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File: 1605143189408.jpg (261.22 KB, 1066x1065, pt.jpg)

No. 804526

New PT Thread, old thread (>>>/pt/361385) hit posting limit and it's been almost 2 months and no one has made a new one, so I guess I will

Previous thread developments

- Relationship with parents got worse
- Videos were posted publicly involving her breaking down/screaming at her parents
- Apparently threw something breakable/made of glass at her father and he needed medical attention
- Police may have been called but no charges made
- She left home and stayed in a hotel
- Like all co-dependent abusive relationships, she went back home and the cycle of abuse continues

New developments

- Just reposted her gofundme on her facebook asking for money to help her bills/move out
- Seems like literally nothing has changed

No. 804540

Is she still living with her parents? I thought, as per the last thread, she was in a hotel.

No. 804561

She went back home after a couple days, unsure on her current status

No. 804570

The only recent-ist thing to happen was some hs/middle school anon posting on kiwi (with no real proof, so take it with a grain of salt) claiming to be a friend of nicki's.

I'm on mobile so it's too big to screencap for me, but here's a link to the thread for anyone interested:

No. 804688

File: 1605242106504.png (2.38 MB, 1328x866, ciel pt edit.png)

I got bored and I miss her dearly so I edited my fave shots from her Ciel cosplay.

No. 804689

File: 1605242146784.png (2.68 MB, 1399x981, ciel portrait edit.png)

the other one

No. 804700

You erased her whole face…

No. 804706

As a PT historian, this person is a lying sack of shit. PT has said many times and shown pics of her hair blonde in school, because her mom forced her to bleach it and also forced her to take tanning pills. One of the people posting in that thread even has an avatar of blonde high school PT.

Also says something about PT living with her dad outside of Victoria, but PT's parents have always been married and lived together.

No. 804712

anon you made her look like a turtle

No. 804715

Why would you tilt a horizontal line so it isn't horizontal

No. 804716

As a fellow PT historian, I fully support this person. PT is consistent in a lot of the things she does. Kiwi-anon is, IMO, full of shit and tries to get some weird clout.

Besides, the few times we seen our Queen in blonde in the past years has been as her cosplaying.

No. 804722

its been close to 8 years ive followed this shit now

No. 804723

and you still cannot sage

No. 804785

It's what she would have wanted…

No. 804810

this is so fucking depressing. a 30+ year old woman trying to cosplay a 13 year old anime boy.

No. 804834

I mean, the cosplaying isn't really the issue

I think this was around the tint y she thought she was growing a dick

No. 804866

that was some neoclassicneko/ginsengteacat shit.

No. 804940

God I haven't heard that name in forever. We can only hope Pixyteri had proper sex toys and didn't use household items.

No. 804989

is anyone else talking to the queen on Facebook? she's really not doing ok or with it at all. I'm not sure what to do or say.

No. 804993

File: 1605463551920.png (39.46 KB, 1040x170, Screenshot 2020-11-15 at 18.05…)

No. 804994

i do on and off and she's definitely not making much sense. i wanted to be a reassuring voice but i don't even think that's what even she cares about

No. 804998

Kek, I thought "it's what she would've wanted…" was a reply to the not sageing comment and laughed twice now.

No. 805000

Isn't that cowtipping which is frowned upon on lolcow? Or are the rules different for ~the legendary Pixyteri~?

No. 805001

I thought cowtipping was to influence a cow to create content? Could be wrong though.

No. 805004

Cow tipping is frowned upon. It's when you go out of your way to talk to them to wind them up or meddle. But at least for me PT is the one reaching out.

No. 805021

I've talked to her twice in the past. Granted, this is a decade ago when her mom barged in and told py she stank. But both times I got the vibe that she just wants attention and pity. Any time someone would offer a solution or give an example from their past, she was disinterested and would keep the topic on her and how sad she was or how she was jealous of Asian girls/people who looked vaguely mixed. Kind of in the same way old Chris Chan would act whenever someone tried to genuinely reach out or help, and he'd just shit on the effort entirely.

At this point, their ability to be proactive is the same.

No. 805041

I get this same vibe. I do think she's mentally ill, but I think she exaggerates it for attention and pity. She used to post some variant of >>804993 every week on Facebook and get tons of concerned comments. A lot of people have reached out to her with genuine concern and advice and she ignores/blocks them.

The time when Debbie sperged out about Sarah being smelly just seemed like Debbie was fed up and finally lost it. Sarah was spending all her time on the computer and probably never showering. She probably told her (nicely) to shower several times before and kept getting ignored. Not saying it's the right thing to do, but most people will snap after a while in that situation.

No. 805084

The cowtipping rule started because of Pixyteri. Cowtippers always fucked with Pixyteri, including sending nudes to her family members, contacting Sarah's family and finally, when an old friend of Sarah's saw a suicide bait and called the police which ended Sarah's internet access and created the intervention. The milk went dry.

My timeline is messed up but Pixyteri was ran off the internet by:

Brittfag - a guy who seemed to have blackmailed her and kept her as his personal lolcow
CP Allegations - Anons alleged that the blackmail brittfag had was CP. During this time, someone mentioned PT was babysitting and had anons had to own up to the lie. The admin, Flan, shut down the site and this board was created.
Suicide Baiting - A cosplay friend, called K, frequented the old board to give up some milk on Sarah. She got drunk with attention and then called the police on a suicide baiting tweet. Sarah always did them, but K, for whatever reason reported it which got Sarah stuck at the hospital overnight. Sarah's sister in law, Nyan came in and was angry because it resulted in HUGE medical bills.
Bath sperg - Debbie got a lot of hate via FB after Pixy's tinychat where Deb screams on camera.

No. 805089

Holy shit, that's crazy that cowtipping used to be allowed. I feel so bad for the PT went through (even if she was immature and crazy).
..So why are anons allowed to admit that they are currently talkig with her? Or is this like onion's past victims that come here to bitch, which is fine?

No. 805090

NTA but personally, I feel there's a difference between casually chatting with a cow and trolling or straight up harassing them and their family in an attempt to get them to do something to laugh about

No. 805173

It's not that it was "allowed" it was that this board wasn't established yet and came into being after moving from a site that was shut down due to cow tipping.

Pretty much this. >>805090
It's usually based on intent. If you come here, say "ha! I asked her this and she blocked me" it's an instaban, but if you already know a cow, they REACH OUT TO YOU, or you're not there with an intention of getting milk but happen upon it, it's fine.

For PT, it's not even milk and more like a nostalgia and worry for someone who was low grade shitty, high grade delusional. Pixy was more cringe than she was terrible, like Momokun or Onision.

No. 809807

File: 1608236076915.jpg (349.18 KB, 720x812, IMG_20201217_121219.jpg)

Her FB is pretty normal rn. Aside from the occasional manic posting, our queen seems to be doing okay. Sageing this post since it's just about her NH island, incase any anons wanna visit it.

No. 809808

File: 1608236253880.jpg (526.46 KB, 720x1419, IMG_20201217_121545.jpg)

Pixy getting interested in religion.

No. 809810

File: 1608236440363.jpg (483.49 KB, 720x1222, IMG_20201217_121834.jpg)

Mini photoshoot with her plant painting.

No. 809811

File: 1608236524911.jpg (446.26 KB, 720x1106, IMG_20201217_122139.jpg)

No. 809812

File: 1608236643930.jpg (132.95 KB, 720x435, IMG_20201217_122255.jpg)

True queen is out here earning that cash money and during a pandemic

No. 809813

File: 1608236714807.jpg (219.67 KB, 720x745, IMG_20201217_122447.jpg)

No. 809814

The Dodo Code changes every time you close and reopen your gate, so this won't work anymore.

No. 809815

File: 1608236828570.jpg (81.88 KB, 720x343, IMG_20201217_122549.jpg)

No. 809817

File: 1608237088464.jpg (339.81 KB, 720x944, IMG_20201217_123027.jpg)

Ah, admittedly I don't know much about NH and assumed it worked the same as the dream address from NL.

Recent-ish stuff was her photoshoot with stuff she bought from american eagle.

No. 809818

File: 1608237243718.jpg (379.34 KB, 720x954, IMG_20201217_123212.jpg)

She still REEE's about being old, occasionally munchie posts, and hates(?) anime now but seems to be getting her life a little more together.

No. 809819

File: 1608237328340.jpg (367.45 KB, 720x1024, IMG_20201217_123457.jpg)

Final post but, it hits a little too hard.

No. 809836

I usually hate religious organizations BUT they can be useful as communities when one has unsupportive environments like Pixy does. If her parents won't help her, maybe a church can. I'm glad she's got a job now too. She needs to escape Deb's clam jam prison.

No. 809869

Of course she's gonna be that person at work who "has a panic attack" multiple times a week. People like that are horrific to work with because you have to hold their hand and pick up their massive slack every single day. I feel sorry for her new coworkers …

No. 809874

At least she's trying to work instead of leeching off the government? And it seems like she has a positive attitude, mostly.

No. 809877

Yeah, I think even God-botherers might be a step up from her parents in terms of giving her useful advice.

No. 809882

Yeah they might be but at least Pixy is showing up and trying to do the job. I've left multiple jobs because of ignorant people like you.

No. 809885

Don’t take this personally.
That post is picking apart PT, not you.

No. 809892

Anon I want you to know that your co-workers hate you and they were happy when you quit

No. 809897

She looks cute with the glasses. They balance out her face

No. 809900

At least she knows it's a bad idea during Covid. This could go well or terribly depending on the congregation and whether or not pixy becomes delusional again
her skin and hair are looking surprisingly good right now

No. 809901

I wonder if there was some agreement she had to make with her family in order to move back in? Maybe taking medication was the trick? I agree, she seems a lot more 'with it', than usual (by PT standards).

I honestly hope she'll be able to work more than a few shifts. But then again… this is PT. Best of luck, Queen!

No. 809903

It's a cookie shop, anon. I think they can handle her kindergarten hour, especially because she looks so mental they probably figure she's slow anyway.

No. 809925

File: 1608270242696.jpg (314.84 KB, 1080x1080, 20201218_003944.jpg)

No. 809930

Anon, I want you to know your family and friends hate you and will be happy when you're gone, as will everyone.

No. 809941

oh, she almost looks nice here. it’s that her resting features are so stern, if only she knew how to soften them up a bit she wouldn’t look that bad at all. she’s probably never taken the time to look at her face in a mirror and see what angles she looks best from, or realized how the set of her mouth can make her look ugly when she’s not. i know she’s stubborn and a pain in the ass but i wish she could be happy. she’s the queen!

this shit is just too sad. you can still shine, pixy.

No. 809952

Back when she worked at Home Depot a lot of anons thought they hired her believing her to be intellectually disabled as part of some quota and that’s why they put up with her doing shit like hiding under desks to avoid customers. The same thing might be going on here.

No. 809955

Got 'em. Sage your infighting pityhire-chan

No. 809972

Nah. Many say she appears quite competent in person, just inconsolable with outbursts. Pixy interacts really well with people, so she's not autistic. She suffers from a lot obviously, but her mental illness can't really be armchaired like some of the other cows on /pt/. She's definitely degenerated because she's not treated appropriately and in a toxic environment, but many take Deb's side because Pixy can look outwardly sane.

Men are pretty abusive to Sarah so this is a wise choice until she can get her mind under control.

Me too. She was never on the level of the more hateful legendary cows. Sarah was always harmless.

No. 809989

I wish she would commit to therapy. Her obsession with being young poisons her life for her. Everyone gets older. Being upset about it is like being upset about gravity or sunsets.

No. 810125

File: 1608360591449.jpg (224.18 KB, 1080x691, 20201219_014834.jpg)

No. 810151

When the fuck has that ever happened? There is absolutely nothing mom like about her at all.

No. 810180

Her looks probably. A lot of anons always said she looked like a mother of 3. It's sad she's getting trolled to this day.

She was like this when she turned 18. It was disturbing how she thought of 18 as being old. It was in an old blog post, but she mentioned feeling bad she wasn't a high school student. Her obsession with anime, teen drama stories and being an idol really messed with her concept of age. I'm Sarah's age and it's really, really nice being in your mid 30s. I think if she had an apartment and was independent she wouldn't be so concerned with age. I think it's so sad she gave up her teaching aspirations when she was substitute teaching because she couldn't dress like she wanted. Being a teacher would be impossible now because she'd get jealous of their youth.

No. 810243

Probably some dude called her “mama” or “mami” when catcalling her and she didn’t know what he meant by it?

No. 810253

Something like this was my understanding too.
If she's still involved in online groups, I've found that people say "momma" or "mom" to describe someone older who they look up to, in an endearing way. Hoelly Conrad of ProJared-fucking fame hated being called "Game grumps Mom" when she was still with Ross even though they mean it in an "uwu we luv mom" way. If "no kids" becomes part of a personality, being called "mom" is as offensive to these cows as misgendering is to troon cows.

No. 810272

File: 1608454843441.png (1.61 MB, 2048x1451, Screenshot_20201220-010000.png)

No. 810276

She's not wrong, but what did Disneyland do?

No. 810285

>what did Disneyland do?
it exists despite PT being too broke to visit it

No. 810296

The association with youth and beautiful princesses might have something to do with it as well.

No. 810304

It's a big date scenario for Japanese media, especially manga and anime.

No. 810305

>hating rich people
will pixy go commie? that'll be fun.

No. 810422

Is it weird I've always wanted /pt/ to have chris-chan tier luck and win some raffle that let's her dick around in japan for a week or spend x amount at some weeb store?

>christian-commie phase pixie

No. 810449

The admin was not Flan. Flan selfposted many times and was called out by old admin.

No. 810454

Flan was the admin of Maxfaggotry.

No. 810484

File: 1608608593553.jpg (111.57 KB, 1080x612, IMG_20201221_233406.jpg)

Stumbled upon this on her Facebook comments today. Did she lose her job at the cookie store?

No. 810498

That was fast. Couldn't handle all that panic-inducing cookie stress. You'd think she'd make more of an effort to act like an adult at her job simply because it would mean less time away from her home life. It might be a shit job, but she really needs time away from Crazy Mom. I keep hoping she's gonna become a workaholic for that reason. Oh well.

No. 810513

Dammit PT, I was rooting for her. Then again if PT is mentally unwell she won't be able to manage a job without medication and treatment.

No. 810593

File: 1608669862900.png (599.36 KB, 2048x1479, Screenshot_20201222-124327.png)

From this post

No. 810594

>Thanks for ruining my life with your hentai and fan service
banner pls

No. 810618

Amazing, she never takes responsibility for her life. Fucked up things and bad persons happened, but she always seems like waiting for asspats and can’t take advice from no one.

No. 810643


At least it seems like Debbie is being nice to PT again?

No. 810650

a country she's never even been to has ruined her life. lmfao

No. 810669

We deserve this.

No. 810697

How is Sarah not on disability?? If Sperg-chan qualifies, Sarah definitely does.

No. 810722

Kiki gets disability because she has scoliosis, not because she's an autist. Sara needs an advocate to help her get on disability but I don't know if she ever got a formal diagnosis.

No. 810725

How bad can her scoliosis be if she doesn't need a brace though? Bad enough to live off disabilty? But back on topic, I'm sure any advocate who saw Sarah and had a look through her online history, plus heard stories from her mother and former employers would say she qualifies for disability for an obvious mental issue.

No. 810730

I've noticed that getting disability often seems a result of how much work you put into it and how many (quality) advocates you can get. This is why rich people have an easier time getting it than some people who genuinely need it, like PT, who might be too screwed up at this point to do it herself (and I don't know if Debbie would be willing to do it for her).

No. 810765

File: 1608801521336.png (378.9 KB, 2048x1041, Screenshot_20201224-011156.png)

No. 810766

File: 1608801790159.jpeg (131.9 KB, 1440x2422, received_1112195129217758.jpeg)

No. 810768

File: 1608804176892.png (535.62 KB, 2048x1396, Screenshot_20201224-020222.png)

No. 810785

It is frustrating, horrifying, and depressing seeing how socially inept Pixy is. This is so grim.

No. 810792

This is definitely Sarah. Inconsolable and a bitch to reason to with. Even trolls quit because they sometimes try to help and get met with ultimate resistance. It's easier to convince her to do things that destroy her than help her. Remember when her dad said something innocuous and she said "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME," her father tried to correct her and she doubled down. It's her go to tactic. Her mental illness definitely deals with intense emotions along with anxiety and depression.

It's a bitch. Worked for a Personal Injury attorney and most claims are automatically denied. I once saw someone missing an arm and leg get the most rigorous testing done. As if they're lying that somehow missing half their body would inhibit their ability to work.

No. 810923

There's evidence of Pixy being like this since her teens, and many many people have tried to help her over the years. One guy even offered her a free trip to Japan, but iirc she cried about being too old even at maybe 25? Debbie is crazy and a bitch, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree I suppose, PT even used to have IRL friends, but like with her FWB they all get tired of her self pitying antics.

No. 810999

Shut the fuck up, Queen. You shine in my heart.

No. 811133

File: 1609095866010.jpg (229.51 KB, 1076x694, 20201227_140111.jpg)

No. 811136


No. 811137

It's just something her mom posted on her wall today. The only James I know of is the one PT was obsessed with during her Rukia phase, but it could be a different one.

No. 811144

They have4 such a bipolar relationship towards one another it disturbs me. One week Deb is about ready to call police on Pixy and kick her out of the house while calling her filthy and lazy.
The next she's wanting to take a crow bar to some dude's ass for Pixy.

What is her deal?

No. 811147

I could be wrong but I think that James came back on the scene after Pixy lost weight and started working at that outdoors store?

No. 811155

This one time I don't think it's that weird. I mean I can imagine wanting to kick out my daughter for not doing anything at 30's, but even so wanting to beat someone up if they were a threat to my daughter.

No. 811190

make it happen

No. 811298

File: 1609195782195.gif (42.06 KB, 300x100, pt hates nippon.gif)

No. 812659

Maybe she shouldn’t go to either because we’re in the middle of a pandemic. Is she working? How would she have the savings to go?

No. 812682

She's deactivated her facebook…anyone catch the reason why this time?

No. 812683

Nevermind… it just briefly popped back up.

No. 812684

File: 1609638128486.jpg (384.05 KB, 1077x1597, Screenshot_20210102-193941_Fac…)

No. 812692

Goddamnit PT. I feel bad for her but at the same time she's unintentionally hilarious. Just out of nowhere, "does this mean I'm about to be old and die?" fucking hell. Has she truly NO friends irl?? Surely she's heard the term 'passing the aux' at least once by now..

No. 812707

she needs so much mental help, it’s really sad

No. 812710

File: 1609644394755.jpg (110.45 KB, 1080x525, 20210102_222235.jpg)

I'm a bit hestitant to post this just due to potential concern cowtipping but I guess she needs to up the antics for asspats.

No. 812731

shes going to bait and bait and bait until one day she somehow actually does it (unlikely) or she just dies of something else. Not sure if there's really much tipping to be done.

No. 812732

That line literally made me lol too. Unfortunately at this point I don't think she has irl friends. At least not good ones.

Needing asspats aside I wouldn't doubt that PT is legit depressed.

No. 812773

Kinda OT but idk why Pixy didn't think to buy CDs off of Amazon or buy one of these:


Being old doesn't mean you have to stop listening to music in your car

Also unfortunately not every car has an aux. >>812692 Mine doesn't which is a huge hassle.

No. 812775

I wonder what would happen if PT ever got to go to Japan. Maybe she would realize it's just mostly a normal country with normal people (and definitely not everyone there is young lmao) or if she would be disappointed that it's not like anime. Knowing her bad mental state it would probably be the latter. I feel like if she got invited to a trip like that she would be like the Grandma in Requiem for a Dream.

No. 812855

gofundme to send pixy to japan

No. 812859

File: 1609704768591.jpg (45.29 KB, 425x640, 1577961407861.jpg)

There's already a gofundme (https://gofund.me/dc531a59)! I actually donated a while ago cause I felt like I owed it to her for all the lols

No. 812871

>>812855 She's been offered free trips before multiple times and always refused for one reason or another iirc.

No. 812875

Just because she’s fixated on certain things (like Japan) doesn’t mean they would help her. She would just find something else to obsess/cry about.

It’s sad but she’s been writing these “am I going to die soon” statuses for more than a decade. She needs serious mental health help, not a trip to Japan. I think her family is probably just tired of it at this point.

No. 812885

It's probably because actually going would shatter her idealized image of Grorious Nippon. There would just be regulat Japanese folks doing regular things, not the cute uwu slice of life anime she imagined it to be. Her self image probably doesnt help,either;she would be jealous and feel like a cow compared to the so rorita, thin Japanese women. Imo, a Japan trip would break her mind even more. PT has got a precariously fine line she walks.

No. 813045

File: 1609738842012.jpg (65.45 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1609733040348.jpg)

She posted some new pictures recently.

No. 813046

File: 1609738865247.jpg (62.88 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1609733026808.jpg)

No. 813047

File: 1609739021001.jpg (34 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1609733034433.jpg)

No. 813079

am i the only one who thinks shattering those delusions would actually make PT a bit more mature and in touch with reality

No. 813127

That’s assuming Sarah is logical and mentally stable… At this point, I don’t think a few therapy sessions can even help her. She needs to be in an institution for an extend period of time.

No. 813185

Oh honey, pluck that mustache

No. 813227

this is someone who literally doesn’t shower
more advanced grooming is way beyond her

No. 814117

It's weird she is the same age as Lori/Usagi Kou but Lori has the confidence to dress up like a 22 year old egirl and is successful enough from it, meanwhile pt will never get over her age and always mention it and gatekeep herself

No. 814327

I don't want to wk Pixy, but she has a little bit of self-awareness compared to Lori, even if she takes it to the extremes.
I would rather see Lori dress for her age than see Pixy dress like an egirl.

No. 814410

never understood why she kept saying 'no' when offered a free trip. a free trip!!

No. 814416

Besides the fact that she's completely mental right now, she's always had a persecution complex even before the trolling.
She'd continuously think about being judged. Going to Japan would break the fantasy of Japan. She wouldn't be able to shop because she's too big for the clothing they carry, men there probably wouldn't hit on her, and she'd just whine about all the cute idoru and maid cafe girls.

No. 814461

if PT looked like usagi kou she'd have a following and be doing the same stuff. PT has a leg up though since as far as i know she isn't utterly abusive to people she dates. plus we all kinda like somewhat, no one likes lori

No. 814470

She has said that she doesn't want to go to japan because she'd be jealous of the girls there, just like she doesn't want to go to Disneyland because she'd be jealous of the performers for some reason. Even though people tried telling her that being a performer at disneyland is a shitty job and nothing to be jealous of kek

No. 814482

Aside from everything said here >>814470 PT never really wanted to go because even she knows it wouldn't be her dreamland and she wouldn't be treated like an idoru just for showing up. Her usual excuse that she wanted everything to be super perfect (if she couldn't afford to stay at a specific Hilton in Kyoto, she wouldn't go) and she had to go with her perfect (Japanese?) bf or else again, no go.

No. 814504

She could’ve been suspicious, honestly. Girl was being trolled by many corners of the internet, it’d be a shock if she trusted a free trip from a stranger all things considered. Remember this was during a time when e-begging was frowned upon. /cgl/ even ripped her apart when she started a Chip In account to save for a trip to Japan then later regretted it. “FUND YOUR OWN TRIP!” God, 4channers are stupid.

No. 814817

Reading the thread’s OP breaks my heart. She’s so wellspoken in that youtube video.

No. 814819

I definitely believe that her bullies contributed to her mental health. To be very honest. I remember she got bullied by fat cosplayers even just because she’s fat. Dunno why she’s not taking advantage of it by making youtube videos and exposing them.

No. 815900

>Dunno why she’s not taking advantage of it by making youtube videos and exposing them.
Because she's a nice person. PT has her issues but she's never been nasty or mean, which I think is why so many of us are rooting for things to improve for her.

No. 816106

File: 1610740343709.jpg (51.96 KB, 720x693, Screenshot_20210115_204910.jpg)


No. 816111

I wouldn't really call Pixy "nice". She's too self-absorbed to get that description imo. Even before the trolling. That said, she isn't vile and nasty.

No. 816127

File: 1610749355925.png (469.84 KB, 1476x2048, Screenshot_20210115-142142.png)

Noticed some one laugh reacted to that post. Of course it's from Deb

No. 816133

Damn, her mom’s a bitch.

No. 816143

Her mom has got to stop needling her. As much as she complains about Pixy's tantrums, she's the one starting them most of the time.

No. 816152

lol this is false

No. 816169

Like >>816111 says, PT isn't and wasn't exactly nice. I think some folks get a bit wrap up in nostalgia and look at her compared to people like Momokun and Lori. If one compares her to a clout chasing molesting asshole and an abusive, manipulative permaleech, PT would look nice. Here are a few things I remember from back in the /cgl/ days:
-PT hating on redheads because Kris (fuckbuddy) liked a redheaded stripper
-PT shitting on black chicks because James (fuckbuddy) was hanging out with a black chick
-PT stalking James
-PT insulting both thin and fat women
-PT ordering lolita and cosplay too small and blaming others (including measuring tape-chan)
-PT pretty much not caring about anybody else
-PT claiming her mom cheated on her dad with a random Japanese man, and also saying her dad isn't her dad
-suicide and self-harm baiting
-Shitting on Japanese women (especially idols) because she wasn't Japanese
-Blaming and often hating people, places, and things when she couldn't (or wouldn't) achieve a goal or dream she had/has
-Saying that some of the HS boys at her one substitution job were sexy

A lot of of her thinking can be chalked up to her being mentally ill but most of it is PT just being PT.

No. 816181

File: 1610770415747.png (228.41 KB, 518x690, 137150080510.png)

Sorry for samefag. I was wrong and it seems he just posted this status

No. 816213

That's just pixy acting childish, and apart from the stalking that happened years ago none of these things make her a bad person.

No. 816234

Sorry, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t she once say she was glad Hiroshima was bombed or something along those lines? Why are you trying to make her out to be such a nice person, when she’s not?

No. 816255

also "why are people not over 9/11 yet??? it's been a year already, come on!" but maybe it was her being a legitimate autist with no empathy or imagination

No. 816269

I was there. The problem wasn't a change of mind, it was that she was going to use the money to buy junk online before Japan. Pixy argued that it was okay as long as she still planned on going. /cgl/ just wanted to get her there to break her delusion anyways, but she wanted to blow the money and would have never of went.

No. 816370

I hope that Sarah can make her dream of going to Japan. That being said, I don't think she would really like what she sees there.

On that note, does anyone know if Sarah ever leaves her current town or has ever been outside of Texas? Maybe she should try that first before going to another country

No. 817432

She used to visit her brother and friend Bambi in Austin and seemed to really enjoy it, but according to Deb her brothers are done with her and I haven't seen her or Bambi mention each other in years

No. 817857

I don't remember that part but I remember she was really upset about the earthquake/tsunami in 2011 because it fucked with her anime episode schedule. And then she made it all about herself like "I can't believe Japan is RUINED before I can go visit!"

No. 817889

>she did this to james
>she did that to james
Who cares about a scrote?

No. 817984

She also mentioned she wanted to experience an earthquake like it was a Japanese rite of passage.

No. 817989

Does no one else remember when she got upset at all gay people and said she was going to remove her "gay rights" sticker on her car because she lost a Halloween costume contest at a gay bar?

No. 818218

I remember that! The award was for 'Sexist costume' or something and she was wearing a Snow White costume, and not a sexy version either.

No. 818374

James was a fucking scumbag for real, he fucked up Pixy worse than any other dude.

James was one of the participants of the gross weeb foursome right? The one who ghosted pixy because she was fat and cringy, but came back to fuck her after she lost weight? And instead of telling her to go to a doctor about her vaginal issues (pain during sex), he just fucked her anally? Poor dude was stalked lmfao.

Nothing against Kris though if he's the one I'm thinking of. I dont think he was a fuckbuddy, Pixy was going to move in with him. Maybe she did for a few weeks? its been years, I dont remember exactly.

No. 818456

I believe the guy PT moved in with was before Kris or James. IIRC the break up had something to do with a car (but wasn't the whole reason).

Kris is the one who vaporlocked PT with some other guys at an anime watching party. He also would ghost PT and regularly caused her to lose her shit at red-headed women due to his infatuation with some stripper.

James was the Uruhara guy to PT's Rukia. While he did bone I can't recall if he ever implied they were more than fwb. I know he did ghost after a while and during that she stalked him a bit, showing up at his house randomly. I'm not sure if he came back around after she lost weight.

I don't doubt both men were/are trash and lead her on to bone.

No. 818862

File: 1611810139001.jpg (41.22 KB, 641x960, FB_IMG_1611783060579.jpg)

Pixy did a cute photoshoot with Blub. After her recent depressed posts it's nice to see her having fun.

No. 818870

iirc James dropped PT when he found out he was being posted about by PT & anons on Stamina Rose.

No. 819033

Oh this is actually kinda cute. I've never seen her with a cross before, I guess she's a practicing Christian now?

Not related but does anyone here know any source where I could find old sns screens/photo shoots? There's not much out there apart from her LiveJournal and Facebook. Pls help a sister out

No. 819072

I'm not sure if her photobucket has what you're looking for but that might be your best bet.
Kiwifarms also might have stuff that isn't in the the older threads on here. Some stuff likely got lost between the moves from maxfag to staminarose to here. You can also look to see if any Pixy threads are in the /cgl/ archive.

No. 819084

I’d like to know why the OP I replied to even hates Sarah and writes so much detailed bs? Can she stand up and explain why she’d even dislike a smelly non problematic autistic qt that brought us all nostalgic summer livejournal reads?
Sharp razor teeth roar

No. 819459

She refuses to see she was the one idolizing Japan as a magic fantasy land and its culture as something equally magical to the point she lost herself in it and now that she's getting older and older she feels like it's no use to even dream anymore, you can't be a pretty idol if you're not a teen or young adult. Why even try? She based her whole life around these things and these delusions. So now, instead of realizing she was wrong, she rather hate Japan for making her think this way. She hates it just the way she hates Disneyland: because she's jealous and she's sad that she never got to go there and live the dream, live the life she thought she could have as a pretty young haafu aidoru. It's really sad honestly i think she still likes anime and the likes of it but feels overwhelmingly bitter about the whole situation so she claims to hate it. I hope she can go to both some day, get her mental health in check and find someone to treat her right and make her happy. And that she realize getting older isn't the end of it all and that you're still allowed to have fun and you can still be cute.

sage for my autistic blogpost i just really care about our queen

No. 819530

This video was in my recommendations today and I wanted to know your thoughts.
It has garnered quite a bit of attention (when considering the Topic) in ~24h.
Also Lolcow is of course heavily mentioned.

I'm watching it right now so if anyone is interested on my thoughts later I'll report back

No. 819570

I was glad someone made this. I wanted more background on her and she wasn’t quite outrageous enough to read all the way back. She makes me feel sort of nostalgic for that time period. But yea I had never heard of her til a few months ago.

I honestly felt very sad for her when her mom was yelling at her to bathe and she was crying. To me that read as a person too mentally ill to take care of themselves and probably aware they stink and not happy about it. No matter how loving a parent is they can have bad moments when they freak out like that in those extreme circumstances. But it’s sad the mom wasn’t able to understand pixies level of dysfunction and that it wasn’t fully in her control. The gay unfunny boy who made fun of that scene and her crying annoyed me lmaooo. Oh the low low standards of early YouTube humor

No. 819583

File: 1612232229911.jpg (27.44 KB, 612x612, everythingisfine.jpg)

>No matter how loving a parent is they can have bad moments when they freak out like that in those extreme circumstances.

Now consider the fact that her mother is absolutely stark raving insane. You've got a woman with mental problems being looked after by a woman with far worse mental problems. It's like a psychological horror movie but in real life.

No. 819603

Cecil McFly self advertises and lurks this board frequently.

No. 819605

Yeah what's new? In the end we got a good Pixy video for those who don't know her backstory.

No. 819644

I can't help but, roll my eyes at all the moralfags in the comment section.

No. 819665

If you see it from an outsider view, even from a not internet dweller perspective… shit went from being just cringe to downright pitiful to see her state.

Like, it's kinda human to have that reaction, don't need to be a moralfag.

No. 819699

She feels like its too late for her. I get it. I repressed my weebery, stopped going to cons, stoppd EGL, reserved all my spare money for my SO but now we broke up and I'm looking at 30 I feel like too much of a sad, tired old bitch to go out there and dick around in kawaii outfits. The plan was to spend seijin no hi there before I turned 21 (I know)

I wouldn't be surprised if her anxiety is too bad to travel abroad on her own anyway. If she gets lost or something it's going to be big panik(blogpost)

No. 819710

It's not too late to dick around and be Kawaii, don't let a breakup stop you from living

No. 819727

The best part of this video is Mitchal ended up being a whole ass drag queen who went on Drag Race.

No. 819748

When cows collide. Illona is cringe as hell, hope the drag community finds this quickly and tears the bitch apart.

Sincerely I find this video cringe. Let the queen alone, pixy will find out about this and feel worse. Those stupid braindead newfags that need spoon feed summarized videos because they can’t read milk will hoard on threads and site.

Hope this stupid “creator” gets his ass sued by the queen by profiting on her.

No. 819749

After viewing and learning about PT's existence, man, I just feel pity.

No. 819758

U a real bitch for making her look so bad in the thumbnail
The disrespect.
I am angry.

No. 819770

She hid the video.

No. 819771

Yeah because she got scared that pixy might freak out.

No. 819785

fuck me, i didn't get to see it. on the other hand, pt doesn't deserve this.

is it possible she saw and that's why she keeps posting statuses about an-heroing?

No. 819820

Privated, that is.
It's a shame, 'cos I was only an hour into the video.

No. 819857

Why did she private’s it dam didn’t get to watch it I hope they re upload it

No. 819865

Any interesting or obscure tid bits to share? It was an hour and a half, so I can't imagine it's a general overview.

No. 819896

same rip

No. 819898

>>they go really in-depth to how she believes she's biracial and her dad is not her dad and her mom had an affair with a japanese dude
>>someone told her japanese people don't shower and that's why she's greasy all the time
>>people on tinychat began egging her on to do cringey shit
>>she wiped out her social media accounts a couple times due to hate

but I'm sure all of these things have been mentioned in earlier threads

No. 819918

I remember all of that from the cgl days. I believe Sarah stopped believing she had a secret Japanese windchime daddy near the end of drama on cgl. It was always a cope though. I don't believe she actually thought it was true. She just wanted it to be.

No. 819967

Did someone save the vid? I can’t find it

No. 820037

Yeah I'm gonna have to agree there..
I feel bad for anons who have let themselves be poisoned by years of imageboard (or twitter) use into thinking it's not normal to have empathy for a stranger.
The internet seriously needs to collectively accept that the mid 2000s-early 2010s "kek women caring about anything publicly online is cringe and means you should expect humiliation" attitude has aged really fucking poorly and move on for their own mental healths sake.

I considered anonymously offering my way too large archive of old pixy dropbox vids from when I was a teenager because the harddrive they're on is just sitting there gaining dust but at the same time it was pretty distressing and saddening to bring back the memories of just how cruelly she was treated for… well no good reason? looking back on it anyway… though I made fun of her privately out of shame of having similar coping mechanisms so I'm to blame too.

No. 820053

I hadn't really been following the Pixyteri story before, but I'm sure it wasn't anything that hadn't already been mentioned here.

No. 820082

>just how cruelly she was treated for… well no good reason?

Her eccentricity combined with her extreme emotional reactions made her a easy target. She also appeared to be a spoiled brat who was the sole cause of her own problems which made tormenting her seem almost righteous. It wasn't until years later that people started to find out how tragically fucked up her circumstances are.

No. 820083

I know it sounds like a job but maybe just drop some of her cosplsy pics and stuff. Things that are cringey but not outright humiliating.

I understand where you're coming from anon, hopefully people aren't going back to bothering her after the youtube vid.

No. 820132

Making videos about PT really isn't the move. It's unnecessary to "spread awareness" because she keeps to herself and she's not really hurting anybody outside of her clusterfuck of a family situation, so nobody has to be warned. It's also not funny as a "weird internet rabbit hole" because she's still acutely dealing with mental health issues and doesn't need a ton of eyes on her from uninitiated rubbernecks and trolls. We gossip about her but we don't put her through shit. I don't trust random internet lore enthusiasts not to feed into her delusions for shits and giggles or try to turn her into another CWC. Shameful!

No. 820143

I see your point here and I genuinely am not responding to be contrarian, but I guess I don't see why our Queen should be shielded from normal internet curiosity. There are plenty of mentally-ill, unstable people similar to PT who are gawked at on the internet, whether it be on websites like KF or image boards like lc and the chans. I'm not saying it's right, and I'm not saying that I want PT to suffer, but the YouTube video was pretty informative and a good overview of one of the original lolcows. I don't see why PT should get special treatment when other autists like CWC don't.

There was nothing new. I sat through the whole thing. The video author had some other YouTubers narrate some PT posts in really grating, cringey voices, but overall I found the video to be quite informative and a good overview of PT's antics. However, you didn't miss anything other than a nice summary.

No. 820144

Even back in the day, people were critical of the weens that sent her nudes to family members.
My favorite parody is still the dude with a PT face that bought her shampoo costume and other outfit and made an accurate roast.

No. 820151

File: 1612478875462.jpg (118.21 KB, 768x1024, best girl.jpg)

You can just google her and look at all the pictures.

No. 820170

She already has had tons of people bother her, troll her, convince her to give nudes, and contact her family. Cowtipping is disgusting behaviour and PT was fun on cgl until men tried to "troll" her for sexual pictures, and really they ruined it for us with that stuff. Making a video doesnt give you milk, it just leads to more of this stuff that will end in her privating her fb again. You have to know how to let the cows live on their own, not scare them away.

On its own the video is clearly from someone who just read up about her now, they werent part of cgl, dont get that culture and so if we were going to have a video on PT, that wasnt it.

Also I would say that the CWC stuff is also bad, and if he was more self aware he would shut his stuff down too. They are just lucky that he enjoys this interaction at some level.

No. 820232

>It's strange and she didn't deserve it.

That's true in hindsight. But it was very much in vogue to bully weirdos right when PT rose to "fame". It was a perfect storm.

>I guess I don't see why our Queen should be shielded from normal internet curiosity

It's fine for people to learn about PT as long as they don't harass her. What are the odds of that though?

No. 820583

At least she has a switch and animal crossing, I don't get why shes getting so upset about not having a PS5

No. 820586

Thats what I got from watching the first 30-45 minutes before I gave up watching

No. 820596

you didn't have to convince pt to take nudes, she readily provided and upload them.

No. 820745

not me remembering how cgl user sent the nudes to her mother.

No. 820755

That was fucked up too.

No. 820951

Is she still doing nudes?
Kinda want to see what age did to that body that was already a disgrace 10 years ago(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 824234

Our queen is getting baptised tomorrow(imageboard)

No. 824511

Damn, I actually feel really bad for her. She really needs to get some help. TBH getting off FB would be good for her.

No. 824620

Holy fuck anons. I watched all of Canada's Drag Race as it was airing and there was something about Ilona/Mitchal Verley that really bothered me. Like my subconscious was acknowledging that I'd seen his giant horse face somewhere before, but I couldn't figure out when or in what context. I remember I spent a bit of time googling his name and trying to figure out why he seemed so familiar to no avail. These posts put it all together in my head and I can now vividly remember his Pixy parody videos from 6-7 years ago. At the time I recall thinking it was pretty fucking weird of him to buy her old cosplays to dress up as her. So funny that he moved on to become a drag queen and tried playing the part of the "secretly kindhearted mean girl" on the show. The guy is an asshole and every bit as cringe as the cow he was parodying.
Does anyone have those vids saved? He seems to have done a good job scrubbing them off the face of the Internet, probably because it wouldn't be good for his reputation or drag queen career if it got out that he made several videos mocking a mentally ill woman while wearing her fucking clothes. The fact that he's a pseudotranny now makes it some real Silence of the Lambs shit.
I want to see him autistically flailing around on his bed to Avril Lavigne songs again so plz repost if you have any videos, anons.

No. 824624

Nah man, he was spot on with his Pixy impression. That cancelled out the weirdness of buying the outfits for me. Plus he only did like…2videos?
They were still on YouTube last time I checked. Just search pixyteri.

No. 824709

He definitely did more than that, and no, they aren't on Youtube any more.

No. 825051

File: 1614808950240.png (1.06 MB, 957x537, unknown-20.png)

Cecil is going to re-upload the pixy video. She posted the new thumbnail to twitter.

No. 825412

As the Cecil video aired they were still on youtube, because I went back and watched them. So he must have got wind of it and nuked his old youtube.

No. 826078

He was actually in the comments of the original video, he went on a damage control tirade saying how he was just a stupid teenager back then and he did it because he “admired” PT in a way.

No. 826189

you know what? she could have been famous like momokun and those other girls, she was wayy ahead of her time. Also if she took care of herself she would look better, because she isnt ugly she has a nice face and nice features she just dresses poorly and her diet is probably not the best one. I really wanted Pixyteri to get better but eh…

No. 827862

let me know when its reuploaded so I can save and post it here so if it gets taken down it will be here.

No. 827899

People encouraged her multiple times to do the equivalent, but she didn't want to because it'd only attract dudes into fatties
And pixy is a slender curvy goddess

No. 829579

No. 829796

Saved it in case it gets taken down.

No. 829797

Why was this taken down in the first place? DMCA?

No. 829803

am I gettiing my cows & flakes mixed up or is the maker of this video cecil mcfly an onion hanger-on?

No. 829806

It’s not down yet

No. 829807

Where did this video come from? Also while watching the cecil video I saw some rare videos from webm-sama that arent on the one drive anymore. where did they find it?

No. 829823

No I mean what is causing this video to not be uploaded onto youtube? copyright? youtube bullying policy?

I think the creator of the video, cecil mcfly, made the video. Why is it not online?

No. 829833

I think Cecil took it down themselves because they felt bad

No. 829834

Yeah that's why she took it down. She's been working at the remake.

No. 830015

File: 1617562390894.jpg (216.77 KB, 1080x1253, Screenshot_20210320-183750_Fac…)

Alright ladies, enough about this literal who youtuber. Let's bring the focus back to pixy.

No. 830075


What a queen. Stay classy Pixy and blame the universe. I’m not surprised she hasn’t figured out she’s her own worst enemy.

No. 830102

File: 1617595839667.jpg (160.3 KB, 718x1080, DSCN0499.jpg)

Easter queen~ from photobucket.

No. 830103

looking good queen

No. 830104

File: 1617596140858.jpg (113.74 KB, 717x1080, DSCN0418-001.jpg)

She's posted several new sets in the last few days. Love this one too

No. 830106

This outfit is 10/10. If this was some shipped instathot the shorts & t-shirt & shoes/laces would be sold out by now.

No. 830107

Agreed. The location is a particularly good choice for this outfit too. I think she really nailed this look.

No. 830108

File: 1617601701578.jpg (106.65 KB, 718x1080, DSCN0451.jpg)

She has an awesome matching backpack that she included in some shots too. Seems like she really had fun with this one.

The photo bucket link is here >>819072 for anyone who wants to view the whole set. She's posted 3 new albums in the last few days.

No. 830114

File: 1617611976658.jpg (99.31 KB, 960x720, FB_IMG_1617611874512.jpg)

She's seemingly very carefree about her leg hair. I don't hate it.

No. 830118

She has such good fashon taste. I'm diggin the early 90s vibe of this outfit.

No. 830125

I like the choker

No. 830139

I have to admit, this is the cutest she's looked.
It takes a certain amount of bravery to be so relaxed with leg hair as a woman. Not that anyone really cares but I like Sarah feeling comfy with herself.

No. 830140

where is her shadow

No. 830144

I'm not the op of these post but I think Sarah chose to take these photos at noon and the weather that day may have had over casted skies. In any case, PT did a good job.

No. 830156

File: 1617648277700.jpg (510.61 KB, 828x1189, 1.jpg)

Pictures from her Baptism. She looks genuinely happy in that first pic.
With so many awful cows around these days, PT really stands out as one that seems to have support across the farming community. I hope this mega-church works for her to form a supportive community, since she doesn't have it otherwise.
Minor blog but as a hairy (PCOS) woman like PT I love seeing her unashamed hairy legs in her new photoshoot.

No. 830157

christfag but i truly hope pixy gets whatever she is looking for in this church and that they help her see how much God truly loves and cherishes her.

I also hope her mom is supportive and doesnt try to wedge in between Sarah and her faith because shes jealous of her newfound joy.

Loving how happy she looks right now

No. 830158

Yeah, judging from the sky behind her it's overcast with no direct sunlight.

I agree, her outfits are getting cuter. She's wearing nice clothes that look clean and fit well, and it seems like she's staying active outside too. It's great to see her looking comfortable in her own skin.

Even without believing in religion, I'm glad she's found an accepting community. She deserves support, friendship and unconditional love. Church is a good place to find that.

No. 830185

the big picture is lovely of her and she looks so happy

No. 830200

File: 1617679268611.jpg (99.22 KB, 718x1080, DSCN0397.jpg)

This is the third outfit from her other recent set. It looks like some kind of sportswear, maybe for cycling or going in the water? Idk. It implies that she's working out, which is great. It doesn't matter if she loses weight again or not, it's just nice to see her being active and caring for herself.

No. 830201

This is actually the cutest pic I’ve seen of the queen in a while. Being totally honest and genuine when I say she looks nice here. Good for yoy queen

No. 830202

File: 1617679455198.jpg (128.35 KB, 1440x1080, DSCN0389.jpg)

She actually posted a few photos in this set that really feature her legs! I like the whimsical mood here. Not one single fuck in sight.

No. 830204

File: 1617683493957.jpeg (161.51 KB, 827x864, E556F4B6-D86A-41B7-9AA5-F62112…)

We’re all so proud and tickled pink over these lovey photos of our queen, meanwhile Pixy posted these on FB. Is attention really such a driving force in her life to say things like this, JUST to get attention? Tbh it’s posts like this that make me question how truthful she is about things at home.

No. 830205

Hon is mentally ill.

No. 830208

Its a wetsuit and reef shoes, so maybe she's doing diving or snorkeling? Good for her

No. 830306

Is it normal for legs to be this hairy? My leg hair is very light and scarce, so I wouldn't know. Maybe she has an hormonal disbalance?(no1curr)

No. 830309

there’s a broad range of normal, but also a number of issues can affect body hair distribution

No. 830351

She actually looks pretty good in her photos! It’s a shame she feels that way still. She is the queen!

No. 830356

No one gives a fuck about your leg hair anon, sage your post.

No. 830483

File: 1617846629565.jpg (124.96 KB, 1080x1349, AnonSucks.jpg)

No. 830486

File: 1617846989386.png (46.27 KB, 683x473, 20210804.png)

Interesting. I remember her hinting about transgender feelings a while ago, very vaguely mind you.

No. 830549

Yup. PTNR, long time Pixy troll pretty much confirmed that she was in a tranny phase. How long or how successful that is, I have no idea. For awhile, she just had anal sex, she thought her clit was getting large like a penis. We surmised she may have had a raging infection she didn't get treated because she had vagina pain that was "trying to push out" anything that went in.

No. 831114

i remember that she thought futanari was a real thing and sent graphic pictures to the anon who was dming her.

No. 831547

Suki is still alive after all these years and apparently, she had a meetup on her animal crossing island where she did a giveaway. Did she ever consider starting a twitch or will debbie forbid her?

No. 831561

Where does PT post animal crossing?

No. 831562

her facebook

No. 833059

File: 1619293273539.jpg (268.24 KB, 718x1080, DSCN0544.jpg)

New set just dropped

No. 833067

Oh my god, is that Claus? Based Pixyteri is still into Earthbound/Mother, I see!

No. 833085

Love shes doing what she wants, but do her ankles seem really swollen I don't remember her having cankles.

No. 833100

They seem generally proportionate to the rest of her leg so I wouldn't worry. She has bigger health issues unfortunately.

No. 833111

Wow that kinda cute!

No. 833124

I don’t know how to feel about the anons that are not grossed out by her leg hair and the anon who got banned for pointing it out.
I’m glad she’s happy looking though.

No. 833325

It's a scrote thing to sperg about tbh.

No. 833334

Is this legit? I’d donate if I was sure it was going to her and not some rando

No. 833343

What the fuck, in what world is that a scrote thing… Average person who isn't a tumblr feminist is gonna wtf a little at a woman with hairy ass legs, it's a common societal grooming standard. It ain't like she has some light stubble or something, that's gotta be months worth of leg warmer, come on
I agree honestly. Having been around since pt was first being "studied" on cgl I low-key hate that she's seen as some gift from god here. She's still a huge cow, always has been and any other thread would be sperging about how disgusting her legbeard is.

No. 833344

Double post but wanted to add for clarification the reason that anon got banned was for going on about how their own leg hair was "so light and sparse", not purely from judging pts leg hair.

No. 833411

her left leg (our right) has a compression sock of some sort

No. 833415

Aw, this is actually pretty good and she seems like she's having a good time.

Happy for our Queen.

Yeah that's concerning, it looks like she has an ace bandage wrapping on one of her legs. Hopefully she just sprained it and it's nothing too serious.

No. 833416


>sperging about how disgusting her legbeard is

TBH I think people have eased up on her because she's been around for so long and we've been through so much shit with her. Yeah she's still a massive lolcow and VERY cringe but we've really gotten to know her so well over the years you can't help but low key root for her mentally ill ass.

Also let's be real, Pixyteri isn't nearly as bad as Momokun or Amberlynn or the other cows of similar caliber.

No. 833444

She's covered in fake bandaids, so it's probably part of the costume

No. 833492

It looks like she’s gaining weight again and I have a sneaking suspicion her legs are retaining fluid because they are really swollen and lumpy when they weren’t before.

No. 833611

File: 1619663931221.jpg (199.38 KB, 1080x1709, Screenshot_20210428-222259_Chr…)

No. 833612

File: 1619664044664.jpeg (59.8 KB, 750x632, 625C4ECC-3D55-4694-BF60-9D80FC…)

No. 833659

Unpopular opinion but personally I don't think it's wrong or disgusting for a woman not to shave. Scrotes aren't expected to, so why should we women do it? As long as we have good hygiene and shower everyday (which I doubt she does, sadly) I don't see a problem.(literally no1curr about your opinion)

No. 833684

Why would anyone who isn't a brain damaged scrote even entertain the idea of female body hair being "disgusting"?

No. 833687

Yeah no, there's nothing bad about not shaving but pt's mom is as crazy as she is and probably is telling her she's disgusting for not shaving. I think pt decides on these weirdly small acts of defiance to try and regain some semblance of control in her life

No. 833725

Some of the anons on this thread seem to be young enough to internalise the whole "ew gross leg hair" thing. Either that or they're scrotes.

If PT sorted out everything else in her her life, surely people would see how irrelevant her leg hair is, her mum included. Her mother has no skills for dealing with her daughter's problems, so she makes them worse instead and fixates on nitpicky bullshit like that.

No. 833755

>Scrotes aren't expected to, so why should we women do it?

Because nature designed us to be a highly sexually dimorphic species, so the less women look like hairy men the better as far as most of humanity is concerned. A girl is totally free to walk around with legs like shag carpets, but she needs be prepared for the fact that the vast majority of both sexes will always view it as substantially disgusting.

I mean shit PT isn't making some kind of statement about the liberation of female body hair. She's going full sasquatch mode because she associates hairy legs with men and literally doesn't want to be a woman anymore.

That said, Deb should just shrug her shoulders and leave PT alone about her appearance, but unfortunately she's crazier than a sack of rabid poodles so of course she uses leg hair as an excuse to bully PT into the suicide ward for the nth time. All while Michael sits around with his thumb up his ass trying to pretend like everything is under control. Boy what a healthy family.

No. 833758

Fucking thank you. It's a common societal concept/beauty standard world wide, it's not a scrote or underage only thing. When did this site become such a "womyn" hug box holy fuck. PT isn't some feminist freedom icon and it's far from abnormal for grown women to think yeti legs are gross, there's a reason everyone's not walking around with nature's legwarmers. Starting to think some of you gals are living in your hugbox bubble a little too snuggly if you unironically can't see how this is still a common mainstream view.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833760

Sorry to double post but to add: along with that I agree that her body hair choice is due to her misconstrued gender dysmorphia, you tards ever consider part of why debby is trying to force her is because it might be a sign she's not keeping up with personal hygiene/care? (Considering pt historically hasn't..) and not just a "ew icky body hair on girls bad" issue?

Debs is fucking retarded/makes things worse, but from her pov she's "helping" pt "be normal" by fixating on something like her leg hair. She doesn't know how to help or handle pt but I really don't get the impression she does these things in an attempt to make her miserable, she could easily have left pt homeless years ago. PT is and has always been absolutely spoiled, even if her mom's attempts at "fixing" things can be full out there nutso. PT also classically misconceives everything and over exaggerates. She's like some needs full time wranglers tier of sperg at this point, she literally thinks it's abuse to be asked to pick stuff up from the grocery store. She's a stunted womanbaby and debby doesn't understand her unique issues and reached her rope years and years ago.

No. 833761

I'm sorry you're too brainwashed to question the beauty standards scrotes have set for women.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833762

I'm reporting my own post after this to take my rightfully earned ban for derailing/infighting, but:
Sorry you have such internalized misogyny/victim complex as a woman that you can't conceive that women as individuals are capable of thinking for themselves and having their own opinions on what they like, without it being "for the scrotes". Good luck with figuring that out for yourself and all, sweetheart, but here's an a thought for ya: you're just as "bad" as your scrote boogeyman by trying to force this "all women have to rebel against the patriarchy's body hair standards!" on everyone.

News flash: people as individuals have different opinions regardless of their sex, and whether you personally like it or not, leg hair to the extent pt is sporting is still widely seen as "gross" by the vast majority of current mainstream society. It's fine you think it isn't, but you aren't the current standard and there's going to be plenty of women who dislike it even if men ceased to exist overnight.

Absolutely tired of you speds shitting up this site with your weird projection/internalized issues. Not everything is men vs women, take it up with your shrink sometime.

No. 833763

>there’s nothing wrong with having leg hair, it doesn’t matter what scrotes think

You’ve still got a few seconds to delete this retarded post. Don’t worry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833764

>Accusing others of being scrotes
>Obvious bait post
>Follows up with unsaged strawman
I'm falling for some troll fresh from 4chan aren't I. Sorry ladies, my bad.

No. 833765

Who’s the 4chan scrote? This person is fucking insane and sexist.

No. 833769

lmao thinking males didn't decide what "societal standards" world wide are. just like Chinese girls bound their feet until they couldn't walk because they thought it was super pretty right? you're an absolute fucking retard and it's worth getting banned to say so. If it were sexual dimorphism we would come out that way naturally rather than having to do it to ourselves, how fucking dumb can you be?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833772

>scrotes decided they liked this first so no woman could possibly like it of their own volition
>comparing shaving one's legs to forced body mutilation
>Ignoring men are fully expected to "manscape"/take care of bodyhair in a thousand other ways to adhere to societal beauty/hygiene standards so this isn't even some one sided thing
???? You the same bitches who think women can only wear make up to impress men too, or…? How big of a pick me were you prior to this that you can only conceive this black/white extremist thinking on the matter? Like, did you only shave your legs for men's sake in the past and that's why you can't comprehend other women liking it without it being brainwashing from the "scrote dictatorship"?

Some dude has visible neck/shoulder/dense back hair, untrimmed scraggly wizard beard or some shit I'm gonna think it's just as disgusting. Did the men make me think that too?

No. 833774

'm not the anon who brought up sexual dimorphism but you seem to have either 0 grasp on what that actually entails in this context or are being willfully obtuse and trying to twist it into meaning women naturally would have no leg hair, vs women naturally having (on average) sparser and less dense leg hair than their male counterparts (because of the effects of sex hormones on the body). There's still a wide range within that, but it's obvious in this scenario the concept would be removal = mimicry of that common difference. You can sport your calfscarves all you want but it doesn't dismiss that as a potential factor.

Not to mention if there's any big ulterior reason behind leg shaving for women it's capitalism, trying to get more $$. Yet regardless of where it's roots are, it's still a standard that's evolved over time and become common place in current society: it's not inherently sexist to agree with it whether you personally agree with it or not. Sorry men vs women is the end all be all of everything to you, must be quite the burden.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 833780

Why are you guys so mad that someone doesn't care about beauty standards?
How brainwashed are you? Leg hair shaving wasn't even common in my grandma's generation, it's not a naturally evolved thing or whatever. Shaving your whole body now comes mostly from porn, ads scrotes made to sell women stuff and totally is pedo scrote shit.
And jesus you really don't understand biology.

No. 833781

While some women do shave pubes for hygiene, I do think it's a bit sick that some scrotes can only fuck hairless pussy. Like imagine only being to have sex if some of the signs of adulthood have been stripped from your partners body. Some gifts are literally immediately turned off by the slighted stubble on pussy. Fucking pedos(unsaged derailing)

No. 833782

File: 1619786921645.jpg (288.02 KB, 1080x1769, 20210430_084737.jpg)

No. 833785

She should have moved out long ago. If she would be normal for a minute she could meet some other fat weeb who would marry her and take her out of there. Plenty of women marry to escape their abusive home

No. 833786

She is literally CWC

No. 833795

She did, with some black guy kek. It was very brief.

No. 833830

I don't think Sarah can function on her own right now. She would benefit from inpatient care. Then maybe she might be able to get to a place where she can take care of herself, but she may also be far too gone and uncooperative at this point

No. 833831

Poor baby. It seems like her mom threatens to kick her out over a ton of stupid things all the time

No. 833845

That’s insane, how can a parent threaten to kick out their clearly mentally disabled daughter because she isn’t shaving her legs? This is some psycho shit.

No. 833853

As hard as I'm sure Pixy is to live with, Debbie send like something else. Functional, but a malicious bitch. PT when she isn't having a manic episode is just whiny it salty at worst.

No. 833854

Deb kicks up fights over retarded shit. Makes me think she's as autistic as PT but has managed to disguise it and substitute it with narcissistic and controlling behaviors. She must hate her daughter cause PT reminds her of all of her failures and shortcomings as a person and a parent. She's a super fragile bitch.

No. 833899

File: 1619887622227.jpg (211.57 KB, 1080x1318, 20210501_010934.jpg)

No. 833900

File: 1619887754264.jpg (136.77 KB, 1080x601, 20210501_124850.jpg)

In regards to the neighbors question

No. 833931

I mean to be kind of fair to her dad, remember that one video of her screaming at him and he said one benign thing and she was screaming DONT EAT ME or whatever it was? I’m imagining something like that where he said something and she was screaming at the neighbors “MY DADS GOING TO EAT ME”

No. 833942

yes, that whole “my dad wants to turn me into a burger and eat me” thing was pretty out there
if she was off on one of those, i can see him not wanting her to get into it with the neighbors
it is a shame the parents aren’t more engaged with getting pixy professional help

No. 833947

It sounds like she going off about her mental health and delusions to the neighbours
Pixy doesn't see why that would be inappropriate

No. 833994

File: 1619950093786.png (1.86 MB, 1600x900, party.png)

Enjoy my edit of chrischan and pixyteri in the dashcon ballpit. Felt the photo needed to be more ominous

No. 834055

I don't understand why they won't get her help. Her mother complains and shames her all the time but it feels like she also doesn't want her gone because then she doesn't have her favorite whipping girl around.

She was so smug rubbing it in Pixy's face when she threw her out but then let her come back despite everything.

I don't think she wants Pixy to get help and get out of the house.

No. 834064

Pixy is over 18, and is not considered retarded enough to need her parents to be her legal guardians. There is no way to force her to go to therapy/a counselor/APS.

No. 834103

You are both correct

No. 834136

I mean, even if PT isn't mentally retarded by definition, there's absolutely no way she will ever be able to live on her own or without a guardian because of the way Debbie raised her. I definitely agree with >>834055. I feel like Sarah only became what she is because Debbie is batshit and took it all out on Sarah her entire life, so how can she be expected to function on her own in a healthy way? Nobody just knows how to or is able to care for themselves once they turn 18, it is literally a parent's job to raise their kids to either be functional or care for them for life. Otherwise, don't have kids. It sucks that Sarah had such a shitty life because despite the weebery and grossness, she did always seem very mentally and emotionally delayed.

No. 834166

didn’t pixy’s ex-sister-in-law say that one of pixy’s brothers was expected to become pixy’s legal guardian after the parents died?

No. 834452

File: 1620263477980.webm (1.39 MB, 1280x720, average_week_night_at_the_guil…)

For those that haven't seen it

No. 834465


dear god what the fuck. she needs serious medical intervention

No. 834662

Debbie def is her trigger she was calming down with her dad not reacting the moment she screeched it sent her right over the edge.

No. 834701

Always miss the links working by like half a day.. anyone reupload for a curious anon?

No. 834711

It still works for me?

No. 834785

use a different browser than Safari or download it by clicking on the filename in the post, webms don't work in Safari on LC

No. 834888

I think "killing me" is just an exaggeration similar to "My parents are going to kill me," because Sarah in this context is obviously upset due to being incapable of being independent. Her parents obviously did not raise her to be, and aren't currently letting her try, to be an adult. Them "hurting" her is metaphorical for the smothering emotional and verbal pain she feels they inflict, not that they're physically jabbing her or some shit. You know they don't care about her boundaries and give her no freedom at this point. They drive her crazy because they don't listen, and must've called her 'schizo' at some point since she mentions that in the video, which is pretty fucked.
Just listen to her dad at the end
>"if anything you're hurtin' me."
As he sits there reading his stupid paper completely unbothered by this scene, and Deb is in the other room screaming like a banshee while "being on the phone."
The entire lot are assholes.

No. 834892

The old Onedrive videos gone for good?

No. 834900

she is so mentally ill i dont think she actually can be independent at this point whether her parents are in the picture or not. the 'killing me' stuff is delusional though, he really is just sitting in a chair

No. 834907

yes, agree 100%, it’s not a metaphor
she really thinks her dad wants to kill her (and turn her into a burger)
she really thought she was growing a penis
she is seriously mentally ill, it’s not just that her parents are assholes

No. 835160

No. 835254

She is mentally ill because her parents are assholes. That's the cycle.

No. 835591

people aren’t mentally ill just because their parents are assholes
get with the 21st century bruno bettelheim

No. 835919

is this not the deer transbian from twitch

No. 837864

File: 1622147304817.jpeg (99.25 KB, 1242x318, 0594ECC9-B78E-48EE-A937-00BDA6…)

No. 837865

What the fuck happened? Pixy noooo

No. 837866

She’s only vagueposting in the comments

No. 837867

Wot happen

No. 837874

File: 1622149163199.png (8.65 KB, 323x76, pt.png)

No. 837879

I hope she’s okay.

No. 837889

Oh fuck

No. 837911

Her FB account was down for a day or two. Does she mean she was in "Facebook Jail"?

No. 837934

File: 1622178869627.png (949.71 KB, 2048x589, Screenshot_20210528-011340.png)

No. 837936

Elderly? She probably got physical with one of her parents and they finally called the cops on her?

No. 837937

She physically assaulted somebody? I wonder if it was Debbs

No. 837938

File: 1622179560504.jpg (122.61 KB, 720x920, IMG_20210528_022557.jpg)

No. 837940

Oh no her parents finally called the cops on her

No. 837941

Bitch probably deserved it.

No. 837942

To be a fly on those walls.
Do you think Debs maybe instigated her,or she had a freak out.

No. 837948

File: 1622185587284.jpg (82.84 KB, 780x1140, wot.JPG)

according to this, she has two charges. One for Felony Assault, and one Misdemeanor for resisting arrest/search.

No. 837959

File: 1622200938116.gif (1.16 MB, 275x275, 1432796002783.gif)


They blind or what

No. 837961

I'm tempted to feel bad for Pixy but will this finally be the last straw to realize that she isn't wanted there? It would've been easier to escape Deb's psycho shit and her father's indifference without an arrest record, but there she is.

I don't really believe Pixy did anything to warrant a police call. Her parents just want her gone at this point and are looking for the drop of a hat to drive it home to her. A shove during an argument? Throwing the Tupperware around again? ERMAGERD, A SALT ON ELDURLEH!!1!! Who knew your mentally ill daughter wasn't coping with the living situation well?
God they're such inept morons, I can't feel bad for any of them.

No. 837970

>felony assault
i get the inkling that she probably did blow up and give mom a lovetap. can’t really blame her. so many minor things can be assault, kind of like how literally anything can be a “deadly weapon” on a police report.

getting a job is going to be even harder for her now… rip queen

No. 837977

Actually yes, it's on the parents in most cases. This is where genetic disposition and most learned behaviors come from. Her family is dysfunctional and families like that LOVE to pick out one bad seed, usually the weird kid, to blame all the family's problems on them. This makes the child literally go insane, because they are constantly being told that they are the problem. She should get help and move out, with steady counceling and therapy she could live an enjoyable life.

No. 837987

A felony?! God this poor baby. Her parents did her so fucking dirty.

No. 837997

I wish she wouldn't vaguepost and just come out with the big thing she allegedly did so we could know if this entire thing is bullshit or not.
I hope she gave Deb the big smacc.

No. 837998

The resisting arrest part makes me think she does indeed have schizophrenia. She probably claimed the cops were trying to kill her too. She’s batshit and I wish she would get put into an institution but since she’s in TX she’s mostly shit out of luck. Texans hate mental health.

No. 838028

Severe bi-polar or bpd can cause manic states of mind and paranoia, which I think sounds more like Pixy(medfagging)

No. 838046

She’s a grown ass woman. Walk away instead of beating the breaks off your mom. There’s a difference between misdemeanor and felony assault for a reason.

No. 838049

Yes she's grown, but PT is clearly suffering some form of psychosis. Someone sound of mind could easier 'walk away instead,' but PT is not mentally sound. We have no clue on what actually happened, but assuming Deb was assaulted, her age as well as them being family would likely contribute to the crime being labeled felony over a misdemeanor, regardless of how serious the injury is or isn't.

No. 838065

Since it is her first offense, I believe she could technically plead lower and get the felony dropped. Unless of course, it was some serious injury shit.

No. 838082

We don’t even know if it was her mother. It’s be labeled as domestic assault (which is a misdemeanor in Texas esp w FO) and felony assault. Domestics has nothing to do with degree of the label.

No. 838083


No. 838093

File: 1622261308389.png (68.73 KB, 589x405, Screenshot_20210528-182230_1.p…)

Ok so I've been doing some reading. Please no ban for saged legal fagging because this is our Queen and I care.
Basically it's automatically a felony because it involved a child/elderly/disabled. Elderly just means 65+. The "without serious injury" speaks for itself but I haven't found that verbage in the statues I've been skimming. I haven't seen what level felony but that may give more info to her mental state.
Speaking of mental state, when you commit a crime you can do it at various levels of culpability from "intentionally" (5 culpability) to "negligently" (1 culpability) and innocent being 0 for scale 0-5 purposes. PT probably could get it reduced because her mental state wasn't intentional. According to the law PT probably could be considered acting "recklessly" (2 culpability) as defined in TX as "A person acts recklessly, or is reckless, with respect to circumstances surrounding his or her conduct or the result of his or her conduct when he or she is aware of but consciously disregards a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur." due to her established mental illness and her heightened stress/state of mind from the assumed blow up. Her dad being at a hotel with her afterward she gets out of jail lends some credibility to this too.
It's interesting because PT may meet to standards of a disabled person based on the abuse law she is being prosecuted under.
It doesn't look like there is a mental health diversion program specifically for her county (Victoria), but she may get some benefits from this whole ordeal if she has a decent lawyer, family support and a judge who will spend more than 5 minutes considering the case. Hopefully there is some diversion program she will qualify for, and may get services this way.
Disclaimer IIANAL or legal eagle autist. I might have understood or explained something wrong, etc. College was a long time ago.
I just hope PT has a lawyer who gives a damn and can plead this down and get her into some services.

No. 838130


She has no job and no money, she won't get her own lawyer and likely won't even ask for a court one because she isn't very bright.

No. 838197

This is just fucking depressing. I wish PT could get away from her shitty parents and get the proper help that she so desperately needs. It's sad seeing her go down this route.

No. 838228

File: 1622323867288.jpg (53.76 KB, 669x154, 1622323291472.jpg)

Lol sorry for not being an expert on laws in Texas. I'm aware we don't know if it was Deb or not, that's why I used the words 'assuming' and 'would likely.'

Regardless, PT posted about GFM donations being helpful on facebook today so if anybody wanted the link again since it seems to be legitimate its here https://gofund.me/dc531a59

No. 838242

I don't understand why she needs to beg for money when she keep buying stupid shit

No. 838260

that’d be the mental illness

No. 838268

File: 1622338383516.jpg (76.59 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1622338377035.jpg)

New short haircut. She looks happy.

No. 838277

She looks the healthiest she has in years. What a rollercoaster!

No. 838335

The short hair really suits her!

No. 838364

I don't want to judge how she's doing based on a single picture, but she looks decent here in spite of what's happened. Which is good at least, I hope it's true…

No. 838372

Queen of healthy skin, she is glowing

No. 838387

File: 1622414437106.png (106.22 KB, 1491x286, events.PNG)

No. 838400

Are you retarded? Genuine question.

No. 838409

>mom threatened to burn down the house
We all knew Deb was crazy, it's no wonder PT is shades of crazy too. She seems relatively fine (if a bit delusional) when she's out of the house but we've all seen the clips of her mom screaming and harassing her when she's at home. They feed off each other and it's an endless cycle.

No. 838465

>since she’s in TX she’s mostly SOL
i definitely won’t argue that tx is the best for mental healthcare but i know of people who’ve been 5150’d here for much less than PT has done. that to say, i feel like deb is to blame more than the system and that she actively interferes with PT getting help. i can’t imagine it’d be much different anywhere else in the states, as long as deb is looking after her.

No. 838507

Tinfoil: Deb is scared shitless for PT to get real help because her daughter might spill the beans about her more psychotic behaviors and embarrass her. She'd look like a shit parent if PT was separated from her in some kind of institution and started to thrive, indicating the problem was mostly environmental thanks to her. No healthy parent speaks to their daughter like the way I've seen her do and that is the hill I'd die on.

No. 838508

Free Pixy

No. 838529

yes, you worded it perfectly anon. deb is some kind of histrionic. having PT get help elsewhere would reflect badly on her as a mother, in her eyes. it’s so fucking unfortunate. i hope her case worker can put something together… she hasn’t had access to one before, has she?

No. 838636

Not tinfoil at all. You hit the nail on the head.

No. 838866

the other farms, someone posted a cap from Pixy's facebook where she says she has a case worker now, who wants to get her out of her parents home and living somewhere else(imageboard)

No. 838967

File: 1622757767400.png (367.25 KB, 959x742, Capture.PNG)

Since farmer didn't post caps.

It's terrible she had to get a case worker via getting arrested but at least someone's looking out for her now and sees what's going on. I bet her mother will try to sabotage her.

No. 838980

File: 1622763771422.gif (55.32 KB, 320x320, yey.gif)

It's not cause for a celebratory party, but getting away from Deb will be a step in the right direction. I'm glad the caseworker recognizes her living at home as an issue that needs addressed. Getting a job is okay too but PT has been employed multiple times yet all her problems stem back to living there.
I'm happy for our queen.

No. 839406

Case workers always come in after the damage is done sadly. But Sarah is already bottom of the barrel in her life and it can only go up…I hope. Sarah is finally getting outside support. Someone with some power and resources that isn't her family. I'm hopeful. Sarah was one of my favorite old school cows, but it's time she starts living her best life.

Sarah's always looked old, so now that she's in her later 30s she's looking more normal than cringe. >>838268 It's really sad that she has so many issues with age when she seems like a woman who comes into their own look wise when they get older.

We can have some positive outlook that Sarah will get housing opportunities, a normal job and she can go back to whining about not having enough snack breaks instead of her dad turning her into a hamburger. There's also charities, if she's not under her parents control that will help her clear medical debt that her case worker can introduce her to. If her parents had PoA over Sarah than she most likely wouldn't qualify for a lot of government assistance, but if she's on her own, homeless, disabled (mentally ill) and no job, she'll qualify for any assistance program there is.

No. 840226

File: 1623502725885.jpeg (35.52 KB, 750x336, 2373FA62-1F0F-42DF-AD1A-E64E82…)

from kf

No. 840228

No. 840236

Eh,idk,her jobs never last long. She should take care of her mental issues if she ever wants to keep a job and support herself. Hope she's getting help after the police fiasco.

No. 840239

she has said she has a caseworker, so here’s hoping she’s getting better access to mental health care

No. 840332

File: 1623604568546.jpg (392.05 KB, 828x562, 2_LI.jpg)

At least it's a job she wanted and usually the garden shops are the least busiest areas so it's low-stress.

No. 840334

File: 1623604652216.png (210.01 KB, 916x561, Capture.PNG)

No. 840361

To be fair to her she's right, she is irrelevant now and all that previous drama she isn't involved in anymore. There's no milk and she isn't online so what's the point?

No. 840364

I think she’s fine now, I wonder if those videos will ever get removed.

No. 840420

I think the documentary is absolutely necessary for her. Regardless of her being irrelevant or not, she's gonna be known to anyone coming here or any place where lolcows are a thing. The documentary humanizes her in the eyes of anyone looking into her background.

No. 840429

She's one of the most infamous internet personalities of all time though. I understand why it upsets her but its not like the doc has no reason to exist. She's like Chris Chan in that her antics were put out willingly by her, I don't see why it matters that it's old news. She's still the queen of cosplay after all

No. 840440

'I'm not wearing bikinis or skimpy skirts' …..like that was the main issue

No. 840483

I wonder if her weird pseudo ftm shit is because she's somehow got it in her head that wearing cute or girly things = wrong/what people hate her for/why her family shames her.

PT really reminds me of that breed of sperg that just can't grasp the actual issues people or society have with their behavior, even when it's explained very clearly. So I wouldn't be shocked to see her jumping to weird conclusions like that to try to make sense of things. I kinda wonder if she's not some form of sperg with anxiety whose been antagonized into sounding psychotic or delusional during melties her mom induces. Debbie had her seeing that psych place for a while though didn't she? The one she yelled about in FB reviews? Surprised nothing came from that. Maybe Debbie flipped on them too fast though.

No. 840625

To be completely fair to PT however: Had she been her spergself today versus peaking in 2011, she would never have been trolled to this degree. She would have either went ignored or actually gained a following.
There are now women fatter, uglier, meaner, filthier, and worse dressed who have made internet 'success' for themselves. I'm not saying she would have been a treasured internet personality, but maybe at least she would have gotten some money and positive attention out of it which is more than what she could hope for now.

I don't like to overly stan for our Queen cause obviously her internet presence is her own fault. I'm just saying she was "before her time." Insofar as it doesn't seem fair relative to comparing what is commonly found among internet users today. I mean what did she really do that were the so-called milky highlights back in the day?
Make fun of small titties?
Post jealous comments about thinner women?
Lie about her exercise regiment?
Be an embarrassing overweight weeaboo?
Pretend her windchime was proof she was part asian?
Post nudes on the internet?
Get screamed at by her mom on camera?
None of it seems like a big deal and even less so when you realize that most of this stemmed from deep insecurities, unlike the lolcows of nowadays who just act that full of themselves and post even more convoluted and worse drama.

I do feel sorry for PT as she's basically a cow for nostalgia's sake of being one of the "firsts," and not because she's anywhere near the worst. It's self-perpetuating at this point. She's looking for something easy to blame for this ie. 'Maybe I was too girly?11?!' but the truth is her situation is more complex than that. She's partly right that she was targeted because she was the fat, mannish, and ugly cosplay girl trying to act kawaii (whoever denies this is being disingenuous, imo), but that's only a fraction of why she's antagonized. I wish she would be able to find happiness offline so she could leave the internet behind for good and let her history be buried underneath the fresh meat.

No. 840686

Anons forget she wasn't a mainstream cow and she was posted to /cgl/ board on 4chan. Today, she'd be an oddity on the weeb board, but she was primarily a cow in cosplay and lolita communities. Those communities had a lot of petty drama so Sarah was a big deal and "fat shaming" was a lot more acceptable. She isn't on the level of cows today or this website, but she was big in her niche communities. She only became a bit more well known outside of the cosplay community because she was incredibly delusional.
>Obsession with Japan
>Had embarrassing cosplays she'd buy. At the time, cosplay was more about making your own costumes.
>Claimed Asian ancestry and threw a shit fit when she was called white
>whined about absolutely everything in her life
>Had no sense of being PC, by complaining about September 11 a few years after, complained about black women being considered more attractive than her by an ex, etc.
>Delusional about her looks
>Would become so possessive of a character she became attached to, it was borderline insane.

Mostly she was bizarre, petty, jealous and bold about everything. Her photosets were where girls around /cgl/ came to be catty bitches. She was shitty so no one had to feel bad about it too. In retrospect it was shitty and got out of control. That's why /pt/ has the board rules it does. A lot of women would reach out to greasy PT as a glow up challenge. She rejected all good advice.

These days I just want my Queen to be happy or at least stable. Her tinychats were fun even if she almost kicked me out for talking about Breaking Bad instead of anime.

No. 840691

Around the time of "muh work out lines" anons started suggesting she advertise herself properly so she could monetize her cosplay, but that would require PT to admit she was "chubby"

No. 840702

It wasn't even a few years after, she complained people didn't get over 9/11 on the first anniversary. Let that sink in. That's a complete lack of empathy.

No. 840707


No. 840740

ntayrt but I'm willing to give her a pass for that since she's a turbo autist but can understand why people were fucking pissed at her.

No. 840743

Nowadays there's no witch hunt for literal whos who've made 9/11 jokes. Zoomers also have no empathy for it cause they weren't born or were too young to have experienced it. Her crime there is 'too soon.'
PT isn't articulate but she's correct in that most empathy for that tragedy was performative only and used by politicians at the time to justify a war, many people didn't actually care.

I remember when another /cgl/ autist named Chokelate made some off color comment about the Fukishima nuclear disaster and seagulls didn't cow her nearly as much because she was flavor of the month in lolita at the time. People pick and choose, and it was easier to virtue signal to an ugly awkward weeb than a lolita model with clout.

No. 840751

File: 1623940069061.png (500 KB, 1109x607, Screenshot (369).png)

Yeah, I know she's an autist and genuinely couldn't understand, but I also KINDA get why it pissed people off…
You know, I have rechecked that post and it's much less rude than I remembered. Still a bit tonedeaf (it was an unthinkable tragedy that affected not only the USA, but also the world; anniverseries reopen wounds, especially fresh etc.) but she wasn't disrespectful to the victim's families. Though I really side-eye the 'why the fuck are they talking about 9/11 in school, while I'm trying to learn!!!' because I really doubt that EVER was her priority.

No. 840753

Lol! I thought it was at least two years! On man, Queen, you're ruthless.

Sure it's not Mariah's "I support Hamas and other terrorists!" but it was still pretty bad in that climate. Being canceled back then was in the form of saying anything negative about "the troops" and making 9/11 jokes. And Sarah was always doing this kind of thing. It more of a pattern of her bratty behavior than it was a single comment.

No. 840763

This is so funny lmfao classic pt. Always mad at anything getting more attention than her

No. 841119

Yeah I mean…this is the same woman who was mad she didn't win a beauty pageant at a fucking GAY BAR of all places kek. Lack of empathy and self-awareness are textbook symptoms of autism, it's underdiagnosed in girls and Deb doesn't seem to actually care about her daughter's mental health, so it wouldn't surprise me if she had it. That would also explain her fixation on Japan, to the point of believing she was actually Japanese. Also probs why she didn't realize her cosplays were awkward and was never afraid to shit on anyone and anything on her blog. That's why I feel so bad that there were people out there who doxxed her, accused her of being a pedo, pretended to befriend her to release her nudes… You know, stuff that can actually ruin someone's life, when she was just a very mentally ill woman. Sure her pics and rants were lulzy and interesting but it would've been better if ppl just quietly enjoyed the milk instead of trying to ruin her.

No. 841700

PT was actually a good student when she was in school. I know what you mean though but that entire post just strikes me as her autism rather than her being heartless, as a lot of that stuff was really performative, in her defense.

No. 842107

pt calling out 9/11 autism before it was cool. BASED

No. 844301

File: 1626334722705.png (534.73 KB, 750x1000, image0-24.png)

hi farmers, first post here and probably only one, but i just watched the pixi docu-series and i wanted to draw her. so heres the cow queen :]
i made her look like she wasnt pooping bc i genuinely started to kinda like her lol, anyways enjoy(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 844304

Sadly you will probably get banned for filling out the name/subject fields (next time just leave them blank and write 'sage' in the email field to be safe so you don't unnecessarily bump the thread), mods around here have become pretty ban-happy.

Your art is beautiful though, friend. Super cute. Bless you and our rightful Queen.

No. 844306

thank you for the art of our magnificent queen, welcome to the fold.

No. 844341

Welcome anon. Please try to not be an obvious newfag and don't use emoticons/don't fill out the namefield. Try reading the rules too! Thanks for the lovely art

No. 844358

The queen needs some sparkles around her. Did you use oil pastel?
Also what the other anons said.

No. 844455

welp i did indeed get banned for newfaggotry. but thanks for the kind words! the piece is digital and i shit it out while falling down the kawaii queens rabbit hole. might do another, bc shes pretty fun to draw, lots of….shapes.(So close)

No. 844468


word of advice, unless your post is adding new milk to a thread make sure to type sage in the email field

No. 859203

3/10 if she had a gun on md(namefag)

No. 859262

I think it's difficult not to like Pixyteri after falling down the rabbit hole. She really is the queen. Art is cute, by the way!

No. 862079

File: 1639649058958.jpg (686.92 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211216-063349_Chr…)

I guess she identities as a gay "boi" now.

No. 862102

please, no more…

No. 862114

pt is the gift that keeps on giving

No. 862116

be who you are for your pride pt!

No. 862139

I guess she had a falling out with her church? Kek

No. 862160

File: 1639752453330.png (436.19 KB, 1440x819, Screenshot_20211217-064636.png)

The queen is planning to go to ikkicon

No. 862165

>out shine me and I’ll get sad and jealous
It’s insane how she’s still saying the same shit for years now.

No. 862168

Oh pixy, shine on you crazy diamond god dammit!

No. 862220

Oh boy!
Who could have seen that coming?

No. 862247

File: 1639842526552.png (518.52 KB, 710x813, 1639511272990.png)

No. 862355

She's immortal.

Pixy's vague/crazy/paranoia posting is always so unsettling.

No. 862367

Leon Kennedy cosplay 10/10

No. 862620

pt really bums me out. she genuinely could be so pretty if she had self-esteem and help for her mental illnesses. seeing such a lovely woman obsessed with the idea of being "male" is just so sad to me

No. 862635

She isn't obsessed with being male. She is aging out if her preferred aesthetic that she felt uncomfortable in for a long time. She is rejecting being sexualized & wearing dresses. She is rejecting the narrative that women after 30 are old hags. She doesn't want to be a man, she just doesn't want to carry the burden of being a naturally aging woman as an autist. Easier to opt out for her.

No. 862679

IDK I'm buying what you are saying, but that's a cool theory

No. 862706

all the talk about how she was growing a dick, though

No. 863541

File: 1641261307958.png (300.54 KB, 1080x1850, Screenshot_20220103-205226.png)

Debbie vagueposting all month.

No. 863542

File: 1641261347497.png (175.32 KB, 1080x825, Screenshot_20220103-205300.png)



No. 863543

File: 1641261388371.png (324.69 KB, 1080x2394, Screenshot_20220103-205353.png)

Unconfirmed, but sure sounds like her Sarah tirades.

No. 863552

>one of her old boyfriends
So, James?

No. 867822

File: 1645235514834.png (25.44 KB, 726x255, Capture.PNG)

No. 868464

Someone on cgl implied PT had done the old gender switcheroo so I came here to confirm

>I'm celibate

Change your fuckin profile picture for once in 10 years Debbie

No. 868644

Wish she would get on meds already, everything upsets her

No. 868674

File: 1646098612850.png (566.29 KB, 820x1420, image_2022-02-28_203622.png)

Confirmed by Pixy herself, yeah. This was posted on KiwiFarms

No. 868681

File: 1646101668778.jpeg (436.97 KB, 750x546, image0 (12).jpeg)


cool thread!(cirque du shitpost)

No. 869078

File: 1646528233888.png (20.56 KB, 732x188, Capture1.PNG)

She's been going on and on about how bad this fair has been for her and now this.

No. 871374

File: 1648319106773.png (65.63 KB, 527x772, Screenshot 2022-03-26 at 14-19…)

she hates japan now because they won't accept her for being white. she finally admits she's not asian? weird.

No. 871397

Our poor queen. She loved Japan as a weeb and hates it as a weeb. To her, Japan will never be anything other than Kimono, Maid and Hentai.

If Chris-chan trooned because he was a failed moid, is Sarah a failed woman? She's spent her life believing she was smol animu, but was always made fun of for her big build and masculine chin.

No. 871423

wait a minute she identifies as a man now?

No. 871447

You don't have to be Japanese to visit Japan though. Just be respectful and a polite guest. People are going to gawk and be weird regardless, you're a foreigner in their country

No. 871479

Well duh anon, we know that. Try telling our queen that though kek

No. 871662

I always saw her as a female Chris as well. This is why she isn't milky anymore though, XY is the critical ingredient to being a lifelong cow

No. 872053


she actually gets angry now when you call her queen. really dramatic, lol. said she was growing a dick at some point but i don't remember where that is in another thread.

i don't think she wants to be a man but idk. she's just dressing as a guy and doing 'guy hobbies' like fishing and goes on about how she's gunna cosplay sora and link no matter what?

i wanna know who tells her she's not man enough to cosplay sora lol

No. 872246

I feel like her mom is to blame for a lot of it, she made Sarah bleach her hair and take tanning pills in high school. I bet Sarah cutting her hair off REALLY pissed Debbie off

No. 872787

File: 1649239877687.png (539.99 KB, 1440x938, Screenshot_20220406-031114.png)

No. 872948

>she made Sarah bleach her hair and take tanning pills in high school.
Kek I know you must have meant this as like an example of how her mom can be controlling over appearance but this made me cackle as if this single act is the root source of all her schizo autist shit now

No. 873006

This exactly. Her mom was a piece of shit but this isn’t causing schizoaffective disorder. I miss the old Pixy the old I’m Asian, and I’m gonna never shower because Japanese people don’t Teri.

No. 873007

Honestly fishing isn’t a masculine sport I’ve known tons of females who do it. I’ve heard a theory that now she is identifying as a male BECAUSE she thinks that no one will be into her female cosplay anymore due to age….I’d argue they never were into her female ones due to how awkward she posed and looked,..My gosh her pay for cosplay was just her drowning in a tub looking like Michael Meyers when he dressed as fat bastard. That doesn’t even have anything to do with weight, she just retracted her chin all the way back giving her a 3 chin. I can’t even.

No. 873012

I remember having a similar sentiment (lesser but similar) the days after 9/11 happened. Ofcourse I was in like 1st or 2nd grade and just wanted to watch cartoons instead of watch news. But I grew up and understood what happened. Pixy was already 16 when it happened so this is very tone deaf.(namefag)

No. 874911

After having just watched the documentary on her, this is one lolcow that I actually want to comment on. For whatever reason I missed her in her heyday, despite catching most of the other big lolcows.

I think the sexual trauma she suffered over the years has essentially driven her into psychosis and age regression. I've been digging deeper since learning about her, and most of the people from high school viewed her as fairly normal, albeit quiet and a bit weird (other than the obvious Asian shit).

It seems like she got good grades in high school, got a degree, and her first relationship didn't sound very unusual. In addition, most of her IRL friends directly attribute Kris to driving her to the fucked up extent she ultimately reached.

This picture here REEKS to me of sexual trauma. Its not nonsense, she is claiming to be celibate so that no guy can abuse her or take advantage of her body.

Just a theory, but who's to say the ex isn't Kris? I have no proof, but his LinkedIn says he was let go from Caterpillar in 2020. So he might be looking for a job, and he seems to keep coming back to her.

The Mom would obviously describe him as a boyfriend, not a fuckbuddy. This is Texas after all.

My impression of all of this is that she was a stunted, autistic girl who was always awkward and needed validation, and this guy was a predator who saw weakness and abused her for him and his friends kicks.

Obviously I have no proof of all of this, but I've known girls who have been stalked/abused by exes before, and this whole thing just reeks of it. The British guy too was probably sexually abusing her, to the point she's now trooning out to dissociate from her femininity.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 874912

What would James have done to her that warrants a restraining order though? Or Matt? From my understanding, Matt was somewhat mutual with her heading off to college, and James was stalked by her if anything.

In my opinion, this is a reference towards Kris. He keeps coming back to her, has allegations of sexual abuse from the past, and Pixy has stories should could've told her Mom to make her feel this way.

Every girl I've seen posted describes him as a loser who was hated even by strippers, and he's displayed sadistic tendencies. A former abuser popping into her life would explain all the sudden "I'm celibate" references too.

No. 874992

I bet she says vase with a hard R

No. 875225

I'm already Vacer

No. 879375

Does she still think she’s growing a penis kek

No. 881133

File: 1656176539741.png (463.89 KB, 828x855, IMG_9245.png)

Update from KF
>We've now entered troon saga
>Lot's of the same posts: "Muh X hurts" "It's NOT MA'AM REEEEE" "I hate X" "[insert I'm depressed post]" "[insert question being asked to soothe her insecurities post]"
>still mentally spiraling and cosplaying
>cosplaying seems to be the only thing that makes her happy nowadays
>just like chris-chan, pixy's no longer funny and just… sad

No. 881134

File: 1656176568549.png (417.93 KB, 828x768, IMG_9246.png)

No. 881135

File: 1656176604711.png (489.39 KB, 599x860, Screenshot 2022-06-16 133348.p…)

No. 881136

File: 1656177034613.webm (4.79 MB, 1484x828, 3422662-5d66f1b17e0a101b2500f1…)

No. 881138

It’s good to see her awkward flapping around again

No. 881144

Pixyteri looks like a middle-aged white woman, kinda sad tbh

No. 881148

She looks like what she is? >>881136
This is genuinely super cute. Forever The Queen

No. 881150

She's still in her 30s, anon. That's NOT middle age. Sarah is so bizarre, but at least she looks happy in the video?

No. 881154

Average life expectancy of a Texas woman is like 78.5 years. Now divide that by two

No. 881173

that iconic wall

No. 881181

IIRC she's around 37, which is technically middle aged.

No. 881319

Good lord she's gotten really heavy

No. 881350

This is begging to be made into a banner!

No. 881644

File: 1656711587010.jpg (397.13 KB, 1440x2594, Screenshot_20220701-173007_Fac…)

Aaaaaand there it is

No. 881746

What in the schizo fuck is she saying here? She thought endometriosis was her growing a dick and that's why she was trans but now it's gone?

I used to think pixy is just some kind of developmentally delayed or autistic or something but the shit she posts seem like pure schizophrenic tier delusions lately - especially the weird fixation on sexual abuse that as far as we know was never mentioned prior to this saga.. (not trying to armchair pt here either, this shit is just weird)

No. 881751

yes, she was having pain and swelling in her vag and was convinced that it was her growing a dick
her brains are very scrambled, it’s sad

No. 884000

File: 1658188961462.jpg (43.52 KB, 733x244, pt.JPG)

Now she thinks lice live in her stomach.

No. 884025

I miss the old PT but this made me laugh too, wtf Sarah.

No. 884318

Pixy and Chris-chan really hit the wall fast and hard in terms of psychosis. It seemed like, as you said, just autism or that they were underdeveloped in some way. But they completely went off the rails and you know it's past the point of no return. Definitely to where it hasn't been funny, only concerning.

This definitely sealed the deal. She needs some real help or she'll end up in the psych ward full-time.

No. 884799

This made me want to cry. Poor PT. What happened. She thinks that lice are in her and that "the male part of her fell off." I really wish that she would see a psychiatrist about her mental issues.

No. 885118

For people who who PT well, realistically what is the best outcome we can hope for ?

No. 885592

File: 1659126757122.jpg (76.72 KB, 766x841, pt.JPG)

Her new look, fresh off the Facebook feed.

No. 885602

some kind of inpatient program, far away from her parents and the internet. even just for 30 days.

No. 885604

We’ve entered the Britney era

No. 885609

weirdly, the buzz cut makes her look more feminine than the bob

No. 885958

Yeah it looks okay to be honest, not terrible. Her dome is a nice shape.

But, she is going to get so much shit for this in Texas. The fact that she doesn't wear makeup and had a short haircut before probably had people asking her if she was a lesbian 24/7

And that's not even bringing up Debbie who I am sure went ballistic about her head being shaved

No. 890118

File: 1661873568178.jpg (544.24 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20220824-022607_Fac…)

Sounds healthy..

No. 890119

File: 1661873593209.png (1.79 MB, 982x2048, 1661385336107.png)

Looking thicc

No. 890121

File: 1661873623965.png (996.66 KB, 640x1600, 1661385360348.png)

Just peeped the lgbt flag in the background kek

No. 890122

File: 1661873651828.jpg (251.49 KB, 1080x1256, Screenshot_20220829-182534_Fac…)

She wanted to borrow her parents car to go to a con but they refused

No. 890123

File: 1661873682951.jpg (99.62 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20220829-182552_Fac…)

I do like how she managed to tie it into some crusade about pronouns

No. 890124

File: 1661873816627.jpg (116.11 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20220806-223355_Fac…)

Mom playing kick the autist

No. 890780

File: 1662499562005.png (67.98 KB, 684x748, pixything.png)

sorry, third time is the charm. anyways, i think she is either trying to get more attention or she has undiagnosed schizophrenia? i could believe it, she did think she was actually growing a dick at some point.

No. 890883

No. 890909

Is there any way she can ever get away from her mom? She could definitely get a tugboat, affordable housing, and her Lowe's job, but she has never made an attempt to move out, has she?

No. 891010

pretty sure she has and her mom sabotaged it somehow

No. 891066

Ladies we're talking about the mentally unwell woman child who refused to work because she couldn't take a break to eat every 10 minutes. She's not capable of providing for herself

No. 891425

Does anybody have the webm-sama videos backed up anywhere?? Please???

No. 891428

Bumping because cp spam

No. 891444

Sarah will not let you save her. That's who she is. Anons were willing to pay for Japan and she wanted to spend it on sanrio type junk.

No. 891620

No. 891621

sorry was just using this because the link to the past thread was broken, and i was just trying to get to it. was going to delete after but getting "wrong password" error.

No. 892031

File: 1663567564666.png (551.6 KB, 1440x816, Screenshot_20220917-113133.png)

No. 892032

File: 1663567629636.jpg (571.59 KB, 1440x2023, Screenshot_20220917-113200_mh1…)

Pixy is a fierce competitor

No. 892047

Honestly pixi is pretty real. It’s hard being older and losing your looks then comparing yourself with younger or more youthful looking women. I feel like she def has it harder than a lot of people.

No. 892058

Maybe, but she's been doing this whole "i'm so old and everyone is hotter than me" song and dance since the day she turned 18

No. 892060

No she's just mentally ill. It's pointless to dwell on thoughts like that and even more pathetic to post them publicly. Everyone ages, she is too sick to make peace with that.

No. 892088

I used to feel the same way until I stopped giving a damn. I live for myself, I live to enjoy my life. I don't care what others think. Dwelling on the loss of one's youth is so draining and a waste.

That said I still take care of myself and like pretty clothes. Wish PT could see it that way. Makes room for a lot more fun.

No. 892517

File: 1663874483800.png (1.24 MB, 638x1088, Capture d’écran 2022-09-22 à 2…)

the progressive flag behind her.. i hope she didnt trooned out or whatever smh

No. 892576

well she never had a 'young' pretty looking cosplay face to begin with. me neither tho lol thats why when i cosplay i photoshop the fuck outta my foot looking face lol

No. 892596

She’s dressing like her elderly father now. And all that hard work (to her it was hard) went to waste and she gained back and some. Sad. She had a small glimmer of hope even if she was dancing like a tard on the driveway

No. 892739

File: 1664090278135.jpg (146.14 KB, 1364x2048, FB_IMG_1664090245118.jpg)

No. 892741

Based on her appearance alone maybe she should become a high school gym teacher

No. 892751

The vicious cycle of rooting for Pixy and then being met with reality everytime you come back. I regret not hating her buzzcut.

No. 892880

Anon, I'm sure there are features that you have that are good. Don't put yourself down, besides, you've got many other qualities that are so much more important. That kind of talk is really not good for you and hope you're able to see what the people who care about you see.

No. 892925

i don’t understand why sarah doesn’t join weaboo texas facebook groups and find some links minded person to move in with

No. 892950

Have you not read any of pixy's posts in the last 5+ years? There's no way she can handle social situations right now. She needs actual mental health care.

No. 892989

She'll get jealous of the other females and be pissy and sullen when people try to talk to her and expect the same indulgence her parents give her for her behaviors which will get her kicked out. She doesn't really want friends or help or even neutral people she can have a working relationship with, she wants a constant stream of asspats and sympathy.

No. 893064

Does anyone have the complete list of links to old PT threads in order? I found some though feels like there are other ones.

No. 893415

Bump for CP spam, careful scrolling

No. 893487

File: 1664578221757.jpg (43.25 KB, 739x300, pt.JPG)

What does this even mean?

No. 893491

I wish I could get a pixy room tour.

No. 893515

Is she talking about her futa dick again? Or being assaulted by that ugly rapist? Or ….did she use to be pregnant and her batshit crazy Bible thumping mom made her abort? Or does she just have to take a nasty shit? With Pixy, it can be anything.

No. 893545

There's pretty much 0 chance this isn't about her thinking she was growing a dick inside her vagina or whatever lmao

No. 894428

>>893545 oh god please not chris chan but penis edition i cannot witness that type of shit online again

No. 894686

cp warning, bump

No. 894716

CP bump, apologies to PT

No. 895060

Trying to bump CP off the front page.

No. 897195

Shit was crazy for the old Pixyteri. She was cute and happy and a sexy. The new stuff is hard on the eyes. But she would still be fine if she would be a girl like before.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 897199

>cute and happy and a sexy

No. 897271

really random but I completely forgot I snagged PT's Twitter handle years ago when she deleted.
Would she even care about it and want it back? I legit want to give it back to her, I'm not even sure why I snagged it in the first place

No. 897456

Bump - CP on main page

No. 898441

File: 1668871732893.jpg (29.98 KB, 706x212, technically.JPG)

This was in reference to a video she shared about marriage equality.

No. 898477

SO crazy

extreme bump for scat cp

No. 898576

File: 1668989098258.jpg (34.36 KB, 731x184, rocknroll.JPG)

I really don't understand the rocking thing.

No. 898745

pt is adamant about being a man, people in the comments offer actual tips on how to pass and on actually transitioning. yet she doesnt even change her name on fb?

No. 898758

Poor Pt. I wish we could go back to her transracial delusions. The wind chime seems like much simpler days.

No. 899079

File: 1669420696555.jpg (24.5 KB, 737x192, fired.JPG)

PT's been fired.

No. 899136


Anyone hear what happened? She was excited about their potluck yesterday.

No. 899155

She's been PMing people who ask, but I haven't taken that step. Most she said in the comment section was "discrimination."

No. 899204

File: 1669542161004.png (654.74 KB, 1138x2068, Screenshot_20221127-013751.png)

No. 899235

>Also no matter how many times you cosplay better than me, I'm still better
>The End
Kek. Shine on queen.

No. 899245

any idea who shes talking about? jealous of ftm cosplayers actually looking like guys?

No. 899333

This is why I love her

No. 899346

File: 1669697364305.png (956.12 KB, 1440x848, Screenshot_20221128-204823.png)

No. 899347

No. 899351

You're damn fuckin' skippy! I love her I don't give a fuck attitude.

No. 899359

File: 1669732908082.png (41.24 KB, 1080x225, Screenshot_20221129-094123.png)

No. 899364

File: 1669742514120.png (1.48 MB, 1439x1655, Screenshot_20221129-015343.png)

No. 899380

Oh man, the 2022 time line of Pixyteri is not what I expected. Isn't she at least 34/35 now?

No. 899381

she’s like 40 or almost 40 I think.

No. 899392

Poor Pixi. We should've know we were in for a Chris Chan saga when she started posting cryptic body horror statuses on FB.

No. 899399

It shocks me each time , seeing how entitled she and other trans-identifying people are. Give me a fucking break . She has some nerve to demand employment and random customers play into her delusion . Put some effort into your transition or leave people alone.

No. 899640

how dare you disrespect our king

No. 899656

KEK anon

No. 899669

File: 1669948748275.jpeg (23.61 KB, 700x315, 167203173_298547018320021_8180…)

No. 900026

Sad, I was hoping she'd go for a weeb name.

No. 900093

File: 1670286453563.jpg (40.09 KB, 740x307, dumb xray.JPG)

Is she suicide baiting or does she genuinely think she's dying?

No. 900102

File: 1670296391681.jpeg (66.24 KB, 500x490, B4EEF107-CA23-4717-B520-12F0B3…)

unironically she is mentally ill, the type that makes her unable to live independently and unfortunately she lives with parents (i assume, unless it’s changed) who still for some reason think that at her big age all she needs to do is “grow up” and can go about a normal life when cosplay and cross dressing and whatever is probably the only thing keeping her somewhat grounded (enough to hold down jobs for a while anyway). Yes, she really thinks she’s dying, just like the really thinks she grew a dick out of her vagina or whatever and just like she believed she was part Japanese because of some wind chimes. It is crazy to me that anyone here still entertains the idea that she’s fine and capable of taking care of herself when she was literally shitting in the front lawn or whatever her mom said when she left the review for the psychiatrist years ago. I know she tends to do the sympathy posting but I think it’s just the only way she knows how to communicate because she really feels these things are true and no one believes her. Unlike someone like CWC who has the confidence to believe he’s a goddess and shit because of trolls pretending to believe him and people literally spending their lives obsessing over him and feeding into his delusions, she has just been beaten down with no friends, fake or not, no one is humoring her delusions(people are telling her how to “pass”, but not believing she’s actually turning male, which she hates), but also no one is really trying to help her. And she’s really too old for it to matter anyway, it’s probably a forgone hope that she will ever be better. Sorry for wall of text I just am kind of over seeing people posting incredulously like “wow, pixyteri crazy?!!” As if it hasn’t been known.

No. 901204

i always had a soft spot for pixyteri. she needs to live in one of those “houses” where they put people on the spectrum in, where she can sperg out with other likeminded people like her, while holding a job and learning how to live on her own. etc

No. 901279

Nothing like that exists in America

No. 901291

When did she think she grew a dick?

No. 901294

She started thinking that probably 5ish years ago (more or less, I’ve been here long enough that time runs together), it was around when she started cosplaying boys/shotas. But when you see her talking about “things really happening to her body” in regards to her gender like in >>898576 she’s talking about how she’s physically becoming male. I don’t know why so many people think she’s sane and just a little bit delusional. She’s not, she’s very delusional.

No. 901696

They do but you have to have a good caregiver to advocate for you and probably pay to have you housed there. That would be ideal for her though.

No. 908281

thought i would bump the thread since spam has it pushed back… JIC

No. 908619

literally she’s got delusional disorder and severe issues regulating emotions. fags in the comments section confuse it with psychosis bc they can’t use google. that’s why she can function in society and with people.

No. 908741

She’s getting into mukbangs now . She’ll regain all the weight she worked hard to lose

No. 909298

File: 1675823744137.jpg (26.96 KB, 726x212, meatloaf.JPG)

No. 909336

File: 1675892045411.jpg (330.69 KB, 1440x936, Screenshot_20230208_152731.jpg)

No. 909338

This is the pixy I know from the golden age. I miss all the petty shit she'd freak about. Seems like it's just really scary mental shit like police and asking her dad not to kill her these days. We are in the Dark Years of Pixyteri.

No. 909839

File: 1676408935787.jpg (91.99 KB, 640x959, 329246006_918709582485234_3741…)

What is it about Sora from kingdom hearts that attracts cows?

No. 909840

Sora is a 16 years old boy (Kingdom Hearts I was released 2002) who is best friend with Disney and Final Fantasy's characters. Couldn't it be more obvious?

No. 909857

File: 1676429150061.jpeg (470.56 KB, 1170x1999, 2195B62B-914A-4440-B360-6571E6…)

I hope people aren’t mean to our Queen.

No. 909859

manifesting that pixyteri moves in with a friend or people who can help him so he can get a job and save up(sage your shit)

No. 909872

Manifesting this but it's sane people who help her accept that she's a woman and don't push her further into her mental illness and delusions

No. 909921

…why would you ask for sext buddies on your public Facebook page that your parents can see… Maybe this is also why she always end up fired. Imagine being an employer doing some background check and finding this kek

No. 909961

>using he/him pronouns for our queen
Go back to Twitter, queer weirdo

No. 909962

hey. shut up. fat ugly whore. go suck off your moid(infighting)

No. 910040

It's weird that I feel so close to Pixy, but I grew up in Victoria, TX. She was 4 years too late for me. But I knew a preggy weirdo who was into preg porn, his name was Lee and he was 2-3 years Pixi's Jr. IDK if that info helps. This info is 15 years too late I'm afraid.

No. 910294

Does anyone else find the parallels between Pixyteri and Chris-chan interesting? They’re respectively the Queen of Lolcow and Our Pet Lolcow of Kiwifarms, they’re both OG cows who have been mocked and trolled for well over a decade, and they’ve both trooned out. And despite their long sordid histories they’ve remained online (well, Chris did until his arrest) to continue replenishing the milk supply over the years. And it’s pretty evident that both of them have complex mental health issues that run deeper than just autism - I wonder how much the years of negative internet exposure exacerbated their mental illnesses?

No. 910425

they would’ve made the perfect couple

No. 910454

File: 1677456652795.jpg (31.65 KB, 750x201, prolific.JPG)

No. 910533

Its really interesting and I've noticed it too. Now I wonder when the PT arrest arc is coming.. (Doubt itll happen and I don't actually want it)

No. 910541

I'd say sooner than later, as she recently posted a video on tiktok of herself piss ass drunk in her car, parked in some parking lot listening to music, talking about driving somewhere or something incoherent. So you already know she's driving drunk. Just a matter of time until she crashes or gets a DUI and starts the "I'm not human why does everyone hurt me, don't misgender me Mr officer"

No. 910558

Can someone embed said tiktok?

No. 910583

She did. She assaulted her father? Threw something at him. She was in jail and was staying at a hotel for some time. She was working with a case worker trying to find options for her, but never knew what happened with that. A mentally ill woman will end up dead and a mentally ill man like Chris-chan will end up raping or killing someone…I just PT keeps herself safe since Chris-chan lived up to predictions of him being a sexual predator.

Pixy isn't autistic. She's quite functioning socially. She's bipolar and bizarre. She's fairly functioning but she's unmedicated so she always spirals.

No. 910638

File: 1677707842919.webm (3.29 MB, 576x1024, 7203485833771552046.webm)

This video?

No. 910639

im 98 percent sure this is mcdonalds drive thru

No. 910641

I actually see more similarities between her and Terri/Manaknight. They both deinfitely suffer from a higher-functioning form of autism (among other things).

Here is his thread in case no one has ever ventured into it:

No. 910642


this is the link, but I am posting from a potato phone and cannot embed. Would another kind anon care to help?


No. 910666

Iirc there was an argument at the house and police were called. Pixy pushed her dad and Pixy was arrested and charged her with "elderly abuse" (I'm guessing this was Deb's doing), but she was bailed out. Her and her father were both staying at the hotel because Deb was on some crazy shit that day talking about burning the house down according to PT

No. 910808

File: 1677969462588.jpg (1.36 MB, 1439x2537, Screenshot_20230304_163211.jpg)

No. 910813

File: 1677975877865.jpg (575.49 KB, 1440x1641, Screenshot_20230304_181612.jpg)

No. 910822

Does she think a ghost is trying to sexually assault her? She needs therapy and to get away from her parents, it's her only hope.

If only she could open up to a therapist like she does on Facebook. A real therapist, not some gender quack, that would be a whole new disaster.

No. 910845

Oh my god she still thinks there's a dick inside her body somehow

No. 910892

She seriously needs help, why is she thinking that her own magical dick is inside her raping her? Self-rape?? Or is it the weird ghost thing? She’s seriously hallucinating so much that this isn’t even funny.

No. 911005

I thought that she was saying she's worried about rape because it'll misgender or invalidate her as a man or something? Not because rape is terrible in general. Fuck, Sarah. This timeline is brutal.

No. 911611

File: 1679093856444.jpg (104.35 KB, 722x802, obgyn.JPG)

No. 911632

Well, Sarah, even if you have 'both', you still have female parts to be examined. God is she annoying.

No. 911634

File: 1679143887913.jpg (641.27 KB, 1463x2048, 335065622_617880123494534_5866…)

she seems to be getting crazier, but at the same time, her artwork is getting surprisingly better.

No. 911636

She's starting to give off "I'm going to murder my parents" energy

No. 911638

I hope she pours more energy into her art, maybe for money even. She will refuse to look her problems head on so maybe she can confront them in art? But that would mean putting aside delusions. I truly wish she could improve.

No. 911639

>"How many times have I said I'm a man and I do have both parts."
She needs to be sectioned, she has some kind of delusional psychosis where she cannot even understand her own thoughts from one moment to the next.

No. 911640

Did pixy always have an aptitude for art? I don't think I've ever seen any older posts about her artwork before. Hope she continues to use it as an outlet despite the concerning trajectory of her mental health. This is really good.

No. 911643

>two skulls

No. 911646

File: 1679184293915.jpg (265.17 KB, 2048x1666, 332487776_542334441047801_2106…)


I believe this was actually a comissioned piece, or a piece that she just outright had someone make her an offer to buy it. She started doing paint by numbers back when she started therapy, then it progressed to more freehand works. She definitely has some talent just going by her sketches she does, but I was really impressed with this piece. It was all freehand. The strawberries are especially nice. I wish more people commented on her posts with her art.

No. 911648

File: 1679184411261.jpg (142.93 KB, 1480x2048, 332123749_1254863231772178_400…)

and when she isn't trying to draw anime character shit, her quick sketches are quite nice.

No. 911655

There’s a museum in Baltimore Maryland that specifically features the work of mentally ill schizophrenic people, and people who’ve been inspired to do art after they heard the voice of God. Pixy’s art would fit right in there.

No. 911665

File: 1679207722871.jpg (76.73 KB, 1440x699, Screenshot_20230319_001555.jpg)

No. 911667

File: 1679207814604.jpg (236.94 KB, 1440x2314, Screenshot_20230318-031943_Fac…)

No. 911668

File: 1679207835520.jpg (409.15 KB, 1440x3040, Screenshot_20230318-032136_Fac…)

No. 911682

Wonder how many of the anons who were genuinely suggesting her parents were the only problem and she just needed to move away from them are feeling right now.

No. 911686

To be fair, many said she'd have to be in a group home. Thing about Sarah is she is too functioning to be in a group home, her home environment is too toxic and she's too retarded to be on her own. Unfortunately, she would have to decline, become a bit dangerous then be committed. Even then they're release her after a week. One thing they do in my state is make some patients get shots instead of taking pills for psychosis, bi-polar and schizophrenia. If they don't receive the shots then their housing and other benefits get cut off for family threatens to do it. It's a great solution for people who get off their meds, but I don't think Sarah's even gotten the introductory healthcare to diagnosis and medicate herself properly, much less stay on a plan. Deb was on fb a few years ago saying that doctors weren't medicating Sarah properly even though she's been diagnosed with bipolar.

No. 911697

Genuinely weird that she's constantly reiterating that she doesn't want to die when she goes to the ER like, why would she be dying?

No. 911699

File: 1679262874748.jpg (37.96 KB, 778x373, ghost.JPG)

A followup to this.

No. 911705

LOL nonna, you read my mind. Her work would be loved and accepted by the Intuit Gallery in Chicago. They specialize in Outsider and self-taught artwork. FWIW the gallery itself is very cool and reading the biographies of kooky people alongside the strange art is a trip. Sometimes Pixy's thread feels like one of those stories where a person gets progressively crazier and you can never guess how their life will end up. I certainly didn't see this happening with Pixy when I started following her antics during her Japanese aidoru phase. Compare that Pixy with this current "I have a dick growing inside of me" Pixy. It's bleak.

No. 911737

File: 1679334516165.png (17.16 KB, 544x218, PT rape ghost.PNG)

No. 911744

File: 1679352732024.webm (4.31 MB, 576x1024, Snaptik.app_721212123937096017…)

Here's the tiktok. It's hilarious to me, but also makes me doubt how serious she is, that she makes this video and then adds "horror atmosphere piano" as background music.

No. 911748

Plenty of group homes for high functioning adults. My friend works in one as a supervisor. His job is just organizing the meds and making sure the residents don’t get in any fights. I think there’s definitely a place for Pixy in a group home. Just who knows how funding/placement for it is where she lives. Also I don’t see hope in her improving without seeking therapy and it doesn’t seem like she’s open to any kind of introspection.

No. 911750

She looks like she's trying to hold back laughter, not like someome who is actually scared of whatever she thinks is happening

No. 911751

My theory is she does this when she knows she's full of BS and making up a story for attention. She is VERY attention driven, as we know.

No. 911775

File: 1679411240140.png (917.26 KB, 1200x850, Untitled-design--17-.png)

she looks like Stuart from MADtv.

No. 911777


No. 911779

That sounds lovely. I live in a shit hole state with some of the worst healthcare in burgerland so I didn't even know about group homes for anyone that isn't bat shit insane or legally retarded. I don't think Texas is a State teaming with support for those that can't afford it. I think Pixy could improve if she started meds

No. 911913

File: 1679534228295.jpg (617.12 KB, 1470x2048, 337166896_172078559018986_6218…)

>price tag still on

No. 911914

Jesus christ I thought this was Quinton Flynn when I saw it on the front page KEK

No. 911927

File: 1679544461841.jpg (567.59 KB, 1439x3052, Screenshot_20230322_223258.jpg)

>>911775 might be on to something. This might be her Stewart saga
Here's the fb that >>911913 came from

No. 911985

File: 1679610980470.gif (1.54 MB, 640x480, look-what-ican-do-stuart.gif)

Is this a stewart cosplay?

No. 911987

god save our king

No. 911990

The kang -of all- kangz! Forever in our hearts!

No. 912066

File: 1679730770746.jpg (29.28 KB, 250x343, 4862966-0fda5ae161b4fa429979c8…)

No. 912070

Jfc I feel so bad for her dad. He seems like a tired old man but not crazy like his wife and daughter. She still has that entitlement she was known for. She should just put down plastic bags if she has no where else to paint. anyways I do wonder if her thinking she has something inside her is her being traumatized of being raped by that moid. It seems after that things went downhill for her mentally.

No. 912072

Her dad being the sane one makes him more responsible imo, I'm borderline a-logging him. He knows his wife is violent and insane, but he still enables her and that is what lead to Pixy being who she is. The dad's a cuck, he doesn't care about paint on the carpet but he's shouting at Pixy because his crazy wife is telling him to. This is nasty when it includes adults, but I'm pretty sure the dad turned a blind eye to everything Deb was doing during Pixy's childhood. It's no surprise that Pixy's so fucked up.
Deb threatened to burn the house down with them all inside under a month ago >>910666 - how can he find the threats credible enough to flee but not important enough to get mental health intervention for his wife? How many times did Deb have freakouts like this when Pixy was a child?

No. 912236

Pixy is both retarded and schizophrenic so I wouldn't trust her word when she says her mom is violent, because she also interprets requests to bathe as violence (as befitting a troon)

No. 912479

This…I know people always try to point to the tanning pills and making her look a certain way in high school but while fucked up in other ways (and I’m not denying that) it’s pretty common for moms to do that to their only daughters especially if they aren’t comfortable around people who are kind of nerdy or weird. The extent of her “violence” since then has been asking her to bathe, telling her she’s not half Japanese and her dad is her real dad, tried to get her off the internet where she was making a fool/meeting random guys to fuck, trying to make her get a job well into adulthood, threatening to kick her out when she was almost 30 and now almost 40. She should have gotten her more help, yeah. I don’t know the story there. But she never entertained her daughter’s delusions. I know people have always considered her mom insane but I cannot confidently say I wouldn’t do at least a few of these things if I were in the same situation and we are seeing a version of her filtered through pt probably at her worst moments. Not to white knight her too bad lol I just think at this point it’s not all on the parents.

No. 912518

'it's MYYYY bedroom' okay sarah do you own the house? do you even pay rent? no, stfu and clean the carpet jfc(sage your shit)

No. 912538

File: 1680198072831.png (191.05 KB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_20230330-104103.png)

No. 912539

File: 1680198109302.png (134.55 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20230330-104120.png)

No. 912546

She needs help. Like she needs 5150ed.

No. 912626

This isn't the first time I've seen a TIF mention self-rape. I used a follow a really unhinged TIF personal cow until one day she said that transitioning felt like she was raping herself. I chose to finally unfollow that day. Just goes to show that TIFs are just traumatized women who have likely been assaulted in some way to make them want to escape from their femininity, only to find that being a "male" is also triggering because that's who caused harm to begin with.

No. 912639

What is this in response to? Is she thrusting her phantom dick into her fist, like a jacking off gesture? I hope she's doing that in private omg

No. 912971

by now I have the theory shes thinking her cervix is a dick growing inside her. Maybe descensus uteri? Has she reached out to any actual trans men accepting help/tips when they were offering or is she just screaming how seeing them makes her more jealous?

No. 912976

File: 1680911402802.jpg (74.38 KB, 848x654, intersex.JPG)

No. 913058

File: 1681169774677.jpg (31.94 KB, 824x418, peach.JPG)

god PT is stupid.

No. 913162

she really just needs to be committed at this point I don’t really know what to say. Nothing she says is normal and her mind has degraded so far beyond what it once was. She’s always been a little weird but this is too much. She’s fortunate her parents are still supporting her financially even if they can’t stand her.

No. 913166

just commenting to say the paintings are great

No. 913215

Does anyone know why she never changed her facebook name to her new male name?

No. 913258

She says it’s because of her family/mom are on her friend list and her mom would freak

No. 913300

But she dresses like a guy at home, wears a binder (I think?) and constantly posts these weird stories about being disrespected and misgendered because she’s a “prince”?

No. 913301

I’m mutuals with her on tiktok and god she’s so fucking pathetic, always constantly posting and whining lmaooooo

No. 913305

don't be selfish with the milk nonnie please share

No. 913317

File: 1681686775584.jpg (26.02 KB, 562x575, Screenshot_20230416-191232_Tik…)

Nta but this is her handle. Enjoy!

No. 913320

Sorry I can webm on mobile so I’m gonna let someone else do that but this obviously planted “stalker” lol…


No. 913321

She’s either doing this for attention or she’s skitzo. My bet is on both

No. 913329

File: 1681705624140.webm (18.5 MB, 576x1024, I think I’m just imagining it.…)

> Creepy park at my usual photo locations #creepy #chalk #ash #location #stalker #wtf
> original sound - Sora Ashton

No. 913330

File: 1681705874351.png (888.59 KB, 2210x1461, comment.png)

She commented saying she thinks she’s imagining it.

No. 913331

Thanks! I pointed out this video mostly because she clearly planted all the chalk circles and her “name” there for the TikTok (unless there’s a cowtipper in her hometown in which case boooo). Obviously none of us are there with her on a day to day but I’m not really sure how much of her apparent mental deterioration is actual mental illness beyond a pathological desire for attention.

She seems really pathetic and boring but lucid in the tiktoks I watched, she really only seems all that unhinged when she starts ranting on Facebook which is easy to fake if you wanted to. How much of this do you think is just being played up for the internet? I don’t think she has any real friends at this point and I think the only kind of relationship she knows how to have is one where people take pity on her, but as she’s nearing 40 most people who once took pity on her just don’t have the patience anymore if they’re even still aware of her.

No. 913339

Praying for a PT gangstalking arc

No. 913487

PT becomes fixated on certain things and has anxiety/paranoia about seemingly random events and scenarios. She isn't mentally well and hasn't been raised in a way that supports mental health from what we have seen.

That doesn't mean she is going to act crazy all the time, but even what you are identifying as a desire for attention isn't necessarily normal either. I don't think it is less legitimate of a problem just because some of it is by her own volition - unhealthy actions are a product of underlying issues.

tldr imo a normal person wouldn't pretend they are being gangstalked anyways

No. 913590

I think its pretty normal to develop abnormal paranoia when people obsess over you on par to Chris Chan, complete with gif banners on top of imageboards.

No. 913615

File: 1682371340676.jpg (146.21 KB, 723x1414, urgent.jpg)

So she's rocking in public now?

No. 913651

Rocking back and forth isn’t just a male thing. God I hate enablers.

No. 913656

They shouldn't be blindly accepting this, female autistics rock as well, it's an incredibly common soothing technique

No. 913811

Try to tell Pixy a decade ago that she would come to hate her big tits so badly lmao. I remember when she used to pickme about them and her workout lines.

No. 914350

File: 1684102358710.jpg (15.32 KB, 726x183, otou.JPG)

No. 914544

File: 1684540827939.jpg (29.66 KB, 729x211, college.JPG)

PT wants to go back to college apparently.

No. 914555


Please keep posting! It is appreciated!

After years of being supportive (but honest), I guess she blocked me over the paint on the floor thing.

No. 914564

does she think all diseases are gendered in this way? is rocking as a stim a binary male symptom?

No. 914574

File: 1684635144857.png (42.19 KB, 721x919, PT.png)

Didn't take a screenshot, but she wants to go back for an art degree.

Just for you.

No. 914615

She really, really needs help. I just don’t understand the need to be so extreme about objects or occupations.

No. 914623

File: 1684752611268.jpg (78.12 KB, 1440x736, Screenshot_20230522_054733.jpg)

I really wish she would be truthful at her doctor visits and get the help she needs. I hope its nothing serious, maybe she just has a weak pelvic floor and leaks a little when sneezing or something and not full on loss of bladder control

No. 914652

Tinfoil but maybe she has some problem with vaginal discharge but because she's a man now she calls it urine. She's been having vaginal issues for ages.

No. 914679

File: 1684846393217.jpg (123.7 KB, 1440x1233, Screenshot_20230523_074452.jpg)

Is this enough to get her 5150'd?
Obviously no cowtipping allowed, but she's always making these little threats that she wants to hurt people and obviously she would never actually do real harm and probably just throw a tard fit hitting herself in the head while wailing "Kami-sama!! Why do you hate me?!"

But I feel like if someone in her family was documenting her talking about wanting to be violent they could request a wellness check to get her on a 48 hr mental hold, not that anyone in her immediate family remotely gives a shit about her declining mental health. It's shocking to me she thinks she wants to go back to school for an art degree when she constantly wants all her answers Googled by one of her loyal asspatters

No. 914680


She did get arrested? detained? after attacking her dad. I always thought she was more of a talker than someone who would actually engage in public confrontation, but between being fired and her self-reporting, she seems to be getting more aggressive.

No. 914681

Iirc she got charged with assault of the elderly when she pushed her dad in front of an officer. She had to spend a couple nights in jail for that. I also remember around that time she and her dad had to stay in a hotel together for a night or so bc Debbie was threatening to burn the house down(sage your shit)

No. 914874

File: 1685136818638.jpg (134.14 KB, 860x934, deal with it.jpg)

No. 914891

Chris chan is a rapist and pt is going to end up murdering someone. What a timeline we live in.

No. 914940

File: 1685248344578.webm (9.89 MB, 576x1024, 20257d3753db355ec85121e20246de…)

Sketchbook tour

No. 914941

File: 1685248592630.webm (6.73 MB, 576x1024, 177e6fdf892aa14c93ace167e013ec…)

No. 914967

File: 1685320629741.jpg (114.6 KB, 724x1158, extremely attractive.JPG)

No. 914970

File: 1685323444647.png (208.14 KB, 743x846, hotel.png)

Something went down.

No. 914974

File: 1685339398285.jpg (86.17 KB, 720x1115, Screenshot_20230529_004812_Fac…)

Some clues from Deb?
Sounds like tensions have been high since Friday, or Saturday.

No. 914992

File: 1685374666092.jpg (150.56 KB, 1440x1880, Screenshot_20230529_102948.jpg)

2nd Pixy homeless saga? I really want her family to 5150 her to get her some actual mental help or at least to help her stop pissing her pants

No. 914998

Oh god, the giant bandage is worrisome. The fuck happened?

No. 915000

File: 1685379155939.jpeg (94.36 KB, 750x729, IMG_6971.jpeg)

I don’t think her mom posts about Sarah on her facebook, from what I’ve gathered looking at her page, the mom is constantly subposting about Sarah’s grandmother. Possibly also about the brother that lives in Austin.

So looks like her mom posted “hi princess” on her page and Sarah sperged out on her. I have wondered how they’ve all been navigating the whole trans thing since Sarah’s been so annoying about it but looks like home situation may be reaching a head.

No. 915008

File: 1685385154895.jpg (162.16 KB, 840x1769, Screenshot_20230530-023306_Fac…)

From four days ago

No. 915009

>how could I easily find love or friendship with asthma?
oh, pixy.

No. 915019

Sucks to suck. Her parents are too old to deal with trans nonsense and her increasingly declining mental health. She can't freak out on her parents every time they call her "she" and expect to stay in their home.

No. 915025

Thanks for the updates. Want her to be safe, buy something needs to happen to change this fucked up situation.

No. 915026

Thanks for the updates. Want her to be safe, buy something needs to happen to change this fucked up situation.

No. 915038

>I got misgendered twice, I panicked and screamed out nonsense in Japanese at a restaurant
Oh to be a fly on the wall at Tokyo Bar and Grill…

No. 915040

She's getting unemployment but can barely afford one night in a hotel. Amazing.

No. 915041

this isn't indicative of much. Unemployment is often scaled based on how much she made and she worked at lowes? Plus she's in Texas so I doubt they're privy to give generous benefits. Also motels/hotels are pretty pricey, shit adds up.

No. 915043

Your toxic naivete is really gross. Work on yourself, anon.

No. 915046

It's obvious that she does that same thing she used to do which is blow all of her money on cheap cosplay stuff and whatever else she feels the need to buy. PT has no idea how to manage her money, so it doesn't matter how much she does, or doesn't get from unemployment.

No. 915047

PT needs a case worker and to get on disability.

No. 915048

>you will refer to me as such, Starbucks
keking IRL

No. 915051

She keeps alluding to "look at what my body is doing, you can clearly tell I'm a man" and it really makes me wonder if she is actually constantly pantomiming violent masturbation in public? Or maybe just posing in some weird way that she thinks will make her readable as a man?

No. 915052

Many, many naive female gendies will try to conform to sex stereotypes in shit that no one even thinks about, e.g whether their sleeping position is masculine enough, or if they shouldn't hold mugs with both hands anymore because it's too feminine (actual shit I read). They scrutinize the way they walk, hold themselves, etc constantly. It works between gendies-they recognize what set of stereotypes the others are imitating. I'm guessing PT thought along this line.

No. 915054

I'm new to the whole PT stuff as I've never heard of her before but uh… are a majority of these posts on FB? Why doesn't she change her name to a more masculine one? Wouldn't that help with the gender dysphoria she's dealing with? Or has she not figured out she can change name/gender on there yet or is it she's too scared of her parents?

No. 915055

Figure that shit out for yourself newfag.

No. 915058

She needs to take some lithium and keep a job

No. 915074

>getting a job
Kys boomer normalfag

No. 915083

File: 1685580088221.jpg (70.32 KB, 723x523, yaoi.JPG)

No. 915084

>I'm straight, does anyone think that's weird??

No. 915096

>>"chicks trigger me".

NGL guys, this one took me out.(learn2sage)

No. 915097

…aren't the kh characters like 14? sarah ur almost 40 you're not supposed to be turned on by kairi from kingdom hearts

No. 915102

CP Bump, don't scroll

No. 915120

>cis pairings
How did she manage to confuse cis with straight when she's this deep into her fakeboi saga

No. 915122

>even though I saved hot girl images lately they don't turn me on. I'm not turned on by them when I should be and it's annoying to me.

No. 915188

I cant believe I've been following PT for nearly a decade and this is the madness she's snowballing into.

>chicks trigger me

the self hatred is so real with these women who troon out

No. 915211

File: 1685966189163.jpg (389.05 KB, 4601x1475, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-uyfx…)

Lol at people pointing out ghosts don't use Facebook and she should stop with this low effort attention seeking behavior

No. 915223

This is what makes me think she’s just attention seeking like Jillian, can people with psychosis just log on Facebook and post whatever?
She needs help, but maybe for her attention seeking disorder.

No. 915238

what's interesting is that she is limiting these posts to a certain audience, as indicated by the icon to the right of "10h". The posts are non-viewable to those not on her friends list, and more than likely are also limited to a select number of individuals and not her parents or relatives. She definitely is attention seeking. Someone who was truly coocoo for cocopuffs would not have the foresight to do that much.

No. 915252

Pixi is schizo and this is just depressing

No. 915254

File: 1686015789724.jpg (339.02 KB, 1431x1873, Screenshot_20230605_204356.jpg)

Do you think she will still use her pooping pose as a fakeboi?

No. 915263

Is she wearing a fucking diaper?

No. 915271

Looks like men's underwear.

No. 915277

I was like wtf is that top at first but it's a binder right? Why is she outside in literal underwear man

No. 915283

She kind of has the Leon Kennedy haircut

No. 915338

File: 1686219093859.jpg (362.52 KB, 1440x2535, Screenshot_20230608_051044.jpg)

Lmao Pixy hit her laptop and broke it and now seems to blame everyone else in her life except herself for all the things going wrong in her life. I'm hoping this at least puts a fire under her ass to save her money for something important instead of her shitty cosplays

No. 915341

File: 1686220101765.jpg (87.77 KB, 1440x832, Screenshot_20230608_051732.jpg)

Pixy had made a post before about getting a Telegram and using it "to help ease her loneliness"(her words) like she had with Kik
I guess begging randos on the internet to sext her didn't go the way she planned

No. 915342

File: 1686220379894.jpg (98.51 KB, 1440x812, Screenshot_20230608_051800.jpg)

At first I thought "I smell pennies" was a reference to the old 4chan post asking what pussy tastes like (milk and salty coins) but turns out it's another tiktok meme

No. 915345

Actually bizarre. It wouldn’t surprise me if she someday shot up a place because they misgendered her or something

No. 915347

>>"sniffles sadly"

No. 915351

>>Rexy is the colloquial nickname for a fictional Tyrannosaurus rex that appears throughout the Jurassic Park franchise.

No. 915365

Kek she can't afford a gun

No. 915379

I would be shocked if her parents don’t have any guns

No. 915393

She probably cracked the hard drive. She could take it to Best Buy and they could put a new one in and (if she's lucky) try to get her files off the old one, though it'd still be $$$. That would involve her not acting like a spoiled brat and/or crazy for a couple hours so I think it's beyond her. Maybe if she's so sick of being poor she could get a job instead of mooching off her parents to live a child's life in perpetuity?

No. 915417

Has anyone found her TikTok? I can’t imagine what kind of shit she posts.

No. 915418

No. 915441


It's a cervix. It's literally her fuckibg cervix. Someone PLEASE dm this woman a diagram of female anatomy. There is no "secret penis", it is her cervix.(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 915442

File: 1686367257713.webm (6.54 MB, 576x1024, 5441e8ee768958d8d5fd29dc1480fd…)

Wonder who bought this for her

No. 915451

you would have to really fuck up to actually break a hard drive like that…it probably just slightly disconnected itself and she is too dumb to open the laptop and wiggle it back in place. I had a laptop with a SSD that did this once in a while. It would wiggle out of place by a tiny fraction of a centimeter but it was enough to make the laptop unable to boot.

also God damn SSDs are ultra cheap these days this is like a 20 dollar fix if she buys a new 512gb one. 40 bucks for a 1tb. is she really too dumb to fix it herself and do a fresh windows installation?(sage your shit)

No. 915467

File: 1686449276307.png (33.01 KB, 722x1090, trust me.png)

No. 915469

>rocking back and forth and having seizures from standing up is male qualities

No. 915480

File: 1686460408280.jpg (252.38 KB, 1440x2465, Screenshot_20230611-011352_Fac…)

More whining and self harm baiting. She dirty deleted >>915467

No. 915491

Boy oh boy those sure are some manly emotions.

I wish she would have gotten mental help years ago.(sage your shit)

No. 915492

she legit needs to be committed for life. zero internet access, on the strongest antipsychotics or something, therapy to get this troon shit out of her head, and focus on painting. every fucking time she posts troon shit its extremely perverted and creepy like mtf. unfortunately thatll never happen because her parents are too poor and and tired

No. 915504

File: 1686512992126.jpg (47.26 KB, 753x580, interest.JPG)

No. 915509

>The crisis line hung up on her
They only do that when they think you are joking and wasting phone space for someone who really needs help.(sage your shits)

No. 915525

My guess is she freaked out and couldn't actually communicate like an actual adult to them over the phoneline and whoever was on the other side didn't know what to do and just hung up.

Either that or she just got cut off due to shitty phonelines and assumed they slammed the phone down on her.

No. 915633

File: 1686854612054.jpg (133.83 KB, 1440x2146, Screenshot_20230615_144247.jpg)

I'm pretty sure her parents have been at wit's end with her refusing to get a job and that's what this is about. She made another funny post about snide remarks from her dad

No. 915644

File: 1686873295774.jpg (33.27 KB, 724x282, car.JPG)

No. 915645

Damn, the bit at the end is equally as hilarious as horrifying. Poor girl.

No. 915660

Yep and this is why she can't be believed with anything she says… a very inaccurate historian, reminds me of the "please don't turn me into a hamburger" or whatever that freak out was about. It seems like at least her dad has been trying to nudge her into getting a job already but she thinks she's entitled to live in their house at almost 40 years old for free. She can waste their AC and heat all she wants even though she doesn't pay any bills, her dad is obligated to "help her out" and give her gas money when she wastes her unemeployment gimme bucks on crappy cosplay and fast food. She's a wild trip.

No. 915661


These compositions of awkward cartoons and sensitive realism read as classic schizo art to me. Lucinda/oswaldslunch has made some similar looking drawings despite her delusions being very different. The weird glowing skulls in the strawberry plant look like a floating hallucination which was actually in pt's field of view at the time.


Her speaking voice is a little more normal than her writing but I still don't understand how she is slipping through the cracks and not in a group home on disability.

No. 915662

why did I suddenly think about the "You're not the only one who can turn into a car? I'm a car too!" scene from the utena movie?

I don't understand what pixy means by this. I barely understand when she's screaming to the FB heavens about not being turned into a hole.

No. 915675

First instinct is to say her dad suggested/told her that she should paint in the garage due to the previous incident about paint on her bedroom carpet >>912066
But who really knows

No. 915718

I'm so tired of people talking about the hamburger thing. Her dad told her if she did something she would be "dead meat", she had a histrionic fit about it on Facebook like she always does and phased it in a stupid way to play up how upset and scared she was. Which worked, because everyone lost their fucking minds over it! That's all it was and you people act like she's the second coming of Terry A. Davis. Just like the rocking/thrusting thing, she's not doing anything irl and the reason she won't explain is because she wants the attention from people asking about it and the abusive pleasure from being able to get mad and blow up at them when she doesn't explain and they remain confused.

Here's a news flash for you all- people can be delusional without being mentally ill. A delusion is nothing more than a very strong belief that contradicts any evidence against it and is usually outside most accepted thought in society. One of the ways delusions caused by actual mental illness like schizophrenia are differentiated from delusions caused byba personality disorder, denial, escapism or simply faith is that the former don't change with time, enough evidence, or because the person grows bored, while the latter can and often do. All Pixy is a spoiled brat with a personality disorder, an attention addiction, and a heavy reliance on pretending and fantasy to escape her -largely self-imposed- reality. If she were actually mentally ill she would still be ranting about being Japanese, DNA tests be damned.

One day her parents are going to die and she's going to be totally on her own and you all are going to be competely amazed at how she suddenly can hold down a job and somewhat control her spending habits (she'll probably get it a ton of credit card debt like every cow but that's nothing unique) because you're morons with toxic empathy falling for the scam of a retarded lolcow lmao.

No. 915719

To add, >>915644 is from her and her dad getting into a fight again about her leaving the garage door open while she loaded her car instead of closing it while she traps up to her room, he told he of she doesn't like his rules about it she could hit the road –→ stupid facebook post about not wanting to be a car!!!! It's so obvious and easy to follow because unlike actual mentally ill people who draw connections from thin air and come up with things that are completely random Pixy isn't very creative and just bases everything on actual incidents.

No. 915721

>you all are going to be competely amazed

Or maybe we're just enjoying PT acting like a tard in the moment.

No. 915859

Every time she talks about rocking in public and male body language she's talking about this:

She's absolutely making shit up for attention, but I'm not convinced she's not literally pretending to be "masturbating" in public by rocking KEK

Also every time she says she's "urgent" or "urgency" she means she has an imaginary erection

Bitch is weird

No. 915867

File: 1687275681394.jpg (327.37 KB, 1440x2434, Screenshot_20230620_103517.jpg)

Boohoo Pixy frowed up. Its obviously because she's dying and has nothing at all to do with her pisspoor diet of white trash junk food and Chinese food/ramen. I would be willing to bet she picks the vegetables out of her food too and then wonders why her body is aching for real nutrition. Her dad probably isn't wrong either with it being related to heat exhaustion because Texas has been having heat advisory warnings being in the 100's lately. As well as she had a small painting gig where she painted a window for Howdy Honda in said Texas heat and did another art walk recently. I bet this bitch doesn't even hydrate with water, she probably guzzles down coke and Dr. Pepper and then sits around wondering why her tummy hurts

No. 915884

So she's constipated and threw up with heartburn. But noo, couldn't possibly be dehydration or anything, stupid Dad.

No. 915909

File: 1687359343219.jpg (295.64 KB, 1440x2209, Screenshot_20230621_095355.jpg)

Lmao even her asspatters called her out on her demented logic

Also turns out she dirty deleted her previous bawwing about her throwing up. I wonder if she has moments of clarity where she's like "hmm maybe i shouldn't be saying these TMI things" but I highly doubt her shriveled brain could comprehend such a thought

No. 915910

shes a whiny woman child who plays victim. when she doesnt get the attention her vitamin deficient unwashed ass thinks she deserves, she deletes rephrases shit

No. 915913

OT but thank God I eat veggies with my Panda Express from time to time(no1curr)

No. 916010

lmao @ the idea that pixy isn't mentally ill and is a friendless, loveless, broke, delusional womanchild who lives with her parents at nearly 40 and goes out in public dressed like a clown just for fun and attention. Like you really think she's destroyed her entire life for 2 comments per facebook post?

No. 916015

Because she is mentally deficient.

No. 916032

File: 1687716680225.jpg (80.32 KB, 768x884, dis.JPG)

No. 916040

Kek. Whatever, Sarah.
No way any of this happened at pride. If anything, she was acting a weirdo and was told to knock it off.

No. 916045

I could believe being insulted by drag queens because somehow being a terrible person is acceptable if you're a man wearing makeup and a dress but there's no way someone at pride said she's not a man without a dick kek.
I'm assuming a drag queen approached her, Pixy didn't greet him for whatever reason- maybe he outwardly acknowledged her as a woman at some point, people around her playful accosted her for not interacting and Pixy assumed it was because she wasn't thrusting and rocking back and forth convincingly enough to be mistaken for a man.
The mental gymnastics it takes to find offense in every interaction… even in a place where people are expected to be walking on eggshells as to not hurt someone's gendered feefees…

No. 916053

File: 1687738964225.webm (10.15 MB, 576x1024, 643a09d1694b7b504b8a390dafa9d6…)

So… her "rex" is her imaginary penis? I'm so confused

No. 916058

File: 1687753080349.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2063, Screenshot_20230626-001759.png)


Of course she went dressed as Sora.

No. 916060

I think it's her packer?

when she says something like "I'm cosplaying a male character so how dare you assume I'm female!!" as if crossplay isn't an extremely common thing, it just kind of turns my stomach.

I don't much care for drag in general, but I am obsessed with the idea of this queen reading her and calling her out. They can tell a faker from a mile away.

No. 916095

File: 1687830137337.gif (6.28 MB, 600x338, ezgif.com-video-to-gif.gif)

Unsurprisingly, PT is posting more cringy Sora cosplay tiktoks and while I was looking at them there was this particular bit that made me lol

No. 916102

Thank you kek I tried to upload this video earlier but it was too large and I didn't have the time to compress it. Hilarious but so bizarre

No. 916104

This reminds me of the no kawaii to be seen here banner kek
Needs to be updated to no bishie to be seen here now

No. 916105

the goofy shoeless knee crawling child is the most normal part of the video

No. 916114

That wig is a total mess. She looks homeless, not like a cosplayer out in public lol

No. 916122

She looks so, so bad. It’s such a contrast to the header image of this thread, she looks cute there. I wish she’d found some way to just accept herself instead of all this, but I really feel like it’s too late for her now.

No. 916135

I'll take it to the thread in Meta but someone needs to make this a banner, covering the crawling kid with the words "lolcow" kek

No. 916139

File: 1687903890110.jpeg (40.49 KB, 1170x779, AA6A692E-0109-4327-8D46-6AEB1B…)

No. 916140

File: 1687904517195.jpg (464.45 KB, 1440x2469, Screenshot_20230627_172150.jpg)

She tried to dye her hair blue without previously bleaching so it just turned out dark

No. 916142

The cheap 2009 Chinese contact lenses are sending me

No. 916147

Ugly old woman

No. 916150

Like the tip of a penis

No. 916178

File: 1687988707149.jpeg (179.64 KB, 1179x1296, DAE06C5A-FD31-400B-8FDD-00B134…)

aaaaand her pdf file “fetish” is coming out

no Sarah you are not a sexy baby(newfag/twitterfag)

No. 916182

File: 1687990081652.jpeg (14.32 KB, 433x450, IMG_6313.jpeg)

Every time I think she can’t top the last bizarre thing she said she proves me wrong

No. 916192

File: 1687999277496.jpg (512.4 KB, 1439x2461, Screenshot_20230628_194243.jpg)

New pooping poses dropped

No. 916194

File: 1687999447529.jpg (506.9 KB, 1439x2014, Screenshot_20230628_194503.jpg)

Lmao she has the most retarded facial expressions

No. 916195

the packer bulge is ridiculous. i love it, pt.

No. 916198

Looks like the Queen is back folks.

No. 916201

god i hope so

No. 916202

Just looks like she left her giant set of keys in her front pocket.

It comes full circle, guys. I…I'm sure there's a meme to express this I just haven't found it.

No. 916205

What is the significance of the gloves?

No. 916206

She’s a 38 year old woman pretending to be a 14 year old boy (I think?), but actually looking like a fat middle aged old man. “Fan service”?? For who?? It’s creepy as hell. And what is with the nitrile glove she’s wearing in the bottom picture??

I just don’t even know what to say about this. The facial expression, the filthy glove, the fake tie held on by a safety pin…she looks like she’s on day release.

No. 916217

>“Fan service”?? For who??
for us.
i just noticed the tie too, i'm dying, she painted on fabric and poorly constructed one to match the pants. and her pin says "classy mother fucker". her homeless crackhead wig…i love it all

No. 916220

This is gloriously insane. Pretending to be a BABY BOY with … checkered pants, a tie, a wig, and a pacifier? BABY BOY.

No. 916222

File: 1688054866520.jpg (134.04 KB, 1080x1742, vffvf.jpg)

why does it feel like she is into a force 'dress up' kink? she always seems into degrading stuff, this just seems fetishy to me because she always talks about it. on top of saying she doesn't want to be sexualized but post sexualized photos of herself not even a week ago.

what? she wants to get rid of her old photos but thats impossible lol

No. 916224

Never wanted to dress like those female characters, but spent all her money on cosplay outfits of them

Love her crazy rants

No. 916240

bottom middle pic is her about to check for her hidden prostate

No. 916244

Do we…. Do we change the spoiler pic…?

No. 916245

KEKKK yes please, let's get it in /meta/

No. 916256

File: 1688179696354.jpg (61.62 KB, 732x529, hot guys.JPG)

No. 916257

That’s a lot of words to say “I’m straight” lmao

No. 916259

Straight and still hateful/jealous of women , happy pride.

No. 916263

I feel like so many trans men deny they were ever fujoshi because they feel like it delegitimizes them, but she fuckin EMBRACES it

No. 916267

It really is just female AGP. Still jealous and resentful of other women, still completely coombrained because of yaoi, still trying to deny reality, so she going to become a man and gave hit bishi sex XD
Absolutely pathetic.

No. 916281

File: 1688258621411.jpg (408.78 KB, 1440x1610, Screenshot_20230701_194502.jpg)

Far too late, I wonder if there ever was a time she didn't have brain damage

No. 916282

File: 1688258842330.jpg (237.67 KB, 1440x1474, Screenshot_20230701-194616_Fac…)

Rapey ghost is back u guise!!
She should go through a whole soap opera of being mpreg with rapey-ghost's baby

No. 916285

The hug reactions always crack me up

No. 916288

Every time the ghost is brought up it always makes me think of of the rape-y ghost from the movie "The Entity".

Trying to make sense of this but basically is she trying to work out how to masturbate via ass-sex at home? I bet any money she'd hate being taken up the ass too. Can't wait for the chastity belt saga to prevent both holes from being used because as she's mentioned a thousand times over she's not a hole etc etc.

No. 916294

I also wonder if she's seen that movie. I'm not a weeb, but it makes me wonder if there's a rapey ghost anime or manga and she's currently larping it, because delusion.

No. 916296

Quick someone tell her mother to remove her copy of the entity from the DVD player our kween's life may be at stake!

No. 916300

This has to be it.

Remember when she would photo edit herself into Bleach panels?

No. 916305

File: 1688342399662.jpg (2.06 MB, 1439x3947, Screenshot_20230702_190005.jpg)

I can't imagine larping in the Texas heat. I bet it smelled crazy there

No. 916306

File: 1688348874207.jpeg (219.61 KB, 1168x1285, 27ED9095-410C-44A7-B768-97AF37…)

I hope this commenter is one of us. Your comments are always so good.

No. 916314

What uh… What does larping entail in this context and how awkwardly out of place would her kh yaoi rapist persona be with the regular larpers?

Like, are these medieval Ren fair type larpers? Reenactment larpers? Legitimately as autistic as she is larpers?

Are these fellow adults or is she larping with younger autists like what's the deets here? My initial reaction was wow maybe she can have an enjoyable social hobby outdoors with other people neat, but then I remembered who it is and figured there's got to be a catch

No. 916320

Nayrt I dont larp so forgive me if some details are vague, its kinda like a massive group of people doing Live Action Role Play. I dont follaw the thread just clicked pt and saw she might be in TX. TX has a very big larping community sometimes people travel from all over the country to join the big annual larp or whatever. People dress up as characters they either create or from some type of rpg, I think the rules differ based on what type of larping is expected as in is this combat only or are wizards and magic allowed etc. Ive never larped but know crafters who do, they make big fucking money from hand forging swords and hand made chain link armour and shit n selling it to larpers. Basically a person once suited up with (dull, non lethal kek) weapons, joins a the battle. Bunch of hot sweaty nerds pretend to beat each other up, kinda like a live action yugioh duel or something. You arent supposed to hurt anyone, just gentle contact. Almost like a cross between civil war reinactments, a renaissance festival, and cosplay. Id say it is a healthy outlet for severely stunted people as well as really intense (and austistic, some very very intelligent just unbalanced) people. The very high functioning ones, people capable of organizing large groups of people, tend to be very very nerdy and older, from the OG DnD days, and try very hard to provide a safe and welcoming environment for younger nerdy neet type people because they didnt have that themselves. Its quite wholesome overall. Smelly, yes.

No. 916321

Forgot to add that age ranges vary, but if it was a large group I think the average age might be mid thirties. The people I know who make money from crafting are between 40 and 65 and they join in a lot. Will be some younger ones maybe even kids too, not real little but pre teen and teens.

No. 916323

File: 1688404326077.jpg (138.1 KB, 1012x1350, sgoe8jzqor9b1.jpg)

Future Sarah(autism)

No. 916329

File: 1688414601711.jpg (542.02 KB, 1440x2352, Screenshot_20230703_145458.jpg)

Lmao I love the counselor for this. I couldn't care less if she actually lops her pancake tits off but there are more important things in life than cosmetic surgeries she can't even afford and not having tits isn't going to magically make her into a functioning person. In a bizarro universe where she had money Pixy would be the same exact way as Oli London just grifting from one popular thing to the next to try and stay relevant

No. 916366

Nah, this would be more accurate

No. 916375

>Yaoi fanarts, particularly Kingdom Hearts ones
Those are kids…

No. 916386

File: 1688615865799.jpeg (228.26 KB, 1170x623, 70365C96-5DD6-489C-A683-75C109…)

You are a straight woman who has a yaoi fetish. We keep repeating this every day and looking for validation.

No. 916387

All i can think of when i see her in that wig is Sideshow Bob

No. 916398

It’s almost as if she is actually a straight woman who hates her body so much that she has to pretend to be a man in order to feel wanted.

No. 916427

currently talking to this specimen (i e-date lolcows to get info and dirt) and will keep y’all updated(cowtipping)

No. 916458

File: 1688752712040.jpg (963.14 KB, 1439x3563, Screenshot_20230707_125928.jpg)

More self harm baiting and she might have been told about this site

No. 916459

Dude don’t ruin the organic cringe. I want to see cringe, not watch you cause a mental breakdown. Then we don’t get any more lols and we all lose.

No. 916460

if >>916427 caused her to post this >>916458, please stop.

No. 916463

People have been doing this for over a decade, newfag.

No. 916464

Shit meant to reply to

No. 916465


name one time that it’s provided anything worthwhile, newfag. christ, what is it with you faggots and tipping?

No. 916471

>(i e-date lolcows to get info and dirt)

lmao no you don't, you do it to make yourself feel valid.

Please stop. Just let the milk flow on its own. It'll flow without your "help".

No. 916473

You're running the milkflow, she doesn't need a set up to be hilarious or overshare. fuck off.

No. 916480

Either some retard told her or she’s lurking.

No. 916482

You’re even more pathetic than she is.

No. 916486

I don't even think most of the people on "hate sites" even dislike her that much, especially recently. More like concerned and wanting her to get some help.

No. 916487

to be fair, it's pt- even if you do kiss her ass, if you don't do it the "right way" she still considers it hate lol

No. 916496

I think at this point it be beneficial if all the threads are closed about them due to poor mental health these sites clearly effect them deeply

No. 916497

go back

No. 916498

Yeah, totally should be done and not Sarah getting HER ass off the place…the internet that only caters to and enforces her delusions.
Go the fuck back.

No. 916522

No. 916531

how new are you? there was a period people didn't talk about her at all because she was doing well (the weight loss saga just before she started the TIF saga), there was virtually no milk and people only posted photos of her and a lot of people praised her. sarah is literally incapable of becoming someone normal at this point.

No. 916548

Just because no one is laughing at the cow, doesn’t mean that the cow will stop mooing.

No. 916570

File: 1688921806123.jpg (55.36 KB, 731x365, tmi indeed.JPG)

No. 916571

File: 1688922950232.jpg (1.28 MB, 1439x3788, Screenshot_20230709_121356.jpg)

You didn't include the most fucked up part of this post where all the milk is. She posted a pic of her broken, used anal beads

No. 916572

File: 1688923541340.jpg (564.33 KB, 1440x1858, Screenshot_20230709_122236.jpg)

I'm wondering if she actually attempts to try and swim laps for a weight loss goal or if she just splashes around and calls it swimming. I'm thinking she would probably see more results from the larping if it's more like a HIT workout

No. 916613

How do you even break anal beads like that? I'm picturing her down on all fours yanking it like she's trying to start a chainsaw, in order to fire up her secret inner dick.

No. 916614

This gave me the heartiest of keks

No. 916621

Chainsaw (I AM A)Man(!!!) cosplay when?

No. 916631

I love you both for the laugh
But I also hate you both for that my add brain took this mental imagery and combined it with Beyblades


No. 916661

File: 1689179987850.jpeg (137.48 KB, 1179x353, B5A153A5-0C66-451B-995B-4A6AF0…)

Sarah, honey, no. You will be buried with your birth name, in a dress, and Debbie’s gonna send you to a tanning bed one last time for good measure.

No. 916678

File: 1689198769095.jpg (600.72 KB, 1440x1867, Screenshot_20230712_165339.jpg)

Lmao the world is healing when people critique Pixyteri's ill fitting cosplays

No. 916681

So cruel! We should just hope that Deb goes first, then maybe PT can have some years of PTPeace

No. 916693

File: 1689221628649.png (539.5 KB, 1080x1711, StitchIt_20231307121521_145.pn…)

Comments on Pixy's tiktok. I fucking hate cowtippers so much. Eat shit Fivehe

No. 916698

File: 1689261693381.jpeg (225.36 KB, 750x849, AA10D96B-FF1C-42CB-B7F6-124B68…)

the last paragraph made me think she was becoming self-aware but nope. another guilt trip. when will she learn?

No. 916720

I live five minutes from her, I grew up with her, and jesus fucking christ, you guys… She's gone so far off the deep end, I even called her brother to talk about 5150-ing her. I'm a trans dude myself, and she's reached out to me about transitioning. I normally support people, but I flat out said that I won't enable her delusions. I've known her 90% of her sad life, and she's never wanted to be a boy until she started crossplaying and internet weirdos told her that she might be trans.

No. 916721

shut up cjbennett308, you're a delusional woman too, you will never be a male.

No. 916722


AKA- I’m just as delusional and in need of help.
Fuck off, lady!

No. 916725


Incel much faggot?(sage your autism)

No. 916726

No. 916729

integrate or go back retard

No. 916735

No one thinks your edgy, faggot(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 916747

Kek at this woman using faggot as an insult. Seems like ftms can’t stop being homophobic for one minute.

No. 916750

File: 1689354901426.png (521.84 KB, 615x778, Screenshot 2023-07-14 121351.p…)

Women pluck their eyebrows

that chopjob haircut might give me cancer

No. 916767


both literally pluck the hair from the root. also why is she even still doing this shit if she wants to be ~manly~

No. 916771

File: 1689396478261.jpeg (395.68 KB, 1422x2048, A98EBCEC-1B8F-497F-B323-DF7200…)

Why are her drawings literally the same potato quality they were 20 years ago

How is she still hiding limbs like this

She has zero desire to improve her skill in any way

No. 916774

Are you new here?

No. 916788

She can't improve anon, she is actually retarded

No. 916796

> new video essay
> 2 year old video
Hate it when fags do this. What is the point in telling her?

No. 916798

Yooooo, I've been mining the farm, screenshots to come. I've been dealing with this bullshittedness for a long time.

No. 916799

I've been mining this farm for a while, Stardew Valley style. Planting and harvesting. Pix is insane. Constantly complaining, even when people have real problems to deal with. Have you ever met someone that wasn't just an energy vampire, but the worst? Yeah.

No. 916801

File: 1689463640641.png (257.52 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20230715-192612.png)

What the hell. What in the seven layer taco dip in hell.

No. 916806

I want to return to pre-troon PT and CWC, we are in hell

No. 916807

The fact that she will surely get her mutilation surgeries without any issues makes this even more depressing.

No. 916808


No. 916809

If Sarah thinks she’s going to die from her bone spurs I can’t wait to see what happens after her hysto when in two years her vagina literally starts coming apart

No. 916812

Hey, I'd wave if the internet had arms. Just letting you know she's at a breaking point.


No. 916813

File: 1689497986995.png (864.04 KB, 1079x1479, Screenshot_20230716-045910.png)

No. 916817

This cows history of crazy behavior, no surgeon will touch her for that kind of mutilation without a psych eval.(learn to sage)

No. 916824

Idk, nonnie, girls with huge ass self harm scars get the chop and the rot dog installed, maybe it won’t be in a few weeks, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she managed to find a vulture willing to do anything she wants.

No. 916844

Yeah it sucks you have to get rid of something you collected for years etc, but you know what would save the heartbreak? Putting effort into oh IDK acting like a actual normal person taking care of her personal hygiene, applying for work and making a effort instead of screeching that this sort of life isn't for you.

It's fucking wild Sarah doesn't take more pride in her appearance even as the apparent Trans Male which she's trying to make out she is. Imagine all the nice looking cosplay, wigs, etc she could be buying? I can't get over how bad that Sora wig is.

No. 916845

That's just not who PIXY IS, anon.

Only just STARTING to ~ SHINE ~

Ngl I'm almost certain someone online must have groomed her to troon, probably to "match" cwc as his supposed female counterpart

I hate clown world so much

No. 916853

its so uncomfortable when she talks about sex in general, but its very creepy with a layer of troonery added to it. if god was real, he would grant sarah self-awareness.

No. 916858

She's such a moron. All these women who hate themselves and want to larp as men have no idea that removing your uterus or other parts of your reproductive system royally fucks you up.

No. 916859

Calm down why do you all get angry over the smallest things
PT is not even a real lolcow, if she was born 10 years later no one would've noticed her.

No. 916861

>PT isn't a real cow
> posted on /pt

Ok newfag.

No. 916872

This is heinous and you should feel bad.

No. 916876

Congrats, this might be the most newfag comment I've ever seen on this site.

No. 916880

File: 1689714084801.jpeg (2.75 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3684.jpeg)

Spotted in the wild…
High pitched voice and chick leggings, can’t get over her tranny lusting and looking like that

No. 916881

she's dressed like chris chan with the denim and leggings kek

No. 916902

If pt was born later or was smarter would be doing what moo did, but the queen is from the time of old internet where things were still new. She brought the bitchy-ist chan together back in the day. She is so well known that she has had two whole sites made for her legacy. So you can respect her or fuck off to reddit or wherever new fucks are coming from.

No. 916917

She's so wide and short, she looks like a giant toddler in that chair

No. 916936

she looks like your average fat person tbh

No. 916993

Why does she post this kind of shit for her friends and family to read? (Rhetorical question - I know that the key to being a lolcow is oversharing online due to a lack of social filters/pathological need for attention.)
It’s so interesting how the OG king and queen of cowdom have both trooned out. I wonder what this means for the current crop of cows who are 10 or 20 years younger than Chris and PT? Did 10-15 years of online trolling somehow contribute to them trooning out, or would it have happened to them anyway? I often ask myself why I’m so fascinated by troons these days, and maybe it’s because trooning out is essentially like walking around with a big sign on your back that says “I am a mentally unstable weirdo, please laugh at me.”

No. 917006

because there is a social invincibility to trooning out. Well-meaning handmaiden libfems fall all over themselves to validate the troons. It’s a type of armor honestly.

Also, it’s a thing people do when they find themselves becoming less relevant

No. 917047

This, her most engaged with posts are the ones about troonshit and especially posts about sex or altering her body. Everyone has to rush in and tell her how heckin' valid she is like good little cult members.

No. 917057

pt and cwc are legit autistic – like were talking straight up retarded – and with that comes a strong vulnerability to being impressionable. troon shit is trending online and getting too much attention especially the self pity party victimizing shit. pair that with sarah's pathological need for online attention/victim complex and piss poor understanding of biology, and voila!

No. 917058

File: 1689999943588.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1179x1883, 6CF538EC-9084-4CCE-92DC-086059…)


This drop has some real gems

No. 917060

File: 1690000040042.jpeg (365.91 KB, 1462x2048, 985266E5-6B26-44BF-B499-EEA87D…)

Must furtively conceal

No. 917061

File: 1690000385509.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1163x1526, A8C8457B-699F-40B3-AC8F-E3EE62…)

But wait, there’s more (pooping)

Today is a glorious day

No. 917067

File: 1690010411952.jpeg (32.82 KB, 719x709, IMG_5102.jpeg)

This is honestly revolting, I used to think Sarah would find a nerdy guy who would get her pregnant and have a somehow cringe but normal life, I truly feel sorry for her

No. 917068

And now the oldfags come on to this post and celebrate the queen’s triumph return!

No. 917083

How else could she fill her autism? Look at chris chan and many others

No. 917090

I can't even believe I used to think the same, she comes across so much more stilted and handicapped now.

No. 917095

I wish we could use any of these new iconic pictures as the updated spoiler pictures.

No. 917102

I always knew she'd implode at 30. I remember seeing her livejournal posts about how depressed she was when she turned 18. She wanted to be a japanese anime teen girl just as much as any mtf troon. She lasted a long time MIA from the internet and there was some hope when I saw pics of her fishing, talking about actual hobbies outside of anime and lost tons of weight. For years we heard of the dick stuff but it was still vague like something was pushing outside of her, etc. With Chris-Chan trooning out, it only made sense his female equivalent would do the same. Also seemed like a very pixy way of coping with aging (just like Ellen Page). I did not expect the hamburger transformer arc or arrest arc, but they still made sense with psycho debbie and sarah's combined bipolar powers. Sad, but Pixy was never going to beat life. I only feel half bad because I've grown attached over the years, but not too bad, but considering what a manipulative, entitled, horrible person she can be I'm not shedding tears over it. Her not getting pregnant and bringing a child into this shit show was probably the only triumph of this sad life story. If she gets on hormones hopefully she'll become sterile.

Pixyteri sets up her tripod, her wig immaculate, her vision not quite perfect but still beautiful. She arches her back and pushes out her rear and we, of the old guard, stand solemnly with her. She(he) has been reborn. The old fags always knew that the golden age we once celebrated is not lost, only in midst of a new dawn.

No. 917108

File: 1690160585464.jpeg (151.27 KB, 500x667, IMG_5308.jpeg)

I didn’t known the character or what a proper cosplay of it should look like, but after googling it… oh my god.

No. 917109

Wasn't PT crying not that long ago about how she "hated fanservice and never wanted to do it" yet is doing the same shit as 10+ years ago

No. 917110

>She arches her back and pushes out her rear and we, of the old guard, stand solemnly with her. She(he) has been reborn.
Fucking KEK

No. 917117

lol, she sold her Pokémon cards on eBay and showed up to some guy’s house to hand them over, then cried when he was understandably alarmed

Imagine buying some old cards at an ok price and PT of all people showing up at your doorstep with no warning

No. 917125

This is an imageboard.

No. 917127

File: 1690222277045.png (288.88 KB, 1080x962, Screenshot_20230724-111241.png)

No. 917128

File: 1690222604486.jpeg (551.73 KB, 1179x1768, 478D6F5E-8542-43DF-9CC9-90E6AF…)

No. 917129

AM I GOING TO DIE(learn to sage)

No. 917132

I'm at the point where I can't follow Pixy's antics anymore because her behavior is no longer funny, it's just infuriating. She seriously needs serious help and/or institutionalization. Enjoy all the milk nonas, this nona has to tap out.

No. 917133

Well, your dad is a fucking moron.

She probably turned up to this guy’s house unannounced, dressed like a fat, middle-aged packer-wearing toddler, and she was lucky he didn’t call the cops.

(He might be thinking about moving to another town now, though.)

No. 917135

There would have been zero problems if she had just shipped the package. eBay has options to have the buyer pay or offer local pickup, but she screwed herself over by not having tracking information for a package that was supposed to be shipped.

No. 917139

oh my fucking god she didn't even ask him first?? I'm screaming

PT girl if you want to do that, agree on a mutual location, don't just show up at people's houses

No. 917147

At the end of the day she's a 5 foot nothing obvious woman, so she must REALLY act weird IRL for someone who appears to be male to be freaked out that she showed up at his house lmao.

No. 917148

this retarded land whale thinks some poor soul creeped out by some weird troon pervert showing up to their house unannounced is "mean". i hope the buyer doesnt leave positive feedback at all.

No. 917161

golly what a coincidence the guy who bought her pokemon cards happens to live in the exact same small Texas town, I'm sure whoever it was was totally unaware of who Pixy is before innocently purchasing these cards!

No. 917166

File: 1690347277838.webm (4.4 MB, 576x1024, 38307ca3a9c6d518afff79a5c2ae07…)

No. 917169


eh, it’s more likely than you think nonnie. they could have been for a kid. isn’t there a new pokemen series out?

No. 917170

You can search by distance, he might have just wanted to buy the closest available option.

No. 917171

The closer the seller = the cheaper shipping is. Not some great conspiracy.
Also, nothing excuses her showing up at his house!

No. 917173

I mean, I hope she gets her money, but jesus christ why would she think that was a good idea. If her dad realy suggested it, shame on him. However, pt has sold tons of stuff on Ebay, and Ebay is pretty clear about what you need to do to prove you sent the stuff.

No. 917174

She's chimping out because someone commented and said it doesn't make sense that she cries about being desperately poor and having credit debt but here she is in a hotel room and buying sweets, sushi, takeout, kigurumi and cosplays. She deleted the comment already but I saw it earlier and it got multiple like reacts.

No. 917175

Why didn’t she wear a thong at least?

No. 917176

Yeah, the "just show up at his house, it'll save shipping money" suggestion is so clueless and boomer.

No. 917177

File: 1690383476611.jpg (639 KB, 1440x2848, Screenshot_20230726_095455.jpg)

Lmao at her getting kicked out of Hall Lighting (a home decor shop) for taking photos. I'm curious at what she was wearing when they kicked her out, and even if it wasn't clothing related, was she trying to do more "fanservice" photos with her pooping poses?

I really regret not taking a screenshot of the comment. It was so accurate too, bless the tiktok commenters calling out her bullshit bc it pisses me off she has a loyal echo chamber that saves her from being called a misogynist when she clearly is

No. 917185

because the overworked staff at Dennys have time to listen to your gender retardation.
Act crappy to people like that and they will give it right back to you.

No. 917188

Because she is a man! She is NOT a momma! You will NOT force her to wear a bikini or thong! You will NOT tell her what to wear! She is rocking and thrusting, how could you suggest a thong, are you trying to kill her? She is not ma'am or miss or momma! Do you not see the packer? Cries

No. 917193

I can’t wait to see what “sexy” fan service photoshoot she was trying to do in a lighting shop…

I’m also surprised that she still gets gendered as female. She looks like a fat, awkward, chromosome deficient guy, especially in that ratty sora wig.

No. 917195

…a speedo then?

No. 917208

kek the 'cries' really makes it
She's not the first autistic fat ugly female, there's nothing remotely male looking about her

No. 917216

File: 1690434113592.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1536x2048, A72D5136-DBCF-4015-B370-FA13B1…)

In what world does this ever pass as male

This haircut is the worst, too, it’s not anything remotely like what I have seen on any man. I bet she showed the stylist an animu picture

No. 917225

Lady, you are 38 years old…

No. 917237

Not her trying to larp as Pit

No. 917253

File: 1690494029306.jpeg (402.2 KB, 1179x821, 6BBB68AB-B77C-47B9-90A3-5E14DF…)

this just in: boys can’t have red hair

No. 917262

File: 1690503254714.jpeg (378.48 KB, 1462x2048, D48B7D1C-6C74-4556-8D54-5D8A25…)

All hail

No. 917265

exuding such masculine energy!

No. 917268

Was it Kris or James who liked the infamous redheaded stripper? Simpler times.

No. 917269

she also had (very nice looking) red hair when someone else styled her in sweet lolita

No. 917270

when is she going to get tired of this male/anime boy larp. clearly no one sees her as a man and she doesn't know how to act as one aside from wearing pants.

No. 917272

File: 1690525578837.webm (3.14 MB, 576x1024, 4b0794dfaefdcbf91e351a60553d8b…)

No. 917275

So how is she able to afford hotels and going out to eat and buying larping swords? She isn’t getting her unemployment anymore, is it literally just credit cards? If so yikes

No. 917278

I guess she forgot Axel from Kingdom Hearts exists.

No. 917289

I see why she trooned out because she's really milking being gendered correctly

No. 917292

>>917253 how does this spastic think she's going to get blue hair without bleaching it blonde first? The idea that she's calling stylist a bitch because she isn't aware that pt has an autistic aversion to red hair (not least of all due to a pathetic grudge).
Also why did she she start writing in this weird style of barked statements and awkwardly constructed sentences. She didn't always write like this. Does she think this is a masculine way of writing or something?

No. 917294

File: 1690562737253.jpg (324.62 KB, 1440x1177, Screenshot_20230728_114557.jpg)

Lmao Pixy's dad is based
I wonder if her parents know just how bad her credit debt is with her buying all her stupid toys and cosplays. Not to mention the hotel room she got

No. 917300

I’m an old hag like pt and kek at my dad having to see me live with him, not have a job and dress up in retard costumes for children. No, no dad would be supportive of his middle aged daughter playing dress up. Loving families aren’t going to be excited when you’re always crying about money and being unemployed

No. 917302

I mean, it’s cute or something acceptable when your unemployed teenager or 20 something years old child who is probably going to school, has a job or has a passion and is studying in order to hone her skills.
But when your 31 years old daughter is miserable every waking moment of her life, who calls herself a boy and has absolutely no intention to find a job of any kind, tells you
>Mom! Dad! Look at my cool costume that I got with your money because I refuse to get a job! I hate you two btw!
It stops being cute.
Her parents are shit but she needs help to solve her mental health issues and a job.

No. 917307

31? tomorrow is her 38th birthday

No. 917315

The most feminine she's looked in ages kek
This explains all the recent tantrums and pooping pics, she's freaking about getting older again.

No. 917329

File: 1690611762097.webm (14.9 MB, 576x1024, 6730e5a39e07421132151f299d655f…)

So she went by herself, in her Sora cosplay, to do a photoshoot at a Chuck E Cheese. This behavior is bizarre and I worry someone will say something to her (if I were a parent I'd be freaked out) and cause her to flip out. I can totally see the police needing to get involved. Bitch needs a serious intervention. Shit was always weird but it's getting weirder.
Also- she sees nothing wrong with a 38 year old "man" going alone to a children's play place?

No. 917330

nona, you just don't understand. Sora is eternally a boy, so plainly there's nothing abnormal about hanging around a kiddie casino as long as she's dressed as him! I have not watched the video, the thumbnail strikes fear in my cowardly heart.

No. 917332

IIRC she's known in the area as the local weirdo. She's been doing this shit for years, I don't think anyone sees her as a threat at this point. Plus her chest and presumably her ass are fully covered, which is more than can be said for some of her previous public cosplay sessions.

No. 917334

File: 1690642184815.jpeg (154.86 KB, 750x1238, 3508EDD6-B2B9-4780-A470-E7E02B…)


No. 917341

the last time I went to Chuck E Cheese, which was a while ago, you couldn't get in unless you were with a child

No. 917343

she's been very open about her new fetish content of adult baby-I guess? , and it seems like people are too nervous to call her out on how weird and gross it is.
Did she pick up this pacifier fetish from tiktok? thats the only place I've ever seen it on.

No. 917344

Probably thought she was some form of special needs.

No. 917345

i wish she wasnt so creepy and pervy lmao

No. 917346

I think we are seeing the begining of a baby fetish only fans era
Give her 6 months

No. 917347

At this point, can't we all agree that she is legitimately special needs? It seems like she would have fared much better if parents had stuck her in special ed classes and therapy etc from childhood, with more limitations and structure. She isn't capable of adult reasoning. It's sad.

No. 917353

She's a deranged autist, but she has a normal IQ and did well in college. That she needs serious therapy is a given, but then again, so does Deb so apple didn't fall far from the tree.

No. 917358

File: 1690695096875.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1566x2139, F1FE64F8-660F-4BFF-AF20-79F34E…)

time is a flat circle.

No. 917363

File: 1690699704096.jpeg (378.73 KB, 1124x1373, 4C7BF918-BB9E-4FE5-A22D-CF3A0C…)

Today is Pixy's birthday! Dumping fb updates from today and yesterday.

No. 917364

File: 1690699770145.jpeg (440.21 KB, 1124x1620, 756D2A12-5086-419A-A7F0-C9E14C…)

No. 917365

File: 1690700010376.jpeg (122.62 KB, 1125x638, 53DD1F36-D97B-491A-8E58-33094C…)

No. 917366

wow, she ordered it herself? not surprised ig
kek at first i thought they put "Sara" instead of "Sarah"… then i realized she's decided she can become her shota husbando. creepy

No. 917367

File: 1690700074542.jpeg (104.97 KB, 1125x691, 7C73B4AE-8E4A-49A8-AF2F-6F5851…)

No. 917368

File: 1690700280615.jpeg (742.62 KB, 1125x1899, C23B39D7-3FEC-4A62-BA98-D2CA53…)

No. 917369

File: 1690700328817.jpeg (603.58 KB, 1276x1585, 6465153E-622A-4392-ACFC-1144D4…)

new painting. suki is cute.

No. 917370

File: 1690700505463.jpeg (536.97 KB, 1125x2029, 5EEF4D81-E12A-4071-AB73-76B9A1…)

No. 917371

File: 1690700648800.jpeg (426.96 KB, 1150x2048, 6876D42F-9612-4964-B75D-4C60CA…)

No. 917372

File: 1690700768104.jpeg (521.75 KB, 1459x2048, E08164C7-BB51-4889-87B0-A887FF…)

No. 917373

File: 1690700883345.jpeg (668.77 KB, 1125x1886, 73451EF0-84B1-4044-AF8F-51BE04…)

No. 917375

File: 1690701018308.jpeg (625.65 KB, 1457x2048, A55DB076-3E11-412B-9E63-D80732…)

there's 78 photos attatched to this post. not going to post all of them obv, but I'm sure they're on her photobucket as well if you're curious.

No. 917376

File: 1690701086484.jpeg (859.7 KB, 1465x2048, A554125D-E79E-4437-A6AB-F927DA…)

No. 917377

File: 1690701198487.jpeg (619.86 KB, 1536x2048, AD0E053A-5BA2-478E-9B26-B7437C…)

No. 917378

File: 1690701406327.jpeg (Spoiler Image,420.57 KB, 1125x1916, 1E656149-00A7-4223-9B37-7852DD…)

No. 917379

File: 1690701468440.jpeg (92.69 KB, 1125x601, 080BFA44-5D7D-4736-86F8-B78B1F…)

anyway, Pixy seems to be doing real well lately

No. 917380

File: 1690701518921.jpeg (104.66 KB, 1124x659, 95847520-AFAE-4954-9F4B-AEE849…)

No. 917381

File: 1690701708283.jpeg (292.38 KB, 1124x1010, D951FE36-AC89-4C6C-9EF6-E40C42…)

No. 917382

File: 1690702171371.jpeg (680.28 KB, 1125x1895, 14420A07-00A6-49B7-8465-226423…)

last post, sorry for spam!

I do hope that pixyteri had a decent birthday. She is clearly not well and I imagine anything that reminds her of aging could prove an opportunity to spiral.

No. 917384

File: 1690707598376.jpeg (443.83 KB, 1125x1760, 73AD283F-CF7D-414A-BF27-13D620…)

wait, hold up. the newest batch of "I'm Poopin'!" pics haven't been posted yet?

they're here and it's grim, friends

No. 917385

File: 1690707830991.jpeg (395.08 KB, 1456x2048, F76FFA48-70E5-4B76-9E5E-4B5A6D…)

No. 917386

File: 1690707950724.jpeg (387.78 KB, 1457x2048, 415B4851-0740-47C4-A13A-9CA523…)

No. 917387

File: 1690708226312.jpeg (418 KB, 1461x2048, 73553746-CB15-4E54-B3A3-6AEF37…)

No. 917388

File: 1690708321156.jpeg (379.56 KB, 1458x2048, C9BE6F60-68F9-4878-B465-69DC20…)

No. 917389

File: 1690708418634.jpeg (501.73 KB, 1459x2048, 61C992BB-9328-4A45-9401-0CF43F…)

No. 917391

File: 1690708806103.jpeg (323.57 KB, 1457x2048, 500A74C7-0C96-423A-AFC0-945B51…)

No. 917392

File: 1690709443154.jpeg (403.68 KB, 1460x2048, B0CF23E5-FCF2-4E06-A85D-448C19…)

>Don't you dare tell me to stop, I've only just begun to shine.

No. 917393

File: 1690710956115.jpeg (339.16 KB, 1461x2048, 514D2BBC-2D67-4CB1-8D0F-128C03…)

amazing how much more normal and almost pretty she looks here compared to that. it's concerning to see pixy get sucked into obsessing over another fictional character to the point where it becomes part of her identity. anyone else remember her rukia phase?

I do hope she continues larping, though. seems like she really does enjoy it.

No. 917394

>almost pretty

No. 917395

just let me inhale my copium in peace, anon

No. 917396

Well that binder is holding on for dear life

No. 917398

Thank you so much for posting all these.

No. 917399

Gee maybe harassing retail employees isn’t the best way to get a job. Like some old lady working at Hallmark is going to cater to your degenerate delusions.

No. 917400

i can't believe a cow like luna thinks shes talented at art when someone like pixy is actually very talented at art.

No. 917401

This hit way too hard for me kek.
I know, I actually rather like her artwork. If she just clamped down and focused on the art instead of her nonsense, really honed her skill over the course of a year and started selling in Austin at small businesses and whatnot she'd make some cash. I mean shit there's Artsy, too. For YEARS she's been sperging about getting older and not being "youthful" anymore. Tinfoil, but I really think this whole "trans" phase is due to her believing the bullshit about women hitting the wall at 30, while men only look better/become more desirable as they age. She thinks that by becoming a man she'll always be attractive and pass as a cutesy twink. Or at least that was the original thought process, but now she's completely delusional and has phantom penile urges so… yeah.

No. 917402

its the feather duster wig for me

No. 917404

File: 1690735798255.jpeg (249.53 KB, 1124x1208, FFA0D0D3-2B22-4483-A6B8-671E83…)

no problem! I'd genuinely forgotten I had her on fb, I don't really go on there much these days.

Speaking of…poor Pixy. You shouldn't be weighing yourself the day after your birthday if you ate a whole cookie cake to yourself, girlie. You're just gonna upset yourself.

No. 917406

File: 1690737160468.jpeg (793.3 KB, 2048x1516, DD852E89-4907-4564-8F2F-18037A…)

yeah, pixy is genuinely making outsider art while someone like luna just thinks they're making outsider art imo.

I hope that she actually sells some of her pieces. It might motivate her to spend more time on her art, and less on unsettling cosplay photoshoots with tripod-kun. she could open an etsy shop at the very least, but imo she might do even better in a gallery.

but as always, nothing is going to change for her unless she gets therapy and (probably) medication to manage her. pixy has always had a tenuous grasp on reality, but these days it seems like she has broken from the world—and the expectations it has of her—completely.

and ngl it breaks my heart to see that in her late thirties she is still consumed by a desperate need for attention to validate the hurt and alienation she feels.

No. 917408

File: 1690738589601.jpeg (402.58 KB, 1124x1891, D44535BF-F30B-4452-8F85-FD970D…)

dumping more posts from her fb page over the past few days or so that haven't been posted yet