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No. 164073

A thread for derails about general fetcon degens, bonus points for any Shay in the wild spots

No. 164075

File: 1691623989473.jpg (28.8 KB, 360x480, F3G-4IhXkAA-AHk.jpg)

I'm browsing the #fetishcon tag and going to post anything particularly gross/lulzy I find

No. 164076

The extreme assne at the bottom is enough to trigger trypophobics.

No. 164078

File: 1691638461721.jpeg (684.71 KB, 828x1078, IMG_1890.jpeg)

This gross degenerate looks like she just caught a whiff of her own BV and unwashed ass lmao

No. 164081

File: 1691700529595.jpg (494.34 KB, 1080x1439, Screenshot_2023-08-10-15-50-51…)

I just don't even know what to say, really.

No. 164082

Here's the fatcon pictures for 2022 if anyone wants to laugh

No. 164083

What a terrible day to have eyes

No. 164084

File: 1691703126452.jpg (747.93 KB, 1600x1068, i-hspB649-X3.jpg)

I wonder if they will duel again this year

No. 164085

File: 1691709641854.jpeg (25.91 KB, 358x268, IMG_5892.jpeg)

I hope the wheelchair furry makes a reappearance

No. 164086

File: 1691720896908.jpg (170.49 KB, 1200x1600, 20230810_193019.jpg)

Think this is the same girl in pink, honestly surprised she fits in latex anything

No. 164087

File: 1691728005395.png (896.08 KB, 1046x996, 30812755.png)

She Soylo degen she let tie her up.

No. 164088

The* my bad

No. 164089

They were actually pretty funny last year (not that it excuses the degeneracy but at least they have a sense of humour and some self awareness, unlike Shat)

No. 164093

Do they? I couldn’t tell if the pic was taken as a joke or if it was just unfortunate timing. Then again the morbidly obese women in the fatcon pics appear to be part of the feeder fetish community so they might actually be in on the joke?

No. 164098

File: 1691902927166.jpeg (398.47 KB, 1080x1732, IMG_5909.jpeg)

No. 164099

File: 1691903035427.jpeg (317.38 KB, 1170x1488, IMG_5903.jpeg)

Based Uber

No. 164102

Wait…what if this is the scrote who was standing behind shayna while she molested that old molester?

No. 164103

File: 1691940956644.jpeg (251.96 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_3855.jpeg)

No. 164104

File: 1691940998061.jpeg (386.5 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_3857.jpeg)

No. 164105

File: 1691941023694.jpeg (581.05 KB, 750x1127, IMG_3858.jpeg)

No. 164106

File: 1691941078433.jpeg (399.68 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3860.jpeg)

The same woman this year

No. 164107

File: 1691941104349.jpeg (Spoiler Image,621.94 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_3861.jpeg)


No. 164108

File: 1691941142663.jpeg (351.35 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_3862.jpeg)

Yes this is the headmistress of Skidmark Academy

No. 164109

File: 1691941298989.jpeg (433.58 KB, 750x1196, IMG_3863.jpeg)

Saved the saddest one for last—a degenerate “sex worker” who is pregnant and probably doing pregnancy fetish stuff at the con.

No. 164110

This is so vile. This woman/thing should be reported to authorities ASAP.

No. 164111

File: 1692018722320.jpeg (548.65 KB, 1512x2016, IMG_8134.jpeg)

No. 164113

File: 1692049939479.jpeg (96.62 KB, 645x1390, 2A0B7D2A-CFA5-4B96-A018-CE13EB…)

Azamat Bagatov wyd at fetish con I thought he got turned into a chair

No. 164117

File: 1692069895082.jpeg (Spoiler Image,328.53 KB, 1170x767, DAE93250-3A04-4D7E-B0CA-8D443F…)

I trawled through last year’s fetcon photos and apart from a bunch of disgusting troons I found picrel woman and her weird booth. Literally thought this was a shitpost at first because who the fuck would buy this

No. 164120

File: 1692129225657.jpeg (990.47 KB, 1149x1154, F13547B5-A85B-4653-B16C-5DC126…)

No. 164121

File: 1692129284759.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1230x795, 8AB8D13C-5FC0-48D7-BFD9-13A5CF…)

Shayna would fit in perfectly

No. 164122

File: 1692129317483.jpeg (485.08 KB, 1242x1553, 536BA7B5-E876-47BD-9C4D-EB99D1…)

No. 164123

File: 1692129364519.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1242x1859, C9CD73A5-4193-4FD7-BEDF-C27B5E…)

No. 164125

BIIIIIIIG chungus. Holy shit.

No. 164130

>letting pedos come near your baby who's inside your stomach
I want to vomit
I want to laugh but that would literally be me with one of my husbandos

No. 164202

File: 1692671436756.png (Spoiler Image,1.01 MB, 1131x894, IMG_4179.png)

pot, kettle(spoiler that shit next time, retard)

No. 164227

File: 1692787935401.jpg (641.58 KB, 1440x1080, ew.jpg)

No. 164228

I took the same screenshots of this person kek I can’t stop laughing at everything about them. The pose. The outfit. The expression. The body shape. Is it a tranny? I’m saying them bc I’m genuinely not sure lmao

No. 164391

File: 1694633424399.jpg (Spoiler Image,532.25 KB, 1279x854, i-PBVXV4r-X2.jpg)

This year's fatcon pictures have been added to the site.

Is this the same photo without cropping? >>164227

No. 164392

File: 1694634745643.jpg (Spoiler Image,604.99 KB, 1279x854, i-Md9Q27J-X2.jpg)

From the pool party. I hope this answers your question.

No. 164393

File: 1694634889325.jpg (622.1 KB, 1279x854, i-LQ9T9jK-X2.jpg)

Santa Claus at the Fetcon.

No. 164394

File: 1694635544682.jpeg (245.05 KB, 749x1196, IMG_4105.jpeg)

She started following this dude most recently and I can’t tell if he’s THE new partner… he works at Adobe as a CS or engineer so he has some money. Might be someone she met on SeekingArrangements and she got him into the polycule? Idk.

No. 164395

AYRT and good lord lmao…

No. 164396

File: 1694732973557.jpeg (12.6 KB, 243x118, IMG_6140.jpeg)

Lmao at the Stitch shoes. So kinky

No. 164398

Ugh, saw this after posting in the main thread >>>/snow/1898450
I think they have to at least have met. I don’t think this is one of her sugar daddies as >>>/snow/1898388 suggested. He seems to be her type. Regardless, it’s an interesting finding. We need to be on the lookout for corgis.

No. 164399

File: 1694798457420.jpeg (538.48 KB, 750x1170, IMG_4121.jpeg)

Dawn’s ex husband is fucking insane. He needs to be institutionalized (or just put down altogether). Seems like someone has reported him to the police but somehow he still has one dog.

I saw 3 dogs in posts from 2020 and now it’s just one dog. Did he really kill the other dogs? Fuck.

No. 164400

be cautious if you browse any of his social medias; on his youtube channel I came across a video of him interacting with what seems to be a dead animal (the video is entitled "duchess," was that one of their dogs? I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about it.)

No. 164401

Who would have thought a moid who was fine being married to a woman who does sex work in a fucking fur suit was insane? Color me shocked. I'm only surprised he didn't chimp out sooner.

No. 164402

My thoughts exactly. Is %0 surprising that the scrotoid of a prostitute furfag is a zoo-sadist or whatever they're called.

No. 164403

clicked out of morbid curiousity, wtf happened to that dog, i can only make out that two cars collided into her and "they" chucked her out of the window?

No. 164404

File: 1694805690958.png (631.23 KB, 1920x559, iuhkujhkhn]#.png)

Found a comment from Dawn on his shorts

No. 164405

What is his YouTube channel name?

No. 164406

File: 1694806073422.png (164.42 KB, 1283x475, wio3ruiw3r.png)

orbowski, there's a video of his dead dog in a bucket and the latest thing is his dog has a stab wound and he showed a bloody knife, saying the dog ran into it, but in one of the comments he says this. the guy is off his tits on drugs, whipit cans on the floor

No. 164407

I guess big shaynus was right to be creeped out by this scrote. And he's probably always been a menace so it explains why dawn allegedly hid his existence from her. If Shayna actually stayed it might have been one of those situations where a woman allows her scrote to cheat in the house because she's too repulsed by his sex habits/ways to do it herself.

No. 164409

For real. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Shayna had at least a tiny bit of common sense in this instance. I’m flabbergasted. I guess there is a type of scrote she won’t be a pickme for…she’s fine with incest but draws the line at animal abuse kek (not condoning this freak’s animal murder/abuse btw)

No. 164411

I hope you do something nice for yourself after watching this horrifying shit, nonna. I can’t even deal w the description

No. 164412

Jesus fucking Christ I want to die, I watched the dog video but among that are videos of his multiple jars of piss and where he says he cannot piss unless his dick head is inserted into a bottle. Probably some affliction due to his raping of his dogs. This is the most vile thing I’ve ever seen in all my years of Shayna.

No. 164413

File: 1694853414324.png (3.42 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0797.png)

Same fag. watched a few more videos, he’s on amphetamine during one of his Walgreens videos he videos the entire m script, likely this is all some drug induced psychosis. Hopefully the cops kill him soon. In the same video the Walgreens employee recites his number which he posts online so basically doxxed himself. Idiot.

No. 164415

He has 3 other twitter accounts

Constantly doxxes himself (has posted full ID and social securitynumber online), lives in squalor, moms social security pays for him, too skitzo to get a job. Had a previous Twitter that was banned for ai generated loli pictures to peddle bitcoin scams.

No. 164416

I don’t even understand the description. No line back from officers?
Is Brittany Gloria Reed supposed to be Dawn? He sounds like K.T. Why do all schizos on Twitter sound the same? Some riff on police, fraud, liars, The Truth, pharmaceuticals, religious extremism and money making scams.

No. 164417

DO NOT GOOGLE “Gloria Brittany Reed” the only result is the video of his dead dog in a bucket and it autoplays.

No. 164418

This is all too disturbing for words. I don’t dare look at his Twitter or anything, I’m way too sensitive. You just know this dude is a pedo as well as a zoosadist freak. Can’t believe I’m saying it but props to Shat for having SOME sense of self-preservation for once in her life.

No. 164419

File: 1694873526541.png (Spoiler Image,1.75 MB, 1792x828, IMG_0799.png)

I forgot to post this last night but along with pissing in jars and probably fucking his dog and stabbing it he recorded a video saying he masterbated with this golf club? Picrel. Not sure how exactly? But he mentions in the same video that he’s not gay so probably as you’d imagine. Thought at first I thought sounding. So he doxxed where he lives to which upon googling is essentially like a motel, all rooms lead to the outside sort of seedy place. The reviews sort of make it sound like a tweaker haven. The state of his room is something out of hoarders, trash and dirty piss and poop everywhere. I think he got evicted by the landlord who I have equal parts of disgust and feel bad for. seems most of his tennants are like david which is a red flag because why but i watched one of the videos where david films him while be cleans up his shitty broken toliet and at some point the shop vac came out due to how much sludge there was. what do you even do with that poop vac after youre done? burn it? the state of the room is truly uninhabitable and according to one video i watched it seems hes been kicked out by the 18th. but seems like hell murder suicide him and the dog in this window. as horrible as this is, after what that dogs been through ending its suffering is probably a favorable outcome. sorry for spoiler this is nsfl

No. 164420

File: 1694873843237.jpeg (Spoiler Image,391.02 KB, 817x1282, IMG_0800.jpeg)

Also there’s this. So. From what I can tell she is brittany Gloria reed and she is the one calling the cops and contacting the landlord on him.

No. 164421

File: 1694874816467.png (84.85 KB, 573x277, IMG_0794.png)

I wonder what he was like when he and Dawn met. I want to ask her since she wanted us to be so upfront when Shay was living with her. Anyway, the dogs Dawn had when Shay lived with her were Royal (female) and Winston (male), I’m not sure if Duchess was one of the 11 puppies born. The one she took to the ER was a boy, so unlikely he was Duchess.

No. 164422

File: 1694874856465.png (366.82 KB, 944x418, IMG_0791.png)

Royal is the one who had puppies

No. 164423

File: 1694874924029.jpeg (859.99 KB, 1170x1091, IMG_0795.jpeg)

I wonder which dogs Dawn still has

No. 164424

I'll answer some questions, long time lurker even before the shay threads. I just don't really like my dox being spread publicly for safety reasons.

Ex was not as crazy when we first got together. I was in my late teens and he was in his early 20s. It was my first longterm relationship and I was just looking for a meal ticket out of my life at home at the time. His mom technically adopted me as my legal guardian as I was underage.

He started showing signs of mental illness early on but not as bad until flare ups in 2017 over MTG cards and other weird things. He was very controlling and verbally abusive. I was not allowed to talk to even family, had no friends, we shared a phone. He was typical gangstalking believer, thinking ppl wore certain colors or drove by the house to harass him personally. Literally put up tinfoil. I have pictures of the house before he was kicked out..100+ pissbottles

I finally left in 2019 after he broke down a door in my house where there was a gun in the room. Called the cops, he was put in mental ward and was able to find a lawyer. Just really glad to be far away now.
I'm ashamed that I involved anyone else but I had no real idea how deep of shit I was in until after I had shay leave. She only lived there about a week but it gave me a reality check.

No. 164425

File: 1694879951163.jpg (7.54 MB, 4032x3024, 20210601_190358 (1).jpg)

No. 164426

File: 1694880022723.jpg (7.5 MB, 4032x3024, 20210601_183937 (1).jpg)

No. 164427

There was 4 dogs. Two from the litter and then the ones who had them. I kept the eldest who is still with me. He had 3 large breed dogs living in a truck with him, one escaped got ran over. He carried the corpse in that container for months his mother told me. The other died from being given people medicine which caused a heart problem. I'm still trying to get Royal back but have had no luck with even the stabbing video.

No. 164428

File: 1694881227035.jpg (Spoiler Image,8.02 MB, 4608x3456, 20210601_210436 (1).jpg)

warning piss bottle
there where hundreds of these in the other home

No. 164430

Dawn, you are a very disgusting degenerate furry who let some disgusting peadophile freak rape your dog because you were too weak to make it on your own. People here don’t feel bad for you. You willfully spent time with this freak I can’t even imagine what skeletons your closet holds. He will kill your dog and it’s honestly the most humane thing at this point after the life that poor animal has lived.

No. 164431

Ok. I blame the failure of the (corrupt) justice system but alright. You are free to think what you want, just wanted to clarify before ppl harass me anyways.

No. 164432

Holy shit. The dude left the place completely trashed.

No. 164433

Why didn't you bail with the dogs? Did he get back before you could leave?

No. 164435

There’s a video of him saying he will kill the dog, why can’t the authorities take Royal back?

No. 164437

The curry of Justice system doesn’t make pet porn you do, you can claim victim because you were young and didn’t know how to make money when you were a teen but you’re an adult now, you actively choose to make porn for men just like your ex who fuck their dogs, grow up and get a job. Or an education. But nah, you’ll just continue to make furry porn so you can buy more and more animalistic dildos. Amazing life you have. Hoping you have more trauma than the trauma you have second hand inflicted on your dog you gross fucking freak

No. 164439

The corrupt Justice system doesn’t make pet porn, you do. you can claim victim because you were young and didn’t know how to make money when you were a teen but you’re an adult now, you actively choose to make porn for men just like your ex who fuck their dogs, grow up and get a job. Or an education. But nah, you’ll just continue to make furry porn so you can buy more and more animalistic dildos. Amazing life you have. Hoping you have more trauma than the trauma you have second hand inflicted on your dog you gross fucking freak

No. 164440

Sorry for spoonfeeding but what does Dogfucker dawn’s crazy ex look like? I am curious

No. 164441

Weren’t you caught having a beastforum account?

No. 164442

No. The account people said was mine was made in like 2008 or something. I wasn't a furry until 2014.

But I'm not here to defend morals or shitty life choices. I just want him to stop. Wherever that dog ends up is better than there. He doesn't sexually abuse it to my knowledge but he's threatened to put it down in more than one video. He also starved a lizard to death.

No. 164443

I tried to get a restraining order,but he started a common law marriage case. I begged the courts but they took pity on him sobbing over being left.

No. 164444

Every step of the way I'm learning white male privilege might be real. I've called 3x about it and they don't care to intervene. Not sure where the line is for animal neglect but apparently stabbing is ok.

No. 164445

IDK about white privilege. I think Royal has to be showing signs of neglect. Like starving bones showing all that shit. I also think the cops don't wanna deal with him because of how nuts he comes off as. The dude was talking circles around the cop.

No. 164446

not dawn but i disagree. there's a major fucking difference between making bad dragon dildo porn and killing dogs, what the fuck lol. what is even the point of this post other than scaring away someone who actually has milk and deets. some of you get so caught up in your ewhore hate train you forget that moids are the ones actually raping kids and animals.

No. 164447

Like from the interactions with the cops they can tell he’s not right in the head and on drugs but I don’t think they feel bad for him, they just don’t want to deal with him at all; he stinks he’s disgusting there is piss everywhere, thing is they don’t care about dogs enough to actually put david down, several times he’s failed to cooperate with police and just put the knife down. So Dawn do you know where he’ll go after his eviction on the 18th? How do you even track him down once he’s vagrant? Do you speak to him at all? Is he/royal alive currently?

No. 164448

And catering to these moids is okay? Please nonna don’t suck dawn off just because she has details about some story we’ve all seen on the news 100 times. Local tweaker was killed today when police intervened to save dog at 8 on news channel 5. Making bad dragon dildo porn is obviously not as bad as David roe but what exactly is the contest here?

No. 164449

File: 1694897017113.jpeg (104.23 KB, 896x828, IMG_0806.jpeg)

He looks a bit more gaunt now probably due to abusing his amphetamine perscription

No. 164450

File: 1694897040521.jpeg (106.84 KB, 828x1334, IMG_0805.jpeg)

No. 164451

No its not but all men are inherently perverts and most of them are also pedos regardless what I do for an occupation. I made poor choices and will live with that.
There is no contest, I just came here to provide milk and clarity and hopefully put a spotlight on someone who is dangerous to society. If I am not the only one who reports maybe that much will help this get taken seriously.

No. 164452

The recent videos show they basically checked in on it and its still an open case. He can't leave on the 18th because his mom doesn't arrive till the 20th. He has no car, and no place to get but his mother might pay for another shitty motel-like area until he gets kicked from there as well. I check the social media to archive when direct threats are used or if my ID's ect were posted so I can report.

No. 164453

Dawn do you still live in the same area as him?

No. 164454

No I moved about 3 years ago but I do worry about him getting access to a car and driving across the u.s if he ever does become more with it by becoming appropriately medicated.

No. 164455

Thanks for providing information. Im wondering what kind of interations he had with Shayna? Or if she said anything about his mental state.

No. 164456

Wtf did the house look like this when Shay moved in? If so she was pretty courteous to not blast this all over twitter. Wtf Dawn. Glad you’re out of there but you can still pull yourself further out of the filth of life.

No. 164457

I don’t think you’ll have to worry about it too much he looks like he’ll be in jail soon at this rate, he’s been lucky the officers dealing with him are pretty nice

No. 164458

No it was pretty clean. Those were taken after he was alone there for 6 to 8 months. I had left the state already and was still fighting with legal to get him out for damages.

No. 164459

He literally swung a golf club at a retired police officer and got away with it. Still walking free..

No. 164460

Dawn when you started dated him were there any red flags that would indicate this behavior? Any weird sexual things? Any off comments?

No. 164461

Not much besides smoking weed together. She asked him repeatedly to open a wine bottle but we had no cork opener and he wouldn't go get one. We bought stuff at ikea, bought weed, went out to eat once and then the puppies happened and he got mad or jealous she had a bf sorta still and tardraged.

No. 164462

I cant explain it but I have a skitzo-sense now. They just have an aura about them. Otherwise, yes, he was very controlling. Had paranoia about ppl stalking him in video games which gradually became real life. As a conspiracy theorist myself it didn't stand out until it became unhealthy and affected his life. He wouldn't drink anything but bottled water, religeous fixations, saw anagrams in many words and started accusing names on social media of using there account names to insult me or him. He broke down crying over a card game because he saw some deeper meaning to it but could not explain. Tons of things.

No. 164463

Sexually was typical male. Too much porn and no job is a bad mix. Started watching Tran and gay stuff after years, compared my body to pornstars, wanted to try ass play, things I'm actually horrified by now. Eventually by the medication or crazy he developed ED though.

No. 164464

LOL thats fucking hilarious.

No. 164465

I must say dawn you are pretty honest. I'm not going to look but are you still active in sex work? if so you are admitting to be a lurker in Shays thread and she may be lurking & try to call you out for it.
If you are still active have you heard any behind the scenes talks about shayna from other sex workers over the years?

No. 164466

Yes but I have lessened how active I am and hope to phase out in due time. This was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life despite how awful it was. I am working towards a balance and solution of finding alternative work. I lurked on PT and pumpy threads forever ago but never posted until this crossed over. I do not maintain contact with anyone from here really.

No. 164468

Okay, well hope you get out

No. 164470

Is dawn a pedo panderer like shayna? cause this dude posts lolis. I know she humps dog dildoes and wore ears and stuff anyways if she was never get with a man with a fetish and wants you to act like a dog or a kid.

No. 164471

What was it like living with shart did she smell bad and try to fuck your crazy ass bf?

No. 164472

where did i say it was okay? not even dawn is saying that. go to the vent thread in /ot/ if you need to tard rage for a bit. no one there will mind.

No. 164473

he sounds calmer in the newest video but the dog has a weird shake

No. 164474

Dawn is a pedo panderer I guess? She has a “little” Twitter where she has her “fursona” in diapers. Genuinely not sure if it’s just pandering or if this kind of shit turns her on. But I think it’s pedo pandering even though it’s like weird furry sketches and stuff. I couldn’t dig deep enough to see if she wears diapers but you can

No. 164475

Dawn, I’ve watched a few of David’s videos. Is this the second incident with Royal? I noticed in the past 3 days he’s escalated and they did a welfare check on the dog but several months ago he posted a video saying that the dog had bled on the floor and sounded like he was saying it ran into the knife? Did it happen twice or is he uploading things retroactively?

No. 164476

If by calmer you mean on downers then I agree his speech is hella slurred probably hasn’t slept in days. How does he take care of the dog when he’s crashed out for days after his meth binge?

No. 164477

Can someone post a photo of Dawn? I’m only a few years deep into the ShayLore and have no idea what this ho looks like.

No. 164478

Scroll up, dipshit >>164423

No. 164479

This whole thing is so dark and disgusting I’m really genuinely upset tbh. I know some anons don’t care for dogs but I want to cry for the dog he is still abusing. I suppose all I can do is hope her suffering ends soon, because the likelihood of her being rescued is so slim. This whole thing is bleak as fuck.

No. 164480

Yeah it’s heartbreaking, even if she makes it which is possible the trauma she’s endured is so severe. The most haunting part of all of this for me, because I’m hoping Dawn is right and he isn’t a zoo. But him driving around with his dogs rotting corpse really makes me sick.

No. 164481

I hope the state intervenes and someone else takes her because she deserves better. No creature deserves to be terrorized/abused by a deranged male. It’s so fucked up that animal control hasn’t done anything. Maybe if he gets arrested they’ll take the dog? Idk.

No. 164482

Dawn is a degenerate subhuman piece of shit who is probably a dog rapist herself, anyone who isn’t a newfag knows this, who cares if she’s got milk on some putrid moid, she can get in the bin with Shayna

No. 164483

Yeah they did have a search warrant in one video. I’m sure he has child porn on one of the 4 or 5 phones he has in that room so if he got arrested for cp maybe the dog would be free but idk how they would even get in there feel with his back against the wall he’ll kill the dog. I honestly can’t understand mothers who enable their sons to be this way. I’m sure she’s bank rolling whatever this is that’s going on. She shouldn’t have ever unleashed him on society. Hopefully the police kick his door down while he’s blacked out from meth come down. If not expect to see this again in a month when he’s able to refill.

No. 164485

Me too Nona. The Duchess video freaked me out, but Dawn expanding on it made it more fucked up. This dude who is not in his right mind can’t just respect an animal enough to leave her or bury her, but carries her around in a bucket because he can’t or won’t accept she’s dead? He has large animals in a car that he lives in? That’s so bleak. It’s too dark. Those pics of her old place were fucked up too. This whole thing is awful. I keep checking in to watch it get better, but it just…doesn’t. It’s just different.

No. 164486

I just know he was talking to and kissing that corpse for days while it rotted in his probably hot car it’s so wrong

No. 164487

File: 1694932856972.jpeg (1.93 MB, 2448x3059, IMG_4102.jpeg)

AYRT Best case scenario is that this scrote dies. I’m so sad and disgusted I’ve been thinking about these poor animals all evening and cuddling my dog. Here is a pic of her to lighten the heavy mood ITT

No. 164489

your dog is very good, anon. thanks for sharing her (and bonus ducks!)

No. 164492

She is a v good girl! Glad u enjoyed her cute pic and yes bonus ducks hehe she loves walks around that pond because of the ducks

No. 164496

She's beautiful, I have a husky too and they're absolute nuts kek.

Dawn seems to be attempting to get her shit in order and admitting to making mistakes, good. Get your shit together, keep fighting for Royal and do your best to get her back. She deserves at least that much. Thank you for coming in and shedding light on the scumbag, while also confirming Shayna was right and not lying. She's still a scummy idiot herself, but it took some guts to come here and drop the info. I hope your heart was in the right place, and you didn't just do this to clear your own name. In spite of your past, I do hope you get your life together and stay on the redemption arc. Glad you're getting out and didn't go down the same path that your ex did.

No. 164502

Anyone who had the displeasure of reading that one zoo thread knows this all goes hand in hand unfortunately. It's pretty likely in my opinion and it's suspicious that Dawn is also a furry and used dog dildos and dressed up as a dog. Manifesting with the rest that the moid dies.

No. 164503

File: 1695066743446.jpeg (256.88 KB, 1080x1271, IMG_8345.jpeg)

idk why everyone itt is caping for dawn. she's just as bad as that moid. she literally wrote and made disgusting faux beastiality like this. everyone doesn't call her "dawn the dog fucker" for no reason. she chose to date a scrote that fucks dogs, you don't just do stuff like that cuz you're "young and dumb" you do stuff like that because you're a degenerate.

No. 164504

Eh, I feel like Dawn showed some maturity in how she handles the crazy ex situation. Some of you nonas need to calm down with the bestiality accusations because clearly she's not the main danger to these dogs here. I really hope you can get the dog back girl. Update us if you do.

No. 164505

Because I believe in redemption. She's got a lot of work to be done and man, there was some grooooossssss ass stuff she did, but how much of it was her and how much was the ex? We will never know, and so long as her actions back up her talk I'm all for encouraging her to leave that den of disgusting degeneracy behind her. If Shaynus did a 180 I'd support that. Wouldn't fucking cape for the bitch but I'll tell her congrats on taking the first step. Get it done.

No. 164506

Ntayrt but don’t speak too soon and get any hope. The last time that anons were sympathetic to a Shaylated sex worker, it was Vivi and she ended up coming back and being even more degenerate/despicable than before. I’m not saying that we should be hateful or misogynistic towards these women either, but just be careful.

No. 164507

she has literally still sexually exploited her dog(s) in the past by having them on cam with her >>164423 with gross comments being made from zoofag moids saying they want the dog to lick her…. plus i've been reading through old threads and just got to the dawn saga. she PAID MONEY for art commissions of realistic dogs being fucked by humans and jerked off onto. not gonna post it because its NSFL but its in thread 27. doesn't seem so much like the moids influence and more like a personal preference of hers. don't see her in this thread trying to defend herself anymore after this gross shit has been pointed out.

No. 164508

Yeah I have not much sympathy for dawn even if she was manipulated by this scrote as a younger person. Me and my dog discussed it (kek) and we don’t trust her at all, she is a furry who commissioned nasty disgusting VILE art of her fursona (that i remember clearly from those old Shay threads and still haunts me) and clearly exploited her dogs in her camming.

No. 164509

that's fair, but you don't necessarily need to have sympathy for someone to hope that they change. i hope she changes for the sake of anyone (dog or otherwise) who has experienced the negative ripple effects of the content she created. and just for the sake of decency.

No. 164510

Why does everyone think Dawn is mature and trying to get out of sex work? She maintains 3 sex work twitters and posts on them daily? Be forreal. She also admits to lurking she thinks she’s better than Shayna she’s the same?

No. 164511

Everyone was just white knighting her cause they wanted more information about her Dogfucker ex. “He’s not a zoo.. not that I know of” SURE JAN HE GOT A BONER WHILE YOU WERE WEARING A BUTT PLUG TAIL AND EARS AND BARKED BUT HES TOTALLY NOT AROUSED BY REAL DOGS, it’s like saying guys who get off to loli and DDLG aren’t real pedos.

No. 164513

I have to agree here. You might not respect her past - hell, I think it's despicable too! But she could change and get away from a toxic environment. I'd support it.

No. 164514

Not really. She caters to freaks like this. No one normal is getting off to a bitch in a fursuit pretend to be a young female dog getting gangbanged. Same shit with the ones who cater to pedos. You personally might not be harming children and animals, but your target demographic at least jacks off to the idea. And we all know how it goes with XYs and the slippery slope they speedrun down when it involves a ~kink~/fetish.

Dawn deserves whatever shitty life she's going to lead. i hope she never has kids or direct access to them, her bloodline does not deserve to continue

No. 164518

Mfw I think of binkie Jess or whatever the horse face diaper porn weirdo who just recently had a baby. She’s disgusting. I am so sad for her child

No. 164520

File: 1695166588437.jpeg (Spoiler Image,501.58 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_0858.jpeg)

I hope everyone who white knights these e whores feels retarded
> I have lessened how active I am and hope to phase out in due time.
Picrel. Sure Jan.

No. 164521

File: 1695166665085.jpeg (Spoiler Image,166.06 KB, 828x822, IMG_0852.jpeg)

Just so you guys understand how disgusting this woman is, she posts stuff like this. Furry baby content please evaluate the people you’re defending.

No. 164524

What the fuck ew. Yeah I didnt believe all the shit she was saying for asspats, this proves she is just as nasty as ever.

No. 164525

i own dogs and this blantant sexualization of these innocent creatures makes me sick.

No. 164528

Bitch posts on 3 different accounts bi daily talking bout “I’m phasing out of this” frankly idgaf if she has milk she’s a fucking cow

No. 164529

She didn’t even provide “milk” on Shayna, I don’t know why anons were indulging her and posting/discussing horrific graphic shit that has nothing to do with Shayna, who cares about some psychopath moid? All males are degenerates, we don’t need some equally degenerate pedo pandering dog fucker e-whore to tell us. The farmhands should have banned her. She is a disgusting piece of shit, there’s no redemption for her or Shayna as far as I’m concerned.

No. 164532

Anon I’ve never seen anyone banned in /shay/ it’s lawless here

No. 164533

NTA but the anon who kept reposting the lava rock pussy got banned multiple times. It's possible

No. 164535

File: 1695230074093.jpeg (149.45 KB, 750x346, D5165D04-EFE0-4AEE-9E89-773180…)

why doesn't she ask shayna i thought they were friends

No. 164558

File: 1695264758833.jpeg (1019.34 KB, 1170x1665, IMG_0030.jpeg)

Is this the “dildoe” moid? Either way, this is so delusional. He’s met her in person but thinks this is what she looks like, lmao

No. 164559

This is probably the best looking moid on her roster and she’s ignoring him LMAO he’s not even that attractive too

No. 164560

I mean I’m a dyke but I think he’s objectively decent looking enough, he certainly doesn’t look anywhere near as hideous as the crusty fat white moids with rotten teeth and eraserhead hair. Maybe he has a fetish for lardy, ugly, stinky, unwashed trailer trash, kek

No. 164564

does anyone else think these look like a filter or AI generated?

No. 164573

i figure theyre ai generated

No. 164598

She's ignoring him because he's black and even she can probably smell the numerous STDs he's probably gotten from porking pigs similar to Shayna. She's probably intimidated because he's objectively better looking than most of the other moids she pulls. She wouldn't be his special prize pig because he could pull better looking women and have better sex with them. Her ego can't survive not getting princess treatment and he's definitely not the type to give that out as freely as a fupa type male.

No. 164734

lol she deleted her curiouscat (dottipink) after this whole situation was brought up here, but in it she mentioned that she wanted to foster "troubled" kids…

No. 164735

Ew I hope this bitch stays the fuck away from kids with her dog ddlg fetish absolutely the type to turn a blind eye to her man sexually abusing her kids

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