both groups participate in the rape culture surrounding lesbians. this isn't just a chronically online twitter thing. it happens outside too. nice mask off moment though.
Talking in general, it gets boring how radfems never want to admit how some women are just evil to other women for no reason & make the choice to. its always blamed on moids, it gets particularly irritating when this excuse always pops up when it comes to racism & homophobia.

No. 1833494

no it's not, i just meant how this thread has turned into infighting in general about random cow twitter users

No. 1833502

Twitter is quarantine for retards so the unintegrated and unhinged posting is right on point kek. I wish when cows didn't know about their own/their enemies threads.

No. 1833561

File: 1684943612655.png (60.98 KB, 960x1028, captrue.png)

How can claim to hate men, and at the same time defend a film and pedo director that exhibits literal pedophilia and effectively serves as a snuff film, solely because you think art is aesthetically pleasing and "transgressive"

No. 1833594

who are any of these people? i agree that is a retarded take but random radtwt members being dumb on curiouscat is not that milky and it's very clear this thread has become infested by twitterfags just posting people they don't like

No. 1833603

She reminds me of that Tuna simp who also defended pedos and pedo "art"

No. 1833679

do you smoke meth or something you sound fucking mentally ill. following some random cow online isn't the same as watching fucking child born, get your priorities straight.

No. 1833770

>Sick of rfs recognising male degeneracy
There it is. Someone saw the 90% meme and never recovered.

No. 1833785

You need to post the actual milk or breakdown for such a claim. Going back there isn’t a lot of proof to your position and for such a bold claim there needs to be more other than words. This >>1833561 is the not the same as being a pedo and reaching to claim as such, just an edgy faggot/degenerate.

No. 1833806

Yeah. It’s just become posting rumours/mental gymnastics to try and smear random twitterfags/rfs as a whole. It seems underage.

No. 1833972

File: 1684971447723.jpeg (54.48 KB, 1339x774, IMG_0533.jpeg)

Lesbians don’t exist?

No. 1833983

Why are they so obsessed with lesbians anyway? i mean, leaving aside (idk if you can though) the fact that they're obsessed with hating men and wish they were lesbians so they would have what they percieve as the "better" sex to be atracted to, it's just stupid social media circles, so what even is the point in pretending to have a sexuality that has been oppressed for centuries and deemed inmoral? especially when they're clearly into men, wich has always been seen as the right thing? i wonder how do these cows even go on through their life if they're this self hating about their attraction and obsessive with a random group of women that they don't even belong to.
Do any of these cows post their personal shit on their twitter accounts? genuinely curious

No. 1833984

Is this even an rf? It seems like you're just posting anyone who doesn't think a man is a woman in the thread. That's not this thread. Also, if you're going to post mind the site rules. Please bring more proper or well explained milk as to why these people are good for the thread as not believing a man is not a woman because he says so does not make someone rf, nor does calling yourself a lesbian make you rf, radical does not mean extreme just root as in the root of women's oppression is their sex and not gender identity and porn/prostitution being tied to women's oppression etc. Separatism is not against rf beliefs but not integral to them, nor retard bisexual women calling themselves lesbian (though women-only bi's who recognise their bi but also swear of men due to the overwhelming male degeneracy are based too kek). Please just make good posts.

No. 1833988

She isn’t a radfem but she’s been big in radfem Twitter in the past because of her platform.

No. 1834001

Ah. Thanks for the explanation.

No. 1834058

NTA, but I'm under the assumption this thread includes orbiters and communities adjacent to radfem/GC circles on social media.

No. 1834198

File: 1685004660963.jpg (40.1 KB, 1200x630, sei_53531525-28d7.jpg)

Isn't she right though? If you're going to date a moid you'll have to deal with that 90% of them find underage girls attractive. The only reason why there isn't under 20 yrs old girls in pic rel is because you couldn't go any lower.

No. 1834283

Just because it's common doesn't mean it's worth defending.

No. 1834374

Ah yes, shartfem aka nina, who "jokes" about touching little girls and has admitted to being aroused by female victims crying about their trauma.

Jah is annoying, and it's funny that it took her this long to admit she's bisexual, but acting like nina was just innocently pointing shit out is not an accurate portrayal of the situation. nina had a raging hateboner for jah.

No. 1834420

> She also has a deep obsessive hatred of shartfem
lol, THE Shartfem who is off the rails and calls out other actual lesbians for presumably becoming make-up addicted bisexual libfems, even sharing photos of them and making mocking collages, with no evidence at all? All pip and cat did was not being balls deep on radtwt like her, or her chronically online miserable circle, and they became a target of shartfem and her spreading of rumors. If she accuses 10 girls of being bisexual libfems, one of them has to stick, broken clock and all.

No. 1834466

I assume that’s the vendetta retard who found the thread then?

No. 1834694

nina makes an offhand comment a single time, it gets screenshotted from her PRIVATE server, and now it suddenly negates all of her criticism of jah? nahh

No. 1834698

Her daily shit stirring is done on the public.

No. 1834773


Cry about it(sage your shit)

No. 1834796

hey newfag! learn to sage and learn to format. You look like an idiot.

No. 1834798

lesbianmolester was/is lescel right? The pedophile who always thirst posting about the male nazi from inglorious bastards and tweeting pictures of real-life little boys and girls with captions about raping them? It’s really funny you take issue with the accusation of being bisexual (which you are) and not that you’re a pedophile that deserves to be shot in the streets. sage and apologies for no receipts. I was lurking the lescel acc on twitter a year and a half ago which is locked down now. you and your little pedophile cult following are very transparent

No. 1834800

Integrate better newfag, you stand out as straight out of noncel radtwt because you don’t sage what you post and put weird spacing on them.

No. 1834801

Yes that is the same person kek. I remember that going down too. She won’t deny the pedo/nazi stuff (and also everything she used to say about wanting to molest Asian girls specifically/her fetish for abused Asian women) because she knows it’s true

No. 1834803

Stumbling down that rabbithole and seeing so many people calling themselves radfems and just the sheer number of bitches following her was wild lol. Praying she eats herself to death or something. Radfems are so naiive for letting these worthless bitches orbit them just because they tweet stuff about hating trannies occasionally

No. 1834808

Fuck! Everyone stop arguing! Can anyone here have an normal convo?
Shit it's no wonder I hide in my house with my cat and smoke meth all day….. been up 4 days and I'm the saineist one here!!! Jesus will someone talk to this lonely girl?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1834814

Put down the pipe and get some help methanon

No. 1834822

Wouldn't you rather have a decent conversation? And BTW I ain't hurting anyone but myself so my pipe is not going anywhere….
Do you hate yourself that much that you have to put others down and be a rank goof? Cmon now , rub one out and calm the fuck down

No. 1834826

Nina you’re insane. Never stop.

No. 1834829

Insane in the brain baby!!

No. 1834831

I don't like bullies… I'm neew here and girls just wanna have fun… from Canada trying to get to know everyone…. hard when they snub you(emoji)

No. 1834835

Daaaamn who is that sexy girl in black?? Me of course

No. 1834842

Please tell me you're not the abortion nonna(sage your shit)

No. 1834845

Who is this?

No. 1834867

miffy/femicidevictim, is that you? the radfem lesbian brothel worker that whores herself for meth?

No. 1835034

he did that to Terri, not Leah. I think he photoshopped Terri's head onto the porn too?

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