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File: 1410388035680.jpg (68.43 KB, 1280x720, bugh.jpg)

No. 12332

Hooray for new lolcows!

No. 12339

>Anne-Marie, her mom, and Dorian came next. Dorian was so different, like another kid. Being at LSV for 3 or 4 weeks has really changed him. Apparently he was walking around doing knuckle push-ups all afternoon. He's put on weight, is eating well, and has perfect stance and posture. I tried talking to him but he was more like a caged animal, and walked all over the place, so I didn't actually get to talk with him until the dinner

This bit about her son at the wedding kinda broke my heart a bit. I feel so bad for the kid.

But what's LSV?

No. 12341

It's like a boot camp to turn around troubled kids.

No. 12345

File: 1410389464299.png (5.88 KB, 395x213, poor logan.PNG)

Logan isn't allowed to have any girls on his friends list.

No. 12348

Because every single girl is prettier than his heifer of a wife

No. 12350

It sounds like he's afraid of pissing off his insecure, haggard, fat wife.

No. 12351

File: 1410389779776.jpg (63.45 KB, 521x520, just like step daddy.jpg)

The therapists must have had a field day with poor Dorian. Imagine what it would be like, hearing the kid talk about his home life. No wonder he's "troubled".

No. 12355

File: 1410389969375.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.43 KB, 720x540, 216359_10150157163026373_72290…)

This is the guy from England she was engaged to. Not mind safe. I heard he was banned from a bunch of goth clubs for being a creeper.

No. 12358

File: 1410390126356.png (Spoiler Image,45.45 KB, 422x684, dorian ew.PNG)

He posted about hearing Raven and Logan having sex.

No. 12359

sorry that wasn't supposed to be a spoiler

No. 12360

Mother of SHIT, you weren't kidding.

No. 12361


Any pictures of the first three husbands?

I want to adopt this poor kid and give him nice things and a normal life

No. 12362

No. 12363

Oh god, oh god… poor Dorian. I just want to help this kid somehow.

No. 12366

File: 1410390303242.png (34.11 KB, 662x332, mtio.png)

I don't think they'll necessarily divorce as many here are quick to claim. He seems to be a very submissive type and perhaps the fact that she's older makes him feel superior because of how unconventional such a relationship is.

I saw a 'my strange addictions' style show the other day where there was a woman who was in her 50s with a man in his late 20s. They had been together for 7 years or so. It's creepy, sure, but it can and does work.

No. 12368

File: 1410390447268.jpg (82.17 KB, 960x960, 10364016_505947089509426_37112…)

That's disgusting.

I was skimming through some comments on her vids and saw her make a comment to the effect of "I would never date/never dated guys who had sisters because it's too probable they had an incestual relation".

No. 12370

File: 1410390508875.jpg (46.29 KB, 640x480, 215473_10150153820556373_72290…)

None of the first two but this is her third. He's also younger than her but not by so much. She was early 30's and he was late teens/very early 20's. They got married very quickly because she was homeless in America and he was willing to pay for her to come live with him in New Zealand. They weren't even dating, he was just obsessed with her and she was opportunistic.

No. 12371

File: 1410390580568.jpg (255.59 KB, 1920x1080, 456358_283494338421370_5471147…)

Incestuous not incestual, sorry.

No. 12372

Why do men fall for these basic bitches? Seriously, they're young, cute, they could do so much better.

No. 12373

File: 1410390765184.png (296.61 KB, 685x2619, face fucked and fisted.png)

She claims her third husband raped her. The day after this supposedly happened someone I know saw them together in a store. She wasn't injured at all and they were cuddling and acting all loved-up.

No. 12375

File: 1410390878615.png (19.67 KB, 353x225, almost raped.PNG)

Another guy who she claims tried to rape her.

No. 12379

MTE. What on earth do they see in her? She's ugly inside and out, and a negligent mother and a compulsive liar with a history of cheating. What why how?

No. 12381

The description from a video where she claims Dorian caused her to miscarry by not cleaning the kitchen sink properly.

The Dorian blaming starts around 5 minutes in.

No. 12383

File: 1410391452163.png (69.71 KB, 422x627, dildo.PNG)

Logan beat Dorian with Raven's dildo.

No. 12387

File: 1410391688177.png (70.59 KB, 485x599, people in relationships delete…)

After the English fiance dumped her she un-friended everyone who was in a relationship.

No. 12388

wait how old was Logan at this point? Did someone say that he's younger than Dorian? Were they trying to have a baby when he was like 16?

No. 12389

File: 1410391821573.jpg (Spoiler Image,205.96 KB, 607x1024, bathory_stock_12_by_starbl00d_…)

Naked and covered in fake blood

No. 12391

He would have been 17 here. Dorian is 1 year older than Logan.

No. 12393

On the video she says Dorian is almost 18 so Logan would be 16-17

No. 12399

This repulsive, deranged old hag makes PT look like a total catch. She must have a real talent for sniffing out damaged/vulnerable guys and manipulating them. God knows how else she's managed to get her fetid claws into so many.

No. 12400

Lol I just found out about this Raven chick, but with such premises I'm sure she'll become a lolcow of epic proportion. I mean, have you read her long-ass "woe-is-me" story?? I wonder why all of these lolcows claim to have been raped at some point, it's like a status quo thing. Personally, I find it hard to believe rape claims on the internet for this exact reason, they make for great sob stories and there is no need to prove it, and if you don't believe it then you're just a heartless monster. Either way, it's pretty obvious that something isn't quite right with her, so…

No. 12401

File: 1410392662965.png (18.18 KB, 504x214, dhds.PNG)

She says her baby doll is more important to her than Dorian, and she wishes she had an abortion.

No. 12404

What a piece of shit.

No. 12407

File: 1410392893397.jpg (111.93 KB, 675x960, 1525508_381565828656757_169655…)

WTF what if it really happened tho?

No. 12410

Here's a summary of one of her tl;dr life stories I made for another site a few years ago

- Grew up in a trailer park in the USA
- Had a female cousin who would try to penetrate her with her toes at sleep overs.
- Her dad was a transvestite who took pictures of her half-sister in the shower.
- Attributes her precocious puberty to being sexually abused (although she doesn't remember this happening).
- Forced by her step mother to eat rancid food her step sisters had hidden in her room.
- Step mother made her lay naked on her bed with the door open, guests saw her.
- Her father would hand cuff her step mother and step sister to each other, then rape her step mother
- At age 12, was raped by a 17 year old boy her and her friend met by calling random houses. This apparantely made her friend jealous.
- Boyfriend arranges to have his brother rape her so he could have an excuse to break up with her. Also the brother who raped her was her friend's boyfriend.
- Almost raped by a guy who went on to murder his brother.
- Her ex boyfriend and 6 of his friends got her friend stoned and gang raped her. Her friend accused her of being a satanist because of this.
- Bit a chunk out of the leg of a psychiatric hospital staff member.
- Was a devil worshiper and had a small cult in El Paso. Tortured animals and kept their body parts in her room.
- Jehovah’s Witnesses performed an exorcism on her because of her self-harm scars.
- Was gang raped by a Mexican, Asian, African American, and a white guy - a rainbow rape! The African American guy's girlfriend beat her up at school the next day because he claimed it was consensual.
- Raped by her friend's crush in her sleep, as her friend watched on crying.
- Walked in on her boyfriend fucking his sister.
- Suffocated her baby to stop it crying.
- Used coke and 5 tabs of LSD daily.
- Her roomate's husband tried to force her to give him a blow job, then paid her $20 to keep quiet about it.
- Her boyfriend's cousin told him she'd cheated on him… because the cousin was into incest and wanted to fuck her boyfriend.
- Her first husband banned her from changing her son's diaper, as the baby looked like his father and he thought she'd get turned on.
- Tairrie B. from My Ruin called them twins when they met.
- Found a receipt for porn in her second husband's pocket, narked to his parents about it.
- Almost raped by her second husband but the cops didn't believe her because she's fat.
- Her boyfriend had an incestuous relationship with his niece.

No. 12412

File: 1410393060097.jpg (53.51 KB, 493x720, 10556468_509454129201259_10525…)

I will never understand men.

No. 12413

Oh god I literally felt sick

No. 12414

File: 1410393225780.jpg (213.93 KB, 2048x1365, 1898542_421945571285449_195821…)

WTF why would she blame her son like that?…
I hope they were being lolsorandom and not actually serious…

No. 12417

File: 1410393322510.jpg (Spoiler Image,40.41 KB, 303x660, d33467d4-8231-460b-8926-541252…)

Tit photoshop

No. 12418

IKR?? Although he seems pretty douchey and dumb, admittedly he's very good looking. I can imagine that he'd have all kinds of alternative/goffik chicks on his dick, but he's with that old wretched mess of a woman (Not that I think that 37 is old at all, but she looks horrible for her age in her candids, seriously.). He must have a thing for older women, just like our homgirl Raven has it for young dudes. A match made in heaven (not)!

No. 12419

This just goes overboard for me. What an utterly useless cunt. She needs to leave her son alone and fuck off into a very deep hole.

No. 12420

File: 1410393577149.jpg (52.52 KB, 640x960, 1743534_412287808917892_867449…)

Thank you for telling us about her anon. This is drama gold.

No. 12421

>rainbow rape


No. 12423

File: 1410393622965.jpg (67.91 KB, 720x540, 261332_104151303015194_1000026…)

She got this tattoo of her English fiances name before they'd even met irl.

No. 12424

lol titshelf

PT should get one over at ikea, she desperately needs it

No. 12425

for some reason I thought that was a penis

No. 12426

I'm glad I have somewhere to gossip about her now. I think my bf is getting sick of me keeping him updated on her hijinks.

No. 12430

this is the best fun since PTNR

No. 12431

File: 1410393922630.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.43 KB, 747x1024, bathory_stock_7_by_starbl00d_s…)

More nudes and gross pictures incoming. Have you eye bleach ready.

No. 12432

File: 1410393945180.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.49 KB, 495x1024, bathory_stock_9_by_starbl00d_s…)

No. 12433

I bet that bathroom reeks of ketchup

No. 12434

File: 1410393978924.jpg (Spoiler Image,192.59 KB, 767x1024, bathory_stock_10_by_starbl00d_…)

No. 12435

Thanks a lot anon, my eyes are now shrivelled up.

No. 12436

she looks like a basset hound. droopy eyes, droopy cheeks, droopy tits, droopy belly.

I have a harness really similar to that and holy shit do I feel awesome about my body right now! Thanks Raven!

No. 12437

File: 1410394064761.jpg (Spoiler Image,220.92 KB, 767x1024, bathory_stock_11_by_starbl00d_…)

No. 12439

What the fuck is that random tape on her tummy?

No. 12441

File: 1410394165908.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.05 KB, 748x1024, bathory_stock_13_by_starbl00d_…)

No. 12443

File: 1410394210093.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.19 KB, 422x720, 230226_10150184270091373_72290…)

No. 12445

File: 1410394290863.jpg (53.69 KB, 652x489, Buka.jpg)

>>12441 uncanny

No. 12446

>>Was gang raped by a Mexican, Asian, African American, and a white guy - a rainbow rape!

God bless anon, god bless. Thanks for the summary, 10/10 would read again.

No. 12447

File: 1410394312655.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.18 KB, 355x676, 205645_10150156435611373_72290…)

I'm gonna spoiler her ex-fiance because he is so gross to look at.

No. 12451

File: 1410394498203.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.56 KB, 354x441, 215737_10150161421291373_72290…)

No. 12452

Jesus christ anon you gave me a heart attack.

Boze kochany wiesz jak bardzo mnie to straszylo jak bylam mala?

No. 12453

ok him she can keep. Leave the nice looking ones to decent girls

No. 12454


No. 12455

nope sorry, suomesta itseasiassa

No. 12456

I like his t shirt though, no lie.

No. 12457

And here he is on Snog, Marry, Avoid with his ex wife.

Raven still has drama with that chick to this day. She taunts her on facebook about having a baby since Raven has a poisonous womb.

No. 12459

File: 1410394779129.jpeg (26.42 KB, 500x661, 9147_0094_500.jpeg)

Ha ok sorry, we called it buka too in poland.

Buka does look like Raven a lot. The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 12461

I hate snog marry avoid (it's so obnoxious about wanting everyone to look the same) but this is hilarious.

No. 12462

OMG I've seen that episode! I thought he looked somewhat familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. This thread has just started but it's already the best on lolcow, thanks anons for providing such juicy information!

No. 12463

I think it's mainly that one anon who knew her for years who is providing the gossip.

Apparently she has been a lolcow for years.

No. 12466

I got my hands on her Facebook messages with the ex-fiance. I have never bothered to read the whole thing but here it is http://pastebin.com/w0qTA9zs

No. 12467

we call her Mörkö in finnish actually, I just googled the pic and didn't change the name

>>12457 I knew I knew his face from somewhere!

No. 12471

File: 1410395751748.png (1.1 MB, 508x6893, nz story and self harm.png)

This is way to tl;dr but at the bottom she posted her self harm like some 14 year old

No. 12476

jfc I get so tired reading through her shit.
Bitch needs to learn how to edit.

No. 12479

>>makes rape jokes
>>counted 10 different stories of rape
>>somehow involve a female being jealous that she was raped ??
>>lots of incest involving different people.

Bullshit. Her "life story" is just her own sick rape/incest fantasies.

No. 12480

I made a care package with some videos and screenshots. Some of the videos are one's she's removed from Youtube


No. 12483

If this was a "you rage you lose" thread I would have already lost.

I hope he can get out of there ASAP and get some college education or a good job.

Also it looks like Logan has a decent job because he bought her a pretty expensive ring. I felt sorry for him since he'll be pulling all the weight in that family.

Has she ever held down a job before?

No. 12488

I can't watch this in my phone right now but is this a fun trash show in the UK or something?

No. 12519


Is that the goth version of Goodbye Horses?

No. 12525

File: 1410424395125.jpg (59.3 KB, 435x654, Raven.jpg)

No. 12526

File: 1410424838027.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.71 KB, 900x505, Raven 0.jpg)

Nasty bitch posts her nudes on Facebook for all to see.

No. 12529

eww why does this sad fucking goths keep using my mothertongue because they think it's edgy? arghughughughugh

stop it. german is a beautiful language when spoken correctly jeesh. this misconception that we all sound like guttural deathmetal singers bugs the fuck out of me.

No. 12530

whoaaaa she was nottttt attractive before but the after she looks really lovely and cute with that hair and the dress!

No. 12533

File: 1410430556832.jpg (31.9 KB, 417x625, Ravens baby picture.jpg)

The title says it all.

No. 12534

File: 1410430635887.jpg (46.83 KB, 766x641, Raven and Dorian.jpg)

A picture of her and Dorian

No. 12535

File: 1410430716881.jpg (42.25 KB, 540x720, Raven at 19.jpg)

A picture of Raven when she was 19 years old

No. 12537

Thank you anon

No. 12542

Wow so she's asian? She looks like a regular white mallgoth with all her goffick makeup. Would've never guessed.

No. 12553


But wait she's not a slut.
jfc some people.

No. 12556

File: 1410444629098.png (462.26 KB, 391x581, raven 1.PNG)

who's this? brother or husband#1?

No. 12558

This pig is either Native American or Mexican.

No. 12560

Didn't she wrote in her long-ass story on the wedding site that she's Thai and German? Dunno about the German part, but she defitely looks Thai to me.

No. 12562

I looked at Dorians fb and from his pics he looks like he's mixed with some kind of Asian.

No. 12563

Who is this Lorelei she started posting about (and cover photo)?

Did they just fucking adopt a baby? Fucking call child services.

No. 12565

No. 12566

No. 12567


"So I was wondering…How many of you thought Lorelei was a real baby? Do you think she looks realistic? What did you think when you saw the photos go up?"

I guess Lorelei is a hyper-realistic doll? How the hell do they afford to live?

No. 12568


>So here it is:

>You asked me who Lorelei is? She's my baby.

>Doll, that is. Some of you guessed it- yes, she is a Reborn, created for me by Memory Dolls by Marilyn (https://www.facebook.com/memorydolls). >Why a Reborn? Well, I did make a video explaining this but haven't uploaded it yet so I'll give a short answer here. After trying unsuccessfully for nearly 18 years to have a baby (and failing through heartbreaking losses), I've been burdened with anguish and depression. All around me it seems everyone is pregnant, and on their 2nd (or more) rounds. No one will surrogate for us. Adoption is HARD- especially when you're alternative, and when there is a 19 year age gap between you and your spouse. Not to mention my one son is a massive failure as a human being and I'm kind of terrified of having a child that turns out as horrible as he did. Lorelei will never grow up, never grow old…get sick or die. I know she isn't real, and trust me- only a few months ago I was one of those people looking down my nose at women who adopted these dolls. I thought it was sick and just weird. Though to be honest some of them are a bit strange hahaha…I would never have bath time or feeding time or schedules, acting like she's real in those ways. I want to hold her and cuddle her and just be able to look down at a beautiful sleeping baby in my arms, until the time comes where I no longer need her.

I do hope you all understand, but if you don't and choose to look down on me, that's your problem and yours to deal with alone. I don't need to further justify myself or my actions. She is absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't be happier

No. 12569

No. 12570

What an improvement

No. 12573

Is that her mom in the background picture?

No. 12575

I would find everything about this woman hilarious if it weren't for the way she treats Dorian.

…and then claims to have had 'abusive' parents and that she wanted to be 'the mother she never had' for him.

No. 12576

He's pretty good-looking without the terrible eyeliner.

No. 12579

>my one son is a massive failure as a human being and I'm kind of terrified of having a child that turns out as horrible as he did

you fucking BITCH guess why he's like that? because your lazy ass raised him like that!

Oh my god I feel so bad for Dorian

No. 12595

File: 1410458683310.jpg (153.7 KB, 800x1112, oyasumi-punpun-3301359.jpg)

Someone loves playing a victim for attention

>Not to mention my one son is a massive failure as a human being and I'm kind of terrified of having a child that turns out as horrible as he did.

Fucking bitch, I feel no pity for her.
Too bad calling child service is too late, since Dorian is 20, I think. I seriously hope he gets away from her.

If anyone has read Oyasumi Punpun, she reminds me of Aiko's mother, except goffic.

No. 12598

No. 12600

I'm raging again. I thought this was a prime lolcow but the way she treats her son is worse than Margaret (dirt eating kid) treated Kaylen (?) in some regards because she's constantly putting him down.

I imagine too he must not have many friends and the only one he did make ended up being his step-dad.

No. 12606

She even shares a similar fucked-up relationship with Dorian, in a way (similar to Aiko and her crazy-ass mother). Damn I can't fuckin' stand her talking about her son like that, humiliating him constantly, calling him dirty, lazy, useless etc. Honestly, given the way he was raised he seems like a sweet guy, it breaks my heart to see him treated like that by that bitch.

No. 12611

Holy shut her new Zeeland album. Is stuff that pricy?

Also how did she end up in new Zeeland from the sates.

Also she's a shitty mother if you can even use the m word for this waste of space.

No. 12612

>Holy shut her new Zeeland album. Is stuff that pricy?

Holy shut. new Zeeland.

No. 12613

Dorian now lives with his girlfriend and her family and refuses to have anything to do with Raven. Good for him.

Yeah it's pretty expensive to live here. Those prices include 15% tax. Her and Logan are living off his minimum wage job so it's harder for them than most people. Raven says she can't work because of diabetes, not that anyone would hire her anyway.

No. 12614

Like I never really get how extreme alternative people really expect to get a decent job any where when they look like that.

I don't personally care how they look as long as they get the job done.

No. 12615

How did you find that out? Also how old are the videos then?

No. 12616

I'm going to guest they have auto correct. I have to be careful when I use my tablet. Fucks turn into ducks, and ect.

No. 12618

guess jfc.

No. 12619

She posted about it but she deleted the post. The videos with Dorian are at least a year or 2 old, this one from September 2013 is the most recent.

No. 12620

I never would've thought she's Asian. Holy fucking shit, she looks like a typical white trash mall goth now. The father looks like he's either Hispanic or Filippino.

No. 12621

>Not to mention my one son is a massive failure as a human being and I'm kind of terrified of having a child that turns out as horrible as he did

I have never wanted to beat the shit out of a lolcow this hard, oh my fucking god…

No. 12623

File: 1410471570877.jpg (59.43 KB, 788x960, Raven at 25 0.jpg)


I think she uses skin bleach. How else do you explain how this >>12535 became this in six years?

No. 12626

Why does she hate her own son so much? What did he do to "earn" this treatment? I don't get it. He's just an 18 year old kid, isn't he? I'm glad he doesn't live with her anymore, that kid must need so much therapy.

No. 12627

it's not him, it's her who's mentally fucked up

No. 12629

He left her and lives with his girlfriend, according to anon.
That's probably one of the reasons.

No. 12630

Anyone have more caps of her boohoo life stories?

No. 12632

I take it she wears blue contacts? I think that and the nose is what makes her look like typical white trash nowadays.

No. 12635

>Why do you want another kid so badly? Why does it have to be a baby and not just any kid?

>I want another baby for many reasons! One is that I never got to experience what it would be like to have a baby with someone you love- with the dad even in the picture. When I got pregnant with Dorian, I was 17 (very young for back then) and had been on the pill. I didn't want kids nor plan on having any, but once I got pregnant I knew it would be wrong to abort him, so that was never an option. His dad obviously never wanted a kid either, as he dumped me when he found out. So I was basically all alone, 17 and lost, with my mom telling me to abort, no job, no friends, no dad in the picture, no options. My pregnancy wasn't a happy one. I had no one to share it with. My family wasn't at all happy, and my mom didn't even let me touch my stomach as she thought I'd "spoil the baby". I want to experience it with someone. The growing, the first kicks. Holding the baby in the hospital. Having the proud Daddy watch his child grow up- being a FAMILY. When I gave birth, I was put into a room with two other women. Both had the baby's dad's come visit, friends, family. I had my mom once, my therapist once, and a girl who didn't even like me came to ridicule me. It was sad and very disappointing. When he came out, they didn't even tell me if it was a boy or a girl, and my mom was the one who got to hold him! I never had a chance to bond with him either, which helps with the whole "I'm more like a friend to him" thing. I want to have a baby in the traditional way, and not be "friends" with it. I didn't even get to experience Dorian's first steps, or his first words. I missed everything. I was basically a body. This is why it has to be a baby, not a toddler or an older child. This is why I'd rather have a surrogate if possible, and not adopt.

No. 12637

This dumb ducking cow.
Its your fault that you see him as a friend.

I'm not saying you can't be really great friends with your parents, cause you can, but they're your parent first.

No. 12638


No. 12641

File: 1410474452307.jpg (111.04 KB, 728x931, lfas.JPG)

No. 12643

What is that from?

Also why can't this bitch like chill when she meets someone.

No. 12647

Oh fuck this bitch. If she's even telling the truth here, the reason her family didn't want her to have any interactions with baby Dorian is because they KNEW SHE IS FUCKING CRAZY.

No. 12653

She looks really pretty in this picture! And I couldn't believe she was Asian ether. What happened?

No. 12654

>her nose
Lol I've noticed white trash or lolcow people have that weird nose. What's up with that? Is being a lolcow genetic?

No. 12656

File: 1410482964494.jpg (194.22 KB, 2048x1365, 10428268_1504306983144279_5482…)

>Not to mention my one son is a massive failure as a human being and I'm kind of terrified of having a child that turns out as horrible as he did.

What a bint. Worst mother of the year award contender.

No. 12657

File: 1410483209489.jpg (424.83 KB, 2048x1304, 10013455_1487380098170301_4292…)

At least Catherine (the great) loved her son. Sure she's a crazy raw vegan hippie, but she wanted what's best for her son in her own twisted way. At least he was loved. At least she ate that dirt with him.

What this goffick bitch is doing is just horrid and inexcusable. She is so self absorbed it's no wonder her gran took her kids away. She would've probably killed her kid from neglect.

No. 12662


>Tattoo of the Invader Zim symbol

That's hilarious, because she argues that she's not a goffic stereotype.

>Are you Goth?

>Lol, no. I don't consider myself goth anyway..not with what it's become, and with these babybats thinking Manson is Goth, or Evanescence is Goth…Not with Emilie Autumn and her plague rats ruining music for everyone. Most Goth music sucks. The scene itself is now blurred- too many influences and crossovers. I was once considered an Elder goth- one of the early ones, back when no one really knew what we were, our clothes were hard to find and unique, Hot Topic was Goth and Spencers was close. When you never saw or heard the term "emo" being used to describe anything, much less everything…and when you only ever saw a few Goths out in the daytime, and seeing one was like seeing some exotic animal out in the wild. It was new(ish) and exciting, and some of us set the mark for the others to follow, and those others have tarnished and destroyed and made a mockery of it to where I'm happier not being considered goth at all. I'm just me. My style has never been traditional "Goth" anyway- I've always done my own thing

No. 12663

Oh my god I just remembered a person i knew. She looked a lot like Raven, especially the nose - it's uncanny. She was not that bad but forever jobless and lazy, having an unwanted child put up for adoption because she was simply too lazy to do anything that would have prevented a pregnancy, others were aborted.

I'm just kinda glad I'm not a goth anymore. This subculture attracts trainwrecks like no other… at least where I am from.

No. 12664

File: 1410486208525.jpg (2.42 KB, 190x156, 1326778405795.jpg)

>elitist goff shit

oh my god she's 37?

No. 12669

How in the fuck is she 37 and still dressing like this… IN PUBLIC.

No. 12672

Where the hell does she get this money for all this ink?

TFW shitty people like invader zim, and you like it too.

No. 12673

This bitch can't even be real right now…not knowing goth really kinda started in the 70's in the uk. this twat.

No. 12674

There are some who are her age and older that are goth but dress appropriately, say like for work and stuff. This is just trashy goth.

No. 12677

>our clothes were hard to find and unique, Hot Topic was Goth and Spencers was close
mfw this bitch is 37 and still mall gawf

No. 12678

File: 1410494992744.png (6.23 KB, 491x46, acid king.PNG)


This guy pays for it. His location says he's from Texas but I suspect it's this guy >>12370 cause he always uses profiles with no/fake information.

No. 12682

Is it maybe a combo of photoshop, makeup and staying out of the sun? I was pretty tan as a kid because I was in the sun all the time, when I got older I actively avoided it and now I'm significantly paler. It may be something similar for her, especially if she's mixed race.

No. 12685

Yep, probably high concentrations of hydroquinone, staying out of the sun, and lots of makeup and photoshop.

No. 12686

I think she might be some kind of pacific islander. Her son really shows it in his face and you can see it in her older pictures.

No. 12687

Oh man does she have a tumblr?
Livejournal, something besides just fb?

No. 12689

No. 12704

From her wedding page.
I remember her saying she had to ask random people on some wedding facebook group to come to her wedding since her and Logan didn't seem to have any friends apparently.
Then she gets mad at someone who decided to help and calls them "random filler"

No. 12705

File: 1410511559038.jpg (42.11 KB, 568x625, 553151_127069830817656_4281109…)

No. 12706

Was Hot Topic ever "respectable" in any way? I was under the impression that it started out selling cheap shitty raver gear and Nightmare before christmas merch. Has their shit ever been quality in any way?

I'm European and I have lots of friends who are in their late 30s/early 40s and very active in the local Goth scene. They spend incredible amounts of money on their clothes, especially things like corsets and they're super neat and classy people. I gonna have to introduce them to Raven.

No. 12735


>Complains about babybats

>Whines about Adora Batbrat going out of her way to prove how goffik she is
>Calls herself 'Raven'
>Tags all her photos 'morbid', 'dark', 'evil'
>Does caked on panda eyeliner

lol k

No. 12737

>"I'm not a mallgoth"
>"I'm not a goth stereotype"
>Bitch is practically Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

No. 12738

File: 1410528332460.jpg (72.52 KB, 720x960, 10458558_1485474485027529_3876…)

What an evil cunt. She claims to be so alt and that she doesn't give a fuck, but then she wants to have a wedding with tonnes of people, caring about her popularity like some preppy teenager.

She can't even be consistent with her goth alt bullshit.

No. 12740

File: 1410528525947.jpg (86.19 KB, 593x960, 10562509_1487380728170238_2623…)

Yep, there's plenty of really cool goth, rave, punk alt etc. people out there. Especially older ones who tend to have more experience so they're cool to talk to.

As for raven I think she must have a hole in her skull because how did she reach age 36 and not wisen up at least a bit.

No. 12741

File: 1410528805643.jpg (641.81 KB, 1828x2007, image.jpg)

I know he grew up in the mall goth scene and probably likes that aesthetic but I really hope he's not dating his mom.

No. 12742

She's wearing a Mr.Bungle shirt, I wouldn't have put her down for liking music that isn't miserable shit.

No. 12761


Does she get paid for her photos?
Or is she an alt model wannabe?

No. 12763

She looks just like his mom.
I think the kid has been so tucked up that he might just find someone just like her. Poor kid.

No. 12767

I got page not found for both of them.

No. 12768

I have modeled for many bands and projects, and have been interviewed many times. I have been in my local newspaper for my take on Halloween, and also interviewed for the local Zombie Walk in 2011. I was asked to take part in a horror film made by Joe Hollow, of the metal band Hollow, but distance has proved too hard for completion. You can find me on album covers, as the subject of many paintings and other artwork, and even on book and E-book covers. I am always evolving and getting involved in new projects and changes in my life.

From her "official face book"
You know if your gonna say you've been on cd's newspapers ect you should I dunno link to the proof.

No. 12775

That's weird.

Earlier this day both of them were active.

Now that I look into it, facebook profiles posted here >>12689 were all working but now a good number of them are deleted? (mostly Logan and Raven's various profiles, Dorian is still there)

Did someone link her to this thread or something?

No. 12776

Anon, answer honestly. Would you ever pay for that shit?

No. 12777

Not that anon, but no.
But some people will pay to see anything.

No. 12816

It's only a matter of time, there's always that one retard who does it sooner or later.

Same happened with saxy.

No. 12817

File: 1410561666080.png (791.71 KB, 1375x1500, royal story.png)

Some drama over a Facebook game group is the reason for her profiles being deleted.

No. 12818

File: 1410562063445.png (331.38 KB, 505x560, suicide.PNG)

Threatening to kill herself for the hundredth time.

No. 12820

JFC act like a fucking adult

No. 12866

File: 1410584624748.jpg (99.27 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)


No. 12867

File: 1410584648036.jpg (57.64 KB, 500x289, image.jpg)

No. 12887

Jesus Christ this girl has cutter scars too. I hope she doesn't turn out to be fucking insane like his mom. At least this chicks parents are taking care of Dorian, right?

No. 12909

Nope, it was never ever respectable and sold vastly overpriced ugly shit. Only those horrible mall goths liked that crap… No goth with standards would wear that shit. It was super mall goth centered from around 1998 until around 2008. Before I couldn't stand to go into that shop because of how bad it smelt, how the people inside would give you the most evil glare for wearing feminine pink clothes, and the cashiers were friggin' terrifying. All I wanted was to buy some Pokemon and Sailor Moon stickers, FRS. Now the place is centered around pop culture more than anything else which makes it a welcoming store for everyone. A lot of the shit is still overpriced and 'meh' quality though… But they do have sales often so I guess it makes up for it by havin those. Funny how it went from trashy mall goth to Disney and Adventure time throughout the years.

No. 12933

I really hope Dorian gets the therapy he needs or he'll end up just as shitty as his mother.

No. 12951

I was clearly asking to much of her.

No. 12962

File: 1410643394517.jpg (44.76 KB, 475x317, disbitch.jpg)

Im gonna go a head and guess that woman in the grey jacket is an extra.


No. 12964

File: 1410643762202.png (1.55 MB, 1600x1200, ravintits.png)


No. 12966


No. 12967

>EGL Replica Community

No. 12970

I haven't gone through my saved links in over a year plus.

No. 12976

File: 1410646743444.jpg (Spoiler Image,59.61 KB, 900x675, Raven showing tits.jpg)


You know that EverEve modeling agency Raven (or someone else) keeps watermarking her pictures with? Several models are calling Evereve a scam. It more than likely is since they don't have an actual agency or even a website.

No. 12992


I think that's Logan's mom and stepdad? She labeled the photos in one of the albums.

No. 12998

If thats them those poor people.

No. 13000

No. 13003

The guy she's arguing with sounds like a tool (though of course I take all of what she says with a grain of salt), but wtf?? replying to "why is your occupation mass murderer" with a link to PHOTOS OF YOUR ABUSE???

And she fucking wonders why people think she's psycho. What an obnoxious attention whore.

While I'm not about to accuse her of lying about her abuse without proof, the way she just HAS to let EVERYONE know about her HARDSHIPS just tells me she probably starts shit just so she has a story to whine about later.

No. 13004

File: 1410661658716.jpg (93.56 KB, 720x960, 10369748_1460207517554226_6810…)

Ugh I hate when people do this shit.
Its rude as fuck.

No. 13167

She even made a video over the drama: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PrNOdVc1oas

No. 13177

There should be laws against doing photoshoots with gravestones. I'm very slow to anger, but if I saw some mall goth posing with my grandpa's gravestone I'd let loose.

No. 13204

How do you hold that shit in.
Like how that was a 10 min rant over someone calling her a freak.

Like yeah you shouldn't judge someone on looks,but face it people do it.

No. 13208

I see no problem with people doing shoots in graveyards, but fucking standing on the graves and headstones just NO

No. 13302

wow the only prob i see here is that grave she picked is ugly. i prefer the older crumbly graves.

No. 13316

Just wondering, how would you like it if some dumb mall-goths would take a picture on your grandparents' grave or something? You don't see any problem in that at all?

No. 13332

I wouldn't see a problem to be fair, but I wouldn't like it if she was sat on the headstone or trampling all over the grave, if they were just in the background I wouldn't mind.

No. 13334

File: 1410885490317.jpg (27.04 KB, 385x513, 148932_445800998809168_9461910…)


tryhard cunt. you're pushing 40 and acting like a 12 year old and still has the nerve to act as though she is some sort of forefather to the goth scene? fuck man i hate her so bad

i know someone in real life kind alike her but this lady takes the dial up to 15 with my rage levels

No. 13335

LOL at the flip flops..

No. 13341

You not caring doesn't mean that other people feel the same way. Death is a sensitive subject, so I find it really shitty that she's disregarding peoples feelings this hard. She could be posing on the grave of someone who just died. People might still be grieving over the person who's grave she's using to look cool.

No. 13371

you caring doesn't mean that other people feel the same way. lmao.

it's stupid anyway to be attached to the persons dead body after they die. they have left their body which was only a meatbag vessel for their soul anyway.

graveyards are kind of wierd too, other animals when they die, their bodies go back to the earth but ours get put in sealed boxes. i guess for sanitation reasons.

No. 13374

a real goth wouldn't be caught dead in flipflops. flipflops are one of the worst creations of mankind.

No. 13390

Yes, lets harass the grieving cuz I'm all individual with my ideology and sheet. Give me a break. It's like when Mormons baptized Anne Frank. It doesn't do anything, but there are people who think it does, and so it's insensitive and shitty for them to do that. Inb4 "fuc u feelings". Every tumblr argument, ever. I get it, you're proud of being a shitty person. Cool, but that's not going to get you far in real life.

No. 13394

New video

No. 13396

olol it looks like something she made herself, no way would someone be that unimaginative and lame with insults

then again she did get trolls from le reddit so who knows

No. 13397

your calling me a shitty person bc i don't think like you do. ok. i think you're confused because tumblr is the least "fuck ur feelings" type of place. they love feelings.

just face it. a dead body is a dead body. they're dead. no one here cares about your dead relative or whatever.
if your that obsessed with their dead body go dig em up and lay by their rotting corpse.

also fuck mormons and idgaf about anne frank wth does she have to do with anything.

No. 13398

i'd rather this video actually include the cat with the cake.

No. 13399

>half an hour of this ugly fuck sobbing
fuck me I am not watching this

someone's calling you a shitty person because you don't understand why you might want to consider the feelings of those grieving. people with poor empathy are commonly seen as bad people. are you suprised? your immaturity shows. I think it would be best if you stopped making yourself look bad, because you will probably grow up eventually.

No. 13402

First racism in that other thread now this shit. You guys can go and discuss this on /b/. Stop shitposting. It's not relevant to the thread.

Yeah, just skip to the end, that's the good bit, where she looks at the fake hate blog.

No. 13405

oh give me a fucking break you don't know me. i understand someone being sad about someone dying. if you had read the comments properly you would see this was about graveyards, posing on graves, and the burial of the dead body.

it's not my fault this bitch decided to cry about being triggered or some shit cause her granny died and tell the whole world about like they're speical. and "oh boohoo i'm greiving be nice to me". go back to pull idiot.

No. 13407

what a piece of shit. why should anyone feel sorry for her? plus that hate site is fuckin fake.

No. 13408

"i'm gonna do whatever i can to hurt you"
she's making this shit up.

No. 13418

oh god the tags, the writing… it's glorious. like a gothic sonichu. thank you.

has she found out about this place or something yet? I know she'd flip her shit.

y'think? really? 100 % sure? they look preeetty real to me!

… yet you continue to display that you don't understand how grieving and the treatment of the remains of the deceased relate and further embarrass yourself. it's funny how you seem to think I might have misunderstood you. I'd say my judgement was fair. And just a minor nitpick, but most people outgrow the phrase "u don kno me!1!" around 14.

No. 13419

I'd feel bad for her if it wasn't for what she said about her son.
It just seems like she treats some people really badly, but fucking explodes when she gets even slightly cruel treatment.

No. 13426

She doesn't understand that there's something unique about her that's making all these unrelated groups of people attack her.

No. 13430

I had an entire post quoting her ridiculous shit, but…never fucking mind. The video speaks for itself.

No. 13448

She acts like everyone is out to get her.What she needs to do is step away from the computer and find a hobby.

No. 13460

Let's add take care of her child and be a mother to that list.

No. 13462

She seems very narcissistic. I mean disorder-wise. She does nothing but talk shit about everyone, even her own relatives, then pretends to be the victim of it all.

How her "fans" still have her back after everything that she's said and done is absolutely baffling. Then again her fans are a bunch of fellow adult mall goths so I guess there really is no surprise.

No. 13558

File: 1411006214906.jpg (160.52 KB, 2048x1151, 10548278_1507184239523220_3889…)

She took the fake baby out in public.

No. 13560

File: 1411006410636.png (77.26 KB, 527x986, dorian.png)

Another long winded rant about hating her son.

No. 13582


I cannot believe I am watching this whole thing. What the hell is wrong with her. How can she be hysterical when people are mean online to her, but her telling women she hopes they lose her babies is totally okay? She is the least self-aware person in the world.

No. 13583

>>I love my mom with everything I have- aside from the abuse she's slung at me, the insults, the hitting… She is still my mom and I love her.

>>I hate my son cause he doesn't want anything to do with me.

No. 13584

sorry I should have added that both those things are said by this vile woman. She loves her abusive mom no matter what, yet says she hates her son.

No. 13598

Her son probably does have some problems but she is so full of shit.. Everyone around her just happens to be vile, evil and wants to hurt her for no apparent reason. Except Logan, but he is probably a total doormat anyway.

No. 13609

There's no way the kid wouldn't have problems, considering what his life has been like. Raven went from one man to another to leeching off some random girls at their house to wanting to move to britain to random man in NZ.

Dorian has either been dragged around by the hand or tossed in to her parents care. He's never had any stability. Plus she's admitted to hitting him when he was small.

I love how she thinks that she's entitled to a kid that loves her. You reap what you sow, bitch

No. 13617

Not to mention she is currently married to his former best friend.

The kid is fucked up because of her narcissistic abuse. It's a real fucking shame and I'm really happy I don't know which FB that is because I'd go fucking irate.

No. 13630

Does she eve think he is like this because she is a shit mother? She obviously fucked him up in the head. This woman is just a shitty person.

No. 13714

I tore her a new one on her "I'm right to hate my son!" status so bad that a few of her friends messaged me to thank and/or agree. But of course she deleted it and blocked me from posting. Really wish I could have capped.

Point being, if you think her "friends" don't see her bullshit, they do. They're just too afraid to call her out.

No. 13722

File: 1411087893876.png (208.24 KB, 481x2944, bad mother.png)

It's your lucky day Anon.

You should post the things her friends said to you.

No. 13744

Awesome replies, anon. Perfect logical response, in a way that tries to progress through her bullshit.

"I MOTHERED HIM TOO MUCH!" All narcissists love to play up their sacrifices to their benefit. "OH MY GOD, I SPENT MY LIFE WORRYING ABOUT HIM AND NOW HE DOESN'T CALL ME. HE'S A PIECE OF SHIT!" Uh, lady, when children separate from their parents, they're usually finding self-sufficiency. Maybe it's living with his girlfriend's parents, but removing himself from his peso, drama queen mother is a first step from avoiding scary co-dependent relationships.

No. 13745

pedo. god damn auto-correct.

No. 13779

I just love how she admits to throwing him out but then pulls the "HE ABANDONED ME FOR ANOTHER FAMILY" card. Did she want him to be homeless?

No. 13801

Well she deleted the Facebook page she was using and is now back on https://www.facebook.com/handcuffed.and.raped

She made a closed group for goffik meet and greet https://www.facebook.com/groups/I.love.the.Darkness/ If anyone has a goth-look facebook account they should try to join.

No. 13803

File: 1411115471013.jpg (59 KB, 240x200, ).jpg)

what a joke. no mother that utters "I wish I had aborted him" could have ever have been a good one. You should love your son no matter how he turns out

No. 13818

File: 1411125064955.jpg (69.51 KB, 634x423, Joffcerseiwedding.jpg)

>You should love your son no matter how he turns out


No. 13853

The way she over uses the word cunt annoys me, its like its her go to word for everything.

No. 13855

File: 1411150638950.jpg (85.06 KB, 525x922, Raven0.jpg)

Why does she look so much like a prostitute that's about ready to take pounding in a back alley? Oh wait, nevermind.

No. 13857

Sitting there talking about it while rocking that fake baby is fucking unnerving.

No. 13861

Her unboxing that fake baby that she carries around.

No. 13862

It's actually adorable, some of that artists dolls are fucking ugly as hell and look demonic.

No. 13865

I kinda get that this is normal for a woman who lost a child to gt one to fill that void, but this bitch jut bought a $400 doll cause she grated her real son like shit.

And where did she get this money for the doll, we all know she didn't pay for it.

No. 13866

treated not grated.

And has anyone looked at the additional options on the doll site, like beating heart, umbilical cord.

No. 13868

Raven disregarding her son and replacing him with a baby doll that Evangelion scene where Asuka's mother replaces Asuka with a doll.

No. 13872


She's such a vindictive bitch.

(also what link do we use to upload the YouTube videos?)

No. 13877

There's literally a line that says YouTube. You just paste in the url.

No. 13881

I tried that twice and each time it said my embedding code was wrong.

And I know about the YouTube line I'm not blind it just wasn't working for me I guess.

No. 13886

Is that her real hair or a wig? Either way, it's disgusting.

It still looks pretty damn horrifying to me.

No. 13891

It's god damn horrifying HOWEVER I'm thinking of getting one of these for my mother. She loves creepy baby dolls like this. Always has. Btw, my momma is crazy, but she's a good momma.

LET THE SAVING BEGIN. Thanks, Raven, you ugly bitch, I can do something cute for xmas for my mom this year.

No. 13892

Probably her ex-husband paid for it. I can't see them affording $400 on a doll with Logan's minimum-wage income. He pays for her tattoos and buys her groceries ~because he still loves her. I bet she's fucking him in return.

No. 13893

They are lovely as, you know, dolls.

No. 13897


On 5:55 she starts shitting on her son (yet again) and it lasts half the video

No. 13899

No. 13900

File: 1411161955310.gif (364.89 KB, 320x240, 221.gif)

No. 13910

I just feel so bad for the kid.
He looks so sad on his birthday.

No. 13911

I've been following this thread and while she sounds like an insane bitch, this kid isn't completely innocent and (assuming she's telling the truth) he seems like he needs to get his shit together. He can't blame his mother forever and if what she says is true, even only in part, even she shouldn't have to put up with all that. PT is also the result of an insane bitch of a mother but nobody cuts her slack for her irresponsibility (though she at least went to school and works) and bad smell.

However I will never, ever understand how she got a husband willing to tolerate all this bullshit, especially one so young himself who may want children in the future (and not just creepy little dolls).

No. 13912

Im sure the son isnt completely innocent,but I do think it comes down to how he was raised along with other elements.

But how Raven talks like hes the scum of the earth and a waste of space…I mean really.

No. 13917

> lol i spelt your name wrong son

how the fuck

No. 13918

Except PT still lives with her crazy bitch mother and this kid moved out.

No. 13919

To my understanding he's not even 18. It's not his fault at all.

>40 dollars for games
>"duh that's 20 games"
they're not talking video games right? what kind of game costs 2 dollars to play? an expensive arcade machine?

Urk, that whole situation reeks of unhealthyness.

No. 13922

jesus christ this video gives off such a bad vibe like i feel so bad for this kid

No. 13938

Seems like he was thrown out?

As full of shit as PT is she did at least go to school and work, something this kid apparently refuses to do so he can NEET it up instead. If her whole issue was his refusing school/work because it will hurt him later and stinking then yes, she has a point.

Saying she wished she had aborted him is over the line but that doesn't mean he's off the hook either and I think she's right, he's going to end up badly if he doesn't do something about his life sooner rather than later.

No. 13941

But see we don't know this for sure.
Maybe he tried out for a job but never got a call back.

I'm not saying be a lazy fuck, but if they kid is doing most of the work at home cause her fat ass won't, and I beat if he got a job while he was staying there she would have just taken it and wasted it on dumb shit.

No. 13950

File: 1411179754032.jpg (53.52 KB, 445x679, 1338862969997.jpg)


What the actual fuck

No. 13951

I don't get it, its just a tattoo.

No. 13952

Did you go to 0:43 though?

No. 13953


It's not the tattoo. Go to the 40 second mark and watch

No. 13956

Okay she sticks her finger in his fly… meh maybe if she sucked him off I would be more shocked.

No. 13959

And the similarities between Raven and PT continue. She complains about girls dressing like whores when she dresses like one on numerous occasions. She did make a valid point about not letting young girls dress that way, but that's about it.

>I'm not trying to dress skanky or be an attention whore when I take revealing photos.

No. 13960

Forgot the video

No. 13961

It's just plain jealousy. She's ugly.

No. 13966

More bitching from Raven

No. 13967

Gotta hold that hair down and hide the fat face.

No. 13968

Here's Dorian as a 13 year old.

No. 13971


Sluts seems to be a topic Raven likes to rant about. I can smell the bitterness through the screen

No. 13972

Yeah… She's clearly jealous of better looking women, especially younger ones. I'm not surprised she's insecure as fuck considering how god damn ugly she is and how much younger her husband is. She is so god damn bitter.

No. 13973

Maybe its just me but on both birthday videos he seems so out of it.

No. 13977

No. 13987

I still don't get what that dude saw in her

No. 13991

I don't either, honestly.

No. 13993

>those commands to do everything
>"i misspelled your name"
>"lol cause dorian got dropped on his head"
>that tiny, disgusting-looking cake
>those pitiful gifts

>threatens to take everything back to the store if he doesn't open his gifts fast enough
At least his gifts weren't too bad here

No. 13994

Is she for real talking shit about someone else's eyebrows?

I smell a fat jelly bitch

No. 13999


Pretty much. It's already proven that she's jelly of other women, especially if they are either more attractive than she is or if they are pregnant or have babies.

No. 14008

The more I read about this bitch, the more she reminds me of my ex-best friend who is still wearing ugly OTT mall goth shit on a daily basis and is crazy as fuck with the lies. 27 years old is too old for that shit. I know her kid is going to be fucked up.

No. 14012

I agree with you. There is a mature way of doing goth. When I saw the birthday video I felt second hand embarrassment for them. I remembered when I dressed like that when I was 16, these are grown ass adults who don't know how to dress themselves.
And no wonder that kid hates her. If that is how she treats him on his birthday how does she treat him for the rest of the year? The kid looks like he just wants to leave.

No. 14018

Seriously. One of my closest friends is gothic and over 30 but doesn't dress like a mall goth. He just wears black, purple, and keeps the skull emblem stuff to a minimal and at home. The guy doesn't wear ridiculous makeup either. People don't take one look at him and go, "ZOMG GOFFIK!"

I'm still in disbelief over her being so shocked over how Dorian turned out. Of course a kid is going to have issues if their parents/guardians are total shitheads. I imagine it's traumatic as fuck for your mother to be fucking your former best friend. Augh god, the thought alone is enough to make one physically ill.

No. 14023

I wonder what this other website she's talking about is. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know about here yet.

No. 14024


Ah, sorry, didn't see it was already posted on >>13394

Does anyone know what 'hate site' she's talking about, though?

No. 14051

The icon for that video is really misleading anon. I was expecting a cute kitty and got a mallgoth toadette instead.

No. 14056

File: 1411258094802.jpg (206.6 KB, 580x870, kitty.jpg)

I'm sorry, anon.
Does this make it better?

No. 14061

Yes. Yes it does.

No. 14065

In all honestly it looks so fake, but I tried to google it and got nothing but porn sites.

No. 14068

Yeah, I tried it too. Part of me wants to believe her persecution complex isn't so extreme that she would fake her own "hate sites" but it just screams fake and it's not like it'd be that surprising given her wedding page and everything else

No. 14072

>ugh I hate people who go on and on about how goth and spooky they are!
>says the bitch who posted pictures of her miscarried fetuses and drones on about being raped 100x.

No. 14078

Does Logan have a fetish for fat, ugly, abusive single moms? How long til he leaves her?

No. 14079


Maybe he has a mommy-dom fetish.

That's really all I can think of.

No. 14080

I think Logan doesn't know what love is.
I also think she may have let him pork her and he thinks its meant to be.

No. 14082

So like, regarding Logan, why has she not been in trouble for statutory? I am assuming there is proof that he was indeed 16 or 17 when they got together. Is it because she's a woman? Because even beyond the whole statutory thing she's obviously got issues.

I am just thinking, when I was around his age, I was a fairly cute girl and found myself in a relationship with a 31 year old man. Granted, he was more attractive than Raven, but just as much a pedo loser with no job and a lot of muh problems. But yeah, he said he loved me and I didn't know much about life so it seemed legit. Same thing. I think she's moved on to kids because they won't question her actions that are on the same mental/emotional level. It's gross and pathetic.

It's funny how her captions on her wedding photos on her tumblr say things like "two months later and still going strong!" I would fucking hope so. Really says a lot about the way she views the world if still loving each other after two months of marriage is worth writing about.

No. 14090

I'm thinking the same thing. When you're 16 years old, you don't really know what real love is. When I was that age, I had my first boyfriend and he was such a shit but I thought we were in love. Right… I didn't know what love really was until I was in my mid 20s since I knew a lot more about the world and life at 24 versus 16.

No. 14100

Yeah I think he'll leave her within a year or two.

No. 14104

16 is legal in New Zealand. Police were called and they harassed her a bit but they couldn't do anything. ctrl+f "police" here for details http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/stories.html

No. 14105

The CJ files.

No. 14108

When she talks about logan in her my wedding thing she says stuff like a pedophil would.

No. 14118

Yeah. She calls him a little boy many times.

No. 14121

I have a goth looking FB and i'm in NZ so i had a go at joining… if i get in i will share what i see.

No. 14168


Listening to her whine about money and status updates when she's breaking up with her fiance just shows how ridiculously self-absorbed and borderline she is.

No. 14207

im both bpd and npd, properly diagnosed. Ive seen ppl call raven both a narcissist and borderline and to me she's too stupid/bad at the game to be the same as i am. she sounds like an impulsive subtype borderline to me, the histrionic tendencies are enough to lure stupid ppl in in a very similar way an npd person can.

No. 14224


Forgot y'all are so smart.

No. 14229

Well, in the 13th year one he seems semi-excited but in the 15th year one it seems like he just woke up, which anyone would be kind of out of it. That and, it's obvious Raven is just filming for her youtube, telling him to do shit "open the card!" idk I wouldn't be very excited for my birthday either if this happened every year (and the gifts getting progressively shittier. He got some shoes, then all the way down to just candy bars.)

No. 14256

not necessarily smart bu usually npd's are socially talented and charming. Then again Raven might be like that when youre talking to her one on one but shes so deluded she cant keep her image straight in public.

No. 14266

File: 1411379233111.jpg (Spoiler Image,115.15 KB, 719x960, Raven 2.jpg)

Another one of Raven's classy photos on Facebook

No. 14271

She's such a fucking mall goth. If anything she's got worse over time. Maybe I've just been into trad goth for way too long

No. 14274

Someone alert Greenpeace to this beached whale.

No. 14282

File: 1411393368172.jpg (167.12 KB, 724x482, Woman using cotton pad on her …)

Her face always looks so dirty and grey. She probably doesn't wash off her makeup properly and just slaps new stuff on the next day. I bet if you swiped her face with one of these it would come back completely black.

It sounds like she's saying that because she still loves her mom despite the abuse, her son should also love her despite the abuse. That's how family works, right? Right?
I wouldn't be surprised if he himself ends up being an abusive parent. It's a vicious cycle.

No. 14315

I think your right, it does look like she never fully washes all of it off.

Also it really bugs me that she takes a lot of picture/videos with her holding her hair so you can't see how fat her face is.

No. 14334

>getting someone's name tattoo'd on your body just because they say they have your name on theirs
>has no proof and he never did it
>knew the guy for only 7 months
>only knows the guy online

This entire relationship sounds stupid as hell, oh my god.

No. 14339

How low do you have to be to be so starved for attention that you make up lies about hate sites, talk about wanting to commit suicide, and pulling the, "It's everyone else's fault!" card. This is a 40 year old woman acting like a god damn edgy 15 year old. This is some embarrassing as shit… how in the hell were Logan's parents okay with him marrying this crazy, disgusting, fat, ugly, pedophile old hag?!

No. 14349

Why the fuck would you wear those boots to the beach. like what the living hell.

Cause true love anon, they saw past her fat and saw her sick pedo love for him.

No. 14363

You know I feel like Logans page is just one of her pages. Cause it doesn't feel like a guys page, let alone a 19 y/o


No. 14368

why does she fucking glow like a light?

No. 14374

I see what you mean. I've never seen a young man with a Facebook page that looks like his. It looks more like the account of a crazy, obsessed, middle aged hag. Hmm…

No. 14377

Every single relationship she just runs head first. I mean fuck logan popped the question after 10 days.

No. 14379

File: 1411454016871.jpg (52.18 KB, 800x533, beached whale.jpg)

No. 14382

File: 1411455719878.png (874.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-09-23-08-58-50…)

That looks creepily like a sockpuppet or highly monitored account. He has NOTHING relating to his life pr himself.

No pics of having lunch with his family, no pictures of his friends, not even a picture of the sky. It's all raven.

What really got to me was image related. That's the sort of thing bitchy women post, not young men.

No. 14383

File: 1411456016453.png (387.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-09-23-09-04-39…)

This is so sad. All his folders are about raven.

No. 14384

File: 1411458278898.jpg (42.77 KB, 341x460, Logan sockpuppet.jpg)

No. 14385

Holy shit that was some bitchy rage. Is Raven mad that another (better looking) woman is trying to get to her precious little boy?

No. 14387

No. 14390

did he have the account before he met her?

No. 14391

u fukin poser prep

No. 14393

His parting always makes his hair look like a wig, either it is or he has the thickest hair I've ever seen

No. 14398

Did a 40 year old woman really just someone a "poser"? I mean, I know she's pretending to be her husbandchild (and doing a really bad job), but still.

Ofc she is. I'm really tempted to start messaging "him" just to fuck with her.

No. 14399


Maybe try hitting on 'him' and make sure to post the delicious rage

No. 14402

In her huge whiny post she says that Logan's parents tried to keep him away from her. They called the police, kept him locked up and did everything in their power to prevent this predator from their kid.

Didn't work out.

No. 14404

This really just her account with his name. Pathetic.

Do it and screen cap it.

No. 14410

Raven shows off her new tattoos.

No. 14412

File: 1411487894769.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.85 KB, 606x340, Raven tat.jpg)


Cellulite warning.

No. 14413


I wonder how broken Logan is to be such a doormat to an ugly 40 year old fat mall goth.

No. 14414

File: 1411488028387.jpg (30.81 KB, 642x350, raven tat 0.jpg)


We're all stars now - in the cellulite show!

No. 14418

"I started my period that night, and it was a bad one. I was in such agony, it hurt to move. I was stressed out because my landlords were coming to inspect and I needed the house cleaned (that's his one shining flaw- he is a slob!) but didn't see how I would manage. He told me to rest, got me a hot water bottle, and said he would skip school the next day and stay and help me clean. Even a gesture like that, no guy in my past has ever done. My heart swelled and I thought to myself, "It just can't get any better than this", and I fell asleep in his arms. Early the next morning there was knock on my bedroom door. It was Dorian, and he said the police were at my front door. My heart sunk, but a part of me had been waiting for this. I was super nervous and really scared…not to mention mortified. We came out of the room together and the police were actually already inside, standing by the front door. They stood there looking distastefully at me, and asked what we thought we were doing. They said they had gotten reports of us being together and that I was abusive to him- had beaten him, tied him up, and was also performing disgusting sexual acts on him. I looked at them in shock and protested my innocence. It's ridiculous when people think I'm into things like that- I'm the biggest prude I know! I hate sex in movies, I hate nudity, I don't walk around naked, Logan has never seen me naked, and when he would walk around nude as boys do, I covered my eyes or looked away.Trust me, I am NOT that kind of person. The cops shook their heads at me, and one took him outside while the other sat me down to question me. He said what I was doing wasn't against the law, but it was morally wrong, and I should be ashamed of myself. I tried my best to explain how happy we were and how…pure…our love was (for lack of a better word)."

No. 14422

>I'm the biggest prude I know! I hate sex in movies, I hate nudity, I don't walk around naked, Logan has never seen me naked
Please tell me this was posted before she took all those pictures posted upthread? I can't imagine anyone thinking that >>12441 is perfectly innocent and not indicative of deviant sexual shenanigans.

No. 14424

Nah. I've always had a thing for goth shit, but I've never really dressed like it. This is fucking painful.

>Logan has never seen me naked
>they've clearly had sex
dense as fuck

I wonder if she is physically abusive. Wouldn't suprise me, honestly.

No. 14433

That passage from their wedding page is what disgusted me the most. It reads exactly like what a god damn child predator would say and it's fucking sickening.

I can't even imagine how disgusted they were. If that were my child, I'd probably end up in prison for making sure he's safe from this fucking pedophile.

No. 14435

I'm still looking through Raven and Logan's shit and they remind me of why I hated goths so much in high school. For some reason, they're obsessed with "posers" yet they are the biggest ones. They're huge assholes. They hate anyone that isn't "one of them" or punk, which is fucking stupid. For the longest time I thought this was how all goths were until I learned that they're really just mall goths. The sad thing is, the really crazy ones like them (and Raven) never grow out of it. Fuck, the mall goth assholes I knew in high school are still mall goths and they're older at me at 27+ years old. I didn't even know what real goths were like until I befriended a few. They look and act nothing like these losers.

No. 14445

Is it worth it to try and add him? I was thinking of adding him under the guise of looking for people for fashion inspiration (I wear mainly gothic lolita).

No. 14450

File: 1411511805337.png (333.33 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-24-00-34-09…)

Go ahead. Let's milk this lolcow.

No. 14452

File: 1411512120388.png (122.22 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-24-00-40-12…)

No. 14453

I know one person who's arguably trugoth. People who dress this way don't seem to enjoy the stuff usually associated with gothic. I genuinely enjoy a fair deal of the stuff, but I don't think I'd call myself goth, even though I sometimes love muh edge.

>being a girl
>trying to add him for whatever reason
good luck, she has him so whipped she won't allow it. but try, by all means.

No. 14455

She has a severe case of not getting it. Also, notice how she blatantly contradicts her own story in one sentence. Unless this is someone more retarded than her (protip: it's not) they're not going to call her a pedo, then hit on logan, when they're older than her.

>what can I say to you that I haven't already said
I'm not a big fucking romantic faggot who loves planning weddings but COME THE FUCK ON PUT SOME BASIC EFFORT AND THOUGHT INTO YOUR WEDDING VOWS HOLY SHIT.

Might as well be saying "eh, you know, love you and stuff, death do us part and shit, whatever".

>will follow you

watch him try to stand up for himself and she'll start throwing shitfits. calling it.

No. 14457

>Logan has never seen me naked, and when he would walk around nude as boys do, I covered my eyes or looked away

Do they even have sex? why the hell are these two together? its driving me nuts trying to figure this thing out

No. 14458

She's probably just in denial about being a gross old woman who preys upon young boys by trying to make out that she's oh so pure and prudish.

No. 14459

>She came up to the window when I wasn't looking, glared at me, and said, "If you hurt him I will hunt you down and fucking kick your ass!" and then walked away. I was caught off guard and unable to reply. Since she's younger than me I don't automatically owe her the same respect as she should owe me for being her elder…but she's also Logan's mom, and being his mom earns her more respect than she otherwise would have gotten.

from the wedding page, she'd talking about Logans mom. What the fuck, this bitch is fucking retarded

No. 14460

Haha. I agree! The vows in >>14452 are so god damn, cheesy, lame, and you can tell there's very little effort put into them. Even romantics (such as myself and others) think her vows are bloody awful. It reads like something a 14 year old on love with the idea of love would write. So much cringe reading those vows… Plus she has such an ugly voice to boot which makes it even worse.

No. 14465

I feel so bad for Logan's parents. I'm all for children living their own life after they turn into adults but I'd totally understand if his parents lock him up in a cell to prevent that from getting to him.

No. 14467

There are those pics on Logan's FB of their miscarried baby. So, unless she got preggo from another dude (might be likely), they've fucked.

No. 14472

File: 1411528458331.png (159.38 KB, 500x626, raven food.PNG)

This pisses me off. She's always complaining that New Zealand food is shit because we don't have the same brands of processed crap that America has. How about try some of our world renowned meat and produce and shut up about Kraft Mac and Cheese or whatever for once.

No. 14478

Actually, wasn't there a bit in her tl;dr relationship story thing where his parents did try to lock him up for a while?

No. 14487

They do, as disgusting as it is. Dorian posted about hearing them fucking and Raven saying something about "swallowing his baby gravy" or some disturbing shit like that. Eugh… I'm disturbed that a man as young as him, who's brain isn't even fully developed, is in a relationship with a pedophile.

No. 14531


That is pretty disturbing. Especially when she's fucking one 16 year old boy while her son can overhear them. Prude, my ass.

No. 14534

To be honest though, those ice cream sandwiches are good. We have them here in notamerica, they're pretty common.

>It reads like something a 14 year old on love with the idea of love would write

Hahah, yeah, she's not a prude. She's just retarded and bad at lying. Everything she says is a reaction. Someone says she's a pedo? NO OUR LOEV IS PURE! Someone says she's fat? UR JUST JELLY!

it's funny because [spoiler]he's a baby[/spoiler]

No. 14541

Only if you make a male facebook.

No. 14543

File: 1411562922145.png (104.63 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-24-14-46-34…)

So goffick

No. 14544

File: 1411563064883.png (783.92 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-24-14-49-30…)

No. 14545

File: 1411563692211.png (559.5 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-24-15-00-07…)

No. 14549

Prosciutto hearts. Yum.

No. 14553

Has she ever actually mentioned an actual goth band/singer like ever? I bet she doesnt even know who sisters of mercy are. She keeps ranting about stupid posers who think Marilyn manson is goth but has she ever actually posted playlists or fave artists anywhere?

No. 14555

She's mentioned liking Corpus Delicti before (apparently why she named her creepy doll Lorelei)

Despite the fact she acts like the exact same edgy Mansonite 12-year-olds she complains about, I'm sure she's heard of Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, etc. I've no idea if she likes them/pretends to like them, though.

No. 14556

Those are the worst watercolor tattoo I have ever seen.
She did list one band for where she got the dolls name from but other than that no.

No. 14573


I'm surprised Bela Lugosi's Dead isn't on there. What kind of goth wedding is this?

No. 14574

nah its ok cause shania twain is there. She's goth enough to make up for the lack

No. 14591

I was hoping for The Damned's 'Eloise'. I doubt she'll have heard of them though, she seems more of a cruxshadows goth at best

No. 14601

"Dorian and this woman had an online thing going. They never met- and he lied to her nonstop (I'm an overprotective mom and was logging into his Facebook keeping an eye on him) so she didn't even know what she was actually getting herself into. He's also very immature. You'd never think he was almost 19. He doesn't brush his teeth or take care of himself, if he has chores to do he will do them as crap as he can get away with- including throwing dishes away instead of washing them. He is still very much a little boy. If I thought he could handle himself, I wouldn't have stepped in between them, though I would have been suspicious of her intentions (as anyone would, and as everyone was of me)."

No. 14603

File: 1411585545443.png (759.54 KB, 2062x642, spie.png)

No. 14629

>I'm an overprotective mom and was logging into his Facebook keeping an eye on him
>If I thought he could handle himself, I wouldn't have stepped in between them, though I would have been suspicious of her intentions (as anyone would, and as everyone was of me)."

jfc this woman…

No. 14640

That middle post makes me want to vomit.

No. 14670

I feel slightly horrible for saying this but part of me wishes she'd actually kill herself so Dorian and Logan can finally be away from her manipulation and controlling behavior.

When I'm feeling suicidal or depressed cuz my brain sucks, I don't bring it up much because I know how much it makes my bf feel. Can you imagine how worthless Logan must feel if she's not even "happy" being married to him? That kid has gotten just as manipulated and brainwashed as her own son. My only hope for him is that he finds someone his own age who treats him with more respect and he leaves that bitch.

No. 14673

Oh yeah, she's very manipulating with her depression/suicidal/self harm behaviours. When her husband/boyfriend/childbride was first taken away from her (his parents talked some sense into him, told him this wasnt a good relationship for him to be in etc), she self harmed across her arms (PT chicken scratches probably) and then made him feel bad for it when he came back. Basically blaming his breakup with her on her self harm. The gross watercolour heart tattoos they got were to cover up that self harm, supposedly

She even wrote at length about the self harm on her wedding blog, and probably mentioned it to those poor long suffering christchurch brides she took screenshots of. She spews about her emo past at every opportunity she gets, it's hilarious. Check out the 'christchurch brides pettiness' folder on her wedding blog. It's basically filled with screenshots of women being extremely kind and patient and all her comments are attention whoring shit about her miscarriages, which she even links to.

Oh hey, yeah wedding cakes, but you know we should REALLY talk about my miscarriages, here's some pics

If someone did snap at her eventually, I'm not surprised.

No. 14715

What I don't get is why she thinks people want to read about her life.

No. 14717

we read about her life…

No. 14725

entertainment. I hope she doesn't stop.

No. 14767

No that's different.
I mean it seems like she thinks people care enough about her life to want to know every tiny detail, and actually care enough to feel sorry for her.

No. 14777

>literally changed her name to Raven
ayy lmao

He'll either grow up or turn out the way he perhaps would have anyway. She doesn't need to die, though I see where you're coming from.

Yeah, your thinking when depressed is fucked. I have brought it up with someone I'm in some kind of weird online relationship with (RPing, flirting, and we're extremely close friends). I'm not saying OH BRING IT UP because even a solid relationship can be shook by it, but you should be able to rely on him for a little support at least. No need to tell him exactly why you need it. Just try to stay positive about it, if that makes any sense. Like "haha, oh wow, I am feeling so bad about myself right now, it's kinda silly isn't it boyfriend?"

>this woman
she doesn't seem the type
she seems like she's the type to put on such behaviour for the sake of being ~so goth~

I haven't studied her THAT deeply, but she doesn't seem extremely manipulative. She's bad at manipulating, and she can only manipulate young boys.

Well, she's deluded. That's about all the reason you'll get.

No. 14832

File: 1411680402651.png (338.17 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-25-23-21-34…)

No. 14833

File: 1411680476588.png (375.79 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-25-23-26-34…)

No. 14836

File: 1411680697402.png (521.05 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-25-23-27-35…)

Take a chill pill raven

No. 14837

File: 1411681511608.jpeg (10.48 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpeg)

Btw logan kept her last name so they could 'live under my name as a family'

No. 14839

File: 1411682004099.png (479.84 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2014-09-25-23-51-25…)

Lol at the antiabortion folder.

No surprises here

No. 14840

I totally thought she'd be for pro-choice/abortion. Not because she's probably a huge gross slut, but because it's totally edgy and goes against organized religion. Go figure.

No. 14842

god, she'd be so so ugly even if she didn't do that to her face.

No. 14843

She's creepily obsessed with children though. It's pretty fortunate she can't have any more.

No. 14844

Wow that skirt looks like something off of a Halloween costume. I can't believe she still dresses and acts like a 12 year old mallgoth.

No. 14846

Nah she'd probably just look like a normal half-Asian mom in her late 30's early 40's.

No. 14848

And wasn't she saying she wishes she had aborted Dorian…..? Doesn't sound very pro life.

No. 14850

Because she doesn't actually like children, she likes the idea of them. She wants a cute little dependant dolly that she can project her own narcissism on to.

No. 14881

Another too-long video about ~the haterz~

No. 14882

File: 1411721052435.png (226.68 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-09-26-20-40-54…)

So apparently her fake baby has an aunt now.

No. 14894

>i was offering to remove your personal info for something in exchange, that isn't blackmail!!

No. 14898

I wonder how Raven's day looks like

>wake up

>put more make up on your already caked face
>take few goffic pictures
>manage your 10 facebook accounts
>manage your husband's facebook accounts
>decide you didn't get enough attention today
>film 30 min video where you talk about how horrible your life has been and the haterz
>film 30 min video where you talk about how horrible your son is and how you should have aborted him
>film 30 min video with Logan (he must sit quietly in the background) where you talk about love you two share
>upload them all to youtube
>take few shots of your fake baby
>molest your husband for a while
>tell him if he leaves, you will kill yourself and it will be his fault
>go to sleep

No. 14899


>Most chicks scream out rape for attention.

>Posted about her rapes on numerous occasions

I think the irony is lost on her.

No. 14900

File: 1411731618782.jpg (34.38 KB, 386x458, fat goth stupid.jpg)


You forgot about her eating seven times a day.

No. 14903

She's projecting big time. Her facebook url is even "handcuffed.and.raped" ffs. Plus I'm pretty sure all her "rapes" are fabricated as she clearly has a fetish for it and see's it as some kind of twisted validation.

No. 14905

oh yeah
>LOGAN, go get me a mcdonalds breakfast
>LOOOGAN, go get me chinese take out
>LOGAN!! order a pizza!!

No. 14911


>LOOOOOOOGAN, get me a pint of ice cream while I talk about my miscarriages, the times I was raped, those nasty whores, and how much of a piece of shit my son is.

>An hour later
>LOOOOGGAAANNNN, get me another pint of ice cream. Some troll is harassing me again and calling me a pedophile. Life is so unfair!

No. 15106

>I dont care that I've been raped in the past.

No. 15120

Holy shit, I know Jade. She's just as much of a bitch as Raven.

No. 15149


Go on…

No. 15174

She posted more terrifying pictures of her recent miscarriage. Ugh.

I'm not posting the picture because ew?

No. 15184

She needs to get over the whole my babies died.

Like suck it the fuck up, if you didn't want people to comment on it then you shouldn't put it out there. And if she was posting it on the weeding fb thing then she has no right to get pissy over it.

No. 15213

ew ew ew

That little bleeding heart too…WTF

No. 15214

Miscarriage is actually a relatively common thing, especially really early on in the pregnancy. I'm sure everyone here has a sister, an aunt or a friend that had a miscarriage.

It's so crass to attention whore with it.

No. 15216

Agreed so fucking much. I remember this one shitlord that was stupidly pretending to be a woman to me online was going on about how depressed she was after a miscarriage from an accidental pregnancy. How pregnant were they? Just a few fucking weeks. SERIOUSLY?! I had to call their dumbass out on that shit because it made no sense. No actual woman gets that retarded about a miscarriage and goes on about it for YEARS.

In Raven's case, she's attention whoring it to the max. I have the feeling that she really isn't all that broken up about it and is just playing shit up for sympathy.

No. 15248


I know! It's not like she had one of those horrific stillbirths you sometimes hear about. Those are brutal. Also, she says she can't keep a pregnancy because her womb is too scarred (someone cleverer than I could probably make a good scared/scarred pun) to have a placenta properly attach to it.

How does that even happen? What was she doing in there!?

No. 15287

She's a 19 year old fat goth who had a baby at 16 to a fat, greasy metal head like 4-5 years older than her. They are no longer together. Lost her virginity than fucked another dude 30 mins later at a house party. Shit like that. I moved from Port so I don't see stuff she does any more, just online things through friends.

Now days she has nothing better to do with her life other than talk about her child and bitch over facebook.

No. 15292

So she's had an abortion? That's at least one of the main causes for uterus scarring. Could also be why she's so obsessed with abortions in general. Like a part of her feels guilty about it so she constantly brings pro-life bullshit up.

Of course it could just be that she's almost 40 and trying to have a child with a teenager…

No. 15303

Doesn't HPV ruin your womb if you don't seek help in time? Or is that another STD? I think it could have been STD's, she did prostitute herself at one point. And I'm pretty sure (actually I'm absolutely sure) she's fucking her ex husband for food, tattoos, and makeup.

Also, I'm with you guys on her maybe having an abortion at some point in her life, she always says she wished she aborted her son. I wouldn't put it past her. Also, she projects like a motherfucker.

No. 15306

That's chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Seems likely tbh.

Yeah, she's got to be banging her ex. I wonder if Logan a) is just young and naive and doesn't realise or b) knows and doesn't care.

No. 15308

I'm going to go with he's young, naive, and doesn't realize it. I still think he's wasting his youth on this fat, crazy, disgusting sack of shit. He's so young.

No. 15353

yeah it's sad, he's got a pretty face and could probably do well if he'd try.

No. 15356

I think he probably did it in the beginning for show, but in videos you can see the confused child in his face. The boy doesn't know what he's doing and he's being pushed around by some old hag.

No. 15366

Doesn't her ex husband live in NZ? I thought she moved back to the US. I don't follow her that much online, just in this thread.

No. 15432

It appears she's still in NZ. I really do think she's still fucking her ex-husband. I don't get how they can survive on just Logan's minimum wage job alone and still buy a ton of ugly goffik crap.

No. 15437

He pays for her groceries and tattoos at least. I wonder if he bought the fake baby too.

Apparently he doesn't work and gets money from his parents who work as teachers somewhere in Asia. He lives in a house they own so doesn't pay rent either.

No. 15486

Logan WILL leave, the question is how long will it take and how much psychological damage she will do to him until then.

My guess, 1-2 years.

My theory over how this will happen is she'll drive him suicidal and crazy and he will either: a) try to kill himself and ends up in the hospital, his parents find out and he finds comfort and freedom in their presence (Raven seems the type to try to keep his parents away though).
b) He just up and leaves back to his parents where hopefully they'll be understanding and supportive. I hope he gets therapy because, holy shit, what he went through was not normal.

I'm in the minority here, but I don't believe Raven to be a true pedophile. From what I understand, she falls in love with anything that moves. This time, it happened to be a young and rebellious kid she just happened to meet because his son brought him to her bat cave. Was it fucked up that she fucked a sixteen year old? OMG YES. That's disgusting whether it's a man or a woman over 19.

BTW, can the anon that introduced us to this cow confirm whether she's a pedo or not? Is there something we don't know that's out there, like did she have a tendency to go after barely legal guys before?

No. 15500

I don't think she is a pedo (which refers to prepubescent children anyway but whatever), I think she looks for people who are easy to manipulate and kind of naive to kind of take control over.

It would be way harder for her to do that to an adult man, far easier for a teenage boy who is going to be enamored with her and ignore all her imperfections (at least for a while).

There are tons of men that seek out teenage girls for the same thing, they know they can pull all sorts of shit and the girl is too young/inexperienced to know any better.

No. 15505

File: 1411979439505.jpeg (Spoiler Image,15.94 KB, 280x247, evil_blood_stock_19_by_starbl0…)

No. 15511

Oh this doesn't look so bad, I don't see what anon was talking about it's just pics of her facOOOOH OH MY GOD THIS IS HORRIBLE I CANNOT UNSEE

No. 15512

File: 1411982130277.jpg (Spoiler Image,235.49 KB, 782x1021, My_favorite_blood_stock_by_Sta…)

No. 15532

idk why but she reminds me of a basset hound.

No. 15533

File: 1412002461266.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.79 KB, 900x1259, I__m_not_that_innocent_by_STAR…)

Those sad droopy tits

No. 15534

File: 1412002559408.jpg (Spoiler Image,111.19 KB, 900x685, winter_in_summer_3_by_starbl00…)

No. 15556

SHE'S SUCH A PRUDE, YOU GUYS! Just… Oh my god, what the fuck…

No. 15559

File: 1412010813009.jpg (Spoiler Image,165.06 KB, 712x1067, RS.jpg)

Little tid-bit I found in the Scoptophilia blog under hashtag raven blah blah blah.

>>This New Zealand goth girl (sometimes calling herself BlOOdBathory or StarblOOd) seems to be quite obsessed by her body and by her blOOd (to write it like she does). So she took some series of pictures with her real blood (not fake) covering her body in her shower.

No. 15562

>I'm the biggest prude I know! I hate sex in movies, I hate nudity


No. 15565

I wonder how his parents feel about funding such a disgusting woman who's probably also almost the same age as them. I guess they're afraid if they cut him off that she'll drag him away permanently. At least this way they still have some hold over him.

I don't think she's a pedo, I think there's something about her behaviour that's very childlike, she still acts like a spoilt teenager going through their "rebellious" phase, so it's natural that she gravitates towards younger people. She's incapable of having an adult relationship.

No. 15568


I think she wrote down that she was older than everyone in his family save for his grandparents.


No. 15575

Ugh, that's even worse. I would lie awake grinding my teeth at night knowing that I was paying for some bitch older than me to live in my house, sitting around being fucking gross, buying $400 stillborn baby dolls and fucking my son who is the same age as her son.

No. 15607


Whoa, am I missing something? Raven lives with Logan's parents? I was under the impression that he moved into her apartment.

No. 15609

Someone further up the thread said they lived in a house his parents own but they don't actually live with them.

No. 15656

No no Raven and Logan just live in some shitty rental. It's Ryan (the ex husband who buys her stuff) who lives in a house his parents own.

Ryan would have only been 19 or 20 when he married Raven (age 31). Not creepy like the age difference between Raven and Logan but it's still weird. I'm only 25 and there's no way I'd have anything in common with a 19-20 year old.

I agree with other anons that she ends up with younger guys because they're inexperienced and don't realise how horrible she is.

No. 15671

I'm surprised this wasn't posted yet. In this video, Raven talks about being a fat fuck.

No. 15696

They moved?

No. 15699

Her cat is adorable. It kinda worries me that she's responsible for a living thing again after Dorian.

No. 15700

Bleh, couldn't even make it though the first minute. DNW to watch 8 minutes of her whining and flapping her gross tits right in the camera.

No. 15712

I really think she could be pretty MILFy if she wasn't a mall goth. In pictures even where she's wearing slightly less goffick makeup, she's pretty. She needs to get rid of the piercings and stop with the sharpie eyebrows.

Her body is a lost cause with the 5 million shitty tattoos, but even if she dropped 10-20lbs she'd look a hell of a lot better.

No. 15713

I actually agree. Well, her nose is pretty fucked up too, but other than that she's just fat. And dresses like shit.

No. 15722

Every time someone says 'flapping her tits' it just makes me think of fat saggy bitches using them as wings. And the sound that skin makes on skin, which is also gross.

No. 15726

File: 1412099480690.jpg (165.5 KB, 665x925, comparison.jpg)

It amuses me that Raven thinks she's a total makeup artist and that Adora is so fake and not on her level. I don't normally like stuff drawn on peoples faces but Adora makes it work most of the time.

No. 15727

Raven's is so messy compared to Adora's. She couldn't even keep her hand of her face long enough to let it dry.

Did a 13-year-old do her makeup?

No. 15733

The only reason as to why Raven thinks shes better than Adora, is cause Adora has more followers which most likely rubs Raven the wrong way.

No. 15741

I have a pretty goth looking FB so I'm attempting to join

No. 15742

Adora's pretty nice, she can be controversial in her views but generally she deserves the followers she has

No. 15745

I've never heard of her before. What views does she have that are controversial?

No. 15770

people just get angry because she follows the Montignac diet and is naturally thin and she's pretty self-confident and you know people hate anyone who isn't self deprecating. She's super sweet though and isn't afraid to look how she wants to even at 42.

No. 15779

lol, I just looked up this Adora chick and no wonder she's buttmad over her. She's pretty much everything I imagine Raven would love to be. She's older than her but looks half her age and is half her size as well.

No. 15810

haha damn Adora is like the only person who can pull that shit off

No. 15863

Or c) he knows, cares, but doesn't know what to do about it because he's an emotionally immature child who thinks he's in love with this manipulative shitheel
Considering they had to "fight" his parents in order to get married, he may feel like it's not an option to leave her now even if he wanted to. He's young and may feel like he's invested too much of his life in this relationship to give up on it, not realizing that it has always been shit and will never get better.

No. 15875

adora is fucking awesome. raven mad because she's still stuck as a shitty mall goth and looks like shit

No. 15876

is her face photoshopped white? like wtf. even adoras face isn't that white….

No. 15891

makeup nigga

No. 16235

File: 1412303479801.png (532.78 KB, 506x482, Capture427.PNG)

I wonder how many bjs these shoes cost her

No. 16239

I'm gonna say two…

No. 16245

I don't have my contacts in but I thought it was a garbage bag with legs or a cow.

No. 16254

File: 1412313343762.jpg (86.81 KB, 338x512, eeww.jpg)

funny, the body hair skirt never caught on where I come from…

No. 16256

cannot unsee

No. 16269

that HAS to be a wig Logan's wearing?

No. 16277

Maybe he borrowed Raven's skirt in >>16254 for that photo

No. 16280

That is EXACTLY what I thought lol.

What IS up with logan's hair? Maybe it's his real hair but he uses liberal amounts of hairspray?

No. 16290

it's the parting is weird, like a wig, there is no scalp visible, so either be backcombs the shit out of it then brushes it back down or ?

No. 16402

File: 1412371353848.jpg (103.61 KB, 640x640, raven shoes.jpg)

How much were these shoes?

And who is Acid King? She tagged him


No. 16406

Her ex husband, Ryan. He tried to hide his identity by saying he's from Texas but it's 100% him.

No. 16407

File: 1412372554265.jpg (92.03 KB, 1024x576, absolute_bleh_by_raven_revampe…)

haha check out the godawful 'shop on her ass.

No. 16410

she is really one of the ugliest people i have ever seen. i usually can find beauty in most people, but this chick has nothing going for her. i don't even think a change of makeup could do anything. pure ogre.

No. 16427

File: 1412374662811.jpg (108.81 KB, 1024x793, between_shoots_by_raven_revamp…)

Remember, Raven is such a prude.

No. 16429

File: 1412374867357.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.8 KB, 1024x1059, octopus_tattoo_by_raven_revamp…)

Raven's skin reminds me of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

No. 16430

File: 1412374878126.jpg (220.41 KB, 900x600, Body_Stock_4_by_Starbl00d_Stoc…)

No. 16431

File: 1412374932387.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.49 KB, 774x1032, def9832a2cc585b1c426d0826f9430…)

I physically recoiled from my screen

No. 16434

File: 1412375331334.jpg (Spoiler Image,187.27 KB, 900x675, it_satisfies_you_by_raven_reva…)

>Filename - It satisfies you

I'm more repulsed than satisfied.

No. 16435

File: 1412375457560.jpg (Spoiler Image,255.99 KB, 615x675, 3d2babb36209873bbc93a4a03d954f…)

>take me to bed and rip me apart…

No. 16437

Is it any wonder Dorian left? Imagine your mum having pictures of herself like that up on the internet

No. 16439

File: 1412376087974.jpg (584.92 KB, 768x1080, darkness_is_all_i_want_to_see_…)

Almost every single picture of her can be used in the escort section of backpage.com

No. 16440

she can shoop the shit out of everything else but yet that stray butt hair is still there

No. 16441

File: 1412376452104.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.13 KB, 900x947, i_like_to_hear_you_beg_by_rave…)

For some reason, I'm reminded of PT's upskirt pantyshots

No. 16445

Well, now we know her clit is pierced I guess.

At least she's not oozing shit like PT.

No. 16446

File: 1412376725441.jpg (Spoiler Image,440.3 KB, 684x1200, 513e217ff6f012921d63240983f2ef…)

No. 16453

File: 1412377163927.jpg (185.63 KB, 900x1309, i__ve_nothing_to_cling_to_by_r…)


There could be a chance that he could have gotten ridiculed over his mom. It would explain why Dorian had no other friends but Logan. Imagine that thing going to Parent-Teacher night with her son dressed like a porn star.

No. 16454

Like Raven could ever be assed to go to a PTA meeting. Too busy taking ketchup nudes and stuffing her face.

No. 16455

File: 1412378313739.jpg (172.98 KB, 406x430, Face_suck_by_STARBL00D.jpg)

According to Raven, this is her ex-girlfriend

No. 16456

File: 1412378637035.jpg (3.48 MB, 3664x2748, d03c70c6a190fc50fa3a1280ec84c3…)

In case any of you guys wanted to see the face of Raven's ex-husband who buys her shit.

No. 16463


All he needs are shades and a fedora. M'lady.

No. 16467

File: 1412380658612.jpg (62.09 KB, 640x480, IMG_2586.jpg)

here he is again (next to raven, in the camo pants)

more at source: http://www.leonberger.org.nz/past_events%20archives.html

No. 16471

File: 1412381738689.png (3.71 MB, 1798x1360, ryans house.png)

I found Ryan's house. In that birthday baaawwww video she made out that a hate blog must have been made by someone who knows her personally since they had Ryan's super secret address. Took me all of 10 seconds to find it. There's only 3 Cradocks in the Christchurch White Pages and only one of them has a bean shaped pool with those steps.

No. 16472

jesus christ she is ugly. she could improve her appearance by 500% if she at least had decent-looking eyebrows, though.

No. 16473

if she's such a prude why is she naked 80% of the time?

No. 16499

Cause shes not some slut whore.

No. 16508

File: 1412412416148.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.59 KB, 400x300, 169_1000.jpg)

No. 16549

Oh dear.

No. 16564

File: 1412431013919.jpg (16.71 KB, 237x390, Eye-bleach.jpg)

No. 16615


LOL, where did you get this? This bitch is a bigger lolcow than PT. There, I said it.

PT you are our Kawaii Hime and this is your new evil stepmother The Queen.

No. 16637

No. 16640

PT is the queen eternal, how dare you.

The "tributes" are a rather hilarious find though.

No. 16759

Wait… Does her husband even know about this?

Daaaaaamn what a lolhoe lol.

No. 16802

Im gonna say no. That or he can't man the fuck up and call her on that shit.

No. 16803

I don't know, I'm kind of willing to bet he does. He knows about her nude/nearly nude pictures everywhere, this is just a slight step beyond after all.

No. 16928

HPV can also cause cervical cancer.


No. 16978

What makes you think raven agreed to it though or asked the guy to do it?

I wouldn't be surprised if her childbride knows about her nekkid pics, but someone fapping on her nekkid pics is beyond her control. Anyone can fap onto your pics, even decent ones, and then upload it.

No. 17604

She has been too quiet.
Did the "bullies" finally get to the old hag?

No. 17605

No. 17606

llololl the first simple question "what's your favorite thing about being a model" and she literally begins rambling about depression, death, miscarriage and health problems. omg it's actually funny how desperate she is for pity to slip this shit into any conversation no matter how irrelevant or uncalled for

No. 17610

Q: Did you always wanted to be an model, or did you stumble upon it, get discovered etc.? Who or what inspired you to become a model?
A: Defiantly stumbled into it. I answered an ad from some lady, working for a Fetish magazine from California. I started working with her, and then as a Domme for a bit…then the next thing I knew people were taking pictures of me everywhere I went! Then I started getting a huge following online, and the rest is history!

No. 17614

>I never wash my makeup off

Oh god

No. 17615

> I see ugly girls being chased after just because they’re thin. They have no hips, no asses, no breasts…nothing that makes them a woman and yet guys love it.

There's that fat logic again.

No. 17617

File: 1413092578295.png (88.59 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-10-12-18-36-02…)

Damn she's gonna have to suck Ryan's dick many times to pay for those flights.

No. 17618


But she wears SO much of it! Her pillows must be stained black and purple.

No. 17639

I get an error page from that link. I want to read the interview, could someone please copypaste it here?

No. 17641

>Q: How would you describe yourself as model in three words?
>A: Unique. Misunderstood. Real.

Such an edgy snowflake

No. 17642

File: 1413113103008.gif (495.53 KB, 500x214, 138869470276.gif)

>Also when I’m pissed I quite easily think of murder, and in fact I have to stop myself and make a conscious effort to not do the things I want to do. I always think of death, and blood…killing or dying.

I'm dying.

No. 17647

I'm getting 403 forbidden, can someone screencap it?

No. 17656


Interview With German Thai Alternative Fashion Model Raven Sparks

Q: What is your favorite or most exciting aspect about being a model?

A: My favorite thing about modeling is playing the part, becoming someone else. I mean- I don’t dress in costume or any differently than I always look when I get dressed up (except for the blood of course!)
but I’m a very depressed person nowadays.

My Dad passed away not long ago, I had a miscarriage and found out I was diabetic…I moved to a strange country where in almost three years I have not one friend… so for me to get all dressed up, as if I had a purpose in life again…that makes me happy.

alternative pierced model in sparkling make-up

Q: Quick intro please, where were you born, ethnic background and what types of modeling are your favorites?
A: I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany. I am German and Thai. I love fetish and unprofessional modeling.

Q: How would you describe yourself as model in three words?
A: Unique. Misunderstood. Real.

Q: How would you describe yourself as human being in three words?
A: Troubled. Unique. Kind.

Q: What’s controversial or unique about you?
A: The way I think about things is very different. Sometimes I get these odd thoughts in my head that I know “normal” people don’t think- such as when I’m a passenger in a car I always get the urge to stick my arm out and hit poles, even though I know that would break my arm.
Also when I’m pissed I quite easily think of murder, and in fact I have to stop myself and make a conscious effort to not do the things I want to do. I always think of death, and blood…killing or dying.

Q: Which ONE superpower would you choose to have?
A: Does the ability to make wishes come true count? J/k I think I’d choose the power to make anyone do whatever I wanted, no matter what.

Q: What are your turn ons and turn offs?
A: I absolutely hate shit talkers and troublemakers. I hate people who always try to bring you down, even if they don’t know you- especially if they don’t know you! I hate people who think women with any sort of meat on their bones is fat-it’s people like that who cause so many girls to have so many disorders!
I love people who are open minded, accepting, intelligent, and honest.

Q: What is your favorite part about your body?
A: It was my hair…but two days ago it was all cut off accidentally and I’m a it depressed. I guess then my lips?


Q: Do you have any beauty / skin care tips or tricks to look fresh and rested for early morning photoshoots?
A: Haha, I never have early morning shoots unless I had been awake all night! I’m very lucky though- I never wash my makeup off but my skin is very smooth.

Q: Did you always wanted to be an model, or did you stumble upon it, get discovered etc.? Who or what inspired you to become a model?
A: Defiantly stumbled into it. I answered an ad from some lady, working for a Fetish magazine from California. I started working with her, and then as a Domme for a bit…then the next thing I knew people were taking pictures of me everywhere I went! Then I started getting a huge following online, and the rest is history!

Q: Who is your favorite photographer, designer, high-fashion model and celebrity? Why?
A: Out of all those, I have just one favorite model- Masuimi Max! I think she is the most beautiful woman in the world!
I wish I looked like her. We have just about the same mix too, except I think she’s Japanese instead of Thai.

Q: Which is your single most favorite (must have on a deserted island) magazine? Why?
A: Possibly Reader’s Digest, because there’s just so much cool stuff to read about.

Q: How do you feel about models who refuse to do topless or nude photography? Do you?
A: I fully respect them! I used to refuse as well, but after being asked to take part in a movie that required me to be topless, I just got the feel for it.
To tell you the truth, after doing all my bloody pictures I feel much better without having to worry about wearing clothes. Funny though-when I see girls I know posing nude or topless, I don’t like it.

Q: What would you like to change about yourself if you can choose only one thing?
A: My weight for sure! I’m big boned, and I will never, ever be very skinny. I see ugly girls being chased after just because they’re thin. They have no hips, no asses, no breasts…nothing that makes them a woman and yet guys love it.
I get hassled all the time for being fat, even though there are much larger girls out there. I’m in the middle … but pressure has me wishing I were a twig as well.

Q: Have you had any negative experiences with model agencies, talent scouts? What are top 3 warning signs to look out for?
A: Once, yes. This guy wanted to do a set with me when I first got started. My tip off was (or should have been) that he had p0rn all over his house.
Second- we went to his house and not a set or location.
Third- he didn’t want anyone else coming. He tried to get me to pose nude, and ended up telling me he had to change, which he proceeded to do right in front of me! Pervert.

alternative gothic fashion model

Q: What are your thoughts on beauty pageants, contestants and pageant moms?
A: I hate them because everyone’s idea of “beauty” seems ot be the same: skinny. What about true beauty? Looking like a real woman? These girls are all plastic clones of each other, and the moms?
Dressing up any child in those outfits and wearing makeup is just asking for your kid to grow up to be a tramp. No little girl should be wearing more than lipgloss.

Q: Would you work for a client that uses fur? What is the best way to balance personal beliefs and client needs?
A: I personally wouldn’t. I think the best thing is for both sides to have their absolutes laid out before a contract is made. This way both sides know what the other will and won’t do.

Q: What tips and advice do you have for aspiring models just starting out, something you wish someone would’ve told you ?
A: Just watch out for people who try to take advantage of you. Do your own thing and be sure to stand out from the rest, but this means you’ll most likely get hassled and people just won’t understand. But stick with it, and someone will see your talent for what it is.

Q: Would you share some of your future goals, your life motto, any words of wisdom that get you by in life and professional career?
A: I live my life by the rule: Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy! You’ll never in your life please all of the people all of the time, or even some people sometimes… no matter what you do there will always be someone trying to bring you down.
All you can do is to do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy within yourself, and never give up!

Visit Raven’s MySpace, Facebook, Facebook 2, Twitter and official modeling website.

Raven alternative model photography red lingerie

No. 17715

>and found out I was diabetic

Big surprise.

No. 17732

Begging for money.

No. 17743

All she needs to do is suck her ex off twice so her and tween bride can go back to the states.

No. 17744

I wonder if she would do this for her son.

No. 17749

I doubt it, but you know shes such a loving and caring mother.

No. 17780

thanks anon!

>Q: Which ONE superpower would you choose to have?

>A: I think I’d choose the power to make anyone do whatever I wanted, no matter what.

spoken like a true spoiled brat

No. 17801


Is that why she married a child and is raising a plastic doll with him? So that she can have a family that will never defy or question or challenge her?

No. 17904

File: 1413315193441.png (45.92 KB, 480x383, Baw.png)

No. 17906

Has she conveniently forgotten that almost the entirety of her profile consists of hundreds pictures of her with her sad titties hanging out everywhere? Or does she subscribe to the PT "it's only slutty when girls who aren't me do it" school of logic?

No. 17916

>"Chicks just don't get raped like they used to."
Well then.

No. 17941


>To tell you the truth, after doing all my bloody pictures I feel much better without having to worry about wearing clothes. Funny though-when I see girls I know posing nude or topless, I don’t like it.

Sounds like the second one to me.

No. 17948


So much for hating humanity.

No. 18074

File: 1413425704658.png (70.55 KB, 806x492, wishlistdildos.PNG)


damn those sluts asking for stupid slutty shit

No. 18077

File: 1413430144865.png (66.07 KB, 734x381, Raven wishlist.png)

Quoth the raven; "I'm not a whore!"

No. 18079

That pole will never be able to support her.

No. 18097

File: 1413457287474.png (23.7 KB, 504x400, Raven and NZ.png)

Raven whining about New Zealand.

No. 18098

File: 1413457313794.png (23.79 KB, 505x414, Raven FB.png)

More whining

No. 18101

If I had the money Id buy her that pole just to see videos of her trying to work it

No. 18103

Personal experiences aren't facts raven.

No. 18129

If she hates it so much then why doesn't she go back to Amerifat? She'd fit right in since she is you know… A fat American. Hell, I live in a desert state in the US and I'd backpack the shit out of NZ. The scenery and beaches are so beautiful compared to Las Vegas. Dirt, dirt, and more dry dirt. And small rocks.

No. 18142

Yeah but she lives inside and never likes to go out unless she needs to bathe in her natural habitat the sea.

No. 18193

More bitching about New Zealand. I think her hairline is receding.

No. 18194

Part 2. I live in Christchurch and basically 99% of the stuff she brings up is a lie or just petty "baw why isn't it exactly like America" shit.

No. 18203

File: 1413507961704.png (213.49 KB, 347x516, fake baby.PNG)

No. 18204

I've never been to New Zealand or America but to me the entire video sounds like her whining about being unable to get her generic deep-fried obsesity-inducing yank snacks in NZ.

No. 18205

Well I would stare because who puts a few month old in a pram like this? This is a pram for a much older baby, her child would fall out and die if it was real.

Thank god she's not a real mother.

No. 18208


No. 18210

it's raven's baby stuff vid btw

No. 18212

Halloween in New Zealand sucks. Most people don't even cover their naked bodies in fake blood and clingfilm and sit under their clothes line. What philistines.

No. 18213

Bitching about no food with flover
>we have tons of thai places, indian food. (bitch they use mother fucking spices) Just say yo ass wants over processed fast food.

No. 18215

It's weird that among the stuff was like…baby shampoo. Stuff that you shouldn't really hoard and stuff you can just buy.

No. 18216

Let me get this straight… she's bitching about having delicious, healthy, good for you non-processed food in New Zealand? Shit, I live in the processed food capitol of the world (aka 'Murrica) and would kill for that. If I never had to eat another processed food in my life, I could die a happy woman. She's freaking stupid. It's no surprise she's so damn fat.

No. 18225

Her poison womb would have put her in debt if she still lived in the US. I don't know how much it costs for miltiple ultrasounds, a D & C, and an ectopic abortion in America but I bet it's a hell of a lot more than the $0 she paid under New Zealand's universal healthcare system. And it's not like she's had a job since moving here either so she's just an ungrateful leach on the country.

No. 18236

File: 1413529661648.jpg (33.12 KB, 640x360, 0C0Aml.jpg)

B-b-but she is

No. 18244

Sooo, has she mentioned why she's unable to get pregnant at all? I don't believe in karma but I'll damned if it isn't the perfect thing to happen to her after the way she's treated Dorian.

Maybe I'm an awful person, but I really want it to be an untreated STD.

No. 18249

File: 1413560408815.png (269.51 KB, 657x620, adc.png)

No. 18250

File: 1413560526702.png (529.16 KB, 657x620, tzrggd.png)

No. 18251

File: 1413560589747.png (360.4 KB, 657x628, zuijk.png)

No. 18257

The world's most hilarious video, Logan telling off all those desperate sluts who want to add him on facebook.


No. 18258

File: 1413562043305.jpg (82.94 KB, 800x600, 914110_257255007754507_3939379…)

So I was looking through Logan's timeline, like the cockhungry slut I am, and came across this photo…It's very obviously shooped, look at the hair…

Who do you think shoops these? I think it's raven and I think his whole account is controlled by raven. All he posts is raven. Does he not have friends, does he never go out, doesn't he take pictures of anything other than his old fat wife?

No. 18259

0:43 I seriously fucking lost it
Raven's childbride just has to do whatever she says jfc

No. 18260

>Because I can't go drink with them and get stoned
>Can't, or don't want to?
>…Don't want to

Oh fucking hell she whines about being seen as an abusive bitch with a spaghetti husband so she decides to post this??

No. 18261

O lol LOLOLOL 0:44 Raven pipes up "EVEN THO SHE HAD A BOYFRIEN'"

No. 18262

"And then there was this girl Cathy…And she went all emo and cut herself all over me and like yah, so all her friends hate me nao"

No. 18265

Blink twice logan if when need to send help,and if you are being forced to read this script.

No. 18270

Year-old FAQ on her Facebook:

Explain why Logan doesn't add girls. You make him say that, don't you?

Logan doesn't add girls because he doesn't want to. It's really as simple as that. Logan is quite a different sort of person- to me this makes him amazing and ideal. He hates girls, he hates kids his own age…he hates most people in general. Maybe not "hates", but doesn't like and has no desire to talk to/meet/hang out with.

In the beginning of our relationship there was a lot he didn't know. He had only been with one girl for a significant amount of time, and he told me he thought she was really ugly and was only with her because at the time he was dirty and gross and no one else would have him. Every other relationship, he's gotten bored of after about a week. One other girl lasted about three months, but he also didn't like her. He said she was crazy about him and always wanted to spend time with him, but he didn't care if they went weeks without contact. He's never felt a bond with anyone before me, never put a girlfriend above himself, never wanted to settle down at all…so he made some mistakes early on, like wanting to go to Armageddon with his friends without inviting me, and trying to give up his birthday with me yet asking me for money so he could go with them- inconsiderate stuff. I noticed a lot of his female friends were hot for him- something he didn't see. In many ways he was quite innocent. He wasn't all "sexed out" like most of the kids here. He had only had sex with three people- one was his longtime girlfriend, one was a girl he stayed with for a week and said since she was so hot for him, he felt obligated to have sex with her, and one was a one night stand with a dirty skank.

Anyway, when I saw the comments and texts and messages these girls were sending him (he showed me everything), yes, I put my foot down. When his ex friend messaged him drunk and asked him to go to her house and fuck her, and she wouldn't tell anyone (ignoring the fact that she has a boyfriend and that she then moved on to seducing my son when she couldn't get Logan), I told him he was never to talk to her again. When his other friend texted him and told him I was a dirty, disgusting pedophile and that she had added me to spy on me, and that she was sooooo jealous he was with me (also ignoring the fact that she has a boyfriend AND had been messaging me, showing me support for our relationship and acting as if she was my friend), I told him to cut her off. When one of his exes wrote him saying she wanted to see him, but no, she didn't want to meet me because she was a homewrecker, I told him I didn't want him talking to her. When his other female friend became so obsessed with him she'd cut herself and then blame him, writing him to come meet her and then attacking him, stripping off his chokers and bracelets etc whenever he saw her, and then telling him she wanted him to hug her because she wanted to hold onto him and never let him go, then telling him "do you know how hard it is to sit next to someone you love and have to listen to them talking about their new girlfriend?"- yeah, I said I didn't want her around either.

The thing is, I also gave him the choice to keep all of them as friends, but leave me. I said if they mean enough to him, feel free to go, but after all I've been through, I won't tolerate a bunch of sluts hanging all over MY boyfriend. I'm sure any girl can agree. He cut them all off without a second thought. He didn't care whatsoever, and told me they all annoyed him anyway, he just had nothing better to do. Over the next few months as I calmed down and once my trust in him grew, I backed off. I told him he is free to make friends or add whatever girls he wants, it's fine, because I trust him, but after those girls have shown their true colors (and many more afterward have popped up to betray him through me or my son), he's done. He has no need nor want to befriend any female unless it's one of my online friends and supporters, and even then I have to tell him to add them. He also rarely goes online, so having online friends is useless to him

Don't you think Logan is a little too young and immature to get married and live with you the way he does? What about having friends and being a kid?

No, I don't think he's too young or immature at all. He's 18, for one. When I was 18, I was a mother. By 19 I was a wife. He is extremely mature for his age. He gets up at 6am, goes to work, works hard all day and sees none of his tiny paycheck. He deals with everyday adult stresses and is smart enough to realize that even if he were to leave me, he'd still have to go to work and pay bills and struggle to live. In the end he'd be looking for someone to marry and settle down with- but he already has that so why leave? We just had this conversation about four days ago, when I again offered him the chance to leave me by telling him I wanted to break up. HE is the one who made all of the previous points.

As for friends- his male friends, all except for one, have abandoned him. We have invited them over for parties- including Logan's birthday, to the wedding, or just to hang out. Since Logan doesn't drink or do drugs and actually has a family and responsibilities, they basically want nothing to do with him. He says he sometimes misses the act of "having" friends, but it fades more and more as time passes and he's so busy with work

No. 18271

So he hates everyone except fat middle aged women, ESPECIALLY hot girls his own age. How very convenient.

>he told me he thought she was really ugly and was only with her because at the time he was dirty and gross and no one else would have him. Every other relationship, he's gotten bored of after about a week. One other girl lasted about three months, but he also didn't like her.

I'd put money on him only telling her this to get her to shut the fuck up. God, she sounds like the female equivalent of those guys in their 30's that date teenage girls and then cry and throw tantrums because they're not the girls "first" or whatever.

>He deals with everyday adult stresses and is smart enough to realize that even if he were to leave me, he'd still have to go to work and pay bills and struggle to live. In the end he'd be looking for someone to marry and settle down with- but he already has that so why leave?

Um, no he wouldn't, he could go to college, hang out with his friends or just sit around playing video games, basically whatever he wants because he wouldn't have a disgusting old dependapotamus bleeding him dry.

No. 18272

This is actually kind of horrifying and has the exact opposite effect she wanted it to. Their dynamic is super creepy, like she's his crazy ultra conservative religious mom and he's her brainwashed son desperate to please her.

No. 18275

You just gave me flashbacks to rawsomechef (or whatever her username was) and her creepy incestuous relationship with her son Kaelin.

No. 18276


>One other girl lasted about three months, but he also didn't like her. He said she was crazy about him and always wanted to spend time with him, but he didn't care if they went weeks without contact.

"She actually liked me so I dumped her ass for a fat 40 year old mallgoth"

No. 18278

Yeah… I was thinking the same. The whole video feels like a hostage situation. "Pretend that you're okay so they'll send money!" type of vibe.

No. 18279

It's pretty spooky when she just chimes in in the middle of the video out of nowhere and you realize she's behind the camera. It just makes it that much more obvious that she convinced him to make the video and say all those things.
Also, am I the only one who cringed whenever her hand just entered the frame to touch him and interact with him? She's such a fucking creep.
>"My guy friends kinda deserted me because I can't get drunk or stoned with my friends now that I'm in a relationship.."
>"Can't or don't want to?"
>"D-Don't want to."

No. 18280

tempted to add him now lol

No. 18281

>he made some mistakes early on, like wanting to go to Armageddon with his friends without inviting me

He wanted to chill and hang out with his friends without bringing his girlfriend? Someone call the fucking cops.

Wouldn't it be kinda awkward to bring whoever you're dating when you're just hanging out with your friends? Unless maybe they were mutual friends or it was a long-term thing? "early on" kinda implies it was a new thing.

No. 18289

Omg do it and screencap EVERYTHING. Bonus points if you hit on him.

No. 18290

Seriously, she practically has her hand up his ass like a glove puppet.

The way she's so domineering with what he says/thinks and the way she touches him reminds me of a pervy uncle molesting his niece or something.

No. 18296

Let's all use our facebook sockpuppets to flirt with him for lulz. This is going to be hilarious.

No. 18297

File: 1413582661040.png (21.04 KB, 586x272, 8iuk.png)

No. 18298

Logan is becoming a poster child for brainwashed teens manipulated by old fat hags.

No. 18306

>He gets up at 6am, goes to work, works hard all day and sees none of his tiny paycheck.
Is she spending all his money or some shit?

No. 18311

Probably. I'm pretty sure she doesn't work so he has to pay the rent/bills for both of them. Where as if he wasn't burdend with her he could live with his parents or roommates and split the costs, like a normal 18 year old.

No. 18333

I wonder how many people see this obviously batshit crazy mallgoth walking around with a completely silent, motionless infant and assume the baby must be dead.

No. 18358

File: 1413643495757.jpg (56.77 KB, 748x252, 0.JPG)

No. 18359

File: 1413645063277.jpg (34.91 KB, 649x484, 88.JPG)

lost it on this part

No. 18368


No. 18371

I bet shes talking about cheese product that you can get cheap here in the states and taste like shit.

i dont get how people can it that and not really cheese.

No. 18373


No. 18445

He's kinda putting on an American accent here, maybe it's a signal that Raven is putting those words in his mouth. #savelogan

No. 18446

Ew her hand is so fat and swolen

No. 18454

Yeah. His accent doesn't sound kiwi at all here. He really is nothing more than a puppet.

No. 18462

His way of talking sounds really feminine as well.

No. 18463

File: 1413679072473.jpg (111.62 KB, 1024x768, exx.jpg)

I remember they used to serve this shit at school. The other kids would always chose the other food option instead of the grilled cheese, but one day they were out of the other option and I got stuck with a grilled cheese. I put it in my jacket and brought it home to give to my mom. When my mom saw it, she wouldn't let me buy food there anymore and packed my lunch from then on lol. Raven is seriously some gross white trash.

No. 18500

New hostage video of Logan. He shows the room to prove that Raven isn't there but he's still obviously reading from a script.

No. 18502

he had a full bush of pubes when he was 12.

No. 18507

his accent is merging into hers. That doesn't just happen surely? My accent has never rubbed off on my boyfriend. She's probably bitching at him for the way he pronounces things like she bitches about everything else. If they just shut up and didn't respond to trolls they wouldn't have so much 'drama' but yeah…Drama is Ravens lifeblood of course

No. 18508

I wonder if she is blackmailing him somehow (I'll kill myself if you leave me) or he just has a huge fetish on fat old mall goth women.

No. 18509

She keeps saying she 'gave him the option to leave' and keeps asking him if he wants to break up or telling him she wants to break up to see what his reasons for being with her are, so she's really insecure and trying to guilt him into staying with her I think?

No. 18516

Some crazy bitch I knew used to tell her boyfriend she wanted to break up with him all the time, just to "test the waters" and see how upset he was at the idea. As soon as she talked him into accepting it she'd do a complete 180. Ten bucks says Raven does the same shit

No. 18536

I know a girl that does something similar, she will 'break up' just for drama and just so he will beg her to stay etc. now that she's having his baby he's even more stuck in the relationship.

At least Logan doesn't have a baby with her, so he could still leave her. It's more difficult to leave when there's a babby involved.

No. 18541


I wonder how he feels about creepy plastic babby doll?

No. 18553

Yeah, when I read that it struck me more as her threatening to leave him to fuck with his head rather than giving him any kind of 'option'.

No. 18561

What did he hope to prove by mentioning that he had pubes at 12? What could he possibly gain from saying that?

No. 18567

File: 1413765296338.jpg (71.87 KB, 482x634, raven dumb.jpg)

Classic Raven! Asking an open ended question and then attacking people for answering it.

And the commenters are right, Raven DID imply that 5 year olds are experimenting sexual. (way to sound like a pedo again!)

No. 18573


Isn't it normal for a pedophile to believe that kids are more sexually active (aware?) than they actually are? Similar to how she believed that Logan having three sexual partners was less sexually active than "normal teens." Oh Raven, you're not proving your case at all.

No. 18579

Agreed. Also, wasn't she obsessed with the thought of one of her exes/friends whatever had an incestuous relationship of some sort? I can't remember exactly, I just remember her being fixated on that. And yeah, lol at her believing that Logan was such an innocent angel, having had "only" 3 sexual partners at the ripe age of 16.

No. 18584

She has sausage mitts in the place if hands. Fucking disgusting.

No. 18592

File: 1413778177758.jpg (95.59 KB, 383x549, pedophilia.jpg)

She made a fucking facebook album called "Pedophilia"

No. 18596


Her 'empty womb' website

No. 18597

>16 is considered adult age
That leap of logic. She's trying way too hard.

No. 18598

Raven with her grubby pedo mitts all over Logan.

No. 18602

cwcki forums user here: raven and her friends are currently visiting our forums. Why not come and watch the drama unfold? You don't need an account and it's harmless fun to watch them piss themselves in anger.

No. 18604


I see that. It's one of her asspatters/ white knights… Stacy apparently. No the most literate woman it seems!

No. 18605

Maybe it's Raven herself

No. 18606


It sounds A LOT like her.

No. 18607

In before someone asks stacy how her mom is.

No. 18608

why does stacy/ raven keep calling us "humans" as an insult?

No. 18610

No. 18611

Must be Ravens retarded sister.

No. 18613

File: 1413793880509.png (60.52 KB, 480x688, Suicide threat.png)

No. 18615

What was Raven's name before she changed it?

No. 18622

Diana Dawn Cradock

No. 18623

Another baawwwwwing video

No. 18625

She reminds me of Elliot Rodger somehow. Must be the blatant narcissism, victim complex and self-righteous delusion.
>"I am just a fucking girl" but is actually 38 years old
>goes on about how she cares so much for her son and loves him, then proceeds to relentlessly insult and degrade him half the fucking video
>"I have nothing in my life to be ashamed of, I have done absolutely nothing wrong"
>"Yes, I am fat. Muh thyroid, muh depression"
If I didn't know better, I'd think this was all elaborate bait.

No. 18626

She fucking named her unborn children Ciel and Sebastian, from Black Butler. Ciel,Sebastian and Miracle.

No. 18632

Wait, fuck, really? I didn't see that page. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 18636


2:53 I'm losing my shit here

No. 18638

lol, the banner ad I got for this was "10 ugly mistakes women make".

I only watched about a minute in, I imagine it's just 8 minutes of typical internet narcissist blabbering on about how they can say and do what they want because "their entitled to their opinion" but then start crying about bullies and haters when others do the same thing.

No. 18642

File: 1413819894113.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, LIfq5NV.png)

No. 18654

File: 1413824601809.png (440.89 KB, 568x635, jsdjsdj.png)

What young guy looks at, much less posts these pink softlogic shit memes? Aren't they reserved for middle aged women who post on pinterest?

No. 18658

A young guy that has his social media accounts controlled by a middle aged woman?

But yes, she does a terrible job at pretending an 18 year old male.

No. 18663


No. 18664

File: 1413829103075.jpg (54.66 KB, 480x718, 2541626_orig.jpg)


Oh God, she did!

No. 18665


That he was a grown ass man at 12 apparently.

No. 18667

Its like her bitter ass wrote these herself.

No. 18672

>waaahh it's not my fault! Nothing bad in my life is ever the result of my actions! everyone is is horrible and I'm just an innocent little girl!! QQ
I cannot believe this is a 38 year old woman.

No. 18673

she probably did. would not be surprised.

No. 18680

I wish this was a joke.

No. 18688

Raven is on Cwcki forums and has declared war. Shit is hilarious.

No. 18689

u wot m8

links or it didn't happen

No. 18690

Why would she be on the cwc forums? Is chris her side nigga?

No. 18691

No. 18693

ohshit nigga she is on a roll

No. 18694


Omg she's so angry at random users!

No. 18695

File: 1413837482700.png (70.33 KB, 1600x516, loooool.png)


Someone get the popcorn!

No. 18696

Shit is better than Christmas

No. 18697

Oh my god, I need to get some popcorn.

>trying to get her thread removed


No. 18698

Some one ask why she always has to defend herself from the trolls and not just ignore it!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 18699

she's attacking the op and it's glorious.

>Assumptions? No. She is an anonymous user who hasn't ever come to me as herself, never made it know she had such an unreasonable hatred for me- keeping screenshots from nearly THREE years ago, so yeah it's safe to say if we were face to face nothing would happen. Oh but it's ok to attack ME, just not one of "you", right?

No. 18700

File: 1413838171489.png (515.93 KB, 774x454, Sans titre1.png)

No. 18701

No. 18702

I love you

No. 18703

oooo op asked about logan's controlled fb page. I'm betting she denies it. What do you guys think?

No. 18704

>Logan saw me on Dorian's page and he wanted to meet me. Dorian told me about him day after day after day and I told him each time I didn't care and I had no interest in meeting one of his little friends. He didn't stop so finally I said ok, he can come meet me but that was all. They had only just met each other as well, they weren't really friends. Logan came over and I was amazed because the kids I'm used to his age are small and look young, but Logan was big- he was tall and manly, he never came across as a kid to me. I fought my urges to want to hook up or date him and he pursued me so I looked online to make sure he wasn't considered a minor, then we started dating. We hit it off right away but I was bothered by the age and didn't want him to grow to resent me later so I tried to break up with him, once a week for almost two years. He's been very hurt by this and begged me to stop so I did- if we want to be together and we aren't breaking any laws then what's the harm? And yes at first his mother was worried, as would anyone (Dorian tried to get with a 31 year old woman online once and I put a stop to that) so I understood, but once we met face to face everything was ok and quite often her and his grandparents come over for dinner or we go to their house. We spend birthdays and Xmas with his family as well and we all get along great.

Where do I fucking start

No. 18705

Considering what she's denied and flat out lied about already, I'm going to say 100% she'll deny, deny, deny.

No. 18706

Lol as if anyone's going to believe that.

No. 18708

> I was protecting her. Dorian lies- a lot. She was in another country and wanted to come down here to be with him. He had been lying to her and led her on. In fact he's extremely "young". He looks and acts it. If she came down here she would be screwed. If she had insisted I would have left it but she didn't. At the time I also was like everyone else- an age gap like that was disgusting. It wasn't until I found myself in the situation that I changed my thoughts. That's why I understand why so many people are against it, I only wish they would listen once it's explained and not embellish the story to make me out to be a monster, does that make sense?

Point to cwcki forums, round two! Ding!

No. 18709

Ok I made an account, does anyone want me to ask her anything?

No obvious a logging duh

No. 18710

>I don't though. He has his own Facebook but since he works all day and has never really been into social networking and computer shit, he practically never logs in. He gave me his passwords, as I've given him mine, as a sign of trust back when we first got together. But I don't control it. Whenever he feels like it or goes to look something up he does log in and he does what he wants. He's the one that comes to me and tells me if someone tries to add me or whatnot and asks me if I know them. I never tell him who he can or can't add.

In the very very early days of our relationship I DID have a say. there were some girls who tried to tear us apart- they'd text him drunk and ask him to come over an fuck them, or say they added me pretending to be my friend but wanted to spy on me and oh, I'm a disgusting pedophile etc etc. HE told me these things, and showed me, so I said I wanted him to have no contact with them…But I mean that was in 2012! He has no tolerance for anyone really and likes to keep to himself, that's his choice. In the early days we were really stupid and used to make it a point to shove our relationship in peoples faces online to ward off the girls that were trying to get with him (his idea but I had fun). Looking back it was childish but then again, it was years ago. Nothing is the same anymore. I have total faith in him- he's the only one i've ever fully trusted

No. 18711


wonderful! welcome

No. 18712

File: 1413839612921.png (23 KB, 1097x98, lell.png)

I'm sorry but that sounds really unhealthy for a relationship, you should trust your significant other enough to allow them a semblance of privacy.

It's like she expects him to cheat from the get go, which isn't surprising considering she's a fat mallgoth, so cheating on her is a sane possibility.

No. 18713

> Logan has already stopped trying to dress up alternative because he doesn't have time. He dedicates himself to work. Right now he's trying to log more hours to help us get to my mom but on average he works 6 days a week, from 6 to 5 but often works 7 days a week from 5am to 1am. He's even slept at the job site. He's not a kid- he's a mature young man that's working to support this household and I appreciate him so very much

so childbride is pulling away from her and not dressing goth..

No. 18714

Ask her why she feels the need to defend herself from "trolls".

No. 18715

Why is he working his little butt off for that dependosaurus rex? She's not pretty, sexy, smart or even funny. She doesn't have a job, she's not interesting in any way…

No. 18716

I agree with cwcki op..what IS she so sick with? I think it's all in her head.

No. 18717

Why do you feel the need to defend yourself from trolls?

Also, have you thought about being 50 when your husband is 30? Being 70 and your husband 50? Iono, that's just something that would really bother me if I were you, but maybe you're just stronger psychologically.

>Ugh, of course I have. But am I supposed to give up on love and this amazing relationship now, just because later in life I might be wrinkly and he isn't? He's white and I'm asian- I'll age a lot better than he will. I highly doubt I will be alive that long anyways so to me it isn't even an issue.

Bitch didnt even answer the first question

No. 18718

>He's white and I'm asian- I'll age a lot better than he will
I do believe her photos have already proved that's a load of shit.

No. 18719

Ask her why she says she loves her son in one vid, but then calls him worthless scum,and that she wish she never had him.

No. 18720

File: 1413841936787.jpg (56.45 KB, 390x470, 1365966365678.jpg)

>He's white and I'm asian- I'll age a lot better than he will

It's too late hun.

No. 18721

She's ill with mad cow syndrome

No. 18722

but she's already all aged and wrecked…

No. 18723

love how she keeps trying and failing to get a rise out of OP

No. 18724


It's really odd actually. She must think everyone's brains work the way hers does, and assumes people just fly off the handle at the drop of a hat.

No. 18725

File: 1413843795571.jpg (103.91 KB, 1233x300, raven is retarded.jpg)

how images work?

No. 18727

I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that. It's also ridiculous he can't add girls at all whatsoever. If you're truly in a loving, trusting relationship, not even someone you find incredibly attractive, who's naked and making advances at you can get you to betray the one you love.

No. 18728

She just dropped pics, on HERSELF. It's almost Chris-Chan like.

No. 18730

Yeah, being paranoid enough to warrant a password exchange is pretty much the opposite of 'trust'.

She's only doing this to soothe her rightful paranoia.

No. 18731

/cow/ here,
10/10 lolcow

No. 18732

She keeps going on about killing herself, so cow anon why don't you bring up how no one has told her to kill herself,and that maybe she is projecting her own thoughts onto us.

No. 18733


some stupid ween did. :(

No. 18734

No. Does this woman have any idea of personal responsibility. It's always someone else or some dramatic excuse as to why she does shitty things.

No. 18735

She keeps projecting her suicidal thoughts onto us. No one has told her to kill herself and when she made that video about her haters telling her to do it, of corse she could never back up those claims. On all of lolcow.farm, we have only wished death upon one lolcow and that ain't Raven. Far from.

No. 18736


Really? Which one was it?

Does she know of this place yet? Given the cwcki forums shitstorm I would've thought she'd white knight herself here if she knew.

No. 18737

She doesn't know yet, and let's keep it that way.

We all remember the saxy habbening.

No. 18738


Of course, I just thought >>18735 seemed to kinda imply she was blaming lolcow for all this.

You mean on staminarose? I can't remember much about the saxy drama

No. 18739

Linking her here would cause her to dry out prematurely from overmilking.

We need to milk gently, to keep a steady flow of lulz. We milked saxy too fast, so she freaked out and baleeted everything. Same would happen to raven if she were to be linked here.

No. 18740

Basically someone linked saxy to a staminarose thread about her (which she hilariously thought was taken down because people were scared of her, but she was just failing to navigate staminarose corretly)…She ranted and raved, going full retard, it was pretty hilarious.

No. 18741


Ah, I thought they were on about someone wishing death on saxy for a sec. Never mind.

But calm down, I wasn't planning on linking her to lolcow. I'm not quite that big a faggot.

No. 18742


Hahaha fuck, now that you mention it I remember her thinking her thread was taken down

No. 18743

Those were the days. I have her new fb but not twitter, I miss her twitter, it was hilarious.

Not as good as pt but still.

No. 18744

File: 1413848322957.jpg (68.87 KB, 500x500, 1413695017249.jpg)

No. 18746

That psychotic, violent, rapist Croatian shit head, that's who.

No. 18747

Shes gone silent….

No. 18748

Probably busy making videos and hacking the mainframe

No. 18751

She complains about the lack of nightlife and yet choses to live in Christchurch? I kinda feel that a city known for being dull and insular isn't exactly the best place for someone who wanted a nightlife. Also LOL at $400+ dollars for rent: since the earthquake the rents in Chch have been stupid high but that doesn't prevent her from moving. This whiny ass bullshit is exactly why Kiwis and other groups shy away from Americans when honestly its the horrid few like Raven that really attract the hate.

No. 18752


Ahhhhhh ok
That makes sense
I can get that

No. 18753

If she really wanted to leave NZ she would sell that fucking doll and other shit that her and logan dont need.(not that he really needs to.) And they could move to the states or wherever the fuck she wants to live.

No. 18756

This makes me feel more comfortable about vacationing in New Zealand then. Good to know.

I'm not surprised that Raven is getting treated like shit over there. She was complaining about how it's such an oh so bad place for women but when she conducts herself the way she does? Dressing like an edgy 16 year old when she's nearly 40? Fat and lazy? Yeah… It's no wonder she's never encountered someone other than Logan that'd put up with her bullshit in that county.

No. 18764

I feel really bad for her son. I don't know if this all is true or not but she really seems to slander him. She was trying to "protect" the 31 year old he was trying to date?

No. 18765

No. 18768

4 fucking pages of troll/haters drama. If she didnt feed into this shit she wouldnt have a problem.

No. 18769

what are all these screenshots for? is she pulling a Cathy?

No. 18770

Guys she deleted it.
Do you think she's onto us?

No. 18772

I take that back…. It just loaded really weird saying that it was deleted.

No. 18774

In all honesty NZ is pretty chill even if you dress like a weirdo (this i can attest to personally). I suspect that Raven just that special kind of crazy that doesn't even try to conceal itself… likely she is just as bad in person as she is on the internet but harder to deal with irl one on one and thats why people don't like her.

No. 18792


I wouldn't be surprised if she rolls out the dead baby photos within 10 minutes of meeting a person.

No. 18793

Of everything in there, 'Squiggles McJiggles' hit the nail on the head with her.

>"It's sad that you can be 40 years old and still not know who you are on the inside. This lady has gone 4 decades without ever enlightening herself beyond the mentality of a pre-pubescent teenager. Essentially, this video is cataloguing what it's like to never grow up. I'm not laughing at this woman. Nor am I angry or offended by her. I'm just captivated by the reality of what this video is actually showing us.40 years. That must be some kind of hell"

No. 18797

Did she respond, because I don't think she would say besides you ass hole trolls.

No. 18800

I love how she keeps repeating on the cwcki forums how she hasn't done anything illegal with Logan, as though that somehow makes it completely ok. Just because it's not illegal, doesn't mean it's not completely inappropriate. It's not illegal to eat your own shit, either.

I'm surprised she's bothered by a lack of nightlife considering how much she goes out of her way to keep Logan as far away from other women as possible. Surely him being around a load of skimpily dressed girls who are 100% guaranteed to all be hotter and younger than her would make her explode in a fiery ball of jealous rage.

No. 18809

File: 1413907291246.jpg (30.8 KB, 720x557, OTHER WOMEN R SUCH SLUTS ERMER…)

She baleeted her FB by the way. Inderdasting.

No. 18814

Am I the only one annoyed at how quickly the cwcki forums fell prey to her pity party. Very few people even brought up the fact that she posted all of the "lies" herself. Maybe if she kept her fat mouth shut, nobody would be talking about her.

No. 18817


They were just baiting her to get her to talk more.

No. 18819

It's bizarre how both Raven and Logan keep re-telling the story of their meeting. I guess they are trying to prove that Logan was the one to initiate since he called her a MILF, but it shows the exact opposite and how creepy their interactions were…

No. 18823

>I'm surprised she's bothered by a lack of nightlife considering how much she goes out of her way to keep Logan as far away from other women as possible. Surely him being around a load of skimpily dressed girls who are 100% guaranteed to all be hotter and younger than her would make her explode in a fiery ball of jealous rage.

I bet she thinks that Logan would stay at work, working overtime to support her fat ass, while she is out clubbing with young goth guys.

No. 18825

She says she's terrified of leaving her house and a shut in, but is angry about the lack of a night life?

Dumb as shit.

And…America is pretty boring too depending on where you live. What part of America does she want to live in? You don't just say you want to live in America, you say what state you want to live in and/or city.

No. 18826

My friend, they were gently milking the lolcow. If you milk it too roughly it might get spooked and run away, or even stop making milk alltogether.

They are seasoned farmers, they know what they're doing.

No. 18844

Well my friend we are running out of milk. And the queen is all dried up. These other cows can never supply enough for us.

No. 18850

And we can all thank that stupid fuck get-tar hero for ruining everything.

No. 18853


he's currently sperging up their other threads.

No. 18856

For fucking real. I wanna know what he said to her in those pm's.

No. 18875

No. 18888

What was it . It's baleeted

No. 18908

I cant believe she was scared off so easily.

I wonder how many days/weeks till she's back.

No. 18913

Her asking for money to see her "sick" mother in the states.

No. 18925

Puppet boy defends his whale of a wife again.

No. 18938

Yet another whining video from Raven with her threatening suicide and she knows of this site now (6:44 if you want to know where exactly she mentions us).

Raven, if you're reading this; Do both Dorian, Logan, and yourself a favor and get yourself committed to a psych ward.

No. 18940

Okay, who else thinks he's reading off of a script? I swear I hear crinkling paper, his eyes are shifting like he's reading lines, and he keeps looking down.
Also, is he wearing a wig?

No. 18945

tbh, i think he's lying. if you're right handed, which i'm going to assume he is, you look to your right, or dominant, side when you're lying, because it is the creativity side f the brain or something along those lines. i've noticed him quickly shifting his eyes to his right, our left, a lot as he was talking. i can understand him looking down when he was reading "his" list of points, but he would be staring directly into the camera, or at least looking to his left to recall memories, if he was being honest.

No. 18946

His hair does look pretty damn awful… I'm not sure if it's a wig either it looks so weird.

His dialogue seems very off. This doesn't come off as genuine and natural at all.

No. 18951

I wonder if it was that fuckwad who sent her this way.

No. 18953

if she really wants to see her mother, she should just go on maury, dr. phil, or something like that. it's a win situation for everyone, she'll definitely get people to pity her, dr phil/maury would definitely get her the help she needs/a flight to see her mother in return for being a guest, because she gets a free flight to america anyway she can eat all the gross processed junk she wants, the show of her choice gets higher ratings, and we get to hear the lie detector results from her, her childbride, and maybe Dorian.

No. 18955

Weird. She names lolcow but then speaks about the cwcki forums instead

No. 18957


>Calling his step son a little shit

He should respect his elders

No. 18959

It seems she deleted all her Youtube videos?

No. 18961

Fucking hell

No. 18962

Why is his accent back?

No. 18963

It's probably her way to combat the haturz and "death threats", the latter of which do not exist.

No. 18968

She definitely knows about this thread because I got a DMCA takedown alert from Mega for this file. I only posted it here.

It didn't get any attention but since she doesn't want it out there I should probably reupload it somewhere. Anyone know of a free host that doesn't give a shit about DMCAs?

No. 18973


Alternatively, perhaps:

No. 18974

She'll be back

No. 18982

Sorry anon but that's refuted pseudoscience.

No. 18983

Does she just say lolcow? She was posted onthe horrorcow lolcow subforum of cwcwiki so maybe its not about us

No. 18995

She'd better be. I can't believe yet another lolcow has fled because someone couldn't keep their hands and arms inside the vehicle.

No. 18996


Yeah, that's what I was thinking, but as >>18968 said, if they got a DMCA takedown she probably does know.

No. 19001

I haven't heard that before, do you have any links? I'd like to read it.
I've always wondered how true that was because if someone knows the tell they can work on not expressing it and manipulate it to their advantage.

No. 19023

File: 1413994644729.png (277.26 KB, 561x606, reg9fdio.png)

Hope I didn't come off as aggressive btw, it's just something that I used to believe too, but then I found out it was overhyped pseudoscience, it really bummed me out. I felt lied to by my high school teacher.

What you CAN look at is body language, but even that can vary across cultures etc. so I strongly suggest getting the book on it I linked to, it's v interesting




No. 19025

File: 1413994678175.png (520.05 KB, 657x641, fsdio.png)

No. 19026

File: 1413994894347.png (557.51 KB, 568x596, 9i.png)

No. 19035

So raven just signed onto cwcki forums to try to delete all her posts. null fixed it, yay!

No. 19036

Everyone took screenshots anyway. I wonder why she wanted to baleet them though…Is she pulling a saxy?

No. 19037

Cause she can't be seeing as making herself out to be the cunt she is.

No. 19040


I don't know, I feel like it's part of her big internet purge right now.

No. 19050

I wish people would remember that most people (even the nutty lolcows) are not like Chris-chan and can easily be scared off the internet. I'm not sure what happened with Raven that was so different than her past experiences, but I'm bummed about losing another solid cow and I miss Pixyteri every day.

No. 19056

We keep getting stuck with these shitty lolcalfs that really bring nothing. Fuck cwc.

No. 19060

eh she'll be back. Just look at kittyphina or babycakes. These girls can't stay away from the attention.

That being said, everyone DID tell her to stop posting every bit of her life on the internet. I, for one, am glad she actually listened.

No. 19063

Were they actually having twins? Or was it just her "intuition"?

Also, I really hate that she claims Dorian killed her babies when it more than likely has something to do with her age. The older a woman is, the harder it is for them to carry a child full term. And sometimes, even if they do, that child could end up with mental or physical issues.

And am I the only one who thinks logan is wearing a wig?

No. 19072

File: 1414008610867.jpg (66.99 KB, 540x394, image.jpg)

No. 19073


Her ovaries and uterus were fucked when those fetuses were conceived. They were so scarred they couldn't hold on to dear life. I'm no medical professional (Where my nurses at?), but this woman probably had an STD that went untreated for a while and it caused her womb to become toxic to life.
Look at how many men that were practically strangers she's had unprotected sex with, that we know of.
I doubt it was a previous botched abortion that caused the scarring, maybe in the 50's or 60's this would be very plausible since there were so many butcher doctors out there preforming these procedures, but now? Modern gyno practice? We are doing sooo much better.

Sorry Raven, you made your bed, now you fucking sleep in it.

And Dorian, if you ever see this, I'm sorry. You got shit cards and a shit mother, it's totally not your fault.

No. 19078



Ugh, did anyone mirror these videos? They've been deleted and I really wanted to watch the Logan one.
I saw a little screencap of his face, and man does he look fucking haggard. He's too young to look like this, he's too young to be working this hard, he's too young PERIOD.

She's devouring his youth, living and projecting through him. This is so sad.

He'll leave her, and I'm not saying this to be mean or catty, it's just the truth. I'm willing to bet he actually looks forward to those long hours at work interacting with other human beings. He stopped dressing goff. He's growing up, something Raven can't do.

No. 19081

this is the anon who suggested logan was lying. you didn't come off as aggressive at all, this is actually really interesting, so thanks!

staying on topic, is it just me who's getting the feeling that raven is using logan as a dorian replacement? idk a few of her mannerisms towards him sometimes make me think of a mother and child, but it may just be the creepy age difference.

No. 19085


No. 19086

Dorian confesses to her that he's bisexual, she then tells the whole world his secret on youtube because she was soo supportive and he still turned out to be a little shit.

Before that though, Dorian is enthralled with Logan. She thinks it's cute he has a little boy crush and wont stop talking about it. (Her words, boy crush)

She finally sees Logan, her black panties get wet, and she proceeds to text Logan to come over.

Dorian loses his first crush to his mom. His mother married a boy he had a crush on.

I just realized this.


No. 19087

That's one of the things that bugs me. He's too young to be supporting a grown-ass woman. (Her son is too.) Both of those boys should be going to school or at least figuring out what to do with their lives. Not tending to a fat, middle-aged mall goth.

I bet she kicked her son out because her kid son and her kid husband weren't getting along. That's what happens when you surround yourself with children, they fight. The sad part is she picked Logan over her own child. What a piece of trash.

Raven needs to get out and get a job and stop blaming her son for all of her problems.

No. 19088

It's not the AGE DIFFERENCE, but HIS AGE. Kinda not cool dating someone who doesn't have a developed pre frontal cortex, while your utters are sagging to the ground.

No. 19092

Not sure this works but:

Be prepared for more "Woe IS MEE, NOTHING S MY FAAAULT!"

No. 19094

File: 1414018509258.jpg (79.67 KB, 960x720, froggy.jpg)


Thanks anon! It worked for me ♥

Have a cute tiny frog trying to eat a bulb.

No. 19099

Been removed m8.

Raven stop being a cunt and deleting the thruth about your sour ass.

No. 19119

That was the impression I had too, and far more fucked up than even the age difference thing. No wonder Logan and Dorian fought and were everything got all weird.

No. 19142

Cwcki forum mods rehosted the videos. Bless them.

No. 19143


This just in. Raven is attempting to take down cwcki forums. It isn't working.

You don't need an account to read the thread. Lulz for everyone!

No. 19144

>"Remove this thread or I will take the proper steps!!!"

Oh my god, this dumb cow…

No. 19151

File: 1414049658474.gif (111.42 KB, 500x250, Beauty.gif)

No. 19153

File: 1414050953780.jpg (7.31 KB, 275x184, cow.jpg)


Preach it, Logan! You took home the old cow when you wanted a little milk.

No. 19154

Yes, exactly. If he was say, 28, when they met and she was a normal functioning adult instead of being a hideous, mentally unstable, lump of dependency sat at home all day ranting and raving on the internet about sluts, haterz and dead babies. People would still side eye their relationship, but it would be more "whatever floats your boat…I guess", rather than "this is messed up". It's completely fucked up, unfair and inappropriate for her to expect someone who is essentially a child to support her and her plethora of issues and a woman of her age should know better.

No. 19171

Anyone notice how Raven hasn't denied letting her ex Ryan fuck her raw dog or sucking him for groceries and spending money while she is with Logan?

No. 19180

Null is a hero.

No. 19199


Raven does have a job actually, she's still a prostitute, but she only services one man outside of her boygroom.

That we know of.

No. 19202

She acts like she can afforded a lawyer to get this shit taken down.
Raven I thought you were dirt poor.

No. 19204

Don't worry, the childbride will be forced to work more overtime hours, maybe even get a second job at mcdonalds

No. 19249


She was also e-begging for money to go see her mom.

No. 19264

Yeah, it's the same in his hostage videos as well, you can't see his scalp at all, and the way it's parted is a give away as well. It really does look like a wig.

And in this >>19023 photo it's most definitely a wig.

No. 19308

"swan song" video is back up

No. 19342

Yeah, I agree with you guys. He's got to be wearing a wig because that shit looks way too unnatural. His wig is pretty much shit too to look that obvious.

No. 19418

Still always playing the victim.

No. 19482

File: 1414262987878.png (777.22 KB, 991x720, fds.png)

So, anything new on the raven front?

Is everything still down?

I say, give her a month max and she'll be back to her old shenanigans.

No. 19504

I would be frustrated as fuck to ruin a pair of tights in this way.
Although I wouldn't be stupid enough to wear cute tights after extensive hospital procedures being done to my lady nethers.

No. 19511

Those are compression tights

No. 19516


They are to prevent blood clots. That's okay anon. Don't feel bad. Most surgeons use clip on braces now a days, except Raven's, apparently .

No. 19843

She was actively trying for kids since her 2nd husband I believe, and so she has had a shit load of miscarriages. I dont think she would have needed a std to fuck up her life, she was doing a lot of drugs until she moved to New Zealand which only makes miscarriage more likely, and scarring can be just from the sheer amounts. She was foolish to think that the twins would survive when she had not been able to keep a fetus for a good decade.

Its a shame but what really makes Logan's situation at work shit is that he willingly dropped out of school. He doesnt even have a diploma, so he can only get the shitty jobs that higher anyone.

Honestly I dont think Logan is lying or will leave. The way their relationship is built up from the way that she builds up this us vs them situation with everybody to how isolated he is from his peers, means that he will not be able to just leave. He has no friends, he is responsible for supporting the two of them, he married her knowing that his parents disagreed (they did not support the commitment one when he was 17), and he has no time to live. He literally spends all his day either at work or with her. She sets traps for him all the time with saying that he should leave her, that she will kill herself if he does, etc so that he feels that he has to stay. He feels responsible for her life. There is no way that a guy this young will be able to leave this shit, and he likely honestly believes her and the story she tells.

No. 19848

You know if their genders were reversed this would be a whole bigger shit fest. I could see tumblr getting up in arms if Logan were a 17 hear old girl preyed upon by a 40 something man there would media coverage even

No. 19850

That's just it though. Radical feminist say that no woman can do any wrong. Like that woman who raped the 9 y/o boy who was just "asking for it for being male". And almost all the batshit sjw where behind her.

No. 19851


I have a personal lolcow (what o unfortunately just deleted) that this reminds me of. She was 18 or 19 when a 68 year old neo-conservative hick picked her up off the internet, married her, and kept her trapped and isolated in a cabin in KY for years. She finally left and now is ftm trying to emulate Gackt. I wish I had capped more.

No. 19861

This is definitely true. Especially with the creepy hostage videos, and especially if it was the teenager having all the miscarriages.

It's not just a 'feminist' thing, though. There's this universal idea that men love (heterosexual) sex no matter where it comes from and therefore cannot be raped by a woman. There was a scandal in my country a few years ago where a 30-year-old teacher was having sex with her 14-year-old student and while every woman I know was horrified, a bunch of men where calling him lucky for getting to have sex with a "MILF" at such a young age. The kid was obviously fucking traumatized but nope, he totally got lucky and any dude saying otherwise is just jealous that the kid "got some" while they were still a virgin at that age. This is actually a thing feminism is fighting against but of course the tumblr misandry-disguised-as-feminism crazies completely missed the point and just hate everything with a penis.

No. 19872

I get what your saying about if a man is rapped he should be proud that he got laid no matter what age. Shit is gross there should never be that much of an age gap between either sex or if the roles were reversed.

No. 19873

>A man is rapped

No. 19877

File: 1414596682521.jpg (37.28 KB, 485x318, rappist.jpg)


Trigger warning

No. 19923


Does anyone have a mirror of this? I didn't get to see it :(

No. 19932


I think that's one of the ones that Cwcki forums mirrored. It's on their servers, you don't need an account to see it though!

No. 19933

File: 1414629368784.jpg (74.5 KB, 720x960, So raven.jpg)


Thanks anon! Didn't even take me that long to find them.

Oh Logan, you foolish boy.

Hey guys I found a picture of Raven on my computer from before she deleted her FB.

No. 19934


What's the matter with her face? Did she take out her piercings?

No. 19935


Nah, she's in the hospital I think, they covered up her piercings for some reason, I don't know why they didn't just make her take them off.

I think this was during one of her miscarriages, I forget which one, number 143?

No. 20089

Lets start having bets on how long it'll take her to come back.

I think give her 1 month.

No. 20107

This preg was the one where she had it in her tubes, so her last because she finally went to a doctor who told her that her womb was too scarred up. Would be the same time as >>19482, and >>14837. I think it was the twins she was all about too.

She was part of a group for women who had miscarriages/wanting surrogates for a bit but was kicked out because she was saying very disturbing things. Obviously she was depressed over loosing another fetus, but she was posting about how she wanted to kill people who were pregnant because she was not, and they booted her out for that negative shit. She ended up posting a video about how mean they were to her, saying that she was just posting what others were thinking, and they were all fake.

Pic is what Logan wore to the wedding, you may not have noticed it when he actually wore the thing, but that is a Sebastian cosplay.

No. 20108

>She ended up posting a video about how mean they were to her, saying that she was just posting what others were thinking, and they were all fake.

Is there any chance, kami-sama be merciful, that that's still up somewhere?

No. 20139


>Pic is what Logan wore to the wedding, you may not have noticed it when he actually wore the thing, but that is a Sebastian cosplay.


No. 20141

File: 1414705399816.jpg (126.74 KB, 500x550, Black-Butler-Kuroshitsuji-Seba…)

I dont think they knew, because of how they styled it, but the a bit shorter black jacket with the grey shirt is a typical costume to get online for Sebastian. Its a shitty costume but he made it even uglier with how he wore it.

No. 20143

I can see if I can find anything, since like everything she does, she made an album on fb about the issues, then made a video showing the caps. But sadly since she deleted most of her stuff already it is hard to find things from it.

I did find a post that looks like she did make about the situation. Note that she talks about drinking and smoking here.

She also has told people she didnt like that she wished that their pregnancy would end in miscarriage too, in another lashing out episode. Then made a video defending her actions.

No. 20165

lol milanoo

No. 20176

File: 1414717110651.jpg (58.69 KB, 500x491, tumblr_n1kkk03dRW1tt3ubdo1_500…)

Logan's parents must of had him at a young age, because they are younger than Raven. She had Dorian at a pretty young age too, like 18/19, so they are likely teen parents. Dorian is half mexican, something that Raven mocks him for, stuff like calling him a dirty Mexican. Not sure how much of it is only joking because even if he laughs it off having your mother say these things hurts.

She actually did have legit modeling things, but they were never really stuff that was clearly her. Her most used one is just of her mouth, and she has edited it a few times for different colors and fixing her piercing but people use it all the time without credit, some even for profit. There is a book out there with this a part of the cover. The other few times were for bands, nothing big.

She also only changed her name legally around the time she got married, so before she had to photoshop her 'proof' pictures of her drivers license to show people her name was Raven.

No. 20212

Thank you!

No. 20224

File: 1414736732237.jpg (64.04 KB, 769x646, eyebrow.jpg)

I can't believe she really tattooed her face. The other picture is such potato quality that I thought they were moles.

No. 20228

What I can't believe are those eyebrows.

No. 20232


LOL what eyebrows? She shaves them off!

No. 20234

Wait is she wearing a blue contact over a white one?

No. 20235

File: 1414739778103.png (176.65 KB, 699x1478, slapped.png)

Like Ryan is such an asshole, and he hit me and he like raped me, why does he keep buying me all these presents. Ugh. I'm so glad I only have to suck his dick and not talk to him.

No. 20236

File: 1414740017815.jpg (157.18 KB, 858x553, 284120_284077011696436_1584531…)

Logan is a fucking weeb.

No. 20237

File: 1414740887925.png (157.05 KB, 713x455, engaged.PNG)

Logans knows Japanese!?


No. 20238

File: 1414741066615.png (15.67 KB, 409x141, dishing 1.PNG)

Haha, oh wow, this is too accurate.

No. 20250

Logan being such a fucking weeb is actually surprising to me.

No. 20252

Her makeup pains me to look at. I used to attempt that way back in my babybat days but never dared to go outside or take pictures of my failings, there is never an excuse to look like a sad panda.

No. 20255

This is really late but I was scrolling through and this photo really disturbs me. Pokemon was airing when Dorian and Logan were kids and I was about to ask, what do her and Logan even talk about together? With my boyfriend, and all the couples I know, old and young, they reference stuff and discuss stuff they grew up with. When Logan talks about Pokemon to her does Raven just go, "Ugh, I remember Dorian being obsessed with that show and those stupid cards." Or did Raven love and watch children's shows with Dorian? I'm not saying stuff like this is what relationships rely on but seriously, but being ~g0ffik~ and immature seems like their only common interests tbh.
I'm really not surprised he's a weeb, with both his and her immaturity level it's not surprising. I went through the same phase he's going through, except I was in middle school and it was 2006. Plus, I've noticed many emo/scene/goff kids tend to go through a weeb phase at some point. I've also noticed a lot of those people also become hipsters/jump onto the next other trendy alternative fashion.

No. 20262

>what do her and Logan even talk about together?

They probably don't get that much time together because he's apparently out working all day to pay for her crusty old mallgoth ass. When he's at home I imagine she rants and raves to him about all the "sluts and haters" and how hard her life is while he nods in agreement and tries to placate her.

No. 20264

Oh, this reminds me of the videos she put up over contacts. She got into this crazy ass battle over some korean company because she paid like 800$ (maybe more?) for contacts and they didnt turn out right. While I think she was right over the fact that she didnt get what she wanted, I dont think you should ever be paying that much for contacts.

She had them redone a few times, face tattoos fade really fast so she they were red at one point, black now.

She used to do makeup tuts, this was like back when she was with Ryan so, years ago. I remember there was one that was very Marilyn Manson like with a big rectangle of red eyeshadow over her eyes.

Hottopic in that sense are smart to go to more weeby things since they keep their old demographic and add some regular weebs too.

No. 20268

I figured that. She seems like she just likes to listen to herself speak and I've never really heard about her talk about anything other than sluts and h8erz, just imagine coming home from working all day just to listen to that. I'm sure she doesn't even care to listen to how his day is or anything. With her being off the internet, she's probably talking more about this stuff bc she can't complain online about it anymore. I feel like he's staying in the relationship just because he feels pity for her tbh.
She's trying so hard to hold on to Logan, by isolating him, and it's going to bite her in the ass. I can definitely see him getting tired of her shit and realizing that she's wasting his time/youth, and leaving her maybe next year or so.

No. 20330

File: 1414817184567.png (73.33 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-11-01-17-35-22…)

Dorian has implied that she offed herself on Facebook.

No. 20336

She's alive. Just making people react and feel bad for her.


No. 20341

What's her real name again? I'm trying to look up obituaries.

No. 20342

File: 1414821913126.jpg (61.71 KB, 477x269, i see.jpg)

This is one fucked up prank. Wonder if that guy knows anything more…

No. 20345

Well Dorian likes that RIP page so either it's legit or he's in on it.

No. 20346

I think her first name was Diana or something. She did get it legally changed to Raven though.

No. 20349


Before it was changed to Raven Sparks, it was Diana Dawn Cradock

No. 20353

We are getting the blame of bullying her into dead. Cant screencap right now, but a girl said "Natasha Houston That brides page started the bulling fuk them all i hope this is bullshit!" And response
Womenof IndustrialMusic google lolcow, shes on that page and thats where they really became brutal

I think we are rather tame about her. Just discussing her life, but lolkay we so brutal.

No. 20355

Actually, what's brutal is her playing pretend suicide for sympathy.

Are we still trying to claim that she isn't a narcissist if this does turn out to be false? Because my mother use to do this same shit. i.e. threaten to kill herself if we didn't listen.

I actually had someone go through the trouble of faking a suicide when we got into an argument on tumblr. She even had her "friend's tumblr" say something. We found her instagram where she had posted a day later.

No. 20356

So I thought about something today and I had to ask /pt/.

Do you guys think she caused the miscarriages herself? Like, STD's and abortions, they just don't add up. Not even her age is a reason for me to believe that she just had a bajillion miscarriages through the years. I mean, she's literally pretending to have killed herself to make people feel bad for her. I see no reason to believe that she didn't cause a miscarriage herself to make Dorian feel bad for not doing the dishes or something.

idk maybe I'm grasping here.

No. 20361

No. 20363

This will be good for Logan in the long run if true. He can actually enjoy his youth now without being tied down to some old pedo mall goth. Now he has a chance at a normal life.

No. 20364

No. 20399

File: 1414851821893.png (501.72 KB, 1415x657, lel.png)

Who linked her back here?

A random retard? Someone with a butthurt agenda, like edji? A PULL member?

No. 20401

nah man, miscarriages are actually pretty common. I know so many women that are my friends and family that had miscarriages, sometimes multiple ones.

In fact, a lot of people miscarry in the extr. early stages of pregnancy (first day after implantation) but don't even notice. It's the body's way of saying "there's something wrong, let's not take any chances, delete it".

Because of the prolife movement though, women now view fetuses as babies, so this sort of natural and common thing has been made doubly traumatic. I think it's unhealthy for your mental health to get so worked up over something that's smaller than a bean.

No. 20402

"retarded people's bullshit"

So, is the down's syndrome society picking on her again, or is she just being an ableist cunt?

No. 20403

OMG this is just too much

I'm getting the jumbo tub of popcorn for this thread.

No. 20417

Anyone else think it is weird that Dorian has 2 FB profiles (just like Logan and Raven did) and that the only cross-post he has ever made was the vague comment about her being gone? Wouldn't be surprised if she uses his login too.

No. 20418


She could also have an incompetent uterus/cervix. Or an improperly shaped uterus. I know some people who just have an inhospitable environment for a fetus and they miscarry after a few weeks.

No. 20432

File: 1414866658331.jpg (189.37 KB, 582x692, gothboysoct31.jpg)

Doesn't she own this? https://www.facebook.com/Goth.Boys

If so, the most recent post was yesterday.

No. 20433

File: 1414867589651.jpg (105.02 KB, 578x307, gothboysaccountraven.jpg)


I don't like to leave loose ends, here's proof linking Raven to the Goth Boys Facebook Page.

No. 20459

Wow, they call this brutal? We're freaking tame. Do they think we're as bad as those types of people who dox's someone and sends the swat on them?

No. 20484

She was the owner of that goth boys page but she gave it it someone else a couple of months ago.

No. 20501


Well fuck. Dunno maybe an alias will pop up.

No. 20502


gb2 PULL, please
She's a shitty person, sure, but don't try and act like anyone on this site is above using the word 'retard'

No. 20503

I think there are other mods but I still very much doubt she's actually dead.

No. 20542

Someone in the area should try contacting the police to do a wellness check.

No. 20545

My sockpuppet got a message from Dorian confirming she's dead.

I'm looking into getting a copy of the death certificate but it may take some time as you need to sign up for an account with the government to access stuff from Births, Deaths and Marriages in New Zealand.

No. 20547

If she is then I wonder how long before lolcow and cwcki are blamed by every media source for being cyberbullies.

No. 20549

If it was anyone else that would definitely happen, but Raven is/was just so obviously fucked in the head to begin with.

No. 20563

I still refuse to believe she's actually dead until there's concrete proof. It's not like every immature lolcow ever has faked their own death or anything. Still, I'm really surprised she didn't leave a 'note' as a facebook status or something.

No. 20585


The name is an anagram for "fuck you fuck you."

No. 20617

Screencap of message?
I would figure Dorian and Logan would be more upset about it and post more on FB about it. If it did happen, where is Logan living now?

No. 20622

File: 1414904392976.png (10.26 KB, 468x104, dead.PNG)

No. 20623

I call bs,whos to say she doesn't use his account as well.

No. 20624

yeah they still haven't posted any proof though.

Even if it was true, I find it sad that she once again is putting herself and her reputation as a goff queen over her family. She killed herself instead of repairing the damage between her son because Raven doesn't care about anyone but herself. Her duramu comes first. Not Dorian. Not Logan. How pathetic.

No. 20635

"Gone" not dead. Not lying since she's technically "gone" from the Internet, but not telling the truth if she's still alive.

No. 20668

If she is faking it it will cause a shittone of hate towards her from the NZ goth community as they lost one of their very loved and respected members last week to suicide. I can't imagine they will take to well to someone faking a suicide if that is the case

No. 20671

I know she's fuckig alive.

5 gold bars says she will come back in a few weeks saying she tried to kill herself, Logan found her and took her to the hospital, she was in a coma, Dorian was devastated because they think she wont wake up (hence the status), and then she magically wakes up.

H8ers can't bring her down.

Logan how do you put up with this foolishness? You're more mature than this.

No. 20672

It wouldn't surprise me if she is still alive but I am more worried about those who are already grieving the loss of one of the goth community (not Raven) will handle this.

No. 20676


Sorry anon, I didn't mean to quote you, this was supposed to be a general post.

Raven aside, I'm sorry about your community's loss. They shouldn't have to with someone faking a suicide for internet points.

Back to Raven, is your community tight and do they know of Raven and her antics?

No. 20694


Anyone that actually believes her is retarded.

How long until she 'comes back from the dead'? Preferrably as a 'friend who wants to get revenge, from the trolls that made her kill herself sob sob'

No. 20696

lol the coma idea is a good one, either that or she was 'close to death' in some other way

No. 20698

File: 1414936465833.png (258.35 KB, 429x620, 89ik.png)

Oh ya, I saw tonnes of gothtards grieving about her, too bad raven doesn't give a shit about their feelings.

No. 20699

YES someone please do this!

No. 20707

File: 1414941134560.png (92.9 KB, 517x1038, Untitled.png)

Are we really supposed to believe that Dorian paid to promote that post?

No. 20708


Not to mention that Dorian would take the time to defend the exact allegations Raven has been defensive about and talk about websites when his mom just died?

The commenters are weird too - why would that girl list all the ways she couldn't get hold of Raven if she believes Dorian that she is dead? If they weren't lying, they'd be the dumbest people in the world. May still be.

No. 20709

the way that is written is very much raven's style. she obviously controls that account.

No. 20710

this. also, doesn't she claim that dorian can't see the posts and videos she makes and thats why its okay for her to say she wishes he was aborted and that she hates him and he killed her twins and shit? so how does he know exactly what she was complaining about if he can't see her facebook posts and doesn't know about her videos?

No. 20711

OD's on insulin? More like ate ten snickers.

No. 20712

Agreed, it's all so contrived. I bet she thinks she's a mastermind and everyone believes her nonsense though lol
Oh absolutely, I mean what's the likelihood that

1-someone would make such an account and COINCIDENTALLY she really died
2-this account was COINCIDENTALLY made by some random schmuck soon after the lolcow and cwckipedia events
3- The death page, which is supposedly a troll page, says nothing mean about her. If you truly wanted to troll, wouldn't you write something other than what sounds like raven ranting about da haterz?

No. 20713

>you can bring up criminal charges on them

Yeah, imaginary murder, better hire sue basco the e-lawyer for your e-baww case.

No. 20714

This doesnt read like a kid who just lost his mother. It also is a bit weird that Dorian would be spreading it because he is less in the middle of it since he moved out, and you would think he would not have many people that know her personally on his fb. Logan speaking up on his fb (or their shared ones..), making a real memorial page (if you are going to call that one troll why not have on yourself?), etc would be more practical in showing that someone is dead.

Also why is this taking so long for anything to happen about her death? When people die, you dont really wait a while to have 'proof'. Death certificates can take a bit to get but that is more for the later stuff like closing accounts. But initially what you do is you get it in the paper so people know, plan a funeral or some sort of viewing day and have the big stuff done in a week tops. Yet it has been a week since she 'died' and the most we got is a maybe confirm from her son.

No. 20715

>Mum dies
>"wtf smfh"
>Better have logan make a video

Come on raven, you can do better than this. You should use some of your makeup skills and ketchup to fake a death photo.

No. 20717

Good god raven stop playing dead.

No. 20718

>thinking of all the cats of your moms
>she was loved by them

No. 20719

Raven couldn't even wait a week to come back from the dead, I thought she would keep this ruse up for 2 weeks AT LEAST.

My gold bars :( I thought she'd come back with a good dramatic story about how Logan saved her life again. Oh well.

No. 20723

File: 1414950360298.png (57.53 KB, 513x535, Raven's back from the dead.png)

Dropped muh pic

Logan, this is beyond embarrassing.

No. 20725

File: 1414950718389.jpg (21.92 KB, 500x285, wut.jpg)

>I am NOT an attention seeker
>I just needed to know people would care

No. 20727

So wouldn't logan be in on this? Why would he leave now you fat fuck?

No. 20729


How am I fat? Diana stop projecting please, it's not kawaii.

No. 20730

Not you meant Raven. (sorry)

No. 20731


Now Dorian is posting all over that post saying it's a troll, which I assume is true.

Regardless, she is obviously not dead (since he won't even say that), and she is obviously using his profile. How long is she going to drag this out and with what end game?

No. 20732


Boooo! I thought Diana finally paid us a visit, I was so excited anon.

IMO, I don't think Logan was in on this. I think he knows what she's doing, but I think he doesn't participate. Which says a lot I think. Even when he's forced to do videos, he looks like he's in a bad mood.
Plus, he's always working. Imagine coming home to this bullshit almost every night? Ugh. It also sounds like she's threatening him as well ("I might be single").

No. 20738

While amusing as it is, I dont think that is her. It doesnt make sense for dorian (or her on his account) to say it is false if she is behind it. So they must be playing around with her too.

No. 20740

>I did something ridiculously dramatic and selfish so that the people who make fun of me for being ridiculously and selfish would stop making fun of me

No. 20743

I'm lolling so hard. She is so pathetic.

No. 20744

>I just needed to know if people would care if I had the guts to do it

But raven, you would never have the guts to do it, so why does it matter? Don't you care that you made all your goffick friends sad?

No. 20745

New thread guys, this one is waaay too long.

No. 20747

File: 1414954800713.gif (998.72 KB, 500x410, giphy.gif)

>I am NOT an attention seeker

No. 20787

Hi anon, sorry for the late reply. The NZ goth community in NZ is made up of groups from the different cities. We all have friends who are from the other cities so tend to have a pretty damn good idea of what is going on in the community at any time. I am not from the same city as Raven but I do have friends who are and they have nothing nice to say about her.
This morning I discovered that she was indeed faking her death which has made me more angry that I can put into words. The fact that she makes light of something as big as suicide, right after we lost our friend to it, has definitely pushed her even further away from the community here (not that she was ever really welcomed as far as I know, purely because of this sort of drama and bullshit)

No. 20788

No. 20793

"I'm asian" She's a weeaboo too now? She looks pretty fucking white to me, and with the last name 'sparks', ugh

No. 20797


I know it's hard to believe, but she actually is Asian. She's half German and half Thai. This was her when she was younger: >>12556
I think it's just the combination of shoop, makeup and colour contacts that make her look like regular white trash.

Although, in fairness, she is kinda a weeb seeing as she wanted to call her kids Ciel and Sebastian (>>18664) and Logan wore Sebastian cosplay at their wedding (>>20141, >>12962)

No. 20801

Sparks isn't her birth name, she had it changed. But yeah, she's half Thai anyway

No. 21773

File: 1415361816771.jpg (21.9 KB, 286x400, I__m_not_that_innocent_by_STAR…)

enjoy try not to bleach your eyes out

No. 21774


No. 21862


hi raven, you have a new thread, so if you're going to samefag do it there

No. 29884

what a fucking stupid page is this…

No. 30007

Is that a question? Kek, learn English you cunt.

No. 30054

Raven? Why u do dis?

No. 30066

File: 1418661090965.jpg (10.44 KB, 124x200, crack-a-licious-by-starbl00d.j…)

Has this been posted before?

No. 30068

File: 1418661469495.jpg (48.48 KB, 400x400, ee0.jpg)

No. 30069

File: 1418661851663.jpg (9.27 KB, 150x200, Innocent_whore_by_STARBL00D.jp…)

Sorry, anon, I think the original was on her deviantArt which I think she may have deleted so all I could find was a piss poor thumbnail

No. 30074

It looks like she's sucking on a horse dick

No. 30081

File: 1418664737066.jpg (185.77 KB, 900x1200, fuck_it_by_raven_revamped-d47a…)


I have a picture from that set

No. 30101

even with 2kgs of makeup and heavy shoop you can see forehead lines

No. 30124

Anons, the new thread is here if you've forgotten: >>20741

No. 34524

FB/Vv.Raven.vV activated again! Wonder how long…

No. 34543

For fucks sake, update in the newer thread or can you not read?

No. 35650

those fugly ass f21 quality shoes were probably somewhere around the 20-35 dollar mark

No. 94862

look you stupid haters
who do you all think you are hateing on my foster mum…?
do you guys feel good for trying to ruin her life….?
what you cant get enough of a kick stalking her facebook so you have to hate her guts….?
yeah i know im going to get alot of hate and probaly stalking cunts on my facebook
back of my mum got it you fucks
shes 100 times the woman you will even be
she has the balls to stand up and defend her self and what about a age gap….?
its love you tards
your all pathic and stupid
i honestly cant belive what humanity has come to
look at your selfs your all hateing on someone who doesnt fit the mais stream image of a female
what are you hateing to make your self feel better.

No. 94869

Damn that gave me a good laugh.

No. 94873


Hahaha fuck
Obvious bait, but thanks, anon

No. 94874

Ahahaha! No one has given a fuck about this cow in months, quit bumping dead threads with bait unless you have anything new to contribute.

No. 94880

I really enjoy Raven, so I thought this was as good a reason as any to go see what she's been up to, but she's still rehashing non-existent drama and carrying on about the haters and dead babies.

No. 95115

Boy did this give me the kek's.

No. 96207

im sorry hold on, what the fuck is wrong with grilled cheese?

No. 96242

i think anon means that this is some white trash cheese

that neon orange fake cheese is terrible and cheap

No. 96244

Nothing. Grilled cheese is awesome. Anon sounds like a prude.

No. 137401

Last night I dreamt she adopted me against my will and I spent the entire time trying to escape and free her other children with me. She had a bunch of daughters in the dream including one who i'm pretty sure was kiki kannibal when she was a scene kid. almost all the dream was set in a backyard pool and i had no idea she actually had one.

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