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File: 1431889009599.jpg (66.51 KB, 500x375, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 71407

"Nicole Dollanganger is a Toronto based musician and artist. She’s a beautiful little bug child living in a dream-like world with strange yellow lighting and lots of abandoned buildings and cute punk boys who get into fights and throw up a lot. Every one of her songs is like a beautiful lullaby and all pieces of her artwork are the bomb diggity (I can’t think of a really good “poetic” way to describe her artwork it’s godly). She is the sole owner of ponyboy and Danzig (#Daddy). I don’t know what else to say, I just love her so much oh my god."

Does anyone else find her kinda rude? Like.. really rude? I remember people were pissed when she uploaded pictures when she was anorexic and there was some kind of uproar that she didn't care about those 'triggering' idk

No. 71408

File: 1431889207597.jpg (104.55 KB, 500x375, 9cdc8d7daf08f6d8ae435123ebfaa1…)

No. 71409

I don't know anything about the girl, but her artwork is shitty as fuck.

No. 71410

Who the fuck is she? OP can you link something lulzy?

No. 71411

She can be rude but honestly people reuploading pictures of herself when she was sick is pretty fucked since she hasn't done anything wrong.
She's not a lolcow, take your vendetta somewhere else op

No. 71412

Really pls link some of her stuff.

No. 71413

No. 71414

she has always been very body posi since she recovered, clear vendetta here

No. 71415

I like her music and think she seems cool. From what I've seen, she's only ever been "rude" to certain anonymous asks, and even then it's just really flippant shit. I remember getting sad I sent her an ask she didn't answer, but it was just typical fan gushing and she gets like 10000000 asks a day so whatever.
Someone else got upset that she didn't answer their fan-mail/ask and said so, and she called them out pretty harshly for only sending the ask so they would get a response and being entitled.
I don't understand why this thread is here, she's not a lolcow at all. Or at least I've seen no evidence of such a thing.

No. 71416

>I can't tear her from her privilege
What the fuck does that even mean? And I don't see what's wrong with fitting into an "aesthetic" as an artist or otherwise, most musicians do exactly that.

No. 71417

seems to be the living embodiment of tumblr. those lyrics, yikes. cringe.

No. 71418

What songs are you looking at?

No. 71419

Same anon who said her art was shitty– it's actually not that bad looking at her Tumblr. Huh. How is she a lolcow again?

No. 71420

she's not lol

No. 71421

IDK tried to listen to her music, not my cup of tea, sounds super try hard to be faded americana. Like a lower rent Lana Del Rey without the pretty voice.

No. 71422

she's a pretty cool girl from when I've talked to her and not really a lolcow imo, she genuinely did suffer from anorexia and is now doing okay and releasing music on a regular basis because that's what she loves doing, not to everyone's taste but then nothing is everyone. it's not like she's racist/sexist/flashing her tits or anything like that

No. 71423

she's ugly but thats it

No. 71424

i envy that she's rich (her room and house is fucking awesome)

No. 71425

Self post?

No. 71426

thats what i'm wondering…
who the hell is she and why should we care?

No. 71427

Nicole is a lovely sweet girl and she doesn't deserve to be on here. Her music might not be to everyone's taste but that doesn't make her a lolcow? She was anorexic but she's recovering well and is very body posi, doesn't post triggering pictures or text posts or anything. Clearly someone just has something against her. Probably some jelous heffer fan who wishes they were half as popular as she is.

No. 71428

Eh tbh i agree with u about how this thread shouldn't be there bcuz there's honestly nothing special about her. Just whiny privileged white girl with a mediocre voice. Like these kinda girls are a dime a dozen on tumblr.

No. 71429

Oh yeah, I remember when people were confused cuz she posted naked (ill fitting underwear only, sucking in at maximum ability) photos of her at her lowest weight and when they asked her why she felt the need to do that when she was "pro recovery" she flipped out. Like, a weird embarrassing stomping her feet like a child thing. Refused to connect the dots and see why that is a little contradictory to do when you're claiming to be anti-rexy pro-recovery.

All in all, yawn.

She's not a lolcow but she's exactly the same as every other ~bugs carnivals rough sex nymphette~ tumblr girl the only difference is that teenage girls like to call her their ~special perfect ethereal baby angel~ cuz she can kind of sort of sing. And yeah, her art work is terrible.

No. 71430

I remember back when I had tumblr, someone actually asked what she thought of kota and her thoughts on the whole thing. Nicky was totally on board with it, told jelly girls to fuck off and that what kota is doing is totes fine. But they explained about the racism/blackface/disabled/hersister ect and she said that was totally fine too, then said "girls shud love and respect each over why cant we do that?"

I highly doubt kota does that, probably puts on a smile for people but I mean not all girls are going to like each other, people don't like people, it's a never ending circle.

I think Nicole is okay, her music is okay, I like her weirdo bedroom and cute dog, though I do think these kind of 'dreamy weepy sad bad girl i like 80s horror movies and to masturbate cos its kawaii' are a bit of an act. Her parents like dolls and weird things too, but I just think it's all part of the 'cool quirky im so special sad baby girl' persona.

It's kinda cringey, cute in a way but cringey.

No. 71431

her artwork isnt terrible but shes annoying… those lyrics… wow. also, hideous.

No. 71432

wait, how does she not know what chords are used? how?

No. 71433

Kinda dig her music and her art. Nothing special though.

Thanks for sharing some new tunes.

No. 71434

shes not, just some salty cunt

No. 71435

Every song sounds the same and her lyrics are the epitome of tumblr

No. 71436

shes trying to sound like yolandi/petite meller

No. 71437

I wonder, does it even matter? Music is music.

No. 71438

but why wouldnt you learn at least basic chords if you're going to compose? she doesnt have to learn hardcore theory just basic. it would obviously be more helpful than randomly trying to come up with harmonic finger placements). i'd imagine she'd waste a lot of time on dissonant arrangements, if shes just placing her fingers every which way on the fretboard.

No. 71439

Pretty sure she was making music before Petite Meller became a thing (like 2012), and Yolandi's a rapper. A more apt comparison would be Joanna Newsom, but even then there's no copyright on having a high voice, anon.

No. 71440

anyone think she'll go viral or something?

No. 71441

i heard her dream is to travel around different states, get rich and buy a caravan filled with dolls

good lyfe

No. 71442

Don't compare her to Joanna Newsom

No. 71443

I'm probably biased because I honestly really love her music and helped me through a lot, but she hasn't done anything lulzy enough to be put on here?
I will admit, some of her lyrics are that really annoying ~I AM A SAD TINY CACTUS CHILD CUM ON ME UWU~ tumblr thing, and she helped spawn that "tumblr culture", but that's not really enough to earn the lolcow title, let alone a thread about her.

No. 71444

And here's one of her songs if anyone's interested.

No. 71445

I remember a few anons talking about how there have been a lot Vendettas lately

Maybe move this to /b/? It seems that OP wanted a PA because they were triggered by how rude she is

No. 71446

I think it may have been because someone thought it would be a fantastic idea to post about lolcow on btb, and it brought a lot of /cgl/ here.

No. 71447

She wrote an exploitation love song about the columbine shooters and sampled one of the tapes they made. She wrote another love song romanticising dahmer. She continues to do this shit in her new album, under the pretense of allegory, but her allusions are clear to those who are familiar with her previous frame of reference. She's been proven to follow and support other crazy, impressionable underage shooter groupies on tumblr in romanticising/glorifying tragedies and murders.

She is a cunt and absolutely a cow.

No. 71448

i know im 6 months late but this happened she went on tour with grimes idek how it happened but i guess she was tumblr enough for grimes' taste they also have similar voices

No. 71449

Been a fan of Nicole for years now, and I got to see her on this tour.
She's actually a total sweetheart. Her "romanticizing" crime is more aligned with her interest in horror and metal music.
I'm very happy for her that she is getting popular. Good for her that all her hard work is paying off.

No. 71450

She looks like a cancer patient in the OP pic

No. 71451

yeah. i heard one of nicole dollanganger's songs a while ago and thought it was dumb quirky shit that would get a few notes on tumblr and then be forgotten. i'm mildly annoyed that she's popular now. her music is boring and her aesthetic is played out.

grimes' music is shit too but at least she doesn't do the ~~~fragile nymphet dolly with a sp00ky dark side~~~ thing.

sage because making shitty music doesn't make you a lolcow

No. 71452

I'm pretty sure Nicole's the original "bugs carnivals rough sex nymphet" girl considering she's had the aesthetic since 2012 and every girl with that aesthetic likes her music and is inspired by her,

No. 71453

She was just on tour with Grimes so… yes, I'm sure she will.

No. 71459

Being interested in serial killers is not the same as being some groupie/fan club weirdo, anon. You need to calm your shit. The only released song she wrote that makes a love song out of the acts of serial killers would probably be "Nebraska", which was part of an album she didn't really want released anyway.
"Rampage" was a direct call-out on those who idolized the Columbine shooters and wish they were their girlfriends or whatever, even though it'd never work out ("My baby has a baby, but it's not me"/"It's an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle and he loves her more than he loves me"). "Dahmer and The Limbs" does romanticize Dahmer's mental illness to an extent, but it's not a love song as much as it is emotionally-charged personal musing and reflection (plus I'm pretty sure she deleted that song to the best of her ability, it can only be found on YouTube).
On her new album, she references serial killers a total of once on her track "In The Land", but never actually puts them in a sympathetic light. The song "Executioner" is targeted at that exact sort of person, too(serial killers and those who do general "bad").

No. 71500

i enjoy her music, i like her aesthetic, her hobbies and pictures. i think shes pretty neat.
she's innocuous as hell and being rude isn't grounds to be discussed, tbh.

No. 71507

I've seen this aesthetic a billion times, it's completely unoriginal and you can find thousands of girls on tumblr striving for the same "look", so they can be cool and tumblr famous. On top of that, it's true, her music lacks refinement, it's sweet but that's about it. Not very interesting, with cringe-tier lyrics.

Doesn't seem to lolcow-y, but definitely boring.

No. 71544

>cringe-tier lyrics
god, so bad.

No. 71815


Thing which makes Nicole special is that she naturally has a sweet voice, her bedroom has been clustered with shit and junk for years before tumblr so she had a head start liking weird and edgy things. She has a dolly face and had anorexia which again is a head start because tumblr loves people with issues and cute faces. She's forward and blunt so the sjw types will adore her cos "ooo she is so open and sexual things omg <333".

She doesn't bother me, I like some of her songs. But I do think she can be a bit rude towards people over on tumblr from what I've seen and people do lick her ass a lot.

I often wonder if she had this planned out once she realized her edginess could get her places.

Remember Dakota Rose? Sister was a boost for fame, naturally had cute doll face and could easily get followers with a gimmick?

Get a gimmick, cute face and just play around with styles until one suits you, find something for e.g Nicole it's music and Dakota it's photoshopping herself into Barbie. Once you have that then you will get some type of fame.

No. 74151

i'm an acquaintence of nicole's, i think her lyrics and art are a little cringey sometimes but i've never actually seen her act maliciously or do anything particularly crazy. she seems like a pretty sincere girl, just a little weird. in the amount of times we've interacted she's never been anything but sweet to me and the people i'm with

No. 127336

Apparently she used to blog a lot of fucked up shit, then deleted it all once she started getting popular. Her old URL was "babylarvae".
Check bones-of-baby-dolls.tumblr.com/archive and go to 2012, a lot of the more fucked up shit is reblogged from Nicole.
Picking up where these posts left off

No. 127343


The first thing I saw was a pair of scissors in some poor girl's pussy - I'm out. Not all of those posts are her's though, right? Just someone that reblogged some of her posts?

No. 127347

to be fair to her, my interests in 2012 are different to my interests in 2016. i don't think nicole posts shit like that any more or if she's still interested in it for whatever reason, she's smart enough to stay quiet about it for obvious reasons.

No. 127350

nicole was on tour with her two "best friends" matt and kevin… since the tour she's now dating matt (the tour made them "fall in love" and get her to dump her then-boyfriend) and never ever mentions kevin even though she clearly was close enough to him for him to be on the cover of her newest album and in her music videos. i wonder what happened between then and now for her to totally freeze him out?

No. 127353

I really like her voice and even the melody but the lyrics are so cringy I just can't bring myself to listen to it.

As if neutral milk hotel hired E. L. James to write their lyrics.

No. 127354

I don't see anything snow worthy about her tbh.

Though I do have to admit after going through all of her personal posts on tumblr and only seeing one photo with another girl she strikes me as one of those "oh i don't hang out with girls…" types where you know everyone one of her male friends is deeply in love with her and are orbiting for the chance, kek.

No. 127456

lol that doesn't make it any less creepy.

No. 127479

I just listened to her song "Rampage" and it is about school shooting obviously. But what cracks me up is the annotations that say its not about columbine but it references VHS tapes. Iirc those two guys from columbine had tonnes of VHS tapes of themselves, I'm pretty sure it they have to be the reference. Like jesus christ Nicole everyone already knows your a fucking edgelord, singing about columbine won't make a blind bit of difference.

No. 127495


No. 127498

That song literally has an audio clip from a video of the Columbine shooters in it.

No. 127501

she also used the audio of another school shooter at the start of one song but then she edited it out and refused to answer any question about that song

No. 127509

No. 127548


Why should she care who says they're triggered. Are we 5?

No. 127561

Flying Lotus follows her on Twitter. I'm a little jealous.

No. 127619

This thread sounds like almost every post is by the same person. Would 200% not be surprised if Nicole posted this and some of the responses herself just to get a little limelight.

No. 127630

File: 1462394969038.jpg (27.13 KB, 736x465, 3576a716c0ee03f611af535d7c7812…)

I really dislike her for no reason whatsoever other than for some reason everything about her irks me. She seems so smug and self-important.
I'm also not surprised that she used to post proana bullshit, she has always striked me as this kind of person. I'm glad that she recovered from her illness and the unhealthy worldview.

No. 127698


Don't worry. Everyone else on this site hates for no real reason as well. It's all the site is for, really.

No. 127699

File: 1462406365141.jpeg (76.03 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

>cute punk boys who get into fights and throw up a lot
omg why

But take out her Loli singing and lyrics and her music is pretty decent. She's also pretty cute.

No. 127701

You the same person who was topping threads in snow to express your disapproval of this place? No ones making you stay if you dislike it!

No. 127725

There is no excuse to be so obsessed. With such a shitty book/series as flowers in the attic.

No. 127797

I've checked her tumblr (to give myself more reasons to dislike her… WHY am I so stupid) and even she's embarrassed about being that obsessed in the past.

No. 127798

File: 1462441079525.jpg (56.21 KB, 561x226, niic.jpg)

Oops, forgot pic.

No. 127800

She has a fucking flowers in the attic tattoo, I have a hard time believing this is anything but her back pedaling

No. 127801

File: 1462441489063.jpg (120.92 KB, 655x667, nic1.jpg)

I know that's probably jealous and insecure of me, but it so annoys me that Nicole has been able to become this goddess to sycophants because she's a skinny and pretty girl with well off parents that can afford doing whatever she wants. I wish I had that chance.

'A real life angel'? Are you joking? A real angel wouldn't post pictures of girls raped by bugs and other disgusting shit.
I feel that she wouldn't be that popular if she wasn't pretty. Her music isn't all that good (imho, but I'm not the biggest fan of the acoustic indie in the vein of May Jailer).

No. 127802

>I remember people were pissed when she uploaded pictures when she was anorexic and there was some kind of uproar that she didn't care about those 'triggering' idk

What happened was that she was posted on PULL one point oh. A user casually mentioned how strange it was that she avidly pretended to be pro recovery and heavily against thinspo or any sort of triggering content body-wise, but she went on to post nearly naked photos of her at her lowest weight, sucking in to the max and everything, to "prove" how anorexic she had been. She went on a tirade about that and tried to get her army to stomp their feet for her, and being the giant joke of a herd they are, other PULL members attacked the member who made that comment stating the obvious lol. I don't know if anyone still has the photos, but the entire situation was rather hypocritical. She's so dumb.

No. 127803

File: 1462441730626.jpg (278.41 KB, 1046x960, tumblr_o5qn7ws9mE1u0qh5lo1_128…)

And isn't the current gig poster using a My Sweet Audrina art? Correct me if I'm wrong, at least it looks like something ripped from a VC Andrews cover.

OMG I wish that I could see it.

No. 127882

is this the specific post that set it off? or did she have a history of posting pro-ana pictures? i'm surprised she wasn't chewed out for her columbine blog too because that's some edgelord bullshit. the username was something to do with april 20th.

No. 127886

don't be rude
it likely wasn't her–probably a rabid fan or someone who listened to her music once and decided it was cringe enough to post about

No. 127905


Everyone that talks trash about her on this site is jealous too, so you're not alone

No. 127909

Oh Christ get a grip girl

No. 127988

>>No. 127882
Oh god, those photos are awful. I already disliked the tattoo photo cause it reminded me of the proana aesthetic.
I'm sorry, but despite the message posted along with those two pics and the lyrics of the (latter?) song Please Eat, posting those pictures was really selfish and stupid. Like tumblr wasn't already full of girls thinking that they have to starve themselves to be good enough. I can see many people feeling bad about themselves or being triggered.

No. 127997

What, you think that because of the message of "please eat" that she's also only allowed to post pictures of smiling people at a healthy weight? Her blog was immature as fuck but so is that expectation, of course when a sad teenager or whatever expresses their sad feelings it's not going to be the picture of #positivity
You don't have to approve of what people post but you're wasting your energy when you can just hide a thread or tumblrsavior a tumblr

No. 128006

No, of course she's allowed to post whatever she wants, and where did I say that it has to be happy? Doesn't change that I find the post distasteful. Yeah, not at all like plenty of people romanticize anorexia and underweight bodies. I personally call bullshit on her reason for posting this, she's extremely aesthetic-reliant (just look at the photo in the first post). Bet she did it cause she knew some people will be like 'ur so strong Nicole uwu' and others will fawn over how skinny she was. Come on, her entire blog has this 'pretty but damaged angel' theme.
I had a period in my life when I used to extremely self-harm my chest. Guess what? I didn't post photos of my mutilated body for everyone (and especially impressionable teenagers fawning over me) to see as a part of dealing with my issues, ESPECIALLY with a message like 'it will always be a part of me :)'. It's one thing to talk about how you struggled with your illness, talk about the bad and completely another to post photos that look exactly like proana ~thinspo~ and basically focus on the part of your illness that's romanticized in (tumblr) culture anyway.
You're entitled to your opinion on the topic, but that's mine.
The post only solidified my opinion on Nicole. Glad that she recovered cause I don't doubt that she was ill and it must have been hell, but her entire online persona repulses me.

No. 128007

>>No. 127882
Found her Columbine blog!
'RIP the fallen fifteen', holy shit
It was linked here, along with Nicole's past personal blog or something.

No. 128008

thats not her blog just someone who took the URL. she deleted it years ago.

No. 128009

Huh, considered it. Didn't know when exactly she deleted it.

No. 128010


it's time you stop obsessing over things that happened years ago

grow up, move on

nothing on this thread is relevant

No. 128021


Tbh it's true that everyone from the web who gets e fame has some kind of milk or lulz which is funny

No. 128022


Anon it's just a niche. She was playing the sickly baby shit ages ago and her ana made her even more popular plus having money (she worked btw) and weird interests thus having some skill in music was enough for her to do what she wants.

No. 166308

Like someone else said in the thread, it's because all of her male friends are hopelessly in love with her and swarm around her in the hope that she'll reciprocate their feelings. It's all an ego trip for her. There's a reason that she aligns herself with Beverly Marsh from Stephen King's It.

No. 166425

When she was in the midst of recovering from her ED in 2012, we made friends. She started singing and she'd send me songs, we'd talk daily, we had a real nice friendship.

Ever since she got "big" and more famous she completely ignores all of her oldest friends and fans. She stopped writing to her penpals, she never replies to messages or texts. All she cares about is the attention and the fame, and the boys who are obsessed with her.

So many of the people who were there for her, friends/fans/admirers etc. are leaving her 'fanbase' now because she's so fake.

She has an army of devoted nymphet babydoll girls who are all some variation of fat/lonely/ugly/hairy/mental/delusional/feminazi who will stick up for her no matter what. They're getting Nicole Dollanganger tattoos and trying to emulate her. It's gross.

I've completely lost interest in her, she's a bad friend, fake as fuck and horribly narcissistic.

No. 166427


I'm in no way sticking up for this girl because her aesthetic and music are shit, but what do you expect? There's probably no time for internet nobodies and snail mail when someone gains fame.

No. 166428

I understand that completely, but it's her attitude and personality. She's changed a lot in such a negative way, she's no longer genuine, she's egotistical, rude and so self absorbed she seems to forget she wouldn't have gotten anywhere without her "old" friends promoting her and loving her 4 years ago.

No. 166433

many popular (some downright legendary) musicians aren't classically trained and don't know shit about music theory, some people just have a good ear.

that said her music is yawn-inducing and I hate her uguu aesthetic.

No. 166445

Makes me sad to read this, I like her music. Can you provide some examples of her being egotistical and rude? Abandoning her friends is pretty bad, but maybe it really is all up to being busy.
If you're right, I'm glad I didn't spend money on her album tbh

No. 166457

Her boyfriend looks like a shaved bear and whats with all the weird biker roadies? Where did they all come from all of a sudden? They never used to be around.

I remember nicole from tumblr who liked worms on cocks, ed and used to sit around her room looking glum.

No. 166465

File: 1471451150298.jpg (320.5 KB, 1280x912, tumblr_nssxvgg4a01r4ht6ho1_128…)

I had a hunch all this time that she was the type of person to leave her old friends and I haven't even been following her for years like others have. All you ever see is her and her boyfriend and pics of Danzig or other metal guys. She is as boy-crazy as she says.

No. 166466

I really like the newer music with heavy metal

No. 166486


They're not even the nice type of looking guys… mostly greasy band narks your parents warned you about type

No. 166533

She checks her Twitter indirects, lol, I made some snide tweet and she found it, seems juvenile for a verified account to search for their own indirects.

No. 166535


verifying this. used to be a good friend of nicole's, she and I shared a mutual friend and I really valued her friendship but over time she got flakier and the relationship became totally one-sided… to the point where she'd promised to visit and take my friend out, but never showed, and never gave an explanation. that's only the tip of the iceberg. she totally cuts people out of her life once she gets bored of them. her sweet girl image is a crock of shit, all she cares about is her boyfriend these days and she ignores all her old friends even when they try to plead with her. it's a shame, I used to really look up to her, but she's fake as fuck and she really does not care about her fans at all.. she's really hurt a lot of people. but you'll never seen it on her blog! I want to love her because she is obviously a positive influence for lots of folks. but she is cruel to people who care about her.

No. 166536

to add to this– I understand that fame naturally changes a person, but the issue I have is with the dissonance between the image she projects and the way she actually treats people. she swears up and down that she cares but ultimately people are disposable. it wouldn't bug me to this degree if she'd just own up to it and move the fuck on but she'll never do that because it would mean acknowledging the fact that she's a shitty friend. she'll respond to fanmail, but not to the people who have invested time and energy in her. it makes me sad to see vulnerable girls idolize her when she really doesn't mean much of anything she says. it's just a shame is all

sage for ongoing blogpost, didn't mean to get so whiny but this is a disappointing one

No. 166710

the funny thing is that she's always going on and on about how much of a "feminist" she is, how much her music is "for girls, about girls" and it's horseshit. her music is about boys. always has been, always will be. except for "sweet girl", which she clearly did for tumblr bi points.

it's funny lol, she claims that she hates the word "fan" and would rather her admirers call themselves her "friends", but the reverse is true. she loves the adoration (she literally has multiple hangouts with thirteen year old fans who worship her and don't know any better). she wants girls to be jealous of her, hence why she shoves all her hot (subjective, but she clearly thinks so) guy friends in everyone's faces 24/7

No. 166722


I am getting kinda fed up of seeing all her groupies in all her IG posts tbh…. id rather nicole do selfies than those ugly fuckers

No. 166723


I think she's aiming to become the pee wee version of lana del ray

No. 166725

File: 1471564460620.png (470.49 KB, 442x570, Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 00.5…)


I feel sorta bad for her though due to her ED but its also sad because as a fan she's let fame get to her head a bit… don't go down the lulz path please nicky

No. 166731

Kind of weird how close she is with those 13 year olds. Do they not listen closely to her lyrics? If it's true she doesn't talk to her friends anymore, it says a lot that she spends so much time and energy talking to fans in middle school who worship her.

Also unless she deleted it all, look at her early archives on her tumblr account. Her interests may be different but her lyrics and look make me think otherwise. Maybe she thinks it's less socially acceptable to be so openly fucked up.

No. 166750

She's a little man-faced no? The never-smiling thing doesn't help.

Well I guess it's good that people can become famous and successful even if they don't look all that great.

No. 166758

she was like that before she got famous. she probably just has bpd since abandoning people is a common symptom. she probably doesn't have a genuine relationship with those neckbeards she keeps around and just lets them fawn over her to boost her ego. i know i would lol. someone who likes bugs raping girls and vomit sex isn't neurotypical. she switches between being clingy by the sound of her songs or completely dismissive by the way she treats people.

No. 166872

She reminds me a lot of Ginger Bronson. Using that white trash aesthetic to sound interesting (her song White Trashing) but in reality lives in a nice house in the suburbs.

No. 166873

I hate how she's obsessed with Americana and white trash and everything to do with that ~aesthetic~, but she comes from an upper-middle class family, living in a big house in the Toronto suburbs, a spoiled only child with doting parents. So far from her white trash image it's ridiculous.

No. 166878

That's because they're both on the same side of tumblr, so to speak. I noticed the same group of people in the "trashy carnival creepy nymphet" aesthetic like to circlejerk and they all know each other and creepily have the same interests down to even the littlest details. They are just carbon copies of each other. I wanted to bring this up before but I decided not to post anything for fear no one would know what the hell I was talking about. Nicole and Ginger don't speak to each other I'm sure, but they have the same group of friends/fans that all follow each other on twitter and shit.

No. 166882

nicole wrote white trashing with you about ginger i believe lmao

No. 166885


She is very very spoilt. Their house is fucking huge, her mother has an obsession with dolls too. Also I remember her saying ages ago how her dad knocked down three walls upstairs so her room could be bigger for her junk. She's got fuck tons of stuff nd her mother always buys her stuff too. She's constantly posting it whenever.

All her lyrics… its just to fit the aesthetic basically. We all know she lives the life of riley really.

No. 166898

when i saw the pictures of the deep south rural neighbourhoods she's travelling through on instagram, i knew she would be wetting herself with excitement because this is the real deal when it comes to "white trash"

No. 166899

milliedollgraves looks exactly like nicole and when someone messages her about it she's all "nooooo nicole is so much prettier!!!!!"

No. 166900


Her parents also own a second vacation house in Florida

No. 166901

apparently her parents keep a large marionette in the house like another child, and set it places at the dinner table and let it have a spot on the couch.

No. 166911

wait seriously? pics?

No. 166918

I've been following Nicole for the past 3 years and never once heard her mention anything besides having it sit on the couch

No. 166924

different anon from the one who mentioned the doll, but I'm also sure I've seen her say that it has a space at the table AND that her Dad buys gifts for it and calls it Nicole's brother.

No. 166936

Self post.

No. 166940

speaking of Nicole's dad, anyone remember the weird posts she made about him basically saying that he never tells her he loves her and won't touch her ever? wacky possibly insinuating abusive relationship kind of stuff? or did I hallucinate them

No. 166941


Well you know this girl loved to post cocks with maggots on them and corpses… so.

Btw does anyone ever remember Nicole long before she became famous? before ED?

No. 166943

File: 1471648965083.png (139.8 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-08-19-19-21-33…)

about her dad 1/2

No. 166944

File: 1471648997536.png (123.53 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2016-08-19-19-21-43…)

No. 166952


sometimes i feel like she's making this shit up

so her dad is basically an addams and her mother is some doll collector alas she also has a doll for a brother… this is some "The Boy" tier shit.

Nah I don't buy it

No. 167001

Am I retarded or is a butcher like someone who works with meat? How the fuck do the majority of seven people die in his arms in meat-incidents what the fuck

No. 167027

ahahha that pocket knife crying

No. 167028

You could pretty easily cut off an arm/hand, they are working with electric saws designed to cut bone

No. 167031

Maybe her father is a compulsive liar too? She might have learned it from him.

No. 167032

Or maybe she's just a bullshitter, being a tumblrina

No. 167056

yeah if you're a fucking idiot maybe. give me a break.

No. 167143

As someone who used to make a living cutting meat, you wear a chained metal glove to avoid getting your hand sawed off if you do accidentally fuck up. I'd believe it if it said "seven people got injured" but seven people literally dying is fucking stupid. This girl is lying to make herself sound cooler or her dad lied to her to make himself sound cool, or both. It hurts to know that the general populace can be so easily deceived. This girl is hardly trying and she's still got tongues for days up her asshole.

No. 167188

It depends on where you work and during what time. Maybe if he worked in a slaughter house. Slaughter houses are still really dangerous, but thirty years ago they were way worse. Workplace injuries, sometimes deaths, also didn't as often and in some places still don't get reported always because the majority of the work force and their families in some countries are undocumented and can be threatened into silence without compensation. Five isn't absolutely impossible if he were there for decades, and in a particularly shitty country for slaughter house cover up and under reporting like the US. But everything else put together with the butchering stuff it makes it just sound completely ridiculous.

If he were an ex gang member it'd be easier to believe he's been through that many people around him dying, but it wouldn't really go with her ethereal dolly persona.

No. 167211

Depends on how old her dad is, or maybe if he came from overseas? I've known immigrants who have had very similar experiences

No. 167811


I still don't get why she's telling the world this? Chill out with the autobiography, Nicole, you're a fuckin Bandcamp musician, you're not that important lmao

No. 167812


>She has an army of devoted nymphet babydoll girls who are all some variation of fat/lonely/ugly/hairy/mental/delusional/feminazi who will stick up for her no matter what. They're getting Nicole Dollanganger tattoos and trying to emulate her. It's gross.

Every girl I've ever known who enjoys Nicole Dollanganger has always proven to be the worst person ever.

No. 167835

She's so plain.

No. 167923

I always thought she lived in a trailer park?

No. 167938

why? she posted a lot of pictures of his huge aesthetic room on tumblr

No. 167954

i live in toronto and have never ever heard of this girl

No. 167956

File: 1471996354774.jpg (43.64 KB, 539x960, oh no.jpg)

Picture of the average Nicole Dollanganger fan. This chick does not shut up about Nicole, crushing on girls, having hairy legs/pits and being "chubby but cute"

No. 167957


I don't understand why someone would leave their house like that ew

No. 167958


No. 167961

Yeah of course! Her real lastname is Liddell and her family died in fire too.
This kind of bullshit "artist" background sounds pretty familiar to me…lel

No. 167962

Wait, what the fuck are those shoes? For real: what are those? I can just about believe the rest of the outfit and its vibe, it's poorly done and cheap but I get it.
But the shoes are some hideous cheap as shit running shoes?? They're not even clean they're off-white! What the fuck. How is she not embarrassed to be wearing Wal-mart golf dad weekend shoes.
>shoes are important to me

No. 167967

>2012–2014: Career beginnings and early recordings[edit]
Early in 2012, Dollanganger was hospitalized and put on bed rest where she began writing and posting songs on her blog. She had been using Tumblr for about a year when she posted her first song "Coma Baby".


Wasn't she using Tumblr for almost three/four years before though? Im pretty sure she was. She used to reblog pictures of gagging, cocks with maggots, honey comb rotting and dead mice idk

No. 167968

She looks like Carrie Andrews from Harriet the Spy. I don't know who told her she was "cute" but they lied. Her eyes are so close together, those shorts do her no favors to hide her fupa, and those shoes look like she stole them from her grandpa.

No. 168005

I bet she likes Ginger Bronson too kek

No. 168009

yeah. she also had a lot of thinspo like skeletor girls. back then almost all of her archive was gore and rotting corpses so tbh it was worse but probably because she was more sick and depressed.

i remember one time she posted a manga picture of a toddler giving birth to a baby and like, hugging the bloody body. but that was when she was already friends with rotting/harry lmao so she had no mental illness excuse. she's just gross and is obviously still into all that she just knows it doesn't look good for her career.

No. 168018


she plays shows at the more underground venues in toronto and has played shows with jordaan mason and alex g and whatnot

No. 168027

Oh look… another "quirky" middle-upper class, semi-popular, fakey tumblrina artist who is open about their weird fetishes and exhibit a fondness for trailer trash and "nymphette" aesthetics.

Fucking colour me surprised.

This is like the third thread in /snow made about these types who barely have any real talent other than capitalising on tropes that teenage girls enjoy, it's starting to get ridiculous.

No. 168030

Seconded. Not sure if you mean in terms of appearance or generally, but in any case; the corpse worm bug scissor vag wound shit is all pure edge. All the posts here like 'ew wat a freak', nah mate, she's just trying to be a cool kid.

No. 168031

They're all the fucking same, I'm beginning to wonder if OP is the same author of the Ginger Bronson and Luna the Smackhead threads, like they're fans of the same aesthetic but they're just picking out the potential cows of that scene.

It's honestly starting to get boring, these girls are a dime a dozen on Tumblr, they're all slightly fucked up in some way or another and narcissistic as fuck, do we really have to keep giving them the attention they crave?

No. 168034

But maybe the reason that there are so many cows with the same aesthetic is just because the aesthetic is lulzy & stupidly popular right now. Just like how back in the day all the cows were into occult/gothy shit.

No. 168064


well i mean i go to ""underground"" shows too but still have never heard of her

No. 168066

From the looks of things, her boyfriend of 6 years (who is also in a band and collaborates with her) does all the technical side of music like production and setting up gigs for her, she just sings and writes - but it's actually pretty difficult to spot the differences in each of their writings, I only know it's her when the writing refers to her gender otherwise, they sound really fucking similar to each other.

No. 168080


yeah but nicole is special

she's had ED, she's got punk boys after her, rich, cute dog, bald, kawaii voice

No. 168180


I've seen the guys she hangs out with, they look like preppy-turned-metal art and music students from college… where you can tell that as soon as they left school, they only just began to let go of mommy's apron strings but are not rebellious enough to stop accepting monetary support from them.

Her own boyfriend's eyes are so close together that he looks almost autistic, he's nothing special either.

No. 168825

Does anyone else remember that photo that used to be her background and I think icon?
It was like.. a girl in pigtails on top of.. a dead body, I believe, looked like they were having sex but there was a little blanket on top of them. They were on a ugly bald mattress on the floor of an awful room and I think there's bile next to the mattress.
I used to stare at it for ages just trying to understand the context of it, but I haven't seen this image in years and I can't stop thinking about it.

No. 168834

File: 1472277032808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.38 KB, 650x464, tumblr_lite2h2kwq1qc0vl1o1_128…)

she also had a picture of river phoenix's corpse as her icon for a while

No. 168865

He's not dead, just wasted. Still gross though.

No. 168886

Jesus Christ, that's it.
Does anybody have any context to it?
Who they are, the situation? Why the picture was taken or posted anywhere?

No. 168959

just one of those gross tumblr pictures that popped up at the time. no one knows where these pics ever came from. but she was obsessed with vomit so it's probably why she used that picture. being shocking and gross juxtaposed her kawaii doll aesthetic which is very mucho edgy!!

No. 168961

File: 1472330232288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.77 KB, 641x392, casket.jpg)

graphic photo under the spoiler but by the way this is the picture of river phoenix's corpse in his casket that nicole had as her icon for a while back in 2012/2013. it was his cropped face. i guess she realized it was absolutely vile of her to use his picture like that because she didn't keep it for long.

No. 168969

File: 1472334020987.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.49 KB, 567x632, 1458118709_1457956652_vstn14_1…)

Here's a different version of it where it was posted on vk and I keep finding it posted on russian websites. The oldest date I found when it was uploaded was August 31 2009 on some website called myconfinedspace which isn't its origin.

No. 177523

link to this girls insta?

No. 177984

don't think she has insta but her tumblr is cowbabyteardrops

No. 178007

Are you guys retarded? Not every single incident was butcher-related. Just because she mentioned 2 non-butcher ones, doesn't mean the rest ALL were. It could've been 2 or 3, nobody fucking knows. She's probably exaggerating when she says "most of them."

No. 178263

No. 178501

That was painful to look at…

No. 178513

that video that was last posted takes the cake.

No. 178941

Attracting really creepy guys is a "privilege" now?

Just how starved for attention are black/brown women anyway?

No. 178955

Fuck off with your racebait

No. 185149

Her new tshirts look too much like Crybaby melanies designs…

No. 185163

No. 185166

File: 1476822537070.jpg (450.43 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_of8c4pOPbd1r4ht6ho1_128…)

what in god's name lmao

No. 185178

can't be by much since yt girls all over youtube & IG worship and borrow their trends. and kim k's family is making a killing off of it.

No. 185181



ay girl did you come here from lipstick alley

No. 185184

File: 1476826897423.jpg (286.21 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_oe4s4kK8nl1r4ht6ho1_128…)

No. 185185

File: 1476826962070.jpg (586.59 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_of0du0bOzm1r4ht6ho1_128…)

can you tell she's edgy? i love how she never takes pictures with her female friends.

No. 185342

I mean normally I'd agree with you, but it's a filter going around and I've seen a tonnnn of people doing it so it's not -that- weird IMO.

No. 185373

she have female friends?

No. 185375

no human being only has friends of a single gender. it's not like she isn't popular with girls or that her town is void of females. literally her whole act is being dolly. obviously she has female acquaintances. she just never takes pictures of them and calls her sweaty clan of white neckbeards her fam because #goalz she's so #edgy and #unique. she's not like other gurlzssszssz

No. 185488

File: 1476881423421.jpg (102.99 KB, 675x1200, CvG2dy4WgAIVsvt.jpg)

I love how she looks in candids. So dolly, so nymphet… She looks like a frumpy little old woman.

No. 185489

File: 1476881476029.jpg (88.35 KB, 675x1200, CvG2ehrWYAAFI2_.jpg)

And her boyfriend is truly fucking hideous. (Also idk what's going on with this fan's eyebrows or facial structure. Yikes)

No. 185495

I think shes striving to be like a darker and dollier version of cry baby and lana del ray / grimes tbh

The cutesy little good girl who is secretly bad and has the biker boyfriend her daddy told her to dump

Shes going for that ^

No. 185502

Well it's not working she just looks like someone's mom at a funeral

No. 185504

I barely noticed her in these pics because all I can see is her retarded friend's odd hairline (makeup???) .

No. 185510

File: 1476888511197.jpg (90.13 KB, 675x1200, CvDTc9iWEAALkHv.jpg)

Yeah, she has a really fucking weird hairline and her make up makes her look like she comes from Mars.

No. 185529

SHe looks busted as fuck
Everything about her is weird looking and her makeup is bad.
Sage for OT alien

No. 185540

File: 1476898275306.gif (925.9 KB, 245x188, tumblr_inline_o8qo1nihbw1sevyw…)

I am GENUINELY terrified

No. 185546

Looks like she's wearing a mask.
Her eyebrows also seem to be kind of floating on her forehead lmao

No. 185555

what the fuck is happening to that girls face? did she stop her foundation an inch below her hairline? why are her eyebrows like that? what is going on with the lighting in general in this picture? holy…

No. 185642

I'm confused. She has quite an amount of songs, but no music videos yet? Or did I just do a bad job at searching those? I was kind of interested in how her music videos would look.

No. 185644

She only has this one so far iirc

No. 185655

File: 1476906959843.jpg (20.94 KB, 600x398, pavi-repo-the-genetic-opera-38…)

No. 185656

I literally thought for a second this was fordervet (one of shmegeh's old friends iirc? that was her tumblr name) and it threw me for a loop. The one in the crop top or whatever the fucking thing is.

No. 185658

I can't believe she got her guy friends to do all that homoerotic shit.

The guys seem like those type of tools that call each other faggots and pour beer or spit on the socially rejected kids because it's "funny."

No. 185673

File: 1476910238400.gif (767.61 KB, 275x220, 1427717685085.gif)


No. 185675

HAHAHAHA that was my first thought too

No. 185677

File: 1476910898487.jpg (37.35 KB, 600x400, image8931.jpg)


Her name is Kimmy Marie
https://twitter.com/kimmyxmarie < her private one

Talks a lot about all the men she sleeps with and how pretty she is (!?!?!??)

Recently got into all of the nymphet babydoll bullshit, but it doesn't really suit her because she's a ghetto ass hoe

Pic related is from a modelling shoot she did…

No. 185679

lol she's photoshopped her entire body. look at the left side of her shoulder. it's all blurred. she looks that way because she tried to lighten her skin.

No. 185750

i'm friends with many people on facebook & instagram who are literally clones of nicole. it's actually insane. the millie girl looks /exactly/ like her, has the exact same interests, posts the same exact things & even makes similar songs on bandcamp (or soundcloud idr) now…it's fucking insane & creepy how hopelessly devoted so many girls are to her, it's also annoying to see them post selfies of her from when she had an ed when she clearly wants to move on from that time.

No. 185816

What the fuck
What the fuck

No. 185854

She's literally been around for years before Melanie though

No. 185863

She's so fucking busted and ratchet-looking. What is this dollar store Halloween clown makeup and awful countouring? How can she leave the house like this? Why doesn't she love herself?

No. 185944

Thanks! That was pretty gross to see, but I guess I'm not too surprised.

No. 185967


True but Melanie is more favourable and less gross.

No. 185987

File: 1476972658278.jpg (156.87 KB, 499x675, 1454865234281.jpg)

>less gross

No. 185994

Not defending the shitty stuff she's done or white knighting her or anything, but unlike Lana, Melanie, and pre-Art Angels Grimes, Nicole has some talented. Some of her songs are really beautiful. Lana and Melanie are talentless hacks and Grimes is pretty mediocre. Art Angels was alright. Shitty people can make good music sometimes.

No. 186000

>Lana and Melanie are talentless hacks
Nah, both can sing (especially Melanie) and have an artistic direction. Lana's voice definitely takes some getting used to, though.

No. 186001


lana, melanie, grimes and nicole can ALL sing… it's their aesthetic that is off putting, not their voices. they are all talented.

No. 186005

Their lyrics are god awful. Lana can't sing 90% of the time and her lyrics 190 proof garbage. Melanie is better, but she's nothing special and Grimes is only good sometimes. Nicole has made some shitty stuff too, but none of it was even half as bad as some of the trash Lana and Grimes have put out.

No. 186009

Stop trying to convince everyone your opinion is the law. Pre Art Angels Grimes got her where she's at today. If she was mediocre back then she would have never made it like Nicole here

No. 186026

>Nicole has some talent
LMAO. remove her dolly aesthetic and ed phase and she would've never made it. ever. her looks is the only reason she's popular at all. some fat lebanese woman whining about columbine and elephant man while wearing a dress from old navy would've never gotten popular. nicole's music is beyond mediocre but her gross nymphet image is all her fans jack off to so they'll call anything she does a masterpiece including her i'm-bored-in-the-back-of-science-class ink doodles.

lana's music is unique production wise it's fucking good. melanie is the embodiment of the "creepy doll girl" search results on the pin up category on deviantart complete with music box samples wow much edge. grimes has been doing what she's doing since the 90s. and nicole? she admitted she has no musical talent and is a writer who only started doing music to impress her boyfriend. just because nicole sings acoustic doesn't make her talented lmao. everything she does is mediocre. couldn't stand her music before can't stand it now. maybe because i'm not a 15 year old suburban white girl who watches american horror story and reblogs the same 5 pictures of courtney love and abandoned midwest carnival signs.

No. 186049


No. 186358

putting aside her living nymphet doll with a school shooter bf pandering aesthetic i actually really enjoyed a couple of her songs on that album she put out on grimes's label. i've never been a rabid fangirl bc i got over my eDgY phase in high school but i played 'you're so cool' on repeat when it came out and i definitely liked that album more for her singing and the change in music style than for the lyrics, which sometimes i actually liked when they weren't on the cringey side

tbf tho this whole convo (including my blogpost) is offtopic and comes down to personal taste more than anything substantial, like I personally only like nicole's music because i'm into that pixie esque Kate Bush kinda voice and her vocal style can be much more subtle and angelic than grimes (who is much more authentic to me but i kinda have to be in a mood to listen to her music), but i get why other ppl prefer other singers or aesthetics

for being self-taught i would say she's vocally talented enough, but it's definitely that god awful overdone babydoll bugs carnival corpse aesthetic that draws in the absolute cringiest of fans of hers and makes her look worse in the long run. imo it'd do her a lot of favors to tone that down

No. 186485


No. 186496

i hate everything to do with this ddlg aesthetic and her music is low effort trash
i hesitate to even call it music, it's more of a scheme for getting tumblr reblogs

No. 187454

she's a fucking adderall addicted attention whore who only has child fans because all of her peers and old "friends" realized how fake and smug the little bitch is

No. 187458

File: 1477312695564.jpg (15.13 KB, 419x600, Show me on this doll where the…)

Show me on this doll where Nicole hurt you.

No. 187465

can't cause it doesn't have ears

No. 187467

this made me laugh out loud omg

No. 187473

Fair enough.

No. 187532

how long do you think until she ditches matt for her boytoy dan? since half her songs are about him anyway

No. 187553


No. 187561


How do you know which songs are about which dude? I'm super curious!

No. 187592

she's been answering asks about it on tumblr. apparently danny and sleepy towns and cemeteries were written about dan

No. 187598

I remember a couple of years ago when someone asked who her boyfriend was and what he was like she got all nasty saying "none of your mother fucking business asshole" and the notes were all 10/30 agreeing with her.

Nicole is kinda showing her colours a bit. Beginning to dislike.

No. 187606

she's always been a cunt but since she's 5'2, white and pretty it's acceptable lmao. she's got a nasty ass attitude and she likes to act like it's in the name of feminism. now that she looks much grunge super metal it's cute and gives her edgy points to "sing like an angel" and be a huge rude bitch who likes to hang out with neckbeards. she's showing her colors because she knows she'll face 0 consequences because she probably finds it amusing so many kids are in her ass.

No. 187608


Will she make it though?

No. 187620

not if this thread gets popular. once people see that it's possible to not be in her ass it won't be trendy anymore. tbh i don't think anyone on tumblr can hate her without being attacked.

No. 187672

I also remember last year or the year before someone asked her if her boyfriend liked her music and she said he had never heard it which makes me wonder how long her and matt have been involved?

No. 187675

real talk who is matt and who is dan and can anyone provide pics? cos i truly cannot keep up with how many boys she likes implying she's fucking on tumblr before friendzoning them.

No. 187683


the guy sitting on the couch in >>185185 is matt, her bf

No. 187882

Anyone remember when she bought that hello kitty dildo and hid it in her plushies

then her tumblr asks were all "omg your so cute! your dildo is adorable!"

and "I imagine you masturbating to be so adorable… all dreamy and pretty!"

ugh milking the ddlg ego or what

No. 187977

lol that was the dude she was dating that was in prison while she cheated on him with matt

No. 187979

she seems like a cheater tbh

No. 187993

what I really wanna know is why she used to save vomit in ziploc bags and post pictures of it on tumblr

No. 187999

well i mean back then she reblogged human corpses, hentai of children giving birth, and worms raping girls so. but honestly imagine like… someone fat and ugly with her exact same personality doing that on facebook. nothing about her is appealing when you take away her appearance. especially not her personality. she doesn't seem to care about anyone, not even her harem of neckbeards.

No. 188004

what really bugs me about her is how she glamorizes things she hasn't even experienced, like poverty. Example: her song "white trashing", she glorifies a sort of life that she's never come close to living. She's a privileged Canadian white little girl and she acts like Florida white trash for the aesthetic. It's disgusting

No. 188006

She's attractive ENOUGH to get away with the shit she pulls but she's still godawful ugly. Has anyone ever really looked at her face? It's monstrous what's sad is she knows it too

No. 188027

File: 1477378932837.png (105.09 KB, 640x779, IMG_6404.PNG)

selfie she posted on tumblr in 2013, what a fantastic role model!

No. 188030

what happened to kevin though? after she got with matt he was immediately shunted out of the picture.

No. 188032

Why does everyone care about who she dates so much? She obviously strives towards recieving that sort of gossipy attention. It's sad how everyone on tumblr right now thinks they have to be a Nicole fan. More people need to see this thread! Also I don't think she's very pretty. Pretty enough to get away with acting gross but ugly enough to be #relateable

No. 188177


I dislike Nicole, but how is her face ugly? And why do you think that she has low opinion of herself, seems like the opposite.

No. 188179

She's not ugly but definitely very plain. She'd be more attractive with a different mouth.

No. 188212

File: 1477412518433.png (1.75 MB, 1000x965, heyee.png)

I think that she's pretty.
I would call Lamo plain, but not Nicole.

No. 188861

How did she look at that picture and think "oh yeah that looks hot"

No. 188876

Idk, I think Lainey is inoffensively attractive, nothing special but certainly okay. Nicole on the other hand looks really bleh if she's not posing like a tortured twee princess and/or wearing tonnes of makeup.

No. 188888

i mean i don't really know how to put this… if you're ugly she's pretty lol. if you look like cowbabyteardrops then she's pretty. to them she's #goals. she's a painfully average white woman which i guess fits with the aesthetic since they're fairly against filters and circles lenses of the such and usually have bushy brows and leg hair so there has to be a certain level of homeliness.

she's about as attractive to me as an unpopped popcorn kernel.

No. 188976

She took that picture during her ED

No. 188982

yeah first and only picture she posted regarding her ed and it was attached to her first post admitting that the mystery illness she was hospitalized for was actually just anorexia.

No. 189104

do you think she's ever seen this thread? she lurks so heavy on her own tags and anything to do with her on the internet. In tumblr she reblogs pretty much every compliment or positive post regarding herself smh so many 13 year olds in her ass. Its sad because she used to have a really cool very small fanbase of adults and interesting people. Now its all lamos and uggos and ddlg boys who wanna fuck her and 13 year olds who idolize her

No. 189105

apparently on her last tour she was having troubles and got very ill with laryngitis and some other mystery illness. I'm willing to bet it's just some ED bullshit now that she isn't stick thin anymore it probably bugs her being chubbyish when shes a poster girl for anorexia

No. 189139

how many times are you going to ironically use hashtags and point out that she's white? i can spot each and every one of your shitposts in this thread. please expand your vocabulary, pull.

No. 189142

Honestly even though she's projecting this diy bedroom aesthetic, she seems to be getting so current that she probably won't have time for this anymore. Unless it's literally the only thing she does in her spare time instead of normal stuff like watch tv or see friends.

No. 189143

i think it might be because if she were black or hispanic or whatever she wouldn't be as loved. if you're not white or east asian then you're not shit. but yeah, no need to point it out constantly, we KNOW what color she is

No. 189208

File: 1477582697469.png (551.6 KB, 479x599, 10.png)

No. 189243

Excuse me?

No. 189261

~professional artist~

No. 189270

because we're talking about her appearance and i can't say that she looks like an average woman lmao. she LOOKS like an average WHITE woman aka the type of woman you'll see 50 of walking through a floridian walmart. when i say she has features average for a white i'm saying there's nothing interesting going on on her face. some people look distinctly nordic or distinctly german. i genuinely can't make out her ancestry. take off her makeup and wig and put her in regular clothes and you will never remember her face. that's the only reason i even bring up that she's white, is to point out how fucking bland her face is. what is nicole's distinctive feature? her underbite lmao?

since she's average you have to be below average to find her attractive. aka ugly. more than half the time these people will be people of color because when people think of dolls they never think of a hispanic doll or a black doll. with that alone nicole is already appealing to them.

No. 189793

File: 1477680513955.png (292.53 KB, 430x464, tumblr_ofrsie9bhb1r4ht6ho1_500…)

>about a year ago i was texting my mom crying from a bathroom somewhere in the states because i knew i was falling badly in love with one of my best friends and it was going to be a very painful thing to get over. it was just so hard to always be so close, on long drives, in cramped motels. all i wanted to do was light his cigarettes and share drinks with him and use his shampoo so my hair would smell like him and try to get our feet to touch while we slept..any excuse to be closer to him. and then somehow—i still don’t really know how—we ended up in this dumpy (but absolutely charming) motel somewhere in new jersey, and he told me that he loved me, too, and that was it. i still can’t believe it happened.

No. 190071

she really can't write about anything without being as unrealistically edgy as possible can she. this reads like fanfiction.

No. 190072

File: 1477708269802.jpg (53.29 KB, 487x325, 1394949045353.jpg)

i'm surprised they didn't smoke cigarettes on the roof and look up at the stars while talking about their dreams. this really does read in a very contrived way. i'm sure this is very #relationshipgoals to her kiddie fans when they probably got together in a way that didn't fit into 5 relationship tropes at once. she really has a thing for motels in her writing, doesn't she? $20 says she got a million asks about this and she won't answer a single one except to bitch it's no one's business.

No. 190227

What nonsense. The vast majority of white people do not look characteristic of one specific region of Europe just as you can't accurately estimate which country in Africa a black person originates from. I would say Nicole's ancestry is clearer than that of most Northern Americans, given that she has very pale pink-toned skin and blue eyes, which makes it very likely that she has western, central, or northern ancestry.

The very idea that having a 'distinctive' appearance is likely to make you attractive also flies in the face of what we know about physical attractiveness. It is proportion and harmony in facial features (also known as 'averageness') which determines classical beauty, as you can tell from looking at just about anyone renowned for their good looks. Marilyn Monroe had one of the least distinctive faces of any woman in history, and this is precisely where her physical perfection comes from. When we talk about attractive people in terms of their striking or exotic looks, it is usually something minor or superficial and doesn't mar the overall harmony of their face.

No. 190238

It's hilarious when people make accusations against artists only addressing 'first world problems' when they themselves have nothing better to whine about than artists addressing first world problems. Songs are not freaking newspaper articles, folks. They are centered upon melodies, and any meaning conveyed through lyrics is emotional in nature and therefore almost always addresses personal thoughts or issues. I find it a little bit scary when people want to run art through a filter of political correctness. Art is the one medium in which beauty of form rises above politics, ideologies, social mores, etc and there are some people who don't even think that should be the case. This also applies for anyone who thinks Nicole's weath or social class should be relevant in discussing her music.

And am I the only one who thinks it's a little offensive to suggest that poor people can't fall in love or have relationship issues?

No. 190416

is there even any milk left on nicole? except, apparently, that she is white?

No. 190570

Does anyone know why she needed to have a year of bed rest? Bed rest is generally frowned upon by doctors today due to the associated health risks so it's usually only prescribed when absolutely necessary, and then usually for a short time. A whole year of it is freaking insane.

No. 190583

she was lying. literally no doctor would ever look you in the eye and tell you to stay in bed and not exercise for a year to get better. she always exaggerates her stories because she has to be the most special snowflake victim on tumblr.

No. 190598

uh what the fuck. does someone know the context for this pic??

No. 190603

she was probably told to stop exercising compulsively when she was recovering from her eating disorder. anything to make her sound like a flowery romantic vc andrews helpless heroine.

No. 190611

gotta remind her followers that despite having the voice of an "angel" and totes looking like a doll she's actually a gross tomboy who likes gore, listens to metal and is just one of the guyz. do you think she regularly punches them on the shoulder?

she's playing herself though. now she doesn't have the sweet angel act to defend her against people who call her rude and condescending. it's obvious she's just a cunt. she's literally dropped all her tumblr friends who worshipped her because she only keeps the guys around for her aesthetic.

No. 190615

I guess that's why the term 'mystery illness' keeps coming up as opposed to 'anorexia'. Few people are gullible enough to believe she was on bed rest due to an eating disorder.

Personally I am not opposed to artists bullshitting to make their pasts sound more interesing, it's when someone becomes defensive or bitchy to cover their tracks that bothers me. Not to mention the tendency to readily volunteer excessive amounts of personal information and then become snappy when people ask personal questions. This is especially noticeable with self-proclaimed feminists on the subject of sex. It's totally appropriate to share graphic sexual information because how dare anyone suggest that female sexuality is shameful or taboo, but if someone asks them a personal sex question then that's way out of line and borderline sexual harassment.

No. 190657

whatever makes you feel better about ur skintone, bud.

gonna have to guess that he's in the bathroom with her holding the tp bc theyre just fucking around. that or the toilet paper spindle probably broke

No. 190671

i'm slavic, bud. nicole's features are underwhelming and average even for a white woman lmao. gaga, miranda kerr, kendall jenner, jennifer lawrence and meryl streep are all white but they each have distinctive features. my opinion isn't stopping you from jacking it to nicole's mediocre face.

No. 190672

>im slavic
so… you're not white

No. 190709


Have you seen Lady Gaga pre plastic surgery? As much as she likes to stand out, she toned down her 'distinctiveness' in order to look more attractive and it worked. Just like every other woman who ever had plastic surgery (and didnt end up looking like a mutant). The other women you mentioned do look more striking than Nicole, but nobody's trying to argue she's supermodel material or anything. The main reason most people find her beautiful is because her looks perfectly complement her doll aesthetic, which brings out her delicate features. Most grown women would look ridiculous in it.

And it's fine if you find typical white features boring but I'm personally sick of this aggressive, big-lipped Bratz doll look that seems to be popular today.

No. 190712

Also, Kendall Jenner is one of the blandest, most racially ambigious models I have seen for a long time. Nepotism at its finest.

No. 190724

Those with 'distinctive features' are attractive in spite of them, not because of them. That actor with massive ears is adorable so they just add to his charm. Christina Ricci is pretty so her eyes look great on her. If either of them had freakishly big noses, massive chins or ugly lips they wouldn't be considered pretty anymore.

No. 190726

gaga still has a big beak, buck teeth, a super pulled back face from her face lift, and big eyes. she looks more conventionally attractive but she's still very much italian. just a hotter looking one lol. i already said here that nicole's looks suited her aesthetic >>188888 my point was that she's a 5/10 and if you're less than that you're probably gonna think she's gorgeous thus her hambeast fangirls who kiss her ass.

it's not about having giant ears and a fiveheads it's just… like, i struggle to describe nicole's features lmao. kendall jenner? strong nose, big narrow eyes, wide temples. jennifer lawrence? small hooded eyes, big cheeks, pointy chin. what makes nicole stand out is her chocolate brown hair with bangs and thick eyebrows. and she draws on the eyebrows. i would have no problem admitting she was pretty if i genuinely believed she was lmao. nicole's face is average and her personality sucks. for the mediocre person she is both inside and out while still being gassed up into an ethereal goddess, i can't think of anyone less attractive. she's not even a charismatic person lol. put her in a tank top and yoga pants with no makeup and you'd never recognize her walking past you in the street.

No. 190747

She has no lips, hooded eye lids and a cheap looking wig. Whats dolly about that. No offense to people with hooded eyes they're attractive just not on Nicole. I'm pretty sure she is on Grimes' record label(?) Eerie Organization. I wonder if Grimes has seen this thread.

No. 190761

her appeal was 100% in her granny outfits. now she just looks like shit in this lazy dolly metal shit with that gross wig.

No. 190766

there is literally no milk here. all you guys are doing is complaining about her appearance lol. boring. move on.

No. 190769

>isn't stopping you from jacking it to nicole's mediocre face
what? why is everyone on snow crazy lmfao

No. 190778

File: 1477876075115.jpg (29.02 KB, 500x333, eve_glasses.jpg)

or, alternatively, leave the thread.

No. 190818

her cover songs are the shittiest. all she does is slow them down and sing in a high register. same chords for each one. actually that's all her songs

No. 190875

Nicole's future: alone, living at her parents. The boys will realize she's playing them and using them for her aesthetic soon enough, a lot already have. I know a few personally. Soon enough she'll end up fucking Dan again or cheating, the group will split. Or she'll get knocked up and move to a trailer park in Florida and be forgotten and the things she glamorizes will become a terrible reality for her. I'm sorry but can anyone else envision her in five or ten years? She looks like the type of girl that inflates and loses her semi good looks quick, besides looking like a tumblrina clone right now and catering to the sad sick dollie tweens she has nothing going for her.

No. 190878

if you guys want some more milk read her 24/7 cringe worthy edgelord posts on her twitter account @nbabybell

No. 190880

Why does she wear the same exact black sack of a dress for every performance? She's so stiff and awkward on stage too. And her candids with fans just so… awkward. I hope she'll stop embarrassing herself soon good god

No. 190895

fucking hell this is the most bitter jealous thread I've seen on lolcows yet

No. 190897

Why would anyone be jealous of her?

No. 190916

this thread is boring and simple, petty criticisms
she's an edgelord who used to have an ed, she posted some weirdass shit and and did did some rude/distateful things like 4-5 years ago, she's ~not like the other girls~, all of her songs sound the same, there are tons of weirdo clone girls of her (not her fault really lol), and she's a rich white canadian girl who pretends she grew up in the poor rural, south
she doesn't start shit and she's too busy focusing on her music and her ugly boy crew to provide milk that isn't years old

ive posted this 3 times and had to delete it 3 times because i always managed to have some stupid typo i missed good fucking god it's too early for this

No. 190917

**and did
it's 6 am and i can't form a coherent sentence if my life depended on it

sage bc typo idiocy

No. 190920

someone's salty

No. 190921

yes, i am salty because i can't type a paragraph without making 36 typos, fixing them, and finding 12 more

but in seriousness you all can talk about her as much as you want but imo this thread is boring & i don't see what's so milky about a rich white edgy singer
like once you've established that what else is there?

No. 190927

There's so much samefagging in this thread.

No. 190930

if you're talking about me i dndt make the salty comment lol
i don't talk to myself srry

No. 190944

yea, it's whoever keeps calling her white. lovely how staff doesn't think this is racebaiting when it's being overused and in an obvious derogatory manner at this point yet the chinese phonebook joke was banworthy. old admin wouldve taken care of this already.

No. 190974

>racist against white people

No. 190977

not liking her music or appearance doesn't warrant a thread. there's nothing to talk about other then she's white and boring. like okay she hangs out with boys!!!!111!!!!11 who cares?

No. 190988

Again, why are you so hung up on "standing out"? Is a carrion flower more beautiful than a daisy because it looks so much more conspicuous?

The distinctive thing about Nicole's face is that her features are chiselled and still babyish at the same time. Her oval face, large eyes, small mouth, straight nose, and high cheekbones coupled with baby fat are her characteristic features. And no, I certainly can't think of many girls in their early to mid 20's who have retained such a girlish appearance. I can however, think of about 100 girls who've come anywhere from southern Europe to the middle east who are interchangeable with Kendall Jenner.

No. 190996

so who linked to this thread on tumblr

No. 190998

judging by the torrent of whiteknighting, i'd say one of her fans found out. all they're doing is bringing more attention to it kek. can't wait for this to appear on the front page of her google searches. or better yet, watch her have a meltdown the way she did when she discovered her PULL thread.

No. 191002


no whiteknighting there's just nothing to talk about here. milk has been dry for years this thread is years late. she's boring af now and none of you have anything better to do then complain about her facial structure or how she looks awkward in fan photos.

No. 191111

>implying people will stop posting just because you say so

all you're doing is bumping the thread and keeping it on the first page.

No. 191129

speaking of that thread, where did it go? i thought PULL was "uncensored", did she get it taken down?

No. 191242

If anyone has anything from the PULL thread u should link it

No. 191299

i'm not whiteknighting this thread is boring and milkless you dipshits. what have we talked about other than weird/shitty things she did years ago,her ed, her shitty music,her whiteness (lol), and her creeoy boytoys. boring and at this point everything she does is predictable.
sage because youre all dipshits

No. 191306

There's plenty of milk on her she does things just to be edgy 24/7 and had a massive following of embarrassing cringe worthy look alikes

No. 191324

ikr it's entertaining for the people who aren't in her ass and doing a poor job at pretending like they aren't the same fans crying in the beginning of the thread about how she's not a snowflake. take a look at all the other threads in /snow/ this one is no different.

No. 191326

File: 1477983014374.gif (1.97 MB, 500x207, tumblr_ofuefaMwA31vjo37so2_500…)

i used to be a fan but she's really lost her charm. from comababy in her bathroom to the neckbeards headbanging in the background while she plays the electric guitar is cringey. i guess she had to ditch the cult party kei thing to fit in with ~the boyz~ which would explain why she doesn't hide how she's rude as fuck now.

No. 191335

File: 1477983803032.jpg (20.68 KB, 250x228, 1394943775353.jpg)

are all her concerts just her playing two chords on her guitar while the inflatable car dealership tube men flip their hair in the background for every half note of the song? christ.

No. 191348

I can't wait for more of her fans to see this thread

No. 191458


There's one guitarist you fucking idiot. Considering you can't tell the difference between a bass and a guitar you have no business critiquing a live setup. Also she only plays for one fucking song get over it.

No. 191462

Your wish just got granted

No. 191472

So how long till she starts her Chelsea Wolfe clone phase?

No. 191648

File: 1478033580653.png (84.98 KB, 266x149, 1394339055353.png)

No. 191721

nicole fan detected

and yeah her boytoys look fucking stupid in that gif.

it's already begun. my first thought when i heard her 2 newest songs (have you seen me and beautiful in bad) was that they're straight up chelsea, but more simplistic with weaker melodies. she's a documented cw fan but i never thought she'd rip her off that blatantly

No. 191723

>nicole fan detected

more like one of her neckbeard boytoys lmao

No. 191726

>things to never forget (for better or for worse): the aftertaste of dessert flavoured vodka, matts sleepy morning smile, kids watching and cheering leigh on from trees while he skateboards at a gas station, cigarettes and their burns, the smell of a flooded basement, leigh’s guttural laugh (the best laugh in the world), stained acid washed jeans, gas station coffee, screaming for leigh and wandering down a busy interstate, sleeping 3 to a tiny bed, unforgivable fleece, dan saying something like “it could happen to anyone!” or “well pardon me for being human!” when he does something embarrassing, liquor soaked jeans festering in the van corner, the man who gave us his dead fathers drum sticks and a crude pirate painting that spent the rest of the trip clacking against the wall, 50s songs, heart shaped sunglasses, the way leigh kissed the hanging skulls, 3 dollar bottles of wine, woody (and mr jones and all the other halloween trash we traveled alongside), lots of blood, communal sweaters, leigh’s eternal restlessness, drunk in a park midday, dan’s scowl (perpetual), watching leigh vehemently rolling down the manual window to screech something at a driver, christmas tasting pancake puppies, the way dan and leigh fist fight (and also hug each other), a motel tv clicker, spiders, fastening on dan’s choker every night, trevor discovering several cursed boxes, holding hands across the console, white sauce pasta, bebop (always our collective object of adoration), black docs hanging from the side of the door, cleaning up a busted forehead the best u can, beer cans, a gas station rose, picking off matts plate at dennys, coconut shampoo, glitter, leigh’s black eye, a night drive to chicago with my true love staying awake shotgun the whole ride (and feeding me bites of cold leftover broccoli), the very far and few between times where dan and i didn’t fight and hugged out the bad times, gross socks, cigarette holes put out on the floral bed sheets, falling asleep in the back between dan (sprawled obnoxiously) and leigh (curled up in corner), ceiling tiles, a broken bed frame, fake eyelashes, reading dans poetry while he writes on the road, cups full of gin, a desolate gas station with no road to get to, double flash photos, shirts tucked into pants and high black socks, passing on the right side, the exhaust leak, how we felt when we saw leigh at the first show (thank u rob), buying dan a bus ticket and crying abt the short loss it would mean, the last night drive home.

tag yourself i'm unforgivable fleece

No. 191728

>gas station rose

so i guess she's a crackhead now. ha.

No. 191742

>tag yourself
>communal sweaters

No. 191743

lol this dumb bitch

No. 191745

>christmas tasting pancake puppies

No. 191749

>crude pirate painting

No. 191757

This is my favorite thread

No. 191764

File: 1478046514512.jpg (21.5 KB, 400x267, 9.jpg)

>dan saying something like “it could happen to anyone!” or “well pardon me for being human!” when he does something embarrassing

oh dan! you are a riot!

No. 191765

>ceiling tiles

No. 191766

>(and feeding me bites of cold leftover broccoli)

No. 191774

File: 1478047064557.gif (2.82 MB, 233x201, k7RlSjJ.gif)

No. 191775

>the man who gave us his dead fathers drum sticks and a crude pirate painting that spent the rest of the trip clacking against the wall

the sheer effort she spends making everything sound as contrived as possible in an attempt to seem interesting. i wonder how long it took her to write this wall of text.

No. 191777

i'm the liquor soaked jeans festering in the van corner

No. 191876


hahaha it reminds me of Ginger Bronson's ~*~+*dreamy~*~+* poetry/ruminations. they can be sisters. Ginger is the tryhard gangsta mama while Nicole is the ugly spook sister who will steal your crustie boyfriend for aesthetic purposes.

No. 191879

that's because theyre both from the same part of tumblr and the little clique going on all just steal each others ideas.

ok cool blog, tumblr

No. 191881

she actually wrote white trashing with you about ginger lmao dedicated it to her and everything.

No. 191891

you keep fucking spamming the thread with this when there is literally no proof of this

No. 191897

Trevor discovering SEVERAL cursed boxes

No. 191910

im drunk in a park midday

No. 191912

i'm dan's scowl (perpetual)

god can she make it any clearer that she wants to fuck dan? she mentioned her actual boyfriend like once

No. 191914


I hate liberals

No. 191925

Aaw yeah boys see how she's totes dreamy and ethereal and shit??
Such a kewl kid

No. 191938

holy fucking shit i take my whining about there being no milk back
also i'm pancake puppies (what in the wild wild world of sports is a pancake puppy. i image a puppy-shaped pancake sculpture. that's me irl)

No. 191946

Dennys has them. They're like deep fried balls of pancake batter of assorted flavors, depending on the season. For only two bucks you can get a couple of them with ice cream. Not gonna lie, they're really good. There's red velvet ones, and one with white chocolate chips.

No. 191953

File: 1478067815560.png (16.04 KB, 584x113, nb.png)

I think that her obsession with motels can be Lana Del Rey inspired. She has the song Mermaid Motel, after all. I can be wrong though

No. 191960

wow, that sounds really, really good! red velvet pancakes are my favorite, i get them every time IHOP has them. i've never actually been to denny's but i'm definitely going soon for the pancake puppies. thanks for the answer!

No. 192032

i'm so fucking embarrassed. is this meant to be poetic? aesthetic? she's too old for this shit, she isn't lana del rey

No. 192034

I'm laughing cause Lana is like 30.
This reminds me of a similar list that Soren has written.

No. 192043

i know how old she is but she's the only one who can get away with this kinda bullshit because she's the ~creator~ i guess. it's obvious that nicole and ginger and soren and their entire little harem of sad lost tumbly babydolls are ripping off lana and it's really cringey and gross to see

No. 192044

i'm leigh's eternal restlessness

No. 192053

>cleaning up a busted forehead the best u can

i'm the forehead

No. 192067


i'm a broken bed frame
or the exhaust leak

can't decide

No. 192070

which one is dan? always thought they were fucking tbh

No. 192092

Just sharing: if you like Nicole's voice you will probably like Bonjour Suzuki. I'm not a fan of any of them, just listened to Nicole's music today, and realized they have similar voices.
Sage for irrelevance.

No. 193151

File: 1478204119311.jpg (13.35 KB, 708x169, Clipboard01.jpg)

No. 193157

because she's totally gonna get it after this post. not for attention at all.

No. 193165

As if she doesn't know someone irl who could sell her some addy. She's such an attention seeker… Damaged bbydoll who takes adderall #relateable

No. 193203

druggie bitch who can't even show up for a show. people pay to see you and you put more effort into finding adderall

No. 193244

what is the tea on her not doing a show

No. 193304

maybe that time when she was touring with Grimes ( i guess?) and her van broke or something and she didn't go to a few shows. but maybe the anon is talking about another show

No. 193464

Pretty sure she cancels shows when she runs out of adderall or is coming down from being all strung out. I don't think she can even perform without being drunk.

No. 193468

she was asking for adderall on instagram too last week, i didn't get a sc though but she was just as blase about posting it.

No. 193882

She prob uses adderall for weight loss

No. 195518

Nicole on her interest in Columbine.

No. 198079

bump because there has to be more milk on her she's such a snowflake and basically the epitome of Tumblr right now

No. 198096

Unfortunately the circles I run around in glorify her. I really don't like he rmusic that much, I'm thrilled she's found success in something she loves but its not my cup of tea. As a person i can't really judge her other than the adderall stuff she's posted on he blog about

No. 198202

Can we post her devoted fans in this thread too? Some of them are equally as milky as Mother Cow Nicole. They're in the same circle as Ginger Bronson too - they all know each other and bond over their sad baby doll lost little girl druggy princess spank me daddy aesthetic

No. 198204

would love to see a thread of the people who follow/obsess themselves with ginger/nicole/holli/luna… like a baby cow thread? sheep thread?

No. 198207

How about calf? A baby cow dependent on its mother that has potential to mature to a cow on her own in the future?

No. 198214

Maybe merge the threads together?

No. 198224

clever anon, i like that.

lets round up the calves!

No. 198226

No. 198734

File: 1479208229180.png (189.02 KB, 640x695, IMG_6539.PNG)

she is so ugly oh my lord

No. 199755

Someone should screenshot her archives full of gross shit before she deletes it.

No. 199994

damn she looks washed the fuck out not aging well, wear sun screen, exfoliate, something.

No. 199995

No. 200041

Do you think Nicole photoshops her pictures? She looks a lot different in selfies than she does in candid fan photos

No. 200111

Of course she photoshops it's so obvious. Look at old pics of her and her candids compared to selfies she's posted. If she doesn't photoshop she takes time to find the best angle possible and filters the hell out of everything. Her underbite and weird lips too poor thing

No. 200802

Somebody dig up some more dirt on this bitch! I hope this thread is the first thing that pops up when people look her up on google. Anyone got screenshots from when she was on the PULL thread?

No. 200888

I've met her before, she looks the and in real life then in her pictures honestly.

No. 200889

>looks the same

No. 201130

File: 1479528464260.png (96.77 KB, 640x786, IMG_6588.PNG)

Nicole on her affinity with Beverly Marsh

No. 201137

so cringe

No. 201142

Maybe she's one of those people who look like shit in pictures, maybe that's why she shoops, maybe she's just unfortunate looking

No. 201144

Everyone looks different in selfies compared to candids

No. 201145

Oh god this is the perfect tumblr vs. reality personality comparison.

No. 201269

I'm gonna have to agree with this. Lighting and angle is everything. Selfies are always much more flattering than if your great grandma jo decides to unexpectedly take a picture of you in a dark restaurant from 13 feet away with flash on.

Why's she so obsessed with River Phoenix's corpse? It's so out of place.

No. 201283

probably because he was in stand by me, another stephen king movie, and grew up in a religious cult where he was raped as a toddler. fits her aesthetic perfectly.

No. 201289

was phoenix raped? i thought his family noped outta that shit and moved to hollywood when they heard about the abuse.

sage for ot

No. 201295

i mean it still happened. his family was in a religious cult and he was raised there. he talked a lot about how it was a horrible environment that fucked with him. and in one interview he said that he lost his virginity when he was 4. he struggled a lot with drugs and depression over it which lead to his overdose.

it's pretty annoying how transparent nicole's interest with him is. if he wasn't sexually abused and died young she wouldn't give a shit about him or his life which is fucking annoying and gross. i'm surprised she wasn't into kurt cobain, but i guess that's too mainstream.

does she still pretend to give a shit about daniel johnston?

No. 201419

if she's been 'so famous' how come no one has fixed her eyebrows????

No. 201434

because she's r3al and a t0mboi and a xXfëm¡nistXx

No. 201938

i mean he's hot too, there's also that. nicole drools over hot boys, we know this. was cement written about river?

No. 201940

sorry for samefagging. i miss this nicole

No. 201952

what's wrong w her eyebrows tho? they look ok to me

No. 201962

they probably mean shes filling them in too dark. it looks bad which a lot of people cant seem to figure out for some reason.

No. 202111

Does Nicole have a job? Surely she can't be living off of merch profits and I don't think she's being paid to tour. Do her parents still pay for everything? She lives with them still even though she's in her mid twenties, right?

No. 202224

lmao what the fuck kind of job do you think she has?

plus she has a plethora of little girl followers who probably shower her in donations and gifts and I bet she got paid a least some sort of pretty penny for touring with Grimes?

I'm sure the bitch isn't starving. or I mean she probably is, but on her own accord.

No. 202227

unless she's selling letters and hair lockets to pay the rent it's impossible for her to be living off her fans. she's most likely still living with her parents since that's where her tryhard bedroom and "sleepy town" is. if she moved she'd probably move into a nice apartment in inner city toronto but that's not very dolly of her.

No. 202237

I don't understand how all these punk boiz she hangs out with can be ~in love with her~…how could she attract any male??? nothing is appealing of her physical appearance and the rest of her is pure cringe

No. 202242

Men will fuck anything.

No. 202411

She's posted in her twitter she's living with Matt right now but they favor buying new music equipment rather than food

No. 202691

how old is Matt?

No. 203225

No. 204085

File: 1480141728519.png (81.77 KB, 640x813, IMG_6584.PNG)

No. 204088

Nicole can u not?

No. 204089

File: 1480142602582.png (117.82 KB, 640x816, IMG_6579.PNG)

No. 204090

I feel like reblogging personal photos of random children is disturbing on it's own, but reblogging people with deformities just for pure aesthetic reasons is on a whole new level.

No. 204091

She's trying so hard to look boney and frail in that one you can see how hard she's holding that pose pushing out those collarbones lol

No. 204092

File: 1480142806681.png (94.26 KB, 640x851, IMG_6583.PNG)

No. 204093

Her posture looks super uncomfortable and her mouth is all tensed up and gross looking.

No. 204094

File: 1480142955023.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, IMG_6589.PNG)

A current pic. Couldn't stop myself from laughing

No. 204099

She's always got some dry cheap ass wig on

No. 204128

I feel like she looks like a mix of emily osment and lainey?

No. 204153

Is that a question?

No. 204313

Agreed. Sad and embarrassing.

No. 204517

>>204094 She's too high-maintenance to be a guy's girl or what the fuck ever. Super transparent.

No. 204606

i almost wanna empathize with her now because she looks as bad in unflattering candids as i do

except i don't constantly hide behind a pouty dolly fragile desu facade so idk

No. 204643

i'm..not really understand the problem with this photo? nobody is going to look like their selfies in candids where they're clearly in the middle of something..? at least she posts them and doesn't pretend like she looks like a doll all the time lol

No. 204755

Why does she buy these party city halloween wigs, especially to perform on stage with?

No. 204879

it's irritating that her music blatantly romanticizes columbine, and when her fans run with this theme, she denies that her music is at all related to the shooting.

No. 204959

idk about cheeky op but im laughing at her boyfriend's stupid face.

has anyone else noticed how she's always posting about the two other boys she tours with and how much she loves them but rarely says anything about her boyfriend? she even wrote a song or two about danny. i bet she crushes on them hard. oh and does anyone know what the scoop was on kevin? why she broke up with him…?

No. 204987

Did anyone follow Nicole's old password protected blog a while ago? Anyone remember what was on it?

No. 205417

To be fair, I think this was her ED phase so it'd be clear to see why she'd strain to make herself look thinner

No. 205609

Dan is her ex

No. 206377

File: 1480468005596.jpg (52.53 KB, 500x375, IMG_5517.JPG)

i'm just going to leave this here.. also, someone who followed her way back in the day needs to revive this thread because nicole is incredibly milky.

No. 206379

She couldn't be any more homely.

No. 206381

am i the only one thinking bulimia cheeks

No. 206394

well if she's has an ed and she's gaining….

No. 206433

what's bulimia cheeks?

No. 206435


this picture is literally like 4 years old. nothing about her is relevant anymore.

No. 206436

is there previous milk we aren't aware of? care to spill?

No. 206459

So much about her is relevant. She used and still uses sickness to gain massive amounts of young followers and she's now constantly "touring" and is signed to Grimes' record label

No. 206531

File: 1480483987858.jpg (48.78 KB, 564x553, 032f7c8a235b66b55aba495c9e886b…)

look at her hideous fucking boyfriend

No. 206593

i was mutuals with nicole back in 2012, honestly i wish i paid more attention to her but all i did was send her a few nice messages (to which she replied genuinely) & buy her first bandcamp album. her blog was definitely a lot more disgusting then, plenty of gore and vomit, and she could be rude to anons sometimes…but no real milk imo

No. 206726

As someone who knows Nicole decently well I wouldn't be surpised if this was her posting and lurking her own thread. It sounds exactly like how she talks, especially how she used to answer her anons she didn't like.

No. 206738

ok nicole or whatever dollanganger doppleganger you are.

No. 206743

when bulimics purge, it fucks with the glands in the side of their face and they swell up, giving them that chubby chipmunk-cheeked look.

No. 206763

Idk, it's kind of nice that she's at least genuine enough to see past her bf's appearance for who he is when she could obviously do a lot better in the looks department, unless he's loaded or one of those cult figure types. Warms my heart to see attractive people with hideous partners tbqhwy

No. 206811

nicole is attractive?

No. 206852

everyone is ripping the shit out of nicole for her looks and ED but look at fucking venus she's as bad tbh

No. 206857


nicole also been recovered since 2013 or 2014

No. 206865

I don't really follow her but I'd say that she's of above average attractiveness, though I haven't seen her without shoop, so who knows. Definitely better-looking than the beast she's dating, which isn't saying much.

Being a cow doesn't inherently make someone ugly. Esp compared to the guy Doppelganger is dating.

No. 206881

venus isn't a munter, just a weeaboo

No. 207030

Nicole definitely lurks here

No. 207031

No she's ugly as fuck but that's part of her aesthetic anyways.

No. 207049

I think she prob asked just because she was on tour with teen sui reticently. They constantly(& kinda desperately lmao)ask for drugs on twitter, especially addy.
I don't know a lot about her but her aesthetic seems free of the drug narrative a lot of the other ~bby girls~ push.

No. 207069

Nah. She's posted about drugs plenty, mostly about regularly giving herself alcohol poisoning but she takes plenty of adderall

No. 207077

omg lol
ur right i'm nicole, i've be caught

No. 207082

She's been posting the ugliest pictures of herself lately, I think she's just stopped caring how she looks in photos.

No. 207105

she could easily just get a prescription for it if she wants adderall so bad. asking publicly makes her look like a fuckhead teenager which is exactly the kind of people who abuse adderall are. if she wants to look cool, she should at least pick up something stronger. im sure her fans will give her all the free drugs in the world

No. 207106


No doctor will prescribe Adderall to people who have a history with eating disorders.

No. 207141

While this is very true, I'm on something similar to Adderall and I had to go through a bit of testing so the doctors could make sure I didn't have an eating disorder. In reality I'm anorexic so I just lied about everything and convinced them I wouldn't use it to aid in weight loss. Honestly, doctors will give you just about anything if you're a good liar.
(Sage for blog post)

No. 207159

Honestly, that's pretty shitty. shame on you anon. Or maybe I'm just extra triggered about people lying or exaggerating to get meds..

No. 207162

sage for of topic, but could I ask you a little about what you're on? Like, in temporary email or something

No. 207163

My boyfriend used to be friends with her and ever since reading this thread I feel very uncomfortable about it.

No. 207171

She's fucked up with her male friends and tries to make them idolize her. I feel bad for your boyfriend.

No. 207178

File: 1480624833157.png (321.21 KB, 600x800, nd_teardrops_tee.png)

So she's opened a shop with merch and I find this crap soooo narcistic.
This is subjective, but I don't feel like she's big enough to be selling people t-shirts with her face on it…
Also, lol at the nurse t-shirt - obvious Trevor Brown rip-off.

No. 207189

It's not shitty at all of me because 1. I actually genuinely needed it for my severe ADHD and 2. I didn't even know it had anything to do with suppressing appetite until my doctor told me it did on the same day he prescribed it to me. Anorexia aside, they honestly probably would have given me the medication regardless since my ADHD was effecting just about everything in my life to the point of not being able to function properly. I don't abuse it at all and my dosage is strictly monitored. The appetite suppressant effect for me is more of a positive side effect if anything. I wouldn't have even been on it if it weren't for my parents and all of my teachers at the time saying I needed to be on something for the ADHD but my life is a lot better that I am.

No need to email me or anything, I take Vyvanse - it's a bit like Adderall but with less side effects and harder to abuse it because it has a timed release.

(Sage for blog post)

No. 207191

How do you guys not know about uppers? Please back to the discussion those shirts are hideous

No. 207201

I feel that the art itself is cool, it's wasted on Nicole.
I'm laughing so hard at her official website.
>dat disgusting gif
>dat edgelord font that looks like it got ripped from Death Note

No. 207203

File: 1480629291774.png (892.95 KB, 1023x438, aaa.png)

Forgot to upload pic, oops

No. 207206

>Also, lol at the nurse t-shirt - obvious Trevor Brown rip-off.
That's actually an old Saccstry art piece, anon. I'm critical of this shit myself, but calm down.

No. 207218

File: 1480632329914.jpg (71.14 KB, 500x500, brown_asobimasho2001.jpg)

Wasn't Brown drawing this kind of stuff since 90's? Doubt that Saccstry's art was older.
Maybe I should have called it influenced by Brown, but I'm sóo annoyed by Nicole's edgelord crap.

No. 207233

Oh, no. Saccstry is very new. But I doubt the cute/creepy nurse thing is his original idea. Medical cute shit has been an aesthetic staple for a long-ass time, mostly in Japan.

No. 207760

who is harry? is he her old internet friend or boyfriend or something? i know she wrote that song about him. and someone asked her on tumblr a while ago, "do you still care about harry?" or something to that effect and she said "always". i'm just curious.

No. 207761

also ik where you guys are coming from but dan is her cousin. just so y'all know.

No. 207763

Harry is an internet friend, his tumblr is rotten.tumblr.com

No. 207765

*rotting.tumblr.com oops

No. 207766

oh jesus that's a hideous design LMAO like just from the art alone the composition is beyond terrible that shit isn't even aligned to the center.

No. 207771

does anyone know, like, the story with harry and nicole?

No. 207780

he was an edgy gay doll collector with a disability that bound him to a wheelchair so naturally nicole thought it was very #aesthetic and attached herself to him long enough to dedicate him a song and then drop him once he abandoned the cyber guro nosebleed thing and changed to animal crossing, 80s pastel dolls, granny attire and them/they pronouns. obviously she hasn't been in contact with him for years.

No. 207782


oh yeah i remember that cripple

yeah back in 2011 i remember they were besties and she wrote a song for him "harry" about how sad and hard it was for him being in a chair with a wee bag attached to him

No. 207786


aw hush harry is sweet and never hurt anyone

No. 207789

dont wanna sound mean

but how does nicole clean her room with all her junk? its so cluttered

No. 207814

i doubt anyone collecting an enormous amount of shit like her family does has the time or will to take down all the dolls then put them back up. she probably doesn't mind the dust anyway.

No. 207831

That song came off so ugly and insensitive to me back then, i'm surprised he was okay with his disability written about in such an aesthetic way and trivialized like that. But yeah she pretty much used him for his followers and tumblr fame like she did with a lot of other famous tumblr people in that circle, then dropped him as soon as she got that attention. If you ask some other "friends" about her (like lunareum) they get really mad because she used so many people in that circle for attention before she got known.

No. 207835

I was the one who asked her about Harry. funny to me how they actually haven't been in contact in years, since, you know, she forgets about anyone who doesn't have their head up her ass 24/7 and she still pretends to care. I followed her when she was babylarvae and never expected her to turn out to be such a cunt, she somehow seemed sweet back then. everyone who I still talk to who used to be friends with her back then either grew up and deleted or hates discussing her because how shitty she ended up being to all of those people. some still consider her a friend and wait for her to miraculously come back when we all know she doesn't give a shit about anyone but herself, her 13 year old screeching fangirls and her gang of neckbeards.

No. 207857

There were quite a few guys she used in that way. She'd keep them all at once on a leash, randomly proclaim her love for them, and then ignore them again until she felt like their attention was dwindling then she'd shoot the "I'm in love with you" facade at them again. It was sad and hilarious to see from an outsider's perspective, the poor pathetic guys she had drooling over her only to realize she was using them. I'm sure she told every single one of them there was a song dedicated to them.

No. 207862

i knew she was into the white trash aesthetic but didn't realize she was into actual cousin fucking

No. 207863

I can't wait for this bitch's peak to end. The Nicole era on Tumblr is so gross and her fans are either awful cows themselves or naive children. Any predictions as to when this "star" will burn out?

No. 207864

Nicole will fuck anything that gives her enough attention

No. 207874

File: 1480748428931.jpg (81.39 KB, 480x270, giphy-facebook_s.jpg)

literal vomit came into my mouth
did she go this far to emulate the saga where her names come from? One of the main themes in Flowers in the attic is an incestuous relationship between brother and sister, and features a secondary incestuous relationship between cousins. I guess she has no brother so had to go for the later kek

No. 207893

I am absolutely certain she and dan have hooked up. It fits her white trash image that she so desperately adores

No. 207901

Yep, he went through an edgelord phase and be was a really big fan of her which explains why she talked to him in first place, he had a bunch of Nicole signed stuff but after we got together he stopped being her friend in case I felt uncomfortable about it.

No. 207964

She does this with the in person male gang too. I think she thrives on male attention to fool herself into thinking she's some hot girl that all the boys love. She's really manipulative in getting and keeping this male attention too. (See Harry and other examples in this thread)

No. 207969

Coming from someone who somewhat knows Nicole in person, she lies or exaggerates a lot of things and has since she was first on Tumblr. I highly doubt there was a real boyfriend in prison, and she very much exaggerates the atmosphere of her "small town" which is not creepy at all. It's literally a suburb full of normal looking houses and chain stores like Tim horton's. There's nothing weird about it. Any time she has some fantastic story, it's exaggerated to make people think she's more interesting than she really is. I've noticed her writing things on her blog that I know just aren't true or is a total exaggeration. I'd take them with a huge grain of salt.

No. 207971

lol, what town does she live in? she tries to give the impression of growing up in some creepy rural place, fucking lol if she lived in newmarket or something

No. 207975

post the lyrics

No. 207976


No. 207982

lol wow she should drop the spooky trailer park bby shit and write some songs about walmarts and subdivisions

No. 208141

these are the lyrics

tried to bend your kneecaps and they shattered, tried to move your legs but they bolted your joints together, and the more you tried, the more you knew, this had been the way they’d built you, in the body of a ball jointed doll, you’re so fragile you can’t move at all

but i just want to touch you and i promise i won’t break you, if you would be my doll just for a day, then i would put you back into, back into your case

pieced your limbs together with chalk-ware skin, painted the cupid’s bow above your lips, you’re so beautiful but so delicate, the porcelain cracks up your back and neck, in the body of a ball jointed doll, you’re so fragile you can’t move at all

but i just want to touch you and i promise i won’t break you, if you would be my doll just for a day, then i would put you back into, back into your case


No. 208143


honestly when i first heard it/read the lyrics before i knew the story i thought it was…………. all metaphor…….. and i was interested in the story, and thought it might actually be meaningful and interesting and have some cool imagery and metaphor stuff goin' on but hearing that she literally wrote it so???? LITERALLY??? it seems really crude and ???? yikes. yikes.

No. 208154


She does that because she's obsessed with the halloween tree movie and they live in a weepy hollow neighbourhood with weird shit going on down in the midwest.

No. 208155

No. 208156


Am I the only one who finds the lyrics to this so cringeworthy? The comments are people defending Nicole for jacking off some dude in the toilet and stuffing her bra with tissue….

No. 208384

File: 1480875128249.png (87.63 KB, 568x334, nicole.png)

cringe at her making memes out of her own lyrics on twitter

No. 208389

tbh i think it's nice when people don't always take themselves so seriously eck

No. 208393

but its so contrived. if you look at the rest of her twitter she's always doing the most to seem clever and relatable but still cooler than you

No. 208394

File: 1480876750894.jpg (59.91 KB, 564x375, 5ee3456fdd5ba1e1b3c1c595167dcc…)

her arm is so fat. no wonder bitch was anorexic. her calves are abnormally fat too

No. 208395

how? tbh her twitter makes me warm up to her a bit.

No. 208396

read the thread dumbass. if you know nicole at all you'll know that she's a fake ass narcissist bitch who always tries to make herself seem more interesting than she actually is. her twitter is edgy stupid shit and hipster references to kids shows she thinks no one will know

No. 208411

stop trying to bait lol

No. 208419

Those lyrics have a really gross sexual predatory feel to them, and that fake dolly voice she sings it in makes them even more disgusting, ugh.

No. 208432

calm down man, it's just a girl on the internet

No. 208443

so many nicole fans here rn

No. 208445

She covered this really gross sexual song once on her old blog (I think it was called My Wet Dreams) and her voice sounded even higher and more child like. There was a lyric like "I'll suck your cock like a whore" and she sounded about 5 years old. Gross.

No. 208506

her lyrics are so bland and uninspired, she has to throw in phrases like 'i masturbated to you' or 'your cum is like warm milk' to give them that 'deadbbygurl' edge but that coupled with her high pitch voice just makes her music so uncomfortable and embarassing to listen to.

do people enjoy her music or is it criteria to be part of the 'clique' so they have to at least pretend to like it?

No. 208779

tbqh i never understood what "you taste like raisins in the pudding sweet soft bugs i'm chewing" means

No. 208815

bitch can't sing for shit
sounds like she's running out air every 2 words

No. 208820

raisins look like little bugs & are sweet i guess lmao
also one of her urls was bugsinricepudding

No. 208837

What a shit url tbh I wonder how long it took her to think of that one. She's such a try hard.

Never listened to her music until recently, and oh my god the lyrics are so awful. All of her songs sound the same, too. I'm starting to think a lot of her fanbase just pretends to like her either to fit into this whole aesthetic, or bc she's just an obscure artist and everyone on tumblr thrives on being so different from everyone else. But jokes on them because you really can't differentiate between who's who. They all reblog the same stuff, dolls, cemeteries, abandoned houses, ect. and bitch and whine just the same. And it might just be me, but I've noticed that all of these girls claim they have borderline personality disorder? I'm not even exaggerating, mostly every single one of them says they have bpd.

No. 208840

and then some obsessed fangirl took the bugsinricepussing url in order to rebaggle every Nicole post ever

No. 208850

No. 208897

Lmao so fucking true. It's really easy to do what she does, there's no talent there. Anybody can sing in forced super high babydoll whisper. She has no vocal talent or lyrical talent

No. 208899

how does she perform these songs in front of thousands of people?? that's so embarrassing

No. 208922

omfg I was just thinking of this while I was trying to imitate her one time after hearing against my will one popular song of hers. I, or every female in the world actually, can just force a high pitched voice and it will sound EXACTLY like her. No vocal chords genetics, no training, nothing is needed.
Reminds me of that time someone made a parody song of Ginger Bronson's music because she's also naturally untalented and has predictable cliché lyrics. Someone who can pull out a few guitar chords should do the same with Nicole Dollanganger!

No. 208988


>one popular song of hers

wait…she has one!?

No. 209001

One of her songs made it onto Walking Dead. I couldn't believe it. Nicole acted shocked but don't they need her permission? Part of me feels like Grimes must have paid the show's producer or something to play Nicole's song to advertise and get her new record label more publicity. I can't image any other reason they'd play her shitty music on their show

No. 209012

Grimes tried so hard with her in the beginning. Does she even try now? It didn't work because she's still obscure as hell and plays in basement style venues that hold 100 people max.

No. 209015

File: 1480961103114.jpg (83.14 KB, 540x360, IMG_4466.JPG)

When grimes paid for this billboard I thought it was a joke. But it looks like she hasn't done a real promotion for Nicole since walking dead.

No. 209020

yeap, I was referring to Chapel in >>208922
but w/e they all sound the same

No. 209027

why did grimes try so hard? i know promote your opener and your own tour and shit, but this is gratuitous ass-patting.

No. 209031

File: 1480962865029.jpg (77.74 KB, 640x640, 1459372147889.jpg)

No. 209038

thirst, probably

No. 209040

tbh it sounds really sarcastic to me lmao

No. 209045

I think she thought Nicole was going to be some blow up act and she found some kind of next big thing… and then

No. 209046

tbh grimes is pretty much as untalented as niciole and she made it big, so…

No. 209071

No. 209081

They're both untalented but Grimes is infinitely more talented than Nicole

No. 209164

It does sound sarcastic especially because 95% of the world's population would disagree. She's a horrible songwriter and an even worse singer.

No. 209295

No. 209318

she is so ugly oh my god

No. 209327

File: 1481002153750.jpg (103.09 KB, 400x300, nicoles entire life.jpg)

lookin' busted. lookin' like a 50 yr old grandma wanting to get back into the dating game. so she put on her laciest camisole and rolled out the compact jvc camcorder to film herself a little audition tape.

No. 209388

Grimes is talented though. I really want her to see this thread so she can drop this freak

No. 209405

This was when Harry was his most popular among that tumblr circle so no doubt this was made to brag that they were ~close~. If it was a message for Harry why not send it privately instead of posting it for all her followers to see?

No. 209540

who else did she use other than harry?

No. 209627


How is she ugly? I can understand disliking her personality but if you think she's hideous I'm really curious to know who you think is attractive/what your standards are.

No. 209860

She's absolutely hideous. You must have low standards. She's haggard

No. 210015

File: 1481124576593.jpg (11.3 KB, 589x122, shut the fuck up you boring bi…)

She must type this shit out thinking "time for my hourly edgelord update!! gotta impress my 13 year old fans"

No. 210028

That's a quote from Stephen King

No. 210033

Not the anon you were replying to, but come on. She's not ugly at all. Why nitpick on her looks when many other aspects of her persona are already and actually bad?

No. 210036

lmao it's a rip off of a stephen king quote–even better

No. 210053


Okay, show me a picture of someone you find average looking then. If you're not just judging Nicole's looks based on how much you hate her, you must REALLY not go out much.

No. 210056

lol just go to any random girl's facebook page or tumblr and as long as they're not obese they're probably better looking than her. nicole looks 20 years older than she is, it's really unfortunate.

No. 210074


Now I call total bullshit. Nicole looks like a freaking teenager. I realize tumblr is full of average girls btw, I asked you to show me one YOU think is average. And who do you think is actually attractive?

No. 210075

Shut the fuck up lmao nobody cares if yo think she's not ugly

No. 210076

File: 1481132127343.png (3.05 MB, 1883x944, averagetumblrgirl.png)

idk why this made me lol so much

No. 210079


Except you of course. It must suck being unable to come to terms with the fact that looks have nothing to do with personality.

No. 210080

see aside from the 3rd one in the second row, which i'm pretty sure is a dude, all of those are on par with/better looking than nicole

No. 210477

wtf i just found out i've met some of her friends before

she seems absolutely insufferable. those guys only hang around with her because they think she's ~*kawaii u3u*~ and want to bang her. how did she even meet them? her ugly music keeps running in the punk/hardcore circles. get outtt

No. 210517

I think she wants people to think it can fit in with hardcore music and hardcore people because it fits the image she wants (look at me and all these "punk boys" that love me punks love me!) but really all her fans are either 13 or the girls in the nicole fan thread on here.

No. 210526

yeah ik, it's just annoying cuz she's been performing with hardcore bands here in TO… ……… this type of ~*Angelic Baby Whispery Dreams uwu*~ shit better not spread. we already have good hc-derivative bands (nothing, alex g, angel du$t), stop trying to push your aesthetic nicole. it's so try-hard

No. 210537

She's always been a fan of punk music (just look at her obsession with Danzig) and she's been friends with Kevin since they were kids so it's not hard to think of how she got those friends.

No. 210543

Was she even a fan of the music or would she just post gross stuff about how she wishes Danzig was her daddy? All i've ever seen her reblog is Mother.

No. 210550

who's kevin? i have no idea who that is. i'm referring to the people (mostly guys) she's been surrounding herself with for the past few months. they're all in the local hc scene

No. 210965

does anyone remember that "open love letter for danzig" she posted and then promptly deleted? a shit ton of girls came forward requesting her to put it back up bc it apparently helped them fall asleep. how can anyone rest while listening to her warbly screeching vocals in combination with stolen misfits lyrics thoughtlessly jumbled together? hoping someone still has it since she tried to send it to everyone by email before realizing how cringy this song truly was.

No. 211047

Someone find it omg. Didn't she have a Dahmer song she deleted too?

No. 211049

No. 211051

File: 1481286539598.jpg (26.9 KB, 605x490, jungshook.jpg)

"Come bend me over, your cum is my life source"

No. 211061

File: 1481288219550.jpg (76.94 KB, 639x616, IMG_6106.JPG)

No. 211077

File: 1481293553775.gif (220.3 KB, 280x199, 0e7.gif)

Fuck, those lyrics are awful as shit. Half of it doesn't even rhyme. I bet the song sounded terrible even to her ears which is why it's deleted.

Don't forget that classic line from "Mother". >>210543 was right lmfao

No. 211081

I have the Dahmer song saved (don't ask why), don't know if it's worth the effort to upload and link here, though. I remember it being on youtube for a while, curious if she claimed copyright because it doesn't fit the "I don't condone crime!!! My songs are NOT about Columbine!" bullshit she started spouting as soon as she gained a decent following.

No. 211090


that's a popular filter, not photoshop, kinda like using snapchat's dog ears in a selfie

No. 211166

anyone notice she deleted like all of her twitter posts/pictures?

No. 211261

>Nicole Dollananger Wiki

who the fuck made this

No. 211275

Wow I didn't know Nicole lusts after midgets. There's vomit in my mouth rn btw.

No. 211293

I'm pretty sure it's archived somewhere, but she posted a screenshot of her conversation with one of the guys she actively talked to at the time where she talked about wearing a short dress to a danzig show (which she ended up going to) so that it would be easier for him to bend her over and fuck her with his 5 inch cock. What a story.

No. 211303

She's a fucking dweeb. Danzig is a crusty old man and has seen a shit load of pussy in his life time as if he would come near her with her short dress and her homely face (I'm guessing this is where him bending her over comes into play though?). If he knew of that song he'd probably run in the other direction. That shit is weird and disturbing on a whole other level. And I'm placing bets that his cock is a whopping 3.5 inches (4 at the very most) there's no way something as big as 5 inches would fit on his tiny 5'3 frame.

No. 211306

She tried to send Danzig the song or get someone to somehow get it to his attention. I can't even imagine what he would actually think of it because it comes across as deranged.

No. 211308

What the fuck. And here I was thinking uploading the song on tumblr was cringy enough. Like I legitimately feel embarrassed for her. This is so bad lmao…

No. 211320

Yeah I noticed. Probably because she lurks on here and didn't want us digging anything up. I bet she did the same with her tumblr

No. 211335

yeah i noticed all of her tumblr from before 2015 is gone, but she did manage to keep all her ana pictures of herself available, hm! wonder why? >>211320

No. 211414


hey now, don't sleep on the short guys… he may be packing.

this makes me want to kill myself

No. 211447

No. 211460

Nicole needs a new PULL thread. Who can make that happen?

No. 211499

She's got issues (I don't even want to say this though bc it might be taken as a compliment). This wouldn't even be that bad lyrical wise if it was metaphorical and she didn't slap Dahmer's name onto it. Seems like a lot of her songs are like that btw. You have to take them at face value bc they end up having no depth. Like the song about harry, song was literally about a dude in a wheelchair.

No. 211501

did you guys know dollanganger was on the youreatopia forums?
i hated her on there but didn't realise she was a famous tumblrette. glad to know i'm not alone these years later.
saging for blog post and ancient info

No. 211532

seriously why the fuck is it a thing to want to fuck serial killers? it seems like half of the dollanganger wannabes / ass-kissers are obsessed with serial killers too (of course). that's fucking gross, it's ok to have an interest but jesus christ it's not cute to have a blog dedicated to how much u want eric & dylan in your pants or someshit

No. 211537

Have to give her somewhat props because she coulda easily gone down the basic bitch road and made a song about Richard Ramirez lol. Still disgusting nevertheless.

No. 211538

File: 1481386393809.jpg (66.64 KB, 640x590, nicole's depraved ass.jpg)

No. 211544

File: 1481387430069.jpg (71.23 KB, 600x450, 1N0UjV3.jpg)

No. 211547

Im surprised she doesnt have a page on encyclopediadramatica yet

No. 211549

Why is she so sure Danzig would be into this… this phase where she would talk like this and tag every picture of him as "daddy" was so gross and unnecessary. Her 13 year old fans would pick it up too and call him nicole's daddy too.

No. 211561

File: 1481390997246.jpg (55.83 KB, 658x433, bbda174b.jpg)

okay I don't know shit about heavy and I only listen to trash pop music and Jbieb, but is this the guy in question that Nicole wants to fuck? I mean… he's probably a "legend" and all that… but what is WRONG with this girl and her calves unironically being into guys that are x3 their age

No. 211565

He was hot in the 80's - 90's, even for a midget. But now? No thanks. I'll never understand this daddy culture, it's abhorrent.

No. 211573

I can't be the only person who still thinks he's hot, or am I? I would absolutely fuck him if the chance ever came up

No. 211575

File: 1481393548619.jpg (54.15 KB, 471x597, IMG_4914.JPG)


He was quite sexy back in the day

No. 211596

https://web.archive.org/web/20131026220707/http://bugcake.tumblr.com/ << nicole linked to this in her about as her "happy blog" back in 2012. pics of fatasses and tina cowbabyteardrops while she was in the midst of her eating disorder. so she hated fat on herself but it made her happy on other people?

No. 211600

delete yourself RIGHT NOW

No. 211602

>those lyrics
leave my husbando alone reeeeeeeee

No. 211603

that's disturbing

No. 211651

settle down tumblr. sorry we dont all love zayn malik and the biebs

No. 211653

That tag was truly… horrendous. Most of those girls were obese. And Tina's room looking like a fucking pigsty as usual.

No. 211667

Of course she did–they made her look skinnier for one lmao.

No. 211739

Not to sound like a dick, but you don't have to be into metal or punk to know who Danzig is. Every detail about your post is very telling that you're underage. (no surprise on snow) Try to hide it better next time.

No. 211744

Lmao isn't that reverse thinspo? I've seen pro ana people post pictures of fatties as inspiration to keep starving

No. 211745

File: 1481414544644.png (156.59 KB, 625x786, IMG_6809.PNG)

Nicole talking about how special she is for being so in love with a dead guy

No. 211758

Who is she talking about?

No. 211760

my money is on eric harris

No. 211763

River Phoenix

No. 211764

That whole post just shows how childish and attention seeking she is. I think most of it is exaggerated though. It'd make her a fucking psychopath if it were true. "losing sleep and crying outbursts" doubt it. I feel like a lot of personal details she has shared on tumblr are just a big lie. Anyway I'd smash Joaquin over River.

No. 211779

I think it is river Phoenix. Although I think she likes him because he's hot and edgy because of how he died. She even has his casket photo hung up somewhere. I know huge river Phoenix fans and they can't stomach that photo so I don't know why she hung it up on her wall in her "shrine"

No. 211845

All of Nicole's previous Tumblr urls: pinkcum, babylarvae, bugsinricepudding, and there was a Columbine fan blog she ran as well. Not remembering the URL but it's somewhere on this thread

No. 211847

>but who has also been deceased since you were 2
she was born in 1991 and river phoenix died in 1993 so yeah it's him.

No. 211866

pinkcum. lmao.

No. 211867

yeah it's river pheonix for sure. in that video someone posted of her answering questions, someone asked her about her favorite things in her room, and she showed off that clipping she bought on ebay of his death announcement/him in his casket and talked abt how it was original and her most cherished possession ever etc etc.

No. 212076

No. 212090

No. 212099

she seems so annoying. she's too damn old to be acting like she does

No. 212124

File: 1481488006516.jpg (234.06 KB, 640x853, IMG_6148.JPG)

here's the shrine she was talking about, the infamous clipping and all

No. 212170

what kind of shit did she say/do? details please i'm intrigued

No. 212185


what a mediocre guy to obsess over

No. 212186

File: 1481496178729.png (Spoiler Image, 620.74 KB, 900x932, nicole1.png)

straight up I have been lurking this thread and I have never posted before so bear with me but I went on the wayback machine and found some stuff. here's some very graphic drawn nude gore and what looks like art of 2 kids having sex? (blocked out the penis)

No. 212189

this next one really bothers me! This girl, to me, looks to be 11-14 (maybe 15 or 16) and her skirt is just completely up. I blocked out private parts as I don't know the girls age but she had 0 pubic hair, which I know she could have shaved, but the frame is so young looking. And I know that in other countries the age of consent is 13-14 so maybe the picture was legal were it was taken but still Nicole reblogged it

Tldr; does she look really young to you guys or I am being crazy?

No. 212192

Before her archives were wiped Nicole had a lot of young girl/daddy stuff and a lot of childish hentai on her old pinkcum blog.

No. 212195

Who fucking cares? You sound like a sheltered suburban housewife clutching at her pearls.

No. 212200


cos its fucking child porn you twat

No. 212206

Her biggest fans that obsess over her every move and emulate her and her "aesthetic" are like 12-13 year olds

No. 212228

that really looks like child porn. it's not just the frame that looks childish but the size of the head. no, it's not just you. this shit is deplorable.

No. 212237


I hated the tumblr Japanese school girl pic 2011-2015 era because it was just pubescent girls who got tons of reblogs simply for being japanese school girls

No. 212238

Whether it's CP or not, it looks like it's intended to at least look like it. That looks like a magazine for kids.

No. 212267


Honestly it probably is CP… That's really disturbing. I'm saying that because barely any Japanese girls shave their pubic hair completel. It's just not a popular thing in Japan.

No. 212307

what trump stuff :00000

No. 212337

i used to follow her in like 2012 back when she initially "fell ill". will never forget the hentai comic nicole posted(as in original post) of a pregnant naked child giving birth on the floor and then holding the infant.

No. 212352

Her fans are too young to be that critical and she's not famous enough for this to have caused a backlash. I think she senses it could with this thread and deleted everything.

No. 212455

Someone needs to make this thread super accessible to Nicole's fans so that she doesn't gain any more popularity

No. 212462

does anyone still have that picture of the columbine wall in her room? she posted it a long time ago (i think on her instagram) with some of the names and faces blacked out in paint and a caption about how her mom made her a jewelry box with ryden's artwork or smth like that.

i'm honestly surprised (considering how much her 13 year old fans like to stalk her and collect any and all information pertaining to her online existence) that this thread isn't flooded with white knights defending the poor sick angel bby nicole. btw, someone asked her about her babylarvae blog and she told them that she posted so much fucked up stuff purely because she had an eating disorder. don't know how an ED equates to being attracted to child porn and gore.

No. 212466

She posted that stuff on pinkcum too, her blog from 2011 before she was apparently sick.

Also not sure if anyone remembers but she went out of her way to track down and buy a columbine yearbook. I wonder how much she paid for that.

No. 212469

She posted a bunch of cheap plastic rilakkuma toys and forever21 jewelry, which were the christmas gifts she got that year and mentioned that she wouldn't post about one of the "bigger" gifts because of recent events. The post was made in 2013, right after the Sandy Hook shooting happened, so I'm almost certain her parents got that yearbook for her. She's BFF's with True Crime Hot House on tumblr too, so she could've helped Nicole get in contact with someone who owns one.

No. 212564

This is not as cringey or shocking, but she was also on Lanaboards. She had the Natural Born Killers chick as an avatar (of course).

No. 212569


her old writers cafe account.. just read the "about me"

No. 212571

lol the username
she wishes she was 1/20th as talented as joanna newsom

No. 212583

>"You think child porn is disgusting? Lol suburban housewife, I bet you only do it on missionary"

No. 212585


are pictures of little girls exposing themselves also "child porn"? do you consider drawings of murder scenes to be snuff material?

yes, posting pics like this reeks of attention-hungry edgelordism, but I'm pretty sure no one was being abused here. I highly doubt someone managed to snap a photo of a prepubescent girl who just "happened" to be flashing in her schoolgirl uniform while her friend was sticking out her ass.

No. 212587


imo it's insulting to victims of recorded child abuse to suggest that their experience is on par with girls partaking in some obvious loli porn. and children wear underwear, for fuck's sake.

No. 212588

>are pictures of little girls exposing themselves also "child porn"?
yes they are you fucking moron
go to jail

No. 212596


>are pictures of little girls exposing themselves also "child porn"?

what the fuck are you talking about???
of course it is!

No. 212600


uhh so a little girl naked at the beach is child porn then? you must have a very sick mind..

No. 212602


yeah, I must be very disturbed to be capable of viewing a naked child without thinking of sex…

No. 212605

No. 212608

here's a guide for you
picture of naked kid at the beach in a family photo album= not child porn
picture of naked kid at the beach posted by some creep on tumblr with no relation to the kid = child porn

No. 212609

Please stop the derailing and baiting.

No. 212610

File: 1481560430646.png (140.14 KB, 640x1027, IMG_6829.PNG)

No. 212623


no, that is not child porn, because it is not sexually explicit. If someone masturbates to Boticelli's Birth of Venus, it doesnt magically become porn either.

No. 212639


Intent and context anon.

No. 212642


you can't be arrested for possessing pictures of naked children playing at the beach whether theyre your own kids or youre just a creepy guy who found them on the internet. the same does not apply for child porn, regardless of what context you possess it in.

No. 212645

I'm not sure about that cuz I saw an episode of law & order where a guy gets arrested for running a database of just those types of images

No. 212649

Lol you're objectively wrong.

>Family photos of naked children, viewed objectively, generally do not have as their “dominant characteristic” the depiction of a sexual organ or anal region “for a sexual purpose”. Placing a photo in an album of sexual photos and adding a sexual caption could change its meaning such that its dominant characteristic or purpose becomes unmistakably sexual in the view of a reasonable objective observer: see R. v. Hurtubise, [1997] B.C.J. No. 40 (QL) (S.C.)

I guess you know more than the judges though!

No. 212656

File: 1481566304883.png (22.87 KB, 540x517, tumblr_oghs6hUoCO1r5n34uo1_540…)

>mfw this is the picture that derailed the entire thread
…Lol, anon, I guarantee those are paid, 18+ (probably older) porn actresses in a "public shoot".
When did this place get infested with people who think everything is pedophilia, CP or dd/lg?
Also, age of consent has nothing to do with the legality of pornography. Even in Japan, the thing about the age of consent being 13 is only true in one specific prefecture. The ignorance is real, jfc.

No. 212678

shut up weeaboo

No. 212680

There have been cases of parents getting arrested for obtaining photos of their naked children so

No. 212683

File: 1481569599420.png (556.82 KB, 540x540, tumblr_ohvobkhNjj1w00eevo1_540…)

she has one of those confession blogs now and this was one of the first posts. looks like this thread is starting to catch on

No. 212685

90% of them are positive though so I don't know if the stuff in this thread actually is catching on. And these all sound like they're written by 13 year olds, especially the one that calls her a "better halsey"

No. 212693

upthread it was discussed that dan is nicole's cousin and/or her ex. nowhere else have i seen that discussed

No. 212731

File: 1481577583174.png (5.14 KB, 342x96, oh.png)

something interesting in the notes.

No. 212735

At least I didn't go full fucking retard over literally nothing. Take a pill.

No. 212801

>loli porn
I agree with you on that but the (real life) kid's underwear thing is creepy no matter how you spin it

No. 212860

Omg stop derailing

No. 212868

aw did i hit a nerve weeb?

No. 212878

Does Nicole have an adult fans? Fans in her peer group? I think they're all under 16

No. 212890

wtf is this supposed to mean

No. 212892

i'm 20 and liked her music a slight amount. but then after reading through this thread i'm no longer a fan of any kind. though there are quite a few people in my age range on tumblr who are fans

No. 212896

River's corpse was her tumblr icon for a while which I found especially gross when I was following her then. I really think she does think he's hot/for edge points because I can't imagine her really loving him and being empathetic for him then using his dead body to look edgy on tumblr. She's probably just crying over him because she can't creep him out with a stalker song and tell all her friends she's going to fuck him like Danzig.

No. 212903

did you even think about this before you posted it

No. 212925

Go cry more over fake CP

No. 212930

sorry you're mad that people find your stash of loli porn creepy

No. 212934

Stop bumping the thread, at least sage if you are going to derail the thread constantly.

No. 212958

>freak out over stupid shit
>get corrected
>"YOU must be a pedo! shut up weeb!"
imagine wanting to save face on an anonymous chan board this much lol

No. 212974

File: 1481610211621.jpg (76.23 KB, 500x669, IMG_6147.JPG)

No. 212978

you must have a really interesting worldview to think that simulated CP is just 'stupid shit', i guess that's what happens when you never interact with people outside of imageboards

No. 212990

she looks pretty cute but wtf is wrong with her tits

No. 212991

Her cleavage looks so bizarre here wtf

No. 213048

There are plenty of much worse things going on both on and offline than some skinny/short porn stars pandering to creeps. I guess you don't realize that if you've never set foot on the internet or outside of your home.

No. 213126

is that her cleavage or is it like part of the outfit
cleavage cant look like it it's too scary

No. 213127

shut up pedo

No. 213132

File: 1481645016679.jpg (62.83 KB, 640x360, autismspeaks3_1459167551722_11…)

>if you've never set foot on the internet

No. 213135

No. 213174

Just because you managed to navigate to Lolcow because someone mentioned your fav singer Nicole Dollanganger doesn't make you not a newfag and generally dumb/naive.
Screaming "pedo" makes you look even more retarded too.

No. 213213

File: 1481652659306.jpg (79.75 KB, 500x634, IMG_6146.JPG)

that's her cleavage lmao. i'm assuming she's trying to push her tits together to make it look like she has any.

No. 213339

that pushing her boobs together is so tragic/embarrassing

No. 213629

where did you find these photos anon?

No. 213635

I'm not the same person, but fanblogs like bugsinricepussing and nicoledollangangersbugs have a lot of her old selfies

No. 213736

Was this before/during/after her anorexia?

No. 213816

after. she had already shaved her head and got to wearing cheap wigs.

No. 213865

saved them when she posted them, i have some that are virtually impossible to find too. i was a friend once, not anymore obviously.

No. 213875

Spill some tea, anon!

No. 213888

there's not much to spill, to be honest. we talked for a while on tumblr, exchanged some care packages, I tried my best to support her. she was never shady to me, but, as previously mentioned, her blog was exceptionally disgusting - that's all. she stopped responding and I deleted my blog, realizing that I should probably move on with my adult life and work towards getting a PhD instead of checking up on her strange text posts and waiting for her to start talking to me again. didn't realize she got somewhat famous, now I'm just enjoying reading up on the questionable shit she's done and keeps doing to other people.

No. 213970

I know she's signed to eerie org or whatever, but do they actually do real releases? Like, could someone walk into a record shop and find a cassette of hers? I'm a bit confused with her "fame", if it's all limited to Tumblr, I'd hardly call that actual fame but so many people are convinced she's the next big thing.

No. 213982

Grimes herself said that Eerie isn't really a record label, so I doubt that anything substantial is ever going to come out of this collaboration. Her releases are only available online as of now and I think it's going to stay that way. As hard as Grimes might try to make her happen, she's not talented enough (even with Matt's shitty guitar skillZ to accompany her ear-piercing vocals and awful lyrics) to become an actual musician and appeal to the general public or just anyone outside of tumblr for that matter. What do you guys think?

No. 213995

i agree, i think she needs to improve musically and expand on her lyrical subject matter or else she will be indeed forever to fans on tumblr.

she's not totally hopeless since she's a bit in the spotlight right now, so she has a chance to continue an upwards trajectory. however i just feel like she doesn't have much of a work ethic or her music would have improved already.

No. 214022

the fact that she referred to her boobs as "buds" in a previous picture makes me want to boke, considering "budding breasts" is a term associated with young girls going through puberty, and the cp images she used to have up.

No. 214040

idk, i feel like she's on her way up. she's doing a lot more bigger shows

No. 214043

if grimes can make it then any old potato head can, lets be honest

No. 214577

Someone should find a way to make this thread more public or accessible so that she doesn't gain anymore undeserved popularity. People need to see this, especially her young fans

No. 214581

Nicole is such a Lana wannabe, it's sad. She doesn't have have any of the glamour or beauty or vocal versatility that Lana has

No. 214618

I'm just curious what happened to Kevin (her bff from childhood) she used to always post about him and post pics with him, he was who went on tour with her the very first time (and her bf, before they started dating). Then all of a sudden she got her bf and now is wrapped up in this new group of guys. I even checked Kevin's Instagram and it doesn't say she follows him. I don't follow her on tumblr so maybe she's posted about him there? Just seems kinda sketchy that she seems to have just dropped a childhood best friend out of nowhere.

No. 214627

File: 1481813836665.jpeg (86.69 KB, 720x960, image.jpeg)

A friend on Facebook posted a photo of her and Nicole, they found her at a Turnover concert. Aside from the dress I think she looks kinda cute here

No. 214634

Who cares if she looks cute sometimes, her personality is atrocious

No. 214641

Report Nicole's tumblr for gore and CP. It would be funny to watch her lose her tumblr followers, aka her main fan base

No. 214644

but hasn't she cleaned up her act?
I'm afraid it's no longer viable to report her for it…

No. 214655

going with what we know about nicole already, i'm guessing he was probably in love with her or at least cared about her deeply, and on her first tour she chose matt over him because she's obsessed with dick

No. 214666

oh I'm not defending her or anything, she's still a shitty person who's done shitty things. I just think she can look cute.

No. 214700

her neckbeard harem looked like they all hung out on 4chan and reddit crying about foreveralone memes so i wouldn't be surprised if they were the joseph gordonlevitt to her zoey deschanel in 500 days of summer. nicole is like the tryhard tumblr metal/nymphett version of her.

No. 214708

since she lurks this thread and will no doubt see this: hi nicole! how does it feel to still fail after relentless promo opportunities from grimes, get panned by pitchfork, and then get rejected by your core fanbase for adopting your stupid neckbeard band and letting matt run your entire creative direction? your 15 minutes are up girl

No. 214803

i can taste the salt from here…u ok anon?

No. 214905

Might be salty but it's true as fuck

No. 214915

>for adopting your stupid neckbeard band and letting matt run your entire creative direction

ugh this is probably why she sucka now. her appeal used to be that she was this weird shut-in who collected dolls and wore thrifted granny clothes. now she's just surrounded by neckbeards drinking beer and her sound has just gone to shit. she's so ordinary now.

No. 214929

She was only ever a shut in for one year, when she was anorexic and had dropped out of college. It was pure luck that she was surrounded by dolls, her mom is a doll collector and she was born into a quirky family. There was never anything special about her. Just a privileged white girl in her twenties still living with mom and dad

No. 214931

have you heard the new version of observatory mansions she did? she sucked the magic right out of it. less is more sometimes

No. 214953

She needs to realize that adding her boyfriend's drumming and bass to every song can actually make them shittier, not ~soft but powerful~ like she's going for. Fucks with the natural slow pace/dreaminess of the song, and doesn't work with her voice a lot of the time.

No. 214977

If the photos are still in her archive she can still be reported and deleted

No. 215080

Yeah, but I think that she has deleted them when she became tumblr popular. I might be wrong though.

No. 215098


Gimme a break, there are plenty of talented artists who never recieve the credit they deserve and hordes of utterly fucking atrocious musicians dominating the charts. I'm not saying Nicole is brilliant by any means (she has a couple of good songs but her act is mostly aesthetic driven), yet this whole "ha ha your 15 mins are over" thing is so shallow and petty and really says more about you than anyone else.

No. 215124

I looked, there's still plenty of fucked up posts in her archive

No. 215799

she's marketing to the hardcore crowd now and they're horny as fuck, she's gonna suck them all in.

No. 215873

Went to hate stalk Nicole on IG and noticed she's blocked me. Hi Nicole! Guess you've figured out who one of the posters on this thread is. :) I doubt you're surprised.

No. 215909

well, this is embarrassing.

btw, did anyone notice her praising M. Night's "The Visit" on twitter? obviously, whether it's fucking atrocious or average is subjective, but still. i'm glad she failed film school and didn't go on to further her career in cinematography. her whole mysterious "i'm writing books" thing that's supposed to make her underage fans wet is also annoying as all hell, i might even get her supposed "book" if it ever comes out, in case it ends up being bad enough to make me laugh and/or cringe.

No. 215933

Didn't quite catch that. Mind sharing that again?

No. 215934

I don't think it's particularly of taste to make fun of someone's actions from 4 years ago, especially when they had an ED. I don't think she's claiming to be a role model for anyone, even if she is kind of odd.

No. 216394

How great would it be if someone shot up one of her shows. Since she's so into mass shootings. I honestly wish death upon her

No. 216396

How great would it be if someone shot up one of her shows. Since she's so into mass shootings. I honestly wish death upon her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 216399

bait harder

No. 216403

File: 1482043024643.jpg (39.82 KB, 562x378, edgeville.jpg)

No. 216411

sage for completely OT but I want a runescape thread.

No. 216488

Maybe it would be edgy if I wasn't serious but I'm dead serious. I hope she gets shot

No. 216524

So apparently someone started a tumblr "nicoledollangangerconfessions" because of this thread omfg

No. 216525

File: 1482064762276.png (297.46 KB, 640x359, IMG_6876.PNG)

No. 216533

File: 1482067303218.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0989.PNG)


No. 216537

No. 216540

File: 1482068515804.png (100.97 KB, 640x729, IMG_6878.PNG)

No. 216543


People bitch about what kooter and kaka did anon, that was like 7 years ago now but it still haunts them.

Nicole was around 21/22 when she was reblogging child porn. She was grown and knew what she was doing regardless of her ED which was also glorified to fuck on tumblr.

Koot and Kaka got away with their actions because they were teenagers.

No. 216547


Thats true too, her mother collects weird shit too and thats another factor she used to use in order to seem unique.

Does anyone else remember back in 2012/2013 when the feminist fat ghost loving pastel hair thing was a trend on tumblr? That girl Landlockedmermaid or also known as Ghostshipp who was best pals with Ari her user name was Moonbrains? They used to lie how they were sisters, never tell anyone where their clothes were from because they were Enid Coleslaw try hards and Ghostshipp used to lie about how Jack Nicholas was her dad? Until she was caught out.

No. 216594

File: 1482079100348.jpg (76.68 KB, 620x545, 1899435.main_image.jpg)


literally who?

what the fuck am I reading

No. 216599


Pretty much all quirky people grew up in weird families or weird social circles, or lived through circumstances that made them "weird". And the whole "privileged white girl" thing is seriously getting annoying. Everyone posting on this thread is privileged enough to own a computer and have enough free time to spend posting on sites like this, and I seriously doubt there is anything more than a very small minority of non-whites here.

No. 216610

Someone finally fucking said it. Thank you.

No. 216613


Im half white anon and privileged tbh lol

But lets be honest the whole quirky folk with weird families and them bragging about it is annoying.

Its just that Nicole took it to the next level

No. 217247

Looks like Nicole replaced her black wig with a brown one. Definitely an improvement.

No. 217261

File: 1482157445064.jpg (80.01 KB, 1254x594, trend.jpg)

having fun with Google trends, thought I'd share this for y'all trying to predict her future popularity. I can't tell where this is going either. Her Walking Dead peak didn't last long but she's definitely reached a superior level since the Grimes tour.

No. 217718

Nicole wants to be Lana so bad. That's why she acts like such a guys girl, sings about motels, is a sad babydoll and she even does the same fucking rock on hand gesture Lana does in like half of her videos

No. 217719

Too bad the bitch is talentless

No. 217738

guys think w their dicks too much. i have no idea why they would want to hang out w her except bc they want to fuck her

No. 217749

i hate myself for knowing EXACTLY the two tumblr girls you're talking about
never knew they weren't actually sisters tho

No. 217834

They want to fuck her and they want to share the spotlight. Shame they don't see how unattractive she is. I guess they're all unattractive guys themselves though

No. 218562

isn't this indirectly promoting drugs to her vulnerable underage audience? she's so fucking scummy. why does she use anyway? weight loss? i've only heard her mention alcohol and weed when she was an unpopular grandma on tumblr.

No. 218573

She uses adderall for weight loss I'm pretty sure. Since she has ed history I don't think she can get a script. Either that or she's just really into uppers

No. 218591

Idk I think it's strange to ask for Molly/mdma like that too?

No. 219932

Can someone explain to me why her hair looks like shit if she's ~recovered~? Why does she keep wearing those gross party city wigs when she has a full head of hair and it takes 10 minutes max out of your day to make it look decent?

No. 220117

this!!!!!! and why she wears that same fucking black dress that is doing her and her body no favors?

No. 220139


You remember those two too? Ari and CJ Alberts lol CJ isn't active online much anymore she has Instagram, her style is all minimalist now and she doesn't brag about being a carny anymore.

That was another brownie point she used to sound weird on tumblr - her mother was in the carnival on the rides and her dad was a biker. She used to lie how he was Jack Nicholas though and how she was related somehow to the girl who played Matilda.

Ari is still a fat weird fried pastel haired croon but she resides mostly on Instagram now.

No. 221052

Nicole is such a fucking piece of garbage and I really hope her popolarity doesn't gain any more momentum. Peoole have been saying she shouldn't be ostracized for things she did 4 years ago, but some of these things were actually only a year or two ago, and she STILL manipulates, romanticizes and glorifies godawful things despite having a very young fanbase and she's obviously so self obsessed and narcissistic to the point of still being a huge cunt towards most people and making herself into some weird fucktoy object of desire amongst her male gang

No. 221053

You think she lets her band gangbang her?

No. 221054

Because she's a special snowflake and god forbid she doesn't do something different and dolly with her hair

No. 221057

I just came on lolcow for the first time today and this is the first post I saw, jesus christ. But no, I don't think so. I feel like she's that type of girl who likes leading her male friends on and freaks out whenever a new girl tries to enter her friend circle because then she won't be the center of attention and have a bunch of orbiters anymore.

No. 221074

well she did say she was beverly marsh and beverly marsh got gangbanged in a sewer by her brofriends so

No. 221076

Lmao I love how nicole always associates herself with these disturbed abused characters when she's had a privileged upper middle class white life in Canada and hasn't experienced any trauma poverty or any of the things she glorifies constantly

No. 221079

She wants so badly to be anything besides ordinary. Strip away the whole sick dolly image she's carefully constructed for herself and she is painfully boring

No. 221111

just constant photos of herself and a snotty attitude
always bragging about being tumblr famous
can't really remember much but i remember she kept making out she was chronically ill and a tragic dying swan because she had acid reflux

the OP pic is from around this time

No. 221202

she did experience trauma tho…(i feel gross for putting this out there bc it's something so personal and she doesn't talk about it anymore but) she was raped i think more than once, she talked about it rarely but i do remember her saying that flowers of flesh and blood was about her sexual assault. she's not fucked up for absolutely no reason.

No. 221243

Flowers of Flesh and Blood is a film that's part of the Guinea Pig series in which a girl get dismembered alive by a serial killer. Does nicole have one creative bone in her body? I feel like everything she puts out there is either heavily inspired by something or just completely ripped off. And who knows if the sexual abuse even happened. I don't want to deny it, but this thread has really shed light on her fabricating things to make herself seem more interesting.

No. 221344

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if she made it up. And I can't believe I'm saying this but a lot of people get sexually assaulted, not everyone uses it to make themselves special or as an excuse to act fucked up

No. 221374

i agree. it's so annoying when privileged white girls grasp at straws to be ~Deep~ and ~Broken~

No. 221394

>she STILL manipulates, romanticizes and glorifies godawful things despite having a very young fanbase
you mean like every other popstar, youtuber, and media personality ever?

No. 221399

Doesn't make it ok and at least the other personalities aren't glorifying things like school shooters and anorexia

No. 221400

Stop whiteknighting

No. 221421

i guess i missed the part where taylor swift posted child porn on her blog and idolized serial killers

No. 221463

No but they stand as pillars of support to a system that trivialises and exacerbates those kinds of things, grinning hysterically whilst they do it.

Glorifying school shooters is no worse than the endless product placements etc. (There are a load of pop turds endorsing Shell at the moment). I think what she's posted is disgusting but she is no more garbage for it than Taylor Swift.

I'd be interested in hearing her answer questions about her columbine references though.

No. 221468

File: 1482687986794.jpg (54.51 KB, 500x500, meghan-trainor-makeup-121-500x…)

samefag; I just think ragging on Nicole for her depressing aesthetic is not the milk, like at least it's making some kind of allusion to a depressing reality. It's better than just grinning and twerking.

this jelly nest is almost saltier than the koots thread

No. 221476

>glorifying school shooters is no worse than endless product placements

So a rich white girl romanticising the shit out of a traumatic event that she had nothing to do with (and thus making her fans end up as those hybristophiliac twats) is on par with a singer wearing a Moschino shirt in a music video?

No. 221493

Can we say pretentious much?

No. 221501

>So a rich white girl romanticising the shit out of a traumatic event that she had nothing to do with (and thus making her fans end up as those hybristophiliac twats) is on par with a singer wearing a Moschino shirt in a music video?

No. 221503

I bet you're the anon defending her CP reblogs

No. 221511

Retard alert.

No. 221547

nicole's already too far up her own ass there's no room for you in there too

No. 221554

Honestly, I think her and most of these uwu nymphet girls are lying when they say they've gotten raped because they love being seen as "deep" and "emotional"

No. 221579

Does anyone know Nicole's real last name? Can we find some pictures from when she was in highschool? I'm curious to see how ~sadbbydoll edge queen~ she was, she only gained popularity once she became an adult. I'm sure her highschool pictures would be a window into who she really is behind her try hard facade

No. 221581

the CP is a reach, there's one disgusting upskirt shot that's it.
the reason people shoot up schools is because of shit like moschino and the mindless engagement with it by sheeples. they're both equally terrible things to perpetuate.

No. 221587

No. She also posted an anime of a young loli girl (underage in the actual anime), and in the photo the naked child was sucking on a decomposing corpse breast. And I think there was even more than that. Go through her archive and look before she deletes it all. Not to mention everything she already deleted, but that loli child necrophilia post is still there.

No. 221595

>posted an anime of a young loli girl (underage in the actual anime),
THE OUTRAGE!!!!!! that shit is for sale in every bookstore in Japan. reach more

No. 221601

>that shit is for sale in every bookstore in Japan
Child sexual assault is also on the rise in Japan. It's almost as if normalizing the sexualization of children results in children actually getting hurt. Who would have fucking thought.

Anyway go bait and troll elsewhere. You're derailing and the only person trying to defend this shit.

No. 221651

No. 221693

Why did she feel the need to use an alias? I feel like Nicole Bell suits her aesthetic just fine… it's a lot better than her edgy choice of Dallanganger.

No. 221704

i've followed her since 2011 and she never mentioned anything about being raped or sexually abused. you're obviously just making that up so people will pity her and stop making fun of her.

which is basically the logic behind every nymphet who claims rape/trauma.

No. 221724

nicole's new fans really don't have any idea of the level of disgustingness nicole was onto back when she first posted coma baby. anyone remember kinderslut? some girl with a huge wasp tattoo on her chest said her stepfather or s/t raped her as a child and posted moomin a lot and eventually started posting straight up baby porn? and nicole was still reblogging from her? lmao.

No. 221774

lol no..i've followed her since 2011 as well and i specifically remember her answering an ask about flowers of flesh and blood that asked if it was about being raped, and she said yes. i don't care if you make fun of her, i've made fun of her plenty in this thread, i was just correcting somebody's assumptions

No. 221777

? just because someone writes a song about being raped does not mean they themselves were raped, anon

No. 221787

Flowers of flesh and blood is a rape snuff film, like literally she stole the concept for the album from a movie, of course she said it was about rape. She didn't say SHE was raped

No. 221885

It's the film a coked-out Charlie Sheen watched, thought was real and contacted the FBI over as well. Can't even give her obscure interest points over it. It probably sounded cool on wikipedia though.

No. 221899

i know it's not a competition on whos followed her the longest but i have followed her way back in 2012 and she never once mentioned about being raped, the only thing she ever mentioned that was close to something traumatic happening to her as a child was that man who left a N necklace at her door and would call her house a lot

No. 221905

That sounds fake but ok

No. 221948

i don't think that story was real or not, i'm just telling you that's the only thing she mentioned that could've been anything close. but rape she never mentioned

No. 221960

she's one of those disgusting ppl who romanticize sexual assault & violence against women.

No. 221997

File: 1482778065338.jpg (27.24 KB, 229x229, ctp1804-star-smile-stickers.jp…)

Oh my God anon… You're right. You've cracked the case!
Bravo, Bravo!

No. 222256

File: 1482799338752.jpg (62.81 KB, 462x428, IMG_7123.JPG)

i have a lot but idk if there's a point in posting her high school pics here, she was an edgelord back then too. i mean, her username was pinkcum, so.. not much has changed

No. 222278

i'd post them

(also i notice her eyebrows here & how thin they are, because back when she started to fill them in to what they look like now she "claimed" her eyebrows were naturally big and she didn't do anything to them)

No. 222289

well maybe they are and maybe here she just plucked them

No. 222321

where are the people who argued about how her face wasn't painfully average lmao. she legit has the face of any redneck walmart native in the midwest. all she's missing is concealer on her lips.

No. 222352

and they said nicole wasn't really trailer trash

No. 222357

I mean, she's lived a pretty plush life. But she does act like garbage.

No. 222362

Samefag but
It's kinda like Ginger Bronson syndrome like "yes we realize you can act like trash but you're actually just a huge brat with mummy n daddy to depend on"

No. 222372


I got curious so I looked through her archive…

…who the fuck glorifies small chilren with severe burns and disabilities. How messed up do you have to be like "yep this child with severe disfigurements in pain fits my aesthetics"

No. 222406

look through the archive of bones-of-baby-dolls into 2012. that's exactly what nicole's archive looked like before she mass deleted everything when she started getting attention. she also reblogged a lot of "rough" rapey porn and bdsm with girls getting spit on and choked. and of course the iconic loli manga of a naked child giving birth and then holding her dead fetus. she also reblogged jun hayami manga of girls being raped. i remember nearly unfollowing her because she kept posting premature babies. i didn't because i was under the belief that she was actually nice and just ~sick~

No. 222425

nicole's face is very average, she's very average all around, i don't think she's ugly but there's nothing special. she probably adopted this weird quirky edgelord image solely for that reason

No. 222427

yeah and she wears lots of makeup too. i live in to and she wouldn't get looked at twice. nothing abt her is remarkable, that's prob why she's trying to hit up the punk scene bc it's full of lgbtq women and thirsty ass straight white men (her attention givers)

No. 222461

Oh my fucking god! No dolls in the background? No dolly aesthetic? I'm shook. So she really did fabricate this whole personality of hers. You should post more tbh this is one of the most amusing things I've seen on this thread

No. 222465

She looks so bad in that picture wow, like real trailer trash and those brows! I knew she didn't have thick brows

No. 222475

does anyone have the photo of nicole's old room? I remember she had a whole section of her room dedicated to true crime/serial killers/columbine

No. 222713

thats what i was trying to say haha she's such a fucking liar

No. 222717

Ok y'all this is quite the reach maybe she used to tweeze the shit out of her eyebrows and that's why they look so thin in that old pic lmao.

She looks like one of those trashy girls who you went to highschool with who ended up being a teen mom.

No. 222771

>She looks like one of those trashy girls who you went to highschool with who ended up being a teen mom.

omg this description is so so accurate

No. 222797

Who wants to bet on when she'll get knocked up and disappear

No. 223008

Omg musicians putting on a fake persona, wow shocking…
(Most musicians do that)

No. 223016

didn't she say she had a miscarriage ages ago? she used to say a lot of bullshit like she ran away with a boy and lived in some trashy place she lost a baby and then she went back home and started recovering and things like that

No. 223030

Yeah I can almost guarantee she made that up. She's been living with her parents her whole life

No. 223033


She says she wants to live in Flordia in a trailer and be like Tiffany from Bridge of chucky with a ton of dolls

Lmao as if

She will miss her doll house too much

No. 223034

i was following nicole back in 2012-13 and she used to reblog a lot of ginger bronson's posts- as well as her selfies and stuff. And i think even one time an anon sent nicole a message bagging ginger and nicole defended her. they were following each other on instagram too but now they're not 'in each other's lives' so to speak. Anybody have any idea what happened?

No. 223038

No. 223079

Looks like chew & spit.

No. 223169

File: 1482954835549.jpg (182.29 KB, 640x853, IMG_7194.JPG)

you can see a bit of her columbine shrine in this picture, but i believe there was a photo floating around of an entire wall that was covered in clippings, magazines and such. i hope someone still has it, nicole can't keep saying that she was "just" invested in the case because she wanted to do her own research and understand why they did it or some other bullshit she keeps spewing in order to deny her obvious obsession. i mean, half of her fan base found her music through the columbine ep that was constantly posted about within the true crime community.

No. 223183

File: 1482955978568.jpg (123.81 KB, 640x640, IMG_7201.JPG)

nvm, i just found a photo where you can see a bit of that wall on the right. not the one i mentioned, though.

No. 223193

I wonder how much she paid for that Columbine yearbook

No. 223197

anyone remember when she had her locked personal? please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers these gems
the only two posts i can remember distinctly is when she talked about how she fasted for 4 days binged and then ate a box of laxatives and couldn't get off the toilet and couldnt stop vomiting (while on her main answering how shes done with recovery and has moved past it)

and another post was how she thought it was 'cute' her giving head to one of her friends in her front lawn at night

No. 223244

Jfc. Imagine how fucking dusty her room gets.

No. 223248

File: 1482962981965.jpg (73.49 KB, 640x480, IMG_7191.JPG)

couple of the year

No. 223277

she thinks she's so kawaii~ with her long sleeves

No. 223279

idk why people are in denial about her being ugly and looking haggard and aging like shit. she has an eating disorder, drinks heavily and does drugs. she looks exactly what you'd expect.

No. 223332

yeah I remember she talked about visiting a friend of her's who was naked and having a psychotic episode or something

No. 223441

I can't get over this picture, post more!

No. 223468

not to disregard eating disorders in general as attention seeking, but does anyone else think nicole's anorexia was extremely short-lived? she seems to me like someone who would do something this stupid for attention and pity online/irl. something about her being so self centred in a narcissistic way and self-victimizing for validation doesn't sit right with me.

No. 223475

yeah i feel like her anorexia was like an aesthetic thing for her……….she just seems to like every single thing that is related to mental illness and the like. to the point where i'm surprised she doesn't glamorize opiates

No. 223667


What makes you think real anorexics can't be narcissistic and self-victimizing though? Not everyone with an eating disorder conceals their body and tries to maintain a facade of being normal/happy. Many parade their starved figures in public forums and feed off the attention (whether positive or negative) that it gives them. Though I agree that Nicole's obsession with illness/dark themes and her teenage dramatics probably contributed a lot.

No. 223745

i don't like the girl at all anymore (was once good friends) but i disagree i really believe her anorexia is/was real because shes still dealing with it today and it started in 2011. physically she may not have an anorexic body but she still suffers from it

No. 223770

u can't have anorexia if you're not underweight. she's like 115 lbs at, what, 5'2"? now.

No. 223778

>>223770 physically no the bitch doesn't show any signs of anorexia, ednos maybe i was just saying she didn't just develop anorexia for attention, shes had an eating disorder for awhile now.

No. 223826

afaik it wasn't even The yearbook, but rather one that had eric's older brother kevin's graduating class

No. 223836

You can have atypical anorexia (an EDNOS subtype) though. That's probably what she has now, if any ED at all.

No. 223881

i wasn't implying that anorexics can't possess all of those traits, i know all too well that they can. it's just that nicole has been known to do questionable things for attention previously and that is what made me doubt her eating disorder in the first place.

No. 224023

File: 1483069863238.jpg (92.68 KB, 540x540, tumblr_ofbyeieR7A1suhrj1o1_540…)

from her show at the senior center

No. 224034

That wig looks so shiny and cheap, and those eyebrows…

No. 224039

she wears sooooo much makeup

No. 224093

File: 1483078711136.jpg (27.84 KB, 312x232, IMG_7121.JPG)

sorry for not posting these sooner, but these are the earliest pics i had - all are pre-ED and around her high school years

No. 224095

File: 1483078758546.jpg (61.14 KB, 571x464, IMG_7122.JPG)

No. 224097

File: 1483078839667.jpg (64.93 KB, 640x480, IMG_7114.JPG)

No. 224098

File: 1483078903335.jpg (59.33 KB, 461x346, IMG_7200.JPG)

No. 224099

File: 1483078988612.jpg (58.42 KB, 640x480, IMG_7116.JPG)

No. 224102

remember upthread when people were saying she's retained her youthful appearance? compare this to >>224023. so haggard but i guess drinking and smoking all the time will do that to you

No. 224104

File: 1483079431512.jpg (75.22 KB, 640x480, IMG_7120.JPG)

this is the last one I'll post, don't want to clog up the thread too much. since she most definitely lurks, do any of you think that she'll try to contact the admin and get them to delete the thread? didn't she have a pull thread that got taken down before?

No. 224151

Aw she used to be almost cute, can't believe how much she let herself go

No. 224570

Didn't she say she got in trouble for the posts on that blog? Does anybody remember what happened?

No. 224628

I'm surprised Tumblr hasn't terminated her blogs before tbh, even the one she has now has gore and child porn in the archive

No. 224887

anybody realise that nicole has some stupid tattoos too??

No. 225014

wait explain?
all i remember is that she just deleted the blog

No. 225033

Pics, loser.

No. 225527

File: 1483244532848.jpg (50.59 KB, 640x432, IMG_7196.JPG)

this one is the worst lmao, just a wall of text on her thigh. furthermore, it's a fucking quote from robert frost's poem which was written as a joke and wasn't meant to be deeply analyzed and taken seriously.

No. 225529

All I know is that she had to make it password protected since she supposedly got in trouble for something she posted there. I don't exactly remember what all of this was about, but I'm hoping someone else does.

No. 225826

How embarrassing

No. 225840

File: 1483312362336.jpg (30.56 KB, 500x316, IMG_1668.JPG)

No. 225842

File: 1483312437472.png (115.72 KB, 750x1242, IMG_1669.PNG)

No. 226051

File: 1483321171711.png (619.49 KB, 862x486, tattoo.png)

No. 226096

same ink n needle! uwu

No. 226114

File: 1483323176245.png (98.23 KB, 640x595, IMG_0562.PNG)

No. 226121

how to get hepatitis 101

No. 226161

Looks like a 14 year old did this

No. 226183

File: 1483328334035.png (92.79 KB, 640x636, IMG_3154.PNG)

No. 226185

File: 1483328619261.png (115.85 KB, 640x693, IMG_0565.PNG)

No. 226189

File: 1483330032980.png (604.22 KB, 600x604, peepants.png)

Nicole posted this on instagram with no explanation or comment. Guess Matt peed himself? or another one of her "~~boys~~"

No. 226191


No. 226193

>poopoo peepee is the new cool aesthetic

Why does she even brag about hanging around smelly uneducated scobes? I'd be embarrassed.

No. 226204

File: 1483332209422.png (204.3 KB, 500x278, tumblr_nto8r2swER1r4ht6ho1_500…)

another tattoo she had matt do

No. 226206

so this might not be worth saying idk but i saw nicole when she played with teen suicide and elvis depressdly this summer. she was really awkward and facing sideways and at the end of her set she walked off and matt was all angry and was like, "who has the fucking camera? who the fuck had the camera?" and was staring all crazy eyes at the crowd and was just like yelling stuff to that effect and acting like a weirdo and everyone around me was like ????? wtf????? is this guy talking about???………. relax……. it was just weird idk. that was the show right before she left the tour due to her "sickness" so idk man.

No. 226208

sorry if that's not relevant to the current topic, i'm just saying that he seems like kind of a mean, weird dude and makes me uncomfortable :/ i might be biased though…

No. 226210

nicole if ur here tell me wtf matt was yellin' abt

No. 226218

Was it the one in OC anon?

No. 226219

it was the one in san diego at the house of blues. did he do the same thing at the oc one?

No. 226224

so what happens with this when she decides to leave matt for dan or one of her other 1000 manic pixie dream boy orbiters

No. 226228

No, but during the OC one he kept sticking his head out to see the crowd before the band even went on, I thought it might be been related to your story but I guess not because your incident happened at a separate venue.

No. 226233

his whole life revolves around her. he's obsessed and not in a normal significant other way. he seems like the type that would get suicidal if she ever left him. didn't he say he'd been trying to get with her for the last five years?

No. 226266

I'm gonna guess her "sickness" was just stage fright, probably partially drug induced paranoia since she obviously does so much adderall

No. 226339

Probably not Dan considering he's her cousin. I mean, not publicly anyway. I know Nicole's little calves forgive a lot of her fucked up behavior but I don't think legit incest would fly even among her worshippers.

No. 226383

maybe she didn't want her picture taken 'cause she thought she was ugly/fat idk and maybe thats why matt started to freak out, because i figured left tour due to "sickness" and wanting adderall 24/7 could be due to her ED (probably me just speculating)

No. 226384


I reckon so too. I mean she spent all her time singing in her bedroom with her dolls as her audience for the past few years on tumblr before ever reaching a proper audience with real ass life people.

How did she meet Matt and the army of goons anyway?

No. 226539

nicole is obsessed with virginia andrews, so she might consider it

No. 226659

I knew her in high school and she hasn't changed that much, she was scene when that was a big thing, then just developed her own style as most high school kids do. Every time I had a conversation with her she was really quite sweet.

No. 226689

Ew she would be a scene kid lmao

No. 226807

Would kill for a pic of scene Nicole rawr ! lol

No. 226840

this is flat out disgusting. why would she post this and why is she hanging with a giant toddler that can't hold their bladder? reminds me of the black chick who was being interviewed by that news crew on television and she pissed herself on air

No. 226843

uh… these pics give it away. not news >>224093 >>224095

No. 227165


What is PULL? I have to see this

No. 227252

Does anyone have a link to the willow tree cover she posted on youtube?

No. 227259

No. 227419

i never got to see her first PULL thread but does anyone remember what was said before it got deleted?

No. 227436

I'd be really interested to know, too!

No. 227442

No. 227443

oh my god she's so goddamn dumpy LMAO

No. 227445

trust me, no one can take down a thread on lolcow. every single snowflake has tried to get the site shut down by calling cyberbullying or slander. but ultimately this is just freedom of speech. so post away.

also in case anyone is interested, you can make a nicole page on encyclopedia dramatica which is guaranteed to NEVER be taken down and by default appears on the first page of whoever the page is written about.

No. 227453

What can even be said about Nicole though
>She reblogged/posted guro, Columbine shit and torture porn on her Tumblr a couple years ago
>She jumps from guy to guy and dumps all her friends
>She exaggerates stories to seem cool
I like to read up on the gossip about her too, but there isn't much to go off of outside of relationshit and the fact that her blog content might be objectionable. I dunno, anon.

No. 227455

You forgot about her eating disorder and pro ana posts and that cringy open love letter song dedicated to Danzig

No. 227479

encyclopedia dramatica is mostly parody it's not meant to be a serious collection of receipts, it's the way you curate the information. i only brought it up so it'd be easier for people to see through her angelic nymphet act instead of having to dig around and find this thread. it would also be easier to get the gist of things instead of having to scroll through 3 threads of random information. you could just have all the information in one place. i think it'd be a good idea to talk about her fans since tbh i think that's what adds to her snowflakeyness.

No. 227562

She also had a myspace page with some old songs.


No. 227578


Three threads, you say? Where can one find the other two

ED is just shitty trolls making bad jokes, but it is a decent way of keeping all of this information around forever

No. 227605

no there aren't yet lol. but when this thread reaches a maximum amount of posts it'll be locked, and then you'll have to make a new thread, and then more etc.

i know personally i've stumbled upon snowflakes before but they only exist on lolcow, and there's way too many threads for me to read through when i just wanna know the basics. i know tumblr deletes expose-esque pages because of #cyberbullying(but not gore or nazi shit but i digress) so i can only think of ed to keep receipts in a completely untouchable place.

No. 227675

Also how she regularly and currently asks her underage followers for drugs

No. 227820

No. 227824

i feel like whether you consider stuff like that cp it is still nasty and she is just too old to be reblogging those sort of posts. she was like 20-23 doing this stuff

No. 227897

does anybody know what her handjobangel (lmao) blog was about? was it just her personal like that observatorymansions one?

No. 227940

Wait what? Lmfao

No. 227947

Ok all of her urls have been absolutely retarded but this one takes the cake.

No. 228142

why is this so funny to me

No. 228152

Is it the non-existent stage presence? The special needs toddler cooing?
People paying to see her live?

No. 228158

weirdly liked it a little, appreciate mcr covwes

No. 228172

I cant.
Dude the little punk boiz playing like theyre actually 13 being off key and way too excited,
Nicole can sing pretty and maybe if somebody in her good graces mixed a good instrumental (piano / soft acoustic guitar) it might be a fun cover for her fans but this is atrocious.
You barely hear her and she cant keep with the rythm of the actual song cause she has to go off and run her notes like the smol sheep she is and the way she looks behind / around at the other band members instead of keeping the crowd focused makes me wanna shoot myself.

It plays like a High school talent show, not something you pay for.
Go home.

(Also tbh nicole is too dead inside to cover shit from bands like mcr or anything that takes actual energy… shes fucking dead and no amount of pretty voice takes away from the fact that she owns zero originality or presence its all just the same slow dope drivel fuck i got triggered)

No. 228185

i like nicole's music and i'm worried she's going to fuck up her voice if she keeps performing like this

No. 228195

>the little punk boiz playing like theyre actually 13
nailed it. nicole's appeal vanished when she started to associate them, just like kayla day's did when she "became" ginger.

No. 228233

i feel like her next album is going to have the same sort of instrumentals with the heavy guitars and drums that don't match her voice. tbh I miss nicole singing in her bedroom because this is a shame really

No. 228270

she has a really fat head and turkey neck in that video

No. 228283


No. 228397

she needs to drop the punk shit

No. 228406

Y'all are TRIGGERING me if you think it is acceptable at all to refer a MCR cover as punk

No. 228415

the instruments make her voice sound straight up bad. it doesn't mesh well and she keeps moving around awkwardly instead of focusing on the crowd.

its ok, anon. most people on snow are under 20 so they dont really know anything about music genres and their roots. anything alternative is considered punk to them. makes me laugh that someone up in the thread didnt know who danzig is or how to google him

No. 228421

File: 1483681603066.jpg (63.68 KB, 480x480, IMG_8530.JPG)

how the fuck do you go from being an average girl to this in just a few years

No. 228423

What kind of hobo crackhead Gollum chic nonsense is this

No. 228428

No. 228431

File: 1483684058893.jpeg (5.07 KB, 240x240, stash-1-1744505952881589b.jpeg)

>black mary janes with pastel socks
>star wars sweatpants
>olive jacket with metal and punk patches
>that gollum haircut
>crawling on the walmart floor
her goofy looking ass and her beastfaced boyfriend were made for each other. she looks like a cousin fucker wearing these clothes so im sure dan can join in for a three way

No. 228432

>too dead inside to cover an emo band


No. 228447

I hate Nicole on a personal level but I just feel like this needs to be said. Her music isn't the type where you can really have much of a stage presence. Hi Nicole if you read this. If I were you I'd incorporate more theatrics. Costumes or fake blood or something. It'd make a big difference

No. 228475

Jfc just cause its emo doesnt mean you can still sing like youre whispering a lullaby while guitars and drums are straight up abused by those fucken tween bois who piss themselves.

No. 228482

How the hell is everyone off fucking beat in this video.

Her voice annoys me it's so fucking whiney like her imitation of a nine year old singing

No. 228588

cheesy as shit, anon.

No. 228647

mazzy star makes simila music and Hope Sandoval has so much stage presence despite having stage fright

No. 228993

Her new album will be a mess

No. 229016

why's that?

No. 229034

Because she'll have the offbeat guitar and drums that will not match her own voice, much like her previous album. her bedroom days recording were much better imo

No. 229103

File: 1483778413333.png (506.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2849.PNG)

Guys… wtf

No. 229104

But seriously I'm so glad I found this thread, I've thought about this ever since I discovered her but everyone seems to be up her ass so much. Now I can't stand her and I wish she'd disappear.

No. 229115

lmao wtf she actually replied?!

No. 229129

File: 1483789569734.png (226.78 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2850.PNG)

yeah and was like "ew I don't want to be associated with him….

Uhmmmmmm ok yeah not like you don't worship school shooters or anything

Also I remember seeing someone make some fan art for her on Instagram of Richard Ramirez and she replied with "Richard Ramirez is garbage I love true crime but I don't condone anything he did so don't associate me with that.." and that girl deleted the post..

No. 229132

It's pretty funny how she says all that yet she has songs about the columbine shooters (literally used an audio clip of eric harris in the song 'rampage'') and also had her song 'creek blues' re-recorded because she used an audio clip of kip kinkel crying. the hypocrisy is hilarious

No. 229134


emo literally is short for emotional, that would suggest the need for showing emotion at some point, would it not?

No. 229136

>is literally a columbine apologist and ran a Tumblr page defending them

Ew don't associate me with that shit

No. 229138


No. 229139

it's kip kinkel?? i remember when someone asked her who was crying in creek blues, and she said something along the lines of "this is awkward" and refused to answer, so i assumed it was one of her piss pants groupie friends. this fucking bitch. i'm so upset that i liked her for so long when she was ALWAYS a liar.

No. 229142

yeah it is kip kinkel! as someone who is interested in true crime myself (i'm in college for criminology), i listened to kip kinkel's confession tapes and I never it sounded familar. nicole didn't want to answer truthfully because she might be seen as 'condoning' kip or whatever lmao

No. 229143

knew* not never hahaha

No. 229154

Agreed. I'm embarrassed and don't want to associate with her anymore.. it's because I liked that style and dolls n shit way before she was a thing and now all her little turd bucket fans follow me and try to be my friend because of it and I hate it so much

No. 229155

File: 1483798591985.png (971.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2860.PNG)

Looks like someone's been reading this thread again..

No. 229163

what makes you say that?

No. 229166

Earlier in the thread they were talking about how she shuffles awkwardly and looks at the guys to stay in key\rhythem

And she commented that today

No. 229168

Erm I just assumed she made a light night run to a store at 3 AM?

I could be wrong but you know some people have friends and they like to goof off and hang out and get like, chips and salsa or what the fuck ever at some ungodly hour in a Walmart. Who cares? Pajamas and a coat.

No. 229177

i found nicole's coma baby and flowers of flesh and blood albums when i was going through a bad time, and now i'm out of it i'm just….. sad that in reality she's a stuck up bitch who doesn't give a damn about anything except riding/sucking dick and adderall. i really wasted my time, money and energy on this????? /end blog

No. 229179

i think maybe someone should make a part 2 of this thread just in case this one reaches post limit

No. 229190

I completely agree, this is exactly what I'm feeling..

No. 229191

I think a whole seperate thread should be made on the topic of her minion(s).. as in the 13yr olds

No. 229195

There already is a seperate thread for that. someone posted it earlier in this one

No. 229197

she can do whatever she wants in her personal life imo but it's now bleeding over into her music in ways i don't like. i don't want to hear the nicole dollanganger band. her music up to observatory mansions had something really special, and potential that could have blossomed into something great had she taken time to improve her skills on her own. instead she's letting her gaggle of neckbeards handle that. it seems like she's putting her friendships and relationships ahead of her music and it's now become just an excuse for them to hang out, tour and get drunk together.

No. 229210


Agreed, I remember when I heard her first album and it was really something. It wasn't amazing but she had a charm. I already knew about the gross shit she once posted like the worms on cocks, corpses ect and how she was nasty in messages to anons/people who asked her shit.

But her music then was nice at least.

Now is just seems ruined… she even looks bored in her performances.

No. 229211


But snapping pics of her looking like shit anon…

It doesn't mix with her music at all. The grimey band boys, raggedy attitude and ugly wig doesn't go at all.

No. 229278

She needs a band that can at least fit her image… There is no stage presence what so ever-like nobody knows what they are supposed to do. No wonder she can't make it big, her only shtick can be conveyed via the internet. She needs to try harder. Just being there on a stage and singing is not fucking enough.

No. 229295

>she's putting her friendships and relationships ahead of her music and it's now become just an excuse for them to hang out, tour and get drunk together.
100000% this

it's not about being alone. joanna newsom's performances are really special and comforting, and it's because she's all alone and she knows how to translate her sincerity and share it with a crowd. nicole was never made to do music she said so herself. it's really starting to show now. she said she's a writer who only started doing music to impress her ex boyfriend. she's completely lost on the stage and doesn't know how to get herself out of this mess. you can tell she regrets it.

No. 229299


Nicole's old music in her room reminds me a lot of Meg & Dia who were these two girls that started off on Myspace back in the day with their own home made stuff before getting into a band. They were so raw and real too.

But apparently they were also bitches from what I've heard back stage.

No. 229310

Nicole is just another proof that even if you can sing, not everyone can perform.
Bad friend choices aside she just legit is a dime a dozen when she stands on her own unless she gets a grasp on reality and decides to improve on herself n shit but shes mentally stuck as some snowflake tween surrounded by drama free boys living her bruised punk dreamscape

No. 229327

she's a one trick pony. she doesn't have the slightest idea of what she did before to replicate it over and over again to make herself into an artist. she has no self awareness. i wonder if it's the drugs that make her such a shit artist.

No. 229328

lol her writing is terrible tho

No. 229356

aw, don't disenchant me from them.

No. 229642

I have a feeling like nicole will eventually burn out as an artist and all that will be left is her precious followers and her room aesthetic

No. 229643

She'll never make it unless she actually puts effort into her stage presence and offers something new.. but I don't see that happening, I agree with the anon that said her touring is just an excuse to party with her shitlord groupies

No. 229667


Sorry anon

No. 229971

I don't hate Nicole. But I have to admit that she was a catalyst for the romanticizing of Columbine/ddlg/abusive relationships. I've been a long time fan and I thought her music was unique and calming.

I was maybe 13 or 14 when I got into her, and she brainwashed me a bit into being "into" Columbine and I made a complete ass out of myself. I thought I was so cool for living in Colorado (where it took place) but then, after my cousin was involved in a school shooting here in Aurora, I realized that school shootings aren't at ALL cool to be interested in, and it's fucking damaging. He had trauma and couldn't go back to school. I felt awful.

Recently, I think her new style is total shit. Now, because she's involved with those ugly neckbeards, she's taking this edgy hard rock angle when that doesn't fit her at all. At least she's (sort of?) dropped the odd, unneeded sexual lyrics.

She also has a tendency of copying personalities and such from books/movies she likes. Take Observatory Mansions the book for example. I read the book, and the main character is a guy named Francis who likes to collect things "previously loved." She has used that exact quote on her myspace, "I collect things that were previously loved" and it's so unoriginal to someone whose actually read the entirety of Observatory Mansions.

She can also be very full of herself. I always imagined her as being some kind, softspoken girl when I first listened to her music without checking up on her social media personality. When I saw how rudely she would respond to asks (anons especially) and how offended she would get when people would ask wtf was up with her Columbine ""fascination,"" it killed my thoughts of her being nice and made me view her a lot differently.

I could add a lot more but I'm not going to ramble on. I just wanted to give my input since I've known of her for such a long time.

No. 229982


Oh also, forgot to mention, I bought one of her limited edition zines. Yeah. Full of little girls showing their asses.

No. 229992

She's already losing a lot of her precious followers

No. 229993

File: 1483909241839.png (882.86 KB, 773x518, 0.png)

There's a lot of old pictures of here here, some from 2011 and earlier

It's so weird to see the old her, she's changed a lot. I know it's natural to change as you get older, but it's like a complete 180 from her bedroom hermit days. I don't know about her other fans but I don't think I would like her as much if I found her today instead of a few years ago.

No. 230000

The cover of Helena is pretty telling, I think she watched Life on the Murder Scene too many times and now wants to live the MCR tour in a van drunk life.

No. 230011

Is Nicole chubby? That outfit is doing her no favors, look at her legs…

No. 230016

I wonder when someone will confront her about the change of style. She hasn't addressed the subject yet afaik? I imagine she'll say something along the lines of "this is the real me, I have finally found myself and polished my musical style, I do whatever I want because it's for art not for fame/money, if you don’t like it get the fuck out uwu" etc.

No. 230025

Yeah she's chubby now. Not uncommon for ppl who are recovering from EDs.

No. 230040

in that picture shes chubby that was during her first tour, shes lost SOME since then but not much

No. 230041

i hate to say this but she looked better and dressed a hell of a lot better when she was in the midst of her eating disorder, obviously not physically better, but she wasnt trying to be some try hard punk riiot girl like she is now

No. 230047

ugh, i hate how pinterest forces sign ups………

No. 230049

People only really liked her because she was sick. It all loses its appeal when she's a healthy tryhard grown woman

No. 230054

THIS. Absolutely nothing about her personality is original, her music and art isn't original, she borrows everything from her favorite books, artists and movies. Her whole persona is entirely unoriginal and beneath the fabricated personality and copied art she's just a boring spoiled woman who still lives with her parents and strings young girls along for attention and Tumblr fame

No. 230060

Thank god i was getting so annoyed by all the repeats of
'she would be amaze if she dropped the boiz!'
'she was promising in the start'
'I think she could be popular but shes ruined her image'
The bitch is uninspired, a plagiarism on legs and is still to this day a try hard, unemployed cuntlord with awful hair who happens to be able to sing sort of
She can mumble a song, but as you hear with the disaster Helena cover she doesnt actuallt have a range.


No. 230065

What can we do to make sure this thread stays around? Someone should make a PULL thread or save this thread somehow or put Nicole on the encyclopedia dramatica site

No. 230066

no one said she would be "amaze" (seriously? is this 2010?) if she got rid of her band. some of us just happened to enjoy her music before they showed up and found her personality less irritating. which you probably did too, or else why would you be here

No. 230070

no i liked her style of clothing and the way she dressed herself obviously i thought she needed to recover and she needed to get healthy and stop posting all that gore and cp shit, i would prefer she dress NOW how she did then

No. 230076

>GG not understandig the irony behind the word
(A+ never knew who she was until LC thread but whatever makes you feel better about all that cp and school shooter dick sucking but lemme guess thats less irritating than the boys she hangs with now)

No. 230080

yeah whatever. it's still dated and you sound 13. nicole must really have you bothered

No. 230082

im super shook buddy, her shit tattoos give me night terrors.
(Sage for 0% contribution)

No. 230089

Has anyone else noticed that ever since this thread gained posters, popularity and visibility (that nicoledollangangerconfessions Tumblr account has posted links), Nicole has been significantly less active on social media and hasn't announced any new shows?

No. 230095

>can't into greentext
Definitely 13 and from pull or tumblr lmao

No. 230220

File: 1483930613186.png (141.67 KB, 406x228, tumblr_oihzv2sMlZ1w00eevo1_500…)


No. 230240

i think the appeal in her schtick wasn't that she was sick, it was that she had an aura of mystery surrounding her. when i first discovered her i remember being awestruck by her room, the collections, her stories… she had never performed live and seemed unreal, idk. and the schtick made her music even more appealing. now that we know she's a slobby drunken chub like the rest of us the music has no legs to stand on anymore.

No. 230268

her room isn't that interesting when you realize it's just because she has filthy rich collectors as parents.

No. 230284

Yeah Their whole house probably looks like that too, from what she described.

She posted a picture of her mom's office once and it looked just like her room..

No. 230288

Yeah it's easy to create some obscure persona for yourself when your parents are rich. I mean a single antique bisque doll like the ones all around her room costs between $150-$3,000. Also, her parents bought her that pug as incentive to stop starving herself after she dropped out of college. She's just a boring, rich, spoiled rotten overgrown child who won't leave her parents house and thrives on attention from her child "fan" girls and guys who are trying to fuck her. I will admit her first few albums were unique but it should have stopped there. You can only do the "sick girl singing in her bedroom" act for so long before it becomes overkill. She completely destroyed her image especially now that everyone is beginning to see how awful she is as a person.

No. 230313

Wow, did not know that… jeez

No. 230341

to be honest the only followers she has left are her ass kissing 13-year old army that discovered her music after grimes started promoting her. the people who supported her back in 2011-2013 are all gone (including myself) since they realize how much of shithead nicole really is. i don't even see her talking to or mentioning any of her "best friends" from that time and the very few of them that still want to get in contact with her get absolutely nothing because she never gave a shit to begin with.

the one i got (one of the first ones she put out) is even worse. one of the pages has a boy with a shotgun who looks a lot like eric harris and a crying girl with "NBK" on her chest, a bit lower is a drawing of tara calico lying in bed with her mouth duct taped shut. the resemblance is uncanny, though it's hard to tell what she tries to portray at times since her drawing skills are pretty garbage. I'm assuming the only thing that made her pay attention to the tara calico case is the v.c. andrews book that was next to her on one of the polaroids.

No. 230345

do you think you can take a photo of the zine if you can? I'm interested to see!!

No. 230347

I think it's a combo of weight gain + those tiny ass shoes + that big jacket.

No. 230350

Wow just started looking at that tumblr lmao what is this shit

No. 230379


Her room is actually made up of three rooms. I remember Nicole saying her dad knocked down walls to make it bigger for all her junk.

Because in one area she has her bed which is a day bed, I thought it was a couch and its just full of push animals.

Another part of her room is where the TV is and it has all her shit gathered around it. Another is where her vanity table is and on another side, another room its where her music stuff is? Idk its pretty fucking big.

No. 230380

File: 1483969496870.jpg (281.52 KB, 900x1200, ^8858FA590904066F961F53659BF59…)


I'm not >>230341 , I am >>229982

I also have a zine with the NBK girl anon was talking about. Pic related is the image. I'll also post the ones from the other zine.

No. 230384

File: 1483969612383.jpg (44.17 KB, 564x423, a8e3a66fa948f9f0132efff70802ef…)

No. 230385

File: 1483969682815.jpg (334.83 KB, 1280x960, tumblr-nix23z52iD1r4ht6ho1-128…)

No. 230387

bless you, anon. for some reason lolcow wouldn't let me upload the photo of my zine. you cropped out the tara drawing though, but I'm sure that's not the one they wanted to see anyway.

No. 230388

File: 1483969828593.jpg (334.54 KB, 900x1200, ^8EBF35466A5F4931952EE9D90B684…)


The vine's story is basically about this pedophile in the carnival who's trying to fuck the little girls, so the little girls send the clown after him, albeit showing their butts and deepthroating hotdogs the whole time.

No. 230389

I couldn't find the doodle you were talking about, maybe we got different ones with similar drawings?

No. 230390

File: 1483969876324.jpg (294.11 KB, 900x1200, ^FE6E8EDABD4E6DFFC42D469194B45…)

No. 230391

it's on the same page as the NBK drawing right under the horse (?) skull. look up "tara calico polaroid" and you'll recognize it.

No. 230392

Wow that's actually fucked up…

No. 230397

File: 1483971317426.png (542.37 KB, 720x376, 125435.png)


It was so small, thanks for pointing it out. I'm surprised you noticed. All of those little scribbles blend together at some point.

Anyway, here's a hastily made side-by-side comparison. You were right.

No. 230400

jesus christ, is she really this sick in the head or just trying to be an edgy retard? Either way, the former is still true.

No. 230404

File: 1483974636851.jpeg (1.77 MB, 2448x3264, image.jpeg)

No. 230407

I'm speechless lol

No. 230408

scans of the full zine(s) so we can collectively cringe when?

No. 230427

not to defend nicole but i had this zine too and maybe she portrayed the girls how the pedophile saw them? still gross and unnecessary, but that's nicole

No. 230429

Maybe, but that's a bit of a stretch. It's blatant sexualization of young girls, regardless. She's a very sexual person, when it comes to her songs, art, even conversations with boys/friends. Either way, portray it as you like. The drawings are unsettling.

I was embarrassed after I bought it because I didn't realize just how sexual it was. I felt guilty owning it honestly, I was afraid my mom would find it, because I was underage at the time (maybe 17 or 16? Don't remember) It's fucked minors were able to order it in the first place. Many can argue that it's art, but when does "art" cross the line of being immoral?

No. 230444

all of the content is absolutel disgusting but she's… a decent artist? i feel ashamed that i think that, ha. reminds me of audrey kawasaki

No. 230452

No. 230457


It is pretty vile when you come to think about it…

Can no one report this shit?

No. 230519

Nah technically art and drawings can't be considered real child porn. Consider loli hentai for example. Nicole used to reblog tons of it too

No. 230521

did nicole advertise the zine as adult orientated, or 18+ in any way? i didn't realise it was going to be so sexual either until she posted previews to advertise it. i'm glad i didn't waste my money at the time.

No. 230533

No word about it being 18+. On the website where it was being sold (bandcamp, along with her music and shirts) the only photo shown was the girl sticking her tongue out. Unless you ACTIVELY checked her social media would you see the preview drawings.

I'm not sure if her even warning her fans about it being 18+ would make the situation any better. In fact, it would make it worse, because she's pretty much admitting to making a zine specifically for adults about little girls in sexual and provocative scenes.

No. 230542

it seems very murky from a moral standpoint. selling sexual content to minors for profit? deliberately misleading your fans into buying child porn doodles? hello? i can't believe this wasn't picked up on at the time, considering nicole has a slew of sjw-esque followers as well as fake nymphets.

No. 230696

Why not go a step further and just burn books?
Jfc I thought we were here to laugh at shady cows with bad social conduct, not to start moralfagging over drawings

Sure ok she should have given warning or an age rating, but her lyrics are literally stories about being raped etc, what were you expecting?

No. 230728

File: 1484050413962.png (Spoiler Image, 69.92 KB, 634x617, IMG_8747.PNG)

something she posted in 2012

No. 230737

…..legit I just want to know why she was posting such fucked up things. And no, she can't use that she was sick. I myself had anorexia and bulimia as well as had depression and would never have posted fucked up things on my tumblr..

No. 230742

I want to know too. Is it because of her parents?

No. 230746

why her parents?

No. 230748

I mean in the sense that he parents collect weird shit so maybe she's just trying to out edge them? I don't know, I'm fascinated and appalled.

No. 230751

So many people have actually gone off her… like I was talking to a girl about Nicole's music and she said "Oh I went off her ages ago, she's just gross'. Also another said "She's actually disgusting"

We can't all we wrong then

No. 230752


This isn't a /b/ gore thread.

No. 230753


No. 230754



Dakota Rose copies Audrey's work more than Nicole

Nicole steals some Japanese girl's work I herd

No. 230755

I used to be so obsessed with her that at one point I went through all of her tumblr posts. Literally all of them. I remember this one tentacle/bug rape image she shared, and eventually she shared more

No. 230759

I struggled with the same things as a teen and was on and off in a pretty dark place and on tumblr the same time nicole was, and the shit i reblogged was maybe a little edgy but never the levels of fucked up i would see her being into. the worst I'd go was like junji ito, aesthetic body horror kinda stuff or like horror movie stills. i think the worst thing about her interests are that she wasn't even a tortured teen when she had that blog, she was in her fucking 20's and should have known better

No. 230763

she has still a lot of pics of children with diseases or mutilations in her current blog, 2012-13 archives. sometimes the simplest explanation is the right one; she might just have a fetish. people have fucked up fetishes sometimes for no reason. kawaii uguu dolly girls are not necessarily an exception.

No. 230775

so weird. hardly even interestingly weird. just creepy weird.

No. 230786

The same reason some girls just repost fucking succulents everywhere, it's just an aesthetic/taste

No. 230842

tbh this is probably more realistic than nicole having a legitimate, straight-up 'fetish' of any kind. it's definitely like a surface-level aesthetic preference that stems from insecurities and a need to be Edgy and Unique on the Internet

No. 230879

she vaguely said she had a fucked up mindset back then or something when an anon asked where did all her old posts go

No. 230892


Exactly… she did ALL of this when she was in her 20s! She's grown. She isn't a little girl.

No. 230895

Why is it everyone off dumblr who "makes it' always turns out to be such a cunt?

No. 231182

mental illness can definitely play a part in being drawn to fucked up things or making horrifying art. i know lars von trier has made some reeeally fucked up movies that featured straight up penetrative sex, a woman cutting her clit with rusty scissors, a fox eating its own guts, etc. except like… this is a middle aged man who was raised in a nudist family and grew up with a lot of sexual trauma, and often goes through stages of catatonic depression during which he writes most of the scripts of his movies.

so the whole "i was depressed and anorexic" thing literally will NEVER justify nicole being obsessed with physically deformed nude children and bugs raping more children, because she grew up in a perfectly supportive and financially well off household. it doesn't come from trauma.

she has a posse of older neckbeard dudebros who are all more or less into the metal guro horror thing, who she admits are the ones who got her into music. my theory is it's most likely edgelord scenekid nicole got into porn to be one of teh guys and prove her cool creepy hardcoreness and just found herself rubbing one out to guro loli manga and beyond. like any other millennial pedophile.

No. 231190

sage but I love all of Lars Von Trier's films.

and maybe it's a nature thing with her and she was born fucked up.

No. 231199

I don't think so. I think she does it to be edgy.

No. 231232

she posted those things for the aesthetic, that's all. she wanted to appear and ~quirky and edgy as possible. i think it also has to do with how mentally sick she felt, she wanted people to see how sick she felt inside by posting weird, fucked up shit on her blog (i can't phrase this correctly in order to get my point across sorry). i'm not excusing it by any means though

No. 231280

File: 1484130924499.png (398.29 KB, 514x430, wwhhyy.png)

No. 231328

i get what you mean and i agree

No. 231331

Some crazed fan is gonna amputate her limbs and it's gonna be alll her fault !

No. 231481

http://instagram.com/normadesmond1 her mother has an instagram account

No. 231937

Her mom is more interesting than her

No. 231956

For real. It's quite obvious the only reason Nicole is so "unique" and into obscure shit is because of her mother. I bet more than half of the junk in her room was originally her mother's lmao

No. 232058

Ew this is just gross. Look at how excited she is to post pictures where she "looks like an amputee!!1"

No. 232145

File: 1484261526451.png (166.71 KB, 750x1051, IMG_1861.PNG)

lmao she still has the river pheonix coffin photo/shrine up…

No. 232160

Nicole is the only cow im slightly jealous of and its purely bc she has a really neat treasure trove of kitschy vintage shit and antiques that is all hers when her parents die. Her mom is cool, she not so much. Shes so contrived

No. 232165

wow look how big that fucking room is… she has some nerve writing songs about being trailer trash and shit

No. 232174

i wonder how much money she spent on all that tacky ~aesthetic~ shit

No. 232200

it digusts me how absolutely spoiled she is and she glamorizes the trailer trash lifestyle? As if she's ever experienced poverty or what being trailer trash actually means beyond ~aesthetics~ Lana Del Rey glorified the trailer park lifestyle but because SHE ACTUALLY LIVED IT. Nicole is just a tryhard wannabe, spoiled little brat with no personality or originality