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File: 1514678716435.jpg (74.89 KB, 781x500, 21rsxq.jpg)

No. 478795

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>On December 3rd, 41-year-old Raven and her 31-year-old fiance Josh were in a car accident while he was driving his mom's Ford Fiesta after lunch at Chili's and another toy shopping spree at Walmart. Raven was admitted to the ICU with multiple moderate internal injuries and spent a total of two nights in the hospital.
>While in the hospital she recorded two short videos. In the second video she states, "The faults of the accident was on our side because of the car. Apparently because the car was in kind of bad shape and it had started locking up. Like, the transmission was slipping to start with…" She repeats this admission in a comment and in a subsequent video.
>The greatest tragedy of the accident was the loss of her favorite Hot Topic Lip Service dress which had to be cut off of her.
>In several videos she repeatedly proclaims that the accident has given her a new perspective on the value of life. But that dress was her favorite and she will never find it again!
>She posted three videos to show off her collection of makeup including well over $1000 in Kat Von D products alone, most of which were purchased just before she departed New Zealand, and other products which she confesses to having no idea how to use.
>She contemplated a giveaway of unwanted makeup and clothing, but the haters have ruined her plans.
>She continued to add mall goth fashions and toys to her growing Amazon wishlist and to her Hot Topic wishlist.
>She lost over half of her Patreon funding in less than a month.
>Josh appeared in traffic court on December 21st. He was charged with driving on the wrong side of the road and fined a total of $155. In a video Raven thanks someone for sending them money which they will use to help pay the "big" fine.
>Their address was disclosed in the online court records and revealed that their mobile trailer home is located on a rural highway in his hometown of Saluda and not 50 miles away in Columbia (where he is employed by FedEx Ground) as she has stated on her social media profiles.
>At every opportunity she continued to disparage 21-year-old ex-husband #4 Logan and compare him negatively to Josh after saying, "I'm not trying to trash talk Logan or anything, but…"
>In a video in which she shows off her engagement ring she reveals that she was pregnant at the time of the accident and that she miscarried afterwards. Or rather, they were "ninety, ninety-five percent sure [she] was pregnant. All the signs were there." She attributed her weight gain to her "pregnancy."
>They are planning to wed on June 11th which will be their one-year anniversary of meeting online. He will be husband #5.
>In their video filmed on Christmas day [pic related] they show off the presents they got for each other including movie t-shirts and a horror movie icon jacket for him, several Funko Pop! figures for her, and a custom printed book she gave him entitled, I Only Have Eyes for You: From Raven to Josh, a fifty-page "story of why Raven loves Josh" illustrated with childlike drawings.
>She thanks one of her subscribers for giving them a George Foreman Grill from her Amazon wishlist since "as far as kitchen stuff goes we have, like, nothing."
>In all of their videos together Josh appears exhausted and talks about feeling tired. Raven talks to him as if he is a child, pets his head, and strokes his face constantly.
>She posted a sponsored video review of clothing from Zaful and Dresslily. She received only a few of the items she ordered; they were all poorly made. She disagreed with the companies on when she should make the video; she wanted to wait until the rest of the items arrived. She deleted the video from Youtube shortly after she posted it, but it is still up on Bitchute.
>She spends the majority of her "2017 year in review" video denigrating Logan (they had nothing in common and he neglected her) and her 21-year-old son Dorian (he lies and only wants attention). She says that she and Logan divorced in "September or October, I don't remember, I'd have to look."
>She admits that she is not self-sufficient and that before leaving New Zealand she realised "to go home I probably need a boyfriend." She is estranged from her family, and she has no friends who could take her in or help her.
>Describing her life now she says, "I just feel like a different person. And I'm in a different place and everything is different…It's like a dream," while at the same time, " I don't have anything to do. I've cleaned the house, the house is clean…But there's not really a hell of a lot for me to do here. I just I sit online or clean the house."
>She is looking forward to getting drunk on Tequila Rose with Josh in their barren LTWMTL Shack on New Year's Eve!

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Joshua Manning Bradley:

No. 478797

so much foreboding in this pic

No. 478799

I feel like we should start placing bets on how long until Raven says her first negative thing about Josh in a video.

My bet is on how he works too long every day and/or she's suspicious of the women he delivers packages to.

No. 478800


I never thought a pair of antlers could be so emasculating.

No. 478802


She is already complaining of how bored she is.

No. 478804

"He never takes me out because he's always at work. I just wait for him to come home. That is inhumane!"

No. 478807

he already killed her baby, sis.

No. 478816

File: 1514682901532.png (683.64 KB, 888x684, Screenshot_2017-12-30-17-04-40…)


Parody is the sincerest form of mockery!

No. 478823

I love this quote for her as well. It sums her up so well - fuck everyone else's feelings and needs and thoughts, it's a very raven world.

No. 478825

I laugh at the notion that she does anything for herself let alone "make her own world". She shoved her fat ass into Logan's life and forced him to pay for everything while she sat back and did nothing but take selfies and make dumb videos. Now she's doing that to Josh. She doesn't make her own world, she inserts herself into someone else's, ruins it then moves on to the next victim. Fucking parasite.

No. 478837


genuine props to you anon for such a informative and succinct OP + that thread pic has me rolling

No. 478838

Weeeell… Didn't she say he talks and punches in his sleep so she had to sleep while he's at work?

No. 478839

She said that about Logan.

No. 478840

she just said it about josh recently. so how much does she torment these mens souls?

No. 478843

Logan was snoring. Josh is talking and punching.

No. 478844

So not long before she makes a video how "he's never home, we don't talk much because he's always tired and ready to go to sleep, we don't sleep in the same room" etc etc lol

No. 478845

she's already making videos showing off her newly ample bosom. it will be josh's fault if he doesn't defend her against internet suitors.

No. 478847


In the last of her troll videos >>467171

>So many times he wouldn't get his snoring fixed, you know, or looked at. Because he snored, and not just a little bit of snoring, it was like sleep apnea, like he'd start choking in his sleep, and I, I couldn't sleep. I'd be so worried something would happen to him, and so, like, I'd stay awake to watch over him, make sure he was okay. And after a while it got so bad, like, I couldn't, I just couldn't be in the same room as him. And we, we slept separately.

In the very next video about Thanksgiving >>468357

>And then Josh snores, and he talks in his sleep, and he kind of does this [motions with her arm] and then he elbows me in the face. So I don't really get a lot of sleep here, and so I'm just like, ugh.

But in her next video in which she sings his praises >>469952

>Like, if he's asleep…it's taken him a while to get used to sleeping next to somebody because he's used to being by himself, so it's been a little, a little different for him, but um, now he's getting more used to me being here. So when he's asleep I'll reach out and touch his face or I'll touch his hair or I'll touch his shoulder or I'll kiss him on the cheek, and he'll still, like, be snoring, but he'll roll over and he'll just [wraps her arm around her neck] he'll, he'll hold his arm around me, he'll have me in a little chokehold sometimes, and he'll just, you know, cuddle me and kiss me and say, you know, I love you, love you babe. And then he'll [snoring sound] I don't even think he realizes he wakes up to do this which is pretty cool.

No. 478857

Talking about her partners depends on her mood, I guess. Sometimes Logan was the worst, sometimes Logan was the best and haters shouldn't judge them bla bla, same with Josh.

No. 478867

File: 1514735087583.jpg (99.03 KB, 800x960, 10464176_1460820017492976_2905…)

Compensating for the lack of milk with seasonal fan art. Those shadows are all wrong and make her look like she is pressed against glass.

Happy New Year, fellow anons!

No. 478868

No he didn't. Didn't you hear Raven clearly and plainly say from day one that they were just driving along and going to make a turn when this SPEEDING CAR came out of nowhere and hit them? They caused her physical injury and mental suffering from the loss of her unborn child, something she'll never get back… unless they can get $$$ from the people who cruelly made Josh admit to guilt to protect her…

Yeah okay, thinking like Raven is awful.

No. 478870

File: 1514735568218.png (137.48 KB, 800x677, Screenshot_2017-12-31-07-47-07…)

The mystery of who sent the trash cans >>477723 has been solved.

Although they already had at least a half a dozen pillows piled on their inflatable mattress.

No. 478872


But the dress, nonnie, the dress! She and Josh can keep not not trying to get pregnant. The dress is truly gone forever.

No. 478873

File: 1514736526958.png (74.12 KB, 800x346, Screenshot_2017-12-31-08-07-22…)

Can name only two bands.

No. 478877

File: 1514740409166.png (215.32 KB, 1280x581, Screenshot_2017-12-31-09-10-43…)

Raven has created a separate Amazon wishlist for housewares.


And there is is a couch on the list.

No. 478878

this beggy bitch! buy your towels at target. stop goin out fot junk food every day and buy a real bed!

No. 478879

omg this bitch has an entire seating unit on her amazon list. too bad you can't buy entire pre-fabricated houses on amazon or she'd have her new love bungalow on there.

i still don't get why she left logan for this. she gets bored easily, clearly, but at some point she had to have realized that she was trading an established life with plenty of material possessions for a life of privation in the sticks. the only thing i can figure is that josh got her back into the usa so she's enduring the trailer boredom until she harpoons her next semi-retarded whale.

No. 478881

File: 1514748369200.png (747.58 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0493.PNG)

Okay, why the fuck does she need a waterproof mattress cover?

Does she piss the bed? Ravey, are you an incontinent granny?

No. 478882


omg bitch, scour craigslist. Count yourself lucky you got some trash cans, you dirty whore, ain't no one buying you a fucking canopy bed or a sectional.

Seriously though, even things like sectionals are cheaper on CL, sometimes you can get great shit for free because people have to move suddenly or someone's passed away and the family doesn't want to bother with selling everything–I don't understand her at all.

Totally OT, but when I moved x-country I gave away a ton of old VHS and comics and action figures, took a picture, put that up with a note on CL asking people to please leave it tidy and not make too much of a mess, but otherwise help themselves, and everything was gone within fifteen minutes. Point being you can get nice shit, so I don't know wtf she's doing, or why.

No. 478884


Cos people buying her stuff = love. Free or cheap (who the fuck was IDIOT enough to pay that for fucking dustbins!) doesn't give her a narc hit.

And yeah, I'd rather have a bed than a narc hit. Silly cow.

No. 478886

Raven Fucking Loony xxx

No. 478890

Or maybe she’s a squirter(eeeeewww)

sage for +18 stuff

No. 478891


18+? The imagery from that will be too much for me when I'm 90!

No. 478893

> He changed his story on everything. Like, now he's trying to say that he didn't want me with Logan and he only told me about Logan once. That's a lie. That's a flat-out lie. And he said it himself, it wasn't even like that. He wanted us together, and he would come home and tell me about him every fucking day until I gave in and I said, fine, who is this guy, I'm tired of hearing about him, about your little friend, I'm not interested.
The North remembers Raven. We remember when your son told you he thought he was bisexual and had feelings for a friend. We also remember you grooming then marrying said friend. You're a filthy lying slut pedo whore who deserves a life of miscarriages
sage for dumbfag sans proper linkage to other thread

No. 478894

pretty much the entire time she was in NZ, she was complaining about being in NZ and how much she missed the US. she would've spent at least 3 years trying to find a Josh. it gave her pause when she realised he'd lied about everything, but the pull of 'home' was too strong. she would've settled for a literal hobo years ago if she didn't have ryan paying for her (ugh) 'services'


you expect a dearly-loved celebrity to go on CL like a fucking pleb? leave that for the poors.


*sage for a HR Giger nightmare

No. 478896

I deal with furniture for a living and you would be hard pressed to find a bigger POS than that couch, so it’s perfect for her and couchie. She’d do better going to Big Lots or Wal-Mart to get her garbage furniture.

Sage for blog Post but 95% of new furniture is disposable garbage, better to buy a quality sofa made before 1980 and spend the money to have it reupholstered than spend the same money on a new couch manufactured today

No. 478897

>tried to get two giant trash cans wrapped

No. 478898

oh totally. she's not putting the titty pictures out for nothing. she's already signalling that she's bored.

No. 478899

>buying trash cans as a gift

No. 478900

you got me there

No. 478901

>wanted to wrap two big ass garbage cans as a Christmas gift

>asking about music tastes and hopes for nothing “ghetto”

Fucking kek. She really does attract viewers who are just like her: trash.

No. 478902

I know lol

When you see the money raven farts into the wind and you buy her something as cheap and basic as a bin.

No. 478907

File: 1514776570436.jpeg (16.97 KB, 456x322, 55E5A331-0C31-476F-A16A-772F64…)

I can't sit through this latest dumpster fire of a video without smirking and laughing to myself like a complete fucking madman. For all the endless prattling on and monologing this sloppy old cow does about "z0mg troo luv 5eva" she doesn't know the first thing about love. She literally doesn't know what a relationship ACTUALLY IS. She is addicted to the feeling of falling in love, which is completely normal… if you're a teenager. Read a book Ravey, you're not in love, you're a hopeless and stunted junkie currently peaking on that sweet limerence. You're going to come down and crash, soon, and it's going to be hard

No. 478909

File: 1514781161987.jpeg (105.24 KB, 960x540, 9E5F8502-F3B8-4172-BEA0-BF7754…)

She got a cat. Fuck.

No. 478910

Hah! The Seagrams wine cooler bottle next to the bed. classssy

No. 478911

oh fucking hell

No. 478912

Did Ragoo allow Joshua to attend his company Christmas party? I assume hell to the no.

No. 478913

Let the animal hoarding season begin.
Now, let's bet:
Which one of Josh's dogs will bite the cat and be sacrificed to the great fury of Cravy?

No. 478914


FUCK. Why does she have to drag innocent animals into her fucking shitshow of a life? It stops being funny and just becomes worrying cos we know damn well the poor thing won't get decent food, vet attention, shots or all the rest. Fuck you, Craven.

I hope it pops the airbed.

No. 478915


She's already got one dumb animal. Couchie.

No. 478917

That cat is super cute.
Yeah, I bet the cat is either gonna escape their trailer and get hit by a car or get killed by a dog :( fuck, this is terrible.

No. 478922

She's said she has insanely heavy periods, so I'm betting that's why she wants a mattress cover.

>gets a cat instead of furniture

What are priorities?

No. 478925


I can see it escaping and getting hit, but I've always had dogs and cats together as pets. Cats out dogs in their place nine times out of ten, and then the dog is a lovesick doofus for the remainder.

I hate people who give pets as gifts during the holiday season tho. Irresponsible.

No. 478930

dont josh's dogs sleep outside? never seen them in the trailer. some people really shouldnt have pets

No. 478941

File: 1514811111931.jpg (83.48 KB, 960x673, 26166759_738849229638925_41804…)

The shop on this was so bad i spat out my coffee

No. 478942

Cats are free except for food, vet bills etc. but you really shouldn’t expect them to think about those minor details. Plus, it has been almost a week since he bought her any gifts. Maybe she was being mean to him because someone else bought her those nice trash cans and he had to get her something.

No. 478943


Is that them drunk on tequila rose?

No. 478948

She looks lioke she's trying to recreate the Pieta with her backdoor man. I guess.

That's one thing I find really repellent about these pictures with Josh and Logan, is her maternal air towards them. You are fucking them, Raven; you aren't supposed to fuck your children. (Having said that, I mean how could she not be maternal towards Logan, as he was literally a child, but Josh is a grown man who already has a mother. Quit being gross, Raven.)

No. 478997

Josh the white people jesus with his "luxurious" hair, Raven as virginal (in her mind anyway) as Mary. Yeah that makes sense.
Wait would Raven even know about that? Some goths get really into classical art, but Raven is a dumb hick so this is probably just coincidence lol.

Oh for fucks sake. That poor creature looks like a purebred too, something they paid money for instead of getting towels or a stove or a proper bed because fuck priorities. I hope she gets tired of it soon and gives it away to go live somewhere decent. Kitties deserve decent homes and this one won't get that in the trailer that was more than trailer.

No. 479006

Poor cat, I hope it finds a better home with owners who can properly take care of it.

No. 479088

Looks Siamese. Bet she stole it.

No. 479092

oh ffs, why bring another cat into her fucked up world when she could NEVER take care of ANY of her previous cats? She'll toss it out onto the road to get run over once it stops being cute to her and doesn't do as she says. She doesn't even have any fucking FURNITURE, do we really think she will commit to a cat??! Fuck I hate this bitch.

No. 479093

Just… why get a cat before you’re able to even take care of yourself? They don’t even have furniture yet. And idk man, I know people can change, but that video she made of her admitting she used to torture and stuff cats etc. just makes me nauseous. Like if you have a history of violently torturing kids, you should never have the right to raise any again. I find it hard to believe these kinds of people suddenly feel compassion for whatever they harmed so badly.

No. 479094

And hopefully it is spayed/neutered so she doesn't get into backyard breeding to alleviate her boredom and compensate for her barren womb.

Please, no more "Pregnant kitty screaming" videos.


Keeping dogs outside year-round is another common practice in rural communities. Remember, none of the dogs in Josh's family were acquired; they were all strays that wandered onto their properties and never left.

No. 479095


>Oh for fucks sake. That poor creature looks like a purebred too

Thought you were talking about Josh for a moment there anon, and that purebred was meant as inbred. Had a good laugh.

No. 479097

>Cats are free except for food, vet bills etc.
so in other words fucking expensive

No. 479100


Inb4 she stacks her Amazon wishlist with cat supplies.

No. 479101

File: 1514837178413.png (537.73 KB, 800x753, Screenshot_2018-01-01-12-04-23…)

Another patron down.

No. 479102

Gothic resin gifts

Sent to her by a subscriber who makes them.

No. 479103

ugh, tracky childrens "jewelry". ofc she likes it

No. 479104

wait anon why is the couch a pos ??? I’m confused

Sage for off topic

No. 479105

File: 1514838551810.png (445.08 KB, 495x646, 1469906338012.png)

Kinda late to the party but this was last year I think? Boo hoo no gifts from Logan for years :(

No. 479106

It's funny how all her partners 'pester' her until she opens her gifts early.

Logan that pic and she said Josh did the same thing this year.

No. 479107

She also has a video from April (I think?) where she says Logan is a "sweetheart" and got her a laptop. But ofc, I guess gifts only count if they're under the tree or if you're on good terms with her. Otherwise they're forgotten.

No. 479108

File: 1514841052309.png (901.27 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-01-13-02-49…)


Gothic resin gifts

Published January 1, 2018

Hey, everyone. I'm gonna do a quick show-and-tell slash review. Not really a review cuz that's kind of [?]. But um, one of, one of my sweet subscribers runs a resin jewelry shop, and she had asked me before if she could send me a couple pieces just as a gift. And I said, oh that is so sweet, if you send it to me I'll make a video and hopefully get some attention going your way just as a personal thank you. Her name is Brittany, but she goes by Kalamity Kawaii. I'll link you guys in the description below to her Instagram.

She sent me this package today. I just got it. It comes with this little envelope that says, "Read me." Sorry, I'm balancing my selfie stick between my legs. And there's some cute little holographic stickers on the inside. And the note says, "Raven, thank you so, so much for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I really hope you love what I made for you as much as I do. As a little extra something I made matching bat pins for you and Josh, just a little something that is matchy-matchy for you both. I know you like to match sometimes. Thank you for all the effort and dedication you put into your videos. Best regards, Kalamity Kawaii." I thought that was so cute. So cute.

And so these are the items she sent me which are adorable. I'll start with the matching bat pins for me and Josh. So Josh's is obviously, is all black. He'll think that's really cute. It's very, very well made.

I've never actually held a resin anything in my hand, so this is a first for me. And I'd wanted to get into resin jewelry myself in the past, but I heard it was so hard because bubbles and there's…you have to get the mixtures right. And it was so expensive in New Zealand, I had no chance. So this is, this is interesting for me, especially because this is what I had been interested in myself. And I get to see kind of firsthand what you can do with it if you have the ability, which I probably don't.

And this is the one she made for me. I'll turn this light down a little bit. There you go. That is so cute. I told her I like bats and Ouija boards and stars and sparkles and green right now because of my hair. And uh…so this is just a holographic white sparkle bat, but it is so pretty. It is so cute. It really is adorable. Very, very well made. I'm actually quite impressed. I love these.

Josh is gonna be so stoked. He hasn't gotten to see inside the package yet. He dropped it off to me, and then he went to go get something to eat.

Then there's this hair clip. Oh my god, this reminds me of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup because at the outside. It makes me hungry. I'm gonna have to have him pick me up a Reese's Cup. But this is adorable to you. It's a star with this, like, a kind of like a holographic…it's not the same as a little bat…with a green bat and a star, a glitter star, and a glitter moon attached to that. So that's pretty awesome. Nobody else will have one of these, so I really love that. It's got shades of it looks like pink and purple inside. It kind of reminds me of an oil slick. So that was really, really interesting. It looks like it would glow in the dark, too, which is like, so it makes me hungry and it's pretty.

So this one is another hair clip, and this is gorgeous. It's the Ouija planchet. And it's green sparkle and a green glitter bat. And it's a, another hair clip which is so freakin' adorable. And I don't know how she made this, but all the little letters are filled in, um, black up here and white at the bottom. And it is so tiny. I don't actually see any painting mistakes. So I'm, I'm highly, highly impressed with this especially. And I think this is just so cute. I love Ouija stuff, but that is, that is just amazing, amazing, amazing. And it…they're so lightweight as well.

I've…like I said, I've never touched resin anything, so this is my first experience with it and, and it is really, really cool. I'm gonna put this on now, so that's why I wanted to make this video before I left. But this is my favorite bit out of all of them. Even though I love everything, this one stands out to me. This is a Ouija necklace, and it's pretty much the same design as the hair clip so I can wear them both. And it's got green glitter bats with black stars. It's got the Ouija…and see, like, I was…when I first opened this I was checking everything out. How the hell was this made? So I guess what she…because this isn't painted on, the green, it's, like, different kinds of resin? I don't know, but it is cute. And again, all the little letters are filled in. And it's got a little green star to it. I love the little bats. I think this is just perfect.

I didn't specify what I wanted. I just told her, well, I love hair clips and I love necklaces and I love, you know, stars and Ouija and all this. And so she, she put this all together for me out of my list of likes. And I think that these pieces are so well made. They are so gorgeous, lightweight. She's got some talent, she really does. And she is a sweetheart as well. I highly recommend that you guys check her out. And she does other things, obviously, you know, pretty much anything you want. I think she can do most things.

I have checked out her page before and I was like, oooh I like that I like that I like that I like that I like that. But she made me something special for myself which I appreciate a billion times more. So I feel very fortunate that she chose me to share these things with. And so thank you so much, so so much for these. I love everything. Josh is going to love his little bat, and I know he had already said thank you in advance when you said you were sending him something. But this was so sweet. And these pieces are so well made. I love them all. You, you got me spot-on. You, you made some really good choices. And um, thank you, just thank you thank you thank you thank you.

And you guys please go and check her out. You won't regret it. And let me know if you find anything that you like there and what you think of these pieces. These are just, like, one-of-a-kind. I feel so, I feel so special. Thank you guys for watching, and I'll see you guys next video.

No. 479110


She made a video about the dress and necklace.


Last year Logan was laid off shortly before Christmas. But before he was laid off he arranged to get her the bat tattoo on her stomach, but they still had to finish paying for it.

No. 479113

Making bespoke books about her relationship is not unique to TLTWMTL with Josh. She made this book about her relationship with Logan. She made him read it with her.

Notice how much of what she says is the same as what we have heard her say about TLTWMTL.

No. 479115

Anon, with the receipts!

I shouldn't be, but I honestly am shocked. Her regurgitation of love tokens really creeps me out.

No. 479118


With every video she adds more pillows. No amount of pillows will make that inflatable mattress comfortable.

No. 479122

You must be new to Diana 'and I don't even like dogs' Sparks, who once got her child bride the dog he wanted and then had it thrown out because "it bit her precious cat".

No. 479123

That shit creeps me out as well. It’s like what pimps do to their prostitutes before they use the shit out of them. Classic grooming and very disturbing at that.

No. 479125

For me it is almost like she gifts them things she wanted to receive herself. Since she dates trash they only buy her the things she nags for, never 'original' or 'romantic' stuff.

No. 479130

File: 1514857114476.png (247.46 KB, 1242x1139, 1506598122779.png)

Not to mention her penchant for matching clothing escalating to matching tattoos as well as insisting her partners get branded with her name or visage to prove their devotion.

Her parting gift to Logan was that extremely grim tattoo that seemed to be so symbolic of her control of him and what he became in their relationship.

No. 479132

Poor cat. Bet she will add things to her wishlist like food , litter, toys when she can easily buy them herself. It pisses me off that she just keeps adding shit to her list really expecting someone to buy her a bed and couch.That was something they should have gotten from the very beginning.She reads here but cant bother to take proper advice and look on CL. See gravy , they're not always "hating" on you

No. 479137

What is that even supposed to be?

No. 479148


I tried cropping the image and searching for it but came up with nothing.

No. 479170

ngl this is a pretty compelling review for this shop, even with how stupidly she talks and bounces around from tangent to tangent. i genuinely hope this person makes a couple sales and it feels so strange to want to endorse something that raven's tacky ass is into

so if she does the opposite of what the haters want, we reverse psychology this poor creature into a loving home, right?

laughing forever about how warped it looks on her hamhock

No. 479174

>on the right is me

as though it wasn't obvious.

No. 479219

File: 1514886471925.png (414.57 KB, 800x703, Screenshot_2018-01-02-01-43-01…)

No. 479220

File: 1514886507769.jpg (139.98 KB, 1152x2048, 26172382_1969659419942364_1810…)

No. 479221

File: 1514886527394.jpg (160.7 KB, 1152x2048, 26170598_1969659639942342_9070…)

No. 479223

File: 1514887321994.jpg (366.7 KB, 1080x1931, A0kBTaV.jpg)

The hoarder truly has found her enabler.

No. 479224

Woe betide Josh the day he doesn't bring something home with him.

>5 month old Ragdoll

How much did this cat cost? And let me guess, not desexed.

No. 479225

Any cat in her hands is bad news, but a ragdoll has me especially worried. They'll follow their owners to the ends of the earth no matter what, and have difficulty sensing pain so it's less likely they'll flee from danger.
Please keep this one inside and away from cars or dogs, Raven.

No. 479227


A quick perusal of Ragdoll catteries in and around SC shows them priced from $600 to 900 but most are around $700.

Generally breeders do not sell intact animals to prevent competition.

No. 479228

this looks trashy as fuck

No. 479229


Does the window appear to be open compared to >>479220?

I picture him smoking in bed using an empty Coke can as an ashtray.

No. 479231

Classic trash by the window pane near the bed.
"I CLEAN THE HOUSE" yeah, right, Ravy, sure.

No. 479232

You raise a good point about the desexing. I can't imagine her paying full price at a breeder nor finding responsible pet ownership very appealing. Here's hoping it came from someone who got it already desexed.

No. 479235

don't worry anon, all she has to do is put up a few patron-only videos and the haters will shower her with money in order to see them …

No. 479237

Even if it's the low end, that's $600 they could've used towards proper furniture or household supplies. But no, let's add another pet to the household instead. I'm sure he bought it for her because of her bitching about being bored all day but he's got some dogs she can go take for walks and play with too.

No. 479239

> It makes me hungry. I'm gonna have to have him pick me up a Reese's Cup.

This is a great example of how Raven thinks and behaves. Every fleeting whim must be catered to, preferably by someone other than herself. Josh already brings her gifts home after a long day at work with an hour long commute there and back, and she expects him to go out of his way to get her reeses cups when she's literally been sitting on her arse making wishlists all day.

She's already said she can't clean with her "injuries" and it's obvious the trailer is a shithole, which will soon start smelling like cat shit. It seems they're going for fast food quite a bit so it doesn't seem Raven is in the habit of cooking a meal ready for when Josh gets home. The least she can do is go for a long walk and get herself a Reeses cup, maybe take one of the dogs with you Gravy, pick up some stuff for dinner, and order some home essentials that are in the sales online when you get back.

No. 479240

Or if she HAD TO HAVE A CAT, which is like her, she could have gotten a free one from the want ads, or one that has vaccines and and is payed/neutered from a shelter. But no, she had to have some sort of purebred.

No. 479243

File: 1514907610080.jpg (71.14 KB, 600x440, 03f9f829377da18e5b676dbded0fdd…)

Reminds me of the art from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series.

No. 479245

File: 1514908107209.gif (367.46 KB, 584x870, sc33bu8.gif)

This one always reminded me of Cravy

No. 479247


When she announced that Marmalade was pregnant, Raven said that she would be "cut" after one litter, but that they would keep one of Marmalade's daughters and "let her have a one litter and keep one of her babies etc etc so we always have one of her bloodline because she is such an amazing cat."

In the end they sold all of the kittens.

Who uses the term "cut" for spaying? Is she just trying to be edgy?


No. 479252

Or satanic rituals

No. 479273

File: 1514931449584.jpeg (110.77 KB, 604x543, F9E40500-8F61-4BBD-AB9B-0D0D18…)


That shoop, omg. My tinfoil is so sped up right now, kek. What if Ravey is trying to tell us that she's a victim of SRA with all those bloody mess photos and shoops where she's acting as the altar or whatever the fuck that's supposed to be?

I always kind of wished Cravey would get on the Satanic ritual abuse storytelling tip. I mean, that's pretty goff, right? She bitches and moans about being raped and treated like shit anyhow, why not take those florid tales and make them extra goffik and loads more interesting with a hearty dose of pentagrams, ritual penetration by long haired dudes who worship SATIN \m/ and being used as a breeder? I got this book called Michelle Remember for Xmas, it's basically like the template for those stories, if Raven ever read it I bet she'd take the ball and run with it.

sage for a tinfoil dream and a milkless cow

No. 479284


When she got her first Seal of Lucifer necklace, she didn't mention its symbolism, let alone Satanism. It's just an aesthetic for her.


Need I ask if she even looked up the symbology of her new necklace?

Have you seen her book collection? She has a dozen pics of her book collection on her Official FB page. When was the last time she showed a new book? Logan at least used to give her books.

She has regressed to endless plushies and "Pop Funkos" (kek) that are safe for children 3 and up for her pillow nest.

So is Josh stacking cash towards the estimated $5000 it will cost to import her NZ Haul? Surely before the wedding. Put your $ where you're love is.

No. 479307

She didn’t buy that cat from a breeder, she got it because someone couldn’t keep it after it grew from a kitten.

No. 479308

This should be obvious. Even a dumb hick like couch wouldn't blow that much of his check on a cat when they are sleeping on an air mattress.

No. 479329

Yeah, the whole thing with the necklace grossed me out, kind of. Mainly because she's just that shallow. Like, bitch, you're wearing a fairly, um, heavy seal. For better or worse, that's going to identify you to certain people, just like if you're into Odinism or whatever, you're going to be acquainted with a wolfsangle and what the meaning of that is. She's just so stupid.

No. 479331

They blow his checks on stupid shit so if we thought he would do it for a cat , its possible considering its them. Raven nags until she gets what she wants from her victims or turns to begging when they dont give it to her.Im guessing Cas is short for Castiel.

No. 479335

if we were talking about anyone else, sure. but we've seen how Gran likes to spend and on what so nah, not obvious at all.

No. 479336

Cassandra or Cassidy probably

No. 479338

Nah, she was just going on about a Castiel funko pop recently. It's Castiel. She's weirdly fannish; see both Doctor Who and Supernatural getting frequent mentions.

No. 479340

check out her goodreads too. i was curious to what she has on there and it's ALL supernatural books. and a lot of them.

No. 479346

File: 1514974650727.png (65.23 KB, 952x236, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.17…)


She posted that it was already named when she got it.

No. 479348

I doubt someone would name a male cat Cassandra or Cassidy.
>He's such a loving kitty!

Maybe she's lying because she had a moment of self-awareness and realized naming a cat Castiel is lame as fuck.

No. 479352

How can a shed with nothing in it but Goffbag Granny, Twitchifer and an airbed in it still be a messy, tatty craphole?

Only Cravy can have nothing and still manage to have shit everywhere. This is just pathetic for two adults.

No. 479359

Their shack stresses me out. Especially all the empty Coke and wine cooler cans sitting by the bed. How hard is it to take the trash to the trash can. It can't be that far from their room.

No. 479364

I just can’t wrap my mind around it. How the fuck can anyone be content with zero furniture?! I lost my shit after having no real furniture but a dining room set and a couch for a few days. I don’t know how these trailer trash hicks can do that shit for months at a time!! Instead of buying all that useless stuff like toys, plushies and adding an innocent kitten to the mix, they should fucking furnish that place. But no, she puts the fucking furniture that they should buy on an Amazon wishlist and expects everyone else to buy it. Cravy and Couchie have such a pre-teen mentality and must love living in squalor.

No. 479367


They have the small dining room table and chairs his sister gave them around Thanksgiving. And there was a plastic folding table in one of the Christmas day pics.

Presumably their stove has been repaired or replaced (by their landlord friend?) since she made a spread for Christmas.

Adding new pillows every week are just as good as a real mattress. But she needs to get a duvet cover for that comforter, especially with a cat.

But, yeah…

Get thee on Craigslist, Raven.

I will so laugh if Cas claws a leak in the inflatable.

No. 479375

This stuff is VILE. I drank a shot on a dare and became violently ill. It tastes like an unholy brew of Cremora, artificial strawberries, sugar and cut-rate tequila. Figures our gal Di would be partial to it.

But I thought she said she didn’t drink?

No. 479379


She is not known to drink except for very occasions. She said that she gets drunk fast, but a low tolerance could be an effect of the gastrectomy?

No. 479382

or because she is a cheap date… >>479379

No. 479384

File: 1515027823812.png (348.6 KB, 568x728, zPqxqx0.png)

Nicked from the other farm. I'm not following her. What else did she get?


No. 479386

File: 1515028391613.png (8.47 MB, 1242x2208, 3575E2DF-3AB4-4F76-B468-E565F5…)

What every 41 year old sleeping on an air mattress wants.

No. 479387

If they already got a pet to try and fix their relationship it’s going south real fucking fast.

No. 479388

File: 1515028725195.png (8.47 MB, 1242x2208, 99C47909-473A-451E-A111-1A3A4F…)

I wonder how well the heater in the trailer works.

No. 479427

I'm strangely fascinated by her attraction to those fandoms. Disney anti-princesses and Supernatural I get, but not so much Doctor Who.

I feel like I even sort of get the attraction to cutesy hair pins and plushies and shit because she's pretending that she's still a teenager. But on her, the teenager stuff is creepy, because she's simultaneously the 14 year old girl and then the forty plus mommy with all these dudes she ends up fucking. She's so weird.

What a seriously nasty headfuck she must be.

No. 479442


What a sight they must be. Josh in his horror movie villains jacket and Raven carrying her Disney villains bag.

No. 479443

File: 1515068105335.png (568.52 KB, 800x754, Screenshot_2018-01-04-04-11-22…)

No. 479444

File: 1515068193428.png (253.62 KB, 800x942, Screenshot_2018-01-04-04-10-15…)


These were some of the first items she added to her previous wishlist.

No. 479445

File: 1515068230605.png (114 KB, 800x468, Screenshot_2018-01-04-04-09-11…)


It begins.

No. 479448

Ah yes, just what a struggling Gravy needs when she can't even afford trinkets, basic appliances and furniture–CATS.
What is it with irresponsible broke people and pets? I feel so sorry for these animals, history will just repeat itself.

No. 479455

Couchboy will love it if someone sends her one of those. She can hang out in her underwear all day and post pictures. She can keep it at 75 degrees. Then he will get to pay huge electric bills from her being warm while he works outside.

No. 479457

File: 1515077790387.png (102.26 KB, 498x427, fans.PNG)

>lives in run down trailer
>trailer skirt is falling apart
>our pipes froze!

No shit, Sherlock. They probably didn't even think to keep the taps dripping. I feel bad for their dogs outside in this.

Do you think she even bothers to budget shop or does she just grab the first thing she sees? Some of these prices are ridiculous for how basic an item they are, like the fan. You can get a box fan for under $20 in some places. I guess as long as someone else is footing the bill she doesn't care if it's wasting money.

No. 479465

For real, his horror movie jacket was one of the tackiest things I've ever seen. All his horror movie t-shirts and jeans outfits look like they would belong in some kid's closet, not a 30 year old man.

No. 479472

File: 1515082727338.png (159.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

No kidding, she is making him look so stupid. They look like a couple of adults cosplaying as middle schoolers.

No. 479502

File: 1515110638908.jpeg (388.91 KB, 1242x2208, 43A58C9B-76D2-48C8-975B-4DF75E…)

Why is she asking about another cat??

No. 479505

because she's a hoarder? hopefully her display pic will be the red flag they need

No. 479510

>raven gets 100 cats
>josh life consists of working shit job and buying trinkets for his literal crazy catlady wife and living in a trailer that’s full of cat feces and stuffed toys
>an heroes

No. 479511


Eh, you are probably right (he won't an hero, but he's gotta be wondering already why his life sucks so much worse than it did) but I don't feel pity for him, as he was warned (and acted like a shitheel in general). The ones who don't deserve what is coming their way are his family.

No. 479522


Could be short for Casey

No. 479526

File: 1515119447021.png (793.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180105-152838.png)

Oh another one…

Its short for cashmere because the fur is so soft aparently.

No. 479527

File: 1515119581359.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180105-153212.png)

She got a new one already and she's asking about another one

No. 479528

Oh fuck, I wish I saw this earlier. A lot of rescues (in the North East where I live) are really strict to who they adopt out to. If that rescue was anything like the ones here I could have just sent them the screencaps where admits " I kind of want a household without any pets," how " mr. Marmalade is an asshole" and the screencaps of her selling the kittens. It would make rescues here have heart attacks.

No. 479531

Slowly he looks as if he's regretting all his decisions.

No. 479533

>two cats, no furniture

A raggedy trailer full of useless stuffed animals, plastic toys, broken blinds and zero furnishings. Raven and Josh living the poor white trash dream. Poor cats.

No. 479534

I really can't with this woman.

her priorities are so fucked up, jfk. And she still doesn't have her NZ stuff yet! And you know none of it is furniture.

get. a. bed. not. more. cats.

No. 479549

>was annoyed because the kitten has been crying at night

Anon at >>479225 you called it.

How long untill there is cat fur and litter everywhere in that red carpet floor? That house will never be clean again.

No. 479553

All of a sudden she likes disney ? Emily boo likes disney too, is that another thing she copies from her ?
She will never use the perfume cause its too pretty and will keep for decoration. The cats will probably get their furniture before josh and ursula get a couch.Which she could get for free too. I once found one that got thrown out and was in good condition.

No. 479554

File: 1515137590383.jpeg (108.15 KB, 640x643, 1486453122573.jpeg)


>stray stuck in a tree, probably three months old

Did they take her to a vet to check for a chip and illnesses? Did the woman who found her attempt to find her owners?


It was Mr. Marshmallow who was a dick. Marmalade was being so damn bad.

I know keeping up is difficult because she has had so many cats, some for only a few days or weeks like Loki and Dante which she bought last year to keep Marmalade company when she seemed lonely after Raven sold her kittens >>371823.

In April 2016 she adopted a dog and cat together to replace her dog Skelly which she had when she was with Ryan. In the video she says, "I'm always looking for new babies, so I'll take good care of them."

She rehomed them a week later after the dog bit Logan's grandmother, tried to bite Logan, and attacked Marmalade.

In March 2016 she uploaded a video of two kittens they were planning to adopt but didn't.

She acquired Marmalade in December 2015 along with another kitten, Mercury (Murky).

Earlier in 2015 she acquired Marshmallow, Mystery, and Munchkin.

And Winter, another Ragdoll.

Also in 2015, a kitten named Pickles made an appearance.

She also had several cats when she was with Ryan.

No. 479555

Josh's expenses keep piling up. Now he had to provide for two cats , possibly a third all while buying whatever raven ask for.She probably makes him feel guilty for that accident.

No. 479556

Gotcha bitch ! Wont be long before she says that about her current cats. They will mess with her plushies, dirty up that carpet , scratch everything, not let her sleep all day , require attention ! She will be too lazy to even clean up after them.

No. 479558

Oh no anon. Raven is never too lazy. Her tailbone hurts…. I mean, her shoulder from the accident…. Or no, her miscarriage…. Can't keep up anymore sorry

No. 479559


Josh wearing his work shirt in bed again and with his head propped against the broken blinds.

And did he bring home yet another plush bear for her?

No. 479562

Can someone please report her please? I know we're not meant to meddle with cows but it's one thing to treat humans like shit who can fight back, and another to bring innocent animals into your fucked up world especially when you have a history of animal abuse/torture and getting bored of them when they stop being cute/are too noisy/don't do as you say. It pisses me off so much, she truly is disgusting.

Yup she obsessively spies on Emily and copies everything from her, pathetic

No. 479563

The better to try and attract another 16 year old childbride with when she gets tired of couchboy. Probably.

There might be some reasoning here based on the misconception that one cat would get lonely on its own. However that's not really the case, and even if it was, if you're home doing absolutely nothing all day but playing fb games and adding more shit to your amazon wishlist, the one cat you've got has got you and won't be lonely.

It won't be 100 tho. It'll just be kittens that she'll get rid of when they get big and apparently less cute. i don't get this mentality cos mine's the most adorable still at age 10, but i've seen not only raven but others do this because cluster b shit.

>he was never alone before
AND. HE. NEVER. IS. ALONE. YOU. NEVER. LEAVE. YOUR. TRAILER. EXCEPT. TO. SHOP. trybeingadecentpetmumforoncefucksakedude.

Kitten breeding saga when? Do we know if the boy cat's been neutered or no? The girl probably hasn't if they found her in a tree.

Honestly I wouldn't even want someone like Raven to have goldfish. Or goddamn sea monkeys. She should just get more teddy bears instead, since she seems averse to buying useful shit like a working stove, and not get real animals anymore.

No. 479566

I think it was last thread? Emily got a Maleficent tattoo, and not long after Gran followed suit. she's such a skinwalker

No. 479567


Report her for what and to whom? She has two cats which she is not neglecting or mistreating. And this is rural South Carolina we're talking about.


She has repeatedly used "my cat is lonely" as an excuse to get another cat.

And she has experience with The traits of Ragdolls. In the description of the video of Winter she wrote:

>His name is Winter and he is an 8 week old 3/4 Ragdoll male. I've never had a kitten quite like Winter. He follows you room to room, hates to be alone, and curls up in your lap every chance he gets, or cuddles by your leg. Anything as long as he's touching you. I know a lot of cats/kittens are like this but you have to remember he's been here for 4 hours!

No. 479568


Emily has two Maleficent tattoos, the second done in 2015 >>427718.

No. 479572

I'd forgotten how quick these threads move, my bad. I just remember an anon turning it upside down and pasting her face on it and many keks were had.

No. 479573

File: 1515154465435.jpg (56.35 KB, 515x916, 1503803471718.jpg)

No. 479574

She has deleted her Ravaged by Raven Facebook page.

No. 479578

This is a masterpiece

No. 479592


Here in the UK they do house inspections too. No fucking way would they allow a rescue into a shed with frozen pipes, an already unestablished cat (way to freak him out for life, bitch) and no damn furniture.

Cravy's been fun. But I can't even hate-watch or laugh at where animals are concerned. Raven, you obsessive fucknut CUNT, YOU are the sort of living situation cats are rescued FROM.

Pissed off. I know, I know, don't get angry. Cos we all know those cats are gonna have annual checkups and shots and decent food…

Fuck you, Raven.

No. 479593


The nonnie that did this is my hero.

No. 479594

Every recent pic of Couchie could be captioned

"I want my couch back…"

The poster boy for dumb regret.

No. 479595


But she immediately contradicts herself

>doesn't want humans when playing

She anthropomorphizes her pets. It's not about them being lonely (my single cat would be very, very unhappy if I got another) it's petty justification for what SHE wants. Instant gratification and the immediate buzz from "rescuing" animals. That buzz can and often is killed by the first vet bill.

No. 479630


Anon, don't you know pets are just toys for Raven to play with? It's not like they're living beings with their own needs or anything.

No. 479633

He's dead already. She hasn't even been there three months and he's fucking over it. Wow.

No. 479634


Of course…d'oh! What was I THINKING?

Amazed she's not trying to dye the poor little things shit-green and tattooing random, incoherent nonsense all over them.

"I had to like get rid of the like fuckin things. Like i gave them these fuckin really cute like tattoos and they were fuckin like SO UNGRATEFUL. Then they like popped the fuckin airbed and fuckin Couchie hasn't like sorted out a new one AND IT'S ALL TERRIBLE AND WHY IS MY FUCKIN LIFE SUCH A SHIT FEST…."

No. 479635


And the cats are all over him. Not her. Which makes me laugh quite a lot more than it should.

No. 479664


aww I'm glad someone remembered this-

I don't use photoshop so fucked it up a fair bit but I do think it still captures her essence

No. 479690

File: 1515245213587.png (286.94 KB, 753x501, Screenshot_2018-01-06-05-18-39…)

Did he buy this for her or did she buy it for herself? Is the tattoo not enough? She should just literally brand her heifer ass.

No. 479691

She uses material things to 'prove' her love. Josh still hasnt gotten her name tattooed, that must kill her! She doesnt understand that normal adults don't do this kind of thing to show love. what those two have is obsession/lust

No. 479692

File: 1515245595950.png (796.95 KB, 800x983, Screenshot_2018-01-06-05-19-19…)

No. 479693


Someone plz shoop this to say Miss Horrorcow.

No. 479698

File: 1515247954542.png (964.28 KB, 2625x2625, stoe-issue-36.png)


I would but I don't have my computer. But here is a large image from their website to work with.

No. 479719

He's spending money on everything but that tattoo kek

No. 479756

Yeah I love how he was being all condescending to us hatuuurzzz because there are things like bills momos, so tattoo is not a priority… But look at them now lmao. Spending on everything but on the important. What's the excuse now?

No. 479806

God yes, perfect banner for Miss HorrorCow


No. 479849

File: 1515344106003.png (325.49 KB, 800x1170, Screenshot_2018-01-07-08-53-20…)

Bring on the cat trees!

No. 479850

File: 1515344722133.png (174.65 KB, 555x579, IMG_9509.PNG)

both of these pics she wasnt even 3 months along if she ever was pregnant.
as some one whos had 2 kids you do not get a bump until then! she looks bloated and fat. bumps arnt that low down its stretched skin from giving birth

No. 479856

I just can’t with this bitch. There is no “baby bump” until well into the second trimester. Ravens a typical white trash attention whore who thinks extra servings of Taco Bell on her gunt is a baby. Her need for attention is insatiable

No. 479863

Bitch that's not called "showing", that's called being bloated. IF you were knocked up by SlowMomo your zygote woukd have been a cluster of cells, not some fully developing fetus.
You are literally showing us all the gas progesterone induced farts that are trapped in your gut and calling those farts your baby.
Top keks Fart Queen

No. 479865

That's exactly what it is. A gunt. A gunt on a cunt!

No. 479869

Uhm…. Correct me if I'm wrong but the one on the right she has her goathead-not-copying-Emily tattoo, you can fucking see the horns.
She didnt get that one until recently, so when did she say this was taken? She got that tat last year..

No. 479874


The pic on the right was taken before she miscarried after the car accident, when they were "ninety, ninety-five percent sure [she] was pregnant. All the signs were there."

No. 479878

All the signs except for a positive one.

No. 479881

Oh god Raven just stop. You weren't pregnant, just fat. Stop trying to milk the pity from Josh and his family, you old lying hag.

No. 479891

File: 1515369003877.jpeg (119.7 KB, 1242x1330, CCEF7961-120C-4B53-99BE-2BB8E6…)

I zoomed in and it looks photoshopped to me. The angles of her stomach are sharp vs curved.

No. 479898

>it's all gone now
>still a fat hog

No. 479902

That's because there's something in front of it. Looks like the things that hold up mirrors.

No. 479903

File: 1515376534778.jpg (713.32 KB, 1440x2960, 201801071610460447.jpg)

Anon that's clearly a screwed mount to hold her mirror up.

No. 479904

>gas progesterone induced farts that are trapped in your gut

I giggled like a school girl. Raven and her fart babies.

No. 479905


>Her Slim Jim fart babies.

No. 479906


Oops, my bad. Thanks for pointing out what should have been obvious.

No. 479910

I wonder if her not miscarriage is another reason not to have sex.

No. 479920

Would they rather spend all their money on cheap gifts for one another than a pregnancy test?? And why wasn't a blood test done when she was in the hospital? Bitch you weren't pregnant, you're just fat.

No. 479921

nah, too early in the cycle for that. this is still honeymoon territory, where the female sperm whale needs to make sure her mate is locked down.
this is just Gran doing her thing - some of her followers started commenting how fat she was getting, so she turned it into a drama about a (spilled period/) lost child.

No. 479922

I just ate 2 bean burritos and I guess I'm pregnant now too.

No. 479925

She really does look the same in the photo where she says she was pregnant with twins…

Because she was fucking fat then and she's fucking fat now.

No. 479931

Fudgecrackers, forgot to sage.

Her tattoos are so gross. They look like shy I drew on my hands with sharpie in high school. How could you spend all that money and time and skin and not put nearly the same amount of thought or research into what you want to permanently tattoo on your body? Just because it’s vaguely gothic, doesn’t mean it’s meant to be on your body forever…

No. 479934

File: 1515396585229.jpg (796.73 KB, 2250x4000, IMG_6409.JPG)

Here's some photos of your typical younger woman all knocked up, months 1 - 6.

Now, Ragoo isn't young and she's been up the duff several times. Both of these factors play into how a woman shows in pregnancy. Typically, the older you are and the more spawns you've contained, the later you are to show. Plus she's a porker. But ignore all of those facts for now.

If we are to believe this is her showing, and not a photo of her Slim Jim farts, according to the photos, she looks to be 4, maybe closer to 5 months along. Yes?
4 or 5 months ago she hadn't met Joshua yet and she was living with either Logan, or Ryan. Pretty sure it was Ryan, but maybe another anon can chime in if they know.

No. 479944


She's curving her back to look as "pregnant" as possible. Methinks more shackles for Couchie…

Kerrist. Can you imagine that hideous SCARRED tat all stretched out? Only Cravy not only doesn't hide her "self-harm" (light scratches she does on herself to induce guilt in gullible men) she has to advertise it.

No. 479945

File: 1515410035838.jpg (89.4 KB, 1192x466, w6JPbSA.jpg)

Once again, Gravy is imitating Emily. The perfume on the left was a gift chosen out by her from Couch Boy. I'm also fairly certain Emily used that same design for necklaces she made ages ago. Fuck me, thank fuck the fat hag isn't in the UK or she'd be wearing Emily's skin, she's so obsessed. Also who wants to place a bet for how long it'll take for Gravy to change her glasses in yet another attempt to copy her idol? kek

No. 479951


She mentioned having had her period since moving in >>469952 which was posted at the end of November.

>And it's just…like, I've got this guy that treats me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, with makeup, without makeup, fat, not fat, on my period sick first thing in the morning, it doesn't matter.


It wasn't from Josh. She used a gift card Josh's mom gave her.

No. 479952

File: 1515416636301.png (340.52 KB, 800x664, Screenshot_2018-01-08-05-01-05…)

She seems determined to cosplay the OP image from the last thread.

No. 479972

I'm sure she's running out of sympathy and pain meds. I bet she milked the doc for as much meds as possible. Now she wants people to be worried about her emotional health despite being on video saying she no longer wants a shit like Dorian and has no desire to be pregnant. No one gives me a hate boner like Raven.

No. 480007

she put the 'all gone now' post on her patreon on the 26th dec … and according to graphtreon, lost a patron the same day kek. her master plan to make money off us is going great guns.

No. 480016


Someone here is paying to have seen and screencapped the post.

No. 480026

File: 1515461462156.png (2.63 MB, 1242x2208, 44953262-388C-4F29-9BB7-013137…)

I’m glad she is so modest.

No. 480027

File: 1515462316136.jpg (227.7 KB, 1054x860, Screenshot_20180109-144403.jpg)

Oxy fiend

No. 480028

Holy shit, she is going full white trash this year.

No. 480033

I like how she uses after “I bled it out” vs had a miscarriage just to add some gore/shock at an attempt to gain more sympathy.


More painkillers, nice. Once those run out, Josh will have to start contacting his old dealer for her. Mama Ravey needs her medicinesssss!

No. 480038

The beginning of addiction. I suppose she's had serious enough injuries that she might still be in pain, but I know she loves those pills because of the high rather than the relief. It's easy to get addicted when you're at home with nothing to do other than feel good. She's going to be hooked eventually. She'll never be "without pain" and will always be pandering for more.

No. 480039

Their accident wasn't even that bad.. She's just putting on an act to get pain pills lul. Wouldn't be surprised if she milks this for years to come

No. 480042

Wonder if she'll go full munchie now. She already milks her miscarriages (and even makes them up) so why not go full hog and include suffering and pain from her accident since her tailbone didn't get her much sympathy.

No. 480060

she thought we each would, though

No. 480064

File: 1515493898415.jpg (226.4 KB, 1080x1920, S80109-231937.jpg)

Raven has caused someone else to hate her because she can't handle any type of criticism!

More screenshots too come

No. 480065

File: 1515494138812.jpg (511.11 KB, 1080x1920, S80109-233356.jpg)

1/3 connected screenshot

Can't upload all together on my phone

No. 480066

File: 1515494190540.jpg (372.47 KB, 1080x1920, S80109-233403.jpg)

2/3 connected screenshot

No. 480067

File: 1515494220940.jpg (356.67 KB, 1080x1920, S80109-233414.jpg)


No. 480068

File: 1515494340740.jpg (528.26 KB, 1080x1920, S80109-232153.jpg)

LOL I wonder if this person is an anon

No. 480069

File: 1515494570446.jpg (449.23 KB, 1080x1920, S80109-231924.jpg)

Last screenshot I saved!

No. 480070

Is that the gal she named in that 'found a rat' video?

Raven showing her class as always.

No. 480071

Raven telling someone fighting cancer to kill themselves? That is low even for you, Diana.

No. 480073

Shes removed her like page

No. 480077


Raven or Gir? i hope not Gir, because i'm very pleased with what she's giving to Raven so far.

No. 480078


also, apologies for samefagging and laziness but what sparked this? where did she call her a liar? can't really dig rn because at work.

No. 480079

oops meant ravens page has gone

No. 480080

File: 1515501691785.gif (1.91 MB, 268x268, 1477321890441.gif)

Oh this is a glorious thing to wake up to. Wonder what she'll do when she sees people are turning on her.

No. 480083

File: 1515503118197.jpeg (586.01 KB, 1242x2208, AD1F8BC7-6EE1-4449-8C92-AC42CB…)

Good old Raven is back

No. 480085

>I broadcast my entire life to the internet, how dare anyone form a negative opinion on what I tell the world!!

Gravey you're going to run out of fingers to count your husbands on, you shacked up with your son's best friend when he was under 18, you've shown off a baggy full of fetus remains to the world and you claim you're the victim in every story while simultaneously calling everyone who doesn't kiss your ass a "skinny stick ugly cunt bitch hater" from your blowup bed in WhiteTrash, USA.

No one is jealous of you for having to eat Taco Bell off a plastic folding table. No one wants to be you or wear your skin like you do with Emily and that's what really ticks you off, isn't it?

You've gone from being a laughingstock in New Zealand with at least having a bad reputation to being utterly nobody in Hicksville where the only excitement you get is scaring small children in the local Walmart while you snatch stuffed animals out of their hands to add to your hoard.

No wonder you're getting so mad. Must suck to realize that moving back to the States and being stuck here was the worst decision you've made in a while.

Go pop a few Oxy and enjoy your new life as a future druggie because it's the most excitement you'll get in a while until you end up either on Hoarders or My 600 Pound Life.

No. 480086

Well said anon.

>the only excitement you get is scaring small children in the local Walmart while you snatch stuffed animals out of their hands to add to your hoard


No. 480088

She honestly sounds like she is about to have an aneurysm. I wonder what her blood pressure is like. She is so full of hate and spite and anger. I bet it's through the roof.

No. 480089

She's really angry a few people took Gir's side. She really doesn't get it? She acts like this person personally assaulted her. She left a shitty comment and you told her to kill yourself. It's no longer the 90s you aging granny and suicide is a hot topic issue in 2018 on social media.

It's funny how Raven is still holding onto that one comment about being jealous she hunts emotionally vulnerable men. She thinks that's the mass of her haters? The amount of cuck she describes Ryan, Logan and Josh as, is by far nothing to be jealous of. Some sperg makes a random comment and Raven holds onto it harder than the stuff her actual "loved ones" say.

No. 480091

I just realized Raven lives in Columbia, SC. I did Basic Training at Fort Jackson.

Take comfort in knowing that she lives in knowing that she if she ever decides to venture out of her shit shack trailer, she is going to be absolutely miserable.

No. 480097


Actually they live in Saluda. Her saying that they live in Columbia is a lie, too.

No. 480099

No. 480105

I am utterly gobsmacked that she deleted her Official Raven Sparks page since she values her status as a "public figure" and that page was her primary outlet for her exhibitionism.

People have similarly called her out before, but she did not delete her page. Why didn't she simply curate the comments as usual?

And it was on her personal account that people were criticising her for telling Gir to kill herself.

No. 480106

maybe it got taken down?

No. 480123

Woof, narc rage in full effect lol

No. 480125

I just read this now but that comment is gold. I hope it made Raven explode.

No. 480126

Does any one have more screencaps of this?

No. 480154

I think considering she deleted the page, I'd say she did. I can't wait for the 2 hour narc rant video that will be uploaded in the next couple days.

No. 480159

I can still see both of her Facebook pages. She must of only temporarily deleted it

No. 480160

File: 1515544486424.png (439.39 KB, 1242x2208, ABE96747-3B7F-4D75-AC14-A9E9ED…)

I’m glad she is poking at her. Couchboy is going to love girl drama tonight. Maybe Raven will just get high and pass
Out from her drugs.

No. 480162


Which pages? She has several.


Content Not Found

No. 480163

File: 1515546654365.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180110-010914.png)


This one is not deleted ,i can still see everything

And her "fan page " is still up also

No. 480164


Isn't the Official.Raven.Sparks community page her fan page?

What is the URL of her fan page you speak of?

She must have made Official.Raven.Sparks a private community. But why, when she can simply curate comments?

No. 480172

It's more than likely she took the page down because she reported that person for bullying, and she doesn't to risk fan page getting removed if she was reported too.

No. 480173

she took it down because she didn't want to get counter reported for being a fucking piece of shit

No. 480174

That's what I meant

No. 480175

I know. Was agreeing with you

No. 480178


But this post >>480065 was on one of her personal accounts, correct? She didn't tell Gir to kill herself on her Official.Raven.Sparks page.

Anons, when posting screencaps please include the URL handle since she has so many.

No. 480179

that personal account is linked to her fan page though, so if her account got reported it would have led to her page getting shut down

No. 480181

the Raven Sparks one

No. 480182


Which personal account?

>>480163 said that her Official.Raven.Sparks community page is still up. Before this drama it was an open community and visible without logging in; now it returns "Content Not Found." Is it only visible to members, meaning that it is now a closed community?

Is the "fan page" different from the ORS community page?

No. 480183


She has several personal accounts. What is the URL/handle?

No. 480184

File: 1515599080885.png (100.73 KB, 1440x363, Screenshot_2018-01-10-15-39-20…)

She's posted an instagram about how she needs to loose weight as shes put on about 15 pounds since the split. Says shes conflicted as couchy loves her as she is. Then she posted this comment which is in the pic: (the post was too long for me to get the photo and caption on my phone clearly)

No. 480186

This literally makes no sense. It's just word salad. Firstly she wants to be anorexic and secondly does not want to be anorexic.

No. 480187

>I love myself, I'm so attractive and my partner thinks I'm so attractive, all women are ugly and jealous if my good looks and wish they were me so they could get any man.
>bloobloo I wish I was anorexic

No. 480189

a few more miscarriages and that weight will come right off

No. 480199


I think she's trying to say that she wishes she looked underweight (which isn't a synonym for 'anorexic' Raven you retard) but men probably wouldn't find that attractive.

Also there are a lot of health complications that come with that territory and she's unable to go 5 minutes without stuffing Taco Bell down her throat.

No. 480200

File: 1515606433539.png (211.63 KB, 1089x628, diana6.png)

saw this on the other farms.

>go kill yourself you ugly piece of shit

>waaah I'm being bullied

gg Gran. #notbothered2018

No. 480204


Yet gran secretly longs to be as skinny as she is.

No. 480206


To claify, that screencap was posted on KF by Gir. She said that Raven "got my page unpublished for 'bullying.' … Hopefully, Facebook reinstates my page, because I've had it for years. I really worked hard on it. She actually used her personal account to tell me to kill myself."

No. 480213

Anyone else find it ironic that she was so triggered by someone reporting her videos for doxxing, yet she just reported someones Facebook page for "bullying" aka calling her out for her shit?

No. 480214

samefag. It's almost like she can dish it out but can take it. INTERESTING.

No. 480215

This will be Couchua’s firsthand time dealing with Raven during a hater meltdown in real life. It has probably dawned on him what a mistake he has made. Logan dealt with this for 5 years so I wonder how long Couch Boy will last.

> The Honeymoon is over baby, it’s never gonna be that way again

No. 480220

I can only imagine how she must be in real life if the videos are any indication. She'll probably never shut the fuck up about it for days to Josh. Like in those videos when she first got to Saluda and she was constantly "TELL THEM JOSH, TELL THEM I'M NOT FAT, TELL, THEM YOU THINK I'M PRETTY, TELL THEM, TELL THEM!!!" That has to be so annoying to put up with.

No. 480222

All I know is that Raven left her child bride predominantly because now she has back up from the haters. I fucking hope he delivers, unless he was full of shit. Which we know he was. He was bored all day, so he had to desperately make his unemployment ass seem like a catch. Now he's tired and doing grown up things and no where to be seen during this Hate-apocalypse 2018.

No. 480233

It’s hilarious that her big thing when she hooked up with couchula was he was going to be her white knight online and cared enough to defend her against the haterz. Instead we have crickets.

Guess Josh really doesn’t care what ppl have say about his goffix granny girlfriend being an embarrassing fat attention whore online.
Poor Raven is just going to have to keep telling herself that ppl are just jealous of her glamorous lifestyle of making rambling
videos and taking cringey selfies in a dirty trailer with an air mattress. We covert her glamorous Wal-Mart shopping trips for more junk to add to her sad hoard of cheap shit from China.

No. 480245

Couchboy probably doesn’t have time to deal with all of the anonymous haters. He has a job, he has to buy lots of presents for granny, and then there are things like laundry, cooking, shopping and scooping cat shit that granny can’t do because of all of her pain.

No. 480269

I thought most of that would be self-evident. thanks for the clarification … uh, Barb? lol.

el coucho is a real catch.
owns his own house = nah, don't even own the couch.
gonna defend the monkey on his back from all the haters = tumbleweeds
matching tattoos = lol nah j/k
"we're so alike!1!!" = "what the fuck is wrong with you" when she 'pranks' him.

You done well, Ravin. Keep it up.

No. 480273

File: 1515631963762.jpg (34.55 KB, 540x960, 26219741_838727266307679_67451…)


Gir posted on KF that Facebook republished her page.

No. 480287

>She posted about how she wants to loose weight but how Josh prefers her fat.

Quick flashback to >>463261 Q&A:

> R: Oh, and um are you a feeder? Are you trying to feed me and get me fat?

J: No. That whole thing is I don't, I don't really care what way she is. I love her no matter what. I think she's beautiful just the way she is. She can gain a hundred pounds, I wouldn't care. She can lose a hundred pounds, I really wouldn't care.

Ok? Ok.

No. 480304

excellent, thought it would take FB a bit longer than that.


so in other words, couchie doesn't give a shit but she can't just admit she's fat.

No. 480307

Don’t be fooled, he does give a shit he’s just saying what he thinks he suppose to say because true lurv.

If he’s a chubby chaser (Which I don’t think but who knows. Was his last GF fat?) then he wants her to get fatter. But if he’s just average redneck dude he isn’t thrilled about Ravens ever expanding gunt.

Either way he does care but is just mouthing platitudes to appease Cravey

No. 480341

Hasn’t this drama been ongoing (on/off) with Gir? Like, it’s been dormant for quite awhile and now it’s started back up again?

No. 480346

idk but from the screenshots up thread they seem like a bit of a cow, themselves.

Honestly kinda wondering if there's not some self posting/cheering going on, there. Yeah, she's 'telling off' Gravey, but she's also doing it in the most childest, xD 2003 tier level ever.

>I'm GirTheAlienGoldfish and I'm a lot fucking meaner than you

I've never cringed that hard. Are you anons cheering this person on taking the piss?

No. 480348

I cringed at that too lol. Just… no….

No. 480349

File: 1515655700664.png (393.1 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-10-23-23-14…)


Tryhard or sardonic?

No. 480351

She seems like a kid. Either way shes not a 45 year old goff bullying others who cries rape when some one tells her how things are

No. 480354

File: 1515656116456.png (330.64 KB, 600x1081, 121.png)

I find it really hard to believe she's not some tryhard 'goff' kid stuck in 2003 tier shit, especially given her pseudonym and the way she talks. If she's being sarcastic/putting on this 'persona', it comes off like pic related. Also somewhat hard to believe if she's 'worked on her page for years and needs it back' or whatever.

Ain't as bad as Gravey, but those replies were equally as cringe lmao.

If she's from KF or comes here or whatever, I honestly feel this is negative cow-tampering, too. Feels very attention-seeking.

But I digress, this is a thread about the whale graven and her couch more than couch.

No. 480355

File: 1515656170522.png (68.84 KB, 800x391, Screenshot_2018-01-10-23-34-18…)

No. 480359


I can find no previous cross-references to Gir or to Marionetta on lolcow or KF or in Google.


>wondering if there's not some self posting/cheering going on

How could >>480064 be anything but a self-post?

I would very much like to read her comment that set-off Raven. Gir has only said that she called Raven a liar.

But notice that the screencaps are careful not include Gir's comment. If it was so innocuous, why omit it?

She was quick to appear on KF, proud of having needled Raven and basking in the praise of the KFarmers who didn't seek to verify her identity as they usually do.

Interestingly, she only just joined KF on Sunday and her first post in the Raven thread is timestamped 12:51am Wednesday in response to posts of the screencaps which were first posted here.

Since Youtube and Facebook do not display definitive timestamps, we can't tell whether the drama started before or after Gir joined KF.

Also, did she Google Raven and find lolcow and KF after the drama started? Or did she start the drama after finding the hate sites, intentionally antagonizing Raven into reacting in such a way as to allow Gir to play the victim?

Her post history


No. 480361

Claudia was on the bigger side, not huge but big. And Josh has said he likes heavier women, Raven talked about this before leaving NZ iirc.

So yes, getting fatter is Raven's destiny.

No. 480363

agree, she's a selfposter and deliberate drama seeker.

No. 480364

yes. if she is a cow, let her sperg her way into a thread. in the meantime, she made gran chimpout hard so good on her. (I thought the 'meaner than you' but was hilarious. try harder, tumblr)

I'd guess it was the same shit she said in her retort.
I'd also say she found the farms (either) before the drama. she reeled off Raven's greatest hits and told people to search her up.

No. 480365

If that is a selfpost then I'm definitely feeling suspicious about all these related and fast to reply screens clearly taken by the same cellphone, lmao. How embarrassing either way.

No. 480366

Ok, gir, go self post yourself a snow thread if you want one so badly and gtfo

No. 480367


I can confirm that the screenshots are not self posts from Gir as I am not her.

I don't know where Gir is from but I live in NZ and come from the same city Raving lived and I definitely am not Goth.

I have no idea who Gir is and only came across her when I was facebook searching Raven. I tried to look for the original post that set off ravin but figured it must have came from her fan page which I couldn't see, even at the time that I took the screenshots. All the original posts are now deleted or hidden from what I can see.

I was about to ask how long Gir has had her Kiwifarms account..I don't even keep up to date/ check the drama there unless there is something mentioned here.

I am definitely not Gir lol

No. 480368


What was >>480064 a reply to?

No. 480369



Based on the screencaps the drama appears to have originated on Youtube, and Gir migrated it to Facebook.

Both sites suck for not having definitive timestamps.

No. 480370


Addendum: definitive timestamps which include timezones.

No. 480371

File: 1515662677175.png (491.35 KB, 563x885, H6Og52c.png)

No. 480372

Raven's a true medical marvel.

I'm on opiates and they make me want to love everybody whilst my brain is trying yo crawl out of my head. And she has kittens - it's definitively impossible to be grumpy.

Goffbag Granny gets 'em and is exactly her same miserable, whiny, screechy self. Not even the ultimate feelgood pills over-ride Cravy's need to be an arsehole.

If Couchie's thinking fuckmylife now, just wait til the pills run out….

No. 480374

Can we confirm whether the Official.Raven.Sparks community page has been made a closed community or if it has actually been deleted?

And what is the URL of the "fan page" a few anons such as >>480163 have mentioned? If it is not the same page as the above community, it has never been posted on lolcow or KF.

No. 480376


Agreed. Wishing you a speedy recovery, anon.

In her video about the accident >>476432

>And then they gave me the pills and I was like, ehhh…woo! [laughs] And it doesn't make me feel high, but it makes me feel really sleepy, like a sleeping pill, and no pain. It was like the accident never happened. I was like, woo yeah! And, you know, felt really good.

Raven, you just described feeling high.

No. 480377


That comment was underneath either >>480068 or >>480069

The timestamps on facebook are New Zealand time

No. 480380


Awww, thank you, that was kind.

And the post you highlighted completely bemused me. I knew the Big Bag Druggie Goffbag Granny was a massive exaggeration (she talkee about the effects of huge amounts of LSD on the daily, but it's what someone with no knowledge would THINK would happen, not the actual effects) but I thought she'd probably done something-or-other along the line. In my country, speed is ubiquitous with goff culture, for example.

Yet she describes that first shot with no recognition at all. Yes, Cravy, THAT is called "being bombed" and it comes with a secondary feeling you won't recognise; being happy. If you're a fool (huh) you keep chasing it.

And no, she does NOT need that level of painkiller for this long after her very mild injuries, even with the subjective experience of pain. I'm astounded an outpatient doc gave them to her, tho they are in Bumfuck SC - he probly thought she was a demon! (Jk, don't want to upset anyone.) Except Cravy.)

As for the photo….well THAT ruined my high. Jeeezus, Granny. Put it all away, nobody want to see it. Shuddder.

No. 480382


For the record the accident was December 3rd, five weeks ago this past Sunday.

Since she mentioned seeing a doctor, does she now have health insurance or Medicaid?

No. 480383


What was confusing me about this image is that it is a screencap of a post of a screencap.

Also, Marionetta Chan is Gir.

No. 480384


That sad ass room is like a visible representation of her life. Bitch, get you some furniture off Facebook! You're on there 24/7 anyway. I bet you can even find ole Joshua a goff black one for him to sleep on when you two argue or your ~pain flares up~ uwu

No. 480385


In context, one of my mates high-sided his motorbike - those spectacular bike accidents where you get thrown high in the air. Several broken ribs (including the top one she says was "flapping around" and Couchie says "cracked." Cos they'd just leave it flapping around, obvi) arm broken in several places, separated shoulder etc etc etc. He was on OTC pain meds after two weeks. But he didn't have a bit of a sore tailbone, I guess…

The bike wasn't very well at all tho.

No. 480387


Nah, she has Couchie. The human chequebook. After all, it was ALL HIS FAULT she's going to be incapacitated for life. The least he can do is work 30 hours a day to make up for it, whilst simultaneously being home to take care of her every need. And fight off the haaayduuurz on her behalf. With a pink teddybear.

Come on, Couchie. Not good enough.

No. 480393


That is an old pic taken in Dorian's old room and presumably when she was at her thinnest. All of the pics in that post are old (they are posted on KF).

No. 480398

since couchie's job is seasonal, how long is that expected to last? And how long will they last when he can't keep her in funko-pops and 3 day burritos?

No. 480405


His job with FedEx Ground was never confirmed to be seasonal. He started working in mid-August.

No. 480432

Raven, you retard, opiates make you tired. That's why you see junkies falling out.

I know she has her little stories about drug "abuse". But is it just for pity points? Raven, I'm an exjunkie/alcoholic. It's obvious you're abusing your script. Especially with the "i dont even feel high". Trying to convince others that you're not enjoying that warm floaty feeling. Just start doing heroin now. Its no more "dirty" than getting high on pills.

No. 480448

It still floors me that this hag thinks she is living a life that others covet. Oldfag here. My peers have mortgages, educations, careers, long-time partners who left home before 30 and managed to acquire more possessions than a blow-up bed, kids they are assisting through college or sending to prom, old and new friends who celebrate holidays and birthdays with them, pets that die of old age, and I know Raven would look at them and think they were jealous of her because she's with a man who is younger than her who also has long hair so he's cool or something.

I genuinely cannot understand the mindset of someone who would who is middle aged and would want a bunch of mass-manufactured Hot Topic crap and poorly constructed clothes marketed at teenagers going through phases than a couch, a complete set of dishes, cookware, curtains. If I found myself living as Raven does I would straight up be suicidal. Raven thinks she's winning. It's amazing, her mindset.

Joshua, if you have time to read here after an exhausting day of working then appeasing your cow-wife and cleaning up after her latest furry acquisitions/victims, you can leave at any time. You bought a pig in a poke. You didn't look a gift whore in the mouth before moving her into your trailer of love. You've done reaped the whirlwind, son, but don't lose five years of your life like Logan did - get out quick before your bad decision becomes a permanent lifestyle choice.

No. 480459

it's still upsetting me so much that she's started getting cats - they're not collectibles - they're family and that means nothing to gravey - another oldfag here - me and mt parter lived toger for years before we got a cat, making sure we could afford premium food, vet bills and insurance…argh it makes me do angry because those kitties look lovely - and have ended up in the wrong hands

No. 480460

sorry - a load of emotional typos!

No. 480485

No. 480491

File: 1515720219728.png (45.4 KB, 682x524, Screenshot_2018-01-11-17-13-35…)

No. 480492

I had to stop watching it. The graphic description of the cats death was completely unnecessary, I know people process things differently but that tells me a lot about her. Normal people who love their pets don't crap on to YouTube about how their pet was twitching and bleeding out in it's last moments. Had to stop watching when she proudly declared she's "knowledgeable about animals", no, just no

No. 480493

"If you tell me to spay/neuter my pets I'm going to do the complete opposite"

Do you know who uses that kind of logic? 5 year olds. Jesus fuck Gravy. Stop.

No. 480497

Can someone look up the spay and neuter laws where she's at? In my state you have to spay and neuter by a certain age.

No. 480504


Shit yes, Dorian. Total "fuck you" move! I hope Diana sees this and loses her shit in one of her hilarious edgelord tantrums.

No. 480506


Lmao just complete the trailer trash persona by having all of your belongings smell like cat piss, Raven. I'm sure your landlord will be so pleased.

No. 480507


Lmao just complete the trailer trash persona by having all of your belongings smell like cat piss, Raven. I'm sure your landlord will be so pleased.

No. 480516

Either she blocked me because I commented on one of Gir's posts or she's hidden her accounts until the whole "I told a cancer paitent to kill themselves" thing blows over or she manages to spin it in her favor somehow

No. 480521

File: 1515728692174.png (320.45 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-11-19-39-46…)


Questions about Marmalade answered

Published on Jan 11, 2018

Hey, guys. Long time, kind of. This is a video addressing a lot of the comments and questions I'm getting on the Marmalade video where she was crying and about to give birth and all that stuff.

Now, I made that video, I didn't really think anything of it, I definitely didn't think it was gonna be a popular video or blow up the way that it has. But it is, like, my most viewed video out of all my videos, and as such there are a lot of comments, a lot of ignorant people, a lot of people that like to poke and troll, and a lot of people that don't know how to read the description. And as much as I write in the description trying to answer the questions, if you're not gonna read it, then it's not gonna do any good. So I thought I would make a separate video here, and I'll link it in the description hoping that some people will check it out. Otherwise I'll just upload it as it is for those that are curious.

Question number one has been, what breed of cat was she, is she, was she? She was a Persian Ragdoll cross. Her mother was a Persian and her father was a Ragdoll. I knew the owner, and I went and I visited many times so I saw both of her parents, and that is definitely a hundred percent what she was. She was a very beautiful color. I've never seen colors like her. She didn't even give birth to anybody that even looked remotely like her so that really sucks.

How did she die? I did post a video about it. I know I kind of rushed through it because I was really, really upset at the moment. But um, what had happened was, it wasn't negligence or anything like that. As you guys might or might not know my husband and I had split up. He went to his mom's house, I went somewhere else while I was preparing to come here to the States, and he took her because he was obviously staying in New Zealand. When he took her she was indoors with him, and she got out. Um, because she got out he was not able to catch her. She don't know where she was. She just didn't want to get caught. And as you know, if a cat's outside and does not want to get caught, they're not gonna be caught.

One day he was walking to work and she followed him further than she's ever followed him before. I don't know why she decided to, she just did. And he tried to shoo her back towards the house. She didn't want to go. And he turned around and she was, like, right there, and he was like, Marmalade, go, you know, go back home. And instead of running that direction she ran into the middle of the street. And she was over the middle line towards the traffic going the opposite way, and a truck came barreling out of nowhere way too fast and over the line. If he had been completely in his lane he probably wouldn't have actually hit her because she froze and just kind of stood there. And my ex was there. Like, he knew what was gonna happen and he was like, oh man, this isn't happening, this is happening. And it did. And he was really distraught, really upset. He ran and he grabbed her. The, the truck smacked into her, knocked her. She was pretty much dead on impact I would think because she was bleeding everywhere. He didn't know she was bleeding at first. She was twitching and moving and it was dark outside, so he actually didn't know what was going on. He just knew, fuck, she's, she's in trouble. And he called me up and he said, you need to get over here right now. And I rushed over and she was already dead. And he had ran her home and she died in his arms, like, completely died on his arms, although the impact would have been enough to to kill her in the first place.

The number one comment I get that I am deleting every time I see it because I'm just sick of acknowledging it because it's in the description and it's in the new upload is, who is that racist cunt in the background? That racist cunt is some dickwad that was living there. And I said, I'm gonna be making a video, Marmalade is in labor. It is not something that I could refilm or redo. If you have issues with your game, don't start screaming like a little bitch. Just don't play. Just stop playing for five minutes because I can't have you losing your shit and, and, and saying stupid shit because I'm not gonna be able to cut it out of the video. And he promised me that he wouldn't be saying that shit, and he did. And it was in the background so I was hoping that nobody would hear. I mean, I didn't actually even know that it was, it was there until somebody commented. And I was like, are you serious that that actually showed up cuz I heard it in person but I was like, oh it's, it's, like, down the hallway and in a room with the door closed, there's no way it would show up on camera. But it did on the video, and that's all everybody's focusing on. And for one, it's in the background. For two, it wasn't me or my husband at the time. For three, it's not something again I can cut out. Just focus on the video and stop focusing on some dumbass in the background. I did what I could. I tried to cut it out, but Youtube will not let me because there's, there's over a million views on that video. So the only thing they did when I try to use their editing tool to cut it was they saved it and uploaded it as a separate video. I did what I could. I can't do anything else. Stop focusing on it. I'm deleting the comments about it because I'm just sick and tired of fucking reading it.

Anyway, I get people hounding me for touching the babies. They say, oh why are you touching those babies, if you touch the babies the mama's gonna reject them. Marmalade did not reject the babies. I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to animals. I would not touch the babies if I thought there was any chance she would reject them and it would put them in any, any danger.

I've had three cats have kit have kittens in front of me. One was a cat that I took in that was already pregnant, and two were two sisters that I had with my ex-husband. And um, one I knew was pregnant, the other one we thought was a boy and the next thing you know she's giving birth. But uh, I've been there, I've watched, I've stayed, I've monitored, and I've actually helped. And I know I've saved the lives of some of the kittens because these first-time mothers don't really know what to do sometimes. One of them, the baby was stuck and I had to help, I had to help her, didn't hurt her. All the baby survived. It was, it was lucky I was there, actually. Another one, she didn't break the sack and the baby was sitting there couldn't breathe. I broke the sack and I stimulated its little chest and he started breathing and he..I think that was actually my Monster, maybe. It was one of, one of those litters were, were my favorite, one of my favorite cats Monster is from. And um, yeah, sometimes you have to step in. You shouldn't step in unless you see signs that you need to step in. But um, you, you should know your cat well enough also to know if they would tolerate you touching their babies or not. But again, I've never run into issues touching my cat's babies, so chill out and back off.

Another thing, you should spay and neuter all your pets, there's too many animals out there, yadda yadda yadda. Okay, this one I get where you're coming from. I know there's a lot of homeless animals, there's a lot of strays, there's over overpopulation, people just letting the cats have babies, cats and dogs and every other critter out there. But I had people asking me if they could adopt Marmalade's babies if she ever got pregnant when she was a baby herself before we even really thought about it. So I knew and I kept in contact with these people, they kept writing me. I knew that the babies would have homes. We actually were gonna keep all but one of the babies, and that baby went to my ex's mom. And uh, we ended up when we knew that we were gonna split and I was gonna come here, we ended up rehoming all the rest of them because I can't bring them here, it would cost way too much and it'll be so stressful on them and everything. And we screened all the potential families and they were all taken care of. We would not have taken them to a shelter or thrown them out on the street. They were, they were already sorted.

If you want people to spay and neuter their pets, there's other ways to go about saying that without being a total cunt about it because it's like the whole feminism thing. And I don't care if you agree with me or not, this is my own personal opinion and this is how I feel when people come at me. When you come at me nagging and being a total cunt about it, the last thing I want to do is spay and neuter my animals. I'm just like, fuck you, I'm just gonna let them all have babies. I'm not actually gonna do that, that's just the way it makes me feel in my head. Like, God, get the fuck off my back, who the hell are you to come here, you don't even know me and you're, you're hassling me and nagging me and judging me, you're…you don't take care of my pets. What if I wanted to keep all of them, you know, which we did. You're not one to say and to come here with that kind of attitude because all it's doing is the opposite of what you're probably trying to achieve. Some people…most people don't like to be talked down to like that. You could say it in a lot nicer, kinder way without coming across as, how fucking dare you, you irresponsible owner, what the fuck is wrong with you blah blah blah. I'm not gonna listen to you and I guarantee a lot of other people won't, either. And I know that's true because I've had this conversation with lots of other people in groups and boards. What do you feel about people who come at you like that? And they have all unanimously said it makes them not want to do it. Because nobody likes to be talked down to like that. So maybe you should think twice before you start nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, you know. I just…it's just food for thought.

Actually what we were gonna do if, if my ex and I had stayed together is, we were going to you um, we were gonna have…keep one of her babies originally and then spay her and then when that baby got older keep one of her babies and then spay her and continue on and on and on, keeping one of the bloodline for the rest of our lives because we had wanted to keep one of Marmalade's bloodline forever, you know, only allow them to have one litter because we're not gonna kitten mill them. But her, her coloring and her attitude were so unique and so special I couldn't bear the thought of losing that forever, and so I wanted to keep that bloodline and that, that attitude, you know, kind of going and just always keep one of my baby's babies, and it just didn't work out that way, and now she's gone. My ex's mom has got her son but he's been neutered so there's no babies coming out of that.

Lastly, two in one, I guess. You should have left her alone during labor, and what's wrong with you, why didn't you have nesting boxes out? That's so ignorant to the point where I shouldn't even have to acknowledge or answer this. Because for one, you could see clearly in that video she was leading me around, she wanted me to follow her, she wanted me with her, she did not want to be alone. And secondly, and I'm pretty sure I said this in the video as well, I had nesting to set up for her all over the house. I had under her…under the table, in the corners, in the closets, everywhere that she usually likes to go. I had it covered. I had boxes, l had blankets. She never showed any interest in any place anywhere until the day she went into labor. She came, she got me, and she went straight to the one box under the table. So she had already known where she wanted to go, and she was just waiting for me. She wanted me there.

So it's like, I don't know if some of these people that are commenting and saying this stuff aren't actually watching the video or if you're just trying to be a dumbass. But whatever it is, there are a lot of comments that are just like…If this is your attempt at trolling, you fucking suck. And uh, if this is your attempt at being ignorant, you aced that. Like, one person said, and it's an obvious troll, is this a cat or a dog? Come on. Like, why do people feel the need to be so stupid, you know. But I know that there are some legitimate questions in there, like especially the one, who is the racist bastard in the background. So I thought I'd take this opportunity to explain that, hopefully clear that stuff up for you guys.

Thank you for watching that video. And unfortunately she is no longer with us, and her babies were all rehomed. I cannot update you on any of her babies because I don't have access to them. I'm in America now, not in New Zealand.

I do have two cats now, just got them. I haven't done a proper introduction video yet because I'm waiting for Josh. But he got them for us. Well, he agreed. He's never really been around cats so this was really, really interesting for him. And he is so in love with them. I have a pure-breed Ragdoll. He's all white. He's got the Siamese kind of points. He's about five, maybe six months old. And he came to us with the name Cas, like Castile, you know, Cas.

And we got a little girl kitten, and she was found stuck in a tree. And these people online really needed to find a home for her because they have, like, three cats and two dogs and they did not want her. And um, they were, like, begging, please can somebody take her. And she's quite tiny. She's about, I'd say, three to four months. And she's, like, this interesting tabby color. Like, she's tabby on top but she's got white legs. And her name is Meg. So if you're a Supernatural fan you'll catch the reference, Cas and Meg. [pic related] But I'll do a proper introduction with them hopefully soon. I will have an update video hopefully soon. Well, actually, I'll make it after this and upload it in a few days. And I hope that this helped answer some questions for those of you that had real questions and just, weren't just trying to be dumbasses for the sake of just having a laugh or whatever. But um, everybody else take care, and I will see you soon. Bye.

No. 480531

File: 1515732099834.png (874.1 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-11-19-54-25…)


>She was a Persian Ragdoll cross. … She didn't even give birth to anybody that even looked remotely like her so that really sucks.

Marmalade did not come from pure bloodlines. Genetics of coloration and marking do not produce the variety of kittens Marmalade had without both parents having those genes: an orange tabby, a calico, a gray tabby, a black, two black and white. [pic related]

>I tried to cut it out, but Youtube will not let me because there's, there's over a million views on that video. So the only thing they did when I try to use their editing tool to cut it was they saved it and uploaded it as a separate video.

Youtube wouldn't let you? No, you decided that having a video with over a million views is more important to you than presenting a video without the racist content.

>I am pretty knowledgeable when it comes to animals. … One I knew was pregnant, the other one we thought was a boy and the next thing you know she's giving birth.


>We actually were gonna keep all but one of the babies … we ended up when we knew that we were gonna split and I was gonna come here, we ended up rehoming all the rest of them.

Marmalade had her kittens December 5 and 6, 2016.

Raven and Logan decided to separate in May of 2017. All of Marmalade's kittens were long gone by then. And Raven acquired two new kittens in April, Loki and Dante, which she kept for less than a month.

>>479554 is a timeline of her various cats from 2015 through 2017.

>If you want people to spay and neuter their pets, there's other ways to go about saying that without being a total cunt about it because it's like the whole feminism thing.

lol wut

No. 480547

Are her new cats done? ones a boy and ones a girl, wont be long beofre we get the 'my cat is pregnant and i dont know how it happened' video

No. 480550

File: 1515745545013.gif (903.34 KB, 498x322, DIGIA13.gif)

>What if I wanted to keep all of them, you know, which we did.
No you didn't, taking care of an animal means taking care of it for life, not just some temporary stint to ease housebound boredom.

There needs to be a list somewhere that people go on to stop them from adopting animals like they are just accessories.

No. 480560

Holy shit, that is one fried hair. Raven, darling, you might just as well be bald in the next time you try to color it.

No. 480561

But is "that jerk"/"that asshole who was living with us"/"that racist cunt" Dorian?

No. 480562

yes. she said it was both Dorian and Logan at the time iirc, but now she is retconning to just Dorian/"that asshole".

No. 480564

Ok so Logan thinks saying to a cat “go back home” is going to make it turn around and go inside? Why allow an inside cat to roam around out in a new area. Pick it up and drag it back or bribe it with food. What did he think was going to happen?

And I like the way it’s all the truck drivers fault for not staying in the lane. Roads are for vehicles, not indoor cats to wander across when they feel like it.

No. 480574

What was the racist remark? why do you have people that make racist remarks in your home?

No. 480575

At the original video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4ydJVobM7M&t=1s ) aprox. 9:20 mark you can hear a male voice on the background saying “get away from me, fucking n**r”.

For me, it sounds like Logan shouting at Dorian.

No. 480578


Shows how ignorant she is that she just thinks spaying/neutering is about "not letting them have babies". Spaying/neutering also makes uterine infections (which are often fatal) and breast cancers much less likely in female cats, and testicular and prostate cancers much less likely in male cats. Spayed/neutered dogs and cats are proven to live longer and healtheir lives. It also lessens the likelihood of unwanted behaviour like inappropriate urination or spraying (territory marking), and makes aggressive behaviour much less likely in males.

No. 480581

It's definitely not Dorian. To me it 100% sounds like Logan (accent and I just know his voice by now?)

No. 480598

Not to mention there's tons of cats in shelters that need homes. For every kitten she gives to someone, that's a cat that doesn't get adopted. "But they'll adopt another cat if they really want one". No raven, not everyone wants more than one cat, because some people are responsible and make sure they only have pets that they can afford.

No. 480599


And spaying and neutering eliminates their desire to roam to find a mate.

Has she ever described the cat Marmalade mated with to produce her litter? In the video in which she announces her pregnancy she says, "I took her to the vet, and the vet estimates that she's got maybe 3 weeks left."

Looking at the variety of kittens, she probably mated with more than one tom.

Judging by the fact that she had no idea how far along Marmalade was in her pregnancy, Marmalade probably dashed out the door in the frenzy of being in heat and, just as she recently said of managing her own fertility, Raven figured, "Whatever happens, happens."

No. 480603

File: 1515773119792.png (98.34 KB, 735x415, Screenshot_2018-01-12-08-00-57…)

Don't get pets you can't afford to feed.

Alternately, she added this to her wishlist to make a show of feeding them high-end food while really feeding them 5 for $1 Friskies from Walmart.

No. 480606

Plus, we know that from previous videos and photos that Logan thinks racist and homophobic slurs are hilarious to use and sees no problem tossing them around. Raven has defended him in the past for saying faggot, giving a Nazi salute and calling women sluts for no valid reason other than being at a nightclub so I would not be at all surprised if it was Logan that said it.

No. 480612

File: 1515781916924.png (43.05 KB, 800x232, Screenshot_2018-01-12-10-10-44…)

From the "2017 year in review" video.

No. 480620

UO, but as a brown person I still get fucked off when people bitch about Logan, tbh. Give him a chance to live life away from the racist mommywife he had for his formative years and then let's talk about whether or not he actually hates brown people or what the fuck ever. It's really knee jerky to me and annoying. What we do know about him is patchy and filtered through Cravey anyhow. Also I was under the impression that his swastika was a Hindu swastika? If it's the one with dots around the wheel, it's definitely not about nazis in any way.

No. 480621

Lol no he was abrasive as you taught him to be. Leading by example and all that shit, you know.

No. 480626

If you mean his tattoo, it’s some anime thing that someone asked if it was a swastika to stir up Raven.

No. 480627


I'd love it if Dorian and LG could weigh in here to help clear things up. The racism is such a fucked up thing with her. She calls her own kid a beaner, ffs. It's so clearly someone saying "get away from me, you fucking nigger" but the accent doesn't sound kiwi to me. I'd love to know who it was and in what context.

I hate Raven and her ilk with the heat of many suns but unfortunately it IS a thing people say when they're gaming. Doesn't make it right but it's like…if you've played an FPS ever in the history of ever you've heard that and probably much worse. The fact that she allows that shit to fly in her house just means that she's trash, which of course we all knew already.

No. 480633

Initially I was giving that chick clapbacks, but seeing her self promote on KF is just laughable. She's two steps from cow material herself imo.

No. 480634

File: 1515791981644.jpeg (144.09 KB, 590x590, FFC9AC34-F3B2-4F02-84BF-EB6468…)

So, nothing to do with nazis then? A couple of desi friends have swastika tats, but they were all of the pic related variety.

Would be great to see it reclaimed by people, I think.

No. 480635

Who gives a shit, she upset the Hagraven and that's worth the milk. Make a thread about her if she's a cow.

No. 480639

File: 1515794877992.png (230.13 KB, 800x667, 1504987831795.png)


No. It was from some anime or a game, and Raven said the tattooist did a bad job. But it no longer matters because he got it covered-up by a blob.

No. 480641

File: 1515795357998.png (344.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-12-14-14-51…)

No. 480642

Yeah, that's…not a nazi swastika. Also anime.

I don't care about Logan, apart from the fact that I hope he can get his head screwed on properly after having that hog be both mum and fuck partner.

No. 480643

he's a white guy from christchurch. Odds are he is a privileged racist just like every other white arsehat in the city

No. 480660

lol calm down, I didn't say I thought the milk was shit. I said I thought that she was attention whoring on KF and it's annoying to me there.

No. 480661


I find it annoying too, we really have very little idea who Logan is. Gran makes people conform to her and her ideas, so we only ever saw him through a very dark lens. like the POW videos after he got busted looking at porn.



damn it anon, I'd just sworn off reading KF for several reasons, and then I saw your comment and jumped over there to see the show … nothing new. she started off cringe as fuck but she hasn't been too bad after that.

No. 480662


You're talking pants on head retarded again, anon.

Yes, CC is predominantly white. Therefore, CC and all its inhabitants are, by necessity, racist.

Like, honestly, just stop. For your own sanity.

No. 480668

>haters made him racist

No. 480671

Lol yeah, her comment smacks of “he isn’t racist, he just talks like one and the haters twist his words!”

No. 480673

It's so interesting to me how she flip flops on Logan so much. At the time when people first mentioned Logan/Dorian/both saying racist shit she threw him right under the bus (sorry, I can't remember the video right now) saying basically what she is saying now about Dorian. She said she told him she was filming and usually she is super careful not to say those words (wow, Diana, you're a saint for not saying nigger on camera!) and wished he would be more careful too.
Then she started defending him again, saying basically what you said. The haters twist his words and tattoos and he's not racist, he doesn't hate anyone, he just uses racist words in his everyday life.
Now she's back to the first story again, but with a side dish of blaming it entirely on Dorian.

No. 480681


Hear hear, nonnie. Perfectly said.

Logan may well turn out to be a racist dickhead who genuinely thinks all women are sluts. But he was in a very unequal relationship with a much older woman who was absolutely grooming him - we know Cravy uses this abhorrent language and he likely started it by doing what we do when we're first in lust with someone; mirroring.

He's was essentially stuck at sixteen in a lot of ways because she's so immature. And after awhile it was obvious he'd say whatever she wanted to hear for a quiet life, he was given no room to mature. Add in we only hear it filtered through Goffbag Granny and we don't have any idea who Logan really is.

He may turn out to be a complete arsehole who genuinely thinks this way. But Crazy was bringing up both him and Dorian, and if you don't bring baby up right…

I wouldn't want to be judged on my much younger self filtered through the mouth of a lunatic. So I'll try not to judge Logan until he is his own self. And I'm not sniping at anyone who sees it differently, we all know he said some atrocious things and I absolutely accept others disagree - I'm not in any way saying I'm right. I think I just want there to be hope for Logan away from such a hate-filled influence who HAD to be agreed with.

No. 480706

Never been on lolcow so if I dont reply or do this right or whatever. Dont judge me. To defend Logan (because he actually is a good guy) Logan is NOT a racist. Stop basing someone like you know them on details and things you have very little information about. I'm dark. Logan even says "sorry if this sounds racist", apologizes again, and it's not racist but to him it comes off as racist. NO he doesn't hate sluts or females or whatever lmfao.That was literally Raven talking out her ass of insecurity. As for his tattoo, watch his Q&A video and he shows the before and after picture and states Raven designed the whole thing. The video about Marmalade and the racist comments,that was Dorian, hence why in her new video she emphasizes "dumbass" and starts talking with a certain tone. I thought it could have been Ryan but it's Dorian. Leave Logan alone, hes finally out of this shitshow, away from drama and now has to deal with the public figure he put on because of Raven. Now, just like every other young adult, he's finding himself, learning to cope with everyrhing, is living his own life and I couldnt be more happy for him. Just leave him alone and talk about another one of Ravens shit exes that still drools over her or her couchpotatohillbilly.

No. 480707

Enough about Logan! She’s not even with him anymore. Let it be people, let it be.

No. 480710

Don't doxx yourself young padawan

No. 480713

The sudden Logan bashing feels sus to me. We're talking about the cats, and how shit she is with animals, and whoops! Wait! Let's talk about RACISS LOGAN instead, lol no. This shit happens often enough here that it feels forced.

Christchurch anon stands out because they always say the exact same shit in every thread where this comes up. Personally I don't trust word one from Raven, and I don't know fuckall about Logan that hasn't also been filtered through Raven.

The tat was not a swastika, and he had it covered, so that's…a dead end as to racist intent. If he was really racist he'd have gotten a) the right kind of swastika and b) kept it.

I have no clue who said nigger on that vid, but loud and clear imo they don't have a CC accent, so who the fuck can say? Maybe it was Dorian. Maybe it was Ryan. Maybe she was fucking homeless dudes for spare change and dude was having a psychotic break in the other room, imagining packs of rabid darkies setting upon him. I mean, come on. This is Raven we're talking about. She lies. She gets the library to lie.

They're not together anymore. Who cares about Logan?

No. 480716

I think you're a bit paranoid anon, it just seems like the usual autism flaring up a bit.
>she gets the library to lie

No. 480717

You all know L was only 15 when Raven dug her claws in right?

No. 480720

It's just annoying when it pops up, because it always does, you know?

t. actual darkie

No. 480721

I just cleared it up in my damn comment and people are still talking about him. Oh my god i thought you anons were civil and knew when to stop at an appropriate time. Stop talking about Logan and move on to what were suppose to be talking abouy, Raven. Fuck. I dont see a Logan thread here, i see a Raven thread. Get back on track now(mini-modding)

No. 480724

yeah, it would be annoying af, not what we're here for.

you're the thirst-posting anon from the last thread, aren't you? getting all riled up knowing you can't have the big L …

(sorry. I agree, it's derailing as fuck. but I always find the sperging about it funny, in this and other threads. is fatso doing anything that can get us back on track?)

No. 480726


Nope. I've only been here for an hour and took me I dont know how long to post lol. I'm aquainted with him. Like I said, this is a Raven post, not a Logan post. Suck it up princess.

No. 480727

Your post about not bringing him up anymore was an hour ago. That's not nearly enough time for changes to happen, so chill the fuck out, take a breather and be patient, "princess".

No. 480729

File: 1515878634761.png (6.25 MB, 1242x2208, 92C09011-1121-4A85-A274-6ED7DB…)

Oh ick. Her top is too small.

No. 480730

File: 1515878724045.png (5.87 MB, 1242x2208, 50A8E2A9-D6D9-4E3D-88BB-6C8122…)


No. 480735


This photo is at least a year old.

No. 480736

File: 1515881444860.png (540.2 KB, 800x826, Screenshot_2018-01-13-14-06-58…)


Correction, an Avatar tattoo.

No. 480737


It's THAT time of the month here at Cravey-Watch. Milkless anons get antsy, thread goes pear shaped for two days. Clockwork, I tell you. Soon the baitposts will kick in, be prepared!

No. 480741


I wasn't saying that the anon posted an old photo. Raven is known for posting old photos throughout her SM.

No. 480747

File: 1515885887793.jpg (83.38 KB, 475x591, tqOmgSV.jpg)

Dear Raven, you will never be Emily, just stop it's embarrassing

No. 480748

she waves her pills around like the junkie idiot she is and other shit that I cbf watching

No. 480754

So, it seems pretty clear that Raven is at least flirting with an opiate addiction. Do any anons think she's actually hooked, or…? I mean, it hasn't actually been that long, but she sure seems to like them and like talking about them and how they make her feel.

No. 480755

god damn, she really is heartless about Josh's dogs.
pretty sure some anons here predicted that his dogs would be gone soon after Gravy arrived (too lazy to find the posts) and here it is. she cares way more about "pretty" white dog that is a random than about Josh's dogs which it seemed like he had taken care of for a long time and actually gave a shit about.
she's like welp lol guess my husband's dogs are gone. he went looking for them or whatever but they probably just moved on because he is all mine now!

fucking disgusting. so now he has only Raven-approved pets, Raven-approved furniture, a Raven-approved job…what a fucking life.

No. 480759

She looks truly happy about her pills. Lets she how she acts two weeks later when theyre gone

No. 480770

File: 1515892969090.png (805.9 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-17-20-18…)



Published January 13, 2018

Hi again. Obviously I'm making this video right after my cat video. I'm so happy cuz I got my pills from the doctor [shakes prescription bottle]. So I actually have been able to sleep at night. These pills are amazing. Like, I have Tylenol PM and I have, what do you call it, Zzz-Quil. But the way that they put you to sleep is a bit different. Like, you can feel your body being pulled into sleep, but it's a very unnatural gross feeling. With this it's like everything gets fuzzy. Like, I can't really hear and I get woozy and then it's just like, whoa, I can sleep. And, and I get to sleep. And I can, like, move. And my, my chest doesn't hurt anymore. And it's just…it's this amazing feeling. Like, oh my god, I love it so much. So he gave me 30 pills so it's good for another two weeks of sleep, so I'm super happy about that.

The doctor told me that I've got another, probably, six to eight weeks of pain ahead of me. I thought he'd say maybe, oh you've got maybe another week or two and everything should be fine. But no, I've got another six to eight weeks, so I'm not looking forward to that at all. [she drinks from her plastic skull cup and burps] Sorry.

Um, I haven't been around as much lately because I've just been really enjoying my time with Josh who…uh [burps] sorry sorry sorry sorry. He, as you know, he was working really hard over the Christmas holidays, and we didn't see much of each other because his work schedule was fucking crazy. So now he gets, you know, his normal days off. And we've been just watching shows together. Like, I got him into Stranger Things, so we watched all of Stranger Things, all of Wayward Pines, working on Doctor Who and Supernatural at the moment, and we are watching Adventure Time as well. So we've got those little things to kind of keep us busy.

We've also got two kitty cats I mentioned in my other video. When I make a video with him I will introduce them.

We were going to make a New Year's video, but the thing is is because he was working, the liquor stores closed and so he wasn't able to get the proper alcohol. What he got was, like, kind of beer, and I can't drink beer, it makes me sick. I tried and I drank like, I don't know, four bottles or something and over the course of the night, and it just made me sick. It made me sick before it can make me feel drunk, so that didn't go well. He did bring me this beautiful sets, I think I've got a picture [cut to picture] but he brought me this beautiful set of a Tequila Rose, and I thought that was the sweetest thing. He brought it the very next day, and I was like, oh my god, that is so sweet. And so we haven't done it yet, but we're gonna sit around and get drunk at some point. It's just uh, without my pills I haven't been able to sleep and so I've been tired and I knew it would just make me feel sick, and I didn't want to waste it feeling sick. I want to, you know, be able to drink and be happy and just goofy, properly drunk, not like, oh, I'm gonna throw-up kind of drunk. So we've got that chilling in the fridge.

Um, I'm thinking about moving my room around. I kind of want, like, I want to have a nice backdrop to my videos. Now, I've got this light that I haven't, I haven't used lately. I've got my little ring light that he bought me. And I kind of just want, like, this nice kind of area. So I might…hopefully you'll see a different background at some point if I can find a place to, you know, set everything up. I'll probably have my pillows with me regardless because I need it for my back and all that good stuff.

Um, somebody really sweet sent me a late, well, not too late, but it was kind of a late Christmas present. A couple of late Christmas presents did trickle in, and I will put together a video at some point of all those so that I can say a proper thank you to everybody. I probably won't remember names as such at this point because everything's kind of fucked up at the moment. I don't really know where I put stuff. I've just been in, like, a daze of pain except for the last, like, two days, and so I've opened stuff and I've moved stuff and I have, you know…we've kitten-proofed the house and things like that. And so um, I just don't really know where the packages are with people's names on it, so I'm really sorry ahead of time if I do forget your name.

Also, Josh's dogs vanished. They wandered off maybe three weeks ago. I don't know where they went. He's been going crazy looking for them. Like, first the big black one left, and we don't know where he went. He walked all up and down the road. He looked in the ditches, he drove all over the area, he went to all the neighbors. Nobody knows where he is. And the little one was here and then I petted him, sat down with him, and then he just up and wandered off, too, like that same day. Right after I petted him he just took off, and he hasn't been back, either. So nobody knows where they went or what happened.

Personally I think that they just wandered off to the next home because I, I think I told you guys that the way that he got them in the first place was they just wandered into his yard one day. They just kind of wandered in and decided they wanted to live there and stay and they stayed. He was always outside smoking. He was always outside with them. And when I came here and it got colder and then the accident happened we've been inside more than outside. And maybe they just got kind of like, alright, well we're not getting enough attention, on to the next place. And they moved on to the next place. That's the only thing I can think of. Because the big white dog, the beautiful white one, he does that. Like, if I'm not outside, me personally, if I'm not outside with him enough he'll just, like, take off, and he won't come back for a couple, like, a couple of days, maybe a week or two, and then pop in again. But if I'm outside with him more often he's here quite often, so he, he just loves attention.

And uh, [burps] sorry. He came by the other day when it was really, really cold, and, I mean it was freezing. Our taps froze. The water outside froze. It was, it was freezing cold. And this white dog shows up with a mini pack of dogs with him. And it was the coolest thing ever because I know he knows that he comes here and he can get fed because that, that's just what we do. And these are not his puppies. They were dogs of all ages, all sizes, and he led them all here and we fed them all. And it was like he brought his little friends here on the coldest fucking night to give them food. It was just the most amazing, like, wow kind of moment, you know. There was a little brown and white hound dog. She came back with him. So I've got a little thing here to show.

[cut to a video of her outside with the two dogs]

The beautiful white dog is here again, and he has a little friend with him. But I don't know where the little friend went, little puppy, maybe he's around back eating. Oh, there he is. It's a little girl doggy. So I don't really have any dog food for them, but I've got some wet food here. Hey! Here you go. Hold on, boy, there you go. Oh, you're gonna take the whole can with you, huh. All right. The pretty boy here is so pretty. You are so pretty just laying there. I'm gonna go say hi to you. You're so pretty, too. I don't know who you are. Oh, you poor little thing. I know, you're so cute. Oh, you want love. Oops, you just made me hit you in the head. Hey boy, look at you. Oh, don't sneeze on me. You sneezed on me. Big old paw. Jesus, you are a big boy, aren't you? Tummy tummy tummy tummy. I think you were in a fight. Look at your face. You need to stop fighting. Look, she likes you. Look at you two. [dog sneezes again] Are you allergic to me? You're big on those. Aw, you're a pretty boy. I love your ears. I love your white fur. You are so friendly, aren't you? You could turn around and take a huge chunk right out of my arm if you wanted to, but I know you won't do that. You're such a big baby. You could just lay there and get petted all day long, couldn't you? Ooh, just shocked myself. Hey! Are you gonna follow me? Oh, you coming with me, huh? Look at how big you are. You are such a big doggie.


And then it was a black and white puppy, two brown puppies, and it was an adult dog that looks like he had been in a dog fight because his muzzle was completely scratched up. He was all torn up and bleeding, and he was shivering, and he was trying to come inside the house. And I don't know, I don't know where these dogs came from, but I know he definitely brought them here. They…there's no other reason for those dogs to have been with him unless he brought them here. And nobody knows how dogs are, how they communicate, but that was the first time I've ever seen anything like that. Me and Josh were both like, wow, that was really cool.

So uh, I'm not sure how much I will be uploading or online because I'm just really enjoying being with him. I'm not really doing much online lately. I'm just…I play my game and that's about it. I just…being online has lost most of its charm for me. It has a long time ago, but even more so now. And when he's not here I cook, I clean. You know, I don't really like eating out, I like cooking. I'd prefer to eat my own food than going out and eating. There are a couple places I do like to eat out at, but overall I'd much prefer my own food. And um, when he's here I just…every moment we just want to spend it together. And being online isn't important like it used to be. And uh, I knew it was inevitable, it would happen at some point. I just didn't know when or what it would take. And obviously this is what it took was me to have somebody that, you know, wants to spend time with me and stuff. And so yeah, this is a great feeling.

But uh, I've got a lot of work ahead of me. I don't know if you guys can hear deedoo deedoo in the background. That's um, the washing machine beeping cuz I turned the water off. So I'm gonna go and finish doing the laundry. And I've got, like, the bed unmade cuz I need to, I need to make the bed, do the laundry. And I'm gonna make a pizza and go feed the kitty cats and start converting and trying to upload this mess cuz it takes days to upload.

But uh, I will see you guys soon. Hopefully Josh and I can get together and, like, sit down and make some videos. Usually it's because when it's his day off I don't like to bother him and say, hey, can you, you know, make a video with me? He's, he's all for it, but I just feel bad. I still want to do the um, the kiss test, the lipstick comparisons. This is a Kat Von D and it's her studded kiss lipstick in um, outlaw, I think. It's, like, one of my favorite colors. It's, like, a real bright red. But it's not kiss proof at all. Her everlasting lipsticks and the lip pencils are not really kiss proof, either. I can pretty much already tell you I think Jeffree Star's gonna win that. But it'll be a fun test, so I don't mind doing it.

Anyway, it's just…yeah, we just need to get our stuff together, get it sorted, and then, and then we'll start uploading again. I just uh…please bear with me. And I will see you guys soon. I hope you guys have been having a great new year. And I will see ya then. Bye!

Oh, PS. As somebody has written me and asked me, a couple people have written me and asked me, yes, I did dye my hair and this isn't my wig. I know I've got a wig that looks just like this, but this is, this is my hair. I've…I, I went ahead and did the half and half. I'm gonna ease it into black and green, into black and blue. So hopefully if everything works out for me and Josh, when we go to get married we're, we're probably gonna have a black and blue wedding or white and blue wedding. But there's gonna be blue in there cuz blue's his favorite color, and at that time I want my hair to be blue on this side again. I mean, it looks blue but it's not, it's green, but it's, like, a greeny kind of blue. But I'll do black and blue for him. And then I might go back to green or I might keep the blue, it depends. But I kind of, like, I kind of feel weird having black hair again. I am not used to it. Like, I know I said that last time, but I'm really not used to having black again. And my hair is at this weird length because it's grown out quite a bit. Like, since I've been here my hair is just like, poof, and it's just grown out, so I can't even style it the way I used to. It's just kind of hanging there, and um, so I thought, eh, it's long enough to do it so I split it. So to answer that question I've gotten that I've ignored in the past, I'm sorry. It's not a wig, this is my hair. Bye again!

No. 480772

File: 1515893312695.png (56.22 KB, 800x300, Screenshot_2018-01-13-17-24-04…)


Ryan is watching.

No. 480773

File: 1515893456852.png (745.48 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-13-17-25-14…)


In the comments someone says, "I need that cup in my life.."

Raven replies, "It was $5 from Walmart. They had all sorts of colors so I wish I had gotten more"

No. 480774

>I cook and clean
>don't like being online anymore
>don't like to eat out

she should mention she saw a unicorn the other day, it would be more believable.

No. 480775

thanks transcript anon, you the real MVP.

I have a feeling the dogs didn't move on from a lack of attention, dogs are loyal to whoever FEEDS them. Sage for tinfoiling but I think Gravy didn't feed the dogs and they moved on to somewhere where they can be fed and looked after better.

No. 480776


The pills appear to be Percocet 5mg oxycodone/325mg acetaminophen (Tylenol). No way would her doctor have given her 10mg. While it is the least strong combination opioid analgesic available, it will provide a very pleasant high and hypnotic effect (inducing sleep) to someone who does not take opioids regularly.

The sleep-inducing ingredient in Tylenol PM and Zzz-Quil is diphenhydramine, an antihistamine most commonly known as Benadryl.

No. 480777


She sees unicorns every day. The plushies she made Ryan buy her are in the living room.

No. 480778

Even emilies tattoos seem cleaner and better quality. Not dirty and ripped from someone’s vampire freaks page. I can tell she spends a good amount of money to ensure she gets good long lasting art that means something to her.

Meanwhile, it’s so obvious that Ravens tattoos are meant to be a “look at me and how goffik I am.” And most of them have barely held up over time.

No. 480783

>he wasn't able to get the proper alcohol. What he got was, like, kind of beer, and I can't drink beer, it makes me sick. I tried and I drank like, I don't know, four bottles or something and over the course of the night, and it just made me sick.

So, she's drinking alcohol in addition to taking her percocets. That's really really smart SMRT, Raven, do carry on.

No. 480794


No, she had run out of the script she received from the hospital by New Year's Eve.

No. 480803

Odds are she gave away his dogs while he was gone or tossed them out and hoped they wouldn't come back. Isn't one of them blind or something?

No. 480809

>I can't drink beer, it makes me sick
>proceeds to drink four bottles of beer
>could've gone to the liquor store herself since it's not like she works all day or anything like that
>probably shouldn't be drinking whilst on pain pills anyway
>what a dumb bitch

Of course he is.

No. 480810


The chihuahua he was pictured holding at Christmas is blind. She never explained whose dog it is. Josh's dogs were both black.

Dogs roaming loose in the rural south is not unusual. The dogs were his only as far as feeding and watering them outdoors was concerned. I doubt he assumed responsibility for their vaccinations, parasite control, and check-ups or having them checked for microchips.

Anons who keep losing their shit over "teh poor abused abandoned animals!!1!" need to get over it. This is just how it's done in the south.

No. 480812

I live in the south and this definitely doesn’t happen where I live…

Whoever the anon who called the dogs going missing, Touchè

No. 480816


With what transportation? She's stuck in a trailer home on a rural highway miles away from the nearest stoplight, let alone an ABC store.

In South Carolina, the retail sale of liquor statewide is permitted from 9 am until 7 pm Monday through Saturday, and Sunday sales are banned by state law. However, counties and cities may hold referendums to allow Sunday sales of beer and wine only. New Year's Eve was on a Sunday, and obviously Josh was at fault for failing to plan accordingly.

Speaking of transportation, I wonder whose car he is driving now. Based on what she has said in videos since the accident, it sounds like he has to chaffeur his mom around as well as get himself to and from work. No more lunches and shopping sprees with mom-in-law.

No. 480821

Oh, so the dogs went missing right after she got the cats? Who knew? Oh, I did >>478913

Also, I'm SO waiting for Diana to go full Granny Slater. I never asked for anything, please.

No. 480823

saying 'everybody does it' is not good reasoning for something. and "he's been going crazy looking for them" sounds like a bit more than a casual attachment.
dark tinfoil: she did worse than just not feeding them.

good question … no wonder she has decided she doesn't like going out to eat. probably texts couchie to pick up stuff for dinner - gonna need 3 potatoes, half a pound of butter and half a pound of cheese.

No. 480825

>a couple people have written me and asked me, yes, I did dye my hair and this isn't my wig

Diana, PLEASE, no one would mistake that deep fried hair for a wig. It looks heinous. If you keep dying it, you will be bald in your 'wedding'.

No. 480826


If he was more than casually attached to them, why did he leave them outside during the winter to begin with? Those dogs were free to wander out of his life as much as they were free to wander into his life. They may have even decided to return to the house where he was living before or to their homes previous to that. The fact that there are roaming packs of strays which are not feral demonstrates that people simply let their dogs roam.

No. 480833

I'm hoping someone took them in and gave them a warm place to sleep during winter. Although this IS Gravy we're talking about so I dunno

No. 480836

Tinfoil but imagine if Raven poisoned the dogs while Josh was at work? I'm sure they just wandered off but it would be super easy for her the more I think about it. Put a bunch of chemicals in their food,dogs usually wander off to die. Even if she found the bodies, it's such an isolated place where they live, she could just drag it under a hedge and the snakes/bugs/whatever would do the rest. It sounds super crazy but this is so similar to the marmalade thing. Oh I need to move, suddenly cat is dead. Oh I dont even really like dogs….look we got two cats! Boom ALL dogs are suddenly gone. Isn't it suss that all of them are gone? Not just one? I dunno, it sounds stupid, but edgelord Raven being the edgelord she is, has admitted to killing a pet before, she has all this free time while Josh is at work. I think it is very possible.

No. 480841


And there's no point in wondering if Josh called Animal Control or the local shelter. Saluda County is so rural it doesn't have either.

Now do anons better understand why roaming strays are the status quo in rural areas?

No. 480844

Noone ever questioned the dogs roaming in rural areas, at least I never did. I get that it's normal, what is confusing is that ALL the dogs went missing and are to be found nowhere. Also she stated the white one was a stray but the others were Josh's. It's not the fact they are allowed to roam, that's fine, but if he owns them, surely he feeds them every/most nights?

No. 480845

I have a feeling that Ryan is autistic. Either that or he was a complete virgin when he met Raven and hasnt had a bonk since. Only reason he'd decide to be such a cuck. I mean sure, maybe they 'remained friends' after their breakup, but it's really weird how he comments and likes all her stuff. Also suprising noone ended up telling Ryan about that gross story that Raven typed up about his hygiene or the stories of him raping her. Pretty sure Josh wouldn't be happy to know she keeps in touch with her ex. The whole thing is weird.

No. 480849

me thinks people tried to show Ryan the shit she wrote about him and it got played off as "the haters making shit up and framing Raven"

because according to Raven we do that

No. 480853

>And the little one was here and then I petted him, sat down with him, and then he just up and wandered off, too, like that same day. Right after I petted him he just took off, and he hasn't been back, either. So nobody knows where they went or what happened.

Kek, even animals hate this bitch

No. 480857

it's likely been cold, and she's likely been shoo-ing them off while he's away

No. 480863

>Dogs roaming loose in the rural south is not unusual
I'll admit this is true. Odds are they aren't strays coming by but instead neighborhood dogs within a mile radius where the owners just don't give a fuck and let them do whatever they want.

But regarding Couchie's dogs, more than likely Raven did something to them because they've been missing three weeks now and shes just now mentioning it while constantly talking about her cats? Yeah, she definitely did something to get rid of those dogs.

No. 480872

File: 1515947646362.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180114-171542.png)

tfw have more cats than items of furniture

No. 480875


As a very wide generalisation, using nicknames or slang for meds can be an indicator of an unhealthy attitude towards them.

You never hear epileptics talk about their "carby" or diabetics refer to "insy" - if painmillers are part of a proper treatment programme they get referred to by their proper name, just as any other med in that programme.

And it's a dead giveaway if someone is talking about the general affects rather than how the drug affects their pain. If you have a condition which requires painkillers at this level, the ONLY thing that matters is how they affect the pain. Because they're only supposed to be used for over-whelming pain, and if you're in overwhelming pain that's pretty much all you care about. No way does she need anything higher level than OTC meds at this stage.

Same with munchies with their endless nicknames and personal relationships with all their devices - any underlying condition is waaaay down their list of importance.

I can't tolerate her monotone whine so didn't hear all she said, but she sounds like she's truly found the LTWMTL, whether it be through burgeoning addiction or jumping on the spoonie bandwagon for endless empty attention and arse-kissing.

No. 480876

I'm not asking this to doubt any of the nonnies posting about roaming dogs in the rural US - you know; I haven't a clue.

But. Is it possible they could have been picked up in a sweep by Animal Control? Does that even happen in places like Bumfuck? I don't live in the US - and from outside it's really difficult to disentangle federal/state/local laws and mores - so, if that's a dumb q, I apologise. It just makes no sense for dogs who have found food and a degree of shelter during winter to all disappear at once, but is that a feasable option?

No. 480879


>writes lengthy post regarding how to discern addicts and munchies based on how they talk about their meds

>admits to not having watched the video but draws conclusions anyway

Nor could you be bothered to read the transcript >>480770?

Also, please read >>480776.

No. 480881

No. 480887

File: 1515952831207.png (69.94 KB, 800x328, Screenshot_2018-01-14-09-47-32…)


Samefag >>480841

South Carolina's code delegates the responsibility of establishing regulations for animal control to counties and municipalities.


Searching the Saluda County website


for "animal control" yields


and therein [pic related]. The county has made no further advancement on developing a plan as far as I can see; otherwise the search would yield a department of animal control services.

No. 480888


Actually, teacher, the transcript had not loaded. I was using my phone and it was lagging; many posts hadn't come up.

OTC meds in the US are not necessarily the same as the rest of the world (there's a rest-of-the-world? Fuck me!) nor do names correlate.

No. 480891

Yeah, I don't know what Anon's point is, since Raven says this:

>These pills are amazing. Like, I have Tylenol PM and I have, what do you call it, Zzz-Quil. But the way that they put you to sleep is a bit different. Like, you can feel your body being pulled into sleep, but it's a very unnatural gross feeling. With this it's like everything gets fuzzy. Like, I can't really hear and I get woozy and then it's just like, whoa, I can sleep. And, and I get to sleep. And I can, like, move. And my, my chest doesn't hurt anymore. And it's just…it's this amazing feeling. Like, oh my god, I love it so much. So he gave me 30 pills so it's good for another two weeks of sleep, so I'm super happy about that.

Raven has a new refill prescription wherein she describes how she loves the high off them. This sort talk of seems pretty concerning to me (I can't stand Raven, but I don't wish her addicted either). I don't know what the point of the other post was.

No. 480894

Blogging, but I think it's pretty interesting to relate to Raven.

I had a friend who took 30mg of Oxycodone per 4 hours with 15mg per 2 hours. She wasn't supposed to live past her 20s. Her experience with getting them was to avoid withdrawal. She always felt like shit and was jealous of my high saying that it just gently soothed her pain.

i.e. My experience with someone who uses painkillers for chronic pain are not excited about them. It's like insulin to a diabetic. Raven had the attitude of someone who got a score at the ER and is enjoying getting high every day. The pain she's experience from the wreck could easily be treated with anti-inflammatory medications or NSAIDs (over the counter or high prescription). Another interesting notion is how she uses sleep as an indicator that she needs them and compares them to Tylenol PM. Those often release pleasant endorphins rather than actually helping with a pain problem.

Tl;dr - Raven is 100% getting these for getting high. I don't doubt that one bit. Her doctor should prescribe 800mg of Ibuprofen if not a complete hack.

No. 480899


>OTC meds in the US are not necessarily the same as the rest of the world

Which is precisely why I posted >>480776 : to identify the names of the compounds in the medications Raven mentioned and explain their effects for the wider audience.


Yes, she clearly is enjoying the euphoria produced by the oxycodone. More troubling is that she does not recognise the feeling as feeling "high." But she has always possessed an exceptional level of cognitive dissonance.

She is also relying on the oxycodone for its hypnotic and sedative effects which can be equally as psychologically addictive. These effects will also relieve any post traumatic stress she may have which is another facet of psychological addiction.

Come 30 days from now, her inability to sleep will be even worse if it was not caused solely by pain.

My point in criticising >>480875 was that Raven did not use nicknames for her meds, and she did speak specifically as to their pain-relieving and hypnotic effects, contrary to the points the anon was trying to make.

>Raven has a new refill prescription

In the US since 2014, opioid prescriptions do not include refills. She left the hospital with probably no more than 5 days' worth. She received this new prescription for 30 days' worth a full 5 weeks after the accident which was December 3rd. In a video in mid-December she said that she would be returning for a check-up and x-rays, at which time she would ask about the pain and numbness in her hand. How did she get a new script 5 weeks out but not during this previous appointment? Most likely from a harried doctor who dashed it out to quiet her.

She hasn't spoken about her hand since. If she were to go OTT or munchie, I would expect her to continue complaining about her hand, as a diagnosis of nerve damage relies largely on self-reported symptoms.

No. 480901


30 days is long enough to begin developing a tolerance and psychological addiction.

Also, add her pervasive boredom to the mix.

I also wondered why she was not instructed to take ibuprofen or naproxen. The only reason I can think of for contraindication would be the damage to her kidneys, but not 5 weeks after the accident.

No. 480902

>In the US since 2014, opioid prescriptions do not include refills.

Yeah, I meant that she got a new prescription, which was essentially a refill of her other stuff, not that she refilled it as such. Apologies for lack of clarity.

No. 480905

I know it sounds psycho tinfoil but she did something to those dogs - without a doubt. I hate arm-chair psychologists but to me it was crystal clear, the way she told the story and spoke of her fondness for dogs is a complete fabrication and I'm glad others got the same feeling. She's grinning and looking around the room, looking everywhere but the camera while talking about her "favorite white dog" like she's in on some joke. She reminds me of a child telling some tall tale, making up elaborate stories to cover a lie. The way she acts around the dogs makes me uncomfortable, I can tell there's no sincerity in her petting or baby-talking, she's like a child that hasn't been taught how to gently and nicely pet a dog. She's off. When she's showing off her clips of the dogs (gotta have that evidence showing how much you "love them") she remarks about how her favorite white dog could turn around and "bite a chunk out of her arm"… seriously? I know it's a feral dog but what? She's clearly not an animal person, this is obvious. The unnecessary detail she went into about checking gutters for the dogs was just that, unnecessary… liars will go into excess detail. Now I'm another anon who doesn't reside in an area with feral or roaming pets, but surely if you saw a dog "all scratched up that looked like it'd been in a fight and had blood all over it and was shivering" you'd call animal control? I know not everyone would bring an unknown animal inside but surely you'd do SOMETHING? Again, we clearly have a different attitude toward animal welfare in my country, but I find it hard to believe people turn a blind eye to that shit and do NOTHING. It would surely cost nothing to secure the dog in some fashion (tether it outside!) and call a local vet, pound, animal control or council - that's how anyone where I'm from would handle it.

Okay I'm clearly rustled and sperging out, I'm an animal-moral-fag (sorry to powerlevel but I work with dogs). She's just so off. I've known and heard of demented people, like goffic gran, who are that unhinged they get jealous of pets. There are people who are just that insecure that they'll kill or "get rid of" a partners pet. Couchie clearly cared for the dogs, our fragile little goff is feeling vulnerable at the moment and clearly needs couchie to give her all the attention. She's home alone all day with couchie off busy at work and nothing productive to do, no doubt she's going stir-crazy. She lives in an area where a doggy could just disappear. Those pills she was literally waving around like a kid with candy in the opening of her video would do it… although I doubt she'd part with any of her precious opiates.

I'm sorry, I'm done now. Sage for hysteric tinfoiling

No. 480909


>I find it hard to believe people turn a blind eye to that shit and do NOTHING. It would surely cost nothing to secure the dog in some fashion (tether it outside!) and call a local vet, pound, animal control or council

As explained in >>480887 Saluda County has no department of animal control services. Saluda county doesn't even have any animal shelters.

In the US, attitudes towards assuming responsibility for a stray animal's welfare varies greatly. Some people take great offense if a stranger or even a known neighbor were to take their stray pet for veterinary care or even feed it.

The tremendous cost of veterinary care discourages most people and, sadly, even the owners themselves. Treating a dog of unknown general health would involve complete exams and vaccinations. If the dog has bite marks, treatment may require quarantine and observation for rabies.

All of these scenarios would be mitigated by animal control. But since Saluda has none, stray animals are left to fend for themselves.

No. 480910

I think you could be right anon. She's admitted to torturing animals in the past too. Bitch killed those dogs not only because she wants Couchie's full and undivided attention, but because he'll be upset and confide in her. I wonder if the kittens will suddenly disappear if he gives them more attention? We know she won't like that.

No. 480911

>>480891 Exactly. And she was already referring to "oxy" before this script.

I wonder though - can people who've had gastric surgery have meds like
Ibuprofen/naproxen/diclofenac and the other NSAIDs? They're all implicated in the formation of ulcers, so maybe they're contra-indicated with gastric surgeries that reduce the size of the stomach?

>>480894 I can't stand Raven, but I don't wish addiction on her either. Oxycodone is a terrible drug and I'm sorry for your friend, nonnie. These synthetic opiates are frequently far worse than straightforward morphine, and a month is easily long enough to get addicted.

No. 480912

>can people who've had gastric surgery have meds like Ibuprofen/naproxen/diclofenac and the other NSAIDs?

People with gastric surgery are supposed to avoid all NSAIDs because they can cause ulcers or bleeding. Tylenol is OK, though.

No. 480915


Good point. I completely forgot about her gastrectomy when I posted >>480901.


She mentioned oxycodone before this script because she was administered oxycodone just prior to being discharged with a prescription for it.

When she first mentioned it >>472107, she wasn't even sure of what she had been given. She misspoke and said, "Right now I'm on oxy, oxycodin [sic] or something."

No. 480943

I agree with the anons saying you cant take NSAIDS and other medications after a gastrectomy. However, I have a feeling with the amount of taco bell she's eating, her stomach will stretch back to it's original size in no time

No. 480945

C'mon, nonny, we all know she was gaining weight because of her poor poor dead baby, she does not even like to eat out!

No. 480949

Shit my bad. Can't forget the baby that was more than a baby

No. 480950

Because it was a taco-fart

No. 480951

They dont eat out as much because everything is far af from their trailer. Or no money. She should do videos of what she does in a day instead of her usual negative content.

No. 480953

A video of her laying in a inflatable mattress, stalking Emily Boo in social media, calling Josh complaining about MUH ACCIDENT while sending nudes to Ryan? Who wants that?

No. 480954

Their oven is broken so…what. Are they just doing stovetop/microwave?

No. 480955

Even if she was pregnant and wasnt a granny, why would she want another child to ruin ? Getting pregnant by a guy you met off the Internet , hooked on pain meds ,havent gotten married yet and living in a trailer isnt a good environment to raise a child. Or does she want a baby just cause emily has one ?

No. 480956


Remember, they aren't trying.

Or as she put it, "Whatever happens, happens."

No. 480966

because it would be completely reliant on her, get her attention, and be cute. And she'd tell herself it was a way to correct the 'mistake' of her previous kid. remember, anon, she doesn't see the world like a rational, emotional human being.

No. 480977

File: 1516002103244.jpg (62.87 KB, 730x800, a6a1ee01f263c18b1bf61514beeb4c…)

After she gave up on Dorian and on having a baby with Logan, she shifted her maternal desires to Marmalade. Her sperging over her plan to perpetuate Marmalade's bloodline generation after generation was next level.

Could she possibly be scheming to recreate Marmalade's unique coloring and attitude by breeding cats?

No. 480986

Marmalade, the cat that was more than a cat

No. 481001

File: 1516028761366.png (248.72 KB, 800x917, Screenshot_2018-01-15-07-00-48…)

The desperation to grow the long hair that Josh prefers is real.

Countdown to The Wedding That Was More Than a Wedding!

No. 481005

Omg everytime you say nonnie I cringe. I'm sorry but I do :(

No. 481009

What happened to Mr marshmallow?

No. 481014

Holy fuck. And that only dates back to 2015. Fuck her
Haha I remember that dog story. Didn't she get it for free then sell it for money a week later. Whore

No. 481017


She got bored with him and rehomed him sometime in the beginning of 2017 after Marmalade's kittens were sold in February but before she got Loki and Dante in April.

Timeline of her cats >>479554.

The kittens she was planning to get in March 2016 were Marmalade's siblings from a later litter from the same breeder.

No. 481018


No. 481020

The only thing she could ever afford to get from a breeder is the retarded cat they're giving away

No. 481024



Correction, Pickles appeared in 2016.

What happened to him? And to the other cats she and Logan had: Winter, Mercury, Munchkin, and Mystery?

When Marmalade was pregnant she reposted videos of all of her cats including the cats she had when she was with Ryan, so her Pets playlist is confusing. But her videos can be dated by which tattoos she has and how how fat she is.

No. 481031

Either that, or she is lurking and saw that we commented on how much damaged her headpubes are ( >>480560 & >>480825).

No. 481038


Same here!

I don't know how many anons are doing it but it really makes them identifiable.

No. 481047

Fail_fandom_anon wants you to know that the correct spelling is 'nonnie' and also, anyone who thinks there's only one anon here who might use that phrase is high on all the dust.

You sort of proved the point that there's an entire subset that says nonnie instead of anon. They're mostly thirty-somethings originally from livejournal and not seagull.

No. 481087

I said I dont know how many.

It feels like 1 except for the one above that said 'nonny'. Also haven't seen it on any other thread tbh.

It doesn't matter anyway, it's just a bit jarring.

No. 481088

File: 1516060669433.png (572 KB, 1079x1683, 20180116_125504.png)

Wow. Pretty sure taco bell doesn't offer an anorexic option

No. 481090

She has gotten so FAT.

I was rewatching some of her older videos from NZ and you can see how skinny she is in them compared to now. I don't know how she can say she hasn't put on an obscene amount of weight.

No. 481091

No. 481112

>and you can see how skinny she is in them

kek you're kidding right? she's always been fat, she's just fatTER now. No one would ever have called her "skinny" even at her lowest weight.

No. 481113

I don't think anon actually meant Raven was ever skinny. Just in comparison to now, in nz she was loads smaller.

No. 481114

I've seen it in at least one other thread, and it stood out there as well. And yeah, it is cringeworthy.

the same way she can say a period was a miscarriage and the fat was a baby. She has definitely gotten bigger, but I remember at least one pic of her from mid-Logan where she was just front-on to the camera, and she looked like a linebacker and a fridge had a baby.

No. 481116

I've definitely noticed it another thread too and found it annoying.

No. 481132

Only seen it in Tumblr before.

No. 481133

>in nz she was loads smaller

Correction. The majority of her time in nz she was a ten tonne heffer.

No. 481135

Yeah and now she's a twenty tonne hefer in America, what's your point? Quit getting triggered over the word smaller. Raven is and has always been a fat cunt, I'm not denying that, just saying she used to be smaller in NZ. A smaller fat cunt than she is now.

No. 481140

Probably because all of ffa went over to tumblr after prolonged bitching about how they were too old to understand it or use it. Their migration was livejournal to dreamwidth to tumblr, but it's all the same fussy asshats. Which is why nonnie/nonny is a minor pet peeve, it looks so precious and twee. Did Raven ever use LJ? Curious. Seems like it would have been up her street; lots of constant oversharing to people who don't fucking know you, tons of fantasist bullshit, and she's certainly old enough to have been a user in the glory days. Whenever I read her Raven's True Confessions type shit, eh, I don't know. She def writes like an LJ user.

As for her lardy ass, she's got to be pushing–what? 180? She looks massive in recent photos. I can't remember the exact date when she got her gastric sleeve, but she's been stretching it out slowly and over time, all this bullshit about WAAAHHH I CAN'T EAT ANYTHING BUT A BITE is just that–bullshit. I'd say she's been taking a couple of extra bites with each meal. It's also a terrible idea for her to gain at this time in life because perimenopause (and the oxy, she's prob craving sweets like a madman) is going to work against her to get the weight off unless she was blessed with an amazing metabolism. Which I kinda doubt she's got.

OT but my grandma drilled it into my head that I'd better weigh 120 by the time I hit 45 so I don't get fat, all the women in my family are teapots who gained twenty to thirty pounds at menopause. I'd rather weigh 140 or 150 at my height than fucking 170 or 180, wew. inb4 wew, your grandmother sounds like a jerk, I prefer to see it as her looking out for my welfare. Also inb4 clearly you used LJ, you fucking faggot. I know, it's obvious and annoying to me too. But if Dirty Diana did have an LJ? What a treasure trove that'd be.

No. 481142

I know! Go back and watch the video were she had blue and red hair and you'll see how much smaller she is there.

I don't know why you're arguing with the fact she has put on a ton of weight in recent months.

Also I think we're all agreed kek no more 'nonnie', it's annoying

No. 481147

Just for shits and giggles take a look at her wedding video. You'll get my point

No. 481149

Please… shut up

No. 481152

I thought it was obvious we were talking about after her surgery. We know how huge she was at her wedding.

No. 481174

agreed lmao

No. 481177


Her gastric surgery was in March of 2015. She has a channel devoted to it.

No evidence of a LJ account. The oldest accounts which have been tracked down have been her blog at http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://raven-official.webs.com:80/apps/blog and her Myspace account name.

No. 481181

File: 1516145068107.png (1.39 MB, 1242x2208, 4E980378-6D63-4B54-8A28-46A611…)

It must be fun to have had so many marriages you have to think of new ideas for what special thing your marriage is attached to.

No. 481184

Something about the fact that they have a registry offends me greatly. I understand when you first get married you might need a little help especially if it's your first marriage and you're in your 20s-early 30s. However, you're in your 40s. Shouldn't she have all this shit already? I can't be alone in this right?

No. 481186

No. 481188

File: 1516147539326.png (934.54 KB, 1690x528, Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 7.04…)

No wedding party, no honeymoon, no meal afterward. How very romantic.

No. 481194


It's basically everything that is already on her Amazon housewares wishlist.


She has had to start over with every relationship because she either abandoned her old lot or it was stolen.

Is she still planning to spend $5K on shipping her hoard from New Zealand?

No. 481197

Her registry totals about $5700. This entitled fucking sow…

No. 481201

File: 1516148569799.jpeg (Spoiler Image,277.8 KB, 1125x987, D34E6D81-7AD6-4D7E-983F-4DD7C5…)

Why not get a 3$

The exercise will help your bingo wings you dreadful woman

No. 481202

She has all this expensive shit on there, like a $1400 washer/dryer set, a canopy bed, sectional, $100 waffle iron, $70 silverware set, $35 can opener. It's clear she doesn't know shit about cooking though, because amongst all this expensive stuff, there's a $20 kitchen knife set.

Mostly this is all shit she should ALREADY HAVE as a 40-something year-old woman. Her wishlists just show how entitled and trashy she really is.

No. 481203

What is wrong with you people? None of you have bought her anything yet. You only have eight months until the big day. Get shopping.

Yes, she is a greedy cow.

No. 481204

Maybe she should have a potluck meal.

No. 481205

Oh she absolutely did something to those dogs. I got the MOST CREEPY feeling when she started her story I turned the video off and haven't finished it. It scared the shit out of me. She was clearly obviously lying.
She's said they have treats for them. A little draino or anti freeze in a water bowl, or some other poison in a pile of treats will easily kill a dog. They go off Ian's hide from the pack when they're dying, so she wouldn't have to do anything with their bodies, they handle that for themselves.

To her, animals are objects. No doubt Joshua is waking up to her issues and distancing himself a bit. He seems devoid of a personality but the one thing he really likes and seems passionate about is dogs, mostly stray dogs, and helping them. Well, Raven needs more passion and if the dogs were competing with her for his affection then they gotta go.

No. 481208

So wedding ceremonies typically only last 15 or so minutes, maybe a bit longer if you are doing super religious Catholic ceremony or something. It's the stuff before and after that take up time. I don't get this plan of hers.

No. 481213

>> with the focus just being on us
with the focus just being on my fatass and fried hair FTFY

No. 481214

i.e a backyard wedding, or in her case, the field surrounding the shack. won't even compare to yumi and her diy extravaganza lol

No. 481215

I've been wondering if she might have had a wasteland account. All the goths I knew loved their wasteland. Their URLs were very dramatic.

No. 481216

How does this work? Can any kiwis weigh in, because I thought she wasn't legally divorced yet and would be committing bigamy with Josh.

Is there a notice posted in the paper or anything, like for dissolution of a marriage or something? Just seems bizarre, I can't see her doing anything about the fact that she's actually married right now because she's lazy so why bother.

No. 481217

Legally must be separated for min of two years before eligible to divorce.

No. 481219

Question is if an nz marriage is legally recognized in usa. If yes then 2 yrs from separation to get divorced.

No. 481221


Dissolution of marriage or civil union is not a matter of public record in New Zealand.


As has been noted many times with citations and links in at least the last four threads, only a signed affidavit is required.

Why wouldn't they have lied?


No. 481222

I dont get why all the fuss (for like, four threads) about the bigamy stuff.
Yeah, she might be commiting it. Will someone report her? Will it change anything?

No. 481223


A marriage in any country is recognized as legal in the US if it was legally performed and is valid per the legislation of the foreign country.

No. 481224


Seriously. Anons assume she lies about everything else. Why wouldn't she have lied in the affidavit?

No. 481225

How about you shut up, if you have nothing interesting to say or add to the conversation.

Oh man, if they had it at a park or something I would find it hilarious to watch from a distance. I just keep imagining this giant whale squeezed into a tacky blue and black dress while Josh and his family stand there with regretful glances. I imagine the whole thing to be tack-a-rama.

Holy shit, this makes me so mad. An electric can opener that cost over 30 bucks? Really? I understand her being a lazy e-begger but when she puts shit like this on her wishlist, it's just taking the piss. Like another anon said, a normal can opener would be cheap. Plus why get something like that which just takes up room? Grandmas with bad wrists buying one, understandable…oh wait, Raven is pretty old though. Maybe she's getting early arthritis in the wrists from all those handjobs she used to give out for pop funko figurines.

No. 481226

Maybe she did. What does it change? Why do we care if she is being "bigamous". She is a whore, we all know it. She has done far worse crimes than being married to two cucks at the same time.

No. 481227

Man this wedding keeps getting bumped up. First it was supposed to be when she arrived, then in April now it’s in Sept? Wonder if Josh thinks that gives him enough time to get out of this mess before it’s legally binding. He never got that tattoo either…, me thinks Josh’s feet are getting mighty cold.

No. 481228

I'm willing to bet he will never get that tattoo.

No. 481229

Fucking lol! I wonder if Josh decided to make the wedding date for her birthday because he knows she's the type to bitch if she doesn't get enough presents and by having it on her birthday he can lump it all together plus get it all over with while he has time off work. A wedding sans the birthday with cut some expenses if he combines the days.

Just a theory though, I don't know if couchie is that smart.

No. 481230

Yeah same. Unless Raven reads here and is reminded that he STILL hasn't got the tattoo, then I bet Josh is hoping that it slowly fades into obscurity and that Raven forgets about it. He's an idiot but I do feel sorry for anyone that has to brand themselves with this cunt's name.

No. 481231

Because if she uses a regular can opener, the effort might cause her to have a miscarriage or hurt her tailbone or something. Think about poor frail Raven, geez.

Such a special day wow. IDK maybe there's no need for a party or even a special meal if they've got no friends to invite, but what about Josh's family? Josh's mom should be excited to marry off her son, you'd think they'd plan more for her sake. Or for Dorian? Is Dorian even invited?

It also makes it harder to forget the anniversary date. I can't imagine how she gets if one of her husbands forgets an anniversary. Of course, if he forgets one he forgets the birthday too and that's probably a recipe for disaster. #Pray4Josh

No. 481232

She is such a materialistic whore that I'm sure she would make him say which ones where for which event and would count it.

>Is Dorian even invited?
I would bet on Ryan being invited over Dorian.

No. 481233

A video in the future-
'So anyway guys, this table is where Josh put all my anniversary gifts and this one is for my birthday gifts. I'm really disappointed this year, no offence to Josh, but he really outdid himself the year before and only 3 gifts this year is kind of disappointing.'

She would be like that fat little dursley kid off harry potter, counting all her presents.

Anyone else think it's lowkey narcissistic of her to agree to have the wedding on HER birthday? Like sure, maybe Josh suggested it or agreed to it, but I don't know, I just think it's another reason for her to make this wedding more about her.

No. 481235


The paper cups and plates can have spooky spiders and skeletons on them. The plastic real doll baby can be her flower girl. Lots of shitty black and blue satin. Raven waddles down the aisle to some old school freestyle (or whatever oldies non goth shit she listens to)
Josh, scratches nervously at the scabbed tattoo that Raven made him get days before. He looks nervously at his whale of a bride as he stands there in his blue and black chucky/halloween printed tux.

A live streaming of the wedding will be available to Ryan (the only guest on Raven's side, apart from her little facebook friends)

She makes a video 2 days later saying it was the best wedding ever but then slipping in minor complaints here and there about random things and compares it to all the other times she got married.

Raven gets bored, moves onto new dick.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

No. 481238

>Wonder if Josh thinks that gives him enough time to get out of this mess before it’s legally binding

sage for dead horse flogging, BUT im sure it has to be a LEGAL marriage for it to be legally binding. he has nothing to worry about… except for the whole diana thing

No. 481240

i love how this x that's more than x thing reads like it's a shitty snack slogan. the crisps that are more than crisps: steak crisps; eats like a chip

No. 481243

Think of all the milk to come when they get divorced and her birthday that was more than a birthday is ruined foreverrrrrr

No. 481244

How dare you. Don't you know that her most recent miscarriage is the miscarriage that was MORE than a miscarriage?

No. 481245


Don’t you mean the bleed out that was more than a bleed out? Her words “bled out” not mine. Oh ravey lol

No. 481246

Raven seems to identify with shitty slogans kek

The love that was more than love

I'm not here to fit into your world,im here to make my own.

Raven is a walking snack slogan.

No. 481247

The bleed out that was more than a miscarriage

No. 481248

The Josh that was more than a Logan that was more than a Ryan

No. 481249

My ass Josh suggested that they should get married on her birth date. He probably tries to avoid the subject but being the nag she is , made him settle on a date.As many times as she's been married and her marriage didn't work out, you'd think it had lost its charm.

No. 481250

I don't give a shit about age, especially when she just moved across the world. it's all the useless spending on plushies and hot topic shit that bothers me. doesn't buy anything actually useful, expects it all to be handed to her, spends all Josh's money on useless shit.

No. 481251

Much kek

No. 481252


She will at least serve slimjims that were more than processed meat.


In BPD Land each successive relationship is The One and a chance to start over.

No. 481253

That's the thing, Raven thinks in be in a healthy relationship, you have to be OBSESSSSSSSED with each other. She's so insecure, she needs marriage as validation. Everything she does in relationships is creepy and over the top obsessive. That's why she has to get married straight away. Does anyone remember that cringey facebook comment when she was trying to boast to Josh that she would 'bleed for him' and he politely said something back like 'there's no need for blood haha'

In Raven's head, the tattoos, instant marriages and 'bleeeeeeding' for someone is romantic, but it's really not.

Raven, this whole vampiric Angelina Jolie thing you got going on with the marriage,blood and tattoos is CRAZY. No dude really ever wants that, unless he's getting Angelina Jolie pussy.

And you Raven, are no Angelina Jolie.

No. 481256

I totally agree. It's not the fact that she even has a wishlist that gets to me. It's the fact that this bitch will put pyrex food containers, coat hangers, soap caddies for the shower,bath mats and many other normal household items…hell, she even had trash cans on the wishlist for random strangers to buy for her, yet she/Josh will happily buy shit like skeleton cups and ursula plushies on a day to day basis. Like I'm not saying you can't buy your knick knacks and your dollies, but at least have some goddamn priorities.

Raven needs to know the difference between a want and a need.
The bitch would probably fucking go out and buy 30 dollars worth of glittery spider headbands from walmart before she bought toilet paper. She would probably argue 'But…It's a wishlist! you dont HAVE to get me those things!' Exactly Raven, it's a wishlist. You put things you might want on it. Not things that you or your hick boyfriend are perfectly capable of buying. Also it pisses me off that she picks the most expensive things for the list when they are the most basic items. Like the food containers…she could get a 10 pack of them from walmart for cheap if she just gets plastic ones, but NO it has to be the $30 pyrex ones. Coat hangers? A dime a dozen at her favourite shop of choice, walmart. But NOOOO Raven wants us to buy her a $44.95 pack of the ones off amazon. I know for a fact you can buy a pedestal fan for 10 to 15 bucks most places… but Raven wants the $39 one.

I hate this greedy bitch so much.

No. 481257

File: 1516168325081.jpg (44.07 KB, 250x250, i-like-them-mashed-taters-mmmm…)


But Josh does have a touch of Billy Bob a la Sling Blade.

No. 481258

The couple that WAS MORE than Brangelina.

Hahahaha fuckin lost it at the slingblade reference

No. 481259

Apon scrolling through the wishlist even more, it maddens me that she's even put duplicate items of things. 2 types of fans, 2 knife blocks, 2 sheets sets and much more. It's like she thought, noone will get me this, its too expensive, better put some other similar shit down too incase they cant buy me the fancy version.

No. 481261

My initial thought was that she couldn't decide which one she liked more, so she put both in the hopes that people would end up spoiling her and she could hoard them both.

No. 481262

Looks like someone bought them a washer, a bed and a mattress? The most expensive items on the wishlist?

No. 481265

My bet is either Josh's family or Ryan because he's a cuck.

No. 481273

I wonder if someone "purchased" those items and then immediately cancelled, just to troll her.

No. 481274


Ah that makes sense, I guess that's likely to have happened.

No. 481323

It has nothing to do with age it has everything to do with this being marriage #4 or 5.

You don’t do gift registries for your 5th marriage period. It’s tacky as fuck. If you’re working past marriage two you have a quiet civil ceremony and be done with it.

No. 481327


She had two or three washing and drying machine sets on her original wishlist in the beginning of December.

But in her last video she mentioned that she was doing laundry ("That's um, the washing machine beeping…"). In November they were washing their clothes at his mom's and taking it to the laundromat to dry.

Sounds like the shack was already kitted with machines and they were in disrepair when they moved in or they recently acquired a set that aren't good enough for her. Either way, they already have them, and she wanted to replace them with a more expensive model.

Oh, and in red or black or gray only, please. Priorities!

No. 481328


She has removed the RSVP page. Is she paranoid that the haters would sign up to troll her? We already ruined her ability to have giveaways.

No. 481330

Not gonna lie, when I saw the guest book there I did wanna leave something funny. Like- 'i hope your love is the love that is greater than love' 'sincerely captain finger sniffers xoxo :)

No. 481336

Because the fact that she's so lazy that she'd commit bigamy is actually interesting to some of us. You know, just like her being fat is endlessly fascinating. 'Why do you care about x' could be said about any cow, so get the sand out of your vag and let people talk about what they want.

No. 481337

I caught that 'pop funko', nice one anon

No. 481350

This thread isn't about your life you fucking autist. Shh.

No. 481352

I didn't post about my life, I said I'd watch her from a park haha

No. 481389

Outdoor wedding? Where outdoors?
Not at the trailer I hope. Tacky garbage people goth wedding uniting skinny retard and tubby psycho with with the odor of rotting dog carcasses floating in the air?
I will not be attending.

No. 481394

Not only that, because I couldn't agree more, but to have a registry with two versions of everything, when she's having all of her shit shipped from New Zealand? Where she already has five versions of everything? Or is Logan not doing as instructed now?

No. 481397

I almodt choked on my water reading this anon

No. 481399

Of course at the trailer. Where else could they have it?


No. 481402


why not, she would live there if she could and it would be publicity for the company.

No. 481410

Maybe Walmart can sponsor the wedding? She can have the walmart logo plastered on her gown like those racing car drivers with the redbull advertising

No. 481414

File: 1516227181256.png (2.96 MB, 1440x2036, Screenshot_2018-01-17-22-10-53…)

The pet hoarding continues! A puppy!

No. 481415

File: 1516227365552.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 3CAD348E-C8E0-4B8A-BF07-1F191A…)

Ok now I’m starting to get hella pissed of

No. 481416

File: 1516227435393.jpg (142.22 KB, 771x960, A.jpg)

Wew. Well this is why she removed that function..

No. 481417

File: 1516227464822.jpg (107.41 KB, 611x960, B.jpg)

the rest of the status

No. 481418

File: 1516227681561.jpg (61.49 KB, 613x960, 26940920_1294053290741502_1433…)

Saucy.. Shes gonna have security, at an outdoor wedding, in her backyard? Really?

No. 481419

Whoever wrote that, many kek at "Shiznit will be lit af".

No. 481420

She definitely did something to those other dogs. Shrek faced bitch

No. 481422

she'll do something to this pupper the second it stops being "cute" to her or barks

No. 481423

This truly made me think she killed the other dogs. She faked the miscarriage after the car crash so they could share something together and i can totally see her doing this so she can suprise him with a puppy to bring them closer. I'm high and i can't explain what i mean properly, but getting the puppy so soon after his dogs disappeared seems suss. Like they only just went missing…why wouldn't you at least wait another month or two incase they come back? I'll tell you why…because she killed them.

No. 481424

I giggled at that. It's not even that bad, just a harmless troll in comparison to what they could write and her reaction is so over the top.

Troll- it's gunna be lit af

No. 481425

I thought you didn't like being talked about though, Raven?

No. 481426

It reminded me of Greg's reaction to Billie's 'be mad'

No. 481427

Raven I promise you no one from this site is going to come to your crusty ass wedding.

No. 481429

So what are you guys gonna wear? Better start rustling yo best blue and black attire, I heard that it's going to be the wedding of the year. The wedding that was more than a wedding.


I heard it's going to be the shiznit and lit af

No. 481430

Why the fuck would Josh be happy about a new puppy when he's heart broken over his dogs going missing?!!?!?! She's a fucking psychopath, void of empathy. Josh isn't missing his favorite hot topic dress you fat cow, he misses his friends/companions.

And if Josh is anything other than angry she got a puppy without his permission while he's still hoping to find his dogs then he's just as fucking bad as her. He enables her to hoard a few cats, well okay…but to let her get away with replacing his pets is absolutely infuriating.

I've never hated a cow like Raven. I think I'd kill myself if all I had to look forward to was cheap walmart toys, being ugly as fuck and being stuck in a shitty trailer. I'm aghast she honestly thinks a majority of us are jealous of her. People watch cheap reality shows to feel better about themselves because the comparison is so dismal, most can feel almost accomplished.

Fuck. She's excited about a puppy while those poor dogs are missing. She should have died in that car accident.

No. 481431

This reeks of Raven's doing. Like when those mothers that keep their kids sick so they can appear online as caring parents. Raven probs killed the dogs and got the new pup so she could show all her facebook mates how much she CARES about Josh.

No. 481432

I get the impression that Josh is too dumb to question Raven. He also seems to love dogs so he'd probably soften at the sight of a new pup. However I totally agree that replacing your partner's pets within weeks of them going missing is extremely immature and a horrible thing to do.

No. 481433

This comment made my entire day.

No. 481434

She moves incredibly fast jesus christ. How long has she known this bloke and she's already shacked up,had a miscarriage,engaged to marry in under a year, and now has bought 3 permanent pets. This bitch is loco. Take the animals Josh and gtfo there while Ravey is asleep on oxys, and don't look back. Otherwise if you try to dump her the regular way, she'll hold a knife to her own neck and threaten to kill herself or she'll tell the internet that you and your entire family and the population of Saluda raped you.

No. 481435

I'm a big dog lover and I couldn't get a rescue for at least a year after my dog passed away. Most people are like that. They give them time to grieve. And the dogs aren't even dead. Well at least as far as Josh knows, Raven on the other hand…

You do have a point. I guess it's not that fucked if Josh softens toward a puppy, so I'll calm my tits.

However, how the hell does Raven even get a puppy without contacts, no car and stuck in fucking bum fuck? Josh's family got the dog and Raven takes credit for it? At least I'd feel a little more at ease if Josh's family was involved.

No. 481436

Raped her

No. 481437

Yeah i wondered if maybe Raven arranged it with his family. No doubt they paid for it ect, but she probably suggested the idea.

No. 481438

Animals truly are just collectables to this woman.
Raven, please stick to collecting your pop funkos. At least they are plastic and can't be abused by you like real animals can.

No. 481439

I'm still waiting for her to turn over that new leaf she kept talking about. You know, where she was done mentioning or talking about the haters? Lol… apart from her shitty paid reviews she mentions us is almost every video and on a lot of posts. She truly is the cow that keeps on giving.

No. 481441

I keep imagining CJ at his computer looking at pics of Raven at both her weddings and shuddering to himself

'That could have been me'

No. 481443


According to her timeline, they began talking online on June 10th of last year and announced their engagement on Facebook on the 12th.

She posted the video announcing her break-up with Logan on the 17th. Later she said that they decided to separate in May but that they had been "going through the motions" since at least the previous October or November.

Nearly all of her relationships similarly overlapped.


No. 481448

File: 1516232689241.png (542.62 KB, 800x752, Screenshot_2018-01-17-15-41-00…)

InB4 she decides to have another gazebo wedding.

No. 481449


Cj was even a bigger user of people than Raven. Watching her get taken advantage of for once was topkek.

No. 481450

Yuckkkkkkkkkkkk. Seriously every dude that's been with her truly has no standards. Her shitty history is but a google away and it's so easy to see she jumps dick to dick. Like if I was Josh and talking to her that long, I would have checked out lolcow before I even flew her over. I reckon it's going to get to a point where Josh will say he doesn't want her to post online anymore because I get the vibe he truly doesn't like it, (despite what Raven says) and Raven will either comply until she feels neglected and needs validation from her fans because josh is working, or she'll make a secret account orrr she'll hunt for a new 'fan' to be her worshipping husband.
I have a theory if shit doesn't work out with Josh, and she cant leech off a new american internet bf, she's going to plonk her giant hairy goth fanny back onto Ryan's dick. Because he's her backup plan now, Logan sure as shit aint going back to her.

No. 481453

I agree. Someone getting stood up or used like that would suck for anyone else, but she truly deserves it for leeching off all the men in her life.
He's clearly a bad person, but to see Raven get her share of karma, it hits me right in the giggle dick.

No. 481457

Pet update: Couchie has named the dog 'Azzy' and as expected is smitten with her.

No. 481459

File: 1516235164749.png (2.34 MB, 1440x1803, Screenshot_2018-01-18-00-12-40…)

I hope she quickly learns not to bark or ask to go on a walk whilst couchie is out at work…. Y'know just incase…..

No. 481461

Really, What does she have that anyone would be jealous of? The “you’re just jealous” retort is what stupid bitches say when they don’t understand why other people have a problem with them.

And Raven loves us watching her now? She must be on the manic upswing of her delusion cycle. I watch Raven for the same reason people watch fail videos: schadenfreude and thinking ‘I can’t believe that dumb fuck just did that’.

No. 481464

Can we just take a moment and notice that the dog is scared shitless in ALL the photos she published? tail between the legs, showing stomach, no direct eye contact, and ears back.
All signs of submission and fear.
Not that that's not strange living with raven and all, but I mean when they get held and cuddled aren't normal puppies happy?

No. 481466

File: 1516236168721.jpg (88.34 KB, 540x960, 26804437_745210579002790_15259…)

Forgot to add this related picture.

No. 481467

im sure she got it from some shit backyard breeder im sure its been abused all to common with dogs these days sadly and its life def wont get better with ravey

No. 481469

File: 1516236717783.jpg (97.06 KB, 634x649, 84984156313515849865153.jpg)

You're probably right. I checked her page and she posted some video of it, and wrote this:
"Raven Sparks
3 hrs ·
Ok, she's a Chihuahua (mom) mixed with a Jackabee (Jack Russell plus Beagle) and Chinese Crested daddy. Born July 13, 2017, so she is actually 7 months and 4 days old"

And in the comments, pic related.
He sure as fuck would since he loves you kek.

No. 481470

On that video she says the dog has fleas. Also is not getting much bigger than it is and it’s smaller than the cat. Which will suck for such a nervous dog.

No. 481472

Of course. I sort of think well of dog lovers and I respected that he tried to start up a lost and found for his area, but trailer trash is trailer trash.

I still hope our theories are outlandish and those dogs either come back or better yet, were adopted by some nice family that knows how to fence them in, vaccinate them and keep them out of the cold.

No. 481473

File: 1516237529027.jpg (376.39 KB, 1049x1326, 5464856465156.jpg)

Just gonna leave this here.
That's a lot of pets in JUST 17 days.
But, then again..
>Josh loves everything.

No. 481475


Dmitri is Ryan, btw.

No. 481478

Yea, that's why his name wasn't covered.
Don't know why he doesn't just use his actual name when we all know who it really is.

No. 481481

When couchie doesn't look at you the same way he looks at his new pup ..
Let's hope her jealousy doesn't act up cause the pup might disappear.This bitch has no shame that she even begs her haterzzzzz to buy stuff off her wish list. I can't believe someone actually bought them something. She couldn't settle for a regular bed and just had to have a canopy. Can a canopy even fit in a trailer ?

No. 481488

Who the heck names their dog that’s more than a dog, Astrid?! lol

No. 481489

the puppy had me raging and then this made things a bit better. I love her tantrums so much.
she doesn't just have zero self-awareness regarding how this looks, she's somewhere in below zero territory.

No. 481490

Oh boy, the poor thing is scared and traumatized now but give it a few days and that mix will make for a super hyper, yappie little dog. It will not last long in granny’s trash trailer of doom.

It’s gonna disappear sometime in Feb while Josh is at work.

No. 481492

File: 1516242116385.jpg (28.32 KB, 500x282, astird.jpg)

No. 481494

Your posts are obviously all written by the same person. You're super identifiable. That's bad.

Just talk about you, your feelings, what you would do, what you would say, how you reacted once in a similar situation, etc a little less.

No. 481495

that poor dog
she doesn't even like dogs
i can't
i try so hard not to get mad about lolcows but when they bring animals or children into the mix, even if we know they're just gonna give them up when they get annoyed with them, it's just too much

No. 481498

I see red when I hear of people abusing prescription painkillers and making light of it. I have had 4 spinal fusions and live in constant pain. I too take prescription pain meds for my condition, but on the road to a proper diagnosis I had to endure side-eye from several doctors and pharmacists that believed that I was chasing a high when in fact the discs in my back were squishing out like the innards of a pbj. It was humiliating and a near barrier to diagnosis. Fuck her.

Sage for fury

No. 481502

no1curr munchie-chan. Cleary nobody is a-okay with prescription abuse, you're not special

No. 481504

Lmao, seriously? Anon that works with dogs here, that dog is absolutely terrified, it's body language is beyond transparent (see other pics with couchie). This is a recipe for disaster, I know I'm amongst other animal lovers here though so I won't continue on for paragraphs… good lord I hope couchie protects the poor thing. Shame granny has entire workdays unsupervised… we all know what's happening next

No. 481505

Seems like the type of small dog to pee indoors. Jack russels do that a lot. That will probably be the reason she gets rid of it. Either that or she'll say that it was a dick to the cats or something.

No. 481506

Ohhhh that makes sense now.

No. 481507

I can't go to the wedding but I will be sending a few scantly clad strippers in place of my attendance.

No. 481508

Make sure they are attractive skinny women kek.
Raven hates stripper sluts. Was gonna say send fat-a-grams, but she'll probably like that she isn't the fattest thing in the room.

No. 481511

the dog's clearly been abused

fuck off Nancy Drew anons

No. 481512

Raven, since you can't take your fucking eyes off us either looks to me like we've got a mutually beneficial relationship, right, pig? We aren't coming to your trailer wedding, even if you asked nicely. You are human trash. Treat your hoarded animals well, kthnx. We'll be sure to keep you posted.

No. 481515


I ship Gruck/Cravey can you imagine what a beautiful shitshow they'd be

No. 481516


Too pricey.

No. 481517

You know thats a really good point. Like is she not getting her stuff now from NZ?

No. 481518

Somebody actually bought that washer for her ungrateful ass? Holy shit.

No. 481521

I wonder if Ryan bought the four poster bed?

No. 481526

Well, I can't make any promises as to how beautifully faced they will be, I have a feeling that the local crop of Sluts aren't full packages. I will request best bodies available- big tits are a plus, black and blue lingerie according to dress code. Maybe I'll call a few different clubs and get a successful succession of slutty slippery strippers.

I was thinking of having a bunch of porta potty's delivered around start time too, just in case anybody has to poop. Columbia has 6 different options.
Pretty sure I'll have to pay for the strippers up front (I would anyway though, I mean, I'm not an asshole) but I know the toilets don't expect payment until they arrive.

No. 481528

Sounds like a classy affair anon! Make sure it's the shiznit!

This. There seems to be a sudden influx of salty bitches in here lol.

No. 481529


That mix of breeds is a velcro dog cocktail. If its behavior follows suit it is completely not the fault of the dog, of course. But many owners will take out their resulting frustrations on the dog.

No. 481530

'Isn't it you that likes tiny dogs?'

Translation- 'Aren't you sure you didn't get this dog as a present for yourself?'

Kek even Ryan knows she's a selfish cow.

No. 481531

Oh man if it takes on any bad traits that Jack Russells have, she's in for a treat!

No. 481533

Seems like sudden saltiness always occurs when people start really catching on to her bullshit or are up to top kek shenanigans.

Like how its obvious that she killed Joshua's dogs and cute anons fucking up her Amazon wish list by buying all her most expensive shit then canceling the orders.
Shit like this gets people all riled up.

Did she really think strangers would sincerely RSVP to her wedding? She has no friends, only a few sad sack mentally disturbed goobers and a bunch of us. Like, bitch, YOU KNOW THIS.

No. 481534


The cats will sense its submissiveness and dominate it. When this happens Raven will either scold the cats or isolate the dog in the bathroom or both which will just compound the stress on all of all of the animals. The dog needs its own space (crate) which it can access at will and confidence-building activities.

No. 481535

You can really tell Ryan still remains friends so that he has a chance with her if things go pear shaped with Josh. He's definitely still got a thing for her.Note how he's like- I figured, because I know you don't like abbreviations and aren't you the one who likes small dogs. It's like he's trying to assert her that he knows SO much about her. Like he sounds like a kid in primary school boasting that he's better friends with someone because he's known them longer.
I actually kind of feel a bit sorry for him because who knows what she's said to make him hang on her every word. At the end of the day though, it's his fault for being such a dumbass I suppose.

No. 481536

Not really disagreeing with anything but Ryan is the dude in all of this that I feel the least…I don't know, empathy for, I guess. He's her ace in the hole and they both know it and both play into it. I kind of see them as equally reprehensible, whereas I kind of like dumb Josh. He's not very bright and he likes dogs a lot. He's not all bad kek. Logan is just a sad product of her mothering.

I think Ryan is super into her for whatever reason and it's weird.

No. 481537

Personally, I like it when the Raven thread moves faster, she's my fave cow to hate on. I mean, I get it though, sometimes when it's dry, it does get boring listening to the same old drivel about her shit tattoos and weight, but I feel like every board has a dry waiting period where peeps knit pick until new milk. Nothing for anons to reee about however.
She seems like she'd take the cat's side in any scenario imo

No. 481538

Samefagging but I see this

>It's like he's trying to assert her that he knows SO much about her. Like he sounds like a kid in primary school boasting that he's better friends with someone because he's known them longer.

as him being up her ass because he wants back in or some shit. I truly believe she is telling him that she still loves him best. Remember how Josh had to address his feelings about Ryan in the one vid and say that though he didn't understand it, he knew everything was aboveboard or whatever? Who gave a shit? No one was interested in that or talking about that. It was like she made him go through all that because she felt guilty she was already doing it. I don't know but I've seen narcs pull that kind of shit in relationships all the time.

No. 481540

Wouldn't be suprised if she was spinning him some 'You are my longest oldest friend and sometimes I still think about getting back together' schtick. 'We've been through so much' ect…

Sage for blogpost, but my bitchy gay friend in high school used to do the same thing in an all girls (except him) group. He would put everyone down constantly and make really horrible comments, but one on one he would be super affectionate and for some weird reason, even though you felt hurt/sad/angry, he had a way of drawing you back in.
Classic narc behaviour, I agree

No. 481541

Raven is by far my favorite hatecow too, and it is so weird to me that anons get so bent out of shape when the thread gets moving. Lots of threadcopping, backseat modding, etc. Like idgi but w/e, I genuinely just want to piss on her character because I think she's a terrible human being lol

No. 481544

Same. Her and Vicky I love to hate. Vicky not as much because her thread isnt as busy plus being a shit tattooist and being a vain autist pales in comparison to the type of human that Raven is.

No. 481545

I think most everyone agrees with you here. I would rather the semi boring blog posts than no new post. I mean, it takes two seconds to see where they are going so if people don't wanna read it, don't. And don't give me that shit "people think there's new info and it clogs up the thread blah blah blah" because SO WHAT.

Now watch people get mad and read this whole thing and blog post about their wrong feelings about my right feelings.

No. 481546

and then endless accusations of samefag i checked your ip bullshit durrrrr

also creeper ryan tho

No. 481547

Yeah someone will probs autistic screech about it. The silly thing is, this thread doesn't even move THAT fast. Like I get it that blog posts/whatever can derail and post quality is important in a really fast moving thread like Onion's and Lainey's, but Raven's isn't that fast paced so it's not like new milk will get lost in the chatter.

No. 481548

It really is super narc shit.

It's funny because I would never even have thought of this, but I now really do want to know what Josh thinks of Ryan always sticking his head up and sniffing around. Very tinfoil, but I am interested. Thanks Raven.

No. 481549

Are we for sure that is Ryan?
It's so pathetic I have a hard time believing it's him and not Ragoo just pretending to be undercover Ryan the always and forever supportive and sprung semi stalker ex.
Maybe they have a casual friendship where she sucks his dick sometimes for cash or for a few months for rent, but I can't see dude like all up on her social media embarrassing himself all the time especially now that he can't dump a load down her throat anymore.

No. 481550

I dunno anon. Ryan seems like the classic beta neckbeard type to obssess over Raven. I think each and everyone of us has come across a creeper that comments on every post, either experienced firsthand or spotted on random women's social media. Go to any pornstar's instagram and a lot of those dudes are Ryan types.

No. 481551

Samefag here, to answer your question, I reckon it is really Ryan.

No. 481552


His first known handle in the early threads was Acid King.

His current Instagram handle is graveflower426. He comments flirtatiously on many women's pics and has identified himself as being in New Zealand in comments.

His name on Youtube is Grave Flower. His uploaded videos include one of Raven with his dog Tovah.

When I asked for verification a few threads back an anon said that the Dmitri Romanov account has the same user pic as his old Acid King account.

No. 481553

Raven has disabled comments on all of her videos except the "2017 year in review" video in which she asks for her viewers' opinions of Logan and their relationship.

No. 481555

Kek she can dish it out but can't take it

No. 481557


She manually approves comments. Why wipe them all now?

No. 481558

She reckons she isn't online as much, maybe she has been too lazy to delete incoming comments because she hasn't been on YouTube as much, so she figured she'd just disable it to save the trouble. Plus it really sounds like she got mega pissed about the it's gonna be lit af comment, i think she's just having her general little sperg out before she resumes normal Raven over sharing.

No. 481559

I hope they have tequila rose at their wedding hahaha

No. 481561


>anon believes Raven's lies about not being online as much

Why would she delete all of the asspats she has collected?

No. 481562

This is making me so anxious lol he doesn't look at Raven the way he's looking at that pupper. Quick, Josh, buy her some cheap plushies so she doesn't narc rage kill the dog.

Necessary Ravey thread reminder that the cure for antifreeze poisoning in dogs is regular booze, vodka works great until you rush them to the vet.

No. 481563

They drink that instead of champagne and everyone ends up puking pink goo all over the Walmart parking lot an hour after the ceremony. Such class, much halogen lighting.

No. 481568

Nah I dont beleive for a second she hasn't been online at all, I meant more in regards to Youtube. Like she's not gonna upload for a while so she's disabled the comments in the meantime so she doesnt have to approve the shit. I have no doubt she's online everyday.

No. 481569

Orrr maybe she's been ranting so much about the haters, them ruining her wedding ect screeching and being hysterical, that Josh is getting sick of it and suggested she disable comments. Logan kind of used to do the same thing. Like you could tell he got to the point where he was like-Just turn off the computer then rolls eyes He was done hearing about her harp on about it.

No. 481570

Don't forget they drink it out of spooky skeleton cups too kek

No. 481571

fucking this.
she'd always claim loudly that he hated social media, and it was like, maybe he does, but I'll bet everything I have that he's so sick of fucking hearing about it all. the. time. Whining, yelling, droning on about her latest troll plan … it's amazing he's not in an insane asylum.
Josh seems a bit more assertive in an oddly understated way, like he's trying real hard to keep playing along but holy fuck can we talk about something else PLEASE.
So she throws her idol party on fb, and removes the most convenient way to reply. Take that, haters! After all those status updates and videos and pretty much everything that has her name on it literally addressing the haters and telling us how much she was bothered by it all, she actually secretly loved it. So there.
#MissSouthBumfuck2018 #justidolthings

No. 481573

Yeah I reckon had Raven not had such a toxic relationship with the internet, Logan probably would have been more of a normal kid in regards to technology and social media. Logan being a gamer would have probably thrived on the internet socially. She always bitched that he didn't like the internet, but tbh I'd probably keep away from the computer too if i was forced to give my FB passwords to my crazy gf and she constantly went scouting through my internet history to see what porn I was into.

No. 481577

My theory is that Ryan has a findom fetish, and nobody has less respect for herself or others so she provides the most authentic experience. Maybe her “little job” she talked about in NZ was her expanding out to other findom clients.

That’s why moving on to a child was a logical choice after Ryan.

No. 481578

I just had a quick look to see what findom was. Why on earth would he want Raven though? All the findom women seem to be bimbo barbie doll types. It goes with the whole high maintenance thing. Lip injections,hair extenstions, expensive shoes ect.

Now that I think about it, Raven is pretty high maintenance… all those tattoos, pets, plushies and overpriced hot topic shit. She's just a goffik, bargain bin version of those girls and Ryan is a splenda daddy instead of a sugsr daddy kek

No. 481581

The animal stuff is really triggering.

The cats look relaxed but the dog is stressed as fuck, poor little thing.

No. 481583

Because not everyone can get hot barbie bimbos? The good findom women don't take plushies and "come live with me" as payment.

No. 481584

File: 1516276296026.jpeg (13.25 KB, 482x305, images.jpeg)

Haha forgive me, like I said, I didn't know about this fetish and only just looked it up. Raven didn't seem to fit the profile is all.

No. 481585

this findom theory is pretty retarded to be honest. otherwise the amazon wishlist would be cleaned out findom for ryan, and perfect for rubbing Josh's face in. also, remember that it's only a matter of months since Raven stopped being his personal prostitute.
ryan is fixated on her and gets off on knowing that she cucked logan for him and is still the same with him now, ie I'm the one she really loves hurr durr. it's like you people have never seen an autistic beta before.

No. 481605


>to the haters: don't forget to send a gift or some cash…

haaaaaa greedy bitch

>…and be useful for once in your miserable lives

says the fat greedy goffick bitch who doesn't cook, clean, probably didn't raise her own kid, doesn't do anything to better herself like idk take a yoga class or something at the local junior college or w/e, hasn't held down a job in a decade on account of every excuse in the book, leeches of ex-husbands, welfare, "fans", etc… I bet most of us her have got jobs, college, families that actually like us, have taken care of the same pet for more than a year, but no, we're the useless ones in this equation and she is better than us. kek.

That poor dog looks miserable. And heaven forbid it should need to be neutered, walked, be trained properly, etc., cos Raven's probably having no part in any of that. Enjoy having piss and shit soaked puppy pads around the trailer for a couple months along with all of Raven's other hoard, Josh, until Raven gets tired of Azzie and probably gets rid of her while you're at work.

Tequila Rose comes in a black bottle, so it fits the theme. For an alternative drink, they can have Boone's Farm since IIRC there's a blue "flavour" of it. There that's their drinks sorted.

No. 481607

I think Ryan gets off on Raven’s notoriety and once having been her husband. He enjoys that he paid for most of her tattoos and took semi naked photos of her. He does this to go “yeah, this is/was my wife, everyone check this out” and enjoys the attention Raven attracts. What he actually likes is the ownership of Raven. It’s like that dumb fat kid in school that comes in with a cool new toy for show & tell that his mum got him so other kids will notice him.

Maybe we should all pitch in and send a crate of Tequila Rose for the bridal table at the reception. If they could gift wrap each bottle with blue ribbon it would be even better.

No. 481609

if we're going to chip in for something, may I suggest … some library friends?

No. 481615

>'Isn't it you that likes tiny dogs?'
> Translation- 'Aren't you sure you didn't get this dog as a present for yourself?'
That helps our theory of her vanishing with the big dogs, she got rid of the ones she did not like, and got one she "tolerates".

Also, >>481414
>she doesn't bark
But when she does? Is she wandering off too, Raven?

No. 481621

The theory of him being into findom is probably wrong, but remember, people are not perfect.
Just because someone is into findom doesn't mean they're not an idiot. My friend is a sex worker and she deals with idiot "slaves" everyday. Not everyone will just be willing to throw money at a girl just because.
Even if Ryan was into it, doesn't mean he would wanna buy furniture for her.
Some of my friends clients insist on buying sex toys as "payment" etc. People are different.

Sage for stupid sex work shit.

No. 481624

I mean I know we all hate Raven and have no fucking clue why anyone would touch her, let alone love her - it isn't so crazy for me to think someone actually loves her. I am pretty sure Ryan is just a poor baboon still in love with his ex wife but can't do anything about it. Plain and simple. And he gives her money because he's weak when it comes to her.

Nothing totally crazy for me tbh.

No. 481629

Yeah! And maybe we could buy her a $500 gift card to Hot Topic and shut this thread down!
She would totally hate that!

No. 481634

Really dumb but reading this made me sad. Feeling so sorry for Ryan. She is probably like his only friend. Like he's dumb and ugly as hell but it's kinda sad that whe hangs around with the hope she'll come back. Like noone deserves to be used like that.

No. 481636

He may be dumb and friendless but he's loaded, and could easily pay for another cum guzzling whore to be cucked by. Literally any other skank off the street would be a better person than Raven.
Don't feel bad. He'll get there.

No. 481659

She looks huge and he looks old!

No. 481660

she really is into looks. the way she looks sad and berates him about his hair up is pathetic. poor boy looks like hes ages 10 years since she invaded. shes truely a horrible horrible person

No. 481661

Waiting for Transcript anon. I have ad block, but I still don't want to hear this horrendous fat, racist cunt. Until then, anything good?

Transcript anon, I love you.

No. 481663


Nothing good at all. Just same old same ol. Raven yammering on about the cats, not having the right alcohol for NYE, Josh’s hair.

No. 481665

Fucking boring. NYE was three weeks ago. A bit late for that update init.

No. 481667

Hooktube for anyone who's interested: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=AsU7_Q0fX68

No. 481673

File: 1516305822052.jpg (Spoiler Image,35.86 KB, 400x300, 168_1000.jpg)

He took semi naked photos, you say.
Well, better get your bleach out. And pour directly into eyes after seeing this.

No. 481675

Her vagina isnt that bad but it's gross because it belongs to her.

No. 481676

Purebred Ragdoll?
Raven. lol!
Look into the camera when you lie. I know it's hard, but you always look away when you lie. Fight the natural human instinct and improve your only skill.
Your baby cat is super cute but he isn't a purebred. His markings are all wrong, and his coat is uneven. Those are some dainty paws for a cat that will be 20lbs. Let's see him flop. I would also say the temperament is wrong but any cat that isn't used to intense and dominating human vibes would struggle to get away.
If the people you got him from don't even know how old he is, what makes you decide he's a purebred?

What a dumb thing to lie about.
He's adorable. Why can't you love him and be proud of him as he is?
You wouldn't want a pure ragdoll anyway. They're super talkative and meow meow meow all day and meow meow meow when they want something at night and they follow you around the house like a little kid, or a dog. You hate all that shit.

No. 481677

File: 1516306976174.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.94 KB, 774x1032, 1507336959142.jpg)

Also lets not forget this gem. It's supposedly from when she was with Ryan.
Shiznit be tacky and awkward af.

That was taked YEARS ago, see how she barely has any tattoos.. And like she said herself,
imagine how discolored and low hanging her labia and everythign else is by now, all these years later down the road. And all those beatings it took from Ryan so she could get tattoos or whatever.

No. 481680


Never forget she admitted to photoshoping her vagina. ( >>467136 )

No. 481681

Somebuddy please turn this into the It was a Long Ass Day meme

No. 481683

File: 1516307879897.png (55.84 KB, 653x640, IMG_6476.PNG)

The ragdoll that was more than a ragdoll…


No. 481687

Ok, so the cat doesn't try to get away from her.
BUT. Josh is very annoyed with her, and this satisfies me.

No. 481692

File: 1516313759775.png (863.93 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-18-14-12-33…)

Update with kittens and Josh

Published on Jan 18, 2018

[the opening fades from "I LOVE YOU" to "Joshua, my one and only"]

This is a requested video. I've had a lot of people who keep asking how Josh is doing…Josh is very tall…and um, wanted to see him again. And of course everybody wants to meet the kittens. So I guess while they're here in the room kind of woozy we will introduce the kittens first, and then we'll get on with our update and stuff. So you can grab and introduce the babies. [Josh picks up Meg] This is his girl.

J: This is my girl Meg. Say, hey.

R: She just decided to get attached to daddy here. She loves him, she's always with him, follows him everywhere. You can probably hear her purring. Meg! She knows her name.

J: Yeah, she does.

R: She was found in a tree in the cold. I think I explained that in another video. She was found in a tree in the cold. Nobody knew who she belonged to, and they really needed to get rid of her. And we took her in. I wasn't sure if we'd keep her. I just wanted to at least take her in for the moment, and then maybe we could have found her a home. But then he fell in love with her and she fell in love with him, and that's all there was to it. She's so happy. She's grown a lot already. She's gonna be a big girl. Look at that tummy. She's spoiled rotten. She's a fat happy girl.

J: Yeah, she is.

R: Aww. And my boy, my boy. He loves everybody though.

J: Come here, buddy.

R: But he does come over to me a bit, a little bit more. That's Cas. His name that he came to us with is Cashmere. They called him Cas for short. He was called Cashmere because his fur is so super soft, never felt anything like it. And he was so lonely, but he's so happy to have Meg. All they do is they just play, and they love each other so much.

J: And they messed the blinds up a little bit.

R: Yeah. Well, I messed those blinds up because there was a fly on it and I hit it and they were so brittle they just shattered. But they do knock the blinds because they want to see outside. They weren't that bad. And they keep looking over there. I had…I mistakenly had the window open one day, but there was a screen door there. And so they're like, oh outside. And so now all they do is try to go and smell outside.

But um, Cas is beautiful. He's a pure-breed Ragdoll, about five and a half months old, I'd say close to six months..no, he should be six months now cuz we decided to use, we decided to use the 10th as his birthday because they had no idea. He's very noisy, he loves to talk. And he's not talking as much lately which is good. And him and Meg just…they love each other to death, and we love them. They're just adorable, adorable. [to Cas] What are you doing? She didn't follow you. He's over here like, what the hell? [Josh calls to Meg and she climbs onto his chest] Aww. There's Cas. He left the room but now he's back. Are you gonna purr now? He is so soft. I wish you could feel through the camera how soft he actually is.

But they got along, they got along so well. From, like, day one they were kind of playing. He'd smack her, but he was smacking her because he wanted to play with her. And then they just…

J: Now she smack him around.

R: Yeah, she chases him and smacks him around. And he's a good boy. Aren't you? He's got these beautiful blue eyes, kind of cross-eyed. He looks…

J: He's not cross-eyed.

R: He's cross-eyed.

J: No, he's not.

R: He looks a little bit like Mr. Marshmallow, if you'll remember my old cat. Um, it's just he's got a normal face. Mr. Marshmallow's, you know, a squished Persian. But Cas has got a normal kitty cat face. But the coloring, sometimes it gives me a start when I see him walking around. Oh, it's Mr. Marshmallow…oh, wait. It's weird. He's, like, my little baby. He's here trying to…

J: He's almost trying to look at the camera.

R: He's a good boy. So we've had them for only a couple of weeks, but they're, they're at home for sure here.

So uh, I had said that I was gonna probably quit making videos for a while because I was just enjoying spending time with him. And then we're just trying to catch up on sleep, trying to catch up on sleep and just time together. And everybody's, like, writing me saying, don't stop making videos, we love watching you. So Josh also…you said we could keep on making videos together and updates and little things. We just have to find time cuz, I mean, it's like the days go so fast. It seems like you have a lot of time, but in reality you kind of don't. Like, the time just gets away from you. And like now it's already fucking 5:30. I don't know where the hell the day went. And we just, I don't know, we just want to spend time together. And then to have to go and get dressed and make a video. It doesn't take a lot of time but then it seems like it does. So uh, it's just managing our time a little bit better to do something like that. And then, you know, this one, obviously [she strokes his chin]. You've got bags under your eyes still [she laughs]. Can't get rid of those things.

J: Nope.

R: Aww. So um, yeah, I don't really know. I've got a Q&A that we had made the day of the crash, and I don't want to use that obviously, so we'll probably do that. And other than that I know I've got a lot of stuff I need to do, makeup videos and blah blah blah and I just need to utilize my time and get around to it. I'll do that so I will have a couple of videos coming up. It just won't be like, like it was, like every two days boom boom boom, you know what I mean. [looking at Cas lying on her stomach] Aww. He's just chilling out. He knows mommy's stomach hurts. He's been on me, like, more than usual since I've been in pain. [Josh makes a face and pulls his arm away, pic related] Oh, I'm sorry, was I on your sleeve? [she says in a mocking tone and smirks]

J: [mumbles] Naw.

R: Do you have anything you want to say? Because everybody's been asking about you, how are you doing, how was our new year.

J: I'm fine, it was fine. Working hard, sleeping harder.

R: Not sleeping hard enough.

J: Yeah, naw, not enough. [unintelligible] I've been fine. Just working hard, working all the time. [cut] New year's, it was good. We didn't go to any parties or anything. We just stayed in and enjoyed each other's company.

[cut to New Year's Eve]

R: It is almost New Year's. It's 11:40 something. What? 11:45 p.m. Been trying to drink, but [she burps] my body is not happy with the choice of alcohol, so um, we're gonna have to have our proper New Year's celebration probably in a few days when we get a chance to get some better alcohol. He can drink it but I can't drink in so it's kind of… [she burps]

[cut] But uh… [he takes out his ponytail] Oh yeah, there you go. Happy New Year's to me. [she laughs]

J: Crazy.

R: Um, do you have any New Year's thing…things that you want to say to me? [she grabs his hand and rubs it against her cheek, s
slurring her words] This was our chance to have our New Year's [she kisses his hand] post to each other or something.

J: Just that I love you and that I'm glad we get to bring in the new year together.

R: Aww. [cut] I'm really happy, too. Uh, even though it didn't go at all as planned. We had actually a pretty good day today. We got a dryer. We got a kitty cat. We tried to drink.

The beautiful white dog showed up a couple, like what, an hour ago? And he had four puppies…well, one dog and three puppies with him. Like, probably the puppies might have been about six months or so. They weren't little, but they weren't adults. And um, it's like he knew that there's always food outside for the other dogs. And he brought this whole pack of dogs with him to, like, feed them. And it was the craziest thing, but it was so cool. We went out there and fed them all and they're drinking water. And they're real skittish and bony, and one of them had been beat up, his face is all torn up and…But it was just amazing that this dog just brings these other dogs here and shows them where there's food. Like, what the fuck. So that was uh, that was…I just burped, sorry. [she leans away and fans the air and laughs] It's  Christmas miracle!

But you are the best thing that has ever happened to me [she strokes his hair] and coming here was the best thing I have ever done. And this is just gonna be first of, the first of many New Year's and birthdays and Christmases and all that together. [cut] Not much to say for our New Year's, but at least we're together. And [in unison] that's what matters. Aww. Almost Happy New Year's to you. Happy New Year's, everybody else.

J: Yes, Happy New Year's.

R: And uh, we'll try to add on to this after New Year's, I suppose, because this isn't all that great. But we just at least want to document it because it is the first, regardless of if it's good or not. [cut; she cuddles and kisses him] I love you.

J: I love you.

R: For real? [he mumbles] I love you, too. [to Cas] He's looking at us like, shut the fuck up, I'm trying to sleep. Have anything else to say?

J: Just Happy New Year's. [mumbles] We're gonna add on anyways, right? [louder] We're going to add on anyways, right?

R: Yeah.

J: I'll say more then, I guess.

R: Yes, yes, me, too. So we'll say bye now. [they wave]


J: So our first New Year's, we just wanted to spend it together, so we did.

R: Yeah. We were gonna get drunk, but the liquor stores were closed. So beer's a no-no. I couldn't, I couldn't do it. I tried.

J: We got some of those…

R: Just gross things. [cut] Fizzy, it didn't work well with my stomach and everything. And he drank…you drank, like what, eight bottles or something? Just bare…barely caught a little buzz. And then it comes and it goes. And I was like, I feel sick, I can't, I feel sick. I was trying so hard. We still have that bottle of Tequila Rose in the fridge.

J: Two shot glasses.

R: Yeah. Don't need the glasses, I'll just [she makes a downing the bottle motion].

J: We're probably doing that tonight?

R: Maybe. [motions to Meg] She'll sleep and then she'll just hold hands with him.

J: Yeah. She makes sure she puts her paw in my hand.

R: She does what Marmalade did to me, hold hands and stuff. She's got these really cool tufts on the points of her ears. I really wonder what breed she is. I know she's just a mixed breed, but I wonder what she's mixed with cuz she's quite big, and she's got those really big tufts. She looks like a little wildcat almost, with a lot of white.

And this boy here. He's just…I can't lower the camera cause he's… [Josh tries to adjust the camera] Don't, don't, don't you're gonna knock the whole camera off. I think you just did. You're gonna break it. [she adjusts it] You gotta do that, see? He's just, he's just happy. He's a happy boy. Big babies. We're lucky that we got two with very similar personalities because they act almost exactly the same. They're both real cuddly. They don't really care if you touch them or what you do. He needs his little nails cut again cuz he keeps on being naughty.

J: He sharpens what he's got left.

R: He's only got, like, one or two, but then he, he kneads, and when he kneads those claws get stuck in my pants and my, in my legs and stuff and that doesn't really feel very good.

So I guess that's about it. It's not really a lot to say in this update. People just wanted to see Joss's face…Joss's [she laughs at her error] Josh's face.

J: I've got my hair up this time.

R: Unfortunately. [he pulls out his ponytail] Woohoo, Merry Christmas to me! [to Cas] Do you see yourself in the camera? Do you see mommy in the camera? [he combs his hair with his fingers] Aww.

J: It's a lot of hair, I'll tell you that.

R: Oh yeah. Um, what was it, last night? I put my head on his shoulder and if I wrapped his head…his hair around and it, like, fit around my head. And he said, that doesn't look right, don't do that. That was pretty funny. Aww. You have some beautiful hair.

J: [shaking his head] It's getting long.

R: It is long. I'm obsessed with your hair. [she grabs it] I hate it when your hair's up. Gimme.

Alright, I guess we'll move on to doing the Q&A so we can move on with our day. And uh, [in a mock scolding tone] you should thank everybody for worrying about you so much.

J: Yeah, thank y'all, but I'm fine, everything's fine, just working hard. [cut] Working too hard sometimes.

R: Yeah. But um, I guess you're missed online. You don't really have time to be online. I miss you online, too, sometime…a lot of the time. But it's just work, come home, eat, go to sleep. That's basically day and night [he mumbles] Right now we're got…I got him hooked on Adventure Time, Stranger Things, Wayward Pines, and now, um…

J: Ink Masters.

R: Ink Master. I was watching the…

J: Doctor Who, too.

R: Oh yeah, Doctor Who and Supernatural. I was watching the end of Ink Master Angels and um, he likes Ink Master better.

J: There's more stuff going on, I guess.

R: [towards Meg] Big baby.

J: [he picks up Meg] Good girl.

R: Purr purr purr purr. [cut] Alright, I guess say bye.

J: Bye.

R: I love that you say bye. [towards Meg] Say bye bye! She's like…


J: Yeah,  Meg and Cas, it's funny.

R: Yeah. She's like, pet me now. Aww.

J: [he waves] Bye.

R: Bye. Oops, I took a picture. I didn't mean to take a picture. [laughs] That won't be very nice.

No. 481693


Her cats aren't special enough to satisfy her narcissism unless they are some rare, exotic breed.

She claims that Marmalade was a Persian Ragdoll cross. But in the video of her siblings from a subsequent litter to the same parents, the kittens are a mishmash of colors and patterns.

>[about Meg] She's got these really cool tufts on the points of her ears. I really wonder what breed she is. I know she's just a mixed breed, but I wonder what she's mixed with cuz she's quite big, and she's got those really big tufts. She looks like a little wildcat almost, with a lot of white.

She's just your average domestic shorthair tabby, Raven. Get over yourself.

No. 481694


She mirrors all of her new videos on Bitchute which makes no sense because it defeats monetising them on Youtube.


No. 481702


At first glance I thought it was printed on a cake. Who wants to chip in to buy the cow her wedding cake? Kek

No. 481752

findom is mostly a myth created by sex workers who don't want to admit that's what they do. normal dom / sub shit is a whole different thing.
even if he was into that, it would involve raven being more controlling, harder to get, and none of the bit on the side stuff that got her a lot of tatts etc in NZ.
I understand your point, anon, I just get my back up at that particular term because there's what people think it means (almost never happens) and what it means in practical terms.

No. 481755

I took it from some weird page where some guy had downloaded the image from the internet, printed it out, had a wank to it, and then jizzed on the image. He then took pictures of this and reuploaded it calling it "tribute to Starbl00d."
But the best part was she commented on his tribute with her account and said "Thanks that's nice" or some shit.
Wish I remember where I got it from because a screenshot of that would be pretty funny in regards to all of her comments on the issue.

No. 481770

No. 481771

File: 1516325590202.png (548.64 KB, 560x699, wpqja44.png)

Did she put rainbow sprinkles on the French toast in an attempt to "unicorn" it?

No. 481779

>And everybody's, like, writing me saying, don't stop making videos, we love watching you.

I have trouble imagining even one person doing that, let alone 'everyone'.

No. 481782

File: 1516327000211.png (25.22 KB, 800x140, Screenshot_2018-01-18-17-49-13…)

If her "whatever happens, happens" approach to managing fertility is good enough for her, then it's certainly good enough for her cats.

No. 481785

Dear god, it leaves a scar on their lower stomachs which is clearly visible even through the fur, because the fur will not grow there.
Flip her over and blow on her fur and it will separate and you'll see a clear ca 1.5-2 inch straight line.
And if you can't even do that just take the cat to a vet and they can tell just from looking at her. Really sooper difficult to find out.
Sage for rage bc stupid is as stupid does.

No. 481788

but Raven like, uhm, knows like, a lot about animals. are you uhm do you like, doubt that or something?

No. 481790


Piggly Wiggly prolly wouldn't put that image on a cake for us though. Damn conservative hick town.

Maybe we could make Joshua a HAPPY WEDDING t shirt using it though. I mean, he works at FedEx. So there would be no chance of Raven intercepting our package and ruining our good times if it was sent to his warehouse for pickup instead of their shithouse.

Gotta put the whole image on it so he knows it's been around forever.
Boobs on the front and beaver on the back.

I wouldn't. I don't think. Maybe I wouldn't.
I do like craft projects though.

No. 481802

Is it just me or in her last video she seems way too high or something? Jeez, I can only wonder why

No. 481837

She complained that she couldn't really drink their New Year's drinks (which means she still drank some), so they'd have to have a proper celebration with proper drinks a few days later. I wonder if she was fucked up on pain pills while she was drinking?

No. 481839

You can tell she rarely cooks, because this looks like absolute shit, and it's not really worth sharing. Unless you never cook, but you're trying to prove to everyone what a good housewife you are.

No. 481851


She didn't get her new prescription until the 9th >>480027.

No. 481865

File: 1516340156343.jpg (47.56 KB, 300x300, FTnx8qy.jpg)

that's the worst fairy bread I've ever seen

No. 481870

Josh probably loves it when she's on pills; I bet she's way less of a pain in the ass when she's stoned to the tits.

No. 481906

I think Josh is an idiot, but when she said "I HATE when your hair is up" is just shocked me. Flashbacks of my abusive narc ex, geez.

Run, Josh. Run!

No. 481909

agreed, it seems really small but when i think about it, none of my partners have ever been that vitriolic about a choice i made about my appearance (let alone one that is so practical - he can't have his hair down all the time!), it's really ugly.

No. 481915


And it's not only what she says but how she says things: the playful mocking when she corrects him, the smirking, the sarcasm intended to come across as lighthearted teasing. The moment when he pulls his sleeve out from under her arm is a prime example.

No. 481916


And he doesn't appear to be comfortable with long hair, or at least with wearing it loose.

No. 481919

Come on. It's a love that's MORE than love.

No. 481924


Did it appear to anyone else that she edited the video to emphasise how much he is working? And she laughs with a gloating tone at the fact that he can't get rid of the bags under his eyes.

No. 481926

File: 1516361959370.png (126.32 KB, 451x300, Screenshot_2018-01-19-03-22-58…)

I sorted her videos by popularity, and these two happened to be in succession.

How eerie.

No. 481927

Plenty of people with BPD work hard to make having functional relationships possible and plenty chose to stay single because they acknowledge that they are better off single.
But not craven raven.
Which I don't get, because under the neediness in BPD is the inherent belief that you are unlovable, which is what all the hot/cold stuff is about (I want you to want me… oh, you want me? I don't believe you, I'm going to be impossible to live with).
Raven doesn't have that classic relationship insecurity- she legit thinks this guy loves her.
IDK, it's like BPD doesn't quite quite fit because of her level of narcissism (regardless of her obvious insecurities WRT other women, she doesn't doubt couchies commitment to her, which your classic BPD-er would).

saged for arm chair stuff

No. 481940

I love having my hair down when I'm out because I feel the most attractive like that.
But fuck off if you think I'll have it like that at home. It's super annoying and I can't wait to just put it up.
Imagine him coming home from a hard day of work and you just wanna chill and relax and that goblin comes to you and tells you how she hates and likes your hair. Ughhhh. Exhausting.

No. 481946

any one else get the feeling that when he cuts his hair off she wont find him attractive any more and then the whole 'he was abusive' videos will start?

No. 481982


I definitely think she’ll start losing interest when he cuts his hair. Seemed like she lost a lot of interest with Logan when he stopped wearing makeup and dressing goth, etc… I

No. 481984


She could be self-aware enough to edit out signs of relationship insecurity. In the beginning she certainly tested him to prove his devotion, most evident in the leaked videos (eg. their dual harassment of Claudia). She also tested how much he is willing to tolerate in terms of her OTT behavior (eg. her telling Josh about threatening to kill herself in front of Logan). Her relationship with Ryan comes across as a test to elicit jealousy.


His hair appears to already be thinning in the front, and his hair line looks like it is receding when he pulls it back.

No. 482106

I don't mind Josh. He is chill and an animal lover. Too bad he especially loves Wildebeests.

No. 482117

When in the video is this? Do you have a timestamp?
I don't wanna watch the entire thing, it'd do drawn out and boring.

No. 482130


Each time he pulls out his ponytail he runs his hands through it, shakes his head, and constantly fusses with it. His discomfort also comes across in his facial expressions and the tone of his voice when he says, "It's a lot of hair, I'll tell you that."

I noted these instances in the transcript.

No. 482134

Did you hear how he threatened Claudia? Maybe how he laughed hysterically at photos of girl who was doxxed while his saggy tit girlfriend/fiance has taken bloody, naked photos with her gut hanging out? His finger sniffing? He's an embarrassing cuck that mooched off his mom and now claims that he owns everything she has.

No. 482138

His hair was greasy af, so he was probably feeling uncomfortable about that too. But nah, gotta do what Gravey says.

No. 482143

And keeps mooching since he could not even buy himself a dollar christmas tree at walmart.

No. 482196

Just how loaded is he?

No. 482199

Why would her labia be discoloured and low hanging? I'm close to her age and nothing has changed down there wrt shape/size since I hit puberty.
Sorry for the TMI but there's some pretty funny assumptions made about the aging process here at times.

If she has labial piercings, especially heavy jewelry then that will cause stretching, but otherwise labia tend to stay the same.

Maybe by your 70's they start to give up the ghost but not in your 40's- I mean, most women that age aren't even through menopause, there's still plenty of time for stuff to start flapping in the wind

sage for labia tangent

No. 482244

The laugh wasn't his, I don't know where farmers got that from. It's a laugh often used in memes to make fun of people.
Doesn't change the fact that he's a pretty awful guy, mind you.

No. 482285

he's not loaded, mummy and daddy let him live in their house for free
i bet he doesn't own a couch either

No. 482399



In the chat logs between Raven and Cj in the first thread, she tells him that she is using a debit card funded by Ryan's parents to pay for the phone and other things she got for Cj.

No. 482401


In the transcript >>463264 I noted

>[shows pictures over canned mocking laughter and music]

No. 482453

File: 1516475202787.png (178.13 KB, 800x1173, Screenshot_2018-01-20-11-01-44…)

Because posters, and not furnishings, are what their trailer that is more than a trailer needs.

No. 482499

>can't even afford cat tree an actual bed or non-plastic tables/chairs
>spends money on more Hot Topic tier trash

Is it possible to be less classy than white trash?

No. 482511

The goth trailer that was more than goth trailer

No. 482528

i didn't know it until now, but evidently it is.
jfc this trailer is going to be a giant garbage fire. Raven's taste has got to be some of the worst ever.

No. 482530

File: 1516488014942.jpg (181.13 KB, 900x947, 1412376452104.jpg)

She does have piercings there, or at least used to. You can see that in this image.
I'm not saying that it happens to EVERYONE, just that with what we all know about Raven that it's not really unimaginable.
Also she DID admit to using PS on her vagina, why would that even be necessary unless there's something off about it?
Vaginas are what they are, and there's nothing to be ashamed of I think, we are all different. Why would one ever need to PS a vagina if it wasn't looking particularly odd in some way?

No. 482533


If what appears to be a glint of metal between her outer labia is a piercing, it is a clitoral hood piercing and most likely a vertical hood piercing. A hood piercing will not cause either inner or outer labia to stretch.


Since we are nitpicking, the correct term is vulva.

Sage for piercer fagging.

No. 482536

you're trying to apply rational thought to a nutjob.

No. 482538

Why would a 40+ woman want stranger things posters? That's creepy.

No. 482544

She probably used PS on her vagina because she uses PS on EVERY photo she posts, bitch uses every angle, PS trick, filters and massive amounts of war paint to try to make her fat Sumo wrestler looking ass look more attractive.

It’s always hilarious to see her and Private Piltdown next to each other - she looks like a 2-D cartoon character next to him. She uses amounts of make-up normally only used for broadway.

I wonder if Josh has seen her out of full war paint? Even when she was in the iICU kek she had it on layers deep

No. 482545

I know it's not a labia piercing, but for all we know she might have had them pierced, or even has them pierced now. There is after all no ends she will not go to to be goffik.
And vagina is a commonly used and accepted term for the area.
And we were not nitpicking, we were just discussing Ravens female nether regions appearances.
(That's a sentence I never thought I'd say)
You're the only one nitpicking here.

The rational thought was not meant for Raven but for >>482199 because I didn't want her to think I was trying to offend her.
Raven is a special kind of crazy, and nothing about her is applicable to other women.
Let's all just move on now, and kek at Raven instead of this silly infighting please.

She keeps saying that he "likes her more without makeup on". So at least HE thinks he's seen her without it, but you do raise a valid point, has he really?
Also kek at the ICU thing.

No. 482552


The subject of her genitals is in itself nitpicking.

Having average gauge inner or outer labia piercings for a few years will not cause them to stretch.

No. 482553

If he likes her MORE without make-up why isn’t she ever barefaced in their videos? She’s deperately trying to grow her hair long because he likes long hair, so if she actually believed he liked her without it she wouldn’t look like a failed fat Elvira in every video. It’s like he loves her no matter how much she ways - kek kek. Just more fake ass platitudes to appease Cravey but she knows it’s bs

No. 482559

JFC you just can't help yourself can you.
It's Raven. What about her is ever average?

No. 482565

I know comments are disabled on alot of her vids but they are even disabled on her latest eyeshadow review vid.

Is she that afraid of getting less than positive comments? On a video about eyeshadow..

No. 482596


As I noted in >>481553, she disabled comments on all of her videos except the "2017 year in review" video in which she asks for her viewers' opinions of Logan and their relationship.

She manually approves all comments, so why disable them and lose all of the asspats she did approve?

No. 482598

jesus can you fucking spoiler that shit next time?

No. 482621

File: 1516500169631.png (696.87 KB, 1242x2208, 9B88BBED-EE65-4D4A-AF20-C861E6…)

Yeah no shit the dog was abused you could see it from the photos. Not sure why she wants to take a video of a dog being scared. Nor do I get why she is asking like it’s a maybe, you would have known when you got it.

No. 482625

She probably didn't know and it wasn't until she lurked here and realized that about the pup. She better not harm the puppy anymore than she has been. Josh needs to protect it from raven.

No. 482649

Again, Raven is learning from the farms

No. 482657

The same 40+ woman that fucked a 16 year old child, that’s who.

No. 482698


If the dog was so obviously neglected physically, the likelihood that it was also abused is very high. Raven couldn't perceive this?

Oh, right, how stupid of me to ask. This is the woman who similarly neglected and abused her son.

No. 482729


the puppy KNOWS.
poor baby

No. 482741

I've never understood why anyone would PAT a dog anyway. Especially if said dog is clearly abused. Scratch her, pet her but do not pat, she might take it the wrong way! I bet she approaches her in a threatening way too.

No. 482748

File: 1516525787078.jpg (141.53 KB, 1119x1471, 71IOfu2PbRL.jpg)


Many people say "pat" when the action to which they are referring is "pet." Also, in some countries "pat" is used to refer to both actions. IIRC "pat" is the term used in Australia, so it is probably used in New Zealand.

No. 482754

yep we don't use the word 'pet' at all in Australia except as the noun. NZ would be the same I reckon.

No. 482756

Where did she even get the puppy? Someone sold it to her from a car boot in a Walmart parking lot, perhaps?

Also the cat that she claims is a pure-bred Ragdoll, but still is unaware of when he was born. If he was from a respectable breeder and not a from a kitten mill, then the breeder would certainly know when he was born.

Lastly, she "suspects" that the kitten found from a tree is neutered. Based on what? I bet none of the animals have had any proper vaccinations or worming at all.

I feel so bad for these hapless creatures, this woman is a nutter.

No. 482761

What a fucking bawbag!!! Out of all the makeup she's been flaunting she reviews that crap?!?
I. Can't. Even…
Can't tell a cat is pregnant untill it starts birthing but can tell a kitten has been neutered. Fuck off Diana you piece of imbecilic shit

No. 482763

Don’t neutered/spayed pets usually have a tattoo in their ear to indicate they have been operated on? Surely Raven, whose pet knowledge surpasses everyone’s, would know to look for the ear tattoo and belly scar?

No. 482767


i hope that dog is really not like that because i'm fucking weeping and raven will fuck her up even worse. i sincerely hope it's a lie because then that the dog is alright and i'm just manipulated by someone who's known for that.

No. 482808

My cat is both spayed and has a chip, and she does indeed have a tattoo in her ear.
If you look at the ears with a light behind the cat you can see it very clearly. (She has dark fur, on white this would be very visible)
The vet told me she did this to all pets she chipped so that if they went missing it would be easier to know that the animal has a chip, so the owners could be found easily should the animal ever get lost.
Maybe they do this differently in different places, but that's what she told me.

No. 482816


Tattooing or notching the ear are two methods of denoting that a cat or dog has been neutered and are most often performed by rescue organizations and shelters, but neither is standard practice in the US.

No. 482821

Eyeshadow comparisons Supernatural vs Interstellar

Published on Jan 20, 2018


She has enabled comments on it now. When asked what brand it is, she replies that it is unbranded and won't say that it is from Hot Topic.

Her Official.Raven.Sparks page is still included in the description, so she must have made it a closed community rather than deleted it. Is no one here a member to confirm?

No. 482834

I am a member, and I can access the page so it has not been deleted.

No. 482910

Yeah, apparently when you hit your 40's you have to hand in your pop culture card and never, ever engage in popular culture or enjoy it again

No. 482928

I think it's okay to enjoy these things as an older person, but i think anon might have been getting at the posters being tacky. It's the same feeling people get from Greg and Lainey. Like sure, you can like anime at 32, and sure a few nostalgic posters can be put up in your home. Normally though, you would think that you'd keep the posters to the study/computer room or even maybe like the theatre room to make it feel like the movies…but it's kinda immature and tasteless to have posters all through the house. It screams 'dorm room' and looks very teenage. Posters and kitschy/pop culture items can actually work in arty or industrial styled homes but it's rare. I think a 40 plus woman should probably focus on all the things she actually needs, like a bed first, rather than filling it with animals and hot topic garbage as another anon said.
Sage for home decor nonsense.

No. 482929

Azzy is probably freaked out because she knows Raven is evil. Even Raven herself reckons dogs sense good people or bad people. Yeah exactly why all the other dogs went missing and this one is terrified of you.

No. 482934

She's soooo annoying. She always fiddles with the zoom,focus and camera.
Raven. You have so much time at home alone when Josh is at work, why don't you actually EDIT your videos? She knows how to, she's just so fucking lazy. She repeats herself constantly in videos, rambles ect, which again, could be cut out. If she spent as much time editing as she does talking about lolcow, she could have some okay content. I mean simply kenna is a fucken dildo, but at least she tried really hard to edit everything and make it look good. I don't know why anyone but a hater would guilty pleasure watch Raven tbh.

No. 482937

She's doing them as a 'comparison swatch' but literally gets halfway through and the colours don't have dupes. Why wouldn't you just do them on separate videos if they aren't alike? Also, she says she doesnt highlight and contour at all, then goes on to say she hilights her brow. She says she is wetting her finger before she swatches…whats the bet she's licking her nasty fingers first?
Also another pet peeve is at the beginning she says 'sorry for the ugly nails, thats what you get for using dollar store nail polish' Her nails are short and stumpy…it would take a second to put a coat of polish or even be lazier and colour the chips in with a felt tip marker. It's not that every video on youtube can't be raw or whatever, but her nails would have taken 2 minutes and then it would have saved her apologizing about her shitty nails. She always apologizes for shit whether its noise outside or the room being too dark or some bullshit like her nails. Fix the issue and edit it out of your videos…damnnnn.

No. 482939

It's like a child making youtube videos lol

No. 483005

Okay Pottery Barn furniture old, lol who gives a shit granny(infighting)

No. 483066

I don't know why people get such a stick up their ass about this stuff. some people don't give a shit about Better Homes and Gardens coming for a visit and just decorate to their own tastes. might look like shit and be worth a giggle for others, but again … what does it really matter?
we've already got stuff like plushies that trump actual household goods to laugh at, why get so analytical about some stupid poster?

it's kind of impressive that she has spent all these years cranking out videos and they still always look like a first attempt every time. for me, it's the voice. that monotone drone littered with 'uhm' and 'like' makes me want to rip my ears off.

No. 483071

Salty poster-decorating anons with ugly houses and bad taste detected lol(infighting)

No. 483092

Honestly her older content is better. At least back then she was sitting at the pc table using her webcam (?) and the whole video wasn't shaking all the time.

No. 483093

But anon that would require furniture set up her camera.

I'm actually wondering if her weight gain is way worse than she's letting on and she's embarrassed by it. In her palette video she seemed overly concerned about showing up in the mirrors. Add in the fact that those rings were practically cutting off circulation to her sausage fingers it's pretty obvious she's had a huge amount of weight gain.

No. 483120


>just received the Supernatural palette for Christmas, already bought another one

And we all know that she will never use most of the colors in either.

No. 483126

THANK YOU. And get some sheets/pillowcases if you're going to film on your bed, Raven, you fucking pig.

No. 483128


Fussy plastic covered sofa granny loser detected lol(infighting)

No. 483192

In some pictures she posted she had somewhere around 6 different blankets that I could see, and I couldn't even count the pillows. NOTHING had covers over it or any sorts of sheets at all.
And this is the only place they all (including the pets) sit/slouch/lie all the time.
Imagine how filthy that bed is.. It wont be long now and Raven's bed will start to rival Vicky's bed.

No. 483196

actually, I haven't had posters on my walls since I was a teenager, but thanks for diminishing my point anyway.

there's been a couple of times people have referred to her as Raven Slater and it's getting more apt as time goes on.

No. 483210

In one of the pictures where she's showing off her pets you could see Josh was eating in the bed because they don't have chairs? We know they have a table from the time she decided to prank him and hid under it .

No. 483221


His sister gave them a table and chairs around Thanksgiving.

No. 483244


it's a really fucking strange feeling when you realise that lurch and tuna, two useless, penniless unemployed long-term junkies, have more furniture and live in more "comfort" than these two losers. jesus christ

No. 483255

You sound like such a normie tbh kekeke

No. 483296

Why are you still trying to in-fight over a post from almost an entire day ago? A post that multiple anons got banned for infighting over, at that.

No. 483512

The new Q&A was really just the same old stuff she's been saying for months.

Josh treats me so well

Josh is so much better than Logan

I have no son!!

That son (who is no son of mine) has a bitch and slt of a girlfriend

About half the video is on the subject of 'the haters'

American food isn't the dream she had been expecting

People stare at her for being different, apparently it's worse now than in NZ

No. 483513

Overdue Q&A and some real talk with Josh

Published on Jan 23, 2018

No. 483514

New Q&A video.

Around 5 minutes in she's talking about Dorian and it's classic rage-inducing shit.

Some highlights before the wonderful transcript anon gets here:

>What son?

>Calls lovely GF a slut
>Says GF looks like a lesbian whatever that means

And a beautiful illustration of BPD in action:
Raven starts to say she hopes she never sees Dorian again, and then corrects herself saying she hopes he does come back so she can tell him to fuck off.

Not normal human behavior towards your child, or towards anyone after you're not a teenager any more.

No. 483516


> I appreciate every one that is a true and honest comment

CWC is that you?

No. 483517

Her bpd really was showing in this one. She spent so much of the vid talking about how happy she is now but she doesn't look happy.

All the usual importance being put on Josh, Does she think it's normal for your happiness to be totally dependant on your partner (of seven months) ? Or does she know that's the bpd.

A love that's deeper than love is in other words unhealthy dependency

No. 483530

Ah yes, there were some good moments in this video.

1st question was about food. She complains that NZ ruined her taste in food and now she can't eat the finer things in life, but still enjoys bologna (fuckin kek), premade ravioli, and hot dogs (which are just "ok"). Also claims they both agree they don't like eating out and they (Josh) chose (makes her) to eat in because it's cheaper.

Calls Dorian horrible things and complains that Lovely Gf turned him against her. Wanks on for awhile about how horrible he is for leaving her and her BPD toxicity.

Rants about how women who call men they barely met "husband" are stupid, but then admits she did exactly the same thing with Josh but it's ok because he's different.

Logan didn't want any part in her online life, so it's his fault she was unhappy the entire relationship.

Raven then treats us to a an extra clip sporting her shitty black/blue wedding hair! She starts by thanking her "fans" for supporting her (12:00). And anyone who doesn't like her is either A. Interpreting what she said/wrote incorrectly, B. Judging past Gravy who has changed and therefore is forgiven (even though you've never apologized to the ridiculous amount of people you've hurt, taken responsibility for your actions, or shown any change in your behavior, Raven) or C. They are "just generally negative, disgusting, ugly people inside."

She concludes her Q&A with a rant insulting cancer patients, transgender people, lesbians, refers to a person as "it", brags about getting Gir's SM pages shut down, and takes a few more jabs at her son. But PEOPLE LIKE HER DAMMIT - she got belated Christmas presents sent to her as proof!!1!

Oh, and guys, if she doesn't respond to your comment it's because "it hurts to write and reply as often as I used to." keeeek

No. 483541

Probably the most ultimate hypocrisy was her talking about Lovely gf and how much of a "slut" she is. A couple things that made me kek.

1. Raven, you have taken a ton of naked pictures of your self for other men to oogle at. But someone who may or may not have cuddled with someone else is a slut.
2. In one fatal swoop, Josh admits that he and Raven have both read private conversations between lovely gf and dorian, yet denies that she ever responded posing as dorian to lovely gf. Yeah, okay sure.
3. Who are you to dictate what someone looks like? Considering how much you talk about how you have been judged because you "dress differently", you think that you'd understand that people like to dress differently. I guess you're the only one who gets to dress "different". At least lovely gf has style.

No. 483549

Ending the vid by calling women dykes and shemales as insults really doesn't fit in with the whole ~I'm so happy/I'm in such a good place~ thing she kept trying to push.

No. 483575

This is one of my favorite 'new' videos of her.
Her BPD is on fire. She addresses A LOT of small talk that went here on the farms, proving she still stalk us, and goes full blown on Dorian, Logan and Gir.
OHBOI, missed ya Ravy.

No. 483593

I got up to them talking about frozen ravioli before I had to stop the video.

Going on about how it's soooooo good. No. Just no.

No. 483623

Her face when josh says they have ups and downs

No. 483627


She edited out her vitriolic rant about Dorian's girlfriend after the video was posted. See the transcript below.

No. 483629

File: 1516759522774.png (919.81 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-23-17-46-39…)


Overdue Q&A and some real talk with Josh

Published on January 23, 2018

[recorded in the same session as >>481659]

A very very very very overdue Q and A. So he's gonna read the questions like you did last time in the video we didn't upload, and then I…we are going to answer. It's questions for both of us. Okay, go ahead.

J: What do you think of the food now after being gone so long?

R: I guess I can answer a lot of these better cuz now we're, you know, kind of sitting here. But um, I thought that I would come back and be in love with everything, everything. But it turns out there's a lot of food that my tastes have just changed. I got used to the really boring, bland New Zealand food, and a lot of the stuff here is too strong for me. Like, I don't actually…I don't like sweet, I like salts and savory stuff, but more. I don't really like Kraft cheese as much as I remember. I don't like Borden almost at all. I like the more, uh, like, the stuff that he likes, the sharper, which is still softer than the New Zealand cheese, but it's more, I guess, real cheese than the stuff that I used to love when I was here. I still love, like, provolone, love that stuff, muenster, shit like that. Still love bologna, hotdogs are alright, I can't find nachos…[Josh starts playing her game on her laptop, pic related] Are you play my game for me? Some of the potato chips I like. I don't know, I don't like what I thought I would like just because a lot of it is so rich now it's really hard for me. But I still…the thing is is that there's so much variety here that even if I find stuff I don't like, there's a million other things I do like.

And both of us agree we actually prefer when I cook at home than going out to eat because the stuff that I can make tastes so much better than the stuff that you can buy. And even if it's something simple that's, like, frozen ravioli, it's like two dollars…

J: And it's good, too.

R: It's good, you know, plumps up big, it's got lots of filling, and you just buy a, like, a two dollar, dollar-seventy-seven bottle of sauce, and it's, like, for under five dollars there's a whole meal for two people. You can't do that in New Zealand. So I don't mind that there's stuff here that I don't like anymore because there's other stuff yet to be discovered or to make. Because I didn't really cook a lot when I was here before, I ate fast food all the time, and now I don't really like fast food as much. I prefer just to eat…like, I'm real excited about making catfish again soon. I've made lasagna, I've made spaghetti, meatloaf, French toast, turkey, corn, mashed potatoes. I've made quite a bit of stuff, and he loves most everything I make.

J: Everything you make so far.

R: That's good. Okay, next.

J: Josh, how is life with Raven? Is she the same in person as you thought she'd be?

She is. She's much better than I though she'd be.

R: Aww.

J: Life is great right now. We have our ups and downs, but it's more ups than downs. She is…she is a…she's better of a person than I…well, than I'd think she'd be…I knew she would be. I love her and I love our life. [he appears to be distracted by Raven playing her game]

R: Aww. [she strokes his cheek]

J: Will you guys do couples tag videos?

R: I told you what those are. Like the whisper challenge and the boyfriend does my makeup.

J: Yeah, we can. I'm sure we will.

R: He won't want to do things like I do his makeup, stuff like that.

J: No. Maybe, maybe, but I don't know.

R: [laughs] You're not that kind of guy to wear makeup so…But you could…I don't, I don't see you being able to…my makeup…

J: I could do it for the fans once, I guess.

R: My makeup's simple, but I would still think it would be pretty interesting to see you try to do it.

J: Yeah, I might not. I'll sleep on it.

Have you spoken to your son at all?

R: What son? [laughs] Nope, have not, will not. He's dead to me. By now…by the time I made the first one we hadn't explained what had happened. But by now I have explained a little bit in my Christmas video what had happened. Was it Christmas or Year in Review? I think it was my Year in Review video. And um, that little piece of shit backstabbed me in a way that I will never forgive. So yeah, I have no son. And I hope he doesn't try to come…well, I kind of hope he does try to come crawling back to me one day just so I can laugh in his face. You don't forgive something like that, and you don't do something like that to somebody. I don't care who the hell you think you are or what problems you think you have, especially if there were no problems, just a bunch of made-up bullshit that a bunch of mindless sheep decided to jump on the bandwagon because it sounds good and persecute me for when I didn't actually do anything like that. So, nope.

J: And lolcow were…lolcow was talking about me like, how could you say that to him? I had a good reason for saying everything I said to him.

R: You didn't even say anything bad. You're the only one who's ever defended me. He, he wrote to Dorian and said why, you know, how dare you treat your mom like that and do that to your mom, whatever family problems you have you don't do stuff like that…

J: And that was a bad thing.

R: You keep it between yourselves, and then to dump his stupid little girlfriend because she's the cause of all this. She is…she would be the one talking in his ear and making him do that because he's changed ever since he got with her, started disrespecting me, lying even more, just fucking throwing me under the bus for shit I didn't even do, just all kinds of shit. I know it's all her.

[Cut. She has edited the video since she first posted it, but not before I downloaded the subtitles. Youtube censors obscene words in the auto-generated subtitles. I did not listen to the video before she edited it so I do not know what words she used. Since I was not able to verify the transcript word for word, words may be missing or incorrect.]

And he said get rid of her, she's no good for you and if she's not. And they think they're gonna get married [?] have some kind of wonderful life. I highly doubt that. You can't do that when you're with a [?] and she is a [?]. So uh, good luck with that because it's not gonna work out. Although it might because he's such a little [?] he'll just let her do whatever she wants to do because he's too scared of [?] so he won't, he won't be able to stand up. Instead of manning up to her what he did was he blamed me for everything, everything that he said. And it's like, wow, these were your ideas and your words but you told her it was me. Nice, nice way that you can't even come and confront your own girlfriend about your own problems. That's, that's really gonna last. I mean, if you allow your girlfriend to cuddle with her friends male the female, takes pictures with her friends in their underwear, like, bra and undies. Like, wow. Calling herself a lesbian. I know she looks like one but you know, god, tone it down a little bit. You're supposed to be dating, you know, a male.


I can, I can go in that topic way too long and I really don't feel like doing that.

J: Did you guys get married already? You say husband and wife.

No, not yet. But we like to consider ourself husband and wife. I have two rings now, actually.

R: Aww. I've got my beautiful ring as well [engagement ring] and then the matching band underneath that ring [on her index finger] that matches his love ring.

J: The big one is really shiny. It always catches everybody's attention. They always ask me about it.

R: That's the engagement ring that I got him. And then I got him this love ring. And then I've got the girl version of that love ring here [on her index finger]. It says…it's engraved and it says something something on it. Where's the engraving.

J: "Forever love."

R: Yeah, it says "Forever love" with a little diamond in the middle. So um, it's probably not gonna show up, but it says it there.

I've never ever said husband and wife if we're not actually married before. I've always been the kind of person to pretty much judge people for saying that because I know quite a few people that are like, my husband, my wife. [he puts his head on her shoulder] And I'm like, you're not fucking married yet, you, you have no right to call the other person that if you're not married. Like, I've, I've been pretty snarky and bitchy when it came to that topic because there's just so many people that take it so lightly and they think every new guy they meet's like a husband and like, I'm in love with this guy this guy this guy this guy this guy that guy, no I love myself. And then the next day, now I love this guy and this guy, oh why does everybody break my heart? It's just…it just gets a little old. My husband this, my husband that. That's not your fucking husband, you've known him like two days, you know.

But then when I met him I found myself doing exactly what I hate. I don't know how it happened and why. I think it was you. He, he started saying "wife" and uh, and it's just kind of…our relationship was so different, it just felt different, and I ended up feeling like the biggest hypocrite in the world because I started doing what I said I would never do. But we're gonna end up married very shortly, so it's all good in the end.

J: Hoping to be married by…

R: Our anniversary.

J: Our anniversary, our one year.

R: Yeah. Which isn't actually that far away already, believe it or not. We're already seven months, we've been together seven months. So I don't know how the fuck time has passed that fast, but it has somehow.

[pic stating that they have pushed back their wedding date to September 17th]

J: Next one? Are you used to being back yet? Does it feel like you never left?

R: It feels like I never belonged here, like I never lived here. I haven't really been out of the house enough to feel like I never left. But even when I've been in very familiar places like Walmart and stuff. I've got, like, the memory of when I was here before, but I still feel like an outsider. I do and I did when I first answered that round of questions because I still get startled by the prices. I'm getting a little bit more used to it now to the point where if I see something that's, like, five to seven dollars and I'm like, oh my god, that is expensive. But at the same time I, I can appreciate how cheap so many things are. Like, dollar stores are, like, a blessing, you know, you get so much stuff. And it's just, you know, again, like getting groceries. And sometimes when we go grocery shopping it'll be like a hundred, hundred fifty dollars. It's like, oh my god, that's so much money. But then when you look at the amount that we're getting compared to what we would get, a hundred dollars in New Zealand would have gotten us, like, two grocery bags, maybe. Here it's a shopping cart full. [pic of full shopping cart] So in reality we get a whole bunch of stuff. And there's a lot of savings.

And I'm still, like, in the honeymoon phase as far as being here, but I do still feel like an outsider. But I don't feel like I belong in New Zealand. I don't feel like I belong in America. So it's just kind of really weird for me at the moment. [he mumbles] I don't know if I ever will. Ten years of being away is a long time to kind of work around.

And especially being in this area where there's nobody that looks like me. And so I get, you know, when I get stopped, it's not as often anymore, but when I do get stopped it still makes me feel like I'm just really different from everybody else which I know in this area I am. That's not a bad thing, though, because they don't treat me badly. It just, you know, it just brings home the fact that I'm kind of out of my element here more than I was over there, because over there they were kind of used to it, nobody said anything about the way I looked, ever. But here they're just always like, oh my god oh my god oh my god. I get stopped for my hair, I get stopped for my tattoos all the time, piercings, you know.

J: Yes, you do. That was the last one.

R: That was the last question? Wow, that wasn't very many.

J: No, it wasn't. Thanks for the support. And like we said on the other video, I'm fine, everything's fine.

R: Yeah, um, I had made a separate video but I never uploaded it cuz I was waiting…

[fades out mid-sentence and cuts to Raven alone wearing a different shirt]

I didn't expect the kind of comments I got. Honestly I, I didn't at all. I thought if anybody answered that question of why, why you all support me and Josh but you don't…you didn't support me and Logan. I thought it was gonna be all based on age; just, it was wrong, it was disgusting, you guys should have never been together blah blah blah. Like, negative, even if it's written in a not as negative way, if that makes sense. I thought the general feeling of it would have been still bashing me. But unanimously every comment on there that I've gotten has said it's because you can tell I'm so much happier with Josh. Josh Josh Josh Josh, it's all about Josh. Like, he's the reason pretty much you guys are supportive because you can tell he's a great guy, he's, he's loving and caring and he treats me well and I'm happy and he's invested in my life. [cut] I, I don't know. Like, I'm overwhelmed in a good way that people actually care if I'm happy or not. And not trolls. I mean, they, they want me to be happy. You guys who want me to be happy want me to be happy. And I, like, I've had it in my head for so long because of all the hate that I get and all the, the trolls and the bullying and stuff like that, you know, I've built up this wall and this defense and, you know, I've told myself, you know, like 90 percent of the people that watch you are from those sites and they only watch you because they're looking for signs that you're miserable or they want to see you fail, they're…nobody actually cares about you. And so to be confronted with or faced with people that are like, we just want you to be happy, we're happy because you're happy, we're happy that you, you finally have someone that loves you and, you know, positive, positive feedback. I'm like, these are real people, these are people that care about me? Like, if I'm happy or not? Like, they don't want me to be unhappy? And it's just, it's…it takes a lot to get my head around because I'm so used to people just wanting to see me fail, just wanting to see the worst in the world for me for whatever reasons they've built up in their mind based on either them misreading what I've written or based on who I was in my past or just because they're generally negative disgusting ugly people inside. I've had a lot of negativity around me for so long that I'm always on edge and on guard, I guess. Not really on edge, more on guard, like, yeah, that person's probably them, that person is probably them. And especially when I first moved here, the people that were writing to me pretending to be my friends which I've exposed in previous videos, it just goes to show that you can't really trust anybody. They just try to befriend you and get information from you.

But on YouTube I, I do get an overwhelmingly amount of positive people and support. I do still get insults and trolls and, you know, them trying to turn me against Josh and all that, but I just delete it and move on. Like, I don't respond to it, I just, whatever, it's just, you know, it's it's old is what it is, it's just old.

And every day in every way I'm a different person and I'm growing and changing and I'm happy, I'm content. I keep saying it. I'm, I'm just, I'm happy where I am in life. And, you know, I've seen that I've had support, but it's never struck me the way it struck me just now. I don't know why, but it has. Like, I know I always say thank you guys for your support, and I know I've got a lot of support and love out there. But to see that the reason I didn't really get support in my, my previous marriage was because it was obvious I wasn't happy and he looked just sullen and kind of angry most of the time, and he didn't want to be there. He wasn't like that with me in person, by the way, that was…he just hated being on camera. But there were a lot of problems. But he, he really didn't want any part of my life like my online life or things that were important to me. That, that is true. And for you guys to be able to see the difference between him and Josh and to welcome Josh with open arms and to love him for me the way that you guys do, it's, it's pretty amazing, it really is. And I just, I just wanted to say thank you. Like, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you so much for caring about my well-being and my happiness and wanting good stuff for me. I'm just really not used to that. I'm not used to a lot of this.

And I tell, I do tell Josh that all the time, you know, you're, like, you're too good to be true. I, I've never encountered a guy like you before, there's got to be a catch. And I'm, like, waiting for, you know, the anvil to fall on my head and for everything to be blown up and…But he's assured me plenty. Even his mom has told me, you've got a good guy there, he would never cheat on you, he'd never hurt you. And um, I, I do believe that deep inside my heart he is different and I know that I will be happy with him. I am happy with him. And I know that what we've got is something really special. And um, the best decision I ever made in my life was taking that risk and coming back here.

And, you know, having him and his family and you guys, it's just I've never felt important or truly loved or truly accepted or truly wanted before. I used to have to work so hard at trying to get people to like me or not, not see me as this horrible monster, this disgusting creature. And um, I stopped working at it and just started trying to do what I needed to do just to make my life better. I started this in 2015. And ever since then everything's just gone up and up and up. And at times it still kind of bowls me over because I never thought that I would be here, like, feeling like this. And by here I mean, like, in this place emotionally, mentally, having people give a shit about me and not just watching me just to make fun of me. I mean, I know that there's people out there that do, but I know that there's a lot of people out there that watch me because they care for whatever reason. They don't see what the trolls see. You guys are really, really great, honestly, the ones of you that are true.

Even though it, it hurts to write and reply as often as I used to, I do like all your comments. I, of course, read all your comments, and I appreciate every single one that is a true and honest comment. Thank you thank you thank you for being so accepting and understanding and just for continuing to be here and supporting me. You really don't have any idea how much it means to somebody like me who has had nobody and nothing for most of their life. It is, it is a gift, it really is. And um, I feel like the richest girl in the world having you guys and having Josh and what I have here. It's a, it's indescribable, and I don't know if I'll ever get over this feeling. It's just, it's beautiful.

[cut back to her and Josh]

The video is mostly, like, kind of like a wow because we get so many people that are like, Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh about everything. And, like, that there's so much more support here because they like you a lot better and because you seem more invested in the relationship and interactive and like you want to be here and, Iike, I thought everybody was gonna bash because I asked why did I not get the same kind of support when I was with Logan that I do with him. And um, I thought it was gonna be all, cuz you're a pedophile and all that shit. And I didn't actually get…

[She then talks about her interaction Gir the Alien Goldfish / Marionetta. Josh interjects monosyllabic expressions of support and agreement throughout.]

I got, like, one snarky, ugly ass shemale that tried to be a smartass and bring me down. And I responded back, got her page shut down for sharing my information and stuff and attempting to bully me. And then she's like, I'm meaner than you. Wow, yeah, you're than me because you can recycle the same tired old insults everybody else has been saying for the last six plus years. I don't think so. You just want to be mean because you're, like, this fucking want-to-be cancer survivor-looking fucking dykey-looking bitch. I couldn't even tell if it was a male or female at first. This person is fucking disgusting. Like, really, really disgusting. And then it posts a photo, "Still prettier than R. Sparks." Like, in your fucking dreams. I mean, I'm not, like, the best thing in the world, but I know I look a billion times better than that thing does.

J: I couldn't believe it.

R: I know. Like, talk about delusional. So uh, it's just that these people think they can come to me and abuse me and I'm not supposed to say anything in return. Like, come the fuck on. I usually don't anymore. But sometimes something needs to be said. [Josh puts his head on her shoulder and fusses with his ponytail] And that doesn't mean that I'm the bully back. It means I've got something called self respect. I'm not gonna be walked all over and just harassed and called names for no fucking reason. I don't care what you say. If you don't like me talking back to you, then how about you don't talk shit in first fucking place. [he takes out his ponytail and puts his head on her shoulder] Ooh, you're pretty. Aww. I've got you…a picture of you. [she rubs his forehead with her index finger] Aww, so pretty.

Um, so yeah, uh, aside from that all I got pretty much unanimously was that I got all the support. I get so much support now because of him because, cuz you look like you love me a lot.

J: I do, I do.

R: I know you look like it. [she laughs, he mumbles] Oh, so you don't look like it. [sarcastically teasing]

J: [sounding tired] You know what I mean. [she laughs] Crazy.

R: But um, yeah, so that was really nice, that's…that was shocking. And I read him…he doesn't really get on and read comments anymore because he's working all the time. But I read him the comments when there's like some really, really good ones. And you were pretty like, wow, as well. Like, it's just pretty wow because I didn't think that anybody out there gave a fuck if I was happy or not because I get bullied so much and talked shit about so much, that was, like, the last thing I expected was to hear that people actually gave a shit if I was with somebody that cared about me or not. So that was a really nice surprise.

J: A lot of people do care.

R: It's hard to remember sometimes because I get so much shit. I mean, even when your own flesh and blood turns on you and lies about you and, and feeds into what everybody else is saying, you've got no loyalty anywhere. So sometimes it just makes you question everything and it…you know, you start thinking that everybody's against you and you've got nobody. And I told myself that the only people that followed me were the trolls just to watch my life and hate on me but I didn't really have many real subscribers on there. And it turned out I actually have more than I thought.

A handful of people sent late Christmas presents, too. I keep saying that I need to gather everything together and make a video, a thank you video. So I'll do that, too, as soon as I'm able to walk around a little bit better.

But yeah, there's, there's so much support out there. It's still kind of hard to get used to, even for me, definitely for you because you're not used to having your life kind of online.

J: No, not at all.

R: You adapt to it pretty well, though. You haven't had an issue with anything so far which is pretty cool. [she strokes his cheek]

So I guess that's it. I did a lot of little venting which was good. That felt good. [she laughs, he mumbles] It always feels good to bitch. I have to censor myself so much nowadays because I don't want to be that kind of person anymore. But I do have a lot of that I, I really wish I could just fucking say about stuff. There's just kind of like…and then it's not worth the effort sometimes to just go off and have a fucking rant cuz, you know, you're just talking to a fucking wall a lot of the times which we know that's no fun.

But I guess that's it? Wanna say bye?

J: Bye.

R: [she mimics his quick "Bye", he kisses her cheek] Aww, look at your smile. [she kisses him on the cheek and leaves a lipstick print] Yeah! Looks like you got punched.

J: [looking at camera screen] Oh, wow. Oh, my god. [she laughs and wipes the lipstick] It's alright. [they kiss]

R: I love a guy that doesn't care if he's wearing lipstick.

J: Nah.

R: I love this color, too, but it's not fucking kiss proof. This is Motorhead from Kat Von D. I wish it was kiss proof. I think I'm gonna like leaving my mark on you.

J: I like having your mark on , so…

R: Oh, yeah. [she laughs and points to a hickie on his neck next to the tattoo of his mom's name] Oh, yeah. [she strokes his chest and looks towards his crotch and giggles]

No. 483630

File: 1516759607607.png (855.64 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-23-17-44-34…)

No. 483632

Doin the lord's work, anon. Thank you

No. 483633

File: 1516759801718.png (1.2 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-23-17-48-02…)


Look at how much we can buy for $100!

No. 483635

File: 1516760383254.png (795.21 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-23-18-12-53…)


The "Forever love" ring on her index finger.

The "Death Dealer" slogan on his military ring takes on a whole new meaning when she wears it.

No. 483636

File: 1516760406941.jpg (103.98 KB, 1459x905, gir.JPG)

No. 483637

File: 1516760422071.jpg (66.23 KB, 1424x466, gir2.JPG)

No. 483638

File: 1516760492520.png (830.01 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-01-23-18-17-10…)


His matching "Forever love" ring and his engagement ring.

No. 483639

Gir responds to Gravy's Q&A!

No. 483640

File: 1516760684491.jpg (61.88 KB, 594x442, girfb.JPG)

No. 483644

File: 1516760995417.jpg (76.55 KB, 571x807, sausagefingers.JPG)

sausage fingers on display

No. 483647

File: 1516761383961.png (476.55 KB, 800x855, Screenshot_2018-01-23-18-33-32…)


She is not exactly a shining example of maturity and eloquence herself.

No. 483649

Yeah but she's half her age. The fact that Raven not only marries kids, but gets into fights with them on Facebook and YouTube is probably the most pathetic thing on lolcow.

No. 483651

File: 1516762107336.png (216.11 KB, 800x1042, Screenshot_2018-01-23-18-42-45…)


She seems overly aggro and well on her way to becoming a cow herself. The bottom post refers to yet another person whom she is in conflict with.

No. 483653

eh, I'm not mad about it. Let her poke the bear, I'm ready to be entertained.

No. 483656

agreed. ready for some milk

No. 483668

The long silent pauses are really awkward to watch.

So ready for Raven's response to this, I can imagine it now how she's flying off the handle at the trailer home that is more than a home..
Running around screaming in a possessed state of anger in her dirty house that she cleans all day, adding new additions to her collections of holes in the walls, and potentially raging under the table waiting to scare up a new response to the haaydur that was more than a haaydur.
Perhaps even for once she will bless the few suckers who are on her Patreon with a video.
Then again I think all the accounts are probably Ryan. Or her friends at the library.
Can't wait for all the angry posts on facebook, and I really, truly, hope that she will make a video response.
With josh on the side nervously twitching and fingersniffing and you can hear him every once in a while mumbling in agreement in between all the twitches.

No. 483669


The feud that was more than a feud continues!

No. 483686

she's definitely been on her way to her own thread since she first appeared. gir the alien lolcalf.

one of the few things I like about Josh (other than the lies he told to get her over there, unintentionally doing a huge favour for D / L /etc and providing many keks for us) is that he still occasionally tries to correct her and get a little bit of truth in there. She tries not to show it but it bothers her so much and I love it.

No. 483687

That's it?
It's a lot of crap and pop and name brand shit too like… if you're struggling so much you need to put a can opener on your amazon wishlist because you can't even afford that, you can probably eat generic cereal and skip the pop aisle idk. Raven's got posh tastes for someone who's apparently struggling.

>dollar stores are, like, a blessing
Sometimes. Sometimes you just get smaller packaging sizes and inferior product that needs replacing. Dollar stores are really hit and miss unless you're dumb and just see a small price sticker like craftybeautydiva… or Raven I guess.

>I'm a different person and I'm growing

yes raven. yes you are growing. widthwise.

Yeah she might be a bit cringe, but she's a kid, and Raven's a 40 year old woman bullying a kid online, wishing the kid (who's already got cancer) would die of cancer in a move that's pretty fucking uncalled for even by Raven standards, and bragging about shutting down her fb page. All because the kid called her out for pretty legit reasons. plus what >>483649 said. Gir's got a chance to maybe grow out of the cringe. Raven's clearly a lost cause. I don't see Raven being like 70 and becoming a sweet old lady, even if a tacobell-induced heart attack doesn't put her out of her misery before that time comes.

No. 483689


But we never actually saw Gir's post. We only know what Gir claims to have said in her post.

No. 483701

New Zealand doesn't have bland food, she just likes processed food.
New Zealand has some of the best beef and lamb in the world and some of the freshest fruit and vegetables because it's all grown locally. Raven wouldnt have plained about Nz food if she actually cooked healthy meals

No. 483718

>Yeah she might be a bit cringe, but she's a kid

I don't really agree with this. I mean, yes, Raven is worse than her, but Gir is still a fucking grade A snowflake. There are plenty of people in /snow/ who get criticized for being adults around the same age as Gir who aren't even half as cringy.

Beyond that, it seems like she's more interested in 'clapping back' at Raven for attention, which is cringy in and of itself outside of, well, everything else.

As much as I dislike Raven, I can't bring myself to 'cheer for' Gir just because she opposes her. It's more like seeing two separate cows collide lmao

No. 483719


Did she edit out her rant about Dorian's GF because she had second thoughts or because her viewers criticised her or…?

No. 483769

well, she supposedly got in trouble with cops the last time she ranted about Dorian and lovely GF so maybe she's just trying to cover her ass

No. 483775

I don't think she has any knowledge of fresh foods, fruit and vegetables or cooking a real meal yourself from scratch.

Like, she considers boiling a pack of some frozen processed crap and tossing in a can of ready-made sauce an act of cooking?

No. 483783


They're both cringey as hell but watching Raven flip out over this will be hysterical and I'm fucking here for it. A 40 minute long video of her bitchy face filled with "uhhs" and "insertslurhere" even though she ~totally won~. I've followed Raven from the beginning and can't remember a time where someone made such a fuss over her. Emily just brushed it off without names and was done with it.

God help Josh when she sees the video, the trailer won't be able to contain that amount of rage. He's better have a handful of oxy's ready to go for himself.

No. 483786

Please keep your cringey self-inserts on Kiwifarms, thanks.

No. 483787

I can’t WAIT for a video of Josh doing Raven’ Makeup for the boyfriend you tube tag. My money is on him doing a far better job than she does herself.

No. 483797


except he seems ok with the idea of gravy doing HIS make up but does a complete turnaround when he realises he's meant to do hers.
R: [laughs] You're not that kind of guy to wear makeup so…But you could…I don't, I don't see you being able to…my makeup…

>J: I could do it for the fans once, I guess.

>R: My makeup's simple, but I would still think it would be pretty interesting to see you try to do it.

>J: Yeah, I might not. I'll sleep on it.

No. 483798

Lmfao. I’m glad someone else also gets as excited as me. As far as I know, this is the first time someone has come after her like this on video, so I hope it’ll be even more lit than usual, with extra hysteria.

No. 483826


When she says, "But you could…" she motions to her own face. I should have included that in the transcript.

But, yeah, he rolls over for her as much as Azzie does.

No. 483832


If those are self-posts, she didn't get the unanimous reaction she was probably expecting. She seems to know better than to post her video on KF; if she self-posted here, she may have done so hoping a duo-farmer would see it and post it there.

Scrolling through her posts and videos, I get the impression that she is the type of snowflake who provokes women who are known to be aggro in order to play the victim and be counter-aggro for fun. Who goes out-of-their way to antagonise a cow after reading about them on KF unless they themselves want attention?

And again, we never actually saw the post that so offended Raven (a Youtube comment, iirc). We only know what Gir claims to have said in her post. What did she say that ignited Raven's wrath over every other negative comment that Raven simply deletes or, at most, rants about in a video? Has she ever attacked someone in the comments of their videos or posts?

No. 483843

I don't think she would care about NZ cops now that she's in the US. I really hope it's because her viewers read her the riot act after the horrible shit she said about some teenagers. God I hate her.

I posted the screen caps from KF and her youtube video, so at least some of them aren't self posts. I hate Raven and am excited for anyone to call her out in front of her "fans". I love it when she complains all her fans come here and believe our "lies".

No. 483881

I'm sorry, this chick is a Ravey-in-training. I can't wait for KF to give her her own thread. Milky af.

No. 483882


inb4 anyone gets on my ass, sage is now disabled so pls no bully, I saged.

No. 483884

You could always make a thread for her in snow, you know.

No. 483887

On one hand I think she deserves a thread, but on the other hand I'm pretty damn sure that's what she wants. This chick feeds off of internet attention, I'd rather not feed her ego.

No. 483937

To be fair, I was kind of a "fan" in the sense I felt sympathy for her, and found her somewhat interesting when I first found her.
But her incessant nagging about these websites made me go here and read everything and then I did in fact believe all the "lies" here.
So she was right about that. But the best way to stop it from happening is to just shut up about it.
She digs her own grave with this stuff, kek.

No. 483955


> I kind of hope he does try to come crawling back to me one day just so I can laugh in his face.

I hope you try to come crawling back to him so he can tell you to fuck off.

> shit I didn't even do

He told us that you physically and emotionally abused him. we don't believe you Raven. Just going by your Facebook alone shows us that others are not believing your bullshit as well.

> Instead of manning up to her what he did was he blamed me for everything.

Wrong again dipshit. She probably gave him the courage to finally tell someone about the abuse you inflicted on him you waste of oxygen.

> He would never cheat on you, he'd never hurt you.

Neither did Logan, yet you ditched him (imho, watching porn is not cheating).

No. 483957

She disabled/deleted the comments on the resin jewelry video which included comments from the woman who custom made the jewelry for her and comments complimenting her work.

How much more insulting can Raven be to her "beloved" followers?

Any new sightings of Azzy? I am curious to know what Ryan's response is since he trained and showed dogs.

No. 483960

Same. I found her fascinating at first and an interesting story teller. I forgot that there is always another side to her stories, and found them when she started ranting about the hate sites. Hardly anyone would come here if she didn’t continuously direct people to the site. She must secretly love the attention.

Now watching her getting into an internet slap fight with Gir is going to be most entertaining.

No. 483962


Additionally, in several videos and blog and Facebook posts she admitted to raising Dorian neglectfully and living with men who abused him emotionally and physically. As his mother she was responsible for protecting him from their abuse, and failing to do so is tantamount to abusing him herself.

No. 483969

all of this people thinks they "want" a thread and having the attention of strangers but they get mad the minute they start pointing their failures, flaws, etc. See what happens with Momo, Vicky and Raven themselves. I just love new milk lol.

No. 483978

Pretty sure she wants the attention and would love a thread.

Raven continuing to mommy all the people she has sex with is unnerving as hell to me. I'm surprised that Josh has stuck with her because I always think I can see him chafing at the yoke now and then. Agree with the anon who wrote that it looks like he's attempting to reel her in or at least tell the truth part of the time.

I wonder if he'll make it to the wedding that was more than etc.

No. 484041

Be careful what you wish for, Gir

No. 484112

I'm really interested to see how this plays out tbh. 8 months is a long time to be putting up with the likes of Raven, and since she's bringing in … what, like $5 a month? from Patreon, he must be feeling drained financially as well as emotionally.
I'm wondering if he will bail out before things get a lot more complicated and entangled in September. I'm also wondering if she'll be the one to jump, after finding what she hopes is an upgrade. Like someone who owns a couch or has their own friends at the library to help defend her.

No. 484113

She's listing off all her complaints - the area, the location of the house, not feeling she belongs, being bored an lonely all day. She's setting the scene for an exit should she decide to take one.

No. 484227

What is a snow thread, and what difference would it make if she were on it? She’s hilarious. The more the merrier.

Double same. She’s a total idiot. She basically sends off sympathetic fans to these sites that she never shuts up about, and then whines about the haterz later.(lurk more)

No. 484239


I think the exit part is a convenient bonus, though.

Raven happy: listing off all her complaints
Raven sad: listing off all her complaints
Raven bored: listing off all her complaints
Raven on the happiest day(s) of her life: listing off all her complaints

it's like breathing to her.

>what is a snow thread

No. 484246

Can we shut up about Gir needing a thread? She’s got into a tiff with Cravey, and then posted about it, big deal. She’s not lolcow worthy at all, unless we find out her cancer was all a ruse then by all means start a thread (but I doubt that’s the case).

Gir is just a alt teen and prob got used to spending lots of time online cuz that’s what u do when you’re sick.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 484251

Sorry but I genuinely don’t know haha. I haven’t been able to find a link which explains the differences in all the different thread types (like pt, snow). Anyway…

Reminds me how creepy she is, even when the difference in age isn’t that bad. She always seems to baby them. Josh seems annoyed whenever she does it to him, and puts up his hair at times and has talked about him cutting his hair. All which Raven hates.

No. 484252

Aaand I just figured it out. The thread title descriptions just didn’t seem to pop to me on mobile. Sorry about that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 484347

File: 1516916888101.png (216.64 KB, 800x567, Screenshot_2018-01-25-13-45-37…)


They have a set of curtains!

No. 484639

Her cave is coming along nicely thanks to Ryan and whoever is dumb enough to buy things for them.
I remember she had this one video where she opened up huge boxes a male follower sent her. He sent R&L a game console, games , books ,shirts , etc.. where is he now ? Raven is in need of cat trees and Goff stuff .

No. 484641

thread requested. you're welcome.

it's OK, just made me have a moment because there were some changes introduced yesterday that included a bit about newfriends blending in better.

good on ya, ryan.

No. 485085

File: 1517001901099.png (385.62 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-26-13-23-42…)

No. 485092

when you call other women names so often that even your phone knows it.

No. 485147

Even the AI in Raven’s phone knows the score.

No. 485166

Why is she even surprised? She’s always calling other women “whores” so her phone remembers. Gotta love it when she claims to have “changed.” She’ll always be a jealous ugly fat pig. Lol

No. 485187


Her phone is auto-completing the phrase "call me…" not "call her…" or "call them…"

This points to how many times she has typed "Don't call me a whore" or similar when defending herself.

No. 485230

I thought of it in the context of her rants which I'm sure she subjects Josh and anyone else who will listen to, as in "can you believe SHE would call ME a whore?!" and "how dare they call me a whore!"

No. 485239


Exactly, in sentences in which she defends herself.

No. 485706

File: 1517082563077.png (108.25 KB, 800x412, Screenshot_2018-01-27-11-43-47…)

I don't recall this sighting being posted in past threads. Her Myspace photos were hotlinked on this forum, and she demanded they be taken down.

Never change, Raven!

No. 485725



Actually, it IS from the things you write. A fucking bitch is what you are. A nasty vile scumbag who has to hide behind a computer screen and attack your own son who you wrongfully disowned, acting like you're queen of the fucking world. You have a god-complex that I sincerely hope one day comes back to bite you in the ass. How empty and pathetic your life must be if this is all you can do to make yourself feel special.

No. 485737

"I can't do a give away because hayders"

3 weeks later: high AF on oxy and doing a giveaway

No. 485782

what a great idea. definitely no way this can go wrong.

No. 485795

File: 1517129755650.jpg (98.84 KB, 621x960, 27496730_1301974489949382_1475…)

No. 485796

File: 1517130079011.jpg (77.36 KB, 1080x667, 27398281_1301973859949445_9138…)

Wonder who paid for it? (Not really, we all know who her pimp daddy is.)
But I do wonder why she didn't add 24 pictures and 2 videos on or about it yet, like she normally does.
With all the gross old blankets and pillows, and all the pets.
You know Raven, there ARE such things as sheets, pillow cases etc, that you put on your pillows, mattress and blanket, which come off so you can wash them. You know, to keep it more clean and sanitary.
You should hurry up and put some on your wish list.

No. 485798

I love the she's still so embarrassed to admit she buys her high end stuff from discount stores, Hence the bashed up packaging….

No. 485799

>don't have to sleep on a shit air mattress anymore
>still living in a rundown trailer
>only individual income is from Pimp Ryan
>talk about the good life

uh huh. much jealous over here.

No. 485823

It's not fair.
How can we achieve such life goals as to have a mattress and box spring of our very own by age 40?
I wish she would write a book or make a life hack tutorial in which she shared her tips to achieve dreams as great as hers.

No. 485839

those days are gone, anon. previous generations knew that if they worked hard, they could realize the great American dream of owning their own couch (and even having enough to set aside a few funko pops for retirement)
the younger generation has to scrape and save just to make their burritos last 3 days.
We'll just have to live vicariously through our idol and take what joy we can from her achieving life goals like owning a $35 can opener.

No. 485866