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File: 1684388791277.jpg (112.09 KB, 1078x545, 1682152337485.jpg)

No. 1829410

Thread to talk about people who are radical feminists, but are batshit insane OR claim to be radical feminists, but are just using it to gain money and/or notoriety.

Warning: This is not a thread for ranting about TIMs, TIFs or COVID. Please go to the respective containment threads for that.

Anna Slatz
>Grifter with a plastic surgery addiction.
>Fired from her job as Editor-in-Chief for writing two puff pieces for the leader of a Neo-nazi party in Canada.
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.

Vanessa Vokey
>Anti-mask psycho who compared face masks to hijabs.
>Assaulted a female voting booth worker for asking her to wear a mask.
>YouTube recently deleted her channel.

Meghan Murphy
>Founded the website Feminist Current and was a radfem.
>Moved to Mexico to escape the anti-feminist dystopia of Canada.
>Ditched her beliefs and doesn't feel comfortable calling herself a radfem anymore.
>Writes articles about feeling sorry for men nowadays.

Leah Tverly
>Unhinged druggie who makes crazy rants online while playing a synth.
>Thinks that hygiene is a tool of the patriarchy.
>Made a video of herself freebleeding in response to Contrapoints.
>Peed on the toilet seat and the floor of a public restroom because of a troon.

Elle Androphobia
>Anti-vaxxer, who believes that COVID is a fake pandemic.
>Believes that vaccines makes you troon out.

Amy Dyess
>Former radfem who claims that was brainwashed by Julie Bindel to join the TERF cult.
>Currently in transition to become a man and working on an anti-TERF film.
>Believes herself to be the alpha in the fight against TERFs.

Previous Thread

No. 1830279

Ngl, I still chuckle every time I remember Leah Tverly's freebleeding video response to Hontrapoints. Gross and unhinged, yet based af.

No. 1830533

So apparently this is Vanessa Vokey's last video before she deleted her online presence. And honestly, Good for her! She's autistic and online drama is not good for her mental well being.

No. 1830541

I'm surprised no one has tried to include Phemoid, the radfem onlyfans creator who went on that whatever podcast, and then got exposed by radfem twitter for defending her boyfriend finding 16 year old girls attractive.

No. 1830655

File: 1684536936131.jpeg (27.18 KB, 500x281, IMG_4891.jpeg)

Blackpill radfem twitter has some of of the weirdest lesbians and bisexuals you'll see
Obviously not all on are like this but like so many are so weird, There was lesbianmolester who was a bisexual woman, who liked her father and frequently posted some father daughter anime or manga thing and made very creepy and questionable comments on it and also called the father cute. I have seen others who have rape fetish(like the one doing the raping) and then they say its a joke
There's also nina who gets off to abuse victims (women) crying while telling their sexual abuse story (according to that leaked screenshot) and then she admitted herself on twitter that she likes all kinds of molestation stories
dyk3namite alleged male hating lesbian who was in an online relationship with a 16/17 boy

No. 1830962

>There was lesbianmolester who was a bisexual woman, who liked her father and frequently posted some father daughter anime or manga thing and made very creepy and questionable comments on it and also called the father cute
Wait, so "Les"cel from proshipper Twitter is finally having her bisexual arc? She keeps locking and remaking so I missed this. Last time I was aware from her, radfems who were mutuals with her got backlash because she openly likes noncon/lolicon/incest/etc. fanfics.

No. 1831314

File: 1684638931866.png (444.44 KB, 1136x640, 84A2D6BC-A60F-4B59-AC21-856EFD…)

>be me
>like Dystopian Deep Dives
>always comment on her videos but not streams
>always leave long reviews and multiple posts to help the algorithm
>shill her videos
>basically look up to her because older radfem

>ask her to explain a joke about drugs

>she outright says “oh maybe someday you’ll have experiences that aren’t online”
>flip through some of our prior conversations
>it becomes abundantly clear that she thought I was a loser and was treating me with contempt
>she told me at one point to write a book
>at the time I thought maybe she was insulting me
>chose to believe that maybe it was a compliment
>maybe I should start my own blog or something and be a mask off TERF
>she completely dunked on me for no reason after I was her fan
>can’t enjoy her show anymore because she hurt my feelings
>said I didn’t think I wanted to keep engaging with her content if she’s going to be so mean to me
>she basically laughs at me and says I was the loser kid who didn’t realize no one else wanted them there

It’s amazing how a bunch of mentally ill women with fringe political beliefs denigrate other mentally ill women with fringe political beliefs. Why is being some cool gen Xer more important than fostering more female voices to rise up? I hate this. I can handle meanness from TIMs because they’re monsters. Other women (especially other radfems) just makes me feel like I’ll never fit in anywhere.(not your personal blog)

No. 1831317

first of all, literally who? second of all
>she completely dunked on me for no reason after I was her fan
kek i suspect theres more to this story, I can smell the milk from here

No. 1831322

She has a podcast. It’s actually pretty good and she has some great stuff that’s against sex work.

And no, not really. I didn’t talk to her in DMs or anything. I just left what I felt were decent longpost replies on a channel I liked and getting shut down for no reason hurt my feelings. Simple as. I think the milkiest thing I did was fedpost about wanting to kill AGPs. Normal stuff.

Never forget that Hontra sent her a bunch of pornography as a “joke”. Remember, this dude got “cancelled” for saying Macho Ma’am was mean. Or having Cuck Angel on his show. But asking Milo Stewart about her T growth clit? Sexually harassing feminist content creators? Yeah, that’s fine.

But yeah, seconding the based comment. Freebleeding is the way of the sage.

No. 1831334

are you new here or something? When you claim milk, you bring screenshots. This isn't a place just to blogpost about being rejected. If you think what she said to you was really that crazy, show us the interaction.

No. 1831357

I thought it was rude and hurtful, and indicative of larger issues within the radfem sphere, but I wouldn’t say it was crazy on her part. It reminded me of how when Lisa Michelle went full cowmode people dunked on her for writing her diary in pink ink as opposed to anything substantive. Michelle herself even tried to be cooler than Ella by pointing out the inherent silliness and posturing inherent in a boymom calling herself an “androphobe”. There’s this quality to radfem cows (and non-cow radfems who sperg out) to create this inverse mean girl hierarchy. One becomes radfemmery than thou, so to speak.

And yeah I am new to posting here. I usually lurk but since the Farms have been down I’ve been sharing my autistic speculations here. Sorry for not posting pics, but I wasn’t trying to dump on this person.

No. 1831362

I don't think dystopian deep dives is an rf, just gc. She has some videos complaining about rf's and claims that sexism isn't real and is pushed by the modern techno establishment to divide people kek. One anon on here once mentioned that they posted on one of her live vids about why then if it's the elites has it existed before things like technocrats who she claims to be the ones who started it, and she got blocked kek.

No. 1831367

This is going to sound mean, but you have to understand that 9 times out of 10, the type of person who wants to seek mass attention for their opinions online is some kind of weirdo or self-absorbed freak. There's a certain brand of person who sees the internet not as a space to connect with others, or even just make money, but as a version of Hollywood they aren't too mentally ill and/or incompetent to make it in. That includes being able to look down on others, especially their "crazy fans". Said fans don't actually have to be crazy, just invested, so they, as the quasi-celebrity, can feel big, important, and pretend they're absolutely hounded.

Sometimes, it's even less deep than that. We know some people go on gossip sites to feel like they're Regina George in high school. Well, the same often applies to "content creators" like TikTokers, podcasters, etc etc. Naturally, they'll form a special "clique" and get a high off kicking others down to feel uplifted, especially when they're already in niche spaces.

You did nothing wrong, except assume you were interacting with a stable, genuine person. Most internet personalities are not that. It's probably not a good idea to keep rewarding someone who was a dick to you with views/engagement, but in a general sense, whenever possible, take in the content without bothering with the person. Your attention alone is worth much more than they want you to know.

No. 1831377

Oh yeah. The hunter gatherer thing. I remember that. And that’s probably what pissed her off. I regularly fedpost about wanting to kill troons, and she treated that with sarcasm; she made made fun of me for saying “moid”, etc. However I assumed she was a radfem because she talked about why prostitution sucks.

Interesting. I can definitely see that in some AGPs like Philosophy Tube (who lie about having stalkers) but I never considered it a thing in feminism. It seems very counter-intuitive to post stuff about feminism and then get annoyed when some woman excitedly longposts in reply. Then again, if what the person is longposting seems irrelevant to your point, it could seem annoying and arrogant to them.

And what you’re saying about Z list Internet celebrities rings true to me. I think about how the Brooklyn socialist podcasts like Chapo and Red Scare collectively shit on their fans.

As for the comments that hurt my feefees… I think everyone would be better off taking jokes, so I tried to make self-deprecating jokes about being terminally online back at her when she said things like “wow you should write a book you have so much to say”. Eventually it dawned on me that she really didn’t like me and this wasn’t just bantz. I felt really embarrassed. It makes me feel way more shy about approaching other GC / radfem women.

Anyway, thank you. This is a very intelligent comment and I appreciate effortposting.

No. 1831378

Schizo-theory: Troons will regularly cancel each other to steal the other’s position as “guy who gets passive income from the Internet for being trans”. See Keffals and the other MTFs who want his GoFundMe gibs-me-bucks. The alternative is just dunking on any of your fans that show a creative spark or enthusiasm to eliminate potential competition in the future.

No. 1831425

>always leave long reviews and multiple posts to help the algorithm
>shill her videos

no offense but you sound kinda a sperg

No. 1831454

File: 1684673124264.jpg (122.37 KB, 1080x1140, IMG_20230521_094001.jpg)

>dyk3namite had a relationship with a boy
why are you lying? the callout was done by the victim herself, who was obviously a girl and is still on twitter

this is the original document she posted compiling their chats
>lesbianmolester was bisexual and liked her father
actually I'm not and I've also never mentioned my father in any context whatsoever, sorry if you're unfamiliar with the concept of liking an animated character
you would find enough stuff to talk about if you look into the rest of radtwt since they are all borderline libfems, you wouldn't have to resort to lying(are you lost?)

No. 1831460

They should be dragging you for following bisexual pedophiles instead, you know what I'm talking about. Gifs of little children with grown males on top and qrting posts about a gay male couple anally raping their adopted autistic little kids.

No. 1831467

why not drag my mutuals themselves though? they said that, not me. i dont have to like or agree with everything my mutuals say

No. 1831480

Following a pedophilic account because you want to view gifs of little boys getting touched should get you dragged. Amazing how you dispute the bisexual accusations while actively seeking out actual real life pedophilia involving males, not surprising to see though from someone who claims to be a lesbian but has no interest in homosexual sex. Average bisexual.

No. 1831492

I know youre just trying to make me mad, but i think everyone else knows being mutuals with someone on twitter doesnt mean you jerk off on voicechat together to eachothers posts
you've clearly never even seen one of my public profiles if you think i have no interest in or never posted about lesbian sex lol, thats the only problem i have with discussions about me nobody even knows what theyre talking about. there's not even any concrete "milk", its all hearsay

No. 1831495

Yes your honor I just wanted to be mutuals with this literal irl pedophile for the lolz. Yes I signed up to see updates on their essays on how it's actually okay and healthy to touch your little niece. But we didn't have e-sex through videochat, because I'll have you know I'm a sex repulsed volcel whose ideal relationship doesn't involve interacting with each other's genitals ever.

No. 1831502

Then maybe, again, you should post about them and how horrible they are and not about me when i haven't said such a thing, but you cant, because you don't even have a single screenshot to share to discuss those terrible terrible posts
>their essays on how it's actually okay and healthy to touch your little niece
sounds interesting, link?

No. 1831532

Who are you talking about? tbrainrot????

No. 1831563

now i much prefer this conversation over the fake father lust, but two of these points are debatable. i do keep a picture of hayley on my wallet though

No. 1831569

Aren't you the self proclaimed female browncel who "wants to rape little girls" and is obsessed with the singer from Paramore?

No. 1831571

I don't get it, are you trying to be cancelled? Why do you want attention for this sort of thing?

No. 1831577

>completely falsifies information about several people
>complains when one of them defends herself and accuses her of doing this for attention

are you retarded?

No. 1831582

I didn't falsify anything. This thread has multiple posters.
Anyway, there's a whole host of shit about you that doesn't bode well, and I don't get why you're open about it and even try to get into fights on it. You kind of do the "half-truth" thing, but like, people know and you don't really hide it. What's the point in that?

No. 1831586

File: 1684681444267.png (57.67 KB, 333x333, imagen_2023-05-21_120453969.pn…)

"cancelled" for what? liking a celebrity and being cringe? only people with an audience and a public persona can get cancelled. im a private account with 100 followers and i hide nothing from them. i just want you to realize you are retarded for trying to discuss me when you have no milk and whenever you bring me up you HAVE to lie about me to even say anything. bring me up again when you find my self insert fanfiction on ao3

No. 1831592

No, cancelled for shit I'm kind enough not to post screenshots of. You privated the account very, very recently, and idk why you're assuming we wouldn't also talk to you here. No need to lie, I'm not even attacking you. I just don't get why you do all this.

No. 1831602

then i guess i would rather get cancelled for all my posts talking about how much i want to fuck her, but im not even a radfem and im not in the same realm as the other women you talk about on here so this reeks of vendettaposting. i only replied because "lescel is bisexual and wants to fuck her dad" is objectively not true and neither was that thing about dyk3namite

No. 1831613

guys do you remember Miranda Adria from tumblr?

No. 1831686

File: 1684693722378.png (285.07 KB, 900x880, Just Stop.png)

>Following a pedophilic account because you want to view gifs of little boys getting touched should get you dragged. Amazing how you dispute the bisexual accusations while actively seeking out actual real life pedophilia involving males
Wait what, how are such accounts allowed to stay up?

No. 1831690

they are not, this anon has a vendetta which is incredibly obvious, and should be ignored unless they have actual screenshots.

No. 1831724

NTA but ok cow. You literally never denied it upthread. I don’t know what’s wrong with you but you should fuck off back to degen twitter

No. 1831727

that's not me lel. i never denied it cuz i thought the fact that she didnt post screenshots of either me or my mutuals' posts said enough and it would be obvious to anyone not-retarded. but since you insist, i see 0 "gifs of little boys being touched" on my timeline, my oomfs do frequently celebrate moidlet rape and abuse though

No. 1831732

the infighting in this thread is why the trannies are winning

No. 1831740

Lol I think we have a new personalityfag

No. 1831788

Not surprising this thread has gone full retard considering half of radtwt members are farmers themselves

No. 1831905

File: 1684715898289.jpg (33.06 KB, 540x398, tumblr_3e6371112056df41c87620f…)

Huge claims, do you have any actual proof? Are you saying there's a pedophile integrating in radtwt?

No. 1831935

File: 1684719528420.jpeg (39.63 KB, 1168x322, IMG_4513.jpeg)

She got her account deleted recently retard, and openly pedophilic accounts do get deleted all the time. I never said I was here to provide milk, or screenshots to make a callout (to who, her 100 followers on her locked account who are already aware of the way she is?), im not even the person who brought her up, either.

>which is incredibly obvious

says the person who is (or acts?) unaware of how prevalent actual irl pedophilia is celebrated by those specific blackpill circles. She literally posted about it in this thread, don’t be stupid with the “muh screenshots’ stuff. The person on picrel and sh1tai_cor3 interacted heavily and openly with the pedo gifs account in question and nobody gave a fuck. Why would anyone even care to gather screenshots. Use your brain.

No. 1831969

File: 1684723164622.png (675.9 KB, 2122x2147, IMG_4531.png)

No, but nice attempt at derailing. im talking about lescel following @Wy1_osis when the account was up (the suspended one in the screenshot), along with others. This is nothing new with the shartfem/homosharts, lescel, maskedsadism etc bp friend circle.

for the people talking about”vendetta posting” I’ll recap it out for you, because you seem a bit confused: a random anon posted misinformation about lescel wanting to fuck her dad (untrue), she shows up to correct it, several people comment on how she’s still fucked in the head. I’m not >>1831592
, I’m not even lescel acusation OP, and of course I’m not here with proper milk either because those comments have been nothing but others responses to lescel histrionicism having the need to come and defend herself over dad fucking accusations. but following this whole circle since the sharters discord server, since lescel was edating the Angelina girl, it’s hard to miss the pedophilic patterns of the whole circle.
celebrate moidlet rape and abuse is putting lightly, picrel.

No. 1832011

I might get banned for this, but this is why gay moids should never ever be allowed near children in any context.

No. 1832038

i can't figure out why
>radtwt is completely unhinged, racist, pedophilic, trad, whatever other edgelord bullshit you could think of, and hardly even related to radical feminism, generating a seeminly endless supply of "radfem cows" who are radfem in name only
>radblr is serious, academic, and quick to call out bad behavior– maybe even too aggressive on gatekeeping, and therefore no cows flourish there with only one notable exception who is utterly tame by radtwt standards

How are these two islands so different when both are communities that go by the same name on two common social media sites? There seems to be little to no overlap at all.

No. 1832049

the difference between radtwt and radblr is super noticeable and weird, but maybe tumblr just tends to attract an older and more mature userbase as a whole? most of the users on radtwt are literal teenagers or else barely in their 20s so the level of tardery isn't really surprising. also longer post format on tumblr means you can actually write long-form, detailed analysis, but the twitter character limit makes it really hard to get in depth about feminism or get beyond surface level discussion on these issues.

No. 1832062

Nah, I agree with you. Moids do be moidin’. For clarity though, I should add that the people involved are women.

No. 1832063

>maybe tumblr just tends to attract an older and more mature userbase as a whole?
I don't think so, the demographic of users that I see around radblr (especially lately) are typically 16-21. Of course there are some older 20s and early 30s women as well but they're not any sort of majority. Maybe one difference is these young users typically adopt the "rad learning" identity (idk if that's a term used on twitter?) and don't start cranking out posts until they've been there long enough to have learned shit. So more mature, yeah I guess that could be true. But not older.

No. 1832190

Radblr has its share of clownery (there are right wing/male/etc. orbiters who fit the bill of the average radtwt user), but it's due to Tumblr's userbase dwindling in the last few years and the lack of character limit allows long form discussion and replies.

Yeah, same, I didn't notice that many "older" (in internet standards) users on radblr to my knowledge. I was on radblr when I was mid-late 20s and while some "legacy" bloggers who have been on there for 5+ years are in the early 30s range, a lot of "newly peaked" sideblog crowd are 16-24 range.

No. 1832227

Nah. Radblr is just inhabited by long term tumblr users that are used to culture of discourse and crazy policing that happens on the more “mainstream” parts of tumblr. Radblr is full of silly drama and useless discourse that serves no one, much like every other part of tumblr.

No. 1832246

>quick to call out bad behavior
what a joke. radblr is filled with racist women & homophobes kek

No. 1832339

I can understand hating little boys but even most manhating radfems would be disgusted.

No. 1832355

there is a ton of policing on radblr compared to radtwt, where seemingly anything goes, no matter how vile. Big blogs are constantly naming and shaming racist/homophobic users and there's almost zero tolerance for trad orbiters. Of course it's not perfect, but it's completely different from radtwt that seems to be populated by nothing but edgy cows that no one bats an eye at

No. 1832514

I hate male children because their abuse of female children is often downplayed as "they're just kids/boys will be boys", but why the fuck is this side of Twitter so pedophilic? It's still creepy and illegal as fuck, even if it's a woman towards boy.

No. 1832647

Some of us follow them because we are observing their instability from far away. Why does being a mutual mean we like the person?

No. 1832752

Which is not the same as actively interacting with that content and befriending the people who call prepubescent children hot. Then youre not observing mental instability from a distance, you're the mentally unstable yourself.

No. 1833240

I think you put way too much leverage on online interactions that are as intense as asking for ketchup from a cashier at McDonald’s.

No. 1833332

File: 1684906719192.jpeg (51.56 KB, 680x612, IMG_0517.jpeg)

Jah on twitter came out as bisexual kek

No. 1833334

nta but the gymnastics you're performing are breathtaking. do yourself a favor and stop responding if you don't want to be milked harder

No. 1833340

what's her deal and why is this a big thing?

No. 1833344

Milked harder for what, not being terminally online and following people because I find them unusual? I wasn’t the original anons you were arguing with, I don’t make friends with anyone online. What’s with kids assuming that everyone we follow is someone we like? Haven’t you ever hate followed someone, or tricked them into doxxing theirselves?

No. 1833347

fakebian drama

No. 1833356

Why does this matter? You don’t have to be lesbian to be a radfem

No. 1833373

You keep saying “follow, follow, just a follow for curiosity” like “I was just looking stumbled upon it”, “I was just curious” wasn’t The excuse for people who get busted for browsing child porn. If you have no repulsion to seeing GIFs of nude children on your TL while you and your friends call yourself a noncel who celebrates moidlet rape then you’re a pedophile, end of.
> but but but that’s just like hatefollowing a tradwife or keeping up with a cringy furry or asking for ketchup at McDonalds!!!

No. 1833417

>I never considered it a thing in feminism
Unfortunately, it's part of human nature. I recently came to terms that the internet is the perfect place for these types, because they're able to act like this behind a screen in the comfort of their own home, so I understand the confusion and discomfort of having to experience this type of person first-hand and realizing it's not really an isolated incident.

No. 1833440

who gives a shit? is she a cow?

No. 1833442

File: 1684930043163.jpg (60.58 KB, 1178x486, 20230524_140253.jpg)

It wouldn't matter if she wasn't acting like she's the queen of lesbians 2 months ago. She's a cow

No. 1833444

I hate this bitch so fucking much, along with any other bisexual woman larping as a lesbian. Lesbians from the get go have been saying she wasn't a lesbian, she kept saying that lesbians can "self harm" with men & even admitted to stopping herself from fucking a man when she was in a depressive phase. But when lesbians were telling her that is not what female homosexuals do & what she's doing is spreading the same shit that leads to lesbians being raped & their sexuality not being taken seriously, this cunt would block them. She also has a deep obsessive hatred of shartfem, another lesbian who called her out and look at what happens, just like all the other bisexual women who want to larp as militant goldstar radfems, she comes out as bisexual. ffs.

No. 1833449

File: 1684930747785.jpg (57.04 KB, 603x602, likeclockwork.JPG)

nta zzzzz

No. 1833450

File: 1684930808417.jpg (38.29 KB, 593x299, larper.JPG)

doublepost lesson of the day: radfems are no better than trannies & tranny lovers in their obsession with lesbianism, redefining it & bringing moids into it

No. 1833459

>radfems are no better than trannies
YWNBAW. A man isn't a woman because of a twitter retard nor do they suddenly become so.

No. 1833460

0 reading comprehension, she said in regards their obsession with lesbianism

No. 1833462

>0 reading comprehension because I disagree with the post
A bisexual women choosing to call herself a lesbian because she doesn't date men is dumb, but not really as bad as men trying to rape lesbians. Pretty disgusting to suggest as such. Also, learn to integrate newfag.

No. 1833466

ok fakebian

No. 1833467

NTA "is dumb" You're so full of shit, "dumb" is a massive understatement here. Those two groups are both eager promoters of the rape culture surrounding lesbians. You're both arrogant & use your numbers to shout down any lesbian who calls you out on your bullshit. Any bisexual woman who has larped as a lesbian & when told they're not a lesbian, continued to spread the same pro-conversion therapy garbage like "actually lesbians can consent to sex with men! muh comphet! muh self harm! muh later in life lesbian" you are on the same level as the moid that rapes lesbians. You're both entilted, you're both obsessed with redefining it to include yourself & both of you believe lesbians can consent to sex with men & the man who wants to rape a lesbian uses larpers as proof.

No. 1833476

>Your numbers
>Everyone who recognises they aren’t on the same level of rapists must be who I am seething about
Never mind. Just report the baiter kek. Obvious vendettachan.

No. 1833479

ayrt you as in larpers & trannies. your numbers because both groups have bigger numbers than lesbians?? love how nobody has responded to what i've said though, just nitpicked & screeched the usual manipulative "women can never be as bad men! theyre innocent angels!!" no wonder so many become blackpilled kek

No. 1833483

You seem like you are trying to minimise and awful violent crime. I'm glad you think such a horrific thing is akin to a retard on twitter being offensive. They literally are not the same thing.
>sick of this women are never as bad stuff

No. 1833487

File: 1684934050063.webm (1.27 MB, 188x270, ssstwitter.com_1684932642269.w…)

>phemoid got exposed by radfem twitter for defending her boyfriend finding 16 year old girls attractive.
here's the cap i posted this before but deleted because i said something really retarded and didn't want to instigate any infighting

No. 1833488

the radtwt vendettaposters shitting up this thread without actual milk are so obvious, just ignore them kek

No. 1833490

I don't think calling out some one attracted to children being raped is a vandettapost.

No. 1833491

ayrt >retard on twitter
are you the other anon? is this your shit reading comprehension again? i said both groups participate in the rape culture surrounding lesbians. this isn't just a chronically online twitter thing. it happens outside too. nice mask off moment though.
Talking in general, it gets boring how radfems never want to admit how some women are just evil to other women for no reason & make the choice to. its always blamed on moids, it gets particularly irritating when this excuse always pops up when it comes to racism & homophobia.

No. 1833494

no it's not, i just meant how this thread has turned into infighting in general about random cow twitter users

No. 1833502

Twitter is quarantine for retards so the unintegrated and unhinged posting is right on point kek. I wish when cows didn't know about their own/their enemies threads.

No. 1833561

File: 1684943612655.png (60.98 KB, 960x1028, captrue.png)

How can claim to hate men, and at the same time defend a film and pedo director that exhibits literal pedophilia and effectively serves as a snuff film, solely because you think art is aesthetically pleasing and "transgressive"

No. 1833594

who are any of these people? i agree that is a retarded take but random radtwt members being dumb on curiouscat is not that milky and it's very clear this thread has become infested by twitterfags just posting people they don't like

No. 1833603

She reminds me of that Tuna simp who also defended pedos and pedo "art"

No. 1833679

do you smoke meth or something you sound fucking mentally ill. following some random cow online isn't the same as watching fucking child born, get your priorities straight.

No. 1833770

>Sick of rfs recognising male degeneracy
There it is. Someone saw the 90% meme and never recovered.

No. 1833785

You need to post the actual milk or breakdown for such a claim. Going back there isn’t a lot of proof to your position and for such a bold claim there needs to be more other than words. This >>1833561 is the not the same as being a pedo and reaching to claim as such, just an edgy faggot/degenerate.

No. 1833806

Yeah. It’s just become posting rumours/mental gymnastics to try and smear random twitterfags/rfs as a whole. It seems underage.

No. 1833972

File: 1684971447723.jpeg (54.48 KB, 1339x774, IMG_0533.jpeg)

Lesbians don’t exist?

No. 1833983

Why are they so obsessed with lesbians anyway? i mean, leaving aside (idk if you can though) the fact that they're obsessed with hating men and wish they were lesbians so they would have what they percieve as the "better" sex to be atracted to, it's just stupid social media circles, so what even is the point in pretending to have a sexuality that has been oppressed for centuries and deemed inmoral? especially when they're clearly into men, wich has always been seen as the right thing? i wonder how do these cows even go on through their life if they're this self hating about their attraction and obsessive with a random group of women that they don't even belong to.
Do any of these cows post their personal shit on their twitter accounts? genuinely curious

No. 1833984

Is this even an rf? It seems like you're just posting anyone who doesn't think a man is a woman in the thread. That's not this thread. Also, if you're going to post mind the site rules. Please bring more proper or well explained milk as to why these people are good for the thread as not believing a man is not a woman because he says so does not make someone rf, nor does calling yourself a lesbian make you rf, radical does not mean extreme just root as in the root of women's oppression is their sex and not gender identity and porn/prostitution being tied to women's oppression etc. Separatism is not against rf beliefs but not integral to them, nor retard bisexual women calling themselves lesbian (though women-only bi's who recognise their bi but also swear of men due to the overwhelming male degeneracy are based too kek). Please just make good posts.

No. 1833988

She isn’t a radfem but she’s been big in radfem Twitter in the past because of her platform.

No. 1834001

Ah. Thanks for the explanation.

No. 1834058

NTA, but I'm under the assumption this thread includes orbiters and communities adjacent to radfem/GC circles on social media.

No. 1834198

File: 1685004660963.jpg (40.1 KB, 1200x630, sei_53531525-28d7.jpg)

Isn't she right though? If you're going to date a moid you'll have to deal with that 90% of them find underage girls attractive. The only reason why there isn't under 20 yrs old girls in pic rel is because you couldn't go any lower.

No. 1834283

Just because it's common doesn't mean it's worth defending.

No. 1834374

Ah yes, shartfem aka nina, who "jokes" about touching little girls and has admitted to being aroused by female victims crying about their trauma.

Jah is annoying, and it's funny that it took her this long to admit she's bisexual, but acting like nina was just innocently pointing shit out is not an accurate portrayal of the situation. nina had a raging hateboner for jah.

No. 1834420

> She also has a deep obsessive hatred of shartfem
lol, THE Shartfem who is off the rails and calls out other actual lesbians for presumably becoming make-up addicted bisexual libfems, even sharing photos of them and making mocking collages, with no evidence at all? All pip and cat did was not being balls deep on radtwt like her, or her chronically online miserable circle, and they became a target of shartfem and her spreading of rumors. If she accuses 10 girls of being bisexual libfems, one of them has to stick, broken clock and all.

No. 1834466

I assume that’s the vendetta retard who found the thread then?

No. 1834694

nina makes an offhand comment a single time, it gets screenshotted from her PRIVATE server, and now it suddenly negates all of her criticism of jah? nahh

No. 1834698

Her daily shit stirring is done on the public.

No. 1834773


Cry about it(sage your shit)

No. 1834796

hey newfag! learn to sage and learn to format. You look like an idiot.

No. 1834798

lesbianmolester was/is lescel right? The pedophile who always thirst posting about the male nazi from inglorious bastards and tweeting pictures of real-life little boys and girls with captions about raping them? It’s really funny you take issue with the accusation of being bisexual (which you are) and not that you’re a pedophile that deserves to be shot in the streets. sage and apologies for no receipts. I was lurking the lescel acc on twitter a year and a half ago which is locked down now. you and your little pedophile cult following are very transparent

No. 1834800

Integrate better newfag, you stand out as straight out of noncel radtwt because you don’t sage what you post and put weird spacing on them.

No. 1834801

Yes that is the same person kek. I remember that going down too. She won’t deny the pedo/nazi stuff (and also everything she used to say about wanting to molest Asian girls specifically/her fetish for abused Asian women) because she knows it’s true

No. 1834803

Stumbling down that rabbithole and seeing so many people calling themselves radfems and just the sheer number of bitches following her was wild lol. Praying she eats herself to death or something. Radfems are so naiive for letting these worthless bitches orbit them just because they tweet stuff about hating trannies occasionally

No. 1834808

Fuck! Everyone stop arguing! Can anyone here have an normal convo?
Shit it's no wonder I hide in my house with my cat and smoke meth all day….. been up 4 days and I'm the saineist one here!!! Jesus will someone talk to this lonely girl?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1834814

Put down the pipe and get some help methanon

No. 1834822

Wouldn't you rather have a decent conversation? And BTW I ain't hurting anyone but myself so my pipe is not going anywhere….
Do you hate yourself that much that you have to put others down and be a rank goof? Cmon now , rub one out and calm the fuck down

No. 1834826

Nina you’re insane. Never stop.

No. 1834829

Insane in the brain baby!!

No. 1834831

I don't like bullies… I'm neew here and girls just wanna have fun… from Canada trying to get to know everyone…. hard when they snub you(emoji)

No. 1834835

Daaaamn who is that sexy girl in black?? Me of course

No. 1834842

Please tell me you're not the abortion nonna(sage your shit)

No. 1834845

Who is this?

No. 1834867

miffy/femicidevictim, is that you? the radfem lesbian brothel worker that whores herself for meth?

No. 1835034

he did that to Terri, not Leah. I think he photoshopped Terri's head onto the porn too?

No. 1836101

The bar is so low that knowing the difference between a man and a woman is enough to be considered a radfem, even when you're a hentai-addicted pedophile.

No. 1838561

File: 1685570799390.png (8.67 KB, 600x204, Fu24KjHaAAA6DnG.png)

I'm convinced that suckherbergg/mARRRc is a moid/troon whose basically just posting his fetishes, I have seen plenty of radfems talk about hating men and even male children but it never as "malevolent" like male hatred, but suckherbergg talks about boys way to much and airs out weird fantasies of them being raped, killed or faced to get pregnant.

No. 1838574

File: 1685571820401.png (24.42 KB, 648x679, Screenshot 5.png)

like this isn't misandry, this is just coomer moid humor.

No. 1838578

He’s actually right with that tweet though. Tragic.

No. 1838582

The data shows that rapists will CLAIM to have been raped in a ploy to garner sympathy and even if certain offenders that have been abused, It doesn't indicate that majority of abused people that go on to offend. Ve

No. 1838630

very obviously a troon or moid. he loves to describe child rape fantasies in great detail. insane he tries to pass off his cooming as feminist analysis.

No. 1838845

File: 1685600999661.png (9.72 KB, 649x383, 1(4133).png)

I am baffled as to how anyone could be convinced he was as a woman. I bet he snickers to himself whenever he posts crap like picrel, and radical feminists agree with him.
He's also mentioned mpreg a couple of times in a way that specifically portrays it as degrading, which is the complete opposite of any sort of analysis from a feminist perspective

No. 1838919

This is literally true, I call men shitskin niggers and mayo monkeys all the time & am not racist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1838984

File: 1685629297317.jpg (39.98 KB, 714x484, 2nttgz56pb81.jpg)

I Hate to break it to y'all, but there actually is a subset of fujo radfems whose hatred of males essentially mixes with their fetishes. such as >>1831969 They justify the worst and most repulsive fetishes by saying, 'Oh, but men are worse, so you can't judge me.'"
so they will post aout m/m shota rape doujins, ao3 fics of underage actors being raped and worst of all use post about real CSA victims and fantasize about them being raped and abused and there's a huge overlap between these fujo radfems and the pro-shippers and actual gay male pedophiles on twitter. Its just really messed up.

No. 1839104

twitter and its consequences were a disaster for the human race

No. 1839465

File: 1685681829877.png (411.68 KB, 649x718, Screenshot 01.png)

>skinny girl coquette aesthetic + dworkin books
is this what they call comedic Irony? it reminds me of that guys who wore a Che Guevara shirt and a MAGA hat

No. 1839475

This is honestly really funny I’m sorry kek. I like her content, it’s pretty interesting and I find her points insightful. We don’t agree on everything, obviously, but why should we have to? She’s not an RF, she just GC, it’s amusing she’s being mentioned in this thread

No. 1839510

Yes I think this meant to be ironic and funny anon. Whether it's actually funny is debatable

No. 1839516

That's the joke.

No. 1839612

File: 1685707303517.jpg (18.1 KB, 400x374, funnycat.jpg)

Someone on Twitter mentioned that she had little boy legs, and I can't stop thinking about it. I guess Its fair to assume that she wants to look like an emaciated little boy, given her taste in directors.

No. 1839930

that's dasha nekrasova

No. 1840384

isn't this the girl who started a bunch of drama w destiny/hasan

No. 1845512

This thread is crawling with butthurt trannies

No. 1845674

File: 1686631518566.png (116.01 KB, 1080x2379, cQQ4Yem.png)

No. 1845677

what is she trying to say?

No. 1845682

>black people are actually the MOST racist, here’s multiple paragraphs about how much I don’t even care

No. 1845686

thats not what she said at all, shes talking about misogyny in the black community and anti racist movements.

No. 1845718

It's dumb either way, why are we still treating racism and sexism as two opposing forces like we're in the 60s again? Black women experience higher femicide both because they are women and because abuse against them is either ignored or decriminalised. Same with indigenous women having higher murder and missing rates, abuse against them is intentionally ignored based on race + systematic neglect. Radfem writers like dworkin always acknowledged how other factors play into these things.

No. 1845722

She's saying black women shouldn't advocate for black men's racial issues because black men are very misogynistic towards black women. And she's right. Look at what black men did to Toyin Salau. If you disagree with her you're a cock addicted male lover

No. 1845733

>If you disagree with her you're a cock addicted male lover
I am a black lesbian and she is literally explicitly saying discrimination against skin tone is irrelevant and only the biological sex factors into oppression. Its regressive and dumb, yes women are a special social class but we do not face treatment. Not every report to the police is treated equally and it's shown by which people have more cold cases. Also her post reeks of victim blaming but that's a common theme with radfem cows. Because fear of community backlash is not unique to black dv victims or character flaw. It's a common reaction that gets taken advantage of by abusers

No. 1845746

How is she victim blaming? She's saying the black women in her family don't call the police because of the misogyny they'll receive if they do call the police. If anything she's blaming the men. You're a black lesbian saying women should have solidarity with the same misogynistic demographic raping and killing them holy shit the absolute state of women

No. 1845794

Thinking racism is real is not having solidarity with men. If black women experience racism are they supposed to do nothing about because stopping it would help black men?

No. 1845916

They're saying black women shouldn't mule on behalf of black men. AKA stop this BLM shit, it's mainly women behind those protests and black men would never return the favor. Black women should speak out against racism that only affects us,not shit that is primarily the issue of black men.

If another black man dies because of police brutality, unless you're his wife or something don't go marching in the street for him, save your energy for a black woman who experienced that.

No. 1846082

You sound like a racist poltard trying to sow discord between black men and women.

No. 1846166

You sound like a tranny twitterfag. You love black males so much huh. You're just itching to jump in the line of fire to save a black male huh. Who gives a fuck if males of different races kill each other. Save your marching for women that get killed by men

No. 1846628

>sow discord

looks at abuse, assault & femicide statistics for Black women and girls

…uh, I don't think radfems are the ones sowing discord here babe

No. 1846708

>Anna Slatz
>Currently making a transition as a financial guru and stocks investor.
I just checked the Reddit account and it appears she has ceased the stonks influencing.

No. 1847562

File: 1686927592601.jpg (71.19 KB, 860x400, V4rSt1ROhmE3Z.jpg)

What is going on with the hosts of Redfem? They claim to be socialist feminist lesbians, but they frequently retweet content from right-wing and or pro-Russian shill accounts. They seem to be occupying the same space as "communists" who ally themselves with any force that oppose liberal democracy.

No. 1847573

Like all internet based pundits they have oppositional defiant disorder

No. 1847584

What exactly is wrong with being pro-Russian?

No. 1847598

There's nothing wrong with condemning both sides in this war, but I feel like I shouldn't have to explain why retweeting literal russian shill accounts is bad

No. 1847610

Black men do that well enough on their own. No need for me a black woman to do that.
Most white radfems are racist pickmes at the end of the day. Someone should dona graph on the overlap in beliefs between radfems and tradfems for keks.

No. 1847626

I have some issues that's a baseless claim to make against Hannah and Jen, Jen has campaigned for Palestine and done actual aid for for almost 2 decades now.

No. 1847688


that's just them. i enjoy their podcast for the most part because i like their chemistry together, but honestly i've never felt their overall politics are grounded or ever made much sense. they are against most of the working class, they don't actually think the working class should be in power. it's laundered through a billion social critiques, but fundamentally, yes, they are more anti liberal than pro-proletariat. i think that's true of "left" podcasting as a whole and of this thread.

No. 1847689

They are the kind of dumbass communist who stans for Russia. I think they call them tankies? They're feminist politics are all right though.

No. 1847913

She's right.

No. 1848029

gee i wonder what is wrong with an imperialist country that marginalizes it's indigenous populations and forces them to give up their languages and cultures and then goes ahead and uses them as fodder in wars because they are not white, i wonder what is wrong with a country that allows domestic violence, i wonder what is wrong with a country that is so fucking misogynist that they think being a doctor is a useless cheap shit career because most doctors are women, i wonder what is wrong with a country that hates gay people and who has been antagonist little shit toward it's neighbors for last hundreds of years.

i hate you american commie retards so much it's unbelievable american people are not human you are so stupid so retarded so fucking idiotic. (this applies to the retarded south american commies too kek) it's so obvious that people see other people and countries ad some prop in a story called usa versus the world, even people from other countries are plagued by this disease, so it is easy for them to act as if actual literal wars where actual people die is some sort of marvel movie where you choose the side.

you idiots are so ready to accept whatever horrible treatment of people if it's just done by someone who you view as some sort of countering power towards america, it doesn't matter, indigenous people, women and gays can be thrown under the bus because you gotta get to have you anti-american or anti-west or whatever rebellion you have to stick it to your boring parents. though in the case of russian loving tradthots gays and women and indigenous people getting hurt is just part of the bonus. anyway it never occurs to these types of people that russian women who have suffered because of their country's misogyny, the indigenous peoples, gay people from russia are actual living breathing people you can talk with you can share a meal with you can hug them kiss them on the cheek party with them talk with them laugh with them, just sharing my personal experiences here if that isn't clear, like they are real people who have suffered real hurt.

No. 1848051

Have you read the other posts though (on imgur)? Or just the one screenshot

No. 1848086

these two have done more irl and actual leftist, feminist activism individually than everyone itt combined kek

No. 1848250

Based anti-imperialist anon

No. 1848284

based anon ily

No. 1848327

File: 1687039428207.jpg (16.95 KB, 270x350, original-151301-1.jpg)

Sage for OT, I and most people are well aware that Russia a shit-hole nation that has interests dominion over its neighbors and frankly we don't care much, For the entire world we have had to deal with the biggest bully in history, so for us Russia is just a nation whose fighting that bully, we don't care if they beat up their "kid brother", what matters for us if they can help in overthrow the US empire.

No. 1848344

nta but why pick a side at all then? you don’t have to support one imperialist power because it is slightly less subjectively evil than the other one. condemn american hegemony by all means but the people who defend everything russia does because it opposes it are retarded. not all tankies but a good deal of them claim and believe genuinely russia has no social problems, misogyny and racism don’t exist there and it’s all western propaganda that minorities suffered in the ussr. that’s clearly the kind of viewpoint anon was talking about, not “both are bad”

No. 1848356


nta, but people are siding with russia because they are actually doing something. the moralizing doesn't matter at the end of the day. people here put too much stock in ideological gardening when it's just a hobby

No. 1848402

>frankly we don't care much
yeah i fucking know because you are a shit imperialist from a shit imperialist country so it is so easy for you to support another kind of imperialist country because it never fucking occurs to you that other kind of people from other nations are real actual people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i fucking know that you american shit pig!!!!!

>they are actually doing something
what?? what are they doing expect their own kind of imperialism?

kill americans and kill russians you all are shit imperialist pig who DESERVE TO BE SLAUGHTERED you will not regocnize the humanity of other peoples you will never see the soul and heart of humans from other nations you will always believe you are the main characters of the world and you all deserve death, death, death, death to usa, death to russia and citizens like you. you fucking animal, you little shit. ideological gardening, moralizing, we are talking about actual living people, i am a real person, my friends are real people, you little shit. imperialist sow, whore who takes the dick of empires, the cock sucker of colonization, that's who you are, a mindless whore, bitch that is fucked in the mind and cunt by imperialist thought and who carries the fat ugly babies of your fat ugly empires.

No. 1848410

yeah and i am a-logging now and hard but i am just fed up how you can dimiss my and my friends and actual living, breathing people's issues as just some mere "moralizing". you have such an easy time to dismiss actual people and their lives being ruined and destroyed in your little usa vs the world fantasies because hey it's just a little thought game for you not about real people, real lives. your american exceptionalism is so obvious.

No. 1848414


what russia is doing is fighting nato backed forces, which of course anti nato people support because everything you're upset about has already happened hundreds of times in other countries. that's why it's pointless moralizing. you're raging at me when i have no power over any of this. they were the version of you that went through this decades ago and decided to at least take a meaningful stance

No. 1848475

>i fucking know that you american shit pig!!!!!
From 1848327's message, it doesn't sound like they're even American.

No. 1848604

yeah… bw should stop being mules for bm. unless it’s a family member (that deserves it)

No. 1848990

Did you write all this because you want to be Romanianon 2.0

No. 1850040

File: 1687278268898.jpg (36.04 KB, 646x503, A1.jpg)

>these two have done more irl and actual leftist, feminist activism individually than everyone itt combined kek
promoting conservative dating and apps and retweeting mostly RW accounts, how is that feminism or leftism exactly.

No. 1850042

File: 1687278303078.png (19.25 KB, 640x524, Screenshot.png)

No. 1850211

She sounds like a tradfem in these tweets, I'll give you that.

No. 1850868

this isn't drama. she's right.

No. 1850896

i’ve been on radfem twitter for almost a month and my question is if everyone on there is retarded on purpose? Everyday I see a popular account on there contradict with themselves and everyday there’s some stupid in-fighting going on. I’m honestly kind of disappointed, I expected it to be a better space but it’s twitter after all

No. 1850971

twitter in general is full of retards and most big accounts on there are drama-prone cows. maybe you should try radblr instead, there are some cows on there but overall the caliber of feminist analysis is better and the community does a better job of gatekeeping the crazy people

No. 1851136

Getting therapy is too hard, better blame 50% of the world population and join fringe online communities to cope with something bad that has happened years ago.(sage your shit)

No. 1851321

Radtwt is nothing but a joke, the only place actual feminist analysis is happening (that I’ve found) is radblr. Everywhere else is just unhinged/ attention seeking trad or contrarian women hating troons and pretending they’re radfems for it because the label is now considered Edgy and makes them feel like a bad guy trolling teh libs.

No. 1851399

ayrt, i’ve seen some posts from radblr floating around and i’ve been meaning to check it out, it’s such a shame radfem twitter is way more popular than radblr so a lot of people’s first impression of radical feminism is through there with everything you mentioned… I find it disturbing how some of the most popular accounts on there end up having weird boyfriends or do sex work willingly, without being backed into the corner

No. 1852222


it's funny because they had a whole thing on an episode about not understanding why people expect radfems to be reactionaries when they go to left wing events.

No. 1852223

link to that episode? that sounds funny.

No. 1852290

so what's your opinion on current situation at russia honey

No. 1852300

File: 1687614256463.jpg (115.02 KB, 519x973, 435345456.jpg)

the former anti-nato freedom fighter seems to think there was nothing anti-imperialist in this war at all, almost like this weird USSR schizo idea you and other retards have russia is nothing but your idiotic fever dream.

No. 1852475


i don't care. recognizing the parts of the truth that don't favor each side is not the same as being a sycophant. i don't even hold whatever opinions you seem to be angry about.

No. 1852520

File: 1687638942482.png (24.27 KB, 649x585, CAPTURE.png)

tbf, Jen is a very specific type of lesbian. They used to be called 'lesbros', which refers to lesbians who associate and hang out in male bro spaces (such as watching MMA and listening to that Navy Seal guy). So, it's not surprising that she retweets more right-wing associated content. Hannah's feminism is much more convincing

No. 1852582

you have to look for the smart and chiller accounts rather than the current big shitflingers. what goes viral and gets people followers is attention grabbing bullshit. i don't like listing specific accounts but there were definitely women putting out analysis and opinions i appreciated. radblr has the same issue with longer post length and fewer people, though i suppose it does self-select for older women who grew up on tumblr.

No. 1853028

File: 1687720151727.png (10.85 KB, 580x334, Screenshot_51.png)

well this is definitely a take

No. 1853104

File: 1687731120611.jpg (Spoiler Image,66.22 KB, 432x900, Paley Rivers.jpg)

distasteful and desperate

No. 1853107

Just sounds like a lesbian that agrees that men aren't women to me. The "take" is that women and children are more important than men cooming to wearing ladies clothes.

No. 1853110

Nina Paley has always been fucking wierdo though.

No. 1853312

File: 1687756511434.png (314.56 KB, 1840x2048, danganronpa_breakdown_20230625…)

what the hell is she on about?

No. 1853329

Lol it's that person who said she tried to an hero because of radblr.

No. 1853470

Some celibate people online said she doesn't have to have a nigel and she could not kick her dickcheese addiction so it's everyone else's problem now. That's my read of the situation.

No. 1853580

File: 1687797685553.png (286.97 KB, 1264x798, Screenshot_20230626-123618~2.p…)

this bitch is so ugly she looks like a Mexican miss Kwan from cat in the hat lol

No. 1853668

No. 1854244

File: 1687881829272.jpg (103.53 KB, 1080x1354, witwitch.jpg)

Her old usernames (allegedly)

No. 1856358

NTA but how so? I personally think the cards are quite creative and varied. I know nothing about her but got excited when I read on her website that she animated Sita Sings the Blues. My high school theater teacher showed it to me a thousand years ago and I never forgot about it. It’s like the only animated anything I recall enjoying as a non little kid and for some reason it stuck with me so I’ve really been contemplating buying a deck of the cards.

No. 1857318

File: 1688355048001.jpeg (135.19 KB, 481x1091, FCFFC67E-0FC6-4FB9-AC47-E41423…)

The original tweet was retarded but god this made me irrationally angry. That moment when you lean so far into being GC that you end up hating gender non conformity

No. 1857342

Why would you call yourself a radical feminist when you don't even empathize with women? I think this woman is a very weird grifter.

No. 1857372

Idk anything about her aside from these tweets, but if you're a "radfem" and think like this, you are not a radfem. Women like her should be honest with themselves and admit they're conservatives. Lol

No. 1857405

ntayrt but pls spoonfeed on the NP milk

No. 1857427

it's funny to see how the mainstream GC movement has drifted more and more rightwards over the time. the tagline used to be "we support men wearing dresses, just don't call yourself a woman", then it became "we don't like men wearing dresses, but we tolerate it as long as you don't call yourself a woman" and now it's "actually, it's not okay to wear dresses or do anything gender nonconforming, ever, no matter what you call yourself".

i'm not surprised that some oldschool leftist radfems like mackinnon have come out as being nominally pro tranny just so they don't have to hang with these losers.

No. 1857475

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been on radblr but didn’t witwitch still have some feminist posts that sounded sane? This new person seems either very unwell or like a troll

No. 1857490

I listened to a bunch of episodes and while they had some interesting things to say, their obsession with psychoanalysis and Freud made me think of them as pretentious, unserious pseudointellectuals. They'll often take 15 minutes to say something that can and should be said in half a minute. Leave that type of language for your papers.

No. 1857525

File: 1688402925431.png (144.1 KB, 679x697, that1betch saga comes to an en…)

Up until her massive meltdown over female separatists, she was posting pretty normal radical feminist stuff mixed in with some decent critiques of the more extreme elements of tumblr's female separatist wing. Then she veered off the rails when people started pushing back against her criticisms (some were straight up aggressive ngl). She freaked and kept responding to people with things like "THE EVIL WOMEN WHO LIVE IN MY COMPUTER GASLIT ME TO SUICIDE"
I tried to get some screenshots, but picrel happened.

No. 1857532

File: 1688403647590.png (177.38 KB, 540x1225, 1677396431097.png)

picrel is what started everything. it went downhill from here.

No. 1857542

>All these women are too innocent and naive
>Nobody there had sexual encounters with men other than rape
What does she think "innocent" means
>They were all super judgmental
>They're not textbook BPD-chans so they're all loner anime nerds
Thanks for posting this screenshot, nonnie, what a mess.

No. 1857763

nta and I don't know if it's milk but I know she stirred up controversy by being anti copy right among artists.

No. 1858123

File: 1688491775918.png (107.5 KB, 817x1052, CAPTURE.png)

What in the fuck?

No. 1858160

at the point when it became clear she was having some kind of breakdown i feel like people should have just stopped interacting with her. instead everyone jumped in to le epic own her for notes.

No. 1858491

Refers to "fagging" which was when many UK boarding schools had a system where younger boys were the personal servants of older boys which sometimes included sexual acts/assault

No. 1858616

File: 1688569437746.png (81.62 KB, 807x517, z6AXiWaIAItBMl.png)

Radfem or tardthot

No. 1858637

She's not wrong here tbh. A broken clock is right twice a day

No. 1858673

I agree. Tumblr radfems think piling on one of their own for wrongthink is activism, despite the fact they (rightfully) complain about catching shit from handmaidens.
I think the linguistic change from "radical feminist" to "radfem" signified how screenpoisoned this faction of the movement is. It's all bizarre rhetorical posturing over recognizing a woman in crisis.

No. 1858883

Women who are essentially social conservatives and likely homophobic have been wandering into GC communities since before the Gender Critical subreddit was banned. It rapidly turned into almost exclusively shitting on trannies, gay men, and gender nonconformity itself before getting banned. In a way I’m glad it became a bunch of seemingly dumb, middle aged pearl clutchers who despite calling themselves GC actually wanted to enforce rigid gender roles because it prevented me from ever identifying as one of them or wanting to join the communities that sprung up like ovarit or the idiocy that is GC/radfem Twitter.

No. 1858999

she is unironically completely right. saying mothers are uniquely important in society isn't the same as a tradtard saying women are only valuable as mothers.

No. 1859022

I agree too and never understood the self-proclaimed “radfems” who shit all over mothers.

No. 1859297

File: 1688665737489.png (510.59 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_20230706-134456.png)

Terri's gone full Baby Jane, really underscoring how ill-equipped she is to be giving out dating advice.

No. 1859299

what happened to her, is she still dating that coomer dude?

No. 1859300

File: 1688667123921.png (731.45 KB, 496x415, Screenshot_20230706-141008.png)

If you're referring to the guy she was linked to when she stopped being "polilez", I think they were only dating for a couple of months. Other than that guy, the only other person that I'm aware of who she's been romantically linked to was Bev Jo

No. 1859475

>Bev jo
Wait… The 70 yr old lesbian radfem? They dated?

No. 1859695

Yeah, it was during her WoLF era

No. 1859831

That's kinda weird for Bev jo, why was she dating some 20 year old when she would have been in her 60's.

No. 1860071

I watched this and wow, basically said that men need to pay because women spend more time and money looking pretty… basically implying that women spend all their money on beauty products. Ridiculous what the fuck happened

No. 1860075

File: 1688792559183.png (153.54 KB, 1446x483, b92d2408110a5dcf590d6bec8185ef…)

jfc these comments

No. 1860155

As they should. Men expect a perfect 10/10 made up but not too much woman in pretty clothing, spending 10x the effort to get ready as him, he should pay considering he most likely also asked her out and is asking her to spend her valuable time on her. Not a cow take.

No. 1860196

Who cares if the logic makes sense or not? Men owe women reparations for all the economic oppression they’ve inflicted on us, I fully support them becoming paypigs and women spending the money on dumb luxury items or whatever they like.

No. 1860275

Congrats, /snow/ has finally reached the "beyond parody" dimension

No. 1860360

>biological imperative
Evopsych is basically a subtype of dunning-kruger. I hate this shit so much.

No. 1860581

She's saying it's women's job to be pretty for men stupid

No. 1860594

Literally what happened to this place this is an incel tier ideology

No. 1860852

Nobody is saying that it should be, but it is in our society and then its only fair that men pay for the roles they impose on us

No. 1860981

How about some kind of system where men bring home the money and women manage the finances

No. 1861011

File: 1688925621462.jpg (481.09 KB, 1079x1768, qhSFN0V.jpg)

Why do so many nu-radfems hype up simone de beauvoir, a woman who was actively helping men rape underage girls. She is a rape apologist through and through, there is no way to seperate her work from that when she wrote about it. Rape apologists women are patriarchal women.

No. 1861088

"Why do feminists read feminist lit"
uh, because we're not afraid to get cooties from the writing? some of us are too old for this shit.

& there isn't a single woman who is without flaws including those who called themselves radical feminists. some of them have written about ideas they regretted entertaining when they were younger.

No. 1861090

so literally what was in place during feudal japan?

No. 1861130

>& there isn't a single woman who is without flaws
rape apology isn't a "flaw", it's actively and intentionally oppressing women

No. 1861136

by that logic you can't really read any classic feminist literature. for example, there's pedophilia and beastiality apologia in dworkin, a ton of weird rape-y stuff in solanas and greer is a pedo, just on top off my head. not to mention all the explicit and implicit racism and classism in much first and second wave writing.

No. 1861157

>for example, there's pedophilia and beastiality apologia in dworkin
dworkin bringing up hypopheticals and people misqouting her is not the same simone actively helping men in real life rape women and get away with it, or pressuring victims to not say anything.
the issue is that everytime people try to defend simone the white wash what she did and contribute to rape culture

No. 1861174

I think they were being facetious nona

No. 1861243

There's effectively zero difference between the two now, other than tardthots making more money off their "work".
Every single misogynistic society says that mothers are uniquely important, since the belief flows seamlessly into the idea that women must put that role above all else to their own detriment for society to continue. No wonder why radfems get so cozy with violently misogynistic RWers when they effectively have the same beliefs. Women get the womby woo woo magical breastfeeding nonsense, men get to reap the benefits and maintain status as the actual movers, shakers, and innovators in society.

No. 1861417

ntayrt but yeah that's weird as hell, I'd be very surprised if this was true. Bev Jo is great.

No. 1861421

Thank you. You are so right.

No. 1861429

they were cows too kek

No. 1861621

Not really, The ancient greeks thought women were simply carriers of men's creation, the Chinese(and civilisations influenced by the Chinese) thought of women simply in terms of as a hierarchical role, whose service was to the emperor.

No. 1861644

File: 1689016231495.png (150.1 KB, 1122x544, 4323432.png)

Can we post Ovarit caps here because lol. If you like grinding or permadeath better go on T and get a mastectomy.

No. 1861659

Never used ovarit but I've heard it's mainly middle aged trads. I can see why.

No. 1861661

And the RWers radfems adore like Matt Walsh, of the "teenage pregnancy is not a problem" and "12 year olds raped by their fathers should be forced to carry" fame, believes that being a mother is the most important role a woman can fill just like they do. The role of women as bangmaid incubators absolutely is necessary for patriarchy to function, which is why they relegate women to that role and viciously react when we try to break free from it. It's not our personalities, intelligence, capabilities or talents that makes us useful to them, but our reproductive function–which makes us less people and more resources. Radfems, unfortunately, fell into hook, like and sinker, hence the radfem -> tradthot pipeline see in these threads.

I suggest that any women so in love with her insides try doing something with her brain instead. Children can be a joy to women who want them, and I am not saying this to shame mothers, but they are people, not your "creation". When you wake up one day in your middle age and the only thing you have to show for your time alive is calling you a cunt for telling them to put away their own dishes for once, bitterness soon follows. Less womby woo, more critical thought and innovation.

No. 1861917

this is an rdrama op that got no traction since it was such obvious bait. seems like your a lurking wrecker too

No. 1861918

you sound like a moid

No. 1861968

Nta but literally how

No. 1861969

How so? Wanting women to be stupid and content in the bangmaid incubator role is a moid thing, not knowing we're worth so much more. Are you one of those Ovarit posters who accuses any woman who isn't a servile mommybot wholly devoted to doting on her Nigel and her kids of being a troon?

No. 1862019

Tbf think she's half right, so many men seem to make gaming not fun with their autistic "meta" crap, especially with fighting games

No. 1862161

to be fair lot of online radfems seem like the terminally online animekid types who never do anything but sit their fat asses at home and judge people while they are too scared to make a phone call. this isn't a radfem problem only though but every online niche space is filled with these types.

No. 1862250

I agree that women aren't all ~destined to be mothers~ and motherhood has historically been (and still can be) used as a trap, but
1. Acknowledging that mothers inhabit a unique position in society isn't woo-woo and isn't reducing them to their status as a mother. It's not conceding any ground to men, either.
2. Most self-proclaimed "radfems" hate Matt Walsh and his ilk. Retarded reactionary homophobes who claim the label definitely like him though lol, I'll give you that
3. >I suggest that any women so in love with her insides try doing something with her brain instead.
It's not one or the other, suggesting mothers are all oblivious self-obsessed broodmares is misogynistic.
Can we please be normal about child-having vs child-free people? These conversations always end up with everyone splitting into camps and seething.

No. 1862431

I guess I thought her point was that many of these people who call themselves radfems just become the devine feminine womb mysticism weirdos… Like at least within the gc crowd on Twitter. At least that's how I read it because obviously mothers have a unique experience with misogyny within patriarchy. There should obviously be room for nuance on that.

No. 1862529

Yeah but Hannah and Jen aren't mothers, hell their both lesbians so it's weird seeing tardshit coming from them.

No. 1862668

Fair. I think I misread the intent of that post. Sorry for my misdirected sperging, >>1861661

No. 1868322

File: 1689860455633.png (102.51 KB, 638x927, Screenshot (2).png)

>Ben Shapiro is advocating second wave feminist demands
How the fuck do you come to that conclusion.

No. 1868327

I hate radfems. Even if they're right about a few cherrypicked things (i.e. trannies) they're wrong about other things (picrel). And when they're wrong they're so stupid. How is this possible? And it's not just this Hannah person, most radfems are dumb as hell.

No. 1868355

Radical Feminism in it's current state is just 2015 anti-SJWism repackaged and marketed toward women. Dave Rubin will be coming out as a classical 2nd wave feminist any day now.

No. 1868475

>How the fuck do you come to that conclusion?
By cherry picking and vaguely relating it to some outdated feminist lit with 0 nuance. Tis the state of feminism on social media.

No. 1868813

>it's very likely that Shapiro and the Daily Wire crew really do believe that marriage is a partnership between equals
These are the guys who are proud of the fact that none of them know how to do laundry. All of them want to outlaw abortion and divorce, all of them hate childfree women, all of them believe in strict gender roles. None of them care about men being low achieving man babies because it makes them unattractive to women, they hate that muh birthrate is going down because men are such poor prospects and women aren't shackled with motherhood. How fucking stupid can someone be

Honestly I prefer trannies to the likes of her. At least they rightly despise conservatives and support divorce, birth control and abortion rights, even if they have to include troon surgeries as a package deal with them. Sorry I ever doubted Aiden, Rat and Bethani-Deluxxxe when they predicted that radfems were tradwives in training, they were right on the money kek

No. 1868819

File: 1689958300513.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x5756, X5qeMuJ.jpg)

Tumblr drama 1/6

No. 1868820

File: 1689958325373.jpg (968.26 KB, 1080x4625, dGQe5A2.jpg)

No. 1868822

File: 1689958447624.jpg (883.53 KB, 1080x4364, 2Ngr8Ze.jpg)

No. 1868824

File: 1689958552133.jpg (70.49 KB, 1080x504, 8NbJpFQ.jpg)

No. 1868826

File: 1689958655525.jpg (80.46 KB, 1080x621, 2eoykCy.jpg)

No. 1868827

File: 1689958754605.jpg (97.17 KB, 1080x640, cikF8wC.jpg)

No. 1868841

The girls are really taking this "and the whole bus cheered"-ass post seriously.

No. 1868854

kek that's what i was thinking
>url is "talktomydoctorate"
>self-identifies as a short fat ugly woman
>fanfic-esque over description of the scene
i cannot believe this is a real person

No. 1868882

File: 1689966185774.jpg (59.23 KB, 600x450, photos-2.jpg)

radblr has a tendency to believe obvious fake stories. I often see them circulate ragebait r/aita posts and pouring their hearts into analysing the situation when it's obvious it was written by a karmafarmer.
This particular tumblr post screams racebait. OP is probably having a good chuckle over the infighting that is happening in the notes

No. 1868884

How can a socialist lesbian be a "tradwife in training" in your opinion?

No. 1868889

>I often see them circulate ragebait r/aita posts and pouring their hearts into analysing the situation when it's obvious it was written by a karmafarmer
I have seen essay long wroth arguments and analysis over very obviously made-up and fake reddit stories, like its one thing when Idiots from twitter fall for that crap, but they never go beyond a simple reaction image, but for some reason radblr/radtwt types genuinely pour their entire hearts and minds into believing those stories and will write page length analysis on a post made by some 16 year old doing some creative writing.

No. 1868960

NTA but it is very naive to characterize the modern radfem movement as being a lesbian socialist one. That may have been true in the 70s (at least partially, there was tons of infighting about lesbians even then) but now, a lot of these "radfems" openly shill for right wing men. The only thing radfem about them is tranny hating (which isn't even inherently a radfem thing since major theorists like Catherine MacKinnon are at least nominally pro-trans.) Obviously not all radical feminists are like this, and we could argue the retarded ones aren't real radical feminists and therefore shouldn't reflect poorly on the movement, but the fact of the matter is a lot of right wing tradthot pickmes flock to radical feminism, refer to themselves as such, and actively elect themselves as representatives for the movement. Pretty hard to "no true Scotsman" our way out of rad to trad allegations when it keeps happening over and over.

No. 1869057

…This is not an exaggeration, I used to write AITA and relationshipadvice things for fun and I have seen them on radfem tumblr. Once someone suggested it was fake and everyone got mad at her.

No. 1869253

File: 1690012768976.jpg (240.98 KB, 1080x1155, Screenshot_2023-07-22-09-59-23…)

Lol at the curious cats of some of the women on the screenshot

No. 1869255

File: 1690012806659.jpg (221.44 KB, 1080x769, Screenshot_2023-07-09-23-44-51…)

No. 1869310

>but I'm okay with how I've turned out

No. 1869424

i prefer trans too at least they support acceptance of gender non conformity. i think the rw oppressing females is a bigger threat. but trans surgeries especially for children are unsustainable on top of being immoral and the constant inclusion of their vanity and child medical abuse demands with women's issues will have us thrown out with the bath water i fear.

No. 1869444

radical feminists including mackinnon have always shilled for and upheld rw men instead of denouncing them for trying to associate their rancid moid breath with the prestige radical feminism. if they criticized meese's neoliberal policies and denounced him they probably wouldn't have been invited to his anti porn commission which was clearly very effective. linda boreman even commented on their cowish self serving nature and felt exploited. andrea dworkin fawned over jerry falwell.


radical feminism has a chronic problem of uncritical association with the rw.

No. 1869505

Holy fuck look at you barely contained moids on a WOMENS website unironically saying you prefer trannies to women literally kys or try to blend in better

No. 1869512

i am female who prefers liberals with horrible foreign and economic policies like hilary clinton to rw w horrible foreign and economic policy who want to impose arbitrary trad tyranny on females. i prefer female freedom under otherwise similar circumstances.

i am more concerned with pro porn demands of liberals than their pushing trans other than trans kids. sorry you can't handle females having any criticism of the trads who hate us and the women who support them. at least if males are loudly demanding freedom to not be restricted to trad life i have that in common with them over what trad females want to force on me bc they're too ugly to get a man to pay for their life and they don't want to have to get a job.

No. 1869587

It's pretty funny how scrotes are so overwhelmingly entitled. Just look at how it spergs that tradfags (who are retarded but not for not thinking men are women because they say so) are just jealous because they are uglier than him. Delusional.

No. 1869588

>i am female who prefers liberals with horrible foreign and economic policies like hilary clinton
are you fucking retarded. Hillary Clinton and Obama are both fucking war criminals who destroyed entire nations.

No. 1869589

>everyone who doesn't seethe at trannies is a moid and a tranny
This site is becoming unreadable. I get that your entire personality begins and ends at "seethes over trannies" but it's tedious for normal people trying to discuss anything else.

No. 1869590

Your "their just ugly and jealous rant" doesn't help you blend and liberals don't even really think trannies are the sex they claim to be.

No. 1869591

Samefag >>1869590, but stop trying to pretend you're a liberal while supporting homophobia and sexism. You just hate gay people and think short hair = man. You are the conservative.

No. 1869593

i understand that genius. however the other options werent better in the case of clinton and trump put three supreme court justices in who are imposing trad tyranny over us for no reason, with no less war criminality. this threat was constantly discussed then, but people like you didnt' care at all. i do blame people like you who have zero concern for female issues even when its the one time it matters for this senseless attack on our rights.

>>1869590 when did i say liberals believe transes are the sex they claim to be? at least if theyre being trans they don't want to be trad. trad women are just too ugly to get a man to pay for their life and bitter about it. no male is ever going to treat any ugly female well so why are we pandering to right wingers over some fiction of marriage worthy men. theyre not even pandering to rw women over anti porn anymore, not that that ever helped the movement, just andrea dworkin by expanding her audience for her $2500 lectures. a real socialist would criticize the trad's policies but that would hurt their career. instead shes this useless bitch all over again. did andrea dworkins pandering to the right stop porn or marginalization of radical feminism the right wing neoliberal takeover she didnt criticize ushered in?

>''On the other hand,'' she added, ''when Jerry Falwell starts saying there's real harm in pornograpy, then that is valuable to me. When the so-called liberals who claim to care about torture in prison in right-wing countries bring themselves to understand that a woman being tortured for entertainment is also a violation of women's rights, I'll be very grateful.''

this person is even spreading propaganda that children shouldn't be separated from their mothers ever which is like veiled homeschooling (anti public school) talking points, when women let moids rape their children and schools can impose state mandated reporting and educate children on abuse and disclosure which can't be imposed on families.

i don't think any of the things you delusional people think. its clear i didn't say anything other than i think trad women are lazy ugly tyrants who don't want to get a job and i dont see any need for their arbitrary impositions on women that liberals are against.

radfems are retarded.

No. 1869594

>assuming everyone who calls you a retard is rw
You are the rw supporting the same stuff accomplished using a different method. Congratulations on supporting rapists, sexism, and homophobia. Terfs are pro choice you dumbass. Tranny men are still trad in hatred of women and being anti abortion, which you seem to deny.

No. 1869597

i said i PREFER trans to trads and its clear you people are always looking to ally with someone, in my humble opinion, the worse option. sorry you can't handle someone having a different opinion than "women's solidarity" is inherently a progressive political force, when it clearly historically hasn't been.

im more for which side will preserve what paltry freedoms women and children have. never remotely said transes aren't all those bad things you said. but radfems choose to ally with and pander to the people who want to impose rape sexism homophobia and female subjugation on the country via law over people who merely embody those qualities and can theoretically be ignored other than all the crazy shit they are demanding which is why they'll screw us over. sorry you cannot understand these concepts. nonetheless theyre my thoughts. you are the ones who got violent seething over me sharing my opinion without disparaging anyone in this thread.

No. 1869599

How do radfems ally with conservatives? And how are you not by being against people who hate homophobia via gender identity?

No. 1869600

I’m also kind of baffled how you don’t recognise transgenderism being one of the factors in women losing abortion rights by diverting resources from womens orgs that lobbied for these rights to focusing on mens ability to predate on women instead.

No. 1869606

we were literally discussing radfems sucking ben shapiros dick for no reason and how shit like this is disillusioning. they do shit like this constantly. if ur blind to it then that is mental retardation on radfems part again. hopefully it is irrelevant. radfems have historically allied with conservatives like edwin meese on anti pornography, do you believe that was a fruitful alliance? other than for padding andrea dworkins audience for her $2500 speeches with trad women? do radfems think their own history is anything worth considering? that is a rhetorical question.

i think people who don't want to live in the gender roles that trads want to impose on them wouldn't want the arbitrary trad takeover that is happening and which i also don't want. though they feed into the rw agenda with their unsustainable medical child abuse demands so the rw takeover will happen, which was my actual comment, like a doomer statement but radfems are too retarded to not foam at the mouth over someone saying men in dresses is potentially less bad than men and women being trad and taking away abortion rights, legally guaranteed school for children, women's right to work, and whatever else.

No. 1869607

nta but many socialist and(certain radfem) groups have allied with rw parties on various issues, usually relating to pornography, mothers rights and opposition to surrogacy, they might have different reasonings but they can shut up and work together for the greater good.

No. 1869609

exactly. they do do that so its disingenuous to deny it and act dumb. and gasp i am like many leftists are am critical of it and think it only supports rw agendas which are detrimental to socialist and women's struggle, but radical feminists will not take any criticism and foam at the mouth when someone says they shouldn't ally with those people and should criticize their political agendas instead, which will alienate them, which is better than aiding and abetting them imo. sorry if that explodes retard radfem brain in rage.

No. 1869612

You are supporting the rw agenda by supporting woke conversion therapy yet pretend you aren't. Not to mention pandering to rw men who think clothes and makeup = man or women. You are throwing stones in a glass house pretending to be different while having no leg to stand on. You are unironically foaming at the mouth when this is pointed out, not to mention seething that women only hold certain beliefs because they're 'jealous' and pretending that men who support conversion therapy and men seeking prostituted women are somehow 'womens allies' just like the ones you're seething about.

No. 1869619

That’s one facet of transgender ideology yes but I wouldn’t say it makes modern liberalism right wing. You guys are delusional if you think cosying up with Volkskreig88 and WholesomeRapist is going to end with just ‘working together to defeat troons’ and then leave everything else alone. These people have said in no uncertain terms they want to ban abortion, no fault divorce, discourage women from working, and don’t support gender nonconformity. I don’t support transgender ideology and especially don’t support transing children but come on. It’s obvious which is the lesser of two evils here.

No. 1869621

>you guys cozying up
The thing is you keep categorizing every anon who points out your hypocrisy as the people you're reeing about to try and deflect from actually accepting that you're a hypocrite. I'm not even the thing you're seething about. The men who are transitioning are the ones who supported the rw men, it's incel to trans pipeline for a reason.

No. 1869623

Samefag >>1869621, not to mention even when democrats are in power in the US women still lose their abortion rights and they do nothing about it while biden is dedicated to trans issues. Are you one of those sheltered Americans who thinks only the upper-class American viewpoint is the only one that matters and assumes every poster is from the US?

No. 1869624

you are the ones who came aggressively at me for my sharing my thoughts without anger at anyone. if my comments on trad women offend you that doesn't make them untrue.

i have stated many times i am against transing kids. i also think transing kids is unsustainable and will end no matter what, and when it does the rw will take advantage of that inevitable outcome to throw women's rights under the bus. we don't need to ally with anyone for transing kids to come to the same end as the lobotomy. that is the first comment i made which got an abusive stupid response from you all.

sorry that having an opinion on actual reality as it is happening is too much for most people itt to comprehend. comments were being made on specific posts of people pandering to rw. i dont agree w it someone else doesn't agree w it. maybe not everyone itt does that but we are criticizing radical feminists especially ones in the media who do that. it's constant misconstruing here. radical feminists cannot allow any criticism or discussion of what actual radical feminist personalities are doing at all it seems.

No. 1869625

File: 1690095555407.jpg (83.05 KB, 659x1000, 51eiCCC0uVL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

There was also the Bay M case where feminists of all political spectrums (libfems, radfems, and socialists) and Conservative Christians from all political spectrums were in universal support of Mary Beth Whitehead, a mother of two in a custody battle against the sterns, over the right of their commissioned baby.

No. 1869626

if democrats were in power during the trump years we wouldn't have had the federalist society opus dei selected supreme court justices who are in the majority now and repealing women's rights.

No. 1869629

You: >you are the ones who came aggressively at me for my sharing my thoughts without anger at anyone
Also you:
> radfems sucking ben shapiros dick
> mental retardation on radfems part again >>1869606
>sorry if that explodes retard radfem brain in rage
> will not take any criticism and foam at the mouth
> radfems are too retarded to not foam at the mouth >>1869612
> sorry you cannot understand these concepts. >>1869597
> trad females want to force on me bc they're too ugly to get a man to pay for their life >>1869512
Your rage fueled projection is just funny. No wonder anon clocked you. So you're just deranged and think saying you're a hypocrite is aggressive while posting like a deranged scrote.

> radfems are too retarded to not foam at the mouth over someone saying men in dresses is potentially less bad than men and women being trad and taking away abortion rights, legally guaranteed school for children, women's right to work, and whatever else.
Also, imagine pretending these two groups are different and not composed of the same men kek. The same women who support trannies reee not all men and how manhate is bad because transmen aka women are totes real men.

No. 1869630

Dems have the power to do something about it now but don't.

No. 1869632

>>1869625 that is an isolated case, which is great to support individual cases. it's not a systemic problem like porn, a cause which would have required significant pushback against the reagan administrations domestic and foreign policy agenda that was unfolding as radical feminists collaborated with them uncritically. that is my opinion. I know opinions critical of radfem rw alliance aren't allowed here.


lmbo you are so offended by the fact trad women are ugly and lazy and want to take it out on all women. that is what is really funny tbh. besides that all those responses are responses to people itt accusing me of being a male bc i think allying w trads is worse than men in dresses. i said that wo being rude to anyone. its how i feel. that is why i called you retards bc everything is misconstruing and raging and incomprehension of whatever my valid thoughts are which wasn't attacking anyone. i was attacked.

ok maam. whatever you say. you clearly cannot comprehend that if there are trad elites in power in the supreme court and an extreme rw agenda that has been gaining power, that people who don't want to live in the roles that agenda would impose on them specifically even if they want to replicate those roles in an unacceptable way to the agenda in power are better to me than the people (ugly and lazy trad women) who want to live in those roles i dont want and transes dont want in the form the rw in power would impose on them. its just my opinion i stated without being rude to anyone here and people started foaming at the mouth at which point i called them too stupid to understand.

>>1869630 its too late. what happened should never have. if dems were in power then it wouldn't have happened. thats my point and it is true. idc about anything else but emphasizing that the left recklessly hurt women then.

No. 1869634

you are mindbroken by labels and have yet to make a post that actually means anything or has any basis in reality

No. 1869640

i would rather the incels in the incel to trans pipeline stay trans then at least they are like gay and not demanding govt mandated gfs. but you would rather the trad woman agenda be imposed on us all and the incels will be demanding their gfs without the outlet of being trans and targeting males instead. maybe ur a desperate woman who thinks depriving women of rights will get you a husband who doesn't want you to work which no one is depriving you of in the free liberal system of today but youre just too ugly.(infighting)

No. 1869643

YWNBAW and you don't blend.

No. 1869660

You delusional incel, trannies remain incels when they transition but retain the support of those who supposedly are against incels and are given a free pass to sexually harass and assault lesbians. They don't stop reeing about state mandated gfs, they continue to seethe and rant about how they should be allowed to rape terfs and any lesbian who says no to cock. You obviously aren't a farmer and have no real world experience with trannys, or most likely just are one.

No. 1869732

lol you think incels who become trans become prison gays and prey on other men? no, they prey on women. just like non-trans incels.

No. 1869788

>…This is not an exaggeration, I used to write AITA and relationshipadvice things for fun and I have seen them on radfem tumblr. Once someone suggested it was fake and everyone got mad at her.
sage for blogpost but same, I never did anything to crazy but I used to spend weeks on my reddit personas, for e.g pretending my husband had cheated on me and I was having an affair with his brother behind his back to get him back at him, I then used to screenshot these posts and then post them on tumblr accounts and just wait to see the reactions, cause of this I can't take any screenshotted reddit post seriously.

No. 1869800

I'm >>1868813
Yep, totally prefer troons to radfem trads. Annoying as they are troons still support the right to access abortion, birth control and divorce, and don't simp for conservatives. Rad trads can barely contain themselves when it comes to gushing over Matt Walsh, a hyper misogynistic tradcath who believes in child marriage, making abortion and divorce illegal, because he hates troons just like they do. Many show support for DeSantis and Trump for their anti-trans laws, and they're willing to cozy up to Nazis too. Why do you think so many RWNJs come to this site looking for a TERF gf? Why did a GC org spout the immortal phrase "you have to hand it to the Taliban"?

Sucks to suck, but troons have a better track record when it comes to actually supporting women's rights than GCs. If I have to call some 5'1 fat girl Clarence to have abortion rights, that's what I'll do.

You mean the case they lost because Mary Beth Whitehead was a psycho who kidnapped the baby and threatened to kill her multiple times? Why should she have any rights on the basis of genetic connection? Birth isn't a feat. It doesn't entitle you to anything. It's not a conscious act, and no, any brats you push out are not your "creation". You're owed nothing for breeding.

You do realize cons supported rad in this case because their woo woo womby ideologies are in ideological lockstep, right? Genetic connection trumping actual parenting capabilities or the wellbeing of the child is the same logic they use to justify rapists having parental rights and preventing divorce. You'd think finding yourself on the same side as violent misogynists would give you pause, but I guess rads are too busy waxing poetic about bleeding after pushing out their Nigel's spawn to care.

No. 1869805

>You mean the case they lost because Mary Beth Whitehead was a psycho who kidnapped the baby and threatened to kill her multiple times?
Mary Beth did not kidnap her breast-feeding infant. However, when with no prior chance to hire a lawyer, the Sterns sent the police to seize her baby in her own home. She gave the child to her husband to stay with her in-laws in Florida. There was one threat she made when she was delirious - 'I gave birth to the baby and I can take her away' - and no other. She tried to be a part of her daughter's life throughout the whole thing and its fucked up that your siding with a rich man over a woman who was used like a commodity

No. 1869808

Fuck off. Desantis is based, you troon.

No. 1869837

>Mary Beth did not kidnap her breast-feeding infant.
Yes, she did. She and her husband kidnapped the baby and fled the state. Lactating does not confer ownership.
>However, when with no prior chance to hire a lawyer, the Sterns sent the police to seize her baby in her own home.
If you want to go by the genetic lineage = unassailable ownership narrative, then William Stern was just as entitled as she was, given that he was the genetic father–and far and away a more capable caregiver, given Whitehead's instability.
>She gave the child to her husband to stay with her in-laws in Florida.
She kidnapped the baby, but very funny how even under your misinterpretation she irresponsibly left Melissa in the care of a non-related male. So much for muh genetic relations kek
There was one threat she made when she was delirious - 'I gave birth to the baby and I can take her away' - and no other.
She made multiple repeated threats to Melissa's life during a nearly hour-long conversation William Stern managed to record. It was part of the reason she was found unfit and why custody was rightly awarded to the Sterns. If she were in fact that delirious for that long, she was totally unfit to parent.
>She tried to be a part of her daughter's life throughout the whole thing
*Elizabeth Stern's daughter

Melissa Stern, the girl in question, terminated any rights Whitehead had and affirmed Elizabeth's status as her mother as soon as she reached legal adulthood and stated she loved her true parents and was happy she ended up with them. Actually caring for the child is what matters, not the bleedy breedy nonsense.

I know rad trads by and large accomplish nothing with their lives save for breeding and hate to hear this, but the children you push out are not your "creations". They owe you nothing, least of all their affection. You do not own them. They are not yours. Yes, even though pregnancy sucks and you got all bloody and ripped up pumping them out. That doesn't matter. Suffering is not a virtue, and you aren't a better person for it.
>and its fucked up that your siding with a rich man over a woman who was used like a commodity
Why are you acting like she had no choice in the matter? Again, this is an example of so-called radical feminist thought seamlessly easing into conservative ideology–women are hapless idiots with no agency who can't be trusted to make their own decisions. Ideological lockstep. She wasn't "used", she made the decision to enter into a contract; one that never should've been drawn up in the first place since surrogacy(traditional esp) is ethically dubious at best, but it was her decision still. She wasn't a victim then, and certainly wasn't one when she was threatening to kill Melissa so she wouldn't have to return her to her parents.

No. 1869859

File: 1690147192069.png (296.14 KB, 1080x1073, menalez.png)

No. 1869867

She is an embarrassment to brown women and smearing our name

No. 1869871

I swear to god bitches write shit like this whilst the men of their own race are busy bragging about being a passport bro or talk shit about them. It just comes across as jealousy and it's pathetic. Idgaf about racist white women, they are usually the saddest trad thot pickmes anyways.

No. 1869908

File: 1690156509214.jpeg (158.48 KB, 662x1060, 43235432.jpeg)

Did you see the tags and her replies? I'm starting to develop a tinfoil that pakichan is Menalez. At the very least she has to be the one who always spams 2X about how Dworkin is a fat jew.

No. 1869917

and we all know white women were the ones making these military decisions and actively suppressing democracy in other countries.

No. 1869929

It reminds me of the women who seethe that women have the power of their feminine wiles to seduce the men who make decisions, therefore when men do horrible things women are also accountable for not stopping them by using themselves as a sex-reward, pretending men have ever listened to women and that it's not an inhumane thing to suggest someone is also in power because they are used and abused by those in power.

No. 1869942

Pakichan has fat wrists, is obsessed with coquettes, simps for nazi moidi and types like an ESL. Menalez is thin with self-harm scars, attracted to chubby women, hates racist scrotes and types like an American. Definitely not the same person.

No. 1869945

NTA, but YWNBAW. Your bloodline ends with you, worthless male.

No. 1869950

>self harms
>hates white women
>writes like an american
Could be old admin kek.

No. 1869966

The funniest thing about Menalez is how she assumes all women she likes aren't white. She's done this with like five women now where she refers to them as POC because she likes them, then when she gets corrected she starts acting cold towards them. Not denying the racism in radical feminism but she has pretty obvious mental problems kek.

No. 1869968

Tbf there are a lot of white radfems who do the same when they find out another woman isn't white.

No. 1869970

Such as??

No. 1869971

Assuming you lurk, don't act like you don't know, kek. As always, I'm convinced the ones who do this the most lurk this thread and will start derailing and locking down because it's their "style", so I'll leave it at that.

No. 1870024

File: 1690186998730.jpg (468.43 KB, 1339x2035, merlin_150961230_e08177b1-11e7…)

I don't know how anyone fell for this moron, Dworkin especially was most likely a mentally ill, and probably a fabulist who may have even convinced herself of her own fabrications.

No. 1870026

She might have suffered from mental illness later in life but her books show a sharp and insightful mind. You just sound like you dislike her ideas.

No. 1870035

She claimed that her health problems were a result of working "too hard" to write Scapegoat(the pro-zionist book), and dismissed anyone who pointed it was more likely the result of her obesity.(bait)

No. 1870087

Nah I've been on radblr for years and I don't know who you're talking about. The fact that you can't actually name anyone isn't helping your case. I asked cause I was genuinely curious, but you don't even seem to know yourself.

No. 1870130

She has also supported, incest, pedophilia and zoophilia.

No. 1870143

File: 1690212137038.jpg (2.61 MB, 1080x13370, update1.jpg)

No. 1870145

File: 1690212236282.jpg (558.7 KB, 1080x2616, update2.jpg)

No. 1870159

"Can't" =/= won't. Anyway, keep the deflections coming. Getting defensive totally makes it seem non-existent.

No. 1870160

Normally, someone saying "I hate white women" elicits eye rolling from me, but this time, she actually attracted mouth-foaming racist white women and one self-hating brown chick who also hates black people. I don't like her, but this did prove her point. Radblr is a cesspool of failed loser tradthots.

No. 1870173

Racism isn't exactly rare in the "radfem" community (or any online community tbh), but neither universal-lala nor stillnotwriting are anything close to radical feminists. Check out their blogs, they're Christian-greivance/anti-woke blogs.

No. 1870181

Ntayrt but I have noticed an odd number of Christian RW bloggers orbiting around Radblr, which seems peculiar since many radfems are so vocally critical of organized religion. There's a lot of racism on Radblr, but it's seldom as brazen as the anti-woke blogs.

No. 1870183

didn't she regret those views later

No. 1870185

Radblr has a ton of anti-choice, anti-gay, pro-gender roles conservatives in its orbit. I see them(radblr) reblogging their posts all the time instead of telling them to fuck off. One tried to convince a woman wanting an abortion to keep the pregnancy and give the baby to a single woman kek, they're stupid but radblr is stupider for allowing them to proliferate

No. 1870194

Why would a grown woman have those views in the first place

No. 1870195

File: 1690220715334.jpeg (466.3 KB, 828x1287, IMG_4123.jpeg)

come on who cowtipped menalez

No. 1870198

>one self-hating brown chick who also hates black people
There are so many, which one was this?

No. 1870252

radicallyfeminine alse isn't a radfem, she's a pro-motherhood "save the kids" christian trad

No. 1870432

ASlightlyTwistedFemale giving street preaching a shot.

No. 1870453

agree that racism is an issue (see: apostleofsappho) but the people she's arguing with are total randos that i have never seen before in my life, or even seen radfems reblogging. menalez will find the most random people to fight with then work herself into a fury over it kek.

no one needs to cowtip her because she is an absolute stereotype bpdchan and she is 100% lurking and posting here herself.

No. 1870539

what is the milk on menalez? she seems like a total cow with how much drama she is in at all times. i lurk on radblr a bit and when there is drama i usually see her involved in it somehow

No. 1870568

she lives in Germany despite hating white women for one.

No. 1870612

what you see is basically what you get, she's holier-than-thou and likes to pick fights with people to prove she's the bestest and most woke radfem. Got groomed into the daddy dom/ SM scene prior to become a feminist. One of those women who flip-flop between identifying as bi and a lesbian who criticise bi women for absolutely everything, if you've been in those kind of feminist communities you know what I mean.

No. 1870860

i don't have a problem with menalez, and to be honest i agree with a decent amount of her posts, but you're totally right about the hating bi women thing. i have no idea why it's such a big problem in virtually every community that bi women in particular are treated so horribly. there was drama about this recently on radblr, where a bunch of weirdos got this idea in their minds that "osa women" (in practice meaning bisexuals) hold privilege over "ssa women" (lesbians) despite bi women being a member of BOTH GROUPS by definition. bi women are victimized at higher rates than lesbians, if we want to go there, and no matter what sex of partner they choose they're destined to be hated by one group regardless. we have virtually no community to speak of and again, the statistics speak for themselves. i can't even remember if menalez specifically was one of the people on this train but so many radblr lesbians were and it was absolutely exhausting. i still want to interact with and support them regardless, because i'm not an insane person, but i'm not convinced that courtesy would be extended to me. truly cowish behavior kek but the thread would be flooded if every instance of this was posted

No. 1870871

She talks about white women as if white men didn't existed and were oppressing her so much more? As if the males of her race weren't oppressing her more than any woman? I just found this take by her so ridiculous, really, it's ridiculous for you to be a feminist and say you hate women. Any women. Radfems sometimes act as if they only knew how to reblog all those texts about how they support and love every woman in any state, but when they are faced with some woman truly suffering or when they have any freedom they seem to always be kinda snarky towards other women? As long as she's not an symbol but a real woman with qualities and problems, she shouldn't be supported. Well, i support every woman because even if she's annoying, she suffers just like me. But yeah, i remember menalez even saying she never said she was a feminist or a radfem? Maybe she doesn't care, really.

No. 1870878

She's a radfem but calls herself "radleaning feminist" instead. Functionally, that means she believes everything a radfem believes and does everything a radfem does, but when people notice that what she says isn't very radical feminist she can go "aha, but i never technically said i was a radfem! check and mate!"

No. 1870888

Hilarious stuff, “m-maybe we wouldn’t be so far behind” as though human history is a tale of ~equity~ for sad-eyed People of Color/Gender/What Have You. And of course, it’s white WOMEN who we should hate the MOST! Who rapes and pillages? Who enslaves and genocides? Throughout all recorded human history, white women, obviously!

No. 1870897

>i have no idea why it's such a big problem in virtually every community that bi women in particular are treated so horribly.
They're not "treated so borribly" they have been called out for being polilez (there are so many of those on radblr, menalez included.)
>bi women are victimized at higher rates than lesbians
By men. I wonder why.

No. 1870898

Bi women are obviously not real (merely straight) but let's get back to shiting on menalez for faking being black, Arab, and lesbian. She used to have a "racists of radblr" page where she'd list "racists" and what they did to get called racist, 9 times out of 10 it was dare to disagree with her.(bait)

No. 1870905

she's faking her race? not impossible, plenty have done that before, but i want to see proof if you have it nona.

No. 1870908

it's unlikely menalez is faking being arab considering she is actually from bahrain and has written posts in arabglish before aka not something you can get off google translate. but it is ridiculous that she claimed to be half black when she posts her face a lot and she just looks like any standard arab girl with bone straight hair and no african features at all, then she doubled down and said she wasn't sure of her african ancestry to begin with and said that she never claimed to be a black woman, but she still brings up being part black all the time when she's arguing with whitefems. she also thinks it gives her authority to speak about black american culture, lol.

No. 1870915

not to ask for spoon feeding but do you know where i can find her selfies? scrolled her blog for a bit looking for them but couldn’t deal with the mental retardation of her takes

No. 1870917

kek this is so true. off the top of my head a woman was talking about how middle eastern men are more misogynistic than white men due to islamic culture and menalez cried racism. like menalez it’s ok nobody else lives in your fantasy world where brown men and white men are equally misogynistic. afaik german dudes aren’t committing fgm and femicide and child marriage en masse

No. 1870921

ayrt i'm not going to save her face because that feels too creepy but her photo tag is #p or something kek

No. 1870948

You're right, but the usual suspects are in this thread and I'm surprised they didn't fully dogpile you. And yeah, she's one of many political lesbians in the ""radfem"" space.

No. 1870980

File: 1690367582455.jpg (857.8 KB, 2597x2296, xcghz5vRdD.jpg)

we call them reichfems, surprisingly many are actually Turkish who used to be standard feminists but became radicalized with the Arab refugees in their country. So it's a complex relationship because they denounce misogyny and coomerism of their own men and can tone down their racism when necessary with other feminists, but they are very nationalist.

No. 1870981

kek, she's like a reverse Effina

No. 1870988

File: 1690370904710.jpg (1.59 MB, 1076x1102, a7qo8Yu.jpg)

damn went through her #p tag and the first thing that comes up is this pic of her absolutely gnarly scars. these have got to be the worst ive ever seen, definitely adding weight to the bpdchan tinfoil. also she's definitely not half black either kek race fakers are so pathetic

No. 1870991

samefag, ran into many who aren't racists but will mistrust Jews and Jewish feminists and claim that "Jews ruined feminism with their Jewish nature or whatever bs"

No. 1871015

It's not tinfoil, she said on her blog that she was diagnosed with bpd.

No. 1871031

hate to defend her but she's always been open about having bpd, completed dbt and has had a noticeable positive improvement since doing so, and those scars are old. also, i don't remember her ever claiming to be black and she's clearly arab. if she did claim to be black i'd like to see receipts but she is absolutely not racefaking about being non-white.

No. 1871056

We should have a thread just for radblr, i'm so curious what nonnas would have said about the whole "autistic polyamorous disabled radfem gets pregnant and asks for help from the radblr community" it was… crazy shit. Personally i don't believe there was someone suffering and radblr was worried about her being a radfem or not lmao.

No. 1871059

learn to sage, also that's a terrible idea. it would be 100% self posting and infighting, please god no.

No. 1871075

She spent over 400$ on weed (2.5 oz) within two weeks of ebegging for the abortion. Don’t forget scammer.

No. 1871088

Radblr is a perfect illustration of how aimlessly posting online is the fakest type of activism. It's 90% nitpicking about absurd hypotheticals and/or flat out lying to win stupid arguments.


No. 1871109

WTF is that true???? I didn't knew.

What do you mean lying to win stupid arguments? I used to really like radblr and they seemed very cool as a community, but after some months constantly there, you can just see how much they are not willing to do what they say is good. Female separatism here, terftopia there, but as soon as ONE woman says anything they don't agree it's time to witchunt the girl. I wonder if they could really do anything materially good when everything they know how to do is donate organizations. Good, it's very cool to donate, but change starts at our day-to-day lives and the little changes in woman's lives, not donating and just letting the damage be made to the marginalized women or just really any woman.

No. 1871113

Yes, I realize a lot of orbiters might not know the price of weed but prior to deactivating, she posted about how she was going to get another oz (100-200$ USD currency) from her plug for the bubblegum pink strain. This was already after spending at least 400$ on weed (she showed the bag on her blog like an idiot stoner). I have screenshots somewhere I can try and find to post later, but the timing of it all pissed me off.
It’s possible she spent more than 400 USD for the 2.5 oz, but she’s spent at least half of 1k in total on drugs within the same month of her ebegging.

Bi women do oppress lesbians, you imbecile. Did you miss Milo (macroclit) saying that she believes lesbians can happily date TIMs? Of course lesbians are going to be angry at bi women’s lesbophobia.

No. 1871117

File: 1690391838428.jpeg (373.54 KB, 1080x1705, Screenshot_20230720_150813_Tum…)

This was the weed she posted in the midst of the month of all of the drama happening.

No. 1871118

gonna disagree with you on that one. i just don’t see how two sets of SSA women can oppress each other. apart from dumbass takes like lesbians can date TIMs, how are lesbians materially oppressed by bi women? the only argument i’ve seen is that some brain dead people say lesbians can be attracted to TIMs but like how are bisexuals PHYSICALLY or systematically actively oppressing women? i understand they have the privilege of dating men that lesbians don’t, but in the end they’re both same sex attracted and more privilege /=/ automatically oppressing

No. 1871122

KEK, this shit is so infuriating, i wonder how the people who helped her felt. Do you know if she was able to abort, at least? I wasn't able to see how things had gone so i'm extremelly curious right here, thanks for the cap, nonna.

Saying lesbians can date TIMs isn't literally ignoring the reality of being female and the fact that lesbians are naturally attracted to females? Other than that, i don't really see how bisexual women oppress lesbians too. Must be ignorance. To be honest, i see a lot of… uhm… contempt? Towards bi women in radblr that makes me believe that the lesbians there really are a bit prejudiced towards bi women. I just think that all that bi women and lesbian shit makes everyone forget that the root of the problem is the relationship of those women with males. Males are going to be violent to any woman, wether she's lesbian, straight or bi, in a romantic/sexual setting or no, every woman is in danger with males. Dating males is no privilege, because, well, you are going to be abused anyways. Not dating males is also no privilege, because, well… you are going to be victim of their violence/simple systematical power anyways! It's like saying a pretty woman has beauty privilege when beauty privilege is just being seem as a piece of meat, and being ugly is being seem as a piece of rotting meat. It may seem like the beautiful female is loved but in reality she's just an asset for a male/male gaze.

No. 1871123

forgot to sage, sorry

No. 1871124

Oh my god, SHE'S the one who got pregnant? Fucking kek

No. 1871127

Girl… Bi women oppress lesbians by acting like homosexuality isn’t possible, they oppress lesbians when they sexualize other women with their moids, they oppress lesbians when they claim that they’re no different than a lesbian because they both have SSA despite the experiences of both bi and lesbian women still being different. The reason why you will see lesbians talk about this is because of how common it is for us to be silenced by bisexuals when we try to speak on it, no matter how gentle we try to be in our approach. Bi women aren’t all godawful, don’t get me wrong, febfems are lovely women but women in general are oppressed by men and it doesn’t stop there. Women can and do oppress other women on the axis of race, sexuality and even class status. I can’t count the amount of times I have been involved with other radical feminists who were bi, that ended up treating me like a moid because of my being strictly SSA. Growing up as a lesbian, we are made to feel like freaks by other women on the basis of our homosexuality, regardless of if they are bisexual or heterosexual. A middle class woman oppresses women in poverty, despite that same middle class woman being oppressed by the 1% of rich, famous women. I hope that comparison makes some sense, I’m multi tasking and don’t wish to come off as accusatory when I do believe you want to try and understand what the issue is. I appreciate your agreement that her take on lesbians dating TIMs was insane, for example.

No. 1871129

Yes, she bought abortion pills and then started to stonerblog very shortly after.

No. 1871136

It makes a lot of sense now, nonna. I'm totally aware of the way straight/bi women see lesbians, as if you were disgusting/strange/sexual predators in some waym, i have seen that happen many times in real life, and yeah, that doesn't go towards bi women (bi women are often seem as just having fun/not dangerous/not really all that attracted to females) while there's problems in seeing seem like that, it's trully better than being seem as a threat by other women. I really had no idea/had not thought of those things so i appreciate your patience. I was being simplistic when looking back at what i said, so yeah.

Well, not so bad. Hope she doesn't scam people again.

No. 1871140

okay yeah i see what you mean now. i was being simplistic too, i thought i was a lesbian for 5 years, dated exclusively women, and didn’t really experience much homophobia from bi women so i didn’t realise it could happen like that. thanks for clearing that up (and sorry for self blog)

No. 1871149

NP! I think it can be hard to understand something we might not have experienced too, especially when homosexuals are rare in the end, so bisexuals end up dominating conversations about this and I try to believe they don’t mean to, as well. It’s not like we all don’t experience oppression, but we can’t truly help one another if we can’t understand how or why it occurs so I’m happy to try and explain it to the best of my abilities. I’m sure another lesbian could add more to this conversation but I tried to keep it as simple as possible so that no one feels defensive.

No. 1871153

Totally. When you talked about bi people acting like homosexuality isn't possible i was like "oh, but i have never thought anything like that in my whole life", but i'm not everyone and i know very well people can be crazy/unempathetic at horrendous levels, so i imagine what you must have dealed with/what homosexual women must have dealed with. Thanks again for being so careful.

It's very mature to admit you were wrong, nonna! It's good that you never experienced homophobia. I feel like that the problem is mostly lack of empathy from bi women and the fact that lesbians and bi women are different so they both may feel totally different towards things.

No. 1871160

yeah this, i was in the same boat of thinking ‘well i am bisexual and i’ve never thought homosexuality isn’t possible’ and forgot that everyone isn’t me haha. sorry about my ignorance!

No. 1871162

File: 1690398502588.png (46.21 KB, 774x518, sjhsdjhfd.png)

she had an entire era where she talked about being black all the time and it's still at the top of her faq. her bio used to say "dark skinned afro-arab woman" and when she got called out for obviously not being dark skinned or black she was like well i never claimed to be dark skinned by BLACK standards even though that was obviously the implication. she really is like a reverse effina kek

No. 1871168

This is technically radblr discussion thread

No. 1871169

Excuse the OT but kek, she reminds me of one gay guy on tumblr who was obsessed with the fact that his mom is from a North African/West Asian country (I don't remember the specifics, I haven't seen him or his blog in at least a year and I don't keep track of these schizos in my head), so he would always post about Muslim culture and history and talk about himself as a MENA man only to post a selfie that showed he was pale and blond. I'm pretty sure he was buddies with menalez, too, lel.

No. 1871181

Ntayrt but I wanted to chime in and say I honestly think part of the friction between bi women and lesbians is feelings of personal betrayal. Lesbians expect men to fuck us over, we expect straight women not to understand us, and we are used to being isolated. Bi women are the closest people we have to kindred spirits, so when even they treat us like freaks, it hurts in an even more personal way. If even SSA women are telling us it's unnatural to have 0 interest in men, it makes us defensive, mistrustful, and insular.

Many bi women are lovely and levelheaded, especially febfems who prioritize women and acknowledge our differences (and similarities!), but many are not like this and walk all over us and treat us like garbage, so this leads to animosity. There are lesbians who really tried to coalition build with bi women and then got burned, and so now they are skeptical of bi women, which in turn makes bi women feel alienated. Bi women wonder why they're being treated like potential traitors and lesbians wonder why bi women can't understand our hesitation, and this hurts our ability to work together. I think a bit of empathy would go a long way for repairing this coalition though.

No. 1871196

File: 1690402482551.jpg (18.03 KB, 406x375, Tumblr_l_54428476881163.jpg)

Sage for OT, but I knew someone just like this in University. He was half Turkish, had light brown hair, green eyes, and was pretty pale. However, he would go on and on about white people and takes straight out of black twitter and despite the fact that 100% people thought he was just a white guy with a beard, he would adamantly claim he was a "racialized POC"

No. 1871198

i mean, i guess it's good that she stopped, but it's kind of hard for me to buy that as someone who is constantly online like she is, she didn't realize that calling herself "dark skinned afro-arab" would imply that she actually looked black.

No. 1871199

I agree with you. I'm not a lesbian but looking through a lesbian woman's perspective, i totally understand that, imagine having someone that understands you and this person chooses your "enemy" (males) or replaces you with a male. I would feel so hurt. It must feel like such a betrayal, and there's also the ones who use other women as a way of fetishing themselves for their boyfriends.

I do kinda admit that i sometimes ask myself HOW straight women can not be atleast bi, though? Maybe it's just me being bi but women are so wonderful and i can't imagine simply not wanting to love them LOL, sorry for kinda blogpost.

No. 1871221

File: 1690404661216.jpg (502.36 KB, 2418x1263, N1uh9hnBkSfLQV.jpg)

least moronic radfem.

No. 1871225

Didn't she claim she was part Somali or Sudanese, rather than "subsaharan" African?

No. 1871229

what difference does it make? there are light skinned and dark skinned somalians, sudanese, and sub saharan africans alike

No. 1871233

Somali's have a different genetic background than subsaharan Africans. It's like the difference between a white Russian person and a white Italian

No. 1871234

yeah, i did actually miss that. i made my post before that came out, i believe, but macro deleted now so i can't verify it. regardless, i didn't see it when i wrote what i did, so yeah. not sure how that makes me an imbecile kek. but you're right, i do think this is a genuine example of how bi women can be complicit in the struggles lesbian face. however i disagree that this means they are oppressors of lesbians overall.

many bi women do awful, harmful things towards lesbians, as >>1871127 touched on in her post. but where i think i disagree is the idea that this should be considered in itself oppression. to use a probably flawed example, i don't think NLOG women who shit on other women to males are oppressing women. they are victims of misogyny like any woman, and while they are being openly complicit in furthering that, they aren't oppressors. all women who experience genuine SSA are considered deviant on the basis of their sex and their sexuality, and experience oppression because of it. the specifics and intensities of how bisexual and lesbian women are treated in their SSA can vary (i.e. with the former being treated as "unserious" in their love for women and the latter being treated as predatory for their love), and this is because they are different groups. but lesbians are not oppressed by homophobic men because they're lesbians specifically…they're oppressed because they are attracted to women, aka homosexual. again, only the specifics of their oppression differ on that axis. both groups are oppressed for their homosexuality.

if some SSA women choose to demonize other SSA women in the process of being oppressed, this makes them bad people, yes, but not necessarily a member of the oppressor class.

that said, i do actually understand some of the bad blood between lesbians and bi women, despite my original post. when you're backed into a corner by society because you're a woman who loves other women, you become hypersensitive to all sorts of potential prejudice against you; you have to be, after all. anything less would put you in danger. still, i think it's sad that it exists so strongly even in a community focused around supporting women. still, on my end i hope to help remedy the burned bridges by pushing for more bi and het women to actually listen to lesbians, and not cry misogyny or biphobia instantly whenever they're called out by them. but again, i haven't been fully convinced that any prominent radblr lesbians in particular would do the same for me. doesn't mean i won't, but again, it's sad. sorry for the longpost i just love having genuine conversations with you nonas!!

No. 1871236

They are more opressed for not being attracted to men (and not being sexually available to men), rather than being attracted to women. It's an extension of misogyny: society thinks that a woman's purpose in life is to get married to men and have their children. Bi women can easily do it.

No. 1871237

No one cares stop with the race sperging

No. 1871239

Learn to sage but anyway it’s well known most women are at least a little bi. I strongly believe female heterosexuality simply arose from an evolutionary necessity to get population numbers up and the fact a male partner is more expendable and can be used to hunt food and fight off sabre tooth tigers and such more easily and disposably, but that’s just me.

No. 1871244

I’d hope this would be obvious, and yet she said all of that while forgetting what bi women tend to statistically do (such as marry a man). Thanks for simply clarifying that to her, Nona.

No. 1871245

what happened to Hannah? is it Twitter, did it melt her brain?

No. 1871256

again, i agree. in many cases lesbians tend to be more oppressed than bi women. but that doesn't mean bi women oppress lesbians. and homophobia towards women is not JUST because they are not attracted to men, but also because they are attracted to women. both these things are largely considered deviant in a society which punishes any women who deviate from their social roles, and both are motivators for homophobia against SSA women. but again, this is irrelevant, because one group having privilege over another in certain cases ≠ the former being an oppressor of the latter. many people on radblr were arguing that point specifically.

No. 1871258

the derailing in this thread is crazy, can you dorks plz stick to posting milk

No. 1871274

I think bi women oppress lesbians when they unicorn hunt for their scrote and trick lesbians into thinking it’s an exclusive date, only for their Jakey to show up. It’s becoming obvious that you don’t know what lesbians experience, at the hands of bi women. Being SSA doesn’t mean we all have the same experiences and more than enough bi women don’t care who they hurt in the efforts of making their scrote live his disgusting fantasy. It’s great if you aren’t like this, but the thing is that by believing bi women don’t oppress lesbians is in itself, lesbophobia. Bi women have more in common with Ghislane Maxwell than Tig Notaro.

No. 1871278

I always forget to sage, so sorry. I don't think so, because in all history who have been gathering food and making all the work were women, hunting was responsible for less than 50% of the food, it was unstable and also the hunting methods were not force based but instead they looked after sick animals, rests of the killings of others predators, etc. Actually, communities were based around women since they were the ones who had to gather to take care of the children, males often would just go away because, well, a long time ago people didn't even knew men had any place in women's pregnancy. They thought it was something magical resulting from menstruation rather than sexual intercourse. Males have never been "fathers" and the myth of the father has been a way of getting power over females and their capacities of producing the essential value that is life. I don't know if most women are bi, though. I hope. But anyways in patriarchy they are always going to ignore that/not express because it's deemed disgusting/degenerate and there's many more systemic advantages in having a relationship with men (women are more poor than men, in constant danger of rape and much more).(sage your shit)

No. 1871279

fuck, forgot to sage again

No. 1871286

can you guys post actual radfem cows and not derail with spergs about your takes on bisexuals or whatever? go back to radblr if you want to discourse

No. 1871288

Go on then and post the milk if you want, disgruntled bihettie. The conversations happening that discomfort you are a part of the macromilk I provided. If you don’t like it, get some milk yourself to derail it in a new way instead of bitching about the topic at hand? Lazy ass.

No. 1871289

> most women are at least a little bi.
not true lol, there's no bi women. it's pornsick women who are saturated with our pornsick media who think "yeah that woman is attractive" but would never eat pussy. isn't it something like 90% of "bi" women are "het partnered"? I'm tired of pretending bisexuality's real. it comes up way too often, derails everything, and it's boring.
I don't think bi women oppress lesbians, tho. I'd really like to move away from this stupid card game we seem eager to play. "I put down a white lesbian card to trump her brown lesbian, but she played a white bi woman card! I lost!" That's so dumb. Individuals don't oppress individuals. That's how we live in a patriarchy but some men still have shit outcomes. Let's please at least be smarter than moids.

No. 1871294

Are you a retard or a newfag because 2X exists for the purpose of dairy-free radfem sperging.

No. 1871297

A pornsick coombrained lesbian furry said almost the exact same bullshit to me when she found out the bi girl she was grooming had a boyfriend and not a girlfriend KEK so much for being better than moods

No. 1871298

LMAO where the fuck are you people coming out from?

No. 1871300

This whole thread is just dramatic twitterfags posting caps of their enemies.

No. 1871301

Are you not able to understand that people will talk about the context of the milk? Macroclit was a big part of the conversations that are currently taking place in here. It isn’t unrelated sperging to be annoyed at her lesbophobia. What is unrelated sperging however is crying for new milk simply because you don’t like it when other women aren’t kissing your cum filled cunt. Once again, if you don’t like the topic of the current drama, then post your own finds. I’m not going to spoon feed you on why these conversations are taking place if you don’t understand how it’s related to the fresh milk that was provided today.

No. 1871302

It’s in reference to the username Macroclit. Learn to read.

No. 1871304

Was already posted 2 days ago. Get something fresh. >>1870432

No. 1871305

Pretty sure they don't know about 2x.

No. 1871308

Some of them do, a lesbian vent thread aka bisexual hate thread has already been made, I guess the rest of them are too retarded to use it

No. 1871324

Do you have BPD, nonna? Totally lacking nuance. The term bisexual is for material description not for that whole "who's more oppressed" bullshit. When you judge women for being het partenered you forget the simple fact that women are forced into having relationships with men. Even lesbians deal with compulsive hetero behavior (not saying it's compulsive for bi women, but they are forced to keep themselves limited to males). Anyone who's attracted to females is bi. Stop gatekeeping sexuality, for fuck sake. It's not special, you have been born homosexual, that's it. Bisexual women will keep being bisexual and homosexuals will keep being homosexual, because it's about material acts not about names. You people don't know how to separate the world of words and concepts from the world of acts and consequences.

No. 1871329

File: 1690419953323.jpeg (138.11 KB, 1242x1834, Tumblr_l_47604413116734.jpeg)

The absolute irony of her calling herself not fat and ugly in the caption is hilarious. I have to post it in two parts because I didn’t save it properly before Macroclit deactivated.

No. 1871330

File: 1690419978712.jpeg (452.76 KB, 1190x1759, image0.jpeg)

Caption that was attatched to her post.

No. 1871331

nta but comphet isn’t real.

No. 1871336

That's macroclit? I didn't assume she was ugly based on her posts. She has the confidence of a hot woman and the looks of a fat man.

No. 1871342

So you're saying she has the confidence of a fat man

No. 1871343

Yeah, my best guess is she never left the troon mindset of narcissism, kek.

No. 1871350

I don't think it matters a lot if someone is ugly in radblr. It should be good, kek. Like… not attractive to males? Well, seeing her know makes it kinda funny to imagine her in a poly relationship with two lesbians and a male. I guess those polyamorous people really tend to be ugly as everyone always says.

No. 1871368

She isn’t attractive to women either (except chubby chasers and other fatties) when she’s borderline morbidly obese.

No. 1871375

is it just me or does she look completely normal, who cares

No. 1871382

You’re lucky enough to have not seen her nudes then nona

No. 1871388

There were posts beforehand about lesbians being oppressed by bi women, which isn't real. What is it with this thread?

No. 1871391

Why is anybody supposed to care? On radblr of all places? I think you are reaching really hard with her caption and just want another reason to nitpick a woman's appearance instead of actually posting some fucking milk.

No. 1871396

Because it’s funny to post lesbophobe’s faces even if they try to erase the evidence kek. If you can’t see how the recent blow up on radblr is milk, then you’re in the wrong thread, butthurt bihettie. A fat ugly woman saying she is a “gorgeous legend” being laughed at is no different than what goes on in the rest of the threads on this image board, unless you’re new or only lurk in one thread?

No. 1871398

you keep derailing this thread with non milk sperging and calling everyone “bihetties” and it makes your posts very identifiable. knock it off and learn to integrate. no it’s not milk that some cow from radblr is ugly

No. 1871400

I’d say it’s easy to identify the woman that keeps claiming bi women don’t oppress lesbians, too. Why don’t you post some milk if you feel like a polilez being revealed isn’t enough? I could post some more women who have done this in the past month if that’s what you want.

No. 1871402

Nta but post them lol

No. 1871404

File: 1690428891166.png (1.58 MB, 1280x977, IMG_3001.png)

bihet-meanie was revealed to have went back to dating the moid she dated when she was 17. She pretended to be a lesbian on radblr for years, purely typing in pink text.

No. 1871406

File: 1690428938276.png (1.83 MB, 979x1431, IMG_3002.png)

Why do polilezzies always look like… Dworkin?

No. 1871408

File: 1690429032762.png (2.9 MB, 1280x1704, IMG_3003.png)

The polilez phenotype… Fat and ugly kek.

No. 1871411

are these your screenshots? are you like in a server with these people?

No. 1871415

No, it’s been spread around privately.

No. 1871418

It's literally just dramatic bpd social media cows posting who ever they're beefing with at the moment kek.

No. 1871421

everything about the way you behave and the spoiled "milk" you post tells me that you're the real cow, posting randos you have personal beef with. no one cares that you think some 17 year old is ugly. crawl back to your cave.

No. 1871424

>no one cares you think some 17 year old is ugly

Infantilizing adult women isn’t very radical feminist of you, nona. Both are in their mid 20s. Why do you care so much and are so against radblr drama being posted in the radfem cows thread?

No. 1871426

because it's not drama, it's you posting some random persons selfies and trying to get everyone else to call her ugly. i said she was 17 because you posted a picture of her when she was 17. no one gives a shit and you need to learn to integrate.

No. 1871429

Why are polilez retards like this ITT?

No. 1871430

Other people have been responding and calling them ugly, it’s literally only you and maybe one other anon throwing a shitfest about it kek

No. 1871431

her bf looks like a special needs patient.

No. 1871456

Nta but
>If you disagree with me being a retard you must be one of the people I hate reeee
Proving >>1871300 right every minute kek. Anon is right, being ugly isn't milk (not to mention the samefaging) and you're an embarrassment newfag. At this point might as well try and find out who the person being posted upset because it's retard social media cows posting their enemies kek.

No. 1871457

Samefag >>1871456
>It's not very radfem to think a girl/women being ugly isn't milk.
KEK. You are retarded vendettafag. This is why you losers should stick to dying shit like twitter instead of trying to pollute imageboards with your unhinged seething, it's supposed to be anonymous and you fail to mask yourself.

No. 1871516

Sure, beeline to calling a woman fat and ugly to prove how wrong and cringe they are. Fuckin nailed it, i wasnt convinced by their flagrant retardation but thank god I know they're big uggos now

This website is full of people whose only experiences and relationships have been online. They don't get how normal human interaction works and they don't have empathy for anyone that deviates from the narratives political schizos have been shoving down their gullets since they were teens.

No. 1871518

I don't think she's a vendettafag because the one who brought up the topic of this macroclit person was me, out of curiosity, she just brought info.

I don't think she's not bringing milk because this macroclit girl actually asked people for money for aborting and then appeared with a lot of weed after, and was overall lesbophobic before, as said by the anon giving info. This girl do seems very milky, it seems like you nonnas are being dramatic over one (1) piece of info she gave, but haven't been here to give any type of milk either. Also, i constantly see people dragging the looks of other people in their respective threads, like in grimes thread (you could say that it happens but the thread is just for grimes, but in her thread you also find people dragging aella's looks before aella herself had a thread). It doesn't seem like there's any big problem here and the topic at hand is related to a radfem, but she's on tumblr rather then twitter, that's it. I also don't understand saying we are vendettafags or anything like that just because we are talking about tumblr, there could be as much selfpost in a twitter focused thread, so why are we selfposting/vendetta posting just because it's about tumblr and we said a milky person was ugly?

No. 1871521

File: 1690466963446.png (887.62 KB, 1078x1574, Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 11.11…)

macroclit apologized

No. 1871546

I agree, I can see how from an outside perspective this drama could look like more of the retarded vendetta twitter stuff from upthread but for those not in the loop, macroclit is radblr’s current biggest cow. 50% of people turned on her for the tone deaf way she responded to bait (tumblr) anons earlier when she was ebegging for her abortion, and now almost everyone has turned on her for stating earlier this week that lesbians can be into trans women. Other than those things, she is an ugly (water is wet) polyfag and it is SUSPECTED, but not confirmed, that another controversial tumblr user, butch-reidentified (who is known for being pro-mastectomy for dysphoric women and even had it done herself and preaches about what a good choice it was) might be one of her “lesbian gfs” in the polycule due to her rabid defense of macroclit seemingly out of nowhere and similarly TRA-like opinions on transgenderism and sexuality.

No. 1871550

oh i see, i was one of the anons to say stop vendettaposting, my mistake kek. i'm on radblr rarely enough to have missed most of this stuff so i just assumed what was going on was the same as those radtwt people upthread selfposting and posting the people they had beef with. with context this person definitely seems like a cow. i'm interested in the poly stuff, lmao. is she e-dating the tif masectomy girl or are they in an irl polycule? do they both claim to be radfems while in a polycule with a man?

No. 1871561

maybe i'm faceblind, but some of the women she posted are not macroclit. they're nobodies that she's accusing of calling themselves lesbians without proof, then posting pictures of them to mock. i still think it seems like vendetta posting. regardless, she needs to integrate and stop being such a recognizable poster.

No. 1871564

Don't even bring her up she gives me fucking hives. It's clear she never left the gendie mindset.

No. 1871565

This is why I think radfems are the same as troons when it comes to their treatment of lesbianism.

Polilez say the absolute most homophobic shit about lesbians how sexuality is a choice or how "actual" lesbians did nothing for feminism and how political lesbians (polilez) are so much better.

This whole fucking movement is literally filled with polilezes aka straight women who roleplay as lesbians.

There is just something so dystopian about a straight bitch who identifies as polilez going on whole tangents about "bihetties" and how much they hate bi women…when they are literally straight women sucking dick in private while they pretend to be lesbians on the internet. Now I realize their hate for bi women is the projection and guilt they've eliminated inside for being straight women sontheybtake it out on bi women or say homophobi c stuff to actual lesbianism.

This whole hating on women who are feminine or bi women it's not done because they actually care about women instead it's done because they are competing with women and jealous of their women and use radfeminism as a excuse to get away with being a sexist pickme.

I'm glad I left radical feminism 2 years ago, I've seen a lot of insane shit there that I rather be a solo feminist not acquainted with any political movement.
Also I could go on and on and expose some cows from when I was there but I don't want to go on whole paragraps.(learn2integrate)

No. 1871567

>I don't want to go on whole paragraps.
Too late, spill

No. 1871573

There is alot of them and I wished I still remembered their handles but I don't.

But I will say one thing and that's that Leah is completely different when you met her compared to her videos. She acts insane in videos but when I talked to her she looked so awkward and she didn't know what to talk about, she didn't look like that extrovert she portrays herself as.

I also had some experience with parkie possie (or however she was called) before she became full right-wing and she was okay. I'm really disappointed what she became. It really does feel like a lot of radfems or women who label themselves tergs go through the right wing or trad route and I'm kinda thankful I didn't end up becoming like that.

No. 1871575

Leah always struck me as incredibly insecure, so that doesn't surprise me.

No. 1871576

Wow, i truly can't understand turning trad after reading any radical feminist book. What is it, they give up? Is it too chocking to see how the males have domined/broken/tortured all of us? I really can't understand turning trad after reading something like "Who cooked the last supper" and knowing they are using us as slaves there's so much time. It is so hard to understand that shit.

No. 1871585

>i truly can't understand
>I really can't understand
>It is so hard to understand that shit.
I don't think your echo chamber's doing you any favors, nonna.

No. 1871590

Meghan Murphy kind of went the same direction. I can't find it, but she had an interview with Kate Herzog (not one of the ones on youtube) where they talked about disowning the feminist label and how she liked Mexican men's machismo (or something… it was really fucking weird). This was right after a bunch of TRAs violently threatened her at some event and feminists didn't stand up for her.
Her site is still called Feminist Current and covers feminist issues, so she may have changed her mind. But she definitely had a backlash moment.
There's also Terry Strange, but she's been all over the fucking place since she first logged on.
As for Parker Posey, I think her only feminist credential was being gender critical. Many such cases. Vidrel, 56:00 in

No. 1871594

Terri has always been a complete cow. My favorite Strange Event was when someone asked her about WoLF harassing people, and Terri's response was to get angry/defensive and suggest that the woman being targeted "needed to learn a lesson". Wonder if she's got residual guilt from screwing over Ceres' Revenge.

No. 1871597

Same anon with a correction: Parker Posey, glorious queen of comedic acting, has nothing to do with this. I meant to type "Posie Parker"

No. 1871599

What ecochamber, girl? I can't understand according to the things i have read/seem/learned. I think someone should be able to absorve knowledge and not turn into a totally different person once she gets out of a community/identity. If you are always going into extremes you haven't learned shit. Well, if you can understand it better, i can't understand turning trad and submissive towards the people who commit 97% of the crimes, rape women, traffic women, abuse, kill, humiliate, and all that shit. I need no ecochamber to understand that simple fact. No ecochamber will relativize material reality.

It's hard to understand that wich seems dumb to me, that's it.

No. 1871601

File: 1690477702754.png (Spoiler Image,59.4 KB, 586x412, tumblr_67031d49db7b23fe0a7f66f…)

From an orbiter. She says she's not a rad, but is constantly in their business

No. 1871602

File: 1690477726036.jpg (Spoiler Image,92.91 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230204-171526_Sam…)

No. 1871610

tonguehurt has has been a personal cow of mine for a while. she's a 19 year old terminally online self diagnosed "sociopath" who thinks looking at gore on the internet and saying kys on tumblr means she has antisocial personality disorder. she is obsessed with necrophilia and rape and cannibalism and posts her sexual fantasies in detail, also watches necrophilia porn and snuff and defends it because she's a lesbian despite criticizing other women for watching porn. she used to go by tagai and was a tif until last year when she got peaked on trannies and joined radtwt and got big on there despite admitting to never reading any radfem theory. then she got blackpilled within a month, and started getting in drama with everyone and sending rape threats and gore to other women she had beef with. she stopped being a radfem because she "hates women" and posted autistic rants about how she "wants all cock sluts to be raped and forced into porn because they love semen and abusive men," and is a "misandrist" who thinks men raping straight women is good because they deserve it apparently. then she moved to orbiting radblr despite "not being a radfem" and had extensive beef with another cow menalez. she made a 100+ page callout document on her for being a lesbian larper. she also says she has no life and no in person friends and all she does is sit on tumblr and jerk off to porn all day. i read her blog because it always makes me feel way better about my life kek

No. 1871616

File: 1690479480652.jpg (287.77 KB, 610x1665, 67f2e901f4ab91469ac29a43458092…)

I posted this before but it fits better here, there was a phenomenon till the late 2000's, where some young people switched between various extremist ideologies such as communism or fascism. While primarily young men took part in the phenomenon, women also participated. you could find Neo-Nazi women who were former women's studies majors. many young people, who may be struggling to find their identity and sense of belonging, seek out perceived extremist groups as a way to rebel or engage in petty acts of aggression.

No. 1871630

File: 1690481521660.png (Spoiler Image,74.18 KB, 732x611, Screenshot_2023-02-05_190946.p…)

"You all just think my necrophilia is a problem because I'm a lesbian" -lul

No. 1871653

At this point, there's no huge difference between this and an AGP Ed Gein-brained tranny. Both are pornsick misogynists malding about bi women and larping as lesbians. She would probably see this as a compliment because she is a failed troon.

No. 1871673

Why are there so many weirdo kink orbiters on radblr? First the fart fetishist and now this?

No. 1871678

There was a fart fetishist one, too?

No. 1871686

What the fuck, you can’t just say that and not elaborate.

No. 1871690

That's stanabortion I believe. She's also a scat fetishist. She says it's a bit but…

No. 1871699

sincerely curious, but why do you think women like Tagai are larping? She has no history with men as far as I’m aware, I think the necro fetish is fake too so it may be my own biased assumptions coming out. She reminds me of a lot of teenagers in general with her cringe tryhard sociopathy but I’ve never doubted her homosexuality. She’s admitted previously that she doesn’t have it in her to act out these fetishes which is why I think she larps them, but who knows. Mena larps her sexuality more than tonguehurt from my understanding? I’d assume her hatred for bi women is due to poor personal experiences, and I’ve only seen bi women like menalez accuse her of faking her homosexuality as nothing more than a weak comeback. I’d like to know your own perspective because of the anonymity.

No. 1871701

File: 1690490769935.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x6569, r0achie.jpg)

No. 1871704

Because all these individuals with abuse fetishes turn out to just be porn-addicted, self-hating straight women who see women as walking porn and hate them, but wish they were lesbians because they also hate men. I don't believe it's just edgelordism, and I've never met a single lesbian who acts like any of these radblr spergs. This person has fakeboitherottengirl vibes.

No. 1871706

KEK, holy shit.

No. 1871708

nta but i don't think tagai has a history with men so i wouldn't call her a larper, but i see why she gets called one. she is a porn addict who thinks rape is good when it happens to straight "whores" so at the very least she thinks like a moid and is an ally to male abusers. if she's not larping being a lesbian, at least the misandrist radfem thing was a larp, since she hates other women and wishes worse on them way more than she hates any male predator

No. 1871713

samefagging but kek what the hell

No. 1871716

Tonguehurt is cringe and all but to accuse her of being lying straight woman without any proof, just assumptions that you pulled out of thin air… Well you know what that makes you

No. 1871734

It makes her look like a vendetta poster, if not outright menalez herself considering the recent cowtip.

No. 1871742

i remember last year, tagai was arguing against radtwt and within the same week joined radtwt and broke up with her fakeboi gf. then within a month of being of radtwt she was at the center of all discourse and then got blackpilled and started posting on tumblr about hating bi women and wishing they got raped. she switches to extremes very quick and wouldnt be surprised if creating controversy is the only thing that keeps her entertained.

No. 1871797

Posie Parker aka Kellie-Jay Keen? She's not right wing she's a centrist and never was a radfem. The fuck are you smoking?

No. 1871845

Anyone know the username sunflowerbutch/Adrian Page went by on Tumblr? I remember seding an archive link here ages ago and she was always super cringe. She changed her name to shill her novel among the non binary Sapphic crowd but she still frequents rad spaces.

No. 1871869

What a reach, kek. I'm not a radblr user. If you want to defend people who watch snuff and necro porn while claiming to "love" women, go ahead, but don't expect anyone sane to buy into it and then seethe and call "vendetta" when you can't convince them. Anyone on the whole "I spend all my time attacking women on the internet I'm better than other women btw I want to be a man and I love getting off to rape/children/scat/BDSM/necro porn b-but I'm truly a feminist and a lesbian I am the most oppressed you don't understand!!!!" train is tranny-ish, it's absolutley cow-tier. It's unfortunate that there are multiple users who fit this bill shitting up online "radfem" spaces, and retards who try to make excuses for it.

No. 1871871

I’m not making an excuse for it, I’m only skeptical because of menalez being cowtipped this same week, and how much she vehemently hates tonguehurt. The timing is suspicious and your defensive attitude adds to it unfortunately. Personally I think both users are retarded.

No. 1871880

i posted both >>1871610 and >>1870908 and i am neither tonguehurt nor menalez, i just lurk on radblr for the drama kek. they are both major radblr cows who fight with everyone, including each other, how is it strange that they would be brought up at around the same time?

No. 1871884

people who think necrophilia is okay think like rapists. they think they have the right to use someone else's body as a resource, as sexual tool for themselves. they say that "what does it matter since they are dead and can't know what's happening?" you could same make the same argument about raping a person in coma or a sleeping person, and the only problem of rape isn't the damage caused to the victim, it's the whole attitude of a rapist that they are entitled to someone else's body and view them as objects for them to use. if someone supports necrophilia they have a rapist mentality, massive red flag.

No. 1871889

Because it's probably "tonguehurt" or one of her handful of online friends/fellow blackpillers projecting. No one uninvolved would read anything that's been said so far and accuse it of being "defensive" or "vendetta".

No. 1871893

tonguehurt is a personal cow I have but she hasn’t been on her blog in almost a week which is the only reason why I found it weird she was brought up, my bad for looking too deep in it. I was secretly hoping we would see more tagai vs menalez which is why I keep mentioning them kek. They’re both unhinged in different ways.

No. 1871941

This thread has to be in the top 5 when it comes to having the most self-posters. It's just filled with terminally online retards who are refreshing any mention about them here.

god, you obese retard. Can you be more subtle next time if you plan to whiteknight yourself.

How dense are you. She marched with a self-identified nazi group and instead of disowning them…she thanked them for protecting her and marching with her. There is other shit too that she did that I forgot. Does she need to have a swastika on her head so autistic retards who can't understand subtle things or dogwhistles would know she ponders to the alt-right. (Majority of gender critical do unfortunately)

No. 1871957

I’m not tagai nona, but is she obese? I know menalez and some others saw her selfies at some point, it would be pretty funny if she was.

No. 1871967

File: 1690524541432.jpeg (1022.73 KB, 1044x1908, IMG_3038.jpeg)

I love seeing them all go at each other’s throats. They’re all vile in their own ways and hate each other so much that I can’t but laugh.

No. 1871985

File: 1690527441342.png (337.07 KB, 529x739, fat.png)

nta but yes tagai is obese she was bragging about being 144 lbs at 5'0" and how skinny and anorexic she thinks she is. also she censored the bmi even though she posted her height and weight kek?

No. 1871986

samefag forgot to sage sorry

No. 1871989

Her BMI is 27,8 which is overweight, not obese

No. 1871990

>she censored the bmi even though she posted her height and weight kek?
is she like, slow or something? how did she not know how bmi is calculated? it's crazy to see a clinically overweight person try to bone rattle, too.

No. 1871994

posie parker has also appeared on multiple podcasts by hard right nationalist and nazis.

there's also that famous clip where she and her white karen gang showed up at a BLM protest and yelled "wash your balls!!!" and "you're a man!!!" at a bunch of young black women.

the minute anyone in the GC movement says anything that could be construed as being vaguely pro trans, they are excommunicated and labeled as a handmaiden and the enemy, but when it comes to blatant right wing scrote simping, right wing misogyny, racism, nationalism, nazism etc. it's always ohhh she didn't mean that, she's actually a centrist, stop dividing women, we need them on our side … kek.

you can tell a lot women in this movement don't pay any attention to politics unrelated to troonism, because this is straight out of the far right concern trolling infiltration playbook first pioneered by stormfront. they're going to have a rough awakening when the charade drops in a few more years and all their favorite GC influencers publically come out as anti-abortion.

No. 1872061

>you can tell a lot women in this movement don't pay any attention to politics unrelated to troonism, because this is straight out of the far right concern trolling infiltration playbook first pioneered by stormfront. they're going to have a rough awakening when the charade drops in a few more years and all their favorite GC influencers publically come out as anti-abortion.
I feel like I'm going crazy for seeing this but yes. The way rad spaces have been slowly overtaken by more and more rightwingers reminds me of when 4chan started getting astroturfed from edgy South Park humor into full unironic neo nazi. Some Bannon type guy has noticed a population of disenfranchised politically homeless young women and is capitalizing on it.

No. 1872095

This looks more like "expectation vs reality," unless I'm missing something?

>This thread has to be in the top 5 when it comes to having the most self-posters. It's just filled with terminally online retards who are refreshing any mention about them here.
Is that why there's all these posts about orbiters instead of actual radical feminists?

Agree with all of you. There's a backlash building against TRAs now, but the "radical feminist" backlash is coming in the next few years. People claim the label who don't hold any actual feminist beliefs, they're just normie gender critical people or full on far right freaks. Radical feminists who should know better support and defend these people, especially on twitter.
Not to mention the terminally online young women who call themselves radfems seem… indoctrinated? That word feels too strong, but I'm struggling to find a better one. Young people's brains have been pickling in out-of-context, unreal social media "politics" during their formative years, and I think it's all just complete theoretical or disconnected from reality to them. Their politics don't seem like they're coming from a place of free thought or a genuine wish to change the world, but a persona or weird hobby.
"We're not gonna make it" etc.

No. 1872097

Thankfully it's not like that in woc radfem spaces, they call a lot of this shit out. There's a lot of calling out even other radfems for that kinda hypocrisy and pandering to the people eagerly stealing our reproductive rights

Not telling you to gravitate there if it's not something you're comfortable with, just trying to provide some optimism

No. 1872109

>they're going to have a rough awakening when the charade drops in a few more years and all their favorite GC influencers publically come out as anti-abortion.
"Radfems" already simp for Matt Walsh and the other Daily Wire freaks, all of whom oppose abortion even for little girls. Matt "diaper fetishist" Walsh recently came out against all feminism, even 1st wave, saying it was anti-family and the one of the worst things to ever happen to society, and they still simp. The "Hands Across the Aisle" cons and anti-abortion, and they simp. DeSantis made abortion effectively illegal in Florida, but hates troons, so they simp. Multiple radfems accounts have come out and said they'd sacrifice abortion rights for anti-troon laws. Radfems to this day publish in right wing rags, and the anti-trans "movement" is vast majority conservative. aT lEasT thEy knOwS wHaT wOmEn aRe!!!

There's no getting the cat back in the bag. Being GC is a regressive, conservative ideology now.

No. 1872120

>Being GC is a regressive, conservative ideology now.
That's a stretch and incredibly defeatist. Feminist rejection of socially imposed gender norms is not the same as conservatives' belief that society needs strictly enforced gender norms to function.
Feminists believe that men can be feminine without needing to transition into women and oppose reductive gender stereotypes used by rabid TRAs; conservatives think transgender people are some sort of turbogay, therefore bad.
Just because some dipshits on the internet are reaching across the aisle doesn't mean we need to abandon the whole project. Btw, a lot of internet feminists vocally reject bigots like Walsh.

No. 1872123

Same anon, I want to clarify that I get what you're saying about public perception of "gender critical" beliefs, but I still think this is a defeatist line of thinking. Normie women are generally FAR more sympathetic to radical feminist analysis on this subject (as long as you don't call it radical feminist analysis) than they are to Daily Wire insects sperging about the nuclear family. Radical feminists just need to stick to the basics and be more compassionate to transgender people instead of trying to snark at TRAs to save women's spaces and sex based rights. I'm embarrassed by the twitter freaks as much as the next feminist, but I'm not conceding any ground. Plenty of women are fighting the good fight without embracing the right wing. It sucks that the feminist who do embrace them will be used as ammunition against us.

No. 1872157

She’s bragging about having lost a lot of weight when she showed that, so she was likely obese prior.

No. 1872226

>Normie women are generally FAR more sympathetic to radical feminist analysis on this subject (as long as you don't call it radical feminist analysis) than they are to Daily Wire insects sperging about the nuclear family.
And when they look up radical feminist writings and see them posted on rightwinger sites sandwiched between articles on why forcing 12 year olds to birth rape babies is holy and why no fault divorce should be abolished, they're going to reject them wholecloth. Radfems destroyed any chances of their ideology being taken seriously by women at large by allying with conservatives. Though there's less distinction every year–hence the radfem-to-tradwife pipeline. I expect most to be married and permapregnant tardwives within a few years like detrans GCers are.

No. 1872241

Sage for rant, but why are terminally online radfem spaces so retarded, especially Radblr? They treat radical feminism like it's a fandom, and it's so obvious they can't actually think for themselves. They're more focused on inventing tropes for themselves like "factfem" and "rudefem" and turning to the same identitarianism they pretend to hate than actually reading/discussing theory or female liberation. Even their black-and-white thinking about the evil libfems vs. the based radfems screams autist, it's like the new "Potterheads get your wands" fandom blogger vs. hipster blogger wars, I don't know how the fuck this is supposed to convince anyone they're sane and worth listening to. There are so many variations of feminism, but if you listened to Radblr, you wouldn't know that. They're so convinced they're smarter and better than TRAs, but imo they are also very bad about holding their own accountable, examining their beliefs, and turning ideology into a personality trait/fashion accessory. They're out here getting scurvy from their NEETism, fucking married men, keeping up years long fart fetish "bits", getting into polycule drama, leaking each other's Discord messages, following tradcaths and caping for right wingers, and then they wonder why no one takes them seriously as a Proper Movement. Radblr is packed full of self-unaware cows, and it's equal parts fascinating and bleak.

No. 1872259

>They treat radical feminism like it's a fandom,
Exactly this , I didn't know how to describe it in words but Fandom is exactly what I felt. They behave like a toxic kpop Fandom instead of like a….. actual movement.

Also I don't know if things have changed but when I was a radfem you weren't allowed to speak up or call out misoginy from other radfems because if you did then the polilezs would label you as lesbophobic. Things like this happened regularly and I saw it happen to other radfems who called out the crazy or reactionary radfems. It happened to me once too, I was defending this one radfem from another radfem who was harassing her by calling her sexist slurs and then that radfem basically resorted to calling me lesbophobic (despite me not saying anything remotely homophobic).

It's a regular silencing tactic to put women in their place and make them shut up and it reminds me of troons since they do the same thing (oh you called me out for being a creep well your transpobic)

No. 1872271

I genuinely think that radical feminists fucked themselves by teaming up with right wing moids and trad thots in the 80s and it plays part in the rise of pick me liberal feminism with the third wave beginning in the 90s. And some of them re doing it again now. They've learned nothing.
Meghan Murphy claims getting banned off of twitter is what caused her to start rejecting the feminist label. Another consequence of "my dog ate my rotted pseudo-clit" Jonathan Yaniv. She's found a home mildly grifting off of rightoid males like Benjamin Boyce, probably the most uncharismatic of all rightoid grifters. Her giggly interviews with him are pure cringe. At the same time, she still discusses actual feminism a lot. She namedropped The Transsexual Empire on Joe Rogan and credited radical feminist with being the first to stand up to troons on his show. She is still anti-sex work. In fact, I'd say the majority of her views are still solidly feminist/rad fem, but she fell down the "icky feminism label I'm a true freethinker now" hole.
Posie Parker is good at being direct and focused when she speaks about the troon menace and their threat to women, but get her off that topic, and she sounds like any other dumb trad thot. I think she cares to an extent, but her grifting is also really obvious.

No. 1872284

File: 1690579701756.png (383.06 KB, 1080x1531, IMG_3065.png)

She’s still racist and lesbophobic.

No. 1872287

File: 1690579906427.png (295.33 KB, 750x1215, IMG_3067.png)

No. 1872288

File: 1690579999752.png (303.53 KB, 750x1227, IMG_3068.png)

No. 1872380

AYRT, didn't say it was a good apology or a genuine one, just bringing the milk.

No. 1872508

File: 1690613113629.png (224.04 KB, 507x369, two retards fighting.png)

wait radicaldumbass is macroclit? does she just keep coming back to tumblr under different aliases to stir up more shit? also of course menalez was involved with that situation too lmao

No. 1872520

File: 1690615750031.jpg (46.5 KB, 792x410, Screen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.3…)

this shit is so funny. aww, now i kinda miss the radblr confessions blog kek.

No. 1872531

I've noticed that a new radblr drama blog appeared

No. 1872566

I don't know but they make me really sad because they do have plenty of banger posts I have learned from. Everyone's talking in hyperbole but the other group keeps misinterpreting it, and the other group pretends something never happens and if it does they're just trolls. I can't even get a word out because I definitely don't fit their ideal model of a perfect radfem.

No. 1872573

>you fucked up when you lied to me milo.
KEKKKK the fucking lowercase + direct name calling + period at the end
She's so online and pathetic, my god

No. 1872644

radical feminism should be as divorced from online drama culture as it fan be yet here you are, trying to sow discord.

some of those gossip blog seem like a place for orbiters and filthy casuals to vent so they don't really matter anyway but you have to wonder if the childish crap is what drives away all the older women from the site. exgynocrat left Tumblr in 2015 or 2016 and auntiewanda, a veteran on radblr never remade. eventually all that will be left will be the shit posters and 18-year-olds who are just pissed in general and who will drift away from feminist comms the moment their buddies stop enabling them. bleak

No. 1872652

File: 1690643013995.jpg (155.37 KB, 1080x893, -4mkiye.jpg)

r0achie, former stanabortion

No. 1872678

I do, I've tried to read all of her books actually. They are so boring and the characters have annoying names. I don't know any actual milk though she doesn't seem milky to me.

No. 1872690

File: 1690652054875.jpg (124.66 KB, 1080x779, tumblr_32049df90392f772c09c2da…)

scrolling thru my dash rn

No. 1872733

I think you missed
>(as long as you don't call it radical feminist analysis)

No. 1872761

She's so milky she had to change her name from Jess to Adrian to hide from her previous online persona and all the shit she would start on Tumblr and elsewhere. She has a habit of joining social groups and making herself out to be some kind of leader and starting shit when people don't behave according to her exact principles, even outside of rf circles.
She also keeps making GFMs for stuff like groceries but then it turns out her wife and her have undergone multiple rounds of unsuccessful IVF that keeps failing and they keep begging for money online. Bitch can't afford food but can afford IVF and we're supposed to believe they can afford to raise children?
She also calls straight women spermholders and breeders and other such names which is really funny considering she paid a small fortune to have her wife Ellen medically turned into a spermholder breeder herself.

No. 1872804

That reminds me of another Adrian who I believe had a teen pregnancy and used to to DDLG porn with her sex worker wife. What's with tumblrinas called Adrian and being messy… There was also a dogfucker who ran in the same circles, not sure exactly how old she is but past 30. She used to pass it off as "just making money writing het erotica" and then it turned out she was big time involved in het furry stuff while calling herself a lesbian. She breeds dogs irl too which is extremely strange, iirc she has talked about jerking the dog off to get sperm or something like that. Maybe that last part is me mixing up something from a zoophile cow but all the other stuff is 100% real.

No. 1872835

File: 1690667388361.png (47.65 KB, 539x409, 1.png)

No. 1872838

File: 1690667480708.png (13.91 KB, 533x170, 2.png)

No. 1872902

Probably an unpopular opinion, but I also prefer trannies. They are the natural conclusion of gender nonconformity (you can modify yourself or present as whatever you like) and the idea of being forced to conform makes me feel doom.

No. 1872943

Kys handmaiden tranny supporting cunts. You’re a basic ass misogynist female that thinks being even slightly masculine makes you better than other women. You’re not better or different and your desire to “not” conform is basic nlog pickmeism that millions of women before you have gone through. Go ahead and chop off your tits and transition since you hate being a woman and love supporting misogynistic men so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1872948

Hates “conformity” so much but thinking that perfectly conforming to the stereotypes of the opposite gender is “non-conformity” typical proto-aiden delusion

No. 1872955

Trans people aren't the natural conclusion of gender nonconformity, since gender norms are largely not based in biology at all. Clothing and hairstyle is purely social, as are most of the professions typically woman dominated v. man dominated(teachers used to be mostly male, doctors/lawyers are quickly becoming majority female after being <10% a few decades ago). Thinking performing femininity is innate to being a woman and masculinity to being a man is an irrational conservative opinion.

No. 1872957

yeah "i need to surgically alter myself so I can play with dolls" is definitely fighting gender roles.

anyway does anyone remember cliterati.club and squiddy? it's old milk but I always wanted a post mortum on that shitfit.

No. 1872975

File: 1690685393719.png (127.98 KB, 521x1213, iDQ28y9.png)

Butch-Reidentified is not a lesbian.

No. 1872991

I don't see where in that screen shot it addresses her sexuality at all, unless you're just assuming that she "can't" be a lesbian because of her cringe opinions, which, don't get me wrong, are incredibly cringe.

No. 1872992

didnt macroclit or whoever tf say some lesbian was dating a mtf and its looking like this butch-reidentified is the one dating him

No. 1873009

I'm not sure why you would go to that conclusion, butch-re talks about having a girlfriend that is not the tim friend and it seems much more likely that macro and butch-re are the ones dating if anything, hence sharing the same friend group that contains the "gc" mtf they both use female pronouns for.

No. 1873018

>Kys handmaiden tranny supporting cunts.
radblr with it's groundbreaking radical feminist policies is here i see kek

No. 1873033

shes right you retard

No. 1873047

could you tranny obsessed morons get a sense of humor for just a second - like i'm just pointing out how radblr will ditch the radical feminism the moment they think they have an acceptable target to call cunts while berating them for being misogynist - before you can go back to letting some hentai addict cross dressers living in your mind rent free.

No. 1873114

Suport all butches and tomboys until you don't, huh? I like how you tried to attack me wanting to present more masculine as well. I never said I felt above feminine women for being gnc. I only expressed my fear. It's funny how not even Ts told me personally to cut anything but you did.

No. 1873153

It's hopeless, they hate trannies far more than they care about actual women. They'll be left wondering why even peaked women don't want to deal with them while they jump to moid tier insults at the first sign of dissent. Gotta keep women who even mildly disagree in line by telling them to kill themselves, very feminist and sane behavior. Logged on radfems are just as prone to verbally berating women they disagree with as TRAs, but they will never see it because they don't want to.

No. 1873159

I think the earlier definitions of transgender that included all gender nonconformity made sense as a "logical conclusion" because back then, they all acknowledged their birth sex (and hence their nonconformity), but now it's just about conforming to other roles, ie "I wanted to play with trucks but couldn't which means I must become a man." That's not logical or natural, it's a symptom of a sick society. You shouldn't look at "female" as a tiny box to cram yourself into, you are making the mistake of conflating simple biological fact with socially constructed gender roles. I do think a lot of TIFs are reachable/easy to peak and ally with because they share your mentality, but a lot of online radfems are bad at peaking them because they are so fucking hostile and condescending despite pretending they support dysphoric women. TIMs don't give a fuck about women or dismantling patriarchy though and you should be careful not to be drawn in to their posturing otherwise.

No. 1873165

funniest thing is many of these idiots used to be the cringe pixiegender tranny pandering aidens they hate so much before they switched politics but kept the cult like black-and-white mentality kek

No. 1873317

Some radical feminism supporting writers like MacKinnon and Stoltenberg eventually deciding to shill for the trans industrial complex because it's more profitable does not make radical feminism sympathetic to male-centered movements like transactivism, you ding dong.

No. 1873321

antifeminists itt projecting on and makimg the most negative presumptions you could think of about rads is ridiculous. Imagine spending the rest of your life being a treacherous asshole that even other women don't trust but projecting this shit and other women because you feel uncomfortable about what you are.

maybe being an antisocial troll doesn't actually make you very smart or perceptive? hmmmmmm

No. 1873327

Most "radfems" are just trads in denial and it's not even an assumption, it's reality.(bait)

No. 1873368


I remember them but I have no clue what happened. Last I heard was that they were trying to build a new website "womyns.land" for over 4 years now, and there was some sort of drama in the discord that led to the group spintering once again

No. 1873371

Sage for super OT, but one of the weirdest things I have found with radfems is their idealization of "womyn's land" and a collective narrative that "men and troons forced those communities to shut down". They didn't. Those communes shut down because they all gave up. Living in the woods is a nice fantasy, but it required actual work that people just weren't willing to put in. and whey do they bring up successful still functioning examples of women-only communities, and again, it's like they never did any actual research. There are women's only communities that have worked and currently prospering but they don't work the way most radfems imagine, Umoja village in Kenya, the Kihnu community in Estonia and Jinwar in Rojova(syria)
let's start with the oldest the Kihnu, you'll often see that claim the Kihnu are a matriarchal society(that's simply not true) cultures like the Kihnu have existed in small corners around the world, where due to harsh condition men do all the physical labor and women handle the administration, there are certain historical examples in various Nordic countries where all the able bodied men would spend months days or weeks hunting or fishing as a matter of survival for the community so the women were left to run things, Its not a perfect system but its better then what most women have historically have had to deal with
Umoja is recent example and it should serve as an example of exactly what to do if you want to establish a successful commune, they have a reliable method of income for the community(selling garments and textiles) they have relations with Kenyan government for protection if any rebel group tries to attack them, they build schools and hospitals with the income they have, they allow women with male children to be in their communities and thus they have a sustainable population growth.
Jinwar was only established only in the past few years, it was created by the YPG for women and children, many of whom lost their husband's during the civil war, just like Umoja it operates on self substantiality, it has actual facilities to provide education and healthcare for the women and children.(off-topic)

No. 1873381

File: 1690752102280.jpg (311.88 KB, 1080x1711, ozarkanairman.jpg)

No. 1873387

Hi missouriangothic kek(hi cow)

No. 1873393

Okay incel >>1869640 . They really do remain the same regardless of transition kek.

No. 1873395

>thinking long hair + dress doesn't make a man a women = trad
… Is this bait?

No. 1873397

The thread could've been good but it's devolved into twitterfags posting their personal drama to try and smear their enemies, tradfags reeing about feminazis/manhate, or outright trannies posting about the evil women not pandering to incel scrote delusions kek.

No. 1873398

one of the only two likes on that post is fucking thivus kek

No. 1873401

Nice strawman. Have you read these threads?

No. 1873403

Yes kek. Nice not being able to deflect the point. People are just posting anyone who’s GC and calling them a terf even if they aren’t, like Posie Parker who herself says she’s not a rf. When this is pointed out anon seethes “but she’s GC! You can’t say she’s not rf, she’s a terf!”. You also say that as if saying rfs are trad is not strawmaning them. The projection is obvious.

No. 1873429

this belongs on 2X. also there are still functioning womyns's lands and female only communities in the west, stop bleeting like an animal about how all western seperatists are bougie fat feminists who've never lifted a shovel, you can literally google to find separatist lands that are still active and managing land in america. you're not an expert on the separatist movement so stop trying to speak as if you're an authority on it by cherrypicking examples and ignoring ongoing western efforts, it makes you look like an inbred MRA seething about western feminists

No. 1873497

Kys tranny supporting libfems. You broads are just as bad as mras and do just as much harm.Idgaf if the tifs and Tim’s are so nice to you and the radfems are evil too you go transition butch bitch nobody cares. Women like you don’t care about other anyways so stfu and go on a Slutwalk or some other self hating shit. Feminism isn’t about supporting all women but just the women who deserve. Tranny supporting bitches aren’t apart of it(bait)

No. 1873498

Oh man I stopped paying attention to cliterati.club so I didn't know she tried to rebrand. But I remember the first clit mod team all left bc she was using donation money to buy xannies. Wonder if that happened again

No. 1873544

nta but almost all those communes have like 6 old women at the most and anyone's free to join but no one ever does, I think an all women housing community is a far more realistic and viable solution.


No. 1873584

Kellie-Jay Keen and her supporters don’t care about women, they just hate troons. Even the ones who call themselves “terfs” and “feminists” (e.g. Angie Jones, Sall Grover et al) are nothing but right wing grifters who want to enforce gender norms. They think women’s rights activism comprises nothing but screaming “YOU’RE A GROOMER!” at people. They praise Matt Walsh, happily rub shoulders with white nationalists/supremacists like Sebastian Gorka and spout racist, lesbophobic, tradwife, misogynistic bullshit 24/7. They’re garbage people and I hate that they’re associated with feminism because people don’t know what words mean
This is why separatism is the only option

No. 1873591

The point is Posie isn't RF yet anons post her in the RF cow thread and use her to claim RFs are conservative when she herself says she isn't one nor acts like one beyond the basic position of being GC which majority both left and right leaning people are…

No. 1873596

There's a new anon confessions blog and idk if the person running it is retarded or in middle school bc kek

No. 1873606

post the link or caps if it’s milky nona

No. 1873657

File: 1690806654909.jpg (35.52 KB, 768x479, drama blog.JPG)

Probably because living in bumfuck nowhere is not actually an appealing alternative to someone who doesn't live in the third world. Agreed on all women housing.

Heard through the grapevine that blog is following a bunch of accounts that don't even get into drama. She's pretending she doesn't know what lolcow is but it's very clear she's lurking here imo.

No. 1873669

I love it when cows lock horns with each other.

No. 1873674

Thank you for articulating all of this so well! This is what I've been trying to say, but way better.

>maybe being an antisocial troll doesn't actually make you very smart or perceptive? hmmmmmm
You're talking about social media users, their idea of truth and beauty is ratioing people with immature dunks and posting literal nonsense.

No. 1873698

NTA but KJK is the face of the GC and by extension RF movement, whether you like it or not. She doesn't need to be a feminist herself. Even the normies I talk to know about her and her rallies where she cozies up to neo-Nazis, and they(rightly, unfortunately) associate GC and RF ideology with the far right. Should've gatekept more, should've simped for conservatives less–even when they "at least know what a woman is". GC and RF are both toxic assets and normal women, no matter how skeptical they are of the trans movement, will not want to associate with them.

No. 1873809

Why are so many radfems perverts?(unsaged bait)

No. 1873814

I've been to a handful of them and it's pretty bleak. The description "6 old women" is true as hell. And anyone younger than 60 has a chance to be a munchie. The last one I lived in, there was a girl who said she had allergies to chemicals (all, apparently) and she lived in an $8k geodesic tent from REI that was made out of nylon. WTF does she think nylon is??? And when we first met, she pointed at my watch and asked if it was a smart watch, bc she was allergic to the signals.

But then she'd come down to the only house that had wifi to watch She-Ra on netflix.

No. 1873829

>I think an all women housing community is a far more realistic and viable solution.
They actually have those in certain parts of Korea, so you can avoid men and not have to sacrifice modern comforts

No. 1873832

File: 1690829150713.png (319.6 KB, 1097x556, capture.png)

sage for OT and blog-posting, But I actually knew a woman named
Lisa Michele, she was a radfem (but socialist leaning) and kind of soft-spoken in real life. Well, she ended up being groomed by a neo-Nazi and went down to that path, and I don't know what happened to her. Now, I'm not saying that Lisa is going to end up the same way, but I wouldn't doubt that she could end up head down a reactionary path.(the fact she admits to browsing r/stupidpol felt really alarming to me)

No. 1873853

*meant to write "woman like" not woman named

No. 1873892

File: 1690838240648.jpeg (91.54 KB, 478x500, screen-shot-2016-05-23-at-16.3…)

In the 60s, a radfem author discussed an issue related to this that ended up applying to the majority of hippie communities as well as sections of academia. The author, Jo Freeman, wrote The Tyranny of Structurelessness, argues that in most "Structureless" groups or communes, informal power structures tend to emerge and can be difficult to challenge or change in groups that have no formal structure or hierarchy, said groups were more prone to cliques, factions, and personal infighting
A section from the essay
>Contrary to what we would like to believe, there is no such thing as a structureless group. Any group of people of whatever nature that comes together for any length of time for any purpose will inevitably structure itself in some fashion. The structure may be flexible; it may vary over time; it may evenly or unevenly distribute tasks, power and resources over the members of the group. But it will be formed regardless of the abilities, personalities, or intentions of the people involved. The very fact that we are individuals, with different talents, predispositions, and backgrounds makes this inevitable. Only if we refused to relate or interact on any basis whatsoever could we approximate structurelessness – and that is not the nature of a human group.
>This means that to strive for a structureless group is as useful, and as deceptive, as to aim at an "objective" news story, "value-free" social science, or a "free" economy. A "laissez faire" group is about as realistic as a "laissez faire" society; the idea becomes a smokescreen for the strong or the lucky to establish unquestioned hegemony over others. This hegemony can be so easily established because the idea of "structurelessness" does not prevent the formation of informal structures, only formal ones. Similarly "laissez faire" philosophy did not prevent the economically powerful from establishing control over wages, prices, and distribution of goods; it only prevented the government from doing so. Thus structurelessness becomes a way of masking power, and within the women's movement is usually most strongly advocated by those who are the most powerful (whether they are conscious of their power or not). As long as the structure of the group is informal, the rules of how decisions are made are known only to a few and awareness of power is limited to those who know the rules. Those who do not know the rules and are not chosen for initiation must remain in confusion, or suffer from paranoid delusions that something is happening of which they are not quite aware.
>For everyone to have the opportunity to be involved in a given group and to participate in its activities the structure must be explicit, not implicit. The rules of decision-making must be open and available to everyone, and this can happen only if they are formalized. This is not to say that formalization of a structure of a group will destroy the informal structure. It usually doesn't. But it does hinder the informal structure from having predominant control and make available some means of attacking it if the people involved are not at least responsible to the needs of the group at large. "Structurelessness" is organizationally impossible. We cannot decide whether to have a structured or structureless group, only whether or not to have a formally structured one. Therefore the word will not be used any longer except to refer to the idea it represents. Unstructured will refer to those groups which have not been deliberately structured in a particular manner. Structured will refer to those which have. A Structured group always has formal structure, and may also have an informal, or covert, structure. It is this informal structure, particularly in Unstructured groups, which forms the basis for elites.

And this still very much applies to most modern day radfems.

No. 1873949

That and hearing a neologism like 'womyn' would make just about anyone nope out.

No. 1874009

Is there proof of Mena being bisexual? She runs a whole ass lesbian discord server.

No. 1874014

She was in a long term relationship with a man as a teenager but what do I know

No. 1874020

>long term
>as a teenager

No. 1874021

No. 1874023

She dated a male for 2 years. That is considered a serious amount of time to date.

No. 1874081

Thank you, anon, nails my issues with these groups right on the head. I really appreciate the post

No. 1874202

>as a teenager
that's also pretty significant part in all of that wasn't the guy an actual adult man while she was a minor i just wouldn't call that a happy consensual relationship

No. 1874259

Has she ever referred to that as grooming? I know she describes it as abusive but from what I understand she herself does not consider what happened grooming.

No. 1874283

If you're terminally online, sure, you're going to get a ton of exposure to PP and KJK. You could argue that they're poisoning the well. Most women don't spend hours on twitter, though.
JK Rowling is a far more prominent, mainstream GC figure. And she's not hyping up these right wing women at all.
You also have sympathetic gay men speaking out in defense of GC talking points. "Gay man reacting to TRA bullshit" is an emerging trend on YoutTube, there's mrmenmo and ShapeShifter, etc. They're not promoting right wing bullshit and are sticking up for women instead of griping about how some republicans agree with them on a very surface level. Maybe you should try it some time!

No. 1874302

File: 1690904509092.jpeg (524.01 KB, 1170x1556, IMG_9263.jpeg)

how does she claim to be a radfem when she is quite literally pro marriage? marriage is historically (and still) used to slave away women to moids.

No. 1874303

File: 1690904569418.jpeg (726.39 KB, 1170x1702, IMG_9264.jpeg)

>anti love anti human agenda

trad rhetoric kek

No. 1874304

she used to be an onlyfans girls and unironically simped for(and still retweets destiny)

No. 1874344

I've seen a lot of her tweets and yeah I really do think she's trying to be like a radtwt version of Destiny. Destiny's main think is him pointing out that most Western leftists aren't really "radical". They're liberals in denial, and there's nothing wrong with being a liberal. However, most BreadTubers and Western Leftsit end up either LARPing in the best case or unintentionally supporting some really bad people. I think she's trying to apply the same logic to most radfems, suggesting that they are just also just liberals in denial, and there's nothing wrong with that. They should actually support liberalism because that's the entire reason their ideology and ideas are allowed to exist.

No. 1874366

Honestly it seems like there’s no actual radfems on twitter , at least not the people who call themselves that

No. 1874373

They were childhood friends and both the same age with a 4 month difference.

No. 1874671

File: 1690943886231.jpeg (204.85 KB, 1170x675, IMG_9270.jpeg)

samefag but it gets way worse, now she wants to breed with her pedo husband. she’s gone full trad how pathetic

this is not surprising surprising coming from miss “lesbians don’t exist” kek

No. 1874710

the pedo-guy was her-ex

No. 1875245

You're citing one person who need some observations like 50 years ago? that doesn't make steep hierarchy a good thing or you an expert on radical feminists who you probably have a grudge against.

the issue with mixed sex communes or whatever is that men will inevitably dominate the discussions and occupy positions of power.

there's a ton of anecdotal evidence on how if you include men in women's support groups (such as those relating to victims of sexual violence) you'll discover that males will dominate the conversation and will speak over women, essentially making solidarity much more difficult to build.

there will always be people who want to dominate a group or a discussion or whatever but way of organization that place emphasis on those with the appropriate expertise and knowledge valuable to a group could be a less toxic alternative to hierarchies involving dominant-submissive relationships that you find under male dominance in general. but you also have to take into account who chooses what ideas need to take precedence over others in a group. If there's the significant difference in opinion between you and those who manage to achieve power there's going to be conflict. That's where the trouble lies and this is what makes online spaces for feminists unsatisfactory to me. It's always other people and not necessarily the smarter people who get to decide what opinions have merit and they're not the always the kinds of opinions that I like. plus, people form cliques regardless. That's not an alternative to hierarchies That's just how social animals work. you learn that in hs sociology.

>Even scholars who might disagree on the merits of hierarchy agree that steeper hierarchies tend to lower cooperation and increase competition among group members. In any hierarchy, higher rank comes not just with material rewards, but with a host of social and psychological benefits, such as increased prestige (Berger et al., 1980), more credit for group successes (Fan & Gruenfeld, 1998; Meindl et al., 1985), and better overall well-being (Adler,

Epel, Castellazzo, & Ickovics, 2000). In contrast, low rank comes with social neglect (Chance, 1967; Savin-Williams,
1979), less participation and yet more blame for group failures (Weisband, Schneider, & Connolly, 1995), and heightened feelings of fear, shame, and anxiety (Mazur, 1973; Tiedens, 2000).

>Therefore, steeper hierarchies promote more competition by raising the stakes for competition over rank.


if you are looking for ways to justify to yourself that being around moids and moid enablers is great and you're totally free to do that. The moment that you try to assume what feminist groups are liking what they do when you have literally no experience being in such a group or living among such people is where like I draw the line. none one cares how you justify your handmaidenry.

No. 1875249

itt: people will never let their high school mentality go obsess over anonymous social media users

congrats, you've played yourselves

No. 1875342

Did you read the essay? she wasn't justifying having men in your group, just to have occasionally working with men for whatever issue and having an established leadership is sometimes necessary.

No. 1876529

Same applies to obssessing over trannies, anan-chans, goths, vloggers, e-whores and so on. Either stopping completely or shitting on radfems seems fair. Bonus points for them also obssesing over someone else. It's pretty meta.

No. 1878566

File: 1691589705165.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x6158, xxanondrama1.jpg)

No. 1878569

File: 1691589825038.jpg (408.82 KB, 1080x2703, xxanondrama2.jpg)

No. 1878600

I'm late to this but anon if you are still reading this don't feel bad about yourself, you are likely on the spectrum and seem to enjoy to debate and to write (I mean it in the nicest way possible). I feel bad you genuinely engaged with her and she basically mocked you though, I get spergs can be annoying but if they aren't trolling or trying to annoy you in purpose there is no reason to be a bitch, specially if you are talking to a younger woman with little social awareness who's genuinely trying her best. What a bish fr.

I think you should consider starting a blog or writing, it's definitely very therapeutic and helps a lot organizing those disordered overflowing thoughts people like us tend to have. It does help me a lot specially after I learnt to regulate my social interactions with other people and be less sperg-y.

t. A fellow sperg who used to have little social awareness and behaved somewhat similar when she was a naive teenager (and got bullied by older grown ass adult women online too, figures).

No. 1879313

File: 1691694092926.jpg (146.03 KB, 1080x1294, stanavsfakeboi.jpg)

No. 1879318

Even Dworkin was pro-trans at one point, that's what I'm getting at. The anti-trans sentiment among radfems did not congeal until Raymond's book, and even since then, it hasn't been universally accepted among radical feminsts. There was no radical feminist manifesto that declared tranny hating was a requirement. Don't twist my words, why are so many of you like this? I know this is 11 days old, but I swear people like you go out of your way to misunderstand what is being said and it's exhausting. And deciding radical feminists must have sold out because they disagree with you rather than considering maybe they just disagree with you is asinine.

No. 1879755

File: 1691770663292.png (35.19 KB, 525x230, TH.png)

Tonguehurt the Somali couldn't take the heat after all, huh? what a riot.

No. 1879757

File: 1691770771327.png (48.36 KB, 525x325, deep lore.png)

No. 1879758

i always thought she was lying through her teeth about everything she claimed to have gone through. i don't even believe she was from saudi arabia

No. 1879762

lmao fakeboi is fucking deranged, her thread was an absolute shitshow. I miss her nonsense tbh

No. 1879765

did she die or something?

this blog is already deleted and good fucking riddance, i had never heard of it until it was posted here which does make me suspect it was a selfpost to be honest and it was a cesspool, full of anons saying that child human trafficking victims were whores and that domestic violence shelters were a waste of resources.

No. 1880061

agreed esp because she only started claiming to have gone through every trauma imaginable when she started claiming to be a self diagnosed psychopath. her story about being abused by literally everyone she ever met and the whole psychopath necrophile thing sounded like that of a 3edgy5me oc made by a 12 year old on deviantart. kind of reminds me of soren kek. and i think she was actually black but lying about being from saudi.

No. 1880163

File: 1691820140649.jpg (141.71 KB, 540x795, 565445677.jpg)

the self posting is real lmao

No. 1880168

File: 1691820720514.jpg (28.43 KB, 530x155, hthrey.jpg)

and she's a pro-forced birth retard too

No. 1880196

No She would come on here and fight with people and then go complain on tumblr. her thread just reached its post limit and I don’t think a new one was made.

No. 1880202

>Wonder if she's got residual guilt from screwing over Ceres' Revenge
man I used to love CR but this is the very first I'm hearing about this. what did Terri do?

No. 1880208

what was the shitfit anon? recently I got back onto my old radtwt account and noticed squiddy was gone. I always really enjoyed her

No. 1880419

isn't she one of those "christian radfems"?

No. 1880601

So funny because the post in question is mine and i'm not white but latina LMAO. OFC she's pro-forced birth too. Go on girl putting white women as the enemies, of course talking badily about other women in times where ANDREW TATE is famous and trafficking women is something super productive. Go suck on some clits nhum nhum

No. 1880662

I see this moron all over the thankfully small anti-choice contingent of tumblr. Thanks to all the conservatives glomming onto the GC movement, these cockroaches think they can infest radtwt. One of them (that americanette bimbo with the Trisha Paytas icon) tried to convince macroclit to ~choose life~ and adopt out to a single woman kek. It's infuriating and hilarious to see these forced birth psychopaths try to make the most anti-woman position one can hold compatible with fucking radical feminism. Lying through their teeth for da lowrd, but too dumb to pull it off–the average Jesus freak in a nutshell.

No. 1881153

I thought the radfem infighting and white woman hatred/misogyny died out in 2015 but sadly no. Reminds me of when I got into a war of words with some other aggressively anti white radfem cow (Sensei Aishitemasu) and when she found out I was white she was telling me to kill myself for being white woman and how she was going to use her black magic on me lol.(not your personal blog)

No. 1882537

>Sensei Aishitemasu
That's a name I haven't heard in a while, doesn't she only ever date white or hipsanic guys though?

No. 1882545

File: 1692170086766.jpg (19.73 KB, 592x205, Untitled.jpg)

I don't know if she's ever really been a rad fem, but Birdy Rose is in a lot of their spaces because she is gender critical at least. Anyway, something that's been a lot time coming, she's now going mask off "feminism bad". I guess we'll see either the trad thot or the "I'm such a free thinker, I don't need labels" arc for the rightoid betabux next.

No. 1882638

File: 1692193237404.png (51.18 KB, 710x175, server.png)

Tonguehurt attempted to rejoin Menalez's server. this after Tonguehurt posted some exposé on Menalez on her Tumblr and later wound up deleting her account on there.
I'm not sure why Tonguehurt thought Menalez & Co. would welcome her back and/or not recognize her since it is my understanding they already know what she looks like from a selfie. I'm curious what Tonguehurt looks like though I already know she's black and 5'0"/1.5 meters.

No. 1882653

Stop posting about tonguehurt. She's not a radfem and she's not interesting.
This is the worst thread on this site lmao

No. 1882717

File: 1692201881774.png (541.24 KB, 1203x745, Screenshot.png)

This is wh0remaxxer/gobleeena with her fiancé

No. 1882719

agree, it's not a cow thread so much as it is randos from radblr/radtwt using it as their personal gossip confession page. there is virtually no milk in this entire thread.

No. 1882722

Both menalez and tonguehurt are misogynists. Would menalez be ok with her if she only talked about wanting to rape the corpses of white women?

No. 1882764

Probably, she has a hateboner for whites and is completely obsessed with them.

No. 1882770

literally who even

No. 1882801

TERF-to-tradthot pipeline remains undefeated kek

No. 1882857

She was never a radfem. This thread is full of butthurt troons desperately projecting(infighting)

No. 1882887

File: 1692219165764.png (305.98 KB, 600x1013, capture.png)

>This is the essence of radtwt in one single exchange.

No. 1882893

you're flying too close to the sun there, Icarus.

No. 1882908

Shut up retard and go obsess over troons in the troon thread. Nobody here cares.(infighting)

No. 1882910

>bisexuals try not to be an embarrassment challenge
Arent like 90% of bi women in relationships with scrotes? They will never be lesbian allies.

No. 1882916

learn how to use greentext correctly and integrate better newfag

No. 1882975

What’s wrong with this? Hurting and abusing men is based

No. 1882995

She would support abortions if she was allowed to thaikick women. Probably.

No. 1882998

How do you hurt a man by sucking his dick? Using him for pleasure, sure. But there's no G-spot in the throat.

No. 1883090

Men don't care about women who don't care about them but fuck them anyways. They just call that a slut or a thot, and use women like that as a cheap talking point for why we "can't be trusted" with autonomy. They might narc rage a little, but it's because their ego was bruised, not because they care about you at all.
Also, "potentially hurting men's feelings" and "sex with a man (notoriously diseased and inept lovers)" aren't worthwhile rewards for the risks provided by having sex with even one man, let alone several. It increases your rate of STDs, UTIs, infection, tissue tearing, IPV, sexual assault, rape, stalking, and unwanted pregnancy drastically.
Do you people have broken clits or something? Why would you ever be reliant on men for orgasms? It's embarrassing.

No. 1883121

Isn't it how libfems think though… ?

No. 1883132

File: 1692256432141.png (77.33 KB, 955x341, Screenshot.png)

>least delusional radfem

No. 1883144

She's right, though. Female capabilities aren't lesser than male ones, and the way male capabilities are deemed "superior" is clearly a patriarchal lie. If strength and sprint speed made things "superior," we should have a ruling class of literal gorillas and crocodiles.

No. 1883201

all your posts in this thread are clearly identifiable because of your inability to understand greentext, once again i am begging you to integrate. also, this isn't milk nor is it a cow.

No. 1883539

poor nonna, let her learn in her time, maybe she's autistic

No. 1883827

Literally what is wrong with this? This all makes sense

No. 1885146

File: 1692552070272.png (346.58 KB, 604x637, Screenshot.png)

Meghan Murphy has gone full trad

No. 1885178

Guns are based. But only when women use them. If a man even looks at a gun - jail

No. 1885197

imagine being a woman and sucking off a weapon invented by a scrote

No. 1885236

File: 1692561472241.png (1.68 MB, 1800x1050, Image-only-with-date-stamp--9-…)

sage for no real milk, So Julie Bindel and Kathleen Stock recently founded this organisation, called the Lesbian Project, which is for lesbian rights and visibility, which is well and good but its odd pairing, Kathleen Stock is a very standard liberal (who is fine with true trans being allowed in women's bathrooms,) and she is also very into motherhood aspects in her feminism as she has two sons and Julie Bindle is Julie Bindle, she's childfree, anti-troon and anti-men to the core, quite a strange partnership.


No. 1885238

Guns are the best way we have to fight back against scrote rapists or muggers so guns are based imo.

No. 1885260

I think it’s good that they include lesbians with different perspectives

No. 1885268

Guns are overhyped and there is a debate whether they're actually effective in stopping attackers. But, the number one tool that's been show to stop attackers is pepper spray. It's easy to get and you don't need a license for it. Plus, you can immobilize an attacker without risking getting thrown in jail

No. 1885356

>sites one fucking video that has a non-security camera feed
Please tell me you're joking
Do you not realize some careers that include weapons training also include training on continuing to use said weapon after being pepper sprayed? Sure the average person can't do shit, but to say it's better than a gun? Brain dead take

No. 1885528

What is this even supposed to mean?

No. 1885534

Ah yes, the “trad” act of females shooting at a gun range lol. Guns are one of the most male coded things in existence, you can just say you hate guns without being completely retarded about it.

No. 1886207

File: 1692692042853.png (74.8 KB, 967x450, Screenshot__247253.png)

>Radical feminism is when spouting unironic eugenic rhetoric

No. 1886211

So women having a choice in who they marry now is eugenics?

No. 1886212

Not about race but she's right about arranged marriages. As someone who knows a few men who got arranged marriages I can also agree that those men would've died alone otherwise. And just like she says, the wives these men usually get married off to are unwilling family members(like younger cousin, nephew, etc) so the child has even worse chances of being in a healthy environment.

No. 1886214

she's literally 100% right… just look up the rates of incest marriages between first to third cousins in pakistan and the middle east at large lmfao. plus they even bring it over to the countries they move to if/when they immigrate - as reflected in the marriage rates of british pakistanis too (and the incest babies they then give birth to that end up retarded and riddled with health issues, as recorded by the NHS and numerous uni hospitals)

No. 1886217

I have stated similar views dozens of times here. South Asian men never have to improve themselves to get a wife because they are guaranteed a meek, perfect virgin at any stage of their lives. This applied to most African and Asian countries as well. Up until very recently, arranged marriages were common there as well.

No. 1886218

She's right kek
How is men controlling who women should partner with = OK but women doing it = eugenic rhetoric? Use your brain for a second anon.

No. 1886220

They genuinely believe that wanting a guy with a flat stomach is a white supremacist enforced preference(unironcally heard this from an Indian feminist)

No. 1886224

This has to be bait. How you could misconstrue this post this badly I do not know.

No. 1886307

File: 1692713436915.jpg (103.65 KB, 1125x446, Ft_ZWAAAIqp.jpg)

This is honestly very depressing to see from Lilith, cause she's never been either slightly conservative or a tankie, she's always been a proud lesbian feminist who wasn't too focused on the troon issue, but for her to admit this is just so disappointing.

No. 1886325

Even worse because he's shit at debate. His doc was passable at best solely because he ripped some epic fax and logic off of internet women.

No. 1886332

what's weird is that she was forced to carry a baby she never wanted after being raped, something matt walsh opposes, she should be aware the damage he poses cuase she's been at that situation.

No. 1886333

samefag, she also claims that she does love what her son became but wishes he never was born and couldn't even touch him when he was a baby.

No. 1886508

Julie is a polilez who only a few years back sat with a troon and told him she’d have no problem with him entering female toilets

No. 1887195

>boymom to a rapeson who spends her life rearing her rapist's scion
explains why she's so pathetic lmao. women submitting to bangmaidery and quashing their potential to raise spawn is exactly what matt walse et al want

No. 1888137

Speaking of idiotic lesbians who call themselves feminists, I recently watched an episode with Kathleen Stock from the Oxford Cambridge Radical Feminist Network, and while I expected her to be more liberal, I was actually shocked that was she essentially a trad lesbian. She believed that men should be the protectors and that only women should be allowed near children. According to her, trying to erase gender is a stupid and pointless concept due to the massive biological differences between men and women. Additionally, she argued that feminism focuses too much on middle-class Western women and she believed that feminists' opinion of patriarchy is ahistorical and a boogeyman they make up (to her credit, she acknowledged its existence but disagreed with radical feminists perspective on it).

No. 1888224

Many lesbians have moid souls and brains and feel greater affinity with their psyches than the female one Im not surprised she’s a scrote and patriarchy apologist(sage your shit)

No. 1888399

imagine believing in gendered souls, lmfao

No. 1888473

shit bait

No. 1888540

I get shit for saying the TERF-to-tradthot pipeline remains undefeated, and yet…

No. 1888662

File: 1693056024763.jpg (291.12 KB, 819x1657, Collage_2023-08-26_14_19_52.jp…)

Old milk I guess because it happened last year, but there was this radfem on twitter called Ani O'Brien who was popular. She was all about being a lesbian and calling out TRA lesbophobia. However, her goodreads account showed that she was very fond of reading m/f smut stories with shirtless male models on the covers, often but not always with mafia, gang, and harem themes. She was reading an absurd amount of these books, at least one a day or sometimes even two or three in a day, just a barrage of heterosexual erotica. I only remember seeing her rate maybe two or three lesbian erotic stories, and one of them was about a woman having an affair with her husband's sister. So her twitter would have posts about being a lesbian and being against the cotton ceiling while her public goodreads account with her name and picture had book after book of incestuous bdsm het porn. She was leaving reviews on some of the books too, I remember her complaining about how one book she read had gender identities and how ridiculous that is in a mafia setting or something. So it wasn't even like she had her kindle linked to her goodreads account and she didn't realise it was posting every book she read, for some reason she decided to post about reading all this smut using the same name and pic as her radfem account.

Anyway, she ended up changing her goodreads name to Victoria Lyon and coming out as bi on goodreads. And she seems to have since changed her goodreads name to Victoria Arrow. She also has apparently written her own lesbian mafia story, it looks extremely cheesy though. Not sure if she's still leslarping on twitter, I don't use it much these days.

No. 1888665

>She believed that men should be the protectors
don't 100% agree with that
>that only women should be allowed near children
>trying to erase gender is a stupid and pointless concept due to the massive biological differences between men and women.
>argued that feminism focuses too much on middle-class Western women
>she believed that feminists' opinion of patriarchy is ahistorical and a boogeyman they make up (to her credit, she acknowledged its existence but disagreed with radical feminists perspective on it).
so 4/5 correct takes.

No. 1888691

No you’re just retarted

No. 1888705

homy shit this is ani o'brien? i saw her tweets regularly and she seemed smart, shame she is another bi in denial and larped as a lesbian.

No. 1888736

she also mentions that essentially the nuclear family is superior to all other forms of child raring and continuation of the human race, how can a lesbian genuinely be like this.

No. 1888760

Isn't she a political lesbian? Bindel is too afaik. I wonder how many GC "lesbians" are really hetero boymoms playing make believe for clout. Oh, the irony

No. 1888773

She came out in her late 30s so take that as you will and yes she has two sons she only mentions them in regards to motherhood, the only ever direct mention was once in some twitter post, she she said that her 14 year old was 6 feet tall and has been beating her at arm wrestling since he was thirteen, when she discussed why men should not be allowed to compete in women's sports.

No. 1888791

I posted this once before and I hope this doesn't count as blogposting, a couple years back, for about six months, I pretended to be a separatist feminist lesbian living in Chicago with a girlfriend. However, I was none of these things. In reality, I was a straight teenager who lived outside of America. I engaged in this elaborate act because I was bored and found it exciting that people believed me. I fabricated stories about aborting my male pregnancies and expressed my strong dislike for Trump. I even got into petty fights with others. But I eventually grew tired of it all, I simply deleted my account and never really thought about it again. I can't for certain if current radfems are similar to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if half of the extreme misandrist one's were.(blogposting)

No. 1888814

I know that deranged people tend to assume everyone else is secretly just like them, but just because it feels normal to you to waste your time like that doesn’t mean it’s normal for any other sizable portion of the population, certainly not “half” of misandrists kek. Most other people have hobbies that are not “compulsively lying on the internet for no real reason.” Although I realize the unfortunate sample demographic of lolcow users might lead you to assume otherwise.

No. 1888815

What the fuck

No. 1888845

Call my cynical but I don't believe a woman who only "realized" she was a lesbian after being a hetero tradwife boymom who enthusiastically supports the nuclear family(based on female subordination, very feminist) and has argued against abortion rights is really a lesbian at all, or even a feminist.

No. 1888872

but yeah to what end, she only came to the public light a few years after she had come out and with regards to just her debating the ethnic of troons.

No. 1889027

lmao why are you so mad anon's antics sound hilarious. perhaps you shouldn't act and associate with people who act like cartoon character

No. 1889163

kek the unfortunate sample demographic shows itself

No. 1889173

Because hit dogs holler

No. 1889992

File: 1693294975546.png (103.52 KB, 602x790, Screenshot.png)

I belive anything that is related to 'radical politics', whether it's the right or the left will inherently attract individuals who are a bit 'unhinged' and are desperate for some sort of group to belong too. Cause most people don't care about wider politics as long as their basic needs are being met. A good example of this desire for identity and a minor personal cow of mine is Miriam Ben-Shalom. She's literally Walter from the Big Lebowski, was from a German American Catholic family, married a Jewish man, converted to Judaism and then made being Jewish almost her entire personality. She even abandoned her husband and daughter to go to Israel and join the military, where she served in the Israeli Army as a driver during the War of Attrition. When she returned to the United States, she got a divorce from her husband (for obvious reasons) and went to university and It was there that she 'discovered' she was a lesbian. She then joined the US army and spent her career for camping for gays in the Us military and Zionism

No. 1890040

>Cause most people don't care about wider politics as long as their basic needs are being met.

this is literal anti-feminist logic which is always existed even before women had any of the hard won rights they do now, except before the flavor skewed towards: "feminists are troublemakers looks to rock the boat while I struggle to keep myself motivated as as I'm doing 90% of chores, all the cooking, cleaning and childcare in lieu of paid work! my moid mistreats me because I literally cannot leave him without becoming destitute. unfortunately there aren't any workable alternatives to my unedified self than this"

"feminists aims are a pipe dream, having coerced or for sex in marriage is inevitable and something you need to learn to cope with as women always have instead of shamefully bringing thus subject to the courts. that impropriety is worse than quietly enduring rape in mistreatment all your life."

"young women in showbiz are routinely assaulted, abused and worse and have no recourse but that's what you get for wanting to be in showbiz instead of being a household slave like so many others! Men are almost never punished for these incidents but they are incredibly shameful for women to be exposed as victims of. women are essentially wh**s and sluts for being victims of male predation & abuse."

anti-feminists have no freaking idea what activists are actually doing or have done. without feminist activism you would lack a lot of rights you take for granted right now. It's cool that you don't give a fucking shit about your rights or making your life better or having legal protections, but If more people did give a fuck about the law and what women deal with this world wouldn't be such as big of a hellscape.

No. 1890046


I know the people on here are trolls and drama addicts but
Stock is an individual person and not representative of an entire group as I'm sure you all know.

If she entertains regressive ideas that's not really something that leftist lesbians are radical feminists have anything to do with. There's a lot of conservatives GC types in the UK. and I feel like a lot of you have a tendency to twist and misinterpret/misremember what people say because this is a shitty site and not like some reputable publication that is asking you to fact check what you're saying so there's nothing here that is trustworthy, anyway.

Stock has contributed a lot of good writing to the whole stupid trans debate. anything outside of that is irrelevant to me.

No. 1890050

Isn't stock not even a radical feminist? She just got caught up in this debate because of what happened to her I thought

No. 1890054

That is not at all close to what I meant. My point was that as long as the basic needs are being met, most people (for better or worse) don't want to waste their time with further activism. Of course, everyone knows that things are still bad, but people still have lives to live, families and work, and procrastination are all factors that make average people just want to stay in their line (again, despite many knowing the system is fucked up). If there are social issues that personally affects them, they will support whatever mainstream party has the most broad appeal and which they think their values fall under.

No. 1890055

Holy shit. I haven't been in this thread for months and it has devolved in handmaidens and troons shitting on women. We have the traditional posie is a nazi, lesbians are awful and disgusting perverted incel troons are better than certain women…
Bless you nonnie for still wanting to spout facts in this heap of autism

No. 1890184

File: 1693328596032.jpg (392.36 KB, 1080x1686, Screenshot_20230829_130433_Tum…)

menalez is such a retard i would not be surprised in the slightest if she is the one posting all of these screencaps that suspiciously come from her blog and are suspiciously about people she has vendettas against (bihet meanie, macroclit, etc).
also, screencap of her defending prostitution recently

No. 1890185

>they can just pay a penalty for some crime so
So basically they're focred into prostitution and she wants to make sure they stay in it by making them owe the state money to not throw them in jail. Not exactly a good solution.

No. 1890195

File: 1693330434666.jpg (436.58 KB, 1080x2462, Screenshot_20230715_115906_Chr…)

I posted this already in another thread but it fits here as well, I really hate to admit that I agree with picrel, it's half-right. For the majority of women, spiritualism (any and all of it) is basically the pipeline for trad-shit. Like radical feminism, came from Marxism, it is a scientific analysis which sets it apart and allows it to exist. Spiritual woo-woo, on the other hand, is focused on base emotions and an imagined utopia. I swear I have seen this in real-time. Spiritualism leads to goddess worship, which leads to Mary worship, which goes to Christianity.

No. 1890283

This isn't advocating for prostitution I'm pretty sure she's just advocating for the Nordic model vs complete criminalization.

No. 1890558

>I belive anything that is related to 'radical politics', whether it's the right or the left will inherently attract individuals who are a bit 'unhinged' and are desperate for some sort of group to belong too.
you're right, people who get into radical politics are usually attracted to extremism in general and not actual significance/theory behind whatever they are currently into. you get people who quickly go from being really into radical feminism to really into extreme trad christian right wing shit because the politics ultimately mean very little to them and they have no consistent core beliefs. they probably like thinking they're edgy and esoteric as well.
also your personal cow sounds hilarious kek

No. 1890700

File: 1693395735403.png (449.33 KB, 1140x2204, Screenshot.png)

Here's my take, as someone who has a history with these 'radicals' when I was in university, there are two broad groups of these types. One group consists of mostly upper middle class, left-leaning college kids with unrealistic ideals of attempting to overthrow the government, but accomplishing little more than being a nuisance at their most effective. The other group are what are termed 'political thugs'- glorified gangsters who just add an ideology to their looting and assaults.
I believe the culmination of the former was the weather underground, their ranks included anarchists, ideological third-worldists and women who were often (although not always) connected to the women's liberation scene. Almost all of them came from wealthy backgrounds and unsurprisingly, very few of them faced imprisonment or harm from the government. Their "great revoloution" against the United States spanned a decade of bombings. Law enforcement mockingly referred to them as the "toilet cloggers" due to their tactics to blow up bathrooms in government buildings. and their most devastating bombing occurred when they accidentally obliterated one of their own safe houses. Some members lived in hiding for years before eventually surrendering, only to be shocked by the lenient punishment they received. Law enforcement simply didn't consider them worthy of prosecution. almost all are still alive and remain wealthy to this day.
There was also a rather funny moment when Robin Morgan actually reconsidered most of her views when she met one of her old friends who was part of the weather underground, and where they called her infant song a "white pig" because they were convinced that white babies are a symbol of global white supremacy, they also ate all her food and stole some of her money and left without saying anything and she realized this was just lameand they were really harming themselves and feminism should never try to be like this.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1890738

i saw your unintelligible rant on tumblr too and it was just as stupid there. most people who get into spiritual woo in the first place are people with religious trauma from christianity.

No. 1890747

NTA but wtf are you talking about? do you even know what unintelligible or rant mean?

No. 1890839

File: 1693417473974.png (1.71 MB, 1305x1828, capture.png)

sage for OT, but I absolutely adore Julie Bindel, tons of her 'articles' is just stuff that annoys her a little.

No. 1891017

I dislike all the spiritual woo woo feminism, too. My personality isn't compatible with that kind of silliness, I like objective, hard facts and that shit is as far from objective and factual as you can get. It also seems to be another trend for the young feminists to latch on to, and I'm honestly not that open-minded. nothing relating to goddesses appeals to me. doubly so if someone is "reclaiming" ancient mythology that was obviously created to be in alignment with whatever kind of male dominance existed back then.

No. 1891121

There are extremes to two sides, even in the hard facts and logic camp. Like, Radical feminism is derived from Marxist theory, with the fundamental aspect of viewing women as the oppressed class and men as the oppressor class, and the need for revolution. Marxist socialism, whether one likes it or not, has its highly modern inner logic. The problem is that it gets stuck up in its ass and leads to endless 'intellectual' debates over theory to the point of redundancy and overanalyzing everything. So It doesn't have mass appeal to anyone, so for common people, a form of national and spiritual socialism takes over (that's what happened with the Soviet Union and much of the eastern block). That doesn't rely on facts and logic, just emotions, and you get weird conclusions of ancient Mongolia being an ideal communist state and how it's Russia's responsibility to turn the entire world into Mongolia. The same happened with feminism; it got too theory-obsessed and so those who believed in ancient magic and rituals started gaining ground(Z Budapest and Ruth Barrett are two classic examples and Adelaide Meadow and Serendipity Day are two more recent nutcases), cause it gave women something grander to believe in. and spiritualists can easily fall into trad trap, cause the divine mother goddesses lives on as Mary, so you can go to Church with your boyfriend and not feel bad about it.

No. 1891128


ntayrt but I wish I could read more of your writing

No. 1891197

File: 1693484439772.png (277.32 KB, 760x1241, Screenshot_20220601-140004.png)

I don't think I'm necessarily making any groundbreaking statements. It's just that hindsight is 20/20, along with the principle of Occam's razor. Political groups that have the broadest appeal and are the most stable and conscientious usually end up with the ability to bring about the most change. That said even feminists in that era such as Jo Freeman and Phyllis Schlafly pointed this out and It wasn't as bad as with communist groups, but feminist groups had a habit of splitting apart due to ideological and personal differences. Take, for example, the National Organization for Women, which had nearly 3 million members at its peak (a potentially incredibly powerful voting bloc), yet they constantly splintered into separate groups.

>The Women's Equity Action League (WEAL) - was created in response to concerns that NOW was not adequately addressing issues of racial and economic inequality within the feminist movement.

>The Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF) - was created by Eleanor Smeal in 1987, who had previously served as the president of NOW. It founded as a result of Smeal's growing unpopularity with in the NWO cause of how frequently she would take the presidency, so she created an organisation which essentially had the same goals and Ideas as the NWO just with her in-charge.
>Radical Women - splintered in 1967, It was a socialist feminist organization that separated from NOW.(and it would have a majors split off between its socialist and radical feminist factions).
>The National Women's Political Caucus (NWPC) - founded in 1971 as a bipartisan organization to recruit, train, and support women for elected and appointed office positions. Its goal was to have feminists work closer with the democratic and republican parties.

And there were tons of other groups who had their own splintering. Again, this wasn't unique to feminists, it was just something that plagued the new left since the end of WW2. For example, in Rita Mae Brown's(who was a bit of a cow herself, basically a polilez who didn't believe homosexuality existed and admitted to sleeping with her male cousin cause she was horny) autobiography, she talked about the downfall of the Furies collective (a radical lesbian feminist collective) because two of the members had a break-up and didn't want to see each other again. As a result, one side of the party supported one while the others supported the other, and the whole movement fell apart.

No. 1891249

File: 1693494196306.png (809.42 KB, 941x600, CAPTURE.png)

What I want to know is why so many left leaning radicalfeminists seem to be utterly blind to communist/Russian/Chinese propaganda. For instance, Kajsa Ekman wrote an excellent book regarding the state of prostitution and how it functions in Europe, but at the same time, she retweets and posts literal Russian propaganda and thinks Putin is justified in invading Ukraine. How does this even work mentally? How can you brilliantly see misogyny one way but can be utterly blind in other ways.

No. 1891252

To me she sounds like an insufferable bore. She also has no qualms of throwing other women under the bus if she's jealous of them. She likes to hear herself talk to much.

No. 1891269

I've wondered the same thing for years. My personal guess when it comes to varieties of leftists and radical feminists being so gullible to tankie (retarded term but for lack of a better word regarding Russia/China/DPRK ideologies) propaganda is mostly by wanting to be anti-US/NATO and anti-imperialism so bad they go full circle and find a new, different imperialism that's good because it's not the US. It can call itself communist despite having none of the actual characteristics legitimate socialism or communism would have, as long as it puts on the red paint and says death to America, it's good to them by way of being contrarian. It's no use trying to make them listen to women who have actually grown up in these countries (whether 20 or 60 years ago). Even if they make women and gay people face the wall or just throw them from buildings, even if ethnic minorities get genocided and personal freedoms made nonexistent, that's just collateral damage next to the righteous cause of being anti-US at all costs.
I get the need to be radical, but it often leads to seeing the world in terms of dichotomy, good and evil, and this need to be contrarian no matter what, as if sides that oppose can't both be shit.

No. 1891294

I think it's closer to what >>1890558 mentioned. People who believe in absolutes are more likely to fall into these absurd conclusions just because it's against the current status quo. most people don't know that many of the Nazi party members were former communists and socialists, who hated the liberal capitalist status-quo, modern tankies have the same mentality.

No. 1891373

File: 1693511633844.jpg (587.8 KB, 1032x2128, ovarit.jpg)

so this is what ovarit updoots these days. it's like the only women left there at this point would have been part of some far-right christian soccer mommy "family values" anti-gay group in the early 2000s.

it seems like every reddit offshoot quickly descends into a circlejerk of the most psychotically anti-social members of that community. it also happened to that weird chapo traphouse offshoot site that was exclusively populated by unhinged trannies.

No. 1891376

Ovarit has a lot of issues, but there's nothing wrong with that post and it doesn't contradict any sort feminism.

No. 1891385

It doesn't contradict feminism directly, but it's hypocritical when "feminists" have any kind of right wing views (yes, this includes hating homeless people. And what about homeless women?)
How are you going to say, as a feminist, women are vulnerable and should be protected etc. but shit on other people who are vulnerable?

No. 1891388

do you really think they don't privately think the same about poor and homeless women? that post could have been written by any insufferable bay area rapist eugenicist tech moid. it shows a complete disinterest in any notion of emancipatory politics, including feminism.

it's also just flat out wrong right wing propaganda. there's a gazillion pilot projects in nordic countries and elsewhere that have proven that providing people with (adequate) housing is an effective way to solve homelessness. turns out even mentally druggies don't enjoy sleeping on concrete. apart from that, pretending that the skyrocketing homelessness rate in many major US cities has nothing to do with the housing crisis is pants on head retarded.

do I enjoy being barraged by homeless weirdos? of course not. but everyone with a basic concept of structural politics can see that the homeless crisis exists because it's convenient to the powers that be and not because homeless people are inherently evil.

No. 1891493

homeless men are violent and a threat to women and children. not everything falls neatly into left wing or right wing.

No. 1891638

Where tf does this woman live? I live in a city with a major homelessness/drug crisis but the thought that women can’t go out in public is laughable

No. 1891682

on top of it being basically them wanting to be anti-us/contrarians, now this might sound really bad and baity, but sometimes when it comes of to certain types of leftist people/tankies etc from usa and other countries with strong patriotic and nationalistic cultures i sometimes wonder if it's some sort of projected nationalism from their part? they as leftists feel like they aren't allowed to feel patriotic towards their own country, especially amerikkka~, but since they are from a culture that is patriotic they get their nationalism fix by projecting this nationalism to some other strongly nationalistic cultures that acts as an "countering power" towards their own? like with the whole west vs east thing, that's why you see tankies always be obsessed about russian/soviet, north korean or chinese nationalistic imagery and propaganda and why you see less obsession over like communist vietnamese or south american patriotic imagery because they don't really have similar strong nationalistic image compared to russia or north korea or something. i haven't thought about this angle so much so i still haven't comprehend thoughts about it, i'm not from usa but from another country with a strong patriotic culture and seeing tankies and certain types of leftist types from my country behaving the way they behave i wonder if it's something like this. like the way they talk and act about DPRK or russia sometimes reminds me of the trads who cream themselves over our own country, like they wish theycould be some sort of honorary russians that could feel pride over their history and culture etc with free conscience? and how these people behave with russian or DPRK civilians, that they should feel some strong loyalty towards their own countries like if they see any russians critisizing their own country they act as if they are brainwashed western traitors or something or that people from DPRK complaining about their living conditions are liars and propaganda like they expect these people to be patriotic about their own countries the same way nationalistic people expect others to be. idk.

No. 1891686

like for example, i don't see so many insane tankies online from countries with seemingly less patriotic cultures but the craziest ones seem to usually come from places like usa where they grew up with very nationalistic environment. i am sure these exists for example swiss tankies or whatever, but at least for an outsider switzerland doesn't seem have the similar ultrapatriotic culture like USA USA USA and since their country isn't like one of the designated main character-countries of the world like usa or russia I guess people from there might be more content to be more neutral and just keeping to themselves.

No. 1891783

Half agree with you, like these people have a human desire for something greater than themselves(a tribe), but either their values don't match with their own nation, and they seek an outside force to superimpose their ideals upon and fetishize OR you find men(and some women but its mostly men) who don't fit into their societies and want its destruction out of petty hatred, loses who switch between political ideologies every 3 to 6 months.

No. 1892108

You are being vague and obtuse on purpose because it fits your agenda do you really believe that people who talk about how worthless the homeless are and how all of them are junkies don't think the same thing about homeless women? There was literally a radfem who was struggling and was homeless and no other radfem wanted to help her but keep being a pathetic liar to protect a cult who looks down on anyone who is not a privileged tradthot.

No. 1892111

>There was literally a radfem who was struggling and was homeless and no other radfem wanted to help her
well this is an imageboard so if you have any interesting stories like this to share then by all means feel free to post screencaps!

No. 1892114

That's because modern radfems are alt-righters and traditionalists and alt-righters currently support Russia which is why there are radfems who currently support Russia too (despite the cruel depraved rape which the Russian soldiers were reported to be doing to Ukrainian children and families).

It's no coincidence that lately so many alt-right beliefs are starting to overlap with radfems.

Some women join the radfem community with good intentions and then they slowly get indoctrinated into tradthot thinking without even knowing it.

Remember this quote:
The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

No. 1892213

That's the thing these aren't alt-righters, these are women who identify as communists and anti-imperialists(definitely not as right-wing). that said Kajsa Ekman did write for Steigan.no, a group that advocates "red-brownism" that is the far right and far left should join to fight the liberal capitalist status-quo.

No. 1892415

File: 1693676149404.jpg (370.67 KB, 1080x2124, menalez.jpg)

No. 1892546

you posting this here just makes you look like some butthurt racist tradthot because she's right

No. 1892565

nta and as a fellow "poc" I don't think its right, this isn't identity politics or structure or whatever bs, race is a spectrum, its absurd to hate or like anyone based on their race, sex is real and it defines almost everything. both aren't the same thing.

No. 1893067

File: 1693780586598.png (865.49 KB, 1404x1715, Screenshot.png)

So what's the deal with WOLF(Women's Liberation Front)?
They came to light during Julia Beck's interview with Carlson(who also seems to have disappeared from the public after her interview on FOX and her speech with the hertiage Foundation, very convenient). Now, I assumed they were one group willing to work with conservatives on the trans issue and that's it. However, going through their site, 99% of their posts focus on are related to stuff Republicans support. I noticed this weird almost political angle of campaigning against Democratic politicians and also framing Republican laws as 'wins for women'. It's a little weird right.


No. 1893073

What are you talking about? Wolf literally wrote the Women's Bill of Rights (along with some tradwife group called IWF). The Women's Bill of Rights states that women are female, men are male and the govt will define them as such. Of course they are going to talk about the only two governors that have signed/executive ordered it. I feel like you are concern trolling right now.

No. 1893123

>aren't the same thing
Race has a real component to it too though. "race as a spectrum" only existed in recent times because humans allowed it to and it became acceptable to have kids with other "races" (miscegenation). Race is a made up concept but hair texture and skin color are not. Someone can not hide their race just as someone cannot hide their sexuality without pain and torture. The current system is binary in terms of sexuality which surprise surprise mostly only harms homosexuals "White passing" is as real as "straight passing".

>basically a polilez who didn't believe homosexuality existed
That quote outright says both homosexuality and heterosexuality exist but are extremes on the curve of the human population that are less common than bisexuality. Ignoring the part where heterosexuality is included is also convenient agenda setting.

No. 1893214

what institutional/systematic/societal power do women possess though when one evaluates the world through that outlook?

No. 1893266

Collaborating and appealing to trads who think women exist to be breeder fuckbots: a classic feminist move! kek

TERF-to-tradthot pipeline remains undefeated. I'll be shocked if all high profile """gender criticals""" aren't married+permapregnant stay at home mawwwmieez in a few years. Most are anyway.

No. 1893289

menalez is a polilez so her whole rant is stupid. she isn't even really a lesbian, she's bi and has dated men.

No. 1893290

Take your meds

No. 1893321

isn't terfectly or whatever her current url is married to military scrote? or was the army thing just a rumour?

No. 1893435

that was radfem-tori but there was another one married to a military guy.

No. 1893559

I've only seen bits and pieces of what she's been up to, but yeah she's married to a military guy. I think he was also married to someone else when they met, and might have a kid from that marriage too? What a mess. I sincerely hope she beats the odds and doesn't end up as some kind of abuse victim. Military/police moids are considered a no-go for a reason.

No. 1893653

if you scroll back far enough through lesbiansdatingmen on tumblr you should be able to find receipts. but yes, opisaterf/terfectly is married to a military man (despite claiming to be super duper leftist and against the military) who used to be with her best friend.
she was out as a lesbian, then one day she started posting about how she hooked up with her best friend's partner. she avoided using pronouns, so at first people thought she meant her friend's wife. but eventually she came clean and admitted it was her friend's husband, but she was still totalllllly a kinsey 5.9 (kek, I seriously doubt she's even been with a woman considering she used to flip flop between saying she'd fucked women and saying she'd only kissed them).
her and the guy broke up and she broadcast the details all over tumblr for some reason, but they got back together and now they're married with a baby.
also I can't post a pic unfortunately because she's made her instagram private unfortunately, but the moid she dropped the lesbian act for is ugly af. lanky, scrawny, no chin, literally like the virgin from the chad vs virgin meme irl except with light hair and no glasses. it's never a good looking man that makes them reconsider the lesbian larp. for some reason it's always the most hideous creature you've ever seen.

No. 1893920

So many of these broads are flip floppers.Theres is even now a Mexican radfem (who allegedly said her mom took drugs while she was pregnant with her) now shilling for MRAs after bitching for years about how much she hated men and was deranged polilez. I wonder if it's because of BPD or some other mental illnesses?

No. 1893938

The problems have only continued to pile up since then, too. Being a military wife has taken a toll on her already limited mental capabilities. I can't remember the exacts, but I believe the list of things she's done relating to that include:
>Bragged about how well-off she is as a result of her husband's involvement in the military
>Implied that radblr users who are critical of the US military (and therefore critical of her and her beloved Cody) are just jealous of how well-off she is
>Said that being anti-war and anti-military was stupid because "the military has always existed and will always exist, and that's a good thing because people need protection"
>Claimed the US military hasn't done anything particularly bad aside from "acting like other countries' dad"
>Made various offensive jokes about Japan (where her husband had primarily been deployed), including jokes about the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
There's probably more, but I never followed her or anyone who followed her, and I'm no longer on radblr, so I only have bits and pieces of information shared with me by friends who are still radblr users and have a greater capacity for being a true hater than I do. Less important than the insane polilez to bisexual military tradwife stuff are things like how often she posts about her baby's poop, and her participation in the collective bihet nuclear meltdowns any time conversations about separatism or lesbophobia by radblr users come up. I'm not really sure why she hasn't been completely torn apart and run off radblr a la macroclit, but I assume it might have to do with how often her account gets termed and remade. There are a few really annoying and shitty users on radblr who seemingly coast by with clean slates simply by deleting and remaking their accounts, so I wouldn't be surprised if repeated remaking were the only thing keeping her from being condemned. It's ironic, though, since I've seen speculation that she's only getting termed more often than other radblr users because someone else in the community has such a vendetta against her that she mass-reports her every time she makes a new account. That would mean that it's possible that the only thing keeping her from being called out and run off of radblr are the vendetta-fueled actions of someone who probably wants her to be called out and run off of radblr more than anybody else.

No. 1894184

she admitted that she's given up trying to contest "feminism" and claimed that a lot of women attached to feminist ideology are too heavily invested in useless theory and semantic arguments, so she claims she's just "pro-women polices" whatever that means.

No. 1894196

so correct me if I'm wrong, abortyoursons/abortsons got into trouble on radtwt cause she allegedly said something racist about gypsies?

No. 1894201

yeah obviously, it’s just funny to see tumblr "radfems" being buddy-buddy (she’s quite popular on this side of tumblr and has been for a few years) with a woman who is married to an army man, since it’s so incompatible with radical feminism and leftism in general. not that every woman on here should be ideologically pure, but not marrying a scrote so directly involved with oppresive force is like bare minimum.

No. 1894211

Wow, that's crazy. I always thought she was extremely cringeworthy with her military nigelposting, but knowing she used to pretend to be a lesbian and FUCKED HER BEST FRIEND'S ugly military moid is making me scream. Why does half of radblr suck her toes 24/7? Perhaps they identify with her cognitive dissonance of claiming to hate men while procreating with and gushing about one that participates in the foremost mechanism of male violence?
Tori seemed legitimately confused, traumatized, and sort of low-IQ (in the kindest way possible) so I can't bring myself to hate her. But militaryspawnmama or whatever… I could a-log her if i was a woman of weaker will.

No. 1894212

idk i don't go near radtwt for the same reason i don't go near open dumpsters. But pretty much every "radfem" on radtwt is actually a trad racist trying to be edgy with the label, so I'm gonna put my vote on "probably"

No. 1894245

i love the atmosphere and community here, even the infighting is fun sometimes, but once in a while i see posts so deeply retarded it reminds me i am in an echo chamber here as well, just one where it's okay to shit on trannies. time to hide the thread i guess

No. 1894246

don't worry your military nigel can't see us hating on him on here so he'll be ok and you will be too, I promise

No. 1894363

i genuinely don't understand how any self identified radfemleaning types can stand let marry military men. i already felt psychotic levels of hatred towards men before, but now that i have to deal with military moids at work every single day my hatred of men has turned into divine wrath. they're the worst shit men alive.

No. 1894465

Honestly shocked at how dumb your post is. Did your military hubby give you CTE already?

No. 1894483

File: 1694105958151.webm (7.66 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1694105774048.webm)

what is she even trying to say here?

No. 1894505

It's because they aren't actually radfems, they're just women with not much in terms of personality who try to compensate for that fact by LARPing who have gotten comfortable with the "tumblr radfem" brand they made for themselves when they were labeled as "TERFs" while they were LUGs with "transphobic" opinions.
Btw, if anyone's curious how blatant the LARP is: Terfectly used to talk about how she found pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to be so disgusting that the sight of them made her feel like puking, and now she's a glorified mommyblogger who posts about how having a baby is "a beautiful, life-changing experience that gave her more insight," that people who don't have kids "don't know anything about the world," and about how stinky her "beautiful" baby's shit is. IIRC bihet-meanie is another "mean lesbian to proudly fucking a military Nigel" type, and she literally said "I played up the mean lesbian character" after she "discovered" she was OSA "for the first time" by falling back in love with a guy she dated before she went through her LUG era.
Honestly I think she's just saying shit, and maybe trying to be a contrarian. If there was a point here, it either failed to land, or is simply too stupid for us to comprehend.

No. 1894510

I occasionally listen to her podcast and see her tweets and she actually believes this.

No. 1894560

Has another radblr confessions blog popped up yet? That shit is funny lol.

No. 1894618

lots of lesbian feminists were formerly with men - Sheila Jeffreys often refers to her "heterosexual" former life. I believe Angela Wild from Get the L Out was previously married to a man and had a child with him, and likewise Linda Bellos, as well.

No. 1894728

>lots of lesbian feminists were formerly with men
Aren't Sheila Jeffreys and Angela Wild political lesbians, tho? That is, not homosexual at all. I've seen Angela Wild saying herself on Twitter that "born this way" is not true for everyone, and that she "chose to be a lesbian". Not just extremely homophobic but also very cult-like, as if she were trying to convert het/bi women to lesbianism.
I'm a homosexual woman and there's nothing political about it, no matter how much a woman hates men. Or you're exclusively same-sex attracted or you're not a lesbian.
Lesbophobic types like Angela Wild are the main reason I left most radfem spaces, sigh.

No. 1894773

File: 1694137149782.jpg (12.3 KB, 589x126, SPOILER_photo_2022-03-26_20-15…)

another mean lesbian to bihet who's still popular on radblr is ignis-divine-eleison. she swore she was a gold star lesbian for years (if you looked far enough back in her archive she'd posted about how the only reason she didn't have sex with her boyfriend in school despite being a "nymphomaniac" and asking him to have sex with her was that he said no).
she went on hiatus for a while. then when she came back, she made a post which she began by begging people not to send her death threats and then said she was bisexual. she said that she had crushes on 3 different guys at once and that she'd had a boyfriend for a few months. by the end of the week she was asking her followers for opinions on whether she should peg her boyfriend or not.
someone sent her an anon wondering if she had a strong preference for men now, and she responded by saying no, and that she'd had one boyfriend (untrue) and 13 gfs. she had just turned 22, so if true she would have been going through girlfriends rapidly. as if it's a flex and not a further sign of mental instability to have had so many failed relationships at such a young age.
a blog called stupendousrunawayking popped up and seemed to know some things about the school ignis went to and claimed that she was known to have dated boys in school, contrary to her claim that she'd always thought she was 100% gay and was an out lesbian in school. the blog posted a group pic allegedly from their school days with someone that looked very like ignis as proof she knew ignis irl. it was grainy and low quality, plus the person who might have been ignis had her eyes closed and part of her face wasn't visible because someone standing in front of her was blocking it. so it could have just been someone who looks like her. I doubt anyone is so obsessed with proving ignis dated boys in school that they'd bother searching for a picture of someone who looks like her in a school setting to post on a tumblr blog where it will maybe get 10 notes though.
also some minor drama that's a little funny, ignis used to lust over fictional male characters like link from zelda when she was in menalez' (a fellow bi that swears she's gay for radblr clout, along with claiming to be part black and from a communist far leftist family when her family literally have a maid and live in a big luxurious house kek) discord server. an anon thought that this was evidence of ignis being bisexual (this was before she came out as bi) and menalez swooped to her defence and acted like it was ridiculous to think ignis was bisexual because she found fictional men attractive. just a couple of months later, ignis came out as bi, so her crushes on fictional men were a sign of her bisexuality after all.

No. 1894776

idk you can be a goldstar even if you serial dated numerous moids as long as you didn't have sex with them, go figure kek

No. 1894792

A friend knew ignis for a while before she "came out" as bi told me ignis told her that she never dated or crushed on men and I was always doubtful as I am with most of these types of stories because they're usually just lying. I'm glad to know I'm right. There is no way a bisexual feels their first sexual attraction to the opposite sex in adulthood. If they don't have dating histories with the opposite sex, then they have at least had crushes or sexual attraction that they choose to omit from their history to justify whatever lie they're telling

No. 1894794

File: 1694141343987.png (27.5 KB, 520x165, screen shot.png)

No. 1894799

>There is no way a bisexual feels their first sexual attraction to the opposite sex in adulthood
Not defending ignis because in her case (and probably most cases) it’s obvious she was hiding her real life antics and lying out her ass, and she’s cringe as fuck for talking about pegging her Nigel and his enemy habits, but what you said isn’t true. It’s not the typical bisexual experience but it’s not an impossibility. Some people have really long bi-cycles that can manifest this way and in the reverse. Hence the “I’m a lesbian who fell for a man” and “I’m a straight woman who fell for a woman” claims from confused bisexuals who had this happen to them but don’t accept the new identity.

No. 1894801

Take your little tag quote screenshot back to radblr and infight there about your validity as a radfem who dates military blockheads for the 500 millionth time instead of shitting up this thread, please

No. 1894822

there is a difference between me and someone dumb enough to marry a military moid, actually. not all women are as stupid and hapless as you.

this is like when tumblr rads abloobloo about tradwives getting made fun of for their awful life choices. "but they're victiiims tricked by the patriarchyyy" yeah we all are, but most of us don't campaign against our own rights for the approval of moids who think we're fuck-appliances

No. 1894858

This, its never they figured out their sexuality(which is understandable) its "I choose to be a lesbian as a political statement" Julia Beck talked about how her entire friend group who read radical feminist texts came out as lesbians in collage, which is really something(also sidenote I think she's a bit autistic)

No. 1894944

I'm open to the idea, but I've never seen it happen personally. Every time they claim it, they're later revealed to have been lying about their history with the opposite sex. It's just hard to believe, especially when you're within a heteronormative society with all the pressures to choose the opposite sex and you're capable of attraction to them.

No. 1895189

My theory is that they have constructed an exaggerated and unhistorical view of patriarchy (which is already awful, so you don't need to make shit up to make it seem worse, especially with easily disprovable facts) to such a degree that they that when they encounter someone who doesn't fit into their distorted perspective(such as a good understanding Christian man), their worldview is shattered, and they begin to question everything they have ever believed in, including perhaps whether feminism was wrong. This mindset can be interpreted in various ways, but due to their developed ego and the bubble they have lived in, when that bubble bursts, it allows them to manipulated.
I was reading this book called Family Values:Two Moms and Their Son, which I read because I heard it was an excellent insight regarding lesbian parenting in the 90s. In the book, the authors mention that almost all the lesbians she knew who used sperm donors, whether it was from a clinic or using a turkey baster, would end up having sons. It was rare to find a girl born in a lesbian group, and it was hard for the more separatist lesbians to accept. Many had very idealized fantasies about living in female-only communes (despite all of them being city people) and having only daughters. But when they had sons, they couldn't give them up, so they just stop going to feminist activities because they felt ashamed. and It seemed so pointless. If they lived in reality and thought critically for a moment, none of this would have happened.
>With regular conception, I will have a 50/50 chance of having either a boy or a girl, and it's scientifically proven that artificial insemination heavily favors the Y chromosome. So if I wish for a daughter, I should most likely avoid it since there are no guarantees, and I could not have a child, or I could always adopt a girl as well
but they had an idealised fantasy that statistically had a lesser chance of happening and when it didn't happen, it seemed to destroy the identity they had created and so they "gave up" on those feminist identities.

No. 1895224

>such as a good understanding Christian man
kekkkkk my sides trads are hilarious. You’re so right, Christian men are the exception to the rule. Just look at history!

No. 1895243

honestly though, where does the line go? because technically you can be a goldstar while having dated or even still occasionally dating moids all the time as long as you don't have PIV with him and that makes you honest real dyke, but if some girl has sex with some boy at 15 and after that decides that guys really don't do it for her she will always be a lying dickloving whore. it's hilarious

No. 1895247

That's not all close to a point, I'm not saying that all or most Christians are good or understanding, rather when you create an extreme caricature of any group(whether they deserve it or not) then you are bound ti fail, cause you will likely meet people who obviously don't conform to that extreme caricature you have created.

No. 1895251

real life experiences and male violence patterns are not caricatures. you're seriously not all mening on lolcor in 2023? go write a blog about men's feelings or something, that way your crusade against evil feminists might have more reach

No. 1895256

The average "good Christian man" is a porn addict who thinks women were put on the Earth to service him. It's the premise of his religion kek

Sex can be detected as early as 10 weeks. Instead of shamefully abandoning feminism to be a boymom, just abort the little parasite.

No. 1895377

>It's the premise of his religion kek
see this is what I mean, I'm not a Christian and I think all religions should be banned by the state or under its control but I am aware that's not how Christianity works or even its premise(like I don't understand where your getting this from), to truly demystify yourself from faith you don't have to make shit up or even demonise it, just objectively view its history, even Janice Raymond(I suggest you read some of her works) talked about this
I was using Christianity as an example, the same premise works with Muslims, Nazis, Communists and anyone mild of extreme ends of the political spectrum.

No. 1895410

samefag and sage for OT but Janice Raymond doesn't get enough credit in feminist circles. She's very much aligned with materialist feminism and utilizes strategies that have prioritize the material benefit of women. She advocates for working with the UN and NGOs to support women and has made a significant impact through her involvement in shaping sex trafficking laws. Additionally, she is willing to acknowledge and learn from her mistakes, as demonstrated by her changed position on Rodrigo Duterte, whom she now views as a necessary evil.

No. 1895472

File: 1694255348518.png (361.85 KB, 590x2594, KS.png)

well it happened, much of radtwt turned against Kathleen Stock after a post/article she made about how women telling women to avoid situations from assault isn’t victim-blaming.

No. 1895601

It feels like they hear "feminist suggestions on how to reduce the risk of being abused/raped" as "unwanted advice from misogynists about how the abuse/rape you already went through is your fault." Do they think self-defense classes are victim-blaming, too?

No. 1895799

more women need to get fucking strapped. the goal of self defense is protection of your life, because anything could happen at any time. if you're a radfem it should be like a rite of passage to get some self defense weapons and watch some self defense videos/classes when you learn about the depths of patriarchy and femicides. even better to buy self defense weapons for other women in need. it's like making a conscious choice of not putting a seat belt on when driving after hearing how often car accidents happen.
male culture basically pushes self defense weapons on them, it's more odd to see a man who doesn't have a slight interest in different types of guns and knives in some way.

No. 1895801

This is absolutely victim blaming. Why is a "feminist" putting the onus on women to avoid getting raped–which boils down to being in a constant state of prey-like hypervigilance and results in her curtailing her own personal freedoms–when the problem is men and boys? She's responding to a case where seven men got together and decided to gang rape some poor girl. Why is the conversation always about how women should have to modify our normal behavior, and not about how men should have to modify theirs? Half the population must live in constant fear, but we can't even suggest male curfews or anything of the like? We just have to live under the thumb of male violence forever, so sayeth a "radical feminist"?

Though I doubt this hettie bettie polilez boymom would take kindly to her spawn being told to do anything for the sake of women. Not muh suhhnz!
The "feminist suggestion" is literally misogynist rhetoric. Every restriction put on women and girls be it limiting our education or forcing hijabs and requiring male guardians to go outside are based entirely on the premise of "protecting" us. If you read her article, Stock is coming to the defense of the spouse of Giorgia Meloni, the fascist Italian PM. I'm shocked supposed radfems are falling for trad rhetoric so easily. Well, considering how much they suck off Matt Walsh and the like, not really kek

It's sad to see radical feminism become a rightwing movement, but there's no salvaging it now.

No. 1895808

dude you can "suggest male curfews" and say kill all men til the cows come home but how exactly is that going to change literally anything about the cultural/social/legal context we have to move through (because this is reality)? we live here and now in a world populated 50~% by moids, most of whom are actively hostile towards us on the ground level, and who primarily make up the formal systems that enable their hostility. slowly, over the course of many decades, more women are breaking into those systems, but only a fraction of those women are willing to mobilise to protect us from men as a whole. what do you actually want here? how will a thinkpiece on how scrotoids should have extremely restricted freedom because they are the perpetrators of violence and rape actually change anything? every women has fantasized about scrote curfews at some point, and they still dont and have never existed.

the most immediate thing a woman can do is raise awareness/educate younger or less experienced women about how to avoid or be prepared in places and situations where the danger men posit is higher. our reality is that we have to protect ourselves and informally protect each other from male violence, because societal structures sure wont, and good fucking luck revolutionising those in less than 50 years. its not about us HAVING to live under the thumb of male violence, its the reality that we DO, and WILL CONTINUE TO (unless some militant radfem group magically forms that culls all males in positions of power) live under that thumb.

No. 1895814

>rightwing movement
fucking kek, advising women to protect themselves from predatory men is right wing now? what restriction are we putting on women by building muscle memory and learning defense strategies, sounds like the total opposite of restriction. it'll be way better for us as women to move about in the world with less overall fear and the ability to fucking stab or shoot a man testing his innocence.

No. 1895893

File: 1694332826916.jpg (214.66 KB, 535x979, 5454543657.jpg)

Saying you find neet women hot at tumblr dot com makes you a predatory rapist and if you are the neet woman who likes these posts you are an idiot moron who should accept radical feminists as your personal saviors because obviously you are a brain damaged moron child who doesn't know what's best for her! Like all other women!

No. 1895899

Ok, so what are we supposed to do - ask men not to rape? I'm sure that will work.

No. 1895912

No I get what she's saying, like its not rapey but it is weird to fetishize a woman being a loser reliant on you

No. 1895913

But the point is, are the evil rapey women "fetishizing women being reliant on you" or perhaps some girls are just saying "sloppy women are hot lol" and paranoid polilezzies like you lose your shit because attraction between women is always supposed to be guided by political and moral codes, no a gal just can't find lazy unkept girls cute it has to be all about some soryt of power play. I hate you retards so much

No. 1895916

That's what anyone is saying though.

No. 1896010

Late reply, but I have never understood this 'womyn' thing myself. It always seemed kinda silly. The woman-man distinction came from the bastardization of the English language during Norman Rule. Previously, the word 'man' was neutral and meant person, while prefixes were added to denote gender, such as 'were-man' and 'wif-man'. Frankly, I never saw the point in the whole 'womyn' thing. Changing one letter does not change the fact that the word is still a derivative construction. I don't think it makes any qualitative change in people's attitudes toward women or does anything useful to advance the status of women in society. Honestly I would rather the man be used as gender neutral and the use of were-man back again.

No. 1896025

File: 1694359939432.jpg (147.19 KB, 1680x711, FZd2GkMvkSloM.jpg)

I wonder how the second-wavers of the past who are still alive today, feel knowing that picrel are the type of mentally unhinged weirdos who call themselves radfems nowadays.

No. 1896030

Mentally ill women need to be left to rot, any attraction to them makes you a loser and rapist. God forbid you are attracted to someone not upholding their capitalistic duties, how embarrassing and belittling to love a subhuman. We need to leave each other in dark pits we are unlikely to climb out from, what would the neighbors think. A 10/10 girlboss is the only way to love women, anything less is politically incorrect

No. 1896052

I was about to agree enthusiastically, but then I realized you were talking about guns and I lost interest

No. 1896053

It’s a signifier to other radfems, this thread is pure autism

No. 1896056

Probably sympathy towards someone so mind broken and unable to cope like they felt towards solanas. Detransitioners bounce from one extreme to the next because they still have the mental illness that made them troon out in the first place plus the added shame of doing something so horrible they want to get away from it as far as possible. You’d understand this if you had any empathy or if you were a woman.

No. 1896059

your acting is if radfems weren't famous for a disavowing other women from their ranks and destroying their own movement from the inside.

No. 1896125

2nd wavers are still active in academia and being vindicated by the failures of the third wave. Gloria Steinem (with help from government agencies) ended the second wave because straight women will always want to try to appeal to and live in harmony with men because lesbians and their lives are icky, sad and scary to the average straight woman. Gay pride was exactly as it said in the tin, respect and dignity for gay men only. The radfem movement failed because of its split focus on changing social relations, animal rights, and promoting marxism and not sticking to one gain at a time like improving the material realities of women in the current system using economics and law.

No. 1896130

Gloria Steinem wasn't some high-IQ CIA-trained spook, her work was sponsored by them along with 100 hundred groups. She was just used to disavow feminists from joining the communist because that's the one the CIA put above all else. Fascists, Islamists, and retarded pseudo-intellectuals were all supported in hopes that the Communists wouldn't gain any influence. The world we live in now is a result of those policies.
Also If you look into the history, second feminism literally failed because it was filled with random split-offs due to identity politics, see >>1891197

No. 1896189

>the most immediate thing a woman can do is raise awareness/educate younger or less experienced women about how to avoid or be prepared in places and situations where the danger men posit is higher.
You've already conceded the ground to men that women who aren't "careful" enough and try to live full lives are in some sense complicit in their own rapes. It's a useless conversation. Should women not pursue male-dominated STEM fields so we don't get raped? Scurry home like rats as the sun goes down? Why is putting restrictions of men not even a consideration, but all women and girls must live in constant fear a given? Men didn't want to give women the vote, birth control/abortion access or the ability to have bank accounts either, but we still got these rights through constant effort. So why is there no enthusiasm for any kind of advocacy in this sense? Probably because the "welp men will rape, just live with it" radfems are creepy boymoms who balk at the thought of their suhhhnz being restricted the same way they want to restrict girls?
Why is attempting to limit men's freedom the same way they want to limit ours never a consideration?
"Protect ourselves" how? This is the tradtard antifeminist argument at its core–women should live crippled, isolated lives for our own protection, and any who try to break out of the private sphere should've known better. This is the exact thing religious nuts tell women and girls to do.

Learning self defense is a good thing, but the actual problem(men) is not being addresses. Most rapes are committed by someone the victim knows and trusts, if she shoots/stabs/beats him up, she gets hauled off to jail.

No. 1896194

i love terfectly kek although i recognize likely no one here is going to agree with me. but yeah, what you said about one user constantly reporting her is true. i forget her url but i believe it's the same user that posted (admittedly decent) flower paintings, tried to sell them for hundreds of dollars, then had a meltdown when no one bought them and said that everyone would regret it when she killed herself and became the next van gogh. then someone dug up a bunch of dirt about her past and found out she had scammed people before and was begging for money for rent while living with her mother, among other lies. god i wish i had screencaps but i don't use tumblr anymore. i know someone reading this will know who i'm talking about.

No. 1896203

sorry to doublepost but thank you, "radfems" who think it's an inevitability that men will rape so the onus is on women to limit their own freedom to protect themselves are retarded. if women being hyper vigilant and restricting their lives to avoid being raped worked there would be no rape. people will twist themselves into knots to blame rape on anyone other than rapists.

No. 1896217

this but unironically

No. 1896229


oh that's have-a-hygge. formerly known as havekat. is also the same person as rad-bad-and-dangerous-to-know but she tries to stay low-key about it bc she tries to sell to troons on her art account.

and yes she is just as much of a cow as kelly is kek. iirc the incident that led to her being called out as a scammer was her getting mad about someone drawing a pair of beetles with a caption about the beauty of gay love, people telling her she was being ridiculous for freaking out over it just bc she personally finds bugs ugly, and then tried to spin op as a fascist for drawing "cockroaches" bc they were a symbol of the rwandan genocide. but her painting flowers that were used as a symbol by the nazis is totallyyyyyy different somehow.

she's also a big race faker. she claimed on the rad-bad account to be a brown middle eastern woman, but her "middle eastern" heritage is just her having one ashkenazi jewish parent. and on the havekat account she had pictures up where you can see she is as pale as milk

No. 1896230

There's a limit to empathy (everything has limits) and all of you in radfem/radfem-adjacent circles who pull the "empathy!" card are very emotionally manipulative.

No. 1896299

Guns are an option, but the sure thing to defend yourself. If you're in burgerland and access to gun purchasing is as easy as a background check, go for it, because it's that easy for any man (especially ones who haven't been caught doing degenerate shit) around you too.
But everywhere else; knives, mace, tasers. Learn types of throws, grab releases, flexibility stretches. >>1896189
>Woman defends her life
>Hauled off to jail
And I hate the government for that. I thankfully live in a place where you're better off killing the attacker/rapist/intruder because they have no legalities to sue you back for any retarded reason they could come up with.
>Women should live crippled isolated lives
What the actual fuck is your reading comprehension? I go out into the fucking woods by myself at any time of the day I want and you know what makes me feel safer about it? My self protection. The loaded gun, knife, and mace I keep in my bag that I take with me. Even without the gun, the mace and knife were great investments that take away the anxiety of being out by myself, because my life is worth it and not wasting away my life cooped up in my house. And when you purchase any of that shit, obviously learn how to use them. It literally takes like 30 minutes every month (or as short or as long as you want it) to do any kind of refresher for self defense. My life isn't sucked into self defense 24/7. This reply glows tbh.

No. 1896347

Do you people think that women's rights were attained by women explaining why oppression is bad to men, Steven Universe style? The Suffragettes striked from housework and committed acts of terrorism. Men still don't view us as human, we only got our rights because the obstinate disobedience of feminists of the past combined with societal needs that arose during major world conflicts (WWI and WWII) made the extent of female oppression at the time less advantageous for the ruling class than giving women some rights was. Men still don't view us as human, and our rights are constantly under threat. If you want to live in your fantasy world where all you need to do to stop the oppression and abuse of women by men is to convince the male-run governments to actually punish men for misogynistic violence by informing them that you, a woman, don't like being raped and think that men should be punished for it, I can't stop you, but I'll kindly ask you to go be stupid somewhere else. It's not fair that we have to protect ourselves and do all the heavy lifting for our rights and safety when men are the ones responsible for the totality of our oppression and the vast majority of the abuse we face, but if we were living in a fair or logical world, we wouldn't be oppressed in the first place.

No. 1896400

You are aware that Suffragettes were a broad coalition? Maybe a few would conform to our values but most would be considered "deplorable" if they were alive toady, like one of those violent Suffragettes also joined the British Fascist party, cause they hated Jews.

No. 1896468

Also Jo Brew, she's the head of Women’s Declaration International(the largest radfem organisation currently running) and is a political lesbian who still lives with her husband and their kids.(I don't know how that works personally)
these are women who dress like what they think lesbians are like but don't even have sex with other women.

No. 1896626

File: 1694458677038.png (55.1 KB, 614x559, 091120237.PNG)

why are you posting her in this thread and not the detrans thread?

No. 1896675

adherence to trans ideology is correlated with authoritarian personality. it's not surprising that the same idiots who thought they had to take testosterone to wear shorts make a 180 and become infantilized bimbo breeding sows to ugly older men when they revert to being women again. she's still performing gender, just the opposite of what she was doing before.

anyway, hoping for a miscarriage!

No. 1896754

literally what are you talking about girl. where did i say violence was inappropriate. all i said was women do not need to be reminded to be careful against rape and a woman doesn't need to take responsibility, even partial, for her own rape. you are responding to something no one has said so i'm not sure how to respond to you, kek.

No. 1896758

>I'll kindly ask you to go be stupid somewhere else
you don't own the thread. why not bring your infighting to /2X/ if you don't have any milk.

No. 1897113

File: 1694550760304.png (109.35 KB, 597x1043, 01.png)

Jen Izaakson thoughts on seperaitism

No. 1897114

File: 1694550795675.png (109.89 KB, 593x881, 02.png)

No. 1897145

Damn she's kinda right

No. 1897175

She's right but she could have said this in a way that wasn't rambling and verbose

No. 1897187

Oh shit I'm instagram buddies with this woman. She is right btw.

No. 1897190

Women can build stuff just as well as moids can if they are educated and trained to do it. In Australia for instance they started showing girls how to change tyres and the oil in their cars and such, instead of relying on a man to do it, and all of the girls picked it up easily.

Most moids in the west will never build a house or do manual labor in their entire lives and even those who do mostly do it by machinery now to the point it requires quite little effort and even short old fat guys with heart conditions can do it, please stop crediting all moids as the mythical ‘builder’ or ‘architect race’.
Also male sexual selection practically revolves around pedophilic criteria (most men prefer women shorter than them, weaker than them, younger than them, less intelligent than them, more agreeable and dependent than them, more neotenous looking etc) no shit when moidmonkeys have been selecting women to be weak small fragile passive and helpless and using rape and kidnapping as a procreation tactic, that alters the human body and female genetics/psychology and affects their role in society.
>nooooo we need to share space with the gender that commits 97% of violent crime because…we just do okay!

No. 1897194

nona… where did she say women couldn't build houses or change tires? you need to work on your reading comprehension and learn what reddit spacing is

No. 1897220

I don't think she's saying women aren't generally capable of maintaining a self-sustaining separatist community. She's saying that the vast majority, even the ones that are self-proclaimed separatists, don't currently wish to because they prioritize men and don't wish to give them up. Keyword: current, as she is not saying that women inherently possess an emotional and physical need for men

No. 1897356

>Also male sexual selection practically revolves around pedophilic criteria (most men prefer women shorter than them, weaker than them, younger than them, less intelligent than them, more agreeable and dependent than them, more neotenous looking etc)
I understand disliking men, but this is one of the most retarded, and I mean extremely retarded, arguments from radical feminists. Height and build are influenced by both sets of parents. For instance, tall, strong men with short wives are likely to have short sons. Similarly, a tall woman is more likely to have tall sons. These factors affect both sexes. Additionally, it is worth noting that most cavemen had no understanding of inherited genetic traits, and many people today still lack this knowledge. I mean, if you want to see what happens when artificially selecting for neotenous features does to a people, look at many East Asians. For example, that is where it did happen, and the men developed neotenous features as well.

No. 1900801

File: 1695131009097.png (Spoiler Image,155.46 KB, 557x825, Screenshot_2023-09-11_173616.p…)

No. 1900803

File: 1695131091630.png (Spoiler Image,165.96 KB, 458x852, Screenshot_2023-09-11_173823.p…)

No. 1900839

sailor-moon-rage is funny as fuck for this

No. 1900845

hey to whoever posted this: 1. this didn't need to be spoilered, nothing about this is nsfw and 2. this screenshot shows that you are following one person and not the other which makes it seem like vandetta posting for your friend or a self post. just a heads up.

No. 1900851

oh i just noticed you took that screenshot within seconds of it being posted and from the blog of the person who replied… yeah this is a self post lol

No. 1900862

Naw, just got it in a dm from a friend of mine who was catching me up on radblr drama. This ks couple weeks old(sage your shit)

No. 1900932

How? She seems like a giant retard to me, and I don't even like the failwoman fetish shit either. Isn't she a known homophobe, too?

No. 1900991

nta but probably because she's joking while everyone around her fumes and takes it seriously, it is kind of funny.

No. 1901085

This argument wasn't any less retarded when MRAs used it to claim men making "jokes" at the expense of women and their oppression were funny. Are you willing to follow this take to its end conclusion? Will you consider yourself to be a pathetic, malding loser when men don't care that you're upset they called you "an intellectually inferior roastie who belongs in the kitchen"?

No. 1901344

are you willing to take a hit of this doobie with me and chill out for a second?

No. 1902838

File: 1695466186063.png (536.61 KB, 1142x1342, Ti-Grace Atkinson doesn't unde…)

The more I read about second-wave radical feminist, the more I'm convinced that almost all of them would have been massive lolcows if they were active today.

No. 1902842

File: 1695466550496.png (427.59 KB, 1017x1206, solanas rejects feminism cause…)

No. 1902843

File: 1695466617359.png (462.04 KB, 1040x1228, radical lesbian feminist.png)

and this is the author Robin Morgan, a self declared lesbian radical feminist(who still identified as a lesbian till the 2000's) doing the well known lesbian practice, of having sex with men.

No. 1902904

Absolutely, basically every single hero of theirs was a traumatized (and deranged) bihet.

No. 1902914

File: 1695483825972.png (692.22 KB, 554x6752, Trashing_The Dark Side of Sist…)

I kind of resent this thread for making me aware of all the unsavory parts of second wave feminism.

Back on topic, have you ever read Trashing by Jo Freeman? '60s radblr and radtwt would have been wild.

What is "trashing," this colloquial term that expresses so much, yet explains so little? It is not disagreement; it is not conflict; it is not opposition. These are perfectly ordinary phenomena which, when engaged in mutually, honestly, and not excessively, are necessary to keep an organism or organization healthy and active. Trashing is a particularly vicious form of character assassination which amounts to psychological rape. It is manipulative, dishonest, and excessive. It is occasionally disguised by the rhetoric of honest conflict, or covered up by denying that any disapproval exists at all. But it is not done to expose disagreements or resolve differences. It is done to disparage and destroy.

The means vary. Trashing can be done privately or in a group situation; to one's face or behind one's back; through ostracism or open denunciation. The trasher may give you false reports of what (horrible things) others think of you; tell your friends false stories of what you think of them; interpret whatever you say or do in the most negative light; project unrealistic expectations on you so that when you fail to meet them, you become a "legitimate" target for anger; deny your perceptions of reality; or pretend you don't exist at all. Trashing may even be thinly veiled by the newest group techniques of criticism/self-criticism, mediation, and therapy. Whatever methods are used, trashing involves a violation of one's integrity, a declaration of one's worthlessness, and an impugning of one's motives In effect, what is attacked is not one's actions, or one's ideas, but one's self.
This attack is accomplished by making you feel that your very existence is inimical to the Movement and that nothing can change this short of ceasing to exist. These feelings are reinforced when you are isolated from your friends as they become convinced that their association with-you is similarly inimical to the Movement and to themselves. Any support of you will taint them. Eventually all your colleagues join in a chorus of condemnation which cannot be silenced, and you are reduced to a mere parody of your previous self.

No. 1902927

Jo Freeman seemed like one of the few radfems who had a foot in reality at least, her idea of the "Tyranny of Structurelessness" discussed earlier made its way into leftist discourse in general, regarding Anarchist or Egalitarian groups that didn't have any leadership but still devolved into cliques.

No. 1903091

>I kind of resent this thread for making me aware of all the unsavory parts of second wave feminism.
i don't feel that way at all. i honestly think it's a relief to learn that there have always been strife, drama, and general ridiculousness present within the movement. after all, if the movement was perfect and everyone involved did everything right and it failed anyway, then what would be the point? if there were nothing to improve upon, if there were no way to do better than they did, then we might as well roll over and die. the fact that there were lolcows in the second wave reminds me that all women throughout history have had to deal with other women being weak or insane or self-sabotaging. it's nothing new. we've dealt with it before and we can deal with it now.

No. 1903211

nta, But honestly, that's the thing though. The only reason anything was accomplished in that specific era was because of the material reality of that time. America, both right and left, wanted to position itself as the 'free world' against the Soviets. The idea of democracy and freedom of expression being the most American thing imaginable entered the discourse. If that wasn't the case, if any of the social movements existed in another era, well, they simply would not exist. They would be crushed within weeks, and that would be that. It's not a matter of debate even. feminism and social movements succeed in spite of their pointless BS and spats with each other.

No. 1903245

i think it's disingenuous to say that the only reason anything was accomplished in that era was due to circumstance. parts of feminism succeeded because, just as there are lolcows/maniacs/morons in every generation and in every movement, there are also based women who focus on what matters. but my point was that there are good and bad aspects of every social movement, and the fact that there are "unsavory" parts of second-wave feminism doesn't diminish the value of what it did achieve.

No. 1903408

File: 1695567713589.png (297.03 KB, 1020x749, Blake at Birthday party.png)

There's also this funny scene from the book (that's straight out of a comedy sketch) with her son Blake. she tried to turn him into a "male feminist prince". She also took him to interviews with feminist colleagues, where he would have to give statements about patriarchy when he was 12. Additionally, he wasn't allowed to watch TV or read comics. Also his biological father was gay and ran a magazine called "The Effeminist and he was well-known for having sex with young men and so