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File: 1687740631721.png (25.2 KB, 890x827, Operation DARVO.png)

No. 1853190

Katherine McMahon, also known online as the Madame Blush, is a 25 year old ex-salt baby masquerading as a professional dominatrix in NYC. Only possessing a single sweat stained, ill-fitting, tacky glue and rhinestone monstrosity of a costume, her favorite accessories are her self-diagnoses; autism, chronic pain, allergies, physical disability, medical burnout, PTSD, narcolepsy, insomnia, traction alopecia, and much, much more! Her hobbies include fetishizing dead black trans women, picking fights on twitter with actual sex workers, hating other women, calling street girls "dykes", pretending to be queer, inventing new lesphobic rhetoric to spew on her Instagram stories, and LARPing as a member of the working class.

Recent milk:

>>1735450 Kathy spends New Year's alone while her boyfriend spends the evening with the other woman.
>>1744922 Replies to a post about rape and pedophilia being amplified because of porn with, "it is all the fault of mothers" (women).
>>1757157 Kathy takes it upon herself to educate the masses on how harmful "stigma" is around certain kinks, telling people how to feel about possibly harmful sex acts.
>>1764055 Kathy will never stop denying the existence of porn addiction, and the harm it causes.
>>1777550 Tired of having a real job, Kathy cries workplace abuse and posts cringe about "slitting throats legally."
>>1778749 Her weird shrine to the dead trans black woman makes a debut! And she's possibly using it to manifest money?
>>1781116 Yet another conversation about men being sexual predators is hijacked by Kathy, bonus points for hijacking a butch's take!
>>1787130 Seriously cannot stop squawking about porn addiction not being real.
>>1787139 In order to yet again minimize the harm done to women and children by the porn industry, Kathy compares the porn industry to the shoe industry.
>>1792978 Lovely photo of Madame at work.
>>1801396 Kathy has beef with someone on twitter, is called out for being narcissistic and psychotic. "People dislike me once they see the real me."
>>1836447 As predicted, she did not have a new apartment lined up like she claimed months ago.
>>1838030 Kathy advises disabled people to lie about and hide their disabilities, which only serves to prevent them from getting accommodations.
>>1841478 Kathy lies about not being straight.
>>1842510 Mini tantrum on how queer leftists don't support disabled people because other "performers" don't wear masks in public, despite her never wearing a mask in public.
>>1843085 "You need to pay me to court or date me."
>>1843999 Candid picture of Kath in the wild.

Active links:
https://instagram.com/theparkavenuepinup (currently private)
https://instagram.com/parkavenuepinup (currently private)

Museum of Sex lawsuit info:

1 >>1259829
2 >>1299249
3 >>1348150
4 >>1405537
5 >>1456358
6 >>1508644
7 >>1556689
8 >>1624647
9 >>1729166

No. 1853195

Hey, sorry if the thread is shit, I didn't update any of the links but it's been over a week. Tell me if I fucked anything up.

No. 1853202

Some of the links are dead but it's fine. Good summary & I'm glad someone finally made a new thread - thanks nona!

No. 1853260

Thanks for making the new thread!
Love the threadpic too!

No. 1853287

File: 1687754020363.jpg (210.64 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_2023-06-25-23-35-18…)

Dropping some recent tweets

No. 1853289

File: 1687754041374.jpg (190.23 KB, 1079x1762, Screenshot_2023-06-25-23-34-48…)

No. 1853290

File: 1687754077271.jpg (141.91 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_2023-06-25-23-34-15…)

No. 1853291

File: 1687754209249.jpg (122.18 KB, 1080x988, Screenshot_2023-06-25-23-33-58…)

Don't misread this as sympathy for any of Kathy's tricks, but I find it bizarre that she spends so much time focusing on RACK (as if it matters) when she posts creepy revenge porn fantasies like this.

No. 1853339

Kathy is unbelievably dumb, this doesn't give sexy ruthless dominatrix but criminal who leaves his jacket and ID at the crime scene. why would you ever say you want to do the revenge porn and extortion thing.

No. 1853345

File: 1687760926791.jpeg (85.54 KB, 1170x884, IMG_5196.jpeg)

Thread has only been up for 6 hours and she’s already shit stirring. Didn’t she once say that people who don’t publicly state the names of their abusers enable abusive behavior? Girl, don’t be shy now.

No. 1853435

So her answer to unsolicited dick pics is to send unsolicited dick pics…? That's still harassment moron.

No. 1853436

The only people she's ever named are random women on social media that didn't put up with her bullshit. She's a coward.

No. 1853507

Does she think Pierre Hermé is like, the Louboutin of patisserie? Because it's like saying your favourite artisanal coffee is Starbucks. She's such a try hard it's causing me physical pain.

No. 1853509

It doesn't fucking matter if another SW (or, rather, an actual sex worker) "tried to assault" her, not to anyone but her. If she was an actual sex worker she would find a community there for her, but she's not so she's LARPing into the void.

No. 1853528

She really just admitted she's not above trying to find out personal information about clients and contacting their families and workplaces. How professional! If someone did that to her she'd be screeching non-stop about stalking and harassment.

No. 1853529

How can she criticize people's lack of ethics in supporting this person when she doesn't say who it is? If people don't know someone has caused harm, are they just supposed to sense it and stay away? It's not a question of ethics, it's a lack of knowledge.

No. 1853556

File: 1687793697108.jpg (660.55 KB, 3106x4096, IMG_20230626_103618.jpg)

lol the absolute state of being a Kathy Coomer

No. 1853672

Thank you so much! Loving the thread pic
How can she be mad people are slobbering over someone when they can't possibly know what she did if beaky doesn't out her? I doubt it was anything more than a fellow whore at a sex party giving her a kiss.
I wonder how many times she'll make this tweet trying to get herself a Shayna viral tweet. Also it's so weird to hear someone act brand name about a recipe, especially because this isn't a new innovative desert but instead a variant on shortbread. It's a basic french shortbread recipe inspired by Persian flavour (you can make it easy https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018894-pierre-hermes-ispahan-sables). Just because it was made popular by a guy whose name is known doesn't mean he's special for it compared to every other pastry chef making their own flavour combos because if you're not just buying mall cafeteria pastries they tend to be unique from chef to chef with their artistry coming creating new flavours. Also it's not like the random mall cafeteria she goes to has Sablés made by him, it's brought in frozen by some factory mostly following the recipe or made by line cooks following one. It's like if I made a beef wellington following Gordon Ramsay's recipe and also told my guests they were actually eating a Gordon Ramsay meal. Not here to shit on the chef but there isn't a single pastry chef out there who hasn't added something to shortbread and there's a reason recipes cannot be copywritten and chefs share tips. Recipe creation is people sharing and combining ideas which then spread through the world, you'd think "anarchist" beaky would be all for that

No. 1854919

Kathy has been losing twitter followers and privated her personal instagram within the past couple of days.
How does one "lusciously" count kek.
All dirty deleted.

No. 1855072

File: 1687991278961.jpeg (48.98 KB, 1170x644, IMG_5209.jpeg)

Please be the leg lines please be the leg lines

No. 1855106

if it is she's in for a bad time. tattoo removal is painful, expensive, and takes years. also, the further away from the heart the tattoo is, the longer it will take to remove. the lines by her ankles might never come totally off.

No. 1855113

File: 1687997263909.jpg (27.37 KB, 750x1334, 355650158_3412034379011324_497…)

Already deleted. She had also tried asking on instagram a few days ago before she went private. No one must have answered kek. I have to wonder if instead of just being lazy and entitled, she's really lonely and these basic questions she asks (and expects people to answer for free) is the only outside social interaction she gets. It's probably both though.

No. 1855186

Um… sharing expertise? For free? Come on Kathy this isn't a charity now, it takes years of googling to aquire that knowledge.

No. 1855301

Incredibly based retweet from what I assume is a fellow sexworker/domme, rare to see such wisdom on Twitter. Kathy is definitely halfway to being pinkpilled via exposing herself to the worst degenerates in her bid for free money

No. 1855475

That’s called extortion Kathy and it’s illegal in the US

No. 1855665

>Kathy is definitely halfway to being pinkpilled
Except she's not

No. 1855668

File: 1688084567554.png (36.4 KB, 1172x622, Screenshot 2023-06-29 at 5.19.…)

She completely bypassed a second boyfriend and is now looking for a second husband… as a unmarried 26 year old woman. Come on Kathy be more creative this is really pathetic.

No. 1855717

Put in your bets now! Is she going to steal plotlines for her sw tweets, or is she going to try and do the hat thing?

No. 1855996

lmfao nona don't defend moids that harass women online. this is one of her rare based tweets, wish she would actually do that instead of just posturing though

No. 1856945

File: 1688287675865.png (70.37 KB, 1176x294, Screenshot 2023-07-02 at 1.46.…)

She's a decade behind every other cow. She was already rock bottom but somehow she has declined even further this year. Not even an interesting cow anymore.

No. 1857296

why can’t this retard ever google anything herself?

No. 1857981

>I have to wonder if instead of just being lazy and entitled, she's really lonely and these basic questions she asks (and expects people to answer for free) is the only outside social interaction she gets. It's probably both though.
I've always assumed this tbh. your picrel is an egregious example–asking for people to spoonfed her the most easily googled shit ever. it's pretty sad, but I cannot feel bad for her.

No. 1858986

File: 1688602571727.png (188.41 KB, 1184x666, Screenshot 2023-07-05 at 5.02.…)

It's easy to say what clients you won't take on when you've never planned on taking any from the get-go.

No. 1859030

This is so stupid, how would you even screen for those people? Send your johns a checklist and hope they’re honest? Fucking kek, try to LARP as a sex worker more convincingly Kathy.

No. 1859064

Kek. Hell’s gonna freeze over before this busted Little Edie with the beak could bag any of those. Even pathetic Shay has done more real sex work.

No. 1859093

File: 1688615501383.jpeg (164.42 KB, 1200x908, sb-129-167.jpeg)

Picrel is Kathy and everyone she's in community with(unsaged shitpost)

No. 1859109

But somehow lawyers are okay and idealized? what

No. 1859482

File: 1688690054280.png (73.53 KB, 1184x342, Screenshot 2023-07-06 at 5.35.…)

I'm not a fashion snob by any means and even I know that sex work has been credited. Louboutin is clear on why his soles are red kek

No. 1859522

She probably wants to be personally paid for people dressing flashy 50+ years ago

No. 1859710

anon what? i cant find anything saying they're inspired by sex workers anywhere.

No. 1859758

This is said with the same vigor of trannies claiming their fashion is the copied one. Modern "sex workers" wearing the same aliexpress costumes or the one Catherine d'lish robe aren't doing anything special nor even fashionable. A pop star occasionally dressing like a hooker to please her fans isn't "inspo" either, it's packaged libfem "women are public whores" "empowerment" brainrot. Or taking advantage of an artist's background in stripping they escaped from to then advertise it as true empowerment to the kids

No. 1859907

Christian Louboutin used to say that the red bottoms were inspired by prostitutes that had the bottom of their heels stained red from walking through the meat packaging district. He has changed up the story quite a few times though, especially within in the last 15 years because he tried to clean up his image. He used to say a lot of shit.

No. 1860081

File: 1688794069411.png (598.88 KB, 1186x1342, Screenshot 2023-07-07 at 10.19…)

She drags on about how much she actually hates the burlesque "community" yet e-begs for Dita tickets every time she goes on tour kek

No. 1860302

Late af but didnt see the new thread until now. God, that took such a long time to get through.
I cant think of anything more cringe than her sc «daTe IdeAs».
That one physically hurt

No. 1860693

File: 1688867783256.jpeg (265.61 KB, 1170x1573, IMG_5332.jpeg)

Her delusions never fail to make me smile

No. 1860702


also chris noth got cancelled for sexual harassment (possibly assault) which is worse than what jonah hill is being cancelled for. so she's putting mr big on a pedestal for what reason…?

No. 1860708

File: 1688868441452.jpeg (399.52 KB, 1170x1758, IMG_5335.jpeg)

Kathy unnecessarily putting down another person just to be the most educated person in the room

No. 1860709

File: 1688868466289.jpeg (248.36 KB, 1170x1451, IMG_5336.jpeg)

No. 1860734

She's so retarded she doesn't even know what they meant by "discriminate" plus we all know she's bulshitting about boundaries not working with those types because
a)She doesn't get any client so she's not seeing anyone on those levels
b)The user answering
>take their money away even more happily
it's a larp she has repeated a million times, idek why she's moralfagging so hard lately

No. 1861218

File: 1688946022431.png (112.65 KB, 2442x290, Screenshot 2023-07-09 at 4.40.…)

Can't ruin her Sex and the City dreams!

No. 1862059

File: 1689055064670.jpg (490.35 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_2023-07-11-00-54-50…)

No. 1862060

File: 1689055093477.jpg (398.22 KB, 1080x1449, Screenshot_2023-07-11-00-55-10…)

No. 1862061

File: 1689055141585.jpg (437.87 KB, 1079x1416, Screenshot_2023-07-11-00-58-04…)

No. 1862062

File: 1689055197034.jpg (316.57 KB, 1080x1574, Screenshot_2023-07-11-00-56-00…)


No. 1862297

Every sentence is about her and what she thinks/feels. This is her sw account. Where are all the sentences about how the client will feel by buying her service? Oh, wait, it's all just a larp.

No. 1862499

Woke Twitter is gonna eat her alive if she ever gets called out on using a word that’s considered a slur these days. She’ll probably try to fight it off with “muh context!” Like that means anything to Twitterfags

No. 1862509

File: 1689114136000.gif (1.44 MB, 498x276, sure kathy.gif)

"Human ATM" has sent her $14k yet she can't even swing a trip to Vegas to see Dita Von Teese (whose tickets are under $200 btw)

No. 1862669

File: 1689126928048.png (64.85 KB, 1178x298, Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 6.57.…)

Okay Shayna

No. 1862765

Wait, they actually used to pack meat in the meat packing district and blood would go everywhere? And hookers had to trawl through it and stain their shoes? Kek. That sounds so far fetched and gross, could be true or gay fantasy I guess

No. 1862835

The whole "stained the bottom of their shoes bright red" part is definitely a gay moid fantasy. Meatpacking districts in most places did used to be gory and unlike what we know now but hookers using it as their route is extremely questionable which is most likely why he changed up his red bottom origin story.

No. 1862898

There are literally hundreds of weed delivery services in NYC, wtf is she talking about??

No. 1862926

It’s called Leafly ma’am

No. 1863237

She probably wants to use her Dash Pass because she's broke

No. 1863338

Most sex workers don't give a shit what their client does for a living as long as he isn't on the UglyMugs database. It's easy to faux-discriminate against clients when you don't actually have any though!

No. 1863341

I think naming one of Sondheim's most famous works will get a pass, somehow, even on Twitter. Same with people talking about Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Sorry, G*y Rose Blanchard.

No. 1863832

You don’t know Twitter. GRB or Rose are used instead of her given name.

No. 1864064

I'm late to this but she really answered someone's question with another person's thread and then thank the asker like she did something lmfao

No. 1864715

File: 1689396044612.png (210.46 KB, 1190x1340, Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 9.40.…)

"I love him" sure doesn't sound like a professional dominatrix that has boundaries with her clients. Everything she has ever said goes out the door the moment someone sends her any monetary amount.

No. 1867499

File: 1689706917559.jpg (429.03 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_2023-07-18-14-02-23…)

Ain't no way

No. 1867500

File: 1689706941246.jpg (296.48 KB, 1080x925, Screenshot_2023-07-18-14-03-34…)

The scrote that's supposedly footing the bill

No. 1867657

$800 isn't covering tickets, flights, transportation, hotel, and food kek can't even get what she asks for

No. 1868138

File: 1689815970731.jpg (310.61 KB, 1174x1444, image.jpg)

It is beyond telling when Kathy attacks people who actually do everything she preaches about. Opened her ignorant beak just to say "military bad" while ignoring everything else.

No. 1868200

"military bad because pollution" of all things

No. 1868213

It’s very obvious she pulled the pollution stance out of her ass because she wanted to paint this girl out to be “bad” for “supporting the military”. She knew damn well what she meant by veteran causes. Kathy is so bitter and miserable. The other girl is still a whore but at least she puts her money where her mouth is in regards to community work and mutual aid.

No. 1868223

The bars lower than that when it comes to kathy. This girl maybe a whore, but atleast she is a succesfull whore. Thats probably the real reason kathy attacked her. Jealousy.

No. 1868894

This truly has me losing it lmao of all the things you could criticize THE US MILITARY for she picks pollution?

Might be obvious but it’s literally not even true, US military emissions make up 2% of total emissions from the US, and the US as a whole is still nowhere close to the emissions from the Chinese factories that are churning out the tacky plastic garbage she buys.

No. 1868921

File: 1689971195070.jpg (456.45 KB, 1174x2403, image.jpg)

She loves to be holier-than-thou but when called out on her ignorance, she just dirty deletes. Never owns up to anything. Here's the entire exchange since she wants to be a coward.

No. 1868928

File: 1689971932388.png (238.41 KB, 1180x974, Screenshot 2023-07-20 at 5.40.…)

>Men are hideous because they don't take care of themselves
>Men are hideous because they don't take care of themselves. Except for gay and trans men!! uwu
Not based

Also real bold of her to post this when she's dating a New York man that looks like he crawled out of the sewer

No. 1869071

>gay and trans men are exempt from this
This is the funniest load of shit I've read in months

No. 1869335

Proof she has no sense of style or beauty. Female clothing is made for female shape and when worn on men looks horrible. If she thinks that qualifies for attractive she is delusional and retarded. But what didnt we know?

No. 1869517

File: 1690073407951.png (1.12 MB, 1188x790, Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 5.52.…)

This delusion is self-harm

No. 1869520

File: 1690073556869.png (585.06 KB, 1186x1546, Screenshot 2023-07-22 at 5.52.…)

Not only is she going to fuck up her hair, platinum looks like shit on her

No. 1869547

Lol what?

No. 1869562

Does she not know how hair works

No. 1869567

She’s going to cry when they force her to go through a brassy/bleached stage for a few days because most quality hair dressers won’t turn you platinum blonde in a day especially since her natural hair colour is brown kek

No. 1869596

…as opposed to a temporary bleach?
I pity the hairstylist who'll have to deal with her for hours if she manages to crowdfund her silly platinum dreams. I'm betting she won't know how to care for the hair nor tone it. She'll probably expect to crowdfund a touch-up every month or two if she's thought that far ahead

No. 1869694

This looks so scammy. I’ve never bleached my hair, but can anons who do say if it’s even supposed to cost that much? And if so, why does someone who has to e-beg for rent and weed money every other month even think it’s a good idea? Like at least open a savings account or something bitch, GROW UP

No. 1869702

That price is accurate. Platinum is expensive af

No. 1869718

She means not a wig

I wouldn’t know for New York but anywhere else it would be $300-$700. Her hair is probably a level 6 or 7, it just looks darker because she’s a greaseball 90% of the time. She could get to an 8 or 9 in a single session, especially if she gets it cut first. Maintenance is a bitch though and that adds up fast.

No. 1869726

Oh I see now, thanks anon. What a weird way to put it? Like as soon as her roots grow out its not permanent anymore and like the other anon said everyone knows bleach is permanent. I guess she's trying to make "I'm dying my hair" sound exotic but it just makes her sound stupid instead. She must agree since the tweet's deleted now kek

No. 1869741

Also, isn't she supposed to be larping as a special commie superheroine who believes in mutual aid? And then she goes and does a crowdfund for a 2 grand hair appointment

No. 1869752

I really wish she'd do her eye makeup like this instead of the disaster she does now

No. 1869890

File: 1690152180830.png (178.7 KB, 1186x726, Screenshot 2023-07-23 at 3.27.…)

Trump International Hotel is five stars. She should stay there since she's only looking for "four or five star" experiences. Her wealth larp is such a shit show.

No. 1869921

Yeah I follow a lot of hairdressers and anything to do with level 8-10 on long hair is 1k or upwards. You're paying to not have your hair fried off which is generally what happens when people try and go platinum at home.

No. 1869922

Most gay men go incognito as straight-passing in order to not get hatecrimed or harassed (and just generally because life is easier that way) so some of those 3-4s she's judging are in fact gay men kek

She's right in that most men look like shit though, but…we have all seen her boyfriend

No. 1869924

trans men means women who take testosterone, not TIMs, so she's just saying other women are attractive twice with that

No. 1869951

donos to get your hair did IS mutual aid. other people paying for what you want is communism. communism is when you buy me things that make me happy.

No. 1869967

File: 1690168965998.jpg (282.51 KB, 1080x1471, 21318914_1668396646525400_4585…)

Her stringy hair is going to turn out like picrel if not worse

No. 1870124

God that looks so fried and awful. I can't imagine paying someone $2k to look worse. I've never seen platinum hair look good on anyone unless they either kept it short, or used weaves/extensions.

No. 1870154

Her natural hair is really nice, if not a bit mousy. She's going to ruin her one good thing!

No. 1870313

Her hairline is already tragic. It will never not be funny that she continues to pick the worse options for herself when it comes to appearance instead of taking farmer's legit advice.

No. 1870647

File: 1690299831864.png (136.91 KB, 1080x635, Screenshot_20230724-193307~2.p…)

Pick a lane dumbass

No. 1870703

Tbh she needs to stick to wigs and dye her natural hair a darker color instead of lighter. I think she'd look better with a dark brown or something. Platinum blonde doesn't look good on most pasty people. Just makes them look sick

No. 1870814

So what's going on with her insta?

No. 1870901

It's on private?

No. 1870967

I disagree she looks far better platinum. This is the only good decision she made.

No. 1871806

File: 1690501432722.png (76.26 KB, 1178x340, Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 5.35.…)

Sure Kathy

No. 1871808

File: 1690501519068.png (211.86 KB, 1182x816, Screenshot 2023-07-24 at 6.04.…)

No. 1871835

Dressing unmodestly for coom is also male appeasement lol

No. 1871870

But appeasing a man by letting him drag you around by collar and lead is completely fine in her eyes.

No. 1871873

File: 1690509226776.png (135.16 KB, 1182x464, Screenshot 2023-07-27 at 6.55.…)

Giving fashion advice to David Hogg kek

No. 1871913

Doing LABOR for a MAN for FREE
you traitor, Kathy.

No. 1872038

No shit. Talking about if she's posting anything there.

No. 1872143


This >>1869517 looks better to you than her natural hair color? Agree to disagree I suppose. To me it just makes her look pink and pasty

No. 1872150

You're collared to an ugly fucking neckbeard who's using you for rent and shows off his other girlfriend over you despite having your whole aesthetic built around being a pleasing side piece to men in exchange for petty change (because that's what escorting is beaky). You think selling keyboard warrior burlesque side-piece instead of soft spoken submissive main wife means you're somehow free? Your collar is the same as a ring and posting the occasional "I hate men" on an account for men's coom where you routinely post real anti woman sentiments while demonstrating absolute compassion to men alone doesn't make you any different from someone like shoeonhead at the end of the day. You seek male validation and it's pathetic no matter how you swing it. Especially living in a country and city where you have a shot at living pretty free as a woman

No. 1872178

File: 1690564570510.png (185.16 KB, 1080x992, Screenshot_20230726-013541~2.p…)

Posted a few days ago, all deleted.

No. 1872179

File: 1690564678948.png (113.79 KB, 1080x589, Screenshot_20230727-003006~2.p…)

Then the day after, also deleted.

No. 1873422

File: 1690756502729.png (501.69 KB, 1186x1280, Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 3.36.…)

She lowered the price kek

No. 1873423

File: 1690756532159.png (230.95 KB, 1176x746, Screenshot 2023-07-30 at 3.36.…)

E-begging for the scrote's dog

No. 1873625

>0% granted
Guess none of her sissies and scrotes are into blondes

No. 1873678

File: 1690809927461.jpeg (266.27 KB, 1170x661, IMG_5505.jpeg)

Really, Kathy? And where are these pieces of jewelry, unless your “married female jeweler” is just a fancy way of saying “knockoff Swarovski”?

No. 1874549

File: 1690929465811.png (260.88 KB, 1182x1206, Screenshot 2023-08-01 at 3.39.…)

Who's "we"? Speak for yourself Katherine. She refuses to actually call out men for anything.

No. 1874804

"and still they survive"

Except Anna Nicole literally fucking didn't, you moron.

No. 1874863

She’s only bringing up kintsugi because lana Del rey recently released a song titled kintsugi about healing

No. 1875139

Annnnnd dirty deleted.

No. 1875321

Did she even watch the documentary??

No. 1875327

This gets weirder with each re-read. Guess that's what happens when you have no opinions of your own because you base everything off of whatever is popular on social media.

No. 1876505

File: 1691223803325.png (1.4 MB, 1184x1520, Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 1.25.…)

>panty fetish
She really is just making shit up at this point

No. 1883072

I love how she just gave up. Hopefully she found a job.

No. 1883417

File: 1692304896090.png (111.47 KB, 1080x581, Screenshot_20230817-164303~2.p…)


No. 1884062

Ten threads and she hasn't learned that bitching and moaning about men will not draw in male clients for her "sex work".

No. 1891122

File: 1693458491340.png (909.5 KB, 1502x826, update.png)

Not much update except that she's already trying to beg for a birthday gift of ballet tickets next month. Any particular ballet? Any company in mind? It's ballet, beaky isn't one for details about things she totally knows about. 300$ sounds about right to her.
Also she's decided to promote this post along with replying to it herself months later. It's such an unsexy and pretty comedic post I cannot believe this woman thought she could have a career in stripping, sorry, ~burlesque~

No. 1891238

Promoted and its barely got 6 more likes than her best KEK

No. 1891274

Someone with a personality/life like Kathy's making a big show over seeing a ballet strikes me as the female equivalent of the washed up middle aged man who was never cut out for the football team, so instead he lives vicariously through watching sports.

No. 1891279

kek nice way of coping with your ~dainty~ clogged pores

No. 1891365

i apologize profusely for no receipts and poor memory, but didnt she ask about adult ballet classes a while back? kek. imagine her clumsily flailing around with her seamed stocking tattoos. weve seen how graceful she is while performing.

No. 1891377

File: 1693512066991.jpg (23.4 KB, 306x528, Screenshot_20230831-160141_Bra…)

The 20$ Community center adult ballet lessons are still on her wishtender kek. I think she doesn't actually know anything about ballet, just loves the fantasy of being a starring lead in a company since she was a child and never really developed the fantasy further because thinking harder would force her to accept it as just fantasy and not something she could do if she had the time

No. 1891446

Of course she knows nothing about ballet. The only reason she says anything about it is because Dita Von Teese's made up backstory is that she was a ballerina (she wasn't). Kathy is a copy of a copy of a copy. Nothing about her is original.

No. 1893734

File: 1693969156536.png (951.5 KB, 2058x1236, Screenshot 2023-09-05 at 7.52.…)

She's scamming with her supposedly handmade pasties again. She is 100% not using Swarovski; she doesn't even come close to fitting their new 2021 clientele criteria. Plus their Brand Control Agreement for professionals clearly states that you CAN NOT advertise your items with any of their branding. Not only is she lying, she's breaking contract rules her dumbass isn't even aware of.

No. 1893818

The description makes it sound like she’s dropshipping them kek the bases are most likely from temu then she slaps on whatever cheap rhinestones she can find at Jo-Ann’s.

No. 1894036

File: 1694031561805.jpg (144.97 KB, 1204x514, womp womp.jpg)

I wish someone had access to her Instagram so we could see the absolute dumpster fire of emotions going on right now

No. 1894039

from today on I will believe in karma, kek

No. 1894050

KEK I WANNA SEE SO BAD. Also the way she’s still sticking with the “My” capitalized like a proper noun even as she e-sobs over her hair lmao.

No. 1894081

i guess the bleaching didnt work out huh

No. 1894126

Her insta isn't private anymore. There's nothing there… yet.

No. 1894141

File: 1694043380993.png (197.42 KB, 1184x794, Screenshot 2023-09-06 at 4.37.…)

She's crying over literally nothing. He did not cut "all" of her hair off kek guarantee he had to cut a little more than she asked because her ends were too damaged to take on bleach.

No. 1894146

>inb4 she threatens to sue

No. 1894158

Kathy, honey, that hair was not beautiful. It was listless, dry, dead and the most uninspiring shade of mouse brown with absolutely zero shine and the visual texture of dog fur. What ever hes done, is definetly an improvement, i promise.

No. 1894164

This is one of my fears and I will not gloat if she went in for a trim and came out with a massacre. That's terrible and it should not happen when you are paying for a service. In some places, having your hair cut without your consent is considered assault. I've also continued to say that her hair is the best quality she has because it's decently healthy looking and really she just has to cut in some bangs of any style.
If she went in to get it bleached like she was thinking of previously though? lol fuck around and find out. That is difficult to accomplish and difficult to maintain, and the side effect of bleaching hair into white is that you might experience hair loss- with her already tragic hairline? oh boy.

No. 1894192

Oh please. If her hair was massacred she would be having a multi-platform breakdown right now and she isn't. She asked for 3" to be cut off which is not considered a trim. She most likely didn't realize how much 3" of hair actually is. If he did take off an inch or two more, definitely was because her ends are fucked and he's trying to do as little damage to get her to her insane platinum blonde fantasy.

No. 1894213

well said that's a genuinely upsetting thing to have happen even if it happens to someone you don't like. so i'm not gonna pretend she's overreacting or just being a brat if that's what happened. tho >>1894192 makes a good point that 3" off feels and looks like a massive cut , more than it sounds, and can be shocking. I think i had 3 or 3 and 1/2 inches off once and it almost felt as if it was 6". kinda hoping she just didn't realize how much hair 3" really is and is shocked by the results and this hairdresser didn't just violate a clients trust and cut double what she asked for without letting her know, that's fucked. id hate to think there's professionals out there pulling that kind of thing on people in general

No. 1894443

She's really into appearances, though. We might not see her hair at all and only see wigs from now on if she deems the current haircut something that doesn't fit with her desired image, sort of like how she doesn't show off her leg line tattoos much after she got them and regretted them.

No. 1894491

Oh please. It’s not like a hairdresser would cut off that much hair unless she needed it or didn’t clearly communicate what she wanted. Hairdressers have a vested interest in doing what’s good for your hair, not just do something for shits and giggles

No. 1894498

It happens far too often; go to any long hair discussion forum.
I'm sure that once we see Kathy's hair and get more information, it'll be easier to understand the situation.

No. 1894584

File: 1694116046543.jpeg (101.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1847.jpeg)

Okay so she went in having zero clue how asking for inches off and layers would look on thin limp hair like hers. You will always lose some length when asking for layers. She loves to drone on and on about how much of a great “researcher” she is but has once again proved she can’t even be bothered to do a simple google search.

If she was “really into appearances” she wouldn’t be walking around with those black lines on the back of her legs while wearing oversized toddler dresses and baby jane makeup.

No. 1894586

File: 1694116423491.gif (1.65 MB, 498x280, feel-sorry-bitch.gif)

Seems like people are forgetting this cow has nothing positive to say about anything ever. She is always the victim of something tRaUmAtIc. Her hair probably looks a million times better.

No. 1894592

File: 1694117030062.png (1.9 MB, 1088x1220, Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 1.00.…)

Her natural hair sucks. The hairdresser wasn't working with much to begin with. Layers aren't for every hair type. Can't blame him for giving you what you asked for. Should've just got bangs.

No. 1894593

I said she's really into appearances; I didn't say she gets good results. You're absolutely right that she's shit at research. She wants to "appear" like she's good at researching fashion stuff, though, so she brags a buch without looking much up. There's info on how to ask for the right haircut just like there's so much info on how to cut your own hair. But looking these up is not luxurious and doesn't suit her self-image. You're just supposed to know what she wants because she wants it. If she was any good at her job, she could find a weird dude who would pay her for the privilege of maintaining her hair but she's not.
I still feel kina bad that she got a bad haircut, though, since there's a possibility that the stylist didn't listen.
Anyways, this means that we can probably look forward to a biotin megadose saga. (Don't spoil it plz. Research it yourself if you want but don't put it here because she does read here. It's not harmful but it can be annoying if you mess it up, basically.)

No. 1894594

File: 1694117073443.jpg (21.08 KB, 750x1334, 375658393_687085242936204_7190…)

No. 1894596

I cannot stop laughing. Her hair was terrible, mousy and thin and stringy. Her hairline is fucked. Losing length is the least of her problems. Sage for slight blog but I have almost butt length hair, just got 5 inches cut off and layers this week and I genuinely can barely tell, it just looks cleaner. Her hair must not have been that long if 6 inches (if she’s telling the truth) makes it so drastically different she’s in tears. This is so funny to me.

No. 1894597

I'm not getting her. When she's not wearing short wigs, she has her natural hair pulled back tight into a messy ponytail or some kind of low bun. If anything it came across as if she didn't want to deal with having to style long hair.

No. 1894605

Half of those girls complaining may have ass length hair, but have split ends up to their collar bone because they're deathly afraid of even getting a light dusting or trim. Kathy here strikes me as one of those women. She rarely ever seemed to style her natural hair, she's got such horse girl energy.

No. 1894606

File: 1694117934994.png (496.25 KB, 560x558, Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 1.20.…)

I'm sorry but it's really hard to take her seriously that this is a TRAUMATIC haircut when she thinks picrel looks good.

No. 1894607

She is one of those kek she was holding onto straw ends as "length"

No. 1894608

So it sounds like the hairdresser did what needed to be done. I hope she posts pictures soon, I want to see how badly she's overreacting. She's probably mad she's gone from butt length to bra strap length or something stupid like that. And she probably won't learn her lesson about getting regular trims to avoid this situation. Watch her e-beg for hair masks.

No. 1894609

File: 1694118362239.png (176.13 KB, 984x1402, Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 1.28.…)

No. 1894610

Traumatic is having all of your hair fall out, including eyelashes and eyebrows, due to chemotherapy. Traumatic is not having six inches of split ends removed.

No. 1894646

Are you tall anon? IIRC she’s short so proportionally speaking, a few inches might make a lot more visual difference than on a taller person.

No. 1894651

File: 1694121873188.gif (1001.6 KB, 350x250, IMG_0574.gif)

it's a fucking haircut. cope.

No. 1894656

Oh you’re a clever nonushka! I am indeed tall kek 5’10 (around 178 cm) so yeah you’re prob right since Kathy is such a shorty.
KEK exactly

No. 1894665

Yeah, a better visual difference. Long hair on shorties can look cultish.

No. 1894675

File: 1694125478955.png (267.03 KB, 1190x1094, Screenshot 2023-09-07 at 3.02.…)

She just can't let that woman rest in peace, can she?

No. 1894683

That person she is talking about was a man.

No. 1894686

She was not.

No. 1894694

New prediction: begging for extensions money.

No. 1894716

>all I want is my hair back
bitch it's hair, it grows back

No. 1894723

If they took off 6-7", then she has to wait one year to 14 months for it to return to its previous length, assuming the average hair growth rate of 1/2" per month. Will this mean she'll live in wigs for a full year?

No. 1894772

The worst part is that she never even met Miss V, let alone was ever friends with her. She’s just straight up lying for woke points now.

No. 1894807

This whole post (Kathy's post) is like

> tell me you've never experienced actual trauma without telling me you've never experienced actual trauma

I'm sure she's upset right now, but I think she's also pouring lots of emotions into the haircut that she's feeling about the actual permanent things she's done to her body - the tattoo stocking lines and those awful heart shaped nipples. Hair grows back, but she's sure as shit not getting laser removed on her fucking nipples.

No. 1894810

The irony is she's obsessed with pre-1950s glamor and the beautiful women had short hair then. Hair like Claudette Colbert's in It Happened One Night would go with her style and frame her face nicely. But she seems to think bright purple wigs are the only hair suitable for her 'vintage look'.

No. 1894811

take my queen's name out of your mouth

No. 1894857

Mistress Velvet is such a sad case and Katherine’s obsession is so creepy and exploitative.

She was not a man. She was a “non-binary”self-hating “they” with obvious body image issues who dressed like a feminine woman and was married to a gross tankie communist guy.

I will bet that she literally heard of Mistress Velvet from that stupid Vice piece about “the Dominatrix with a syllabus” where Velvet pretends that making her sub husband read Bell Hooks is a feature of her business that attracts clients and not a desperate attempt to pretend that sex work is empowering.

No. 1894885

Not that long ago she was asking about tattoo removal and said she wanted to get rid of all her script tattoos. At the same time she posted about wanting to get her face tatted and scarification done along with “corset piercings”. She still posts cartoon drawings as nose job inspiration which everyone knows is just so attainable and realistic! This is all after she backed out of getting her breasts augmented 2019. She talks a whole lot of game about body mods but freaks out over a basic haircut. I agree that she’s projecting her bottled up emotions about her impulsive permanent choices onto this haircut.

No. 1894889

File: 1694158660514.jpeg (465.43 KB, 1170x1432, IMG_1854.jpeg)

So with her black line tattoos in mind, I was wondering whatever happened to her wanting to get them touched up. She got them done in late July of last year and within a month was talking about getting them touched up. After that she just straight up stopped posting them. Turns out the tattoo artist committed suicide just two months after she got them done.


Not milk but it’s a sad story and kind of crazy. All the shit talking she does about police (despite constantly threatening to call them) yet she doesn’t make a peep about their incredible fuck up with her tattoo artist’s disappearance.

No. 1894892

You’re absolutely right, Nona. What an astute observation!

No. 1894900

Wow, to not find him for that long when he was literally so close to where he was last spotted along with the police response to his mother is fucked up.

Kathy lurks though nona so I'm sure we'll see it mentioned soon lol

No. 1894905

Wait they were a tif? They had crazy bolt ons and I'm 95% sure was a tim
Holy shit
>He was found behind his work building
>A high-ranking police [official] said to [his mother] on the day it was confirmed that it WAS [her] son’s body: “why are you asking all these questions, you know it won’t bring your son back,” and told [her] not to call them anymore
Wonder if Kathy thought at all about what happened to him when he disappeared if she knew. tbf it's possible she didn't ever have the cash to message him again (or decided against it) and never knew he died but I'm curious inb4 she makes a new tweet announcing her hatred of the police and mentions him out of nowhere claiming she'd been silent or holding it in for too long or some shit

No. 1894988

File: 1694180150911.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1532, IMG_0790.jpeg)

Nope, mistress velvet was a spicy straight woman. Married to her high school sweetheart, a white guy. Got bolt-on tits in like 2019 and then offed herself a couple years later. It’s easier to see that she’s female in candid pics, the ones on Katherine’s altar are all her uncanny valley looking sex worker pics from right after tits, lipo, and fillers.

No. 1894994

File: 1694181366159.jpeg (940.43 KB, 1170x1727, IMG_0791.jpeg)


No. 1895056

File: 1694190560884.jpeg (867.63 KB, 1600x1600, IMG_2273.jpeg)

>I’m a communist
Rest in piss then kekkkk

No. 1895061

anti-commie propaganda is as cringe as anti-capitalist propaganda

No. 1895183

File: 1694205454148.png (1.05 MB, 1184x1116, Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 1.40.…)


No. 1895191

File: 1694206269977.png (115.31 KB, 1182x592, Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 1.54.…)

Nothing screams luxury more than begging for e-gift cards

No. 1895294

regardless from which hair it comes from, I think she has great hair, it's thick and soft, the best thing that has ever happened to her is this forced cut, if she learned how to set her hair and threw those awful wigs in the trash she'd have fluffy bouncy vintage hair that would disguise that enormous head and forehead of hers. I don't understand how she sees herself as this person who knows so much of vintage fashion and still, the most BASIC and cheap things any vintage loving girl, specially the broke ones learn to do is their own hair. You can dress all in repro, but with a greatly done rita hayworth hair, you look 10000s times better than anyone with those toilet paper "victory rolls" or badly drone drag wigs. Drag hair is often stylized cartoonish versions of vintage hairstyles and look so, it's obvious she got those awful wigs from a bad drag-wig-maker who couldn't achieve what she wanted OR, most likely, some wig already listed and she can't differentiate between the styles. Katherine, what's stopping you from buying some rollers and read some tutorials? don't dream it, be it.

No. 1895296

samefag to correct: which head*

No. 1895363

>my trauma omg my bio family uwu this all relates back to my tRauMa somehow

No. 1895369

I guarantee that she is exaggerating and they did not take off 6". She just doesn't know what 3" looks like and got exactly what she asked for. If they seriously took 6" off she would have a shoulder length bob, and that is very doubtful that a hairdresser would miscommunicate that badly.

No. 1895371

>thick hair
Are u ok anon? Kathy's hair is the dictionary definition of mouse-y. It's straggley and thin. And her hairline is in the clouds. I'm sure she could do those vintage styles you mention just fine, but "great hair" is a huge reach. She has pretty much the least desirable hair type.

No. 1895496

File: 1694261434010.jpeg (47.84 KB, 736x743, IMG_1860.jpeg)

> and soft
And you would know this how?

No. 1895502

It will never not be funny that whenever she experiences something ~traumatic~ like someone blocking her or a haircut, the next day everything relating to it will be deleted and replaced with 20+ photos of pastries as if nothing ever happened. It’s like she thinks by overwhelming people with random crap on her story, it’ll make them forget her freak outs.

No. 1895634

Thanks for the correction. She looks so normal in these pictures comparatively. What a depressing life, leave Ghana to make a better life for yourself, get into prostitution catering to a specific scroty fetish that mocks female aggression and strength, die.
Can't believe Kathy made a shrine to this

No. 1895951

funny, she didnt "quit her corporate job" to be a dominatrix. she went down the burlesque pinup showgirl route. her stories dont stick.

No. 1896195

File: 1694378582850.jpg (145.64 KB, 1080x810, Snapinsta.app_376851821_183849…)

I can guarantee her haircut looks better than her hiding in a hoodie. All this does is make her look like an egg head. (1/2)

No. 1896198

File: 1694378721639.webm (845.12 KB, 720x540, 95147303252934-762588778070875…)

And is she tweaking here? Like what are you doing. (2/2)

No. 1896218

Did…did she shave her head totally bald? Because that's what this looks like.

No. 1896222

her hairline is just that far back, look at >>1894592

No. 1896223

File: 1694380771192.png (454.35 KB, 1057x610, mm.png)

When you have a high-ranking, world-famous, and successful celebrity lookalike
(She really should have gotten some bangs)

No. 1896232

KEK HER FOREHEAD IS UNREAL. She really does look like an egg I can’t stop giggling…girl needs a whole hairline transplant

No. 1896243

This is why I think she went to some nasty colorific or walmart salon. Any cosmetologist would have STRONGLY suggested bangs.

No. 1896249

File: 1694385785941.jpg (285.76 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_2023-09-10-16-02-53…)

Not really anything new going on, just dropping off the meltdown she had over the Danny Masterson/Mila kunis/cindey Brixton or whatever the victims name is situation.
Brief summary for Nonna's who don't follow celebricows: Hyde from that 70s show is a predator, one of his victims won a conviction, Ashton kutcher and Mila kunis were found out to have sent letters of support of Masterson's character to the court. They also released some kind of acknowledgement video about it where they defend their defense of a rapist, but I have no interest in watching that. This looks particularly bad for Kutcher because he runs and anti-trafficking org, which, for a misogynist like Parkavenuepinup, is worse than his on-record, active support of an abuser. Sorry about all the text.

No. 1896250

File: 1694385849535.jpg (518.53 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_2023-09-10-16-03-25…)


No. 1896251

File: 1694385965143.jpg (427.63 KB, 1079x1489, Screenshot_2023-09-10-16-03-37…)

2/3 sorry about all the caps, anons

No. 1896252

File: 1694386046457.jpg (436.5 KB, 1079x1706, Screenshot_2023-09-10-16-03-47…)

3/3 I know we aren't strangers to her inane rants, but her actually tagging Ashton kutcher as if he really could gaf while also blasting him for supporting rape culture made me laugh.

No. 1896263

Tagging a guy many now suspect of covering up a murder/being involved somehow (celebricows thread for more) is very brave and stupid of Kathy. He literally got I know what you did last summer Story post from his ex. like wtf did he say on this phone call on the night this actress died? Like yes his anti trafficking org is also highly suspect but the court case, defending a rapist (the evidence must be damning since they are considering a life sentence, and as we all know most rape cases are dismissed so imagine how bad it is…) and possibly having some serious skeletons in his closet is surely more pressing right now
>I don't want to saved by a man
way to miss the point, Kathy, the issue is people using these orgs to get lists of sex workers and target them/get access to vulnerable people. And also the above, rape and murder kathy, please keep up.

The good thing is she will never be a spokesperson of any kind because she's terrible at it.

No. 1896279

Nothing says "woke ally" quite like speaking on behalf of survivors of sex trafficking. She really doesn't understand anything beyond the small scope of her own world that exists mostly in an online echochamber. Being poor with a fucked up haircut is a minor karmatic retribution for her painful ignorance.

No. 1896281

>no anti-trafficking organization actually cares about trafficking
>no trafficking victim wants to be saved by a cis het man
She says living in NYC as a spoiled brat living off of daddy's and lawsuit money while choosing to call herself a sex worker despite never doing any sex work ever. Stop speaking over real victims.

No. 1896282

Real bold of her to think her ignorant and wrong opinion on sex trafficking matters when she calls a haircut traumatic.

No. 1896285

Wouldn't be surprised if she did. She is exactly the type of person to do something extreme when something doesn't elicit the response or attention she wanted. I don't doubt she hated the 3-6" cut but the people around her probably told her it looks fine and the perpetual victim can't have that.

No. 1896297

Did they seek out a meet up group for owners of same breed of dog they have? How strange and specific

No. 1896301

Yes kek

No. 1896305

She looks like a make a wish dying patient.

No. 1896308

File: 1694391706005.jpg (31.22 KB, 449x564, brinton.JPG)

she looks like mf sam brinton

No. 1896329

File: 1694394095829.jpg (38.99 KB, 860x484, luggage stealing enby.jpg)

I can't fucking unsee it
They both have the same compulsion to wear the worst lipstick shade for their skin tone and both utter egg-heads with terrible fashion choices but the same delusion thinking they actually look good
>no woman wants to be saved by a cis-het man
and no men want to help women which is why most trafficking orgs are run by women. And of course beaky doesn't have experience knowing the work they do, she's so far removed from real prostitution she might as well be on mars. She doesn't know the work it takes to help even local women escape their abusive pimps alive. She might as well be the klepto enby with her absolute lack of allyship or empathy towards women

No. 1896396

Or else what Kathy mcmahan? You gonna squak and peck at them?

No. 1896458

At least this mf has eyebrows

No. 1896459

It's how NEETs socialize without having to develop real hobbies or interests

No. 1896460

She has the hairline she deserves.

No. 1896677

Scrotey didn’t want to pose next to her? Interesting.

No. 1896707


I jumped a little in my seat. She genuinely looks ghoulish. Surely the ol' life-ruining hair chop can't be that bad? I guess we can always depend on her to serve us fresh Koo Koo the Bird Girl realness because the bald-man-wearing-a-hoodie look is a capital c Choice.

No. 1897183

File: 1694556994857.jpg (109.93 KB, 1182x424, Fucking Stupid.jpg)

Love these blatant lies. Absolutely no therapist would do this, and if this is true, she's completely outing her therapist. What a professional.

No. 1897199

Why is she like this. Dm'ing another whore on twitter is not "SeEinG a ThErApHiSt"

No. 1897203

This is at least the fourth time she's posted the first one. Any logical person would see that something isn't landing and move away from it but not her. She triples down on it. If you're going to pretend to be a sex worker, at least put the effort into making a good persona instead of running an account full of weird fake stories and bitching about whatever.

No. 1897223

welp there it is, her therapist is probably some "sex therapist" which means they could literally be any random whore on twitter who calls herself an "empath" and "sex teacher" and maybe took some course by another grifter on how to "heal" others. I was looking around for a female massage therapist the other day and came across some sex therapist that does some bootleg form of talk therapy followed by "non-sexual touch" where they're trying to help seriously traumatized women with whatever bullshit they've "educated themselves" with off the social media. I'm not that worried for beaky cause a narc like her's not looking for real therapy anyways, but putting money in one of those grifter's pockets means you're getting played bad and I feel for the other clients of this therapist
at least if she's real or the scenario happened anything like this as opposed to beaky going off in conversation assuming the therapist feels the same way she does

No. 1897302

File: 1694573936614.jpg (52.47 KB, 750x1334, 377727565_1053793055786293_775…)

Her covid rants are becoming my favorite. She wants to act holier than thou about it yet hasn't worn a mask in public since like summer 2021. The nerve to preach to people about covid and pets when she was maskless at a dog meetup just this weekend.

No. 1897473

I know there's been speculation that she isn't living with Scrote McGoat, but I feel like she tells on herself whenever they're crashing together by calling Morty "her" dog.

No. 1897853

She nedds to chill. Its very rare for covid to spread to animals. And that information alone was enough for people to mass surrender all sorts of pets to the shelters during the pandemic.

No. 1897889

File: 1694665691631.jpg (106.31 KB, 750x1334, 377977006_223635313703696_3123…)

If everyone is disabled, who is left to hate you katherine?

No. 1897931

If you know anything personal about your therapist (outside of marriage status), something is very wrong with your relationship to them. Outside of this, her post is at least 90% a lie. Maybe she has a therapist. People on the government gimmies tend to be mental and physical hypochondriacs, so she'll take full advantage of free shit.

No. 1897991

Is this some kind of reverse guilt thing to make herself feel better? It’s really weird to post yourself not masked up or social distanced one day and then do a call out post about other people doing the same as you the next. Actually shocked she didn’t try to say her dog group doesn’t allow masks like she did with her dive bar gigs kek

No. 1897993

File: 1694688913270.jpeg (24.02 KB, 612x344, IMG_1986.jpeg)

Kathy and her therapist. She sure has a lot of imaginary people in her life: therapist, lawyer, boyfriends, subs… must be exhausting.

No. 1898294

File: 1694731611030.png (86.99 KB, 1186x350, Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 3.49.…)

Waiting for the day she realizes that she's actually the one footing the bills in these situations since e-begging is her source of income kek

No. 1898302

"brasseries" aren't fancy restaurants lmao. they're literally places you go for a quick simple meal. her fancy euro larp always makes me lol because she uses gratuitous french without having the slightest clue

No. 1898371


I love how as soon as something gets criticized here, she immediately deletes it. She has never had an original thought in her life.

No. 1898372

Super gross that she's taking the real issue of people working without medical accommodations because they're afraid of losing their job and instead making those people her enemy to further victimize herself

No. 1898523

Yeah isn’t a brasserie basically a little brunch cafe for sandwiches and stuff? Lmao.

No. 1898547

File: 1694759745284.jpg (106.57 KB, 750x1334, 378564051_1774177269679819_234…)

Birthday e-begging on instagram while claiming on twitter her birthday is on the 25th. Odd.

No. 1898554

a brasserie is basically a less formal restaurant where you can get a quick meal at a reasonable price. they serve traditional cuisine but definitely not fancy.
if she is indeed at angelina's then it's not even a brasserie lol. they serve some brasserie-style savoury dishes but their specialty is pastries. it's a tearoom.
the OG angelina's is also a notorious overpriced tourist trap, you wouldn't catch a parisian dead there.
of course kathy is the sort of dork who thinks macarons are the height of chic (what is this, 2004?) so i wouldn't expect her to know better.

No. 1898571

in my country "a brasserie" is used for a place with basic meals and european alcohol (mostly beer that is mid-tier fancy) and the food is just… a supplement. food in a brasserie for me is like a fried fish with like 3 spices and a slice of lemon. or croutons.
she tries to sound fancy, but she fails at sounding fancy even to the most sheltered "uncultured ameripigs"
one quick google would give you information thata lot of places use "brasserie" as a term for an establishment that is kept by a certan brewery place.

No. 1898989

File: 1694832114873.webm (1.47 MB, 720x1280, BB4408D1DEB52747D1829C1D5E54EC…)

She's so concerned about her haircut but continues to wear short wigs

No. 1898991

File: 1694832318143.webm (1.24 MB, 720x1280, 8F4F38B138A0791582B526ABFF315B…)

No. 1898992

File: 1694832363362.jpg (89.48 KB, 750x1334, 378435459_216299988097398_2829…)

And she has to let everyone know that she will be masked while begging for friends! Why won't the scrote take her?

No. 1899002

Funny she's supporting mulvaney while all of lefty twitter and tumblr has cancelled him ages ago for his scrotiness around the divorce showing how fake his "feminism" is. For all her posturing for claiming men are beneath her she's always supporting men's efforts with no care about their treatment of women kek. If she truly lived her larp I would have expected her to make some performative post about going elsewhere those nights

No. 1899006

She’s basically a parody at this point.

No. 1899070

File: 1694855500602.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1438, IMG_2020.jpeg)

No. 1899071

So nice of the scrote to do his nails for their special outing

No. 1899305

File: 1694897355147.jpeg (248.72 KB, 1151x2048, F6Hz-eVW8AAu-CB.jpeg)

Grandma gone wild

No. 1899320

It's amazing how she consistently adds 15+ years to her appearance

No. 1899353

the wigs so crispy omg

No. 1899420

This is the definition of uncanny valley. Everything about it screams AI prompt gone wrong.

No. 1899437

LOL maybe she should try to make that her thing, sexy burlesque pinup granny. Bet she’d make more money, and she could blame her retarded takes on being senile kek

No. 1899438

I was gonna say the same thing. Why do all the pickmes love John Mulvaney? Then again Kathy's whole thing is 'your husband's leaving you for me'.

No. 1899464

Boucherie is nice enough, but dining there isn't a flex, or even remarkable, for anyone who's actually wealthy. Kathy telling on herself as per usual

No. 1899518

Her wig is so far back and has such a trash hairline it gives the appearance of medieval england when they'd pluck their hairlines. It helps age her and make her look like such an egghead. Also I don't have the expertise to say what it is but the styling on her wig bothers me so much, the curls look wrong in some way

No. 1899605

File: 1694934826066.jpeg (28.36 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2024.jpeg)

Of course she is

No. 1899645

I actually thought she looked nice (for her) in this photo, the eye makeup looked softer and less jarring than usual, the pink of her nails are as close to matching the pink of her stole as her colorblind ass is going to get, and the wig looked less… weird? I don't know. The dress looks like Party City trash but other than that I thought this was a better attempt than usual at a 40s Hollywood diva aesthetic or whatever it is she's going for.
But then I saw >>1899305 and realized it was just all the filters making her look better than usual.

No. 1899726

File: 1694964047153.jpg (54.72 KB, 705x629, 40s hair.jpg)

The puffy bottom whoosh to the wig is bothering me. Like, without the puffy bottom part or if it were majorly toned down, it would look much more like a 40s/50s style, but the puff at the bottom makes it more drag-queen. Also, the hairline, like you said, is too far back and the wig is so light that it blends into her skull skin, giving the illusion it's even further back. Her makeup is waaayyy too high contrast for the outfit, but Kathy doesn't seem to own a rosy pink lip product or even a toned-down sheer red, and always overdoes it on the chunky sharpie liner.

No. 1899815

what is the point of this?
>hi kathy i have endometriosis, what’s up?
>i have a new symptom, do u?
this retard is one of my favorite cows

imagine current-day Kathy time travelling to the ‘40s/‘50s with her sharpie eyeliner, medieval peasant hair and drag queen outfits. hearty kek

No. 1899934


Doesn't she talk about not using disabled people for free labor and how problematic it is to ask disabled folks to do work for you instead of doing your own research?

No. 1900090

Kathy is the epitome of 'rules for thee but not for me'.

No. 1900099

File: 1695006090495.png (1.51 MB, 1176x1232, Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 8.04.…)

That isn't femdom but uh, okay

No. 1900100

File: 1695006252194.png (199.19 KB, 1186x782, Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 8.06.…)

She can stroke her hate boner for landlords all she wants but her take on sex workers becoming landlords is not what she thinks it is. God forbid a woman get the fuck out of sex work.

No. 1900251

How dare a woman gain ownership of both her body and property. She should be selling herself for cheap to landlord scrotes! Crabs in a fucking barrel. It'd be better for other sex workers to have a landlord that was formerly in that lifestyle, they'd probably be more lenient towards certain things.

No. 1900531

File: 1695078794808.jpg (30.76 KB, 750x1334, 379711718_1388124862121086_826…)


No. 1900543

who is she talking about? where are all these ex prostitutes who now run condos? she is not in solidarity with every type of person, even people who literally do not exist.

No. 1900608

There was one she fought with on twitter out of nowhere a couple months ago but other than that… who knows what goes on in that bird skull.

No. 1900684

File: 1695099645123.png (107.04 KB, 1176x442, Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 10.03…)

No. 1900689

Please tell me someone capped her cringe "I love Natasha Leggero" tweet. Her taste is so pedestrian and boring.

No. 1900699

It's just part of her commie larp. Mao called the "bourgeoisie" (or black class in the case of china) landlords

No. 1900711

He also executed pimps and brothel owners in public executions.

No. 1900838

Oct 18, 2022? This is so fucking grim. She's 25 and living in NYC, and she spends her free time trawling her own Twitter timeline, looking for something she can repost for 18 likes.

No. 1900931

>executed pimps

No. 1901040

Oh ok yeah it's totally the bottom curls being so poofed out. If you imagine cutting off the poofy ends it would look more like the picrel and probably look pretty cute too. You're probably onto something with it being a drag queen wig. They have to blow them up to hide their male bodies (especially shoulders) and beaky being a faghag probably bought drag queen "vintage inspired" wigs not realising that imitating an imitation isn't exactly authentic nor breeds good results kek
Ah yes, when I think whores being class traitors I think of the .01% making enough money to buy enough property for themselves and to be a landlord and not the madames continuing the wheel of pimp abuse.
Also kek at beaky not understanding that industry whores also want out because the industry isn't actually much better than the streets.
Shit didn't she get one of the supposed "cures" too? Holy shit I hate the medical industry and how it treats women. And beaky needs to realise her lack of class solidarity with women is part of the reason our problems stay problems, women aren't supporting each other we've let moids get between us and women like her put all their energy into fixing them instead of uplifting ourselves and demanding better rights
Actual Marx writes against prostitution because obviously it's fucked to sell your body for the right to live under capitalism. Pickmes don't read, they regurgitate what the men around them tell them and blindly trust without verifying men have any reading comprehension and didn't cherry pick what they wanted you to hear

No. 1901077

File: 1695172388767.png (99.95 KB, 1180x380, Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 5.31.…)


No. 1901154

Still so funny to me how liberal beaky is.. so many of these online "sex workers" are. they try to coop revolutionary language all the while benefitting off poor people who never get a say in the sex trade.

No. 1901535

File: 1695249904364.jpg (304.91 KB, 1164x1603, image (1).jpg)

>Real kinksters don't practice kinks that are rooted in bigotry and hate.
But it's totally fine to have a man pull you around on a leash in public, participate in dd/lg shit, and beat you during sex because fuck women, right Kathy? No black man gives a shit about someone saying BBC. Always coddling men. ALWAYS.

No. 1901548

There goes lily-white Katherine McMahon speaking over black people yet again. She sure loves to tell people they can not do something she has zero understanding of.

No. 1901579

She is the only person I have ever seen say black strap ons are racist. Does she not know what black men's penises look like? They certainly aren't stark black.

No. 1901584

Wait until she finds out about the secular jews that love Nazi role-playing KEK

No. 1901762

I guess you’ve never been in the Shayna thread kek

lord, I wish a black woman would call her out but Kathy’s squawking into the void is not worth their time

No. 1901780

File: 1695278254120.jpg (44.02 KB, 750x1334, 380302023_1334803993821390_544…)

Professional message for her totes real endless performance requests

No. 1901855

I’ll believe that she has a weak immune system though, just based on her shit diet and complete lack of exercise.

No. 1901910

as cringe she is, she's right in this, BDSM-shit is cringe enough, raceplay make it more embarrassingly grating.

No. 1901927

What I don't get is why any of this needs to be public? Like, why does anyone need to publicly announce that the only way they can get off is by sticking their foot in a bear trap while reciting the Three-Fifths Compromise? Why is their fetish on their social media to begin with? What's wrong with them? Kathy isn't even a "provider". She's just there for (the wrong kind of) attention.

No. 1901928

does she have any black friends? or even black people she's friendly with? it's so creepy how she's latched onto that dead black woman and acts like they had such a close relationship, but i don't think i've ever seen her interact with a black person in real life. and you know she'd be posting about it if she did. if she lived in some tiny homogeneous town i'd get it but she's in new york. you would have to go out of your way to avoid non-white people there.

KEK if these messages were real she'd be responding to them in DMs, this is so funny.

No. 1902002

exactly. stalag porn was extremely popular in israel. it's almost like…. the taboo is what makes these "kinks" appealing.
it's psychological. you can't take these depravities and make them politically correct.
what if these black men like being buck-broken and whipped by white dommes in southern belle dresses as a way to cope with multigenerational trauma uwu? is she going to whitesplain it to them? how racist of her

No. 1902006

Thats hardly the point though. The point is she loves being all ddlg and basically support pedopandering but calls out raceplay. Im sorry but pedopandering is 100 times worse. Atleast with bbc its just adult males being sexualised.

But the sheer audacity she has to say that BBC is what gives the bdsm community a bad name or makes it cringey is ridiculous. Ddlg is way more cringey. Shes a fucking joke.

No. 1902018

I mean, she's appropriating sex worker culture too so…

No. 1902052

We know she is obsessed with black people so this just comes across as her being ashamed of her BBC fetish.

No. 1902053

File: 1695338649938.png (1.27 MB, 1066x1474, Screenshot 2023-09-21 at 4.15.…)

Incoming beef with Dita Von Teese. Can't wait to see how she spins this.

No. 1902069

>All the private and corporate event requests

I've been following Kathy's threads since before Covid hit. I think I've seen her do two gigs, maybe three maximum in all that time which is laughable even allowing for 12+ months of peak Covid.

Also her website doesn't have any routine pictures, which is odd for someone who performs for a career. It does have Venmo and Cashapp buttons though, so very classy!

No. 1902071

She ebegged for the flights, right?

But at the same time
>cannot accommodate indoor events during this surge

Oh Kathy, such priorities.

No. 1902093

Yes, because selling your body to disgusting scrotes is far more noble & sustainable than umm…owning a rental property. Only a disgruntled rich girl would fetishize poverty this much.

No. 1902120

why would dita be responsible for someone elses choice to travel to a show without a refundable travel option? she's not in charge of other peoples poor financial decisions. it's called tough luck.

No. 1902165

File: 1695354571842.jpeg (111.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2106.jpeg)

She asks this knowing damn well she’s either going to wear that selkie dress, a plain black dress, or some tragic polyester satin and sequin combo.

No. 1902166

File: 1695354618457.jpeg (106.16 KB, 1170x2061, IMG_2105.jpeg)

More pills to add to the rotation

No. 1902229

She could just check the internet. Beta blockers don't help with nightmares.

No. 1902243

This is like comparing bull-shot to dogshit, both are bad. and I wasn't singling out just black fetish stuff, but all forms of it, whether it's fetishizing whites, Asians, or Muslims. I believe it's all bad, and obviously, age play is also bad and should be banned.(that goes without saying)

No. 1902269

You booked a non-refundable flight, what do you think is going to happen Kathy the Karen?

No. 1902399

Bad look asking a sexworker to do your emotional labor for you, Katherine.

And why would dita be responsible for Kathy being a grade a retard

No. 1902418

She's close though, alpha blockers are extremely effective at treating PTSD-related nightmares/night terrors

No. 1902561

File: 1695421428237.png (1.44 MB, 932x1580, Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 1.06.…)

Kathy: DO NOT expect free labor from me by asking about my costumes. If you have a question, you can pay me X to talk about it.

Also Kathy:

No. 1902589

How did I go so long without knowing this thread existed? I worked as a dominatrix in NYC. This girl.. I've never been able to tell if she has any clients. It seems like she might be just doing internet begging aka findom. I don't know any legit sex workers that place ads with their entire face out the way she does. Keep in mind, if she ACTUALLY wanted to get clients, she could go get a job in an actual dungeon, but that requires going to work, and not just posting thirst traps online.

No. 1902592

This is probably gonna get you banned because you didnt sage a milkless post. But in defense of this post, i fond this milky! Tell the thread all you know!

No. 1902593

Also, I love the delusion this one has, which is the most pathetic kind of whoraphobia. She wants to be edgy, and be deemed alternative by doing internet findom, but there's no actual money to be made in that pursuit..All while casting a side eye at actual sex workers. Actual NYC dominatrixes charge anywhere between 350-600 per hour, often times not booking less that 2 hours.. . She has herself convinced she's somehow more high end by having these wacky "pay me" fetish posts, but in all actuality - most the twitter users that do that kind of interactions are making $10-20 tops, from men with no intentions to ever meet them, or buy them anything. I've watched her account pop up and have seen her general dismay at people "wasting her time" or not receiving the findom freebies she wants.. Erm.. She's wasting her own time. No one ever tells this urban legend chasing twitter twat that there really is money to be made in fetish / escort / bdsm work, but it's not going to be sitting around and looking pretty. A majority of the clients seek out pegging sessions, which is very labor intensive, and that's why they are willing to shell out thousands. I'm yet to meet any of these unicorn clients that want nothing actually sexual, but just to be in the presence of a goddess and hand over thousands. I can't imagine what her response would be at the average client asking if they could jerk off in her presence.

No. 1902604

a few tips on how I know she's a fake -

1) most clients have pretty much no fashion requests. the session is not about you, it's about them. I have made thousands of dollars doing mommy domme sessions with no make up on, wearing actual stretch pants. Men don't care, unless it's a rare pantyhose / nylons fetish and more often than not, THEY want to be the ones wearing the item.

2) You never see anyone this dressed up for actual sex work. The make up comes off on the clients. Leave no trace you saw them. You can't wear perfume, and I'd hate to see how that wig would do around a situation with enemas and lube.

3) the fetish she is trying to attract - feminization / crossdressers.. it's not what she thinks it is, lol. She's painting it like it's this cute little have a tea party with a man wearing women's underwear. In reality, in my time seeing these clients, it's usually a humiliation fetish where someone wants to be either disciplined, or verbally degraded while they wear women's undergarments and jerk off.

4) she's been called out a few times by pro dom / sex educators on her asking questions for "ideas" that she's going to have these kinky public meet ups. One, BDSM requires consent of all parties, the public at large cannot consent to being in your scene, so regardless if it's their fetish, if you are a professional, that's out of line. Two, the biggest fantasy all these cheap wad, too scared to ever meet and don't even have the cash to pay you types have is over and over, to have a chat discussing what they are going to do when they meet you for your date. I hope she has caught on to that unless you get a booking by email, with a deposit, and the client is willing to screen, the person you are chatting with is usually just using the interaction for free sexting and is most likely jerking off in your DMS and you'll be lucky if they send $20(powerleveling about whoredom)

No. 1902628

>enemas and lube

Oh please, she'd be out the door faster than you could blink if a client requested an actual sex act (even one performed entirely on him as she remained fully clothed). She wants what doesn't exist - clients that will Pretty Woman her without expecting anything so much as a grope in return. We know from her call in to that radio show that she's never had any actual clients.

No. 1902660

File: 1695432330237.jpeg (544.8 KB, 1500x4002, 100.jpeg)

Covid rant! Buckle up - lots of hypocrisy and buzzwords in this one.

No. 1902661

Kek on one hand you need your own thread, on the other hand this was very interesting, thanks anon

No. 1902671

Not just hypocrisy, but straight up misinformation. Home rapid tests still work, you just need to make sure to take it a few days after you start having symptoms in order to get an accurate reading. Easily Googleable. She's such an idiot.

No. 1902790

There is a huge flaw to your post. You're going on the assumption that Kathy is pretty and desirable. 7 head, large hooked nose, box shape, no tits, thin lips, beady wide set eyes. She IS thin. All these unfortunate physical features are eclipsed by her rancid personality.

No. 1902834

Is there a term for a reverse fundie? She posts exactly like one, just with the religion and traditionalism aspects removed. The self-righteousness and hypocritical preaching, telling others what they can’t do and how wrong they are for the way they are living their lives is what fundies do. Even has the same “government bad” misinformation fear mongering talking points.

No. 1902926

I don't understand her insistence on the mandatory use of masks. Here in my country, among leftists, the insistence on the use of masks is seen as scientific denialism, because continuing to use a mask after taking the vaccines is like saying that you don't believe in the effectiveness of the vaccine.

No. 1902960

What's wrong with using masks? You can still get sick after getting the vaccine, there's just less chance you'll go to the hospital or die. I don't know anyone who claims that you can't catch covid while vaccinated.

No. 1902979

This is a dumbass take. Vaccines aren’t 100% protection against COVID, it isn’t wrong to still want to mask. The thing Kathy is doing is being a complete hypocrite about masking when she’s clearly been unmasked indoors in large groups.

No. 1903031

File: 1695500629688.jpeg (105.03 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2126.jpeg)

She says as she worships men online while playing pretend sex worker

No. 1903104


You’re spot on. I know this board looks down on sex workers but i know a few dommes as well and went to dungeons a few times. The male clients want their ass rammed or fisted for hours, which is neither easy nor a pretty job. More power to those who sort of enjoy it (Kathy would never)

Nobody wants to pay a chick $500 to buy her pastries and hear her vent about Marxism and capitalism (while begging for designer handbags and shoes, galaxy brain take)

Idk how to explain it but she has a very female centric view of femdom (pastries, fluffy pillows, pastels) while completely ignoring what actual clients want, it’s such a jarring disconnect. She’d have better luck posting that for $500 she’ll peg someone for 1h, then get her regulars to pay her shopping here and there, but it involves actual effort.

No. 1903318

File: 1695549650727.png (837.61 KB, 1178x1140, Screenshot 2023-09-24 at 3.00.…)

No. 1903320

File: 1695549711476.jpg (209.15 KB, 1440x1800, 381517439_986231865927020_8725…)

No. 1903321

File: 1695549736556.mp4 (463.24 KB, 650x1154, ljzriAr-KV0VGXPd.mp4)

No. 1903322

File: 1695549772154.mp4 (322.46 KB, 1080x1920, 350542258_1497674964384371_636…)

No. 1903323

File: 1695549807010.jpg (121 KB, 750x1334, 382617259_1663504214174153_889…)

No. 1903361

Taking selfies at a ballet … how trashy. I've seen people take pictures of themselves with posters of the show before it starts, but never in the theatre while the performers are dancing. She's making it clear she doesn't actually care about the arts and just thinks people knowing she went to a ballet will make her look classy or something.

No. 1903362

That plastic wig, makeshift collar, Amazon faux fur, and nightgown look did not make it worth anyone's while. Tragic.

No. 1903375

She needs to stop thrusting her tongue holy shit.
I can't believe she wore that out in public. It looks like underclothes, and not like, 1990s slip-dress stuff. Cheap, polyester underclothes.

No. 1903383

File: 1695562618585.jpg (165.65 KB, 1860x1044, Baby-Jane-HERO.jpg)

Thank you for your insight anon.

This immediately made me think of "What Ever Happened to Baby Jane." Pic related.

No. 1903404

TBF the house lights are up, clearly these are not taken during the performance.

No. 1903506

this is 'mr. blush'? he looks like one of those wannabe-goth neckbeards who aged out of the club scene and now paying for female company is the only recourse left to him.

No. 1903512

>She needs to stop thrusting her tongue holy shit.
she cant. if she did that her double chin would show

No. 1903528

Maybe if her diet was something other than pasta, kraft dinner, macarons, and weed, and if she did any sort of physical movement at all, there would be no double chin at such an average BMI.

No. 1903589

File: 1695588554327.jpeg (22.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2140.jpeg)

No. 1903598

That is a highly sought-after job that involves getting in at the bottom floor of shitty UNPAID internships in some places, working as a stitcher for years until you're trusted enough to cut fabric for someone else's vision, showing up to grueling hours for hell week, and maybe one day in your 40s you'll be able to design a show.
It's such a cool job, but it's a highly competitive one with bad pay. All that handwork is taxing on the body even for someone who isn't publicly disabled like Kathy. I knew a girl in props who sewed THROUGH her hand, and another in costumes who had developed some kind of hands/joint issue from doing so much hand sewing. Like most art jobs and jobs related to video games, this industry is one that has an endless supply of eager workers who love the craft too much, so the working conditions can be kinda shit. Kathy should try making herself more than one costume before she deals with multiple costumes per dancer for a whole show.

No. 1903635

you know, since I've started reading this thread, I couldn't help but think kathy reminds me of someone, but I didn't know who.

and now it's come to me. she's like emilie autumn (a singer who could have her own threads on here and keeps alienating her fanbase with bad, scammy behaviour).

they talk so similarly. their 'tea and scones burlesque aesthetic is similar, except emilie's version is "goth." they both have a lot to say about minorities despite being white women.

unlike kathy, emilie at least has musical talent, even if she doesn't use it anymore.(newfaggotry)

No. 1903637

fashion industry is an underpaid hell, she can't even endure a normal job, she would quit after one hour having to actually work somewhere were they make costumes. And does she really think you go in there and your first task will be designing the costumes, kek, if you don't have the right connections your first task will be ironing the fabrics or cleaning the workspace.

I once stabbed a seam ripper in the side of my hand, it's not like anyone cared. Many people can sew and to be allowed to design stuff for real shows you have to show a history of knowledge or the right family name.

No. 1903803

Emilie actually has an active thread on /snow, check the catalog.

No. 1903807

>>1903320 It’s funny as fuck that she just blurred the frizzy ends into the background.
>>1903323 Woof, that wig has been rode hard since its last styling. iirc she hired someone else to style it, not having the skills to do so herself. I wonder if she even brushes it. They look like such an embarrassing couple.

No. 1903864

We've seen her ~artistic vision~. She's never designed a single thing in her life kek improperly gluing poorly placed rhinestones on pre-made items is as far as her skill level goes.

No. 1904183

I have a friend who is a professional costumier and well, where do I start? I've never seen Kathy sew anything so much as a shift dress.

No. 1904184

Yes that's her Nigel. She's not even his preferred girlfriend.

No. 1904200

File: 1695675605207.jpg (274.73 KB, 1180x2242, image (1).jpg)

Sounds like she's talking to herself

No. 1904231

These look so cheap for how much they cost, it's probably just fast fashion chinese shit with an inflated price tag

No. 1904256

It appears to be Agent Provocateur brand

No. 1904274

>t's probably just fast fashion chinese shit with an inflated price tag
Might as well be. It's AP but this style is always on sale for less than $50 because it's really shitty quality. She has a bad problem with buying shitty lingerie because she thinks higher price equals better quality. She'll be trying to resell it at a loss kek

No. 1904316

Its times like this i consider a twitter account. You know, for reconnaissance reasons.

Any nonnies looked this guy up yet? Legit account? Or is it "made in 2023, no posts, only replies to kathy"?

No. 1904378

Took a look and it seems legit. Account since 2020, has replied and followed other whores on Twitter.

No. 1904620

Everyday she wakes up and chose to be tacky as fuck

No. 1904721

Don't nitpick, it's not like she had the flash on while the lights in the background were off. I'm sure tons of normies have pictures like this.


>Idk how to explain it but she has a very female centric view of femdom (pastries, fluffy pillows, pastels) while completely ignoring what actual clients want, it’s such a jarring disconnect. She’d have better luck posting that for $500 she’ll peg someone for 1h, then get her regulars to pay her shopping here and there, but it involves actual effort

She has the what I like to call, "groomed by Tumblr" view of what sex work is. The part sex workers are willing to post because it inspired awe in other women. None of them talk about what it actually entails because then no one would be jealous of your pretty, expensive items. Since Kathy hasn't had to deal with real clients, she still has the romanticized version of sex work in her head. Lots of girls go into sex work with a naive mentality like Kathy, but they end up learning once they actually have to do sex work.

No. 1904812

Don't mini-mod newfag

No. 1905055

File: 1695801119229.jpg (37.13 KB, 750x1334, 384337243_869996774538510_2544…)

No. 1905195

Kathy only ever sells stuff at a loss. She seems allergic to photographing and putting stuff up on ebay or wherever. She could sell them off in counts of 50 and probably make back the amount she spent but slowly over time.

No. 1905243

no receipts for this, but she seems the type to give a high "original" price to make her selling price seem a bargain. didnt she once try reselling a gifted lingerie set?

No. 1905985

File: 1695939131400.jpg (32.49 KB, 750x1334, 384069423_1022147805790143_760…)

Guess she caught up with her threads because she's finally confronting >>1843999 KEK

No. 1906061

File: 1695948592292.png (5.62 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8914.png)

Part 1

No. 1906064

File: 1695948648947.png (2.77 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8931.png)

Part 2. Did Kathy dump the scrote? Or was it goth gf?? In which case it must be so sad that he’s posting about killing himself over the goth when he still has Kathy.

No. 1906065

Damn Kathy what a catch. Grandpa is tired of our burlesque grifter using him for whatever he's worth (not much) deep down, isn't he?

No. 1906068

> You’re fat
> You dress like a teenage and you're almost forty
> Your hair is thinning
> You're unattractive
I mean, was the picture meant to make his followers rush to contradict them? Because if so…

No. 1906070

A lot of his complaints about himself, he can take control of and fix if he wants to. He can lose weight. He can thrift a few decent outfits for his next job. He can get a better haircut (or save up for hair surgery if he wants to). He can work on his anger issues. After dealing with all that stuff, maybe he'll be able to surround himself with better people who treat him better.
Intentional helplessness is a theme with Kathy and those she spends time with

No. 1906099

File: 1695953430182.png (914.08 KB, 1866x1198, Screenshot 2023-09-28 at 6.37.…)

It's about Kelsey the goff gf breaking up with him. Just checked and they no longer follow each other on Instagram. If it was about Kathy, she'd be having a category 1 meltdown across all platforms. Kathy actually posted a cryptic champagne artwork on her Insta three hours ago and he liked it. Sounds like she celebrating their breakup kek wouldn't jump the gun too quickly there Kathy though: the "your efforts mean nothing" "no one cares about you unless you can doing something for them" in his poor me post were also directed at her. He almost word-for-worded what she has said multiple times when she goes on her "I don't keep anyone in my life unless they are doing something for me" narc rants. He's already done with putting up with that and now he's jobless like her.

No. 1906104

I just looked up a wholesaler costumier supply site. A 'factory pack' of 1440 small rhinestones in Silver Shade costs $33.50 USD. I'm not sure how much it weighs though.

No. 1906107

PTSD doesn't work like that. I don't like people shoving cameras in my face without asking either, but that's because it's rude. I have no traumatic history with that, so no PTSD. Unless Kathy has a tragic backstory of being papped/stalked, which I somehow doubt.

No. 1906119

It was for sure Kelsey because if Kathy left him she'd have made a woe post about missing the dog, and already retconned the neckbeard into an abusive ableist misogynist.

No. 1906121

I’m sure the “trauma” is because she has lacked control of the outcome in some pictures others (family and friends) have taken of her and she has had to confront her real features.

No. 1906129

>muh hairline

No. 1906130

Slap me for lateness but I just realised this is obvious a post-covid photo due to all the masks. Guess who's not wearing a mask in the middle of NYC? kek

No. 1906147

It's so sad that he's almost 40 and whining on social media for pity points. And by sad I mean hilarious. Keep entertaining us, faggot.

No. 1906289

I always wondered what they had in common but I understand now.
They're hairline twinsies

No. 1906331

What a whiney little bitch. Not only are all those things unattractive but him crying online about it too is just such a huge turnoff. Like, get a grip, you tell yourself that shit in your head, not publicly online. I would say that he is at least self aware but that’s completely cancelled out by whatever this fag drag loser sobfest is.

No. 1906335

I can’t believe this is ‘Mr. Blush’ (I cringe every time that is uttered) whom Kathy the all mighty dominatrix is supposedly alpha-ed by. It would make so much more sense and be so much more appealing to her scrote customers if SHE was the one leading him around on a collar and leash.

No. 1906480

File: 1696010903859.png (1.91 MB, 1606x847, 500$ vintage piece.png)

I'm convinced she routinely overpays for all her "vintage finds". There's no way she trawls through vintage stores looking for that sweet find (despite living in NY freaking city) and instead goes for overpriced instagram shops that do the groundwork then surcharge the price for anyone looking for old clothes and minimal knowledge on what's actually good. I'm no expert but that piece looks to be in bad shape and discoloured like the bargain bin stuff I find at second hand shops. At the very least there's no way that's a 500$ quality vintage piece

No. 1906486

It's not surprising that rhinestone bra costs that much because a. Online markup like you said, b. Inflation, c. It has a known history of being associated with something famous rather than being a random sparklebra, and d. Even a regular vintage sparklebra isn't something you'd find many of.
But she's absolutely wasting her opportunity living in New York. She could be picking through boxes of grody old costumes looking for treasures for $5 a whole box. I'm not gonna tell her how or where because she's not paying me, though.

No. 1906519

Vintage show costumes can be very pricey because they were custom made for performers and often stolen by the performers, making them a rare find. Pieces of vintage, like actual vintage, lingerie or lingerie-esque costumes were often made with materials that by now have degraded quite a lot, making them very brittle (elastic for instance can easy just crumble away). Collectors can be very glad to own something grotty if it was tied to culturally significant institutions, like les Folies Bergeres. Why she'd want it is another question, surely not to wear it, after the stink she made about the Marilyn Monroe Kim Kardashian dress debacle.

No. 1906521

File: 1696016729430.png (168.65 KB, 1190x670, Screenshot 2023-09-29 at 12.44…)

Both of these idiots completely missed the mark on what financial literacy is. I couldn't imagine choosing to stay ignorant.

No. 1906530

Golden coming from the bitch that was begging for someone to help her with taxes.

No. 1906531

If she had actually been abused, she would know that a feature of financial abuse is the abuser intentionally keeping their victim financially illiterate in one way or another. This furthers dependence and creates a power dynamic. This is how you know Kathy was cut off from her trust, not anything more sinister than that.

No. 1906532

Financial literacy helps people not be taken advantage of you fucking morons.

No. 1906535

You can not be a self-proclaimed advocate for survivors of financial abuse while mocking programs designed to help them. To think financial literacy only covers budgeting shows how uneducated and financially illiterate she is herself. It's been mentioned in the past here though that she should take a free course about it online so of course she has to triple down on it being bad. She'll learn one day - and that day might be very close given both her and the neckbeard are unemployed.

No. 1906547

She has put her own costumes in a shadow box for display before. This would be a far more culturally significant thing to display that way.
Someone who has been kept intentionally ignorant in order to gain further power over them could prevent being taken advantage of again and possibly turn their life around with the right information. She needs to shut her stupid mouth.

No. 1906554

Kek did she just
>"don't teach a man to a fish"

No. 1906597

Dirty deleted after being called out here of course

No. 1906599

>97% of abusive relationships have financial abuse
that's an argument FOR financial literacy you absolute mong

No. 1906637

The last post she made about him was 6 days ago. So its possible that it could be her. In which case would be the most findom thing she has ever done. But i feel like she is the one to get dumped and not doing the dumping. Only because of her dependency on others for income and the fact that she had a fucking "leashing ceremony" or whatever the fuck that cringe shit was.

No. 1906642

Collaring ceremony. Except they used a buckle collar which can be easily removed and she never wears. I'll say this for Kevin Gibes, at least he's dedicated to his LARP.

No. 1906691

Kek do bdsmfags really(unsaged)

No. 1906800

File: 1696059697187.jpeg (97.03 KB, 1170x891, IMG_2348.jpeg)

It’s not Kathy. They’ve both unfollowed Kelsey on instagram and scrotey edited the caption where he had her tagged on a somewhat recent post. Kathy and him still follow each other and he’s interacted with her posts from today and yesterday.

No. 1906802

File: 1696060178451.jpeg (955.83 KB, 3726x2208, IMG_2347.jpeg)

The red flags are never ending. If she was smart, she’d get out now.

No. 1906814

File: 1696064833873.png (1.52 MB, 757x764, male doms.png)

I bet kathy felt secure being the one who was "collared" but given scrotey's reaction I take it goth chick was the true love here with Kathy as his backup relationship/rent splitter. Agreed on him being red flags galore, he seems more the murder-suicide type of scrote to take kathy down too considering he choses self-hatred and victimization over reflection of self which leads to hatred and scapegoating of those around you. He's certainly feeling the weight of being a nearly 40 year old with nothing to show for it, not even having the self confidence to chose between owning being a nerdy dude or just buying new shirts (though tbf I only ever see women capable of dressing in "young" styles while old so the scrote may as well give up and dress smart now). I don't really care for beaky but woman to woman I hope she finds a bit of a less scary scrote to mooch off of. Her moid is this meme incarnate and sees women's actions as they relate to himself, not them as fully realized people choosing for themselves. Kathy is his backup sex doll property and she's playing along as if it's some "mutual dedication" to each other and not a reflection of his feelings towards women (and her)

No. 1906831

Did the second girlfriend leave him as soon as he was unemployed kek? Is kathy's findomme larp all a cope because he was actually bankrolling the other one and she dipped 5 minutes after he lost his job?

No. 1906917

Kathy’s overall attitude toward her fellow women could be described as “crabs in a barrel.” She’s broke, miserable, refuses to get a job, zero financial literacy, blows her money on useless trinkets and then resorts to whoring & e-begging every month when she’s short on rent, stuck with an ugly abusive moid etc. And she lashes out bitterly every time someone offers women any advice or resources to not end up like her. It’s so transparent.

No. 1906990

>stuck with an ugly abusive moid
Just confirming here that the abuse everyone's talking about is the BDSM part of their relationship and I didn't miss a "Kathy's neckbeard beats her not in a bedroom way" revelation, right?

No. 1907026

File: 1696102605762.png (7.49 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8980.png)

The moid almost needs his own thread at this point

No. 1907029

>You are not an amorous tool
Oh you’re a tool alright honey

No. 1907052

File: 1696105710970.jpeg (48.65 KB, 1242x2208, abc.jpeg)

Dude is a ticking timebomb

No. 1907064

Literal neckbeard pose dude get a grip

No. 1907164

Whatever grip he had is long gone. I’m getting murder-suicide vibes off this neckbeard. Kathy is a pickme cow, but even she should be smart enough to avoid a mentally unstable moid. Kathy, RUN!

No. 1907171

What is the context of this? What was the warning?

No. 1907175

jesus christ the cringe. past the age of 15 and still writing that shit? do a flip.
kathy is probably still too high on the satisfaction of being picked over the other girlfriend. unfortunately i doubt she'll notice the red flags

No. 1907205

He didn’t give context. Sounds like someone alerted his brother to his suicide baiting so he tried to pretend to be macho about it.

No. 1907329

It depends on what is family is like, but maybe some family support and involvement is what he needs right now. Losing a relationship and a job at the same time sounds pretty brutal even if you don't like the guy it happened to. I kinda doubt Kathy is any more pleasant or supportive to be around in person than she is online.

No. 1907359

> "You are replaceable'
> "No one cares unless you can do things for them"

Sounds familiar. These are Kathy talking points she tries to use as domination. Wouldn't be surprised if her redflag behavior has been contributing to this inner now outer monologue. Or perhaps his red flags have been the source of her make believe dominatrix persona?

No. 1907383

File: 1696184337387.jpg (185.93 KB, 1080x1920, 385628720_634606508826109_7683…)

Someone is coping hard.

No. 1907387

I mean…it seems pretty clear at this point that both of their red flags brought them together. A broke, whiny, self-absorbed “dom” with a broke, whiny, self-absorbed “findom” just makes sense.

No. 1907395

>ikea billy bookcase
>dollar store picture frames
>aliexpress polyester macaron cushion
>keeping an empty champagne bottle around bc you think it's a flex
wow. much glamour. such luxury

No. 1907400

This is still unhinged wtf
>you are not an amorous tool
Does he think people are using him for his body?
>you deserve people who will sacrifice for you
needs clarification
>you deserve to be treated with respect
We all know what "respect" means when a moid says it, it means be his happy little slave. nah. imagine being this much hard work while being a 2/10, get a personality dude because the one you have sucks

No. 1907401

Same anon, just checked out of curiosity and he posted it at 3AM and it's been deleted now KEK

No. 1907410

File: 1696186720044.png (171.42 KB, 500x371, cinderella step sister slipper…)

That shoe on the left

No. 1907426

Right? If you have to be ugly AND broke, at least try to be pleasant. These manchildren think they “deserve” an army of slaves to clean up their messes and validate their egos while offering nothing.

No. 1907464

Took him long enough to mention her kek she looks so dumb right now

No. 1907523

except she wasn't picked, she was just the only gf left kek after goff gf dumped him

No. 1907539

File: 1696208246651.jpg (30.88 KB, 750x1334, 385006219_307492608678405_4510…)

Start with yourself first Katherine

No. 1907619

Typical poly relationship. They start dating someone new and basically completely ignore their original partner. Then get their heart broken, only to fall back on the partner that has always had their back, and act like that person has always been the be-all-end-all in their heart. It’s sad.

No. 1907748

File: 1696256797892.jpg (74 KB, 1080x1920, 384368358_1984897635220280_448…)

From goff ex-gf's IG

No. 1907811

She should delete the pics of him all over her ig while she’s at it

No. 1907813

I would love to see how these conversations go when Kathy herself doesn’t take any Covid precautions anymore. You can’t tell other people to wear a mask and stay six feet away while standing right next to them not wearing a mask kek

No. 1908027

It's literally just 3 pictures. She doesn't post very often so she probably just forgot or doesn't care enough… to me that shows she has a real life and isn't terminally online like Kathy.

No. 1908038

Okay… calm down kek

No. 1908903

File: 1696446577258.jpg (143.35 KB, 1242x2208, 386364803_1015925553059414_369…)

Congrats Kathy on getting this balding middle-aged neckbeard man child all to yourself

No. 1908910

how much halloween themed sugary junk food cereal do you need, jeez

No. 1909096

Super happy for her. The more Frank and Kathy cross post, the more it seems like they truly deserve each other. They’re equally self pitying, self righteous, tone def, and lazy.

No. 1909115

File: 1696488038596.jpeg (468.75 KB, 1002x2930, gross.jpeg)

I've been waiting for the neckbeard to have more relevancy itt to post these screenshots from his Facebook page. In between posts of him being a self-righteous jagweed and thirsting over women that look nothing like Katherine, you have fake dAdDy DoM posts. There's also a few "I wish I was a girl" posts but that's for another post kek remember these the next time Kathy wants to praise her dAdDy or rant about frauds in kink.

No. 1909120

He wants a Shayna but can only get a Kathy

No. 1909283

thats literally a picture of shats cage im dying he's so creepy

No. 1909289

Kek now there’s a crossover I’d love to see. I’d love him to try bringing Shaynus into the “poly situation” god the milk…he should go to Fetcon next year and try to meet her

No. 1909298

File: 1696524147618.jpeg (267.52 KB, 1170x1973, IMG_7406.jpeg)

I know it means nothing but the fact that his status is publicly set to single kills me. They’ve been dating for how long and he won’t claim her even still?

No. 1909303

File: 1696524808903.png (249.38 KB, 500x501, 1667512291659.png)

Oh god, why is he this cringe and on Facebook of all places?

No. 1909306

Lol big sheybowski has been liking a lot of Madame Beaks tweet lately.
Maybe Christmas will come early

No. 1909359

The dates of these line up with when he got with her. Kathy the cuck confirmed kek

No. 1909361

File: 1696533668456.jpeg (372.78 KB, 1350x1509, I really want to be a pretty g…)

Here's him wishing to be a girl. Once might be a joke, but twice? That's his fantasy.

No. 1909363

File: 1696533843911.jpeg (300.58 KB, 1334x1022, Kahkis are the enemy.jpeg)

Here some maximum copium

No. 1909368

it's all proof many of the losers talked about on this site not only lurk their own threads but others too. Kathy and her neckbeard lurk here and he clearly liked what he saw on Shat's thread. And Shat has clearly lurked Kathy's thread since she's now liking her tweets. So embarrassing for all of them kek

No. 1909371

They should all move in together and then they'll also qualify for the poly thread!

No. 1909374

He made that post before Kathy had a thread. If he knew of Shayna and didn't just repost a random (to him) picture off the internet, he knew of her from tumblr. He's giving off serious fake tumblr dom vibes.

No. 1909377

File: 1696534509023.jpeg (Spoiler Image,806.18 KB, 1070x5811, all this on facebook.jpeg)

Last post. His account seriously is 99% this degenerate crap. Very embarrassing behavior, specially at his age on Facebook where he has family added.

No. 1909378

Makes sense but you know they all lurk here anyway

No. 1909393

Kek this killed me, as of being a hockey fan is so cringe? And I’m so sure he can pronounce the non-American players’ names too, fucking lmao. He’s a particular brand of loser I have ended up trapped in convo with at bars. 10/10 would be rude to irl.

No. 1909473

what's stopping him from styling his hair this way now? I dont see a law against having this shit and a glitterbeard like the cringe geriatric millennial he is…
oh wait, he's balding kek

No. 1909490

> If you date a guy that wears khakis, I assume you gave up and are settling.
Francisco, por favor. What should we assume about Katherine for dating Frænk?

No. 1909534

It’s hard to believe anyone could be a bigger cow than Kathy, but this moid somehow takes the cake. Anons are right, Big Shaynus is his soulmate and I’m officially shipping them

No. 1909542

File: 1696557108563.gif (5.16 MB, 500x500, giphy.gif)

'ladies it's okay to have cuck fantasies' kek thanks for the moid milk nonita

No. 1909543

This man makes me want to a-log so bad. What a delusional loser, he and Kathy are a match made in heaven.

No. 1909555

File: 1696559850579.jpg (312.73 KB, 1651x1468, IMG_2606.JPG)

>ill fitting black clothes
>caked in dog hair
>and deodorant stains
>chipped nail polish
>shitty tattoos
>poor hyigene
>untucked button shirt
>likes hockey

What's that again about giving up and settling?

No. 1909563

Frank being fupapa 2.0 would be an absolute delight tbh

No. 1909567

Ok now I see it, he is literally the male Shaynus. Rooting for this weed and dog hair encrusted polycule to happen.

No. 1909568

I hate cowtipping/ers but if I could choose one way for this board to interfere with anything irl it would be to get he and Shayna together somehow. Team Shænk 4ev.

No. 1909579

I'm so hoping his ex comes here to spill the tea I bet she has some epic stories kek.
Please please please Sandy Claws this is all I want for Milkmas.

No. 1909582

We’re manifesting goffgirl to spill the milk and Kathy/Fraeaenk/Shaynus multi thread polycule to launch for the holidays, Merry Cowmas ladies…

No. 1909602

He'll collar her irl and shamelessly post wishes about wanting a shayna on facebook but won't post her kek
Beaky should know this is from shayna and since shayna follows her now there's a good chance she'll see the neckbeard posting this. wonder how this will go…
will the narc get jealous? will shay intensify the crossover? will neckbeard try for shayna? is shay too fat for him?

No. 1909606

File: 1696570887202.png (64.87 KB, 1330x236, Screenshot 2023-10-05 at 10.29…)

What a winner

No. 1909704

I loathe this male

No. 1909802

It’s wild how Kathy spouts all this woke feminist rhetoric on social media, only to go home and wash skidmarks out of the filthy drawers of an unemployed manchild who beats women for funsies. She’s literally no different from anyone on the tradthot thread. That’s not very Mistress Velvet of you, Kathy!

No. 1909835

Fucking kek, so Kathy is also his mommywife? She actually washes his nasty sharted up boxers and then copes with her imagination on twitter? Such a "daddy dom" he'll fill the diaper himself and can't do the damn laundry at nearly 40. Moid claims to be a dom and is actually a total man-baby, incapable of taking care of himself without his mommy-wife. Many such cases
Wonder if goth-gf was bestowed shart-cleaning duties and dipped out. When a man claims to be one thing but is actually another it's time to go Beaky. Even Dolly would be naming and shaming this dude if he tried this with her. This guy makes pretend that he's a macho playboy who can totally provide for and support a trophy wife in the bedroom only, at least your local rich trad dude will actually provide this while not waxxing poetic about how "unique" they are. Instead the same conversations about a woman's natural state being ditsy and too pretty to do anything but play through life won't be sugar-coated with fake wokism.
Kathy, style yourself better and go get some idiot trust-fund baby in NYC, your life choices are cringe but at least do the work to make those choices worthwhile so you actually get a decent life/bag. And someone less ugly cause while your tasteless ass enjoys looking at his face 24/7, the rest of us hate the mere minutes we get.

No. 1909996

File: 1696626392850.jpeg (199.6 KB, 1500x2668, disABILITES.jpeg)

Her brand of disability advocacy makes zero sense

No. 1910013

Freank’s retardation and diaper shitting posts makes it clear the goth girl dodged a bullet. Kathy the Cuck must have ZERO self-esteem to be associated with, let alone “collared” by, a loathsome failmale Shayna reply guy who won’t even claim her in public.

No. 1910018

I'm assuming she means that she wants individuals who offer sliding scales in their shops/their services as a woke thing should also give anyone who claims to be disabled a lower price. How are you going to vet that, as a small business owner? "Oh? You're disabled, send me identifying paperwork to prove it? Show me your leg stump?" It doesn't even matter whether or not it's a good idea because you can't implement it. Every cheap bozo would just say, "Uh, yeah, I'm disabled give me my discount. No I'm not going to provide evidence of that. Asking me to do so is discrimination!"

No. 1910032

File: 1696630415690.png (114.73 KB, 1348x362, Screenshot 2023-10-04 at 11.08…)

When multiple shelters question you this much the problem isn't the shelters being too picky, it's you. Sounds like he got that poor dog from a puppy mill.

No. 1910039

>Disabled people on benefits are not allowed to get married
What drugs is she on now? Nothing is blocking people on benefits from marrying. Benefits can be affected but they are allowed to get married. She sure loves to fearmonger and degrade disabled people.

No. 1910135

If the reason you should give discounts to disabled people is because they have a 2/3rds chance of being poor, why not just offer you know… a sliding scale based on income. Like plenty of therapists do

No. 1910177

wait, why wouldn't a disabled person already be included in sliding scale? If they're in poverty they're obviously automatically included and if they're not in poverty then they are privileged in regards to money and can probably afford to pay full price. Plus most sliding scale stuff is done by indie businesses (at least in my experience) so it's technically done on the honour system self reporting your income level or paying ability so if you're low income because you're disabled or whatever other reason you are you can just say so. If anything people tend to be a little more lenient towards disabled low income people cause they've "got a reason" to be unemployed/low income (granted it's if they're visible)

No. 1910302

of course he thinks "girls get treated like princesses just for being pretty". a lot of these pornsick moids genuinely believe being gawked at and objectified is "female privilege". they dont realize men dont "shower women with gifts" without expecting something in return… (but apparently madame blush doesnt understand this either).
this mentality is what makes many inferior scrotes troon out btw
lawd this man looks like a retarded pug dog. imagine this specimen slapping your face and calling you his little cumslut lmfaooo. kathy kisses this kobold on the lips. i would not wish this upon anyone… but she deserves this fate!

came back to this thread after a while to all these laughs! i could not believe my eyes seeing the shaynus cage. i realize its a viral and contextless photo in those circles, but it still made me open my eyes wide like a sojak. shay liking kathy's tweets is funny as well. i hope kathy adopts shaynus as her protege and schools her in the art of e-domming. imagine shaynuce in a drag wig. imagine burlesque shaymu. shame they live so far away. sigh.

No. 1910327

> apparently madame blush doesnt understand this either
I wonder if he pulled her into his delusion about women and since she's a narc, she accepted the idea that she deserves presents just for gracing people with her existence real quick. Either he did or the many men she plays pick-me for nasty 3somes say this sort of thing and she accepts it totally despite being proof it's a made up male fantasy invented out of hate and jealousy.
You're right that this is 100% the type of guy to "transmax" their lives so they can "live on the easy mode". An easy mode given to them as men playing dress-up but not given to any real women cause "pretty privilege" doesn't actually give benefits, it protects from some shit you'd get if you were ugly and otherwise comes with its own demons and nobody is scared to tell women how they feel about them unlike with hulking scrotes.

No. 1910423

The thing is that he barely gives her anything. You look at her post history and he’s given her like…soda and flowers and that shitty collar. You’d think that if she were this self-absorbed she’d try to bag a guy who could actually bankroll the lifestyle she thinks she deserves. My tinfoil is that she’s a narc but deep down she doesn’t think she deserves a better man and is afraid of being by herself.

No. 1910436

would not be suprised if that tinfoil was true. she was 100% a sub at the start of her being involved with him and getting collared. she liked to reminisce about being a young pet girlfriend to rich (doubt) old farts, glamorizing it lana del rey style. since her findom arc, she twisted the narrative into her being the epic girlboss sugarbaby and using these men as her plaything instead. i thought it was her coping with the trauma of being used… but your theory about the scrote changing her mindset makes a lot of sense. maybe a bit of both.
plus i dont believe her "mistress velvet inspired me to dom" larp one bit.

No. 1910457

File: 1696715627644.jpeg (95.12 KB, 640x640, 1633496533319.jpeg)

>she liked to reminisce about being a young pet girlfriend to rich (doubt) old farts, glamorizing it lana del rey style
Thread reminder that this is the ex that came right before Pancho. There was never any wealthy men in her life; just middle-aged social rejects. These gross scrotes are her type and she fits right in with them with her infected tatted tits and bimbo fuckdoll fantasies. Who she is and wishes to be will never align with what wealthy men chase after. Horny Twitter scrotes don't even want her. The best Kathy can pull is a female mental ward patient and whatever you want to call these scrotes.

No. 1910472

he is an annoying and disgusting person. People in my country bought and adopted animals en masse while covid was "active" and just one month after everything was "normal" again, they would just put their dogs back into the shelters. So, yes, they should ask you a thousand questions, because it's a living being and it's probably better of in a shelter than with you and Kathy… honestly, those two found each other and they should stay together

No. 1910540

She's sort of right. If a disabled person whose only income is social security disability benefits marries or moves in with a partner earning above minimum wage then their benefits get cut. Same in the UK. It's quite a shitty system but she's pushing it to say we can't legally get married.

No. 1910573

Guess you missed the “benefits can be affected” part

No. 1910639

File: 1696749127291.jpeg (137.9 KB, 1188x957, lies.jpeg)

Sure Jan and once again, other women are the problem - never the men

No. 1910640

File: 1696749457067.jpg (391.8 KB, 1387x1333, literally.jpg)

Yeah ok

No. 1910660

There are millions of dumpy floppy titted Mexicans and beaky 4/10s in NYC lol I doubt it

No. 1910666

File: 1696756625578.jpg (216.25 KB, 1200x1200, 6459d26830f8c4d259239d050c_cmU…)

The weird bumps on her forehead never fail to freak me out. Hellboy lookin ass

No. 1910764

>> Hellboy lookin ass
My sides Nonny, fuck I can’t I unsee it now.

No. 1910852

I too would pull my husband away from that, she looks like a lesser, not scary just gross cenobite. I’d be pulling all humans away from that.

No. 1910902

screw the husband, id pull small children away from that, lest they get nightmares

No. 1910988

Honestly, I kind of feel bad for her at this point. She's absolutely hideous and settles for a balding pug faced loser who shits himself (and she isn't even his first choice)? Her entire online persona is obviously a massive cope.

No. 1910993

I keep reading Fraenk Ramos as Frank Reynolds and I can't stop kek.

No. 1911040

File: 1696827046588.jpg (209.52 KB, 1190x1168, image.jpg)

What the actual hell

No. 1911112

song of songs is not "horny as hell". its tender and loving. its clear that these whores were never loved lmao.

No. 1911184

Jerkin' it to the bible is a new one for me, they really will say anything to try and be edgy. Feels like we're recyling 00s internet which was just people being as edgy and argumentative as possible for attention

No. 1911198

This seriously reads like something someone at warped tour or a marilyn manson reject would claim to trigger their grandpa
It's hard to imagine anybody legit being turned on by the language of the bible written in english, let alone a child who hasn't had their first orgasm yet. Also this situation requires a child to be religious enough to be reading the bible alone in private but also irreligious enough to think jerking off to it for your first orgasm is a good idea.
this makes it even funnier. For people who throw sex away like it's nothing it's hilarious when it's also the only thing they associate with love

No. 1911325

The English translation of both the poetry in Song of Songs and Revelations is so dry and milquetoast, I can’t possibly imagine an adult masturbating to it, let alone a child. Also hasn’t Katherine said time and time again that she’s vehemently against anything religious? She’ll literally change her personality to fit whatever she thinks will get her popular.

No. 1911328

File: 1696894327980.jpg (234.48 KB, 1242x2208, 386664162_334234952607156_6913…)


No. 1911341

Reminds me of the masturbating with crucifixes trend that used to be big with alt girls and Jewish pornstars

No. 1911386

Can I offer you a nice egg in this trying time?

No. 1911389

Fucking hell Frank, get off Instagram and go for a beer with your buds or something. You're not a 19 year old girl.

No. 1911430

…I don't get it

No. 1911431

kek this picture is so embarrassing. He's just your regular everyday greasy biker wearing normal biking clothes, while she's over here staging a prom photoshoot with 0 social awareness.

No. 1911436

And still is with ugly drag queen faggots

No. 1911438

What I am guessing is a sweet potato that looks like a big veiny dick

No. 1911444

she left me because my dick is ugly

No. 1911819

I feel like I know what this guy smells like just by looking at him and it isn't good, iirc he lived in a trailer too.
Kathy is off on her own planet and could be pasted into the image for how disconnected they are. She was born to make instagram and pinterest aesthetic accounts. (Her "findom" twitter is barely any different from an aesthetic repost account except she asks to reimburse whatever #inspo she posts about)

No. 1912063

i genuinely do not fucking understand this image. is that a sprouting potato? she left him because he leaves spoiled food around?

No. 1912119

She was supposedly getting off with the potato, that’s the joke

No. 1912203

She's been a little too quiet

No. 1912532

ayrt KEK thank you nonna. In this Frank's case it would be a musty butt plug.

No. 1912607

understandable. id rather sodomize myself with a potato than touch frank.

No. 1912612

It certainly seems the more hygienic option

No. 1912870

File: 1697171336921.png (3.93 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9334.png)

Fraenk trying to make ex Goff gf jealous with a thinner prettier goff. Wonder how Kathy takes this

No. 1912873

damn, I don't think he can make it any more obvious he's using poly as an excuse to try and date the girls he actually wants. If Beaky doesn't leave him for this there's no way she can recover her dignity and claim to be superior to your common moid again

No. 1912876

i agree, i think the scrote is trying to poly his way up into dating a 10 goth girl so he's starting with 3s and 4s. this one is very pretty

No. 1912887

He'll stall around 5-6. He's a fugly loser and doesn't have the lifestyle or high paid job to get him any higher.

No. 1912888

agreed, he's somehow managing to climb the gf ladder and probably is trying to find the one with beaky as a good financial safety net. she should be doing the same or at least getting a potential roommate replacement ready or she's incredibly naiive.
it's funnier that the girls he's into are the total opposite end of spectrum aesthetically from her and are seemingly more into his interests as well. Like sure, a guy can have deeper interests than just one, but doubt on this guy having more depth than a puddle. There's a reason that besides the ballet he seems to only show up for dinner and events involving his dog and otherwise him and beaky seem to take part in their favourite interests totally apart. Of course a couple can have different interests and go out alone, but this guy has a definite theme to his current loves kek

No. 1912909

File: 1697180600787.png (316.57 KB, 1196x758, Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 11.56…)

And she's an OF whore. If she isn't a potential new girlfriend, he'll find a way to use her just like he did with that Elizabeth woman from late last year; he used her to get people to view his Twitch streams (it didn't work). Kathy is a moron for putting up with this but at the same time, they deserve each other.

No. 1913003

I'm surprised Kathy hasn't adopted a goth persona yet, given that it's what her scrote seems to prefer. Good. Maybe there's hope for her yet. Drop his ass and at least get a balding self loathing scrote who's an AT&T manager and can spoil you with cheese and stale macarons sometimes.

No. 1913061

This is comedy
>the desperate look on his face
>liked by Kathy and 1 other
>Mean Girls caption posted by a grown man

No. 1913063

Most moids have the delusional belief they can upgrade women like a car, despite men getting less appealing every year and their chances of 10/10 stacies rapidly decreasing thusly.
Literally would be a huge upgrade from this guy. She should get an insufferable moid with money instead a broke, self loathing, delusional one like this guy.

No. 1913119

and the hashtags, theyre comical too. pathetique.

No. 1913342

This is so sad. Kathy please drop his ass and at least get yourself a scrote who isn’t disrespecting you at every step. Isn’t the larp about being worshipped at every step? He posts more about other women than he ever has Kathy. Fucking moid. So much for being collared, huh?

No. 1913499

Yeah, if Frank really did value Kathy, he'd be spending his time doing stuff with her (now that she supposedly has 100% share of the relationship attention) and putting that all over his social media, not some random porn woman.
Where is Kathy, anyways? Is she doing okay?

No. 1913669

How is beaky a good safety financial net? She has zero money and lives off of him

No. 1913687

She doesn't even live off of him. They live off of whatever handouts they can get - government, online, family - and make roommates pay a larger share of rent.

No. 1913693

I wasn't thinking proper money but the little she does get from handouts, her parents if she needs a serious bailout (I presume she can cause she's the one trying to close contact), and whatever pocket change she gets from her hobbies. She probably has ways of helping get rent, weed, or meals paid for which is why he's with her on top of what I presume is an easy lay. hell maybe she fucks the weed guy and he's mooching off that kek (don't know how underground buying shit is for a burger).

No. 1913696

after goth gf dumped him he posted kathy and the dog saying "all i need" and then 2 days later is with a porn woman trying to level up. kathy is still so out of his league why does she let him disrespect her like this?

No. 1913954

>why does she let him disrespect her
she's a broke bitch who can't afford rent

No. 1914058

File: 1697402264379.png (677.54 KB, 1188x834, Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 1.36.…)

Very anti-capitalist green anarcho-communism of her

No. 1914110

All this posting Kathy does about seducing women’s husbands truly shows how much of a “feminist” she is. Moids age and have wandering eyes and often abuse and suck the lives out of their wives who spend so much time caring for man babies and their children. Men get tired of their wives after years of taking advantage of them and start looking for a newer, younger woman to satisfy their urges. Kathy takes pleasure in that and snidely mocks these women. It makes me angrier than anything else she says. The only value that she sees herself as having is just “being better” (younger and thinner) than those old bitches who are trapped in loveless marriages with assholes.

No. 1914128

What basic ugly Aliexpress-tier looking trash. She has absolutely no taste to speak of.

No. 1914166

File: 1697416721731.jpeg (39.65 KB, 750x1334, 1.jpeg)

She should delete her websites as well since Wix is also Israeli

No. 1914168

File: 1697416922963.jpg (233.38 KB, 1500x2668, image (2).jpg)

Virtue signaling double whammy

No. 1914170

Did she grow up Jewish or…?

No. 1914171

File: 1697417104015.png (85.94 KB, 1184x332, Screenshot 2023-10-15 at 5.44.…)

It's a giant cope by these whores. Kathy can't even keep a man that "collared" her. Forget random men with wives off the street kek

No. 1914185

LOL no she's WASP all over.

No. 1914222

This bitch did not just tell people to track down store owners and tell them to replace products because of their origin kek you’re in America, Katherine. They can sell whatever they want and you as the consumer can buy whatever you want; you don’t get to dictate what grocery products people sell just like they can’t tell you what you must buy. She really wishes she was Big Brother doesn’t she?

No. 1914259

I can't think of a more useless activism than looking at product codes of hummus or whatever she's suggesting, which the retailer usually has bought on contract and can't suddenly switch suppliers just because one person asked - like what difference is this going to make to the war itself? It's up to government(s) to sanction the same way they did to Russia, annoying small shop owners isn't gonna change anything.

No. 1914309

Thanks for the heads up on the hummus Kathy I'll ask my local Publix to stock a Palestinian alternative. As if the Gaza strip conflict has been funded this entire time by puma merch and dates. Reminds me of those tumblr posts that always have the most random out of touch ways to "help the cause"

No. 1914316

next thing will be that she tells everyone that they shouldn't buy at stores owned by Jews… as if small shops don't have it hard enough most of the time.

No. 1914319

Somehow I don't think the local bakeries in Williamsburg or the many Judaica stores are quaking in their boots.

No. 1914416

Where have you been? Kathy is no type of feminist and openly hates & feels threatened by other women. She’s always been this way.

No. 1914474

What planet does she live on where you can get Palestinian equivalents to major Israeli brands?

No. 1914569

I personally wouldn't be too mad if she said not to support Jewish businesses tbh. They'll be fine either way.

This looks like something you'd buy for your teen daughter because she got all A's and B's on her report card. Muh high class luxury dom, Katie.

So none of these girls plan to be married or in long term committed relationships, right? Because what goes around comes around. Katie is probably coping hardcore right now watching her scrote mourn the loss of his preferred relationship. I bet if Kathy dumped him he wouldn't even care, he'd just find a goff 20 something to string along.

No. 1914622

File: 1697484906573.jpeg (18.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2893.jpeg)

We get it Kathy, you have a fetish for medical masks

No. 1914636

If she really gave a shit she'd actually do something. I can guarantee she knows nothing about the Israel and Palestinian debate. If you really wanted to boycott Israel then drop all your devices containing Intel chips and a vast majority of the Israeli developed medical treatment she uses while pretending to be "chronical". She is so pathetic and should get her stupid goy beak out of it and read some fucking history.

No. 1914681

She keeps calling herself one. I’m just pointing out her hypocrisy because it bothers me.

No. 1914729

"Sorry Mr Bodega worker but I can see from the bar code that your hummus is of Israeli origin. Would you be so kind to throw what remaining stock you have left out and replace it with a Palestinian brand, preferably Atheno. Kthanxbyeiii"

No. 1914752

File: 1697498508901.jpg (232.89 KB, 1242x2208, 391321332_565917542328149_2884…)

The only thing they have in common is being miserable ignorant narcissists

No. 1914826

For such a supposed radical I’ve never seen her claim to be at a protest, or a march.

No. 1914944

These kinds of groups actually discourage people from recording, taking photos, or even showing your face at these types of marches/protests, because lefttard demonstrations almost always result in at least one of them beating the shit out of a bystander and it prevents law enforcement from being able to identify those who cause the violence.

No. 1914960

She mentions all of this but not BDS at all so this post isn't even all that informative about any of the actions and why they're taken while stealing some of the actionable ideas that are more flashy and self-important. Also gotta love how she doesn't even give a single alternative kek
Doesn't even suggest going to local independent jewish shops if you wanna avoid an israeli brand of jewish goods (despite living in nyc) nor a single palestinian brand
her only true personality trait is being a brand/label whore. No matter what performative activism she does, no matter the personality she claims that day, no matter how much she pretends she cares about the arts and artists, this true "anarchist" will take a brand item over anything artisanal every time
kek, she takes his moidy ass to ballet and he can't be bothered to take her to a concert. wonder if he's too cheap to buy tickets so only goes places with her when she buys
tbf rightoids would be smart to mask up too for their riots

No. 1914965

uh anon did you forget she's literally a disabled chronically ill pstd anxious abuse victim with chronic pain? ableist society is killing her everyday and asking her to get off her arse means you literally want her dead. uwu

No. 1914973

File: 1697527438377.png (236.74 KB, 420x627, maybe this month someone will …)

damn nonna you're right, I'm clearly a fascist who supports genociding the disabled kek
also how many times is she going to reuse this one dinner date? it's the one pinned to her twitter so it gives the impression she literally never goes out and gets client (which true, but she's not supposed to admit that)

No. 1914980

Rightoids don’t beat up uninvolved bystanders for filming them. Lefttards do.(infight bait)

No. 1914983

Why are they together? Seriously. It’s not sex because she has been open about not partaking in anything but him holding a vibrator on her, so he has to go get it from other women. Definitely not money because they’re both unemployed losers that hardly get by on whatever handouts they get and rely on roommates to make rent. Sure there are a few couples that go on fine without sex and money but they at the very least have things in common. Physically and aesthetically he might be her type but she sure isn’t his. They both separately beg people to hang out with them on social media because they don’t go out together other than to entertain his dog. Makes more sense why she latched so hard onto that dog now. Do better bitch.

No. 1915085

And yet which ones do we find in jail lol? Cover your face and it won't happen so much.
Neither one of them can withstand being alone.

No. 1915138

yeah, it's so pathetic how she larps as this highly desirable "domme" who's been wined and dined by millionaires but doesn't have the self-respect to dump this basement dweller who prefers other girls and is barely bothered to give her breadcrumbs.

why stay with a broke loser who's not even into you instead of going on dates with one of the lawyers or whatever high status positions who like being submissive in their personal lives?

No. 1915163

Both sides have violent retarded moids that use protests as an excuse to be chimps and hit people

No. 1915177

AYRT, very true and good point. Moid rage is a universal constant.

No. 1915189

they're birkins by hermes. designed for everyday use, so theyre simple and neutral in form. in reality their main function is "status symbol collecting dust in rich women's closets", since they have a comical price tag. they come in many colors and variations, for "collectors" to hoard, including extremely tacky ones like these.
oh, and a LOT of knockoffs. theyre highly coveted by "luxury lovers" (like LV monograms) and simple in form, so you can easily get fake shitty ones on amazon. im looking forward to seeing kathy with pastel-colored amazon birkins.

No. 1915229

good summary nona, my autism just needs to add that the Hermes bags pictured are the Kelly bag (same difference, birkin and kelly are both everyday bags by hermes with insane price tags and worn as status symbols)

No. 1915344

>who's been wined and dined by millionaires
Ahem, that's BILLIONAIRES sweaty. In serious though those lawyers and shit would never seek her out. They can smell a fake a mile away. They want the real dommes who will give it to them up the ass for four hours non-stop kek

No. 1915345

File: 1697585995106.jpg (303.59 KB, 1440x1800, 271915530_953299111974588_1912…)

This is more hilarious than milky but remember when she was selling signed portraits of herself? Well there was at least one wackjob that bought one. That whole "my level of perfectionism is astronomical" bs kek

>Witk love, Kathezine Hailouedp The Pock avenue pinuP

No. 1915358

> Lorna
Another mentally ill woman or a man pretending?

No. 1915435

A fantastic example of someone trying to make it look like they have elegant and high class handwriting when it's really toddler status trying to mimic mommy's signature

No. 1915456

File: 1697603566582.jpeg (434.11 KB, 1600x2139, yelp.jpeg)

Found her Yelp


Lots of muh discrimination and entitlement

No. 1915475

So how does the “I can’t stand” bit square with the “I’m the greatest showgirl alive” bit exactly?

No. 1915484

How exactly is a bar being full for happy hour discrimination? If you know you are going to happy hour, you need to plan accordingly disabled or not; it’s first come first serve universally.

No. 1915485

File: 1697616701833.jpeg (37.77 KB, 640x329, IMG_2928.jpeg)

No. 1915501

Tickled at the thought of the host instantly pegging her for a perfectly able-bodied grifter and telling her if you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home.

No. 1915563


Starting to believe Frænk doesn't take her out because she complains and victimizes herself over everything, she must be a complete Nag outside lol

No. 1915623

she went to a bookstore, physically bought the books, realised she couldn't carry them home and… asked them to ship them to her? what? no place would agree to do this right, or am I being retarded? why didn't she just buy them online if she wanted them sent to her

No. 1915637

File: 1697657761550.jpeg (216.35 KB, 1170x887, IMG_2932.jpeg)

Ain’t she just a ray of sunshine?

No. 1915638

Is she wrong though? Lush employees are known to be super annoying. The reason why i only order shit online.

No. 1915647

Ugh I hate to say it but I'm actually gonna have to side with beaky here, especially as a fellow New Yorker-fag. All the locations I've been to were nothing short of obnoxious tbh. Ofc it's not the employees' fault, but they straight up bother customers who already know what they came in to get and it's really annoying when you're just trying to get in and get out (not to mention it's extra expensive in the boroughs so unless you're flush that day you really don't wanna hear some long-winded, new "recommendations" when you know what works for you).

No. 1915648

Samefag but they really don't leave you alone even after you've told them you're good and know what youre looking for (oftentimes more than once).

No. 1915672

File: 1697664167144.png (127.06 KB, 1634x502, Screenshot 2023-10-18 at 2.22.…)

The thing is she complains about another spot being "quiet". Nothing is ever good enough for her.

No. 1915674

I think that's a polite way of saying the place was empty, which can be a bit awkward for dining.
I actually read something yesterday about how the staff culture there is cultish and weird, never shopped there for the reason it all looks like candy but is not candy (an outrageous crime imo)
Employees who are trained to harass customers are really annoying in any store, beaky and anons are in the right here.

No. 1915678

Saged for blog posting but I worked for LUSH for 4 years, and yes it’s a cult. Love bombing, shunning people for quitting, the CEO of LUSH North America is notorious for sleeping with most of the store managers and MITS at the big corporate meetings, he’s show up at stores drunk sometimes and his wife would walk out with free product all the time. You are forced, quite literally, to harass customers. When I started working for LUSH this was before they implemented the bad harassing, and it just got worse and worse when they installed all the software that tracked individual shoppers the minute they walked in until they walked out. Your store would be punished if every customer didn’t walk out with at LEAST 3 items. Long hours, horrible pay (different stores in the same city paying different hourly rates, lying about it, etc). So yes, the harassment isn’t just in your imagination, it’s very much part of the business model.

No. 1915689

Thank you for the bonus LUSH milk nonny, that sounds absolutely crazy.

No. 1915701

Maybe the only based thing she's said.
Not surprised in the least. I feel like the forced harassment from employees onto customers is the only thing keeping that place open. Everything is expensive and either does nothing or irritates my skin. It's like 2 steps away from an mlm scam

No. 1915763

When I started there they trained you well with natural skincare knowledge that is actually, well researched and is almost like a crash herbalism course. It was all about connecting people with a product IF THEY WANTED YOUR HELP. Quickly this turned into needing to demo on as many people as you could while “building baskets”, also known as pressuring people to buy who are likely wealthy young women with credit cards and no financial knowledge. Then it became popular with kids after I left and I became disinterested. Last I saw they did a product tie in with Mario? And SpongeBob? Very strange path they’ve gone down. The entire soul of the company from the 90s has been gutted. If you were a kid in the 90s you may have been to LUSH, that’s why I wanted to work thereS

No. 1915917

The Mario tie in was fucking weird but the Princess Peach shower gel smells heavenly. We have the pushy sales staff here in the UK too but it’s too expensive to make a habit of going often so whatever,

I’m still laughing over her assuming a bookstore will ship your in-store purchase. It’s textbooks not a wardrobe Kathy

No. 1915981

LUSH used to have serious quality products, when things started changing it was all citrus only products and then there was QA issues. The UK used to be the zany, less consumer focused big sister of NA, their sales goals were never as lofty and they were always more focused on customer experience rather than dollar amount. NA became the financial powerhouse and so LUSH UK and EU were both WAY less focused on profit because how much NA made. I know that started changing soon before I left with the Creative Showcase and the LUSH Kitchen exploding. I’m sure the Princess Peach SG was just Beautiful SG repackaged, or something close.

No. 1916137

No, you're not being retarded. Some places of business (like department stores) can order online for you in store if they're out of stock of something that's in stock online but no store is personally wrapping up, boxing, and shipping items you bought in store. She 100% could've done it all online and had the textbooks delivered to her but something tells me she didn't want to pay the shipping fee so she thought in-store would eat the fee for her kek

No. 1916204

when would she get a chance to tell someone she’s disabled if she orders online?

No. 1916220

That sloppy mix of cursive and print turning "park" into "pork" because she made the "a" into a cursive "o" when connecting to the "r" (which could be mistaken for a c) kek. Wonder if the name is supposed to be "(?)orna" instead of "(?)arna".
You'd think she'd have made an effort to learn or keep up her cursive for the larp
Not trying to race bait (she's just such a stereotypical spoilt brat) but holy shit this uptight american chick actually went to a (presumably) chinese woman for the first time in her life and cried like a little baby. Probably the first time in her little spoiled life she'd had an elder smack her down for her behaviour. Not trying to racebait but the american families who raise their kids better don't tend to be rich american parents in NYC
Being disabled means first-come-first-serve and the laws of physics doesn't apply I guess. Was she expecting a chair to materialize out of the ether?
Unless her classes had any books specific to only her class, if shipping was an issue she could have bought them anywhere online. Hell, I would have expected her supposed "anarcho-commie" ass to be all for second hand books, libgen, or anything over the absolute scam of university textbook editions (does she even know it's a thing?). Why not buy from last year's students and also put extra cash in their pockets too for the next year? That's real actual mutual aid for fellow students
if it's a place actual indians and punjabis go to, if she didn't go for a super late dinner (8pm or later), that's why it was quiet and if she'd been there for all the scary brown families god knows she'd be complaining about the noise.
fuck me guess beaky had one good complaint. Never had issues in a lush, especially with headphones on grabbing what I need, but broken clocks and all that (also she has shitty little earbuds they probably didn't notice)
nyc doesn't seem to have textbook shipping to even your dorm room so she either checked online first then went to the store to ask for shipping as if that would change anything or didn't even double check they had the service before walking in expecting it

No. 1916488

NYU has an online bookstore and they definitely ship to dorms lol

No. 1916523

File: 1697840887837.jpg (253.86 KB, 1500x2668, image (2).jpg)

No. 1916527

…so her basic needs are not being met by being a faildomme?

No. 1916529

or by her scrote kek

No. 1916563

the way she expects everyone else to bend over backwards for her and her DiSaBiLiTy (endo is so common yet millions of other women with it manage to have their shit together) and meet her basic needs when she won’t even TRY to meet her own needs or truly advocate for herself beyond asking for handouts. I hate this lumpy-headed beak-nosed idiot so much!

No. 1916571

File: 1697844183048.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1852x3916, scrote dreams.jpeg)

He's too busy trying to live out his twitch streamer, content creator, animator, unemployed basement dweller dream

No. 1916579

It's made worse by that fact that she crowd funded her laparoscopy yet she hardly ever mentions that she had the procedure done, let alone thank the people that donated to her to make it possible. Can't forget she also expected her roommate to drop her entire life in order to take care of her after having the procedure done. Also has shamed SSDI and refused to get on it in the past (I personally think she's getting some type of government aid now, though). Narcissistic entitlement to a T.

No. 1916583

What does being "femme" have to do with anything?

No. 1916620

Then she straight up just didn’t want to pay for shipping which is sort of understandable if they’re coming from the same city you live in. She just didn’t have the forward thinking to bring a weekend suitcase on wheels to get them home with. That’s how I got my lot of World Book Day giveaway books home!

No. 1916622

She’s obviously confusing “femme” with “self induced learned helplessness”

No. 1916625

Also I’m trying not to ALog at this utterly ridiculous twat but I know people who left home in their teens because of abuse, addiction, domestic violence etc, and all of them learned quickly how to manage and survive and the skills they had to master so young have made them really capable and savvy adults. Kathy is retconning her life story, and making it sound like she did a midnight flit and rocked up in NYC with just the clothes on her back and a pair of shabby feather fans. I’m reality she left after high school to go to college like most other 18 year olds.

No. 1916640

Ah, only when her needs are met will she pay it forward. Until then she will just sit with crossed arms and tap her foot or what…? Oh but I’m sure she is just doling out the mutual aid she constantly demands.

No. 1916650

So she expects people to take out LOANS and get second jobs just to support her lazy do nothing ass?! Its like when her roommate was taking care of her but had to take a break because she had to study for an exam "it's abuse she didn't clean my apartment for me!!" How about it's abuse to demand someone fail a test and ruin their life over her immediate comfort. I think she did that straight up because she got jealous and threw a tantrum when her roommate was getting ahead of her in life.

She mentioned back a while that business casual is oppressive to femmes because they can't dress how they want (like a nutcase), hence she can't get a job because shes a "femme" presenting person

No. 1916743

wait is this bitch seriously saying she went no contact cause mommy didn't tackle the medical industry for her? And what's this about needing second jobs and loans and shit for her? domestic violence is them not taking out loans for you??? at first I gave her the tiniest doubt that maybe her parents were also shit but the things she's expecting… lol. Endo is shit but she's acting like she was a half-dying child ignored by her family.
Like on one hand if it's true her parents (actually) ignored her endo symptoms and when she'd found the lapro cure didn't pay cause they didn't care (ie you're 18+ now) or didn't believe then that truly is shit. but the girl is so warped in her view of people and the world I have to wonder if they actually wouldn't pay up for her or if she's now "punishing them" because they didn't help back then. Her views are so warped that her parents probably created the monster by not being good examples of great parents, but I'm curious what the actual situation is because i doubt they wouldn't have paid. maybe rich people are more stingy with cash than I think but something isn't right here.
my man should just make adult colouring books, that's what this style looks like
she'd only think of a suitcase if it was some tacky fashion brand that just came out. meanwhile vintage luggage on wheels exists and could be a good accessory to the larp

No. 1917240

File: 1697915205912.png (1.33 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_9624.png)

The scrote has only been half single for a week and he’s already giving up on dating apps. Kathy is simply not enough

No. 1917256

Well he’s a retard, 75% of tinder users are men

No. 1917261

>”bwahhhh everyone else is mediocre!!! It’s not because nobody swiped on my ugly fat balding creep ass!!! I’m just feeling better about how much all you WOMEN on dating apps SUCK!!! For real!!!”
Lmao bro nobody is buying it. Get another hat to cover your rapidly receding hairline. Dude looks like a discord groomer.

No. 1917275

Dating apps are absolutely a meat market and I've heard rumor that they actually give you mediocre matches to keep you coming back to their product.
What is this guy even offering? He has no job, no sense of style or hygiene (goth can be hot if you do it right), a flabby carb body, he's balding, he's whiny, he has a dog (which means that if you have pets, not only do you have to be compatible, but everyone has to be compatible with the pets, too). All this on top of the fact that he WILL stray and you WILL have to share him with a burlesque and macaron obsessed narc hag.
No thanks.
Sure, he can't do much for the balding other than medications and I'm not saying he has to get rid of the dog, but he can get a job, he can take a shower and fix up his nail polish. He can get fit without buying a single piece of equipment (same as I say about Kathy) and then get clothes that fit him and flatter his body. He could have his own little glow-up arc if he wanted to.
He must have some kind of magic D for Kathy to stay with this mess. She could easily get herself a monogamous, employed nigel who is in all other respects just like this dude for the sole fact that she is female and breathing.

No. 1917280

>I rather eat an aids burger
I guess kathy's one of those bdsm types who get off on public humiliation because imagine letting the whole world know you'd date this

No. 1917322

It's always the most boring and insufferable people that say "ugh everyone is so boring and insufferable! I hate people" if it smells like shit everywhere you go check under your own shoe

No. 1917336

File: 1697925877697.png (655.86 KB, 1000x830, goff self improvement.png)

I'm stuck here waiting for a bit, so here's a goff mood board for frank.

No. 1917341

File: 1697926714733.jpeg (214.79 KB, 1024x1024, 0x0.jpeg)

>how annoying and unlikable most people are
>most people are useless, boring, and unoriginal
Says the balding and fat past-the-prime-they-never-had failed "artist", podcaster, youtuber, and streamer. Need some naloxone for that copium overdose, Francisco?

No. 1917346

File: 1697927647114.jpeg (21.4 KB, 750x1334, 7.jpeg)

No. 1917347

File: 1697927726832.jpeg (165.83 KB, 1500x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 1917349

File: 1697927915392.png (147.25 KB, 1188x666, Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 2.46.…)

Great except she has lost her shit on women that dare to say any of that to her.

No. 1917396

File: 1697931767421.jpeg (625.84 KB, 3000x2668, IMG_3037.jpeg)

She posted and dirty deleted this late last night. It’s a lot.

No. 1917417

She started out strong but then reposted the most pathetic, irrelevant, and zero useful information take I've seen so far. actually it isn't about either of those women who are safely attending a meeting at work or whatever while people are getting obliterated with the backing of government and media.
but it's very on brand for Kathy to reduce something like this to a petty squabble between two women as if it is comparable.
The last part is perfection, she does understand that gives her a high chance of also being a narcissist right? It's one thing to have one narc parent since it may have missed you, but the odds are getting bad when you have two. Also narcissism has nothing to do with state sanctioned genocide. This is not a petty ploy for attention, can she conceptualise other people existing because it sounds like she can't.

No. 1917431

File: 1697936700424.jpg (299.58 KB, 1242x2208, 393725834_3020076834796384_725…)

Says all that yet still baiting for someone to go with him to "emo night" kek

No. 1917489

I'm thinking maybe she is only LARPING having disowned her parents, and she's the one footing the bill for herself and the Sasquatch.(sage)

No. 1917509

I've always figured doth protest too much on that front

No. 1917624

>I know I'm getting better because people are getting annoying again
what a good default state
>I'd rather eat an aids burger than get to know a woman as another human being with her own life. People and their pesky lives making it difficult to be friends with. They might have a schedule other than me, have friends, a diet! and worst of all, thoughts and opinions he'd have to pretend to care about.
what a catch, can't believe beaky didn't reverse collar this nigel!
maybe this is why he's triggered by schedules, he needs some "emo girl" to be arm candy to every silly event his old neet ass goes to but there's always some pesky sudden "yoga class" that gets in the way of their second dates

No. 1917698

Late but… Bitch that can't even keep down ONE job is urging others to have at least three whilst refinancing their mortgage.
Like wtf

No. 1917703

File: 1697988412717.jpg (495.07 KB, 1080x1740, SmartSelect_20231022_172322_Ch…)

I can tell he has a career as a illustrator.
Now draw Kathy!

No. 1917709

She’s pro-Palestine yet takes the stance that “no nation has the right to exist”. Literally what? Girl get a damn grip and stop parroting shit your energy vampire scrote says.

No. 1917855

He doesn't sound smart enough to have an opinion on this, anyone who says "aids burger" should be elective mute until they learn how to communicate. Kathy should try convincing him it's a sexy fetish if he never speaks again.

No. 1917874

why cant katherine harlow attend emo night alongside mr blush

No. 1917921

She got a bad haircut and is now acting even weirder than usual in public- remember the dog meetuup?

No. 1918006

File: 1698030058481.jpeg (273.28 KB, 1500x1334, IMG_3054.jpeg)

No. 1918010

Kathy is a misogynist pickme and sees being “femme” as a disability, it’s very obvious by the way she talks about herself and other women

No. 1918074

I would be amazed if he ever pulled anyone again. He’s hideous, a loser, doesn’t make much money, and outwardly states that he’s a piece of shit who doesn’t respect other people’s schedules and lives. Him and beaky deserve each other.
>boohooooo everyone’s so unlikeable I’m the most original man ever
Look in the mirror you fat balding cliche

No. 1918108

You could go into any games workshop/warhammer shop and find at least 10 of him in there no matter where you are in the world

No. 1918163

The question is, why hasn't Kathy? She could find one that's single and employed. Maybe one a bit more generous with the macaron and rhinestone budget. She hasn't posted any new costume pieces recently.

No. 1918199

She's too insecure most likely. Which is still stupid because all she would have to do to realistic get a better version of this scrote is to go to an anime convention/meet up dressed up like a waifu of the week and pick from the betas that orbit her. Must be too much work for our poor Katie kat though.

No. 1918202

I'm no hooker, but how hard could it be to go on seeking arrangements or wherever and find a man who will buy her a corset or a kate spade bag or maybe even actual money in exchange for 40 minutes of pegging? she's young and thin which is enough for a lot of men, and she lives in NYC, I'm sure there are loads of dudes around who would potentially hire her services.

I know the answer is that she thinks she's entitled to money for nothing and is too lazy to do an hour of domming every once in a while. but if she wanted to she could put out for someone else with minimal effort and get more in exchange than she does for putting out for her pet basement dweller

No. 1918228

I feel like her relationship only allows for the scrote to be "poly". I don't see him being a happy camper, hearing of Kathy getting paid to pleasure other men. She larps as being a woke independent sex worker but in reality the closest she does to sex work is sleep with frankthefaggot in exchange for room and board, unless the tinfoil about her still suckling on Mommy's teat for rent and macarons is true.

No. 1918488

She already was on seeking, though just for regular dating not femdom. It’s talked about by former friends in the early threads. She will never do any actual real life sex work because she thinks she’s above that and like you said, believes she’s entitled to money for nothing. Everything she does online is a fake larp.

No. 1918538

She should hang up the femdom gig and just be a sub.

No. 1918548

and cut bangs. I honestly can't see her getting a somewhat decent moid with this huge hellboy head of hers.
She has no domme vibe at all, she has to sell herself as a spoiled little rich girl who just left daddy's home and is in need of the next man of her life to love her and soil her and show sher around like a trophy or some shit. She actually says she's a sub in her "personal life", she should just accept that the dominant persona did not work and rebrand, but I guess that'd be too difficult now in her mind, even if no one besides us is watching her. Just change it already Katherine. As always this thread is always giving her the best free advice possible for her to improve her life, it's unbelievable the amount of free work we are doing here, geez

No. 1918549

samefag to correct: to SPOIL her. not to "soil her " kek

No. 1918551

Bite your tongue Nona, she would be letting down her money manifestation totem Mistress Velvet and Kathleen would never do that to a Queer Marginalized [read: dead] BPOC Sex Worker she stands in solidarity with them!!!!

No. 1918577

Traveling where?

No. 1918578


No. 1918858

I believe she is talking about her trip to Las Vegas for the Dita Von Teese show. Can’t wait for her rants about people not wearing masks in the hotels and casinos.

No. 1918868

Oh God you're right! Kek she is going to lose her mind.

No. 1918937

File: 1698201079407.jpg (151.11 KB, 750x1334, 395994379_692927889467371_6204…)

She's lurking…

No. 1918952

Ahhh raised by narcissist parents because they didn’t do literally everything she wanted as soon as she wanted it. Kathy would have a great time exchanging abusive parent stories with Dave “Danielle” Muscato. If you ever want to read the funniest thread on the other farms, it’s his.

No. 1918953

Because her entire personality is based around her obsession with burlesque/glamor so emo themed night would be an affront to her. Also they hate each other I’m sure.

No. 1918954

Kathy is a firm believer in the whore hierarchy, and wants to remain at the top tier where she doesn’t have to so much as touch a client with her bare hands, let alone do anything icky with them. Anon, you are right, it is SO easy to make fast cash like that especially somewhere like NYC, but for Kathy it’s high glamor domme or nothing, she doesn’t believe in the idea of starting out to establish yourself. Same with her burlesque “career”.

TLDR: bitch is lazy

No. 1919261

File: 1698264723325.jpeg (21.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3086.jpeg)

Not a single person is going to ask her why she is wearing a mask but okay. She is going to bitch and moan the entire trip.

No. 1919273

She believes she is a mask martyr

No. 1919295

Wonder if neckbeard is tagging along or if she's going solo

No. 1919367

File: 1698281063014.png (640.1 KB, 1186x1074, Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 5.44.…)

Sure Jan

No. 1919411

I still don’t get this logic. Too icked out by sex work, but not too icked out to do BDSM for free with an unhinged neckbeard who literally shits his pants? If she’s into ugly men who won’t claim her in public, she could at least find a few to fund her LuXuRy LiFeStYLe?

No. 1919420

Problem is those men target women that’ll do it for free which is exactly the situation that Kathy is in now. Kathy also has absolutely nothing going for her and she’s getting older; simps are going to go after 20 year olds that offer them something. Not a 26 year old that posts an extremely edited fully covered selfie a few times a year.

No. 1919459

Ahahahahahaha ok Kathy. Make sure you remember this post when you're whining about "mutual aid" and being denied disability. (Spoiler alert looking like an off brand Muppet isn't a disability)

No. 1919502

Very late but this really pisses me off. I'm an anarchist and an ex-addict who's been to rehab a million times during active addiction. They taught budgeting, financial literacy, how to make a good resume, and how to do well at job interviews. Because those people typically don't hold normal jobs or know how to spend responsibly or save money at all. A lot of those women were dv victims. If someone has been controlling your finances for a decade or several decades, you're going to need to learn to spend responsibly and budget and know how to get a job, because it's something you haven't done in a long time (if ever).

Just because you hate capitalism doesn't mean you should be a useless ewhore who spends all her money on cheap trash. We live under capitalism and domestic abuse survivors deserve to live comfortably with their newly found financial freedom. Kathy is such a fucking retard. Pick up a fucking book.

No. 1919566

Solo probably, he's been too fixated on finding a new girl for Cathy to feel comfortable letting him near Dita von Teese. His manly charms and endless income might prove too much for Dita to resist.
I think Cathy sees Monopoly money and emojis as cash.

No. 1919701

Beyond that I doubt she would let him near women in Vegas. Women there aren't all stunners, but enough make money off of looks that the average is high. Plus they are used to ugly men lurking around so his chances wouldn't be terrible, especially since prostitution is legal there. She may be little miss sex work, but I know Katherine would hate her man paying someone for it.
Though the idea that she'd be bring him on a trip, bankrolled by her (because no "submissive" paid for this shit they don't even pay her rent) just for him to flirt and hook up with other women is so pathetic it could actually happen.
On a vaguely related note, anyone here remember GimpGirl?

No. 1919707

Sperg but prostitution is only legal in a handful of counties in Nevada, and Clark County (where Vegas is) isn’t one of them

No. 1919724

Ah, with the way people talk about it I assumed the whole state had that bizarre brothel system where women get tested and locked in for a month so man can have prostitutes and avoid stds.

No. 1919839

File: 1698351141578.jpg (260.77 KB, 1242x2208, 395019064_1525676411583778_413…)

Looks like she did leave Ricky Retardo at home. Odd that she hasn't posted any mask virtue signaling from the airport/plane yet…

No. 1919922

As much as I don’t like her - I really hope she didn’t go alone and if she is alone, that she is extremely careful. I’m a local and don’t go to the strip or fremont by myself.

No. 1919955

>my dog wants to know
He’s such a loser. I’d call him a cow but men like this are unfortunately dime a dozen.

No. 1920031

Tinfoil: she lied about going to Vegas

No. 1920295

If a man actually dropped 30k on Kathy she's be in the plastic surgeons office getting a nose job, not bragging about it on twitter. She probably got $50 for selling footpics or something, if she actually got money.

No. 1920411

I believe this tinfoil

No. 1920501

If she didn't lie, she probably realized how stupid and unsafe it is to give your realtime location. Too late though because she's already advertised it on several platforms mulitple times.

No. 1920678

File: 1698486445678.jpeg (202.45 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3170.jpeg)


No. 1920680

File: 1698486509072.jpeg (135.09 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3173.jpeg)

No. 1920694

What in the name of plastic mannequin hell is this?

No. 1920736

I'm guessing it's one of those stamps you get for entering/exiting an event.

No. 1920777

Tinfoil but something tells me this isn’t a recent photo? This looks like her from several years ago but it doesn’t feel like her now.

No. 1920784

It looks like it's her real hair? So unless she got a really convincing wig or lied about the haircut it can't be a recent photo.

No. 1920787

Kek you're right this for sure is an old photo. That's hilarious. Kathy is so dumb.

No. 1920788

I think you're right, hair is long and her face looks 20 or something.
What event is this too? I think she saw someone tinfoiling she didn't go to Vegas and is trying to prove she did

No. 1920803

Kek seriously! I mean damn that isn't even close to her actual face.

No. 1920810

I thought the same thing when I saw it

No. 1920864

Her hairline is so tragic

No. 1920866

So I found an event called Extravanganza in Las Vegas…
Except the last show was at the start of this year…
>“Extravaganza” is set to close at Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) on Jan. 7, 2023.
The horseshoe venue is the same venue dita played last night

No way a venue will give you a stamp for a different show which is no longer running. Sounds like she didn't go and is doing a weird larp instead.

No. 1920890

File: 1698523642330.jpeg (164 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3180.jpeg)

She has the program from Dita’s show so she did go…

No. 1920891

File: 1698523693862.jpeg (61.22 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3179.jpeg)

… but she’s already e-begging for money because muh disability

No. 1920992

I thought she had 30K that she got from her human ATM kek she's pathetic, never change Kathy

No. 1921050

"get home comfortably"
Is she seriously begging people to pay for her to return first class? Like I get it, if you don't ask you will not retrieve. But not very "to each according to their need" of your Katie.

No. 1921051

Damn receive. Not retrieve.

No. 1921131

File: 1698562412233.jpeg (62.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3194.jpeg)

Ah yes, Gaza’s internet was cut because of white 20-something Americans posting instagram stories telling shopkeepers to replace Israeli products with Palestinian ones. Not because of life saving communications.

No. 1921195

Can she even point it out on a map?

No. 1921336

Normally venues wouldn't reuse stamps but Dita and her team are a mess that are never fully prepared kek

No. 1921473

God such a stupid fucking take, she puts so much importance on herself all of the time. Bitch hasn't shared anything important coming from Palestinians themselves or any information, THATS what they actually want you to share, but she hasn't really even done that

No. 1921595

She loves to gush about "Mr. Blush" meanwhile he doesn't give a single fuck about her. Seriously. Imagine being with a man for years, giving yourself to him in a collaring ceremony, and he could care less about going on a two day trip to Vegas with you. He's more interested in getting wasted at a bar while searching for another woman to fuck. Chronically ill/disabled or not, no real man would let his love travel alone. This is pathetically low even for Kathy.

No. 1921735

>no real man would let his love travel alone
Weird take, nona. Some of us are independent women despite being with our nigels. I suspect the neckbeard couldn't afford to go anyway.

No. 1921739

agreed. but cathy just received 30k from her human atm! why didn't she pay for mr blush to travel with her? kek

No. 1921740

No, I get what nonna means. Kathy is sheltered, parades as a ~sex worker~ and "chronically ill". If her moid actually cared about her he would have tagged along to make sure she's okay. He probably couldn't afford the tickets, but he also probably didn't want to have to deal with Kathy by herself. IIRC they live with roommates and he's usually off doing his own thing while Kathy does her larp.

No. 1921786

It's not a weird take at all when she's e-begging for money to "get home comfortably" because "traveling alone while chronically ill/disabled is so difficult". You can be an independent woman all you want but Kathy doesn't advertise herself as that ever. He's supposed to be her ~dAdDy~ that takes care of her. Letting her fuck off across the country alone ~chronically ill and disabled~ while he gets drunk at a bar back home is completely opposite of the life she claims he provides for her.

No. 1921801

File: 1698701687277.png (63.26 KB, 1190x304, Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 2.34.…)

She's back to wanting breast implants despite saying she'll never get them after leaving a consultation years ago.

No. 1921815

File: 1698703008352.png (206.04 KB, 1190x740, Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 2.56.…)

She's retarded. If she was so concerned she wouldn't be entertaining the thought of getting them.

No. 1921817

Or maybe he’s aware “uwu I’m so frail and disabled” is just a larp she uses for e-grifting purposes?

No. 1921822

Duh. I'm calling out her BS on this supposed life she has.

No. 1921833

File: 1698705065199.png (140.73 KB, 1336x560, Screenshot 2023-10-30 at 3.29.…)

She thinks she has an eye for aesthetics yet everything she's done and has contemplated doing makes her look worse. She's covered in tattoos that she regrets because she didn't do her research (picrel) and had infected nipple piercings. She knows nothing about color theory as shown by her clothing, costume, and horrendous wigs. The plastic/cosmetic surgeries she wants to get throw facial and body harmony out the door. What makes her such a frustrating cow to me is the fact she refuses to take any of the very good free advice farmers give her that would be way simpler than getting unnecessary surgeries done. Like it's really not that hard to get a flattering haircut and bras that properly fit.

No. 1921852

I don’t know nonny, I wouldn’t want any loved one of mine, male or female, traveling to Vegas specifically alone. Especially if they’re going to be on the strip.

No. 1921917

I guess unless we know how much of the sick and disabled act from Kathy is a LARP and whether he’s aware it’s exaggerated or not, then it’s sort of a pointless conjecture. FWIW I’m a sometime-wheelchair anon with chronic health issues myself and mostly I just laugh at her hypocrisy. I wonder if she wore a mask on the plane., wiped everything down, masked at the show etc.

No. 1921920

AYRT to be fair, I’ve never been to Vegas. I’ve travelled solo in multiple east coast and Midwest cities with minimal problems but that was all pre pandemic.

No. 1921921

Vegas is just not safe, lots of people who live there simply won’t go to the strip alone. Too much alcohol and people partying and other wild shit.

No. 1921923

americans posting to the internet wasn't the part israel was worried about? they obviously didn't want footage and most importantly are trying to suppress information spread on the ground and create pressure/fear. they literally do not care that much about american shits getting their virtue signal on cause the social media accounts being taken down aren't american ones, they're palestinian or at least middle eastern ones.
not to shit on the burgernonas here but this is literally the mentality that the middle east and the farther east make fun of americans for. thinking they're the center of the universe and that all conflicts across the world must involve them and their opinions (and that their involvement is obviously the most important part)
ah yes, xitter, the best place to get good, unbiased medical info. I must say, I would have expected her to be an expert of hashimoto's disease being linked to implants with the women suddenly feeling ill after surgery being gaslight about their issues. but as usual, beaky only campaigns and knows about women's medical mistreatment in regards to her medical issues alone. I'm a little surprised she doesn't act the expert here though cause I thought she was a faghag and ultimate faghag michelle visage made a doc a while back about her experience with it and her getting her implants removed (haven't watched though so maybe it didn't talk about much). also cause we have confirmation she reads the other boards and kelly eden made hashimoto claims but it's possible she isn't a fan of /w and we are post kelly's hayday after all
she probably wants them again because her ass wouldn't be downplaying her medical mistreatment virtue signaling kink or "autoimmune" worries here despite her mask raging if she wasn't looking for some confirmation implants aren't that bad. tinfoil but I think she wants them because shayna just got hers, she follows the thread and they're mutuals on twitter now. it's also weird for a supposed pinup to want implants imo as vintage isn't made with porn boobs in mind at all. wonder if the scrote got her insecure about her size cause she doesn't seem the type to care about boob size normally (especially as high fashion is made for twink bodies, famously shit for boobs). if she wanted to put thousands down on something it should be towards joining a women's workout group to get her body toned up a bit. ffs it would also help with her mysterious aches and pains if they're even real

No. 1921933

You are 100% correct. Though even off strip - LV isn’t totally safe. Certain neighborhoods are safer than others but overall, you should always be careful.

No. 1921937

Don’t worry, I get what you’re saying.
We know she didn’t do any of that because if she had, she would’ve made sure to virtue signal kek

No. 1921939

Nevada as a whole sucks. You really can’t compare it to a pre-pandemic Midwest city.

No. 1921940

Going to Vegas alone in general is weird unless it’s for business

No. 1921943

> it's also weird for a supposed pinup to want implants imo as vintage isn't made with porn boobs in mind at all
A fuck ton of “pinups” have fake tits because they don’t actually care about true vintage fashion. They just use the aesthetic in their porn kek

No. 1921963

Vegas is the perfect place to travel to alone.

No. 1921982

Agree to disagree

No. 1922050

i love how she makes these scalding reviews for things she seems to know so little about. makes me chuckle. like "the restaurant was too quiet".
>when i was younger
does she not know that tattoos settle into the skin? small tattoos and detail turn into illegible blobs over time. this is natural. so will the "crisp clean" ones she is seeing now. there is a reason thick black outlines are so popular among tattoo enthusiasts. "bold will hold" and all that. good tattoo artists really consider size, contrast and negative space with this in mind.
unless they bled as soon as she got them, shes whinging about nothing. he enjoyed them for a few years, and they expired, as dainty little tattoos always do.

No. 1922293

My tinfoil is that Mistress Velvet killed herself because of complications from breast implants.

No. 1922806

File: 1698874222562.png (4.49 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0049.png)

Jesus Christ scrote put some sleeves on those hams

No. 1922852

as a potato fag this made me do a double take kek. I would love to hear his no doubt terrible pronunciation of samhain that assumes the irish alphabet is the same as the english alphabet

No. 1922860

can't believe this dude larps as a pagan too, he's such a cliche. His smug face makes me want to slap him

No. 1922873

>I’m hoping this winter brings new joy, energy, people and new love into my life
He's beyond desperate for another woman. Kathy just keeps talking Ls. Also real bold of him to pull this peace and love shit after >>1917240 . He's a miserable POS and not amount of ~pagan magick~ is going to change that.

No. 1922974

File: 1698902861763.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_3276.png)

Damn, that is a bona fide neckbeard. We already knew that but it’s been hilarious to see more about him over the last few weeks. Her taste in men is atrocious. I wish she had a thread going whenever picrel was posted. A farmer dropped it in the first thread but didn’t provide/know any information. Her use of the baby emoji is disgusting.

No. 1923189

of course a fatty would make food and eat as a "ritual" kek

No. 1923261

>The Crone
Aw his pet name for Katherine

No. 1923272

i kek'd and laughed and hollered.
wicca is so gay, and somehow thrice as much when men do it. id love to see his crystal collection. he baked rotisserie chicken as a spiritual experience. he has enough blubber to survive the winter months.
this photo could work in some disgusting gangbang way, but the mario shirt pulls me right out of the insex-hardtied-shaynus fantasy.

No. 1923295

kek he should mind the threefold law: three times the cringe will return to him

No. 1923318

I think that's his chief complaint at the moment: he and Kathy's cringe combined just aren't enough for him and he wants to drag another person into the mess.

No. 1923322

Lmao for the first time I have realized that neckbeard was the guy on the left. I assumed this was further in the past. Shame on me for thinking she could get with more then one or two people in her life.

No. 1923340

File: 1698982041255.jpeg (66.97 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200527-003745_Ins…)

Reminds me of this photo from a while ago. The rubber bracelets immediately made me lose all respect for her kek

No. 1923346

This is somehow even more cringe than her FiNdOm larp. Let’s not forget this scrote is literally a poly Wiccan gamer with shit stains in his pants, not even Shaynus would stoop this low kek

No. 1923408

LMAO this couldve been a "great" tumblr lana spoiled sexy woman coquette or whatever photo, but instead its just giving crusty. pulls me right out of the immersion.

No. 1923418

Oh how embarrassing. The irony in posting sexual content to a normie instagram account but putting out nothing while calling herself a ~financial dominatrix femdomme sex work provider~

No. 1923419

File: 1699000611188.jpeg (83.04 KB, 500x477, IMG_3285.jpeg)

She definitely thought she was giving this kek

No. 1923439

File: 1699004283046.jpg (99.72 KB, 850x809, daddy day.JPG)

im sorry, Lana.
unbelievable, how i've managed to capture her likeness by simply editing brow shape and eye makeup. and hairline, that too.

No. 1923440

Can’t stop laughing at the fat trashy scrotes hands around her saggy grandma neck and double chin

No. 1923608

He's so old, it's so embarrassing. This is shit most college students have moved on from.

No. 1923688

She could scrounge a few paying creeps by posting this cringe on her findom account instead of her normie insta, yes, but due to her crippling disabilities her sex work account is reserved solely for pastry photos and complaining.
The little Yoda fucking sent me.

No. 1923814

File: 1699085891222.jpeg (110.72 KB, 1500x1334, american whore.jpeg)

Kek these triggered her

No. 1923966

the rubber bracelets are sending me i can't believe she posted this

No. 1923978

File: 1699127375944.png (2.34 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0184.png)

A 4 hour stream with 39 views? This is pathetic. Imagine being a 40 year old streamer and only getting 39 views in 4 hours

No. 1924019

She’s had sex with a man child who would fuck a Big City Greens character. Pathetic.

No. 1924099

youre telling me YOU dont think Mr Blush is a catch?

No. 1924266

File: 1699182795649.png (63.76 KB, 1194x292, Screenshot 2023-11-05 at 3.12.…)

She has no problem posting >>1923340 however long ago yet censors herself on her sex work twitter. Make it make sense.

No. 1924268

KEKKK I know she prob meant pissing but I’m choosing to think she meant pooping. So classy, Kath

No. 1924359

KEK me too nona. Plausible deniability?

No. 1924401

File: 1699216639374.jpg (283.91 KB, 948x1835, image (1).jpg)

She's been on about her "dollification" fetish since before the threads started yet all she's done is make herself look worse. Really should've sorted out the Baby Jane Hudson makeup, shit hairstyling, and unflattering clothing before getting uneven black lines down the back of her legs because on what planet does that equal doll?

No. 1924404

Am I clueless, or is turning oneself into an object, a doll, literally the exact opposite of being dominant?

No. 1924408

Not clueless at all, it is the exact opposite. Never will understand why she didn’t just go with be a submissive for her sex work larp; she would’ve made more money and wouldn’t have to poorly pretend to be something she’s not. A man giving her money to mark up her body because it’s part of his fetish is as far from dominant as one could get.

No. 1924412

So uh, what kind of doll does she think she is exactly? Certainly not a porcelain one with all those tats. She shows zero interest in anything that remotely looks like those bimbo “Barbies”. Same goes for rubber doll and fembot.

No. 1924420

Nonny where you were a little girl, did cheap family members every buy you the crappy deformed barbie knockoffs from the dollar store? The ones where the heads were low quality off-color rubber and the hair was just a row around the crown that was brushed back and the whole inside was bald.

No. 1924447

She's a Cynthia doll

No. 1924501

It's so obviously the opposite of being dominant and yet so many dommes are into "dollification" and "bimbofication" and shit for themselves. The obvious contradiction is maddening but it's to be expected because the whole idea of being a pro domme in the first place is the opposite of actually being dominant or empowered, devoting your life and body to serving moids stupid fetishes. Superpower levels of Cognative dissonance.

No. 1924537

Odd choice to post her half done lines instead of posed new content. She's beyond lazy.

No. 1924538

She’s lazy but I wouldn’t doubt she hasn’t shown them since because they don’t look as nice as she expected them to look.

No. 1924539

File: 1699239652520.jpg (66.4 KB, 1242x2208, 399302127_1015801769634637_224…)

Neckbeardo saying the sag/aftra strike has affected him as if he isn't just a random dude that got fired from a prop house in Brooklyn that is still in business.

No. 1924604

that's because that's how all bdsm crap works. you're just catering to the person who's trying to get off. the men get off to their specific fetishes so being a domme means to have to cater to what they want you to do specifically. people think being dominant means you call the shots but really you're doing all the work and the submissive is receiving all the attention.

No. 1924669

God, I will never get over how unnatural and nothing likes seams those stick straight lines look going up her legs. Like one anon had said, she can never wear real seamed stockings ever again without looking stupid because they won’t ever line up.

No. 1924679

I saw a photo on Twitter of some hummus with a 'boycott israel' sticker on it and hundreds of thousands of views, I both can and can't believe the most stupid form of activism, as recommended by Kathy here, took off. I'm sure the lack of US hummus sales will make a big dent in the 13 billion the US have pledged to Israel's war efforts /s(learn2integrate)

No. 1924681

File: 1699281926226.jpg (49.4 KB, 507x540, media_F-GsEkZXEAAYpGA.jpg)

Here is is, making a difference one hummus at a time
Currently at 17.5k likes and 739 comments

No. 1924682

Ah yes, the sticker on a tub of hummus will be the reason for ceasefire

No. 1924684

Love how this is clearly on someone counter at home. Meaning they bought the hummus to put the stick on. Or they already had the evil Zionist hummus and printed the sticker for repentance

No. 1924689

This would’ve been a good post if you hadn’t done that retarded Reddit sarcasm thing at the end

No. 1924711

>20% of Israelis are Arabs, and the first line of Hamas' charter is to wipe out all Jewish people (followed by non-Muslims)

Do they know what 'apartheid' means?

No. 1924714

don't do Cynthia dirty like that

No. 1924735

not to derail but the second part of your reply is untrue. hamas' charter had that years and years ago but it has since been rescinded and jews are no longer mentioned in it. regardless kathy doesn't know much about middle eastern politics other than what she's read on instagram posts

No. 1924896

She probably gets all her political views on Instagram and thinks hamas are the dominant political party in Palestine (I wonder if she knows the difference between Gaza and the West Bank).

No. 1924936

>English and French best before label
Oh! Canada
>best before 2016 AUG 22

No. 1924969

Holy shit nona, I have so many questions now.

No. 1925001

File: 1699337254000.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1455.png)

the pic is from 2016 and if the first google image result. there's news article from back then too.
can we go back to kathy now?

No. 1925008

kek lmao

No. 1925077

So the Twitter person was too lazy to actually sticker a hummus(!) and just saved an image from 2016, classic twitter (I guess in line with the subzero effort level exhibited in this kind of 'activism')

No. 1925618

File: 1699459377915.jpg (55.98 KB, 1192x390, Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 8.02.…)

I love how she admits she has no personality outside of whatever online larp she's currently doing

No. 1925740

I am once again asking Katherine how she knows someone is "vanilla"

No. 1925752

Doesn't know how to talk on her ~sex work~ account either. Can't even do her online larps properly because she's boring and bland.

No. 1925760

File: 1699482066497.jpeg (347.96 KB, 1188x2128, creep.jpeg)

The scrote has been mass link spamming his twitch for days with zero interaction. Almost as if no one cares about his riveting content of… poly dating advice kek Kathy and him truly are made for each other with their ignorance and self-importance.

No. 1925784

KEK wasn't he just pity partying recently about not being able to meet anyone interesting enough for his special snowflake ass??
Poly = jerks off w both his left and right hand

No. 1925823

File: 1699493544734.png (5.61 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0304.png)

Did he dress up as the tumblr slapping belt daddy dom for a barback interview?

No. 1925824

File: 1699493580299.png (3.21 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0303.png)

Also a baby Jane jumpscare

No. 1925830

That hairline is FUCKED. The sweaty red pork skin really adds to the look.

No. 1925846

KEK I'm fucking wheezing at whatever is going on with that dudes scalp holy shit. Such a big sexy dom oh I'm trembling in awe of his porcine, malding visage.
She looks like a poorly made and melting pinup animatronic.

No. 1925855

KEK he is so unbelievably embarrassing and lacking in every respect. Tbh “Mr Blush” and Shaynus would be a cow power couple tbh. He’s exactly what she wants looks wise, we’ve seen her roster so to speak. They’d be the piggy degenerates and he could be Mr. Mattel 3.0. Imagine the milk.

No. 1925856

Serious question, why are “daddy dom” moids always such massive losers?

No. 1925857

Nonnas have been wishing for a Shaynus/Mr. & Mrs. Blush polycule for Christmas for several threads now, just imagine the milk. He likes Shay’s posts sometimes so it could happen.

No. 1925859

>>1925830 hot dog skin and the long thin hair of a chinese man

No. 1925863

It is so degrading to date someone who describes himself as "an old guy who lives a poly lifestyle with multiple gfs." That's going mask off and bypassing the usual mandatory lies about having so much love to share or genuinely caring about multiple people just to say 'you should envy me for being an ugly old man and pulling multiple women at once'

No. 1925888

File: 1699513309152.jpg (67.06 KB, 1242x2208, 399806188_865539505173380_5563…)

Him being a SAG/AFTRA member makes everything 10x more hilarious, like you're never going to be famous for anything you're trying to do loser.

No. 1925892

A 40-something barback? Kek.

No. 1925998

Because normal non-gross men are too busy being out in the real world - playing sports, having friends, doing hobbies, working, having non-dysfunctional relationships with women, raising their children - to post crusty daddy dom selfies on social media.

No. 1926009

How could he be sag? There's a lot of eligibility requirements and a boatload of money to join

No. 1926121

File: 1699564067718.jpg (206.06 KB, 1242x2208, 399896274_1090521092110046_291…)


No. 1926132

The low self esteem emanating from this photo. He and Katherine are made for each other.

No. 1926139

This is the worst thing I've ever seen.

No. 1926153

what does she see in him? I would dry heave if this balding unwashed wannabe emo came onto me. olus he can't even be loyal to her, he's always trying to recruit new gfs. if you're ugly, unsuccessful, and pushing 40, the least you can do if a much younger and more attractive (not that it's a high bar in this case) woman than you picks you for some reason is at least treat her with enough respect to not go around looking for other women to fuck. he must be letting her live with him for free, there's no other logical explanation for this

No. 1926221

Lol! She airbrushed this picture so much, you can see her face fusing with her wig.

No. 1926364

oh nonita, don't be naive. Ugly, undesirable moids will dog you out just as bad, if not worse, as a chad. They have no sense of gratitude or loyalty just because you're out of their league, if anything they just respect you less for stooping down to their level

You're probably right about her living with him for free though, since she clearly has no way to make rent

No. 1926394

it's true, the ugly nerds have an even worse hatred of women than hot scrotes do. wonder if kathy will ever realize that being poly is definitely a form of the scrote debasing and abusing her

No. 1926425

Ugly men are insecure so yes they are more likely to mistreat/cheat on you than a chad. Chad has nothing to prove, there are a lot of himbos out there for that reason. Ugly men have a lot of time for scheming, manipulation etc to try and get what they want in life. Nerd men always have really convoluted interests and beliefs for that reason, like magicians they need to lure you in kek

No. 1926597

nonitas I'm manifesting this as we speak we need the milk flowing this milkmas
Fucking ew. At least he's living up to the "emo" persona as it looks like he's been ugly crying for sixteen hours straight. Emphasis on ugly.

No. 1926619

She wouldn't be able to identify debasement or abuse if it bit her on the nose. Look at her life, look at her choices, look at her hairline.

No. 1926624

I guess because he works in props(?) he wasn't getting a lot of work during the strike, despite not being a member himself?

No. 1926698

He's got a face for props work.

No. 1926716

if she's gonna wear a wig, why doesn't she hide an inch of forehead?
I don't think she sees anything in him, at least not anymore. I feel like they're more partners in life like sharing bills, depending on each other for money and pulling men/woman for the other to fuck than a couple in love, specially because both of them seem so desperate for attention and in his case he straight up is looking for a girlfriend in a way that makes it seem like he's dying to have a little romance.

I have been tinfoiling for a while, we always ask ourselves where does kat get money if she's so clueless about the domme job she pretends to make on twitter. We always say she larps as a sex worker because of this complete failure as a dominatrix BUT she could've been doing regular non dominant at all hooking under another name and using another persona. That's my new tinfoil: she's a regular low grade escort who actually only does normal degrading moid shit but daydreams and poses on the internet as a powerful domme who is showing them who's boss. Wishful thinking and kinda trying to cope. The billionaires wining and dining her? A middle aged dad called Roger taking her to dine nearly a town over before ending the night in a not glamorous hotel.
It would make sense as I don't believe the tinfoil about her being in contact with her family, she has a hate boner for them. The trip "funded by a sub" must have been money she got from the johns so she saved it. We know she's clueless about dominating and dungeons in general, but it doesn't mean she's not sucking dick for money, I mean entertaining, men with her with and good looks.

No. 1926769

That's actually true (per studies of masculinity) and not even from a feminist perspective.

The other group most likely to engage in adversarial and compensatory displays is aging men, due to loss of objective masculinity (virility). Similarly to unattractive men (in many ways they are the same interest group) instead of defining themselves by physical prowess, looks and health they use discursive strategies. Basically, instead of being something, they try to convince you that they are that thing by invoking sociological abstractions. Like trannies.

Tl;dr "Chad" is indeed less of a faggot, but only until the first signs of midlife decline. Beta is a faggot from cradle to grave.

No. 1926782

sounds terribly like a moid trying to fit in. I'm gonna pass on this bait, today is gonna be a no from me

No. 1926802

Nah she is just sponging off her crusty moid, he's so insecure about his imaginary harem >>1925760
>old guy who lives a poly lifestyle with multiple gfs
She's too lazy and spoiled to do any actual sex work for her money, she just poorly larps, reposts pinterest saves and probably gets a handful of cash from a few desperate moids every week. No way someone with this much of a victim complex would do grimy sex work. She doesn't even sleep with Frank, but I think your first paragraph is probably pretty accurate as to their dynamic. Notice how he never mentions or posts about her, she is not a girlfriend in any sense of the word. He also got suicidal when his actual gf, the goth girl, left him, surely it would hurt less if you had a second one. They're basically just friends.

No. 1926807

Yeah that is 100% a moid with an unofficial degree in Moid Life Cycles (the rise and fall of the Beta) - we accidentally summoned him by talking about chads. What he wrote was correct though kek, but old moids are not something that cross my mind ever so I didn't consider the parallel.

No. 1926922

File: 1699716682200.png (Spoiler Image,8.81 MB, 3840x2560, IMG_2066.png)

M-m-manifesto chan? Is that you? please come back

No. 1927070

File: 1699741694072.png (3.98 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0381.png)

This is definitely a repost but oh my god he is so ugly

No. 1927081

Of course this classless scrote would sexualize a woman's corpse. This doesn't come across as an edgy and cool joke, rather disgusting and pathetic.

No. 1927133

How is it in nearly every cow thread I end up hating the boyfriends more. Kathy, find a handsome man who'll bankroll your rent and then you can stop posting pseudocommunist manifestos on Instagram and begging for money

No. 1927137

Because the cows are usually just milky and dramatic, while the moids who orbit them are gross and malevolent.

No. 1927141

I doubt it. She can’t even hold down a retail job without quitting due to “abuse”, there’s no way she has the stomach for full-service sex work. She also promotes the whorearchy and looks down on women who suck dick for money instead of larping on Twitter as a “findom.” My guess is she’s just broke, and occasionally gets a check from her parents.

No. 1927287

She literally admitted to a podcast recently that she’s never met or had a client in real life

No. 1927312

Nta but I didn't know she does podcasts, was it shared in a thread I can't find it.(lurk more)

No. 1927407

She was a "guest" or something like that on some neckbeard podcast. Iirc she was on the phone getting clowned by 2 moids, talking about her super special findom struggles. She did admit to never having had a client in person and sounded super pathetic and meek. Mad embarrassing tbh.

No. 1927438

I'm pretty sure it was a phone-in for advice, not a guest spot of any kind. It would be a stretch to say she "does podcasts".

No. 1927489

I also never heard anything about it and I'm here frequently? This would be the milkiest milk ever from kat and I could't find it

No. 1927524

No. 1927534

Kathy calling into Perfect Person Ep. 35, sage for old milk. skip to 19:04, direct link to timestamp: https://youtu.be/JdTaYblRCOk?t=1144

No. 1927570

File: 1699829853365.png (136.14 KB, 1188x576, Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 2.56.…)

There's been quite a bit of subtle coping on her Twit lately

No. 1927580

File: 1699831393915.jpeg (470.52 KB, 1242x1829, IMG_3411.jpeg)

Okay Kathy

No. 1927596


how can you larp as some bougie glamour clone when you demean yourself by broadcasting that you're being kept like a pet by a neckbeard? ew

No. 1927624

This had been posted a couple threads back too. Hilarious.

No. 1927628

File: 1699836003863.jpg (627.38 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20231112_163916_Inf…)

Holy fucking kek!! Look how lazily she tried to hide her hair line?! Like, what?

No. 1927629

File: 1699836118214.jpg (213.58 KB, 1984x2048, 238954376_10158801030220735_71…)

They think they're the people on the left in this meme but they're definitely the people on the right.

No. 1927631

It was

No. 1927718

File: 1699845635864.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1170x2060, IMG_3414.jpeg)

Trying to be a YouTuber at his big age? Tragic.

No. 1927736

does he think anyone will care enough about his boring life and boring personality enough to give him youtube views? the most he'll get is maybe 10 views from farmers

No. 1927747

Imagine being walked around in a collar by a guy with a muffin top wearing a Mandolorian shirt. Kathleen…this is not the glamorous flex you think it is.

No. 1927748

She has major AGP smirk going on

No. 1927762

honestly i hope this thread turns into that because mr blush is soooo much more cow worthy than our madame.

No. 1927763


No. 1927771

File: 1699854826631.jpeg (788.26 KB, 1170x1000, IMG_1187.jpeg)

No. 1927784

>largest size coffee, mostly milk

I thought this anon was exaggerating but then I looked closer at the original. holy kek that’s bad, she’s starting to look like her moid. I can’t get over what a big dumb oaf he is too.

No. 1927816

File: 1699869331419.gif (86.47 KB, 220x275, IMG_3429.gif)

Have this gif from the previous thread kek

No. 1927835

Kathy needs a nutrafol daddy or that shit’s never coming back kek. I suppose generic women’s minoxidil is prob more her price range tho.

No. 1927949

o/t but had to share this gem i found in the poly thread

No. 1928103

File: 1699921898391.jpeg (651.15 KB, 1170x1876, IMG_3436.jpeg)

Three subscribers and two views on his last video that most likely came from him and Kathy but sure, let’s throw something else at the wall to see if it sticks. He’s beyond desperate.

No. 1928679

File: 1700016211744.jpeg (433.48 KB, 1190x2435, faker.jpeg)

Kathy misleading people about her Vegas trip. She's been using that empty Hermes box picture for months kek her ass didn't do any shopping

No. 1928848

Bottom of the barrel homely looking twitter dommes capitalizing their pronouns and talking like they're the second coming of marie antoinette is the level of delusion i wish i could reach one day tbh.

No. 1929069

File: 1700086549074.jpeg (237.15 KB, 660x925, IMG_3485.jpeg)

Tinfoil: Kathy has some kind of paying job right now. Legal, under the table, full time, part time - who knows. Dead giveaway is that she isn’t online bitching 24/7 like she was. The last time she stopped like this she had the short lived dispensary job.

No. 1929222

File: 1700103570045.png (1.65 MB, 1192x1514, Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 6.59.…)

She's lurking kek

No. 1929836

why is the bag so crumpled kek did she bring it with her from somewhere to take the photo

No. 1929934

File: 1700223497094.jpeg (128.5 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20201213-085551_Ins…)

kek I knew I saved a photo of one of these somewhere. I don’t have a screenshot of this specific post but both this photo and the bag photo are from around the same time. I can’t imagine reusing boring photos of ONE time you bought Chanel shoes six years ago. I bet she seethes at the fact that she can’t afford to go on another shopping trip.

No. 1930252

File: 1700268754769.jpg (8.44 KB, 750x1334, 402987195_323172403685013_7768…)

Anyone get a cap of what was posted before this or is she vagueposting?

No. 1930255

File: 1700269203269.png (980.35 KB, 1044x1320, Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 5.00.…)

New tiktok account. No new content.


No. 1930269

She either needs a doctor or to replace her moid with a monogamous one.

No. 1930319

Dirty deleted

No. 1930320

File: 1700279367202.png (153.61 KB, 1182x264, Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 7.50.…)

No. 1930547

she's spending too much time in Shayna's thread kek

No. 1930629

I'm disappointed, she won't even snap a pic of her new Hermès bracelet…
Kek please Beaky, we're waiting

No. 1930632

File: 1700350772690.jpg (471.86 KB, 1080x1563, SmartSelect_20231119_003705_X.…)

Oh Moscow.
Isn't Russia haram to the virtue signaling crowd?

No. 1930737

She worships Russia for some reason

No. 1930786

oh my fucking god, it's like she googled "ten places that used to be for fancy rich people" and just rattled them verbatim one by one in a row.
she's absolutely classless. she has zero idea of what she's talking about. her every larp is "well, that sounds fancy", but that sounded fancy like, 30 years ago.
get some actual taste of your own, i beg of you, you sound like a granny who misses her youth more and more with every post. most embarrassing how she always, always tells on herself.

No. 1930826

Megalol at the 3 French cabarets she listed. Every time she mentions Paris it makes her sound like such a basic bitch it's so embarrassing. Moulin rouge is on a strip that's all sex shops and tourist traps, I'd love to see her prance her way out the metro and have to dodge homeless people, hustlers and regular parisians who are notoriously not about that dumb shit, on her way to an overpriced show for old people right next to the French equivalent of McDonald's. Gtfoh kek no one wants you in Paris you bozo.

No. 1930847

does she mean the week when gay moids fuck each other in the ass on the street? this bitch hasn't seen any videos from any year there has she? this year had a guy streaking until he got butt fucked and I'm 95% sure he had shit down his back but I'm memory blocking if that was a different dude this year.
Girl has exclusively watched media or seen posts referencing some of this stuff and added them to pad the list out while having no idea what they're really like didn't she?
she probably knows moulin rouge primarily from the movie

No. 1930861

File: 1700412382720.png (28.67 KB, 593x183, dreamz.png)

>go to a couture house in Paris
What does she think she means by this? Like a field trip to the atilier and workshop where they sew garments? I'm pretty sure they don't allow any old cow in there.

No. 1931009

Her idea of wealth and glamour exclusively comes from whatever she saw on trashy TV in the 2000s. She idolizes Sex and the City and she has atrociously proclaimed that she "grew up wanting to be a sex worker" because of The Girls Next Door. That hell on Earth wasn't even glamorous back then when they showed the animals defecating all over the mansion. She lists off the most basic tourist places in shithole cities. People actively avoid Paris, Vegas, and San Francisco. Only tourists go to Moulin Rouge, Crazy Horse is bland and boring, Folies Bergère was glamorous maybe 100 years ago; it's a crumbling, dirty D-list French comedy club now. The Vegas showgirl "museum" is literally in a man's home. Folsom street fair is a disgusting display of male depravity. I'd love to see Kathy in Mayfair gawking at people just going about their everyday lives kek

No. 1931012

>wants to go to a Geisha dinner
>is an ultra feminist

Not only does she miss the historic abuse of Geishas by men in Japan…does she not know that many establishments in Japan will absolutely not cater to non-Japanese people?

No. 1931077

I'm guessing she doesn't know that Savile Row (London) is known very specifically for its menswear/tailoring shops.

No. 1931078

I'm a London anon and she's not mentioned any of the places people interested in fashion history and costumery can actually go and see beautiful and historical examples of the art. She's not a 'fashion historian' she's just a consoomer.

No. 1931099

File: 1700454474129.jpg (23.14 KB, 750x1334, 403378636_1308757739777808_373…)

No. 1931100

File: 1700454510426.jpeg (177.61 KB, 1500x2668, uh oh.jpeg)

Nothing wrong with what she said but trouble in poly-dise there Kathy?

No. 1931110


This sounds like a cry for help and I almost feel bad for her.


No. 1931152

yeah, as someone who loves applied arts it is a dream of mine to see the V&A.
and thats very basic.

No. 1931185

Kick that loser scrote to the curb, Kathy!

No. 1931194

Here's a couple of tips for your outdated larp, Beaky: you wear normal clothes to the ballet. You're going to be laughed at if you turn up in elbow length gloves and a floor-length gown of the finest polyester satin. Savile Row is where Mr Blush can obtain a new suit for his job as a millionaire banker with 20 girlfriends, it's not where YOU go to purchase ill-fitting corsets. The Fete Galante is a fancy dress event for actually competent historical costumers to play pretend in their historically accurate clothes, none of which involve hot glued pasties. Maybe Google the places you want to go to next time, yeah?
The shitty sex work places are 100% the type of place Beaky and her like would fit into, seedy, avoided like the plague by locals, and loaded with online SWers excited to finally feel like a real hooker.
Massive kek at the top right rant, bit of a contrast with the whiny rants Frankenstein posted when he couldn't keep anyone but Cathy in his polycule.

No. 1931231

The dude who prefers dating many women at once dips the second you have human needs? Who could have guessed!? Like, it really sucks to be in that situation, but there have been so. many. signs this neckbeard isn't a keeper, so it's not like I'm shocked. Red flag #1 being his constant need to find a second woman. Obviously, he's going to go back and forth and spend only Good Times together, and go to the other one when one woman is having a difficult time/having a bad day/sick.
Kathy, please upgrade to a better neckbeard. You can find one who looks almost exactly the same as him or slightly better, who is also monogamous. You live in fucking New York. There is no shortage of men. It's time to upgrade. (Unless…does she maybe think that this guy is the best she can do?)

No. 1931237

I hope you get to go one day, Nona!

No. 1931283

She has the shittiest taste in the planet. Not even a tacky upper middle class new jersey housewife would buy these. Especially not at channel prices. Just get perfume or makeup at that point.

No. 1931295

File: 1700519537365.png (261.22 KB, 1194x942, Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 2.27.…)

You're not a pornstar or a sex worker, Katherine. A grown woman with a degree from a private university consciously choosing to pretend to be a sex worker online is so fucking bizarre.

No. 1931304

>Unless…does she maybe think that this guy is the best she can do?
He is the best she can do. She's exactly where she belongs and wants to be with this scrote. He is her type to a T and she feels like she is "winning" here because she has been quite open with not liking and having PIV sex frequently because of muh disability so with him being poly, the burden of frequent penetrative sex falls on another woman. That is the reason he is so desperate for another woman. That isn't to say that she doesn't let him degrade her sexually because we've seen that - and he isn’t sticking around after crashing with her at the start of the pandemic because he just loves her so much.

No. 1931340

Honestly even Heather Explores nets better specimens, Kathy I believe in you please try dating literally anyone else kek
>Openly hate men
Oh shit
I would love to hear her rationale about male sex workers, pretty much nobody has ever said male sw are in solidarity with female SW. Even the most libfemmy #sexworkiswork idiots out there have never said this. She always has some "controversial" opinion on completely made up issues
>Men of this generation
Like there isn't an illustrious history of beating, cheating and second families among the grandpas and great grandpas of the world

No. 1931380

This is in reference to a male porn star on twitter named Flesh Mechanic who posted an interview clip where he was complaining about female SW talking about how they hate men while continuing to take their money, and a bunch of female SW argued with him in the comments.

No. 1931398

Well he's not wrong that's absolutely what happens and there's nothing wrong with it imo but he can complain
Women using men's sex obsession against them is fair play

No. 1931405

>Makes me nostalgic for the days when stunt d*cks knew their place
She says as a 26 year old that has been play pretending sex worker for only about three years. Those days never existed for you moron.

No. 1931406

>Makes me nostalgic for the days when stunt d*cks knew their place…
KEK she deleted this one. I guess she was lost in the LARP for a moment and then realized that it's not exactly a YASSable READ if she's not speaking from experience.

No. 1931407

what did you expect? ALL she ever does is to be pretend to be nostalgic for things she barely understands or knows

No. 1931411

oh yeah totally but he was saying it to complain about man-hating women and saying "you wouldn't want to work with a man who says he hates women, would you?" like my guy, an angry misandrist might be annoying at worst, but an openly woman-hating man is legit dangerous. For once I agree with Kathy on this, but then she has to ruin it by the fake nostalgic LARP as if she's an expert lol

No. 1931413

kathy is so crazy that she ruins it even when she's right by the way she tries to give herself some credibility on that matter, being arrogant while clearly lying, kinda like a child who is still learning how to manipulate the parents. She never fools anyone, and her lack of clientele is a testament to this

No. 1931416

Either she's talking about things she's never been involved with AGAIN, or the Kathy-Shay crossover is more possible than we previously thought in the worst possible way.

No. 1931468

kathy if you listen to one thing listen to this post. this disgusting moid was suicidal because his girlfriend (uglier than you) dumped him. he is basically telling you that you are not good enough and he does not respect you. LEAVE HIM

No. 1931720

Shes nostalgic for something that never happened. Many of the huge names in early porn even back when they were "educational videos" were cocky men. SW has always benefited men first, foremost and primarily. They made the industry so they never had to "know their place". How can she be so close to understanding that nothing about sex work is for women and still not get it.

No. 1931773

>How can she be so close to understanding that nothing about sex work is for women and still not get it.
Except she does get it. She just doesn't care. Her whole life revolves around doing what men want her to do. You don't have a "collaring ceremony" with a sewage monster only a few months after meeting him because you hate men so much.

No. 1931777

File: 1700609540921.gif (92.75 KB, 220x164, lhalesl.gif)

Damn expose her some more kek

No. 1931870

??? Working with a man who hates women is the norm in porn and prostitution, that's why those women hate men. Moids having any self awareness challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

No. 1932399

File: 1700700794693.png (1.35 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0676.png)

A look into the scrote’s psyche. He thinks he looks like this kek

No. 1932401

File: 1700701011002.jpeg (522.85 KB, 1170x1877, IMG_0677.jpeg)

Did a quick (bad) sketch of what he actually looks like

No. 1932405

How old is this man? He's pathetic!

No. 1932407

early 40s lmao

No. 1932409

>laughing advances to full on cackling

No. 1932412

File: 1700702183059.png (20.65 KB, 134x151, sick tat.png)

No. 1932413

mfw hideous scrote thinks he is a metal gigachad

No. 1932418

He's 39.

No. 1932421

His OC's tanktop has the sound I just made when looking at this.

No. 1932429

That woman looks more like the ex than like Kathy, who is not his ex but would be if she had any self respect.

No. 1932433

the kathy-shay crossover would be the best xmas gift.

No. 1932434

"Working on" aka the piece is entirely done but he doesn't want to draw her hands and feet, so he stopped there

No. 1932444

…did he draw himself holding his dick that has a split up the middle??? Or a weird looking vagina? I have no idea what else that could possibly be.

No. 1932446

The anatomy and details are so all over the place I'm gonna say the girl at least is traced, though I think both characters are traced and poorly shooped together.

No. 1932463

He’s holding the chain, the dangly bits I think are the pants’ drawstrings.

No. 1932466

$75 for shit a middle-schooler could trace better. God they are a match made in bottom barrel effort heaven.

No. 1932470

File: 1700713229985.jpg (390.16 KB, 2503x1119, image (5).jpg)


No. 1932473

File: 1700713392285.png (429.12 KB, 608x642, Screenshot 2023-11-22 at 8.23.…)

The fuck? The very least he could do is learn basic anatomy and how angles work.

No. 1932481

This is how every obese youtube or podcast moid portrays himself in his logo/header top kek

No. 1932503

kek this is accurate

No. 1932562

File: 1700730374979.jpg (300.46 KB, 2000x1654, false expectations.jpg)

I tried to quickly make it a little more accurate

No. 1932563

File: 1700730523606.jpeg (260.63 KB, 1167x1038, IMG_3614.jpeg)

We need a word for beyond delusional. This retard can not be serious.

No. 1932572

>God they are a match made in bottom barrel effort heaven
They really are. They are exactly the same in that they give themselves false titles and have a mountain of failed/never realized projects. Kathy currently calls herself a showgirl, pinup, costumer, and historian while being none of them. Frakengut labels himself a “content creator”. Laughable. Then their laundry lists of failures such as mask maker, eyelash seller, book writer for her and comic book artist, vlogger, podcaster for him - just to name a few. They’re also both miserable cunts that wallow in their self-righteous false victim hoods.

No. 1932652

This is obscure, but does anyone know that one pinup where it's a woman who looks exactly like Bettie Page being carried over the shoulder by an alien/guy in a retro spacesuit? I can't remember the right search terms to find it and compare the lines, but it was popular in the 2010s. Maybe I'm wrong.
This guy. Eating fewer calories is free. Pushups and bodyweight exercises are free. He could look like his sketch if he wanted to (minus the hair but Kathy has wigs to lend him) He's Kathy's perfect match because they're both allergic to physical exertion.

No. 1932716

My sides nonna the only thing missing is the little wire frame glasses and mouth breathing lips

No. 1932932

File: 1700807656977.jpeg (51.32 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3623.jpeg)

No. 1932987

Every time she posts about ~New York City~ this is all I hear

No. 1933016

If she's embarrassed by her hairline… why wear a super tight ponytail? Just leave some strands down to frame your face. I just don't get it.

No. 1933027

didn't she post a picture of her mom texting her not that long ago?
Also imo putting up with a wealthy, but shitty family is miles better than having to deal with her current relationship. It'd be less degrading to her and unlike the scrote, her parents seem to want to provide and on the most cynical level (if they are actually trash), beaky can remain civil until they die so she can split some inheritance with her brother. what actual benefit does frank bring to the table? He's ugly (though apparently that's her type considering her greasy threesome bragging), he's unemployed with zero prospects or true drive in life, no original dreams or signs of an interesting future, in anti-love with beaky, is cynical, immature, and fat, balding expired goods. he looks the kind to look at 2k in savings and think he's made it to the big leagues. granted so does beaky but unlike him she might be able to catch some ugly lonely virgin with a 9-5 since she's a pickme who'll take men nobody want.
high pony is probably the only "sophisticated" hairstyle she knows so she's tearing out her hairline more to larp as a fashionista when she isn't pulling out the bad wig. she's not a creative nor talented woman so she probably can't figure out any other easy to do hairstyles

No. 1933032

This is highschooler level art this man in his 40s is trying to sell for more than a nice replica of "a starry night". Kathy has the most embarrassing scrote bf in /snow/.

No. 1933055

Tbh I'm shocked her favorite isn't a french twist simply because it has the word "french" in it. Plus, it was the peak of sophistication in like 2008.

No. 1933226

Deserving of an award category in /meta/ but informally I would vote him as winner.

No. 1933262

File: 1700875199603.png (7.77 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_0732.png)

No. 1933281

>This is what Kathy sees every day. Voluntarily. And lets him walk her on a leash in public.
I would say he must have a magic weewee, but someone upthread said they don't have sex. Wtf. What are you keeping him around for, Kathy? His enthralling conversations about how he's so much better than everyone else?

No. 1933285

I guess she's stuck to the idea that if she's single then she isn't desirable. Or does she live in his apartment?

No. 1933296

Kathy strikes me as the kind of woman who has never had an orgasm in her entire life. I think her confidence is just shit.

No. 1933301

She does strike me as that weird combination of both slutty/exhibitionist and sex repulsed.

No. 1933333

the femdom shit really doesn't suit her. I can imagine her lying there meekly though.

No. 1933835

If you're asking why she's with him… read the threads from the beginning. They belong together.

No. 1934142

that's what she want you to think. I honestly feel no actual natural sexyness or slutness coming from her, kek, just sex repulsed

No. 1934171

I think she uses sluttiness/exhibitionism for attention. If she didn't need to be sexual to get attention, she definitely would not be sexual at all.

No. 1934213

>just sex repulsed
That's all I get from her. I'm not seeing where anons are getting exhibition and sluttiness from. She hardly posts anything sexual and when she does, it's censored "ooh i made a naughty joke!" shit or her talking about how she doesn't have sex.

No. 1934507

This, I've never seen a sexworker post such little sexual content. Her most extreme content is just a few words where she pretends she is a domme with a dungeon or some shit and then never mentions it again. Definitely asexual, I mean her moid immediately got suicidal when his actual girlfriend left him so you can figure out the rest kek
She's like the straight version of a beard, a fake girlfriend for decoration

No. 1934538

I agree 100% with you nonna! She doesn't even talk dirty. it's so weird that when she tries to sound commanding: "reimburse Madame 35$ for macarons" all I hear is and elderly frigid woman like >>1934213 said. She doesn't look or sound mean in a hot way, she never makes anyone get curious as to why they should've been paying for her services… "what is she gonna do to me if I'm naughty?" etc. She thinks the job of being a findomme is to just humiliate rich moids and they'll be so happy about it that they'll send you money just for that. And I know EXACTLY where she got thi idea AND her hatred for the specific of sex workers who are landlords: it all comes from Vice articles https://www.vice.com/en/topic/financial-domination
there's a lot of women on these interviews claiming to earn money the way kathy wants to believe it's real: "So how does it work exactly?:
I have a variety of products that any clients (submissives in this case) can purchase. These vary from being my “human ATM” or “paypig”, to paying for personalised content or subscriptions through my account. I also advertise “Skype draining sessions”, where I will speak directly with a submissive and they will pay me when I tell them to. With potential paypigs, in order to speak to me in the first instance, they need to send a tribute (a minimum payment). Then we’ll discuss the terms of the agreement, and whether they’d like to establish a “debt contract”. Usually that takes the form of payments at regular intervals."

sounds familiar, right? About the landlord sex worker thing, there was an article/interview I can't seem to find now where a findomme was telling how she was making so much money that she decided to buy several houses and rent them for lower than average prices. Allegedly this is the most successfull findomme around so that's why Kat has a hateboner for this very specific issue of one known case. If you read all of the articles in this vice topic you'll recognize everything kathy does and thinks, the same phrases even. I recommend you read it, it's a good laugh reading and realizing how she took these articles as true honest guides to her life! kek aeternus