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File: 1441390383906.jpg (26.41 KB, 320x320, image.jpg)

No. 174775

No. 174780

Aka most likely to be >hated< by a Japanese restaurant waiter

No. 174783

That outfit is such a disaster. I don't know if it's her posture ruining things or if the clothing is completely unsalvageable in itself.
She probably thinks she's a hundred times cooler and more kawaii than her dumpy little sister, too.

No. 174786

But if that's the case, it isn't Kiki's fault! All the haters will manifest their bad energy and receive severe karmic suffering from "archangel" St. Francis! Any waiter that rejects her love and light will miss out on her cruelty free moonbeams and crystalline energy. It'll never be Kiki's fault that all of these bitter jealous uglies try to bring her down and invalidate her position as a caregiving pure white angel animal savior.

No. 174788

Is there a way you can check who's Kiki subscribe to on YouTube? I'm curious

No. 174793

>>174783 Someone needs to tell her that "kawaii hipster grunge goth" isn't a look.

No. 174796

Links, anon…

No. 174814

It's a disaster. It's like "wtf is going on here?" It's a hot mess of fabric

.. But at least not white

No. 174836


Google her yourself

No. 174861

It's like the bare minimum for setting up a thread, c'mon.

No. 174863

No. 174865

I wish she'd trim her hair or something for fuck sakes. Her ends bother me so damn much.

No. 174905

Wow, what a shitty OP. Way to drop the ball on that one.

Anyway, in that recent video she posted with the ~special vegan pizza~, her apaato or whatever looked really dirty and gross. Not really the housewife you portray yourself to be, huh kaka?

No. 174924

It does look a little messy.

I just watched the video and idk it's really awkward how she's filming him play video games. It makes me think of the foreverkailyn vlogs where she awkwardly films other people have fun to prove to the ~haydurs~ that she has a life.

No. 174951


A little? Looks like a right shit hole. Jesus.

No. 174961

Is taco a vegan or is he being forced into her shitty lifestyle by association?

No. 174968

He's not, weirdly enough she's totally fine with it.

No. 174995

File: 1441419369481.png (44.71 KB, 301x234, Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 7.09…)

How do we feel about vegans faking food allergies just so people cater to their specific food needs….?

No. 175000

I have a few friends that are vegan, and they go to a vegan establishment to eat out. Because the restaurant still uses meat and eggs so = restaraunt is supporting animal cruelty or w/e. I mean someone so "sensitive" about animals as she claims to be, suprised she's basically supporting somewhere that serves meat. I thought that's why she was vegan in the first place but ya

No. 175004

how is she not okay with restaurants even using the same utensils but she's okay with him eating meat? the fact that there's been meat all over his dishes doesn't bother her at all?

No. 175006

It's okay anon, she whispered prayers to st. francis and sent soothing energies ahead of time because her empath indigo brain had a crystal aura premonition that it'd take a bit longer to train taco to see the light

No. 175008

this outfit…damn.
what is even going on here?
at first I thought it was a high-waisted skirt, but looking closer it's some kind of wide belt and a bra under a mesh top? is the top part of her shirt or did she just roll up a regular tee over her tits?

gotta admit, though, I've been thinking about buying one of those Gigi plushies as well.
I love Kiki's Delivery Service.
just waitin' for Kiki to start glorifying her 'love for animu!' and citing 'obscure' films that literally every 90's child grew up with.

No. 175009

can't she see.. how much death is on his plates? all those poor animals that he has consumed.. so much blood on his hands.. he's a murderer.. karma will get him soon

No. 175014

Being a vegan in other people's presence in Japan is often considered rude and inconvenient. Like if you go to an izakaya, or basically just eat together.

I have a friend (foreign) who is a vegan but he knows how most Japanese think so he doesn't decline meat when we eat with other friends, he just eats it very slowly and try to get full on ofher things. His gf once said to us that he's vegan but he tried to deny it since he didn't want to come off as inconvenient.

I understand actual vegans and respect them, and I don't think anyone should hide it or feel that they are bothering others with it. His gf and I actually kept eating the chicken that was given to him to help him out, pretending we were super hungry.

No. 175026

It's even more ridiculous that she'll nag him about smoking but not about eating meat.

No. 175064

It's weird that she does nag him about the smoking. In the past she would go on rants about people who smoked and people who did drugs but she willingly fucked guys that did one or the other or both. She's high and mighty unless you're launching meat into her sausage wallet.

No. 175089

Ironic how she used to be a smoker

No. 175090

File: 1441438117001.jpg (63.91 KB, 500x738, smoking.jpg)

Kiki or just Dakota? Not that it's any surprise that the Ostrengas are hypocrites, but Kiki was always criticizing smokers and the other "scene queens" at the time for taking pictures with cigarettes even though none of them actually smoked.

No. 175094

File: 1441439408498.gif (3.17 MB, 288x216, ichiban.gif)

good god

No. 175095

Funny I just looked up to find the source of that image, which is Kiki's buzznet that was a source of lols for years, and she's finally put it on private. Probably she finally realised that her scene queen version of life events was contradicting her current pretentious bullshit.

No. 175101

Anon how could you post this one and not the one with Kooter in the background???

No. 175102

File: 1441442881855.jpg (50.49 KB, 500x720, ae092a8245_31755774_o2.jpg)

I think this picture is supposed to have an 'anti-smoking' message though, thus the "smoking isn't cute" written on the cigarettes.
The pictures from this set with Kooter in it make it even better though; it looks like she's used as like a "this will be you if you smoke" kinda thing.
I have no idea what Kaka's real intentions were but that's how it comes across.

No. 175107

File: 1441445522631.jpg (162.79 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

That hairline

No. 175109

File: 1441445562571.jpg (16.67 KB, 228x300, image.jpg)

Using this again for comparison

No. 175110


No. 175111

photoshops herself into 2012 kota

No. 175116

File: 1441447941170.jpg (154.77 KB, 474x474, bangz.jpg)

No. 175118

Ok. Did she tried to make ~beach waves~ or is it just some crunchy wet hair? I can't tell.
Also LOLZ Kota's face and "we went to the forests but here's a picture of my face anyway"

No. 175119


Looks like a bandage dress to me

No. 175120

She used to be obsessed with the labyrinth and David Bowie but I guess that kawaii enough anymore

No. 175123


The two cigarettes say smoking isn't cute.

I think it was her way of standing up against smoking. Yea stupid I know

No. 175124


I thought buzznet refused to delete it so she went on a rant through Twitter and they still didn't get rid of it

No. 175138

I honestly don't remember that, but all I know is her buzznet profile is on private (maybe she did that if buzznet wouldn't delete it?) now when it wasn't only a while ago.

No. 175139

Getting vegan food can be difficult, but I hate people who are so obnoxious about it. "Cross contamination" does not make you less vegan if your food is, why create so much extra trouble for staff?

No. 175166

I will say the wavy hair is an improvement but she had to ruin it with those tight buns on her head.
Imagine how silly this looks irl though.

This happened over 2 months ago, so it's understandable you wouldn't remember. Here is the screencap to refresh your memory:

But yeah, buzznet wouldn't delete it because no one cares about buzznet anymore and no one's been running the site in over a year.

I don't get why she wanted the buzznet taken down so badly tbh. She wasn't acting any more of an asshole than she normally does on it. All the stuff she said on it is shit I could see her saying right now.

No. 175167

It might look cuter with bangs, but her hair is not thick enough to pull it off anyway.

No. 175186

Fuck Kaka and her constant need of being the center of attention.
(watching old vids for the lols)

No. 175190

Thanks for linking to the screencap! Maybe she's/she was planning another personality change/fabricating a new background story to match her ~indigoness~ e.g. "I went to university as a 14 year old you jelly haterz, I'm a true indigo!" Although, if I remember correctly, she claimed/insinuated on Buzznet that she was going to college at 16? Anyone else remember that?

No. 175193


as if they would spend more money than the food's actual price on buying "new" utensils for just one order.

No. 175194

Yeah, she made a video talking about preparing to go or that she had just started going at that age, I believe.
It was on her Buzznet account, wasn't too long ago that I watched it but unfortunately I won't be able to find it now due to the whole Buzznet account privatizing.

No. 175197

Im sure kooter was ok with it though cus less face to edit lol

No. 175200


Oh well it's her own fault for not remembering her password lol

No. 175204

You can still view a whole load of those Buzznet videos through Wayback machine. Couldn't find the college one though.


Seeing videos like this, really makes you realise how far she's gone off the deep end currently. Even though she had issues back then, she was a lot more likeable because she had a real personality - not the fakeness she's portraying on social media nowadays.

No. 175212


Exactly!! It's like she was still a really shitty obnoxious person back then, but she was more interesting because she was straightforward about it, whereas nowadays she's still a shitty obnoxious person but she puts on this fake-ass ~love and light~ persona which makes her unlikeable and boring

No. 175213

File: 1441467724383.jpg (144.69 KB, 638x730, image.jpg)

> 2 empath desu for suicide forest

She probably didn't even know about this forest existence in the first place, let's be honest

No. 175218

Kota was the one who did the editing and this was back when she was a funny and obnoxious child (as every child has their write of passage to be) so god knows what was going through her head. It's funny though.

No. 175221

No she wasn't lmfao

No. 175222

Actually she was. Especially with David Bowie, even Prince and shit

No. 175228

I love milk but do you guys realize you sound mega fucking creepy and stupid when you pull shit like "oh she liked this such and such years ago, guess it isn't kawaii enough now" out of your ass? Are you that dehydrated? This is like pouring powdered milk from the grocery store into your asshole and trying to shit it into our mouths.

No. 175230

Caps or you're full of shit.

No. 175231

When did she declare herself an empath? She's borderline socially retarded.

No. 175232

Twitter bio haha

No. 175237

> This is like pouring powdered milk from the grocery store into your asshole and trying to shit it into our mouths.

Im really really interested in how your brain works.

No. 175239

Joke's on you. I fucking love powdered milk.

No. 175240

Well, what if I want anon's ass milk? Have you considered that?

No. 175242

Just a wee humble farmer who is god damned tired of this economy and refuses to take this spoiled and curdled bullshit! I want milk not cheese.

No. 175243

how did it go from powdered milk to cheese

No. 175247

…cheese is curdled milk anon. It's not that srs.


No. 175253

Actually lol'd.

No. 175267

File: 1441477756079.jpg (115.83 KB, 350x1100, Bowie.jpg)


No she really was into David Bowie and other 80's stuff. I did an advance twitter search for Bowie on her Twitter and I got a lot of results even from last year.

You just sound like some butt hurt anon yo. Why you so mad brah?

No. 175301

I don't understand how it has anything to do with "not being kawaii enough" though just because she doesn't tweet about Bowie like what the fuck…you're reaching so far be careful you'll pull a muscle or tear a ligament.

No. 175324

Don't you have some vegan meal to prepare for your bar taco, fuck off kaka

No. 175326

No. 175337

No. 175340


Are you fucking retarded? That person was pointing out she was into Bowie because people were saying she wasn't/ wanted proof.

>>175120 mentioned about it not being kawaii enough for her. Two completely different posts. Read to read faggot.

No. 175342


Learn to type faggot.

No. 175346

What the fuck is happening to this board?
You all are spreading cancer like a fucking venereal disease.
I'm going to hope it's sperging newfags because I really do not want to be so disappointed in farmers…

No. 175356


y'all take yourselves way too seriously
> I really do not want to be so disappointed in farmers…

why? farmers are nothing special, we're all here bitching about people on the internet instead of being productive. don't act like you're above other people. nobody gives a fuck who's a newfag and who isn't because we're all here doing the same thing, bitching and gossiping and saying mean things behind a cloak of anonymity.

No. 175363

Sperg harder

No. 175378

Salty fag much?

No. 175395

Kiki must be laughing her ass off when watching farmers providing the milk

And I don't blame her. Look at yourselves


No. 175400

I agree. However, I wouldn't say it's…nearly
entertaining enough to be rolling on the floor laughing.

It's embarrassing. And then to try to justify it by saying we're all here to bitch. A lot of us are here for that Dericious Milkku, not to watch some miserable cunt with ass burgers get mad that no one is laughing at their dumb jokes so they have the bright idea to rampage in threads calling everyone retards for not agreeing.
But I digress. That's all I have to offer on the topic, I should be ignoring it in the first place. Maybe my second hand embarrassment is just a little too copious rn.

No. 175415

This and the Dakota thread are just pure cancer these days.

No. 175425

I normally don't reply to the meta drama tbh, it doesn't interest me but it is annoying when it shits up a thread

No. 175436

I'm vegan and I've lied about allergies before, especially when I was in Japan. Never for new utensils, though, because that just reeks of a princess complex. Just did it so that they'd tell me what items on the menu really were vegetable dishes and/or could be made vegan with a simple modification, like no katuobushi.

So she can kiss a "bloodmouth" but needs to inconvenience everybody for new utensils? We should report her to that fat, vegan snowflake (http://vegan-because-fuck-you.tumblr.com/).

No. 175440

LMFAO I commented on her most recent IG photo "You look like your sister here! <3" and she deleted it + blocked me. Wowee, bitch is paranoid as fuck.

No. 175445

Okay but you're proving that it was a farmer so she wasn't so paranoid in assuming it was a backhanded lolcow comment was she?

No. 175455

File: 1441512056585.jpg (10.58 KB, 272x144, 1440790051874.jpg)

Are you new or something? Kaka does this shit all the time. She'll delete anything that mentions her sister. Anon said that she commented then it was deleted/she was blocked. That means it already happened before she came here to post. Smh

No. 175461

But she couldn't have possibly known that I'm a farmer. I could've easily been a fan of hers/Kota but she blocked me anyway. My comment wasn't at all rude or insulting - but she felt the need to delete it.

No. 175466

Yeah it was,because kaka is way hotter than her dumpy fat little sister smh

No. 175467

Hi, Kaka!

So youre that one salty ass poster in the Dakooter thread~

No. 175525

I wonder when Kiki will start posting all the ~omg fall and Halloween and kawaii costumes and trick or treating with Taku for vegan candies from her ttly supportive and accommodating nihonjin neighbors~

No. 175528

I bet 10USD her costume will be a harness and cat ears.

No. 175533

>David Bowie and Freddie Mercury are my spirit animals okie.

But Keekz! That is cultural appropiation!!!1!11

No. 175536

it's not. she's a fucking poser through and through. that's their point.

No. 175558

>animal slaughter counter

No. 175572

I know. He's the most obnoxious tumblrina vegan I know of. Makes Kiki a breath of fresh air.

No. 175589

lol wtf is this from

No. 175605

No. 175610

So she's Deanna Troi now?

Why are vegans so obnoxious? The holier than thou attitude is really irritating. They are so condescending towards anyone who isn't vegan.

No. 175614

This woman still has to grasp the concept that siblings do look alike.

Alsoooo… We all know what she tryna do right ;)

No. 175621

I'm just avoiding vegans on the Internet now. The ones that make it known outside of a food context are usually crazy.

No. 175651

"How can spot a vegan?"
"Don't worry, they will let you know."

No. 175699

Deanna Troi had an positive actual role tho
I lol'd so hard anon, marry me

No. 175700

I find it's usually as a means to take higher moral ground than others. It's the same attitude as people who are overly religious bigots or practice classism

No. 175712

(Same anon as >>175436)
Honestly, I have no idea, but that's why I don't usually say that I'm a vegan. Plus, they're worse than EDs with their competitiveness. "Oh, you don't have an endless bank account to waste on organic, vegetables that taste the same as non-organic vegetables but with more worms? NOT A VEGAN!!!1" "You use "X" brand of toothpaste? Didn't you know that the CEO's great-aunts son-in-law is related to a worker at L'oreal? NOT VEGAN!!1lulz" I swear vegan stands for vacuous, egotistical, generally aggravating nincompoop.

No. 175746

she should've hooked up with John Sakars the Cringiest most obnoxious, uncomfortable vegan out there.

No. 175766

What about Onision? Isn't he vegan? They have similar obnoxious personalities and they might be a match.

No. 175783

I agree with her and onion being a perfect match. She's literally the female version of him. Idk if he's a vegan tho.

I also think that she'd be good with Anthony from Smosh because they're both each other's types.

No. 175860


They're all doing a good job of convincing people that going vegan will scramble your brain and make you mentally unstable.

No. 175899

Go to kiki's video of vegan pizza and read comments, the last one, which is a reply from kiki, go to see the profile of who is replying. Lol at the bio and the "went to eat vegan pizza with the bae" she tries so hard.

No. 175907

While her copycatting Kaka and Kota is cringeworthy, I'm gonna let it slide since she seems pretty young. It's not like that one 40 year old woman who's copying them that should really know that it's a creepy/weird thing to do.

I'm surprised Kaka didn't block this girl because she was awful salty about her copying her twitter description. She blocked the 40 year old woman, but it may be because she worshiped Kota more than her.

No. 176019

She's not even wearing a dress. She's wearing literal fetish bondage lingerie.

No. 176029

Can you tell more or link to the thread about the 40 year old woman?

No. 176030


I was wondering if that's because she realises one of them is just going through a phase and the other is a creepy grown woman, but Kiki's so unhinged at this point I'm not sure if that would even occur to her

No. 176034

You've most likely seen her before because she always comments on kawaii girls' pictures/videos/etc, her name is/was Dakota Venus Doll (I know she had to change it on ig bc she was reported).
There's no thread on here for her (although she was discussed in the 'kawaii at an older age' thread and earlier Kaka threads), but here's her pull thread:

No. 176070

File: 1441617734067.png (351.71 KB, 577x586, stfu.png)

She'll have 'Safe vegan-friendly sex advocate' on her profile in no time

No. 176073

File: 1441618363297.png (615.53 KB, 680x218, 8dd.png)


No. 176074

Since when was organic class as a flavour?! Wtf

No. 176075

Oh I get what she meant now. Sorry I'm stupid

No. 176078

I fucking called it, in one of her old threads

Well actually it was more as a "how far Kirsten would go" kind of joke

lol how sad

No. 176080

I guess using normal condoms make sex unsafe and toxic

ty for lecturing me, kaka

No. 176084

I'm surprised she didn't mention the size

No. 176088

Wait so this is their first time together?

In seconds thought I don't want to know

No. 176092

File: 1441624739610.png (55.11 KB, 574x444, kikijmatt.png)

ha did anyone catch this?

No. 176098


inb4 "The only meat Taku gets is me! Hahaha ;D ;D"

No. 176100

"Don't let haters and gossipers influence your choices when looking for love! Don't believe in lies the media tell you about other races. Taku is an XXL who loves when I use raw vegan blueberry flavored condom ~<3"

No. 176102


WTF is Kota doing in this video? She's like an ADHD gremlin in the background.

No. 176105

Where was that vid posted?

No. 176122

No. 176127

On ig, it's the pizza one.

No. 176128


Lol kota is actually laughing wow

No. 176129

Latex is only dangerous when you have a latex allergy, I can't deal with her.
>ordering condoms from overseas
So sustainable!

No. 176130

No. 176132


Why is she even showing us? jfc

No. 176133

True, which is why I avoid them. I had to leave a vegan facebook group because they were constantly attacking each other over insignificant shit like posting a picture with a horse or eating Oreos. I just don't talk to other vegans anymore.

No. 176134

No. 176137

Seriously. Kaka, we already know you're having sex and we know that you'd use special organic vegan condoms.

It's funny how she'll post shit like this and then go on about how ~private~ she is and other things are. Like she'll share this, but she won't ever share what she's apparently "studying."

No. 176138

I wish someone could tweet her "You sure tweet a lot of stuff for someone so "private"."

Someone should provoke her

No. 176140

But is latex even VEGAN? Because if it's not Queen Kira Kira will have none of it.
Honestly, from demanding new kitchen utensils to have her food made to ordering condom overseas… this girl just…wow

I'm pretty sure if someone provoked her about it she'd go on a rant about health sex life, and ~muh rape~ and healing, and how you shouldn't be ashamed of having sex because haters will try to tear you down, insert some Dita Von Teese quote etc

No. 176141


She's a fucking nut job. Why would we care she's shagging #pray4taku's tweezer sized dick anyway? Tons of women have sex, tons of them are probably humpin' while were on this board but they aren't sharing flavored lubes and shit like this with us! None of us care that you have sex or what condoms you're using kaka. I got durex in my drawer kaka, want to see them? Would you be interested? Would u kaka?

kek lets hope it dont split and she gets preggo (she'd luv that cos it'd be half nippon and she'd force it t become a model)

No. 176142


No you fuckin igmo, this is how you make the milk dry up

No. 176149

Except kaka having fits provide us with endless milk

At worst, she'll "leave" Twitter for a week or two

No. 176152

I honestly hope she never has a kid, for their sake. The cycle would just continue forever.

… though part of me wonders how she'd raise a boy.

No. 176153

I fucking hate kaka I tried to be friends with this skinny cunt on Instagram and Twitter and I tagged her in a food I made which I was steak n it said "mmmm my man loves when I make dinner for him" n this bitch blocked me maybe she's jelly I can fulfill my mans need unlike her ugly ass she tries so hard to b pretty but she's below average fuck this cunt weeaboo

No. 176155


…and then sending used condoms back for Cathy to collect them…

No. 176157

This bitch think she's almighty and good but she's literally responsible for someone l's DEATH and SMILES about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DISGUSTING

No. 176164

Right? She posts shit like this and as soon as anyone asks her a questions relating to it, she starts with "Oh I'm a private person, I wouldn't discuss that online" and starts another deleting spree. Like, if she wanted people to know about the company, she didn't have to word it as if it were coming from her personal perspective/experience. It just reeks of attention-seeking, and we've fallen for it by giving her this attention. >_<

No. 176167

It's not, but preservatives and medication are things where the necessity kind of overrules lifestyle choices. But I'm sure Keeks would rather get preggers than be anything but a perfect vegan goddess.

No. 176168

*contraceptives, not preservatives, jfc.

No. 176185


Please someone say for someone who wants to keep her life private she is putting a lot of personal shit in twitter.

No. 176194


No she's not you dumb asshole. Danny jumped out a fucking window himself because he agreed to meet a 12 year old for coke and implied sex. I don't care if Cathy set it up, NO ONE MADE HIM SHOW UP LET ALONE JUMP OUT A WINDOW.

fuck people need to stop reaching with that one let it go. kiki's like next level obnoxious but danny was a grown ass man who made his own supremely dumb choices. stop blaming kiki, there's enough lols there.

No. 176195


actually this might be kiki/cathy trolling for edge points.

No. 176197


This is why I'm surprise she has any fans left. She blocks everyone

No. 176205

Does taco know this bitch used to have an STD

No. 176207

Did you cook a 100% raw vegan meal though? Because if you didn't we all know she will think you're not good enough to be even following her.

No. 176209


I saw her video saying she had one and honestly? She sounded SO childish in that, (like, toddler behavior), I wouldn't put it past scene Kiki saying she had one just to imply she ~did the sex~ or smthg.

No. 176211

Fuck no it was yummy cow meat mmmm the type taco drools over while she has him eat carrots lol I bet taco would leave her for me…. I got ass and straight black hair I'm Russian Lebanese not to mention 5'8 n eat very well I date a Japanese man n he loves my cooking so I rubbed it in her face lol

No. 176214

Damn this bitch is so abbrassive.

No. 176215

My Instagram is rimamachhour91 if u don't believe me

No. 176221

You're even more obnoxious and attention-seeking than Kaka herself, fucking leave.

No. 176226

Nope fuck u

No. 176227

I really don't want to believe this is for real. I'm going to pretend this is someone with a vendetta posting this chick to get us pissed at her.

No. 176229


thats impossible.

kiki literally said girls with bleach blonde hair were all copying her.

No. 176235

I'm convinced that's someone with a vendetta against that chick: no one in their right mind would post their own insta username on a thread like this saying shit like that.

No. 176237


Yeah, I think that, too.
It's probably best to just ignore them until they either give up or get banned

No. 176260

underrated post

No. 176276

File: 1441652805713.jpg (14.11 KB, 328x358, article-1392514-0C569956000005…)


I bet she's sponsored by them.
I mean wtf is even all of that shit? She seriously needs 2 or 3 kinds of lube?
She probably constantly asks companies to sponsor her and this is the only one that went for it.

No. 176277

Anal, anon. lotsa anon.

No. 176281

>2. They are vegetarian. Or, they’re health conscious and take great care in what they eat.
>10. They aren’t religious, but believe there’s a god out there somewhere.
>14. They have slightly unconventional hobbies. They are probably seeking approval from somewhere.

15. They live by a sense of the changing of the seasons–appropriate flowers are displayed during each month, only vegetables in-season are consumed, etc.

>▼Extra points if they love cherry blossoms!

these points reminded me of Kiki

No. 176282

Hey did Josep ever return?

No. 176283

I doubt she can handle anal she has a bony ass but maybe she got a lot of practice from hanging out with Jeff star back in the day and those sex n drugs parties almost all the scene queens are doing wayyy better than her (Hannah Beth) for example

No. 176286

I thought the same thing! She must have begged them to send her free stuff - like who else would advertise that they received/ordered so much lube and condoms? (except sex-posi bloggers, but that's their shit and Kiki has never seemed to be the sex-posi blogger type…)

No. 176287

He's not a real person and possibly Kiki.

No. 176290

Having a fat ass literally has nothing to do with being able to handle anal wut.

I wonder if keeks can't even lubricate because her body is so nutrient deprived from being vegan.

Seriously who needs lube unless you're a dried up old woman (and not lolcow standards old like 35+) or doing anal.

No. 176332

Girls who don't have loose pussies and/or aren't fucking guys with 3 inch dicks.

No. 176336


Damn right my ass is fucking huge and in the past when I tried anal it actually made me cry/bleed/pass out. Sometimes all three, and in that order.

It feels fucking AWFUL.

No. 176337

It won't let me watch it? What the fuck

No. 176339

A lot of guys like to put lube on before a condom so maybe it's for taco.

No. 176342

No. 176351

All that effort just to fuck. I get that vegans don't want animals to suffer or be used in the production of goods, but it's okay to protect yourself from unwanted babies and STDs without requiring special earth goddess kira kira johnson wraps.

No. 176355

Women make their own lube. you should be making enough that adding more is redundant unless you're really old or severely sick from being vegan like keeks.

Unless every guy you fucked just slops on lube and shoves his dick in you don't need it.

No. 176376

also I'd like to add that it's very non-organic and toxic of her to use industrialized lube, because you can use raw coconut oil for that ?

No. 176377


Ops! Correction: raw natural vegan organic coconut oil

No. 176378

I'm seconding this. I remember an anon saying something about her posting a text convo with a guy and where it was cut off said something about anal.

No. 176382


Coconut oil destroys condoms

No. 176383

Loose vaginas are a myth…that a lot of people use to shame women. Do you realize women give birth to 7-9 pound babies and the muscles in their vagina reverts?

No. 176384


Women on birth control? Every form of bc ever had made me dry up and even my IUD does it to a lesser extent

plus I smoke weed every day and that affects all your mucous glands short term (cottonmouth)

No. 176386


I'm surprised nobody has mentioned how low quality, grainy, and small this pic is. She most likely stole it from google images like most of her other pics.


Kaka taking it in the ass on the regular explains how she get a man to put up with her for longer than a weekend. Nobody else she bragged about was as ugly as Taku and could probably do better than her regardless.

Would also make sense how she's supposedly been with him for half a year now and only just started buying/Caron about vegan condoms. Well, that and that someone brought it up in a previous thread. She loves bragging about her period, maybe next she'll find some vegan diva cups or a vegan diaphragm to tweet about.

No. 176397

Nitpick but 'arrived to Tokyo' sounds wrong. Is this more 'I'm so fluent in Japanese I'm forgetting English lololololol' bullshit?

No. 176401

I know the truth makes you feel bad about yourself, but it is in fact possible for vaginas to vary in size, the same way that it is possible for any other body part. The idea that they get looser with sex is a myth, but "loose vaginas are a myth" is just a hilarious and pathetic lie.

I'm guessing you're not through puberty yet if you don't realize that your level of natural lubrication can differ greatly depending on where you are in the menstrual cycle. If you can ALWAYS have sex without lube you either have a nasty gaping pussy or your bf has a pencil dick.

No. 176404

I thought spit is lube to an extent

No. 176405

Women who have given birth commonly have problems with dry vaginas for a while

No. 176407

sure, they look super thrilled to be shopping in a japanese store. they were soooooo totally into anime and japanese culture all their childhood. so full of shit lol
out of that stuff kota wants to buy a bubble bath and kiki chooses a fan?
idk about in 2008 but they do sell tons of anime stuff in that store.

No. 176408

What does taco do for a living anyway

No. 176417

If and when she marries taco , how fast do you think it will take for her to bankrupt them?

No. 176418

I thought Japanese men are obsessed with boobs n she's a skeletor I mean damn he must be really booby deprived not to say I'm super busty myself but I got a lil something cuz I eat well n workout etc

No. 176420

> not to say I'm super busty myself but I got a lil something cuz I eat well n workout etc

Nobody asked..

No. 176421

i can't take this stupid shit anymore

No. 176422

Yo mama come @ me (•_____•)

No. 176423

There's no way they'll get married. Her obnoxious personalty will come through. Even if he doesn't realize or care, his friends and acquaintances will and through rigid social pressure they will separate.

No. 176424

that's a good point
unless he has no friends or acquaintances like kaka

No. 176426

Poor kaka I feel sorry for her sometimes until I remember what a cunt she can be n how she's too good to answer her fans lol

No. 176428

everyone seems to be forgetting that kaka used to have fucked up teeth herself until she got some dentistry done. She used to look like a hick with burnt platnium hair

No. 176437

>Anonymous R
>sweeping generalisation, clearly not interacted with many Japanese people
>pointless details about themselves

I thought summer was over…

No. 176440

He's buff man.. Why do people keep using him as some pro-ana insult?

No. 176442

Lmfao @ the banner the party never ends Lolz I wonder what's it's like to be kaka for one day lol is she rich?

No. 176443

I agree. In most of the videos we've seen of him, he already seems really annoyed with her.

No. 176445

What are her career goals even like she's almost 25 did she graduate from high school? She's too short to model

No. 176447

Japanese guys seem to be getting into the Latina look lately or is the if it's not white it's not right still prevelant in Japan

No. 176448

God I hate to reply to you because it drags this shit on and its ridiculously OT but you're a legit fucktard if you think a woman's vagina is "gaping" if it never needs lube. Your vagina should be self lubricating. When you're aroused, you're "wet" and your muscles relax. If you're not really feeling "in the mood" it can hurt if your man tries to get it in. Your vagina is meant to stretch. The only size difference experienced is with length. Don't be a patronizing idiot when you clearly don't understand anatomy. If you need lube every time you're having vaginal inter course, your vagina is dry or your partner really sucks at foreplay. Lube is hella gross anyway. You don't need to shove a dick in ASAP, which is what lube is good for.

Sorry to sperg out, but that's a pet peeve. Anyway, back to Keeks. It's tacky as hell to share pictures like this, especially when she's so insistent about her privacy. Won't tell anyone her major but has no issue sharing pics of flavored condoms she fully intends to use? Oooookay.

No. 176450

Her only goal is to make money and get attention off of her looks. Just look at all her projects, her looks are put out there more than anything she actually does. On lilkitten, which is supposed to be a lifestyle type blog, she literally has a huge banner of herself and an entire page just with selfies.

No. 176452

plz stop.

No. 176453

OKAY does she update that shit anymore? It's like she completely gave up on it because she wasn't getting the attention she thought she would or something…

No. 176454

god come on guys
this thread is downright OT and there are people obviously trying to recover it but everyone keeps shitting it up

she gave up to be a lazy ass housewife because ostrengas just need things handed to them

No. 176455

Nope, lol. The last time it was updated was on the 4th of July.

No. 176467

A million people ask her "where u get ur jewelry" n the evil cunt never says anything

No. 176469

My message to her is that of she's all about being a good person and etc maybe she should start by being nice to what fans she has left

No. 176474

dang yea, I asked her a question on her blog some time ago but she seems to just be ignoring them.

No. 176505

Literally no one ever commented on her posts and the only people asking her questions were trolls from lolcow and herself. Must be embarrassing honestly.

No. 176548

I really wonder how long this trip will last.
Does anyone remember when she arrived in japan?
let's just say she's been there for 3 weeks-a month now, all she and taku have done is change location and back? (parents place to hotel to his place, right?) she literally has just hung out and done laundry/ go to a forest?

Kiki, what are you doing with your life?
like for fuck sake, do you REALLY want to marry this guy you have known for maybe half a year? for what, to live in japan because your sister got a little fame there?
It just really mindfucks me.

Go back home kaka, be truly independent, get a job, save for a place/car, meet someone

or stay in jp and do they above

that's healthy.

Thread after thread it just gets so much sadder, can you imagine a thousand posts from now…..

No. 176549


No. 176554

I kinda feel bad for her even though she is a cunt. But then again I don't because it is mostly her fault. The only reason she wants to go live in japan is because her little sister makes a living there. Its funny because usually the younger sibling is copying the older one. I can only imagine how jealous she is even though dakota's career is pretty mediocre. She always says "Im sooo proud of my sister gais Im not jealous I swear!!!" Kaka pls.

Pretty pathetic to only marry a guy to be able to move to another country. She is a total mess and I'm sure her parents are encouraging her even more to get married and move away because they're getting tired of supporting her.

No. 176579

File: 1441685327816.png (67 KB, 625x470, Capture.PNG)

No. 176581

I just googled it and it says it's 1PM in Tokyo right now…

No. 176583

File: 1441685555204.png (25.73 KB, 597x180, Capture.PNG)

No. 176588

She must be on magical healing crystal Kira Kira time

No. 176589

When rollingstone made that article about her the ending was so sad lol

No. 176594

The girl doesn't know any Japanese wants to live in Japan not to mention it's super expensive and the mandatory health insurance is super expensive and taco looks 18 years old and she expects this guy to pay for e v e r y t h I n g ??!!! He knows he's getting a bad deal… there's a lot of beautiful Japanese girls that put white girls to shame so yeah

No. 176595

She posted a video of her n taco and seems to me like he does all the cleaning poor guy while she makes moop moop sounds (-____-) when will she grow up

No. 176601


What can she say to them though? She can't admit she gets it all from Taobao and Aliexpress. She's a hypocrite because she used to trash designers for manufacturing their jewelry in China when hers was handmade by her kira kira goddess fingers in the US. Now all her cheap tacky jewelry is bought from China.


Nelly is from 2000, fake bitch.

No. 176604

I know right I really don't understand why she doesn't say where she gets them it seems really selfish to me why show off jewelry and then not tell where to get them?

No. 176617

Because if a cuter girl with an actual personality who is actually interesting knows where to get the same stuff Kiki had, Kiki would become even more irrelevant than she already is.

Lots of popular girls online do that, they completely ignore commenters that say "where did you get X?" Or "how did you do your hair/makeup like that?" Because they know that superficial layer is all they really have.

No. 176634


She's always been that way. She used to get asked for makeup tutorials when she maintained her scene aesthetic and she never did them. Conveniently once Kooter made it big she had no problem making a tutorial about her makeup. But she wonders how we can think she's jealous of her successful sister.

No. 176635

Was that a new video? All I see on her instagram is a self-righteous dalai llama quote.

No. 176636

File: 1441700875411.jpg (102.4 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

They would have been talking about the one from this, only have screenshots from the other thread since she seems to have deleted it now…odd.
It was posted almost a month ago.

No. 176637

File: 1441700897697.jpg (33.29 KB, 355x705, image2.jpg)

No. 176638

File: 1441701071407.png (125.62 KB, 1154x591, lol k.png)

And this is 100% proof that she lurks here.

No. 176640

File: 1441702455083.jpg (46.45 KB, 570x300, 108.jpg)

>many people online don't understand the difference between personal information and private information.
Yeah ok, except there is no difference Kirsten, you daft twat. They are literally synonyms.

Yeah, she's definitely trying to prove to us that she's not a human shaped sack of flesh piloted by bugs and does more than just sit inside her apartment all day constantly spouting faux new age garbage on her Twitter and popping out to a ~raw organic vegan cafe~ every couple of weeks for instagram likes.
>I go out more than it seems!! I have a life I swear!!! I only post 10% of my life online!! and that's being GENEROUS!!!

No. 176642

File: 1441702858506.jpg (55.26 KB, 331x319, 1421803534465.jpg)

Ah, I see know. Anon is sperging out a bit, but I didn't want to miss a new Kaka film.
I wonder why she deleted it… lol. She lurks so hard.

>human shaped sack of flesh piloted by bugs
I'm so, so happy this is a thing now.

Kaka is so full of shit it's flowing out of every upper orifice. She's just picking excuses as to why she doesn't post pictures of the places she has 'visited'.


No. 176647

>> Says people don't know the difference between personal and private info
>> Doesn't even bother to illuminate people on the difference

Kira kira you're such an inspiring educator.

No. 176648

She insists on telling us what condoms she use, and says that is not a private thing? Hahaha

If it's a part of your privacy, or should be in common sense, then yeah

I need a drawing/photoshop of a scrawny cow with kiki's hair an wearing harness with huge jugs of milk pouring and squirting everywhere, with so much pressure that kiki's eyes are going in different directions while popping out of her sockets

No. 176649

Kiki's head, I mean

I would photoshop it myself but I'm on mobile

No. 176652

Right Kaka cause posting whay kind of lube and condoms you use isn't private information at all…

No. 176654

>What kind of lube she uses: not private at all ^^ don't be afraid to educate others ^^
>what she majors in/if she works: OMG CONFIDENTIAL!!! 100% Private life. How dare you ask that, Jane Doe? Blocked! Ha! ^_^

No. 176655

Speaking of which! She changed the name of her Janny Fax (?) cat jacket video and took the designers name off the description. shrug not sure if correlated

No. 176660

File: 1441711766677.jpg (119.63 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Again with the arch angel shit

No. 176662

why does she keep saying "arch angel saint Francis?? Is she a Catholic? Does she know what an archangel is? And why pray for animals (who naturally live outside) Why not worry about the homeless in Japan. Such a shallow nitwit. How can anyone take anything she says seriously?

No. 176663

Can we please stop talking about their genitals?

No. 176664

Kiki's dry vagina needs lube

No. 176665

File: 1441712601900.jpg (59.42 KB, 640x441, image.jpg)

He isn't an archangel goddammit! She's not an ounce of catholic and knows jackshit about Buddhism. Honestly.

Picture related: is in Japan. Speaks "fluent" Japanese. Reads news source in English. Ok Kaka!

No. 176667

Kiki is non-stop praying to all the deities of the world.

No. 176668

Because all this tarot and new age bullshit she believes in is basically a messed mix of all religions and traditions from everywhere. The result is a fucking nonsense that only uneducated and dumb people like Kiki buy.

No. 176670

Praying that everyone is safe (except the h8rz they can go to hell)

No. 176672

There are only 7 archangels in the bible, St. Francis is a human, he isn't an archangel. I'm getting irritate that no one has corrected her idiocy. It's embarrassing. Also, christians don't even pray to angels. Only catholics do. I thinks she must be trolling.

No. 176673

I meant only Catholics pray to saints.

No. 176674

Nah, she's just a fucking moron.
Even other new age weirdos don't seem to make this mistake from what I can see.

No. 176675

No. 176676

Someone needs to call her out on the 'archangel' thing.
In a way that doesn't seem straight out like a 'h8r' comment and that she'll reply to and not just delete + block.
I really want to see her response to being embarrassed like that.

No. 176678

She didn't feel special enough being a newager so she probably writes this bullshit to feel special and above other newagers.

No. 176679

Yeah, this was the only place I could find that (sort of?) refers to him as an archangel. Though they could be saying he's an 'ascended master', whatever that fucking is?

Kiki just probably got all her bullshit terms mixed up, she's never been known for her intelligence.

No. 176682

File: 1441714193722.png (88.47 KB, 339x187, Untitled.thumb.png.5b95dfeb705…)

Apparently she actually did post a new video but deleted it instantly, someone on pull got a screencap of it.

No. 176685

So much for her no longer mentioning Taco or her family on the internet.

Kirsten has committal problems; she can't stick to anything. What a flake.

No. 176686

This is ignorant. If anyone has ever read the bible there are only 7 archangels. Humans don't become angels.

No. 176689

God fucking dammit, missed a chance to see Taco's snaggly mug.
Right? I don't understand why she keeps posting videos and pictures of him just to take it down fucking immediately.
Was it even up long enough for people to talk shit in comments and give her a reason to delete it or did her paranoia just instantly take over?
Seriously how many videos and pictures of Taco has she posted that she has immediately or eventually taken down? All except one I believe.
She doesn't learn.

No. 176690

Is this a mirrored vid or image? It looks like taco is driving on the left side.

No. 176691

No. 176698

>I post only about 10% of my life on SNS, while the other 90% is private and not for people online to know about.
I'm pretty sure you're confusing yourself with your sister. Kota shares 10% of her personal life, you share 90% of it.

It's an image, sadly.

No. 176708

Is that Micheal Jackson's snaggletoothed Japanese twin?

No. 176710

Probably mirrored
It was normal (for Japan) in one of her older videos

No. 176711

Thanks to keekz and her "privacy", the whole world knows about danny too

I mean, the bitch went to Rolling Stones for god's sake

No. 176726


>Imma prayin for animals st francis yin kwan tlaloc odin eleggua halp pls

Aaaand people can go fuck themselves I guess

I mean we all love animals too but come on kaka

No. 176729

File: 1441723352061.gif (40.21 KB, 300x100, trueform.gif)

You reminded me of >>172764 and its potential as a banner if it was animated so I added some finishing touches.

No. 176730

(i mean this is the best way anon)

No. 176749


marry me

No. 176756

Her lips look different that when she was 17 they used to be smaller now they look kinda flat it's really weird if u look at before and after n she used to have messed up teeth

No. 176757

She makes a lot of effort in her videos to get the lights really bright without them she would be doooooomed

No. 176758

She looks bad either way

No. 176762

I wonder how many times a day kaka daydreams about chicken wings mmmmchickenwings

No. 176774

Oh my god anon, that's the banner that I made but because I'm a loser I didn't know how to animate it… You made it 100000000x better. I love you. <3


No. 176776

Ignoring the obvious ignorance of "archangel st. Francis" (is she trolling?) "Working his MAGICCC", is she also talking about school closures? Is Kaka still pretending she is actually in school and doing something other than sucking off Taco's tuna can?

No. 176779

Are you like obsessed with her or something? You post in this thread constantly.

No. 176782

Are u kaka u must be lol omg haha she is here haha

No. 176786

She's fake and I'm glad other people see it you can catch a hike

No. 176788

Archangel Saint John Travolta please protect Kaka's sack bugs in the typhoon. Keep her vegan empath aura safe lord. Kira kira snaggletooth amen.

No. 176803

File: 1441734892183.jpg (42.14 KB, 589x458, image.jpg)

Damn I have to change my name from anonymous R to just Anon cuz bitches like to single me out FUCKK YEWWW>>176779

No. 176815


maybe it's because you made yourself obvious on an anon thread

No. 176821


No. 176825


And yes, yes she is. She is still trying to pass that, but never even mentions what she's majoring in or if it's just a language school (which if it was, she probably wouldn't admit orrrrrr would make it sound super speshul and unique)

No. 176828

I just rewatched Kiki's Public Bathroom Cameras & Spying video and jesus. Was she drunk while filming? Because she kept saying the same thing over and over and over again even though the video was edited and cut and whatnot. Why not say what you have to say and wrap it up? And I don't know about America/Florida but if it's normal to keep seeing news reports about victims of "poopoo camera" and "soft serve" porn sites (she used these multiple times in her video, curious…) then I'm glad I'm not from there.

No. 176837

I highly doubt she's in school at all.
At this point, I feel like she only says she's studying to seem intellectual. She won't say what she's supposedly "studying" because she wants people to beg to find out and it'll be really obvious she's lying about it if someone asked her about the subject she's supposed to be studying.

I had no idea what the fuck she was talking about with "poopoo camera" in public restrooms, the only time I saw something like that was in an episode of Family Guy. She's just paranoid.
I'm sure watching people go to the bathroom is a fetish for some people though.

No. 176843

Omg, are we calling her sackbugs now? I love it.

No. 176849

She does that. In the "cat tattoo" video she says she's in a cat gang six times, and it just keeps getting in funnier throughout the video. She was supposed to have been part of a comedy improv group so idk how she even attempts this kind of shit.

If you reaaaaallllly wanna cringe and feel embarrassed for her, watch video related though. Oldie and Goldie.

No. 176850


No. 176860

I really hope this is a troll.

No. 176862

Or someone trying to get the thread OT once more.

No one cares. Go back to tumblr.

No. 176863

Does kaka give kooter diet tips?

No. 176864


i bet kaka gives kota calteen bars

No. 176865

If she does, she sure doesn't take them.

No. 176866

File: 1441740666590.jpg (17.41 KB, 250x188, image.jpg)

Eat a fat one

No. 176870

Just report and ignore, guys.

No. 176872

File: 1441741443136.jpg (38.94 KB, 572x327, image.jpg)

No. 176877

More than likely she deleted it because nobody was fooled by it, everyone could tell it's a hotel room.

No. 176880

How old is he anyway?

No. 176881

>>176877 hell yeah it's a hotel. Not that I care I don't have anything against people wanting to get laid.

No. 176919

File: 1441747971752.jpg (2.91 MB, 2306x3074, image.jpg)

This isn't about me being obsessed this is me feeling discrimination

No. 176920

No. 176921

File: 1441748188848.jpg (140.79 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

I tagged her in this video saying " called off work now I'm bored n the blocked me cuz I'm not a white girl my Instagram is rimamachhour91 if u don't beleive me

No. 176928

Gurl, go away, no one cares.

No. 176929


erm ok

No. 176933

Don't believe you about what? Why did you tag her and what did she do? What are you trying to communicate??

No. 176936


omg i can't tell if you're really this stupid. you've been in this thread since yesterday. so fucking annoying

wtf is up with snaggletooth's sun hat

No. 176939

he might use it for sun protection. Many east asians like to protect their skin from the sun and preserve their lightest skin tone. I know I do

No. 176946

Ur all just jelly cuz I'm cuter than kaka

No. 176947

File: 1441750230813.jpg (200.35 KB, 1024x768, don__t_feed_the_troll.jpg)

No. 176949

File: 1441750518646.jpg (21.32 KB, 244x183, image.jpg)

Stop shitting up the thread

No. 176970

Kaka is racist against cute Latinas like Adriana grande cuz she's also in Japan n she's super kawaii there n kaka dissed her

No. 176974

a fucking persistent one.
or is it really just some obsessive gasp stalker?? she did tag kiki in her photo lol

>only posting 10% of my life on sns!!!
>constantly tweets every single day about life

No. 176975

Honestly she probably does only post 10% of her actual life. Most of what she posts is just made up.

No. 176976


No. 176987

Since she's given up blogging or doing anything useful with herself. What do you guys think kaka will do next? What's next on the agenda?

- asian candy #pray4taku (tick)

- "in tokyo" kek (tick)

- famous kawaii goddessu sister (tick)

wots next

No. 176994

i have no idea!
i hope she goes the PT route

No. 177014

Probably another harassment video eventually. once Taco breaks it off with her.

No. 177018

File: 1441756582490.jpg (132.15 KB, 1024x1024, image.jpg)

I think she's pretty but her superiority complex is a turn-off

No. 177021

She (nicely) tweeted at Kaka about food and Kaka blocked her. Things Kaka do haha

Girl, if I were you I'd just drop it because Kiki will just ignore it. she only responds one-sentence commentaries who aren't hate at all lol

No. 177036

She disrespected me end case point

No. 177040


Alright, cool, but there's no need to attention whore about it. We believe you, it's not the first time Kiki has been disrespectful to someone.

No. 177048

Being an "attention whore" was not in my agenda I just wanted to express my dislike for her

No. 177052


No. 177053

>end case point
And yet you keep bringing it up? It wasn't even a big deal, she's behaved worse to a lot of people. Get over it and quit with the fucking selfposting.

No. 177055

Damn what else has she done to people >>177053

No. 177056

Just fucking look through these threads (including the past ones) or even google her. It's not that hard. Getting blocked is nothing to sperg out about.

No. 177073

File: 1441762259329.jpg (89.32 KB, 640x604, image.jpg)

Dark Latina girl: she only blocked you because you were spamming her with that one tweet!!! And made an entire new account just to harrass Kiki Kan Do No Wrong! you are the crazy one! Duh

I don't think this girl's presence here wasn't annoying but 9 chances out of 10, if she was full blown Asian/kawaii doll, she wouldn't have blocked her

No. 177074

Kiki wouldn't have blocked her (overuse of "she" ):

No. 177075

File: 1441762469650.jpg (91.76 KB, 640x639, image.jpg)

Mira, she will NOT introduce you to Dakota, stop trying

No. 177076

uh oh
if she knew anything about kiki she shouldn't be hinting at even reading the hateraid sites cause she's gonna get blocked :')

No. 177078


No. 177082


Kiki you block anyone who doesn't kiss your ass.

Also without your "supposed" haterz and stalkers you woukd just be some desprate washed up wannbe…oh wait you already are.

No. 177084

File: 1441763921295.jpg (3.53 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

I'm not gonna lie I'm proud about the shit storm I caused haha

No. 177085

File: 1441764164216.jpg (72.92 KB, 640x523, image.jpg)

No. 177087

File: 1441764203734.jpg (72.74 KB, 640x498, image.jpg)

No. 177088

You didn't cause a shitstorm. Do you not know how to screenshot?

No. 177089


Jesus Christ you are such an autist

No. 177091

Kiki how does it feel you only attract crazies like


No. 177092

File: 1441764439556.jpg (210.1 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

This is the email I sent earlier to her

No. 177093

No one fucking cares you sperg.

No. 177094

Lmfao I was thinking the same thing. This bitch is beyond retarded, like holy shit she sounds like a 3edgy5me tween.

No. 177099

If she doesn't want people to make assumptions about her, why doesn't she give them a warning and nicely tell them to stop what they're doing that's bothering her before blocking them?
It's one thing if someone goes out of their way to be rude to her, but most of the people who get blocked by her aren't. (though I don't blame her for blocking this anon, they're being annoying as fuck. Also I think they said something about tagging her in an ig pic/video of steak)

No. 177100

File: 1441764703521.jpg (128.8 KB, 780x976, image.jpg)

Whatever eat a fat one I had my fun tonight

No. 177102

No one cares you fucktard. You must be so desprate for attention to be clinging on kiki's coat tails.

No. 177103

>>177102 eat a dick u jelly sloot

No. 177106

The only thing u get from kissing ass is dirty nose…. I'm a shit starter n always will be…

No. 177107

File: 1441765347652.jpg (40.78 KB, 500x386, image.jpg)

Anyway I have work/school tomorrow morning so bye bye now

No. 177111

Can a farmhand ban the faggot spamming up the thread.

No. 177120

File: 1441765975830.gif (1019.8 KB, 450x277, unnamed.gif)

Do you ever leave this thread?…
I mean holy shit, even if you are trolling (which seems unlikely at this point) you've been posting non-stop for fucking hours on end.
You need to leave and never come back, this site isn't for you.
Even if you change your name to just Anonymous it won't work; we can spot your autism easily.
You're dismissed.

No. 177123

I tried reporting them the other night when their autism was at a level 7, they've cranked it all the way up to 10 now so I'll be damned if they aren't banned this time.

No. 177126

I reported the last few posts…we will see if it does any good.

No. 177137

File: 1441766639387.jpg (38.17 KB, 286x232, image.jpg)

A w w w w u mad? (O.o)

No. 177167

File: 1441769332805.png (836.35 KB, 955x615, kakainzhongguo.png)

Don't feed the troll, guys..

Does anyone remember when Kaka was pretending she was in China?

Didn't people figure out that she had just stolen pics from google and just run 10 filters over it so it couldn't be reverse searched? I wonder why she still hasn't really posted any pictures from her most recent trip to Japan. She talks on and on about not posting any private information, but constantly takes pictures and videos of her face and boyfriend and no tourist spots/interesting things?

personal diary time:
I've been to some of the big cities in China (like some other anons here) and I went there as a vegan. And it could be really difficult. I had to go to the night market and pick through wormy peaches and brown bananas for something not drenched in pork juice. I drank nothing but bottled water. Lunches/dinner were hell; there was never a menu, and trying to ask the waiters and waitresses what didn't have eggs, fish, dairy or meat in each of the dishes was also difficult (especially since they would tell me how strange I was being for not eating them, they asked me if I was sick/religious, lol.) Obviously, there were dishes that I could tell I was able to eat and not eat– but countless times, I had to turn to my friend and ask them if those tree mushrooms were okay to eat. Unlike Kiki, I actually know all the characters for chicken/pork/vegetables/milk/eggs and I also know how to speak some Chinese. And it was still a bit hard to maintain the lifestyle.

I went to grocery stores and got crackers, seaweed, beer.. but the produce was so overpriced. Almost everything had an animal product in it. I seriously doubt Kaka has ever in her life had to live/survive in China. /rantover

Anyway, 我知道她看看这网站. 喀喀, 你撒谎城性, 没救了. 你有丑恶灵魂. 笨奶牛.

No. 177169

lmao, I remember that, the funniest thing is that she posted that pic thinking it was Japan.

No. 177175

File: 1441770947203.jpg (33.7 KB, 506x506, image.jpg)

No. 177208

Idk what thread to post this in but I think Kota unfollowed Kaka on ig (unless she never followed her in the first place?)

No. 177210

lol, most likely doesn't want anyone to know about kaka.

No. 177212

It's not that they're in hotels all the time (as in almost every time she posts a pic with him), it's that she supposedly moved into his apartment and they have to go to hotels and love hotels to have sex, which means he must still live with/sponge off his parents. I think the farmers are right, Kiki has found her trashy spongey Japanese male counterpart. I wonder if he has zero friends or social life just like her.

No. 177214

Kota definitely followed Kiki when she first made her IG. Of course now that we've mentioned that Dakota unfollowed Kiki on here, Kiki will see it and flip a bitch either publicly on Twitter or privately at Dakota via Line. Either way, she's definitely gonna sperg out.

No. 177217

I think you're right. I just checked twitter and she hasn't unfollowed her on there, but she did follow some more people. She probably thought that Kaka wouldn't notice it since she doesn't seem to use ig as much as she does twitter.

No. 177219

She was following her initially, yes. I can't think of a reason why she would do that in a friendly way/a say that Kirsten would understand.
Kaka will be fuming once she finds out. I'll keep an eye on that 'Following 1' and see if it ticks down to 0.

No. 177222

a way*

No. 177251

The most recent comment on Kaka's IG photo is something like "I think it's adorable that you and Dakota follow eachother"
Then Kota unfollows her on IG, and Kaka unfollows her on Twitter?!
Maybe Kota really doesn't want to be associated with her sister…

Or they're simply trolling us lol.

No. 177253

File: 1441784877763.png (725.93 KB, 779x521, 1437662731171.png)

Sometimes I wonder if the lolcows are the ones who milk us for lulz.

No. 177262

OHHH YOU GUYS she unfollowed Kota and made her IG private. Interesting.

No. 177263

oh god that guy lives in my city, he and his girlfriend are the wooooorst, they need to be put through a sausage mincer.

No. 177275

Oh shiii-
I wonder what happened? Or maybe Kaka was just lurking here and noticed when she saw we posted about it. Odd that she privatized her account though. Not like that'll last long.
Hopefully there's milk coming. I'm dying of thirst over here.

No. 177276

I dont know if anybody else noticed that but when I checked my youtube subscriptions a few minutes ago I had a notification on Kikis account as if she uploaded something, but when I went there nothing was there

No. 177285

Kota also unfollowed Kiki on Instagram
And kiki unfollowed kota on twitter too

No. 177287

File: 1441795702664.jpg (308.24 KB, 990x659, prayformilk.jpg)

Please bovine gods let shit have gone down.
Let it rain down and may the streets flood with sweet, creamy milk.

No. 177306

File: 1441801400628.jpg (47.68 KB, 399x368, image.jpg)

I'm so thirsty

Send help

No. 177325

File: 1441805443540.png (19.56 KB, 592x205, Capture.PNG)

I swear this bitch retweeted this to be like "my music is totes popular in Japan desu desu desu!!!" But literally her album isn't rated or reviewed on the Amazon page linked and it's ranked at 28,068 in Digital Dance Electronic Albums, lmao.

I looked at her twitter and she unfollowed Kota and then followed "TweetDeleter" which is to help you mass delete tweets.

I was definitely expecting her to unfollow Kota, but I was not expecting her to make her ig private. Since she seems to be mass deleting tweets, I wonder if she made her ig private so she can delete a bunch of stuff on it without a lot of people noticing?

No. 177327

File: 1441805979564.jpg (114.97 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-09-09-14-38-15…)

Saw this on Imgur FP and thought of Kaka

No. 177330

How much of a fucking tool do you have to be to carry something like that around? I know someone who has an autoimmune disease that makes her unable to eat a shitton of foods, and she's so much less obnoxious than that about it.

No. 177342

File: 1441808505771.gif (492.1 KB, 499x207, 56158.gif)

>has cards listing her allergies
>doesn't correct typos

No. 177344

>sugars ending in -ose
that's the chemical nomenclature for sugars
that excludes every vegetable and fruit ever

No. 177349

Don't give her ideas!
I can imagine her card right now, it'll look a lot like her lilkitten banner and other than listing her "allergies" on it, it'll have all of her websites on it and tell people where to buy her music.

No. 177356

File: 1441812461192.png (26.47 KB, 581x190, Capture.PNG)

I find this tweet funny considering the fact she was going on about how much of an asshole Jack Cash was because she disrespected his boundaries and posted a picture of him while he was sleeping.

No. 177357

File: 1441812980945.jpg (183.5 KB, 750x1093, image.jpg)

>>177356 she wrote that bullshit cuz I sent her this yesterday

No. 177358


Did she respect Danny's boundaries by posting screenshots of him when she wanted to play victim on Twitter not long ago?

No. 177361

Kaka has such bad karma for wat happened to Danny her afterlife is gonna suck maybe that's why she's so into helping animals cuz she knows she fucked up

No. 177362

She probably sees that as fair game because he disrespected her boundaries when he "raped" her.
But that same day she did disrespect the boundaries of one girl who was drugged and being raped on a webcam broadcast. I'm pretty sure sticky said he had it on his website because he wanted someone to figure out who the girl is and help her? Kaka was just using this girl's rape to make him look bad(and she didn't even blur out the girl's face or anything until people on here pointed out how shitty it was for her to do that).

No. 177369

At least 50% of the card would be her face.

No. 177370

They're trolling.

No. 177373

Right? I really wanna know if something's gone down between them or if Dakota's finally too weirded out/irritated by Kiki and just had enough of her.

Let's face it, Kiki most likely wouldn't even be into Japanese stuff, and definitley not dating a random Japanese guy in hopes of a visa, if Kota had never landed her contract there. I'd be pissed off and creeped out too, if I were her. It's like she'll never be able to escape her crazy, narcissist sister.

No. 177375

I was thinking the exact same thing, lmao. She's so vain she wouldn't think to not have her gaunt mug plastered all over something like that. Also gotta have
>♡Environmentally Conscious Moogle of Mother Earth
>♡Embody Love
>♡Protect Others
>♡Heal & Be Healed
>♡Remember,you're Divine ♡

No. 177376

You know this how?

No. 177377

>super saiyan abuser mode

Wait, is this the new super saiyan transformation? Is this what happens after SSGSS?

No. 177380

Omfg, yes, this was exactly what I was envisioning!

I think Kota has had enough of her shit but she just acts nice to her because she doesn't want to start any drama.

I agree.

Idk anything about Dragon Ball Z, but she's such a god damn try hard.

No. 177386

I was trying to be ironic, but thanks anyway anon, lol. Kiki tries really hard to seem like she knows anything about anime and Japan. I seriously doubt she's ever paid attention to Dragon Ball Z before, she just mentions it now because its become trendy after the new movie and series.

Sage because I know some anons don't care about DBZ either.

No. 177389

This is kinda smart though.

No. 177390

I figured, lol. I doubt it as well though. Honestly, I don't think she even paid much attention to Sailor Moon when it was out.
It's funny she tries to act like she's into Japan by pretending she's a weeb. I don't think anyone takes a weeb with a Japan interest seriously.

No. 177394


She didn't block you because you're not a white girl. She blocked you because you are a fame hungry moron.

I swear, it's always the bottom of the IQ barrel who cry racism about shit like this.

No. 177399

Dragon Ball Z is shit anyway.

No. 177400

I agree with you, but don't provoke them anon; it only makes them sperg out even harder and in turn derails the thread.
Just ignore 'em.

No. 177402

I want to add:
I'm surprised she doesn't pretend to be a huge Pokemon fan.

This. I was just about to say the exact same thing.

No. 177405

File: 1441820910783.jpg (39.92 KB, 450x253, image.jpg)


Low IQ? Bitch please

No. 177408

>Proving my point.

No. 177409

For real you would think she's been a looong time poke fan seeing how long it's been on.

No. 177412

Sticky didn't post that screenshot because he wanted to get help for the girl. He called her a slut and posted her full identity. Kiki wasn't respectful of the girl's boundaries either but Sticky already stepped way over them. He made himself look bad.

No. 177413

No. 177422

>>177412 what's was Kiki role in the rape of the girl?

No. 177425


iirc kaka dropped a couple of pokemon references while being in nipponland for the first time, cold wind feeling like pikachu's sparkles (?) or something along these lines

No. 177428

No. 177430

She had no role in it. It was John Hock and the girl who passed out and he started doing sexual things to her. It got posted on Sticky Drama. Most people attempted to contact the police because it was a crime and Sticky laughed about it. Kaka saved loads of screenshots and other info from Sticky Drama to build her case against him so it was just another shitty thing from his site.

No. 177431

Well that's just like, your opinion, man

Sorry that you think AoT and NGE are the only ~true animus~

No. 177433

Omg I remember this. He was like eating her out during a live stream while she was passed out drunk, right?

No. 177434

They are shit too you fucking casual.

No. 177435

Its just fucking anime you tard.

No. 177436

Don't mess with the obsessions of a sperg dude.

No. 177437

I wonder if she has the exact same views as peta on it. She was really upset about people killing and eating an animal on a survival show.
If she does have those views, then she wouldn't be able to play many video games considering the fact animals are enemies in tons of them.

He is a disgusting human being.

What's the point for her to take all these screenshots of random shit to incriminate people with? She's pressing charges about something these people did to her, not someone else. With her "Jane Doe" case, she has absolutely no evidence of people online actually harassing her but she has tons of evidence some "haters" are cam girls.

No. 177438

Does this anon really care that much about the anime s other people watch? Go hug your body pillow, you need help.

No. 177442

Where do I watch the video I'm curious

No. 177447

He showed her genitals on cam and forced oral on her. Off cam while it was still streaming he raped her.

The history between Kaka and Chris has been really sordid so I'm not sure other than trying to prove he's not a good person or is wrong about her. It doesn't erase the fucked up things she's done just to prove how much more fucked up someone else is than her though.

No. 177448

No. 177473

Speaking of the Jane Doe case, there are new documents from August 13: https://myeclerk.myorangeclerk.com/Cases/search
Admin-sama please save them..

No. 177474


What's the case number again?

No. 177477

What!? Goddamn I can barely have a guy (properly) eating me out when I'm awake… Men are so selfish nowadays.

No. 177479



No. 177481

but you could have just searched "Kirsten Ostrenga" like i did.

No. 177482

Bitch where the fuck are you looking for men? Stop, I repeat, stop looking there!
p.s. I'm really sorry for your deprivation

No. 177483

So her lawyers quit and she didn't appear in court? Is that right?

No. 177484

What does this mean? She's suing Chris for shitting on her online? If it's still open, isn't that shit she had to be in the states to deal with?

No. 177486

The lawyers were probably like "this bitch is batshit crazy"

No. 177487

Maybe it's the guy who came to her door while she was meant to be in japan

No. 177491

Yeah, but lawyers will string along batshit crazy people if it means they're getting billable hours. Easy money.

I guess this means she just gave up on the case? No communication, no court appearances, etc?

No. 177495


…and then Kaka proceeded to stalk the shit out of them and add their info to her little hatrzzzz archive

No. 177502

She had a Filofax fill of screen prints

No. 177510

She either deleted or made private a big portion of her youtube videos.
funny thing is those videos that she took offline are the only onces that were somewhat interesting..
wth is going on with her?

No. 177511

No. 177519

She's losing it. Yet again.
Kiki is one of the most unstable cows, but her milk is delicious when she provides it.

No. 177521

>He showed her genitals on cam and forced oral on her. Off cam while it was still streaming he raped her.

That's fucking dark… Jesus, did he ever get caught?

No. 177522

Yes he did prison time in AZ

No. 177525

I think the bitch might be going full on pt, she might be getting off the internet. She's too much of an attention whore so I doubt it will last.

No. 177526

Kek, I wonder if this latest meltdown has anything to do with Kooter. I'm guessing it does, seeing as they unfollowed each other.

As far as I can tell, all her videos mentioning Japan are gone, but idk if she deleted them along with the Taku ones when she had her tantrum over people calling him ugly.

Can anyone elaborate on what videos are missing? It might shine some light on what she's shitting her pants over this time round.

No. 177528

Pretty sure she finally just went over the deep end and wanted to cut ties with the Internet and thought her and Kota unfollowing each other would be ~such funny trolling lelel~.

No. 177529

File: 1441837195122.png (103.38 KB, 1335x639, kakakardashian.png)

Guys.. she didn't even show up to her own court date against "Jane Doe."

No. 177530

Also the older outfit, make up and recipe tutorials are gone

No. 177548

Okay theory here– and I'm reaching pretty hard.
What if Kota found out Kaka was pretending to be in Japan (even though we don't know whether or not she's pretending) and freaked out about it, trying to cut ties. Or maybe a fight came from it.
Or maybe Kota found out about her marriage/visa plans.

idk, I like to imagine I'm right.

This doesn't surprise me. Was it after the fight with her lawyer?

No. 177552

Lol I bet taco dumped her

No. 177554


>inb4 latergram with Bae & I just flown to the States for the court date and back to Japan in the same day ᕙ(^▿^-ᕙ) (´∇`) #ビーガンの裁判 #東京 #セーラームーン #もののけ姫 caption and a bright blurry selfie

No. 177555

That's not all, she deleted 7,000 tweets.

These are not all the videos she deleted but here are some of the videos she deleted:
>Learning Japanese with my cat
>How to Make Almond Milk (Vegan Nut Milk)
>Easy & Quick Floral Hair Style - Roses For Summer!
>Paw Wars & Pole Fitness
>Live Kitten Cam 24/7! CRUSH ZERO TO KITTEN HERO!
>Jasmine Green Tea Vanilla Pudding (Vegan & Healthy!)
>Tropical Smoothie (Healthy, Organic & Vegan)
>Cupcake Shake - Healthy & Vegan
>Cute Bento Box! Vegan Lunch Bento
>Numerology. Life Path Number Calculate it! Mine is 3!
>Glitter Sparkly Eyes
>Kiki Kannibal HAUL & Give Away! Follow then tweet @mmmkikikannibal to enter
>Galaxy Dresses and Haul
>Glow in the dark nail polish!!
>Circle Lenses for Halloween Tutorial
>Scoliosis & Ex Boyfriends
>Butterly Wings High Fashion Runway Liquid Eyeliner, Cat Eyes
>Balls, Boobs, Sign Dancer Occupation and Gravitron 4000's
>Vegan Ramen Noodle Soup
>DIY Spike Jacket, Punk Sailormoon Jacket
>Smokey Eyes Day Time Look to Night Time Look
>My Everyday Makeup in 3 Mins! (Cat Winged Eyeliner)
>Gradient Lips OCC Lip Tars

No. 177558

We knew the tweets were coming since she followed something to help her mass delete tweets. Anyone have these videos saved?

No. 177560


Why is she deleting tho?

No. 177568

Noticed the Let's Killex vid with Kota is missing too hmmmm

No. 177569

oh no, not let's killex

i loved the autism in that one

No. 177572

No idea. It seems really insane.
I was thinking maybe she wants to change her image since she deleted all the fashion and makeup related videos. And I'm going through her tweets right now, she deleted a ton of ~personal~ tweets. All she kept up are her love&light tweets, hater rants, animal rights/vegan shit, stuff about Japan, and the tweets about Danny.

No. 177578

lilkitten.com is still up

No. 177579

i guess she's going full MUH PRIVASEE

No. 177581

Maybe she finally figured out what a sperglord she is.

No. 177582


probably because mexican stalker chan wouldn't quit sperging out on her last night

No. 177589

File: 1441844651468.gif (922.82 KB, 320x176, Regina-george-screaming-o.gif)

It seems like she's having one of these moments tbh

pic related

No. 177590

I got fired an hour ago from a nursing home isn't that so splendid

No. 177592

fuck why hasn't she been banned yet

No. 177593

Idk, I think admin-sama may be ded.
Just report/ignore.

No. 177596

Ok, so what if she has to suddenly provide her real full name to taco and/or his parents and she's afraid of them finding all her psycho shit online? But like they aren't that fluent in English, I'm sure.

No. 177597

File: 1441845011934.jpg (62.36 KB, 499x375, image.jpg)

Report me? Ban me? Do u think your on Facebook or something Lolz

No. 177598

she doesn't know what counts as psycho shit cause she is psycho herself lol

i think she's just pulling the "my life is soooooo private" thing

No. 177604

Does anybody remember when she snapped a pic of her period blood running down her leg? So private desu ne~~

No. 177605

Wait sorry for being derpy but how can you tell she is deleting tweets? I haven't been keeping track with how many tweets she have/had.

No. 177608

I think so too. She seems to just be deleting random things.

If Taku really dumped her, we'd be getting a rant right about now about how everyone is so ~abusive~ towards her. Plus she'd delete all evidence of him even existing, which she hasn't done yet.

I definitely don't think it has anything to do with Kota.

If you look at the archived page of her twitter it said she had 10k tweets on it and now she has 3k. Plus, I went through her entire twitter. Everything before December 2014 is gone.

No. 177609

i wasn't around at that time but i've seen it and my question is, why did she do that??? what was the reason??

No. 177611

no reason, she just nasty

No. 177618

how do you mass delete with that twitter thing? just check certain ones you want to delete? i've never used twitter

No. 177620

She followed a thing that helps you mass delete them after she unfollowed Kota. Usually you have to delete them one by one.

No. 177622

so pretty much she spent her whole day deleting thousands of tweets? LOL

does anyone see a pattern with which ones she's deleting?

No. 177625

I think the mass deletion does it automatically so it wouldn't take her all day.

No. 177628


Do you think you're on Blogspot or something though?

No. 177631

I mentioning this earlier, but she just deleted everything but her love & light tweets, haters & hate sites rants, animal rights & veganism stuff, Japan tweets, and the very last tweets she left up were the Danny ones.

Exactly. But I guess it would take a long time because she would have to go through all her tweets and choose which ones she wants to keep or delete.

No. 177632

Can anyone post the period pic? I never saw it, but am assuming it's hilarious.

No. 177634

I mentioned this earlier

No. 177637

File: 1441847169409.jpg (31.86 KB, 307x413, image.jpg)

U don't say

No. 177643

does she mass delete tweets often?
i feel like she tries to reinvent herself
she's always in denial about who she truly is.

No. 177648

This bitch has no sense of self. It's really pathetic.

No. 177650

Leave it be farmer, it will die of exhaustion.

No. 177651


You're meant to use that phrase to reply to a statement, not a question

Stay in school, kids

No. 177653


Fair point, anon. Sorry.

ughhhh but the huge raging autist in me wants to reply to every attention-whoring namefag on this board over and over and over

No. 177656

I don't know. I mean, she'll mass delete things if she has a mental breakdown like she's having now or she'll delete things after she realizes they clash with her ~love & light~ persona(for example, she kinda recently posted a really salty tweet about a fan copying her twitter description and then immediately deleted it).

No. 177657

she seems to think however she talks about herself she automatically is
we all know people that talk so fully about themselves are usually so wrong

No. 177659

Basically "I say so, therefore I am so."

I've never encountered a more passive aggressive person in my life. She's gotta be ready to blow her top off, holding in all that toxic hate. ~**let the light flow through you kaka**~

No. 177661

this is the thing that makes me laugh/rage the most about her
she talks about other people and at the same time is DESCRIBING HERSELF and she doesn't even know it! she is so unaware of herself it drives me nuts

No. 177665

What's super sayan mode? I wanna know since she directed that at me yesterday

No. 177669

"Super Saiyan" is from a manga/anime called Dragonball Z. There is no such thing as Super Saiyan abuser mode or whatever the fuck Kaka said.

By the way, please stop posting.

No. 177672

It means you're fucking crazier than Kaka and that you should get off the Internet

No. 177675

File: 1441849540065.jpg (26.9 KB, 550x302, image.jpg)

So I'm a dragonball z character now? Aaaaaaaaand no I will not lulz I'm so happy I get on your nerves fills my little heart with joy

No. 177676

Just ignore the namefag everyone

No. 177677

What…no…Kota has always had access to her sisters social media. That's such a stretch. This is what Kiki must mean when she says hate fantasy lol.

No. 177678

If you were a character from DBZ, you would be Pilaf. Anyway.

Has she deleted anything from her Instagram, or did she just private it all?

No. 177683

File: 1441850070749.jpg (132.13 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg)

>>177678 no…. I'm Yuno

No. 177685

Guessing the R stands for retarded

No. 177686

The outfit in the OP image is triggering.

The worse part is the fucking light pink shades, even though everything is a fucking train wreck. She used to be a "model" didn't she? Why do her and kota lack a sense of fashion? Like, how do you think anything about this picture looks good?

No. 177687

File: 1441850456354.jpg (104.16 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Guys :(

No. 177689

Kaka blocked me a long time ago on twitter, is that private too??

No. 177691

Muh Privacy!

No. 177692

Seriously guys, just fucking stop it.

I think she has, the last time her ig was archived was on her last Japan trip and she had 500 posts, right now she has 509 posts on there.
I don't have an ig, so I can't confirm it, but usually you can look at someone's private ig pictures if you have the link, if this is still a thing, then she deleted all the stuff she posted recently.

Nope. She just tweeted a few seconds ago a quote about having a soft heart, quinoa burgers, and a cnn article about China's abandoned children.

No. 177693

>>177689 why she block u?

No. 177705

called her out on a david bowie tweet she made back when she was in she DaRk CrYsTaL~* dAviD bOwIE phase

No. 177706

*was in her

No. 177707

She loves that block button

No. 177708

>called her out on a david bowie tweet
Wait, why dose tweeting about Bowie something to call her out on? Did she lie about it or something? I'm a little behind on that

No. 177710

she tweeted lyrics that were wrong & i tweeted her the right ones and i got blocked, i guess "called out" is the wrong term.

No. 177721

Maybe Kota stole all of taco and Kakas lube and organic condoms

No. 177722

File: 1441853690325.jpg (154.05 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg)

Which is my favorite, the kind with fucking cow in it.

No. 177741

"Vegan meat" sounds disgusting

No. 177749

What exactly happened here? Are we Jane Doe? Is it PULL? Is it Kontrakoti?

No. 177751

Doesn't taste bad at all. It's like meat without the heartburn, at least the Morningstar brand is. I'm not vegan either so this isn't a brainwashed POV.

No. 177753

I'm an omnivore, but I love Morning star's products, especially their veggie corndogs.

No. 177756

She was obsessed with those few things because she was obsessed with an old "friend" of mine. This is moot and I'm not providing links since said "old friend" (we're not on speaking terms much anymore, still a good gal though) wouldn't appreciate this at all but Kaka used to obsessively check her pages and tried to emulate her appearance a few times. Even made references that were pretty unique to said person at the time. Again no proof so feel free to think bullshit but I'm just saying she can't even choose her own interests, she has to obsess over others.

No. 177757

Remember kiki saying shes so close to Kota and that they go to eat vegan pizza together and laugh about us saying they hate each other?
Oh kiki
U tried
Let me give you a pin
Kota should make her moves once Kaka's visa expires, she should also change her surname. I'm not a Kota fan but I love milk and want to see kiki mad and deported in case she stays in Japan more of what she can.

No. 177761

Some of it is. I've tried some that literally taste like flavored cardboard.

Sorta ot, but one thing that peeves me about fake meat is that almost all vegans/vegetarians will go on about how they don't miss meat at all and how gross it is but then eat this stuff.

Everyone who's ever posted about her online is Jane Doe.

No. 177762


More details, please. What did Kiki copy- what era of Kiki was this? How did your friend feel about it?

No. 177768

how much longer can she stay without having a marriage visa?

No. 177770

Said "friend" has kind of become a public figure, we've also discussed this briefly before so I don't want to delve into it and give links and get massively flamed, also they're just a casualty so I would feel bad bringing them into my dumb little lolcow hobby.

She makes music and used to be vegan is all I really want to say, but I noticed a couple years ago that Kiki would hang on to her every word and make almost territorial posts about this woman's interests. Even made a play-on-words reference to one of her songs as a caption many moons ago which sealed the deal for me. She's really attractive so it doesn't surprise me that Kiki wanted to take notes.

Like I said feel free to think this is made up since I'm not providing proof but I really don't feel comfortable putting this girl in the middle of all this.

No. 177774

I actually believe you.
I remember hearing that she copied some other girl's username(her username was "mmm" and then her name). Iirc, the girl she copied dated one of her exes.

No. 177775

What's the name of the girl?(Do not post in /pt/. You can post in your own thread if you want. >>>/snow/23880)

No. 177781

Without working or being in school, she can stay on a tourist visa for 3 months, and she can apply for a tourist visa extension for another 3 months. After that she has to leave the country for a couple weeks, then she can come back and repeat the process for the 4th time now.

Btw, when did Kiki go back to Japan this time? Right after the pic of the Disney bracelets, yeah?

No. 177783

I think she's "been there" for a month so far. (I still don't think she's actually there tbh)

No. 177786

Admin, your highness.. Thank you.

No. 177787

maybe she ran out of videos from her past trip so now she has to make everything private

No. 177789


Wasn't the name of her website (lilkitten) also copied from someone else? I totally believe kiki would do this.

No. 177790

I don't see why she'd lie about being in Tokyo this time around, her sister could easily call her on it.
I legitimately think her and her sister unfollowed each other to trellelel during her Muh Privacy fit. I think you're just believing what you want to if you really think they don't talk. Kota is just as obnoxious as Kiki but we desperately want to hope she's different and has "changed" just because she's quiet now.

No. 177793


Idk if kootz would call out keekz lies though. Some people on here want to believe kooter doesn't like her but lets be real she is probably her only friend.

>Kota is just as obnoxious as Kiki but we desperately want to hope she's different and has "changed"

Yea all evidence shows she is just as much of a hick as her sister, she just got better at keeping it inside.

No. 177797

Yeah, it was copied by a pull member/cam girl/"Jane Doe". (She's "Jane Doe" because she told Kaka that Native Americans aren't Indian)

No. 177799

yo even if they unfollowed each other so people would talk, it just makes kiki look like a loser.

like none of this is positive attention, it's not going to sell anything she's trying to put out there. it's only hurting her image. god she is so lame.

No. 177801

Tbh, she still looked like a loser even when she was following Kota. When she was just following Kota, it looked like she had no friends but her sister, now it just looks like she has no friends at all whatsoever.

No. 177816

That and how you can't even keep familial relationships together. Like seriously, you're hard wired to love your family.

No. 177853

File: 1441878067944.jpg (2.5 MB, 4457x4282, collage_20150910172027906_2015…)

Looks like they're back to following each other.
Can't actually check Kiki's to see specifically who it is but I think it's safe to say it's Kota.
I wonder what that was all about then?
>they unfollow each other on instagram + Twitter
>Kiki privatizes her instagram
>deletes a bunch of YT videos along with 7000 tweets
>some hours/a day or so later they follow each other again
It wouldn't seem odd to me if it was just the deleting/privatizing but them unfollowing + following each other seems out of place and I can't figure out where that comes into everything else.

No. 177855

this bitch is yamcha.

I feel like the only explanation is they had a fight honestly because it otherwise doesn't really make sense. They did this before.

No. 177856

You're allowed 180 days max, so can only renew once.

No. 177860

She doesn't live in a country that offers a tourist visa extension.

No. 177861

Austria, Germany, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Mexico.

No. 177862

So childish to unfollow someone based on a petty fight

No. 177864

Itsounds like a major cyber cleanse. Either she's going for a new persona or embarrassed of her dumb shit (well about time) or afraid of haters making fun of her (like, someone posted an old video of her here) or all of this together.

No. 177868

Well, Kota was the one to unfollow first.
Kiki didn't immediately unfollow Kota either; it took her several hours to (possibly realize) and do it.
That's what makes me think they didn't both plan in agreement to unfollow each other like they were up to something together.
It seems like something went down between them. I suppose if it did, it's now resolved though.

No. 177873

I'm sick of Kaka making out that it's easy to be vegan in Japan. Can anyone enlighten me and tell me how much Japan differs from S. Korea in terms of food availability? My close family lives there (I chose to stay in our home country and have never been myself) and from what I'm told they have meat with every dish. It's literally industrial-sized bags of rice, vegetables and fruit. No bread, stuff to fill you up, etc other than noodles and rice. Just weird sweet bread and you have to pay a ridiculous amount when shopping in stores that have imported goods from the US/UK/Australia.

I'm convinced she's malnourished or loaded. I've learned that you do have to have a huge amount of money to be able to shop in those places for a special diet but then again Japan may be different. Anyone have any experience, i.e. does Japan cater more to people's dietary needs? I'm curious because I don't eat meat (I can handle fish only) and I may have to go over there.

Anyway Kaka is a delusional cunt and I feel like she has to do nothing all day to have time to worry about if her utensils were used on meat. I barely have time to eat let alone worry about shit like that.

No. 177884

If you want to eat actual vegan dishes, it's fucking expensive

Or you can just.. Avoid eating meat. Kinda hard when eating out since meat is pretty much everywhere. Maybe keeks lives off of boring basic supermarket food (which don't even have vegan versions of food.)

There's an awesome and cheap webstore with gluten free vegan organic stuff but there is no way I'm writing it here, Kiki simply doesn't deserve to know

No. 177885

She says it's not hard being a vegan in Japan

And of course, the girl doesn't eat, so she wouldn't find it difficult

No. 177888

Ah - is the webstore easy to find? Could actually do with knowing about it but I totally get what you mean about not wanting her to know it, haha. I guess I'll just search for Korean ones. The one I know of is the equivalent of Amazon in the US/UK, that's all I'll say.

No. 177896

You might be able to find it, I think Mr Sage knows, check with him

No. 177904

Thank you, will do :)

No. 177910


She does say it but hardly give non-obvious tips ("watch out for when your dish comes with eggs on it cuz it's not vegan" O RLY wow thank girl)

No. 177924

I think she's definitely afraid of being made fun of by the haters and maybe even trying to change her persona a bit.

You know, she has said that she won't get off the internet or change/hide who she is because that'll mean the ~haters~ won, does that kinda mean we won? lol

No. 177974

Maybe Taku said he wanted to follow her on Twitter and IG.

No. 177980

I was thinking that too, but I think she's way too paranoid to let him do that. It would make it so much easier for us haters to find him. Plus she knows that some of us here can actually speak Japanese (unlike her) so it would be really easy to tell him how she really is.

No. 177985

>anyone have any experience, i.e. does Japan cater more to people's dietary needs? I'm curious because I don't eat meat (I can handle fish only) and I may have to go over there.

It's a good job you can handle fish at least, 'cause fucking everything over there has fish or fish by-products in it. Even things like tomato ketchup have anchovy paste in them.

No. 177988

It must be killing her inside knowing that she can't follow/be followed by her bf on twitter and tweet kawaii things back&forth to each other because the haters will ~ruin~ it for her.
I'm surprised she doesn't do what Raven Sparks does with her teen-husband and make a twitter account for Taku that she runs.

No. 177990

since its kinda dead right now I checked out her youtube channel and noticed some weird ass playlists that she has..

No. 177991

>has a playlist called everyday life/tokyo japan

No. 177992

You can see which videos she made private: all Make-up tutorials, all tokyo life videos and all of her healthy recipe videos.

No. 177994

Whats up with those Spanish videos lol

No. 177995

Yeah, meat is generally very expensive in Korea/ Japan. Most of their diet consists of seafood.

No. 177996

I think a couple years ago she was trying to convince everyone she spoke fluent Spanish.

No. 177997

Most of the vide she has in each playlist has nothing to do with the playlist title.

No. 177998

I was wondering the same exact thing. Maybe she was watching videos in Spanish when she was studying it?
She also has a bentonite clay demo and review on natural black hair for some odd reason

No. 178012

>I'm surprised she doesn't do what Raven Sparks does with her teen-husband and make a twitter account for Taku that she runs.

Don't give her ideas, anon. We'll probably see a "Taku" account pop up now, for "practicing his English" and talking about his kira kira purincessu's moon cycle.

No. 178016

oh so now it's japanese
what's next

No. 178027

I don't think any other language is next unless Kota gets fame in another country, moves there, and starts speaking the language. A while back she did ask people what language she should learn next and some people suggested Arabic, she said she would try it but I don't think she ever actually did since we haven't heard about it since then.

Also iirc, she only studied Spanish because she had to take a language class.

No. 178031

She was asking for language suggestions on Twitter before, since she's now fluent in all the others "studied".

No. 178050

She just jumps from bandwagon to bandwagon if she thinks it can get her instant fame with little to no effort. This also includes her music, 'fashion' and new age nonsense.
It must be really sad having no genuine interests.

No. 178076

i'm really surprised she hasn't started selling ~healing crystals

No. 178175


She should just say "fuck it" and move here to England. That way she can go on Big Brother and leech herself some fame like all the other desperate trashy try hards of the UK under belly do.

All kaka has gotta be is her scene kid self again really, that'll get people more interested in her and all she has to do is be herself. She'll gain fame then, The Sun and Mirror (UK newspapers) would love to flaunt kaka inside as a page 3 model lol

C'mon kaka it's an offer you can't refuse.

No. 178176


cos clearly Japan isn't interested

No. 178177

she was more popular back in scene days. at least she might've had actual fans back then. now all she has is the haters

No. 178179

If Kaka went on big brother I feel like her eviction would be almost identical to Audrey's of BB 17 US.

No. 178183

Nah, Kaka has that weird thing where she's a total attention whore but thinks she's totally above those types of things. Back in her scene days she'd write off every girl as a slut, whilst also bragging about her sex life.
She'd never do Page 3, she thinks she's better than that and deserves to be a supermodel.

No. 178186

Yes we must keep in mind, this is the same girl who spray painted "regal slut" all over her driveway and egged her own house for sympathy.

No. 178203

I think she should do that as well.

Japan will never be interested in her lmao.

Yeah, you're right, and she's still like that. When the one cam girl with the name "lilkitten" corrected Kaka, she was being a total cunt to her about being a cam girl even though I bet you she's a billion times sluttier than this girl will ever be. I think she even insinuated that this girl wasn't educated because she's a cam girl.

No. 178288

People forget that even in her scene days literally all Kiki did was rip off Audrey Kitching and other scene queens. Like her picture poses, myspace profile, clothing, accessories, interests, etc. were all pretty blatant rip offs of how older and more well0known girls were branding themselves when social media was first starting out. Even her attitude was a rip off of how it was a scene trend to act as (ironically for those that "got" it) vain as possible.

It's so easy for her to change now because that's what she's used to. She doesn't have a personality or interests of her own. Dakota only developed them because she never got the positive attention that Kiki once did.

Kiki needs to get it through her head she was only well known, not well liked at all, because she was the most obnoxious person and the most blatant rip off. Her life right now is absolutely no surprise: she's never been creative or an individual, she just knew how to make people talk about how much they hate her and generate "popularity". She was too stupid and useless to turn that attention into anything, and now she's doing the same thing.

Was anyone else around during the scene days to remember how much of a joke she was?

No. 178291

I do. I remember my sister watching one of her retarded videos and then all of the disgusting shit she would do.

No. 178311

Yes this.
Even without the page three she could EASY do something like Geordie Shore or Big Brkther

No. 178364

File: 1441969643773.jpg (181.63 KB, 720x559, Screenshot_2015-09-11-18-54-18…)

Her Japanese is so basic.
You'd think she would have progressed somewhat by now.
Does she ever not end a sentence with ne/yo?

No. 178367

Nah, man

She thinks using です makes her look less knowledgeable so she uses da/yo/ne to make herself look ~oh so fluent~

Taylor R does the same
It's so stupid

No. 178369


Makes them look cuter I think or so they think

No. 178374

No tweets about the flooding, deaths, or people missing though. You'd think someone actually in Japan would care about that.

No. 178375

Lol she blocked me entirely. More proof she reads here because it was like days after I made that comment about pancakes totally not being raw (and then posting about it in this thread) lmao

No. 178389


funny how kirakira elf mother earth rambles about humankind destroying the planet yet apparently moves everywhere in car/taxi instead walking/biking/subway.

No. 178390

Oh but she does use the subway. Remember she proved it to us haters when she said she does yoga while using it…

But I do agree, she seems to travel by car/taxi a fair amount even though she's in Toyko (that has a decent transport infrastructure) and could use greener methods to get around. Then again, would she tweet about each time she goes walking/biking/uses public transport? Because she can very easily say that she doesn't tweet about every single thing she does so we can't really judge her everyday lifestyle and habits based on that.

No. 178400

Ikr, you'd think someone who's spent a lot of time there, who's been "studying" for way over a year now, who's dating a native, and has all the time in the world to study would at the very least speak intermediate level Japanese.

I think it's just a beginner's mistake. I remember when I was just starting out, I'd abuse the fuck out of yo and ne.

No. 178402

why the fuck isn't she using the trains? everyone uses the trains not kira kira japanese enough kaka try harder

No. 178405

Probably because she's afraid of being groped on the train. You have to remember she's the most kira kira kawaii woman on Earth and no man can resist her.

No. 178410

Big Brother UK would be perfect for her.
she should apply for reality tv.

No. 178420

Are you guys forgetting the most important reason why she won't actually use the train?

People can spot her on the train. They can take photos.

No. 178453

People will only be able to spot her if she's being her obnoxious self while using them. Don't Japanese phones make a lot of noise when taking pics? (I know Korean ones do anyway) If so, I don't think Kirakira will let anyone away with it.

No. 178460

She's always being her obnoxious self, but the chance of someone who knows about her spotting her irl is incredibly slim.

They do.

I don't think she'd do anything irl if she saw/heard someone take a picture of her. I remember hearing that she's a huge pussy irl and won't confront anyone, like apparently when she'd have an issue with someone she'd get Kota to talk to them for her. She doesn't speak Japanese at all so she couldn't get a cop to confront the ~hater~ taking a picture of her and even if she could, I don't think they'd do anything. I don't think Taku would do anything either since I've heard Japanese people in general aren't confrontational. The most she'd do is just whine about it on twitter and maybe take pictures of the person back to add it to her "Jane Doe" case.

No. 178484

>the sun is in a weird spot in the sky, season change must be coming soon!

Bitch it's September, of course the season is about to change. But ofc pretending you know shit about the positions of the sun in the sky make you seem more like a nature child earth mother desu desu~~

No. 178491

Didnt you know that she all powerfull and knows everything. Next you know she'll start saying shes god.

No. 178508

Doesn't she kind of already imply that with the "divine" shit? Or is that just something the haterzzz slapped on to make fun of her? She's so ridiculous it's hard to keep track of what anons make up to poke fun at her and the comedy gold she gives us herself.

No. 178513

japan just had a relatively large earthquake

Watch her be all dramatic on twitter

No. 178518

You should have waited l knowing that she lurks here.
Most people are still in doubts she's in Japan, so it would be been better if we seen an interval like if Taku or Not a had to say something

No. 178522

just now they had one?
wasn't she dramatic about that one small one before. if she's not dramatic about this one there's something fishy

idk what you're trying to say exactly but i agree, should've not have said anything cause she lurks here.

No. 178523

It was one of those slapped on things, but I don't doubt that she thinks that highly of herself.

No. 178533

She hasn't mentioned anything else that is going on there but now that it's mentioned she probably will start in. We see you faking, Kaka.

No. 178535

Kiki: Praying to Archangel St. Francis to send soothing energies to all the animals in the earthquake.

No. 178543


ft. baes popcorn

No. 178555


>Prayin' for animals fuck humans except taku but more importantly I'm safe and sound, sorry my internet went down ^_^U

No. 178559

Now that we mentioned it on her thread, she will say something (since she reads this religiously.)

No. 178582

or won't say something because she doesn't want to listen to the haters "bait" her or because muh privacy

No. 178621

Yeh this one was pretty large and would wake up anyone (happened at 6 am). I actually believed she was in japan up until now, because there is no way she wouldn't instantly tweet about a quake like this

No. 178627

I lived in Tokyo for a few years. It is difficult finding satiating meat-free options in most chain stores and convenience stores. I don't eat beef/pork/red meat so I got by with chicken and fish meals, but even with that I felt limited sometimes because beef and pork are in the majority of meals for purchase.

A small few places have non-meat options, like you pick what you want in your curry and pay by the addition (so you can just choose veggies) or ramen/soba comes with potato korokke, but the thing is a lot of the broths/stock have animal products so they aren't truly vegan.

Salads aren't really a thing in Tokyo either they are mainly cabbage and corn and in about 2oz packages (really small and not filling). So all in all you do kind of have to cook your own food if you are vegan.

Buying groceries can wind up being a lot more expensive very quickly depending on what you are making. Filler things like potatoes are really expensive (2-3 TINY ones for $1) and I didn't see many beans/lentils there at all, canned or fresh. I imagine those would be expensive imported foods as well.

If you go out into the country there are some traditional dishes available when eating at restaurants that are more vegetable based, but often times they do still have some animal products incorporated.

Also, not that Kaka would know this but it is considered absolutely beyond rude to ask for a restaurant to cater to custom requests. Culturally, when you eat at a restaurant you are not supposed to ask for them to make changes to the meal (like substitute in/out things). If you have an allergy all you can do is ask if the triggering food is in the meal for your own knowledge and then order it or something else. Asking a place to prepare a dish a different way or cook with specific instructions like changing utensils/pans is unheard of and not okay.

No. 178632

I'm >>178627 and your statement about meat in Japan is not true. It is actually insanely cheap to get meals with red meat. Fish is often pricier, but still less expensive than the states.

This is unrealistic because cabs can cost between 3000-5000yen for a 15-20 minute ride. I am suspicious that she doesn't take any trains at all.

No. 178639


Not surprised, it's like going in and saying "your food is shit cook me something else".

No. 178646

Sorry what do you mean you're suspicious that she doesn't take them? Is it because you think it's too expensive to take cabs everywhere?

No. 178649

Yes that is what I mean. Unless she is very rich, dating someone rich, or has a job that pays for her cab fare, I don't know how she could afford to only take cabs.

No. 178656


>$30-50 per 15-20 minute ride

That's not much if she only takes a cab when she tweets about being in a cab, and even then she might be with Taku or Dakota and not paying for it herself. We know Kiki almost never goes out, and that her parents throw money at her for all kinds of stupid bullshit, so why not?

No. 178657

you guys keep insisting she actually goes out

No. 178659

Lol you act like she has a life that gets her out of the house every day. IRL all she does is sit on her computer and browse the Internet looking for people who are talking about her.

No. 178665

I'm not pretending she does or doesn't go out because I don't know. But I find it strange she refuses to take anything but cabs because they are expensive and you would think she would find that a waste of money, unless someone else is paying since she is unemployed.

No. 178695

You must be new.

Kiki believes she deserves to have money and everything else in life handed to her, she doesn't understand the concept of wasting money because to her, as long as it helps keep up her facade of being some rich, popular Jvlogger model vegan health guru, she'll drop coin without a second thought.

She is a NEET and a hikkikomori, she doesn't work or go to school and she has no friends or interests that aren't usurping her sister or bragging about her Japanese meal ticket. She can do both of those indoors.

No. 178696

Her parents pay for it, that's where all her money comes from. That and maybe Taku.

No. 178698


It's all over Twitter by now though, so even if she isn't in Japan she definitely has to have at least seen it.

No. 178701

or kota could tell her

No. 178710

File: 1442021822627.png (64.87 KB, 595x370, Capture.PNG)

She tweeted this an hour ago and nothing else, so either she doesn't want to acknowledge the earthquake because she's so ~private~ or because of us haters. Or she just hasn't read about it on here yet.

No. 178711

she probably would've posted about it right away if it was big enough to wake you up like anon said
she posted about a megaphone waking her up instead?
leaning towards she's not in japan again and she put everything on private and is more ~"private"~ cause she ran out of things from her last trip to post.

No. 178837

If you're talking about 'Remember, You're Divine!' then no, that is really in her Twitter/Instagram bio.
She added it recently I think, along with 'Heal & Be Healed'.

No. 178840

Uh, she has taco now, he seems to drive her most of the time

No. 178842

She might be taking the taxi simply to go to the shops and back.

Let's see how much she spends a week.
How much are Taxis in Japan?
Vegan Junk Food?
Gas, water, rent and electric if she really does have and apartment?
Insurance maybe?
Her iPhone bill?
Japanese lwyers for copyright claims?

No. 178844

Most taxis start the fare at 730 yen for the first 2 KM

No. 178846

This, if she was actually in Japan, she would know about the disasters. So to highlight her "empath" personality, she would tweet something like "Sending all my prayers and positive energy uwu~~". It has nothing to do with privacy at all.

No. 178851

This is just a rough guess

Taxis - $20
Vegan Junk Food - $25
love Hotels - $100-$200
Restaurants -$100
Shopping - $50
Rent - $40
Insurance - $20
Phone bill - $80
Japanese lwyers - $100

No. 178852

She must be spending like £500 a week alone or £2000 a month. Jesus Christ

No. 178853

That's like £60-£70 a day wtf

No. 178854

>Rent - $40

Did you mean $400?
Not in Tokyo, it's more like around $600 per month.

No. 178855


No I meant $40 weekly so that's $160 a month since she's at her boyfriend perents place or maybe paying half each.

As I said I have no clue how prices work in japan so it's a rough guess

No. 178857

updated version then? Remember this is weekly and not monthly.

Taxis - $20
Vegan Junk Food - $25
love Hotels - $100+
Restaurants -$100+
Shopping - $50+
Rent - $150-$200
Insurance - $20
Phone bill - $80
Japanese lwyers - $50

No. 178858

So nearly $600 a week or $2400 a month.

About $80-$90 a day wtf


No. 178859

If you haven't guess already I'm shit at math.

Help this dumb ass

No. 178862

Let's be honest - she barely eats, barely goes out so restaurants food and taxis aren't gonna be that much. iPhone bill? She doesn't even have any friends to text and since she's indoors most of the time she won't need to use her phones internet.

No. 178863

So lets say around $2000 a month and she is not employed or earning anything.
Even if her parents send her money, since Cathy is unemployed, only Scott could help her and I don't think he makes such mad pay. I don't think Tako is that rich either.

No. 178864


She needs it for Instagram and poor quality selfies remember?

No. 178866

And it's also assuming that she's the one paying all these bills. Like remember Taku gave her $300 randomly to shop? I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he (or his family) are footing most of her living costs while over there.

We don't know what he (or his family) do for a living/what they're making, but I bet its probably better than what Kiki makes/her family gives her. Like, she doesn't indicate a source of her own income while over there and she just removed most of her youtube videos (where she would be making most of "her" money from) - so she must not need the youtube money all of a sudden…

No. 178867

She most probably on contact since it's a apple phone. Knowing her she has the latest model as well as a Japanese SIM card on top of that. So not only does she have a phone bill but she has to top up the sim

No. 178868

She's a sugar grandma

No. 178869

Useing your boyfriends money is one thing but to to take advantage of the inlaws like that is so disrespectful

No. 178870

My boyfriend parents would go nuts if I dare pull a stunt that. I wouldn't anyway because unlike Kiki I have a job, respect them and have a morals

No. 178871



No fuck off

No. 178908

She still hasn't even kind of mentioned the earthquake.

No. 178910

She will after sifting through here.

No. 178922

File: 1442067739384.png (124.34 KB, 591x465, Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 10.1…)


No. 178924

File: 1442067774586.png (103.19 KB, 591x379, Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 10.1…)


No. 178935

You too can be an annoying cunt vegan in Tokyo

No. 178941

I see u lurkin' kaka.

No. 178943

Whenever I read her rambling about requesting vegan food in Japan, especially the time she supposedly made them use new utensils, I imagine the restaurant staff lying "Yes, of course we'll cater to all your needs!" to keep her as a customer but not actually adjusting anything besides not serving her meat. I bet they kept the same utensils, still use dashi, etc, etc. Why would they go through all that effort for one precious girl?

No. 178944

Notice how she casually insinuates she calls Japanese restaurants, and I guess in her fantasy world They all happen to speak Japanese as Automatically know what Vegan-ism is. Notice SHE NEVER TAKES A PICTuRE OF THE FOOD SHE GETS AT THESE PLACES. And If you seriously still think she is there then whatever man.
We're talking about a woman who speaks basic kindergarten level Japanese and it just so happens every chef understands and just bends over backwards for her. SERIOUSLY?

No. 178945

My bad for typo error. I meant THe chefs automatically speak english and know what vegan dishes are. Is she that stupid?

No. 178948

File: 1442070460486.jpg (21.33 KB, 350x175, image.jpg)

Enjoy our vegan option,kaka

No. 178949


>traditional Japanese restaurants


She's such a fucking liar. The only reason she's spewing this bullshit and not taking any pics of her food or naming any restaurants is because of she does then it'll be obvious she's just making this shit up to protect her precious vegan image. There's no doubt in my mind that she's eating animal byproducts in anything that isn't basic 1 or 2 ingredient foods but doesn't know/care because she can't understand or read Japanese. Stop trying to force another culture to cater to you, you obnoxious cunt. Japan hates the type of people who come from abroad and demand them to cater to you when you can't even be bothered to learn basic Japanese etiquette.

She's literally a parasite.

No. 178960

TRADITIONAL JAPANESE PLACES DO NOT CATER TO VEGANS KAKA, THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN. The only thing you can ask is if it is with or without meat. If she was actually there her diet would mostly consist of salads, tofu and rice also with photos I take pictures of all that I eat in Japan dude especially if your attempting to show different people what foods are available in another country. Notice how unhelpful she is with her supposed large options of supposed vegan food ideas. What is it and where are the photos? All we get are common american dishes you can get in USA, A burrito and pancakes??? That's all she can provide since shes playing the "living in japan so like me card". I don't know if KAKA remembers, but when you are online you are giving people a WINDOW into your life. So people expect certain "evidences" when talking about things they may not know. So if you are trying to prove to people you can Legit walk into A freaking Japanese restaurant (Mind you JAPANESE NO AN AMERICAN STYLE RESTAURANT IN JAPAN) and act like you can roll up in there and demand a meat dish be turned vegan I call bs. She's got a problem.

No. 178963

No. 178964


As said in >>178627 it is culturally rude and simply not done in Japanese society to request for custom dishes at restaurants. So either she is pissing a lot of people off (and they would decline doing these requests for her as well) or making it up, because calling up restaurants to meet your needs is not an option.

The only way she could get vegan options are for dishes that you can customize, like curry or perhaps bento, but again those options are permitted by the shop and not custom requests.

Also I guarantee none of these places are switching their utensils if asked. In Japan, if YOU have an allergy then it is YOUR responsibility to not go there, not ask everyone to cater to you.

Tokyo is made up of mainly chain restaurants/convenience stores that all feature meat products and the indie restaurants all have menus bursting with meat/animal products. If you watch videos showing the streets of Tokyok you can plainly see this.

She is absolutely lying. It is frustrating because she is giving ignorant followers the belief that they can go to Japan and start acting like this when it is not appropriate and they will be shot down anyway.

No. 178966

No. 178968

File: 1442072095463.png (224.95 KB, 586x463, Untitled.png)

You have to be kidding me….

No. 178969

I think the same thing too.
I'm almost certain at least a couple of these restaurants have still served her meals that contain animal products and they often just take 'no meat/eggs/milk' as to not include like straight up beef or chicken breast or add eggs/milk with their own hands. They likely don't factor in those kinds of things like dashi or ingredients that already have animal products in them that you wouldn't know or think about just from looking at it.
I'd love for her to have a realization or find out that she has been consuming animal products repeatedly this whole time.
I want to see the meltdown.

No. 178970


Because she's a kawaii white kira kira vegan goddesu, anon!! Of course the Japanese know that she needs special treatment because she's such a precious angel!!

No. 178971

That is definitely not an option in all the restaurants in Japan, even in big chains. She's probably at some specific restaurant that caters for that crowd.

No. 178972

One restaurant.
That's hardly proof.
Nice try tho, Keekz.

No. 178973


Isn't it like 11 or 12 at night…. Is she eating that late or did she steal a photo from instagram and claim it as her own.

No. 178974

Confirmed for stalking lolcow 24/7

No. 178975


We're also gonna need proof that it's "traditonal", Keekz. Can't leave that part out.

Thanks for reading though.

No. 178984

File: 1442073170647.png (63.16 KB, 589x270, Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 11.5…)


Haha, my sides. She does remember that she also posted this, right? Which is basically proof that they'll just serve her a vegetarian meal.

No. 178986

"Kawaii model-san!!! I will change the ENTIRE RECIPE in tribute to your beauty! You are truly teaching us the error of our ways! I will seppuku for all the animals I have harmed!"

No. 178991

she went to a Tokyo-based "Tex-Mex" chain: http://www.zest-cantina.jp/gzone/menu/
But you can see that only some dishes can be made "vegan".

No. 178993

Even more hilarious that it was only 12 days ago she tweeted that.
Fucking hell, she's constantly contradicting herself.

No. 178994

she might've went there or stole the photo because last orders for food is 2:30am at the place she went.

No. 178996

File: 1442074059210.png (617.15 KB, 1262x587, menu.png)


Hey thanks for pointing that out. Looking at the menu I found this. Funny it's the exact same notice as >>178968

Is that a common notice for Japan's restaurants to have in their menus or is it the same menu and she is trying to make it seem one restaurant are several.

No. 178997


>went to a traditional Japanese restaurant

>Tex-Mex chain

Also, does she not know how to screencap when it doesn't involve e-stalking someone she doesn't like?

No. 178998

there's like less than 30 restaurants in Tokyo that are completely vegan friendly wtf

and they aren't even mostly on the main part of tokyo

No. 179000


Buhahahahahaha so much for vegan friendly. She is probably going to this one vegan restaurant daily and trying to prove Japan is ssoooo "vegan" friendly.

No. 179001

I SAID TRADITIONAL JAPANESE. This girl, she couldn't wait to bait.
She keeps talking about vegan options so we can get pissed and call her out just to prove us wrong. While still looking dumb.
TRADITIONAL!! Does she not know what traditional is???

No. 179003


What…anon you aren't making sense. Use full sentences.

No. 179004

There're still anons here that are following her on instagram and can look at her pictures on there, right?
Just making sure we can still keep tabs of what she posts there.

No. 179007

I love how she tried to keep the menu out of the shot so she could act like it was from a traditional Japanese restaurant. She missed that it says "New York Cheesecake" in katakana on her shot.

She's really proving that she's not actually there at all. If she was actually there, she could easily rub it in our "hater" faces and show us all of her kawaii ~traditional~ Japanese vegan food. She was posting tons of pictures of her food during her last trip, what would stop her now? Is what she's eating now too ~personal~?

It seems like no one here is following her on ig or they're all blocked. Someone asked earlier about this when she first privatized her ig and no one replied to them.
I really hope I'm wrong and someone does still follow her since I highly doubt she'll allow anyone new to follow her for a while. And I'm really curious about it because she's deleted more stuff since I last checked.

No. 179014

She is so full of shit. I still believe she's not actually in Japan.

No. 179015

File: 1442079599063.png (3.09 KB, 240x130, images.png)



No. 179019


I would love to point out this is the same Tex Mex place she got her burrito but I am sure I will get a lecture about stalking then blocked.

No. 179021

No, I still folks her on if, I just havent gotten used to making screenshots.

Plus going on there feel is like a chore now, but I'm sure I'm not blocked (yet).
Probably cause I'm not too active. So if she stalks some of her followers when she's on a blocking spree, I doubt she would suspect me. But I'm what goes on in that woman's head.

No. 179023

Tbh her pictures are always so crazily filtered and edited to death with sparkles and shit that the only way I'll believe she's in Tokyo is if she uploads a video of her physically in Japan. Preferably OUTSIDE and not in an apaato or taxi. Only then will I believe it, atm I think she went to Japan at the start of this year, had some weird fling with a guy and documented it all on camera and had just been rehashing it and living out her delusions since.

No. 179024

Besides, I just checked and her last photo was 5 days ago. That quote or whatever. Y'all ain't missing nothing (I think)

No. 179026

Jesus, 30 USD for a "Vegan Special" is hefty in Japan. This is likely one of those restaurants that cater specifically to gaijin…

No. 179028

Hi there, I'm still able to check kikis Instagr. Unfortunately she hasn'tposted anything recently .

No. 179030

Oops, didn't see the comment above me. So there are still a few spies among her followers.

I seriously doubt anyone is actually changing anything in her dishes to make them vegan. I am 100% certain they are still using fish base ect. Kaka, you lurkin so hard. But you won't find me! :D

No. 179040

Yeah same here. Except I want absolute proof the photo/video is current, like a picture/video at an event or something. Which, actually, she could've easily done a few hours ago if she was actually there since she claimed she went to this Vogue event and bought a bunch of limited edition Sailor Moon items.

I want to know what she deleted from her ig. Last time I checked she had 509 posts, now it's 504. I think she deleted even more than that because her ig was archived after her last Japan trip and she had 500 posts at that time.

No. 179042

lmao she just printed out this webpage and took a photo of it to seem like she's actually looking at some menu
way to go through all that trouble to prove to the haterz
she's not actually in japan. i see no photos of the meals she's actually eating besides some stupid deserts

No. 179051

She did, wow…
I didn't even pick up on that.
You can really tell now that it's just a piece of paper and not a real menu.
Never cease to amaze me, Kaka.

No. 179052

it's the same exact text but idk what the box on the left is but she could've just switched things around in a photo editing program or something to throw us off

No. 179055


They just think "Oh, no meat", but still serves other stuff.

I can guarantee you all that kiki eats non-vegan stuff by mistake at least once a week

No. 179056

She is painfully stupid. If she really was in Japan going out to eat vegan meals every day why would she care so fucking much about proving lolcow wrong?

No. 179057

>claims to be into fashion
>supposedly goes to a Vogue event
>doesn't take any photos

C'mon Kiki, you could at least steal some photos, crop them and paste sparkles on to pretend they're yours. She really is dropping her game recently.

No. 179061

she posts random photos/videos that have nothing to do with what she talks about on twitter all the time. she always talks about vegan food and stuff but never shows any examples of what she's eating.. yet she claims she goes out for vegan food all the time. all we got as far as real food is that burrito

No. 179063

She also posted those vegan pancakes made with ~LUSH macadamia cream~ or some shit.

No. 179064


Why put all that effort for the 4 people who actually read/follow you? In fact, I think most if not all of her web traffic comes from farmers who laugh at her.

No. 179066

i really think so too
in reality we're actually the only people she's always replying to. her life is so embarrassing.

No. 179067


It's odd how much Americana food she is eating in Japan. Why on earth would you go to Japan and eat burritos, pancakes, and Indian food.

No. 179068

samefag but if she really wants to teach people how to learn to eat vegan in japan, she could at least give more examples. the only advice she gives is that eggs aren't vegan.

maybe cause she's not in japan lol

No. 179079

Because as much as she wants to pretend it's super easy to eat vegan in Japan every day and that traditional restaurants are all catering to her, the truth is most Japanese people don't give a shit.
The only places with vegetarian/vegan options are for gajins.

No. 179084

I don't get why she's so insistent that it's "sooo easy" to be vegan in Japan, why not just say, "yeah, it's really hard, but possible if you put the effort in"? Does she just not want to admit that it's not the kawaii vegan buddhist archangel land of love and light she thought it was?

No. 179088

She's trying to convince herself that moving to japan isn't a huge mistake and if kota got a job there she can too!!

She only "loves" japan because kota is there which is so fucking pathetic, lol.

No. 179091

Basically, she's trying to keep up with kota.

No. 179095

I think her claiming it's "so easy" to be vegan over there is more of a superiority thing if anything: a "if you're vegan and finding it to be a struggle, then you're not trying hard enough" kind of attitude without saying it.

Then again she has shown time and time again that she doesn't live in reality so is it really that surprising that she's going against what nearly every vegan says about eating in Japan?

No. 179097

This. I think she's also trying to convince us of this because we always say that she just doesn't suit Japan and that she's the epitome of what Japan hates. I mean, just to name a few things, she's vegan, she overreacts over tiny things, she's rude & obnoxious, she expects everyone to bend over backwards for her, and she's a neet/hikikomori that has no plans of ever changing that.

No. 179102


3 years ago when I saw kaka's videos, with her new spiritual bs style and winged liner I knew right away, she was copying kota. It was so obvious. She's trying to copy everything the girl does.

No. 179103


It's like I said before. Kaka was NEVER interested in Japan until kota and kota I think had somewhat interest in Japan but ONLY for kawaii things, like most weebs. Aside from that and Japan pissing themselves with excitement that they thought a real life animu girl was actually living, that's the only reason those two have an interest in the country.

No. 179104

Why didn't she just move to LA or something? Her personality and style would fit a lot easier there. Probably because she beefed with so many popular people there, she might still be afraid of jeffreye star. especially now that he has a really successful cosmetics line…

No. 179106


What you just said. She caused enough drama with people on that side of the country, most people dislike her and I laugh at those sympathy stories people have wrote about her "the poor teenage girl who_____"

and it's like eyeroll

Kaka isn't doing things right. She doesn't blog anymore, she doesn't vlog about anything interesting, she doesn't do anything. She's a bore and this is why she isn't popular. Kota is more or less the same, not personality but I mean as in boring. She doesn't make much of an effort either. Y'know… they're supposed to be these 'idols' and they're doing nothing.

No. 179111

She couldn't feel like a special magical girl if she stayed in America, though. Plus, Kota is the only friend she has. She's incapable of making friends, or even caring about having them because in her eyes every other woman is competition and below her.

Kota is the only person that isn't her parents that she has. In LA, people could know about her and her past, same with any other place in America. In her eyes, Japan is a clean slate, and one she isn't even putting any personal effort into. Kiki's whole life revolves around feeling special. She isn't an empath, she isn't an indigo, she doesn't actually care about the well being of others. Kiki is a liar, and no better than any poster on lolcow she claims to be an ugly jelly hater.

No. 179117

She wanted to move there with Kota to become actresses but no one would pay for it for them and Kota winded up going to Japan instead.
She went there to fuck Jack Cash before her first Japan trip, she went on about how awful everyone was there and that she felt more at home in Tokyo than she did in LA.

I always felt like she wouldn't associate with other women because most of the people who post on "hate" sites are women and because of what happened with Charms & Kota.

No. 179123




No. 179124

No. 179130

"Im the veganest vegan that has ever veganed and if you think differently it's because you're just lazy

Also, everyone that crosses my way in Japan is downright ready to coodle to all my preferences, needs and demands. In fact, chefs from restaurants obviously have nothing better to do than coming up with new dishes because I want to and using new kitchen utensils for me"

No. 179135

This makes me think of Onision's shitty videos.

Sorta ot and I know it's been said a billion times, but Kaka and him would be the perfect couple. I really want them to hook up but I have no idea about how to go about it. Imagine how much drama there would be if they were dating.

I wonder what their opinions are of each other. I wouldn't be surprised if they both have negative opinions on each other.

No. 179136

Although that can be part of the reason now, she hasn't had notable friendships since she was like, 14, and those were incredibly superficial and Cathy came along to take photos.

I hope Kota doesn't feel salty over charms because what charms said was true. I wouldn't put it past Kota to think she's above charms since she's a "cam girl fatty" or whatever now, though.

Kiki, on the other hand, hasn't even attempted to make a friend. She thinks of herself as a public figure and not a human being. Everything she does is an act she doesn't want others to see through. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to be friends with her. At least I could see reasons people would want to befriend Kota.

No. 179140

What did Charms say about Kota? Is there a summary? I've never been clear on it since I cared more about Kaka's explosive dramas. She's more prone to psycho meltdowns.

No. 179142

I wasn't around then, but I heard that she said Kota was only allowed to hang out with her for a little while and when Scott dropped her off, he kept trying to sell a bunch of shit to her. Charms also said that Kota told her about how Cathy abuses her and that she smokes cigarettes.

No. 179145

Someone should still have caps. They were on pull but that's gone to shit.

Can anyone in possession of the Charms caps please post them in the Kota thread?

No. 179165

Omg she says that they'll change shit for vegans yet she lies and says she's allergic to meat, eggs, dairy and w/e other fucking lie?????? Why lie when you claim it's so easy!?!?

No. 179178

Because they will serve it with eggs and that's not vegan. Kaka empath goddess is too pure for that so she has to take the extra steps. She's spewing bullshit as usual.

No. 179180

No, I get that she lies so they won't put non vegan products in her food, but she immediately contradicts herself weeks later by claiming that lots of places will adjust their menus for vegans like its so simple.

No. 179182

Doesn't she er self contradict this >>178968

With this >>178984??

"it's easy to be vegan in Japan!!!"
"Just because it says it's vegan doesn't mean it really is vegan, beware"

She's so dense and unwilling to accept anything she didn't make up in her own head that it probably never occurred to her that most Japanese thing 'vegetarian' and 'vegan' are the same thing. Or that asking them to change their food to suit her special diet she is on by choice is rude and inconsiderate as all fuck in Japanese etiquette.

No. 179185

In the motherland where conforming is key she thinks deviating from it is easy and without consequence.

No. 179187

Or maybe she thinks that because Bravo bends over backwards to cater to Kota that they'll conform to her as well just for being a white girl.

No. 179191

Sorry anon, I was mocking her but the sarcasm might not have been obvious. This is Kaka, she will contradict herself left and right to prove lolcow wrong. It's all bullshit to cover her ass since she cares so much about her vegan integrity being called into question. She lies so much, I don't know how that can be satisfying.

If Kaka or anyone follows a specific diet for whatever reason shouldn't they know already that there are places that will not meet those needs easily? Wouldn't it be easier to not go out and make freshly prepared foods at home? Not saying people should be deprived of experiences to go out but it's really shitty to expect a service job to meet these special kira kira needs. People with extreme nut allergies don't eat places where they might be put at risk so Kaka should follow suit if her diet is so fragile, not demand fresh utensils for preparing and serving her food.

No. 179203

You know she's defending herself from what was said in this thread because no one said anything like that on Instagram or Twitter.
Only a couple of people asked her where she'd recommend they could go, and general vegan advice

No. 179206

Lol yeah I'm sure everyone's slipping date rape drugs into that Zima

No. 179218

it's already annoying when people ask if we have a gluten free menu, i can't imagine kaka coming in and saying she's vegan and allergic to everything. yes we can try to modify things but i straight up tell them no we don't have a gluten free menu. because it's fucking annoying and an inconvenience for the servers and the kitchen staff.

>so it's really not a issue/burden
fuck you kaka yes it still is.
>they are flexible and are actually excited
no, no chef is going to be excited. they will be annoyed because they have tons of other mouths to feed to worry about. not just yours. unless you're going into an empty restaurant NO
every time i go back into the kitchen where i work the chef is stressed out and working hard just because there's so many tickets in the window. there is no time for your fucking kira kira special desu dietary needs. stay home and make your own food. it's not that hard.

No. 179232

I can't imagine anyone else not having the same reaction. It's pretty presumptuous of her pompous ass to think the whole world and every culture must bend to her needs.

No. 179234

those are exactly the kind of people who are the most annoying in restaurants. the kind that think they're the only customer in the whole place. and that's exactly what she is like.

No. 179241

I agree. One thing I don't get is why can't she just get like a side dish or dessert that's vegan? Or if she's with someone, see if the meal they're getting has a side dish she can eat and share it? That's what I do when I'm taken to restaurants that don't have anything vegetarian.
Granted idk about Japan, but a lot of the places in America that aren't for vegans/vegetarians I've been to usually have at least one thing that vegans/vegetarians can eat like french fries or something.

I blame Cathy for homeschooling and coddling her. She was already self-centered to begin with and keeping her away from other kids while coddling her growing up just made her even more self-centered.

No. 179250

Another Japan anon. Just putting it out there: There is traditional vegetarian/vegan food called Shojin Ryori, that is usually found only near Buddhist temples and can be quite expensive. This is often special occasion dining for foreigners and not something you can find easily, unless you are in a tourist-catering area like Tokyo or Kyoto. Anywhere else in Japan(Tokyo might as well be another planet), eating vegan is very difficult unless you MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN FOOD. At the very least, there will be trace amounts of fish-derived dashi stock in most vegetable dishes, so like others have said, it's not common to have exceptions made for you. I find most Japanese are more concerned with those potentially dangerous egg and dairy allergies than whether utensils were in the same proximity as pork grease. That being said, since I actually love to cook and can read the food labels, I can make affordable, nutritious vegan dishes at home because I have the means to do so. But, I would never tell visiting vegan friends that it would be easy for them at restaurants. Luckily, they're chill, self-sufficient people that accept reality.

No. 179252

When I first got to Japan, I learned really quick no restaurant is going to cater to you and the general idea is either pick something else on the menu or go somewhere else. I don't eat pork, and there was a menu item I wanted that I wanted so I asked if I could substitute the pork for chicken. The waitress looked really uncomfortable and politely suggested I pick something without pork instead. I didn't argue since I didn't want to be difficult and picked my second option that was entirely pork free, and after she left my Japanese friends quickly explained that unless it's something like an allergy, it's very rude to ask for alterations. I felt so embarrassed and apologized to the waitress before we left, and I haven't asked for a single alteration when we eat out anywhere since then.
I'll admit it's easier to eat out somewhere and avoid pork than it is to find vegan options, but it's true that eating out and being vegan is really hard in Japan. I have a vegan friend here who (politely) refuses to eat out with us because of the lacking options for her. Unless it's a yakiniku place, she won't go, and even then it's sometimes difficult to cook our food and avoid touching her's since they're on the same grill. We still have a great time, but Kiki makes it sound like being vegan is ~so easy desu~ when actually traditional Japanese restaurants actually can't stand picky gaijin and will likely lie about the dish to get you to STFU and pray you never come back.

No. 179253

Same poster. Sorry. I mean many, not most, vegetable dishes have dashi. Others have very plain bases so you may be stuck with a lot of bland or simplistic sides if you are too picky. You may not have exciting variety when you're traveling.

No. 179268

Please tell me that stuffed Jiji she's holding in OP isn't the one at a Japanese bookstore that costs nearly $200…

No. 179269

I've met one person- one- in my entire life that was allergic to some wheat and gluten stuff. It's a really rare allergy apparently, so all this gluten free craze is serious bullshit.

No. 179270

I highly doubt it, it's very likely not official Ghibli merchandise and some cheap knock off from Taobao like the rest of her and her sister's stuff.

No. 179278

It looks cheap as shit.

No. 179283

So did the one being sold for nearly $200

No. 179285

Honestly if you have something like a gluten allergy you should call in advance. I get that it sucks but if you are seriously gluten intolerant well it takes some time to make sure absolutely no gluten is in your food, and also not every restaurant can accommodate you.
Some allergies we can deal with somewhat easily but gluten isn't so simple.
It's like people who come to a Chinese takeout and request sodium-free or vegan food… sometimes it's just not gonna happen and you need to get over it.
Sorry, worked in a lot of restaurants and fuck those people sometimes

No. 179288

File: 1442132312164.png (536.98 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-13-04-16-27…)

At it again.

No. 179289

I was just about to post it.

I guess after she got trashed by us, she went into "enlightened empath" mode.

No. 179291

File: 1442132646711.jpg (19.04 KB, 578x175, COxPBDVUsAAM0M0.jpg)

I cannot be a pathetic narcissistic attention whore if I resent pathetic narcisstic attention whores?

Well that's great!

No. 179293

>all you miserable people out there, i hope this helps

Such divine, much empath, wowo~~ not condescending at all!

No. 179294

File: 1442133603750.png (466.44 KB, 583x570, 1023984.png)

I know, right. So passive aggressive.
It's not very forgiving of you, Kaka.

No. 179295

You did none of this, Kaka

No. 179296

She sounds like one of those boring chrurch priests..

No. 179297

>>She cannot see her own reality because she resents people who can see her own reality for what it truly is.

No. 179298

File: 1442135148447.png (162.38 KB, 1333x593, comicsansprincess.png)

Her new-age, *~inspirational~* bullshit is so irritating, and I think it's because we all know she is such an awful person inside.

No. 179299

Kiki, if you're letting go of anger and resentment, why are you still lurking here?
If you're forgiving people, why did you ever open a lawsuit against the internet meanies?

No. 179300

>over 9,000 hours in MSpaint

No. 179301

Aye! like it's very is to pretend/put on a front online ("On the internet, nobody knows you're a dog") and force this idea of personal change by constantly talking about it, but she has proved time and time again that it's all a front as her old Myspace attitudes come to the fore. She might be dressing differently and ranting on about different crap, but the attitudes and perspectives are the same (the latter of which are the real markers of personal change).

>>"Self improvement"

No. 179331

File: 1442154467264.jpg (51.48 KB, 681x489, foto.jpg)

So I googled part of that quote on Google Books and found it was from a book called "Beyond Positive Thinking" by Robert Anthony, looked up the Goodreads reviews on it and someone said the book encourages spending money (not saving/holding money) in order for it to "come back to you". So I scrolled through the Google Books preview of the book and found this excerpt.

Considering we've seen how much she splurges on expensive crap for insta pics, this passage could explain her mindset when it comes to spending money (even other people's)…or you know, she has no fucking shame and will spend ridiculous amounts of money regardless. (Also, I think it's funny that a self-help book would encourage creating debt in the hope that it will bring money - like what???)

But that book is a goldmine for everything that Kiki preaches, but doesn't do, but also it echoes personal change shit that we've been telling her to do for years, but she doesn't do. It's almost as if she only bought those books to quote them passive-aggressively on the internet, and not for the self help tips.

No. 179337

sage for OT but, this book is right about spending money. Japan's actually in trouble economically because its citizens are not spending money lol

No. 179339

Considering her parents were bankrupt only a few years ago, you'd think Kiki herself would be a bit more careful with money.

Also, this book obviously wasn't written with the Japanese economy in mind, but with America's in mind (as if Americans don't have enough debt problems), but I understand what you're getting at. And inB4 Kiki claims otherwise on Twitter, I doubt Kiki's current spending habits are intended to aid the Japanese economy - she has always had this problem even before Japan (at least then she could've said it was her own money from Youtube etc., but that money has dried up).

No. 179341

*but with American citizen in mind

No. 179345


>resentment breaks down your immune system and literally cause your own sickness

hence kaka's multiple snowflakey "allergies"

No. 179346

>It's almost as if she only bought those books to quote them passive-aggressively on the internet, and not for the self help tips.
I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only reason she gets this shit. She doesn't think she needs help at all, actually, she thinks she should be the one giving others life advice.

No. 179349

>my boyfriend is still learning English

And even if it's shit his English is still better than your Japanese. Because you can't speak Japanese without google.

No. 179352

She's made other tweets like this about ridiculous things he says in English, it seems like she's ridiculing him about this. I wouldn't be surprised if she does make fun of Japanese people and other people who aren't native English speakers for the way they speak English.

No. 179353

>you'd think Kiki herself would be a bit more careful with money

Kiki has absolutely no grasp on reality. She lives in her own little world.

No. 179362


>Whatever you resent in life is a statement of what you lack.

Well shit, Kiki, you're right.

Aren't I disappointed that I lack a huge ego and a swiftly declining internet following

No. 179370


Or better yet: attention

No. 179376

Everything she spews is literally only to try and manipulate or guilt people into not speaking up about her questionable personality. Can't believe she thinks people will believe her intentions are anything but deceitful and selfish. Liar liar liar.

No. 179379

what else is she doing in her life besides lurking here and responding to us? seriously?

No. 179381

Taking it in the butt for a place to live and a possibly a visa

No. 179383

File: 1442162980337.jpg (52.89 KB, 640x391, image.jpg)

This shit right here is all her hypocritical autruistic views (of herself and others) rolled into one single tweet.

No. 179388

File: 1442163711490.png (77.32 KB, 697x294, Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 18.0…)

Where are your pics though? You love posting about your amazing and ~quirky~ life in Japan!

If you really cared about privacy (as if any dumbass is actually buying that), you wouldn't imply you were there at all.

No. 179389

>Give me your SNS so I can do a background check on you :^)

bravo kaka

No. 179393

>and then get blocked from me

insisting that she's there but no photos. typical. can't use the privacy excuse this time.

No. 179394

That's immediately what I thought too. She's trying to be so sneaky.

No. 179398

Kiki acts more autistic than her autistic brother

No. 179399

That's her immense ~indigoness~ shining through, obv.

No. 179401

I remember when she streamed and her brother was in the room, playing video games. It was obvious he was autistic but fuck he sounded so much more normal than her.

No. 179416

quick question:
have kota and kiki seen each other at all since kota left the o-strange-a household for her career in japan?
i know she went back to the states for a couple of weeks but that was months ago, right?

idk, if i had a little sister who was modelling in japan and was as fame-hungry as kiki, i'd plaster that shit all over social media.
but aside from following, unfollowing and refollowing each other, they barely seem to acknowledge each other's existence. wonder what went down.

No. 179418

Kaka has said that she visited Kota on her first trip, but I think she only hung out with Kota on her last trip. The reason being is that Kota said on her blog that she hadn't seen her in a long time and her last trip was only a year before that. Idk, I guess a year would be a long time, but when I personally think of a long time, I think years.

No. 179436

Yes Kotex and kaka were laughing at us and eating a "spit in" vegan pizza

No. 179581

lol trying to attach her self to a Vogue event…..
totes suopermodel

No. 179585

I dont doubt she went to VFNO, but Vogue's event is VIP everywhere. She went to the party on the streets, where shops and brands give drinks and there's music. But the Vogue zone is VIP for models, designers, actors, or people that have the Vogue invitation.

No. 179586

File: 1442217431319.png (58.92 KB, 705x333, bae.png)

Apparently, only "kind" people deserve to know her kira kira princess special empath indigo child secrets.

Also, why would anyone want to follow Kaka on twitter? All she posts are pictures of tortured and bloody animals. Wtf. She can't go a single day without shoving ~veganism~ into everyone's faces.

No. 179587

File: 1442217530931.png (25.52 KB, 630x154, weddingdesu.png)

In other news, is she still pretending she's getting married?

No. 179601

>soy free
> raw
> vegan
… Cafe.

Damn girl you're not content with just "cafe"?

Either way, her Twitter catty fight with VeganRevolution was the dumbest I've seen all week, safely. And yes, it's Monday morning.

No. 179603

Kaka just doesn't when where to stop, for someone all about kindness and being above shit.

No. 179604

If she doesn't remind you that it's a vegan cafe you might question her commitment to her veganism.

No. 179609

Can't wait for her to marry or at least do something! Her life is so damn boring

No. 179610

Girl, you're supposed to be a blogger, wouldn't you give out that info for free? It'd be a genuinely helpful post and could get a lot of hits even from people who don't follow you.

… actually is she even claiming to be a blogger or a vlogger or whatever these days? Is she just a ~guru indigo child empath vegan earth goddess~ now?
It seems like even she doesn't know what she wants to do with her life any more. If she wasn't such a psycho bitch I'd feel sorry for her, what with her total lack of future prospects.

No. 179615

File: 1442232268024.jpg (125.83 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

This is from pull

No. 179616

File: 1442232297432.jpg (108.72 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 179617

File: 1442232332515.jpg (98.61 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 179618

File: 1442232368930.jpg (128.27 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 179619

File: 1442232423593.jpg (104.53 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 179620

They haven't been discussed

No. 179621

File: 1442232901650.png (499.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-14-08-04-15…)

I think they have.

Also did anyone see this Vegan twitter account rip into kiki?

No. 179622

Considering this is the same bitch who filmed her boyfriend doing absolutely nothing of interest in their hotel room, there's no way she would have gone without posting about it while it was happening.

>If she wasn't such a psycho bitch I'd feel sorry for her, what with her total lack of future prospects.

Right? I mean, not that Kota's modeling (and lying about her age) will take her far, but she's been able to get away with that shit for the past few years. If anything, that'll be an experience to look back on when it's all over with. In the time she's done that, Kaka's done absolutely nothing to even carry herself forward for the next few years. It's kind of sad, especially when you consider she's reaching her midtwenties.

No. 179625



No. 179627

Her Instagram is public again

No. 179631

No. 179647

File: 1442239185320.png (69.03 KB, 876x178, image0.png)

Hahah, knew that wouldn't last even a week.
She can't resist having her life publicised and any potential drop of ~fame~ or attention that may come with it.
Also dat 47 follower drop since 4 days ago >>177853
Hard to say though if people actually unfollowed her or if she just sifted through her followers doing background checks and blocked a shit load of them.
Pretty lulsy either way though.

No. 179655

File: 1442240150314.jpg (86.8 KB, 640x545, image.jpg)

No. 179662

Oh snap, VR that is some real talk!
Backing out of an argument she knows she can't win.

No. 179676

Hahaha omg shots fired. She's so vain and everything she does is for her "image"… we can all see through it…

No. 179677

I know there's no point even reasoning with such an idiot but: Kiki, the header on your website is a huge picture of you that fills almost THE ENTIRE SCREEN. Poor visitors have to scroll down past your image on every damn page, it's beyond ridiculous.
But you're not egotistical? Really…?

Totally cheering on VR right now.

No. 179681


[ ] TOLD
[x] 007: TOLDENEYE

No. 179682

File: 1442243292953.jpg (757.67 KB, 1366x716, MEMElookatME.jpg)

Not almost, it does fill the whole screen (at least mine).
At first it seems like one of those pages before the actual homepage on some websites where it has a link for you to 'enter' the actual site.
But yeah, then you realize it's just a gargantuan fucking 'header' (if you can even call it that at that size and proportion) and you can scroll down.

No. 179686

File: 1442243736447.png (36.41 KB, 621x231, screenshot-twitter.com 2015-09…)


No. 179687

Her website is fucking horrendous, it's one of the worst design fails I've ever seen, she clearly has no taste nor common sense to arrange a simple website/blog and make it easy to read and understand.
And I always kek when I see that big ass photo with Scott's reflection on the window, it looks so unprofessional while she stands there trying to look modelesque, like bitch you're on your porch and we can see your dad taking the picture, are you serious?

No. 179689

A "password protected post" oh my god she just gets more and more hysterical. Password protected so we can't point out she's full of shit.

That Twitter is right. Her whole internet existence really is a shrine to herself. All she does is sperg, lie, and humblebrag.

No. 179691

Hahahah shit I didn't even notice Scott's reflection in the window.
That is golden.

No. 179692

must be referring to this tweet

instead of sharing rare vegan findings with the world, you must prove youre a ~kind person~ (through a background check) to get info. She would rather have you eat animals than get into her cool vip vegan places without her approval

No. 179693

File: 1442244494210.png (60.3 KB, 900x289, screenshot-twitter.com 2015-09…)

No. 179694

No. 179695


I wonder if that VOGUE event wasn't 100% vegan & cruelty free enough to take pics/record it.

No. 179696

someone should send Vegan Rev some videos of Kiki's skill with stereotypes and passive aggressive sarcasm which "turns people off."

No. 179698

She's so elitist and narcissistic… No wonder why she doesn't mentions buddhism anymore and now everything is about new age bullshit. Oh yeah, because buddhism preaches humility and dropping your ego away while the newager bullshit she regurgitates these days non stop is about being special and magical and divine and a gift to humanity.
Yeah definetely that suits you better Kaka.

No. 179714

Oh my word, I'm late to the party. I can't check her twitter right now. Is VR still going in on her?

No. 179718

i hope so. and im hoping other (actual good) vegans chime in too and she gets cornered

No. 179720

haven't seen this one in years

No. 179721

I never thought I'd agree so much with someone who runs a Veganism account. They're spilling so much tea on Kiki it's glorious.

Shame she can't get it through her thick skull what they're telling her could help her as if she stopped to consider it and re-evaluate her behaviour, it would do her a world of good for personal growth. But Kiki will be Kiki.

No. 179723

Kiki telling someone else off for perpetuating stereotypes of vegans?


No. 179724

File: 1442249305712.png (21.28 KB, 592x130, 3a05416abe13eb6e1543dc9e84f025…)

tbh this person seems to be just as much as a narcissist/sperglord as kaka. But that makes their bickering back and forth even more entertaining.

No. 179725

File: 1442249396630.jpg (169.14 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Goddamn, I got curious about how the site looks on mobile and the image is cropped differently… Kiki actually designed her site so that the photo of her fills the whole screen, no matter what dimensions the page is.

No. 179728

lmao what an egotistical cunt

No. 179729

File: 1442249933321.jpg (387.75 KB, 1915x990, KIRSTEN NO.jpg)

I still can't fucking believe that she coded her personal website so that the entire screen upon loading was obscured by various hi-res photo of her hideous, blown-out face.

How narcissistic do you have to be? Not even Xiaxue's website is like that.

No. 179730

They take it to the other extreme (which Kaka hates), but everything they said about her was spot-on which is hilarious considering this person probably didn't know of kiki before today so that was all based on first impressions of her social media (not even delving into what she posts on insta/Twitter and how she interacts with others).

No. 179731


I've never had vegan meat but I'm a veg and the Linda McCartney range is fucking delicious.

No. 179732

Only now you guys notice Kiki likes to cover our screens with her face?

I think we came to point now where we are just nit picking. Hello Pull members

No. 179733

Well Kaka I've been turned off by your shitty attitude. I'm going to eat at least 8 animals today.

No. 179734

Er, we all know she loves her own face. I don't see any of us 'nitpicking' about that.
We were talking about her literally filling a screen in a way that makes her website barely useable. It's not news, but it's a top-class example of how narcissistic she is.

Stop with the 'hello PULL', you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 179736

lol @ Kaka trying to pick a fight with VeganRevolution who has 52,222 followers whilst she only has 21,555.

No. 179737


Why only now though? Hasn't she been on lolcow for over a year?

No. 179738

I don't think so, sadly. Kaka probably blocked them straight after she said "Peace!"

Whats worse is I'd understand if someone with a blog like Xiaxue's had a website like that. Xiaxue's website is supposed to be about her, her life, and beauty-related things. Kiki's website is supposed to be a health & lifestyle blog, which has nothing really to do with her or her appearance.

No. 179739

>still has more than double the followers she does

No. 179740

File: 1442251440284.png (265.91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-09-14-13-17-15…)

Awwww its already been one year since she started trolling hello talk for a visa, I mean husbando

No. 179743

What? That's what she was talking about when she said "we've been dating for a while…" - Time to get married!?

No even a year?

No. 179746

This tweet could come at a more perfect time when Kiki just tweeted today that she was going to make a password protected blog/blog entry that could only be accessed by followers who she cyber stalked to hell and back first. Although, I realise this tweet wasn't in reference to that, but to Kiki disliking vegans like VR.

No. 179747

Idk why kiki doesn't just own up to being self absorbed and egotistical and run her blog they way xiaxue does. It would suit her much better and she could probably even make money that way too. Instead she tries hard to convince everyone that shes this selfless empath kirakira indigo child who just wants to save the world. So dumb.

No. 179748

Admitting to herself that she's self-absorbed and has a huge ego (which isn't a good thing) would be a huge blow to her ego. She hasn't reached that level of maturity to be able to admit it to herself, let alone other people.

No. 179750

Someone said on pull that it wasn't even a year since the first time he was shown was in January. I get they could've been talking before that, but she was going on about hot buddhist guys a few days before posting about him. I think she even made a tweet about how she resisted a douchey guy a week or so before that as well.

No. 179751

Sorry for double posting
But wait, is she suggesting that he was the guy who wrote her that poem for her birthday last year???

No. 179762


I dont think so, kaka stated multiple times Taku speak very little english

Letter-kun even wrote it in cursive and whatnot

No. 179815


I'd bet money he speaks at least basic English, many Japanese in Tokyo do, or can at least understand it. One thing's for sure, his English is better than her Japanese.

No. 179817

So how many Japanese boyfriends did she have?

No. 179822

I don't think he wrote it at all, I 100% believe she wrote it, but I think she's suggesting that he was that one that wrote it.

If she really did date him for that long. I feel bad for him because I just remembered before going on her last trip, she was trying to get with Norman Reedus and Cole Sprouse who were also in Tokyo. It seemed like she was trying to find better guys to get with and just settled with him because he was her only option.

None other than Taku as far as I know. But before Taku she did claim her last 2 boyfriends were 100% Korean and 100% Japanese, though it was only because people were calling her out on being racist.

No. 179823

idk… given how kekz desperately clings at any dude giving her some little attention I'd say at least 2-3? (tako included)

Anyone knows how old is the "Why I'm learning japanese" video? iirc she's been talking about her jp lover/SO in it

No. 179825

*since it

No. 179829

I think it was posted last spring or summer? I know it was definitely posted sometime last year though.

No. 179835

According to her Google Plus page (https://plus.google.com/rop/1/wm/1/+kikikanniballl/posts/KVjKPh3hfGm), it was posted August 5th, 2014. So either she's fudging the anniversary date on purpose or she's been off with a few Japanese men in her travels (more likely).

No. 179841

Samefag: just posting a link to her Google plus page for archiving purposes (in case she starts deleting posts on that Google page now that I've called attention to it here) https://plus.google.com/rop/1/wm/1/+kikikanniballl/posts You can see what videos she got rid of - strange mix of "personal" ones, ones about Japan and some about veganism.

No. 179844

I love that Kiki is so slutty

No. 179897

1 year anniversary of what? Pray4taku is a new development in her non-life and we've yet to see pics of them together in USA (remember that Disneyworld double bed room and the stupid bracelets lol).

No. 179898

I thought it was a template, wonder if she tried to get Kota to help and Kota was like nope. So we get this abomination instead.

No. 179915

so she's been "learning" japanese since august 2014, went to japan, claims to have been living with a japanese boyfriend/family and her japanese is STILL awful?
something fishy

i still think that was just her ostrenga family vacation and claimed taco was there

No. 179924


anon don't forget she was ~almost fluent~ before start studying it

No. 179927


There's no way she's living there, especially with a native that's supposedly her lover, and she can't speak proper Japanese. Even with having a foreign friend, that's enough incentive to learn quickly, but living with a lover? Nope, no way.

That and in all honesty if any of this were true she would be all about rubbing it in people's faces. She made a video of her dad grilling because they made vegan things- if something as every day as that was newsworthy for her, she wouldn't shut up about her situation in Japan if it was everything she's been saying.

No. 179930

The reason she sucks so badly at Japanese is because she never gave a shit about Japan in the first place and she half-asses everything she does. In the videos/screenshots of her conversations with Taku they only ever speak English together. The only time she'll ever use Japanese is when she wants to be kawaii and/or show off and it's only ever beginner level stuff.

No. 179936

True, all she wants is attention and validation from gullible Japanese people

No. 179973

In the span of a month only one Japanese person replied to her Japanese tweets lol omg kiki you're not trying hard enough

No. 179988

No I meant physically in Japan, not online

No. 179992

I noticed she never mentioned the 90k people who had to evacuate their homes in Joso. This was one of the worst rain storms in history. And she claims to be in Tokyo LOL.

No. 180000

Yeah she missed a lot of stuff she would definitely tweet if she was actually there

No. 180008

OP picture enrages me every time, she needs a trim so badly, look at those fucking ends.
Actually, all of it from her tits down looks ratty as fuck.
I get she wants to look like a ~*~natural earth goddess~*~ with long, flowing, ass length hair but it looks like utter shit.
It's been said a thousand times but she looks so much cuter with short hair anyway; it doesn't look as limp because there's not as much weight as there is now in her hair which is all one length and just being pulled down looking flat as fuck and stuck to her head.

No. 180041

if she is for real in japan and wants to marry a japanese guy to get a visa and she doesn't even give a shit about it, that's pretty enraging.
i guess she's just fame hungry and saw her sister's "success" in japan so she thought it would be easy for her lmao

No. 180045

File: 1442331151432.png (71.16 KB, 584x482, Capture.PNG)

No. 180047

File: 1442331255673.png (64.68 KB, 586x439, Capture.PNG)

No. 180053

My eyes always start to glaze over reading these kinds of tweets. It's all totally meaningless crap padded out with buzzwords.

No. 180060

it's never any actual useful advice.. anyone could shit this stuff out

No. 180064

I hope realises that even if she does create some password protected little community how easy it will be for even one of us to infiltrate and cap and share everything in it.

I have been following her for ages on Instagram and Twitter and my accounts are otherwise entirely normal and regularly active. She'd never be able to tell the difference between some of us and her "3 actual fans".

See Kirsten this is why people think you're a cunt. I personally think all of your dietary/beauty advice is shit because you yourself look like shit, but even so it completely flies in the face of your faux little "project light, project happiness and peace" crap because you wouldn't try to restrict this "knowledge" to only a chosen few.
If your healing crystal bullshit and matras are that effective why not share if with EVERYBODY that follows and hates you since it will apparently convert us and change our wicked ways.

Just more proof that even she doesn't believe her own lies tbh.

Kirsten you are a M.E.S.S.

No. 180065

Kaka got into another argument with a vegan twitter, I'd screencap it but there's tons of shit. VeganRevolution tweeted about how fat people should eat just plants then she went on about them body shaming people and how rude these vegan people are.

No. 180078


which is funny because she used to bash fat people on stickam (and probably still does but keeping it for herself )

No. 180097

Does anyone has caps of that? I wouldnt mind tweeting them to the other vegans.

No. 180098

it's amazing how she keeps going on about how the vegan twitters are alienating vegans and people who are considering becoming vegans, while planning on making the *~~super secret vegan blog~~* just so mean people can't be vegan so easily. she doesn't give a crap about the animals. i hope the whole vegan side of twitter would attack her.

No. 180100

Lol isn't it like 1:30/2:30 in the morning over there. She was tweeting pretty late over in Japan on weekday night.

No. 180111

lol i feel like every time she gets into an argument she attracts other vegans and they fight with her too
i don't agree with vegan rev or anticarnist or kiki they're all shit imo

No. 180112

well all their followers are probably other self righteous vegans with inflated egos. No meat eater will ever take them seriously. But kaka is one to talk because we think she's a joke too

No. 180113

i think kaka would be saying the exact same things as them if she wasn't trying to pretend she was all ~love&light~ right now

No. 180129

File: 1442341174916.jpg (54.57 KB, 639x428, image.jpg)

> Speak to people and allow them to grow after you've systematically checked each SNS they have
> also, only I am good enough to speak of a nurturing plad

No. 180130

File: 1442341337840.jpg (72.51 KB, 640x476, image.jpg)

> amen! George Washington creatd Freedom of Speech for me and my asskissers

No. 180133

lol isn't she the most hypocritical egotistical little shit you've ever seen? i think this is why i like going to her thread

No. 180136

Freedom of speech doesn't keep you safe from certain laws, like hate speech and other shit. HAHA. oh kaka

No. 180137

God can you imagine Kiki having argument with free lee

No. 180147


hopefully someone still have the full recording of her making fun of some disabled student too. Such empathy and indigoness.

No. 180150


anyone remember the "There should be a planet for vegan kind persons (like me) and other for the jealous meanies" tweet?

No. 180159

So when we point out her bullshit on here and away from her, it's abuse and not covered by freedom of speech, but when she and Kota made those incredibly racist and homophobic videos, they were covered by freedom of speech because they were "skits" for "entertainment purposes"…. seems legit…

No. 180186


I'm craving for this day

Aahh, I do. "Can't we send the hateful people to other planet? >.<" "OMG my grandpa's buddy, Adolf Hitler used to say the same thing! Ha! ^_^"

No. 180210

It's also funny because peta has said shit like that but she had absolutely no issue with it.

No. 180225

File: 1442360595843.jpg (74.83 KB, 640x478, image.jpg)

she sent them a DMCA lol

No. 180227

File: 1442360622562.jpg (87.83 KB, 640x639, image.jpg)

Right on the spot!

No. 180231

Someone should send them her ed page since they said they have no idea who she even is.

No. 180232

File: 1442361173534.png (90.8 KB, 584x451, Untitled.png)


Yeah I am talking to them now


Considered it done

No. 180233

File: 1442361334475.png (21.36 KB, 585x103, ED.png)

No. 180234

Oh man I hope we get some quality milk out of this

No. 180237


Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy

No. 180238

iirc a couple of Lilkitten screencaps

No. 180242

File: 1442362013709.png (58.13 KB, 586x308, kikispast.png)


I just recapped what she has done. Besides isn't lilkitten mostly dead. She has deleted most of her past BS.

No. 180243

File: 1442362398643.gif (1.1 MB, 230x173, milk.gif)

I have a great feeling about this. Glad it's my weekend.

No. 180244

What does Kiki think she's going to achieve with this DMCA bullshit? All of her images and terrible behaviour is still on a ton of websites for everyone to see. The internet never forgets.

No. 180245


they forgot Danny's death and the little stalking shrine

No. 180253


I didn't want to dig up too much of the past or make it too complicated.

No. 180254

Never change, Kaka.

No. 180260


I am surprised Kiki hasn't tried to shut down this person's twitter like she did with Sticky's.

No. 180261

No ideia either. They just posted a cap of her own website who's still up for all to see

If she ever does, I've got the popcorn ready

No. 180262

Could he just link to her website then and say what he has to say? Counting on this anon getting blocked by Kaka even with their Twitter name blacked out on screencaps, too. Since Kaka likes to visit the farm so often.

No. 180263


Oh no she already has my Twitter blocked but it wouldn't surprised me if she lurks to see what bad shit I am saying about her.

No. 180265

Oh, of course she does. Her blocked list is probably longer than her actual followers list by now.

No. 180287

File: 1442374818858.png (12.27 KB, 591x91, guuguu.png)

No. 180288

She tries way too hard to be kawaii.

No. 180300

what the hell is she trying to say in moonspeak..

also i love how kanji is too difficult for her to memorize so she never uses it lel

No. 180302

It's just "sleepy" onomatopoeia with "good night" in the middle.
ウトウト = falling in a doze
グーグー = snoring
スピグ = sleeping peacefully

No. 180415


Who even uses those phases? I hardly see Japanese use them… well sometimes but…

No. 180416


I knew from the get go, once kota got thrown in nippon that kaka would start speaking sushi language and i really wish she wouldn't.

No. 180429

I hardly see it as well, I've only seen this sorta stuff in Japanese games for kids or on kaomoji.

She's just trying way too hard to act like a kawaii little girl.

She really needs to get that she doesn't suit this kawaii little girl act because she isn't cute at all whatsoever. It's just as cringeworthy as pt and that 40 year old Kota clone putting on the kawaii little girl act.

No. 180433

File: 1442437096327.gif (106.23 KB, 365x205, insta_1423053014.gif)

No. 180438


Neither do I. Whenever I've gone on girls in their 20s instagram who are Japanese they never use that stupid talk? Even kota lays off it now. It's sad.

No. 180443

I think the only time a girl that age would use that cutesy talk is with their significant other or with animals.

The most cutesy thing I've seen Japanese girls that age do is use cutesy kaomoji and that's really it. Not even the super kawaii uguu girls I've seen try this hard to act kawaii.

No. 180444

I think she's deluded herself into believing the anime desu moe thing is real even though Japanese really do look down upon actually acting childish. She ain't cute enough for that.

No. 180459

The dolphin slaughter has begun in Taiji. If Kaka is such an activist why doesn't she have her sugar daddy take a trip out there so that she can protest?

No. 180461

Yeah, you're definitely right on that since when she does actually speak Japanese, she forces an annoying high pitched anime voice as well.

No. 180464


in b4 she begins tweeting about it. She has been quiet the past 24 hours… I am waiting of the next spurt of insanity from her.

No. 180467

Because she doesn't actually give a shit about animals. The most she does for animal rights is tweet about it and sign online petitions.

No. 180469


it involves going outside, so no, not happening.

No. 180472

Definitely not but she could at least tweet something about it. Calling it that she won't though because it'd get her negative attention for it and possibly her sister too. She'll play keyboard warrior against someone on Twitter instead. Fake activist.

No. 180473

She the kind of person who helps others only to brag about it (not like she actually helps anyone, but you know what I mean)

No. 180485

Are you kidding me? She's not going to speak ill of Japan, regardless of how cruel they are (and always have been) to animals. It's a vegan haven, after all.

No. 180486

Shes probably busy with her techno

No. 180496

that's a weird way to spell "taking it up the butt" anon

No. 180497

File: 1442452705678.gif (626.94 KB, 234x176, nuf5kyfmpD1su39rr_500.gif)

No. 180501

If she says absolutely nothing about the Taiji dolphin slaughter any modicum of respect that I maybe would have had for her tucked away in the deep recesses of my mind will go right out of the window.

I swear to fucking god Kirsten.

No. 180512

I seriously doubt she's going to say anything about it at all. She's not truly passionate about animals, just passionate about getting off to the feeling of superiority she gets from hotdogging about being an indigo vegan.

No. 180517

File: 1442458176235.png (36.67 KB, 593x234, question.png)

Twitter fag here. I was searching Twitter and came across this tweet. It will be interesting if I even get a response.

Kiki still remains quiet for now.

No. 180522

it's so strange for her not to be on twitter. sad cause that's how you know her life revolves around it. even sadder if she's actually in japan and still all she does is tweet.

No. 180523

What? She hasn't left twitter. Jeez, she retweeted some stuff a few hours ago, ya'll are going through withdrawals.

No. 180526


Yeah I saw those retweets, I am sure she is still lurking. WTF that guy blocked me for asking a simple question…da fuck?

No. 180527

lol he blocked you for that???

No. 180528


Whaaaat? Is it one of keeks' puppets? Or some ally of hers?

No. 180529


Isn't it? I searched on twitter for him and kiki together and that is the only interaction I found.

No. 180533


KEKK It's a total puppet. She's so desperate.

No. 180534

Also I just looked at my phone and he did @ reply me but when I clicked on it, it said it could not be retrieved…..odd. why reply then block me?

No. 180535

He's a fellow Vegan. apparently from austrailia

No. 180537


If he is Vegan why is there a picture of "In and Out" burger on his instagram? This shit isn't adding up.

No. 180541

idk his twitter looks kinda legit. I think he's just an idiot.

No. 180607

Can you get the reply from your emails?

No. 180625

File: 1442488528544.jpg (155.37 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 180641

Seems so, she must have separated it to place in her hair. The way she did it looks stupid to me.

No. 180710

still can't get over that hairline. it looks like it's receding. i really wanna know if it's cause they dyed their hair so much. there should be some kind of study about that.

i like how she tries to pass everything she has off as expensive and unique an it's just cheap aliexpress crap

No. 180712

File: 1442510490890.jpg (26.79 KB, 375x500, kiki.jpg)

I was going to disagree and say she's always had a large forehead but then I looked at this old photo of her…

No. 180713

weird. an actual normal hairline/forehead, just thin hair.

No. 180714

I wonder if female hair loss is just a trait in their family. Kooter's hair is very thin and she practically has bald areas.

No. 180715

Or a side effect of an ED.
I'm trying to overcome bulimia and have lost quite a bit of hair, at one point it looked like Kaka's.

No. 180718

but doesn't it come back if you're recovering?
kota looked really skinny at one point but she's a normal weight now. i know it doesn't matter what weight you are/if you have an ed, but i does your hair fall out at that point?

No. 180722

I hope it grows back! It started after I would force everything back up, immediately after eating, even if it was something small. I was around 160lbs around then (I'm 5ft 7) so no, weight doesn't matter.

It can't be her vegan diet, as I know a few vegans who's hair is fine.

No. 180723

that's what i'm thinking. maybe they don't have an ed and their diet is just extremely unhealthy. or both. who knows. i know kota likes to live off of rice and soy sauce and kiki for whatever reason only goes out to restaurants which isn't healthy at all to begin with, then she tries to make everything vegan. an eats a shit load of desserts, but at the same time doesn't gain any weight so that's gotta be the only things she's eating. just unhealthy shit.

No. 180724

>It can't be her vegan diet, as I know a few vegans who's hair is fine.

Lack of iron and vitamin b12 are the two most common causes of female hair thinning and loss. They're both vitamins/minerals most easily obtained from animal sources. Remember this is Kiki we're talking about, not your friend, whatever they do is largely completely irrelevant if they're a sane human being.

No. 180737

I've said this a million times, but it's not because of dying their hair at all whatsoever. My parents were dying and bleaching my hair since I was 4 years old and I've always had a full head of hair. You only really damage the hair you're dying/bleaching, unless you/the person doing your hair has no idea of what they're doing.
It's most likely genetics and/or due to diet & lifestyle.

Isn't she supposed to be in elementary/middle school in this pic? She literally looks like a young adult here.

No. 180750

Kiki. Not any vegan. A raw, soy-free, (probably?) gluten-free vegan.
And ahe did say on lilkitten tumblr she doesn't need vitamin supplement because speshul vegan desu~ Etc etc.

No. 180761

>My parents were dying and bleaching my hair since I was 4 years old


No. 180801

sounds like child abuse tbh

No. 180807

I think I remember her saying that as well. Iirc, she says it's unhealthy because it's not natural or something along those lines. That's also the reason why she said she doesn't use actual skin care products.

My dad has an obsession with being white and I was his only blonde haired child so he wanted to keep it that way.
I apologize for being ot.

No. 180810


>Dying and bleaching hair since 4 years old causes no damage


>Dad had an obsession with blonde hair so he abused me to keep it that way

Why do have a feeling this person is a troll.

No. 180812

Poor nutrition has a big long term impact on you hair. Parents never fed this anon growing up, never ate right, spiraled into an eating disorder. Been in recovery for a couple years now and I see no improvement in thickness, only in growth but it still grows pretty slowly.

No. 180814


Someone should introduce your dad to Asha

No. 180815


Someone should introduce your dad to Asha

No. 180816

I didn't say it didn't cause any damage at all. It just doesn't cause damage to virgin hair as long as you or the person who's doing your hair knows what they're doing.

No. 180818

I also don't see what's so shocking about this anyway, tons of parents do this shit and more to their kids.
I'm really sorry for being ot again, I swear I'm done after this.

No. 180820


Fuck, sorry, no idea how that happened

No. 180987

Ok, just because you are the exception, does not make you the rule. People have sensitive/resilient hair, who cares.
Most people with eating disorders have bad diets, ergo, it affects their physical appearance. You can be a "healthy" weight, disordered, and have shitty hair/skin.

No. 181017


No. 181021

Both of them had shit hair since they was little. Long before veganism, Japan and scene. Cathy had shit hair also and scot probably going bald as we speak. The grandmother had a bald patch at the back of her head too if I remember rightly.

It's genetics and the only reason why thier brother is hairy is due to his condition.

No. 181067

File: 1442596424514.png (666.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-18-13-11-47…)

Aka the two people that wished her a happy birthday. I am pretty sure one is a sock puppet

No. 181069

Wait, isn't it Kota's birthday today? (It's the 19th in Japan already.) Or do Kaka and Kota both have super close birthdays?

No. 181075

They have the same birthday according to Google.

No. 181076

File: 1442598636493.png (801.4 KB, 723x589, qys7ra.jpg.png)

Did anyone post this yet?

No. 181077


I think so… Always good to have reposted tho!

No. 181080

File: 1442599165528.jpg (48.78 KB, 478x461, image.jpg)

Found a pic of Kiki celebrating her amazing birthday with bae and a "raw vegan soy free unique Japanese" cupcake

No. 181097


>the patisserie bought a new brand oven and utensils to bake just one cupcake for me~~ totally not hard to be vegan in Japan guise!!!

No. 181098

They're a day apart I'm sure.

No. 181133

File: 1442610330881.jpg (100.33 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

So her site is down?

No. 181135

I don't think she's used that for a while so it doesn't even matter. She's Lil Kitten now and we'd better fucking remember it.

No. 181136

It redirects to her lilkitten blog for me

No. 181139

I didn't check recently but I remember when she first started using lilkitten as a blog, kikikannibal.com would redirect me to lilkitten as well.

No. 181166

Yeah, Kiki's birthday is on the 18th and Kota's is on the 19th.
Kota's is written on her Instagram bio and I can't seem to find any remaining sites where Kirsten states her birthday.
They've always said they're birthdays are a day apart though and the police report, even though I know many people question its accuracy, states Kirsten's DOB as the 18th Sep.

No. 181167

Their* not they're, hah.

No. 183091

File: 1442636425383.png (94.8 KB, 1197x562, Screenshot_2015-09-19-00-16-42…)

Why is she still talking about her bday if its already the 19th there? Also if Taco really gave her a ring, wouldn't she be posting pics all over the place of it? Idk its just weird

No. 183100

Things that never happened.

No. 183102

>Also if Taco really gave her a ring, wouldn't she be posting pics all over the place of it?
She definitely would and I'm sure she'd also want to show off how kira kira kawaii she is in her chobits ears. (I don't get why she felt the need to mention that she was wearing chobits ears.)

Part of me feels like she's trying to troll us.

No. 183114

>chobits ears

Is it fucking 2004?

No. 183118

Same, i think she's starting to enjoy lolcow.

A) she is getting a kick out of her lies being discussed b/c it seems more real for her (crazy kaka)

B) she is loving her lies being discussed
and is laughing at us now, just spewing more for shits n giggles (mean kaka)

No. 183128

TIL Kooter has the same birthday as me

No. 183139

File: 1442646552505.png (696.29 KB, 965x613, pray4taco.png)

"Look at my kawaii azn boyofrienduuuuuu nyaa~"

No. 183140

File: 1442646820598.png (236.75 KB, 919x367, somanydeletedtweets.png)

>It's the 19th today in Japan.

Wait, isn't she in Japan? Why did she have to specify that it was the 19th there if she ~lives~ there?

Also, by ring, does she mean…. an engagement ring?

Of course no pictures of the ring nor of the vegan cake or whatever.

(Confirmed for having deleted 4,000+ tweets.)

No. 183144

She seems to be wearing a really thick coat in this/these pic(s), they could've easily been taken when she was last there.

No. 183145


fuck you kaka don't ruin CLAMP

No. 183148

Weather in Tokyo yesterday was partly sunny and 70-80 degrees fahrenheit. I mean, I know I wear thick clothing in the summer, but she's wearing a full on winter coat…

No. 183149

A little off topic but just a thought,

Do you think taku knows who venus is and vice versa where manaki knows who kiki is?

No. 183150

However, it was about 65 degrees (F) on the 17th. Still not cold enough to warrant the winter coat, especially inside.

No. 183152

With Taku, I highly doubt it. But there is a chance Manaki knows about her and Kota since I actually found their videos through Venus's. He must at least know about Kota because he's apparently really into dolls.

No. 183155

File: 1442649473987.png (33.06 KB, 591x546, Untitled.png)

Becasue im soo drunk and gross i made this here it is

No. 183170


So much for not posting pics of her bf to ~protect his privacy~
She's so desperate to prove the haters wrong, it's hilarious.

No. 183186

Lmao Kaka we alllll know what you're trying to insinuate. You are so subtle.

Also. "@mmmkikikannibal: Birthday ended with Taku surprising me with vegan cakes & a ring ❤️✨ He sang me happy birthday while I wore lace chobits ears hahaha"

> He sang me happy birthday while I wore lace chobits ears

> while I wore lace chobits ears

See that's how we spot the bullshit. I guess her husbando singing Happy Birthday is not that interesting to tweet about, she has to come up with smthg totally random

No. 183188

i adore this anon, especially since you were so obviously drunk when making it lel

No. 183189


>It's the 19th today in Japan.

> why did she have to specify that it was the 19th there if she ~lives~ there?

To specify it to the rest of us scumbags who are not special to live in Japan and have NO idea how things work in this magical land that only allows her entrance

Also I'm rolling my eyes at her telling people to wish Kota a happy bday, as if she needed the attention of her handful of non-socket followers

No. 183233

this is a picture of a picture. I guess he isn't really there. This picture is old.

No. 183248

File: 1442682080208.jpg (75.3 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

The bitch blocked me for asking a simple question.

No. 183249

File: 1442682149207.jpg (79.5 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

The question.
She just lost a great fan

No. 183250

Great? You think alot of yourself don't ya

No. 183252

Depends, what exactly was the question? As crazy as Kaka is, asking personal questions is weird isn't it? You gotta 's in around the bushes'.

No. 183254

Sorry, the picture with the question didn't show up until my posts were posted.

No. 183258

she blocked you because it isn't actually vegan leather and she doesn't wanna expose herself lmao

No. 183266


meanwhile at kaka's apaato…


No. 183345

That's right. She dose t want to be called out on not buying vegan stuff.

To the anon who was blocked, did you really expect anything else? She's fucking psycho. She blocks people for no reason literally all the time.

No. 183354


I was a blind fan

No. 183356


Your outdated Iphone needs charging

No. 183366

Well that's stupid. There are fake leather knock-offs of that whole Sailor Moon line so she could've just admitted it's fake.

No. 183374


But then she wouldn't be a super duper rich diehard sailor moon fan
She's stuck between a rock and a hard place
We all know she hasn't actually seen the anime/read the manga anyway

No. 183375


She admitted her Miu Mius were knock-offs in one of her Get To Know Me videos. She said she bought the knock-offs because the real were made with leather and lamb skin. She's just a horse's ass.

No. 183377

Do you know how elitist and retarded you sound BTW?

No. 183383


Then charge your fucking phone

No. 183386

Stop talking to yourselves pull members

No. 183416

You just went full retard, if you don't have anything to contribute stfu+gtfo.

No. 183417

Her bf is fucking ugly in that picture of a picture she posted.

No. 183489

def not taken recently in summer


No. 183500

File: 1442722631652.jpg (218.56 KB, 931x596, purezento.jpg)

According to Kooters kiki actually is in town. The caption says "Present that my older sister came to deliver"

No. 183502

All of it is from her or just one? What is everything here? It looks like candy and an ice pack but I can't tell with the filters.

No. 183503

lololl is that the same lacy chobit ear headband Kiki was wearing when she made the tweet about it yesterday? That thing is cringey as fuck. Only turbo weeaboos would wear something like that.

No. 183505

also, she should probably call Taku and thank him for the gift, since it was his money Kiki used to purchase everything.

No. 183540


Why are you replying to your own comments?

No. 183541

It's so weird kiki was wearing her sisters gift.

Why tweet so descriptive about the ears (lacy,chobits) and then kota got them? It's
so off. I feel like kiki slipped up but i dont know to read it. (Sorry just came off a long work shift brain fried)

No. 183543


honestly those lace 'chobits' ears looks more like sexshop plush cat/sheep/whatever ears, they don't have the lower pink part

>also if she actually bothered to read/watch it, she should know those aren't even actual ears kek

No. 183547

She probably got a pair for Kota and one for herself so they can be twinsies. Always showing the haters how much they love each other and laugh at us over vegan purity pizza.

No. 183584

Yeah, they're just standard (super cheap) weeb cat ears.

No. 183591

File: 1442749662684.png (47.19 KB, 568x474, sure jan.png)

It's honestly embarrassing that anyone over the age of 16 would wear those in public.

Speaking of embarrassing…

No. 183593


"w/cute Japanese girls" I love how she had to include that they were Japanese so we must know how 'accepted' she is there. Jesus.

No. 183594


You can find shit like that almost anywhere I guess. Plus, who still wears cat ears?

No. 183595

Bitch, you lyin'.

No. 183598

Biggest fucking humblebrag I know.

No. 183603

she would've taken a picture of it herself. what a joke.

No. 183607

Translation: People looked at me because I dress like a prostitute

No. 183612

Seriously, how long will she keep this charade going? Now she's got dakota finally to play along. Yet no NEW photo of them together.No photo of her ring w/ taku and her ridiculous 50 cent chobits ears?

No. 183614


> "I was not wearing anything crazy or noticeable"

> still got asked for pics

Whoa yeah Kiki I bet you were wearing a plain white tee and grey sweatpants.

I can believe some chicks asked for a pic with her because they liked her outfit and shit but the "not wearing anything crazy" is just bullshit. She just COULDNT have left that at "some girls took pics with me! It was awkward but I felt flattered" could she?

Kaka Queen of humblebrag

No. 183622

I would only consider her recent tweets true if she was in the middle of nowhere village in china.

But Japanese girls taking a picture of a plain white girl wearing nothing special in Tokyo? Nice lies, Kaka.

Reminds me of Himezawa when she posted a photo of a bunch of Japanese girls taking picture of something and implied they were taking pictures of her.

No. 183625

haha, I actually almost named the file in >>183591 "ok himezawa.png" It reminded me exactly of that.

No. 183634


what if those girls were lolcow users Kaka?

No. 183637

LOL, true- there are Asian farmers who live in Japan and speak Japanese, she would never be able to tell the difference.

No. 183639

That would be fucking hilarious and the best thing ever but we'd have seen it posted by now if they were :(

No. 183646

Taking selfies with balding white girls is probably a sign of good luck in Japan

No. 183655

File: 1442766585676.jpg (37.56 KB, 301x450, YamaubaNoh2LowerRight.jpg)

Or they thought Kaka was some japanese lore demon witch

>the Yamauba appears as a monstrous crone, “her unkempt hair long and golden white … her kimono filthy and tattered,” with cannibalistic tendencies

>Yamauba is said to have a mouth at the top of her head

it makes sense

No. 183668

Aaaahh hahah that'd be funny and make her turbo-psycho

At the sametime, she said OTHER girls were trying to take pictures of her paparazzi style. Imagine if they end up in some japanese forum along the lines "freaking annoying gaijin in the smoothie shop ugh"

No. 183669


Oh god this would definitely be the first thing I'd do if I bumped into her in Japan, pretend I was a fan from Lithuania or some shit and get snaps.

No. 183671

for an environmentally conscious moogle of mother earth, kaka sure buys enormous amounts of unnecessary stuff that takes a lot of natural resources to produce and will be thrown out or forgotten in a week…

No. 183674

Lol at the "20" on the birthday cake thing

No. 183681


those items were made of ethically sourced cruelty free cosmic matter by elven hands, you silly anon~

No. 183692

Sorry this is a bit OT. I found this on reddit and it fit's Kaka perfectly.


No. 183693

Lol the hypocrisy you dispray is shamefur anon. They didn't even go full retarded but you did. Slow clap for you.

No. 183704

kota probably exaggerates as much as her sister
how would kiki have money to buy her all of this shit

>older sister came to deliver

but they didn't celebrate either of their birthdays together or anything? she just came to deliver them?
something's weird

No. 183711

How would she have the money? Lol it looks like a bunch of cheap dollar store stationary

No. 183713

These are useless little things that middle school girls buy… I would guess that everything together cost <$20 (500 yen pen, 600 blind box, etc etc)

No. 183731


lol I thought that was weird too." She just came around to deliver the gifts and GTFO because material possessions and food
is really all that matters when it's your birthday" (I don't really disagree with it though lol)

No. 183747

like i would be inclined to believe kota was busy working or something but in her thread everyone says her career is dying out

No. 183751

She could be busy with actual friends, or hell, even lied to Kaka and said she was busy so they wouldn't have to hang out at all.

Just imagine how unbearable it must be for Dakota to be around Kiki. It's probably like when you introduce your friend to something you like, and they start getting into it super hard core, and it's all they ever want to talk about every time they are with you.

No. 183755

Kota did post a video on ig of her with her birthday cake and you can hear 2 other people in the video. But it doesn't seem like Kaka was with her because you'd most likely hear her obnoxious voice in the video and she'd probably try filming a video for ig as well.

No. 183758

Why would she want to have Kaka in her ig or anywhere else? It would be extremly bad publicity. Imagine the shame she'd have to face if she had to introduce her older sister as a jobless failure desperatly trying to get married for a visa to everyone else. Not to mention that Kaka would exploit the hell out of Kota's little fame for herself.

No. 183762

Idk I'll probably sound really tumblr right now, but she's went on about how race doesn't matter at all to her bc she's had tons of friends and a ~lover from another race~ but she always feels the need to mention peoples' races like it really matters. Does it really matter if a Japanese person complimented you or wanted to take a picture with you?

Speaking of tumblr, we should get some crazy sjws to go after her. I remember one Japanese sjw tumblr was going on about how Kota is making it seem like all Japanese girls are just dolls or some shit after seeing one of her hair tutorials. If they're nitpicking Kota over this, they're most definitely have a lot to say about Kaka.

It reminded me of that as well, lmao.

No. 183765

Sorry for double post
they most likely will have a lot to say about Kaka*

No. 183769


Who was the sjw?

No. 183772

No. 183790

I think it was thisisnotjapan

No. 183792

Never understood why kaka felt the need to constantly mention Michael phelps every second.

No. 183793

It was during the Olympics I'm guessing?

No. 183821

That was absolutely terrible. Kirsten's screeching actually hurt my ears, my god. Was that the only racist video they made? I thought there was a different one.

No. 183870


I only recall the brown face one and the beaner side one. Long long time ago someone posted about kaka made fun of an american-middle eastern toddler in one of their camshows but I've never found recordings of it nor other testimonials so idk if it is true.

No. 183871

http://vk.com/video-61973273_166610349 #$20,000scam #cringe #tbkmonday

No. 183873

omg, do you think of kaka while watching this, right?

No. 183921

Hey Kaka nice job leaving up this video that was a promo for another video you marked private.

No. 183922

Everything about Kiki is in such in bad taste.

No. 183954


The narration on this was so bad/annoying that I had to turn it off.

No. 183966

I wish she would try to be supah kawaii and even wear lolita. Imagine the hilarity.

No. 183970

There's something about visualizing Kooka's little twiggy ass in a big floofy dress that makes me laugh.

No. 183971

She privatized her ig again.

No. 183975

What the fuck is she up to?
It'll be public again in a couple of days for sure.

No. 183981


I wonder what she'll do when the kawaii train gets boring and dies

Will kaka be hopping on fashion trends till she's 30?

No. 183984

The unfortunate thing about this is she looks most attractive in the photo where she's making the ugliest face.

No. 183989

Ewwe that was more annoying than I anticipated.