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File: 1415844947498.jpg (59.11 KB, 500x767, adjc02.jpg)

No. 23176

New Kiki Kannibal thread since the other one is over post limit.

In this edition:
>Kiki talks to herself on twitter through fake accounts
>buys Japanese candies and food that are definitely NOT vegan
>pretends to speak Japanese fluently
>shoops her forehead 5x bigger than it really is

relevant links:


No. 23186

File: 1415846524218.jpg (76.05 KB, 759x507, keekz14.jpg)

I can't help but wonder how her and her sister would look/be like today if they didn't have ..uh, "cool" parents. cause how many parents let their tween daughter bleach her hair, wear hooker makeup, buys her studio photography equipment for myspace selfies, manages her entire e-persona from behind the scenes etc etc.

for example, this is Kiki vs the average 14 year old

No. 23187

I don't think it's the hair or makeup that was the issue, it's their apparent obsession with appearance and attention that's the problem. That and managing everything they do instead of forcing them to go out, meet people, get educations and be normal.

No. 23199

i wish someone would elaborate on this. everyone who had met her parents say that they're batshit, obsessed with appearance, control everything etc etc, but I only started following them in 2012, and there's never been an instance where you hear about them parents anymore. except that thread about Charms telling a PULL user that Cathy is physically abusive.

No. 23293

Cathy is probably too busy controlling the internet for her duaghters and contacting lawyers, the last time I saw her was at the Stickam closing day like mentioned in the last thread. When Dakota left the chat when she left, Cathy was like "you guys should be honoured she was here, she gets so much shit from everyone" and went with that for like 5 minutes in the background of Kiki's stream.

No. 23294

God, sorry for all the typos and double words, I didn't sleep since over a day but I hope you guys understand the post either way.

No. 23330

You write pretty well for someone who hasn't slept all night. Wish I could do that, I'd just b like a zombie

No. 23331

She doesn't shoop her fivehead big, it just is freaky big, like dakotas

No. 23346

Yes she does have a freaky big forehead but she has been shoopin her face thinner thus making her forehead look even bigger

No. 23351


Supposedly her mother was verbally abusive, one of those people where perfect could never be perfect enough, bullying them about their looks, telling them what to wear. Supposedly it was worse on Dakota than it was Kirsten due to Kirsten having more fame at the time and Dakota being the little tubby one who was always kind of in the background.

No. 23395

I thought it was physically abusive?

No. 23433

Now suddenly it was her teacher that gave her all those non-vegan japanese food, Kiki plz.

"Hey everyone! The anko pan is NOT vegan. This was a gift from my Japanese teacher who recently came back from his trip to Japan. He knows I'm vegan, but many people confuse this with vegetarianism or think only meat is off limits. I never eat gifts from people because of this kind of issue until I know for sure. Luckily I have japanese friends who teach me everyday to help me out with kanji! Heres the kanji to look out for if you are vegan and never trust someone who says foods are vegan and they aren't vegan themselves or truly understand veganism. Especially if the ingredients are in another language! trust yourself only yourself ^^ 乳, 卵, ゼラチン Look out for those two kanjis!"

No. 23439

I'm guessing she read the posts in the other thread and is now trying to cover her ass.

No. 23440

pshhh, like this girl even leaves the house to go to Japanese classes. I feel like she's way too paranoid to leave the house or even have a tutor come over, Cathy has convinced her that h8erz are trying to kill her or something.

No. 23452

lmao kiki
I also lol'd that she included "gelatin" in that list (the other two are milk and egg)…which were the three non vegan ingredients mentioned in the previous thread.

No. 23453

Does vegan ism even exist in Japan? Serious question. I find it very hard to believe.

No. 23456


lol kiki you're so full of shit.


Not really.

No. 23458

Not really. This bandwagon weeaboo I used to know wanted to go to Japan but didn't want to learn the language (wat) and was hardcore vegetarian (or vegan); they're not the same, I know but I can't be arsed to remember which she was.

So of course she was complaining when she was attempting to plan for the trip that Japan hardly offered any vegan/vegetarian options. They really don't care about health as much over there as in the US.

A haffu friend of mine travels from the US and Japan often and she says that the Japanese don't worry about gluten at all or gmo/organic stuff. She was wondering why they do so much in the US today.

No. 23460

This or she saw the link someone tweeted her.

http://instagram.com/p/vHTM1kjRLU/ "sorry! I thought it was a fake profile, will unblock now ^^"
Says the person with multiple fake accounts.

No. 23462

Not exactly, there are traditional shojin ryori, which is buddhist cuisine that is all vegan, but I'm pretty sure it's only in kyoto. Like >>23458 said, most Japanese don't really worry about all that stuff. I watch a lot of Japanese cooking videos, and only one of them has made vegan stuff, but it's because her son is lactose intolerant. I've heard Japanese people don't get into vegetarianism/veganism, unless it's for dieting or issues like being lactose intolerant.

No. 23465

No. 23468


>"I totemo know Nihonese like, okay!!?"

>says gift instead of "omiyage"

No. 23471

That's neat. I didn't know about that. Well maybe she found it but they're planning to stay in Tokyo(providing she ended up going), so I'm not sure how accommodating their restaurants are to vegans/veg.

When I was living there I never thought about it because I'm neither but it wasn't meat saturated meals either so it wasn't too bad.

The only thing I didn't like was the small portions. I don't mean because I'm a huge (no) American but if I wanted more, the general feeling/atmosphere was that I was fat for doing so or that they'd tease me for still being hungry. However their ramen bowls are huge.

No. 23475

>I've heard Japanese people don't get into vegetarianism/veganism, unless it's for dieting or issues like being lactose intolerant.
I think it's also because veganism is largely a Buddhist monk thing, so the average person views it as a think monks/devout do.

Do you mind if I ask what kind of places you were eating at? When I went there with friends we were all surprised by how large the portions were, especially since everyone was telling us "the Japanese eat so little!"

No. 23478


Restaurants in Japan are not accommodating to vegan/vegetarianism at all. Overall the average person doesn’t really understand veganism. If you ask for a vegetarian meal they won’t serve you a big chunk of meat, but you’ll probably still get stuff made with fish-based broth, a dish with bits of meat in it, etc. There are some vegetarian places in Tokyo, but you have to search them out. The average restaurant isn’t going to have vegan/vegetarian options unless it’s an Indian restaurant or something.

I guarantee you that if Kiki ate any traditional Japanese food (with the exception of shojin ryori) while she was in Japan, she ate animal products multiple times.

No. 23482

It's been almost 7 years but let me see if I can remember haha.
I'd usually skip breakfast but I remember the toast was huge, even then I'd want a second piece.

Lunch was usually onigiri, bento, sandwich or ramen, it's all snack food stuff so I'd get at school after but ramen was filling.

Dinner was whatever the dorm made but we'd go out to American restaurants sometimes (which was weird since they tasted different) and their portions were small. TGIFriday's and Outback were small and we also went to Saizeria, a family restaurant down the street from our dorm. I'd get spaghetti but it was a small portion.

It's not bad but I guess I'm used to bigger portions in America (and the meals never came with sides unless you got a fast food set) so I never had left overs and I'd be hungry later.

Also we walked everywhere so I think that made my hunger more apparent since there was no car available. I ended up losing weight when I was there too. I wasn't overweight either prior but I did get my exercise since I was forced to walk hehe.

What restaurants did you go to? I'm curious to know what kind of portions you all had.

No. 23483

That is true. I forget a lot of the soup and ramen etc is in cooked a fish/meat stock broth. I just don't think about it.

And yes she did say there were some vegan/veg restaurants in Tokyo but they're rare and like you said even then it's not guaranteed to be what they're looking for.

No. 23487

File: 1415906174766.jpg (745.21 KB, 2048x1536, DSCN1075.JPG)

>we'd go out to American restaurants sometimes (which was weird since they tasted different) and their portions were small
I can see that, places like TGIFridays and Outback have humongous portions.

I don't remember any of the names, but they were more on the average Japanese side of things. Stuff like pic related, I guess isn't that huge in terms of portion sizes but I guess psychologically having so many dishes make you think there's more food. We also ate like curry dishes, udon, and once we went to a "Italian" family restaurant and the spaghetti was a fairly large portion.

No. 23491

Yeah the noodles dishes are filling. I had curry too but it was in the dorm so I could get seconds hehe.

Now that I think of it I think the spaghetti I did get was pretty filling, but the majority of it was small.

I did have some small dishes like that too but it wasn't until a few years ago in Denver that I found a traditional Japanese restaurant and it had all of those things like in your picture.

No. 23511

Considering the new rule about post limit.
New thread and already like half of it is ot about vege-ism and food in Japan.

No. 23551

File: 1415915692746.jpg (70.04 KB, 640x640, 10755782_736192096471000_11271…)

"Bad sensei bad! Now I'm explaining veganism to my Japanese teacher haha! Informing and awareness is key ^^"

And yeah, some random japanese old grandpa she met online is totally a legit teacher, inbf it is jrcock.

No. 23552

And she made walls of texts insulting people that call her ungreatful for being rude to her teacher.

No. 23553



>warui sensei desu yo!
>you're a bad teacher!

Okay I can straight out tell you right now that whoever this person is they are NOT an official Japanese teacher and is likely some Japanese guy she's fucking on the side or e-dating from abroad.

This is extremely rude, informal Japanese that you would use when communicating with a close friend and most definitely NOT a teacher.

If I talked to any of my Japanese teachers like this they would probably refuse to teach me from there on.

No. 23556

I'm rolling my eyes to the back of my head, especially because people are siding with her, hopefully they're sockpuppets. She's such a fucking brat, it's fine to correct the person next time, but like this anon said >>23553 the way she was talking to him was so fucking disrespectful if he truly is teaching her. She should be grateful someone spent their own hard earned money on her, especially when she herself doesn't fucking do actual work to make money, and youtube doesn't fucking count because talking to a camera about toilets isn't fucking work.
Seeing stuff like this makes me so happy Kota's the successful one.

No. 23557

>Cannot eat anything coming from…

Why is she typing so weirdly?

No. 23558

She claimed a while ago that she doesn't know english anymore because of speaking ~so much japanese daily~.

No. 23559


This part I actually understand.

When I am communicating with my Japanese sensei or Japanese friends I will intentionally dumb down my English a little or arrange the syntax in a way that it's still accurate in English but more closely represents Japanese syntax just to make the conversation less stressful for them to keep up with, but actually this shouldn't a problem in written text, only speech…

No. 23562

I agree with >>23559 but even though I do agree I can't help but feel she's doing it to sound exotic and like she's forgetting English like >>23558 said
I'm wondering why she didn't say this in Japanese, she's supposed to be fluent desu~ Literally all she'd have to say is "あんこパンはビーガンないですよ。乳と卵が食べませんよ" They're incredibly simple statements, but I guess it shows she's not really studying as much as she claims.

No. 23566


Or something respectful like "本当にごめんなさい先生!おみやげが親切だったですがわたしはベガンです。どうぶつ食品食べません。"

I don't know if my grammar is correct there since I am still a first year student but it's still a hell of a lot more polite than "You're a bad teacher!".

Oh christ I am cringing so hard over this.
One of my Japanese teachers is actually infamous in my school for legitimately slapping a guy and refusing to teach him further because he thought he'd be cocky and begin talking to her like she was a kyabakura client.

The Japanese can be a lovely peoples but they take their keigo EXTREMELY seriously.

No. 23570

That's better than what I wrote, I'm self-studying atm so I'm not learning extra polite sentences right now. But I've been studying for about as long as Kiki has so she at least should put a sentence together like that. I seriously think this guy is just a sock puppet or friend. Why would she speak English to him anyway if she can easily put the sentence together in Japanese? I would think a teacher would encourage her to speak more Japanese
>The Japanese can be a lovely peoples but they take their keigo EXTREMELY seriously.
I found that out when I was starting Japanese, as I was using really casual language trying to find language partners and I was completely ignored. I'm glad I wasn't starting out in a class setting, since I know I'd make a lot of mistakes.

No. 23579


Oh god classroom settings are fucking horrifying.

Like, my main teacher (the one that slapped a 2nd year), she is really nice and funny, but oh god is she ever a dragon.

W get set homework every week in which we have to use all of the new grammar point/vocab and kanji we've learnt in that week, and some of the comments she leaves are extremely brutal, especially when you're a first year and unsure and shy of your ability.

Like my last homework I forgot to add -san at the end of a name and she wrote in big, red pen "She isn't good enough for san!??" and called me "careless".

Still got a smiley face stamp though.
Nagai sensei you are nuts.

No. 23582

I have a feeling that this could be one of her parents. She got caught with "vegan but have eggs and milk" so now she's pretending and being all "japanese teacher" to save her name.

No. 23583

Oh god, that sounds horrifying. I was just talking about taking Japanese classes soon, when I do, I'm definitely adding "pls be gentle with me" at the end of my tests/homework. We're getting too ot, we should make a Japanese thread on /b/ bc I would love to talk more about Japanese.

Back on topic
Kiki, if you're reading here, you should go back in the thread and reread the discussion about most of Japan not giving a shit about Veganism/Vegetarianism. If this truly means so much to you, then maybe you should find some other culture to desperately seek fame from that does. Because contrary to popular belief, Japanese people aren't the most amazing, perfect people in the world. They commonly are quite ignorant/don't care about a lot of issues/things that don't affect/pertain to them like us Westerners do.
Also, I'm going to say it again, Kiki, you're a brat for being rude to your "sensei." Just because you can't eat the gift that was given to you, does not give you the right to be so fucking rude. No one owes you shit, so you have no reason to be picky when someone thinks of you and gives you something. It's okay to tell someone what you like and don't like, but appreciate it when someone spends their own money/time on you because they truly don't have to.

No. 23584


holy shit what a bitch.

No. 23585


Jesus, I know. It kinda horrifies me a bit. I really hope this is just some dude she's fucking or her parents like people are suggesting. Holy shit who talks to their tutor like that??

No. 23587


Good idea, here's a link to the thread http://lolcow.farm/b/res/1602.html

No. 23588

No. 23592

God, Kiki… She needs to fucking quit. Speaking rudely to her Japanese teacher like that?! This woman is pathetic. She's what, 23? And still trying to get big in Japan because she's jealous of her little sister? Newsflash, Kaka, your time is over. You decided to waste your popularity on drama instead of being smart like Kootie. Sure, I hate Kootie for lying her ass of for fame but at least she wasn't dumb like Kiki and wasted her 15 minutes of fame on high school level shit.

No. 23604

She doesn't even need a sockpuppet for this. She probably texted herself and deleted all the copies to fake a conversation.

Speaking of sockpuppets, I never got the chance to point out in the last thread, if she was in Japan ATT and only using the chatbox, how do we know it wasn't just Cathy on her account?

No. 23611

File: 1415928660105.jpg (53.51 KB, 585x408, lmao.JPG)

Kiki is calling us out for using google translate, lmao, when she couldn't tell her "sensei" that what she was given wasn't vegan in Japanese. And all her Japanese tweets reeks of her getting someone to translate them for her.

No. 23614

is she talking about lolcow, PULL or people that are tweeting her?

No. 23615


kiki you couldn't even read the basic as hell kanji for egg and milk, even though you're ~so super serious~ about being vegan and learning kanji

No. 23616

I think she's talking about us. We're more critical of "her" Japanese, I put that in quotations as I truly believe she's just getting someone else to translate it for her. I didn't see anyone on pull criticize her Japanese yet. Pull has seemed to stop caring about her, like we all should, but she's just ridiculous I can't stop paying attention to her.

No. 23618


Pretty sure she's lurking here, because a lot of her tweets match things that were just talked about here (criticizing her Japanese, talking about the anko pan having milk & eggs, etc.).

No. 23620

Woah. Did her and Mira fusion together?

No. 23621

Look at how modest you are Kiki. You know Japanese people love it when you have your head stuck up your ass, so kawaii~
Also, it's funny that a while ago she was giving advice on learning Japanese and she literally said that it's not a competition and to stay away from petty white girls.

No. 23623

She really didn't learn a thing from Kota when it comes to appealing to Japanese people. When Japan started being interested in her, she stopped tweeting about how everyone thinks she's foreign, looks like a doll, etc, because no one likes someone who's full of themselves, especially in Japan.
Kiki makes me think of the episode of South Park with the people who have hybrids that are so smug the smell their own farts.

No. 23633

Eh, plenty of people are pointing out her japanese mistakes in twitter replies at her posts but she is always quick with deleting them.

No. 23635

File: 1415932418853.png (9.76 KB, 580x114, 24423.png)

Keep being delusional, Kiki.

No. 23636

What's the point in trying to learn something if you don't want to be corrected when you're wrong? There's nothing wrong with being wrong, it's actually a good thing because you learn from being wrong. I truly don't get this mindset of hers and so many people.

No. 23641

She is so ignorant if she actually believes that Japan is a vegan paradise. I'm starting to think she does no research at all whatsoever on anything and just chooses what she wants to believe off of what she's already heard. I mean, if she actually did do research on shit, she'd know peta is a shitty organization, that ankopan was not vegan before she posted it on instagram, and etc.

No. 23643

what's in ankopan that makes it not vegan? butter/milk? just curious

No. 23644

it was stated earlier, but it was eggs and milk

No. 23650

from what i understand, there's a few pescatarian people in Japan, but trying to limit your diet beyond that is very hard. for example, there's fish in a lot of things, like miso soup, so it'd be difficult to be a regular vegetarian, much less vegan.

No. 23672


Kiki confirmed for lurking lolcow

No. 23699

No. 23703

She propably thinks because tofu is not as "uncool" in Japan as here, it's easy to be a vegan there. It's a common misconception among vegetarian/vegan weeaboos.

Kiki could have just admitted to buying something wrong. Those things just happen sometimes and most people would have understood.
But no, she has to make up a weird story and stir up drama. Well, she didn't change a bit from her myspace days. She should get the coontails and claim she made invented this style again.

No. 23707

Aah, Kikster, how your true colours show when you're not getting your way.

In a way, she's exactly like PT about her delusions about Japan. Hold on, she's EXACTLY like PT.

- think that people will fall over themselves over them in grorious nippon
- wear unflattering clothes and makeup in attempt to be more Japanese
- have crappy Japanese skills
- are universally unliked
- bandwagon like there is no tomorrow

PT is more honest at least. Her weeaboo dreams come from her somewhat maiden heart whereas Kiki is just plagiating her sister.

No. 23715

She can keep pretending she knows the Japanese language, but she's not interested in their culture, how politeness and conformity is very important in their society. Also the "shouganai" thing. So her study of Japan desu is so shallow and only for bragging purposes.

No. 23716

You'd think, with how she pretty much spends her entire life on the internet, that she would at least know the difference between a message board/forum and a blog. Though I suppose she DOES know, and just thinks pretending message boards for discussing numerous people other than herself are entire "hate blogs" dedicated solely to her makes her sound more of a sparkeru kirakira crystal toilet victim.

No. 23717

Because she's never wrong, you didn't know?
Don't forget that they think it's all one person. Only sometimes writing about "haters" in plural form. Mixing everything.

No. 23720

File: 1415968658448.jpg (13.25 KB, 500x332, img-2913045-4-FB,21414,40,eti-…)

Does she still think it's only one or two people…?

Either way, I'm perfectly happy but Kiki on the other hand never looks like she's genuinely having any fun etc.

No. 23725

I'm surprised she didn't stir up more drama with it. If I got something that wasn't vegetarian and ate it without thinking, I would cry. So I'm surprised Kiki didn't go on about how she accidentally ate some and cried for hours on end because her "sensei" is so evil for buying her something when he never had to.
I'll add some more:
-they both want to do nothing to improve themselves or their situation
-they both want to be delusional forever
-anyone who gives says anything that isn't "omg, ur so kawaii~" is a hater that gets blocked
Exactly, last month or so, she was all "Learning languages is not a competition" but now she's bragging about how she can speak formal and casual Japanese. I don't even get why she's bragging about it, it's so incredibly easy. Kiki, if you really want to brag about your ~totally vegan and fluent Japanese desu~ why don't you do a live stream speaking unrehearsed Japanese. That's the only way I will be impressed with "your" Japanese skills.

No. 23732


Part of me wants to go on Twitter and challenge her to a Japanese speaking session on Tinychat as an opportunity for her to demonstrate her awesome Nipponese

Of course I would flatten her, but it's not like she'd ever agree to it anyway since we all know she can't actually speak Japanese.

I am willing bet she hasn't even covered dictionary form, te form, ta form , tai form or mashita yet.

Seriously I know this is embarrassing for everybody to see her behaving like this but as a legit Japanese language student, I cannot put my cringe into words, especially when she's doing shit like buying the same notebooks that you're required to buy for study and then watching her try to pass them off as kanji books.

No. 23736

You could try posing as a Japanese fan and tell her that all her other fans want her to live stream on nico nama. It would be funny to see bc I think she has this idea that everyone in Japan is incredibly nice, polite, and will never call her out on her shit. Culturally, Japanese people tend to be more polite, but I'm sure they're like any other human being when on the internet.
I feel you on that. I'm not in classes, but when you're trying to learn the language it's embarrassing seeing other people butcher it. If this tweet >>23611 is a reaction to us, it's even more embarrassing bc nobody but her is pretending to be the fluent Japanese speaker. Even the weebs I've come across, who are actually interested in something from Japan, even if it is just anime, don't act like they're fluent in the language.

No. 23740

I feel a better approach would be to talk to her in slang, keigo or a lot of sentences since any online translator can't really give her the correct translation so she may respond to you simply or not understand at all.
I don't think she'd go on some Nico site because she'd want to be prepared. Isn't that what Dakota did when she spoke Japanese in her videos?

No. 23744

If I were vegan and bought Asian/Japanese snacks with any sort of frequency, one of the first things I would do is learn the kanji for major animal-based ingredients. The fact that Kiki didn’t even bother to learn kanji as simple/common as eggs and milk shows that she’s either a.) not serious about learning Japanese b.) not serious about being vegan c.) both.

No. 23751

She did so well "in China" I don't know why she can't do the same with Japanese food.
(See her comments)

No. 23752


Yeah it's weird because I'm the one that typed up the text in >>23566


idk if the whole "lawl Google Translate" thing was in reference to me but she'd have to be pretty stupid to make that assumption given that "honto ni" is colloquial (she would know this if she really were at the level she claims) and Google won't translate "vegan" into "ビガン" automatically because it's katakana and so you have to enter it manually.
Otherwise, Google translates vegan into "完全菜食主義の" and those characters loosely translate to "principle of the entirely righteous/pure vegetarian diet" which obviously is a bit convoluted.

No. 23753


Or use a lot of katakana in your speech since Google Translate won't process it correctly since it's entirely interpretative and changes according to the context.

No. 23754

Hey guys, if I make a fake Japanese Twitter account and begin Tweeting her with it in Japanese would you contributes some follows to the account to make it seem more legit?

No. 23755

No I didn't mean anything about your sentences. I've noticed when I paste my Japanese friend's FB status that are really long, google or bing only catch the jist, even when there's proper particles it mistranslated them for some reason.


No. 23757

I understand that, that's why I don't really voice chat with my Japanese friends. But she's acting as if she's already prepared and fluent. And I'm pretty sure Kota had translators/google translate when she started.
lololololol, it was so hilarious when she posted that thinking it was Japan.
I thought it was in reference to me, because my Japanese is basic compared to yours. Plus, google translate is only good for vocabulary, if you made a sentence in it, it would be incredibly literal.
I don't have a twitter, but I'd definitely make one for it.

No. 23761


Actually never mind, with Liana Judd lurking here if I link the Twitter she'll only report back to Kirsten. We can't do anything covert now she's here.

No. 23762

She keeps switching from teneigo to casual back to teneigo. Yeah.. http://instagram.com/p/vRfU1ijRDw/

No. 23763


I swear a while back she answered someone seeking advice from the worldly Kira Kira about eating vegan in Japan, acting all experienced saying they had to make sure to check their labels~ Obviously not so practiced in that as she acted.


She probably didn't eat any of it yet; she was mainly concerned with taking a pic of it to make up a story around.

No. 23764

Now she is busy again with spamming reblogs about some PETA ~undercover video~ where milk cows get abused, probably again something staged where they paid the people for doing that.

No. 23775

I was going to say something about that, but because I'm still a beginner, I wasn't sure if that's normal or not. I really don't get why she keeps using casual Japanese. I think formal would be the way to go, unless she's tweeting her only friend, Kota.
it's ridiculous that she still isn't aware of how fucked up peta is. But then again, she probably doesn't care and agrees with the methods they use. I wonder if Kiki is anti choice too.

No. 23787

it's instagram so i think she can use casual. but i don't think she even knows the difference.

No. 23795

She uses it on her twitter constantly. But when he talked to jrcock I noticed she used very formal speech, I don't really see a point to using formal if her entire twitter is casual. But then again, it would be even more fake if she used formal talk all the time and acted lady-like in Japanese. I'm surprised she hasn't tweeted about bathrooms and shit in Japanese or added a Japanese title to the bathroom video. But then again, she doesn't want to scare off rich, azn diq.

No. 23843

File: 1416001455107.jpg (43.89 KB, 377x514, kiki.JPG)

this is from when she played on the radio in Japan, I thought I'd share this pic as it's candid

No. 23845

File: 1416001696339.jpg (24.03 KB, 380x549, 19t9n9.jpg)

No. 23848

I can't be the only one who thinks her body proportions are strange looking?

That outfit offends my eyes. Why wear such a busy jacket with a pure white outfit? Why pure white anyways? Makes her complexion look horrid.

She ain't ugly but, she's not helping with these outfit choices.

No. 23850

What the fuck is with her legs? This is some reverse-thinspo shit

No. 23856

dem ugly white Bodyline shoes

No. 23857

That is bleak. Just keep on telling yourself that your fivehead and beak nose are nothing to be insecure about, Keekz.

No. 23876

File: 1416007114479.jpg (51.58 KB, 600x800, keekz.jpg)

Does anyone have the third picture? The one where she's smiling giving thumbs up in some music store with some guy?

No. 23887

No. 23888

I was looking for that one too, it may be on her twitter pics/media thingy. It didn't come up when I looked up "キキ・カンニバル"
Another thing did come up when I looked up her name in Japanese, apparently she tagged some blog posts/pictures with that before she decided to "learn" Japanese.

No. 23889

Oh god why with the hair pinned up. At least Kota had the good sense to get a straight fringe.

No. 23898

God, she looks so busted in those pics. I'm surprised they weren't copyright claimed. Granted, I think most people wouldn't look the best in that lighting, but I'm surprised she didn't work any angles. She spends so much time in front of cameras and most likely mirrors too, she should know them by now. Her eyeliner looks even worse candid and why are her lashes touching her eyebrows??
Also, if any of you are wondering, the tweets say "Kiki Kannibal's musical talent is amazing! By the way, her younger sister is the model Dakota Rose, ehh! Thank you for coming to the store!" and "Kiki's CD from the U.S. arrived in Japan. She has done modeling work on the side of dance musical work. She's done underground hip-hop to electro and is anticipating her major debut." Correct me if any of this is wrong.
Part of me feels like Kiki came in and started talking to this guy about herself and her music. And I think the guy took the pic with her because she made herself sound like she's important especially with the name dropping of Kota. Also what hip-hop project has Kiki ever worked on? I can't see Kiki doing hip-hop and I definitely can't see her collaborating with a hip-hop artist or any artist for that matter.

No. 23904


Yikes. That style does not suit her at all.

No. 23908

Save them just in case. Maybe she had to sign something before, so she can't take them down? Not that they're following rules and law but maybe?

No. 23916

I don't know if she'd copyright claim them, it was a long ass time ago and I'm pretty sure that guy gave her that fancy device for dj'ing. But then again, it is Kiki, I'll save them in case.

No. 23921

That's true. But like with videos on youku - they were there for a long time till someone tweeted links to her and she went on copyright claim spree.

No. 23922

Shes probably not copyright claiming because its her only proof of actually being in japan

No. 23936

File: 1416015484143.jpg (52.29 KB, 600x450, BUlNtrfCUAAwd70.jpg)

No. 23946

File: 1416016090549.jpg (73.89 KB, 600x800, BUh-d1GCcAAcfzh.jpg)

No. 23948

File: 1416016118425.jpg (43.03 KB, 600x450, BUiUyU5CIAAuh74.jpg)

No. 23954

Lol at her using Buddhism as an example. You can't refuse food or gifts even if they contradict the buddhist lifestyle in most Buddhist sects, it shows a lack of humility and contradicts the whole begging thing. Hell there's even allowances made for un-kosher and un-halal meat in the Torah and Qur'an if respectively when you're a guest/accepting a gift.

No. 23957

File: 1416016731638.jpg (97.01 KB, 480x684, o0480068412696969624.jpg)

No. 23963

pretty sure they knew about the Youku videos since the very start. Cathy is all over anybody who mentions them and youku was mentioned a lot by Lain and anons on tumblr. She probably was only able to take them down due to Kota possibly having some Chinese speaking friend or something that helped her report it.

No. 24024

trying our sister's kawaii gimmick, are we? too bad she has too much of a horseface to pull it off

No. 24044


>Kaka's fluent "chinese" more like only knowing the hanzi for "flag video"

No. 24108

Agree. I was very surprised that they took them down after such a long time.

No. 24150

Someone should upload them to a Russian site

No. 24155

they were on vk and got taken down too

No. 24164

You know you look disgusting as fuck when Asian girls are bigger than you.

Also why would she be on a radio show in Japan, her music is shit mixed with stolen game music.

No. 24166

Tbh, it's really apparent she just went around Japan with her shitty stolen music, told everyone she's Dakota's sister, and did everything in her power to make herself seem important. Every one of those tweets from Japanese people mention that she's Dakota's sister. And one of them said she does modeling work when she's not making music.

No. 24169

Can we just talk about the girl on the far right's nazi dress?

No. 24172

File: 1416078854720.jpg (10.34 KB, 197x200, swastika gallery.jpg)


The Nazi symbol is turned on it's side without the dots in the center.

Sitting straight and with the dots = a religious symbol representing auspiciousness in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism.

The symbol on the dress is clearly the latter.

No. 24236

It's a knockoff design of Killstar's Occult. Their line is really commonly stolen and is kinda popular in Japanese street fashion for some reason.

No. 24241

Doesn't need to be a knockoff, Killstar supplies quite a bunch of japanese fashion stores like http://spider-rock-web.ocnk.net/

No. 24295

anyone know what's the music in the background of this video?

No. 24303


No. 24443


Sounds like she changed the pitch slightly to get around YouTube's rules, but it's definitely this song.

No. 24447

shes really looking like skeletor, she needs to get some fat in her face, her neck looks like a wasted away old lady's neck

No. 24463

File: 1416179876375.jpg (24.03 KB, 575x456, 394200-skeletor08.jpg)


Hey fuck you Skeletor was hench as fuck.

No. 24492

>advising people on health
>looks like death warmed up

No. 24496

She looks so god damn horrible. Her forehead is huge, her neck is long and bony, and her makeup makes her eyes look super small and… Creepy. I really wish she'd take her ass to a salon, get some bangs cut in, and get some front framing layers too so her neck doesn't look so… Much like a chicken neck.

To;dr, bitch needs to go to an Aveda.

No. 24517


I wouldn't take health and beauty advice from someone who's a step away from being a walmart halloween prop.

Also, I thought organic raw vegans were against processed foods and supplements?

No. 24519

she's not raw though

No. 24520

File: 1416196672728.png (44.51 KB, 575x581, 34545.png)

I don't know if that one girl is just retarded or hopes to get something from this, Kiki praises her to heaven already for defending her BS.

No. 24522

Thank you anon, I vaguely recall a couple of tweets about organic food but IDK anymore,she has lied so much I have a hard time keeping up on the bullshit she spews

No. 24523

Noticed something, she only has 1 favoriting her last few tweets maybe some people are sick of her repetitive victim shit

No. 24524


That, or just favoriting her own tweets through a sockpuppet

No. 24525

Nah, that's because they are replies to that one girl, they don't get shown at the main page so of course the girl she replies to is the only one that likes them.

No. 24526

Just checked that girls account after posting this, Kiki should stop taking the pics of asians from instagram for her sockpuppets, she makes it too easy, lol.

No. 24531

No. 24532


Jesus fucking christ she looks SO ILL.

No. 24540

File: 1416205027228.png (306.2 KB, 409x366, serkawarr.png)

That's so Keeka

No. 24564

File: 1416232362691.png (550.23 KB, 1280x800, kaka.png)

more like possessed

No. 24577

it's mk ultra

No. 24584

She'll never change her inner ugly, but she looks so haggard and beat. She needs less eyeliner and more bangs.

No. 24589

File: 1416240194046.png (207.93 KB, 361x361, aged_wb20141117095942173733.pn…)

No. 24590

I thought that was jizz on her face

No. 24592

There's nothing that irritates me more than Kiki's, or anyone's for that matter, ~randumb and funny~ act. She isn't funny at all whatsoever, it's just obnoxious and annoying. In my opinion, Dakota was always the funny one.
It irritates me how everyone on youtube feels the need to desperately try to be funny/relatable now even though no one ever clicks on their videos in the first place for that. Kiki is one of the worst offenders of that as she makes the video 10 minutes of ~randumb~ and 1-2 minutes of informational/helpful stuff.
Seriously, I wouldn't even say shit about her if she copied Kota's hairstyle. It's exactly what she needs, bangs and shorter layers around her face to make it look less horsey.
>in 20 years
lmao, this is her in maybe 5 years, tops.

No. 24611

All those years being ugly inside are showing on her outside now. Karma.

No. 24627

I am suprised that she isn't banned from Twitter yet, I got banned once for having only two accounts and I am pretty sure she does have few thousand ones and is probably too dumb to use a proxy for all of them.

No. 24629

I went through some of the screenshots in the archive, and they use many proxies to go places. Primarily proxify and hidemyass.

No. 24637

I know but I doubt she has the time for that everytime she has a mental meltdown where she starts to talk herself about her jelly haters via a sockpuppet.

No. 24638

I'm surprised that she isn't banned from Youtuber yet. Considering how she was never the most loved person and her stealing music and art from DA is not a secret I thought people would report her.
Same with reporting videos, isn't there a rule that if you report too many times your channel will get banned for abuse? Unless they're using different accounts every time.

No. 24640

wait, sent too fast.
She was getting reported - one of the caps in her archive showed that her channel was not "standing good"? But that's all.

No. 24646

YouTube seems pretty fickle. Some people get b& for sampling a song for a few seconds and some can get away with using copyrighted nonsense for years. Like Onision - he's made plenty of videos which are somewhere between distasteful and downright offensive, and featured images ripped straight off Google, but YT won't drop him and lose a cash cow.

No. 24647

I think youtube allow partners get away with that kind of shit

No. 24650

But she's not a big youtuber. She barely posts and again, those are not one of two videos. That's so weird.

No. 24657

This may be old news now, but I was looking through the archive again, and that pdf called "Mal-Levy-and-Jenny-Thompson-vendetta-fb-comments-pg-4546.pdf"..

I think "Mal Levy" is actually Malice Millionaire, the girl that Cathy pretended to be a boy a named "Nick" to contact her through myspace and get info on Danny. She was also Danny's ex. Basically they contacted her and used her as another source to shit on Danny's rep. These were some things she said on facebook that Cathy archived.

> she exploited our story to play victim in rolling stone magazine and lied. I hate her

>yeah..isn't that shit frustrating? she tried to make everyone feel bad for her when she would instigate EVERY THING that ever happened to her. nobody should ever feel sorry for her.

>fact was, i was supposed to talk to the rolling stone person before that story went to print, and instead…..they printed bullshit.

Also, there are a bunch of creepy stalk-y screenshots that Cathy took of her twitter. None of them mention Kiki or anything bad, they're literally just her talking about her day and personal mundane shit. I think the only reason Cathy went after her is because Mal randomly saw a picture of Kiki on facebook and said "oh her, yeah I hate her".

No. 24702

It's so incredibly strange that they stalk people like this because they said something about Kiki years ago. I feel like every normal human being would get upset about someone saying something bad about them, but no one holds onto that and obsesses over it and the person who said it for years. Kiki and Cathy are really off the deep end. Part of me kind of wants to talk to Kiki and help her, but there's a chance I'll be stalked and added to the collection of screenshots because she doesn't think she needs help.

No. 24834

File: 1416287917315.jpg (92.27 KB, 887x591, cauliflower-1.jpg)


No this is her in 5 years.


No. 24835


I did actually report one video for having stolen art in it and Youtube did actually remove it kek

That's why in some of her screenshots you can see it says her account is not in good standing.

All the other reports people sent in I guess Google ignored.

No. 24867

No. 24869

Such a dick magnet, that is why she has sooooo many boyfriends. Keep telling yourself that you are an attractive woman.

No. 24883

File: 1416320895741.jpg (7.35 KB, 285x177, magnetpoles.jpg)


She's not lying…

No. 24941

No. 24988

This is random but I was looking through the Kiki Kannibal tag on tumblr and I saw a post that said "Grimes is everything Kiki Kannibal wishes she was" and I have to agree. Didn't she start doing music around the time Grimes became really popular?
Also am I the only one who thinks Kiki runs the "kiki-ispurrfect" tumblr?

No. 25000

It really would not surprise me

No. 25005

My memory could be tricking me but didn't it also got affected by copyright claims from Kiki before?

No. 25009

I've never seen that happen? But then again, I don't check her tag too often. I just don't see anyone being that much of a fan of her to make a blog dedicated to her. I think only us, barely pull, sockpuppets, and like 5 really people care about Kiki these days. And Kiki is alienating these 5 people from herself everyday with her attitude/behavior.
Also if this blog did get copyright claims, wouldn't that stop them from blogging about her? Like, if they respected her, they wouldn't post stuff she didn't want or they would give up bc what's the point in posting if it's gonna get deleted?

No. 25012

I think it's the same person that runs kotakoti-overdose or whatever it's called. They got copyright claims too and still kept going anyway.

No. 25016

That is a possibility. I just really can't wrap my head around someone giving a shit enough about Kiki to make a fan blog. If it really is a fan, I wonder what their opinion on the real Kiki is.

No. 25017

I think it was in a post that owner wrote that she/he likes and supports Kirsten regardless of (…some reasons…) included getting some posts removed. But I can't swear and I'm also not checking her tag anymore and don't want to go there.

No. 25018

I don't really get this fan liking Kiki no matter what. I can understand liking Kota as she actually apologized, it may be half-assed but at least it's something. Kota's not really that much of an asshole anymore, where as Kiki is still an asshole that's obnoxiously pretending not to be with this love and light bullshit.

You're not missing anything in the Kiki tag, it's completely dead, the last time it was really updated was a month ago, unless you count kiki-ispurrfect sharing Kiki's recent instagram pic. I'm curious as to why Kiki doesn't use tumblr anymore, she could easily gain popularity on there. Especially if she posts old pics of her and Dakota and milk that she's Dakota's sister. She didn't mind milking it in Japan and in the past on tumblr, so why not now?

No. 25022

I don't understand the whole kiki fan tumblr stupidity, the handful of people that give a shit about kiki just follow her Instagram and Twitter anyway. Why do they need some dumb ass kikiispurrfect middleman?

No. 25023

I don't get it either, are Kiki's instagram selfies really that good that someone would need them on their blog?

No. 25033

Kiki did use Tumblr for a while (lostcauselobotomy IIRC) and all she did was spam random shit in her and Kota's tags, then abandon it when she was roundly mocked. I can see her getting a decent amount of notes from pastel goth tards if she just posted photos of her clothes and jewellery.

No. 25034

I knew about her getting mocked on tumblr, but I still don't get why she left? She gets mocked no matter what, so why would that stop her? If she left tumblr for being mocked, I'm wondering why she even bothers being on the internet.

No. 25045

I dunno. Maybe she just rage quit because she didn't instantly become Tumblr famous.

No. 25058

She had her tumblr before Dakota, she just answered questions and complained about people stealing (aka reblogging) her pictures. Also lulz-ily said that internet "rarely leads to real life success."

No. 25063

It wouldn't be that hard for her to get many actual fans again, she only would have to stop making EVERY FUCKING VIDEO, that could be interesting, about herself but she seems to think that the world revolves around her because of crazy Cathy raining her like that.

No. 25064


No. 25120

She should go back to doing make up videos. They weren't good but at least more interesting to watch than her talking about herself for 15 minutes.

No. 25121

File: 1416389741726.png (59.05 KB, 664x253, dyslexia.png)

sure you were, kaka.

No. 25161

Apparently Kiki is suing someone?
"Jane Doe" - isn't it the name you use when you don't know the real one? How can they sue someone like that?

No. 25164

All her other get rich schemes have failed, now she is going to try to sue her way into money

No. 25168

They can't sue anybody, they only try it but it never works anyways because they lack the money and proper evidence for it, it is one of the girls she thinks to be the ONE SINGLE person that makes every website about her.

No. 25177

You can see in that document that they did pay (today?) - 400$
They have few thousands of caps, the question is if court will believe it because those caps proves nothing only that people don't love her.
But even bigger question - WHO they're suing, then - what evidence they have.
Hopefully that poor person will know how to defend herself.

No. 25179

File: 1416415189264.jpg (74.1 KB, 465x700, jane_doe.jpg)

Well, the only person I can find under Jane Doe is a Suicide Girls model which Kiki replied positive to at some YouTube videos but that's all.

No. 25183

"Jane Doe" is a name used when you don't know someone's identity. I doubt it's that girl.

No. 25186

So they basicly spent money sueing nobody.

No. 25190

Basically, yes.
If they don't have a real name how they want to take that person to the court? Unless they want to show the court the ~evidence~ and get that girl's IP and location to sue them again but then with all identity. But I don't know how it really works.

No. 25210

I don't know why it's "Jane" though, I know unknown people get referred as John or Jane Doe, she probably thinks it's Lain or something so she said it's a female ?

There's a similar thing in my country but they simply refer to "X", basically a crime has been done but you don't know who did it, you still have to report it and sue the person. I don't know much maybe it launch an investigation (I'm sure it's going nowhere though, especially since there's not a single person behind all the internet blogs and boards and it's complicated when the person is in a different country)

I bet nobody is going to take her seriously, it just sounds like petty highschool drama not real crimes. Nobody stole her infos or scammed someone by using her identity.

No. 25218


I sent that blog an ask asking her how she could still run that blog even after the shit came out about her stalking and her crazy mountain of hoarded information and she pulled the "Oh what, I haven't heard any of this, show me proof", so I linked her to the archive and she blocked me.

No. 25220

That sounds like a Kiki thing to do, tbh. It's making me feel more like it's Kiki just running the blog. Why would a "fan" block someone for that? Even the crazy fans I've seen acknowledge shit that the person they're a fan of does, but still love the person no matter what. I mean, Sam Pepper still has many fan girls who know what he's done and just don't care.

No. 25238

Lain is nothing more than an enabler though, a far cry from a "ring-leader" like they call it. She made the forum, and then logs in once every half a year. They seriously over-estimate her involvement in all of this. It's like trying to sue moot because you're mad that /b/tards are making fun of you.

No. 25326

If she is trying to get libel It provably has something to do with her lilkitten business so logic would assume she is trying to sue the girls that talked to the vendors who made the rings

No. 25346


which is a pretty stupid thing to do anyways, jeweller and the girls could prove kiki infringed copyright(?) claiming product design were her own. Also, they could show the amount of artwork keekz stole for her shop.

No. 25400

Might suck for the people involved but the lulz in the end will be worth it. We all know Dakota's sister is going to lose and it will be epic

No. 25492

Kiki and Cathy are much more stupid than I thought if they're seriously trying to sue people for "libel." Literally, everything people are saying about her is true and there is video evidence for most of it. If she was trying to sue me for "libel," I'd just show the courtroom the many videos of her saying offensive shit. If it's about the lilkitten thing, the person could easily get a hold of the person who made the art she stole for her page and the people who produce the products she was trying to sell about it. And on top of that, they could show the courtroom that she also steals music too.
Didn't Cathy go to law school? How does she think she can pull this shit off? Just because they delete and copyright the proof doesn't mean it's gone forever. Someone had to save that proof to their hard drive in order to post it. Looking at the thousands screenshots they took, there's so much more proof that Kiki is an asshole than there is for the people she's screenshotting.

No. 25500

That's why I hope, if it's bc f online comments, that this girl will know how to defend herself.
If she's following drama, she could always ask for screenshots, evidence on here or PULL and would get tons of them. Except for copy fraud maybe but many others.

But does anyone knows what would happen if they won somehow? Hypothetically?

No. 25510

Depends, in a libel case the offender would only have to pay money that is worth the victim's monetary loss caused by the libel.

Statements made about a public person, which Kiki falls under or otherwise she wouldn't have a verified Twitter account, are exempt, even if they are untrue and harmful.

No. 25642

And let's not forget about her copyclaiming shit under a false company name

No. 25656

File: 1416554714704.jpg (38.5 KB, 500x365, KKC .jpg)

about that, I randomly realized the other day why they did that.. Because if they filed copyrights under their company name (saying that Dakota's photos are "owned by Kiki Kannibal Corporation") then they wouldn't have to use their real names when filing them ("owned by Dakota Ostrenga").

When some tumblr user counter-claimed while they were doing that, Tumblr actually stopped accepting their copyright claims because they found out it was an inactive company. They stopped after a while, but I guess they figured that their real names were already out there anyway, so they started sending the copyright reports by their real names, and so tumblr started obliging by it again.

No. 25660

Does that make it legal, though?

Don't you have to have a trademark or patent in order to use a copyright claim? I'm surprised not many people are fighting them on this crap. The fact that PULL let her get away with this without much fight is ridiculous.

No. 25670

>The fact that PULL let her get away with this without much fight is ridiculous.
…did you even ever visit PULL when Kiki tried to shut down the site, or? Because your post is bullshit.

No. 25776

>Don't you have to have a trademark or patent in order to use a copyright claim?

No. As soon as an image is created it is copywritten to the person who created it, no exceptions. If you take a picture, it's yours and you have every right to stop people illegally using it. The same laws that apply to music and movies apply to images to; it's completely illegal to save an image to your hard drive without permission, as is distributing it and so on.

For her own images, Kiki is 100% within the law and we are on the wrong side of it. The problem is she abused the DMCA takedown notices to have content that does not belong to her removed. You have to be the actual owner of the material (or able to prove it's public domain) in order to counter claim successfully. As of yet Kiki has not used images from anyone likely to counter claim.

No. 25794

No. 25795

I've completely deleted myself from PULL. It is run by other people now. Although I am sure Cathy is still convinced that everyone is me.

No. 25796

btw, the legal case she filed is not against me. Although, they are probably accusing that person of being me.

No. 25815

But what if these people aren't making money off said material?

No. 25817

So they basically brought in some random bystander who had nothing to do with lolcow or PULL or sticky drama.

~Such Buddhist~

No. 25818

It's still illegal. Whether or not you're making money is completely and utterly irrelevant. What's so hard to understand about this? When it comes to movies and music everyone understands that you'll go to prison if you get caught pirating movies, same goes for images. But for some reason people can't wrap their heads around that.

No. 25838

Because it's not that obvious. With pirating you're stealing property that you're supposed to pay for to get it/watch it/listen. Photos of the other hand are "free".
Lack of knowledge, internet and the fact that normally people don't really care, they know that re posted photo can = more followers.
Not necessarily >>25326

No. 25847

But she even copyright claimed photos and videos that weren't made by her, like Dakota's works for some brands or screenshots.

No. 25851

(Not the anon you're replying to) And that was illegal on her part. But she have all rights to copyright claim photos she took and posted. Only.

No. 25854

*have every right
Can't English today

No. 25856

I already talked about this pretty extensively in my above post. Try actually reading before you comment on something.

No. 25867

Should I be worried that I can't access my admin account on PULL? It keeps saying the password is wrong, even when I switched browsers that had an automatic log-in.

No. 25886

Just let the forum software resend you your password and done.
I did read your post but your talk about copyright laws makes no sense in this case because pretty much everything related to Kiki that ever got copyright claimed was screenshots and not photos, the later was usually posted as link.

No. 25887

Doesn't the forum send you a new password when somebody tries to login multiple times? Wouldn't be suprised if Kiki tried to hack admin accounts being as desperate as she is.

No. 25894

Lol no. Most of the shit Kiki had removed was stuff that rightfully belonged to her. You don't seem to realise that it doesn't matter whether the image is saved as a screenshot or saved directly. What you're arguing is the equivalent to arguing it's illegal to photocopy a hard copy of an image but fine to fax one. I'll explain again: It is illegal to make use an image, this includes screenshotting, saving the image, reuploading the image, printing the image and taking a fucking picture of the computer screen with the image on, without the owner's permission. "Using" means any use. ANY. USE.

Some of what Kiki DMCA'd did not belong to her, but the vast majority of it was legal.

Things like screenshots of tweets are dubious, because they're legally considered publications (This is why people can be arrested for tweeting certain things) so they do belong to the person who tweeted them. This is also how twitter (and pretty much every other website ever) absolves itself from responsibility of illegal content.

No. 25896

File: 1416707898594.jpg (10.03 KB, 272x185, images.jpg)

what about the video from Japan (don't remember if it was Ufuf girls?) that Kiki made an argument under and when she got fed up she removed it by sending a copyright report under Dakota's name, and it even showed up on their website?

No. 25898

That quite clearly falls under the illegal portion of claims she's made. What are you trying to do here, save face by attempting to "prove me wrong"? Are you just being a contrarian? In every single post I've made about this I've stated that Kiki using DMCA takedown notices illegally is a problem, has happened and even and outlined which specific instances are legal/illegal on her part and even why no one has done anything about it.

Seriously, what do you want?

No. 25902

lol I'm a different anon than the one you were talking to.

No. 25924

ew why is she adopting Michelle Phan's voice/mannerisms wtf

No. 25953

hi Kelly,

email me at: prettyuglylittleliar@gmail.com

there was a snaffu with your account when I logged in to delete my footprints and the Lain account. Your account is still there, but the password got changed and I have the new one.

No. 25954

whoops, my email didn't post correct.

it is: prettyuglylittleliar (at) gmail (dot) com

No. 25961

I really wonder if she copywrite claimed the images/videos of Dakota on Tumblr in an attempt to lower her exposure. Heaven forbid her younger sister is more popular or successful than her…

No. 25968

or because that's where a lot of truth and unedited photos of her originated from. truth blogs were savages at times haha

No. 26004

Thanks, Apple fixed it already

No. 26049

File: 1416791115737.png (4.97 KB, 254x118, 3423.png)

How many times does she change her Twitter bio? Now she is a Final Fantasy Moogle.

No. 26053

"蜂蜜狐ちゃん"? She gave herself another name again?

No. 26056

Seems so.

No. 26067

iirc she had that moogle thing since forever

what the fuck is hachimitsukitsune? google images gave me yaoi manga, food pics and a couple of scene era Kiki photos as result

No. 26068



No. 26070

Honey Fox-chan

No. 26072

rikaikun says 蜂蜜 means honey and 狐 means fox. I know it's a nickname but I thought that honey isn't ~vegan desu desu~ but then again Kannibal isn't vegan either.
I feel like she's trying to make these nicknames catch on so she can drop the name Kiki Kannibal. She would've dropped that name a long ass time ago if it weren't for the fact people only know her as Kiki Kannibal the scene queen. tbh i don't get how she can keep that cringeworthy name, why would you keep a name you came up with in your scene phase at 14?

No. 26075

Probably because her scene phase is the only thing that still gives her fans, she didn't archive anything in life besides her old scene queen status anyways.

No. 26081

true, but she really doesn't like mentioning/talking about her scene phase because I'm sure she's at least slightly aware she was a complete asshole then. It's weird how she acts all love and light but associates herself with her scene phase where she openly acted like an asshole. Even though Dakota still used Dakota Rose then and now, she at least came up with a new nickname to fit her new image and started from scratch. I feel Dakota knew she'd be right where Kiki is now if she just milked any "fame" left from her scene phase.

No. 26084


Thank you guys!

No. 26086


I found amusing Keekz proudly tweeting that japanese people ~recognized~ her for her scene fame. Not for her current works. And I'm pretty sure she went telling everyone

>LOOK AT ME! I'M KIKI KANNIBAL I WAS A FORMER VEGAN SCENE DICK MAGNET QUEEN I INVENTED STRIPES BTW I HAVE A RELATIVE (my fat sister whom I envy and hate for being the famous one now but shhhh I just pretend to love and support her) WORKING AS A MODEL HERE LOOK AT ME GUYS KUDASAI PLEASE

No. 26089

If she really spoke fluent Japanese, as she says, she'd know that 蜂蜜狐 is grammatically incorrect.

random noun + random noun ≠ a name.

No. 26092

Yeah, she did that in Japan where they most likely have never seen or even know about the racist/offensive videos of her, but she doesn't really mention it in videos/on twitter.
I don't get how she fucked up a nickname, it makes no sense in English either. I think it would make more sense instead of a nickname say "sweet like honey and sly like a fox"

No. 26140


It'll never catch on anyway.
New Japanese generation prefer using hirgana or katakana (because FOREIGN, SO COOL) text in their nicknames.

No. 26159

How can she not see how stupid "Hachimitsu Kitsune-chan" sounds? It does't even sound like a name. No one is going to call her that, no one. Because they will feel ridiculous even saying it. A nickname needs to sound more organic and not be as forced. I always find it so embarrassing when people try to give themselves awkward nicknames. I can understand her wanting to drop the "Kannibal" part, because it's goofy as hell, but she just needs to stick to Kiki Leigh or something, nothing else will stick.

She could have at least called herself something like "フニ ホクス" (or whatever the more appropriate transliteration would be, my moonspeak isn't great) because, as other anons have said, pretty much no one uses kanji for nicknames, "foreign" stuff is cool and it makes no sense in Japanese anyway. Even Dakota calls herself "ダコタ ローズ" not "ダコタ薔薇", so you'd think she would at least know this. Though I suppose writing out an English name in kana wouldn't be ~asian enough for our nihongo queen.

A nickname needs to sound more organic and not be as forced

No. 26160

>Referring to herself has "chan"

No. 26161

I had a Japanese friend whose email was "[shortened version of her own name]chan@yahoo.com".
Is it really that unusual?

No. 26162

I think the reason she used kanji is because it's considered harder to learn and she wants to seem more fluent. Also Dakota's not a weeb, so she isn't going to put her name in kanji like Kiki would.

No. 26164


It is.
In Japan usage of pronouns and honorifics in reference to yourself is very restrictive unless the context isn't obvious.

An example being that in English you would normal say "I am cold" right? In Japanese you would just say "samui desu". Straight and to the point.

Over usage of "watashi" gives the appears of you being big-headed and overly concerned with yourself, whereas over usage of "anata" comes across as aggressive, like saying "HEY, YOU!".

Referring to yourself as chan…. urghhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooo.

You just don't do it.

You don't.

Japanese culture and society is all about being polite and reserved. You do a good job at something? You're not the one that deserves to take credit, it's those around you that enabled you to get to that point that you thank. Only other people can refer to you as chan, kun, san etc.

No. 26820

I hate it when she disappears for no reason for weeks, it makes you feel like she is plotting something again.

No. 26822

File: 1417060666105.png (53.33 KB, 587x380, Untitled.png)

Considering these tweets that appeared shortly after she disappeared I would guess she is on a copyrighting spree again.

No. 26827

>I will tell the true owners of the videos.

what video are they talking about?

No. 26830

All her videos seem to be news reports on living dolls and videos exposing scams, so probably either of that.

No. 26859

Reads like Laura Southworth, lol.

No. 26862

That's because her english is bad due to being from Brasil.

No. 26863

She is back on Twitter btw, posting an article about sexual harassment.

No. 26929

Kirsten will always be my favourite cow.

I mean how many other cows can you actually say has directly resulted in the death of another human being? Kirsten is some next level shit and she's only going to get better with age.

No. 26946

I agree and I can't ever see her get scared off like other lolcows; pt, Raven, etc. I really think even if everyone stopped paying attention to her or if she actually managed to become popular again and get actual hate/death threats, she'd still keep going.

No. 26964

I'm surprised Kiki isn't rage tweeting about Thanksgiving like all the other self-righteous vegan assholes. I'm not saying all vegans and vegetarians are like that, but you know how Kiki is.

No. 26970

I was thinking that too. I'm also surprised she didn't hop on the bandwagon and talk about Mike Brown/Ferguson because she's totally not racist guise~

No. 26979


keekz might be really busy with the lolsuit thing

No. 27036

File: 1417189298805.png (17.11 KB, 583x241, 35.png)

Can she finally stfu about buddhism.

No. 27060

File: 1417204509499.jpg (43.42 KB, 591x207, Untitled.jpg)

Yeah… that sounds like someone I would want to follow.

No. 27073


>2. Using an inactive, fake or back up accounts

Does this mean she's going to block all her ~Taiwanese friend~ sockpuppet accounts?

No. 27089

Yeah, pretty much 99% of her followers are inactive accounts. I wonder how many she would have if Twitter decided to wipe all inactive accounts.

No. 27108

It almost seems like she's waiting to either get e-famous again or die of old age, whichever comes first, and she has nothing particularly interesting to offer and like 3/4 of her life still ahead of her. It actually depresses me a bit. I don't get why she can't just try to get into a college or something. Her parents are relatively well off, aren't they? Attention whores, man.

No. 27121

File: 1417230015545.png (28.46 KB, 580x419, 435345.png)

She already made quite a bunch of her few actual fans angry with random blocking people.

No. 27122

I don't get that either. If she's so ~serious~ about learning Japanese, Chinese, basically any Asian language, why doesn't she at least go to a community college class on it? I'm not sure about Florida, but where I I live, it costs $100-$200 to take a 2-3 month language course. If her parents can afford trips to Japan, designer clothes, music equipment, etc, they can afford it.

No. 27124


It involves going outside the house.

No. 27127

True. But this could also be a great way for her to inflate her ego/show off being the only one in the class with designer kira kira clothes, who's been to Japan, who's ~fluent~ in Japanese, etc. She could do that online, but irl, she gets to see the ugly jealous h8erz' faces when she walks in the room being ~angelic, kira kira, and all around better, smarter, and prettier than everyone else~

No. 27129

Anon from fl the only college in central Florida that has Japanese is ucf and classes are around 500 semester.

No. 27132

Woah! That's pretty crazy. But I still think that her parents would foot the bill for it. They're willing to buy her designer clothes, all kinds of music equipment, a trip to japan, etc, when she could literally just get a job and get it herself. She could throw tantrums and tell them she needs these Japanese lessons so she can be famous like Kota. I believe the one anon in the last thread who saw her irl mentioned that she throws tantrums in stores to get her way, but I could be wrong.

No. 27164

She most likely wouldn't be accepted to an actual college though…

No. 27170

As long as you can pay anybody can go to a community college.

No. 27184


Actually I found Kirsten's eBay account last week and I don't think they're all that well off at the moment since she'd sold a lot of if nto all of her equipment through eBay.

No. 27186

really?? Weren't they bankrupt once? They seem like the type to spend money they don't have just so their daughters can impress people/be famous. It makes sense why she isn't making music anymore too, not to say I miss it though. When did she sell all this stuff?

No. 27187


No. 27188

Back then they only were bancrupt to avoid the Danny murder case. They are still living for free in their grandma's house and nobody of the family works at all, Scott maybe and I don't think that the grandma got the best health anymore, she was something around 60-70 when Kiki made photos with her as scene kid.

No. 27189

I dunno how it is in the US, but she could probably take some entry-level plebeian shit courses or get a really basic nametag job or volunteer or something to make her more likely to be accepted, couldn't she?

No. 27193

Poor grandma, she has to take care of/spend all her money on these assholes who don't want to work. Kiki likes to act like she isn't trashy, but literally every single trashy person I know has them and their entire family living with the grandparents and chooses to never work/spend all their grandparents' money. I know she can't choose how her parents decide to live, but she is now a part of the problem, she's an adult, she could get a job and her own place.

No. 27195

She already been to community college and I believe she has already transitioned to UCF.

No. 27300

Can we get a link??

No. 27301

Grandma has been dead since 2013. My phone isn't letting me link but her obituary can be found by googling "Sandra V Tierney". She died in Ocoee FL. If you google "Sandra V Tierney Cathy" you can find that she was from IL and then moved to Florida. Last known residence was with Cathy on Laurel Blossom ct or something in Ocoee.

No. 27309

Yes but I meant an actual 4 year university.

Here in Florida if you complete your associate degree a university has to accept you but I'm not sure if that's how it is everywhere.

No. 27316

So I guess they have a hard time now considering how long nobody of them had an actual job, electricy and gas sure doesn't pay itself.

No. 27318

Pro Tip: google Sandra Vorbeck Tierney Foreclosure

No. 27331


This is actually very sad.

I don't know anything about the grandma, but considering how much Kirsten and Dakota used to broadcast about their personal life, they didn't mention this once? Not even a "R.I.P. granny"?

Does anybody else find it weird that for all the years Kirsten has been in the public eye and all the personal details she releases in a stream on an almost daily basis that they also never mention Kyler?

Do you think Cathy and Scott instructed them not to mention him?

No. 27332


I'm British and I don't think we use the term foreclosure here.

If the grandmother's house was foreclosed, what does that mean for Cathy, Scott and Kirsten exactly?

No. 27334


File Number:
In Re The Estate Of:
The formal administration of the
TIERNEY, deceased, File Number
2013-CP-000982-O, has commenced
in the Probate Division of
the Circuit Court, Orange County,
Florida, the address of which is 425
N. Orange Avenue, Suite 340, Orlando,
FL 32801. The names and
addresses of the Personal Representative
and the Personal Representative’s
attorney are set forth below.
All creditors of the decedent, and
other persons having claims or demands
against the decedent’s estate
on whom a copy of this notice has
been served must file their claims
with this Court at the address set
forth above WITHIN THE LATER
All other creditors or persons
having claims or demands against
decedent’s estate on whom a copy
of this notice has not been served
must file their claims with this
Court at the address set forth above
The date of the first publication
of this notice is May 30, 2013.
Personal Representative:
2142 Laurel Blossom Circle
Ocoee, FL 34761
Attorney for Petitioner:
Post Office Box 771268
Winter Garden, FL 34777-1268
Phone number: (407) 656-1576
Fax number: (407) 877-9166
Florida Bar Number: 263036
May 30; June 6, 2013 13-03286W


What does this mean?

No. 27344

Something along the lines that their grandma took a credit/loan on their house.

No. 27345

Foreclosure=debt enforcement/execution

Pretty much means that their grandma was in dept and her house as well as her belongings should get sold in order to pay that off.

No. 27346

Social Security Death Index says it was March 5th 2013. I wonder what they were tweeting that day…

No. 27347
Looks like Granny didn't owe any back taxes so Cathy to keep the house.

No. 27350

File: 1417382456717.png (141.67 KB, 592x597, ostrengas.png)

Kiki did actually send a couple of slightly soppy tweets, but they basically didn't mention it.

No. 27352

File: 1417382655778.png (15.52 KB, 582x238, 4534.png)

Kiki, only reblogging activist stuff doesn't make you buddhist.

No. 27355

File: 1417383054773.png (276.62 KB, 557x580, 4534.png)

She should stop using Google Translate.

No. 27362


Is this Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary shit? I know there's a big difference between lusting after pretty things and actually being willing to buy them, but if she can afford that, she can definitely afford community college

No. 27363

It is from a collab with the famous japanese tableware manufacturer Noritake, a single cup is 7776Yen.

No. 27371

LMAO!!!! I can't believe she's so stupid that she thinks there's actual bones used in the production of these. Holy fuck, she is dumb, I can't even…

No. 27373

>Bone china is a type of soft-paste porcelain that is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material, and kaolin. It has been defined as ware with a translucent body containing a minimum of 30% of phosphate derived from animal bone and calculated calcium phosphate
>Due to the use of animal bones in the production of some bone china some vegetarians and vegans will avoid using or purchasing bone china.
I did a quick search on it and this is what I got. And it did say "bone china" on the page for the item. Sorry anon, Kiki is actually right this time

No. 27375

Yet she uses asian makeup brands that are tested on animals while bone china basicly uses leftovers, no animal gets extra killed for that.

No. 27376

In that case then, my bad. I still don't get why she makes a big deal about being a vegan when I'm pretty damn sure the makeup she uses is tested on animals and that all the food she ate on that singular trip to Japan had some sort of fish base in it. She's so phony.

No. 27382

I think that's ridiculous too.
Someone on pull said they got blocked because they commented one of her makeup tutorials saying Revlon isn't vegan. I think she just cares about the image of an innocent vegan who will never hurt anyone or anything, but she doesn't like applying it to her life. I've seen her use tonymoly products even though I'm pretty sure it hasn't be confirmed whether they test or not, but they're so かわいい~ she has to have them and share them in her videos even though their products really aren't special.

No. 27387

If they sell in China at all (Think they do) Then they test on animals. Chinese law requires it.

No. 27425

File: 1417426546937.jpg (90.71 KB, 924x553, durh.JPG)

what a bitch

No. 27429


Yeah, I kept thinking "why doesn't she try to get a job working with animals instead of trying to be famous on the internet" until it dawned on me that she cares about animals to the extent of "bunnies so kawaii desu~~ ^___^" but probably wouldn't be willing to actually clean cages/stables or any of that other unkawaii shit

No. 27430

The answer is even more simple; She's not willing to work, period.

No. 27432

we talked about this ages ago.

No. 27450


I guess you're right, but she seems to "work" surprisingly hard at trying to be internet relevant again.

Of course, not hard enough to actually be worth following in any kind of way, but she seems to put a lot of effort into her attention whoring.

No. 27456

In all honesty, I highly doubt she does anything to take care of her own cats other than maybe feed and pet them. Even though she "loves" cats, I can't see her doing any of the unpleasant jobs a cat owner has to partake in. They also have a dog and we all know Kiki would never in a million years walk it or be caught picking up after the dog.

No. 27470

File: 1417462133256.jpg (117.19 KB, 480x609, o0480060913142828247.jpg)

We don't have a Dakota thread, so I'll just post this here:

I'm super surprised that I have seen nothing about this anywhere. She's saying something about dieting or something on this post.

(Can't read moonspeak, but get the jist from Google Translate)




No. 27477

She's not fat or anything but she's definitely not that tiny lol

No. 27488

wait, is it saying that dakota needs to go on a diet? wat.
someone translate this, for the love of god.

No. 27491

In the picture she is saying that she doesn't own a scale or care about her weight, and no matter what she eats she doesn't get fat.
I think

No. 27492

lmao her bulimia says otherwise

No. 27493

I can't translate it all, but anon is right. It says basically that she doesn't do much to keep her weight, just that she eats anything and doesn't gain.

Also, it says her body fat percentage is 13%, so they're making fun of her for being a "man" because it's so low.

No. 27494

i'm really happy Kota started smiling more in pictures. her smile is so adorable.

No. 27500

She's always said this, I remember following her formspring in 2010 and she said the same thing when someone asked.

No. 27502

Dakota doesn't have bulimia, just an unhealthy died.

No. 27503

She used to abuse laxatives to lose weight. Don't know if she still does though

No. 27505

There is no way that she is so tiny. Does anyone remember that video when popteen models were wearing bikini and Dakota was the only one who was constantly covered with a towel and when her video was taken she was only showed from her shoulders to her head. And then in the next video it was shown how skinnyfat she is.

No. 27506

People carry their weight differently, anon. Maybe she has most of it in her midsection while her arms and legs are thin

No. 27507

…but bulimia is puking your food out everytime, not using a wierd diet.

No. 27510

Abusing laxatives can permanently fuck you up, it's not a "Diet" And any type of "purging" behaviour comes under bulimia, not just vomiting.

No. 27511

At 5'3" and sub 90 pounds she would not have any excess weight anywhere on her.

No. 27512

Why are all the women (minus kiki) hiding their face with their hand?
Are they self conscious of the shape of their face? Just find it odd, cause ALL of them are doing it.
Is that a normal thing? Curious, sorry.

No. 27514

Do you even know what someone looks like at 89 pounds?

No. 27516

Yeah, she's about 15-20 pounds underweight at the weight/height she claims, or even more if her body fat percentage is 13%. Healthy for women is around 25% and athletes tend to be in the 16%-20% range. She would have very little bodyfat if any, and if it were all concentrated in her stomach area, her limbs would be literally skin and bones. If she was covering up anything at a photoshoot, it was visible ribs or something.

No. 27518

Those kind of magazines lie about the weight of their models all the time anyways, just remember how her measurments on Bravo always change.

Whatever, Dakota talk is usually in >>98

No. 27519

I've seen a few people doing it, so I guess it is relatively normal? I suppose it's to do with their small face/"v-line" obsession.

No. 27520

File: 1417472912422.jpg (222.53 KB, 480x640, swankiss.jpg)

Apparently it is considered cute besides hidding chinlessness, the staff of the Swankiss shops do it like the whole time.

No. 27522


To be fair guys isn't Dakota like a midget? It's not unreasonable to be such a weight at such a height.

No. 27524

40 kg is pretty damn low for 162 cm.
And 162cm is in a small range but not really midget range.
Also I am pretty sure she (or the magazine) is lying about her weight.
When I was 15, I was around 162 cm tall, weighted 44 kg and I was literally skin and bones, hardly any body fat at all.
I saw those bikini pictures, she looks she is around at least 49-50 kg

No. 27535

All the other on the page are smaller in size but heavier which is likely super fake. I got a friend who is around 45kg and while I agree it's stupid to compare weight, she's way skinnier than Dakota.

Except if she's lost weight in the meantime, I think she got quite the tights in her denim outfit (she was a judge at something, I don't remember much). Just to clarify I don't think she's fat but in my opinion she's clearly lying out of her ass by saying that she's so tiny and eats whatever she wants. If that was true she would have been like that all her life and she lied before about her measurement to get scouted (oh i grew a foot magically over the summer)

No. 27646

There is no. way. in HELL she weighs that little or has that low body fat %
Just.. comparing her in any popteen photo to any of the other models is proof enough.

No. 27697

File: 1417535847295.png (12.66 KB, 577x134, 3453.png)

Oh Kiki.

No. 27700

We already know, Kiki, because it's coming back to you now.

No. 27706

Kiki's rage tweets serve as a nutritious breakfast that I cannot begin my day without.

No. 27711

And of course she is so self-absorbed and narcissistic that she doesn't see the irony in posting stuff like this.

No. 27742

It's annoying how every tweet Kiki makes are literally only to help herself look better or an attempt to get h8erzzz to stop like >>27697. She never tweets about anything interesting or anything fun she's up to at the moment, we know she never does anything fun but she could lie about it. It's always stuff like:
>"look at this awesome Sailor Moon thing I wanted to buy but I realized it wasn't vegan and I'm such a dedicated vegan so I'm not going to buy it~"
>compliments she made up but claim other people gave them to her
>"h8erzzz i kno ur jealous of me bc i'm soooo much better thn u but u rlly need to be nice 2 me bc ~karma~ but i can still be a bitch 2 u bc i'm ~vegan and perfect~"
>"look at how much i care about animals and the planet~"
>"I'm super intelligent and can speak every asian language fluently after one week of studying desu~."
Has she ever once tweeted about idk, going to the beach or something? Or even at least actually playing a video game, music she enjoys listening to, or something? You'd think this ~g4m3r gurl~ would tweet about video games she's playing at the moment (other than zelda ~~~elf princess~~~ or final fantasy) or a super serious musician would share music she loves.

I know it will never happen, but I'd love for her to get actual popularity in China, Korea, or anywhere that isn't Japan. She'd hate it so much, she'd hate Japan too but she's too weeby to admit it. If she's serious about being ~environmentally friendly and vegan~ she will hate china and constantly complain about it. But then again, she'd probably just act like China is the most environmentally friendly and vegan place in the world like she did with Japan. I don't get why she picked Asia of all places, I know Kota got fame there and she thinks she can too, but Asia don't give a fuck about vegans.

No. 27754

I wonder if she is only aiming for japan to out shine kotex, or to be near her cause she misses her.

No. 27756

It would be nice if it was the latter, but I'm sure it's the former. Remember that tumblr ask she answered and said that the internet doesn't bring real success even when Kota had a modeling contract due to it? That's one big sign that Kiki really isn't happy for Kota being successful. And it doesn't really seem like Kiki even visited Kota in Japan or talks to her. Kiki refuses to talk about Kota because she can't stand everyone fawning over Kota instead of her.

No. 27761

Plus she blocks you if you mention Dakota at her IG in comments.

No. 27962

Seems like her trying to sue somebody doesn't go anywere, otherwise there would be some news from a person getting a notification that they are getting sued.

No. 27998

too bad kiki doesn't seem as naiive and approachable as other lolcows, such as pt, chris chan, and foreverkailyn; i can't see someone being able to just talk to her and get all kinds of dirt out of her, she's way to paranoid. but maybe she'll reach a point where she's so lonely, she'll talk to anyone about anything.

No. 28002

She said that way before Dakota even made her kotakoti tumblr in 2011. I remember cause I followed both before during that time when Dakota only had 8,000 followers of twitter (I assumed they were all fans of Kiki. Kiki had about 23,000 if I remember).

So yeah, it had nothing to do with Dakota, because it was said during the time that Kiki was still the popular one.

No. 28012

Oh, my bad then. I read it on her old tumblr, but I never paid any attention to the time it was posted.
It still doesn't really change that Kiki doesn't seem happy for Dakota and her success. No one is allowed to talk about or acknowledge Kota to her, if you try to, you're going to get blocked. Kiki rarely ever tweets to Dakota or acknowledges her, and when she does, it just seems like she's using Dakota to get attention. Have we ever seen Kiki actually congratulate Kota for an achievement? I don't think I ever have, granted I wasn't around when they both were closer

No. 28024

>i can't see someone being able to just talk to her and get all kinds of dirt out of her

If someone catfished her as a cute guy they probably could. I remember a few years ago she got uncomfortably close to a member of efagz's boyfriend over tumblr. I think he was a musician/in a band or something, this was when she was in her "I can play five different instruments" phase, rather than her current "I can speak five different asian languages" phase. So posing as something like a half Japanese dude or rich white guy living in tokyo would probably yield best results now.

No. 28028

I didn't know about that, did the boyfriend/girlfriend leak any dirt? You could probably still get with her if you're in a band, she's still into the idea of dating a guy in a band from her thing with Jack Cash and looking at the guys she flirts with on fb. I don't know if I could really pull off cafishing her, but it could be interesting. I get the feeling if someone did catfish Kiki as a hot guy, it would be a lot like ptnr's catfishing, tons of nudes, sex talk, asskissing, and feeding her delusions. Kiki and pt are almost exactly alike in their behaviors; they're desperate for a guy to like them, delusional as hell, and don't like hearing honest opinions of them/advice on what they should do.

No. 28048

I think part of her narcissism is that she doesn't seem to want to talk to anybody because they are below her. I thought someone who knew or knew of her irl said she had no friends and was only ever with Dakota. She wants to play up being a celebrity or something, meaning she gets tons of attention without ever having to interact with anybody.

No. 28057

Not that I know of. It was just generic Kiki fanfiction about herself, as far as I can remember.

No. 28075

She had a good amount of friends other than Kota actually, but they were only ones she felt were equal to her, aka other popular scene queens. And apparently, she never really went out with Kota because Kota was stuck at home, shooping their pictures.
Unless this person was talking recently, Kiki definitely thinks she's too good with this vegan, fluent asian language speaker, buddhist, etc, persona she has at the moment. I feel it's a mix of paranoia and narcissism, as she also seems really scared h8erzz are going to kill her if she even leaves the house.

No. 28079

File: 1417664127582.png (360.69 KB, 372x493, calmyourshoop.png)

Woah man just visited her blog. Who the fuck does she think she's fooling with this shoop job? She looks like a baby prostitute.

No. 28087

Not trying to be rude anon but, here.

Probably didn't see it.

OT: I don't think Kiki is fool enough to fall for a catfish. She seems like the type to be very cautious on who she speaks to. Or at least she will be now since its being talked about here.
Being a public imageboard is a double edged sword sometimes. People get info about lolcows but, lolcows know of anything suspicious that might go on.

No. 28095

Yeah, even though I was the one who brought up the topic of catfishing, I personally don't think I could do it. Even though she is one of the shittiest lolcows, at least out of the ones I know of, I still feel somewhat bad for her and the other lolcows. Kiki may be a shitty human being, but at the end of the day, she's still a human being. And I personally feel for her since she's all alone, afraid to leave the house, and seems to really going off the deep end because of it.

I am being really hypocritical though, because even though I feel sorry for her, I'm still entertained by her and her antics, I just can't stop watching.

No. 28100

and her current "friends" are magical asian spiritual entities sending her (non)vegan shinto buddhist kundalini-friendly sparkly foods lol

No. 28104

I get it, I couldn't do it either. At the end of the day we are still human. She is too (though she comes off as a shitty one sometimes…)

I think if I did try to befriend one of the lolcows I'd probably end up not following up here. Though, I would like to be friends with them just to know what the hell goes on in their heads without the their filter in a public space.

No. 28112

Same, unless they did something really fucked up. Like if they were scamming people or something.
I've considered messaging Kiki plenty of times, because I feel she does need a friend, but I'm way too private and wouldn't like all my sites and messages being screencapped. Also, I could see her just ignoring me because I'm not a hot guy, or even a guy at all, or internet famous person she could leach off of.

No. 28125

I think she will most likely ignore you unless you kiss her ass so much it becomes sore.
Tbh, I tried talking to Kota and never expected an answer in the first place. I'd expect the same from Kiki. I think a lot of people from here have tried at least once with at least one lolcow. I still get tempted to try but, idk with Kiki, I'm kind of scared she'd put me in her weird suing folder.

No. 28128

Man, if I had the time, technical know about and will to have my nose so far up her ass I see her brain, I'd do it.

Fuck her feelings, she's a stanky bitch. She stalks and bullies other girls all the time.

But yeah, unless you could pose as a hot Japanese musician or someone who could get her more fame/money/whatever, she probably wouldn't pay attention to you.

No. 28132

I've heard Kota has answered some people in the past, but I can't see her doing it now for good reason, she seems like she has a lot going on. I can't see Kiki letting anyone anonymously message her ever, so chances are, you'd end up there. If you don't, by some chance end up there with her, she'll try to send her followers over to send you hate like she did with that one girl recently(wasn't she literally just trying to help Kiki with Japanese? lol). Also it would be really sad to get ignored by Kiki because we all know she's glued to her computer/phone screen all day and has nothing better to do/no one to talk to.

I can see why people would spread all the dirt, even though I personally don't see myself doing it. A lot of lolcows are very frustrating to deal with. One thing that I've noticed about them that really bothers me is that in a lot of conversations people have with them, they never even bother asking about the other person or pretending they care, but they expect gifts, praise, etc from these same people. A lot of these people seeking dirt, have to deal with this and more for months, so I can see why they would vent their frustrations.
If you do decide to catfish her, you can use "Jun"/euthanizeallwhitepeople's pics, haha

No. 28153

I've contacted Kiki before and she did reply. It was after the Rolling Stone article was published. I was already following her on MySpace and Stickam, but after reading the article we seemingly had a lot of life stuff in common. So naive me, I thought Kiki and I could be friends or something. I sent her an e-mail telling her a bit about myself and why I wanted to talk with her. If I remember correctly, she was very sweet with her response. She did ask for my YouTube or Twitter account (I guess to confirm that I'm not a hater/stalker). I didn't use either one at the time, so I sent links to websites I did use. I never heard back from her again. Sometimes I wonder if I could've been that friend she so desperately needed then, and still needs now. I'll look around my e-mail account to see if I've still got it.

No. 28167

That's really strange, I wonder what she did with your info. I feel like she and Cathy probably keep tabs on anyone and everyone who come into contact with them. Do you ever get paranoid she kept your info and still checks on you to this day?
I will say, your encounter with her is much better than what I've heard other encounters with her were like. When she was selling that crappy jewelry, she manipulated a bunch of girls into buying them by pretending to be their friends, listening to them talk about their problems, and saying all kinds of sweet things to them. When they finally bought her crappy jewelry and they complained about the stuff coming broken, she refused to give them refunds and made fun of them.

No. 28176

>She did ask for my YouTube or Twitter account (I guess to confirm that I'm not a hater/stalker).

It was probably to see if you were ~e-popular enough for her to deign to speak to you or leech some attention. As another anon said, she likes to think of herself as some kind of hot, famous celebrity who's too good to talk to "commoners", but they must kiss her ass while she ignores them. Which is pretty sad and delusional because there are 15 year old nobodies who do nothing but post dumb selfies that have more social media followers than her.

No. 28178

I can't imagine them wasting their efforts by keeping tabs on little ol' me. I wasn't really a threat to her or her family. That thought has never crossed my mind though. Maybe I can find the e-mail on her archive? Lol. I capped it for PULL last year, but the images on that board have since been deleted. But yeah, she was actually really nice. I kind of got disappointed because she sounded slightly interested in talking with me, and then didn't respond.
I remember that "Kouture" drama! The "company" Lovebites and Bruises started drama. and the EmoJackie thing that never really got cleared up. Good times.

That could be it. I was fairly well known on Stickam (one of the links I sent her), but definitely not e-fame status. I hope her chakras and third eye and what-have-yous all align, so she can finally see the forest for the trees before her young-adult life passes her by. You'd think with all the studying of eastern philosophy she does, she'd be more apt to go out and enjoy real experiences in the fresh air.

No. 28207

Her Twitter followers suddenly decreased from 21.7k to 21.6k.

No. 28219

Probably Twitter deleting bot accounts

No. 28230

I think it would have been decreasing more if this was the case.

No. 28292

It's back up to 21.7k
She be lurk'n

No. 28299

Do they ever do account clears?

It makes me wonder how many snowflakes that buy bot followers would lose like half their followers haha.

No. 28305

Still 21.6 for me.

No. 28339

File: 1417799863555.png (83.8 KB, 569x151, Untitled.png)

Huh, that's weird. Wonder why you're getting that.

No. 28340

Seems like it changes all few hours, now it is 21.7 for me again too. She is probably loosing followers with all her bs but then makes new accounts to replace them, meaning her followers are something 21690-21700.

No. 28374

Paying a company to make a shitload of bot accounts to follow you is a new kind of sad. I wonder how many followers/fans Kiki would have, minus the bot accounts.
Most of Kiki's fans grew up past the scene phase and are normal now. Poor Kekz.

No. 28385

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking.

No. 28386

File: 1417819808923.png (114.23 KB, 1196x686, fake ass bitch.png)

Here you are, everybody. As suspected, her followers are mostly inactive.

No. 28393

= 5859 real followers. I could believe that one.

No. 28417

I don't think she pays anyone for that, don't forget how often she makes accounts to compliment and whiteknight herself, she got lots of free time to do that herself. Not to mention that Scott did some programming for companies before, making a software that creates accounts via proxy to auto-follow Kiki isn't hard.

No. 28459

File: 1417877408257.png (7.48 KB, 570x112, 353.png)

Doesn't Kiki realise that she sounds like an advertisment spam bot with posting only those "vegans are better", "non-smokers are better" and PETA bullshit articles?

No. 28460

By now everyone knows smoking is bad. It's like posting articles about AIDS being bad.

No. 28473

She literally copies the headlines from Facebook's Trending column :O
I wonder if she knows how PETA feels about her pets and how they murdered all those dogs?

No. 28525

I am pretty sure she knows because she blocked people before for showing her proof about BS regarding the articles she posts. It's not like if she actually would care about animals anyways, special considering they both seem to love Liz Lisa clothes while they always use rabbit fur.

No. 28532

Kiki most likely doesn't even pay any attention to what people tell her/say about her. She already has it in her head that she's right about anything and everything/ The second she sees someone say that she's wrong, it's an instant block, she doesn't even bother listening to why she may be wrong.
And well, they live in Florida so there wouldn't be much of a need for a coat there. But I do find it ridiculous that her and a lot of vegans say they don't eat dairy/eggs because they don't want to support the meat industry, but a lot of them do buy clothes and stuff from companies who sell/produce items made of fur/leather. I get it's a little hard to find places that do not support animal products at all and sometimes products will claim they're cruelty free when they're not. But don't act like you're so perfect if you won't put the time and energy into researching 100% cruelty free options and if you're not willing to sacrifice things in order to be 100% cruelty free. I don't have any issue with Kota using cruelty free stuff, eating non-vegan stuff, etc, because she doesn't constantly preach about it and act like she's perfect/superior for it, Kiki does.

No. 28700

>Then they test on animals. Chinese law requires it.
China changed their laws after Europe banned the sale of products tested on animals, they don't require it anymore because fake human skin is cheaper anyways.
She is dumb either way.

No. 28869

File: 1418083255125.png (54.27 KB, 634x435, blocked.png)

Seems like she blocked jrcach! He is such a dick lol

No. 28874

he is, but i can't say that i didn't laugh really hard about it.
i'm surprised that she checks the tag, she gets fuming mad when people even mention dakota, unless someone talks about how she's better than dakota and how she should be the famous one.

No. 28925

File: 1418096323852.gif (34.32 KB, 240x200, hurr.gif)

She probably can't even read what he said. I be she blocked him simply because he hastaged dakota.

No. 28926

She doesn't block everybody that hashtags her, she probably used Google Translate on that.

No. 28929

Jrcock may be a dick but for once, he speaks the truth

No. 28930

The only time I'll ever agree with JCrotch Rot.

No. 28938

but wasn't Jrcock asslicking her a couple of months ago?

No. 28942

Not months, few weeks ago he still did that but it seems like he got angry because she never replied to him after that single time some months ago.

No. 28955

I contacted her within the last few months and never got a response…I was trying to befriend her but I guess I wasn't kawaii enough.

No. 28975

Maybe Cathy checks the tag and told her?

No. 28979

didn't consider that. i just feel like that family,especially kiki, has a lot of animosity towards dakota now. nothing was ever said/done to my knowledge, but dakota doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with that family and they stopped mentioning her/copyright claiming pictures/videos of her.

No. 29006

There is this guy posting Dakota's videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/YoungMonsterish/videos. Their previous channel with the same content is gone because of copyright issues. Not sure if the Monstrengas claimed copyright.

No. 29016


Damn I was hoping to keep that youtube channel a secret, I guess the Monstrengas already found it.

No. 29027


Use something other than youtubes and post the link here. Youtube is such a bitch when it comes to frivolous stuff like that.

No. 29030


holy shit that boogie summoning shit is so gross
worst part is Dakota is only following in Kiki's footsteps which may directly mean that Kiki ruined her internet reputation lol. she was a nice kid, she just wanted to be cool.
i'm super happy that Kiki is the bitter delusional sister and Dakota the cute gaijin gaaru

No. 29034

She once tweeted about david bowie or something, but it was like 2 years ago lol

No. 29039

i'm pretty sure she said that he'd be proud of one of her tacky outfits, not talking about his music or anything.

No. 29060

so kawaii kira kira desu

No. 29063

Now she is reblogging body positivity stuff while she herself still insults girls for dressing slutty.

No. 29072

I kept thinking they were drinking that hard lemon-aide stuff

No. 29102

She's obviously picky, especially with girls. We're probably better off not being kawaii desu friends with her honestly. I mean what good could come from it? I did want to be her friend, but ultimately I just wanted to get in her head and find out how she actually works. Maybe she sensed that since she's an empath lol.

No. 29106

I feel like now shes only going to make friends with Asians, especially Japanese people, because you know, Asians can do no wrong, they understand her ~kira kira kawaii desu spiritual buddhist raw vegan ways~, and the can help make her famous in Asia somehow. Us ugly, baka, jealous, h8er gaijin will never understand or even get the pleasure of even being acknowledged by her, as she is the TRUE sugoi kawaii intelligent nihonjin queen of asia~

seriously, I feel like if Kiki ever got to live in Japan, even for like a month, she would pull a kanadajin3 and act like she's Japanese and that it's her true heritiji

No. 29110


JRCock bullied her and her sister bawww~~

but obviously she blocked him quietly and didn't send her fans after him or made text walls about it because he is nihonese

No. 29113

I also forgot to mention it. I was on her instagram and I noticed a lot of people, particularly Japanese speaking people, were asking her if she lives in Japan now. It's most likely her asking that question using sockpuppets or getting people to ask it so she can act like she lives there like she did when she "went" to China and Japan.

No. 29128

Kiki has never had a friend in her entire life. Cathy raised her to believe the whole world is The Kiki Show and everyone else is just a bit part. She wouldn't have the first clue what to do. She doesn't want friends anyway, she only wants fans, or people she can use to elevate her status.

I doubt she even wants to be friends with asians, she just wants to use them to make her look like a nihongo crystal toukyou goddess and to try and raise her profile in asia.

No. 29129

I dunno, I doubt she's quite deluded enough to claim she's actually biologically part-Asian. I see her just talking about how it's her ~spiritual home land~ and constantly Tweeting about made-up compliments from Asians/modelling agencies like Koota used to.

No. 29149

kek. Sounds like she's pulling a valeria lukyanova who thought she had a ~spiritual home land~ somewhere in Central/South America. Even went to visit there, I think.

No. 29150

Yeah, Lera went on for a while about something something Mexico, but Kiki would never pick such an in-kawaii spiritual home land.

If Kiki ever gives up on trying to out-success Dakota at least she has a fair shot at out-crazying Valeria

No. 29151

Un-kawaii*, f u autocorrect

No. 29171

>Kiki has never had a friend in her entire life. Cathy raised her to believe the whole world is The Kiki Show and everyone else is just a bit part. She wouldn't have the first clue what to do. She doesn't want friends anyway, she only wants fans, or people she can use to elevate her status.
True. I think if she were to get a friend, they'd have to be the "ugly" friend, like Kota was to her. Why I said they'd have to be Asian earlier is because, other than for fame, she's only "learning" the Japanese/Chinese/Korean to show off, she'd only use this "friend" to show off her ~asian~ skillzz. If she knew an east Asian, particularly Japanese, person irl, I could see her posting billions of videos of her just speaking Japanese to them, I mean she basically already does this with text conversations.

At least Kota was kinda realistic about the compliments, I just remember her saying everyone tells her she looks like a doll, which imo, is kind of a normal compliment if you're going for that look like Kota was. One of Kiki's most ridiculous, which is hard to pick because there are many, fake compliment, is when she said that someone told her she's like a mix between Time Burton and Final Fantasy. I've actually heard that comment once, but it wasn't to describe a person, it was to describe a video game. Being told you look like a doll is much more plausible than being told you're a mix between Tim Burton and Final Fantasy. (Also I find it funny Kiki gave herself plenty of Final Fantasy related compliments bc Kota used to get that all the time on her tumblr)

I wish Kiki vlogged her stay in Japan, I would love to see her bitchface when she didn't see anyone coming up to her for her autograph, pictures, people bowing down to her, giving her compliments, etc.

No. 29214

can someone explain me why she shoops her forehead to make it bigger? I have a babyface and a huge forehead and i hate it. it makes me look like a child. why does she want a big forehead?

No. 29219

Because it is popular to have a baby head in Asia since a while.

No. 29251

File: 1418281088933.jpg (44.93 KB, 236x1023, l_c3fa36ee188e6018f61b856b9777…)

Seems like she had some type of "friends" (whether superficial or not) before she got super MySpace famous. I wonder what happened to them.

No. 29253

Kek. Poor Koot had to fight to get into the shot.

No. 29263

Were these pictures taken before they were taken out of school? I feel like being taken out of school really stunted Kiki. She has this idea that everything is about her and that she's different and special from everybody else because she hasn't really had to be around a large group of people on a daily basis and the only people she does deal with daily coddle the fuck out of her. Kiki gets all kind of criticism on the internet but she can just ignore and block the ~h8erz~. If she wasn't taken out of school/put in a situation where she has to deal with people on a daily basis, she would've been forced to actually deal with/listen to criticism, the consequences of her actions, and realize that the world doesn't revolve around her.

No. 29274

File: 1418312822319.jpg (34.76 KB, 500x388, kiki-kannibal--large-msg-12009…)

She even had some friends when she was Scene, Hilary Haywire who she stalks now thinking she is also one of the people running her hate sites, lol.

Why the friendship ended? Because of hair, Hilary got zig zag hair after a while and Kiki attacked her saying she got a copyright on every kind of hair with stripes, now that former friend is a famous alt porn star known as MyCherryCrush.

No. 29276

File: 1418315642276.jpg (23.31 KB, 599x337, BNstdbGCEAA5NWa.jpg)


They were taken after.


kek, Hilary is too busy running her own fucking business to stalk her, that fucking ego man.

Hilary is a total qt now too, way hotter than Kirsten could ever hope to be.

No. 29307

She's somehow gone from looking way latina to looking really white. Like nordic. Wtf.

No. 29310

Probably because she was outside a lot when she was scene. Now that she makes porn at home she hardly goes outside anymore.

No. 29345

1. funny considering all animal rights activists hate that stuff because they disturb animals and harm their eyes
2. yeah, right, that's why all you do is stalking your "haters"

No. 29346

File: 1418335645243.png (106.01 KB, 577x475, w.png)

dropped my pic

No. 29361

OMG! She's been linking to lolcow like crazy!

No. 29363

There is a crazy fight between kiki and stickydrama going on right now on twitter!

No. 29364

So…it seems she still thinks lolcow is some sort of archive site or w/e? If so, it's hilarious how we're right under her nose and she still doesn't know. I wonder how long it will take her to twig?

No. 29365

Stickydrama actually started the fight! It's been going on for an hour!

No. 29366

Oh wait, I just read the twitter exchange. Looks like her print screen button is going to be on fire tonight lol.

No. 29372

I can't work out exactly what's going on, but it seems she believes sticky is behind lolcow?

No. 29374

Sticky posted this: https://twitter.com/stickydrama/status/542853339617054720
and kiki just went apeshit

No. 29381

Holy fuck, she tweets the shit she wrote for a screenshot to every single one of her followers.

No. 29382

Thanks! I wasn't paying enough attention and got that @Soomka person mixed up with Sticky. Kiki is accusing them of "stealing" her archives and uploading them here, I can't see the first part of the conversation, but it looks like they might have snitched to Kiki about lolcow and had it backfire on them? Idk, I suck at twitter.

No. 29383

Yeah the girl @soomka seems to have deleted her initial tweet. I was to late to the party to be able to read it as well. I am wondering what she said ^^

No. 29384

File: 1418344573019.jpg (73.88 KB, 264x278, 2urbi2v.jpg)

It's nice to see yet another long overdue Kiki meltdown. She's been way too quiet the past few months.

No. 29385

I doubt they 'snitched' on lolcow, given Kiki's reaction. Perhaps just questioned why she was linking it?

Looks like Kiki deleted a tweet too since the girl sent a second reply. Eh.

No. 29386

File: 1418344622272.jpg (85.47 KB, 669x414, followers.jpg)

Slightly OT but I remember us talking about it a while ago. You can see the exact amount of followers by hovering over the followers count.

No. 29388

She is so stupid, you are considered a teenager 13-19 because of the "teen" in the numbers, you don't stop being a teen until 20.

No. 29392

If Kiki already knew about lolcow, I'm surprised she linked to it on her twitter. Given how she never linked or named PULL, even when she was freaking out over it. Most likely for fear of her few remaining fans finding out about it.

No. 29393

Well, she only seems to know about the lolcow archive because it got linked at quite a few places, she doesn't seem to know at the forum part or otherwise she wouldn't have been that stupid to link any part of it.

No. 29394

*about the
I wonder how long this will go on this time, her followers already start to question her because of all the screenshots she keeps since years.

No. 29398

That's what I thought, but then she referred to lolcow as a "hate site". Unless she literally only found out when that other girl asked why she was linking it.

No. 29399

Considering how stupid she is she probably calls everything that "steals" her pics as hate site.

No. 29401

File: 1418346773830.gif (766.09 KB, 244x180, vrwodvY.gif)

This is what the internet was made for..

No. 29403

File: 1418347527001.png (13.56 KB, 578x89, kek.png)

I can't wait

No. 29407

File: 1418349237949.jpg (382.68 KB, 1024x1325, B4noBXcCcAAioMX.jpg large.jpg)

He even posted proof of her talking about her dead ex's dick in relation to the court case.

No. 29410

The print out with notes on them…are they even legit evidence? Or more bullshit kiki has ass pulled?

No. 29411

They are actual screenshots from things he wrote but Stickydrama is known for his sarcastic humor so it doesn't mean anything.

No. 29423

I'm really late here, but it's really annoying how she's going on and on about how sticky stalks 15 year olds. Um, Kiki, you're not 15 years old anymore, you're an adult now.
Kiki really needs to grow up, I remember saying shit like that when I was in middle school. All she needs is a smiley face at the end.

No. 29439

are holiday lights and LEDs vegan?

No. 29442

…are you serious? They are just platic but they still disturb wild animals.

No. 29447


They literally make birds go insane and crash into windows. It's like the lights make them go into seizures with all the different colored blinking bulbs.

No. 29449

Can somebody please screenshot the series of tweets kiki made about chris stone and lolcow, and post them here? I'm on a phone that isn't mine and idk how to screenshot in it.

No. 29452

>because you stole my files and posted them to the hate site archive. It gives me quick, easy access - thanks >:)

kek Kirsten, trying to play it off as if her little stalking shrine being outed was of benefit to her.
We all saw how she suddenly shut up for night on 3 weeks and sent her website into lockdown in an attempt to prevent it. Don't lie, you were devastated and humiliated and I would be too if I were you.

No. 29453

>Easy acess to it

She would have had even easier acess and a web promotion if she kept it on her own site, stead she's promoting lolcow

No. 29459

Oh my God, she is such a joke. Honestly how can she ever hope to achieve e-fame after she does all of this shit? Hasn't she embarrassed herself enough yet, good Lord. The second hand embarrassment I feel is ridiculous.

No. 29460

And suddenly Dakota is talking to her again.

No. 29461

Well, she did have e-fame long ago, back in her myspace glory days when being a narcissistic asshole was considered cool so she could get away with it. Unfortunately for her, she doesn't have the social skills to be popular with the happy smiley youtuber new generation.

So sad she's already a washed up hasbeen at the age of 23.

No. 29472

>StickyDrama ‏@stickydrama 12h12 hours ago
>@mmmkikikannibal lol Keekz, do you really want to bring each other's MOTHER into this? Because I assure you, I'll have the most ammunition.


No. 29473


i bet keekz is tweeting herself from kota's account again.

No. 29477

She needs to find a hobby that isn't the internet.

No. 29485

Kiki doesn't have any access to her accounts since ages and the original tweet of Kiki is because Dakota has to go home soon because her visa needs to be renewed or something like that.

No. 29494

But wasn't it proved that Kiki actually made that account of Dakota or something?

No. 29497

…no, you are thinking of Kiki's Dakotanyan IG account.

No. 29500

Kiki vs Stickydrama part 2 is going on since 35 minutes.

No. 29503

I love how her few real followers start to leave since she started the stickydrama fight.

No. 29510

File: 1418413049999.png (13.21 KB, 583x100, 3234.png)

She lost it, the Rolling Stone article about her rape totally doesn't exist.

No. 29511

Oh! Okay, my bad then, you are right

No. 29524

I don't blame them. She preaches all this shit about how mature she is, how she thinks people should let go of the negative and be all about the positive, how you shouldn't let h8urz get you down, etc, but gets into arguments on the internet with said h8urz. A lot of them were telling her that she's better than this, that she should focus on the positive, etc, and she completely blew them off.

>"you showed my rape report!!!!1!!!"

>shows the face and name of someone who is actually being raped
I'm sorry, but wouldn't someone who's been raped be sensitive to this stuff? She would at least block out the girl's face and name. On top of that, she's going on about people sticky "raped/molested" and giving out names and their "stories." Also, she gladly shares all of this stuff, she doesn't even seem the least bit disturbed by it because she keeps spamming twitter about it. I mean, I've never been raped, but I'm freaked out by dead things and gore. If I was trying to prove that someone was brutally murdered, I wouldn't post a picture of their dead body, I would post a death certificate or an article about it from a credible source. Why is this stuff even relevant to Kiki anyway? This isn't an argument about stickydrama, it's an argument about her. A mature person would just post actual proof against what the person is saying about them, or just ignore it, because they know who they are and have nothing to prove to anyone.

No. 29544

They suspended Stickydrama's Twitter.. we should work as a team to do the same to her…

No. 29545

What would be the reason of the suspension! Harassment? But she's responding back to him? Even unblocked him just so he could talk to him again.
Dis bitch…

No. 29546

She has been slandering him all night and day and posted spam messages and sensitive information lets report her too.. im sure thats what she did to him

No. 29547

This is a picture of rape.
Perhaps we could report it as being sensitive for Twitter. We can start with that. I already did.

No. 29549

No. 29550

No. 29552

Because she can't see straight anymore. She's filled with so much rage for Stickydrama, she's saying all she could to slay him. And that means using personal information of other rape victims for her gain.

No. 29553

Man, this girl's fuckin sadistic. Reported.

No. 29554

No. 29555

That dude with the fake Twitter follower count and who bought wing clips from her shop Lilkitten is cheering her on https://twitter.com/ZACCYTWEETS/status/543549404574384129

No. 29556

That kids a faglord.
Did Chris really get sued, or is this more crap Kiki made up to back up her story?

No. 29558

There is a Alyssa Backlund vs Christopher Stone case.

No. 29559

Reported her for being an evil bitch posting that poor girls rape pictures to prove a point. Fucking asshole.

No. 29560

She's posting about lolcow as we speak :P

No. 29561

Sticky just posted this. LOL

No. 29562

File: 1418429763387.png (151.15 KB, 1152x694, kakeke.png)

Oh hai Kaka remember the treasure trove full of your stalking screen shots? Remember Adrienne?

No. 29563

She took down the tweets we reported.. something to hide?

No. 29564

No. 29565

File: 1418430451141.png (250.95 KB, 629x800, Screen Shot 2014-12-13 at 00.2…)

You sent your lawyer screenshots of an anonymous message board? Wow, that's definitely going to come to something. Yep.

She's going full retard.

No. 29568

She got reported because she posted pics of the rape victim with the victim's face showing. Don't twist it, bitch.

No. 29569

Her lawyer has got to be so sick of her by now.

No. 29572

I remember in that video about sexual assault and rape she made, she said something along the lines of, "When I was raped, I never came out and talked about it. I had people talk about it and post about it for me." You're doing the exact same thing to this girl. Do you think she wants all this out? Do you think she wants herself and other people to remember it? This is why I can't believe this "rape" story of Kiki's, who the fuck does that? I don't know the full story, as to why sticky posted the rape broadcast, but why bring attention to it if you're against that? She won't bring attention to anything he said about her, mostly because she knows what he's saying is true and he has evidence to prove it, she has to bring other people down who aren't even in this argument.

No. 29577

File: 1418432082518.jpg (47.5 KB, 578x415, dfgjj.JPG)

And since she learned to blur the girl's face for her site and deleted the tweet of the rape victim. I screencapped the tweet if you wanna add it to the archive or whatever.

No. 29578

Yeah, she never came out and talked about it, that's sure why he gave The Rolling Stone a sob-story about it with quite a few pages.

No. 29579

File: 1418432180832.jpg (73.42 KB, 598x479, image.jpg)

What rape victims wish that their rapist had a bigger dick? @SabrinaRErdely's rape victims, that's who.

No. 29583

Bitch don't know sign language omg

No. 29585

I already feel sorry for Dakota, because of certain japanese 2ch users they already start to talk about her sister's crazy there, I hope it won't affect her job.

No. 29586

File: 1418433748888.png (262.32 KB, 500x322, dt.png)

Girl really is getting obsessed with lolcow.

Anyways, there ain't nothing you can do honey. It's a Chan. These things are ridiculously hard to take down, and even if you succeed, another pops back up in it's place.

No. 29587

Really? I hope it won't either, if it can affect her. Kota isn't involved in any way shape or form. It's not like Kiki would ever think about how her insanity would affect Kota. She would have a blast if Kota lost her job.

No. 29588

Probably is jrcach because he is still mad at her for blocking him.

No. 29589

>Btw hatesite trolls, slander is verbal and libel is written. You can't libel someone with screencaps of their own posts/ their own words.

Ahahaha how fucking ironic is that, coming from her?

No. 29591


Isn't just that more or less doing the same thing Keekz was reported for, though?

I mean it's not like any of us would get banhammered or something but it's kinda shitty for the victim.

No. 29594

I was unsure of posting it because of that, but I figured it's just in case Kiki tries to backtrack and act like she never did that.

No. 29603

I think I was blocked? I don't understand because I've never have said anything about/to her? I think i've looked at her profile like once in my life. I follow dakota though nothing to do with drama is that why? The fuck?

I missed a lot, this is sad.

No. 29604


I suppose it's slightly different posting it here or on the archives where probably 100 people maximum will see it compared to posting it on twitter with 27k followers (or 10k followers and 17k sockpuppets).

No. 29606

The irony is palpable. Holy shit.

No. 29607

Here's an html code for a widget of her tweets, including her replies.
Just post it on your own private page then just refer to that page whenever you feel like reading her silly tweets.

No. 29608

No. 29609

I figured the picture was already in the archive because I'm pretty sure it was in Kiki's creepy stalker archive and like you said, not many people would see it. And my intent on posting it was to document Kiki's hypocrisy, though, I understand it is pretty hypocritical for me to post it too. I'm not trying to bring this girl down like Kiki basically was because there was literally no reason for her to bring it up in the first place. She could've just defended herself with actual evidence instead of bring a bunch of other people into it.
If anyone else thinks it's wrong for me to post it, I apologize and you can take it down. Because I'm not really sure if it's wrong either, I'm not trying to make the victim feel bad or anything, I'm trying to make Kiki feel bad for bringing the victim into it, if that makes sense.

No. 29619

but I see a lot of japanese people adding -chan to their usernames so isn't it common?

No. 29620

File: 1418450098772.png (558.86 KB, 1331x393, Untitled.png)

Why does it say she doesn't have any followers..am I blocked? I still can see her tweets though O.o

No. 29628


Buhahahaha this is pure gold. Kiki you can try to shut us down and claim we are bullying you. That we are slandering your precious name but there us enough evidence to prove you are a hypocritical lying two faced bitch. You can gladly sue me for this statement once you stalk me for my personal information.

No. 29630

do you have a pull account per chance? if so, is your pull username the same as your twatter? i think she was blocking everyone who is from pull but idk

No. 29632

File: 1418453956849.gif (460.52 KB, 250x182, 5consbar2_e0.gif)

No. 29635


So buddhistic and emphatic and compassionate. As expected of our kira kira toilet mars honey purinsesu

No. 29637

Also, is anyone else disturbed that Kiki ad Cathy were watching a girl being raped on stickam and their first instinct is to print out pictures of it?

No. 29650

I think it's a print out of a Stickydrama post rather than the live stream.

No. 29653

Oh, sorry, I've never been on stickam. Don't get me wrong, it's questionable too for him posting it on his site. But it's more questionable for her to see it and immediately print it out, not to try to report it or anything, just so she can keep it later to use against sticky in an argument/court. With the way she kept asking him why he never reported it makes me highly doubt she even bothered reporting it as it was happening. Sticky seems to be the more logical? one of the two, Kiki only ever goes on her word and posting irrelevant shit to make the other person in the argument look bad, I don't think he's lying when he says that you can't report someone/something you're not directly involved with. I mean it sounds silly (not saying it isn't serious though) to call the police over something illegal happening to a completely anonymous stranger in an unknown place.

No. 29657


Fuck, it's been removed.

Can anybody tell me what was in the video?

No. 29659


Is she blocking people now?

Oh lol, she will never find my account to block since I'm haffu and only post in Japanese, and we all know how desperate she is to be accepted by people like me.
I only wish I was back in Japan so I could get a thread going about her on 2ch.

No. 29664

I believe she was talking about how she got a fever after having sex with a dude with an STD. So. She has STDs I guess.
Does anybody know exactly what/who she was talking about?

No. 29667

Somebody needs to message Sticky and invite him to lolcow.

No. 29669

She changed her boyfriends like underwear but judging by the hair it was somebody after Danny.

No. 29673

It was jake crunkwolf

No. 29674

According to this anon >>29585 people are already discussing dakota's sister on there. Kiki may let go of Japan when she finds out Japanese people aren't all kawaii sugoi creatures who will understand and worship her.

No. 29676

Really? Because they broke up a couple of times and between that she always met with other dudes.

No. 29704

He said at PULL that he will get his account back soon anyways, he knows already about lolcow and if he wanted he would already write here.

No. 29706

Hot my hands clasped in anticipation of round 3.

Even more juicy now we know she's actually reading all of our comments lol

No. 29707

I do but it isn't the same name exactly, I feel bad for people who may actually be following her, probably going to get blocked haha

No. 29709

I posted to PULL inviting him back here, but it's up to him whether he accepts the invitation or not.

Also did you guys know that PULL has blacklisted the words "slut", "whore" and that trying to type cunt automatically changes it to "vagina"? My fucking sides man, I thought that place would get better after they axed OC but it's actually gotten worse, what kind of shitlord SJW mods do they have in place now?

No. 29710


That place doesn't deserve him.

Also I want his HD, god knows what kind of treasures he has hoarded on there.

No. 29711


Say his names 3 times and he shall appear…


No. 29712

OMG anon, my sides are lost forever because of this. Seriously, I realized PULL was complete and utter shit around the time OC was mod and started the "muh boobs" argument on the Jessic Nigri thread (I started posting like a week prior and abandoned it for good), but this is a whole other level of fuckery. Sucks because back in the day the original PULL still had some sort of relevance, but now it's the new home of the SJWs and snowflakes.

No. 29716

That's because of freeforums itself, not PULL.

No. 29717

No… it wasn't. The only thing freeforums ever did was force the removal of things that belong to Kiki, which wasn't mentioned in either of those posts.

No. 29718

File: 1418504911188.jpg (70.64 KB, 797x394, dsadas.jpg)


No. 29719

Seems like he isn't the only one that got banned, I miss lots of posts and users at the Twitter stream mentioning her.

No. 29720

I know Apple added a bunch as joke before she left for the first time.

No. 29723

vulgar language is not allowed

No. 29726


Just because they say it's not allowed doesn't mean there are mandatory wordfilters.

What it means "Hey, you can use whatever kind of language you want, but if somebody kicks up a stink about it, at least we have our asses covered legally because there was a disclaimer you agreed to when you signed up that said you couldn't use that kind of language".

Do you even legal.

No. 29728

>somebody kicks up a stink about it
Do you even snowflake?
They try everything to get PULL deleted and since Kiki's shitstorm the site got only one strike left until deletion and the most stupid thing would be to violate the host's rules being in this bad position with them.

No. 29730

She has been silent since almost 24h, I imagine her now sitting with her mom crying at a lawyer trying to convice him to do something, lol.

No. 29731

Either knowing how to use the word since is really fucking difficult for ESL people or Moemo posts almost constantly. Seriously, sort it out.

No. 29732


>do you even snowflake?


I mean you like, totally took what I said and reassembled it in a manner you thought would injure me emotionally. I'm like, so wounded right now.

And no, Freeforums isn't going to delete an entire forum on that basis, but they may discreetly issue a warning towards the sites moderator.

You really don't know much about how site moderation works do you?

No. 29734

>You really don't know much about how site moderation works do you?
If you don't want too believe me you can ask the PULL admins/mods yourself.

No. 29735

Who cares. Either way, PULL is still the scum of the earth.

No. 29736

No. 29738

… What?

How is me googling anything going to sort out other people's shitty English?

No. 29739


Read the bit at the bottom.

You wanted "for" in that context, anon. Saying "Since 24 hours" is wrong. Or you could have said "Since -whatever time it would have been yesterday-"

No. 29740

If you guys could stay on topic
That'd be great

No. 29741

I only wanted to show that is common. Many ESL never learn that "since" isn't used for the duration of time because of the "since" equivalent of their own language.

Whatever, back to the actual topic.

No. 29742

File: 1418508913594.png (10.95 KB, 123x118, follow.png)

Still dropping.

No. 29764

File: 1418517450164.png (77.45 KB, 773x442, dumbass.png)

Lmao look who, after having come here several times and made a fool of herself, is telling one of us farmers to "go back to lolcow", so priceless.

Uuuh we're so feisty, aren't we?

(not Lesbian Warlus btw)

No. 29813

did she lose like 5k followers??

No. 29823

the way kaka is pronounced, it means shit in french
sry i just want to add this info into this thread because it describes it

No. 29824

isn't she one of yukapon's whiteknights? i can tell just by looking at her icon that she wants to become a kawaii aidoru desu

No. 29825

i laughed

No. 30046

I love how predictable Kiki is, everytime she digs herself a hole she hopes that everyone would forget about it with her disappearing for about a week.

No. 30061

lol she's fugly

No. 30082


She disappears and then comes back spouting some vegan Buddhist bullshit. I dunno why she even tries, we know she is cray cray.

We have discussed how many of her followers are just bots or inactive. I wonder how many people are actually tweeting her about the sticky drama "drama". If they are actual people or Kiki on another account.

No. 30083

I think the 2-3 male ones hope to get into her pants with this.

No. 30084

She's beyond a joke, she has no actual fans.
She probably knows it too.
There's no option except to go full retard and she's going for it.

No. 30227

No. 30244


What a stupid bitch…really Kiki…really?

No. 30245

I wonder how her twitter account hasn't been suspended yet? Like I'm seriously curious.

No. 30249


I think Kirsten and her family have a way of making themselves seem more important than they really are.

Even with Tumblr they actually managed to take it all the way to the managing director.

No. 30251

I doubt they come off as important, but they are persistent and that pays off. I can imagine Cathy being on the phone for hours to get something pulled off the internet.

No. 30252


I am curious how her twitter hasn't been suspended. Or she was able to get Crowd Gather, Twiiter, Youtbe, etc to listen to her and her false claims. It's complete BS. Maybe the bribe people or have connections? It pisses me off and should be stopped.

No. 30253


youtube* herp derp

No. 30257

The reason why she uploaded these is because she actually posted a post about the rape on her website… its on the front page: http://kikikannibal.com/
which brings me to my second point..
man that website sucks! It takes forever to load since shes busy stuffing it with shitty pics of herself

No. 30260

Actually it takes forever to load because she added an IP tracker to it.

No. 30319

I don't waana go to her website, can admin add it to the lolcow archive?

No. 30367

I'm just curious how she managed to get her Twitter verified in the first place. That's usually held over for REAL celebrities & bands.

No. 30384

File: 1418824123655.jpeg (24.16 KB, 436x145, screenshot-twitter.com 2014-12…)

says the pseudovegan

No. 30388

I think you need to prove that there are too many impersonating you?

No. 30401

Besides that all her and Dakota's Liz Lisa stuff uses real rabbit fur, hence, Dakota even models their real fur products now.

No. 30402

Funny how she suddenly tweets again right after Stickydrama got his account back.

No. 30421

File: 1418845131432.gif (491.7 KB, 226x200, Cog5VKJ.gif)

She's acting like nothing happened.

I want them to fight some more.

No. 30446

File: 1418867696773.png (9.44 KB, 578x105, 46345.png)

She is retarded, skinning animals alive would ruin the fur and comparing people that wear fur to child molesters is…yeah.

No. 30448


That it runs the fur is a myth. Animals being skinned alive is something that indeed occurs on disgustingly grand scale, particularly in the case of animals such as ferrets and rabbits where you can make a single cut and then pull the skin off of it in one go like a sleeve with the animal still alive and in absolute agony.

Kirsten may be a tard but to deny that this actually goes on is stupider and a massive insult to the animals that are actually suffering right now, and if you don't believe fur can be harvested with the animal all breathing you should look up how angora fur is collected.

No. 30449

I don't deny it but because she is way too much into believing those staged PETA videos that almost look like splatter movies.

No. 30465

Twitter's faq says they reach out to "notable" people in the media that have accounts so people know the said account is actually them. You can't apply for it.

I also learned that if her account gets reported enough and she gets enough dings against her she can permanently lose her verification.

No. 30467

Errbody hit dat report button

No. 30473


Funny thing some months ago keekz had a tweet rampage about kota and her tree-hugging work ethics lol


>molesting defensless children

yeah, hope she's not referring to herself

No. 30489

>yeah, hope she's not referring to herself
of course Kiki is referring to herself, when has Kiki ever given a shit about someone that isn't her? tbh, I feel like Kiki still thinks she's a young defenseless teenager/child, in the stickydrama war she kept going on and on about how he bullies 15 year olds. Gurl, you're not 15 anymore so saying that isn't relevant just like how you think people bringing up the shit you did in the past and never apologized for isn't "relevant."

No. 30588

File: 1418935899780.png (636.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-18-12-50-35…)

Can we just talk about this for a minute. (And how satisfying it is to see the truth.)

No. 30589


That's not her account, it's got two lls on the end.

No. 30605

>Hello I Kiki
>Me 21 years old

An obvious fake account? I'm not sure where you're going with this, anon.

No. 30653

File: 1418970141660.png (518.97 KB, 1089x528, posture.png)

>Anterior pelvic tilt is a posture problem that affects almost anyone who sits a lot. Practically, your butt sticks out and your gut protrudes. Because this is a musculoskeletal issue, no amount of fat loss will get rid of that gut. - http://www.swolept.com/posts/fixing-anterior-pelvic-tilt-posture-tricks-to-make-your-butt-and-gut-smaller#.VJPDiABrA

>sits a lot.


No. 30738

>Weakened/Inactive Muscles
>Glutes: These are your main hip muscles which basically make up your butt.
We all knew Kiki has no ass and she just claims she works out and has a really toned one, this basically confirms it.

But there is also a chance she could not actually have it, I know of a lot of girls who will constantly push their back in and ass out so people will think they have a big ass. Kiki already seems like one of those girls with all the ass shoop and stuff.
Speaking of ass shoop, dat ass shoop on the 3rd pic, it also looks like she shooped her legs too. They look like she just drew an outline of what she wanted her legs and butt to look like and then filled it in a lighter color. Also I remember in one video, she was going on about how toned she was and how she works out all the time, not just on her ass. You can tell that girl isn't toned at all whatsoever, she's just skin and bones basically. If she actually does work out, she's probably not getting any protein from that vegan diet of hers. Which, I'm not surprised by, other than just being skin and bones, she's in her early 20's and she looks much older than that.

No. 30763

File: 1419005129523.jpg (264.34 KB, 500x819, bbycakes.jpg)

i used to think she had a big ass ha

No. 30817

File: 1419021624284.png (8.4 KB, 580x78, 3532.png)

I bet if Twitter would start doing that she would throw a fit.

No. 30833

It's so gross when you realise her dad probably took that picture

No. 30879

Shit is going down again on Kiki Twitter…

No. 30880

she uses her tripod to take her pictures remember her myspace said so or was that dakota? lol she's a minority

No. 30881

UH oh… kiki started shit with feminists and gets in trouble for talking about racism..

No. 30885

And now she spams cat retweets to distract people from her bullshit so they don't unfollow her.

No. 30887

File: 1419044934068.png (25.12 KB, 586x361, 453.png)

Oh Kiki but you are doing that all the time.

No. 30888

File: 1419045268329.png (56.01 KB, 573x573, 453.png)

People call you white trash because you are white trash, that's not exactly racism because everybody calls you that every since you started whoring out yourself at MySpace, it's like claiming calling a redneck redneck is racist.

No. 30899

It's funny how this bitch thinks she should be the one preaching about racism, pic related.
All I'm going to say is that racism is an oppression system, white people are seen as the superior race everywhere and they have never, ever been enslaved like every other race has. You can be prejudiced towards a white person, but you cannot be racist towards one, you fucking idiot. It really shows how sheltered she is when she tries to spout these opinions because all Kiki knows is her own little world, I doubt Kiki is even allowed to be friends with anyone who isn't white, especially those scary black people, unless they have something to offer her.
Tbh, I'm really going to doubt she's ever been put in that situation. Hasn't she always lived in safe, white, (upper) middle class suburban areas? This sounds like something that would happen in a movie tbh. As someone who lives in Baltimore, one of the most, if not the most dangerous cities in America, I've seen plenty of shit go down, especially racial fueled shit. In my experience, no one brings out weapons like knives just because they don't like someone for being white, and if they did, they would've stabbed her or cut her already. The only times I've heard of knives like weapons being pulled out is when someone is trying to steal something, they feel like the other person really fucked them over, it's gang related, or the person is wrong in the head. I highly doubt you've been any of those situations Kiki, especially in school with all the school shootings and stuff that have happened and are still happening, most schools would take precautions to stop those types of things from happening, and I highly doubt ever in your life you've come across those types of people who would do that unless you went to a school in a low-income area that's for people with dangerous minds. Sorry if I'm rambling and this is incredibly ot, I'm just saying if someone who lives in Baltimore city hasn't seen this type of shit go down, I highly doubt Kiki has in her middle class white suburban areas. I'm sure Kiki probably was called a white hoe, but that's just about it, and it most likely wasn't for no reason like Kiki is insinuating.
I would love to see Kiki react to the more safer areas in my city, if she shits herself and gets pulled out of school over being called a white hoe, imagine what else she would get terrified about. Kiki seems like the type of person to completely avoid black people because they ~so scary, racist, and violent~ towards our ~kira kira princessu desu~

No. 30902

File: 1419050928619.jpg (20.25 KB, 594x100, 345678.JPG)

Also, I'm looking through here https://twitter.com/search?f=realtime&q=mmmkikikannibal&src=typd and shout out to borderlinefemme, she was pointing out that Kiki is just pulling all this shit out of her ass, very civily. And I'm sure right after this tweet, Kiki being Kiki, decided to go through her twitter to find some incriminating stuff, post about how she's racist against white pp!!1!! :(((, and block her, lmao.

No. 30908

i agree with her on this, just because sj people have created their own definition of racism to fit their "white ppl are the mayonnaise devil!!" agenda doesn't make it correct. but really she's one to talk with her ching chong nip nong shit. she legitimately is white trash and she's only brought it on herself lol.

>white people are seen as the superior race everywhere
>they have never, ever been enslaved like every other race has
i guess you're being hyperbolic but it just sounds like some crazy broad generalizing. maybe in america sure, but there were plenty of "white" slaves in old timey europe. hell the word slave comes from the slavic peoples because they were enslaved. they're not exactly "people of color." i agree there's definitely institutional racism in the us, but that doesn't mean the definition of racism is suddenly different for whitey.

anyway sorry for shitting up the thread with this garbage.

No. 30910

>i agree with her on this, just because sj people have created their own definition of racism to fit their "white ppl are the mayonnaise devil!!" agenda doesn't make it correct. but really she's one to talk with her ching chong nip nong shit. she legitimately is white trash and she's only brought it on herself lol.
I agree with this too, but she herself is racist so that's why I'm criticizing her.

I meant as superior as most people see them as the most desired/attractive race. Almost everywhere light skin, light hair, light eyes are commonly seen as the most desired features. Not to say that people who aren't white cannot have those features, it's just not that common. I remember seeing, I think okcupid?, do statistics based off of the races who get the most people trying to talk to them, and whites were at the top for both men and women and blacks, particularly black women, were rarely even talked to. I apologize for the generalizing, I tend to do that a lot and I'm not thinking at the moment. I definitely do agree that it's mostly the us, that has issues with racism.

I probably shouldn't have brought up this stuff in the first place because I'm not the most articulate or knowledgeable on this topic, so I do apologize for being like Dakota's sister and talking about something I'm not educated on.

No. 30911

She's also kind of right on the "white trash" aspect except that she calls it racism when it's really classism.

I've never understood why US Democrats are so fine with making fun of white trash and rednecks when it every other country those demographics are usually the core voters for left wing parties.

In the UK you could never get away with insulting poor people in the same way that you can in the US. Guardianista idiots like Owen Jones even defend chavs and pikies.

No. 30918

That's funny cause I seem to recall from the sceneie weenie days that she was pulled out of school because she got beat up by a bunch of girls, I guess for being such a vapid bitch back then. However I could be wrong, I try not to think about the days of shit tier music and ugly hair. I think she bragged about it and made racist remarks about how is was predominately Hispanic at her school, too. Never mentioned a knife.

No. 30933

File: 1419078467952.png (18.59 KB, 568x298, lol.PNG)

I'm going to invalidate other peoples feelings so that I can talk about ME and MY feelings but I want everyone to heal I'm so nice haha kira kira desu

No. 30935

File: 1419079011988.png (15.43 KB, 540x181, keek.PNG)

spams her Twitter with cat pictures after having a conversation about it

No. 30938

>Almost everywhere light skin, light hair, light eyes are commonly seen as the most desired features.
These aren't white features, or even that uncommon in people who aren't white. Light hair isn't that desired, light skin is desired in some places because slaves and workers are known for having darker skin, and light eyes aren't considered top-tier attractive as much as they are just a cool novelty.
I get what you're saying when it comes to the US, but I wouldn't try to talk about global issues related to race, anon.

No. 30939

>I've never understood why US Democrats are so fine with making fun of white trash and rednecks

Because rednecks and white trash are usually from the south and usually Christian and ignorant. Despite being a party for rich people, they are also a party for people who love God and hate gays and immigrants, so even the poor people tend to side with them. Democrats are pretty much the opposite but do the same thing. Until Christian values, gun control, and immigrants are no longer an issue, poor, ignorant, uninformed people will continue to be swayed by their emotions.

No. 30944

You need to leave and take your shitty, ignorant opinions with you.

The word "Slave" Comes from the word "Slav" As in Slavic people. In case you didn't get the memo, they're white. Just because America's history only goes back 500 years doesn't mean the rest of the worlds is the same. You're clearly ignorant as shit about anything that ever happened outside the US. (Never mind the fact that a significant percentage of slaves during the American slave trade were white.) So don't talk about it. Shut up.

No. 31034

File: 1419097666012.png (177.63 KB, 576x523, 21421.png)

Oh Kiki, I still remember all your shoots with ~vegan faux fur~ from China. It's not like if it was hard to feel the difference between faux and real fur because real fur is atached to animal skin aka leather, if you squish the fur you feel a hard base different to faux fur that is woven fabric.

No. 31047

File: 1419100599506.jpg (8.33 KB, 184x184, 122983465290.jpg)

Your grammar is atrocious, ho.

Don't mean to hop on the shit wagon, but please, go pick up a history book before you start discussing topics you obviously have no knowledge about.

No. 31055

File: 1419103459970.png (541.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-20-13-53-33…)

I dunno where to begin with the bullshit she is sprouting now. The fact she says she has empathy for people who are abused or the crappy stained print outs she is posting to document she isn't a liar. As well as documents to prove the incidents she was "bullied" at her school. Truthfully the document from the school board looks fake. If it isn't fake is she allowed to post documents with sensitive information or slandering the school? God she is annoying as fuck.

No. 31057

I worked for a few years at a mcdonalds in the south and was the basically the only white girl at the whole place, all the staff was more than wonderful to me, I didnt experience any problems in fact I thought they were ueber nice to me.. maybe if you act like a stupid cunt you get treated as such.. don't blame it at your skin color.
But again, just as Kiki's claim this is just one scenario and shouldn't be used for generalization. Just my two cents :P

No. 31058

This girl is nuts.
She thinks she can always prove her side with a creepy screenshot.

Her follower count is down by 30 since I last checked.

No. 31112

she's starting to sound a little like asha these days

No. 31219

Kiki is attacking stickydrama again..

No. 31221

Can a bunch of us just make fake twitters and tell her to shut the fuck up?

No. 31225

Eh i was considering the same.. but even her few real followers already told her to stop with the annoying tweeting and she ignored it.. doubt it will help.
For a person that's supposedly all about positivity there sure is a lot of negativity on her twitter..

No. 31226

Obviously shes in stalker mode again. creepy

No. 31235


It's pretty obvious she is stalking the PULL forums.

No. 31412

I found the part of her video about red flags with boys where she gets angry to look pretty genuine. All her vids about japan and stuff are so cringe and forced, but i feel like she is actually herself for a moment in that one

No. 31504

I agree too, I think that's the most genuine video she's ever made. She stayed on topic, didn't make every single little thing about herself, and she didn't try to sound foreign/exotic.

I don't think she's genuinely interested in Japan. Why didn't she ever talk about cultural experiences there? In the video on why she decided to learn Japanese, she never talked about being interested in aspects of the culture, the food, or even just the pop culture. She's only interested in Kota's friends, fame, and hypothetically dating a Japanese guy.

No. 31553

That's because she believes her own bullshit

She is on a spamming spree on Twitter again, this time "Omg, ALL my boyfriends raped me!"

No. 31559

I am tired of Kiki playing the victim and spreading more bullshit. We need some social justice an show bitch is lying. Pisses me off she is taking it so far and that people are dumb enough to believer her.

No. 31560

Her recent replies to people sound like if she was trying to find otu stickydrama's adress to send him some hitman via the deepweb.

No. 31561


Yeah I know, stalker much? Maybe we can report her for stalking behavior. Jesus we need to do something to shut this stupid cunt up.

No. 31562

Ha she got rid of some tweets about tracking down Strickydrama but guess what I managed to get a screenshot before she got rid of them. Nice try ya psycho.

No. 31563

I have a favor to ask of lol cow. I would like to get Kiki's twitter suspended. In order to do this I believer many many people would have to report her. If you have a twitter account can you report Kiki. It would be good for it to be the same thing. I said harassment because she has been bugging the piss out of Stickydrama. Let's get her account shut down.

No. 31566

Don't think verified accounts can be suspended by just reporting. Have to email twitter.

No. 31710

File: 1419209084565.jpg (37.75 KB, 386x219, letthefollowersdrop.jpg)

Love how much her follower count dropped. She doesn't even respond to her followers tweets anymore, to busy spreading hate!

No. 31712

File: 1419210380457.png (114.13 KB, 577x355, 32324.png)

And stalking us, hi Kiki!

No. 31713

File: 1419210630393.jpg (64.62 KB, 583x507, takeslolcowadvice.jpg)

You know that pisses me off.. She slams us yet takes our advice!

No. 31715


>a favor to ask of lol [CENSORED]

hahaha fuck

I fucking love how she mentioned stickydrama but cut out the sentence about why that anon wanted her reported for harassment. This is actually pretty funny.

Also, bitch needs to take a break from e-stalking and charge her fucking phone. Actually, I think taking a break from the internet is probably the best thing she could do for herself. I mean, a lot of people who don't even obsess over "hate sites" and e-fame still take breaks from the internet now and then.

No. 31716

What the fuck does this chick even do with her day? Just prowl the internet to see who's talking shit? Who even is she other than Dakota's sister?

No. 31718

File: 1419212658048.jpg (17.18 KB, 160x240, malnourishedkeekz.jpg)


Yes. You hit the nail on the head there.

She's an ex-"scene queen". There was a lot of drama around her when she was scene (she has an ED page all about it) but basically scene died, her fans grew out of their phase and her sister became the famous one, so I guess she just went batshit crazy not having anyone to kiss her ass anymore.

No. 31719


(also I know it's a picture for ants, etc, sorry)

No. 31721

kiki and other lolcows always complain about us "hate sites" but tbh we give them the best advice they ever get bc everyone around them enables and never criticizes them. if it weren't for our h8er advice, less people would like them, they'd get actual hate/harassment, and they wouldn't get as much attention. Kiki would be completely irrelevant if it weren't for us, we're the only ones paying attention to her and the 5 people who like her would've been long gone without us telling her to acknowledge them and stuff.

i was re-watching her most recent vids and she looks like she hasn't been getting any sleep; she looks awful and her eyes have really deep bags under them. i get why, she has to constantly worry about how a bunch of random strangers on the internet perceive her and what they're going to post about her. which is why she really should get off the internet and just delete everything, "bullying" will never stop, especially on the internet where people can be anonymous. once you post something on the internet, even if you delete it and it's hard to find, it's still out there forever for anyone to talk about it or interpret it. the only solution to this is acknowledging, apologizing for, and changing your actions or just getting off the internet entirely. all shes doing at the moment is fighting something she will never win with.

No. 31722

This so much.

Honestly with the way things are going,I think she should just step away from everything. Like, disassociate herself with that "Kiki Kannibal"-persona or whatever, reconnect with the real world for a bit, wait for maybe three or four years before stepping back into the internet, and maybe (if she's ready by then) repackage herself as just an average beauty blogger or something and see where life takes her from there.

No. 31723


Buhahahaha that was my post and I am cracking up at the fact she posted it on her Twitter but left out the name of the website and I said she was harassing StickyDrama. I am going to laugh when Karama catches up with her.

No. 31724

Besides… why are her ss always from her cell?

No. 31725


lol @ her Tweeting Ashe Maree/Ixnay on the Oddk.

Doesn't she hate sex workers? She obviously has a personal bias against them because I've seen her talk trash about them in the past and even not so long ago when tweeting at this girl who was a sex worker but openly displayed her dislike of her.

No. 31726

i love how she cut out the reason and censored the name too, lol. kiki, here's some advice, it's really telling you know we're right about you when you are hiding all of this stuff. for example, when jonah hill was filmed calling that paparazzi guy a faggot, he didn't try to hide it or get it completely removed off the internet. love him or hate him, he went on tv, acknowledged what he did was wrong, apologized, and i think he even had the clip show on tv. even kota acknowledged and apologized for her actions(even though it was a pretty bs apology). i know kiki will never do this, but i'd gain so much actual respect for her if she did.

i don't even get why she won't get rid of the name at all, it sounds stupid and cringeworthy, especially with how mature she looks. and it's associated with so much negativity which isn't what this new persona is all about.

she does, her username was yourlittlekitten or something like that, who yes, she did take inspo for the name of lilkitten from. this girl and her nudes are in kiki's creepy screencap collection just for telling her that native americans aren't indians. i'm assuming kiki is planning on taking her into court and showing the courtroom her nudes to prove why she's a shitty person and a bully who deserves to go to jail for daring to tell princess kiki she's wrong.

No. 31727


P. sure karma caught up with her a while back.

She's a visible ageing Z-list nobody, ex-scene queen of drama with a lengthy history failed relationships + a death of which she and her family have been implicated as being heavily involved with who now spends her days babbling about space-veganism, cats and how the world is stalking her/out to get her (but it's really just one person k) whilst hoarding what must be thousands of pages of what is actually useless "evidence" (although surprisingly accessible since they manage to dig through it quickly to post to Twitter when need be), rotting away in Florida whilst her previously ugly duckling sister who she openly bullied is away living Kirsten's dreams being a reasonably famous kawaii as shit model, and for fucking Popteen no less, walking catwalks and doing shoots for various magazines every week. I mean, she even got her purikura, she really hit the big time? And I'm pleased for her too, Dakota is sooooooooooo much more relatable and likeable.

But really, it's the fate she's spun for herself, and she knows how bad it is, she just hasn't accepted it yet.

Honestly if you didn't know who she was or her history you'd assume she was a schizophrenic.

No. 31728


Yeah but there was another sex worker girl she was shitty to on Twitter.

Like, the language she used was REALLY passive aggressive, saying stuff to her a long the lines of "Well I wouldn't expect people in YOUR line of work to understand this".

It was vomit-inducing, especially considering Kirsten only ever got to the position she did in her scene days through photographically whoring herself out, albeit barely clothed (with the exception of the nudes).

You can tell she really thinks she's above sex workers, and I bet it makes her blood boil that Hilary is a sex worker now but is making bank and is arguably more well known now as MyCherryCrush than Kirsten ever was.

No. 31729


>i don't even get why she won't get rid of the name at all

I know exactly why.

I used to have Tumblr account with a fairly sizeable following that went into the thousands, however a long the way I acquired a stalker who at one point was making me legit fear for my safety and no matter what I did I couldn't rid him.

What I liked about the Tumblr was that because of my follower count, when I wanted to make a personal post, people actually read my posts and listened, and through this I felt validated and acknowledged.

I was loathe to abandon that connection to the world, especially at a point where I felt isolated and alone.
Even I bit the bullet and deleted it, losing every follower in the process, but I moved onto a new one and regained my anonymity in the process. Now even though I only have about 132 followers and most of my personal stuff goes largely ignored, I'm actually happier.

I think Kirsten is terrified of losing this pseudo-connection she's built up (I say pseudo because we know a lot of her followers are paid fakes) because she knows IRL she's a nobody who has nothing, and her Twitter account is the only way she can possibly cling to a remnant of her past from when she was actually "known" and actually liked by people.

If she started again she would have nothing because girls like her on the internet are a dime a dozen.

She even tried starting a Tumblr account over on lostcauselobotomy.tumblr.com with like zero references to the name kikikannibal and her shit always got a pathetic amount of notes. Nobody knew who she was and nobody gave a shit.

She's an addict.

No. 31730

Yeah but doesn't Twitter let you change your name without having to delete your account?

No. 31732

charge your damn phone kiki

No. 31734


Yep but I don't think she's ready to give up the "mantle" of kikikannibal since it's her last tie to any fame she might have had.
Her entire identity at this point is merely "kikikannibal", not Kirsten Ostrenga.

No. 31735


Very true but it just grinds my gears even though karma has caught up with he, she can be so self righteous and act like she is so damn important. Maybe she is in denial about her past and how she or maybe she is just mentally ill but even still she manages to get underserving sympathy. Not to mention she makes people look like some evil monsters when she is the monster….that just isn't right.

No. 31736


Addicted to the attention. Such a shame because she could be someone if she left all this shit behind

No. 31739


Same fag here. Just give it up Kiki. You can put us and StickyDrama in a bad light but you will have to live with the guilt of what you have done. People will learn the truth and give you less attention, and you can't blame us, Sticky or even Daniel. It will all be on you. Keep whining and bitching how you are the victim and you can never do wrong but this will catch up with you, in fact it somewhat really has as stated in >>31727.

Go ahead and get mad I posted this. In fact I dare you to screen cap this and post it on your Twitter. You can't do shit.

No. 31748

i don't know about that one, i just know of littlekitten and hilary. she was shitty to littlekitten too, it was incredibly uncalled for and she was insinuating lk was uneducated because of it. she was like "being educated and learning about things is really handy when you need to tell haters off," even though kiki literally copied and pasted from a website and accidentally left the source link in her reply to lk.
it's ridiculous how against sex workers for what you said about her whoring herself out and because she sleeps with basically any guy she finds attractive instantly. she's just like pt, she can dress as provocative, sleep with anyone and everyone she wants to, and still be a pure maiden desu, but when another girl does the same, she's a slut.

i get that, when i was 17, i used to have a tumblr, that wasn't very popular but i did get attention/asspats from it. i was acting like a huge autistic lolcow and was talked about briefly on a thread, so i just apologized, immediately deleted my tumblr, and asked for the thread to be removed. i just still don't get it, after i was shown how much of an ass i was making of myself, i took their advice and changed quickly. kiki still acts like one, even though she reads all the constructive criticism we are giving her. i'm starting to think kiki does this stuff on purpose because negative attention is better than no attention in her book. i mean, if i wanted to be an e-celeb like kiki does now, i'd just start fresh, acknowledge the past when asked about it, listen to and consider all criticism given, and focus on making high quality content, which is what kiki and all public figures should be doing. kiki wouldn't even need to delete her persona, she could just publicly apologize and make an effort to change or even just forget about what people are saying and focus on making good content. if she put all of her time and effort into her content, a good number of people would forget about what an asshole she is for a bit and enjoy her content.

No. 31763

kiki, since i know you're reading here, you should really listen to our advice here. if it weren't for ~anonymous h8erz~ "stalking" me on ~hate sites~, i'd be just like you and everyone else discussed on here. after having people be honest with me for once, i completely got off my computer for a while, started leaving the house more, and started being more productive. and kiki, you really need that more than ever. myself and i think a lot of other ~h8erz~ would love to see you get better and actually do something worthwhile with your life, it's much so much better than spending all of your time on the internet paranoid about what people are saying about you and how they perceive you. i mean, you're obviously not happy and have no idea who you truly are at the moment. it would greatly benefit you to get off the internet, spend time working on and finding yourself instead of trying to be like kota. i was watching your videos on japan and just by the tone of your voice and body language, i could tell you weren't actually interested in japan and you don't have to be. but in your japan vlogs, you immediately perk up when you started talking about the cats/cat cafes and all the attention you got. why not volunteer with animals, work for an organization to help animals, etc? you obviously do love animals and i feel you'd be much happier being proactive in helping them than trying to be like your sister.

idk, i know she isn't going to consider or even read what i wrote, but i really do hope she will.

No. 31802

She went back talking about her rape the billionth time.

No. 31842


kirsten be like

>bawww no one's allowed to talk about MY rape, it's MINE

No. 31855

But can we take a moment to ponder how utterly pathetic her tumblr was? She literally tagged photos of herself as Kota, with her own name there once or twice. How pathetic can you get, Kaka? I'm embarrassed for you haha.

No. 31866

her logic was that she was 'flushing out' kota's tags……(there's an ask somewhere on there with her saying that)

No. 31876

Urgh with Kiki ranting about her rape she has convinced people StickyDrama is a villain. They aren't even trying to listen about how keez lied about her age which is stated in the rape report that Sticky legally got…these people though

No. 31897

her follower count is up an even 20

No. 31923


Well let's get real for a second, Stickydrama is a villain and kind of a cunt, but he's also kind of funny and has lots of deets/know-how and the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

No. 31924

Kiki will never change. All your good will is pointless.

She's totally lost it already and so young too.

No. 31929

I am rather suprised that Dakota isn't like this too with a mom like Cathy.

No. 31930

I think that it's probably BECAUSE Kiki is like this and got all the attention that Dakota didn't end up the same.

No. 31932

i'm the exlolcow anon who wrote the advice for her, i know she'll never change, but i just keep holding out hope that she will. she reminds me of my aunt who is manic depressive, it wouldn't surprise me if i heard that kiki was calling dakota at insane hours telling her that stickydrama, or any other h8ers, were trying to kill her or something like that, which is what my aunt used to do. i'm not even trying to joke about this, i genuinely think she's gotten to that point or lower. with her shit diet, lack of human interaction, her mother feeding her delusions, all the time she spends on the internet, and never leaving the house, there's no way she's mentally stable.

i think dakota's not like this because it's never been about her ever. kiki is like this because she grew up being the favorite, she was the beautiful, skinny sister while dakota was the fat, ugly sister. kiki was never told she is wrong about anything, cathy makes her believe she's a perfect little angel who could never do anything wrong. cathy would go through hell and back to make sure kiki gets justice when someone even dares to criticize her. cathy would most likely do the same for dakota, but i feel like it's primarily just to cover her and kiki's asses. i believe charms when she said that dakota was abused by cathy, i don't get why she'd lie about it, and it makes sense as to why dakota decided to become a model in japan even though she knew she wouldn't look like her shoops and that she wouldn't be good at it, she wanted to get as far away as possible from that family. kota was smart enough to get that this is not normal, i'm sure she got that notion either from reading what people were saying online or observing friends' lives and comparing them to her own.

No. 31937

Kirsten's life is clearly shit and obviously pretty miserable but she's just such a horrible, terrible person that I can't bring myself to feel sorry for her. She really deserves every piece of it.

Like she thinks she's a good person because she's (supposedly?) an animal lover, and it's like, okay, cool, you don't hate animals, but isn't that like a bare minimum requirement anyway?
It's like when "Nice Guys" trying to argue their merit being that they're a "nice" "guy" and it's like, well aren't you supposed to be anyway? How does that make you special?

To be honest I don't think Kirsten is as big an animal lover as she claims. I volunteer at my local Animal Welfare at weekends, whenever I have objects to donate I always give the good stuff to the lesser known animal charities, I donate to those animal food bins every week and I have rescued countless animals over the years from kittens to a puppy to injured birds and even reptiles, but because I browse and contribute to this site she would undoubtedly claim that I'm a horrible, hateful person with "negative energy" and "twisted karma"?

When was the last time Kirsten actually Tweeted about volunteering at an animal shelter or charity or do anything that didn't provide her with some dumb photo opportunity? Like the swans in the park? No, instead she sits on deformed ass every day buying mochi off eBay and adding more bollocks to her little hater shrine, no doubt this post will end up in the pile.

No. 31942

even though i cannot help but feel sorry for her, i do get why you cannot. there are times when i get so frustrated with her, i'm just like, "fuck her, she truly deserves everything she has right now." but i don't know, i can't help but feel bad for people, even if they're incredibly shitty human beings, at the end of the day, they're still human.

i feel like she loves the fun parts about having animals, i mean, like i said earlier here >>31763 in her japan vlog about the cats and cat cafe, there was a spark of happiness when she was talking about the cats. she was like, "in japan… OMFG CAT CAFES!" she sounded pretty meh when she was actually talking about japan. when you watch/listen to people talking about their experience of being in a place they love, you can just hear the happiness in their voice when they just say the name of it.
that all being said, even though i can tell she loves cats, i highly doubt she would clean their litter boxes or any of the other gross work that comes with having animals. doesn't she have a fluffy cat? i have one too, and i have to constantly trim his butt and sometimes even clean it, it's the worst if the cat gets diarrhea. i can't see kiki ever taking care of that, i could see her just keeping the cat as far away from her as possible and just waiting until someone else takes care of it. she also crosses me as the type of vegan/vegetarian to try and convert animals to vegan/vegetarian too. and like you said, kiki doesn't seem to actually volunteer at all. she's a lot like the people who did the als ice bucket challenge, wear (insert color here) for (insert awareness here), and just talk about issues on the internet instead of actually being proactive in the cause. she doesn't even need to get off her ass for it, she could find some charities and donate to/promote them or find some online stores who donate to good causes.

No. 31946


Yeah, I volunteer at weekends too, at an animal sanctuary, and she reminds me of the occasional fucktards that come in and are perfectly happy to do the fun things (moving rabbits and guinea pigs, feeding animals, etc) but don't bother mucking out the stables and hutches or tidying up after themselves.
Just the other week we had a group of five Kikis who left everyone else to clean up after their arses while they went to pet the rabbits.

No. 31954

Yeah when I was able to volunteer at our local shelter more frequently, I always got annoyed by the Kikis who didn't mind playing with the cats dogs or rabbits, but when it came to actual help work like cleaning the kennels/cat boxes, rehabilitating the abused dogs, or the slow process of getting stray cats to trust humans, they had nothing to do with it. Kiki would be there for play time, but when it came to real work, she wouldn't be down for it. At least that's how I see it. And that's shitty. I spent most of my time with the dogs, bathing them, playing with them, cleaning out their kennels, just showing them human kindness because God knows they need to know that not every human in the world will hurt them, and I've watched many Kikis come, play, then leave. But she doesn't care about their futures, as long as she can brag and preach, I suppose she figures she's doing her 'part.'

Like the least she could do is make things to donate to shelters. She can make so much crap for herself, does she not know how easy it is to make cat beds from scraps, at the least?

She's the worst kind of person. I tend to go off a lot about these cows on here, but if there's one thing I find disgusting it's people who use animals for sympathy and attention.

No. 32005

File: 1419302623679.jpg (43.88 KB, 586x295, iiiiiiii.JPG)

No. 32006

No. 32007

I have no idea who tbh, I just thought it was ridiculous seeing kiki say this stuff

No. 32012


Fucking yes. It really bugged the shit out of me because it's such a small place and the owners (who are brilliant) had to deal with all this shit they didn't do that everyone else didn't have time to finish, and they barely have time to sit down as is, on top of having jobs their own.
Hahaha sorry if this is really off-topic now, it winds me up so badly when these fuckers are all "omg i looove animals~ doing my part" and are more of a hindrance than anything, do shit like try and pick up the rabbit that's terrified of everyone without trying to get her to be more comfortable, stupid shit like that.

Aaaanyway, in other news, Kiki's getting her e-lawyer on us all. I wonder if this post will be screencapped. If Kiki's lawyer is reading this, yes, we are in fact jealous h8er e-terrorists who just want to hinder Princess Kiki's magical kira-kira quest for e-fame

No. 32013

File: 1419304480926.jpg (75.61 KB, 583x413, lolsuit.jpg)


And I dropped my fucking pic

No. 32015

Yeah guiz don't talk to her 5 followers, the other 20k followers are fake and wouldn't respond back anyway

No. 32043

She doesn't seem to realise that the same action with her lawyer failed so many times already. Considering her mental state, I sometimes think about calling a psychatric institution.

No. 32045


>crappy lives

>obsess over people they don't even know

but you just described yourself kiki

No. 32052

+ >has a jealousy issue with dakota for being popular in japan

No. 32053

I don't know if you'd actually do it, but js seeing as Ashley and Asha are untreated they probably wouldn't do anything about Keekz who isn't as obviously ill as those two.

No. 32057

wouldn't you have to be a friend or family member of the mentally ill person in order to be taken seriously? this is slightly different and ot, but on the gg foreverkailyn/maureen thread, a bunch of people reported maureen for admitting to having $14,000 in her account while on welfare. it seems no one took them seriously because nothing happened to her. I don't really think you can report that stuff unless someone openly says they are going to hurt themselves or others. i don't know though, this is just my observation.

No. 32058

Yeah, I think it's pretty hard to get someone sectioned to begin with, like people were saying on the Ashley thread.
Also how the fuck are you meant to explain that to the institution? "Yeah so I follow this person on twitter and talk about her with other people on the internet"

No. 32068

>Also how the fuck are you meant to explain that to the institution? "Yeah so I follow this person on twitter and talk about her with other people on the internet"
that part made me giggle. i think if you had to explain that to the institution, they'd probably think you were the one who needed to be put in an institution.
i don't think reporting them would even work if there was video evidence, unless they're in the act of physically harming themselves or others. i wouldn't report these people unless they get to that point because when they do, it probably wouldn't be taken seriously. if you look at onision, he has filmed so much fucked up shit, like his girlfriend having a mental breakdown, and nothing has ever happened to him, t least that i know of.

No. 32071

also speaking of onision, is it just me who thinks kiki and onision would make the perfect couple <3333

No. 32174

No. 32176



No. 32181

After he dumps his wife (or better, his wife dumps him) , we should hook them up <3

No. 32189

who is she talking about? PULL was created in 2012

No. 32190

oh, she's talking about this person, https://twitter.com/somethinblr

I don't recognize them as being any PULL user or truth blogger?

No. 32268

totally <3

No. 32311

Kiki how will you know we at at replying to your very few followers, you have most of us blocked :P

No. 32312

No, I already did that a couple of times with other crazy families that may have harmed others, worked just fine as long as you don't sound like a troll and send them proof.

No. 32323

I'm quite elusive, aren't I?

No. 32336


Nicely done.

No. 32366

I thought she was talking about lain?

No. 32386

Thanks bae. :*

Lain's not in high school. Nor is she into Japanese stuff afaik.
But apparently I am….? And that I've been on "hate sites" since 2011 (PULL didn't exist in 2011 iirc). Kinda sux because if she actually knew who I was (like she claims she does) she'd know that I acquired tumblr in the summer of 2012 and months later (around August-November) did I find out who Dakota was. I thought Kirsten was the evil ugly sister tbh.

And I'm not jealous of Kota lmao. I think she threw that in because I like Dakota and never liked her? Praise the Buddha she got away from Kirsten and the psycho brigade. I only glance at PULL to see her new shoots and the terrible shoops.

And this whole "she must lead a crappy life" bit can go. At least I actually go out, socialize, and seek an education instead of sitting on my flat ass trying to sue anonymous people who don't fall for your delusional antics. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Where does she come up with this shit? What drugs are she on? I want what she's having, and more, please!

No. 32392


>what drugs are she on?

Well she's openly admitted to doing salvia in the past. Actual quote:

>"And I know salvia is legal, the herb is in some of my Chinese medicines that I take to regulate blood stagnation and painful menses."

No. 32393

File: 1419364433857.jpg (81.85 KB, 652x389, 20141218_192136.jpg)

No. 32413

File: 1419369113208.jpg (53.09 KB, 478x314, Screenshot_2014-12-23-13-05-27…)

Did she get StickyDrama's Twitter account suspended again?

No. 32416

Seems so, he didn't even do anything.

No. 32429

She's just trying to keep him quite now.

I hate how she throws around the word "abuse". Bitch, pleeeeeease.

No. 32430


No. 32437


Completely unrelated, but my mum throws the word "abuse" around like it's just a synonym for people telling her off. It really really pisses me off. Maybe it's just something these people with victim complexes do to get people to feel sorry for them.

No. 32468

File: 1419374840546.png (91.7 KB, 1178x391, attacker.png)

Excuse me. But rape in her case is short for statutory rape, correct? She gets to use that word because Daniel lied and said he was 2 years younger than he was, right? He never physically hurt her?

So why is she calling him her "attacker"

No. 32476


Actually if you look in the rape report Kiki admits to lying about her age. I would post the report but I wouldn't want Kira Kira to get her vegan panties in a bunch.

No. 32479

File: 1419375956950.png (537.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-23-18-00-38…)

Buhahahahahaha keep twisting the truth Keez. I think she was referring to a PULL member contacting the department of business months ago. I dont think anything became of it though.

No. 32481

õōh is she talking about SweetnSour?

I seriously can't tell if I'm mixed up, or if it's Kiki who's mixing people with events and interests that don't match to them ??

No. 32529

>> 32468
because calling him her "attacker" will get her more sympathy.

I've often wondered as well. She talks as though he viciously raped and abused her, and while all people feel differently about everything, she has no fucking right to speak for real victims of abuse. She willingly had sex with him many times, and yes what he did was wrong given her age, but here she is acting like Saint Kaka patron of rape victims. She wasn't traumatized when it happened, what with bragging about his dick all over MySpace, but she somehow has convinced herself that she's a traumatized rape victim.
She grinds my gears with how she boohoos for sympathy over it.

No. 32546


Well then. I am not sure to be amused Kiki knows who I am or concerned she is going to track me down and try to sue me for the little money I have. To set the record straight (not like it matters Kiki is going to keep telling lies to make me look crazy) I emailed Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation since Kiki kept copyright pictures and videos under a false corporation. They told me it wasn't under their jurisdiction and to try the Division of Consumer Services . I emailed them but got the standard "We got your email and appreciate your concern" response. There might be some other office I emailed but I would have to go back and take a look. I emailed people but never called anyone. This was back June. Sorry to disappoint you Kiki but I did all of this once and only once. I have better things to fill my time.

No. 32570

Well, you know how she likes to exaggerate.

No. 32572


From my knowledge she lied about her age. Her parents willfully gave him consent to live and sleep with her. This causes a grey area which might make what he did Legal.

The mom knew as she as collecting their used condoms. Kiki and Kathy only claimed rape after they broke up. Then they entrapped him (it's what it's legally called) and he committed suicide by jumping (I believe accidental).

If anything Kiki is more guilty than Dan is. Especially after she made that slander website when his parents were filing a lawsuit against them.

Kiki is only milking the 'rape victim' title because she's an attention whore.

No. 32631

Yooo I just realized something guys. I think Kirsten thinks PULL user Dion is me (somethinblr). Dion originally created the somethinblr accounts but after a month or two gave them up to me because she got too busy with school to update as often as she'd like.

Lmao I'm sorry Dion!! I really hope she isn't gonna implicate you into this shit still because if so….that'd be really fucked up.

No. 32688

File: 1419391038237.jpg (51.2 KB, 480x480, Screenshot_2014-12-23-19-15-09…)

Oh no, she's onto us, you guise!

No. 32689

File: 1419391067070.jpg (87.94 KB, 458x678, fnlgk_1.jpg)

No. 32691

You know what? I wonder if the real reason why she goes so apeshit over this Danny stuff and rants on and on about how toxic we are and how pure she is, is because she feels guilty over his death?

It's a long shot but just a thought.

I mean I'm pretty sure she's incapable of feeling guilt cause that would mean she has a conscience but still I wonder.

No. 32692

She makes everyone else feel bad for her fuck ups.

No. 32700


keekz how come you didn't advertised your magical chinese detox supplements in the same tweet

No. 32723

She flooded her Twitter with reblogs of cats, anti-fur and Nasa posts again.

No. 32725

I wonder if she's still learning Japanese…

No. 32736

she doesn't need to, she's already ~fluent~

lol probably not, she's the queen of half-assing things and not sticking to anything. when she realizes something's too hard, she just pretends it isn't and halfasses it. for example, she steals music, art, tries to take credit for designing/making other peoples' products, she completely quit making yt videos on a schedule, she pretends products she uses/consumes are 100% vegan and cruelty free, etc.
i'm positive she's quit by now but she will definitely still get japanese people to translate what she wants to tweet/say and pretend she's still at it.

No. 32767

The grandmother post on PULL is too much.. it has nothing to do with internet drama.

Everytime sticky makes a thread it looks to be intentioned for them to read and go nuts over, not to make an actual discussion about anything.

No. 32772

Actually it does because is more proof for Cathy abusing her daughters as well as the fact that they are the owners of the granny's house now. The choosen title for the thread could have been something more suitable tho.

No. 32774

>it does because is more proof for Cathy abusing her daughters

Um. What? You're very confused.

There is no "more proof", Chris was talking about an old police report from 2010 that everyone already saw. It was Kiki and Cathy getting into a fight over Kiki's phone and Kiki pulled her hair and scratched her. The police were called for a stupid reason, to settle the fight or something. The only reason Chris mentioned it is because the report contained grandma's name, that's all. It has nothing to do with abuse and isn't proof of anything.

No. 32776

The thread got deleted

No. 32778


And how much salvia do we need to take to make ourselves ~pure~?

No. 32780

File: 1419432756652.jpg (174.12 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Nobody commented on how kiki would like a coat made of human skin, she sure is the humanitarian pure Buddist

No. 32785

File: 1419436396610.gif (812.07 KB, 247x281, tumblr_m8rc9lg49z1r128xvo1_250…)

No. 32790

I know "enemy of my enemy is my friend and all", but I honestly think Stickydrama is just as crazy as Kiki. It's just a different kind of craziness.

No. 32801

Yeah, me too. I think he's just as crazy as Kiki, just more intelligent. Having said that, I do find it pretty funny how he winds her up.

No. 32802

Well if Kirsten has any shred of credibility left in relation to her "musical talent" that just went down the shitter.

Caught directly ripping most if not all of her shit from a lesser known Russian artist.

Compare these:


Kirsten's Plagiarism

No. 32803

Thieving little rat…

She's selling these on iTunes too?
How? Somebody needs to get on this and really fuck her up.

No. 32804

Holy crap!!

I think the best bet is trying to contact the original artist on youtube with links to her crap.

No. 32805

The original artist should sue her. I'd love to see the reaction when she is the one getting sued.

No. 32808

i always knew she was stealing music because it was the general consensus. but i never bothered to actually sit down and compare the songs bc i'm not into the style of music. but holy shit, i listened to some of dj alexy's song and decided to open kiki's song thinking it wouldn't automatically play and i'd play it after finishing the song, and i didn't even notice kiki's song started until dj alexy's song finished and the music didn't stop.
pull user, i think dion, already contacted him. he didn't do anything about it except call her names

No. 32809

Is that the artist that Dion posted the screenshots of his reaction on PULL?

lmao my Russian is really bad, but I know that in the screenshot he called her a пизда, which means cunt.

No. 32810

File: 1419443919430.jpg (2.63 KB, 106x106, images.jpg)

>most of them have wild imaginations to make up for their gloom lives, so they make up stories in their heads

lol@all this projection when the only one actually obsessed with Keek's narcissistic ass is herself.
>your life is gloom

No. 32819

it's ridiculous that kiki thinks she has room to talk about our "shitty lives." i would say most, if not all of us, have school and/or a job, social lives, etc, unlike someone we know. i don't want to hear "wah!!!1!! i was threatened at school by (gasp) blck ppl!!!!1!!" or any other excuses. the world is not supposed to be a happy, sunshine place, and you, and everyone else for that matter, are NOT entitled to that. everyone gets/is supposed to have shit thrown their way in life, it's what builds you as a person. and unless you are rich or actually disabled, you have no excuse to hide away from the world and never contribute to society.
sorry for getting ot
back on topic, kiki, you're acting like we spend our entire lives doing nothing but watching you and talking about you, it only takes a few seconds/minutes to post/read most of this stuff. at most, i could see someone spending an hour, maybe 2, tops reading about your bs and that's only if they're completely new to you. no one really talks about you, on days you give us shit to talk about, the most we'd probably spend on you is a half hour. you're just a hot mess we check up on when we're bored.

No. 32831

File: 1419446709199.png (23.95 KB, 879x172, stolen song.png)

Can anybody read Russian? This is what the guy said about her.

No. 32841

>Sorry, we can't find that track!
Kiki confirmed for lurking, kek

No. 32843

Yoooo I was just about to say it. Now to get all the other stolen songs she's ripped.

No. 32850

Here's the best I can do. Put (?) on words I don't know.

First cap: link
Second cap: you cunt (?)!

No. 32866

No. 32875

is it just me who thinks it's ridiculous all of her "album/single" covers are just selfies?

No. 32877

Her old ones used to be Dakota's artwork. Which also included "sampling" backgrounds from google.

No. 32879


She didn't remove it, I reported on behalf of the original artist about 30 minutes ago.

I guess Souncdloud moves fast.

Now to report it to iTunes and Youtube.

No. 32880


tyty based Russian anon.

No. 32885

Kiki's music is actually on Spotify if anyone still wants to hear Opal Rain.

Honestly even the original track by the Russian is such generic brostep I barely even care that Kiki copied it.

No. 32887

i knew about idoru has dakota's artwork on it, but i don't see dakota being gone as an excuse to not have interesting cover art. if you look at a lot of bands/artists from the 80's-90's album/single/promotional artwork, it's all interesting, yet simple to make, especially by today's standards. i could easily whip up some artwork for her singles/albums in 5 minutes tops and i by no means am an artist or even have much of an eye for art.

i was reading reviews of kiki's music and i think this sums up her entire music project:
>" Kiki claims that this is dubstep, but I don't see the resemblance. It's nothing more a teenage girl's vanity project. This is the kind of thing I might have done in 8th grade on an afternoon after school, listened to a year later, and deleted out of embarrassment."
so i guess that's why kiki never uses anything other than selfies to promote her music.

No. 32889

No. 32896


I remember when Kirsten first uploaded this track and I felt embarrassed listening to it because I actually thought it was good, but knowing that she ripped the whole thing makes me feel a tad better.

Still though, she really need to be careful. This kind of thing could get her into a whole lot of trouble and land her in court.

With the kind of reputation she has, how could she be so stupid as to actually go and directly plagiarise music like this? She's disgusting, I wonder if she even feels shame or embarrassment for getting caught trying to leech yet another person's hard work.

I guess after the music gig failed she thought she could hop onto Dakota's coattails and ride that instead, but then not even Japan fucking wanted her. What will she do next?

No. 32906

I don't know if it's just fucked up normalisation on Spotify but a lot of the tracks are mastered at different volumes. "Kato" in particular is ridiculously quiet while "Cereal Killers" is loud.

Songs like "Lucid Dreaming" abruptly change multiple times and seem to be multiple songs cut together. This would make finding any originals difficult if she's mostly stuck to sampling 30-60 second segments.

No. 32909

File: 1419454247471.gif (1.22 MB, 256x169, GpRr07f.gif)

her music reminds me of this.

No. 32944

Same! I reported last night =^.^=

No. 32989

And cause she lurks this forum now she knows that we know and that she's become an even bigger laughing stock than before.

Literally caught with her hands in the fucking cookie jar.

Plagiarism Kirsten? Christ I knew you were an untalented hack but I didn't think you'd ever stoop THAT low.

No. 32998

Did she delete her twitter or is my phone just being weird?

No. 32999

Your phone is wierd.

No. 33000

I love it when she gets caught in her own shit like this. The irony is so delicious.

No. 33014

So she went to college to learn how to steal other peoples music. wow what a talent less cunt. Then she still lives with mommy and daddy and spends hours on the internet stalking "h8er blogs" I think its shameful to attend a college and have nothing to show for it. Your little sis has accomplished so much in the years you spend bitching about your h8ers kik. Grow up and get a real J O B!

No. 33015


She couldn't get a real job. She'd have to apply, have a decent resume, and real references. Which is too much work for her.

Also with all the background checks, I'm sure no one would hire her.

If possible, she'd probably get a job, then spend all her time on twitter talking about how she's the best employee and everyone is just jealous. Give it a week before Keeks blasts twitter with stories about how her boss is bullying her for making her do actual work.

No. 33016

Kiki you're the epitome of a Jack of all trades, master of none.

Or how they would say it in Japanese. 多芸は無芸

Screenshot this cunt~
Or matter of fact, Run and go tell your make believe lawyer that ,,l,,. Kiki Take this "L"

No. 33017

I bet Kiki is getting SSI checks because her rape was very damaging psychologically. So it hinders her from holding down a real job, because every male person gives her flash backs of her "attacker" So she needs the government to give her money to suppress those memories with kawaii clothes and trips to Japan. Ugguu~

No. 33024

she probably is, or at least will be soon. one anon said that they seem to be having financial issues as kiki sold all of her music gear on ebay.

it's weird to me she'd much rather sell all of her musical equipment than get a job so she won't have to sell anything.

No. 33033

she talked about having a job on 3 seperate times.

iirc from one of her last stickam videos she described once having a retail job, where I guess her job was restocking because she talked about people giving her heavy boxes that she had trouble lifting.

another was on a tumblr ask (probably still there) where someone asks her why she needs a job if she had her online store, and she replied just for spending money.

and the last was in one of her new videos when she talks about a creepy guy trying to lure her to his car, and her boss not taking her seriously so she called her mom and her mom called the police.

Best guess is that she probably worked for 1-3 different clothing stores as a sales associate which pays minimum wage ($8 per hour in FL)

I'm not familiar with the music industry, so if she did want to get off the internet and "get a real job" how would she do that with her degree? I kinda feel like the internet is the biggest and maybe the only outlet to finding a job with making music.

No. 33038


>kiki sold all of her music gear on ebay

(or just realized she sucks as musician lol)

No. 33049

No. 33059

The Minimum wage in Florida is $7.93…. Next year its going to be $8.05 per hour..

No. 33062

But here is the thing she has a degree but she is talent less. Sooner or later she'll have to go back to school for another trade. You can still receive SSI checks when working little hours. I'm sure that's what shes doing. Even more that she claims to have scoliosis.

No. 33064

Link to her store?

No. 33073


2/3 cases Kiki complained on being the victim.

If you work retail, especially restocking, you're required to be able to lift things.

I honestly wouldn't believe Kiki either because I feel with her past 1. She's making it up 2. Why not call the cops?

No. 33084

I live in fl and minimum wage is not 7.93 ATM its waaay less its under 7.50

No. 33085

My nigga, whoever is paying their Florida employee 7.50 an hr is breaking the law. Google "minimum wage florida" it is in fact 7.93 and it's been in effect since January of this year.

Yeah, but $8 is the closest rounded number, and what most employers will give you anyway. At least that's my experience in retail and cashier jobs.

No. 33087

Well fuck me, I've been outta work for a year so okay.

No. 33088

Link to her store?>>33087
Seems like more then a year

No. 33101


idk either anons, I just quoted it from >>33024

No. 33207

I would say I can't wait for karma to catch up to her but to be honest her life is pretty shitty as it is. Everyday that her sister has a successful career in Japan is torture on her and that is enough for me.

No. 33213


>inb4 keekz screencapping first sentence of your post and cry about HATESITE BULLIES WISHING ME ILL!!1! on twitter

No. 33222

i was the anon who wrote >>33024 idk what her store is, the one anon who posted about it never gave it out

No. 33336

Her eBay is on her Tumblr.

No. 33340

i decided to look through her tumblr and found this:
>This story made me sick to my stomach…. I hope he rots in prison and that they put cat ears on him and rape his sick ass till he bleed and is scarred for life.
i get the guy was horrible, but what rape victim says stuff like this? maybe i'm looking too much into it

No. 33341

Her rape was statutory though, so it's not like she would have trauma with imagining forcible rape on a male prisoner.

No. 33344

technically yes, it was since she was 14? and he was 19. but she did lie about her age to him in the first place and cathy/scott allowed it all after finding out his age.

when she talks about it, she acts like he forced her to do it and forced himself on her. even though the entire time it was happening she was bragging about all the sex she had with him and talking about how little his dick is.

No. 33371


No. 33374

File: 1419611742474.jpg (421.2 KB, 1000x1000, kkkkkkk.jpg)

No. 33375

didn't want her to delete it asap.

No. 33376

thanks anon.

No. 33380

i feel you, i'm sure if she does acknowledge it, it'll be justified by "he's a terrible person and deserves it!!1!!" i felt like i was being a little nitpicky because i get wanting someone to suffer for their horrible crimes, but this goes against the whole *~love&light~* bs she preaches. i'm sure she does wish us ~h8rz~ will get raped too for being big bullies to her.
and no problem, anon!

No. 33383

yeah no. you weren't nitpicky at all. no one deserves rape. If she tries to justify this, it'll only show just how sick she really is. and just wait til twitter feminists catch wind of this lmao…

he's an animal abuser. i myself would love to beat his ass, but he doesn't deserve rape. she's fucking despicable, mate.

No. 33384

lmao you're too kind and merciful for this earth, anon.

Everytime I see someone imprisoned for a crime like animal abuse, pedophilia, etc. The first thing I comfort myself with is the hope that he'll be repeatedly gang raped throughout his life in prison. I see nothing wrong with this. Bad things happen to bad people, tough titty.

No. 33391

i'm glad i'm not the only one thinking this, it's sickening and makes someone no worse than the person committing the horrible crimes when they say the criminals deserve to be raped/brutally murdered for their crimes. though, like you, i want to beat them for what they did/do. i also want them dead, just not horribly murdered, i think people who rape, murder, abuse, etc, should be put down immediately.

No. 33394

…nah. it's still a shitty thought.

at the most, they'd probably be murdered without a second thought.

No. 33822


She only cared because 2 poor cats died. If it were some other (non feline animal), she wouldn't give a shit.

>inb4 keekz spamming her twatter with "PLEASE SAVE -insert random animal here- ONEGAI DESU~~ !!!"

No. 33824

When did this huge obsession with cats even start? I know it's petty to say this, but I feel like the massive obsession with cats everyone seems to have is because it's trendy. I'm not saying that these people are lying about liking cats, that's just stupid, but if it weren't for it being trendy, people wouldn't be constantly posting about them online. Same thing with social anxiety, anxiety disorders in general, depression, etc, if it weren't for tumblr making them trendy, people wouldn't be going on and on about "having" these disorders. Speaking of that, I'm surprised Kiki hasn't jumped on the social anxiety/anxiety disorder bandwagon yet.

Back on topic, how does Kiki feel knowing that cats are not and could never live on a vegan diet?? I'm really glad Cathy/Scott don't seem to be vegans at all, I feel like Kiki would try to make the animals in their house all vegan.

No. 33870


I've asked vegetarians about their pets eating meat and their excuse is always something like "well it's natural for them".

They tend to believe that humans are herbivores and use the myth that human intestines are too long for a carnivore while ignoring that they're also too short for a herbivore.

No. 33944

That's a stupid excuse, but at least they aren't torturing their animals with their diets. I don't get why people are so stupid to believe that humans are supposed to be herbivores or carnivores. If you didn't add that part in, I'd just assume they were vegetarians for health/diet/ethical reasons because I personally am. I always just assumed vegans were this obnoxious with their diets, I've never come across a vegetarian(other than onision) who is this obnoxious.

No. 33949

Well technically we are omnivores so there's that

No. 33959

It's frugivores that vegans claim humans are, btw. They compare our teeth to other members of the primate family who have a diet they (Wrongly) Think consists mostly of fruit. All primates are opportunistic omnivores, they will try and eat anything and continue to eat that thing as long as it's still there.

No. 34427

File: 1419753958535.jpg (243.64 KB, 1030x620, kirakira elf prinsessu.jpg)

No. 34439

Silly Kaka and her wigs lol

Hot damn, her followers are dumb.

No. 34443

how do you know it's a wig???
i'm not really good with spotting this stuff. i think it's her real hair with how little she's got of it. i have hair as thin as hers and if i was gonna wear a wig to pretend i have long healthy hair, i'd wear one thicker than my real hair.

No. 34449


>longer and blonder

who are you trying to fool keeka

anyone remembers dakota's "~dry shampoo changed my hair color lolololol~" excuse?

No. 34450

In Cootie's defence, you can get coloured dry shampoo for dark hair, and it does darken light hair when it's in. That was a half-decent excuse, but Kiki is just dumb

No. 34452

It's shinier and 'clumps' differently than her real hair, so unless she literally soaked it in shaping product that ain't her hair. Also, mousy brown-blonde hair doesn't become a warm strawberry blonde like that. The tones of her real hair are completely different to this.

No. 34454

ah, i get what you're saying and can see it now. thank you for explaining!

No. 34467

For me it's the left strand and how it bends that makes me think it's a wig, but maybe that's what you meant by clumps ?
I have several medium/low quality wigs and whenever they're slightly curled, they tend to curve up wildly while I'm sure her real hair is too tired to curl like this.

Even though it's funny how nobody commented on the obvious "Look at my boobs, wait let me pretend to show off something else".

No. 34476

File: 1419772904555.png (498.6 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-28-08-13-16…)

Who the fuck does she think she is fooling? Give it a break Keez.

Yeah its completely obvious she took the picture to show off her boobs though its a weird shot. It took me a moment to figure out what angle she took it from. She has her stomach covered up weirdly.

No. 34478

it's ridiculous that she's acting like she has copper undertones in her hair. girl, your hair is green toned, green is the complete opposite from red, green based dyes are what people use to get rid of copper/red tones in hair, you fucking idiot. anyway, i know that your hair can get lighter from the sunlight, but when does this bitch ever go out in the sun? she lives in florida, if she actually left the house, we all would know.
if she was going to lie about her hair color, she probably shouldn't have posted a picture recently where her hair is pretty brown.

No. 34515

She probably bought a wig to cover up her receding hairline, lying cunt is lying

No. 34530


What confuses me is that she posts pictures of herself wearing acrylic nails and a wig and says shit like "my hair and nails are so healthy because of my vegan diet~~~ =^___^="

I wonder if the reason she's wearing a wig in that photo despite that being pretty much her hair length is because the bottom of her hair is full of split ends? If she wanted to grow her hair long quickly she probably didn't bother getting her hair trimmed now and then even if it looks better.

No. 34565

Uh….that's why we're even mentioning it? It's not that confusing….it's obvious to everyone except for her dumb followers she's wearing a wig/extensions here (and a low-quality one at that) and wears fake nails, but she passes it all off as natural and attributes it to her diet/lifestyle. She's wearing a wig because her hair isn't actually great but she doesn't want anyone to know she isn't actually a kawaii elf goddess.

No. 34570

Wow, calm down. I wasn't asking whether she was wearing a wig, I know it's apparent. I just wondered why she was going to such great lengths to promote veganism when she half-asses it herself.
As for the fact her hair is shit, yeah, it is, but she's posted pictures on her Instagram of her full length of hair without wearing a wig before, so what I don't get is why she'd bother making such a shitty attempt to hide it without even deleting the picture of her real hair.

No. 34572

Maybe her hair is falling out or it's starting to get dull and dry so she bought a wig and posted that as a confidence boost (or to throw people off if she's paranoid everyone can tell).

No. 34577

This is gonna be an unpopular opinion but I did a year studying beauty at college and I really don't think that's a wig at all.

There's a photo on her Insta showing her hair from the back in the mirror and you can clearly see it's as long as it is, and honestly if that's a wig it's the thinnest wig I've ever seen.

That being said she's definitely got a filter on the photo, but I don't know why people think it's impossible for her to have good quality hair.

No. 34583

Because her hair looks pretty shitty in http://instagram.com/p/oJIKCBjREJ/ and hair this dark doesn't suddenly turn blonde.

No. 34586


I know it's a shit quality photo but her hair in the photo you're talking about (http://instagram.com/p/w4axx8DRIF/?modal=true) is pretty shit too.

Also having seen it again, the bottom of her hair looks weird, like it's either being air-dryed and not completely dry yet or like she's shopped it, so maybe the ends of her hair are that shit she photoshopped them? Maybe I'm reading too far into it.

No. 34599

Is it just me or is her hair in the newest picture here


seem shorter than this picture?


it might be the angle she is sitting or how the picture is being taken but it is strange her hair suddenly got blonder and shorter.

No. 34606

Dakota did the same once too, taking a wig and pretending that it is her real hair at the photos with those VW horns.

No. 34611

Yeah, and since Dakota also has issues with thinning hair I think that the veganism is unrelated to hair loss as >>34570 suggested. Though I won't say she looks like the picture of health or anything.

I think that this is definitely a wig or at the very least, her hair has been dyed and some extensions attached. Her hair's not getting blonder by eating a vegan diet…that doesn't even make sense. Easiest explanation is that she didn't think that anyone would notice, just as has been the case with her plagiarized music and taking credit for other people's designs with her "brand." She can just delete any comments calling her out on it and pretend it didn't happen….as usual.

No. 34612


I don't want to be one of those people talking about themselves in a lolcow thread but my hair is just a few inches longer than hers and when I sit down it rests on my lap, too. Maybe it's the skirt or whatever she's wearing in the second picture that throws you off?

It kinda looks like she's arching her back in the second one to make it look longer though, which is funny as fuck.

Also I'm surprised nobody has spoken about that shitty hooker outfit she's wearing in the "blonde" photo.

No. 34617

File: 1419805676015.png (177.73 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2014-12-28-17-17-47…)

I was scrolling through her IG and this caught my eye- granted, my Japanese is shit but doesn't it say "doll's face"? As in, not the way shes trying to use it.

also lol at the comments

No. 34618

>Also I'm surprised nobody has spoken about that shitty hooker outfit she's wearing in the "blonde" photo.
I think we're just used to it. Though I will say it's funny she was talking shit to one ~h8er~ for being a cam girl when she constantly shows off her body for attention.

Not to defend her, but I've seen those go around on tumblr. I've noticed mostly people who aren't good at Japanese or use google translate feel the need to make them.

No. 34623


Yeah, I've noticed. My point is, with my shitty weeb level skills, it still looked wrong immediately. Sooo how bad is she at Japanese that she didn't notice? The の particle is like, step 1 right beside は.

No. 34624

I think it was before she was ~fluent~ in Japanese. I may be wrong though. I do agree with you though, she may delete it now because you pointed it out and god forbid she ever be wrong about anything.

No. 34630


>38w ago

Maybe. I feefeel like she -would- be the type to claim she became fluent in one year ~becuz she's so in love with Japan and Japanese culture & language!!!~

>and yet she still said ”悪い先生だよ!" to her Japanese teacher for sending her nonvegan snacks.

If she knew even the first thing about Japanese culture (or any Asian culture), she would know how important it is to be respectful and thankful, and that veganism doesn't even really exist in Japan at all. Which makes it sooomuch more obvious that her interest is only because of Dakota's lucky break. She doesn't care about Japan, she just wants to make money for being pretty because she believes she is too good to work for a living. Typical white trash mindset.

>>sorry for any typos, shitty android tablet plus oxycodone yey

No. 34638

>If she knew even the first thing about Japanese culture (or any Asian culture), she would know how important it is to be respectful and thankful
Exactly, I don't think she even knows that saying, "you're welcome," is considered arrogant, in Japanese.
>Which makes it sooomuch more obvious that her interest is only because of Dakota's lucky break. She doesn't care about Japan, she just wants to make money for being pretty because she believes she is too good to work for a living.
THIS. I think another reason Kiki, and many other snowflakes go for Japan, who don't even care about the pop culture like average weebs, is because it's an exotic country and a first world one. They can still be special snowflakes, speak a different language (or google translate it), and be all exotic, but they don't really have to go out of their comfort zones. They wouldn't go somewhere like India, which is infamous for the Ganges River.
I hate to sound like one of those sjw types, but Kiki really only has this interest in Japan/China/Korea to seem exotic. She's done plenty of Asian inspired shoots even in her scene days, if she was so ~genuinely~ interested, she would have learned about the languages/cultures sooner and never would've said the racist shit she did about Asians. I still think Kota is the only one of the two genuinely interested in Japan/Asia, Kiki's just interested for, like you said, fame, and to be perceived as exotic/intelligent.

No. 34640


That, and because Japan is the token "cool" Asian country. China was big in the 70s-80s because of kung fu action movies and such, Japan got the music and fashion boom circa 2006, and even lil' Korea got a bit of the spotlight with Gangnam Style and the Kpop surge, but that's fizzling out now.

No. 34646

>Exactly, I don't think she even knows that saying, "you're welcome," is considered arrogant, in Japanese.

OR that you're not even.rrally supposed to be too receptive to praise, you're supposed to be humble and thank others for helping you to get that achievement.

Kiki is way too arrogant and self centered for the Japanese. I see her as one of those loud, whiny gaijin complaining about how things there are so much more weird and different than back home and why can't they do things my way so I feel more comfortable!!! Kiki is the center of her own conceited little universe.

Japanese culture puts the needs of others before one's own. If you're staying the night as a guest in someone's home, you get to bathe first which usually is for the eldest in the household.

No. 34648

>Which makes it sooomuch more obvious that her interest is only because of Dakota's lucky break. She doesn't care about Japan, she just wants to make money for being pretty because she believes she is too good to work for a living.

God, I read this and instantly imagined Kiki going "if my stupid, fat, ugly little sister gets this much attention, imagine how they would treat a goddess like me!"

No. 34651

True. I feel like Japan will probably fizzle out sooner or later. I think it may be fizzling out now, I may be wrong, Japan seemed to get a lot more popularity in recent years due to the living doll trend, which is dead now. And I've noticed the views of some kawaii yotubers going drastically down, the was one girl I watched who has over 100,000 views on her older videos and now can't even get over like 12,000 views.

>Kiki is way too arrogant and self centered for the Japanese.
I kinda wanna see her other conversations with Japanese people. I remember trying to do language exchange with Japanese people when I started learning and I ignorantly spoke how I would normally in English(ie, incredibly casual, no name suffixes, overuse of 私 and あなた). I was ignored for the most part, I think only 1 or 2 people answered me. I can't imagine how often Kiki gets ignored or people just get tired of her shit. It would make sense, if she was talking to more Japanese people now she'd be posting screencaps of her dull conversations left and right. Whatever happened to her "sensei?" I'm sure after he read ”悪い先生だよ!" he was done. Even if she wasn't so rude in language, I'm sure her Japanese "friends" would be really upset by her posting their private conversations without their permission.

>God, I read this and instantly imagined Kiki going "if my stupid, fat, ugly little sister gets this much attention, imagine how they would treat a goddess like me!"
She's probably saying this exact phrase right now as she stalks Kota's twitter and thinks up her new plan to get famous.

No. 34652

File: 1419810844051.jpg (161.59 KB, 422x1294, B612-2014-12-13-23-32-46.jpg)


Hmmmmm actually I have hair that's colour is naturally somewhere between Kirsten and Dakota's hair colour and when I add my favourite filter to it it turns this colour, which actually looks the same colour as it does in her shot, so in this case I do believe it's just a filter.

No. 34653


It does indeed.

The particle の is indicative of possession, not description.

No. 34655

>Even if she wasn't so rude in language, I'm sure her Japanese "friends" would be really upset by her posting their private conversations without their permission.

YES. Japanese people really value their privacy.

No. 34702

>I'm sure her Japanese "friends" would be really upset by her posting their private conversations without their permission.

For some reason I suspect keekz made multiple kik/whatsapp/whatever sockpuppet accounts to text herself pretending to be her asian teacher/friends/lover, then posting screencaps to IG hah

No. 34720

The japanese parts of those screens were too good for that.

No. 34739

This ad reminds me of Kiki's skill as a musician.

No. 34819

how can this woman live? I mean, she's always online stalking sns that are talking about her. She doesnt have a job, boyfriend or real friends imo she should turn off her pc and go outside to live her life. Also that pic is very funny, I have tons of wigs and I know how they look when I take a picture in my bedroom and how they look when it's taken outside. And THATS A WIG. Yeah kirakira ""vegan"" princess from Mars who was born in Rivendell, your hair turned blonde while sleeping because you prayed to the god and goddess of Asgard LMAO Sorry if my typing is weird btw I didnt sleep and it's 7am

No. 34821

lmao keekz if veganism makes your hair blonder then I must be a motherfucking albino lol

No. 34826

Now she u saying that maca is giving her a bigger booty, that bitch is so delusional.

No. 34833

what's with her obsessing with her ass? i don't get it. is it normal to obsess over a body part you think is "good" this much? i understand if you worked hard for it to look better, but she just uses photoshop to achieve a butt
kiki maybe your ass is getting "bigger" because you do nothing but sit on it all day. that's even if it is getting bigger, i'd bet money that she's still emaciated looking.

No. 34836


Didn't you watch her video? She got it from her grandad! Duuuuuuuuuuh.

No. 34873


The difference between your picture and Kiki's is your hair has different hues and still had darker undertones. Not to mention it looks like natural hair versus Kiki's where its one bright hue and has an unnatural sheen it it. It looks weirdly shiny. It is definitely a wig.

No. 34874

File: 1419869789162.png (541.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-12-29-11-10-22…)

Girl please. You aren't fooling anyone. I doubt you magically get a bigger ass and breast from maca.I wouldn't put it pass her to get cosmetic work on her ass and boobs and say "look from my diet and the natural herbs and supplements i eat i got a bigger boobs and ass!"

No. 34879

would it even be possible for her to even just gain weight in her boobs and butt? i know it's true for curvier, hourglass shaped girls, but i feel like kiki's body is pretty stunted because of her shitty diet. even if they naturally don't have big boobs or a big butt, normally, after puberty women get larger hips/thighs because our bodies are able/ready to hold babies. >>23843 here her legs look like they could be someone's arms*. i'd be surprised if she actually gets periods. speaking of how emaciated kiki looks, i think it would be funny to get her and pt on supersize vs. superskinny.

*it's annoying how i have to say "hourglass shaped" after curvy because now curvy equates to obese.

No. 34880

I love that she just has to slip in the size 0 thing too. Just casually, not at all to show off, y'know?

No. 34881

ugh, sorry for the italics

lmao me too

No. 34882

dat random norman reedus fangirling in the middle

basic bitch

No. 34883

OT question, but does anyone here consider her blonde? Kirsten's hair looks like the epitome of the color brown. I keep getting confused every time she says it. Do people from certain places have different definitions of blonde? Because where I'm from blonde means a flaxen color.

No. 34884

last post, but since i noticed this tweet:
>@wwwbigbaldhead ahhhh! Will you be coming back to Tokyo? 本当に会いたいよー!>< I wanna say hiiii! Cat cafeに行きましょう!
it's ridiculous how she feels the need to shoehorn in Japanese to her tweets to people who speak english. it just screams, "HEY I SPEAK JAPANESE DESU DESU DESU!!!11!! GIVE ME ATTENTION I AM SUPER SPESHUL!" i feel like this tweet is just another one to insinuate that she lives in japan.

tbh, i feel like she just keeps track of celebrities posting about japan. she was all over cole sprouse's dick a while ago when he posted about being in japan. she never acknowledged him before that. she's probably too ~busy~ to watch the walking dead just like she's too ~busy~ to play video games, but she still totes is obsessed with them both.

it's weird for me, i consider hers brown but my boyfriend, who has the exact same color as hers, i consider his dark blond. the reason being, is that in the sun, his hair can get really light, like almost to a white blond. kiki never leaves the house so her hair will always be brown in my book. if that makes sense

No. 34906

i'm a finnfag and i consider neither of them blonde. dakota's hair is kind of blonde in some pictures, but i just think of her as a light brunette. kiki is definitely a brunette. japanese people might consider them both blonde, though

No. 34907


in her childhood pictures apparently she had blonde hair.

No. 34913

Yeah, a lot of people cling on to being 'blonde' even if their hair has got a lot darker as they've grown up. I guess it makes them feel special.

No. 34923

>@wwwbigbaldhead ahhhh! Will you be coming back to Tokyo? 本当に会いたいよー!><

>I wanna say hiiii! Cat cafeに行きましょう!

Lol, I bet this is the extent of her language skills- basic phrases and single word. Otherwise she would have surely written "cat cafe" in ~kanji~ or at least kana. "猫カフェ".

>putting 'yo' at the end of everything

Please. That and 'ne' at the end of every sentence don't make basic weeby phrasebook moonspeak sound an more casal or natural. Actually, it makes it more obvious. Japanese don't yo/ne every single thing.

>"coming back to Tokyo"

>implying she is in Tokyo

How sad.

No. 34926

File: 1419880542150.jpg (170.75 KB, 500x529, tumblr_m6vnrlJmQq1ray85eo4_500…)

Blonde=/=Light Hair
Natural blonde and red hair turns darker when growing older because the eumelanin in the hair increases.

The hair in her childhood pictures isn't blonde but light brown, blonde kids of that age usually have almost white hair.

No. 34929

she seriously reminds me of myself when i started learning, i would put yo and ne after everything even though i had no idea what it even meant. dear kiki, when you put yo, at the end of a phrase, you're telling them something new and that they already don't know. if norman reedus even gave a shit and could speak japanese, i'm pretty sure he would already know that you wanted to meet him.
also it really irks me whenever she talks about meeting people in japan, it's always about cat cafes, nothing else. it really shows that's all there is to japan for her.
it really is sad that she has to pretend to live in japan, kota never had to because she made that a reality. that's another thing that irks me about her and a lot of other people, fake an extravagant life/personality than actually work for it, and when she does "work" it's incredibly half-assed because she feels she deserves all this stuff without any work.

No. 34930

they would rather fake an extravagant life/personality

No. 34931

In the UK Dakota's hair colour would be referred to as "mousey blonde" or "dirty blonde", but Kirsten's is very much light brown. Idk about other countries.

No. 34977

>kota never had to because she made that a reality.

Er, I like Dakota, but no she really didn't- she just got hella fucking lucky. Bravo made it happen to cover their blunder.

No. 34986


Yeah, agreed. In fact I like to think this makes kaka the most jealous- koti wasn't even trying to be a model in Japan, but it happened anyway, and here she is, at least pretending to try to learn Japanese and shit and yet, she's still just a broke 20-something living at home with her broke parents doing nothing with her life in relative obscurity.

No. 34989

i probably should've worded it better, i didn't mean kota set out to live in japan. but she did always seem to have an interest in japan, she picked japan over everywhere else. and kota seems to be working pretty hard to stay there as long as possible.

No. 35005


The saddest thing is /pt/ and stickydrama are probably the closest thing to 'fans' she has nowadays

No. 35065

Dat fangirling moment is hilarious. Is like 'hey Norman will you come back to Tokyo OH YEAH? LETS MEET UP so I can be famous again kkkkkkkkk I will make rumours about you and I but HEY THEY WILL BE MADE BY MY HATERZZZ DONT THINK THAT I COULD DO THAT UGUUUUU"

No. 35085

Yeah like Daryl Dixon would be interested in meeting Kiki KhlamydiaKrotch

No. 35264

Lesbian-Walrus invited me here on PULL. Barely legal boys, please take out your cocks and form a line.

No. 35267

It's actually weird to me how quickly Kiki (or any of the Ostrengas for that matter) find out about stuff being said about her on forums like this or PULL or fucking anywhere. Like, she must just constantly be lurking all this shit almost 24/7, right? Or maybe it's just Cathy? I doubt it's any of her 'fans' (lol) because who would come here all the time being on Kiki's side just to report back to her? Nobody is that dedicated to her.

No. 35268

File: 1419925854589.gif (1.91 MB, 625x341, anigif_enhanced-2171-141347308…)

I got your underage peen right here, Mr.Sticky sir.

No. 35291

i don't find it weird because none of them have work, friends, school, etc, to tend to. kiki likes to claim she has all of these things, but looking at her, you can tell she doesn't do anything but sit on the computer all day. cathy does it too and i think their brother may also join in to help since i'm pretty sure some of the screenshots were taken on his user account on their computer(s). i would love to be a fly on the wall in the ostrenga household.

also does anyone know what's up with their brother? i know he's autistic, but that's about it. i wonder if he is the only normal one in the family because he isn't desperately trying to get fame and i don't think he's ever gotten involved in her shit even in the stickam days. and what i mean by that is, i don't think i've ever heard his voice in the background of her stickam rants about h8rz like i would with cathy and dakota. then again, i've heard they do their best to hide him because he's autistic.

No. 35303

There was a video somewhere where Kiki makes fun of Kyler.
You can see that the dude is autistic but the ironic thing is he still sounds way more normal than her. I'd rather hang out with him than with Kaka.

No. 35305

File: 1419929373969.jpg (93.96 KB, 711x599, image.jpg)

Have a big can of this Mr Stickydrama

No. 35314

really? i get they are siblings, and siblings are assholes to each other especially when they're younger, but trying to publicly degrade your own sibling is fucking cold, especially on the internet.
do you remember what she said about him?
i would want to hang around kiki/cathy just to see the insanity for myself, but i'd probably get tired of it really quick and try to hang out with kyler instead. kiki and cathy seem the type to get upset about small things, cause a scene, yell at whoever they feel caused the thing to happen, and constantly complain about it the entire time. like i feel it would be impossible to have any sort of good time around them

No. 35327

I've actually never seen what her brother looks like. Anyone got pics?

No. 35345

File: 1419931058947.jpg (6.92 KB, 280x180, kyler.jpg)

there aren't any pictures of him, but here's a icon i found from the only video he was in, to my knowledge at least. (he's the brown haired guy) kiki/cathy took down the video and the screenshots from it

No. 35351

From what I remember, she was in livingroom having a livestream on stickcam. Kyler was behind her watching TV. She started asking him what girl he is interested in, does he have a girlfriend, if he is gay while laughing at him etc… You could see dude was uncomfortable. I think there was Cathy also.

No. 35354

Oh, that's him? That video is still up on her buzznet actually.


No. 35356

*Cathy was there also

No. 35372

i hope for his sake cathy wasn't there… this is making me hate them both even more. if only we could get kyler out of that house too. kyler should become a kawaii model/blogger too, then there would be 2 ostrengas living kiki's dreams in japan while kiki just sits at home all day googling pictures of japan to post on her instagram to insinuate that she's there and google translating japanese

my bad! i never thought to look there, i just checked out youku where i first saw the video, which if any of you guys weren't aware already, it completely cleared of all of her videos from the scene days. all there is, is a slideshow of pictures of her.

No. 35385

Nah, it makes sense for you to not even bother looking there when they forcibly delete every other scrap of themselves (especially scene-era) that they find off of the internet. It's really surprising that she hasn't wiped out all the pictures/videos from her buzznet.

No. 35392

so offtopic, but i forgot his name. what is it?

No. 35395

Brendan Jordan, I believe.

No. 35417

i feel you, i'm surprised it and her tumblr still up. they both have such cringeworthy shit on them like this gem:

>"People have asked us if we were Russian more than a few times. On Friday we were at Bebe, and the girl working there asked us if we were Russian. Noo, wait, she insisted that we were. She said we were too pretty and walked through the store so calmly and with thought that she had to say we were Russian. She was Spanish and she was pretty too so we all had a little chat-a-r00nie at the counter. it's pretty cool when pretty girls can get together and admire each other without getting catty, mhmmm! Lately, idk what it is but people have been walking, no wait, trotting quickly, up to my sister and me wanting to talk to us especially older ladies. They think we are some kind of models and ask us if we know this agency or that one. Dayum, i need to be lookin' into some things i haven't really considered. It feels rather good I must admit. ;]"

No. 35425

Not a shred of modesty. How the actual fuck can someone like her sister or herself be even accepted as a decent human being in Japan? Let alone become relatively popular (I know that's only Dakota but still). They don't even know the meaning of the word humble.

No. 35429

i'm going through all of her posts and there are a lot more where that came from, which isn't surprising. it's sad that all of this stuff was posted 2008-2009 and almost 7/8 years later, she's still the exact same kiki, but more insane/cringeworthy.
kiki can't hold in her feelings about herself. kota, even though she used to act like an ass, i think learned about modesty after she got in japan, or she at least learned to keep it in. i personally feel kota did this stuff because she wanted to project that image to people. it really shows how insecure she was because she was heavily photoshopping herself to look like a supermodel at the time also. kiki never really had to shoop herself, she did, but it's not needed for her to feel pretty. the tweets/posts she makes/made about how everyone thinks she's so amazing is more to brag about how she's better than everyone else and to get more compliments.

No. 35445


Lol, sorry Sticky, this board is populated almost entirely by catty, gross young adult females.

Are there actually any males on this board?

No. 35447


I know Kyler's full name is Kyler Phoenix Ostrenga, he likes Warhammer 40k and he has a Steam account but that's about it. I never tried to get involved with the guy, he seems like he has it bad enough.

I wonder if Scott and Cathy hide him away during social gatherings.

No. 35449

Betcha that Cathy would have a brain aneurysm if I blew him.

No. 35453



No. 35455


She could have Google Alerts setup. They will usually tell you if something was mentioned within a day of Google finding it.

No. 35456

File: 1419952131426.png (30.49 KB, 138x172, 1413559927186.png)

No. 35462

Holy shit. Please never leave this board.

No. 35463

She could have things set up like Marjan supposedly does and automatically get a notification whenever her sites are linked to or her name is mentioned on any website ever.

No. 35465

That shit exists? That's insane…hoping already has it or that she isn't gonna see that and get ideas.

No. 35467


I would pay a lotof money to make this happen.

No. 35468

She probably does already because something like this is part of Google Webmaster Tools since ages, it shows all incoming links to any site that got verified for Google.

No. 35471

File: 1419957258135.png (601.82 KB, 1267x920, youku.png)

Some random notes:

Before PULL, there used to be another truth blog dedicated to Felice and Aly, but candidly posted things about Dakota (this was late 2011) and the person had posted a tinypic video of them talking about their uncle with diabetes. One of them said "I hope he dies". I tried looking for the video a while later, but it was deleted/taken down. There was also another video of Kiki, Dakota and Cathy talking about freckles and the first Asian Victoria's Secret angel. In it Cathy told Dakota that she reminds her of an Asian girl.

In March 2012 when Dakota went viral I looked her name up on google trends cause I was curious about what countries were googling her the most. It listed many foreign countries. When I tried "kiki kannibal" the top hit was Orlando, FL, and some minor places like the UK and Australia.

Yeah, Cathy was in it. And in her underwear.

No. 35473

>There was also another video of Kiki, Dakota and Cathy talking about freckles and the first Asian Victoria's Secret angel. In it Cathy told Dakota that she reminds her of an Asian girl.
what's up with cathy saying dakota looks like asian girls? i remember in the tumblr days kota would always say that cathy called her "gogo" like in kill bill. i guess because kota seemed to always be interested in asia, cathy would say that. i've heard of people telling lolitas particularly that they look like "japanese dolls" so i guess it's kind of the same thing

>When I tried "kiki kannibal" the top hit was Orlando, FL, and some minor places like the UK and Australia

i just looked at the google trends and it's still like that for kiki, and miami was right under orlando

>Yeah, Cathy was in it. And in her underwear.

ew, i'm assuming the pic is related, though i'm more curious as to what is on the tv? it looks like an atari game or something

No. 35475

>i'm more curious as to what is on the tv?
Ed, Edd n Eddy

No. 35518

File: 1419974113232.png (31.18 KB, 577x442, 2323.png)

I can't imagine Kiki going to some LARP, all the real fur and such.

No. 35520

So she wants to be a Mary Sue. Go figure.

No. 35528


yo silly Kaka, medieval times weren't vegan.

She's already one. With color changing hair and eyes included

No. 35531

i could see her getting really pissed off about it, if she even left the house to go.
and she constantly has people come up to her and fawn over her ~exotic~ looks. don't get me started on guys, she can't even leave the house because guys get into fights over her. if my grammar, writing, punctuation, etc, didn't suck, i'd love to write a kiki mary sue fanfic, lol.

this is slightly ot, has anyone ever made lolcows on the sims? i know people have made pt on the sims plenty of times. i would love to make all the lolcows live together on the sims to simulate how they would interact with each other.

No. 35532

Google Alerts? Hello 10 years ago?

Always some new trend for her to fawn over but not actually be involved with…

No. 35549

I didn't make kiki on the sims but in tomodatchi life. She even has song about copyrighting :D

No. 35554

hahahaha, i wanna see that! i was thinking of making a thread about lolcows on sims and other games of that sort, but i have no idea where to post it.

No. 35559

I think we had a thread like that back on SR.

No. 35568

File: 1419983771474.png (60.24 KB, 717x561, Im bored.png)

No. 35579


>No-longer-size-0-Mystical dug-by-myself-when-I-was-9 Crystal Chainmaille Sailor Battle Uniform

This is fucking brilliant, anon

No. 35588

Fucking perfect.

No. 35596

Why does she even think she looks exotic? She looks white as hell. Just regular white.

No. 35599


She probably thinks she's the only young blue-eyed, white, thin woman in Florida lol

in her little delusional world, everyone else is fat, old, ugly and non white.

No. 35602

Kyler likes to play video games (from wwhat little info I know about him).

I think he should become a famous paid video game player, or start his own Twitch channel and become famous.

No. 35605

Kiki is so sheltered that she's not even self aware of how basic she is.

No. 35620

No. 35635

That's an excellent question .. ARE there any males on this board, other than little old me?

No. 35638

that's obviously either a wig or extensions lol

No. 35644

woah, two days late to reply, but YES I agree completely

No. 35659

it's probably due to cathy. and if she really was the only white person in her school or some store clerk was just trying to flatter her to make a sale, she may have been told once that she looks ~exotic.~ many people will obsess over compliments/things that happened once an act like it happens all the time, ie, kiki is also one of those bitches that go "omg i just got carded! everyone think i'm so young like they think i'm in middle school!!11!!1!" (yes, this is shit she has actually said)

lol why would there be? on this site, almost all the lolcows posted are women, and who loves to gossip the most about women? other women.

No. 35669

it looks like an ebay picture for "hot sexy cute 2014 fashion blonde wig 5,99$"

No. 35673

There were two guys in the meetup thread. I'm pretty sure there must be more, even /cgl/ had more men than women despite being the 'girl' board.

No. 35675

Hahahaha fucking nailed it.

No. 35679

I can understand Dakota being assumed to be younger than she is (I mean, shit, she already claims to be just that and people don't bat an eye) and possibly thought to be ~*~exotic~*~ because she makes herself look that way and pulls it off without it looking too suss that she's altered her features to oblivion (I'm talking moreso about irl with make-up rather than online with PS.) But Kiki? Nope.

How old does Kiki claim herself to be again? I'm fairly sure it was that she's one year older than Dakota. And since Kota says she's born in 1995, which we all know isn't true, that would make Kirsten born in 1994. I'm born in 1993 and I've always thought she looked a couple years older than me. Especially in the scene days. It was obvious.

No. 35680

Yeah, I'm a guy.

PS: It's about time Twitter brought back your account. I missed you.

No. 35691

kaka was born in 1992 and daka 1993 iirc

No. 35694

i personally believe kota's age but i do agree with you, kota has a really round face, softer features, and i think her mannerisms make her look younger. she seems so awkward and insecure with her mannerisms, just like a lot of younger teenagers. if kota told me that she was 16/17, maybe even 15, i'd believe her.
kiki, well, looks really busted up, her hair is really thin(kota's is too but kiki's looks terrible bc of her receding hairline and refusal to style it), her features are very harsh, and she dresses provocatively. if i saw her irl and knew nothing about her, i'd assume she's in her 30's tbh.

No. 35698

Just saying, most people don't need to declare their gender to post anon.

No. 35719



No. 35720


Other women and gays, which Sticky is lol

srsy though bitchy gays are the best.

No. 35726

Yeah, that's what I thought. I was just wondering what year she claims to have been born in nowadays. I dunno if she's posted it anywhere, I've only heard she said somewhere about her being one year older than Dakota.

Do you really? I've seen tonnes of stuff proving that she's really born in 1993 like documents and such, but I think the most decisive thing for me was certain photos/videos that were posted in years where, if she were born in the year she says she is, she would be like 11/12 and she clearly looks around 14/15.

No. 35764

Yeah, idk, i just don't really care if she's older tbh. if she is older, i can get her for wanting to lie about her age, the kotakoti persona was for her to live out her fantasies and she's spent her youth in kiki's shadow. she's making up for the youth she has lost, and i can seriously relate to that.
i'm a bit of a kota stan, so i apologize, i just can't hate her or even criticize her anymore. i'm sure if someone else was lying about their age, i'd be all over them.

No. 35892

Strictly speaking, you're correct; however, in an all-girl forum like PULL, I tone down the voracious cocksucker routine quite a bit because, derp, there ain't no cocks to suck. I like to know my audience and fine tune my persona accordingly.

No. 35893

I don't have anything against Dakota, and like you I blame any shadiness by her on her childhood living under Cathy's roof and in her sister's shadow. In light of Dakota's relatively clean past (i.e. no dead boyfriends) I give her a pass on any missteps in her youth, such as the racist or homophobic humor in her early videos with her sister. And while flaunting her knowledge of Japanese might be a bit pretentious, there's nothing wrong with her catering to her fans, who are significantly if not mostly Japanese. You will be hard-pressed to find any criticism of Dakota by me, because I have almost none.

No. 35898

this board is pretty chill, so you can go as far as you like with your humor/personality. personally, i think you're funny, it's really funny to me how kiki and cathy take everything you say so seriously and get so pissed off at your jokes. i bet cathy has already screencapped your post saying that she would brain aneurysm if you blew kyler and sent it to their lawyer, saying that you're now sexually harassing her son.
another plus to being a dakota stan, is that it's most likely really enraging kiki seeing people, for the most part, give her a pass on the shit she's done and have nothing but nice things to say about her now.

No. 35981

you can say cunt and bitch here at least

No. 36002

Can you explain why you and other people put such emphasis on Cathy being crazy?

All we've seen from her since Dakota went viral in 2012 (which is how long most of us have been following them) is create this blog www.crazyhypocriticalhaters.tumblr.com and tweet celebrities for money. I don't think she's made any other appearances since then.

With you name dropping her so often and the George Pattent guy saying on PULL that he planned to finance Kiki and Dakota to get away from her, I'm curious if she's really that bad?

No. 36008

You forgot the part where Cathy is the one that did all the screenshot prints with notes written on them, so Kiki's stalking archive is mostly done by Cathy.

No. 36030


Way before Kota went viral, Cathy showed her true colors (Sticky won't let me lie about it) Her and her husband actively encouraged Kiki's attentionwhoring, from letting her dress like trailer park stripper to whiteknight her everytime she was discussed. Some anon from /cgl/ unearthed from internet wayback machine her (iirc) stickydrama posts. Let me see if still I can find that thread archived.

sorry for my shitty english, I haven't sleep for days

No. 36036

Kinda OT but I saw this video and thought of Kiki.

No. 36123

To address Cathy's craziness, during Kiki's stickam days,Cathy would always be in the background throwing in her nutty two cents worth on anything kiki was talking about.

No. 36159

She even did that when both Kiki and Dakota were online there on its last day, she didn't change at all.

No. 36206

It's a combination of several factors: What she did to Daniel Cespedes; how she obsessively prints out and archives every criticism of Dakota and her sister, adding handwritten notes that assert as fact nothing but her own rage-induced suspicions; her hunting down those critics, using methods that make her more of stalker than anyone whom she accuses; her trolling websites denying obvious truths about her and her daughters; and dozens of isolated incidents that suggest an unstable mind. Ever listen to her voicemail to Kiki's ex John? Or read her statements to the police? I could go on and on. In general, Cathy also has an extremely paranoid mind. For example, anything I tweet or post, she attributes as pertaining to her daughters. I don't know how much of that she truly believes, and how much she exaggerates in order to enlist the police or news media against me. But only Sabrina Erdely ever gave Cathy any credence, because her own motivations are transparent to everyone whose job is to evaluate complaints of that sort.

No. 36207

That's right. Her appearances on Stickam was very revealing. Cathy seems less crazy nowadays because we don't see her on camera anymore, but she hasn't changed.

No. 36210

sticky, can you upload the archive from pull again? the file has been removed

No. 36213

But of course! I've updated the PULL topic, and here is the direct download link:


Please do not hesitate to request the file here or on PULL again, because I know that Zalil limits downloads. I use the Russian site because the Ostrengas use illegitimate DMCA requests to suppress the information in that archive, but if anyone knows of a better site–i.e. in English, without any download limit, which will ignore DMCA requests–please let me know.

No. 36214

you're the best! :)

No. 36219


Hey Sticky, I wanted to ask.

A way while back when we were battling the Ostrengas over Youtube I used to host one of the primary channels.
I fought the DMCA claims repeatedly and for the most part I was successful right up until the channel was deleted.

I always gave my correct name and address because I knew I had nothing to fear from a bunch of rednecks a million miles away, but in multiple claims from Scott/Cathy? they wrote in their reports that they attempted contact at my address and that the property was vacant and I had given a false address.

I've seen them try this with at least two other people, including the stoner dude on Youtube who got DMCA'd for laughing at Kirsten's shitty music, but I don't doubt they've probably done it to a lot more.

Because you have a legal background could you explain the purpose of them lying and saying my property was vacant?

No. 36220

I'm not sure, but probably the purpose was to convince YouTube to delete your channel on grounds that you had provided "false" contact info. The Ostrengas might have been exploiting YouTube's policies regarding copyright complaints, though, because strictly speaking a DMCA complaint or counter-claim is only concerned with "valid" responses, i.e. responses that are in the statutorily required format regardless of their accuracy.

No. 36223

i think kiki would have gone a long way if she would have stuck to her bleach blonde bimbo persona tbh. i showed my mom how she used to look and how she looks now and even she agrees the bleach blonde look suits her best. it's obvious how she copies dakota now that she's famous but that doesn't go with her kiki is a bitchy blonde bimbo no matter what she does. the natural hair colored sweet girl look doesn't suit her it goes with dakota way more also because kota is probably genuinely into japanese culture and all that jazz

No. 36228

I agree, the white clothes and natural hair color drown her out, her features are way too harsh and look too old for cutesy jfashion. she's also quite average looking facially, her old style made her stand out so much more. since she likes hopping on bandwagons and scene is out of style, i think people are still trying to be grunge, she could try that. kiki should start emulating early 90's courtney love, it would be perfect for her.

No. 36231

>kiki should start emulating early 90's courtney love, it would be perfect for her.
I disagreed with the whole "Kiki suited the blonde hair rhetoric" until I read this.

No. 36244

Yeah, she should have just continued to ride the infamy of her myspace glory days and become one of those e-celebrities that people love to hate, like Trisha Paytas or w/e. She'll never get that back now. At least as a bitchy narcissist she'd be being true to herself instead of this obviously fake karma krystal healing desperate Dakota wannabe bullshit.

No. 36248

I was thinking the other day that Kiki's popularity was too early. Like if she started now and became proportionally as famous as she was back then she'd probably be quite a successful YouTuber or whatever. Look at people like Eugenia Cooney who has transferred YouNow fame into like 100k YouTube subs and rising. Kiki at her peak was probably ten mines more famous than Eugenia.

Funny thing about Trisha Paytas is that she's obviously a troll and is even open about it when she's with Shane Dawson. Yet people still think she's real because they love to hate her.

No. 36251

I don't know how the hell Youtube listen to her, if I were them I'd take down her channel and tell her to shut the f*ck up. I imagine her doing the copyright thing all day and lol i'd kill her if I receive 20 mails of her about copyright. I'd tell her to disappear from the Internet so no one will 'steal' her things

No. 36261

File: 1420224200086.jpg (73.78 KB, 486x648, image.jpg)

I don't think it would have still worked. Kiki's popularity on MySpace was probably due to other 13-16 year olds who idolized her because they wished their parents would let them be scene like her. At least I remember the endless amount of wannabe kids who took pictures of themselves with crappy cameras, highlight hair clips, awful eyeliner and some hello kitty necklace to try to fit in.

No. 36268

Legally no website can ignore a DMCA claim, it's what allows them to not screen content. If they took responsibility for screening content it would also make them liable when anything illegal was posted.

No. 36345

This song reminds me of Kirsten LOL

No. 36454

>but if anyone knows of a better site–i.e. in English, without any download limit, which will ignore DMCA requests–please let me know.

Here you go:


>Legally no website can ignore a DMCA claim

You can if the website is hosted in a country that does not acknowledge the DMCA.

No. 36464


>you can if the website is hosted in a country that does not acknowledge the DMCA

I'm starting to suspect that Admin-chan is actually either God, Satan or a Russian.

No. 36468


Also i wonder why keekz channel has not been taken down yet due stolen music and artwork.

No. 36475

every time admin-sama posts its like a gift from the gods

No. 36477

File: 1420255004907.jpg (118.31 KB, 680x457, 16.jpg)

Candid electronic image of comrade admin.

No. 36497

it's probably because yotube/google isn't aware of it yet. i subscribe to many channels that upload episodes of tv shows, music, clips from shows/movies, etc, but they aren't taken down because they either flip the image, add a watermark/filter over it, and/or don't tag/title it. like, kota just recently got music taken out of her "thanks for subscribing" outfits video and changed to mozart, lol. i think kota never said what music was in her videos because she didn't want it taken down.
i think kiki's videos also stay up because doesn't steal content by well known people. if she posted a song from one of the more popular artists today, she would immediately get the video taken down/the audio take out of the video. (i know from firsthand experience, since i've tried uploading a music video that wasn't on youtube and the second i uploaded it, it was muted)
i think if you want to get kiki's videos taken down, you'd have to notify the content creators she steals from so they can take action. but i'm not really an expert on this, what i'm saying is based off of what i think/have noticed.

No. 36515

File: 1420260680828.jpg (190.54 KB, 1300x854, 34856956-russian-woman-with-a-…)

No. 36542

Oh wow, thanks!

No. 36927

File: 1420361496008.jpg (167.28 KB, 1009x585, 1.jpg)

"Happy new year" Video of driving by the Tokyo tower

No. 36929

File: 1420361602125.jpg (176.29 KB, 1032x609, 2.jpg)

also kek.

We know you're in Florida girl.

No. 36930

Now lets find out from who she stole the video.

No. 36931

Dakota probably sent it to her through LINE or somthin

No. 36932


I get that shit in a 2 liter from my Chinese grocery. This stupid cunt.

No. 36957

wow, kiki is really dumb. it's quite obvious she definitely did steal the video from somewhere and isn't in japan. i just watched the video, if it was her video, it was so incredibly brief, you know if it was her, she'd be using her fluent ~japanese desu~ skills in the video. if she actually was in japan, we would've heard all about the flight, we would've gotten tweets about how all the japanese men won't stop stalking her, etc etc, just like how it was the first, and only time she went there. she's acting the exact same way she did the times where she'd post pictures and such and insinuate that she's in japan, ie, not speaking about it or acknowledging it. if you don't get that last bit, i mean, like she won't go out and say, "i'm in japan," but she'll insinuate it, just like she's doing here.
also she just posted a picture of vegan muffins in tokyo. kiki keep fooling yourself into thinking japan gives a shit about vegans. they only keep vegan shit in the more popular areas because westerners are into that shit.

No. 36959

So she is back to pretending she is in Japan, damn that cunt needs some psychiatric help.

No. 36960


lol the vegan muffin. You know that If she is actually in Japan for some reason, she’s going to take a billion pictures of vegan things/restaurants to pretend like japan is so ~vegan friendly~ when really most of that stuff in only scattered around tokyo. the large majority of the country doesn’t give a single fuck about vegans. Keep trying, kiki

No. 36962

exactly. i'm positive the vegan bullshit is only for foreigners, it's quite obvious because every vegan item i've seen in japan has a big "VEGAN" in english while mostly everything else about the food/drink is in japanese.
i won't believe she's actually in japan unless she posts a picture with kota and today's newspaper in an area where you can obviously tell it's japan, not just in a room or something.

No. 36981

those hands remind me of the hands that belonged to the asperger kids i went to high school with

No. 37085

is it just me or does her Japanese look awkward here? it's like there's more kanji thank there needs to be and she's trying to 'show off'.

No. 37089

I wondet how Dakota feels about all this? Imagine living in your sister's shadow for your entire childhood, being mocked for your interests and then suddenly you get the chance to leave your shitty family and live your dream in Japan as a teenager, all on your own, and then your sister is so overcome with jealousy that she suddenly starts copying your style of dress, hair, makeup, photoshop, and pretends to be soooo interested in Japan and Japanese culture when before they were just goofy chinks who made cartoons westerners liked.

I would love to know how Dakota reacted when she found out Kiki was going around peddling her shitty stolen music, dropping her name and the fact that they're sisters to try and desperately grab at any shred of fame she can get.

No. 37095

She always uses unnecessary kanji because she seems to think it makes her look smart. I dunno what gave her that idea tbh

No. 37097

no, i feel the same way, but in my experience using japanese keyboard input things, they do automatically make everything into kanji. but i think with kiki, it's just to show off, she wants to seem like she's already fluent and she thinks more kanji=more fluent. but i think anyone who studies it can tell even with all the kanji, she isn't good with japanese. her speaking patterns are really weird, like the first sentence is polite, the second is casual, and then it goes back to polite.

i do too! i think if she didn't have an image to worry about or have to deal with them when she needs her visa renewed, she would've told kiki off or at least sly dug her a long ass time ago. i feel so bad that kota has to deal with this, other than having an asshole like kiki trying to milk off her success, kiki is really humiliating and will make her look bad just by being her sister.

No. 37098

Hilarious, because it does the exact opposite. It's so Unnatural.

>あのバカ www

No. 37099

Remember when she logged into Dakota's twitter and was posting stupid shit for the lulz and giving herself a shout out? Then some time later all of it was deleted? That's what Dakota has to deal with. I hope she does call Kirsten out on her shit tbh. Trying to ruin her reputation on the sly…smh

Kirsten is really desperate for her sister's fame, and I feel like she'll do anything to get on Dakota's level or higher… Or knock her down if it really came down to it.

No. 37102


Almost all Japanese IMEs only do that when you tap the spacebar to change hilighted kana into kanji, you pick which you Want from the popup menu.

Is Kiki realistically any sort of threat for Dakota's image?? Even with her keeping quiet and laying as low as possible, Kiki coukd still ruin her career if she got it into her head to do so, not just by being a raging cunt herself, but also by exposing all those videos and pics that put Dakota in a bad light that the Ostrengas had taken down when /cgl/ was trying to ruin her.

I wonder if Kiki is really that much of a selfish cunt? "If I can't be famous then neither should she!"? I wonder if the Ostrengas planned it, made sure to buffer all the "Dakota Rose Exposed FAKE LIAR" stuff so she could get noticed enough to pave the Way for Kiki's big Japanese debut? Or maybe the parents are just so shitty they replaced Kiki as the favored daughter and just tolerate her now while they wait for Kota's yen to come rolling into Florida?

No. 37103

Why does everyone say Dakota has to deal with them when she gets her visa renewed etc.? I always wondered. Couldn't she stay with a friend or something? Or is it just because that's her "permanent residence" or whatever?

No. 37104

Bc she isn't a pemanent reident, she's there on a work visa for the modeling stuff. She hasn't even been living there long enough to become a permanent resident.

No. 37105

No anon they mean why does she have to go back to her parent's house at all when she gets her visa renewed.

No. 37106


Oh, yeah. that is weird. can't she just do that without leaving Japan? maybe she only goes back and pretends to be nice to them instead of cutting them out completely so they don't go and try to ruin her.

No. 37109

i would love it if kota posted on here about kiki, it probably would never happen but i still have hopes for it.

someone earlier said that people were talking about kiki on 2ch? or some other japanese forum. and there's so much shit on kiki that people could easily dig up. then again, kota isn't that popular and kiki isn't cute or likeable enough for japan. i don't know if kiki would ever do all that though, i think no matter how much she fails, she'll still be delusional enough to think there's a chance of her being popular again.

i think kiki is still the favorite, every plan of hers to get popularity in asia like kota has failed but cathy and scott keep spending money they don't have on these plans of hers. they still are trying to sue people over talking about her on the internet.

dakota doesn't seem to have any friends in florida, except she did have charms but charms had to air out kota's dirty laundry on cgl. and the most recent time kota actually acknowledged kiki was when she had to go home to renew her visa.

>maybe she only goes back and pretends to be nice to them instead of cutting them out completely so they don't go and try to ruin her.
she definitely does. if not, kiki will murder dakota in her sleep and wear her skin.

No. 37118

Yeah this is bugging me. If Kota has to go back home to renew her visa for Japan why is Kiki claiming she is in Japan? It doesn't make a lot of sense. If you are so close to your sister why go to a country right as she is leaving it?

No. 37122

I am the anon who posted about it first and renewing a visa can take quite a few months in Japan, meaning your current visa will very likely expire while waiting and therefore you need to leave the country.

No. 37127

>she definitely does. if not, kiki will murder dakota in her sleep and wear her skin.
tbh i kinda wanna see kiki and kota duke it out

No. 37130


i know cathy would never let them do it publicly though because it would make them look bad
even though i fail to see how there could be anything that would really make them look even worse because the ostrenga name is pretty much a byword for internet drama by now.

No. 37132

hahaha, me too, but i think the fight would be over immediately because kiki's emaciated and doesn't cross me as the fighting type. it's not even because she's such a ~spiritual vegan pacifist desu~ she just crosses me as the bitch who will talk shit on you but won't fight you. kota was always the more confrontational one of the 2, i think she would fight if she was brought to it.

No. 37133


She should do sone side project modeling in S.Korea while she waits for her visa to renew. She wouldn't have tocgo back to bumfuck FL if she did that. Then again, SK is only second rate cute compared to grorious nippon.

btw, why would it take so long for a work visa to renew? Seems like a huge inconvenience for, yaknow, any job. Unless it was only an entertainment visa… idk

No. 37135

South Korea hates Dakota so that won't work.

No. 37137


lolwut, since when and why? is it because she dumped them for Japan the instant she started getting noticed there?

No. 37139

It's because they're not dumb like Japan and found out about all her lies. There was a huge blowup on some exposé blog about how fake she is, when she went on some Korean TV show, the hostesses were making fun of her for looking nothing like her photos the entire time, and then she got attacked on Twitter for saying she hates kimchi. I understand all of those but the last one gave me a good laugh. South Korea doesn't fuck around. They're kinda scary with their celebrity worship but once they find out you're a fraud or in some kind of scandal? You're fucked.

No. 37142

wasn't the audience laughing at her too when she showed how to do her makeup?

No. 37147


There is. I'm a Japanese student and one of the first things we're taught by our native Japanese teachers is that if you don't know a kanji or how to use it correctly, don't use it period.

In our Japanese homework we actually get marked down if our teacher sees that we've used a kanji she knows for a fact we don't know it because it's cheating.

Kirsten's would get really shit grades if she pulled this shit in my degree, and some of the stuff she's using is like JLPT1 so there's no way she really knows them and Japanese people will be able to tell immediately too.

No. 37149


that, and Etude House getting DMCA'd by the Ostrengas… as usual

No. 37150


Remember though, if she married she could stay there permanently, and that ring on her finger is suspicious.

No. 37169

Maybe I'm missing something. How would anyone know that Kota has to renew her visa right now?

No. 37179

Simple math.

No. 37184

What ring tho

No. 37190

Yeah, there was that too. Lol

No. 37192

didn't kiki and kota unfollow each other on twitter some time ago?

No. 37199

I feel like Kota giving Kiki a black eye would probably be fair payback for all the shit she did to her when they were younger.

No. 37206

if she was a serious learner, i could get her using the kanji. i use kanji i don't know in conversations to make sure i get used to seeing it. when i do use a kanji i don't know, i draw it in a notebook, and every time i forget it and have to look it up, i draw it again. but i can't see kiki doing anything like that. if you ever asked her on the spot to say something in japanese she would probably say, "私はキキ・カンニバーですよ~~~!私はダコタ・ローズの姉ですよ~~~。私は猫が大好きですね~~~~~!私はビーガンの食べ物を食べるよ~~~。” emphasis on the u sounds, the yo's, and ne's.

yeah and kota was the one who started it.

i think a little more would be good because kiki is irritating as hell. i had a friend like kiki and one day, i just went psycho on her for doing something little and just beat the shit out of her. scarily enough, it felt really good. i don't condone violence, but i think kota would feel pretty good if she beat the shit out of kiki and it would probably scare kiki enough to stop trying to ride on her fame.

it looks like kiki read what i said earlier about how if she really was in japan, she would say it instead of insinuating it. but this is still not proof enough, try again, kiki.

No. 37210

>2 day old makeup
Fucking ew, though it's obviously bullshit.

She's still failed to show herself in Tokyo properly, this doesn't show anything.

No. 37213

>Fucking ew, though it's obviously bullshit.
for someone all about taking care of your body, hair, nails, etc, it's weird she'd admit that. granted, she has done worse shit to herself, like in one video she posted, she literally took circle lenses straight out of the bottle things you get them in and put them in her eyes.

>She's still failed to show herself in Tokyo properly, this doesn't show anything.

however, it does show how far she will go to make people think she's in ~japan~ by wearing a coat in florida.

No. 37215

Lol Kaka what is even the point…

No. 37217

Yeah, I'd imagine that Kota is probably at the end of her rope with her sister. Like she only has to deal with her right now through the internet, or when she flies back home, but sooner or later, she's going to have to deal with her I think.