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File: 1584558221564.png (Spoiler Image,110.68 KB, 265x233, RU.png)

No. 947066

Edgy, tryhard, /IC/ reject who kept derailing the Artist Salt Thread.

>Preaches Loomis but doesn't follow her own advice.

>Obsessing over Holly Brown nonstop; fails to realize she's much, much worse.
>Draws degenerate porn for attention. Almost always fails.
>Openly insults her autistic fiance.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/racist_uncle/?hl=en

No. 947080

Hey, I noticed you were a little lonely. My name is Andrew, and I am a student trying to pursue my main passion (art). Gimme a shout-out on my twitter and we can be best friends! 9(>.<)9 https://twitter.com/tsflipp(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947085

Woah good work Andrew! Can I commission you ?

No. 947086

No. 947087

why do you try to make yourself relevant in everything

how much did your parents not love you

No. 947088

are you seriously just talking to yourself now? you are pathetic.

No. 947089

Mods please delete this shit

No. 947095

this thread is just one guy talking to himself.

No. 947096

this is why i come on this website

No. 947097

It’s beautiful that racist uncle brings her dogs into this thread from her discord that she’s a mod of to try and get it deleted.

No. 947099

he was also trying to defend his own art in the art salt thread, and some anon said he was shitting up the pink pill thread too, if you haven't seen.

No. 947101

Ladies, you know, if you are looking for someone that you can talk to, i am single.


No. 947110

No im not?

No. 947111

Where can I contact you? OwO

No. 947113


No. 947126

the op may be shit but this thread is even shittier.

No. 947128

Literally who

No. 947232

Aw this is so cute this has to be racists fat ugly beta bitch bf coming to sperg for her his ogre gf. Chivalry is alive and well. I love that he keeps asking if we're lonely as if his pathetic gf isn't so obsessed with Holly Browns ass she probably spends 50% of her mental capacity stalking and talking about her lmao

No. 947336

So is this thread going to actually get started?

No. 947338

File: 1584598781906.jpeg (158.9 KB, 1242x897, 749D2F42-E8C5-4A1B-96DB-9D8CD0…)

She made the mostly sperg video on Holly Brown. Most of the video’s criticism on Holly could be applied to herself.

No. 947351

Who's going to talk about the fact that Racist Uncle's in a green card marriage with a fat autistic man who has a hand fetish?

No. 947358

Man this picture of uncle makes it so obvious why she hates Holly so much. They're literally the same exact person.

No. 947391

That's her only chance to get married…

No. 947398

File: 1584617717629.jpeg (791.3 KB, 1242x887, 1584180496889.jpeg)

This wasn't included in the shitty op post, but she is not only edgy for attention, but has gone as far as to call real children lolis. She is straight up disgusting.

No. 947401

i really think this is evil shit.

No. 947416

i hope people like her die a brutal death. Thats all im going to say. Sick bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 947434

File: 1584631178400.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1088x1654, AE1E0EC4-6ED9-4296-B4F8-3E1CC5…)

Yeah, it seems she sees Holly Brown in herself. To think she was ever pic related and didn’t have any sympathy for Holly’s weight gain. Especially because Holly’s was due to bipolar medication.

No. 947469

Why does she try showing off her breasts as if she's some big titty anime waifus when the rest of her is just as chubby?

No. 947502

She has an ugly as fuck ogre face so she has to over compensate by showing off her tits. Just makes her look even fatter tho kek

No. 947771

This is so gay

No. 947772


No. 947773

No. 947836

she looks like a female neckbeard…well judging by the pedo post >>947398 she really is that, What a waste of space.

No. 947845

File: 1584718132637.jpeg (Spoiler Image,335.73 KB, 1242x1947, 64093E6E-7FD0-478D-A943-89C707…)

She also is a pick-me

No. 947848

It's embarrassing how much she tries so hard to be edgy and fit in with men who spit in her general direction.
She's too fat, ugly and unskilled to be the cool 4chan girl she wishes she was, and that's the funniest part.
Not even /ic/ like her. She has to hide on a Discord server with 1000 rules, where she can ban anyone who's too mean to her.

No. 947850

The funny thing is she left that server temporarily along with her slave of a husband. Couldn’t handle an lolcow thread made of her. I wonder what sort of damage control she’ll try to pull.

No. 947858

Wait really?

No. 947864

"Youtube sluts" lol. What the fuck is wrong with her? She's either got some fucked up incel psyche or she's trying too hard to fit in with incels with deep psychological issues. Get a therapist, sis. You're not going to find happiness making poorly-drawn revenge porn of more successful women who don't even care you exist.

No. 947868

she's one of the worst panderers ive seen in a while

No. 947871

File: 1584723108553.png (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 1500x1985, horribleporn.png)

Very sad indeed. Imagine spending days on drawing poorly drawn porn of youtubers just to be "edgy". What an autismo sperg. I highly doubt any of her 4chan orbiters would jack off to any of this. This isn't even her audience, sorry, most male channers don't care about Holly Brown's (or any art youtuber's) drama.

No. 947876

This definitely makes the Top 3 of the most degenerate things I've ever seen a pick me say for attention from neckbeards. Holy fuck.

No. 947884

File: 1584725552281.jpeg (763.3 KB, 1125x1788, 1584724899260.jpeg)

Saged since these posts aren't by racist, but Holly just made some posts acknowledging racist's stalking (she probably reads the art salt thread). I can't wait to see her reaction to this.

No. 947885

File: 1584725599315.jpeg (684.94 KB, 1125x2040, 1584724957556.jpeg)

Imagine getting told by Holly of all people to get a life lmao.

No. 947887

imagine being so awful that you make people sympathize with holly

No. 947888

Honestly I feel bad for Holly, she really didn’t deserve the level of hatred Racist spat at her. Her video on her was mostly just making fun of her appearance/lifestyle. Racist is just a sad hypocrite

No. 947889

Racist has been sending her audio clips too? Jesus fuck what a horrible cunt.

No. 947891

i used to find that video funny (expect that cringy earrape part) cus i didn't take it seriously. but since knowing how racist uncle has literally all the same flaws tho, but is just a 100x worse person there's no way i can look at the same way again.

No. 947892

I wish I could see RU's reaction after reading this shit.
She can't even try to frame this as successfully "triggering" HB. She just looks pathetic and obsessed.
I hope Holly goes into detail on what exactly was in those audio files.

No. 947893

File: 1584726259206.jpeg (257.24 KB, 1242x1696, 8ABA30A5-EEC6-4172-B35B-94713C…)

Also just to make it clear this was a raid by her discord she was a mod of (they call the admins, mods there). They had a voice chat the other day and came on here to shit up the thread. Also Racist talking about drawing Loli rape.

No. 947894

*meant mods are called admins there

No. 947895

did they talk about the raid outside of voice chat? would be good to have screenshots of that saved here too.

No. 947899

File: 1584729178707.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1072x1600, A1F58A63-D112-4B96-AED9-BB6BD4…)

No, they didn’t talk about it although they were kicking a lot of farmers who joined their discord from the salt thread. Also here’s some more Racist being delusional, her art is the bottom.

No. 947911

I was able to join and stay, she still hasn't come back to the Discord

No. 947913

File: 1584730404174.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1142x1124, 7562730C-60A8-4BA5-9021-1BFD18…)

I really think Racist just thinks she’s a really good artist. None of her redraws ever look better than the original. Imagine thinking you “mogged” someone with your horrible chicken scratch
Just be aware they look at this thread.

No. 947914

this is what i feared when a thread was made about her, we might have lost our source of milk about her, unless someone finds her in another server.

No. 947916

For someone who hates sluts she sure loves those instathot poses.

No. 947917

Is that wichit's art?? Isn't she friends with her

No. 947918

This shit is gross.
I think she was the same girl who took a picture of holly brown house. They both live in Texas .

No. 947920

File: 1584731455878.png (2.42 MB, 3840x2160, 3716EACF-0739-4E0C-BD7D-C78C01…)

Im not sure, but from what I’ve gathered Uncle does not consider any women as friends. All I’ve ever seen from her is put them down, like how she’ll be buddy buddy with creepshowart. but then, make fun of how fat and ugly she is in the discord.
Also her on 4chan “improving” people’s art

No. 947921

Wow, holly may be a sad shut in who makes badly drawn yaoi rape comics but at least she isn't stalking people

No. 947927

Jesus christ, RU is actually unhinged.

Is there anywhere you can see the Creepshow/RU interactions?

No. 947929

File: 1584732738262.jpeg (843.18 KB, 1102x1128, 750AF050-CAD3-478A-AF5C-467A3D…)

I can’t believe she has been harassing Holly for five years (and with audio clips, just why?) She has no right calling Cinnabunni obsessed when Uncle is the real vendetta-chan

No. 947930

Racist uncle is a little creepy as in obsession. Like I never could recount anything that holly brown did majorly wrong, other than not shipping items and tracing off of an anime screenshot.

No. 947931

she probably gets off to you saying she's creepy lol

No. 947933

i can't believe someone can lack self awareness so much, of course she got pissy on you and you got blocked by her, you are fucking unbearable and just fucking disgusting in general. usually when people say here that someone is delusional it's very much an exaggeration, but in her case it's entirely true, she literally has 0 self awareness and conscience.

No. 947941

>Calls youtuber artist "sluts"
>literally draws porn and panders to incels for attention
>orge face

She's so embarrassing what a gross "Pick me" neckbeard, she probably has zero irl friends and makes like $5 a month on her patreon, no wonder why she's so butt hurt over Holly.

Part of me thinks she was that 'quiet girl' in High school who would call all the socially normal girls "bitches and sluts"

No. 947943

File: 1584735042733.jpeg (1 MB, 1242x1757, 5D5BCD85-8F59-4CAF-A6A0-679749…)

It was only on the voice-chat, they wiped everything on that server as well because someone notified them of them “bullying their precious 4chan princess”. The only thing I’ve seen is on her other server where she groups creepshowart into her mental illness video. Pictures is her ragging on other youtubers

No. 947944

holly is such a boring person to stalk tho i don't get it.

>This are dipshit are attention whores that want eceleb instead of working a real job

sounds like someone i know kek

No. 947954

That is literally RU lmao.
She hates all these youtubers because she hates herself. She hates the popular girl artists because she isn't one of them. She knows she COULD be successful doing art, but she's not, and the success of other female art YTers stand as a monument to her own inadequacy. Imo she's lashing out at popular artists to cope with her own feelings of inadequacy, which is absolutely pathetic

No. 947955

>This are dipshit are attention whores that want eceleb instead of working a real job
>I'm just doing God's work by turning Youtube artists' sluts being useful
>you just drawing forgettable decoration
Based on her accent, I'm pretty sure she's North American, so how can her English be this bad at times? Is she always drunk or high when on Discord? Is she just retarded?

No. 947956

She's so pathetic holy shit what a freak

No. 947960


From what I've found, Creepshow would only talk to her in the comments of her own videos, but it was way back when she had less subs and would talk to anyone. RU took that to mean they were friends ig and went around saying she was friends with CS, but Creep has never posted anything about her.

No. 947971

Exactly. Just replace the word Chad with neckbeards and that's her.

No. 947989

yikes Holly just came for RU's life.

It's projection, plain and simple.

No. 947996

She COULD, then why not? From what I can tell she has good enough art to get commissions and definitely by normie standards. If she could be popular, then she'd stop hating other youtubers. What is stopping her?
I change my mind about this thread RU is pretty milky after all. I've got my oreos ready.

No. 947998

she seems to have even less of a grasp of anatomical consistency then holly. you can tell she spends her time on the internet looking at more successful artists and seething her fat ass off like every other /ic/ crablet

No. 948024

She's really going to draw child rape porn.

What type of degenerate Shadbase-wannabe shit is this.

No. 948027

check the time stamp anon, she has probably already done it by now.

No. 948079

Her art is so fucking terrible. She must be really delusional to compare herself to that dude, no basic anatomy understanding, ugly lines and coloring. No wonder she has to draw furry fetish porn since furries would commission anyone.

No. 948096

I get being annoyed with Holly's attitude, and ripping on her shitty art is really fun. But Uncle takes it way to goddamn far, to the point that it seems like she's going to hunt Holly down and make a skin suit out of her.

Like this is bordering on "Holly should get a restraining order against her" territory.

Also, can we please figure out what her goddamn name is? I'm tired of calling her by her retarded screen name. Twenty bucks says she has a really milquetoast name, like Amy or Rachel.

Who the fuck does something like this? It's honestly worse than calling her and shouting "JULLAAY" because Uncle is actually somewhat serious?

She really is just a Shad wannabe. The thing about being shocking, though, is that eventually people become numb to it. Also Shad operates on sites other than 4chan. If attention was what she wanted, 4chan (which is mostly anonymous becoming more of a ghost town every day) isn't the best choice lmao.

No. 948098

RacistUncle ytchannel:
Vid defending creepshowart:
Her hollybrown obsession pt2 vid:

No. 948129

Who cares about these eceleb trannies?

No. 948133

uhh she's not a trany afaik?

No. 948142

No she is just a mentally ill obese woman.

No. 948145

File: 1584790858986.png (84.43 KB, 1120x654, Screenshot_2020-03-21 Racist U…)

anyone post her trashy patreon tiers yet? she probably makes max 4$ - 8$ dollars at best. i can't believe how much degenerate stuff she does for pennies.

No. 948147

yay I was wishing there'd be enough content for a thread on this insufferable pandering GOTIS infected tub of lard !

yep they were posted before. that's actually the one picture from her that I find kind of funny.

No. 948169

damn, this is the most sad, pathetic cow i’ve seen in a long time

No. 948216

Perfect wife is pretty cute ngl

No. 948217

File: 1584813225694.jpeg (847.75 KB, 1242x2043, 6AB290CE-238A-42E1-854B-4A8CAF…)

>mistaking Uncle for a tranny
the insults have come full circle

No. 948220

lmao, even people in her discord think she is mean and obnoxious, i honestly don't get how she hasn't realized it yet herself.

No. 948226

No one actually cares about RU, but I’m glad she’s got a thread now instead of being mentioned in the artist salt or Holly threads. Her videos and incel talk are so fucking embarrassing to see even if she’s only mentioned in a few posts because nobody cares about her sperg outs.
It’s obvious she wanted a thread like Holly and every other YT artist but she’s got nothing of interest other than manufactured edginess. She’s so bland it’s not worth anything to find out anything about her.
Thank god she has a thread to dump her boring shit in and mute it so I don’t have to see her dumb shit anymore.

No. 948228

File: 1584814616503.jpeg (818.93 KB, 1242x1722, F38B891F-333C-458F-8115-BC291E…)

This was the case in the other discord as well. The admin of the discord even disliked her for a very long time until she boosted the server and the other admins wanted her to be a mod. (This is because she was on the server 24/7 and was in the voice chats everytime they happened

No. 948230

not surprised no place can stand her, besides her own trashy server.

No. 948232

Kek this is one of the better artist threads imo. Holly and Bailey arent as nearly as inflammatory and actually recently have more been sad to watch. The only person who's come close has been Spechie but her thread is long dead and boring now anyway.

Theres something just so kek worthy about imaginging an overweight incel pandering artist who calls more successful artists sluts and whores hunched over her hundred dollar tablet drawing huge furry cocks and hate porn of more popular female artists than her. The salt is real and you can feel how bitter she is when she links their art in her grimy discord server and tries to draw it "better" but ultimately fails since she has the inability to look at others works and be inspired/improve because her ego is larger than that wolf dick she drew.

>because I'm a data hoarder

Biggest fucking keks. I love how she tries to slide that in like her archiving every single one of Holly's videos herself is just a side effect of her "data hoarding" whatever the fuck that means in this context. A more honest version of that is that shes literally so fixated with Holly that it reaches autism levels of obsession. At least she wouldnt have to jump through hoops to delude herself into thinking that her hatred for Holly is rational and for the lulz when it's actually borderline stalking.

No. 948238

>her new shit like this is boring
>RU's redraws are 10x worse than Holly's
She still has not learned huh. Maybe she should stop focusing so much on putting down someone and start improving herself.

No. 948242

Racist uncle is far from an artist to critique others. Adding texture doesn’t make an art piece better .

No. 948244

Does she seriously think if you're female you have to be either depressed or autistic to draw? Either way she made a good masturbatory vid for incels.

No. 948245

eh, even incels think she's disgusting lmao

No. 948253

I’m just confused how she’s unaware of the fact she also is a woman. It’s like she thinks she’s a fit guy who draws like Ruan jia. If anything she seems pretty autistic and depressed herself.

No. 948264

She thinks she is not like the other girls

No. 948268

The video was quite successful, almost 1k likes and girls commenting too, maybe they thought it was layered irony.

No. 948279

Why doesn't she have any kids yet?

No. 948280

Given how fucked up she is i hope she never has one, especially a girl. God knows what she would do.

No. 948291

File: 1584825812029.jpeg (559.35 KB, 1242x946, 39BED1B8-FE75-408B-AF7D-614F7D…)

It was only successful thanks to YouTube algorithm and how every other art drama YouTuber talked about her.. notice how all of her other videos get no views? Also this is to the anon in the salt thread who was curious of how Uncle’s fiancé would get over here. She wants her parents to support them both which he wasn’t too fond of. Also more of Racist being weird to her partner and forcing him to drink Soylent and wash with girl bodywash (And more weird art from her as well)

No. 948297

She's so shitty, she cleary has no respect for anyone close to her, all for pleasing /r9k/tier crowd. But wouldn't they hate her for messing with a poor man? Her actions make no sense.

No. 948306

she really wants to just live with her parents forever huh. it sounds like an excuse to keep this guy away forever tbh, he probably exists to stroke her fragile ego until she finds someone better (but she won't because she's a hyperautist who spends all of her free time drawing furry porn for pennies while hate-fapping to Holly).

No. 948460

File: 1584862067475.png (140.8 KB, 597x399, wut.png)

This has to be one of the funniest redraws I've seen in a while.

No. 948461

If you look in that /ic/ thread with the bat boy theres a drawing of him surrounded by dicks. Unsure if the character is a child but sure as hell looks like it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 948468

File: 1584865167867.gif (270.38 KB, 250x282, delightful.gif)

No. 948478

File: 1584871260736.gif (1.01 MB, 320x240, 1583702028772.gif)

>people thought I was petty for pointing out that she is overweight giving fitness advice
Is she talking about herself? Like, she really thought it'd be smart to make this video:
while looking like this. Why doesn't she have any self-awareness?
>her fat ass and her trash art
She really must be talking about herself.

No. 948496

great, now it's wall-eyed with a severe case of goiter.

No. 948584

>she thinks that looks better than holly's

No. 948588

does she wear circle lenses? I feel like she would while looking unkempt to give the illusion that it's real, you know?

No. 948634

File: 1584909420255.png (410.61 KB, 584x439, 897.png)

this pic was what came to mind the first time I saw a pic of her

No. 948654

No. 948655

File: 1584911645712.png (79.05 KB, 250x250, purble.png)

every time i see her

No. 948777

File: 1584942653655.png (816.37 KB, 1093x582, screen-shot-2016-10-22-at-1433…)

She wants to be Brittany Venti so bad, she even mimics her inflections.

No. 949389

File: 1585121506819.png (1.07 MB, 1468x1000, 9449441981.png)


No. 949396

This new drawing is such a blessing, thanks anon

Looking at Racist, you can tell her anatomy is trash, even as a female (supposedly) she can't even tell how boobs or even a spine works.

No. 949413

It's interesting how Holly's drawing is sort of the middle ground between the two. You can tell Holly learned anatomy at one point, but forgot it and/or didn't practice enough.

Obviously Uncle's is the least polished of the three, but it's crap even for a quick sketch. There's no sense of personality or gesture. She didn't even attempt to draw hands. Shit, Holly draws shitty paw hands, but that's at least more productive than hiding them altogether.

In fact, all of Uncle's drawings are just the same bimbo with different hair and clothes. >>947871 is a great example. Literally everyone– from Spechie to Baylee's OC– has the same body type. Has Uncle ever even drawn a man before? Seems like it's always disembodied dicks.

No. 949414

Racist is on some Chris-chan level delusional bullshit if she thinks any of her 'improvements' aren't total garbage.

No. 949690

You can really tell Racist struggled to not draw porn of Ash

No. 949882

That looks great anon it's cool to see what Ash could be lol.

Also RU does draw a lot like Spechie.

No. 949939

File: 1585233295293.png (Spoiler Image,457.28 KB, 1247x572, 3242356.PNG)

This has been mentioned before, but you can not stress how much /iC/ hates racist uncle

No. 950086

who cares what IC thinks? they're a bunch of whiny bitches who understand art less than Racist Uncle does

No. 950087

she really doesnt lmao she's leagues better then that fat hoe

No. 950088

not nearly as autistic as you "ladies" UwU

No. 950090

when has she ever acted like that dirty hoe?

No. 950091

k whatever

No. 950093

lol you really gonna use an old gif of her mkay

No. 950094

ok you've had your fun, back to the kitchen with you

No. 950096

blogposting, back to the kitchen, learn the rules.

No. 950097

you "ladies" are down to petty insults now?

No. 950098

No. 950193

>Theres something just so kek worthy about imaginging an overweight incel pandering artist who calls more successful artists sluts and whores hunched over her hundred dollar tablet drawing huge furry cocks and hate porn of more popular female artists than her.
This. I only came across this thread due to her discord croonies doing epic opsXDD!! on this and being familiar with her from before, but had no idea how deep it went. Most of the artist drama is just based on vendettas and some popular artist being a generic snobby lazy cunt but this really hits the spot. Like Holly is immature but she's never been that interesting to me. Bailey is just boring. RU is a bitter, sad sack of insecurities powered by pandering to incel orbiters and shitting on other mediocre artists. Gems like this don't come across often in the artist scene. I wouldn't be surprised if she was the drawfag in the re-draw thread having a fit over people telling her that her Holly redraws were shit.

No. 950250

Based anons providing great art
I hope RU is seething kek

No. 950335

seems so since either her or one of her white knights came here lol

No. 950379

All the porn she's drawn has done nothing but give her brain rot it's so sad lol

No. 950462

File: 1585390440379.jpg (55.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

And got btfo by a farmhand lel

My favorite part was when she tried to mini-mod someone else for blogfagging when she literally posted ten times in a row without saging.

No. 950596

Her feelings were probably big hurt specifically at the posts she replied to kek

No. 953053

Where are anon(s) getting the discord screenshots from, are there anymore of them?

No. 955841

rip this thread, it started out fun but then ru had to be too much of a bitch baby who can't stand a single bad word being spoken about her so she ran home to cry to her mommy.

No. 959351

What happened?(necro)

No. 960022

damn the necro. but after the thread got made ru left the discord server we were getting the milk from on her, and since she isn't active on social media the milk has run dry.

No. 960450

i hope she finds happiness in herself and learns something.

No. 960564

Lol scrote we don't care about your ugly girlfriends feelings

No. 960568

LMAO that implication that RU is a true lady uwu is so fucking funny. She's an ugly hag trailer whore screeching about how sad and pathetic her life is. She deserves to be made fun of. Hope she does the world a favor and offs herself. If we're lucky she'll take her beta bitch Shrek husband with her.

No. 961229

That's something. I hope she quits internet for real, that would be best for her and everyone really.

No. 961262

Lol she was super active in the Holly Brown thread. She can dish it but, she can't take it. Typical mean girl shit.

No. 973261


No. 974404

File: 1589544362153.png (381.03 KB, 1153x693, 1488714061155.png)

Is this racist uncle redraw of holly brown
Find this redraw in cyarin thread
>Original thread https://boards.fireden.net/ic/thread/2877152/#2877152

No. 974434

definitely, it has her signature busted anatomy, and grid lines that defy the laws of perspective.

No. 974626

not to mention the chicken scratch lines

No. 975818

Does anyone know why she puts so much energy into bothering Holly? I don't care much for her (Holly) but this has been going on for literal years.

No. 976273

probably to make herself feel or seem better. Its weird to see her still trying to stir shit since Holly pretty much moved on form all this shit.

No. 976671

i mistook this for a new doodle, still it shows how deluded she was to think she was above holly

No. 993481

I'm just here to laugh, you guys are actually angry. It's called lolcow not crycow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 993485

>bumping a thread that no one's replied to in over a month just to say people are mad.
Oh boy oh jeez you sure got us "anon" !

No. 993498

Lol nah, I aint her. I was here looking for a discord link.

No. 994454

File: 1593065842269.jpeg (26.09 KB, 255x252, 7964A5FF-8864-40FC-8FD5-1617F3…)

I remember when RU was still going by madamemochete
Also does anyone else remember the rant video about venus angelic she made years ago? seems her cow tendencies have been prevalent for years now

No. 994464

Yes she used to be a huge camwhore. She attracted a small amount hideous orbiters and made one of them her husband

No. 995419

Holy shit. She hasn’t improved a single bit since 2015. That’s really sad. She would probably do better if she actually spent time drawing instead of shitting on other people.
To illustrate: I was in a Discord server with her a week ago. I didn’t realize at the time that it was her. She posted her art maybe once or twice and it was awful. Just sketches of midget cartoon girls with no construction or appeal. There were some pretty decent artists on that server, for some reason they decided to make her an admin, of all people, which is probably why it got raided and deleted.

No. 997553

File: 1593318117320.jpeg (435.26 KB, 1242x412, FDAE5F23-8C93-415B-806B-A6F202…)

She will never improve, she also scrubbed her madamemochete twitter/Instagram. Her new account is disabledfetus on twitter and her art is still shit. She is so delusional and has speedpaints for 10 bucks on gumroad. Maybe learn to draw first before you try selling tutorials

No. 997615

>quoting memes is retard
>I am a internet female
Does she actually have some kind of learning disability? It seems like she's had shitty grammar for literal years. Right now, she's in her 30s or so, and it hasn't gotten better.

No. 998742

It must be tiring always being so tryhard edgy. I hope the 4chan griefers really give her attention.

No. 1000280

File: 1593587959752.jpg (Spoiler Image,379.64 KB, 1500x2242, EbhpnG5XQAAPUIU.jpg)

Nsfw image. What the fuck is going on with that arm? And those legs?
She's relying on trend hopping and still has some of the ugliest art known to man. Holly's art may be bad, but at least she had an ounce of creativity and passion for her own stories and characters. RU is just flailing around trying to appeal to coomers with her ugly as sin fotm art, and failing at that.

No. 1000308


… I think I know what her problem is. She's a misanthrope drawing the IDEA of a person moreso than an actual human being. Having no friends and never going outside to sober up fron your porn addiction makes everyone look like meaty jello after a while.

No. 1000311


Welp that says it all I think

No. 1000629

File: 1593638397610.png (1.11 MB, 1920x1080, d6r3p94-9c9bcc2a-e059-41b3-88d…)

Oh man i remember that video, i hope someone has it archived. She still has her newgrounds's account up with this animation https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/617615

This is pretty rich then because i recall a part of the video where she was saying that she wears make up to look "presentable" unlike Venus who wears it to look like a "skank/prostitute".

No. 1010114

nah she's just stupid and doesn't study, at all. she's getting worse i think.
the thing is, she posted this pic on twitter the other day, and i actually kind of like it. she should stick to cartoonish non humans because that's obviously what she likes. way better than the hideous anime inspired garbage she does

No. 1010115

File: 1595223591558.jpg (Spoiler Image,455.42 KB, 1500x2375, EdDqgWlX0AAJERR.jpg)

wrong image lol

No. 1010764

its funny how the moment she made a video about holly brown and how she is nothing but a edgy try hard and picking on others, yet she made this video by trying to be edgy by using a disturbing clip of someones eye getting cut out of the blue and telling everyone to work out yet she looks so much like holly brown herself(newfag)

No. 1010774

its like she made a video to shit on holly brown and what she do yet that "WHY ARTIST'S NEED TO LIFT" is doing exactly what holly brown do all the time in 5 minutes. you hate holly being edgy yet show a unnecessary clip of someones eye getting cut out of the blue for no reason, hate how she is picking on artist yet she is picking on almost every youtube artist on the video and on her discord, saying how they need to work out and stop being all depressed but yet she is like that herself. she think she is all healthy and have skinny body with big tits yet i can tell she is the most common breast size 34 DD and using a push-up bra. bitch you are not jessica rabbit you retarded hypocritical cunt.

No. 1010805

the art being so shit already makes this hard to look at but what's with the weird motion blurring?

No. 1011960


No. 1011961

I agree

No. 1011970

This is literally like budget Shadman and it looks so fucking unappealing. Nobody would find this attractive, not the male coomers who want traps nor the fujos who like femboys. Racist Uncle what are you doing?

No. 1011980

File: 1595581076722.jpeg (Spoiler Image,297.04 KB, 1816x2048, B824CABE-6AA8-4AB8-A538-3A1130…)

Pretty sure racist uncle was molested as a child. Just from the fact she called real children Lolis and draws shit like this on her own. I would take Holly Brown’s porn over her’s any day.

No. 1011981

my pet theory is that she's actually a self loathing lesbian and i'm supported only by >>947845

No. 1011988


I know noone curr but I'm fairly certain that pic is illegal in my country so now I have to burn my computer.

No. 1012013

>she called real children Lolis and draws shit like this on her own
Sweet naive anon, there are so many girls on 4chan and Twitter doing the exact same thing just with less notoriety. It's the art girl version of posting ahegao selfies and tagging them as cumpdump.

No. 1012160

I assumed they were just all trannies like stwawbwewymilk . Women who draw shit like this (like racist uncle) just do it to pander to channers. Usually because they are too ugly for more popular social media sites. I would consider racist uncle not much of an “ahegoa face” but more closely related to a trad thot

No. 1013682

Does she not realize how fucking bad she is? Her art is hideous

No. 1014983


No. 1017026

I get she's probably trying to go for that really stylized DoxyOnta look but, hers just look off for some reason? I'm not sure what it is (lighting, proportions, who knows) but it doesn't look appealing.

No. 1017290

Doxy actually has some understanding of form and anatomy, and just stylizes the hell out of it, while RU is pretty much symbol drawing. Her art is really flat and the anatomy looks bizzare because she has no understanding of real anatomy to base it off of.
For as much as she acted like an /ic/ tryhard, she didn't practice what she preached at all. Her fundies are weak as hell and are only propped up with decent coloring.

No. 1017843

sometimes i come back to this thread just to stare at these pictures. like wtf, trying to parse out what it is that is so intriguing about them. then it hit me. this is supposed to turn me on, but it just doesn't. major cognitive dissonance. the thought that there might be people jacking it to these makes it even wilder.

it is the least sexual erotic art i have ever laid my eyes on. it's even more soulless and unarousing than holly brown's trust trust attempt at yaoi. holy shit.

No. 1018063

wow, i just went through her disabledfetus twitter and if i didn't know her history i would believe the pictures she makes are some kind of satire of shadman and/or other of the grossest scrote rule34 faves. idk how to describe it but it feels like there was anger invested into making it purposefully ugly. like the feeling you get with caricatures. it has also some of the features of certain popular nsfw anime-cartoony hybrid artists but as if she intentionally stripped them of what made them sexually appealing and just left the gross and crude to make some kind of statement
agreed with the confusion feeling >>1017843

No. 1018316

>it feels like there was anger invested into making it purposefully ugly.

dude… do you think she's jealous of erotic drawings? like what if she sits there seething at the fact that neckbeards are jacking it to hentai instead of her. like men of any value whatsoever are just completely outside the view of her psyche, all she sees are neckbeards and she is jealous as fuck of things that are not even real women.

No. 1018367

I wouldn't be suprised if Racist Uncle hates hentai, because anime girls are attractive and she doesn't like that, that mindset reminds me of miserable tumblrinas that hate anime girls because of them looking cute so they draw anime girls looking fat or ugly for their shallow western views. That's just my little theory.

No. 1020254

I'm not sure if this is that milky, but when I checked her Patreon again, here Patreon page is blanked out completely.
>Sage for not being that milky.

No. 1020284

File: 1596975419010.jpg (332.9 KB, 1024x1152, solid_snake_by_madamemochete.j…)

Went thru her old dA gallery, gotta love these hiimdaisy ripoffs lmao

No. 1030824

I would let her suck my cock out of pity.
Can she even see her vagina with this enormous belly? I understand why she acts this way now, she must find a way to cope with her monstrous body.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1031695

Leave it to a RU thread to attract the most weird and degenerate incels.

No. 1060320

She has a new twitter @disabledfetus

some of the most ugly, most repulsive artwork one could ever have the displeasure of seeing. I feel she draws gross shit so whenever someone calls her art shit she can just be like "yeah, that's the point" Holly at least tried, Racist Uncle is destined to remain a failure.

No. 1078328

File: 1604893319107.jpg (Spoiler Image,385.67 KB, 1836x1447, IMG_20201108_193736(1).jpg)

Heheh her art is really bad. Looks like she's kept the same behavior but she's slightly less out there

No. 1080862

Her coloring seems to get better with time, yet the very simple idea of her art remains the same - porn no one will ever jack off to. It almost looks like some SU fan artists venture into NSFW out of spite for those who are successful. Like she wants to copy the sexiness of the art that makes TW porn artists famous, but she is so filled with rage it blinds her own ability to make something hot.(necro)

No. 1088587

File: 1606043006351.png (1.78 MB, 1620x2078, D21FA282-7CE7-46E7-86BC-D2D774…)

Hey anon, I wanna say thank you for making this, I’ve been in a dark place for awhile and seeing such a lovely redraw actually made me want to start drawing and creating again. I made a little bust sketch of holly's character myself. If this wasn’t all anonymous I would ask to see more of your work. Anyway I found this thread today and holy fuck RU is a god awful person, then again it’s a red flag when someone calls themselves a shit lord and a fetus, people like that are incredibly obnoxious

No. 1088600

So she's still being a budget Shadman? Her art is ridiculously awkward looking, she just learned to use the bloom and blur effect to make it shiny for the coomers but the faces and anatomy are still literal doodle tier. It's not even erotic, it's all just drawn for shock value.

No. 1090556

Gotta give her credit where it's due, egdy 4chan baiting screen names aside, for having such a wannabe Doxy style she has a decent following. Then again she only has 4 subs on subscribestar and coomers will like anything on Twitter.

No. 1091075

how can someone be so insecure and so narcissistic at the same time?

No. 1102538

Okay, I remember when her holly brown video was first uploaded she shilled it on the holly brown general here. Someone mentioned she sounded exactly like some alt-right youtube personality and I think she confirmed it was her.
Does anyone know her alt-right channel?

No. 1104922

File: 1607678586474.jpg (310.54 KB, 1159x1270, ddkne3q-990c366.jpg)

randomly found this pic on google and swore that racist uncle drew it

really nice anon!

No. 1160518

kek what is this even supposed to be? she tries so hard to be edgy and offensive (for attention, obviously) but can't even do it right.

No. 1501720

Sage for probably Necro, But I checked in her after like a year and turns out she's acting like she's a dude now which is so fucking funny. Imagine being so much of a pick-me that you literally cosplay as a guy to appeal more to coomers.


No. 1805847

File: 1681055179255.jpeg (Spoiler Image,454.42 KB, 1447x2047, Comic.jpeg)

She's making a Little Witch Academia porn comic now, and one of them is in Japanese. It's hilarious to see that she's desperate to get an overseas following.


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