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File: 1658704684644.jpeg (603.21 KB, 2048x1638, 2A96051B-A85F-4707-A2E5-59C0FE…)

No. 1596608

Soy Salvatore/ Sully Hill:
>25 year old illegal British scrote living in US
>Groomed wife while she was underaged
>Troon fucker
>Soy films content with Shayna Clifford aka Fatty Mattel >>1346080, >>1345781, gets dragged on sex work twitter
>Wears Fupa inspired lady driving gloves >>1345885, during their “shoot” >>1345888,
>Sully scrubs all content and interactions with Shay from his accounts after getting called out and pretends the L.A content never happens but farmers take screencaps before evidence is gone >>1346164, >>1346301,
>>1346446, >>1347017, >>1347038, >>1347334, >>1348104, >>1348107
>Filmed porn in airbnb without permission
>Anon was able to find airbnb posting because pictures shared by Shay and Soy. Pillows and couch matched listing found in Los Angeles
>Airbnb owner is looking into pressing charges >>1346638, >>1346651, and since then has changed listing for a zero tolerance porn rule >>1346472,
>Sully’s wife, Kaylee Hill**, @BabyKay_8 on Twitter, has a mental breakdown while her husband presses a dirty vibrator against Shayna’s snatch >>1346280, has zero food in fridge as well >>1346282, but sex work is real work!!
>Pick me wife doesn’t care because Soy gives her 2 inches of pencil penis >>1346811, >>1346836, along with constant UTIs from unprotected sex with troons and hamplanets >>1347490,
>Anon finds evidence Sully is a groomer >>1350398, and groomed his wife into marriage
>Sully Hill is in the United States illegally and doesn’t have a green card >>1346760,
>Claims lolcow is doxxing him even though all information was made public by him >>1350493, >>1349695, >>1362631
>Soy makes angry profile bio updates on soundcloud like a true beta male >>1349909, >>1349987, >>1350170,

Kaylee Hill /Baby_Kay8

Suki Brown/Puppikkuma:
>21 they/them “blasian” obese sex worker
>“woke” communist twitterfag
>Has been a sex worker since age 16 >>1363341, which is basically just pan handling on Twitter
>Has a gofundme to get away from “abusive” home
>currently cancelling Sully Hill and Shayna Clifford >>1362623, >>1363081, >>1363660,
>Claims she did her duty to protect the Jews by calling out Shaynus >>1363115,
>Admits to lurking Shayna’s threads and posts a screenshot from lolcow as proof to cancel Soy >>1362763,


Notable e-whores:
>23 year old e-whore with ugly tattoos
>Works part time as a stripper and part time pan handling degenerate
>Claims she’s quitting Onlyfans almost daily because she gets no money
>Whines and bitches about how all her customers suck and she is going to quit unless they give her money
>Claims strip club scrotes call her fat
>Claims to want a girlfriend and is so gay but calls other women bitches and makes misogynistic tweets all the time

Lana Bee/ @itslanabee
>They/them e-whore furry who makes a living off fetishizing dogs.
>Mutuals with Shayna Clifford/ Dolly Mattel.
>Complains about being depressed all the time on Twitter >>1550555,
>Just as mental and just as much of an attention whore as Shayna

Last thread Summary: (not milky)
>Soy gets a corset and can’t stop taking pictures in it.
>Soy continues to get bullied by the whore community for the Shayna Clifford collaboration.
>Soy wears lingerie and continues to be on the border of trooning out >>1375002,
>Tik tok takes down Soy’s video and he bitches and moans about it >>1436688, even though it’s against the guidelines to wear fetish gear on an all ages app.
>Soy e-begs for a couch >>1437912,
>E-whore Salem Silence makes a tiktok warning other whores not to collaborate with Soy >>1530204, >>1530937,
>Salem no long feels safe because of Soy boy >>1534638, she returns to her normie job because she only made $200 doing sex work >>1539593,
>Lana Bee bitching about how her OF content keeps getting leaked because she’s too retarded to understand that you can’t permanently erase your internet posts, and it’s archived forever >>1539914,
>Soy gets temp banned on onlyfans for making a role play rape video >>1547545, in true beta fashion he complains about it even though it’s against OF’s rules. He makes a fansly >>1547551,
>Description of said video >>1547670,
>He’s proud of his low budget crack den porn video >>1551241, thinks he’s an uwu edgy daddydom
>HD photo of ugly Brit, Sully Hill’s face warning NSF >>1555086,
>He got his onlyfans back >>1557327,
>Anon finds Soy doing puke porn >>1558697,

No. 1596609

kek, great pic OP. I don't follow this thread but saw it in the mainpage and had a big giggle.

No. 1596610

There’s nothing to follow really unless anyone has any milk. It’s mostly a “let’s all laugh at Soy” thread

No. 1596614

File: 1658704965108.jpeg (659.74 KB, 1242x1619, 3CF4A3C1-C047-487C-A6E2-8087B8…)

Pixie butterfacepixie keeps trying to spread “awareness” about Belle Delphine’s past scams. But she’s totally not just jealous because she’s making more money and is arguably way better looking than Fugly pixie. Like coomers really give a shit.

No. 1596619

File: 1658705161535.jpeg (424.91 KB, 1242x1460, A8DD309E-EFE6-4E7A-AEA1-6EB894…)

Not even white knighting belle because she’s a cow herself but it’s funny how e whores get jealous of others and try to cancel them for shit that isn’t problematic as the shit they do. Shayna with Nazi allegations when she does pedopandering. Now Pixie is holding on to the the stolen nudes scandal because she can’t call out pedo pandering without being cancelled by the age play community. They’re all so stupid

No. 1596622

File: 1658705226219.jpeg (353.62 KB, 1242x1213, 0E824492-D3AA-4AFD-B326-86E398…)

Pixie is seething because none of belles scrote followers care about the scams and don’t want her crusty faceless nudes

No. 1596624

File: 1658705283079.jpeg (657.85 KB, 1242x1664, CC65F827-15AB-4293-A339-E11284…)

maybe it’s not good money as other because you’re ugly

No. 1596786

What message is amouranth talking about? Why post your screenshots about millions in income and act as if it’s a statement and not to show off or get attention? I thought she was being a whore to help animals or some shit but all I’ve heard is she bought a 7/11. Where’s all those animal sanctuaries huh you sure can afford it now please correct me if I’m wrong

No. 1596830

File: 1658719614918.jpeg (857.57 KB, 1242x1631, B797C6A7-EF4A-46E4-A8C8-4D9E9B…)

this is so creepy and weird to me

No. 1596831

No. 1596906

sexualizing her child before it even has a chance to leave the womb. Disturbing.

No. 1596915

Yeah some people need to really not ever be parents

No. 1596924

All OF thots are mentally ill, you can not change my mind.

No. 1596941

I hope she has a miscarriage holy shit that’s bleak(a-log)

No. 1596955

Pornifying the unborn

No. 1597011

When you're irreversably fundamentally disconnected from your own body and your sexuality has been perverted and twisted beyond repair to please moids

No. 1597131

Somehow this is worse than all the pedo pandering because a literal fetus is involved. Disgusting.

No. 1597192

Am I surprised nearly all of them have tattoos? No.

No. 1598501

and if she was having a boy what would she have said? "growing a future beta cuck"?

No. 1601066

File: 1659071545048.jpeg (206.98 KB, 828x723, B2CFFF97-C593-4399-B402-ABF4C7…)

If the shoe fits, you ugly piece of shit. None of you onlyfats degenerates are “survival sex workers”, you’re just lazy, narcissistic, misogynistic, pedophilic grifters

No. 1601069

Consensual kink? Didn’t he whine about getting banned from Onlyfans because of his rape porn…nooo you see it’s totally different because we’re just acting out a violent rape scenario not actually committing the crime, just selling it for profit as something to get off to which couldn’t possibly be harmful or offensive. Easy solution, just throw in the prude/Puritan/fascist accusation and easily dismiss any criticisms of that concept!

No. 1601079

Newfag to sw cows but she seems based. It's good to warn young girls and not enforcing this idea that sw is easy and won't scar you for your whole life.

No. 1601082

File: 1659073504306.gif (24.4 KB, 506x67, 883C2723-A807-41CC-96C5-D9EE29…)

>calling a whore based

No. 1601100

She literally calls onlyfans good (because her pedo pandering creepy blurred pics happen to appeal to the target audience) and barely talks about the downside. The middle of the road earning hoes always have these reality checks when they get upset at not making millions like top earners, all she’s doing is stating the obvious which you’d have to be a retard to think as fact without acknowledging the effects of the actual sex work on young women lured by money. Why not say most girls hate it and will quit and the reality is everyone you know will see your content and treat you differently, you can never erase it from your past.

No. 1601143

Let me guess… this has something to do with rape play, doesn’t it? Or as these weirdos like to put it, “consensual non-consent.” First of all, that’s a misnomer. How can you consent to something that’s non-consensual? You can’t consent to rape. Rape is not a kink, period. And they claim that it can be used as a form of rehabilitation or recovery. Yeah right. Find better coping mechanisms and stop re-victimizing yourself. No one gives a fuck about real rape victims feelings anyway. Society doesn’t care about them. But we’re suppose cater to them and their rape “fetish?” Just because they’re supposedly a victim doesn’t mean they should be allowed to spread dangerous and harmful rhetoric.

No. 1601144

stares in CPS

No. 1601149

Why can’t he just keep it off Twitter. No one not even other whores want to see rape play fantasies

No. 1601193

File: 1659092621262.jpeg (229.65 KB, 828x613, E118CC9B-79AB-4DBC-888A-AEDB0B…)

lmao cope and seethe, soycuck

No. 1601248

Bet you it includes him so… he’s wrong already.

No. 1601345

Holy fuck.. I know that many men (mostly pathetic incels) argue that feminists want to make prostitution illegal primarily because of female intrasexual competition and because we "don't want to compete with sex workers", but I think it's much deeper than that. I believe it is because we can sense that the large majority of women who don't have proper sexual boundaries with men pose a danger to not only themselves, but also to their offspring and sometimes to society at large. It's indicative of mental illness, an inability to properly care for others (especially not vulnerable children), not having a strong moral compass and not understanding which behaviors might attract predators or put you in danger. It's like a part of their brain is missing and they cannot understand the consequences of their actions. I cannot imagine taking a picture of yourself like this without wanting to annihilate yourself because you're too ashamed of what you've become.

No. 1601856

File: 1659149668132.jpeg (498.71 KB, 828x941, A57198D8-600B-4344-A1A3-3E3036…)

I really hope he doesn’t have sisters and that he never has a female child, you can’t tell me this disgusting weasel isn’t a predator

No. 1602009

He’s such a disgusting moid. He literally can’t accept that he’s a disgusting rapist freak. I hope he gets deported

No. 1602011

File: 1659165089978.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 583.12 KB, 1536x2048, C64DC37C-2ED9-4600-9C31-3AC5BF…)

Spoilered because it’s fucking disgusting.

Tenshi posting her gross assne and flecks of shit and toilet paper covered butthole for everyone to see. These whores have no shame

No. 1602013

File: 1659165172599.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 153.27 KB, 1242x686, 7FD6E41B-CE4F-4A53-8E37-F3B641…)

Kek at her crying about being fat and ugly as if she’s not making money because she’s a gross, ugly, miserable whore who needs therapy and a real job

No. 1602019

File: 1659165641552.jpeg (283.71 KB, 1242x1201, DB280951-23E1-45FD-8050-F2A1D0…)

The only person interacting with her is gray hair.

No. 1602588

Manifesting this piece of shit getting hit by a car and dying.(a-log)

No. 1604816

File: 1659408392145.jpeg (798.74 KB, 1242x1694, 24D46F98-C0BC-4D5C-83AF-D69A15…)

Soy is a nasty mf I am baffled at how many women fuck him, not only that but do it UNPROTECTED

No. 1604889

I assume it's because he fucks anything and anybody, when you have no standards then it's easy to find someone. It's only a matter of time before he catches something and speards it around. I refuse to believe he's getting tested or cares if the women and troons he's fucking gets one. He's really a disgusting scrote.

No. 1604937

Not to vagina sperg, but why does her labia go all the way back to her bootyhole? I'm so confused, this almost looks like a neovagina from the TIM thread.

crackheads and BPDchans

No. 1604942

Wtf it looks like she has another, smaller vagina. Also why is there gravel stuck on it.

No. 1604976

I'm not gonna look up prolapsed anus but having never seen an asshole that looks like that, I'm just gonna take a wild guess.

No. 1604991

yeah, I think this is the answer

No. 1605060

Right? It’s like she has no perineum

No. 1605064

File: 1659445136000.jpeg (129.83 KB, 785x1153, B49B6DC5-13A3-4C82-BB31-8195D5…)

Darcy Nycole shooping herself beyond human recognition. How does she think she looks attractive and normal

No. 1605085


If she does a lot of anal stuff then its probably haemorrhoids, fucking gross

No. 1605470

Ew it looks gross. Why does it look so red and irritated

No. 1605471

That eyeliner and makeup is atrocious

No. 1605481

File: 1659480888228.jpeg (686.87 KB, 1242x1554, 7BB48F7F-6CC2-46AC-BD66-331D25…)


No. 1605484

File: 1659480993164.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1242x1878, 71F79DAA-392D-4F96-8C13-9A667A…)

why does her anus look like that? Looks like yellow crusted shit or something

No. 1605489

File: 1659481169020.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1242x1271, 14372305-AF89-4E48-BA42-296004…)

I’m going to barf the way you can see crust crumbs and long hair coming out of her butthole with a skintag-esque thing coming out of it

No. 1605494

File: 1659481370664.jpeg (363.46 KB, 1242x703, FA19FE40-3C67-49D3-9F33-E90198…)

a misogynist’s karma.

No. 1605531

NoWK but have you ever looked at your sphincter in a mirror babe

No. 1605724

She apparently works in a sex toy store but can’t afford food even with sex work on top. Wtf is she spending her money on kek. You can get food at the dollar tree it’s shit but at least it’s food

No. 1605728

If I wasn't already convinced you were a vendetta-chan, I'm now convinced you're a scrote to boot. Imagine willingly zooming in and nitpicking someone's asshole this regularly. Not even Shaynafags are this bad

No. 1605781

File: 1659519518472.jpeg (186.54 KB, 828x580, A0DBBD15-CA22-4C62-8BE6-2C55C2…)

>2 likes in 2 days
Stupid games, stupid prizes. I’d say it was a glimpse of Soy’s future but that would necessitate him having an actual job, which he doesn’t because Sully Hill aka Sol Salvatore is a lazy, degenerate pedophile and rapist who is in the US illegally and would rather fuck unwashed tranny ass for shekels than contribute anything of value to society

No. 1605787

Shaynafags are bad for zooming in. The amount of butthole sperging they do is insane

No. 1605789

I really just want him deported because there’s no way he’s paying taxes because he’s referred to OF as under the table work so he’s not paying British or American taxes. IRS/tax office needs to get this slimy freak on their radar

No. 1605796

Likewise nona, I loathe this repulsive scrote so much. He can’t be making that much either because all he does is retweet and retweet and retweet his own old garbage, the Shayna effect is probably catching up with him (ie even other degenerates don’t want to work with him)
I was gonna say, that anon can’t have spent much time in Shat’s thread if she doesn’t think the autistic zooming in there isn’t as bad

No. 1605894

I hate the men who do SW more than I hate the women. This man needs to go lay in a hole

No. 1605988

thats gross but like why are you zooming in on her asshole so much

No. 1606157

Kek it's true…buttholes in general aren't pretty. They're not all dirty though, like it's not hard to keep them clean. All it takes is using wetwipes instead of tp

No. 1606187

File: 1659558536708.jpeg (521.2 KB, 1242x733, 4A80E08F-65CE-42AF-A65C-496DE9…)

Kek a scrote took Tenshit grocery shopping embarrassing

No. 1606189

Why are you white knighting ten shit she has a skin tag coming out of her ass. You don’t need to zoom in to notice that…

No. 1606190

File: 1659558683703.jpeg (755.08 KB, 1242x1507, 79225788-C1CA-439D-A0AF-E77D02…)

Kek sex workers totally take inspiration from Shayna Clifford and Tenshii. They are both so fucking delusional and broke

No. 1606192

File: 1659558770647.jpeg (467.4 KB, 1242x1062, 0F31C992-2E0F-487B-B1AC-DC1ED2…)

Get a fucking job holy hell. I mean you can even walk dogs or flip burgers. It’s not that hard, lazy bitch

No. 1606195

File: 1659559032295.jpeg (407.66 KB, 1242x1258, F063C364-FA2F-44E3-8465-9F316C…)

No. 1606220

Get a job with hourly pay ffs.

No. 1606231


No. 1606271

bartenders get tips, too. there are other options out there… so you dont have to beg for groceries

No. 1606315

this girl doesn't look like she's ever gone hungry in her life, wasn't she just bitching about how she needs to lose weight for her coomers?

No. 1606394

This repulsive scrote is raging MAGAtard Mike Slack of Missouri who follows his own daughter’s sex work account, buys her sex toys and almost certainly molested her. He is Shayna’s number two coomer and he makes me want to a-log as much as Sullied Hill does

No. 1606398

what is she “going through” that she can’t go to mcdonalds dot com and fill out an application?

No. 1606430

Right?! I wanna know what she's "going through" too…

No. 1606500

She does have a job, she mentions working at a sex toy store. Retail doesn’t pay much but it definitely pays enough to buy some cheap groceries from Aldi or the dollar tree. This greedy bitch doesn’t want groceries she wants doordash so she can claim she’s totally dieting but the weight won’t come off

No. 1606502

Tenshi is a walking contradiction. Has a job and does sw claims she has no money? Claims no one sees her work but is apparently the biggest inspo to everyone out there? Claims she’s starving and needs food but tweets about restricting and starving herself? Claims she’s gay and only wants to date women but claims all women are evil and mean to her.

I hate this bitch more than any other cow and I’ve only seen like 10 tweets from this whore

No. 1606566

File: 1659583948151.jpeg (549.5 KB, 1242x1262, 0789C886-273A-4FE6-86B2-4C3682…)

She’s literally the same person as Shayna Clifford just with hideous tattoos all over. Always bitching and moaning, pan handling, writes down everything she plans to do or did that day because she has no one to talk to, and mentions “butt stuff”

No. 1606567

File: 1659584023759.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 84.01 KB, 461x615, 07BA3144-EA91-48D0-B431-C2C7F6…)

She looks so old and haggard

No. 1606574

File: 1659584408946.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1162x1755, 614EABBB-7E6C-4B88-B56D-AF6E79…)

Tenshi also talks about how no one cares about her business, and how much she’s struggling. She relies on Michael Slack’s money to live off of. She does degenerate dog role play. She also complains about her body but won’t exercise. Bad taste in clothes and makeup. Also they both larp as bisexual/pan for scrote attention despite hating women and saying they are evil

No. 1606643

Nice jutting the head forward to hode the mcdouble chin

No. 1606677

She has such a weird face, she’s dopey eyes and pointy. It’s always the ugliest girls who are the most delusional and insufferable. You’d think being ugly she would’ve worked on her personality

No. 1607136

File: 1659632421870.jpeg (241.17 KB, 1125x1317, 15115196-F39E-4698-9C78-6414B9…)

I feel like we need to form a prayer circle to prevent this from happening or something kek, holy shit. Anyone in sex work needs to be sterilized.

No. 1607498

How would she feed and house her supposed child without any money, she’d BPD sperg on her child and god forbid it’s a girl.

No. 1608032

>want to be needed and to be loved
Get a job then buy a dog dumbass. don’t procreate. You’ll pass on your mental illness and raise another shit degenerate

No. 1608037

File: 1659710460665.jpeg (399.45 KB, 1242x860, 8DD40576-BA36-41AC-B52B-F8C17F…)

I think she’s worse than Shayna and a bigger cow

No. 1608041

File: 1659710584261.jpeg (421.76 KB, 1242x1059, 46FF527D-4E2E-480C-AE7C-4B8149…)

Now that she e begged for rent she probably will think she’s capable of raising a child. God I hope she never had children

No. 1608043

File: 1659710671349.jpeg (471.11 KB, 1242x1375, 97B2F8A6-2425-4DC9-AACF-C0118C…)

gatekeeping the ability to show your snatch for money on the internet

No. 1608080

Is anyone interested in a tenshii thread? I agree she’s got big cow potential.

No. 1608108

>>1608043 get a fuckin JOB! My God these people are insufferable

No. 1608302

I don't think there's enough actual milk to warrant a separate thread

No. 1608386

File: 1659741528074.jpeg (310.45 KB, 1242x795, A48C613C-5976-4DE6-A27C-9734A4…)

There’s not just post her rants on this thread she’s insufferable and I think she should be more talked about. She’s so bitter and manipulative I can’t imagine having her as a friend. She sucks the life out of everything if things don’t go her way. Such an immature entitled bitch

No. 1608387

File: 1659741583786.jpeg (422.19 KB, 1242x1051, F89530F9-C383-4C3F-A48C-8D0BB2…)

No. 1608627

File: 1659766421980.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 909.57 KB, 1197x1676, 94FB5F07-FCC6-44A2-BECE-4C33D5…)

Why her thighs bigger than her ass kek looks like it’s on backwards

No. 1608648

Tenshi is the definition of soul sucking/exhausting.

She has no friends because she expects them to fund her life and be there for her at her disposal whilst offering nothing in return

No. 1608728

File: 1659783934221.png (181.96 KB, 500x314, 8189DD29-9345-47A7-9374-3C5D18…)

same photo

No. 1608890

Im usually not one to sperg over cow bodies but what in the absolute hell is this. This looks so bad its almost like she tried to get the hank hill special

No. 1609325

File: 1659843372260.jpeg (240.09 KB, 1242x1541, 7ABE4320-B3CD-43A8-9375-6F82D4…)

How does she have a job but can’t afford $5 for an energy drink and a packet of chips

No. 1609326

File: 1659843417857.jpeg (339.64 KB, 1242x1828, E0DB03F1-DCE8-47C3-99E2-DBB3B1…)

She’s seething because her friend was better at stripping than her. This is not something she should be tweeting to gray hair and the void

No. 1609392

My god she’s fucking insufferable

No. 1609468

I feel like she’s a bigger cow than shaynus at this point.

No. 1609541

>>1609468 Seriously. And that backside is somehow worse than hers. At least Shayna's is all flat, >>1608627 I don't even know what I'm looking at here, "unfortunate" doesn't seem to cover it

No. 1609591

That's not Tenshii's ass though

No. 1609794

I want a tenshii thread tbh

No. 1610251

File: 1659957806940.jpeg (356.42 KB, 1366x2048, D85F238A-DEC3-4BF5-8618-99D05F…)

Yeah she is. But there’s not a lot of info on her.

No. 1610258

"Sit! stay! good girl!"

No. 1610335

I’m not an expert but it looks like granulated tissue after birth from a perineum tear

No. 1610457

Can someone explain to me why all these women are fat as opposed to those in the cam girl thread?

No. 1610463

Because they rely on selling edited pictures of themselves where they make themselves look less fat and gross while the camwhores rely on income from people who actually see them in motion therefore they’re more motivated to actually stay skinny

No. 1610653

File: 1659996625767.png (7.42 MB, 1242x2208, C2FD33B9-FB7C-434C-8C14-22892E…)

the ugly filter and the beer gut

No. 1610654

File: 1659996817295.png (8.14 MB, 1242x2208, E4576318-2308-4C2F-87BD-8D6B98…)

why does every pedo pandering bitch look middle aged?? kek

No. 1610656

File: 1659996853934.jpeg (244.84 KB, 1242x510, 2923831C-2F5A-4AF0-8AA2-984ED3…)

Big Shaynus retweeted her tweet and I found these nasty incest fetish tweets

No. 1610717

ew lmao

No. 1610808

holy fuck i used to be mutuals with her sage bc kinda irrelevant but i’ve recently been so openly against “sex work” and literally not a soul has disagreed with me. it’s so scary how everyone is so afraid of being “canceled” or “problematic” that they will have entirely different beliefs they privately hold but are too scared to admit

No. 1610813

File: 1660006562984.png (9.6 MB, 1242x2208, 1C9EA408-8D29-4870-B67E-D41B51…)

True. Just take a look at the SWers who interact with Shayna
It’s sad. I think it’s morally better to model for lingerie instead of being a flat out dollar menu whore but you have to have a nice body and a pretty face for that.

No. 1611849

File: 1660115466692.jpeg (850.67 KB, 3464x3464, 9EE84ABB-98AE-4C6D-B76B-00D361…)

Tenshi getting interaction from her singular coomer (also shared with Shayna) then screaming about said coomer thus resulting in even less interaction

No. 1611851

I think she deserves her own thread. Shayna posts the same shit and gets 100+ threads she should at least get one. She’s also mentioned lolcow haters on her Twitter if you can bear to scroll through her rants and ugly pics

No. 1611900

I agree, let's do it

No. 1612110

I third the motion

No. 1612565

File: 1660181805490.jpeg (212.82 KB, 1242x1319, F6248270-83E6-4E1B-AED0-09B1FA…)

This is so sad. Nothing on Shein is more than $25

No. 1612567

Why don’t these whores ever beg for a LV bag or Versace heels or something actually luxury. Cheap Amazon and shein trinkets that will be tossed in a month isn’t being spoiled.

No. 1612721

File: 1660203316928.jpeg (564.75 KB, 828x1047, 4E1D5063-2F50-4FDA-96DC-796FE3…)

I wanted to post this in Shayna’s thread but no one has made a new one yet and it’s applicable to the degenerates posted here, these are the people attending the unwashed pedo-pandering landwhale convention that Shaynus flew to Florida for. All these stinky kinksters look like their parents were siblings, I’m nauseated

No. 1612785

Because they are cheap whores.

No. 1612797

I love how they’re all making ugly faces to hide that they’re always ugly

No. 1612887

Really hate that expression on the scrote, make him wear a mask kek

No. 1612911

File: 1660232654710.jpeg (655.11 KB, 1227x1433, 8201D72F-CAB5-498E-8233-CFBDFF…)

Literally Shayna 2.0 she complains more than her which says a lot since Shayna is always whining about something.

No. 1612922

What prevented her from working out then?
This is such a bad angle KEK
I wouldn't mind a thread of her honestly, lol.

No. 1612924

How does she have 14k? Bots?

No. 1613295

File: 1660258997073.jpeg (622.37 KB, 2048x2048, 98DD1FCF-6727-42A4-B63B-A22A81…)

Vivi Clouds
>BPD attention seeker
> onlyfans whore who does puke porn and lives in a crack den
>collaborated with Shayna Clifford and invited her to stay with her and her crusty moidfriend Delano
104: >>>/snow/1505674
105: >>>/snow/1511330
>Proceeded to self-post saying her side of the story.
>Admitted to larping as a farmer on Shayna’s threads
>Stated she was quitting sex work and was going to try and better her life >>>/snow/1506784
> came back June 2022 with a new account and alias “Dolores Lolita Dollanganger” to hide from Shayna and the “drama”
>Delano’s new alias is Danny Dolanganger
Vivi Twitter: https://twitter.com/Loli_D0ll
Delano Twitter: https://twitter.com/d_dollanganger

No. 1613299

File: 1660259139211.jpeg (767.84 KB, 1197x1560, 1D9CDA7E-91FD-4888-A580-3E3CBE…)

The audacity of this bitch to laugh and mock Shayna anonymously and think she’s better than her when she looks like this

No. 1613316

Welp, there's no point in having any hope for these whores. They're all untalented and in desperate need for attention, so they'll never leave of their own accord. The fact that her new alias is fucking Dolores Dollanganger is also grand. She couldn't be any more degenerate.

No. 1613361

Given that she was a farmer in the past, I feel like she self posted in Shayna’s thread about her comeback because BPD addled whores are unhinged and love to be relevant even if its negative

No. 1613389

File: 1660268652886.jpeg (376.29 KB, 1210x1224, A8986058-3581-44B1-A082-5D5362…)

No. 1613390

File: 1660268687199.jpeg (133.16 KB, 934x615, E16961BC-9697-4AE9-9E97-AE7679…)

Random photo I found on whore Twitter

No. 1613392

File: 1660268884068.png (Spoiler Image, 8.01 MB, 1242x2208, 0613552F-8A9F-4F7E-846B-5855B4…)

No. 1613395

File: 1660268944795.jpeg (354 KB, 1280x2047, ADC2553E-E8A6-402F-9624-6EE995…)

What does this even mean?! I found this on a degen account for sale

No. 1613420

File: 1660272634518.jpg (10.99 KB, 218x218, 81DnLBQILdL._AC_US218_..jpg)

No. 1613432

Why are you posting satirical "erotica" author Chuck Tingle in this thread?

No. 1613433

File: 1660274769116.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1051x1627, 48247C79-900B-4708-A114-92EE60…)

what the fuck lmao I was not expecting this rabbit hole

No. 1613437

File: 1660275174549.jpeg (331.22 KB, 1281x1080, 46F47626-4453-4F3D-8EEB-07D288…)

This is a straight up freak show

No. 1613446

I feel like I need a fucking cigarette after looking at these. Christ.

No. 1613456

I thought she was in a wheelchair and why is he leg less lmao

No. 1613463

File: 1660280990435.jpeg (156.04 KB, 1024x683, BFA60ABC-5E0B-4F9C-A090-618E5D…)

No. 1613464

File: 1660281020242.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1000.99 KB, 1242x1974, 7A1FCA36-F459-48DA-ABD4-8AB346…)

Did she borrow shaynastys arm warmers kek

No. 1613465

File: 1660281078049.jpeg (172.06 KB, 1024x683, 2E4D5201-5236-47C3-9174-BB9A57…)

Bdsm ddlg fags who openly showcase their kinks are always so so damn ugly

No. 1613466

File: 1660281119179.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 449.53 KB, 1276x1080, C103269C-0870-451D-8383-7D517A…)

I wonder which one is our whore-chan farmer on the inside

No. 1613467

File: 1660281143094.jpeg (162 KB, 1024x683, 0FA18763-D052-4FBF-A2FF-3EB687…)

I wish I was in Florida rn. I’d have a disguise and larp as a degenerate and document it for the lolcow archives

No. 1613469

File: 1660281261463.jpeg (307.79 KB, 1152x2048, 140DC16E-F224-4261-8C08-D30F92…)

I’d pay top dollar for a pic of Shayna not sucking in her beer gut in the wild on the “red carpet”

No. 1613476

This is exactly what I imagine whenever someone tells me they’re polyamorous or kinky. It’s just a convenient way for uggos to get laid.

No. 1613478

File: 1660281510925.jpeg (207.14 KB, 933x1244, D4EE841C-0423-4F55-8F34-263F4B…)

Social outcasts literal cheap OF whores larping as famous porn stars/ influencers and soy boys in gimp masks

No. 1613481

File: 1660281588766.jpeg (737.35 KB, 1242x1522, 1515351A-6BA6-4608-9B74-6D09B2…)

I found Shayna’s soulmate

No. 1613483

This lady is cracking me up. Retired and living her best life with Grandpa.

No. 1613485

These dumb whores keep posting their bank statements like it’s not a recession and they can’t get robbed.

No. 1613487

I hope this degenerate granny is having a great time tbh
It's giving retard serial killer

No. 1613492

File: 1660282288332.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1194x1221, D4648807-2ABE-4127-8DE7-B1A499…)


No. 1613497

File: 1660282533813.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 638.34 KB, 1242x1438, 606D59E4-9D77-49A4-901A-D0AA61…)

This makes me want to never eat fast food again. Let me just touch my sweaty lard ass. Anyways would you like fries with that?

No. 1613500

File: 1660282740387.jpeg (205.93 KB, 1440x1800, C34A8795-38EF-4FEC-8326-C58845…)

She has 2k followers but still has yet to reach the 100 subscribers goal. I can walk around la pulga and find twenty women who look like this. I don’t understand why normal/unattractive people think it’s the best “business” move to strip for an audience of bots and make minimum wage?

No. 1613506

File: 1660283191013.jpeg (660.29 KB, 1242x1399, BC4D1D06-4BA1-47F0-85B8-9849CB…)

she looks like an autistic horse girl but she’s one of Shayna’s followers kek

No. 1613520

So many trannies good lord. It really it just a fetish tho.

I also believe she self posted. It’s kind of weird and random that someone just happened to find vivi’s new account? I wouldn’t even had known or noticed it was her unless someone pointed it out. Pretty sure it was her.

No. 1613522

Sunk cost fallacy. They are lured into it with lies and smoke and mirrors then they feel too embarrassed to stop.

No. 1613523

It was because the girl Shayna is rooming with retweeted Vivi’s photo right under a bunch of pictures with Shayna, they are mutuals

No. 1613529

They always do this. It’s because they’re so fucking ugly they struggle to keep coomers interested, so they scream and cry whenever more attractive or celebrity women join onlyfans. They’re out here begging for peanuts and then screaming at girls who don’t have to. What a sad and pathetic life.

No. 1613538

File: 1660285501634.jpeg (917.23 KB, 1242x1553, 132F0CBF-7EFE-488B-9D39-14E71E…)

No. 1613542

I can't help but feel bad for anyone who gets tricked into filming with FacialAbuse. They truly are abusive, as the name implies.

No. 1613543

File: 1660285866209.jpeg (375.05 KB, 750x886, 91AA0D2C-5115-4BC6-BDA8-346488…)

This girl apparently started posting on instagram when she was 14 from what I've seen in the dms she posts, and made 50k the week she opened an onlyfans a few months after she turned 18 it's extremely sad. I genuinely feel like she was groomed by her boyfriend (picrel)

No. 1613545

98% of OF women are bottom barrel the other 2% are actual models or attractive people who are the top 1% and make thousands. There is such a large amount of women who sell pictures of their holes and it gets drowned with more posts of even thousands of more ugly women. There’s too many videos already out there it’s getting more hard to gain followers unless you actually engage and make coomer losers feel wanted. Instead it’s just whining about being fat on the TL and pan handling.

No. 1613546

They know what they’re getting into. Unfortunately some women want to be put in these situations. Tragic.

No. 1613549

File: 1660286349480.jpeg (434.13 KB, 1122x1496, F123E375-F63F-4634-89E1-444803…)

If you identify as a dog and make money sexualizing animals I think it should be legal to put you down cause wtf is this. Why is it in a childs playroom?

No. 1613558

Nonnie that is 100% her room, look at her.

No. 1613570

File: 1660288706634.png (78.99 KB, 582x582, usedbarbie (1).png)

She seems like she doesn't get a lot of attention at home.

No. 1613575

File: 1660288978413.jpg (485.61 KB, 3443x2096, usedbarbie (2).jpg)

She also wears a corset apparently which I don't know if it's completely healthy assuming she's been wearing it since she was a minor.

No. 1613578

File: 1660289205778.png (540.08 KB, 1256x694, catfish acc.png)

I also stumbled upon a catfish account that is 100% owned by a male. She is surrounded by pedos.

No. 1613580

You're probably right. I found this while looking up her old youtube channel name apparently she used to make videos on a kids game.

No. 1613581

She is sort of right. Coomers have a very bizarre relationship to the pornstars they jerk off to. They legitimately hate these women and believe they don't deserve a life outside of being degrading coom material. The whore part of the madonna-whore complex, basically. It's very primitive.

No. 1613585

She's happy she's been officially picked kek
I'm confused too! At least their inclusive, I guess…

No. 1613586


No. 1613587

File: 1660290084452.jpeg (248.38 KB, 701x363, 1D709363-1C3A-4937-ADE6-4A2FFA…)

Samefag but notice the doll in the background and her grandfathers paintings she posts on ig

No. 1613589

Wtf is going on in her family

No. 1613591

Anon this is blobfishing

No. 1613609

Definitely something, I also found this.

No. 1613616

File: 1660292237628.jpeg (545.43 KB, 750x1042, 33D38B20-8BFC-4CD8-ADCE-FC30B3…)

Samefag and not very milky but according to her pinterest (randomhotgirl) shes also probably a scarethot and definitely a coquette

No. 1613619

File: 1660292557708.jpeg (402.58 KB, 675x997, 3911B265-88F4-4EE9-B406-39F146…)

which is probably why she posts pictures of herself reading freud?? of all people

No. 1613647

File: 1660296397613.jpeg (913.73 KB, 1080x2403, C8AB395B-F7FB-45EA-8ABC-B84B11…)

For anyone who missed it in Shat’s thread someone cowtipped and fat retard blasian larper puppikumma predictably sperged about it

No. 1613652

> “inherently racist to think I care”
> tweet 4/5

No. 1613653

lauren seems to be adjusting awfully to life outside the psych ward, and often reflects on how she misses the girl she was inside the psych ward. does she ever smile?

No. 1613654

File: 1660297245474.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1242x1825, D3BBE381-36F8-4300-8237-1CB943…)

No. 1613660

File: 1660298213237.jpg (385.62 KB, 1080x1338, Screenshot_2022-08-12-10-55-04…)

There are no words

No. 1613675

truly. kek tag yourself

No. 1613685

I tried there’s nothing

No. 1613724


And y'all got so defensive and protective over her LOL. I was hoping she'd change for the better, but the bitch puked on herself for coombucks, there's no coming back from shit like that.

No. 1613833

I mean she did say she was raped as a child so anons were sympathetic. I don’t get why anons get so mad when other anons were encouraging her to get out of sex work.

No. 1613839

Who cares she isn’t milky. She is just a traumatized woman who got groomed on the internet. Sad really but she isn’t unhinged and bitchy enough to be a cow

No. 1613843

nona please, farmers were only “nice” to her because they wanted all that Shaynus flavoured milk

No. 1613854

Ew what is that?
I don’t think it’s respectable to have a porn star husband or wife. It’s embarrassing and should be laughed at. I don’t understand why they can’t stay single and childless. Poor kid. If it’s a girl you know damn well she is going to be sexualized by mommy’s fans asking if she’s going into the porn industry. Disgusting. Riley Reid is a rapist anyways.

No. 1613882

File: 1660315567659.jpeg (481.71 KB, 2048x1536, EF69BF65-0DEA-468E-9D87-E4DF70…)

This beautiful woman is attending fetcon.

No. 1613890

>tattoos of pizza and ice cream

No. 1613893

They say you should tattoo things that are near and dear to your heart..

No. 1613952

If by "near and dear" you mean "clogging", then…

No. 1614013


I literally said I was hoping she'd change for the better, I hate it when farmers only read half of someone's post and still choose to reply. Also, farmers were only buttering her ass for Shayna milk.

No. 1614048

Exactly. I read that thread and most farmers were just being nice to her because she was consistently bringing milk to an otherwise dried-up thread. I saw a few anons encouraging her to leave sex work, but how is that a bad thing?

What I don't get is anons being surprised/disappointed she stayed in sex work. What other job skills does she have? Were they really naive enough to believe a puke & scat porn whore was going to magically yeet herself out of the trailer park into an office job? Kek

No. 1614086

I’m speaking in general retard

No. 1614221

Whore-chan here! I didn't end up going. This is way too degenerate, even for me.

Let's hope floridanon comes through!

No. 1614252

File: 1660345021557.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 892.8 KB, 828x1359, EA164EA1-3FEF-409A-B951-BA28DD…)

It’s truely a nightmare to behold, are they all like this?

No. 1614258

I don't think this one can even reach to wipe her ass? Horrifying.

No. 1614372

File: 1660354140728.jpeg (423.75 KB, 1242x1514, CED7E3C9-AE2D-4A73-AFAF-F04E52…)

No. 1614387

Whore-chan again! Yes. The whores who do fetish content are the ones who are too ugly to be regular camwhores/OF whores/etc. They have to do more fucked up shit since nobody will pay them simply for existing & being hot.

No. 1614405

File: 1660356600306.jpeg (574.22 KB, 1242x1433, 2BCC086B-12D4-43A6-BCFC-177A68…)

No. 1614408

File: 1660356720474.jpeg (637.07 KB, 743x763, 3BFDB3CA-CB57-49CD-8F5E-8ECDFB…)

Fat Con

No. 1614413

File: 1660356984437.jpeg (864.96 KB, 1242x1337, EDCF4D18-6E08-4A15-8672-046FAE…)

No. 1614449

No. 1614462

Omg anon, at first I was like they're not fat??…then I saw it

No. 1614483

File: 1660362567442.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 623.85 KB, 828x1122, D0406921-B1D4-4AFF-85C7-45E7FF…)

I hate this cringeworthy piece of shit rapist so much. I kind of wish he would find this thread and sperg like he did about Shayna’s so we’d have even more reason to bully him. I despise all sex workers but I have extra reserves of vitriol set aside for the moids

No. 1614488

the tiny peepee

No. 1614489

It’s serving Big Ed

No. 1614492

Just troon out already

No. 1614500

>who should this creature torment next?
a woodchipper pls

No. 1614526

>calling out poly BS
surprisingly based take from a pick-me

No. 1614541

File: 1660371336669.png (8.51 MB, 1242x2208, 26FBF3A2-2550-4BC5-AF8D-7C0BA5…)

How I imagine hell to look like

No. 1614543

File: 1660371445183.jpeg (618.27 KB, 1242x1299, 7277CE9E-B6EC-4F4B-A731-9A3605…)

No. 1614606

No sane person would ever find this photo appealing.

No. 1614612

File: 1660379660479.jpeg (739.61 KB, 828x1352, DA6C568F-8168-4665-B184-75540B…)

I’d genuinely like to know how much “content”this retarded faggot actually sells, all he does is retweet old posts ad infinitum. I thought he’d be at fatcon prowling for unwashed hambeast and tranny assholes to stick his diseased pencil dick in, he probably couldn’t afford it. Speaking of fatcon, here’s some more twitter cringe from the attending degenerate whores, these people should all be locked up

No. 1614613

Him running into Shay at Fatcon would have been great milk

No. 1614614

File: 1660380125609.jpeg (652.38 KB, 828x1374, 025B6EBC-4414-4D21-9F29-A01926…)

Samefag, these pedo-pandering retards are completely fucked in the head

No. 1614617

I know right, just imagine. I wonder if he is aggressively DMing people telling them not to work with the ebil nazi. Puppihamoid must be seething over Shaynus working/posting with black people, I’d put money on her DMing people. All these retards probably have a group chat dedicated to Shat

No. 1614619

File: 1660381284334.jpeg (533.89 KB, 828x1047, 691ECC38-DB61-4EDD-AE45-CC25F5…)

Some visually impaired anons in Shat’s thread were saying they think this moid is attractive, he is fugly as hell. He is even more of a Neanderthal looking motherfucker than Shat is too

No. 1614642

Haha wtf even is this skid mark of a man. The thought of that putting his hands anywhere near me fills me with horror. I’d literally neck myself if I had to touch him.

No. 1614705

I don’t think he looks attractive but he just looks like a normal Black man to me

No. 1614712

File: 1660393087321.jpg (84.87 KB, 1600x720, FaA0XXtWQAAwSyb.jpg)

While looking for a wild sighting of Shayna in the background of one of these degenerate's pictures, I found a picture where this beast can be seen in the background using a scooter because she's too fat to walk. The absolute state of these people.

No. 1614719

File: 1660393635977.jpeg (144.16 KB, 828x613, 13CD1298-93F9-46C8-AD2E-D58B8D…)

No. 1614721

NYRT Compared to his peers he’s looks like a model dumbass kek obviously no sane Nona would touch that low quality man with stds from fucking fat uggo whores like Shayna Clifford

No. 1614723

File: 1660393798726.jpeg (276.19 KB, 933x1659, 7D6D9028-3D6B-4552-A386-050BC6…)

Thats a man in a diaper. Shayna gives off troon energy because she larps like she likes these kinks

No. 1614725

File: 1660393909668.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 413.7 KB, 828x900, FE799E85-D544-4A0A-9E6E-721399…)

According to twitter this is her “bff” please fucking kill me (though at least it’s not pedopandering so I guess that’s something)

No. 1614901

They look like handsome squidward crossed with a Neanderthal

No. 1614902

I would rather shoot myself than make fart porn, I don’t know how these people want to do this for pennies

No. 1615170

coconut kitty's long lost brother

No. 1615258

Didn't she all but say she has no life or prospects outside of this degeneracy? Did nonnies really believe shed change? They were buttering her up for the milk, same as this new girl shat is around. Anons will call her pretty and stuff until the fallout and they remember she's just another degenerate whore

No. 1615268

is that not pauline hanson?

No. 1615320

Pauline, please explain

No. 1615328

I don’t like it

No. 1615422

No. 1615423

File: 1660449827047.png (9.6 MB, 1242x2208, 398BBAD6-544C-43ED-8A58-613DCB…)

They had a build a bear type booth at Fetcon Pic from Shaynus story on Snapchat

No. 1615424

File: 1660449868110.png (8.99 MB, 1242x2208, 8ADAA8F4-6797-428C-94D7-9EA1F7…)

No. 1615426

File: 1660449965416.jpeg (458.18 KB, 1536x2048, CB55DB1E-09C4-4781-8A89-AF8D39…)

No. 1615427

File: 1660449997443.jpeg (930.1 KB, 1242x1314, 10649149-6D13-4920-9337-415F63…)

this post is such a red flag

No. 1615434

What the actual fuck

No. 1615462

I feel bad for the housekeepers working the convention hotel

No. 1615583

not so much a red flag as 'these people are literal dog nonces' although the same logic applies to onision, kai and sarah fucking in front of a toddler

No. 1615613

Jesus fucking Christ, what in the fuck? I hate these degenerates. How can people be out in the open about being this sick and perverted? Repulsive.

No. 1615810

Wtf? Someone call Animal Control on these sick fucks, pets are not fetish objects. I wish an asteroid would hit this building full of nonce freaks.

No. 1615935

File: 1660509142955.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 389.9 KB, 969x2048, A1F5B852-5547-45BF-90C5-F1D4CE…)

There should be a whole site or subreddit dedicated to People of FetCon/Bdsm

No. 1615940

File: 1660509294429.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 923.78 KB, 1242x1508, 22ADFB49-9B6B-414D-948D-CC7EE7…)

No. 1615943

File: 1660509398950.jpeg (285.54 KB, 1328x2048, 1D2F7DAF-A6E1-4BD0-9BB0-4A0017…)

Her tattoos look like something a middle schooler would draw on themselves with pen during class. I can’t imagine having such ugly tattoos on my body

No. 1615944

File: 1660509446588.jpeg (502.12 KB, 1206x1634, 4B5813F9-9087-4230-B035-2F84F8…)

No. 1615955

I could feel it in my bones that she was the type that would work for facial abuse I fucking knew it.

No. 1615966

File: 1660510737967.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 797.38 KB, 1242x1440, BCA53BDF-2850-42F6-A053-279EA7…)

No. 1615970

is the torso on her arm a woman with her arms amputated? gross wtf

No. 1616049

The screencaps from her FA video are fucking haunting and gross. Moids that are into this shit need to be on a watchlist and the idea that she wants to work for them again makes me want to a-log. Some people really can’t be saved. Gross.

No. 1616264

File: 1660535346613.jpeg (360.3 KB, 1536x2048, F3BE2E87-FC64-48B3-9646-29B68C…)

Shayna’s fetcon roomie with another whore. Ironic the chick on the right goes by Fit Syd. Not with those cellulite thighs damn

No. 1616266

Tbh, you can be fit as fuck and still have cellulite, scrote.

No. 1616267

File: 1660535556702.png (Spoiler Image, 9.11 MB, 1242x2208, CFB6E7DE-38D9-4584-B56E-DF254A…)

She’s obese, idiot

No. 1616283

File: 1660536495893.jpeg (981.4 KB, 1242x1223, 73BB88A9-BB24-450A-8AE4-028F59…)

This convention looks so boring and ghetto like no decor or anything but then again idk how you can with this type of event

No. 1616285

File: 1660536520768.jpeg (399.04 KB, 933x2072, 4308AA3A-AB50-456F-A7A3-0333E0…)

No. 1616286

File: 1660536575010.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1762x3348, 62FE5BA5-ABE1-4447-8CAD-85718C…)

No. 1616287

File: 1660536613921.jpeg (753.19 KB, 1016x1191, 3C000503-887B-497F-B77B-627F65…)

They’re so silly and quirky omg kek so stupid I hate these people.

No. 1616288

a weird hill to die on

No. 1616290

File: 1660537005507.jpeg (418.05 KB, 1202x2048, C579117D-3E72-46E1-AEC0-300EC7…)

No. 1616296

File: 1660537614042.png (7.19 MB, 1242x2208, 221E2EE3-6E20-449C-BECD-D4345E…)

No. 1616297

He's bald and 10000% hatfishing

No. 1616304

make them joust

No. 1616313

KEK ANON. They really do resemble jousters.

No. 1616318

HATFISHING! Kek anon, thank you for introducing me to this term!

No. 1616325

I wouldn't be surprised if other fetish/porn/sex events organizers mocked it, because it looks so low budget. The contrast between the really trashy goers and the ones who didn't bother dressing up at all somehow makes me more uncomfortable than if there were only freaks in fetish gear.

No. 1616339

This woman makes me feel physically ill. I mean literally everything that gets posted here makes me feel physically ill but at least the fatties seem to have a sense of humour (not that it justifies their degeneracy), shit like this just makes me feel like I’m looking at someone who was trafficked into slavery as a child and hasn’t escaped.

No. 1616340

kek, I audibly snort-chuckled at this too

No. 1616382


I 110% agree. If we are to take Vivi at her word- she is someone who grew up with CSA and is admittedly trying to cope with it and has had her brain warped by the abuse. Obviously she is a grown woman who can make her own decisions, but everything about these types of e-whores, the ones who live in these dirty ass trailers, probably being pimped out by their deadbeat boyfriends, all while toting around unresolved trauma tied into their sexuality… its one of the worst forms of horrorcows for me.

No. 1616458

Scrote who has never touched a woman irl checking in

No. 1616498

Nonna who has cellulite and is fat and projects every time someone says it’s ugly Checking in

No. 1616591

Kek is that jk Rowling

No. 1616593

And it makes women like Shayna with their uwu baby wants to be raped by daddy incest pedo “fantasies” all the more deplorable. It’s so hard not to a-log with these degenerates

No. 1616611

File: 1660574164199.png (1.62 MB, 1007x1954, Screenshot_20220815-093414.png)

I'm so sorry, but this woman's body looks so fucking weird. I'm not one to body shame or whatever but it's just so jacked up.. is it because she's getting a bit older? Idk how a human could look like this kek

No. 1616623

It’s difficult to tell which person you’re talking about because they both look bizarre

No. 1616783

Body shaming is just what fatties use to make themselves oppressed. They look like melted ice cream.

No. 1616850

Everyone who participates in that "facial abuse" shit should be in prison, period. They just rape women on camera, that's it.

No. 1616854

Same. I'd 100% rather be a deathfat getting paid to look jolly, eat junk food on camera and zip around on a scooter than the grimy depressing shit Vivi is doing. Her whole existence is bleak.

No. 1616855

It looks like she was really obese and then lost some weight and has loose skin.

No. 1616959

TOTALLY AGREE. It’s so weird to me when pick me women love bragging about “rough sex”… I think when they say this, women really mean passionate sex where the man pays attention to them and maybe pulls their hair and is strong and throws them on the bed. When men say the love “rough sex”- I’m sure they mean the disgusting shit that’s on Facial Abuse. They genuinely want to murder us and they don’t even hide it.

No. 1617093

Calling other anons fat isn’t making you any skinnier, retard. No one says shit like that except insecure anachans, just kys if you’re that easily triggered

No. 1617199

File: 1660612668081.jpeg (326.96 KB, 828x2140, A53703F5-5A3C-4447-B5A9-16DD55…)

She basically paid this guy $10 to let her flash him

No. 1617210

Any woman who brags about loving "rough sex" is just giving any man who wants to harm or kill her an easy alibi. The rough sex defense is used so often in domestic violence cases because it works. If you want passionate sex or want to do specific acts, just say so. Otherwise you're too dumb & naive to be around moids.

No. 1617213

These whores are all hustling backwards, at least she has that in common with Shaynus. Imagine exposing yourself to a desperate old moid and not even getting a free Uber ride out of it!

No. 1617218


He.. gave her a discount at the end of the day… Not even a free ride. Also, posting his face seems, dumb as hell?

No. 1617253

She flashed her boobs for $20? Bleak. She really is black shaynus

No. 1617323

Wow, that's just awful. Hope this moid gets fired.
I had a phobia of taking a taxi alone for a long time cos this kinda shit. Thanks for encouraging it dickhead.

No. 1617325

i knew a girl who bragged about loving to be choked out during sex. like to the point of passing out. she thought that was actually something to tell men so she could be a pickme. we're fb friends so i know that her (hopefully ex-)boyfriend just put her in the hospital last week. yeah, doing that shit absolutely leads to domestic violence. the scrote will probably use the rough sex thing against her too.

No. 1617353

File: 1660626039467.jpeg (548.14 KB, 1438x1655, 3C692153-EA5E-44DF-8A08-3048AD…)

-23 year old social media/ only fans cow.
-Currently going by the name Dylan Sohma
-Social justice warrior in public
-Runs rape fetish accounts in private.
-Encouraged an underage friend to give a blowjob for a ride to see her.
-Never graduated high school or got a GED.
-Uses mental health as an excuse for her actions.
-Currently living off trust fund money in upstate New York.
-Recently lost the only job she ever had, as a stripper called at a trashy club.
-Constantly changing their online pronouns and name.
-Had sex with her middle aged neighbor just because he had an accent, he gave her a STD.
-Accused her driving instructor of sexual assult after he failed her.
-Has falsely accused multiple people of physical and sexual abuse after they tried cutting ties with her.
-Has a huge victim complex

Smutty Twitter:

No. 1617483

Why do whores keep doing this anime porn face? It just looks like she has a developmental issue. Moids that get off to this should pass away without having ever touched a woman

No. 1617486

I’m so fuckin disgusted seeing a CHILD’s plushie being used this way, degenerates need the rope

No. 1617498

She makes this pose and face look more like a frog than an anime girl

No. 1617565

Her twitter is so fucking depressing. The boyfriend is a Soyjak tier fuggo prick too, but with a much smaller following (hopefully it stays that way, it’s so hard not to a-log these motherfuckers for the harm they do to women)

No. 1617581

File: 1660651833677.jpeg (293.26 KB, 1242x1620, 73DE043E-DDAD-4F40-B753-898B52…)

Tenshi screaming that she’s so much more bullied for being fat because she’s NOT actually fat while also calling herself plus sized in the first tweet. Her brain is so fried

No. 1617584

File: 1660651904726.jpeg (280.55 KB, 1242x1662, D355356F-17C7-4F2C-8406-335C61…)

Why are they always so gross and never do their laundry on a schedule? This is just disgusting. No wonder she’s got assne

No. 1617599

Or how about you use your whore money to buy a fucking washing machine and wash things as soon as they’ve been used/worn like a normal adult? I swear these retards are living proof that natural selection has failed us

No. 1617635

A laundromat is what? $5 a load? How hard is it to scroll social media while you use a laundromat or yes even buy a washer/dryer? Cheap ones secondhand or even afterpay one.

These idiots have 0 life skills, it’s why they brag about showering and cleaning their hovels

No. 1617719


Failure to launch yet they're convinced they're hot shit because they can (barely) afford rent off of selling pussy and gaping asshole pictures. Those of us that work 9-5 weekdays manage to do laundry on weekends after a tough week at working REAL jobs. This one has a pt job at a sex shop and still can't manage to take care of herself.

No. 1617747

Why would you be a poor person and not get a washing machine? Idk if it’s different in the US but where I am there are little shops that sell second hand appliances for dirt cheap. These people are in the position of begging on twitter because they want to be, not because they are genuinely in poverty. Fucking laundry service when you can’t even make rent fuck off ugly.

No. 1617770

If she really can't even afford to do laundry, why doesn't she hand wash her clothes instead of letting them pile up around the house?
because lazy

No. 1617775

Maybe instead of getting those retarded tattoos and wigs she could've bought herself a washing machine and dryer.

No. 1617965

Kek I hate this cow so much

No. 1618005


Tbh she's like Shayna with shitty tattoos, she low-key deserves her own thread. But I get why she's in the general kek

No. 1618044

She has to be the worst sex worker on earth, who e-begs like this? Coomers don’t give a shit about laundry, try to come up with some vaguely sexy/appealing excuse to tap their wallets, or at least a good sob story.

No. 1618062

File: 1660692536273.png (Spoiler Image, 6.45 MB, 1242x2208, 40EA547E-3BCC-4FBC-A235-E4ADC0…)

What mental illness does to a MF

No. 1618063

File: 1660692559819.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 140.81 KB, 1170x808, B855AB95-AF69-4198-8091-54C299…)

Why post this shit on a public Twitter I don’t get it. Whores always pose with the kids plushies and it’s disgusting.

No. 1618064

File: 1660692626835.jpeg (303.18 KB, 1242x677, B4E57933-ECC6-44F1-BD0D-23F637…)

Wash your clothes, Stink

No. 1618066

>rapist momma
Haggard bitches always taking shitty quality nudes with their fat bodies and love to whine and bitch about not being successful. Like you’re not meant to be a successful whore. You are ugly and the market is oversaturated

No. 1618067

Same fag, not that she’s fat idk but I’m for certain she’s an ugly bitch. Pretty ladies don’t call themselves rapists

No. 1618077

Vivi is the most depressing bitch on here she reminds me of a lucifer valentine film.

No. 1618078

Woke retards have taken over this site it's worse than twitter at this point, mostly unusable I only came here to slag off trannies and whores. Sage for sperg out

No. 1618097

I hate those shitty anime wigs and bangs she looks like a man

No. 1618131

Kek the ham planet on the right is nowhere close to fit, the cellulite is the least of her problems. I’d like to see “Fit” Syd walk for 20 minutes without taking a break. “Fit” syd needs to locate a treadmill and lay off on the Little Debbie’s

No. 1618135

maybe it’s time for you to kys

No. 1618175

Not that anon but you must be new if you think anyone here is “woke”, not to mention your need to announce that you’ve saged and incorrect use of the term “sperg out”.

No. 1618184

A secondhand washer AND dryer together are like $300. Insane behavior. Maybe she just lives in some shitty studio apartment that used to be a hotel or something and it doesn't have hookups. That's the only excuse.

No. 1618294

You're mad because women have cellulite, remember that. gtfo retard

No. 1618339

Can anons stop sperging about cellulite and whether it’s normal or not. We’re here to discuss degen whores

No. 1618367

nta but given that the majority of us itt are here to bash these degenerates because they harm women by enabling moid violence towards us, if someone posts something that is misogynistic and/or sounds scrotey it’s going to result in derailing

No. 1618391

Dude looks like the cursed lovechild of DarkSydePhil and Kathy "Park Bench Pinup"'s neckbeard moid

No. 1618457

I was thinking more Big Ed and Guy Fieri, but that works too.

No. 1619007

File: 1660794156349.jpeg (206.66 KB, 1241x1010, A3A28067-0341-4E82-B5EF-53145D…)

Dropping your clothes of at a laundry service isn’t being productive. Also the begging for $5. Even street walking panhandlers get more money

No. 1619145

“uwu so productive today” Taking your smelly clothes somewhere for someone to wash isn’t productive dumbass. Poor workers I hope they wore gloves. She makes me want to a-log so bad. Between the faux lesbian baiting, the misogyny, her ugly tattoos/face, and e begging for basic shit adults should have the money for.

No. 1619146

File: 1660817054747.jpeg (744.27 KB, 1242x1333, F2F59163-2364-4510-9DB7-8911D2…)

One thing is certain: OF women will almost always be fat and ugly

No. 1619147

I thought this was JustaMinx for a second.

No. 1619163

File: 1660819119307.jpeg (220.67 KB, 1440x1799, 29838485-5282-4E77-A1AE-E82281…)

I feel so bad for her daughter. She’s going to be sexualized by moids and I know damn well her mother won’t be protecting her face or privacy.

No. 1619169

You just know some moids are going to make countdown pages for her to turn 18 like they did with millie bobby brown and will be taunting her online because of her mother.

No. 1619178

Men love nothing more than taunting underage girls online.

No. 1619180

God I fucking hate sex workers.

No. 1619193

I saw her videos on her Twitter and her body looks so weird. I'm not sure if it's cause of the modified fat, but when she "twerks" it just wobbles all weird instead of, well, you know. I don't know it just creeps me out.

No. 1619195

What the hell, Riley Reid actually had a baby with her 90 day fiance? That poor child. She's never going to give up porn and she's said so many times. I can't imagine the shame and embarrassment she'll have to go through, and her mom will probably encourage the lifestyle for her too. She's so disgusting

No. 1619200

she better not start that “free the titty” bullshit and start posting pictures of her breastfeeding like so many other attention whore mothers do

No. 1619572

File: 1660861680312.jpeg (629.48 KB, 1195x672, 5BB7ABD2-7334-49BB-AE09-0C6302…)

Riley loves doing sex work. She always says she’s really proud to be a whore and has been one since she was in high school. She’s disgusting. She’s a rapist and will no doubt encourage her daughter to do porn and post pictures of her daughter knowing there’s sick perverts online who will start sexualizing her as a baby because of her whore mother. I wish these degenerates would get their tubes tied.

No. 1619574

File: 1660861766303.jpeg (609.78 KB, 1204x653, 4FC94D29-D08A-4236-84F4-83E199…)

Riley is low key kinda ugly she got a big mouth and a bird nose kek Trisha is a fat whore and Luna the plug or whatever isn’t that pretty either and her husband Adam is a rapist pervert

No. 1619578

This reminds me of this one disgusting woman who sold the video of her birth of her daughter as a pornographic film, and still posts updates about the baby on her “work” account. I’m not going to post any links because she doesn’t deserve any attention but the world can be a ghastly place

No. 1619584

File: 1660862205728.jpeg (452.44 KB, 1197x1112, 51822608-64C6-4E92-9BCB-60E3E2…)

Who tf is daddy? Doesn’t this bitch always whine about being lonely and unloveable? Is he just her version of Fupa who only comes over for a quick fuck and food?

No. 1619586

Besides Trisha the other two look…fine. They all are disgusting but their looks aren't that bad, even with the bad surgeries. Their actions are milker

No. 1619587

File: 1660862611814.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1242x1446, A06E1EDC-2C8B-4C3E-A99F-5C5FEC…)

Riley is ugly imo porn aged her out really bad. She looks awful

No. 1619593

Nta I don’t know anon, she looks ugly right there indeed and she’s disgusting but she’s not ugly. That Lena the plug chick looks like a Kim kardashian dime a dozen plumped up face so I think she is ugly and Trisha looks like a frog. but tbh I think Riley is pretty

No. 1619594

File: 1660863635110.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1651x2048, 4AFF2D97-56CD-4639-9C88-08E772…)

No. 1619596

File: 1660863778643.jpeg (429.62 KB, 1280x855, 3698A3FB-5215-4F8D-93A0-579D2C…)

No. 1619614

95% of people into BDSM look like this. Kink scenes attract dorks and hamplanets who wouldn't get laid otherwise.

No. 1619628

File: 1660865036530.jpeg (545.62 KB, 1279x854, 36CB2A9B-A947-4EF5-B98A-B62D80…)

People of Fetcon

No. 1619631

File: 1660865109890.jpeg (475.92 KB, 1279x854, 7E871C9D-A504-41B7-AE23-B70FEC…)

Kek 99% but yes I agree and they usually have a cutesy pfp but look like that

No. 1619635

File: 1660865168984.jpeg (541.49 KB, 1280x773, A7EB736B-783E-4519-8D31-545397…)

No. 1619637

File: 1660865249150.jpeg (548.92 KB, 1279x854, 5AC745CF-DA03-45DB-90D4-3BE6ED…)

I ain’t never seen a crippled furry kek

No. 1619640

File: 1660865302856.jpeg (883.91 KB, 1289x1200, AB1F7E98-3397-43DE-A250-8877D0…)

I don’t see how this is sexy at all they look retarded

No. 1619641

File: 1660865368156.jpeg (938.98 KB, 1353x2048, 3BB78ACD-C3DF-4231-8108-AA35CE…)


No. 1619642

NOOO wtf is that creature on the left

No. 1619643

File: 1660865422463.jpg (56.5 KB, 640x640, sexually attractive couple.jpg)

I feel like actually sexually attractive people could probably care less about concepts like BDSM and busy having enjoyable "boring vanilla" sex with other hot people

No. 1619645

source of Riley and her husband being rapists ?

No. 1619647

that's a nice thought but no lol.

No. 1619649

She admitted to rape. Search Riley Reid rapist on Twitter. Her husband is just a cuck

No. 1619650

File: 1660865722461.jpeg (287.63 KB, 900x1758, 81C3D0ED-5DA0-4C80-A36C-62AA6C…)

Ciara Bubbles and Sophia without Shayna kek they’re so ugly

No. 1619651

The horrors that poor dog has seen

No. 1619656

File: 1660865934222.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1584, 61B6061B-8D5D-4390-BB1F-D5A095…)

No. 1619659

Not new but I am a tard yes.

No. 1619667

Sexually attractive people have diverse types of sex just like everyone else. They just don't make "BDSM lifestyle" their whole personality because they don't need to advertise themselves as freaks to get laid like ugly people do.

No. 1619669


that hair color+ them huge ass cafeteria lady tiddies makes the friend look like she's going to be making her debut in Senior porn

No. 1619673

I was gonna say something catty about the SW bestie but she still looks better than most of the people at FetCon so hey, lol

No. 1619684

I know she looks old .

No. 1619685

Do you know how old she is? I’m curious

No. 1619686

File: 1660868074801.jpg (42.99 KB, 293x340, 20220818_170443.jpg)

I just saw this picture and now i cant find it… would anyone happen to know where the picture of that bimbo in the elevator with the scrote who had his hand on her neck go? "Wanna some weed" and i think it was… something-bimbo666. She looked like pocrel. I might get banned for asking to be spoonfed but i just looked over three threads and couldnt find it.

No. 1619687

She admitted to raping her first boyfriend in a movie theater as a teenager and bragged about the experience. After getting called out she tried to scrub all mention of it on the internet including her wiki page.

No. 1619700

That baby will have to face many undeserved obstacles. I hope she will stay strong and conquer them all. Riley took such an irresponsible approach to bringing a human into the world. How can she not be ashamed?!

No. 1619723

File: 1660871949218.png (295.94 KB, 681x1133, riley.png)

Samefag, here's your source.
Riley has a lot of other drama surrounding her too. She's had a longtime feud with Remy Lacroix, another porncow. Remy claims Riley ripped off her persona, where Riley countered that Remy stalked her. Riley also pedobaits and frequently brags about looking like a teenager, has insulted some older porn stars for looking old, and is a pickme in general. She's fucked soundcloud rappers ffs, she has zero standards but that's no surprise. Funny to see her with Trisha because she seems like a total clout chaser. She's done stuff with the Rick and Morty guys too and I think voiced a character on an episode.

No. 1619761

Her name was nasty_bimbo666 or something like that but idk what thread she was in

No. 1619774

That's exactly what Lena the Plug does. Constantly posting photos of herself breastfeeding her now two year old daughter.

No. 1619780

File: 1660878949314.jpeg (740.92 KB, 1080x2340, 3F282673-2C56-4C90-A1E7-01F08A…)

No. 1619781

File: 1660879177417.jpeg (399.52 KB, 1169x1951, 15F4B21A-FA0D-41C3-A971-4F3867…)

I also found this pic on some weird porny site I don’t think has been posted, her username was used too. It’s pure mental illness.

No. 1619782

Ayrt, Come through nona! You the best, thank you.

No. 1619784

If thats real, holy shit… she some how looks worse before. Kek no wonder she didnt care about her ruining her face. Not much to ruin.

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