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File: 1683146284560.jpeg (178.42 KB, 1125x1049, IMG_0067.jpeg)

No. 56111

I’m looking for entertaining, drama filled threads. What are some favorites that you guys liked to read? I liked the jaelle and nika series, Shayna, Erin painter, and onision happenings

No. 56112

Heather Sparkles

No. 56113

I absolutely adore reading old Aly_realrecover threads when I'm feeling down. The anons in those threads are so funny and witty. You just have to understand that at one point admin banned the Aly thread, and at a few points random other anachans were being discussed though they didn't hold a candle to Aly. You can just scroll past those posts and eventually that stops entirely.

I have a list of the threads in order, I'll put it here in a couple hours after I check that it's continuous. Trust me, Aly isn't even really a cow for being anachan: she had a huge flair for the dramatic, some borderline incesty pics, a hilariously tenuous but overly confident grasp of English language, and insane ocd. You used to be able to put a certain McDonald's into IG search (place) and you would see maybe a couple teenagers scattered among literal pages of Aly posing in the exact same ways over and over again.

And Aly's much better and less unhinged now so you don't even have to feel bad for laughing at her.

No. 56114

samefag (sorry sorry I'm outside rn)

Stefany Lauren. Again, top-notch anons populated her threads in her milkiest era, and there are signs it might pick back up again. Stefany is the one who skinwalks celebrities and photoshopped their faces onto hers. She had a fake British accent for years, has fake diseases, and invents countless outrageous lies for attention. Sadly she's an animal hoarder and ebeggar but her parents have money & a farm & probably do the bulk of animal care while Stef pretends she does tactical security instead of buzzing people into an apartment building in Toronto. Though I guess now she works at a dog daycare. Hypocritical shithead about rescuing animals: she threatens to euthanize horses at the drop of a hat, gets her dogs from breeders or people selling "wolf dogs" probably illegally. Is basically Nazi-level obsessed with her dogs having wolf in them.

Revisiting the Stef thread is such a romp and we have some of her rants in a fake accent saved for posterity also. If files don't work anymore ask in the thread for a new link

No. 56117

Only the first few threads though, after that it just gets repetitive and depressing. It's like she's trapped in groundhog day.

Also seconding this.

No. 56138

>Only the first few threads though, after that it just gets repetitive and depressing. It's like she's trapped in groundhog day.
There's a stretch of threads (or still ongoing, I stopped lurking because of this) where most of the posts were obviously made by her exhusband, his tranny bestie, and her ex-friends whining about her ~disrespecting witchcraft~ and shit. I'd love to see a post reveal about the husband. If anyone ITT starts a Heather Sparkles thread binge, maybe she can also mass report the obvious vendettaposting so mods take a look at it.

No. 56253

Raven's threads brought me to lolcow back in 2017, she was a fountain of milk for ages. Really recommend going through that whole saga if you've got some time to kill

No. 56323

The pixielocks DID saga has maybe 15 threads so far and it's been one of the most hilarious sagas I've ever had the pleasure of reading across the site.

No. 56362

File: 1683619256894.jpg (126.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_20230318_185727_538~2.jpg)

A rough list of Aly threads (beginning):
1 >>>/pt/101158
2 >>>/pt/121883 (just ignore the stupid posts about other cows)
3 >>>/pt/127911
4 >>>/pt/131511
5 >>>/pt/138697
6 >>>/pt/146319
7 >>>/pt/159243
8 >>>/pt/173114
9 >>>/snow/25478
10 >>>/snow/33022
11 >>>/snow/37087
12 >>>/snow/42283
13 >>>/snow/48258
14 >>>/snow/56772
15 >>>/snow/64095
16 >>>/snow/73958
17 >>>/snow/91978
18 >>>/snow/124275
19 >>>/snow/223291

OK, I need to take a brief break to do other stuff I'll come back with the rest of the threads. This took longer than expected bc I found more threads & had to remove all my warnings to my friend about skipping boring posts that aren't about Aly.

No. 56723

hijacking but can someone recommend a recent thread that documents a rich person (preferably a man) ruining their life? i enjoy seeing rich people squander their money

No. 56724

rich couples work too. i enjoyed reading about the laverys

No. 56932

Soren will always be my #1 lolcow ever of all time, F

Nemu's thread was also a lot of fun when it was happening, and yeah Jill's DID saga was the best in recent history. Venus's downspiral into a disgusting alcoholic prostitute was pretty entertaining in a fucked up way but her thread is full of pull refugee cancer unfortunately. Someone please make another /meta/ general now.

No. 57486

Soren was honestly too horrifying for me, I could never stand to read everything in her threads. But I second Nemu, she's my all time favorite cow. And she's actually the one who led me to discover lolcow after I saw someone on youtube with an icon of toad from mario barfing in a bucket and went on a wild goose chase to figure out what the fuck would draw something like that. Good memories!

No. 58433

The lucinda/oswaldslunch thread on snow was pretty good up until this most recent thread. The debacle between her and ambrose was very funny to me.

No. 58558

I think Phoebe Tickner is a classic.

No. 58640

File: 1686147691677.png (14.31 KB, 275x248, 1672936291898.png)

Are Dakota Rose threads worth getting into? Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but how milky was she?
Or is she pretty much just like Venus

I personally suggest Erin Painter threads, it was pure undiluted cringe. She was of those vile pedo-pandering lolicon cows that was milky enough to separate from e-girls/soft girls and have a few of her own.

No. 58645

Kelly (Ronahan) and Chompurrs was always a personal favorite but you're going to need a stomach of steel to unspoiler most of the pics in those threads

No. 58680

I enjoyed reading early Pixyteri and Kiki despite a lot of links being broken. Fitveganginger is a thread I still reread, her clenched-teeth passive aggression coupled with her horror-tier frankenfood pics and the happy ending of me searching for her social media and finding nothing hits just right. Hartley thread is good, and Alyrealrecover gets slept on a lot. She’s kind of like Shayna where it’s so repetitive it’s funny.

No. 58684

Being here for that in real time was wild and confusing even as it was happening. Her sockpuppeting, imitating everyone she’s ever known, sharing medical documents, and crafting entire tumblrs and journals and shit just to support her (fake) backstory was absolutely insane. I do assume she had some sort of traumatic childhood to wind up how she is and I wish an accurate and comprehensive life story would appear out of thin air but that’ll never happen.

Who would’ve thought she’d escalate so drastically the second she had her port removed? At least she’s safe from Paul now!

No. 58701

I wish she'd come back online… She was my favorite.

No. 58731

if someone could post pixyteris threads in order i would love that i've tried to go back and read them but have never been able to figure out where it starts and where to go from there… i watched a youtube video on her once and shes very interesting to say the least.

No. 58732

so i decided to go back through the catalog and order all of kikis and pixys threads because i would like to read through them all. i will start with kiki.
#1: >>>/pt/82
#2: >>>/pt/23176
#3: >>>/pt/38535
#4: >>>/pt/53420
#5: >>>/pt/68096
#6: >>>/pt/118665
#7: >>>/pt/127490
#8: >>>/pt/137479
#9: >>>/pt/152604
#10: >>>/pt/166812
#11: >>>/pt/174775
#12: >>>/pt/187661
#13: >>>/pt/196490
#14: >>>/pt/289978
#15: >>>/pt/304583
#16: >>>/pt/313147 (keekweek/post reveal edition)
#17: >>>/pt/323212
#18: >>>/pt/333878
#19: >>>/pt/358686
#20: >>>/pt/401819
#21: >>>/pt/419492
#22: >>>/pt/451592
#23: >>>/pt/651964
#24: >>>/pt/818510 (kotainment thread)
#25: >>>/pt/890025
forgive me for any mistakes i did this on mobile, will work on the pixy one next

No. 58734

and heres pixyteri in order, not sure this one is going to be correct. forgive me for any mistakes.
#1: >>>/pt/2527
#2: >>>/pt/10352
#3: >>>/pt/30600
#4: >>>/pt/64385
#5: >>>/pt/78927
#6: >>>/pt/95298
#7: >>>/pt/104241
#8: >>>/pt/112363
#9: >>>/pt/121145
#10: >>>/pt/147692
#11: >>>/pt/192292
#12: >>>/pt/228540
#13: >>>/pt/361385
#14: >>>/pt/804526
again forgive me for any mistakes, this one was a lot harder to piece together

No. 59138

thanks, this will be a fun revisit during this insane trip I'm taking by train. I wish SO MUCH we had some of the taco vids still

No. 59720

Which threads of Amanda Bret’s are the best?

No. 59724

is there a full chronological list of kota threads?

No. 59901

Tesah Jordin threads in /snow/; failed sex worker like Shayna, has only three degrees of separation from Onion, drama like Nika.

No. 60136

The Blackpill thread in /2X/ because it reads like a trainwreck and has users that could be cows if they ever bothered to go on social media.

No. 60138

I don't agree with them but they have a right to shit on moids, that said it is bizarre how that thread soddenly became so active, when there would be one or two posts every couple days or so

No. 60139

Shitting on moids is one thing. Shitting on women, calling them pigs and whores, shitting on mothers (even their own), claiming women only pretend to enjoy sex, and saying men are superior because they are not dumb women, now that is another thing entirely.

No. 60215

wtf is that really happening in 2X? I stopped checking because it’s so slow

No. 60222

It is, again not to beat a dead horse but I highly suspect one or two baiting moids who are using the thread to shit on women.

No. 60230

not you again.

No. 60233

Everyone knows this don’t know who you think I am but I can guess since you see her in your walls atp

No. 60337

Is there a recollection of kirdedede anon posts somewhere? reading her posts always bring me happiness but they are hard to find

No. 60360

She recently had an epiphany that her obsession is unhealthy so I think her days of posting Kirbydiedreetc posts are over

No. 60362

all 3 of my fav heffers are pretty quiet for a while now. can someone please spoonfeed me a cow in the vein of Vicky Shingles/Amanda Bret/Luna Skater? ty in advance!

No. 60363

Kiki but the old threads. She's a similar age as Vicky and has similar delusions.

No. 60470

The one where she’s posting about Cowie pissing himself while she kicks him.


No. 62560

are there any cows that got themselves a "good ending" and became relatively well-adjusted people? the ones I follow rn are getting really bleak, I'd like to read about the ones that made it for a change

No. 62564

Fat vegan femme fucked off but unsure if she got better. There's a few others who are tame like Heather Sparkles.

No. 62570

aly_realrecover / alice casati - insanely entertaining and then she more or less got her shit together

No. 62681

Did she really? Holy shit I thought she was going to die.

No. 62899

Nonnie are you living in a different universe? Heather's thread us bleak as hell, she's essentially stuck in a loop for years now.

No. 63017

She was one of my favourite cows on here and hit all my dream cow check list. The day she nuked most of her social suprised me a lot as I didn't expect her to ever smarten up! She must gotten a sign to stop her antics and go offline or finally stuffed herself into being a deathfat/disablity larp turned reality. Only thing I wish that we got to hear whether anon got her cousin away from her.

No. 63046

She’s still online, I got one of her reels showing up on my Instagram feed. I don’t remember her current name though

No. 63047

Nvm, it’s @pinkfaefemme on Instagram

No. 63065

Cowtippers ruin everything.

No. 63083

That's a whole other cow. While there are some similarity between them such as the username and fatablity larp, however that's just not Feebz.

No. 63100

sorry I'm retarded. the names are similar to me

No. 63123

I wish her thread hadn’t died, her boyfriend has gone full tranny and it’s sickening, and all she does is smoke pot at home.

No. 63186

Good nerd friend group suggestions? Especially the veronica/mick response video or projared/holly caliber stuff.

Tranny in body or in mind?

No. 63194

Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, their thread has been dead but there's some primo nerd/poly cringe

No. 63199

This one hurts as a Dresden Dolls fangirl but it enlightened me. Don't forget about the Goodreads drama because that was prime cream.

No. 63208

The Grimes/Elon/Shivon thread

No. 63632

Soren threads are top notch nonnie detective work, a bleak and brutal bed of lies unfolded. Some of the wildest shit I've ever read.

No. 63639

Need a good cow read that is under 30 threads for a mini milk binge. I’m sorry nonnas who love 100+ threads I try to read the long cows like monokun and shayna but I can’t keep up

No. 63668

I know it was already posted upthread but Raven Bradley's didn't have more than 10 I don't think but holy shit the milk in some of those was abundant. I'm sad she quit posting, she was my favorite co. Now I just have to see Shayna's asshole over and over again kek

No. 63669

could someone do an in order post of all ravens threads? i've seen her mentioned soo so so many times and i would love to read through them all.

No. 63672

I was wrong apparently it's 15 threads, but it's all entirely worth your time nona

>>>/pt/12332 #1
>>>/pt/20741 #2
>>>/pt/321974 #3
>>>/pt/400701 #4
>>>/pt/415881 #5
>>>/pt/438380 #6 Countdown to Couchland
>>>/pt/447573 #7 Fatchelorette Edition
>>>/pt/462983 #8 Welcome to Couchland Edition
>>>/pt/471830 #9 Love That Was Greater Than Love Shack Edition
>>>/pt/478795 #10 The Codependent Love That Was More Codependency Than Love Edition
>>>/pt/491874 #11 The Fall of the Shack of Raven
>>>/pt/506118 #12 Bereavement Funding Edition: Another Shack, Another Dog, Another Drama
>>>/pt/573602 #13 Horrorcow Homemaker Edition: The Fifth Time's the Charm!
>>>/pt/605066 #14 The Bradleys: Pet Cemetery Edition

No. 63673

quick tl;dr of some of Raven's antics

>BPD "goffick" edgelord woman in her 40s

>has multiple failed marriages and has a son who later trooned out (that's a whole fun saga for later)
>moved to New Zealand from the states only to complain about the fast food
>married her son's best friend who was 16 at the time while she was in her 30s
>dozens upon dozens of claims that pretty much every man who ever looked at her raped her
>met some hick online and moved back from NZ just to live on his mom's couch
>grew up trailer trash and ended up back around at trailer trash
>faked having a baby to "own the haters" with a phone soundboard and fake crying sounds

There's far more and I'm simplifying MANY parts of this but she's such a classic unhinged cow. They don't make 'em like her anymore.

No. 63696

thank you! i'm definitely going to start reading through these threads

No. 64244

I'm looking for old school tumblr alt girl threads to binge read, please reply with any recs.

No. 64249

Sorry if OT, but does anyone know what the first lcf post ever was? Maybe this is a high thought, but what were the first threads on here like? Is that possible to find?

No. 64278

Look up >>>/meta/1 and replace the boards? Maybe google search for site:lolcow.farm before 2016? Please make a thread with cool stuff

No. 64279

Sorry I meant for that to be like
and so on

No. 64280

No. 64413

I was nostalgic for a few of the cows mentioned here already but Raven was my personal favourite. When she faked her death then pretended it never happened … And all the in-jokes from the threads, like friends from the library.
Agreed they don't make em like her anymore. Same with a few others like Aly - a real TREAT!!1! fist-star-random.face-100 and Miranda before she underwent her religious conversion. sigh

No. 64483

It’s Halloween, who are some good horror cows I can torture myself with

No. 64486

I told that bitch it was 2014 and she still kept lying to me

No. 64487

Kelly & Chompers - body horror
Soren - psychological horror

No. 64541

What are some cows who do art or cows with elaborate lore about their own version of reality or some strange delusions? Looking for something like that or cows notable for fandom drama.

No. 64665

This has everything you asked for and some extra

No. 64803

Love this thread.

I was inspired to go back and read the Soren threads so I thought I'd link them:

Soren/Bambi/hurtc0re >>>/snow/101679
Soren/Bambi/hurtc0re pt.2 >>>/snow/112039
Soren Hayes/Bambi/hurtc0re #3 >>>/snow/723714
Soren Hayes/Bambi/hurtc0re thread #4 >>>/snow/920764

Mods locked thread #4 after the obituary was posted: >>>/snow/1142335

And for the sake of completion, a year ago there was this questionable thread that was locked by mods:
Soren Hayes / bambi / hurtc0re resurrection #5? >>>/snow/1685917

No. 65214

Give me a thread about a shitty mother that can make me feel better about myself. Not the big head spud and her holistic mom tho, already read that. Something I can read and go “well even if I’m not perfect I am at least not her”

No. 65215

Laineybot in /ot/

No. 65226

As far as delusions and fandom drama go, you may enjoy the skinwalking cows on /w/. Lori and Stef being the mains.

Margaret Palermo (Venus Angelic's mom) in /pt/

No. 65393

lillee & laur

No. 65576

Do we have a posts reveal for Elaine? I do know that ritard has one and Kiki of course. If you know anyone else, I would like to read them since I've been craving board drama related milk.

No. 65579


No. 65620

Creepshow Art, Vicky Shingles, Raven Sparks, Emzotic, Maurice Yandiorio (TheJosh), Dasha/Cyr

No. 65632

She doesn't need a reveal because her posts are obvious and she announces herself.

No. 67013

any horror artcow recommendations? I just binge read nemu's threads for the 3rd or 4th time and a thread about an artist with a weird obsession with eunuch's.

No. 72343

I'm looking for threads like-
>Tessa (The girl saying she's anime)
>Girls with anemisa from /w/
I LOVE this weirdo, "I'm elsa! I'm a goth girl who looks like real life anime! I forgot everything!" type of threads where boring women try to spice up their lives with bullshit stories.
Also the type of threads like Creepshow/Erin Painter, where people are exposed for self posting. None of the OG ones but lessor known cows.

No. 72349

Did you read Ritard's post history yet? It's enjoyable when you contextualize her misogynistic comments on kiwifarms before she started shitting up the site here.

No. 72356

File: 1709255688269.jpg (18.99 KB, 271x275, 1433886618850.jpg)

this probably isn't what you're looking for but I find >>>/pt/67116 really funny especially with the cow herself in the thread and nobody giving a shit.

No. 72595

Does anyone have a comprehensive list of the pixyteri threads? It’s really hard to sift through, since a lot have titles without her name in them. I left off on the thread where she was kicked out for not getting whipped cream

No. 72602

posting of "shotas" in the fujo thread "ironically"

No. 72641

Kek nona you just have to scroll up, they were already posted in order itt. Lurk moar

No. 72725

https://lolcow.farm/rita.html for anyone who hasn't seen it. crazy.

No. 73620

same nona, she was a classic. i think of her periodically

No. 74232

I've been so bored lately and I'm re-reading some old threads, but I grave the rich calcium hit from milk of a true cow. I've read through most of the binge suggestions itt, my favourites were:
I liked Kelly's thread but I had to tap out when her legs turned necrotic, it started to border on like rotten dot com material for me kek. Do nonas have any favourite threads that aren't discussed very often? Or any cows that were really bizarre, like just outright strange like Nemu? I'm just curious to get some recommendations!

No. 74244

Fakeboi, an old Luna simp and cow in her own right

No. 74302

If you've never reread Vicky shingles I'd highly recommend. I wish tempcow somehow had archives cause I'd otherwise suggest the Vixmas era from the onision thread

No. 74359

If anyone is still looking to binge something, and haven't seen it yet, I found this one a few years ago by chance and it was a wild ride:
Spoonie/Munchausen, a really batshit woman. I remember researching her by curiosity long after, and she apparently had a baby (sadly, because given her mental insanity, that baby is not safe).

No. 76514

Anyone have any good dead cows threads I can binge? I’d prefer it to be under 30, but if they’re really milky, I can handle it being a little over that much!

No. 76515

Nemu. she’s just the best cow to me.

No. 76517

Anyone have recommendations for crafting, sewing, or art cow threads? I love looking at the fugly shit people have the audacity to put online. Jillian and Sarah Spaceman are my two favorite cows currently.

No. 77985

Is there any other cringey autists that farmers love to make fun of like Manaknight?? I love his threads because all the anons are so funny and snarky. I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for another /w/ thread like his.

No. 77997

Terry's thread is an unmoderated trashfire of nitpicking, tinfoiling, and poorfag whining. Any of the /w/ threads that are not the farmhand's pet cows are exactly like that.

No. 78271


No. 78563

what are onisions greatest hits? already read swamp prom

No. 78724

2nded soren and nemu, nicole dollanganger and her calves threads, and ginger bronson who is a reoccurring cow in soren's thread.
I remember >>>/pt/207383 being interesting too, and the confetti club threads are hilarious

No. 78748

Okay well thanks for your input but I was hoping for more concrete thread suggestions based on other /w/fags favourites not just a general "it's all the same" answer but thanks for sharing I guess. If anyone knows good /w/ cows like Terry please recommend!! I've been needing a new thread to get into lately my usuals on /snow/ and /w/ are boring right now

No. 78796

Art Commentary Cows is pretty fun but you have to go through a bit for all of it
Main Threads: >>>/snow/1013078, >>>/snow/1218432, >>>/snow/1817812, >>>/snow/1977045
Creepshow Art has 5 threads, here’s the first and it’s relevant to the overall Art Commentary Community as discussion shifts there for a bit
And RacistUncle, she had a thread before the larger community did but she was in it and it’s a short read anyways and pretty funny >>>/snow/947066

No. 78844

The window/fall/hospital drama, but I don't know which thread it's in exactly.

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