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File: 1696918397789.png (825.25 KB, 1004x996, 0C680442-B8EC-4BF4-8DF4-39164A…)

No. 164997

A safe space for high-level autistic shaytards to attempt to dox random scrotes loosely associated with Shayna.

No. 164998

There's the Shay and Friends thread >>162131 we don't need this one

No. 164999

Thanks Nona. Wouldn’t use this one anyway

No. 165000

great! so fucking use it instead of killing the main thread!

No. 165001

File: 1696919583473.jpeg (297.76 KB, 828x1099, IMG_1129.jpeg)

There’s this picture where he’s in a crunch fitness and there are only 4 in Colorado and I’m guessing if he sees Kiki much it’s probably the boulder location as it’s the closest to Denver.

No. 165002

File: 1696919631889.jpeg (Spoiler Image,167.99 KB, 637x850, 1696838249237.jpeg)

His gut

No. 165003

File: 1696919676863.jpeg (Spoiler Image,451.82 KB, 2484x1863, IMG_1140.jpeg)

This is the best I could do to show his face some but you get the idea

No. 165004

So far we know he is a Colorado moid, Caucasian with possibly brown eyes and a very shitty black and white tiger(?) tattoo. If we find out either his "business" address or Kiki's area code we could easily find his Facebook. We know these retards don't know shit about online info protection so I don't think it would be too hard.

No. 165005

He’s about as caucasian as Kiki, nona. kek.

No. 165007

are you actively copying and pasting posts from the main thread here? KEK

No. 165008

File: 1696919987600.jpg (Spoiler Image,442.45 KB, 1068x1953, screenshot.jpg)

not to add to the shaytism but this screenshot was on his fetlife, he was too retarded to crop it. With all the girls he fucked I wouldn't be surprised if Kiki or Shayna catches something from this walking STD.

No. 165009

He looks decent to me

No. 165011

Gross, anon.

No. 165012

File: 1696920212842.jpeg (206.22 KB, 828x1079, IMG_1143.jpeg)

Well he apparently gets really mad when people say he has a gut lmao

No. 165013

Keeeeek Hispanic maybe?

No. 165014

Honestly, only decent looking dude Shat has fucked (even though he’s in the “fucking repulsive” bucket by being a porn rot attention seeking moid)- ty nona for finding I fucking love shaytards

No. 165015

File: 1696920409583.jpeg (Spoiler Image,205.06 KB, 828x1016, 1696898813689.jpeg)

Also this is totally unrelated but seems to be his ex girlfriend he calls her his girl in multiple posts, not sure if it’s a lead in the manhunt

No. 165016

imagine being some average, non-conventionally attractive broad and having to resort to this to live :( not saying that looking forgettable is bad, but this shit is painful to witness. porn producers exploiting young women are such scum(:()

No. 165017

He almost had me fooled that he was a larger man he’s standing with his twig legs a mile apart and his shoulders are naturally sloped down like a petite woman, nice using a baggy tent shirt to hide your beer belly. >>165012 he’s sucking in so much
He doesn’t come across as Hispanic to me but maybe he is just with more European roots?

No. 165018

Yes his skin tone makes me thinks he is possible hispanic or arab. Please note this was before I saw this pic >>165001 he looks pretty white here but in other pics he is dark olive toned skin like Kiki. Possibly mixed brother

No. 165020

File: 1696920686638.jpeg (229.83 KB, 828x1199, 1696901134578_1.jpeg)

hmm, is it possible that he’s an English teacher on his fetlife? it says he’s a teacher and on his Twitter he says something about how he’s a grammar nerd; and the only people I know who are gay about grammar are English teachers, if so it would explain his need for anonymity.

No. 165021

>he's sucking in so much

He’s clearly Onion level flexing in these, dude has a gut and pecs that look more like mantita, what a cope lmao. He seems milky heheh

No. 165022

Imagine you’re a HS student and you stumble upon your weird “I think I’m hot” teacher doing creepy as fuck fetish porn with the likes of Shayna kek oh my god. On the other hand, if he is a middle or high school teacher, the chances he creeps on female students or thinks about them in a gross way is very high, so that’s not fun or funny to think about.

No. 165023

Just another Baldy Gaysics lookin’ ass moid with shitty tattoos thinking he’s God’s gift or some shit.

No. 165024

File: 1696920826456.jpeg (289.14 KB, 640x816, 8D749602-0FFC-4122-BEC2-952E47…)

It was him all along

No. 165025

File: 1696920850276.jpeg (482.71 KB, 1060x1573, IMG_4281.jpeg)

So I stalked that guy’s Twitter thoroughly and here’s what I have gathered
> 42 year old moid with “Spanish roots”
> former high school English teacher in the “C-Ville” area, also has bartended
> may “help” disabled people find jobs with sex work (which is so skeevy/predatory) but I’m just guessing
> was married with cats but his wife (who was a former stripper/dancer) left him
> he had a porn problem during his marriage and then turned to buying prostitutes during his divorce which made him go broke LOL

No. 165026

fucking kek, nona

No. 165027

Idk nona, when I read that I thought that he just sounds like every dusty on a dating app who claims a handful of job titles as opposed to just saying he’s unemployed. He sounds like a delusional creepy man who is lying about his work/life experience because he wants to fuck younger women and figures that he can get away with it. A nona posted a screencap of him saying he’s in his 40s >>1911059 but he claims to be 33 on FetLife? I would not be surprised if he’s lying about his age. I don’t wanna stress for a pedophile but Kiki should be careful if she’s actually dating this guy. He seems shady as fuck.

No. 165028

No. 165030

File: 1696920966995.jpeg (382.57 KB, 750x812, 1696905506184.jpeg)

Picrel is another nasty addition to hate this scrote even more, where he talks about a “summer fling” with a 21 year old girl at 35. Just disgusting. I hope that woman got therapy for whatever issues she has.

No. 165031

It’s disgusting he used to be a high school teacher! I wonder why he only lasted there two years…maybe inappropriate behavior towards teenage girls? I wouldn’t be surprised. He’s just wretched. I feel ill.

No. 165032

I'm Not bitter and I'm Not mad and I'm definitely not owned. You can tell by my very chill, very normal emoji use and how I never stop talking about my divorce

No. 165033

I was looking at his DallasDomStudio reddit. It's just ads for his OF but he has multiple videos about "divorced man living his best life" and "getting revenge on ex-wife" kinda shit. She got out under the wire, I hope she moved states.

No. 165034

File: 1696921106103.png (1012.4 KB, 1004x996, Autistic Warfare.png)

No. 165035

File: 1696921158846.jpeg (Spoiler Image,372.48 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1125.jpeg)

I hate this guy. He’s so fugly I can tell. Please nonas let’s find him.

No. 165036

Does he mention Virginia at all? Centreville is called C-ville and has shitty schools that would take a drop out moid like him. Would be “across the country” if he was helping his mom move

No. 165037

File: 1696921228880.jpeg (190.02 KB, 828x1342, IMG_1166.jpeg)

Born in New Orleans in Metairie

No. 165038

Charlottesville goes by C’Ville

No. 165039

File: 1696921368302.jpeg (388.91 KB, 1242x945, 4EA1A282-7AF8-46E8-BB9E-3CFAA3…)

hope he ripped a titty

No. 165040

Lol, Nola anon dying at someone from Kenner calling herself Cajun. If he's from Metairie he probably isn't aribic >>165018 and doubtful hes that spanish unless its many generations back. The only real spaniards here are creol and he looks too white for that. Probably of some mix of irish and italian descent if his family is from the area for a few generations, most in that area are.

No. 165041

I’m getting Fupa gym selfie flashbacks

No. 165042

You’re giving this moid too much credit.

No. 165043

Same anon, there is nowhere known as C-town down here, btw, so he probably wasn't referencing teaching here.

No. 165044

Am I face blind or…?

No. 165045

File: 1696921623066.jpeg (33.49 KB, 224x222, 1696913982214.jpeg)

No. 165046

File: 1696921672547.jpeg (185.19 KB, 828x1327, IMG_1168.jpeg)

I dont think this is him nonna, I reverse searched Robert Clark (name of the YouTube) against things like New Orleans, teacher, language arts, English, Colorado and got nothing.
Also I am retarded I had to adjust my search features but once I did I got a hit on the cville thing and I presume it’s virgina, as the whore he’s replying to is from virgina (picrel); most likely trying to get some attention or validation from also being from Virginia from her. She did not reply.

No. 165047

If someone could go back and see to whom he was replying with his "C-ville" comment, it might offer a clue. He's speaking as if they would get a reference to a "C-ville", or else why even mention the location. Or maybe see if he mentions which state he lived in during 2021.

No. 165048

I can’t find the Cville comment, or any comments containing cville; am I retard or is he scrubbing his account? If so man that’s hilarious and I’m sure super awkward for shat

No. 165049

File: 1696921793841.jpeg (74.64 KB, 828x602, IMG_1169.jpeg)

Okay so if you go with that it’s a c ville in Virginia, and that would be Charlottesville Virginia; then you add that it’s a boarding school it looks to be there are only 3 (from a very light search maybe there’s more) boarding schools of which leaves 2 of the schools as a grammar meaning it’s k-12 and only one school is 8-12 grades which would be American high school, which he is Adamant about being a high school teacher. Best guess currently that he is a former employee of Miller school of Albemarle

No. 165050

Kek he really is like Baldy Gaysics, trying to chat up whores online with no such luck

No. 165051

File: 1696921900562.png (1.9 MB, 1300x1772, 1696917483791.png)

so this is where the school is located, in the middle of bumbfuck nowhere, so commuting to work was a must for him, So these background houses in picrel are either before leaving kiki's house or just arriving at where the moid lives.

No. 165052

File: 1696921962699.png (4.02 MB, 1284x2778, 1696919838999.png)

The moid lives in a neighborhood with houses, I creeped his Twitter and you can see the roofs/siding in the pictures of his cats. His house has light gray siding.

No. 165053

do you think these two houses look similar? they're both that weird light gray

No. 165054

File: 1696922065970.jpeg (64.72 KB, 828x580, IMG_1171.jpeg)

Not sure it was posted but the ex wife was a stripper this is the name of the club lannies clock tower Caberet which is located in Denver.

No. 165055

No that looks more like apartments I think. He definitely lives in a two story SFH. He frequently posts pics of the same stairway so I’m assuming that’s his.

No. 165056

OT, but did the discussion itt get moved over here about the moid?

No. 165057

Yeah, main thread is about to lock

No. 165058

File: 1696923062180.jpeg (386.52 KB, 828x1097, IMG_1174.jpeg)

I fucking hate shaytards who bitch about actual farm work when they contribute nothing but how shaynas gaining weight from caramel at Starbucks like we can’t see that on her body.
This isn’t much of a lead but this girl appears in his posts as far back as 2020 and she’s referred to as a stripper, pretty sure they at the minimum used to be together in the same sense him and Kiki are

No. 165059

I looked at some real state pages of denver and I saw some houses that look almost exactly like his. We just need him or shayhog to slip up in a photo.

No. 165060

this entire thread's creation kinda demolishes your point but at least youre in the right spot now.

No. 165061

they look dehydrated.

No. 165062

Why are you here shitting up our thread you are the real Asperger’s retard. Why don’t you go make children to boss around instead of us innocents who are just trying to dox a creepy HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER moid who’s into little girl play. Fuck off retard Jesus

No. 165063

What a confusing night at the dollhouse, am i right nonnas?!

No. 165065

thank you for posting this in the right thread kek they're learning!

No. 165066

isn't that the arab guy from the david dobrik videos?

No. 165067

Okay Nona. Say goodbye to main thread

No. 165068

File: 1696924100847.png (14.37 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_1969.png)

Posted this in the other thread before I saw this one. The phone number on his cats tag goes back to a 33 year old woman named Nicole Gaff.

No. 165069

nona… you are posting a random chick's phone number who is like 4 kevin bacon's away from shayna. time to go get some fresh air.

No. 165070

File: 1696925089194.jpeg (147.08 KB, 812x675, IMG_1178.jpeg)

Some people just don’t have the stomach for detective work

No. 165071

the thread is archived on archive.is
in case it gets deleted here

No. 165073

Nona, where did you get this picture of a geriatric cat?

No. 165074

File: 1696928632680.jpeg (79.75 KB, 1170x397, IMG_6259.jpeg)

He refers to himself as white

No. 165075

File: 1696928686002.jpeg (256.29 KB, 1708x1080, IMG_6260.jpeg)

Gross. Think this scrote has kids

No. 165076

File: 1696928744278.jpeg (44.47 KB, 1169x312, IMG_6255.jpeg)

No. 165077

fuck. dumb bitch hitler-mini-mod got the last word in. fucking cunt should just let us DISSECT THIS CUTIE.

No. 165078

I mean, is whatever, she really did show her entire ass in that thread tho. Most embarrassing behaviour.

No. 165079

It's probably someone in Shayna's orbit disrupting the thread and trying to stop us from finding out who this moid is. Identifying moids associated with the hog is a tradition of shay threads for years and has provided a lot of milk.

No. 165080

File: 1696928987625.jpeg (377.62 KB, 828x892, IMG_1179.jpeg)

Anons I did find the English teacher chair (Wtf boarding schools) his name is Jay Kaufmann and I was thinking maybe he’d be friends with him and his Facebook friends are public but I’ve scoured it with no luck. He has a cringey tagline too for flavor I’ve included a screenshot
Also on a side note thanks for not standing down in the face of our racist oppressor mini mod adolf hitler. I will not say another word about it

No. 165081

we thank you too ♥

No. 165082

My favorite part is when we just post that we know their name, no one cow tips and she has a bpd episode

No. 165083

it took her a couple hours but she did manage to get you all to move to right thread finally. props to hitler.(incessant pointless infighting)

No. 165086

Why are you infighting in the space you wanted us in? Jesus I just know your man hates your ass I bet he doesn’t even look at you when he fucks you hitler. Stop trying to gloat we literally do not care.

No. 165087

I guess you got your moustache from all the ass licking and sniffing you do to shayna hitler-san

No. 165088

File: 1696929718759.gif (31.2 KB, 96x96, pepepoint-pepe (1).gif)

No. 165089

I would accuse them of being someone close to the case like Shayna or mystery moid or even Kiki but none of them have the familiarity of the boards to bully an entire thread and max out the posts. Shayna should be integrated after all these years but I doubt she’s smart enough to have predicted this outcome. It’s literally just some anal rentitive retard who wants to talk about the same 4 topics; shaynas tits, Shayna hygiene; how they could fix shaymu, or insert thousandth photo of shat lying on her back faking orgasms while drooling like a sped

No. 165090

File: 1696930249445.png (12.07 KB, 621x158, the possible birth of hitler m…)

my tinfoil is that it is the same anon who accused the admin of modding third reich style

No. 165091

they did kinda 3-D chess us with that move. now we're stuck posting in /shay/ like they wanted and i hate it.

No. 165092

we can always use this schizo thread for general conversation and not its intended purpose

No. 165093

ew. i already hate this one too.

No. 165094

take it to >>>>shaynatorium lol kek jk but i do kinda like that everything is compiled here and a kind nona has archived it >>165071 so the scrote cannot delete the evidence hehe

No. 165095

Same I do hate being here but it’s okay because adolf San lost her precious main thread and I’ve made threads in the past and thread creation is slower and slower these days so im not making a new one so im sure it’ll be days before a new thread gets posted we won.
Hitler San really thinks she’s our mum telling us to go to bed like we’re not adults jfc

No. 165096

keeeeeeeek this is why I always come back to the shay threads, the nonnies are funny and talented, they never disappoint.

No. 165097

hehehe yes lets hide in shay forever and she can have her main thread full of boring shayna content hehehe. SHE MAY HAVE WON THE BATTLE, BUT WE WILL WIN THE WAR.

No. 165098

I’m not saying it’s not a derail, like who even cares? It’s more interesting than them derailing about how she’s average American or whatever the fuck: but like if mini mod hitler reported us and no one was issued bans over the course of an entire day? I mean take the L you didn’t have to have the main thread nuked. I was even ready to comply with her until she was like “good job you follow directions you’re in the right place” like I’m in primary school. Also like. “Unstoppable”? What was the other one drunk with power? Fucking dramatic ass retard

No. 165099

the only downside is that now we can't use the big shaybowski edit as thread pic

No. 165100

File: 1696930962993.png (33.24 KB, 618x233, the drama omg.PNG)

I know!! if wasn't a fucking sore asshole about this wouldn't have happened. picrel is from meta kek

No. 165101

if she wasn't a fucking sore asshole about it this wouldn't have happened*
sorry is 3am rn.

No. 165102

sadly if the dumb bitch purposely nuked the thread just to get us to comply with her demand that we post in /shay/ i don't think if there being no thread is really gonna bother her at this point. fucking hitler mini mod. if no one makes a thread that just punishes us good posters even more than she has. I hate her and her snitching on meta not get us permanently locked.

No. 165103

better not get us** sorry nonas like 3am here too i need sleep. the battle is over.

No. 165104

she's probably reading all these posts all smug as fuck too.

No. 165105

File: 1696931394199.jpeg (94 KB, 828x472, IMG_1182.jpeg)

literally would have posted what limited info I would find and went to bed but she had to start bossing everyone around she’s so pressed too she’s in meta talking about how I should get a 3 month time out. She thinks we’re mad but she literally the only retard who cares

No. 165106

File: 1696931481083.jpeg (85.11 KB, 828x209, IMG_1181.jpeg)

I didn’t see this post earlier in main thread. I’ve never seen an anon mini mod like this hardcore. She must be having a mental break.

No. 165107

3 am twinsis ♥

No. 165108

she is literally trying to get mods to put the entire thread in time out for 3 months cause she couldn't handle the real investigative journalism we posting. the one time we do something actually worth while and this is what happens. im done with the shayna threads.

No. 165109

Actually same all 3 of us then I think. California.

No. 165110

Oh my god I thought she meant my ip; she’ll never get shats threads locked. She’s really sus why would she even want that.

No. 165111

File: 1696931721462.png (422.88 KB, 519x338, 3 am nonnies.PNG)

No. 165112

I know you will go to sleep soon nonnies but ill never forget you. and dont worry well bust this creep

No. 165113

File: 1696931925584.png (16.15 KB, 1389x120, gloating fat white bitch.png)

more gloating. she is now officially Shayna Threads Public Enemy No. 1.

No. 165114

To call yourself an overnight mini mod and refer to that with pride is such boot licker behavior and so weird, hitler San just hit the apply for mod button then you can join the reich

No. 165115

File: 1696932072254.jpg (59.12 KB, 680x453, GettyImages-1398960512-1.jpg)

I appreciate it nonny ♥ good night everyone! our first sleepover at the shaynatorium

No. 165116

ewww what a try hard

No. 165117

Wait I just realized it’s unsaged too she’s such a retard she can’t even follow the rules she’s enforcing upon others. My favorite part is how she’s grandstanding to not dox people and doxed the girl herself she’s such a retard.

No. 165118

tinfoil… what if this is actually shayna. whenever she hangs out with friends or new people we get random unsaged posts calling us fat or people trying to lock the thread. maybe the scrote guy is helping her and gave her the idea to nuke the thread before more info came out? it means we're close to something good nonas. dont stop the fight.

No. 165119

ntayrt but its pretty normal/standard to not sage posts in meta. its not the same rules as /snow/

No. 165121

I %100 believe this foil, that's why they're PUSHING like mad dogs to close the threads

No. 165122

I really think it could be, would Shayna know to go cry to meta though? That’s some deep integration.

No. 165123

Well I agree with you and for sure, but I think it’s normal to not Sage when you want it bumped as in a new issue so when she first went in? But why is she unsaging to brag that she got the thread maxed out?

No. 165124

i do think there is more than one mini mod who was fighting back against us. there was also a couple non-shay people responding to their initial post. adolf-san was right that it should be in /shay/ but it was how she approached it like she was our mother which is why we didn't back down.

No. 165125

maybe the moid helping her is a 4chan faggot/uses 4fagz, that could explain the integration.

No. 165126

dont forget that kiki is pretty tech savvy she built that whole website. kiki could have intergrated here by now. mods are always mentioning meta in the threads so wouldnt be surprised if they know of it.

No. 165127

Hm I think if we see pictures of her tomorrow and she has dark undereyes then you know. Shaynas known about the threads longer than I have it, it wouldn’t be surprising if over the years she integrated. I lean more towards she’s manically arguing with us while Kiki and her boyfriend sleep kek

No. 165128

what if the adolf san is posting in here now? theres no one this is a real post >>165097 she is still trying to manipulate us!

No. 165129

KEK the mental image of kiki derailing like her life depends on it

No. 165130

>shayna was glazed eyes and dark circles
KEK thats how she always looks tho nona

No. 165131

The post frequency does feel like there’s more people here idk idk

No. 165132

Oh yeah kek jesus

No. 165133

isnt the scrote basically her bf? she is mama bear mode kek

No. 165134

maybe we got a shayhog-kiki-scrote combo tonight

No. 165135

no way* ok sleep time nonas, keep up the good fight! we dont back down to mini mods.

No. 165136

Well if I was him and I was close to being outed and I wanted to use the fallback of my English degree (kek) that took me atleast 6 years to obtain, I’d probably stop fucking with her if she was gonna get my shit blown up

No. 165137

any new updates on the scrote investigation? stupid ass hitler-chan broke the flow we had going.

No. 165138

File: 1696932851960.jpeg (101.1 KB, 828x639, IMG_1170.jpeg)

Not to get on topic here but I’m very disgusted by some of his comments and wondering if he was dismissed from working at the high school or if that was a conscious choice. He says he does something for his “sport” and porn now. If I had to wager a pure stab in the dark guess I’d think he’s like a cyclist or something. It’s popular in that area and amongst a lot of his former colleagues at the boarding school. Picrel is very sus.

No. 165139

File: 1696933057597.jpeg (Spoiler Image,169.74 KB, 828x1033, IMG_1180.jpeg)

Also found this disgusting piece of information though I don’t know how helpful it is; spoilered because simulating kidnap and rape but he seems to drive a greyish whiteish Nissan suv? And it’s a garage

No. 165142

File: 1696933146249.jpeg (32.97 KB, 400x400, IMG_1184.jpeg)

Also just for fun found it quite funny that he’s wearing the sol special they were talking about in main thread a few days ago

No. 165143

did the shaymin move all the posts about him to this thread? i see some of my posts near the top but i didnt post it im so confused cause theyre still in the main one.

No. 165144

confirmed mouthbreather.

No. 165145

Think they just archived it here for us to move here. Which again I was willing to do until I was talked to like a dog.
It is a little curious to me that shat hasn’t posted anything in a day? Why? Usually when she’s out of town she’s constantly posting shit. I can’t even imagine Shay having sex with these people she’s so anti sexual, shes very clearly not gay at all either ive yet to see her like actually give a girl oral so weird

No. 165146

But currently I’m just trying to listen to the audio and see if anything stands out but it’s sort of nauseating to listen to him … grunt and beat women.
I know he must be desperate for money as he has a 3 dollar cover for his only fans and he gets at most 5 likes on a photo of anything he posts. Brutal. He must have a main job.

No. 165147

I hope he dies what the fuck. It’s bad enough these women larp as assault and kidnapping victims, but when a scrote is like hehe it’s funny and sexy to pretend I abducted a girl to rape! It takes on an entirely darker and worse tone.

No. 165148

i thought Shaydolf was the one who made this thread and copied all our posts over in an attempt to make us move here? then they say we're autistic cause we wanna fight crime and put this pedo on blast instead of just staring at the crust forming around shayna's balloon knot of a pussy ring.

No. 165149

I cant fathom why mini mod would say I have a weird sense of Justice anyone who looked into this guy would know he’s bad. Besides my personal tinfoil is that he hides his identity so he can continue to teach.

No. 165150

Doxxing this random woman is not it tho, it seems scrote as fuck. I’m all for doxxing men but this woman didn’t do anything for this.

No. 165151

No one was trying to dox her though it’s just a lead, people aren’t encouraging the harassment of a woman.

No. 165152

you're listening to audio of his porn trying to find blue's clues? anon this type of behaviour is why we got banished to /shay/ in the first place kekkers whatever stops him from hurting more girls then but you have more resolve than me 100% if thats what you're doing.

No. 165153

Yeah I agree with your tinfoil about him trying to still teach, which he clearly shouldn’t be allowed to do. He is 100% the type to try grooming a student because he’s a fuckin pedo creep and thinks he’s a ~daddy dom~ I’m genuinely disgusted and concerned at the thought he has access to teen girls IRL. The choir director at my HS was molesting 4 girls continuously he had groomed over the span of my years there and he got fired for it and went to jail, and this scrote has my senses on high alert even worse.

No. 165155

just because you "didn't intend to" doesn't mean you didn't dox an innocent woman. You posted her number and full name alongside geographical info tied to her. you victimized her unfortunantely in a rage to dox this greasy ass dude. it wasn't right to do. keep that stuff to yourself to help your own investigation, she doesn't need a lolcow presence simply for interacting with him. makes us look bad nona. our thread locked now cause she was innocent in this but got doxxed in the crossfire.

No. 165156

I know but we are all aware scrotes from other boards read these threads (the nude posting day) and I worry more about what some moid who lurks might do. I get where you’re coming from tho

No. 165157

ya geez… they could have just explained that the dog tag lead to an unrelated woman's number without giving out her full name and phone number. just cross out the actual number and leave the area code next time. we're here to ruin men's lives, not fellow women.

No. 165158

this kind of stuff is exactly why lolcow doesn't encourage doxing people (even if they deserve it). you always get the overeager anons trying to impress others with something new who drag in innocent bystanders. this is the same as when the one anon said they were gonna contact her apartment complex and like two other more retarded anons joined in and starting sending her nudes to every apartment complex in seattle cause they wanted in on the fun.

No. 165159

Well I didn’t do it, I dont know who did, I haven’t even seen the cat picture and I’ve been digging through his content so idk what to tell you, you seem to be nagging and I’m wondering if you’re Hitler San.

No. 165160

Well Hitler San confirmed she’s the only retard I’ve seen tonight that double posts. Idk what to tell you retard. I am responsible for finding his gym which was a deadend and finding some of the Twitter caps that revealed Virginia and the possible schools name. I also tin foiled he was a teacher before it was confirmed what do you want me to do? Dox reaponsibly? You don’t want me to dox report me but just know that If you do you’re basically admitting you’re shatna

No. 165161

File: 1696934772842.png (39.64 KB, 913x258, infighting.png)

tinfoil but i think theyre still lurking. found this "summary" in /ot/ making fun of this nona >>165095 that clearly was written by one of the shaydolfs.

No. 165162

Very fucking sus that we start talking about him vaguely again and you come in here mini modding talking about why we shouldn’t dox.

No. 165163

pretty sure they never left nona, theyve been here all night pretending to be one of us to encourage us to keep using their thread.

No. 165164

We can dox Mike slack, Shane, soy, fupaul, Dawn and her psycho moid, countless others but for some reason this one scrote shouldn’t be doxxed. You’re only making me want to find out your identity more. I’m sure some unhinged unmediated Nona will find these threads and message some of your former associates so really it’s a matter of time.

No. 165165

the mini mod was strangely fine with the doxxing they just wanted to control what was posted in the main thread like a sperg. funny how they pick and choose which rules should be enforced eh? doxing, derailing, shitposting TOTALLY FINE - just not in MY shay shay thread! I'll tell my mom if you don't stop! Pathetic display for sure.

No. 165166

quick, someone make a new thread so we can flood it with more posts about him so she can piss herself in rage.

No. 165167

I've never seen nonas fight over one of shayna's scrotes like this before. Crazy!

No. 165168

Dammit unmedicated. My autocorrect goes hard. But we’ve seen his face it’s really only a matter of time. You do sw there is no anonymity.
You know it’s not even that it’s shaynas scrote it’s that someone in this fucking board doesn’t want us to do this and by god we will see it through.

No. 165169

I’m fairly positive most of the anons who visit shats board would talk about him, it’s really like 2-3 people who are trying to shut it down. That’s why they’re here now talking about what’s already happened, trying to stir up infighting again.

No. 165170

not the anon you're referring to so please don't bite my head off but it doesn't seem like that summary is saying people cant dox him, it just says people were asked to move it to shay and didn't like being told what to do. which i get but i kinda agree that a full investigation should be here and not in main area?

No. 165171

Just want it on record I LOVE the idea to dox this scrote; he deserves it 100% as all men who are degenerates of this level do. I’m bothered by the cat tag/woman dox but there’s nothing I can do about it now. Lil hitlernonchen is posting all over the place tho, def think the posts in /ot/ are her kek

No. 165172

wasn't shayna just making fun of guys who dress like this?

No. 165173

this confirms sh-ittler is lurking and capping us.

No. 165174

It’s not that they’re saying we can’t “dox him” it’s that Everytime we talk about him suddenly we’re back to talking about shaydolf San and meta, it’s derailing our investigation. Why? To stop us from doxing anyone

No. 165175

i dont see anyone defending them tho? pls don't become like her and start telling us what we're allowed to post. we already moved to /shay/ what else do you want? if you want more posts about his dox, be the change you wanna see girly. we're all just venting about her because last night was embarrassing for all of us. she made us look bad.

No. 165176

File: 1696936372042.png (347.86 KB, 914x712, 1508628415306.png)

It also wouldn't surprise me if Kiki has been posting in sex worker threads on /snow/ for years. Dawn revealed that she still lurks and Vivi admitted that she posted in Shayna's threads prior to working with her. We all know no one else hates online sex workers like other online sex workers. They're all competing for the same coomers and use any opportunity to drag each other down.

No. 165177

Please stop smoking whatever you’re smoking. The only person who should be embarassed is the person who’s bragging about being a mini mod. If we had moderation it would have never reached that we’d still be doxing him because hitler chan would get multiple infighting bans and between 3+ more of us wed probably get a couple of derail bans but i personally dont think we even would have because its relevant

No. 165178

This is very true I’ve long suspected Shayna lurks other threads to try to get ideas for material to make porn of, that’s why she does the same shit every other whore is doing

No. 165179

Mini modding is against the rules. I reported the backseat moderator, so when the farmhands get around to it, the thread should light up with red text.

No. 165180

Sorry I think I misread with this >>165177 but literally the reason it got to where it did is because fascist Hitler started telling us where and what we could post. If I need to stop then the mods can ban me. I don’t take orders from mini mods. I’m already here in the Shay thread. I can only be silenced so much.

No. 165181

i feel bad for the shaymins waking up this morning because shaydolf was bragging she reported every derail about the dox too. theres gonna be so many reports.

No. 165182

stupid bitch even deleted one of her posts so she could get in the last post of the main thread to link to this thread. she's smart but we're smarter.

No. 165183

I won't reveal how because I don't want to give anything away to any of the white knights in the ham planet's orbit but farmhands and admins will know exactly who reported what. False reports are also a valid reason for being banned.

No. 165184

Replying to myself to add that the minimod falsely reporting posts makes it even easier for them to see what's going on. It would be funny if we had a post reveal like they did recently with Ritard.

No. 165185

The site has been fragile ever since it changed, moderation has been pretty sparse but I personally don’t care. If us talking about someone shat is currently hanging out with is a detail, then what is a million posts about Starbucks or her nails? It’s nitpicks it’s derail at one point they were talking about American economy. I dont cafe i just scroll on. but whenever we do some mild internet investigating all of a sudden its STOP DERAILIING GO TO /SHAY/ after every single post. at that rate whos derailing

No. 165186

i kinda feel both parties were in the wrong. so hopefully everyone who actually did break rules will be dealt with appropriately.

No. 165187

Is /shay/ indexed by search engines like /snow/? Their aim could be to make the hog's threads less visible by confining us to /shay/.

No. 165188

I honestly don’t care if what I did was wrong I will happily be banned but If mini mod doesn’t get banned for doing exactly the same thing as me idk man. Hope the mods look into the ip. But I mean you guys are derailing our thread about this scrote with no contribution to our search to what? Try and further tell us what to do? Like its beyond hypocritical

No. 165189

some of y’all be crying over over a shayna troll for like 5 hours? damn. those shayna threads do be giving brain damage.

No. 165190

Literally what I believe was the point. They don’t want all the traction that main thread has because /Shay/ is usually dead. They just want to bury the scrotes identity

No. 165191

i was just about to say this, I would'nt be surpised if she vents about lolcow and then one of her friends gets bold like, "Girl! Fuck them!!" and starts shit

No. 165192

nona, im being serious, go get some sunlight or something. youve been at this for hours and aren’t thinking straight anymore. its really not that serious.

No. 165193

Hitler Chan, stop trying to tell us what to do.

No. 165194

File: 1696938164466.jpeg (652.7 KB, 1114x1293, 1677552345787.jpeg)

No. 165196

It’s literally on his Twitter from earlier this year. It’s not that hard to block a phone number out of a photo or simply turn the tag around especially if you’re trying to be anon on the internet. Shayna’s scrotes have been found out for far less.

No. 165197

Did his Reddit comments have any additional information or was it just him baiting for attention?

No. 165198

honestly… true lol.

No. 165200

File: 1696944148376.png (Spoiler Image,893.4 KB, 768x769, shaydolf.png)

No. 165207

File: 1696944568992.jpg (350.91 KB, 2480x1593, Nazi-Germany.jpg)

Can you add Shaynus on the left side here

No. 165214

beautiful shartwork anon, calls back to her days of tumblr, loving hitler

No. 165215

I’m a long-time shaytist and the “sick with power” and “unstoppable” anon in /meta/ is Shayna, don’t ask me how but after witnessing Shayna’s dramatic meltdowns on Twitter, it really does sound like her and I feel it in my bones that only someone who is directly affected by it would be so upset by all of this. It also explains why there’s been a number of posts saying that it’s time to give up the Shayna thread because “she’s not interesting anymore” when she’s literally whoring herself irl. I think Shayna probably hates it the most when we expose people she works with because it puts off other degenerates from working with her.
Regardless, he’s an anonymous man who is brutalizing women on camera so I will be happy if his identity gets revealed. Thank you my Shaysisters for feeling similarly. Fuck this scrote.

No. 165216

Thank you anon I’m glad some people can see the vision. It’s so stupid because not every scrote or whore she works with gets the full dox so you have to ask yourself why this guy? Because of the content Hitler nonnies. The moid she did wrestling videos with no one cared to delve too deep, whatever he’s random porn moid. This guy deserves the investigation, he was/is a teacher anons.

No. 165218


Looks like the anon who said some of y'all are attracted to this moid and that's why you care so much might have had a point. I'm enjoying the milk and I want him to have no chance at a teaching career but some of y'all are cringey as hell.

No. 165219

Totally agree, it's weird they tried crusading for this guy to be the new focus of the main thread and saying they did the exact same for every other guy when they were clearly overdoing it. Most of the other doxes of close proximity moids took months or years to be revealed. I've never seen them act so defensive about a side character before. Was it really just the troll pushing their buttons? No one even wanted them to stop looking into the pedo-teacher, just to stop clogging up the the shayna thread with every small detail. And if you tell them to make a new thread for him if he's that milky, they take it as you trying to silence their investigation. Like what? How is amplifying his abuse in his own thread trying to shut down his dox? If anything it is encouraging a deeper dive. It's more effective to link to his thread when it's more cohesive in the main Shayna thread so it's all in one spot than to have nonas try to piece things together several threads mixed in with other milk. It definitely feels like Shayna and friends are in here stirring up trouble trying to get her thread closed, that is for damn sure.

I 100% agree with this tinfoil.

No. 165220

I believe it. It may be worth noting as well that since the dox started, there has been radio silence from both Shayna and Kiki on their socials.

No. 165221

File: 1696953084153.png (23.94 KB, 135x110, reeceeding.png)

so i found some potential milk. one of kiki's vids with him he has a very light blur over his face. definitely gives us some details about how he looks for further investgiating.


No. 165222

File: 1696953107195.png (68.68 KB, 243x174, face reveal.png)


No. 165223

File: 1696953129501.png (Spoiler Image,49.93 KB, 201x162, hairline.png)


No. 165224

File: 1696953164218.png (Spoiler Image,51.33 KB, 169x202, fac1.png)

No. 165225

File: 1696953262952.png (Spoiler Image,106.61 KB, 293x299, EW.png)

figures. he has a pencil thin baby dick.

No. 165226

File: 1696953406350.png (218.6 KB, 329x340, Screenshot 2023-10-10 115635.p…)

what the fuck is this dude's ethinicity? some days he looks white as hell but here he looks arab or mixed. pic from his manyvids

No. 165227

File: 1696954599133.png (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 1962x1068, shatler.png)

I had to put her on the right side due to how her elbow was cut off

No. 165228

LMAO EW ITS TINY. I love when men with egos who think they’re like big bad sexy doms have little shrimp dicks. Goes great with his gut and man boobs.

No. 165229

like how are you gonna dominate a girl's ass when she takes bigger shits?

No. 165230

I just know he’s got his information out there he’s too vain to not have a personal with his whole face and body in the profile picture maybe searching linked in for people who work at his old school I’ll do it later if no one else does but I’m at work right now

No. 165231

File: 1696956288201.jpg (119.51 KB, 1080x1080, Ep3TfmBVQAAQB7G.jpg)

another face pic

No. 165232

File: 1696956382208.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.33 KB, 1024x1024, Ep3Ns9tUUAYTyB3.jpg)

kek what is wrong with his body. looks like a fully special ed here.

No. 165233

File: 1696956473912.jpeg (1019.7 KB, 1179x1977, IMG_5521.jpeg)

He almost definitely taught in Charlottesville. The ewhore (KarolineFirefly) he’s replying to in this picture has her location set as Charlottesville, VA. I went to school in Charlottesville and don’t recognize him, but there are multiple county high schools, private schools, etc. in the area as well.

No. 165234

File: 1696956545941.png (179.79 KB, 387x391, Screenshot 2023-10-10 124840.p…)

another face pic. he looks spanish here.

No. 165235

File: 1696956597700.png (218.12 KB, 342x408, Screenshot 2023-10-10 124942.p…)

jewish/arab looking nose. he likes also likes star wars.

No. 165236

my tinfoil is he is embarassed over his huge shnozz. thats the real reason for all the stupid masks.

No. 165237

Know anyone who went to school at the Miller school he only teaches there for like 2 years but a year book would be crazy right now

No. 165238

File: 1696957433629.png (256.25 KB, 696x379, hampton.png)

ummmm… nonas….

i think i found him….

same hairline, in shape body, and arm tattoo poking out under his shirt. he is a current history teacher - ick.

No. 165239

File: 1696957465303.jpeg (67.87 KB, 950x634, IMG_6015.jpeg)


No. 165240

actually im second guessing myself because the Hampton's guys mouth jaw doesn't really match this photo >>165226 but he's the best match on the their faculty page


No. 165241

also his hair is way darker in these pics >>165231, >>165234, >>165235 compared to Hampton's.

No. 165242

He doesn’t look anything like what we have to go on, esp hair texture and color. You tried tho kek

No. 165243

Not to derail but holy shit every single person on that page is somehow the ugliest person alive kek

No. 165244

this isn’t even close, he doesn’t even live in charlottesville anymore, so how could he be a current history teacher? if we’re going to look into staff directories, we should be checking the way back machine for faculty from a few years back.

No. 165246

File: 1696958088675.png (335.37 KB, 954x650, EW.png)

this is my second guess at who he might be. this fellow liked a profile pic by the English chair of Miller school >>165080

Photo is from 2 years ago, so he could have gotten the tat recently. similar nose and skin tone, and his mouth matches this pic >>165226

No. 165247

File: 1696958217990.png (12.31 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_1981.png)

You might be onto something nona, here’s a pic of outside of his house and there’s two bikes outside

No. 165248

kek nona I don't think so, googling this guy brings up that he's a swedish musician

No. 165249

Nona the school is in Virginia he lives in Colorado. This doesn’t even remotely look like him. He’s also never shuts up about how he taught ENGLISH.

No. 165250

File: 1696959211415.png (86.23 KB, 230x276, Screenshot 2023-10-10 133311.p…)

No. 165251

The tat is likely over 2 years old also this guy looks too old to be him

No. 165252

File: 1696959469103.png (419.2 KB, 500x758, rank.png)

clearer photo of his face

No. 165253

File: 1696959681958.jpeg (Spoiler Image,121.14 KB, 828x416, IMG_1188.jpeg)

He also has the body type that could support this soft and shitty like middle aged casual cyclists that’s another reason I forgot to say last night also just out of curiosity what’s going on with his fetlife age being 33 and the 90 following his user name? Picrel but is the 40 year old divorcee’ just some larp? Imagine nonas if he’s 33 but looks like he’s in his 40s kek. Guy is such a loser. And he stays pressed about people calling him fat; would be funny if he just hides his face because he’s ugly. But he doesn’t really have the dick, the body or the face for porn.

No. 165254

File: 1696959896041.jpeg (396.35 KB, 828x922, IMG_1189.jpeg)

Also nonnies I found that his sex work anniversary is April 2020 (picrel) which means he had to be divorced pre 2020 because he got left then started porn as he’s said many times; at one point I read that he was doing divorce mediation near the 2 year anniversary of their wedding. So that puts him in Charlottesville pre 2018, maybe plugging the way back machine for the schools website predating 2018 if there’s any archives. Also he’s stated he worked there for 2 years.

No. 165255

File: 1696961083973.png (427.48 KB, 1472x719, groundskeeper andy.png)

I found the bastard. Meet..Andy Guptill. Hair matches, brown eyes match, huge snoz matches, age matches, and notice his bio talks about his love of cycling that nonas >>165138 speculated about >>165247. Also mentions he went to school in Colorado. He was on the faculty page in 2018 as a groundkeeper "land maintenance" but now says he runs the cycling club. only thing sus is why he's still on the website now when he lives in denver. maybe seasonal?

No. 165256

Kek i love autism. He has the crazy eyes and crazy teeth combo for sure

No. 165257

i swear some of you are retarded. this isn’t the right guy. the place of birth doesn’t match and they don’t look alike at all.

No. 165258

File: 1696961434078.png (144.45 KB, 1315x572, EW.png)

another possibility. english teacher in 2016. likes biking. white.

No. 165259

File: 1696961520737.png (215.38 KB, 1304x691, another one.png)

english teacher in 2016. likes bikes.

No. 165260

File: 1696961570949.jpg (41.66 KB, 512x512, Peter-Hufnagel.jpg)

No. 165261

Kek right? Maybe lots of nonnas have face blindness. I think the best bet would be a clear pic of the tattoo then put thru reverse image search; might come up with the tattoo artist who did it and then maybe a tagged account for the scrote

No. 165262

Samefag the guy is clearly middle eastern or Italian with his coloring and hair type, can nonnas who are searching please stop showing pics of dudes with the complete wrong complexion kek

No. 165263

he has distinct lips and dimples

No. 165264

File: 1696962047670.png (11.33 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_1982.png)

He has brown eyes

No. 165265

File: 1696962208767.png (65.71 KB, 276x264, lol.png)

heres a better pic of him for the investigation

No. 165266

File: 1696962484607.png (35.29 KB, 753x227, kek.png)

"my wife left me" kek

No. 165267

File: 1696962714516.png (38.9 KB, 801x221, weed.png)

he definitely started in 2020. back then he called his operation "grass routes" and offered to get girls high

No. 165268

File: 1696962795203.png (14.38 KB, 758x99, gay.png)


No. 165269

File: 1696962796690.jpeg (26.95 KB, 480x360, 87D82E46-C29E-4F85-900C-07A796…)


No. 165270

He’s got the same flavour of ugly little chapped rat mouth Shayna does kekkk

No. 165271

KEK literally another baldy gaysics

No. 165272

Neither of these are him, they were friends with the English chair Jay Kauffman on Facebook both of these men’s facebooks display a wife and children. Also wrong age again.

No. 165273

Kek nona what in the name of Buffalo bill? I love this it’s so funny please god someone shop it into the next thread pic I’m crying

No. 165274

He also has her disgusting caterpillar rolled neck >>165250

No. 165276

He’s flabby Nona

No. 165278

kek agreed. This is the hardest I’ve laughed in the shaynatorium

No. 165279

File: 1696966091507.jpeg (682.84 KB, 1284x1057, IMG_1991.jpeg)

No wonder Shay likes him, he used this gif constantly too kek

No. 165280

File: 1696966696915.png (543.13 KB, 740x777, fsffsfsd.png)

His dick is hilariously unimpressive, with that alone you can tell he got into making porn because he's a crazed porn addict who wanted more access to his coom receptacles
He said he got his GED 18 months after he dropped out of hs (who knows at what age), went to college for 4 years, then worked for 2 years so I think him being a teacher would have been a long time ago.
Some troll is just posting random moids itt atp.

I think the best luck we'll have is unironically the phone number on that cat's collar or trying to find the house in that picture with the cat. I have no idea where the fuck he lives, but apparently he goes to the same STD testing place as @Lovelylo316 so if you can find where she is then I assume he lives in a nearby town.

No. 165281


Be patient, half of Shay's farmers are face blind and retarded. I kind of feel bad for all these random white guys they're posting lol

No. 165283

No. 165284

File: 1696970546975.png (2.59 MB, 1404x996, Fabby Gunt.png)

I updated this with the new pictures for cross-reference

No. 165286

File: 1696971236673.jpeg (173.29 KB, 1284x371, IMG_1988.jpeg)

He claims to be Spanish

No. 165290

File: 1696972044318.png (9.86 KB, 628x179, aschually.PNG)

anon, if you are right, then maybe shay has been posting for a while. The first post that aroused my suspicion was this "TheY AcTUaLly ARen'T" comment when she decided to get bolder and because it sounds so twittard kek. But hey is just a tinfoil.

No. 165292

File: 1696972115456.png (55.7 KB, 747x363, karate.png)

I'm p sure the sport he does is some sort of martial arts, maybe karate

No. 165293

He’s smol as shit. Hilarious
Most daddy doms are little gay men like Sol and Baldi and Fupa
Most Little baby gworls are fat big tall ogres like Ellen and Vivi

No. 165295

File: 1696973075818.mp4 (1.02 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_722267137420307997…)

I embedded it for you because fuck going on tiktok lmao

No. 165297

>Some troll is just posting random moids itt atp.
nona im laughing my fucking ass off from the dryness of your comment kek but that moid actually is one of english teachers at the school he worked. so not totally random except for his eyes are a totally different color kek

No. 165298

File: 1696973641937.jpeg (886.22 KB, 1170x1955, IMG_8479.jpeg)

anyone else think he looks like womack?

No. 165299

he's a disgusting meathead. not trying to alog but he doesn't inspire attraction

No. 165300

the jaw and the receding hairline kinda match

No. 165301

No. 165302

This is 100% him imo he grows his facial hair all retarded like that too

No. 165303

File: 1696978777912.png (341.78 KB, 735x549, 100 percent proof.png)

No. 165304

File: 1696978921739.jpg (487.7 KB, 1536x2048, Fqa6TbNaIAEmKZH.jpg)

LMAO I found him and you're all going to laugh at how I did it

No. 165305

Nonnie the ears are the same too. We need a name anons.

No. 165306

File: 1696979014322.png (195.25 KB, 378x707, Ricky_Delgado_Colorado.png)

Nice job Ricky Delgado, forgetting to blur that damn popsocket of yours kek

No. 165307

File: 1696979023944.png (347.68 KB, 608x326, manlet.png)

kek fucking manlet. i thought this photo was just perspective but he is literally just that small. shayna is gonna look massive next to him.

No. 165309

Is it Instagram tags because I hope so?!

No. 165310

File: 1696979078642.png (1.17 MB, 1110x842, Ricky_Delgado_Colorado_2.png)

No. 165311

am i missing something? are we supposed to be seeing someone or something in the gym photo? this ricky guy doesn't look anything like >>165298 him.

No. 165312

Wow Nona impressive work I love you we won today. But it’s absolutely foul that he works with CHILDREN! I hate moids

No. 165313

sorry nona this isn't him. the guy can actually grow a full beard. the manlet cannot. it's the guy from the tiktok vid >>165295

No. 165314

Read the bio, it's obviously the same guy

No. 165315

>High school English teacher
>job in a sport field/“athlete”

No. 165316

there's been lots of english teachers posted in this thread that look similiar to him. im not buying this guy is him, the beard is totally different and so is his face shape. it was a good try tho. dont think you think its weird the scrote has never bragged about fighting or karate in his twitter posts? no mention of cycling in the bio either.

No. 165317

if these are old photos it could be him and he just has aged poorly

No. 165318

He actually does talk about martial arts

No. 165319

File: 1696979716120.jpeg (173.98 KB, 828x636, IMG_1191.jpeg)

I think Kiki is here tbh

No. 165320

File: 1696979726647.png (8.82 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_2001.png)

I’m pretty sure this is him. Per his fb he was previously a teacher in waynseboro va which is a 32 min drive from Charlottesville. He studied english in uni also. This pic looks more like him.

No. 165321

File: 1696979758295.png (34.07 KB, 569x343, ricky loves anime.png)

i'm fact checking this for the thread right now. hmm… anime nerd watching stuff in spanish? he did say he was spaniard.

No. 165322

100% Nona explain the pop socket smoking gun please

No. 165323

jesus everytime something is questioned does not equal shayna orbiter. some of yall are so insanely paranoid. we're just fact checking before we dox the wrong guy. relax your fucking anus.

No. 165324

Delgado is a Spanish or Portuguese last name

No. 165325

thats definitely him with his huge fucking shnoz >>165235

No. 165326

I can’t find his Facebook under Ricky Delgado

No. 165327

also the weird old man wrinkle-dimple things are present like they are in this picture >>165252 doxxed by a pop socket.

No. 165328

File: 1696980027494.jpeg (236.75 KB, 1284x1044, IMG_2003.jpeg)

He also talks a lot about being a bartender on his Twitter. And of course he has kids and works with kids.

No. 165329

more like Ricky Delgunto

No. 165330

File: 1696980058580.png (69.57 KB, 337x112, ricky delgado.png)

No. 165331

File: 1696980068848.jpg (17.97 KB, 320x317, 360095027_762142539249889_3403…)

You can see the popsocket here which he blurs out in all of his pictures. Then look up martial arts in Boulder and look at the logos to see if any match, and then I found his business "Front Range Judo"

No. 165332

Bless you anon, have you told mainthread yet?

No. 165333

amazing work, I tried for a couple of hours last night because lame ass “fitness entrepreneurs” cannot help but document themselves so I knew he’d be found- pop socket snooping is impressive

No. 165334

Nah anon I wasn't sure if I should post it since it's not Shayna necessarily

No. 165336

you should be fine, no one was complaining about talking about him, they just didn't want a bunch of posts with unconfirmed hints about who might be while people were still investigating. its free reign now.

No. 165337

Him teaching at an all male military boarding school makes post like this all that much weirder

No. 165338

I sincerely hope somehow he is outed (not thru poop touching dw) as a gross porn scrote and gets fired from this. Imagine you sign your kids up for karate and you find out the sensei is a full on degenerate who makes fake abduction and age play porn!!! EW. Yeah tbh I wouldn’t mind if he was in the main thread now just so his name gets the FuPaul search engine treatment kek

No. 165339

that was always the plan. just had to get you guys to work out the nitty gritty over here first as to not muck up the main too much.

No. 165340

According to his Fetlife profile he's bi…

No. 165341

he definitely lets men suck him off, check this if you missed it >>165268

No. 165342

You can see his tattoo here nonas

No. 165343

File: 1696981879589.jpeg (194.63 KB, 828x1322, IMG_1200.jpeg)

Well hopefully atleast mentioning him in snow he’ll be the first search result when people google his name. Momnons you should simply google the name of anyone you trust your children around even supervised and regulated.
I reverse people searched him to get his age, 42 lmao, but I got his address and this is the staircase no?
Sadly I dint think hell be fired I think he owns the dojo which is crazy he must come from wealth because wtf? He’s a drop out divorcee who has a home and business? Weird
Also I hope his porn addiction was worth it he will probably never have children that child he’s with is his nephew; he’ll be surrounded by no one when he gets old and feeble

No. 165344

share the address nonna

No. 165345

is there any vids of him at the dojo after 2020? linked vid of from 2020 and thats when he started his bisexual sex career. wonder if maybe something happened at the dojo that year? all these photos of him look super old compared to how he looks in 2023.

No. 165347

File: 1696982430857.jpeg (222.45 KB, 828x1539, IMG_1194.jpeg)

I recommend true people search fairly simple

No. 165348

the guy has really aged a lot in just 3 years. its almost like sex work is bad for you?

No. 165349

File: 1696982688426.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x2017, IMG_2006.jpeg)

Here’s one from 8/12

No. 165350

oh nice, thanks for the tip!

No. 165351

File: 1696982849502.png (491.47 KB, 680x454, ricky delgado the pedo.png)

lots of photos on google reviews for "front range judo". definitely him circled.

No. 165353

oh my fucking god there's a little girl in the team what the fuck I hope this fucking scrote dies

No. 165354

I accidentally found his ex wife on Facebook, I won’t post a cap because I dont want to dox her but shes a burlesque teacher lmao why was he calling his ex wife a stripper? hes so porn addicted

No. 165355

there are quite of few very young girls unfortunately

No. 165356

yeah don't post the ex she deserves peace after having to deal with this pedo abuser scrote

No. 165357

Maybe she was also a stripper with enough common sense not to attach it to her real identity?

No. 165358

I wanna a-log so much…

No. 165359

I'd love to hear theories on why this is because clearly he's just a porn addict who turned his rape obsession into becoming a "content creator" and not a woman who is coerced into it by groomers online or something. He has the best scenario where he actually wants to make this nasty garbage and "loves" what he does for a living. Barf. Yet he's STILL aging like hell >>165330 here. I know men age like milk but jesus if he wasn't getting tested I'd wonder if he has HIV or AIDs.

No. 165361

File: 1696983273831.png (1004 KB, 602x589, cwcville.PNG)

I found the Cville he used to teach at

No. 165362

The club she worked at mentioned up thread is a burlesque show that emulates the vibe of rocky horror picture show whatever that means; safe to say she was probably not getting fully nude

No. 165363

seems like 2020 was a bad year from him. fired from his teacher job, possibly from teaching karate, and got a divorce. now he has to make money whoring himself out and when he was first starting he had to do shit for gay guys and only worked with super old 45+ year old women who looked like stifflers mom with even stiffer fake tits.

No. 165364

File: 1696983504927.jpeg (720.86 KB, 946x1305, E1D19843-0D6B-41EF-BD21-A7B218…)

No. 165365

He wasn’t fired in 2020. He worked there in like 2007 or something look at the photos from when he was there. I think he left to be with his ex wife who was from boulder

No. 165366

He also has been divorced for like 9 years

No. 165367

File: 1696983595537.jpg (114.12 KB, 837x868, Owner?.jpg)

I don’t think he was fired from teaching karate. If the information he provided is accurate, he’s one of (?) the owner(s) of Front Range Judo.

No. 165368

he was definitely fired from teaching english at some point. very telling he went from teacher to bartending then had to start his own business so he wouldnt have to do a background check.

No. 165370

Nah like how does this mf even get women? I know the women are uggos like shaynus and kiki but damn

No. 165371

File: 1696983933296.jpeg (Spoiler Image,155.86 KB, 828x487, IMG_1202.jpeg)

This is a big reach, I think he just hated it tbh

No. 165372

File: 1696983969471.png (Spoiler Image,677.99 KB, 835x713, fucking-oldies1.png)

This is the only woman who would work with him when he first started

No. 165373

File: 1696983970331.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.99 KB, 640x640, IMG_1192.jpeg)

Think this one’s pretty bad too like wtf is he a gremlin?

No. 165374

File: 1696984008805.png (Spoiler Image,579.41 KB, 825x681, fuckinoldies3.png)

he labels her as a "milf" and he did weird fetish shit with her often

No. 165375

File: 1696984041780.png (Spoiler Image,728.92 KB, 830x764, fuckingoldies3.png)

shayna is eskimo sisters with this…thing

No. 165376

I do not know how a scrote like this gets bitches, his dick is unimpressive, he’s trash in bed, he’s porn addicted I’m surprised he can even keep it up, I’m actually shocked he isn’t a Tate bro or a Joe roganite since he’s into martial arts and exploiting women sexually

No. 165377

File: 1696984110334.png (60.05 KB, 184x199, brush your teeth homie.png)

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww his teeth

No. 165378

> he isn’t a Tate bro or a Joe roganite since he’s into martial arts and exploiting women sexually
Give him time.

No. 165379

File: 1696984290544.jpg (73.98 KB, 651x990, FwlwCAmWYAUX7hG.jpg)

I might be aging myself here but he looks like Balki Bartokomous from Perfect Strangers.

No. 165380

File: 1696984340627.jpeg (916.03 KB, 1284x3360, IMG_2012.jpeg)

He really posted the same photo from his business page onto his sex Twitter.

No. 165381

File: 1696984370347.jpg (14.01 KB, 270x270, 7HtYemm-_400x400_large.jpg)

Ricky Delgado's reaction when he finds out he got doxed on the farms.

No. 165382

Kek. I wonder at what time of the day do Shayna et al check her threads?

No. 165384

Lmao the house from satallite looks exactly like the cat picture of it outside. Also on his search results is a 31 year old female listed at his address and her phone number is a 260 area code so I’m assuming it was her cat and he kept it(doxxing)

No. 165385

I’m so fucking excited for the meltdown nonas, it’s going to be amazing

Not encouraging cowtipping but since he wrote about it on Twitter is there any way to him to get in trouble for admitting to paying escorts/prostitutes after his divorce?

No. 165386

No. 165388

Me too nona, manifesting Shart to the thread so she can start having a bpd shit fit

No. 165389

Should we post a side by side of Ricky Delgado, Womack and Baldy Gaysics? Or like a morph of their moid faces? If Ricky Delgado of Boulder, Colorado sees it, do you think he will have a shit fit? He seems like someone who his super insecure about his gut, receding hairline and huge nose.

No. 165390

yes pls do!

No. 165391

Yes I think it’s necessary kek

No. 165392

Samefag, but I am not artsy or tech savvy, I beg a nona with more talent than I to make this dream come true.

No. 165393

File: 1696988396718.png (216.42 KB, 996x1230, Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 8.37.…)

Lol I just realized he fucking lied about being from a suburb of New Orleans. He couldn't even lie about being from the actual city?
And if he lived there until hs, does being from an interesting place count if it's before the age of 14?

No. 165395

File: 1696989348200.mp4 (1.26 MB, 640x640, IMG_2019.mp4)

MP4 version

No. 165396

You have blessed us nona, the transition from Baldy Gaysics to the Judo Pedo is flawless!

No. 165397

I deleted the gif version because the quality was super low and you couldn’t truly appreciate mike slack at the end there. The mp4 is much clearer!

No. 165398

My fave part is how the nose doesn’t seem to change. Moids all look the same.

No. 165399

Lmfao the music with this took me out

No. 165400

He is a slight upgrade lookswise from the other scrotes she's been fucking, but that's not saying much. This is the type of dude who is obsessed with teen girls, because he was too fugly and socially retarded during his teens to attract a gf. So he copes with anime, lifting, the delusion that every teen girl totally wants to bang a (former) teacher and the "men age like wine" meme. He thinks he can make up for lost time and that if he just tries hard enough, he'll get even more attention than teenage prettyboys. Reality is that by this point, the best he can get is Shayna and Kiki. Now he's not only fugly and retarded, but also an openly pedophilic shitty porn "actor".

No. 165401

The cougar final boss

No. 165402

Is that his wife? She’s gorgeous way prettier than all the whores he’s getting his revenge on with lmao glad she left him

No. 165403

Yeah she’s actually genuinely very gorgeous and has like a whole family with children so he really missed out that’s why he’s seething. Pretty sure developmentally disabled moids like him are only capable of loving one woman in their lifetime and he lost the one he loved lmao, instead of going to therapy for being touched as a kid or something he decided to cope with porn and prostitutes until she obviously left him. He really fumbled

No. 165404

File: 1696992344642.gif (3.11 MB, 480x480, E0FA82C4-F2E4-4465-B2AD-E0C74C…)

Lol I was gonna make one but here is a gif what experts predict Ricky will become in 7 years

No. 165407

Womack looks kind of better and he’s really inbred and hideous

No. 165408

File: 1696993287017.jpeg (477.31 KB, 2484x2092, IMG_1206.jpeg)

The composite next to actual face is so funny. Congrats nonnies I’ve been here since the beginning and I’m glad we got this guy. Hoping Shaymu has some sort of meltdown over this.

No. 165409

Wtf even happened to Womack, I know it’s fucking inshayne but I honestly miss him

No. 165410

HOLY KEK great job nonny!

No. 165411

all my heart and love goes to the composite nonna, what a champ.

No. 165412

File: 1696996350528.png (63.19 KB, 219x397, Oscar.PNG)

And the The Shaycademy Award for Best Film Editing goes to >>165395

No. 165413

File: 1696998791959.png (654.59 KB, 1196x858, Capture.PNG)

looks like his lil dojo nearly went under too. dude had to fundraise to keep it afloat.

No. 165414

Same, my fave was when he kept trying to invite shay mudding. I’m so sad she blew it with him.

No. 165423

File: 1697007093382.jpeg (514.09 KB, 728x640, 9009AF6A-1519-40F2-9CF1-5CC6A3…)

I’m screaming please made the police sketch part of the next thread pic

No. 165424

Womack moved on to a new $3 OF girl and named his dog after her.

No. 165443

I’m fucking keking his comments used to crack me up. I wish I had twitter so I could read his posts he’s so retarded. I laugh every time

No. 165447

Holy shit, nonna! He does. Lol.

No. 165454

File: 1697093573209.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.44 KB, 637x728, IMG_1222.jpeg)

I’m too afraid to post this in the mainthread because it’s a nitpick and a derail but which one of these absolute retards has a framed photo of a heart anal beads on their wall?

No. 165455

File: 1697094598803.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.54 KB, 828x877, IMG_1226.jpeg)

There is something so deeply disturbing about this man working with so many small children. Sporting his porn say he and gut in this video.
Also. Wtf a whiteish(whatever not Asian) guy teaching judo in a program called mini samurai feels racist somehow

No. 165456

File: 1697094717171.jpeg (536.12 KB, 828x1063, IMG_1228.jpeg)

He’s so ugly man and his clientele seems to be primarily children according to his insta

No. 165457

File: 1697095488773.jpeg (408.67 KB, 491x826, IMG_1232.jpeg)

His teeth are absolutely jacked the fuck up

No. 165458

File: 1697096035691.jpeg (434.47 KB, 828x800, IMG_1230.jpeg)

Alright last one but check the gut out

No. 165459

File: 1697106194392.jpg (911.85 KB, 1080x1627, SmartSelect_20231012_122121_X.…)

Like wtf

No. 165460

I’m so disgusted I can’t even speak. This isn’t funny, him (and her) trying to make this into a joke is vomit inducing. Seeing an actual baby’s onesie posted by someone so degenerate makes me ill. Ricky Delgado of Boulder CO confirmed pedo of the worst kind tbh.

No. 165461

I want to alog so bad… They're really posting this degeneracy for everyone to see. If I was a parent and found out my kids had been anywhere near this creep…

No. 165462

File: 1697118662275.jpg (22.18 KB, 488x488, image0-2.jpg)

No. 165463

Am I the only one who thinks that Shayna, Kiki, and Ricky Delgado of [REDACTED] in Boulder, CO have not realized that Ricky’s identity has been officially uncovered? This is more tinfoil/speculation but I do expect a noticeable reaction where Ricky will freak out since he teaches children and his business is on the line.
Do you all think they’ve noticed? If not, what do suppose will happen? My guess is that Sensei Ricky will shut down all the porn shit and will try to act like it never happened.

No. 165464

I think you might be right and they don’t know yet. I feel like he’s the type to come her and sperg tbh if he finds out how. Tbh I hope he does kek. I wish I could link the info to a Yelp review on his business, the parents of kids he teaches deserve to know but alas, I shan’t tip the cow.

No. 165465

I fucking love this thread and I fucking love you nonnas for your shaytism and dedication.

No. 165466

File: 1697132334017.jpeg (813.83 KB, 1284x1749, IMG_2077.jpeg)

I wonder if “Daddy”, aka Sensei Ricky Delgado of Boulder Colorado, is getting home from his job of teaching children. Fucking disgusting.

No. 165467

I think he will find out from Shayna. She lurks and loves to talk about the "stalker forum" or whatever to her followers. She probably told him/will tell him about how she has all these bullies on internet and he'll google it.

No. 165468

Good tinfoil I was starting to suspect the same. I personally think he’ll go full mask off and start putting his face in his porn and not giving a fuck. Probably news won’t reach his students/their parents unless someone directly cowtips

No. 165469

If he googles it do you think he’ll see those pictures with her boils and rotted crotch from like thread 1-10? Imagine finding out someone has herps from a gossip image board that’s just doxxed your entire life lol

No. 165471

File: 1697140611900.jpg (315.18 KB, 1080x1725, 20231012_224605.jpg)

The degenerate store they are going to even has a support group for people who have to be around the diaper freaks. They must know what they're doing is wrong, right? Or are there also support groups for people who have to deal with furries?
I hope Shayna buys the cow diaper cover. She deserves it.

No. 165474

I can’t help but feel empathy for the guy. The fact that porking Shayna is life ruining and has the potential of ruining your whole income is kind of wild. I’m not saying that anybody should stop, I’m here to watch the car crash too anyway. It’s just crazy to think about.

No. 165479

do not feel bad at all. this shit is absolutely sick, this man 100% is a predator. fuck this gross scrote.

No. 165480

Empathy for him? He’s a disgusting misogynist who deserves what’s coming to him. Men suck.

No. 165481

Someone cowtipped in the main thread so he’ll be finding out soon enough

No. 165482

File: 1697149504448.jpeg (305.9 KB, 682x658, IMG_1244.jpeg)

Yeah I mean he’s a man who profits off of women being exploited without offering them the same anonymity that he has (showing their face and hiding his) as well as slapping them around, simulating rape, simulating child predation; I wouldn’t feel bad for him I’d feel bad for the kids he’s around I cant even imagine the damage he could do to the psyche of a young teenage male in one of his classes, think about the sort od misogynistic viewpoints hes impressing upon a young adult who looks up to him. "yeah little billy dont even worry all women are sluts you shouldnt want to get married or treat them well it will just fuck you over"

Example even present on his page. He shaved this kids head for a fund raiser (I think for cancer research) and it’s like fine and whatever if the kid wanted to and I’m sure he did but as his sensei shouldn’t you have shaved your head too? Why the fuck are you shaving kids heads for donations? Weird. Picrel

No. 165484


No. 165488

I think the best way to warn the parents of the children that go to his "school" is via a Facebook group. Maybe there's an specific group for the judo place or a general boulder, colorado one,

No. 165489

samefag, also we can come up with answers to what he will most likely say as an excuse, like:
>this is fake
>these are stalkers
>I'm expressing my degeneracy consensually

No. 165490

Hey nonnies, I’m the tard who cowtipped. Sorry but I had to, this scrote is absolutely disgusting and not only pays to rape women but has contact with children, so I had to do my duty
Cry harder. Why as a woman should you feel any empathy towards this moid who would most definitely rape you given the chance
Don’t worry, my rampage is far from over. I’m giving him a little time to get scared about it, then I’m going to let people in the area know via reviews and FB. I want the worst for this man in life. He should be nowhere near kids, if I was a mother with a kid at the judo school I’d be absolutely disgusted. You can’t trust any scrote, ever.

No. 165491

I thank you for your service nonny if you need help with coming up with a way to fully and easily explain the extend of his full degeneracy let us know

No. 165492

He can deny it all he wants, there’s a mountain of indisputable evidence against him. Even if he shuts down his socials, there’s screenshots. If he comes out and says there’s consent, then he’s admitted the profile is his and that he’s a massive fucking creep

No. 165493

just be careful nona. lolcow and fellow nonnies will drop you like a bag of rocks if it means saving themselves if this guys tries to pull a keffles. make sure you're using a VPN and taking proper measures. you might be semi protected here but if you take this off the farms there may be ways he can take legal action and then pin everything from the farms on you. godspeed.

No. 165494

if u fuck with a man's livelihood in today's fucked up world you never know it might he last thread and he kills himself or kills shayna, or just goes insane on the board. he looks dangerous and wacko jacko.

No. 165495

Proton mail has a free VPN service, i use it from time to time, you just gotta make an email with them and done. That nonna could do that for an extra layer of protection.

No. 165496

does anyone think at this point ricky delgado has transcended shayna? it feels like he needs whole thread just for him on /snow/. can a kind nonny compile all the goods into an OP?

No. 165500

File: 1697159030428.png (27.22 KB, 991x409, ricky delgado.png)

No. 165501

So Richard "Ricky" Delgado from boulder, Colorado is the owner of Front Range Judo of Boulder, Colorado and a pedo degenerate who abuses women on camera and simulates child sexual abuse.

No. 165502

File: 1697159187249.png (2.47 KB, 228x39, gross.png)

this fuckin' chud made his facebook username "rdelgado69" but might be useful to look up.

No. 165505

File: 1697159396181.jpg (60.28 KB, 720x960, brokeback mountain.jpg)

gonna dump some ricky pics from his facebook before he DELETES FUCKING EVERYTHING

No. 165506

please do

No. 165507

File: 1697159450373.png (215.33 KB, 354x524, ricky1.png)

No. 165508

File: 1697159528061.png (686.47 KB, 571x754, ricky3.png)

No. 165509

File: 1697159569619.png (524.33 KB, 428x515, ricky4.png)

ricky and his ex wife

No. 165510

File: 1697159619173.png (273.47 KB, 474x501, ricky5 - big jaw.png)

No. 165511

File: 1697159672155.png (547.4 KB, 563x433, ricky6.png)

No. 165512

File: 1697159731860.png (405.34 KB, 546x432, ricky7.png)

No. 165513

File: 1697159793833.jpg (28.67 KB, 604x448, ricky8.jpg)

No. 165514

File: 1697159820776.jpg (34.22 KB, 604x453, ricky9.jpg)

No. 165515

File: 1697159856854.png (275.38 KB, 611x433, ricky9.png)

No. 165516

File: 1697159934524.png (274.89 KB, 538x433, ricky10.png)

No. 165517

File: 1697159971591.jpg (70.49 KB, 640x1136, ricky11.jpg)

No. 165519

File: 1697160015000.png (594.16 KB, 551x756, ricky11.png)

No. 165520

File: 1697160115632.png (201.5 KB, 460x360, ricky12.png)

No. 165523

You idiots.
Don't post anything about his wife. Especially not pictures of her, face blurred or not. She has nothing to do with this.

No. 165524

face blurred is fine. it's relevant to show his downgrade in women. he managed to trick a beautiful woman into marrying him and it made his ego go out of control. now he can't pay to fuck a woman that hot.

No. 165525

That’s why he’s seething

No. 165526

where was this energy for this nona >>165518

No. 165528

EVERYONE - Please do not overdo it with repeating his name over and over in the same thread or overexaggerating. We want people to come to thread and see evidence of his crimes and potential as a rapist to children, not to come here and think we're all just crazy and vindictive. It's starting to come off a bit like that and do not want people scared away. I want people to actually read the thread and be horrified on their own.

No. 165529

Ayrt, I didn't see that one but I disagree with that too.

No. 165530

Do you think normie parents would read the thread? honest question, I don't wanna come off like an asshole

No. 165531

if my kid had interacted with him i would for sure be reading this thread. new potential clients probably not so much.

No. 165532

You’re not a normie anon you’re here already

No. 165533

File: 1697162147180.jpeg (153.11 KB, 828x477, IMG_1247.jpeg)


No. 165542

No, they wouldn’t. They’d probably see it as unhinged and creepy. Especially if he’s able to put out some sort of statement before anything surfaces.

No. 165546

Female teachers are getting harassed just for having a social media account. In my country scrotes tried to get a teacher fired just because she was dancing on a TikTok video wearing a t-shirt and shorts. So why would you feel bad for this guy? Think about the nurses who got fired because of their softcore OF photos. Did they deserve that?

I'm so proud of all the dedicated nonitas itt! Weaponized shaytism ftw! I love you.

No. 165566

I'm all for creeps getting exposed but you guys have to stop coming to lolcow to brag about it. You should have just posted the info on Facebook groups in the area without any warnings or indications of where you found the stuff out. He'd have to scramble to figure out how the leak happened and how to do damage control. Now he can just go "idk weird internet stalkers saw me working with a consenting adult and now they're harassing me". It looks less credible to normies. Especially if they come here and see anons saying retard, scrote and whores left and right. If you're going to give people a heads up, don't tell us about it, we'd have found out anyways.

No. 165580

Yes people here are retards, just drop the pics and info, dont give an internet gossip site as a source

No. 165581

It warms my heart that nonnie put the time into this- men get away with so much, and it’s nice to see them have their anonymity revoked and have at least some heat and discomfort when they’re sexually violent degens

No. 165582

I guess Fat Shat is too busy doing degenerate shit with Biracial Fiona to check lolcor because she hasn’t sperged out about this repulsive moid being doxxed. I hope there’s some milk on the horizon

No. 165588

>>165582 she's probably terrified to tell her "oh hey that thing that happens every time I'm around somebody new happened, ur not mad tho right? I'm innocent!" She doesn't want to hold the space for kiki, easier to let her find out when Shay isn't there

No. 165590

Nta but maybe right now she is too high to form a coherent thought, once she gets home and get bored with her crusty life she'll come and check.

No. 165596

Unfortunately, I don’t think anything’s going to happen to Little Dicky.

No. 165597

i feel sick for the little girls in his classes.

No. 165598

the cow tipping anon didn’t do it right at all. going through the likes and comments on the judo instagram and facebook page (or those who are in the group) and privately messaging women who are likely mothers of children who attend would’ve went a lot better. not mentioning lolcow and not posting about it on the main thread either. the word would be spread from that alone with the help of concerned mothers withdrawing their children, telling others and probably making posts about it where actual boulder resident normies could see it. emailing the judo itself was stupid and pointless when we already established that he’s the one who owns it. all it did was give him a heads up

No. 165601

Good thing I know mothers were dmd before they got the mail then

No. 165602

File: 1697314062610.jpeg (255.78 KB, 1284x1130, 3149DA4C-9289-41C2-BE2F-A59A86…)

Honestly doubt this. the cowtip post rang a lot like wanting attention from shaytard anons than actually caring about the children. Anyway the judo still has a feature on coloradoparent’s website for “kid friendly” places and their instagram still gets updated so it’s not a dead website

No. 165604

it's been 4 days give it time kek

No. 165609

Not every cowtipper run here like some attention starved retard.
Some just out moids in peace

No. 165614

Everyone feels so bad for Ricky. Waaaaah.

No. 165621

File: 1697479489350.png (265.13 KB, 1184x1363, DallasTard.png)

Him and Kiki went private so I'd wager they were def lurking this past week

No. 165623

Kekking at all the "save Ricky" posts and weak ass callouts. God if it really is Kiki or Shaynus, or even Ricky Delgado himself that's so fucking pathetic.

No. 165624

hey doxxers - noticed that on the front gay judo facebook all their facebook updates were formatted like an instagram post and i was right. havent seen their IG mentioned much but looks like this is where they run everything off and just use a bot to copy it out to other social medias. lots of new ricky content here

No. 165626

File: 1697492654048.png (20.87 KB, 611x233, welp.PNG)

we are on thin ice let's chill

No. 165627

you got told

No. 165628

File: 1697494821944.jpeg (686.05 KB, 750x1174, IMG_4315.jpeg)

He follows sex workers and e-girls on his business’s Instagram, which has a feed full of children. Picrel is just one porny account that he’s following under the Front Range Judo IG.

No. 165629

File: 1697495696117.png (234.95 KB, 370x443, doofus.png)

No. 165630

File: 1697495872827.jpg (39.64 KB, 634x369, 433075B900000578-4784296-image…)

wow okay that is actually really fucked up. young kids would have access to his IG because he probably posts pic of them and their friends there and then they get exposed to that kind of filth?

No. 165631


No. 165632

lmfao how gnarly, he’s a moron.

No. 165636

>is he follows public
yep! im going through them now. not seeing anything too crazy but he follows a ton of women and random insta-thots. probably tries to talk up women with an account full of kiddy pics.

No. 165637

holy fuck what the hell

No. 165638

File: 1697496782031.jpeg (79.23 KB, 750x411, IMG_4316.jpeg)

That same woman not only follows Front Range Judo but also follows his porn IG account @dallasdomstudios
She has an OF, I wonder if she worked with him?

No. 165642

Given the cowtipping that has spawned from this autism, this thread is being locked and any future attempts to recreate it will result in further bans and locks. Contacting friends/families/workplaces is never okay, no matter how degenerate the cow. It's against the rules for a reason.

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