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File: 1682823308327.jpg (9.74 KB, 275x268, 1679521938679-min.jpg)

No. 1817812

A thread dedicated to the worst subsection of the Commentary Community. This community is characterized by contantly infighting, regurgitating the same points that another person had said with little to no new input, cannibalizing one another when they feel like their own reputation is at stake, and moral grandstanding.

Notable Figures:

>HopelessPeaches: A fat, mentally stunted, british woman who mooches off her ex despite claiming him as abusive. In a borderline DDLG relationship with LioConvoy and cannot be without him when talking to someone because she looses her confidence and edge. Hates anyones that does not outright kiss her ass.

>LioConvoy: A fat, 40 year old, Chris Hansen wannabe, scrote who collects mentally damaged women as "daughters" like the Thundercats figurines he has. He's Peaches biggest defender and owns/operates a Discord server called "The Senate" in which he and his cult members will often threaten and coerce people to join in able to interrogate and berate them. "Adopted" a minor from an abused home and flew her out to live with him and his wife when she was 15.
>CreepshowArt: One of the most subbed to channels and fell from grace after it was found out she stalked and harassed someone for over a decade with her boyfriend/husband.
>Omnia: One of the starters of the Tobi drama. Overall shady and manipulative and shown to lie on a whim. Kai's Ex.
>Kai: Volitile and vindictive manchild that makes videos on any perceived slights. Got his ass handed to him by John Swan.
>HitenMitsuru: Volitile and mentally damaged VTuber wannabe and another on of Lio's cult members that sucks him off regularly. Acts as if Spoctor killed her family when he just downplayed what happened between her and TheNamesJunkie.
SpoctorTech: A furry who was once falsely accused of being a pedophile. Made a comeback only to have it shot down again by Peaches and Senate.
PonderSprocket: A woman pushing 30 that enables her teen fanbase to draw her characters in suggestive art. Was the main reason who Spoctor was cleared back in 2017/2018. Stepped away from ACC as of late.
JustARobot: Autistic grifter that will gladly turn on friends in a second just to make content out of it. Said to step away from commentary which lasted all of a few weeks.
MaliMalware: Another senate sperg who made a video clearing up the PeachesDrama. Now mainly rides off the coattails of the Peaches and plays into Peaches reaffirming that she's not straight.

Last Thread:
>HopelessPeaches was able to vindicate herself against claims made by PrisonMateLuke and CreepshowArt. This however proved to age like milk when about a year later Peaches is now just as bad as Shannon.
>Kai was found to be taking down videos about himself made by Akumu. Made a fool of himself debating John Swan.
>Omnia and Kai were found out to be dating in a very toxic relationship on both sides. Ended with arrests, physical abuse, protection orders, and theft.
>Shannon Creepshow was found to have stalked and harassed another Youtuber, EmilyArtful, for over a decade. Subsequently fucked off after one last attempt to defame Emily.
>Cecil Mcfly made a big retrospective of the ACC drama that just made people coddle Peaches more.
>LioConvoy enters the ring around Oct 2022.
>The ACC turns on Spoctor for not coddling Peaches and overall seeing a bunch of petty bullshit, as petty bullshit.
>Peaches and Co turn on CamillaCuevas, an animator that had greivances with Peaches in the past, for having pedos in her server and coddling one whom she was dating. Camilla is still making animations and was largely unaffected.
>Lio gets a shortlived KiwiThread.
>Lio and Peaches both get outted for lurking here.
>CoyoteLovely, a friend of LioConvoy and a furry is outted as flirting with open zoophile and Pedophile, HypnotistSappho, and is reamed for it. Sufficient evidence to suggest that Lio knew for a long time and let it slide.
>CasWolf and his discord server and Lio and Senate go to war with one another with Lio dropping a video on Cas and Cas having one dropping soon.
>Spoctor is accused of being predatory for having lewd images of a 15 year old when he was also a minor and destroying them when he turned 18.
>Cas once again elludes to dropping a video on Lio soon.

Old Thread: >>>/snow/1218432

No. 1817813

Hopfully this is sufficient and people find this thread again.

No. 1818162

File: 1682891869929.jpg (85.6 KB, 1080x921, Screenshot_20230430_164105_Twi…)

Very nice that you leave out the fact that Lio "adopted" MintHeart when she was 15 and flew her out to live when him when he's pushing 40. Very convient you leave out the fact that all of Lio's "kids' are grown fucking women who have the mentalities of stunted children who actually call him dad. Frame it however you like, but anyone that doesn't live online would tell you that it's weird that a 40 year old fuck that lives online, constantly beefs with teenagers, and calls himself a predator hunter while having degenerate porn posted in a server with minors, is incredibly fucking weird.

Also side note; I really wish the people trying to expose Lio and the Senate weren't such degenerates because they might be taken more seriously. Caswolf is an edge baiting 4chan furry and Gilded Poo openly admitted to having zoophile and scat porn to troll people with. Can we get one normal and sane person to do this shit for fuck's sake.

No. 1818247


These people are so fucking stupid. They take themselves dead seriously.

Maybe a few people are serious about Lio being into DDLG, but most are saying it to mock him because having a server full of grown women calling you daddy is weird. Anytime Lio addresses this he acts as if people are making serious allegations against him claiming he actually has sex with his real biological kids.
He has to be braindead to not see why people find what he’s doing weird or worthy of mockery.

No. 1818276

It's very much giving "The lady doth protest too much methinks" vibes. He's been having to fight off these accusations for a while too. Probably mad because they get under his skin so much.

No. 1818347

Well made OP, can't wait for more people to roll in with milk, love thread pic btw.

No. 1818360

Lio hates the accusations because they hold a lot of weight and truth. Any scrote who only hangs around teens and young 20 something years olds are always degens. No exceptions. He literally acts like Onion.

No. 1819510

File: 1683083545057.jpeg (92.47 KB, 828x1047, 2973D34C-2CFB-45C8-B70C-CE1BC4…)

The tinfoil of hopeless peaches possibly lurking in lolcow isn’t new, but I found a little thing that might back that theory up. Looks like she didn’t switch lingo before posting to Twitter(not milk, pls sage)

No. 1819580

I can only imagine her sending screenshots/getting sent screenshots by Lio and absolutely fuming over them kek.

No. 1819585

File: 1683096421039.jpg (71.19 KB, 1280x720, Iilluminaughtii .jpg)

Even though she's not technically in the ACC but she reminds me so much of Shannon and Peaches, with all the shit that's come out about iilluminaughtii, I am never trusting a chubby woman that makes it her youtube career to expose others, ever again.

No. 1819713

What did she do? I don't feel like watching her apology video, it's too long kek

No. 1819716

File: 1683123225582.jpg (871.88 KB, 1440x7546, illumifattydrama.jpg)

No. 1819759

honestly the biggest shock to me is that iilluminaughtii is actually a woman. i blocked her channel after watching 5 seconds of one of her vids bc her voice sounded like a TIM.

No. 1819762

I stopped watching any of her videos since she would often defend trannies and other annoying libfem crap. Plus, she made a video about how JK Rowling is an evil TERF. Not surprised to read the recent news that she’s petty and egotistical.

No. 1819779

I think she was mentioned here a few years ago that she was another creepshow wannabe. She has always been really bitchy. It's just coming up again because a lot of her insanity is coming to light.

She also tried to deplateform a channel called legaleagle recently for "Copying" her editing style. Because they both use power point lol. She was always a bitch. She also just used wikipedia or other documentaries word for word for her whole videos with no credit. But her and her braindead fans say it isn't plagiarism.

As for the old members of Sadmilk they left because she would scream at them for no reason.
>She said Click allowed pedos in his server because one was running around his server at 2 am when he was sleeping. But his staff banned the pedo 14 min later.
>She hired a team of people to comb through Clicks old videos of him as a minor to see if he used slurs.
>She made sockpuppet accounts to spread rumors on reddit and twitter and even replied to her own sockpuppet accounts
>Claimed Click was homophobic (lol)
All that because him and his buddy left Sadmilk
And she was still harassing them two years later

No. 1819785

I don't think she actually has any morals or really wanted to defend trannies. Fat moral bitches like this always just use it as a "holier than thou" shield. She always came across that she was better than everyone else

No. 1819788

why do all these bitches look the same. They even have the same MO
Be horrible pieces of shit while pretending to be the biggest fake moral fags ever. And they're all fat white women
Creepshowart, HopelessPeaches and now iilluminaughtii

Can someone make a banner with these three?

No. 1819791

File: 1683132537710.png (471.25 KB, 572x829, 3loXzGq.png)

Thanks for spoon-feeding me kek. She always rubbed me the wrong way with her arrogant attitude and milquetoast takes. I remember reading a long time ago before she purged all of her old accounts from the internet that she tried to be a rightoid grifter and failed. I need to find proof of this for milk purposes.

To me she always sounded like a woman, just a really obese one kek

No. 1819799

File: 1683133559635.png (56.55 KB, 769x344, Screenshot (364).png)

iilluminaughtii is currently busy deleting negative comments on her youtube channel. But she's currently getting ratioed
She also lost 70k subs in the last few weeks. It's always fun to watch

Think she's choosing not to address the legal eagle, Sadmilk, Click or any of the dramas she was in recently. Pretending nothing is wrong

No. 1819806

how the fuck does anyone live like this lmfao

No. 1819817

How even? You actually have to put in effort to mess up a whole damn home. Most of the mess just seems disrespectful. The boxes and trash are an intentional "fuck you"

No. 1819936

There has to be some sort of pipeline of chronically online fat white woman -> morally grandstanding bitch who's absolutely foul in private.

No. 1819940

NTA but yeah specifically the really tacked on, out of place rants about "terfs" and the overly aggressive tranny defending in many of her videos that had nothing to do with the subject seemed really calculated to me, like she was building up good girl points in case she ever needed whiteknights and that always put me off. Like no matter which side you sit on that was suspiciously patronizing, especially when yo take into account her previous egoistical drama with smaller youtubers she accused of "copying her". I'm personally not at all surprised at all this stuff coming out right now.

No. 1820173

You wonder that until you watch Hoarders and coorelate their immaturity directly with all lolcows, who are always slovenly

No. 1820239

File: 1683182322807.jpg (85.32 KB, 828x1010, ILiterallyOwnTheTornPaperAesth…)

She wasn't trying to deplatform LegalEagle, a practicing lawyer running a credible legal commentary channel, she just threw a cringe twitter bitchslap at one of his editors accusing him of plagiarizing her editor team as if she invented the torn paper graphic. She's too stupid to do her own research. Picking twitter beef with a lawyer, kek

I remember her being mentioned during creepshow's demise too & I've been suspicious of her since her video on the American Kennel Club. Iirc she bought a sick puppy from an accredited breeder thinking she her did her due diligence by putting her faith in an organization whose breeding standards are largely responsible for pugs not being able to breathe anymore.
Paying thousands in vet bills on top of adoption fees plus the stress of trying to keep a puppy you've already bonded with from shitting itself to death sounds like a nightmare. It just sticks with me that she preaches "adopt don't shop" while showing she thinks she's a special person in a special situation who needed a special designer puppy and its everyone else's fault she failed to properly vet the breeder.

No. 1820268

Wasn't this debunked that they were using the "stolen" editing style two years before her? They literally just use the same program. She always leaves out key details like this

No. 1820290

It's weird she's such a pearl clutcher and says she has always been such a beacon of morality and purity when she made edgy content and was an ex striper and sex worker
"I have never used such language or engaged in degenerate behavior"
seriously what?

No. 1820409

>Run YT channel dedicated to "exposing" people
>Act SJW and holier than thou on your main accounts
>Use alt accounts to talk with yourself, harrass people and talk shit about your friends online
>Be insecure about your physical appearance

Creepshow Art and Illuminaughtii go by the same playbook lmao

No. 1820472


Looking at this playbook, I would throw Peaches in there along with them.

No. 1820831

Hey has anyone else noticed that Ponder Sprocket is in the Senate?


Ironic considering Ponder on Twitter has admitted she's not mentally stable. It really does seem like Lio has a type he likes to have around him, doesn't he?


But, is it just me or does it seem like Ponder is really quiet about this whole Spoctor thing? The most we've heard is that she doesn't remember a 18 minute long call and she didn't know about this video's existence that Lio showed. And we don't even know who sent in the video. Ponder still knew about the accusations against Spoctor. Call this tinfoil but there's something off. Ponder knew about a video with new accusations against Spoctor for 3 years and doesn't look into it? Doesnt mention it publicly? Seems sketchy.

There are no pinned comments on her Spoctor videos, there are no community posts on her YouTube channel about this, there's no post on Twitter aside from her retweet of Lio's video. You'd think that she would care enough to inform her audience which probably has a lot of minors in it, and also be more mindful to protect them. I wouldn't call it shielding but I would definitely call this odd behavior from everyone involved.

I know I've seen all these people act sketchy in one way or another before but never to this degree. And I know that every damn person in that call with Spoctor getting his confession are slimey and vile as can be. But they were all friends with Ponder too at that time. And nobody told her? She didn't know? I mean, it's possible. But I'm willing to bet money she knew, and same with Lio. Maybe others too. But, knowing how loose lipped Junkie was, you damn well know he told somebody.

The dude was willing to sell out one of his friends for random internet strangers he didn't know thinking they were on the winning side of a drama because they were getting good view and like/dislike ratios.

Like he always did.

Plus, knowing that the original Spoctor accusations were on Kiwifarms, Ponder has directly responded to Kiwifarms before, Lio has an account there and there was a fucking call about these accusations, it would be impossible for Ponder to not know about this stuff.

Either she was stupid and took Spoctor's word saying he was innocent not looking into the accusations which would make her look irresponsible and brain dead.

Or she knew about these accusations, looked into them, found out they were true and told everyone to keep hush about it probably expecting a hit video to come of it.

And if that's the one she went with, what stopped her? "There's a reason why I don't make accusation videos," just some food for thought!

No. 1820890

Her being in the Senate cult would explain why she peddled the new Spoctor allegations as fact. The most she's done is just retweet Lio's video with no further context. I know Ponder has said in the past she has a boyfriend, but considering she's also a mentally ill woman, no wonder Lio would gladly add her to his cult. What the fuck do these desperate fucking women see in the 40 year old fat scrote who argues with people over Transformers and Thundercats online.

No. 1820993


Truama can sometimes really distort your world view.

And same with any disorder.

Really more miffed by the nerve of Lio thinking he's got any room to think he's able to be a better parent to anyone than their own family when the dude doesn't even have his own kids to show for it. What a loser.

The dude literally shouted at a 20 year old for drawing porn of peaches telling him "It's big boy time," Lio is a fucking lolcow and we should all collectively laugh at him. Because he cannot stand that. It's clear this man is fueled by his own ego if he is wanting to feel like the hero to such broken women. Honestly feel kinda bad for them.

No. 1821425

File: 1683327002498.jpg (171.69 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20230505_174814_Twi…)

She really is determined to milk this dry isn't she?

No. 1821446

Love how Peaches keeps saying she's going to leave the commentary community, how she's done with drama, how she's so mentally exhausted.

Seriously regret ever following her, this Cas shit is a big old nothingburger.

No. 1821478

This is the same as Camila and Spoctor. If you aren't up her ass 24/7, she's going to harass you endlessly about it. She, Blair, and Shannon really are just the same exact people.

No. 1821747


I love how nobody seems to be pointing out the fact that Peaches and co. seemed to have only called out Coyote Lovely and others only when things about their inner circle started coming out and got called into question.

For the group of predator hunters or ex hunters to preach how important your credibility is, you would think that they would know better than to start attacking other people's credibility and try to reinforce their own more. Like they were trying to with lovely. Which they didn't do by only giving out a bare minimum. In fact I don't think there was even a mention of police report on the guy when he was in contact with a victim's groomer and abuser who also happened to boink dogs too as a side hustle lol

Then we got Spoctor who we can confirm had his accusations out for at least three years and what set off Lio was the fact that Spoctor ended up criticizing her actions as being potentially manipulative even if it isn't meant to come off that way. How she needs to make more irl friends who don't know her as Peaches and yet her, Lio and the Senate couldn't handle that base level criticism and want to make it about others who are low hanging fruit and easy to use for deflection.

So how about we go over some quick notes that would for certain make her and her group look bad. A bunch of low hanging fruits of the Senate members.

From one of her siblings:


This video goes over how their group does not have one or two issues of corruption or alleged predators coming from their group. But six situations are close to this person.

And Patchwork seems to follow a lot of what her big daddy Lio Man seems to believe with credibility and all that is all well and good. Those are fine enough values even if you could argue the merit of it.

Then you look into one of her examples and you hear around the 2:30 mark that this alleged criminal who is guilty of abuse and a bunch of other vile things had done something towards someone Patch "considers their child,"


A lot like how Lio adopts children. And will also level them against his target potential predators, Interesting.

It's almost like this group has a pattern.

And you know who else brings up patterns? Fellow Senate member Ponder Sprocket who got onto Cosmodore another known predator saying something along the lines of how doing something three times is a pattern.

So if 3 times is a pattern, I guess 6 times is a confirmation of the fact that this Senate has a bunch of corrupt people in it.

But hey if that's not good enough how about the fact that Lio said Peaches did nothing wrong in her situation involving the Tobi drama and Creepshow Art. Which would go against what Peaches said. That's enabling behavior and blatantly false. And it is outright dishonest to do something like that. Like how it was dishonest of Lio to shout at an alleged predator that their actions were inappropriate because they were "not their parent," in this live stream and then later tells the alleged victim they need to report to them and tell them what's going on. And they're the one "adopting children," online.


But what do we expect from the same group of people insinuating that it could of possibly been the victim's fault for being a repeat victim so often. And by the way this man who Lio claimed to have tried to orbit Mint, they would later adopt, move into their home and take on a fatherly role in their life.

If it is an issue of someone else and they're a predator because they were doing things that only the alleged victim's parents should be doing you'd think that red flags would go up with Lio trying to act as a father to them almost immediately after.

But hey who knows it's not like Lio has a history of shielding people who are potential zoophiles or predators.

Like how his alleged daughter, Patchwork also drew zoophilia porn because they, "needed the money," but then reprimanded them for it and… gave it to an artist in need. And then in another video doesn't bring that up and complains about how the other person who brought this up and just points the finger back at them.

Around the 8:40 mark lol


But who's counting the amount of inconsistencies that this group has? Even Lio himself the man of honor, glory and only the best of reputation who didn't follow Mumkey Jones anymore despite loving his work for years stopped following him because he dated a woman who was sexual with a kid or something.

And who's that in his favorite videos Playlist that is public? Oh wait it's MandoPony!



The news is out, everyone. Lio is a predator supporter! LMAO!

Even if this stuff doesn't outright prove anything actually condemning, some people should think twice before they start throwing stones in a glass house. I'm sure that if people did even more digging on Peaches we would find potentially similar things. I'm not saying that's the case necessarily, but the lack of self awareness is quite astonishing.

And before Lio tries to hide himself having Mando in his favorites, it was already archived.


WHOOPS! Guess Lio is a pedo supporter

You see Peaches, people don't need to work hard to put your side into question too. And all it would take is a bit of surface level observations. If people can find this stuff publicly, I would be shaking worrying about what people could find out privately.

No. 1821766

Fucked up wording on my prior post. Lio would adopt the child the man orbited. Still hypocritical nonetheless. Infuriating really.

No. 1822092

This is the exact reason why people have said that Lio has had to fight off predator accusations himself for a while now. Not only because it's well known that predators put themselves in positions where they have easy access to victims, so a creep disguising themselves as a "predator hunter" would be perfect for that; But the company he keeps has very questionable morals and patterns of behavior that he keeps trying to repress by going after people for, in his words, "petty nothingness". I do not give a fuck how innocent they try to pass off what happened between him and MintHeart. In no world is flying a random 15 year old kid out to live with you when you're almost 40, not fucking predatory.

No. 1822225

Questionable morals you say? Well I would be inclined to agree with you. Trying to send out false accusations knowingly against a minor and never admitting to fault would definitely come off as that wouldn't it?

Do names like The Names Junkie, Miss Zi Zi, Tobi Majestic, Fuschia Butters, Doodletones, Nezzie Monster and Mad Libs ring any bells around this circle? If you haven't noticed a lot of those names were either involved in the Tobi Drama, The Peaches Drama or happen to be in the Senate. And some of them have even defended Ben The Looney.

For some reason a minor had to deal with these clowns and the kid's worst crime was that he has a bad take about pronouns. What great company. People willing to lie about kids to ruin their lives because it means their platform is at risk. And of course they're sharing fucking lolicon/shotacon too. Fucking disgusting.

This is the company that Lio, Senate and its members keep? Yeah I can't see how any of this could possibly go wrong.


If this shit is true like I suspect it to be, it looks like this community has always been on the edge of collapsing in on itself behind the scenes for years well before anyone probably noticed lol

Man Lio, you sure know how to pick em.

No. 1822272

File: 1683440756278.jpeg (27.09 KB, 555x484, A54047A0-994C-4C24-8901-706C08…)

Bump for cp, font scroll

No. 1822364

Turns out Spoctor was talking about the Mannis video in mid to late may of 2020.


And people want us to believe that Lio, Ponder, and nobody around their group knew? I call bullshit.(learn to embed)

No. 1823153

Turns out that the Senate wasn't even originally Lio's discord server.

In fact, this discusses where the original Lio groomer accusation came from and it has something to do with adult manchildren and toys. Really compelling stuff. Clearly.


This does have a lot of Lio and Senate lore if people are interested. And if people are wondering, Peaches has seen this video.

But this video does have a few other interesting things of note. And if I had to watch an hour of this, I'm going to bring up problems worth talking about or things i noticed. This won't be a summary of the video sadly, but my notes when watching.

Such as

• Jordan and two other "siblings" of him were interviewed asked if they think Lio would ever prey on them, which all of them said no.


•Two of the three interviewed had said to Queen Serafina that they were minors when Lio adopted them. Including Jordan.

• The most absurd part about all of this is when Serafina talks about how nobody wants to try and report things to the police if there was alleged predatory actions.

Though, you would think the predator hunters would know that police don't normally take online cases and won't have a detective take on a case unless the solvability factor is high. And when there are so many people in different parts of not just the US but the world to talk to and verify info on, it wouldn't be worth the effort to the police. And even if it were, it would take up so many resources to investigate.

So in other words even if something predatory was going on they wouldn't likely do anything. And knowing how Lio and Co. Operate it would be difficult to find evidence on people like this.

Also, well over half the crimes that go on in the world don't ever get reported to the police. And people get away with things pretty often because of that. Or it is just the fact that the police aren't your friend and don't actually care as civil servants, especially around Texas, where Lio lives.

With the amount of times that Lio and co. has filed police reports on predators they would know this fact. Even Serafina no less. And knowing how hard it is to get information, the information to even get a full report, you'd see the absurdity of such a statement even without the expertise necessary to do what these guys do.

Knowing that this comes from a predator hunter that also knows this, these defenses are pathetic.

If Lio was a predator preying upon their own "children", and if he was a groomer what this would tell the audience that Lio successfully groomed a bunch of people who are adults now when they were minors still. Even being able to convince his predator hunter buddies that he's in the clear too! And knowing that at least according to this video Lio was 35 when he moved in a random 18 year old girl he met online in with him is still fucking creepy! Even if they weren't 15 or 16, It doesn't matter the intentions. The context doesn't make it better. The situation doesn't justify Lio actively taking a parental figure role in a random stranger's life when they are not their parent and had actively and outright been a person involved and was around that victim's abuser. Espexially after they just got onto another adult's case for similar boundary crossing behaviors. That's not just inappropriate. That is blatantly tone deaf to the victim's truama and blatantly hypocritical.

And people like Miniladd, Lionmaker, Elvis and others who were beloved figures having not just their peers protect them but even their own fucking victims at points before later coming out themselves!

And even if you weren't fully convinced that Lio is a predator, this defense doesn't really make anyone trust his character much more beyond people with the confirmation bias or would want to assume only the best of him. Why would I listen to the testimonies of people he rescued from situations that were serious dark points in their life if I suspect them to be grooming victims? Why would I listen to a biased narrator who has not only worked with him on cases The man would look like a hero to these people, especially when their own family turns their backs on them and adopts and treats them as his own family. And knowing they had been groomed before, abused before, well that could look like profiling before acting.

This isn't to say that they are lying. But they do have every reason to lie. Especially if Lio is buying them things, or letting them live with him. Do the victims even actually know what grooming is? What is your relationship like with Lio? What is the family relationship like between your "siblings" and "father"?

Not only are those better questions to ask that would give insight but with loose ended questions like that you get them to talk a lot more and to give more details that would actually help establish key things that people would need to identify if a relationship like this is even potentially predatory.

• Serafina acting as judge and jury on how others think of them and their actions basically acting like anyone who doesn't report them to the police doesn't actually care?

That. Is. Gaslighting.

Denying the feelings of others saying they don't actually care if they don't do x,y,z and to cast doubt into the claims to only use the testimony of the alleged grooming victims doesn't really do much. It's an adhom that only puts the people questioning thid relationship into doubt rather than the actions being questioned. Because after all, these are women who were abused or were from broken homes that Lio was personally aware of, and as a man in his mid to late 30s, potentially early to mid 40s adopting these adults when they were minors to their own admission and knowing most were groomed is a red flag. Also with how long ago a lot of this stuff was, who's to say that everyone's memory is accurate? Sure you got discord logs, but what about Jordan? I don't he'd need to use discord or any instant messenger with Lio unless they absolutely had to.

To criticize people to not make that report is to basically condemn someone for being human. So acting holier than thou when it is also a pretty well known fact that police don't get involved in online cases often is just stupid moral grand standing. And we all know for sure if people did pursue this, the Senate would cry victim, when unlike this crowd not everyone will make every moral wrong they come across or has been put across onto their table their responsibility. Those are their rules, not the rules of the land. Not to mention that it is sometimes better to not get involved because if we as the public audience were to get involved and to try and take real action against Lio, what about the well being of someone like Jordan who is almost certainly some kind of dependant of Lio's.

And Jordan saying things like how Lio's wife is his type and how he isn't his type is just fucking weird to bring up! And if that is the case why the fuck hasn't he been the one to actively just prove the claims false instead of pussyfooting around it every time it comes up or just simply deflects?

With the amount of times Lio loves to go out of his way to dunk on the idiots saying stupid shit about him on kiwifarms of all places. Why are his defenses for the most serious of the claims at best devil's advocate for himself?

Take a shot each time you read or hear him say,
Citation needed/prove it/there's no evidence for this.

You'd be dead by the end of his recent live stream for sure!

Every time it's a claim that Lio if he were innocent of, could disprove or explain himself on, but just simply says that instead. Likely because he knows that predators and their number one mistake is to give out any details about their relationships whether it be true or not.

But what is said are all things on surface level that you would hear a second party saying to try and show healthy skepticism. Not the person who directly responds to an accusation.

Someone innocent would just say that it isn't true. And to give credit, Lio does have times where he is objectively innocent and says when things are false. But as soon as the relationships he has are put into question, how sexual they are, etc. You can see a very real attitude shift. And the only reason why it works as well as it does is because of how information is used to prove not just someone's guilt but character too. Whether or not Lio grooms his kids sexually isn't something that is easily proven in of itself. But what is able to be proven without shadow of doubt is that the defenses made are not iron clad and hold a lot of room for potential debate and further questions or speculation. Or even blatantly fair criticisms to bring up.

And what was proven by Lio and "their" Senate is that even if Lio isn't a predator. Even if Lio isn't preying upon his kids, he has proven he is either really bad at reading people and has had some of his closest allies like Vida, FNGR, and Coyote Lovely all be outed for one reason or another. And I would say with the kinds of stuff he engages in, and the environment he has, he isn't fit to give an emotionally and mentally healthy letalone stable environment for a child as a parent. And he outright adopted minors despite surrounding himself in a toxic environment for any person to be around. Could only imagine how harsh it is on the mind to be a minor around there

Or Lio and his Senate have odd priorities with how he believes for some reason that Spoctor's career should of ended with him talking about Peaches over the actual crime he committed years ago.

My God, why is nobody else talking about this?

Lio literally prioritized his daughter and the drama around her, and what small criticisms he had towards her actions over serious accusations that were floating for many years towards that same man. You seriously can't make this shit up.(this is an imageboard)

No. 1823193

To add Lio only "adopts" and surrounds himself with young WOMEN
I don't know why people are so blind

No. 1823237

Learn to embed and sage if this isn't actually new milk.

No. 1823657

What’s the tea on Queen Serafina? She seems to be the Senate’s PR mouthpiece(do not ask to be spoonfed)

No. 1823785

It's a TIM

No. 1824101


There is a lot that could be said about Serafina, however what we do know of her with her public posts is that she is a predator hunter that is what seems to be at elbow's length as Lio's wingman so to speak, who originally made the Senate and has minors in their discord server despite being a known predator hunter.

She recently got accused of potentially knowing details of Vida being a predator by Casofwarfox and his group The Fox Mafia.

There was also an accusation of how Lio and Co. Including Serafina that they were trying to hide evidence of Coyote Lovely and Zrcarlo living together by not uploading the full call. What the Senate claims as their defense is that they had given the call to Cas so there was no means of trying to hide the information. Despite in the same screenshot provided to try and prove this ridiculous claim you see Lio literally tell Cas to not share the call with anyone. So as Cas said in his own ranting about Boomer Groomer Lio was right. At least to an extent. He was gatekeeping information, for the public. Like Gilded Poo accused Lio and company. Serafina seriously just made Lio and his side look worse because this was still information held from the public, even if I might possibly be remembering the claims wrong. I do not see the lie that everyone was claiming. Lio fully intended to never have this information be public and he wanted Cas to go on ahead and shield Zrcarlo and Lovely. How fucking stupid.

That is by definition shielding a predator.

And yeah Serafina doesn't seem to realize this. So the tea on her is that she has the awareness of a goldfish.

If you want to learn more about them, I would recommend looking into their channel and past as I do everyone who ever has a suspicion of their favorite content creators or people who they may have a bad feeling about and are aware before coming to their own conclusions. There are videos that are as long as 8 to 9 hours that are worth watching to get a feel of this side of the internet.

There are so many people involved with Lio and his Senate that you could literally make a documentary about the past of not just the Senate but the communities they got themselves involved with.

Such as:

The Brony Fandom
Toy Reviewer Space
Predator Hunting Space
Drama Commentary Community
Art Commentary Comminity
Slideshow Commentary Community
Small Commemtary Community
And of course the more tik tok based commentary community.

Lio is even involved in fucking Chris Chan lore. There is far too much for one person to go over when it comes to Senate and any of its members.

What I do know that hasn't been mentioned that is in this video, apparently That Creepy Reading, a man who has a lot of ties to people like Daft Pina, LS Mark, and a bunch of others is also part of Senate from what this video implies. There's a brony and some face I don't recognize that is also there but Hiten Mitsuru is also there as a meme appearance along with Just A Robot. Which I find odd considering that I thought he left the commentary scene and would also leave the Senate along with it.

Consistent as always JAR. Good show. Proving time and time again like clockwork that nobody can be fucking trusted in your community.

No. 1824396

Nonita please learn to integrate, the text walls and reddit spacing is gonna get you banned

No. 1824549

I am sorry for the walls but not the contents. I will limit how much I write for all of your sakes, though I will say this now. This group of people, Lio and his Senate are all people with very lengthy, convoluted and to outright horrifying stories behind them.

The walls of text won't happen from me again. But if you want a suggestion from a lurker who listens and reads twice as much as they speak. A character limit wouldn't be a bad idea. But I'll reiterate, this group of people is rabbit holes within rabbit holes and even though this isn't new information, it is relevant to situations going on today. I either way said things that I believe needed to be said. And I believe that the overall point I wanted to make abundantly clear has been made. I'll chill. It's a privilege to have a platform online. Letalone to be anonymous. Moderate as you see fit.

But none of you are ready for what this side of the internet has lying beneath the surface. Expect walls of text. But not from me. Especially if this community will continue to act in this way which we know they will. There are videos that are relevant to these people and their communities that are 8 to 9 hours long that are relevant today. Moving forward expect cliffnotes or nothing at all.

No. 1824810

Honestly the info you're posting shouldn't exclusively be on here. If you have as much information as you claim you do and post, you need to actually make a video to post to a wider audience that will actually see it. All of us here know that the Senate are a bunch of degenerates, but Peaches still has a large audience and Lio's is growing. They're both very good at spinning things in their favor so it would need to be a damn good video.

No. 1825220

I know a lot of people have Peaches, Lio and the senate on their hit list since they're legit deviants. Lio is just a textbook groomer, Peaches is just like Shannon and iilluminatii, and the rest of the senate is either emotionally damaged teens or abusers.

I would def ask around for people who they hurt and other big creators.

I am going to be silly and say that lolcow has prophesized that everyone in the senate will be cancelled by this summer though

No. 1826708

I remember being shocked to learn that she used to be part of the "commentary bros" circle. You know, associations with people like Augie, Blowbax, Tipster, etc. When I learned that, I wasn't surprised about all the shit that came out now that "community" is full of toxicity with the backstabbing, 1uping edgy humor, and all that mess.

No. 1828983

File: 1684337860381.jpg (258.37 KB, 2110x1125, FwVuK_pXoAEuRmw.jpg)

Don't know if anyone remembers Miss Zi Zi but her brain has been completely broken by Twitter politics

No. 1828992

using they/them pronouns will totally stop men from objectifying us, why didn’t I think of that before /s

No. 1829172

File: 1684352753162.png (38.68 KB, 597x778, peak insanity.png)

Samefag but
>a tranny is literally lecturing her about misogyny and being bigoted against nonbinary people
I can't

No. 1829244

Funny because she always gave me 4chan pick me girl vibes. Didn't she and Ponder get into a fight a while back too over some petty shit?

No. 1829481

How many different ways are people going to find to just reinvent straightforward misogyny?

No. 1829547

Hello everyone, I was blocked by Hopeless Peaches on both of her Twitter accounts. I don't know what I did to hurt her, and I don't think I will ever know how I hurt her. It is true I have sinned against her, however even damned people are still capable of doing some good deeds. And today, I'm here to tell all of you to stop with the lies. You were all wrong about Peaches before, you're wrong about Peaches now, and you will always be wrong about Peaches. Everything I said defending her (except for the hateful vitriol I made against Mali-Malware) was correct and in the right. Hopeless Peaches is a sweet and wholesome soul who treats everyone (who isn't shitty to her) with the upmost of care and niceness. Unlike all of you. You're bigots and abusers. Your belief system is built upon hatred and misery. You want people to suffer. You want Peaches to suffer and die.

Also there's the whole transphobic elephant in the room. It's one thing to hate on an individual, but wishing genocide on an entire demographic of people is beyond evil. This website is evil and sickening. You're all evil and sickening.(thank you for your feedback)

No. 1829820

Dude, besides the fact that you're ban evading, you need to seek actual help. You should not be this invested in someone you don't know. We snark here, but we don't seek these people out. Don't worry about how we view the shit heads we post about, worry about yourself and work on yourself privately. Get off this site, and maybe the internet in general for awhile.

No. 1829975

File: 1684449692037.png (28.09 KB, 481x588, 1675985744092.png)

>Funny because she always gave me 4chan pick me girl vibes.
She has changed a lot in these past few years, now she's a tranny pickme girl. She cried about Hogwarts Legacy because it's being made by an evil TERF (pic related and source https://twitter.com/MissZi_Zi/status/1622999895236804610), she made a video crying because Shiver from Splatoon wasn't nonbinary (link to that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxVQPtDTt-I) and falls for every bait imaginable on Twitter to the point where she made a video being mad on an obvious troll being racist under her Tweets (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1PH3bJULT0). I know she became great friends with a tranny that goes by MissKillJoii to the point where they had a stream together but the troon doesn't seem to have active social media. She has an unlisted stream where she cries about her life, it's clear her mental health is in the lowest of the low https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OgCRLgkFfXI

No. 1830064

JAR literally it the king of milking topics. 4 daftpina vids.

No. 1830195

I think you and others mean well. I genuinely do. But I don't believe you understand the gravity of this situation.

I could tell you so many things I've seen. But it's all "old milk" you're all probably not at all interested in. And all for small little crumbs of information. And with how much there is to these situations I doubt any of you want to read another essay. Letalone a video or further posts from myself.

Maybe one day though.. maybe. But realistically knowing how the community handled Luke and Spoctor where people needed to use dishonest and outright underhanded, shady and manipulative tactics to get things to go the way they wanted it to all because people criticized Peaches' manipulative behavior to this day might I add, I know for sure with how these people operate they would for sure do the same to myself or others who would merely call out what they did publicly. Plus who knows what else they might be capable of. They've done this before to others who accused them of what they were actually doing.

I'll give you all a prediction, though. Feel free to speculate all you like as you watch. I'm sure that you all are thinking what I'm thinking.

But, Lio will likely be outed as someone who had abducted a child and likely was trying to abduct Peaches. He likely was sexual with Jordan who he knew as a minor.

Lio and Ponder Sprocket knew about Spoctor and his accusations. The video too even. Well before any of this happened. And chances are, Ponder's circle or someone close to their circle outed this information we saw of Feg, Junk's and Spoctor's stuff. And I will be as bold to say that there was a cover up. Honestly I wouldn't be shocked if we come across that piece of information to at least somebody that knew Ponder or some people in her circles.

There's no other way that video would of come about. I believe someone is lying. And I believe that person is Ponder. Not remembering a short conversation sounds unrealistic and seeing how scummy her friend group is why didn't she record the call? You'd think that when she lives in an area where it's one party. Would of been totally fine. Would of recorded the conversation for at least her own record. Unless she knew what the conversation was about and knew it would incriminate her. Like how her demanding for the erp messages between minors and any other party is literally her committing a crime where she lives for written cp. Classy.

Also, if memory serves right she saw the erp between Spoctor and Stories right? Two minors? Welp, if she showed any of those messages which I think she did in one of her videos saying that Stories took an active role…

Yeah no these guys are fucked. I don't need to do anything, and if I did. It'd be more trouble than it is worth. I'm sure that everything will be fine. Just sit back and enjoy the show!(learn2integrate)

No. 1830296

she always has been a massive pick me. I remember this youtube series called ''omg a gamer girl'' where this youtuber would show how shitty moids get in videogames towards female players for no reason. and miss Zi zi was hardcore defending the vile scrotes in the comment section and shitting on the youtuber.

No. 1830640

I thought he was quitting commentary and decided to stick to reviews? Just goes to show how much of a grifter he really is. I mean if he wants to talk about commentary drama, he has every right to do that but don't be a self-righteous douchebag who thinks he's above it all.

No. 1830795

Not to feed the Veritas simp too much, but I know you're lurking here. She blocked you because she lurks here and saw how obsessed you are with her kek. I hate Peaches, but can't say I blame her for blocking your creepy obsessive ass.

No. 1831908

File: 1684716206526.jpg (49.31 KB, 411x718, ChudLion2.jpg)

My God, this fatfuck lio should fucking do a ronnie mcnutt why does lio have a main "protagonist" complex… espically to fatfucking retard like dreadfuljaxgames the same Retard who's a lio hater turned ally, that actually wrongly accused with "false confession extortion" of culthydra aka mave silvercyber, I hope these two assholes do a ronnie mcnutt at this point, fuck the victim complex…

No. 1831911

File: 1684717008690.jpg (68.64 KB, 667x500, 6bp13p.jpg)

Before If you guys search up "mave silvercyber" most of these expose videos about mave, is just biased evidence, me and our friends have an entire Google document, then later on, an expose video of discord circles community, after the part 2 video of Kevin byrnes expose the movie, by two youtubers

No. 1831939

File: 1684719909175.jpg (47.83 KB, 500x777, 7mmkoz.jpg)

Here's fox azure having a shitty meltdown over knotted furry dick

Yet is into it, regardless if he hates furry porn or not

Oh the irony of this furfag…

Also cringe, getting offended over an N word




More fucking lulz is from alister
My croft

Make sure to sub him, for more fox azure LULZ

Seriously every accusation is a confession

Hey fox azure, next time don't be a yelling faggot with a temperature tantrum acting so hard

If you know how to "fight"

We know how to kill… just saying!(learn to embed)

No. 1831986

No obvious self posting, you faggot

No. 1831988

Also, samefag as my previous post where I think with 95% certainty that you’re a self poster, you seriously defending people from another fucking furry spazzing out on someone being okay with borderline beastiality shit? God, you people are made for eachother. You’re all queer

No. 1832115

No I never defend that shit, I fucking hate beastiality. But keep assuming while malding bucko(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1832949

The lynching of Peaches has taught me to NEVER EVER ignore the cries and suffering of the poor victims of this world. I fully agree with South African bishop and anti-apartheid activist Desmond Tutu when he said: "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality."(ban evading)

No. 1833365

Ffs take this sperging bullshit back over to Kiwifarms.

No. 1833438

Sorry to Necro this topic but can I get some sauce? I've also heard rumors that Iiluminaughtii lied about having a miscarriage, and I can confirm that she used her alt account Doobie Schmirtz to lie about having Autism. The sex worker/miscarriage shit though, seen little evidence for. Would love to see that get exposed

No. 1833448

i don’t think that’s true. i remember her saying in several videos that she never planned on having any children.

No. 1833514

Am I the only one who can't wait for the bandwagon of this to end? Part of it is my fault since I've watched some of them but it's so fucking sad how almost all the videos being made on the situation, these a-holes all say and clip the same fucking thing. I've heard the plagiarism citation so many times that I know it by heart kek.

I'm not saying people should excuse what she did to those two guys because it was pretty crappy but I wish the people talking about it would just fucking say something different when trying to bandwagon off of the drama.

No. 1834013

omg same
if these guys can be original and either drop new drama about her that'd be great. It seems she does something almost daily, there must be mountains of stuff she's done.
Even old drama that should be brought up again. But I'm so tired of the same videos. She's more milky than that

No. 1834104

Agreed, I'm just glad it's not me who's annoyed of this. It seems like so many are coming out of the woodwork to cash in on the drama and they aren't at least trying to bring new info or even their own 2 cents into the discussion and just end up sounding the same.

Because like you said, there probably are some more hidden secrets about her that is out there thst is worth looking into instead of regurgitating the same info that is already been out there.

No. 1834274

I always found it very interesting that this thread would go on and on about the toxicity of the ACC yet you would all do the exact same toxic shit that the ACC does. First of all, I love how you all downplay her suffering by insisting that only a couple of creators went after her when the opposite is true. Everyone in the ACC and then some hurt her. Everyone had spilt her blood in some way. This includes those who either associated with the bigger sadists who went after her, or those who could have defended her but instead deserted her. People like Dumbsville, Fuschia Butters, Big Joel, Chuuli, Nezzie, Miss Zi Zi, Ponder Sprocket. Hell, recently HarleyTBS, a commentator I used to really like, a commentator for whom I used to have a crush on, decided that they would rather be an entitled and whiny pig and dissent against Peaches like the vermin they are.

Second, not only do you downplay her lynching, but you just flat out support it. You support the toxic mindset that tried to justify her pain. You supported the lies and defamation against a fundamentally sweet and innocent woman. You're no different from the ACC, if anything this would be the logical extension of the toxicity of that community.

No need to sage, that was the biggest hunk of milk you're ever gonna drink :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1834511

File: 1685055995942.gif (1.19 MB, 498x387, nerd-emoji-nerd.gif)

>No need to sage, that was the biggest hunk of milk you're ever gonna drink :)
Holy tism.

No. 1834688


>a commentator for whom I used to have a crush on

Isn't Harley a kid? How old are you?

No. 1835126

Harley is 18 I believe, but that is still pretty sus.

No. 1836306

This is just the Peaches Veritas simp again whom I believe is 17. Also because I know you're lurking here, how many fucking decives do you have you obessive freak. You keep ban evading every week. Are you just walking up to people to ask them to use an electronic to sperg here? I would say I'm glad Peaches blocked you, but knowinf how you are, pretty sure you're stalking her on an alt.(Sage)

No. 1836387

Same anon but I also saw that you go banned from the Senate a few days after joining. Peaches and by extension Lio do not want to deal with your creepy ass. Find a new hyperfixation kid kek.

No. 1836939

they want nothing to do with the veritas freak because that thing is biologically male. If this was a woman the senate would immediately trap it like the rest

No. 1837414

Is anyone following the controversy about Illuminaughti aka Blair from Youtube? Is this not the right board?

No. 1838490

She's not an artuber, I've seen some discussion about the drama here >>1753830 in the Youtuber General.

No. 1838807


i second this.
the only time non artubers get talked about here is if they get roped in with the art cc, like john swan during the kai weiss drama.
JAR isn't an artuber himself but because he's associated with the acc (despite claiming to be "moving on" from commentary LOL) he's part of this thread

No. 1840671

File: 1685872331611.jpg (141.13 KB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20230604_044627_Twi…)

Catching up on the Spoctor drama 2.0, he came off private and made this tweet. Alot of the replies and quote retweets are of course calling him a pedophile and mentioning Lio. This is why Lio is fucking dangerous. His young fanbase just parrots everything he says because he's able to make things sound correct with clever editting. If I remember correctly it wasn't even anything explicit, just lewds, but the retarted spergs in the quotes are saying it was cp because that's how Lio framed it. I think it was weird for Spoctor to keep the photos until he was 18, but you don't magically become an adult with an adult brain once you turn 18. It's less fucking weird than Lio and his weird DDLG roleplay he has going on with every single female shaped human he comes accross.

No. 1840748

File: 1685885921259.png (8.1 KB, 770x94, EtNhCoY.png)

Are you one of those socalled "Fox Mafia" scrotes that target Lio and Peaches because they pissed you off? Spoctor EXPLICITLY called the material "Nudes AND other NSFW material" you manifestation of retardation. Spoctard LITERALLY admitted in this youtube community post that he owned nude pictures of an 13 year old. How much more copium do you have to take to excuse him? He literally tries to sell himself as a victim, and everyone without a brain, mostly furries, believe him? I really hope this chan board won't be filled with Spoctard apologists.


In case you can't read, I highlighted it for you and anyone else who can't read a whole ass community post by an ADHD furry who most likely wrote this as a impulse response.

No. 1840819

No one outside of the Senate believes Lio. Must suck to spend all day defending a creepy 40 year old man who makes you call him daddy.
Bet he's been screaming daily ever since people found out about the porn and types of "jokes" posted in the senate. Just because Lio screams the loudest and offers run away teen girls a home doesn't make him right or good. Fucking groomer

No. 1840820

No one outside of the Senate believes Lio. Must suck to spend all day defending a creepy 40 year old man who makes you call him daddy.
Bet he's been screaming daily ever since people found out about the porn and types of "jokes" posted in the senate. Just because Lio screams the loudest and offers run away teen girls a home doesn't make him right or good. Fucking groomer

No. 1840846

Newfag detected. You don't even have to believe Lio, Spoctor got recorded on call that he had the nudes. There's no way to discredit that, unless you could prove that the call is fabricated.

No. 1840921

I cannot stand Cas, Peaches, Lio, or any other terminally online sperg in the ACC so no. And even if they were nudes my point still stands. It's fair to call it weird, but you do not magically become an adult predator the moment you turn 18. If Spoctor admitted he still had them in his 20's you would have a point, but if he's truthful in that he tossed the USB, what else is there to really say? Not to self post, but maybe it's just because I'm in my late 20's that I think everyone is blowing it way out of fucking proportion. And it's still much more fucking weird for a 40 year old scrote to fly a 15-16 year old out to live with him under the guise of it being him saving her; Rather than a dumb horny teenager realizing her still had nudes from another dumb horny teenager.

No. 1841162

Lio is a fucking idiot. he did the same thing to another Youtuber years ago named joshschorcher. he went after the guy for not knowing he had a pedo in his friend group while coincidentally his own pedo detecting radar must have been malfunctioning as he let an actual predator into his own friend group named Vida. hes literally a moron and a hypocrite of the highest order. all this pedo hunting stuff it’s so obviously projection, maybe not of pedophelia per se but for some sort of kinky shit.

No. 1841227

Lio wormed his way into the Tooncritic shit? Kek, not even surprised. Funny how he always denounces furries and is constantly saying he isn't one while always somehow turning up in the spaces where furries are most prevalent. I give him a year or 2 max before it comes out that he's a nonce.

No. 1841241


constantly says he isn't a furry yet has a lion as his main sona

the denial is real. at this point it feels like a running theme with the guy.
plays cop and hunts down pedos (sometimes over stupid stuff people did when they were kids themselves, or giving people shit for unknowingly associating with pedos) yet plays daddy in some ddlg kink with mentally unwell girls in his server and apparently flew one out to live with him when she was still a teen.

he and the terminally online senate can gaslight their braindead sheep audience about how it's "saving them" or "found family" and all that junk but there's no way that can be seen as anything but predatory.

he just reminds me of shannon that way. they only got their credibility to mask their deranged shit because they preach the loudest

No. 1841248

On queue Peaches is saying that she and Lio didn’t spend the last month insinuating that Spoctor is a pedophile. Even after Spoctor talked about how he was a victim of grooming, and was in an environment that normalized sexual behavior for teens. Something he realized was wrong. Plus the drives have been destroyed for 4 years now, there’s no way to access them if what Spoctor is saying is true. Peaches is awful, this is the straw that broke the camels back for me. She’s irredeemable, and she absolutely is just as bad as Shannon. She’s a leech who uses pity to lure in her victims.

No. 1841421

And keep in mind she and Lio are doing this all because Spoctor didn't kiss her ass and much as she would've liked. Fuck her, fuck Lio's grooming fat ass, and fuck the rest of the braindead, daddy-issue having grown women that desperately need validation in the Senate.

No. 1841557

Peaches is such a terrible person. She made a hit piece on a grooming victim just because he wouldn’t completely kiss her ass. And she proceeds to undermine his personal tragedy. She’s a troglodyte. “Oh you’re mean to me, I guess I’ll exploit your personal tragedy to call you a pedo”. Bunch of stupid underage kids empowered by Peaches and Lio are telling him to off himself. Both of them are such genuinely rotten people, their downfall will be fun to watch.

No. 1841605

You know, Spoctors grooming situation struck me as odd at the time, yet if we were to believe his word, his supposed groomer at the time, alongside the victim he had exchanged nudes with would be "Toast". However, the said exchanged nudes took place prior to when the victim met "Toast". (Her statement claiming that she met "Toast" while she was 15, when Spoctor and the victim were 12/13 and 16 respectively)

Unless if they are misremembering things, that means Spoctor was groomed prior and for longer than anticipated, or he could very well make it up. Personally, Lios server is one big circle jerk, but I personally think every part is to some extend suspicious.

Still baffles me that Spoctor took over a fucking month to respond to the allegations instead of openly admitting that he was groomed the day after Lios video dropped. He took a massive hit for his reputation and hes still fucking weird for waiting so long to respond.

No. 1841698


you'd think peaches of all people would be even a BIT sympathetic about spoctor's situation given she was supposedly groomed herself to the point where she made a stink about mean thumbnails using her grooming video because it undermines the situation she's been through, (wich is SUPER IRONIC and hypocritical given the thumbnails she's done on her videos covering similar situations LOL) but i guess it's the only victims who deserve sympathy are her or anyone who kisses her and the senate's ass

No. 1842353

File: 1686147342304.jpg (131.51 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20230607_090815_You…)

He posted a longer statement on his Youtube Community tab. Even the "victim" Spooder seems to be upset as to why this is being brought up as drama. The comments seem to be giving him more of the benefit of the doubt too. The only issue people have is with the USB drive. His last sentence is so true:

>Don't be a young influencer, your mistakes as a kid will haunt you forever.

Lio and Peaches are acting like they're the morally correct ones here, when in reality if they had this information and sat on it until Peaches got pissed enough and decided to go after Spoctor, then both of them and Ponder would be on the hook for sweeping this under the rug if they all believe that this is as bad as they're acting.

I think Spoctor was an incredibly dumb and horny kid, but calling him a predator is a slap in the face to those who actually get groomed by nonces.

No. 1842410

>Their downfall will be fun to watch

Agreed. I still don't get how Peaches still has so many whiteknights and fangirls/fanboys. I was scrolling youtube the other day and saw a video pop up of a rando doing a video on her and talking about how she was "betrayed" by the art commentary community, it was so stupid.

However I did find a new commentary type video that actually called Peaches out on her BS. Even though I don't see this video making traction, it still felt cathartic to see a video calling her out and not kissing her ass like a lot of those who make content in the "community" do.

No. 1842414

>I think Spoctor was an incredibly dumb and horny kid, but calling him a predator is a slap in the face to those who actually get groomed by nonces.

Spoctor has his problems but I agree that he's not a predator. It's too early to say such a thing and he hasn't done anything dodgy in recent years so far. I think Spoctor is just a victim of how life is like for gen z who grew up with social media (I say this as someone in their mid 30s).

Teenagers are dumb and horny, we all were once but the difference between then and now is that we didn't have as much social media back then and don't have an internet backtrail of it that one could put on blast.

But until Spoctor actually does something like stalk and groom a minor in the preset day, people just need to leave him alone.

No. 1842640

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this and it's also probably due to my age. Spoctor says he doesn't want to come back and honestly? Good for him. If he's off irl having an actual life like Tobi did when she took a step back from social media, good for him. He'll be doing something much more productive than someone 20 years his senior.

And because I know you lurk here, let me just say; Yes Peaches, Spoctor was 100% correct when he said you're fundamentally broken as a person. You like to act like a baby uwu victim while at the same time, talking shit behind people's backs, being extremely vindictive, and a two faced snake. You're a baby Shannon who is being coddled by a boarderline fucking chuddy nonce who you call "dad". Get a fucking life you terminally online landwhale.

No. 1842683

Hey, you all heard me talk and I want to hear you talk. This has been something I've had for awhile and I didn't know what to make of it when I first saw it and I still don't. I do have a few takeaways. Though, what do you think about this? April 10th, the day after Lio had uploaded his video on Spoctor this was posted showing that people had in fact noticed Mannis' video claims. Three months ago Dillin Thomas, someone who knew some of Senate's members such as Just a Robot, Ponder Sprocket and Doodletones also says that people knew well before Lio's video on this matter imploring people to spread the word as it was the truth. 3 months before any info was out there for us in Lio's video which was released not even a week after Gilded Poo's video on how Peaches and LaGovrt was "allegedly" shielding Coyote Lovely living with Zr Carlo.

Also, Lio has likely seen this thread and for certain has seen Dillin's comment. He told our favorite Peaches simp that he and them need to talk in their live stream on Daft Pina. So say hello to our favorite toy reviewer, because as he would say. It's big boy time.


No. 1842684

and before people ask for what to look for. Sort comments by newest. Sorry. I just forgot to add that.

Just didn't want a wall this time round.

No. 1842809

yeah I was curious about that as well. i knew about the mannis video for years and there were rumors in the grapevine. but then I went back to check his channel convenintly his video disapeared, and yet Lios is the defintive one on the topic? I thought that was super suspect, but its not out of the scope of what the acc does.

No. 1842822

So where’s Dillion’s comment? Or a screenshot? I don’t see it

No. 1842852

AYRT. Yeah I just think people are being ridiculous in calling Spoctor a "ped0" and/or "groomer" when he hasn't done anything in recent years and he's only like what? 18? 19? just stop and come back when there actually is something worth calling him out but until then, back off.

And for Spoctor's sake, I hope he does stay out of trouble and not do what JAR fucking does or if he does, just be real about it.

No. 1842860


Sort by newest, check the replies on the first comment that shows up. You'll find Dillin and Lio in the replies. I'm done posting on this site. My work here is done. Lio and Co. Knew. And used Spoc as a scapegoat for the Coyote Lovely situation. You all do what you want with that info.

No. 1842956

When I go to the current video I can't find them so assuming they were deleted and the archive link isn't working for me either. Screen shots would be nice.

No. 1843128

File: 1686269166569.jpg (49.95 KB, 720x733, foto_no_exif.jpg)

Read for yourself. Goodbye.

No. 1843136

One last piece for everyone to know what to look for. You want to find the comment by Spacething7474. They posted it 10 months ago. Hope this helps all of you.

No. 1843161

Learn to sage and avoid double posting. From what I'm seeing, Lio found that reply just recently (1 month ago), so there is probably a good chance that Dillon most likely reached out to Lio with the recorded call between Spoc, Junkie, and Feghost. And I'll be honest, doubt that Lio wanted to cover that topic unless there was concrete evidence that Spoc did admit to possessing the hard drive (which he did), he basically just decided to drag Spoc around for mocking Peaches most likely. However, considering the furfag has been nothing more but a sore to anyone who listens to YouTube commentary, I feel like he had it coming. Especially after his neutral stances on every topic he covered. Gave me centralist vibes tbh.

No. 1843175

Then explain why in this thumbnail the evidence given to Lio was April 3rd. Which is still after what Dillin claimed. Ponder and everyone else knew. And if Lio only got that evidence by that time. Dillin knew someone who hid this information. He couldn't of gotten this from Lio. Sorry, but can you explain that?

No. 1843335

Finally something worth pointing out. From my view, YouTube claims it was posted a month ago, so I had to use the Hadzy tool.

One could assume he returned to Mannis video to check the comments after he uploaded his video, since Hadzy claims the video was uploaded on the April 9th. He did after all credit Mannis in his video, but from what the screenshot of his conversation between the censored user is saying, he was skeptical of the entire thing until he heard Spoctor himself admit that he had the CP. It probably means that Dillin was just someone who also got access to the evidence before Lio did, but we don't know.

No. 1843645


>why was the USB created in the first place

Because Spoctor was a dumb fucking teenager when he did it. He said himself that he was groomed into being sexual from a young age.

Lio only brought this shit up to simultaneously take the heat off himself that he was getting for how he botched the CoyoteLovely situation, and to placate his tub of lard of a discord kitten, Peaches.

Had Caswolf and GildedPoo not been such sperging fuckwads they might have been able to put heat under Lio and the senate but they botched it because they're just as fucking degenerate.

No. 1843803

So I came to make one comment
Lio and others have this thing called trying to find peds when there is none
i also found that many people in his discord rp daddy's little girl and incest on Facebook
That's all I wanted to say see ya

No. 1843822

The reason his discord server banned mention of lolicon was half because he himself was calling very young fans in his server lolis and flatchests and it made everyone uncomfortable. You can say he was a minor all you want but COCSA is a recognized form of sexual abuse and he was way too old to think prepubescent bodies were hot. Let me reframe this for anyone who has been an adult too long and forgotten what these numbers mean: imagine a junior in high school dating an 8th grader.

All his claims that he didn't know it was wrong because he got groomed don't hold water. In that call he admitted he was stringing her along and keeping her in love with him so she wouldn't talk. He knew perfectly well what he did was wrong.

No. 1843976

First of all learn to sage. Second, an 8th grader in the US is aged 13-14 and a Junior in high school is aged 16-17. That's a 3 year age gap at best and yes, it's normal for people within those age ranges to date one another. I know you might be fairly young so you might find it weird, but unless Spoctor was in his 20's dating a 13-14 year old I quite frankly do not give a shit. Funnily enough this is also a mentality that Ponder Sprocket shares as she said in one of her Spoctor videos, thinking a 16 year old dating a 13 year old as predatory is ridiculous. That call is 3-4 years old which means spoctor was still 18 and at most 19 at the time. He might have still been 17 just about to turn 18 because I can't remember his birthday. He was, once again, being a dumb fucking teenager. I know people in the ACC try to uphold teenagers to be way more mentally mature than they are, but it does not work like that. It does not matter if he said that he knew it was wrong in the call if the "victim" Spooder is also calling everyone fucking dumb for bringing this up. Why are you all being upset on someone else's behalf?

One would be perfectly in their right to think the lolicon thing is weird, but you fail to mention his age when he was doing this so it could have very edgy dumb jokes he made when he was still a teenager. No one here is saying Spoctor is completely innocent, he himself never said he didn't know it was wrong. It's clear that being on social media from a young age, gaining a large audience from a young age, and being exposed to hyper-sexual spaces from a young age, all fucked him up and he really needs to take a step back especially now that he's getting older, but anyone calling him a pedophile is a fucking braindead sperg.

No. 1844071

>and yes, it's normal for people within those age ranges to date one another.
If you're homeschooled or live in a third world country. Well-adjusted 16 year old boys don't want anything to do with middle schoolers. They're not only physically underdeveloped, but the difference in maturity makes them obnoxious to older kids. It's hard for two kids of these ages to even be friends, much less date. In Spoctor's case you can't even blame it being socially stunted. He was constantly annoyed by the kids that age in his server and that's not a secret. His mods still complain about it to this day because it meant he would only pop in for 20 minutes a day at best and leave them to do the heavy lifting.

I really recommend doing some reading on the stages of adolescence. This is one of at least two topics Ponder Sprocket misrepresented in her Spoctor videos. 13 and 16 are not in the same developmental stage according to any source. 13 year olds are so immature that they still think in black and white. Asking someone who can't even form nuanced thoughts yet for pictures and videos of their body is obviously fucked.

>Why are you all being upset on someone else's behalf?

Because she waffles. There were screenshots on kiwifarms where she was asking for emotional support but also trying to protect him, as many victims of partner abuse do. Apologizes for no sage, was distracted.

No. 1844183

No, we are not about to get to the point where we're calling literal children predatory for being attracted to those in their age range. 13 and 16 year olds are CHILDREN. I know since kids started hoping on social media more people keep trying to make them seem more mature than they are but they are children nonetheless. I'm really curious on how old you are because you ask any adult irl if this is predatory and they would look at you like you have 2 heads. If Spoctor was 16 trying to get with a 11-10 year old then you would have a point because those kids are pre-pubescent. He's interested in one of his peers with a 16 year old. Teenagers are horny and sexual as it comes with the territory of puberty. The only things teens do wrong is taking nudes and of themselves because they are unknowingly creating cp.

>Well-adjusted 16 year old boys don't want anything to do with middle schoolers. They're not only physically underdeveloped, but the difference in maturity makes them obnoxious to older kids. It's hard for two kids of these ages to even be friends, much less date.

Bunch of bull. When I was a 16 I still talked to 13 year olds that had the same interests as me and at 13 did the same with 16 year olds. Had plenty of friends that were the same. They're kids. And you are still being offended on someone else's behalf when they themselves do not view it like that.

No. 1844264

I'm gonna be honest if it's true what you said about him using "loli" and "flastchest" on discord, that's really weird. I think I encountered loli discussion/imagery as a child and noticed how fucking weird, creepy, and abusive all of that was.. maybe he mightve said things as edgy "jokes" but that's still very odd behavior, I really don't see how cp is funny or edgy without you being a pedo yourself right?

No. 1844824

File: 1686520261825.jpg (78.98 KB, 1080x684, Screenshot_20230611_164204_Twi…)

I cannot wait for this because I'm literally going to track how much of a percentage she talks about his video on her and not what would be considered the more serious points. If she spends less time talking about the flashdrive than she does whining for the 100th time about how he called her broken or whatever the fuck, this really is done with bad intentions. If this isn't some petty revenge scheme to continue to beat a dead horse to give herself pity points, then she'll address the serious things more than anything else.

No. 1844851

sorry but these ages are a bit off.
in the US school age can also be
8th grade (last year of middle school) 13-14,
9th grade (high school freshman) year 14-15
10th grade (high school sophomore) 15-16
11th grade (high school junior) 16-17
12th grade (high school senior) 17-18

when i was in high school (2008-2011) it was super common for junior year students to date freshman. sometimes it was seen as predatory and sometimes it was more of a natural thing cause they met at sports or a club together.

it's true that a normal 16-17 year old high school junior would not be caught dead interested in a middle schooler. but paradoxically they may see a freshman as a peer their own age or practically their age but not enough to matter. even if some 8th graders are 14 and some freshman are 14. it's a childish perception but probably not creepy because of the way high school is so integrated and everyone makes friendships and relationships through the 4 grades

No. 1844865

I would also like to point out that we're talking about kids that go to school with one another physically. Spoctor and Spooder were E-dating. Online it's alot easier to find those with the same interests as you across all age ranges and that's how teenagers start dating one another online. Online it's alot more nuanced because you don't have to worry about your friends seeing you with someone in middle school or whatever. Also, you gave the exact same age ranges I did so why are you saying the ranges are off?

No. 1844959

you made it sound like a typical 14 year old is an 8th grader and middle schooler. when in my region it's the age i associate with freshman year or high school. so if a 14 year old and 17 year old are dating, it's more likely that's just a freshman and junior in high school and a lot less weird in that case. compared to calling the 14 year old a middle school student which is kind of a worst case scenario and least charitable

No. 1844966

Either way calling Spoctor a pedo is the biggest reach ever. He's just Peaches target because her Shannon victim card is expiring.
She's just a narcissist and malicious.
I honestly don't know how anyone can take Peaches and co seriously. The ACC is really made up of tweens and children for the community to be this dumb.
I don't know how they think a middle aged pedo and a vindictive swamp witch are "innocent" and good people. It's right there
Like how can none of these people see it? Frustrating

No. 1844998

Most of the ACC's audience is children. You go on Spoctor's community post and all you see is a bunch of "1'm 15", "I'm 14", etc. The worst part is these kids are getting a very warped sense of what true predatory behavior is by these wannabe Chris Hansens. There are genuine pedophiles online that people need to be aware of and they're sitting up here dragging up this bullshit because Peaches ass pat quota needs to be filled for the month.

No. 1848528

File: 1687072311569.png (73.92 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230618-031158.png)

Oh look a break up(lolcow.farm/rules )

No. 1848532

Good, love it when these idiots start infighting, I hope it blows up!

No. 1848539

I wonder who Peaches would side with, her autist whiteknight JAR, or Harley. I would bet money there'll be a video coming out of this, petty arguments is always how it starts.

No. 1848547

read the rules littlebears155@gmail.com

No. 1848619


and the fact those two were Peaches' biggest whiteknights when her drama took off. and they were also the ones who went hard on kai/omnia during their dramas aswell.

the cc really will cannibalize each other eventually. only a matter of time till it happens over in the senate

No. 1848623


same anon but i looked at the thread referenced on the screenshot and wtf. all this over a fucking thumbnail JAR planned to use on his upcoming video on spoctor.
and it's also about grooming in context.

this is just peaches all over again, the difference being that for peaches it was about "downplaying her trauma" or whatever tf, while on JAR's situation it's the opposite in that he makes spoctor look worse because he's making an edp reference (which, classy JAR. way to further push the guy down, hard to believe you guys were as close as you say you were.)

No. 1848656

Got to admit at least Harley has a moral back bone. This isn't the first time they didn't stand for the senates bullshit.
And what JAR meant by vc was for Harley to join the senate vc.
I'm sure Lio has been screening for at least a year to get another teen like Harely under their belt.

I'm sure Harely isn't the only one who's noticing the senate just attacking people who disagree with them or are noticing the blatant grooming going on there

No. 1848870

JAR is so embarrassing and tone deaf it fucking hurts. The lack of tact when it comes to his tism is massively cringe inducing, even people in the senate get weirded out by it. Really can't believe someone this braindead got a platform.

No. 1848871

Pile on another Spoctor video, haven't watched it yet but I bet it'll just regurgitate whatever Leo said with weird attempts at comedy in between.

No. 1848891

I love how 20 seconds in he references his "I'm Leaving" video only for his explination on why he's said he was going to stop doing it, boil down to "Because you have to do make drama videos when the drama is fresh"

Textbook fucking grifter. Anyways, I can only listen to this retard's voice for so long so someone else can have fun and summarize this shit.

Harley started out as a kid who would defend Peaches tooth and nail, but as he's gotten older I think he's gotten smarter and isn't taking alot of shit anymore. He actually stood up to Peaches and told her the senate changed her and now this with JAR. He isn't a dumb kid anymore and thankfully even though he grew up online, he hasn't been totally brainwashed by the ACC.

No. 1848974

thanks Skylercrown74@gmail.com

No. 1849080

You know what I find interesting about you people
The fact that you guys are so close to peaches irl but you post about her.then you get mad when people post on the thread I wonder why.is it because you are scared(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1849117

I can guarantee you, no one here knows Peaches irl or wants to know her. She seems like she would be absolutely insufferable to be around.

No. 1849135

Something to remember with this situation was that it was only happening online iirc? Because of this, even though typically teenagers don't want to hang out with middle schoolers (generally), these people were terminally online spending every waking moment outside of school online and because of this, this is why I can see why a teenager would not see anything wrong with talking with middle schoolers if they had things in common. Spoctor is a weeb/nerd and those he associated with were as well so there was a lot for them to bond over despite the age difference.

Heck I remember when I was 16 (I'm in my 30s for context), I used to be online friends with a person in their early 20s at the time and we boded over anime lol Nothing creepy happened but anyway, all I mean is that it's not surprising that Spoctor found a way to bod with this person, it's not hard to believe at all.

> If Spoctor was 16 trying to get with a 11-10 year old then you would have a point because those kids are pre-pubescent. He's interested in one of his peers with a 16 year old. Teenagers are horny and sexual as it comes with the territory of puberty. The only things teens do wrong is taking nudes and of themselves because they are unknowingly creating cp.

Agreed anon, I get what you mean and I think it's because some in this thread may still be young and do't understand. That and maybe not realizing how involved social media is now o where it's not surprising why 16/17 year olds may talk with and befriend and date 13/14 year olds. It is a bit weird but it's not "pedophilic". They'd have a point if Spoctor was 21+ but he wasn't.

No. 1849136

It's weird but we're talking about a teenager who got exposed to coomer stuff early. I remember reading how lots of teens are getting into porn at a faster, earlier rate more than ever ever since social media has taken over. I still remember how Tumblr was in the early 201s0 with porn blogs everywhere whether it was hentai or irl stuff.

A lot of teens growing up in the 2010s to the present are getting porn brainrot before they're even adults.

No. 1849137

>these kids are getting a very warped sense of what true predatory behavior is by these wannabe Chris Hansens

This is the biggest thing I can't stand with modern day commentary. All these kids who think they are Chris hansen and do retarded shit like what we're seeing above with how they consider a teenager a pedo for dating/talking with 13-14 year olds.

I dunno about you but I miss the days of stupid drama involving fangirls and anime & video game argument wars kek.

No. 1849141

I thought he said he was leaving commentary? Yet here he is again.

>Textbook fucking grifter


>Harley started out as a kid who would defend Peaches tooth and nail, but as he's gotten older I think he's gotten smarter and isn't taking alot of shit anymore. He actually stood up to Peaches and told her the senate changed her and now this with JAR. He isn't a dumb kid anymore and thankfully even though he grew up online, he hasn't been totally brainwashed by the ACC.

Is this Harley person terminally online or does he have a life outside of online? If not he really should do what Spoctor is doing and touch grass, like just get outside more and begin living life a little.

No. 1850693


>A lio dickrider and attentionwhore/friendwhore and famewhore

>Thomas (((Guerra))) probably bribes his "fans"

>vs a fucking degenerate pedo, still having a jump drive

I think all are shit, but spoctor deserves to get attacked by mexican angry mob, and you know what they did to pedos(sage your shit)

No. 1850753

I'm not one to defend scrotes. But Spoctor deserves nothing chill. Nothing good or bad
People being mad he was a horny teen need to touch grass

No. 1850948

Really wish Peaches would catch on to what people say about her when she's not sticking her chubby little goblin nose wherever she thinks she can garner attention from.

No. 1850956

Spoctor is not a fucking pedophile you terminally online retard. He was a dumb teenager and this is why this bogus "predator hunting" needs to be stopped. You all are stretching the definition and taking the spotlight from genuine nonces. There are actually people who flock to spaces with children with the intent of grooming them.

She lurks here so she knows. She just gets constant ass-pats from daddy Lio and the rest of her bootlicking server to placate her enough to not really want to rile anything up. She knows if she ever alerts her fanbase to this thread that she'll start being questioned. It's probably the reason she blocked that Veritas stalker. He was active here and made videos on this thread which could alert people to it's existence.

No. 1851003

Peaches being on here and being a baby Shannon is not going to look good. Though I'm not sure if anything will happen. No one really cares about the ACC. The only bad thing that's happening is teens looking up to creepy adults

No. 1851482

You can't be that annoying and not have people in your active friend group who don't despise you, too. I'd actually bet money that the only person who genuinely likes her outside of pervert Leo is JAR.

No. 1851566

File: 1687492671279.jpeg (36.07 KB, 828x580, IMG_5329.jpeg)

Speaking of Peaches, has anyone archived her tweets? There was one she deleted where she spoke about her parents calling her a liar and siding with her ex. She quickly deleted it but left this one up :

No. 1851580

I don't think any of us care enough about her to archive things like tweets, but this is a little spicy. Really makes you wonder on how much of her calling her ex "abusive" was genuine, and how much was her either blowing things out of proportion or completely lying. I would pay money to get her ex's side of things.

No. 1852022

Earlier in the thread someone mentioned that Peaches is the abusive one.
Her parents kicked her out for being unbearable and before that she lived with a friend who kicked her out for being horrid.
So she got a guy to feel bad for her and date her. So he spent all of his money buying a house for them to live in.

The MOMENT Peaches moved in she stopped personal hygiene, made the place dirty on purpose, was openly cheating on him, screamed at him, took his credit card, ate all the food so he had nothing.

So when he had enough he told her to move out. A few months after he got a new girlfriend. Peaches currently wont let him be happy and is shamelessly SQUATTING. It's taking almost a year for him to get the paperwork and court case done and it's pretty expensive. But she will not leave his house unless the police force her out. Peaches is a nightmare to know irl

To wrap it up, seems like the trio of nightmare women have everything in common. Fake social justice warriors, white, fat, same face structure, abusive narcissists. They seriously need to be a case study

No. 1852029

hold it. we don’t like that peaches goblin here either but please have a shred of proof before making claims. Thank you

No. 1852032

It'll take some time to scroll up. It's just hard because Peaches deleted her whole tiktok earlier this year to cover up her bullshit. Even the tiktoks of her being mad people correctly accused her of using mental health as a shield to be an asshole.

No. 1852124

What an ironic title "Spoctor Tech: Perpetual Victim"

Pot meet kettle, Peaches!

No. 1852145


the title and the thumbnail BOTH, fucking KEK

either she;s making some reference to this thread calling out her "victim" status out of ironic or she has the self awareness of a bloated goldfish
either way LMFAO

No. 1852483

Not saying I don't believe this because the track record of fat white woman smug liberal being a terrible person tracks, but I want solid evidence of this.

Anyone feel like biting the bullet and summarizing this? I can only listen to Peaches smug tone for so long.

No. 1852538

Honestly, after you've seen one you've seen them all. It's just Peaches echoing the record of what happened, adding nothing new. (Talking about the flash drive, about the call with Junkie and Feghost, the call he trolled)

It's been a night since I watched it but if memory serves she does take the opportunity to whine about the peaches drama at one point I think.

She goes on to refute the claim that they're calling Spoctor a pedophile, and imply that they're not even insinuating that. Which makes me scratch my head cause like, if you're bringing up the fact he held on to CP past the age of 18 what the fuck ARE you implying if that's the case?? Just a big pile of retardation imo.

No. 1852661

She's already back peddling incase she gets in trouble for bring up false pedo accusations against Spoctor.
"I never straight out said he's a pedo"
Neither did Stories, but they sure did heavily imply it to the point everyone called him a pedo.

No. 1853082

Not to mention she and Lio are freely letting the dumbfuck kids in their quote retweets and replies call him a pedophile. They are heavily implying it and trying to act smug about it. If they didn't think he was a pedophile they wouldn't have needed to being up 3 year old shit in the first place. Like people have already said, the only reason they brought this up is take heat off of themselves for how they handle the Coyote Lovely situation.

No. 1854695

File: 1687929570984.jpg (107.89 KB, 1080x1009, Screenshot_20230628_001811_Twi…)

No no guys, he's just a boring little goober! You guys definitely don't need to look into his past. Nope. Nothing to see there.

No. 1857325

Omnia released 5 videos on Kai an hour ago.

No. 1857349

Have these people learned nothing absolutely they shouldn't be putting all their Jerry Springe drama out on the internet?

No. 1857521

All they do is repeat the same shit over and over what a waste of fucking time lmfao who even cares they lie about everything & deletes all negative comments

No. 1857701

thanks for the useless comment. Anyway does anyone know how peaches and the senate roped themselves into the mess?

No. 1857704

The art omnia used in the Kai videos is so laughable, just directly copying another artist again. Does she have a single creative bone in her body.

No. 1857707

Cupric.patina@gmail.com read the rules babe

No. 1857748


How about you research you lazy cunt maybe you’ll find out(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1857846

File: 1688439610193.jpg (122.97 KB, 1078x1677, Screenshot_20230703_215614_Twi…)

So I'm almost done recapping all of Omnia's video, but shit has currently hit the fan on Twitter. It looks like JAR, Peaches, and HarleyTBS might have been complicit in furthering Kai's bogus claims. Peaches tucked her tail between her legs and privated and Lio is currently fighting tooth and nail to defend her.

No. 1857869

So I'll try to summarize this as much as possible. Really could give less of a shit about the art being traced or whatever.

>Kai basically took a guilty plea deal for one charge to get the rest dropped, so Kai trying to act like he was innocent of the other charges was bull. Omnia shows the screenshot of this and they all signed it.

>Omnia plays a phone recording of her talking to her lawyer, she did get explicit confirmation from her lawyer that this was fine to be recorded. The lawyer clarifies that the plea deal was not for the reason that Kai claimed and Omnia's lawyer wasn't in the court that day. Kai was claiming the reason he took the plea deal was because he was tired of the case. You cannot take a plea deal without admitting guilt; So either Kai is lying to his audience on the reason why he plead guilty, or he's being fucking retarded and openly admitting he lied about the reason he took a plea deal to his audience which is illegal.
>Kai claims that he will be able to get the case expunged from his record because it's a misdemeanor. Omnia's lawyer clarifies that he won't because it's a conviction.
>Kai admitted to the court that he did indeed abuse Omnia.
>Kai says that the prosecuting attorney said that Omnia was unreliable and expressed to him she was displeased with the ruling. Omnia says she never spoke to, or even knew the name of the prosecuting attorney before she asked her lawyer and she wasn't even in the court the date that Kai said she was.
>Omnia is trying to get a copy of the court transcript and hasn't been successful in getting through thus far, but has was able to get a copy of the sentencing. The copy basically corroborates all that's been stated.

End of Video 1

>Starts with her going over the protective order and isn't anything we don't already know.

>Omnia is the sole owner of the apartment and pays all the bills. The only thing Kai paid were their phone bills.
>Omnia was granted 5 provisions on her protective order, one of which being her asking for possession of Gabriella, which was Kai's cat that he adopted because she felt that he was a threat to her. She says the reason why is because Kai is volitile and flies into blind rages and throws things, which on a couple of occasions have hit the cats before and she felt he would harm Gabriella. She also brings up that December 2021 was not the first time that Kai had physically hurt her.

Stopping here real quick because this is one of the most contentious things that people have issue with, but I have the same viewpoint as Omnia. Kai in the public is shown to be extremely easy to anger so I wouldn't trust an animal around him either even if he hadn't abused them prior.

>Omnia filed to have both cats listed as Emotional Support Animals. Kai also appealed the provision in the protective order to get Gabriella back.

>The judge ruled in Kai's favor because Kai was the one whom had originally adopted Gabriella. Omnia and her lawyer accepted under the condition that the provision be replaced with another one, that being if Kai were to receive jail time Gabriella would be returned back to Omnia.

End Video 2

>Going over the violations of the protective order. Basically Kai wrote threatening notes through Omnia's notes app which is connected to the cloud which Kai had access to due to leaving her encouraging notes prior to when everything fell apart.

>Kai tried to pull the whole "I was nice occasionally so I can't possibly be abusive" card. Which everyone who was ever in an abusive relationship knows is bullshit.
>Kai once again keeps trying to say that the other charges like stalking/threatening were dropped because there was no evidence when we now know that they were dropped because he took a plea deal.
>Kai wrote a long creepy message to Omnia through Patreon once again violating the protective order. Kai tries to defend himself by saying that his new cat slept on his keyboard and accidentally sent the message even though it wasn't supposed to go through. Not even joking.

End Video 3

>Kai whining about Omnia's sympathetic tweets about the school shooting that happened at her school. Omnia never made it out that she was close to the victims, but many of her friends were. Funnily enough Kai did something similar when Etika died.

>More of allegedly Kai violating the protective order by texting Omnia from a burner number and trying to get her to type in a shared google doc.
>Most of this video is just Omnia debunking Kai's video about her thread and showing how speech patterns and times lined up with Kai and how he violated her protective order.

End Video 4

>Omnia debunks the dates that Kai brung up by saying Kai took her phone from her and deleted all their previous texts.

>Omnia goes into her channel deletion. Kai sometime between grabbing things from the apartment and leaving, deleted her channel.
>Omnia shows how likely it is that when Kai stole her Nintendo Switch, games, etc. he traded them in to get a Switch OLED.
>Goes into Kai taking back his gifts and talks about the laws of gift giving.

Now this is where it gets interesting

>At the end she points out times where JAR, Lio, Peaches, HarleyTBS, enabled Kai and says they're hypocritical basically.

"Maybe stop parroting everything Lio tells you and get a mind of your own Hopeless Peaches" KEK W.

So that's basically all the interesting parts. I still think Omnia is shady on certain things, but Kai is just like any other abusive, lying scrote and he can fuck off for good for all I care. I love how Peaches turned tail and ran when Omnia simply exposed her public tweets instigating Kai's lies. She threw a months long temper tantrum because Omnia used her grooming thumbnail and yet has no qualms on egging on an abuser even though she loves to claim that she just got out of an abusive relationship herself. She loves to stoke the fire but the moment she gets burned a little she cries and runs to hide, playing victim and leaving her obese daddy Lio to fight for her. Fucking landwhale can choke I am so sick of her.

I still agree with everyone in that this shouldn't have been public, but Omnia was smart in holding off really speaking on the crucial things until now. She has the right to defend herself publicly if she's going to continue Youtube as this would have killed her chances of making anything of her channel again.

No. 1857873

File: 1688444478942.jpeg (403.68 KB, 828x1176, IMG_5589.jpeg)

This would make so much fucking sense on why Peaches immediately tried to make herself a victim, then went private and made Lio fight for her. She’s most likely tweeting shit in private that she’ll delete later

Now earlier it was mentioned that Peaches’ own family does not believe that she is the victim with her boyfriend and implied that she lied. There is a new tweet where peaches tried to tell me omnia that she can’t possibly be abused since she was an abuse victim by her ex

No. 1857874

File: 1688444679666.jpeg (198.82 KB, 828x739, IMG_5555.jpeg)

Sorry for double posting anons but this is the latest tweet that I’m sure will be deleted so I’m putting it here. The first time the news of her ex dumping her came out. Peaches only said that he cheated. Now she is adding details to this story

No. 1857879

"Ptsd" Oh fuck off you mentally stunted bloody child. I love how Omnia's friends are the "Niatology" cult, meanwhile when Lio or the rest of the Senate blindly kiss her ass it's fine. There has to be some of their braindead fans that can see how hypocritical Peaches is. There has to be atleast ONE that can see throught this bullshit.

No. 1857903

I'm just glad someone from within their own community finally called that shit out, hope more people do in the near future. This drama is peak!

No. 1858047

Kai made two streams about this. He plays court recording.

In Omnia’s video she claims Kai lied about how the court case ended. Omnia claims her and her lawyers took the plea deal for efficiency and not because there were credibility issues. Omnia claims Kai took the plea deal because he thought he would be found guilty if they went to court.

In stream 1
Kai starts playing the recording at 45:00
At 45:39 and 46:10, the prosecutor confirms Omnia is not supportive of the plea agreement.
The judge states at 48:30 that if the case went to trial, there would be a number of credibility issues, and Omnia’s prosecutor agrees with the judge that there would be credibility issues.
The judge accepts the plea agreement because of potential credibility issues

At 1:02:18, Kai is on court recording stating that he is taking the plea because of his family

No. 1858079

File: 1688487211413.png (3.09 MB, 595x14865, omniatweets.png)


Omnia coming after Peaches, LioConvoy, JAR, and HarleyTBS in her videos has caused a shitstorm on twitter.

These are Omnia's tweets. kek at her and LioConvoy’s threads

No. 1858084

File: 1688487714511.png (1.21 MB, 573x4562, hopelesspeachestweets.png)


Hopeless Peaches tweets. She privated her ThatRebelRosie account

No. 1858086

File: 1688488003042.png (539.7 KB, 600x1841, othertweets.png)


LinLin, HarleyTBS, JAR tweets

No. 1858140


Is that Omnia's lawyer that said she's not supportive of it or the prosecuting lawyer? Because Omnia's lawyer said he wasn't in court that day so it would have to be the prosecuting lawyer. This is something Omnia straight up said herself that she didn't even know the name of the prosecuting lawyer until her lawyer told her. In a way, they both could be correct. Omnia said she never met the prosecuting lawyer, but could have been consulted about him through her own lawyer and she said she didn't support the decision, which was then relayed to the the prosecuting lawyer. I don't know why Kai is acting like this is a smoking gun.

The judge saying there would credibility issues does not mean there would be a non guilty verdict on the additional charges. It's really fucking clear that Kai does not understand the law or he does and is intentionally bullshitting and spergs like Lio (who claims he studied law, which I highly fucking doubt) are eating it up because regardless of Kai admitting abuse, he's still against Omnia and Omnia hurt Peaches so we have to enable him. He's claiming that he wouldn't sit there and lie when he's done that for other shit before?

Yeah, Kai is a fucking idiot kek. His spiel in court saying how he's "doing this for his family" is still tacked onto the fact that he's still pleading guilty to the charge and is therefore admitting fault.

Unless someone else wants to recap the entire stream where there might be more counter evidence, this really doesn't prove shit. The only thing he might have is the point that the prosecuting lawyer saying that Omnia was consulted. But that does not mean he's the one who consulted her personally. He just said "she has been consulted".

Linlin: "Omnia about to gets egged into a parasocial relationship" Like Peaches and the rest of the Senate server have? Can someone tell LinLin that he's a dumb fucking teenager and that this is far above his pay grade.

No. 1858156

Anons who said big drama would start within the ACC about Peaches, Lio and the rest of the ACC called it.

No. 1858166

>The judge saying there would credibility issues does not mean there would be a non guilty verdict

Never said that. The point was that Omnia claims that there were no credibility issues. The judge and her attorney say there were.

>Yeah, Kai is a fucking idiot kek. His spiel in court saying how he's "doing this for his family" is still tacked onto the fact that he's still pleading guilty to the charge and is therefore admitting fault.

Kai maintains that he took an alford plea in his streams. If that’s true, then he didn’t plead guilty.

Omnia claims that Kai didn’t take an alford plea because it’s not on the report and her attorney said it wasn’t an alford plea. This is more evidence than Kai has so far.

Kai says on twitter he will make a video responding to Omnia’s videos. Since he has the court recordings, he could bring evidence that it’s an alford plea. We’ll have to wait to find out, ig

>Unless someone else wants to recap the entire stream where there might be more counter evidence, this really doesn't prove shit.

Omnia claimed that the quote at the beginning of Kai’s video was him making up words that weren’t said. Omnia used this as proof he lied.
But it turns out it was a direct quote from the court recording. So Kai didn’t lie about that.
That’s all it was meant to prove. It wasn’t meant to prove anyone’s guilt or innocence.(reddit spacing)

No. 1858176


>Never said that. The point was that Omnia claims that there were no credibility issues. The judge and her attorney say there were.

The issue is that Kai is framing this as meaning that the claims were false. The dude is manipulative and unless you read between the lines you wouldn't know what he's trying to insinuate. He's pulling the same stunt as what the rest of the ACC is doing, pointing out small nitpicky shit to act like it discredits to much bigger, much more serious claims.

>Kai maintains that he took an alford plea in his streams. If that’s true, then he didn’t plead guilty.

I don't know how the fuck Kai is going "prove" he took an alford plea when we saw the actual sentencing papers and Omnia's lawyers flat out stated that he didn't take one.

I do not trust a single word Kai says at this point. He's manipulative and lying. The motherfucker literally tried to say that his fucking cat sent that Patreon message to Omnia. Omnia may be shady, but atleast she showed the actual court documents and we heard from her lawyer. The small tidbits of recording we heard do little than corroborate semantics. I honestly don't know how Kai is going to act like he's the innocent one here because of all the evidence that was presented. He more than likely, is just going to argue semantics again.

No. 1858301

A bunch of horrible people fighting and likely to make a bunch of videos slinging shit at eachother! Happy 4th of fucking July you love to see it.

No. 1858303

Anyone else already sniffed out that this is Omnia? You're so disproportionately angry about this situation and at Kai like you're the one living in it.(hi cow)

No. 1858310

And this comment too. Can someone who doesn't have Omnia's foot lodged so far in their mouth please speak instead?

No. 1858315

the comment doesn’t read as angry but rather tired, also I hope you saged your comments. I the whole drama is getting on everyone’s nerves because we are just seeing the repeat rinse of:

1. Kai lying, remixing the story or arguing semantics
2. Peaches spewing shit, running away and having the Senate, Harley and JAR kiss her fat goblin ass
3. Omnia over explaining and reacting to literally every single thing instead of just dropping her evidence and dipping.

Its all old milk and unless someone is brave enough to tell all these dumbasses to fuck off, this is the new boring norm

No. 1858319

Tired is not the word. It's definitely angry. Who cares about Kai Weiss enough to go on this long of a tangent, nor has the information to do so?

It's just Omnia KEK if youre going to sperg just sperg on Twitter, it's more milky that way.

No. 1858324

File: 1688515753660.jpeg (258.08 KB, 699x681, IMG_5601.jpeg)

I knew you seemed familiar. You’re that one retard months ago that sperged over here and accused random people of being omnia . The autocorrect uppercase “KEK” gave it away. A bit suspicious eh ? that you come here under the exact same circumstance

No. 1858380

Sperg thinks that typing KEK in all uppercase means youre a completely seperate anon, please never reproduce.

Please go back to bitching to your audience on Twitter.

No. 1858406

Quit the dumb infighting let's just all be glad that the ACC has once again set themselves ablaze! Can't wait to binge watch the Youtube hissy fits and slap fights that are about to happen!

No. 1858469


I'm not even really angry just exhausted by this whole situation like the anon said. I've said before Omnia is shady on certain things, but anyone giving Kai the benefit of the doubt at this point is actually retarded. Forgive me for being a tiny bit hostile to a scrote who admitted on camera and to a judge that he hit his gf. If anything, you go back and drool in Kai's comment section.

No. 1858511

File: 1688547377941.jpg (124.62 KB, 943x1285, Screenshot_20230705_035111_Sam…)

Peaches came out of hiding. It will never not be amusing on how much this woman cannot take one ounce of the energy she dishes out. She'll gladly hop into calls with people and tell them to shut up and insult them, but the moment she gets a taste of her own medicine she starts acting like she's going to have a mental breakdown and runs to private her shit until she's had her ass pat quota filled. PrisonMateLuke was a fucking idiot on alot of things he covered, but he hit the nail on the head when he said Peaches hides behind her mental issues and uses them as a shield.

No. 1858541

Exhausted for what? You’re not in it. You wouldn’t be exhausted unless you were Omnia. No one is telling you to keep up with it. LOL So again, please give us more milk on Twitter.(hi cow)

No. 1858566


this is hiten levels of exageration no wonder those two are in the senate kek. they both make this whole display about how being lied to and shit talked on in the internet ruin them so badly.

also i find it funny and ironic that peaches and co want to make a big stink about omnia calling her "pro abuse" even if omnia didn't outright say it yet she uses that same tactic to excuse herself when she says she didn't call spoctor a pedo.
if peaches and her braindead fans are gonna go on with implications they should be consistent with their standard.

i don't like omnia and i still think she's not being totally honest with her video response mini series but i'm glad there's SOMEONE calling out the acc's bullshit that isn't a degenerate scrote.

No. 1858586

File: 1688563511484.png (1.63 MB, 600x8578, hopelesspeachestweets2.png)


Here are the tweets leftover after Peaches was hiding behind her privating her account. Peaches manages to bring up the suicide baiting drama.. again

You have a weak heart from twitter drama? Seriously?

Also Peaches saying Lio is her “13th reason why” Doesn’t that imply he makes her want to kill herself?(obvious typing style)

No. 1858661

Saging this because I’m not sure if it falls into the art commentary community but still ties in because it’s commentary/slideshow community. Septy Paws has been chronically online and decided to suicide bait Peaches and other people by posting a bunch of pills

No. 1858666

If 13 different things make Peaches want to kill herself she is 1000% a suicide baiter kek
"you didn't give me attention! I'm going to kill myself now! But let me tell everyone you made me think this way and weaponize it."
I don't know why she brought that back up when no one else did. She shows all the signs on being guilty.
Also the only reason her heart is weak is because she just sits at her desk all day shoveling in the most greasy fast food she can find.

literally fuck off "anon"
that's one of the random furries Peaches is currently harassing. We're not your 13 year old fanbase. So transparent

No. 1858668

to add
how funny how the slightest thing can make Peaches want to kill herself. You can ignore her and that will make her want to do it. But here she is targeting random teenagers being an adult woman and making the senate attack these teens as well. If anything Peaches def is promoting people offing themselves. She's one sick puppy

No. 1858731

>Peaches Fans: "Omg why is Omnia still posting about you she need to leave you alone!"

>Peaches completely unprompted:

Also didn't Peaches do something similar to the scribble over the eyes in her grooming video? I swear she wouldn't be getting as much as sympathy if she wasn't known as one of the people that Shannon screwed over. And her fans have such tunnel vision they refuse to see any of the actual bullshit because Peaches and Lio have gaslit everyone into viewing her as some poor victim when she's just a back stabbing and snakeish as any other person they go after. Doesn't it raise any red flags how people have constantly had greivances with her? If you have that many people that have issues with you, much like iilluminaughtii, the issue might be yourself.

No. 1858907

Jesus Christ this bitch is so dramatic. I’ve watched all five videos from Omnia and not once did she use Peaches as clickbait. Does she know how insufferable she sounds in these posts?

No. 1858961

I’d love to dive into the Septy Paws drama but I’m not in the mood to watch 3+ hour videos from the likes of Doodletones, Lin lin and Carmen rider. The only thing worse than excessively long videos are those voice editors those troons use. Are they delusional enough to think they sound like women when they use that ?

No. 1859092

I'm looking for a video but search results are clogged. Hoping it's not deleted. If anyone remembers this it would be you guys. Thanks in advance.

This was a YT vid possibly from 2019 or 2020 showing a discord conversation between a female friend or moderator of Spoctor's and a deleted/banned profile that allegedly belonged to Spoctor Theory. The profile messaged her, apparently in distress, saying that he "did it again" and had just broken the flash drive in half and flushed it down the toilet. IIRC this was the first public mention of the flash drive. The video was dislike bombed and buried because it didn't contain proof that the profile was Spoctor's banned account.

If you know where to find this or even remember which one of Spoctor's friends/moderators this conversation was with, it would be much appreciated.

No. 1859101

I don't understand the spoctor white knighting in the thread, if he called younger kids lolis and flastchests on discord, that's awful and pretty pedophilic. 17 is a big age to be saying that kind of shit, at that age you know the younger kids are different than you. Let's not ignore that older children can take advantage of younger children knowingly, and it's pretty common.

No. 1859102

This thread is not Google, but you're probably talking about the video Mannis made.

Legit, no one is saying Spoctor is 100% innocent. I think the loli jokes are stupid, but could easily just be passed off as edgy stupid jokes. The issue most of us had is that Peaches, Lio, and Co. did not do what they did with good intentions. They did it to both get heat off them for the CoyoteLovely drama, as well as getting back at Spoctor for how he talked about Peaches. Spoctor was an incredibly stupid teenager, but people need to stop calling him a pedophile because he isn't. 17 is still a child. Older child, but still a child. I'm in my late 20's and still had the mentality of a child at 17 when I look back.

No. 1859105

File: 1688619629825.jpg (176.94 KB, 1080x1647, Screenshot_20230705_235203_Twi…)

I said before that I think Harley has grown as a person. I wonder what his video will entail, but at the very least he's much more mature than Peaches to genuinely talk things out with Omnia.

No. 1859119

Harley is more observant than mature. He’s not trapped by the Senate hive-mind and has seen enough of ACC mistakes to know what not to do. I could be wrong and completely retarded so we’ll just have fo wait and see

No. 1859160


that, and the senate just conveniently gloss over the fact spoctor was groomed into believing that the shit he did was normal, and he "grew up" online, which is something he's expressed time and again that it was something he regretted, most notable of it being in his video talking about commentary channels starting out in their teens.

he was still a stupid horny teen, and admitted that he did stupid things and lost friends because of it, but all these wannabe pedo hunters calling him a pedo for it is equally deranged.

the senate and maybe even ponder are just as bad since it's implied they knew it, but didn't come forward covering the situation, only did it spoctor didn't kiss peaches' ass. (ponder being apart of it since she retweeted and spread lio's videos on it)(putting a line break between each sentence is Reddit spacing. It doesn’t contribute to readability since this post was short.)

No. 1859282

I cannot believe Ponder is a part of this stupid senate crap. I thought she was a smart woman who would not involve herself in something like that as out of all these commentary people, she didn't whore herself out to every drama that came out every other week or month.

And her not seeing how awful and manipulative Peaches is sad as well.

No. 1859283

What >>1859102 said, especially toward the end. Spoctor grew up terminally online on the internet and we are seeing how this tends to play out with the younger Gen Z in this era. Kids getting exposed to pornographic material at much younger ages and how this just completely messes with their development and perception of the world before they're even 21. It's just too early to call Spoctor a pedophile when he hasn't done anything like that in his current young adult age.

Like others have said, he was a stupid horny teenager with porn brainrot and raised on 4Chan humor. The whole loli jokes are gross but he said them when he was a teenager, it would be different if he was saying it in the last 2 years of his current young adult life.

No. 1859284

I don't blame you at all anon. I used to watch Doodletones back in 2015 and the voice was annoying then and still is now. It's hilarious how he still uses that same voice altering program for the last 5 years and then you hear his real voice and it's hilarious. I think it's because he wants to sound like an anime girl or something but anyway, hell no to watching 3 hours of that. Hopefully someone else will cover it and do it in less time.

No. 1859390

I kinda wish Peaches' ex would spill what it's like living with her. She's been squatting for so long but she laments how she's "still around him." I can't imagine what it must be like providing for someone who actively claims you're the devil online.

No. 1859513

Ponder is a woman in her 30's shitting on Spoctor for shit he did in his teens. She benefits being in the senate because most of her fans are also teens. It's just another adult who benefits manipulating teens. Funny enough, she only has huge credibility for helping Spoctor and proving he isn't a pedo.

This right here. She complains she has to be around him but wont leave his house and bothers him when his girlfriend is around. Just being vindictive and spiteful. She's one of the worst people you could ever meet. It's just a happy chance no one will ever meet her irl

No. 1859536

Ponder sprocket is only smart to people who are under the age of 18. Someone on lolcow mentioned that her videos are just her gish galloping and spamming pseudo intellectual bs and they’re right. Coupled with the fact that most of her streams is her being high as a kite, I’d say that her mind has completely diminished. She knows that if she doesn’t get in line with the Senate they’ll easily destroy her

No. 1859575

>you're probably talking about the video Mannis made
It's not, and Mannis's video doesn't have these DMs in it, either. Sorry, I'm only asking here because Google and YT search results are not helpful. Anything you remember would help.
All Ponder knows how to do is pick on easy targets and draw her lumpy rantsonas beating up people she doesn't like. She's a complete child.

No. 1859615

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this. Ponder got popular for dismantling very dumb videos made by children. Looking back on alot of her content, alot of red flags are raised. I'm not surprised she would join Senate.

No. 1859812

You know, you raise a good point about Ponder that I didn't take into consideration. She does only tend to commentate on stupid teens where any sensible adult could do that and sound intelligent but when it comes to touching on content by maturer aged type topics, that's where one might flounder a bit.

She's one of the oldest (in age) commentary channels while everyone else is mostly a teenager or fresh into their 20s.

No. 1859869

that and Ponder is no where near as creepy as Lio. But anyone who makes their teen fans call them mama or daddy always strikes a red flag to me

No. 1859938

i've seen instances in which fan art is made for her that's overly sexual in nature but the artist(s) who made it was underage. and she's responded by encouraging that behavior or even worse, responding with another sexual comment directed toward them. i don't remember where i've seen it because i dont personally follow any of ponders social media but it was pointed out once and it just made me really sus. i would argue that ponder is just as bad as lio if what i remember is correct and they both have a lot more in common than people realize. they both prey on children and teens whether its to make fun of them or to groom them. its even funnier when you take into account of JAR's video talking about the spoctor situation and hearing that both junkie and ponder knew spoctor still had the hard drive and just didnt say anything.

No. 1859989

JAR is just a talking Tom app, he parrots whatever slop the Senate is spewing without having the barest independence to look at the actual details. Part of me thinks it's because he's got an omega crush on Peaches, since he orbits her almost 24/7, literally came into Kai's stream because he thought Lio and Peaches were there, and left almost immediately when they weren't. I can imagine they're tired of him being clingy, you can hear it in a lot of the videos Lio posts with him where he just interjects for nonsense and everyone gets so uncomfortable.

No. 1859993

I'm surprised no one has ever pointed that out because art is a textbook way of grooming minors online and her encouraging minors to draw it as an adult would definitely fall underneath that. I feel bad for taking alot of what Ponder said so seriously now, wtf.

No. 1860109

This doesn’t just apply to ponder sprocket, but pretty much any adult in the community. Lio Convoy, Ponder, JAR and the rest are only smart to children. Any normal person that isn’t damaged, mentally ill or immature can see that these people are freaks who buzzword and gang up on retarded kids/adults. Even their tactics ( luring people into an echo chamber like the senate and threatening them) is something only idiots fall for. Craving for the day someone competent stands up to these weirdos. They’re all rejects from normal society that are trying to be cool to minors

No. 1860125

The wider commentary community is toxic and bad in it's own right, but most of the ACC would absolutely curl into a ball and have mental breakdowns if they got even an ounce of how cut throat some commentators can be. I remember Hiten complaining about some commentary channels using slurs, I can imagine Peaches being on private for months if she got torn into by someone that's used to taking down actual toxic adults and not stupid children.

No. 1860657

There's nothing I love more than to watch these idiots fight sometimes. It's all so petty and stupid but they put such energy into taking shots at one another. I hope a big bombshell drops again, I'm as shamefully addicted to them as grandmothers and soap operas.

No. 1861003

>Part of me thinks it's because he's got an omega crush on Peaches
It's so weird how much he feels the need to defend her. Doesn't JAR have a girlfriend IRL? I could've sworn he did. Either way it's crazy how he would choose Peaches of all people. I mean she's not a looker and even if you could look past her appearance, she has such a toxic personality. I wouldn't be coming for her looks if she wasn't such a crappy person who's so manipulative but she is and it's baffling how none of her fans have seemed to notice just how awful she is.

No. 1861234

And the funniest part is that they’re just as toxic as the overall commentary community. They just hide behind being “progressive uwu lgbt liberals” the way Creepshow Art did before that cow was outed. If you look closely, people like Peaches, Lio, JAR, Ponder and the rest have no problem interacting with racist, misogynistic weirdos. There’s only a problem if it’s a direct insult or dig at them and it’s suddenly they are victims and throw a fit. They’re all putting on an act because they know who their audience is.

No. 1861280

So Kai dropped a video and now I have to subject myself to 2 1/2 hours of this. I'm playing this at 1.5x speed. The more important things I will catalogue, but I will condense down the petty shit. Sorry this ended up being long.

>Starts off with Kai trying refute the fact that Omnia said she didn't speak about the court case publicly after a certain time period, by showing her subtweets.

>Kai tries to say Omnia was "stalking" him by cataloging tweets and videos for the court case and somehow tries to equate this to what Omnia claims as stalking, which let me remind you, was Kai going to her physical location and allegedly sending her messages from burner accounts.

This is why I cannot stand Kai. He's full of what-aboutisms and argues petty semantics.

>Kai getting mad at Omnia playing meme music and saying it's to get a rise out of him. Kek.

>Kai tries to claim that he never said that the prosecuter said anything, but in his tweets and I believe one of his previous videos he straight up says that "The prosecutor and judge said that the evidence was faulty and there was credibility issues" or something along those lines so I don't know why he's trying to lie here.
>Also Kai takes jabs at Omnia's lawyer and calls him unreliable , when he's quite literally a lawyer that was on the fucking case and would have access to the records of what happened on certain days.
>Kai plays the a recording from the court. The judge says "Upon acceptance to the plea of guilty to the charge the commonwealth would move to agree to null prosse the remaining charges?" That right there corroborates what Omnia said that Kai accepted the Plea of guilty on assault in exchange for the other charges being dropped. The lawyer says what we've heard before, in that Omnia was not pleased with the outcome and the that would be some credibility issues.

It is important to note that the prosecuting lawyer himself said that if this were to be taken to trial and cross-examined in front of a jury that they do not know what the outcome would be. This is why it's so retarted that Kai acts like because the lawyer and judge said that there would be credibility issues that it would automatically result in a non-guilty verdict. Shakey evidence is brung up in court all the time, doesn't mean that the defendent is found innocent on principle.

>The judge gets ready to read out inditement relating to the assault and battery charges. Kai once again adds texts to would suggest this means that the other charges were dropped due to the lack of evidence and not the agreement of the plea deal.

>Kai says he was trusting his lawyer in going along pleading guilty because he had no clue was an Alford plea was at the time.
>Clerk reads the inditement. Kai himself says "guilty" Judge takes his oathe and explains the charge. Kai again flashes up text that says that this is for the battery and assault charges and not the other inditements like Omnia said. Despite Omnia never stating that. Plays the same clip we heard before on why he was pleading guilty.
>Judge asks if this is an Alford Plea.
>Kai interjects and says his lawyer did not tell him what an Alford plea was. He told him even though he was pleading guilty, it wasn't for any of the other charges nor did it relate to them. The judge says she will be treating it as an Alford plea.
>Kai's lawyer interjects and says that "Mr.White is acknowledging that he did commit a domestic assault and battery" because Kai got confused. I'm also alittle confused because towards the end it sounded like the judge said that he would not actually be able to take an Alford Plea after Kai's lawyer said what he said above. Someone can give another perspective on that. It's at: 33:40.
>Cuts back to Omnia's attorneys explaining an Alford plea. Thing I didn't notice the first time is that Omnia specifies that her attorney spoke to the prosecuting attorney.
>Kai himself admits that whether or not he got an Alford plea that he would have plead guilty regardless. He still tries to frame this as him "throwing her a bone" to prevent this from going to trial because he's confident it would have been thrown out. Pretty fucking presumptuous, but we'll let his ego have fun with that imaginary scenario.
>Kai does concede and apologize that he was wrong about the charge being expunged from his record.
>Kai ONCE AGAIN says he was going to plead guilty regardless just to be done with everything.
>Insert Kai raging about Omnia mentioning that he would go to jail if he violated her protective order again. If we believe Omnia in that he did violate it before, this is slightly suspicious that he would get mad about this particular sentence.
>Kai says that Omnia is lying because he did help pay for certain bills. No way to prove this either way. The only proof we have is that Omnia's name was the only one on the lease.
>Kai does bring up a good point in that Omnia said that Kai wouldn't be fit to care for his cat, but after he left she needed donation money to get cat food because of the loss of income from him. This doesn't cover the fact that Kai being abusive may have been a danger in that sense, but that's up to interpretation.
>Interesting to note that Kai didn't touch on the claim where Omnia claims that Kai would throw things that would hit the cats and that's one of the reasons she felt he was unfit to take care of the cat.
>Kai does walk back the claim he made where he said that he didn't have time to leave the threatening message on Omnia's Ipad.
>Kai also walks back that his cat sent the Patreon message to Omnia, but now tries to claim the app glitched or something else. Still trying to say he didn't want to contact her and that Omnia gathering evidence was her actually stalking again.
>Kai doubles down on Omnia being performative for how she talked about the school shooting. This is petty and I still think Kai is blowing this out of proportion and being bitter about it.
>Kai does have a valid claim for how he scheduled the tweet from his Ipad being he used a shortcut.
>Kai also has a point about the strangulation because Omnia herself skirted over it herself.
>Kai trying to refute that he deleted her channel or stole her switch or it's games. This once again has no solid proof and is just hearsay.

Overall we're almost back to where we started. Kai is a self admitted abusive asshole no matter how many times he tries to claim he isn't. Omnia is untrustworthy on alot of things and has no qualms about stretching the truth. This response is alot of Kai doing what he does best, that being arguing semantics and whataboutisms with scenarios he himself is making up. To some dumb teenager he might sound like he's making points, but alot of the court recordings he plays don't vindicate him and contridict what he says afterwards. He brings up a few valid points, with the cat and the strangulation, but alot of other things he says fall apart once you actually think about them. Oh also JAR is being the sniveling little rat he is in the comments section again. This needs to be the end of this. The case is done, they both got their side out. It needs to end here.

No. 1861288

Omnia taking the cat without having the funds to feed it was a bit wrong, but in retrospect it makes sense kinda. There is a direct link between violence towards humans and acts of cruelty towards animals even before her videos came out about the cats alleged abuse:

In addition to this there’s no way that choking is ever done in self defense because that’s a common tactic that an abuser does to the victim and is a huge red flag when paired with stalking :

If anyone wants to fact check me feel free but this is my two cents on the matter

No. 1861291

Can someone who isn’t blatantly biased against Kai please watch this video instead of this sperg?

No. 1861295

How about you watch it instead of always coming here everytime his name is mentioned to try and minimod the conversation? You have to be the same anon constantly crying because people aren't discussing this scrote the way you feel they should.

No. 1861296

Have fun with that, everything in in the summary is things directly from his own mouth and the court recording. I do not like Omnia and think she can be just as petty and vindictive as Peaches. She really didn't have any valid reason for taking the cat, and I think she's being shady on the strangulation claims. With that being said, Kai has lied multiple times before, including in this own video although he tries to spin it, and shown he has a temper as well as skirting over certain details. I'm not going to be "unbiased" towards a scrote that is a self admitted domestic abuser. Cope.

No. 1861300

Can you two stop filling the page with petty infighting

No. 1861505

I am still tinfoiling that the random person that started talking about Omnia's groupchat fanfics about Kai is actually just an alt account of Kai. I think that Kai spends way too much time on the internet and his weird creepy fake cutesy attitude hides how much of an unhinged person he is. Like every other week these people are changing the bio on their twitter. He was geeking about Omnia publishing several videos and then goes on twitter and writes about how he has a 25 page script for the response, as if that isn't any more unhinged and deranged. He seriously needs to go to therapy with that money he's got and get the fuck offline and stop trying to make money on youtube and get a goddamn job that doesn't require farming for drama 24/7, because he clearly can't handle it.

No. 1861508

File: 1688998219301.png (357.35 KB, 785x808, Capture.PNG)

samefag, this person. The name, the focus solely on kai, the emphasis on being afro-latina, kai's obsession with drawing his characters with female partners… I seriously think this is kai. I can't be the only one…

No. 1861533

okay so everyone in the community has their own personal retarded veritas fanboy. This is nothing special

No. 1861563

Omnia creating a three hour series isn’t deranged but Kai responding to it is? Again, can someone without Omnia’s foot in their mouth look at this situation?

We have no indication Maxine is Kai. We can say the same about all of the people defending Omnia obsessively. The same can be said about the Veritas person with Peaches.

This is why I continue to believe that Omnia herself is participating in these threads because genuinely no one here cares enough about Kai to get this irate over him, nor keep up with the scrote to this level.

If this is Omnia, move on. Stop bringing your extended grudge toward your abuser to the forum and find a better place to vent. Comparatively between the both of you at the very least Kai is learning to shut the fuck up.

You’re both equally annoying and untrustworthy.

No. 1861603

I didn't say it wasn't deranged anon, I said that Kai is just as deranged for writing a 25 page script in response, acting like he's somehow above all of it. Also, I said it's a tinfoil. I don't have proof, it's a feeling. Also, not Omnia, please calm down

No. 1861625

Oh yeah I remember this chick, Omnia mentioned her in one of her videos and she's the one that claimed that Kai took an Alford plea. I do think she's just an irl friend of Kai that's a meter up his ass and not an alt. I just realized something, I was the Anon that recapped Kai's video, anyone else notice how Kai stopped playing the court recording right when we would find out whether or not the Alford Plea actually went through? I'm still confused on that part of the video, but if that's really what happened it's highly suspicious because it sounded like the judge was saying it couldn't be an Alford Plea before it cut off. Kai also doesn't play anymore of that court recording after that. That would also explain why it doesn't mention it on the sentencing copy that Omnia showed unless it wouldn't be on there regardless.

No. 1861722

I’ve seen the video. Kai confirms and explains that the plea didn’t become an Alford Plea. He also says verbatim “Alford Plea or not man, I was still going to plead guilty.” It has been common knowledge that Kai admitted to hitting Omnia, even in the last thread here. Why is everyone under a collective state of confusion on the details of the plea like Kai didn’t already state them before the recording was public? Omnia claimed that Kai was lying about the Judge never being able to take his plea as Alford if he brought up his family. Kai disproved that. Omnia claimed that Kai lied about the Judge confirming there were credibility issues on Omnia’s end. The court recording determined Kai was telling the truth there too.

There’s even a section in the video where Omnia claims Kai is committing perjury for taking a plea deal. So Kai is a liar for taking a punishment? Kai retaliates by also playing court recording of Omnia having their Lawyer commit perjury on his behalf. Whoever is doing the summary either is biased towards Omnia, or is Omnia themselves. I don’t see how you can miss a detail like this despite claiming you watched the content.

No. 1861732

Both of them are retarded for bringing it to the public, but Omnia seems to be the only one sperging about people forming their own opinions on the situation. Both made hours of content on one another, but only one is acting like it is a bad thing.

This comment is retarded too. What does Kai drawing female characters or this girl being afro latina have to do with her being Kai? Only Omnia or an Omnia fan would think of something as retarded as this. So if my suspicion is right, Omnia, move on. KEK

No. 1861740

I had both videos sped up so I might have missed it or gotten both videos jumbled up my apologies. I think I got confused by the judge cut off as well as the way Maxine was phrasing it in her tweets. She made it sound like Kai was claiming that the Alford Plea went through, but I do think that eliminates the fact that it's a Kai alt and is probably just a minsinformed irl friend of his. Like I said before, I don't like Omnia as the cat and stragulation parts make me feel like she was tacking things onto the case needlessly. I also find it funny how Omnia didn't bring up the weird as fuck fanfictions she wrote which is on par with the obessive message Kai wrote to Omnia through discord and tried to blame it on his cat and then on a website glitch.

No. 1861756

I forgot about the fanfics kek. yeah that was deranged. It’s alright to vent in like a diary but putting that out in a public discord was definitely a choice

No. 1861781

Omnia also didn’t address the wishlist, the attempt to bar Kai from speaking on social media, accusing him of stalking despite doing the same to him and calling it “gathering evidence”. Let’s not start acting like Omnia isn’t an annoying manipulative scumbag too. And her entire rant about the commentary community claiming that no one was on her side like everyone didn’t believe her when she came out about this only shows how annoying and toxic she is too. I opt everyone treat both of these schizos like they don’t exist. It’s the only thing I can agree with this community on.

No. 1861824

I honestly hope this is the end of it with them, but we'll have to see what Harley's video says since he and Omnia seem to be on good terms now. I really just want to go back to laughing at Lio being a 40 year old that argues with teenagers online.

No. 1861861

I’ll go a step farther and hope that Lio finally gets put under investigation for being a sick fuck. He really has people believing that “adopting” mentally ill people online is something normal and okay. I’m betting my right kidney that something onision-like is in that discord.

No. 1861966

Considering someone posted zoophilic porn as a joke in a server with minors I would day so. I would feel bad for his adopted "daughters" if they also weren't absolutely fucking insufferable. Only one I feel bad for is MintHeart because she was the 15 year old.

No. 1861992


Seriously. Add to that the smug petty tone omnia had when they whined about the cc not supporting them as if they didn't get just that when the situation was still fresh is on par with creepshow's catty tone in her "debunking" video and peaches' entitled attitude when she complained about the commentary channels who kept silent and chose to stay out of the drama being "just as bad".
all three of these people need to be cross examined.

No. 1861998

File: 1689046323485.jpeg (71.38 KB, 426x359, IMG_5661.jpeg)

Speaking of minty heart here’s a statement from them. It’s just downright depressing when you realize that she was around 15 when she was flown out to live with Lio so she didn’t even finish high school and had to get a GED. Sexually abused and groomed by people who are supposed to protect you and now you’re trapped because you have no skills to properly function as an adult and stuck glued to a screen. And everyone you know is clapping for you like it’s a normal okay thing. Her statement is not the words of someone with a happy safe life at all.

No. 1862032

This, Spoctor, Birdie, and Sashley should be shown to parents on why it's bad to expose children to social media at a young age. Does Mint even have a job or anything like that? Or is she just stuck hanging around Lio's musty smelling house all day wasting away on Discord and Twitter.

No. 1862039

File: 1689050954197.jpg (179.19 KB, 1080x1645, Screenshot_20230710_234514_Sam…)

I know no one cares about this guy so saging, but I saw this and it's too hilarious and deranged to not share. How is Omnia a pervert? You wanted to kiss someone that doesn't even know who you are? What the fuck is wrong with this kid.

No. 1862054

I think mint was a swimming pool lifeguard at some point but I’m not sure how long that job lasted. Anyway it’s not something that pays enough for her to get her own place. >>1862039
the moid is mentally ill and should be shown to parents as an example of what happens when your kid is chronically online

No. 1862174

I don't know why you keep accusing me of being Omnia for having a self-admittedly tinfoil opinion. Stop projecting your obsession with defending Kai onto me. Sorry I give less of a shit about the person who got a protective order granted against him and broke it twice and admitted to hitting Omnia and doing other desperate moid shit like pretending his cat sent her a message and spamming LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO on Twitter to hide his moid rage. Like I don't know why you're caping so hard for this guy acting like it's unfair that people shit on him. I don't think anybody cares about treating these people with fairness except for you. You act like because I tinfoil it means I'm Omnia or an Omnia stan, when we are on lolcow where moid hate is prevalent and encouraged.

No. 1862200

…maybe people think you’re Omnia because the way you cape for her .Obviously by the writing style you aren’t but sheesh you’re eating her ass for free. It’s either that or you’re being a troll and this obsessed on purpose. The assumption is that all of ACC lurks here so who cares both of you stop having a retard fight and move on ???

No. 1862223

This is all I've been saying this entire time. This person is caping for Omnia hard like both her and Kai don't suck. They're the only one in this thread who cares this much. Who knew typing LMFAOOOOOOOO is covering moid rage. Just move on.

Because Omnia did the same tinfoil when it came to her games being stolen. Instead of providing evidence it was Kai, she just accused him of trading her games in. KEK The retardation is incredibly similar. If you're not her, I don't see why you care this much. Like I said, if my assumption is right, do something better than defend yourself anonymously or on alt accounts and get a hobby or something. Move on.

No. 1862226


tell me where I'm caping for her lol, you seem incredibly upset I'm not defending Kai. Why are all art commentary community people so salty and lacking in reading comprehension?

No. 1862241

I don’t like you either. Both you and the other anon are anti and pro Omnia and are messing up the entire thread. Move the fuck on we need new milk

No. 1863207

Harley responded to Omnia, watching it through right now.

No. 1863845

I'll post my summarization since no one has yet. It's not really much.

>Harley explains that because the situation was so serious he would wanted to get both sides of the story just for clarity. He went to Kai's stream and typed in chat to get clarity. He clarifies he didn't want to get information for a video, but for personal clarification. Which is odd because why would you care about something personal like this that doesn't involve you.

>Harley was one of the first to come to Omnia's aid after the abuse allegations first broke out so he denounces the fact that he was being supportive of Kai in any way.
>Mostly just Harley clearing himself of any accusations that he supports Kai or abuse in any way.
>Moves onto the Tweets and does acknowledge that he shouldn't have said that Omnia said he was defending Kai because Omnia did not say that directly.
>Moves onto the private 2 hour call that Omnia and Harley had. Overall they just talked it out and came to a certain agreement. He doesn't play any of the call.

Really nothing that wasn't already said in tweets, so it's not much to really summarize overall.

No. 1863859

Sage for non milk.
Why did Daft Pina become so popular for a while? His art is shit and his personality is annoying.

No. 1863884

When the storytime animated creators were getting big he started to criticize them and was able to get an audience comprised of people who were cynical toward the trend. He tried to make it seem like he was “only trying to help them”, when in reality he just wanted to push his weight around. He was able to network with other bigger creators from there. A couple big fuckups later and now he’s back to square one. He’s not really doing anything these days though so he’s ignorable.

No. 1864109

Oh yeah, wasn't there an entire community of people like that back in the early/mid 10's that daft's (then) future editor made a video on? i remember one of the storytimers made some kind of disstrack/song and a line involved daft, the whole circle jerkers of 'storytime bad' freaked out like a bunch of middle schoolers.

nothing much seems to have changed, checked twitter the other day to find omnia and hopeless tweeting about each other instead of directly replying or dming each other like adults. correct me if im wrong, newfag here.

No. 1866029

File: 1689551239752.jpg (73.4 KB, 1080x663, Screenshot_20230716_183752_Twi…)

So, this means she now has her own flat and job. Any E-begging from this point on is purely greed. Also maybe a good side effect is that she'll finally stop being so terminally online and get an actual offline social life. Then again, Lio claims to work 60+ hours a week and still finds time to have multiple quote tweet arguements with teenagers so nothing will probably change.

No. 1866111

nothings makes sense. wasn’t the entire point of hopeless peaches’ gofundme about her being kicked out of the flat? how is her ex leavening then? there’s another inconsistency too because she also claimed that the ex didn’t “let” her work and cheated on her months ago, but now the story is that he emotionally/sexually abused her.

No. 1866130

Holy shit you're absolutely right. I forgot how she said that she was forced to stay with him due to her financial situation and she had gotten kicked out and was on the verge of living in her car. If she got her own place, why would her ex's stuff be in it? Either her name was on the lease and he was illegally trying to kick her out, or this is another Shannon-esque lie that she's told.

No. 1866135

And I'd bet money that none of her brain-dead fans or friends are going to realize that. She's twisting the narrative, really wish we had the ex's perspective- or even a family member!

No. 1866170

I went back through the old thread and found where she tweeted:

>Since we just got a flat together last year, housing is on the line. Sadly, no matter what advice a financial advisor, nor solicitor gave, my ex partner isn't budging. I have to find somewhere else to live.

So yes, something really isn't fucking adding up with why if she got her own place, her exes stuff would be in it.

No. 1866376

I'm gonna snicker if Peaches secretly hid something away so he'd have to come back and she could complain about it on twitter. Perhaps a bit of tinfoil, but it seems on brand for her honestly.

No. 1866550

even crazier tinfoil but what if peaches just never had an ex and this is all just a ploy for attention and money

No. 1866793

That would be interesting but I'm not sure how she would be caught in a lie like that

No. 1866932

I'm pretty sure she does indeed have an ex, but I have a feeling she's stretching the details on alot of things.

No. 1866950

based on hopeless peaches’ social media history I was able to find that she indeed did have a boyfriend ( she mentioned him a couple times 4 years ago ) but I don’t believe anything else she’s said about the relationship. The more I dig in to her information the more parallels with Creepshow art I find. It’s the same sprinkling in some truth in a plate of lies. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if she’ starts stalking the ex’s new gf kek

No. 1867606

My theory is after over a year of fighting in court they finally forced Peaches out. To save face she's saying he left HER home.

After years of her bitching she has no money, e-begging I doubt she made enough to buy a whole ass house.

No. 1867623

Or, theory, if they were both on the lease boyfriend might've finally had enough of her shit and decided to leave himself just to get away from the bridge troll and now Peaches is acting like she hadn't been mooching a majority of the time. Disclaimer, I have NO idea how leases work so idk if that would actually require her to pay anything after the fact.

No. 1867703

Peaches said they got a flat together. I'm not sure what the laws are in England for leasing, but you're typically required to have everyone's name on the lease if they're a legal adult and can bring in income and plan on staying long-term. I don't know if Peaches has ever specified that they both signed the lease, because if they did then neither really had any right to try and kick the other out. Typically if you want to move before your lease is up, you have to pay off the remaining amount for the months you have left, and you won't be able to sign another lease until that amount is paid off.

Peaches said that she was on the verge of being homeless from her ex trying to kick her out. She said herself that she would need to find a new place to live which is what she was taking donations for. This would imply that she now has her own place seperate from where she and her ex used to live. She even specifies that when the ex came to get his things that he was stepping place in her home. Alot of this isn't adding up. Either the ex left of his own free will and just doesn't care about the lease if they both signed. Peaches was probably also finacially dependent on him which would explain why she needed donations if she didn't just pocket everything. Or, she got her own place and took some of his stuff with her which makes 0 sense. It's shady overall and gives major Shannon vibes.

No. 1867978

It's the absolute retardation of complaining that your ex is trying to kick you out of his home, and then turn around and say he's grabbing his shit out of your home instead. Saying this is admitting she was either lying about being kicked out, or lying about having her own home. She's actually braindead, my lord. Nobody in her army of minions is going to realize this either, which is embarrassing.

The only way this makes sense to me is that ex boyfriend said fuck it and decided to leave of his own volition, Peaches was scrambling to get funds to support herself when he left, and in typical Peaches fashion acts like this was the plan all along. Stay tuned for the twitter meltdown if ex forgets like, a hairbrush or something and has to come back, I'm calling it now nonas.

No. 1868128

Peaches lying in 4k
Hoping people document her bs lies. I actually feel bad for her boyfriend though

But won't a huge e begging scandal happen soon? She has no money and was parasitic to him. Seemed he was paying all the food and bills.

Unless she is doing this piece of shit move. Where he didn't want to break lease and is still paying until it's up. She comes off as emotionally, verbally and financially abusive

Hope this man speaks out

No. 1869844

File: 1690144480673.jpeg (338.47 KB, 828x1292, IMG_5817.jpeg)

Don’t worry anons. Peaches “suddenly” had the need to explain the situation right after we started to doubt her, despite no one on Twitter questioning the situation.

No. 1869851

She's or her "daddy" are lurking again, everyone wave. I might be mistaken or misremembering things, but I could have swore I saw her talking about physically moving. Also, this confirms that most of the things in that flat were the ex's which makes it sound like she was living off his funds. I wonder how long she'll last on her own before she starts e-begging again. I give it 2-3 months before she starts having to take donations regularly for rent/bills.

No. 1869853

"He totally didn't claw and scramble to get away from me! I bought him off!!" I'm calling bull on that! But tinfoil aside, I love how she claimed he took all the pots and pans as if that's a bad thing, they were probably his to begin with!! What Peaches, do you want people to leave behind all their essential belongings because YOU need them more?? She keeps moving the goal posts to keep up her victim complex any time someone here points out her retardation. It's obvious and embarrassing, girl, get help.

No. 1869878

I also call bullshit on her "paying him off" kek. I have a feeling he just got tired of her, moved and took his things with him. Now she's sitting happy on all the money that her braindead fans gave her. She probably knows if she suddenly starts buying things, the few of her smarter fans might start to question where she got the money for it if she "bought" her boyfriend out.

No. 1870110

So miss squatter here pushed a man out of his home and is complaining he's taking stuff that's his. What a nightmare
But he paid for everything. What is she going to do without him? Force him to pay the lease? She has no job and income.(sage your shit)

No. 1870317

She claims she has a job now, but it's clear before that her ex was footing most of everything else. We'll all have to see how she fares on her own.

No. 1870641

Is it bad that I don't believe Peaches got a job. She's just saying that to look good. I think her job is forcing him to pay until the lease is up. And then crying later about how she lost her totally real job. I know I sound cynical, but Peaches has no good qualities

No. 1870733

With this woman, anything is possible at this point…

No. 1870817

Peaches has flipped flopped between saying that her ex didn’t allow her to work and saying that she worked as a waitress at an inn. It’s possible that she has a job now but probably a low wage job where you don’t require any real skill.

No. 1871458

File: 1690444431588.jpg (153.37 KB, 1080x1250, Screenshot_20230727_025503_Twi…)

Pot, meet kettle.

No. 1874082

saged for no milk but i'm just relieved that i'm not the only one who always thought lioconvoy had his head up his ass and that his whole daddy thing with peaches was creepy as fuck. the first time i started to doubt the two of them was when i watched one of lio's recorded convos (i don't remember which anymore, they were reading some guy's edgy story or something) and peaches spent the entire fucking video spamming whatsapp-tier meme audios on her soundboard while laughing and blurting random shit because she was literally drunk AND high off her ass and people in the chat were begging for her to stop because it was getting annoying and lio just acted like it was cute and silly before going back to making fun of that random guy.

No. 1874377

File: 1690913640949.jpg (111.71 KB, 1068x1617, Screenshot_20230731_235939_X-m…)

I don't want to post about this scrote often because it's way more attention than he deserves, but remember in his last Omnia video he said that he wanted to be done with the ACC and it wasn't for him? And here he is making an hour long video on a teenager because they pissed him off. Peaches is Shannon 2.0 and Kai is a baby Lio everyone kek.

No. 1874385

Those two together are so fucking weird. They try to play it off as being something totally innocent and "found family" with Lio being her "dad", but the way they both act reminds me of the textbook degenerate discord e-daters. Peaches acting like a silly/quirky uwu baby and Lio, her fat scrote of a discord mod boyfriend being like "that's my lil kitten she's so cute". How the fuck do people even slightly take that shit as anything other than a fetish?

No. 1874440

once his drama vids got big he decided to ride the gravy train. hes pretty forgettable all things considered.

No. 1874509

File: 1690926162524.jpeg (91.3 KB, 1290x684, IMG_0781.jpeg)

Whoever posted this was either Peaches themselves or someone in the Senate, because Oranges turned 18 a day after he argued with Kai, and is on record saying he wanted nothing to do with Kai and Omnia, only to end up making videos on both of them, so if one of you three would like to reveal yourselves that would be great.

No. 1874510

Harley also responded to Kai only to keep him added on Discord and Hopeless Peaches/Lin Lin are in the mix despite all of them saying they were done with Kai/Omnia millions of times over. Would be nice if the cows stopped coming to the threads after their little Twitter arguments.

No. 1874529

Or people just don't keep up with these retards enough to know exact ages/birthdays. I said teenager and not minor so it still applies. I only saw a couple seconds of Bored Orange's video where within the first couple seconds he says he has "no stake in this" and then also a bit of Kai's stream where he's arguing with Harley. Both sides of this are stupid as fuck as is typical of the ACC. It still stands that Kai said he was done with the ACC only to make an hour long video, most of which was his stream to stretch this unnecessary video out to over an hour. Bored Oranges had no business making his video aside to content farm the Kai and Omnia situation. Also why the fuck would this be someone from Senate when I just compared Kai to Lio? Everyone in this situation is retarded and are so addicted to online validation they can't help but make continuous videos on things and act like they "really didn't want to" because they have no social lives outside the internet. This is probably the 4th or 5th person that claimed they were done with the ACC only to come crawling back because they had nothing else going for them. Peaches, JAR, A few others, and now Kai have all claimed they were done with the ACC, and yet here we are.

No. 1874537

But you kept up with them enough to screenshot Kai’s account and not look into further context? First he’s arguing with a teenager and now it’s everyone is retarded. Kek. I agree with the fact that these people are terminally online, but framing this like Kai is the problem like these retards don’t do this every week with someone different is funny.

No. 1874591

I agree anon. It’s all common logic that Kai is an abuser and Omnia sucks. But the ACC will constantly beat over a dead horse because they crave relevance. Bored oranges, Lin Lin and the other tranny riding the Camilla cuevas situation are there for clout no matter how many videos it takes. It’s like the shittier the art the higher the desperation for over done commentary. And all for about 20k views and 10 dollars of YouTube payout where they spend it and beg for money online instead of getting a job

No. 1874592

I screenshotted that one tweet because it was the most pathetic. I had the rest of the context, I just think Kai is being a loser by being in his 20's and whining about a teenager making videos on him. Bored Oranges video was uneeded and HarleyTBS levels of dumbassery. If Kai really felt the need to respond to Oranges video he could have just quote tweeted it with his series and been done with it, but no, he's a volitile manchild.

No. 1874717

So you had the rest of the context, and instead of thinking that idk, Hopeless Peaches was a loser for using the teenager argument like they don’t argue with teenagers themselves/Oranges became an adult a day later, or the fact that all of these people are acting like major hypocrites, you instead chose to focus on Kai for whatever reason? Knowing what the context is? If you think all these other creators are retarded for reacting to him, that’s literally why he’s arguing. The quality of this thread is going to the shitter the more you people let your personal grudges out on it kek. Bored Oranges could’ve summed his gripes up in a Tweet, and Harley didn’t need to sperg in his comment section or Twitter replies. But we know who this is. What does Oranges being a teenager have to do with anything? Who gives a shit he’s still retarded

No. 1874854

i decided to checked out kai's video on bored oranges for context on all these recent messages in this thread and if you take away how he spergs in his editing tangent and how having a response video on this nobody was unnecessary (like who tf here even knows or cares about this oranges guy he just seems like a harley/JAR ripoff kek)..honestly? kai does have a point when he ranted about peaches and everyone kissing ass to her all because she was a creepshow victim.

> "everyone is mad because people were mean to peaches three years ago only for her to express that same level of aggression and insert herself into peoples personal lives where she isn't welcome"

he was sperging as all hell during an earlier segment but hearing him call her a dumb bitch and calling her out on her bullshit was so fucking cathartic.
hell, a little after the peaches part he even mentions that when he wanted to debate with oranges/harley, kai intended to not do it in the senate, meaning he's aware about how the senate tends to dogpile on whoever's naive enough to accept a discord call debate to take place there

No. 1875004

>Bored Oranges could’ve summed his gripes up in a Tweet, and Harley didn’t need to sperg in his comment section or Twitter replies.

Yes, literally said that Oranges video was unnecessary and uneeded. Both those sentiments can be correct. Oranges and Harley are more prime examples of why it's bad for children to be on social media too early. Everyone here his biased. That's that point of this site nonnie. I'm not going to act like I'm fine with Kai just because the 100th british retard of the month decided to stick their nose somewhere where it doesn't belong for easy views. I'm older than Kai by quite alot, and once you get in your 20's you look like a complete terminally online cunt when you make a 1 hour video to whine about some dumbass kids. I'm "focusing" on Kai because I don't like the scrote and find him just as insufferable as JAR. Kai and Oranges are both retarded. Both of their videos were undeeded. End of story.

Kai is much too volitile to take seriously, but he's not completely brainrotted like the majority of the ACC. He knows Peaches is a snake and a hypocrite. I wouldn't be surprised if he was lurking here and knows how bad the senate is. Notice how whenever someone offers to do a debate/call with a senate member outside their discord group, they either divert the conversation or resort to petty insults. Lio Convoy is actually brain cancer.

No. 1875606

File: 1691091172993.jpg (143.19 KB, 1080x1211, Screenshot_20230803_142928_X-m…)

Probably because you are kek. Yiu admitted to domestic abuse and we all remember how you acted like a child throwing a temper tantrum during that call with John Swan. Why is he acting like these are baseless lables. Also I feel like he's lurking because just said this about him.

No. 1875636

Don't like Kai in the slightest but holy FUCK hearing someone finally call out Peaches on a public platform was satisfying. Now we just need it to come from someone who isn't a piece of shit and could actually be considered credible!

No. 1875689

It's sad because multiple people have called out Peaches and the Senate but it always comes from the worst sources. Caswolf and the Fox Mafia or whatever is an edgy 4chan baiting tard, GildedPoo trolls people with actual beastiality, and Kai is a volatile manchild. Is it too hard to ask for someone that isn't a total degenerate to call them out so they'd be taken seriously?

No. 1875962

This entire community is full of degenerates, including those of you who partake in these threads, and now you’re looking for someone else to call out the fat slob like you have many options that aren’t retarded and annoying in their own right. If Kai is getting support on the video then what does it matter? The best case scenario was Spoctor and he ran away. Omnia is worse, and Kai is the only one not brain dead enough to appease these people and call them out, seemingly regaining his platform too. Why are people expecting anyone else like someone has enough time to research any of this. Peaches isn’t going anywhere, and even if she was called out that’s not going to do anything. So to me, every small effort matters regardless of who is saying it. This thread has went to shit.

No. 1875967

If you’re in your 30s worried about what a 20 something year old is doing on an anonymous image board that talks about an incredibly niche, terminally online drama community then what does that say about you? That is if you’re even actually in your 30s.

No. 1875968

Hop off Kai’s dick anon. What we’re not gonna do is pretend that Kai is some genius that always had his cool and was the voice of reason in the ACC. He, like the rest of the community, was a chronically online dumbass with little to no art skill that relied on commentary for views. The only person in that community that has the credibility to take anyone in the ACC down has already left and I’m pretty sure that’s dangelo wallace

No. 1875972

No one is pretending that Kai is some genius, but obviously he’s not acting the same way he did two years ago. And neither does he draw the same way either? So my point still stands, D’Angelo isn’t going to touch this because he already fucked up the first time he did. So complaining about the only person who is gaining credibility over a two year old debate, and having an ex which has shown themselves to be even more retarded through these threads is ultimately counter-productive. He’s calling out the whale and the community on a video that’s gaining support. This is exactly what I wanted.

No. 1876016

Except Kai is an abusive fuckwit that doesn't deserve an inch of support regardless of how equally shitty the people he calls out are, so is Omnia. It might be wishful thinking, but it would be pretty neat to see someone new come to the table. Honestly I'd love to see it even if they only stirred the pot, I love watching these idiots get mad.

No. 1876277

Except he hasn't changed in 2 years. If anything he's gotten worse as, even though in the start he still had an issue making full videos on things that could be summarized with small paragraphs, he was alot more calm and level headed. Now he's just some screeching sperg who takes any slight at him as a chance to make an unnecessary video. I'm happy he's calling Peaches out on her shit, but it would be nice if it wasn't coming from a volatile domestic abusive fuckwit.

No. 1876319

The man made one video on Bored Oranges, do you guys even watch his content? He is still level headed, why is it surprising to anyone that he’s annoyed by the very same people he’s personally had an experience with that we’re all annoyed at in this exact thread? He was level headed in both of his videos unrelated to the art community, and only got upset in his editing segment on Oranges. If he was a screeching manchild like you claim he was before, I doubt anyone would be watching the content, let alone subscribing. To act like he’s garnering support for no reason is dumb.

No. 1876323

Hell, he even kept his cool during his livestream when he talked to Harley. I’d be annoyed too if some strangers I don’t know kept trying to treat me as the same person I was two years ago for being angry at clearly annoying art commentators. I watched the stream, he ended up not talking about Oranges anymore and just having a normal stream. He’s not in jail, so clearly legally he isn’t in hot water, and he already made videos explaining his side of the matter. He had what? 8 charges? And only got one conviction with no jail time. I don’t know what more you want from him at this point. He’s clearly proven himself to be in a better place and also not dumb enough to fall for Lio and Peaches games so much so he called them and the Senate out. I think the dude has been through enough to be rightfully pissed at people.

No. 1876471

lollllll come on … that's certainly a take on kai that minimizes a lot about how he behaves and the actual court proceedings. Naive as hell.

No. 1876539

Fucking hell is this his bestie Maxine sucking him off this hard? Why is it once a month we have some dumbass coming in here defending Peaches or Kai, saying "ackshually Kai isn't that bad". He's an abusive scrote that not alot of people like. Cry about it. Also that "one conviction" was him admitting to a judge himself that he beat his girlfriend. Why the fuck are you repping this hard and trying to downplay that? He's still a fucking manchild and no one cares about the audience he's accrued. Peaches and Lio have audiences, it's not an indicator of how good you are/how good your content is to have some retarded teenagers listening to you rant about nothing as background noise. He doesn't get good boy points for not being brainwashed by the senate or up Peaches ass. The bar is at the core of the earth if you really think that's an accomplishment.

No. 1876553

Is this Omnia vouching for his downfall at this level? Cause it sounds like it. I watched your video too so the “ackshually” sperging is not needed kek. Coping on lolcow and Twitter because you’re scorned and bitter isn’t going to make people like you again. No one is undermining the case, all of these people have audiences, but there’s obviously a difference between them and Kai? Let’s not forget Omnia claimed he stood up in open court and claimed he beat her, then also went on to claim he strangled her, only to find out she committed perjury on court recording regarding the cats as well as lying about his claim of bringing up his family in the same courtroom? Still hasn’t explained to their audience about scamming them, and hasn’t shut up about her own drama the same way Peaches doesn’t about hers. The two are cut from the same crybaby cloth, just in different fonts. If you’re going to complain about Kai “being abusive”, lying about being abused is much worse. Peaches and Lio did not bounce back after abuse allegations. If we can consider that Omnia is obviously a demented freak who at this point I’m convinced is obsessed with Kai considering her tweets that conveniently don’t get posted on this thread, and I’m even more convinced is lurking it because there’s always someone trying to cut them slack or brag about her accomplishments for seemingly no reason. Or just bring up Kai randomly. then I can consider that Kai isn’t as bad by extension. Yet oddly enough the same anons seem to focus on him instead of her. That’s why I’m saying something. Especially as someone who actually watches his content? No one has confirmed that they watch him, and it goes to show most of you don’t given that some of the arguments are how “unnecessary” his videos and points are, when that’s the exact point he made in his video on Bored Oranges. He doesn’t get too many points for calling out Peaches, but he does to me for stating his side and not allowing himself to be brainwashed by the community.

No. 1876559

The actual court proceedings only convicted him of one charge with a suspended sentence, and dismissed all the others. I cannot make an objective opinion about “how he behaves” when the courts dismissed his charges and suspended his sentence. People don’t normally come out of that unscathed like that. If he had a sentence that lasted years, or even received the first plea deal he talks about, I’d be convinced. But just like it was said in the last thread, he is more forthcoming, which makes his statements feel more honest. Omnia silences people and hides away evidence if shes not having her boots kissed 24/7. She’s yet to publicize the livestream she conviently took down and hasn’t spoke about it since kek. And suddenly can’t address things that she had no problem speaking about when everything started, because people were on her side then. And even still can’t do it. I’m not going to pretend Kai isn’t at least kind of valid because people forgot why he even has support in the first place. I can see where he’s coming from and obviously his points make sense.

No. 1876675

Imagine thinking anyone who shits on an abusive man-child is Omnia… On lolcow of all places.

ntayrt but I'm in heavy agreement that giving Kai any amount of praise is vomit inducing, I'd also argue going to bat for Omnia is just as bad considering, shockingly, she's abusive too!

If you're defending a moid, expect to get more shit for it, it's lolcow, men are trash.

No. 1876689

I’d argue that any weirdo sperg that comes here to defend their fav art commentary retard is a moid or a moid desperately trying to cosplay as a biological woman. Look at that veritas weirdo for example. And half the community are just desperate trannies with a voice changer kek

No. 1876692

I love how whenever someone says something bad about this moid, they're automatically thought to be Omnia as if everyone here doesn't hate men kek. Just because Omnia's insane ramblings aren't posted here, doesn't mean she's innocent either. She had no reason to take the cat, the money she raised was highly suspicious, she walked back the strangulation charge, and more. Kai's video was full of manipulative language that spergs like you actually fell for. Just because he didn't serve any jail time doesn't automatically mean he's innocent of a crime. There are actual real life pedophiles and rapists that walk around scott free every day. Saying "Well he didn't go to jail" is naive at best what and blatantly dismissive of how shit the US justice system is at worst. You're just like anyone else in his audience that ate up his video without taking time to further analyze what was actually said, and once again, y'all Kai bootlickers love to tiptoe over the point that both in video, and in court, he admitted to a battery charge. His alford plea fell through because of it and he very sneakily edited his video to just quickly skirt past that point right after the judge was saying it couldn't be an alford plea. HE committed prejury in court by admitting to a judge that he commited battery and then still lamenting online to this day how he didn't do anything. You're not going to find sympathy for this abusive scrote here. Go cry to him about it kek.

No. 1876724

You wouldn’t know that the Alford plea wasn’t an Alford plea of Kai didn’t put it in the video kek. How can you sneakily edit something you literally put in post, that makes no sense. Literally no one is tiptoeing over him taking a battery charge, we just understand that it was a choice for his reason as opposed to anything else. You Omnia bootlickers love to treat it like there isn’t context behind the decision. If the only conclusion you can come to is “manipulative” language like the entire community isn’t full of that as if that makes a good point, you might be the retarded one here. And newsflash dumbass, there’s a difference between domestic assault and sexual assault (which Omnia also accused Kai of wow!) especially sexual assault toward minors! This is like comparing a pedo to a petty thief. He literally admitted online he hit her, and if you can come to the conclusion Omnia is abusive, then it’s not hard to believe Kai when he said he hit her in self defense! Omnia used him saying that herself then cut out context to his full video but for some reason you’re treating her like she’s a trustworthy narrator when it comes to the context of the situation? You don’t need to go to bat for anyone to come to this very easy conclusion. Omnia is such a gross demented liar she used her case to manipulate the public, and couldn’t even deliver with the truth and you expect anyone to believe that sperg? Okay kek

No. 1876733

take a deep breath anon, and stop caping for abusive men.

No. 1876748

Reading comprehension isn’t so common.

No. 1876754

Maxine, I can assure you Kai won't fuck you for defending him on a site that hates men kek. Omnia is psychotic and manipulative and Kai is an abusive manchild that can't handle drama without having a public mental meltdown. No one gives a shit about how much in the right you think he is. I love how to you; People calling Kai an abusive cunt= Omnia bootlickers and yet the majority of people who hate Kai also hate Omnia. Please go back to obsessively tweeting about Omnia to get ass-pats from daddy Kai. You're just as bad as Lio constantly enabling Peaches bullshit kek.

No. 1876778

Omnia bootlicker but also mentions the fact called Omnia abusive too, the mental gymnastics is astonishing, somewhat awe-inspiring, and yet disappointing all at the same time.

No. 1876823

I’m not Maxine, and my issue is the fact that when the situation was first brought up in the thread, Kai was being ostracized for arguing with a kid, when Oranges turned freshly 18, and ironically enough it changed from Kai being the issue to everyone being the issue. We don’t need to be dense on purpose. And again, Im not saying anyone isn’t allowed to hate Kai, but don’t act confused when there are people who understand his position and why he made his videos? Again, if you can see the flaws in Omnia’s statements you can see why people are more receptive to Kai. He’s one of the few people calling out the same people you’re complaining about nearly every week in this thread. Either wait for some new sperg or stick to your word and ignore him if the context didn’t matter to you. This argument is getting stupidly redundant at this point. Hate Kai, hate Omnia, but don’t be surprised when someone can see why Kai isn’t as hated as he was before.

No. 1876834

People have said they thought Oranges video was unnecessary because it was, but Kai making a full hour long response is retarded no matter what Oranges said. Oranges in my eyes, is still a kid. You don't magically become an adult with an adult brain when you turn 18. The only one getting pissy over people making fun of Kai is you. The whole point of this thread is to show that pretty much everyone in the ACC is fucking insane. Calling out one person doesn't absolve the other of fault and no one is going to do that with every post that's made. Saying Kai's video was unnecessary doesn't mean that Oranges was warranted. Your whole issue stemmed from this post >>1874377 because it didn't also call out Oranges. People here have already called Oranges a HarleyTBS/JAR rip-off months ago. No one gives a shit why Kai wouldn't be as hated as he was. He's still an abusive toddler regardless. I don't like any of the assholes in the ACC kek.

No. 1884218

File: 1692420130442.jpg (83.46 KB, 1080x676, Screenshot_20230818_233801_X-m…)

Yeah, remember when she vehemently denied suicide baiting people? Peaches has been tweeting about Camila nonstop for the past couple of weeks. Let the shit go for fucks sake baby Shannon. The horse has been dead for a while. "Public execution"? Jesus fucking christ? I would believe you if you told me that was said by that one Veritas simp.

No. 1884680


oml this bitch is so dramatic. "Public execution" which is just "Creepshow screwed me over so I got canceled" like who gives a shit? Her "public execution" was all online drama for fucks sake.
Besides, isnt she doing the same thing to people like spoctor and Camilla, getting them dogpiled and canceled (ie "public execution")?
Arent she and the senate reveling in that shit too? Rules for thee not for me I guess LOL

No. 1884700


And to add to this: Camilla still continues to thrive with her audience despite Peaches' and JAR's videos on her. so the fact peaches suddenly brought her up again and tacked on her cancellation for added pity points just seems like she felt Camila wasnt cancelled "enough" since she didnt leave the internet like spoctor did. So she has to keep reminding people how much of a 'vile' person camilla is.
But this bitch wants to whine about "public execution". sure.

No. 1886035

Camilla has handled all of this like shit, but just like with Spoctor, we all know Peaches does not have pure intentions with this. She's just reveling in the fact that she got back at someone else that wronged her during her melodrama.

No. 1886058

Peaches is just milking the creepshowart stuff for as long as people let her.
She was already getting in trouble for suicide baiting and using mental health as a shield to be a cunt. No one's calling her out now because the ACC is just a bunch of children and perverted adults. No one cares

No. 1888688

>No one's calling her out now because the ACC is just a bunch of children and perverted adults. No one cares
It's funny how irrelevant she's become, just another face of a weird creepy discord group who can't let go of the past. I suspect there'll be a cancellation conga line in the near future what with the disgusting happenings within that discord but until then I guess we'll have to watch it build up.

No. 1889057

God every day I hope that something finally happens to that discord because everything I've heard and seen from it is just creepy at best and borderline disgusting at worst.

I got to admit that I used to be a big Peaches fan but eventually grew bored of her content, then after the whole creepshow art shit happened I went back to check on Peaches and I finally opened my eyes to the amount of shit trailing her and the whole Senate discord thing was the cherry on the fuckall cake.

No. 1889079

Peaches had always been like this, but the Senate and Lio just amplified it. I went to go check and as of Aug 25th she's still lamenting on about Camilla. Fucking hell the horse is pulp at this point. I know she doesn't have any personality/creativity outside of this so honestly I just pity her at this point. It must be a sad existence to know you don't have anything going for you as far as content goes and having to resort to doing this to maintain some sort of relevancy.

No. 1893403

File: 1693879494166.jpg (56.99 KB, 1074x552, Screenshot_20230904_210501_X-m…)

Gag, but anyone else getting a sense of deja vu? The feeling of, this is usually what artists do that lead them to getting into major trouble because their fanbase are mainly composed of teenagers no matter how many "minors dni" you plaster across things.

No. 1893431

I have a huge feeling she's going to draw porn of her oc with a minor. She seems so detached

No. 1893730

File: 1693967745358.jpeg (192.12 KB, 828x603, IMG_6313.jpeg)

this is super funny because you know she’s gonna draw nsfw or hardcore porn of her avatar knowing damn well her audience doesn’t know she’s clinically obese. It’s so bad she needs a surgery to get rid of all that lard. Betting that Lio was behind this kek

No. 1893992

File: 1694026293668.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.51 KB, 1934x2732, 20230906_132700-min.jpg)

Remember guys, this >>1817812 is what she wants you to think she looks like.(unsaged non-contribution)

No. 1894034

File: 1694030994605.jpeg (383.75 KB, 828x994, IMG_6315.jpeg)

The ogre needs a reality check and needs to be honest about its looks. Even if it lost weight , the warts are still there

No. 1894180

Gastric sleeve surgery won't work for her in the long run
She has zero impulse control and there was no mention of her losing weight or learning what a proper diet is. She also doesn't cook at all. All she eats is take aways

No. 1894431

I had this thought. If you don't improve your overall lifestyle, it won't do any good for you.

No. 1894466

Idk, I think Peaches drawing nude art and having a surgery for her weight aren’t bad things. I don’t know why we need to make fun of her for at least trying to improve her health and exiting her comfort zone in art? There are better things to criticize her about?

No. 1894514

We can definitely make fun of a known attention seeker that makes nsfw or her sona to get more attention. If she actually gave a fuck about her weight, then she would’ve hit the gym instead of bitching for years about being a victim, making videos and leeching off. her ex. No one told her to spend all day in discord

No. 1894579

Look, I don’t like Peaches any day of the week either but losing weight and drawing porn are like the least heinous offenses she could ever do.

No. 1894690

Awww, the fun police arrived, everybody stop insulting Peaches. Remember lolcow is for good-natured critique only!!

No. 1894712

People are pointing out she's still a piece of shit. Her signing up for a gastric sleeve and drawing porn isn't an improvement. In fact it's a sus red flag. Most of her fans and friends are underage. You telling me she advertised this on her account mostly followed by kids?
You think this adult woman who gets into fights with kids, has weird friendships with kids, is in a weird discord server being abusive to them wouldn't do something weird?

I'm shitting on Peaches and the senate for everything they do. She's just as much of a POS as creepshowart and illuminaughty. Only difference is that Peaches isn't 30+ and rich yet. If she could, she would do just as much if not more damage to people she knows.
And no, I don't think Peaches is a pedo. But she def seems like the degens who do it for a sense of power, not to get off. Or to please the neck beards in the senate

No. 1894804


You both sound retarded. No one is saying lol cow is for good natured critique nor are they saying Peaches is making an improvement. But drawing porn and getting a surgery has nothing to do with anything else actually bad Peaches has done. This is such a nothing-burger that no one needs to care about.

No. 1895276

you must be new here but deal with it scrote. we’re gonna continue to make fun of this fat bitch until there’s an actual improvement even if you think it’s a nothing burger

No. 1895351

Opening up a art porn account while knowing the majority of your audience is underage is creepy as fuck and the gastric sleeve doesn't promote good healthy habits in the long term. I will continue to laugh at this cow as she continues to spiral downward more.

No. 1895747

You're such a wet noodle.

No. 1896735

such a btfo
https://youtu.be/cRX1C-fz7lA?si=jJeZAKLe6VYWnA6f(embed youtube videos)

No. 1896756


That description though
> "Google Doc Listing The Degen Socials For Blocking"
If this guy had any self awareness he'd list his own socials for his weird ddlg kink alone, not to mention the Senate discord for the shit that gets posted there LOL

No. 1896795

Someone summarize. I don't want to give this scrote views or listen to his voice.

No. 1896869

it's not mentioned here hopeless is/was a mathematics student and born in 1999? I always thought she was some younger zoomer like I assume most people into online art commentary are

No. 1896870

oops sorry for bumping the thread>>1896869(learn to post)

No. 1897056

I mean, she's still a zoomer though lol. but you do raise a neat observation about how many in the commentary scene tend to be quite young. I remember even back during the DeviantART rant days, I was shocked at how young some of ranters were but then again, I'm now into 30s lol.

No. 1904978

Linlin's retarded but I'm glad someone pointed out how inept JAR is. It's an old video but for anyone who ironically enjoys listening to this type of drivel then it's good background noise. I miss when these idiots would drop videos every few weeks on the flavor of the month villain.

No. 1905215

File: 1695827959141.png (137.55 KB, 326x253, IMG_7322.png)

Linlin and BoredOranges are peaches dicksuckers. Not really surprising. Both joined in on the Spoctor dogpile.

No. 1905819

Another person from Senate has been exposed.

BluDavu/BoxovFox has been outed as being abusive to SkittlezJuice and Blu’s ex fiance. https://twitter.com/SkittlezJuice/status/1706375885698347020(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1905943

File: 1695933113956.png (1.16 MB, 598x1488, bludavubirdcom.png)

Blu neglected their pet bird. Skittlez took pictures of his dirty cage and the bird before and after Blu started owning him. Skittlez said he was never let out of his cage. The bird started plucking and became aggressive.

Blu tweeted that they did neglect the bird and never let the bird out of the cage, but it wasn’t their fault because they were too tired to take care of their bird. The bird’s health was all Skittlez fault.

No. 1905987


Alright, animal abuser, scumbag suicide-baiting victim-complex-having, controlling, and thinks their mental health problems give them a free pass to make everyone's lives miserable? It's hard not to a-log

No. 1906077

Thought I recognized some of these names. BoxOvFox also used to be known as "Luna" and has been in a couple controversies before for reasons I can't remember. She had videos made on her by Lio and JAR. Luna has been in the ACC for years now and I believe she used to be part of this group called "The Raging Redheads" back when they were called ranters. I'm sort of surprised she was in The Senate, but also at the same time it makes sense kek.

No. 1906115

File: 1695955417365.png (338.24 KB, 873x593, bludavuincall.PNG)

LioConvoy has made videos with BoxovFox/BluDavu. There used to be a call up that was Lio in the backseat with Blu confronting the person. I think it was a Rosa video.
Lio’s BoxovFox’s Bizarre Backstory video happened because Box went to Lio and said they were being stalked and harassed by GrindingGears. Lio and Senate went after anyone who was mutuals with GrindingGears, calling anyone who wouldn’t get into call with them cowards, abusers, and other insults to goad them into call. GrindingGears refused to join the call. The only person who would join was a mutual named Spooky. Spooky wasn’t even apart of the alleged stalking and harassment of Box/Blu. She was just the only person they could get into call who had contact with GrindingGears.
You can see BoxovFox/BluDavu in Senate call videos.

No. 1906140

File: 1695958841658.png (1.85 MB, 777x7997, boxyoutubecomp.png)

I found this out when I tried to find the context to the BoxovFox/BluDavu Senate call. I found that Box/Blu hasn’t stopped posting about GrindingGears. Box/Blu said all they wanted was to be left alone because they were being stalked, but Box/Blu won’t stop posting and threatening GrindingGears despite not getting a response from her.

No. 1906388

Kek, she claims that GrindingGears was stalking her and yet she's doing this. Sounds like a shit-ton of projection to me. And now she's on twitter acting like she's about to kill herself. Just another mentally sick girl that was in Lio's harem.

No. 1906455

This vid is absolute trash. I hate JAR as well but the video is just so rambling and petty. Like the whole first half is talking about twitter drama with other nobody autist commentary community youtubers, and the shit about JK rowling is retarded as well. Didnt bother watching the last bit, couldnt stand his unsettling falsetto tranny voice

No. 1906458

File: 1696006514337.png (947.33 KB, 594x1985, blutweetandgoogledoc.png)

Blu posted a response google doc and a video

video summary
>I intend to leave the internet
>I dont need this right now
>I should be focusing on my mental health. Ive been trying to. Ive been in therapy. I havent had time to work on myself
>People dont want to hire me
>I was going to talk about the doc, but it doesnt matter
>Ive been hurt and it makes me hurt people
>I thought I had friends, but they werent really my friends
>People dont understand that I struggle with communication and they arent willing to give me the time
>I hurt people. Im sorry I hurt people, but I thought they understood what I was going through
>I thought they would give me patience and understanding
>Im not going to kill myself, but Im not going to hinder myself from dying. Im just existing
>I need to work on myself, but I need time
>Im pissed that Lauren sent Robbie (the ex) a discord message instead of banging on his door when she thought I was going to kill myself. that was a fuck you
>I didnt appreciate you showing that I was self harming by living in squalor
>the animal abuse claim hurt. Lauren knows that my family and I rescued animals since I was a kid
>I was out of the house for two weeks. why didnt they take care of the bird like they should have?
>why did it come up that I didnt clean the bird cage when Lauren had rats that flung poop on the floor that she left for months? the older rats got respiratory infections because of it
>its shitty for you to bring up what I did when you did something similar. you should point the finger at yourself
>Im going to focus on crocheting and my spending time with my familys dogs
>people see me as a danger so now Im going to struggle to share my struggle
>Ive tried to kill myself. what Ive gone through is fucked up
>I dont want to hurt people. I just want people to communicate

doc summary
>Im mentally ill
>I have trauma and mental illness
>I have HSD, POTS, GERD, mild barrett’s esophagus, knock knees, fibromyalgia, recurring asthma/bronchitis symptoms, chronic fatigue, separation anxiety, trichotillomania, bipolar 1, borderline personality disorder, OCPD, and gender dysphoria
>I turned 26 so I couldnt be on my parents health insurance any more
>I asked to leave because Robbie had work and I was in pain. My parents didnt leave. I was in agony. Robbie asked to leave and my dad said I could come ask like an adult. I slammed the new truck door. My dad started yelling at me that I always do this. I screamed back at him.
>I wasnt going to let them treat me that way. I paid $200 for Uber to drive me home
>Robbie didn’t support me. He only supported me when I told him I was upset about what happened
>Robbie said I started the argument by slamming the door. I didnt start the argument. I said I was done talking
>I did slam the door. It didnt hurt anyone so why does it matter? everyone does this
>I told my parents I didnt want to see them again. I quit my job since I worked for them
>I said I wanted to leave the apartment. Robbie assumed this meant I wanted to leave him
>I was going to kill myself because I lost everything. I lost my parents and their support
>I dont have savings because my medicine is expensive
>Robbie told me he wanted to break up. I told him I was going to kill myself. He asked me how that was supposed to make him feel. He said I was being manipulative
>I didnt want him near me. He should of known I needed help. It was his responsibility to make sure I didnt kill myself
>I gave him my keys while he was at work. It was a cry for help. He didnt do anything to stop me from trying to kill myself
>I didnt want to move in with my parents. They cleaned out their garage for me to live in. I moved in
>I wanted the keys. Robbie didnt want to give them to me. My dad took them and gave them to me later.
>I texted Robbie over and over about why he didnt want to give me the keys. He said he didnt want to talk about it. I would of stopped if he had just talked to me about it
>Lauren packed up my pots and pans. What I really needed was my shampoo. I felt like they were rushing me out the door
>Robbie shouldnt of been at the apartment when I came to get my stuff because it was his responsibility to remove himself from the situation
>Everything was gross because I was depressed. You left trash in your room
>Lauren was happy whenever I would clean. It made me uncomfortable. I never told her but she should of known
>Lauren and Robbie were a toxic environment
>Lauren told me they were having friends over to clean. Robbie should of told me because they were his friends
>I pretended to be happy during cleaning day. When I got home I wanted to talk to Robbie
>Robbie called my mom and told her that Lauren didnt want to talk to me. I wouldve stopped talking to Lauren if she told me herself.
>I drove to their house to confront them because it wasnt fair that they wouldnt talk to me
>I threw my keys at his car. Im disabled so it was hard. It didnt even come near his car
>I was just trying to talk. I cant believe he ran away from me. I never hit him
>I tried to kill myself once by overdosing. I went to the ER immediately after I took the pills. I always go to the hospital or call a crisis hotline when I feel like killing myself. Robbie never had to help me.
>I wasnt going to hurt myself. They should of known that. Calling for a wellness check was hands off. They didnt care about me
>If I had been hospitalized my dad would have had to give away his guns.
>I had no plans to kill myself. Texting Robbie instead of banging on his door proves you dont care about me

No. 1906672

Just went through the summary but what a manipulative trog. Every single line I read I was more and more appalled by the behavior. The amount of deflection because "muh mental illness" and "it was YOUR responsibility to take care of me, not MINE!!" is just mind boggling to me. What a nightmare of a person to deal with, not surprised they were in Senate, birds of a feather and all. I wonder if anyone's gonna make a video on them claiming "I knew you were this, this and this all along!!"

No. 1906778

File: 1696055870855.jpg (44.97 KB, 970x392, boxsenateban.jpg)


Box/Blu was a mod of Senate and has been banned

No. 1906894

Thanks for the summary because fucking hell this is alot of deflecting and blaming it on mental issues. What a toxic hell hole of a person.

No. 1906905

File: 1696083641731.png (73.86 KB, 591x838, peachesknewallalong.png)

holy fucking shit you called it
bonus for peaches making it about herself

No. 1906912

jfc how many people in the server who turned out to be shitty people did peaches "knew all along" were shitty to begin with but she just conveniently either looked the other way or "pretended" to be friendly like with coyote?
and not surprising she made it about herself just to add a couple more victim points since her uwu pity me creepshow card is becoming stale at this point.
also what's with ponder weighing in on this? first she spread a bunch of lio's spoctor videos and now she's dipping her toes in some rando who also happens to be in the senate? (or used to)
is ponder even part of the senate server by now?

No. 1906957

I was thinking this exact same thing. How many times is she going to be able to be like "I knew you were bad all along!!!!" Before people start questioning if she's the same because of how many times this has happened. Garbage hangs around garbage. And yeah, Ponder has fallen into the Senate cult as well. She's been on the downturn for a while now, and in hindsight, alot of her videos were just anecdotal tangents that really don't hold up anymore.

No. 1907244

File: 1696149455618.jpg (124.22 KB, 837x1489, Screenshot_20231001_033432_Sam…)

Anyone else thinking she has an alarm set to go off when she needs to trudge Shannon back up for asspats? Imagine being proud that this is all you're known for. Whole thread is retarded but the first and last tweets were the milkiest.

No. 1907334

File: 1696173386592.png (168.8 KB, 1150x1494, IMG_6502.png)

It’s gets worse kek. I feel like something big is gonna happen and peaches is trying to sympathy bait one last time

No. 1907337

She is 100% going to be back in a week MAX just like all of her other breaks. I love how whenever shit comes out about people around her that might also implicate her as a bad person, she suddenly has a depression spike and acts like she's going to an-hero. Sounds like her and BlueDaVu probably got along really well kek.

No. 1907354

File: 1696178504872.png (354.69 KB, 582x1255, ebeg.png)

Blu/Box is ebegging and throwing a pity party

Maybe if you didn’t quit your job you’d have money. Box is fine being around her parents when she gets to leach off them by living rent free in their house, but when it comes to working a job with them she can’t do it

No. 1907445

File: 1696192253965.png (48.61 KB, 577x563, ponderbluedavu.png)

ponder sprocket is doing a stream to raise donations to give bludavu

ponder read skittlez doc and blus docs on stream. she knows what Blu did
youre supporting someone who abused their boyfriend and pet

No. 1907466

To be fair, Skittlez herself also said to still continue to donate to Blue's GFM. It's a huge show of empathy and while I sure as hell wouldn't donate, it shows Skittlez is empathetic.

No. 1907496

why does she always take a break when everyone is mad at her lmfao how is no one tired of her bitching about this drama for the umpteenth time, like shut up at this point

No. 1907524


like its REAL convenient how it's around the same time with blu's/box's pity situation, where most people would feel sympathy for them, hence ponder and skittlez doing donations to blu despite everything
The funny thing is, Kai hit it right on the nail on his oranges video. say what you will about him but im glad SOMEONE outright talked about how peaches tends to go on an umpteenth break for every time she starts catching heat for things she either said or because she couldnt stop herself from sticking her nose where it didn't belong kek

No. 1907531

One of the very few things Kai is right about is the fact that Peaches loves to stick her nose into drama and talk shit about people, but the moment she starts getting blow-back is the moment she all of a sudden has a mental breakdown and needs to take a break.

No. 1907555

File: 1696212082025.png (132.46 KB, 592x483, ideservemore.PNG)

>It's a huge show of empathy and shows Skittlez is empathetic
No it doesn't. All it shows is that Ponder and Skittlzes are retarded.

Box/Blu has had everything handed to her. Her medical bills were cheap because her parents had her on their insurance. Her parents let her live in their house rent free. Skittlez and Robbie let Box/Blu live in the apartment rent free. She never had to clean. Box/Blu's parents gave her a job that paid $20/hour.

Despite all that, Blue feels like she deserves more. All Blu does is leach off others. If you give Blu money, she'll end up in financial trouble within another few months.

It would be more empathetic to donate the money to a charity for abuse victims, or literally any person who would actually be grateful for it. Instead Ponder and Skittlez decide an abuser is the one who needs support.

No. 1907559

I honestly don't know what Peaches is scared of. She isn't popular enough to be cancelled. Unless the opinion of a handful of teens and Lio are that important to her then she really has no life like others have mentioned. Honestly everyone in the senate has no life other than abusing everyone around them

No. 1907562

I wouldn’t go as far as to call Skittlez retarded, but she didn’t do the right thing. But I get it. It’s stressful to have some retard try to uproot your life and make you look bad on the internet. Blu sounds unstable as fuck and is near enough Skittlez to actually cause harm. It’s a tranny pumped up full of testosterone pills so anyone should treat it like a dangerous moid.

No. 1907923

File: 1696284889921.png (226.23 KB, 573x518, h5Keknl.png)

I hate how Peaches infantilizes herself. This thumbnail makes me want to cringe from the inside out. I can't help but squirm that it's a grody troll of an adult woman playing cute e-babygirl to this fat, hairy moid and people actually eat it up.

No. 1908624

this is so fucking cringe LMFAOO are they seriously not dating

No. 1908813

Ponder is such a fraud. She knew about the Spoctor thing all the way back in 2018-19, and even defended him knowing this stuff. She debunked the fake false flag pedo acc. while knowing about the real situation the whole time. She knew about Fehghost and Junkie and all them and just kept quiet. She defended spoc back then because she believed he didn’t do anything that wrong, the only reason she’s changed her tune is because she doesn’t want to be targeted by the community. She knows what’s right and wrong but chooses to be quiet until an opportunity presents itself for her to squirm herself out. She’s one of the most self serving creators in the community.

No. 1908877

Creepshow should stay gone, I do miss how much the pot was stirred every month when she was around, though. I miss playing dumb games and listening to the videos that sparked from her dumb takes.

No. 1908927

What the fuck is going on here LOL You know though, it makes sense why Lio keeps her as essentially the "bottom bitch" of his little fanbrats., You know for a fact that Peaches has terrible self-esteem and body images and Lio uses that to his advantage by love-bombing her to keep her around. And I think this is why Peaches act like an insufferable little brat because she feels she can always turn to her big daddy Lio to comfort her and tell her what she wants to hear.

Because how else can Peaches still be the way she is not taking any hard look within herself and actually maturing?

No. 1908929

Relatable anon. I mean, I feel bad for what happened to Emily artful and Creepshow got what she deserved but I'd be lying if I said that a lot of the videos being done on the topic didn't make for some good background noise when drawing or playing games.

No. 1908989

I wish I had been there for the Peaches drama, I would give an arm and a leg to listen to a library of videos about a bitch I don't like lmao.

No. 1909338

I HATE Creepshow art for what she did to Emily. Being a pick me bully and worshipping a moid that probably doesn’t love her is despicable. But let’s be honest, if that never happened then there’s no way she’d be cancelled. If it was just petty lolcow stuff and bullying peaches no one would give a fuck .

No. 1909845

She might have still had a career had it not been for Emily's video, she probably would have barely squeaked by. By the end of her drama no one even cared about the lolcow shit anymore, it was all about Emily. Also like others have pointed out before, Emily was stalked and harassed by Shannon for 10 years, and yet, has barely spoken about her since her last video. Meanwhile Peaches, who's only real issue was Shannon lying about her, seems to bring her up once a week. She knows that's the only thing keeping her relevant anymore aside from her monthly mental breakdowns.

No. 1910438

File: 1696710599402.jpg (154.04 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_20231007_151941_Sam…)

Called it. Also just a reminder that she's still talking about Camilla Cuevas and just released a 30 min video about her. Attached ss is just a reminder she's doing this because she's bitter and for content. Not because she actually cares about CSA victims.

No. 1910494


LOL she and her yesman JAR already released their videos on Camilla and barely made a dent on her following. and mostly because her fanbase arent even in the cc and dgaf about the drama and are just there for the animation
At this point this "accountability" is just a lie. Peaches just actively wants all her detractors deplatformed. they got spoctor to leave the internet so now its Camilla's turn. Expect her daddy Lio to drop a video, and maybe JAR would follow up as well fucking kek

No. 1912522

File: 1697125638655.png (1.57 MB, 593x5649, 3528334.png)


Bludavu/boxovfox/sparrow restraining order was dismissed. She immediately started texting and tweeting robbie and skittlez and bragging on twitter. They didnt respond so she tried using her twitter followers to contact robbie and skittlez

Skittlez tweeted not to contact her about blu/box after box tweeted

No. 1912528

File: 1697126127196.png (269.1 KB, 604x1067, 3528335.png)

Bludavu/boxovfox e-begging for donations to go to the stardew valley orchestra
and blu is trying to get another diagnosis to add to her sympathy bait pile

No. 1912833

Of course ponder would get involved lol

No. 1912853

Fucking hell she's creepy. I don't blame Skittlez for not wanting to be contacted by proxy.

I don't interpret that as using GFM money for the ticket, but you'd think that if she was really in dire straights like she claims she is, she'd have better priorities.

No. 1913566

File: 1697311047017.png (321.84 KB, 580x1251, 3767688.png)


>sparrow begs robbie to talk to her and return her things

>sparrow is ignored
>sparrow begs twitter followers to talk to robbie for her
>robbie gives back her things
>sparrow “if you find any of my things you can throw them out. Get the fuck out of my life robbie. It feels good to be free”

No. 1916930


Mannis posted a video that had an interview with Junkie. Junkie seems pretty beaten up / remorseful for what he did, and spent the last few years working on himself. Resident manchild Leoconvoy of course feels the need to grandstand and harass someone when they’re down, insinuating that they aren’t sincere, based on absolutely nothing, just that he didn’t respond the way he wanted them to.

When Leo eventually experiences his downfall, which he undoubtedly will, it will be super satisfying to watch him go down in flames.

No. 1917266

File: 1697918644411.jpeg (403.52 KB, 828x1339, IMG_6836.jpeg)

Nothing to see here folks. Just your usual “I’m the victim” screech from our favorite lolcow fruit

No. 1917267

She literally tried to turn him into a pariah through pedophile accusations and now she’s crying he’s back? She’s a professional victim.

No. 1917443

Kinda hope Spoctor sticks around just to bother Lio and Peaches, he's an egotistical prick but I kek'd hard when he trolled them in vc and wasted their time.

Hope some videos come from this.

No. 1917486

This is an adult woman that's upset that her campaign against someone didn't work as effectively as she wanted it to. Also notice how she originally canceled Spoctor for the flash drive drama and now she's making it all about her stupid fucking drama. Fucking christ get over yourself you dramatic whale.

No. 1917497

shes literally saying someones mere presence is triggering them. how fragile can you be when someone literally existing is enough to trigger you and make you suicidal and the only cure is for said person to be censored. unbelievable . shes so transparently weaponizing her mental health.

No. 1917593


seriously. imagine having a video where you mock your supposed "trigger's" victim status, calling him a perpetual victim while having zero self-awareness. this video sure didn"t take long to make her look unbelievably dense in hindsight KEK >>1852124

but anon, it's all for accountability, you see? they didn"t want junkie and spoctor to lose their platforms!

No. 1918505

Reactions to a recently rediscovered clip of Lio Convoy and Joshua Vida considering to ask Mint Heart to record her rape as "evidence". If you bring this up with Lio, he will freak out.


No. 1918508

For context here is the original video.

No. 1918622

Watch how the CC will brush off a 30+ year old man colluding with a pedophile and literally suggesting a minor record her own rape.

No. 1918692

Oh actually fuck this creepy fucking fatass scrote. He probably would have gotten off to this if Mint did that. He was already bad enough flying Mint Heart out to live with him, but this is far worse. Peaches has no moral backbone if she sweeps this under the rug because he's her "daddy" while going so hard on Spoctor. Also fuck the rest of the senate if they also try to brush past this.

No. 1918717


At this point I associate the ACC with complete and utter mental retardation. Ban me for a-logging idgaf but this is so sickening. These literal pedos care more about clout in the ACC and fucking virtue signalling that they'd literally want a child to get raped just so they can make a video. Actually sick.

No. 1918812

the channel that uploaded this also posted this video less than an hour ago. already hate the “predator catcher” schtick with a passion, but using a minor as bait is reprehensible in ways words cannot even describe

No. 1918816

samefag, here’s the Buttons video he mentioned if anynonny hasn’t seen it

No. 1918821

This needs to be posted everywhere. Spammed in Peaches and Lio's replies/comments, spammed in the senate. Seen every fucking place. He should not be getting away with this.

No. 1918843

inb4 Peaches' obligatory "I knew you were a snake, Lio!" Or a possible "I was groomed by him guys! I'm a victim too!"

No. 1919610

File: 1698328133050.jpg (107.32 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_20231026_084555_X-m…)

Really makes me wonder how she would react to her "dad" being exposed for pondering asking a teenager to record her rape. Mainly screenshotting this incase shit hits the fan because she has no room to talk if she sweeps what Lio did under the rug.

No. 1920878

Waiting as well, give it a few weeks lol.

No. 1920943

Ngl, it's funny seeing Peaches try to upkeep the tough Senate member persona while depicting herself as cute, intellectually superior animu girl on video thumbnails only to completely fall apart due to extremely online problems. These things would be complete non-issues for people who touch grass on a semi-regular basis. Kinda puts into perspective how these people have no life outside of this shit whatsoever.

No. 1921073

She's all good to take shots at other people until those people fire back, then she's all "I'm going to throw up I feel so mentally and physically sick, I can't believe they did that I'm so baby…" You could probably snap a spine that weak by blowing on her. That's why she hangs around in Senate and uses that piranha pool of a vc whenever she's got to talk to someone about her beef. She literally can't handle any form of confrontation unless she's got a pack of hyenas chomping at the ankles of her detractors.

No. 1921103


Yeah I would be losing my shit as an alleged "grooming victim" too with all the shit going on. especially if one of my internet friends who confessed to extorting someone who they knew committed a crime years ago also put out this video of how they "Groom kids" for the meme despite being your "friend" knowing that you're a "grooming victim" who had the same dude they extorted "weaponize" your "grooming". And your "Dad" being real buddy buddy with him despite one of their thumbnail artists making pornography of you masterbaiting and showing off your genitalia to "get the haters off your back" so to speak, and apparently rape art of their enemies online as an act of revenge. This guy literally says that they're better than the guy who "weaponized" your "grooming" really says a lot more about you and your "father" than it would on any issue that's bothering you.

Add that with the fact that "daddy" worked with the alleged rapist Feghost that Ponder and co. kept quiet about to out the recording that they had released, a lot like how they did with Spoctor, as Ponder was fully aware of the Mannis video despite this alleged zero tolerance policy that's impossible to hold he and you have been trying to upkeep this impossible standard of zero tolerance. You just recently got cut open and confessed to of recently undergone a gastric sleeve surgery removing 80% of your stomach and you're still in recovery, Peaches hardly seems like a victim from afar. But if she were a victim to anyone, it would be Lio who if he was an actual father to Peaches, or was a good one, he would of told her that she didn't need the surgery, and thought of actual ways to help her lose weight with the background he has as a self proclaimed swordsman. But if you make cheese dishes with your katana, maybe weight advice wouldn't work best. Considering that was his own idea. Or was that gofundme that Lio promoted actually to help Peaches get on her feet, like the GoFundMe for Jordyn totally was, and not a get rich quick scheme to help you fly in random young women to your state while you're in your late 30s and you meet some of these women when they're minors? I find it funny, despite all the E begging, not once have I seen a single toy of Lio's vanish from his display in videos. Or his Thundercats sword. I guess his toys are more important than his daughters. Lio claims to care, but it's clear as day that he doesn't. If he's willing to lie about wearing a mask because it "pisses off" people who hate him.

I guess he'll be fuming to know that the internet has already seen his face, and him fail at swinging a katana, along with being a terrible and self centered father who cares more about his toys than you.



Jordyn wasn't 15 when they had been moved in to live with LioConvoy. They were 16 when they had met, and according to Jordyn, were 17 when Lio had "Adopted" him. Moving them to Texas when they were 18. Lio being around 34 - 36 around the time. Doesn't make it any less predatory. But it would make him an orbiter most likely if he had intentions to have some kind of DDLG relationship with him.

No. 1921264

I just checked on this thread on a whim. The senate is full of degen adults who take advantage of the underaged children in their servers? And Lio literally asking for kids to record their rape?

At this point they're all guilty of grooming. Some are legit pedos, the rest are doing it for power play. It's gross

No. 1921794

There are more bad actors of senate.
- Blake Diamond (alleged of human trafficking, rape, and pedophilla)
- Banji (making people including minors draw the dolphin horse comic as "punishment"
- Zaid Magenta aka Misanthro pony (A sort of wannabe Mr. Enter anti SJW MLP reviewer. Cyber harasser. Cartoonshi made a video on it. He was the who seemingly brought the issue of Mint getting SAed by her mother ex boyfriend
- FNGR (falling accused stallion slaughter of being a creeper)
- Coyote lovely (working with Zoophilles to catch zoos. failing to report abuse to the cops. Had relations with sappho as a "gay op". was in a relationship with Zcarlo
- zcarlo (abused animals and grooming)
- Loli Police (Zoophile)
- Patchwork heart (a lefty tankie who draw Zoo porn to "get back" at their abuser
- Buttons (falsely accused FNGR of SA and giving them STD and pregnant. Also attempted to sue Lio and dated an orbiter of Mint even after the orbiter was outed)
- Crash Bandicoot (was seemingly allowed to stay in senate after sending rule34 to minors. Lio I feel like could have handled the situation much more ethically instead of keeping him around and reported him to Egyptian authorities)
- Rosa Rey Ramsey (A disabled person who was yelled at by lio for allowing a predator stay in Star giants server for 8 months. Star Giant allowed this. I obviously don’t think was they did was right but I feel like Lio could have handled the situation again more ethnically)
- Septy Paws (draw rape art of Peaches, Carmen Rider, Kai Weiss, and PML. Attempted to place a mod hit on Carmen Rider and wanted to throw a Molotov cocktail at her house. Came into the US Illegally from Hungary)
- Neko Koda (doxxed a minor)
- That Creepy Reading (doxxed the county plauge moth was in and was unbearably annoying during his debate with Plauge moth and Turkey Tom. I must stress I don’t think plauge selling blood and gore videos is right or ethical but TCR needed to approach to topic much better and more seriously. He also is/was? friend with daftpina.

Also like to add that the senate is at "war" with Fox Mafia (caswarwolf). It is currently dubbed as the "pedo furry civil war" or something stupid to that effect. Lio has gotten in a sort of back and forth with Glided Poo and Bryan Mullian the Fox. Senate also convinced someone to hurt there dog to show he was "tough". Lio insulted someone who once again was clearly not mentally stable about their living standard and trying to "give life advice". The senate also had a rule in which if you posted "XD" you had either draw a $1000 bill or pay each of the mods $1000. I wished I was kidding!

No. 1921805

I forgot to mention Ephrom also sexually harassed multiple minors

No. 1921810

File: 1698702697539.jpg (254.6 KB, 2047x1076, 7GxTw6Q-.jpg)

Here is some links to the actions of the members. Just a heads up some of the videos are deleted. Specifically Misanthro pony's situation. Included will be a series of screenshots taken from carmen riders video of Senate being discussed on 4chan.

Burden of Proof
Blake diamond https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxkviXuUwgA
Loli police https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrMWMvkEGTU

Caswarfox (Furry predator hunter civil war {still on going})
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2N5h7mOu3Yo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8RJrRP6b8M&t=5133s
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ipanxUuy3Y (glided poo’s response)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0NBw3-vJTEE&feature=youtu.be (after the voice recording was discovered. There was more content but the channel was nuked after the user got harassed)

Misanthorpony vs cartoonshi
https://www.youtube.com/live/o-BJfJZH6pA?si=qL72_AIApRQnIJEc https://youtube.com/post/UgkxrrXsot_FHhMcQpnk6TDGoRHTbx9zGIjR
https://youtube.com/post/UgkxrrXsot_FHhMcQpnk6TDGoRHTbx9zGIjR (Zaid’s Response)
(Second Death)
Crash bandicoot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5xc7ANJ-_o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoBCIZIFn5s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRNywz0BqW8
FNGR (fornogoodreason)
Glided Poo PRE exposed Coyote https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEXN_xFkJ8o
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaYjVipDBUE&t=28s (Zcarlo)

POST coyote exposed https://youtube.com/watch?v=Ox5JZMpgdpY&t=1903s
These videos were made following the fall of caswarfox
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hdn9nKV1-UY&t=1995s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBQc9txLkmw&t=31s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qgl9Qno4Jwc&t=20s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZJJdhW7wzc
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AMe3N02ORE&t=2746s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0o9i7H0lI4&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1q7G4_nRdCE&t=4s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igXBZDJgcxQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdUPmvJTOpI&t=17s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2mU3F_DzmI&t=3s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4rYQUL-KsM&t=374s
https://metokur.us/index.php?threads/pedo-hunter-civil-war.454/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syO2fp_2xHc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skTcQ4iJK5c


TCR turkey tom debate
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0obH-DLOj8o&t=2782s&pp=ygUcdHVya2V5IHRvbSB0aGF0Y3JlZXB5cmVhZGluZw%3D%3D (“uncut”)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uyzofLENA8o&t=1891s (edited)

Carmen vs septy
Septy’s side

Carmens side

https://youtube.com/watch?v=5Z8u7IMn5wM… (Sept’s pop)


No. 1921811

File: 1698702775658.jpg (221.8 KB, 2047x1076, BW4TamJH.jpg)

No. 1921838

kek at you putting tcr being cringe alongside fucking pedos

No. 1921842

Guys, you all need to see this.

Patchwork Heart was literally offering services to help children find a place to live, get lawyers and get emancipation from their abusive family or authority figures.

They are literally abducting children to become informants, whistleblowers, commentators, and victim advocates. This is so, cult like. I'm beyond words.

No. 1921844

I have never seen this video before. I will state caswarfox did work on that account too.

I found this twitter account discussing some of the senates bad actions. Neroah I believe runs it.
https://twitter.com/ArchivalistB(this is an imageboard)

No. 1921846


Only fair. My reason I put him in was more so for him doxxing and unethical behavior. Yes, he is cringe and you got me there

No. 1921906


I used to watch the senate because of Misanthro pony. They are indeed very cult like. Thats how they control their community. Peaches, doodle tones, TRC, and JAR are satellite states of senate. It is sort of like what the USSR did with Eastern Europe. They knowingly and willing have worked with bad actors just to make themselves look good.

(side tangant) Its sort of funny Lio is both a progressive and Christian.

No. 1921961

Holy shit what? I know about all of these degenerates, but I had no clue that literally all of them were in senate. Do people not realize that cultish hell of a server is the common denominator?

No. 1922004

there is fusionw. but he is not really tied with senate.(learn to sage and integrate)

No. 1922202

Has anyone seen this video? It's by another Senate member who hangs around a minor named Definitely Bored Oranges. She's a commentator who was involved in the Hopeless Peaches drama and helped turn the tide into Peaches' favor. This video goes over the different genres of the commentary community, and in the video mentioned here >>1921842 commentators are a path. I think there are some disturbing implications considering that members like Hopeless Peaches, Just A Robot, Ponder Sprocket, Coyote Lovely, Neko Koda, and Septy Paws were all commentators around the community. Neko Koda having started when they were a minor. Any thoughts?

No. 1922210

Not to mention there's also Harley TBS, a 19 year old who has had a history of according to this video
>Trying to give groomers like Cosmodore advice to help him get back on to his platform and return to the Youtube community.
> Harley doesn't believe in this opinion anymore under any circumstances, but the fact that he was a minor was already contacting cosmodore is in of itself problematic because of Harley was obviously messing up.
>Going on other stings with YouTuber Nawnii an adult and Just Stop, who at the time was a minor.
>Most of Harleys fans not only trust him, but are also teenagers who agree with and idolize them.

Times Harley Contacted Cosmodore

First time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9AMnxMXIZQ
Second time - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kl86y1WHfd0

but I don't think I'm particularly shocked that Nawnii as an adult would of had a minor be essentially a blast shield if something were to go wrong, seeing as she had a situation with her discord where one of her moderators was outed as a predator too.

What is it with these adults working with kids and them talking to predators? Why is this happening? Because according to the video embedded here too, another minor named Pieman had done the same shit Harley did as a minor!

No. 1922272

File: 1698784905282.jpeg (512.69 KB, 828x1382, IMG_6908.jpeg)

I can’t wait for the senate/ acc to implode. Looks like Peaches went private to talk shit about other creators and is planning to drop another video on how she’s always the victim. I wonder how Ponder is gonna take it since she’s on personal vendetta list along spoctor, Omnia and Kai

No. 1922312

i’ts actually kind of funny how much overlap this has with brony drama. lio got his start with the toonkritic drama where he joined forces with known creep lily orchard and helped them harassed the people who actualy managed to coerce a confession out of tk. then he joined forces with another weirdo named vida who turned out was grooming the girl he was supposedly protecting aka mint. blakedajmond was a former associate of lily orchrd. patchwork as someone who was groomed by tk. just surprised to see all that baggage come over to the art cc. idk if lios a nonce idoubt it but hes painfully incompetent. peaches is really dumb for alowing this guy near the cc. he’s a magnet for these weirdos.

No. 1922481


I thought the same thing too. I don’t believe in law of attraction, new age beliefs, or that shit but Lio does seem to be a magnet for these people. He once asked in a call "why is it that I get the weirdos?" Maybe because you chose to surround yourself with nonces and creeps? Just a thought. His "energy" (if we can call it that) tends to draw out those people to come in contact with him. First Vida, Mint, and Misanthro Pony, now the art CC.(sage your shit)

No. 1922555

Fucking hell man, it's times like this where I miss the DeviantART rants. The pointless drama that was inconsequential and petty that didn't involve this grooming crap and all the shit you see in art commentary today. Say what you want about the DeviantART rants and how cringe it was, at least it didn't involve shit like this.

No. 1922585


the peaches cycle is just:
- sticks her nose into drama and inserts her two cents when nobody asked
- later backfires or some shit happens in the senate that'll make her look bad because of association
- she starts going on a break because she can't take the heat or to keep suspicions off her
- "guys this is too much for my mental health!!!"
- talks shit behind the scenes (even while privated and supposed to be on her "break" as shown)
- brings up her victim card for the umpteenth time to scrape sympathy and make anyone who'd rightfully call her out the assholes
- rinse and repeat

seriously it's a pattern of behavior now. how is no one taking note of this? is everyone in the acc up peaches' ass that much or is everyone giving her all the leeway because "wah creepshow did her dirty?"

No. 1922646

File: 1698855194585.png (2.85 MB, 4000x3000, collage.png)

Kek fucking spineless ass bitch has to go priv because she wants to talk shit behind people's back. Anyone know if Ponder follows her or vice versa? If Ponder doesn't, this is just her being a weasley little snake because, as much as I also don't like Ponder, she could very easily bury Peaches if she wanted to and with her reputation it would be taken seriously.

Bills must be due because she's lamenting on her soap box again on how traumatized she is. It must be a sad fucking existence to have to bring up petty internet drama to maintain relevancy.

I honestly think Peaches was just really lucky with the timing of her drama being aligned right next to Shannon's implosion due to Emily. Peaches just happened to catch some light off of what happened with Emily and used it to her advantage. I firmly believe that if it weren't for those dramas both happening at the same time, Peaches would still be looked at alot more negatively.

No. 1923131

File: 1698944649758.jpg (99.62 KB, 1080x981, Screenshot_20231102_104145_X-m…)

She says, while being in the Senate kek.

No. 1923283


"If you have criticism for my content, you won't be listened to if you're platforming zoophiles and siding with people who partook in sexual convos with children"

so…no one in the senate can dare criticize you, got it. Not sure if this is deflection, projection or can count as a Freudian slip on how pampered her daddy Lio treats her there KEK

No. 1923286


also I noticed from that screenshot she's no longer privated. As always, that "taking a break for my mental health" sure didnt take long
im guessing she already got bored shittalking people on priv kek

No. 1923881

File: 1699109005483.jpg (136.13 KB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20231104_094059_X-m…)

Putting this here for archival purposes. I love how Peaches can never respond to things like this because she knows they're right. When shit eventually hits the fan with the senate server, she has no right to say she didn't know and she needs to sink with the ship.

No. 1923909

Peaches hard projecting. Didn't she go her disgusting ddgl age regression shit with Lio in front of minors? In the past she used the fact she was underaged to say she was groomed to deflect crit. She doesn't have that anymore. She's a creepy adult.

No. 1923967

she and Lio will both claim that they weren’t aware about the groomers while simultaneously gloating and saying that they’ve “always had a feeling that so and so was problematic(learn to sage)

No. 1925131

Too much to screenshot so I'll sage, but Peaches is being a perpetual victim again.

>Peaches subtweets very obviously about Omnia and Kai

>Kai and Omnia understandably got upset and bring up the fact that Peaches is still talking about them when Peaches supposedly wants nothing to do with them anymore
>They say Peaches is keeping tabs on them which is what she got mad at them for
>Peaches says that other people tell her and puts a message out in discord saying telling people to stop
>Maxine also calls Peaches out and Peaches accuses her of being an Omnia alt. Blocks her afterwards

Say what you want about Kai and Omnia, but there is no reason for her to still be subtweeting about them. It's just as bad as her still subtweeting about Shannon

No. 1925135


She's just jealous that she's an actual victim of abuse

No. 1925162

Which is why I’m dying for the exes Peaches talked about to come forward. I can believe her grooming story but the way she claimed the majority of her ex boyfriends were rapists? Somethings not adding up at all and she’s making things up to be more of a “uwu victim

No. 1925232

I would normally take someone at their word if they're sharing their grooming story. However with Peaches' history of lying I wouldn't be surprised if there are situations like her grooming story that either have parts exaggerated, made up or used to get attention. The history she has with the men she takes interest in, shows that she doesn't have the healthiest relationship with love. What she understands as love is something like what Lio wants to provide. Someone who'll let her still be a child despite going to be 25 soon. A man in his late 30s enabling this and not trying to help her get away from these sorts of behaviors that had quite obviously if her word is to be trusted, target her further, at that point, who's the one abusing who? Who is she really the victim of? Because her story is suspect. But, Peaches wasn't as openly childish in videos and livestreams today as she was in the past. In fact, she's become more comfortable doing so. Like what adult woman calls doxxing a "big fat no no,"? She said that the person in this video who doxxed a minor btw was being "a big meanie about it." Her words not mine. And she says her feelings on doxxing which give an impression that she believes that doxxing isn't ever a mistake. Something Lio is all too trigger happy to do for people, along with others around Senate and their community. I'm not saying that I personally disbelieve this alleged grooming, but I know that there's others out there who do.


No. 1925343

Right message but wrong messenger. Gilded Poo is a degenerate that has beastiality porn stored on a drive if I’m not mistaken. I believe her grooming story because there’s gotta be an explanation on why she’s a retard latching onto a grown man for affection and using a pseudo baby voice, but I don’t believe that any of her exes are rapists because

1. She would’ve immediately made a video on it because she’s addicted to being a victim no matter how small a situation is.
2. She would’ve tweeted a storm and provided at least screenshots of evidence. She has no problem accusing people of lying or providing proof, so why not provide proof about a serious accusation? How did it suddenly go from “my ex boyfriend wants to kick me out” to “also he was an abusive rapist and so was every man I dated “ ?

No. 1925371

You say that yet I don't see a single screenshot used in this video. Guess grooming isn't as serious as rape and is ready with screenshots soon or she doesn't want to or doesn't have the screenshots to share to prove her expereinces. Either way it shouldn't matter to Peaches anyways if Poo is some kind of zoo if she's in Senate with Ponder who thinks hypocrisy doesn't make you wrong. If that's the case, who cares if someone is a degen if they're right then by that line of logic, because by that logic Coyote Lovely, ZrCarlo and Vida are still reliable sources of information on past pred busts but we don't need to claim association anymore if they're too problematic for us to be associated with PR wise.

No. 1925457

I got an aneurysm trying to read that.

No. 1925702

I think Peaches was abused in the past, but not as much or as severly as she claims. In fact, with the way she's acting in public and around the senate I think she sees rape and abuse as a fetish. To make herself seem desirable. It's like she's jealous of actual victim of assault. A few years ago she just mentioned one time she was groomed online. Now all boyfriends ever raped her.

Huge ass tinfoil but I think she sees herself as her OC and she likes the idea that this blonde teen OC gets assaulted and now just wants that to be her identity. Because to her it's better than being homely and untouchable. Just everything Peaches says is a huge ass lie I can't believe anything she says about her past abuse or fake mental illnesses

No. 1926113

I hate to say this but I feel like part of what plays into Peaches' immaturity and perpetual victim uwu status is that she has ugly girl syndrome. I don't like to bring up people's looks but in a case like this with how Peaches looks irl vs how she tries to present herselff online with the OC, it's just clear what's going on here.

I too can believe that she may have been abused in the past but it probably wasn't as severe as she tries to make it out. I just feel like during her younger years, she was mostly ignored and she was desperate for affection and attention and when she was upfront about the abuse she did face and saw the sympathy she got for it, she figured that being a victim is the best way to get people to like you without criticizing you (because it would be seen as bad if you dare to). And as soon as she got in the senate and met Lio as well as getting her ass kissed by many within the server, it gassed her up even more to where now she won't even try to mature herself. And with how perpetually online she is, she won't be breaking from it anytime soon.

She sorta reminds me of TwistedDisaster only worse. I mentioned TwisteDDisaster because she's an example of a fully-grown woman who still acts like a teenager at times despite being in her 30s. Most of her friends are like 10+ years younger and she tries to act like them by saying things like "big no no" or other immature-like wording to essentially connect with her much younger friends (which honestly does come of a tad cringe). She has also mentioned that she faced lots of abuse (and implied SA) but never goes into detail about it but at the very least, unlike Peaches she doesn't go on and on about it and try to gain pity points, at least not through that anyway.

No. 1926569

Sparrow couldn’t shut up about her ex friend and ex partner and now even Ponder won’t help anymore with boosting the gofundme kek. She’s still screeching about how no one wants to donate money and she apparently can’t work for her parents again.

No. 1926629


well there was screenshots but not in that video. This video by JAR does.

Link: https://youtu.be/07YAYmtQOFc?si=sVNGi-E-gbele17h&t=1770(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1926830

I've noticed this pattern with Peaches behavior, something happens to her, and overtime she starts to ramp up how much "trauma" it caused her. She did this with the Shannon/Tobi drama, with the Spoctor drama, and also with her exes. It's like she sees how far she can push people to believe something if she does it overtime and little by little. It's very manipulative.

No. 1926949

Speaking of Tobi, I think it’s weird that peaches is going for the whole “I care about child sa, grooming, and fanart of child sa when she staunchly defended Tobis art featuring mha minors in bdsm. She doesn’t care she just wants clout and attention

No. 1926975

She can't pretend to care when she's in the senate
More like she uses it to weponize and call everyone she hates a pedo

No. 1927913


It's great that you bring this up. Because Peaches claims that she doesn't have any of her old DA notes. But, she was able to contact her groomer later, and doesn't show a name, a face, a username, or anything identifying to prove that this person was real, beyond there was a conversation in 2013. That doesn't prove a majority if any of the claims Peaches had made prior to this. In fact, considering Peaches' history of lying like with the embded video I have attached.

Peaches claims that Facebook Messenger wasn't a thing yet in this video when it came out in 2010. For her story to of been true when she was 12 and facebook messenger wasn't a thing yet, it would of had to of taken place before August 9th of 2011, her birthday is in August of 99. So she would of been born a year earlier for this to of been true. Otherwise Peaches was either misinformed not being aware that Messenger was out for a week by this time. Or she has something that's blatantly contradictory to her story. But if you want something better,

in this video here she claims when she was 13 to 14 she had an instagram where people were spreading a hashtag called #HopelessPeachesBullshit and had allegedly drawn her with slit wrists and her killing herself. You cannot find anything under these hashtags on instagram or any search engine.

But if you want an even better example of Peaches lying about shit that doesn't matter, or would give more weight to the claim that Hopeless Peaches is a liar who shouldn't be trusted even with serious accusations.

in this video Peaches claims that she was 18 when she met a user making a twitch account around that time of her experiences. But if you find the twitch that she literally links and put her account into the streamcharts website, it shows that she made her twitch not when she was 18, but when she was at the oldest 16.

So, no. I don't trust screenshots that won't be too uncomfortable for her, because around this same time, she was going out of her way to make up stories about nameless content creators to try and make them look bad, and this was only used as a gotcha against one of the content creators she literally lied about. And that's not even to mention how it doesn't prove anything. It doesn't prove that the 18 year old knew Peaches' age. It doesn't show how they met. It doesn't prove that this is even them. This isn't evidence. This is a claim. Claims aren't evidence.

No. 1927916

embeded for the prior post.

No. 1928181

File: 1699930658533.jpg (499.64 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20231113_205525_X.j…)

The original tweet is kind of a nothing burger, but I had to post this ss because it's basically what we're all saying kek. Especially when you consider how many freaks are in/have been in the Senate.

No. 1928320

this guy is right until he starts defending loli under the same tweet

No. 1928383

does anyone else find it genuinely terrifying how untouchable she is? bitch leaves a path of destruction everywhere she goes but all she has to do is “boohoo im victim pity meeee” and her followers lap it right up

No. 1928393

I find it absolutely ridiculous that she's lasted this long. People can rag on Kai Weiss all day but in one of his recent videos, he actually took this bitch to task and said and told it like it is including bringing up how people seem to kiss her ass when she doesn't deserve it. I just don't get why people can't seem to see her for the horrible pathetic person she is. Does she have a secret stash of dirt on people or something? That or it really is just a bunch of kids who defend her and don't see just how toxic she is and won't notice it until they get older.

No. 1928421

the answer is easy. her fan base is primarily a reflection of who she is. Mentally ill people stuck in a high school mindset who need the love and control they never get in real life. Notice how no one with an actual healthy life, financial security, and talent sticks with these people? How many of peaches friends and fans do we see get outed for being degenerate or a genuinely awful person like Sparrow? It’s always musty people who claim they “can’t” work and always have a go fund me in their bio next to their “preferred pronouns”

No. 1929815

File: 1700193070483.jpg (235.39 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20231116_214937_X.j…)

Is it just me, or is this like the 3rd time she's said she's "finally" away from her ex? Wasn't she talking about how her ex came and got the last of his things just a couple months ago? Also of course she's e-begging.

No. 1930187

AYRT. Honestly that's a very good point. Again, it just makes me think of Xzae (Kai) where sure, he's still a gendertard but it seems like he's trying to move on with his life and touch grass which is what probably showed him just how petty and ridiculous Peaches and her fans trulky are.

Again, I'm not trying to praise him but I have to give him some credit for being one of the only commentators who isn't kissing Peaches ass and calling her on her shit (vidrel for context, it's long though so yeah)

All I'm hoping is that we'll see some others do the same.

No. 1930193

If I remember correctly the place is actually his. It's just Peaches is protected by squater rights. Basically to get away from her he moved out. He's still paying Peaches current location because it's in his name and it would screw him over if he stopped. It's a ver lengthy legal thing.

But yuh she'll keep saying "finally"
But she'll never get rid of him. She also cannot move because she has no finances. She's literally just being a parasite and tormenting his ex who just wants to move on.

No. 1930400

I would also like to point out that, Peaches supposedly got a new job months ago and thus, shouldn't need to e-beg for frivalous decor. Either she's being straight up greedy, or quit/got fired, probably for being a lazy whale.

No. 1930441

commending him for doing good things with his life and making a pretty successful video dunking on peaches doesn't have to be praise, just an observation.

the comments under the video are cathartic.

No. 1930457

File: 1700318385643.png (79.75 KB, 869x553, Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 22-38…)


one of the notable comments on that video (unless i mixed it up with a tweet somewhere) was where the person was straight up called a "pedo apologist" by lio for correcting Peaches on her ill-informed take.
ironic that the grown man who has allegations of flying a minor out to move in with him is calling someone who just criticized his "little girl" peaches a "pedo apologist" LOL
other good comments.
another good one is this thread.
(reuploaded becuz the embed screenshot got fucked kek)

No. 1930475

And don't forget that Lio contemplated telling Mint to record her rape. Fuck that scrote and fuck Peaches fatass for enabling him. Hey Cecil, I know you lurk in here, if you want to make a ACC pt. 2 where you bring up this shit up, that'd be great. You're half the reason Peaches is coddled as much as she is.

No. 1930545

File: 1700334688926.jpeg (Spoiler Image,208.31 KB, 828x718, IMG_7022.jpeg)

we need to carefully watch how peaches is twisting the narrative about her exes and how she might actually be projecting about her actual behavior on what happened. on some of her old reddit posts I found this where she describes her boyfriend as supportive while admitting that she occasionally screwed up .

No. 1930578

yeah but this was 3 years ago and obviously circumstances between the two could have changed, obviously not saying she didn’t suck then but relationships aren’t usually bad at the beginning

No. 1930583

File: 1700342036635.jpg (18.07 KB, 512x220, Screenshot 2023-11-08 212650.j…)

I will provide context of Peaches enabling the disgusting behavior of Lio suggesting Mint to record their rape. Saying it surveillance, she is total disregarding the safety of children. If those are curious this is a response to a document that is spreading around about Lio and Senate's history on how they handled situations relating to Vida, PatchworkHeart, Coyote Lovely, Baiji/dolphin mod, and much more. Its just funny on the fact that Peaches is completely okay with all of this while going after those that she can't seem to keep out of her thoughts.

No. 1930585

Sorry but Lio wanting a minor to record their rape is asking them to produce cp. Any adult man asking for that is def wanking off to it.
Double standards

No. 1930587

Here is the tweet spreading word about this document if others are interested. After this document got released Lio went absolutely silent after he did a retaliation video and stream doxing the creator of the document and others. Peaches also chimed into Lio's stream doing what she always does, enables Lio suggestion for a victim be endangered in order to get evidence. Also too Lio made a google document containing people's socials and the creator of the document's facebook. You can clearly tell that this is a shitty attempt at a last push and was made at the last minute. So clearly these people are scared about whatever is contained within this document. 


No. 1930590

Why is the art here so juvenile? Is he man normally that violent?(sage your shit)

No. 1930592

He is like what you call a vitriol keyboard warrior where they act like they are in an anime until they face the music and they run away trying to keep their "I am a badass" persona when the mask is actually flying off. The facade won't keep going for long considering of what has been uncovered two months ago.(sage your shit)

No. 1930674


It is interesting that some of the people mentioned in that video later turned to join Lio's side according to Bryan Mullins the Fox. I do recall also some of the people outed and oxxed in the video did turn out to be true. The only innocent person here is Grimskull in my opinion. Grimskull got pizzabombed after exposing Lio's conduct toward Mint (the victim of various predators including Joshua Vida) and the possibility Harleytbs lied about his groom.(sage your shit)

No. 1930700

AYRT right I get that, it's just annoying because it seems like some people don't understand that people can try to grow and change from their past mistakes. Kai and Omnia's situation was ugly and immature but they both were young (speaking from someone in their 30s) and both can grow from the situation. But again, the fact that he is not afraid to make a public call-out/response to this pathetic womanchild when no one else seems to be doing that, I just gotta commend this.

No. 1930720

Well people learn mistakes as stated above and besides though, Lio isn't really a trustworthy person in the slightest when it comes to anything. I am not going to entertain any of the allegations that is spewed from his and Peaches' mouths, people don't deserve to have their private information being doxed over internet drama.

If these people are these supposed creeps that Lio keeps on claiming them to be, they would be behind bars as of current. I feel that there is more to it than what is perceived to be on the surface level.

Remember not everything is black and white there is always a grey in everything so the allegations from Lio should be taken with a grain of salt considering of his past behavior of spinning the narrative into his favor.

Remember he did this before with the Jax individual by making him to be some kid making threats to Lio when in reality when the other side comes out, Lio is the one in the wrong in that situation.

I based on my own observation have not seen anyone actually defending this Gilded person that Lio and Peaches kept going on about continuously.

Don't forget this Caswarfox person has his mother being contacted by one of Senate's newest associates and Neorah being threatened of being doxed back in April only to come to reality as of Lio's video made on the same day as that stream presented above.

This is merely my opinion, but I feel that there are elements to this very story that we are missing that has been brushed off, and if the allegations aren't true then they don't really have to address it. In honesty this feels like a drama that should have been solved with a civil talk but considering of Lio's demeanor it's going to be impossible with him or Peaches.(extreme redditspacing)

No. 1931102


JAR is going to be the next on the chopping block. Makes sense. I was wondering how he was getting so many projects out so fast and hiring so many editors. Turns out he’s taking advantage of the exchange rate and paying his editors in AUD which is allows him to undercut his editors instead of paying them in USD. That’s genuinely pathetic. What’s worse is how he’s trying to act dumb about it lol.

No. 1931113


What? You're telling me the guy who jokes about himself being a groomer and confesses to literally extorting people and claims that minors who send adults or other minors nudes are the only one who'd get in trouble to defend the same guy you extorted is now magically on the chopping block and was outed for yet again going out of his way to extort, gaslight, and take advantage of, yet another person?

Say it ain't so!

Well as he says, groomermon gotta groom em' all!

Anyways, speaking of JAR, anyone have any feelings on this likely YouTube alt of his called Brad Reed?


No. 1931267


>making multiple videos on Tmossboss

yeah itsobviously jar lol. plus jar is commenting on some small channel no one is heard of is suspicious af. why this one of all peoplewho just happens to share jars thoughts and sounds like him ?

No. 1931286

Calling it once again, just waiting to hear the Peaches classic "Knew you were bad."

No. 1931309

I swear to fucking God if you newfags don't learn to integrate. I hate JAR, he's a spineless grifter, but I looked at it and it looks like it was a miscommunication error. I'm not surprised, considering JAR is retarded, but not milky in the slightest. Also I seriously doubt that's an alt. They both have the same slurring insufferable speech but their intonations are different.

No. 1931811

Tell me you didn't look into the situation without telling me you didn't look into the situation.

Timestamped. Said by Peaches herself. JAR doesn't pay his editors. And if you want the exact time stamp for anyone who wants to look for themselves, 1:45:55.

No. 1931818

So, your evidence that it's true is Peaches, a paragon of truth, saying:

>We've seen that JAR doesn't pay his editors apperantly.

With no evidenve. Am I supposed to take that seriously. JAR is a retard, but this is quite literally, nothing.

No. 1931819


The evidence literally shown if you actually read it, shows JAR was told not once, but twice that the payment was to be in USD before the job was started. What are you talking about? After the fact they decided to @ them on Twitter on their public platform, and then claim that things were likely out of context when they were his DMs. That's you giving too much benefit of doubt when it wasn't earned, especially considering this is the same man who confessed to extorting someone who he covered up a crime for.

No. 1931892

File: 1700624668297.png (1.1 MB, 1659x1533, Evidence about JAR.png)

Okay question why are we giving these people a benefit of the doubt. The three-strike rule is already out of the window with JAR and his group. When have they not conveniently covered each other's asses or idk do the same shady tactics to cover their own ass? I have seen the tweet and there are screenshots pertaining to the claim being made. How JAR is trying to lie to run away on the fact that he knowingly underpays the editor when the editor specifically told JAR multiple times that they want to be paid USD. When start states of the following within these screenshots "More than likely out of context and if they wanted more they should have asked." If the editor was underpaid as the claims being made why did, they block JAR then if the claims were not true. Also, the accuser got the actual private messages with JAR and the editor. I doubt that these claims are "out of context" or not true in my opinion.

No. 1932028


also one of the DM's literally showed that when JAR asked for the price range, the editor already mentions the prices IN USD. so even prior to hiring JAR was already aware about how much it was going to cost him. so now why is he suddenly saying "lol not part of the agreement" when he was already given an idea on the currency? LOL

No. 1932099

newfag please learn what’s milky and what’s not

No. 1932469

Why is JAR's editor talking about sex, kinks and fetishes with an 11 year old?

No. 1932475

and showing censored furry porn to her minor audience, talking about the same 11 year old? Actual predator behavior.

No. 1932494

File: 1700718344587.png (83.69 KB, 655x772, Screenshot 2023-08-30 024247.p…)

So the infamous by nickname Doodletones the one who is associated with some mods of Senate decides to talk about inappropriate topics to kids. Boy sounds very familiar to a certain Lio Convoy who also has kids in his community talking about pedophilia. Note this is evidence from the document talking about these people, at this point I am more than convinced that these people are literal pedophiles disguised as morally righteous commentary fags.

No. 1932497

File: 1700718489522.jpg (82.23 KB, 543x642, image0.jpg)

Within Lio's server called the Book of Omens there is a role for minors called thunder kittens. Jesus this is clear name branding from a total creep not going to lie.

No. 1932530


sheesh. tbh i never want to see these weirdos grandstand so hard on the spoctor situation when these same people have zero problems talking about adult topics with minors, run servers unfiltered with kids or associate with other degenerates themselves (ie lio and the senate)
not surprising with doodletones honestly since she's buddy-buddy with hiten, who has a vendetta on spoctor and junkie and is one of the senate dwellers who defended lio's ddlg hugbox as 'muh found family' lmfao

No. 1932546

Oh Hiten, you mean the Karen who called a minor's mouth a "Dong schloper"?

No. 1932560

File: 1700730297466.jpg (263.68 KB, 1013x1465, Mint Moving in with Lio.jpg)

Oh boy more buried lunchboxes full of hidden videos that we keep digging up. Also, Hiten must have slipped past her mind of Lio telling a 17-year-old Mint Heart to move in with him around March of 2020 a few months before she turns 18. Even of so just at the end of 2019 Lio even asks Mint on when she will be turning 18 during the infamous Ichabod call where Lio once again used the girl as bait for the third time in a row. Remember guys Peaches always looks like to a man like this including others within their little echo chamber. first is Lio wanting Mint to record herself getting raped for pedo bait, second is Lio using Mint a 16 year old to catch GrizzlyTheMedic, third time uses the same girl as bait yet again. For a man who "cares for the victims" does have a very bad record of caring for the victims for their own benefit not for their own safety. I'll just source the clips that was sourced within the senate document that is going around.

Lio asking Mint on when she will turn 18 as of 2019: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wdEEVlx0FsQ313VDEGk2NmV_9b4CW-Yn/view?usp=sharing

Lio and his mush brained crew using Mint a child as bait to lure a pedophile again: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-3bbPiVFt-woYBHeS4fgoBdVYieicU_t/view?usp=sharing

No. 1932574

It's because he never actually cared about victims. If he did, he wouldn't of doxxed and threaten to ruin the life of this minor to get the edge on him when he realized that he couldn't get his way in the situation. Which other Senate member Queen Serafina is very much aware of. Yet they are upset with Neko Koda for doxxing a minor? Sounds more like Lio is jealous that Koda got to do it kekk. So much for caring about the children. So much for zero tolerance policies, and so much for doing the right thing when you're an adult.

Lio literally has just been trying to out and defame anyone and everyone who decides to try and stand up against him that he thinks is a threat, because he likely knows all this dirt is out there, and there's only so much you can do before it's a "mistake".

No. 1932579

also I really hate to do this to you, but hedgehog1284@gmail.com, that's an email that belongs to neroah plays. This means you either have contact with her, or you are her. Would you care to explain yourself?

No. 1932581

because for all of you unaware, gilded poo did release this video about caswarfox and it does mention how Neorah was involved with a doxxing discord server, and Cas would pay for people's doxxes, which Neorah was allegedly in.

So, I do have to ask, if you are neorah, is there truth to these accusations?

No. 1932627

Lio is so obsessed with catching pedos but really he just wants to be king pedo. So he asked an underaged Minty to live with him. Then told her to make cp of her getting raped to… Catch another pedo? That makes no sense. And why is he asking a minor to be sexual to other grown men. That's literally grooming. The Senate is just a cover up for pedos and dog fuckers

No. 1932639

Okay newfag way to expose someone's email who isn't part of the ACC shit.(holy newfaggotry)

No. 1932642

Seen the video I would not listen to a guy who is moral fagging just like the ACC, He was exposed recently for having people who dox within his own server still. Also too this is a guy who does similar shit to Baiji from Senate, so that is something to keep note on. Besides all of that why are people randomly coming in here showcasing a nobody's email, and entertaining a faggot who is just like Peaches, Lio and his crew.


No. 1932643

It is grooming, and sadly it's a simple answer its Lio using victims to get easy views and money. As showcased at >>1930583 Peaches clearly just wants to undermine that he is using the child as a tool. Senate is just full of pedophiles at this point considering that more information is coming forward about them doing a lot of shady tactics towards kids.

No. 1932647

It was publically connected to the doc and you didn't sage, newfag

No. 1932648

Dude, quit vendetta posting and excusing it.

No. 1932650

Look can we get back on topic and not derail this thread, the focus is on the ACC and people who are in the group. Not nobodies.(Take a break)

No. 1932667

Wrong, by clicking her own google drive link you click on details and you'll find the email account. Do you even use gmail?

No. 1932670

Agreed. So because I brought up Neorah's email, and this is actually relevant. I found her email on kiwifarms, hence how I found out it was her. As people called her out. However, there was this google doc link that I found when skimming the farms that was linked by her specifically.

I'm not sure as to who made it but it goes over the following for those interested
>questionable behaviors.
>hypocrisies taken by Lio and his group.
>how they've handed situations between 2015 to 2023

There's also this google document here that I've been holding on to.

This is a list of Brony predators, orbiters and enablers that Lio and his group has outed. You may notice a trend. None of them were arrested.

But if you really want the cream of the crop, how about you check out the embed that proves that Ponder Sprocket, MangaKamen, LioConvoy, among others in the ACC and Senate had contact with FNGR and That Creepy Reading when they went out of their own way to contact ToonKriticY2K. Again, so much for a "zero tolerance policy".

No. 1932674


also to address you in full. They literally made the google doc commenting on this shit. Hence getting themselves involved. I don't know what you're talking about.

No. 1932721

File: 1700769449328.png (167.74 KB, 1233x1106, 75718746.png)

Watching this made me remember how everyone tried so hard to defend peaches when she claimed people wanted her to die. Everyone said thats not what she meant

Now shes literally claiming kai, omnia and luke were harassing her with the intention of trying to get her to kill herself

No. 1932725

but seeing that you're so confident Neorah, who is it that's vendetta posting you? Because I know only you would assume an anon you've never met online would be doing that to you. You want to talk about how you're not involved?

What about this wall?

Do you actually know about any of these people or are you just using these situations as a means to attack Lio like, I don't know, a vendetta post? I don't care and neither should Senate, because even their precious hopeless peaches thinks that hypocrisy doesn't make you wrong. But I can guarantee that you don't actually give a shit. Because if you did, you wouldn't speak over victims and morally grand stand like you have been on kiwifarms posting in third person on there, metokur forums, and now here. But there you are, wanting to claim you have no involvement despite making google doc after google doc. Video after video. Post after post about people you've never met, don't actually know about. Is this you here trying to have everyone see what happened to Grimskull?

Neroah, if it's you, I only asked you a question. If the accusations are true. Nothing more, nothing less. Tell me, how is that a vendetta post when I see your actions are more aligned with that most likely?

No. 1932796

Why of course she is!
I'm sure that Kai would also love to know the fact that Peaches did mention them in this video here too >>1931811 so that means she's still seething. But if you want something even better, check the embed where LioConvoy snarls at Septy Paws that Hopeless Peaches had done nothing wrong in the situation involving the whole creepshow fiasco involving kai and omnia, but not just that, Peaches calls herself the "biggest victim" on the stream. Not Carmen who had Septy try and get a hit on her to kill her with another now ex senate member CallMeNil.

No. 1932884

Oh my god will you retarded chuckle fucks take this shit back to your twitter quote retweets and quit gunking up the thread.

I know this is you Lio or Peaches, you terminally online degenerates. Aside from the obvious writing style, only you would track someone on 3 different websites because the precious land-whale sugar baby is mad about them. Why don't you address the fact that you wanted a teenager to record her rape, or does that still make you sperg out? Both of you are pathetic.

All of this dumb fucking back and forth is old milk anyways.

No. 1932912

Alright, if I'm Lio or Peaches, why did I post these posts?


so, who's behind your vendetta post claims? Because why would Lio or Peaches post these too?


Did you ever consider the fact that maybe, they have victims? Both Senate AND Fox Mafia?

Or did we forget about this post here?

If you're here for milk, you're looking at horror cows. Not lolcows. And you should stop this thread now if you're really so worried about what's funny or what's new and milky. Because these people rely off your naivety. I hope that's made clear. And to answer your question on behalf of Lio, it's because he's a pathetic little man who doesn't actually care about victims. If he did, you wouldn't know about him. Jordyn wouldn't of been moved in to Lio's home, and furthermore this thread wouldn't exist.

I warned all of you 6 months ago, and none of you listened. Instead wanted me to make a video towards a manchild who collects broken women like transformers toys and Hopeless Peaches who is a hopeless narcissist who cannot stop going on and on about how much of a victim she is. I would rather kill myself than be a hollow shell like they are now. So unless you want to make informed guesses, you're going to need to do better than that. Because if you actually think that I'm lio, it's no wonder why you thought Veritas was Lio too you. But to be fair, the autistic kiwifarms crowd thought Veritas was LioConvoy too kekk.

Also why cry about "old milk"? My man, you're bringing up a situation that's older than what I've been bringing up. But hey, you know what they say in Senate, hypocrisy doesn't make you wrong!

So, tell me how is my post a vendetta post when it's obvious at this point I've been paying closer attention than the rest of you for the last few months now?

And if I'm Lio, or Peaches, have the moderators out my post history and ruin "my" reputation. I'll happily sit back and watch the fireworks like I have been for the last few years now.

No. 1932914

but hey, my word is absolutely untrustworthy, right?(back to twitter with you)

No. 1932916

“ I would rather kill myself than be a hollow shell like they are now.” don’t threaten us with a good time(alogging)

No. 1932917

and this is why metokur forums and kiwifarms are ahead of all of you. Do better.(back to metokur forums with you)

No. 1933090

Dude what has this thread become? Feels like there are multiple ACC tards having slap fights with each other now because this site provides anonymity.
We already know Peaches def posts on this site. But I don't think this anon is them. But they are def a part of the ACC. Peaches ALWAYS posts on twitter that she's in a bad mental state, scared or wants to off herself after her lolcow sessions.

If it makes anyone feel better however, no one believes Peaches outside of the senate server. All other groups and communities knows she's a manipulative bitch and we remember everything bad she did and still does. If anything, she's worse than she was in the past. If the senate server ever falls she has nowhere left to go other than McDonalds. Cuz a McChicken will never say no.

No. 1933099

Yeah, nor that I think other people involved in these situations' senates involved in are in here.

Also >>1933090 has a point Peaches doesn't really have the validity outside of their tiny echo chamber on the internet, it's not like the lump of skin has any popularity in Hollywood. Regardless of anything if there is validated information that further proves on how degenerative these people are then who cares. Kek

I just love on the factor that there are others coming in as soon as the new information pops on Peaches' father figure Lio and how she is basically okay on him using the victims more than protecting them. It shows that people in the ACC are just literal pedophiles under the mask, the more that the pile grows the more I see it in my opinion.(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1933140

i don't even browse this thread but this "back to x with you" phrasing is the most reddit shit I've ever seen on this site
sorry mods i like you but get a grip and stop anime villain monolologue-ing on everybody(take it to /meta/)

No. 1933162

Christ, newfags can you please read the thread before sperging out? We already know most of this crap (and what we didn't wasn't milk). Lurk more, retards.

No. 1933178

I feel like the majority of the recent posts on this thread have just been senate members, caswarfox’s crew and maybe septypaws kek. they think posting shit is gonna make us side with any of them

No. 1933208


Absolutely! I think in this situation all we can do is to be critical of all sides involved. There are morons and "victims" on all sides in this shitshow.(learn to sage)

No. 1933222

Like you who doesn't know how to sage?

No. 1936184

Easy, because this person is a terminally online troon. Don't be fooled by the voice, Doodletones is a dude who heavily alters his voice to sound the way it does. And as mentioned prior, terminally online and has a bunch of fetishes including being into diapers.

No. 1936841

File: 1701550464771.jpeg (266.66 KB, 828x571, IMG_7092.jpeg)

A good chunk of these acc/ ssc YouTubers are just mentally ill moids. Especially doodle diapers and lin lin/ lindata. If you go back to his old videos you can see his face.

No. 1936931

File: 1701562478060.jpeg (274.29 KB, 1170x1465, IMG_8353.jpeg)

apparently the cc is literally going after mannis, the same guy who broke the spoctor story in the first place. theyre mad he platformed junkie i guess. its being spearheaded by linlin. weird how theyre going after the guy who gave them what they needed to take spoctor down, these people are fucking losers

No. 1937073

Never really bothered with Lin Lin but fuck man, just looks like a young white boy who doesn't get sunlight. And even though Doodle only showed part of his face, you can tell he more than likely looks like this but older.

And when it comes to these ACC troons, they are great examples of what it's like when you get lost in your online persona and fall out of reality.

Also back to Doodles, it's so crazy to me that so much time has passed and his art still looks like shit. Like seriously, all this free time he has and he doesn't even try to practice, like wth kek.

No. 1937075

As the saying goes about this "community", they cannibalize each other whenever they get the chance.

No. 1937252

They need the content, the algorithm demands a sacrifice.

No. 1937270

i ts weird because the spoctor stuff would have stayed buried had it not been for him in the first pllace . they basically took credit for his work and then threw him under the bus.

No. 1937516


it's just like when the acc hate kai and shoot down his credibility because "charged with crime bad" yet also turn around and use him as source for their points against omnia and even thumin. (funny thing is that kai also touched that same topic on one of his videos)
also peaches whining about mannis video being bad becus junkie is in it LOL as if she doesnt have lio by her side and we all know the word on that guy kek

No. 1937554

Speaking of the scrote, anyone else notice he's been keeping his head down after this was posted here >>1918508 . Not gotten into any petty Twitter shit, not uploaded in a month, and has generally been quiet. Wonder if he's scared that him wanting Mint to record her rape might gain a wider audience, and now he's not trying to give anyone ammo KEK. I garuantee that if he got into another Twitter argument, someone would bring that clip up and shit would hit the fan and be all over for him and the Senate, he knows this and is avoiding that scenario as much as possible. It's only a matter of time before it actually gets out there, and I revel in the thought of him wiping sweat from his greasy neckbeard in fear of it.

No. 1937612

If you’re talking about Lio then he’s scraping the bottom of the barrel and going after the veritas retard despite everyone knowing that he’s unstable and crazy. A simple block would end him but instead he’s being invited to a senate call. Someone else in the thread said this, but Lio only puts these types of people in the call to act like a tough guy. There’s gonna be the usual “wow Lio sounds so scary when he’s mad” comments posted by the mostly minor audience kek. The truth is they thrive on people like Veritas. It makes them feel smart and powerful because a regular person with a brain and zero insecurities can easily shut these senate idiots up

No. 1937993

I just don't understand what they expect Spoctor to do at this point. Yes it was wrong that he had those photos on his old hard drive but he deleted it and he hasn't been acting inappropriate with minors so I'm just at a loss of what the fuck these people want from him. I would understand if he was DMing teenagers and whatnot but he hasn't seemed to be doing that.

That's how I know that this drama is just modern day kid shit because they don't let these things go even after it's been addressed and the person hasn't been doing anything wrong or suspicious.

No. 1938807

They're not satisfied until the person is completely ran off the internet. Remember, this whole crusade was started because Peaches was bitter over Spoctor not huffing her ass. She'll take that shit to her grave.

No. 1939132

Oh right. It's stupid and pointless though because in the first world, we're all on the internet more or less. And contrary to these kids beliefs, people can change. As I said, Spoctor hasn't been acting inappropriate or gross with anyone and that should be enough right now. But yeah you're right that Peaches holds onto shit from people who didn't kiss her ass enough (if at all). I can't wait for the day people finally tell collectively to shut up and stop being a petty drama queen.

No. 1939178

And the saddest thing is that they haven’t done anything that helps the victims. They claim that they don’t have to show police reports and that “bringing attention helps”, but does it ? The predators they speak of are still lurking and doing what they want under other names. No actual justice is served, but there’s clout to gain. Oh and a free pass to an almost 40 year old’s discord/ harem

No. 1939282

I think the reason for this is because again, a lot of these people raving about it are very young and don't know how to go about doing so. But it doesn't help when they say retarded rhetoric like a 18-20 year old can be a "pedo" if they get caught sexting with a 16-17 year old. I'm not in anyway justifying this but they need to be careful with their words.

And yeah the side eye at Lio is especially alarming because you have this creepy grown ass man who is trying to build this harem of young women half his age and these people don't seem to realize how creepy and inappropriate that really is but they'll continue to harp on someone like Spoctor who's owned up to his drama and is seemingly trying to do better. Priorities lol.

No. 1939358

Even funnier thing is, Spooder herself, the person he had the pictures of, has said that she doesn't think she's a victim. It's quite literally the Senate covering her mouth and being like; "No No, you see…you are a victim, we need to make you out to be one so this whole stupid fucking drama is somewhat justified".

No. 1939477

The problem is that she is somehow also supposed to be malicious in this. She can't be both. This is not the first time she has gone against her own interests to stay in Spoctor's good graces. During the first round of allegations she fought Stories's testimony even though she had seen the same and worse behavior from him. In late 2019 Spooder claimed that after his 18th birthday he still continued to chat her up on video call talking about how what they had was special and at this point Spoctor has admitted to so much of this being real that there's no reason to doubt any of it.

No. 1939591

File: 1701991487172.jpeg (303.56 KB, 828x1143, IMG_7157.jpeg)

She’s genuinely delusional kek. I’d pay her rent to see her try to squeeze all her lard into one of those in real life. She has to hide behind a persona to get compliments on how “sexy” she is.

No. 1940411

She really does try to live vicariously through her online persona doesn't she. With all the time she spends online, she could actually go out and exercise and lose some weight and look somewhat closer to her imagined persona.

No. 1941181

File: 1702252510120.png (633.71 KB, 750x1000, rebrand.png)

Update: The Senate is undergoing a much milder rebrand that will no longer be participating in predator hunting and terminally online VCs. This prompted an impossibly autistic novel from one of the mods. I wonder if this was prompted by the discussion around Lio suggesting that a minor record herself being raped as a means to an end.

No. 1941192

File: 1702253875816.jpeg (381.4 KB, 1290x1221, IMG_3749.jpeg)

i believe her family

No. 1941230


> "Host calls for debates and disagreements within reason"

insofar NONE of that has ever happened each time someone gets invited to the vc to "debate". the mod clearly spelled "dogpiling" and "power tripping" wrong KEK

No. 1941334


>"We will shut down any topics in regard to predator hunting".

>At the same time When the allegations that they themselves failed to address is still lingering in the air about Lio using Mint a minor 3 times on catching predators being her mother's ex bf, GrizzlytheMedic, and Ichabod.

>Peaches clearly trying to run after she is getting caught on defending Lio's deplorable actions by suggesting for Mint to record her own rape.

>Mods leaving after their safe haven is crumbling.

This feels like literal damage control so that they don't get the same treatment as what they did with literal nobodies with the classic "expose" videos because they are caught red handed using actual kids to catch predators. This is the biggest "HAHA fuck you we are running" I have ever seen based on my own observations of those announcements in the screenshot presented.

No. 1941365

Shit is absolutely about to hit the fan and they're trying to get a headstart on running. This and Lio's low profile cannot be a coincidence especially because we know for a fact that Lio lurks here. Your days are numbered you fat scrote KEK.

Someone else is always the "toxic" one, she never takes responsibility. If the relationships around you keep going up in flames, you might want to take note that you might be the common denominator.

No. 1941490

Did peaches really say mint was responsible for her own SA?

No. 1941503

No, Peaches was excusing it saying it was for surveillance disregarding on the factor that Lio doesn't care for Mint's own safety.

>According to >>1930583 and >>1930587 both Lio and Peaches kept excusing it that it is for evidence and surveillance to "get police involved", they can argue it all they want but that won't help them on the matter.

>Peaches is outright ignoring on the fact that Lio is just using victims to benefit himself on getting views, this is the man that kept preaching that he cared for the children that he "wants to protect".

>This isn't a man protecting kids at all, this is a literal creep using children as tools to get what he wants which he will never have now that he is leaving the very thing that keeps his channel alive.

No. 1941554

Just noticed that peach’s discord name in the senate is “Lios spoiled brat” and you can’t convince me for a second that they’re not in some weird ddlg relationship. That is a grown woman aged 24. No one that has an adopted parents refers to them like that and it’s weird that she wants to act like some uwu 4 year old. It’s just disgusting and disrespectful to people with actual foster/step parents. Sorry to anons for venting like a sperg it’s just so gross

No. 1941564

Not surprising since the guy likes to name minors as his children who still live with their parents.

No. 1941658

File: 1702344200982.jpeg (1.25 MB, 4096x2307, 2BE4E6BD-6F67-41D2-A1B2-244BBC…)

Peaches is in some random persons DM's trying to get info about recent drama on twitter so she can make a video about it. People in the replies of the tweet aren't too happy about it, since this basically has nothing to do with the art commentary community and it seems as she's trying to get in on the drama before anyone else can since I haven't seen any videos uploaded about this.
Link to the original post: https://x.com/rideorfrye/status/1734351095034495087?s=46

tl;dr for those who don't know: 17 year old sex pest TIM @sillyabtspiders sexts and solicits nudes from 22 people from ages of 13-18, then breaks up with them after getting what he wants. There is an entire Google document accusing him of grooming and emotional abuse. spoilered for not being related to ACC

No. 1941669

File: 1702346740312.jpeg (418.4 KB, 828x929, IMG_7187.jpeg)

People are exposing peaches for being a Scrote and she went private KEK.

No. 1941672

File: 1702347058751.jpeg (204.91 KB, 828x708, IMG_7188.jpeg)

Peaches is currently playing the suicide bait card to her followers once again.

No. 1941673

File: 1702347063556.jpeg (641.25 KB, 1293x1375, IMG_1127.jpeg)

yeah, its fucking over for this bitch. wonder how she’ll try booing and hooing her way out of this one?

No. 1941675

>wahh wahh i wanna die dont dm me

like clockwork. sad!

No. 1941680

This while also Lio is now getting scrutinized by the CC "shocking" because Lio decided to get involved with Slug's situation with PeePaw aka Riverter.

>They kept mentioning about they dug into a rabbit hole meaning the current allegations against him that he is hiding from.

> This explains a bit to why Peaches is doing a complete rebrand of senate because everyone kept mentioning about her associations with Lio during their "pedo hunting" adventures as showcased within here >>1941181.

> Peaches is clearly taking over because she is tired of Lio's shit and will eventually kick him to the curb. KEK

I'll post the videos below for context.

>Slug's stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hr5ISQFST8w

>Stream talking about Lio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNVKWpzMC5w

No. 1941681

File: 1702347649965.jpeg (755.18 KB, 3464x3464, A4F7AAA9-5E15-4684-9FF8-698DFC…)

Peaches and Lio were also going into random discord servers trying to get information out of anyone involved. Peaches seems to be siding with the guy being accused and is getting shit on for doing so kek

No. 1941765

is this neorah? You keep spamming the same old milk about Lio and the fox mafia. We don’t care about both of you degenerate retards.

No. 1941835

two fat retards fighting

No. 1941885

the accused is also around the same age as spoctor when he had his USB so i’m incredibly curious on how she’s gonna weasel her fat ass out of this one since she’s siding with the mf

No. 1941918

Is someone going to finally call her out for pulling this bullshit for the 100th time. She's so quick to be bitchy and catty to other people but the moment she gets blowback she starts saying she wants to die. I can get shit on all day for saying this, but PrisonMateLuke was right, this bitch does suicide bait and use her mental illness as a shield. >>1941658 and >>1941681 just goes to show what people have been saying all along, that these fattasses do not do this shit in good faith, they do it for views and nothing more. Both of them can choke.

No. 1941962

AYRT and I was thinking the same thing. She's still holding what Spoctor did against him even though it happened 5 years ago, now she's suddenly siding with a 17 year old with even more allegations against him. I feel like she's let the senate and Lio get to her head and now she thinks she's some predator hunting god when she's clearly doing it for her own ego.
What does make things slightly better is that people are starting to call her out for guilt tripping, demanding information and suicidebaiting. Lio was on twitter defending her a bit until one of the 14 year olds involved crytyped at him and then said "You're 14 so I'm going to disengage." when neither of them should've gotten involved because there's nothing but 14 year olds talking about this shit, and all of them have already made up their minds about it. I don't keep up with Lio or the senate but I've never seen them try to disprove allegations like this, they're usually ready to jump on whoever gets accused of being a degenerate and put them into a vc to sperg at them. People are not going to like seeing a 38 year old man in a (rumoured) DDLG relationship with a 23 year old woman talking to teenagers online, this is not looking good for the two of them. Not like their fans care because in their eyes Lio and the senate are like heroes who can do no wrong.

No. 1941987

I will be for real, that Norden guy is hilarious. At least he’s transparent on wanting to bully Autists on the internet rather than hiding it. Man legit did not want to eat the soy that the Senate is now intaking. Kek.

No. 1942027

File: 1702410650399.jpg (334.42 KB, 726x1489, Screenshot_20231212_134145_Sam…)

So the scrote finally had to own up on why he was thinking of telling a minor to record their own rape, because it's being brought up so much. Am I the only person that doesn't buy these bullshit explanations? It's bad enough that he's getting involved with minors with such serious matters with no formal qualifications to do so, but the methods he's using are actively hurting the cases more than anything else. The only reason he's being able to deflect and dodge like he is right now is because the person bringing this up is another fucking weirdo from Cas's server.

No. 1942038

Agreeing with PrisonMateLuke?

I think you should reconsider your beliefs before you post on here

No. 1942042

This is honestly big because the entire CC is tied to HopelessPeaches and Lio. Considering everyone defended and enabled her for years, this implicates everyone from JAR, to Ponder, to Bored Oranges etc. everyone could get super fucked over lmao. All these assholes literally dogpiled Spoctor only for Peaches to turn around and defend a 17yo groomer. This is hilarious.

No. 1942044

Anon is simply stating that PrisonMateLuke was correct in labeling Peaches a suicide baiter and that she weaponizes her mental health. You can hate him for all of other shit he has said but he hit the nail on the head in describing HopelessPeaches.

No. 1942045

Ah yes, arbiter of morals, Please tell me I'm wrong in my beliefs that Luke was right to call Peaches a suicide baiter when she's quite literally doing that right now.

No. 1942046

honestly even if they defended peaches, there are thousands of people who have seen this on twitter and its already spreading to tiktok. if these teens can do one thing, its dogpiling the fuck out of whoever they hate. Not one single fuck is being given kek. Everything from telling peaches they don't give a fuck if she kills herself to them bullying her for being ugly and fat. Peaches is dealing with the same toxicity that her fans usually bring to her enemies. And videos calling her out will definitely be made

No. 1942051

File: 1702415144459.png (1.05 MB, 1594x2245, Peaches Suicide Baiting.png)

I was able to obtain something that has happened during this current drama with Peaches and Lio. Peaches has in fact done suicide baiting because of the out cry against her and Lio's deplorable actions during the situation.

> The screenshots clearly shows Peaches' true character on being a professional victim whenever backlash ever happens to her. Especially that it happened yet again when she gets caught on literally defending a groomer and braiding the victims in dms.

No. 1942072

She must have deleted that first thread because only the last tweet remains on her account now. I honestly don't feel one bit of sympathy for her. This is just a combination of her once again trying to play victim and all the bullshit she brings on other people finally coming back to bite her in her fat ass. You're not some hero Peaches. You're not doing this with good intentions and you know it. It's just this time people were wise enough to tell you to fuck off and stop trying to capitalize on other people's serious issues for your own goddamn YouTube engagement. I can guarantee you if the kid did agree to get in to a call with her, She would have been with Lio and they would have intimidated her to take down the Google doc. Normally the teenagers in the ACC audience are the genuinely annoying ones, but this time they're the ones actually telling her to go fuck herself for a goid reason. She's just throwing a temper tantrum because she didn't get her way. Boo hoo bitch.

No. 1942075

Thanks for posting these, it's no surprise Peaches locked her account to suicidebait. But seriously, what did she think would happen getting involved with underage retards during a topic as heated as grooming and pedophilia accusations? They'll tell you to kill yourself over anything they don't like. She stepped out of her safe zone, that being the senate circlejerk, acting like she was the smartest "senior" in the room and is now leaving acting like people are trying to kill her. It's hilarious and pathetic at the same time.
Not trying to alog here, but I'm actually relieved to see Peaches get told off without someone defending her like she's a helpless child. But we all know that this isn't going to teach her to not do this again, it's just going to fuel her victim complex. I just hope this doesn't end with them pulling the teenagers involved into a discord call to scream and cry at them.

No. 1942094


>I just hope this doesn't end with them pulling the teenagers involved into a discord call to scream and cry at them.

I would be extremely surprised if it did honestly. An anon in here said before said that if peaches were ever to step out of the ACC she would be eaten alive by the wider community and that's exactly what's happened. This isn't her brain dead audience, her hug box safe space senate server, or even the coddling ACC community; These are the type of teenagers that are on stan Twitter that will happily tell you to KYS without a second thought. Now all she can do is go private to get ass pats from her audience members that she knows will coddle her.

No. 1942116

Same anon as above, but I have a sneaking suspicion that she deleted that first thread because I have not seen 1 person actually mocking her grooming. I think she threw that tired old pity party point in there for extra sympathy.

No. 1942118

Not to be an asshole, but is Peaches can go around claiming that people aren’t providing enough proof for their alleged grooming/abuse and can’t be trusted, then she should be called out for not having enough evidence about her “toxic ex boyfriend that sexually assaulted her “

No. 1942128

i literally dont see anyone mocking her grooming their just clowning on her for being weird about dming a child regarding their grooming

No. 1942141

Saging this comment but I saw someone come to this same conclusion in Kai Wiess' video about hopeless peaches. people are waking up

No. 1942165

quick chuckle for everyone, but I love how some big ACC drama unveils every year right around December. Happy lolcow holidays to everyone kek.

No. 1942180

Anyone else notice that they said that predator hunting would stop in the Senate conveniently 2 days before Peaches has a meltdown and says she never helps anyone and "she's done"? I'm almost certain that they saw this coming and tried to soften the blow to the senate as much as possible kek.

No. 1942198

ayrt, you're right with that. I feel like even if they did get in a call with Lio, it would just make him and the senate look worse for defending an alleged groomer and going after some teenager. ACC has always had a weird double standard, one person does something they don't like and they're shunned and outcasted, another person does the same and it's swept under the rug, forgiven and left as "allegations". Peaches is constantly babied by the community and treated like she's an underage baby when she's 23. This is the worst backlash she's faced since the creepshow drama. If you look up "hopeless peaches" on twitter she is being eaten alive by no exaggeration, thousands of people.

saged from small rant and no contribution but:
It feels really weird to me to see them not getting away with their usual bullshit. A 38 year old man bringing random nobodies into discord calls to yell at them and get other retards to gang up on them, is normal and something people have been praising as "predator hunting vigilantes". It's just so weird to me that only now people are realising that it's weird and useless, because those people they go after are just gonna make new accounts with new personas. I've never heard of Lio contacting police over any grooming matter he's been involved with. Not saying he hasn't but it seems like Lio doesn't get anywhere with his "investigations", he just talks louder than them and puts on this big scary tough guy persona. I saw a tweet saying that there's a video of Lio calling someone a faggot and a retard, then telling them to hit their dog (?) to prove how tough they are, I haven't seen any proof of this but if it's true it just proves my point that this is someone with an orbit of retards powertripping.
rant over, but to conclude I feel like Peaches is going to bring this up in the next couple of months as "remember when this HORRIBLE THING HAPPENED TO ME? I almost killed myself, guise! You guys didn't even defend me! I have PTSD from it!" like she does with every meaningless situation she's forced herself in and gotten her ass handed to her.

No. 1942201

Here you go, this is from Queen Serafina's channel where Lio is happily okay with the person hitting his dog.

No. 1942204

Additionally, here is the call where Lio threatened a 15 year old to trespass his property because Lio losing the argument.

No. 1942212

I will give a quick TLDR for both videos for everyone here to help understand the context of each calls presented above.

#1 Lio wanting dog abuse video

> Beginning of the video comes to immediately that some kid being aggressive and of course Lio is.

> Kid threatens to hurt their dog and Lio told him to go ahead because he didn't care.

#2 Lio vs 15 year old Jax video

> Call starts off with two 15 year olds going at each other, then Lio jumps in calling him a faggot and retard.

> Lio then makes a threat to trespass the 15 year old's home, which in response with the 15 year old using the self defense threat that if Lio comes to his household he will put a bullet up his skull.

>Usual Senate nonsense happens afterwards and Lio playing professional victim because of the 15 year old retaliating and not giving into Lio's creepy/intimidation antics.

> Lio makes a vale threat on finding the 15 year old's information additionally made a statement on making a false report of Jax threatening to shoot up the school.

No. 1942317

The Peaches cycle on full display:

Insert yourself into a situation that you have nothing to do with -→ Get clowned on for being a tone deaf weirdo -→ Lock profile and cry about wanting to be dead or something

No. 1942342


>2021: Shannon gets exposed

>2022: Kai and Omnia drama
>2023: The downfall of the Senate and Peaches

Same time every year like fucking clockwork kek.

No. 1942389

File: 1702486551460.jpg (180.03 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20231213_104602_X.j…)

What Lio Convoy brainrot does to a mf.

No. 1942402

I don't understand people who side with Lio. Why is it sides? Can't everyone be a POS and be held accountable? You can't ignore shitty behavior because someone did worse. Also, Lio is clearly a 40 year old pedo who exploits children for views. Like, asking children to record their rape and send it to him? Telling children to move in with him? Dating one of his groomed victims? I hope he gets investigated

Also, how can Peaches even pretend to be a LGBT gay they/ them when Lio is clearly homophobic? I know Peaches is straight and just getting another victim card. But really. Lio is the worst kind of moid

No. 1942456

File: 1702497098493.jpeg (354.47 KB, 828x1309, IMG_7200.jpeg)

The worst attempt at damage control lmao. Peaches is preparing to use the “I’m mentally ill, I have adhd/depression/autism “ card. How much you want to bet that this is the angle the acc community uses when they coddle and kiss her ass ?

No. 1942474

at least she's self aware, suicide baiting at her age is definetly cringe

No. 1942483

File: 1702501109407.png (187.79 KB, 592x598, Screenshot 2023-12-13 145038.p…)

KEK, the groomer that Lio and Peaches went to bat for just self reported themselves to what they had done!

No. 1942484

who the fuck is even that dude? was he a youtuber? he deleted his twitter

No. 1942491

"This is why I prefer calls"

Let me fix that for ya. "I am about as intimidating as a potato dressed in a wig and overalls, that's why I prefer dragging people into Discord calls where I can sick the rest of the senate on them."

No. 1942500

She must really be shitting herself now. She doesn't get called out for suicidebaiting, but now she is and she's not being defended for it. She clearly never expected this to happen because what the hell is she talking about with these "tone","aggro","too blunt" excuses? It wasn't about any of that, she wasn't just using a wrong tone she was obviously suicidebaiting to get people off her back and now for the first time it doesn't work, she's just lying to get herself out of it. She literally used the words "suicidal ideation" and said she wished she were dead after being clowned on a bit, how is that not guilt tripping? Holy shit she's dumb.
I'm not part of the community but I read the google doc out of curiosity: 17 year old TIM sexts and solicits nudes out of 20+ people (ages 12-16), getting into relationships then breaking up when he's gotten what he wants, and now he's being called out for it and getting called a groomer/pedo. He admitted to all of it and then DFE'd. Personally don't think he's either, just think he's a degenerate and needs to get off the internet.

No. 1942515

It’s kind of sinister showing how she and lio prefers calls. Maybe it’s because I have a job, but when it comes to work disputes there needs to be a paper trail. Emails, texts or anything like that is crucial to keep because helps individuals protect themselves. The whole set up of senate discord calls is designed to eliminate any power that the other party might have for defense. Minors usually don’t know this and are subjected to being ganged up on in discord by these weirdo power tripping adults

No. 1942652

There is a stream from someone named Doc On The Radio discussing the situation with Peaches and Lio. I will give a quick TLDR.

> Stream starts off with Kai going off like his per usual for a good 30 minutes.

> Doc sees the document about the groomer that Lio and Peaches defended. Doesn't like it because it was incomplete and apparently was unsubstantiated.

> Then they see the infamous clip of Lio's suggestion for Mint to record their rape and the reaction to it was "I'm done". The reaction was very negative towards Lio because he doesn't understand the "it's for evidence" argument and made it clear that its collecting CP.

From my own observations from the current situation, this feels like the beginning of the end for Lio's and Peaches' reputation in the CC including their own community.

No. 1942656

File: 1702515733386.jpeg (171.85 KB, 828x898, IMG_7202.jpeg)

I know damn well peaches is scared and trying her best to spam stupid shit on the tl to distract people from her current situation.

No. 1942677

File: 1702516563828.jpeg (109.15 KB, 828x333, IMG_7203.jpeg)

this will forever be relevant kek

No. 1942696

Who the fuck does she think she's fooling? We can all clearly see it wasn't her tone that was wrong. She was trying to basically bully a kid into getting in a call with her and then threw a temper tantrum when she didn't get her way. It's honestly pathetic she's this manipulative.

No. 1943322

She can't claim those anyway because she already admitted that her claims are all self diagnosed and those stupid therapists wont give her any proper diagnosis. I remember her crying about it because she wanted more gov support for being mentally ill but they didn't approve it.

No. 1943448

File: 1702658096272.jpg (122.36 KB, 579x867, Untitled.jpg)

Now kai is under fire on twitter becus these same minors and stan accounts who gave peaches shit for sticking her nose in the situation are made at kai for making a video because "it's exploiting the victim's situation" lmfao

peaches and lio AND kai really did kick the hornet's nest with stan twitter. these are the kind of people who'll never be satisfied and will keep making demands and STILL complain when you comply. i don't like any of them but i do give some props to kai for not bending the knee to these people like what he would of done back when he considered himself apart of the acc
and like a true opportunist, peaches saw kai's backlash with the very same group who dogpiled on her and saw it as a way out. fucking KEK
notice how even in her desperation she STILL tries to conflate omnia into this like they had anything to do with kai's video. imagine being this petty LOL

No. 1943450

File: 1702658585396.jpg (166.06 KB, 825x583, Untitled.jpg)

kai addresses this on a community post as well as on an edit to the pinned on his latest peaches/lio video.
i will say he does have a point on the groomer part. i feel like the 17 yr old's more of a degenerate then he is a groomer. i see some anons in this thread make comparison to spoctor's situation and yeah the only difference here is peaches was DEFENDING this.
this is more of a case of stan twitter throwing groomer and pedo and misusing the word like they do with gaslighting and nazi kek

No. 1943489

It's funny because, Omnia wasn't even making subtweets about Peaches until people started bringing up Kai's abuse. She can't use that shit to deflect anymore, you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar, got rightfully slapped for it, and threw a bitch fit. I know this must be a new sensation for her to get consequences for her own actions kek.

I'm actually going to agree with the minor here for once, I'm all for people calling out Peaches, even Kai, despite how much I hate him, but the kid had a point saying that he was using their situation to get back at Peaches. Had he briefly mentioned it saying something like "This video was prompted by a certain situation that I'm not going to delve into because it isn't the main topic of this video." And then proceeded to show how predatory Peaches and Lio were being, He probably wouldn't gotten as nearly as much backlash as he did. He didn't really need to bring up Miles at all, and in that sense he really is no better than Peaches. No one in the ACC is a hero, they'll exploit any situation possible to get views.

No. 1943490

That's exactly what Kai did though. He only briefly mentioned it and said he wasn't going to get into it, then only talked about Peaches and the DMs?

No. 1943672

File: 1702690843381.jpg (264.9 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_20231215_193255_X.j…)

It is such a good day when people can see through her shit.

No. 1943750

File: 1702708737601.png (35.4 KB, 590x410, Screenshot 2023-12-16 003855.p…)

Enjoying my soda and popcorn because this is amazing to see that everyone is seeing Peaches and Lio for who they actually are and not just be blinded by their sympathy seeking tactics.

>Peaches has her comments turned off, now she has to deal with the quote tweets coming at her, there is nowhere for her to hide from the raging crowd. KEK

No. 1943751

what good is the raging crowd if it’s just a bunch of idiot kids. they’re not even part of the art community. at most this is an inconvenience for her.

No. 1943761

File: 1702713278074.png (258.38 KB, 585x877, Screenshot 2023-12-16 013613.p…)


My point is that yes they are raging kids, and it is a matter of inconvenience because she lost not only her reputation of being a supposed pedo hunter that she and Lio claim they are. They also regained a reputation of being untrustworthy to kids, victims, and outside communities. Community or not that's already a starting point as is to a complete loss of validation towards outsiders and will spread to other communities.

>The ACC will stick into their echo chamber no matter what but as of recently the CC has gotten involved now that this and other forms of information is being directed towards their doorstep.

> Quick TLDR Riverter got into a spat with Lio due to the other allegations coming forward and of course Lio's mistake of sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong by getting involved in a confrontation between Slug and Riverter.

> With Lio's own set of allegations being a leverage for the CC to research on him now, during the confrontation Riverter made reference to Lio threatening a 15 year old aka Jax. Including on that the CC itself has already come to a conclusion that Lio and Peaches are a bunch of vigilantes due to Kai's video firstly showcasing it and the stream from Doc On The Radio according to >>1942652.

>At the end of the day they lost their reputation to what leverages them in the first place that being the CC and what is outside their echo chamber or ACC. Due to them not putting their ego aside, and their suspect behaviors during this current shit storm.

>I do agree with you on that it is a matter of complete inconvenience and that does put into play on what is currently happening afterwards of Peaches' drama the start of a crumbling reputation to the outside of their inner circle, which personally I am glad it's finally happening.

>I feel going forward the CC is known for not forgetting the obvious to those they don't like, it will be something that will not go away for a very long time for both Peaches and Lio.

No. 1943939

File: 1702753962082.jpg (244.78 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20231215_193408_X.j…)

I do not want to see one fucking person in the ACC shocked when it comes out that this scrote is a nonce. What actual fucking reason do you, a man pushing 40, have to ask a random minor on the internet for their personal information like their address? What could you possibly do that would be better than their actual parents doing it? It did not come off as weirdo behavior, it is weirdo behavior because you're a fucking creepy ass weirdo. And his retarded fans will actually believe he was trying to be noble and not a creep about this.

No. 1943952

File: 1702755185586.png (46.44 KB, 591x431, Screenshot 2023-12-16 133306.p…)

I saw the quotes to this apology and majority is people calling him a weirdo for asking for a child's personal info. In fact made references to Lio himself being a groomer due to additional allegations spreading around about him.

>From my own observation the instant "I forgive you" has completely thrown out of the window and anyone outside their community isn't buying the sympathy card anymore.

No. 1943956

no one quoting these two are anyone who matters anyway. that's what's so disappointing. they're talking about 20+ victims, which is a gross exaggeration if you read the google document.

peaches and lio still have their same fanbase, stan twitter is just really loud

No. 1943959

No. 1943995

While it seems to be meaningless now, every fuck up that peaches does will eventually snowball into something big. Remember Creepshow Art didn’t go down until all the shitty things she did finally caught up to her. These controversies are gonna keep happening until someone in Peach’s irl life exposes her for being the loser she is. My bet is her ex bf or even an ex senate member

No. 1944010

i feel like if people didn't start dogpiling on kai, the attention would've stayed on peaches. but both her and omnia are opportunistic when it comes to their reputations, so whatever damage kai's video could have done/whatever reach it had is basically stunted now

No. 1944014

you’re right nonna but it was fun while it lasted. Stan twitter ripping peaches to threads and calling her every name in the book must have her crying and shaking kek. Peaches was so used to being coddled and complimented that it must’ve come as a real shock

No. 1944057

File: 1702770737220.jpeg (492.73 KB, 828x1443, IMG_7218.jpeg)

Feghost drama is resurfacing and Hiten is also facing backlash for victim blaming

No. 1944082

Kai is abusive and disgusting but god damnit I can't stop watching his video on Peaches and Lio. So much shit I wish I had the platform to say, shame it's coming from the same kind of asswipe.

No. 1944112

yeah it's hilarious seeing her trying to do damage control while closing replies. "had to do it because phishing links" my ass lmfao
the thing is, even if it is kids and terminally online tiktokers and stan userbase, it's still cathartic since these are the kind of demographic peaches caters to. these same people who advocate so much about "muh mental health" and "protecting victims" but could care less once it's someone they dont agree with. that's what makes it way more satisfying compared to them doing it to kai, since kai now doesn't seem to give two shits about pleasing the twitter tiktok mob anymore. he just spouts his nonsense, gets ratio'd to hell if one of his opinions doesn't align with twitter's flavor of the week, then lets it sit.
but we all know peaches cares too much about the validation to not let it get to her kek

hiten getting backlash for victim-blaming while also having bitched about spoctor victim-blaming and tone policing her in the past? but really are we surprised that she has this double standard since she's part of the senate KEK

No. 1944113

idk, i don't think kai is insufferable, and there's enough nuance in his situation to understand why he's so upset about it. otherwise he stands his ground about his opinions and calls out everyone without a single care for who it is. omnia tweeted something along the lines of "kai has loyalty to no one" and yes, that's a good thing. he calls out every one we primarily dislike in this thread and is enough of a threat that peaches and lio don't attack him as frivilously as they did before.

if stan twitter wasn't so retarded he could've really gave them hell.

No. 1944121

That situation with her really goes to show how much she and Peaches are two peas in a pod. She also is 10ft up Lio's ass and talks just like he does. Her reaction to Chuuli's original video on Fehghost was incredinly ironic because, had she not been friends with Feg she would have absolutely reemed him. Pretty fucking sad it took her over 2 years to finally swallow her pride.

Seeing Klown call Hiten out in the quote is incredibly cathartic. Hiten is just as annoying as Peaches with the added bonus of sounding like the most pretentious, holier-than-thou, mean girl, nerdy loser. The only saving grace about her is how tiny she is so she's alot easier to ignore. More like a gnat vs Peaches who's an entire dumpster of flies.

No. 1944335

What >>1944113 said. I don't think that Kai is abusive neither, I do think that when he tries to joke about being conceded, it's a little cringe but whether you like him or not, you gotta give some credit that he's been pretty consistent with his call outs and he's doing the one thing that many of these other art commentary channels won't do which is call Peaches and Lio out and not bend for them. He seems to be the only one who's doing this and it's very cathartic and going off the comments on the video, it seems that more people are waking up seeing just how awful she is.

I do hope that more will eventually stop kissing her ass and she gets the Creepshow-lite treatment.

No. 1944387

i think his videos as well as his platform are a contributing factor to why people are starting to like peaches less. even better that they’re performing well. he’s the only one in the acc who actually left. most everyone who has had something significant to say about him has gone quiet or has questionable credibility. i’m hoping too that at some point his influence creates a domino effect because it’s definitely helping to put that whale to task

No. 1944428

Yeah I meme you can find it a bit funny that despite leaving the community, he still makes videos pertaining to it but at the very least, he genuinely doesn't care if people agree with him or not or whether he'll be painted as the bad guy. Some people in the comments were trying to punk on him calling him a woman abuser and just doesn't give an F. I still think that what happened with Omnia was a genuine series of unfortunate events between two people who were toxic for each other. And seeing how Kai is trying to move on with his life is actually pretty good. Him speaking out against Peaches and Lio is just an added bonus since he really has nothing to lose at this point.

No. 1944444

You need to stop dick riding this man he’s not some huge influence nor does he make quality videos. Peaches being disliked is simply because she hit the stan hornets nest which led to her being attacked on a huge scale. Everyone in the acc is a leech and there’s no “good” person left with a huge platform. The only thing we can do is wait it out . Peaches knows that her view count is dropping because no one gives a fuck about her shit tier art, but if she continues to make drama videos , then more people will realize that she cares about money over victims

No. 1944446

no one is dickriding him nonnie, not everyone thinks he’s abusive and he’s generally showed that on his channel. where did you even come from? his videos he made on peaches were good and that’s why people are supporting them? take the stick out your ass

No. 1944448

peaches view count hasn’t been dropping either. kicking the hornet’s nest of a bunch of idiots on twitter wasn’t going to do anything to effect her influence. it’s stupid to even believe that. she didn’t lose any subscribers or followers. this drama lasted for two days.

No. 1944451

Why so defensive ? I simply stated that no one in the acc is great. And why are you calling that moid a “them” ? do you really think nonbinary exists kek

No. 1944457

File: 1702859257013.jpeg (429.94 KB, 828x838, IMG_7221.jpeg)

Doodletones jump scare but he just made a video talking about how his pc is fried. He doesn’t have a job to replace his pc so you bet that he’s gonna be begging for money on Twitter.

No. 1944458

you’re the one who started getting combative? using them doesn’t always mean someone is trying to play pronoun olympics. relax, that whale doesn’t give a shit what you call her anyway

No. 1944460

Not another ACC DSP, look we already had enough of Peaches doing the e-bagging and now another one. They need to touch grass and do something productive for once which will never happen. KEK

No. 1944467

Can some of the anons in here stop trying to slip in that Kai is "reasonable" for making a video on Peaches that, despite being cathartic, was done out of pure spite? Fucking scrote had an 8 hour long livestream tantrum because Omnia talked about him because she was being brung up in the Peaches shit. He's admitted himself that he was physically abusive no matter how much his fans try to twist it and there are court documents to prove it. The Peaches and Lio video got more eyes on their bullshit sure, but that doesn't change the fact that he's still just as petty and vindictive. Like >>1944444 said, no one is the ACC is good. They're all opportunistic hyenas. Watch him all you want, but don't be shocked when others still think he's a piece of shit. I swear, it's the same retard that pops in here to be like "Well, he's shown growth and-" No he hasn't. No one sane is going to have an 8 hour long tirade.

No. 1944471

why are you trying to integrate like you’ve actually watched the content? i’m 100% certain this is one of those retards from twitter, because theyre parroting the same points in kai’s comment section.

the 8 hour livestream was a mix of several different things, and everyone here hates peaches out of spite. you don’t frequent here, clearly.

No. 1944472

I’m so sure that this is just Omnia getting irate again because people aren’t mad at Kai like she is. Everytime people give him credit she always comes in to try and sway the opinion on the thread because no one actually cares about Kai at the level she does. I won’t make any big accusations, but she makes it pretty obvious.

No. 1944473

Watched kais comment and it was garbage. And “good points” he made was ripped straight out of Twitter threads calling out hopeless peaches behavior. then Kai got dragged because he was making a video to pat himself on the back and not because he cared about the victims. He’s no hero either, he simply cashed in and made a video

No. 1944475

No one was getting mad. They were having a normal disagreement and discussion and you started calling everyone dickriders. Relax, Omnia kek

No. 1944476

Every few months we get a weirdo that’s strangely glued to Kai’s dick that accuses anyone of disliking him Omnia. Get a grip. No one here likes anyone in the ACC

No. 1944477

watch out guys, the twitter stan’s found the thread

No. 1944478

KEK so why are you always here to dickride omnia but never say anything against her, you just piggyback off anons that agree with you.

No. 1944480

Doodletones looks like a regular dude from Colorado. Sometimes I wonder how normal these people would be if they weren’t given unrestricted internet access in their childhoods.

No. 1944484

>Not liking Kai=Omnia
>Not liking Omnia=Kai

Both camps are fucking retarded because everytime an anon says something against one they get accused of being either one. Kai is abusive and petty, and Omnia is opportunistic and a liar. Both are bad. Are both sides satisfied now. Can we go back to calling Peaches a dumb landwhale.

No. 1944486


We know who this is, kek

No. 1944506

Thanks nonna for being the only one with a brain. Sick of these retards clogging up the thread
Doodletones would probably be on a kiwifarms-esque forum if he wasn’t a troon or diaper obsessed. He just has that terminally online look to him

No. 1944507


the thing is this entire sperg out started because someone was mad that there are people who dared give kai some credit on his points against lio and peaches as if you can't still dislike the guy but agree with his takes? hell even the acc for how much they use the "he abused omnia" card as a gotcha against sure like using him as a source when they criticize omnia (something omnia themselves mentions as well).
and heaven forbid some of us in this thread aren't out for kai's throat the way omnia and some of the other ""omnia"" anons in this thread are kek.

it's always the same thing every now and then in this thread. an anon or two concedes that kai or omnia made some good points regardless of whether they like them as a person or not, another one jumps in and accuse them of "dickriding" or being "kai" or "omnia" and thread derails into a retarded back and forth.

No. 1944529

Omnia, Kai, Peaches, Lio and any other lolcow on this thread are retarded. Any good takes they might have are outnumbered by the stupid shit they say and do seconds later. Absorb that and move the fuck on instead of chimping out here.

No. 1944567

>omnia themselves
omnia is a woman

No. 1944612

this wouldn’t have even happened if that one nonnie didn’t take someone saying something good about kai so personally, who else would even do that other than the person sperging out about him all the time

No. 1944659

File: 1702911728173.png (20.97 KB, 583x262, Screenshot 2023-12-18 090320.p…)

I remember something similar happened earlier in the thread too but with a total nobody that an anon doesn't like. It's just getting annoying with them clogging up the thread with nonsense and not discussing the actual topic.

>Besides that, there is an interesting twist that occurred, that being that Lio is going to potentially do a video defending Feghost. An ACC fag that got exposed a while back for faking SA, and allegations for being predatory to kids by sexting them.

I will link the two videos to this post to give context about that situation.

>1st video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSLGhZc55vs

>2nd video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qnbtwi7yYCQ

No. 1944662


>Also too, I have found a archive video showcasing Hiten's now deleted tweets discussing Feghost, and tweets of Hiten arguing with others about Hiten's bad take on it.

No. 1944728

Oh look, the scrote of course didn't learn his lesson and is sticking his nose in places where it doesn't belong. I have a feeling this is going to end very badly for him again and Hiten too if she choses to get involved again.

No. 1944755

this not storiesguy is so creepy
he like collects basically everything people say and jumps into their dms for drama he has no sense of boundaries

No. 1944779

To add more to this, there is a reupload of a video from Feghost's last video. I will give a quick TLDR.

> Not close to a minute Feghost self admits of being predatory towards children and faking their SA.

> Additionally, they requested for others to not defend them while self-reporting themselves in the process.

My conclusion, this is not going to go well when Lio makes this video defending Feghost. Won't be surprising if his echo chamber gulps it up and not care that he is defending a self-admitted pedophile.

No. 1944817

wasted digits

No. 1944856

Veritas is officially getting the classic Senate strip down about his obsession with Peaches. Every time Peaches talks she sounds high and contributes absolutely nothing to the conversation so I'm just assuming she's butting in to hear herself. She also mentions lolcow so if there was any doubt she lurks, there it is from the horse's mouth.

No. 1944880

Someone summarize, I refuse to give this scrote views.

No. 1944881

I mean duh it’s no secret hopeless peaches lurks here. remember months ago when she made that sad boo hoo art of herself surrounded by all the “mean words” like fat and ugly? She obviously came here and got her feelings hurt kek

No. 1944883

I saw the video myself and there is something I want to point out Lio stated within that call that he didn't want to go to his per usual because the VC took place in a server full of kids.

>If this is a serious topic why is this man surrounding himself with kids to talk to this Veritas person.

> Lio is also going at this Veritas person for being a mega simp for Peaches, not being a pedophile, not being a zoophile. KEK

> Lio being entitled as usual wants to speak with Veritas' parents.

No. 1944885

In honesty any terminally online person would be peaking in here instead of giving a good smell of grass. But we all know that isn't the case for Peaches or any of these ACC fags.

No. 1945000

I'm surprised he showed his face to be honest but of course he's wearing a retarded mask because he knows that he really does look like a man and wouldn't be fooling anyone kek. Also how old is he? Isn't he like 30 or something? If he doesn't have a job, how does he manage to support himself because I doubt he's rolling in commission money.

I agree. He just looks like a regular dude who lives in a rural area. And I agree, you have to wonder what these tards would be like if they actually weren't terminally online. I feel like part of why he doesn't have an irl job is because he wouldn't be able to handle people not validating his non-existent woman-ness.

No. 1945003

I was the anon who gave props to Kai's video. I in no way am a fan of his nor will I ever be, I honestly didn't even know he made those hours long streams until a day after I watched the call out video and yeah, that's pretty ridiculous. I don't disagree with the others that said he's just as petty as the others within the ACC. I was merely just happy that at least there is one video out there not kissing Peaches and Lio's asses and laying out their bullshit even if it was for petty reasons because at the very least, it may open some eyes. But it's true that those within the ACC are a bunch of "opportunistic hyenas", no arguments there.

No. 1945052

File: 1702993359702.jpeg (839.84 KB, 1290x2100, IMG_3882.jpeg)

I actually was in the stream and it’s Kai sperging about wanting to be left alone, but it’s quite frankly no different than some 8 hour just chatting stream. He had a debate with Smaggle and DocOnTheRadio, and the rest of the stream was just him talking to his chat.

I don’t understand why people are making this out to be him spending “8 hours talking about omnia” when the stream derailed so fast that the only thing pertaining to her was the title. And Omnia is stuck tweeting about him again this month, so much that i’ve lost count.

Everyone in this situation sucks, but I surely do raise a brow at how much flack Kai gets for simply saying he’s not an abuser and calling out people he doesn’t like. You can’t even say you don’t think he’s abusive without the Omnia defense force chiming in.

Someone responded to Omnia’s twitter sperg about Kai telling her to just ignore him, and she took it as “policing survivors”. Like Hopeless Peaches, she’s no different than being an opportunistic “victim” too.

No. 1945058

Isn’t veritas like 18 or 19 atp? Why would anyone need a talk with his parents if it’s a mentally stunted adult?
Also surprised to find out that Hiten is like 28 years old and not someone barely into her adult years. Seriously why is the senate filled with losers that have a need to surround themselves with children and paint themselves as some savior ? Is it because their irl lives are so bleak ?

No. 1945059

File: 1702994534572.jpeg (958.16 KB, 1290x1933, IMG_3884.jpeg)

picrel for further context to how this interaction started.

I don’t know why the person who made 5 hour long videos on Kai is now complaining that Kai is defending himself in a livestream and video. If you have a life, finals, and school, you wouldn’t find the time to log into YouTube and Twitter to start screenshotting him and further complaining about his life despite admitting you didn’t even watch the content to begin with.

This is why I think this genderfuck is obsessed with her own misery. She goes from claiming to want nothing to do with Kai, then takes the first opportunity she can to disparage him to a bunch of ignorant kids. Damned if someone thinks that’s dumb.

No. 1945066

Starting to agree with that anon that called you out for dickriding kai. you’re writing dissertations defending him
The veritas video is honestly proof that they’re having a slow news day and needed a quick check since the potential miles video got so much backlash. Any sane adult would’ve blocked this veritas freak and moved on but not the commentary community. There has to be at least 12 videos on one person before anyone moves on to the next parasocial sex pest

No. 1945091

what difference is this from any other dissertation going into a cow on this thread, what a retarded point

No. 1945180

If Kai was really just having a sit-down chat not devoting all that time to talking about her then fair enough. But he really needs to take his own advice and stop talking about Omnia if he truly wants to move on but I notice whenever someone says something like that to him, he flips the fuck out which makes me think that no, he hasn't moved on.

Omnia is definitely an opportunistic victim and I feel like she only holds onto the Kai stuff because it's the one time where she got so much attention and money (still remembering that ridiculous wishlist of things she didn't need) thrown her way. But what I said about Kai also applies to her where why can't they just shut up about each other and finally truly move on?

?Is it because their irl lives are so bleak
It honestly sounds like it. It's like they never outgrew their high school mentalities and since a lot of them are terminally online with not much going on in their personal lives, they feel vindicated playing the retarded groomer/pedo hunter to make themselves feel less pathetic. This isn't to say that not having an active social life irl makes you "pathetic" but trying to be all Chris Hansen when you're not certified is what is pathetic because at the end of the day, they really can't do anything legally.

No. 1945185

File: 1703015908928.png (200.97 KB, 647x604, Screenshot at Dec 19 14-55-33.…)

Kai's entire premise of the stream was being sick of Omnia getting involved whenever his name circulates around social media. I don't think he would have brought up Omnia again if she didn't start talking about him. He's said nothing about her since the last video he made on her. He's tired of the Kai Weiss drama too. And I don't blame him. I would flip out too if my ex is still bothering with me despite me not saying a word about her.

Omnia is still doing this now. Kai got banned because his Twitter was mass reported by the stan accounts and Omnia is even Tweeting about that. Claims in one tweet she never disrespects or disparages him but has no issue disliking his content and berating him on Twitter, even when he can't tweet. This is obsession

No. 1945283

This is tinfoil but I think I know why this call was released right now. This is a way to control the narrative and attempt to frame everyone that criticized those fat scrotes as crazy and put them into the same category as veritas. Because atp veritas is old news. The only one who should’ve made a response recently is ponder sprocket, and (kinda?) did with that doodletones video. The comment section is eating it up and everyone is once again going “poor peaches and lio” as if they’re teenage anime main characters instead of adult basement dwellers. Also I feel bad for veritas’ grandmother. Imagine being yelled at by that thing

No. 1946421

File: 1703291236520.jpg (320.77 KB, 1001x305, 7X1LQmq.jpg)

Lio has been pumping out videos, wonder if he's trying to cover something up? 3 videos in the past week.

No. 1946437

>might be trying to cover something u?
That or he's trying to rake in holiday adsense by farting out as many videos as he can.

No. 1946442

I smell diversion, for the obvious reason.

> You notice that he is not doing his usual pedo hunting videos like he used to and heavily focused on petty drama content.

No. 1946445

The audacity of this scrote to call anyone a freak. Also agree with the anon above, he's just trying to distract people from all the shit that was brung up due in part to Kai's video.

No. 1946644

Speaking of diversion tactics kek
Now I haven't watched the video and I don't think I will but figured I'd post it here for anyone who might want to watch it.

No. 1946666

I’m not watching her shit either since it seems to be boring af, but I’d like to point out how funny it is that Lio and Her are calling out Feghost for being a suicide baiter and overall bad person.

No. 1946676

Kek! Yet they are playing kiss up due to Peaches' >>1942051 and Hiten's >>1944662 mishaps. Its outstanding that they are trying to hide their skeletons into their closets in front of everyone's eyes.(learn to sage)

No. 1950333

File: 1704310089907.png (46.9 KB, 877x424, Screenshot at Jan 03 14-27-23.…)

I know the Lion man who keeps telling people to touch grass, get jobs, and tries to lecture everyone how the real world works is not signal boosting hopeless peaches e-begging for donations because she can't pay her taxes. Tell her to get a job and make some videos/art to pay for it? Painfully ironic.

No. 1950442

Wasn't it a couple months ago that she was tweeting about getting a new job? I wonder if she quit, got fired, or is just e-begging because she knows she can get away with it if she uses a sob story. She does give off the vibes of someone who can't hold down a job for more than a month because they're so lazy.

No. 1950554

Imagine marrying a fat moid that does nothing but collect toys, scream at children, and spend hours on discord with mentally ill girls that are half his age, or in the YouTube comment section/ Twitter. You have to either have zero self respect or probably so insecure that you settled. Does anyone have info on Lio’s spouse? I wanna know if she’s
A. Suffering from ugly girl syndrome and settled
B. Complicit in all this because she too is a weirdo sex pest
C. Having no idea what’s going on

No. 1950570

This is exactly why I call bullshit on Lio having a "60 hour work week" because he seems to be just as terminally online as Peaches. I have a sneaking suspicion that his wife is the breadwinner that is the true one that works long hours and thus, has no clue what her tub of lard of a husband does. He probably just sits at home happily spending her money on thundercat shit. I can only imagine her reaction when he brought a random 17 year old girl home. Who knows if she'a truly complicit or doesn't have the time to deal with him.

No. 1950596

Actually I’m not sure if you guys are new here, but last year a weirdo went on a sperg rant about lioconvoy( most likely come retard from the caswarfox discord). He did leave an interesting link to the farms page about lioconvoy, and while it had a lot of nonsense, the dox was correct. I’m obviously not gonna post it here because that’s against the rules but it’s funny how Lios wife has an uncanny resemblance to Hopeless Peaches. She’s not as obese but she has the same face, same nose and super receding hairline. So I’m gonna go with both A and B option

No. 1950597

There are recent developments which I will provide a quick TLDR for.

> Mint got disowned by Lio due to her arguing with Peaches according to their own statement in a VC call presented within this video.

> Proves that Lio is using his internet children until their usefulness ends and simply just kicks them to the streets.

> Note this is a preview for the upcoming video regarding Peaches' and Lio's antics. With statements from Mint Heart regarding Lio.

No. 1950599

Dude what the fuck ?!! Mint is literally the only victim in all this . Fuck Lioconcoy

No. 1950747

So what we can gleam from this:

>Lio is indeed terminally online and his wifd knows about it and doesn't like it.

>Lio threatens to, in his words, "ruin" a teenagers life by threatening to call their school.
>Mint is moving out and he doesn't like that despite the fact that he disowned her because she didn't get along well with Peaches.

Imagine being Mint, someone who was flown out to live with this creep when you were 17, whenever someone beings up how creepy it was you fight hard to defend him, only to get dropped by him because he decided to "adopt" a mentally stunted grown adult from halfway across the world and they start baby talking in public livestreams. I would be absolutely fucking furious. This video is going to be interesting.

No. 1950793

So he's mad that people are calling him out for wanting Mint to make child porn of her rape and give it to him. Then disowns her when he can't use her to catch pedos and be a general creep towards her.
Also what happened to Peaches always wanting to protect victims? Peaches victim status is up for debate but Minty over here is def one. I guess the only true victim can only be Peaches lol.

No. 1950868

Anyone else have the suspicion that Peaches got jealous for Lio's attention and intentionally made issues with Mint in an attempt to get her pushed out? Would be on brand for her.

No. 1950905

Yeah I gathered that from the short video that I watched from Kumo. How on earth can you be a 24 year old woman demanding that someone barely 21 be nice to you and to not hurt your feelings? She’s such a loser and clearly doesn’t care about real victims. This is why no matter how times peaches vents about her “ex boyfriend” , I refuse to believe that she’s in the right. Her actions speak louder than her words

No. 1950927

File: 1704421690968.png (58.38 KB, 595x484, minthearttweet.PNG)


Tweet from mint
I hope mint drags lio in the call

No. 1950928

Lio comes off as a groomer
And Peaches having beef with children because she's jealous of them is pathetic.

No. 1950950

It’s gonna take a lot of strength for mint so I hope it goes well. I think it’s no coincidence that Lio started becoming hostile the minute Mintheart got a GED, a job and became an adult. That predatory scumbag gets off of people with no options who are trapped, or people so attention seeking that they’d do anything for him

No. 1950951

mints story is genuinely sad. after she was groomed by vida and some other guy lio practically snatched her up. shes basically been forced into this stuff against her will. hoping things get better for her

No. 1951366

She was sexually abused by her mother's boyfriend, groomed by a scrote over the internet, flown out to live with a different scrote, developed very few life skills, and finally thrown to the side because her "dad" got a new fat toy to play with. Absolutely tragic. I can only hope the best for her at this point.

No. 1951385

I’m calling it right now that as soon as Lio gets outed as the scumbag creep he is, the senate and ACC will scramble to make cashgrab videos about how they “always knew he was a terrible person” . You can bet that Jar will make multiple videos, the bottom tier YouTubers like bored oranges and Lin lin will milk the thing dry, and Peaches will somehow make Mintheart’s grooming and sa story about her. As usual she’ll paint herself as some uwu victim despite helping mint getting kicked out and disowned in the first place. Just watch nonnas

No. 1951498

As likely as this is to happen, I really hope there will be some people who will not buy this bullshit and will take them to task. I know Kai is annoying and all but I like that he doesn't parrot shit about senate and I just hope that more people will do the same. These people in the Senate are not "victims" by any stretch of the imagination and I just pray that hen the ship crashes, they won't get off scott free.

No. 1951499

I've got nothing against this person but I've seen this topic of Yandere Dev pop up a bit in the last few years. I'll admit that i never really cared much because I didn't care about his game, it looked like a cringe fest to me personally but clearly it was popular with a lot people.

Anyway I've watched a few videos about him and I just can't help but find these videos pointless because I feel like these callout videos don't do anything and I don't understand why these people don't just go to the proper authorities who may actually be able to do something. If they're afraid that they won't listen, they can just give them all the evidence they've screencapped. Maybe there's more to it but seriously, I just feel like for people like this, taking it to someone who can shut him down would be the best route to go.

No. 1951789

File: 1704597248917.jpg (402.64 KB, 1080x1725, 1000003427.jpg)

It'll be amusing to watch these two scrotes get into a dick measuring contest, but I have a feeling this is going to devolve into a petty slap fight. We all saw how well the John Swan debate went.

No. 1951843

The equivalent of a malnourished teen slap boxing a 90 year old man kek. Both of these losers are chronically online but I do hope Kai goes berserk and does something drastic to damage Lio. He’s already cancelled so it wouldn’t hurt is reputation to go lower .maybe have peach’s real dad invited to live react

No. 1951862


This is going to be such a beautiful dumpster fire.

No. 1951980

tbh I hope because of Kai more people point out how predatory and creepy Lio is. He seems like one of those old autistic pedos. And if he does go down I don't want to see JAR or anyone from the senate make a video because they all saw what was happening. Making cash grab videos on actions you took part of is so scummy.

On a random note. I still find it ironic that Lio of all people called Spoctor a pedo for shit he did as a teenager. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. But from what I heard Spoctor is touching grass so good for him.

No. 1952135

File: 1704672923477.jpg (176.76 KB, 1080x942, 1000003430.jpg)

So just an update for this >>1951789 ; Kai went Live for almost 2 hours and Lio never showed up. Lio has been spending all day arguing with some retard on twitter over thundercats and now, right after Kai ends his stream, Lio puts this up. What a raging dumpater fire and Lio is a little bitch kek.

No. 1952145

File: 1704674441621.png (1.22 MB, 820x2929, kaiweissliotweets.png)


The 55+ comment thread on Lio’s Veritas is Very Vindictive video where Lio agreed to debate Kai has disappeared. Lio deleted it LOL

Now Lio is claiming Kai is a predator enabler. At this point, Lio throws the word predator around on anyone he disagrees with

If you didn't want to hop in call, why did you agree to it at all? Sounds like cope to me

No. 1952150

I really can’t believe I have to defend Kai of all people but peaches what do you mean by “he’s sexually humiliating me”? This dumb bitch will pull every word out of the victim Bible for sympathy. You are in a public ddlg relationship with a toy collecting Scrote, and chronically online

No. 1952153

Sorry for double posting I hit reply too early. But Lio backing out of that live call proves that he can’t debate with someone without having the upper hand and dog piling them. If you can’t even handle Kai, who’s known to have frequent angry outbursts then you prove that you’re a little bitch. You NEED these mentally ill, insane, or underage cows to scream at because you can’t form coherent arguments against normal people

No. 1952160

Has Kai ever once even interacted with anyone in the fox mafia outside of something like a tweet reply? Lio is such a little fucking bitch when he can't bully people in senate. Also Peaches is so fucking pathetic she can choke. Never once has Kai ever "sexually humiliated her", unless she's refering to the weirdass ddlg shit that she does in public. I hate that these fatasses make me have to defend Kai of all people.

No. 1952186

Lio is hardcore projecting at this point and he knows it. Maybe don't hang around people accused of being nonces and human traffickers.(sage your shit)

No. 1952207

lmao LioScrotevoy, who has paraded on dunking on asses on live, suddenly doesn't want to call out a "predator enabler" live with 'evidence'? Color me shocked. This fucks projecting hard

No. 1952236


A long summary of what Lio said in his video

>Kai Weiss/Zxae has been obsessed with Hopeless Peaches for 3 years

>Kai brushed past the fact that Spoctor had CP to justify Spoctor’s actions. Spoctor came back just to harass Peaches. That’s why Kai hopes the best for him. The only reason Kai wishes Spoctor to get help in his video is because Kai is a social climber and wants to be friends with him
>When Peaches was dealing with people actively threatening to find and rape her, Kai told Peaches to be quiet
>Kai compares Peaches being upset about Omnia leaking their personal conversation to posting screenshots of dm’s of predator enablers. Kai is defending predators
>Peaches never said SHE knew what happened in the courtroom. She said that Kai and Omnia aren’t reliable narrators. They both have been caught lying
>What Peaches said 3 years ago can’t be taken into account because everyone was dogpiling her at the time
>Kai and anyone else who came after Peaches 3 years ago didn’t have a legitimate reason to do so. She has the right to continue to want closure for that and address it. Peaches wanting accountability from people who harassed her to suicide isn’t pettiness
>Kai and Omnia’s court case isn’t the same as Omnia using an image from Peaches grooming video to take the piss out of her over things a highschooler wouldn’t even care about
>We pull predators and creeps into Senate for calls, but Kai is offended that Senate dunks on creeps. Kai says it’s “dogpiling.” I wonder why Kai has so much interest in defending creeps
>Kai defended sexual harassment art because a friend of Kai called Hopeless Peaches out for mentioning Kai on a post about Septy Paws, and Kai didn’t correct them. This is the second time Kai has made excuses for sexual harassment
>Kai teamed up with Luke and Creepshow to make a video on Hopeless Peaches and promoted it. Kai repeated the claims Luke made about Peaches mental health. Kai approved of Luke’s claims
>Kai overlooked Camilia being exposed. This is on purpose
>Kai was negative towards Peaches because she mentioned Kai when talking about people harassing her in anon questions. Peaches didn’t blame Kai, but Kai got mad at the sexual victim instead of the sexual harassers
>Peaches didn’t approve of Scrittus using her grooming thumbnail
>Calling someone broken as a person overtop of a grooming video isn’t appropriate. Kai defended Spoctor saying this, so Kai defended Spoctor mocking child abuse
>Kai says Peaches is a drama channel. Lio says it’s not drama. She’s investigating child predators to get justice. Kai defended Camilla last year on twitter. Kai doesn’t care about predators or that kids were hurt. He just doesn’t like someone
>A month ago Peaches got a google doc that claimed a kid was a child predator. There wasn’t a lot of proof. The adults who enabled these kids reacted atrociously to someone coming in and asking questions. Kai made a video about this situation because he doesn’t care if someone’s life is ruined by false allegations
>Nothing Peaches said to the minors in twitter dm’s was out of pocket. Kai ignored this because Kai is mad he got torn apart
>The adults that encouraged the minors to publish the doc are a problem. Kai claims Peaches doesn’t know what’s going on when she demonstrates in the dm’s that she does, and even Kai said it didn’t make sense that the doc was made
>Kai claims Peaches and I have never helped victims. So Crystal doesn’t exist? The victims of Stryker Dawson don’t exist? The people I’ve helped don’t exist?
>What does Peaches meme name (Lio’s spoiled brat) have to do with anything?
>Kai doesn’t know what helps kids. Kai validates the dumbest possible actions. Kai called groomer and predator claims drama. The doc wasn’t good, so clearly kids don’t know what to do. Kai says kids know who to go to, but in screenshots the kids say they don’t want to go to their parents. If kids knew what to do, they wouldn’t of made the google doc or been scared to tell their parents. They would’ve immediately told their parents and law enforcement
>Kai didn’t like that I yelled at the lolicon weirdo Carmen Rider, probably because he has something in common with him
>My way of handling predators isn’t just yelling at them on discord and uploading it for views. Reports are filed. Kai doesn’t address this because he doesn’t want predators exposed. At all
>I didn’t ask for a dox. A dox is publicly publishing private information. All we wanted was for someone who knew them to contact them
> Kai provides no evidence of me flying girls out to live with me or only some of my found family being adults. Kai is just claiming I’m a predator because he doesn’t like me
>Kai has openly mocked child abuse on several occasions
>You don’t have to have a badge and a uniform to work on predation cases. Are we not allowed to look into predators? We can’t dress them down? We can’t warn people about them? Sounds like Kai doesn’t want predators to be dealt with in any way. We report them to the police, and we inform the public so they can’t prey on people before the law deals with them
>Kai can’t point out any course cases that we’ve ruined
>Finding information that predators leave out publicly isn’t doxing

No. 1952237


>I could publish all information about every predator I’ve ever reported, and the law couldn’t touch me because the law states the information has to be published with the intent to cause harm or a threat of harm. It is obvious the harm has to be physical. And telling people that someone is a creep and to avoid them isn’t a threat. If putting that information out there as a whole is illegal, the white pages shouldn’t exist

>Filing reports regularly means I work with law enforcement
>Kai says all Lio and his gang do is file reports. Lio says, so don’t report them then? I guess that’s what Kai wants. Let the predators continue to prey on children without any public knowledge. Kai would rather give license to predators to prey on kids further because he’s ignorant about these things work. Kai only says these things because he’s mad at Peaches. Kai reported on Creepshow before she was reported
>Reporting something to the cops without having “substantial evidence” isn’t vigilantism
>Kai says publicizing these cases before they are convicted causes more harm than good. Lio says citation needed
>My attempt to find information on the kid who may have been trying to hurt themselves was sloppy. I was just concerned about them. The intent wasn’t for me to get the information. I just wanted someone they knew to get in contact with them
>Kai doesn’t care if someone falsely accused is okay or not. He’s too busy trying to use the kids as a stepping stone
>Irenesee/Flutterbee gave Kai the video of me telling a minor to record their assault. This person is also called Foo. They stalked HarleyTBS. They distributed CSEM. Kai is connected to CallMeNil and Rabbit who know who this person is. There is no way Kai doesn’t know who Foo is. This makes sense why they kept excusing Spoctor
>The video of me telling the minor to record their assault was out of context. The context is that Mintheart was touched in her own home by her mom’s ex boyfriend. This was taken to her school, her mother, and the police. None of these groups did anything about it. The mom let the ex stay the night after she was told what he did. Mint was worried he would come back a third night, and she had no options. She didn’t have any friends to stay with or any shelters to go to. All anyone could think to do was to set up surveillance so that if anything did happen, Mint could send it to the police. Mint would send it. Not anyone else. It was also just an idea. It’s not something they went through with.
>The video of me telling Mint to record her assault was spread by Fox Mafia members. And we all know what that group of zoophiles is like. I don’t believe that Kai doesn’t know this. Kai is intentionally spreading misinformation that zoophiles and zoophile apologists were pushing
>Kai called a possible sexual assault porn??? There’s a lot of unpack there. Also, Peaches wasn’t around for that
>When was rape mentioned in the Mint situation? It wasn’t, so a rape kit wouldn’t of done anything
>Putting up surveillance isn’t the same as creating porn. That’s disgusting. So if you have video evidence of your sexual assault, you can’t turn it into the police? That’s why Kai and the zoophile used the word porn. They see this as a sexually gratifying thing. Which is the purpose of porn. A video of sexual assault isn’t porn to sane people
>Let’s assume me and Peaches are in a relationship. We’re not, but if we were, why would that be an issue for Kai? Kai just wants info about someone’s sex life because they’re desperate for dirt. And since Kai is listening, I know about your conversations with Toasty Vanilla
>Peaches doesn’t call me Daddy. EUGH. That claim came from Foo. The CSEM distributor
>If Kai understands that Peaches and I’s relationship is familial due to being found family, then Kai just likes spreading false claims. That, or he just randomly sexualize family members and thinks that’s normal. Kai is obsessed and deranged with sexual things and condoned and spread the sexual harassment of Peaches
>Kai doesn’t know what entrapment is. A person would have to be led to do something they normally wouldn’t. This was something that this person was already willing to do, so a safeguard was planned. Calling this entrapment implies that Mintheart was to blame for the sexual abuse
>Kai says every time Peaches gets in trouble she brings up her mental health and goes private. Lio says Kai is fine with people harassing Peaches and telling her horrible things
>Peaches venting her feelings on social media is always seen as “sympathy seeking” to Kai, but Kai having an 8 hour meltdown isn’t
>Kai likes sending harassment to AFAB people
>Kai wanted to debate Peaches. The inciting incident was Camilla Cuevas harboring a child predator in her server. Kai was mad Peaches was calling that out. Kai didn’t have any allies left at the time, and he didn’t like Camilla getting outed. He didn’t care about the evidence. He didn’t care about the victims. He was mad someone he associated with was getting called out. Peaches found 26 predators in that server, and Kai didn’t want it talked about
>Kai wanted me to come on stream, but after I saw what he condones and who he associates with, I’m just not interested. I don’t want to hang around creeps

No. 1952244

Jesus what is this wall of texts?(non contribution, no sage)

No. 1952247

Ok Lio.(hi cow)

No. 1952251

>What Peaches said 3 years ago can’t be taken into account because everyone was dogpiling her at the time

Oh fuck off you scrote, she was an adult then and she's an adult now. She hasn't changed in the slightest and has only gotten worse as a result of the senate.

>Nothing Peaches said to the minors in twitter dm’s was out of pocket.

She tries to leverage the fact that she was older over the kids head and told thrm to be more resepctful.

>I didn’t ask for a dox. A dox is publicly publishing private information. All we wanted was for someone who knew them to contact them

It is still fucking weird as shit to ask for the info of a minor whom you have no connection to over the internet.

The rest is just him coddling Peaches, projecting and deflecting, and giving non answers. What a load of absolute shit. I hate Kai, but I do genuinely want him to bury this degenerate cow. The fact that he's using the excuse that Kai endorses "creeps" when all he's done is barely interact with people to not get into a 1-on-1 call with him is bullshit, he just can't intimidate someone outside the Senate.

No. 1952268

If anyone endorses creeps it's Lio and Peaches. It seems all the people in the Senate are either teens, dog fuckers or pedos

No. 1952466

Kai responded, not much worth summarizing since it's just him pretty much debunking all of Lio's shit. I have a feeling that Lio really did intend to go debate Kai, but Peaches bitched and moaned so he backed down to appease her. Gotta keep the "eat shit out of me daddy" baby happy.

No. 1952475


I think Lio didn't want to debate Kai because he didn't want it getting out there that he disowned Mint Heart

Lio agreed to debate Kai before the new year. The Mint Heart information wasn't exposed until January 3rd. In Lio's video, Kai's videos have the upside down cross branding in the bottom right corner. Kai didn't use that as his branding until January 4th, which means Lio didn't start making his video on Kai until after the Mint information was out there

No. 1952478

you’re eagle eyed af !! this would make sense on why Lio suddenly backed out of the debate. The very victim he’s been claiming to “help” for years is going against him, and he needed to find a way to control the narrative fast. Kind of like when coyotelovely was outed as a freak and lio had to do damage control quickly

No. 1952525

Very good point. I am very interested to see what Kumo's video entails. I have a feeling that might be a nail in Lio's coffin.

No. 1952528

i think if kai makes an edited response, he should save it until kumo’s video comes out. that plus lio getting exposed for disowning her will be a time.

No. 1952956

File: 1704839088570.jpeg (332.38 KB, 828x1173, IMG_7338.jpeg)

The queen of pulling things that never happened out of her fat ass, co-opting other people’s abuse and overall being a victim while providing zero proof. She’s starting to do creepshow levels of lying at this point and no one is calling her out

No. 1953280

File: 1704899026064.jpg (329.32 KB, 1021x1519, 1000003464.jpg)

She just locked down. Anyone have any idea who she's talking about? Because to my knowledge, Kai has never made comments like this before. Also she doesn't want to leave the online space because she's social media addicted kek.

No. 1953401

Honestly not impressed with her crocodile tears. She and Lio are just trying to distract from the upcoming testimony from Mintheart and how she was disowned. Also I can only think of one time it was mentioned where people wanted to see Hopeless peaches’ ex and his side of the story, and it was on this lolcow thread. The ex is never mentioned by anyone else outside of lolcow so it’s kind of funny

No. 1953587

>She and Lio are just trying to distract from the upcoming testimony from Mintheart and how she was disowned.

This is exactly what this is, Lio's avoiding answering questions about Mint like the fucking plague and now all of a sudden Peaches is locking down because of a mystery person thats "sexually harassing" her while conviently leaving out any names when in the past she's shown to not hesitate to name drop people. They're probably both sweating lard behind the scenes KEK.

No. 1954123

File: 1705053774311.jpg (374.03 KB, 1080x1214, 1000003479.jpg)

So, I pieced together what happened and this shit goes deep into a rabbit hole. Apparently, >>1953280 >>1952956 , these are about pic rel which reveals a couple of things:

>Peaches was dating ToastyVanilla of all people. Toasty and Peaches were both part of the infamous FruitCakeClub discord chat that was known for being extremly degen.