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File: 1471462045564.jpg (103.73 KB, 960x720, 1463467_1418953491670722_18778…)

No. 166485

previous thread >>>/snow/139852

latest discussion: does shiena use pussy or brains to get by in nipponland

No. 166487

File: 1471462138194.jpg (35.17 KB, 392x395, horse.jpg)

hows horseface shani these days. since her porn was unleashed shes been on the supr downlow lol still wearing shitty wigs

No. 166500

OP you should've just let the thread die or renamed it prostitutes in Japan. There's no milk and people just hate on foreign sex workers.

No. 166503

I mean, they are foreign sex workers, so gaijin in Japan still applies to them. I'll agree though, the thread needs more actual milk and not just weird vendetta posts back and forth between a handful of weebs.

No. 166504

File: 1471467592598.png (921.42 KB, 934x596, 00010.png)

No idea, but I did see her pop up on Shiena's instagram recently. Still looks like a man, but she might have finally lost some weight Those shoes tho.

No. 166509

This picture is from 2014…

No. 166511

Good to know, they look like time travelers!
Then again, this fashion was old in 2014 as well.

No. 166517

Just goes to show how desperate vendetta chans are getting. Shouldn't have bothered with a new thread, we are all bored now.

No. 166531

My bad. Not a vendetta-chan, just saw it posted recently on Shiena's IG and figured it was new. I'm a filthy casual when it comes to the weeb threads on here.

No. 166575

I don't understand the obsession with these girls. They are the popular ones and have a decent social media presence and most people on here seem like jealous bored English teachers in Japan (I don't live in Japan btw). Anytime I post something about someone else who isn't Shiena, dania, Katie, shani or some sex worker people quickly change the topic back to them.
They are just living their life having fun even if it may be illegal at times (which that jap gov don't give a fuck about).

If your gonna talk about gaijin in Japan then talk about them and find milk or make a new thread called prostitutes on Japan.

No. 166603

This is an awful thread. These pictures are all like 2 years old. This vendetta is wayyyy out of control.

No. 166609

The topic changes back to those people because they are intersting to date, now. You tell me what is so interesting about the girls that live there and do nothing but work as a teacher?? Nothing. They're just as interesting as the teachers that live in the UK or in the USA, or anywhere for that matter. That's why.

No. 166610

What grates me is why its always girls. There are plenty of dudes that live there too.

No. 166611

Then why use pictures that are so old with no milk. The last thread was also mostly

>> what is _____ doing?

>>> has ______ been to Kirari?
>>>>> how does ____ afford this

No. 166612

Beats me, I agree it's stupid that petty anons are posting thread pics from 2014 and 2015
If there's no milk let the thread die
The people that have actual milk and continue to produce (ie sere) already have their own threads anyway
This desperation is embarrassing on the part of whoever re-made the thread tbh!

No. 166653

ok in that case if you ahte the talk about the same old people. be productive and bring someone else up? instead of complaining about vendettas anyone who lives in japn that is a gaijin is up for grabs if they are pathetic enough. bring it on!

No. 166654

Shiena has zero brain though she thinks she's sophisticated

No. 166655

File: 1471537902590.jpg (112.94 KB, 960x754, 13938491_10202144419327741_842…)

for instance this little weeb jun?? i always see him at shinokubo station handing out fliers and he looks akward as fuck

No. 166657

how old is he? 9?

No. 166659

23 or 24

No. 166664

Doesn't he sing and model too

No. 166665

What milk is he producing though?

No. 166672

You need to calm down and go outside

No. 166682

Hard to tell with all the filters, but he looks kind of cute tbh. Any candids? Any real milk on this guy?

No. 166684

That's why he's being brought up idiot. Do people know of any milk?

No. 166697

No milk. Jun is hardworking and very sweet
Try again

What about that idiot guy Daniel? I know he is married now and his kid was born

No. 166703

File: 1471557013700.jpg (136.96 KB, 899x1200, CqIGuz3UIAA1sy4.jpg)

What about Fin and Chriss?

Fin goes to Kirari and has sugar daddies but nobody ever talks about her, and Chriss is always tweeting about being a Demon or how drunk she is.



No. 166706

I had never heard of Fin before and maybe she has sugar daddies or whatever, but her Twitter is fucking hilarious. They both seem really fun.

No. 166715

Just here to point out that not all girls that go to deai cafe are prostitutes. It's quite easy to snag a guy that is just looking for company and therefore becomes a sort of sponsor.

Anyway… agreed that this thread should have been left dead. It's been dried up for some time now.

No. 166738

Omg yes these two are my personal favs. They think they're top models cause the sometimes do photo shoots and runway for shitty fashion school projects etc. Chris insists you call her shou (lol) her lastname is shaw and it sounds more japanesudesu. And the both love to talk about how drunk and edgy they are on social media 24/7 like 12 year olds.

No. 166739

Fin is (don't know if she still is) constantly hanging out with Hiroro too haha taking gross puri together and being edglords

No. 166813

File: 1471594326087.png (108.14 KB, 878x296, Untitled.png)

Gaya nude in Friday Kodansha

No. 166814

so her alias is mizuguchi ellen? lolol

No. 166818

Water mouth

Yep. LOL

No. 166824

damn you cant view them without a credit card

No. 166826

buy the magazine……..

No. 166871

why would i waste my money to view gaya naked?

No. 166935

File: 1471646923800.jpeg (75.59 KB, 640x773, image.jpeg)

Unfortunate face

No. 166939

You spergs will pick apart anything. Guchi in this way is more like "opening"
Think along the lines of waterway.. or river opening..
I'm sure this bitch is lulzy but this is reaching.

Sage for my own autism.

No. 166954

Actually, I've been to kirari twice myself and honestly I recommend it because there's free snacks, drinks, wifi and phone chargers
If my friends are late, I just go to kirari to use the wifi and wait

No. 166956

Considering her married name is taniguchi (valley opening) mizuguchi isn't really a stretch

No. 166962

I cant believe kurage got knocked up

No. 166970

shes in a longerterm relationship and happy. So what?

No. 166987

Alcoholic and bi-polar, great mom material

No. 166990

How the fuck do you know that

No. 166994

> happy
Um … Most of her updates are about feeling ill and wanting to die and being massively uncertain of her place in this world

No. 166995

Pregnant from a old cheating guy

No. 167014

I talk to her she's a very kind and accepting person. How do you know anything about her relationships with people? So she has a mental illness and issues? So what? At least she openly talks about it on her blog and actively seeks help for herself and tries. A lot of people with mental illness have children. As she said she's happy that she'll be having a baby. Mental illness doesn't equal milk

No. 167023

which one? that crazy guy she used to blog about that owed her money or something?

No. 167046

What happened to Emi? Did she ever marry that host? Why are she and Katie no longer friends?

No. 167067

Ok im sorry.

No. 167068


OMG, thank you for saying something. She posted that her current bf is 17 years older than her. That and her mental health issues and physical health issues going back from before her pregnancy…it would be awful if the kid got either or both of those. Not that she can't be a good mom, but at the same time a baby isnt going to fix her issues.

No. 167071

Sometimes babies can help though as it takes the focus off the shit going around in your head and allows you to fully concentrate on someone else

No. 167073

Wow this thread has gone to shit. Now apparently people with mental health problems are milk??

Well shitt 90% of tumblr are all cows.
Next we will be saying someone is a cow because they are vegan. WTF guys seriouzly.

The only lulzy person left is Sere it seems.
This is truly dried up!! Reaching!

No. 167086

Honesty, I don't give a fuck about people's opinions are. I just want to know facts and gossip aka milk. I'll draw my own opinions and conclusions.

No. 167087

Plus people are starting to be smart about certain things and shutting their mouths. Shit you don't have to lie, just don't talk about it. Problem solved.

No. 167088

"Facts and gossip" do you know how idiotic you sound? How do you know what is fact and what is gossip? How do any of the people here know which is which? We don't. We just want to believe the most ridiculous things because it makes us feel better about our lives to think others are doing worse in theirs, obviously myself included but mostly I just look at Sere's thread and was shocked that this stupid dry ass thread had yet another new page made.

No. 167092


Her mental/physical illnesses aren't "milk", but a 25-year-old college dropout ex-hostess being impregnated by her 40-something "boy thing" she's been living with for under a year is the most interesting thing that has ever happened in this thread.

No. 167093

if you find that amazingly interesting you really need to get out more.

No. 167096

you must be her friend

No. 167097

no one said mental illness is milk (tho what even is the kadee thread then?)

No. 167101

butthurt confirmed

No. 167102


"In this thread", yes it's interesting. More interesting that old-ass pictures. In reality, kurage is just another dime a dozen former whore who got knocked up by the first guy who could financially support her. I thought she could do more with her life, but I guess not.

No. 167114

You are aware you don't have to click on each and every thread? You're telling people to get out more but your ass is lurking in this bitch making comments that are not only effective(as we don't give a shit and will continue to talk about whatever we want too),but you are making comments that are also repetitive(OH MEH GAWD NO MIlK,NO MILK GET A LYFE Yadayayada blah blah blah).

No. 167121

Anon you sound retarded

How did other anon make a comment that was effective if we are goin to ignore it and talk shit anyway?
So other anons comment is ineffective ….. Lol if the stupid is this contagious im out!!

No. 167123


Why is she a whore? Cause she did Kyaba? I don't get it?

The trouble with this thread is there's nothing really left, people have stopped posting a lot of shit online, they keep their mouths shut, so we're desperatley trying to find things to talk about anyone just to keep it going, really it's just become a bitch fest I mean most of these people nowaday arent really snowflakes anymore.

No. 167130

who could financially support her you say lool she has her oen job that she works hard at and she gets paid very well

No. 167132

lol I'm retarded you can't even spell correctly, your whole comment made no sense. If you're gonna call someone stupid learn some proper grammar asshat.Also samefag gtfo.

No. 167134

File: 1471712398316.jpg (54.16 KB, 304x420, kirari.jpg)

isnt this her??

No. 167135

No. 167152

File: 1471720122782.jpeg (98.68 KB, 640x844, image.jpeg)

No. 167153

File: 1471720226043.jpeg (121.13 KB, 640x905, image.jpeg)

The whore has spoken

No. 167157

Anything about Cathy Cat? I feel like nowadays what she wears doesn't really suit her face age i.e. she needs to drop sweet lolita.

No. 167181

>I removed everyone I don't know personally

>They all don't have lives. I don't know if I should pity them or laugh at them.

No. 167227


Well I guess we know one of the shitposters here lol I love when these girls like immediately post about lolcow or hide their accounts once posted here it's a clear way to see who's actually lurking and posting here.

No. 167241

I read her twitter and your japanese is shite…i am better at japanese lol what

No. 167246

Today i saw that Friday on a coworker's desk and asked her if i could borrow it once she's done it. She just gave it to me saying she read it already and that i could keep it.

I dont have a scanner but i'll take pics of it after work.

No. 167273

I already have the pics but not going to post just yet

No. 167274

Why not?

No. 167281

h, i'll let you do it, then. It's probably going to be better quality than me taking pics of it with my smartphone.

In the meantime those who can't wait can go to
and input ellen2 as a password to enjoy 6mn of naked awkwardness.

No. 167285

omg that was so cringey. Ill never understand how everyone on TAg sucks up to her saying how good looking she is..Cause she really not. shes so fucking average with dry lips. I know tons of girls way better than her

No. 167286

she cant even string a proper japanese sentence together…oh dear

No. 167287

Didn't Gaya get a breast lift? I can see the scars, but they still seem rather saggy for being lifted. Like, if this is them after a lift, wtf did they look like prior? She does have a pretty nice body though, pity she has a troll face.

Also, why does she always seem so awkward or uncomfortable in pictures and video? Doesn't she prostitute for a living? She looked really uncomfortable in the pictures Sere took when they tag-teamed that guy in Korea too. I can't tell if she's actually uncomfortable or maybe she's just a simpleton.

No. 167290

https://www.facebook.com/emiimichaelis i just looked up her facebook and thats not the ex host guy is it? I think its a new boyfreind..

No. 167296

No milk with Fin as far as I can tell. I met her a few times during my stay in Japan while she was doing her photoshoots for H.Naoto and was really sweet.

No. 167300

That vid was classier than Sere's disaster though at least. Also Japanese men like the awkward/shy act anyway so. Minus points for showing her wedding ring in the shower though lol

No. 167301

Well yeah, Sere shot a double penetration porno where she gets multiple creampies. Not to mention Lorena is just grotesque looking at this point…

No. 167305

looool i didnt see notice the wedding ring

No. 167313

Not to defend her, but isn't it on purpose?
If you look at the button link to the vid, it says 人妻 (wife).

No. 167318

Ah ok fair enough I overlooked the married woman part haha

No. 167330

Gaya looks old

No. 167331

I agree if she looks like she does at 21 she's not going to age any better … On of those people that look 40 at 27

No. 167425

What happend to diane? Did she divorce and that's why she is in france?

No. 167618

from her tumblr

>I was cleaning earlier while my BF did a whole lot of absolutely nothing, then he told me to be more careful and not bang things around (I guess because I accidentally dropped the laundry basket) and I was so tired that I kind of overreacted and was like “Honestly shut up. Don’t you dare bitch at me while I’m cleaning this house on my one day off when I’m pregnant and tired.”

>So that turned into an argument and I tried to explain over texts that Im very tired and just didn’t want to be complained at when I’m doing house stuff. And I thought we were done arguing.

>Then I get home from dinner with my friend and he asks if I ate dinner. So I said sort of. Just fruit and cake but I ate a lot so basically yes. Then I described the place we went to.

>He says nothing and gets up and makes himself dinner and is still ignoring me even though HE JUST TOLD ME that ignoring him when I’m mad is childish and he wants me to stop. (Because I close up when I’m upset and it’s hard for me to communicate well verbally so I prefer to go to a different room and talk over texts.)

>My eyes could not roll back any fucking farther.

this is the cheating guy in his 40s fyi. and right before that:

>What's going on with the father? &Congrats! ヾ(´∀`)ノ

>We’re working on it lol. We’ve been living together for a while, and discussing marriage but I’m not entirely sure what I want to do yet. Either way he’s supportive.

>And thank you!

there is no way in fucking hell he's staying with her. not based on just that, but what she used to post and deleted. She's going to be a single mom with no job and really bad mental health issues. having a "fixer up" baby is such a horrible idea, christ.

No. 167632

>#this manchild will not be able to handle a real child my fucking God
She knows

No. 167655


Sounds like living hell but somehow I'm not even sorry for her
I'm just sorry for the baby, can image that it will be yelled at on a daily basis
If they can't even handle their small arguements how will they be able to handle a child?!

No. 167761

She strikes me as the type of girl to intentionally get pregnant in hopes of keeping a guy around. So fucking stupid.

No. 167805

Yeah he is rich

No. 167840

Wow 6 mintues of awkward smiling. I had to skip a lot of it.
Her breast lift/implant scars are pretty bad. I don't get why her boobs look like triangles either.

No. 167843

I love how Chris is crouching down so hard trying to look as small as Fin when in reality she's like 180cm+ lol

You forgot to add that they are both 'professional' DJs now too.

No. 167895


When I met Fin she was a stuck up bitch. She only became a little nice towards me once she realized I was friends with people she thought were cool and useful so then tried to suck up to me. Not much milk on her tbh except for her Kirari visits(as posted in the previous thread) but I do wonder what visa she is even on still at this point. It's not supported from her "agency" because I know that one doesn't support visas. Plus all her work is TFP, volunteer, for universities, or cheaply paid indie shit. Even the h.Naoto gig was basically volunteer. I had a friend who was offered in the past to work with him but the pay for the suggested workload was laughable.

No. 167896

I'm pretty sure she's on a student visa aka language school visa as she was posting something like that in her early Japan stage on FB

No. 167899


Chriss graduated Vantan a while ago now and the only "work" she seems to be doing is also free/low pay modeling gigs(but much rarer than Fin) and her "professional DJ" job lol

No. 167900

Does she even go then? Language schools in Japan usually have a pretty strict attendance rate but Fin is always posting about drinking, partying, or photoshoots. She never mentions it at all from when I've talked to her and in groups. If she is actually a student she must just be supported by her family then. Since there's no way she would afford her "carefree model life" and schooling costs on her low paid gigs

No. 167902

As in many other countries also in Japan there are two types of language schools. The expensive ones where you go to even with a high fever because you're paying a shit load of money for them and you want to be successful with it in the end and the other 'cheap ones' which only provide a visa for two years and don't 100% care for attendance rate of the students. Also, even though you have to write tests, no one will care if you're bad af and it's clear you're not studying at all, as long as the school gets its money it won't care

No. 167911

not really milk but this guy is 100% catfish lmao he photoshops to hell and back! when i saw him in RL once I didn't even realize it was the same person.

also he used to pretend he was half Japanese for popularity points but this was years ago.

No. 167913

Even Fin is like 175cm, Chriss is a giant

No. 167914

He's NOT asian?

No. 167915

he's half Chinese, half white

No. 167919

Ok then he's not completely shooping himself into another race. Yet, I was really confused, because the amount of photos editing apps must be really high since even if he's half chinese his face looks warped and pretty unreal

No. 167920

as i said, he's a catfish.
i guess he tries hard in real life, but the day i saw him, he looked like something out of one of those '100 layers of make-up' videos that are currently trending. it was gross.

No. 167975

Isn't Fin on working holiday??
As long as she prostitutes herself at kirari I don't think she needs a real job or her parents support

No. 167997

She's on working holiday. Before she came back to Japan last year she was trying to get a proper English teaching job for visa etc. but I guess that didn't work out. I always see her rancing around shinjuku trying to look edgy in her shitty harajuku clothes

No. 168036

I remember reading that she tried English teaching for like 2 weeks but quit almost immediately because she refused to tone down her style into more professional wear and was so personally offended by the company asking her to smarten up.

… (might be confusing her with another girl tho)

both her parents and chris' parents support them heavily - they only make enough pocket money to buy clothes / alcohol.

No. 168044


Even with the cheap ones - they dob't care about your grades you just won't advance but if you don't make a certain percent attendance they will kick you out.

No. 168047

Wow what a special snowflake even Katie sticks it out teaching and pulling her own weight and can keep her style.
Yeah you have to dress up professional for a teaching job or actually MOST business jobs. But you can still have blonde hair. I know plenty of english teachers who can still keep their original styling outside of work but they dress professional for work because IT'S A FUCKING JOB. It doesn't effect their whole lifestyle just being professional in a business atmosphere.

No. 168067


I have much milk on this Jun kid lol
I met him years ago when he used to go by the name Haz and he basically sucked up to me and my two best friends so hard just because we're Asian.
Everything he used to tell people about himself is a lie. In the beginning he told people he's half Japanese, then half Korean, now he tells people he's part of some minority Chinese ethnicity. Uighur or something.
He's actually just white, part Italian or some shit hence why he has dark eyes, hair and tanned skin. He used to tell me and my friends that he was adopted and that's why his parents are white kek.
When he was living in London he would only hang out and befriend Asians and would organise these meet ups where he would just invite Asian kids even if he barely knew them. He also used to be part of every like hafu/hapa group there was on social media. Awkward as fuck to say the least.

Now moving on to Japan. So like two or maybe three years ago now he went to go live in Japan to become an idol with this apparent idol/entertainment visa. My friend told me he was just living in some old lady's house in the sticks somewhere where he was learning to be top idoru. And just to clarify I've been to karaoke with him and this kid cannot sing. During this time he's only ever posted one part of a "song" to his Facebook page and you can hear how bad he is even with all the auto tune. So he's been in Japan for all this time and nothing to show for it. My friend was also saying his Japanese is terrible for someone who has lived in japan for so long. Just wondering how much dick he's had to suck to stay where he is and if he really is on that "entertainment" visa.

No. 168087

Oh god I knew just by looking at him he was a super weeb. More info plz lol

No. 168101

Um… you are definitely confusing her with another girl. Fin never taught. She is paid well for modelling and is able to fund her own life. Also Chriss has a full time job as well as siding as a model and translator.. She entirely supports herself. The jelousy is rife, wow.

No. 168104

He is half chinese on his mums side, retard. How can you be 'part white' (generic as fuck) 'part italian' (also white people, fucking moron) and obviously part asian. He has 2 parents, meaning he is half something half another. He is half chinese. Not entirely sure if he was adopted but i have heard something similar from his close friends. Whether he lied about beimg half japanese who cares, so did Ashley and everyone still worships her as gyaru queen despite her being FULL white american. At least Jun did it for business prospects.

No. 168109

Are you aware of the term mixed ethnicity? Not defending anons comments about being "part something", but a person can hace multiple ethnic backgrounds making them "part Italian" or "part Japanese".

No. 168111

Okay Fin and/or Chriss

No. 168113


Are you dumb? Or just one of his fangirls that don't know he's a massive twink? He's white. His mum is white, not Chinese. His parents are white. Lying because you wanna be hafu Asian prince is still lying. The only thing "exotic" about him is the small percent of Italian blood from his mum. Still white though.

No. 168115

Ashley isn't half Japanese? What is she then? She is clearly half something cause she doesn't look full white to me. Plus I'm sure I read somewhere that she said she was born in Japan then moved to the US

No. 168116

Lol. Chriss, Fin and co.

No. 168117


Italians are not considered white to many people/areas, both past and present

No. 168118

Ashley is fully white which has been clarified ages ago by people posting personal data of her on gs (still up in the archieve). Some white people eg a lot of sweds have lower nosebridges and larger lips.
Not all whites are blond with tall noses and blue eyes

No. 168119

>and obviously part asian.
Post pics because literally nothing on his face looks east asian

No. 168120

I agree. I've never looked at an Italian and thought white. A lot of them look closer to North Africans than Western Europeans

No. 168121

The point is he doesn't have a single drop of the Asian blood he so desperately wished he does.

Apparently when he was telling people he was adopted still he said he did one of those blood tests that figure out where your ancestors were from because he knew he was part Asian he just didn't know what kind. He told people the test told him he was 15% Chinese Uighur. Hardly hafu.
The point is he's been lying about his Ethnicity for years and changed story so many times.

No. 168123

Lmao. I've been fooled. Post evidence though. Historic GS posts are too old to prove that. Unless she has admitted it somewhere.

No. 168159

Her parents both visit her in Japan and she posts pics on insta with them, both full white americans

No. 168183

Haha Ashley. I don't know why people worship her. She's only slightly less milky than sere. With her stealing habit, and selling nudes to support her deadbeat husband. She has a super fragile ego and tries to cover it up by being a pathological liar.

No. 168209

Good old times where ashley tried to get attention of hosts

No. 168240

Curious. Who did she steal from and what did she steal?

No. 168242

Chris a translator? Are you kidding me? That girl can't even string a proper sentence together lool. It takes her like 5 mins to. Say something like I went to the store to buy milk.

No. 168243

*in Japanese.

No. 168275

She stole hundreds of dollars and valuables from her friends, and basically anything she can get her hands on. I heard thats the real reason why Shiena and her aren't friends anymore. Shiena tried to keep it quiet for a while but she got really fed up and started to passively jab at it on social media a couple years back.

She's been shady since anyone who knows her can remember. Always erasing old photos and erasing her "past" that she makes up as she goes. Back in america she would be broke one day saying she don't have any money for basic stuff and the next day suddenly loaded and buying rounds for everyone at the bar to show off.

And if you ever try to confront her on any of her faults or lies she will play victim and say things like Ohh I'm such a piece of a shit, I should just kill myself. I am so sorry. Then do it again like she she forgot what you talked about.

No. 168290

No such thing as white. Just different types of European.

No. 168297

Is Gaya having her own topic?Because I can not find one……

No. 168299

You're a different level of retard

No. 168302

She doesn't have. But would be good tho

No. 168303

nah she doesn't need one

No. 168308

Nah, maybe you should do some research behind the terms "white" and "black". All I see are Africans, and Europeans. It's like calling me "yellow". I'm not yellow, last time I check I was Asian. So no you're retarded.

No. 168360

*to many uneducated people/areas. Italians have been mixed for a millenium

No. 168369

I agree. Black people are brown and white people are tan/pink if you compared skin colour to a standard colour chart used in painting. White and black is pretty subjective to say the least.

No. 168377

Can someone post the Gaya pictures from the Friday magazine

No. 168535

and addressing pull and lolcow directly (via her tumblr again)

>I guess I’ll address this once since its been brought to my attention three times now.

>No one who knows me in real life writes on PULL or other drama websites.

>I chose this partner. I chose to have a child because I want a family. I did not get “knocked up” and my partner isn’t rich by any means so I’m not hooking some old guy for money. If anything I have more disposable income than he does tbh.

>I’m 26 years old, and a fairly put together adult in real life. (I use this blog as a personal diary more than a platform so I may come off as emotional, but that’s because this IS my emotional outlet.) I have doubts, but doesn’t everyone? I’m allowed to make this decision, and I’m still allowed to be human.

>And no one is perfect, but I’ll be a great mother with the support system, friends, and mentality that I’ve grown into over the last few years.

>(The more ridiculous claims about me being an alcoholic or a bipolar mess aren’t even worth addressing lol. I have bipolar disorder but if you’re going to say I’m unfit to have a family because I have a mental illness then idk what to tell you.)

I honestly do hope her and 40 yr old cheating loser guy somehow work shit out. it's just very obvious from the outside that it's not, and a band-aid baby isn't going to help at all. idk how her life is going to work out after this.

No. 168537

I wonder if she lurks here or some dumbass ran and told her about this website.

No. 168538

So she chose to get pregnant by a broke, 40-something yr old who has cheated on her before and sounds like an asshole. I'm not sure I understand what she's trying to do…

No. 168579

She lurks. Ari (kurage) has a rep for shit talking her "friends" via social media, but once her name is brought up she flips out.

No. 168664

File: 1472226773904.jpg (192.26 KB, 900x1200, CqyfQc7VMAE3DFs.jpg)

No. 168667

Its weird because not long ago she mentioned how someone told her getting pregnant/having a baby can help settle down your body/crazy hormones
Tbh it sounds like some bogus wives tale… Everyone knows hormones and emotions are rampant after pregnancy. Who would ever think things 'settle down' ??
Heres a hint, they dont settle down til the kid is grown and out of the house. Have fun witht that for the next twenty years!

No. 168847

File: 1472284461762.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 384.61 KB, 1108x1478, image.jpeg)

Gaya's pictures. Sorry for the smartphone quality.

No. 168848

File: 1472284513070.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 280.84 KB, 1055x1477, image.jpeg)

No. 168849

File: 1472284679746.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 356.13 KB, 1065x1475, image.jpeg)

No. 168856

Lolol 専業主婦. More like 風俗 but whatever…

No. 168858

Isn't Jun Fin's brother?

No. 168861

at least her body is nice.

No. 168879

I wish Gaya would do her hair and makeup

No. 168880

no fin is scandinavian
jun is english or something ?

No. 168882

Fin is British too, idk where her family is originally from tho since her name is finlay parfitt and that's not a regular Brit name
Doesn't sound Scandinavian

No. 168908

Recorded as Parfit, Parfitt, Perfit, Perfitt, and others, this is an English surname. It is an example of the common medieval practice of creating a surname from a nickname, this one denoting an apprentice who had completed his period of training. The derivation is the pre 10th century Old French word "parfite", meaning completed, and ultimately from the Roman (Latin) "perfectus" to finish. It is, in this sense of fully trained, that Chaucer speaks of the knight in the "Canterbury Tales" as "a veray parfit gentil knight". The early name development Richard Parfet of Somerset in 1196, and William Perfyt of Hampshire in 1383. Later cghurch registers recordings included that on January 16th 1704, of Sarah, the daughter of William and Margaret Parfitt who was christened at St. Paul's Covent Garden, Westminster whilst Ann, the daughter of John and Mary Perfitt, was christened on July 27th 1708 at St. Andrews Holborn, in the city of London. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Vnfridus Parfait. This was dated 1115, in the Winton Register for the county of Hampshire, during the reign of King Henry 1st of England. He was known as the Lion of Justice, 1100 - 1135. Surnames became necessary when governments introduced personal taxation. In England this was sometimes known as the Poll Tax. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.
It is an old English surname … Finlay is not a very common name anymore but it's origins are also English if I'm not mistaken

No. 168949

Maybe chav parents or yank heritiji

No. 169106

I love how it's all "~I~ chose to have this kid" lol. And of course your friends are going to deny posting on sites like this.

She doesn't have a put together life. Before she announced her pregnancy she took three weeks off of work due to stress. She's not going to be able to just stop taking care of her kid just because her mental or physical illnesses have flared up. It's so weird that she thinks that her hormones will calm down after she has a kid.

He's actually rich, she's just downplaying it. She said:

>He’s on the board of directors at an IT company.

>(Which might make him sound rich, but while he makes a lot, he also has a lot of work related expenses, so not much spending money when it comes down to it.)

…yeah, that's probably because he's also paying rent and the bills. She basically works at a call center - pretty much the best job she can get as a bilingual with no degree. I would be surprised if she makes more than 1,700 yen an hour. She can always got back to whoring though. She's talked about sleeping with kyaba clients before.

I wish her the best buuuut, from the outside it doesn't look good.

No. 169717

Ari is a sack of shit. Girl pretty much thinks she is Japanese and is a complete know it all and totally hypocrite.

No. 169732

She is married since 2010

No. 169757

Yeah a fake visa marriage lol to Shota Tomida

No. 169759

Sorry but who are we talking about rn? I lost track

No. 169791

Ariana, the uni dropout bipolar alcoholic who just got pregnant from her 40+ boyfriend

No. 169799

Fake marriage visa.
Dated and lived with an ex host.
Used to be obsessed with hosts and host clubs.
Claims to be an ex number one hostess in Kabukicho.
Bi polar as fuck.
Trash talks all her friends behind their backs.
Japan know it all.

Ari is a huge cow.

No. 169807

I thought she was a Ginza no1?

No. 169812

She didn't work in Ginza except towards the end because she wanted to be the only special snowflake gaijin

No. 169826

Always thought there was something off with her, besides the mental issues.

No. 169828

I wonder if it wass one of Seres pals to bring her up on here? Because she really tries to stay away from drama, but ever since she published a question about sere she was brought up on here a few times

No. 169834


I think most of the girls posted here try to stay away from drama, but they also get talked about..

No. 169844

welp she's definitely reading here on the daily.

>Okay guys. Getting ridiculous.

>Let’s clear shit up, before any of you bored cunts start harassing people who don’t deserve it.

>1. I am not married. My ex, Sho, is engaged and getting married very soon if you need “proof”. We’re on good terms because we’re both adults. Leave him alone.

>2. I make very good money and pay for my own living expenses because I work hard to take care of myself.

>3. I’ve never talked about sleeping with kyaba clients, nor did I ever work as a prostitute.

>If I did something that’s actually offensive, I own up to it, but spreading lies and name dropping innocent people is unacceptable. Grow up.

No. 169870

She was married but living with her psycho host ex boyfriend. Once she got her P.R. she filed for divorce. Basically all your favorite "married for a visa status!"

She was one of the original Tokyo gaijin to start frequenting kirari and other deai cafes to support her host addiction, her freeloader ex boyfriend, etc. She also was a freaking cam girl!

She talks trash about all the other girls for doing EXACTLY what she did.

No. 169871

Just read the kabukiboys tumblr. Most of the stories written there are her own.

No. 169935

Where are you getting her responses from and why no pics. It's like you're all discussing a ghost. At least post screenshots of her responses

No. 169937

Dw I found her but really? If she is bi polar then why are we talking about her like this. The milk on this thread is pretty much dry and powdered.. There's literally no milk on her. How is what she doing affecting you? People suggest that they post hostesses and prostitutes on here because they make "good" gaijin look bad but this girl seems pretty much quiet af.

No. 169941

How is anyone posted on her affecting anyone other than people they personally burned. Good gains look bad is dumb. Japanese people already have a set view on what gains are like and hostesses and prostitutes are not what they are basing it off of. If anything american movies/dramas and porn is what they are basing gaijins off of.

No. 169942

*gaijin not gains. autocorrect sorry.

No. 169946

But that's the argument brought up in these threads all the time. Everyone just thinks that Japanese people are exposed to idiot foreigners all the time, and thus think all foreigners are prostitutes/crazy/whatever, when what most Japanese people think about western foreigners in Japan is "Oh, a language teacher".

No. 169953

Bring on Ari's groupie of white knights! Wouldn't be surprised if it isn't Ari herself.

No. 169954

Never met her in my life. Just there's literally no milk. Same old topic of prostitutes and hostesses in Japan.

No. 169957

Seems like you know the situation a bit more than just some regular gossiper. Is someone a bit butt hurt?

Name dropping someone who has nothing to do with this? That's too much and dangerous to said person. Leave it alone.

No. 169983

Hi ari ,congrats on the baby

No. 169985

good try, but no. Just someone who doesn't want anyone to actually get hurt.

No. 169989

Lol why the actual fuck are you on here? Please give me a valid answer. You don't want someone to get hurt but you come on here to shit talk other people?Dont even try to say you don't because if you didn't you wouldn't be lurking this fucking site in the first place. Your ex husbands life won't be ruined because someone said his name on an obscure fucking website, fuck outta here you crazy bitch.

No. 169993

rss feed of her tumblr (k-u-r-a-g-e). feel free to go there and screenshot for yourself anon, I'm not gonna.

No. 169999

still not her, so why don't you calm your tits yah fuck nugget.

No. 170002

Whatever you say you lying cunt

No. 170011

Lol. You keep telling yourself that. Moving on.

No. 170012

Oh and hi Lara. Or maybe Sere.

No. 170017

Oh god Im fucking regretting having even made this new thread now. Seriously ari has no milk, that shit with the hosts etc? Years ago!
Also a lot of those stories on kabukiboys are not hers (A few are written by a friend of mine). Go wild talking shit about about people with mental health problems. I'm out!

No. 170041


You're complaining about people talking about Ari but you started a thread with no links and a picture from 2014 with people who aren't even relevant. Good job.

No. 170048

Lmao so true. This thread had been left for a few days before OP started it with shani who is pretty damn quite since her porno, Katie who is actually quite popular plus isn't even a snowflake and some other random girl.
Tbh all the girls who have milk have their own thread. And this attack on sex workers and hostesses is pretty disgusting. No one is talking about all the foreign men that go to Asian countries to pay to sleep with young Asian women. You guys care less about murderers

No. 170051

pic is from 2013 actually, even sadder

No. 170359

Katies bf looks soooo gay

No. 170449

So does your face.

No. 170450

Likely Ari trying to shift the topic away from herself since her she has issues with both Lara and Sere.

No. 170462

Trying to change the topic a little,although I don't know if this girl has any milk. But I find her incredibly cringy.


For the longest time I thought she's handicapped because her eyes look weird. No offense to handicapped people!And anyone seen her sales page?The poses on her instagram are already ridiculous and not much better on her sales page.Sorry girl but you ain't hot or beautiful.Wouldn't even know about this girl if she wouldn't post her stuff to the Gal sales on Facebook.

No. 170464

She looks like gaya

No. 170468


Really????I don't think so at all

No. 170469

I think it's the derailed caveman face. Her hair looks nicer tho

No. 170470

i see what youre sayin but she just has an unfortunate face and her hair looks nasty greasy

No. 170472

No. 170473

What's with that face???? https://www.instagram.com/p/8aePdzAsU9/?taken-by=emelienevander
Sorry guys,I'll be quiet now XD

No. 170475

I know her and she is a cutie. No milk, leave her alone

No. 170487

Hi katie or katies "friend"

No. 170498


Lol then I'm not the only one who's getting a gay or bi vibe from him.
I don't know much abut Katie,I checked her blog once ages ago.Apparetly she's been with some ugly japanese dude before Leo.And she was with Leo soon after she broke up with the ugly one.Nippon-dick hunter?No clue how long they've been together tho (talking about both her ex and Leo now )

No. 170502

both graced with unfortunate cave troll face

No. 170505

Apparently she just had her 2 years anniversary with Leo

No. 170525


>> Nippon dick hunter

People who live in Japan will probably date Japanese people as they are in abundance.
This sounds really salty. It's also funny hearing people say Japanese guys look gay. Some of them wear makeup or wear effeminate clothes, that doesn't make them gay. You sound like someone who's never been to Japan.

No. 170526

Leo looks super gay

No. 170527


Having a girlfriend for two years is some extreme cover up then. But you can see through that with your magic queer eyes kek

No. 170559

She is swedish, that's why she is ugly

No. 170564

Yes anon, i have special powers

No. 170569

It's not unussual for gay to date girl for cover.

No. 170606

lmao this girl - the contrast between her bland face and those flashy clothes is so jarring. she needs to put on some proper eye make-up and do something about that limp hair if she's gonna wear things like that. those glasses are way to wide for her face shape, too. it's so irritating when girls have money/access to nice clothes but know fuck all about how to style themselves.

No. 170616


Sorry but it's kinda weird to jump from one relationship into another within weeks.

No. 170658

It's really weird

No. 170674


also see caitlyn jenner

No. 170678

dont forget these two
how long have they been in japan but hardly have followers because their english sucks and one of them looks like she has downs

No. 170706

where is the fucking milk?? where????????????????????????

No. 170719

isnt it a symptom of low self esteem that you cant be by yourself?

No. 170725


Getting in a relationship in a short space of time is normal, unless you're ugly.
If you have 8 relationships in a month that's pushing it, but one after the other isn't weird at all. Scrape that milk barrel more.

No. 170737

No it isnt. You cant help who you meet and you cant control feelings. You wouldn't know as you clearly have none. Soz you're salty because no1 wants to date you.

No. 170738

Leo is so fucking gay. Katie is just his beard and his sugar momma. He's a gay 18 year old who only wants to be in a trashy band.

No. 170739


Pretty sure he's 20 or 21. You sound salty af.

No. 170740

>8 relationships in a month
that's not 'relationships'

No. 170742

That's what I said, learn to read.

No. 170787

If he just wanted to be in a band, he'd quit his job and leech off of Katie all day
He has a normal job, it looks like band is his hobby
He's also an adult why are you so angry kek

No. 170793

Who the fuck can afford to be a sugar momma on a teachers salary when there's Lolita to be bought

No. 170807

Katie has a day job with a visa to stay in Japan living happily with her boyfriend and wearing the stuff she likes. Even if you think she's ugly or her boyfriend looks gay, at the end of the day she has what most of you want. Aka living in the place she wants to live, having a relationship she's happy in and basically doing what she wants contently.

Does she harm anyone to get such things? No. Does she break laws? No. Is she shitty to others (specifically you)? No. So what's your problem?

No. 170808

The only thing with Katie is that she has an unfortunate face, but hell she can't do much about this!

She's ok, she hung out with the 'wrong' people for some time (well, she still does, but isn't THAT open about it anymore). But she's living in Japan on a working visa, she didn't need to marry that twat in order to get a visa like sere or barbie. OR do illegal shit like shiena.

No. 170815

There's nothing wrong with her face though, and who are the >>>wrong people she spends time with now? I feel like you are really digging. when katie and some of the other girls get posted here that i know I can only think it's jealousy because they're cute and liked

No. 170819

I'm a total different anon, but she's not called horseface katie for nothing.

She hung out with Sere until the birthday party at comfort bar incident and she's still hanging out with the balck pornactress, forgot her name sorry, ksara the sugar baby and people like that.

Anyway, she's keeping these contacts mostly personal nowadays, guess she learned to keep some things private.

But hello? I just said that I think she's doing everything right? I just tried to explain why some people might be salty?

No. 170869

Literally who calls her that aside from you lmao

As far as I know these girls have done nothing to hurt anyone, but here you are - so so very hurt

No. 170874

Was lolcow always full of all these damn white knights, it's kinda annoying.

No. 170876


On this thread there are about 5 girls that are called horseface, katie doesn't even have a long face. Bet youre that one anon that tried to make that nickname stick but it just hasn't.
People are allowed to hang out with whoever they like, anon. Just because someone is a sugarbaby doesn't make them a cow.

No. 170878

Katie is an ugly ass horseface
Shani is a ugly bitch, liar and thief. Don't forget her porn and prostitution!
Katie's ex bff Emi is an ex-stripped, whore, hypocrite that LOVES dating hosts.

If you are here to protect people, I suggest you get the fuck out because this is lolcow if you haven't realised.

No. 170879

File: 1472868537459.jpg (28.57 KB, 384x384, images (1).jpg)

No. 170881

You sound so angry. Is it because you have no friends? Or want to live in Japan?
This is lolcow but the only cow here is you.
Jealous crazies are the milkiest cows. Keep sperging, anon.

No. 170891

It's because her teeth are so fucked up

No. 170893

The angry anon sounds like Lara

No. 170895

Stop the random name dropping. It was ME and I sure as hell am not Lara.

No. 170896

Hello lara

No. 170905

I don't get it, do people in here really believe that being a sex worker automatically makes you a bad person?sere isn't a cow because she's a hooker - she's a cow becaus she's a plastic surgery abusing failed twice mother who tries to sell her friends into prostitution

Shani made porn but other than that all the milk on her is from 4-5 years ago
All the milk from emi is 4 years old
Forgive us farmers for being sick of the same old stake milk being reprocessed and thrown back at us it's boring and pathetic at this point

No. 170946

Hi Eleanor.

You're the only person that dislikes all 3 of these people.

No. 170949

As if Lara has the audacity to call anyone a whore and talk about "loving hosts" she is the biggest host whore going. Ran up debt in Tokyo and ran to Osaka to continue running up host debt

No. 170960

Horseface katie is a rude bitch. I've met her

No. 170962


At least post what happened, and not these vague vendetta posts, please give us something

No. 170968

She acted like a 14 years old.
Flirted with every japanese guy she thought was hot. Criiiingeee

No. 170973


That's it?
Where's the milk? Hasn't she had a boyfriend for over two years so I am assume your story is from two or three years ago. And you bottled that up until now kek

No. 170985

together with emi
Oh god that was hilarious

No. 170986


That's about three years ago isn't it…please provide fresh milk, provide something not vague or gtfo

No. 170987

You had to see them

No. 170988


The only person to care this much about something so long ago must be Meririn/Melissa

No. 170989

I don't think they know each other
I smell bullshit

No. 170990

That BS being Lara. Stinky fat host whore

No. 171012

File: 1472923391207.jpeg (88.27 KB, 1232x579, image.jpeg)

Nope, k-u-r-a-g-e has ~never~ talked about sleeping with customers. rolls eyes

So, "good money" for you is how much per hour, Alice?

No. 171028


Finlay's a common Irish family name. Finlay as a given name is part of that stupid trend of giving baby girls names like McKinley or Cassidy. "My baby has a yooneeque name!" Same as twelve of her classmates.

No. 171078

Shiena is going to job interviews. Is "her" bar closing?

No. 171085

when did you knew that

No. 171100

I know who she's talking about and it was more a case of a host that came to her store once so she went to him and he pretended to date her and made her go to his club so she made him come to hers. There are still photos of them on dates together on her tumblr if you look hard enough… Good try though

No. 171101

I looked it up and it says Finlay is an old Scottish boys name lol not in common use anymore

No. 171127

She posted about having to change her hair color because of it

No. 171157

She never said she owned the bar lol. People say my bar like the way they would say my company even if they are just a worker because the bar I work at is a mouth full

No. 171238

Just you wait. If shiena can't get a new visa job, eventually she'll probably get herself a visa-kun like all the others. lol Does Sere mama know your abandoning her boytoy's bar yet?

No. 171242

Not sure if she really abandoned it. Also, are we sure that she's serious about that job? Because she desperately wants to go back to blonde asap. I don't even get why she coloured her hair dark, why didn't she just buy a wig like everyone else? So many Japanese schoolgirls and office ladies just wear wigs

No. 171271

Shiena sounds like she's getting fed up of the promised land anyway, not a day goes by when she doesn't whinge about some problem she has in Japan, (usually to do with fashion, since that's her life and the only reason she moved over there.)

No. 171354

Anyone know this ローラ 呉 on Facebook?I've seen her around but she's getting on my nerves ever since she's an admin in on of the Gyaru Sales group.Sometimes she is asking sellers for Feedback when they clearly provided it,she just doesn't read or something.Apparently she's living in Japan, is married and friends with this annoying Kanadajin girl. Come on, there must be some milk from her..?Haven't seen her mentioned before.

No. 171376

She is friends with kanadajin. That says enough

No. 171377


She scammed me once and told me a sob story about how hard her life is and had a thousands of excuses for her scamming. Basically she was 'in love' with a japanese dude who she wanted to marry without ever meeting in real life. He dumped her days before she wanted to go to Japan and she found herself another dumb man who she married. In both cases she said that she was sooooo in love. We all know where this was going.

No. 171424

Haha she sounds like a mess

No. 171800

Our topmodel kisu is still in kabukicho everyday. Her gyaruru says she is 21 and she only like beautiful people but kisu looks like an okama

No. 171801

please seek help for this never-ending vendetta. it's not even amusing anymore. you're just retyping the same dumb phrases over and over again every week or so. it's seriously taking over a large portion of your life. seek help.

No. 171802

Then she might got herself a visa husband finally. She's 23?24? though.
Wonder if she's vikas new sugar mama or if they work together in the same soapland under the theme the beauty and the beast! Quasimodo and Esmeralda!

No. 171817

No. 171836

If she's ugly anyway why are you need to bring her up every couple of days? lol
You seem to have some serious issues.

No. 171848

Hi kisu
Your plan didn't work right?
Also the last time was 1 month ago

No. 171906

Seriously let it go, let it go, no one cares anymore, let it go, let it go, you're just a stupid ho.

No. 171936

Shut up kisu and "work"
Your plan failed

No. 171938

It's funny that everybody tries to white knight kisu when in fact a bunch of people have seen her several times walking around kabukicho.

No. 171950


I'm not Kisu, I just think this whole thing is pathetic. Kabukicho is where people in Tokyo go for drinking or shopping - seeing someone walking around there doesn't mean anything. Even so, who cares? It's just you talking about Kisu.

No. 171954

I'm not one of the previous anons talking about her. You guys always assume it's one person which is pathetic on its own.

No. 171989

Nahhh people like kisu are looking for hosts or "work" in kabuki

No. 172035

Nope. No one goes shopping in Kabukicho. Unless I want to laugh about hosts looking stupid I never set a foot in there.

No. 172059

Kabukicho has a lot of live houses and places to eat and normal bars, theme restaurants, theme bars, karaoke too. There's also bowling a cinema, hair salons Not just host

No. 172073

You sound like an idiot thats never set foot in tokyo. Kisu is a water rat and fromwhat we know about her we know why shes in kabuki. But as a previous anon said its not all host clubs dickhead. A lot of people happen to live in that area as its cheap, there are sharehouses nearby etc.

No. 172107

File: 1473301662458.jpeg (163.44 KB, 750x1033, image.jpeg)

No. 172132

Aha hahahaha is she a retard?! We already outed her out posting on the gaijin hunter thread were keis escapades of emotional abuse stealing and being creepy are all available to read and she gets involved with him…I'm originally the ex girlfriend that wrote about him there(not blanka) and really if you don't want drama in your life and people staling and cheating on you then don't bother

No. 172135

I feel like this is some kind of weird weeaboo humble-brag? Like she's trying to show him off, but at the same time playing it off that she's not falling for it/better than him. I don't see what's the point in even making this post otherwise. If I hooked up with someone like Kei, especially someone like him who is kind of notorious for being insane and easy, I definitely wouldn't be posting about it anywhere. I'd let that secret die with me or maybe a couple close friends. Embarrassing.

No. 172138

Bonus weeb edglord points?
But yeah youre right about it being a brag

No. 172139

File: 1473312827288.jpeg (120.78 KB, 750x896, image.jpeg)

No. 172146

Nasty. Still can't wrap my head around why any girl would want to brag about banging this guy. He has such a well known and horrible reputation, like how desperate do you have to be to invite him over for an entire weekend stay? Then to post about your hookup on fb while pretending your better than that? Hmm, okay.

Honestly, it's one thing to hook up with a dude, even with a bad rep. But the way she's airing it out in public makes her seem way more desperate.

No. 172149

She sounds just as gross as him right now. But we already know she's unstable after all tgat shit she did to Katie and her boyfriend lool. I hope she also realises kei doesn't usually use protection and he sleeps with a fuckton of girls. He also told me he's never gone to get checked…

No. 172150

File: 1473316808962.jpeg (140.88 KB, 750x954, image.jpeg)

No. 172155

Fuck seriously, is she mentally challenged? What a freak

No. 172158

Is she seriously bragging about getting out of a shitty hook up with a guy she knew had a bad rep? C'mon

No. 172160

she's fucking rank. Fishing for attention and compliments

No. 172161

Let us not forget when she sperged all over her Tumblr about getting fingerblasted in the toilets of Tokyo Decadence in real time.
We may have our milkiest cow yet.

No. 172163


I can already tell the blurred name is Rianna Cohen. No surprises here,this girl seems to be involved into everything and seems to know everyone and everything as well.

No. 172164

Yeah and the other commenter is liars sunshine

No. 172165

Kiara sunshine*
Lol what?! Need to see that!

No. 172177

Does she think オナホール is actually 女ホール? What an idiot.

No. 172185

Seems as such lol

No. 172188

Way to degrade herself. Sure, call your vagina Onahole as if you were an object…

No. 172191

"oh no, every time someone calls me out on my creepy vendetta obsession with this girl I'm going to pretend I think it's her replying to me." what a fucking moron. anyway, you'll probably post exactly the same thing next week so let's just wait for the cycle or rinse and repeat.

No. 172202


is there anything new about vika tho?

No. 172204


She doesn't care if she is used as a hole for Japanese men to cum in though. Her posts on the gaijin hunter thread were all talking about all the dick she's had.

No. 172206

Someone said she made it into Vantan. Funny though since she barely got her middle school diploma, because she was just too stupid to learn and all she could think about was Japanese D

No. 172221

Lol what is she 12?
Kei fucks and asks everyone nothing to be proud of. And bragging about getting dick and fingerbanged in a toilet is classy…shit shes reminding me of sere haha
Milk is flowing

No. 172222

Sere has no degree, abadonned two kids, illegally stayed in Japan, had a prostitution ring etc

But sure she resembles her a lot (I hope you can hear the sarcasm, farmer)

No. 172224

Sere comes here and floods thread trying to defend herselfand samefag as does elizabeth. Not to mention sere use to love to brag on social media about fucking hosts in toilets and her other wierd sexepades

No. 172229

What's kisus real name?
And who wanted to marry her? She scares the japanese away

No. 172250

Does someone know more about Heidi Lotta? She's going to Japan regulary now, despite her bad mental condition, she's obviously being banged by some rich guys to afford it. But what is she up to when being in Finland?

No. 172271


We have mutual friends and they tag her in pictures all the time.They go to a bar in Shinjuku often to get drunk.I don't know anything about a mental condition but I apparently she is drinking a lot although it isn't good for her.Not that it is good for anyone but you know what I mean….. Unfortunately some nice girls are friends with her,I wonder if they know her secrets or not.
Some of my Facebook friends unfriended ALice Grant a while ago,all within the same time frame.I don't know what happened,according to this site Alice married a guy in his 40's in order to stay in Japan?She never said why or how she managed to stay in Japan.Suddenly she booked a flight and stayed.

No. 172273


Heidi's friends with Charli Shoo, Mayumi, Emi and another girl called Emmie. I am not sure about now but definitely last year they headed to the bar AKT almost every weekend, if not multiple times per week.

No. 172301

She seems to be hanging with Charli, I've seen them go into the same host club on more than one occasion together.

No. 172308


Lol it's a host club? My innocent mind thought it's a regular drinking place.

No. 172318

AKT is a regular bar, cheap all you can drink deals. But the place I saw Heidi and Charli go into was a host club

No. 172333

wtf I need to see that too

No. 172376

There is a bar and a host club with the same name

No. 172377

It's actually so funny how many people post on here pointing fingers saying it's definitely so and so posting this or that, when said person on read the thread for the first time today. Please people, download Netflix or something.

No. 172390

File: 1473381973091.jpeg (90.93 KB, 633x809, image.jpeg)

Meanwhile gaya still uses gyaruru for selling her body

No. 172394

How does a 21 year old look 40 already.

No. 172411

Haha, You can find whole team here.
Heidi -> Tessa
Charli -> Dani/Rebecca
Sandra -> Rina
Lorena -> Jennifer

No. 172413

Sandra is by far the ugliest kek

No. 172423

Sandra works at kyaba? No way

No. 172427

Yeah in Ginza

No. 172436

No. 172447

171 and only 53kg?? Men at the same size and a weight of 57kg already look somewhat anorexic. This is delusional

No. 172460

I'm that height and weight, nothing anorexic about me. :) And if you were implying that the height and weight doesn't match with her picture - it does.

No. 172468

Does any of these girls have reviews? I'm dying to read some! Kek

No. 172473


Lol she is using the same pictures for both her Facebook and Sex ads.

No. 172510

Uh, nope … that's perfectly possible and not at all anorexic looking. Just someone tall(ish) and skinny/lanky. You might wanna check your comprehension of body types.

No. 172785


This girl https://www.instagram.com/arisucookie/
married her surgeon??? You gotta be kidding XD No wonder she can go on expensive trips, buy all new Liz Lisa clothes all the time etc. He must be rich, that's if he's a good surgeon. Any proof on this tho? Insanely curious and interesting XD

No. 172787

Liz Lisa isn't expensive.
All these girls messing around with older guys and they get LL, Emira Wiz, Rady, etc
Damn honeys get some real brand!

No. 172790

100$ for a dress isn't really expensive if you work, but for the average student or just someone with a low income it can be pretty much.

He even made her boobs tho

No. 172797

liz lisa/mars/etc pieces arent too pricey but it is if you buy full wardrobes each season

it would be wiser to invest in actual good quality clothing, not 100% polyster with plastic buttons

No. 172798

does anyone know what happened to that karolina girl with the baby? she deleted her IG karonnyan :(

No. 172801

Weren't there rumors that her husband forced her to not have any friends or sth?

I really loved her instagram, it was so delicate and sweet

No. 172808

she was also spotted being an escort girl some time ago, but unlike the other messy bitches in this thread, she actually managed to do the 'high-class' thing properly, so there wasn't actually much to say about it. She was rich from that anyway, she married the surgeon for a visa foremost.

No. 172837

He should have done a nose job instead

No. 172838


Lately her nose looked different I thought she got one lol

No. 172839

This girl has similar bold features and a horse face as inuashley but looks a million times better in Gyaru than her…. it's so confusing

No. 172855

When was she outed as an escort? I never noticed on the threads

No. 172860

Different farmer, but it was like 2threads ago or sth. But as previous anon sad, she's high class and also hiding it well. Don't even know if she's still doing it. But getting herself a plastic surgeon is goals tbh

No. 172872

I wanna know about karonnyan too!

No. 172878

I know that she was/is friends with another finland girl who recently moved to Japan (remember the purikura someone posted here?) But I forgot what the instagram of that girl was, but maybe they still hang out and she might post photos of them

No. 172892

File: 1473540753636.jpeg (102.08 KB, 640x1007, image.jpeg)

Yukapee is selling her body too

No. 172893

Could be a fake profile?

No. 172899

How many times do we have to explain here that gyaruru doesn't equal tag? Like, it's fun to use, but people there usually are not up to pay for you, you'll also write with girls as much as with guys etc it's like facebook though just a little funnier

No. 172901

She says she wants a papa
That means she is going to habe sex with a guy and he buys stuff for her and gives her money

No. 172904

File: 1473543372770.jpeg (117.62 KB, 768x1024, 1454861340654.jpeg)

No. 172921

or maybe it was a play of words kind of joke

No. 172925

I think she looks way cuter in her early insta pics. Idk it's because she aged,because she had plastic surgery, or because she changed style though.. She went from cutesy to sexy cool.

No. 172927

It's not
Sometimes i get messages from guys who wants to be my "papa"

No. 172931

Please check what >>172921 commented on.


No. 172955

Its an app so you cant link

No. 173028

Yeah papa is deffo an 'arrangement' lol. A cleaner way to say on a public profile that you'll give services in exchange for cash.

No. 173107

No one was discusing what papa means. We know what it entails.

No. 173153

Not all "papas" in Japan are requesting sex services in exchange for money. Some men just want companionship and money to throw away.

No. 173175

Few men

No. 173329

Yeah a few elder men that are divorced, never married, no kids or possibly can't "get it up anymore" and aren't a fan of hostess clubs or kyabakura are willing to become sponsors for girls in exchange for companionship.

No. 173359

Nah almost everybody wants sex too

No. 173381

It doesn't matter what they want, it only matters how well you play the game. If you are smart you can get alot out without even having to kiss them.

No. 173386

Omg no one gives a fuck about what a papa constitutes

No. 173416

Anyone else sick of Shiena being such a whingy bitch on all her social media recently? plus the daily reminders of how big her boobs are / how shapely her 'hourglass' figure is? 'waahhh my boobs are too big for Japanese clothes' / 'waaah my body is too fat (sorry I mean hourglass shaped) to fit in Japanese clothes' 'Waaah I'm so sick of fashion because it personally does not suit me so everything is shit'
Her daily hissy fits aren't even amusing any more. I am so tempted to write on one of her status, do you EVER stop complaining?!

No. 173433

It's really annoying

No. 173496

Yeah irs really annoying. She doesnt seem happy in japan

No. 173578

Whoa whoa whoa. Isn't Elizabeth, or sugar honey ice tea or whatever, dating some japanese guy? Doesn't she have a japanese boyfriend she couldn't shut the fuck up about on tumblr and that is why she wanted to go back so soon?

No. 173592

Shiena is ugly and basic as fuck. Girl needs to learn how to put on makeup because he looks like a ugly ass clown.

No. 173600


She dumped him when everyone online posted his picture and called him ugly, he wasn't trophy enough.

No. 173604

What a bitch looks arent everything in s relationship. But weebs who fetishize japanese men dont see them as people but trophies so no suprise really.

No. 173606

>believing something instantly just because one anon said so

No. 173609

Shut up elizabeth

No. 173619

Not really sure if I would call her make-up bad as much as it's just gyaru. I think she should just go with the times and become natural.

No. 173714

Nobody is forcing you to sit on FB and read her posts. Just ignore them. You're the only whiner here

No. 173716

I get a kick out of her saying she's so fashionable with decadent taste like Rococo/Baroque while she wears sweatsuits and flimsy polyester kyaba dresses

No. 173718

I think she means that's taste concept origin rather than literally wearing period pieces from that era. ex. The track suits she picks are often have either rhinestones or gold lettering. Nearly all her stuff is jammed pack excessively with detail, print or metallic accessories. I think its too excessive but I'm not stupid enough to think that she means literal period pieces.

No. 173773

That nose contour though… borderline drag queen!

No. 173783

Who are you talking about? Learn to quote.

No. 173798

Well since the current discussion is shiena i think theyre talking about here

No. 173810

She completely fails to realize the difference between opulence and luxury and cheap gaudy crap

No. 173818

Prob can't afford the stuff she really wants to wear. That amount of detail in high quality is in the 100000s. Not everyone is going to give up and just wear the simple stuff. Some people sacrifice detail some sacrifice quality not because they want to, just it's not realistic to be buying off the runway for most people. Imo, I think the stuff she picks out quality wise is passible when worn.

No. 173824

Nah it always looks super weird what she is wearing

No. 173826

I wish you guys posted the
bitches' social media links, I have no idea who some of them are and it's impossible to find anything with a "(overused japanese-sounding name #6) japan" Google search.

No. 173828

Plus shiena's FB is on private anyway. Only people who have been her friends from a while back can read it.

Just post screenshots of you wanna talk about something she said

No. 173881

Her instagram is ningyosama if you want to know what she looks like

She's been around forever. If you typed in Shiena and Gyaru mostly only she will come up.

No. 175320

File: 1474363759000.jpeg (91.74 KB, 640x639, image.jpeg)

No. 175322

No. 175323

This pic is old as fuck. Second, you put caption and third, Dania doesnt live in Japan. Nice try fag.

No. 175324

You dont put a caption*

No. 175328

She posted it just now

No. 175335


She likes to post old photos of her previous trips to Japan at later dates so it looks like she's in Nippon land a lot more than she actually is. You know, so we can all be super jealous of her.

No. 175346

but does she only own like 2 pants? (that don't even fit)

No. 175351

Whether Dania lives in Japan or not, she is one of the biggest cows. Girl is one to talk shit about everyone but is so thirsty for that host dick.

No. 175531

Anyone know which shop shiena is working at kyaba at now?

No. 175607

I think a japanese one

No. 175611

learn to read dipshit they are asking for the name of the store.

No. 175617

File: 1474451280175.jpeg (118.5 KB, 1019x1019, image.jpeg)

Nadine is anna summer

No. 175618

That looks pretty authentic. Even the hair parting. What did nadine do to cause these vendetta chans to go after her? Who cares if she's Anne summer

No. 175619

Looks similar but the nose is different and the face shape on the side as well

No. 175623

She frequently reported and outed girls as sex worker but works as escort kek

No. 175625


No. 175626

That was actually Sandra if I'm not mistaken. Wasn't she in love with Sere's ex husband?

No. 175628

Besides that, Nadine told me that she is going back to Germany from the beginning of October to continue studying. If she was that's escort, I would definitely know that.

No. 175632

She hides it very well

No. 175633

She is going back to Germany anyways so why do you care?

No. 175638

Hi nadine
Nice whiteknighting urself

No. 175654

Lol I'm not but I know you are Sandra or Blanka. Aren't you tired reaching for a dead end? Go live your own life in glorious nipponland.

No. 175663

Blanka or Rianna Cohen. Blanka is super active on here and loves to make up bullshit about everyone

No. 175665

Who is Rianna?

No. 175666

That girl stalks girls with japanese boyfriend

No. 175667

Pro-ana twat drooling over glorious nihon-chinchin always crying about how ugly and fat she is

No. 175671

She literally knows everyone who has ever mentioned Japan. It's scary and I didn't even knew that, so know I keep silent around her on FB

No. 175705

is she the one thats always with inuashley?? I have no idea who you're talking about lol. can someone post a pic??

No. 175711

File: 1474477352883.png (590.67 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 175719

I hate riannas attitude

No. 175766

Who's the second chick from the right? I feel like she might be from one of my former social circles (Germany)

No. 175839

What's the issue with her?

No. 175912

Thats emi, from the uk. she use to be best friends with katie(capsule bunny)had a big fallingout with the gyaru community after being outed for stalking and harrassing a host lol amongst other things. She now completely disappeared from the com and is living with her ugly bf somewhere in tokyo

No. 175915

hi eleanor

No. 175922

who's eleanor? lol I don't know her and I'm not her. fag

No. 175927

why does dania sprawl out her photos over a year period? wtf. normal people just upload their photos into an album. is she that desperate to be 'relevant'?

No. 175933

can confirm, she's a nasty bitch who likes to post other girls on here to keep the attention away from herself - thinks she's gyaru and so better than everyone else.

No. 175937

yup. Sounds like it and she's two faced. The minute you aren't cool anymore she's done with you. It's gonna be a long list for her of people she doesn't like and a short one of those she does. But none of that's really new anyway.

No. 176037

She stalked the crap out of a host named Masato in Osaka that was friends on fb with a couple girls from the gyaru community.

No. 176039

Desperate for attention and followers hence #gyaru #gaijingyaru

Where is the gyaru little garden gnome!?

No. 176043

Pretty sure this 'milk' is from around 2014. You must have some real issues if you're still desperately hanging onto this just to keep this girl relevant lol.

No. 176059

Hey dania

No. 176061

Anon brings this bitch up every few months with the same stale ass milk. The same story every damn ass time and every time no one cares. What is funny though is anons desperation for updates on this girls life. You're pretty milky yourself anon. Moo moo

No. 176266

Hey Shiena Ashley Elanor Shani Katie Fin Nadine Riannon Tanaka.

Just stop.

No. 176278

What the fucking hell is wrong with you?

No. 176294

Tanaka? Wtf???

No. 176334

Everytime someone says something that someone else doesn't like it's always "hi dania" or "Gtfo Riannon" or some kinda bs like that. Isn't that kinda old by now..

No. 176354

It is! This thread is based on that and it sucks.

No. 176445

Yeah, its fucking annoying. Like contribute something fucktard

No. 176673

File: 1474756641765.jpeg (128.93 KB, 640x724, image.jpeg)

Omg gaya

No. 176677

Gaya seriously looks like a Transvestit. Ugh

No. 176743

Gaya is seriously so gross haha

No. 176796

File: 1474805605898.jpg (677.85 KB, 1222x1920, 16-09-25-21-06-48-172_deco.jpg)

Anyone know who this might be?
Numerous posts by her "Aria" on a site used for meeting men for money.

States she wants to meet tonight in Shibuya or Shinjuku for 4man. Claims to be half American half European wtf? 22 year old university student.

No. 176991

Im more interested in how you found that website kk

No. 177035

Because a ton of the girls prostituting themselves around Tokyo also use this site as another option to deai cafes and TAG.

No. 177051


Why do you care so much about girls going to date cafes? That milk dried up long ago and nobody cares.

No. 177083

Who said that they care. The person posted a statement with no emotions. Why so defensive?

As for that website, didn't Ari or someone post a link back in the day? Melissa, Eleanor, Ari, Shani and a bunch of girls used to spam that site a couple years back.

No. 177085

Lol, how are dumb are you. They screencapped, posted it here and asked who it was. Of course they care.

No. 177086

Exactly this!
That thread is becoming a hunting hooker gaijin in Japan thread…

No. 177118

Illegal hookers

No. 177119

Don't forget lucy

No. 177122

Who cares? As long as they don't do you or others any harm… I don't get the obsession.

No. 177123

They are like american cockroaches

No. 177131

But… most of them are euro trash lol

No. 177155

exactly people need to stop

No. 177296

Prostitutes coming to the defence lol

No. 177302

Lol what?
If these girls would do this in America or Europe nobody would give a fuck about them. Why do people in Japan care so much? I'm looking for logic here…

No. 177310

they're salty weebs who want yellow dick is why they care so much

No. 177365

Because they believe it worsens the image of foreigners here. Which isn't the case. I'm pretty sure not even the authorities care, there are other countries whose women come over here for suspicious things.
Idk, if they want to sell themselves for money, let them do it. They're adults.

No. 177370

Let's be honest, the person who went on this big anti date cafe crusade ended up being Melissa/Meririn, who was and is a prostitite. This is why it's hard to take any of this stuff seriously about it, because it ended up being hookers scoring browny points against each other.

No. 177372

Stop spreading bullshit
No real evidence -> bullshit

No. 177377

Lorena wants to derail the thread again
Too much free time lol

No. 177387

Considering how many weaboo cows have been revealed to be prostitutes in japan, I would be astonished if none of the other prostitutes had milk hidden somewhere. Ofcourse to know for certain we would need to know who these girls really are.

I say keep up the hunt!

We are bound to find milk somewhere.

No. 177388

You sound obsessed and creepy… I'm not even sure what kind of 'milk' people are looking for. Just prostitution is pretty boring. People who backstab or steal from their friends is more interesting and useful information to steer any new victims from them.

No. 177391

I don't get it tho what's bad about being a prostitute?

No. 177395

>Just prostitution is pretty boring

Yeah, if we considered whoring to be milk, we'd never run out of people to talk about, but it'd get dull fast.

No. 177396


Creepy? Maybe. Obsessed? I just got here.

My comment was somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

My point however is still valid. Sure prostitution is boring, but my point is that alot of the people with real milk turned out to be prostitutes, so surely the reverse would also be true.

As I already said, my comment was tongue in cheek and I got here by accident (I was looking for info on a friend of mine on another thread). I am just passing through.

No. 177397


I suppose nothing, Ive never really thought about it though. Nevertheless, plenty of cows have been revealed to be prostitutes so there does appear, superficially atleast, to be a causal relationship.

No. 177398

Can we pls talk about ppl actually living in japan

No. 180081

File: 1475709684316.jpeg (113.12 KB, 640x980, image.jpeg)

Sexy host for you

No. 180088

He would be decent were it not for the fuccboi hair and contrived facial expression.

I mean what's up with the Japanese male beauty standard being some guy who always pulls weird faces (scowling, smug and superior, wide-eyed/deer-in-headlamps) in photographs?

No. 180089

Please be a troll.

There's a reason 90% of prostitutes want out. Prostitution is not your Salon "I was a high class hooker for a weekend in Dubai" op-ed pieces anon. It's miserable, soul-destroying work whether it's in a place where it's legal (Holland) or illegal.

Very few psychologically healthy women want to be prostitutes, and even the psychologically unhealthy ones don't want to do it for long.

No. 180116

Yeah, I cant imagine that fucking old men, or gross creepy physically repulsive clients would do anything good to your mental health.

How the fuck would you be able to get wet over a really ugly guy with bad breath? Idk I could never do it

No. 180117

Eww who is that haha

No. 180132

What happened to Sandra? Did she already move to Osaka with her sugar daddy? And what's with blanka?

No. 180133

If you can't do it, good for you. Nothing wrong with either. To everyone their own.

No. 180151

Shut up prostitute

No. 180152

Are you stupid?

No. 180162

Blanka already left Japan didnt she?

No. 180168

If you look at her Instagram she is still in Japan. It was just a holiday over the summer. What makes me wonder is that Shen is not following Sandra anymore. I thought they are best friends.

No. 180242

Who's shen?

No. 180254

Guess it's a typo

Blanka is in japan since 2014
Her school ends in october

No. 180322

Someone said a while ago that she is going to college/university

No. 180995

Are there any news on Gaya?

No. 181451

Does someone here know for how much longer Shiena can stay in Japan? She claims to be on a working visa, but left the 'company' which provided it and is now working as a kyabajo again. So unless she'd find herself either a husband (which I doubt) or another 'daylight' job which I also doubt she'd do then…she only has one year or so left? Is that right?

No. 181457

Really depends, some companies hand out 3 year visas.

No. 181464

I think Katie's ex roommate Emi had a 5year working visa. So who knows

No. 181466

Damn, I want to get hold of one of those too. But it's still not sure if Shiena actually got a visa or not, since usually a bar can't provide you a visa, right?

No. 181474

She was basically a kyabajo at her last job though, they gave her a phony job title so she could get a visa.
Shiena isn't even a good hostess though, she makes crap all money. Just hoping some rich man will fall for her and give her marriage visa I guess

No. 181543

Because it's illegal for foreigners to do this type of work in Japan.

No. 181617

Everyone knows that's not the reason why anyone cares on this thread. There are way worse lawbreaking things you can do than breaking a technicality on your visa. Foreign students in your home country do it all the time. Go persecute them if you care so much about visa regulations. P

No. 181620

Prostitution is generally illegal in Japan. Working as a Kyabajo is against visa regulations if you're on a WH and possibly student visa.
But yeah that's not the reason people here are so upset.

No. 181632

Prostitution is not illegal under spouse visa. For students, tourists etc it is of course.
But nobody cares about that anyways.

No. 181757

People with PR or spouse visas are able to work night life. Illegal for students, working holiday, work visas. I believe it states on student alien cards that working in 水商売 is strictly prohibited. Also working in bars or clubs while on a work visa say for English teaching or company work is strictly prohibited.

Not saying that a lot of people don't go ahead and do it anyway it's all about not getting caught.

No. 181758

Did Eleanor finally leave Japan??

No. 181761

Your point is? That's basically what the person above you said. everyone knows this and they keep bringing it up as the reason they care but we all know it's not that and just the little chicken weebs trying to justify to themselves why they made the right choice in staying in the place they deem so mizerable they come here to rant.

No. 181763

You CAN work in bars and clubs on a work visa if your main spouse officially agrees with that

No. 181764

I think she did. All those insta posts lol.
Finally hopefully she can get the counselling and mental health care she needs

No. 181768

File: 1476168651195.png (13.91 KB, 512x397, IMG_9503.PNG)

In the red countries on the map prostitution is illegal. It's not illegal to work at a night club on a spouse visa or PR, but prostitution is illegal even for Japanese.

No. 181772

Aww how cute, someone who interprets the law literally. It doesn't work that way here in Japan. They will take full advantages of loopholes here. That's why there are fuzoku, health, and soap. Also why theres so many levels of the sex trade in Japan.

They're only usually more strict on foreigners because they don't want international attention in the case of someone getting hurt like that english teacher many years ago.

No. 181780

It's a grey zone and even for foreigners it's a ggrey zone. Like if you work as an 'escort' like sere, gaya and so on do, they usually can't sue you for it, because they'd have to spot you in the direct moment WHILE having sex and being paid for it.

No. 181783

But you can't work in sex-related business like kyaba

No. 181784

That's true, but I was talking about the usual bar tender jobs.

I'm not sure if OT, but how is it going with maid cafes or cosplay cafes? I've heard many different stories so far, so I'm not sure. Is it possible to work in a maid, cosplay, butler and so on cafe if you're are a foreigner?

No. 181788

This is what someone told me here. You can pimp yourself out, but can't pimp others out (nationals in this case). Now do pimps still exist, yes. People still being forced to, yes. Now those places that provide "services", I guess the loop whole that the girl would have a fee to use that facility like strip clubs do. I think you guys are forginers, lol.

No. 181789

The whole jazz about prostitution in Japan because to many post to note. Nobody saying it's not illegal, they’re saying it still happens. Honestly if you don't live in Japan you would probably never understand what happens here. I'm talking about the people who think they know everything about Japan and never been here or lived. I'm sorry your dream land has problems too.

No. 181839

Anon has obviously never lived in Japan. If you are provideda visa by a company in Japan, working anywhere else is violating the rules.

Students CAN work at bars, but they must be classified as bar restaurants and are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours per week.

As for Shiena, she is likely still on a student visa? Therefore working at kyaba illegally.

Then again, the cops don't often crack down on these places. A reputable club will take photo copies of foreigners alien registration cards prior to starting work to verify if they are legal or illegal.

No. 181840

Saw that too.
How many times can one person fuck up in such a short time? lol

No. 181841

Shiena is NOT on a student but on a work visa provided by gals bar 10sion as the manager.

And you can work in bars on a working visa, if your main sponsor officially agrees with it and it's not over a certain amounts of hours per week.

No. 181887

Shienna graduated last year March how could she possibly be

No. 181937

Sorry, but the the chance of anyone getting a visa for working as a "bar manager" is pretty much impossible. Which leaves me to believe that she probably has worked out a deal with a friend or client for a spouse visa in order to reside and do what she does in Japan.

No. 181939

Sorry didn't mean 'bar manager'
But visual marketing manager and I'm p sure you can get a visa for that, especially because she was mentioning it on her fb that she got that visa through this bar or club thing

No. 181985

Blah blah this thread has really started to suck

No. 181989

Yeah i miss kisu :(

No. 182012

She was an events manager and regardless of her job title, her job for her place of work would have fallen under the humanities and services visa category. Therefore her company provided the visa.
Models etc go on entertainment.
Teachers on instructor.

No. 182018

It was a girl's bar, basically a step down from kyaba. They made up the job title to give her a visa. But she quit, and is now doing just kyaba so her work visa is technically invalid (can't get work visa for kyaba) so she's working illegally

No. 182021

Lately she's open about it. She wasn't open about it on social media before so I think she must have found a loophole to protect herself. I'm not sure if I'd call her smart but she definitely is resourceful.

No. 182316

Well, it's a well known fact that the visa is not exactly running out if you quit work at the place which provided it. It's somewhat of a grey zone she's into rn.
Usually the Japanese government is naive enough to think that either the visa providing company will report that their worker left the job or they trust in the worker to immediately leave the country.

Right now she's save until there'd be a razzia in the club she works at. But if the Yakuza of her club pay enough money to the local police she'll most likely don't be in the club during that time

No. 182356

Do you guys not get bored of talking about prostitutes?

Is there nobody else to talk about that isn't in kyaba or isn't selling sex. Why is Shiena's visa hot news.

No. 182400

Have you ever bothered to read anything outside of this thread?

No. 182409

Are you trying to redirect the conversation?

No. 183273

File: 1476552080124.png (656.97 KB, 471x573, fghsuire.PNG)

guess she got tired of being TARA♂
maybe theres no milk with this one, but i guess being a fakeboy isnt trendy anymore

No. 183276

She is a bitch at facebook

No. 183438


who's she?

No. 183450

I saw inuashley last night in shibuya dressed in that fugly himegyaru outfit and wig.

No. 183461

What is up with this Gaijin Gyaru girl?
Iren Tsda on Facebook.
She is currently living in Japan and keeps popping up in my friend suggestions.Has a boyfriend and got engaged probs not too long after the start of their relationship. She's obssessed with Liz Lisa and keeps buying Liz Lisa and other shiz,sometimes expensive.
Any milk? If she's not a tourist then I don't know how she manages to stay in Japan. To me it seems like her boyfriend is her ticket to stay in Japan. Sry for the accusations but maybe you know more!

No. 183469

She met him last year in octobre when she was in japan for a week.
December she moved in with him and married soon

No. 183470

She has some savings from her previous job, but it's mostly him paying as far as I know, since she's not going out that much and doesn't intend to work. Also she's ordering most of the stuff online. She is pretty nice though and other than not going to work and being spoiled by her hubby there's no drama about her tbh

No. 183471


Lol no wonder she'll cherish him always. He's her guarantor to stay,nothing more.
I had no idea they're married already,thought they were engaged only.

No. 183472

Oh wow, someone seems to have been desperate to stay.
She looks pretty cute compared to the other foreign girls who pop up in these threads, but she also only has like two different angles she takes pictures at. Why do these gyaru girls not go with the times btw? Her eye makeup is super heavy.

No. 183478

Her makeup looks pretty awesome though? I'm happy she went back to more heavier type

No. 183483

She looks laughable with the old gyaru style
Also look at who she is following. Says everything

No. 183491

I'm usually not the one to say this, but I smell jealousy much.
She's NOT prostituting herself, she has a husband, looks good, has a kitty for the extra likes, a serious degree and until she moved to Japan she had a well paying job and an active social life

No. 183493

Is she hispanic, half-Asian or something?

No. 183497

Romanian lol

No. 183616

Her husband looks like a host from the pictures on her instagram. If he is just another young salary man it is unlikely that he can support her obvious brand fetish. Also being Romanian leads me to think that she likely works as a hostess.

Could be wrong. Just assumptions.

No. 183623

He's a salary man but at some well paying company. As said before, she's rarely ever leaving the house, so no, she's not a hostess. Also they aren't both that young. She's about 25/26 and he's close to his thirties, so he has most likely left university ages ago and would make a decent amount of money by now.

No. 183644

I thought she was 20/21

No. 183656

How do you know so much about her if she barely leaves the house. Clearly you're her friend kek >>183623

No. 183660

Not at all, but I have her on FB

No. 183756

Or you are her lol

No. 183821

Her makeup doesn't look bad per se, but it's just so old style-wise.

What brand fetish? Liz Lisa is cheap as fuck. She has this picture on insta, with the Emiria Wiz dresses (https://www.instagram.com/p/BGCJ-DRByNP/?taken-by=irenyan28). She says that they were super expensive, which they just aren't for Japanese fashion. If he's close to 30 and works in sales or whatever they can absolutely afford it.

No. 183822

Emiria Wiz is about 120-200$ a dress which is pretty expensive considering that the quality as is low as taobao. But you're right, if he's close to his 30s or already in them it won't be that difficult to afford. Also Japanese men are known to 'spoil' their wifes or girlfriends, because it's just the common sense over there to do so. Japanese are still very old school if it comes to dating and the worth of a man and the worth of a woman.

No. 183847

I've never seen the dresses irl, so I had no idea about the quality. However I live in Japan, and 20,000 for a dress isn't too bad, especially if you're not a teenager/uni student anymore. When >>183616 said "brand fetish" I thought it'd be 60,000/dress or LV or something, but compared to many Japanese women she's almost frugal.

No. 183900

Maybe not everyone is a trend whore and doesn't let the times dictate what they look like.

No. 183950


Sorry but what should we be jealous about here? Getting married after not even a year of relationship simply screams I WANNA STAY IN JAPAN. and definitely not only because of her BF

No. 184012

I find it funny how all of thede people come out to defend her lol

No. 184015


She's surprisingly cute and can actually pull off the look.

why won't these girls let gyaru die though? same with koreaboos they're always following outdated looks

No. 184018

Okay, this may be a stretch, but do any of you guys remember this girl who was living in Japan with an abusive japanese bf or something and she did a lot of hostess work or porn (can't remember which tbh) and was only there to escape her abusive family back home? I remember she had a tumblr or something and it was pretty lulzy to read but I cant for the life of me remember who she was.

No. 184035

Same reason why some people won't like any style "die" . They like it. Has it ever occurred to you that not everyone does certain styles just to be trendy? Not everyone wants to do the 90s all over again to be with the times.

No. 184048

The sad thing is I can think of a few girls who fit this description

No. 184064

No hate or anything but why is Chewie no longer Gyaru? Don't wanna annoy you with old topics but I never truly knew why she stopped. She posted something about changing styles and some time later she was gone. I couldn't find anything about Chewie on here, sorry if I missed it.

No. 184068

They probably mean kurage (on tumblr)

No. 184076

Not sure why she stopped but she isn't on this thread because its for gaijin in Japan and Chewie never lived in Japan

No. 184136

Ari (k-u-r-a-g-e on tumblr).
Left her supposed abusive family back in the U.S. married some guy for a spouse visa and was one of the original foreign girls running around host clubs in Kabukicho, even dated a few inclduing her abusive ex boyfriend who was a failed host. She worked as a hostess, cam girl, did the whole escort thing.

Now knocked up, has a real job, etc. So I guess you can say she is doing ok.

No. 184250

But they paid her high school in japan and university?

No. 184432

Whoever you are, you must have a real hate-boner for this girl because without fail when her name comes up, you copy and paste this exact same explanation. Half of that stuff is bullshit anyway. She seems to have gotten her life in order now and stays out of drama. There's no need to drag her into it.

No. 184440

I'm not the farmer who submitted this, but it's tru. She was one of the original kabuki gaijins. And is now pregnant and married to some old guy. She got a decent-ish job and despite her being a mental train wreck she stays out of the shit…mostly. But she still answers questions on tumblr right? Also questions about Sere and co

No. 184680

High school in Japan on an exchange.
University was funded by sex work (or hostessing jobs etc)

So no they didn't fund her like a lot of other gaijin People were talking about her a few months ago.

No. 184845

What other thread are you talking about anon? I only post what I know, it's written all over the girls tumblr. Did I say I hate her? No. Just stated the facts and like I said, she seems to be doing better.

Stop trying to defend people in this thread. It's idiots like you that don't understand what lolcow is for. Gtfo.

No. 184846

Eleanor is back in the UK and already crying about wanting to come back to nippon. How long before she is back here fucking up her life again?

No. 184857

Ugh stop fangirling nobody cares about your precious ari. At the end of the day she's just some chick who overshares online and lives in Japan like half of the retards in this threads, calm down bitch.

No. 184918

hs in japan on an exchnge still takes some money. it's about 20,000$ a year

No. 184944

i dont think thats who >>184018 is talking about
ari is hardly lulzy
used to be, maybe, but after she stopped hostessing years ago, she's pretty average

No. 185057

This girl, Alice, is going going on expensive trips every 2nd month. She announced another trip here. https://www.instagram.com/p/BLtCbWZAf62/?taken-by=arisucookie

Must be wonderful to have a rich husband, I love how she's bragging about EVERYTHING, what a wonderful lifestyles she has and yet she never speaks about her husband. Speaks for itself. There's definitely no love involved. Girl's gonna divorce once she got her permanent residency or stays with her sugar daddy forever for more expensive trips to come.
Also all her posts about having some time off of hectic Tokyo. Like what the fuck does she even do besides Photo shoots? Needing some time off every week is ridiculous. All her poses are the same too, she's not even original.

No. 185075

Kinda envy for that husband and the lifestyle he's providing to her. But she literally has NO job as all her 'photoshootings' are a private thing for no agency or whatever anyway. So she's basically jobless, living the life of her rich husbands money

No. 185126

Yeeesh, talk about a butter face. Very trannylicious. With all that money you'd think she'd get it fixed.

No. 185152

How do people know her husband is a surgeon? I'm jealous though.

She really does look like a tranny. It just goes to show that even with a horse face you can find yourself a decent husband.

No. 185156

I'm not sure how people knew it, I think it was sth that he posted?

He actually did her boobs, I mean, how awesome is that? I just wonder why he won't do her face?

No. 185192

>horse face
I mean, she's foreign, blonde and clearly cares about her appearance. That more than compensates for her horse face.

No. 185213

The heavy make up and gaudy outfits are hardly compensation. Being foreign and blonde are the only things she has going for her when it comes to looks.

Compared to the other gaijin in this thread she at least looks clean and put together. I'll give her that.

No. 185236

She only got a real job like this year and then got knocked up by her sugar daddy

No. 185243

She used to work in a hostess club in roppongi. Not sure if she still does. There are rumors that she fucked with the club owner.

No. 185277

I think her outfits and makeup is cute. I don't know why everyone lately is so keen on looking boring.

No. 185305

It's not about looking boring. There are plenty of girls that look great in those same brands and manage to not look cheap.

No. 185320

File: 1476842620411.png (43.43 KB, 765x551, noclue.png)

any ideas what this is about? afaik she's only really been talked about here, and nobody said that shit.

No. 185324

babythestarsshinebright3 on tumblr? She dated an abusive yakuza guy, talked about getting beat up, posted tons of pic of white girls with asian guys, etc. Had a lot of stuff about hosts on her tumblr at some point. I think she was arab? Can't remember.

If that's who you mean, she deleted her tumblr but I still have it all in my feed reader.

No. 185362

Dania got salty about her friend caroline

No. 185368

If it truly was Dania sperging out and posting that girl's info. then she is an absolute pos.

No. 185369

I'm surprised people can be this carefree with they basically sell themselves to old men. You bet he he must old or nasty if she never posts or talks of him

No. 185374

That's the guy. Altough his profile is private now. He used to spam her Instagram and suddenly she got bigger boobs and hooked up shortly after.

No. 185380

I wonder why she's secretive about him. When it comes to visa husbands he's not bad in comparison to some of the other ones out there. I would think she'd be showing him off too. He was also mentioned in the gaijin hunter thread so maybe thats why?

No. 185383

He messaged me and my friend a while ago

No. 185444

Obviously frequents lolcow herself lol

As for Alice, so she matried her sugar daddy and gets whatever she wants. Good for her! At least,she isn't having to whore herself to any man like Sere and those other girls.

No. 185512


LOL her boobs don't even look that good without a proper bra. saggy titts later in life for sure


No. 185513


Random thought but he's a doctor right.. So I guess he has his job in or around Tokyo. It would be easy to find at what clinic he operates since most plastic surgery clinics in Tokyo have pictures of their doctors in their websites. Looks like he got more money than necessary so he must be the main surgeon and not some assistant.

No. 185522

Still better than what sere got. And arisu at least tries to wear clothes that fit kek

No. 185525

Alice really has no milk. Girls just be jealous because she got a rich husband and gets whatever she wants.

No. 185665

As much as I think she'd look better with a nose job, I have to agree, the petty jealousy against this girl simply because of her lifestyle is so blatant. At least try and be a little more subtle with your saltiness, girls. at this point, it's more fun to laugh at the posts here than at the girls getting posted themselves.

No. 185698

Who gives enough of a shit?
Alice seems pretty boring, she's married to a rich guy and doesn't have to work - boohoo.

No. 185894

Agreed. This thread is full of so much saltiness.

No. 185952

I think she looked pretty cutesy in her first pictures, and now she has more of a sexy mature image, with occasionally still a few cutesy pictures. I wouldn't really say she looks better now (despite the surgeries), since I like her the best with that cutesy style. But hey, if she wants to look sexy, and get surgeries, then that's her choice of course. Not any of the previous anons, but just observing her instagram atm.

No. 186472

Eleanor didn't leave Japan she just got a new visa she visits her home now

No. 186473

She dropped out, again. She has no visa anymore unless if she plans to marry her new ugly ass boyfriend for another spouse visa.

No. 186533

Second this. She dropped out、sge even said on her insta somethibg along the lines of didnt do well in school etc. She also moved out of her house and a lot of her school friends were commenting on her pics saying they were going to miss her etc

No. 186543

ddat horseface

No. 186547

She has a job offer

No. 186589

Bshit she's been married for 2 years now how did no-one know this

No. 186627

In Japan? She has no degree and therefore no hope for any type of work visa. She fucked herself over and should stay the hell out of Japan.

No. 186628

As a prostitute? lol

No. 186664

Lol who did she marry then?that ex host she followed the osaka that beat her? She definitely isnt married to the new fugly guy

No. 186698

She married for a visa obviously but couldn't maintain her marriage because she constantly lied and cheated on him.

No. 186702

What so your saying she did marry the abusive ex host?lol

No. 186735

FYI you don't necessarily need a university degree to get a working visa if the company is still willing to sponsor you - rare, but not impossible.

No. 186740

>>186702i don't care bout her visa that's boring just care about this job, what is it.It doesn't look like she has much gossip anymore, just a normal life. Used to be funny but not so much

No. 186780

Yeah because some company would want to hire a two time drop-out with no work experience besides slutting it up in Kabukicho, Osaka and Kyoto.

No. 186890

Life sucks, then you die.

No. 186973

Jesus Christ, Jojo is looking for a job in Tokyo according to her Twitter and Instagram…

No. 186979

Oh god we dont need another one day

No. 187033

Great, another fake bitch

No. 187121

Well, she studied Japanese for reason.

No. 187128

Well, wonder if she'll be a hoe with a degree or be getting a real job at some real company

No. 187134

Is this really all it takes to work as a high-end prostitute and marry a surgeon in Nipland? Even with the surgery she looks like a horse. Do Japs perceive white people the way that Europeans see Asians; that they all look similar unless they're particularly ugly or attractive?

No. 187192

Jojo is not the type to go into prostitution at all, wtf.

No. 187193

Actually, they kind of do.

No. 187202

Absolutely. Japanese people's standards of white women are very different as well. Just as the Japanese women who are popular overseas are usually not that popular in Japan.

No. 188163

File: 1477407325020.png (185.13 KB, 731x692, IMG_9693.PNG)

Audrey is alive

No. 188165

I forst thought that the grey haired girl was kanadajin3

No. 188272

I think they do. Except that to Europeans, Asians tend to look similarly unattractive or "weird" while Japanese find Europeans similarly good-looking or at least not ugly, unless you look like a fat ogre.

No. 188710

The girl in the middle is atleast somewhat attractive 7/10

No. 188716

There should be a rule against race baiting.

Btw nip, jap probably not correct.

No not all "white people" think that way. Saying "oh do white people do this", everyone is different. How can you speak for a whole race of people. You can’t. You know what people ask me in Japan is it this way or that in your home country, race doesn't come up at all. I know alooooooot of "white people" that say that Asian and African people are good looking or hot.

Hey there are ugly people in ever race and good looking ones too. "Oh shes not that attractive", probably not racially motivated. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people have a preference, if that racist that's dumb. If you ever said I only date Japanese guys than your racist too. Can't have it both ways.

Forginers are forginers in Japan you get treated the same. I think all of you have anxiety. In the ads here I see an even amount of races. You know I see ads the most Japanese people.

Here you trash talk another race make you seem like an asshole. Or even bringing it up. You're gaijin that's it.

No. 188717


The one on the left has such a bad clothing style compared to the others…

No. 188885

granny kei

No. 188894

>there should be a rule against race baiting.

There is. Read the damn rules.

Race Discussions

Discussions of race and ethnicity are banned in /pt/ unless the posts are 1) very relevant to the thread and the discussion, 2) not overly hostile, inflammatory, accusatory, or targeted at other posters, and 3) as objective as possible. Even in those cases, such posts should be made infrequently, and you should not post about it in a particular thread multiple times over short periods. This also applies to blanket stereotypes suggesting that a certain culture or nation is inferior or superior.

This does not apply to mere use of controversial language, so long as the language is obviously not intended to make a racial statement.

Race discussions are also universally banned in /g/ (no exceptions). /b/ threads specific to racial discussions may be made, but race-related posts are generally disallowed in unrelated /b/ threads, especially if they're derailing the thread.

Please read >>>1054 for more details about this rule.

No. 189055

This is laughable though.
-bullying site that personally targets people and uses their personal information all the while giving the bully protection by allowing them to post anonymously supposedly gives one about racism.

It's like, make any one person feel as shit as you see fit- but talking about a broad issue such as race - in which no one person is alone, and is a very multi-faceted subject - annnd nope. That's against this disgusting site's mighty principles.


No. 189057

File: 1477551285881.jpg (88.65 KB, 744x482, fromPULL_Audrey_Maddison.jpg.4…)


>The girl in the middle is atleast somewhat attractive 7/10

The one in the middle (3rd from the left) is Audrey Maddison.

Welcome to lolcow.
Glad you're with us.

Some interesting links:
* >>>/snow/13467
* http://ilovehatephoto.com/2015/03/24/model-qa-with-audrey-m-a-caucasian-model-working-in-asia/

No. 189126

She got bored of the style, probably because the UK comm has about 5 girls who actually try and then a horde of pretentious basic bitches who live for drama. Hard to stay excited about a style when the people who are supposedly into the same thing as you are that depressing. It's not really on topic for this thread, though.

No. 189148

that's applicable to the worldwide gaijin gyaru comm on a whole tbh. Most of the UK comm seems to have moved to Japan now anyway - pretentious basic bitches included.

No. 189255

It's not a morality issue, it's because people (like you for example) get stuck on it and completely derail the thread topic

No. 189682

File: 1477665668372.png (70.09 KB, 750x840, IMG_1269.PNG)

Did you call her fat?
More like ano if you ask me. No boobs no ass nothing.

No. 189683

Go back to the Audrey thread if you wanna bitch.
No one cares.

No. 190052

Her idea of getting in shape seems to be starving herself. She looks like a crack whore. Isn't she 21? She looks OLD and busted.

No. 190158

File: 1477724214283.png (164.81 KB, 750x998, IMG_1351.PNG)

? Can you read lol

No. 190160

File: 1477724523058.png (140.2 KB, 750x1176, IMG_1352.PNG)

…. again.

No. 190178

All that alcohol、smoking、partying and whoring has gotten to her face. But she wasnt exactly attractive in the first place

No. 190223


Jfc did you even read the rest of the thread and the quoted post? Stop trying to derail the thread & bumping it senselessly FFS. No one here gives a flying fuck about Audrey and no one here is bitching for Audrey. Don't be delusional. Your middle-school reading comprehension only indicates you're new to lolcow. Contribute something worthwhile or GTFO for derailing.

Christ, no one "breaks their abs" by starving; that takes months (>5 mo. avg.) to sculpt + healthy diet. She looks dehydrated in this pic; maybe she's using those chinese-wonder-herb tea that makes her go to the bathroom a lot…

No. 190329

Lol this thread is such a load of baseless vendetta shit. body sculpting is body subjective and none of you have a detailed understanding of her (or probably anyones) diet and exercise regime and are just churning out speculative bullshit.

No. 190364

Lol body sculpting that's a new one. It's okay anachan nobody's judging you.

No. 190367

File: 1477776700690.jpg (152.63 KB, 899x1200, CoCA8JoUIAAHnwh.jpg)

thats tia. canadian in an idol group. gained a ton of weight since coming to japan. hence granny kei

No. 190371

I think she actually left pidl or they kicked her out who knows. She's fairly nice tho, but I have noticed the weight gain. I wonder what job she has now that she left the group.

No. 190372

Probably wife? Otherwise no visa for her right? Unless she's changed for language school/uni

No. 190389

I remember her writing on her IG about how she was often unable to perform with them because there were so many issues with her getting a long-term 'entertainment' visa … so every time they did a live, she was only allowed to be there as a 'guest' and not work … maybe that's part of why she left / got kicked from the group? Foreigners just bring too much legal paperwork.

No. 190390

It's possible since she seems to live in a nice house.

No. 190552

Just because someone takes a pictuee of some weights and dirty ass shoes all aligned in a nice row doesn't mean they are actually using them.

No. 190571

she's a student

No. 190572

she looks like that from parting hard at host clubs all the time
and starving herself

No. 190593

Looks busted

No. 190725

File: 1477868379204.png (78.31 KB, 736x804, IMG_1476.PNG)

The photo about her weight was from February which I think was when she is in the hospital
This is more lateley's photograph. I don't see anything of host club recently though.

No. 190805

The photo regarding her weight was a couple days ago. No sign of host clubs because she pretty much got kicked out of Japan. Took her long enough to realise that if you don't go to school, you lose your student visa.

No. 190900

Face is still busted as fuck and terrible makeup

No. 190911

She thinks she has some kind of makeup skills, but truth be told she is horrible. Look at thay eyebrow shading, eyeshadow blending and bottom lashes

No. 190913

What's up with donkey face Ashley's instagram? Did a guy actually show interest in her ugly ass?

No. 190947

She pays for guys (hosts) to hang out with her

No. 190951

Isn't a host, looks like a foreign guy.

No. 190965

Who's the one with silver hair?

No. 191107


Sorry if its already in the thread an I missed it. But could you give me her instagram address?

No. 191148

inuashley on IG

No. 191153


No. 191380

Yeah her aweful eye makeup and eyebrows get.me everytime. Thst and her fried to death hair

No. 191502

He must be a fool to hang around her. She's just showing him off on her social media for attention. We all know she's just after Japanese dick so stalking vk boys or paying for hosts and calling it love.

No. 191505

File: 1478014634970.jpg (185.98 KB, 1001x1200, CwBe1izUIAAcIAx.jpg)

I went to check…I'm dying

No. 191512

File: 1478015385889.jpg (170.03 KB, 1001x1200, Cv9g5-fVUAArpdU.jpg)

No. 191516

i literally thought that both of them were her. they look like the same person. kek

No. 191517

They look very similar but he still looks like a prettier girl than she does.

No. 191561

File: 1478022669885.jpg (66.63 KB, 800x533, IMG_6320.jpg)

Compared to other girls here inuashley is a cringey treasure

No. 191562

I have this guy as facebook mutual. He just landed and started language school so probs does not know better

No. 191665

Who gives a fuck, let them hang out with each other if they want. Probably having more fun than you screenshotting their photos and uploading them in your free time.

No. 191778

Hi Ashley

No. 191781

Eleanor is obviously trolling this thread seeing as how her instagram is now private

No. 191847

Is always been private

No. 191885

Sometimes it's private, sometimes not. Could be for any reason though. I doubt because of lolcow

No. 192017

These "Hi XYZ" posts are getting soo boring. At least think of a clever insult or something.
>inb4 "Hi Ashley/Eleanor/Shani/whatever these people are called
Sage because there's 0 milk and drama here.

No. 192057

Why are you on this site lol

No. 192058

Are you new? There's a shit ton of drama about Ashley she's been posted countless times on this site with milk and drama. This thread alone has milk, last thread too. There was an update in her life and people were discussing it. Leave this thread if you're bored or contribute other milk stop complaining.

No. 192823

> ashley
> 0 milk
> dragged on the internet for years by cosers, lolis, band circles
> international reputation for being bitch

You must be new

No. 192839

I don't think the anon you are replying to meant there's no milk on said person but more this hi _____ posts don't have milk and are reparative and boring. On a personal note I think they make you guys look silly and paranoid. I bet more tha. 70% of the time you are wrong

No. 193113

>Are you new
>Shit ton of drama

I don't think you know what real drama and milk is. I think you're the newfag here.
Ashley's milk is already cheese, it's so goddamn old and boring.

No. 193119

You're clearly only here with vendetta against the same 2 hookers the same people talk about

Care to elaborate on what the real milk and drama in this thread is? Because finger pointing at girls who fuck old men and prositute themselves is old.

No. 193128


her head is so huge compared to her body, she looks like a midget

No. 193616

I think you're replying to the wrong anon, anon. >>193113 has the same opinion as you.

No. 196820

File: 1478870675157.jpeg (132.67 KB, 640x789, image.jpeg)

No. 196824

File: 1478872605090.jpg (117.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1287.JPG)

Has anyone living in Japan gotten suspicious messages from IG acc @ lena_under ? She follows anyone who has even mentioned visiting Japan (+3900 ppl) and asks weird questions as in trying to dig out dirt from the cover of the fake account. And also she follows everyone mentioned in this thread or jvlogger thread so, kek potential stalkerchan??

No. 196832

Who is the one with red hair/wig? I honestly think she looks quite cute, especially compared to her friend…

No. 196836

thats Katie

No. 196849

Is there any milk on Katie at all? Every now and then someone posts a pic of her or mentions her being friends with people who had milk. She seems a bit like an attention whore to me aka i have so many friends look how popular i am. But that's about it and not even a drop of milk.

No. 196854

Yeah she is an attention whore and is embarassing but that's it

No. 196869

Damn I've been to Japan multiple times and never got stalked by her
I'm hurt

No. 196888

Katie has no milk. Just a wannabe model weeabo. Too ugly.

No. 197490


Are you sure ?
I saw her once with makeup and though a horror movie became real..
She doesn't know how to use it.

No. 198650

Amazing skills at applyibg lipstick to her yellow corn kernel teeth.

No. 198662

Someone here has access to her instagram or something and provide new screenshots? Someone over at the sere thread mentioned that they're not friends anymore after gaya brought seres things to korea

No. 199008

Gaya not in Japan anymore?

No. 199011

How come you'd think she's not in Japan anymore?

No. 199107


Because poster above me posted this > after gaya brought seres things to korea.

It makes it sounds like Gaya is on Korea. Would surprise me tho because she was so desperate to stay in Japan. Look at her wreck of a marriage,you must be desperate to stay when you get married after such a short time of relationship. She even posted something of wanting to become a Japanese National in a few years.

No. 199111

Sere was in korea some time ago and during that time, Gaya brought her some stuff and went back to Japan after that. She is still in Japan.

No. 199293

Gaya has the intelligence of an 6 year old. She is never going to leave her husband because she would have to take care of herself for first time in her life. She can barely say a basic sentence in Japanese after 4 years there. He knows this and cheats on her and spends all her money.

No. 199298

Well, he's her pimp so it's just natural that he spends the money that she earns

No. 199347

Whats'a genuinely sad is, that people tried to help her and she turned on them. She's probably really lonely.

No. 199357

Well, things with her went downwards when she became friends with sere

No. 199412

comes across as someone who cant take critcism and thinks she knows it all but barely finished high school

No. 199433

Thought so too

No. 199565

How do they afford living in Japan and on what kind of visa are they? They don't seem to work? Like I've never seen anything from them but
>I got a new dress
>we went there
>we bought this thing
>I got new makeup
And so on. How do they afford? Are they that spoiled by their parents, I wonder

No. 199569

I don't know them too well, but I thought they both studied Japanese. So I assume they both work at some company.

No. 199573


Know how old they are?

No. 199575

About 23/24

No. 199710

2 rooms? In tokyo? Looks expensive

No. 199786

Appartment prices in Tokyo depend on many things, especially how far they are from the nearest train station. That bed room is tiny as well.

Just because you don't see them work doesn't mean they don't. I never take pictures or anything of my place of work, and talking about it is boring as fuck, so I guess if you only saw my social media accounts you'd wonder how I afford living here as well?

No. 200063

If you post about doing or getting lots of expensive stuff like nearly everyday, then yes. I'd wonder

No. 200064

Rich family that possibly sends them allowance monthly.

No. 200687

File: 1479440843432.jpg (89.22 KB, 640x640, shiena1.jpg)

About Shiena's club, the background of her pics could correspond to the sign of Club Lugamo, but she's not listed on the cast. Neither evening nor morning.

No. 200688

What is her visa situation? I don't know much about Shieena, but I'd imagine if she's there illegally, but still working, or if working there is against her visa restrictions, they'd just not advertise her on the site.

No. 200698

She actually has a working visa provided by the bar she previously worked for as a PR manager or something.
But since kyabajo isn't legal on a working visa that's why they probably don't list her.

Also, she doesn't seem to be really good at it?

No. 200727

There isnt an i on that sign. Besides its ano at the end not anywhere near amo in lugamo.

No. 200733

lol prepare yourself guys. jojo's moving to tokyo. check her insta.

No. 200734

File: 1479449701794.png (342.91 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-11-18-15-09-33…)

Also the meishi she made shows her store name lusano. Please stalk better.

No. 200735

For a limited amount of time on a language school visa. So hopefully she'll find no one to marry or some other stupid shit. Though I don't think she's that person who'd go into the hooking scene, because she could have done that years ago

No. 200736

How can her sense for colors be so great, but her art style is just so bad?

No. 200774


Omg we really don't need someone like Jojo in Japan.

No. 200780

Because she's shit at it. Been in Japan what 5 or more years now? Either lived in a shitty Sakurahouse apt or her current 1R shithole. Often talks about surviving on eggs and rice. Never has nice clothes or brand goods

No. 200783

I mean, she has posted some brand goods, but a lot of it seems like old rehashed gyaru stuff. I'm still pretty indifferent to Shiena though, doesn't seem as milky as her counterpart Lorena. Girl needs to fix her contour though, the filters kind of help it, but I can only imagine how garish and awful it must be in reality.

No. 200784

Are you sure? That jacket she's wearing in that picture is a 80000yen ($800ish) jacket. She's frugal with her money and doesn't feel the need to spend on high brand if you can get something you like but cheaper. If you live in Japan that long there are times when your visa makes job hunting difficult and you can only take the best you can get.

She was #1 in the gyarucafe for sales for a whole year before she became producer so she can't be that bad at it.

No. 200787

The bracelet she's always wearing is also ¥230000. She has expensive stuff sprinkled in here and there. Just doesn't shove the price tag in your face all the time.

No. 200789

Just how closely are you paying attention to this girl…?

No. 200791

It's all out in the open if you are looking. She listed the name of the brands here and there in old coordinate photos in the comm. I remember looking them up and being like disheartened when the price tags were sky high on some of the items

No. 200801

Shiena could be friends with jojo <3

No. 200811

Or you know she's completely unqualified for most jobs and refuses to do work that's unglamorous or doesn't feed her need for attention or doesn't allow her to wear poorly fitted guard brands.

No. 200812


No. 200820

File: 1479466815980.jpg (34.61 KB, 1200x630, img19.jpg)


It's Lugano. They used a shitty font for the G.

No. 200861

It is really gross and muddy in person. But she has a really flat Chinese face so guess that's why she has to draw herself on a nose

Not impressed by some polyester tacky overpriced host-kei tat. I know she thinks that glamour = gawky tacky shit, but for how often she tries to seem sophisticated by saying she loves haute couture then wears plastic kyaba dresses come on
She is cheap tacky and poor
Also the weeb who's been longest in Japan without snagging a husband and her so desperately sought spouse visa (or adoption lol). Even Sere and Gaya got a man

No. 200873

I doubt she's trying to impress anyone.

No. 200877

It's funny, every time she says anything negative about current trends on something that can be seen on Katie's page someone starts ranting about her here. You offended anon?

No. 200891

damn I totally forgot her first choice for staying in Japan was adoption. Her entire old blog was full of such gems.

No. 200894

Apart from kimono level stuff, all Japaness clothing looks like it would melt if you went too near a radiator. I don't get how people can justify spending mutli-man on something that will fall apart in the wash.

No. 200909

Or how she planned with lorena to get pragnant

No. 200910

I meant pregnant

No. 200921

Didn't she already plan this with ashley too? Like their first plan was adoption but when they both saw that it was a shitty idea they decided for pregnancy. Ashley got her visa, shiena didn't but got the school

No. 200932

But would it be weird for Ashley to be trying for a adoption when she was still claiming to be hafu at that point? I still remember all of the ridiculous stories she made up in service to that lie. Was Shiena aware that she was lying?

No. 200949

Either you are Shiena or a friend of Shiena, I can't imagine some rando anon wanting to white knight her this hard for no reason.

No. 200987

Post details and pics of jojo. I forgot what she looks like

No. 201068

Believe it or not, she still has fans

No. 201444

Shannons account is gone

No. 201451

File: 1479598293370.jpg (361.79 KB, 741x806, IMG_1078.JPG)

Another kota/taylor copycat

I have no words

No. 201455

File: 1479598547453.jpg (206.39 KB, 750x848, IMG_1080.JPG)

Its like a mix of taylor and kooters new shoop style

No. 201465

Looks like Wendy from Shining

No. 201589

Hawaii bb goldfish

No. 201595

File: 1479620495513.jpg (65.27 KB, 900x750, steve-buscemi-3.jpg)

all i see is this

No. 201600

Jesus Christ that's horrifying

No. 201662

Ok i actually lolld

No. 201699

I heard Eleanor is back in Japan. Any updates on her? Did her as well as her parents learn nothing over the past 3 to 4 years?

No. 201797

Stupid daughter product of stupid parents I suppose.

No. 202380

File: 1479767212654.jpeg (50.93 KB, 330x769, image.jpeg)

That hoe is one ugly thing

No. 202393

Who is this?

No. 202400

A guy she fucked with paid her language school
And she married for visa. They don't live together and she hates him

No. 202504

There are no updates because no one cares.

No. 202506

Where's the milk.. no one cares about another eurotrash slut marrying for visa

No. 202511

Someone sounds salty

No. 202530

Sounds a lot like something Eleanor would say lol

No. 202542

I used to work with her at a hostess club and shes actually not bad looking shes way better than a lot of the other creepy weebs posted here. Also im not whiteknighting her cause shes a rude bitch

No. 202773

File: 1479869647740.jpg (33.83 KB, 287x512, IMG_6832.JPG)

Does anybody know what happens to this guy Jin?

No. 202812

Is he that gay German guy who worked at comfort bar along with kisu? Didn't he try to pay a girl for marriage to achieve a visa?

No. 202824

Yes exactly that guy. I wonder if he is still in Japan or back in Germany. Afaik the girl supposedly ran away and he couldn't get a visa with her. But who knows, maybe he got another victim.

No. 202872

Don't you have to be living with your Japanese spouse to keep a visa?

No. 202873

You never heard about lorena or himezawa then kek

No. 202874

Why would I care about even more vapid bitches? Just saying afaik it's illegal

No. 202890

It's illegal, but they don't really crack down on this law here.

No. 203178

Technically yes. Everyone has their residence registered here, and you need to hand in that registration when you apply for a spouse visa (or at least when you re-apply for it). However, if you find a shoddy landlord you won't have to prove you changed your registration and immigration never drops by to check whether you are really living together.

No. 203674

Or just go to the city office and claim "bekkyo" or separation from your spouse and register yourself a new address. Japan has all sort of loopholes.

No. 203803

Shannon's new name is Sasaki, what? lol

No. 203823

Married for visa lol

No. 203955

File: 1480113134729.png (108.18 KB, 274x184, Unbenannt.png)

No. 204926

Since when is shannon married

No. 205689

File: 1480349521106.png (9.62 KB, 410x102, marriedforvisa.png)

No. 205884

lol suzuki shiena??

No. 205898

Just like all the other weebs parading around social media with "Japanese name" when they don't even have a drop of Japanese blood.

No. 205984

hmm.. the timing is weird though. I mean why now and not before?
>>205884 You might want to check your kanji reading. It's read sasaki not suzuki.

No. 206045

Could be the name she uses for hostessing.

No. 206053

It's sasaki omfg

No. 206081

her fb account was gone and she had to use her real Name? but why did they accept shiena?

No. 206090

Her real name is Shannon Wong.

No. 206191

It has to be a name you use in real life i.e. the name people write on post cards or library ids etc

No. 206215

Should report her again

No. 206290

No it doesn't. FB doesn't ask you for ID….. As long as the name looks legit and passable it's fine. Kids nowadays have the most fucked up names anyway. But Shiena's real name is Shannon Wong, not Shiena Sasaki….

No. 206293

Lets all remember that she is Chinese, not Japanese. And she isn't married. So how could her real name be Sasaki?

No. 206302

Maybe she got married

No. 206455

Shiena is the name she uses in Japan though. It wouldn't be surprising if all her other ids mails etc that aren't government issued use that name. The last name I don't know though… She's been there so long anything could be possible.

No. 206488

Why? Lol. why do people care so much about forcing people to use thier governent legal name? A lot of people don't even go by thier legal name in real life.

No. 206500

Somehow the Name in Kanji looks and sounds familiar to me, but I don't know from where

No. 206504

Well it's a pretty common Japanese family name so…

No. 206576

Bitch deserves it

No. 206579

Nahhh, I mean someone out of the scene. Wasn't their a gaijin hunter in the hunter thread with the last name sasaki?

No. 206770

elaborate~ reasons are more interesting than general statements

No. 207054

No. 207056

Who's that?

No. 207058

Vanessa cadrin

No. 207083

Any link like instagram or twitter available?

No. 207087


no idea who she is, but just look at her. in tokyo for 2 years but can't speak much japanese. if the 2 years part is even true.

No. 207096

Her English is not much better actually…

No. 207104

I searched for her name and this popped up: https://www.gofundme.com/2g489w8c that's extremely awful…

No. 207107


That station on the pic is Koenji station.

No. 207111

1. Damn, I should get me a gofundme! Ipd never have to work again omg

2. Why didn't she take those 12k bucks and move her old af looking ass back to Canada where she'd probably get all the help that she needs?

She looks like 40 not 20.

No. 207117

i thought she was 30

No. 207132

shannon changed her Name again on fb. now back to shiena ningyo

No. 207325

Vanessa has been in Tokyo for longer than 2 years. She's been in Japan for over 5 years if anything. But what is it with people expecting that just because you live somewhere for a prolonged period of time you magically become fluent in the language? It's easy enough to get by in Japan with very minimal Japanese.

No. 207328

No. 207390

Gradually, not magically, but yeah. Learni a language of a country you've been living in for years is kind of a no brainer.

No. 207549

Igh this girl. it's like impossible to not be able to pay your medical bills in Japan, shit is so cheap, they have tons of subsidies for ongoing/severe conditions, and the insurance will bend over backwards working out payment with you.
But it's a lot easier to type up a sob story and beg for money from strangers.
She has a history of hooking up with anyone she meets, from her old blog she even just bumped into some guy on the street then they fucked. No surprise she's selling her body now too

No. 207552

Yeah, i can confirm that

No. 207887

I think Vanessa been in Japan for like 8years or so.

No. 207894

Most foreign business execs over here who live here for 10 years still don't speak japanese
You can scrape your way by here if you're jn a foreign company - you barely ever have to talk to japanese people

No. 207895

That and English teachers are even discouraged to speak in Japanese at work. A lot of English teachers I know can't speak Japanese very well unless they go out of thier way on thier private time to learn.

No. 207897

Vanessa and katie are friends and they've slept with the same guy lmao

No. 207900

Anyone familiar with this girl? http://lilymay.net

No. 207931

Haha those photographs are not at all flattering

No. 207942

Student in Japan. From Sweden. Has short blonde hair. Her gallery pictures are exactly discrete. Someone must know who she is lol. I'll be honest she looks like an amateur who just pulled the website together and is hoping for the best. There's a likelihood that she isn't even studying at all too.

No. 207945

She cloned emmaemerio.com and ripped her text off a bunch of other Tokyo escorts. Creepy.

No. 208070

The review on her website looks like she wrote it herself lol

No. 209943

File: 1481112228869.jpg (55.63 KB, 669x960, 15056391_1158075394281263_9116…)

another pregnant one

No. 209949


Cool, but who?

No. 209952

kaliah michi nishiyama
she married when she was 19. also lied about beeing asian

No. 210013

How old is her husband? They seem normal and happy though.

No. 210093

36 or 37 i guess

No. 210100


That look on her face "I bagged an asian guy you bitches and Im having his hapa baby so who's the winner here!"

That'll be Tay R, Koot and Mira in the future too

No. 210118

IG links?

No. 210123

>also lied about beeing asian
Unless she used shoop like ahripop, I can't see how people would fall for that.

No. 210132

first she said she is half chinese
changed it to half japanese later

No. 210145

Now I feel like taking super smug photos once I'm pregnant just to rile up people like you. Most women who are married to an Asian man don't feel particularly smug about it, it's just people on the internet who are salty about it.

No. 210150

Even his parents were against the marriage

No. 210154

Japanese parents live in the past anyways and most don't agree with international marriages.

No. 210304

My own in-laws are lovely people, but they've travelled extensively. Many Japanese families are very traditional and have no connection to other countries, thus being very suspicious of international marriages. Doesn't mean much.

No. 210353

I hope immigration screened them well if she really got married with 19 and he is 35. That is quite the age difference. And now she's popping out a child with 20 21, i don't see why not. Permanent residency might be a lot easier to achieve when you have a child with your Japanese spouse. All these girls think they are incredibly clever.

No. 210356

PR is not that hard to get if you have a job. No need to have a child to achieve that. Immigration is extremely lax about spouse visas, a 16 year age gap is nothing to them. I've seen cases where the Japanese husband was in his 70s and the Chinese wife in her mid-30s…

No. 210364

She's 24
They've been married over 4 years
I honestly don't understand why you guys seem to put Asian guys on a pedestal and act like these white girls are so smug to be dating them. It's literally just a relationship fam, it's not that deep. I don't see any milk anywhere, you all post these girls who already had working visas in the first place who get japanese boyfriends or husbands in a country which is 99% japanese and act like they're calculating everything to get visas. Which they didn't even need. Because they already had one.
From what I see in this case they have a healthy relationship and now they're excited to be parents. Mid twenties is a fine age to settle down, someone sounds very bitter

No. 210375

The best thing is howshe lied about beeing asian

No. 210376

That is entirely ridiculous tbh. Why would you lie about your ethnicity, especially when it's so obviously not true? Anyone can see that she's not Asian.

No. 210377

I agree, what I'm saying next is not directed at you.

No body talks about the girls that try to get Visa in other countries. I mean are people that jealous? Honestly they should reflect their on your own life, maybe that's why people don't want to be with them. OK, there are a few shitty people that got visa here, so what doesn't mean we're all a piece of shit. My grammar is shit, oh well. And I'm all over the place sorry.

Honestly people when you get to Japan then what? Look for a job? Good luck, I'm still looking I do have a visa. If you don't have a visa it's illegal to look for work. Yeah, they can do that loop whole thing where you leave and come back, but it's more trouble then it's worth. I knew someone who tried to look for work here while they were on tourist visa, nobody hired him. Off in a tangent, my bad.

Japan is just like any other country, it's super expensive. I still have to contribute to Japan even if I have a marriage visa. I have to pay for alot of things. No tax return here, financial aid doesn't exist only student loans. Sometimes I don't have food, and I'm like fuck do I need to hook or be a hostess to eat tonight. I live in the real Japan, and it's just as hard where I use to live sometimes even harder. It's not easy to live here, Vloggers never tell you all the hard work, paperwork and shit to pay for. You guys go ahead and live in your fantasy. Some of our husbands don't have money like that and barley afford anything. No parents to back us up.

No. 210378

Lawl she was best friends with shani

No. 210382

Sage because this has nothing to do with snowflakes.
Girl, I feel for you. I was extremely lucky: my husband has a well-paid job, my in-laws are awesome and I managed to find good work and will get a permanent contract soon. I know that if I hadn't been this lucky, life would be so much harder than if we just lived back where I'm from, where there's a proper social net and my parents are nearby.

There surely are girls who are only in it for the visa, but that's the absolute minority. Most foreign women who are married to Japanese men I know where in Japan for studies or on the JET programme or whatever and just met one of the I don't know how many million Japanese men and fell in love. If I hadn't met my husband here, I probably would never have moved to Japan permanently. It's just not great enough of a country.

No. 210392

what about this guy, what's he doing?


not hating on him, but i don't know whatever he is trying to pull off with his style. looks ridiculous in my opinion.

No. 210396

Omg, I just read and checked the page and…. i'm 100% sure it's my friend. My friend has the same hair, is a student in Tokyo and she doesn't eat meat as far as I know. And on the home page, I recognized her right away just because you can see her eye.

Since I'm such a good friend I won't reveal who she is. But I can tell you that she is really sweet. No drama, never fight with someone, studies hard and so on. I think she is probably doing this escort / prostitution thing only because she need the money. Living and studying in Japan can be quite expensive and working 26 hours a week for 100.000 yen is really bothersome and not really worth it when you also study full time. So I guess this is fast money.

No. 210399

File: 1481196633209.jpg (42 KB, 480x480, tacky.jpg)

sasaki shannon..please stop. you look so tacky

No. 210401

i would never prostitute myself. never

No. 210403

I find it crazy how many of these girls are so desperate to stay in Japan that they're willing to sell pussy to stay there. It's really not that great of a country.

No. 210404

The deal with this and some other girls who study over there is that they've to pay their student loans and probably get no help from their parents. I don't say what they do is the right way, they might have better chosen to stay in their home countries and work until they've enough money to afford studying in Japan. That's just how life goes. These girls do it to afford education, reminds me of third world countries, but the truth is that even in the 'first world' not everyone can afford education.

Sorry for my bad English

No. 210405

katie is on kawaii tv again. talk about "getting famous"

No. 210406

100.000 yen for only working 26 hours a week is not bad at all for a student, though. When I did an internship in Tokyo, I received a mere 800 yen per hour. I managed to get by, even with being able to shop nice things for myself. To just live and get by in Tokyo, it should be do-able. But since she has student loans, I'm guessing she's doing it to pay those off.

No. 210412

I remember the first episodes of this show when it was still somewhat interesting, but ugh nowadays it's just a shit show of efame bitches trying to smash each other

No. 210417

She's thin, she's blonde, she's dumb and a little cringy. Perfect tv fodder

No. 210419

Don't forget about her perfect gaijin horse face

No. 210420

When you have a school fee that's is around 800,000yen, rent that costs 65,000ye/ month, commuter pass 10,000yen/month, health insurace, gas, water and power that cost about 15,000/month and good tom to everyday. 100.000yen per month is not that much. Ive struggled economicly ever since I graduate from from high school, durning to being parent less. I've tried to work, save money and keep myself alive. Burn insted fell into an deep depression and got burnt out of work. And all my savings went to hospital bills, medicine and rent and such. Later I decided that I won't go to Japan soon I'll probably never do it. So I took a student loan, packed my things and moved here. Japan is not wonderland, everything is not kawaii and crazy. I didn't even came here for that reason.

It's extremely expensive to live here with all expenses. My student loan isn't enough and I currently have 2,5 part time jobs and work 28 hours a week ( which is the legal amount if you hold a student visa ) to be able to actually live. I still have a lot expenses in my home county and have a dept to my ex-boyfriend and his family. So even if I work so many hours, I'm still low on money in the middle of the month. And I have no parents to ask for money from.

Why do you stay in Japan then you may wonder? Because here I have a home, a work, education and all my new really good friends who always help me when ever I struggle with my Japanese and all de different letters I get from gas/water/power etc. companies. In my home county I have nothing but bad memories.

But living on such a minimum is difficult. And prostitution have also come to my mind. So I can totally see why some people do it. I'd probably get the same thought in my home country as well.

But I don't think I'd be able to do that due to mental health.

If you managed to pay rent, all the expenses, commuter pass, school fee and could eat every day, please teach me how you were able to do so with only 100.000yen per month.

No. 210423

Samefaggig. Sort your for the TL;DR, all the misspelling (thank you autocorrect) and OT.

But my point isn't that I can totally see WHY people do hostess jobs/ escort/ prostitution. I dont think many people want to do it. But maybe don't have many other choices.

No. 210433

You're being too optimistic. Half of the girls posted here come to Japan with a student visa or otherwise non-permanent visa that'll send them home after three years and get married fast to obtain a spouse visa. Have you never been friends/acquaintanced with these kind of people who are so desperate to live in Japan, they would do anything for it?

This obviously doesn't only happen with a small percentage white foreigners (because let's be real, the rest apart from these girls are normal) but mostly with foreigners from other parts of Asia.

No. 210448

Do you want a cookie now or something? Great that you have a good life over there while still owing money to your state and ex boyfriends family. You should've get your shit together BEFORE leaving to another country. Damn how old are you? 16??

No. 210464

Good luck getting your shit together in a country where its impossible to get a job, batshit high taxes, hard to find an apartment and unless you have a family no one will help you. I isn't choose to be born like this, and I have better chance getting my shit together here.

All I'm saying is that not every one can just live if their parents or be able to work and save up money just like that. I hear about foreigners having a bunch of part time jobs here's all the time, even people that work more than legal.

Apparently you haven't lived in Japan. Even many japanese girls work at hostessclubs and chat bars just to be able to study at the uni. Not everyone is a spoiled rat like you.

No. 210465

Bitch, I am far from spoiled. I'm living with abusive parents, working my ass off and saving my money until I one day be able to go to Japan WITHOUT owing money to anyone. Because despite of being abusive my parents have at least tought me some decent manners. I know that I've to get my shit together first before moving to another country.

Also, I have lived in Japan before, that's why I know it's gonna get tough and difficult. And that's also a cause for which I save up and WORK towards achieving my goals.

You must be a very naiv person, I don't wish you anything bad. I think it's good that you at least not sell your body to stay over there. But c'mon I hope you get your shit together soon.

No. 210470

And the depts I have for my ex-boyfriends family is for a surgery that's my and my ex-bf's dog had go trough. The insurence didn't wanna cover the bill, so we/ I had to borrow money from them. Do you really think I'm so stupid that I leave my problems behind go on a adventure? I came here to study since it's harder to get into the uni I wanna study at in my home county than here. But where ever I'm it would be difficult economically. So i rather be somewhere where I'm happy than in a shithole town deep in the woods where I only have bad memories.

I'm not protecting these girls, and I dont say they should do prostitution. But in can totally see why they do it!

And for you interest. I'm 22 and have lived alone since 16 because my shit ass foster homes didn't revcive as much
money cuz I wasn't 7 anymore so they kicked me out. If you have managed to get your shit together and your situation was like mine, please teach me how to do it.(stop blogging)

No. 210471

Having a strong personality and fighting alone is a great start.

But as I said, at least you're not selling yourself and manage to get through.

No. 210475

Well then there are two of us. At least you have a opportunity to live with your parents. I tried to work and save money for years. While my friends lived at their parents, worked and saved up money. The only thing I did was working, paying my bills and don't get any money left after. I basically lived for work and worked for living. Saving money was really hard, especially since I had to pay for 7 different meds every month and DBT and doctor appointments. After an failed suicide attempt I decided to not give up and work for my dreams. I got a student loan and came to Japan. I'm working my way up. I feel so much better know and even quited my meds. But some months I cant even afford to eat more than once a day.

Sorry for getting so bitchy, but I get upset when people say thing like "You should do this and that" when you tried for years and it's literally impossible. My plan is to get into the uni i wanna study at, study there and get my masters degree and then get a job that will give money I never had before and I'm gonna spoil myself in all ways I can. Like go to a restaurant or actually buy things that's not second hand lol. And all that without being desperate enough to sell myself.

No. 210478

I'm sorry for getting bitchy here too, but just because I'm living with my parents doesn't mean I'm rich or spoiled. I won't ever be given a student loan by the state as my parents earn 'too much' but they also refuse to help me paying for any studies especially overseas. What makes things even funnier is that they're both mentally and physically abusive against me, so no it's not always that great to have parents.

Anyway, good luck. I'm working on moving to Japan for studies in about three years when I'm through with learning a proper job and saved up enough money for uni/language school(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 210484

File: 1481211873699.png (862.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-08-16-45-20…)

Fuck off with the blogposts. Literally nobody cares about you your dog and your family. Go make a thread about it.
I love her horrible shoops

No. 210498

Why do you always try to post her in this thread? Make a kooter copy fail thread. She's NOT living in Japan and despite her overdrawn lips her eyecondition seems 'natural' as she has some older unshooped photos on her instagram. She must be extremely insecure about her looks.

No. 210504


No. 210505

I think my rent was about +-60.000ye/ month all inclusive. It was a small cramped room in a share house (but in the center area of Tokyo). So you could live cheaper, technically. I'm not judging you, but I'm just stating that although 100.000yen per month isn't enough to cover all your expenses, it is quite reasonable money you make for the (only 26/28?) working hours you put into. Especially for baito work. Your school fee/loans is obviously what is mainly getting you into financial trouble here. And that reminds me why I never went to a college there as international student. I already knew in advance I wouldn't financially make it either if I did.

No. 210574

To the anon about living at home studying.

Im from the UK Anon and im lucky enough to have gotten a grant £3300 which you dont pay back and only get it if your household income is earning less than a certain amount.

Goverment has scrapped it now. Im 21 and I worked 3/4 years in retail and shitty cafe jobs before going to university.

I study Japanese on the side while doing a degree. Plus I work two jobs so im saving while blogging.

With a good grand or so in the bank im working my way to living and working in japan too and i live at home with family too. I buy food and clean the house but dont oay rent.

Its not being spoilt just some people like us are lucky.

No. 210847

Www.gaijinpot.com = jobs exist, get a fucking job.

There are tons of foreign real estate agents in Japan who are there to help foreigners that are looking for affordable housing and can't speak Japanese.

You all talk so much bullshit. Stop blowing your cash because it's so important to live in the middle of the city where it's expensive rather than on the outskirts where it is affordable.

This thread is full of laziness, excuses, lack of education and so forth. Japan is not your own personal playground. It is not all kawaii, anime, visual kei, robots, etc.

You're all fucking pathetic and retarded.

No. 210862

1000% agree with you. Ive been here since i was 18 completely self supported myself and have never been unable to find a job or a nice affordable place to live. You all just dont bother learning japanese well enough and rely on shitty paying english work. There are more jobs than fucking english or hostessing but youre all too proud or dont have good enough japanese to find a good job.

No. 210863

>>> Japan isn't your personal playground

Why else would people live there?
Anime, robots, visual kei etc, what else is there apart from enjoying the culture?
You think people live there for the long work hours and work ethic? No. Let people enjoy things. Not everyone wants to becoming a working robot.

No. 210949

Rent maybe cheaper on the outskirts but the transportation jacks up and the amount of time spent on commute etc balances out to roughly the same. lol

No. 210960

People like you disgust me. Japan has more to offer than what people see it for. Get the fuck out of Tokyo, or whatever city you live in and get to know the culture, speak to people, go hike, sit under a waterfall, bathe in an outdoor bath with an amazing view of Fuji-san, camp under the stars, visit the million world heritage sites around the country.

Perhaps if you ever worked an actual real job then you would know that most companies reimburse you for transportation fees to and from work. Or how about not being a fat potato and get a bicycle? I bike to and worl daily, sure it can be a pain in the ass but it saves money and also accounts for exercise.

All I am reading is a ton of fucking crying by too many privlidged children whose parents should have never allowed them to come here in the first place.

No. 210963

Plus commute in Japan is cheap as fuck, unless you take cabs everywhere like a spoiled brat (hi Taylor).

No. 210978

Lol wtf. Where I'm from we have pretty great public transportation and you can use all train/bus/tram lines for a mere 8000¥ or sth a month. Here you're bound to whatever route your company paid for or you have to pay extra. Affordable my ass.

No. 210996

Nice sight-seeing tourist outdoor kit. Not everyone cares about outdoor shit.

I have worked a real job and no there was no reimbursement for commute for my company. However most of the people here are students, limited to 28hrs a week.

I have a different job now but I now walk to work because I don't mind paying an extra 10000yen to live in the same area as my work instead of paying that in a far commute from the outskirts. Which, I recommend. It will save you time and the extra money in your rent would have gone to train fare anyway.

All I'm reading from you is some snobby country-side outdoor freak.

No. 211010

because their names have popped up in the other threads and it'd be interesting to get back on the milk train, someone here knows what kisu, sandra, blanka and vika are up to? It has been super quiet around them lately. Blanka obviously didn't marry kei, but a few weeks ago someone said that she was to marry some old dude because visa?
Vika is said to made it into vantan, because her visa marriage didn't work out. Anyone has deets on that?
And just for the lolz
>kisu is married to gackt

No. 211013

I saw Kisu about 2 weeks ago in Shinjuku west side. So she is still in Japan even people here trying to cover her up.

No. 211015

I wonder who's dick she's sucking on in order to stay as she definitely has no work visa as it is confirmed she's working in soap lands

No. 211016

I'm not 100% sure as I only saw that person from afar, but I think I saw Vika in Germany a week ago at a train station.

No. 211022

guess she married a customer

No. 211028

So glorious. I remember her prancing around in 'fancy' clothes with shopping bags at kirari

No. 211035

they japanese Girls weren't scared when they saw her?

No. 211036

No. 211038

She's a model duuh

No. 211041

Such a gorgeous model lol

No. 211044

Hawk nose princess

No. 211052

I didn't mind living in the city for my internship though. It was small but cozy, and I made new friends. It's not about where you live, but about being able to afford it/be fine with your living situation. But why other anon just had to pick a school in Tokyo of all places while being financially unstable, is a good question.

For me it would be more like: traveling 2+ hours to work everyday? lol no thanks.

No. 211056

Exactly my point. The money you saved on rent would be used on trains anyway but living far out means crazy commute times which suck on top of being not any cheaper.

No. 211058

Blanka stoped working

No. 211064

Kek why?

No. 211066

If you work for a somewhat good company they'll pay for your ticket. Even the shitty company I worked for before reimbursed my 30,000 yen+ ticket. (It was this expensive because I was commuting into the countryside)
I have to admit that the commute is crushing my soul quite a lot, but we have a house here, so…

No. 211069

As what did she work tho?

No. 211070

I think she worked at forever21

No. 211074

Such high class. I thought she was going to uni?

No. 211089

She is but mostly leeching off her parents.

No. 211092

So no uni and no work? And what about a visa?

No. 211263

blanka still a student on a student visa and does not offer any milk whatsoever

No. 211264

No. 211273

Since 3 years

No. 211288

that's a completely normal time span when you get any kind of education

No. 211310

Blanka and no milk?? Nice try white knight.

No. 211312

Excuse my laziness, but who is Blanka? I keep thinking of the character from Street Fighter when I read the name.

No. 211318

Shiiro at instagram. Blanka Theresa is her full name. She has been mentioned at the gaijin hunter thread as well.

No. 211342

What's the milk ?

No. 211345

How do you get loans as a international student to study in Japan? Are they government loans or by banks? Not trying to derail the thread but it is called gaijins in Japan so I'm just curious if anyone doesn't mind giving me details.

Thanks in advance to anyone who doesn't mind responding. Plus don't come at me with BS about how hard it is. Either answer the question or not. People on here go so off topic way too easily.

No. 211352

If you are Swedish you could get a loan when studying at a Japanese language school. I don't know exactly how it works but that's what I heard. Maybe other countries have something similar?

No. 211354

You take whoever gives you the visa in time. You can't always be picky. Not all companies pay for transportation. It's all luck of the draw. That's just how it works here. You are chained to whatever visa you can get until you marry or get pm.

No. 211492

I don't think vika is visiting any school since afaik you're only allowed to visit school for 2 years or?

No. 211506

There's no milk anon has a vendetta against Blanka.

No. 211520

File: 1481383559424.png (527.3 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-12-11-00-25-03…)

Eleanors boyfriend is one ugly fucker

No. 211530

When I applied to study abroad in Japan my home university applied on my behalf to receive the JASSO scholarship which is for either one or two semesters and comes from the Japanese government. I also got a study abroad loan from the Australian government which I have to pay it back with the rest of my student debt once I make over a certain amount of money. If we're talking about going to a private language school rather than a university you'd probably have to pay for it yourself unless your job is paying for it, which is unlikely unless you're a foreign businessperson or something not some random weeb.

No. 211568

you can go to school for more than 2 years
you have to be accepted into school and then renew your visa.

No. 211570

There IS milk on blanka, because she's one of the people being most active on here

No. 211574

if there -iiiiisssssss- milk then why don't you show us?
but with evidence please

No. 211613

Chin for days

No. 211754

No she isn't that's what you want to believe because you have a vendetta.

No. 211809

Blanka has a huge vedetta against so many girls mentioned here

No. 211868

Dropped out of uni, again. Went back to the UK and is already back in Japan a month later lol.

This is probably going to be her second marriage for a visa. Doubt he knows about her history.

No. 211869

File: 1481437939574.jpg (152.36 KB, 1080x800, _20161211_153117.JPG)

Some people have no standards.

No. 211890

Who do you mean? He looks pretty decent. More like a korean, but decent.

No. 211893

WTF is wrong with you people judging others partners anyway. Just because people date Japanese dudes doesn't mean everyone needs to look like a J-Rocker, Vkei dude or a host…. Just because YOU don't find the guy attractive doesn't mean their girlfriend thinks the same.

No. 211896

No. 211901

Ugly + ugly

No. 211909

Honestly, all drama aside, I think she's pretty cute. This isn't the most flattering photo and she doesn't seem to have makeup on, but she's fairly pretty.

The boyfriend isn't great looking, but that's not really milk. He has kind of nice eyes/brows, but that mouth/chin situation is pretty unfortunate. And that sweater.

No. 211922

I'm pretty sure that he is thought of as rather good looking in Japan.
But yes, rating other people's partners is kinda low. Lots of couples are mismatched in the looks department, but since they are adults they know that looks aren't everything anyways. Having matching ideas about life is far more important.

No. 211925

They are a good match from the looks

No. 211929

jrockers, vkei, and hosts are the most unattractive there is though

I don't think he's ugly though

No. 211934

I wonder if he knows her history of fucking every host in kabukicho and selling her body to old men to support her host and shitty burando addiction.

No. 211937

If she is past behind that lifestyle there is no need to tell him. It's not your business anyways.

No. 211944

He's not the worst looking Japanese guy out there, and maybe, just maybe, he has a very kind personality? Why are things like this considered milk?

No. 211959

It's not milk. Yellowfever-chan is just jealous.

No. 212433

The whole "chan" thing is old fucktard.

No. 214673

No. 214682

Girl seems to be dumb like Gaya. her real Name is "sairu hoshi" wtf. i think she married a japanese to stay in Japan. but she Claims to be a model

No. 214684

No. 214697

That mess…her instagram is a cringefes. She's shooping all those photos to hell and back, even though her natural face is decent to pretty. She must have a really low self esteem

No. 214702

or her Website lol. she wants to open a modelagency. and Pictures with "Meeting fans"

No. 214704

She must have bought most of her instagram followers anyway, because her photos don't get that many likes

No. 214710

Well I won't judge her intelligence, but she does seem to be Dutch like Gaya. Or a Flemish Belgian.

Also, I agree the shoop ruins her.

No. 214715

She makes it sound like it's impossible to live in Japan, lol. Well, we all know better than that.

No. 214721

Says the one who's married to a Japanese guy for a visa and doesn't do any proper work. Besides that, I haven't seen a single post of her in Japanese, does she even speak it?

No. 214745

I wanna punch her in the face. This post needs to be deleted. She seriously has no idea about how Japan actually works.

No. 214759

lol has she ever thought about how all these English teachers get their visa?
She obviously has no idea.

No. 214777

She lists English as her most fluent language on her CV but writes like a child. Is she trying to prove how Japanese she is by writing in broke English like Mira?

No. 214807

Wow wtf is she retarded. This is embarrassing to read. Spouts racist stereotypes 'nah guys its ok Im not racist'. Its not hard to get a working visa youre just an uneducated eurotrash

No. 214818

I'm the anon that linked that, and I'm European too. Not all of us are this uneducated about visas.

But yeah as for her, she indeed has no idea, and is just misinforming people with this if anything.

No. 214842

It's not that far from the truth. It's ever so slightly easier than this but not by much. It is heaps hard to get a work visa without a bachelors degree. Though it is possible if you can find a company that wants you bad enough and you can prove years of expertize in your field.

There are ways around it but it's no walk in the park. Usually places that provide visas will work you like a slave for little pay and you are trapped to work that until you get married or somehow survive 5-10years successfully getting your visa renewed and paying taxes properly each year.

No. 214858

The information that you can renew the student visa for an unlimited time is also wrong. You get 2 years at a language school and then it depends on your finances and school if you are able to go to college or university and only then your visa gets renewed.

No. 215057

What happend to karolina maekawa?

No. 215064

She deleted her instagram right?

No. 215073

And her fb

No. 215201

judging from her instagram, her japanese is utter shit
I don't think she can actually speak it

No. 215234

You do need a degree, but it doesn't really matter in what for many jobs. It's not like it was especially hard in Japan…

No. 215820

File: 1481958656533.png (161.48 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-12-17-16-07-34…)

This is so sad made him.a birthday cake and everything. I wonder if shiena will ever really get over his death

No. 215848


Why don't you ask her instead of posting here?

No. 215852


Why don't you ask her instead of posting here?

No. 215935

Andddd a white knight appears

No. 215939

Shannon is so annoying
I can't stand her

No. 215944

File: 1481990445778.jpeg (78.44 KB, 573x516, image.jpeg)

No. 215961

She wrote in the comments that she is Japanese that's how she can stay in Japan

No. 215968

File: 1481995289784.png (42.54 KB, 425x616, weird.png)

No. 215983

She doesn't look Japanese at all. Just like any other white gaijin weeb. She could be best friends with Mira. Both delusional af.

No. 216009

File: 1482003236491.jpg (32.72 KB, 750x421, Oh-God-Why-1441254997129236413…)

No. 216113

And he treated her like absolute trash too

No. 216122


her contour is hideous. how has no one told her yet? i bet it looks even worse irl.

No. 216258

This is just a flat out raging weeb with extremely over photoshopped pictures. Look at the video of her with the gundam behind her. Her face looks like that of a fat goblin.

No. 216313

Honestly when I first saw pictures of her, I thought it was a guy crossdressing or going for the "jrock" look.

No. 216417

Just because one doesn't look Japanese or have a drop of Japanese blood in them doesn't mean that their nationality cannot be Japanese depending on whether she was born in Japan or somehow got citizenship.

Not defending her or anything, but there are a ton of kids of white missionarys that were born and live here and therefore have Japanese citizenship.

No. 216428

Really? I assume that they obtained it later in life because citizenship in Japan doesn't work like that. You can be born in Japan and not be considered a citizen, hence Zainichi Koreans for generations.

No. 216437

No, they don't. Do you know anything about Japan? Japan doesn't give citizenship to people simply because they were born in the country. You have to have Japanese blood. Do your research.

No. 216479

She is married to a Japanese guy and only has spouse visa. Doesn't make her Japanese you idiot.

No. 216489

She can apply for Japanese Citizenship in some years, it's called a Naturalization progress but it's hard.
However, she realizes people will forever ask her where she is from, and people won't accept "Japanese" as an answer because she does not even look Japanese. So people will dig into it more and ask more questions. Even if she changes her nationality people won't view her as a Japanese person. Let's hope she grows out of the weebing phase by then.

No. 216496

She is already 26

No. 216497


Wow, really? There must be something wrong with her mind then.

No. 216779

Naturalization isn't that crazy hard, especially if you're married. The requirements are pretty much the same as for permanent residence, just that you have to speak some Japanese and give up your original citizenship.
But as was said, even if she got Japanese citizenship people won't view her as Japanese.

No. 216788

Funny how you all are here getting butt-hurt while wasting time debating some girls nationality and her referring to herself as Japanese.

This thread has honestly gone to shit. This girl has no milk, just like all the others that have been posted.

Ya'll be bored.

No. 216791

That girl is like mira
I can feel the milk

No. 216792

Hello whiteknight

No. 216796

I asked about her on another board.

She states she's a cosplay model, but in reality she's just has adult shoots, and did unsuccessful pron/JAV.

Some years ago, in 2012, when she still lived in Belgium she also arranged a convention called Hoshicon, which was a total fail, and she seems to have lied about all types of things back then too.

I think we can just conclude that this girl is delusional. Back then about Hoshicon, and nowadays about being a model, and Japanese. She has plenty of milk I could link here, but to be honest, I just find it quite sad how someone can live in their own little fantasy world like that. Let's just hope someday, she'll snap out of it.

No. 216907

You can't get Japanese citizenship from birth. You have to have at least one native Japanese parent for that to happen.

It's also pretty much a waste of time, and useless to become naturalized in Japan. You might as well just stay a permanent resident. You have to give up your current citizenship(s) and no Japanese people will ever recognize you as Japanese anyway after it all.

No. 216931

iirc even the owner of jlist stuck with permanent residency. It's the way to go.

No. 217203

No. 217206

Lolol she's so fucking famous.

No. 217212

File: 1482144714508.jpeg (33.99 KB, 540x405, stop.jpeg)

Her real name is Kelly van Gorp. This girl needs to stop already.

No. 217220

Her fb account was closed because she used a fake name and it's back again with a fake name

No. 217224

we are not debating. It's clear that she isn't Japanese though and hasn't even been living there long enough to apply for japanese citizenship. You sound triggered

No. 217235

omg Sairu!
I never paid much attention to her because I wasn't interested in the Belgian/Flemish con scene back then, but I do remember that years ago even mentioning Sairu's name was a surefire way to derail any Dutch language thread on /cgl/. She selfposted a lot, too.
>brb archives

No. 217238

File: 1482151130994.jpg (93.93 KB, 960x720, hoshicon.jpg)

So apparently someone asked about her in the current /cgl/ Dutch thread (one of you I guess?) and someone else linked
which is an entire thread about her failure of a convention way back in 2012.
>pic related
>polite sage for old milk and dramu nostalgia

No. 217254

Anon, read >>216796. If you link that, you might as well drop the other link that anon posted too (of her pron work), and spill all the milk on her.

No. 217937

whoaaaa the first real cow in a long time. People throw around weeb so loosely lately I started to forget this is what a real one looks/acts like.

No. 218278

I just saw Kisu at haneda airport international terminal walking down to the railways with another guy. Visa hopping?

No. 218467

oh lol Sairu, never thought I'd see milk from my own country in here.
Unfortunately I can't contribute anything more since I pretty much had left the cosplay scene already when she showed up.

No. 218521


No. 218624

Charlotte moved on with her visa guy. The same guy who paid her language school. She hates him so why

No. 218646

No. 218649

He looked foreign

No. 218654

every week or so there's a new post like this. 'I saw Kisu here' 'I saw Kisu there.' Out of interest, how many years are you planning on stalking her?? Are we going to be getting updates well into 2017 and beyond? Or will you seek help for your fucking creepy obsession??

No. 218656

i forgot the Name of her friend.but his nickname was jin. maybe that was him

No. 218710

I have a picture but I may be in trouble if I post that on here.

No. 218760

I actually agree with this. Why does this person always mention seeing Kisu. Clearly a samefag trying to warm up powdered milk.

Post pics or don't mention her. No one cares.

No. 218762

Why would you be in trouble. That means that you probably know her?

No. 220904

File: 1482576687713.png (584.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 221445

what possesses people to think this looks good

No. 221594

File: 1482709395985.jpeg (181.61 KB, 640x789, image.jpeg)

Who is that girl again?

No. 222000

Chriss or her Japanese nickname Sho ….Some britfag who's living the dream as a "DJ" and "model" after originally coming over for Vantan hair/makeup classes.
Now is just sitting on an expired visa and constantly posting about getting drunk. Really annoying in person and can't DJ for shit.

No. 222004

She used to attend every Jrock gig in the UK and post pictures of her exclusively hanging out with Japanese/Hafu fans

No. 222005

and next to her is her bf?

No. 222013

I remember she said she worked "in the industry" to like everyone…but didn't she just do write ups for a shitty blog? I met her at an event in Japan a few months ago because of mutuals but she was rude to the whole group but mainly kept only trying to talk to the Japanese friends we were with and shouting bad Japanese slang…

No. 222019

Lmao YES! She was just a writer for an awful VK blog. I have a lot of mutuals with her, at one point a huge group of us went out for a meal. There were three Japanese guys, a Japanese girl and a Hafu girl. For the entire meal Chriss basically ignored her actual friends and was only interested in speaking shit Japanese to the people I just mentioned. I dunno if her language skills have improved since then though, this was back in 2013 iirc.

No. 222167

File: 1482792739076.jpeg (110.05 KB, 640x690, image.jpeg)

No. 222598

File: 1482849126482.jpg (104.53 KB, 1138x328, kjbhuv.jpg)

Nah the usual name I hear when she's spoken of is BITCH.

No. 222604

horseface katie won again the kawaii tv contest lmao

No. 222608


No. 222615

Oh got fucking chris shes so cringy and embarrassing to be around. She never went to vantan hair and makeup she went to the shitty language school which didnt help her japanese at all cause its still pathetic as shit.

No. 222673

Anything new about emma?

No. 222678


Probably shagged her way to the top anon apparently she's got a rep for that. I dont know why she's got so much popularity she's ugly as sin.

What part of England is she actually from btw?

No. 222689

She went to Vantan. Her graduation show was right after my friends' so she was lining up backstage with her grad project as we were wrapping up.

No. 222754

Lol I remember this girl! I met her once through a distant mutual - she literally acted like she couldn't speak English and every time someone Asian walked by, she and her equally cringy friends started talking in broken Japanese really loudly.

No. 222790

Omg shiena…Bragging about how she STILL can't read fucking katakana properly. Not cute girl

No. 222841

When i knew her she was at the vantan language school telling everyyone that she went to vantan and did shitty modelling gigs for the a actual students lol this was 2014

No. 222856

Read English properly. She didn't say she can't read katakana. Just that she skims through it and sometimes assumes the wrong word

No. 223101

File: 1482944677045.jpg (87.85 KB, 743x306, bullshit.jpg)

working visa??? no way lol

No. 223120


Isn't she married? Her last name is Tsuda. I don't know where she is from but he most likely won't need a working visa to live in her home country. Some countries want the foreign spouse to be able to communicate in the native language of the country, that could be an issue.
Maybe she got married but kept her working visa but a working visa with 21 years? I don't think her post is legit.

No. 223125


I would like to correct myself, looks like they are engaged but she has been using his last name for quite a while. Maybe not officially but she sent a bunch of letters with Tsuda stating her last name, can be viewed on her instagram. She just turned 22 that means she came to Japan when she was 20. I doubt someone would sponsor a working visa for a 20 year old unless you are a genius or she is working at a shady place and the sponsor faked a bunch of stuff.

No. 223130

guess she is lies about that
she is romanian. do they have working holiday visas?

No. 223144

they married in april

No. 223287

>>221594 whats her social media?

No. 223724

not relevant to any specific foreigner, but relevant enough for this thread I guess
Any Americans in Japan ever put off by how Europeans have a tendency to throw you under the bus by blurting out American stereotypes whenever they possibly can?
"Just remember to be QUIET when you're on transportation, this isn't New York."
"Well I mean Americans will never be as culturally conscious as us."

I attended language school in Tokyo for a few months and honestly the "normal" and polite students consisted of the Americans, Chinese, and a small handful of the Europeans. The Europeans in my class were mostly spergs without any reason to study Japanese besides for picking up SO's and the like with a superioty complex to boot. Anyone else have is experience? Come to think of it, a lot of the embarrassing gaijin on this site are from Europe.

Sage for not being person specific

No. 223727

From my experience I can say that Chinese were the worst students. Always late, most of the time absent, never doing homework, barely able to do conversation, rude Japanese, no manner and some even came in cosplay to school lol. Most of the Japanese people I know (teachers and coworker) hate Chinese people.

No. 223732

lol same experience for me in Seoul.

No. 223780

I generally found chinese and americans to be the most loud and obnoxious as tourists. For those living here they tend to be very judgmental and sensitive to nearly everything like they walk with a chip on their shoulder. Europeans tend to be kinda on the snobby side that I'd agree with you. Aussies tend to be outgoing and nice if you can get past them saying cunt every few seconds. Americans tend overreact to Aussie language.

No. 223828

European here.
Sorry, but Americans are on Chinese-level when it comes to manners. You personally may not be an ill-mannered idiot, but whenever I see a white person being a cunt on public transportation it's most likely an American. Why do you need to shout at people to make conversation? Why is your luggage on a seat when there are people standing? (Why are people from English-speaking countries so fucking bad at speaking Japanese?)
And yes, you personally may not do any of these things, but people tend to remember the few idiots who are from a country far away from their own. Because tbh I do differentiate between European countries, and as they are closer to my heart I tend to not stereotype their people as much. With Americans I get more of a "They're all idiots, except for the few Americans I like"-feeling.

No. 223840


Thats Americans in genera anon. It was the same here in the UK I was in Topshop there was a pile of American girls in there too, bland and dull as every and they kept boasting how their fashion sense back home was better. It pissed me off. Like if its so great then go home and shop then. They talk so damn loud.

Chinese are ignorant cunts and again in the UK recently due to the Christmas sales fuck knows where they've come from but the amount of Chinese students/tourists that have emerged for sales is ridiculous. They push you out the way, demand Selfridges staff to speak Mandarin and Cantonese rudely and then cuss you off in their own language while flipping about their cash while still dressed like basic messes with basic ugly designer gear. Bettings to none that they only buy it to flash about back home at dodgy company meetings or their friends in the 'who is the richest' competitions.

Pathetic twats

No. 223841


I off to Tokyo this year and I'm dreading the weirdos from other parts of Europe and Americans. I can't wait to bump into a bunch of other foreigners get the glare or be asked how good my Japanese is then have the "Well MINE IS BETTER DAN URS" like oh fuck off.

I hate that so much.

No. 223845

I gotta ask, is it worth it to go to Japan? I feel like it's like a weeb pilgrimage you have to do at least once but is it really worth the $5,000+ to go? I've been reading through all this and I just don't see why these snowflakes are doing everything up to prostitution just to stay in Japan

Or maybe I'm just jaded after my Koreaboo friend bled her parents dry to go to Seoul because "precious sheltered child has never traveled!" and won't stop trying to get dead grandpa's money to go back for a year to seduce guys for a haffu baby and that's what I'm seeing here but for Japan.

No. 223847

Northwestern European here. I don't really have anything against Americans (just neutral? lol). But Northern Americans (US + Canada) in Japan do tend to overreact imo with the whole "omg wow Japan, I love it" attitude. It's kinda funny to see though, so I don't hate it. But it's just strange to see for me. We Northwestern Europeans tend to be more down to earth and cool headed (even if we like/love Japan).

That totally depends what your own connection with the country is.

No. 223871

Also agree with Europeans in Japan spouting American stereotypes like it's the only thing their mothers coached them to say.
I also went to a language school over here and what do you know, the Europeans couldn't give a care in the world about learning the language as opposed to sperging out in the most touristy of areas and attempting to make the Americans feel like ignorant loudmouthed idiots when it was actually the other way around. Ignorance really is bliss when you're halfway across the world with a complex lmao

No. 223932

Can you guys chill and go back to topic?

This is kind of random but did Ashley go back to the US with her son for good?
Her instagram looms like they haven't been in japan for months

No. 223938

Been wondering the same thing. It seems she's also completely dropped gyaru. Her new look is more instagram.

No. 224008

What's her instagram now? I remember when the original Ashley drama went down in gyaru_secrets about her claiming to be half… It was glorious.

No. 224045

Her husband has also not been in any pics since forever but she still uses his lastname. Did they seperate?

>>224008 its @tsuyameki

No. 224060

oh yikes I just realized a massive yellow fever whore I know of is friends with her. Not surprising but… yup.

No. 224066

The separated. She went running home to mommy and daddy because she's incapable of being independent for long and Taiyo is a man-child.

No. 224162

Really? Funny how in the end, all the weebs choose not to stay in Japan. I'm one of them though I sometimes miss the crazy times in tokyo

No. 224173


Couple of familiar faces on here, worth a quick laugh.
Looks like such a high-standard and professional agency, huh?

No. 224181

Looool model my ass

No. 224199

That's a short list of jobs for Fin this year kek
and I know some of those gigs were not paid. Still wondering how she pays the bills. I heard she goes to language school now too for her new visa?

No. 224206

In the last gaijin in japan thread pics of her at kirari were posted. So prostitution probably

No. 224228

Most expats eventually go back to their own country dipshit. Especially if they're from a 1st world country. Not a weeb thing

No. 224853

Funny how most of the dumb fuck up bitches mentioned in this thread are from Europe and Australia and you all are bashing on Americans lol.

No. 224866

She honestly has one of the cutest babies ever.

No. 226614

Have you missed all the dumb fuck Americans posted on this thread? Nice rose tinted glasses.

No. 226711

Yeah hes cute as fuck. I hope hes raised well..

No. 226717

Nice elementary comeback anon lol

No. 227892


I'm surprised no one has bitten into this Leela rose girl. She's just you're guys' type. She's a "model", on the chubby side, someone who is actually perpetuating that white girls permiscous side, obviously has a thing for just about any Japanese guy etc.

She's everything you guys nitpick on all the jfashion community girls for but hasn't been brought up. Why? Obviously because those aren't the real reasons why people chew on people on this thread now is it?

No. 227893

Ahahahaha what a puece of shit shes gross as fuck

No. 227894

Loool social experiment my ass. Idk how these videos still get made.
She sounds and looks extremely stupid…
Btw anon, the reason no one was nitpicking about her is that we didn't know about her. So thanks for the introduction I guess?

No. 227939

As other anon said we would go at her too if we knew about her. The girls in the thread already mentioned are active on social media and in circles people in this thread are familiar with or have met so it's easy to get new milk or recognize them. I've actually never seen this Leela girl before this video. Any social media or other info about her? On her profile it says she's a flight attendant so I guess she doesn't live in Japan?

No. 227957

She's already been brought up in another thread newfag

No. 227962

This has already been posted in the cringe thread

No. 228093

>wants more Asian men representation in Hollywood
>makes out with random men in Japan
>look how progressive and openminded I am!!!

Those insane Asian guys on Reddit love this while she's just enforcing the foreign women are easy-stereotype to the Japanese, lol.

No. 228396

On her fb it says she lives in minato-ku tokyo. I only seen her fb.

No. 229922

so when did iren tsuda marry?

No. 230798

File: 1484061978489.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Still in japan and working together with gaya

No. 230883

たすけて - help
Lol what?

No. 230959


"Only people who know what I mean - help me!"
助けて、困ってる and shit like that is internet slang for when u r looking for sugar daddies

No. 230968

File: 1484085413945.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 230980

Why is she working together with Gaya?

No. 230981

They were together
Late at night. Probably 3P at a hotel in kabuki

No. 230982

You saw them? That's interesting

No. 230989

Does she really think that this selfie does her face any favors?

No. 230991

That duck-lip…

No. 231053

Are you sure?

No. 231195

yep. their gyaruru profile was next to each other

No. 231201

Just because the profiles are next to each other doesn't mean they work together.

No. 231233


Is that Sandra?

No. 231237

Mrs. piggy is back in Japan

No. 231240

No. 231250

It means they were in close proximity to each other though

No. 231257

No. 231260

Not at all. I have seen profiles from people popping up aside of gaya, shiena and so on even though the person was definitely NOT in Japan at that time. Gyaruru is using a very strange algorithm

No. 231275


No. 231279

some people use fake gps

No. 231293

How do you know she is in Japan?

No. 231297

lorena is bored or angry her thread is going well so she creates some lies again

No. 231301

Good try, but I'm not Lorena. She posted it on Facebook.

No. 231305

you sound as gross as her

No. 231307

Shut up Melissa

No. 231308

you sound like a stalker. too much free time?

No. 231311

Post screenshot or it didn't happen idiot

No. 231313

This chick, comes back from a tropical vacation a few days ago, needs another spa treatment just a few days later. https://www.instagram.com/p/BPHu2q3gXS-/?taken-by=arisucookie

No. 231315

And you people are what ?

No. 231318

She looks so ridiculous with these big head bows

No. 231320

Could someone please enlighten me about all this Melissa drama? I know everyone hates her but what exactly did she do?

No. 231323

She hates Sere afaik and not sure if that is true but some people say that she stalked some girls at deai cafes to take pictures and expose them.

No. 231333

Everybody? Only the gyaru prostitute gang

No. 231335

She should stop wearing liz lisa

No. 231337

Melissa hates everyone who lives in Japan. She barely has any friends as she shittalks everyone and she usually treats everyone like shit.

No. 231338

I think she was at least the one who sneeked a photo of kisu and a friend while they were talking to customers on the street to come to their soapland.

Wasn't she also the one who published lorenas address first?

No. 231341

Can someone post that kisu picture ?
Proof or it didn't happen

No. 231347

It's in one of the previous threads or in the kisu thread, just go and search there

No. 231371

Melissa is the biggest cow in the thread. She got kicked out of the date cafe for taking videos, she hates all other foreign girls in Japan and has no friends.
I bet she made this thread.

No. 231377

I never saw a picture like that as well. Made up bullshit by melissa I guess.

No. 231384

File: 1484153722545.jpg (69.34 KB, 731x590, IMG_0258.JPG)

Topkek at the name

No. 231414


Why do all of them wear Delyle, Duras, Datura, Titty and Liz Lisa? Whores and liars seem loving to shop at 109 but it's always the same brands.

No. 231489

Lorena is talking to herself again.

No. 231497

There isn't a photo

No. 231509

File: 1484172163317.jpeg (90.29 KB, 640x658, image.jpeg)


No. 231667

She seems to do a lot of "photoshoots". For what exactly? Those soft porn photobooks they have in Japan? Curious.

No. 231670

She could eat half an apple in one bite damn those chompers

No. 231750

She keeps saying she is a fulltime english teacher. Sure. How come you have so much free time then, a vacation outside the country every 2nd month, and a photoshoot every week? No fulltime employer wants you away from his job for a week every 2nd month. Also lol with her thinking she is good at keeping her marriage a secret, I think she is even lying to her friends.

No. 231754

I had to laugh so hard about her heartwarming dream of living in Japan post.
The only thing I could think about while reading was
>sure babe, weren't you the one who just went off to marry the guy who gave her a boob job?

No. 231761

Not to mention that the guy is also a gaijin hunter and used to stalk her on instagram.

No. 231855

Her teeth look totally normal to me.

No. 231896


Her smile is super fake on literally all her insta pics. That nose isn't doing much for her either.

No. 231899

the more she tries to write in that sugary, fake-sweet style, the more of an insincere bitch she sounds like.

No. 231900

she dresses up and then her husband takes photos of her.
that's it.
that's what makes her a model.

No. 231911


Idk what problem everyone has, I think she's very pretty

No. 231915

Alice is ugly af. That horse face with caked on heavy make up isn't doing her any favors. She also looks the same in every single picture.

No. 231930

She has nice hair though.