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File: 1481292490932.png (269.33 KB, 314x566, 1479328277579.png)

No. 321974

Old >>20741 reached post limit

>has been on a sluthating tirade recently even though she dresses like one.

>will say she doesn't dress like this normally for everyday life, but has admitted that internet is her normal everyday life, and she always dresses like that online
>has made her childbride husband make videos too just backing up
>speaking of childbride husband, caught him watching porn and almost ended the relationship over it, because she hates porn
>and he's been laid off
>more buying useless shit
>more complaining about how expensive everything is in nz
>also btw halloween is horrible in nz and how dare they don't celebrate the same way as america
>they've moved house recently. their new house is already a mess. she blames her son and childbride, but you can see so much of her shit in the background everywhere.
>she still can't work because of her tailbone. she can lift weights at her ex husband's gym tho.
>also she's "legally blind" but she can drive a car.
>A CHALLENGER APPEARS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n1ReO_wMhYE
>but raven is too busy to deal with that because her cat had kittens and she's trying to transform her yt into a pet channel or something
>oh yeah also ppl are already putting her on the defencive about kittens
>also she's 40 and still hates preppy people like some sort of emo middle school kid.



No. 322037

Her Instagram is FULL of half naked photos. There are even completely naked photos. Who is she trying to fool?

No. 322048

What gets me is how she says she has changed, but still has a habit of blowing up at commenters for minor things and reposting old videos that would get her a lot of attention. Recently she reposted her "My life so far" video that was originally posted on a side account. The side account /only/ has this video. Now that this channel has become more popular, of course she decides to migrate it over.

Also, three days after she posted her videos about how she changed, she starts back up about Joshua Moon of Kiwifarms. That didn't take long…

No. 322050

File: 1481325151381.png (53.03 KB, 499x655, I totally don't talk about per…)

>I don't speak about highly personal stuff online and I don't talk about my marriage (any bad stuff) unless I'm weeding out the spies because we all know they can't control themselves if they think they have info

>reposts a video that's over an hour long about her abuse history, one that her aunt supposedly said she shouldn't make

>Oh and don't forget when she tells the internet that she got pissy at Logan for watching porn

No. 322103

This bitch is so transparent and predictable: the "don't even try to troll me because I'm omniscient" business sounds like your average 14-year-old's bullshit. Maybe she and Logan are actually perfect for one another: They both have the maturity level of an adolescent and the combined IQ of a radish.

No. 322106

>I don't speak about highly personal stuff online and I don't talk about my marriage (any bad stuff) unless I'm weeding out the spies because we all know they can't control themselves if they think they have info

lol does she really think she's so important that people are fake friending her to get info, or that it's even necessary to do that when she spills every detail of her life online?

unwarranted self importance: that's so raven!

No. 322189

LOL, Logan's such a beta cuck. His beloved wife is sitting on her ass all day, talking to other guys online, posting half-naked – oh, I mean "weight loss progress" photos – online and hanging out (cough cough fucking) her ex husband. Meanwhile Logan is working himself ragged to support this leech and he can't even watch porn!! And he stays with her!!

Dumbest. Beta. Ever. Or maybe he gets off on being a pathetic cuck.

No. 322255

HAs she said why she stays in NZ if she hates it so much?

No. 322266

That'd require effort. It's a lot easier to complain from the comfort of her couch than to actually do something to address the issue.

No. 322318

This reminds me of a therapy session, she needs to put the camera and tell this shit to a licensed therapist.
This is not the kind of shit you put on a public forum, she's ridiculous.

No. 322319

*put the camera away.

No. 322329

The irony is that if she was actually in therapy, a therapist worth their salt would tell her that she needs to stop posting that kind of shit for public viewing, especially since she complains about stalkers all the time.

No. 322349

she reckons she doesn't have the money for her, Logan and Dorian to move back to the US and if they did Logan wouldn't have any permanent status there and be unable to get a job.

I don't think therapists get paid enough to sit and pretend to care about people like Raven and the imaginary issues they create. Raven wouldn't come back for a second session because the therapist won't asspat her. Raven believes she's awesome just the way she is, the issue is everyone else and other people make her act the way she does.

No. 322359

You'd be surprised. Therapists can actually get quite expensive. It depends largely on the system they're working within and their credentials though; the more qualifications they have, the more expensive they can get and people who have advanced degrees are likely to cost more than more general counselors since their expertise is more specialized and they have to make up the cost of their education.

On the other hand, if you compare cost between a variety of different therapists in Christchurch (where she used to live, I don't know if she still does), it runs far cheaper than in the US. I wish my therapy was that cheap.


As for therapists kissing Raven's ass, cost is irrelevant. What's more relevant in that field is ethics. If a client is engaging in behavior that is harmful to themselves or others, and they aren't doing anything to improve the situation, a therapist very well may be up front about the situation and tell the client they're making shit worse themselves. It's not everyone's style but some can be quite blunt, mine is at times. Part of why I like mine, means she's being honest and straight with me. If they're not enabling their clients and their destructive behavior, it's not so much about the pay as it is about their training and their awareness of the dangers of enabling. After all, if a professional enables a client and the client continues to do something unethical or dangerous with the professional's full knowledge, then they are partially responsible as well. It's one of the mentalities that's often drilled into people's heads when they go to school for that kind of thing.

No. 322643

She's totally changed, guys. She's not bitching about absolutely nothing still. Nope. Definitely not uploading videos making a big deal over shit like how Wendy's is shitty because it's not American enough. She's totally not complaining about crying over a fucking burger. Claims they pulled security footage because they complained.

She waited a month and a half to even post this. Why?

No. 322646

File: 1481521221184.png (48.6 KB, 511x587, complains about a random 'hate…)

Still going on about Emily Boo. Acts like she's posting hate videos. She isn't. It's a single video with a very short snippet that references Raven, that's it.

This is the video she's complaining about (section starts at 1:56, lasts like 23 fucking seconds. No really.):

No. 322659

>Raven bitching about someone "hating her that's never done anything to her when the seahag herself does that all the time

Never change.

No. 322664

Because she schedules all of her videos. For whatever fucking reason. Which is why her videos are never consistent with her day to day life and videos were being put up while she filmed in their old house well after they had moved.

From what I've read before, NZ is super proud of growing their own and supplying their own. And is she really complaining about cheese? When the cheese is actually better than her glorious processed cheese. And I hate to break it to her but no ones food looks like their adverts. And it's apparent that she doesn't understand inflation either, not to mention Wendy's isn't all that cheap in the US (aside from $1 menu) but she wouldn't know that because she believes the US is still living in 1992 where gas is 87 cents and working a $7.50 per hour job for 30 hours a week is super good and can sustain a whole family of 3 and bills, high class even! She could buy ALL the Monster High dolls she wants then and other useless shit! She can go out and throw money around to people because of how rich she would be!

No. 322680

>not American enough
Yeah I'm not watching that video lol but what's her fucking point exactly?? How is it not???

No. 322701

Lol Emily mentions her (not even by name) for like 23 seconds, she's made entire videos bashing Emily so I don't get why she acts like it's so shocking she doesn't like her.

No. 322702

She flirted with Emily's husband, then made videos calling her a whore etc.t Oh but Emily can't say anything and must just accept this, ok.

No. 322711

what the actual fuk? i watched that emily boo video and didn't even think she was talking about raven. "diana" changed her name so if emily was referring to her I'd think she'd have said R not D? D could be the first letter of anyones name, don't flatter yourself raven. and even if she is referring to raven then she has every right to dislike her after what happened, i'm sure there's more to the cj/raven story than raven lets on.

No. 322713

im kind of glad Raven still is so obsessed with emily because I never would have found her channel otherwise and I love her videos. Her family is adorable too.

No. 322721

The TL;DW version is that she's complaining the cheese is different from the original recipe, the bacon is soggy, and the whole thing just looks pitiful and sad. This despite the fact that big international chains frequently change their recipe depending on the country in order to use local ingredients instead of shipping them from the same manufacturers the US versions get. Shipping that stuff to New Zealand for a handful of chains when it's not something that's routinely eaten there would be pretty expensive, so it makes sense that the owners of those restaurants would want to stick to something more local. Plus as >>322664 said, Kiwis and Aussies are pretty proud of having great local food.

The image she chose makes it seem a lot more serious than it really is. She's literally just whining that it's not like the burgers in America, though she doesn't directly state it. And says that they suck at customer service and that the managers pulled the security footage to "see if she wants free food". I seriously doubt that even happened. She has a major persecution complex.

No. 322742

File: 1481562700097.jpg (588.77 KB, 1022x1209, still bitching about Emily.jpg)

Such change. Totally not escalating by cross posting across multiple Facebook pages with thousands of followers, even though Emily only made a passing reference in a single video that could have been about anyone. She's totally prepared to live and let live, she's not stirring shit up herself anymore.

No. 322753

Because she's a hypocrite. She's allowed to do shitty things but no one else can ever do the same thing to her, or else they are bullies and stalkers. A lot of "do as I say, not as I do" with her. And even though she's baiting Emily into posting a followup, she'll probably claim it's self-defense because Emily supposedly referenced her first.

No. 322754

When Raven made that video about over the top happy YouTubers, she got angry because supposedly "everyone went running to Emily" about it. She claimed it was a generalization and not about anyone specifically. Emily sent her a polite message about it but Raven proceeded to make two videos about her regardless. Why then is Raven jumping to conclusions, when she got annoyed about that very thing before? Emily could have been alluding to anyone (plenty of names begin with D) but the narcissistic bitch thinks it's all about her

No. 322755

i was reading some of the comments on that video, emily replied to one saying she would make a video about whoever "D" is when she's up to it. I guess we'll find out soon enough, would be interesting to hear her side of the story (no doubt Raven's is full of lies) if the D really is Diana

No. 322800

File: 1481583424671.png (Spoiler Image,815.89 KB, 640x960, image.png)

"Here's an unedited photo of my saggy body guys but if any other girl did this then they're all sluts!"

No. 322822

They're only sluts if they look good.
she knows she is unappealing, she flaunts in hopes that her "fans" will praise her. Her confidence is a false, the only identity she has is her online presence (and audience.)

Raven you look retarded, stop that.

No. 322847

It's funny that she was going on about starting a pet account because she's so over all the drama but shes still pulling the exact same shit just with a photo of kittens to get more attention. Get the fuck out of here with your irresponsible pet ownership and your melodrama. I feel bad for her pets.

No. 322900


Ugh, that bedspread and bed. FFS Raven, clean your fucking house. You are ablebodied and unemployed so there is no excuse. Underdressed young girls may or may not be "sluts" but you are definitely a slattern.

No. 322904

It's Emily's fault for starting it though! I mean sure the "someone whose name starts with D who lives far away" could've been Dan from Ohio, or Dave from Vancouver, but no, Raven knows that it's actually about her because it's always about her and she clearly still feels the need to keep tabs on Emily. But no it's Emily that's starting drama lol.
I love when cows start up new channels and new identities as an attempt to escape drama without actually changing things about themselves. Sure, go out and improve and then come back under a new channel, why not, but just scrapping one identity for another in an attempt to evade h8turz isn't going to do anything if you're going to keep starting shit with people for no reason.

not to mention the pile of filth to our left of the bed. This is a total lolcow thing too, taking selfies in the mirror without cleaning their house first. Raven does it, Sindy does it, Pixy did it, half the girls on the lolita outfits post comms did it back in the day, and guess what bitches. It's not kawaii. Clean yr house first before you take selfies.

>You are ablebodied

bbbbbut her taaaaaaaaaillllbooooone! kek.

No. 322961

pink sock?

No. 323172

"meet my best friend" with no friend in sight, lulz. imaginary ? or is she only friends with "brenda" because she's less attractive than her?

No. 323266

>best friend
>i don't know if she's still around

gosh that's sad. like she's alienated everyone. wow.

No. 330426

Happy Festivus, everyone!

In which she acknowledges that her talent is buying shit, that she's a materialistic whore, and that she hasn't got money for food but has got money for a santa hat. Also half naked photos for some reason.

No. 330519

File: 1482927581853.png (92.23 KB, 192x197, clinton.png)

fucking hell her intros take 5 minutes because she whines about camera angles, lighting, and all these random excuses no one gives a fuck about. in every video. you'd think someone making videos this long and not getting anywhere would gather it's because they have to be marginally entertaining

No. 330646

Anyone else want to take a super magnet and pull all the piercings on her face? Lol

No. 330945

Also five minutes about her makeup and what she's wearing like bitch we can see you, we know what your makeup looks like.
And about how hard it is to do makeup when you're "legally blind" (but still can see well enough to drive…? lol ok). I bet those cheap costume party contact lenses aren't doing her any favours tho.

No. 330955

lulz, imagine the outcry if logan posted a video showcasing all his exes. i also find it amusing how she claimed in a different video that she "used to be really skinny" but you can see from all those old shots that she's always been chubby

No. 330963

The only goth guy she dated was her 2nd husband. The rest are weird white/Hispanic guys. She says she isn't in love with him but he was the one she had a lot in common while she has nothing in common with Logan.

Also is the one she cheated on with some ugly guy because she thought he would cheat first.

No. 330966

File: 1483028885169.png (255.38 KB, 341x427, raven.png)

this displays more than anything I've seen how raven is so obsessed with an illusion of 'style' and image. She talks about 'goth'/'ghetto' as if they're real tangible concepts on par with religious or spiritual movements.
>1st husband: 'was attractive at first…'
>'this guy tried to be goth like me but couldn't and just looks like a jerk'
>'my ex is THE EXACT SAME AS ME because we wear the same clothes'

raven is cow because I've never come across a someone with so little depth.

No. 330988

precisely. why else would she start up goth boys and metal men? she only cares about a guys outward appearance and style. she seems less interested in logan now because he doesn't look as emo as he used to. i think if logan looked looked "normal" when they first met she would have looked the other way. it says a lot about her, and shows how much of a fuckin poser wannabe goth she is

No. 331173

She's worse than ForeverKailyn tbh. Fat, incredibly shallow and cares more about buying shit than anything. At least Kailyn doesn't make 40 minute long videos complaining about how she's such a victim of everyone.

Yeah I wonder what Logan thinks about her still posting so many exes' photos and fawning over "goth boys". Sadly we'll never know unless he leaves her because whenever we see or hear from him she's got her hand up his ass.

No. 331174


Your comment about Logan makes me wonder something. I know hengot married when hebwsd 16… is that an age you can legally contract marriage in New Zealand (in most states of US parents have to give permission for early marriage… is that the case in NZ as well)? If not, why didnt his parents intervene. I can't imagine just sitting sadly by when my 16 year old son fricking married a skank 20 years older than she. It boggles my mind.

No. 331175

IIRC, they only had a "commitment ceremony" when he was 16 and didn't have an actual wedding until he was 18…? It still seems kind of weird that his parents didn't intervene more. If some 40 yr old cow was creeping around my 16 year old son like that I'd probably call the cops.

No. 331178

Logan comes from a broken family. Even though I'm sure they weren't 100% about the fact that some old mall goth was preying on and grooming their son, they probably felt like since he was so close to adolescence anyway he may as well just go start his own life apart from them, even though it was in no way better than what he was coming from

No. 331180

Also going to add that iirc his family did intervene at first and got authorities involved and kept him away from her as best as they could, but he just kept going back. So I'm guessing they just gave up.

No. 331209

File: 1483115471294.gif (495.56 KB, 500x275, giphy (1).gif)

>got authorities involved and kept him away from her as best as they could
fucking hell

No. 331210

In one of the videos she has outlining their story she mentioned police coming to pick him up from her house and warning her to not contact him, family members coming and getting his things while looking disgusted at her, him sneaking phone calls to her on friends phones and sneaking out and walking at night in the rain to go to her house. She let this child walk in the rain at night to her house all for some underage dick. If that were my kid I'd fucking despise her. I wonder how they've come to accept her. Maybe it's something like the Vicky Shingles thing where they sort of realized that she's just actually retarded so they just let her be.

No. 331211

File: 1483116109338.jpg (94.59 KB, 800x600, wimmin.jpg)

that is outrageous

No. 331212

tbh though it's him too, he might feel really cheated out of his youth if he ever wakes up from he weed induced stupor

No. 331225

Holy shit. You're so right. Logan is just too fucking baked to care. I'm not sure how I never realized that's why hes just so chill about his fucked up situation and his lazy batshit pedo wife

No. 331226

File: 1483118270277.png (156.21 KB, 640x889, IMG_3047.PNG)

I'm betting the cost of this shirt would buy her a bit of food for her family.
Saving the little money you have is more important than a doctor who t-shirt Raven, this is basic adult stuff. You guys need a chaperone.

No. 331233

ugh. put some fucking pants on you skank

No. 331255

I can get saving money and wanting to splurge every now and then, but Raven is fucking irresponsible as hell. If she were really desperate for money so her family could eat, she wouldn't be spending it on this shit every fucking week.. "Treat yourself" is supposed to apply to once in a blue moon, not weekly.

God damnit, Raven! LEARN SOME RESPONSIBILITY! You don't really give a shit about your financial situation one way or another.

No. 331256

File: 1483129060063.png (685.64 KB, 1278x676, Screenshot_1.png)

Look at her bed… ugh.
What a filthy bitch.

No. 331260

I love how she claims to not be a slob and then is a huge messy packrat in the background of literally every photo.

No. 331262

Thank you anon! I found it so hard to focus on anything besides the crumbs and random bits of stuff in her bed. The whole time I was just wishing she'd swipe them off of the bed but I guess she doesn't even notice them. It bothered me pretty badly.

No. 331266

If none of it bothers her then she's become used/accustomed to it out of pure laziness.
Absolutely disgusting.

No. 331295

Exactly anon. Most people that "treat themselves" are those that work their asses off and really deserve a little something something.
Raven doesn't work, she couldn't possibly understand the meaning of "treating yourself". She thinks she's entitled to shit by merely existing.

No. 332769

Another video trying to show how expensive everything is in NZ yet doesn't mention she's showing shit in the international section.

No. 332781

New World is a rip off supermarket anyway though.
The Lewis Road Creamery milk IS expensive, but there are other, MUCH CHEAPER alternatives, and are really only meant as a treat - it's so damn rich, especially the chocolate one.
No one goes to the supermarket for towels.
Most of the shit she is showing is imported so WILL be expensive. And others are ~organic~. Does she think that if I was to go to the US or Canada or where the fuck ever and expect to be able to find Vegemite (gross) the same price we have it here?

I feel like she's just making shit excuses to how poor she is.

I could feed two adults and a child decent meals with $100-120 a week on an "expensive" shopping trip.

No. 332793

Exactly. And to so desperately prove that she's right about how expensive and a shithole NZ is.

At one point, before they moved, she was bitching about how Logan lost his job, yet again, and how poor they were and they wouldn't have any money for groceries and asked people for some ideas on cheap meals and plenty of people commented and told her lots of ideas for recipes and even stores for her to go in but of course in typical Raven fashion, she got pissy and claimed that Logan was super picky and wouldn't eat any of what they suggested or this/that was too expensive (which wasn't), just basically trying to make up excuses as to not wanting to either actually cook or to not have junk food for once.

No. 332829

she always has to be the victim, poor wittle raven cant afford anything but somehow still has enough to buy dolls and other junk

No. 332850

File: 1483547000560.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-15-15-00-50…)

She's legit retarded. Imported "specialty" foods tend to be more expensive.

She could eat cheap and probably lose her goth flab if she started to eat and cook with what new zealand has naturally. Seasonal fruit and veg, the best fresh lamb and beef, incredible seafood and polynesian cuisine.

But I guess that's hard when your food has to be drowned in american plastic cheese and not take more than 2 minutes to make.

No. 332927

Thanks for providing some insight into what NZ is really like w/r/t groceries, anon. Just further goes to prove that Raven is playing victim.

It's all gross snack foods too. No wonder she's fat. Snacks or a can of pop is fantastic for a treat, but when it's all you eat, or cover everything in cheese, then of course you're going to pack on the pounds, and also appreciate snacks less.

No. 332954

Ew. Has she ever eaten a vegetable? And as someone who's never been to new Zealand, those prices mean jack shit to me. I would have no idea if what she was showing was expensive or not.

No. 333232


>Has she ever eaten a vegetable

Does Logan count? After watching some of the latest videos with him in it I'd say he's almost a potato.

No. 333543

No problem, I just feel like I had to explain how bad her video is and why she is stupid.

Those Lucky Charms she looks at cost the equivalent of $10 USD, to be honest though anything that isn't NZ-made is much more expensive. My old favourite Revlon foundation works out to be around $33 USD here after conversion. I'm better off spending my money on high end makeup from the States now.

Regardless, you actually NEED food and she is definitely looking at all the $$$ stuff.

No. 333653

File: 1483709892621.png (482.26 KB, 527x345, arm.PNG)

what is this arm

No. 333727

probably her ex husbands arm, she was gushing over him and his muscular arms a few videos back. how cute an ex couple go out shopping together in the mean time she bitches at poor logan for watching porn

No. 333746

That's a incredibly chubby/hairy arm, I don't see shit for muscles.

No. 333761

Logan is in the video with her. It's probably his arm. Maybe it's not chub, but muscle built from all the secret porn watching he does behind her back.

No. 333767

Logan is chubby, that's his arm.

No. 333819

That is not the arm of a fit man. That's chubby man arm. So both of them are gaining weight. So much for that surgery she got kek

No. 333847

Love how she had to make a video bashing brands that emily got for christmas lmaooo she's soo jealous

No. 333856

Somehow I don't believe that she treats her handbags as well as she claimed. I duno just something about the state of her house and her life in genera…? Also how she's always gotta have Logan weigh in and agree with her.

No. 333857

also lol @ fat people in skeleton shirts. always.

sage cos this is probably a childish thing to laugh about.

No. 333954

She posted a haul video.

I don't get it. She whines about how she has no money for food or to have christmas but then does a haul with a pretty fair amount of items?!
I don't get how no one in the comments doesn't call her out on it.

No. 333955

Maybe those comments are deleted?

No. 333959

I hate when she explains herself why she looks fat in this and that. Stfu

No. 333963

Hahahaha. I laughed anon. Suzy from GG loves bodycon skeleton print.

No. 333968

Ah, I can actually agree with her on the brands. Cheap quality and horribly overpriced.

No. 333982

I had a personal cow years ago who was a huge (lol) fan of the skeleton t-shirts, and was also a bit gargantuan. So every time I see a fat person on skelly print, it's like what big fat like are you trying to tell people. Also skeleton print is just tacky tbh.

I think she does delete non-asspatting comments. Or maybe she's got it so she's got to approve comments before they go up. I did that years ago for a brief stint on youtube with the intention of being able to personally respond to each one, but then gave up on yt altogether in favour of real life. I don't think that's what she's going for tho. Like I seriously think she just filters out anything critical and only lets good stuff go through in hopes that the rest of us will see how right she is.

Video embedded for ppl who don't want to go look for it on youtube.
Remember how she was bitching about not being able to afford a nice meal or even potatoes for christmas dinner? Nice that she can afford shit from dresslily.

No. 333986

sorry. i just woke up. dropped my link.

No. 333988

File: 1483811758455.png (386.35 KB, 641x363, cankles.png)

here's some cankles to atone for my grave sin.
how much you wanna bet she complains about blisters soon?

No. 334104

Dorian is a cutie. It's a shame that he probably has major self esteem issues stemming from his mom only giving a fuck about herself. If he ever meets a little girl and tries to have a relationship it'd probably be a nightmare. Hopefully he doesn't end up with someone like raven who runs all over him

No. 334105

I just realized how creepy "little girl" probably sounded in the context of his life since his mom was a pedo etc. But i just meant someone his age, he's quite a bit younger than me so I don't find him attractive in that way for myself personally. Saged

No. 334130

Raven would probably be jealous of any girl Dorian brings home tbh and sabotage all of his relationships. That's the sort of person she is.
Poor guy.

No. 334242

This is true too. I'm sure he knows his mom well enough to know that she'd be a huge cunt to his gf. She doesn't like other females, why would she like one actively stealing one of the people who bow to her

No. 334486

No. 334559

I like how she says that she didn't zip the boots up all the way "for the video" when it's clear that her calves are just too thick for them and she needs to loosen the lacing. Her calves are like… spilling over the top of the boot, which is bizarre looking.

Dorian is pretty cute, even though he has similar features to his mother. How old is he exactly? I feel like his style of dress makes him seem like he's still in highschool, but he has quite a few tattoos to be that young. Hopefully he'll grow up and move out/away from his mother in the near future. I can't imagine his current living situation would bode well for socializing if he was 20-something.

No. 334566

File: 1483959150915.jpg (135.05 KB, 632x576, trotters.jpg)

They fit, I SWEAR.

No. 334578

Holy kek. I'm surprised she has any circulation going to her feet with how tight those are. That's a good way to get bloodclots Raven. You're too old to not worry about that sort of thing now.

Dorian's fb profile says he's attending college so he's probably in his early 20's by now. Though honestly, do you think a woman like Raven wouldn't let her teenaged child get tattoos?

No. 335277

Iirc, raven has complained about and kicked Dorian out because she says he's lazy and won't work or apply for welfare. She also complains that he's a slob. It'd be great for him to get out and get away from that situation, but unfortunately he doesn't have the skills or drive to do that even if he did know how to go about it because his mother never instilled any kind of work ethic or set an example of how to be a productive member of society. Which she obviously refuses to understand that she is to blame for. It's not surprising though that he refuses to apply for welfare. I'm sure he has an aversion to it since he sees his mom living that way and is probably ashamed and doesn't want to be like her in that aspect.

No. 335282

To be fair, she's also lazy and won't work, although it wouldn't surprise me if she's on every bit of welfare she can get her hands on (and probably encourages Dorian to do the same), so it's not like she sets the greatest example for him. She's really in no place to be calling anyone lazy, especially someone she raised.
I hope he actually is at college and can GTFO that environment. Logan too.

No. 335339

Yeah, this is kind of exactly what I said. She just refuses to understand that she's to blame for her complaints about dorian. And raven is absolutely on welfare. She is also on disability for her "tailbone" problems.

No. 335490


It's not actually a college, it's just the name of his old high school. (where he met logan, his future stepdad.) I don't think he does anything now, other than taking pictures of his half naked mother for her facebook so she doesn't kick him out

No. 335502

Oh god is he really the poor soul that has to take her pictures

No. 336380

Another cooking video! In which she shows you how to get that butter flavor in mashed potatoes with popcorn seasoning.

In other updates, she's also having to move again because the landlords sold it and have until September to leave, Logan got a new job but doesn't start until the end of the month (but keeps spending money from out of her ass apparently), has yet another haul video coming up which includes a mermaid bikini that's too small for her, she lost her wedding ring because of how much weight she's lost it just slipped off somewhere complaining that it was $300, and got hers and Logans wedding tattoos touched up/added to it.

No. 336386

She used actual butter too. Along with a lot of other stuff. Her taste buds are really just obliterated, aren't they?

No. 336387

Everyone was asked for it. Bitch where? Lmao she always says that

No. 336388

Asking* jesus

No. 336391

I didn't know some people don't skin their potatoes while making mash? Or is it just her?

That mash is a kcal bomb.

No. 336397

But the potato-skin is the best part! only remove if it looks damaged or if it's impossible to remove dirt

No. 336400

>she lost her wedding ring because of how much weight she's lost it just slipped off

right? no one's asking, no one cares, she just wants an excuse to make videos about pointless shit

No. 336402

If you want a texture to it then sure, leave like 1 or 2 unpeeled. But since she uses potatoes with a barely there peel, it doesn't matter too much.

I think people keep forgetting she has diabetes. I'm surprised she hasn't been put in a diabetic coma from all the crap she stuffs in her face.

No. 336567

Sauce? Just curious where she said she had it. She's really fucked in that case.

No. 336590

She's shrugged it off in a few videos and has shown the case for the diabetic supplies that she carries around with her in her purse. I'm not remembering which ones they are at the moment.

No. 336606

The skin's got the most nutritional value in the potato.
It's probably the best nutrition she gets just in general since she seems to have a thing about junk food tbh.
Just let her leave the skins on.
I'm just glad she can finally afford potatoes! Was worried she might starve or something. :^)

No. 336607

I leave the skins on! It's a preference I guess, or laziness. Probably the latter.

No. 336624

top kek anon, maybe she will also be able to afford beans and rice! She's simply wasting away :^)

Also sage for OT but I also leave most of the peels on when I make mash, I feel like it gives it more texture that way, and it's more nutritional! I also tend to add diced onions sautéed in garlic and butter for a bit more flavor. I'm sorry for continuing the potato talk, I just like talking about cooking.

No. 336651

well after that whole Christmas video in which she explained how the holiday wasn't fun for her on account of all the undue excessive hardship such as not being able to afford potatoes, i just got concerned kek. :^)

i actually really don't like potatoes. my bf makes a good mash, probs because he uses like half a stick of butter, and one of my cousins does as well, but otherwise all potato products just seem icky and gritty to me. so i woulnd't even know what a good mashed potato recipe looked like tbh.

No. 336762

File: 1484468573706.jpg (216.26 KB, 1196x673, Salmonella.jpg)


Oh hey, it's that jar of garlic she put her raw egg covered fork into! Yummy Mashed potatoes, Raven.

No. 336765

the only fresh item in this spread is potatoes… bodes well.

No. 336770

ew anon, I'm eating

No. 336781

Y'all making me crave mashed potatoes.

Has she said anything about what she is going to do with the ton of loose skin she has (binge watched her "surgery channel" and she said her neck flaps in the wind)? Wouldn't the tattoos make it quite hard to fix it with surgery without it looking like a messy jigsaw puzzle?

No. 336784

She wants surgery to fix it but her dumb ass self also thought that by losing all the weight in a short amount of time and not exercising that she'd be taught and super skinny. But she can't afford to get a tuck so it'll never get fixed which is why she started going to the gym but I don't think she's been going for over a month now.

No. 336785

What is it with unhealthy overweight people and their mashed potato recipes? A cow I used to know whined about not wanting to cook would spend ages making her cheese+butter+seasonings mashed potato bowls. At least she never added popcorn seasoning or made enough to feed an entire family in two meals.

No. 336788

not to mention she only went to the gym to do weight training. i'm no expert but surely that would only strengthen and build muscle? she needs cardio and a decent diet to lose that flappy skin, but the womans obsessed with nasty tasteless junk food

No. 336789

That's what I was saying. I think in one part she avoided adding something that has a lot of sugar (I know she mentioned) and then she goes and adds TONS of butter, heavy cream and what not. As much as potatoes are a veg they are also high in calories. Eating potatoe and a carrot is not the same.

At one part she says something along the lines of not using too much butter and then later she goes and adds another huge amount. Bitch is crazy.

I'm kinda new here so I just wanna say how I'm baffled with her whining she doesn't have money for food but then goes and buys expensive junk food to "taste test". Like who the fuck wants her to taste test and who the fuck cares? Jesus.

No. 336790

Actually she's right to do weight training. Cardio doesn't really 'tone or tighten', that's just a weird myth, gaining muscle would actually fix her issues.

No. 336792

Wouldn't the tattoos make it quite hard to fix it with surgery without it looking like a messy jigsaw puzzle?

And that would be different than what it looks like now?

No. 336794

Cardio isn't key, weight training is. Cardio is good to get fhe heart pumping but weight training is good even for losing weight. You're gaining muscle and losing fat. Her diet is what's holding her back and I'm sure her weight lifting forms are shit and she's not doing anything right and is probably only causing injury to herself

No. 336798

i see, my bad. she must've thought the surgery alone would solve all her problems i guess

No. 336836

I think maybe because "giving up sugar" is like the main fad diet thing now. I've known a few people who will give up sugar (because it's "addictive like crack" and is the only thing making people unhealthy) and will do everything short from shout it from the rooftops that they've done so and how GREAT everything is now.
To be fair, american foods are loaded with the stuff, and you should just in general be careful what you eat, but having a can of pop once in a while isn't going to automatically make you obese fatty, and I think a lot of people on the anti-sugar bandwagon are secretly miserable because they can't enjoy nearly as many foods now.
Except Raven hasn't properly given up sugar even judging from her grocery tour/trying various sugary drinks videos.
A lot of white trash people think potato (or corn, depending on where you're from) is a proper substitute for veg too, so this doesn't surprise me. Raven is white trash.
>I'm kinda new here so I just wanna say how I'm baffled with her whining she doesn't have money for food but then goes and buys expensive junk food to "taste test".
No, I think your sentiment is echoed 100x on this board. Don't even worry about it.

No. 337100

Looking at the food she posts on her instagram and on YouTube, she's not making wise choices when it comes to diabetes, potatoes have a high GI score, doctors recommend avoiding most root vegetables because they create a lot of insulin. Her blood sugar levels must be crazy. That's without mentioning her posting about baileys cheese cake, candy hauls etc.

No. 337217

File: 1484670917454.png (575.66 KB, 488x728, jnsd.png)

"I'm too poor to buy food but look at this dress that I bought that I'll never wear. Give it to someone else who will wear it?! No! I'm too selfish!"

No. 337228

"No, I'm selfish."
Yes, yes you are Raven. I'm glad you can admit it.

No. 337244

lol why would you even admit that to someone.

No. 337274

pathetic woman

No. 337775

Glad she admits she's a selfish fat whale. I bet she doesn't like the "style" of the dress because it makes her upper body look like a linebackers and her bottom half of her body look like a trans.

No. 337791

"I won't wear this dress but I'm gonna buy it anyway."
fuk m8 i'm about to have a fit from all the stupid she posts, coming from someone who can afford a nice new dress once in a while (and food too lol) but would never consider dropping money on something i wasn't even planning in wearing.
It's such a fug something too. Where to even begin. The print? The cut? The cheap laceup detail? not to mention the person in it. I can understand not wearing it because it is hideous, but why even buy it in the first place? Why does this dress even exist?
I just cannot anymore. There is too much why to process in all of this.
The fact that this amount of tackiness exists on one garment, and she bought it.
The fact that she admits she won't wear it, but she bought it anyway.
The fact that she complains about having trouble affording basic pantry staples like potatoes, but she bought a dress that she admits she will not wear.
Just no.

No. 341817

No. 342238

His dead look tho lmao happy couple

No. 342301

lolol he looks so bored and distant

No. 342877

He looks like he hates her in every single video

No. 342921

To me, he looks like he's just thismuchshort of a genuine, homegrown retard that would be lost if he didn't have Raven to tell him what to do, went to eat, went to go to bed, etc. He will either outgrow that, or she will get bored and finally dump him for her ex. I mean look at him: He's rapidly losing his looks, and we all know how shallow she is.

No. 344373

File: 1485429133379.png (39.75 KB, 487x572, dumbcunt.png)

"Don't tell me how to save money cause we've done everything already! We don't have food but it's okay because we're used to going hungry. But hey look at this new dress I just bought but willingly admit that I'll never wear!"

No. 344400

No. 344428

I'm sure Logan is thrilled about her blasting his pay grade to all of her followers. Raven is always so tactful.

No. 344429

She needs to just get a patreon already. She's clearly putting this out there on the off chance she'll get a handout. I mean she's willing to take those gross half naked pictures for free. Is creating a patreon too much exertion on her tailbone?

No. 344431


Is phone service super expensive in NZ? Wth is her phone bill so high?

No. 344448


This is so dumb. I'm from New Zealand and you get about $300+ a week for welfare, more if you're a single Mum (assuming he's under 18.) All you need to do is prove you have no income with some bank statements. For gods sake, we have state housing. The Government can pay your rent, Raven.

And phone bills aren't that bad. It's about $20 for a basic plan (100 minutes, unlimited texts, 500mb) and you can get cheaper than that.

There's actually so many people in poverty in New Zealand. This annoys me that she's saying there's no help.

No. 344449


Adding to this, you can get additional temporary support if your partners pay isn't high enough for a few months, and you can keep renewing this.

We don't have food stamps, but welfare gives you a community services card which basically saves you a lot on other stuff. Medical bills are almost free, discounts, etc.

No. 344474

Lol Raven, no one believes that you're used to going hungry.

No. 344478

Her son is like 21 now. Plus her and her husband, who's about the same age, are married. But still, she doesn't want to do all that work, she just wants handouts like all the people who sends her junk food from America. She wants to bitch about the import prices just so she'll get sent free shit.

No. 344509

Man I feel bad for this kid. He's wasting his young adult years working his ass off for a 40 year old woman who shops online then bitches about going hungry while also notching about her weight and talking about his insecurities to her YouTube audience. He's a qt, he should be at metal shows picking up alt chicks his age and impressing them with his tats and job. He must be so miserable.

No. 344548

I'm sure Logan is so deeply depressed at this point that he's become numb to how shitty his life is. That's why he looks dead inside in every video raven forces him to be in. Either that or he's constantly stoned, like an anon suggested earlier in the thread

No. 344787


He looks so damn over it here.
I feel bad for him having a camera in his face constantly just so this hot topic clearance bin can prove to the internet that she "totally has a hot gawf husband!!!"
She filmed their date night which is supposed to be a special thing for couples ffs, especially since she says they can never afford to go out together. The fuck can't she just do something without filming it for once?

No. 344811

I feel so fucking sorry for him. He looks lost and confused. This bitch is treating him like a child. I hope he leaves and finds someone young and fun and worth his while.

No. 345876

here's Raven visiting her goth "friend" (who she hasnt seen more than a handful of times) who seems actually legit retarded, while Logan sits looking dead inside.

No. 345887

That chick seemed really uncomfortable being filmed.

No. 345964

I felt like I was watching a bizarre alternate version Of What We Do In the Shadows, only with weird goth people instead of vampires.

No. 345971

If you need money ao bad raven you should become a camwhore on one of those websites. You'll get money AND you'll get to prove us haters wrong about your sexiness.

No. 345972

Why is her phone bill so huge? This much a WEEK? Even for a month that's steep.

No. 346045

I laughed about this even after I initially watched the video. The completely uninvited introduction and attempt at apartment tour from ravens retarded friend. The keks are still real. Ravens talking about how they're about to go to her house for girl talk and as soon as she was done speaking her friend chimes in with I MAKE MY OWN CLOTHES AND DOLLS THESE ARE MY BATS THIS IS MY LOUNGE as if anyone asked. God its hilarious

No. 346053

File: 1485892602888.png (473.32 KB, 483x560, hujn.png)

More dresses she's bought but still can't afford potatoes. But this time she's going to rip up the dress and use it on her dolls that look awful and never sell!

No. 346082

She's almost aggressive when it comes to forcing people to look at her sad boobs. She just won't ever back down.

No. 346118

Thank god shes ripping that first "dress" up. It's see-through and ugly, you can see everything kek

No. 346255

Raven why dont you get flea treatment for your cats instead of getting shity dresses

No. 346294

I'm not sure if her friend is slow or just nervous to be on camera. Like if it was nerves than it was shitty of Raven to force the camera on her, but if she's, like, slow then I worry about Raven trying to take advantage. Raven even prefaced her video with "oh I don't think this friend knows what she's doing" (like wtf? why would you say that about your friend?). And of course Raven chooses to have a friend who isn't "hotter" than she is. Not trying to be mean or anything though, she just seems the sort to choose people who aren't as good looking as friends on purpose so she can be the hot one. Raven's friend looks less greasy and dirty than Raven does though, so her approach backfires a bit.
Sorry, Raven's friend. No speculation on you is really about you, it's about her. Please get as far away from Raven as you can. You'll be much better off.

No. 346295

"post half naked photos of myself? never! only sluts do that!"

Holy shit have her cats got fleas? She does pet videos I know but they make me sad to watch. Get flea treatment instead of ugly clothes! Also if your cats are inside cats, they wouldn't be getting fleas if your house was clean! omg.

No. 346818

File: 1486126292531.jpg (855.16 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2948.JPG)

She went through the other day on Instagram and, "followed all of her followers so it would be easier to reply to them." I about died of laughter when I got the request, but of course I accepted it.

No. 348647

File: 1486453122573.jpeg (108.15 KB, 640x643, image.jpeg)

Its the same as when she wanted that creepy real looking baby. As soon as she got it, she didn't want it anymore after like a week. Can't commit to anything, huh?

No. 348664

That's hilarious considering those are probably the only things that actually love her a bit and can't escape away from her for a while like Logan and her unwanted teenage ovary produce.
Nice raven, show how good of a mom you are when you can't even be responsible as a pet parent and handle them in such a way so they don't end up acting out.

No. 348718

Wow. We could see this coming from a mile away though. She only wants kittens when they're tiny and cute, and once they're big and still cute (to the rest of us anyway) she doesn't care anymore. She should've just gotten a stuffed animal to go along with her reborn doll. That poor cat family.
The bigger cats are probably just being terrible because she's only paid attention to the kittens since before they were born, so she'll just get rid of the whole lot altogether. :(

No. 348828

this makes me so mad. It's not the cats' fault, they're not "being dicks", they're growing into adolescents who need tons of time and energy. Maybe if you cleaned up your shithole hovel of a house and got them some fun stuff to do other than hide under your dirty pleather thongs they wouldn't drive you so crazy you lazy cunt.

No. 349428

so true. you're meant to love pets unconditionally, they're not going to be friendly all the damned time.

No. 350241

If she doesn't even love her own son unconditionally, how tf should we expect her to lover her pets unconditionally?

No. 350618


Bitch is either borderline personality disorder and/or narcissistic personality disorder. She's incapable of understanding even the concept of other people and animals having different personalities and drives than her own. Logan is so stoned and/or clinically depressed that he essentially has so little by way of emotions that all she sees when she looks in his face is her own reflection.

As for her son, she will never, ever forgive him for not turning out identical to Logan, always supporting mummy and catering to her every whim without argument or protest. Worse than that, she programmed him with all of her behavioural quirks and compulsions and given that she's incapable of coping with even a mentally stable person saying "No, you can't come over and scoff down the cake that I just made for my six year old's birthday tomorrow," trying to adjust to her own mental problems as manifested in her son, I wouldn't be surprised if she's having daily seizures from the stress of it all.

She's even resenting the kittens growing up and developing their own personalities. Don't get me wrong, seven out of ten of the cats I've ever come across have been right dicks. For every cat that will sleep all curled up and purring on your bed of a night there's ten who will just piss on your pillow and sneer at your frantic attempts to clean it up. But getting pissed off at your cats being cats is absolutely what you'd expect of a nutjob of Raven's caliber.

No. 350689

I HATE how she can't just put a "taste test" or "review" or "q and a" without fucking REQUESTED before it.
Okay Raven, we get it. You have a life and youtube and comments and eating shit are not your whole life, THANK YOU soo much for doing those requested videos, we know you wouldn't show the world what you are eating without us asking. eyeroll

No. 350691

I am dying over her new qa video.

Someone asked if she would ever leave Logan. She said no and that they don't even wanna be apart for the time it would take for her to go back to the US, arrange everything etc. because…… THAT KINDA SEPARATION IS NOT GOOD FOR A MARRIAGE.

Whaaaat? lmao

No. 350700

She won't be able to protect him from all the sluts coming at him or prevent him from watching porn then!!!

But really he could go over there while they're in the process of moving and stay on a visa while everything is being sorted/processed if she really wanted to go back but we all know she's too lazy to do all that. Plus if she left then she wouldn't be able to bitch about NZ anymore or better yet, she'd go back to the US and realize how much it's changed since 2002.

No. 350744

You stirred something in me. Thanks, anon.

No. 350843

has anyone seen those nasty ass pictures on her facebook? still a tub of lard thinking she's sexy.

No. 350889

File: 1486780264246.png (168.14 KB, 640x1074, IMG_9507.PNG)

1 It's obvious to even Helen Keller that Logan did not write that message raven, you did and 2 what the hell does your saggy 'readers wives' porn shot pic have to do with goth music? The desperation is clear in this one. Logan's not showing any attention so she has to get it from strangers online and then moans about perverts. Crazy fat crazy!

No. 350993

lmao! definitely raven. that's so pathetic.

No. 351809

File: 1487056774934.jpeg (90.43 KB, 637x706, image.jpeg)

"Let's sell this kitten that out grew it's baby stage so we can go eat at a fancy place for one day and brag about $9 garlic bread."

But for real, who the fuck would let them into their fancy restaurant to begin with?! They always look super greasy and shit.

No. 351811

It was probably Olive Garden lol

No. 351818

Believe it or not it's a place called Jimmy's Restaurant & Bar inside of a hotel it looks like. But the prices look comparable to an Olive Garden if you want to convert NZ$ to US$.

No. 351829

ughh… what a fucking bitch.

No. 351837

If you didn't document your boring ass life, you wouldn't have to explain why you're spending money when you're broke af.
You do this to yourself raven.

No. 351989

She made Logan get a tattoo of her face on his chest!

No. 351990

Shut up. No fucking way.

No. 351992

She legit branded him for life. Wow

No. 352046

File: 1487111640874.png (951.29 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9572.PNG)

She did a live video and mentioned it but didn't show it. Said she's gonna do a video about it so. Poor guy

No. 352047

File: 1487111786599.png (1.17 MB, 640x1136, IMG_9574.PNG)

Love It that she made him get a skinny version of her lmao. Patiently awaiting their couple tattoo video. Remember everyone they have no money for food or bills but came afford shit tattoos

No. 352048


That's embarrassing.

I'm gonna guess that her tattoo isn't of him.

No. 352111

Well if he's ever able to break away from her he could spin it as some edgy thing, having a decrepit old woman tattooed on him.
Poor stupid kid.

Probably not lol.

No. 352275

are those flys around the tattoo of her's head because she stinks of b.o and shit?

No. 352278

File: 1487161583145.png (472.37 KB, 482x611, iehuwihbq.png)

A "proper" place wouldn't have let you in the door but they did stick you two in the back away from everyone else, kek. At least the cats are in a better home with someone who will actually love them and take care of them.

No. 352359


100 NZD is around £60 so pretty standard prices and not as expensive as she makes out.

The portions aren't even that small. She can have anything without finding something to complain about.

No. 352360


Can't* erg.

No. 352365

right? of course they're small to her though, the fatty loves her food

No. 352480

Did anyone else catch the video she had up for a couple of hours before taking it down? It was called "a cunt of a qna" where she answered questions from a presumed troll.
There were such gems as her admitting that Logan is a "racist misogynist" and she tells him to keep his mouth shut during her videos so her audience doesn't know what an asshole he is. She also announced that they're selling all of their stuff in 2018 and moving to the US to live with a "sponsor" (apparently to live with some guy they barely even know, in her words).

No. 352501

If that's right about the sponsor, no wonder why Logan looks like he's considering offing himself in every photo and blog she posts. He looks well and truly depressed. He can't so much as look at a girl his age, but raven can decide to move the family to go live with some random guy. If she hasn't stated who it is, it's going to be one of her creepy male "fans" who falls for all her stories. By the look on Logan's face the late few months, I'd reckon something's about to blow. Sage for tinhatting.

No. 352576

God, can you imagine going to a nice restaurant with your date only to be seated near that pierced and tatted heffalump Raven? So gross, a shame many restaurants ditched dress codes.

I can't believe she sold a cat for dinner money. How shameful, surprised she admitted it.

No. 352599

She's even getting rid of the mental one saying a couple with an autistic kid wants it.

No. 352618

I saw like half of it, She also mentioned how Dorian has a girlfriend and how it would be stupid of him to not come back to the US with her but its "his choice"

Yeah sure it is Raven, you'll not forced him to do anything….

No. 352622

valentines video. why would you go out to eat in an expensive restaurant if you know you wont eat? and he got her a bunch of 3 flowers. 3 lmfao and shes squealing over it

No. 352634

File: 1487251345346.jpg (31.66 KB, 517x487, 16649152_1833503576891283_5539…)

what a beaut

No. 352635

HOW IS HE 21???????

No. 352636

File: 1487251649843.jpg (650.1 KB, 1313x1816, IMG_1172.JPG)

He reminds me of dani filth when started getting chubby. Poor lad. Bet he can't go to the gym because raven fears he'd hook up with some gym bunny.

No. 352652

God he got so fugly. Now if anyone were to see then two together I bet it wouldn't raise suspicion. They look about the same age now. Yuuuuck. I bet she sabotaged him so no one would want to 'steal' him from her or he's just given up on life and will probably an hero soon

No. 352653

Wait, is this Logan? I never read this thread. How did he get so fat wtf.

No. 352654

After watching some of the cooking videos it's not hard to see how he got this way. He also seems to have just given up on life.

No. 352655

Wait a fucking moment
I haven't been keeping up with Raven so please forgive me for the stupid question but is this Logan? As in, Logan the child bride who's supposed to be the same age as her son? Because hoooly shit life has not been kind to him if so.

This guy looks like an Oblivion Bosmer.

No. 352657

he's clearly given up on his life. wouldnt you if you were married to the man-beast and saw no escape route?

No. 352658

stress has really aged him

No. 352659

Yep that's her totally hawt goffic child bride. She's said he pretty much only eats fast food and sits around the house when he's not working so yeah it caught up to him. Plus all the stress she puts him through like her finding out he watches porn and she had a bitch fit over it.

No. 352660

File: 1487262330223.png (527.69 KB, 775x434, fancywear.png)

I still don't see how they were let into such a "fine dining" place looking like this. $100NZ is roughly $70US which is far from "fine dining" but she did use the money from the kittens she sold. Stay classy.

No. 352899

No. 352928

Is Raven picking on a special needs goth?
10/10 will watch the Raven video.

No. 353016

It's just a bar in a hotel, so yeah. They probably would just let them in.

There's so many nicer places to eat in Christchurch though.

No. 353020



It's not "fine dining" a simple Google search

No. 353037

I know it's not. That's the point of it. She's making it out to be all because it cost $70US.

No. 353041

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.
What a trashy bitch.

No. 353098

File: 1487453288252.jpeg (114.17 KB, 638x731, image.jpeg)

If she continues to spend $119 on shit, she's never going to make it to the US.

No. 353118

"my baby"??? fk sake grow up woman, you're too old for kids toys now. she treats inanimate objects better than her cats and son

No. 353119

What even is this?
What about those potatoes they couldn't afford?

No. 353133

a hatchkin? i think it's called, it was the ~hot gift~ last xmas people were selling them for hundreds of dollars

it's like…an egg that a furby hatches out of

No. 353149

She is never going to change. I hope the boys can run off together and repair their friendship and commiserate over this lunatic parasite. Fingers crossed she keels over soon for the sake of her slaves.

They're called hatchimals and they're the dumbest fucking toy ever. They cost about $60-80 USD. Around christmas time demand was so high that people were sometimes paying double or even more. Either way they're not cheap. It's not even a cool toy. ESPECIALLY not for a grown ass woman. These things are meant for kids around 6 or younger, and even they're going to get bored of it within an hour. She could have bought a handful of video games or something much more stimulating and worthwhile. A fucking golden tamagotchi would have been a better purchase.

Sage for irrational hatred of hatchimals

No. 353155

File: 1487467620189.png (179.78 KB, 942x552, Screenshots_20170219_022231.pn…)

No. 353159

Ah that's fucking awful. Here I am mulling over how the hell I'd cover that up. It's going to cost him a lot for an artist that can pull it off.

The stars make me want to gouge my eyes out. The face is a shoop right? I'm afraid of what it actually looks like.

No. 353164

firstly, it's so far from being recognizably her that it's hardly a tattoo of her anyway

secondly, he could always just make it into the rotting bloated monster she already is kek

No. 353181

Which makes it even sadder that she's never been to such a place before.

No. 353206

File: 1487490251943.jpeg (167.96 KB, 640x726, image.jpeg)

She really is delusional if she thinks anyone will hire her when she moves back.

No. 353219

Who would even be willing to hire her beyond places like Hottopic in a retail setting?

No. 353220

why doesn't she just get a grunt job where she is?

No. 353234

lmaoooooooo! she's unbelievably delusional, she's 10 times that size at least

No. 353235

Hot topic wouldn't even hire her, they look for younger people and Raven is hideous as is. As a teen I would have never shopped at hot topic if someone looking like raven worked there
I mean not only that but typically they search for young and attractive, doubtful she would ever have any qualifications for a management position which at her age they'd more likely consider that if she had any qualifications.

I mean would you buy products from a clothing store seeing Raven working at the register?

No. 353236

Does she really think this looks like her? What the fuck does Raven see in the mirror because if this is it I can finally see why shes so self obsessed. She genuinely believes she looks like this

No. 353237

becos apparently NZ discriminates against her being "goff" as if america wouldn't do the same?? how does she expect to find work anywhere with tattoos on her hands, neck and face? dumb ho

No. 353239

File: 1487501424658.jpg (12.83 KB, 375x242, i5dWaV4.jpg)

No. 353240

I dropped my phone when I saw the tattoo she made him get. That poor sucker. It looks nothing like her! If anything it looks like an ex girlfriend

No. 353246


Besides the fact that Raven will never be and has never been – that thin, this looks like a character in a horror film. You know, the one that appears to be a beautiful woman from the back to lure it's victims in, but then it turns around and shows it's demonic, rotting face?

Yeah, that one.

No. 353353

File: 1487549050379.jpg (42.32 KB, 640x343, KunIHOn.jpg)

No. 353382

Aside from not looking at all like raven, it's a horribly done tattoo. The candy isn't even and everything about it is awful. Is it new? It already looks like it's losing pigmentation

No. 353389

Even compared to other members of gothic subculture they look exceptionaly hideous.

No. 353390

i'd say she is making it like a "fine dining" because such trashy people like her take food served on white square plates as something classy and fine.

No. 353449

Lmao! I can't wait to see the one she got of him. Christ this is so bad and looks absolutely nothing like her or even resembles her, more of what she wishes what she looked like but fuck, even her fantasy image of herself she's a cow.

No. 353484

File: 1487583115195.jpg (21.1 KB, 483x280, kfF9ITU.jpg)

No. 353485

File: 1487583168277.jpg (31.98 KB, 271x640, JXEPrtk.jpg)

No. 353487

He looks like he could be tommy wiseaus son

No. 353488

She got a tattoo of a16 year old child

No. 353492

yikes, it's tacky as fuck to get a tattoo of your partner or partners name. People who do that are usually insecure and have shitty relationships, almost like they're trying to say "see! we are so in love we got tattoos of each other!" Regardless, the tattoos look nothing like them and have been badly done. The one of Logan is slightly better than Raven but that's not saying much

No. 353504

I love how she used a picture of him but had to get a cartoon for her and shoop her face onto it. No pictures of you good enough to go on your child brides body?

No. 353509

That's so true

No. 353510

lmao good point

No. 353513

imagine what the tattooist must have thought being presented that image by that man beast? how did they contain their laughter!?

No. 353530


No. 353695

I love how the face is just blatantly shooped on like no one would notice kek

No. 353731


Is that a wedding picture of him?

No. 353789

i believe so. i love tht she not only used a photo of him at 16, but one where he looked his most "gothy". she's SO obsessed with image, im surprised she didn't make him get a goffed up shooped image of her as his tattoo

No. 353795

File: 1487685498689.jpg (182.3 KB, 960x640, YhzUc68.jpg)

Ah, yes. I see the resemblance.

No. 353801


No. 353803

cottage cheese, no curves, and ronald mcdonald hair. hot

No. 353808


funny thing is that's probably the edited version, how bad must it have been before!?

No. 353811

She needs to accept the inevitable - she's a 40 yr old heff and past her 'prime' move on

No. 353823


Seeing pics like this, I feel terriblem for him (he was a dumbass teenager who could not have had the slightest idea what he was getting into) and terrible for his parents who were forced to watch their legally adult child throw his future into the shitter.

And it's all worked out so well for him: broke, tied to a lazy leech, gaining weight from the shitty diet she insists upon, and branded for her pleasure. Raven is kind of like a female Greg.

No. 353824

Looks like a dead hooker dumped in the wilderness by a serial killer.

No. 353826

>Raven is kind of like a female Greg

And I hope we also get to the point where you guys recognize that Logan is Lainey in that he's complacent in the life he's chosen and is no longer 16. Adults need to be held accountable for their adult decisions including bad tattoos which, note, even Greg's badly manipulated victims didn't do.

No. 353828

right? i wish his parents would intervene somehow. i think in a video logan said he hates asking people for help

No. 353844


I do recognize he us responsible as an adult, just shaking my head at the waste. I think both Taylor and Logan are Stockholm Syndromed by their respective spouses, not sure how one escapes that. At least Logan isn't helping Raven prey on other young men, but he's got the same dead inside expression as Taylor. I wish both of them could get their heads out of their asses and leave and develop a healthy life. Neither Raven nor Greg are worth a fart in the wind.

No. 353859

I'm dying

What if they break up? What's he going to do with that?

No. 353891

She's got her claws into him now

No. 353898

Is he bipolar? He honestly looks like a broken man in every video

No. 353899

File: 1487716786728.png (1.15 MB, 1136x640, IMG_9704.PNG)

4 minutes 55ish she looks like one of those special kids showing you their navel fluff

No. 353903

You think you can wake up next to Raven every day and not become a broken man?

No. 353924

>she looks like one of those special kids showing you their navel fluff
Fucking kek

No. 353951

Logan looks so different now, it's sucks that he let himself go so easily. Logan's hair is disgusting too, either he fucked it up bad or got into some accident that chopped it. Raven looks good compared to his lack of hygiene.

No. 354027

he might not be 16 anymore but he still has the mindset of a teenager. how could he expect to ever adult when raven, a man beast child herself, seems to be his only adult influence? he's let himself go because he's around her and her shitty diet, he looks like he's just given up and goes along with whatever the heff wants just to please her, awful tatts and all.

No. 354032

File: 1487762858663.gif (213.79 KB, 275x100, 1476126698197.gif)

Noooo I thought this was a new music video of her rapping at the beach I am so dissapoint

No. 354033

at around 27 seconds in it looks like he has seen his chance and is running away from her lmao

No. 354049

File: 1487773258153.jpg (51.37 KB, 453x285, HC9IzP8.jpg)

No. 354061


No. 354106

it always looks really forced when logan has his arms around raven

No. 354124

He's probably trying to hold back his revulsion.

No. 354148

File: 1487800456226.png (122.74 KB, 720x404, image.png)

I hate to insult Roger in this way but, I think sleep deprivation has gotten to me. I can't stop thinking of this.

No. 354157


No. 354283

I'm curious, can any legal action be taken against Raven for art theft? The woman she stole the design from is Anne Cha. She does custom designs but I doubt Raven went down that route, she literally just shooped her ugly mug onto one of Anne's drawings. Someone should really contact her: https://www.facebook.com/annechaart/

No. 354286


She's not making any money off it so I wouldn't imagine there'd be much of a case.

No. 354328

"Logan's longest relationship before me was 10 months when he was 13.. He thought she was really ugly."

I imagine she must have berated him about that relationship, making him say he thought his girlfriend was ugly. What a pathetic woman, jealous of what I assume was a 13 year old girl. You can just hear and see the jealousy when she talks about it.

No. 354335

I thought that too. She's jealous of every girl

No. 354338

she says he stayed with his first girlfriend because he couldn't do any better HELLO RAVEN same thing is happening now. He won't move to America with her, she's already said he doesn't want to

No. 354339

right? god forbid he had a life before her! never mind the fact she's had a multitude of different husbands and takes softcore pornographic photos for creepy men to ogle at

No. 354347

File: 1487873141115.jpg (64.97 KB, 649x356, RPxAMsP.jpg)

who's she kidding kek

No. 354361

This… comment she made makes me really sad. He was 13 for Christ's sake, she has no room to talk about his childhood discoveries like that, she truly is a pedo.

This isn't normal behaviour for an adult, why isn't she seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist?

No. 354373

I wish Logan would see sense and have the balls to up and leave her. He looks utterly depressed and any affection from him be it saying he loves her or having his arm around her sounds and looks forced. She's pulling the strings. #savelogan2017

No. 354377

>has giant cold sore
>while she complains about an ugly 13 year old
>in their 5 year anniversary video

Fucking run Logan

No. 354389

it's fucking repulsive how she's going on about a 13 year old girl like that. They were just kids, she has no right commenting on that relationship or the kids looks. Also fucking LOL at her barking at him to speak and awkwardly putting him on the spot to say affectionate shit to her. Raven, in a normal healthy relationship he would say those things himself, he doesn't need mommy/wife demanding it

No. 354538

There are so many things wrong with this video

No. 354773

dragon beasts new video is 20 minutes of pure shit

No. 354780

Skimmed through it. Honestly surprised she lets Dorian have a girlfriend, you can bet if she was some attractive goth girl Raven would forbid it being the jealous ho she is. LOLZ at the end when she, once again, barks at Logan to speak on camera. Pathetic, pathetic woman.

No. 354785

"Logan's all gothed up for me" she's so fucking shallow

No. 355058

shes a mess

No. 355072

File: 1488128257854.jpg (128.06 KB, 809x498, BJbP1FJ.jpg)

Came across this on one of her videos. Not very expressive? He looked happier in very early pictures of them together, because back then the situation was still new and exciting to him, now he's miserable as fuck and she knows it. "Never been in love before me" well fucking DUH he was still a kid when your pedo ass stole him away

No. 355080

Ah Raven – she's a fascinating study in denial and delusion. If she ever does make it back to the states, maybe I'll try to talk her into undergoing a battery of psychological tests. Of course I'd have to stroke her ego by telling her I'd like to do "an in-depth study of her individuality." But I bet the results would be priceless.

No. 355098

>never had his heart broken

You can have your heart broken in other ways asides from cheating and bad breakups, I don't think raven pandering to creeps online with scantily clad photos would make anyone feel great while he can't so much as interact with other females, Not to mention how close she still seems with her ex or how she talks about how hot her other exes were. That's got to be pretty demoralising and heart breaking

No. 355112

she probably won't leave because logan doesn't want to move over there, so i guess we'll forever have to put up with her bitching about nz prices and how it's not like america!

so true! she even called his ex gf at 13 (yes, 13!!) ugly. she's jealous of any other female that has been in his life.

No. 355128

File: 1488138652493.jpg (178.91 KB, 897x600, uKwHuHU.jpg)

If Logan posted similar photos of himself online and had those kind of comments, she'd be fuming calling them all sluts. One rule for her, one for him…

No. 355132

That rainbow wig is so fucking ugly

No. 355137

That's why I think Logan is probably not very bright. Any halfway intelligent man would demand the same rights and privileges she has. But he's just a moron who thinks he's "in love" and doesn't realize that real, lasting love is more about respect than lust or passion.

But then again, no one with more than 6 brain cells would get involved with her in the first place. I wonder if he can even read?

No. 355147

moron…. or groomed since he was a kid, depressed and manipulated af

No. 355157

Is he the one who takes her photos? I can't imagine taking "sexy" (I use that term VERY loosely here) photos of my partner knowing they're going to plaster them all online for other peoples attention. I doubt Logan himself even finds her attractive anymore

No. 355163

She used to make her son and ex take her photos

No. 355185

Whilst he does come across as not very bright (could just be the depression though) I think in this instance she's guilt tripped him into accepting it. "Don't you want me to feel better about myself? This is the only way!" and similar shit, I imagine.

No. 355305

File: 1488183604462.png (76.85 KB, 1640x523, IMG_1210.PNG)

Is she fucking serious? Does she not get viewer retention and just thinks that if you put up more minutes, she'll make more YouTube money for her next garage tattoo?

No. 355307

She's made a part 2 of it that's 41 minutes of pure shit.

Still bitching about money but made Logan buy her a $10 light up plastic sword (what happened to selling stuff to go to the US?) and a $6 iced coffee plus a light up headband.

She'll force him to move with her saying that he doesn't really love her and doesn't want her to be happy if he doesn't. Even though she has little to no family left and always complains about it, he does and she's just going to rip him away from it just so she can be "happy". I honestly hope they move to the US because it's going to give her a wake up call that the US isn't how it was 10+ years ago and she's going to have to pay for health insurance again but now for 3 people, if Dorian does go with them and what happens when their sponsor gets sick of their shit after a week. Maybe the sponsor is just as a slob as the rest of them.

No. 355308

They've been together since he was 16 (or 15?). His romantic experience consists of a relationship when he was 13, and a 5 year marriage to a manipulative scumbag who is old enough to be his mother. And even if he'd never gotten with Raven and had been having normal relationships up until this point, he'd still probably be making dumb mistakes because he's so young.

I really hope he's got a cuck fetish.

No. 355332

And she called the girlfriend at 13 ugly! Does she also think his crushes at kindergarten were ugly sluts too? lmao

Would they even be able to get back into the country now?

No. 355337

Only skimmed through the first 8 mins or so before I felt like I was going brain dead, but why is she making Logan buy her shit? Stupid, childish shit at that. "Ask them if they have […whatever it was she said…]" when she's recording RIGHT by the guy. ASK HIM YOURSELF YOU LAZY FAT BITCH. Stop treating your childbride like a slave

No. 355389

She's saving every penny she can but spends it on crap. She's crazy

No. 355565

Isn't this bitch supposedly agoraphobic? How's she going outside? No more mention of the tail bone 'pain' after the doctor told her she was making it up. How's she driving if she's 'legally blind?' If she can't get hired in NZ because she's a 'foreigner' won't Logan have the same problem in he USA? She goes on about how she CANT work for various health reasons but she thinks these will all go away when she gets back to America. I've never seen such a bullshitter In my life!

No. 355573

She's a walking contradiction. Don't forget all those outdoor slutty photos she has taken since forever whilst being "agoraphobic"!!

No. 355607

Sorry but the first minute of the video, of course she's complaining about something, this time about how hard it was to find parking even though they live close, like… If you live close, wouldn't it be better to just walk in or take a bus? Get a taxi home if the bus service stops running at night? I mean sure you could say taxi is expensive but you did just spend $10 on light up sword plastic crap and some amount of money on iced coffee so you're not exactly that hard up for money.

Because she's a big fat malingerer who knows she can get disability checques and pity points if she plays up her illnesses. It's not that she can't work, it's that she doesn't want to.

No. 355624

3 part q& a she deleted. claiming emily copied her style, admits logan is racist and just shows herself to be the selfish evil whore she is

No. 355627

Thanks for uploading this, she thinks she can talk shit, delete it and everything will go away. Not how the world works. Emily copied HER? ummm… emily had the butterfly chest/neck tattoo for ages before raven got a similar one on her throat. Emily also loves mermaids and then Raven out of nowhere expressed an interest in mermaids.

No. 355634

Plus Emily mentioned in a really old video she's worn glasses since primary school. Team Emily! Ravens such a jealous hoe. How she doesn't realise SHE is the problem I'll never know

No. 355641


Some questions and answers worth noting, simply for the lulz and sheer hypocrisy:

>"If you became single would you get together with your ex or move to the USA?"

States she wouldn't get back with her ex and that she would move to America. "He's an ex for a reason" but she still hangs out with him, has him pay for all her shit and gushes over him like a teenager.

>"Do Logan and your ex get along?"

Says they actually hang out with her ex regularly, they've gone out to eat together and been over at each others houses. You just know she would never be fine with it if Logan was still best pals with his ex. Ya know the 13 year old one she called ugly?

>"Do you have any weird fetishes?"

Her response: "Do I look like some kind of sexual deviant to you?" BAHAHA you're a pedophile so, yeah, you do.

>"Logan seems to be dressing normal now and nothing like his gothic style when you first met. Do you honestly like his style?"

Claims to have no problem with it but admits to preferring alternative, skinny guys with long hair and makeup. "He doesn't even have that build anymore, he's bulked up" - aka FAT. All she ever talked about regarding her exes was their style, so it obviously bothers her more than she lets on.

>"If you type your name into Google some pretty horrible stuff comes up, does this worry you or impact your daily life in any way?"

She gets all worked up saying only trolls would search her name and know that. Actually, it was because of her herself that I found out about all these "hate" websites on her. One of the first videos of hers that I had seen was her saying she was a victim of Lolcow and Kiwifarms and it was only because of her constantly talking about it that I became curious and had a look. She brings it on herself.

No. 355647

Thanx for the low down. She brings this all on herself. The hypocrisy is rife in this one

No. 355651

Raven even admits in the tattoo debate video (aka Raven is unoriginal and steals other peoples designs video) that she took a tattoo design from Emily.

No. 355675

shes said before that she took a photo of emilys arm to her tattooist and got the same design in the same place. not cool

No. 355712

That's a pretty shitty thing to do

No. 355768

newfag: learn how to sage and respond to posts.

No. 355804


Ahahaha that is brilliant. She's so obsessed with a girl who's like 20 years younger than she is. What a creep. Wow.

No. 355871

How do I respond to individual posts?

No. 355887

Kek "I have nothing to hide." -deletes videos immediately-

"He's an ex for a reason" yet continues to constantly hang out with him and crap.

"We're going to sell off everything we own" yet still continues to buy shit like a $10 light up sword. Yeah I don't see them moving at all. If they really wanted to move, then shit would be done in any way possible.

"He's not 16 anymore, he's 21! I bought him this this and this and he was partying and doing drugs and didn't care and I told him I wouldn't support him anymore so he got a job"…..so he supports you now and that's why he's so depressed?

Talking about him being a misogynist, she's recently liked the fb page anti-feminism, but of course she would. She hates women so fucking much. She claims he hate girls so much yet tends to forget he was caught looking at porn. NZ sounds like a fun place when every girl is a whore.

"I'm going to defend myself posting provocative photos but I'm still failing to realize I'm a fucking hypocritical idiot who shames other girls for doing the same thing."

No. 355907

File: 1488366300561.png (27.71 KB, 560x154, Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.0…)

No. 355908

cooking with Logan video. Man looks like hes lost the will to live

No. 355914

File: 1488367051330.png (347.85 KB, 583x393, swasti.png)

You'd think after getting 1 tattoo done by a "shitty" artist, they wouldn't continuously keep getting more. But then again, it's a way to blame other people for their tattoos to be shitty and not shitty designs or take the blame themselves. Nope, can't take the blame for anything.

No. 355915

It really does look like a swastika though… why is she so cunty and rude to people? could've politely explained what it was meant to be.

No. 355916

I could write essays on this woman. Seriously. She infuriates me so much. She can't seem to comprehend that SHE is the problem.

Where do I begin? The fact that she….
- Takes slutty photos then turns around and brands any other woman who does that as a whore?
- Plasters said slutty photos online for other guys attention when she is MARRIED?
- Forbids Logan from so much as interacting with other women but she does the above and is best pals with her ex?
- Calls any woman a slut or whore if they are more attractive than her? (look at her blind hatred for Dani Divine as one example)
- Is completely delusional and thinks she's only being attacked because of her weight and style?
- Claims to be poor and struggling to buy staples but blows a shit load of money on kids toys and crap unoriginal tattoos?
- Constantly moans about NZ?
- Treats her pets like shit?
- Is a pedophile?
- Is ripping Logan away from his family by forcing him to move to America with her?
- Has caused Logan to become fat and depressed? And most recently branded him for life with that god awful tattoo "of her"?
- Thinks it perfectly ok to rip off other peoples tattoos because she's not creative?
- Doesn't understand why people think she's copying Emily when she has similar tattoos (one being a direct copy that she admitted to), hair, style, piercings and glasses? Also flirted with her ex-husband. And then she wonders why Emily hates her?!

Please, continue the list people! I think I've gone brain dead.

No. 355917

Raven said in her rip off tattoos video that her tattoo "artist" works from home and doesn't draw up anything. in other words, she scratches people up in her kitchen.

No. 355918


No. 355919

That's begging for infections. Not to mention super shitty tattoos.

And that's the mental one too. But hey she's selling/sold the kittens. In the q&a videos she deleted, she said they were selling the cats, so I'm assuming they're going to just give him and the other one away. But yes, she cracked an egg into a lid and fed it to her mental cat.

No. 355922

yeah I couldn't believe she said she was getting rid of her cats before they moved. if you truly loved your cat you would take it with you surely? they're just accessories to her. what a disgusting woman

No. 355923

click the post number.

No. 355924

File: 1488369008128.png (280.99 KB, 458x457, hypppo.png)

Well, well, well. You claim to have all the attention you need at home yet post up pictures of yourself in scantly clad clothing that you yourself damn other women for wearing. But Logan can't even have a girl add him on facebook?

No. 355929

She tries to defend it by saying "99% of women dress way more provocative than me so what's the problem?" ummmm 99% DO NOT dress provocatively at all, in fact the only ones who do are models and duurrr it's their job. In her "I'm a whore!" video, the ONLY women she could list that dress worse than her were models.

Her response to the question about how she only posts those photos because she doesn't get attention at home was hilarious. "Logan was poking me with his dick wanting sex" he might want sex from her because he's forbidden from watching porn, but clearly the guy doesn't give her any compliments. Someone on her Deviantart account made a creepy comment about her figure and she responded "I wish my husband would say things like that!" How demoralizing must it be for Logan knowing he's not allowed to interact with other women but she can plaster near nude photos online for other guys' attention?

No. 355930

Thank you

No. 355932

Thta Dmitri guy is her ex husband Ryan

No. 355934

The problem isn't her dressing the way she wants, it's calling every woman who shows an ankle a whore yet she wears the same thing if not more revealing sometimes. If I took pictures of myself half naked and put them up on the internet and told guys complimenting me that I wish my husband told me those things and liked what they said but at the same time told my husband he couldn't even have a girl as a friend or look at one, I'd be divorced in an instant and be a sad miserable cow. She's super delusional and hypocritical. I honestly don't see how Logan puts up with this. But then again, he may not know about it all either. It's been obvious that she uses his profile, like on their anniversary when "he" posted about them. He works all the time so he doesn't have the time to go about and look at all her bs posts or even thinks about looking at it. So it's essentially hidden from him.

No. 355937

I agree, but she seems to think our only problem with all her photos is simply the fact that she takes them. Completely delusional or in denial. Our problem is that she takes them but calls other women who do so whores, logic that I will never understand. Why can't she come out and just admit the only reason she calls them that is because they look better than her and that she has self confidence issues? It's blindingly obvious anyway but she keeps trying to skirt around it with retarded excuses "It's to show off my weight loss!" or "It makes me feel better about myself!" or "I like to feel sexy!" etc…….

No. 355955

They'd stop going to that artist, and they'd get it covered up elsewhere, if they were really concerned and not just blatant about the fact that it's a damn swastika. It's not like they haven't gotten other tattoos since then. They could've gotten that one covered up.

>"We're going to sell off everything we own" yet still continues to buy shit like a $10 light up sword. Yeah I don't see them moving at all. If they really wanted to move, then shit would be done in any way possible.
Realtalk as someone who's got a goal of moving overseas in the next year and is currently applying for jobs (lol when they've got time since they're already working full time), but I'd love to buy a cool light up sword at a festival, or another fancy bath bomb, or a tacky souvenirs form the museum, but instead I say "no, better not" and hoard that $10 or w/e in my savings account like a dumb dragon because moving countries is expensive, yo. I've already done it twice and between visas and shipping all your shit over (and HMRC will charge customs on stuff you already own because they're greedy fuckers like that, IDK about other customs officials), and one way airfare which for retarded reasons costs more than roundtrip, it costs a damn fortune and Raven is dumb to keep buying shit when when she wants to move but claims to not even be able to afford potatoes. Sorry. That's rant. I'll go breathe into a paper bag or something lol.

IDK maybe pantsuits are provocative or something and that's why Hillary wears them…? :^)

No. 355974

A little OT but yes. As someone who did move countries, US to Europe, within the last year, I sold everything that I possibly could to get here and didn't buy myself anything. Plane tickets, visa applications, etc add up and I'm one without a job. I don't know how she expects to move and magically have all this money once she gets back to the US let alone her getting a job which is laughable. I see Logan getting an under the table job. But as I've mentioned before, she's going to have to pay for health insurance once she gets back (it won't be free anymore Raven and it is mandatory that you have it now), food, car, gas, pretty much e dry thing aside from rent since one of her followers is letting them be a sponsor but I don't see that person being able to afford to house 3 adults so they're gonna have to do something. But with her making Logan buy useless shit, there's no way they're going to have enough to move and she'll forever be stuck in New Zealand.

No. 355982

No. 355984

No. 355985

Is New Zealand really that bad though? It seems like a nice place to live, despite import/shipping costs.

No. 355994

Not at all! You have to think, she didn't even attempt to try any of the local food for 10 years solely because she "doesn't like change" and only wants her American processed food. Import/shipping to any country is expensive anyways. It's one of her excuses to try and claim that New Zealand is so expensive while showing imported foods, yeah they're going to be more expensive than in the US because gasp they're imported. But that doesn't go without saying New Zealand doesn't have it's flaws, it's just not as bad as she tries to make it out to be.

No. 356001

She's been living there for 10 years? christ… you'd think by now she would have gotten used to the stupid petty shit she moans about? She's so ungrateful too. If NZ was so bad, they'd have denied her entry into the country or they would have denied her weight loss surgery (which has proven pointless, she's still a whale)! trying the local cuisine is part of the experience. it's like when people go on holiday abroad but still want their own countrys food. just, why? "She doesn't like change" but she moved to a country on the other side of the world!!!??! she's batshit crazy.

No. 356019

She's said she was going to kill herself because no one in the US liked her and nobody cared about her and she was living with people that took her money, wouldn't let her eat, wouldn't let her sit on the furniture, etc and Ryan (her ex, the 3rd husband) offered to fly her and Dorian to save her life but they were enemies over the internet? But all of a sudden he has a change of heart and wants to fly her to NZ and take care of her and marry her. But yeah this was circa 2007-08.

Also, she's made the cunt of a q&a video public again, kek.

No. 356022

Whys everyone all of a sudden made hers public?

No. 356024

HAHA she only made it public because someone else uploaded it after she tried to delete them. that's so raven

No. 356047


On the subject of Logan going to the U.S., a famous white Aussie author was detained at the airport trying to gain legitimate entry to attend a conference. They tried to turn her back at the border unless she could convince them why she had come and was intending to leave after her stay. I wonder if Logan will be detained, and if we'll get a super ranty video from Raven if they actually go…


Slightly off topic, but NZ is pretty nice. They were the first country to give women the vote, they had a female Prime Minister before anyone (except For Thatcher) and gays can legally marry there. The indigenous Maori culture is integrated and greatly respected in the White culture. The local food products like salmon, cheese and red meat are of high quality. The landscape is pristine. Raven just hates it because she can't appreciate any of these things because none of them apply to her. She wants to be Queen of the Goff Scene but everyone rejected her because she is an arsehole.

No. 356052

lmao, maybe she'll finally complain about the usa instead of nz for once! and that explains why raven hates nz then, she hates women and is an anti-feminist dumbass

No. 356208

I imagine airport security won't take kindly to how they both look. Would be pretty damn hilarious if they were turned away

No. 356219

Black Friday got detained trying to go into Scotland but she didn't have a job, couldn't prove she had the money to stay there for 3 months, or a place to stay, among other things and was sent straight back to NZ. Raven is a US citizen and I'm sure she hasn't denounced her status, she won't have a problem at all, along with Dorian. Logan on the other hand might get pulled aside for further questioning but I don't see them detaining him and sending him back to NZ. Honestly all you have to do is say you're visiting for holiday and staying at so and so place or just show them proof you're moving there like show the visa paperwork, the house you'll be living in, the sponsors info like name and all and it won't be an issue unless they (Logan and Raven) try to make a big deal about it and start acting suspicious.

No. 356224

that's a shame. I hate that Raven is forcing Logan away from his family just because SHE wants to go back to America

No. 356225

She's currently taking questions for Logan to make for a new video and the ones that I have seen are asking him if he really wants to move to the US. She's already said he didn't want to. Yeah he might think it's fun to visit but if you don't want to move, especially to a different country, it's not going to change all of a sudden. But I feel like she's just going to feed him answers on what to say like "we have nothing going for us here and we're not getting anywhere in life." But he knows and we know he honestly doesn't want to. She should know how it is to leave family behind and not have any because that's all she ever whines about, and now she's doing it to him.

No. 356227

Oh, definitely. She'll probably have him say something like "When you love someone you make compromises so I'm willing to move if that's what she wants and if it'll make her happy…" I'm curious what his family thinks of it all, or perhaps they don't even know and will be told at the last minute when they can't object or stop it? I feel really bad for them to be honest, she's ruining their sons life.

>She should know how it is to leave family behind and not have any because that's all she ever whines about, and now she's doing it to him.

Exactly, I thought this too. Maybe he's just going along with it because he believes it will never actually happen. Just look at the way she's still blowing cash on childish crap, if you're planning to make such a big move you'd be saving every penny.

No. 356232

>Just look at the way she's still blowing cash on childish crap, if you're planning to make such a big move you'd be saving every penny.

This is why I don't believe they'll move anytime soon, if ever. She keeps spending every penny they get on hauls and childish crap or things they don't need but then says they can't even afford to buy potatoes. And Logan keeps getting let go from his job every month it seems. If you're having that much of a problem saving money, you're not going to be able to do much moving wise goes, especially moving countries. She didn't pay for her to move to New Zealand, Ryan paid for everything and now she's on her own unless the sponsor they're moving in with is also paying for stuff which I wouldn't put it past them.

I also have this tinfoil thought that she's going to guilt trip Ryan into paying for part of her moving since he's the one that moved her there (paid for her to move there), but she's the one that moved there and wanted it.

No. 356356

File: 1488489368612.png (75.38 KB, 497x304, Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 21.1…)

one of the questions a 'fan' has asked logan "what are your kinks"
wait for raven to butt in with her 2 cents on that question

No. 356361

haha! Wait for it, Raven will call that girl a whore for asking such a question. This q&a video is going to be amusing considering she'll be writing all the answers for Logan to read out

No. 356379

>Logan keeps getting let go from his job every month it seems

Do we ever hear why? Or is it he just can't make it through the probationary period without the boss realising he is shit?

No. 356490

It's always for "no reason" except one time she's said that the guy training him was training him the wrong way because he didn't want anyone else on the job and felt threatened about someone taking his job. How true any of it is, there's no telling. But he does a lot of construction type work, not exactly sure what though but manual labor at least. I think Logan would be a decent manual worker but there's obviously something not right when he keeps getting canned so much. But I do think he tries to some extent, which is why he no longer dresses like the "hawt goff 16 yr old" that Raven loved.

No. 356495

File: 1488529213639.png (137.09 KB, 640x1054, IMG_9884.PNG)

Here we go…

No. 356496

File: 1488529227435.png (108.61 KB, 638x714, IMG_9885.PNG)

No. 356497

She's so defensive and jealous it's crazy. Not every girl is a whore raven!! And even if they are, what's wrong with that? As long as they're not hurting anyone

No. 356512

>thanks for your questions!
>PS my husband thinks you're a whore

No. 356520

"We don't like things like that" yet she takes photo after photo of herself nearly naked or in provocative poses. In fact her fucking Facebook profile right there is a photo of her sprawled out on a tree trunk like a dead hooker lmfao!!! If simply asking a question about "kinks" makes the asker a whore then what the fuck is raven? the biggest whore of them all. THE WOMAN IS SO DARN RETARDED AND DELUSIONAL

No. 356527

Oh I see why Logan is so into porn now. I thought it was just to see some hot young things other than his wife. Clearly it's to see hot young things having some raunchy sex other than the vanilla he gets from old saggy Raven.

No. 356528

i imagine she just lays there like the whale she is

No. 356530

As someone who knows actual conservative people, I think it's hilarious that she tries to act like she's conservative when it comes to sex/the way she dresses. Real conservative people would assume she's a whore just by her appearance and she'd definitely be seen as a whore if they knew she had a child out of wedlock/sex before marriage.

No. 356531

lol right? I don't understand why she wants everyone to perceive her as such a prude? you can't claim to be put off by the mere mention of sex but then take the kinds of photos she does. very bizarre

No. 356532

It's probably project work then. He gets a job on a project, the project gets completed, he gets laid off, rinse, repeat.

Lol. Yeah. Logan will crazy rage and call her a whore.

No. 356535

I don't understand it either especially since she's at an age where no one really gives a shit if you sleep around or not. And at her age, I feel like being seen as a prude would only make her less attractive to other people, especially to the teen boys that she loves so much. No young guy gets with a much older woman with the intention of having a serious relationship and starting a family, they just do it because they want sex.

When it comes to the pictures she posts, I also find it ridiculous that she posts those but claims that Logan "loves" her so much and that their relationship is so strong. If he gave a single fuck about her, she wouldn't feel the need to post pictures like that and get attention from other men.

No. 356550

In her "cunt of a q&a" video someone asked if she takes those photos because she doesn't get any attention at home, she said that Logan is always poking her with his dick wanting sex lol!! Let's be honest it's probably the only reason he stays with her, she's just something he can stick his dick in. I am willing to bet he doesn't pay her any compliments or say the type of shit she wants to hear about her appearance, so she seeks it out online

No. 356564

Don't forget she was an actual hooker at one point.

No. 356567

Latest video. How is she getting people to send her free shit? Just how gullible are they? Also, spot the dirty fingernails

No. 356569

she said in an old q and a that he doesnt compliment her at all and it gets her down

No. 356573

Yea, I think that's part of the reason he stays. I also feel like she manipulates him into staying.

Tbh I don't even think she wants to be with him anymore, I think she only stays to prove everyone wrong about their relationship and because she'd have to find someone else to leech off of.

Yeah, I was gonna ask about that but I thought that maybe I was remembering things wrong because she couldn't be that much of a hypocrite.

No. 356584

I think she knows she's past her "prime" and will struggle to get with anyone else now. Whether she stills wants to be with Logan or not I don't know, but the woman's clearly terrified he will be stolen away by some "whore" hence the control over him / not allowing him to interact with any other woman besides her. Logan on the other hand I think definitely wants to leave but probably doesn't see a viable alternative or is scared of how she'll react. I wish he'd just run away to his family but iirc he said in an old video he doesn't like asking for help.

No. 356591

Yeah, that makes sense.
And I wish he would too. I wonder why his family hasn't done anything to intervene? I know they can't legally do anything to keep him away from her, but I think if I was his parent, I wouldn't give a shit about the law.

No. 356606

Yea if I was his parent I'd at least be checking with him every so often…..

The funny thing is, if he was devoted to her then even an attractive naked woman beckoning him to bed wouldn't tempt him. The controlling tells me she knows deep down he would rather be with someone else if given the chance.

No. 356619

They did when they first got together, going as far as physically keeping him a way from her but they kept finding ways to get together and the police were called but as he turned legal age, there's literally nothing anyone can do about it. But he's also not some poor teen anymore and I think people forget that.

Also, this is his 2nd relationship besides a 13 yr old he was with for 10 months.

I honestly think he's not as prude and conservative as Raven tries to make him out to be, point proved when an older video where she went on a rant of him not liking porn and him hating it/finding it gross, she'd leave him if he watched it, and then a few months ago he was caught watching porn and watching the whole 5 years they've been together.

No. 356620

And not only that, but he keeps his true feelings, etc secret. There's just an awfully lot wrong with him, as is Raven, his just hasn't presented itself.

No. 356628

Logan is transparent as fuck, I'm surprised someone as old as Raven can't see it. The reason he's so misogynistic and hateful towards "whores" is because he can't have them. How do you cope with not having something that you desperately want? You start to look upon it with disdain, as if you're better than it and don't want it anyway. He can't deny it now that he's been caught out watching porn in secret. He gets off on the very same "whores" he claims to hate.

No. 356655

You hit the nail on the head! She's too up her own ass to see what's in front of her. He clearly didn't hate 'whores' when they got together, she said he was having fun with girls, drinking ect. He's just going along with what she wants. Logan loves whore, the 5 years of secret porn proves that

No. 356719


Not like it's a new development but I always laugh when I see her wearing shit with her tits hanging out while she screams that even showing cleavage makes you a whore. Okay gurl, nice spike bra boob hanging out you pure and innocent conservative you!

Also, who the fuck spent this much on this ungrateful spoiled bitch? That money would have been better off going to charity or literally anywhere else. Not saying poor people can't have nice things, but she obviously isn't as poor as she claims to be and is a general cunt.

No. 356724

File: 1488618891659.png (126.93 KB, 640x994, IMG_9900.PNG)

1. Selling everything to move to the states and not spending any unnecessary money. They're saving everything they can. 2. Why so much skin on show to show a tattoo when she claims women who show cleavage are whore? 3. Didn't think it was possible but her tattoo got shitter. Is that a red pen cross? Might as well get a swastica tattoo like her teenbride

No. 356725

Spot on. Raven is just as transparent; she hates whores because she doesn't, can't and never will look like them.

No. 356727

yuck. Fucking hypocrite, but we all know raven is the biggest whore of them all. Also her tattoos are all poorly done and all a mess, it looks like she let a child scribble on her.

No. 356778

Has anyone seen her retarded "debate" video on tattoos? I was surprised she thinks it's totally acceptable to rip off other peoples work. Being that she's covered in tattoos, you'd think she was a tattoo enthusiast and therefore respects the industry and the artwork. Apparently not. "I don't have a creative bone in my body" – fair enough, but that's what the tattooist is there for you dumb bitch. Any decent tattoo artist will work with you to come up with a unique design. It's ok to TAKE INSPIRATION from artwork but if the final result is still very similar to the original then that's downright art theft. No ifs or buts. Adding a couple of stars around it or changing the color doesn't make it unique or original. It's also pretty fucking ironic as she throws a fit when someone uses her images without her permission (iirc the one with the handcuffs in her mouth?) but thinks it's ok to steal designs for her shitty tattoos.

She said her tattooist "works from home" (a nicer way of saying tattoos in her kitchen) and "doesn't have time to draw things up" – THEN WHY THE FUCK IS SHE A TATTOO ARTIST? She even contradicts herself in the video saying "I'm not creative" but then later on "It's only bad to copy someone elses design if you're being spiteful or unoriginal" - like you just said you were?

No. 356795

Damn that's a mess. I legit have no idea what any of that is supposed to be.

It's like she took a photo of junkyard slurry and asked for it to be inked on her chest.

She's the most visually repellent cow we discuss if we leave the Slatons out of the equation.

No. 356798


I think it's snakes coming out of a hole in her chest, but it's such a shitty, blurry, indistict mess it is hard to say.

No. 356815

Looks like a gaping, bloody, prolapsed vagina. A bit like her own, then.

No. 357389

New haul video (even though she's saving to move….)

A whole video of 'I got this but I'll never wear/use it'

No. 357401

I like how her tattoo looks like an open heart surgery. She's embracing her high cholesterol levels and curves.

No. 357419

>I'm just putting all of these in a document for him to read, but I know he won't appreciate it

Raven admits what we all already knew, Logan doesn't run shit on his social media. Any time he's raging about whores online it's all just Raven.

No. 357472

yup, she's disgusting controlling his account.

No. 357499

I'm certain now that she's deliberately doing haul videos after a few people pointed out on here she's meant to be saving. hate watchers seem to make up 90% of her audience and she thinks likes to gloat about how she can manipulate her audience. Kinda stupid to waste your money in the hopes of getting a few views if you're trying to move country. Either she's that petty or the moving country thing is never truly going to be on the cards.

No. 357566

File: 1488872970453.png (123.18 KB, 640x852, IMG_9979.PNG)

Looks about right

No. 357579

lol! The woman even looks better than Raven

No. 357620

Logan bitching about girls and their boobs while he's spent the last 5 years secretly watching porn…

No. 357622

don't forget his manbeast wife with her saggy tits "cleavage" out all the time

No. 357629

He has such a limited vocabulary and seems bored and miserable. It's also sad that Raven has made Logan hate his own country, his only complaints about NZ are the exact same as hers

No. 357649

Is he retarded? Shes clearly snuck her own questions in there too

No. 357682

File: 1488924395045.jpeg (107.12 KB, 640x775, image.jpeg)

According to her we're all neck beards who live in what appears to look like her house. Like does she not realize how nasty her place is? I bet she still has rotten cherries on her wall from where she was throwing them out from her bed to her window but missed.

No. 357694

bitch is one to talk her house is filthy and littered with all the junk she keeps wasting money on

No. 357750

Actually I live in a clean apartment. It's normal to be able to walk around without running into clothing piles and getting cat hair stuck on the bottoms of your feet, Raven. And the best part is, I pay for and clean it all without the help of government handouts.

If you're reading this, you're too fat and filthy yourself to be calling anyone else names. You're the slime from the bottom barrel.

No. 357767

Watching this makes it clear how dumb the guy is. It makes sense, he is a child of teen parents, fucked around at school and was drinking underaged…dropped out and got married to someone who is older than his parents. In this Q&A he shows that he is not any more mature than he was at 16. He is the same "edgy" persona, in the same breathe he says he hates stupid ppl (which are feminists to him since why not) he says he doesn't read unless there are pictures. Unlike raven he struggles to even find the words to complain with since beyond calling things gay or retarded he had nothing much to say. Some replies are pretty much word for word things she says so it sounds fake, almost like a mantra of this idea they have created where they are these hard working ppl and anyone who criticizes them are neck beards who are unloved… etc. You can tell he is just vomiting the words out since they don't match his other tone. But technically he said it and he probably believes what he says.

It's sad that he is so unaware of how stunted he is, a few times he says he hates his peers and he acts like he is more mature than them, but then replies like a 13 year old to any question that requires thought.

They admit they aren't saving atm, but will soon. Not sure what pipe dream they have on this moving thing but it sounds like the next 20 videos will be bitching about it.

Raven comes in half way to listen in btw. She is relatively quiet so it isn't bad.

No. 357810

"Everything is expensive" as it is most everywhere. Also, don't live in a tourist town if you don't want tourist prices. "People are rude" again, people are rude everywhere. It's not going to magically change once you go to the US.

Annnnndddd there the racism comes out. "I'm not mexican or muslim or anything" Yeah but you're still not from there. It doesn't matter how hard of a worker you think you are, you're going to be judged just as much if not more for your alternative style and no schooling background and very apparent low IQ.

"My generation is the worst thing to happen in the world." Yeah let's just ignore all the wars, famine, etc that's all happened before this generation ever came along. He can't even give a good reason as to why he doesn't like feminists other than they're women. Both of them have a super unnatural hatred toward women and it astounds me. Like they act like those old hateful super conservative people from the southern US who believe a woman is only good for birthing and cleaning.

No. 357813

Those two are so delusional. Does she honestly believe that she'll be able to get a job quickly with her visible hand, neck and face tattoos in the US? I have 2 visible tattoos and i struggled. Also shes done nothing for 10 years, that's good for the resimae. And he may be white but he's not from the US, he'll struggle more than he thinks he will.

No. 357814

Logan - Your Mom jokes went out about 10 years ago..

No. 357816

She looks completely vile. Imagine trying to hire her for a job…i would be fucking horrified as soon as she walked in. Her face would really improve business kek

No. 357838

lol right? He thinks he's safe just because he's white, fucking idiot. He just hates women and feminism because Raven does, he just puppets her and her every thought, it's quite sad he has no opinions of his own and hasn't matured past his teens. No wonder he doesn't leave.

No. 357842

>He is the same "edgy" persona, in the same breathe he says he hates stupid ppl (which are feminists to him since why not)
Wait. They actually call themselves anti-feminists? (sorry I try to avoid these threads bc it's depressing to think about the shit she does to Dorian & Logan) Lmao. It's another group of people she lumps herself in with who would absolutely despise her. (I'm not grouping Logan in with this because he only parrots what she says) She's the total embodiment of how MGTOW sees women. And on top of that, her relationship with Logan shows a huge double standard because we all know that if she were a man and Logan was a girl, she'd be in jail right now.

This. It's especially obvious that he's only parroting Raven when it comes to feminism because being an anti feminist/sjw is a trendy thing online and he's even said that he rarely uses the internet. Tbh I think if he did discover MGTOW, he would most likely dump Raven.

No. 357843

He's like Taylor in that he's mentally stuck at the age his groomer got their claws into them. That's why he sounds so dumb: he's been stunted at the age of 16, just like Taylor is still mentally 17, now and forever.

No. 357848

"I think Raven is quite clever…. and intelligent…" so eloquent, Logan.

No. 357851

Their views on women, abortions, etc just baffles me. "Men make more money than women, get over it, its the real world"…..So if I do the same shitty job as you, with the same hours and all, I shouldn't get paid the same amount solely because I'm a woman? And his views on Trump are laughable. He has absolutely NO idea what is going on over there. Most people who have abortions aren't sluts getting pregnant all the time as they like to think. And the countries Trump has banned from coming here aren't because they're taking jobs from the US. There's American people stuck in those countries who couldn't come home while they were working there and vice versa. I really hope when they get to the US, the get a fucking HUGE wake up call and realize how much they fucked up leaving NZ and can't go back because they can't afford it. But then again, they can't even fucking save any money now to leave NZ yet they plan to move somewhere between 18-24 months.

No. 357852

Their extremely sexist views on women disgust me. I think raven just likes to go along with the anti feminist thing because she thinks that appeals to men, as though she is on their side. After all we know this MARRIED woman loves attention from other men….

She also seems to think the US hasn't changed in the 10 years she's been gone. If they do move we'll no doubt be treated with hundreds of whiny videos about how America has changed, everyone's rude to them, no one will give them a job, etc. It will just be all her complaints about NZ carried over. She's also going to balloon in size even more when she gets her fat fingers on all the American food lol!

No. 357853

Yeah she's going to blow up and we know it. All she's going to eat is cheap processed American cheese and snacks and crap. But this is also the same person who thought by having the surgery and not exercising that she'd be skin and bones.

If she wants to be conservative, that's all fine and dandy, no one would really care. What bothers us about her trying to be all prude is she does the exact thing she claims to hate. All those pictures of her with her tits hanging out (as Logan said, he doesn't think breastfeeding in public should be allowed because he doesn't want to see sluts tits) and in super low cut dresses, skirts and dressed that are super short, wearing bikinis when there's no need to wear them. Like I don't understand the hypocrisy in all this. She can claim it's all for weight loss progress all she wants but even a moron would know that's not what she's doing it for. If you hate nudity and sluts that much, then don't do the same. If you do, like she does, then don't complain about it. And there's honestly no room for them to complain. People can dress how they want. I mean they always look like greasy bad mall goths.

No. 357903

According to someone who used to know her, Raven has had 4 abortions in the past because she herself was a slut who kept sleeping around and getting pregnant. It's very likely the reason she can't conceive, that and her age… and her weight… She's only anti abortion because she's jealous she can't have kids and Logan just agrees with whatever she says

No. 357918

Logan said he wants kids. How is that going to happen with her?? He'll get a little older and realise how fucked his future is with her

No. 357929

Not true, we should stick to facts here. She was willing to get pregnant young, abs every husband she had she was trying on and off to get pregnant. She messed up through miscarriages that destroyed the ovaries.

Best thing to happen.

No. 358036

-complains about shitty service
-gets money vouchers
-decides to use them when Logan lost his job and they didn't have money
-goes in to use all of them, tells her she can only use 1 at a time
-complains more, gets a full refunded meal to eat on for 3 days.

I can't wait until she goes to the US and blows up. That and realize that the quality of fast food in the US is pretty shit but then again, that's what she loves, processed crap.

No. 358051

Why is she still eating that kind of shit? Does she think the weight loss surgery will stop her ever putting weight back on? And her badly done piercings annoy the fuck outta me.

No. 358064

"different area, different colors….different insect!"

-"cunt of a q&a" video

No. 358068

Convenient isn't it how her agoraphobia is fine when she's out binging on fast food or taking slutty photos outdoors?

No. 358089

Very true!!

No. 358102

that's how I found her too

No. 359221

"The fast food industry in NZ is really lacking…."

and this is bad because…?

No. 359222

"she looked down on me like I was some piece of fucking grubby welfare shit"

Well Raven baby, you are not that. You are much worse.
I love how she talks shit about poor people like that and then wonders and gets pissed about the fucking cashier treating her like shit. Raven you cunt.

No. 359224

Raven probably had an attitude on her like she always does.

No. 360039

She must have such a sad pathetic life if she has to post pictures of herself on a "skinny day"

No. 360094

File: 1489622710969.jpg (86.92 KB, 720x960, za2Iedg.jpg)

Wtf has happened to him?

No. 360106

He has clearly given up on life. He looks completely defeated already…

No. 360109

He used to be somewhat attractive. Being with Raven really does take a toll on you.

No. 360124

This is sad. I'm sure his whole goth thing in high school was just a phase like a lot of teenagers at that age. Does he even want to dye his hair black or keep up a goff appearance anymore? I wonder how much of it is his own doing or Raven persuading him to do those things.

No. 360126

Also maybe this is just me being nitpicky, but his presentation, that slouch, and that bowl with food sloshed over the sides make him look like a slob. How the fuck was he eating that food (what is it anyway)? Was it so overflowing that shit just flowed off the side?

No. 360187

I cabt help but pity him. He looks like a bloated corpse. Just like Raven.

No. 360229

That my friends, is a defeated man right there

No. 360253

He looks like a sad bloated version of Sonny Moore

No. 360256

File: 1489661824964.jpg (93.74 KB, 760x960, oh.jpg)

Boy has she really fucked up her hair. At this rate she's going to end up giving herself bald patches if she doesn't already have them.

He's said in his q&a video (and other videos) that with him "growing up" and getting jobs and such he doesn't dress goth anymore and that he's moved onto more plain alternative. Raven of course doesn't like it and forces him to dress up goth whenever he can, like the light festival they went to.

So pretty much when he was in From First To Last before becoming Skrillex?

No. 360258

>that nasty-ass bowl of mystery food
>that defeatedlook
>fried unwashed hair
>normal family in the background

This is all around sad.

No. 360259

Someone asked in the comments why is it messy like that and Raven said "The server was seriously sloppy and just splattered the food in the bowl"

I highly doubt that lol.

No. 360284

He doesn't really look goth to me, just alternative, but no doubt it is all of Raven's influence because being the shallow cow she is it was only his look she fell in love with and she doesn't like that he "can't be bothered" with it anymore. I think she'd dump him for the next alternative guy that stares at her twice.

I can see rice but other than that I have no idea what he's eating and why it's so messy, he probably just dunked the spoon in it and it went everywhere lol.

No. 360312

I think it's curry.

No. 360443

Poor bastard, holy shit.
Looking at that bowl like "God I wish that were me"
wew lad someone save him

No. 360481

He just looks worse and worse. Poor kid, to fall under the influence of such a toxic slag at such a young age. Raven just destroys everything she touches, doesn't she?

No. 360532

There are so many parallels between her and Onision, even regarding their spouses.

It's just that Rugburn doesn't have the same amount of followers as Grease does who would willingly throw themselves off a cliff for him.

No. 360597

What's with all the restaurant dining lately? Aren't they supposed to be saving to move stateside?

No. 360874

she always says that $10 here or $20 there for eating out wont make a difference. but if yu really were determined to move countires youd save every penny. more proof logan doesnt want to go

No. 360875

Not only that, but she states soo many time that they are STARVING etc like why the fuck do you go to a restorant then? Just fucking stock up on potatoe and rice or something and don't STARVE.
I mean they both buy stupid clothes online and get tattoos so… so much for saving or not having any money.

No. 360892

New video about a hair rant. Complaining that people hate on box dyes, but I don't think she gets what is a box dye? Box dye is the stuff with bleach and dye together, and hair stylists hate it because they want to know the chemicals they use to get your hair how it is, because you know chemical reactions.

Also the subtle not mentioning that the bleach was given to her my Emily.

No. 360895

lol they're both a looong way off from starving

No. 360896

This. I've never understood it. I used to know someone who claimed to be so poor and always starving, but he and his family would always go out to eat at restaurants. How hard is it to stock up on basics and cook for yourself for a change? But then again look at the shit she cooks at home….

No. 360899

I agree(different anon), you can budget that money and stretch it out rather than blowing it on one shit meal. Like 20$ isn't much to get a lot of groceries, but they could at least buy canned foods/ramen/frozen depending on where you go.

I would say canned veggies and fruit over potatoes, but we all know Raven will not eat anything unless it's unhealthy as fuck.

No. 360903

Are you me? I knew someone who'd complain their family was so broke they couldn't afford groceries or even sodas but then they'd order Asian food from one of those online grocery stores they ship overnight.

Anyone that says/does that is just trying to get sympathy. Poor Logan though, he just looks like he longs for death constantly. I'm glad Raven never had kids with him or she'd leave him just to bleed him dry for support money.

No. 360932

lol! He wasn't the only one I knew that was like that either.

Yeh I can't believe she tried to have kids with him when he was still a kid himself….

No. 360934

What Raven doesn't tell you is that fresh produce in NZ is very affordable. She could quite easily buy a week's worth of fresh veg and meat for around $50-$70 that would feed 2 people comfortably. She just has too much shit in her shopping trolley like fizzy drink and novelty items instead of real food.

Dining out isn't cheap. That $50-$70 is probably a night out for 2 at a standard restaurant/cafe. Her priorities are all fucked up and orientated towards her needing constant treats and rewards to deal with her shitty life.

No. 360984

I don't think she's ever touched a vegetable, besides Logan. She won't eat anything unless it's unhealthy… at least with home cooking you control exactly what and how much goes into it. They're both going to continue piling on the weight with her dining out obsession.

No. 361033

File: 1489868854335.jpg (42.11 KB, 485x408, BU1JmOm.jpg)

Can you imagine anyone hiring this in America?

No. 361034

Poor animal escaped the zoo and was shot in the face with buckshot by racist redneck DRUMPF supporters. SAD! Many such cases.

No. 361038

Those kat von D star tattoos tho. Does this woman have an original bone in her fat body?

No. 361075

>I don't think she's ever touched a vegetable, besides Logan.

A most accurate assessment!

No. 361166

Look, I understand, appreciate and admire gothic/alternative beauty, but this ain't it. Raven is just sloppy and filthy looking.

No. 361176

As a licensed pro here, we hate box dyes, not just lightener but normal color too, because a lot of them contain metals and if you don't tell us that you used a box color and we go to lighten your hair, it will literally begin melting within a few minutes. The colors and developers we use in a salon is very different and carefully measured out to form a custom combination for your hair type, with box dyes you have just one random measurement that won't work for everyone's hair and fillers that just fuck you up. Her hair is fried as fuck. And the more she keeps lightening it with box color on it, the worse it's going to get.

No. 361247

the combination of the ridiculous eyeshadow all smeared beneath her eyes and the faded, badly done tattoos are what make her look like a filthy bitch. like, why would you intentionally give yourself dark circles? lulz. it ages her a good 10 years or so too

No. 361263

There's so much shit wrong with this picture I don't even know where to fucking start honestly lmfao.

No. 361455

no amount of weight loss and blue hair dye will make you pretty raven! accept it

No. 361464

it's kind of sad that at her 40 years of age she still isn't comfortable with herself. it's why she hates on other women and calls them whores if they are more attractive than her

No. 361470

exactly. plus she claims to not hate on anyone with out them starting shit first yet in a recent video she slammed model dani divine for no reason. calling her a whore! raven wished she looked like her

No. 361482

yeh i saw that, said something along the lines of "I hate her! I don't know why but whenever I see her face I just hate her!" - we all know why, Raven. you're bitter that you don't look like and won't ever look like her.

No. 361534

didnt she say she wanted to throw acid in dani's face? and she dam well wonders why people hate her!

No. 361556

omg she said that? Such a jealous bitch. Disgusting

No. 361604

It's in her cunt of a Q&A video

No. 361701

So she's already gotten rid of all the kittens and the mentally challenged adult cat she had and is only keeping the one that had the kittens. I'm willing to bet she's going to end up giving that one away too because she's not going to be assed with all the paperwork and costs of trying to get the cat to the US.

No. 361715

File: 1490089454112.png (254.31 KB, 498x505, Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 09.4…)

Imagine if Logan replied any thing like that! She'd so even crazier!

No. 361737

Why are you so married? As opposed to a little married…

Was she the one who liked his comment? And isn't that the very thing she's trying to keep Logan away from, "whores" who want to steal him away!?

No. 361770


In case she's ever moving to the US. Which we know she won't.

No. 361808

Trying to get attention by using BF's name… and her hair is so fried!!

No. 361825

Lol she wishes she looked like black Friday.

No. 361828

We all know she'd be calling BlackFriday a whore if she wasn't so well known and popular.

No. 362017

The jealousy is real in this one. Id respect her so much more if she just made a video admitting that thats the reason she hates on other women. Its obvious to EVERY ONE but her and her retarded hubby (who secrety watches porn, confirming he's starting to break away from her clutches)

No. 362068

File: 1490193520983.jpg (41.26 KB, 805x190, rhmNOR8.jpg)

Spotted this comment on the video. Ironic as Raven would be exactly the same calling anyone thinner than her a slut or whore!

No. 362076

Eventually she's going to end up melting her hair the more she lightens it. She had no reason to rant about that stylist. She said she had been going to the same woman to get her hair done, 100% positive that the stylist told her multiple times to not color/lighten her own hair because she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing, Raven does her hair herself because she's an idiot, goes back to stylist and wants it fixed. Most stylists would tell her no, not only because she did it herself and was probably told not to do it but because it's more of a risk and hassle than it would be to do it and take her money. If her hair was that fucked to begin with, I'm not going to try to fix what you continuously keep fucking up for your hair to fall out if I do it from your stupidness and then you in turn try to say I fucked up your hair.

In the time the stylist would have done her hair, she could have done multiple cuts and made the same amount of money, if not more. I doubt Raven tips. So turning her down is not unheard of at all. And she has no room to bitch about lightening the hair when the stylist does it, you can't go from dark/multiple colors to instant platinum blonde because gasp it fucking damages your hair to shit and back. Gotta do it in steps. But Raven doesn't know all of this and doesn't care to know. She just wants to bitch about something/somebody. She even tries to use the "I don't know these things" excuse.

No. 362388

>>She had no reason to rant about that stylist. She said she had been going to the same woman to get her hair done, 100% positive that the stylist told her multiple times to not color/lighten her own hair because she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing.

The "stylist" probably doesn't exist, it's someone/something/imaginary to lay the blame on for her corroded hair. The "stylist" is most likely someone for her to lay her hateful ass apon on at any given time.

No. 362466

Also she claims to have agoraphobia so how is she able to get out of the house to see a stylist? Oh wait it's conveniently fine when she pigs out on fast food or takes slutty photos outdoors…

No. 362616

First part of the Black froday video - 'I wasn't offended' second half 'it's kinda fucked up to be compared to someone else'

What a hypocrite

No. 362698

is that black friday video a rare glimpse of self awareness from our supernatural, ebony goddess?

No. 362699


No. 362783

"with his little girlfriend"

belittling their relationship, noted.

No. 362856

she's jealous probably

No. 363644

someone posted this guy earlier in the thread and I've been keeping tabs on him.
jfc i have no idea what is going on, but i had a little laugh.

No. 363697

yea I've been waiting for him to upload the Raven videos, that one was a bit all over the place lol

No. 363705

I did laugh at, "I picked Logan up from school".

No. 363732

As lulzy as he is himself, I do find that his mockery was pretty spot on.

No. 363745

and "that's a baby wipe I use to wipe Logan's ass" XD

No. 364629

"Logan's real clever 'cause he listens in class…
apart from when they told him to stay away from older strangers"

fucking kek

No. 365783

shut the fuck up with your sperging bullshit

No. 366141

How long until Raven calls Emily a whore for her latest video?

No. 366345

was thinking the same lmao

No. 366388

Not a video bashing titty tattoos yet. They are still going to the US. Just filling out paperwork but Dorian is staying in NZ and has already moved out. Still ordering shit with being broke. Confirmed that they only have Marmalade left and they may or may not bring her (probably not). And STILL complaining about the prices of stuff there by showing an on sale 2 kilo bag of cat food for $48.

No. 366413

Can't wait until she moves back and she bitches about 'everything being different' 'nothing's the same it all sucks. She will never be happy no matter where she is.

No. 366431

I'm so fucking glad Dorian moved out. She probably despises him for not putting up with 100% of her bullshit all the time. He's gonna move in with a roommate and make well adjusted friends who will tell him that his mom is a selfish crazy ephebophile and that will be that.

Now we just have to hope Logan sees the light sometime soon too. I kind of hope he bails on her when he realizes her going to the US is a real thing she wants to happen and not just a whiny pissbaby fantasy like before. Or maybe he'll go with her cause he's thinking "fuck it, how can it get any worse? Maybe the US will be fun".

No. 366785

The only person I feel bad for in this sorry, fucked up drama is Dorian. He had no choice but to grow up with her, under her deranged influence. At least he is off trying to do his own thing now.

Raven and Logan are a perfect match. I don't feel bad for him at all. He has his mother/family he can go to but he chooses to stay with Raven. Logan is an uneducated, ignorant deadbeat and is happy to continue that way. He could enrol in night classes or tertiary school but doesn't.

Raven is equally intellectually stunted and is stuck in this teenage mindset of consumerism. Look at all the crap she continues to buy even though they can't afford it. She calls out other women for being sluts yet posts sexually suggestive photos on Instagram constantly.

Seriously, fuck these two. ( Sage for sperg.)

No. 366964

Yeah, and even Raven said Logan is racist and sexist (which I believe because when she was talking about falling in love with him she posted pictures of him and he was doing the nazi salute). I mean that speaks a lot about Raven falling in loving him and knowing these things about him, but he's pretty awful himself.
They always complain he gets fired from his dead end jobs because someone at work is a hater or trying to sabotage him, but I doubt it. He's content to live in that rat hole and do absolutely nothing with his life.

No. 367201

so, when she says she is going to have a "normal" life, does that mean she is actually going to work? tbh she could get a job at burger king. their food destroys buttholes, so her piercings i am sure won't be an issue.

No. 367221

Dorian's situation kinda reminds me of Venus. They both had to grow up with a sperging, attention-seeking womanchild who can't adult to save her life, let alone that of her child. Raven and maggot both moved far away from their place of origin with this totally inane idea that people would understand their special kind of crazy better elsewhere, and both failed miserably.

No. 367526

So she has a new update video.

Again complains about staving yada yada but also says she pays 20$ a week for a 3000$ laptop which is (quoting) "nothing. Less than gas money"
So which one is it honey boo boo? You starving and have barely any money or nah?

No. 367528

Again talking about her son in a negative light. Raven, your son is all on you. You didn't give him this amazing life and love that you get to complain how no matter what you gave him it was never enough to makd him a good person. You made him think being dead beat broke and without a job always is okay. That's all on you. Marrying his underage friend etc. Fucking getting scammed by online strangers, buying them tickers to come see you and doing tattoos for them in your 30s all while your son is "starving". It does a great deal on you as a child. Among a million other things she did and another million we probably don't even know about.

Her friends told her "He is just a lazy piece of shit and you should just forget about him"
Um I wonder where he gets it from?? Jesus.

No. 367547

File: 1491817796280.jpeg (106.06 KB, 640x732, image.jpeg)

She's leaving bad reviews because others have left bad reviews despite not even going there.

No. 367556

From the way she talks she proved she hasn't changed at all. The whole I looked back and tried to be a better person thing was just her faking change. Poor guy. I do hope she posts her rant about him, but it sounds like she believes he talked shit about her online. Which she does to him.

No. 367563

Lmao what the fuck

No. 367583

Wait – she posted feedback on a place she hasn't been????

No. 367610

yup, takes retarded to a whole new level

No. 367711

Yes, this next video explaining about why she has kicked Dorian out is going to be interesting. She said in the update video that he is responsible for all the Lolcow drama and bullying she received from people in NZ.

Dorian has probably done the same thing as Venus: realised his mother is full of shit and jumped ship.

Thinking back to when the drama started being reported to sites like KF makes me think Dorian was looking to jump ship back then. Maybe he went looking for an adult to help him, told them about his fucked up home life and that's what started the hating on Raven. Where was Dorian when she was off doing sex work?

No. 367721

I hope she does post that video. I wonder what kind of things will she blame him for.
I mean cmon I don't care how many times she said he doesn't care - your mom fell in love with your underage best friend and they got married. No wonder he's also a cluster fuck. Hope he gets his life together since he's not around her anymore.

No. 367754

Is that bitch really bullying a 16 year old for not wanted to move to America with her? she claims she doesn't start shit with people who don't do anything to her first but all she's said is that the girl giggled when she spoke to her. SHES 16! Probably shy and meeting the parents for the first time is nerve racking. How is raven so deluded?

No. 367796

Just watched both videos and yes, she says she hates on the girlfriend and Dorians friends for lying and shit talking her. She talks about how they all send her threats of physical violence but she can't beat their arses because she is the adult in the situation.

No. 367850

Because she disrespected Raven by not knocking on the front door and having an annoying voice, apparently.

No. 367854

"If you were a normal 22 yo dating a 16 yo then I'd question it but you're not, you're like me I don't look 40."……what kind of shit is that. If you don't look old then you're not a pedo. Got some Onion logic going on.

No. 367858

Again with this "I don't look 40" bullshit. Get a clue Raven: The people who tell you this are just blowing sunshine up your ass. You do, indeed, look 40. At least.

No. 367870

The screenshot video is gold. I can't believe she wants to say she is a good mother while going through his personal messages and posting them online while she mocks him to the world. All over him not wanting to move.

I hope he is gone for good. He will never be allowed to grow up around raven. His best chance is to take ownership of his own life and figure it out. I do wonder if he is depressed if he is sleeping at odd hours, doesn't want to do much besides gaming sometimes and isn't motivated to get into school/work. She calls it lazy but it sounds like something deeper. I hope he gets help from his other family if this is the case.

No. 367871

Has she's deleted the screen shot vid?

No. 367878

No. 367879

It's still up for me. I haven't watched it. An hour of her ranting over Dorian's screenshots? No thanks. I watched the first 20 seconds and she totally took what he said in the first one as a joke out of context.

No. 367921

Simple - jealousy. The girlfriend is female, treats Dorian better and in Raven's eyes she's taking him away from her.

No. 367925

Basically this and the fact that she's just an average self-hating misogynist. She sees all women as competition and she tries to play it off with how better and different she is to them all… she's harbouring a shitton of deep insecurities and taking it out on others because she's a nasty little shit.

No. 367942

wtf she is seriously mentally ill if she really thinks the way she acts is normal. no parent in their right mind would say such awful things about their kid especially to an audience.
fucking monster

No. 367944

File: 1491927112815.png (216.34 KB, 602x374, crazy.PNG)

this is what she wrote to dorians girlfriend

No. 367955

I'm sort of conflicted. Obviously a lot of Dorian's problems stem from how he was raised. She keeps saying that she tried to give home a normal life and a loving family, but in some of her past videos she's mentioned being on the verge of homelessness, having nothing to eat, having his birthday money stolen by her shitty roommates, and his father abandoning him. All of that is enough to fuck up a kid, but on top of that he has Raven as a mother.
On the other hand, if his problems can be excused because of shitty parenting, Raven could also be excused for a lot as well. It just seems like a cycle that creates the same kind of person. Both of them refuse to work, refuse to go to school, and have shitty relationships

No. 367975

this is something I've been thinking about a lot lately. When does a child's problems stop becoming the fault of their parents, and become their fault? Idk

Also, this just seems like magnified empty nest syndrome. I assume most mothers experience crazy emotions over their children moving on to the next chapter in their life. Just with some Raven flair.

Best of luck to Dorian. Hi gf seems sweet.

No. 367982

She mentions Dorian's dad and her parents tried to take him to raise and she refused because she was his mother and he was going to stay with her. So who knows what the actual story is,

I think Empty Nest explains a lot. She feels abandoned and betrayed by Dorian wanting the other family over her. Its easier to blame Dorian for being an arsehole than it is for her to acknowledge she fucked up.

She is very contradictory in what she says. Like if he is so bad then why freak out over him leaving? No wonder Dorian wants another family, one without a BPD mother and child bride stepfather acting like lunatics.

No. 368004

One minute she mentions that Dorian is actually older than Logan, and the next she is calling him a pedophile? Get a clue, lady

No. 368005

It's an interesting glimpse into her psyche that she got along with her son's boyfriend, but has not and probably never will get along with any of his girlfriends

No. 368017

I've only watched the first but I was in shock the entire time. I can't believe she reviews these videos and decides to put them online. She sounds insane and retarded. She expects this 16 year old girl to feel comfortable around her and Logan and can't imagine why she'd be reserved and not talkative and of course finds a way to blame it on the girl being rude…I can only imagine what it would be like as a 16 year old meeting my bfs parents and seeing an old fat mall goth married to someone near my own age…Of course she doesn't know how to respond to that. And then she mocks the poor girl for her voice and calls her annoying..But she should totally respect you as his parent right? I'm sure she could pick up on how much of a judgy bitch you are if that's how you really feel about her Raven. Also you aren't exactly why about how opinionated and bitchy you are and how much you hate women online, which could also play a part in her not feeling comfortable around you. This woman continually expects children to behave like adults because she's an adult that wishes she were a child. She's telling this child who he just started dating that she can move in with him at her house and she should move to another country with them..Of course she wouldn't want to. Shes a fucking kid. She needs her mother. I feel so bad for the girl. Raven's a fucking bully.

No. 368046

I never saw the videos because I can't stand her whiny voice bitching about things not to mention her ugly face but did she really say Dorian's girlfriend should move with them to America!? Say whaaaaat. Isn't she getting her wish anyway, she is constantly moaning about him and now he's finally taking charge of his life she's pissy about that too? You can't win with that bitch can you

No. 368055

Yes, she basically said Dorian should be saving up to prepare to move to the US with them right now and 2 years down the line if they're still together she could easily come with because she is American. And they will let her live with them to see how she feels and she can live with them once they move etc…I'm sure she probably thinks she's being so generous but their house is probably not very appealing. The little girl even basically told her (when Raven forced a one on one on her) that she was intimidated by her because she's always yelling when she's at their house. Apparently when Raven told her that Dorian was planning on moving with them the little girl even got upset and started crying. But Raven only cares about herself and that Dorian might choose the girl over her. Then I guess she leaked screenshots of their private conversation but I was too late to catch that part.

No. 368075

This family is so severely dysfunctional that I'm surprised nothing more serious has actually happened. I wouldn't be surprised if Raven eventually gets arrested or falls into trouble with debt collectors, seeing as she keeps borrowing money and her son apparently has unpaid debts. Or she picks a fight with the wrong person and actually gets her ass kicked.

No. 368079

If I was Dorian, I would disown her. Releasing his private texts is awful. That would be the last straw for me. I actually sat through all 3 videos about her son, and it's unbelievable that she actually thinks she is in the right about the whole situation. Yeah, the girl said she wanted to beat her up, but that was later down the track! All her (the gf) texts in the beginning seemed nice, like she was trying to be nice to Raven without offending her. She was a bitch from the beginning, nitpicking at the girl's voice. She also called her a skinny nerdy little bitch which makes me think she is jealous of how slim the gf is.This woman is almost as bad as onion with her selfish mentality. She is so negative! Also, she seems hellbent on Logan and Dorian working, but won't do anything to support herself. Hypocritical bitch. She never has anything nice to say!

No. 368139

Dorian's GF is the antithesis of Raven: sweet, cute, quiet, a "feminist".

Raven believes she deserves respect simply because she's older, not for any other reason. And to her, respect means doing whatever she says and taking care of her physically/emotionally and financially.

She should consider that her shenanigans are going to be ill received by any other parent. She might get herself into some serious trouble - but maybe that's what she needs in order to understand that yes, Raven, you do yell and are scary. And no, you cannot threaten minors. Maybe if she works to correct this behavior, Dorian will forgive her.

No. 368230

holy crap. this woman is fucking insane, she needs a shit ton of therapy. or a lobotomy. People only insult someones physical appearance when they have no proper argument left

No. 368234


If someone like Dorian is to break the cycle, he has to hold himself responsible as soon as he is out and in control or his own life. Not that he wont fuck up sometimes for a while, but he can't write off every mistake because of his upbringing, or otherwise he'll never do better. He should use her move to the states to cut contact and restart adulthood without her influence.

No. 368240

I agree, I think he might feel a bit lost, but the second he gets a job, he'll be okay, out of her clutches. Like you said, a chance to start over without her around controlling everything. I don't blame him for bringing up his upbringing as an excuse though, I remember in one of her videos 20 things in my room, Logan and Dorian are in the room, she keeps saying how sexy Logan is and talks about giving him 'birthday head' all the whileDorian is right there. I think the boy has been mind fucked by Raven and probably learned bad habits from her codependency. Man if I lived in New Zealand I would even offer to take Dorian in. That is how much I feel sorry for him.

No. 368242

Wait where did you guys find those screenshots? She only has 2 videos up and I don't see screenshots in either.

No. 368244

"he is MINE. they have no right to keep him from me!!"

Jesus Raven, you do know you can't OWN a person?

No. 368246

Her son and her boyfriend are just objects to her.

No. 368248

She deleted it. I just checked her channel. Basically she got into Dorian's Facebook and uploaded a lot of the stuff that Dorian and his gf were talking about. There was a pregnancy scare and a couple of things about her. She pretty much asked Dorian to tell his mum to stop contacting her about America because she doesn't want to move and just spoke about how scared she was of Raven. Raven messaging his gf made him annoyed because raven did it behind his back. A few texts later, she says stuff like I wanna stab ur mom but it's only after Raven started being a bitch to her. I'm glad she deleted it tbh, sharing your sons private messages is horrendous. She also tried to slutshame the gf because she released their sexts, and the gf said she wanted him to 'come on her face because no ones ever done that' she goes on to say she's a 'nerdy skinny little bitch not even capable of being a slut' Any adult that reads the gf's texts can see that she is simply trying to act older towards Dorian (probably because she's only 16) and probably trying to impress him, but to Raven she's a little slut who doesn't even look like a slut. I'm okay then.

No. 368250

jfc. I never say this about a person but she disgusts me so much i wish she'd just drop dead.

No. 368252

I agree. She is probably the most selfish, self absorbed, creepiest person I've ever seen on here. She gets rid of her animals nilly willy. She was dating and now married to a 16 year old, and CANNOT FATHOM why everyone hates her for marrying a child. She genuinely can't see past her own opinions, she's extremely negative. Every video I've seen with her and Logan, she tells him off for something or barks at him to do something. She is a waste of space and the world would be better without her. I agree anon, and I never wish death on anyone. This woman is a mean old bitch. I hope Dorian cuts her out of his life, and I hope Logan moves on and gets a divorce.

No. 368271

The thing that pisses me off about Raven the most is that she continually puts herself before her child and always has, while she selfishly kept him from other people who were FIGHTING to get him from her which obviously says they were more than willing to make sacrifices to raise a child who, in her parents case, for example was not even their responsibility.

Everything about her is self indulgent. You don't even have to do much more than look at her and her lifestyle to see that. After a few mins of listening to her speak it only gets worse. I can understand that it takes all kinds, you shouldn't have to conform and expressing yourself through fashion and style is fine but she is a GROWN WOMAN who dresses like a teenager trying to figure themselves out. She didn't just become that way over night. I can only conclude that she's been this way for a long time if not forever, which means I'm sure there have been so many times in dorians life as a child that she chose herself over him. Even just the fact that she's actively chosen to make herself extremely unemployable looking for so long when she knew she had someone depending on her. When you have a child to provide for it's selfish as fuck to CHOOSE to look the way you do and knowingly limit yourself as far as job opportunities. You are basically choosing to be a ~goff queen~ over your own child. That should have been left behind and she should have sucked it up and started acting like an adult for his sake, just like most good parents would do. I wouldn't hate her so much if she didn't have Dorian to worry about while she dragged him through all her bullshit drama etc.

No. 368278


It's not even like she couldn't be a spooky edgelord and still look appropriate for work.
She could have plain black hair and if she wants unnatural colours that badly she could buy brightly coloured wigs for outside of work. She could take her piercings out when she's working and if she insists on the shitty 12 year old emo makeup she could at least wear toned down makeup at work and keep the panda eye shit for after hours. It's what pretty much every other goth that isn't a giant child does.

But she's already got jobkiller tattoos all over her face so I guess she screwed herself over there.

She sits around and complains about how poor they are while also bitching at Logan for working too much, bitching at Dorian for not having a job, and constantly buying shitty children's toys she doesn't need, all the while doing everything in her power to not have to get off her ass and work for herself.

Also, Raven, not to play therapist but you are abusive. It's pretty much impossible to have untreated BPD and not be abusive.

No. 368284

lmao! bitch is going to get a reality check and then we'll be treated with videos about how the US has changed. If they do actually make the move they're going to regret it big time

No. 368286

It's so much harder to get into places like the US and UK these days in comparison to over a decade ago, this is all going to backfire on her… especially since she has no references of work experience for the longest time.

No. 368291

Same. I usually am the type of person who tries to see the best in others and tries to understand their perspectives on things, but I can't find anything positive about her or anything to blame her behavior on but herself.

No. 368321

Have they talked about how Logan will be able to work in the US at all? She's referred to a 'sponsor' for him, is that someone who will be helping him get a work visa? Sorry I'm not as familiar with requirements for working abroad, IV only ever had a job in my home country

No. 368366

When you move to most countries without having citizenship to that country, you have to be able to provide proof that you'll be making enough money there (if you've transferred for jobs for example) to be able to say "hey I can live here and be a productive member of society and can afford a house and groceries and pay taxes". If you can't, say someone moves to a country to be with their bf/gf, then the person you're going to be living with will be the "sponsor" and they'll have to provide proof saying that they can take care of you while also providing for them and they'll be pretty much your guardian in a way. This all happens when you fill out the paperwork to get a green card. So the person who is your sponsor has to send in official documents on how much they make from their job. If they don't meet the required amount then you can be denied a green card and living there and do the process all over again plus the fees in turning in the paperwork. You also get your work visa when you get your green card, it's like a 2in1.

No. 368367

In the q&a video he did he just said something to the effect of "It shouldn't be problem as I'm not mexican or muslim and I'm a hard worker" yeeeeeeeeeah, no.

No. 368368

He did say that. If he does get a job, I imagine it being one of those getting paid under the table types.

No. 368393

What kind of job could he get though? He has no skills and has only worked as a labourer. Minimum wage in NZ is much higher than in the US and I imagine cash in hand jobs wouldn't be paid at the correct govt rate. Does Logan realise that he will be paid much less in the US for doing the same shitty job?

Raven had Dorian when she was 17 and it's like her personality ceased at that point. The way she acts and picks fights with teenagers and thought it was ok to date a 16 year old shows how stunted she is. There was episodes going back where she threatened some kid who stole clothes from them (looking back Dorian maybe just gave them the pants?) and that poor girl she invited to live with her then turfed her out on her arse when Raven felt disrespected.

It's a constant episode of high school drama starring Raven, who can do no wrong because everyone else is the problem and she is just sitting there minding her own business.

No. 368414

I don't see how she is going to do that. She has zero dependable income, she's a goff welfare queen, and who else in their right mind would sponsor the childgroom of a deranged madwoman?

And about her looks: she looks extremely unfortunate even without all the cut-out whore gear, the dirty tattoos, and the messed up hair. She's bloated and flabby, and and even if she was not completely insane she'd still never be beautiful. She could have been passable, normal, average, but she's just too bugfuck insane to even consider that an option. With all the stuff she's done to herself, she looks scary and like someone you wouldn't just not want to hire, but also as someone you wouldn't want to go near with a ten inch pole.

Yep. For her wel fare abusing fat ass, the NZ system is way kinder than Texas. Kiwis will be happy to be rid of her I guess. Raven's personality didn't stop developing when she was 17, it must have been somewhere around 12 or 13.

No. 368415

Most under the table jobs are something like $100+ a day for little work. But if caught doing that, you'll end up in a shit ton of trouble, especially the IRS.

If he manages to get a working visa then he could use the construction type stuff and apply for those but it's very slim that he'll find someone willing to take him in. That's going to be the main issue. Finding a place willing to take him in under a visa. It's not impossible but with his lack of education and the way he presents himself, it's not going to be easy. The min where I am from is less than $8 an hour. That's not going to support him and her once they do move out from under a sponsor and he gets a citizenship. If he thinks they're starving in NZ then they're really going to be starving in the US.

No. 368423

One of her Facebook friends is going to try and be a sponsor for Logan. It's doable but only if they have the needed amount of income for it. But knowing the friends she has, I doubt they make enough to support their own family let alone Raven and Logan. She believes she can just go grab a job from WalMart as soon as they land and they'll move out of the sponsors house within a few months of getting there.

No. 368435

They're opening up their house for this trainwreck to live with them? There's going to be so much milk when soon after they regret this bitterly, and Raven will start blaming that friend for everything that ever went wrong in her life.

No. 368441

let's be honest if the situation gets really bad and they need money or food she'll probably prostitute herself out again for this sponsor friend

No. 368483

File: 1492042541324.jpg (383.27 KB, 1072x1467, Screenshot_20170413-080535.jpg)

>says she doesn't check the lolcow sites
>says these videos are the tinest glimpse into her life
>spends nearly an hour sperging over her son's private messages

Sure, Raven.

I am at work so I cant watch the lastest "Thank you" video she just put up, but this was i the description. I thought she was going to live her life and ignore the troll haters??

No. 368484

The pregnancy scare part of the texts had Raven get sooo mad. She said that if they did get an abortion she would disown him. She got mad that the gf would say that she would abort if she was preggo, and more mad at Dorian for saying yeah true to it.

It's crazy how Raven can flip from the girl was just trying too help Dorian to how she is a lazy slut depending on what text she reads out. It is like she cannot be positive, she has to either hate on the girl or her son or both over them being inexperienced.

No. 368486

She says she will delete the videos soon, and will try to talk to Dorian. Time to save them so she can't deny it.

No. 368800

File: 1492058012340.jpg (42.25 KB, 540x720, x.jpg)


She didn't look all that bad before the shitty makeup, tattoos and weight gain. She was average, like you said, but it's incredible how badly she's fucked up her appearance in the name of being edgy.

She's like if you let a 14 year old edgelord have free reign over their lives - a bunch of poorly thought-out tattoos from a shitty artist, pisses away a ton of money on Monster High shit, fried hair, I mean she legally changed her name to fucking 'Raven' for christ's sake.

No. 368813

What ethnicity is Raven? I always thought she was just a very ugly white woman due to all the goffik makeup, but she's clearly not.

No. 368822

I think she's mixed-Filipino, but I can't remember what the other half of her is.

No. 368824

Half german and half thai, she says.

No. 368853

The way she phrased it was like an ultimatum - ' I'll only take them down when he talks to me and we clear the air!' It's like emotional blackmail to get her own way. No wonder she has no real life friends and Dorian keeps moving out. Logan only hangs around because he's too stupid to notice what she does.

No. 368854

I wonder why they don't move to germany, if she's part Germany. Big Gothic culture, cash benefits and they kinda love refugees

No. 368860

Does she really seem the type to adapt to a new culture, let alone learn a new language?

No. 368863

If her current psychosis and behavoir is any indication already, I'd say no.

Not to mention her online footprints, her lack of work… She'd probably get called back if she was let through regular customs within a month.

No. 368868

was this before or after she was pregnant with Dorian? She always goes on about she used to be really skinny, but she doesn't look it to me.

No. 368869

And she's the type where it really goes to her face. There's no way around the fact that she has a fat face, her only chance at looking halfway pretty would be to lose enough weight. And also to not plaster it in white make-up, that makes her face look even larger and fatter than it already is.

No. 368871

She was only in Germany for the first few years of her life then they shipped her off to America to live with her mother. She'd have to learn the language which is a no go for her or Logan and they wouldn't be able to find a sponsor if they'd tried so they would both have to have a good paying job before moving there. Plus, her dream of 1980's America is the only thing she wants. I can't wait until she gets back and realizes that everything's changed from what she remembers. Plus she isn't even moving back to Texas so she's going to be even more in a culture shock than normal.

Somewhere around the time he was born. Either right before she got pregnant or right after birth. For her it probably was "really skinny" considering how much she blew up later on in life but it's not stick thin like she makes it out to be.

No. 369073

Holy shit, I can only make it through half of Part 2 video because her tirade against Dorian just picks up speed and irrationality as it goes along. Like onion, she condemns herself with her own words.

She tells all this private stuff about her son's relationship but wonders why he doesn't trust her enough to give her a heads up before he moves out, especially after an established pattern of freak outs every time he makes a getaway.

She complains his friends are liars when they won't snitch on his whereabouts, like they owe her more loyalty than their actual friend. It even sounds in parts like she was trying to be part of the same friendship group as her son.

She expects people to understand how their decisions affect her, no matter how irrationally, but shows no empathy for how her histrionics and emotional blackmail affects others. She can't understand that her son's teenaged girlfriend isn't doing this to "win" a contest between them and is crying because she's witnessing an emotional terrorist at work for the first time.

She blames her outbursts on bystanders on Dorian supposedly lying to her about what others were saying, but doesn't get that if she reacted to these stories like a sensible adult, she wouldn't lash out before hearing the other side for herself.

She doesn't get the difference between kids talking shit and a middle aged mentally disturbed person threatening them back. They're scared of you Raven, because you have no insight, no real moral boundaries, and you're a news bulletin waiting to happen.

I'll stop sperging out anymore. I just think if she's this delusional and won't get treatment for her BPD, she can take use it as an excuse.

No. 369075

^cant use it as an excuse

No. 369125

holy shit so the chick from myimmortal fanfiction came to life?? whoaaa damn!

No. 369150

The text message video really bothered me. She publicly displayed some really personal conversations that had nothing to do with her.

She freaks out on Dorian, then tries to buy his love with 24/hour internet etc. Then doesn't understand why, even with these things, he doesn't want to live with her.

Honestly, Dorian's behavior seems, to me, to be fairly normal for his age. Everyone's a shit head when their a young adult - his behavior may be more exaggerated than others, and I can see how some of the things he did could have hurt her very deeply, but I think that's understandable given the abuse he has experienced for most of his present lifetime. And even being exaggerated, his actions in regard to Raven are still well within the realm of normal and perfectly understandable.

Raven doesn't consider the events of his childhood to have been abusive, because she has experienced worse (she expresses this opinion in one of the new videos).

But Raven, many of the stories you have previously describe (starving, fighting, etc.) are abusive situations, as someone else pointed out. Whether or not you caused these situations, they still happened and they still affected Dorian as a young child. You should recognize the trauma Dorian may have experienced, learn about it enough to fully understand it, and then work with Dorian to heal imo.

No. 369244

>Raven doesn't consider the events of his childhood to have been abusive, because she has experienced worse

I fucking hate this kind of mentality, like it's a competition for who's had it the worst. Fuck off with that shit Raven and accept the role you played in the way he's turned out.

No. 369250

Classic narcmom behavior, competing with your own kids. Thank god she can't have any more.

No. 369260

File: 1492174434662.jpg (26.33 KB, 505x219, SHQEcnm.jpg)

Who is she referring to here? I'd say Emily but she doesn't have green hair

No. 369273

I love how she describes those people as "enemies" lmao

No. 369327


I wonder if Dorian and his gf had a baby if she would try to take it

No. 369348

"Enemies"? This isn't high school Raven. You can bet all her enemies are female too lmao

No. 369349

I will say that in all of this, no matter how insane this woman really is, I can see her feelings of being afraid to lose Dorian in her life as genuine, as well as worrying about leaving him behind in a different country. To me all of that comes across as sincere even if the way she goes about things is fucking irrational and crazy and no functional parent would make the same choices she does. I don't see it as being selfish that she wants her son near her honestly, maybe it is but it's natural to feel that way as a mother. All the other shit is inexcusable, like the attacking him and his gf and leaking his private conversations and posting their personal business online. That shit ain't normal. She does love Dorian even though she's generally a terrible mother to him.

I also hate that she gets upset that he doesn't take her advice in getting a job or any of that other stuff…If someone like her were to try and tell me what I should do in that area I'd probably ignore it as well. If she knew shit about that kinda stuff she would not be unemployed sitting on her ass all day being supported by her child groom and welfare.

No. 369491

Sure, she's upset. However, she brought it onto herself.
It's a shame that he's just going to go be a bum and a leech on someone else now.
That's how he was raised.
Raven probably didn't expect him to leave, she controls him and logan. She can't stand that he can't stand her.

No. 369517

It's very sad too that she isn't picking up on the fact that he just tells her what she wants to hear and then does whatever he wants. He finds it easier to just pacify her than be straight up with her and have to deal with the arguing and histrionics and victim playing. She really should take a step back and think of what that says about her.

She says he's constantly lying about hating her to his friends and wanting to get away and doesn't understand that he is NOT LYING when he is repeatedly saying the same things and trying to get away, but most people aren't going to say how they really feel about someone they love to their face, to save not only her feelings but to avoid the dramatics that will inevitably come with it.

Raven, he's not lying to everyone else, he's just not being straightforward with you, because you are his mother and he probably wants to salvage any kind of relationship you might have, no matter how crazy and unhealthy it is. But remember, he is willing to live oceans apart from you with no backup plan. That says a lot. Don't listen to someone's words when their actions consistently don't line up with them.

No. 369520

File: 1492267213632.jpg (47.16 KB, 675x808, people-today-jan.jpg)

Omg srsly where is that video where she drives to an equally delusional middle-age goth's house while being like 'they used to bully me and I was involved in so much goth themed drama'. I found it ages ago and I can't find it since. Is that Brenda?

pic related, she literally looked like that

No. 369529

Brenda was another friend of hers that she discussed in a video, they haven't spoken for ages. I can't find the video of the goth girl either, she looked uncomfortable being on camera and maybe they've fallen out again lulz

No. 369610


Did anyone reupload this vid?

No. 369624

Here it is

No. 369708

thanks anon,

she's actually really sweet, I wanna know someone like that

No. 369735

Here ya go:


I think it might be private.

No. 369996

that's the brenda one again. The one with the goth girl has been posted above already

No. 370182

I don't get it though, it says 'meet my friend brenda' and then it's just another video of her yamming on for 20 minutes. Who's Brenda?

No. 370184

The one with the goth friend she visits with Logan is easily her funniest video. She briefs us on the car ride there about how this is one of her only IRL friends because of some goth drama. They get there and she's filming showing her friend's apartment and room etc and just talking about random stuff and then the friend slowly moves into frame and just completely unprompted starts talking about how they make their own clothes and dolls. And then Raven kind of chuckles and goes back to talking about whatever and shows Logan sitting on the couch looking as miserable as possible. The friend seems to be some sort of retarded. But nice.

No. 370193

To me she just came across as shy and somewhat uncomfortable being filmed. Raven barked at her to say hello so she probably felt awkward and put on the spot to talk about something… the surroundings / decor being the easiest thing to discuss in that case. Logan looked bored af was pretty funny though

No. 371823

File: 1492497644519.jpeg (163.67 KB, 640x811, image.jpeg)

So she gets rid of all the cats but 1, it gets lonely, so she gets more cats. I give it 2 months before she gives these away.

I hate people like this. If you're not going to be committed to a pet for life, don't get them. You do more harm to them than good.

No. 371840

And why did she had to get TWO other cats? Jesus.

No. 371846

File: 1492502613385.gif (433.72 KB, 185x213, death.gif)


No. 371878

Does anyone remember the drama with the little dog she got? She spent money on doggie outfits and stupid shit, then after the dog pissed and shat everywhere decided she didn't want it anymore and was saying it tried to attack Logan's mother?

No. 371882

What. The. Actual. Fuck? She gave away her other cats for fucks sake! Why get more!? This woman is vile. Just wait until the "sweetest things" stop acting like that and she'll toss them out….

No. 371883

she expects everyone, including ANIMALS, to do as she says and please her. disgusting excuse for a human

No. 371913

Yeah it was a dog and a cat duo, if im not mistaken, that came from a family. She claimed it tried to attack everyone and the other animals but like those animals just got thrown out of their homes, of course they're going to act out, you have to take time with them and get them comfortable to their new families and other pets. But nope, just throw them out onto other people if they aren't the perfect behaved pet.

No. 373106

I haven't been involved in Raven drama for about 3 years now but I am so tickled that people still hate her so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 373348

Not all of us have been following her for that long, I only knew of this creature a year ago. I also take it you didn't see the video of her mocking her son, hacking into his FB and making private messages between him and his girlfriend public for the world to see? Or making her cat have kittens only to toss them all out and now gets new ones? Or forcing Logan to move with her to the US? The bitch hasn't changed a darn bit.

No. 373539

Her thread image bothers me so much. Raven, Google how to use tape to help your sagging boobs if you're going to rape everyone's eyes with this shit. It would instantly help your entire figure. Seriously just trying to give advice. I have to do it too under clothing that can't be worn with a bra, it's not hard. Just give it a try for the love of all that is holy

No. 373622


She calls the previous owners of the two new kittens "bad owners". LOL

No. 373680

I love how EVERYONE around her and in her life is bad. A bitch, an idiot, everyone is doing her wrong and everyone is stupid but her.

No. 373684

Oh wow she didn't adopt the kittens, they bought them?! Lmao "starving" my ass

No. 373686

So, saving for the move (and starving) includes:

Getting big tattoos, buying cats, looking for a "big ass house", driving around for hours to get the cats, spaying them…… Did I miss something?

No. 373687

People who buy non-purebreed cats are morons. Also, buying cats who are full of flees? Jesus. Idiot, idiot.

No. 373689

She calls them bad owners because, check this out:

They are not selling them for a better price. They are underselling them when "they could get soo much more"


No. 373729

Complains about throwing away half her stuff and soon she'll have nothing yet continues to buy random ass shit and clutter up more of her house. Yeah. And Raven, if you're moving in 2 years, and it's only you and Logan, you don't need a "massive" house.

Instead of saving the "stalker" money and putting it aside for moving or you know, groceries that you can't buy, you're getting more shitty homemade tattoos. And doing it in payments. How fucking stupid can you be?

If you did not want kittens then you shouldn't have gotten 2 new ones. Your female cat got pregnant, you went on and on about keeping most of them, and then instantly got rid of them along with the mental cat. He would have been fine going to the US had you actually really cared about taking him but you don't. It was just an excuse for you to get rid of him in that instant. And no shit the other one is going to be lonely if it's had others being around it all the time and then all of a sudden it's alone. Like this is the thing that pisses me off the most. At this rate they'll never be able to fucking move. If you can't even buy potatoes, how the hell are you going to buy 2 $800 one way plane tickets plus shipping your shit there with your now 3 cats plus medical shots and all for each one and all the other fees like Logan's green card? And you know if they deny him, you don't get that money back. I hope she is able to go to the US and gets the US version of Paris Syndrome.

No. 373920

It just doesn't make sense.

Getting rid of the kittens because of moving, but then getting other kittens?
Betting 10$ that before the move (if it even happens) she gets rid of ALL the cats with some shitty excuse.

How can someone who is claiming to be staving go and get tattoos all the time? Or BUY animals? How is none of her "fans" not calling her out on it is beyond me.

No. 374006

File: 1492832302131.jpg (51.31 KB, 1023x265, raven.JPG)

she doesn't have to save because she's going to blow her husband's state assistance instead.

No. 374061


Kiwi here, afaik you can't touch Kiwisaver until you've already lived overseas for a year. I don't see how that'll help with moving unless she leaves her crap behind for a year first

No. 374081

is that logan's money or her ex husbands?

No. 374084

She did mention they would get a storage shed and keep their stuff there for a while before taking it over to the US so it's obviously what she's going after. She's banking on that money to move and that's why she's not saving anything and repeatedly buying shit.

No. 374102

Who honestly believes she is starving? Look at the size of her pmsl

No. 374304

Imagine working in social services and having lunatics of Raven's caliber rant at you all the time because of their entitlements.

No. 374323

File: 1492923441135.jpg (120.31 KB, 432x509, Screenshot_20170423-005201_mh1…)

more clothed than most women out there…

No. 374377


Jfc spoiler that shit. My eyes are melting

No. 374428

She's just showing off her weight loss and new tattoos so that's totally fine!!!

No. 374471

No spoilers! This is just her weight loss journey this is not her being desperate for attention because her child bride stopped giving her attention a year ago!!!

No. 374481

Proper pancake tits there raven

No. 374483

Why do her knees look like midget faces?

No. 374488

pmsl is she squatting to have a shit or what? nasty tits too. pathetic woman STILL desperate for attention

No. 374503

File: 1492961946866.jpg (14.21 KB, 204x121, l2J4Lj0.jpg)

Sorry for the tiny ass pic but is it me or is she trying to copy Emily (yet again) here?

No. 374516

Isn't it funny how Emily says in a video she's planning on getting a ram skull on her stomache in the summer and them raven gets one sooner! Patiently waiting for the she copied me posts/videos

No. 374521

Didnt she say her ex husband was the one who encouraged her to post this kind of photos? Maybe they're not for Logan after all, and her ex is the one footing the bills for her shitty tatts etc

No. 374530

I know, right? She got it sooner so she can claim Emily is copying her. Lmao Raven ain't worth copying, who the fuck would want to look like that beast? The woman is obsessed with Emily.

Yea she said he was the one who kept asking to take those kind of photos of her when they were married, she's only continuing it now because she wants the attention Logan isn't giving her. I've seen her ex husband still commenting on her pictures saying she's perfect, beautiful etc… very strange. Why doesn't she dump Logan and run off with him already? She is practically still married to him anyway if he's paying for her all useless shit

No. 374532

I love how she's using her arms to push her tits together, they'd probably be under her armpits if she wasn't squashing them together like that.

No. 374575

>Why doesn't she dump Logan and run off with him already?
I feel like Raven is so childish that she does things in order to prove the ~h8erz~ wrong or to spite them.
Many people have been saying for a while that Logan doesn't love her and that he's only staying because she manipulates him. She definitely knew this when she caught him watching porn behind her back, but she will never leave him because she needs to prove to everyone how strong their relationship is and how much they love each other.

No. 374595


Thanks Anon.

Christ on a bike, Who dafug screenshots their kid and then tries to rip them a new one on Youtube?

Raven's salt leaks through every pore of this video, she didn't get to keep a son-husband like most of these cluster bs do. She'll have to made do with Logan's attention only and she's not happy about it all. Kek.

Sage for super late.

No. 374674

So, I thought I would amuse myself by looking up this garbage … by garbage I mean LOLCOW.FARM. Why ? because I seriously wanted to get insight into what it is that losers sitting in their basement with no lives write about to make themselves feel better. Hating on Raven and whoever else will not make you any prettier, it will not make you intelligent and it will not get you a job. Regardless of what you think about her and her daily life, it doesn't affect you in any form of way. Is her hair, body type, relationship, makeup, or personality going to affect whether or not YOU get a job, a relationship, or anything that would personally ruin your life? No. It will not.. unless you are a bonified pussy that has no clue how to shape your own life. What she does or doesn't do with her money is her problem, not yours. If you consider her issues to be an issue then maybe you should let everyone talk shit and dissect every aspect of your life . Im sure over 75 percent of you insulting her are probably obese, eat too much junk food , waste your money on shit you dont need , dont know how to properly do your makeup , and have shit taste in hair in clothes… and those are the people that should be worried about themselves and not Raven. Thank you losers for letting me get an inside look at how people that have no life live and what their hobby is. Now please, for the americans in here.. get your ass off the computer, get a job and get off of welfare. I really dont like having to cover your food stamps and financial aid with my taxes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 374683

TL;DR but the thing is we aren't putting our lives online. If she wants to that is fine, but the internet is a public space and if any of these cows didn't like it all they'd have to do is stop putting their shit online. But they don't. Man why did I bother responding to your dumb ass

No. 374694


lmao hi Raven

No. 374697

Do you want to cover Raven's food stamps and financial aid?

No. 374703

The mere fact that Raven exists makes almost everyone compared prettier and better than she is. Haha.

No. 374738

Lol, hi Raven nice to see your fat ass back here again! I like that you tried to pretend it wasn't you with the last sentence. Dump Logan already, and leave Dorian the hell alone you hag.

No. 374775

Kek I wonder which post was the tipping point

No. 374787

Wow. For someone so not bothered by lolcow, she sure does talk about us a lot.

No. 375121


I know it, you know it and Raven knows it. 5/6ths of Raven's personality revolve around this fact.

No. 375149

File: 1493040840402.jpg (298.11 KB, 884x808, mad_world.jpg)

Jesus when you compare pics of Logan from 2 years ago to now, the dude's given up on life. How does Raven not see that?

No. 375164

Tats are expensive. If it is true that money is tight, then how TF is she able to get all them tats?

No. 375182

They look like mother and son – but I guess that's fitting since he IS her son's age.

No. 375200

I'm sorry but GOD she is so aggressively unattractive, and he just looks dead behind the eyes. She can't see it because she's in denial and will just put it down to him "growing up" or some bullshit like that lulz

No. 375234

She gets them done in someone's kitchen so it's not like she's actually paying a real professional in a shop. Plus she's on payment plans for them.

No. 375240

Yeah and I think her ex husband pays for them too

No. 375243

File: 1493056490142.jpg (305.97 KB, 1088x1070, v69lHuV.jpg)

Compare that collage to this…

No. 375248

I think the lower right pic is the ex, in any event it's not Logan.

No. 375252

File: 1493057856825.jpg (32.62 KB, 480x360, PGOA8hV.jpg)

It is Logan, he just looks different because he's actually happy lol! It came from this set of photos

No. 375310

He "grew up". Grown ups don't smile, remember?

No. 375314

My bad. He just looks so different.

No. 375321

She was always fug but my god those light colored lenses she used to wear all the time back then did her absolutely no favors. She does not look good with blue/gray eyes.

Logan used to be kinda cute and full of life and purpose. I don't think he thought he was going to stay married to this pedo dramabeast for as long as this.

No. 375328

Yea. in those pics he was young and naive, thinking with his other head and finding the situation of being with an older woman exciting. Now look at him, no hope and as you say he sure as hell never thought he'd still be stuck with her now!

No. 375668

File: 1493118421376.jpg (115.09 KB, 808x526, BxgNOMi.jpg)

Spotted this on her latest tattoo video. I love that she claims Emily "brags" about every tattoo she plans to get yet Raven posts almost completely naked photos to show off her new tattoos lol! Also if you follow that "proof" it says NOTHING about getting a goat skull, but just shows her saying her and Logan have special tattoos planned, that's not proof at all Raven you dumb bitch.

No. 375681


She should take a leaf out of Emily's book and learn to not be a hateful, spiteful old woman just because someone points out the fact she's evidently copying Emily. First the butterfly tattoo now this, jeez this woman needs to get a life. No self respecting woman would talk like that

No. 375747

She stole Emily's arm joint tattoos too. The bitch Is obsessed

No. 375786

Is it deep-seated jealousy since the CJ fiasco or…? Emily was a pretty goth girl compared to her ugly ass. And now Emily's popular and has everything she wants such as lots of subscribers, a child and a husband who actually likes her and doesn't look like he's lost all hope. Why does she even copy her tattoos anyway? Is she trying to get her attention and cause a public argument? Even the way she responds as shown by >>375668 is fucking pathetic and you'd never think this was from a 40 year old. Grow the fuck up Raven

No. 375849

I love that she thinks a tiny change to the tattoo makes it original and not stealing "I got a GOAT skull, Emily's is a DEER skull therefore it's completely different, y'all are just trollz and stalkerz!!!!111!1" She pulled the same shit with the butterfly neck tattoo too, saying she thought Emily's was of a moth and the location is different so it's not copying pmsl

No. 375896

Gosh golly, Raven is always such a bright, happy ray of lovely sunshine! I cannot understand how ya'll don't just love her!!

No. 376625

This tickled my sides. Has anyone ever said this to her??

No. 378762

File: 1493508211618.png (59.48 KB, 640x530, IMG_1183.PNG)

This guy

No. 378945

is it a troll or is real? I hope they post more

No. 378956

They seem legit, he just seems to hate Raven like the rest of us. As funny as he is though, I wish someone would do a serious video on her and the shit she says and does. I guess it would cause too much drama

No. 378978

Some one please do a video on her!

No. 379490

He seems to have deleted his other Raven videos, that's a shame. I hope he uploads more about her

No. 379793

File: 1493708027697.png (293.53 KB, 498x338, jehriuwb.png)

Dorian's back talking to her at least. It's a short video with him drawing a penis on the car window and I can only assume her ex is with them as she tagged him in it.

No. 379797

File: 1493709832581.png (868.47 KB, 1296x666, Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.21…)

she's otherwise been quiet on social media but has been posting this type of shit on ig. is she back with her ex??

No. 379810

He's really unfortunate looking for having such a ridiculous uppity name. It's always trash like Raven that thinks it's a good idea to give their kids posh names that will only embarrass them more.

No. 379814

In some angles/videos he's kind of almost cute, but others he looks pretty awful. Poor kid did not get winning genetics from his mother, that's for sure. Here's hoping he drops the shitty hot topic goth look and style himself in a more flattering manner once he's away from Raven long enough…

No. 379817

Just about every whore selfie she posts on Facebook has a crude comment from her ex. For someone who had ranted in past about crude comments she actually makes the effort to like every single comment that praises her body or in particular those dragging on the floor pancake tits. Her last 3 Facebook pictures and literally of her tits, no two ways about it. No weight loss, no "art" just half assed whore selfies

No. 379841

yeh the ex situation is very odd to me. He still keeps pictures of her too. You just know she wouldn't be having it if Logan was still friends with his ex

No. 379875

Yeah, there's no way she would be ok with it. Raven is a hypocrite through and through.

No. 379912

Oooo I wonder if that's what she was hinting at in her newest video. Criss cross!

No. 379915

it's possible, or she's "in love" with whoever the sponsor is in America lol!

No. 380021

I've been thinking for a while, the whole US thing is a way to replace Logan. She has literally sucked the life out of him already, so use up the last of him (the savings account thing), wait for / push him to get homesick / overwhelmed, then boohoo he left me to go back to NZ and btw here's my new man.
sage for tinfoil.

No. 380280

I'd say that's pretty accurate, will be interesting to see what happens

No. 380292


I hope that's the case, I was worried it was pregnant again. I couldn't think of any worse thing happening than it having another child, or worse not having it and then making a video starring it's unborn fetus. gag

No. 380308

I doubt it's pregnancy, it sounds more like something she could get away with not having to tell anyone about, so a pregnancy would be too obvious. She will say soon enough, bitch has a big mouth. I'm thinking it's either back with her ex / dating the sponsor in the US and/or her child bride has left her

No. 380358

I dunno about leaving Logan, like anon said she would likely push him out by making him homesick or drain him, plus she mentioned it was something good(? Maybe, I tune out a lot in her vids so don't quote me on that) plus if he was drifting, there would be a lot of passive aggressive statuses on her fb, I don't think it's a pregnancy thing, if it was in that realm it'd be adopting I think, didn't she try to adopt one of dorians female friends before? If she wanted to adopt an infant there would be a lot more hoops to jump through, so that might be why she isn't really saying anything, that and the fact that she'd get a shitstorm of hate for being a terrible carer. As for far out theories, maybe she thinks modelling is an option, it might explain some of the nude pictures if she thinks one of her creepy followers is a glamour photographer. Like anon said, it'll come out soon enough, she can't keep her mouth shut. Sage for tinfoiling

No. 380359

never thought of adoption, you could be right. Or maybe she's getting cosmetic surgery lolz

No. 380424

I don't think it's anything like that.

I more feel like it's a job. Maybe something online, like maintaining something around social media and doesn't want us to find out exactly what it is so we don't out her about what's she's really like.

I don't think it's adoption I mean cmon guys, she's starving. I think even Raven is not dumb enough to think she has a chance with adoption agencies.

No. 380426

My bet is she's moving to America sooner than expected. Prolly whored herself out again to afford it

No. 380611

She'll come out and say what it is whenever. If anything, it seems as if they're going to move sooner than 2 years or she's getting some type of surgery like a breast lift or tummy tuck type of deal or she may have gotten a job. I doubt it's a pregnancy or adoption. I mean she can't even keep kittens around and didn't want her fake baby after a day or two. And if I'm not mistaken, the last time she did get pregnant, didn't they take out some stuff and tell her she'd never have kids again?

No. 380636


I think you are right about Raven not being able to have children. Can't bring myself to watch her videos on this subject because of the way she likes to flash her miscarried child, but I think she's said so else where.

I also wouldn't out it past her to make stuff up either. She said before in a vlog that the tiny butterfly tattoo she got was paid for by drama videos and she knows what do and say to manipulate it.

No. 380683

I bet she's loving all this speculation, probably thinks she has us manipulated lol

No. 380695


Very true Anon. Raven is a attention whore and pickings are slim. She only has us and a bunch of chubby chasing paying her any attention anymore.

No. 380719

Good point. She does like to say things in order to get views.

Honestly, give me the T and I'll give you my drama money, Raven. I understand and consent to this transaction lol

No. 380784

Not sure why you think it is good news, since her statuses of late are all about stress. I think she had something about the move but it's on thin ice. Maybe the sponsor cannot do it anymore. Or looked her up.

No. 380818

Her newest video she says it's something good but doesn't want to say what because she doesn't want her happiness to go away. And that one day she may or may not say what it is. So why bring it up? To stir shit.

The sponsor is one of her Facebook friends. It's not just some random person that signs up to do it.

No. 380853

But she also rattles on about how she has no worthwild connections with people while acting like she is walking on cloud nine in her life.

I hope that the good news is that she found a real life friend who could help her sort out the mindfuck in her own head.

No. 381019

She said in the video it's "putting a lot of emotional stress" on her but her future looks happy / bright. She's over dramatic about everything though so it's probably something retarded like she managed to find someone to take all her cats and she's moving sooner than expected, yawn

No. 381027

She's uploaded a few slutty pics to show her 'weightloss' and there's pervy comments from her ex on all of them. It's so clear that they're still fucking and she's uploading the pics because her boy husband doesn't notice her any more. Funny to how when other girls and models upload similar pictures they are sluts and whores kek

No. 381036

She's just bitter because she wished she looked like them, she sees every other female as competition

No. 381120

File: 1493999033803.png (419.99 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0920.PNG)

Thanks for the update!

No. 381144

>I don't like to think of myself as a particularly bad person
Well Raven, if you're finding trouble no matter who you're with or where you are…as the saying goes: if everywhere you go smells like shit, maybe you need to check your shoes.
>If I decided to end my suffering I'd let you all know exactly what the situation was before I go
"Welcome to your tape."

No. 381174

Oh god, is this going to be another fake death? We already did that, Raven.

Who else is close to her? It's not like they have any friends. The sponsor give them up? The ex husband decide he is sick of her mooching?

No. 381176


>I've got no appetite for anything

Well that's a first

No. 381188

Did she delete it already?

No. 381189

Oh you're a spy. Nice one spy anon.

No. 381201

>Who else is close to her? It's not like they have any friends.

That was my first thought too, it's either her ex husband or the sponsor. or Logan and she just doesn't want to say it yet. Maybe her "best friend" Brenda told her to do one. She over dramatizes everything it's hilarious

No. 381213

File: 1494014000085.jpg (452.84 KB, 1328x2048, IMG_0922.JPG)

It isn't hard to spy when she publicly posts shit. Here is one of the new photo, she says she is loosing weight from stress.

No. 381215

File: 1494014081876.jpg (477.22 KB, 1343x2048, IMG_0923.JPG)

The saggy tit no bra look is so triggering

No. 381220

I think her Us sponser let her down

No. 381223

I think so too. There was another post I didn't cap of her asking about US weather since she hadn't talked to that friend in a bit.

No. 381226

ot but where can I get this

No. 381257

is this Raven? has she lost weight? damn she's fit. too bad about the raging crater moonface she has

No. 381341

File: 1494030559113.jpg (37.41 KB, 627x496, raven.JPG)

The caption on her newest photo reads:

"What I did, I did for love.
What I did, I did for you."

Maybe she's crafting some elaborate story to lead us on. I would be proud of her if she did that.

No. 381369

Sometimes, I feel like defending Raven. She is a victim of child abuse, domestic violence, and/or she has a mental disorder. She clearly was treated poorly for most of her early and young adult life, causing deep insecurities. Modern psychology and its application in k-12 education and other publicly funded children's programs was for sure not a thing when she was growing up - no teachers, no parents, no CPS, no PARTNERS recognized the signs (especially BPD, if she does indeed have it).

Not only did she never receive help, she never learned how to seek out reliable sources of help and connect with them. Instead, she scraped her way through life (if you've never been to El Paso, Texas, it's a fucking rough place) and made friends with all the wrong people.

I find myself wondering how broken of a person she must have been/still is after living through some of the things she says she's lived through. Or how broken (or maybe darkly creative?) she must be to make up such stories.

Don't get me wrong, I still think she sucks as a mom, is often self-centered, rude, insecure, jealous, petty, messy, a hypocrite, terrible at finances, should never be allowed to own pets, and groomed Logan. Wow, after writing all that, I kinda hate her again lol.

Idk. She really is a product of her environment. She gives us all entertainment. And she has made a few improvements to try and be a better person…I mean, at least she took to heart one or two things and tried to improve those areas of her life (even if it was shallow, like her appearance).

Like, any self reflection shows signs of hope….maybe?

TLDR: Sometimes I feel sorry for Raven but then I remember all the horrible shit she has done.

No. 381379

Everyone is a product of their environment. Raven is not the only person to have gone through these things. Though it's not entirely her fault if she suffers from a mental/emotional disorders. As an adult she needs to take responsibility for her own decisions though. Can't blame your past forever. It's not always easy but it's a pet peeve of mine to see adults use their childhood or past circumstances as an excuse for their shitty choices.

No. 381472

The post was her worrying about not being able to contact someone in Ohio and another person responded saying that there were tornados and bad storms and power lines were down.

It honestly seems like the sponsor realized they couldn't afford for them to live with them and backed out. I don't think it has anything to do with Logan or her ex. Her ex has been commenting nonstop on all her photos and she recently went to see him. And she's already said its not Logan. In time she will tell and it'll probably be something she's overreacting about.

No. 381479

The person who hurt her so bad is the manager at burger king. they told her to stop chucking tantrums to try and get free food, and now her world is crumbling around her.

No. 381485

Me too, Anon. I oscillate between sympathy and disgust for her. I find her fascinating to watch.

No. 381506


what exactly is the thought process here? "I've been so stressed I'm losing weight, let me take some slutty photos!" ??? she's batshit

No. 381525

sage for being a retard too lazy to find the milk myself, but have we heard she was abused by anybody else other than Raven? Like, are there police records/other testimony that hasn't come out of her mouth?

I've never heard any of that before, but I HAVE heard her stories about how she's been "abused" by literally every single person she's spoken to.

Anybody remember that 16 year old girl (Ali? Abby?) she "adopted" for a week before saying she was THE MOST ABUSIVE AND CHILDISH PERSON SHE'D EVER MET, kicking her out? Or all the drama she used to have with her son's friends, accusing them of stealing her shit? Hell, didn't she say her "nasty" ex who she's still in contact with did horrible things to her?

Point is, I think Ravens a crazy bitch with a victim complex. I don't think you can take her stories of abuse seriously.

No. 381526

Very true. In her life story/bullying video she claimed to have been raped by pretty much every man she's come across and that all the girls hated her because she was thin and getting attention - I think this shit is all fabricated, fantasies of hers.

No. 381544

If I recall (and this is going way back to a video she did about her life ages ago) she reckons she was kicked out and went to live in a share house. The people there stole all her food and made her clean and live on the floor. Then one of her boyfriends/husbands (not the NZ ex) stole all her stuff and trashed it.

How many husbands has she had? Is Logan #3 or #4? Because I think there was some drama with yet another guy but I can't remember which one.

No. 381550

I believe Logan is #4, she had two in America and now two in NZ lolz. I'm not very familiar with her pre-Logan but maybe the drama you're thinking of is with CJ? She wasn't married to him but they were "engaged" online, he's Emily Boo's ex husband

No. 381628

>because she was thin

There's pics from when she was a teen, she has never in any universe been thin. Because of her personality disorder pretty much everything she says is hugely embellished and made up.

The rapes probably went something like this: she sleeps around because she's promiscuous. She tells herself those guys are really into her. Turns out they aren't that invested, so she splits them black. Retroactively, all of the sex she's had is suddenly retconned as rape because she now hates those guys.

No. 381669

I guess it does depend on how she defines 'rape' in a relationship. Like, would a boyfriend continuously pestering a girlfriend for sex one night when she has already said no and he coerces her with begging and promises of something in return so she gives in to make him shut up and go away.

At the time she may think that was just how it was to get through the day. Later on she meets a SJW who tells her what happened is part of rape culture and she had been raped.

Raven is a bit of an arsehole and I expect the men around her are a bit of an arsehole too. Not saying that a rape did or did not happen. just that she has played fadt and loose with the truth previously, but also hangs with jerks.

No. 381736

All the abuse stuff is bullshit. Craven is a malignant narcissist. Look at what she did to her son for the crime of not wanting to go to the US with her. If any of this shit had happened, she'd be harping about it forever, naming names, doing whatever she could to damage them etc etc.

No. 381763

Does anyone have a link or anything to a video or place where she wrote/talked about catching Logan watching porn a while back?

No. 381810

File: 1494148853064.png (43.93 KB, 487x551, wpkei.png)

For someone who doesn't care about us and isn't doing anything with her ex, it sure does bother the fuck out of her.

No. 381821

She still has her miscarried baby in storage somewhere in the house? Gross.

No. 381832

File: 1494160002885.gif (93.46 KB, 300x200, 1493562765425.gif)

two adults actually talking like this where their current partners can see

No. 381834

It's like she is perpetually on a meth bender but still a fatass. Lol

No. 381840

self-awareness level: Onision

No. 381843

So Raven lurks here? I thought she was done reading what we said about her because it had no power over her.

Super-cringey. Especially since she did say Logan and her ex tolerate each other for her sake.

No. 381865

File: 1494171027582.png (436.29 KB, 720x1200, 1480006429550.png)

she paraded Logan out in front of the camera and made him apologize for watching porn. He looked like a hostage, it was hilarious. Video's long gone, but I found this in her kf thread, pic = the comments on the video.

No. 381878

Jesus Raven – your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You can hang out with and "joke" about fucking your ex, he even leaves pervy comments on your slutty nearly-nude photos (and yes, if it's slutty for everyone else then slutty for you and if you weren't such a fucking hypocrite with a capital "O" you could understand that) but your husband can't even watch porn without you going mental? You are the worst kind of person –– selfish to the core and determined to remain so. No wonder you're such a vindictive bitch.

No. 382000

Oh I know she was never thin, I was just going by what she herself said. She always claimed to be "soooo skinny" before (maybe compared to her whale self now, but she was never what anyone would have deemed skinny) and how girls treated her badly because they were "jealous" lolz

Nah she was never raped, she just has rape fantasies. Look at her constant stream of whoreish photos, some depicting her half naked, bloodied and bound - she wants to be treated like a slut and in her deluded mind believes only attractive, slutty women are raped, so she's just projecting her fantasies. It never happened.

Exactly, she even claimed one of her husbands raped her and beat Dorian (possibly the NZ one?) but is still pally with him.

No. 382097

Is it just showing like this for me or has Raven taken down her relationship status on her main FB? It used to say "Married to Logan Marshall" before and now it's gone. Perhaps she's just trying to mislead us lol!

No. 382114

File: 1494228714546.png (97.06 KB, 997x613, bambeaned.png)

Guys, it's done, she's bamboozled us. Time for us to close down this haterz site. We just fell for it so hard and we'll never know what it is! And it's such a doozy!!!!

But for real, let me say something….
-Because of this bamboozlement, it actually gives you less credit Raven and makes you even more of a hypocrite and psycho. Point in case the whole "I don't bring women down, I don't hate women, that's two years ago, I support women now!" You can go back to Halloween where you're bitching about girls dressing like sluts. Or was that all part of your big plan to fool us?
-Believe it or not, we're not idiots and we know Logan is the one who has to have the sponsor. You just don't want to be separated from him from any amount of time even to try to better your life so in turn, it's also your sponsor. If Logan doesn't get in, you're not going and you know it.
-That autist making those videos of you isn't one of us. Whatever you did to piss him off, take up with him.
-You just scrolled and read what you wanted to. We didn't say Logan was drugged up, but that he looks like it. He looks like an apathetic shell of what he once was. It's an observation.
-On regarding the Emily tattoo, it's still funny how every time she gets a tattoo, you get a shitty version of it. Butterfly and skull. You may have planned it a year ahead but we know better than that. You would have gotten it way before with all the hater money we give you.
-We think everyone on here is that persons thread when someone comments something autistic. Post like you're Onision? We're going to say you're Onision.
-If we're in denial then what does that make you? If you had SO many people telling you they loved you all the time then why scream for all this attention and say you don't have any love? Is that why you like other dudes comments about you being hot when you post up a revealing picture? Is that what you mean when they love you? You even said you wished Logan would have told you those things. So which is it? Too much love or not enough?
-Your "big news" doesn't matter with us. If you continue being a shit person, that's what we're going to comment about. Or your thread will die which means less haterz money from youtube. We don't live for you, if we want milk we can go to another persons thread. There's plenty of other cows. And contrary to what you believe, we don't sit here all day. There are some people who do though and that's them. Most of us check it when we're on the toilet. So you're like those trashy tabloid magazines that are in the bathrooms that are 20+ years old.
-Post all the bamboolzement you want and pretend you own us when it's really us who owns you because you can't stop checking us.

No. 382117

Very well said!

No. 382118


No. 382125


Writing 2000 words about dedicating herself to playing games with her haters … but we're bamboozled. gj Raven, you're the real mvp

No. 382128

File: 1494237170782.jpg (20.9 KB, 400x400, IMG_3551.JPG)

Ah Raven – how closely you clutch the chains that bind you. Never change!

No. 382131

I think this is a big step forward for raven. she is finally admitting who her primary audience is and catering her content specifically to us. it's like a kind of retarded selfawareness.

No. 382134

>"I've given up stopping my ex making rude/sexual comments on my pics"
Then block him? Delete him? She must like it really. After all he's giving her the attention her child bride isn't. It's more than a little strange he STILL keeps those sort of pictures of her, and more so that he comments like that. Does he have a partner himself now? They're both vile - clearly made for one another.

Also the funny thing is, her claim that she had that tattoo planned a year ago is bull. Her only evidence for it was her simply saying "me and Logan have special tattoos planned" - nowhere did it say the placement (i.e stomach) or subject matter (i.e goat skull) until coincidentally Emily said she wanted that. It's not even just the tattoos, her entire look is like a trashy, ugly, fat version of Emily.

No. 382141

She immediately blocks and deletes any other guy who does that to her, even goes as far as trying to shame him on facebook. What's the difference with the ex? It really doesn't help the image of them fucking. She doesn't let Logan talk to any kind of girl, let alone an ex, but she can freely hang out with her ex husband, go out with him, put up near naked pictures and tell her how hot she is but god forbid Logan looks at porn from not getting laid.

No. 382142

she even says on her profile "don't be a disrespectful pervert" but I guess that doesn't apply to the ex / anyone who's fucked her before?

No. 382212

>"me and Logan have special tattoos planned"
Were the special tattoos not the god awful ones they got of each other? You know, the one where a 40 year old hag got a 16 year old child tattooed on her leg, and the child bride got a stolen and hilariously unrealistic pin up version of her?

No. 382275

Like Emily she'll get a moon on her face soon, claiming it goes with the shitty Kat Von D rip off star tattoos she has lol!

No. 382287

Doesn't the ex provide car rides and money for them? Like when Logan had no job and before they got the car the ex was the one taking her places and making sure they had food. Maybe that's why he is 'allowed' to make stupid smutty comments.

No. 382316

yeah he pays for all her shitty tattoos and god knows what else and in return gets to make perverted comments, but she clearly likes it too. On another note, Does she expect to mooch off him forever?

No. 382337

I don't know what she's gassing on about; did anyone really think she had "big news"? I figured it was bullshit – like everything else in her life. Shrugs

No. 382455


I love that she reads this thread. It makes up for how sporadic the milk is.

>> Both of us are drug and alcohol free, and believe me, whatever problems he has is not due to me

Trouble in paradise?

>> Delusional idiots

Yes, all these anons are delusional, having the same delusions simultaneously. It's not beyond even a folie a deux.

No. 382456

She's given up so much that her hand dejectedly moves the mouse over the like button on his lewd comments and then limply clicks on it out of sheer surrender. What else can she do, besides all those things you listed?

No. 382473

fukin kek

Don't worry, Logan doesn't run his own FB account and I doubt Raven even lets him use the internet after the porn "scandal" lulz

The sheer hypocrisy is astounding. Raven, you dumb bitch, how would you feel if Logan was like this with a female friend who happened to be his ex? You'd be livid. One rule for you, one for him I guess

No. 382488

She's probably livid it took you 7 long hours to post this here kek

>I pull the strings here

lmao bitch I read this while pooping, you're just entertainment. And a poor one tbh lol

No. 382505

Old but I think she is referring to Emily here, if you have a look at Emily's IG she's sporting green and blue hair now. Though I'm pretty sure she had been planning to change her hair color way before Raven did.

No. 382510

LOL no, Raven, it won't "tear us up" inside. We don't care and a lot of us knew you were just misleading us, that's how predictable and pathetic you are. And she's one to talk about us supposedly "sitting here all day" when isn't that all she ever fucking does?

No. 382516

>sitting here all day
>doesn't consider some people can actually browse the internet at work
but we all know how much she knows about real work

No. 382545

The last time she worked we didn't have personal comps.

No. 382547

cellphones more like.

No. 382555

she can't help it guys!!!! she has that imaginary tailbone issue plus agoraphobia so she can't step outside despite dining out every other week and posing like a whore outdoors!!!!!

No. 382566

Looooool, poor Raven, thinking she's trolling us when all she's doing is trolling herself and giving us milk by showing us how much we get to her.

No. 382577

lmao right? Logan, or should I say Raven, has changed "his" FB profile picture to an old one of them together when he looked happier. Raven is really bothered by what we say isn't she? bahahaha

No. 382585

kek she is such a nut.

Raven, there are no shots to control. If you want our views, you make us content. It's that simple. If you disappear off the Internets and no one ever hears about you again, then we move on.

It is fun hearing about your ridiculous life and all your delusions, but girl, calm down. No one is torn up inside because no one cares that much.

No. 382599

Lmao raven called me a trailer trash whore or something like 2 months ago. So much for supporting other women.

No. 382608

What for? she will never "support" other women, as long as they exist she'll be insecure and jealous coz she's uglier than every single one of them and she knows it pmsl

No. 382772

she disabled the comment section on all of her most recent videos, just so we can't screen cap kek. Shes real mad.

No. 382793

Looks like all the videos embedded in this thread are gone too.

lol, be mad.

No. 382828

I'm curious who these "shit load" of people are who apparently love and care about her? Raven, we know you don't have any real life friends and online creeps you pander to with your whore photos don't count!

No. 382838

File: 1494418809628.png (266.92 KB, 968x590, ejnf.png)

She's also made ANOTHER rant saying how one of her followers came on here and read what we're discussing and she posted this huge thing about and Raven, yet again, thinks she's tricked us and saying how every little thing she does is for us and how she's had a small job for 2 years now and Logan doesn't have welfare and a whole bunch of shit that we've never said or something one person has tinfoiled. But it just goes to show her and her followers read one thing and then get their panties in a wad, which is funny because she thinks we're getting ours in a wad over her.

And why delete your videos Raven? Trying to hide the hypocrisy to make you seem more sane? Or have you "changed" again? You said you now and have been for 2 years, empowering women yet you don't even have to go back to the end of last year to see you were still calling women whores and sluts and what about that anti-feminism group you joined on facebook that you are no longer apart of only after this week? Honey, you're just trash entertainment like Maury, as are the rest of the people on here.

No. 382845

she's been "peaking" at this thread quite a bit lately.

No. 382852

Aw Raven, you love us don't you? Got nothing better to do than sit on your lazy fat ass all day reading our comments about you and your pathetic life? She has no "good friends" that are looking here, it's just her. Her small job is probably whoring herself out to her ex for more god awful tattoos and childish toys.

I also find it highly amusing that she refuses to answer the point that if Logan was still friends with an ex (remember her Raven, the 13 year old you called ugly?!) and he "liked" every sexual comment she made on his pics, Raven would throw a fit. Raven, why is it ok for you to do those things but not your child bride? But let's not forget you control his account and probably never let him use the internet without your supervision amirite!? Disgusting hypocritical waste of oxygen.

No. 382969

Last post of this type

LOL!! Raven, who you foolin'? You live for this shit – haters make you famous, right?

P.S. – What kind of person spends a DAY gathering nasty comments about a "good friend", let alone tells the friend about it?? Girl – rethink your relationships. Seriously.

No. 382970

Wow. She is so Not Bothered by what is posted here that she has to go on a mass sperg.
She never checks here and doesn't care about what is posted but deliberately makes up stuff to watch us get overexcited?
Everything posted here is stupid and wrong and stalking?

WTF Raven. It's interesting that what has been posted here has been cherry picked for comment by her. She didn't address the comments on her begging for money and food while posting hauls and dining out or when she went hammer and tongs at Dorian and his girlfriend.

And she chose to defend Logan being on welfare (where was that mentioned anyway) and not that he has porked up, looks like he hates life and is a low IQ thug who spouts anti feminist rants while calling people faggots as he jerks off to porn.

Honestly Raven, you post videos for people to watch then crack the shits when people comment on the content. The commentary reflects the content. It's a reaction to what you do and say. If you think you are surrounded by arseholes maybe that's because the arsehole is you and everyone is just reacting to your constant shit show.

More milk for us, Momma Cow.

No. 382985


>a dear friend of mine went looking, not me

Sure Jan

No. 383011

If she can only eat a couple bites of a meal, then one meal should last her an entire week. How, exactly, is she starving again?

No. 383016

There's no friend doing this.

She does it.

She loves the attention, that's why she keeps providing milk.

If she didn't make these statuses or videos about her "haters" then the thread would drop off to /snow/. Her child bride is an adult now, and a thread solely about someone hoarding and abandoning cats would get boring quickly.

No. 383018

File: 1494461136091.jpg (100.23 KB, 500x285, VAeA885.jpg)

>grew up on the anime little mermaid

No. 383102

There's a 1975 Little Mermaid put out by Toei so if that's what she's talking about she's not wrong

No. 383111

She's referring to the Disney version. The only anime she knows of is Pokemon because of how obsessed her son and husband are with it.

No. 383142

Ha and DBZ. They only know the generic stuff.

Who here stalks her Instagram anyway? There hasn't been any of her IG posts put up here. She just threw that in to be overly dramatic. If not for the farmers no one would watch her videos. Be grateful Raven! We also pay for the stuff you buy and the tattoos you want.

No. 383151

lmao she calls it an anime….

not me, I just occasionally glance over her shitty YouTube channel or FB when bored

No. 383179

Right? Her thread has been pretty inactive until she started these rants. She's not that special lol part of me reckons she enjoys these threads.

No. 383288

She's referring to the anime version. She said

> I grew up on the anime little mermaid

> where she died

ffs she's pretty damn clear on that. She's probably giddy that y'all got something so trivial wrong and will use it as an example of how ~inaccurate~ this website is.

No. 383362

Pfft. If she is going to argue over animated versions of the little mermaid then she is sadder than I gave her credit for. I would have given her credit for arguing for the Hans Christian Anderson story, but that story is so depressing I can't think of any normal person who would read it as a child and go 'I love mermaids!!'

No. 383475

File: 1494619728505.jpg (19.22 KB, 513x68, Attentionwhoraven.JPG)


Raven's already admitted she makes stuff up for these threads. The real question is what she's been making up. MY money goes on her catching Logan watching porn. It fits her style to degrade and humiliate her most beloved for asspats and views.

No. 383485

I don't think she makes anything up to play with us, that was just something she said to justify reading here in the first place. Raven is honest in the way she doesn't lie about what is going on - because she feels everything intensely she doesn't hide that something happened. She may lie or tell the 'truth' as she sees it about what happened, but that is to make herself be the wronged party. She doesn't cover up or make up events, just mis-reports them.

Really the only time she tried to mess with everyone was when she faked her own death a while back. Even then she told her version of events as 'oh that was my ONLINE death, not my real death' even though she had Dorian's FB reporting death and family updates posting as if it was an actual insulin injected suicide.

No. 383511

I dont think she would want to do something that would make her husband look bad. It doesnt fit her idea of how she got a amazing goff guy to date her. Admitting he watches porn is admitting she cannot control him. She wouldnt think of it.

It also wouldnt make sense to lie to her "real" audience, since she believes she has fans. She isnt smart enough to plan, even this shit was her making up stupid statuses and vague ig pic captions to "fool" us or whatever.

You have to remember this is a person who thinks we all stalk her, and that having her on fb means we obsess about her all the time. She has no concept of what people actually are doing.

No. 383698

Yeah there's no way she'd lie about the porn incident. She doesn't tend to lie from what I've seen, just at most twists the truth to make herself look like the victim in EVERY situation?

No. 383703


I highly doubt she has made up anything (as opposed to the usual twisting the truth bullshit) she's just not that bright or forward-thinking.
The real question is, what's got her so salty? She spends a lot of time just trundling along and doing her own thing, then this sudden flurry of 'trolling' … Massive deflection or farmers just getting too on point with criticisms?

No. 383708

In her new video, Emily wears the same green dress Logan supposedly picked out for Raven. More evidence of her copying Emily?! Signs point to yes.

No. 383753

To be fair to Raven, and unless I'm mistaken, I haven't seen Emily in that dress before whereas I saw Raven wearing it over a year ago.

No. 383844

Gonna agree with
She wore the dress forever ago, I don't think Emily would copy Raven though. There's only so many gawfick clothing sellers, and even fewer clothing items that look halfway decent

No. 383951

I think that she has hit a low point with whatever the massive secret was that she couldnt talk about. She was felling bad/depressed and thought coming here for some self flagellation was a good idea. Raven self destructs and sabotages herself often. I think it's down to her BPD.

There is a cycle to the behaviour: she feels down, beats herself up emotionally, comes here for more negativity, gets outraged on what people are saying, posts victim statements about how unfairly horrible everyone is to her, receives asspats from the hugboxers she erects, feels better from this 'proof' she is loved.

Rinse and repeat. Manic lolcows do it all the time. Its the Social Media Circle Of Cowism.

No. 383995

There is an old little mermaid cartoon from 1975 that's drawn in an anime style. It's not that great. I think she's just boasting about watching it because it's closer to the real little mermaid fairy tale. I remember a friend in back in highschool a friend told me with pride, that she prefered the real Cinderella where the step sisters feet get cut off. I'd heard of it before, and she proceeded to act like she was the ONLY one that had heard of it and how 'edgy' it was compared to Disney. It's a hipster bullshit things. Raven wants to show that she's the BIGGEST mermaid fan. In her head, she probably thinks it makes her cool. I KNOW THE OG LITTLE MERMAID. IN ANIME FORM. MUST MORE EDGY AND TASTEFUL THAN THAT MAINSTREAM DISNEY CRAP.

I don't know. That's the vibe I get. Sage for for going on a rant, because I've seen the shitty cartoon she's referring to.

No. 384073

She's talking about the old little mermaid where she dies it's by hand Christian Anderson and guess what fellow lolers. Emily has a tattoo of that too she uploaded a video years ago of it

No. 384095

It makes you wonder if Raven just sits spying on Emily's social media and any time she expresses an interest in something Raven suddenly does too. Maybe she's not even aware she does it? I mean, if she does have BPD then I'd say Emily is a personality she clearly likes and is trying to latch onto, she seems to be trying to emulate her in EVERY way.

No. 384099


Ctrl+f search Emily on this and other threads reveals how much of a hate boner Raven has for Emily. I'm glad Emily lives on the other side of the world to Raven because the Single, White Female vibes Raven gives off would freak me out if it was happening to me.

No. 384111

I can just imagine Raven grinding her teeth reading all of this. No doubt she'll post another rant about it "last post of this type" my ass!

No. 384431

File: 1494861223932.jpg (21.7 KB, 366x206, tkVVpp4.jpg)

"Showing off her weight loss" yet again, child bride not giving you attention Raven? It looks like the corset couldn't do up fully over her fat lower back lulz

No. 384513

that poor corset is gonna have a short sad life

No. 384776

File: 1494959362628.jpg (108.94 KB, 511x575, UUY0khB.jpg)

lulz! Why do these rules not apply to her ex, who is STILL leaving lewd comments on her whore photos? She craves the attention these perverts are giving her, don't kid yourself Raven.

>"I like to be respected not only as a woman but as a person in general"

Says the anti feminist…

Also she's made yet another profile for fuck knows what reason?

No. 384783

Let's stop calling it weight loss progress and just call it as it is–stripping.
She's stripping in front of a camera because she got a little taste of attention from a body she didn't have for almost all her life, but forgot to not throw away her self-respect and humility in the process.
Now she looks like a salty ass hypocrite who clearly loves the slut game as long as she benefits from it. >>382114
It wasn't cool looking slutty when she was fat before because thinner girls always got the attention.
She still doesn't get a lot of male attention, which is why she's hamfisting these fetishy pictures. She already knows men won't give her the time of day with her clothes on given that she's a leech, tatted up, untalented, and has no education or work under her belt. Pft, what even is her personality. So maybe acting like a worthless hole online fulfills her sense of 'purpose' while she disguises that as a celebration of weight loss. Even though no fatties take inspiration from her, who would?

No. 384873

File: 1494971601127.jpg (66.14 KB, 624x731, rayray.JPG)

I like that she just slapped a spider on top of her head for decoration kek.

A new profile page or just another goff boys page?

No. 384908

i like to read the first part of her status like she gained anywhere from 3 to 400 new friends

No. 384939

She's got a case of chimp face going on.

No. 384947

I think the hair is cutting off her face shape in unflattering ways.

No. 385049

pmsl, she must think she looks so gothically elegant and classy there, no Raven you look a fucking mess. The awful tattoos, the cheap dress, the tatty hair and the spider. Why the spider?? It's like she thought "what more could I add to this look to goff it up? A stupid ass toy spider on my head!" She's legit retarded I swear. She even said she doesn't like spiders, making it more dumb.

>A new profile page or just another goff boys page?

A new profile, called "Raven Diana"

No. 385070

Might she create new pages to narrow down who the leaks are in her friends lists?

No. 385072

Nah she's just got really bad chimp face. No haircut will every change that. This bitch is insanely vain for someone that looks like a garbage pail kid.

No. 385079

She literally adds anyone so she reaches the max…then complains about who is on her fb.

No. 385134

File: 1495038235721.png (142.59 KB, 640x1067, IMG_1870.PNG)

Yet they can't even afford bread

No. 385148

What I find funny is how she complains about perverts yet her profile and pictures are PUBLIC. 99% of her photos are practically softcore porn, available for the world to see, and she wonders why she catches the creeps' attention? Now I'm not one to say if a woman dresses provocatively she deserves harassment, but in Raven's case she could take steps to avoid it - only add people she knows, make her profile/pictures private, etc but she never will because she WANTS the attention - her husband isn't giving her any so she needs reassurance from strangers and her ex husband. Yuck

No. 385155

her ex probably bought it for her

No. 385188

Hey! Raven unblocked me! I didnt know she unblocked people.
I think it's really weird to keep buying you ex expensive things. Like, staying friends is fine, but I'd be so uncomfortable if my ex showered me in gifts. She's so unbelievably entitled.

No. 385445

She'll probably claim she got it from her "small job" which we all know is prostituting herself to her ex

No. 385535

File: 1495136266620.jpg (148.26 KB, 945x1280, raven1.jpg)

Just constantly complaining about fast food and gaining asspats from "fans"

No. 385537

File: 1495136285972.jpg (209.35 KB, 997x1280, raven2.jpg)

No. 385545

Why is she always so rude to people? She can't take any criticism at all can she, pathetic

No. 385546


raven is so gloriously retarded <3
also, '2 days of food' wtf?

No. 385549

what the fuck is that

No. 385660

File: 1495156517156.jpg (62.34 KB, 631x691, raven3.JPG)

No. 385677

Only garbage people eat leftover fast food, that is foul.

No. 385756

Can confirm, am garbage person, regularly eat fast food leftovers

No. 385810

Yeah she's a cunt and is gross for eating old fast food (fucking gross), but what does the fat nerd in the red shirt care? $7 ain't nothing to this bitch while she's living on the dole. Hell, here in the states you can use food stamps to buy McDonald's…

No. 385823

Not only wearing a t-shirt saying "I Bite" but giving us a nasty shot of her saggy old tits. Such a prude as she always claims!

No. 385824

>>here in the states you can use food stamps to buy McDonald's

That's… not true.

No. 385827

gross, shouldn't she be avoiding this kind of shit after that pointless weight loss surgery she had for free in a country she CONSTANTLY moans about?

No. 385828

getting past the debate about eating old fast food (lol) how is there going to be leftovers or whatever from a burger and fries? Raven could put away 5 or 6 of those no problem.

In any case, I just hope she Logan keep the toy from his Happy Meal, poor kid deserves that much at least

No. 385837

Haven't heard much of/from Logan and she has removed her marriage status, trouble in paradise or does she think she's leading us on again with more bullshit?

No. 385866

It's all bs. Something for us to try and freak out over more than likely

Uhhh no you can't unless you sell your food stamps to people for cash and then use that cash at McDonalds but that's illegal.

No. 385927

Hot food cannot be bought with food share.
So, no, this is false.

No. 385934

15$ for a large fast food meal is about standard, even in America. Stop bitching, Raven.

No. 385935

but her tits are "small" now, so it's okay if she posts a selfie of them.

No. 385967

not just small but flat as pancakes hanging grotesquely off her chest like basset hound ears

No. 386025

that saggy monoboob is making me sad.

No. 386048

File: 1495240238845.jpg (72.02 KB, 600x800, CMyn3gjVEAANeAR.jpg)

Is food share the version of EBT over there? I wasn't trying to imply both programs work the same, just that people on assistance generally don't suffer from fast food costs.

My naive fellow Murricans…

No. 386286

>>386048 this is only in like 4 or 5 states i wish it was in mine lol

No. 386300

But silly, that would require prioritizing needs over wants, or being capable of feeling gratitude, or not being a disgusting worthless slovenly cunt. And that's so not Raven.


>Households CANNOT use SNAP benefits to buy:

>Food that will be eaten in the store
>Hot foods

Some state/county/city-level food assistance programs allow fast food to be purchased, but the federal program absolutely doesn't.

No. 386313

I can get KFC with EBT

No. 386387

Did anyone happen to catch her newest video "learning to love myself" before she took it down?

No. 386508

It was bullshit. She rambled on about herself but nothing in the slightest bit interesting or about loving herself as the title says. The video made no sense

No. 386632

>Food that will be eaten in the store
>Hot foods
Yeah, from grocery stores, anon.
I worked at a grocery store a few years back and nobody could use EBT for carry out. But, as it states in the article you posted, restaurants and franchised locations can apply to accept EBT in some states.
Other anons said it can't be done at all, which isn't true.

No. 386727

Nope, but I'm willing to bet "I don't hate women now, I empower them!" was in there somewhere, all the while still calling women whores and sluts on her social media. Lulz.

No. 386899


At least in CA you can in fact use food stamps or EBT for fast food. Just passed a KFC today with a banner saying as much. Sad, but true. (Sage and reply to old comment but … it is a fact. Even hot dogs at a gas station are covered by it.)

No. 386901

Whoops… shoulda read the whole thread my mistake…. damn you box wine!

No. 388310

File: 1495687045121.png (263.6 KB, 1242x1905, IMG_3769.PNG)

I can't imagine hating myself enough to think that this looks good.

No. 388311

It's like a pentagram sausage casing. I'm subliminally hungry…

No. 388323

My ankles hurt looking at this. I mean sure she has sausages that are her overly ample stumps into what would otherwise be sexy fetish type wear (I assume I'm boring)… but the boots… she has laced them so tight around what could be the size of an upper arm for most young ladies of healthy BMI.

Oh Raven, you've a tragic monkey face and your child bride.. dollars to donuts (your thighs tell me you love em!) he still lusts after cheerleaders in porno. Something you never had a chance to be… ever.

However, no anachan I support her fat ass in taking the weight off. Too bad she thinks she's looking good. Rant over.

No. 388380

omg, how can she think that looks good?! Fat bulging through the pentagram, cankles… just, ugh. No. All wrong.

No. 388381

File: 1495713802616.jpg (25.47 KB, 245x399, kgaK572.jpg)

Just for comparison, this is on a model. Raven probably can't see the difference lol

No. 388407

File: 1495719869316.png (406.18 KB, 535x529, tns.png)

But here she claims they're too big!

No. 388428

No. 388436

Like a busted can of biscuits.

No. 388512


You know you're doomed when your legs still look like deformed sausages when wearing black.

Btw has she gotten fatter? Thought she was in a weight loss regime

No. 388514


Those stars looks like fox heads on her chubby thighs.

No. 388515

The stockings are probably too long for her stubby legs. Christ Raven we know you're delusional but even you must feel them cutting into your fat thighs.

Her idea of a weight loss regime is just getting weight loss surgery and continuing to eat like shit. Even if she does something at the gym, other than stare at her ex working out, with the way she eats she'd never lose weight or even maintain it. Have you seen her cooking videos?

No. 388520

Lol you always see people who are thin thinking they're fat, but rarely hear about it the other way around. Raven takes delusional to a whole new level

>Her idea of a weight loss regime is just getting weight loss surgery and continuing to eat like shit.

Exactly, dumb bitch thought weight loss surgery would make her look like a stick, her own words

No. 388873

holy shit. usually I enjoy a good laugh at Raven as she is such a nasty bitch. but this, this just makes me sad. what the fuck does she see when she looks in the mirror

No. 388949

File: 1495806858460.jpg (43.05 KB, 455x356, wEwglJw.jpg)

No. 389315

Satanic Sausages. I'd run a stall at ren fairs named this, all pork sausages of course.

On point.

No. 389445


Her absence didn't last very long…

New update video because she got 1000 new followers.

Doesn't like the way she looks so has the camera focusing on a mannequin the entire time.

Has redyed her hair blue because green washes out as soon as she washes her hair which ended up green anyway

Has upcoming videos planned such as shoe videos, another tattoo vlog and other such content including something "controversial" that she's going to film but not post. (Why tho)

No. 389492

Fuck me can't she set the camera down or hold it still? I wouldn't be surprised if she purposely dyed her hair blue and green to copy Emily yet again. "I might film it but not release it" lulwut?

No. 390579

Latest update video. Kittens are gone, she's so retarded she makes me sick. Also claims she hates up but has a 90 minute video about us coming up. Just admit you need us to feel anything raven. Fucking kek

No. 390619

i dont really care about anything about raven her weight her husband being so young her being lazy what made me hate her was her saying she was keeping the kittens and then getting rid of them when she made them breed that really pissed me off stupid bitch

No. 390643

lol who's going to watch that bullshit, let alone 90 mins of it? We don't get to her at all that's why she can't stop talking about us right? Hey Raven will you be addressing your hypocrisy toward Logan on this video? As for the kittens it doesn't surprise me, she can't treat humans right forget animals!

No. 390649

Well, I'm excited she's making a 90 minute video just for us. Thank you Raven, it seems you've realized where your bread is buttered. She must need money for shitty tattoos.

No. 390856

Called it. I'm just surprised it was quicker than I suspected. Or are these including the kittens she just a little over a month ago?

These are the types of people who don't need to get pets. They're a lifelong investment. "It costs a lot to move them" well no shit. You knew you wanted to move well before the cat had kittens.

No. 390857

Wait but did she get rid of the cats she bought recently too? What was the point in getting them then?

Maybe she bought them and then sold them for a bigger price… She did mention how the previous owners were "bad owners" because they sold the kittens for a small price lol.

No. 390928

She treats pets like commodities. She gets kittens for her amusement then when they outgrow their cuteness, don't listen to her or she gets bored of them she chucks them out like they're nothing. Vile, waste of oxygen.

No. 390943

so she's going to read out her thread and mumble retorts for 90 minutes? sounds good to me.

No. 391732

File: 1496301552417.png (81.88 KB, 640x728, IMG_2370.PNG)

Who else thought that tattoo was a gapping hairy vagina?

No. 391751

If that's meant to be an eye it's terribly distorted and badly done, but then again she's covered in awful tattoos anyway so why am I surprised? And why is it every time she gets a new shitty tattoo she has to be half naked to show it off? Stop eye raping us with your saggy granny tits Raven

No. 391755

>armpit eyeball

Even if it was done well it would still look retarded

No. 391803

either that or a nasty onion either way i can smell it and its making me gag

No. 391831

Must've had some armpit flab she was trying to hide. I'd joke that when she moves her arm up and down it opens and closes the eye, but her bingo wings must get in the way of that

No. 391929


That must look horrible from a distance or even when she's not raising her arm. It probably looks like she didn't shave for quite a long time, or that there's some necrosis going on in her armpit.

No. 391977

lmao especially with the eyelashes

No. 392110

File: 1496377600580.png (93.53 KB, 270x267, raven.png)

First thought: looks like a leech's mouth

No. 392180

File: 1496402115896.jpg (79.98 KB, 540x960, 3N8KM8Y.jpg)

Yup, looks like a hairy armpit

No. 392439

File: 1496451840473.png (131.3 KB, 640x827, IMG_2454.PNG)

Only showing her necklaces, totally not showing off her saggy tits for the attention she craves from her boy husband. Kek

No. 392517

Sad, sad flapbags. I seriously don't understand why she posts such unflattering photos, but I don't want her to stop tbh

No. 392552

yuck, so saggy it looks painful. why not wear a t-shirt and show the necklaces? She's disgusting

No. 392555

Omg please spoiler image, I nearly threw my phone.

No. 392667


grown woman whose "pride and joy" is mass produced necklaces that cost €20 tops. SAD.

No. 392803

on top of everything else wrong with this photo, it's hard to actually see the necklaces that are supposedly the focus. A t-shirt or something would have provided some contrast.

No. 392919

because as with every picture she wasn't trying to show off her necklaces, just her saggy ageing body

No. 392924

File: 1496577745935.jpg (18.52 KB, 299x300, IMG_3582.JPG)

Fucking hell this bitch is so basic-Hot Topic-mall goth. The AMAZING necklace (pic attached) she's gushing over is just one of Alchemy 1977's pieces, and not even one of the more interesting ones. Tack-o-rama.

No. 393445

Did any one else catch the note she posted with questions she supposedly gets asked? One was some shit to do with who she finds attractive and she basically described the opposite of her boy husband

No. 393579

Tbh, the detail on those tentacles look pretty nice.

No. 393691

no but it's not surprising, she said in her cunt of a q&a she prefers long haired, skinny, goth guys = opposite of Logan. All she ever gushes about with men is their style, she's shallow as fuck.

No. 393714

Well it's what Logan used to look like. He's aged unfortunately tho.

No. 393748

yea but it was in response to a question about how she feels about how he looks now (i.e. dropping the alternative look, weight gain etc) and she was saying she prefers thin goth dudes, bit of a slap in his face is it not?

No. 393755

File: 1496761812191.png (177.09 KB, 640x960, IMG_2549.PNG)

He wrote to emily to she posted some thing about it on her page but it's gone now

No. 393756

File: 1496761829195.png (141.78 KB, 640x734, IMG_2550.PNG)

No. 393783

She's one to call someone fat or a poser but then again he's one to call someone intellectually retarded when it hurt my brain trying to read his message. Not defending Raven at all (hate her guts) but what's he even trying to say anyway? That Logan isn't goth and not right for her? That's old news lol

No. 393814

Yeah, but it says "octopus" more than Cthulhu. And that multicolor stone is tacky as hell.

No. 393819

Is anyone going to try and win her 5,055k subscriber giveaway? Her kittens would have made excellent prizes.

P.S. This is sarcasm, Raven. You're a horrible pet mom and should be ashamed.

No. 393876

This Ozzy Osbourne cosplayer dude is clearly having a stroke while he writes this.
(I hope, otherwise it's a bit sad for Raven the only person she can get to be obsessed with her is a mental defective).

No. 394925

File: 1497007225253.png (118.63 KB, 640x1023, IMG_2667.PNG)

She looks like a $5 tranny hooker. Has she put on weight to?

No. 394926

That is a very manly looking woman how does she think that looks good?

No. 394964

yeah looks like she's gained weight, turns out that having a bypass surgery and not curbing your eating habits isn't an effective weight loss method.

No. 394970

lol why is she so obsessed with taking photos like this? They always look tacky and the "model" is really not photogenic at all

No. 394992

Funny. This retarded shit with his snack covered trench wants to think he's beyond main stream culture. I thought you grew out of mall goth as a teen, but raven and this guy are proof that some retards are stunted mentally. The ironic thing is he calls Logan a poser and fat, when Logan is thinner and doesn't seem too try hard with hot topic clothing. Anyways, from the way this guy writes, maybe he is legitimately retarded? Anyone involved with Raven must be mentally slow.

No. 394998

Please don't tell me this is supposed to be Lady Death because she is seriously way too fat to be cosplaying as her.

No. 395315

New video. Don't hate the other woman if your partner cheats eg Emily please be my friend again kek. The hypocrisy in this one is so good she starts by saying she met some one who slept with her ex but the girl didn't know them a few seconds later says she hated that girl a bit because knew. Em hates you because you made videos about her baby dying Diana not because you think you stole her man. Get a life you 50 year old whore

No. 395329


oh my god that 8 dollar Aliexpress wig and fucking black eyebrows

No. 395336

seriously she made a video on this? Practice what you preach Raven, we all know you'd be calling any woman who slept with your exes whores and sluts. Exactly Emily hates her because Raven was a nasty bitch about her miscarriage and copies her in every way, "stealing her man" was just the icing on the cake I'm sure

No. 395490

File: 1497136334847.png (Spoiler Image,110.3 KB, 640x1037, IMG_2722.PNG)

'I'm not a whore but here's a picture of my pussy'

No. 395511

Even with those heels she looks incredibly short and stumpy. It's like Dopey of the seven dwarfs got mentally ill and is doing drag now.

No. 395576

I was scared to click on that image… clicked it anyway, still want to claw my eyes out. Her tattoos are such a mess and make her look filthy, not to mention they're badly done and unoriginal.

No. 395596

trying to find an angle where her tits don't look sad as fuck, huh. the struggle is real.

No. 395613

if she insists on wearing clothes that eye rape us with her saggy tits, why not invest in some body/breast tape? Cheaper than her tacky toys, clothes and tattoos and would make the world of difference

No. 395826

Why does her bellybutton look like a cat's infected asshole?

No. 395879

Thought it looked gross but only you had the words to truly communicate what we all see.

No. 395893

lol! her shitty tats are probably infected that's why

No. 397507

File: 1497596273178.png (111.94 KB, 640x939, IMG_2945.PNG)

No. 397511


Wait what, what happened to Logan

No. 397513

I cannot get screen shots at the moment because my iPad is being a butch but she and that Joshua Bradley dude seem to be involved in a long distance relationship - he is in South Carolina - and have been shitting up his feed with I love you-I love you more, our love is destiny bullshit.

I am going to try again to get screenshots but for the love of god someone please also try to save this shit because it may mean our little goth boy bride finally ran far, far away.

No. 397517

File: 1497598401999.jpg (79.61 KB, 513x565, raven1.jpg)

No. 397518

File: 1497598832710.jpg (66.88 KB, 461x789, raven2.jpg)

No. 397521

Isn't it just possible she's posting this sort of stuff to bait us and talk about how stupid we are for falling for it?

No. 397523

kind of what i was thinking it seems purposely placed or something

No. 397524

LMAO wat

No. 397525

lol those statuses just got deleted

No. 397527

"I know how exactly how you feel"

Well I'm glad they have the same IQ. A match!

No. 397529

File: 1497599899547.jpg (47.23 KB, 453x409, raven3.jpg)

No. 397531

I hope it's true because even tho Logan is a piece of shit, maybe he can now finally have a normal life and become a better person.

No. 397532

The thread has been dead so I wouldn't be surprised if this was just bait.
But oh well, nice reading material while I'm shitting so yass.

No. 397533

Agreed. I hope it's real and that Logan escaped. He can get his life together and not look so dead all the time. Ravens a whore so it wouldn't surprise me if she jumped to someone else.

No. 397545


I feel strangely sad for him, wasting those years and being tossed aside in the BPD cycle, buuuuut maybe he got the hell away from her and so she's flung herself at someone else to deal with the sense of abandonment.

But yeah odds on this being a joke with a mate.

No. 397556

File: 1497607950594.jpg (83.67 KB, 960x960, greenpeace.jpg)

calling it as bait. she's been playing hard for the attention lately (more than usual)

No. 397586

Definitely bait, she misses us talking about her lame ass lmao. Even if she wants to leave Logan I doubt she would do it to "prove us all wrong" about their relationship, and if he had really left her she'd be throwing a bitch fit all over the place. Just remember this is a 40 YEAR OLD woman, utterly pathetic. Also imagine the uproar from her if Logan did the same pretending he was with another girl? Raven's hypocrisy knows no bounds

No. 397636


i think she secretly had this guy as a side piece for some time on the DL and being with him was the reason why she was trying to move back to States, because she doesn't strike me as the sort of person who could break up with her child bride in a civil manner or move halfway round the globe just because fancy stroke her.

sage for tinfoil hat.

No. 397664

Nah I'm 99% sure this is bullshit, thinking she's tricked us "again" - give it a few days and she'll post something along the lines of "Haha omg the trollers are so gullible!! Me and Logan are still together and very happy!!"

No. 397670

Can you imagine being married to someone who sees your marriage as just one more thing to use to play BPD games? For most people their spouse is the most important person on earth. They would never engage in machinations to deceive the "trolls" that might cause their spouse distress. Raven is such a crazy piece of shit that it's impossible not to wonder if she is staging something that even if not real could make Logan uncomfortable, facing weird questions from family and friends not in on the joke, feeling his marriage devalued even more as he becomes just another tribute in the Borderline Hunger Games.

But this is the woman who used her son or at least used her son's identity when she fake suicide. The feelings of the people who may love her mean nothing to her.

Run Logan, run!

No. 397772

Exactly. Fake or not, Raven, you are a piece of shit. We all know you're reading here, sorry I mean "your friend" (like you have any that can read lmao).

Whatever it is, Logan good luck.

No. 397850

Ah yes, this guy is exactly Raven's type – much goth! Very long hair! Wow skinny!
I mean, how could she not fall in love with such a perfect alt guy????

No. 397852

I hope it's real because this level of attention-whoring, trying to keep her so-called bullies paying attention is so pathetic, so sad, it's not even funny anymore. How empty must her life be.

Yeah I think it's bait.

No. 397856

what the fuck kind of backdrop is this for this dress? gothic mediocre beach princess? it's not a bad dress, even on her (tho she needs to pull it up a bit and could desperately use heels so she's not dragging the hem like a train), but what the fuck even is this supposed to be? what went through her mind to make her go "yes let me take this likely expensive dress and go stand out in the middle of the beach in bare feet looking angry?" she could have at least cropped it?

sage for being triggered by the thought of wet sand getting ground into the bottom of that dress for four inches

No. 397968

Possible bait breakup video up now

No. 397971

File: 1497688599332.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot from 2017-06-17 18:…)

No. 397974

It's a good thing that tattoo he got of Raven doesn't actually look like her.

No. 397975

Seems sus

No. 397977

File: 1497689871952.gif (1.48 MB, 320x180, Alpha_Males_ContraPoints.gif)

So what do we reckon - bait or milk? Moo or man?

No. 397978

All these comments regarding her relationship status and then the thread goes quiet and suddenly a new video appears saying their split up using pretty much every excuse written here and then blaming lowcow drama.. She's the one choosing to feed it!

No. 397979

I'm going out now, but if someone wants to maybe download the video because chances are she'll delete the second she gets a negative comment.

No. 397980


Yeah definitely bait

No. 397985

I don't think it's fake.
And if it is, how disrespectful to her "fans"?? To make everyone who follows you think this because you wanna "bait the trolls" is just wrong.

No. 397986

Wait does Raven really have 1m subs? It says so on her profile.

No. 397987

I don't understand, why does she say "I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this online"?

I mean, besides people posting screenshots here and talking trash, there's no one else "bullying" hee so what shit is she talking about? Just don't visit lolcow you dumb bitch and maybe your pedo marriage would last,geez. Ofc it's lolcows fault for all of this lol.

No. 397988

If it is fake then that just proves that Logan is no real man and is being cucked.

No. 397989

Like many other anons, I think it's bait. But if it isn't, I'll donate a few bucks to Logan to get the shitty tattoos related to her lasered off/covered up and for the years of therapy he's going to need.

This isn't even the worst thing she's done to her "fans." She has literally faked her own suicide just for a reaction from us.

No. 397992

Someone really should save the video before it gets deleted, if it hasn't already

I can't I'm on mobile

No. 397994

This has to be bait. I agree, she's bored that she isn't getting any attention from us. She's too intent on proving us wrong to let her child bride just walk away.

No. 397998

She has 1m views not subs most of them come from her emily/cj videos. I think the break up is genuine you can almost see a tiny bit of humanity in her face while she's talking but since she's already moved on and found "the love of her life"' it shows she never really loved Logan. Did any one else catch the bit where she's telling girls to stay away from him? She will always be lurking around to make sure he doesn't find another girlfriend

No. 398000

I actually think Raven and her child bride splitting might be legit. Yes, she does go out of her way to feed her threads, but right now I wouldn't be shocked if she was pushing the breakup "drama" to not only get attention, but is trying to shove it in a "look what you did" kind of way.

I just feel things were spontaneous with things like her fake suicide, but little hints here and there made me think this was coming like when >>393691 points out she describes the exact opposite of her child bride.

No. 398002

I think it is legit too. Raven doesn't know how to fake this type of stuff because she wears her heart on her sleeve at all times.

What else did she expect from Logan? He was a kid when they hooked up and never had a chance to gain any life experience to deal with stress or learn how to be in a relationship. His video q&a's were full of immature stupid shit. The only thing he knows is to follow along in Raven's wake and do what she says.

I feel bad for them, because breakups are never pleasant, but secretly full of glee at the milk that will be gushing our way.

No. 398008

We know you're lying raven….tho be careful what you wish for

No. 398019

Interesting is that she has this on one account but her marshall acct still is married to Logan (who clearly never used his fb). But she shared the video of the break up to all accounts and her ex commented on it, which makes it a bit lor real.

You are Welcome Raven, lolcow is always here to tell you that your relationships are doomed. We are happy you took our advice.

No. 398022

See, if this was true I'd feel happy for Logan, finally free from her clutches and now has the chance to live out a normal life without her. Granted he is a bit of a dick but perhaps that's Raven's doing more than anything? Picking up her traits, parroting her thoughts, etc… However, I can't feel that way because I have a nagging feeling it's bait, and that she only put out the video because the majority of us knew she was lying about it. If this woman can deceive her own "fans" by faking her suicide, why wouldn't she do this? Also notice in the video, besides all the contradictions of course, that she blames this website for the "break up". I think it's all bull to try and guilt trip us, just like the suicide thing - her way of saying "see, all of you trolls bitching about us would've caused this!!" Hoping I'm wrong though and it is true!

No. 398023

Emily dig in her giveaway video. Chatting shit about how her prizes were not personal and were lame. The jealousy is real no wonder she wants nothing to do with you raven

No. 398035

File: 1497716442980.jpeg (62.39 KB, 629x473, image.jpeg)

If this break up is just bait, it's super disrespectful towards Logan and her followers just to try and prove something to us. Also, how can she blame us for breaking them up? If Logan wanted out, that's his choice, he's an adult now and not a child anymore. If it is real, I'm willing to bet it's due to Logan not wanting to move and her being a pissbaby over it so instead she finds one of her followers that gives her the much needed attention she wants to use them to get back to the states and I give it a few months after she moves there, she'll leave him too.

No. 398039

Completely agree, but it wouldn't be surprising considering the fake suicide stunt she pulled years ago. If she can manipulate and play with peoples emotions over her own death then she'd more than likely to do this too. Highly ironic in her video she basically says that Logan "still" doesn't like "sluts" and that girls should keep away from him - even when broken up (supposedly) she still wants to control him? Yet it's fine that she moved on the second they split (likely had this guy in her sights before anyway). She's fucking vile, honestly. Also what's with the teenage lovey shit? You're 40 years old, acting like a teenager/young adult isn't going to make you one Raven.

No. 398040

If this break up is just bait, it's super disrespectful towards Logan and her followers

Implying that Raven gives a single fuck about anyone but herself.

No. 398042

Has anyone actually had a look at the Joshua Bradley guy? Appears to (possibly) have a kid, also not in the least bit alternative… I call it that she's only with him to use him for her move back to the states then she'll be on to whatever alt guy will have her when everything's sorted there

No. 398043

File: 1497718187499.png (1000.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2210.PNG)

She's in a relationship with dude. Already.

No. 398046

Keep up anon lol

Are we not forgetting she branded Logan for life with that tattoo? At least it looks nothing like her and he can just pass it off as a pin up tattoo, but hopefully a decent artist (i.e. not the kitchen scratcher Raven goes to) will be able to cover it up with something

No. 398059


He doesn't look one bit like an alternative guy, let alone an alternative guy that fulfils Raven's 'Skinny, goth' ideal. This is either a bunch of made up nonsense for views or Raven wants to go to America and is latching onto the first person she thinks she can leech off of.

No. 398065

Funny isn't it how she constantly moaned about "sluts" trying to steal Logan away throughout their entire relationship, yet SHE was the one looking elsewhere, posting lewd photos for other men and now is already with another person when not even five minutes have passed since their apparent break up! Worse still, it suggests she had been discussing this with "Joshua" well in advance of the split (stay classy Raven, chatting to another man about potentially getting together whilst still married). If this is all real I really hope Logan can give us some milk on Raven, but it's unlikely considering the huge backlash he'd get from her.

No. 398072

>Highly ironic in her video she basically says that Logan "still" doesn't like "sluts" and that girls should keep away from him - even when broken up (supposedly) she still wants to control him?
This is why I really think this is bait since why would you care who he talks to when you've supposedly mutually decided to break up and are already with someone else?
If this is real, I really hope Logan (and Dorian) blocks all contact with her when she leaves. I could definitely see her trying to control him and keep him around to use him like she does with her one ex that buys shit for her.

>Appears to (possibly) have a kid
Jesus Christ, I hope if this is real that it's not his kid. Looking at the way she treats her own biological son, just imagine how much worse she would be to a kid from another woman.

>I call it that she's only with him to use him for her move back to the states then she'll be on to whatever alt guy will have her when everything's sorted there

I think she will do that too.

No. 398080

I also believe it is true. Those tears appeared real - shes gotten real good at acting if they are fake. Plus Raven would NEVER concede that her relationship sucked.

Of course she blames lolcow. She will never take responsibility for her own behavior. "It's hard having to constantly prove your relationship" shut the fuck up, Raven. Next time, don't prey on a 16 year old child and maybe people won't hate you.

I bet her new bf is just a way to get into the US, now that she can't use her ex-child brides state funding to do so.

I'm actually excited for this new Raven adventure! The child bride saga was getting old (kek).

No. 398083

I agree, I think it is real.

It's funny she blames us when this thread was dead for months and she brings it back to life herself.

Can't wait til she moves to America and she starts whinging about how nothing is how she remembers lol

No. 398092

"I made excuses and made excuses, When I shouldn't have. He doesn't know how to be in a relationship (so I thought), I'll give him time to learn. WHICH I SHOULDN'T HAVE HAD TO DO."

Bitch, whatttt?? He was 16 years old. You're right, he should have had his shit figured out by the time you groomed him, Raven. Ugh, the milk is unreal with this one.

No. 398094

I can't stand cunts like her, they can't take responsibility for anything and always have to shift the blame on someone else, making themselves appear completely innocent of any wrongdoing. With those types, it's always everyone else that's the problem and not them. Fuck off with that shit Raven, you only have yourself to blame. You just hate us because we don't suck up to you and see you for what you really are. I mean really, what did she expect marrying a CHILD? That combined with her extreme jealousy and possessiveness, the relationship was doomed from the start. She said CJ fucked her over but what she did to Logan far outweighs that - she robbed him of his youth, became so possessive and jealous to the point that he wasn't allowed to have any females as friends, spent his money on tacky toys and tattoos, branded him for life with shitty ink AND took slutty photos for other men to look at. To top that all off, she announces she's with another guy immediately after they split. What does that say about you Raven? You were so worried about a "slut" stealing him but those fears were really just projections of what you're like. You're the only slut here.

No. 398101

File: 1497730535271.jpg (53.33 KB, 588x752, rayray.JPG)

Receipts from her current social media shenanigans. From what I can see, they have been publicly talking since 6/5. Mind you, she's already updated her last name to include his, on facebook at least, kek

No. 398103

If it's not true, she has ascended to a whole new level of bat shit insane.
>pretending to have divorced your husband and flirting with your new fake bf on fb
>to get back at all those meanie trolls
It's almost too good to be true, I hope it's all fake. Because then it's one of the funniest things any cow has done, faked a divorce and a new husbando to thwart all the meanie trolls.

No. 398105

File: 1497731505550.jpg (62.43 KB, 695x753, raybrad.JPG)

Very true. His profile on youtube is dedicated to her, and app games. And we all know how much Raven loves herself and those games.

The writing style seems similar, but not enough to convince me that she's master minded all this, yet.

No. 398108

File: 1497732400536.jpg (48.3 KB, 343x400, IMG_3641.JPG)

Fucking hell, PLEASE let this be fake, I refuse to believe two "adults" would act so sickly-sweet retarded on a public forum. It's like listening to a conversation between two inmates in a psycho ward! Totally vomit-inducing.

No. 398114

File: 1497733111722.png (387.23 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1511.PNG)