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No. 157750

Nona, Nonnie and Nonita get in here and let's tall about your favorite totally more then like true Shayfoil (tinfoil aka Titfoil). They try to silence the truth but they don't know the truth!

No. 157754

Shayna is still getting her bills paid by her father despite all of the proof anons have sent to him to try to get him to stop funding her baby rape porn.

No. 157756

Shayna has bpd

No. 157759

I think she’s always been a pill head and probably does Xanax regularly. I doubt she’s even prescribed it, she’d have to keep regular appointments and be drug tested to have it legally. Fupa used to post pics of pills on his tumblr, I wouldn’t doubt that she’s been using since before she met him. The way she lives in chronic Groundhog Day mode is reminiscent of my old friend who used to have pill problems. Their brains start rotting and IQ decreases

No. 157761

I think she’s more narcissistic or possibly some subtype of bpd with narcissistic traits. But aside from her substance use I don’t really see bpd? Like for example the emotional instability or intensity in her that people with bpd have; Shat’s emotions seem so hollow. She also doesn’t really love the people around her, she just loves what the attention that they provide for her and how they fit into her helpless baby bimbo lifestyle.
Since she has zero self awareness she is the type who will never get treatment or recover.

No. 157765

she actually did go to the mental hospital for that week but it was so embarrassing and jarring that she doesn’t even want to bring it up for jokes or bragging; I used to be conflicted because I thought if she went she’d bring it up CONSTANTLY regarding harassment and stalking when she got back but I think it actually freaked her out

No. 157767

I think she’s just bipolar and stupid. She’s definitely codependent and attention seeking but I don’t see BPD in her tbh

No. 157769

on her last cam session she was listening to sublime and she was like "ughh sublime makes me wanna be drunk and on xanax sooo funn" so thats not even a tinfoil

No. 157773

Ellen needs shayna just as much as shayna needs Ellen. Ellen sells/gives shayna pills and/or knows the plug. Shay is addicted to pills, Ellen likes the attention she gets from bringing a young pill popper into their gross fold. Ellen probably gives shayna all the shittu advice, to keep going, she's perfect and probably likes she getting fat and lowkey tries to make her eat out and more because body positivity.
Why hasn't shayna let her folks meet Ellen? Even saying she's her friend? Its clear they aren't as important in eachothers life as we think. I think ellen is just as fucked up and selfish as shayna. I also genuinely believe Ellen is a pedo, not just the pacifier but she genuinely seems into women acting like childern. I think she'd 100% let a man abuse a child/teen or be an accessory to that kind of thing. I hope she never has kids. I hope she doesn't have any young female friends. Ellen is a shitty dangerous woman

No. 157777

I think she has HPD like Gabbie Hanna. it’s basically a mix of borderline and narc with a splash of manic bipolar. her and Gabbie are so similar.

No. 157779

the ellen shaylationship is really weird. i dont really understand what they get out of being together. especially so secretly like what’s the point? i don’t know if i believe that ellen has some pill popping friend group/sells pills

No. 157781

They're just friends, Shyamalan is strictly dickly. Ellen probably doesn't like anyone over the age of 5

No. 157783

More like reshaytionship

No. 157786

I love all of the name puns, it's hilarious. We're all Sean Conneryhere. We have our own di-shay-lect.

No. 157792

Kek she's definitely not bipolar

No. 157794

all cluster b personality disorders overlap, that’s why everyone should stay away from cluster b retards.

No. 157808

you have no idea what you're talking about. people with cluster B can recover if they're willing to undergo intense therapy to reprogram their behaviors. i had textbook bpd as a teenager and underwent dbt and now am a normal person with a secure attachment style, so it's possible.
idk about npd/aspd/hpd which are more narcissistic but people with bpd are more than willing to take blame for their actions and are more willing to get treatment. i've seen how when you put a narcissist in therapy they just complain about everyone else, idk what it would take to reprogram THAT.
i think ellen actually helps her find clients and that her in-person coomers come from the seattle kink scene. we've already confirmed that with moids like "The Dad" and others.

No. 157809

did gabbie hanna have addiction issues? hpd would explain why shayna is so delusional about her looks and always claiming shes so "hot" and "fuckable". bpds have too much shame about everything to be so publicly deluded, esp on the internet where everyone can nitpick your looks.

No. 157810

I missed that!!

No. 157814

I could’ve sworn she was diagnosed and medicated for it?

No. 157826

No she was not and never has been. She does claim to take medication for some mental issue (not autistic enough to know whether she's posted proof) and every so often claims to have "mania" but anyone whose seen that before would know what true manic/depressive episodes look like—and it's not making 30 tweets in an hour like she does during those "episodes" KEK
Even then, she's rotted her brain far too much with weed since being a teenager that it would be hard to ascribe any of her behavioral flaws to something non-drug related.

No. 157828

Samefag but she also does more than just weed >>157769 so any erratic behaviors she displays cannot be wholly segregated from her drug/alcohol abuse.

No. 157829

Ellen tells Shayna to take her good girl pills. What kind of pills is she talking about?

No. 157833

Yeah but take for example, how she reacted when Fupa and Shane Pierre Sonnier dumped her, or when she threatened to kill herself over lolcow/the cowtippers. Or when she makes tweets like "I'm jealous of other sw-ers" and dirty deletes, then tries to be super nice to sw-ers. I think she has that emotional instability

No. 157849

probably some low dose SSRI. there's anons who speculate she's on a script for benzos but those medications are too tightly regulated for a doctor to prescribe them to her. i'd guess that she's also not smart enough to convincingly lie to them to get the pills she wants.

No. 157850

File: 1680399081071.png (43.81 KB, 1118x867, Screenshot 2023-04-01 213105.p…)

Idk anon picrel sounds exactly like her to me. It's Histrionic PD characteristics btw.

No. 157900

I just can't believe she makes enough from OF and MV and things with her rent being 2k +. Then add in phone and power at least. Food, alcohol & weed, her constant frivolous spending, lyfting, flying out places, etc. Even selling customs, ebegging, irl prostitution (which she hasnt tweeted about in a bit) and these weird shoots she does… it just doesnt seem to add up with the way she lives. She has sometimes admitted to being short on rent, but somehow always has it. Also tinfoil Ellen cosigned that place with her because she looked at it, got the keys, etc without Shay leaving OK. And it was weird Womack was sending ELLEN rent money for Shaynus for a bit at first confirmed. Maybe there's something more there.
Idk because its hard to say when she is truly broke or just scamming.
She's quite the grifter.
100% on her parents insurance though because she never complains about med bills and goes to the er willy nilly multiple times a month. Plus the surgery shes flying home for just before shes turning 26 lol.

No. 157901

I think she just visited a crisis center and they gave her some xan or something like that or had someone talk to her. She had no even r/thathappened stories or no Shayvelation after. No pic of wtistband or anything from the stay. Idk. I mean its quite the dramatic lie, but she was very dramatic and a liar particular regarding Fupa.

No. 157907

My armchair tinfoil: Shayna is shautistic.
There are many pictures and videos of Shayna which show hyperflexibility in her large joints. Her weird gait and stance, and her clumsy dancing, suggest impaired prioperception.
Despite years of filming herself and taking thousands of shayfies, her facial expressions are uncanny and bizarre.
She is prone to black and white (and pink uwu) thinking, obsessive hyperfixation, and is drawn to childish bbygirl shit.
Her favourite show is SpongeBob, which she quotes bizarrely (eg when fupa fingered her til she “came faster than a jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of august”) and she listens to what, like four bands?
She tries to mimic normie girls but never hits the mark (the cold girl blush, the late piggybacking on Twitter memes, etc).
She has no friends and is extremely shaycially inept. She tweets off putting TMI shit on her “business” account, and generally has no idea how to seperate her work persona from her real self.
Her diet is 90% shaycuterie and goldfish crackers and pink wine.
I could go on for shays but this is already turning into an esshay so for now I will rest my shayce. Thank you for coming to my Sped Talk.

No. 157912

nah luna and pixielocks both have bpd and everyone agrees they have bpd even though they're sometimes even worse than shay in terms of embarrassing shit they post. lets not forget how often shay suicide baits and then pretends everything is fine a couple hours later. she also used to self harm for attention while living with fupa. to me she seems classic bpd (from what ive seen from my friends who have it) but idk if she ever got diagnosed, she used to claim she had bipolar and then at some point she switched up and said she has bpd, so i don't think so.

No. 157913

File: 1680448704191.jpg (15.61 KB, 356x206, shayna.JPG)

i agree anon, she reminds me of the 'special needs' girl in that episode of law and order…

No. 157920

>concerned with physical appearance
i agree with the hpd tinfoil but this made me kek, the bitch who did porn with the most diseased looking pussy and refused to use chapstick for years definitely isn't concerned enough with her appearance

No. 157921

Nobody besides her "haters" have ever said, "Ew shayna's boils look gross" or "Ew her dry ass lips are gross". Thats why, shayna is very obessed with her apperence and she does do the "I'm fat" talk so that she can be complimented.
shit, I don't even think Shayna truly views herself as ugly or fat, she just so someone can validate her. Have you ever watched her scroll through her pictures of herself with a smirk?
Or how she spends "hours" according to her "editing" fucking pictures of herself for "work"? How she has to take a selfie every fucking day? She's concerned with her apperence, just not in the way an attractive woman who keeps up with herself is.
As long as nobody who "matters" and with a "platform" bigger then hers points out her flaws she doesn't care. You see how she reacts when shit goes on twitter instead of staying here.
She genuinely thinks we all are "convincing" ourselves that she's unattractive by editing images.
She constantly admits she doesn't think people truly don't love her, or don't think she's pretty or thinks she's fat, no, she thinks we've brainwashed outselves out of hate, jealously and editing pictures.
That if we suddenly got reshuducated that we'd be like, "Wait, Shayna isn't ugly or fat, It was lolcow who convinced me!"
So unless some scrote IRL or someone she wants validation from calls her out, she does not care.
She lives in her bubble of validation and steps in and out, every so often but always returns. She does care about her apperence, she just thinks she's so fucking pretty and stylish, that it doesn't matter. She thinks everything she does is amazing and scrotes legit love her in real life.

No. 157922

Same anon, this is why I believe that Shayna truly hates her mom. Even Fupaul made it seem like she had to move to save herself from going back to him, when he really just wanted to get with the woman he wanted to marry and be open about it. He was sick of Shayna. I believe he'd even hit her up again if the shit goes wrong with his wife and she'll gladly go back.

Nobody except for Big mama clifford her stood her grown to shayna consistently. She knows her mom isn't going to change her views AND she's going to still want to be in Shayna's life while not changing her views for her.
Thats why Shayna freaks the fuck out about her. She's not use to someone just being like, "nope, I don't agree and I'm not going to kiss your ass like you like. And I love you, so i'm not going anywhere, I'm going to keep trying to reach you".
Her dad seems more bendable to Shays sheeds

No. 157923

her dad 100% gives her money, some type of set amount per month.

No. 157929

yeah i dont think something horrible happened to her or that her mom is actually abusive, i think she just wants her to stop being a twitter sex worker and maybe look like an adult in public once in a while (notice she dresses WAY differently when she goes to visit her mom). and shayna has to twist this into how her mom is so abusive that she has to drink to be able to see her.

No. 157954

Do you all think she hates her coomers as much as we do? I think she must resent them and see how bottom barrel her interactions are but she knows she can’t be rightfully mean because they’re the only people paying her. I think she believes she deserves better and it eats her up that she isn’t getting it.

No. 157972

She calls Greyhair "daddy"

No. 157981

I think she hates Womack especially

No. 157988

i don't think she hates them tbh, at least jason womack and mike slack
i think she finds them ugly and retarded but she likes the attention (and money obviously) so she tries to convince herself they're not hideous

No. 158001

Wb Diaperman Dan or the sissies? I would legit be so disgusted by any of these freaks but those ones are probably the worst. Plus Mike Slack who molested his daughter, but she’s prob jealous of that knowing how sick she is.

No. 158014

I think she resents having to pander to any of them and believes she deserves different men paying her, but views the sissies as easy money and especially pathetic- I hate her and wish she wasn’t making a dime as a pedo but I love the diaper pedos being taken advantage of tbh

No. 158017

>I love the diaper pedos being taken advantage of tbh
It would be even better if she was any good at it.

No. 158039

Kek you're not the first person to tinfoil that she's autistic
Or maybe you're the same anon who I read tinfoiling about her 'tism like a year ago

No. 158275

Do shayfoilers think Ellen is actually happy about Shaynus planning to get skinny and leave her for LA?

No. 158277

I think she’s plays along with it to seem like the ideal supportive partner but deep down she’s thinks or knows Shayna won’t do it so, no. She’s probably not that worried. She KNOWS Shayna. Which means she knows how well she sticks with things she says she’s gonna do kek

No. 158278

My tinfoil is Ellen likes that Shayna’s life is in a spiral, especially physically.
I think she know she has nothing to worry about but acts supportive.

No. 158279

Yeah I think that as well, she probably can rest assured that it’s unlikely to happen but deep down she must know and hate that Shat would leave her in a heartbeat if she could actually get a hold of her weight and book legitimate porn videos

No. 158285

you’re likely correct on both counts kek

No. 158375

Yeah. Ellen is a pedo, pedos are sociopaths and she probably feeds off of the misery.

No. 158394

My shayfoil is that this conshayment board was popped out for cerbmin to gauge site activity outside of bannable shay-spergery. I know that there's far too much that happens on lc for that explanation to be it, but it's my fantashay land.

No. 158409

Do you think one of the reasons she drank a lot the other night is because she's aware of this board's existence?

No. 158418

No she always drinks a ton on cam. She’s had worse things happen to her in recent years than the /Shay/ board.

No. 158422

what do you think she was begging for when she asked for a gym membership? It's been like a week and she hasn't mentioned going even once

No. 158431

I think she actually paid for the gym membership but her alcoholism and laziness have gotten worse since the last time she had a gym membership, and it now heavily limits the amount of time that she’s sober enough to go to the gym.

No. 158445

My shah foil is she was forced to not drink as much as usual during her LV flight, giving her light withdrawals, but the moment she got home she started pounding white claws and got a surge of dopamine from feeding her addition. That led to a small manic phase where she’s drunk and feels “good” and high off her shayccessful porn trip she got the whole “I’m gonna fix my life and do porn for forever” wind and signed up for the gym. However since then, the high has worn off and she’s resumed drinking a normal amount and even though she doesn’t quite notice the hangovers like a non-addict would, she still feels shitty enough to justify “I’ll start tomorrow.”

No. 158461

I wonder if she’s laying off of the diaper shit recently because of the anon who cowtipped her dad? Has anyone else noticed she’s doing relatively more “normal” videos?

No. 158463

she’s been doing mainly incest vids recently. I wouldn’t call that normal.

No. 158531

her doing incest porn (not even step which isn't any better) as she's days away from visiting her real family is so gross. one of the reasons i can never pity her. i couldn't imagine someone in my family doing this and so proudly with nothing to show for it

No. 158577

Shayna does not speak with her stepsister apart from family reunions and we all know why.

Another Shayfoil: her dad's marriage to her stepmom and the introduction of her stepsiblings (specifically, stepsister) into the family is what kickstarted her disgusting "daddy take advantage of me pls I'm just a stupid little girl" complex. She sees her dad interact positively with her stepfamily, she's jealous of a prettier more normal and well-adjusted girl, she wants her dad's attention, wires get crossed. She definitely did porn as revenge in the beginning and now she's in so deep with nothing to show for it except meaningless cheap expenses.

No. 158636

She was popular in elementary/middle school and maybe high school and tries to go back to the days

No. 158637

I believe this. Iirc she said she bullied a teacher in hs.

No. 158647

I think she has breast implant illness

No. 158698

I feel like Dawn had more of a hand in Shay's degeneracy than she's given credit for. Shayna was signed to Dawn's studio in the beginning (it's in the threads somewhere, when they parted ways Dawn deducted earnings from the studio account to cover expenses), the degen shit was popular on Tumblr regardless, but taken under Dawn's wing was exacerbated. This basically means Dawn was her mentor. She started her off with the fetish business angle and it's all she's ever stuck with. Those pink puppy ears Shayna wears? A gift from the Dawn era; shortly after Shayna departed, Dawn revealed pink fursuit "Cheri" & I genuinely think the suit was intended for Shayna. The ears match the suit down the markings.

No. 160455

I never thought of this and second it. Dawn was super creepy, I got the vibe that she wanted to “keep” her. Smartest thing she did was inadvertently ditch her for fupa and she doesn’t even know it lmao

No. 160494

I highly suspect that one of the fart edit anons is a fart/scat fetishist moid

No. 160495

agreed, it was funny the first time and I laugh when it catches me off guard but it could also be Shayna induced autism

No. 160498

The one with poop everywhere seriously grossed me out, it’s obvious scat fetish material ewww

No. 160511

i think there are real feeders that post in these threads and it grosses me out so bad. i agree with the fart anons as well

No. 160515

I thought both of these were commonly accepted and hardly considered shayfoil at this point

No. 160516

Do anons think shayna was sexually abused as a child? She acts like an autopedophile and normally I don’t buy the “being abused as a child makes you grow up to abuse children” when the saying is touted by moids, but Her family seems like the type to kick it under the rug.

No. 160517

i think she was just groomed on tumblr

No. 160547

Yea, especially when you consider that you start studio and then go independent, not the other way around. Which means that Dawn recruited her. I wasn't around when Shayna first started thotting on Tumblr, but Dawn probably saw it and roped her in. Dawn was a pretty prominent figure on Tumblr herself, with hundreds of thousands of notes - she was obviously bolstering her own & Shayna's views with purchased followers - even more so obvious once you realize that she stopped gaining followers once people started catching bans for it. Like I said, the degen stuff was popular regardless, but in retrospect a lot of "top" models (and media personalities) in general did this… Shayna being attention deprived via daddy issues galore, took it hook line and sinker. Also, Dawn was married, more than likely to a veteran considering the area she lived in, as well as her constant sentiments revolving military life/ being considerate of veterans. She was making good money on cam, but also living off her basement husband's VA pay… but since she kept him hidden, she seemed much more sucessful than she actually was. Shayna thinks she's some business mogul when really, she was duped, & groomed. That's why her "business" is ridiculed and floundering today. It was never really successful (at her peak she was making 65k/year) to begin with, but we all know that.

No. 160574

oh please. Shayna was NOT groomed or duped by Dawn. you are just as retarded as Shayna if you truly believe that. Shayna was supposed to come to Dawn’s to WORK, to make content, to grow her business and expand. Once Dawn expected her to work, Shat got all whiny with her. She was expecting Dawn to promote her and rocket her to stardom without doing any work on her own end.

Shayna has never been, and will never be, a victim of anything besides her own shitty choices.

No. 160810

File: 1681489027041.jpeg (49.71 KB, 750x379, B40D73BF-9F70-4AC2-85EB-EC5B27…)

1/2 i swear she does this shit all the time to her coomers

No. 160811

File: 1681489049535.jpeg (113.43 KB, 750x885, CE48F7A7-7929-419D-BA82-2F577B…)


No. 160818

I agree with the Ellen cosigned the apartment tinfoil and I wanna do one better. The apartment is in Ellen's name only She seems like she has affluent friends and family, and that she chooses to live with her parents because they're sick, easy to manipulate, and don't make her pay any rent. That's why Womack sends the money to Ellen and not shaynus. I also believe Shayna went over there with the understanding that Ellen would be her pimp, by introducing her to all the weird fetish freaks she knows. Ellen's also keeping her fat, retarded and dependant because she for whatever reason can't/won't have kids to ruin. (I'm thankful for this).

No. 160838

I believe it. I also wonder if something happened fairly recently that involved the men that Ellen hooks Shayna up with losing interest in her because she never mentions it anymore. Before she would post about her various "dads" and now nothing. Someone either told her to keep quiet or the men don't want to pay to be around her anymore.

No. 160869

I believe the apartment is in Ellen’s name or she co-signed. I don’t think there was an agreement for Ellen to be her pimp though, Ellen may be acting as her pimp, and Shayna may be working for her, but they’re both too stupid to recognize that dynamic and verbalize it and are instead calling it a relationship.

No. 160875

I believe Ellen knows what the fuck she's doing. Shayna? Not so much. She's quite literally fried her brain so hard she probably thinks this is how adult friendships work, or something equally pathetic like that. My personal tinfoil is that Ellen owns the place and just has Shayna and Womack (overpay) her each month, on top of her introducing Shayna to Johns. She keeps Shayna drunk, high and retarded because it makes her feel better about her own shitty life.

No. 160985

Is Ellen even a lesbian?

No. 161025

So what happened with her "surgery"? Wasn't it supposed to be when she visited her family or is it another time?

No. 161146

File: 1681505870224.jpeg (159.31 KB, 1169x1503, FEBCAC2F-0285-4E31-BACD-5898BF…)

looks like it got delayed

No. 161439

The weirdos in the ass eating anonymous meeting are all sex workers in giggling in some discord because they are trolling by showing their bodies. Wouldn't be surprised if they are in Shays little sex worker private condos. This is gayops

No. 161470

That wouldn't surprise me.

No. 161525

I wonder if the delay is what made her go back to weed or her being unable to stop smoking caused it.

Probably the latter

No. 161535

Yeah, probably couldn't operate on her forever stoned ass. It will be interesting to see if she attempts to quit weed again. I think the surgery is for her boob, and if so I bet she's freaking the fuck out on how to explain that away.

But, it still could be mayochip gate related.

No. 161555

Yeah the nipple piercings and dog collars. Ugly below average whores.

No. 161582

File: 1681532444613.jpg (28.98 KB, 408x612, gettyimages-483870887-612x612.…)

>Yeah the nipple piercings and dog collars. Ugly below average whores.

No. 161589

Oh no I hope you’re not insinuating I look like that why don’t I post my titties to prove you wrong. Also that girl is cute.

No. 161603

Kiwi moids gtfo

No. 161761

I had the tinfoil idea that PnP is sharing protein shake recipes in the shaycountability fitness thread since she’s one of those anachans that obsess over the gym now and uses shay as her thinspo kekkk

No. 161763

File: 1681699497338.jpeg (94.78 KB, 750x1334, ED61EDD0-026C-4766-95E4-8287D9…)

shayfoil but where do you think she went with ellen? someone posted a tweet asking if she was going to "Amanda's show" and it looks like she's in a dirty hotel room. was ellen pimping out shayna last night? and what about the wristband.

No. 161764

it's probably a fat woman's burlesque night

No. 161778

My shayfoil is there is no surgery at all, and Shayna just wants sympathy AND to take a vacation. Any ass related surgery sounds unlikely because she isn’t that crazy with what she puts in her ass, its all dildos for the most part these days and they’re unlikely to do any permanent damage. Then tit surgery, I just don’t think she’d be so secretive on it. The only potential surgery I could imagine is something like kidney stones, but she would be bitching about being in pain if it were that. I think there will be no surgery, and she’s just trying to milk $$$ and sympathy from coomers and take June off.

No. 161782

I think this could be true

No. 161800

I truly believe shayna is addicted to pills, I said this before but she acts like always on more then weed/alcohol. Like I said, Ellen probably has an connect, shayna is probably spending a lot of money on pills & shit. What does she buy? She wears the same 15 things over and over. She literally owns like 2 bras she wears to death. She showed her collection of shoes some she rarely wears but that's over years. She's not buying shoes every week, even the clothes she buys are cheap. Her money goes to food,drinks,weed and pills. I believe that's why she's always so broke

No. 161806

i’m the anon who cowtipped her dad to get her cut off and i think it may have actually happened because i made sure that her stepmom saw it too so she could give shat’s dad shit about it. i knew there was a high probability that her dad would just ignore it but that her step mom would be more likely to be disgusted and outraged. so i sent her step mom a friend request from a facebook profile with that simulated baby photo with the bonnet and pacifer. the cover photo and profile had various tweets of hers about being kidnapped and raped by “mumma” and “dada” or whatever.
sorry to sperg about past cowtipping but given her recent tweets of her financial situation and shat cozying up to her mom, i think it could have worked? I know her dad saw my profile because he blocked it and her stepmom definitely saw the account and the facebook profile but i don’t recall if she blocked it or not. i have not cowtipped since and will not cowtip again fyi.(why are you cowtipping retard)

No. 161812

this is unhinged, find god

No. 161813

I have previously said this upthread but I think so too. My best friend used to have a serious Xanax problem when we were younger. There are so many parallels between Shay and most pillheads. It explains a lot of her weight gain, Groundhog Day syndrome and the retarded things she posts. I even think it explains her frequent ER visits. Mixing alcohol, weed and pills is bound to make anyone sick. I also think she probably got cut off by her dad bc of cowtip anon.

No. 161815

uh do you know where you are? interesting that you’re telling me to consult religion when im the one with actual morals rn. i’m pretty sure that any legitimate god would be against pedophilia — i stand by my “unhinged” behavior in that case although im not gonna do it ever again unless she harms a real child or something.

No. 161816

I think shayna would suicide bait and actually lose her shit if she got cut off because of her pedo porn, not a chance she would be able to hold any part of that in.

No. 161818

You don't have "actual morals", you're just a dumb busybody. She didn't do anything illegal and you have bothered her family for no valid reason. Just observe the cow without getting involved, like the rest of us.

No. 161821

lmao and i thought that "concerned citizen" anon who emailed her apartment complex was an annoying holier than thou cowtipper

No. 161826

Nta and I don’t agree with cowtipping but that shit is still nasty and I would disown my children if they did diaper porn. It’s not illegal but it’s still deplorable

No. 161827

If I were her parents I’d want to know what was going on.

No. 161830

Wow no shit, do you think everyone else here thinks diaper porn is the best thing since sliced bread?

No. 161831

God I hate when the dumb bitches on this site pull the "uhmmm sweetie do you know where you are?" Yeah a shitty gossiping chan board, not a radfem forum or a moral fag forum.

No. 161835

No but the whole “it’s not illegal” thing sounds like a pedo DDLG dogwhistle

No. 161836

It doesn't sound like that at all and you sound like you are more mentally delayed than shay herself.

No. 161840

Well it takes a retard to recognize a fellow tard. So sorry for not being intellectual enough for /shay/

No. 161873

File: 1682281578887.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 87.48 KB, 1170x933, shass.jpeg)

I think it's possible that she is developing lipedema. The size and state of her legs is not normal for a woman her age.

No. 161875

an actual jumpscare

No. 161905

That person that was saying
>Incest porn don't hurt nobody
is the person who responded to Shayna on twitter saying the same thing.

No. 161918

i swear, if amber actually gets wls and loses 400 lbs (lol) they will be switching places in a few years, i cn totally see it

No. 161920

I think Shayna’s dads relationship with his step daughter is weird. Something about a teen coming into a man’s life and his daughter going apeshit and developing a pickme need for her own father's sexual attention sets off alarms to me. It might not have even been overt or acted on but when anons say that there’s no abuse in her history that could explain her behavior I think they’re forgetting that being exposed to your father being extra attentive to your hot new step sister could really cross the wires of an insecure teen girl and it might not be in her head. There are so many nonverbal communications that can be observed and there’s something about it all that smells funny to me. It would explain her dirt low standards for men too if the first man she loved was someone she consciously or unconsciously knew was a terminal scrote. He seems well off and probably normal enough to not make a move, and there are lots of women who would turn a blind eye to their husband’s attention to their post-pubescent daughter so long as he didn’t harm her, or worse, there are lots of women who would try to compete with their own daughter for his attention. I don’t know the stepmother but Shayna’s fixation on a hot new bimbo supplanting a dowdy old wife also makes me wonder about her character. Their inability to set boundaries about her behavior after multiple cowtips also seems so guilty and like they’re all the type to ignore rather than address. This is my most sympathetic tinfoil and it upsets me sometimes to see so many anons dismiss her beyond the pale insane sexual dysfunction as a strictly moral failing of Shayna’s when it’s so lockstep with really common reactions to covert incest.

No. 161921

There are many people who seem normal or are well off and are not actually that normal behind closed doors, but otherwise I agree

No. 161922

Honestly nonna this very tinfoil has crossed my mind as well. Or perhaps Shayna (because she learned to use sex as social currency as a teen) sexualized the interactions between the step sis and her dad herself because that’s the only way she knew to get male attention if that makes sense. Idk there is definitely something up in her fam and I don’t think it has shit to do with her mom.

No. 161924

>hot new step daughter
I don't mean to nitpick but…that phrasing sounds gross. I feel bad for Shayna's step sister, because not only does Shayna not mention her but now people are writing paragraphs like this. While a lot of women like Shayna have sexual abuse in their past, Shayna DOES have sexual abuse, I just don't think it has to do with her father. I could be wrong, but she said she was groomed by grown men, she started underaged, meaning she was a 16-17 year old girl, in adult spaces, and talking with weirdos. Plus DDLG is huge on tumblr, there's a lot to point to when it comes to her "Incest" shit.
>1. DDLG being big on tumblr
>2. Shayna wants to be loved unconditional, without having to do anything back. She wants to be spoiled and treated like a child, hence why the "DDLG" shit attracted her. She thought some scrote would become her dad and literally take care of everything.
>3. Incest porn is very common and popular in sex work, of course shayna would latch onto it
>4. Shes not into incest, she's into whatever gets her attention, is the easiest to do and attracts the right moids.

I do not think Shayna is attracted to her dad or brother, I don't know if something happened with her dad, step sister etc. But I do think it's kinda gross to add the "Hot new step daughter" like her life is actual porn plot. When the truth is probably
>Shayna's mom and dad, had a shitty relationship
>Shayna has said multiple times she acted out on purpose, loved attention and was a brat, who wasn't expected to do much of anything
>Shayna's dad got remarried, new step mom and new step daughter he adored
>Shay's step sister may have been easier to deal with
>Notice Shay's brother doesn't act weirdly online nor does any other Shayna related siblings.
It's just Shayna. She was groomed online, her parents didn't do the proper things when she said some scrote was sending her shit in the mail.
She then got onto tumblr, where her views changed as soon as she realized she could get attention sexualizing "Pink" and acting like a baby.
I don't think Shayna's parents are perfect, but I think the answer to why Shayna is how she is, is just a bunch of neglectful situations that her parents should've nipped in the bud.
I think she's mentally ill, attention hungry and frankly, never was cool to be around or deal with. Her siblings from what we've seen are productive members of society.

No. 161925

File: 1682537253761.jpeg (92.67 KB, 1125x1053, 2670DA9F-8309-448E-8590-A201DD…)

I agree, but I feel like we lose sight sometimes (just from normalized exposure to cow antics) that most girls from supportive homes don’t wind up acting out their disfunction the ways that cows do, because lots of cows come from deeply abnormal circumstances that we’re a bit desensitized to. Not to say lots of normal women can’t use sex for gain at times, but she uses it more as self abuse than currency, bc for her the gain is the self abuse. Idk, there’s just something about a girl with no basis for sexualizing her father’s behavior casting her jealousy through that prism that just don’t compute. It would be really normal to compete with a “new daughter” but it makes you wonder why she didn’t try to compete in school or sports or arts or by picking up his interests. That her brain immediately seems to have done the math that the way to impress him was by being sexually available kind of implies two things to me; the first is that there was a sexual inavailability to her step sister (maybe her dad wouldn't jeopardize himself by harming her while her mother is in the home or more generously he had no actual intention of hurting her and loves her but also notices her sexually bc she isn’t his blood and shayna took note of that dynamic- cue Shay’s vids about mom not being around and her being soooo helpless but willing) that she created an inferiority complex around (I’m not wanted but I’m willing but I’m less than bc I’m not wanted but I’m still giving myself up for devaluation to acquire value) and secondly that we’re wrong to think that (even if I’m off the mark about her dad’s behavior) Shayna, fucked as she is, is the reason why she would have a strange relationship to her dad’s desires. If she WAS projecting that onto their dynamic it makes me feel like there’s something she must have been basing that on bc again, most teen girls don’t have a bug in them that would take it to that field. Idk. Also before anyone says “groomed by tumblr” I would like to say as a woman who was there at the same times and in similar circles (not diaperbaby poopy porn)- whether its done by a human predator or just a social phenomenon that young millennials were allowed to experiment with before we had protocol or sophisticated relationships with tech, sexual grooming isn’t actually something that everyone is susceptible to. If tumblr was an outlet that normalized her hypersexuality there is probably a reason
it was so satisfying for her to get that sexual attention from adults online. Not a rule, but less likely for a girl with supportive and involved parents to be susceptible to grooming and even less likely for that groomed girl to have such a uniquely involved sexual relationship to father figures without there having been something her mind filed away.
And yeah its Shay, she’s foul and I think there’s should someday be some accountability for all the terminally online freaks who have spent the past decade trying to normalize pedophilia. I’m just more likely to believe its her dad or the Scrotes That Be than that she and all her ilk are much more than vulnerable freaks who would have been just as exploited in any other societal context, its just that ours values an inverted morality that has women create a language of “agency” and “choice” so we can act out prescribed generational roles (wounded girl-sex object pipeline) and also brainwash ourselves into thinking that it was our decision all along, which gives women nothing to identify against. It rewards them with social status for doing it on an infinite and permanent stage for broad public consumption, rather than the historical shame they would have lived with in a society that valued secrecy, discretion, and had no scope for how widely a woman’s degradation could be distributed.
Since this is the Shayfoil thread- the USA’s patriot act was controversial and while so many people were in support of it post 9/11 (brainwashed by leading-question two-choice dogwhistle media but whatever) in the immediate years after, as the internet boomed and home tech became ubiquitous, there was a sudden understanding of the privacy rights that had been taken from us under the guise of national security just as we were beginning to contribute to this permanent record of humanity and people felt duped and violated. Our timeline could have gone the way of synthesizing our existing moras around privacy and discretion with the stage of developing tech, but then suddenly comes a cultural emphasis on telling your story, on living very publicly, on divulging and exposing and confessing. Imagine how much harder it would be to have populace that protected itself and fought for rights to live without private oversight of their digital presence, and how much easier it would be to popularize voluntary divulging of the most personal moments and images, not just sexually, but pics of kids that have been used to develop face ID software, of so much emotional material that the CIA might never have to do a physical experiment or operation to gather info on group psychology. There was a trend towards discussion of privacy and an attitude of healthy mistrust of gov from almost every political direction for a moment that seemed to have a unified vocab based in a shared and objective reality, when suddenly a language of choice and acceptance over all began to emerge. There are so many philosophies in America dubbed progressive that are, in the structure of the way that they’re discussed, designed to neuter any ability to truly communicate in a way that advances anything of sense or benefit to the people. There isn’t just moral relativism but there’s relativism of the real and its breaking people’s brains- its regressivism and if we know anything about America, it’s likely an intentional project to split understandings of what is possible to be true. Its more directly the language of the Left wing of american politics but its the indirect language of the Right as well (think the Left preaching that you’re morally deplorable to not allow anyone to believe or do anything so long as its not these things whereas the Right’s line is to say you’re a pussy and or otherwise inept if you don’t believe in their god given things- any of these things can be loony, factually incorrect, and materially damaging, but the argument becomes about whether or not you’re impeding someone’s right to believe, never about the belief itself) It has created a population of people who genuinely believe that it is possible that JFK Jr has been hiding out for decades, waiting for the perfect moment to make his big Ruveal, they believe that its possible to sell sex and be sexually empowered, after millennia of evidence to the opposite (not a swerf actually, i think an evil world creates the sexually damaged girls who become whores as a “choice”- they have always existed as well alongside the more identifiably exploited class of the sex trafficked woman, and until the world is no longer a place that creates certain vulnerable women to be a floozy class, we can’t blame women for misprocessing their maladjustments. That said, kill every pimp, brothel owner, and john), and there’s a group that believes its possible to larp as a raped toddler/teen/daughter for money and consume that media and not be engaging in really foul and flippant pedophilia. They don’t understand that there are objective realities and you can’t, in fact, say that daddy drugged your juice bottle and fingered you while you were passed out without doing something truly morally and ethically fucking foul.
Aaaaaaaaalll this to say that I have a bit of my heart broken off for Shayna. She’s an alcoholic, a weed addict, a binge eater, and I can’t help but see how these things aren’t her moral failings but a tragic reaction bc that’s a woman we all probably know. We might not know one who shits her diapee, but we all know women who do shit we can’t wrap our mind around for the life of us but we know they’re broken, and as hard as they are to look at, they almost never break themselves. Shayna came up as basic rhetoric crumbled, there was a sudden emphasis on and the class of women who would have been strippers or abused gfs were being lauded as strong and sexy and soooo powerful and sooo in control of their destinies, though common sense and perspective tells the less vulnerable among us that thats glaringly untrue. All that to say, to be groomable speaks to an existing disfunction, and more often than not if there’s a funky relationship between that groomable girl and her father, I’m gonna put the onus on him. (Shay would put the anus on him.)

Forgive me, I’m taking my manic ass to the weed-quitting thread bc I’m a day deep and typing so so fast

No. 161927

Hey, you’re really right. Sorry to use that language, I think I was trying to imagine what it would have seemed like to shay at the time, but you’re really right and I hope I didn’t gross our/upset anyone!

No. 161928

As a former attention seeker within my own family I think Shaynus is so attention-seeking because her parents were emotionally neglectful. That doesn’t mean that they were abusive but they probably were not around very much and likely doted on her younger brother while she was addicted to online attention from anonymous moids who were coaxing and brainwashing a young girl.

No. 161930

AYRT and that was a wild ride full of a lot of good food for thought but I just wanted to say I love that you chose to end it with
>Shay would put the anus on him
Good luck on your weed free journey nonna!

No. 161932

How much is known about her parents divorce? A lot of her behaviour could be explained by how she views what happened. For example if it was caused by her dad cheating, she could still blame that on her mother for not providing for her dad's emotional and sexual needs. If she's always been a daddy's girl, it's possible that she viewed being in her mother's custody as taking her away from her preferred parent, even though that may be what both of her parents wanted.

She has contempt for women while desperately craving male attention and validation, which is exactly how she treats her parents.

No. 161933

File: 1682559267935.jpeg (20.25 KB, 750x202, 49AD6EEE-E8EE-4021-8553-C1F650…)

does anyone else think it's weird she's been hanging out with someone else and they keep requesting she brings her dog?

No. 161934

I didn’t even notice that, but the implication is sickening if true and a new low for Shaynus.

No. 161936

Yeah someone brought it up in the main thread and it ruined my night last night lol like…I really wouldn’t put it past someone who pretends to be a kidnapped child and drugged and raped baby for coomers. That poor dog just wants to be cared for and loved and Shaytaan is setting it up to be abused or already is letting it happen. Seriously fuck her. Want to a-log so bad.

No. 161938

I think Shayna is just defective. Some people are just wastes of space or even have a negative impact on the world without trauma or reason. She was always a shitty person, her parents seem normal (her descriptions of them sound like she spent time with them, spoke regularly, and they bonded over shared interests)- they could have been emotionally neglectful or absentee in some ways, but not in the way they’d have to be for her to be this way as a direct result. She’s always been a vapid, mean spirited attention seeker and tumblr culture and her popularity stemming from that just made it worse. I will say, I think there was grooming happening to get her to go further and encourage her when she was first starting to lean into porn on tumblr, but the rock had already been pushed down the hill at that point so it wasn’t really the cause of all of this. Shayna is the reason why Shayna is miserable, and why she’s a lost cause. She is literally incapable of introspection, learning from the past, and frankly isn’t smart or sober enough to try to change anything.

No. 161943

no offense to you at all nonni but some people like dogs and like spending time with them. when i go out to a hike or to the river i always bring my dog or ask my friends if i can bring my dog. plenty of people in the world love their pet dogs and enjoy spending time out and about with them. i would be APPALLED if what you're implying is true, but based on a few posts about noodle getting a pup cup in the drive thru and splashing around at the lake, i think it's a stretch.

No. 161950

I genuinely hope you’re right and normally I would agree (have big dog who often comes out with me too!) but this is Shaynus who has not brought Noodle anywhere or treated her to any special time since she was a puppy besides occasionally using her as a prop on Twitter for asspats so I just assume the worst kek

No. 161980

It's possible the moid likes dogs or has his own dog, and enjoys the dog's company. I generally ascribe shitty motivations to scrotes too but a lot of them genuinely like dogs, even if they treat women like shit.

No. 162792

Someone who knows Shayna is trying super hard to get her address taken down from the threads. All these posts about it are fishy.

No. 162794

Yes omg thank you. The moralfag white knight is so suspicious to me. Defending her honor so hard. I could also see it being a fat Twitter/tiktok type of person

No. 162795

Either you are trolling or an newfag, we don't post addresses. It's not someone who knows Shayna, it's regular nona's who know the rules. We dont' dox cows.

No. 162796

File: 1684894859307.png (2.73 KB, 673x57, Capture.PNG)

It's literally in the rules.
My Tinfoil is that because Kiwifarms is on tor, so it's basically down and slow, that there's some weirdos who like Shayna or started to get into Shayna.
They don't understand or care about the culture here. Thats why we have people posting her address or >>162792 >>162794
Retards going, "it's suspious someone is trying to get Shay's address taken down"
Or the weird people who were ranting about "Milking" the nona who knew Shayna but didn't remove her pfp from her screenshot and could'nt delete because an glitch.
Its kiwifarms type of bullshit, where scrotes sit around and "Milk" posters who say/do dumb shit, when nobody cares about some random chick who knew Shayna & posted information. There's not much milk to be had, there's no reason to care about her information.
The idea of hoping to make an cow out of some random person is very kiwifarms like, they do it all the time.
Plenty of nonas mistakenly post PFP, someone tells them and if they aren't related to the cows or super weird looking then nobody cares. Sometimes an nona will post something mocking them, but thats it.
Nobody sits around "Milking" random non-related people who mistakenly post PFP on here.

No. 162799

Not everyone who you disagree with is a kf scrote. “nobody cares about a random anon who knew Shayna” except there’s a high chance someone who knew her in school yet still keeps up with her 10 years later is just as big if a retard. It would be poetic justice to find out the one eagerly dishing milk on shayna is doing it because she’s got more motives than a simple kek. Happens all the time in threads.

No. 162857

Does anyone else remember this black girl shayna use to interact with a lot on tumblr and she has a thread on lolcow. Her name was Angela or something like that but i remember she got a boob job and they turned out so bad but that's how i feel like shaynas is going to look.

No. 162862

This thread shows I think the start of the girls boob job like you’re talking about. Unspoil the images at your own risk, this is Shaynas future.

No. 162878

Wtf apparently I linked the wrong thread somehow so I’m obviously too stupid to figure this out can someone link the daisy/himeka thread I think it’s #4

No. 162882

Why? Her previous scar is so imperceptible that nonas kept saying it was just a fold/line.
Is this it, nona? >>>/snow/626117

No. 162884

I mean, this nona notices the faint scar on the breast >>>/snow/1643891 and this one immediately tells her it’s just a fat roll (missing the point) >>>/snow/1643920
Another example >>>/snow/1648276 in which the scaring is visible and so faint that it’s devolves into “fighting” because a lot of the nonas don’t notice the line, even when prompted to notice it.

No. 162887

See? >>>/shay/162867 very faint.

No. 163032

tinfoiling that her and the biggulpgirls guy are actually dating and thats how she’ll justify fucking him without protection. its definitely weird theyre going to the concert together.

No. 163045

Yeah Im tinfoiling that he’s one of her current “sugar daddies” and probably paid for dinner yesterday. He’s basically renting a cheap whore that’s on call and will fly out to him and film garbage videos. I guess coomers don’t care how fat and gross a whore is as long as they’ll degrade themselves. He’s finessing her

No. 163122

File: 1685533685366.gif (12.9 MB, 889x500, foil.GIF)

Ever since she mentioned she got fat transfers, my tinfoil is she’s getting some lipo to go with this surgery. If anyone notices, she’ll just say it was needed as some surgeons use fat transfers with implants. Anyone else want a hat?

No. 163123

this gif is exactly how she dances on stream kek

No. 163128

Whoever the xanny anon is is fucking retarded, she's not addicted to benzos or always barred out pls chill out with that tinfoil its annoying
t. Was a pillhead for 9 yrs and knew many bartards and shay is just boredrline blackout drunk and high out of her mind all the time, no way she regularly takes xans (she probably only takes them when someone else has them like with vivi)
my tinfoil is that she's at that lvl of alcoholism where she would def have a seizure or DT if she quit cold turkey, idk how she'll juggle that and the surgery kek

No. 163147

shayna will cancel her fetcon appearance due to titty complications and it will cause issues between her and the black chick who made her site

No. 163152

She’s going to that after her surgery? Without healing first? Shayna is her worst enemy.

No. 163153

Just because you used to be a barred out drooling retard doesn’t mean you’re an authority on how all benzo addicts behave.
We know she has a prescription for medication to help her calm down, which could definitely be a benzo of some kind. It might be a milder benzo than xanax and I doubt she takes a lot of it but she combines it with alcohol which will amplify the effects. Watching that livestream she did the last week, it did not seem like she was “just” drunk and stoned. It seemed like she was on something more.

No. 163155

NTA but the xanax tinfoilers are annoying as fuck. If you're patient then maybe later on it will be confirmed but for now we have no proof she has access to xanax. How she jumped at the opportunity to ask for Vivi's medication tells me that she is unable to find it in Seattle. Could you even imagine her having a secret pill addiction? How would she manage to keep it under wraps?
We also know for certain that she's an alchy so you have to factor that into anything else she's consuming. Alcohol and benzos are a lethal combo.

No. 163221

my shayfoil is she's going to bail on fatcon and her friendship with kiki is going to end like it did with pixie

No. 163605

File: 1687987714375.png (1.45 MB, 2048x1464, B0FA9527-FE2C-47A1-8BCF-365CB6…)

I always thought Fupa was ashamed of Shay and totally wrote her off while she begged him to hang out since he was the only person she knew in Tulsa, but I was reading old threads and it seems like he may have been more hot and cold with her. She posted about being collared, and she never saw anyone but Fupa in OK, so do anons think he collared her and promised to be around only to drop her when it became inconvenient?
From thread 41, post >>>/snow/877733

No. 163609

Late to reply and NTA but I used to know a major Xanax addict who was also an alcoholic and she took such an absurd amount of Xanax with her alcohol regularly you’d be surprised what the human body can handle that it shouldn’t be able to. Not saying that’s what Shay is doing but she does act like it sometimes. Alcohol definitely seems to amplify the effects of benzos she really could just be taking a small script of “good girl pills” occasionally while being an alcoholic. Just because someone takes one Xanax while drinking doesn’t mean they’re immediately going to OD… but could explain a lot of her random vomiting episodes

No. 163644

she's going to try to date a moid for validation when her tits are healed and ditch ellen, our time is coming. what are our bets for her next moid obsession? her type is so abysmal… i could see her dating an ugly possessive festival going drug addict with no job

No. 163645

Yes nonner, that's exactly what happened. The continued their "relationship" in private, but that just consisted of him pumping and dumping her off at his apartment. Being with her tarnished his social life, considering she embarrassed him irl in front of his friends repeatedly, and created a problem with his baby mama. I wonder if he even liked her besides just using her as a fuck toy after that point.

No. 163652

I genuinely think that if shayna was just born a few years later her entire life trajectory would have been completely different. For starters, the obsession over ddlg shit was on its last legs and almost over by 2015. That was when she turned 18 and immediately started pursuing porn. She probably would have been exposed to a lot less of it if she was born later. Secondly: Gaining a following for weed in that pre-2015/6 era was not as easy to monetize because it wasn’t as legalized and normalized as it is now, but nowadays she could have turned whatever Shay-gnar was into an actual “brand”, which may have fully prevented or at least delayed her descent into sex work. I honestly could see her parlaying her old following into tiktok or Instagram better and starting to get brand deals. You’re probably thinking “but shayna isn’t fun or creative or interesting! No one would want to watch her!” You’re right. But that doesn’t really even seem to matter. There are a lot of tiktok stars that do nothing all day, are not that engaging to watch, aren’t particularly attractive, and blow up from one video, then start to promote doordash or a fast food restaurant or crappy fast fashion and make decent money. Even if she was fat and busted like she is now, she’d just get “bOdY pOsItIVitY” points if she had been in a mainstream career. And even in the worst case scenario, she could probably still make a career out of getting hatewatched and we’d probably still talk about her on lolcow, but it’s more likely that she’d get picked up on one of the Reddit snark pages and they’d have to tiptoe around calling her ugly or fat because of how woke they are.
Sorry for sperg, but as much as she absolutely deserves her failing career due to being a haggard pedophile, there’s a chance that she could have avoided being a sex worker entirely, and possibly could have ended up as the influencer she so clearly wanted to be. Unfortunately, she was born at the absolute worst time.

No. 163731

Shayna’s going to try to or at least wants to fuck her surgeon

No. 163741

not trying to be disgusting but imo she's a couple years away from trying to use her cats in her porn in some way. as she gets closer to obscurity she'll get more desperate and try to appeal to even lower bottom tier males

No. 164115

I feel like shayna decided to cling to two black/biracial girls for two reason
>to fight the racism allegations
>because she deep down feels that no matter how she looks, she's more attractive or stands out because she's white and blonde
This may be a reach,but shayna seems clearly goes for a type when she makes "friends".
Older then her mainly, fatter and uglier but now that she's hanging with girls her age the two she is seen with are biracial/black.
Also notice all the white girl she's around ashamed darker hair and are older. I'm looking into my shayna mind palace and everyone whose been a reoccurring character fits those builds.
When imo the first black female friend (don't know her name) is prettier facially than shayna. The new friend looks slightly cleaner but is about shayna tier facially. Then Sarah is like Ellen if she gave a shit. Maybe I'm reaching but it seems like shayna has not posted anything interacting with anyone that wasn't her normal stinky crowd.
I wonder if she feels out of place when she's not around these types, she seems good in self isolating herself into circles where she feels she's the "best" looking

No. 164142

She doesn’t care anymore she probably thinks this is it I’m just fat now might as well get fatter and fatter

No. 164343

Fupaul or his new wife are in the shay thread defending fupual, in fact I wouldn't be surprised of Fupaul told his gf of lolcow and she's she's regular

No. 164344

RIGHT I thought so too, wtf was with that “anon” talking about his supposed healthy eating and meal prepping. It’s probably “Bug” (his genderspecial wife) who is defending him and claiming that Shayna is the only bad one in that relationship. Fupa probably told his now wife all sorts of stories like moids do when he clearly made the choice to stick around and stay with Shayna, he’d call her up when they were broken up for booty calls, and he’d sneak her around his ex wife and kids. I really hope it’s not the wife and that it’s Fupaul posting about himself because he doesn’t deserve a woman posting on his behalf.

No. 164349

File: 1694069962734.jpeg (293.13 KB, 640x783, 3D08BE59-8F9A-43BC-949F-F74899…)

I was thinking the same. How embarrassing Kyle Nathan Perkins a clean eater but with the body of zoidberg KEK

No. 164350

They also keep saying that “Bug” isn’t as fat as Shayna, but she’s even fatter. And they’re weirdly adamant that Fupa was never with Shayna at the same time as his new wife. Sounds like extreme coping. I bet it’s one of them or some unhinged groupie/fupie.

No. 164359

God they’re such degenerate losers doing this shit in public.

No. 164498

Typical okie degen trash. I now believe Shay's fat saga is due to her believing Fupa would take her back if she was fat. Then when he didn't, she got depressed and became even more fat kek. God who tf calls themselves "Bug" that's so gross. Zero self respect.

No. 164500

>Sarah is like Ellen if she gave a shit.
>normal stinky crowd
KEK anon pls. I don’t know if Shayna purposefully seeks out girls who she thinks are uglier than her, or if getting into the kink scene as a whole instead of mainstream porn was a decision made to put herself around ugly girls. Unfortunately the less attractive you are, the more extreme shit you have to do. Which you’d hope would be a wake-up call to these women but they seem all too eager to do whatever it takes for scrote attention. Porn is misogyny and cannot function without misogyny, The End.

No. 164501

i believe this tinfoil. i've been reading through old threads and when he was on tumblr he was always reblogging "thick" women. he even reblogged momokun before. i bet shayna thought getting fat would give her an ass and tits and it backfired on her.

No. 164557

File: 1695261939468.jpeg (76.59 KB, 1242x323, IMG_8351.jpeg)

people who dont think shes a benzo head are crazy. she's been able to get them in the past why wouldn't she now. vivi also said she took pills/stole pills from her. shes been open in the past about using them and reportedly blacked out out on klonopin at a party in high school. explains why she's always so blasted in photos she posts and her strange behaviors over the years.

No. 164585

ayrt KEK I'm glad you agree. Shaynus has the most unfortunate fat distribution I've ever seen. Literally everywhere aside from her tits and ass. Incredible.

No. 164592

She definitely could still do all that but she seems to be stuck in all things cheugy. Shay is not old. She's only 26. There are plenty of influencers even into their 30s who ride off the latest trends. Not that cheugy in itself is a bad thing (I wore coral jelly shoes today and I still like tunics/long line tops and leggings during the winter) but it won't get her any clout online. If she took her job seriously she would research the latest trends and participate in them and she would learn to get good at makeup. Shay could actually do a lot better but she chooses to stay stuck in a timewarp.

No. 164593

There are whole subreddits dedicated to moids who like fat girls with small tits and big bellies. Shay doesn't even take advantage of anything like this. She barely promotes herself on reddit at all and if she does she doesn't go to subs that would celebrate her.

No. 164619

I just experienced shay for the first time this week, I 100% believe she’s gonna get into feederism once she realizes it’s too much effort to fix her fat body. She’s gonna start embracing her pig shit and beg for money by asking her coomers to “fatten me up” I think that would make her more money than her shitty findom would.

No. 164623

I kinda want a shay feederism saga, but I think she's too intent on larping as a bimbo barbie to ever swallow her pride and give into her morbid obesity potential

No. 164727

File: 1696193589719.jpeg (146.68 KB, 633x883, IMG_8414.jpeg)

could shaynas "good girl pills" be lithium? i still think she's a benzo head but being on something for bipolar could explain why she's so fat now. she still claims to have bipolar to this day. i almost feel bad because i'm on a psych med thats made me go from skinny to chubby but i also can't feel bad for shaynus

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