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File: 1602104013119.png (1.16 MB, 884x933, shannon.png)

No. 1053928

Admin Note: Creepshow Art has been posting in this thread and others. Click here to read her post history.

Shannon Margaret Campbell aka Creepshow Art is a youtuber, attention whore and self-proclaimed artist.

>often believed to be a teenager or in her early 20s due to her mannerisms and art skills, but is actually a 27yo married woman

>goes back and forth between calling herself an “idiot human uwu” who should have no responsibilities and acting like an uppity bitch from her high horse of moral superiority
>reacts to any perceived slight by ranting about it to her followers in a desperate attempt to look like an unbothered bad bitch
>got into art to “cope with trauma”, posts shit-tier art on youtube with “storytime” narrations that totally 100% happened
>had her art featured on /r/delusionalartists, made a video about it
>realized her skills wouldn’t cut it and began making poorly researched drama videos to gain views, prowling lolcow threads for content without putting in her own work
>featured in the /ot/ artist salt thread, rumored to be selfposting there
>announced a video about lolcow, proclaimed herself a supporter and adopted a "haters make me famous and help me improve" cope stance
>stopped using her own art in some of her videos, begs fans to send in footage of their art progress “for the exposure”, refuses to pay royalties despite having 300k subscribers and doing giveaways like tablets and 300+ dollars cash out of her own pocket to self-promote
>lovebombs content creators to cloutchase, befriended noted flake Ready To Glare (ex-Onision patron turned Anti-O, fellow lolcow-powered dramatuber, unstable druggie) and joined the “Goon Squad”, a group of circlejerking tween youtubers
>capslock spams other creators begging to be acknowledged, thirsts over men and women alike while tagging them
>deflects any criticism by ranting about the time she was homeless
>called out by Ethan Klein of H3h3 Productions
>got her channel demonetized after accusing drag queen Ariel Versace of distributing child porn
>Keemstar notices her, tweets her to tell her she will reach 1M subs by 2021 and offers her a job if she doesn’t get remonetized
>Ethan swoops in in an attempt to be a hero of smaller youtubers (not because he’s feuding with Keem or anything), flexes his connections to have her monetization reinstated
>recently announced she will begin to stream herself playing video games with her dramatuber friends, thus milk awaits

Social media:

No. 1053929

File: 1602104155459.jpg (173.82 KB, 572x975, GcIDKl1.jpg)

Incident with Ariel Versace:

>If you go on Ariel Versace’s twitter you can see that she retweeted a screenshot of some very explicit messages Jake sent to the person who posted them. Then when Ariel tweeted about it, the youtuber who made the accusation [of Ariel retweeting underage nudes] backpedalled and called them “sexts,” directly contradicting the claim she initially made that they were “nudes”.

So no, there aren’t any images involved and idk why she would refer to screenshots of sexts as nudes, its just blatantly false and I can see her getting into real legal trouble for it.

No. 1053933

File: 1602104407149.jpg (259.56 KB, 593x1119, csatwt.jpg)

Begging for attention on Twitter, then going "rofl why you mad xD" at the 1 person who didn't kiss her ass about it

No. 1053934

File: 1602104471441.png (148.81 KB, 1397x279, ic.png)

Blatant selfposting on 4chan art boards:

No. 1053936

File: 1602104757029.png (88.23 KB, 593x429, keem.png)

No. 1053937

H3h3 calling out Creepshow Art

No. 1053938

File: 1602104912006.png (53.49 KB, 592x231, h3h3.png)

Then helping her get monetization back

No. 1053939

File: 1602104947377.png (88.83 KB, 590x387, csatwt2.png)

>makes videos moralfagging about CSA
>defends MJ

No. 1053951

Her content is so fucking dumb and low effort, I'm still puzzled how she got the following she has. Even for a farmer self posting in the Anti-O thread, she stood out as especially stupid.

No. 1053959

I'm finding this thread interesting. I lost interest in her videos quickly after I found out about her and soon unfollowed her on Twitter cuz the lovebombing she does is excessive and weird

No. 1054025

> ready to glare
> unstable druggie
not whiteknighting, but she did crack for like a few months in college while travelling abroad. she works with school systems/tutoring groups so i doubt shes on anything rn
shannon is also a former addict as well, she talks about in a few videos iirc.
sage for slightly ot

No. 1054041

File: 1602119362093.png (818.4 KB, 750x1334, 1514422317614.png)

I'm sorry for your standards being so low you think "doing crack for a few months" is like experimenting with weed in college, but even aside from that RTG is a massive idiot who had a mental breakdown in the Maurice Yandiorio thread when he called her a pill popper and pretended to kill himself and catfished her as a counselor. Like a sane, stable person, she immediately made multiple livestreams about it, including one with another noteworthy cow, Joy Sparkles, because that's what you do when your friend dies. We can call her a gullible former crackhead (though she clarified she is only sober from hard drugs) who fraternizes with similarly gullible snowflakes if that sounds better to you, she also threw money at Onision and was his fan for years. Anyone who rubs elbows with Onision and JSBS has moronic attributes Semi ontopic because this is the company Shannon gravitates towards - easily excitable, dramamongering youtubers who eat up her lovebombing.

Do you remember when that was? I only read about her posting on /ot/ but I'm not surprised.

No. 1054351

File: 1602171787464.png (154.94 KB, 836x744, 7489101028529.png)

lmao this bitch. one time she boasted on twitter about how undoxable she was, that people even got her name wrong and threatened legal action agains anyone who tried. her middle name wasn’t known at the time

I found her address immediately and sent her an email to bait her about it, a short time later she changed her twitter bio to a quote from pic related, changed her username from SM_Creepshow (SM = Shannon Margaret) to creepshow_art and had the whitepages entry scrubbed.

i’ll take my cowtipping ban now but i wanted to make a point that her lack of a filter and need to act like a cutesy badass online will fuck her up someday. she thinks she’s being fun and interesting but she’s just a naive idiot who doesn’t know how to handle herself and the friends she’s made this year will eat her alive if she ever steps out of line(cowtipping)

No. 1055154

The flipflopping is too much. "I was homeless but now I have a home but this place is trash but I'm gonna throw a couple hundred dollars to someone I've trash talked but why does this one person hate me but all my friends are super hot I can't even???"

She's currently simping over another YouTuber called Corpse Husband - he narrates horror stories but has also been playing Among Us with people like Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye et al. Shannon is trying to join this trend of course. Might be worth noting that Shannon is 27 and married as per the OP, and Corpse is… 23.

No. 1055269

File: 1602278133535.png (325.47 KB, 594x647, hothothot.png)

We get it, you need validation

No. 1055305


Are there any pictures of her where she's not filtered the shit out of it?

No. 1055339

File: 1602283641247.jpg (85.75 KB, 960x960, creepshow_art-1311966833164001…)

She has a thread of pictures here, a lot of them are old but they show her facial features better. She'd be average American plain toast girl levels of attractive if she didn't let fatassery cloak her bone structure.


No. 1055341

Ooooh no 27 and 23! Is 4 years some big scary age difference? Lol

No. 1055375


Considering she's as close to 30 as he is to 20, yeah a little bit. It's more that she's married and thirsting over a younger guy who never shows his face online.

No. 1055417

Where has she thirsted after him? I named searched on twitter and she’s just said she watched his gameplay. Did I miss something?

No. 1055429

Good luck to Creepshow with that one, he seems more focused on Lilypichu

No. 1055454


I don't know if she deleted them, but there was a bunch of tweets about her obsession with his hands or something? I've got a feeling she's already aware of this thread so she's probably deleting shit as we speak.

No. 1055456

File: 1602293971899.png (149.51 KB, 595x626, hands.png)

No. 1055460

don't know anything about her and skimmed this thread but jfc that male pattern baldness looking ass hairline lmao

No. 1055462

Oh I misread them. But she also only tweeted once about it so I thought there would be more. She's annoying about everything else so I thought there would be more thirst tweets. Her obvious clout chasing with Loey Lane kills me.

No. 1055484

Knowing Lily's "I will date you the second I meet you" history, she already kept him in notes as a replacement of tiny boy Michael when he drops her ass.

No. 1055500

Why does Shannon seem to think bisexuality is just hitting on everyone all the fucking time. She does this shit. Every time.

No. 1055503

File: 1602299816783.png (64.56 KB, 418x374, simp.png)

Is anyone else annoyed by how mind-numbingly stupid she sounds all the time? She has a big issue with mixing up your/you're and then/than and it's making my tism flare up

No. 1055507

File: 1602300380140.jpeg (903.59 KB, 1459x1906, IMG_3489C2DE4F05-1.jpeg)

>literally attractive
I know the usage of "literally" has been changing, but really? She sounds like a vapid 15yo

No. 1055547

i find this hilarious considering most ppl on /ic/ specifically only draw lolis

No. 1055817

Yes! Like why does she need to constantly rave about how absolutely drop dead gorgeous every person is and constantly Tweet/[try to associate with] people she thinks are hot? Like that's not normal behavior. Horny teens/early 20's might do that maybe, but married at 27? It's weird.
Take a note Shannon: constantly talking about how hot someone is to that person is not considered socially normal and will probably make the person you're talking about feel awkward and not really want to be around you.

No. 1055865

>will probably make the person you're talking about feel awkward and not really want to be around you.

Nah, she's feeding into their narcissism. I'm sure they love it because she's a quirky girl with 300k subs but if she was a dude or didn't have her following then her lovebombing and exaggerated ~crushes~ and spamming about wanting to hold hands uwu would be creepy as fuck.

No. 1055884

I feel like eventually someone is going to make a video about how uncomfortable she made them feel. My guess is the guy she's always posting screenshots of. She also talked a lot about how her husband doesn't have an internet presence, so I wonder if he knows how much she hits on other people.

No. 1055923

File: 1602363565553.png (622.42 KB, 885x681, rfc.png)

Definitely, as soon as she falls out with any of the edgy youtubers she's currently circlejerking with they will make videos about her. Just look at this roster

No. 1055939

>sky williams
ah I see we're way past the time to still be upset about his shitty excuses for how he treated people and allowed to happen in the Sky House
Not surprised at all yet still always disappointed lol

No. 1055944

That's what I thought, all these commentary channels pretending to have high moral standards dropping the act

No. 1055957

I'm sure some people like it, but with how often she does this, it's inevitable that she's going to run into someone that doesn't like it (AKA: a normal fucking person).
I personally would be really uncomfortable with someone desperately thirst tweeting me when we haven't even spoken, regardless of their popularity/notoriety.
Even if it was one of my favorite Youtubers/authors/whatever, I would be creeped out af. It's such a weird thing to do. I would ask her to stop and never speak like that at me again.

No. 1056081


I swear, if it was a guy doing all the creepy simping and lovebombing, Shannon would make a video on him.

No. 1056110

Sage for cringe and blogposting but awhile ago she covered a serious topic and I reached out to her in DM to give her more information and how she could use her platform to legitimately help this cause she was "literally so serious" about. She read my DM and then didn't bother to respond and never addressed the subject she "cared so much about" again at it was at that point I realized everything she does at all is just for content. She's extremely shallow and doesn't care about anything she claims to, she just wants to scrape by and put in juust enough effort to put out a youtube video and rake in money.

No. 1056153

How do you know she read it?

No. 1056208

I'm excited that creepshow fart finally got a thread. I thought I found her uwu voice/garbage takes insufferable because she's a Zoomer… imagine my surprise when I realise she's just LARPing as one.

No. 1056217

You made me have questions.
Why does Creepshow get a thread now? She's been trashed talked in Artist Salt for eons. What did she do that's different or so terrible that she finally gets a thread?

No. 1056220

OP here, I've considered her an insufferable cloutchaser for a while now and posted her in the youtube general but I thought I was alone until I saw her mentioned while browsing /ot/. Then I checked out the artist salt threads and made a post in the /pt/ sticky and it got enough responses to warrant a thread.

That sounds about right, I know several people who contacted her about things she claimed to be oh so serious about and she either didn't respond or she got snippy about it. My theory is that she gets scared when people contact her who have firsthand knowledge about the things she reports on because she doesn't want people to know she twists things and is too lazy to research properly.

No. 1056225

You definitely weren't alone, kek. She's been mentioned in Artist Salt, practically since the beginning. Everyone there hated when people brought her up so much. I'm sure they'll be glad they don't have to hear about Shannon's latest dramas any more.

No. 1056355

I'm pretty sure you can boil down her videos to:

- either a timelapse of her shitty art on Procreate where we see her go over the same eyeliner wing 50 times, or a timelapse from a fan which is usually better than what Shannon can do.
- nonsensical intro vaguely related to video content.
- "Hey guys, it's Shannon and today-"
- talking like a highschooler about an issue that has been done by other commentators already.
- no screenshots or receipts
- "Bonkers, it's bonkers you guys, bonkers, bonkers"
- simps over another commentator, usually RTG or TehMimi.
- will include at least one comment about how useless she is, how stupid and childish she is, I'm guessing in a bid to look endearing?
- "Lemme know what you guys think." (doesn't reply to tweets or DMs)

If you were to take a shot everytime she says the word bonkers, you'd probably die.

No. 1056357


She actually didn't take part in this I don't think, something to do with her living in such a hellish neighbourhood that meant she had to 'find somewhere else to sleep' that evening.

Shannon, stop throwing money at people who don't like you, other commentators and candle companies, save up and get out of there as soon as your lease is up. I'm sick of hearing about how shitty your area is. At least you're not homeless though right? Ugh.

No. 1056362

I only watched a few of her videos like a year ago before realizing her format is
>popular topic
>pretend to be angry about it
>ramble about topic offering no insight

At least dangelo researches his videos and offers some insight. All drama channels are trash but her videos are a literal waste of time

No. 1056378

Agreed. His brand of Zoomer is tolerable because the content is generally well thought out and executed. That and he's not larping as being in that age range, he genuinely is.

No. 1056401

Does she really think calling people “bitches” and “hoes” is an appropriate response to the threat of legal action? And she’s 27? I’ve seen zoomer commentary channels with more maturity.

She’s eventually going to get herself canceled by the same type of people she’s pandering to because she can’t keep her mouth shut.

No. 1056494

You forgot the part where the first five minutes are always worthless rambling about how unbelievable this drama is and some personal stories that usual don't relate at all

No. 1056530

Did anyone see this? It was about a month ago. She did a stream and people were just dogpiling her with negative comments.

>Loads of people comment for Shannon to get to the point and tell them what the site is doing.

>Shannon makes a point not to say the name of the website and tells people not to link it. Everyone is telling her that the name of the website is in the thumbnail. Shannon denies this at 13:39 and says that it’s not the website, it’s the Change petition. The Change petition shows in bold letters the name of the website in her thumbnail.
>15:00 Commenter says, “Damn you’re trying to get clout off victims” Shannon just says, “thank you for that little piece of shit comment, dude”
>24:34 Shannon says, “The people that think I’m doing this for clout, it’s trolling. Like, yeah, okay, me, saying rape is wrong, I’m sorry that’s clout to you.”
>25:25 Commenter says, “You’re repeating yourself over and over just to drag out a livestream about child exploitation while getting donations. You’re disgusting.” Shannon says, “I’m glad that my opinion that child exploitation is wrong is disgusting to you. That’s a very hot take.”

No. 1056557

File: 1602445146012.png (105.56 KB, 640x1136, 5891CA5E-2553-4DFD-A16B-F57FD8…)

lol where does she even live?

No. 1056561

File: 1602445640717.png (125.9 KB, 594x627, homeless.png)


Holy shit, she truly does never shut up about being homeless that one time, she talks about it to this day but I found these kekworthy. She said she still had income and did shit at Starbucks etc, does anyone know why she was actually without an apartment?

No. 1056567

File: 1602445960141.png (169.23 KB, 582x684, move.png)

She lives in a shitty area of Las Vegas, I checked it out on google maps and it looks pretty sketchy. Behind her house there's a big unmaintained looking parking lot and fast food places. A year ago she begged for money in order to be able to move.

No. 1056568

File: 1602446098926.png (24.84 KB, 593x105, candles.png)

And now she's throwing money at people left and right including hoarding $14 candles and gifting them to her latest ~crushes~.

No. 1056569

File: 1602446108905.png (38.92 KB, 590x142, paypal.png)

No. 1056575

At first I didn't know why she wasn't able to move on her own.
She's married, and I assume both of them have jobs. A first payment for a new apartment/an apartment deposit is a couple hundred. A moving truck can cost a few thousand if you're going far. But overall, I would say you could move on a budget of 5,000 pretty easy. It would take some time to get the money, but it's easy to save if you put in the effort.
Now I know why. She's not putting in any effort at all.

No. 1056583

File: 1602447308800.png (65.53 KB, 598x245, 4m ago.png)

Lurking 24/7 already?

No. 1056587


I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she's already aware of this thread, she never stopped lurking.

I know she's never been the best artist really, but her 'art' these days is just so lazy and sad. How she ever called herself a professional is beyond me.

No. 1056799

I'm struggling to understand how she could live in a place so dangerous that she can't even sleep there with her husband or do something as basic as streaming a video game.
It seems like she exaggerates to get out of things and gain sympathy.

No. 1056802


Ah yes another artist who likes to whine about "how hard they have it" I'm so sick of people buying their stupid sob stories why does this shit work on people.

A while ago anons would always say "don't make a thread she'll like it" but probably this is a huge hit to her ego. Look at how much she publicly makes fun of people. It's her whole brand for God's sake. She probably secretly is terrified that she might be one of "those people" and that's why she's overcompensating by making this her entire personality.

>How she ever called herself professional is beyond me

See that's what's wrong with the online art community you can whine and bitch and moan about how hard you have it and even if you cushily live in your parents' house freeloading at age 35 some sad little teenager out there will give you all their pocket change instead of going out to the movies with their friends because "gotta support muh art community hurr durr."

And they think they're Da Vinci or something because they basically take candy from babies, holy shit. The entitlement is unreal.

No. 1056807

File: 1602478580743.jpg (211.02 KB, 594x724, rtg.jpg)

Her "simping" is so performative and downright patronizing tbh. If I looked like this, I'd be so ashamed to have a "friend" who constantly raved about how I was the most attractive person ever. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and all, but spamming everyone with how hot they are comes off as so disingenuous when they're clearly not and are insecure about it. I'm sure Shannon could find other traits to hype up, but this ain't it.

No. 1056826

“most gorgeous woman ever”

>Obvious thick layer of makeup

>The face makeup is all one color. It removes any natural contours her face would have, making her look even more manly, and she does not add artificial contouring with darker makeup shades. It also makes her skin look washed out and boring
>Can’t be arsed to clean up the eyebrows
>Washed out, pale wig, making her look even more drab

Maybe Shannon isn’t actually attracted to women, because her “most gorgeous woman ever” looks straight up like a man.

No. 1056832

I saw this and thought it was from the MTF thread

No. 1057016

>you can see the wig cap clear as day

No. 1057040

I’ve always had a soft spot for ready to glare because I used to be an english lit major and my year was full of girls like her. Acting edgy and alternative online but normal and a bit boring irl. Ditch at least one layer of foundation, the wig, and the weird lip ring, and she’d be the most normal looking girl in any European uni at the Arts or Humanities faculties.

She’s also got a husband who’s really ugly and her videos are boring, they all follow the same formula and I think she mostly goes off content sent in by fans. She’ll read an article and give her opinion without any additional research. One thing I’ll say for her though is that at least she doesn’t pretend to do more than that lol. Considering her education I think she’ll end up in either a stable marketing or teaching job in a few years and she’ll quit youtube for good by then.

No. 1057067

>her videos are boring, they all follow the same formula
Nitpick but the fanart at the end and her shitty intro song make me want to die.

No. 1057244

Thought that was Davey Havok with bad eyebrows.

No. 1057338

This seems like a backhanded complement. If one of my friends tweeted "hey remember when this celeb called her a bitch, I'm so mad," with a close-up picture of my face I would be pissed. Thanks for reminding everyone

No. 1057351

On the subject of homelessness, someone mentioned in the PULL discord shannon actually chose to be homeless at one point and has played it up as something so terrible. Can anyone confirm if this is even true?

No. 1057373

File: 1602561145121.png (205.75 KB, 819x723, discord3.png)

I got caps discussing it and here's the video in the screenshot

No. 1057376

File: 1602561190544.png (72.71 KB, 842x564, discord2.png)

No. 1057379

File: 1602561342939.png (151.47 KB, 829x677, discord.png)

No. 1057398

>she moved from San Jose, CA to Portland OR with her boyfriend (now husband). They spend the first years living in their car for the most part
>Youtube video about being "Homeless at Christmas Time"

This is the whitest shit I've read in a long, long time.

No. 1057415

She talks about it in this new video. Starting about 4 minutes.
She says that her parents kicked her out, so she just kinda drove around. She couldn't get an apartment. She worked several jobs; her husband too.

No. 1057582


This is a new video? Is she responding to this thread indirectly, maybe? Because there has been a lot of questioning about her past homeless status. No reason for her to bring it up out of nowhere.

No. 1057664

It’s an interview she did a while ago with another homeless channel. It’s not new.

No. 1057773

It's new in the sense that it was released this year. It isn't one of the videos Shannon made while homeless where she talks about it.

No. 1057884

File: 1602618695464.jpg (193.55 KB, 1080x896, Screenshot_20201013_204356.jpg)

Christ Shannon, LET IT GO.

No. 1057898

Shannon you weren’t living in the streets, you slept in your car.

No. 1058157

I thought that too when I read it, I would definitely not be flattered if my friend made a post like that lol

No. 1058184

Weirdass nitpick. Sleeping in your car is still being homeless.

No. 1058608

'Homelessness changed you' probably means it's something she never shuts up about and holds over others who have their own problems. Something to always humble-brag about when the attention on her begins to wane.

No. 1059065

File: 1602732476806.png (960.06 KB, 1382x776, Screen Shot 2020-10-14 at 8.28…)

After thirst tweeting him all week, she streamed with Corpse Husband and other million channel youtubers.

No. 1059322

Agreed. Sleeping in your car is being homeless. For god sake come to my side of the Country (Portland OR) everyone is homeless in there car it’s rainy as shit here and there are whole family’s living in mini vans so please tell me how that is not homeless

No. 1059428

Anon didn't say sleeping in your car didn't make you homeless.
They probably meant that there's a difference between sleeping in one's car and living on the streets, especially in how it effects you and your personality.

No. 1059461

File: 1602789450515.jpg (559.96 KB, 1080x2017, aaaaaaaaaaa.jpg)

Attention seeking again

No. 1059463

File: 1602789585244.jpg (1.01 MB, 1196x2048, bbbbbbb.jpg)

"Video out and live tomorrow" made me laugh and sounds like she's a middle-aged soccer mom announcing that she'll complain to the manager. She looks the part too

The trifecta of Creepshow Art: Simping, Attention Whoring, Karening

No. 1061119

File: 1603034551236.jpg (139.47 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_20201018_161731.jpg)

She recently lost her 100 dollar Apple Pencil because "Hurr I'm such a big stupid baby brain" and just drops another 100 for a new one. Being homeless didn't teach her to appreciate her current comforts enough for her to take care of expensive Apple products. That says a lot about her I think.

No. 1061124

She's been tagging along with much more popular YouTubers for games of Among Us, including Keem. It feels like she's the ugly fat girl at school who desperately wants the cool kids to like her, that's why she spends so much time simping over them.

Unrelated but, why do they all keep going on like Loeybug is some sort of goddess? She's a big girl, each to their own, but her features are just so flat. Her nose and lips are really flat looking, and her teeth always seem off to me. I can't stand her voice either. Am I missing something?

No. 1061187

File: 1603040375997.png (85.13 KB, 595x709, Screenshot at Oct 18 18-55-59.…)

She also sent $100 to a cow she loves to make videos about. >>1056569
If she feels so bad for KT ~struggling~, then idk, stop making videos about her? Nothing she said wasn't already in the lolcow thread (which she blatantly copied for her video anyway).

After all, she took down her Holly Conrad video for the sake of Holly's ~mental health~. At least be consistent. This is a wildly idiotic move to come off as sympathetic and generous but it really just makes her look like a psychotic dramamongerer who has a pathological need to be liked even by the people she makes shittalking videos about. She's a giant snake who thinks she's much more clever than she really is. Her self-depreciating idiot baby shtick doesn't hide how highly she truly thinks of herself.

No. 1061227


She's always ripping lolcow for content for her videos. Most of her Onision stuff came from here.

Honestly, seeing Shannon give KT money and then continue to make videos on her seems so exploitative. "Yeah I made videos calling her bonkers and crazy to an audience of thousands but I gave her money one time so really I'm a good person right? If you disagree with me I will subtweet you until I need video content."

No. 1061243

File: 1603046402663.png (161.49 KB, 598x664, lolcow.png)

This. Not to whiteknight KT but she's a harmless sperg; the people she obsessively tweets at don't seem to mind her and obviously just don't want her to get attention to further victimize herself. All she does is screech into the void and try to make herself look more important than she is, but everyone with a brain can tell at first glance that she's delusional and even her most accusatory tweets are not to be taken seriously. So it's fun to discuss her on a niche ukrainian fly-fishing forum but to parade her around in front of 320k people to make her look like a predatory stalker is just really lazy content straw-grabbing. But then to also send her 100 dollars and ask her followers to do the same would almost seem like some sort of sadistic, humiliating power play if I didn't know for sure that Shannon just absolutely has to look like a good person. She wants to be the person who calls out "bad people" on her youtube channel for cash and fame but she also wants her targets to like her and that's what makes her such a basket case.

I have a feeling Shannon desperately wants farmers to like her, hence her tweeting over and over how much she likes lolcow and her selfposting in certain threads. I'm sure she believed that her KT videos would have the side effect of earning respect from farmers and some sweet promo to boot, and how could a lazy cow like her resist a a niche case not a lot of people talk about, compiled and served on a silver platter for Shannon to put into video form? But she just comes off like a lazy, pandering idiot who doesn't know how to pick her battles. Like >>1061124 said she's desperately coping trying to imitate other people to be cool but it falls flat because she's just awkwardly fronting. She's been tweeting about us for years and probably monitors this thread obsessively. >>1056583

No. 1061385

Seeking attention or praise from the farms for making videos about a cow never turns out well. Mostly because lifting info for clout or profit is lazy at best.

Shannon, you're not going to get validation here or from sucking up to equally amoral people like Keem. You're probably one of the few people who actually looks worse for donating

No. 1061388

Her doing this is honestly so nasty. Funny enough it was her video on KT that originally got me into her content because the way she presented KT was exactly my kind of humor, but her nonstop twitter fights and the way she did a 180 on "never ~ever~ making Onision videos" once she saw how much money just mentioning his name made her finally got me to unsubscribe. I respect the hustle, but she couldn't possibly be any more annoying and hypocritical.

No. 1061390

Seems like she constantly seeks validation and can’t stand when people don’t like her.
Needs to be the victim, needs to be cool, everyone must love her so she will simp for days.

No. 1061398


But not TOO cool, she is also a big dumb baby woman don't forget. How cute and quirky it is to be nearly 30 and apparently tripping over the simplest tasks so people on the Internet find you 'relatable.'

The simping is just too much. I honestly want to know how her husband feels about it, there's praising and shouting out your friends sure - but it sounds like Shannon either wants to fuck everyone she looks up to, or she wants to wear their skin.

No. 1061403

File: 1603062719461.jpg (147.99 KB, 1080x717, Screenshot_20201019_000951.jpg)

Loosely related because Shannon basically worships RTG, but this fits how both their minds seem to work. I'm willing to put money on this never happening, but gotta be spooky goth gf all the time right?

No. 1061624

File: 1603109858584.jpg (215.86 KB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20201019_131358.jpg)

She does less than the bare minimum, it's embarrassing. Cue squealed tweets about being a useless adult…

No. 1061673

I feel like a lot of kids did weird stuff like this. I don’t know why she is posting it for edge points

Kids are just weird that’s why you made coffins hahahaha

No. 1061781

Constantly vacillating between being in a supposedly desperate situation and shit like this.
So you live in an apartment that's so unsafe you couldn't stream or sleep there, but you also got stoned and played Minecraft all day? Nice

No. 1062032

does RTG have her own thread on here? she’s pretty milky but PULL sucked her asshole lol

No. 1062209

Late to the party but I remember listening to her original story. She and her husband drove from California to wherever the road took them and they ended up in oregon. It's less interesting than she'll make you believe.

No. 1062254

nah but i'd want to see a thread on her too. i binge-watched some of her videos the past week and can't understand her appeal.

No. 1062438

File: 1603218532166.png (70.82 KB, 895x236, OwO.png)

OwO what's this?

No. 1063164

File: 1603310304827.png (95.01 KB, 592x275, Screenshot at Oct 21 21-57-49.…)

Remember that time Shannon accused a drag queen of distributing child porn and got called out about it, then played tough about how the accused threatened her with legal repercussions?

What am I looking at?

No. 1065909

File: 1603397576180.jpg (52.77 KB, 895x236, owo2.jpg)

Someone tried to paint over the 'follows you' tag in the screenshot but fucked up.

No. 1066152

Confirmation that Shannon’s own friends don’t even like her.

No. 1066159

Aha you have a good eye anon. Someone has been outed.

No. 1066165

Oh that's hilarious.
I would never have spotted that, good eye anon

No. 1066189

Imagine if it was someone she "idolizes" I would live for that.

No. 1066277

File: 1603459818465.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.58 KB, 1080x2175, IMG_20201023_163206_810.jpg)

Even ig would've done better job at hiding that shit

No. 1066309

She follows less than 300 people, too, so it seems like she's the type to mostly only follow people she knows

No. 1066346

This lazy ass took the KT thread and turned it into a video. She would have never even known about the Bastille shit if an anon didn't post about it and the video is just absolutely copied even down to anon reactions.

I tried to enjoy her content since she posts on a lot of cow threads but she doesn't seem to have an idea of her own. That and she could cut videos in half if she would get to the point and shut the fuck up with her exaggerations and reactions with bad analogies.

No. 1066384

File: 1603474207363.png (52.85 KB, 1332x246, Screen Shot 2020-10-23 at 12.3…)

Trying to scrounge up likes using more successful creators

No. 1066454

I cant get over the moral grandstanding her and other drama commentary channels do. Shit like "I've made mistakes but when I made mistakes I owned up to them UNLIKE THIS PERSON" makes me cringe so hard. Like do they really need to explain why they're better than the crazy cows they lambast each time? It's like a weird self projection thing they do so that no one makes fun of /their/ flaws/fuck ups too.

No one gives a fuck about this channels for their personalty and it always pisses me off how someone will go from getting 300k for shitting on onision to suddenly thinking its them and their content everyone likes and not that people just want to watch their favorite cows get shit on.

Making a 20 minute video where you ramble, mumble metaphors incorrectly and exaggerate on lolcows (info that has been spoonfed from threads here) is not a talent kek.

No. 1066497

Whose video did she leave this on?

No. 1066591

Well nooww.
Who’s someone that Creepshow follows, who would be active on Lolcow, who is also too stupid to censor their name properly?

It could be Kai Weiss, Omnia, FuschiaButters, Miss_Zi_Zi, or the HotBox, since they know of Tobi (or are friends with her), who is someone who got popular from her Creepshow video.
It would be funny if it was Corpse Husband, fed up with her constantly Tweeting him.
Creepshow follows a lot of random people, and a lot of art drama-tubers, so it’s hard to say. Definitely some fun possibilities, though.

No. 1066617

I don't think Corpse even knows who she is, much less would care about her enough to find her lolcow

No. 1066635

Yeah he’s too busy writing terrible soundcloud music and trying to cyber with barely legal ethots

No. 1066647

>takes a random throwaway line someone said as a joke too seriously
ok anon

No. 1066663

It has to be a mutual (see the "Following" button), so that narrows it down. Whoever it is also has a bunch of other friends that follow her, they pixelated that part.

No. 1066747

File: 1603503539552.jpg (91.03 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20201023-213433_Twi…)


well, i can tell you who it isnt, based on the blurred name/icon giveaways. the screenshotter might also be mutuals with either of these people if theyre mutuals with creepshow and following these two others already.

No. 1066748

File: 1603503566968.jpg (83.88 KB, 1080x313, Screenshot_20201023-213525_Twi…)

No. 1066749


Tbh I think she did a purge of the accounts she follows on Twitter very recently. She followed me (a nobody, I can assure you) for a few months then unfollowed me a few weeks ago. It does make it all the more likely that whoever is posting here is someone Shannon actually likes though, seeing as they're still being followed by her and all.

No. 1066826

File: 1603515612578.png (54.6 KB, 609x633, crackfoil.png)


Oo, are we doing crack theories?
There aren’t many people that have the pattern red yellow name yellow red for their username.
I found two people, one of them being this rando. Strawberry follows Creepshow. And you know who Strawberry is followed by?
Ready to Glare.
It would make sense why this thread has complaints of Creepshow giving backhanded compliments to ReadytoGlare if she were the one complaining about it.

But that’s just tinfoil

No. 1066831

And RTG is a lurker too…

No. 1066917

Omg it's ready to glare isn't it?
Shannon simps so hard for her and rtg can't fucking stand her lmaoooooo

this is golden

No. 1066932


God damn, I want to believe it. Maybe she's tired of the fat ugly friend constantly simping over her and calling her 'wifey'. Or maybe she's mad that Shannon is trying to slide up the YouTube ladder via Among Us with other YouTubers, maybe jealous?

Or maybe she too is lusting after Corpse Husband, because apparently everyone is doing that atm.

No. 1066969

a year ago ish, it was obvious she was getting all of her content from here, since she would conveniently bring up the exact same information in the same order as information in the threads just days after the threads would be made. i think the mckamey manor thread was one of them along with another cult thread.

No. 1067011

I mean tbf she does say "Karening" like >>1059463

No. 1067086

They seemed very close in the beginning, right? Creepshow even made her thumbnails to look like RTG's and I assume she was okay with it or encouraged her to do so because they were newly ~besties~, but maybe their friendship has fizzled out onesidedly.

No. 1067367

File: 1603587918388.jpg (177.2 KB, 1080x896, hi_shannon.jpg)

I'm getting a feeling she's reading here. Maybe she's aware that her friends are getting sick of her being so OTT.

A personal side note. I wish she would change her profile picture. It's not cute, it's obvious she's pushing her boobs together and trying to look 'cute'.

No. 1067372

Nice, now people know how to troll you effectively.

No. 1067420

File: 1603594667827.jpeg (195.69 KB, 828x368, 3F5F69F5-D3E3-4340-9F64-6B283C…)

She’s definitely lurking.

No. 1067423

can anyone check if any of her mutuals/harem mates caught an unfollow from her? specifically rtg lmao

No. 1067455

Speaking of Jacklyn it was a while ago but I remember Shannon wouldn’t shut the fuck up on a stream about Jacklyn being drunk and bicurious after a breakup and supposedly kissing her at a party with other youtubers.

I had no idea Shannon was married but she was very convinced she was a rebound and cried when Jacklyn didn’t want to sleep with her. Other drama youtubers that went to that party were on voice chat and couldn’t remember seeing Jacklyn hit on her at all or saw her hitting on guys that night. Edwin’s chat was begging her to stop because it was hard to listen to and very dragged out.

No. 1067459

That wasn’t Shannon. That was on an Edwin’s Generation live stream with Deedizzy, but Shannon wasn’t the one who said that. I only remember because she made a big deal about never meeting anyone from YouTube except RTG

No. 1067461


Of course she's fucking lurking, she rips content from other threads verbatim and is constantly self posting trying to drive her views up.

No. 1067470

Can anyone compile suspected selfposts by her? I've seen mentions of her posting in art salt and anti-o and I saw someone mention she got redtexted/outed before

No. 1067509

I find her so depressing. Her content is just her trying to imitate drama commentators for that easy dollar and clout. Her Twitter has become particularly sad to read lately, with all the Among Us 'uwu I don't know what I'm doing' tweets. It's really not hard to play Shannon, stop being such a wannabe boomer.

No. 1067728

File: 1603643765123.jpg (320.21 KB, 1080x1943, make_it_less_obvious.jpg)

Is it a coincidence? Maybe.
Do I still want to believe that RTG is posting here and Shannon is trying to love bomb her into loving her back? Absolutely.

No. 1067751

File: 1603646469575.jpeg (232.59 KB, 2224x640, B7FD22D2-3714-4545-AD3E-71B474…)

They still follow eatchother

No. 1067814

File: 1603653598120.png (648.92 KB, 1440x2908, screencapture-linkedin-in-shan…)

Does anyone know what her day job is? I was surprised to see her talking about having one outside of YT, seeing as she's always online and has a decent amount of subs. Even her Linkedin is ~quirky~ and cringily written and her job experience matches her mental maturity:

>family business

>movie theatre
>self-storage facility

No. 1067815

From the self-storage hiring website:

>Benefits For Full-Time Associates

>Reduced Storage Cost

something something obvious joke about homelessness something

No. 1067874

I actually was subscribed to her for a while, not that long ago, but unsubbed as I found her passive aggressive, shouty tone to be really draining. If that makes sense. Interesting thread

No. 1067888

Isn't her name fuckin Giulia?
How come this retard can't spell her uwu bestie's name?

No. 1067894

Posting her Linkedin is a bit weird since it’s technically private compared to other forms of social media but did she seriously put “human person” as her profession on a business site?
Is there an explanation to why she thinks calling herself a “human female” all the time is funny I’m confused.
Why the fuck…

also probably wouldn’t be hard to find whos snitching on her through Edwin’s server. I lurk it and people who claim to be her fans shittalk her in there often from the looks of searching her name.
Weird that she’s so silent in the logs though I wonder if someone smarter than her pruned her incriminating posts when this thread happened, I’d post caps but they’re on my PC and I’m on mobile.

No. 1067926

File: 1603668832512.png (15.44 KB, 563x71, 100.png)

How is it private social media when her full name is known (she tweets it out regularly) and she even has youtube listed as her job?

I found this in Edwin's server, more people Shannon is throwing money at.
Also interesting to note that Edwin is an admin in Shannon's Discord server.

No. 1068600

I'm going to guess that they met when Edwin was posting in the Dasha thread years ago threatening legal action against the thread subject for the whole Mina's leaked nudes situation.
One particular anon couldn't stop mentioning her DM correspondence with him and knowing her low effort whiny videos, it kind of seems like Shannon in retrospect.

No. 1068714

File: 1603780629027.png (84.47 KB, 596x322, cscscs.png)

Again wasting money to be popular instead of working towards moving


No. 1068834

There’s a difference between giveaways and desperate bribery for engagement. Most successful YouTubers don’t have to give away iPads every month, they can just stand on the quality of their content for growth

No. 1068853


This is Shannon we're talking about. She literally regurgitates other YouTuber's content with either her own low quality art efforts in the background or just someone else's art that's been submitted.

She acts like she's this super kind and giving creator, but surely anyone with a brain is seeing this is another attempt to beg people to like her?

No. 1068925

Very desperate and overeager.

No. 1068984

File: 1603824011634.png (67.59 KB, 598x273, dms.png)

Who is this about?

No. 1068998

Her public exchange with that Ariel person was so trashy (calling people "bitches" and "hoes") that I can only imagine that her private DMs are probably even more messy

No. 1069253

Love how she always spells Giulia wrong

No. 1069255

She doxxes people all the time, who cares

No. 1069415

I skimmed the thread and didn't see this mentioned: she's spoken about having something like PTSD or similar
mental health issues brought on from past experiences.

When I first tried watching her vids 5-6 months ago she was fairly unintelligible like she had marbles in her mouth and spoke like a teenage valley girl so I forgot about her. I watched a more recent vid and she still uses some weird vernacular but she speaks a lot more clearly for some reason. I'm not sure what to think about her but I do know I dont like RTG lol.

No. 1069575

SHE CHOSE TO BE HOMELESS. Thanks, anon. I haven't kekked this hard since 2016.

No. 1069634

I hate Shannon so much, ugh. She needs to stop making drama videos. Or just quit YouTube. Seriously… I have never hated anyone like I hate her. GOD.

Just the way she draws is painfully agonizing (EYELASHES, EYES, etc); makes me want to rip my hair out. And in her videos, she always makes self-depracating jokes. Like… She calls herself a piece of sh*t, yet she has several traits of a narcissist otherwise.

And worst of all, she spits slander, loves libel, and with every breath she takes SHE COMMITS ACTS OF DEFAMATION in her drama videos. Can't wait until she gets a lawsuit one day, because she takes slander to new levels; it's maddening. SOMEONE SUE HER ALREADYYYY. JESUS! END THE CHAOS!!

No. 1069650

She's sucking up to Loeybug today as well as defending Gabbie Hanna for some reason?

No. 1069659

File: 1603912146634.png (498.06 KB, 592x710, serb.png)

Has anyone noticed what a fucking pick-me she is? She's friends with all these edgelord youtubers who spam "women bad xD all my homies hate wimmin xD" memes and their discords are a huge fucking mess. (Nicholas DeOrio, Aystar, John Swan) but she will say they're good bois uwu who are just memeing. They're 100% not but she has to be the cool girl who's okay with misogyny cloaked by pretend-sarcasm. Picrel is one of her friends that she tweets back and forth with all the time.

I just saw that, she's so condescending telling that woman "Log off you're drunk" as if she herself doesn't CONSTANTLY vent all her thoughts and feelings on her Twitter. I bet she gets this huge sense of superiority when she can put on her serious hat and tell others how to act, that and her uwu circlejerking with other creators seems to be her sole source of validation. Sad!

No. 1069663

File: 1603912298171.png (243.25 KB, 589x707, crit1.png)

She's getting called out

No. 1069664

File: 1603912350066.png (116.91 KB, 594x486, crit.png)

No. 1069665

File: 1603912362397.png (241.77 KB, 593x712, crit3.png)

No. 1069668

File: 1603912511347.png (176.2 KB, 586x690, ra.png)

From what I gather, Rachel was sent Gabbie Hannah's poetry book to review, she did, and now there's drama because she shouldn't have critiqued it. She's drunkposting and Shannon has to insert herself as usual.

No. 1069669

File: 1603912548648.png (148.46 KB, 593x636, ra2.png)

No. 1069670

File: 1603912581681.png (150.8 KB, 594x657, ra3.png)

No. 1069672

File: 1603912659565.png (141.84 KB, 596x666, ra4.png)

No. 1069674

File: 1603912756173.png (73.19 KB, 591x298, ra5.png)

This is really telling a lot about her youtube "friendships".

>"You need to chill out, I call all my friends babe so it isn't condescending"

>"Actually I don't consider you a friend and we don't really talk"
>"Well I don't consider you one either!"

No. 1069676

File: 1603912784761.jpg (221.63 KB, 1080x1087, calmdowndear.jpg)

Shannon, you're 27 years old. If someone tells you not to be friends with someone, you can just ignore them you know. You don't have to ragetweet and ragesimp like a fucking teenager.

Can you all stop sucking each other's metaphorical dicks for five minutes? Thanks.

No. 1069680

File: 1603913325232.png (61.82 KB, 273x331, csab.png)

>This can't be true because Gabbie didn't involve me in her request and if I'm not involved then it didn't happen

Really telling on herself. I love how she switches her style and suddenly drops her "I'm such an idiot" act when she can grandstand about something. Nauseating.

No. 1069686

All this Rachel Oates stuff has really shown a side of her that I don't think she intended to show. She inserted herself into all of that for no reason, publicly laid into a clearly distressed Rachel, then suddenly she's going "uwu I'm going to get her help!!" like she's some sort of samaritan. Even though she added to the pile on, and is somehow siding with Gabbie.

No. 1069698

>nooo you can't support Rachel she reviewed a book by gabbie and we all hate gabbie!
YouTube drama is just retarded. Especially coming from grown as adults trying to act like mean kids in middle school

No. 1069721

this is so hard to read, i don't know whats going on or really who Rachel oats is but seeing Shannon act like that is disgusting

No. 1069722

File: 1603917625440.png (39.94 KB, 595x138, work.png)

Nobody tried to contact her work, there was only like 1 anon wondering what she did for a living that made it possible to waste so much money not just on her friends but also on people she dislikes. This thread is really getting to her.

No. 1069747


She just wants to make lolcow the big bad without admitting that she used to lurk all the other threads for material to use in her videos. She wouldn't have those 300k+ subscribers if it wasn't for farmers doing the hard work for her.

No. 1069748

using the word "weird" to describe potentially losing your "stable income" means its probably not that big of a fucking deal huh? dumbass overdramatics, get a grip and fuck off with the guilt trips shannon, youve brought this on yourself.

No. 1069831

It really goes to show that all large YouTubers have to do is DM commentary channels now and then to have them eating out of the palm of their hand. How does it feel to be Gabbie's Twitter lapdog?

It really speaks to Shannon's shortsightedness that she's publicly hitching herself to Gabbie's sinking ship. Everyone knows she's on her way out and another scandal is inevitable. Also speaks to Gabbie's stupidity that she chose one of the most unlikable people of the bunch to go to bat for her.

No. 1069841

File: 1603924830583.jpeg (330.46 KB, 1216x1452, 05283D74-89B0-4B14-95A3-85C20A…)

DMed the chick that posted. S made those 2 replies then blocked her. Then made those other posts whining

No. 1069849

>Also speaks to Gabbie's stupidity that she chose one of the most unlikable people of the bunch to go to bat for her.

I don't think it's that stupid a choice. Shannon is a medium-sized drama channel, she's right in the center where she used to be all over the place but turned into a drama channel for clicks and out of laziness, while occasionally speaking out against callout culture, and she's neither too small to not be worth bothering with nor so established that she isn't craving to be noticed by bigger names. She's not known for hard-hitting journalism (kek) but for being quirky and relatable. The main criticism I always read when people talk about her is how lazily researched her videos are and how embarrassing her stanning is. Thus the people who look up to her are also easily swayed and eager to submit to cult of personality, which is exactly what Gabbie would need right now. She's also at a level of fame and conduct where she can suck up to bigger youtubers with varying degrees of success, but won't be sought out by bigger creators, especially not by the real OGs, so for a household name like Gabbie to slide into her DMs must be a giant ego boost. Gabbie wouldn't be able to sweet-talk a bigger creator or a creator with more integrity, but Shannon who openly broadcasts how desperate she is for validation by bigger creators is the perfect mark.

Of course all of that only counts if Gabbie actually thought about it and didn't just compulsively contact drama channels to get them on her side. Who knows.

No. 1069864

I think she accidentally burned a few bridges with her video about Jacklyn Hill’s dad. I’ve seen several beauty drama channels condemn that move, even though they don’t mention her by name. Most of them also came out against Gabbie after she leaked Jessi Style’s info.
So I guess Gabbie saw her as a safe bet because she isn’t really accepted by some of the other drama channels.

Hilariously, Shannon was kissing ass in the comments of a video about fair criticism of authors. But I guess not when it’s Gabbie’s poetry

No. 1069873


I'd really like to know what milk this person has on Loey. I can believe she's another super wholesome creator who's actually a massive narcissist who needs her ego to be attended to at all times.

Considering Shannon used to cover people like Onision and Jeffree Star, you'd think that Gabbie Hanna would be another one for her clickbait hitlist, easy money right?

No. 1069879

eh. idk how old DeOrio and Aystar are but John's a teenager. I wouldn't label him a die hard misogynist just yet lol. DeOrio's called out massive faggots like middle aged Coach Red Pill who's openly and unironically misogynistic. If you want to see what misogyny looks like watch a coach red pill vid.

No. 1069884

I sort of agree with you, I don't think they're die-hard, but she is so much older than John Swan but still doesn't have the guts to shoot back about it even jokingly. She'd rather be the cool girl who shuts up and laughs along while they will most likely continue to escalate. DeOrio isn't so bad but I'll stay wary because of the company he keeps.

No. 1069903

File: 1603928073100.png (132.51 KB, 586x692, primink.png)

At this rate I'm starting to believe that Shannon dies if she doesn't namedrop someone bigger than her at least once a day.

No. 1069908

That fan chick that got blocked by Shannon ended up harming herself. Honestly idk what to do now. She says she is ok n stuff. Clearly she’s going through some things.

No. 1069912

Not to wk Shannon, but self-harming over your favorite youtube person not taking your advice is pretty psychotic. If she's this sensitive then she should stay out of other people's lives and personal choices. Not Shannon's fault for once.

No. 1069917

She had other things going on. It wasn’t all Shannon. Reading through the tweets and replies S made afterwards pushed her over.

No. 1069919

Then it doesn't belong in this thread. Good luck with that though

No. 1069922

All this public drama about who she's friends with and who she DMs is going to come back to bite her, if not already. Maybe her karma for ripping all her content from lolcow.

No. 1069966

File: 1603931493909.png (153.82 KB, 599x634, hack.png)

Tinfoil but I don't believe this is happening, I think she's preparing for something like DMs getting leaked or she's trying to make it look like evil lolcow is taking things too far.

No. 1069968

You're not alone, anon. Shannon has an atrocious personality and can't draw for shit.
I couldn't stop laughing when she started featuring other people's art in her videos, and I can't stop laughing now that she's trying to get in to gaming.

>>1069680 Her style flip-flopping is really fucking annoying. And transparent as shit.

No. 1069980

>ragetweet and ragesimp like a fucking teenager
>a fucking teenager
Shannon's well known for not quite acting her age.

No. 1069982

That's true I've never seen Shannon push back when they talk like that but I've seen her push back with things that actually pissed her off. I'd like to actually see the ladies in their circle give as good as they get.
>DeOrio isn't so bad but I'll stay wary because of the company he keeps.
Fair. Most of the younger guys like John aren't that bad though lol, it's people like TommyC and Ethan Ralph, the latter DeOrio's made vids criticizing (I think he doxxed someone) but for some reason still associates with. It's weird.

No. 1070025

why can’t that cunt type

No. 1070081

Anons said she was drunk posting >>1069668
I don't know if that's true, but if that's all that there was to it, I'd call her a fucking idiot and deserving to be messed with while publicly drunk.
Creepshow was talking to her more seriously than just poking fun at a wasted friend, so it seems like there's more to the situation.

No. 1070086

She's backing up LoeyLane recently too and it's…. Crazy. She's shaming eugenia cooney for being so noticeably unhealthy but will worship a literal whale?

No. 1070119

File: 1603949170972.png (2.15 MB, 1155x4045, RachelOatesDrunk.png)


I went to Rachel’s Twitter, and I’m still not entirely sure what this drama is even about.
Gabbie sent her a book. Gabbie didn’t like the review. Rachel got drunk and wrote this pity bait post. Shannon butts in for some reason?
According to Rachel, Jimmy tried guilting Rachel into taking down a review. According to Shannon, Jimmy said that didn’t happen, and Rachel is painting a false narrative.
People think Shannon trying to talk to Rachel while drunk is disgusting. Rachel is the idiot for getting drunk and being on social media in the first place. Shannon is an idiot for wasting her time trying to argue with someone who is drunk.

Rachel was drunk posting (because that’s a great idea), but I don’t know why Gabbie not liking her review affected her so much? She just gave a negative review to a book and Gabbie didn’t like it. Is that it? Really?
My guess is that Rachel must of said that Gabbie wrote something very offensive in her book, and Gabbie actually wrote it for some reason that related to a mental health struggle she was going through.

Drama wells must be dry right now or something.

No. 1070175

File: 1603960936724.jpg (293.62 KB, 599x2018, creepcowgiveaway.jpg)

Lots of these accounts have <5 followers or tweets. Some of them are new.

Creepshow has no shame.

No. 1070219

I know she makes her full name public I really don't care about that, I was just too dumb to know how linkedin works since when I attempted to make an account before it wouldn't let me view profiles without living in the same area as the people I was trying to lurk or until I had a certain amount of friends.
Pardon my tism, I was just worried she might use that linkedin cap as some dumb strawman argument that we're cowtipping or some shit even though I don't think it is. But she would do that regardless and leaks her own info all the time so whatever.

No. 1070246

I find it hilarious that almost half the comments are talking about how much they want/need the iPad and any compliments are an afterthought.
This is why giveaways don’t actually help channel growth. You have people making throwaway accounts to enter and when they don’t win they delete and move on.

>brutally honest

Onion’s favorite compliment. So her redeeming quality is not being able to filter herself?

No. 1070262

Thank you for laying it all out like this anon, the previous caps got confusing for people who aren’t on Twitter.
Not to get too off-topic but from the 2 or 3 videos of hers I’ve seen, Rachel Oates seems a little cow-ish herself, very sensitive and possibly unstable. Being a YouTuber (even if it’s just talking about books) requires a thick skin, it probably isn’t a good idea for her if she gets drunk and has meltdowns like this.

I saw her post about monthly iPad giveaways and almost thought it was a joke. Especially since Shannon constantly complains about how shitty her current living situation is, but doesn’t seem to be taking any steps to change it. Expensive tech giveaways are something only huge channels do regularly, and even then they must have some kind of vetting process to weed out random bots. I can’t believe she’s 27, you’d think she’d have learned something by now about budgeting, especially if she was uwu hOmElEsS

No. 1070302

File: 1603985321549.jpg (443.44 KB, 1080x1883, thisisnotcute.jpg)

Is she aware that this sort of behaviour is neither cute nor appropriate for a so-called 27-year-old woman who complains that she isn't being taken seriously? If you want companies to work with you, either tailor your content so it's something more sponsor-friendly, or learn to understand why people don't want to work with you.

Has she had big sponsorships recently? I don't imagine she's been hit with the big Raid Shadow Legend moneybag, we'd have never heard the end of it. She said that Squarespace won't sponsor her because she swears far too much.

No. 1070419

Not a good approach if she wants any potential sponsors in the future. Although I think a lot of brands are trying to distance themselves from call out videos or controversial topics. If the creator is likeable or charismatic enough they sometimes let it slide, but angry ranting isn't brand friendly.

Also, putting "lol" in a business email is so stupid and juvenile that I'm no longer surprised by any of the other shit she pulls

No. 1070448

File: 1603996118943.png (1.44 MB, 885x3352, clowneryofracheloates.png)


I agree. Rachel Oates seems like she can dish it out, but can’t take it at all. She can give a harsh, negative review, but she can’t deal with the fact that the review-ee might not like her review, and she can’t deal with the fact that harsh reviews can have a negative impact on the people you review.
She seems like kind of person who expects people to take her review with no complaint no matter what. And she insults Gabbie for being nervous about her review? As if it isn’t normal to be very anxious about someone very harshly critiquing your work.
I don’t know what Jimmy said to Rachel, but she seems really defensive. Like she just immediately assumes that Jimmy or Gabbie was trying to guilt her into taking down her review.

I went to find this thing “Jimmy said” for context. My findings?
Rachel Oates is a fuckin’ clown.

No. 1070467

File: 1603997232321.png (14.57 KB, 606x207, racheloateshatestheworld.PNG)

Kek. It’s like someone posted the original Twitter screenshots to make Creepshow look worse than she is.
Don’t get me wrong, she’s a fucking clown too. I mean seriously, why bother arguing with someone who is drunk? And Creepshow completely denied what she actually said instead of just owning it.
But with the context that Rachel is acting as sensitive as she claims Gabbie to be, Creepshow doesn’t seem like an explicit villain. Stupid? Yes. Completely unjustified and wrong? Not so much.

No. 1070503

Honestly I didn't mean to side with Rachel, all I commented on is that Shannon unnecessarily inserted herself and the funny tidbit about the friends-but-not-friends situation: >>1069674

I agree that drunkposting because you got criticism for a drama video is juvenile, they're both stupid. Rachel needs a thicker skin and if Shannon was really so concerned, she should have DMed her instead of publicly lambasting her just so that everyone could be aware that she talks to Gabbie.

No. 1070542

I think the Rachel situation is stupid. A cowish YouTuber calling out another cowish YouTuber about another cow's poetry.
And I don't really want it to derail the thread unless they keep arguing. Shannon has done plenty of other stupid things

No. 1070594

You’re right, Shannon 100% took to Twitter just to name-drop. (Also kek at “getting Rachel help,” she only said that after someone else told her she’s an idiot for trying to argue with a drunkposter, she definitely did nothing to “help.” Insincere and completely transparent.)

Interesting choice to hitch your horse to, since as far as I can tell Gabbie isn’t well-liked at all in the YouTube community. There have been some more positive mentions of her lately but she’s mostly still regarded as over dramatic and manipulative. Birds of a feather, I guess.

No. 1070627

No she doesn't lol

No. 1070630

>Seriously… I have never hated anyone like I hate her. GOD.
Calm down bro. I know she's annoying, but you don't have to sperg out like this on a fairly inoffensive D-tier YouTuber you've never met.

No. 1070641

Show proof

No. 1070643

Creepshow's a fucking wiener but I'm kind of dubious of her cow tendencies. I mean yeah she can act immature and likes attention but so does every other youtuber.

No. 1070645

I still don't know who the fuck this "Jimmy" rando is meant to be.

No. 1070646

Yeah, unlike, say, TobiMajestic, there isn't a lot of milk to be found on her.. Just your usual basic bitch drama channel.

No. 1070649

It's explained here >>1070448 that Jimmy was a mutual friend of both of them. All you had to do was scroll up or check the replies of the original post.

I would consider ReadytoGlare more basic than Creepshowart. There's nothing on her because she's practically a cardboard box. Creepshowart does do things that are a bit more interesting than that. People hate Creepshow because of her absolute moronicy. How she gets mad at people when she's the one who does something stupid. How she pretends to take criticism, but doesn't have the intellectual capacity to actually understand it. Her pity bait and self-loathing love bombing come off as constant whining.
She's not as outwardly aggressive as Tobi, but that just means she knows to keep her stupid more contained.

No. 1070834

>>1070641 Sage post Already told its not relevant here.

No. 1070891

File: 1604040794104.png (272.79 KB, 650x1309, creepoates.png)

Rachel Oates deleted her Twitter. Kek.

Most people criticizing Creepshow in this thread are so stupid >>1069663 . All they are saying is “You can’t have an opinion on a video someone made because blah blah blah” (even though that wasn’t even what the drama was about).

I know we’ve discussed it in the thread already, but I cannot emphasize enough how uncomfortable these kinds of Tweets would make me. And I swear if someone told Creepshow that you shouldn’t obsessively compliment people, she would not understand at all and would just be like, “But they deserve it??"

Also this is pretty much Creepshow admitting she’s desperate for everyone to love her.

No. 1071032

I just realized, do you think her “obsession”with candles has anything to do with Smokey Glow? She’s another Youtuber who does commentary videos, except hers focus more on makeup gurus and are actually very thorough and presented well. SG also really likes scented candles and always has them in the back of her videos, Shannon might be trying to get her attention.

No. 1071071

She might be trying to ingratiate herself with Smokey Glow. Although SG was one of the people who said Shannon's video and tweets about Jaclyn Hill's dad was taking things too far. And she also doesn't like Gabbie as far as I'm aware. So good luck with that

No. 1071273

I’ve seen them tweet at each other before, and Smokey has always been kind to Shannon, so I doubt it has anything to do with her.

No. 1071295

I doubt Smokey has ever watched a CreepShow vid. I think she was talking about others who was talking about Jaclyn's dad. But if she has, it's not that weird that they're "friendly" on twitter.

SG subscribers has risen a LOT lately, so makes sense Shannon wants a piece of that cake.

No. 1071387

File: 1604109742990.png (1.05 MB, 1070x1190, Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 9.00…)

She must know though, because Jaclyn specifically called out Shannon

No. 1071388

Did Shannon ever respond to this?

No. 1071393

File: 1604110072555.png (132.06 KB, 1084x520, Screen Shot 2020-10-30 at 9.01…)

Not sure as I only have Jaclyn's tweets. But I would be very surprised if she apologized.

Here's her second tweet about it

No. 1071402

In her response to Tobi's video she mentions it then justifies it instead of apologizing.
~6 mins in. It's not even a fucking apology.

No. 1071435

>she would not understand at all
>Creepshow's socially inept
>90% of all youtubers

No. 1071456

Literally in the first 2 MINUTES she pulls the pity card saying that she’s changed because she was uwu homeless. She conveniently leaves out that it was her choice to be homeless, of course.

No. 1071487

> it was her choice to be homeless
I keep hearing this (and how she and her bf felt they couldn't "grow as people"), but I haven't seen a source; can you provide?

No. 1071677


Here, she straight up says in the beginning of this video that she chose to do it. Her own words. Now people can stop asking.

No. 1071680

So she took down her videos from Holly Conrad's pity baiting, but couldn't apologize when she actually hurt somebody?

No. 1071691

One more example of her not being able to read the room. I'm sure she thought the video would be well received because of the clickbait cult angle, but failed to realize targeting someones estranged family is in poor taste. The beauty community loves to fight for the moral high ground so no one was going to co-sign this

No. 1072146

File: 1604198887919.png (206.83 KB, 592x561, moving.png)

That's funny, here >>1069722 >>1068714 she specifically says that she uses her day job earnings to pay for giveaways because Youtube doesn't pay enough. Yet it's enough to comfortably give away hundreds of dollars every month in giveaways?

No. 1072251

>she uses her day job earnings to pay for giveaways
Where did she say that? All she says here >>1069722, >>1068714 is her day job helps her survive and continue doing yt. In your ss she said she's doing giveaways with sponsorship earnings, not her day job money. I don't know when she started doing giveaways or what she gives away exactly.

No. 1072271

>In your ss she said she's doing giveaways with sponsorship earnings, not her day job money.
Exactly. I'm pointing out that she contradicts herself.

>Shannon says her day job is how she affords the giveaways and youtube doesn't help her much at all >>1068714

>then in >>1072146 she says she does pay for giveaways with youtube sponsorship money

She's twisting the story to suit the moment's purposes. When someone calls her financially irresponsible, she says she's stable and the giveaways are paid for with sponsorship money. When someone calls her successful, she says she doesn't earn much through YT at all and finances her giveaways through her day job.

No. 1072802

>she says she doesn't earn much through YT
>finances her giveaways through her day job
I see what you're saying but she never said she uses her irl job money to pay for giveaways. In the ss she says her giveaways are funded via sponsorship money, which I imagine fluctuates. Saying that she's paying for giveaways through her day job is just speculation.

No. 1072810

She says Youtube doesn't give her a lot of money, and her day job is what allows her to do giveaways >>1068714
She then says she pays for giveaways through Youtube. Giveaways that cost hundreds of dollars >>1072146

She said she was going to do these giveaways monthly. So Youtube gives her enough money to pay for monthly giveaways that cost hundreds of dollars, but at the same time Youtube gives her nothing.
Keep in mind these Tweets were posted during the same month (about a week apart), so her Youtube income would not be able to fluctuate.

No. 1072894

I see. I was stuck on the fact that she doesn't explicitly say she was paying for giveaways out of pocket through her irl job. When I read this >>1068714 I interpreted it as her "offline job" was enabling her to continue doing yt, but I see what you're saying now, it is contradictory.

For some reason I'd had the impression that her husband made good money, so it surprised me when she said she lived in a really run down part of Vegas.

This all combined with her saying she actually CHOSE homelessness >>1071677 raises some questions.

No. 1073245

Can we get that she chose homelessness noted up top? That's relevant information.

No. 1074834

File: 1604512664145.png (1.5 MB, 2048x1433, Screenshot_20201104-105528.png)

Interesting how they both uploaded the same video at the same time.

No. 1074835

File: 1604512716024.png (1.5 MB, 2048x1486, Screenshot_20201104-105544.png)

I'd Shoop em together but I quickly took the screencaps while they're fresh

No. 1074908

File: 1604519645210.jpeg (84.63 KB, 1024x568, El_41TiXEAYhLM5.jpeg)

Another girl in their friend circle too. It's so lazy, they all make the exact same videos and probably share scripts so they only have to do a fraction of the work, not to mention they don't even do research in the first place.

No. 1074910

File: 1604519710956.png (333.5 KB, 595x589, mutuals.png)

No. 1074933

The funny thing is I use to watch them both, before I realized they were problematic. I literally stop watching them bc the content was always the same, and it got boring on drama channels who cover the SAME exact thing as everyone else

No. 1075039

File: 1604529515961.png (72.39 KB, 590x315, Screenshot at Nov 04 23-36-02.…)

They're proud of it too. Even if they didn't plan this out together, it'd be less embarrassing to pretend they did. Now instead, they just look like 3 absolutely basic bitches without independent thought who cover the same thing at the same time because they're all just scrambling to get views off a popular topic instead of putting in the work.

No. 1076195

>cover the same thing at the same time because they're all just scrambling to get views off a popular topic
Yeah but isn't that 99% of the commentary community? It's rare that someone will cover something that's "died down".

No. 1076347

Technically you're right, but come on, down to the exact minute of release? They're hoping their fans will click all three videos and listen to the same thing all over again before it gets too stale.

No. 1076701

I'm not saying I agree with it entirely but apparently it's a popular method to get views and attention to a topic. Like I said it's rare something that's died down gets covered because they want people to see it.

No. 1077903

Holy shit, this girl is almost 30….from what I've seen and heard, I thought she was about 17, tops. myötikset

Was it this one that was guilt tripped by Hoelly Conrad to remove a vid they made of her?

lmao the ones constantly calling themselves sooo stupid and idiotic and worthless are always the ones who actually have a really inflated sense of self

Isn't this one of the girls who was abused by the fat clown pedo from some shit band? Still loving to associate with messy idiots, nice

No. 1081789

Creepshowart posted a video saying it's not fair that corpse_husband gets hate. People can have a opinion, Shannon. Kek.

No. 1081794

Why the hell does she need to simp for everyone, her clout chasing is so pathetic. Why is he getting hate though, did one of his hand veins finally burst?


No. 1081795


Here's the video. The comments are so very cringey, but for God's sake Shannon, you're a grown woman. I'm sure he doesn't need your weird incest mom vibes all over him.

No. 1081961

>Why is he getting hate though, did one of his hand veins finally burst?

A lot of people dislike how popular he is and how much people simp for him and think that he's faking his voice, he himself admits that his voice isn't natural and a result of an Acid reflex condition

No. 1081968

I watched his spooky shit years ago and always thought his voice was very strained, so makes sense acid reflux could do that, scorched throat. What a pointless fucking video.

No. 1081995

It's not the first time I've heard a voice that deep, and if it's fake it seems to work for his channel the same way fake tits work for a lot of instagramers. Does anyone actually give a fuck or is Shannon exaggerating in order to have something to WK over and get senpai's attention?

No. 1082032

It's ironic that she made this video since not too long ago he tweeted that he doesn't want people to speak for him since he is an adult. All of the corpse simps are starting to get really annoying since they infantilize him and don't realize that they're worse than K-pop stans.

No. 1082288

Ngl I had to unfollow an artist on twitter because they've been doing nothing but Corpse art, including covering his songs (which like, whatever you do you but they haven't covered a song in… years so that's a little sus). Not to mention they constantly were tweeting about "leaving Corpse alone", but also saying some semi-creepy things like "sometimes I Dm him saying I hope he had a good day/night", or "I made my fanart my wallpaper and my friends thought I knew him lol i wish"

then they made shannon's new icon/banner and while the art is nice it doesn't.. look like Shannon imo

No. 1082379


The art is absolutely nothing like Shannon. Very flattering though, obvious why she likes it.

No. 1082872

People are saying WOACB doxxed Shannon by using her real name in a discord server, despite her full name already being available here and several other places.
WOACB is pretty batshit, but Shannon is eating up this chance to play the victim and all the commentary channels are running to her defense. She’s finally getting what she’s always wanted

No. 1082925

lol of course she is gonna defend CORPSE of all people, both her and him are fucking cringe. The guy thinks he is popular enough to be noticed by billie eyelish hahaha what a fucking joke

No. 1082986

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be spoonfed, but what is myötikset? Google doesn't give me anything.

No. 1083550

File: 1605499948595.jpeg (201.91 KB, 1242x1972, Em6btZvVcAA45na.jpeg)

Not only did she manage to fail at censoring out her middle name but she also kept this person's icon in the screenshot despite cropping off their name. Good job showing this ~sekret group~ who their leak is, you absolute brainlet.

No. 1083552

File: 1605500189075.png (139.46 KB, 594x479, woac.png)

No. 1083637

Looks like Shannon deactivated her twitter account

No. 1083639

I know this stops the milk train coming through, but good. Good fucking riddance. She'll be back in 1-5 business days.

No. 1083646

File: 1605519293906.jpeg (547.09 KB, 1242x1328, 3DCC6049-9AB3-4D81-AA37-C38806…)

Yeah she posted this on her YouTube community tab about it

No. 1083649

Love to see her act like a victim when her private info is leaked while making a literal career of airing other people's dirty laundry and laughing at them, all with stolen content from lolcow

No. 1083677

creepshow is ok with doxing as long as it isn't her friends or herself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7uYUAzuGXw

No. 1083681

I have never seen a more obvious self post.

No. 1083690

You're right, but it's kind of funny in the Creepshow Art thread of all places. Way to steal her gimmick.

No. 1083701

ReadytoGlare's at least got the whole goth and 'true crime' aesthetic going for her. Her videos are also more compact than Creepshow's, who drags out her videos seemingly for the sake of whoever's art she's using to finish by repeating the same lines but in slightly different ways.

So Glare's not really "basic" because she isn't a drama whore and actually has a semblance of a personality that isn't just a copy of another's. She IS very dry, though; I'll admit that.

No. 1083834

nayrt but it comes from the word "myötähäpeä" which is Finnish for second-hand embarrassment. Not sure why anon decided to use it on this thread where English is the most relevant language

No. 1083862

Glare is just as bad. I watched her a long time ago because I like true crime and stumbled upon her channel. Her opinions are awful and she is so obnoxious, she can’t shut her mouth and just tell the damn story without injecting her horrible takes that go on for way too long. She is basically one of those people that try to make everyone at fault in a situation even if it’s totally obvious someone has been wronged and someone is in the wrong. Very victim blame-y. Can’t stand her. At least she tends to stick to true crime from everything I watched of her and doesn’t stick her nose in to petty drama 24/7 which is about the only positive thing she has over Shannon and makes it easy to ignore her existence.

No. 1083870

Also sorry for double post but I forgot to add this, are we really going to pretend she isn’t a drama whore? >>1066826

No. 1083929

So she just got doxxed recently by a channel she made a video about called WOACB, where basically WOACB linked to this thread in a discord. Shannon deleted her twitter or suspended it or whatever and I get taking a break from the internet because thats stressful but. Shes kind of acting like the only reason this happened is she made a video on WOACB that was unflattering.

But honestly, I think the reason that WOACB doxxed creepshow is because of how angry she is that in the video shannon claimed WOACB "falsely accused" a man of sexual harassment. Another guy Unirock made a live stream and told her right after it dropped, “im assuming you don’t know so don’t take this the wrong way, but that wasn’t a “false accusation”, and it’s not like it takes away from your other points, but lets clear this thing up. I’d be happy to show you what I know”, she mocked it and claimed that doesn’t matter because that’s not in the video (it literally is…. uh?). I cant figure out how she would have any claim or right to call it a "false allegation" with no research. Especially when her brand is calling out predators. A judge granted WOACB a temporary restraining order against a guy for allegedly both real life and online stalking and harassment and the judge considered it severe enough to take it seriously. It's still being investigated. There's no logical reason to say it's "false" at this stage. But it looks like Shannon was stupid enough to use this guy or his friend as a source and believed him that WOACB lied. But instead of waiting to research that further or deciding I won’t speak of that period because I can't make a good call either way, she stated ~point blank period~ that WOACB "falsely accused" a man of SH and only filed a restraining order to censor him. She didn't elaborate further and say “that’s only the alleged side of the story”. Because it sounded more evil and made for a fun cool and badass little final thought in her video that she simply didn’t have time to get into. Big yikes my guy :^)

Anyway, I know some people don’t believe in going tit for tat. But when you mock and deny something that serious that they're legitimately suffering through in life, just because you don’t like them and it makes your video look stronger, and you aggressively deny and mock good faith critics telling you “hey, she didn’t lie about that”. Idk, don’t be so surprised if the victim spites you.

No. 1083985

Wait I’m confused I thought she only “doxxed” her name, which was already public knowledge. How is that doxxing if everyone knows, or was it like her address ?

No. 1084007

Wait, so this entire thing is about WOACB linking this thread? Bitch needs to learn what doxing really means, I can't take it anymore how people think doxing means listing someone's usernames or showing an email address. She's so dramatic. I guess she didn't wipe her tracks that well when >>1054351 gave her the friendly warning a whole month ago, what a missed opportunity kek.

I can't take screenshots right now for obvious reasons, but someone made her aware of this thread ages ago (not that they had to, seeing as she already lurks) and she replied "People are allowed to talk about me." That coupled with her uppity tweet here >>1083552 just shows how thin her bravado is. She really can't handle not being the one that dishes out.

No. 1084024

Shannon and WOACB are two cows that finally collided. Both of them are happy to talk shit about others for profit, but when the spotlight is turned back on them they cry about harassment and doxxing.
This lawsuit situation is probably going to sink WOACB, but Shannon shouldn't get too cocky because it will be her turn eventually. She has no impulse control and she'll eventually cross the wrong person the same way WOACB did.

Side note, if you found this thread through the link you should check the rules

No. 1084461

>has a semblance of a personality
lol. We'll agree to disagree. Her content is lazy and the way she covers topics is some of the most surface level superficial shit I've ever seen.

No. 1084468

Without A Crystal Ball. I thought she had a thread here?
Shannon must've jumped the gun because WOACB has been caught in multiple lies, although her claims of stalking and harassment appear warranted.

@1:10:50 is a relevant WOACB vid. @2:05:50 Shannon and some other youtuber debate on the WOACB shit.

No. 1084588

A good run down with how she handled people coming forward on her friend’s alleged sexual misconduct. I like how the commentator handled the nuance of it.

In my opinion, all parties were teens and were sexting. There was a power imbalance because Jakeyonce was a teen judge in a teen drag show. He was sexting with contestants.

A lot of teens are not mature enough to understand that any sexual contact between a judge and a contestant is inappropriate. It’s not like he’s a predator for not knowing better. But people still felt used because of it.

This would have been a chance to have a constructive conversation about how teens with a leadership role with power over others can mindful of intimate activities with their peers so they can avoid hurting people. Jake could have publicly reflected and genuinely apologized for hurt that came out of it. Not to cancel him, just do some community healing and be transparent.

It’s actually really sad how she twisted this. Alleged evidence of sexual misconduct came out and she portrayed it as “child revenge porn” presumably because metoo only counts when she feels like it

It does feel similar to how she claimed woacb made false allegations kind of out of nowhere and wouldn’t listen to the contrary on stream. That doesn’t sit well when her content is mainly calling out internet creeps

No. 1084591

How ironic. One of the reasons WOACB is being sued is for accusing people of crimes that they didn’t commit or that can’t be proven.

I remember Shannon pitching a fit about this situation on Twitter and daring the person to sue her. She’s lucky they probably didn’t want the legal fees because accusing someone of distributing child porn IS considered deformation and a different person might call her bluff. Shannon pretends to be a broke bitch and unbothered, but I bet she would shit herself if she was ever actually served papers. And now that her full name is out, anyone can

No. 1084603

sage, I just came in here to mention how annoying it is she made a video defending Corpse Husband, when he clearly doesn't need defended. I'd link it but I couldn't even watch it because it started out with
>Okay I know you're going to think that this is really nitpicky
or something and im like, yes, I am, because Corpse Husband doesn't need saved, everyone's just simping over him now just like you.
Its honestly kind of annoying on Corpse Husband's part too. He was gone for a year and had a lot of excuses for it, and they may have been really genuine and legitimate. A lot of people felt bad for him at the time….but then he never really started narrating videos again??
He's kind of becoming another one of those annoying YouTubers who had a shtick, like horror stories, or drawing, and then just gave them up for this annoying internet personality lifestyle. Kind of like Shannon her or D'Angelo Wallace.
I know it hasn't happened yet, but literally he's uploaded like 4 Among Us Videos in a month and like 3 actual horror story videos in a whole year.

No. 1084604

If anyone wants to watch.

No. 1084644

For clarity, I’m only taking issue about the end of her WOACB video where Shannon claims woacb made false sexual harassment and stalking allegations against a man she worked with, where wocab herself was coming forward as victim.

There’s an actual temporary restraining order snd still in litigation. Shannon had no real basis for calling that false. And it just seems lazy and spiteful

That’s separate from WOACB’s gossip content, where she has published accusations about Tati Westbrook and her husband that aren’t related to sex or sexual abuse and woacb not involved in and isn’t speaking as a witness or victim. she’s being sued for putting out slanderous or unethical celebrity tea or gossip.

That wording of “false allegation” for two different things may have been confusing.

No. 1084668

>Shannon her or D'Angelo Wallace.
Agreed, they're all excruciatingly lame, and the fact that people eat it up honestly irks me.

No. 1084851

Ohh okay, thank you!

No. 1084921

Like all drama youtubers they will fizzle out eventually. Its impossible to make content perpetually going after other content creators. You end up putting yourself on a pedestal whether consciously or unconsciously. Becoming the moral arbiter of youtube is impossible to upkeep permanently because as much as people hate scumbags, they hate hypocrites pretending to be unbiased truth tellers even more.

The tolerance people have for their favorite content creator vs their favorite content lambasters is starkly different for good reason. It takes skill to create stuff people enjoy but rarely does it take anything but a self inflated ego and a microphone to tell people how shitty "x" shitty person is.

No. 1085011

Yeah once she said "who I think is an actual angel" I clicked off lol. I wouldn't talk like this about people I've never even met in person.

No. 1085121

Hey mods, remember when you called out Emzotic for self posting? Can we get some eyes on this thread, looking for Katie Joy? She has a fat hateboner for creepshow and is doing everything in her power to avoid parenting her disabled son while also attacking bigger and better creators for daring to report on her lawsuit by Tati. Im just curious how many IP addresses are actually Katie's.

No. 1085209

File: 1605676812986.jpeg (39.77 KB, 750x1334, EnDqey7WMBAUGJU.jpeg)

Creepshow suspended for some unknown reason.

No. 1085213

>stolen content from lolcow
Can we please stop using phrases like these? More than half the "content" from LC is taken from elsewhere lol. I think it's weird when some anons get so proprietary. It doesn't matter who lurks here.

No. 1085216

She's not suspended, she took her account down because of WOACB's fans sending her address to her. She posted about it on her community page.

No. 1085240

but doesn’t it say “account doesn’t exist” or have a similar loading issue instead of saying suspended when someone deactivates?

No. 1085250

On the other hand, research your own lazy fucking content.

No. 1085370

They should definitely check. Especially when she is known to have linked here. But you sound delusional if you think no one else else could notice the lazy coverage and lack of basic context in the majority of Creepshows video

No. 1085394

I suspect people who found the link through Katie might be posting here since there have been some comments that don’t fit a typical farmer’s post. But please don’t let this become a boring “Hi Katie” train.
Shannon had a thread before this drama started.

No. 1085537

Hey Shannon I know shits tough these days but maybe sharing that email address in your ig story is not the move.

No. 1085582

Lolcow is a good source if you're looking for a compilation of screenshots and summaries, so it's understandable that people use it and as you said, it's not always original research, but when you can tell that someone's Youtube channel looks just like the /snow/ catalog, they paraphrase comments, and don't put in any of their own effort, then it's just lazy and annoying.

No. 1085591

File: 1605730140145.png (18.19 KB, 669x78, left.png)

I love how Creepshow is always so full of herself about being undoxable and how she's above everything, but as soon as someone catches on to her
she runs and hides and won't stop crying.

She even left her own discord server due to this. SS from Edwin's discord.

No. 1085593

File: 1605730254171.png (211.71 KB, 366x637, email.png)

This was also posted. From Shannon's stories, confirming that this whole drama is because WOACB shared a link to this thread. Shannon sweetie, get a thicker skin. You can't continuously dish out and expect not to get backlash for it some day. Sorry you attracted a crazy, but, talk shit get hit.

No. 1085600

It is slightly funny that this is the infamous doxx I heard about. This is one of the most benign lolcow/kiwi threads I’ve ever seen. Consisting of your last name youve literally said in your live streams, pictures you’ve put on your own Creepshow branded social media, and dirt consisting of “she’s annoying” “her content is badly researched” “her art sucks”, “she’s a flagrant social climber” and “she might have victim blamed some people which is hypocritical but probably didn’t do it on purpose but hasn’t appologized for it yet”. Jesus Christ kid

No. 1085702

Wait, so she's calling her name that she has revealed being posted here a "doxx"? Is she retarded? I assumed it was about an actual doxx elsewhere

No. 1085733

Yep. Every time shannon has referred to the doxx it’s the link to this thread that another YouTuber posted in a discord. I believe the YouTuber posted it in the admin chat and it was quickly deleted which is even funnier / more absurd. The 2020 drama industry is truly imploding bored people home during quarantine. of course by nov this is considered big news. Shannon claimed she was sent an address by a concerned follower and she stated it wasn’t the right address and then left Twitter. The address was not posted in the discord. As far as I can tell it must have been found by a third party (probably posted somewhere by someone who googled the full name). Otherwise it’s literally just this thread where we all come to complain

No. 1085981

I agree with you, although I haven't seen things like paraphrasing comments from here.

No. 1085984

>always so full of herself
It sounds like she's being sarcastic here >>1054351 though. I wouldn't say calling herself "fucking stupid" is her being full of herself lol.

No. 1085985

That part is her backpedaling. This happens every time: she boasts being unbothered, gets bothered, and switches on the self-depreciation/dramatics.

No. 1085988

idk. That entire post reads like sarcasm to me, but then again I don't really have an opinion of her one way or the other. I just pop in and out for new milk.

No. 1085995

Where does she confirm the source? All she said was "you shared a link", she could easily be referring to anything.

No. 1086023

Admins from the discord server I think said it was a lolcow thread when reporting it. Shannon didn’t confirm (in all fairness that would only direct more here if she did).

No. 1086152

This is an image board, anon. Please post where the information was shared. I’ve been following along and this post >>1083929 was the first time the lolcow thread was mentioned as the dox.

No. 1086373

File: 1605813192230.jpg (469.52 KB, 3000x3000, the link.jpg)


Confirmation a lolcow thread was the link posted in a discord server and considered the creepshow doxx.

You're right. We should always post the video or image where we found something and not just say 'I remember'.

This was posted on a r/woacb subreddit which is essentially a drama and lolcow hub on woacb. Although some posts are so low quality or goofy it falls into cow-on-cow violence for me.


No. 1086480


Shannon stumbles to explain how the lolcow link was shared with malicious intent. Accidentally reveals wocabs official statement that the link was shared with the stated intention of content creation and collaboration with other discord members. People who have been flamed in a slanted way will usually try to create an exposee video on their opponents own hypocrisy/wrongdoings/etc. Common in the bickering tea community.

This lines up with woacb’s other claim that sharing the link was careless but not malicious because she didn’t realize Shannon’s full name was not already public info.

Her IG story feels like a spiral into madness lately

No. 1086488

maliciously sharing a doxx constitutes the intention for someone’s home, work, address and family (and yes, their name) becoming known to the public.

Malicious intent is absolutely not sharing a complaint thread with the intention of gossiping and collaborating a response video.

If she can prove her intent was to gather info for a criticism video and get testimonials, and not the intent to breach privacy, this is just going to look dumb or completely fall apart legally as an accidental breach of privacy at best

No. 1086510

Has anyone she publicly praised like RtG or corpse or those edgy youtubers >>1055923 she hung out with come out to say anything about this woacb shit?

No. 1086659

>"creepshow arts private data"
>Everything in the thread is info or an image Shannon herself has posted publicly attached to Creepshow Art

No. 1086831

I think Shannon is doing a Streisand effect and by over-reacting to her secret source of info, lolcow.farm being mentioned, she is actually drawing people to the site.

No. 1086861

File: 1605844586905.jpeg (255.76 KB, 1242x629, C06881D7-F7C3-4F86-8762-F214E0…)

Just an interesting reminder that Shannon said her own last name in rfc’s live.

I get why the discord admin pulled down the link. It’s wise if something even resembles a doxx. But there’s no secret info here. Shannon herself admitted on IG the woman was only asking if anyone wants to work on a response video and linked this as a source for ideas/content. I guess her idea of malicious intent is someone making a video to tell Shannon she was wrong

See timestamp 2:17:20


No. 1086868

Christ. “always believe the child unless I don’t feel like it because the accused is someone super cool like Michael Jackson or jakeyonce”. Creepshow is a creep

No. 1086883

Who gassed Big Shannon up to the point where she thinks she's this fucking important?

No. 1086898

File: 1605850292597.png (573.13 KB, 688x608, 54b2900e547a51622436c55f142e7c…)

Honestly, every art youtuber that proceeded to change to being a sub-par commentary channel manages to be the most annoying mfer on youtube. Just say that your art wasn't good enough to get views and go work at Taco Bell like every other shitty artist instead of subjecting everyone to your algorithm-baiting god awful content.

Pic attached is shit middle schoolers were posting on amino in 2016, Shannon.

No. 1087033

The classic chubby girl pic. Hiding your lack of jawline with an uwu pose.

Shannon is morphing into a content Karen

No. 1087409

File: 1605911298757.jpeg (606.49 KB, 1242x1514, 69DF9761-8C14-4A09-A1AD-42C32B…)

There are some incredibly lose definitions of doxxing that, when applied to this thread, could make it a dox. But under the same definition, the r/wocab subreddit shannon linked to her entire audience as a source for her video is also a fucking dox. There are posts there with her legal/maiden name. That is so funny. You doxxed her Shannon.

No. 1087411

File: 1605911340260.jpeg (672.64 KB, 1235x1311, 085C88ED-F58A-4B66-AC2E-FF86E4…)

No. 1087419

Even those "incredibly loose definitions" don't apply here though because as said a few times before, everything in this thread was posted by Shannon herself. She's put her real name on Twitter and Youtube multiple times.

No. 1089705

It's because this isn't her account. Hers is creepshow_art with the underscore (which is still disabled)

I genuinely think she's doing this because she doesn't want her friends to find her thread and is afraid that more people will post her tweets or messages. This isn't the normal reaction of a 300k subscriber youtuber to having a by all means very tame and sympathetic gossip thread and it doesn't help her situation with WOACB because she already got the info she wants, so deleting anything now won't make a difference. I think she's deeply terrified of more friends ratting on her. I wonder what else she's been up to, you just know that someone like her is bound to slip up trusting the wrong person too much as long as they're nice to her.

No. 1090617

She definitely seems to be pumping out videos on different subjects and trying to distract from the recent drama.

It’s a bit telling that YouTube hasn’t been disciplinary to either parties. Almost like Shannon lied out her ass.

But whatever. She successfully spread a false accusation about a drag queen spreading revenge child porn to cover for her buddy jakeyonce getting sexual misconduct allegations

Now she’s successfully spreading a false doxxing allegation to cover for her receipt thread almost going mainstream and come out as the victim of another drama villain who’s easy to lie about

No. 1090627

Thinking again about that story time where as a tween Shannon betrayed and catfished a “friend” who ended up getting so mad at her she stalked Shannon horribly online for years. That’s still really mentally unstable of the stalker kid but. Starting to make more sense how it got to that point

No. 1090872

Guess it's just a matter of personal taste, then. I don't know what you mean when you say she "tries to make everyone at fault in a situation" and is "very victim blame-y", but whatever.

More of a personality than Shannon, at least.

No. 1090892

File: 1606263938923.png (224.83 KB, 594x460, patreon.png)

She reactivated just in time to promote her new patreon video. I guess she's trying to pin the "hacking" attempts of her twitter acc on WOACB? She'll continue this feud with some random lunatic until she'll run off crying once more.

No. 1091543

Oates is definitely a cow. A year ago, a troon got mad at her for being friends with a dude the troon didn't like. Instead of just blocking him, she made a video of herself cutting her wrists. Troon (who is white) called it weaponizing white women's tears.

No. 1091610

File: 1606341933979.png (157.87 KB, 594x390, privacy.png)

But sharing her lolcow thread is doxxing and thus must be overreacted to immediately. Got it. She's such a giant hypocrite.

No. 1091612

File: 1606341999519.png (28.57 KB, 592x102, editor.png)

Also, instead of hiring an editor, how about

- paying the artists you use for your videos
- hiring a researcher/fact checker

No. 1091671

>Hire a new face to appear in the videos.
>Apply for job at FedEx Kinkos befitting actual skill level.

No. 1091704

Think of how much fun it'll be when the editor becomes "toxic". It's only a matter of time.

No. 1092008

File: 1606375675492.jpeg (111.72 KB, 1504x968, 672B4D75-B250-4BD0-8688-AFFDC1…)

Ew. Can you not act like a child with this adult man doing his job. You’re pushing 30 treating a legal representative who has never done a damn thing to you like a jungle gym

No. 1092013

I sure hope when people google “Creepshow art doxxed by wocab” they don’t get directed here as a top result and find this boatload of receipts of Shannon just constantly being a horrible person and lying like it’s her job. That would be awfully bad for her channel but she cant talking about the infamous dox so people keep finding the damn thing. What a conundrum she’s in

No. 1092335

I'm in awe of how bad this drawing is. I don't understand, she literally has a reference to work from and it's still so bad. The fingers aren't even in the right bloody positions, it's just total guesswork even down to the angle of the sleeves. How does that happen?
Meanwhile she tries to hide her poor construction behind tricks to distract the viewer like that blending the white of the eye in to the eyelashes fad so it seems more competently made than it actually is. How is she running an art channel and acts like a massive authority on these topics when she can barely draw?

No. 1092503

I honestly think Shannon is a vindictive and egotistical cunt. But for transparency I remember her saying she knows she’s not a great artist and does this to keep working. I haven’t seen her speak as an art authority but I also didn’t see all her old art videos.

What makes her a shit waste of a person is the way she acts like an authority on moral and ethical matters when she has a 5th grade level research and reasoning ability. She’s literally unironically fucking stupid not in a cute way

No. 1093089

The funniest thing today is her stans tried to save her and she attacked them. She is so rude they need to give up on her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1093344

this video is fucking ridiculous. it takes her until the 16/17min mark to even get to the topic. and the topic isnt even new, nor related to her title, at all.
what we listen to for 80% of the video:
> shes a doxxing victim… she will not reveal the person who is ~doxxing her~ but she somehow knows them
> her literally FLIRTING with her friends put on screen to "prove a point" that she is "uwu uninteresting" to her "doxxer" (img attached)
> supposed "doxxer" is just fucking with her by sending those forgot password emails lmao
> talks about how she is this amazing, and extremely loving friend definitely not coming off as some incestuous mother tho
> raycon advertisement that goes on way too long, starts talking about her family (?)
> talks about her being homeless… again (we need a bingo card for this shit)
> she compares us to her nephew at one point (?)
> she repeats the information we've been hearing about shane dawson for fucking MONTHS, in order to "provide context" for the situation. providing context apparently takes up slightly below half of the video.
here's the end-all: 15-17 mins in, she tells us that shane was in a few ryland videos. that is all. something that we all know. i had to go through all of that circlejerking just to hear that someones husband does indeed appear in their vlogs. in the house they live in together. this video recycled an outdated topic just so she could make a video talking about whatever the fuck she wanted to.

No. 1093347

File: 1606533680220.png (618.45 KB, 1132x636, image_2020-11-27_222145.png)

samefag, attached 2 things at once bc im slow in the minds

No. 1093675



No. 1093679


Jesus christ, she sounds like a desperate retard.

No. 1093769

None of the artists she uses in her videos seem to complain, though.

No. 1093806

File: 1606594760775.png (27.56 KB, 300x359, results.png)

>talks about her being homeless… again (we need a bingo card for this shit)

There's one here >>1069680 but I amended it

Just because many artists are desperate for exposure doesn't mean it's ethical of her to use their art without giving them a share of he profits. Having your work used for other people's profit in exchange for exposure is a meme for a reason, it's widely discouraged to participate in things like this because it supports the practice and makes it harder for other artists who want to be compensated. It's especially hypocritical considering she's an "artist" herself and she runs in art circles, so there's no way she hasn't seen all the wank about "for exposure" submissions. She gives away hundreds of dollars at a time to look generous in front of her audience but can't throw her artists a little bit of money?

No. 1093808

Might want to add three more boxing with “I use to be homeless”

No. 1093916

are there screens of it ,oats is mainstream enough to have been cancelled over posting that

No. 1094172

File: 1606624219235.png (546.9 KB, 2048x1169, Screenshot_20201129-052905.png)

Subtweeting Tobi (one of her critics). At least she acknowledges the irony of it, since the same thing will happen to her too sooner or later

No. 1094174

File: 1606624367292.png (930.71 KB, 2048x1774, Screenshot_20201129-053220.png)

No. 1094176

>I used to be homeless
Could be a free space

No. 1094232


of the half dozen creators who are pointing directly at WOACB (including that lawyer) she was the least direct about it tbh but that might just be dilution from the lengthy video padding

also topkek at seeing orbhead get b& in this thread a day ago

No. 1094781

>I remember her saying she knows she’s not a great artist and does this to keep working.

What is that supposed to mean?

No. 1094919

File: 1606704299684.png (182.11 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20201130-012619.png)

I'm not saying what WOACB did was innocent, but Shannon is twisting the facts here. She tweeted out her middle name once, she has deleted it since but I definitely remember her tweeting "Shannon Margaret" in response to another user who asked what SM stands for or something along those lines.

No. 1094947

I wrote that lol but it was not clear/shit wording. Sorry. I meant that she doesn’t claim to be a good artist but wants to be better and draws during her commentary as a way to create and practice consistently. Which I always felt like was a nice quality of her channel early on. As an amateur artist I totally support the game plan to draw as consistently and often as possible. Even if it’s not good lol.

Of course that went out the window as she started relying more and more on featuring other artists and playing among us with that cringe ass YouTube lawyer.

No. 1094954

Scream she is panicking. First it was her private info and address and people she lived with! That was disproven so it was her full name! Except her last name is not secret by her own damn mouth so Um the problem is her middle name! Yea that’s totally why she had a 48 hour melt down where she felt so scawwed for her safety!! and decided to try and career assassinate a woman who dared to link the public proof that Creepshow is “gross” and an actual spineless creep. She’s 100% in narc rage mode because she can’t be holier than thou with a “yikes” history like this until she actually owns up to it.

No. 1095043


I remember that too, anon.
It was shortly after she changed her @ from SM_Creepshow to creepshow_art, I think?

I clearly remember her tweeting that SM = Shannon Margaret, and that "Creepshow" was a nickname that one of her coworkers had called her.

No. 1095451

File: 1606768092284.png (36.83 KB, 590x222, Screenshot at Nov 30 21-25-58.…)

She's so fucking thirsty.



He has more subs than her on YT, but how is 350k followers a "small" commentator channel?

No. 1095465

Yes! I'm glad someone else remembered.

I think really she's just extremely worried about this thread because her average follower doesn't really know much about her and wouldn't like things in this thread, for example that she's a frequent lolcow user. I was in her discord for a while and noticed that her fans in there were absolutely the young twitter crowd - pronouns in bio, asking Shannon to make videos about "problematic" personalities and social justice topics, and demanding for one of her friends in there to be kicked out because he was using "retard" casually. Some were minors, some were her youtuber friends, and they didn't really jell all that well. I'm sure the loud majority of her die-hard fans wouldn't like her as much after reading this thread, so she's glossing over it and tries not to mention it and whenever someone brings it up to her she just kinda goes "it's ok, people are allowed to talk about me" to try not to make a big deal out of it despite obviously being very upset about it and tweeting in response to it all the time.


No. 1095532

I’m positive she was going nuts on social media about being “doxxed” because the stuff in this thread is really ugly for her brand and her fake moral persona. none of if it actually traceable to her real life. Pretending to feel unsafe is just a classic way to get hugs and attention while making creators feel afraid to call her out. Since we all have seen that she will make up something about being attacked, doxxed, threaded with lawsuit, threatened with arrest. Notice most of her videos claim someone tried to come after her. A couple times sure, but we can all see through that not making sense. This thread only confirms that suspicion. And lying about it wouldn’t be a bad thing if she wasn’t framing people and just thrashing apart careers in the process. Some of her targets probably didn’t deserve that.

No. 1095998


It's killing me how hard she's simping for Cringey (10k subs) and her Kati videos, but I haven't seen Cringey mention Shannon at all, lol.

No. 1096084

She admits that she's been doxxing herself in her video about Lilee Jean 'coming after' and trying to dox her.
Always the victim but actually not.

No. 1096174

Cringey did a live stream thanking Shannon and has made content defending her from criticism from Tobi before. I don’t think Shannon is simping, she’s clearly using this girl for content and trying to look like the nice big channel helping the smaller channel out.

No. 1096290

This thread has been enlightening and sad to read. I run in the same circles as Shannon and noticed some weirdness, but this explains a lot. Thanks to all the Anon users who put this stuff together. It's kinda creepy to look at all this info but TBH it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Gave me a lot to think about.

No. 1096519

File: 1606858740624.jpeg (489.89 KB, 1241x2002, D5723422-D2FD-4FA8-B949-415A40…)

This is so sinister? and so pea brained. It was not sexual content. It was a joke/a prank with her own home video of herself as a baby. These people are all such freaks.

There is absolutely no reason to accuse rhis young woman of something so evil and so serious.

You can literally already say that gabi dimartino was being a total idiot and an asshole to trick people into paying actual money to her for a stupid prank.

You can also talk about the implications of any child images being uploaded to that sight so stop using only fans as a finsta. Like OBVIOUSLY This is not CP but all content with a child in it uploaded to this sight can be misused in that way. And gabi owned up to that in a tweet when everyone was like. Dont do that though.

Asshole clout slurping Shannon scolding gabi dimartino and like she did that on purpose. Or actually endangered a child and not her own self.

These people are actually a cesspool. Holy shit I hate this. Way to completely destroy a young woman’s reputation with CP allegations because she’s drama content. Y’all are freaks. Not to mention the way this flies in the face of grey zone cp and grooming content that we collectively don’t take seriously enough but this stupid asshole greedy but harmless joke is child predation? Not it fucking isn’t Shannon you disgusting cow

No. 1096522

She loves to accuse people of sharing CP because that's the most outrageous thing you can accuse people of these days. See Ariel Versace upthread. But I'm not gonna say the OF "prank" wasn't dicey, this chick is an Ariana Grande skinwalk judging from a quick google search and so I wouldn't be surprised if she emulates the "sexy baby" shtick too, which would make selling clips of herself as a kid pretty creepy ngl.


In other news, Shannon's entire discord server got nuked.

No. 1096535

Are you actually defending someone posting a naked child on onlyfans with a sexualized title as a “prank”. It genuinely doesn’t matter if it was her in the video or not, posting a naked kid on a platform that’s 99% porn is gross as hell. She knew what she was doing and she deserves the backlash she has coming. Where you the same anon white knighting in the stwawbwewy milk thread?

No. 1096540

>>1096522 here, wasn't even aware of her being naked because I read something about a dress. Either way there's enough material for this thread and Creepshow likes to pick the safe and obvious people to rant about, she's not wrong about this instance being weird as fuck.

No. 1096543

File: 1606860032382.jpeg (31.68 KB, 806x700, EoLRfucXMAEMWX9.jpeg)

Girl no. Onlyfans is a porn site. She charged money for a video captioned "won't put my panties on" implying the video is of a sexual nature and it was a video of a child flashing. Doesnt matter who the child is. She knew what she was doing.

Sage for off topic reply to the skinwalker stan

No. 1096548

File: 1606860322072.png (318.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201201-211418.png)

I 100% think her fanbase doesn't know that Shannon tends to err on the side of edgy. She's not a full-on edgelord, but she's really playing the "one of the guys" "funny misogyny" angle a lot, but she tries to be kinda lowkey about it. I saw pic related today and she has already deleted it - this guy is basically making a joke about how Tana is such a whore with a beat up pussy and Creepshow responds with her typical fawning. She's such an idiot. I'm not a fan of Tana by any means but this guy bringing up her pussy and her ass in his tweets is gross and thirsty in an angry misogynistic way.

No. 1096553

You know what, I’m sorry. I was the person who posted the screen and the rant. I didn’t understand that she was naked or flashing. I read it as her flipping off the camera, for some reason, when someone told her to get dressed. And I freaked out thinking they were doing all this over a regular home video where a little kid flips the bird and is probably wearing diapers.

But legitimately that is my bad. I got pretty heated thinking people were trying to exploit an asshole but harmless situation to be something dark and not caring who got hurt. But that actually is disturbing to me

No. 1096558

Yuck. Shannon why do you have zero standards or ethics beyond getting attention. Truly a husk of a person

No. 1096563

File: 1606861208830.jpeg (Spoiler Image,384.17 KB, 1242x752, 536AFECB-8488-4D1F-B197-3E3A69…)

“Without any common sense” a little too real of a self own for me

No. 1096577

File: 1606861795307.jpeg (342.79 KB, 1242x787, DA97FE64-0E6E-4A97-8BC5-2160E8…)

Accusing you of things? Could it be regarding any of the caps found here hmm. Even while being fake doxxed you still should be hashtag accountable

No. 1096581

File: 1606861844833.png (71.21 KB, 591x267, Screenshot at Dec 01 23-29-47.…)

I think she didn't really care about the server to begin with. It was made by a fangirl on twitter because Shannon wanted a server to play Among Us in, but she never really hung out with her users or talked to anyone whenever she wasn't pinging @everyone to play. There was definitely a culture clash between Shannon's youtuber friends and her fans. Her fans wanted the server to be very wholesome uwu and Shannon's friends were being their typical selves. One of the mods made a channel where users could assign pronouns to their profiles and the reactions to that message were half uwu appreciative, half cackling/roasting emotes. That was really the first sign that the server wouldn't last long without an utter explosion.

Another issue I witnessed was that one of Shannon's friends (the one mentioned in >>1095465 I believe) posted "I hate women" memes daily, and users complained about him. Shannon and her friends ran to his defense saying "noooo he just thinks the woman bad meme is funny but he doesn't mean it it's all ironic!!!!!!" but of course if you have a server full of underage SJWs then ~ironic woman-hating~ isn't gonna go over well.

I think the final straw was when a mod got kicked because another flake (Angry Slug Productions) came into the server on an alt to drudge up old drama he has with Shannon and said moderator. She had to kick him out because unfortunately for her, what the mod was accused of was apparently true (see pic related) and she had to take action because otherwise her fans would think poorly of her for having a doxer as her mod.
…except I think this is the crux of the situation. Her server made her look uncool in front of her cooler friends because she had to draw lines and be "no fun". I think she's just happier being alone with her friends, sucking up to them in private without having to bother with the plebe folk vying for her attention

No. 1096586

File: 1606862377858.png (96.99 KB, 814x654, EoLYe9vW8A4jQCw.png)

>instead of approaching me to let me know in a normal way, he raided and tried to make it seem like i cosigned that, when i didn't know what was fucking happening in the first place

doesn't hold up because the guy in question posted their DMs and he told Shannon about the mod doxing him 2 weeks ago. Which should be ample time for her to at least respond to it, since she was clearly active online. As much as Slug seems to be a fucking sped and a scammer, waiting for a response for 2 weeks before joining her server (it wasn't even a raid) to get her attention seems pretty reasonable. I followed this drama for a while-
it's all over the flakes thread >>>/snow/941512 CTRL+F Slug
But don't necro it if you want to talk about Slug, the new thread is at >>>/snow/1081173

and Slug actually had real-life repercussions to this drama since someone used his dox to call his university, text his mom he lives with, and tried to get him fired from his job. Again I'm not defending Slug whatsoever but Shannon was pretty entrenched with this drama, knew that he's a spastic ticking timebomb who can never let shit go. This is on her.

No. 1096596

Don't know why second link didn't work but it's

Anyway TL;DR of my rambling is:
Shannon's fans mainly seem to be quirky twitter SJWs. Shannon herself used to be established as an anti-SJW youtuber until she realized that outrage and moral posturing results in more views. Now she almost exclusively makes videos about all the ways in which people are being "gross" and "not okay". Her fandom and friend circle are clashing and she doesn't want either of them to find out how much she flip-flops or both sides may think of her as the spineless loser that she is.

No. 1096603

actually is she talking about this thread? because I didn't see anyone posting a slug video about her ITT.

>and posting said video in a hate thread about me

If being doxed has hurt her so much then clearly she shouldn't be harboring anyone who doxes harmless idiotic spergs and tries to ruin their lives, no?

No. 1096612

Right. She doesn’t actually give a shit about having a code of conduct or protecting people from doxxing.

It’s funny that she whined that he never came to her about it privately. That’s impossible to believe anyway when this is like the fourth time someone has approached you privately or with good faith saying theyre not accusing her of anything but just letting her know. And she has not only acknowledged and interacted with the warning, showing she definitely saw the messaged, but mocked the person trying to to warn her and didn’t care about looking into it. Her ego jumping out in the face of potential victims is nauseating. She has repeatedly and directly rejected information that she is befriending and associating with a predator, even when the people reaching out were not accusing her of co-signing but coming to her assuming she was unaware. Well you were aware Shannon. You were just too busy playing among us and sucking your own fat cock

No. 1096624

Exactly this. We've already had multiple people ITT stating they contacted her about what they assumed to be innocent mistakes/misunderstandings and were ignored. She definitely knew this was happening, this whole group (John Swan, Creepshow Art, Angry Slug, Luckyphil, RFC Augie etc) have been feuding over this shit since March. If anything you'd think being doxed would make her more compassionate towards others going through the same thing.

No. 1096690

I went through this entire thread again and there is not a single video by this guy. What is she going on about? She's crying about him wrongfully accusing her but at the same time she makes up her own tinfoil hat paranoia about him because she needs to exaggerate the effects of her doxxing every chance she gets. This is legit insane.

No. 1096701

File: 1606868791625.png (264 KB, 591x482, Screenshot at Dec 02 01-25-58.…)

>"Eugenia is a scumbag for posting her bodychecks"
>makes bodycheck the thumbnail

She could have just used her face if it's so ~triggering~, she's truly such an idiot.

Also take a shot every time her YT thumbnails say "THIS IS NOT OKAY"

No. 1096706

File: 1606868921976.png (765.82 KB, 1089x625, Screenshot at Dec 02 01-28-35.…)

4 in a month, one per week. She's such a brainlet

No. 1096728

File: 1606870149777.png (729.55 KB, 646x953, THIS IS NOT OKAY.png)

>This is not okay
>This is REALLY not okay
>This is not okay
>This is not okay
>Doxxing is okay (when I do it)
>This is not okay
>This (website) is not okay
>Her mother said it was okay
>This is not okay
>This is not okay
>This is not okay
>How is this okay?

Bonus challengers:
>This is gross
>This needs to stop
>This is not healthy

No. 1096797

She's like a content farm of herself.

No. 1096805

File: 1606874011943.jpeg (502.34 KB, 1969x2048, EAFFEF6B-EEC6-4B4B-AEB5-81803A…)

Her own fans

I guess she is a gross adult human person after all

No. 1096824

Missed the "this is not legal" from >>1096706

No. 1096840

File: 1606876431049.png (812.73 KB, 1242x2208, 246EBB17-E3C9-4121-954E-431BDD…)

If you had just told me they were bad!
Someone tells you a person you interact with is bad
Fuck off!!

No. 1096852

File: 1606877223547.jpeg (451.01 KB, 1242x1832, B2A23404-E804-4A90-8836-939A28…)

- the interactions were not all public
- the child was thirteen
- the man was unnervingly flirty and said get sexy with it
- grooming is not overtly and explicitly sexual early on
- your entire channel is YouTubers grooming their underage fans. This is how these things start out. And their keeping an eye out is how it can be prevented
- this guy is desperately trying to let large platforms who interact with bxbeastboy know the disturbing shit he found.
- that annoys you????

Not saying bxbeastboy is guaranteed a creep but to react like this. When you need to be calm and open to any evidence and take time with it before reacting. To stop 15min in and slam the awareness campaign publicly. Again is underhanded, cold and self serving. Either take children’s online safety seriously or keep it out of your mouth and don’t profit off it once it’s too late

No. 1096863

This is the issue with her. Her channel's current theme is completely based on cancel culture and moral outrage, but she picks and chooses when to be outraged based on how much she likes the person or wants to be liked by them, or based on whether or not she can be assed to look into it at any given moment. That's also why she exclusively picks pre-packaged content that has already been chewed up and spit out by others so that she doesn't have to put in her own work or thoughts, all that's left to do is to regurgitate it, ramble some stream-of-consciousness anecdotes about her personal life and call it a day.

Of course that being said this guy was fully barking up the wrong tree by spamming this specific group of people.

No. 1096877

For sure. I watched the video in question because I thought bxbeastboy gave off covert loser vibes and was becoming one of the most repetitive channels. And then someone made a video about him bullying her even though he’s the ‘bully slayer’. Which sounded juicy. It was.


Then I went to watch the video that started the whole meltdown. Eventually circling back to yet another time someone tried to reach out to Shannon and she lashed out for no reason.

The creator is a random small channel but I liked it. If for nothing more than his personality and approach

https://youtu.be/8cGdxQUr1DQ Fucking hour long. But if you enjoy a cow deep dive. He does seem very preoccupied or has a vendetta with bxbeastboy so take this with that in mind.

He seems actually concerned but completely clueless that the people he was spamming dont actually want to help anyone. Just read out some saucy deleted tweets they read today on spill

No. 1096882

File: 1606879359810.png (75.23 KB, 593x270, Screenshot at Dec 02 04-20-46.…)

No. 1096883

File: 1606879411876.png (102.55 KB, 595x436, Screenshot at Dec 02 04-23-05.…)

This one's funny because it's exactly what she and her friends do. She loves quote tweeting people who come at her so that all her friends can come to the rescue

No. 1096891

File: 1606880409445.png (32.29 KB, 586x119, Screenshot at Dec 02 04-39-25.…)

>It's wrong for Eugenia to make content featuring her triggering body for profit. Let me feature her triggering body in my thumbnail for more clicks and profit

It's not like she had to do show her body so people would know who she's talking about. Eugenia has 2.24 million subscribers and her face is very distinct and definitely has more than enough recognition value by itself. She had to put her skelly arm on the thumbnail because she knows this is the more scandalous choice and will bring her more clicks, and she knows that a large amount of those clicks will come from other anachans who obsess over Eugenia's body and will take any excuse to look at her because she's their ultimate ~thinspo~.

Ironically on the same day, Shannon posted about wanting to post more selfies so that the people who make videos about her will have more variation for their thumbnails.

No. 1096899

Her entire channel is rumors and dirt where half was put out by their scorned ex-friends, she spreads if around like it’s fact, for a living. Does it only suck when it happens to her?

No. 1096901

File: 1606881374359.png (211.17 KB, 589x384, Screenshot at Dec 02 04-51-42.…)

She's friends with all of these people. This is gonna be great. From what I gather one of her friends criticized the other friend and the other friend reacted to it so now they're all taunting him by trying to get him to come into a voice chat so they can all scream at him like they did with that girl who went on Hansen a year ago and they got her to join their VC only so they could humiliate her. Regardless of who's right and who's wrong, this way of handling it is absolutely a group of edgelords dogpiling a solitary person for dominance. You can't win, either you go along with it and get destroyed because it's 1 person vs many or you refuse to waste your time and energy and you're a coward.

>inb4 "nooo don't fight i LITERALLY love all of you okay. like this is stupid."

No. 1096907

File: 1606882017028.png (652.61 KB, 595x1813, defn.png)

This is his thread and the people he's talking about are responding to it within 2 minutes of it being posted trying to bait him further. I have no opinion on this guy but what he's saying about them is true, they're dancing on the line just enough to have some semblance of plausible deniability but it's blatantly transparent what they're doing. They throw around misogyny and dance around saying variations of "nigger" to get people to react to it so that they can then say "BUT I DIDN'T EVEN SAY THAT LOL IT'S ALL SATIRE HOW CAN YOU NOT RECOGNIZE A JOKE" and clown on the hypersensitive essjaydubyuus. They're total shitstains and even at best all they are is edgy. They're the mortal enemy of the people who adore Shannon and look up to her.

No. 1096918

Lmaoo maybe being such great buddies with a bunch of assholes wasn’t a great plan shazza

No. 1096928

File: 1606883520917.png (872.82 KB, 1174x1101, defn.png)

(my screenshot was pieced together in Photoshop but just for clarity, the Ricky Berwick response was in response to Defnoodles, not in response to Nicholas Deorio)

No. 1097450

I stopped taking you seriously when you tried to argue that it's not "ethical" of her.
Like, come on sis, if these artists wanted a share of the profits, they would've asked for it.
And, given how much Shannon lovebombs her friends and even just randoms that she simps for, who's to say she DOESN'T throw them a little money?

No. 1097473

File: 1606941826939.png (427.61 KB, 1190x711, eugenia.png)

I love how her "I'm so soft and fragile, if you criticize me I will cry, be nice to me uwu" attitude falls apart the moment someone actually criticizes her… because she just has to act like a cunt.

>I survived an intense eating disorder it's what the video is about oh my god

>[the video is] not about her, [but Eugenia] is relative
So why make Eugenia's body the thumbnail? Because it's clickbait. She's luring in the people who care about Eugenia/feel inspired by her/hate her, she's using Eugenia and her infamy as the figurehead of her video because that's what brings the biggest audience, yet she wants to claim that she doesn't contribute to the culture around Eugenia. But you know, she survived an intense eating disorder, so that obviously means her voice must be heard and she's definitely adding something new to this conversation that's been done a hundred times already.

>And, given how much Shannon lovebombs her friends and even just randoms that she simps for, who's to say she DOESN'T throw them a little money?

If she did I guarantee we'd be hearing about it as we do with any other thing she does out of ~generosity~. And yes we can talk about ethics if the person in question is a social commentary youtuber who also identifies as an artist and has made plenty of videos nitpicking the conduct of fellow artists.

No. 1097481

File: 1606942435774.png (60.15 KB, 590x255, demonetized.png)

Here she's talking about how her video isn't for profit because it'll be demonetized anyway but here's the thing. It's a loss leader. This video may not make money, but it'll result in more subs, more views on her other (monetized) videos), etc

She's just grasping desperately at shit to make videos about so she can keep up with the other commentary channels who report on every time a fox shits in a forest, and outrage works best.

No. 1097485

Isn't that every video on youtube, though? This is one of the most nit picky threads on here LMAO

No. 1097487

File: 1606942717175.png (224.95 KB, 594x464, Screenshot at Dec 02 21-55-06.…)

Another "we need to discuss–"

We literally don't. Nobody disagrees that her selling a video of her 3-years-old self flashing her genitals on a porn platform is disgusting. The only people who defend her are people who don't know what was happening (like the anon upthread) or absolute fucking morons on Twitter whose minds she won't change anyway. It's not a brave unpopular opinion or a thought-provoking debate. She just wants to spread the latest gossip, which is alright as commentary youtubers like her are basically glorified tabloids, but don't act like it's more than it is.

No. 1097491

File: 1606942890671.png (982.96 KB, 640x1136, shannon 2.0.png)

Poor starving Shannon was really the Georgia Collings of her day. Glad she survived that life-threatening eating disorder.

No. 1097504

With how fat she was I'm surprised they had her on a tube

Also do you have a link to the "eating disorder" video of hers? I refuse to give the cunt a penny

No. 1097516

Gab looks like a skinny trisha paytas in the thumbnail with those far apart eyes

No. 1097555

I knew gabbie was trash, but holy shit selling child porn should put you in a cell

No. 1097562

calling is child porn is disingenuous though, the only thing that made it scandalous was the fact that she posted it on her onlyfans and added that weird caption. In itself it wasn't child porn, let's not dilute the term

No. 1097583

Was it not a nude photo of her as a child for sale on a porn site ? Like if I’m wrong I just misunderstood what happened

No. 1097584

>Isn't that every video on youtube, though?
Yeah, I literally said that:
>so she can keep up with the other commentary channels who report on every time a fox shits in a forest

>This is one of the most nit picky threads on here LMAO

It's one of the friendliest threads on here, actually. Why are you mad?

No. 1097587

It was, but we can't really say that she was "selling child porn" when the video itself would be completely harmless out of context. Child porn is explicit and sexual, her prancing around as a toddler wasn't. She was the one who made it sexual by sharing it on a porn site, but the video itself wasn't child porn, if that makes sense? You could have that in an old home movie and it wouldn't be disgusting. Don't get me wrong, I think it was a really bad "prank" and in terrible taste and doesn't belong on a porn site, but calling it child porn is taking it a little bit too far imo. I don't think she meant to pander to pedos who happen to follow a grown woman's onlyfans, I think she's just a brainlet who didn't think it through.

No. 1097613

File: 1606953805278.jpeg (451.39 KB, 1242x2144, 84BD04FA-8502-4983-8963-A4AF59…)

So this feels like a lie.

No. 1097614

Fuck man you totally convinced me

No. 1097615

Yea. To be fair naked images of kids can still definitely qualify as cp even if not explicit and sexual. But I pretty much feel the same way about it. It seemed like a stupid joke in poor taste / no thought behind it. A headline like that is a lot for a situation that didn’t feel sinister or intentional to me

No. 1097619

I didn't know she doesn't even post anything explicit on her OF. In that case, her subscribers aren't there for porn anyway. OF isn't even a porn site really, it was originally made for influencers of all types and just happened to be convenient for camgirls. A lot of girls use it sort of like a finsta or like a premium snapchat to have a paywall for their content, but it's not all sex work.

Now I'm not gonna say her simps are there for wholesome reasons, and I'm sure her photos are sexy/lewd at the very least, but if she never posted anything explicit and then suddenly offered a photo that was implied to be a panty-less shot for 3 dollars, with no fanfare or announcement, I'd expect a prank too. Of course picking a photo of her as a child was an incredibly stupid decision, but the more I learn about this, the less I see it as "omg she's selling child porn".

>To be fair naked images of kids can still definitely qualify as cp even if not explicit and sexual.
For the record I don't disagree with that. I just think this situation is a bit more nuanced.

No. 1097709

Is she trying to look black? I know she skinwalked Ariana Grande…
I thought that was Holly Brown for a second LOL

No. 1097713

I agree she didn’t try to do cp, but saying only fans isn’t for porn is a fucking joke

No. 1097749

It's literally not. That's just what it's most commonly used for. A lot of people still use it for non-sexual content because all it really is is a Patreon alternative without tiers. They tolerate sex workers and it's rare that platforms do without being full-on porn sites, so camgirls flock there and have given it a reputation as a site for nudes, but that's not what all it is. When it was first promoted, it mostly had fitness influencers sharing workout routines. Musicians still use it a lot too.

No. 1097790

in Gabi's statement she said she uses OF as a finsta so that does check out. But this is getting off topic at this point. there might be another thread where the Gabi/only fans discussion can move. maybe post the link to the other thread here if anyone wants to follow it up more

No. 1097885

A sex shop that also sells gum is still a sex shop. OnlyFans is synonymous with porn, there are even multiple mainstream pop songs referring to it in that context along with millions of online posts and articles.
Someone should post this Gab stuff in the Youtube thread though since it's not about Shannon.

No. 1098210

File: 1607023701304.png (25.41 KB, 595x467, RIP.png)

She disabled her Twitter again. This time it's because she got called out for social climbing (via Keemstar etc) and she went on a spergout about her PTSD and how triggering it is to be accused of terrible things while she spends every fucking day helping people. And that she would never harbor a doxer in her discord and she didn't appoint her own mods. Didn't get any caps before she deleted, so I can't post, my bad.

No. 1098244

She posts really sexual stuff on her only fans. I’m actually subbed. Also she dm fans “me with my panties off” with sexual emojis.

Then after you pay it’s a video of her about three years only dancing around and lifting up her skirt over and it’s her genitals.

If her account was a “finsta” then okay, but she really does post sexual content on there,

Everyone expected a adult photo with her panties offf and we got a child video of it instead. It looks really bad, on your computer, with the text messages in context. It looks generally like I was trying to buy child porn. I think that’s why people are pissy about it

No. 1098248

She also said she knew it was wrong, but that it would be funny

Then after people got pissy she started saying it was basically a finsta. Why didn’t she just post it on Instagram if it was a cute funny video, like why did she make it sound like she was selling sexual content, then post nude children. That’s why people have a problem

No. 1098252

File: 1607025712395.png (35.52 KB, 511x215, ec.png)

This was on July 29th.

No. 1098285

Judging by how Hopeless Peaches used to be friends with Tobi and fed information about Shannon to her for her video… I'm actually inclined to believe it.

No. 1098325

File: 1607029999221.jpeg (5.28 KB, 225x225, honey what is you doing.jpeg)

I feel a bit bad for her. She blew up pretty fast and making cocky rant videos might be fun when only a small number of people cares about them, but she probably wasn't prepared for this audience and of course her "self-proclaimed incompetent idiot stoner baby who also does totez srs reporting" brand will backfire a lot more with all these eyes on her. She should stick to doodling sameface eyeliner abominations with storytime narration if she knows what's good for her. Clearly she has neither the brains nor the resilience to keep her head above water in the dramasphere. Maybe her level of aggressive impulsivity would work out better for her if she wasn't as sensitive about the fallout and more able to take it in stride. As it is, it'll only get a lot worse from now on; the bigger she'll get, the more people feel entitled to go no-holds-barred on her for every misstep because an audience comes with influence comes with responsibility and she's so very obviously not equipped to handle any of it.

No. 1098328

<a onclick="highlightReply('1097613');" href="/snow/res/1053928.html#1097613">&gt;&gt;1097613</a><br/>Wasn't a huge point in Tobi's video how there was another commentary youtuber who tried to talk to Shannon about how TeRrIBlE she was being, and Tobi said Shannon got extremely defensive and yelled at them, making them cry? And then she said that it was going to be a collab, but the other person didn't want drama? <br/>Makes sense that that was Peaches.

No. 1098362

>Tobi said Shannon got extremely defensive and yelled at them
I'm not having a hard time believing this. I wonder if she's got some sort of issue because she seems to experience emotions in extremes, she's often either ragetweeting or lovebombing or spamming her quirky thoughts or ranting and comes off as extremely volatile. I can't even begin imagine how unfiltered and dramatic she gets when it's one on one kek

No. 1098369

I don't believe it simply because more creators have come forward with their experiences with Peaches in the comments and it seems like they all have had similar things happen. Also, with how badly Peaches is defending herself on twitter, you would think she would have leaked screenshots showing their conversations. All she has said is "Shannon didn't yell at me, we have never been in VC"

No. 1098373

That's too bad, I wish it had happened because now I really want to listen to a Shannon Spergout recording. She seems like she'd go full harpy

No. 1098375

Got a source/caps on "feeding Tobi information"?

No. 1098398

Prison Mate Luke talked about it and showed some damning screenshots.

No. 1098448

I should clarify. I’m sure peaches told her friends including toby that Shannon was being an asshole. I just don’t think peaches had to lie to tell others Shanny flipped out on her for disagreeing. God forbid someone is upset that you blew up at them and aren’t sweet caring humble buddy you act like on screen.

I also dont think that peaches burned all of shannon’s bridges. She does that all by herself. Her Twitter interactions are not pretty

I just hate this idea that peaches can’t tell other people that Shannon treated her badly when my guess is Shannon actually treated her badly

No. 1098454

She seems like a bpd/npd posterchild. I mean adult human person. She is constantly lovebombing and then melting down from perceived attacks. Dastardly insults such as people fact checking or letting her know someone vaguely in her circle has a bad history she might not want to associate with. Shit that is not even accusatory but a heads up has been known to trigger her. Idk I hate to diagnose her I think that’s super lame. Basically I’m saying she had patterns of behavior that can be found in those disorders. And those labels summarize how her personality and way of thinking comes off. As strangers we really can’t know. Even without the full disorder she probably has some symptoms for sure

No. 1098458

Be sure to screenshot and post whatever caps in the video you found damning. I thought some were super irrelevant to what he was trying to say

No. 1098632

File: 1607052211600.png (465.41 KB, 1123x1479, hmls.png)

Some of the convo is still up and I was discussing her tweets with other farmers at the time so my pettiness paid off in the form of screenshots. kek

This dude ain't shit for this low fucking blow and seems like a cow but holy shit she absolutely weaponizes her homeless stint as much as she can. I'm sorry if she really got PTSD from that, but she chose to do it, and she wasn't "living on the streets scrambling for cash" homeless, she had her husband and their double income ffs. She was making videos and updating her channel and everything. If it was that traumatizing, I'm sure they could've worked something out before a year was up. But of course "I was fucking homeless and now I have PTSD, how dare you" is more effective at shutting people up than the truth.

Her going "this just fucking destroyed me" at a troll comment from a rando on twitter is… holy shit she's not gonna survive this. Her shitshow is blowing up more and more every month.

Also the dude has a point about how she says she makes a big deal about doxing but Keem and her band of edgelords have doxed people before and she doesn't care.

No. 1098640

File: 1607052786328.png (109.88 KB, 547x580, dox2.png)

Forgot this part.
Bull fucking shit she didn't appoint her own mods, then why were they all her friends? There were a bunch of admins, Shannon being one of them, LuckyPhil and EdwinsGeneration too. And all her besties had a special role, it was Augie, John Swan, Creep-P, Kat Tenbarge, and a bunch more. She's acting like she didn't have control over who was a mod in her own server despite being admin and having her friends be admins.

No. 1098646

I mean, she talked about how she didn't have control of the server and left before, and how she only used it for among us. It's not surprising that someone else was modding people for her. She's an idiot.

No. 1098649

How did she "not have control" if she was admin? Even if she didn't have ownership she'd have had the ability to mod and demod people, which she obviously did once she got heat.

No. 1098652

I don't have any tea on her if that's what you mean.
If I did, I wouldn't post it here. I'm not here for that.

No. 1098695

It might be time to ask yourself if you're in the right place.

No. 1098731

>i deal with ptsd from my homelessness
That's where she lost me. She said herself that she chose homelessness >>1071677. Not to minimize whatever real trauma she may or may not still be dealing with from something unrelated but idk how she got ptsd from that situation when she literally said "deciding to live in my car with my bf is something I in no way regret, it made our relationship a lot more solid", but she got ptsd from it somehow? Can't have it both ways.

No. 1098732

Oh hush, anyone can lurk here lol.

No. 1098757

Anon who linked the homelessness video here, I'm not sure if Shannon ever really deletes her videos (I've been following her for quite a while since I used to actually like her but I haven't noticed) but I wanted to quick add that I was sure to download the video before I shared it here in case she ever does delete it. Not sure if that'll ever actually be an issue but I wanted to be sure it's saved for posterity in case she dirty deletes.
But yeah it's pretty bullshit she cries PTSD about something she chose and says she doesn't regret and made her relationship more solid. I'm sure it wasn't easy or anything but she literally only ever brings up her homelessness for pity points.

No. 1098779

Lurking isn't posting uselessly, newfriend.

No. 1098964

I'm just saying people get mad at lurkers for nothing. People gonna lurk, especially when they have a thread made on them and some anons get needlessly bent over it.

No. 1098970

She blatantly contradicts herself and it makes me question the authenticity of her story or any of her stories (sans receipts) for that matter. Sometimes it seems she uses some of her potential diagnoses to shield against criticism.

Shannon doesn't strike me as an outright malicious person like that WOACB heffer but she's not entirely honest either.

No. 1099057

File: 1607101184785.png (82.43 KB, 1123x796, nowehavenot.png)

a comment of hers i found under an Amanda the Jedi vid about Happiest Season. has she ever said she was bi before? also sage for just more attention seeking, social climbing bs

No. 1099088

Yeah, some of her early videos are about her adventures in girldating.

No. 1099090

I used to think that, but now I think she’s just as bad which makes it annoying that she cashes in on criticizing that woman.

She has been overtly malicious blaming peaches for deserved backlash. She lied about being doxxed. She continues to bring up being falsely doxxed to distract from valid criticism of harboring a doxxing situation in her friend group. She lies about being approached in private and waits for people to reach out publicly so they will look like they’re irrational. She lashes out at small creators trying to give her feedback.

And she has repeatedly “negged” small creators about things that are traumatic for them and blames them for getting angry. But they usually don’t have a big community to fall back on where they can just leave the internet and calm down be the bigger person while others defend them. That’s irritating to me.

She has frequently brought up traumatic situations for others as a “gotcha” and a low blow. And if people try to tell her she is attacking something that is very personal for that person, she will laugh and say it doesn’t matter.

For example she made fun of the bxbeastboy grooming situation saying he was just talking to a kid publicly (it was private) and nothing sexual happened (that’s not how grooming starts and it was extremely flirtatious regardless). She mocked the person trying to signal boost the situation to her. The man is a victim of grooming and was open about it in the video she watched and then made fun of

She took a situation where someone was trying to open up about their feelings that maybe jakeyonce was taking advantage of them sexually as a they were a drag show contestant and he was a famous YouTuber and judge. Instead of sharing the victims story and if she felt jake did or did not do something wrong, she dragged up the time over a year ago this same victim self harmed during an argument with Shannon and posted it. The person bad since then profusely apologized and owned up to it being completely unfair to others to have lashed out by showing their self harm in real time during a breakdown. They had come to forgiveness over it. But it was fair game to use to paint the victim as a malicious liar who was spreading child porn because they dared to say precious and perfect jake had hurt them.

She also completely out of pocket said woacb lied about being sexually harassed and stalked by Steve McRae, and for some brain dead gullible reason sided with his claims that Katie Joy filed a restraining order on him for no reason. Not because he is an actual lunatic with a record of sexual harassment and stalking from multiple witnesses and others testimony that a judge determined to be legitimate enough to grant a temporary restraining order. Their case is still in court but Shannon probably read Steve McRaes version of events and said ok that sounds good! It makes my video look stronger so who cares if I enable this serial sex creep harasser. But when corrected about it she laughed and said “that doesn’t matter”. After that wocab blew up at her because her stalking situation with that freak is obviously very distressing, and started planning a response video. Of all the shit woacb has pulled, there is no doubt she has stalkers and has been battling this slimeball for months now. He has his own cow threads for a reason.

Shannon used the woman being triggered about her rape and sexual harassment and stalking trauma being laughed at by this overgrown child, and used wocab being publicly angry and unhinged while triggered that to lie about being doxxed.

Because when Shannon is triggered and overreacts she’s just human. When other people overreact from being triggered it theyre malicious people who only want to hurt Shanny

No. 1099095

Yeah, which is probably why some people find it surprising that she has a husband since she lovebombs so many of her female friends on the regular.

No. 1099097

TLDR: Shannon has never shied away from trauma doubting when someone has behaved badly before. As if only angelic people can be traumatized. And she has never shied away from negging and low blows about people’s traumatic history. When she is informed that she made a low blow on something traumatic and personal, she frequently doubles down and is arrogant because their pain doesn’t excuse their bad behaviors. Hmmm lol

No. 1099119

Thank you, that was spot on and why I dislike her so much. She utilizes the Holly Conrad method of "my trauma matters and makes me a human being, your trauma makes you an irrational monster". They're really alike in that aspect, maybe that's why Holly's emotional blackmail worked so well on her.

No. 1099198

File: 1607108681283.png (146.05 KB, 589x346, al.png)

Has anyone noticed that one of her friends has been turning into another one of these half-assed drama commentary youtubers? She got some attention for being on the Chris Hansen channel with a really terrible experience with Dahvie Vanity and my heart goes out to her for that, but ever since then she's been aggressively promoting her OnlyFans, being passive aggressive to straight-up aggressive on Twitter, and now she started a youtube channel and has already reached 12k subs. She and Creep are super tight and Creep dyed her hair split red and black after Ashlee did because she loved it so much. I feel like this whole friend circle will implode so, so soon.

No. 1099218

File: 1607109861061.png (1.7 MB, 1242x2208, 78345A55-6746-4469-9F28-CA0758…)

Yes I completely think they will because they all enable each other to be as toxic as possible toward basic disagreement, and do the pattern or riling someone up until they step over the line and then slash them for it.

Like recently: the people pointing out her Eugenia coverage has been less than ethical. Shannon tried to distract from the small amount of criticism and focuses on the twitter instead. She tweets they can’t possibly be sincere because they used to be fans of Shannon and tweeted at her frequently! (Before she decided to mock and bury the bxbeastboy allegations and they flipped to seeing her in this new light of being kind of a secret asshole)

So according to her Twitter, this just makes these critics of her Eugenia video soooooo weird because who would constantly tweet and gush at larger creators while trying to get their name out or just tell their faves they’re so cool. Who would do something so desperate and cringey! Clearly not someone you can trust or take seriously!

No. 1099225

File: 1607110257129.jpeg (426.27 KB, 1242x2140, 9ED0714A-555A-453B-BAB9-087C56…)

This bitch lol. It’s the guy who tried to warn me about a youtuber exploiting their underage fans! Since that’s my fucking brand and all! So annoying! He’s just SOO omega butthurt all because he gave me solid and actually concerning evidence really politely and I told him to fuck off! How dare he speak to me. This weird ego and double standards and resistance to politely communicating with my viewers who have feedback that isn’t licking my asshole is definitely not why my online life is falling apart! Cool idea shazza

No. 1099326

I am, thank you very much. I'm here becauseI want to keep tabs on this. She's a nice girl, but her support system isn't very good and I worry for her sometimes.

No. 1099350

I’m sure she’s a nice enough girl day to day when talking to friends or in real life. My whole problem with her is how she grossly misuses her platform and is morally contradictory. When she makes videos about people misusing their platform and being morally contradictory and strongly condemns them. And when she makes videos about minors in the YouTube community but lashes out at people trying to tell her about danger to minors in the YouTube community.

She is going to naturally invite heat if she keeps doing things she condemns in her videos. And If she can’t help but fuck up a lot online that she needs to do more research to represent multiple sides and show less superiority over other peoples online fuck ups. Or go back to story time videos which were perfectly well done and everyone says they enjoyed. I wouldn’t care about her doing this shit if she could fully own up to it.

It’s the way that people have tried to talk to her with gentle correcting information, asked her to address her mistakes with false cp allegations she made in the jakeyonce video (all while saying that they still think her intentions were good! The benefit of the doubt has been evident and consistent in all her public criticism but she still reacts harshly, which is why patience and trust in her intentions is lately waning) or signal boosting an issue that matches her content thinking she would want to get the word out and help people. she has egotistically shut them down often with insults and mockery and that is the core problem. If you think her real persona and core character is good, then by all means let her know how her public behavior is not reflecting it at all

No. 1099352

I used to like this thread, but at this point it’s just this one guy posting repeatedly trying to get people to think his retarded Twitter rants are cool.
I tried to watch his video accusing another YouTuber who I have never heard of (beast boy) of being a predator and had to click off. If we’re talking about Shannon falsely accusing people, this guy called this other YouTube a predator for being interviewed by a minor fan, and him having a low voice. How fucking retarded do you have to be.

The self posting bullshit here is annoying, especially from this Vic Blanco retard.

No. 1099361

>has she ever said she was bi before?
Almost as much as she's said she was homeless lmao.
I don't know if she does anymore but she certainly used to a LOT

No. 1099408

Jesus Christ I posted that not Vic. I just watched his video and i actually understand how grooming works. It’s not about having a low voice as if that alone was even the issue but a small red flag on a stack of other huge flags. I noticed her being a huge cunt to him so I added it to her history of being a hypocritical asshole.

If other people don’t like vics video and find it stupid fine. We can ban talk of him. I thought he had a point that was worth more than the 15 min and the rage spazz shannon gave to it or daring to signal boost a perceived issue

No. 1099413

What's wrong with her support system? I know she probably isn't on good terms with her parents because she chose homelessness over living with them, but she has a husband and her horde of youtube pals and tweeted about a high school friend a while ago (though to be fair when I checked the friend's profile they didn't follow her back kek)

No. 1099478

Did she lie about being doxxed in her discord? I haven't seen evidence one way or the other but given that she's in WOACB's cross hairs (who's doxxed before) I'll give her the benefit of the doubt with this one.

>She has frequently brought up traumatic situations for others as a “gotcha”

I haven't seen it. She can be an asshole, but malice? I don't believe so.
>she made fun of the bxbeastboy grooming situation
I know little about this except >>1096877 who said someone had a vendetta against him. I haven't looked into it much tbh.
>She also completely out of pocket said woacb lied about being sexually harassed and stalked by Steve McRae
Oh she got that one wrong for sure.

What I can say about Shannon definitively is her research game can be very weak, her social skills are lacking and she can be a moron and an asshole. Is she worse than WOACB? Not imo. You'd think WOACB would be more discreet in general because of her insane stalker situation. Moron's gonna moron I guess.

No. 1099491

File: 1607122930467.png (162.25 KB, 592x710, Screenshot at Dec 05 00-01-25.…)

Wonder how Shannon, plus sized and friend of sex workers, feels about her friends calling other girls "fat slut"

No. 1099496

File: 1607123033075.png (67.49 KB, 590x312, Screenshot at Dec 05 00-01-38.…)

DeOrio says he doesn't agree with calling her a fat slut but he still has a bone to pick because it's all just "an excuse to cry about race/women"

Totally not spoken like an angry edgelord!

No. 1099498

File: 1607123057523.png (46.69 KB, 592x235, Screenshot at Dec 05 00-00-06.…)

No. 1099502

So if a black woman calls you racist/misogynist and "you're a fat slut who needs to go back to OnlyFans" is the weakest think you could think of, that begs the question what you really wanted to call her, which means she probably wasn't all that wrong about you.

No. 1099526

>"fat slut"
lol I've heard so much worse on here. I wonder if Shannon's SJW stans will make her choose between them and her edgier friends.
Like I said, I've read sooo much worse on here lol. LC isn't a pc sodomite safe space like twitter.

No. 1099534

You sound new, we hate scrotes who shit on women. That aside, we do say worse things when we commit girl-on-girl crime, but the large majority of Shannon's stans are softies who might very well cancel her for openly fraternizing with dudes who say this shit. Some of her most vocal "crushes" are lewd-posting fat girls, like Loey Lane.

No. 1099538

Anyone else feel like Shannon is probably grateful to be off of twitter so she doesn't have to talk about this and pick sides? She has to be laughing right now.

No. 1099541

Oof you must be new here. This lolcow thread is the exact post that wocab linked in a unirock discord (YouTube ex-friend of woacb). An admin feared it was a dox and deleted it prompting unirock to apologize to Shannon. Third parties have confirmed this page was the link. Shannon was given screenshots and made aware this was the link. However there’s nothing endangering on this page. Read above for more info on how the info here is not private, not secret and it and was being used for video creation. Shannon lied and continues to lie about being doxxed and insists that creating an expose video is inherently malicious intent. Which is hilariously stupid given her genre is expose videos.

The thing where she got the Steve McRae thing wrong was a prime example of throwing trauma in a persons face as a gotcha. She ended her video with the statement of McRae being falsely accused to add to the insane things wocab has done. But that’s actually really cold as her experience with McRae actually sounds terrifying and he seems obsessed with her and dedicated to abuse towards women who cross him. When unirock corrected her about it she laughed and said that shit doesn’t matter and wasn’t in her video. It was of course in her video. She doesn’t care about defending and enabling a predator if it makes her video sound stronger.

You can check out the earlier thread for the video about jakeyonce for a very similar situation or bxbeastboy video. Where the guilt of Jake and beastboy are a lot less clear cut, the way she treated the people coming forward was unreasonably harsh and underhanded.

Shannon hasn’t figured out you can actually hear someone out and not decide to endorse their view without trying to destroy their reputation. She lashes out vindictively when approached with grey area and sensitive information involving vulnerable parties as well as a potential falsely accused man. I guess because she’s scared of needing to think too hard or stepping away respectfully. She just makes a liar out of the party with less followers, cashes in and calls it a day

No. 1099542

I'm not new and who's "we"? It's not a hivemind here.

I saw part of a vid where he >>1099498 watched the vid Rapestream did with the girl he raped and shoved in front of a camera. He spoke with Rapestream in that video and a T fueled shouting match ensued. Based on that vid and a few similar incidents I don't believe this guy unironically hates women. He's definitely a douchey edgelord tho.

No. 1099546

Did you miss how even if you merely imply to be male, you get permabanned instantly? I think that's enough to warrant a "we". Anyway if you knew anything about the history of lolcow you'd know it's a radfem hive.

Screaming at RSN doesn't make someone not misogynistic. He's the lowest hanging fruit, universally hatable, and perfect to parade around for virtue signaling because he's completely beyond reproach. Same for Onision. Maybe he isn't actively going out and harassing women whenever he feels like it but responding to criticism by calling a woman a fat slut says a lot. He could have made any argument, but instead he said "this fat slut needs to go back to e-whoring", and somehow that's not misogynistic?

No. 1099549

>Third parties have confirmed this page was the link.
Where's the evidence for Shannon specifically saying this thread was the dox she was referring to? I heard wocab linked this thread in a discord. I really don't know if Shannon is lying about being doxxed. I haven't seen enough evidence yet.

The Steve McRae thing is an example of how Shannon doesn't always think before she speaks or does proper research. Of course Shannon would automatically assume wocab was lying about it because wocab has lied about a ton of shit, which is why she's getting dragged rn in the yt community.

No. 1099551

No. 1099553

>imply to be male
Good one. We're not a hivemind here so like it or not, your "we" doesn't apply. Do you know what happened to the radfem thread?

Obviously you never watched the video I mentioned and don't know what you're talking about yet seem to think you do. Comparing someone like that to Onision is topkeks though.

No. 1099564

My bad I legit forgot about that. Calling these threads doxxing is grasping at straws. I think I got mixed up because Shannon never mentioned LC specifically.

No. 1099565

I don't really disagree with you on your points. She has definitely made some mistakes, but she's not an evil person. She's being swept up in this, ofc she could be better, but hopefully she will show growth. I believe in her because I know she's not bad, just misguided.

Shannon gets carried away easily and acts based on emotion, especially when it comes to loyalty. Her friends have caught on to that and know it's easy to manipulate her. I think she had a good mentor in Giulia, but she lost her way a bit.

Shannon can be really petty and her friends enable that because they're Petty AF with a capital P. I'm not talking about the guys mentioned here. I think she knows how to handle those. Her "nicer" friends.

The way they talk about her doesn't sit right with me. Like nobody wants to say anything harsh so it's all very hush hush and backhanded. Some of them are just rly fake and hiding it behind a gigawatt smile. They treat her like the puppy dog friend. yknow like they like that she's fun to be around and really supportive but they don't really take her seriously and when they joke about her they say it's okay because she speaks badly of herself too.

Or they'll not invite her to things because she's too much or they just "need a break from her" idk it's not right. It would be valid if they respected her more but they act like she's just a hanger-on and she deserves better. She's grown so much and I'm so proud of her. This site makes me shake my head a lot about all the ridiculous things they say about her but some things are too close for comfort and I don't know how I should speak to her about it.

No. 1099571

Alright keep pretending you didn't understand what I mean so you can defend the scrote for whatever reason. lol

No. 1099579

Laying out facts is defending facts radfem anon. Not everyone needs to stretch the truth to support an opinion. If this woman >>1099491 feels bad about being called a fat slut she should leave the internet. I've seen some of her low IQ replies, she's fucking dull but then I don't know anyone doing OF that's a Rhodes Scholar.

No. 1099589

No. 1099590

Her not doing enough research is issue in itself. It’s that after the video she was told that she had the wrong research, that multiple people have accused Steve McRae of similar things and her claims and restraining order on him all seem to be legitimate.

Unirock got an interview with her, told her in plain English that he was a witness to Steve McRae being inappropriate with women and to his stalking and obsessive behavior on and offline. He was trying to help her correct that aspect of the video. Which does not have to counteract the rest of it. Because like many people he assumed once she knows the other side of that particular situation she would not want to be backing up the word of a really terrible and predatory guy. He was honestly really civil about it but she was fully not lol. She completely disregarded the info and just tried to act cool for augie. as she does every time she makes a serious error in the realm of sex abuse survivors. such a gem

No. 1099593

That really seems to be the biggest issue with her: She doesn't do research, she either uses a drama thread (which is usually biased) or just takes someone's words for it and then when she inevitably gets challenged for spreading false info or speaking out of pocket, she doubles down and gets fucking smug about it. Even just reading the PULL thread linked above shows that this is has been an issue forever.

No. 1099598

Very interesting reading the posts from may when I can honestly agree that I didn’t think her content and attitude was that bad / was better than most in her genre. The holier than thou thing really cranked up to unbearable over the summer as quarantine wore on. She was more decent on Twitter as well but asshole freakouts are almost daily now when she’s not taking a deactivation break

No. 1099602


That thread is weird to read. You know something ain't right with someone when PULL has a calm, reasonable thread on them and they neither whiteknight nor envy-sperg.

>The holier than thou thing really cranked up to unbearable over the summer as quarantine wore on. She was more decent on Twitter as well but asshole freakouts are almost daily now when she’s not taking a deactivation break

This 100% which is why I think she's only at the beginning of her cow career

No. 1099606

File: 1607129789732.png (81.34 KB, 875x433, doxxing is evil.png)

The hypocrisy never ends

No. 1099637

which live stream was it?

No. 1099725

File: 1607137042334.png (3.08 MB, 4000x6968, 735560050788740172342079.png)

>like they did with that girl who went on Hansen a year ago and they got her to join their VC only so they could humiliate her.
Yeah no. The girl in question (Noa) not only got called out on twitter for misrepresenting and lying about what happened to her on their show, she also apologized to those guys later on for lying about them to Hansen. Noa has since nuked her twitter and her Hansen interview was also deleted.

Hansen lied to several victims he interviewed. Not only have they subsequently publicly disavowed him, they refuse to have anything to do with him anymore. I have those ss too.

No. 1100284

File: 1607196963722.jpg (187.12 KB, 1080x1416, 1607168714030.jpg)

From the KT thread, more examples of Shannon publishing names of random people for no reason


No. 1100285

File: 1607196974030.jpg (89.85 KB, 750x934, 1607169238408.jpg)

No. 1100287

lol KT is so unhinged. But goddamn, Shannon really is so sloppy with other people's info and this rando from KT's school days shouldn't be exposed by her. She's so desperate to show off.

No. 1100361

Oh please, get a grip. She's a bitch. That's fine, she can own it, but she's fake as fuck and doesn't care about anything she claims to, it's so performative. She profits from videos which insight harassment to the targets of her videos, then cries when the same happens to her? Lol? What goes around comes around, but she hilariously thinks the rules don't apply to her.
As for her "friends", she attracts toxic people who don't like her because she is toxic and doesn't truly like any of them either since she is fake as hell and uses people for popularity so what are you making her the victim of, exactly?
She is one of the rare people I have no ounce of sympathy for, she completely deserves the shit she's receiving, it was completely self inflicted.

No. 1100385

i used to watch her videos a lot and i guess i'm being kind of a troll right now. being subscribed to her and watching her videos made me really sick of her manufactured personality and something just started feeling off and cringey, ontop of that she (and a lot of others) just kind of catch on topics that are already going on without adding anything, just cancel this, cancel that, no nuance. kinda glad that i'm not the only one getting irked

No. 1100461

Shannon put that screenshot in her video about Katie, and it’s 100% not private information. It’s Katie telling Shannon that she is under the impression that they both went to school with the same person, which isn’t possible given the age difference. Katie is unhinged if she thinks that’s doxing.

No. 1100503

I’m confused, did Creepshow post that DM without on twitter without censoring? Who added the purple: anon, KT or Shannon herself. That would be awful if shannon tweeted it uncensored with a bunch of personal info showing.

However If Creepshow is the one who censored it before tweeting, I’m not sure if I understand what she did wrong (in this case, lord knows I fully agree with the rest of this thread)

No. 1100507

This completely.

No. 1100509

From what it looks like, Shannon tweeted it uncensored and KT added the censorship

No. 1100552

File: 1607213421338.png (555.6 KB, 964x584, Screenshot at Dec 06 01-09-30.…)

Where? I suffered through her hideous "art" to look for the screenshot and didn't find it. I'm grateful for the artists that let her use their footage because at least she won't have to subject viewers to her middle school doodles anymore, sheesh. How did she ever get the balls to name herself Creepshort ART …

No. 1100560

File: 1607213687115.jpg (315.69 KB, 1200x1200, EeNwXiOWkAczTOh.jpg)

oof I think that was supposed to be one of her friends, she really did her dirty

No. 1100618

She does genuinely care about the things she talks about, but of course you can't care about all things equally, you have to pick your battles, especially when commentary is your gig so you kind of have to care about everything at once. She doesn't enable harassment towards anyone.

I think when people think of her as fake they misunderstand what she's doing. I don't think these friendships are very deep so they come off as fake because fans can tell that Shannon's excitement is disproportional to the depth of the connection. If anything that makes her more prone to being manipulated, not the other way around. She just wants to be liked by the ppl she looks up to.

No. 1100630

What’s the friends name

No. 1100634

No. 1100642

Yet she picks the most popular battles. Or battles that support people she is gushing up to. She won’t engage with commentary situations that could prevent or protect potential victims. Only after the fact, which is performative at best.

And when she is making commentary on a person who has a very small social media presence or fan base, she will strategically filter in more and more unsupported conjecture, throw up more irrelevant or vague screenshots, and purposely use the most inflammatory narrative when theres easily multiple ways to view an incident.

This is all because the people with no significant fan base or allies have no ability to challenge her without being swarmed by parasocial teens who get stressed seeing any criticism come shannons way. She’s able to put out the most unbalanced and original-thought-and-nuance devoid take when the target is super easy to half lie about and make the video sound stronger

She won’t just say anything professional like ‘sorry I can’t speak on this’ when presented with any controversial or complex conflict. Instead she just gets an attitude and curses people out.

She has frequently facilitated harassment of others. This entire thread has receipts on that

No. 1100647

>And when she is making commentary on a person who has a very small social media presence or fan base, she will strategically filter in more and more unsupported conjecture, throw up more irrelevant or vague screenshots, and purposely use the most inflammatory narrative when theres easily multiple ways to view an incident.

Anon you're making her sound like a skilled manipulator making tactical moves when really she's just a petty bitch who isn't capable of processing information without filtering it through her excessive confirmation bias, I fully agree with the rest of your comment though

No. 1100650

Same anon but I will say that early on this year she did a video calling out idubbz girlfriend (way before she had that controversy over doing only fans sex work). And she just talked about her being kind of a joke and an asshole with art theft.

I remember thinking that was fairly swaggy because idubbz was a big name that was kind of untouchable at the time for the vibe of being above it all so his gf was kind of not made fun of despite being as cringey as the best of them.

I subscribed to her around that time because I do have a lot more respect for creators who don’t go after the easiest target every time and bring something new to the table or talk based on their own convictions and standards and not algorithm obsession.

Unfortunately her channel has gone in the opposite direction and the more she cuts corners and picks topics that anyone with a pulse can agree with and/or puts out unbalanced hits on internet nobodies, the less I’m able to forgive her annoying personality

No. 1100654

Yeah I feel you on that. It seems like at some point her cockiness enabled her to make content that was less mainstream than the rest of the commentary community and she got lucky with a few videos, but then she got so high off the validation she received for being "different" and "edgy" and lost all her appeal by picking the wrong hills to die on. For a while she was really popular in the Lillee Jean threads and even got farmers to sub to her patreon out of legitimately wanting to see her videos earlier. I wonder at which point it turned into farmers telling each other not to give her any attention.

I hope some art salt anons can weigh in, I think that was the thread that was critical of her from the start?

No. 1100693

>She doesn't enable harassment towards anyone.
Girl, she makes drama videos. The very creation of them enables that. Shannon knows what she is inflicting on the subjects of her videos when she makes them. You can't seriously say she has empathy and is a good person when her bread and butter is facilitating the harassment of an unsuspecting human for brownie points and ad revenue. Don't play stupid. She's an asshole, I don't know why you're white knighting her so hard.
Agree with pretty much everything in this post. Shannon is a leech who doesn't actually care about anything, she is only interested in things that boost her image. That's why I have seen her so frequently jump at things that she yells CP about, she knows it's an easy thing to do to make you look good for easy likes/RTs and it's extremely irksome with how transparent it is.

No. 1100943


Are you a friend to Shannon? If so, I think your attention could be better spent talking to your friend about calming the hell down and making better content. Her YouTube is far to mediocre for that amount of vitriol and misinformation she puts out to be taken seriously.

If you aren’t her friend then I’m assuming you’re just another fan, so you know nothing about her personal life. If that’s the case, cool it with the whiteknighting.

No. 1101391

If it's identifiable information, then by Shannon's logic, it counts as doxxing. After all, Shannon believes that WOACB sending someone a link to a site that includes her middle name was such a terrible dox it made her delete her Twitter.

No. 1101466

File: 1607288089338.jpeg (55.28 KB, 750x505, EogkfzxXcAUz6Bj.jpeg)

KT uploaded another screenshot with less censorship to prove that the information was enough to identify someone. I'd like to say again that KT, as crazy as she is, is essentially harmless and everyone she's actively spinning her weird theories around is pointedly ignoring her and probably doesn't care too much, or we'd see the actual victims of her delusions speak out. Yet, for the sake of looking smug on YouTube, Shannon insists on taunting her and even had a little segment in her video with a screenshot of her Paypal payment >>1061187 saying "I even sent you money because you weren't in a good place, how dare you say I'm not a nice person!!!"

I'm sure 100 bucks made up for being blasted to an audience of over 300,000 people. And I mean, even lolcow has a rule not to involve friends/acquaintances/family who aren't part of the drama, yet Shannon straight up doesn't give a fuck and published the DM so she could do more smugposting.

No. 1101586

This video has been privated, did she plead to have it removed? lol

No. 1101624

Art thread was always critical of her- can confirm.
Especially critical of her art.

No. 1101822

Thats honestly not okay given when she has been so adamantly insisting and advocating. I thought sharing personal private information for any reason is completely gross, terrifying and unacceptable, Shannon.

No. 1102272

Tdlr peaches was Shannon's "friend" and gasp lied to her and used Shannon for clout.

No. 1102276

Coming from the Katie thread, the dox wasn't a dox. It was about a guy that Shannon brought up in her video about Katie, that Katie stated she knew personally and went on to tweet about it. Katie's just looking for attention.

No. 1102332

Teehee if that’s not a dox then that means Creepshow lied about being doxxed herself and was just looking for attention. Cant have it both ways

No. 1102347

Damn this is dirty. Those texts do show Shannon being overly aggro and defensive and people have the right to talk to their friends about not liking Shannon. This video is exactly what peaches allegedly did to Shannon but much much worse. She is actually out here trying to make a burn book on a creator who’s crime is thinking Shannon is a jerk and not hiding it. Anyone else reading the low key threat she is sending to other creators to not talk bad about her amongst themselves

No. 1102436

This. It would have cost her absolutely nothing to crop out his info if she's so concerned about personal info being spread. There was absolutely no upside to posting it, it wasn't even relevant to the tweet. The tweet would have had the same effect if the info had been censored. That's the issue. If she had any reason to talk about this person, maybe there'd be a point to it, but she didn't. She simply didn't care or think about it. But if someone else shares her middle name, it's malicious doxing and putting her in personal danger.
It only matters when it's her.

Cloutchasers attract cloutchasers, more news at 11

No. 1102453

Lmao Peaches ain't shit but Shannon really isn't helping her own case here.

Peaches: "Maybe your sass and aggression isn't always appropriate and you could improve your videos by scripting them more so that you don't cross a line, instead of rushing them out because it's kind of a grey area"
Shannon: "Um I literally only do my videos for fun and because I think this stuff is bonkers I stand by what I say and it's bonkers and what others think is none of my business I know why I make things and therefore I can defend it and if I ever do something I can't defend I apologize"

Shannon acts like she's 15 years old, with the art to match. No wonder her "friends" are cloutchasers, drama whores, and teenaged edgelords. Cows of a feather flock together

No. 1102561

Do you remember when she was first mentioned? Or when it started to look like she was selfposting?

No. 1102570

The only thing peaches can do now is come here and shit talk Shannon. Unless she was the one who previously shared those twitter caps. That would be spicy.

No. 1102585

>>>/ot/329229 this is the earliest I’ve seen

No. 1102590

File: 1607383135158.jpeg (464.85 KB, 1242x885, 51905B77-C7D1-4B98-808A-E30D79…)

Not true milk but milk flavored. Goofy shit

No. 1102591

lmao anon I screenshotted that too but felt it was too minor to post when more shit is happening. But yeah nice posturing as rational and aloof, meanwhile: ~charging crystals~

I see your efforts anon and I appreciate it kek

No. 1102593

File: 1607383417866.png (117.53 KB, 697x655, 1539218788727.png)

This one is delicious.

>Why do you care so much about what other people are creating???

>has made her entire internet presence about commenting on shit other creators do

No. 1102596

File: 1607383527234.jpeg (279.87 KB, 1242x603, D509F458-5BBC-47F8-B04C-D2BDDC…)

Narcissistic supply but make it obvious

(that’s her new editor after she hired him lmaoo her own employee)

No. 1102615

For me it’s not that she spends time talking about what others create. Since her reasoning and intention is to bring awareness when someone else’s creation is bringing harm to others.

The problem for me is the classic trap when they run out of legitimate topics and start lying and bending the truth to find a new exciting bad guy to talk about and keep the channel going. A lot like Blaire White. In particular when she lied and said someone posted child porn when they only posted receipts of jakeyonce in a potential sexual misconduct accusation. It was a vague and unclear conflict as far as clear good and bad guys until she added that fabricated detail and made it sensational.

The other problem will be when she claims to really care about creators who are hurting others, will often accidentally defend harmful people. That’s not even a problem in itself. But when people point out the individual she defended or sided with is a predator ala the creeps she has called out, she will double down and deny her own video script. Such as when unirock pointed out that Steve McRae was not “falsely accused” of sexual harassment by Katie Joy. Shannon claimed this in her video, which is an easy enough mistake to believe the lies of a common enemy. However others clearly and kindly informed that her info on Steve McRae is all wrong. He’s one of the most deplorable creeps on YouTube. And when unirock let her know she denied mentioning his restraining order in her video (its clearly stated in the last 5-10min). She got smug and gave attitude when someone tried to help her avoid accidentally empowering an internet predator. This is a running pattern for her. Just the one I saw first hand and easy for me to give detail on. To me that shows that she doesn’t actually care about protecting anyone or doing the right thing to stop predatory youtubers

No. 1102620

Yeah of course there's a difference between calling out shit behavior and just commenting on someone's art choices, I shouldn't have been that vague. But unluckily for everyone, she does both.

No. 1102658

File: 1607388495951.png (252.34 KB, 1403x1056, 4chan.png)

The comments are interesting, many of them call her out exactly for what she is: A virtue-signaler and cloutchaser who uses the low-hanging fruit to prop herself up.

>Meanwhile, Shadman draws hardcore loli smut, including one time he made a coquettish picture of a dramamonger's actual daughter to mock him. He's a nordic edgelord so committed that he was forced to pay a fine and got kicked out of university in sweden because he refused to stop drawing kids getting drilled. He has literally 200 times the follower count of aggy post-callout.

They had a point about how Shannon's video doubled Aggy's follower count and she's giving him more exposure and makes her (mostly young) fans look at his degeneracy, but doesn't speak about any of the creators that would be harder to take down. I know, I know, this is whataboutism, she can't report on all people at the same time, but it really makes you think because she clearly only saw Aggy as video material because she found the lolcow thread which was perfectly prepped for her to make a video without further effort, even sperging about how Aggy's art was definitely illegal while… also… sharing links to it. Pick one, fucking idiot. In fact, that's probably the most infuriating thing about her: She's not smart. She's absolutely, unironically correct when she refers to herself as a fucking dumbass. She has no critical thinking skills, her only appeal is that her lukewarm takes are just contrarian enough to gather the interest of other brainlets who only ever skim the surface of any given topic, and she even stopped being contrarian in order to become a shallow, mind-numbingly boring mouthpiece that regurgitates the same bland "previously on Twitter" gossip every other drama channel slogs through and confuses it for worthwhile, thought-provoking content.

No. 1102663

>a shallow, mind-numbingly boring mouthpiece that regurgitates the same bland "previously on Twitter" gossip every other drama channel slogs through

As evidenced here:
I know "it's just what commentators do" but they all suck. They start out making some good videos sometimes and then fall into the hustle of having to report on every time an influencer does an oopsie so they can keep the adsense coming in instead of keeping YouTube as just a hobby and not their fucking raison d'être so they can be selective and retain their integrity. Shannon isn't more intelligent, more interesting, or more likable than any of them. She's a gullible, annoying, biased, easily manipulated child-woman without a brain and the last person who should feel empowered to vomit their half-baked thoughts onto the internet.

No. 1102664

File: 1607389239763.png (236.1 KB, 832x742, youtubedrama.png)

Shannon is currently #1 on /r/YoutubeDrama for her Peaches video, but not in the way she'd like

No. 1102665

File: 1607389313574.png (181.92 KB, 993x764, ytdcomments.png)

No. 1102666

File: 1607389352471.png (109.94 KB, 1010x434, ytd.png)

No. 1102667

File: 1607389368482.png (124.75 KB, 940x458, ytd2.png)

No. 1102668

Looking at the comments, her only defender is a literal 14-year-old. Figures.

No. 1102682

Here is the thing about the callout video, lets all put our personal feelings about that artist aside for a second yes, I just don't see how anyone can be anything but offended by what Shannon did here.
She doesn't actually care about this topic, because if she did she would have tackled someone who has actual influence like shadman, who has drawn cp of real life children MULTIPLE TIMES, yet not a peep from Shannon about getting him cancelled or whatever.
Then, saying the artist's art is illegal - but distributing it?! Showing it off to your child audience and parading it in the thumbnail?
They had what, 200 followers before Shannon made that video, do you know how many people there are drawing that exact same thing who have far more clout but she picked on the person with 200 followers to dogpile? Her audience would have never seen the disturbing art without her flaunting it about and shoving it in everyone's faces. She doesn't treat this topic with the severity and eloquence it deserves whatsoever, she treats the topic of cp like juicy gossip for her drama videos and it's disgusting.

That's why I can't believe there was some fucknut WKing her in here saying "She does care about the things she talks about! She's a good person!" when she is so clearly fake and only cares about the easiest way to get clout and views.

No. 1102684


I wonder if that’s connected to arin hanson being friends with Shad. And her repeatedly saying she adores arin, Suzy and the game grumps. God she’s a snake.

Tbh I agree even though I lean toward agreeing some trauma art is best kept private. I see now that she doesn’t care about the harm it does when she only targets easy and effortless topics to minimize fallout and maximize praise. She’s a quintessential YouTube egomaniac. but unlike some weirdos her regurgitated content and annoying personality don’t even make up for her moral corruption

No. 1102987

This is so petty lmao. She's showing her true mental age again when she uploads catty videos dissecting personal disagreements nobody fucking cares about. Oh boohoo other people have had fights with Peaches too, now everyone must know she's a terrible person! Learn some conflict resolution instead of making a video. This isn't news to report on and it doesn't make Shannon look good because her side of the conversation is just as bad if not worse and now she looks like an asshole. Get a life.

No. 1103093

And now the callout video saga begins.

No. 1103099

Did she ever reactivate after >>1098210?

No. 1103102

No not that I noticed. Coward ass

No. 1103106

This is such a stupid saga lol, it makes sense that Creepshow is airing her friendship drama out publicly because that's how drama channels get more views, but it makes her look pathetic when her videos about child sexual exploitation are nestled between "this anime avatar lied to me and I'm upset!!!" callouts.

No. 1103112

I agree. People love drama and are eating it up. If Shannon was a real adult she would have left it in dm's.

No. 1103125

File: 1607458325704.jpeg (471.58 KB, 1242x806, E87D4920-AC11-452F-8FD1-EE9FF8…)

At best this girl gossiped about Shannon and she’s did the immature thing by airing it out publicly.

But my take on it is peaches didn’t even gossip about Shannon to even close the degree that Shannon tried to frame her for. There’s no screenshots of peaches telling anyone Shannon “yelled at me” or “attacked me”. If this were the evidence would be all over the video. But there is no single cap so far of peaches actually gossiping about anyone. To me that is the nail in this stupid conniving coffin. I can’t believe she thought this would work.

At the end of the video peaches points out that there is no proof of her gossiping or badmouthing anyone in this whole saga. Just various people saying “I heard peaches was calling you a big scary mean bitch at gym class” and being believed because children on YouTube are gullible.

The true series of events as i understand is Peaches talked to Creepshow in DM’s and told her behavior on social media lately has been making her uncomfortable and she thinks is going down a bad path. Shannon was defensive. Peaches held her ground. Shannon then tweeted she is only going to listen to her TRUE friends from now on. And gushed ar someone who was going ride or die with her as she put out bully videos.

That was a pretty clear ‘fuck you’ to peaches for not supporting her volatile spiraling ass. Peaches soft blocked her on Twitter after that. And decided to stop being friends. All of this is understandable and common shit. I imagine peaches told a friend or two that Shannon was being a bitch and not taking criticism.

I can not stress enough that reporting quite accurately that Shannon was being a bitch when given criticism is not slandering or ruining her reputation.

You did that to yourself Shannon.

No. 1103224

Shannon's really opening a can of worms here because if this kind of disagreement is okay to make videos about, then hoo boy we're gonna be treated to a lot of videos about Shannon by other people she may be close with now but won't be forever. This whole thing only blew up because she insists on fast-forwarding through friendships by lovebombing them as much as she can. She declared Peaches her child and protege after how long? And look how long it lasted. All so she can feel like the ~mom friend~ and feel special. It's really very convenient that her Twitter is down right now, because she had so many tweets up where she was egging Peaches on and saying that she absolutely loved that Peaches was called "4kidz Creepshow".

Also, as long as a Twitter account is disabled, DMs with that account can't be accessed. So right now, Peaches and Co. can't even take screenshots of other exchanged messages with Shannon. I know she disabled it because she got hurt by that idiot and his low blow, but I think the Peaches drama is why she hasn't returned yet.

No. 1103227

File: 1607467036282.png (32.09 KB, 632x121, 4kidz creepshow.png)

Found the tweet in the google cache. I mean of course Peaches was eventually gonna get tired of that and try to break away from just being Creepshow-adjacent.

No. 1103233

Not to mention Shannon refers to Peaches as a kid. So you're saying you're making drama videos about how much a kid upset you?

No. 1103267

You, a whole ass adult human grown ass person. Making beef with a kid who hurt your feelings and stopped wanting to be your friend? So you poison their reputation in the art community and do the very gossiping and backstabbing you tried qnd failed to frame them for. A kid who said they looked up to you as a big sister starts crying for emphasis Hey hi hello. That’s gross, Shannon. You’re gross.

No. 1103508


Weird that the comments on that video are just universally negative. I've tried to watch a few videos about wtf this girl did, but they were so boring I barely absorbed a thing. Doubt this is spoonfeeding since it hasn't been addressed yet: can any kind anon who knows the cliff notes of this Peaches drama say what she's being accused of so those of us out of the loop can read it? It can't just be gossiping, right?

No. 1103819

It really is insane considering nothing she’s accused of is as serious as the anger in the comments would suggest.

The issues with clear evidence fall into grey area of

-not intentional but still unhealthy & annoying (declaring to be done with twitter or on a break for her mental health but returning to defend herself and argue).

-Intentional but mutual (two ex friends vague tweeting each other)

-rumored but unproven (telling tobi that Creepshow was an asshole - not a lie just eh petty) (going back on an agreement with Camilla on an art collaboration and lying about the agreement - framing Camilla for undercrediting peaches and selling the work without permission / sharing profits. No screens out yet have shown their actual agreement) end of part 1

No. 1103832

Same bitch obv. Part 2

-evidenced but debatable: she made a video about a much smaller youtuber in her discord being a “twat” and an idiot. Arrogant but built his channel riding drama. That was the basics of her description of him. Did not name names. However many from that discord apparently knew who she was referring to. The guy came forward and outed himself as the clout chasing twat. Does seem to be obnoxious in this anons opinion. Many of his screencaps trying to make peaches look mean show her warning him to stop trolling and being a douche on discord or he’s going to be kicked. Kind of unkind as a video in all objectivity. Kind of standard. Possibly deserved. Maybe more harsh than deserved.

Part 3 maybe later about her talking about suicidal ideation and some people finding that problematic. I’m trying to be assed to figure out why. it feels like twitter drama buzz words. “she’s using her mental illness for pity” But is she? Is she bad enough for that to matter. Are these just teenagers in quarantine projecting their issues onto art commentary youtube more than ever? Yes. Does Peaches deserve a bit of dragging? Sure. Most of them do.

I just honestly feel bad for peaches in this because of the level of anger is so disproportionate to what she even did. And the lack of anger at Creepshow or prison bitch luke for being considerably more nasty in this situation.

I only looked into this because I don’t like or trust Creepshow and it seemed like she found a new whipping post. What she is trying to make reign down on peaches all because peaches stopped being her friend and told others that she is getting out of control with her content.

It’s like she’s punishing someone for speaking out. It’s psychotic

No. 1103843

>>>/snow/1103064 A summary of shannons video. The person seems to agree with her. But it’s still laughably petty and pointless. If anything it points out how obsessively Creepshow keeps score with her friends and is waiting with receipts about mundane nonsense that her child fans will eat up

No. 1103857

>>>/snow/1098867 considerably more useful google doc made by Camilla about her side of the story in a conflict with peaches. I’m certainly willing to hear her out: she may have been done dirty. However my observation is that the screencaps don’t show any agreements being made. There’s nothing to really convince me who was in the wrong wjen peaches was unhappy with the result of the collaboration because everything about the planning and agreement was left out (save for camillas summary of events which of course isn’t proof, just her statement.)

To me it seems like peaches exaggerated the issues with her signature being upside down on the top of the poster. And lied about being under-credited on deviantart when her name is there.

However all this hinges on their initial agreement which Camilla (conviently) did not show. I’m waiting for peaches to share her side of it. And the full screencaps which could change the game a bit. Like in her part one response she showed the full screenshot DM’s the others clipped that hilariously revealed Luke and Creepshow to be lying by omission and completely full of it

No. 1103909

Doing the lord's work Anon(s). I'm sure Peaches has the potential to be a minor flake so I'm not gonna lift her up to put Shannon down, but between the both of them it's still clear who's the major aggressor that insisted on dogpiling a girl she formerly infantilized and lovebombed for, at worst, being an annoying whiny gossip.

No. 1104102

I would agree peaches is a minor flake herself with everything gathered so far.

There’s just something fucked up and irritating about various full blown cows taking their dysfunction out and just unhinging their jaw on someone fairly likable and more normal adjacent.

not that infighting as the problem, it would be funny if they got deserved blowback for making tumblr teen psych ward callout videos on her.

It’s that their paranoid ramblings are being taken at face value and getting a ton of clout off of it. Like the fact that their fans are that gullible. Yeesh

No. 1104135

Honestly, Shannon's part in this really feels particularly like spite. She never really had a place in the art community, her art was always absolute dogshit. Those other weeb-tier artists aren't that much better, but you can tell that they at least try not to draw the exact same extremely distorted atrocity every single time.

Now one of those who are totally less important and serious than her is disrespecting her in subtweets? We cannot have that. She finally found something she's successful with, and now she's flexing. Everyone in this except for Shannon are nobodies compared to the "serious commentary" youtube community and it baffles me that even D'Angelo Wallace chimed in. She's having a power trip over the people she once was a peer of - bad-to-mediocre, uninteresting art commentary youtubers who share inflated to downright fabricated storytimes. It's absolutely petty behavior to prove to herself that she "made it". She could be an adult, hash things out in private, and focus on creating content and paying attention to her friendships. Instead she doubles down on this extremely insignificant argument. She's just as much of a child as everyone else in that drama.

No. 1104292


ayrt. Thank you based anon. Art community drama can be dense to some of us outsiders, but it's still so worth following.

>her talking about suicidal ideation and some people finding that problematic.

Yes, that Luke guy sounded absolutely disgusted that she talked about feeling suicidal. Obviously some people threaten suicide for manipulative reasons, but him claiming that real suicidal people don't talk about their feelings was so ignorant and flat-out dangerous.

No. 1104834

>>11042 Peaches white fucking knights already here to defend their queen.

No. 1104844

Take a deep breath and try quoting the right post next time, no need to seethe

No. 1105089

After reading the doc in >>1103857 I'm inclined to say Peaches had it coming and shouldn't have blasted the artist on social media telling people not to collab with her if she couldn't handle the backlash, but I still fail to see how this dime-a-dozen weeb drama garnered the attention of so many youtubers that are 10 to 100 times larger in terms of subscribers. Who the fuck cares about this child. All these people need to move on.

No. 1105214

File: 1607717748673.png (86.17 KB, 804x349, comm1.png)

She's still posting on her community tab on YT. A correction about the Peaches video.

No. 1105216

File: 1607717760547.jpg (67.76 KB, 640x640, comm2.jpg)

No. 1105217

File: 1607717786194.png (47.68 KB, 834x196, comm3.png)

Also, still MIA.

No. 1105225

That's funny because I think Edwin will be the first of her friends to drop her if she ever fucks up. He loves drama, he's a petty bitch, and he especially loves calling out people he's been friendly with. He socializes with a lot of creators that he (not-so-secretly) talks shit about, I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of the people Shannon's friend upthread talked about.

No. 1105245

File: 1607720036840.png (46.03 KB, 222x173, not okay!!!.png)

Another one for the bingo

No. 1105252

I’m inclined to agree if what the doc says is true. But I’ve said this before (either in this thread or the tobi/art yt drama thread): there’s very little that can actually prove camillas point of view on how it happened.

At this point, it’s very possible Camilla did go against their agreement, failed to credit peaches in a way that she had specifically requested, or that Camilla could have gone back on an agreement that they would not monetize the art or share profits.

Literally all those things are technically possible because Camilla never shared the actual conversation where they laid out the collaboration. That’s the part that makes me feel really sus.

Why would Camilla only show one snippet of the DM where she firsts suggests making a collab poster and selling it? In the screenshot peaches doesn’t agree, or disagree. just asks some clarifying questions. There are no other DMs in the document from the planning and agreement stage. That is fucking weird to me. Like that needed to be there to prove anything and she just left it out, posted an irrelevant part of the convo and summed it up the part that actually matters.

She could be telling the truth and just be stupid and immature and did a bad job making the doc. But I’m suspicious the full conversations about the collaboration went differently. And she purposely could not show that and make her argument work

No. 1105254

File: 1607720531100.jpeg (502.42 KB, 1242x1389, F3CA0076-5C0A-4ACF-9787-FB9B1A…)

Meant to attach this

No. 1105258

>>>/snow/1098867 link again for quick reference

No. 1105271

As a former fan I can honestly say I thought her story time videos were charming and somewhat sympathetic. Sure she didn’t sound like the perfect person in the scenario but it seemed reasonable to believe she truly found herself in an odd situation and people being wacky as life can be at times.

Now that I’ve realized shannon is genuinely not a very good person, I’m wondering how much of this story is completely warped in her favor. It feels rooted in the real world but like she bent many of the details to paint the ex gf as crazy and unreasonable the omitted a bunch of what led to this.

AND this is her third story where one of her male friends had a girlfriend that fucking hated Shannon, or that one of her husbands friends hated her. I feel like there is a whole deeper story from their side on what happened with all three of them.

In her video “am I a narcissist” Lmak she stated that her male friend’s girlfrien despised her and literally accused her of being a narcissist KEK. Mind you this is not some online friend making assumptions as we do about the dysfunctional and self possessed way YouTubers can come off.

when you have actually interacted in real life people rarely go that far. It requires some really heinous behavior for people to start saying stuff like that.

In the same video linked she talks about the third story where her boyfriends friend who deeply hates her and tried to get them to break up. An actual good friend will not end up the enemy of multiple friends and significant others in their circle. I would love to know the dirt behind it all

No. 1105363


I have a feeling Shannon is probably an insufferable cunt in real life. I'm always suspicious of storytime vids where the narrator is like "and for no reason they fucking hated me!"

Also big fucking kek, her friend's gf calls her out for being a narcissist. That sounds about right.

No. 1106196

File: 1607823779436.png (32.11 KB, 864x164, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-41-56.…)

No. 1106199

File: 1607824012441.png (268.56 KB, 591x585, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-46-18.…)

But also this? Wonder if that means she's okay and will stream, or that they just haven't heard about her ER situation.

No. 1106200

File: 1607824147884.png (116.67 KB, 595x236, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-49-36.…)

No. 1106202

Oh hey, that screencap was taken from here >>1068984, including the weird glitch in the bottom line of text.

No. 1106204

File: 1607824407204.png (240.54 KB, 594x710, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-53-27.…)

More context

No. 1106205

File: 1607824453596.jpeg (153.21 KB, 677x1200, Eo_YrPTW4AA2A6S.jpeg)

No. 1106206

File: 1607824467192.png (244.74 KB, 590x711, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-54-43.…)

No. 1106209

File: 1607824626153.png (106.02 KB, 598x521, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-57-05.…)

The majority of recent tweets about her have been negative. No wonder she hasn't reactivated yet.

No. 1106210

File: 1607824694564.png (76.04 KB, 592x293, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-58-17.…)

Her latest video was a guest video by one of her friends because she was having dental surgery.

No. 1106211

File: 1607824707348.png (106.21 KB, 593x400, Screenshot at Dec 13 02-58-10.…)

No. 1106235

She's not in the stream, but her friends say she's okay.

No. 1106249

File: 1607828577381.png (17.53 KB, 574x121, creepshow.png)

Not sure if this was already posted but she left this on a video about him.

No. 1106251

Loool I love how she went "what did I miss" but went full-on silent as soon as she realized he was feuding with her other pals.

No. 1106257

>Her stans attack her "victims" and Shannon knows this and uses them to destroy people.
This is the most laughable shit I've heard in awhile. I agree with >>1100647. She's not engaging in some 4D chess to manipulate or push her fans into harassing people, she lacks the capability for one. Calling people out for the shit they do isn't harassment, it's the same dumbass non-argument cows make when they criticize LC or Kiwi.
The guy in that pic is another cow that gets shit on in that community.

No. 1106262

samefagging to add he >>1096883 was outed for publicly lying about coming here from Brazil "by himself" at the ripe ol' age of 12. His father is actually some wealthy US business exec as revealed in his IMDB. He's a lying little snowflake who can't take criticism.

No. 1106308

Kek mysterious tea is rustled because they’re just as weird as “thedadpodcast”. They make obsessive embarrassing videos when they develop a hate boner on a new person. They love Shane Dawson and will usually go after any milky creator who tries to cross Shane.

Always so happy to see the ire of highly insane calves directed at one of the cows here. Could get messy


No. 1106309

Agreed. Shannon has crossed paths with so many other cows, it's not a coincidence.

No. 1106336

Holy fuck same anon but dad challenge podcast is also one of the main people who covered that child abuse case #standwithSophie. Which was objectively terrible. nothing against her actual fight against her abuser(s). And she’s no longer in the home where that took place.

But the viral video where she spoke out about needing help attracted the fucking qanon pedo conspiracy crowd. So her support groups turned into like raid the government larping communities.

Dad challenge podcast has become like a figurehead in those groups and exposing potential police corruption or negligence involved (totally possible although I thought dadchallenge himself seems like a bit of a dunce and I take his info or his sources with a grain of coke at times).

Anyways these people really worship him because of the work he’s apparently done trying to defend this kid. I remember Shannon kind of stood up for Sophie in one of her videos which might have attracted these viewers to her channel. Maybe they’re feeling betrayed now? That kind of qanon adjacent types will turn so fast on each other and anyone else. Could lead to fun drama

No. 1106822

Holy shit shes 26? I thought she was 19. I commented on one of her videos a year ago about how the art kind of sucked and the commentary was low brow and she wound up calling me a cunt and getting into a 10 reply fight with me about how I'm wrong and could never make the art she does and I was harassing her and was probably an ugly man and all this shit. She deleted it after she must've realized how dumb she looked. I was 19 at the time and thought she was my age or younger because of the way she acted.

No. 1106835

File: 1607904464523.png (117.56 KB, 867x540, sed.png)

Eating Disorder Relapse era?

No. 1106853

Is there any proof she did have one? She just said that when she was talking about Eugenia to justify herself, but I've only ever seen photos of her being overweight and in all her storytimes there hasn't been one titled "I Was Sick" or whichever other catchy clickbait title she'd use.

No. 1106860

Excuse my autism, but the way she chuckles on every other word to emphasize her victimhood is the most irritating thing I've every listened to. It's like a perpetual laugh she has when she narrates. I fucking HATE that shit.

No. 1106879

Her being overweight and this spell of vomiting and subsequent weight loss all makes sense for bulimia. I’m no expert but I definitely remember from health class being told that people with bulimia are often normal weight or overweight. Because the binge eating component can easily cause weight gain regardless of the methods used to expel it

I don’t really doubt she has had bulimia or that her stomach trouble right now could be a trigger. Just having seen all her story time videos about her days as a very lonely young teen / tween with an emo goth phase. Idk to me that checks out. She has also claimed to have a history of self harm. None of that is out of the ordinary especially for people who do art YouTube. So I buy it or whatever. Which is all fine since it doesn’t excuse her unsympathetic coverage of Eugenia anyway. And no one should use her health at this time to refrain from any deserved criticism. She has plenty of fans to give her good vibes. she is welcome to take time and go offline if the criticism is triggering

No. 1106907

Another one of Creepshow's often lovebombed friends under fire. She really picks the worst alliances kek


No. 1106918

This is so dramatic though. She's having a reaction after dental surgery and has to post a cryptic "on my way to the ER, please pray for me I'm so terrified" status, then it turns out that she's just been having trouble keeping food down after dental surgery. It's been a day but she acts like she's gonna die. Like I get health anxiety and I'd get it if she vented to her friends about it but she had to post it to her 385k subscribers begging them for likes and prayers. What an attention-seeker.

No. 1106982

File: 1607915471681.png (105.59 KB, 590x435, Screenshot at Dec 14 03-51-05.…)

>tfw Shannon is closer to tea than commentary

No. 1107013

File: 1607918938290.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20201212-110535.png)

No. 1107017

File: 1607919096005.jpg (134.73 KB, 1242x2208, 131600683_711258299767583_5357…)

Good lord she's just been spamming her IG story now that she can't think out loud on Twitter. Saved some of them, spam incoming

No. 1107018

File: 1607919106547.jpg (181.43 KB, 1242x2208, 130750898_379499686477884_4083…)

No. 1107019

File: 1607919113748.jpg (298.83 KB, 1242x2208, 130728749_225166315666498_3368…)

No. 1107020

File: 1607919123770.jpg (176.92 KB, 1242x2208, 130911431_389272758967908_3938…)

No. 1107021

File: 1607919131514.jpg (205.09 KB, 1242x2208, 130773223_432973401043187_9607…)

No. 1107022

File: 1607919192801.jpg (232.63 KB, 1242x2208, 130999644_143849713893010_4587…)

No. 1107023

File: 1607919271101.jpg (166.83 KB, 1242x2208, 130817635_1329087890803561_779…)

No. 1107055

God Shannon's IG posts are just so… cringey & wrong. Like don't get me wrong, I get anxiety (ontop of the hunger, medication & coming out of surgery) but this chick is 27. She should just… put the phone away

No. 1107064

File: 1607925423770.jpg (153.97 KB, 1242x2208, 131336012_2771271769857027_627…)

No. 1107089

Lmaoo I would love to know who this is referring to. It sounds like it would be something funny and stupid.

I love that even with this outpouring of support, whatever handful of people being antagonistic is bothering her this much to have to say something about it. Get a grip lol

No. 1107532

She deactivated her twitter and only posts through IG stories which allows you to see who is viewing your content. Not only is she bothered by these threads, she’s trying to figure out who’s posting in them.

No. 1107569

I always find it hilarious when people who's entire internet presence revolves around making drama videos and gossiping about other people, all of a sudden have a breakdown when people start talking about them.
Shannon has no problem dishing it out but she cannot take it at all, it's so pathetic.

No. 1107670

File: 1608066329090.jpg (209.83 KB, 750x1334, 131424218_297305235038165_4533…)

No. 1107671

File: 1608066352993.jpg (272.02 KB, 1242x2208, 131031353_194072719044002_3895…)

No. 1107672

File: 1608066364703.jpg (234.61 KB, 1242x2208, 131254051_3832256363452406_172…)

No. 1107674

File: 1608066416150.jpg (290.5 KB, 1242x2208, 131403038_3828780463810607_485…)

No. 1107676

File: 1608066440695.jpg (188.05 KB, 1242x2208, 131245493_399743444474748_6276…)

No. 1107909

File: 1608083194260.jpg (64.01 KB, 1242x2208, 130757902_114226350452632_8020…)

She's really just been chimping out on IG instead of Twitter.

No. 1107910

File: 1608083205030.jpg (198.11 KB, 750x1334, 131348784_661397141207302_6657…)

No. 1108021

Incoming roast for posting comments to her story on blast with the full name and photo visible. Another classic fuck up for youtuber meltdown bingo

No. 1108031

File: 1608098594341.jpeg (657.47 KB, 1242x1352, 105A7C8F-8964-47E3-AB11-3810B8…)

Chimp mode activated. Ngl this is extremely funny blowback.

They have sort of a point. Shannon generally cares more about if YouTubers act professionally than their intentions or goals or if they actually bring something valuable to the table. So she’ll gas up the most boring and bitchy motherfucker regurgitating others videos if they have good PR skills. And she’ll dislike users similar to dadchallegepod who are actually setting up interviews, doing the legwork and generating new content, who seem to have a cause or a passion, but they’re ‘bad’ because they’re not subtle about the mean shit. In this case hating the stauffers guts. Damn I mean, hes somewhere between understandable and clownish. Which can certainly be entertaining and requires work on his part. I wouldn’t exactly say he ‘needs to stop’

That kind of surface level acceptability is not at all how I go about choosing creators to watch and follow. That all just makes Shannon and her performative type of youtuber more annoying to me.

No. 1108319

File: 1608141229384.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1359x1961, F1DF47AF-D2FA-46D1-8C77-D7699B…)

She's also clearly not bothered by turbo edgelords considering she's openly mutuals with Aiden, >>1095451
or she's completely blind to people's character as long as they follow her. I've definitely seen that dude doxx people before ( or his friends). It seems most of his extremely incriminating tweets were deleted so he's smarter than Augie, I'll give him that. The hypocrisy is funny though.

No. 1108322

File: 1608141432311.jpeg (232.99 KB, 1335x743, 3F70398D-9920-486B-8EFA-E2BCB4…)

If creepshow is so bothered about being doxxed when she has said her full name including middle name MULTIPLE TIMES on streams with high view counts why have people she associates with been banned off twitter before for doxxing? I don't think she deserved her address being posted regardless of the fact she basically makes it public information but, whew.

No. 1108494

File: 1608153077982.jpg (177.74 KB, 1242x2208, 131640333_1057555908093141_588…)

No. 1108495

File: 1608153088937.jpg (133.11 KB, 1242x2208, 131398944_437823734255503_2373…)

No. 1108496

File: 1608153105692.jpg (424.26 KB, 1242x2208, 131430384_409236870194933_3032…)

No. 1108586

The lack of professionalism is simply outstanding.

No. 1108590

I’m not convinced her true address was ever posted. She got a message from a viewer on Twitter letting her know that a supposed address of hers was shared in some group. But she followed that up saying don’t worry, it was incorrect anyway but it’s scary that it was attempted. Recently she referred to it as her past address that was leaked. If I can find the video I’ll link it. I guess that’s still concerning but her private info like her current residence is all still private as it ought to be

No. 1108679

Jeez,people are just trying to make conversation. Sorry that San Jose isn't known for anything else to most people.
Plus be grateful you don't care for the Sharks lol they stunk last season

No. 1108761

Jfc the dramatics again, she can't follow sports because she's too blind!

No. 1108794

File: 1608177644578.jpeg (913.38 KB, 1242x907, AA30063B-824C-41A8-B811-BD682E…)

JV team

No. 1108812

A link because the video is actually very satisfying. Definitely my view on Shannon and her teams content. Saged because I’m not sure if it’s new milk so much as strong commentary from an outside source

No. 1109088

File: 1608224061647.jpeg (925.18 KB, 1242x817, 1FCC25FD-DBE6-450C-8E16-818EB8…)

There’s something so pathetic about how peaches profile pic and emblem is her actual drawing and Creepshow isn’t even known for her own art. Every video about Creepshow has this guest artists horny ass sultry out of character creation. The fact the art is better than anything shannon herself can create and looks nothing like her doughy and hairpin trigger sensitive, buy me pizza and touch my butt personality and is so funny.

peaches art is hard mediocre but at least she actually drew that lmaoo. Her own art for her own art channel. Imagine that

No. 1109277

That's funny that she's so against it considering her good friend Edwin is in it kek

No. 1109291

This exactly. She needs to rebrand from Creepshow Art to Creepshow Gossip.

No. 1112715

0:19 >but what do you expect, this is me we are talking about. If something bad can happen to me, it does, always.
0:47 >so what that taught me is I am always right. Even when I’m wrong. I am right.

Her jokes keep getting a little too real. There is so much true bitterness in her voice. She doesn’t sound like she’s kidding at all. Shannon has such a textbook case of self-depreciation as a form of huge ego. My pain is the worst pain. My luck is the worst luck. It’s not my fault. Even tho I’m a piece of shit. I get to be the biggest piece of shit. And I’m gonna win because of that somehow. She’s not subtle about it because it doesn’t sound like she’s being ironic anymore or exaggerating. That’s how she really thinks.

2:02 >Idk about you guys but the fact that I have been in one solitary space, one apartment, for months on end. I haven’t really been outside all that much.

Yea even in quarantine it’s easy to get outside and go for a daily walk or run when you work from home. I get the stir crazy setting in during in the hottest and coldest months of quarantine but people are staying active by going to wide open outdoor places and taking walks. If she got off her ass more than once a month to move around outside her mental health would not have deteriorated to the point that it did over the past several months. Her pre-quarantine content and tone was actually somewhat watchable for people over 19

No. 1112722

>Yea even in quarantine it’s easy to get outside and go for a daily walk or run when you work from home.

But Anon!! She lives in a dangerous ghetto full of addicts having sex right outside her apartment 24/7! She can't just go for a walk.

No. 1112743

>Her pre-quarantine content and tone was actually somewhat watchable for people over 19
speak for yourself

No. 1112757

to think even if that’s true that she doesn’t bother to get in a car and drive to another area is so sad. I know that’s the joke but most people don’t living in walkable neighborhoods and do have to drive to another location to exercise. It’s not hard kek the lack of work ethic in anything

No. 1112803

File: 1608673301697.jpg (271.35 KB, 1242x2208, 132189926_837571840354163_7728…)

I think the real issue is that she has zero friends in LV. >>1057884 That's manageable when you have a car and it's not a pandemic so you can visit/be visited by friends from elsewhere, but she hasn't been able to do that so all she's been doing is sperg out about online drama and posting her Disneyland critiques on her IG stories. I didn't save those because who cares, but I did get these- drama brewing with some dude who made fake screenshots about her. Gotta say they look really bad. Shannon has a very particular way of talking. This doesn't even sound like her one bit. Some of her detractors are just as low IQ as she is, I wish someone more well-spoken and intelligent would give her shit for once.

No. 1112876

Shan’s either stupid or manipulating what this guys ‘expose’ video is about. He’s saying someone sent him obvious fake screenshots about shannon and that he’s not going to use them to make her look like a predator. Instead he goes into a conversation about how he thinks her channel is crap and bullying because she relies on fake or misleading info or poor research and believing word or mouth or whatever. Not the best or the worst video. I guess he does mental health stuff so his focus is on how this teaches kids to bully if anything rather than showing or teaching them art (kek). lol also when he gets annoyed that Shannon calls herself a little peanut or whatever when she’s just an ass. Boomer noticed the uwu soft bean bullshit immediately i have to laugh go grandpa

No. 1112904

File: 1608680848919.png (6.79 MB, 1242x2208, EC1567F9-58D6-473A-934E-B9D47D…)

He posted fake screenshots he received on her in the video

literally says they are fake because the world of drama is petty and operates on believes everything you hear.

Says he doesn’t believe in spreading false allegations just because he has beef with someone.

Shannon: holy fuck we are under attack this grown man is spreading false allegations about me because I had beef with him!!!

pushing 30 still trying to use the grown adult thing is so bleak. You’re a grown woman even if your personality is arrested at 14 Shannon

No. 1112907

I'm not gonna pretend these screenshots look legit but why is she always so so bad at making a case? Any case.

>I don't ever say lol. ever.

I bet there'd be dozens more examples if her Twitter wasn't disabled.

She's fucking braindead and not in the way she thinks is funny and charming. She could just say "this isn't how I talk". Because it isn't. But she's legitimately too stupid to keep track of her own shit.

No. 1112911

Yea they’re not but that’s what’s so fucking smooth brain. The man presents them in the video saying someone sent him fakes. Literally doesn’t claim they are real.

and shannons response is the screenshots are fake. Braindead.

The point of the mans video isnt kissing her ass so I guess she’s trying to make him look like a liar? Either that or she’s literally stupid and didn’t watch the video

No. 1112917

I got you, just wanted to make sure it wouldn't sound like I'm defending the validity of the screenshots.

No. 1113338

New video.

No. 1113353


I watched the video…per usual she says a whole lot of nothing.

>Kept saying he was a grown man like she's not a grown woman pushing 30 with the mindset and mannerisms of a 16 year old.

>screenshots were fake because she owns an iphone, and the messages were clearly sent on an android.

>Alleged messages had to be fake because she doesn't rely on youtube for a living or use lol unironically.

>Says she's only dated 2 people in her adult life, and has no way of possibly contacting a 16 year old if she even wanted to.

>Deliberately sped up the parts where he says he's not sure if they're real screenshots and might be fake just to twist his words and say that he himself admitted that they're fake and that he made them.

No. 1113452

The hard hitting commentary.

Man on YouTube: someone sent me this trying to frame Creepshow. I believe they are fake. Let’s discuss why using fake screenshots to “expose” people is wrong. Im making commentary about the problems with popular YouTube commentary. Again not saying these are real or that Creepshow is a predator.

Shannon: here’s how I can waste my time and slough off dying braincells to prove why these are fake. This man tried to prove I’m a predator but my hacker skills can tell you he lied. My body is begging for sunlight

No. 1113561


This further proves that shannon banks on the fact that none of her viewers watched the other video before her's.

No. 1113789

File: 1608772546509.png (4.08 MB, 1242x2208, 62B920EA-68E1-458A-AAFB-59370A…)

Shannons skinny goth oc does look pretty dope here. Not gonna lie!

No. 1113851

This is so wonky i don't even know where to start.
The perspective on the chair is fucked…is creepshow sitting on the floor or is she crouching?
The way the candles on the ground look is so odd,i can't quite place why.

No. 1113913

is the other one supposed to be eve from k/da? because it looks exactly like her.

No. 1113922

File: 1608784150712.png (433.68 KB, 1080x889, PicsArt_12-23-08.28.10.png)


That ankle looks broken. It's just flopping there in such an abnormal way.

No. 1113933

The clothing is so ugly image having this lack of taste

No. 1113996

>I've definitely seen that dude doxx people before ( or his friends).
>why have people she associates with been banned off twitter before for doxxing?
idk why some people keep saying this when there's nothing to substantiate it? You're not the only ones lurking around those circles. There was a guy over the summer (he went by Phil something) who doxxed Angry Slug's university or some shit. Phil was ostracized by the community as a result. I know Augie specifically shuns doxxers/doxxing. Aiden is a hormonal 16yo know-it-all. Augie is too except he's 19 kek.

No. 1114001

Pretty sure he made a vid on her because she made this vid on him in October. tbf to Shannon they're both retarded. The scrote is also a cow no doubt.

No. 1114078

File: 1608812769092.png (1.42 MB, 1242x2208, B40B64C0-82B5-4CE4-93EE-7FF930…)

Oh for sure. A less narcissistic person would say hes trying to use the argument that screenshots are easy to fake to absolve himself. Instead her video is about perceived accusations that he didn’t actually make.

Focus on how this guy is trying to make himself look innocent and the danger he might be to others. Maybe not on the non-existent scandal he didn’t start about you.

Ahh but then no victim pity and humblebrag supply for Shannon. She seems so desperate lately

No. 1114090

I know this isn't Shannon's art but oof. The chair is like an optical illusion and the girl on the floor is… floating? Balancing on one foot? Not to mention stabbing herself in the crotch with those heel spikes.

No. 1114123

she keeps saying hes a "grown man" as a way to shame him. shut the fuck up you stupid cunt.

No. 1114138

It’s like a nervous tic I’m obsessed with it lmfao. Does she forget how old she is. I think her viewers do.

She went off on peaches who is only 19 or 20. UwU a grown ass woman tried to slander a barely legal adult smaller youtuber with lies and fake accusations all because she called Shannon out on her problematic behavior! See how that works. Anyone can make this shit up

No. 1114140

SF but not genuinely defending peaches. Just that the age gap argument was somehow forgotten when her opponent was young enough to call her a big sister. Cringe shit

No. 1114151

>tfw even fan art makes you a sidekick
Pretty sure it's supposed to be RTG

No. 1114155

Au where RTG has tits and lips

No. 1114620


>A grown man

She keeps mentioning his age as a way to shame him, as if she isn't a grown married woman thats pushing 30 but talks and acts like a 16 year old girl.

No. 1114865

… are the heads/faces copy pasted? They’re identical. Wtf lol.

No. 1114949

Holy shit they are! They tweaked the brow eyelash and lip size after the fact but that is totally is a copy paste

Not shannons fault to be fair (it’s christmas ill be nice!) but extremely funny none the less

No. 1115014

They're not. The eyelashes on RTG extend outside the face, the mouths are slightly differently shaped (RTG's top lip is more rounded, Shannon's straighter; Shannon's bottom lip is larger) with a different distance between bottom lip and chin, jaw shape is different, ears are different, RTG has a bigger nose and the line is solid whereas Shannon's is smaller and the nose fades away to give her more of a button nose, cheekbone shadow is harsher on Shannon and more blended on RTG. The artist just has major sameface syndrome and can't into perspective.

No. 1115019

Wig the same face is so bad they look duplicated and slightly altered even if it’s not and nothing like either of the women being portrayed

No. 1115023

File: 1608950608794.jpeg (252.92 KB, 1242x829, 79B4A543-7D47-4DF2-B6E3-4B053A…)

No. 1115024

File: 1608950647817.png (6.25 MB, 1242x2208, A057D056-1F7C-4358-8BFF-7ABE62…)

What you want to be

No. 1115025

File: 1608950689582.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2103, DC705D0B-B28A-40D8-9442-C26970…)

How you actually come off

No. 1115499

Anon, at the very least she very obviously traced/drew on top of one of the faces. The proportions are identical. Ffs, the eyes are at the exact same angles and positions to the point where if you overlay them they match up. It might as well be a copy paste. Extremely lazy and bad art.

No. 1115596


Your photo is showing, nonny.

No. 1115738

File: 1609054670715.png (830.46 KB, 1298x2048, Screenshot_20201227-003306.png)

Huehuehue wow my dudes isn't it just bonkers how me and these grown ass adult dudes I'm totally not sucking up to made it on this clickbait site.

No. 1115761

ok but why does she talk like a diablo cody script?

No. 1115970

>my dudes

things you should stop saying after you turn 16

No. 1116076

>this is not recognition I deserve

At least she said it not me

No. 1116340

>I'm not used to this recognition

Yeah and it shows. She doesn't know how to act and is getting more and more attention and it's blowing the fuck up very soon.

BTW, won't she have to revive her Twitter soon so it doesn't get permadeleted?

No. 1116455

But why tho? Why would anyone need to watch retarded commentary paired with generic art?

No. 1116462

She was recently on a live stream with Edwin's Generation and said she would never use twitter again. She was super dramatic and talking about how it was so hard for her and how twitter is so toxic, but she said she would never go back to it ever.

No. 1116466

A smidgen of criticism on Twitter from like 5 people who have realized how selfish and spineless she really is point out how her actions betray her brand. and an outpouring of love from her mass of dead loyal fans. SOO toxic how did she survive.

No. 1116471

File: 1609148921626.png (6.26 MB, 1242x2208, DCFBE406-2460-44BE-ABD7-8F432A…)

Lolcow receipts compiling her two faced public behavior are still not private info lmfao. but it’s wonderful that she can feel her actions are catching up to her. I wonder how many people have found this thread

No. 1116476

File: 1609149939413.jpeg (553.76 KB, 1068x1267, B148503A-0355-4382-A02D-A86220…)

Interesting comment on a small video about Creepshow and mainly that commentary group she’s hitched onto. I check her Twitter and YouTube tags occasionally and a small minority is recently reading her for what she does and the way she twists most things

She does seem to just repeat repzion and Edward and doesn’t care about whoever is being destroyed in the process.

No. 1116483

Ahahaha. So let me get this right, she spent day in day out on twitter contributing to what she claims was a toxic culture by calling people out and siccing her followers on people by QRTing posts, enjoying all the likes and dopamine effect she got from doing this, but the second she gets a whiff of possibly getting it in return she runs for the hills.
Yeah she’s right, she knows just how toxic it is and she sees the writing on the wall that people would start doing the same to her once this thread was made and people started criticising her.
This has nothing to do with it being toxic, she’s just chickenshit. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it, Shannon. I bet she only has sympathy for herself and none of the people who’s day she would ruin doing that though.

No. 1116763

I fully believe she's scared of more of her manic impulsive tweeting backfiring on her. It's not about other people being so mean, it's about how she can't stop herself from being petty and reactionary and she can't handle any backlash. That's why she's sticking to her obscure community page on YouTube that only her subs really paid attention to until recently, and IG stories where she can see who views it.

No. 1116765

Kek true. Twitter isn’t too toxic for her. She’s too toxic for Twitter.

But she has a burgeoning personality disorder where in her internal reality, getting less than 100% support for her childish bullying of random nobodies = other people are so mean and scawwy

No. 1116796

I’m not going to armchair diagnose per say. Because we don’t know her irl. But her online persona mimics interesting covert symptoms.

-The insecurity and low self esteem / jokes about being a literal worthless idiot.
-humble bragging
-misfortune olympics
-an air of arrogance about her own victimhood
-a general arrogance and temper over her research being challenged.
-lashing out when being corrected or given feedback in good faith (even the peaches DM’s she tried to used as proof to make peaches look bad. show peaches being reasonable and opening up about the content of her latest video going too far, and shannon being a condescending jerk who’s convinced she’s in the right and not interested in hearing non-praise from her “4kids Creepshow” friend)
-love bombing
-weaponizing virtue signaling when it suits her (homelessness, child porn, stalking, predation, age, abuse, false accusations, misogyny, sexual harassment, doxxing)
-joking about and excusing the same such matters when it suits her
-vague tweeting people who criticize her
-vengeful nature towards those who criticized her fairly (not people who were abusive or bullying towards her, which might be justified to want to see their karma)
-black and white thinking with an obsession with creating villains out of others
-in most cases, this is followed by a humble brag and can be observed as a strategy to raise ones esteem by pushing another down, and distract from her own inadequacy
-ignoring input from fans and followers giving her information and warning signs about causes or creators, betraying the illusion that she is speaking about villains for anyone else’s sake but her own
- focus on status and numbers, (people buying subs or being ratio’ed is one of her biggest idea of an insult, although to most rational people those things are amusing at best but don’t effect our impression of a person being correct or incorrect or even a quality channel per say) (posting her subcount increase like clockwork after a negative online interaction)
-multiple stories about being hated by her ex’s, her friends significant others, and her husbands friends. Not clickbait but admitting to being genuinely despised by those people.
-putting down others repeatedly in her story times
-being called a narcissist by people who interacted with her in her actual real life. Not her online life where everyone comes off that way.
-multiple people trying to convince her and her husband to break up
-repeatedly (like really weirdly repeatedly) using her homelessness as a playing card during conflicts to derail almost anything critical

I’ve lived and worked with people like that. Again this is just her online persona. But it serves a framework concept to better understand why people like this in real life are so impossible

No. 1116800

Every time someone says “my dudes” in real life I lose it a little. It’s a warning sign that the person is a sperg.

No. 1116835

I don't understand why people feel the need to speculate what mental illness some c-list eceleb might have or not. What entertainment do you get out of this

No. 1116862

I don’t really care if she has a mental illness. I get entertainment or fulfillment out of putting a mirror up to how she acts and as a whole picture for better understanding nasty and draining people in my life and why they manage to get to me (as most of these things aren’t bad on their own but are in combination)

No. 1116956

File: 1609202429828.png (2.07 MB, 1242x2208, 6525EFC7-D141-4E6E-B03B-1E9EF9…)

Good lord this woman again. I’m kinda curious though this obviously sounds like a milk fest

No. 1116991

Shannon keeps going for the lowest hanging fruit so she can freely sperg out without having to be nuanced or well-researched, but I love it because she butts heads with the most unhinged fellow cows and it creates an endless feedback loop of drama.

No. 1116994

File: 1609205698679.png (297.64 KB, 705x757, margaret.png)

>muh private information

No. 1116999

Omg?? So she just doesn’t care now? At all? Crazy wocab stan.. if you’re out there.. be sure to make fun of Shannon for the fake doxxing private data meltdown saga as much as possible. Godspeed

No. 1117110

This is so awkward. I'd be so ashamed to be featured in an article like that, with an emphasis on the "art", when said art looks like this. This is the best screenshot they could get, huh. Her finished works always look absolutely miserable, at least in the sketch stage it's still ambiguous. But I'd be mortified to have this many eyes on my shit art and braindead ramblings, audience growing, expectations rising…

On the upside, Shannon can't get imposter syndrome because in order to doubt your skills, you need some in the first place. She's a hack and probably sighs a breath of relief for every day her audience miraculously accepts her shit, which is why she's always lovebombing and gushing over everyone- deep inside she knows she doesn't deserve it and lives on borrowed time, so she's trying to soak up the glory for as long as she can until her random luck runs out.

No. 1117111

File: 1609220253725.jpg (148.72 KB, 1242x2208, 133898432_1021218795020962_751…)

The joke writes itself

No. 1117416

A few weeks after calling dadchallengepodcast a stalker she rips off the story he broke on his channel, but with less nuance. Lol she really is the symbol of bad YouTube commentary which is already the worst genre

No. 1118610

What kind of way is she talking??

No. 1118875

Trying to sound like rupal drag Twitter. Doing a bad job because she’s white and a dork. She always sounds like a straight girl trying to gargle out black gay sassy lingo

Most people are a lot smarter than you shannon. We’ve been over this. It’s not really saying much for him

No. 1119041

He's a failed garage band bro musician and met Shannon when they were both selling tickets at a cinema. Surely a genius

No. 1119044

Bye thats so funny. The failed garage band bro and the ex emo kid yas slay gf. Truly a match made in the trailor park

No. 1121958

the sketch was almost nice..

how entitled. how unprofessional.

she's found a space among the goon squad. still how entitled to feel she'd be asked at all to take a part in this damn documentary, just because the rest of her sexist friends were.

uwu, i'm not being sponsored. i'm not being respected. i hate that they never ever wanted me in this, so i don't agree with it.

you know she lost her shit for not being contacted when the rest of the goon squad was.

No. 1122015

It's half her being jealous about not being interviewed and half her whining about Chris Hansen. Nothing new, productive, or interesting. I cant believe I listened to 18 minutes of straight whining.

No. 1122018

I 100% believe that she tried to get them to pay her and they said "lol fuck no" and she's bitter as fuck over it, hence the title of the video (which is just petty AF in my opinion)

No. 1122097

Lol maybe they expected her to react to the documentary free of charge because she spends so much time talking about how she wants to get the word out about internet predators and it’s totally not about the money. It’s about doing the right thing! It’s her passion!

Well she did it anyway. She’s so stupid she doesn’t realize that she’s promoting the documentary by making a commentary video about it. Which is what they asked her to do. Kek win

No. 1122103

No joining the goon squad GROUP CHAT a few months ago doesn’t make you famous or worth a comment or at all significant in the Greg saga to anyone outside of your fantasy world Shannon. I fucking howled. I want a pin saying I’m in the goon squad group chat ask me anything

No. 1122143

I am laughing hard. She got ignored and is now petty about it.

Because she didn't matter enough.

Cry harder, Shannon.

No. 1122188

No. 1123684

I doubt they'll ever contact her again. Sure plenty of other companies might take note too. She truly fancies herself important enough, while she truly isn't.

No. 1124205

File: 1609980183677.png (1009.3 KB, 672x895, holyfuckwhy.PNG)

She also made a video about her "woe is me" problem.. and then she is just like "I'm so lucky and grateful". She's filthy rich yet makes useless shit. Her nitpicking of anti-sjw fake propaganda, too. If bitching against Cosmopolitan is you biggest fight, get your head out of your ass. She was crying because she can’t go to Vegas like she does every year with her boyfriend. Money doesn’t automatically make people’s depression go away, holy fucking shit. And her outlet was to cry on camera at her audience of people who are so much less fortunate than her even at their best, many of whom also suffer from mental illness. Sorry you can’t go to Vegas some of us have been surviving on saltines and peanut butter since June. Also, why is she following Shapiro on Twitter?

Her fanbase is now making it about how its the big bad mainsweam media's fault and how they have no respect for YT accounts and how "hard" they work, so no surprise there.

>I cant believe I listened to 18 minutes of straight whining.

Isn't this all of her videos though? You'd think you'd be used to it by now.

No. 1124292

I think that RTG kind of deserves a thread at this point.

No. 1124299

She has for a while. I'm genuinely surprised that no one made one ages ago. Too many people kiss her ass.

No. 1124305

fully agree and willing to contribute kek

No. 1124449

No. 1127602

File: 1610297948900.jpg (156.68 KB, 1242x2208, 136074308_122186953060021_3649…)

I'll give her that, deleting Twitter was a smart move because her milk has been much more skim since then. But it's so funny that she's still out and about beefing with random idiots and then brags about it on IG as if she really did something there. It's sad that she doesn't realize she's in the same IQ range of this ghost hunter dude.

No. 1128659

File: 1610393140582.png (229.47 KB, 592x446, rfc1.png)

I'm certain that this is part of why she's gone. I don't particularly care about cow-on-cow drama, but this is the kind of shit she'd be making videos about if they weren't her friends. But she can't say anything or she wouldn't be based and edgy. She's a coward, hiding away because she knows she's a hypocritical cunt.

No. 1128660

File: 1610393153428.png (204.1 KB, 591x568, rfc2.png)

No. 1128663

File: 1610393287090.webm (5.76 MB, 1280x720, defnoodles-1348473028049440770…)

No. 1128666

I doubt she's gone because she knew that a month afterwards this would happen. You guys seriously give her too much credit IMO

No. 1128683

This was already happening when she was leaving. She fucked off so she wouldn't have to deal with a) the consequences of her impulsive tweeting and b) being pointed towards the behavior of her shitlord "uwu preshus frens".

No. 1128689

Def Noodles and her are friends. They've tweeted at each other multiple times. This is a reach.

No. 1128694

Then she should judge the efforts of DeOrio, Augie etc even more. Imagine being a commentary youtuber who makes videos about social shit and online drama and not saying one peep when some of your friends do this to another one of your friends. She's a spineless cunt.

No. 1128697

This. She has so much to say about Peaches' dumbass teenage schoolyard drama and any other time someone farts in the wrong direction and viciously defends her friends whenever someone so much as subtweets them, but in this case it's all radio silence? If she had a spine she'd take a stance. Make a video Shazza!

No. 1128718

File: 1610396257233.jpg (303.39 KB, 750x1334, 137274569_249339376594750_5753…)

She's been going on a rant on Insta stories about the Chris Hansen thing again. Also posted this.

>Being on Twitter gave people too much of an impression of the person I really am, so I'm not gonna use it anymore and am instead only putting out my edited videos on youtube and my personal rants will go on my IG with 10% the followers my Twitter had because that's safer for my manic sperging

No. 1128757

all these eye cancer inducing effects to hide her utter lack of skill an creativity…..

No. 1129162

Something about the wording of “no one needs that much access to me or my thoughts” is so funny. You could literally just keep your Twitter and not tweet as much if you want more privacy. Like the normal way of using Twitter. Laughing

No. 1129169

This situation seems so clear cut and evil I was sure like. She can’t fuck it up. There’s no way. But the second half of the video she can’t stop repeating that
-he accused an innocent woman of a crime - he did this all because he didn’t like the woman correcting his misinformation
- this launched a ton of harassment on the woman because he felt ticked off

Literally how many times has Shannon fucked around and punished people with false accusations over a petty conflict. Obviously this douchebag is way worse than anything shannon or most YouTubers could do. He’s accusing the sister of the victim of being the murderer or covering for the murder when she was 12 at the time and the soul advocate who made her sisters case famous trying to get it solved. So it’s obviously not on that level. But She just keeps frantically repeating how awful it is to falsely accuse people of something because you’re mad at them. Like not only is false accusations bad, but doing it for revenge, and the natural result of hoards of listeners going after them…. hm lol. Just reading through this thread she’s done that to what, like 3, 4 different people in two short years of commentary?

Now she’s transfixed on the false accusation subject matter. I wonder if she knows It’s just a matter of time before she gets caught and her shit goes mainstream

No. 1129188

She's really telling on her lack of common sense and a filter. She could have just stopped tweeting and set it up to only announce her new YouTube uploads. Instead she threw away an audience of 40k who might not bother to visit YouTube all the time and most of which will have forgotten about her soon. All because she physically can't hold back from sperging out all day.

No. 1130461

Honestly I don't wanna come off harsh because years ago I made these same kind of overanalysations over internet personalities to project my own relationship problems on to real strangers online and it really isn't a healthy way of coping in the long run. She reminds me of people who fucked me over too but your post is kind of coming across as making headcanons for real people, lol.

No. 1130761

True. I’m mad because she reminds me of larger problems on yt and shit patterns in irl people that are bothering me. Sperged out there.

No. 1130863

File: 1610582932319.jpg (163.13 KB, 1242x2208, 138209923_404893570575055_9520…)

She's sperging out about Chris Hansen again. When tbh, the comment has a real point. I think the doc and Hansen wasn't ~ethical~ in how it was done but guess what, the same counts for any dramatuber who drags out someone's traumatic experience so they can make money off the views. All these dramatubers have been making videos about terrible experiences of people for years even when it was clear that some of them didn't want their private stuff laid out in front of an audience. But if dramatubers can make money off of poorly researched traumacore then so can Chris Hansen. They're two peas in a pod, Chris just happens to be mainstream famous with bigger connections. Just because Shannon has a "regular job" doesn't mean she doesn't profit from Youtube.

Once again Edwin's participation is fully ignored by Shannon because he made sure to ask if the doc was going to include the stories about the girls who don't want to be included and they said no. So that makes it okay, besides the fact that those girls said in very clear terms that they would feel betrayed by ANYONE who participated and Edwin spent the longest time trying to be "friends" with them for exclusive info like he's doing with that Ashlee chick now (who also tweets about how much she hates Hansen for this but remains friends with Edwin).

I'm not trying to whiteknight the doc or CH, but if it's okay to make literally hundreds of videos airing out all the details of their abuse ad nauseum for adsense money and, in case of demonetization, Patreon subs, then it's okay to make a documentary about it.

TL;DR Shannon, your high horse doesn't equal the high ground.

No. 1130875

>most of my content is demonetized
And that's why you promote your patreon and your ugly as sin merchandise under every video.
>I don't show my face
since when? It's been on many of your video thumbnails and your twitter was full of selfies all the time.

This dumb bitch can't keep her shit straight for 0.3 seconds. It's rare to find someone as mind-numbingly stupid as her.

No. 1130963

Go Molly lol the girl is right on the money. Shut up Shannon

No. 1130981

All this complaining about Chris swooping in on the story they covered for yearrrssss is so idiotic considering ESPECIALLY Shannon and Edwin have been long known to be lurkers who make videos about threads. It's not like they did their own research into Onision shit, they just lurked here to get their info. They did the same thing as Chris, just didn't have the opportunity to make a TV show.

No. 1131905

File: 1610672626418.jpg (138.64 KB, 1242x2208, 138291328_694270407935613_2611…)

Crosspost from Onion thread.

Her reading comprehension is still shit. That person is clearly saying they found the leak (on lolcow, duh) and immediately sent it around. They're not the source of the leak. So her whole smartass ramble about his username and how he's sacrificing his job is dumb as shit, as usual. Anyway, Blackfin managed to get the episode leaked before it ever aired (Edwin's involvement was revealed through an anon leaking screenshots of his segments before the episode was on air) so it's not a stretch to believe that other info would leak as well.

Also. Shannon. Please. Please for the love of god stop screenshotting your comment and email replies that you think make you sound "smart" for your insta stories. You don't sound smart. You sound like a 14 year old trying to be badass.

No. 1132123

Holy shit, her low IQ antics just won't end. This guy is clearly addressing Onision ("James") and put all these commentators in the CC field for bonus exposure and of course she zeroes in on how she's been personally insulted and has to tear apart and analyze what is obvious low quality bait at first glance to everyone with a modest amount of brain cells. I feel secondhand humiliation at her essentially arguing with a spam email. The fact that she hit Reply All is the cherry on top of this sad little monument to her lack of self awareness and desperate need to come off as clever and witty when she's anything but. When Shannon feuds with anyone it usually means both sides are idiots. She's too stupid to pick her battles. Sadness all round.

No. 1132198

This woman is stupid, genuinely.

No. 1132571

Starting at 2:20 until 4:50. Shannon reveals she gets a ton of comments saying that Shannon is their comfort youtuber, feel like she is a friend, and dump mental illness struggles into her comments section.

To me it explains why people get incredibly agro when you point out she’s fucked a lot of people over and failed to do basic research, If not made blatant false accusations. She’s confirming a solid chunk of her viewers are in a definitional parasocial relationship. So any questioning of her and her motives feels like an attack to them. that’s kinda sad

(First two minutes of the video are a milky ad read featuring Shannon neggjng Apple and square space because why be professional, love bombing some woman named Elizabeth, pretending to make any significant portion of her income from her day job when she only has a high school degree)

No. 1132611

Found a video about Kim kaufmann that doesn’t annoy me. The subject of creepshows video is kind of interesting but she makes in unwatchable again. This one sums some things too https://youtu.be/8ddMi6PmuYM

No. 1132865

File: 1610762246019.png (88.81 KB, 1389x193, ytb.png)

Comment in pic related sums it up perfectly.

>This is not okay
Another one for the books. Does she not, like, have any other, like, totally bonkers ideas for video titles you guys???

No. 1132880

im still baffled by the number of anti-o commentary youtubers angry about the hansen documentary because 'there are victims who didn't want to get involved, so it's not his story to tell'. bitch what have you been doing this whole time? Did you get permission and a quote from every victim? How is that narrative flying for a second lol

No. 1133073


It's just another way to milk some youtuber dollars out of it all. They're probably not angry in any way other than missing out on their motha fuckin tv check.

No. 1133658

I just started watching her video about part 2 of the Onision doc from the other day and had to turn it off because I got so pissed off. She was sperging about Chris Hansen again and the victims having PTSD and trying to recover from their abuse and etc. and ended up saying something along the lines of "I should know, I myself have PTSD that can get triggered from things like showering, from having to find places to shower when I was homeless."
YOU CHOSE TO BE HOMELSS. SHANNON. You CHOSE homelessness. Which you ADMITTED to. You had a whole storytime video explaining the situation. You said you CHOSE it and that you don't regret it at all and that it brought you and your husband closer together. To even mention your supposed PTSD about it in the same sentence as people who have gone through actual severe abuse is a new fucking low, holy shit. I seriously had to turn the video off because I was actually irate.
As a sidenote, she mentions in this video that the Onision doc is only available behind a paywall on Discovery Plus or whatever but my mom was watching it on TV just last night on some sort of Investigation Discovery channel she watches all the time. Is Shannon wrong and poorly researched again or are they doing some sort of "first episode airing on TV as a free preview but you have to pay for the app to see the rest" type of thing?

No. 1133694

As far as I can tell, it's on a streaming service that you have to upgrade to. I've seen Repzion and Jaclyn Glenn say as much as well, so it's not just Shannon spreading that around.

No. 1133750

I think with Investigation Discovery you have a subscription to both the cable channel and the online streaming service. Same with how HBO has a channel on cable you can access on a tv if you have a subscription, even though most people I know mainly just use streaming

No. 1133752

File: 1610859422471.png (109.5 KB, 851x228, kai.png)

lmao that's such an idiot take for this situation, she once again does not know what she's talking about.

Pic related: They show a disclaimer at the start of the episode clarifying that "Kai" has transitioned and they're using female pronouns for the time before transitioning so the victims can tell their stories authentically with the context of being lured in by someone who at the time by all means lived as a woman and used that identity to lure in girls who were specifically interested in having a GIRLFRIEND, because, you know, that's fucking relevant. They then explain the transition, the rebranding to CoolGuyKai, and consistently use Kai and he/him from there on out.

No. 1133753

Jesus yea comparing her experience living out of a car is actually really vile and self centered in a conversation about really severe and horrific abuse like what Greg does to people. I wonder if that’s why she doesn’t recognize the value of the documentary as mediocre as it may be, it’s going mainstream with a really important cautionary tale IMO. I hate that people who have a performative tangential grasp on how bad Greg (and people like him) was/is, are trying to cash in on petty bullshit like how chris Hanson was not perfect and easy to nitpick. Hanson’s a big name and so easy and clickable for YouTubers to waste brain cells complaining about. All when I’m the end Hanson’s net affect on the situation and actually protecting potential victims is obviously positive. But no, Greg is our cow no touch. What a bunch of narcissistic adult children

No. 1133756

This just in: Streaming platforms are problematic

As much as she pretends to be this empathetic, morally upstanding babby angel, she simply can't get out of her narc brain for 0.02 seconds to consider that her experiences aren't relevant to everything she's "reporting" on. Maybe that's why she likes Edwin so much, he's also riding that "uwu softboy" persona while being a petty bitch behind the scenes and having to relate everything back to the drama with Dasha that gave him the platform he has today. Anytime someone is abused or manipulated he has to pull out the "this is just like what happened with Dasha and Cyr" card and it's obnoxiously selfish. Shannon does the same thing because being homeless was the only interesting thing that ever happened in her life that she can use as a gotcha when criticized because don't you ever dare forget she's a traumatized victim of, like, bonkers society, or whatever.

No. 1133776

Ah okay, the way some people are wording it as "locked behind a paywall" so dramatically makes it sound like you have to pay specifically for the Investigation Discovery app that most people don't care about and that's the ONLY way to access it so most people won't end up seeing it because they won't go out of their way to pay for the app just for this. Either Shannon or Jaclyn, can't remember which, said in their video that the only people who do care enough to actually pay for it are people already aware of the situation so it defeats the doc's stated purpose of spreading awareness.
Honestly though a lot of people still have traditional cable or satellite and can see it that way if Investigation Discovery is part of their package. It's still accessible to tons of people on TV. Assuming I'm understanding that right I think the way people like Shannon are presenting it is misinformed at best and extremely disingenuous, if not outright dishonest, at worst.

No. 1133838

I feel like everyone knows a mom who loves the ID channel. And cable is still something most boomers and gen x. The documentary being on that channel is without a doubt a good thing for awareness. Knowing Shiloh was one of the most harmed victims, I don’t judge her for her choice to participate. She has the right to do what she needs to do, within reason. Interviews and awareness are certainly within reason

No. 1134691

File: 1610951896783.png (2.66 MB, 1242x2208, 4B746257-A69E-48B3-AEDC-C96A3D…)

A bitch has been lurking

No. 1134694

File: 1610952037501.png (2.87 MB, 1242x2208, CBD6BE2A-BC38-491D-B290-3D0C59…)

Gee Shannon, no one would be questioning your ptsd if you weren’t actively and constantly using it to invalidate and demean other survivors with ptsd over the fact that they cope by doing a god damn Chris Hansen interview. You selfish pig

No. 1134698

File: 1610952242614.png (2.43 MB, 1242x2208, B0B2635F-91EE-42B2-B33F-DB0348…)

For someone who screams about getting “doxxed” on lolcow and Twitter being bad for your mental heal, you sure are a fan of reading both constantly

No. 1135765

Shannon you mention your homelessness/"trauma" for pity points at every opportunity you get, if it was so incredibly traumatizing why don't you ever shut the fuck up about it? That's some Erin Painter level shit.
Also now you're trying to retcon your own lore and say it was being assaulted at work and being broke and etc. but you have stated in the past repeatedly, even just the other day in your video about Chris Hansen, that it was the homelessness itself that caused the PTSD. Get your story straight.
No one cares about your trauma being "palatable", if anything people are more open and supportive about mental health online than ever these days. And honestly I don't even doubt that you have mental health issues and that you've been through some shit. Using it for constant attention seeking and shifting the focus to you, however, even when talking about serious subjects such as Onision's victims, is fucked. That's the part people are sick of.
Stop buying tons of candles and donating to people you don't even like as a virtue signal and use that money on some therapy.

No. 1135951

people are catching on to her and rightfully questioning the fact that she fucking chose to be homeless. why tf does this grown ass adult woman (in her own words) feel the need to explain herself to randos on the internet. she has some serious complexes esp about money, constantly talking about how she has another job IRL (highly doubt that) and here stating she left a high paying job which once again I doubt. If her poorly researched yt videos and shit artwork are anything to go by then she likely has poor work ethic too, on top of that only a hs degree so how tf does someone like that acquire a well earning job.

No. 1136004

I doubt her janitorial duties at a storage facility was a "high-paying job", maybe if you're living at home and don't have any of your own expenses. Her Linkedin is here. >>1067814 That was her last job before moving.

No. 1136205

I’ll devils advocate and say she probably isn’t still using that linked in since it was posted here. Figured she might as well make a new account. This time NOT mentioning her YouTube career if she wishes to keep that part of her life separate. So her recent work is probably listed there. And she has ever right to keep that secret.

But she has no college degree or trade. She’s doing minimum wage at best. There’s no way to make ends meet with that alone. Her YouTube and Patreon does pay her living and she’s too deep in her own superiority complex to admit that now. Superiority being an ironic word because her life is incredibly mediocre. She has to lie about not needing YouTube to survive to feel above the people she’s beefed with for monetizing their shit. Hell at least those people are honest about their intentions to monetize sensitive topics and don’t pull the uwu I’m doing this for free because it’s a serious issue, but I’ll still exploit it for views and channel growth which puts direct money in my pocket, so I guess it wasn’t that serious to me uwu

No. 1136755

You think she'll be sperging hard that the documentary she hates so much, finally led to Onision being demonitized?

Aww, did Hansens involvement do more than her videos ever could?

No. 1137146


kek Shannon is a dumbass

No. 1137147

It’s strange that Shannon thinks she has a stake in the Onion saga. Out of all the commentary channels (Repzion, Blaire, Jaclyn, SomeGuy) she’s one of the newest and least involved. Nothing she’s produced is original or made any new headway. Why would she deserve any credit at all?

No. 1140999

File: 1611510322160.png (1.5 MB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20210124-104428.png)

Some dude made a creepy 3d model of Shannon. Does it look like her, anons?

No. 1141870

Pretty sure thats my sleep paralysis demon.

No. 1143542

File: 1611773559712.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1242x1681, 7658BA41-A833-43C1-AA12-4E323B…)


No. 1144056

She looks like downs syndrome roseanne barr

No. 1144557


Eeesh, those jowls.

No. 1144859

She looks like if bjork had been born and raised in the US.

No. 1145333

Then had two kids

No. 1145523

File: 1611959537901.jpg (262.78 KB, 1242x2208, 143323469_242166507357889_5391…)

Jeez, lockdown hit her hard.

No. 1145534

File: 1611960210459.jpg (241.08 KB, 893x1022, New Project.jpg)

Does anyone remember the video about the crazy SJW that told Shannon that her boyfriend was abusive? Turns out that was her sister. I'm torn between "the milk runs in the family" and "this is another wild exaggeration"

No. 1145553

File: 1611962229697.png (374.8 KB, 1440x2560, 1543087621949.png)

She really has a bone to pick with her sister, she used to sperg about her constantly:

It's really funny that she admits she has an inferiority complex about her but at the same time states that she was only smart and good as a kid and now she's essentially an SJW deadbeat, you'd think that she'd feel vindicated but instead she was posting these walls of texts about her.

No. 1145575

Why does the sister sound exactly like her except more liberal

No. 1145692

Probably because Shannon was the one describing her. Has her sister ever spoken up herself online? It would be hilarious if Shannon was just projecting and the girl is a total unproblematic normie

No. 1145702

She does wildly embellish her stories. Wouldn't surprise me if her sister is normal and Shannon's just a jealous cunt.

No. 1145705

File: 1611983706464.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1242x1511, 943A3430-01D3-41FD-8294-52F4E4…)

Pewdiepie fanart… it’s not that bad but fucking why him

No. 1145706

You know why. She HAS to suck up to Youtubers as much as humanly possible, of course she shot her shot with Pewdiepie too.

No. 1145707

File: 1611983971543.jpeg (522.74 KB, 1242x2135, 3E64716B-7F21-4837-AF9D-220134…)

Posting in r/actuallesbians is a little odd for someone very adamantly bisexual unlike her evil lesbian sister. 4 years ago though. I’ll give benefit of the doubt she was just questioning at the time but still hm

No. 1145709

>she was fun to make fun of, so I didn't cut her out then.

She always tells on herself.

No. 1145710

Lmaoo true even if it’s 2019/2018 and they’re infamous for saying the n word. Simp out!

No. 1145712

File: 1611984372696.jpeg (957.01 KB, 1242x1232, 347AA63B-340A-4E97-888C-61B027…)

If only she kept this energy

No. 1145715

>I was incredibly loud [and] obnoxious
So nothing has changed

>I found a way to make jokes at myself so the people who were making the jokes at me had less power

Obvious, but nice to see some self-awareness.

What strikes me about her Reddit account is how utterly ineloquent she is. I've never seen that much long-form writing by her, only Tweets that are mostly casual by design and her Youtube videos that are more of a rambling stream of consciousness thing. But reading her posts where she can take her time, has no character limit and an edit feature, she really is just awful at expressing herself. I know this is a nitpick but even just the quote above is so clumsily phrased, like a young teen's first attempt at figuring herself out and putting it into words. She's so fucking stunted.

No. 1145952

she was shouted out once by him for a drawing afaik

No. 1146275

sage for art nitpick but damn that ear is going into orbit

No. 1146345

I wonder if her sister is why Shannon positioned herself as some sort of hardcore anti-SJW even though her views and callout videos have always been very much aligned with common SJW themes except that she argued against the really out of pocket peak Tumblr standpoints. I've always wondered why she thinks she's anti sjw when clearly she holds a lot of views that would be considered SJW, she's just screeching about low hanging fruit that no sane person takes seriously in the first place.

It'd be funny if her whole origin story was really just that her inferiority complex inducing sister went full Tumblr and she finally had something to feel superior about.

No. 1146871

I can’t imagine Tumblr posting and vague tweeting about my own sibling who follows my socials. What a crazy family / just Shannon being delusional and taking everything as a vague on her

No. 1146989

File: 1612077823507.jpeg (68.43 KB, 750x448, 94AD76A6-27EA-458E-80A4-F2EE32…)

It has been 0 days since Creepshow art has made another doxxing claim.

No. 1147399

File: 1612109965633.jpg (214.63 KB, 1242x2208, 144982411_425432055368117_6504…)

No. 1147485

File: 1612118744262.png (1.13 MB, 1086x1062, Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 12.4…)

Doesn't Smokeyglow complain about brands and influencers making palettes when the market is already oversaturated and just creating waste? But I guess this is revolutionary

>Also the in jokes? Amazing

Basic girl humor must be contagious. Also, weird how they're friends when Shannon associates with anti-sjw creators like an anon mentioned before. I though Smokeyglow would cancel people for less

No. 1147499

File: 1612120920848.png (264.65 KB, 1242x2208, 4E5B9803-D6BF-4F24-9227-CC325D…)


No. 1147503

File: 1612121091144.png (366.26 KB, 1242x2208, 6D0DC9A6-2F12-4599-B7D9-2BA330…)

As soon as she got big on YouTube she started doing this to other people. What a cow

No. 1148734

File: 1612229524368.jpeg (487.45 KB, 1242x1716, 05FAB701-1E94-4797-9F40-344869…)

Peaches is nearly 10 years younger than creepshow. They’re both full grown adults. But I guess shannon is too previously homeless to be responsible for any of her actions.

No. 1148907

>I'm at the point of saying the whole community is trash, throw them all away.

So close to self-awareness… so close…

No. 1148916

Nta but smokey glow has had her palette with midas for ages. she hasn't released anything new other than her seasonal / christmas themed merch. in her latest vids, she complained about the idea of celebrities and influencers getting on in skincare/makeup collabs when they obviously are doing it for the money only, like the millie bobby brown. brown has never voiced or shown interest on makeup, so smokey glow is saying it somes off as disingenuous. or a celebrity making their own skincare line and being like "if you ise this you'll look as good as me" as if their faces aren't full of fillers or that they haven't had a handful of plastic surgeries.

No. 1149016

What's that document she's talking about? I haven't found it yet, sorry..

Also days without a "this is not okay" video: 0

No. 1149731


I know some people in here know/knew Shannon, so can anyone confirm if her sister really is a SJW Tumblrina or if Shannon is writing fanfic again?

No. 1150130

Well said fucker unzips pants you earned this hole

No. 1150188

obvious self post is obvious

No. 1150354

Literally no this person is just related to the supposed document creepshow is melting down about. It’s context for above and I’m sure whatever mindless video she put out about peaches on Patreon. Shannon is fighting with random nobodies so I guess putting their related content as context on her latest meltdown may look like a self post. it’s the nature of the beast

No. 1150422

So an unknown youtuber posts this video about Shannon and within minutes it's on lolcow even though it barely has views? This is such an obvious self post, it's sad you are trying to defend it.

No. 1150624

I watched some of this guys other vids lately because he was calling out turkey tom and that crowd of tards… his style of critiquing them was to one by one call them all 'womanlike'. Over and over again. It was his only insult on file. Then I caught him in someone elses livestream being a dipshit talking about 'females' while the other guys in the stream had long term partners so were just ignoring his comments. One of the guys gfs walked in and he did that thing of warning the guys to behave with his partner now in the room. Purely because this guy starts randomly shitting on women at any chance.

Fuck this guy and his shitty vids.

No. 1150724

it had little relevance to the question at all, just self-absorbed rambling.. yeah, looks like a self post. and isn't even interesting.

he does seem super gross in a lot of ways, i couldn't stand watching him at all.

and i didn't even see those videos. but now, very hard yikes. the incel vibes are fucking strong with this one.

cow potential almost.

No. 1150799

No. 1150818

seems fair to me considering Shannon got her start by advertising her patreon videos in the LJ threads kek

oh how the turntables

No. 1150904

Shannon is making more LJ videos? Has she found her new cash cow?

No. 1150907

Can we stop hotlinking her videos here and giving her more clicks? I made a backup on Google Drive, let me know if I should archive more of her videos for posterity. I have some of her old, milky storytime videos saved already.


No. 1150961

Sorry, mobile, just such a shitshow.

No. 1151017

There's one thing that always, always bothered me.

In my conversations with homeless people in Portland, especially the ones around in 2016 too– plenty living in cars, vans and just barely tents. Social workers, clergy (st. assisi etc.)

Few people actually stayed around. They all went north/east to the more industrial areas. Sure a few small bars here and there, yet utterly quiet even back then. As mentioned, Assisi area or even further east.

The actual demonstrations were mostly in the downtown and pearl area.

Like, how much of a victim do you have to be?

You clearly weren't parked out downtown or in pearl.

It's just baffling to me with some background. That entire victim mentality she's slipped into.

No. 1151256

Quit tinfoiling; it's not as if Sen is completely unknown. He did a livestream with Just Stop, Peaches, and a few other people over Prison Mate Luke a while ago.
That being said, this video is pretty shit besides a few accurate points on Shannon.

Yeah, he sounds like a 2017 anti-SJW type of YouTuber.

No. 1151334

Mvp right here

No. 1153368

That palette also is private labeled from an Alibaba lab so fuck ethics I guess

No. 1156403

Not gonna bother uploading the multiple videos she posted on her story about this, but she's been raving about how something "in the universe, the staaaaars, or something", has been making everyone so productive including her and she recorded a 3 hour video that was the best video she's ever made and her iPad didn't save it. kek

No. 1158369

>I click on the video thinking its mostly going to be about jojo siwa
>Its mostly about her talking about how shes poly (she bitches about being called bisexual by "intolerant people")
Like, I have no issue her talking about personal stuff but why label the video like this?! It really feels she needs people to know shes part of the LGBT+ community (which, again, fine) but of the 13 minutes video about 3 minutes of it is kinda related to the subject (she talks about ellen and hollywood which is interesting) and then the last minute is about the topic, jojo siwa. I think its fustrating because I click on her videos because im interested in the subject, but then she takes so long getting to that subject because she needs to explain how everything affects her personally and how deep and interesting she is. To be fair a lot of other drama channels do this too so not trying to pick on specifically but its annoying when they all do this.

No. 1158643

I hate how shannon sexualizes women, she definitely objectifies them and that whole part where she talks about how amazing women are was just weird like she doesn't see women as humans.

No. 1158655

File: 1613008300639.png (52.15 KB, 632x193, poly.png)

She's poly now? Huh. I remembered her tweeting pic related in >>>/pt/798887, but when I went back to take a screenshot I was surprised to see it has only been four months.

Also note how even back then she was lurking, and it was the fucking requests thread of all places. She really had to have been scouring lolcow all the fucking time in order to find herself being mentioned in there so quickly.

No. 1158656

>just because I find people outside of my marriage attractive doesn't mean I'm gonna throw my puss at them
>nvm I'm poly now

No. 1158666

File: 1613009592896.jpeg (127.98 KB, 1080x768, 5C13417B-87CD-44D9-8702-8D734E…)

Is Shannon a mom?
Because on one of Holly Brown’s live-streams she mentioned that she was grossed out to find out that one art drama YouTuber was a mom (she was saying she couldn’t believe you could have children and be that petty and catty). She wouldn’t say who but I was thinking Creepshow and another person in the chat said “Just say it’s creepshow”
I wish I could link to it but holly deleted it or didn’t add it to her channel.

No. 1158673

She's not, I vaguely remember another artist being mentioned in the art salt threads that actually is a mom though.

No. 1158683

OT but Emily Artful has two(?) kids and she called out Holly once upon a time. Probably her.

No. 1158696

Shannon never says she's poly, just pansexual, which is woke bisexual. It's the whole there are more than two genders thing, but she definitely isn't poly. She wouldn't be able to get more than one person to want her.

She's talking about Emily. Emily has two kids and made one of the biggest videos on Holly.

No. 1158715

yeah my bad she said pan not poly I was too busy trying to stop my eyes rolling into the back of my head having to listen to her bragging about how sexually unique she is i mixed the terms up.