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File: 1685154840186.jpeg (311.68 KB, 2102x1926, 1668186457624.jpeg)

No. 162962

Post before & afters, or just pictures of Shaymu looking particularly portly.

No. 162963

File: 1685154870881.png (Spoiler Image, 53.36 KB, 280x456, 1680490202337.png)

No. 162966

YESSS IM SO GLAD SOMEONE MADE THIS THREAD I’m not an anachan or anything but this thread idea literally crossed my mind more than once!

No. 162968

File: 1685163335243.jpeg (783.39 KB, 3465x3465, 79DB079A-B704-44C7-AAF3-3320EE…)

The Christmas classic

No. 162969

File: 1685164124908.jpeg (7.08 KB, 255x275, 5BEA642D-B0A9-42F2-AA0B-FD3971…)

This is burned into my mind and inspires me to watch my diet/physical activity

No. 162972

File: 1685177378278.png (160.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1169.png)

i will always find it hilarious that she went from being a huge snotty bitch on tumblr about her skinniness to being posted by twitter anachans as fatspo. karma

No. 162974

I bet my ass that’s a poster in the anachan thread

No. 163018

File: 1685185530334.jpg (77.38 KB, 1002x502, 1684202161384.jpg)

She's a fridge now

No. 163063

File: 1685281251350.png (119.88 KB, 359x293, A3DF349B-A45A-445B-BB19-213AA5…)

Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like this year

No. 163065

File: 1685282906565.png (2.55 MB, 2000x1600, F30B6477-9D6D-4ACE-A4A5-882BB8…)

No. 163066

File: 1685285257431.jpeg (115.34 KB, 1080x618, 882E5D63-CEF8-4321-90A5-667BB4…)

Anytime she does a pigtail hairstyle it really accentuates how wide she is

No. 163070

Lmfao this picture is hilarious

No. 163162

File: 1685966559625.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 490.05 KB, 2048x2048, E9A9D910-DF98-42D8-9177-A2B1D2…)

Didn’t she used to wear this when she was thin? Does anyone have the before photos?

No. 163174

File: 1685994534768.jpeg (865.6 KB, 3464x3464, 1602958513374.jpeg)

No. 163266

this picture is brutal. she was never anything special but seeing her now changes all of it. ugly sex workers always get compliments in the main threads about being so much hotter than shayna… old school blonde shayna would be considered a supermodel >>162968

No. 164116

File: 1692060816667.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 16.72 KB, 154x275, 46AFD495-3B9B-4ED8-AAEA-AA8614…)

Her arm in this screenshot immediately made me feel disgusted

No. 164119

File: 1692107553725.jpeg (76.27 KB, 573x615, 1692048980914.jpeg)

No. 164124

File: 1692134694516.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1290x2255, 77DDD8CB-D94B-4A03-9E81-79A116…)

No. 164127

She looks like an earthworm

No. 164134

File: 1692216186686.png (1.48 MB, 784x1316, 1692061521111.png)

No. 164141

File: 1692240759293.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 3464x3464, 51713C90-FBEB-4897-AF93-41CC28…)

No. 164150

wtf even is this pic?

No. 164632

File: 1695752586447.jpg (Spoiler Image, 156.53 KB, 718x536, tallow.jpg)

No. 164633

File: 1695752629660.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.42 KB, 717x625, rectangle.jpg)

No. 164634

File: 1695752650410.jpg (50.02 KB, 278x299, porker.jpg)

No. 164635

File: 1695752674935.jpg (65.33 KB, 340x326, piggy.jpg)

No. 164636

File: 1695752782853.jpg (440.92 KB, 596x1197, no_ass.jpg)

I need to print this and hang it in front of the squat rack.

No. 164637

File: 1695752811701.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.97 KB, 819x779, lard.jpg)

No. 164638

File: 1695752929448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.31 KB, 328x856, horror.jpg)

Deadlift motivation

No. 164639

File: 1695752953998.jpg (496.45 KB, 514x1521, hank_hill.jpg)

No. 164640

File: 1695752981032.jpg (Spoiler Image, 248.65 KB, 478x663, gunt_escape.jpg)

No. 164641

File: 1695753022398.jpg (153.04 KB, 233x747, gunt.jpg)

No. 164642

File: 1695753090697.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 28.76 KB, 492x472, fat.jpeg)

No. 164643

File: 1695753116517.jpg (163.11 KB, 243x706, dick_hiding.jpg)

No. 164644

File: 1695753146237.jpg (Spoiler Image, 329.87 KB, 1062x1170, depressing.jpg)

No. 164645

File: 1695753184318.jpeg (36.59 KB, 530x762, chins.jpeg)

No. 164646

File: 1695753208497.jpg (584.84 KB, 741x1114, blubber.jpg)

No. 164647

File: 1695753229512.jpg (Spoiler Image, 280.14 KB, 552x1257, baboon.jpg)

No. 164648

File: 1695753361915.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.33 KB, 536x893, assless.jpg)

No. 164649

File: 1695753402709.png (7.45 MB, 1170x2532, 1692137345232.png)

No. 164650

File: 1695753473830.jpeg (188.94 KB, 794x1108, 1691125520349.jpeg)

No. 164651

File: 1695753497763.jpg (Spoiler Image, 633.77 KB, 1079x1711, 1690683329160.jpg)

No. 164652

File: 1695753520761.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1170x1991, 1690314702984.jpeg)

No. 164653

File: 1695753570884.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 165.9 KB, 1234x2067, 1686332351027.jpeg)

No. 164654

File: 1695753833324.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 128.43 KB, 1170x1429, 1686243579002.jpeg)

No. 164655

File: 1695753883785.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 198.16 KB, 1205x1644, 1685981512933.jpeg)

No. 164656

File: 1695753909445.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.17 MB, 434x312, 1685412458441.gif)

No. 164657

File: 1695753990518.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.68 MB, 296x170, 1684434738247.gif)

No. 164658

File: 1695754030945.jpeg (95.18 KB, 946x1306, 1683159411890.jpeg)

No. 164659

File: 1695754066475.jpeg (40.92 KB, 881x614, 1682382144137.jpeg)

No. 164660

File: 1695754088858.png (484.07 KB, 1792x828, 1682276954562.png)

No. 164661

File: 1695754128130.jpeg (99.97 KB, 750x1104, 1680632790074.jpeg)

No. 164662

File: 1695754233366.png (Spoiler Image, 119.07 KB, 714x396, 1679203783469.png)

No. 164663

I have anorexia and currently weigh 92lbs at 5’7. I had to go for refeeding and it was awful. I’m going to use this to get back on track. I’d rather be too skinny than a fatass like Shay. Thanks for this!

No. 164664

genuinely how the fuck does this happen to someone? I struggled with alcoholism, poor eating habits, depression, fucked metabolism for 6 years and most I gained was 10lb during that. I try to wrap my head around it but I seriously can’t. How the fuck is it possible to gain so much mass so fast? Shaytaan a straight up anomaly

No. 164665

you have something wrong with you

No. 164666

File: 1695775868790.png (721.56 KB, 525x1049, Screenshot_20230927-084920~2.p…)

No. 164667

I’m the one with something wrong with me when you guys are the ones posting Shayna as Fatspo? That’s legit triggering for people with eating disorders. You’re sick.

No. 164668

You must wish that was you! You’re using Shayna as Fatspo but are making fun of anorexic people. Makes no sense!

No. 164669

Don’t worry nonna, her body is legit triggering for people without eating disorders.

No. 164670

Wow, you’re so funny.

No. 164671

i haven't ever posted itt i'm just pointing out theres something wrong with you and your post is triggering for other people

No. 164673

And this thread isn’t?

No. 164674

no, looking at a fat person doesn't in fact trigger me. the before and afters kind of do but AGAIN i'm not looking at or posting itt. i just found your post triggering. you need to eat something so the oxygen can go to your brain idec….

No. 164675

do you know where you are retard? you have to actively look for this hidden board. Seeing shat alone for anyone who’s a bone rattler would have them folding. cry on tiktok about it

No. 164676

My post was legit sarcasm. I was trying to point out how gross and triggering this thread is. That’s all.

No. 164677

And you telling someone to eat something isn’t triggering either?

No. 164678

i'm genuinely sorry if it was sarcasm it genuinely read like a unironic anachan statement. i hope you can get the help you need. please hide this thread for your own wellbeing man. i just saw your post in the other thread and it does come off sarcastic so if you're not baiting i'm truly sorry.

No. 164679

Who says everyone is here for the same reason that you are nona?

No. 164680

What are you in here for?

No. 164681

I think you should hide this thread since that dumb comment triggered you so much. And since you say you never look or post here, that shouldn’t be a problem, man!

No. 164682

Christ is that a shit!?

No. 164684

If you are too triggered by the sight of Shayna's gunt, why are you on the dedicated Shayna board?

Also describing Shayna as fatspo is hyperbole. It's not intended to be taken literally. No one is using Shayna to inspire anorexia and disordered eating. It's a joke because she once had a good figure and has now utterly wrecked herself though poor lifestyle choices. She is cautionary tale of why it's important to exercise and eat a healthy diet.

No. 164694

She looks like some British bitch who’d be in the news for her pit bull mauling a toddler

No. 164700

wow you’re so different & special. no1curr anachan.

No. 164712

Assuming that “anachan” is serious and not trolling/baiting, it’s terminally online “edtwt”/“wannarexia” behaviour. No one who actually has anorexia nervosa says shit like this. It’s a horrible, horrible illness that no one should ever have to experience t. someone whose life has been ruined by AN and who wouldn’t wish it upon their worst enemy

No. 164716

File: 1696162643781.png (Spoiler Image, 822.57 KB, 827x767, 264GDKH.png)

No. 164717

File: 1696162698485.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 888x1638, 467893.png)

No. 164718

File: 1696162730053.jpeg (979.62 KB, 3072x3072, 1677377752526.jpeg)

No. 164719

File: 1696162755802.gif (3.43 MB, 291x296, 1677387929467.gif)

No. 164720

File: 1696162785768.jpeg (41.23 KB, 449x330, 1677381418450.jpeg)

No. 164721

File: 1696162820871.jpeg (358.79 KB, 794x670, 1677392064279.jpeg)

No. 164722

File: 1696162913823.jpg (79.37 KB, 589x524, 1677388752191.jpg)

No. 164723

I was a weighltloss denier until I saw these images. Woof.

No. 164728

Shayna is the reason why I hate skirts on fat people.

No. 164729

File: 1696264282509.jpeg (237.48 KB, 1242x1748, 1672965815825.jpeg)

No. 164738

File: 1696326580217.png (561.03 KB, 571x988, 5U6845EH.png)

No. 164739

File: 1696326667026.png (325.46 KB, 518x655, 4668.png)

No. 164740

File: 1696326818533.png (632.16 KB, 757x656, 31798.png)

No. 164741

File: 1696326862210.png (255.1 KB, 436x455, 087465.png)

No. 164742

File: 1696326891605.png (496.97 KB, 479x862, 264486.png)

No. 164743

File: 1696326916860.png (Spoiler Image, 896.41 KB, 1193x745, 264684.png)

No. 164744

File: 1696326946288.png (Spoiler Image, 275.17 KB, 360x668, 352584.png)

No. 164745

File: 1696326977017.png (Spoiler Image, 839.99 KB, 864x1270, 735468.png)

No. 164746

File: 1696327236732.png (430.72 KB, 987x641, 769532.png)

No. 164747

File: 1696327266084.png (Spoiler Image, 651.09 KB, 833x846, 7359745.png)

No. 164748

File: 1696327296199.png (Spoiler Image, 1.79 MB, 1002x1845, 754326853.png)

No. 164749

File: 1696327341446.png (Spoiler Image, 251.34 KB, 625x409, 9674326468.png)

No. 164750

File: 1696327371340.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 3406x3344, 1668206977665.jpeg)

No. 164751

File: 1696327411259.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 107.05 KB, 546x830, 1668222804856.jpeg)

No. 164752

File: 1696327456404.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.2 MB, 225x249, 1668259423827.gif)

No. 164753

File: 1696327526174.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 3465x3465, 1669488703248.jpeg)

No. 164754

File: 1696327548866.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 151.6 KB, 400x512, 1670038288767.jpeg)

No. 164755

File: 1696327579378.png (667.33 KB, 1080x890, 1673398437387.png)

No. 164756

File: 1696327629675.png (Spoiler Image, 410.42 KB, 510x854, 5382359234509.png)

No. 164757

Obviously you’re not better if you’re commenting here. Looking at this is wrong and you know it. Sending you healing and love, nona.

No. 164759

Then why feel the need to explain yourself? Just ignore. You sound like you feel guilty with the excuses.

No. 164767

File: 1696410355520.png (Spoiler Image, 486.75 KB, 825x838, 735.png)

No. 164768

File: 1696410435324.png (Spoiler Image, 726.65 KB, 405x1645, 153357.png)

No. 164769

File: 1696410484222.png (Spoiler Image, 150.04 KB, 514x464, 351573.png)

No. 164770

File: 1696410509796.png (Spoiler Image, 549.73 KB, 751x757, 462659.png)

No. 164771

File: 1696410549533.png (Spoiler Image, 674.1 KB, 1242x1725, 735685.png)

No. 164773

File: 1696410834212.png (855.52 KB, 1172x2239, 743846.png)

No. 164774

File: 1696410866223.png (364.29 KB, 672x1128, 4265976.png)

No. 164775

File: 1696410900099.png (Spoiler Image, 661.84 KB, 581x1085, 6426854.png)

No. 164776

File: 1696410937390.png (553.38 KB, 592x1028, 6468975.png)

No. 164777

File: 1696410976293.png (566.4 KB, 535x887, 6244865956.png)

No. 164778

File: 1696411044923.gif (9.56 MB, 642x432, 1659238986986.gif)

No. 164779

File: 1696411081566.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 43.67 KB, 459x556, 1659240908917.jpeg)

No. 164780

File: 1696411123609.gif (Spoiler Image, 9.05 MB, 674x420, 1659242856826.gif)

No. 164781

File: 1696411193120.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.73 MB, 694x442, 1659243582931.gif)

No. 164782

File: 1696411218586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.94 KB, 661x1028, 1659272284344.jpg)

No. 164783

File: 1696411242968.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 365.88 KB, 654x677, 1659844354835.jpeg)

No. 164784

File: 1696411271738.png (6.7 MB, 1242x2208, 1661393405840.png)

No. 164785

File: 1696411296950.jpeg (76.49 KB, 551x617, 1661656511474.jpeg)

No. 164786

File: 1696411430732.jpeg (997.44 KB, 1242x1704, 1661657644957.jpeg)

No. 164787

File: 1696411491662.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 410.35 KB, 891x707, 1664659104252.jpeg)

No. 164788

File: 1696411531765.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 225.09 KB, 768x611, 1664663026317.jpeg)

No. 164789

File: 1696411559847.jpeg (569.76 KB, 849x1153, 1665104071745.jpeg)

No. 164790

File: 1696411612369.jpeg (277.35 KB, 615x688, 1666585248228.jpeg)

No. 164792

Big back little ass

No. 164806

I am a true & verified anorexic and by posting this fat woman looking fat, you are all MAKING me starve myself. I hope you're all proud of what you made me do.

No. 164828

File: 1696514889544.png (553.59 KB, 584x874, 246584.png)

No. 164829

File: 1696514971998.png (402.78 KB, 666x876, 246486.png)

No. 164830

File: 1696515006133.png (Spoiler Image, 1008.94 KB, 667x947, 31575.png)

No. 164831

File: 1696515035527.png (Spoiler Image, 447.29 KB, 712x594, 346486.png)

No. 164832

File: 1696515069442.png (Spoiler Image, 1.26 MB, 879x1184, 346569.png)

No. 164833

File: 1696515121390.png (201.42 KB, 284x742, 73556979.png)

No. 164834

File: 1696515163439.jpeg (204.61 KB, 1196x2048, 1648336100080.jpeg)

No. 164835

File: 1696515244084.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.89 KB, 1075x609, 1650583585521.jpg)

Extremely porcine

No. 164836

File: 1696515275687.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 775.09 KB, 1242x1097, 1651087273059.jpeg)

No. 164837

File: 1696515313300.jpeg (87.01 KB, 672x935, 1653015292820.jpeg)

No. 164860

File: 1696546111880.png (Spoiler Image, 910.03 KB, 469x935, 35357.png)

No. 164861

File: 1696546143524.png (Spoiler Image, 392.84 KB, 409x760, 135375.png)

No. 164862

File: 1696546170976.png (Spoiler Image, 197.23 KB, 248x643, 462648.png)

No. 164863

File: 1696546305662.png (Spoiler Image, 529 KB, 797x766, 3754698.png)

No. 164864

File: 1696546356036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 635.6 KB, 714x944, 1638111209651.jpeg)

No. 164865

File: 1696546378784.jpeg (325.05 KB, 786x617, 1638603474711.jpeg)

No. 164866

File: 1696546424258.gif (12.4 MB, 696x458, 1639022231208.gif)

No. 164867

File: 1696546449259.jpg (415.67 KB, 1033x750, 1639711029300.jpg)

No. 164868

File: 1696546473154.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 293.26 KB, 1242x1343, 1642206972657.jpeg)

No. 164869

File: 1696546497586.png (Spoiler Image, 5.84 MB, 1242x2208, 1643059480638.png)

No. 164870

File: 1696546522611.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 771.81 KB, 1242x1422, 1645339713894.jpeg)

No. 164871

File: 1696546553339.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 480x264, 1645340149253.gif)

No. 164883

She holds her back like a fat old man trying to take the weight off his gunt lol

No. 164927

File: 1696670722024.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 895.77 KB, 3180x2608, 1628207113473.jpeg)

No. 164928

File: 1696670745610.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.27 MB, 1112x2208, 1628750235849.jpeg)

No. 164929

File: 1696670798345.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1242x1592, 1632110911733.jpeg)

No. 164930

File: 1696670827372.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 641.57 KB, 750x921, 1632599050301.jpeg)

Does Ellen count as shatspo?

No. 164931

File: 1696670872541.png (6.65 MB, 1242x2208, 1633653328105.png)

No. 164938

Delicate little girl dolly legs

No. 164942

I know you're just being sarcastic, but I'm a little underweight and seeing this thread makes me want to stay that way. I don't think it's healthy for anyone thin or fat tbh, but oh well.

No. 164951

File: 1696770202876.png (Spoiler Image, 4.94 MB, 1242x2208, 1624930654745.png)

I'm the anon that posting most of these and I'm using it as motivation to eat 140g of protein a day and go for four rucks through a national park. Shayna wouldn't look half as bad, even at her increased weight if she had some muscle under the blubber.

No. 164952

File: 1696770234476.png (Spoiler Image, 1.24 MB, 1242x2208, BIG.png)

No. 164953

File: 1696770583859.png (Spoiler Image, 279.88 KB, 474x458, big_in_tulsa.png)

No. 164961

File: 1696814313850.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 784.2 KB, 1116x1477, 1622696500670.jpeg)


No. 164962

File: 1696814363323.png (6.86 MB, 1242x2208, 1623122192730.png)

No. 164963

File: 1696814402702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.72 KB, 827x462, 1623385810375.jpeg)

No. 164964

File: 1696814464769.gif (Spoiler Image, 18.39 MB, 510x503, 1623396449943.gif)

No. 164965

File: 1696814665203.png (Spoiler Image, 278.76 KB, 626x802, Untitled-1.png)

No. 164988

File: 1696871677805.png (6.25 MB, 1242x2208, 1617000804029.png)

No. 164989

File: 1696871700737.jpeg (366.28 KB, 1242x674, 1614236416359.jpeg)

No. 164990

File: 1696871778202.gif (Spoiler Image, 13.57 MB, 800x444, 1613798136414.gif)

No. 165419

File: 1697001015011.jpeg (50.42 KB, 275x263, 4FD65B69-3E99-4421-8F89-D2A839…)

No. 165425

File: 1697013344676.png (Spoiler Image, 271.64 KB, 693x580, Untitled-3.png)

No. 165426

File: 1697013432036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.88 KB, 610x425, 1610169326305.jpeg)

No. 165427

File: 1697013805083.jpeg (196.04 KB, 526x593, 1610168598770.jpeg)

No. 165428

File: 1697013830974.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 473.92 KB, 1242x676, 1611034374781.jpeg)

No. 165561

File: 1697200443574.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.66 KB, 971x488, 1603762961972.jpeg)

No. 165562

File: 1697200466371.jpeg (126.69 KB, 676x1313, 1605669781831.jpeg)

No. 165563

File: 1697200549183.jpeg (536.25 KB, 750x1334, 1605916685494.jpeg)

No. 165591

File: 1697287801554.png (6.26 MB, 1125x2436, 1589345572159.png)

No. 165592

File: 1697287854955.jpg (Spoiler Image, 227.43 KB, 1080x1171, 1595050121905.jpg)

No. 165593

File: 1697288034671.png (684.42 KB, 1072x1430, fatass.png)

No. 165594

File: 1697288125089.jpeg (60.01 KB, 640x360, 1592982883057.jpeg)

Reminder of what she used to look like.

No. 165595

You’re just jealous of Shayna since she looks better than you even at her fattest.(shitposting)

No. 165603

Hi Kiki

No. 165654

like a square

No. 165656

File: 1697582274990.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 339.33 KB, 1536x2048, 1697566447460.jpeg)

No. 165664

She actually looks thinner here. It’s not good fatspo tbh.

No. 165666

>not good fatspo
kek. she looks like she's shaped from crayola air dry clay.

No. 165667

I bet you look like fatspo too

No. 165669

It’s good don’t cheap out on a boobjob inspo

No. 165678

Nah, girl. I’m skinny as shit. Wish I could actually have some tits and ass. But no, it’s not good “fatspo”. Also, why be so mean? Isn’t this just about being mean to Shayna?

No. 165681

File: 1697719781728.png (311.35 KB, 1340x428, navel.png)

I doubt she has. There are no indications that she is doing anything to loose weight such as diet and exercise. The big give away to her actual size is her navel.

No. 165683

blog but I had a navel like that at bmi 15, some people just have sideways navels

No. 165685

It's not about size or shape, it's about being buried under blubber.

No. 165746

File: 1697953061743.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 3264x2724, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

From when she started gaining weight, thread 46

No. 165805

File: 1698160261018.jpeg (612.44 KB, 3072x2048, 1698160062951.jpeg)

No. 165849

I adjusted the brightness and enlarged a section from this >>>/snow/1919827 image. She is now fatter than she was in Tulsa.

No. 165850

File: 1698375823845.png (518.66 KB, 664x1032, larger.png)

It would help if I posted the image

No. 165928

is she? i remember that "what sex work does to a mf" cap of her fat back in OK and thinking that's the fattest she'd ever been.

No. 165930

As we don't know her actual weight, it's not possible to definitively know so I'm basing it off gunt size.

Looking at recent images such as >>165850 and the images from the latest fatcon, her gunt is now the biggest it's ever been.

No. 165932

File: 1698843589386.png (Spoiler Image, 991.95 KB, 819x1024, large.png)

She now has to hold back her gunt to reach her genitals.

No. 165933

File: 1698844073183.png (Spoiler Image, 2.82 MB, 1136x640, 41CEF9F9-CD9A-4639-9B74-28E837…)

Reminder to get off your ass, sitting on it all day makes it flat.

No. 165938

Well she’s done nothing to control her weight since then so how would it be any different?

No. 165943

She lost weight when she initially moved to Seattle and while she was on the Ireland trip with her family.

No. 165944

why does she have no hips

No. 165947

File: 1698930107124.jpeg (533.33 KB, 2048x2048, 1636574544519.jpeg)

No. 165952

what 8 years of sex work does to a mf

No. 165990

File: 1699221791632.jpg (423.61 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20231105-215040.jpg)

No. 166058

File: 1699577050994.png (1.04 MB, 789x1297, button.png)

That level of camel toe looks painfully uncomfortable.

No. 166063

this facial expression reminds me of lillee jean trying to laugh in one of her "acting" reels

No. 166065

File: 1699649697789.jpg (105.48 KB, 837x1024, 1699646950439.jpg)

Sometimes it's a hard choice between this thread and the worst she's ever looked thread

No. 166174

File: 1700147754825.png (30.5 KB, 224x275, horse legs.png)

No. 166178

seriously half the reason she always needs a drink when shes out and wearing any kind of shorts has to be the constant camel toe, ive never been able to fit tiny shorts but I have worn too small underwear (in denial about weight), i cant even imagine the same situation in denim instead of cotton

No. 166189

lmao i dont know why but my first thought was “cariboo” like the animal KEK

No. 166192

File: 1700404655238.gif (Spoiler Image, 6.54 MB, 592x327, Shayhulk.gif)

Don’t open if you want to avoid Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado’s penis.

No. 166212

Making everyone wanna do 4 sets of RDLs

No. 166248

File: 1700691133630.jpg (Spoiler Image, 170.3 KB, 828x1135, IMG_9483.JPG)

No. 166249

File: 1700691729550.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 985.16 KB, 828x1775, IMG_82EB247C030B-1.jpeg)

No. 166251

ew why does her upper vaginal mount look so puffed up like that? is that from "pussy pumping"?

No. 166252

KEK honey I shrunk you what a stupid parody

No. 166263

File: 1700823391734.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 730.22 KB, 480x852, 1700818213044.mp4)

No. 166291

It's wild that it's just floating suspended like that & hasn't dropped yet.

No. 166358

File: 1701362019063.jpeg (12.91 KB, 275x143, 1638607110471.jpeg)

an opportunity was truly missed to call this thread "shatspo"

No. 166620

File: 1702374163918.jpg (199.46 KB, 822x1243, spankedcallgirls-dollysophiafu…)


No. 166663

sorry but it's really bothering me, can someone tell me what is in her hand? i can't tell if it's a blunt or a crab leg

No. 166693

File: 1702606188328.png (Spoiler Image, 151.62 KB, 262x457, nice-gunt.png)

No. 166718

File: 1702754391760.jpeg (1.35 MB, 3465x3465, 0666446A-60B8-4A44-BCB8-9D0DDC…)

No. 166776

where is the gif of her disappearing in the thread pic? I can not stop laughing at it and can’t find it.

No. 166848

File: 1703200963271.png (284.18 KB, 556x844, gunt_in_light.png)

Her jeans are begging for relief

No. 166891

File: 1703388712097.png (595.49 KB, 546x1032, large_tard.png)

No. 167025

File: 1704178599091.jpg (152.8 KB, 538x628, 1704177728149.jpg)

No. 167175

File: 1705229326879.jpeg (2.02 MB, 1284x2404, 1662082856999.jpeg)

No. 167185

File: 1705254173824.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x1543, 1705251251836.jpeg)

She has got to be fatter than she was in Tulsa. Her thighs are huge.

No. 167187

She’s sitting down so her legs look even bigger, but I don’t understand why she would post this, it looks so bad. I thought it was her ass.

No. 167207

File: 1705404145988.png (Spoiler Image, 981.99 KB, 1160x1708, 1705401979175.png)

No. 167208

kek. I came here to post that exact image.

No. 167210

File: 1705420390253.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 1242x2208, 1705420001740.jpeg)

Her gunt seems smaller than it was here >>165850
It could just be where she's stretching.

No. 167214

It looks the same to me. The only diff is that the straps on the lingerie are squishing her belly and exaggerating the lumps a bit. Plus she’s half sitting so the belly will look bigger there.

No. 167217

is there a reason shayna's underbite has become so apparent this year? her grinch face has been popping up more and more frequently

No. 167235

I think it's a combination of aging, poor diet and alcoholism. Myself and other anons have mentioned that she seems to have become noticeably uglier this year.

No. 167299

File: 1705769669602.png (1.58 MB, 828x1469, full-gunt.png)

Full lightened image of her jeans cutting her in half.

No. 167354

It's always so crazy to look back at the old pictures because I vividly remember thinking she was one of the most ugliest girls on lolcow. But compared to now in comparison she doesn't look as bad as I remember. Maybe it was the horror tier vag pics on the old threads that were often alongside them that made me think that way? Never seen someone hit the wall so fast, she was ratlike before but I didn't even know this was possible.

No. 167360

Right? It’s also probably the fact her online persona was so hideous, she was a total piece of garbage and thought her shit did not stink bc she had a tumblr following and perky boobs and was skinny. Those things coupled with her below average looks, nasty porn/pedo pandering and lack of hygiene just made her seem gross immediately. I love knowing she will never have a good body again, it’s what she deserves

No. 167385

File: 1706407955208.jpg (470.68 KB, 2880x2880, What Sex Work Do To A MF.jpg)

No. 167394

File: 1706450632581.jpeg (111.09 KB, 607x1080, 1668343851957.jpeg)

No. 167475

File: 1707008117062.png (464.17 KB, 598x896, 1532036559305.png)

This is how she looked when she did a professional porn shot in L.A back in thread 10. She has wrecked herself so hard for no other reason than she is too lazy to exercise.

No. 167530

File: 1707276729839.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, A5D07171-461E-4D59-AC11-1E86DB…)

That photo is incredibly photoshopped and she had her makeup done professionally. She did not look like that in person. But yes she looked much better than now.

No. 167665

File: 1708132626207.jpg (Spoiler Image, 454.9 KB, 1080x2240, 1592100024416.jpg)

No. 167666

File: 1708135107626.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 489.65 KB, 1535x2048, 1592329142103.jpeg)

No. 167667

File: 1708135221116.gif (Spoiler Image, 5.82 MB, 320x411, gunt touch.gif)

No. 167670

File: 1708136399741.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 859x1603, sausage-in-string.png)

No. 167671

File: 1708136718538.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 98.48 KB, 743x895, 1598759408337.jpeg)

No. 167688

File: 1708390797482.jpg (Spoiler Image, 689.49 KB, 1080x1738, 1708381983926.jpg)

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