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File: 1616327078748.png (Spoiler Image, 403.82 KB, 450x626, fakeboitherottengirl.png)

No. 1189390

A stan from Luna Slater's thread that has been simping in her tumblr notes for at least a year. Has shown up multiple times in her threads, asked to not be discussed because they think it's bullying, mean and disrespectful to "harass!" someone like that while also happily acknowledging they partake in Luna's threads. Claims to just want to "be kind to someone struggling," is happy to ignore all of Luna's sins and merely says "I don't judge" and "is just atoning for reading here".

> Despite claiming to want no attention drawn to them, seems very pleased with the attention drawn to them whenever they show up in the threads, and keeps showing up despite claiming they just want to be left alone even though it without exception always leads to the opposite.

> Is a "detransitioned" FTM (said they "lived as a man from 15 to 20" which probably translates to "wore jeans and vans for a few years" rather than actually transitioning) and now a rabid radfem, terf, hater of trans people and believer in a transgender conspiracy against women, while also claiming to respect all pronouns as long as they're not "infringing on femininity" and reblogging posts mocking people who go by she/them, claiming they hate women

> best online friend goes under the username "xannexfrankx"

> Imgur album with some Choice Quotes from their blog with more info about all the above https://imgur.com/a/4ZongxA

> Also claims to be a sexworker, thinks Lurch looks like Joseph Gordon-Levitt >>>/pt/725609

> Thinks Luna is a victim of booollying due to her asking for handouts to fund her heroin addiction >>>/pt/773738

> has encouraged Luna to shoplift >>>/pt/787578

> thinks luna is just "a poor suicidal person being boolied" >>>/pt/773738

The last post they made in the luna thread, c&p below for archival >>>/pt/827386
im fakeboitherottengirl, I lurk here. Im not a simp, I have never sent her money or material possessions, I literally am that nice to anybody who I see post about struggling, shes just very public with her struggles and so I feel compelled to be kind to her because I know that anybody posting that candidly about their struggles needs reassurance and support and if I can make somebody in a shitty situation feel a little less shitty at no cost to myself other than the 2 minutes it takes to reply to a post, then I do. I know she has BPD and attention/reassurance is important to her. I don't expect anything in return, other than the fact that being nice to her makes me feel a little less guilty about snooping in these threads (but im not above it and Im not going to pretend like I am).
I promise that im the least interesting person, Im sorry that the milk is dry but I thought as far as these threads go Ive already been designated "fat and unimportant" and I'd prefer if weirdos didn't post screencaps of my tumblr on hate forums for the crime of being too kind.

Also "v8 pussy and Cadillac ass" is a reference to a line in the movie "Gummo" I swear im not interesting, or worth posting here, Im not worth discussing, I'm literally just a retarded kid who spergs about horror movies and reblogs gay GTAV fanart and if this could be the last time I had to post a message like this in one of these threads that would be really swell. I know Im probably going to catch a b& for this novel of a post but I'd prefer to stay a spectator in all of this.

> proceeded to immediately whine about people talking about them on lolcow after they posted there >>>/pt/827434

> quickly turned around into being excited about becoming an internet celebrity >>>/pt/827932

Tumblr: https://fakeboitherottengirl.tumblr.com/
Selfie tag: https://fakeboitherottengirl.tumblr.com/tagged/face%20reveal
Inkitt ("novel") page: https://www.inkitt.com/blisterswrites
Reedsy ("flash fiction") page: https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/author/blisters-wournos/

No. 1189400

File: 1616328321211.jpg (424.86 KB, 1280x1704, tumblr_93cb972bdb7c2f2e62c4841…)

Nice haircut.

No. 1189419

File: 1616330808965.jpg (459.75 KB, 640x3280, 21032021134556.jpg)

Reposting her asks from imgur in case they disappear.

No. 1189428

File: 1616331148091.png (19.3 KB, 265x275, 1616084736866.png)

No. 1189439

File: 1616332175763.jpg (43.59 KB, 573x460, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-jULL…)

No. 1189457

She doesn't seem "rabid" at all about the trans stuff, neither does she seem like a "hater of trans people". She said she believes in using people's pronouns/chosen names to make them feel comfortable, but also that it shouldn't encroach or infringe on women's liberation (not "femininity"). What the fuck, OP?

No. 1189467

>now a rabid radfem, terf, hater of trans people and believer in a transgender conspiracy against women
You do know what website this is right?
Shes cowish but isnt a "rabid terf" kek

No. 1189474

That's an infection, baby.

No. 1189493

thanks for the thread anon! i don't expect this to be TOO milky but i'm sure there'll be a little sperg when she inevitably stumbles across this thread.

>does femdom, which is inherently sexual
>does feederism, which is also typically sexual
>both being fetishes mostly existing for and enjoyed by scrotes
>'it's more weird performance art!!!! i'm a good radfem i promise!!!!'
the state of tumblr radfems

No. 1189506

File: 1616341915274.png (60.51 KB, 606x550, Screenshot 2021-03-21 16.47.12…)

Adore her love/hate relaytionship with Nicole. She spergs at Nicole and yet would love to wear her skin. 100% farmer behavior lmfao

No. 1189515

File: 1616342607293.png (4.99 MB, 1366x4138, screencapture-fakeboitherotten…)

Just look at this shit. Sorry for almost all pictures being highlighted as well but I'm not screencapping one by one

No. 1189518

File: 1616342700537.png (9.87 KB, 602x154, Screenshot 2021-03-21 16.44.41…)

Brave and stunning. Much empowerment

No. 1189522

File: 1616342780223.png (20.98 KB, 600x334, Screenshot 2021-03-21 17.05.49…)

No. 1189523

File: 1616342817919.png (1.99 MB, 1366x1232, screencapture-fakeboitherotten…)

Fuck Blisters, I'm so sorry

No. 1189526

File: 1616342966081.png (93.78 KB, 596x596, Screenshot 2021-03-21 16.46.10…)

Is this pregnancy starvation a real thing or a meme?

No. 1189529

File: 1616343123586.png (57.83 KB, 604x551, Screenshot 2021-03-21 16.47.47…)

No. 1189535

She chooses to be a fatty. And it's no surprise that she follows Luna, her behavior is just as embarrassing. Both of them act like their appearance is out of their control but they both choose to be sloppy and gross as hell.

No. 1189537

File: 1616343618644.png (57.06 KB, 602x478, Screenshot 2021-03-21 16.45.18…)

Here's what she says on why she's fat

No. 1189544

haha get it

No. 1189585

File: 1616346893207.png (Spoiler Image, 163.28 KB, 496x445, Screenshot_20210318-101549.png)

No. 1189587

File: 1616346921785.png (Spoiler Image, 405.35 KB, 496x534, Screenshot_20210318-101839.png)

No. 1189596

File: 1616347422492.png (51.88 KB, 602x541, Screenshot 2021-03-21 16.45.32…)

why is she doing this to herself, i'm crying

No. 1189625

so her metabolism or whatever is ruined forever and hard drugs don't make her lose weight? in that case, why is she skinny (or at least not >300lb) in these pictures? she sounds like such a munchie.

what's saddest is that she actually doesn't look too bad in that bottom picture if you look past the fact she obviously looks like a druggie

No. 1189637

I'm assuming stopped taking those drugs that made her lose weight or whatever made her skinny stopped working after that period but IDK how probable that is

No. 1189706

If you don’t eat, which you don’t much if you regularly take amphetamines, you lose weight. This is clearly demonstrated by the pics she posted. What a jackass.

No. 1189711

that's exactly what i was thinking! it seems to me like she just makes shit up to make her sound as oppressed and edgy as possible and hopes nobody will call her out on it. no wonder she loves luna so much.

also unrelated, but i hope the anon from the luna thread who mentioned being stalked by her on tumblr comes here and tells us a bit more about what happened. i'm not involved in her side of tumblr bc it's full of absolute freaks like this, but even just from a glance at random 'radfem' blogs, i've seen a few of her posts get big, posts with lots of notes having commentary from her, and a decent amount of people reblogging from her. is she a big figure on that side of tumblr?

No. 1189745

>She chooses to be a fatty.
Eh, I cannot agree with statements like this. Fakeboi is unhappy as hell with her weight, but has difficulty losing it. She clearly has a lot of mental issues (like being a csa survivor) that could make it difficult for her to get out of whatever toxic patterns she has going on.
I would honestly say that being as ugly as possible is her choice in the name of feminism and being lazy.
She apparently has over 3000 followers. Didn't make it to any terf list yet, so she's not that big.

No. 1189824

wow it's really pathetic that this is probably the most attention she's ever received and she's practically begging for it to continue

No. 1189832

FYI, that screencap is from months ago, probably back when she was discussed on lolcow for the first time. She doesn't really enjoy having a thread but is trying to reverse psychology us

No. 1189974

File: 1616377881428.jpeg (390.21 KB, 750x1157, 87AC043D-2652-428E-85AA-DF7AED…)

Same Luna? Blisters said she went to an art school in NY and studied creative writing (I am assuming Pratt but could be SVA) and I know Luna went to Pratt for a very short amount of time, so maybe?

No. 1189993

tumblr anon here, but there isn't a whole lot more to say. i'm not into everything she even follows on tumblr so I didn't even know about the radfem stuff, and I've been off the site for a year so if it's something that she's recently started mentioning I wouldn't know. she's just obsessive and goes through people's blogs and comments on every single personal post and sends weird dms and she simps for way more than just our stinky Tuna. if you wanted to know more I'd bother the poor anon that has scoured her blog recently for some screenshots.

No. 1190055

>i don't expect this to be TOO milky
Not OP, but I've been peripherally following this woman like a personal lolcow for a while now, and she always struck me as the kind of person who'd exhibit cow behavior if given the opportunity. She's officially been given the opportunity, and it kind of seems like she wanted it. I expect even milkier behavior than usual for her to ensue, which is saying a lot.

>i'm sure there'll be a little sperg when she inevitably stumbles across this thread

I get the impression from her recent posts that she's probably going to be lurking here 24/7 (with Luna's thread open in another tab, of course.)

Along with Bronson and Dollanganger, she's just as obsessed with Courtney Love/Hole as Luna is.

No. 1190058

>acts like being fat isn't a choice
>is on the higher end of an average BMI in her "eating disordered" "lowest weight" pictures
>"muh starvation mode"
Looks like we got a wannarexic/"recovery" cow on our hands.

No. 1190120

I think it's a different person.
The cow Luna is clearly an internet stranger to fakeboi.
>sends weird dms
Like what? We know she simps for other people because she always mentions it as a defence of posting all this shit on Luna's tumblr.

No. 1190318

File: 1616422961270.png (83.74 KB, 719x627, rotten1.png)

No. 1190319

File: 1616422993873.png (195.86 KB, 719x1030, rotten2.png)

No. 1190338

That's just called "a diet". And underweight doesn't mean "I was smaller than my current weight".

No. 1190366

Can't believe this woman is still going. It would've been so easy to just shut up and lay low for a while, why did she come to her own defense and is now continuing to post about lolcow? Is she desperate for attention or something?

No. 1190378

And to think I purposefully skipped on a quite significant post about shit thing that happened to her because I felt that it would be in extremely poor taste to discuss it on lolcow. I still do and I won't post it here, but I beg you fakeboi hide this thread and stop daring us to dig deeper. If you want the attention, you are free to sperg out kek
Back at it with the Nicole obsession. That cow really is living rent free in fakeboi's head. She's not wrong about seeking help for ED even if you are 'not that bad', though.

No. 1190396

File: 1616429455847.png (4.19 MB, 1920x2622, screencapture-fakeboitherotten…)


No. 1190399

File: 1616429622278.jpg (52.87 KB, 602x488, antiporn.JPG)

antiporn doesn't exist, just say that you're an edgelord that enjoys gore and go… no need to moralfag about it

No. 1190446

Since yall can't stay out of my inbox I guess Ill just respond here even though Im going to get b& anyway. If you're referring to the fact that Im open about my history of sexual abuse then yeah, that would be pretty tasteless to joke about, so tasteless that you don't get moralfag points for abstaining, because honestly if you want to make fun of my survivor status that just looks bad on you not me.

The infamous "puppy smell" post was written when I was taking hormones to try and re-start my period after a year of not having it, i stank like pheromones no matter how much I washed and no longer smell bad now that Im not on the hormones anymore. I actually smell of mint and rosemary because that's the shampoo i just used.

I don't know how yall went from designating me "fat and unimportant" to dedicating an entire thread to me but, aside from the fact that Im not afraid to be interactive, Im really sorry to disappoint but Im not exactly milky. I don't rob people or have some crazy snuff backstory or pretend to be trailer trash, Im just a broke fat bitch with autism trying to enjoy my petty little special interests on my run-of-the-mill tumblr. Also Im not "obsessed" with Nicole and Ginger I just love their music and hate them as people. As an autisic, my interests can come off as "obsessive". And Im not obsessed with/trying to be Courtney Love, Im obsessed with/trying to be Jt Leroy lmfao get it right.
I wonder if this will even post or if im already blocked from posting here but im a very open/friendly person, if you have questions about me or think something is worth discussing hit me up and we can discuss it, there's no need to speculate from the farms, Im an open book and asking me will get you a more entertaining/satisfying answer than posting about it on here.

No. 1190568

completely unrelated lmao but what’s with the last name wournos? is that your real last name or do you stan a batshit insane serial killer?

No. 1190573

I stan Saint Aileen

No. 1190633

And Blisters is from the one Hole song about a Pee Girl, right? Wow

Anyway why do you want to be JT Leroy? Do you fetishize gay men or what? Sorry, but your taste in music, art etc. is very cowish. By which I mean that you like art by people who are cows AF. The old lolcow truth proves once more.

No. 1190634

"My name is Blisters" is from Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Its just a pen name, its supposed to be kind of dumb and edgy

No. 1190647

I want to be JT Leroy because I love Albert's writing but I loved the whole scandal I found it really fascinating. And to a degree I probably fetishize gay men, I used to be a "gay trans man" but literally every aspect of my existence as a woman is fetishized to some degree so you give some and you get some in this world lol. But in high school I literally bleached my hair and wore giant sunglasses because I wanted to look like Jt Leroy, and I went by the name "Sarah" in some circles where I wasn't out as trans, and when I was trans all I wanted in the world was to be a Dennis Cooper character, IDK I've just always really liked the books and found the whole style very interesting and I identify with a lot of stuff she said in interviews, like the idea of projecting your trauma on a different-bodied avatar as somebody who struggles with body image issues because you can't stand to talk about your trauma in terms of your own body. Idk I relate to her a lot and i like the character she created and the whole thing is a big spergy interest of mine

No. 1190651

This damaged ass bitch has Main Character illness.

No. 1190652

The doctors call it NPD but I like "Main Character Illness" much better

No. 1190693

>Main Character Illness
How would you define it and what are the signs of it? And yes, I googled

No. 1191302

>My body never had a chance to develop healthy fat tissue and im the shortest of my sisters
But in >>1189596, she said she's "pushing 6 feet"… is she lying, or does she legitimately think she's short? No wonder she looks up to Luna. They have quite similar physiques - tall, but somehow obese, with their metabolism and fat distribution fucked up by years of drug use and shitty diets.

>Im naturally fat
There is no such thing as being "naturally" fat.

No. 1191308

Im just under 6 feet. My sisters are 6'2" and 6'4". I've been on crash diets since preschool (mom had an ED), and was bulimic for over a decade (mostly clean but I still struggle with episodes sometimes.). I was also addicted to and abusing amphetamines for around 5 years, then immediately went on psych meds after getting clean which made me gain a lot of weight in a really short period of time. About a year and a half ago I started Zyprexa and it made me balloon to where I am now. There are steps I could be taking to be healthier but it doesnt really feel worth it when I can eat what I want and be fat OR spend all my energy counting calories and denying myself and still only be slightly less fat.

And you can be naturally fat just like you can be naturally thin. I have a friend who is completely sedentary and eats entire cakes in a single sitting and is still rail thin. If people like that exist, why is it so hard to believe that somebody could naturally be bigger? Even at the absolute depths of my ED, where I was walking 10+ miles a day and eating ~3000 cal a week you can see from my ED pics that I was never spoopy small like i should have been(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1191586

This is the worst lolcow thread of all time who did this you suck

No. 1191608

ok fakeboi chill out and the thread will die on it own

No. 1191925

if I wasn't me and knew I didn't self-post, I would assume this was a self-post

No. 1191964

OP must have a lot of free time on her hands lol. People stopped talking about Blisters on the Luna thread like a day after that initial post. This thread should just be deleted, especially since Blisters was banned again

No. 1191976

Not OP or the same anon but yeah, I sort of agree. I thought this would be more entertaining initially but the only really milky thing about her is how obsessively desperate she is to be a cow and keep getting anon hate on tumblr. Other than that she's pretty cringey and pathetic, but unremarkable.

No. 1191978

Im probably crazy n this is totally tinfoil but i feel like they are so attention starved they made one for themselves to milk their attention they where getting on the luna thread for as long as possible

No. 1191982

Interesting idea but I just think OP is a bit of a cow herself tbh

No. 1191992

Nah I earned my bovine status the honest way, somebody else made the thread, If I made the thread myself there is plenty of much more cringy shit I could have said than "uwu ebil TERF" and I would have given Chaya a bigger shoutout. I also wouldn't have chosen a picture i had to spoiler (which, you really dont, im fat so theres a lot of me but my bikini areas are covered). I would have dug deeper than just screenshotting the keyword "fat" on my blog and posting the results. I wouldn't have screenshotted reblogs. All in all its fun to have people talking about me im cluster B i like the attention to a degree and don't take this site or the opinions of the people on it particularly seriously but yeah i have a lo of constructive crit for whoever made this thread

No. 1192000

Oh you’re still posting here. Why? This thread isn’t an accomplishment, surely there must be better ways of getting attention.

No. 1192007

I mean i just kind of think its funny to be posted on here and im kind of having fun with the attention as long as nobody Doxes me or anything fucked up like that I know Im cringe-worthy and can laugh at myself

No. 1192011

All I’m gonna say is that you’re playing with fire. I think this thread is unnecessary but at this point if you end up getting doxxed I wouldn’t feel bad for you. Hope that doesn’t happen but yeah, just be careful.

No. 1192015

Isn't doxxing illegal? Like yeah please dont commit crimes against me but if you want a cringe-clown im not unwilling to be that

No. 1192018

you’re under the impression that by posting here, you’re laughing with us instead of getting laughed at. admitting that you’re ‘cringe’ doesn’t remove the fact that multiple people across this website have called you out for being a weird, obsessive stalker, or the fact that you’re an absolute munchie who loves to use typical tumblr SJW larping to prove how oppressed you are while also trying to pretend that you’re not like the other tumblrites

No. 1192023

It’s not funny. Most people would be mortified to have their profile posted on here.

No. 1192038

Ive done my fair share of lurking/browsing so like I said Im not above it, Im not goin to freak out and cry and beg for my page to be taken down like Im somehow better than all the other cringy spergs yall post on here

No. 1192076

I followed her for a while just because she came across my dash due to radfem shit, so idk anything about this drama. I will say 99% of her opinions are brain dead and watching her argue with some sperg about gun control while obviously not having researched it beyond "guns bad" a couple months ago was what caused me to unfollow. Tumblr radfems as a whole are disproportionately retarded compared to how many posts they make about "critical thinking"but coupled with the 3edgy5me amphetamine abuse and peepposting, girl was a migraine trigger.

No. 1192093

File: 1616615282092.jpg (342.03 KB, 541x2346, image (20).jpg)

never thought I will see a radfem/gc woman not only hardcore caping for Srpski film (a gore pornfest made by a sick scrote with daddy's money), but also genuinely thinking it's radical feminist cinema… yet here we are. I wanna get off this mad ride

No. 1192096

File: 1616615337107.jpg (30.72 KB, 589x264, uhhh.JPG)

just say that you are too fat/ugly/lazy/poor for those and go

No. 1192099

File: 1616615392050.jpg (58.53 KB, 577x398, jesus.JPG)

No. 1192100

File: 1616615519541.jpg (174.96 KB, 581x1235, image (21).jpg)

>I also wouldn't have chosen a picture i had to spoiler (which, you really dont, im fat so theres a lot of me but my bikini areas are covered)
the mods literally spoiled that pic in the Luna thread. It's considered NSFW for lolcow despite you being covered

No. 1192104

File: 1616615782479.jpg (98.42 KB, 646x859, who.JPG)

I have no opinion on this case, just dropping it here in case someone has something to say on the topic. Also cause I found the post interesting. Wouldn't be surprised if fakeboi is right this time and the woman was unfairly incarcerated. I know zero shit about this though. Whole thing sounds fishy and I do not trust scrotes

>“She admitted that she made up the allegation of sexual assault against (the football players) because it was the first thing that came to mind and she didn’t want to lose (another male student) as a friend and potential boyfriend,” according to the arrest warrant affidavit. “She stated that she believed when (the other male student) heard the allegation, it would make him angry and sympathetic to her.”


No. 1192105

Anything is radfem cinema when you're terminally online and don't actually know how to apply critical thought to a subject. The "ftmtf" to "terf" pipeline is real, and it's just a bunch of self loathing Tumblr retards who became irrelevant when people grew up and lost interest in their trauma narratives, don't be too surprised.

No. 1192107

File: 1616615892371.jpg (85.28 KB, 593x957, fakeboi.JPG)

No. 1192146

the part you said about ftmtf terves is so fucking true. they’re literally the exact thing they mock so much but they think calling themselves retarded trannies on - gasp - terfy tumblr! makes them any different, and it really doesn’t. it’s so fucking embarrassing watching them go on about how much better they are than whatever fakeboi they’re laughing at to fit in when they’re just as self loathing but slightly less delusional

No. 1192161

Wow, A Serbian Film? Salo? Slaughtered Vomit Dolls? Imagine being over the age of 13 and believing you’re cool and 3edgy5me for pretending to enjoy the movies on IMDB “20 Most Shocking Films Evar!!” list. This isn’t milky, it’s just sad.

No. 1192314

im an astrologyfag (i know) and this is kinda silly but she says shes an aries in her bio but says her birthday is may 16? that would make her a taurus. i feel like she lied about being an aries because luna is one and clearly fakeboi wants to skinwalk her, even to the point of being excited that she has a lolcow thread just like luna. idk guys i have a feeling this is gonna get interesting….

No. 1192320

No, it was a tag meme and I forgot to erase the answer of the person before me and didn't realize I never put my own answer in that part until just now. My birthday is in early april, the person i reblogged from has the may 16 birthday

Also I don't want to be Luna, if anything I see her as sort of a "There but for the grace of god go I" situation which is probably why I have so much sympathy for her.

No. 1192342

“so much sympathy” but you post anon messages that talk shit about her KNOWING she follows you and will see it on her dash even after she expressed that she hates having to see anything related to her lolcow thread. you are such a hypocrite it’s ridiculous

No. 1192346

i know enough to sage my posts so it doesn't bump. I don't have a problem with having a thread or people making fun of the cringy shit I do, I know Im sort of eccentric and very TMI and like I said Im not going to cry and beg to be left alone or an hero over some mild cyberbullying. But no, Im not so obsessed with an internet acquaintance that I'd lie about my birthday to have the same sign. Ask Xannexfrank/Chaya if you don't believe me, our birthdays are 3 days apart.

Minus the grime I like her aesthetic and I know what its like to be a lonely person with BPD so I compliment her and we've had a few short conversations about shallow shit like Bojack and Astrology but that is as far as my relationship with Luna goes, she didn't have much interest in friendship when she learned I was poor and other than commenting kindness when she pops up on my feed and reblogging some of her art (because I genuinely like it) Ive sort of given up on our "friendship" ever being a 2 way street. I don't want to be her/be like her, I actually feel really bad for her. I know it is two-faced of me to try to befriend her while reading/knowing about her lolcow but my feelings on her are very conflicted.

Also Im curious as to who I've supposedly "stalked", I'd like the receipts on that. Sometimes I have really poor social skills and can come off as overzealous but nobody has ever told me off or asked that I leave them alone (if I was annoying somebody and they told me, Id respect that and leave them alone)

Like I said before, if Im trying to be anybody, its JT Leroy

No. 1192356

are you using a vpn or another computer? you were banned but you keep posting…

No. 1192358

I appealed the ban because I was directly answering questions relevant to the thread and the appeal was approved

No. 1192371

im astonished. ive never seen this level of mental illness in my life wowee. i hope you come into a lot of money someday so you and luna can actually become friends.

No. 1192379

I mean I have plenty of friends in real life, I don't need to buy them.

Like I said, as somebody with BPD I know how happy something small like a compliment can make me and that is why I compliment her, not because Im expecting anything in return but because I genuinely enjoy complimenting and posting supportive messages to people. Is that really the worst way my retardation could manifest?

Also "wowee"? Are you Soren?

No. 1192389


again, you post anons talking mad shit about luna and about her thread, knowing she will see them on her dash even though clearly said she hates seeing anything about it. you could very easily delete those messages, but you don’t, all because you love that attention, so all that fake “”positivity”” bullshit doesn’t fly. you are a hypocrite. stop using you mental illness to justify it.

No. 1192390

The fuck? Soren, is that you? If you're OP, it'd even explain the "she's a rabid TERF" thing.

No. 1192399

As a rule I post anything that anybody sends me. I highly doubt shes combing through every ask on my blog, or even cares, but yeah if people specifically ask something about her im not going to be like "this is the one ask that I will not publish" i literally publish people calling me a "fat retard" Luna criticism isnt where Im going to draw my line of censorship

No. 1192401

>"hi cow" for a dead person

This thread is already a trainwreck

No. 1192406

im not soren or the op. i dont follow soren i so i dont know what the fuck you are talking about. she doesn’t have to “comb through your asks” if she follows you it will show up on her dash and you know that. pretty shitty “rule” you have posting shit you know will trigger her. good job dodging actual criticism by harping on dumb word i used in post that took 10 seconds to write. no wonder luna doesn’t fuck with you its not because you’re broke like you tell yourself it’s because you’re fucking insufferable jesus christ

No. 1192409

Honestly, like I said, I have very complicated feelings about her and they shift often

No. 1192416

She’s dead, anon. Dead.

No. 1192474

nah, we’ve seen the worst way. it’s the thread pic.

No. 1192494

File: 1616652678651.jpg (53.43 KB, 347x250, 2008213-e3c25629f7e1e8f9641254…)

Was this ever posted? Grabbed from Kiwifarms. Apologies if yes. A good example of hipocrisy kek

No. 1192511

I’d like to know which white trash trailer park this chick is from if she thinks we all drop out of college, start fucking our mom’s drug dealer and ebeg for shitty little hello kitty trinkets.

No. 1192543

tbh this autist should just fuck off to the other farms anyway. They'll be happy to give it the attention it craves and we can let this cancer thread die off. Not sure why it even got started, all we needed was an answer to who would be sad enough to simp for Luna and the answer was obvious: other Lunas.

No. 1192575

>what is a joke
I know she's dead, it's just that no one says "wowee".

No. 1192605

Kek, you should calm down. I'm not the OP that made this thread, or fakeboi that took the photo. Also, please sage your milkless posts.

No. 1194884

File: 1616872428326.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_0778d2eb9db70d2cfefe931…)

No. 1195079

fe-fi-fo-fum vibes

No. 1195436


No. 1195450

File: 1616921686762.png (73.82 KB, 719x832, 20210328_104834.png)

No. 1195527

Learning from Luna, I see. Why would I waste my hard-earned money on two gross internet nobodies? Delusional.

No. 1195943

File: 1616966578137.jpg (307.37 KB, 1080x586, Screenshot_20210328_222140.jpg)

I couldn't figure out why this whole thread and photos looked so familiar and I just realised she reminds me exactly of the woman from the Objectum Sexual documentary who is obsessed with and has sex with an amusement park ride called 1001 Nacht.

No. 1196229

The love child of that lady and Chris chan (christine weston chandler)

No. 1196549

Okay usually Id be like "fuck you" but minus the chin area that lady is a dead ringer for me. When I first saw it I was like "where did they find that horribly unflattering picture of me". Also I don't look anything like CWC we just both have the same 1000 yard stare of barely-functioning autism and don't know how to look into a camera without making psycho eyes.

No. 1196672

File: 1617036332984.jpeg (350.31 KB, 1180x787, gmhdmmhplcv.jpeg)

this you?

No. 1196691

Oh, another fat joke, stay classy, yall sure have a lot of unique shit to say. And Im sure you are all delicate little Thumbelina anachans and not other fat girls projecting. I may be cow-sized but at least be origional and call me out on my bovine behavior (Ill hand you a freebie, go back in my archives to around 2019 and you can find pics of me smearing my blood all over myself during a suicidal meltdown. Something to ACTUALLY discuss lol. Youre welcome you boring fucks)

No. 1196924

If this thread is so boring and unoriginal, why are you still here responding to every new post? As other anons have said multiple times now, this thread would have died awhile ago if you'd stop obsessing over it.

No. 1197036

File: 1617057750877.png (34.9 KB, 719x211, Blisters1.png)

Why do they talk through public tunglr posts

No. 1197039

File: 1617057781150.png (185.89 KB, 719x906, Blisters2.png)

No. 1197041

File: 1617057819962.png (17 KB, 719x175, Blisters3.png)

No. 1197046

Go for the Coricidan next time

No. 1197077

she has even tried provoking farmers with try hard shit on her tumblr. IDK why she isn't banned for attention whoring

No. 1197107

Apparently, this cow has a YouTube channel. She joined in June of last year, has 6 subscribers and has uploaded 3 videos (one titled "My Transition/Detransition", one titled "My Stim Toys", and one titled "Another Autistic Woman Ranting About Sia's "Music"".) The most recent one was uploaded three weeks ago. OP either didn't know or didn't drop a link, so I'll post the videos here.


Vidrel is "My Transition/Detransition", uploaded on June 25 of last year. It's 26 minutes of rambling about how she always wanted to "be a boy" when she was younger and how she became disillusioned with the kweer communities she was active in as a teenager, obscured by some strange green filter. She mentions stuff about growing up in a conservative Christian household, being sexually assaulted, discovering transgenderism as a preteen through a meth addict TiM on a proana forum (who was unsurprisingly a pedophile, and groomed her) and getting into drugs. At points she says she's been "incarcerated and institutionalized", has self-harmed since she was 11, and has "had every eating disorder on the spectrum". I found it funny that the only comment is from someone saying they found her channel through a comment on Blaire White's video about JK Rowling.

(I know she has this thread open 24/7 and she's probably going to leave some snarky reply, or whine on Tumblr about these videos being posted, but whatever. When will farmhands finally permaban her?)

No. 1197109

Here's "My Stim Toys", from July 2 of last year.

No. 1197112

…And here's "Another Autistic Woman Ranting About Sia's "Music"". (Spoiler: She didn't like it.)

From the peeks you get of her room in her YT videos, it's not unlike this one.

No. 1197126

If she didn’t reply, you would probably be a little disappointed right? All of that research and time spent for nothing :’((:’()

No. 1197162

>all that research and time
you mean finding her channel from her blog, then clicking on the link and being directed to her channel, then seeing her grand total of three (3) videos? a whole five minutes in total to find them and link them here? this isn’t the comeback you think it is

No. 1197266

Wow what a Munchie. Sounds like they have nothing interesting to offer the world so just attention whore by going on about "muh mental illness" i really wouldn't b suprised if they where posting the tumblr screenshots ala kelly and the chompurrs show style derogitary self posting just to bump this shit show of a threat for a tiny little bit of sweet sweet attention and rights to cry opressed victim all over tumblr

No. 1197270

Your not that special, unlike u we don't live for being talked about on a thread, nobody gives a fuck if you reply or not your replies are a train wreck, and you don't sound half as good as you think you do but your too spergy to realize just what a needy attention hungry cretin your coming across ass. Just stfu and let this thread die. It reaks of narcissism

No. 1197344

File: 1617097214597.png (412.97 KB, 719x874, astroshit.png)

No. 1197432

I’m not her, I just think you guys are retarded lol

No. 1197452

So you're just one of her retarded tumblr friends.

No. 1197457

Nah I don’t know her at all lol. I follow Luna’s thread and I was amused that some exceptional individual went out their way to make this absolute failure of a thread. It’s funny watching people dig through her blog trying to find “milk” to keep this page alive. That’s it. Be mad kek

No. 1197512

Personally I do think she's a cow (even without drama) and with a huge victim complex at that. At the same time, I find her so repulsive that I don't even want to check on her to see what retarded bullshit she's on this time. It's like willingly throwing yourself into a septic tank.

No. 1197572

>is the only one routinely posting in it for multiple days now
you really showed us anon!

No. 1197579

It’s okay, don’t have an attack.

No. 1199055

File: 1617245305751.png (87.62 KB, 719x556, 1.png)

No. 1199057

File: 1617245329980.png (30.78 KB, 719x277, 2.png)

No. 1199148

Kek at expecting better from “Lucifer Valentine”

No. 1199191

Buying a DVD player to watch a movie but not going to a thrift store…. bitch aren’t you poor?

No. 1199231

File: 1617268584593.jpg (308.23 KB, 1080x1756, IMG_20210401_111451.jpg)

Why didn't she just watch this shit online first? I bet it's uploaded somewhere or can be downloaded at least. WTF.
Okay, googled and apparently movie is hard to find, but look at this info about Lucifer Valentine. Not very feminist uwu to support this piece of shit.
She's a great apologist of Slaughtered Vomit Dolls and probably considers it a major feminist work. Literally Soren tier taste in media.

No. 1199520

I purchased it to use once and then return, it was a European DVD so none of the old ones in my house would play it

Also I thought the movies were a lot more feminist/antiporn before I read the interviews with the director but I still think that at least the first 4 hold up as unique and interesting horror movies

No. 1199596

File: 1617302436036.png (192.99 KB, 718x1159, 1.png)

No. 1199598

File: 1617302572814.png (36.59 KB, 719x206, 2.png)

My internet sucks for some reason today, it's going to take a while to upload everything.

No. 1199600

File: 1617302636205.png (193.05 KB, 719x1229, 3.png)

No. 1199603

File: 1617302771310.png (92.66 KB, 719x508, 4.png)

No. 1199604

File: 1617302888280.png (193.43 KB, 719x1223, 5.png)

No. 1199607

File: 1617303094822.png (36.8 KB, 719x185, 6.png)

No. 1199608

>I-I don't jerk off to degenerate porn! I just like looking at it, in a totally artistic and deep kinda way!

No. 1199609

Lmao, sure. Poorly made fetish porn about a bulimic stripper vomiting and hallucinating violence and gore for an hour is a feminist masterpiece. How woke.

No. 1199617

It took me >2 min to Google "Lucifer Valentine" and find several interviews where he described himself as an emetophile and explicitly stated his films are based on his sexual fantasies. Here's just one; good luck reading the "deep" thoughts of this mentally deranged scrote without wanting to vomit yourself:


You'd have to be an EXTRA dumb cow to believe dude is making any type of anti-porn/radfem statement. It's just gross porn with an art house gloss. Imagine caping this hard for some weirdo's rape/vomit/snuff fetish and calling yourself ANY type of feminist. Fucking kek

No. 1199635

Like I said, I liked him a lot more before I read his interviews, which I hadn't done until recently. I sort of grew up with his movies and made my own interpretations, regardless of his intentions.

No. 1199643

Ok, so why are you still defending his movies? He openly admits to exploiting the lead actress when she was homeless, destitute and violently detoxing off hard drugs, and forcing her into a "submissive" relationship where he made her do degrading acts and filmed it. And even if that isn't true and he's just being "edgy" for the interview, he clearly wants people to believe this film was created by exploiting a desperate junkie who was near death. And who is now dead, while "fans" like you are still wanking to her on-camera abuse. None of that sounds very feminist or anti-porn to me, so I'm not getting the point of continuing to defend this sick shit on the basis of "musical score" and "it's horrifying" (yeah no shit lol)

No. 1199660

I wouldn't defend what went into making his movies any more than I would defend what went into making some of Hitchcock or Kubrick's movies or what went into making movies like Cannibal Holocaust which I can sill recognize the end results as legitimate pieces of art. I also believed that it was a lot more fictional/staged than what Im now finding out. And nobody is wanking to anything. If its as real as you're alleging then it not only holds up as a horror but as a gonzo documentary. Thats art, not porn.

No. 1199676

Fucking kek. Imagine putting Cannibal Holocaust in the same category as Hitchcock. No wonder you have no fucking friends and are caping for attention here. This is pathetic behavior and Ree-ing about your mental illnesses makes it even worse. Go take a community college film class.

No. 1199688

But aren't you constantly (re)blogging how porn harms women, how scrotes are disgusting for not caring what happens to the actresses participating in rape on tape and how your nigel is special for not enjoying women suffer for his entertainment. All of that is valid maybe except for nigel shit except you are 100% fine with watching vomit porn made by abusing the lead 'actress' for the director's pleasure. I feel like a person that really cares about women not being abused on camera would stop liking those movies. I find it sketchy as hell you could even enjoy them, honestly. Say what you want, but those movies are considered gore porn. Much different than regular horror movies that people watch. Besides, as a supposedly GC you should know better than to believe the old scrote bullshit of 'I am showing violent abuse and degradation of women in lush detail to portray how horrible that is! It's a social commentary!'. Honestly, I didn't think I would ever say it, but goddamn Suckerpunch is a feminist masterpiece compared to vomitgorn trash.
>If its as real as you're alleging then it not only holds up as a horror but as a gonzo documentary. Thats art, not porn
Do you hear yourself? You sound like the meme about scrotes abusing women vs bdsm.
>I like to film women getting brutally slaughtered, abused oh and also vomiting fluids (food doesn't make my peepee hard). Oh and btw I rape them orally if they have a problem with vomiting
>You are a disgusting piece of shit
>No, but I do it all for an artsy xxx horror film!
>Ah okies, that's fine them! Go rape some more uwu
You will be agreeing with radfems analyzing how viewing misogynistic media affects the viewer and how it's inhuman for women to be abused for entertainment yet 'vomit gore' is apparently not supposed to be scrutinized in the same way. Ok.

No. 1199699

b-but anon, actually my favourite director Evil RapistMan is different because he totally centers women in his literal torture porn which makes it super radical AND feminist and doesn't at ALL make me a hypocrite! plus as an ex-anorexic purger with 20 disabilities it's super empowering because i can relate to my fellow womxn throwing up!

No. 1199702

Her whole argument is "…b-b-but abusing women is ok if it's for ArTiStIc PuRpOsEs!!!" Lmaooo not even scrotes cape this hard for their tastes in weird porn.

No. 1199827

Im against porn but, again, porn is made to cum to and condition your brain through orgasm. Material produced with the intent of shocking and upsetting you is called horror. You sound like the chodes who say "Crossed" is porn. Just because art is sexually explicit doesn't make it porn.

I think it's fucked up if those movies weren't staged, I thought they were fake, im genuinely bummed out to learn that any real abuse went into it, but I still think the films have some artistic value (other than the most recent installment). I can be critical of how a film was made/who made it and of the final product separately. What I read in those interviews was fucked and I like him less for it. But most male artists let me down by writing/directing with their dicks so excuse me if Im a little bit jaded to the news

No. 1199835

These movies were made for this guy and people with similar fetishes to jerk off to. They're not art. They're porn. It's amazing that this is still going over your head.

No. 1199841

I agree about his last set of short films but from the sound design/editing/etc of most of the series its supposed to be disorienting and horrifying not arousing. They were always marketed as horror films, not porn.

No. 1199843

Sex on camera is porn.

No. 1199848

no, porn is devoid of artistic value and made to be jerked off to. there is legitimate art (the movie "Ken Park" for example) that contains real sex acts

No. 1199934

They’re marketed as horror films because if they were marketed as porn there’d be outrage. People watch that shit to jerk off. You’re in a minority (for now). It’s not something to be proud of. You’re literally watching extremely abusive porn that’s relabeled so it’s allowed to exist.

No. 1200073

Oh, look at that, a new video by ours truly. Uploaded yesterday, a review of Lucifer Valentine's "The Angela Chapters" (largely negative, because there was too much "boring" porn instead of gore, and "only" two vomit scenes.)

I didn't realize she'd have time to film a video in between whiteknighting herself in her own thread.

No. 1200135

Lucifer Valentine is a disgusting psychopath who has groomed his fans. He gets off to vomit, says so anytime anyone asks him, and makes these movies for his own sexual and monetary benefit. Supporting him is genuinely supporting some of the worst scrotekind has to offer and anyone who considers herself a feminist in the slightest should really think why she thinks it is okay to exploit mentally ill, drug-addicted women into performing crude sex acts. Women who are in no way able to give consent given how fucked up they are. If you've seen his movies you know. user deleted this reddit post but the text was saved.


> For some backstory, Lucifer Valentine is the director of the infamous Vomit Gore Trilogy (there are five films now) that depict really graphic scenes of women being mutilated and legit vomiting. Think a pretentious horror movie version of Lars Von Trier that’s very fetish pornographic-like.I first discovered Lucifer Valentine years ago right when I turned 14 (I will be 20 next week). At the time, I didn’t think anything of his controversies (re: allegations of sexual abuse and him just being creepy). I was fully immersed in the eating disorder scene of Tumblr (given that I had a battle with bulimia at the time) and was recommended to watch his movies by a friend, given that his movies revolve around eating disorders. I knew they were made for adults but as a horror fan, I thought he was pretty cool. I wish I had better judgement at the time but I was also young and at an incredibly vulnerable age. Despite his movies being borderline pornographic, we became very close and he would always contact me asking if I’d want artwork from him or if I’d want to star in one of his movies when I turned 18. I was estatic that a director I loved was reaching out to me so I did anything he asked. There was one instance where he asked me to purge on camera while holding a box set of one of his films. I obliged to his request, despite me being 14. I realize that asking someone underage to puke their guts out on camera is not illegal and I’m NOT insinuating this - but it’s another story if someone much older than you with a vocal puke fetish asks you to do that. I later found out he asked various women, both underage and of legal age, to do these things. While I was in various VGT related FB groups, I spoke with girls who told me very disturbing stories about how he groomed them. They told me how he scouts female fans right after they turn 18 and manipulate them into starring into his movies. Most of the women who are fans of him have eating disorders and throughout his films, he depicts his fetish for women having bulimia. Pretty fucked up.As I’ve gotten older, I’ve left that part of my life behind me. However, there have been some pretty disturbing allegations against LV on Twitter in the past few months. This twitter thread brings into question the safety of the actresses involved in those films. As someone who watched all the behind the scenes features, all the actresses looked very incoherent when talking to LV in the middle of shooting. People are speculating that something very sinister was happening on set and I believe it. This comment on YouTube really unsettled me in particular:“I’ve met people in the sex worker industry saying he is an absolute monster and breaks contracts and goes after minors. They were genuinely shaken up and scared even mentioning him.”Even more disturbing, The Soska Sisters (American Mary/See No Evil 2) starred in one of his movies way back in 2008. They completely deny that they were in the movie despite them being credited. I had a friend who reviewed American Mary years ago and when he mentioned that they starred in one of his films, they begged him to remove it out of his review. I also heard that they were stalked by a LV “hater” at a horror convention, asking them for his personal information which brought them to tears.I hope that more information comes out about him and that we find out the real truth. It must mean something if all the actresses that starred in his film have gone without a trace (no social media pages or anything) and that the Soska Sisters, who are very famous in the horror community, have disavowed their involvement in his films. I just hope all of his victims find justice and peace. I’m still trying to find mine despite being groomed at such a young age.

No. 1200139

File: 1617354257219.png (61.75 KB, 1246x222, Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 5.03…)

samefag but no wonder she defends him so much, she got one of her usernames from these shitty vomit movies. must be a huge fan. Wonder if she was active on these FB groups where he talked girls and women into puking for his erotic entertainment?

No. 1200189

Well, what exactly is the artistic value of those movies? As far as I'm informed, Ken Park at least has some semblance of plot. The Vomit Gore trilogy doesn't seem to have anything a lose sequence of torture scenes. What is an artistic value of the below scenes, from one of the movies that you defend:
>We are next introduced to Miss Lake Washington 1994, played by Amy Lee. She is tortured by the twins who again depict the erotic veil between sex and death as well as a demonic aspect to the ushering of the soul and consciousness between dimensions. With masturbatory sensuality, they massage the body with the blood and guts and strangle and gag her with her own entrails until she vomits.
>Our next journey brings us to the Twins and Hank Skinny torturing and gagging her as she is strapped to a chair. This scene has perhaps one of the most disturbing scenes to not involve blood or bile. A tarantula is inserted into her vagina and sewed inside of her.
I'm absolutely not buying the 'it's metaphysical commentary on feminine power' explanation. You will not change my mind that this is anything but vomit/gore/regular sex porn. Anyway even if those movies somehow magically were not porn, the mechanism of their making is the same as in the non-ethical porn that radfems criticize. So what difference does it really make?

No. 1200219

File: 1617365423483.png (66.29 KB, 719x400, 1.png)

Move on, blisters

No. 1200221

File: 1617365467150.png (28.72 KB, 719x269, 2.png)

No. 1200223

so she was watching her super feminist artistic definitely not a torture porn film with a scrote? another very radical choice, wow

No. 1200238

>I'm trying to sell it to one of Luke's creepy friends
Oh wait! I misread and was under wrong assumption that you would return the Angela Chapters DVD. The abusive rapist scrote aka Lucifer Valentine is thankful for your money. Very feminist to fund his abuse porn.
>b-but entire hollywood consists of abusers
I fell like in the case of such niche 'productions' like Lucifer Valentine's porn it really makes a difference to not pay money for them. Probably not that many degenerates buy this filth anyway.
It's her nigel who was supposed to shoot her feederism totally artistic not-porn for onlyfans kek

No. 1200261

This cow immerses herself in misogynistic porn genres (feederism, vomit fetish etc.) that EXPLICITLY revolve around disordered eating, and participates in them with her scrote friends. Yet she claims to be a “recovering” bulimic and an anti-porn feminist. She spends hours online defending these hobbies as artistic/social commentary, and even tries to gaslight other people that they’re powerful anti-porn feminist statements (lmao.) The projection and denial are through the roof. She’s not in a position to listen to logic. I’ll wish her healing and keep it moving.

No. 1200269

File: 1617371829880.jpg (51.12 KB, 551x442, aha.JPG)

She's against BDSM unless it's her nigel cutting her during sex because she literally needs that to live. If other women are 'kinky' or want to get choked or slapped in their bedroom, they are brainwashed supporters of patriarchy. But when it's fakeboi, then
>Im not going to deny myself pleasure for the comfort of bystanders
Like jesus, pick a side and stick to it instead of moralfagging while doing the exact shit that you criticize, or at least stop reblogging radfem content that contradicts your actual values. Something tells me that either the therapy is not working yet or her therapist is Soren tier quack.

No. 1200271

this is what makes me laugh about this calf - she surrounds herself entirely with other unhinged radfems and all of them parrot each other and go on about how ‘against the grain’ they are, how totally radical they are and how they hate males and troons sooooo much… yet absolutely none of them see the irony of making their enjoyment of torture pornography that exists purely for men and entirely at the expensive of women into a ‘political’ thing linked completely with their identity as women/radfems/whatever the fuck. they want to be so edgy and not like the other evil libfems and try and prove it by calling troons slurs on tumblr dot com, but when it comes down to it, they just can’t stop from making everything they enjoy an extension of themselves and their own totally never seen before, groundbreaking political beliefs. it’s so embarrassing how genuinely un-self aware they are

No. 1200299

fucking nlog

No. 1200322

It’s “the personal is political” ideology taken to extremes. Whatever turns them on personally is feminist and woke, and whatever turns them off is bad and unwoke. Thus their misogyny porn is better than the bad misogyny porn over there because it makes them feel brave & empowered and the other stuff doesn’t. In this cow’s case, she’s defending eating disorder porn bc she has an eating disorder.

No. 1200330

To be fair, fakeboi is against troon ideology rather than individual troons provided they are not harrassing others, especially women and children. Maybe I was lucky, but never before have I ran into a radfem (or gc individual) that was contradicting herself so much.

No. 1200334

exactly! yet they’re the same people criticising sjws and libfems for doing the exact same things. it’s correct to criticise this type of ideology that means everything you like is an extension of yourself and has to reflect all your correct and good opinions, but it’s just so ironic when someone who makes a big deal out of criticising that kind of thing does it herself - and especially with something as vile as fucking puke porn, christ.

sorry you got your feelings hurt anon! did it hit too close to home?

No. 1200347

>it’s just so ironic when someone who makes a big deal out of criticising that kind of thing does it herself - and especially with something as vile as fucking puke porn, christ
And to think that she spergs how Nicole Dollanganger is a horrible person and yet she hasn't done anything nowhere near as bad as vomit porn scrote. But that scrote? Fakeboi just 'wouldn't see eye to eye with him in a discussion'. Totes normal to watch illegal beastiality porn and admit to it in an interview like it's nothing, because eDgY. I don't feel like looking through fakeboi's tumblr, but I bet that she reblogged outraged posts canceling Marilyn Manson. That's some cognitive dissonance.

No. 1200348

I tried, they don't take returns of open products, so the next best chance at recouping my money is to sell it secondhand to this creep who will want it. I didn't pay money to watch the rest of his movies, those were always online for free. And the first 4 vomitgore movies have as much of a plot as "Ken Park". I didn't know you were all such pearl-clutchers here to be so triggered by a horror movie that you demote it to porn. Disgusting porn has no trouble marketing itself as porn, it doesnt need to hide behind the horror label.

Also, I don't tell other women how to live their lives. I share information and people can make their own choices. Im not calling anybody a "brainwashed supporter of patriarchy" for not living up to radfem purity politics. Im only vaguely a radfem anyway, Im about following what makes sense to me not following an ideology like a religion. You can be critical of something without being "against" it in the case of things like BDSM.

Also I decided against the onlyfans months ago so idk why yall are harping on it

No. 1200378

Holy shit I did not know any of this. Completely changes my mind on him. I had no idea that his whole edgelord thing was not just an act. I didn't even really read any extensive interview with him until yesterday. Im no longer a fan.

No. 1200411

But it's almost the same shit that he told about himself in his interviews, except the grooming minors thing. IDK why would anyone be shocked.

No. 1200413

sorry you hate women

No. 1200422

the first time I read an interview with him was yesterday, all I knew about him was his work, I believed the disclaimers that it was "an artistic collaboration between friends" as advertised, I believed the disclaimer that it was a complete work of fiction. Im really bummed out. And the child grooming is what takes it from "creepy BDSM chud" to "criminal creep" levels

No. 1200475

In his interviews he describes grooming and sexually abusing his younger mentally handicapped sister until she killed herself, then making his partner re-enact her suicide for his sexual gratification. And explains that his movies are based on his fucked up fetishes in extremely graphic detail. I guess it's good that this is finally sinking in for you, but either you didn't actually read the interviews or you can excuse the abhorrent other shit he's done yet draw the line at grooming minors. This is.. mind boggling.

No. 1200487

Imagine being such a fan of someone's work that you name yourself after his main character and write whole essays defending/shilling for his movies online, yet claim to have no clue who he is or what motivates him until anons who literally just spent 5 minutes Googling his name educate you. Either she's bullshitting (my vote) or this is the most ignorant cow ever kek

No. 1200496

Definitely a liar.

No. 1200505

>purity politics

lmao not a thing but keep thinking you're "vaguely a radfem" without doing any of the work luv

No. 1200518

And this is individual that admitted to being obsessive about her interests due to autism. Hard to believe such person wouldn't read an interview with a director of movies that are so important to her. I just don't know how it's possible to reconcile being feminist with liking Lucifer Valentine's work. I mean, it's not like a situation where an artist is being outed for being a creep and everyone is shocked and disturbed, cause their art and public behavior shown no warning signs at all.

No. 1200537

My favourite part is how she says it's not porn because the music and camera angles make it "scary," when LV and countless other men obviously get off on women's fear and powerlessness? It's not possible to be so oblivious to that when you've grown up on the "dark side" of the internet and read enough radfem criticisms of porn to connect the dots. Sometimes I feel so embarrassed by her.

No. 1200559

Like I said, I didn't actually read his interviews until yesterday. I totally disown him as a fan after what I read. Im really bummed and disappointed because those movies meant a lot to me growing up, i feel like I felt when I found out about the Jeepers Creepers guy

No. 1200568

you read them yesterday yet you were here earlier today calling everyone pearl-clutchers for having an issue with everything mentioned? kek, try again.

No. 1200574

I said that before I read the post about him grooming teens. I don't fuck with nonces. If a guy wants to make a movie about people puking thats not any more morally abhorrent than other films like Cannibal Holocaust that are still considered legitimate art even though most people would agree that the production of that film was immoral. But I draw a hard line at pedophiles, and also the stuff i read about his sister is fucked and not okay even if that is just an act. Yall have successfully convinced me to no longer like him

No. 1200604

The difference was Cannibal Holocaust was definitely not 'art', but it also wasn't porn. The director wasn't hard while making it, and the participants were not all just women he drugged up and exploited. Not to beat a dead horse, I think it is good that you no longer like Lucifer Valentine. You just need to work on critical thinking wrt shit like this. I see the Vomit Gore Trilogy and I never even needed to read an interview with the guy to know it was some fetish bullshit, just like the Japanese gore pornos where women hurt themselves or eat disgusting things. They may be called 'horror movies', but the "gaze" is not one of "ewww gross! I'm scared!" but "ewww gross! I'm horny!"

No. 1203388

Cannibal Holocaust was art, do you just think horror can't be art? The director of Cannibal Holocaust terrorized his female lead and tried to coerce her into an unsimulated sex scene. Kubrick terrorized Shelly Duval in The Shining to the point where her hair was coming out. Hitchcock terrorized the lead actress of The Birds and ruined her career for rejecting his sexual advances. If you're going to enjoy any art by males, you're probably going to have to separate the art from the artist to some degree.

I still stand by the opinion that Vomitore is not porn (with the exception of the most recent installment, which I absolutely hated). It is visually inspired by porn, and it is a horror movie about the sex industry so it is sexually explicit, but things like the camera work and sound design and trippy/disorienting aesthetics and the dialog all make the movie into something that is supposed to disturb you, not arouse you. That was one of my biggest complaints about "the Angela Chapters" was that it was just porn-ey and didn't use any of the trippy shit like backmasking or smashcutting to gore/cartoons or any of the things that made the previous movies art instead of porn. I have no doubt that the director was aroused while he was making it, just like Quentin Tarantino or Takashi Miike are no doubt aroused when they insert their fetishes into their films. But I think that, with all the installments other than "The Angela Chapters" the divide between art and porn, as thin as it may be in this case, still stands. I don't support the material from a radical feminist standpoint, but as an artist I can see that there is some artistic value

No. 1203862

It took what, like three days for you to go back to arguing that there was artistic value to what sounds like the filmed sexual assaults of multiple women. The mental gymnastics required to write that off as a male artist problem must take a lot of your brain power. How is this any different fríos that studio that uploads “horrorporn”? There has been simulated rape porn and horror themed kink porn for a while now.

No. 1203969

that stuff is uploaded sold and advertised as porn. Porn doesnt need to hide behind the horror label, like you said there is plenty of porn out there that advertises itself as such. I didn't say I agree with the films production, like I dont agree with the production of many films that we have no problem considering art. But i see artistic value at least in the early installments. I think Lucifer Valentine is a shitty creep person and no longer want to support him or wear his merch but his art has been very important to me since I was a young teen and first saw Slaughtered Vomit Dolls. Also people who have not seen the films for themselves should probably reserve judgment.

No. 1203983

The personal importance you place on the series does not negate that it's porn and was produced for sexual gratification purposes, not artistic. The sooner you come to terms with that and move on instead of continuing to mentally coax yourself into thinking otherwise, the better.

No. 1203989

"The Angela Chapters" was porn i won't defend that as anything else but it was devoid of all the trippy editing and had no story, unlike the earlier installments. But I think anybody who has actually viewed it would agree that it is a horror movie. It is a case of the barrier between art and porn being thin in some places, but I wouldn't call it porn because porn has no artistic value.

No. 1205251

Imagine being this scrotepilled into defending shitty horrorporn series. I don't get how Tarantino etc. also doing some shitty things is supposed to be a mitigating argument for a movie that is 100% filmed abuse and exploitation of mentally ill, homeless woman that was addicted to drugs nonetheless. At least Tarantino's movie is actually a movie that could exist without the abuse happening offscreen. Can't say that about vomitgore trash.
>but his art has been very important to me since I was a young teen and first saw Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.
This is why retarded children shouldn't watch M/R-rated movies. Get a better taste and some brain while we're at it.
>Also people who have not seen the films for themselves should probably reserve judgment.
Omg totally need to see a scene of a spider being sewn into a woman's vagina to judge it's artistic worth. No thank you, a thorough description of the movie by a fan is enough for me.

No. 1207589

Should I also watch two girls one cup in order to confirm that scat porn is disgusting? What a fucking stupid argument.

No. 1209428

if you have not seen the movies yourself then it is impossible for you to judge their artistic merit, which fluctuates throughout the series. Is this the LV thread now or something?

No. 1215005

File: 1619203737449.png (908.27 KB, 1920x3911, screencapture-fakeboitherotten…)

Fakeboi is getting roasted by her fellow radfems for basically the same thing as in this thread (defending gore/cp porn on the basis of it being 'vent art'). Also she hides behind being a CSA survivor in order to not look at the 'art' that she is defending even though she claimed you have to see Lucifer Valentine's porn in order to have an opinion on it. Amazing

No. 1215017

sorry to ask for spoonfeeding but this screenshot is near unreadable on mobile. is it essentially any old regular slap fight you see daily on twitter and fatboi being a hypocrite as per?

No. 1215071

What exactly was the art they were all arguing about?

No. 1215089

i would link but that shit is pretty fucking foul. scroll through her blog a bit and you’ll find the artist

No. 1215092

File: 1619209384803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.26 KB, 500x615, tumblr_2e06571342c785e5238ac5c…)

Found it. Gross.

No. 1215113

Not very radical feminist to defend a picture of fetish “art”, blisters.
Someone should let her know that even CSA survivors can make art that is disturbing and perpetuates child abuse. Just compare 120 days or the last house on the left to The War Zone.

No. 1215240

She doesn't care about anyone but herself and it's actually hilarious that she considers herself any type of feminist. Her entire stance comes down to "drawn child porn is ok because I was censored once!"

No. 1215293

File: 1619226529655.png (307.17 KB, 836x266, 1.PNG)

TL,DR: Blisters defended explicit sexual fanart of an adult character raping a child character under the pretense that the artist (@K3MaMi on Newgrounds, a hentai artist and according to Blisters a CSA victim) claimed that it was "vent art", and therefore the art was defendable on principle… even though she hadn't actually seen the fanart. When people asked that she at least look at the fanart before defending it, she refused to and suggested that the people who wanted her to look at it were in the wrong because they'd be "forcing a CSA victim" to look at sexual content that they didn't want to see. A bunch of Tumblr radfems dogpiled her and are continuing to.

>it's actually hilarious that she considers herself any type of feminist
I guess after this, she doesn't consider herself a radical feminist anymore.

No. 1215309

File: 1619228426029.jpeg (388.19 KB, 750x1166, 7316623F-E198-44A0-B488-2741C5…)

It’s a pretty amusing level of cognitive dissonance. “I was mocked because of ableism, not due to my behavior. So because I was mocked, we shouldn’t mock or shun anybody. Even if you meanies won’t tolerate open pedophilia, or (at the most generous possible) fetishization of toddlers”. In a way, I’m reminded of schmorky.

No. 1215312

How is this "vent art"? What is this venting exactly? People will truly bend over backwards to defend pedophiles.

No. 1215352

Blogposting a bit so Im saging for non milk. cant believe I was thinking of defending this girl cause I thought she wasnt milky, Jesus fucking christ what a shitty person and I eat my words. Shes a danger to society and needs help.

No. 1215367

File: 1619234758631.jpeg (105.83 KB, 750x511, EB2A0005-5FFE-4C76-BFF1-9F18F4…)

Samefag, I get MAJOR Soren vibes tbh. The pride in her trauma, the way she writes off ALL depictions of sexual abuse as “worth consideration”, the LARPing as a threatening edge lord when she’s really just a broken woman who refuses to find healing… I’d say it’s sad, but she’s 28. If watching other women get sexually abused on camera is “entertaining, of artistic value” now, what the fuck is she gonna be doing in two years?

Forgive my tinfoil, but I feel like shes inadvertently normalizing snuff and the consumption of it. Hope the majority of the people that read thru that busted ass blog are at least adults and not impressionable teenagers.

No. 1215408

Soren? I haven’t heard that name in 50 years… my first cow

No. 1215421

Soren died

No. 1215495

sorry, fakeboi's blog is unreadable in the first place and that was sadly the best I could do without taking million screencaps on my phone (which I wasn't sure would be wasting my time since IDK if anyone cares about fakeboi being a retard). If anyone knows if there is a way of viewing tumblr blogs in a mobile mode on a desktop, fullpage please let me know.
and she admitted to following the Soren thread here. It usually wouldn't mean anything but this is clearly the case of a cow following a bigger cow because they can relate to them. She also romanticizes the ~soft csa victim uwu~ aesthetic and wishes she could skinwalk Nicole and other girls who can pull it of IRL (or at least try to). Hate how she constantly hides behind "but im csa victim/autistic/whatever!!!". Also her pride in not only consuming but also exposing others to gore porn/disgusting shock content is vile as hell.

No. 1215497

File: 1619244141236.jpg (137.72 KB, 1080x1011, IMG_20210424_080013.jpg)

This bitch really will be defending degradation porn on the basis of it's artistic merit. I can't with this brain rot. This is why children shouldn't be on the internet.

No. 1215504

File: 1619245017262.jpg (135.57 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20210423-231422_Tum…)

Careful anon, having a problem with pedophile fetish art is literally fascism apparently

No. 1215515

It's just sick, I thought it was going to be a moody and dark illustration, but its just DeviantArt tier fetish shit. Who the fuck wastes their time defending things like that? Its obviously just meant to jack off to. Defend Cuties if you want so desperately to defend something 'artistic' that was tarred with a pedo brush.

No. 1215662

for anons who don’t know: the plot of Metamorphosis is that a high school girl has sex with a guy she meets who gives her drugs, gets her addicted, she starts prostituting, gets raped by all the guys at her school, her dad starts raping her, her mom finds out and kicks her out for “seducing” him, she moves in with the first guy she slept with who uses her for sex and her prostitution money, she starts taking drugs instead of money as payment, he gets mad and kicks her out into the street, she ends up pregnant, her old classmates see her on the street and beat/rape her into a miscarriage, and then she commits suicide via heroin overdose. that’s the PORN that fakeboi is defending as having “artistic merit”. apparently even literally being created and marketed as something to jerk off to, which is the excuse she was using about why Slaughtered Vomit Dolls was fine, can be excused under “artistic merit” if… it makes her feel a sad? just admit you also jerk off to this stuff and go, bitch.

No. 1215666

I don't though, I actually glossed over the sex scenes when i read it. And art is anything created to insight emotion.

No. 1215686


there's a wholesome jojo alternate fan ending-i preferred reading that instead of the actual manga

No. 1215689

I think what happened here is that she wanted to defend her friend, the "apostle-of-sapphos" poster (who's friends with the artist of >>1215092, and generally seems pretty unhinged and hypocritical). Fakeboi hadn't seen the drawing, so she automatically defaulted to "It's vent art". When shown the picture, it was too late to go back on her word, so she's just doubling down and making it a "freeze peach" argument to save face.
Like, this originally started because someone sent Fakeboi an ask that was like "Why do you support AOS, she defends CP?", Fakeboi was like "@apostle-of-sapphos Why are people saying this?", they had a "private conversation in DMs", and it kicked off from there with them both being called out.
This isn't the first time Fakeboi has defended some degenerate shit on the basis of it being "art", though, so I guess it's just par for the course for her.

No. 1215704

Like clockwork. So I guess crush videos also should be considered art, since their very existence makes me feel sad as well as think deeply about the relationship between humans and animals. Fuck off, nobody will agree with your cognitive disonance here. And just try to say once more that someone should watch your favorite vile shit before judging it, I dare you. You have some guts stating that bullshit while hiding behind your uwu trauma victim status when others use the same argument against you.

No. 1215708

File: 1619282957747.jpg (77.49 KB, 419x485, IMG_20210424_184713.jpg)

porn isn't porn if fakeboi likes it

No. 1215940

okay even aside from the stupidity of claiming you skimmed the sex scenes (aka the entire fucking thing, because it is non-stop rape)… horny is a feeling. guess that means literally all porn is art, and therefore there is no porn and literally any drawing or film or photo can be defended? do you even hear yourself, sis?

No. 1216300

Out of curiosity I searched that hentai manga and read it. It's one of the fucking worst things i've ever discovered. I cant believe there's people out there that are aroused by this. It's fucking disgusting, actual male depravity fantasy. And any woman who enjoys that content has internalised misogyny, low self worth, is insecure and has been brainwashed, programmed by depraved scrote sexuality/ sexual fantasies and been traumatised by it. Trauma and absolute porn sickness.
That was very dark for me to read. And I believe if any woman wants to peak regarding men/ scrotes, this material should be recommended because I truly believe this is what scrotes think of girls and women, it's really how scrotes see and view us. Male depravity, pure sickness.

No. 1216306

And just to add, this fucking land whale is fucked up. Seriously something wrong with this bitch. Get therapy, get off the internet, lose weight and get some fucking self esteem and self worth jfc

No. 1216332

You're right but saying this is probably just an ego boost in her desperation to be ~dArk aNd tWisT3d~

No. 1216354

>Get therapy
She supposedly is in therapy, which really makes me start doubting the whole process. I realize that it's not a magical fix it button, but still… it doesn't seem to be doing anything for our tuna calf.

No. 1216436


Theres a difference between enjoying content and respecting its right to exist under freeze peach

No. 1216448

but no one is trying to debate the latter

No. 1216466

NTA, I don't think anyone in this thread was, but several Tumblr users arguing with Fakeboi were.

No. 1216568

i genuinely don’t understand why you even come here anymore. all you do is stalk this thread so you can weigh in every single time it’s bumped to explain with Facts and Logic about why your rape torture abuse murder porn is actually super woke and feminist and artistic. get a fucking job and stop frying your brain from the internet

No. 1216811

Assuming it's fakeboi herself, what's your point here? You admitted to enjoying Metamorphosis as art or something.
this, nobody agrees with your brainrot excuses anyway

No. 1216908

I didn't say I enjoyed it, I said it had artistic merit. Maybe im just brainrotted from growing up on 4chan and seeing ACTUALLY shocking things but no arrangement of words or brush strokes will ever be enough to shock me into not believing against censorship in art.

yeah thats pretty much the long and short of it, I was told the art in question was vent art and was not expecting it to be as explicit as it was. It disgusted me and I wish it didn't exist, but as an artist I respect its right to under freeze peach. I never said I liked it or supported it or thought it was a good coping mechanism, i just said it should be allowed to exist especially if creating it provides catharsis

No. 1216916

My sweet summer child, snuff does not exist, the FBI still has a multimillion dollar reward for anybody who can present them with a real example of snuff.
Unless youre talking about like… bestgore and Ogrish and shit like that, which I grew out of a long time ago.

No. 1216950

If by "catharsis" you mean, "jill-off material" for the "artist", that is indeed what the piece did

No. 1216964

File: 1619454800784.jpeg (118.71 KB, 750x466, FD642687-AE2D-48EC-A27D-3FE000…)

It’s fascinating that you’re comfortable condescending to anyone given you consider the sexual abuse of multiple women worth enough artistic merit to have freely promoted.

No. 1216968

>I didn't say I enjoyed it, I said it had artistic merit.
Same difference, except it's even worse. At least scrotes masturbating to that shit while crying "manly tears" aren't denying that this is nothing but trashy porn

No. 1216972

If you're referring to vomitgore I grew up with the series and was under the impression that it was completely fictional, as soon as I found out it wasn't I was no longer a fan

Not "same difference" at all. Liking something and respecting an artwork's right to exist are totally different. I didn't like the comic at all, it upset me for days after reading it, but Im also not going to deny that as a piece of art i found it emotionally moving.

No. 1216985

File: 1619455968009.png (117.88 KB, 293x265, Capture.PNG)

the woman she's referring to here is a woman who ran a ddlg sideblog when she was 15 because an older adult man groomed her into the kink, who has since renouced it and talked about how involvement in the kink harmed her furthur. The blog wasn't ran "well into adulthood" and comparing it to a 28 year old woman who drew hardcore porn of a toddler getting raped who is, TO THIS DAY still consuming that material is beyond disgusting and it another example of her making statements her friends saying based on pure gossip that her friends regurgitated to her without getting the full story

No. 1217095

>I didn't like the comic at all, it upset me for days after reading it, but Im also not going to deny that as a piece of art i found it emotionally moving
Same can be said about crush videos.
Fakeboi is the only special wittle victim who can supporf disgusting things. BTW ddlg is art porn has "artistic merit" so idk what's fakeboi's problem with it

No. 1217101

porn is literally defined by its lack of artistic merit, if it has artistic merit then it isnt porn

And it's not my cake to bake if this girl is or isnt looking at/involved in DDLG, I just said that if it is true she should have a little more sympathy for people who cope through art since she has/had bad coping mechanisms of her own.

No. 1217106

>ackshually, all porn is good and should never be criticised because it has artistic merit and can always be a good coping mechanism for somebody
>gets criticised by a grown woman who, at some point in time, had the audacity to run a ddlg porn blog
good to know that torture vomit porn with unwilling abused women is acceptable, but young women who get too into calling their ugly bfs ‘daddy’ are where the line needs to be drawn

No. 1217107

"artistic merit" is a vauge and subjective term. I can make "slutty house housewife cumwhores 3: the gang-raping" and if I give it "plot" and put it some political commentary (maybe have one of them say, "fuck me like biden is fucking the economy") then it is no longer porn

No. 1217110

Dang. The fat bitch finally made it. Got her own thread, lmao.

No. 1217116

I can fucking argue that any porn has "artistic merit" because it took effort to create and elicits feelings in the viewer (horny is a feeling)

No. 1217119

Again, I don't support ANY porn, I was supporting the concept of vent art as a whole and yall are completely putting words in my mouth. And for the 100th time, Im not an LV fan anymore after finding out what he did.
And "horny" is not an emotion you fucking cumbrains, if the only reaction something incites is "horny" then yeah its porn. Artistic merit is the line between "Cockwhore Teen Assgape" and "Ken Park"

No. 1217121

None of the people were arguing against vent art as a whole lol, they were aruging against one specific person who draw a specific piece of child rape hentai and proceed to consume several more pieces of child rape hentai.
Ok so if I decide to have "Cockwhore Teen Assgape" end with titualiar teen's dog dying, it's no longer porn because they makes the viewers sad.

No. 1217124

give a clear definition of artistic merit lol

No. 1217127

I wasn't shown the image in question until a day after Id already been defending it, I actually requested not to see it because A) Im a csa survivor and that shit is triggering and B) I wanted to keep the conversation about vent art in theory, not center the debate around any specific piece.

And artistic merit is notoriously hard to define, obscenity laws have tried for centuries, but the closest definition I can give to "artistic Merrit" is that you would still be looking at it if you didn't have your dick in your hand and it took some artistic skill to create.

No. 1217131

Well that's the problem. No one else was discussing nor cared to discuss anything "in theory" and it wasn't vent art. You cannot discuss hypotheticals in a situation that is not hypothetical.
That's not at all a vauge definition that pornographers could easily skirt around to continue exploiting women. Anti-porn activism isn't compatible with free speech absolutism, you are going to need to pick one otherwise one or the other is going to end a up being and empty claim.

No. 1217135

so if the director of "Cockwhore Teen Assgape" wrote that the film was a "realistic portrayal of the abuse teens face everyday blah blah" and slapped some artsy filters and music on it, with your definition its no longer porn, its art.

No. 1217139

A lot of porn has stuff like "political satire" as a selling point and that might just be enough for someone somewhere to watch without a dick in their hand so it is no longer pornography.

No. 1217155

Id have to pick free speech, so if its that important Ill stop calling myself anti-porn and just say "I don't like porn" i guess. And no definition that isnt exploitable by fascists is free from exploitation from pornographers, thats the price we pay for free speech. We can choose if we give it our views/money/etc to it but honestly I don't think the solution to even porn itself is to make it illegal because that leads to exploitable obscenity laws where the people in power decide what is obscene. I wasn't name-dropping "Beloved" for woke cred, it was declared obscene and taken out of print, it was a banned book, THOSE are the works we lose when we let ourselves get shocked/repulsed into giving up our freedom. Because the people at the top are all pedos and rapists, they're not going to use their power to go after pedos and rapists, they will manipulate obscenity laws to silence marginalized voices because that is what has happened every other time that we let obscenity laws get out of control, which they do VERY quickly. Free speech isn't always convenient to defend.

I mean technically kind of? How much did they alter the footage? How far is that from "Ken Park?" It doesnt mean its art id necessarily view myself or take part in or give my money to but there is plenty of art out there that i dont consume that is still art

No. 1217169

give us a coherent definition of “emotion” that doesn’t include arousal

No. 1217173

Then by your own definition, the "art" that you were defending does not hold artistic merit as there are absolutely people out there who would view it with their dick in their hand. You can't claim to have grown up being exposed to gross shit on the internet and honestly try to act niave to that fact. Overall, you sound like you havent actually put much critical thought into your stances on any of these topics before jumping to argue about them.

No. 1217195

>but the closest definition I can give to "artistic Merrit" is that you would still be looking at it if you didn't have your dick in your hand and it took some artistic skill to create.
Nobody except for you would read Metamorphosis for it's supposed artistic value and not porn kek

No. 1217201

barely know who this bitch is but honestly this thread is just making me kind of like what she has to say. i would get high and have a convo with her about why porn is bad for society. she may be cringe but shes based.

No. 1217222

Perhaps changing the people at the top is the correct solution rather than free speech absolutism

No. 1217244

Even with a free speech absolutist postion, free speech isn't freedom from the consequence of that speech. A person who is caught rad handed drawing child rape porn, even if we go by the standards of free speech absolutism, is still not having their rights violated by people correctly calling them a pedophile, losing membership in a community (rad and rad leaning feminists) that promotes itself as anti-child exploitation, losing friends for consuming that shit and possibly a whole lot of people not letting you babysit their kids because that backlash is also free speech as well as freedom of association

No. 1217271

>if the only reaction something incites is "horny" then yeah its porn

you are stupid

No. 1217614

Honestly I wouldn't want a person obsessed with gore and sexualized violence taking care of my kids

No. 1217637

Yet you're still here defending what is LITERALLY Gerudo child porn. It's fucking absurd, not only because you chose to defend something as "vent art" before even seeing it, but also because you're trying to have an earnest discussion about free speech in regards to drawn child porn that most definitely is used towards normalizing pedophilia. Like… do you think it's a coincidence that so much drawn child porn features very childish and Disneyesque art styles? I don't.

No. 1217763

Im not defending it on any level other than freedom of speech. I find it deplorable and wish I was never shown it. It deeply upset me and, had I seen the art to bein with, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to defend it because as much as id like to believe that its just very graphic vent art, further research is showing differently. I dont support it, I don't want to consume it, I dont believe there shouldn't be social consequences to that kind of drawing, I just literally don't believe that fiction should be censored because the people doing the censoring will use our disgust at one thing to blanket-ban another (again, Beloved comes to mind as my favorite banned book). I got in over my head in a theoretical conversation because I was trying to keep the conversation theoretical. I dont support that shit.

No. 1217788

y'all correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t brooke shields go to court to get the pictures of herself taken by playboy when she was a literal child taken down, but the judge ruled that the pictures had “artistic merit”, and her appeal was denied? obviously this DoNT CEnSOR MuH ARt is the real slippery slope that has actual consequences

No. 1217792

Thats fucked up if true, Playboy probably greased the judge in that case so they wouldn't have a CP scandal on their hands but thats fucked that she couldnt get pictures of herself retracted. But then again, if you declare all pictures of unclothes children to be obscene, where does the work of somebody like Sally Mann fall?
I think the best choice is to just be responsible for your own consumption of media. Don't give views/money to media you don't support and we can all decide on our own where we draw the often very thin line between art and porn. I don't think thats an unreasonable judgement call to ask of adults.

No. 1217806

Why shouldn't it be censored? It's art made for the sole purpose of enticing and exciting pedophiles while also normalizing pedophilia and child sexual abuse. Why should that be protected under free speech? I know this example turned out to just be straight up child porn, but even if it had been vent art it should be kept private and processed together with a therapist.

No matter what you've been through you can't just put anything out into the world, especially not when it contributes to the abuse of children. The obligatory "Where does it end?!?!?" argument used in relation to free speech and censorship isn't really relevant either 'cause child pornography is already excluded from free speech in several countries, including the US. That exception could and should be made to include drawn depictions of child porn and literally NO ONE should feel that the world is worse off because of that. NO ONE.

No. 1217807

You were the only one having a theorectical conversation though. Most of the other people had seen the image and knew the context and you mostly just came off as tone deaf because no one is interested in "theorectical" debates about specific material situations. And the conversation was not about censorship until you made it so, beforehand it was just "this woman is a pedophile and this other woman is defending this pedophile" which is groups of people enforcing social consequences for stuff you said it was acceptable to (these are losers on tumblr blog not the supreme court). Honestly had after you got more context, you probably should have just copped to it and said "yeah based of this info, its not vent aren't this woman is probably just a pedophile, carry on with the social consequence" rather than digging your heels in you probably would avoided a lot of the anger flung your way.

No. 1217816

Probably but Im stubborn and wanted to believe my friend was telling me the truth about the context of the drawing in question. Theres a whole bubble of tumblr drama that I wound up in the middle of for defending this friend, sort of how I wound up on lolcow in the first place for interacting too much with Luna Slater.
I had a serious incident of harassment a few years ago after I made some vent art (NOT porn-ey or erotic at all, just art about abuse) so Im very sensitive to the idea of art censorship and usually inclined to side with the artist. But in this case I was wrong, this was not vent-art it was wank-art and I shouldn't have rushed to defend it without getting all the information first,

No. 1217827

I'm going to be real with you, you should probably post an apology for being stubborn on this matter, and apologize personally to that woman who you posted incorrect information, and deeply damaging on without all the facts, based on hearsay. You decided to be blind towards a person's really bad behavior because you liked them, and while it won't make anyone who got frustrated with you for being obtuse and stubborn , it will go a long way towards healing bad blood (put yourself in your critic's shoes here, if you had info that idicated something was child hentai and they continued to insist it wasn't in the face of all the piles of evidence it was wouldn't you get frustrated too?). Also, shot at the dark here, but what I'm picking up on is that you're kind of a bad judge of character, maybe try to remedy that.

No. 1217828

learning how to take an L is a very valuable skill

No. 1217833

I think thats what im going to do because honestly this has gotten so out of control. I never intended to defend that kind of material for the entire first day of the conversation i thought i was defending something completely different

No. 1217843

Not to be that guy, but you should probably cut off contact with your "friend" who told you that in the first place. Most of the responsibility for this falls on you for not doing due dilgence before, but at the end of the day, she still left out large portions of information to make herself not look bad and you ended up making an ass of yourself as a result. People who do that aren't your friends, no matter how personable and friendly they may seem.

No. 1218986

File: 1619635667726.png (31.28 KB, 551x268, Capture.PNG)

Things I can excuse: hentai of a toddler getting raped.
Things I cannot: a chibi drawing of someone, choker necklaces, and garter belts as well as grown women who shaved wearing underwear

No. 1219025

I didnt say I cant tolerate the content on melenez's blog I said it didn't mesh with what she preaches. I explain my contradictions, I just expect other people to explain theirs

No. 1219031

> I said it didn't mesh with what she preaches

very ironic coming from someone who has shown themselves to be quite the hypocrite

No. 1219035

one "contradiction" was pedophilia one was some women in underwear these are not on the same level lol. It just make you look like you're reaching for shit to take the heat off of you and your pals lol

No. 1219038

File: 1619639943710.png (21.37 KB, 540x318, Capture.PNG)


No. 1219051

File: 1619640340780.png (2.51 MB, 860x12961, screencapture-fakeboitherotten…)

most of the drama in question (warning, large file)

No. 1219079

Like I said, I own up to my contradictions, its one of the reasons ive always rejected the formal radfem label, because im not totally in step with everything they believe and Ill openly admit that, its why I don't buy into purity politics, but somebody who rabidly enforces purity politics needs to be ready for their own impurities to be brought up and she blatantly lied about only using that blog as a minor when the simplest of math was checked so I really don't believe her that in the clusters of purged posts (not even counting the NSFW tag she kept full of real women's lewds thats still up) there was NOTHING pornographic on that blog, especially when shes had so much time to go back and delete it. I don't think that makes her a bad person for having had bad coping mechanisms but she acts like shes in an ivory tower of purity looking down on all the lower life forms, shes constantly causing infighting in the community and cares more about purity points and who is a better radfem than actually changing the world for the better of women.

No. 1219081

bud, this is pathetic and hypocritical

No. 1219091

Seconding this. Leave the girl alone. Or does her being cute trigger you and you trash her to feel better about yourself?
>she acts like shes in an ivory tower of purity looking down on all the lower life forms
Sounds like you

No. 1219093

That woman isn't even a fucking radfem, and she admitted she used the blog when she was an adult, she said she didn't reblog DDLG content and the only way you can get her on your case is if you are racist, homophobic, a literal demon (like the pedophile) or you defend on of those three. And even if she was a inflammatory holier-than-thou jackass, thats still less bad than being or defending a pedophile. The only interaction you personally seem to have had with her was yelling at you for defending the fact that you are nitpicking for "contradictions" in light of this feels like you are assblasted you were wrong and she called you to the carpet for it and now you've gotta nitpick so that maybe you can feel a little better about yourself.

No. 1219096

i was gonna ask why she doesn’t just turn off anon or asks and remove herself from the drama, but she’s the same dickhead checking in here every day to let us know how misunderstood she is and how wrong we all are, so i guess i have my answer kek

No. 1219100

>inb4 muh bpd makes me attention whore uwu

No. 1219110

Like, shit you admitted you were wrong, you admitted that with the info she had you wouldn'tve done what you did, you admitted you dug in your heels in continued defending a position you no longer held once you were given why are so goddamn allergic to taking the L and quitting while you're behind and insist upon keeping shit up by digging your fucking heals by finding little pebbles on the ground to prove that "see see she's not little ms perfect either". Grow up!

No. 1219114

I don't even know what she looks like other than she is Latina(?), thats the entirety of my knowledge of her physical appearance. SHE started harassing ME through anons because I reblogged from AoS, thats how this whole bullshit started, because SHE got up in my anons being nasty to me for interacting with somebody she didn't approve of. That was the start of all this, not me coming after her. Im sure shes sending 50 of her closest mutuals here to spam here if shes not posting herself

And I don't act like Im in any way superior to people? I have my own rules and beliefs that make sense to me regardless of where radical feminism falls on the issue and Im always open to having my mind changed and hearing new arguments. I dont even act superior to other lolcows, you literally posted me here in the first place for being too nice to Luna Slater, Ill be the first to say Im not above anybody

I mean you're not incorrect but its more the adderall making me over-engage than attention seeking. I only entertain drama when Im tweaking. Im MUCH less subtle in my retardation when im attention-seeking.

No. 1219117

how do you KNOW the anons were her? She wasn't the only one giving you grief, even publically.

Goddam you really do think no one would take issue with you if they didn't like her and that she spends all the time in the world sending people after you specifically. People think you were and currently are being a petty weirdo who can't handle being told she's wrong

No. 1219118

>i don’t act superior to other lolcows!
how is you not checking in EVERY single day to defend yourself against any little thing someone says about you not acting better than other cows? every single time you’re posted here, you can’t just ignore it. the fact you even know you’re being posted here speaks for itself. you really think that everything you do isn’t your fault, or is perfectly justified, or is normal and everybody else is wrong. you very clearly think you’re better than other people in general, never mind other cows - otherwise, you wouldn’t chat all this shit about being sooo ‘artistic’ and so misunderstood or whatever. it’s embarrassing, you pretentious cringey fuck.

No. 1219124

Like, you have to be fucking coaxed and hand-held and fucking dragged though hell and high water to admit you are WRONG and you made a mistake, and even then the people who called you on it are still "big old meanies" because someone who you can't even be 100% sure was that person had some minor flaws and nothing can ever ever be fully your fault and you can NEVER just take responsibility without someone else also having a hand in it. Christ, you are a grown ass woman who just two days ago was defending loli rape hentai as fucking "vent art" and a coping mechnism and now you're whinging and crying about some women in underwear and how mean the brown lady was about racism.

No. 1219134

So when anyone else does something you deem wrong (or whatever adjective you want to use here for your inevitable backpedal), they'd better have a good explanation even if it was from 7 years ago when they were a literal teenager. But when you do something wrong, it can easily be dismissed as your meds, bpd, autism, etc. causing you to act up or, on rare occasions, you'll admit you fucked up but you should be completely forgiven and redeemed because you admitted to fucking up.
This is beyond childish, fakeboi.

No. 1219146

>But when you do something wrong, it can easily be dismissed as your meds, bpd, autism, etc. causing you to act up
add trauma, lack of knowledge despite having access to google to that list kek. Also muh freeze peach.

No. 1219148

like for real, if I had spent all day shouting to the heavens that something a whole bunch of people had been yelling at me was pedo hentai and I insisted it wasn't without having looked at it and then when I showed that that piece and I realized it was a indeed pedo hentai, I would fucking apoligize and if the paramedics came in enough time to save me from dying from shame and embarrassment, crawl under a rock for a few months, not start nitpicking the people who were right because if I do that I might feel a little less like a boob.

No. 1219234

I was hit up by multiple separate people and told some version of "that melenez girl you were fighting with has a secret porn sideblog" and then linked to a blog with clusters of purged posts and NSFW being one of her most used tags and a bunch of pictures of teenagers in lingerie im not sure what other reaction i was supposed to have

No. 1219350

lmfao “i don’t accuse her of having CP” then accusing her of having by definition CP on her blog by calling them naked teenagers.

No. 1219377

Pretty sure someone brought up menalez's old blog before the porn ban, I remember looking at it and I don't think anything had been purged when I did. There was no hardcore porn, there was no CP, it was cringe but it was clearly just the blog of a teenage girl who was getting groomed and not some evil porn-obsessed pedophile. Tumblr purged a lot of pictures that just had a lot of skin tones, it wiped out tons of regular pictures or drawings of women with skin showing. I say this as someone who never had a porn blog and loved the porn ban.
This is all a blatant attempt to get people to shut up about fakeboi defending some pedo's right to draw futa rape hentai by making them defend a woman who's already addressed what was on her old blog half a dozen times.
On top of that, if it's hypocritical for multiple women to call out someone for doubling down on defending people's right to make and consume pedo shit just because one of those women had an uwu traumacore blog as a minor, how is it not hypocritical to be whining about some woman's childhood blog and insinuating she had images of naked teenagers (so, child pornography) when you've just defended someone's right to make and share pedo futa rape porn as long as it makes the freak feel better? I don't even particularly like menalez but this is all doing a great job of boosting my opinion of her when the people going after her are racist spergs like AOS and someone who'd rather die on the hill of rape hentai being fine as long as it makes someone "feel something".

No. 1219424

holy shit menalez drama has even spread to lolcow. I never thought radblr sperging would breach the container. my god am i tired of hearing about her.

No. 1219443

same. i had to unfollow her on tumblr because she kept getting into pointless back and forth arguments with the worst types of people. it kept clogging up my dash

No. 1219496

Sage for no contribution but holy shit. This fat bitch was a personal cow of mine back when I was on tumblr. I naively looked into the GTA V fandom expecting, well, I don't know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't weird young women shipping two gross old men, one of whom is literally a cannibal and hinted at being a rapist. Her milk has increased tenfold since I last checked, bless this thread. Also good to know menahet is still sperging strong kek. Thank fuck I'm just a normal transphobe now and not radfem.

No. 1219532

do you have screenshots from her GTA shipping days? that sounds funny as fuck kek

No. 1219612

just search gtav or trevor on her blog

No. 1219618

Because you read here, here’s a message. Finally, a cow we can shape and mold with our autistic criticisms /s

You’re a fucking adult. Act like it. It’s bad enough you’re an ugly fat fuck, but if you didn’t spend so much time consuming shitty media and using an outdated website, you might actually be able to have friends and maintain a normal lifestyle instead of whatever this is. Cancel your WiFi for a month and switch to a flip phone. Stop being so involved with the online world. It’s unhealthy.

You’re defending porn and the men who abused people to make it. It’s not a cute look or edgy. It’s gross. It’s off putting. If any sane business knew you did this, they wouldn’t hire you. Stop while you’re already behind. Apologize to the person you’re doubling down on here and grow the fuck up. You’re not even a good cow, you’re just cringey and embarrassing.

No. 1219652

File: 1619714230425.png (10.6 KB, 547x196, Screenshot (279).png)

>you might actually be able to have friends and maintain a normal lifestyle instead of whatever this is
She claims to have many friends but IDK. Otherwise I kinda agree

No. 1219663

She does seem to have a few people that she interacts with in a friendly way but that isn't inherently a good thing. If those people are befriending her currently given everything we know about fakeboi, what does that say about them?

No. 1219753

I've seen the people she's friends with ONLINE and if the people she hangs out with irl are anything like them, it wouldn't help and would only make her worse if anything. (the entire reason this debate happened was a friend of her's was called out on defending the pedo she decided to defend that friend. It's just a circle of people enabling and coddling the worst aspects of one another>>1219663

No. 1220373

You aren’t going to shape or mold her. She has a fetish for nonconsensually exposing people to disgusting rape & torture imagery, and then baiting them into long dumb pedantic debates about its artistic value. She brags about doing it throughout her life. Take the bait if you want to, but don’t think you’re going to change her mind by explaining why her arguments are wrong & stupid. She clearly gets off on the negative attention.

No. 1220764

Saint Fakeboi the Martyr. Was punished with a lolcow thread for the crime of “being too nice to Luna”. What an angel. Nvm the fact that she actively lurked Lunas thread and probably contributed to it. Hypocrite.

No. 1220765

Still liking Luna’s shit on Tumblr as well. It’s funny to me that Luna never responds to her comments or anything. Even she is probably creeped out by her kek

No. 1221608

Nooooo anon, Luna only ignores her for fear of their convos being posted on the farms! Even though she replied to the girl she knows from high school.

No. 1222282

Why is every shitty behavior automatically a sexual fetish? Part of my BPD is I like shocking/disgusting people because I was bullied as a kid for being squeamish and over-sensitive. Itsa mildly shitty NLOG defense mechanism ("I can watch what the other girls cant") but it isnt a sexual fetish I just think its funny. Its kind of a juvenile thing to do but theres no sexual component

No. 1223508

yes we get it, you have bpd and someone was mean to you 20 years ago so therefore you cannot be held responsible for your own actions

No. 1223980

Im completely responsible for my actions but they arent particularly milky. And the actions you speak of (trying to befriend Luna, being a free speech absolutist, general spergery) are not particularly damning or entertaining so I don't get the point in tracking/recording them unless youre one of the few weirdos on radblr that decided to fixate on me for reblogging the wrong people

And I did post in the luna threads but it was mostly WK bullshit, I thought she was interesting and legitimately thought we could be friends but shes not interested in friends with no money so I gave up other than liking her pictures when they come across my dash which i dont see as a big deal

No. 1224176

No. 1224793

Do you like having this thread?

No. 1225127

You pull a retarded attempt at self-defence like this and think you're not a cow? Tick the lack of self-awareness box on the cow checklist. (also KEK at defending pedos = 'free speech absolutist)

No. 1225214

Same anon and those obviously are not the actions I'm referring to. I directly responded to your excuse for shocking people, not your obsession with Luna. I know your reading comprehension is absolute shit but come on.

No. 1225225

You legit could stop responding to this thread and people would eventually leave you alone. Why do you insist on being a lolcow? I genuinely don’t understand.

No. 1225547

File: 1620418152000.jpeg (186.78 KB, 750x723, C1859B8D-930E-41D3-AAAC-558AA7…)

This is so obnoxious.

No. 1225667

not trying to be rude, but how can you binge and purge for 15 years and still weigh so much. im honestly just curious

No. 1225680

love the classic "I do not condone!!! but let me tell you how great it is to have ED"
apparently bulimics get fatter because part of nutrient still gets absorbed.

No. 1225693

Not all bulimics purge all the food they eat or even purge every day. Bingeing and purging will fuck up your metabolism and your appetite regulation which can make it easier to gain weight, also it can stretch your stomach which can contribute as well. Also pretty much any ED includes food obsession which can also contribute to weight gain.

No. 1227497

File: 1620694038179.jpeg (355.09 KB, 750x1007, FC1B0EF7-732E-4920-9925-02F1CA…)

complaining like a petulant teenager that her mother won’t let her smoke weed in her house during the day, big oof. maybe time to be an adult and move out?

No. 1227536

We know you aren’t high functioning.

No. 1227729

She still lives with her mother at almost 30 and despite having boyfriend??? Now I see why she asskisses Luna whenever possible.
Either get a job (and your own flat) or respect the rules of the houseowner.

No. 1227785

she recently made multiple posts on her tumblr addressing this, guess she’s triggered

No. 1227821

File: 1620748196742.jpg (371.65 KB, 1079x1800, Screenshot_20210511-084636_Tum…)

More whining about how nothing in her life could possibly be her fault because she refuses to work on herself, but my favorite is the irony of her throwing out a classic "you guys are just mad because you were bullied in school" despite that her being bullied as a child is one of her reoccurring excuses for her behavior.

No. 1227825

Why don't you record another clip in which you are mooing like a retard at the farmers, while you are at it?

No. 1227829

I don’t get why her having a boyfriend would make her ineligible for benefits? It’s not like they’re married.

No. 1227834

File: 1620749073860.png (38.33 KB, 498x420, Screenshot (301).png)

All I hear is that amerifags have too good. In my country you either work or you fucking die. Or at least shut the fuck up when you live with your mommy. There is no 'uwu i'm too autistic too work cause it's haaaard for me'. Yeah, there is a disability payment, but it's not enough for food or anything lmfao.
Also, who the fuck is paying her for her writing?
Can any amerifag explain this? I also don't get it
>my favorite is the irony of her throwing out a classic "you guys are just mad because you were bullied in school" despite that her being bullied as a child is one of her reoccurring excuses for her behavior
to be honest same, she loves to present herself as the victimiest victim who ever victimed while acting like a bully herself. She's forever boiling that she's too disgusting to pull Nicole and be adored for being a ~soft trauma baby uwu~

No. 1227837

Which country?

No. 1227842

My understanding is that if they're living together, both of their incomes (or lack of) would still be reported as a household income regardless of their marital status and could push her out of the income bracket needed for disability. I'm not the most knowledgeable about disability though so feel free to correct me here. This is also assuming that she's not full of shit.

No. 1227845

ffs smoking weed during the day is going to impair your functioning even more, I don’t blame her mother for not allowing it

No. 1227848

That could be it, though I still think that if they’re not married it wouldn’t matter. Idk. I’m sure she’ll explain it in a Tumblr post later

No. 1227849

File: 1620750232848.png (10.34 KB, 505x189, Screenshot (302).png)

This thread isn't for me, but I live in Eastern Europe. I feel like clarifying that by 'you work, or you die' I meant that you cannot hide your whole life behind mommy's skirt and an assburger's diagnosis. People that are seriously disabled have it hard. I don't have sympathy for someone who whines 24/7 and does nothing to improve her life because ~bullying, mental illness, disability, eating disorder, abuse~ etc. All of this is awful, but you cannot make it your entire identity or expect others to carry your weight your whole life.
Forgot to mention, but
>I wish I could just get paid to write
There absolutely is a way for you to be paid for writing. Problem is that it would have to be something else than self-indulgent trauma narrative novel, LT Jeroy rip-off style. I will not tell you what it is, though. You are clearly capable of doing your research, but don't want to work or do anything that isn't fun.

No. 1227856

for a self-proclaimed edgy radfem who isn't like the other tumblrinas, she LOVES to use the classic 'ACTUALLY I'M FAT AND DISABLED AND KWEER AND GNC AND MENTALLY ILL SO YOU LITERALLY CAN'T CRITICISE ME' that all other fat idiots on tumblr love to use whenever anyone dares to point out the fact they're probs only so mentally immature because they're constantly stoned off their fucking tits. get a job, fatboi

No. 1227875

>for a self-proclaimed edgy radfem
inb4 she jumps on you: she denounced being radfem (maybe even ITT), she's just gc and supposedly 'anti porn' now
(samefag) imagine shitting on grimes when you look like OP picture… Also I feel like her suddenly reposting a Kurt Cobain meme surprisingly conceides with the discussion about him on the farms. I wouldn't be surprised if she was lurking beyond this thread.

No. 1227877

File: 1620751840960.jpg (311.72 KB, 1080x2024, Screenshot_20210511-094458_Chr…)

I finally skimmed some of her writing linked in the op and had to double check that I wasn't reading one of Soren's. Even the character name is the same.
No one is going to pay you for this, fakeboi.

No. 1227881

>The first time I saw her, she was eating the guts of a dead kid on the cement floor of the snuff studio that her daddy sold her to when she was a toddler.
What the fuck, did she steal from Soren?
>thank you so much for commenting. The story was actually inspired by the story of a girl I read about online and couldnt get out of my head
Or did she 'rework' his trauma narrative?
>No one is going to pay you for this, fakeboi.
She wants to get paid for this, I think.

No. 1227889

Kek you are so preachy, I bet you have never experienced hardships in your life.

No. 1227890

Then bet again lmfao. If you want to sympathize with fakeboi, there is a better place for it than this thread.

No. 1227891

File: 1620752811308.jpg (53.19 KB, 500x544, bfb.jpg)

I think they're even, but yeah she lacks self-awareness

No. 1227902

that was something I wrote in 20 minutes for a practice exercise, I used to soren story because Id read it recently and it was fresh in my mind but nothing I put up on that website was anything more than a prompt exercise for practice and the novel on Inkitt was written about 10 years ago I just put it up for critique because i wanted to revise it. I dont put my finished products online for free.
Yeah no shit I don't take this or any of you seriously and me and Chaya read through this page and laugh. This is all absurdly dumb.

>>1227834 yeah a life of dependence on others and poverty is "having it too good" disability benefits in this country are shameful. Sorry that you live in a 3rd world hell hole but just because your shit country doesn't think disabled people should survive doesnt mean Im not entitled to the few meager programs and services that my country offers. Not to mention the post is literally about how Im in the process of getting a job? Its just a longer process when you're disabled.

No. 1227914

You know it's bad when you're a worse creative writer than Soren kek

No. 1227919

>that was something I wrote in 20 minutes for a practice exercise, I used to soren story because Id read it recently and it was fresh in my mind
Doesn't matter, still plagiarism and creepy skinwalking
>Sorry that you live in a 3rd world hell hole but just because your shit country
How about you check your privilege, bitch. Typical amerifag bullshit. USA is always a hell hole where you are sooo opressed until you want to dunk on other countries.
>I dont put my finished products online for free.
Don't worry, others will do that for you. That is, if you ever publish anything that anyone will notice.
Good luck with job search, you clearly need it. Maybe then you will stop refreshing this thread, attention whoring and whining how there is not enough gore on the net for you.

No. 1227920

Soren was actually a pretty talented writer, I always thought it was a shame that he didn't use his skills more productively

No. 1227923

Imagine admitting you ripped off Soren of all people. You really are a cow.

No. 1227931

Wow you are lodged completely inside of my ass speaking of refreshing pages all day it seems like yall can't stay off my tumblr. And the USA is a hell hole but if you're saying your country has WORSE accommodations for the disabled than the shitty USA you must be just straight up gassing them because the USA is a horrible place to be disabled.
And like I said it was something I shat out for the exercise of writing it, not something I took seriously or ever planned to publish, it was just fresh in my mind so I tried to re-create it to see how it would be to write in that style. like i said it was a practice exercise

No. 1227937

There's no indication in that post or your previous post that you're actively looking for a job. If anything, both posts are just lists of excuses as to why you can't get a job.

No. 1227942

>Wow you are lodged completely inside of my ass speaking of refreshing pages all day it seems like yall can't stay off my tumblr.
You know that your thread would die had you stopped making an ass out of yourself ITT every time? It goes silent for days until a farmer pokes fun at your newest bullshit. You arrive like clockwork on the same day, despite supposedly not browsing the evil farms uwu.

No. 1227945

I literally said Im on a waiting list to get accepted into a job placement agency for the disabled. Thats the process of getting employed when you have my level of disability. In the mean time Im still working, I am working on my writing and have a few families that I babysit for its not like im just doing nothing while I wait.
>>1227942 the thread will die when the post limit runs out, Im not milky enough to make a second thread about also I never said I don't browse the farms I follow Luna, I follow Nicole and Ginger because I like their music, and I followed Soren until his passing. Every now and then I will browse PT and look at the onesion or Shane threads but I never said I was above browsing the farms, in fact ive been very open about the opposite being true

No. 1227946

Either she's lurking her own thread hard, or deliberately self posting critisms so other anons join in and she gets the attention she craves. Either way, it's very sad.

No. 1227947

>the thread will die when the post limit runs out, Im not milky enough to make a second thread
You really want this thread to max out, don't you? Pretty sure you said something like "I used to browse the farms", implying you no longer do.

No. 1227949

I mean I have it open in one of my 100 tabs, I get a notification whenever somebody posts. Im self-obsessed of course Im going to follow my own thread lmfao

No. 1228066

No, she's right. Cohabiting with a partner when you claim welfare means their income counts as your support.

No. 1228072

Most likely something like stocking shelves overnight, or sitting at a security desk. And I learned my limits from my last job where I didn't put such restrictions in place and found that when I worked more than 2 shifts in a row it had severe negative impact on my mental health and my behavior (and my performance on the job) for the next few days and the stress built up until eventually I had a complete mental breakdown after about 8 months of working nearly full-time and had to be hospitalized so going back to work Im not going to get myself in that situation again. I don't have the mental capacity to attend more than 2 days of work without a recovery day, its beyond my ability as an autistic person. My scheduling accommodations are one of the reasons I need to go through this agency and can't just walk into a store and fill out an application like a less disabled person could.

No. 1228096

File: 1620768292742.gif (871.25 KB, 300x182, 1441171933148.gif)


>the drag at Nicola Dollanganger was completely unnecessary to her argument, an absolute COPE

>"im naturally fat, that was insanely underweight for me"
>"you dont need to look like" (some cow girl who had nothing to do with any of this)
>"and being fat and healthy most days feels so much better than being slim and sick"

hey fatso, you cant be fat and healthy, overweight means you eat like shit. you can be slim and healthy, most people are. most thin people you meet arent underweight, but she wouldnt know cause she's a fucking pig so it all looks the same to her

dont know her age but she looks way too old to be this retarded.

No. 1228102

Oh wow, Soren fanfic with bulimia porn sprinkled in for funsies? Fucking hilarious.

No. 1228117

Im on a high dose of heavy antipsychotics in addition to having PCOS and I have never been shy about the fact that ive struggled with binge eating/disordered eating in general. I don't have the best relationship with food and Ill probably always struggle with it in one way or another.
But yeah, being fat and on medication is better than becoming a manic rage-monster having multiple chimp-outs a week and smallfat, which is my option off medication.

Like for real this is me HEAVILY medicated, do yall really want to see what happens when I go OFF my medication?

Healthy, for me, is on my medication, even if that medication makes my body larger.

No. 1228124

so medication makes you crave food more or does it slow metabolism or both?

No. 1228132

both, its to treat severe autistic meltdowns so it freaks your whole system out. Its made me do things like sleep-eat (which im always afraid of because people have choked to death that way) and its made me feel hunger at levels that I didn't even feel when I was fasting for long periods of time during my ED. And then on top of that every calorie gets processed like five. It fucking sucks but without my medication im completely out of control.

No. 1228135

It barely qualifies as a fanfic, seeing as most of it is lifted word for word from Soren's writing. I'm not sure what's more disturbing, Soren larping as a cp babysnuff star or fakeboi plagiarizing her self-insert wank material out of all things.

No. 1228154

Its not a fanfic it was a practice exercise to write in Soren's style because I liked how he wrote his descriptions for his 8tracks playlists and wanted to give it a try. I thought it fit the prompt and because I was playing with style I kept the same plot because plot wasnt part of the exercise I was doing. If we want to get into controversial things Ive written at least look at my 19 year old self's attempt at an edgy novel and not some random collection of pointless plotless practice exercises that saw less than a half hour's worth of effort

No. 1228158

Have you considered trying intermittent fasting instead of eating whenever and purging? It can make you stop constantly craving food and you get full earlier.
Well, you shouldn't have published that online as your piece of work. I do thing the Soren obsession is kinda disturbing.

No. 1228167

I actually fast most days and eat a my meal for the day in the evening I don't want to trigger anybody with calorie mentions but I don't eat many of them in an average day. But I usually have at least one bad binge day a week so that offsets it. I was actually doing really good and losing a lot of weight before I switched medications, I was the smallest ive ever been without using unhealthy means and then I started the meds and my body went to complete shit
Yeah I un-linked it from my tumblr for a reason, the website wouldn't let me delete the story once it was posted otherwise I would have when I came down from the manic state I wrote it in. Like I said I liked his writing style and thought it would be a good exercise, I didn't think anybody would actually look at it

No. 1228175

>do yall really want to see what happens when I go OFF my medication?
this is lolcow, so yes

No. 1228197

I rly wish someone would nuke this thread since it's just a fucking q&a with this "cow"

No. 1228199

hide the thread

No. 1228201

wow eat my fucking ass dipshit, do you actually enjoy hanging out in this weird fanclub for this nobody?

No. 1228217

why are you checking the thread then

No. 1228218

take a deep breath. go outside.

No. 1228225

Nobody asked this cow to interact in any way with this thread. Several anons actually recommended that she not interact with it, and that if she left the thread alone it'd die naturally, but for whatever reason she feels compelled to keep this tab open 24/7 and blog here.

No. 1228282

i mean…clearly you do. i was just suggesting that you hide the thread if it pisses you off so much.

No. 1228306

Dang I wish Shayna would allow a q&a in her thread instead of this pathetic retard

No. 1228409

Honestly I'm starting to think as soon as this thread gets quiet she deliberately bumps it.

No. 1228453

Shayna stans are the most annoying retards to ever exist on this planet. Go back to your containment thread.

No. 1228488

Nah Im pretty sure that the person who keeps screencapping my tumblr every time this thread dies is somebody i had an argument with a while back who won't let it go. A few people have hit me up with accusations, some overlapping, so I have some suspicion over who it might be

No. 1228489

Who is it? Call the bitch out

No. 1228491

If I had concrete evidence I would but Im not trying to make accusations/start rumors but one of the people in question is known to frequent the farms. Also I don't really like calling other women bitches

No. 1228493

It's funny how the word "bitch" is where you draw the line

No. 1228497

>But I usually have at least one bad binge day a week so that offsets it.
I guess therapy really is a meme and doesn't do shit. Or at least your therapist is useless.

No. 1228500

I mean I just said I don't really like it im not scandalized b it or anything its just something I try to keep out of my vocabulary.
At my worst I was having multiple BP episodes a day so an average on one comparatively small binge episode a week is progress, Ive made enormous strides in therapy, not being cured doesn't mean I wasn't helped.

No. 1228642

I noticed yesterday that she changed her desktop Tumblr theme (the one that was obnoxiously difficult to read, where you had to highlight the text for it to be visible in a screepcap, in >>1189515 and >>1189523) to be the same as her mobile theme, almost as if she wanted her blog to be easier for people to screencap.

No. 1228645

Tumblr did that, it just deleted my theme for no reason and Im too lazy to fix it. If I wanted my screencaps posted here (on this ANONOMOUS FORUM) I would simply post them myself

No. 1228669


No. 1229186

File: 1620909811826.png (101.39 KB, 719x485, Fakeboi.png)

No. 1229212

it's just an attention whorey, ~aesthetic~ text. Nothing to see here. Don't you know that suicide is a cool kids club on tumblr?

No. 1229220

Maybe she should just start planning a diet.

No. 1229222

fucking kek holy shit

No. 1229227

if this bitch had an actually debilitating disability she wouldn't have to work and would be on disability or SSI. trying not to blog here but I am severely physically disabled and these whiners make me want to a-log.

No. 1229241

I know of people with autism who receive SSI. Good for her if she’s actually looking for work.

No. 1231245

File: 1621172455552.jpg (725.8 KB, 480x3770, IMG_20210516_153523.jpg)

>Gorn porn books should be considered as art, even if poor(of course)
>"I like my sex and violence mixed but formal BDSM was always too nerdy for me"
there you have it

No. 1231362

this comment is the sound of crickets. of someone clearing their throat. the long, drawn out brrrrrrp of an old man’s fart.

No. 1231527

File: 1621202259463.jpeg (43.77 KB, 750x250, 9D6BA415-72B6-4C3E-AFBD-7AEA54…)

look what you did you faggots brrrrp

No. 1233695

Dont flatter yourselves it was an "Ill always be exploited and the only way out is death" attempt not "Im being cyberbullied so Im going to become an hero"

No. 1233733

Thank you. Im alive and working toward getting a job/my own place so I feel hopeful (I even have an interview tomorrow finally) so thats better than being dead i guess lol but thank you that is very kind of you

No. 1233769

you come out of the psych ward from a suicide attempt and the very first thing you do is come to lolcow?

No. 1233782

it was already one of the pulled-up tabs when I opened my laptop and I saw it had a notification so of course I checked it, I wouldnt leave my fandom hanging like that

No. 1233793

close the tab

No. 1233963

I mean Ive always been totally open about my participation in violent sex and being a masochists so you really didnt dig up anything I wasn't offering freely

Also its not GORN (slang for splatterpunk) its GOR which is a series of horrible fantasy novels that is pretty much "the handmaids tale but the chicks are cool with it"(close the tab)

No. 1233969

what part of ‘close the tab’ are you not understanding?

No. 1234001

Please let this thread die already

No. 1234104

Stop screencapping me and starting shit and they’ll be no thread to complain about

No. 1234111

this thread was completely inactive until you started replying to anons again. just let it die please.

No. 1234119

I mean I don't necessarily disagree with her though. That shit is all cringe.

No. 1234300

god you are such a fucking annoying male identified loser. close the fucking tab normie

No. 1234440

You are welcome. To be fair, it's a brainfart tautology but whatever
Now please fuck off

No. 1263211

File: 1624536506183.png (172.1 KB, 719x974, lol.png)

No. 1263218

That's a shame, it was funny as fuck watching her desperately simping for Tuna and getting ignored. (and then coming here to continue the asskissing)

No. 1263269

WTF are you talking about? It's not even the first time Luna reblogged something from her. It happened before this shitty thread became a thing. It means nothing, it's not personal connection, it's just resharing content. Tuna is still ignoring fakeboi in the comments lmfao

No. 1285957

just because she doent always reply in the comments doesnt mean she doesnt reply to me. I wouldn't keep talkin to her if she never replied. I just don't share DMs because im not a snake

No. 1285975

LMAO part of why people talk about you is because you are a snake

No. 1285998

Why did you revive your threaddd jfc

No. 1286095

were you the one who called the wellness check on luna?

No. 1286129

No I would never call the cops on a suicidal person

No. 1351951

Just FYI to everybody who was calling me a NEET here and up in my inbox, Im working a full time job now and paying for my own apartment. Ive been in a stable relationship for going on a full decade. Im probably doing better than a lot of you who came here to make fun of me and drag me.

No. 1391739

I'm being serious when I say this - good for you, fake boi. I know how hard it is to find work with mental health issues. You never deserved a thread just for being nice to Luna.

No. 1398583

Thank you. Im actually looking for a new job at the moment because our store got bough out, stripped, and shut down (a week before Christmas with no notice), but if I can get unemployment I might take a month or so to bang out some writing since I haven't gotten any done since my suicide attempt this summer because Ive been so busy with work. So the annoying thing is that I have to start the process over again of getting on the waiting list, getting a job counselor, having them find workplaces looking to hire disabled people, interviewing through them, and then getting back into the workplace which is an annoyingly long process but its the steps I have to follow if I want a job. Im hoping to find something in security or maybe overnights at a hotel, something that would let me get writing done on the job. But Im open to any sort of shipping/stocking work as well, the only things I absolutely can't do are commission-based sales or food service (I can't work in a kitchen, too man bells/timers going off, I get a sensory meltdown, ive tried to work those jobs in the past and never lasted more than a few days). But Im excited to see what this next chapter in my life is going to hold. Also my best friend and my sister in law are both pregnant so Im going to have new little nieces/nephews on the way, something to hang in there for.

And Im a fat autistic with BPD, I know Im a little bit of a cow, but I never even really participated in the threads other than some mild wk-ing and saying that Lurch should burn in hell for selling fent which I lost a friend to around the same time I made the post. The only threads I watched are luna, nicole, ginger and soren and the only one I really participated in was Soren because that shit was banana fucking sandwich. I talk to Luna sometimes through DMs and shes nice we have a casual conversation every now and again and she might even be helping me get some temporary work since the company she works for is about helping autistic people and I have some really great ideas for sensory products that would make my life and other autistic lives easier. But Im not simping her, Im not trying to get with her, I just think shes cool and nice and pretty and interesting and like her art/aesthetic. I have plenty of people who like/comment all my posts it isn't that weird for tumblr culture to browse down somebody's blog and like/comment and if she said I was being creepy or asked me to stop I would just like I would respect the boundaries of anybody else.

But that's the most recent milk on me I guess. In summary I got laid off from my job and have to start my hunt over but I still have the support of an amazing partner and am possibly going into "business" with Luna while I look for more stable work

No. 1398596


Why would you bump your own thread when the last post was 8 days old? Happy for you but get off lolcow lmao

No. 1398602

OH SHIT I forgot to sage how embarrassing I didn't mean to bump this I just meant to respond to the post because I didn't see it until today. Is there a way to un-bump it?

No. 1398733


Yeah it's called stop replying. It will fade away in a few days since no one else really cares enough to post

No. 1403255

File: 1640694666665.jpeg (487.53 KB, 750x1235, 4F9D4A43-DA37-44E6-AB73-84EA68…)

but youre an innocent angel who would never cyber bully luna lol

No. 1403261

I was speaking in obvious hyperbole

No. 1403265

What happened to the mice? I imagined they all died right? :(

No. 1403272

I imagine she had to call an exterminator but they were feeder mice so they were going to die anyway, at least they got to live a little first and 50 is a little bit of an exaggeration again I was being hyperbolic. I was 19 and on a lot of drugs at the time it wasn't my brightest choice but I wasn't going to stand for some slumlord finding any excuse she could to keep my deposit.

No. 1424530

No. 1426347

thank you for bumping a dead thread with your insightful contribution.(idiot)

No. 1427007

I’d read the rules and learn to sage my shit if I were you

No. 1429147

>I talk to Luna sometimes through DMs and shes nice we have a casual conversation every now and again and she might even be helping me get some temporary work since the company she works for is about helping autistic people […]
>But Im not simping her, Im not trying to get with her, I just think shes cool and nice and pretty and interesting and like her art/aesthetic […]
>[…]am possibly going into "business" with Luna while I look for more stable work
Did you finally understand it wasn’t a real job and that’s why you’re now shitting up her thread whining about how unemployable she is? You’re lucky Luna is such a lazy person because if she were to read what you truly think of her, she’d never talk to you. I mean, unless she could get something from you, that is. Lastly, despite your protestations, you are obviously simping

No. 1458107

Fakeboi I hope things are going well for you and that you can laugh at this thread in therapy someday lmao

No. 1458114

(Idk I guess Please don’t respond to this thread I don’t want you to get any more hate I just think your views are valid af and that you don’t deserve the shit you get. Would love to maybe end this nasty thread on a positive note… rooting for you!)

No. 1477168


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