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File: 1477929176531.png (507.38 KB, 480x597, lunathread.png)

No. 190985

old thread hit limit

>20 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief

>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles

old thread

No. 190987

File: 1477929524147.png (626.6 KB, 918x443, lunasmile.png)

lol did she try to take a "candid selfie" ?

also, luna, you look terrifying. Genuinely spooky.

No. 190994

File: 1477931498532.jpg (1.19 MB, 1439x2233, 20161031_112817.jpg)

Her art is actually getting even worse.

No. 191001

She's actually having trouble colouring in the lines. Check the hands and hair.

No. 191003


No. 191006

File: 1477934439952.png (485.39 KB, 796x593, lunashitdrawing.png)

her art is horrid omg she should stick to coloring books they would probably help her technique lmao
check out this shit drawing she did of hello kitty a while bad wtf how does she consider herself an artist? shes not even creative to make up for her total lack of skill..

No. 191007

File: 1477934853769.png (343.41 KB, 533x601, hellokittty.png)

thats what she was trying to copy like omg i've seen more talent in literal children.

No. 191025

I would love to see her do a series of an artist on various drugs and how the art changes. I think it could be interesting.

I don't get how he previous image of the purple hooker and this hello kitty drawing could be done in a range of a few months. Also because she's posted better "art" in the past on her tumblr.

No. 191035

it looks like hello kitty is flipping someone off

No. 191039

she just doesn't work towards developing her drawing as a skill.
she never tries to better herself as an artist and all of her work is contrived as hell.
Her style is impossible to like because her drawing and painting skills are so shit and she doesn't actually work hard.

No. 191064


she also completely lacks creativity and all her drawings are emulations of other tumblr girl art (much better tumblr girl art lol) and daniel jonston

so she doesn't have that to cover up her complete lack of skill

No. 191067


her art has never been good. also love the stretch marks on those tits. still perkier than hers though

No. 191080

yeah the aureola could be a little bit bigger

No. 191110

I doubt she wants Chief Areola to find it and be like "damn luna she has huge areola's bigger than yours, i needa find me a woman like that, you're getting too old and the tumblr bux are dried up"

No. 191114

No. 191120

File: 1477955643889.png (95.43 KB, 640x911, IMG_7519.PNG)

No. 191121

File: 1477955857614.png (83.34 KB, 640x818, IMG_7520.PNG)

No. 191137

This DDLG shit needs to burn in a fiery inferno man.

No. 191149

I know someone else already did it. I was just wondering what it would be like from her point of view.

Better not give her any ideas she could possibly make money off of though.

No. 191151

Ahh yes the best therapy for a BPD and general mentally ill person is to get them hooked on drugs.

Someone hand this guy the best human being award!

No. 191159

File: 1477962490893.png (556.84 KB, 713x677, Capture _2016-10-31-20-04-49.p…)

Yeah Luna… Lol its funny that your a disgusting slob who hasn't touched a washing machine in months. Wtf. She's so nasty why is she displaying her nasty fucking dirt and filth?? Bitch, its not 'aesthetic' Ew.

No. 191170

I feel bad for whoever this Dollbruise person is that she says she copies. Yikes. In this case imitation is not flattery.

No. 191206

they're not a very impressive person
luna has bad taste

No. 191210

File: 1477969569365.png (684.82 KB, 817x597, poorkitty.png)

look at this sad filthy probably ill kitty. it makes me so sad.

No. 191213

That poor cat. Im sure he's forced to be holed up in the room with her while she smokes crack :\ I'll bet she doesn't give a fuck if hes around the 2ndhand crack smoke.

No. 191528

File: 1478018005888.png (613.09 KB, 812x486, lunaheels.png)

umm for someone in such "chronic pain" who loves to flaunt her cane she doesn't use.. there's probably a reason you don't want to wear heels!????

she is sooo dumb all she does is contradict herself I swear the girl must have only 3 brain cells.

No. 191538

File: 1478018827010.png (6.9 KB, 1067x219, lunatumblr.png)

yes.. luna post "more" (aka start talking about her drug use and dope sickness and filthy living situation, and how she is the only person with bpd) aka pls release the milk

No. 191540

How much money do you want to bet that Lurch never sent these?

No. 191541

sent what?

No. 191542

The texts she claims he did. Sorry, I think I clicked on the wrong thing.

No. 191547

oh those are pretty old I'm pretty sure he did they had to spend nights without each other sometimes or whatever and he would send those. I'm like 90% sure they're real. She also was sooo into DDLG shit then and only called him daddy it was so gross she's kind of grown past that a LITTLE probably because she's not sexually interested at all due to all the heroin.

No. 191560


Judging by her background, it seems like she's cleaned up a bit.

Please wash the fucking sheets/stuffed animals next. I can't stand pictures of that poor cat in all that filth.

No. 191579

He was definatley high AS FUCK when he sent those.

No. 191581

all that extra crack energy..

No. 191604

she looks a lot thinner. crack is the most effective diet

No. 191605

Mattresses you find on the sidewalk are cleaner than this.

No. 191626

That chin + those teeth

No. 191631

not really. gut + fat thighs

No. 191632

she's so scary looking!

No. 191647

File: 1478033510872.png (760.52 KB, 808x600, lunaart.png)

god her art is so bad i swear she doesn't spend but 5 minutes on a piece she's never actually put effort into her art and if she is then she could have fooled me

No. 191649

this is probably the best thing she's made, but that's not saying much

No. 191653

File: 1478034148086.png (510.31 KB, 805x600, Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 2.00…)

so i didn't know she had ever accepted my follow request on her insta and then this thing popped up on my feed the other night and i regret everything

No. 191668

File: 1478034492796.png (674.79 KB, 596x573, lunateeth.png)

her teeth before heroin and crack, still crooked but omg they're so gnarly now. I bet she doesn't own a toothbrush. Someone buy her a tooth brush lmao
omg ew or worse her and sea monster share a tooth brush ewwwww

No. 191671

File: 1478034729126.png (866.84 KB, 592x630, lunalurch.png)

scrolling back and back in her insta and found this gem. she must be 18? fucking gross.

No. 191677

File: 1478035147683.png (655.02 KB, 600x552, lunaartold.png)

when she actually worked on it cuz she was trying to get into art schools (somehow got into pratt lmao) like you can tell she puts zero effort into now someone just get the ho a coloring book damn

No. 191701

File: 1478038239044.png (150.42 KB, 640x910, IMG_7543.PNG)

bitch what the fuck

No. 191711

her art is so damn crappy. she has no skill whatsoever.

damn, she really loves being trashy.

No. 191754

a "guy you know"? you mean you dealer?
lol we know you don't have any friends luna!

No. 191822

thinner than she was before, anon.

No. 191824

i love how every one of her drawings of females have an animal crossing/raggedy ann nose. pure laziness

No. 191827

i'm sure she literally stole that from animal crossing.

her art is a mixture of ripping off several artists. Nothing original. She doesn't have an original thought in her mind.

No. 191829

Insta says this pic is over 2 years old? She has not been over 18 for 2 whole years. She claims they've only been dating for a 1.5 years.


Sooo sea monster is definitely a pedophile?

No. 191832

File: 1478050809377.png (694.05 KB, 831x529, lunalurchold.png)

oo forgot to post pic sry

No. 191864

Ew look at all that hair tangled around that hairtie…

No. 191866

File: 1478053225538.png (18.58 KB, 712x244, Capture _2016-11-01-21-18-17.p…)

Yeah, crack will give you that effect. I can't wait till she's a full blown crackhead and just goes completely nuts and paranoid. Haha.

No. 191893

These two are so skinny fat. Eww

No. 191896

Yup. They started "hanging out" when she was underage. He was one of her mom's drug buddies but they fell out once he started "dating" Luna IIRC.

No. 191900

File: 1478059857024.png (1.43 MB, 1431x1084, 20161101_220751.png)

No. 192022

Can you fucking "omg lmao wtf" anons fuck off. Your typing is cringe as hell.

No. 192041

she's calling him her boyfriend in a pic posted before this one
he's such a fucking creeeeeeep

No. 192086

man, crack and heroin? her habits are just getting more expensive.

I wonder when she'll start trying to suck dick for drugs.

No. 192104

File: 1478106356459.png (276.06 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-02-13-03-22…)

Um can we talk about how shes now begging people to buy her shit on instagram now. Also lmao @ how her commissions are usually "60-70" dollars who in their fucking right mind would pay that much money for art equivalent to what i was drawing in 6th grade

No. 192139

her mentioning christmas is sooo dumb
like luna, your an adult, santa isn't real..

also as an adult, my parents still get me things but they are along the lines of : new tooth brush, new sheets, etc

No. 192186


oh shit i thought this was from last week where she posted the same shoes and was like "maybe this christmas!" lmao ok luna

but I just looked at her IG and she literally just flooded it with little pieces of crap from etsy that "you should buy for me because it's only a couple of dollars, I could buy them but I need money to support my new crack addiction!!!! please! buy my art for $1000!"

No. 192193

sage for samefagging but she literally has soo much crap already. so many dresses, jewelry, shoes, make up, ETC.
Stuff she could try to sell on etsy probably so she can get new crap.

but running and etsy store is work and we know Luna can't do ANY work, whatsoever.

No. 192319

whats her tumblr? or did she delete all of them?

No. 192335

File: 1478114294502.png (232.36 KB, 750x1145, IMG_2410.PNG)

Ah yes, more stuff clothes that she happened to find in the garbage… so does she dumpster dive now or what?

No. 192344

i don't understand why she has to keep lying about finding things in the garbage? why doesn't she just post a photo with her new clothes or w/e and just not mention that they're new. or why won't she just admit that she's a thief lol, would just add to her tortured junkie bbygirl aesthetic

No. 192345

She commented on a goblinkomegamall Instagram post about how she lost her "seal of dissaproval" button at a show and needs to buy another one, and the idea of her buying a button to replace one she probably lost years ago (seriously, she stopped going out when she met Chief Arelora, which would've been 2+ years ago?) and all the other meaningless garbage she spends her money on other than buying food and necessities is so frustrating to watch. Where is she even going to wear the button when she rarely goes out, and only then to score?

No. 192346

With the consistently (relative) good condition of the things she keeps "finding", I'm fairly certain she's shoplifting them. I've used the same excuse before.

No. 192349

Next she'll be finding diamond rings and stacks of cash in the sewers, eh?

No. 192361

If she is ever successful at larger scale crime I'll be shocked. I don't know how she hasn't gotten caught shoplifting but maybe it's the chief knicking crap. Then again he seems totally dysfunctional as well so who really knows with those two. I don't know which one of them I'd find more suspicious.

No. 192368

Exposingluna blog here
I deleted the blog because she was silent on tumblr pretty much, and i knew removing it would make her feel comfortable enough to go back to her old bulshit. Like 24 hours after i did, she started blatantly begging on instagram and says shes gonna post more on tumblr.

Also hilarious that shes walking all over the place and dumpster diving apparently when she "cant work because of her chronic pain" fuck you luna

No. 192383

If she wants hideous fluffy slippers she could get some at Payless. I don't know why she wants to spend that kind of money on these when they're going to be caked in filth in a week. Priorities.

No. 192386

She's been "finding" things all of a sudden. Out of the trash, old things she lost and then found again out of her closet.

She's probably buying shit with the money her boyfriend makes selling drugs.

No. 192406

It says a lot that she's telling everyone she wears clothes she scavenged out of dumpsters and trash cans and sink-washes because it sounds better than the truth.

No. 192426

if lurch is actually 'making money' selling drugs i'm sure it goes right back into buying more drugs. He probably just gets paid in dope for picking up for other people be knows like an extra bag here and there.
Luna has mentioned that and also selling xanax in the past so they could buy heroin.

…what's a vegan hoodie? what's a not vegan hoodie?
She's not even vegan?

Also I have a theory that their apartment is just filled with shit stuffed in closets and drawers but even then you think it would upset her more if there were ex girlfriend's clothes in there. He has apparently lived there with his dad for like 12 years.

Also Luna was NEVER allowed in the apartment until she moved in, she never explained why. Maybe lurch didn't want granddaddy lurch to know he was dating a child. But she always had pics of her sitting outside and shit talking his crack smoking neighbors (who I assume she's chill with now!)

No. 192436

File: 1478120810918.png (518.59 KB, 837x498, lurch.png)

No. 192437

He looks miserable and bored.

No. 192443

It's weirder because it wasn't even illegal. The age of consent in NY is 17, they could legally have sex as soon as Luna turned 17.

No. 192445

File: 1478122015238.gif (1.52 MB, 512x512, IMG_2411.GIF)

No. 192451

Nice flat ass.

No. 192458

And outside, next to road where people can see this nevertheless. Really classy.

No. 192516

Where did you find this? Also what the fuck is she doing? Must be all that newfound crack confidence.

No. 192658

it's still saferthanheav3n

No. 192669

love the outline of her jumbo granny panties

No. 192671

her crack confidence is real she needs to have those markers taken away from her i swear her art gets worse and worse why

No. 192672

She posted it on her tumblr. She's pretty active today

No. 192710

File: 1478134408706.jpg (297.74 KB, 1197x1337, PicsArt_11-02-07.51.06.jpg)

Dirty spoiled brat. She fucking lifted this shit, no doubt.

No. 192714

"It's all untouched"

Yea because she stole it. Jesus this girl.

No. 192718

"It's all untouched"

Yea because she stole it. Jesus this girl.

No. 192788

Holy shit, she's definitely started lifting. I hope she keeps posting pics of all the things she finds magically untouched in the dumpsters. This is getting milky again.

No. 192825

idk, i think she does dumpster dive too. some of that makeup looks used. i think it's a mix bw found crap + stolen shit

No. 192841

amazing way to get an infection if true.

No. 192889

lol of fucking COURSE she's friends with bree mcgee

No. 192894

This dumb bitch. Haha. She's dumb and suspicious looking, if she is lifting im sure she'll get busted soon. Or maybe she's stealing out of peoples unlocked cars..?

No. 192895

Some of that stuff is old/used. Physician's formula doesn't even make that packaging anymore. Don't recognize the other shit, the lip balms look old as fuck too though. Everything else looks like dollar store makeup - wouldn't be surprised if she'd stolen that, but damn, aim higher girl. Hit Sephora or something.

No. 192929

I bet she's stealing out of people's cars, man. It makes sense, with the hoodies, shoes, makeup ect. I keep a lot of emergency supplies like that in my car just in case.
What a lowlife piece of shit.

No. 192946

A lot of places won't allow their employees to do anything about shoplifting other than calling the cops after the shoplifter has already left the premises. They sure as hell don't allow their employees to physically stop the shoplifter, because the business doesn't want to get into legal trouble if the employee or shoplifter gets hurt.

Shoplifting is especially easy if you shoplift cheap stuff from low-end places.

Check out the burnt matches on the right side. Classy.

No. 192997

exactly, why would she go through the trouble of shoplifting really REALLY shitty products? if she was stealing she'd have nicer shit.

also she is hella memorable and lives in a 'small town' with few shops, as she describes, i don't see her going to big stores like cvs or target. she wouldn't be able to go back to those shops/continuously steal from them if they see her everyday.
She also only leaves the house to score which even then I think matthew does mostly on his own. they go to the gas station together i guess to get cake and cigarettes. poor thing considers that a 'date'.

she refuses to do anything productive or make any real effort towards anything so I just don't think she's going through the trouble of shoplifting.

however.. i cannot solve the mystery of all these 'found' items.
I'm the one that posted that maybe the apartment is just FILLED with crap since lurch and his daddy have been living there for so long and they're obviously not clean people.. that's the only theory I have where she finds clothes and stuff.

that make up is soo cheap and gross though, that lip gloss is disgusting. That's stuff I was given as a little girl to play dress up with.

No. 192998

File: 1478179661152.png (229.3 KB, 531x387, lunafb1.png)

wtf is this

No. 193008

looks like she robbed an 11 year old.

No. 193019

It's so incoherent in places not to mention the spelling.

No. 193025

yeah and she "re-wrote" it aka it's a revised draft?
that crack is making her exponentially stupider i think, i didn't think she could get much dumber but her writing and coloring abilities are actually crumbling.
she also probably never proofreads anything cuz she's ~an artist~ and lord knows artists and writers don't spend time and put effort into their work!

No. 193031

She might be dumpster diving behind stores. When I worked at Ulta our dumpster was pretty much unattended, day and night. We had cameras in the stores but not in the dumpsters (though usually we destroyed things that had to be thrown out). A dollar store, where half that shit appears to be from, might just toss their damaged products, so maybe she's rifling through their trash.

But yeah, the physicians formula and lip glosses are definitely old. Like, alarmingly old.

No. 193032

On the dumpsters* not in, lol

No. 193036

>ur grandma smokes marlboro red 100s and ur first cig at age 12 was stolen from her. now she's dead and you smoke them to smell her again

Ignoring the fact that she writes like a semi-retarded 11 year old, I actually found this kind of impactful.

No. 193049

Really? I've read shit like that in countless emo tween novels.

No. 193057

lol nah she smokes them because she's got a nicotine addiction that's fed by her heroin and crack addiction.. sorry grandma

my family all reeks of cigarettes too I wouldn't blame them for me smoking now..

No. 193059

sage for double post but also.. who in their right mind writes in second person???

No. 193072

File: 1478190554302.png (444.41 KB, 732x441, lunasfriends.png)

she's pretty proud of being an adult whose only friends are stuffed animals..

No. 193076

Even the stuffed animals are filthy, tf.

No. 193085

She scared away all her real friends after getting with Lurch lmao

No. 193104

Maybe she dropped them. If my friend at that age brought around a lurch I would tell her to ditch him cause he's clearly fucked up 99.9% of the time and no good. Maybe that happened but areola couldn't live without the chief so she ditched them

No. 193110

How could these possibly be so filthy I don't ubderstand

No. 193117

Abusers tend to isolate their victims from their friends and families. Despite how much Luna pretends otherwise, it seems very obvious to me that Lurch is a manipulative and most likely emotionally unstable and abusive person. He's addicted to drugs and got her addicted to heroin, and now controls her through this. She rarely sees her father and her thoughts have turned against him because he is strict to her and doesn't approve of her lifestyle. I'm sure her father isn't perfect, but I imagine that Luna's drug addiction has made it much harder for him to reach out to her.

Luna probably doesn't have friends because Lurch keeps her on this short heroin leash, and she's deluded into this Courtney Love fantasy where she believes it's all very romantic that "he's the only one (she) needs", when in reality, it's sad and pathetic she's living in the hovel of some 30 year old addict and his dying father. Of course she doesn't have any friends. She's high all the time with Lurch. She doesn't "need" anyone but him.

I realize some people may not believe he's an abuser, but I think he may be. Luna is deplorable on her own but his guy is a fucking predator. Do you remember those screenshots of her crying about how he would shout at her and blame her for everything when he couldn't get high? This is an awful situation and I wish she would just get out.

No. 193123

i second this. known her for a long time and the downward spiral happened exactly when they got together late in her senior year
he's gross
she used to be desperate for a trip and begged me to tell her whenever i possibly had a connect. we got bunk acid once from this dude who i didn't know so well and she got so upset and put it on me, then lurch started texting me from her phone asking me to give them their money back…. like dude i did tell you there was a possibility it wouldn't be acid i took the risk and so did she, i was so uncomfortable being texted by that dirty old man

also can confirm she doesn't smell good irl

No. 193130

A lot of this looks like piss cheap makeup one can get off ebay or amazon. Like if you want lead poisoning from cheap cosmetics, you'll find your dream on Chinese knockoff versions of actual high end products.

No. 193132

I agree totally.

She reminds me so much of me when I was 17, isolating myself from friends with my 28 year old boyfriend and making music in his mom's house. Seemed really punk at the time; wandering the city with him, drinking and starving. Completely pathetic in retrospect; especially when I realize I was the only one finding it poetic- he just liked taking advantage of a teenager.

With that age difference, they would realistically be in completely different worlds, if Lurch wasn't a literal man child. Luna would be in college having flings with guys her age, partying in a healthy way. Lurch would have a career and maybe a wife, be moved from his parents' house & be in such a different universe than Luna that it would terrify her how "old" he really is.

Sorry for minor blog post but I just see this cycle repeated with so many girls and grimey old dudes that don't actually give a fuck about them. I bet Lurch brags about her jailbait ass to his old guy friends.

No. 193135

would you mind sharing any other stories/details about her from knowing her?

No. 193204

gosh that's so deplorable that they acted that way about fucking acid. although that's some shit they would pull now even if it was good shit. they're vile creatures but I completely agree, he's the pedophile and by proxy he's the enabler.
Let's say he left her tomorrow (she'd go stay with her dad immediately or if her moms on her own idk, she definitely wouldn't be homeless, she'd definitely be updating her tumblr or instagram if she didn't immediately overdose trying to attempt suicide or on accident, etc. she'd be totally lost. she literally knows no one else to get high with and her supply wouldn't last long, she's completely useless so I think she'd have to give up I think that would be her rock bottom and that her parents might be able to convince her to detox and get sober (i know her parents are ex/current addicts but like she loves her mom and she supposedly got sober after luna moved out)

like the best thing that could happen to her might be him kicking her to the curb once she gets too old or whateve because he's a fucking predator to young girls obviously.

No. 193207

>can confirm she doesn't smell good irl

i can't stop laughing please tell us more

No. 193214

I know I'm late here, but what if she's stealing from thrift stores? All the clothes seem to be in good used condition, and thrift stores in my city always have that kind of cheap, crappy old makeup that people just donate because it never got used.

The things she "finds" don't look new enough to be straight off the shop floor or grotty enough to have been fished out of the garbage. My guess is they're from either thrift stores or someone's house.

No. 193288

Someone who doesn't know how to write well.

No. 193294

File: 1478219319843.png (1.6 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-03-19-26-05…)

Looks like someone just hit the crack pipe!

No. 193296

it's even funnier because luna called bree out on her old blog because brees boyfriend was being creepy to some girl, told bree she could no longer be her friend and now it seems shes acting like everythings good lmao.

also guys, i remember on another old blog of hers (the one that was deleted before the previous one) that an anon asked "i know your real name!" and she said something along the lines of "nooo pls dont use it" so. another myth busted

No. 193323

her hair is so dirty this is disgusting

No. 193325

I've had a few of those big silicone phone cases and even though I clean them with baby wipes all the time, they always end up reeking of my second-hand cigarette smoke after a while. God only knows what hers smells like, but I fucking know that thing is going to be bright yellow and caked in grime within a couple weeks.

No. 193326

FUCK i'm laughing so hard at this but also highkey about to vomit from that areola pic

No. 193331

Ughhhhhh plz spoilers.
That's one of the saddest looking boobs I've ever seen

No. 193340


Lol yep.. probably right after a crack hit. She's posting bathroom selfies lately, which I don't think she's ever really done? Maybe the bathroom is where she has to smoke.

No. 193348

Did-did she actually clean her mirror??

No. 193352

File: 1478226802501.jpg (97.87 KB, 1080x1312, dirty mirror.jpg)

She did clean it! Maybe one of her followers complained about it being disgusting.

No. 193361

I love how this is considered "clean"

No. 193373

I guarantee you she's stealing. There's no way she's "finding" all of this stuff so conveniently. Big stores would be on her ass as soon as she walked in, so you might be right about the thrift store thing. Maybe she's going through the donation boxes they have in the back before they take it in the store to sell?

No. 193397


Look at the nice things she's found, all of them her style and size, in the past two and a bit weeks. What a remarkable streak of good luck.

No. 193411

please soak them in hot water + baking soda. PLEASE!

how does she not have a face full of acne? her toys and sheets are filthy, by all rights she should be a pizzaface.

No. 193413

File: 1478239437094.jpg (258.98 KB, 810x1012, creepydoll.jpg)

Did anyone ever post that doll Matthew found for her in the garbage?
Think how dirty it must be, you know she didn't bother washing it before taking it into her home and touching it.

No. 193428

Now I really want to know her real name but doesn't that mean she got her own nickname tattooed on her arm? What the hell.

No. 193432

Her real name is Luna Rose Slater. Named after the lunar eclipse that occurred during her conception in a mental hospital or some shit

No. 193463

File: 1478260510804.gif (48.12 KB, 209x190, IMG_9554.GIF)

haunted af

No. 193477

in the uk, people steal from charity donation bags left for collection on people's doorsteps. if it's the same in ny it would be easy pickings.

No. 193478

she could have always renamed herself luna legally after finding out the eclipse thing because #aesthetic

No. 193494

File: 1478266928751.jpg (80.25 KB, 714x473, fdsferewewr.jpg)

Looks like she's wearing an engagement ring.

No. 193503

That's her tattoo… even if it was a ring it's not the ring finger that it's on anyway.

No. 193525

her and matthew are "engaged" I believe she wears a ring with an opal heart on it or something else cute that she could "never afford"

No. 193526

she's been luna since she started on the internet at 14 before she was an inherent liar etc I'm pretty positive it's her real name

No. 193531


I've known luna since first grade, its her legit name

No. 193535

Her "engagement" means nothing. They're just dope dating.. They will never get legally married. Ive been in the same situation as her.

No. 193542

What happened?

No. 193546

With me? I was dope dating a guy, we got "engaged" because we were insane. I think it was just him trying to make sure id stick around because I brought in drug money for us. Him making me feel llke he actually wated me and wasnt using me. And we thought announcing a engagement would bring in gifts/cash. I eventually left him and got sober. Thank GOD I fucking did.

No. 193547

proud and happy for you!

No. 193549

File: 1478279442017.png (335.54 KB, 435x394, lunaengagmentring.png)

that nasty yellow thing (is even her ring stained with nicotine?? probably just coated in filth) is her ~engagement ring~

No. 193550

Looks like it came from a quarter machine at the local laundromat…

No. 193552

it probably did!

No. 193553

wait no why would they be at a laundromat?

No. 193555

Look at her other hand. You can barely see it in >>192445 but it's clearly visible in >>193294

Story time?


No. 193559

It could just be grimy with a flimsy setting but it looks like a cheap children's play ring from the '70s.

No. 193565

Either it's super cheap, like costs one quarter cheap, or it's stolen

No. 193566

To steal peoples clothes out of the washer/dryers?!? Maybe that where she's "finding" new clothes haha. That makes perfect sence actually.

No. 193569

omg what a bitch i would be soooo mad
she's gonna get caught and hurt one of these days

No. 193573

That actually sounds like something she would do, and makes sense as to why her "new" clothes look clean but not store-bought new.

No. 193596

File: 1478287166111.png (409.12 KB, 481x597, lunaengagmentring.png)

wow she does have a tooth brush! in it's package.. likes it cuz it's cute.. probably won't ever use it to actually brush her teeth which could probably use the help cuz crack is really hard on your enamel

No. 193597

Which one of you generously donated this

No. 193598

U can find that toothbrush at the dollar store lmao

No. 193603

It's just a cheap opal. They look like shit after a while if not treated correctly because of how opals are structured IIRC. So it's cheap, but it is an opal.

No. 193605

This toothbrush literally costs $1. We sold it at my store before it went on clearance for 25 cents

No. 193606

Also, its bristles are extremely soft and won't do shit to get that grime off of her teeth

No. 193611

there are so many unmonitored drop off areas for thrift stores where i'm from that i bet you this is the case.

No. 193617


i agree with this theory specifically because she's come up with the new stuff after she got all this energy from crack and is apparently no longer in "chronic pain" so she can go out and about scoping out charity store drop offs..

No. 193686

What, the Crack is making your teeth break off already and you freaked out and had to go get a dollar store toothbrush to try and start brushing your teeth to prevent any more damage? Put you're too disgusting and high to keep up the routine so most of your teeth break and rot anyways. Write a poem about that, gross bitch.

No. 193687

i really want to see an Intervention ep with her. let me see into that dope world, ma. let me into that glamour life. tell me about it all, girly.

And seeing that, schadenfreude and all, then seeing her wake the fuck up, wash her dirty life. that would be amazing.

No. 193688

Why do grown adults use children's toothbrushes? The bristles aren't strong enough and the head is so small. Surely dental hygiene should come before 'it's cuUuUte'

No. 193712

Yeah Im really interested in seeing that side of her life again. She should stop trying to hide everything and just admit to it and recreate her personal/drug blog. People would be more sensitive to her if they seen her legit struggles instead of her 'uwu im a poor little heroin addict' schtick.

No. 193723

we all know that she fetishizes and glmaourizes that life, and she could totally get asspats and some vague sympathy, while subtly glamourizing it if she was open about it.
people will connect with you if you're real about shit.
like, you love that dirty life, great, tell us about it, but also say how hard it is when you get dopesick.
both sides of drug addiction stories touch/affect/attract people, and if they don't it's still blogveiws.
monetize it.

however, this is just me being nosy, so i could be totally off the mark.

No. 193746

Youre exactly right.

No. 193768

The only thing I can think is the people who have sensitive gums and need soft bristles so they don't start bleeding, but that usually comes back to their dental hygiene being bad anyway.
With Luna, she obviously doesn't give a shit about her hygiene. She just want to be kawaii*~*~

No. 194028

I knew a girl irl who used to buy shit for luna all the time. Stuffed animals, jewelry, sketchbooks, etc because she also had bpd and related to her and wanted to do nice stuff for her bc she was struggling. One day me and said girl were hanging out irl and she told me matthew would use lunas phone to snapchat her all the time and would be creepy and tell her he wanted to fuck her so she stopped being lunas friend.
Eventually luna found out what matthew was doing and she messaged me and told me to stop hanging out with her because shes a piece of shit. Like… bitch this person WENT OUT OF HER WAY to buy you SO MUCH SHIT and your creepy fucking pedophile boyfriend weirded her out and you blame HER??? some ~feminist~ lmao

No. 194036

I don't believe this. Lurch doesn't seem to be the type to understand snpachat and all those kinds of apps.

No. 194039

i agree. he also clearly doesn't give a fuck about sex/anything that isn't drugs

proof or gtfo

No. 194041

To be fair, I do remember her bitching about how girls were always "trying to steal her man even though they knew he was engaged". That could easily be him initiating contact with girls and her denying it and blaming them.

No. 194043

>I knew a girl irl
>she messaged ME and told me to stop hanging out with her

gurl did you just goof there? LOL…

No. 194046


Which part of new York is this chick in again? Because this looks like she's either in Yonkers or new Rochelle and I'm sort of freaking out because that means I could run into her at anytime

No. 194051

Mamaroneck and they "cop in the bronx"

No. 194059

>cop in the bronx

Lmao guys im gonna go Luna hunting , I'll be sure to get a wiff of her for y'all.

No. 194083

A couple years ago before she got together with Lurch one of the "aesthetic, broken doll, addict~ uwu" poems she made talked about stealing from thrift shops so thats probably what shes doing.

No. 194084

File: 1478377662642.jpg (96.65 KB, 1080x902, tumblr_og6dgoeT801vfv0uno1_128…)

This is the nastiest thing I ever saw, the weird dots are probably dry sweat and I bet everything you want they aren't only on her neck but everywhere on her body. Just imagine her groins.

No. 194085

I'm pretty sure it used to be pink lmao

No. 194087

…her freckles?

No. 194090

If they can be scrubbed off they are not frecles

No. 194097

I-is this bait?

No. 194099

do u not know what freckles are?

No. 194157

How do you know what Luna has on her skin can be scrubbed off or not….? Wtf? Anyways. Relax, they are obviously freckles..

No. 194162

File: 1478384887125.png (828.82 KB, 713x989, Capture _2016-11-05-17-25-31.p…)

How does this bitch go from begging for money for "food, medical bills, home repairs" to being able to afford a tattoo..?

No. 194171

wtf that's way out of left field but i mean i'm positive he is a horrible person and horrible people do nasty things

No. 194172

Ugh, this bitch needs to brush her fucking hair.

No. 194176

her selfies have looked identical lately. all in that fucking bathroom. that definitely has to be where she smokes crack, matthew probably doesn't like it much and is like "get that shit out of my room" omg i wish she had a drug blog i could see her ranting about how awful that is for her
wah i misss the good ol junkhun days

No. 194189

I think most of her stuff is from an apprentice so he doesn't charge normal rates. Still, taking those cats to the vet would be a better use of whatever money there is.

No. 194191

My first thought was some random druggie dude with a tattoo gun but yes agreed.

No. 194220

This is probably how she styles it while she's high on crack.. I know that's what I did xP Watch for even more over-done makeup too, Haha.(xP)

No. 194225

File: 1478392517007.jpg (52.94 KB, 560x330, wendybb.jpg)

a few more steps closer to her ultimate goal. i mean fate..


No. 194226

File: 1478392645667.jpg (115.87 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_og6x4dELkl1vfv0uno1_128…)

Look at the slime/dirt/boogers on her TV.

No. 194229

Her tablet*

No. 194237

How many cats does she have? I thought she had like 3 very recently but she only posts pics/talks about one of them. What's up with the other ones?

No. 194240


Lurch surprisingly does know how to use Snapchat. He does it from Luna's phone. A while back, Luna posted about how he Snapchats on her phone and to add her Snap account if you wanted stuff from him whenever he was bored or when Luna was sleeping. >>194028 could very well be telling the truth and I wouldn't be surprised if this happened a while ago back when Lurch had some sort of libido, at least back when he used to fuck Luna. Lurch is a total scumbag who seems like he'd definitely do that.

No. 194245

there's two. the black one and the gray one. they never post about the gray one but it looks very sick in posts. somehow the long haired one looks better i have no idea how. he's apparently 17 years old.

No. 194247

File: 1478394319955.png (493.66 KB, 893x458, lunarigor.png)

wow this looks just like the friend she needs ew

No. 194251

I believe her and Lurch have only two cats. However, I also took notice to the fact that she's only been posting photos of her black cat, Smokey, and not the other. She hasn't posted a photo of the other cat in a long time, actually. I know she always said that Smokey was her favorite and that the other was an asshole or something, but she still used to post photos of him/her. At least photos of him/her with Smokey together. It's kinda suspicious.

No. 194257

You already know her and her new friend only talk when they're having an up feeling BPD mood swing or when Luna's drugged up. I feel like Luna's friends MUST have BPD otherwise she won't have anyone to romanticize her lifestyle with.
Then when Luna's having a down BPD mood swing (or very and most likely no drugs in her system), she'll complain about her lack of friends and that she doesn't have any.

No. 194258

also i don't think she wants friends who don't do hard drugs

i mean she hangs with bryce and they smoke weed but i think she also treats luna to clothes and i think paid for a tattoo etc.

No. 194260

She looks like another drug addicted and drug romanticizing, BPD ~special snowflake~ hipster lmao. I can't imagine her and Luna's conversations.
"Ugh it's so hard keeping up this broken bbygirl aesthetic with no heroin until later omfg honestly my life is the absolute worst and I wanna die this is unfair and triggering."

No. 194263

does anyone have riigor's tumblr i'm blanking on it right now

i don't know if she actually does heroin but she romanticizes the life style anyway poor girl's life would be ruined if she met luna
also i cannot imagine lurch liking any of her friends they have literally never hung out with anyone of her friends together.

No. 194264

Oh yeah for sure, she definitely can't have friends who don't do hard drugs. After all, it DOES make up about 95% of her interests. Everything else becomes secondary once you're addicted to hard drugs and it's pretty much all you're about. She has such an extensive taste in movies and music and books, and all she could probably talk about is heroin and how hard her life is and how she doesn't have money and eventually manipulate her friend into buying her things like she has with all her other past friends.

No. 194265

Does this Rigormortis chick have a Tumblr?

No. 194269

No. 194271

File: 1478396919947.png (10.21 KB, 448x191, riigor.png)

this might be old but it's riigor's tumblr bio

No. 194277

Watch out Luna, she's WAY hotter than you, Matthew is gonna be attracted to it. He might drop you and turn Riigor into his new drug buddy. ;)

No. 194284

poor girl is p much sober besides booze and weed trying to be Lunas friend irl is a death wish

No. 194335

she's posting more pictures of her watching netflix per usual. her life must be so fucking easy, all she ever does is lay around and get high and watch cartoons and occasionally go on outings to steal shit

No. 194346

Looking thru her Twitter she seems like a druggie. Doesn't flaunt it stupidly like Luna does tho. Luna makes it sounds like there the best of friends but Riigor never even mentions Luna on her Twitter Haha.

No. 194348

I scrolled back through her posts in her selfie tag (seriously, goes down through her junior year in highscool and probable further) and she mentions how she's struggled with her addiction and was fresh out of rehab at some point. Another picture was captioned something like cherry coke sweeter than heroin…which could probably totally be a song lyric but it seems like her and Luna could possibly have that in common. I don't see how in the end a possibly recovered addict could talk to someone who is obvious about their use (you know they talk about it) and not eventually relapse

No. 194356

nah he won't do it unless she has a big areola

No. 194364

They're probably "best friends" because that's her only friend

No. 194366

Could also have to do with Luna's raging, untreated BPD.

No. 194367

Look around her neck. Definitely some dirt going on.

No. 194441

anything interesting? she seems like a regular girl, real happy with lots of friends. she just happens to pull off luna's junkie aesthetic much better.

No. 194442

true. she also talks about chey often but i think really just looks at her as an aesthetic and not a genuine (she probably doesn't know what that word means..) friend.

No. 194452

File: 1478441758840.png (3.17 KB, 478x69, riigorluna.png)

this could totally have to do with her BPD, this girl has worshipped luna for literal years.

she advertises doing cam work but idk if she's been successful.

No. 194454

File: 1478441915446.png (9.08 KB, 458x213, riigorpoetry.png)

her poetry is also horrible but replicates Luna's 'writing style'

No. 194465

File: 1478444036857.png (512.39 KB, 565x499, riigorracist.png)

sorry for all the O/T but Luna's boring right now and I'm looking for KT/riigormortis milk i'll stop if yall want but.. she's an ignorant racist too just like Luna! best friends forever!

No. 194466

what a dummy

No. 194470

File: 1478444468249.png (537.55 KB, 579x526, riigorbff.png)

sorry luna she's taken : ( i kno how you can't stand not being someones one and only.

No. 194501

Katie has been friends with luna since highschool.
She went to rehab almost fresh out of highschool and dissapeared for a long time, then she moved in with some punk boyfriend and turned all punk. I dont know if they were using drugs, but now shes moved back to her parents house. She said he beat her up and stuff. She also said shes "grounded at 21" or something recently, so i seriously doubt shes using heroin. Shes just looked that messy since she got out of rehab. She works at hot topic now.

No. 194647

Well, if she's trying to stay sober it's a really horrible idea to hang out with a user. Especially someone who glorifies the shit out of addiction and drug use.

No. 194649

shes def not a cow but shes something amusing to look at while luna nods out all day. >>194501

No. 194650

File: 1478473904277.png (10.11 KB, 340x82, riigorcummie.png)

sorry im always stone and forget to post the pic
but um
ew wtf girl see a nurse

No. 194656

Lmao so she took a Valium or Ativan and drank some sweetened milk-drinks. Wow what a ride. Addiction sure is rough for her.

No. 194657

this is how it fucking starts they think its okay to twist the truth and eventually they just 1. get the fuck over it like they should 2. go down the rabbit hole

that's why hanging with luna would be a disaster. i imagine she gets lots of money from her parents and she cams so luna an roach face will scam her while getting her addicted to drugs like the evil bastards they are.
also KT claims she's moving to the bronx where cucaracha and luna "cop" so they'll probably make her apartment a drug den immediately.

No. 194665

YOOO I remember that girl Katie from a few years ago on tumblr. Back in 2012-2014 when being pop-punk was cool and she was famous for her ~~mermaid~~ hair. Then she dated some asshole and started doing hard drugs, dropped out of school, winged her eyeliner to the high heavens, and overall became a greasy drugged out mess. Ironically, her dad is a cop lol

No. 194695

Yep I remember this. I always wondered why her parents didn't kick her ass out, but instead she was spoiled and given whatever she wanted by her parents. It makes sense now that her dad is a cop. I think she's gotten back into hard drugs lately. I remember a year or so when she got back from rehab she gained weight back and looked healthier. It looks like she's fell back into drugs as she has lost a significant amount of weight and overall she looks like absolute shit.

No. 194699

File: 1478478297579.png (75.87 KB, 584x496, riigordruggggggs.png)

i think she's on and off with drugs and not a 24/7 user like luna is

No. 194703

File: 1478479094824.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Looking though her old photos is kinda sad. She used to be like any other alt/scene girl when she was in hs. She looked normal and healthy and not wacky and uneven looking.
Also it looks like she used to have a really nice camera, like $300 value. I never see her post with it anymore. Maybe she pawned it for drugs when she was at rock bottom? Someone stole it? Who knows

No. 194706

she's spoiled. daddy got her a new toy and she played for her for a little then got a camera phone lolz

No. 194736

shame. so many great cameras go to waste for pigeon-toed mirror selfies.

No. 194829

GOD DAMN that is some awful whatever that is, surely not poetry and that is saying something in this thread.

No. 195003

That crack she started doing is really starting to knock the pounds off of her now. She's taking loads of pictures of her body and everyone's complimenting her weight loss and she keeps bragging about it like she's worked hard for it. Nah hun, you didn't do shit. You just picked up another deathly habit.

No. 195005

>such hard work i have to lock myself in the bathroom to smoke crack all day!!!!! waaaahhh why can't i smoke crack in bed why does my fiance hate me i mean love me sooo much

No. 195030

Soon she'll be a full blown completely psycho crackhead. That'll be fun. I hope she starts posting her breakdowns online. I wanna hear about how she thinks the police are harassing her and spying on her.

No. 195086

File: 1478554496611.png (165.1 KB, 640x989, IMG_7750.PNG)

looks like she's got them

No. 195091


No. 195092

They're so ugly and are gonna be covered in brown/black grime by the end of the month. Why does she collect so much fabric and plush shit if she's not gonna clean it.

No. 195094

omg of course she did from her grandpa she literally never talks about who probably sends her shit all the time this probably included a big chunk of money he thinks is going towards a phsych or food…

scammin grandpa
what a ~perfect angel whose never done anything wrong why is live so cruel~

No. 195095

Heroin hobbit.

No. 195096

guess who deleted her comment about Luna one day later..


No. 195097

File: 1478555882081.png (7 KB, 473x128, riigorny.png)

No. 195106

They're horrible and I bet they already smell terrible.

No. 195150

Yeah they look cheap as fuck.. Like you'd buy them from k-mart for 4.99. There fucking hideous. And they look like something a granny would wear. Her hairy feet are DISGUSTING!! Why would she post that shit online? ~Heroin Hobbit + Sea Creature 4 Eva.~

No. 195184

for real! and do they have a hard bottom? they look straight up uncomfortable for her giant feet

No. 195222

what a wonderful life she must lead where she's a "broke" heroin addict who posts crap she likes and a week later it's in her hands.

too bad i have a heart and soul or else i would ask her more about her scamming lol

No. 195246

I messaged her awhile back and asked her how much of her donation money goes towards dope. Of course she said it all goes toward home repairs/bills. Haha. Also asked her if Rodger knew about their drug use she said no.

No. 195250

lie and like, more lie.

it would be impossible for roger not to know they're doing dope/smoking crack.
I just wonder if they're stealing all his Social Security money/etc.

Like maybe Roger wouldn't be in such a shitty (end of life) situation if matthew had fucked off when he was younger. Lurch has probably been depending on him his whole 37 years of life.

No. 195256

I definalty see them taking his SS/retirement/whatever checks. I wonder if he'd like to move into a retirement home/independent living facility, but Luna and Matthew talk him out of/prevent him from moving out because then they wouldn't get his checks anymore. Those two are real pieces of shit.

No. 195265

Frodo Baggins really went downhill after saving Middle Earth shit

No. 195460

She's probably gonna use the money her grandpa gives her for that tattoo and claim its for medical bills

No. 195495

yeah like I'm pretty sure grandpa doesn't know what etsy is and just ordered her slippers. I'm very sure she wired her a chunk of money. Worst thing he could do.
I also believe it was him who bought her not 1, but 2 ipads (she broke the first one cuz she stepped on it with her hobbit feet)

No. 195505

I wonder why she still gets tons of likes on IG but almost none on tumblr? I bet that really grinds her gears. it's her only way to know if people "like" her.

No. 195508


She deleted her first blog when people started talking about her scamming on here. She used to be pretty popular.

No. 195509

i know she used to be all tumbly famous i'm sure it bothers her a lot that most of her fan base did follow her again when she got back on tumblr after, what? 2 days?

No. 195549

No. 195556

File: 1478623732845.png (410.79 KB, 935x360, lunavotes.png)

She claimed she voted but I'm not sure because you KNOW she'd document her ballot or at least her "i voted" sticker. Bitch probably wrote in bernie cuz she's too dumb to know that write ins get tossed in the garbage

also I don't get that meme (is it a meme? I really don't understand he wasn't even on the ballot). Like I'm pretty sure she's not a legit republican but she sure does make it seem like it!

No. 195559

yes Luna it is creepy..
I just imagine her all cracked out being like "aw cute baby I want one!!" like it's another item on etsy someone will buy her.

No. 195605

Ew, is she saying that she wants a baby? Hell no. She can't even fucking take care of herself can't believe she'd want to bring a baby into that kind of life. She'd have a crack baby. And why is she tagging someone in it?

No. 195608

she's said it before like imagining she would all the sudden be a great housewife to matthew and her baby (girl, specificallly) it was a while ago but her imagination runs wild.

also, lol, she'd be bringing a baby into this world they exact same way to the exact same life her parents did which she blames for all of her problems…

No. 195633


She tagged the mother of the baby.

No. 195643

File: 1478630004110.png (528.29 KB, 601x339, lunamakeup.png)

why would she post such a shitty attempt at winged eyeliner???? she's sooo delusional already that crack is really gonna get to her in like a month.

No. 195646

Hahahahahahaha. I did say to watch for ugly over done makeup because of the crack smoking… Lol


No. 195658

Maybe she just wanted to show off her pinned heroin pupils.

No. 195660

Is that a wig or does her hair actually look like beat up kanekalon?

No. 195663

that's 100% real and she never washes it idk why she bothers to tone it, it probably gets dirty dish water color on its own.

No. 195675

File: 1478634385170.png (211.17 KB, 750x1082, IMG_8766.PNG)

No. 195764

Wait, she seriously saved a baby's photo then tagged the mother of that baby in a post asking if she was being creepy? JFC.

No. 195772

File: 1478644501968.jpg (14.32 KB, 255x255, 1462782210262.jpg)

>guys i'm so poor and hungry but here's exactly how much weight i lost and a picture of my gut

No. 195783


Rev up those double dipped asspats; sympathy and congratulatory.

No. 195802

At least this angle finally flatters her tits

No. 195889

File: 1478654438194.jpg (99.9 KB, 540x674, IMG_20161108_171902.jpg)

She posted this one a week ago.

No. 195920

I wanna smack the SHIT out of this bitch. She's so fucking dumb.. I wonder if she actually thinks the weight loss is from 'stress' and not from the crack she's smoking. And btw Luna.. Angry/sobbing mood swings are also from the drugs. Happened all the time when I was stress'I can't believe this bitch.

No. 195921

*when I was using.

No. 195923

File: 1478661165035.png (67.1 KB, 237x188, Capture _2016-11-08-21-10-02.p…)

Oops looks like she 'accidently' got her drug box/syringes in the background of one of her pics.

No. 195944

File: 1478667887876.png (140.99 KB, 640x975, IMG_2309.PNG)

No. 195945

WHAT?!?! Bitch is turning into a Crackhead creeper. Is she getting obsessed with this poor baby?

No. 195956

those are… different pictures!

No. 195957

lmao what a little bitch she LOVES it and has been crying about her weight/proud of her weight loss (specifically from unhealthy behavior) this entire time what a dumb liar

like she's real bad at lying damn

No. 195959

File: 1478675546120.png (568.21 KB, 886x443, lunacat.png)

did someone tip the cow?

she's getting crack brain real real fast

but also her cats are alive? maybe.

No. 195960

Kitty looks like it might have an eye infection… probably from living in all that filth.

No. 195963

File: 1478676102858.png (671.38 KB, 852x527, crackheadangel.png)

>ugh i smoked all my crack and politics are borrrrringggggggg

No. 195969

I was pointing out how one is nicer than the other. I don't understand why she posted the shitty one it looks so bad

No. 195970

oh word, i misunderstood

No. 195971

she hasn't been really showing her whole face lately. skin picking? crackne?

No. 195972

>lost this 50lbs from being poor and unable to afford food. i wish people would congratulate me as i worked for it. starvation hurts.

>unable to afford food

>worked for it


No. 195975

no worries. I wasn't clear.

No. 195987

That comment! Sounds like her granddad did wire her a chunk of money for the slippers and other things, and now she's either paying off borrowed money or trying to buy friends.

No. 196024

i cannot fathom the idea of luna actually giving money to anyone for any reason besides drugs

No. 196052

The witch was promised a firstborn child

No. 196054

Sage for blogpost

Last night I fucking dreamed that I moved into an apartment and there was a hole in the ceiling leading to a loft, but it had no ladder. At night time in my apartment I'd hear noises coming from the loft and I was terrified and planning to move out. I went into the room with the ceiling hole to see if I could find out what was making the noise… and Luna sticks her head out of the hole. "Hi! I live above you with my boyfriend! Hope you don't mind us staying here"

What the FUCK, brain? WTF.

No. 196104

No. 196187

Bitch is def lurking on here. She seen the post about her missing cat and had to post a pic to prove hes 'okay'. And smart cat, trying to hide from her. He looks sick though :\

No. 196196

File: 1478735587792.png (96.88 KB, 640x886, IMG_7846.PNG)

oh god these are even uglier

No. 196200

i feel like with her "bpd" she wouldn't be able to handle reading all this "hate" (aka truths) about all her posts.

No. 196201

those look like they were made for
gay leprechauns

No. 196207

I just think of the Grinch

No. 196253

Those ugly things are $49.

No. 196270

It looks like Oscar the grouch was skinned to make these monstrosities

No. 196396

Or she likes going into that downward spiral. And this gives her a reason to be like "uwu poor me theyre mean they don't understand bpd/addiction. Im so upset, better get high."

No. 196398

does she actually think people aren't aware of her continuing drug abuse? like we're figuring she smokes crack in the bathroom where she takes mirror selfies and she's still posting those it's also impossible for her to hide her track marks for some reason and her house still looks like a junkie junkyard

I just feel like she would freak out more idk
But also I could be wrong because her tumblr is way less milky now.

I just think she's so dumb she can't scam for her life or anything

No. 196399

sry double post

but I think she'd definitely be screaming about maybe self harming (which she probably doesn't do because she's got dope and crack to keep her happy) and she'd be going off about suicidal ideation etc.

No. 196400

I'd agree with you, if it wasn't the case she was a drug user. Spending the vast majority of her day nodding out, cracked, or clucking for more drugs leaves little time to actually feel real emotions. I believe she knows about the thread, but if she ever checks it, she just shoots up afterwards til she's warm and fuzzy and not so sad after being slapped in the face with the reality of her situation.

No. 196402

that's a good point

we never hear about her dopesickness now or any of her 10,000 diseases now, you think she'd post selfies on insta about how bad she feels etc but she's got all that crack confidence.
also I guess they have some good source of drug money. matthew probably steals bags etc, which he'll probably get in huge trouble with one day and may get killed.

idk it's all speculation right now but you know that cow is full of milk, about to burst..

No. 196404

Oh yeah, if she ever gets to a point where she cant score and starts withdrawing.. she'll start feeling all the emotions she's been sedating herself from for a long time and the damn will most certainly burst. Or, she'll continue oscillating endlessly between smack and crack until she goes loopy. Either way there will be milk.

No. 196406

>until she goes loopy

well we have passed that point! hah but i get what you mean.
I can't imagine being into both of those at the same time but crack is way easier to do "casually" but obv she's full blown addicted at this point it's been a couple months.
does crack help smack withdrawal? If I was dope sick i think the last thing I would want is an upper that causes paranoia..

No. 196413

I used to do both at the same time. When I was withdrawing from dope, crack was almost the last thing on my mind. I just wanted more dope so I wouldn't be sick. After I got dope though, id forsure want/get some crack.

No. 196417

that's what I thought (i've never been a heroin user, but i've withdrawled from other things)

So they have to have some sort of cash hustle right now since she's not begging on right now (on the internet that is) because i don't think she has the power to not post 'woe is me' things when she feels like shit. (positive)attention is the only thing that makes her feel better besides drugs

No. 196454

She definitely knows about this thread. She deleted her blog over it when we started pointing out her scamming. It's a lose/lose though because we're getting way less milk and she's getting way less drug money, and none of her followers know that she's basically a thief.

No. 196466

File: 1478808445389.png (2.33 MB, 1440x2249, Screenshot_2016-11-10-14-03-14…)

Some screenshots from her IG

No. 196467

File: 1478808483819.png (2.08 MB, 1440x2096, Screenshot_2016-11-10-14-05-04…)

No. 196469

>"great hair and makeup day"

No. 196470

File: 1478808769982.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2220, Screenshot_2016-11-10-14-12-13…)

No. 196476

that fucking stain… what is that stain

No. 196477

but she also said how she doesn't even "read hate" anymore and she did come back to tumblr I think she just doesn't check in here/she thinks everyone forgot. even exposingluna said that when she deleted that blog that she all the sudden posted all those gifts she wanted and "should i post more personal stuff?" post on tumblr

If she was lurking she would definitely try to white knight herself because she thinks she's smooth but she's anything but. And there hasn't been any of that here.

No. 196478

looks like coffee

No. 196482

She just looks absolutely filthy. My god. And I know we all have hair naturally on our faces but she looks like she legitimately has a full coat of fur on hers.

No. 196484


Yeah, she doesn't read any of it but it seems unlikely that she doesn't know of it.


Her fucking mustache.

No. 196488

idk if we talked about this but luna said she voted on tuesday but didn't show her with a sticker or even taking a pic of her ballot, make a huge deal cuz it would be her first election, etc and she would definitely do that

so I think she definitely lied about voting which is the dumbest shit ever

No. 196495

Her hands look so manly

No. 196499

omg I know everytime she posts her hand with drugs or whatever I used to think it was lurch's hand LOL

No. 196512

No. 196527

I want to die

No. 196539

i think she may lurk here super hard actually

No. 196545

Ew the fact that she posts these pics online shows that she has Crackbrain ALREADY. She thinks her makeup in that pic looks "great"?!? Wow. Her concealer/goopy lipgloss lips? It looks like she specifically hilighted that zit or whatever, and not to mention her unibrown and full-blown moustache. Hahaha. She is beyond delusional. And wow, I never realized she had man-hands and thick man-wrists. Lots of crack confidence. Ew.

No. 196552

Shave. The. Stache.

No. 196553

these are actually over a year old I believe she didn't do any uppers let alone crack back then she just wanted to perfect romantic courtney and kurt hewowen.

No. 196558

You'd think on one of her crack highs she'd just look in the mirror, get inspired, grab a tweezers and then just go at it like a spaz.

No. 196561

File: 1478822102088.png (98.12 KB, 258x346, lunacatatonia.png)

found some old (still good) milk

I was looking through old threads cuz i'm bored af and found this bitch that i totally forgot about but she was so cringy I had to delete her but it looks like she's sober now but omg she was awful in the past when she was a teenager, i think she was like 16 in 2012 when I followed her

ANYWAY not exactly OT cuz I went to her blog and guess what was on the very first page?
Looks like homegirl called Luna out for romanticizing heroin/vicodin?? Which is pretty impressive because this girl use to take pics of every shot of tar she ever did, was an awful bpd blaming liar etc,i would say even worse than luna


love seeing luna called out tho so lolzy she so dumb

No. 196562

She didn't JUST post these on insta? Either way, she's still fuckin disgusting and repulsive.

No. 196565

nah the last thing she posted was the grinch slippers

No. 196574

File: 1478824414243.png (186.16 KB, 750x753, IMG_8779.PNG)


No. 196580

…did she block Bryce from saying that? so fucking rude, she literally only hangs out with that person because they buy her stuff like tattoos and clothes and she's talking shit about how bryce's family is rich? That's so mean I feel sorry for Bryce I've been following her for a long time and she's a genuinely nice person who finally got to have they're feminine facial surgery (sorry if thats not what its called)

Luna obv comes from a family that was well off at some point at least her father seeing as he has that apartment in manhattan etc.

Bryce probably doesn't want to talk to her because she asks for money all the time. Also she can't help it if she was born into a rich family and just because she was doesn't mean she has to be Luna's personal piggy bank.

this gave me a stomach cramp she is truly a horrible person but so completely and totally blind to it.

No. 196581

It sounds like none of her friends want to feed her addiction

No. 196582

block Bryce from seeing* that

No. 196587

BITCH just because her family is a millionaire you expect her to give you cash?!?! YOU. HAVE. MONEY. You spend it on dope and crack. What, your recent cash flow is slowing down, you asked her for money, she said no, so you outed her to try and get sympathy/money, make her feel bad, and maybe get some dope money out of her from it? You are a fucked up horrible bitch. Leave lurch, move in with your dad and get serious about getting clean while you still can.

No. 196592

uwu bitch. You drove all your friends away with your drug use. Let me guess.. They all finally got sick of you using them/hitting them up only when you needed cash, they got sick of it, and distanced themselves from you. No one feels bad for you, but nice try.

No. 196594

i feel really bad for bryce, should we show her this? it's seriously so mean bryce should know what "her friend" thinks about her

also outing her and acting like having FFS is like getting a fur coat? She already knows she's trans, they've been friends for YEARS, she has to understand how important that surgery was and that she probably went through a great deal to get it done

she deserves to get a piano dropped on her or some awful bullshit she deserves NO ONES sympathy or charity.

No. 196597

wow. embarrassing and ungrateful. also it's pretty unnecessary to mention that bryce is trans. like why does she word vomit everything that comes out of her head.
jc, what's bryce's tumblr?

No. 196598

I love how everything is from her 'bpd'. Doesn't she realize drug use/withdrawing fucks with your emotions/mental state.

No. 196599

Bryce is scatology on Tumblr.

No. 196600

also just because you have bpd doesn't mean you dont have to take responsibility for your actions, its not an excuse to be a horrible person.

No. 196602

how could luna even make that post publicly i'm sure most of her friends on fb know bryce or at least know who she is wtf

No. 196603

She just posted this today? Today is Bryces' birthday.. Haha wow, way to make it all about you Luna.

No. 196604

On insta she used to post pictures of cash all the time. I wonder what happened. Also curious about her relationship with her father

No. 196605

is it really?
okay she just literally chose to end her last friendship, what she said was so vile i don't think bryce will let it slide..

No. 196606

What's making everyone think she's doing crack? What are her cracky characteristics other than her being batshit

No. 196607

she says he's verbally abusive but also he pays her phone bill, gives her money every month. she can go stay in his plush manhattan apartment whenever she wants where she said he keeps xanax in a candy dish.
she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and nothing has changed that isn't completely her fault.

No. 196608

She's obviously just trying to manipulate people by posting this. "Classic" addict behavior. I hope everyone sees right through her bullshit.

No. 196609

she just sounds like a mean, nasty, spoiled rotten girl

No. 196610

She mentioned it on her last blog before she deleted I think. Something about how she never liked uppers but Crack is amazing. Someone here probably has screenshots.

No. 196612

I pulled this same shit when I was using. Manipulating and making up whatever I had to to try and get sympathy and cash.

No. 196613

she talks about how matthew finally let her smoke crack with the neighbors who are men she used to complain about alway cat calling her etc. So she started smoking crack. She then posted about it several times and complained about withdrawals from it (real bad chest pains, etc)

No. 196614

yeah but it's sad because I've encountered so many addicts that can beg/lie in a compelling manner. she has 0 charisma yet still fancies herself a slick mastermind bbygrl, copping from these normies like dummies

No. 196615

she is literally the worst scammer
she's messaged me for money randomly and recently, we're not irl friends just mutuals like saying shes hungry and i'm like "..me too?" wtf

No. 196617


are you telling her?

No. 196618

nah I just wanted to lurk bryce's tumblr. luna, being the spineless creature she is, probably only posted that on fb after she blocked bryce for not giving into her e-begging.

No. 196619

File: 1478828397879.png (654.81 KB, 969x454, bryceandluna.png)


No. 196621

File: 1478828940033.jpg (39.79 KB, 540x847, IMG_20161110_174612.jpg)

Still disturbed by how Creature apparently went to school for adolescent psychology

No. 196622

File: 1478829176816.png (781.17 KB, 716x844, img_197363538029351525.png)

November 10, 2016 - R.I.P. Luna's Last Friendship

No. 196630

File: 1478829875378.jpg (137.42 KB, 958x958, IMG_7894.JPG)

what are those eyebrows!!!

No. 196631

File: 1478830002761.jpg (225.9 KB, 960x1280, IMG_7896.JPG)

No. 196635

File: 1478830066967.jpg (150.13 KB, 958x958, IMG_8770.JPG)

they look worse if you rotate

No. 196650

i posted the screenshot of her talking about bryce– she didn't post it as a status, she posted it on a closed fb group
bryce doesn't know but not because she blocked her

No. 196652

still beyond fucked

No. 196653


Whoa, YIKES. She's missing half her eyebrows Haha. When are these from? And is that… ARMPIT HAIR that I see?!?

No. 196654

This looks like Sea Creature dressed up in drag as Luna.

No. 196656

File: 1478833856953.png (1.14 MB, 1706x1454, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.0…)

these are some of lurch's friends on fb….dude seems like a perv imo

No. 196657

File: 1478833923396.png (991.34 KB, 2022x986, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.0…)

i'm sorry i kept looking and this is too much (sorry in advance for photodump, just thought this was interesting haha)

No. 196658

wow i bet jealous ass luna loves that

No. 196660

File: 1478833973474.png (717.78 KB, 960x1422, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.0…)

"drug for the eyes"

No. 196661

File: 1478834013551.png (2.18 MB, 2056x1096, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 10.0…)

there are so many more lmao

No. 196662

He hasn't even had a Facebook for a month. What a sleazebag

No. 196663

those are all so creepy!! how has luna not mentioned this or tried to kill herself etc??? i don't believe for one second she'd be cool with this

No. 196664

>>Matthew Lee

Omg this is clearly just another guy posting a pic of a hot girl. Chief is such a dumb creep trying to hit on the girl in the photo loooool ew

No. 196666

I need the zoomed in picture of his eyes from the last thread for this one

No. 196667

I'm cackling at how he cropped Luna from his cover photo

No. 196669

File: 1478834775224.jpg (101.74 KB, 540x848, IMG_20161110_192428.jpg)

Some of his FB likes

No. 196670


Is this actually him/his real profile and not some troll? If so.. Lmfao! He is creepy as fuck! And no way Luna hasn't seen his comments, right? She would lose her shit for sure. "Luna, I don't really like these girls, they don't have the big areola like you do <3"

No. 196672


This is very similar to the friends/likes/comments of my 14 year old mentally challenged cousin…

No. 196673


>> tan girls

>> thick girls
>> fit girls
>> curvy girls
>>girls with curly dark hair

You sure are his dream girl Luna

No. 196675

she needs to get the fuck outta there. it's actually sad to think that a girl who could be spending her twenties going to concerts and shopping and working and just doing nice normal things is trapped in a disgusting apartment strung out with a man who clearly has little to no romantic interest in her. he's like sucking the life out of her.

also >>196669 i'm dying @ justin bieber club but what the f is teenie intrusions? sounds like he's advertising the fact that he's a predator lmfao.

No. 196676

It's the one Luna set up for him (?), I think to make their engagement ~facebook official. The profile was made on the 15th. he's done all this in less than a month. I think someone's getting bored.

No. 196680

Okay. Makes sense. I almost couldn't believe he was actually putting so many creepy comments on randoms when hes "engaged" to Luna. Haha.

No. 196682

Poor Luna. She looks like a true hobbit next to everyone else on Matthews friends list.

No. 196683

so has someone sent the screenshot to bryce yet? if anyone hasn't, i will

No. 196684

File: 1478835976971.png (350.9 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6652.PNG)

The comment on Lurch's picture looks like Luna wrote it.

No. 196687

do it.

No. 196688

that's so fucking pathetic. i really do think she's pitiful

No. 196691

Lmao yeah.. I highly doubt sea creature uses the word "fabulous".

No. 196696

looks like she has smegma on her lips.

No. 196704

what's the group called?

No. 196717

File: 1478843019033.png (88.51 KB, 281x453, 0.PNG)

No. 196718

Omg. I'm fucking rolling. The areola will never get old.

No. 196721

File: 1478843293154.png (Spoiler Image,597.86 KB, 427x634, ew.PNG)

while saving the screenshot i saw some pics i had saved from her old blog. so here's a gross pic of luna giving chief a bj

No. 196724

File: 1478844012498.png (36.8 KB, 514x366, erwe.PNG)

one more before i go to bed

No. 196742

Why his dick look like a noodle tho?

No. 196743

he's an anthropomorphic noodle

No. 196787

I don't know why I can't stop laughing like mad at this photo. It's like there isn't a single element that isn't funny. Her eyes that are all fucked up, her eyebrows, her hair and the totally seamlessly blending in extensions, the list can go on.

No. 196822

did she respond at all? I feel so bad for her they were close friends through high school and her only IRL friend, Bryce probably genuinely thought she was helping her but obviously she's a nasty piece of shit and Bryce deserves better!

No. 196826

why can't a bitch read through her work and correct some VERY obvious grammar mistakes?? I mean I don't expect it to be perfect because her IQ is probably a single digit but really girl..

No. 196829

It doesn't even look hard…

No. 196846

Needle dick. And hes pushing down around the base of it to makes it look longer. Ew these two are soo gross!! Haha.

No. 196847

i'm surprised she never tried to make/sell a sex tape of them for junk money

No. 196848

Im sure it was nice and cheesy smelling/tasting for Luna, cos you just know he rarely showers. vomit I was gonna say im suprised he doesn't have a gross gnarly bush, but then I forgot he can't grow body hair (remember that strange attempt at a beard?).

No. 196851


No. 196898

I understand being attracted to kitchy and quirky items but this is something even Liberace would have refused to wear.

No. 196899

His nipples are fucking far apart

No. 196900

At first i thought he was wearing tights… But are those gross, old threadbare long underwear? Sick. Those are in worse shape than the long underwear ive seen in jail thatve been handed down for ages from inmate to inmate.

No. 196901

File: 1478890016177.png (43.92 KB, 281x450, 00.PNG)

of course i see her point, but idk. i feel like if it were me, and a good friend of mine saw our friendship as luna sees theirs, and went as far to publicly talk shit on me… i'd want to know. i wouldn't want someone like that in my life. hopefully bryce doesn't fall for luna's pity party.

No. 196903

damn she's graceful as fuck like "ill be having none of that" i respect that because its her personal business and she's in no way a cow and just wants to be left alone i feel bad now (i didn't share it i just imo would want to know if someone who is always bumming money off me and talked about me like that including my gender omg)

No. 196908

bryce is so classy i really like her

No. 196910

me too she also seems to live a pretty happy life with other friends pursuing her dreams etc she smokes weed, i'd like a friend like her!

No. 196921

All sea urchin shares on facebook are pictures of dogs, hot girls with dogs, and the occasional status complaining about politics.

No. 196964

This doesn't read to me as Bryce endorsing/excusing Luna's behavior… it comes across more as her not being interested in talking shit about Luna with a random(?) Tumblr user. I mean, the second she rags on Luna to you for this, she's lowered herself to the same level.
She has more class and grace in her big toe than Luna will ever have.

No. 196967


luna is dry af today i'm glad we have Bryce's grace to bring positivity to us during these hard times

No. 196968

ok I really wanna see his posts about politics please please i'm already laughing

No. 197000

dat mole on her arm tho

No. 197003

File: 1478910476535.png (308.84 KB, 1440x2051, Screenshot_2016-11-11-18-26-05…)

No. 197008

lmao so if matthew didn't vote, i highly doubt luna did since she doesn't go anywhere without him

No. 197012

i was about to say and she definitely wouldn't do something like that if he didn't.

i'm like oh so sure they're republicans but luna lied like 3 times about voting
>i voted at 9 am for hillary

she said that a few times fucking liar

No. 197013

like she's not a disgrace to this country cuz she's a junkie she a disgrace for not voting and then lying about it? why lie about that? why say anything at all?

No. 197015


i dont even get this meme but it makes her look like she's a republican and also jeb bush was not on the ballot for shit? he dropped out at the beginning.

i'm so sure she ~knows her politics~

No. 197016

also i bet that matthew can't vote because hes a felon LOL

No. 197021

File: 1478913288137.png (511.18 KB, 1440x2467, Screenshot_2016-11-11-18-25-55…)

No. 197047

File: 1478918596521.jpg (26.77 KB, 540x720, FB_IMG_1478918527108.jpg)

No. 197049

File: 1478918943786.jpg (23.95 KB, 540x720, FB_IMG_1478918512278.jpg)

No. 197072

I have a very hard time looking at this dude's face and reading this and then thinking it's the same person.

No. 197079

File: 1478926217159.png (121.66 KB, 1440x618, Screenshot_2016-11-11-22-49-37…)

No. 197080

What the fuck is the sea creature?! Jfc he sounds like a weird middle schooler. I agree I genuinely cannot picture him typing any of this shit at all. Is Luna posing as him?

No. 197090

Don't think so. Luna leaves the occasional comment on some of his posts and he never acknowledges her at all, same with her wallposts.

No. 197115

nah, he types exactly as i'd expect him to - like a middle-aged man who never grew up with the internet

No. 197214

File: 1478968612583.png (349.88 KB, 1021x358, jebbush.png)

lmao omg he's definitely a republican and supported bush II????? that's why she's acting like that young sjw punk luna would never be a rupublican!

also this is what i meant to post last night in >>197015

No. 197221

File: 1478970402234.png (233.56 KB, 880x236, lunafans.png)

ugh how are people still sending her things? this person's account is private but they look underage

No. 197248

What in the fuck does watching Bob's Burgers or Archer have to do with BPD? This entire caption is just self-pitying word salad, the drugs are turning her fucking head to mush.

No. 197257

File: 1478981872923.gif (46.47 KB, 368x207, lucille.gif)

who said we like you

No. 197303

File: 1478993619073.png (155.27 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-12-11-34-01…)

No. 197306

i'm not gonna even comment on the top post cuz …ugh

but um… "i bet their both cis and white" are they you and sea creature?????

No. 197309

Who's Patricia Reeves Allen? Sounds like some poor old lady she's going to manipulate and take advantage of.

No. 197317

After this i cant stop imaginig how her and matthews kid would look like. Jeezus

No. 197319

I looked up that name on Facebook real quick and you're right - she looks like a kindly, well-off, community-oriented older woman.
Don't think I should post screenshots because she didn't do anything wrong, but she's the first search result for that name.

No. 197323


maybe she's the old lady (with cancer?) who took her clothes shopping for her "new job" that she got caught stealing from immediately?

she's literally hitting up anyone and everyone she hit up me (i'm not gonna share the message cuz she lurks this shit) and i don't know her personally… she's desperate.
sempai is gettin a lil milky

No. 197324

omg where is she getting girl scout cookies this time of year!!!

No. 197328

Maybe she found them under her bed when she was carpet surfing for tiny crack rocks she thought she dropped.

No. 197338


Trying to show off what a good ally she is when all she does is skip showers and steal and get high. Fucking nasty.

No. 197340

File: 1479001091970.png (99.52 KB, 640x687, IMG_7895.PNG)

No. 197344

Luna you are so ~edgy~ by supporting LGBT or whatever its called. Is that why you were friends with Bryce? Or was that just because her family was rich and you could use her for money occasionally? MmHmm.

No. 197346

I searched for Teenie Intrusions on Facebook and nothing came up…

No. 197354

File: 1479003265440.jpg (60.48 KB, 960x960, 15036530_10155769646244815_639…)

This is the image she was sharing with the "they must be white and straight and cis" thing. Much political commentary.

No. 197373


What does being white, cis, and straight have to do with this?

No. 197388

No. 197393

File: 1479015382580.jpeg (24.29 KB, 480x480, ngyQ8lVn.jpeg)

>playing it cool

No. 197400

ew omg what is this

omg shut up you and your bf are republicans who didn't vote

No. 197414

okay honestly im so tired of this being said in this thread i really do not think luna is a republican. lurch i dont know about but ive followed luna for years and she isn't a republican. the stuff she posts that you guys think make her a republican are (pretty obviously) supposed to be ~edgy~ and ~sarcastic~ like can you guys tone down the autism and try to pick up on that. its embarrassing

No. 197418

ty anon

No. 197461

Can't really check it out right now because I'm at work but here's the link

No. 197493

File: 1479046334984.jpg (55.73 KB, 533x314, r.JPG)

from 2015
so she was making at least 600 a month at some point

No. 197653

before she was e-begging for actual money for made up reasons she mentioned several times making large sums of money out of "nothing"

I dont have a screenshot of the post I have in mind it was on one of her dope blog and she was like "I made $300 out nothing today, I feel magical"
I cannot imagine her getting that much just begging on the street.

No. 197662

Slightly OT, but it always grinds me gears when Luna talks about how she "shouldn't even have to be paying rent" for her own apartment because "most people her age have parents that will pay for that." Parents who pay for their adult children's housing situations do so out of generosity.. it's not a given. I don't understand how she's gotten to this level of entitlement.. There's this idea that poverty makes you humble or something. But in her case, she believes she deserves everything just on the sole fact that she's suffered. We all suffer Luna.. Get it together girl.

No. 197670

totally not OT! she really thinks she deserves better than anyone else, the fact that her following is mostly young girls who still live with their parents have sympathy for her she always plays it like she is in the WORST PLACE IMAGINABLE unless she's high and she takes pics of chief areola and his cat.

There is absolutely no reason for her not to get a food service job even work at fucking mcdonalds get ANY life experience. The longer she waits to even try to contribute to society, or take care of herself at all, the easier she'll be lost and even if she some how got clean she would have no clue how to make a living in this world.
and i know it's tough to find jobs, BUT YOU FIND THEM. Damn girl, like, ho if you have to. DO SOMETHING besides relying on fake friends for their money.

No. 197766

I have a feeling she's avoiding her mom/her mom is avoiding her right now because she went into recovery and was living in a halfway house last we heard of her so I imagine her literally not wanting to be around her junkie daughter or luna not wanting to be around her sober mom

she complained a little while ago "my mom hasn't come to visit me once!" and she talked shit cuz her mom was smoking crack at one point (lolz) but like, luna, do you have any idea at all how hard it is to get sober? no because you never have and her mom probably needs her distance and has no money so luna ignores her.

she makes her dad out to be a monster but i imagine she is the hardest person to rationalize with etc AND he gives her money every month for rent, pays her phone, and i believe provides them with internet.
Also she seems welcome at his plush manhattan apartment anytime she likes.

She's truly an ungrateful little bitch, she's only ever grateful towards sea creature for getting her drugs ("you've helped me try so many new things!" omg really???)

No. 198002

Aspects of Luna remind me alot of myself (mostly the drug use/shitty boyfriend, not the lazy i-refuse-to-work part) and I think that's why I dislike her so much. Her dad probably sees that she's in a shitty situation and is trying to make her realize it. But she's so swept up in drugs and her relationship with Sea Creature she doesn't want to or can't see how her life is going. She brainwashed herself to think that Matthew is the shit and everything is going well (most of the time) and that her dad is 'the bad guy'. Idk.. Just a theory.

No. 198018

File: 1479103450858.png (273.3 KB, 322x359, lolwut.PNG)

holy shit, Matthew has over 10009 friends. I've had FB since 2009 and i dont even have that many. he must have gone on a horny adding spree and added all these weird fake hot chick accounts lmao. Classic old guy who doesnt know how to read the internet. would be surprised if he accidentally shared a link from porn hub or something

No. 198032

Hahahahahaha. I can't imagine that Luna is ok with this…?!? I wonder if announcing their engagement was worth chief areola ogling all these chicks on Facebook. Lmao.

No. 198037

I had a look through, and it's… just two sexy pictures of some random girl, and a shady link to "Watch Video". My guess is it's some kind of spam page that Liked itself when he gave some sketchy porn website access to his Facebook.

No. 198101


He's not too old to know how to use the Internet. He's too old for Luna. I think he's just a dumb ass in general. Anyone in their 30s knows how to use the God damn Internet. It takes a special kind of retard to think those women are real.

No. 198102


He's not too old to know how to use the Internet. He's too old for Luna. I think he's just a dumb ass in general. Anyone in their 30s knows how to use the God damn Internet. It takes a special kind of retard to think those women are real.

No. 198129

Any unsavory acts of Sea Creature will be rewritten as Soooo Loveable<3 in Tuna's rotting mind

No. 198134

File: 1479139563108.jpg (45.86 KB, 750x765, cow.jpg)

TUNA i love it
also this made me think of her and this thread

No. 198142

Incoming "my laptop/iPad/whatever has a virus and I can't pay to get it fixed! ;_;" begging post.

No. 198144

lmao poor luna her bf would rather fap to fake girls than even touch her anymore she's probably 'too old' for him now.

idk how luna doesn't say anything about this because she used to freak out and say girls were always hitting on him in front of her (holy shit who?) and screaming about his stripper ex girlfriend

No. 198167

lmao I added him, he added me back immediately and omg these political posts!! lmao what a dumbass he literally has no redeeming qualities, like I guess he has a big dick but it's not like Tuna is gettin any of it.

i just don't understand any appeal to him at all…

No. 198453

Luna finds him appealing because he gets her drugs/controls hers drug use. Ill bet he tells her how much she can do and when. And if he gets pissed at her for some reason, she gets less or none at all.

No. 198533

I'm almost glad sea creature had no internet presence when i discovered luna. What a weird piece of shit he is creeping on potentially fake girlll facebook profiles. If i knew this then i mightve donated to her out of sheer pity and regretted it after finding out how immature and ungrateful luna is.

No. 198576

Hahaha. Remember when Luna said she got makeup from a stripper? What if it was sea creatures ex? Hahaha. Maybe he still talks to/sees her, letting Luna tag along, and she's too dumb and spineless to do anything about it.

No. 198673

omfg reading this thread makes my comforter dirty

No. 198811

>i would have voted for any other republican!

he's definitely a republican. that's why I'm assuming Luna would honestly say she was one too/vote republican because her "daddy" says so

although she said over and over
"I voted for Hillary at 9am"

I'll pull some screen shots from his fb. He's pretty dumb and infuriating.

No. 198816

File: 1479221879557.png (435.5 KB, 607x499, lurchuggs.png)

LOL ok

No. 198821

File: 1479222591108.png (51.48 KB, 600x521, lurchpolitics.png)

lol ok

No. 198822

File: 1479222656344.png (20.06 KB, 613x177, lurchdidntvote.png)

lol he goes on and on and the dick didn't even vote (but luna did, of course!!!)

No. 198823

File: 1479222725104.png (32.61 KB, 613x326, lurchfapstohillary.png)

Luna's comments? lol I'm so sure.

Also I don't think seamonster is lying on the internet cuz he doesn't care about his image, Luna cares A LOT

No. 198827

File: 1479223135037.png (18.01 KB, 615x164, shootingupishardtodo.png)

>struggling with a task

you mean finding a vein in his body that has not collapsed? ok Tuna.

No. 198847

File: 1479226073011.png (336 KB, 506x615, seacreaturewtf.png)

holy fuck i'm loling so hard right now. the chief accepted my friend's request and is commenting on my posts now. but wtf idk if luna just posted this comment or if he's really strung out and posted this.

No. 198850

LOL cryin

i hope he starts replying to my shit this is gold

#seacreaturespeaks i didn't know he was capable!!

No. 198851

Didn't luna say he found it in the trash?

No. 198869

Yep, it was found in the trash according to Luna.

No. 198876

i think you're thinking of those creepy ass dolls he found

No. 198878

Somebody should take one for the team and message him and start catching Luna in her lies

No. 198883

honestly you wouldn't even have to use your own profile just make a blank one with a pic of a 'hott gurl'

No. 199022

Did she say that the gorilla was from a yard sale? I thought she said chief found it in the trash. Which, I wonder what her point would be to say that it was found in the garbage? Either not to admit she has money to spend on dumb shit or to seem ~edgy~ for dumpster diving.

No. 199031

Probably an autocorrect fail.

No. 199038

If anyone does, use Stella as the fake name

No. 199119

File: 1479253090290.jpg (253.49 KB, 1200x1342, PicsArt_11-15-05.36.35.jpg)

She seems hella cracked out/high right now.

No. 199120

File: 1479253119767.jpg (267.09 KB, 1200x1497, PicsArt_11-15-05.36.03.jpg)

No. 199121

File: 1479253252673.jpg (300.72 KB, 1200x1920, PicsArt_11-15-05.39.30.jpg)

No. 199122

File: 1479253409159.jpg (425.34 KB, 1200x1920, PicsArt_11-15-05.42.54.jpg)

No. 199133

File: 1479255273420.png (190.83 KB, 750x1107, IMG_3699.PNG)


No. 199142

I wonder if it was that seemingly underage instagram user that commented about a care package. The fact she never specifically thanks people is so lame

No. 199154

Bahahaha. Best comment ever.

No. 199166

That wardrobe is #triggering me

No. 199179

This will probably be the last photo of them if they're worth $150.

Luna or seacreature will pawn it off for drugs when they're low on money. Calling it.

No. 199183

File: 1479261134603.jpg (57.88 KB, 1316x670, fake ass.jpg)


>150 dollar boots

>these are clearly fake uggs, there's no label on the heel and the soles are too light

No. 199184

it's not the crystals that are magic, it's the big areola

No. 199198

So she wanted uggs and chief posted that PETA ad about uggs….coincidence?

No. 199200

Lol Matthew just posted a thing protesting UGG brand and now she has some? Even tho they're fake, she's playing that they're uggs. And if they're real, watch for her post showing the UGG logo cos you know she lurks here and cares what everyone thinks. Hahaha.

No. 199203

Is she trying to showcase that the cat got shit on her blanket? She's so gross omg. And she better trade those boots for drugs real quick before she ruins them with her cheesy fungus feet.

No. 199331

it's a figure of speech

No. 199350

In politics it means temporarily breaking with your group. So like if a Democrat voted for Trump, they'd have gone off the reservation.

That protest picture was about classic UGGs, which do use sheep skin. Luna's boots are made from wool, not skin, and if they were in fact given to her, it's not like she was adding to UGG's profits anyway.

No. 199372

these pictures make me feel so dirty. does she ever clean? I wouldn't be able to sleep in a room that filthy

No. 199428

Yeah but still, if someone was protesting UGG they'd be protesting the whole brand, not just a specific boot. And even if they were given to her, SOMEONE had to pay for them.. Unless she stole them. But shes probably not smart enough for that.

No. 199461

chief might have posted that article knowing Luna had uggs, trying to make her feel bad or uncomfortable. because we all know he's a massive piece of shit anyway, he was probably TRYING to be rude.

No. 199467

for real after seeing his facebook it really shows that he's not interested in luna at all and really doesn't want shit to do with her..

he's probably cheating on her with one of the strippers when he goes to score or some shit.

No. 200004

Wow sad. Your right you can tell by his fb he doesn't really give a shit about her. Shes probably just a cash cow to him. When she moved in with him, she mentioned she was making money/getting some sort of government check/money from her dad. And he probably does fuck around with the stripper when he goes to score. Or even worse, does/shares drugs with her while lunas sitting home getting dopesick or fiending. I still dont feel bad for her.

No. 200102

File: 1479373031555.png (2.19 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20161116-155536.png)

I've never seen her in a car

No. 200143

I Imagine her and chief stealing a car and going for a joy ride or something.

No. 200232

Anon, anon, anon, that would require energy and a knowhow of cars. I doubt Big Chief and Tuna even have liscences.

No. 200244

File: 1479383806598.png (18.25 KB, 521x271, lolhedoescareaboutlunanotreall…)

well this post "he" made begs to differ

No. 200245

She always used to mention she would get taxis around NY because it was 'too hot' to walk

No. 200279

I still don't understand that baby cat for life nickname he gave her

No. 200309

Honestly I feel pretty bad for her if that's true, though it's likely the case. Junkies are all about stealing, lying, and manipulating so I doubt he'd have any qualms about cheating.

She seriously reminds me of myself when I was dating an older guy. I was so clingy & in denial of the fact he rarely ever said anything nice to me/ showed any real affection. I pretty much coped by romanticizing his detached and withdrawn personality, I'm sure Luna does the same. He probably says how much he loves her after cumming inside her and that alone is enough to make her stay. When he's not getting his dick wet or shooting up he's probably avoiding her whilst she chalks it up to him being cold & hard from their totally hardcore grunge dopesick lifestyle.

No. 200338

my exact thought. she must of been with that rich poor cancer having lady..

No. 200343

yeah, right? before when we had no insight into lurch's life besides what luna put on the internet. it's sad that so much stuff was probably lies or like a facade she has to put on to get through life. she honestly makes him sound ~perfect~, you know? but really she was probably like, omg he looked at me once today!!!

idk i don't feel bad for her cuz she's a lyin scammin cow, but that shit always sucks and men are awful lol sage for OT

No. 200346

if he's talking about an actual cat dear god they should not be allowed to get a kitten omg nooooo

also it sounds like he's talking about some fucked up snagging a younger girl cuz luna is too worn out for him now or something but I have been watching way to much crime drama lately so like.. he sounds like a pedophile. (we already know he is, yes yes)

No. 200354

Luna if you're reading this:

Leave him. It'll hurt, it'll hurt a lot.

But the Luna in five years down the track, will thank you for it.

No. 200356

File: 1479392613097.png (368.94 KB, 1121x549, lunanbk.png)

LOL this is her #goals

No. 200358

if she's doing heroin there might not even be a Luna 5 years down the road

No. 200361

one thing we know for sure is that she is 100% definitely doing heroin every single day
we also definitely know she's done some crack and probably also does that everyday but she hasn't romanticized it as much yet. it's so less coolllll like kurt cobain shot heroin it's cool, crack is for >the crackheads who live next door that stare at me ew

but from how she's been acting she's totally hyped up on that crack and has hella confidence because of it. we're just waiting patiently for the milk to flow..

No. 200363

File: 1479393207819.png (35.69 KB, 592x373, lunalurchfb.png)

i am SO sure luna.. also like, aren't you right next to him?

Lurch getting an FB may be the strangest thing to happen yet… milky tho

No. 200399

That was definitely posted by Luna. Sea creatures posts are surprisingly (somewhat) intelligent and coherent. This is so obviously one of Lunas weird ramblings. Lol how pathetic she has too go on this profile and make fake posts.

No. 200413

and he's so boring of course he's like REALLY into looks like not just baseball but football and basketball, luna does not like these things at all, he's probably out watching the game at bars n shit without her. she's talked about how he's dragged her places to watch football before but most sports bars would probably card her, she's not 21.

No. 200422

File: 1479401068678.png (213.59 KB, 708x1135, img20485.png)

Hahaha ew and woww…. This this from sundaybaby1998. I feel bad for anyone who thinks Luna is a goddess. Yuck!

No. 200441

"mind of a goddess"

idk of any goddesses that smoke crack and shoot dope everyday

No. 200444

When Tuna puts everything out there on her blogs and scams people, she makes it everyone's business.

No. 200448

A-are they talking about stealing a cat? Like off the streets?

I'm very concerned right now.

No. 200524

I mean if she can do it then sure, clearly so can anyone else

No. 200539

Are they planning on naming the new kitten Taffy after the daughter from Female Trouble, I knew Luna had said before that Dawn Davenport was "#GOALS", so does that mean she plans on killing the kitten eventually? Lol.

No. 200542

>"new name in 2017"
Wait what? Is one of them getting a name change or is my reading comprehension giving out on me?

No. 200640

My best guess is marriage? Luna changing her last name to his? Let's hope not…

No. 200665

It just sounded like another one of lunas crackhead ramblings. Congrats Luna, youre a crackhead. Glamorize it. You'd be so unique and edgy, no one on Tumblr talks about their crack addiction, you'd be the first! ~so special~

No. 200696


It's probably too much effort for Luna's lazy ass. She'll probably pull something like the "a few papers dnt matter daddy, its wht we feel within ourselves <3"

No. 200757

That was eerily spot on.

No. 200930

File: 1479491430264.png (32.23 KB, 720x199, Screenshot_2016-11-18-12-45-15…)

My friend and I added Lurch… I don't know whether to be amused or annoyed because he's commenting all over our shit. Here's my favorite one one so far

No. 200937

i have no idea what this is in response to but i don't care i'm screaming

No. 200981

File: 1479504532582.png (87.21 KB, 640x635, IMG_8243.PNG)

You're my moon, and I'm your… uh, moon.

No. 200982

ew his response is so creepy? it literally sounds like he wants to procreate

No. 200985

they've been planning to get married for years specifically i think in april when both their birthdays are and they're anniversary (naturally that's directly after luna's birthday, aka her 18th birthday..)

but marriage licenses cost money and they always end up not being able to afford it or something idk i'd be into someone asking her when they're getting married. could be milky.

No. 200986

File: 1479504838724.jpg (175.69 KB, 960x960, IMG_8245.JPG)

No. 200988

how on earth do you even support trans rights if you out your trans friend and treat her like crap for transitioning/getting surgery…..

ya i'm still upset about that shit she talked about Bryce, that angel who is above us all lmao seriously tho she's such a graceful queen <3

No. 200995

Fuck off and stop posting about yourself

No. 201000


I doubt it's Bryce posting this. It's probably that "omg this tea is gonna be so lit y'all" fag that ran the exposingluna blog.

No. 201011

sorry ya'll! i'm not bryce or exposing luna, sorry for being OT I thought it was relevant due to her fb photo of how she 'supports trans rights' when she literally tore down her one friend who happens to be trans (and outed them) on the internet etc.

sorry for the bryce praise as well, totally off topic.

No. 201012

she would not be able to stay clean through a pregnancy omg she'd be smoking and shooting up smoking crack etc. She'd most likely lose the baby but i think she might believe you can do these things and still turn out fine cuz her mom used while she was pregnant with Luna and I know that's such a fucked skewed idea but you know.. That's Luna!

No. 201047

I don't like her at all but I hope she doesn't marry that fucking creep.

No. 201132

Chief must be getting so many friend requests. I bet he thinks he's quite the ladies man.

No. 201141

I bet its giving him some confidence. Now he'll treat Luna even shittier because he thinks he has options and can do better than her. Lol

No. 201261

This thread is so depressing. She's too young to be this messed up. Muck Monster is too old for her and will never do anything but drag her down, but her Curt-and-Courtney-strung-out-baby-girl aesthetic obsession makes her think her life is awesome. My heart aches for her when reality finally sets in, but I hope it does before she has is saddled with a Monster sprog.

No. 201332

someone should try chatting up lurch with a hot girl pic. might be interesting and we can see how much he really "loves" luna

No. 201342

That just seems a bit too cruel.

No. 201348

I would definitely do it, but I think most people here would prefer not to tamper with the milk.

No. 201353

Im the exposing luna fag, that wasnt me. I havent commented on here since the last time i said it was me.

No. 201374


There's hardly any milk anyway. She hasn't been posting on Instagram as much and from the looks of it, Facebook.

No. 201388

catfish that pedo bitch just offer him a bag of heroin

No. 201394


But if Luna is running his facebook couldn't this potentially backfire?

I think we should leave the their lives alone. It becomes artificial when people are trying to bait them and produce milk just for the sake of it.

No. 201396

i thought we decided that she's not running it because all he does is post about sports and creep on women and that would be sooo cray if she was like.. catfishing her own boyfriend.

it's interesting finding out how non-devoted he is to her
when she dated that Peter boy I believe they never even met and she just used they're text relationship drama for attention cuz he lived in la and that went on over year right until she met mr. areola. that saga was pretty weird and creepy she was obv obsessed af about getting a boyfriend who would get her into drugs so she could live out her courtney love/princes junkie dreams. She was chasing this life!

it think is she's not at least real delusional/detached from the world she believes that she's honestly living this awesome life where she gets what she wants etc. idk wtf mindset you have to be in to enjoy that i guess lurch does a good job at keeping her high enough that she doesnt get sick often but honestly i have no idea why he wants her when he's obviously interested in an entirely different type a women???

sage for long rant/things ive been thinking

No. 201397

oof sorry i forgot how to english

No. 201411

i dont think luna's running his fb at all

he has a distinctive way of typing and uses two ellipses.. all the time. he writes exactly like a middleaged man

No. 201430

Can we quit with the middle aged thing? He's not even 40. He's an idiot, but not because of his age. His age just makes him a pedo.

No. 201475

yeah i mean he's far past the half way point of his life.. he's livin on a prayer now

No. 201480

isnt he like 36-37? thats pretty damn close to middle age

No. 201490

Re: the baby from trainspotting

No. 201512

File: 1479606061478.png (108.84 KB, 540x540, Screenshot_2016-11-19-17-39-14…)

Its important not to donate expired and rotten food, but prissy bitch can fuck off about stale cereal.

No. 201516


>donating things like bread and milk

>when donation drives only ask for non-perishable foods

No. 201519

lmao where are you getting food donations luna
also what's "disgusting"

like really, hating on people who try to help you "poor, impoverish person who deserve nice thing" LOL

No. 201553

Slightly stale cereal? What a fucking outrage. Guys this is so unfair she has to eat cereal with a -slightly less appealing texture- just because she spends any cash she comes across on Courtney Love cosplay and drugs. This is life and death.

No. 201554

>courtney love cosplay

No. 201567

>they didn't even have cake or ice cream
>disgusting food

her grasp on reality is scary

No. 201582

She's butthurt over people donating food that's not up to her standards, but she's clearly never donated food herself. If she had, she'd know perishables aren't accepted.

She's bitching about people who are being kinder than she's ever been.

No. 201620

By her own estimation they spend between $60 and $100 on heroin every day, plus whatever she now spends on crack. Imagine having ~$700 a week to spend after paying for rent and tacky clothes, and still complaining that the food bank gave you stale cereal. Fuck.

No. 201633

maybe she's hoping someone will take pity on her and give her the nice food and drug money she wants.

No. 201636

Notice this gets posted to her own page where only her friends and family will see it who, most likely, don't donate food to the same food drive Luna gets her shit from. It's just a ploy to get them to feel guilty and donate food/money to her directly nothing more. If she actually wanted the people who donate food to her drive to see it, she would've posted it to the relevant FB page: but she clearly has enough self-awareness to know that would not go down well re: being an entitled c*nt. Also if people googled her name, they'd come across the thread and see what she's been spending her money on instead of food. Really the only "plain disgusting" thing here is her belief others should take care of her basic needs when she has more than enough cash to do that herself.

No. 201640

This girl has more money to spend than some hardworking single mothers and still has the nerve to complain about how poor she is.

No. 201650

luna clean that foundation off your septum ring


No. 201668

I know it's not as easy as 'don't fucking do heroin', but if she didn't fucking do heroin for one day a week she could buy plenty of her own damn cereal. I eat good on $90USD worth of groceries a month, there's no way she couldn't keep food on the table with an extra $400 to spend on it.

Also, unrelated but I'm glad that Roger's desperate "please don't let me lose him"-tier health issues have all cleared up now that Luna's taken to Facebook and is posting her woes mostly to people who actually know her and/or the Schumachers. Magic.

No. 201681

i honestly think this is just her trying to find excuses for why she needs more donations and why she prefers cash to food, even though she's ~starving~. she doesn't actually want any food, she wants money so her and lurch can spend it on heroin and crack instead.

i don't think there was ever anything wrong with food she received.

No. 201712

At this point who cares if it's tampering. Chief is blatantly creeping on other girls. If someone told her it would probably be a good thing. Maybe there is some microscopic chance it'd inspire her to leave him.

Luna's really a shittt person but this guy is gonna get her pregnant one of these days and really I don't want to see that grossness come to fruition

No. 201716

How could she not know, though? On facebook doesn't it show when friends comment on certain posts or like a certain thing sometimes? Or, she could easily go onto his facebook to look and see that he's been commenting these things to "women".
Another weird thing.. didn't Chief JUST make a facebook? How does this dude already have 1k+ friends?
Wat is going on

No. 201717

I find it hard to believe that she doesn't know about him creeping on 'hot chicks'on fb. She doesn't post anything online about it but I wonder if she says anything to him about it. Maybe she's in the mindset that he really loves her and she's secure enough that she 'doesn't care' about the comments he makes, and doesn't think that he would ever leave her. I kinda wanna message her and ask her why she lets it happen. Maybe she really doesn't care and she's just with him for the drugs he can cop for her.

No. 201718

they probably have a shitty relationship, glued together by the thirst of drugs and sheer desperation. they probably rarely have sex, due to drugs. in a past thread an anon found a personal blog of luna's on tumblr where she actually wasn't romanticizing him and talking about the shitty way he treated her and talked to her- regardless, she seems like a codependent/doormat and he's probably manipulated and alienated her, especially since he began grooming her at 17, and now has used drugs to seal the pact and keep her dependent, off balance, and drugged up. she is a means to an end, nothing more.
Chief Areola is a bad, bad man.

No. 201724

Don't forget he isolated her from her mother. Their relationship hasn't been the same since Luna and Chief were sneaking around her back because she didn't want them dating.

No. 201729

>Chief Areola is a bad, bad man

XD im dying

No. 201832

File: 1479673273465.png (192.68 KB, 640x998, IMG_8351.PNG)

If she's so hungry, why doesn't she sell her iPhone 6s? Or her MacBook?

No. 201835

or ipad or somet of those uwu fancy clothes she has she coould definitely over price and put on etsy, her fanbase is strong.

lmao when they get their shit and it smells SO HORRIBLE

No. 201837


I'm surprised no-one commented and pointed that out to her. Where I'm from supermarkets and restaurants can't even donate old bread and baked goods because of the health risk. They usually have all the old stuff locked up in dumpsters.

I'm actually surprised Luna hasn't started dumpster diving for food. Seeing as she does it for clothes and everything else.

No. 201839

Real talk though. A lot of homeless people that are good panhandlers make a lot of money, but it goes all to drugs/alcohol.

I think a few years ago there was a story about some women that panhandled for a living (dressed up in torn clothes, etc to look like someone who lived on the streets) but in reality lived a very wealthy lifestyle.

No. 201841

She definitely isn't secure. She has bpd and with that comes lots of troubles with relationships.

People with BPD can often stay in abusive and unhealthy relationships for a very long time. In some ways they'd rather have someone who treats them horribly than be alone.

It's honestly a very sad disease and my heart goes out to her. A lot of her personality problems come from her untreated mental illness and drug addiction. I'm sure she's a nice, caring person underneath all the other crap she has to deal with, and it's a shame she'll probably never have the chance to show that side of her.

No. 201842

seriously i don't see how they haven't figured out a pizza place or something that has an open dumpster? so so easy

No. 201844

i understand that she has some fucked up mental issues but so does she and she uses her disease as an excuse for acting horrible (i have bpd, that doesn't mean i'm irresponsible)

I do not think she's a good person under everything, she makes so effort to be sincere or kind towards people ever, theres nothing underneath her exterior, she's empty.

No. 201847

I didn't mean to imply that her having mental illness allows her to use it as an excuse to be a bad person and scam people out of money.

Though I do disagree, I think everyone has a good part of them deep down inside. Or at least can cultivate that part of them if they want to.

It's just saddens me that she'll never be able to get therapy, meds and all the help she actually needs. She's honestly most likely going to die from a suicide attempt or overdosing and that's just the truth of the matter.

It's just sad is all. I know what it's like to be in the grips of mental illness, but I was lucky and privileged enough to get the help I needed.

Another big aspect of treatment for mental illness is the patient wanting to get better and having the drive to put the stuff they learn in therapy to work. And I think Luna still is on the fence with that decision.

For her to get help it would take some intervention on some outsiders part because of her drug addiction and codependency on her boyfriend.

No. 201853

I didn't know her father was loaded and that she was on good terms with him.

Is it known that he tried to help her and she refused it?

Just because her dad has money doesn't mean he's wants to help her out or that he acknowledges she needs help for her mental illnesses and drug addiction.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't her dad also an addict?

No. 201857


she claims they aren't on good terms but goes to visit him in his plush manhattan apartment. he's not on heroin i believe he takes benzos often ad smokes weed.

but like i said, she says they aren't on good terms. Probably because if he ever tries to help her she takes it really poorly and as cruel but idk how cruel he can be giving her rent money, paying her phone bill/internet etc even when he must know she's a junkie with a bf that's not much younger than him. so there might be a lil tension there, ya.

No. 201858

She goes and stays with him when Matthew kicks her out or she needs something from him. She smokes weed with him. He pays her bills. Probably gives her cash. Hes a recovered addict and Luna makes him out to he this HORRIBLE person who she's So afraid of. Yet she goes and stays with him and takes his xanax steals from his house and smokes weed with him.

No. 201859

oh forgot to mention she is currently on his health insurance which she has COMPLAINED ABOUT because it doesn't always cover everything specifically when she's trying to see a shrink just for a benzo script.

No. 201860

Im sick of this bitch. How can she brag about being given "$150 boots for free", "find" all these clothes and shit "in the trash" and then complain that she's hungry and needs food? Like.. you can get yourself clothes and makeup for free but you can't manage any way to get any decent food? Haha yeah right.

No. 201862

Ew,what's that face she's making? Holding in a hit of crack? Yum.

No. 201898

I feel shit for Luna because she wasn't lucky enough to be born in a place where it's easy to get free healthcare. BPD has one of the highest rates of suicide, and even tho Luna may be a "bad person" she doesn't deserve that.

With the correct therapy and medication, she could completely change her life. She could get a job, go to uni. She could apologise and see all the wrongs she has done.

It's not her fault she can't get help, it's the American healthcare system.

sauce: cured bpd person who went to therapy and took my meds

No. 201899

I actually agree. By no means do I think she's some wonderful person but she clearly has serious issues that are the root of most of her behavioral problems and if she could get some actual quality professional help then maybe one day she could become a somewhat normal balanced person.

No. 201917

luna glamorizes how "shitty" her life was growing up when over all it looked like she was middle class, had dental care, food, etc she also doesn't claim any abuse besides her dad yelling which like..i'm so sorry your dad yelled at you.
but she's never had to get a job and she's always had health care etc

her life that "drove her to drugs and scamming" wasn't that bad but she really wants it to be. she can't believe how stupid she is probably, or doesn't want to.

No. 201919

her mom comes off as like "the cool mom" who didn't care if yall smoked weed cuz she was on a bunch of xanax etc, but her dad still contributes to her life consistantly.

No. 201949

Whats with the uwu Luna posts. Why don't you fuck off and send her some hello kitty lip gloss and some sparkly stickers for her crack pipe. Luna doesn't WANT to changes her life. She wants to glamorize her bpd and thinks her "Kurt/Courtney lifestyle" is cute. She likes having issues.

No. 201963

calm down bitch damn

No. 201964


Because we understand she's mentally ill, a substance abuser and in a shitty situation.

Her whole life could change if she had access to free/cheap help. I think she wants to get out of the situation she's in (who really enjoys addiction, abuse, poverty) but she doesn't know a way to get out so she stays complacent.

No. 201973


Stop playing her out to be some helpless little girl. This bitch is grown and loves the aesthetic of not washing her pussy and shooting up heroine instead of eating food. Yes, she could change her life if she wanted to, but she's too busy writing out "angel" in Xanax.

No. 201997

Not to be a white knight, but just because she had a "good" upbringing doesn't mean BPD wouldn't still ruin her life at least somewhat. I mean damn, dude. If that's not it, she's at least got some kind of mental illness, that isn't easy for anyone regardless of whether their upbringing was perfect or not. Obviously it doesn't excuse anything, but it sheds light on things

No. 202000

tons of addicts get diagnosed with bpd and bipolar while theyre using only to get a clean bill of health when they're clean. who knows if she really even has a personality disorder when she's been popping pills since high school.

No. 202004

Luna lives a 15 minute train ride from me, there's plenty of great health care providers especially for addiction. In fact, many therapists ONLY see you if you have an addiction and treat both the addiction and underlying issues. If Luna has private insurance I'm positive they'll take her. If Medicare pays for them most insurances will. She's just lazy and loves her life being a dirty addict. Until she hits rock bottom this'll be her life.

No. 202007

She makes it very clear that she doesnt want help and wouldnt be receptive to treatment even if it was free + readily available. It's hard enough to recover from a drug addiction when the person actively seeks recovery and this girl makes every excuse to justify her heroin as "medicine."

No. 202218

>Her whole life could change if she had access to free/cheap help
IF she had access?! Are you kidding? She DOES have access to free/cheap help. Medicaid is the BEST insurance to have when it comes to mental health/substance abuse. It sounds ridiculous, but its true, medicaid is also the only insurance that provides taxi service for medical appts. There are detox/inpatient facilities all over NYC, she just has to pick one and call. I think she already has medicaid, or we'd never have seen pics of her in the ER, she wouldn't be able to afford the ER out of pocket and she definitely meets the criteria for medicaid (she has no income, not on the books anyway, and I'm sure she has less than $8,900 in the bank).
So she has no excuse, theres nothing stopping her from getting help, except herself.

No. 202232

>she is currently on his health insurance which she has COMPLAINED ABOUT
Ah yes, thanks to the Affordable Health Care Act she can stay on Daddy's insurance until she's 26, unless Trump reverses that…
actually, hey Luna, you may wanna use those benefits before Trump takes them away from you, which he might. He may change the qualifications for medicaid eligibility too. Im not even joking, she should go now before that clown starts making changes to our healthcare system. I'm sure she won't get help now/ever, but if Trump does something to make it harder for her to get help, then she'll start complaining about it. It used to be that you could only stay on parents insurance until 26 if you were a full time student, I could see Trump going back to that.

>It's not her fault she can't get help, it's the American healthcare system
Nope. You obviously don't know much about the American healthcare system. Luna is actually in the perfect position to go to inpatient/residential for her dual diagnosis problems.
-she has daddy's private insurance at no cost until age 26 and her copays are def not that much.
-if she didn't have dad, she'd automatically qualify for medicaid anyway, and then her copays would be $0.
-she has no responsibilities. she wouldn't have to leave her job, school, or make childcare arrangements.
Theres not a damn thing stopping Luna from getting help, she's not getting help because she doesn't want help. She just wants some shady psych to give her benzos so she can 1.get high 2.claim its medication she legit needs 3.prob trade them for heroin/crack

No. 202246

the last part is literally my dream. (sorry for blog real quick) but i'm leaving my job and taking off a semester at school JUST TO GET MEDICAL TREATMENT
she wouldn't have to do any of that! she could go to therapy once a week, no big deal, see a psych every month? sure. SHE HAS NO LIFE she could at least do something positive but omg how does she live without anything to do? i guess getting high is a full time job and stuff but this would be SO MINIMAL

No. 202422

File: 1479772967668.png (156.95 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-11-21-15-57-25…)

No. 202424

this sounds like fucking child porn?????

No. 202426

>make them play like kittens

No. 202429

File: 1479773273413.png (87.68 KB, 540x453, Screenshot_2016-11-21-15-56-08…)

No. 202430

File: 1479773404234.png (219.49 KB, 540x540, Screenshot_2016-11-21-15-56-15…)

No. 202432

lmao you walk every where every fuckin day and what protests are you planning on going to? tell us more UGH woe is tuna

No. 202464


Oh my god. This reminds me of when Luna said that Lurch was arrested for protesting against police brutality and needed money to bail him out.

No. 202479

Sage for blog post but best of luck anon. I was in a similar situation a few years back and was able to work through my issues during my taken leave. The sacrifices I made were totally worth it long run and I hope the same goes for you.

No. 202496

ffs when people say 'if youre not out walking in protests youre not doing enough' they CLEARLY arent refering to people who cannot physically do it due to health problems. for god sake luna, make everything about yourself more… i HATE when people say 'well i can't do that because i have a disability' We're not refering to you!!! we're referring to the completely capable people who sit on their arse and still complain when they could be out there protesting/doing something.

No. 202499

Where were your 'bum knees' when you were out high on crack walking around and jumping onto peoples boats? Dumb bitch. xD(xD)

No. 202501

She makes such weird-ass posts/she words things really stupidly. Is it the crack, dope, or is she just dumb?

No. 202537

okay but shes like, really pretty

No. 202610

damn, thanks for the words of encouragement! means a lot

sage for sappy bullshit
inb4 >i'm not crying, you're crying

No. 202611

I think it is common knowledge itt that Bryce has got it going on.

No. 202612

also she's in new york, THERES SO MANY DIFFERENT PROTESTS IN THE CITY and you best bet some of them are stationary.

sage for blog but i'm disabled and use a cane and actually fear getting trampled lol and have sought out organizers about making a stationary silent protest specifically for disabled folks – that's being active. her posting it on her fb and not actually trying to network within a community is useless (just like the food donation post) she's just making it about her, its fucking gross.

No. 202613

I know! seriously can we get the consensus that the cat "announcement" thing was really weird and creepy and goes beyond the idea they THEY SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO CARE FOR ANIMALS but like overall the post is just.. creepy?

No. 202650

File: 1479837451485.png (30.52 KB, 510x389, lurchtalks.png)

i honestly do not understand his politics/priorities on fb at all (i am surprised he has so much to post about when his whole life is copping/shooting dope tho, especially when i've only seen him babbling like a mentally challenged person in videos.)

No. 202656

Its weird. It sounds like he copy-and-pastes it from somewhere. Maybe the dope makes him more insightful. That's the effect it would sometimes have on my ex when we got fucked up.

No. 202770

No. 203016

how has no one mentioned how she blew through the literal $1 millon inheretince her dead gma left her ?
when she was dating Peter she often talked about Lurch hitting on her & that she was creeped out & not interested.
less than a week after Peter broke up with her she posted a pic of Lurch saying "guess we're hooking up now"
she wrote poems on funeralhome420 about her smoking crack on someone's front porch back in 2014

No. 203020

omg it was $1 million? really? holy shit
also if it was $1 million and i was her mom in a shitty situation I would be using it for rent!! duh!

do you have an evidence or are you just a long time lurker?

No. 203029

omg so I just finally finished both threads and…I can't. sorry in advance for the personal shit but I was a heroin addict from 17 to 23ish and have been clean for 2 years. I'm content and I enjoy having my life together, having money, getting along with my loved ones, etc. but I definitely miss it often.

usually browsing these junkie profiles ALWAYS make me crave dope and my old lifestyle, no matter how depraved and shitty the person's life seems to be.

however, reading luna's shit makes me want to vomit (those sheets! those stains! that BOYFRIEND! my god) and feel thankful that I kicked my habit

also, the endless pictures of her dirty ass self and her nasty bed make me feel so weird - it made me feel itchy and greasy and as if I was dirty myself. it compelled me to go on a cleaning spree.

god help this girl. she's young enough that she can get out of it relatively unscathed if she acts soon, no matter how much of a ~*hxc junkie*~ she fancies herself to be. however, her waste of space bf definitely is only going to get his life together if he gets on methadone or some shit (not saying methadone's bad, it's how I got off dope…but it's not ideal)

No. 203030


I agree. it's so odd. I read his statuses and I can't imagine him speaking those words. he looks like he communicates in occasional grunts tbh

but maybe it's bc I've only seen pics of him so I've never heard him speak at all - is Luna still active on snapchat?

No. 203034

ya she's occassionally on snapchat

damn girl i'm glad you're good and i'm glad Luna is a good example of HOW NOT TO LIVE YR LIFE
and ew yeah general consensus she is so dirty and gross and her apartment and omg her poor kitties.

No. 203035

he's been on and off methadone I believe he was 'clean' when they met then he relapsed and she 'begged' to shoot dope with him.

No. 203046


very long time lurker
her grandmother specifically left the money to Luna in a way where her mom couldn't touch any of it
Luna would pay the rent for her & her mom while her mom was "always nodded off on the couch"
Luna would always write about how she was "sobbing cos she could hear her mom flicking dope bags from her room"
Lurch was her moms heroin dealer as we all know & Luna moved in with Lurch right as her inheritance was running low, to "save what she had left" & cos "she was sick of taking care of her mom"
when in reality UNDERAGE Luna would sneak out of the apartment to have sex with Lurch in public parks & her mom was never ok with Lurch being with Luna & wouldn't let him in the apartment if it wasn't to exchange benzos for dope . Luna got tired of her mom trying to prevent her from making the exact choices she ended up making to get in the spot she is now, her mother tried even with her own addiction issues, but then Luna quite literally kicked her to the curb & made her homeless

also Luna was beyond obsessed with Homeless Peter & even wore a necklace of his name & always talked about him calling her from prision & how he was her soulmate & she said many times she "only hooked up with Lurch cos she was so heartbroken over peter"

No. 203048

yeah after she moved out and her mom was homeless i remember her being pissed cuz her mom was SMOKING CRACK lol ok
but i just imagine she didn't know what else to do and drug binged, she then went to rehab and last heard she's in a half way house and luna is 'upset she never visit'… her heroin and crack den?

can you imagine how uncomfortable her mom was with lurch fucking her daughter???? and she was never cool with her doing dope either I remember when she first moved in with lurch (also i'd like to mention again that she was not ever allowed up in the apartment to the very day she started moving in wtf why??) but yeah when she first moved in she took a photo of her lil dope set up with needles on the floor, etc. saying something along the lines of "its so nice not to have to hide these things anymore"

No. 203083

wow. what a fucking mess. I'm sure her mother can be a manipulative monster herself, especially when she was using but I kinda feel the tiniest bit sorry for her. your kid obvi doesnt respect you bc you're an addict so she's not going to listen to you when you demand/ask/plead with her not to get involved with your predatory heroin dealer

and yes luna was experimenting with drugs (weed & pills mainly) in high school but she hadn't touched dope yet. probably not even oxycodone tbh. so it wasn't like she was strung out and ended up with Lurch bc she had a habit to support and nowhere else to go. she wasn't an addict yet!

like others have said, she wanted whoever was going to turn her onto dope so she could live out her Kurt & Courtney fantasy. and it's sooo cringy bc yea the Cobains were dirty messy junkies too but jesus christ at least Kurt was somewhat attractive. it just bugs me out that Luna honestly believed this guy was the one she chose to fit into her junkie love dream

& who is homeless peter? I'm pretty new to this chick. I just read both of her threads and I thought I went through it pretty thoroughly but I could have missed it

No. 203123

No. 203127

also luna is 20 and peter is 24 or maybe dead who knows so at 16 he was 20
also I don't know if they ever met IRL? he lives on the west coast lol

No. 203131

I feel Peter and luna were at least better suited age-wise, but he was also into art like Luna. Shes had this fixation on grunge and this junkiiiebaby aesthetic for so long

No. 203184

wtf, luna had a million dollars inheritance………???? can you provide any proof

No. 203186

i have no proof other than my clear memory of being completely shocked & sort of jealous at her whining about how the million dollars was all gone & how she'd had nothing of her grandmothers after it was spent

i didn't think it would be vital information a year down the road sorry folks

No. 203194

wtf???? 1 million bucks is a lot of money, how did the fuck did she burn through it in such a short period of time? i need proof to believe this one. theres no way she could even burn through that amount of cash in that time period. pix or gtfo

No. 203197

I definitely dont think it was a million… quite a fair amount but no way a million

No. 203198

luna deleted & remade several tumblr accounts, why would i have screen shots from a long gone blog ?
i remember her always talking about her grandmother's passing & always waiting on being paid from the money she left !
think about it a young girl with all these issues getting a large sum of money from the one family memeber she claimed loved her truly for her & not understanding that money runs out faster than expected
paid rent for her mom for over a year or two, bought herself whatever she wanted, drugs, cigarettes, clothes, food & what not .
i would not make up a million dollars it SHOCKED me

No. 203199

yeah sorry anon but i don't believe it either…..there have been plenty of "old time" lurkers and irl friends, this is the third thread so i think it would've been brought up by now. maybe you're misremembering some details?

ive also never heard anything abt her not liking lurch/that he was a rebound. everything she says is about how it was truluv from the beginning…? he's filthy and has long hair, sounds like her type.

No. 203200

Are you sure it wasn't something like $100,000? That seems like a more reasonable amount than one million.

No. 203204

y'all seriously so shocked that this scammer whos been addicted to expensive drugs for almost 2 years now blew through $1 million ?

No. 203207

yea, we really are

No. 203210

when did her grandma die? she only started shooting up in like late 2014/early 2015ish. for a few months before that she only inhaled/smoked

there's no overlap between her inheritance and the dope

No. 203222

File: 1479947932130.png (66.58 KB, 509x547, heactslikehecares.png)

maybe this dope fiend is able to process his thoughts more out onto luna's pad than out of his mouth when he feels like he's about to nod out and wants to fuck other women and use luna for her drug money.

ot: i'm loling at the fact that luna hasn't added me on fb, but her "fiance" is added on my fb. i requested her like a day or two after i requested him.

No. 203235

she won't add me back either and we're mutuals haha

No. 203237

so strange. tuna would NEVER ask you to donate to something else besides her except when she talks about things like the food donations when really she was just making up a way to talk about herself and really meant to give HER donations.

this is way more kind and selfless (i mean a very minimal amount but in comparison) than luna has ever been if she has asked for donations its for her, something that benefits her, and maybe if you went way back~ for someone she personally knows.

lmao although, did she also post this though? cuz she puts the link (doped up lurch obv forgot to)

No. 203239

i have no clue if doped up lurch posted this or if tuna did. it seems tuna might have or lurch did and tuna just added the links for him. anyways, i'm just surprised for once they're acting like they care about someone other than themselves and their dope addiction hahaha.

No. 203243

i don't believe it
is crack making luna like.. nice? no way

No. 203290

Maybe she's just posting it for some cool, edgy protesting aesthetic. Or soon she'll be like, "btw donate to me too".

No. 203294

"she got to protest and I DIDN'T CUZ I'M LAZY"
>donate here

No. 203304

Guys, Facebook accidentally synced with my contacts list and I somehow got a hold of Matthew's number. I'm not gonna contact him obviously but this is super weird.

No. 203305

He kinda looks like it.. If he is would that mean he gets a check just for being part native American? Explains where they get some of their dope money from.

No. 203346

File: 1479964105425.png (54.53 KB, 531x709, WOOWW.png)

from Luna's old blog, showing her truly talking about her relationship with Matthew. also Lol at the last post… fetishizing heroin usage. girl you have a blog dedicated to it! you dedicated ur life to fetishizing heroin!! the hypocrisy hahaha

No. 203347

File: 1479964266798.png (5.01 KB, 530x84, 1234.PNG)

nothing is free in this life, and how dare she expect fucking hand outs. what an entitled brat.

No. 203358

"wha wha wha, i didn't get enough free money from begging on the internet to strangers and now im sad. did i mention im a heroin heroin addict? why won't strangers on the internet give me free money????"

wow. Just WOW. how can she have so little self-awareness? manipulative scumbag at her finest.

No. 203361

No. 203363

File: 1479967206908.png (608.16 KB, 505x731, 98472544.PNG)

if sharing a pic of ur BF injecting u with H and captioning it 'LOVE' isn't romanticising your addiction then i dont' know what is..

No. 203367

we went through all of this already in the second thread. can u not repost old milk plz

No. 203368

As far as I know, no, you do not 'get a check' for being American Indian. There are a few government benefits that you are entitled to (certain medical care, 'government cheese', scholarship opportunities) as well as being able to apply for social assistance programs like all other Americans. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong because I don't remember everything from my Native Studies class, ngl.

Not directed at you anon but re: the $1,000,000 thing, I don't doubt that Luna told anon it was a million dollars. But she loves to exaggerate and probably was just high as fuck or lying to make the situation seem more distressing. I don't doubt that she, being in a vulnerable position and a stupid teenager, wasted everything her grandmother gave her. But she probably lies about the amount.

Sometimes I feel badly for Luna but then I see shit like this jfc dude get a fucking job holy shit

No. 203394

i got both their numbers, they give them out like candy..
she's lucky we don't wanna like.. call the cops on their 'trap house' lmao

No. 203395

this is just like.. wow you've literally never worked for anything in your life

No. 203424

o/t but where does the nickname lurch for matthew come from? i know the orgins of sea monster and chief areola

No. 203440

that's fucking grim.

No. 203446

File: 1479988368236.jpg (54.01 KB, 448x336, Lurch_film.jpg)

Lurch from the Addams Family.

No. 203454

File: 1479990477817.png (350.05 KB, 400x411, Easter Island headed boyfriend…)

And don't forget the "Easter island headed"

No. 203559

File: 1480012767849.jpg (78.91 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nq72j3PRYb1u313u4o1_500…)

>my boy just woke up and I look over at him and he’s holding a framed pic of me as a kid I’m like about to cry idk why it’s just really… sweet. I love him.


No. 203568

Probably wishes he would have gotten at her at that age, the pedo.

No. 203571

I too specifically remember her saying that it was a million dollars, but I have no clue how to prove it since she's had so many blogs and at the time I didn't know she was such a bad person.

No. 203583

You get nothing from the government for being native. Not a cent. The only money you get is if your Rez has a casino business and then anyone with enough blood quantum to be enrolled in said tribe gets a check.

No. 203588

File: 1480023019934.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.57 KB, 500x667, 1480012767849.jpg)

No. 203599

This is creepy AS FUCK. She thinks that's sweet? Definitely makes him look more like a pedo. Vomit.

No. 203600

Chief is "her boy" now? What happened to him being her "daddy" (ew)? Haha. And I can imagine her making him pose like that for the pic Lmao.

No. 203602

FUCK you made my night bless you

No. 203605

File: 1480026617150.png (201.31 KB, 640x876, IMG_8508.PNG)

Look at her badly drawn eyebrows poking through.

No. 203624

File: 1480028149874.png (143.02 KB, 636x895, IMG_8513.PNG)

Old stuff from earlier this year.

No. 203625

File: 1480028184409.png (122.59 KB, 640x895, IMG_8510.PNG)

No. 203626

File: 1480028345081.png (93.5 KB, 329x317, Screenshot 2016-11-24 at 2.58.…)

fuck anon this is good

No. 203630

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!??!?!?! That is SO GROSS!!! Holy balls! Did she just post this? Why would anyone post such repulsive bedding.. look at that pillow it is beyond stained it looks like she found it in an alley after a rainstorm! I dont understand at all why she posted this…

No. 203676

wtf did she just post this!? it's not on her instagram anymore if so… ew

No. 203677

oh god the fucking carpet too. i feel like i need a shower

No. 203680

go ahead her address and phone number are available on the internet/in these threads

No. 203683


she posted that around when she moved in with sea creature its they're 'spare room' the 'other cat' likes to hang out in

No. 203684

Oh wow. That room got filled up real fast with trash then. I remember when she posted that pic her cat in that room.. Looked like something from Hoarders.

No. 203685

oh definitely lmao

No. 203686

Maybe going to jail will her help realize that she needs to stop fucking up and get her life right. Helped me. Eventually..

No. 203688

honestly it's fucking true just a night in jail really fucked me up over being a fuck up… i'm surprised matthew/she has never been arrested in this time. she probably thinks she's so smooth.

No. 203690

Yeah she thinks she's the shit for not getting caught yet. And then after she goes to jail and her "horrible scary" father bails her out she'll feel like a badass. Hopefully then she'll have a month or two or court dates to deal with before she finally gets sentenced to something and then her smelly ass can sit in jail for a bit and think about her fucked up life and how she wants to change it.

No. 203692

she would beg to be put in psych but they would not listen "i'm borderline!" while she's withdrawling from heroin lol

No. 203699

I'm so grossed out yet so entertained by this milk

No. 203701

what? that the filthy junkies have a filthy junk room?

No. 203702

As someone on Medicaid, there is basically no ip rehab that takes it. Hell even when I was on my parents insurance all it covered was a 72 hour medical detox.

No. 203705

Uh… Yeah but why would Tuna wanna take a picture of that nastiness and put it online?

No. 203707

Lmfao! ? I hope Luna sees that shit hahahaha.

No. 203710

File: 1480044269656.png (59.24 KB, 580x356, 1429085378962.png)

Holy moly

No. 203713

File: 1480045075816.jpeg (69.13 KB, 1092x617, image.jpeg)

God dude what the fuck

No. 203716

in metropolitan new york there's a bunch that will, Luna could be enrolled in a 5 day detox (with plans to go to a 28 day rehab afterwards) within 24 hours if she wanted to. all with only having Medicaid. I know for a fact Creedmore in Jamaica, Queens is one of those places. there are probably more even closer to her tbh but I'm from Long Island so I mostly know all of the ones out here and in Brooklyn and Queens.

you prob won't get in a fancy ass place. but most government run rehabs, detoxes and methadone/suboxone/vivitrol clinics and doctors will accept you and Medicaid will pay for your treatment in full.

No. 203717

>>203690 she totally thinks she's the shit. meanwhile even though she lives a nasty ass lifestyle, she hasn't been thru shit. while Lurch goes out and cops, Princess Luna sits her fat ass safely in their Trash Palace. she's never had to deal with dealers, middle men, cops, any of the annoying and potentially dangerous external forces that come along with the junkie lifestyle.

also I have been wondering - Luna always talks about her having to pay rent. but hasnt Lurch & his dad lived there for at least a decade before Luna came to join them? so obvi they were paying the rent somehow, even if it was just from their various government checks. tbh I really don't think Roger asks her or expects her to pay for anything, at least when it comes to bills

No. 203718

she's really trying to be tracy jo shine

No. 203723

File: 1480050418574.png (81.62 KB, 670x560, Capture _2016-11-24-23-00-00.p…)

Newsflash Luna. ITS OKAY… you can shower now. Crotch rot and BO doesn't equal ~grunge heroin angel bby~

No. 203740


Lel, imagine her trying to rent that out for extra dope money. "Room for rent- furnished, bed and slippers included. You also get TV and a closet!"

No. 203818

..the murder victim?

No. 203905

One day this bitch will open her eyes when she wakes up and look over to her Frank Gallager looking ass boyfriend then look back to the ceiling and say "What am I doing with my life?"

No. 203910

Idk where you looked but that's not true at all. I had straight Medicaid and there was never any problem getting me sent to rehabs.

No. 203912

i'm sure this happens occasionally but then she shoots her up with heroin and she loves everything again

No. 203916

*he shoots her up


No. 203921

File: 1480106185816.png (28.54 KB, 512x391, lololshesfucked.png)

in a way, i really dont think thats the case. i truly think she enjoys her fucked up life and romanticizes it. but maybe you you are right and she just posts shit like this to make us think she takes comfort in her bbygurlheroinegrungerideordieabuseisgreat lifestyle, it's what she loves and never wants to get rid of. it's too easy to live and while the she may hate it at some points, the easy life style is too hard to get rid of.

No. 203923

has there been anything interesting on her instagram lately?
also, she posted a pic of her and bryce together yesterday. I suppose Bryce feels very bad for her etc.

No. 203924

File: 1480106440912.png (15.48 KB, 522x173, heroinshootupwithoutluna.png)

lol, i guess the chief had a thanksgiving shoot up without her and even posted about it on fb. wonder if there was a possible orgy or threesome or anything sexual involved even?

No. 203926

lmao i'm sure she loves this

lurch has more friends than she does, interesting.

unless like dealers be taggin their customers on fb now

No. 203940


No, she used to post multiple times a day but there's little to no activity. The posts from earlier were old but not posted onto this thread or the last one.

No. 204189


Looks like she's already got that crack mouth

No. 204234


do your teeth fall out as easy from smoking crack as they do when you smoke meth?

i'd imagine so and the fact that she doesn't brush her teeth, i'm sure she has literally never flossed before.
(how much you wanna bet that hello kitty tooth brush is still in its package? lost in the filth somewhere along with her cats)

No. 204288

I'm looking at both of those fb accounts and that dude lives in Pakistan and that girl is obviously a fake fb girl.

Lurch is just friends with a lot of fake accounts/indian dudes/ bots

No. 204322

After like just 2 months of smoking crack one of my teeth cracked.. And I took pretty good care of them.. Usually brushed after I was done smoking. I imagine she never brushes her teeth.. So Ew yeah.. She's got total crack mouth.

No. 204323

prob not the intended effect but reading this thread has made me go from hating luna to just wanting her to get better and get away from her boyfriend who is killing her

No. 204326

Yeah but she romanticizes her shitty relationship. She thinks its cool that's she's dating an older creepy guy who keeps her high. And no one will convince her that hes a piece of shit. She has to realize it herself. Ive been thru the same thing and I still have no sympathy for her.

No. 204329

File: 1480197183374.png (126.24 KB, 635x874, IMG_8515.PNG)

Old picture, but shitty teeth confirmed.

No. 204336

File: 1480198731699.jpeg (35.14 KB, 504x518, 1477317492447.jpeg)

No. 204344

Her face look crazy here. And… "Her first snow?" she makes it sound like she never seen snow before Haha.

No. 204348

File: 1480199955671.jpg (718.23 KB, 1000x667, Cocaine.jpg)

Maybe she means her first "snow", anon.

No. 204408

I can understand it but for me, the more I read this thread, the more I want to see her suffer and be miserable.

No. 204415

File: 1480212637830.jpeg (106.8 KB, 688x714, image.jpeg)


Luna and Muck Monster make me think of Lovecraft's "A Shadow over Innsmouth".

No. 204416

Their offspring.

No. 204631

ew it has his nose and her lips

No. 204654


No. 204658

Don't be a little bitch, anon

No. 204663

Are you 6 years old? Not that scary, anon.

No. 204678

Someone's lost. Do you need a Safe Space?

No. 204722

Somebody bait chief and send Luna the messages. This dumbass is already falling for catfishes left and right. Maybe some inexcusable proof would rattle her?

No. 204725

this would be so stupid easy

No. 204792


She would just be like "im not worried.. daddy chief luvz me uwu im his heroin-bby-big-areola-gurl 4lyf". Or she'd bitch and moan that people online are trying to sabotage her relationship. Or some dumb shit like that.

No. 204829

idk she has shown in the past that she's an incredibly jealous bitch

No. 204889

It boggles my mind though that she seems oblivious to Sea Creature and his "hot gurlz" on fb.

No. 204903

someone take one for the team and ask her lolz

it'd be funny if she knew they were bots (its very obvious and she grew up with the internet so I'm sure she could easily spot that) and tries to explain it to him and he doesn't get it and she's just like embarrassed like having your father on snapchat or something

sage for ramble, tin foil hat, etc

No. 204933

File: 1480291184051.png (17.1 KB, 516x278, didshegetthechocolate.png)

i like how nobody liked this. is their relationship gonna turn into something like onion's and plainey's (or however ppl spell that doormat's name on here)? also, i wonder if he got her the chocolate? you know why she wanted that…

No. 204936

When i see posts like this on facebook, it makes me feel sad for some reason. It reeks of desperation.

No. 204941

This is just sad. Contacting your fiancee via FB because he's ignoring you otherwise.

No. 204970

Haha he doesn't even call her his fiancé on Facebook (or he didn't in that one post he made about getting her the gorilla) And Chocolate + Menthol Cigs + Dope= Heroin Bby Heaven… Right Luna?

No. 204972

Sounds like it. I wonder where.. A night of trapping/partying with the Stripper? Hahaha.

No. 204980

Wait… She posted this yesterday and he didnt even reply to it? Lol. Yeah hes having too much fun without her.

No. 204983

lol that wasn't his post on fb, but yeah… he did call her his girlfriend on there. but exactly, chocolate reacts the same way as heroin does basically for the brain, which is why that disgusting ho bag wants it from her "layne stanley lookalike" (haha i have no idea how you spell that other guys name she idolizes) or w/e she thinks of him in her deluded state of mind.

No. 204984

just realized you meant his reply was the post. derp. you're right about that.

No. 204989

File: 1480298461255.png (34.88 KB, 508x470, boredenoughtocommentonthis.png)

lol i don't even know how their relationshit works tbh. but, here's a day later, and he's able to comment on some stripper's status just like 40 minutes ago, but not his "fiance's" post.

No. 204992


Lurch is just delusional as Luna. Thinking that he has a chance with all of those girls/spam bots.

No. 204996

I hate when people flaunt their relationships online, nobody cares about how much you love you s/o. I think if she's posting this much crap about her undying love for her bf she's just incredibly insecure about her relationship and trying to prove everyone wrong including herself.

No. 205445

Just hope she doesn't get pregnant trying to prove a point. I didn't realize how much chief truly doesn't give a shit about her until she got him a fb. Matt is really a piece of shit. Luna is deff mentally ill, what are some logical ways to get her away from him?

Sage for shit-posting and semi-genuine concern

No. 205453

I really think the only way an external force is going to break them up in the foreseeable future is if Matthew straight-up dumps her for another girl IRL. Her old personal blog made it really clear that she'd literally sooner kill herself than walk away from any of his shitty behavior.

No. 205466

just get them arrested together for their drug use and animal neglect. shouldn't be that hard. that'll get them separated forever.

No. 205471

Nah, they'll end up talking through the toilets at lock up.

No. 205520

Addicts have two outcomes:
Death or rehabilitation.
It's completely up to Luna what she'll choose.
It doesn't help she is so connected to social media and receives support for her life-style, but hopefully she'll choose a sober life style. It's doubtful cause she gets so much attention for being fucked up.

No. 205662

File: 1480342828039.png (225.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_8850.PNG)

No. 205668

I'd feel pity for her if I didn't know that she'd immediately spend it on drugs and luxury items that she doesn't need.
Why doesn't she just go pawn some of her jewelry?

No. 205669

>several hospital stays
sure luna
>i've been trying to avoid asking
girl you were begging for ugly ass slippers like 2 months ago and a bunch of other unnecessary shit!

i don't see why they haven't tried to sell literally anything when she has nice shit like why does she need an ipad and a laptop??????
she might live in filth but that's totally her choice cuz she's a spoiled ass brat.

No. 205670

*two weeks ago

No. 205673

File: 1480344445294.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0759.PNG)

From the other day.
Maybe Bryce just doesn't give her money or buy her things anymore? Lol and it frustrates the shit out of her.

No. 205684

She actually infuriates me. She easily could pawn/sell her iPad for $150. This reeks of obvious scamming.

Also Bryce is better than me because I would not waste my time on Luna, after what she said about her.

No. 205692

bryce is better than all of us i still feel shitty that Luna is in her life as all cuz she's just a giant leech

maybe bryce thinks she can help her? she probably knows more about luna's situation than anyone and she's probably the only IRL person besides Lurch that she interacts with naturally.

I don't think Bryce is dumb enough to not see Luna's obvious manipulation and scamming.
She probably genuinely feels bad for her, that's the only reasonable thing i can think of?

No. 205697

Why can't she get money from her dad or the slipper grandpa? She's so annoying. Bitch you spend 100 a day on drugs and youre short on rent money?

No. 205698

sorry for double post

but i bet matthews been stealing car radios and shit of the like for yearrrrsss that's probably where he gets his dope money.
I wonder if he'll eventually try to pimp her out so she can earn her keep. That's awful I know, but not unbelievable.

Also I think both Luna's parents would take her in immediately especially if she wanted to get clean. I mean her mom might not be able to if she's still living in half way houses etc
but they've paid for her to go inpatient before, self checked in at a psych ward.
And we've figured her dad is pretty well off, she'd be perfectly fine if she wanted to kick dope/crack and live alright maybe learn a life skill or two..

that's why i cannot feel bad for her. i know she's an addict and that fucking sucks but she always has this option no body is holding her back, by the way matthew acts, he would probably let her leave no problem

No. 205699

I think slipper grandpa gave her money, which she used very quickly, i'm sure. SO he's probably not an option to ask again so soon especially cuz she'll beg from him at xmas time.
And her dad already gives her money every month so I imagine asking for more doesn't go well cuz he probably is like "maybe don't spend it on drugs and pay your rent instead?" which is ssoooo abusive and she just can't take it.

so ask strangers on the internet, i wonder how much of her underage girl followers are friends with her on FB they love donating to her cuz they have no idea what they're contributing to.

No. 205700

When someone comes to visit her, what do they even do? Luna doesn't have any hobbies aside from wallowing in her own filth and doing drugs.

No. 205701

Im sure chief already has/tried to pimp her out. Its easy cash/drugs and he doesn't have to do any work. My ex did that to me (not that I wasnt happy to go along with it) within the first 2 or 3 months of us dope dating. So I imagine Luna has already done it, or he atleast asked her to.

No. 205702


No. Bryce is not better than all of us. She's still hanging around trash like Luna even though she knows Luna talks shit and has no respect for her (or anyone). That's pathetic.

No. 205708

I'm pretty sure Bryce/anyone does not go into her apartment and probably just picks her up and then takes her shopping etc

No. 205717

Ew I hope Bryce doesn't let Luna manipulate her.

No. 205721

i hope she at least realizes she enabling her and that luna expects money from her and maybe she stopped offering to buy her things? usually after they hang out she posts whatever she got with bryce, usually clothes or tattoos. they usually get mcdonalds together. but she didn't post anything??? unless she did on her insta. That snap was from like 2 days ago?

No. 205723

"i really hope she gets help. well maybe if only luna did this" anons are so fucking retarded. she's not gonna get help unless she wants it and she clearly doesn't. quit posting

No. 205727

I think half of us are shaming her about it though because she claims she has no options etc but she obviously does, she's totally faking the lost soul act etc.

but I agree with those anons who like.. actually feel bad.
>omg i feel so bad i wish we could help her!!!
DONT. she's a scammer and a liar and a terrible person. who refuses any bit of help that isn't $$cash$$ that she manipulates out of people for drugs. Please, if you want to be charitable, help someone who really needs it to the point that they appreciate it. It feels much better, trust me.

I wonder how much she spends on dope a day now that she does crack. I mean crack is significantly cheaper and the withdrawals aren't nearly as bad so she could probably do it sporadically although I imagine she doesn't. I also bet they all get xanax/klonopin subscriptions too.

She says her neighbors are the ones who smoke crack all day/night, I imagine they kick her a rock every now and then or she's sucking dick.

No. 205755

Thank you anon, I was just about to make that point. Bryce CHOOSES to keep this drug-addicted scammer in her life. She's not "better than us", she's an enabler.

No. 205766

I think Luna used to have a Xanax prescription because I remember her saying a few times that she dealt it (this was just before/after she moved in with Lurch)

No. 205792

she's also mentioned that lurch and his dad had scripts too

No. 205833

Fuck off

No. 205888


why? you know that the "poor luna her mother is a crack addict and now she is too she should get help uwu" talk is bs. it's been said over and over that addicts only recover when they want to. no point in throwing a fucking pity party for her.

No. 205934

That bitches life ain't even that bad. I don't mean the drug use and pedo bf. I mean she has a roof over her head, she doesn't have to work, she still has her family, etc. She could get clean and have a good life but she'd rather have and romanticize her shitty drug use and piece of shit worthless boyfriend. She thinks its cool, no matter how many "~~~don't romanticize drug addiction~~~" posts she makes. No one should feel bad for her… She doesnt want to get clean!! And you can't blame everything on Lurch.

No. 205946


that's exactly what i'm trying to say. she made herself sick thinking this was an okay and cute thing to do. all of these lace drugs older men pink dirt instagrams/tumblr made this kind of lifestyle seem cool. she contributes to it. the only thing that sucks is that she's not posting about it as often.

No. 205948

Id give her 50 bucks to start posting about her crack use. haha.

No. 205949

might as well message her on facebook to tempt the fiend lol. but what if lurch just took the money from her and used on his stripper friend and him?

No. 205972


Don't touch the cows. It's like a museum or freakshow, you look at the exhibits but you leave them the fuck alone otherwise. She's doing a perfectly good job of fucking up her life all by herself. Nobody needs to encourage her or help her along.

No. 205991

shrug …if he takes the money… just one of the risks of dope dating lol

No. 206019

I would never message her and really offer her the money. Im just curious as fuck to hear her crack stories and see her aesthetic crack pics.

No. 206120

for real i want her to be like #stopcrackhate #normalizesmokingcrack and 'Just because it's crack doesn't mean I'm a nasty homeless person!!'
'my medicine!!! i'll die without it!' etc
i miss the tuna drug blog days

No. 206355

File: 1480464414529.png (103.86 KB, 640x876, IMG_0025.PNG)

she literally looks like my mother after two C-sections

No. 206356

File: 1480464521539.png (187.73 KB, 640x909, IMG_0024.PNG)

No. 206376

lmao it's sad i got excited when i saw the toothpaste. maybe she does brush! looks almost empty tho time to re-up

No. 206388

My ribs hurt just looking at how that bra is sitting on her

No. 206400

me too, anon. Thank you, Luna, for giving me this extra boost.

No. 206403

Lol Luna you don't have fucking BPD

No. 206429

i feel like we never talk about this specific disease she pretends to have but
i hate how she writes about it and her bpd struggle and tries to defend tumblr posts that are #bpdonllyyyyyyyyy and I fucking have BPD (its okay if you think i'm lyin cuz luna is romanticizing it and you know she's lyin and she's givin us all a bad name, i understand)

also There's almost no way to diagnose what she really has particularly one such as bpd (which can't be tested on a chemical basis such as depression) while she's severely addicted to all sorts of drugs! and never once dedicated herself to meds for the sake of wellness.
I mean I'm sure some zoloft or whatever antidepressant would really help her every day life but it doesn't get you high so..

fuck her for that
sage for temper tantrum

No. 206434

oh my god her fucking eye in this and just the angle i feel really uncomfortable
also, tuna, you have broad shoulders, big deal. please have a sliver of self respect and let those straps out like just a lil.

No. 206438


this is very scary

No. 206442

File: 1480474605631.png (135.99 KB, 640x806, IMG_0027.PNG)

No. 206443

lmao love that gut sucking in skills. you know she was practicing on that for a while for this shot or she was holding in a crack hit. lol this delusional bitch and her "bpd". these tumblrtards need to stop with their self diagnoses and actually go somewhere that will truly tell them what's wrong with their minds. but nope, their special snowflake syndrome makes them wanna be like "i'm bpd and can't handle it wahhh pity me :((( donate, don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful" or w/e. i'm getting sick of this instant gratification they are needing in life.

No. 206444

Pajama pants pulled up to hide her stomach lol

No. 206447

She has the body of a middleaged midwestern mother of 3 at only 20 years old, good fucking god.

No. 206448

HEY EVERYONE look at my ~trackmark<3~

No. 206451

I wonder when we'll "accidently" see her crackpipe.

No. 206454

File: 1480476488290.jpg (131.98 KB, 1024x644, 78320186.jpg)

i'm sure it'll look something like the almost completely blackened glass tube in this picture once we do. lol, you know how this dirty liar operates. unless, she just smokes out of something homemade, which i would love to see even more.

No. 206457

i bet theres something like that or a dropper tube orrr she smokes out of an aluminum can and her teeth have already started falling out LOL

No. 206460

File: 1480477224952.jpg (275.64 KB, 1125x1646, FullSizeRender (2).jpg)

o.k. luna

No. 206461

File: 1480477240429.jpg (271.03 KB, 1125x1654, FullSizeRender (1).jpg)

No. 206466

File: 1480477496226.png (500.43 KB, 817x597, TUNA.png)

someone is having an interesting night i guess

No. 206470

File: 1480477589005.jpg (27.98 KB, 250x333, tumblr_ohfoqlHLyy1vfv0uno1_250…)

Clearly showing off that track mark here. Milky. She's not hiding it as much. Standby for her new drug blog, im sure.

No. 206473

LMAO if she smokes out of an antenna Hahaha. But she does have a glass crack pipe.. Remember the rose out of it that she scrapbooked and then posted?

No. 206475

Plz plz someone tell me I have a thigh gap uwu notice meeeeee

No. 206476

File: 1480478102199.png (15.42 KB, 711x286, Capture _2016-11-29-21-53-36.p…)

What Lurch tells her before he pimps her out.

No. 206478

Did she finally shave her legs and feet?

No. 206483

File: 1480479117650.png (38.08 KB, 507x437, heavensentderpppp.png)

lol so i guess bryce isn't considered one of her best friends

No. 206485

File: 1480479230447.png (22.65 KB, 395x659, tuna2.png)

latest installment of luna poetry

No. 206486

"kid, kid, kitty, kid"

No. 206489

lol sounds like she's talking about her sex life with lurch or guys lurch prostitutes her out to in this "poem". dear lord, she needs help.

No. 206490

"candy and yellow teeth" …is she describing venus

No. 206495

Yeesh… this sounds like a blatant dig at Bryce.

No. 206496


Look at her mouth. Good god.

No. 206499

Someone kill me for semi-enjoying this particular poem.

No. 206502


I enjoyed it too. I needed a good laugh.

No. 206505


No. 206509

File: 1480481509139.png (180.76 KB, 640x891, IMG_0026.PNG)

bryce is a retard for still hanging out with luna knowing that she talked shit about her. plus giving her things? it looks like a used, cheap lipstick but still.

No. 206516

Um.. Wasnt this bitch just complaining that she didbt have any friends or anyone who cared about her besides sea creature? Haha. I guess theyre her friends when they give her money and they're not her friends when they don't? Ok makes sense I guess.

No. 206544

Nah I don't think it'll be completely black. SHe'll have scraped/pushed the fuck outta it while she's fiending and Chief is out trapping or nodded out. Hahaha. I feel for you on that Luna, its the worse. Lmao.

No. 206550

good point lol. i forgot how much of an addict she is. if her weed days taught her anything, it's how to scrape pipes for extra hits.

No. 206558

File: 1480490433573.png (638.28 KB, 848x640, Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 11.1…)

even more than anything else about her physically, her dry ass dirty ass mouth and lips are always in such a particularly depressing state

No. 206567

I'm fairly sure that's one of the Melted Matte shades, Bryce probably bought it and decided it didn't suit her so gave it to Luna. Buckle up kids, her crusty-ass lips are only going to get worse if she starts slathering on liquid matte lipstick every day.

No. 206573

Hell no that bitch would have pushed that shit into oblivion

No. 206612

everything is so filthy.
I'd never let my bare skin touch any of it.
If I went to her house I'd be dressed in a hazardous suit

No. 206626

Did Luna just compare herself to JESUS? Next level delusions.

No. 206646

>>206492 that annoyed me so much. how selfish can you be, Luna? god forbid Bryce spends her money on something for herself instead of you.

I am a heroin addict in recovery and I am surrounded by addicts, some still using and some clean. addicts are ridiculously selfish when they're in active addiction, as we all know. never in my life have I met an addict who was as ungrateful, lazy and selfish as Luna seems to be.

Luna's always so concerned with people ~*glamorizing*~ addiction and shit. if she's so concerned with society's views on addicts, she should take a look at herself and her actions because she makes addicts look even worse than we already do lol.

that's not even mentioning her poor hygiene habits and her disgusting living conditions. I've met junkies who lived in their car, or in and out of shitty little motels, that were way cleaner than her.

you don't just become a slob as soon as you develop a heroin addiction. even after years of using, addiction doesn't drive you to become dirty and disgusting, unless you already were. she's gross.

No. 206671

If she were lying down in this picture, she would look like a dead body. What the fuck.

No. 206676

does anyone have actual evidence that easter island head man actually pimps her out other than the fact that nobody would put it past him?

No. 206677

still looks furry to me, and filthy. but like ~surprise~

No. 206679

she has never met either of those girls IRL lmao

No. 206684

first of all, has it just been too long or is her poetry actually getting worse? good god.
>no more worship, just medicine

lol sounds like she's romanticizing romanticizing drugs lol ok

>your gums will start to reject those teeth mom

please tell me she's not still giving her mother shit for smoking crack..

>kid, kid, kitty, kid

um ok? but like, please don't get another cat please

>sex disgusts me

i think this is definitely pushing towards like some actual sexual frustration here and it's not just lack of libido via H
if anything, crack makes you horny.

>i'm not tryna be pretty/ lace can be ugly too

she must retain her courtney love appearances at all costs haha

No. 206708

the only good quality about luna is that she has well done tattoos (from what i've seen anyway). they're not cool or original, but at least it isn't some ugly ass stick and poke or unprofessionally done.

No. 206710

she's gotta a couple uggo ones but yeah she's got some apprentice dude who does shit for cheap, good for her.

i wonder if she thinks those teeth tattoos are still cute while her actual teeth are ready to fall out of her head..

No. 206789

Not from what I've seen. People need to stop speculating.

Sure he's gross and and addict and possible drug dealer, but pimping out girls and your girlfriend is a whole other thing.

Do we really think that Chief has enough mental capacity and power to control a group of girls who have been through everything and so immoral that he would force or convince Luna to fuck older men for money?

I don't think he's -that- immoral to be honest. Sure he's creepy for going after an underage impressionable girl, but I don't think he would want Luna to come back with and STD, or be raped and murdered.

No. 206790

every time i see her shitty dry lips caked in foundation i notice that her top lip bunches up at the cupids bow and looks like fucking pendulous balls. am i the only one. god damn it luna quit smearing shit all over your face it doesn't take the ugly away..

No. 206799


it's honestly not that hard to get to the point where you're hoing for drug money.. (ex addict, shamefully from experience)

No. 206801

Here's a tip, newfag: Don't fill in the email field.

No. 206804

File: 1480540184060.jpg (126.71 KB, 1071x882, _20161130_220903.JPG)

Fucking kek

No. 206806

Yeah I googled it too kekkkk. Yikes girl, maybe stick to tumblr.

No. 206812

Sure, maybe for a regular addict that doesn't have a pretty steady cash flow.

But Luna has her dad that shares pills with her, and live's with two addicts.

I think if it ever came to her actually having to pimp herself out she would drop the romanticizing and get out or at least take it more seriously. People have mentioned that the dose she was last on (last usage photo I guess) was a small amount. And it seems that she's currently doing more than one type of drug so if heroin gets too expensive she could drop one drug for another (or vice versa).

I'm sorry you've had to go through that, but you likely weren't in a privileged position as Luna. It's probably the reason why she doesn't take her addiction seriously. She's never had to do the common horrible things addict's have to do to get a fix and support their habit.

No. 206815

LMAO why would someone put their personal info on here people are so dumb
oof i googled it too.. that's pretty embarrassing

No. 206817

thanks for that
you're right, she is totally a spoiled brat
i'm glad i'm not the person i used to be but i'm also sooooo glad i was never like luna at least all my hate was on myself not the whole world being so "unfair" as she lays in bed for days watching cartoons high..

No. 206844

File: 1480544947158.png (878.72 KB, 703x578, ginger.png)

lol @ her and ginger in the same outfit
who wore it first?
who wore it worst?

No. 206845


I dunno, I don't think she would drop the romanticizing. If anything, it would help for her to cope with the how shitty that reality would be. To her, every experience that passes as mildly traumatic or difficult is something she can add to her repetoire of ~fucked up grunge chick~ but it's probably not true just because I think we'd ultimately hear from her about it/she'd say something about people don't understand what she puts herself through to get by or something.

No. 206913

If she's anything like me (and she is… I hate to say I see a ton of similaries between her and I which I think makes me dislike her more) she will Gladly be pimped out for drugs. She probably loves the idea of doing that just to be able to show Chief she 'cares' and will do anything for him, and the drugs are a very nice bonus.

No. 206924


This made me so angry. Ive wanted these boots for the longest time and now I'm a little put off.
Also she lets anyone follow her I request a while back while my profile was still private and she accepted me anyway. It's not that worth it I'm grossed out 100% of the time

No. 206925

She accepts anyone on insta? I sent her a request and she never accepted Wtf? Lol, oh well.. it all gets reposted here anyways.

No. 206946

she accepted me right away on instagram. whoever has her as a friend on facebook keep updating. has anyone asked tuna about chief areola's obviously fake hot girl friends?

No. 207422

File: 1480654374784.png (232.93 KB, 510x523, kittenvids2bond.png)

friend of chief areola. i'm starting to think she posts animal vids for him.

No. 207423

don't tip the cowwwwwwww

No. 207434

File: 1480658472978.png (20.31 KB, 455x181, uhmmmwut.png)


saw that her previous status had something new posted to it. i wonder what it means, but the middle comment made me lol.

No. 207437

File: 1480659451376.png (33.21 KB, 507x351, herandmamarkewl.png)

oh and now her and her mom are cool. lol.

No. 207440

they probably just smoked crack together

No. 207442

File: 1480661105192.png (203.74 KB, 454x563, taffiesderpppp.png)

lmao prolly. i also think the crack is making her dumb and she's referring to tabbies as taffies or she's saying her next cat will look like these cats.

No. 207547

well those cats aren't tabbies
"taffies" like taffy from .. is it desperate living? whatever john waters movie. so creeeeeeepy wtf luna crack makes you even dumber and crazier

No. 207559

File: 1480695745495.jpg (9.48 KB, 300x168, images (1).jpg)

Taffy is from Female Trouble, you uncultured swine.

No. 207561

Yeah the crack is making her braindead. All her posts sound so fucking dumb… Luna..the drugs are making you sound RETARDED.

No. 207566


Ok so I just googled Taffy from female troubles and coincidentally a video called "retarded brat" came up. It was so annoying I only watched half of it. She seems like she's Lunas obsession at the moment which explains alot. Ew.. Luna is creepy as fuck.

No. 207567

Hahaha is this Lunas real inspiration? She wants to be this taffy person and she thinks Matthew is that scrawny thing to the right of that pic?

No. 207593

forgive me i had a memory lapse lol but yes this fucking girl i guess that's what they plan to name their "kitten" its so weird how she talks about that like "we're looking for the perfect one" wtf

No. 207603

LMAO like bitch you are blessing no one
matthew wasn't even with her in that story lol he probably didn't see her she probably does not like him for certain reasons..

i wonder what her mom did to make her so happy she must not have told her to stop smoking crack or heroin
and she didn't mention that her mom was sober so idk but i doubt she has money

No. 207779

File: 1480733075024.jpg (147.87 KB, 1080x1349, tumblr_ohisnxoBTb1vfv0uno1_128…)

Ew look at that shirt.. All hairy, full of weird white dirt (makeup?). Id feel so gross and grimy and itchy if I was wearing that.

No. 207785

it also says "baby daddy angel" or something ew

i bet her scalp itches a lot from never washing her hair

No. 207794

She is soo fckn cringey and gross. Imagine how bad she smells. Armpit, crotch rot, and dope-sick sweat. Oh and then even more sweat from the crack she's smoking. And probably cheesy fungus feet too. Omg.

No. 207796

I she still begging on fb?

No. 207798

Nah, it's a playboy shirt, it says "Play Baby Sexy"… still dumb, still in her trashy lost angel baby bullshit aesthetic.

No. 207799

ok well she def has a similar one that says "daddy's girl" omg so embarrassing like worse than girls who just fantasize over ddlg shit cuz 'daddy' is fucking sea creature

No. 207837

chill. the milk will come on its own.

No. 207844

File: 1480743199896.png (82.95 KB, 1366x768, doubthesvegan.png)

this milky enough for you guys?
lol saw this on the chiefs wall and decided to print screen it before it was gone. not sure if he's vegan but LOL. oh and if anyone checks out the girls music, please tell me if it's bad or not. didn't bother with it.

No. 208044

File: 1480800864240.png (232.45 KB, 750x1062, IMG_0841.PNG)

Lol @ her signing her name "Luna Schu" I know it's a possession thing but I think Slater is a way cooler last name than Schumacher it reeks of nazis and car dealerships.

No. 208106

>oh and if anyone checks out the girls music, please tell me if it's bad or not.

Take a wild guess on that…

No. 208135

This is the first of her drawings that actually looks okay. Still nothing special but at least it doesnt look like it was drawn by a five year old. maybe because it's digital art (i think?), not ancient copic remains

No. 208146

Looks like acrylic paint on canvas.

No. 208153

yeah you're right… i only looked at the thumbnail first

No. 208160

You can't really steal car radios anymore in newer cars. Do many people even own cars in NYC?
Who does one go to to sell a car radio and who even buys them? I don't think pawnshops are legally allowed to buy obviously stolen things. Unless it's a self-perpetuating business.
>car radio gets stolen
>go to pawn shop to get another one that was most likely stolen anyways
Man, I really want to play The Warriors now.
He probably hustles like most dope heads, copping bags for someone else at a steeper price.
Sage for irrelevant bullshit

No. 208236

pretty sure he does go car shopping. doesn't mean hes taking radios but people leave all sorts of shit in their unlocked cars. Maybe that's where he was the other night when tuna facebooked him and asked for chocolate. Out all night stealing from cars.

No. 208334

>Do many people even own cars in NYC?
Yes, especially in the outer boroughs, and he cops in the Bronx, so he prob steals/pawns in the Bronx too. I'm sure he walks down streets checking for unlocked doors and steals shit people left in the car (aux cords, clothes, whatever) but he could also steal side view mirrors. Sounds silly, but it happens, especially in the Bronx.

No. 209564

File: 1481043145464.png (63.55 KB, 704x458, lunasedgyfriend.png)

"I was offered a job but of course I didnt take it because im a lllllaazyyyyyyy piece of shit!" Does she plan on not working ever…..? Grow up bitch. If I was her age and didnt have a job/wasnt trying I'd be so embarrassed.

No. 209611


>dismembered a man and bragged about it

>not a bad person

No. 209629

That would make sense as to how Luna gets all these "new clothes." I know I keep a jacket and an extra pair of shoes (and even a hat) in my car in case of emergencies.

No. 209630

File: 1481053489328.png (932.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


(inb4 cheats your phone)

No. 209631

File: 1481053590760.png (894.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Jesus fuck

Did she get thinner or is she just sucking in?

No. 209632

That 90's club kid bullshit.
He was played by Maculley Culkin in Party Monster, I think.

No. 209680

File: 1481060216140.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0882.PNG)

Gosh she's even using that awful angle that ginger uses that makes them both look horrifying

No. 209681

Lmao she so sucking it in and she's all contorted to look as thin as possible she's like "look omg you can see my rib cage," lol no we cannot. What's the opposite of BDD? Like when you look bad but you think you look amazing.

No. 209706

she looks like a personified fart

No. 209731


No. 209734

The camera shadow makes it look like she has a nine o'clock shadow going on.

No. 209735

no it's real.
sea creature is embarrassed he can't grow facial hair like luna

No. 209824

The comments loaded before the picture did, and when I finally seen the pic I was expecting way thinner. I don't think she looks skinny here? She looks fatter than me, and I turned into a fatass when I got clean. She's even wearing black, so I can imagine how fat she would look in a lighter color.

No. 209840

She has a big waist.. She's not skinny. Which is suprising because of the crack. And those floppy deflated pancake tits.. She just has a very ugly shaped body overall. She's like a blob.. I wonder if her fat granny cottage cheese legs have gotten any smaller. I guess we'll see..

No. 210144

File: 1481149059532.png (377.62 KB, 896x544, lunadonteven.png)

i'm not even gonna say anything. nope.

No. 210163

i'm kind of unnerved by this, but i really can't place exactly why

No. 210174

They stole baby clothes…

What the fuck.

No. 210214

that's why i didn't really know what to say.. any evidence of their 'baby' on FB??

No. 210276

What is Matthew wearing around his head??

No. 210284

it seems to be a head lamp but hes in a fully lit room???

No. 210285

Could be for urban spelunking in peoples unlocked cars, dumpster diving or combing the floor for pieces of crack. Who knows!

No. 210287

He was wearing that headlamp in a previous pic too. And my first thought was yeah he uses it for stealing from peoples cars at night. One night he'll get caught stealing from the wrong persons car and get shot and put in jail. Luna will be all alone and dopesick. Haha.

No. 210294

Is it creepy that a middle-aged man still has a childhood stuffed animal and then dresses it up in baby clothes….?

No. 210295


nah probably just trying to appeal to luna

No. 210296

Could be some kind of action camera? GoPro knockoffs are dirt cheap these days.
Then again wearing a head-mounted camera when you spend so much time copping sounds like a good way to get Taken Care Of so maybe not.

No. 210300

File: 1481168791480.png (46.55 KB, 318x481, IMG_9057.PNG)

>>tried to make myself in game on phone
>>accidental luna

No. 210305

Maybe but I don't see why he would care to appeal to her. And anyways its a childhood bear which means he kept it for that long.. Before he was even with Tuna.

No. 210306

I hate these shoplifting junkies. This picture just makes me angry.

No. 210307


Maybe its just something random he stole and he just wears it around cos he feels like a Cool Bad Guy for stealing it.

No. 210308


Me too. They'll fuck up eventually and get caught. Its inevitable.

No. 210340

File: 1481178011785.png (163.5 KB, 211x319, nah.png)

More like..

No. 210342

OP here, I don't think she looks skinny she just looks less fat than usual. She has a v unfortunate body though

No. 210344

File: 1481179198618.jpg (9.28 KB, 300x300, 1c966b99-d21b-45ae-89c0-310731…)

its a cheap headlamp. definitely for dumpster diving and/or stealing shit from cars

No. 210348

kek that's spot on, good work

No. 210351

We know Luna has no access to a shower and seldom washes her hair. How come it looks so brittle and dry. You'd think she'd begin to look as greasy as most no-pooers look after a week of no hair cleaning.

I mean, she never washes her clothes or bedding. How is she keeping her hair clean enough that it can look so parched.

No. 210352

christ this is uncanny!

i feel like if someone sent this to her as fan art she would still be flattered

No. 210355

File: 1481184199021.jpg (16.69 KB, 350x350, 9021892_l.jpg)

No. 210365

Well, she does look pretty on the picture.
Unkempt, but pretty (which is exactly a public image that she's going for).

That's a nice drawing

No. 210374

I could've sworn she once said she uses dry shampoo? Could be wrong though. Maybe hairspray?

No. 210384


She probably uses that dollar store spray-on hair perfume that my friends and I used to use at sleepovers in elementary school when we'd give each other ~big kid makeovers~ like a million years ago.
It smells sickly-sweet and does nothing to your hair except to dry it out and make it oddly stiff and sticky at the same time.
God, this thread makes me want to shower every time I read it…

No. 210400

wait..she has no access to a shower?
what about a bath?
oh my god…can you imagine how bad she smells.
I thought everything was dirty because she got them from dumpster diving.
I guess she doesn't have a washing machine either then?
also, I don' think she washes her face. I think she puts new makeup over the old makeup on her face already

No. 210407

lmao omg lurch, please film your dope runs

No. 210409

she says she takes sink baths.. for over a year

the last time she had access to a proper shower was at her dad's and she took a fucking bath can you imagine how gross that water would be IMMEDIATELY
she's like the world's nastiest bath bomb. i bet she left a ring around the tub for her evil daddy to clean

No. 210410

omg she would like that

check out dem areolas tho, daaaamn

No. 210481

boobs are too big and not saggy enough

No. 210523


Her hair probably looks so dry and nasty because its so dried out and damaged from her bleaching it. And she probably uses dry shampoo on it, that's why its so dull and tangly looking. Ew imagine all the dry shampoo buildup on her hair. And that shit stinks too. And im sure when she took a bath at her dads house she didnt actually wash herself. Just sat there and stewed and thought about how to aestheticly word her post about smoking weed (taking xanax?) and taking a bath at evil fathers house.

No. 210525

she probably considers bleaching/toning it to be 'washing' her hair

No. 210534

Lmao.. The track mark is a nice touch. Im sure Luna would agree with me.

No. 210536

she would 100% make this her tumblr icon
it makes her look so thin haha

No. 210549

I'm pretty sure she announced she finally has a shower a few weeks ago and I noticed her hair got noticeably fluffier/dryer/less greasy

No. 210552

File: 1481224681198.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, 2016-12-08 11.16.40.png)

I can't find the post but it probably got fixed whenever her stove did

No. 210554

File: 1481224750987.png (670.72 KB, 1080x1920, 2016-12-08 11.16.02.png)

Also bonus

No. 210556

Sorry for samefagging but it's exactly around the time they had a noticeably cleaner house too, so they cleaned and vacuumed for once to get the landlord to fix things and now it's getting back to normal. So I'm pretty sure it's debunked that they're squatting. But lots of dumpster divers use head lamps if they have them

No. 210558

i didnt even notice that hahaha. that's hilarious

No. 210559

lol she said she "found" those underwear in the trash!

No. 210560

eww that ass looks like it belongs to a 50 year old
the granny panties don't help

No. 210566

Her ass is so flat! She shouldn't caption any ass pic with the peach emoji.

No. 210567

File: 1481226400393.jpg (60.4 KB, 1151x616, IMG_20161208_125406.jpg)

>mfw she's wearing unclean panties she found in the trash

No. 210572

lol at being such a shameless e-beggar that saying you found your underwear in the trash is weirdly preferable to just saying you bought some $2 panties. jeez

No. 210573

I'm sorry but those are brand new. All they need to look filthy is to touch one of their carpets or tables for a second in all those layers of grime and dust. These panties are the cleanest, newest thing that apartment has seen in a long time

No. 210583

99% chance they were stolen

No. 210591

>the plant
I wonder how the cat is still alive

No. 210693

Why does she say she finds all this shit in the trash? She'll admit to illegal drug use, but theft is a little too much….? Haha.

No. 210703

File: 1481244250398.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0897.PNG)

I'm following the person who posted this but I don't know who they are? Anyway, this is weird.

No. 210746

Notice the bathing products in the background … Shampoo… face wash…make up bag

Even detergent! If they have their water sorted out it was after this pic.

Much glamorous!

No. 210902

I'm starting to wonder if it's some kind of stupid inside joke or lingo for stealing shit. Sort of like how lifting tumblrs always have some dumb line about how they are "roleplaying blogs" because the people who make them think its clever and somehow will prevent them from getting in trouble. Maybe saying you found stuff in the trash is code for stolen but supposed to be ~witty.

Or she's just really stupid, which is more likely.

No. 211085

>>210552 that dead plant hanging from the ceiling tho

No. 211225

Im surprised she doesn't steal new clothes and then sell them on Poshmark or some site like that. If she really needed money that'd be the way to do it. She could put the link on her insta and all the dumb teeny boppers would buy it just because its her whose selling it.

No. 211226

File: 1481311809661.png (824.35 KB, 929x599, omg.png)

No. 211227

File: 1481311937386.png (584.25 KB, 819x601, omg.png)

happy couple

No. 211229

Those paws…. Good lord.

No. 211239

I really wish I could do her makeup. This Courtney Love grunge look doesn't do her and favours. Her eyes look extremely small and weird and she needs some contour on her nose. And a brighter, pinkish lipstick. Why do some women make themselves uglier just to fulfill some aesthetic? That's so dumb.

Sage because ot

No. 211249

someone is paying for that
also, cool way to market to your customer..

>here's some garbage thing i made for a commision lol it's so bad. if you want one they're $2000.

No. 211252

sage for double post

but i've been following her for a while and i just noticed how she draws eyes and certain things just like kids trying to draw anime using those 'how to make manga' books so god awful i bet she always stars off drawing the the eyes which are a series of circles including a giant one that's suppose to represent the 'glimmer' in someones eye.
this wouldn't be so god damn bad if she was just a person trying to draw shitty anime (now i'm kind of interested in her deviant art account lol) but she thinks this is like a real style

also omg its one that that she can't draw hands for shit but paws"?"? she fucked up lil kitty mitten paws!!!!

sage for nipticking too i need to calm down

No. 211394

i bet they tried to put it on the poor old cat

No. 211402

This 100% looks like some student art you'd see hanging in an elementary school. Actually, ive seen better done by an elementary schooler..

No. 211411


Courtney usually would wear red lipstick in her younger days. I wish Luna would wear red lipstick or any other color then that unflattering nude shade.

No. 211413

she could honestly cover up her crack face a lot better if she did dark eyes, blush, red lipstick, anything to distract from the bad skin and yellow teeth. she doesn't need to 'try' to acheive the drug addict look anymore she's an embodiment of it. lol

No. 211431


red lipstick on luna would be just as unflattering. the red would actually draw attention to her yellow teeth, and plus, she's too pale/yellowish for it anyway.

No. 211458


Anyone else notice that Luna gave the poor cat her one fucked-up-drug-eye? Kek. And its face is only marginally more hairy than hers, too- she oughta call this one "Portrait of the Artist as a Cat."

No. 211612

File: 1481399609094.jpeg (26.67 KB, 700x394, image.jpeg)

I think red lipstick looks nice on fair skinned women, anon. Unless I'm misinterpreting your comment

No. 211625

File: 1481401614779.png (649.08 KB, 594x530, lunared.png)

I think this is miles better than her nude sticky but dry lipgloss lipstick foundation 'sick glam' whatever the fuck she usually does

No. 211644

Looks good if you're pale and have pink undertones. Luna has the skin colour of buttery popcorn so bright red's not the most flattering.

No. 211648

i think if she got did up right in a full face including eyelashes, blush, red lip, proper eyebrows she could really pull it off but every attempt at her doing something with make up is horrid.
i think she used to have pretty skin too when she didn't wear so much make up you could see her freckles but her face was clear and bright

No. 211668

it can look good on any undertone depending on the undertone of the red itself (blue based, more orange, on the berry side, etc). everyone has a "perfect red" that's why it's such a classic color.

No. 211678

It's not good but it's still better than the foundation lips. Maybe one day she'll dress and do her makeup where she doesn't try to be a less frequently showered version of Courtney love. It's a shame she fucked up at heroin chic so much. It was the easiest style to emulate out of the past fifty years.

No. 211686

No, I fully agree with you, she looks heaps and bounds (relativly) with red than beige stuff. Her foundation looks so streaky (??) on her lips too. Erugh.

No. 211784

At least this isn't foundation-on-top-of-lipgloss-on-top-of-foundation. It looks fucking disgusting when she does that.

No. 212057

File: 1481477640092.png (266.93 KB, 736x533, lunadaddyshouse.png)

looks like someone snuck off to daddy's nice ass appartment probably to rob him blind and sit in a tub of her own filth.
She could easily live there i'm sure. It's so nice. Her dad seems to care about her enough I doubt he'd kick her out unless he noticed how much she's robbed from him..

No. 212063

I have a feeling that her father doesn't approve of chief so I don't see Luna moving in with him.

No. 212066

i think i was implying but did not state that she would leave her 'awful life' with him (which we have discovered but also speculated) she could probably move there and continue her drug use no problem and it looks so kush, check that fucking view.

No. 212093

File: 1481484094814.png (1.73 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-11-13-17-40…)

No. 212102

"store credit" = stole off the shelf

No. 212121

Why would he even have store credit at a toy store?

No. 212133


With her love bombing Chief all over instagram I'm guessing they had a fight/he got tires of her and that's why she's at her dad's.

Or maybe chief has store credit at a toy store because he has a kid and is spending time with them.

Sage for speculation .

No. 212138

I seriously thought that was chief wearing the watch.

No. 212141

I'm guessing he stole some poor kids christmas presents while he was car shopping, along with that onesie he dressed his teddy bear in.

No. 212145

the colour of those bedsheets makes me want to puke, they must smell so fucking rancid by now

No. 212146

he probably stole something small then returned it for store credit.

No. 212153

File: 1481491666791.jpg (226.67 KB, 600x600, 1469388637992.jpg)

This is what they're supposed to look like. I think they're only a year or two old.

No. 212194

File: 1481496942275.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0921.PNG)

She's all weebed out

No. 212244

omg i had either these or a very similar set on either my amazon or aliexpress wishlist for a long time, i might still have it saved somewhere. was looking for cute bedsheets that kinda resembled the kind usagi has in sailor moon, but now luna has effectively ruined it for me

No. 212253

The onesie.

No. 212278

File: 1481504836744.png (1018.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-11-17-04-37…)

No. 212281

File: 1481504960175.jpg (42.28 KB, 640x799, FB_IMG_1481504715077.jpg)

No. 212284

File: 1481505119331.jpg (33.58 KB, 640x799, FB_IMG_1481504717958.jpg)

No. 212288

hickey? even tho sea monster doesn't touch her ?

No. 212301

Maybe they've been stealing peoples mail (Idk how easy or hard that would be in NY?) and there was a toy store gift card in one of the envelopes.

No. 212320

Lol maybe she pinched herself because she needed a hickey for aesthetic.

No. 212358


Is that a rash above her lip?

No. 212396

I forgot to mention that. It looks like she shaved her moustache and it got irritated. Lol. If she did shave it, you know she wont keep up the maintenance and it'll grow back even more noticeable.

No. 212405

i bet you those toothbrushes are bone dry and that toothpaste is months old and barely touched.

No. 212406

to me it looks like the bruising you get around your lips when you do the kylie jenner lip challenge thing, i dont know why she'd be doing that but i remember when i tried it i got a mustache bruise and it showed through my makeup just like that lol

No. 212411

She might've bleached her stache and left the bleach on too long.

No. 212423

Are those track marks beneath that birthmark on her neck? She's not even trying to hide the one on her hand.

No. 212428


Lol, she looks like the "I know that feel" guy in a wig.

No. 212563

Too real, anon.

No. 212648

Did you guys see her Snapchat with the lollipop? She literally thinks she's hot shit when really she's more like cold piss.

No. 212657

lmao god that's embarrassing wtf why is it so long?

No. 212660

What's her Snapchat again?

No. 212662


No. 212673

Look at those fucking hairy-ass arms, goddamn

No. 212697

Does she own any socks other than those pink striped ones she wears all the time?
They must be beyond filthy right now.

No. 212699

File: 1481574003749.png (539.5 KB, 487x543, lunawhitedress.png)

why on earth would she wear a white dress i bet there's skid marks on it already ew

No. 212705

She's so delusional! She thinks hanging a stocking over her filthy room is decorating for Christmas

No. 212718

She's so delusional! She thinks hanging a stocking over her filthy room is decorating for Christmas

No. 212721


bitch has 4 knees on her right leg

No. 212839

File: 1481589100725.png (464.06 KB, 687x711, Capture _2016-12-11-18-43-38.p…)

(but for real, she looks scary and freakish when she smiles… Wtf?)

No. 212840


She's been looking pretty terrible recently. Hmmm.

No. 212841

She has the old lady pointed chin going on and her eyes…I don't even know what happened there.

No. 212857

That entire room looks like a fire harzard.

No. 212885

I know that we should just let the milk flow on its own because it will, but I'm honestly just so curious to see if easter island head man would be receptive to some random girl on facebook hitting him up

No. 212893

Omg. It would just turn into taco-gate again and scare her into hiding, just like kiki. Anons on here are wild.

No. 212894


Im 97% sure he would. Unless Luna gets on his account and replies as him saying something like "not interested I luv my uwubabycrackaddictpoorheroinbbygurl fiancé"

No. 212895

That's what youre most interested in..? I wanna hear about Lunas drug addictions and theft. And why he kicks her out to her dads house sometimes. And what IS THAT RASH ON LUNAS UPPER LIP, CHIEF?

No. 212918

The whole point of talking to him would be to find the answers of those things otherwise I'm just have to wait for the day we find out in an obit

No. 212923

Why do you fuckers insist on meddling?
Don't message chief, let them carry on in their merry little hellhole. They're doing a perfectly good job of being disgusting and useless without you helping them along

No. 212940

Whoa relax. You act like theyre some sacred freak show.

No. 212947

Don't spook the cows.

No. 212952

you're all pussies. there's no milk and it woul be funny to gauge her reaction. she wouldn't stop posting, she'd just make some post about how hot her daddy is and how everyone wants him or have a bpd breakdown.

No. 212955

…sort of considering it but i'm friends with her on fb and i feel like that'd be weird

No. 212965

newfag pls go

No. 212970

Fuck off newfags, don't post until you can control the egregious stalking and integrate.

It's the one fucking rule anybody really sticks to and for good reason. You go sticking your big nose in and ruin it for everyone because you're too childish to not touch the shit.