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File: 1507611212311.jpg (162.06 KB, 1023x682, 1507601352446.jpg)

No. 447573

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>Before the money from selling the "unwanted gift" S8 and S8+ phones had time to reach her pocket, Raven went on a $300+ spending spree on TradeMe buying a Chuckie doll for Josh, more toys, clothing, and red contact lenses. Oh, and she also bought a used suitcase for $20.
>She posted her final video from the Antipodes, a lengthy monologue devoted to her regret over splitting up with Logan, his unwavering love for her, how much she dislikes New Zealand, and being nervous about her upcoming flight and fear of being shot in South Carolina for looking like a witch.
>Meanwhile, Josh was desperately posting to housing wanted groups on Facebook.
>Dorian and his Lovely Girlfriend paid us a visit to assure us of their wellbeing despite Raven's attempts at sabotage. They provided screencaps of Raven's abusive messages to them and answered our questions. Three cheers for Dorian and LG!
>A stray dog which had been living with the Bradleys for several months was shot with an arrow by their neighbor, and Raven consoled Josh with the qualifier, "…and I don't even like dogs."
>A day before she was due to depart she posted that they had been forced to "push her flight back by two fucking weeks :-(" But later that day Josh posted, "It's almost time…" Lack of communication on their part, or was Raven getting one over on the haters?
>While waiting to find out if she had made her way to the fabled Land of Couch, farmers amused themselves by mining the archives of her defunct raven-official website and other appearances on the net for heretofore unposted gems.
>Three days after she should have arrived in Couchland, she deactivated all of her Facebook and Instagram profiles and made private all but her first video about Josh and all of the videos about her break up with Logan.
>Did she stay in New Zealand to continue to occupy Ryan's spare room? Or did she and Logan reunite in codependent bliss? Or is her social media blackout a ruse and she is happily overflowing Josh's mom's couch or ensconced in a cheap hotel room with her Funko Pops and ugly unicorns?

https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks (community)
https://www.facebook.com/gorgeous.gothic.ghouls (community)
https://www.facebook.com/Goth.Boys (community)

YouTube and Videos:
https://www.youtube.com/c/RavenStarblood (current)
https://youtu.be/gwAiXPmMoJQ (unlinked video about being cyber-bullied by a fake website)
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9C5ZUyNC5_kBK2A8-93hEIOfQ2F0S9g (10-part "My Story")
https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonbergerLoverNZ (her pets and Ryan's dogs)

Archived Leaked Videos:

Social Media:

Image Galleries:



Joshua Manning Bradley:

No. 447580

New thread picture makes me so happy haha

No. 447582

File: 1507612140126.png (356.3 KB, 1440x2560, 1507610254344.png)

This just in!

No. 447583

i bet he was fired

No. 447586

I think she has control of his account

No. 447589

So many things could be happening, such as:

>she went back to Logan

>has control over joshs account maybe??
>ghosting to prove us h8s wrong or some dumb shit
>she went and possibly shit went wrong

I’m leaning more towards she never left and possibly stayed with Logan.

No. 447592

Tinfoil, shes doing all this to throw us off.
Next video 'Sorry guyz I had to private all of my videos to throw the haturz off!11'

No. 447594


I really, really hope it's true, anon. It's looking less and less like that's the case though.
She'll be milky wherever she goes but it really sucks that she still has her meaty claws in Logan.
Hopefully Dorian and his girlfriend stay safe, too.

No. 447596

File: 1507614302490.png (1.19 MB, 1724x1016, amibeingdumb.png)

Is this re-uploaded by one of us or is this her account?
Either way this video is cringe

No. 447600

File: 1507614685041.gif (4.17 MB, 640x360, gif (1).gif)

I know, this development is milky but it's not the milk I ordered.

No. 447603


I think this is the archive of the unlisted videos (such as the fucking terrifying "ugh" video) she uploaded before realising that they weren't private because she added them to a playlist (lmao) and deleted them.

No. 447604

I know whatever it is she's going to play it off as some triumph that we're confused about what's going on.

whatever floats your boat that doesn't involve child abuse, Raven

No. 447605

Reuploaded by me. Sorry about the wait on the birthday vid, my internet is throwing a fit.

No. 447609


no 'think' about it, she definitely did in the past. whether that screenshot is from josh or not though, can't be determined, but its true she was able to login to his account in the past.

No. 447611


She wouldn't post anything anywhere that would give the haters reason to speculate or gloat.

She probably deactivated her profiles and made the videos private because she would be faced with questions from her supporters.


This was iirc the last video of her and Logan discussing the end of their relationship.

That account is one of two which archived her leaked videos. They are listed in the OP.


It's still up on her account, so no hurry. But it is definitely one that should be archived in case she removes it.

No. 447613

That's what I'm thinking as well, sadly. This whole thing just seems so over the top dramatic, idk.

No. 447617

Man, reading this new thread, I realize just how psychotic it is to have the amount of social media accounts that she does. Like that's insane.

No. 447618

Yes she would post stuff here to cause speculation. She loves attention, no matter how negative, and she promised she'd eventually fuck with us for lulz.

No. 447622

In the video of her where she's makeup-less and crying (posted earlier here today), she said she doesn't understand why she gets all this negativity since she puts herself out there just as much as anybody else on YT and in general. It blows my mind that she thinks the massive amount of extremely personal and private details she consistently and constantly shares is normal. No, Raven, the majority of people don't publicize themselves like you do. The reason we even know anything about you, is all directly because of you. You started this. You shared, and shared, and shared. And not just anything, but the most personal things about yourself. And not even just regular stuff, but revolting things that no one needed to know in the first place. And now you wonder why this all went down the way it did. What even.

No. 447626


And those listed are probably only 1/2 to 2/3 of what she has had in total in her lifetime. I found three more Facebook profiles which are definitely deleted, a few more image sharing sites, her MySpace account, a half-dozen gaming profiles, and profiles on various goth interest-related sites. I am a total research geek, and the search exhausted me! And we are still uncovering more sites as evidenced in the last thread.

No. 447628

Was that a new video?

Yeah she posts a ridiculous amount of unnecessary detail, from her thoughts upon meeting her child groom, to descriptions of her bickering in a Facebook group for brides, to her joint videos with the husband she just dumped.

It's gotten to the point I would feel better not knowing this shit and I was hoping she'd go to America, be the problem of a 30 year old man, and I could quit checking to see how much she's ruining her son and Logan's life.

Most people, if they put this level of detail out, it'd be boring af but to top things off, she tells everyone in detail about how fucking psycho she is, like she's proud of being an objectively terrible person.

No. 447629

She always makes it sound like there's obsessed people here who dig and dig for days to find dirt on her. When in reality, it's just one click on one of her videos where she's explaining what a terrible person she is, lol.

No. 447630


Well, one thing none of us are confused about is that she's a child molester and rapist. It's too bad that NZ is stuck with this piece of shit predator and groomer.

Hi Diana!

No. 447631

lol @ this old fat ugly hog playing stupid games

No. 447632

lol I wouldn't be surprised if Josh just couldn't go through with it and told her to stay home

No. 447634


Birthday 2014

No. 447639

All that time that people were commenting that Logan looked depressed as fuck and Raven was insisting it was total BS must have been when they were "separated" and he was realising that the old hag had used and discarded him.

Just remembering how Raven is full of shit and will deny deny deny.

No. 447642


He has looked depressed most of their relationship, but if I were to pinpoint it, I would say around the time they fought over porn.

When she announced their break-up she said that their relationship was over by October or November of last year. Yet they celebrated their anniversary in February with dinner and tattoos. Of course, she has made the videos private now.

No. 447646

You're a star, thanks

No. 447652


> … I would be a great mother … because I would know what not to put a kid through

She says this in 2014 as if she doesn't already have a son that she's failed in so many ways and put through so much.

She explains that it's ok for her to wish people's children dead because they're mean to her, but when people wish she just wouldn't have anymore kids because she's a psycho, that's wrong. What? Even if someone was bullying her, how does that make their children deserve death? She says this as if it shows that she's in the right. Does she actually believe that?

The pity party she throws in this shows me how she manipulates men by acting pathetic and persecuted, as if she's not a child abuser.

No. 447677

I honestly couldn't get through that video

" it's okay for me to wish other people's children dead "

smashes face off desk

Anyone catch the where she basically claimed she invented selfies..

I honestly might be the only one but I 100% think she's in the states like the other anon said she isn't clever enough to sync up times being online with her flights/stopovers and why would josh still have those photos up? And surely if she really did just ditch him he'd be mad enough to talk about it? She purposely trying to annoy people whilst letting the Dorian heat die down.

No. 447684

You're not the only one. I still think (hope?) she's in the US but something went bad between her and Josh and she had the 'sponsor' ready as backup. It's too depressing to consider the alternative until I see some real proof.

No. 447687


I think she's in the US too because as you say she's not smart enough to hide her online absence during flights and she admitted she likes fucking with us which would account for so many of the proofless posts on her last thread.

I'm going to ignore this thread, milk other cows and starve this narc of attention until I get the milk I ordered.

No. 447692

Remember that this account is controlled by Raven. If things went south I don't think he'd reply at all. If you truly don't wanna talk about it, you don't say anything at all, you greet these inquiries with silence. Raven can't understand that because she's a massive attention whore.

Apparently she wants to keep up the narrative that he's in grief over a fallout. Also note she didn't delete any videos with Josh, they are just private.

this grown ass 41 year old fat bitch supreme is snickering and feeling triumphant at making a few random "trollers" curious for a few minutes of their day. You are retarded, Raven. This took way more effort out of your day than ours. We just wondered internally, you went through deactivation of everything and privatizing of tons of vids which you claim make you money. We control you, you shota-loving NEET.


No. 447693

when was it confirmed she controls the account? is this one of her 'friends at the library' accounts? (she has so many I lose track)

No. 447695

You make some good points. I'm honestly not sure if she's truly left or not but I really hope she has. Can you actually imagine how it must've played out though? She lands in the US greeted by Joshy boy, but instead of actually spending time with him she gets all giddy over the thought of tricking us and promptly uses the internet so she can deactivate all of her SM and private YT videos. What a way to spend the first day with the luurve of your life RayRay, you retarded hag.

No. 447696


He has just added two new photos of himself as a kid and at graduation.

The videos of Logan which are gone are private, not deleted >>447181 She has been making them private steadily since she announced her fling with Josh.


If it is a ruse she could have filmed the haul video, saying that she decided too put it together since she had extra time, and schedule it to start Friday morning.

No. 447697

Funny how all this "information" comes after a travel-length hiatus, meet up with Couchie….and start of working week.

She's convinced herself we are against her and Couchie. So what better way to troll the alleged hayduuuurz than by claiming it all went wrong o noes then, when we're all talking about it, come up with "ha! Fooled you all!" It could easily be that Couchie has gone to work/score meth, and this is her first day alone in the motel or on the couch. What else to do except fuck around on social media, thinking she's sending us all on a wild goose chase.

She's nearly as much of an idiot as she is attention whore. What she fails to recognise is that we really don't care about the minutiae - CJ, Josh, A.N Other side prick, its all the same to us. Its just as pathetic if she's retrapped Logan than if she's esconced on the couch face first in shit processed food. It's absolutely in her MO to spin a line but it's pointless cos we'll find a way to laugh at the silly cow any which way.

I don't care where she is. None of us do, Ravy. Our only reason for wanting you out of NZ is for Dorian, Lovely GF and Logan but we really don't give a fuck about you. Either you went, which makes you a sad old baggage, or you didn't. Which makes you a sad old baggage. But if you are thinking you're somehow manipulating us with all this mystery, get over yourself. It just looks more and more pathetic, wherever you are.

No. 447700

File: 1507640346300.png (51.83 KB, 684x321, Screenshot_2017-10-10-05-57-03…)

No. 447701


This is the main thing keeping my hope of Couchland alive.
I'm sure it would've occured to Raven to try staying offline on the day of her flight, but I don't think she would have the willpower to actually do it unless she was on her flight for real.

Can any anons remember how long she managed to stay offline for after faking her own death? IIRC it wasn't very long before the allure of shitty facebook games and sweet pity came to drag her back online.

No. 447704

Like I said several weeks ago, the raging narcissist in her is never going to relinquish control over her victims, I mean husband and son. She will never leave NZ until Logan is sufficiently miserable and completely broken so that she knows he will never enter another pussy. And even then, her previous m.o. would be to secure another dick to swing onto first but she's getting too old to successfully do that so this may well be her swan song. Logan and poor Dorian won't be rid of this Gorg from Fraggle Rock until she fucking dies.

No. 447711

>…and start of working week.

That is a really good point I hadn't considered. Hopefully she's sitting in a cheap motel while josh brings hom her bacon, eating her fill of Taco Bell while furiously "adjusting" her social media, instead of continuing to blight the lives of 3 young adults. (Josh absolutely deserves her, and she him, so I don't care if they blight each other's lives.)

No. 447723

i think some people think she may when Josh sent Dorian that really nasty message after Raven discovered they were posting here

No. 447734


Exactly. Tbh, the only reason I hope she has gone is so I can enjoy the shit-show without any pangs of conscience. Couchie's an adult, they both lie their tits off - let them enjoy throwing pans at each other.

It just seems sus timing to me and she's always banging on about "fucking with the haaayduuurz." The fact a 40+ hag even has that in her vocabulary, let alone mindset, says it all. Talk about a sterile, empty life…all obsession, scheming and machinating over random unknowns who are just entertaining themselves on the lavvy. Achievement unlocked, Ravy. Be proud.

No. 447744

I posted my conspiracy theory last thread that she wouldn't leave NZ unless it was with Logan, but she still might have. I hope she did. Yesterday was Columbus Day, I dunno but hopefully Josh had yesterday off, so today would be her first day alone at Motel 6 and she would finally have time to get down with some internet shenanigans.

No. 447746

Most corporations don't celebrate Columbus Day so I'd be surprised…unless he just had is scheduled off anyways. But either way, I have a bad feeling she's not in the US. Pray for Logan everyone.

No. 447772

I'm still leaning toward her being in couch land. She just deactivated her social media because she's throwing a temper tantrum after being exposed by Dorian and GF. Controlling our access to her information is her only form of power in this situation.

And if she is in couch land, it's hilarious that she spent her first moments with her "love that was more than love" rage deleting her shit kek. Pathetic.

No. 447803

All vids in the 'Josh and my new life' playlist are now gone. Last time I checked the 'how I met Josh' was still up.

Have we seen this?
They are not listed.
Two vids of live shows Raven went with Logan on August 24th



I think she realized that 'being disrespectful to someone you never even met' is not really a reason to end a 5yo marriage.
Gosh dammit

No. 447809

I don't recall ever seeing this (although maybe I skipped them cuz they are boring af). Good find anon!

No. 447814

Ugh, she's one of those people who films an entire gig on her phone.

Is Logan shown in these? I couldn't see him.

No. 447815

I'm a research nerd as well due to my endless curiousity, and usually it takes a long time to find absolutely as much as possible. But when it come to Raven, yeah, exhausting! I don't even understand how she runs a million facebook accs like a psycho lol.

No. 447817

Shows how much time she has to waste online.

No. 447819

Wow, I was going to link you the video. I had put that video in a playlist but she deleted it already. It was an old video, but a "rare" one on an old YouTube account of hers. I guess she reads here a lot. Anyway, the lengthy video was her complaining about why she's treated differently when she shares just as much as anyone else, hilarious…

Exactly. We would have never known anything but she literally did this to herself. Have you seen the video where she explains how she used to torture, cut open, stuff, and then sew up animals since she was in some weird cult? And in the same breath, saying not to judge her because the past is the past. She can thank herself for making it easy for others to recognize her as a nutcase.

No. 447820

Ikr? The first vid I ever saw of her made me really synpthasize and empathize, and yet just a few more made me feel sick because she's ridiculous.

No. 447821

Seems like she's monitoring this page all day. She must be real pissed off to dedicate all her time to us h8ers!

Hi Gravy!! Now who has no life??

No. 447823

I still think this too. Hopefully we're right!

No. 447828

If she's fucking around with her vids now, it must be 2-3am in NZ? Or early afternoon in the US. Seems like she's trying awful hard to delete Couchie - for reelz or to "fool" us?

What part of "we don't care" did you miss, Ravy? Unless you have done the adult thing for once in your life and taken steps to provide for yourself under your own agency (ha ha ha. As if) then it's laughable any way you play it. All this pissing around just makes you look even more of a twat.

No. 447836

Sucks for her actual supporters who paid for her to be with her tru luv. She's disappeared from social media basically and privated the josh vids too, all without any explanation to those who actually cared. Shows just how ungrateful she is.

No. 447844

Another prime part of that Birthday video is where she says she NEVER begs for money or ANYTHING from ANYONE.

Cut to three years later and she's begging for money to help pay for flights she potentially didn't even take.

No. 447848

I have a sneaking suspicion that she didn't even pay for the ticket and just faked the itinerary. She got all that money and instead of using it for the flight like she was supposed to, she pissed it all away on shit for herself, and oops! didn't have enough for the flight any longer.

No. 447852

Naw, she showed a screen shot of her receipt for the plane ticket. Also, she's not clever enough nor a good enough actor to stage the video surprising Josh.

No. 447876

Yeah like for us it’s no big deal, milk comes and goes. But what about those people who gave th money or the phones or any support. How will she explain the disappearance to those who “cares”? Make up another bullying story?

No. 447890

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a fb for every phase she gets to. It’s easier for her to make a new fb (no real friends to loose) to hide the posts and drama she got into instead of going through the deleting stuff right then. She reposts old videos and pics selectively so she does keep things she cares for still. This means that the era of fb videos can be hidden easily by just not using that account for a bit. And she must eventually go through and delete or save the pics she likes and resets the accounts to switch over when she wants.

No. 447905

File: 1507659947522.jpg (58.39 KB, 986x326, sohawt.JPG)

More "look how hawt I am, everyone wants me"

No. 447909

I'm going off the rails on a Gravy train !!
Should be her new motto.

No. 447921

Jesus fucking Christ Raven, can you get out of this forum like, for an hour? We are trying to talk about you, geez, people have no clue.

Yeah, she shoved the camera on his face a couple of times. He looked like he was enjoying the gig while she was just randomly recording it all.

No. 447928

And the name of that guy… Albert Einstein.

No. 447960

Lol when she doesn't realize this is just a game people play with you. I don't know how many women are fed the delusion that they look younger than they are. I don't doubt the surprise might have come from how she dresses for a 41 year old woman. Embarrassing.

No. 447968


I think of most 40 year old women as sophisticated, mature women who have stable jobs and dress conservatively, so I'm not surprised the guy didn't realise she was 40 at first lmao

No. 447987

File: 1507668032412.png (1.64 MB, 1363x760, ilook18.png)

Sure Raven dear. Is that a dead Sharpei on your forehead?

No. 447989

Damn. I thought she aged better? Isn’t that what she claimed? She looks older than her age. That’s for sure. Reminds me of the 90 year old Thai restaurant cook by my place that grunts all day.

No. 447997

She's been trying to play up her superior Azn genetics forever now. Could you imagine waking up to >>447987 every morning? Especially since she apparently doesn't wear makeup except for videos and going out.

No. 447999

And she wonders why her past Lurves turn to porn over her. Hell, if she’s in couchland, I bet good ole boy Joshy will too after he first face rinse. But as she says, they loved with a love that was more than love (before he seen her without filters)

No. 448006


>She's been trying to play up her superior Azn genetics forever now.

While simultaneously literally trying to whiteface her Azn away

No. 448022

From September 2016 "Some Advice to my Younger Self"

After talking about what she should have done to provide and care for Dorian better:

>I wish I could tell myself these things in real life, and I wonder how much differently my life would have turned out. But at the same time who knows. I wouldn't have Logan, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't look like this. I mean, everything that I am I wouldn't be if I had taken that advice when I was younger. So it's kind of a hard call because, on the one hand, I could have maybe given my son a better life. On the other hand, I thought I was giving him a good life, and it still didn't turn out great.

No. 448030

File: 1507672328886.png (482.9 KB, 800x618, Screenshot_2017-10-10-14-43-27…)

>I don't even like dogs, unless I can use them as accessories

No. 448033

File: 1507672547149.png (466.3 KB, 800x617, Screenshot_2017-10-10-14-54-15…)

No. 448034

File: 1507672574532.png (Spoiler Image,364.18 KB, 800x613, Screenshot_2017-10-10-14-45-07…)

No. 448036

File: 1507672965295.png (30 KB, 800x197, Screenshot_2017-10-10-14-59-59…)

She posted on Goth Boys on the 7th.

No. 448044

File: 1507674606724.jpg (Spoiler Image,175.98 KB, 712x1067, IMG_3287.JPG)

" I'm not a whore "- Hagravren Sparks

No. 448045

not her

No. 448057

Someone needs to push that beached whale back in the water. Goddamn her ass is so flat.

No. 448063

When the editing is so bad your ass looks like it's 2D…

No. 448138

IHOP’s pancakes have more curves than her ass. She obviously shops her skin to be white. She’s not pale.

No. 448144

File: 1507691468915.png (623.36 KB, 1334x750, D039ECF4-B5F8-469B-980D-70A5DB…)

Anyone catch in the vidme archived videos (Josh 1) where Raven admits to Josh that she has around 60 fake profiles. I took and attached a screenshot marking the time she starts divulging (about 33 minutes in)
60 additional profiles?!? That’s an excessive amount of crazy. Wow.

I’m new to posting a comment here, so if I screwed it up, my bad.

No. 448154

type 'sage' in the email field only and leave the rest blank. otherwise I would not have know you're new. welcome

No. 448157

And all this time I thought I was insane because I've had about 3 fake fb accounts to basically find and block my nosy relatives. Damn, lol.

No. 448159

This does nothing but emphasize how saggy and flappy her tits are, why would she do this. That tit is just so sad.

No. 448161

anyone remember a hiatus from social media when she faked her death?
i’m wondering how long she’ll be, The suspense is killing me.
I mean, I suppose it’s for the best if she were to stay off and better her life.
But, I doubt this will happen.

No. 448186

Yeah I remember that. What does she use them all for? Just for likes on her main profile?

I wish she had mentioned a username so we could see what these other accounts are about.

No. 448194

the actual fuck is that makeup though?

No. 448198

She would have greatly benefited from a tongue scraper…

No. 448204

Well, since she's privated/removed every single Josh video and the ones where she discussed the end of her relationship with Logan, I'm thinking she did quit things with Josh and went back to Logan.

No. 448205

I mean, she did want to show off being with Josh, didn't she? So it doesn't really make sense that she'd go this far to hide it just for jokes.

No. 448206

Josh seemed pretty active on Facebook though so why just keep her face plastered over your Facebook if she left you and went back to her ex?

No. 448208

Omg I totally forgot about that. Right. So you think she seriously did all this just for attention? Damn. It's hard to process because it's so abnormal and extreme.

Then again, my best friend's ex (who hates his guts now) still has photos of him up. Maybe it's some false hope that things can still work out me be all good again.I really wonder what's going on.

No. 448211

It's almost impossible to know what lengths this she beast will go through in order to feel like she's superior to her haters, She's told so many lies in the past she can barely keep her origin story straight, Personally like I stated before I think she did go just because she really isn't smart enough to stay offline for flight times and come on for stop overs, especially since she didn't actually tell us what flight she was on but yet the flight times still matched to the most probable one, I will say I'm super surprised she's managed this long offline but if she is in couch land then everything is new and she has a distraction for now, If she was in NZ she'd be climbing the walls not being online and begging for her usual attention.

No. 448212

>abnormal and extreme
That's every day in the world of Raven.

She could be feeling some culture shock as well as isolation in the hotel room all day (assuming she went over there). If she was feeling on top of things she'd be gloating.

Another anon said she wants to avoid questions more than avoid us, and I agree.

No. 448213

Maybe he killed her on arrival and is waiting for someone to report her missing.

Don't hold your breath, bruv.

No. 448214

uhm for Dorian's sake I really hope not, that would be terrible. You can hate your mom but it would be extremely hard to deal with her death

No. 448215

Nahhhhh, He'll be fine……

" What is dead may never die "

No. 448216

nah I'm his fiance, I'm sure he would not be fine anon. Lets hope she was not murdered and is in fact just an average asshole as usual. I'm pretty sure one of her accounts joined messenger the other day anyway, lmao. She's not offline she just made some wee accounts to occupy herself, I believe.

No. 448217


Has anyone tried ringing her NZ phone number to see if it connects or has an international dialling code? Easy way to see if she's still there…

No. 448218

neither of us have her number, she switches phones fairly often. she took Dorian's phone, which is how she contacted me, and the phone she called me on is really old and doesn't have saved numbers. If anyone else has her number do try it.

No. 448219

I'm guessing dorian really isn't on contact terms with Ryan either or Logan to ask either ?

No. 448220

haha, you're correct there buddy. He and Ryan were friends, but we came to lolcow which obviously put a wedge between them. Logan was never really his friend after he started dating his mom, so no contact there either, sorry.

No. 448223

Someone should just send Ryan all the stories she publicly told about him, About the fisting rape, I'd love to hear his side.

No. 448224

If Ryan really did physically abuse him, the death of that 'friendship' is a blessing.

No. 448225


It really fucks me off that Dorian is ostracised for nothing more than speaking his truth. Most teenagers go through a stage if hating their parents and we don't have bloody Raven as a mother.

How spectacularly immature of Ryan to cut Dorian just because he and Lovely GF said stuff here - stuff he's entitled to say and besides, it's hardly been excoriating, in fact it's staggering how chill he is. Nobody gets to deny his perception but it's a miracle he speaks at all, given the consequences he's learned.

Fuck you, Raven and all your little cronies, for removing your son's voice. Especially as you bitch and moan endlessly about your parents. And props to Lovely GF for giving him that voice back - once someone has been reduced that far, it's a long road.

Sage for impotent ranting.

No. 448226

Lol you crack me up. It's true, it really is an everyday thing for her.

That anon happens to be me, and likewise, I agree with you as well. She has no good answer for anything, I'd be hiding too. I wonder how long her shock/terrible decisions in general will keep her distracted.

No. 448227

Exactly, she's not clever enough for it all. It's harsh, but just one look at her appearance says it all.

No. 448228

when did josh empty that josh-n-raven insta account? it's private and 0 posts - has it been that way for a while?

No. 448230

It's a wild thought but I actually did think of this scenario too since she's done so many out of character things lately (meaning it could be Josh posing as her), but I don't think he'd ever be able to get her to tell him her passwords. Besides, the biggest obstacle is everyone knowing who she went to meet. He'd be the number one sus.

No. 448231


But when you lose something people don't want..

People don't look for it…

No. 448232

His Instagram has always been like that from the start

No. 448233


He may not have. Raven could have set it up - she's more interested in being seen as loved than actually loved.

I'd be more inclined to believe she didn't go except the timings tell against - long gaps, posting during stopovers, sudden removal of everything when Couchie has to go to work. The deletion activity has mostly happened within a working-day US timeframe.

Maybe it did all go tits up. As I said y'day, it's all just as much fun either way. Dunno which i want more, her in small-town hell or the story she'll spin if it all went to hell!

No. 448235

But it's just so outrageous nonetheless. Look at the poll posted here earlier, I think it was over 50 people who voted within minutes. That's like a hundred people maybe who know she's going to see Josh. I really don't think he'd try something. Though if she really is hurt, regardless of everything she's done, she's still a mother to someone and I'd truly feel very bad.

That being said, I really think she's ok and just being dramatic.

No. 448236

Hm regardless of how shallow their love is/was, it's undeniable that they were serious. He plastered her face all over his personal Facebook, and she actually purchased a flight ticket (doesn't matter if it was her money or not). These things say that they really expected to be together in person. So it's strange that she would "cancel" her flight randomly, while he still has her face posted everywhere.

No. 448238

Agreed but I'm sure you all know the story of The boy who cried wolf?

No. 448239

So you think there's a possibility she's in danger/something bad like that happened? (I don't, but I'm curious)

No. 448241

Raven's just being overdramatic, as she always is.
It's nothing new. She's either ashamed that she's still in NZ, or she's in the USA and ashamed that her life isn't as perfect immediately as she told us all it would be.

She's a whiny, manipulative, victimising piece of shit. Always has been, most likely always will be. She'll be back to her old ways in no time. Have no fear, fellow farmers, the milk will flow.

No. 448242

people are getting too thirsty and it's leading to some weird speculation.
anyhow, simplest explanation is probably it. things fell through, she's trying to hide all the evidence it ever happened, then she'll turn up again and pretend none of it happened. Probably via an account with Logan's name on it.
Meanwhile, if I'm on fb, I'm not looking at my own profile lol. if he doesn't want to talk about it, he probably doesn't want to think about it either.

No. 448243


I honestly couldn't be sure but lets be honest she flew across the world without probably even knowing his registered address, She probably just got as far as " You're coming to the airport right ?! "

Stranger things have happened, Plus does the guy seem stable to you guys? From what we've seen of him plus Claudia's testimonial, It's perfectly plausible.

No. 448245

He did seem to have a big temper. I don't think he's stable or right in the head, especially since he picked Raven as his future wife. However, idk it just seems like something that extreme would happen in a movie and not real life.

No. 448246

I agree but weirder things do happen, Women travel to meet men all the time and go missing, Even some with fairly large online presence, It would be stupid answering a message with " I don't wanna talk about it " though, Someone message his gran ask her if she got the 411 ! she's still friends with Claudia….Kek.

No. 448247

Not accusing anyone of being Raven, but some of the speculation is getting pretty out there/weirdly specific currently. Maybe it's just me, but it seems fishy as fuck.

We have way more evidence of Raven threatening people with violence/murder and actually physically assaulting people (Dorian and Ally, for example) than we do of Josh doing that kind of shit.

No. 448248


Agreed. Maybe she went and is having a lovely time with Couchie. Maybe she didn't. But wild speculation just plays into her "they're obsessed with me" schtick, and extrapolation tends to become truth in a vacuum.

If she's fucking with us, we're rewarding her with out-there scenarios. If she's hiding, she'll use that speculation to deflect from whatever the reality is. We'll find out soon enough and it'll be mental either way.

No. 448249

Not her account or does someone else post on there

No. 448250

That's because people have been following her every move for years, Normally people who go nuts don't really tend to announce it on social media before they snap and kill someone, It's probably not even close to being true but it's still a possible scenario that she got face to face with him and he flipped out about her obsession with her ex's

No. 448251

True, I'm a girl myself and it almost happened to me, except with an angry date I refused. Anyway, it's kind of weirding me out now. She doesn't speak to Dorian, any of her family, and Josh has disappeared from her social media. But Logan or Ryan would have heard back by now, and if not, I'm sure one of them would have made a worried post about it. I think she's ok. I'm totally expecting her to return with some wild sob story.

No. 448252

Well either way, it's clear things didn't go well for her and that she's not happy (or else she'd gloat about it). This is just ppl guessing which of the million things could have gone wrong for someone as psychotic as Raven. Though it may make her feel special, it doesn't change the fact that her life is currently a train wreck, so does it really matter anyway?

No. 448253

lol, sorry, I posted the initial suggestion as a joke and came back to find people speculating on it seriously. I agree it's unlikely, I never meant it as a realistic scenario.


The fact she plays to us is hilarious. Imagine your life being this much of a trainwreck, then imagine broadcasting that to the public in detail, and THEN imagine checking on your "haters" and setting up tricks for them, like fake death.

No. 448254

Ok I caused trouble suggesting he killed her before, but, just for lulz… what if she killed him.

She deleted the videos connecting them and is hiding out while using Josh's social media accounts instead of her own while she avoids the law.

No. 448255

She's got him dressed up as a gothic mannequin !!? Mounted in the corner !

No. 448256

Daamn. Would be such a plot twist. And she'd come back to NZ claiming she never made it to the States.

No. 448258

Apologies for not saging !

I laughed so hard I forgot!!

No. 448259

Or waiting in nz for someone to report /him/ missing

No. 448260

it beats the current theory of 'the last thing she did before he killed her was delete all her social media profiles'
previously I pictured raven riding a Rascal down to taco bell; now I'm imagining an OJ style police chase instead.

No. 448262

OJ style police chase with Gravy on a rascal.

No. 448263

…covered in fake blud.

Or IS it fake? Dododerdoo dododerdoo…

No. 448264


All this is why she's my fave cow. Just hearing a grown adult talking about "haaaydurz" is hilarious; add in that she's but a tiny blip on these sites supposedly all about her and I start needing oxygen.

The cow that just keeps on giving.

No. 448268

>"My Boyfriend lured me to America then made me a sex slave"
Any minute now.

No. 448269

"He fist raped me and didn't take me to taco bell"

No. 448271

Maybe she just got into the neighbours yard?

No. 448273


How burned would the buyer feel if they bought their sex-slave unseen? Some sweaty old perv buys a ton of lube and waits in anticipation for his lusty US cheerleader. The box arrives, he opens it shaking with anticipation, and…


I'd want a refund.

No. 448274


We can live in hope ;-)

No. 448281

I couldn't agree more, anon.

She is definitely not dead. She's just tantruming.

On the eve of her departure Dorian was supposed to realize she was right and make up with her (classic passive aggressive narcissist mother behavior - always know they are right and are just waiting for everyone else to realize it). Instead, he (and GF) came to lolcow to give a narrative that A. is different from hers and B. made her look bad. And, to add insult to injury, all he and GF received was love and acceptance from us, something she desperately wants yet has never achieved. There is no way she wasn't/still is super upset over that.

Also, she is still human. Leaving your only child on a bad note/life you've known for 10 years must be difficult. And we all know how she handles stress lol.

I think her deleting all her social media:

1. Is an attempt to punish Dorian. By deleting all her shit she's effectively cut off communication from him. So even if he wanted to check on her and make sure she is ok and not murdered (which is natural for any child, regardless of how they were treated), he is left wondering. Which, as we all know, is Gravy's favorite form of attention. It also give's her the last word, in her mind, which is clearly super important to her.

2. As a bonus, she get's to punish us by keeping us wondering too.

I believe she made it to couchland. She's fine, just irate. Over the past few days, any time someone has mentioned one of her posts/videos on here, within minutes she removes it - this is her way of showing us that she is watching and is ultimately in control lol.

I also believe the random posts saying "don't ask how I know, but she is in NZ and broke up with Josh" was her. She's trying to stir up confusion. She will inevitably make a triumphant video about how happy she is in couchland and use a (very) select few examples of us speculating she is ded to gloat about how stoopid we all are and how she is the gravyiest puppet master ever.

Sage for armchair psychology, but I enjoyed myself.

TLDR: she's in couchland, alive, throwing an online fit.

No. 448282

Lovely fiance! Congrats to you both!

Yes, I know, sage

No. 448284

Kek you're hugely exaggerating there anon. Maybe a hundred people have voted now, but 2 hours after the link was posted yesterday there was 30ish votes.

No. 448285

File: 1507724525447.jpeg (115.63 KB, 750x1009, D2B79799-73CF-40AA-A76E-2BDC1D…)

Gets me every time lmao

No. 448289

fuck me, that video was a kek goldmine

No. 448294

This sounds most accurate tbh

No. 448295

"oh geez… Guess I have to kill her nkq :/" KEK

No. 448296

Now* sorry I'm laughing soo hard

No. 448300

you know her better than she knows herself, anon.

No. 448330


Yep, that's pretty much how I see it too.

With the added rage that Dorian is probably supposed to have realised at the last minute that she is indeed the fulcrum around which his life turns, and now be a sobbing mess because she's gone. She was probably hoping he'd come to the airport just too late and, having been too late for the dramatic scene she envisioned, pine away in recognition of his terrible loss.

You just know Ravy is the sort of person who imagines everyone feeling terrible at her funeral, all moping around wishing they'd seen how wonderful she truly was and now, alas, too late as she lies looking suitably goffik in her coffin with bawling husbands draped all over it. And there being a rota cos that many people want to sleep on her gravestone.

That's no doubt how Dorian (and Logan and Ryan and the rest of NZ) was supposed to react to her leaving, but yet again Dorian has let her down by just getting on with his life and not creating some dramatic leaving scene. Sucks to be Raven…

It blows my mind anyone can get to her age and still behave like life is some kind of trashy romance novel, full of purple prose and "sexy" vampires. Ker-razy.

No. 448332

When I voted, there were 47 votes.

No. 448333

Just curious, why do people use 'kek' here? I find it cringey but anyway, I saw that it's apparently from WoW so…. wot.

No. 448337

>why do you use kek
>uses wot

Shut the fuck up you inbred moron.

No. 448347

You're a dumbfuck but in case any other polite (not you) anon is wondering it's true origins is the Korean version of lol which is ㅋㅋㅋ (sounds like kekekeke) so kek is lol, and now fuck off.

No. 448350

My little sister (she's only 13) is a genuine fan of craven that how i discovered her. No idea why she likes her but shes going through a goth phase so thats probably why. Any hoo she commented on cravens birthday video early and said she loved her and asked how her trip to the US was and craven ignored the comment and deleted the video. Way to treat the very few people that actually like what you do rayray you cunt

No. 448351

File: 1507742915000.png (50.5 KB, 800x319, Screenshot_2017-10-11-10-13-37…)

Poll anon here. Please take the tallies with a grain of salt. When I set it up I turned on the "anti-cheat" option. But at various times when I have checked the poll it has reset, allowing me to vote three times from the same location, device, and IP (I distributed my votes between the first two options).

>When using advanced anti-cheat algorithms, there is a chance that genuine answers are considered cheating. The system uses an advanced calculation based on geographic location, client information, and other elements to calculate whether it is likely that a response is a cheat. If respondents are located mostly within the same sub-net (for example same company or university network) it might appear to Easypolls that they have the same IP address. If so, genuine respondents might be considered to be cheaters.

No. 448353

Where's all this anger coming from? Relax.

That's what we were talking about earlier, I can't believe she'd be so rude to her actual supporters. Well, I hope this at least deters your sister from being her fan.

No. 448354

Maybe as an older anon you should direct her to more positive alt influencers. Like, tell her what a shit human being Raven is for doing that to her, and block her shit out of your lil sis life.

I would.

No. 448356

Thanks for sharing. However, my point was that over a hundred people know that she went to meet Josh and I just used the poll as an example. With her YT subscribers, fb fans/friends, plus here, that adds up to a lot more than a hundred people anyway. I was saying how he probably wouldn't try to pull something because so many knew she's with him.

No. 448357

>>447573(learn 2 sage)

No. 448359


She made her 41st birthday video private since the screencap >>447181

No. 448360

Does anyone follow her on Twitter? She has very low following/follower counts, so she probably doesn't use it much if at all.


Why do you say that the Goth Boys post was not made by her?

No. 448363

Oh i have, she's fully aware of how I feel about craven she does follow more upbeat and positive gothic people too

No. 448364

Preach, fellow anon!

I think Goth Boys have other admins? She even said she lost control over it once, a 'company' tried to 'buy' it?

No. 448404

Completely off topic, but if she made it to couchland I'm gonna ship them so hard… Call the disgusting duo, RASH. (Raven+Josh= Rash) KEK!

No. 448408

File: 1507749049516.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.07 KB, 666x758, 4A16125B-FE0A-4290-826E-572258…)

This just in!! Confirmed she’s still with Logan!

No. 448411

LOL! omg wow. So she never left.

No. 448412

Damn, poor Logan. I feel really sorry for him for how under

She will never stay off the internet for long, she needs the attention to live. It will be back to her being online (with caveats at first, like "oh, but I HAVE to tell my followers about this store" or something equally as bullshit), and then before you know it it'll be right back to how it was before, with her posting every part of her life online and Logan having to put up with it.

One of the things Raven doesn't do is compromise. It's her way or no way, and while she's pretending that she will make sacrifices so Logan takes her back, it won't be long before that falls through. She is incapable of changing her ways, we have seen it time and again. This will be no different.

We can only hope Logan sticks to his guns and leaves her when she inevitably goes back to sharing everything.

No. 448414

What the fuck. Logan. Ugh.

No. 448418

Noooo! I knew she couldn't keep her grubby paws off his Kiwi Saver $$$. She'll convince him to move to America, then dump him asap.

GTFO while you can Logan.

No. 448419

wew he looks dead inside

No. 448420

We'll at least we know fb anon girl had a reason for her assumptions. She was right. God what a pedo cunt Raven is.

No. 448424

Well fuck. I was hoping Logan and everyone else involved would finally get rid of the old witch. Guess years of being beaten down by her can't change overnight for Logan, even if it's better for him to get away from her.

No. 448427

I wonder how horrified Logan's family must be feeling.

No. 448430


>When I see lolcow comments on certain things it reminds me to get rid of it

>I'm just trying to keep the focus off evidence of harassment and abuse which could be used against me as much as possible


No. 448433

I guess if his friend who posted here is still lurking… This is why he deleted you. She's back and has full control over him again. I'm sorry girl.

No. 448434

File: 1507750542973.png (49.39 KB, 800x302, Screenshot_2017-10-11-12-33-49…)


Thank you all for playing!

No. 448436

logan you cuck, we were rooting for you

No. 448440

>Josh stepped aside<

>Josh ran for the hills

No. 448442

This is why I never placed much hope in Logan. Why bother? He was a lost cause doormat from the start. I don't know what's with cows and human doormats as partners. I sincerely feel sorry for Dorian, his girlfriend and Logan's family. I don't even feel an inkling of pity for the people who donated money to her bitch ass, but said nothing when they saw her spending all of the money on bullshit like makeup. Here's to hoping that Hagraven fucks up with her threats and gets sent to jail or deported. Dumb cunt.

No. 448446

I wonder if they even bothered to file for divorce? They were legally married.

No. 448448

I'm really surprised she didn't try to manipulate/abuse Dorian and LG since she was still there. But still, it's hard for me to not feel sympathy for Logan. He was a child when she went after him. Diana you are a pathetic, disgusting pedophile and you deserve nothing positive in life.

No. 448449

Take comfort, anons, she'll get bored of him eventually and dick-hop her way to the US. I bet Josh wised up at the last minute and dumped her. only a matter of time until she finds someone who will actually go through with marrying her.

Chins up, lads!

No. 448450

File: 1507751229511.gif (945.75 KB, 295x221, giphy-4.gif)


Welp. I am off the pro-Logan train for good.

No. 448451

Yay! From Josh's reaction video, I knew he didn't think her visiting was a real thing. He was only playing around and probably wanted some gross nudes in the end. You don't go from couchland to independence for a fat goth whale overnight.

I sort of feel bad for Logan, but it's obviously what he wants. Let's see how long her promise will last. Hope you enjoy seeing the "Josh" tattoo on your wife's finger, Logan. You're sure stupid.

No. 448452

Man. Welp Loga, you had a shot at having a decent life. Sorry you didn't take it. I hope you got some therapy during the time your wife cheated on you with another man while emotionally abusing you and her son.

No. 448454

Someone should send this thread to Josh, now that he's "allowed" to read it. I'd do it myself, but I don't use Facebook.

He dodged a bullet, though I can't help but feel sorry for Logan and all of NZ. >>448408 He looks utterly defeated.

No. 448457

File: 1507751801217.png (143.28 KB, 894x677, codependent-heart.png)


>I don't know what's with cows and human doormats as partners.

No. 448460

>>says she will stay offline
>>already made a video and will publish it eventually

Lol. Why? Why even share it if you decided to stay offline and work on your relationship? Raven if you have any brain cells left, leave your online life and focus on your husband and how to finally make him smile for once.

Or don't. I love seeing this shitshow.

The only people I feel sorry right now is Logans family. I would poison that bitch if I was Logans mom.

No. 448463

>Josh stepped aside
as in, I dumped him for not giving me the attention I needed

>I promised Logan I wouldn't be online like that and make our lives public

I give her 5 days.

>I only log in to check with people I'm close and when I get comments on certain things it reminds me to get rid of it.

And us, like everyday, every hour. Hi Raven.

>We did make a video…

Ok, so… changing my bet… 2 days.

NEW POOL - What will Josh tattoo cover up be?

What about the love that was bigger than your saggy tits? Really?? "Nah… he stepped aside"…
And you don't know why you are a cow, Raven? ffs

You cheated on your husband with a stranger in the internet, YOU MADE A VIDEO ABOUT HOW JOSH WAS BETTER THAN LOGAN!!!!!! WITH LOGAN BY YOUR SIDE!!!!
You tattoo his name on your fucking finger, you begged for donations and got help from you followers just to, what? "Nah, i changend my mind?"

I'm out.

No. 448467

>NEW POOL - What will Josh tattoo cover up be?<

The name of the next dude she cheats on Logan with

No. 448468

A Love That was More Than Love

Only $1265.78!

No. 448470

File: 1507752990002.gif (1005.81 KB, 498x281, gds.gif)

fucking hell logan get your life together

No. 448476

Huh, he has facial hair in that photo. Either he grew a beard, shaved for her birthday, then grew one again, or they were already together before her birthday, not long after buying the ugly bear (and he since kowtowed to her preferences that he shave)

Don't feel sorry for him now. Logan is dead. Now there's just a meatspace sock puppet for Raven that looks like him. He has no will of his own; he is just an agent for the dark beast. He had his chance to escape and he chose this fate. Do not mourn him.

See now I definitely feel sorry for his family.

No. 448479

I doubt it, she had to wait until they moved out to be separated and it takes 2 years.

It’s a shame Logan missed out on a normal life to get back with the pedo mom. He was so close to being free, he should have kept his distance and kept his regrets to himself.

If you guys haven’t yet, download the rest of the videos so whatever deletions only affect her not us.

No. 448483

for the gracious anon that filled us in on kek, thank you. i legit felt like an idiot.

sage for stupidity

No. 448484

Jesus, the pathetic look and posture on Logan and he barely clutches onto Raven's shoulder is one of the most pathetic things I've ever seen. I wonder how much you'll have to do to keep Raven happy, Logan? Till she finds her next couch and the ship sails for America again.

No. 448485

Josh was an arsehole and a grown man to boot. He should have copped that bullet.

But Logan has worked longer and has savings. Kaching.

Shit, maybe Josh's latest piss test came back bad and his cashflow is under question.

Here's a way to prove your love for Logan besides staying offline - get a fucking job.

No. 448491

>You cheated on your husband with a stranger in the internet, YOU MADE A VIDEO ABOUT HOW JOSH WAS BETTER THAN LOGAN!!!!!! WITH LOGAN BY YOUR SIDE!!!! You tattoo his name on your fucking finger, you begged for donations and got help from you followers just to, what? "Nah, i changend my mind?"

This!! I just don't understand Logan, how can he still want to be with her when she has humiliated him on multiple occasions??!!

No. 448494

Yeah I have been kinda prepared for this. She's never going to let him go because she knows he's the best chance she has.

No. 448497

I don't generally use this word because it's used stupidly on the internet and makes me cringe, but if we could go all Onision for a second and refer to the dictionary definition, I believe our boy Logan here qualifies as a C U C K

No. 448499

He told me he believes everything on this site is exaggerated. She is a huge manipulator, and she uses it to her advantage, because he never stopped caring for her.

No. 448500

Are you Logan's friend? I know some of us were pretty harsh on ya, but we are a hate site. I still think it's nice that you were trying to be supportive and now you know that you were deleted because he went back to her and it wasn't personal. So what's your opinion of Logan now that he's gone back?

No. 448501

The guy's in too deep. How depressing. Exaggerated? We just go by what the hag herself posts, no exaggeration necessary. She truly has groomed him, disgusting

No. 448502

Our commentary on her beast-like looks may be exaggerated, but she cheated on him and was going to leave him giving zero fucks. I mean does he even give a shit about himself? She made him give up everything they had together for some man she barely knew. How much does this kid hate himself?

No. 448507

I sometimes wonder if she has done the opposite and is lying that she is still with logan and has already gone to couchland. It would not surprise me all that much as she lives for our attention.

No. 448508


Just evidence that she's going to pretend to stick to her word for a couple of weeks (I give it under a month) until she's fully convinced Logan has absolutely no backbone whatsoever and will never leave of his own accord, the lovebombing ends, and we're back to our regularly scheduled milk.

No. 448509

I think this, Way too fishy

The story…and her genitals

No. 448513

Same, it cringes me out as well but I agree. It's always fine to dislike words, not sure why people lost their cool because someone didn't like "kek."

Yeah. There's no hope for him anymore. I honestly don't think he will ever be okay.

No. 448515


'Cuck' is super overused on the internet but what the fuck else do you call someone who would take back their ex who still has the name of the "love that was more than love" they cheated on you with tattooed on their fucking finger?

No. 448517

I thought of this for a second, too. I mean, why would she even share all this info with a random on fb? And the random person just happened to ask her that in the few minutes her fb was back up again? How come no one mentioned that her fb was even back? My tin foil hat is on fiyah.

No. 448518

It's like he LIKES to be a doormat. Anyway sorry, I can't italicize or anything on my cellphone. Do you think Logan reads lolcow? I feel like if he did, he wouldn't take her back.

No. 448522


Only an affidavit and no independent proof of separation is required.

No. 448523

that's what a cuck is. someone who likes being the doormat.

No. 448524

I'm not the person that posted the info but she gave me the EXACT same response. To the t. Basically in my case. I messaged her and it took her a few days to respond. My guess is that she signed back in for whatever reason, saw mine and other people's messages and gave a cookie cutter answer as to what was going on. As far as answering the question of "why is she sharing with random people!!!". Uh, when have we ever known her to not overshare. I kid you not, when Marmalade died and it wasn't known yet but she made a status about being upset, I messaged her and the FIRST, and I mean the FIRST thing she sent me was a full color bloody picture of the dead cat. I love cats so this really upset me. I didn't ask for the picture. She literally could have said "Oh, she died" but instead she sent me a horrible picture. That's just what she does.

No. 448525

If he did read here but still got back with her, he'd be the cuckiest cuck of all the cucks that ever got cucked.

I bring attention to the facial hair on Logan that makes me think this was filmed well before her birthday, when Logan bought her the ugly bear. If she was going to fake this it makes sense she did it in advance… or because we haven't even see the video, this is just a goodbye photo together that she's misappropriated.

Hope lives.

No. 448528

Exactly the same like copypasta?

No. 448529

No. 448531

I mean Logan has a job and I don't think Raven will be able to control herself being alone 8 hours and stay offline.

I'm expecting a video this weekend lol

No. 448535

Same. I give up. Boooo Logan! Not sure why you would go back to someone who was practically going to leave you for some guy online. Pathetic. Also, if the bitch doesn't make a video apologising to her donators and goes off the radar, she really is scum. I mean, those people who donated are dumbasses for doing so, but I'm sure a lot of them would like to know where their ticket money went.

No. 448539


No, he doesn't. He's unhappy and very confused right now.

This cunt really did a number on this poor kid's head.

No. 448542

File: 1507760020109.png (160.95 KB, 698x283, infographics-codependency-inte…)

No. 448543

fucking hell logan!!!! we were all rooting for you.

lol he deserves whatever fate he has while he's with Raven.

No. 448546

lol @ this fat ugly old pedobitch
can you imagine that beast lowering her naked body on to yours, with her drooping teats and her old man face, fucking disgusting.

No. 448548

You can sell your wares elsewhere Ravey
Cause I ain't fucking buying this

No. 448550


We know, you already made one infographic about it, say something substantial or shut the fuck up already.

No. 448551

So pathetic. Even more pathetic that in one of the recent videos she's making him say he likes paying for it and it's not her 'making him do it' and 'he makes his own choices' and Logan just parrots it. Logan is so pathetic that I no longer have any sympathy.

No. 448553


I totally hope that she can't keep her fat mouth shut and lands in jail. She's another cow I can't help actively wishing negative shit on.

Ugh, she's such a pig.

No. 448555


You don't understand the concept of grooming, lucky you've never had anyone do it to you, you'd be so well equipped to handle it, amirite?

No. 448559


>>>I bring attention to the facial hair on Logan that makes me think this was filmed well before her birthday, when Logan bought her the ugly bear. If she was going to fake this it makes sense she did it in advance… or because we haven't even see the video, this is just a goodbye photo together that she's misappropriated.


No. 448560

Holy shit. Anything for attention then, huh? I should've known. I love cats too and sorry you saw that.

No. 448562

Some of us would, some of us wouldn't, but there comes a point where personal responsibility kicks in, and that point was reached when Logan had an out, a period of time away from her influence, time as a young man, not a boy anymore, to have a good look at his life and think about wtf happened.

Even if Raven has made him into a pathetic loser, he is nonetheless a pathetic loser.

No. 448563

I DON'T EVEN LIKE CATS and I feel horrible that she sent that shit around. Just kidding. Raven is a psycho sending that shit around unsolicited or without warning. Who would even take a pic of their dead pet anyways?

No. 448564

Damn, I want to believe this but it just seems like so much fucking work.

Wait, this is Raven we're talking about.
Fuck it, she's totally capable of this level of retarded fuckery.

No. 448566

Yeah I was absolutely shocked. It wasn't the photo you guys saw on her Instagram either. Imagine that, but with 10x more gore and also coming out of nowhere and filling your computer screen. I couldn't close my computer fast enough. I was sad the rest of the day. I'm not even joking.

No. 448567

If it is an old picture or footage, it is necessarily milky, because either they got back together ages ago or she got Logan to lie about getting back together just to fool the haters that supposedly broke them up to begin with.

No. 448568


The idea that Raven actually gave him 'time to be alone' is laughable and you've clearly never been around a narcissist, let alone been married to one, or have them as a family member because what you're saying is pretty stupid.

No. 448569

I'm not that anon, but what's up with people here getting extremely angry at posters here today? Chill out. Let others react how they want to. It's all an entertaining show anyway. Not everyone likes the same things, so who cares? Don't take this personally btw, it's not just you.

No. 448571

After such a drought of milk…boo, this is not what I wanted at all. I wanted rage vids at Taco Bell! Couch-bitching! I have the uncomfortable feeling we trolled ourselves somehow. Gross.

No. 448572

Actually I have said experience, I just don't blogpost or project about it too much. BPD mother, malignant covert narc ex. And I've been a pathetic loser in the past. Siblings with stronger personalities have reacted quite differently and therefore not been losers.

There's an overlap between victim and enabler, but coddling enablers and keeping them above criticisms for their decisions is infantilising and counterproductive. They will keep enabling if they think they don't share in the blame.

Logan, Ryan, etc, are enablers.

No. 448574

I'm guessing some NZ anons might be taking the news pretty hard.

Or Raven.

No. 448575

Eh, I think people are feeling disappointed in Logan if this story is true, and disgusted that maybe Raven is getting away with her usual fuckery. Also maybe a bit worried for Lovely Fiance and Dorian's peace of mind, if it is true. It's making people edgy, I guess.

I am on the fence with whether she is trying to pull as fast one or not. I guess we'll see.

No. 448576

No, we didn't troll ourselves. Cmon, these have been the most exciting bathroom breaks I've had in ages, I regret nothing.

It still might all work out, anon. You may still get your taco-stained couch schadenfreude. Stay positive.

No. 448577

Some may feel this way. After all, Raven came in laughing that she kept us guessing and she sure as hell did. I, for one, had a blast. People were grabbing some vintage milk, speculating, we got to hear from Dorian and his girlie. Milk floweth over, holy grail.

No. 448578

Raven had probably decided to stay when her and Logan got those matching tattoos a few weeks back. In a way she had committed to working the relationship with Logan out by deleting all her social media like he asks, but we all know she will be back to doing her thing before too long. She can't help herself.

Logan had a period of freedom and still chose of his own will to go back to her. Groomed or not, Stockholm Syndrome or not, he is a grown adult back in his family's care who decided he couldn't live without being in a relationship with her.

Even knowing she had moved on, cheated on him, made multiple videos of how shit he is compared to Couchboyhe still wants to be with her.

Don't feel bad for him. He could have ran for the hills. And remember all the racist, horrible shit he comes out with? These two idiots deserve each other.

No. 448579


Ryan is an enabler, Logan was sexually abused, big difference. Let's just agree to disagree, it's derailing already.

No. 448580

The video was taken (or edited) 6 days ago

No. 448582

I hope Logan continues to use loads of porn, so much so that Raven runs for the hills again.

You know it's only a matter of time. There's no way she's going to be able to stay with Logan after she got a taste of new drama horizons.

How can she possibly write those True Romance screeds without new experiences? She'll be out soon enough.

No. 448583

>stronger personalities have reacted quite differently and therefore not been losers.
pls no more of the pop psych, you're not doing very well.

No. 448584

Dorian's fiance here; we're both literally dying of laughter. this is hilarious. Thank you lolcow for all the lols you've provided, the speculating was funny as and we appreciate all this info. it's so funny. just thanks x so many laughs and taken the stress off big time aha.

No. 448585

So the day before she was supposed to leave ? Interesting…

No. 448586

Do you guys have any way to confirm any of this ? Did she live near by ?

Oh and you're welcome ha!

No. 448587

lol @ you bitching about someone else blogposting
just sayin

No. 448588

Nah we don't have any way to confirm it, nor do we really care to. She's not apart of our lives any longer beside laughs and stories to tell. tbvh i totally believe she is still here though

No. 448590

File: 1507762136125.gif (2.85 MB, 640x360, IMG_4730.GIF)

That's the spirit. It's like Dr Phil says: do you want to be right or happy? We weren't always right in our speculations but it's been a laugh riot (dark humour of course, in between reflections on the nature of evil, etc)

No. 448591

Do you think she's posting?

No. 448594

I know you already know this, but please, stay far, far, far away from that psycho. Both you and Dorian. No matter what she says later on.

No. 448595

Just imagine all the stupid dreams she had of America, looking good for Josh and being Miss 1950s housewife. Only to be in the same rotten situation, being supported by a child in a country she hates and having sold all her furniture, etc for $1 to make the big moves. That smell that's in the air, anons, is the smell of failure and crushed ambitions.

No. 448596


…And also, not Taco Bell. (Haha, you're right, that is a good way to think of it.)

No. 448598

I wonder if Logan's family read here. I suspect they do.

No. 448599

Honestly it would explain a lot.

No. 448601


posting to her youtube? I suspect she will but I dunno anon. We're just sitting here giggling and wondering whats up too. I find it hilarious that her getting offline only made lolcow waay more active and bringing up all the aweful stuff she's said in the past. probably not her intended result lmao.


Don't worry anon, we're v much through with her. She can make as many rant videos about us as she wants, we will just laugh and share it with our friends so they can share the lols. :) Don't worry about us <3

No. 448602

File: 1507763574141.png (67.93 KB, 800x801, Screenshot_2017-10-11-16-10-44…)


My question has just been answered.

No. 448607

That's recent. I'm sure that account was merely private only a couple of days ago.

No. 448609


It was up when I asked if anyone is following her 5 hours ago.

No. 448610

I was checking to see which links she had deleted like a few hours ago, and her Twitter was still up at that time.

No. 448611

Good! It's just a bit nerve wracking knowing how Dorian is such a forgiving person. I'm like that too tbh and it sucks. Always forgiving the worst of people and then they do messed up shit again.

No. 448612

He is, but he has me and our cat and our future baby to worry about now aha. I've found it's a pretty convincing reason to look after yourself and your real family first. My fam and I and our friends are his fam now x Don't ya worry about him, he's safe and loved and cared for and exploring his interests and working crazy hard. He's the happiest I've ever seen him.

No. 448613

sage for double posting, but I find it hilarious that we invited his mom to our wedding etc and that when she looks here and sees we are genuinely happy and that he is safe and loved she will lose her shit. When you read this Raven, I hope you see how freaking loved and mature he is. He's happy.

No. 448616

she is still here in Christchurch. Sad but true. Not too happy about it. I really want to know what went down for her to cancel moving. It makes me wonder if the reaction video for her ticket was even real or not because he didn’t seem happy at all. Different tone in his voice.

No. 448618


"Future baby"?

No. 448619

Wait, are you expecting?? If so, congrats!! <3 And sounds good. I hope this is all a vague memory for you guys one day. I'm so glad he met you.

No. 448620

>he didn’t seem happy at all
Josh? I thought it she caught him by surprise while he was working, and so shit suddenly got real.

Honestly, if this stuff is true, I wonder if he told her not to come out there. She seemed a lot more into it than he ever did.

No. 448623

It's just an idea. he wants a family really badly, so once we're fully on our feet that's our plan. for now we're enjoying life and moving around and planning traveling between jobs. Just wanted to do a wee blog saying what we're up to without sharing our actual lives so Raven will see it and at least know we're happy and have plans for kids, which will no doubt make her angry. Honestly, I feel sorry for her, but at this point I am so happy she can't have more kids.

No. 448624

Whoa. I thought you were knocked up. But when you think about it, Raven may never get to have another child, but she'll never get to know her grandchild or grandchildren. She would get to have the beautiful, fun moments without the responsibilities. Good job, Raven, you dumbass bitch. You lost out on real happiness with your son.

No. 448626


Haha goodness me, not yet. If it happens anytime soon it'll be an accident lmao-A very loved accident xD I just find it amusing she always rants about wanting kids, but she's lost out completely on knowing her own or his. poor lady. I honestly feel bad for her

No. 448629

File: 1507765427607.gif (2.25 MB, 480x321, giphy.gif)


You are both mature beyond your years!

No. 448630


I think it's sweet too but unless they have something pertinent to add they should stop posting tbh.

No. 448633

Congrats on being engaged to Dorian though! I bet it'll be an adorable wedding. And yeah, it's sad that she can't be happy for him. He met someone smart, beautiful and motivated, but instead of being happy for him like a normal mom, it enraged her. You were even over the top kind to her in the messages I saw here, but she was so cold.

No. 448634

Why? Do you think it will backfire for them?

While Raven is still in NZ, the happy news is welcome.

No. 448636

Well if she hates you now, imagine keeping on contact with a child. Raven would do nothing but insult your parenting and use the child for creepy doll photoshoots.

Whelp, back to Raven:
So my tinfoil is that Josh broke it to Raven that he couldn't afford to keep her (kek) and maybe talked about pushing the date back. They may have spent some time toggling things back and forth while she got comforted by her exes with gifts. She probably realized that there's no way she'll get a free ride like she has in NZ and wormed her way back into Logan's life since he didn't want to break up in the first place. I'm sure Josh was fine with it because he really didn't want "it" to begin with. He didn't expect she'd go through with the ticket and it probably all fell apart from there. The rest of the Josh love story was to fool haters. Probably told Logan that if he went along with it she'd get off the internets for good.

No. 448637

Lol this is like the 5th(?!) anon today who's getting annoyed or angry over what other posters say or how they react. Raven?

No. 448638

How is this known?

No. 448639

Agreed; there's been civil disagreement as usual but there's also been really cunty replies. Raven seems obvious but could she resist not ranting on about how we're all wrong and putting the record "straight"?

No. 448643

Dorian and Lovely Girlfriend, don't be in a hurry to start a family. It's a lot of work and stress, lots of love of course. At your age you should be enjoying each other, traveling, building the nest and nest egg. When you have a baby, it's just so much easier when money isn't an issue and things are settled.

And never let Raven babysit! Horrifying thought.

This story hasn't ended the way I expected, although I never thought Josh was into it the way Raven was. He never got a tat, when Raven was urging him to scream at Claudia he did but it seemed like a show to me. He didn't look even the littlest happy when she showed him the ticket.

So who called it off, we don't know. There is only one group I feel sorry for and that's Logans family. His mother must be sick.

No. 448645

Yeah I feel gutted for his family. After getting through the marriage in the beginning, the letdown now is a whole new trauma.

No. 448646

Ordinarily, yeah, but because things have turned out so badly for her, I don't think she would at this point. She knows she'd get mauled on here. So it makes more sense she'd try to be clever and "manipulate" the h8rzz by pretending to be a regular anon here. I'm relatively new here myself (maybe 2 months) and I've never really seen anyone spaz out at someone else over things that don't even matter. Today though… lmao. Sus.

No. 448647

I'd be interested to see if she hid her IP then, or not.

No. 448648

The sad part is that now that Logan's an adult, his family literally can't do anything but forcibly accept Raven if they wish to be apart of his life.

No. 448649

Me too. I don't know how to verify IPs, but I wouldn't be surprised if she's made a series of posts here over time. Looking at her "ugh" video, it's clear she goes above and beyond to try to fake and pretend, in general.

No. 448650

The woman's whole life has been a pathetic train wreck

Dance raven, I'm bored.

No. 448654

I guess just report to mods saying "possibly Raven" but don't specify "ip check" because it's up to them to decide whether to check

No. 448656

don't give titles to your posts

No. 448658

Josh came out of it pretty well then. She made him get a job, by accounts it sounds like a good one, one that will keep him off drugs. And he dodged a life-altering experience. Must be his lucky day.

No. 448662

He seems to be the only "winner" here besides Dorian and LG

No. 448663

If he gets his military ring back lol
He dodged a bullet for sure.

No. 448664

You and I both know he aint ever getting it back. Does Gravy really seem like the type of person to EVER return something? No, in her mind she earned that ring.

No. 448666

Interesting that it was the exact same. Sounds like she wanted it posted here. Btw, do you believe her message?

No. 448669

Lmaoo true. It's been a year and a half for me and I still can't believe half the shit she pulls and all she believes she deserves due to her victimhood etc. It never ends. I can't believe a person like her is even real. But anyway, he should be happy he threw away his ring and not his life at least.

No. 448670

no I think people are just getting annoyed at all the obvious newfags on this thread. It's pretty obvious raven's recent shenanigans have attracted folks not used to imageboard culture so there's been a string of dumb posts. just lurk more post less until you're not so new.

No. 448671

I guess Raven has finally moved on.

No. 448673

She's probably still wearing it while telling Logan he's her tru luv.

No. 448674

well, she still wears all the other rings she's been given by ex husbands… the cucking intensifies.

No. 448675

While I believe the message, I also think that she MAYBE was expecting to 'find the lolcows' in her facebook friends.
You know, she talked about that before. Like, she privated some of her things from groups of people 'cuz she wanted to know if it would end up here, like a bait.
Maybe that's why the messages are generic, like copypaste.

No. 448676

That's kind of sad, although none of her "friends" or "fans" would even know about lolcow if she didn't mention them every 5 fucking minutes. She does this to herself and then spends all her free time trying to "outsmart" the h8ers.

No. 448677


How could she not expect farmers to be amongst her friends? How could she not consider the risk of her replies making their way here?

Perhaps her identity is so wound up in being a victim of the haters that she is subconsciously driven to take these risks. This can be observed of many cows who are aware of their haters but who persist in interacting with them or otherwise providing unadvised fuel to the fire.

No. 448678

Yeah, she is the biggest self saboteur I've seen.

Also, can annon from >>448408 confirm if she blocked him/her after this post?

No. 448679

Raven couldn't have blocked that anon, she'd have no way of knowing which one forwarded it to lolcow.

No. 448680

Yeah, I believe it. As sad as that makes me for Logan.

No. 448681


Raven has probably copy and pasted that message to anyone who has bothered to contact her. So unless she plans on blocking EVERYONE: she's played herself

No. 448682

I guess we shouldn't get so caught up over all the bullshit. She hasn't posted anything for days and deleted her pages.

No. 448684

Yeah, I mean I used to like her. Not from like I thought she was a good person standpoint. But she didn't make my blood boil and I found her to be entertaining. When she mentioned lolcow I found this fourm and my stance has completely changed. She actually makes me mad, especially after the dead cat photo thing. After that I was like okay, she's actually a psycho. It isn't just played up for the cameras.

No. 448685

Yeah after that anon posted it, knowing that she said the same thing to me, I figured she wouldn't block me because it confirmed what I thought, which is that she says the same shit to everyone.

No. 448689

Exactly the same goes for me haha. Although I realized she was a total psycho a couple weeks back when I saw that video she made about how she used to stuff and torture animals. She's literally crazy.

No. 448690

Ohhh wait. Are you the anon who said you knew she was in NZ with Logan but to not ask you how you know? It makes sense now

No. 448692

That's me!

No. 448694

Ahh, figured. Sorry for doubting you before. I'm glad you didn't end up posting it before the second anon, because she totally might have blocked you. I'm sure she'll return to fb in a matter of time.

No. 448706

I'm glad that Dorian and Gf are safe and happy. I do wish the posting from gf could chill a little, not because I'm buttmad but because I feel like it's not a great idea to low key taunt someone who threatened to slit your throat simply for existing and that person is also insane Raven. Planning for the future is exciting and a happy time but hinting at a future baby and telling her perceived enemies that you are laughing at her seems unnecessarily dangerous.

I guess I understand wanting to be transparent here to let her know you aren't afraid of her, but it makes me uncomfortable for you.

No. 448707

Raven doesn’t have the balls to act, I’m sure in person she is meek. It’s easy to pretend you are tough but she was quick to call the police with the dog issue or the homeless girl instead of being violent. She would have to be in fb to contact them anyways.

We should want the gf to be around because Raven does read this and she will get angry. She is incapable of change so we will get a rant from her about them 2 eventually. We also know that the only thing she has on them is pictures that would get Raven into legal trouble over.

No. 448710

Raven won't do anything because of her tailbone.

No. 448714

I'm glad the gf and Dorian are happy but maybe chill with the future baby stuff isn't she 17? I'm glad you guys are doing well and have your stuff figured out but if you are 17 ( soz if you aren't ) then having a child shouldn't even be on your agenda.

No. 448716

Agreed. And we got some great shoop art too!

I like reading what they have to say, sage or not.


Please do not let grumpy anons discourage you from posting.

No. 448717

The grumpiness in this thread is unreal. Lovely Fiance + Dorian do not let some of us discourage you! We love hearing from you

No. 448720

someone send SOS nudes to Logan. Maybe we can still save him! (also it would be hilarious to further piss off Gravy)

No. 448724

lmao if I wasn't seeing someone I totally would.

No. 448727

Just worried that Raven will harm her. I would feel much better if I knew they lived far away from each other. Hopefully they do. I just won't want that psycho showing up at their house and doing something dangerous.

No. 448729

And also worried that gf will become a young mother who might possibly struggle with money at this point in time, like anyone would at that age. Want her to have a happy, fulfilling life with as little stress as possible. I guess we're like concerned parents now lol

No. 448730

tbf sounds like she has good family to be concerned for her without us butting in

No. 448732

Yeah, she seems well cared for and levelheaded. She should be able to say and do what she wants. She's practically an adult.

No. 448733

I think a lot of us was really happy with the couchland trip because that would mean Dorian and LG would be Raven-free.
Now, knowing that she is still in NZ, we are a little apprehensive for their safety and/or mental health.

I know they are adults, and they look well cared for by her family. But we freaked out (I did) with the whole police watchlist thingy.

tldr: some of us are upset raven is not getting her ass in that plane and may haunt dorian and lg if they keep sharing their side of the story here :(

No. 448735

I hope she doesn't get creeped out by all this. If you see this, just know that basically we all support and care for you. Stay safe.

No. 448736

Well said. I wish she'd just screw off out of NZ already, away from Dorian and gf.

No. 448739

File: 1507778126323.jpg (24.82 KB, 278x376, ugh - message to C.JPG)

Just some highlights from the Ugh video

No. 448740


Since Raven is staying in New Zealand, they should consider reporting everything to the police if they have not. Raven saying that she would slit LF's throat if she could should be grounds for police action and a protective order. Even if no one believes that she would follow through on her threat, the threat itself is harmful.

Even though in the past she has claimed to realise the errors of her ways and repent, obviously she has not corrected her behaviour. The fucking bitch needs to get the message.

No. 448743

They've been to the police but it's time to make and keep a log of the shit she has and will pull. One thing we can be 100% sure of is she won't keep out of this and there will, sadly, be further police involvement. Best to have a diary for when that happens.

No. 448747

Keeping a log helps but it ain't gonna do shit if Hagraven decides to harm Dorian and his girlfriend. She seems like the type who would rather kill her son than let another female in his life and the type who would kill the girlfriend, thinking that it would bring the son back. You absolutely do not take chances with narcissists like Hagraven because they are willing to seriously harm if someone is standing in their way.

Keep a log/diary Dorian and girlfriend, but make absolutely sure that you use it if she threatens either of you again.

No. 448750

I agree with you. They should save everything and keep in mind she's a nutcase.

No. 448758

Yeah, someone like Raven isn't going to be rehabilitated without intensive therapy. Even then…

No. 448761

I'm the anon who said maybe lg &d shouldn't post unless they have to because I think Raven would like nothing more than to fuck with them or try to hurt them in some way.

I'm concerned for their safety but was trying to keep from sounding unnecessarily dramatic.

No. 448764

Aww. It's always cool to express concern man, and as you saw, many others agreed about the safety thing.

No. 448770

i won't be posting here really anymore, I've said what I wanted her to hear, sorry for concerns, and thank you so much to the lovely anons. We are very careful with our safety and will use the log/diary idea! The taunts were intended to upset her so we can go to the police if we have to (won't take our old evidence). D and I still read here when we're bored or want to know what's up with her, so if you want to know about any info we might have at some points or whatever just ask x cheers, byebye. Thanks for the lols.

No. 448772

Good work, keep those boundaries up and Dorian - keep using the services available to you. Hopefully she'll truly leave sometime in the future.

No. 448773

You're welcome any time here <3 And yeah, if you're looking for any Raven updates, you can check here whenever. Take care guys :)

No. 448784

Always remember that we're here for you and that you and Dorian's happiness will hurt Hagraven the most. Continue to smile and I wish you two the best of luck!

No. 448789

I'm so glad Hagraven caught on


No. 448798

File: 1507794086082.jpg (17.84 KB, 398x400, why logan why.jpg)

me for so long:
>almost there, bro
>chase ALL the girls

me now:
>pic related

No. 448801

Yeahh I was rooting for Logan but now I realize that's as futile as rooting for Lainey.

No. 448808

Raven is on the Government aka (MSD Ministry of Social Development list.)Claiming a benefit whilst being "single" is an offence.

No. 448809

Yeah there just comes a time when it's too late, when people wouldn't change even if they had the door open right in front of them.

No. 448810

How do you know that?

No. 448814

dude that is a really fucking good point. that is so true. I know as I'm with MSD while I study too!!!

No. 448815


In one of her first gastric surgery videos she said that she was on disability. Has she said anything about it since then?

I doubt they had filed for divorce yet.

No. 448816


You can put forward an allegation.It will be investigated.Graven your bank accounts also will be looked at by the MSD.Same goes for your trademe sales.

No. 448817

it seems like you are local to her. if there's a local tip line or online reporting option, why not use it?

pssst: just type 'sage' into the email field and nothing else into any other field.

No. 448818

At very least won't they take her off benny and also make her pay money from over the last 5 years Logan has worked?? Benny fraud is huge in nz right now, it's really getting cracked down on really harshly (which in most cases is awful and hurting the poorest families in nz) but in her case would be totally justified.

No. 448820

I once investigated people like Raven for the MSD,So I know all the in's and out's.Slightly fucked off she didn't leave my country.

No. 448822

I can not stand this cunt and am gutted she is still in my country.

No. 448824

I have reported her and while continue to do so.

No. 448825


No. 448826

As you're the one who seems to know her personal details (what benefit she is receiving) and seem to be a local, may I recommend you google how to do it. I just googled and it was very easy, but I'll be blowed if I'm phoning them from Australia to tell them something unsubstantiated about a benefit I don't understand. It seems like you're trying to get us to do somthing you could take care of anonymously yourself.

Again: just type 'sage' into the email field and nothing else into any other field.

No. 448829

popped up at the same time as

we don't do 'personal army' type of things here.


No. 448830

What's likely to happen to her if she is found to have committed fraud?

No. 448831

Logan will also be convicted as I assisted (writing policy's etc) the law to change regarding benefit fraud.

No. 448832

Raven is receiving the "supported living"benefit.She has minimal requirements to report to WINZ.

No. 448834

She will be imprisoned for benefit fraud as will Logan.The law was changed to also convict the partner also.

No. 448835


As soon as you look it up one of the conditions that pops up is, "take reasonable steps to make sure any dependent children in your care get health checks and education" and we sure as hell know she never did that for her kid. The next item is. "You can get up to $5,200 a year (before tax) before your benefit is affected. If you have a partner, that $5,200 applies to your combined earnings. Any income you get that’s not from Work and Income may affect extra financial help you receive from us.
If you’re totally blind, we won’t make any deductions for any extra income you earn." Clearly between her fucking trademe and doll sales and Logan clearly working a hella lot this applies also?

No. 448836

I can't stand this cunt and have lodged claims with MSD against her.Banks keep records for 7 years here in NZ.So all her selling on trademe is recorded.

No. 448837

Anon you've already been told to put sage in the email field and not write in a name or anything. Leave the fields blank.

And don't get such high hopes. UK but I've reported people for tax fraud or false benefit claims before and nothings come of it.

No. 448838

right now it's actually a really serious thing, and many people are getting found out and reported and if not jailed, fined massive amounts of money and their beneficiary rights taken from them

No. 448839

Bit different in NZ regarding fraud.Especially benefit fraud.

No. 448841

The two most commonly investigated forms of benefit fraud in NZ are undeclared income and failure to report relationship status. Both will get fined heaps of money. Many people have been getting jail time lately because of a somewhat classist governement

No. 448843

I hope they make her get fat again as punishment, Force feed her lard

Goffik Foie gras

No. 448844

Raven is claiming for "anxiety" and "ptsd"

No. 448845

Bet you did not think anyone from a previous worker from MSD has been reading Raven.Karma and all that.

No. 448846

this is what Josh was going to do. how sad we missed out on that.

No. 448847

easy posting instructions here: https://lolcow.farm/info
the idea is for your post to look like everyone else's.

welcome and try not to get banned. we are always happy to hear from NZ sources.

No. 448849

Dear god Dorian and LG, do not let Raven near any future child(ren), we all know she is the type to steal them. Or even worse cut it from your womb

No. 448850


you mean 'claiming' as in, trying to get on the dole?

No. 448851

are you her caseworker or something???

No. 448852

File: 1507799990496.png (156.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3390.PNG)

Another clue that she might actually have fucked off to couch land

The bitch couldn't go a few days without buying some bullshit off here, Still not buying it…

She should change her name to Fagen Sparks on account of all the little boys she has following her…

No. 448857

In this and the last thread there's lots of posts like
>Finding a proper gf to support you
And it worries me. It's right to support your loved ones a bit and we know that the gf also has her own areas to focus on so it's good that they can understand and support each other. However if we constantly repeat that Dorian NEEDS her support then that puts them both in a dangerous position for him to feel dependent or indebted to her, or a feeling that she is responsible to 'cure' him and stay forever.
Come on, let's not dump that on her and let's not belittle his trauma by suggesting it can be glossed over so easily

Also just because Logan has possibly 'disappointed us by being a cuck' or whatever doesn't erase that he's literally been brainwashed by a grown woman since he was 16. Steady on, he's not Lainey yet.

Good luck guys. Keep your nose out of trouble and don't be afraid to log reports with the police if she starts harassing or threatening you

Prepare to get fired

No. 448858

she certainly had money burning a hole in her pocket, and we know she can't hold back from spending on the "essentials". I don't know what to believe.

No. 448860


All of her purchases and sales were screencapped individually in the last two threads. The last item was purchased for $25.00 on 29 September >>443774 and she received the feedback on the 2nd.

She made at least $1400 on both phones before selling fees.


Are TradeMe sales necessarily traceable? She listed payment options as Pay Now, Cash, and Bank Deposit.

No. 448867

This doesn't make much sense. Logan had been living with his mother and she had to be out of Ryan's by October. And she bought the ticket. What, she and Logan (well, she - he'll have done what he's told) decided at the very last minute? And then what? You can't rent a house that quick, I doubt L's parents will let her stay there and she's got fuck-all money.

Maybe wishful thinking, but we'll find out eventually. Feel bad for Logan though, this shit is all he knows. He's got nothing to compare, he probably thinks all relationships are drama filled screaming narc nightmares. If he has taken her back, it may be "better the devil you know."

To Lovely Fiance - please don't think we don't want you posting. We just don't want you any more on the nutter's radar than you already are. Diarise every interaction, even if they appear nice, just in case.

And Dorian, I said it before - your lady is a star, but you have absolute value in your own right. I'm happy you two are great together and wish you all the best, but it's a measure of who you are that you are with such a together, classy lady. A good relationship is greater than the sum of it's parts; it takes both of you to make it great. Yes, we love your lady, but we realise how far you've travelled on a rough road. Best of luck, you both deserve it.

Saged for being soppy old bag.

No. 448869

This brings up more reasons why if she has reunited with Logan, it's been a while.

She could have used the phone money and Logan's savings from work to get them a new place, or they're only in NZ temporarily before fucking off to the US.

Or this is a massive fake out… something tells me not.

No. 448872

I still find it very hard to believe that josh still has her plastered all over his Facebook and still is " Engaged " like who does that when a woman ( kek ) supposedly tells you on the day she's supposed to fly to be with you that she's going back to her ex husband, Nahhh doesn't happen, We've already seen Josh's jealous side when he commented on the crap with Ryan, He wouldn't be this casual.

No. 448874

d00d that's probably one of the reasons why she made Logan get back with her. Going to couchland would've been too much of a risk. It's not as easy to get benefit in the US, and her documents are nowhere near sorted to even try, and no way couchboy would've been able to support her either. But if she stays in NZ and stays married to a Kiwi, she can get that sweet, sweet government $$$ and never have to work again.

She should just be deported. Sorry I'm salt about this because of personal stuff like idk not being able to move to a country to be w/ my partner or work in my degree field because all their dumbass voters thing every immigrant just wants to come to claim benefit and voted accordingly for politicians who keep cutting back on who can migrate over. I see my guy 2x a year and Raven gets to just hop from dick to convenient dick and literally be the reason voters think that about immigrants.

Not the same anon, but yeah that's what "claiming" means, and I've known a few of ppl in the UK who have done the same to avoid working. The ones that say they've got anxiety and can't work but can be out at parties and down the pub all the time. But no, it's the immigrants' fault it's so hard to get benefit now.

Eh she's probably just going to the mall a lot instead now that she's got like 2 guys who will take her there. If she was on couchland, shed've been on a plane forever. Raven loves nothing more than to bitch about everything, and a longhaul flight in economy gives even the chillest people something to be grouchy about. If she was in couchland, we would have probably heard all about how awful the flight was, how the cabin crew treated her badly because she's goth, how she had to check and recheck her bags and how that's hard work but kind of her problem since she chose to go multiple airlines, etc.
I hope she's not with Logan but I don't think she's in America.

sage for probably a bit vitriolic idk

No. 448875

So, about the people who threw money at Raven to help her get a plane ticket….are they going to go after her to get their money back? Can they go after her at all?

No. 448876

Assuming this is true and RayRay is still in NZ and back with Logan (I do think this is the case unfortunately), then the sensible thing to do,- if she was mature (kek) and had any sense (double kek) - would've been to end things with Josh and TAKE TIME OUT FOR HERSELF to think things through instead of rushing back to Logan. Why is this shebeast SO obsessed with being in a relationship? Is she not capable of being single for five minutes?

No. 448890


Yeah, agreed. Unless it was him who called it off, or told her he wasn't ready (we already know he was still looking for an apartment just a few days before she was supposed to be there) in which case he may have agreed to do whatever so she can spin a story. If he was jilted, why else would he play along?

Though if that happened and Logan STILL took her back….fuuuurk. That's beyond cuck.

We'll find out. We'll hear her spin whatever first, then eventually the truth, whatever it is, will follow. Gravy's messy and that won't change. Seems funny we suddenly got the skinny when everyone was pretty convinced she was with Couchie and was just fucking with us…

No. 448893

>Why is this shebeast SO obsessed with being in a relationship?

You wouldn't want her to be poor and have to work with a sore tailbone, would you??

No. 448897

This fat Gorg is giving Logan sad dry totally uninspired handjobs while he watches the Joshua tattoo on her pudgy paw bounce up and down his molested dick.
What a time to be alive.

No. 448898

may his porn collection grow exponentially.

No. 448903

kekk that's an image I didn't need

No. 448904

like poetry

No. 448910


I still (want to) believe that she's in couchland and has finally dedicated her time to creating actual content in the form of an elaborate hoax to convince us she is still in NZ. Logan's beard is too suspicious in her video, and the fact that she copied and pasted the same message to everyone…

Maybe I just want to believe because the alternative is too horrible to process.

Congratulations, Gravy! You are finally a real content creator! Thanks for putting on an elaborate show just for us h8rzzz. We like it when you dance for us.

No. 448912

Logan's beard is too suspicious should be the next thread title cause that's fucking hilarious!

No. 448916

File: 1507819137856.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3397.PNG)

Oh leewk an old Logan profile reactivated with the same photo and cover photo he used on the account he actually controlled

Added yesterday, Cute Raveeeeen

No. 448923


Should were start compiling a list of his profiles since we know that she controls them?

What is the URL?

No. 448927


It's like she is hoping people will think that's him and message it instead since they've been purposely made to look similar

No. 448932

Goddamn Raven. We knew you would go back on your word to Logan, but I was thinking you'd at least give it a few weeks. Two, maybe three.

Took one day.

No. 448933

File: 1507823878715.jpg (117.83 KB, 416x413, IMG_2810.JPG)

>using the state motto of South Carolina as the url

No. 448935

Holy shit, This is some Dan Brown bullshit

No. 448938

as soon as I saw it I knew it sounded familiar, it's a Latin phrase (as I breathe I hope) but with raven it's a little too obvious that it's a dig. it's something that not everyone would know but someone from the state probably would.

No. 448939

You think it's a dig rather than a hint that she's actually in couchland?

Also, Bravo anon!

Graceful bow

No. 448943

I wouldn't say it's a code message. As soon as I saw that I just assumed it's a product of her ignorance. Raven learns so little, since she only plays FB games and lives in a self-gratifying bubble, that she latched onto this while looking up the state she was going to call home. She probably thought it sounded deep and educated and couldn't help using it despite the obvious connection that she must've set up the profile. There's just so little in her brain, she couldn't find another inspiration. Kek she was probably looking for state benefits online and found it.

No. 448944


Thanks, anon. What are the others so that we can compile a list of real vs fake accounts in the next OP to help thwart Raven's efforts?

No. 448946

File: 1507827301232.png (Spoiler Image,840.14 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3398.PNG)

But this page first posted in 2015?

Unless you can change the URL?

No. 448947

Didn't mean to spoiler! Buttons are so damn close

No. 448949

This guy has an ogre mommy humiliation findom fat goth fetish. He gets hard for her saggy, flat pancake porpoise body. The only thing keeping her boobs up is her distended belly hump. She says she has very oily skin, dragging a finger on it brings up sebum, and her oily hair is drenched after a day. She never removes her makeup so she's always dirty with oil/paint. Piercings need great hygiene - she probably gets food stuck in there. In a few vids she sneezes into her hands…in front of Logan. Oh and there was cat hair everywhere, even the clothes in her closet. She's filthy, just look at her house.

He's able to sustain an erection for this bastard daughter of Nurgle. That shouldn't even be possible for a redblooded human, especially after being cheated on twice, and humiliated by agreeing they've just been besties for a long time. Literally frienzoned by his wife for a homeless hick, and he still ran up his credit card for her. He stood by her and said nothing while she told her son, his old friend, he should've been aborted. Also had loud sex while her son heard. Even dressed in her clothes for online trap photos. I've milked others for lesser fetishes and embarrassments.

At this point Logan is a nascent calf. Sad to say, but he was already getting there. Putting up with animal abuse, adapting her hatred of women, racism though his wife is asian. Doesn't he have a swastika tat? I thought Raven hated poseurs. Also may as well add castration fetish to the list because he'll never have kids.

No. 448951

Na., Dum Spiro Spero is the name of an album from a japanese metal band called Dir en Grey
Logan is into it. That's an old account.

No. 448953

" bastard daughter of Nurgle "

Yes, Just yes !

Plague Barers

No. 448958

lol dir en grey. hmm, if that's why she's using it then that makes sense but with raven levels of crazy it is really oddhow it matches up with where she was supposed to go.

No. 448959

Requesting a banner with this quote.

No. 448960


lol is logan stuck in a portal to 2002? dir en grey, a fat hot topic girlfriend, emo long black hair. kids a fag tbqhwufam prob autistic too

No. 448961


Nurgle is demanding a paternity test. No way is he accepting this gnarly old bag as one of his bastard kids without proof.

If ever there were a sperm that should've been left on the sheet…(tho I'm unconvinced she was actually conceived. More cooked up in a cauldron - and the Eye of Newt had definitely gone a bit runny!)

Raven Sparks. Created out of spite, bile and the rancid green goo scraped off the bottom of the fridge.

No. 448972


Yes, that's one of the old Logans profile, first listed on the farms here >>179705 it already had that name 2y ago.
I really think the name is because of the DeG album, it is a cliche latin phrasing, nothing special.

No. 448973

File: 1507830853092.png (540.24 KB, 640x1136, 1498782956786.png)


Is this the same account as in the DM screencapped by the friend in the last thread >>447299

Or is it the same account [pic related] which Raven used to chat with Claudia in >>404262

In the future we need to include URLs with screencaps.

No. 448974

Nope it's not that account

No. 448982


Not which account? I referred to two accounts.

No. 448983

It's neither, like I said it was a deactivated account that randomly popped up and had it's profile photo and cover photo changed to match that of the one we knew logan had control of, This account only has one public post from Dec 2015.

No. 449022

Well if he did at some point, he doesn't anymore. He only uses the one I talked to him on now. She had control of several, looks like she's bringing them back, because when we were talking she deleted some of them for a little bit.

No. 449035

Seconding this because Raven is the LAST person you should allow near you when you're pregnant or have a baby. I don't think it's a exaggeration to say that given the chance she would steal that baby for her own if she gets pissed off at just seeing other women pregnant.

No. 449039

I have it on good authority that ravens nickname from 9th grade on was Cum Dumpster or Jizz Chugger because she used to suck and swallow literally any dude who asked. Apparently a majority of the blowjobs occurred outside, in a semi private corner area near the cafeteria.

No. 449040

File: 1507839376388.jpg (95.14 KB, 886x529, oddlydark.JPG)

She also runs a page called Oddities, Dark Humor, and other Cool Things and it's @Darkly.Odd

I saw her post on it in her "Ugh" video.

Also screen shot of people addressing her

No. 449041

File: 1507839445597.jpg (31.84 KB, 618x490, Ugh - raven's accounts.JPG)

Here is a list of accounts that popped up as her's on the "Ugh" Video

No. 449046

All of my sympathy for this brainwashed child bride is gone. Some people just want to be miserable. Jesus fucking Christ, Logan. We were all rooting for you. That brainwashing is firm.

No. 449052

how do you know this

No. 449080


What are the URLs of the other fake and real accounts?

No. 449094

Only one I can find is the account recently created during the supposed breakup and was thought to be controlled by Logan himself, at least at first.


It won't show me the customised URL

No. 449098

I live in Christchurch and seen Raven and logan at the mall at the time when she was doing the video with Logan when he bought her that expensive teddy. I seen them in the food court holding hands and Logan had his arm around her cuddling her quite intimately. So this comes as no surprise to me that she stayed.

No. 449121

Hi Raven

No. 449125

I'm more convinced than ever that she's in couchland.

Hi Gravy! Your lies have no power here!

No. 449145

So I guess his pretty genuine displays of disgust were all an act? Give the boy an Oscar!

No. 449149


So he just turned into a grumpy fuck when the camera was on him? And called her dumb? And really didn't want to be there at all?


(Even if this is true, she's always hanging off him like a lungfish in public. Logan is a guy who epitomises "give in for a quiet life.")

No. 449151

This is amazingly retarded, Raven. It can't even be someone else, you have no allies.

No. 449153


oh you seen them, did you raven?
ravey pls
check your grammar

No. 449154

Tinfoil, but…

I wonder if she made it to Couchie and the inevitable happened. No chemistry.

L likely said something appeasing like "you can always come back" and so, until she machinates her way back to sink her talons in again, she's gonna lie low and pretend.

And maybe it's wishful thinking cos I want L to have a life. I just find it hard to believe someone so grasping would throw away all that ticket money - bet it's a NR. If she IS with him, wonder if her po tailbone is all sore again? Poor Raving.

No. 449156

Are you trying to distract us from compiling Logan's Facebook URLs, Raven? Or something else?

No. 449157

I guess she's taken to posting on lolcow to get her social media fix?

No. 449162

Must be around 7am in NZ. Somebody was very keen to tell us that. If they were genuinely in NZ, of course (Hi Nutbag!)

No. 449168

I did the American equivalent of this job for years. If NZ is anything like the US then jackshit will actually happen to Ray Ray and Doormat because—-A. It's very hard to prove without an extensive paper trail and cut-and-dried proof. B. It looks awful in terms of giving the impression that Big Brother is targeting The Poor. C. The backlog ad-infinitium of cases being flagged for prosecution for fraud is so enormous that unless her case is sooper extraordinary in some way it isn't worth the Guvment's time. D. First time-around offenders usually only get punished with a slap on the beefy wrist.

Long story short –don't waste your time on your crusade Kiwi-Kommando.


No. 449172

Were you on the way to the public library to use the computer and you just so happened to see them at the mall? HAHAHAHA nice try Raven

No. 449173

American and antipodean systems are different. We tend to b far more intrusive down here. I'm Australian so I can't speak for NZ but connecting directly to tax records and following people are real things here. Raven can definitely get in trouble.

and 8pm in Columbia, SC.

No. 449176

1:36pm here in NZ

No. 449181

Here in NZ benefit fraud is taken very seriously and first time offenders do not just get a slap on the hand.Her trademe sales will also be taken into account.

No. 449187

Sorry forgot to add.Raven is claiming a benefit called "Supported living" which is the new name for the disability benefit.She is claiming as a
"single person not supported by anyone".The donations she also received for her ticket are classed as "income"too.

No. 449191

Yeah, Raven could literally be jailed and fined massive amounts of money if she is found guilty. Here in NZ the current government has no fucking problem with targetting the poor. It's so disgusting that Raven can commit fraud in this way and hasn't been found out (I truly believe she is committing fraud, and have my own reasons and evidence to back that up) while grandparents supporting their kids, and single mothers doing their best are being fined more money than they could possibly pay for simply trying to give their kids or grandkids a life. I hope she gets caught.

No. 449196

If Dorian ever needs therapy after being raised by this monster he can access it through ACC under sensitive claim by seeing his doctor to get a referral to a therapist and it will be free.

No. 449198

I'm legit using the library metaphor in my life and people are not understanding shit, and I just giggle by myself. Anyone else? No? Ok…

No. 449199

GF already said they are accessing the free services.

No. 449201

Raven cohabiting with Logan, who she was married to - and there's loads of evidence of their living arrangements - is going to get her in massive shit and Logan too. His income should have been taken into account in calculating her payment.

No. 449203

Prison! The perfect solution. Not a problem for the seppos, most of NZ safe as well. I feel sorry for chicks in prison who have to deal with her but I have a feeling they can handle it.

No. 449205

Raven isn't entitled to any sort of benefit while with Logan unless he earns under $400 a week then they would qualify for Accommodation Supplement of around 40-50 dollars a week,

No. 449208

I believe there was a time when both Logan and Raven were on benefit and likely did not both go on jobseekers couple benefit, so a think Logan is probably guilty of benefit fraud in his own right.

No. 449211

Graven was able to con doctors giving her weight loss surgery by playing the depression,anxiety,sore tail bone card at the tax payers expense (her surgery and after care run's into well over $15,000),conning money off dumb fucks off the internet (obtaining by deception)so she sure as shit will be committing benefit fraud.

No. 449212

I know! The library thing was so fucking funny. Also my personal fave, starblood's right titty

No. 449214

Not even taking into consideration that if one is a mother on the benefit the first and most important conditions pertain to caring for, feeding, housing, educating, medically caring for, etc a child. She asked Dorian to drop out of school (forget where she mentioned it) and sure as hell never took care of his needs if she was on benefits while he was under 18. Single mothers are also expected to be looking for work while receiving this benefit or they will have it cut and perhaps their children taken from their custody?

No. 449216

No because she is on the supported living benefit she is deemed unfit to work so is not required to look for or be working at all.

No. 449217

If it is the case that she’s tryna fool us about the whole thing, she’s going a great length just to prove some strangers on the internet wrong.

No. 449225

I love that in this video she describes how she is filming, saying "I'm trying a new way of filming…I'm wearing really tight underwear over my onsie and stuck my selfie stick in…" why did you have to say that? How can I get that image out of my mind now….

No. 449230

Logan's Blocked Friend Anon: Would you consider contacting his mother and asking where he is living? I totally understand if you don't want to. But if you are at all interested in contacting her as a concerned friend, and don't mind killing two birds with one stone….I would be ever so interested in what you find out. Might put an end to the Couchland Conspiracy

I apologize in advance if this is a wildly inappropriate idea

No. 449232

ahh yes, the video where she contaminates her garlic with raw egg.

No. 449248

yeah, guilty. I fucking love that.

No. 449282

I agree with anons who say she backed out due to how hard it is for immigrants to get benefits. Even Mexican illegals don't even try to get benefits because its impossible and also pretty shameful. Of course Raven has no shame

No. 449291

There I disagree; There is really no shame in getting help when you don't have another option, the shame is that Raven is capable and able and has chosen to give herself no other option. She's also an American, so it is just as easy for her to get food stamps (the main form of American benefit…God forbid they actually give poor people money to help themselves) as it is for anyone else, however benefit is much easier to get in nz even as an American.

No. 449293

sorry for the double post, but I doubt Raven would even want food stamps…after all she doesn't eat (kek), she'd much rather have nz benefit which gives you actual money to spend how you see fit (most people would buy rent and food and school clothes etc) however because she's a human waste of flesh she spends it on whatever the hell she feels like since her needs are already taken care of by Ryan and Logan (food and houseing and other things which wouldn't even be a basic human right such as tattoos…..)

No. 449294


She's not an immigrant.

She could qualify for SNAP (food stamps), but South Carolina offers only limited General Assistance (cash welfare) to families with children.

Applying for and receiving SSI is a very lengthy process.

No. 449297

I would put money on it that she has dragged Ryan into her benefit fraud when she was living with him as she has to get conformation from who she is living with (written and signed letter) as to how much rent she is paying him which would be inflated so she could get more money added into her benefit.

No. 449298

There were posters on KF at least who lived in the same town as Raven. No one here lives in NZ and can physically confirm her current whereabouts?

No. 449300

I have filed an investigation against Graven for fraud today and have heard back from MSD requesting more information.Will keep you all posted.I have given my name and details as I know it speeds up the process as most people do it anon and it makes it harder to gather all the information for an investigation.

No. 449301


Implying Gravy has any dignity or scruples that would stop her from being this pathetic for a panel of strangers

Implying she hadn't done pathetic long-con shit like this before, see: faking her own suicide and writing her own orbituaries

5/10 for effort this time, Raven

No. 449305

Isn't she german who immigrated as a child? Her mom is thai and her father is german? Like, no ties to US? Dorian is american, but that's it.
Did I miss anything?

No. 449306


i could kiss u rn anon <3

No. 449307

Yeah, the part where she compulsively lies about everything. Her dad was an American Army dude stationed in Germany. I thought her mom was Filipino and not Thai let alone a prostitute.
Reality is never exotic enough for her.

No. 449311

I'm not sure if this is useful, but I was born in Germany and moved to Canada as a toddler. Because I was so young, I was automatically granted Canadian citizenship, though my parents had to go through the long process. Not sure if it's similar in the States, or if things have changed in general, but there's a chance she's American.

No. 449313

Oh and I have to add that my mom was a refugee, so it's probably why it was so easy for me? Idk.

No. 449314

onya mate! good luck.

No. 449317


Nicely done. Let us know if there is any information we can help with.

No. 449331

Jesus fuck ok so now I get accused of being Raven??? Ok… how do I contact someone to prove that I am not. I was genuinely at the mall and seen them. I have seen them there a number of times when they were together and only once since they "broke up"

No. 449333

So Raven already took down the Logan account I found.

That's so Raven !

No. 449335

And since you're on here you never thought to grab a photo ?

Ultimate infidelity to Josh?

Or do you use the library too?

No. 449343

If that's true, then how come you never said anything about it before? It's a pretty big deal that you apparently saw them holding hands and cuddling up at the mall when she was in a relationship with Josh. So why didn't you share this before lol?

No. 449347

Post a photo of urself showing your face, with a note with our thread title todays's date, Raven. Oh, wait…

No. 449351

post a photo of yourself outside the local library with all your friends and hold up your library cards and a sign with today's date and something encouraging kids to read.

No. 449353

Raven Sparks Center For Children Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too

No. 449357

SO… Since Ravens tailbone magically healed (and she said it herself in a video) and since she is on a path of change for Logan… Do you think she'll start looking for a normal job?

Any bets on how long will it take for her tailbone to start hurting again? ;)

No. 449358

This lol.

Raven you're dumb.

No. 449366

Nope.Don't forget the depression,anxiety,PTSD that she has conned her Doctor to believe she has.She will never work.She is a lazy leach that buys tacky childish shit at the expense of the tax payer…but not for long Graven!

No. 449375

Let's not forget the "NZ is shit, everyone here is evil and they don't wanna hire me based on my lookz!!!"

No. 449380

Hates my country but will take as much of the tax payers money to buy her tacky shit and tax payers money to pay for her weight loss surgery.Old hag deserves all the shit she is about to be served.
The media is going to love this story especially as she is an American committing benefit fraud and once it's leaked that the Nz tax payer paid for her weight loss surgery,it's going to be a shit fest.

No. 449383

Your word is worthless without receipts, so you could prove you're not Raven but it's going to take more to prove your story.

No. 449386

Also you have to remember NZ is a very small country.Benefit fraudsters are slaughtered in the media and their name(s) and details made public.

No. 449392

File: 1507879522317.jpg (62.23 KB, 881x353, Ng99AeZ.jpg)

kek, her god awful makeup here reminds me of Zoolander… except Derek did it better. I think "Blue Whale" is better suited to Graven though

No. 449395

You know it's bad when your head looks fat in a tiara

I didn't even know that was possible

No. 449398

Oh didnt know she was American. Also, I worded that wrong & you are right- food stamps aren't shameful. But some minorities who are really machismo (Mexicans) find food stamps shameful and would rather work any job possible

No. 449430


Holy shit anon I love you for this hahaha

No. 449439

Anyone notice josh changed his cover photo? Coincidentally as we were talking about it? Notice how he's still engaged and still has other photos of her though

No. 449448

Old video, i must have missed this one. Particularly beasty looking.Making excuses that years later she never stuck to

No. 449451

Does anyone outside America have such reverence for Taco Bell?

No. 449453

As a non US person living in US I can confirm Taco Bell is kinda gross and makes you shit for 3 days straight

No. 449454

You were at the 'mall'? Are you a Kiwi because mostly in the Southern Hemisphere it's referred to as a shopping centre (someone correct me if NZers call it something else).

I only know about Taco Bell from watching Demolition Man and listening to Raven bleat on about it constantly.

No. 449462

File: 1507905227205.jpg (36.57 KB, 398x374, jbrad.JPG)

Looks like Josh has two facebook pages now?

No. 449463

Maybe he had to make a new one since Raven took over the old one?

No. 449464

Has Raven created the second one to control the narrative that Josh 'stepped aside' for Logan?

No. 449466

Well, the last time it was posted on was in 2013 - so maybe he resurrected it from the dead since she took control of his other one?

No. 449471

Was going to say the display picture looks super old.

Raven having control of his account would explain as to why he has been so quiet lately. Spill the tea Josh!

No. 449489


You are an idiot. Stop posting.

No. 449491

Most people in the US don't have reverence for Taco Hell. In the hierarchy of shitty fast food, it is near the bottom. She should fixate on fast food fried chicken places. It's at least usually decent. She has the weirdest tastes.

No. 449502

How dare you. Taco Bell should be our national symbol.

I said it as more of a generalized perception of the whole US, not necessarily a reality of each geographical section.

The east coast has much, MUCH better fast-ish food options then most of the mid-west. Personally, I'd rather be represented by Tasty Burger as our national symbol.

No. 449507

Agreed. It is at least healthier than most fast food. It's a good thing Raven fancies Taco Bell over In n Out/KFC/etc


No. 449516

File: 1507915138780.png (197.34 KB, 329x250, IMG_3402.PNG)

No. 449517

This is a troll surely.

No. 449523

I hope it is Raven, otherwise we have two heinous cunts reading this thread.

No. 449543

Raven doing her best "Not Raven" impression, me thinks. Also, contact someone? The fuck you talkin about. Put your proof here - but thanks for trying to out one of us. Gotta try harder to fool us, Gravy.

No. 449544

What about In N Out!?

No. 449552

The stench of unwashed skin, thirst for teen grooms and Taco Bell is strong with these posts. Raven, that you, granny?

In-N-Out is west coast.

No. 449563

She still hasn't bought any tat ?

I've said it before and I'll say it again

She's in the land of couches

You don't come on and tell everyone that you were planning on leaving and not telling anyone, Then do that and pretend you didn't leave

Girl, Bye!

No. 449575

I agree. But why would she fake being with Logan? That's really disrespectful to Josh and I don't think he's the type of guy to sit back and take it.

No. 449592

Because she's raven ?

No. 449598

Ok let's say tinfoil hypothetically she is in coachland with Josh

Raven: "Couchlover who I love with a love more than love. Can you play along with this prank that I didn't come here to fool those mean old haters who are spread such lies"

And done. Now he's agreed to have her pretend to be with Logan.

There you go.

I don't think she's with Josh anymore, personally, though.

No. 449603

I disagree, Afterall josh has been pretty okay with her other hi jinx.

Why has she suddenly stopped buying shit when she couldn't go days without buying anything ?

He removes her as his profile photo but ONLY after we mention on here that it's suspicious ? He's still listed as engaged, Still got photos of her

If what she did was true josh would've put her on blast there's no way he'd sit back and be like oh okay.

And like I've said 10 times she's not smart enough to be offline for the duration of the flights and come on for stop overs.

She's trying to fuck with us then she's going to pop up all smug like SEE I'm soooo much smarter than you h8ters.

She's in a new area with loads of new shiny things to distract her, Hence the Facebook silence, She doesn't need her constant fandom right this second.

As another person said if she is back with Logan where are they living ? Not with Ryan or Logan's mom.

No. 449608

I feel like the shopping is telling. If she had a new life with Logan she'd be shopping more than she'd ever shopped before. It's not like she can resist buying shi on trademe.

No. 449609

No. 449681

Raven splits with Logan, Logan's apparently chatting to some new girl, has new account that he knows Raven can't monitor.

Raven possibly splits with Josh, old profile still has photos and info he probably wouldn't want to remain but Raven still watches the account, so Josh creates new profile.

Honestly I can't decide if she's in NZ or not, but it's possible.

No. 449683

Ummm, anon, this post is so ignorant that it's shameful.

I was both an employment counselor for families on the FEP (family employment plan; read WELFARE), as well as an eligibility specialist for welfare, SNAP benifits (foodstamps), and Medicaid, and WIC. I have also been on all of those programs in myself, when i was a young university student with two babies to feed (end of blog). This is just to illustrate that i know what I am talking about.

Firstly, Raven is 'Murican. Not an immigrant to the good ole US of A.

Secondly, it is pathetically easy to get on these programs, and if you can't get on them through legal channels it is very easy to do so fraudulently, and the prosecution rate for doing so is almost nil. Believe me, I tried to charge a client guilty of taking nearly $7000 in FEP benefits while secretly selling semi-precious jewellery under the table (and made a pretty penny doing so, it was nice shit), and owning a secret house IN A DIFFERENT STATE. I had proof, and still, no prosecution (sorry, I guess that was a little more blogging). Even under the current regime it is still ridiculously easy to access these programs.

Thirdly, there is NOTHING shameful about utilizing these programs if you need them, especially if you have a family to provide for. That said, if you do take advantage of these benifits you should be either actively working, looking for work, or in a training program for a career with a good job outlook. If you cannot do these things for whatever reason, then you should be on SSI, SSDI, or in the process of trying to get on these programs. Nothing shameful about this at all you bourgeoisie ninny. Pray that you never have to take advantage of them and quit making such asinine, uninformed posts.

Sage for frustration

No. 449684

Samefag, but I would bet a million that she was born on an American military base, thus making her an American citizen. There is a huge Army base in Germany.


No. 449689

You would win that bet.
My memory is hazy here but she only began claiming to be an immigrant from Germany when Berlin turned into a kewl place for goths years ago.

No. 449696


South Carolina offers only limited General Assistance (cash welfare) to families with children.

No. 449703

I've decided Diana is in Couchville.

If this bitch were back with Logan she would have made a video by now. The change of plans would be too big of a deal to remain silent over and she would not be able to resist posting about it regardless of how Logan feels. Also, she would be mooing on and on about how the farmers did not win, she and Logan and true love did. Josh wasn't the rancher he pretended to be. He couldn't even provide a proper barn. Thanks to her fans for the phones and money, she knows that they want what's best for her, so it's ok that donations weren't used as intended, because what's best for her is true love and they're using it to buy her a replacement tractor or a love barn for her and Logan.

Anon is right, she's not posting because she's catching up on her standing up sleeping, getting acclimated to her new farm meeting all the animals and grazing on her favorite hays and alfalfas. When she gets used to her new farm she'll post all about her favorite salt licks and make videos with her true finger snifffing milker

No. 449704

This should be in the recap for next thread. Dying @ sleeping standing up.

No. 449709

"grazing on her favorite hays and alfalfas"

There go my sides.

No. 449717

I think she's in NZ, she is probably embaressed from all the fuckery she made with Josh plus that Logan wants her not to put their life on display (although that part won't last).

No. 449757

she wouldn't respect his wishes though. there'd be some reason why she'd absolutely have to post.
'muh haters' is a bullshit reason she's convinced Logan of for why she had to cheat on him. he doesn't even operate his own social media, no-one's hating on him at work every day.

No. 449769

He has control over the account he blocked me on, because we talked there daily. So there's at least one account he had to himself. This makes me think she stayed.

No. 449776


Logan could just be keeping a low profile (no pun intended) if she really is gone until the crazy has died down a little. I imagine if he tried to live his own life immediately she'd still be all up his ass. I don't blame him tbh, bitch is loony and unhinged.

No. 449777

What makes me sad is that he can't see that.

No. 449782

Raven could have compelled him to do it out of support for her - whether she stayed or left. Or maybe he just felt betrayed that you have been posting here, no mater how benign your posts.

No. 449785

File: 1507961824536.png (22.41 KB, 487x302, 73C1DBF2-0834-44A5-A06F-90F4CD…)

Evidence leaning towards Craven in Couchland:

- that ticket seemed real and would cost money to change or cancel
- she said she would fake us out
- very lame 2 week posponement that Ryan even seemed surprised by
- no public mourning (or celebrating) by Josh
- hates NZ, desperately misses Taco Bell
- not smart enough to fake plane flight and stopover online times
- Logan profile's custom URL might be Da Vinci code level reference to Sth Carolina
- Raven DM is copypasta'd
- supposed video still shows bearded Logan, could have been prepared in advance for ruse
- known for having millions of fake social media accounts that could be providing social media nourishment in the meantime
- anon sightings remain unsubstantiated
- Raven droppings found in thread
- probably born on US base so is eligible for welfare bux
- compulsive online shopping activity has ceased
- would Ryan store her hoard if she went back to Logan? Think of the pillows.
- could be buying time to test the waters

Evidence in favour of Chch Logan reunion:

- unusual level of restraint from social media only explicable by extreme embarrassment and welfare rotting
- said 2 week postponement, maybe truth or buying time
- Raven has sent DM claiming reuniting with Logan with troubling pic of them together
- Josh "doesn't want to talk about it"
- NZ anon blocked by Logan
- Logan accounts deleted, Josh accounts multiply
- Sth Carolinia's welfare ain't that lucrative
- unsubstantiated claims of Raven sightings and insistence she's still in Chch
- lack of sycophantic Josh activity
- mass privating of videos including those about the love with a love that lovedy love love
- celebrated anniversary and got tattoos with supposedly separated husband, suspicious
- video of Logan at gig appears in playlist
- ticket might have been faked
- Logan profile URL could also be a reference to a band's album, is old and previously controlled by Raven

Anything I missed? I'm half asleep

No. 449786

Y'all I'm pretty sure Raven saw us talking about Logan moving and then went and called it all off with Josh just so we wouldn't get the satisfaction. Think about it. She's that petty.

No. 449787

Logan moving on*

No. 449793

Word up on Logan feeling betrayed by "friend" and blocking "friend".
I can't blame him, I would have done the same.
Logan only lets one person treat him like shit and "friend" ain't her.
"Friend" is a bad "friend" and should feel bad.

Also, Logans, not really Logans, accounts could be being deleted by Facebook. If Diana the heifer has moved far far away, maybe Logan is finally feeling like he doesn't want an old lady who molested him, abused him, ruined his life and then ran away with a mildly retarded finger sniffing hick speaking for him anymore. It wouldn't be hard to report all the profiles and prove he's the real Logan.
Besides, if Diana were really focusing on him and their relationship, creating additional accounts to speak for Josh should be the furthest from her mind.
Seems like when she's really into someone she takes away their identity, figuratively and literally.

I think she has mad cow disease.

No. 449795

If Logan HAS taken her back on the proviso that she keeps their life offline, he's even more of an idiot than I thought. Being cheated on and cucked and abandoned for not one, but THREE nobodies on the internet (yes, there was Eddie, Josh and a short-lived one in between those) isn't enough to divorce someone, but having a social media presence is? Yeah, right. He'll never have the guts to leave and Raven knows it. She'll be back online within a few weeks and he'll sit back, sulk and take it like the groomed little stockholm cuck he is. :)

No. 449801

File: 1507965024894.gif (1.6 MB, 480x360, cut of your jib simpsons cpata…)


Should I reopen the poll?

No. 449803

Is Eddie the one who begged for her to love him? She showed a screenshot once of that.

No. 449805

Eddie is on FB, his name's Eddie Bain from Columbus Ohio. His girlfriend is named Chevonne, he told Raven they were just roomies but it turned out he was actually her gf. As usual Raven started WW3 between them.

No. 449806

Did anyone archive the video where she tells josh she's officially on her way?
I've been wanting to see those oogie facial expressions he makes again. It just kills me :D

Such precious moments.

No. 449810

Didn't lovely gf confirm Raven was still around somewhere in this thread or the last one? Or am I confusing all the supposed NZ anons who know Logan or whatever.

No. 449812

Nah she said she didn't know when she was asked, Nor did she have a number to call

No. 449814

7:36 on a Saturday night I got a response to a question regarding Raven Sparks and benefit fraud,from MSD on a Saturday night.Unheard of so I thought.It is confirmed that if she has in fact left NZ,she will have an arrest issued in the states,after she gets of the plane because of the complaint.My cousin has ALL Ravens videos saved and is in the process of the MSD receiving them to review.
Happy days!

No. 449817

Could we have screen caps please? So she has been confirmed to have committed benefit fraud?

No. 449819

Wait it is confirmed or if it has been ? Can't tell if it was a typo

No. 449820

Pics or it didn't happen.

No. 449821

The poll is always welcome.

I have to say after typing it up, ive come to believe she's in NZ with Logan.

She suspected.

Wait, so was she already in trouble and may already be in custody? Or she will have a warrant issued now? Can NZ do that with the US?

Why do they tell you this? It seems like if it were a random tip off or you don't work for them anymore, you wouldn't be told this.

I want to believe but…

No. 449822

Why would anyone in the US or NZ arrest someone because someone else made a complaint? Idk about NZ, but here in the US you can not be arrested without being charged with a crime.

Nice try tho.

No. 449824

i haVe a hard time believing USA will give a shit about some benefit fraud from NZ??
the US hardly cares when its own citizens commit fraud.

No. 449827

I asked the MSD investigator if Raven had left NZ and in couchland could she be convicted…her response was yes but because my complaint might not have been received in due time they will work with interpol to track her down.That is all I have at the moment.

No. 449829


can you post ANY evidence?


No. 449830

Right. As if the US is going to pay to extradite some walking talking blood clot back to NZ because she took advantage of their welfare system.

If this was even a thing, they would have stopped her at customs before she even boarded the plane to leave NZ.
It isn't a thing though, because dumb troll.

Lol at dumb troll adding in her cousin is emailing all of Ravens videos to the NZ government because dumb troll thinks that anyone would sit down and take notes and conduct serious internet business like that.

No. 449831

Raven is a sneaky bitch but also she promised her fans she'd record her arrival and meeting with Josh and they'd make a video together. While I do think she's anon-obssessed enough to try and fool us, I think she'd have taken much more pleasure in gloating about her new relationship with Josh and how perfect it is, and all wrong we are, etc…

It's logical that's it's more shameful to get back to your ex after having made countless vids about a guy you NEVER met and got his name's tattoed on. Plus it's plain weird how she'd go and get so many gifts from her exes and constantly repeat how many of them were in love with her, right before she was supposed to see Josh. Maybe she was trying to sabotage her own relationship, knowingly or not, because she was getting cold feet over moving to a new guy's place and leaving her comfortable walking ATM's.

I don't think Josh ever send her money before, something her exes always did, and for someone used to being taken care of, it must have been pretty scary to enter a relationship with someone not ready to fully support you.
Oh and SHE never paid the flight ticket so she wouldn't be upset over cancelling or plainly never getting the money back because she didn't invest a dime in it.


I cast my vote as Raven never left and is too embarassed to admit to her followers that her grand declaration of love towards Josh were as solid as paper mache.

No. 449833

You all are pretty crazy and this thread is repeating itself.

I think Raven (wherever she is) is enjoying all of this attention you are giving her by trying to figure it out and that is what (maybe) keeps her away from posting. She's getting attention without even doing anything and seeing us all sweat is her gold mine.

Maybe we should let this thread die out a little. That's when she will post and we'll have some milk. Because all this bickering "I think this and that" and this ridiculous "she gonna get arrested hehe" is just unnecessary.

No. 449834

ok but she's talking about if Raven is found to have committed benefit fraud, hun. there are a few steps between reporting the suspected fraud and them getting evidence. just breathe.

sage seems to be in short supply around these parts

No. 449835

They called you at 7pm on Saturday night to tell you they dunno, Interpol though.

Interpol. Now working to infiltrate international human trafficking rings, international drug trafficking rings, international terrorism rings, firearms trafficking, illicit goods and counterfeiting, war crime fugitives.
And Raven Sparks, lolcow and also shouldn't have gotten the welfare.

No. 449836

Yet the irony of you posting and bitching about everyone speculating is funny.

If Raven takes so much energy and pride into us regardless to prove us wrong or whatever, that’s on her shoulders. She’s the pathetic one here, not us.

No. 449839

File: 1507973144624.jpg (151.56 KB, 653x605, surerav.jpg)

Chugging in late on this train. But this would be correct!

I found it really weird that she would say her mother is Thai and her dad is from Germany. Why not say "my mom is thai and dad is german" or even "my mom is from thailand, dad from germany." Ah Right, cause she lied.

No. 449840

This theory could be plausible if Raven were your average somewhat sane woman.
She isn't though, and shame isn't an emotion she feels. She may see others as shameful, but she has no concept of it regarding herself. I honestly can't think of one instance where she has expressed shame or guilt AND behaved as though she did.

No. 449841

I'm not going to forgo my amusement just tin spite Raven. That's Raven level shit.

If she's intentionally creating all this Dan Brown mystery then it's the one good thing shes ever done for the benefit of others.

Oh, I see. In other words, bullshit.

Raven, you're not important enough to ever be wanted by Interpol. Shit even New Zealand doesn't want you.

Well forgive this obvious troll if you post a milky vid soon, k? Try harder next time.

No. 449844

Who says she didn't record her arrival? Or a reunion video with Logan, even? It's only the posting of whatever video that is delayed.

I don't see how our attention fuels her, tbh. It seems to me like her intimate relationships do. If we closed down tomorrow it wouldn't change what she does. Nothing she does is for the benefit of an audience, it's more that she's an exhibitionist.

Yes, this. Ideas like 'shame' or 'promising logan'. Nah, she's incapable of anything more than serving her needs in any moment.

No. 449845

Shit her name is actually sparks ?

I thought it was some Emo/Goffik shit..

Heh, Well there you go..

No. 449846

Are the other siblings mentioned from the same marriage? Her mother's FB shows no sign of any other children except Raven.

No. 449848



Diana Dawn Sparks
Diana Dawn Perez
Diana Cradock
Raven Sparks
Raven Marshall-Sparks

No. 449849

Honestly, without digging too much into the siblings lives (because they have nothing to do with their beasty sister) They all seem fully white. I think they are all from a previous relationship.

She says she has a step mother, but I see no sign of her anywhere.

No. 449850

I'm pretty sure raven made that Facebook

It has her weirdness all over it

No. 449852

Yeah that's why I wouldn't post any screen caps from her family unless absolutely relevant and I'm def not going to contact any of them.

It explains why she never talks about her siblings.

Her mum's page? Why would she do that?

No. 449855


No other siblings, but seems one is full blooded sibling.

No. 449856

She talked a lot about Suzan though, and how she was bullied by her a lot and treated like crap. Raven's mentioned before that her siblings no longer speak to her, and I think it's because she's crazy.

No. 449857

So she can pretend to have a mom who cares about her?

Look at it, The only mentions are hagraven and everything is private, You need to adjust those settings a woman of that age couldn't do all that on Facebook my mom forgets how to get into Facebook at least 5 times a day.

The same reason she does everything she needs total control over her life.

No. 449858

I'm confused. I thought Mr. Sparks was Diana's stepfather (the one her mother married in USA), not her 'real' father.

No. 449859

Suzan is a lot better looking so no wonder she doesn't mention her. Far too jealous. Sad though, if I were returning home seeing family would be something to really look forward to.

Now that I know she has a full blooded sister I can see it. Why have the birth of only one daughter on there, and a photo of only one daughter at your husband's death bed?

What a strange woman, concoting an alternate online world and even family.

No. 449860

Wherever she is, the spin will be funny as hell. And the "hayduuurzz" will be central because that's how all normal people make life decisions. The best thing about Cravy is she has no clue why she's a cow so she'll never learn. Hooray.

However, she could not be posting for very prosaic reasons - no, or limited, way to do so. She likely cancelled all her NZ contracts for phone and wifi and, whether she stayed or went, it costs money to restart everything. It'll take Couchie or Cuckboi awhile to earn that money.

And if she IS in the US, who'd put money down on her or Couchie having sorted the necessary electrical adaptors? Neither could organise a piss up in a brewery and she had important fluffy plastic unicorns to pack. Although I have a secret hope she tried to plug her laptop or phone in to a US socket and BANG!

If she got together with Josh or stayed with Logan she'd crow it as "victory" over us. There's a good chance neither happened and she can't lose face. Any way it plays out, we'll get our entertainment.

(Re. Interpol thing. Orforities will tell people what the law is but it doesn't mean it'll happen. No way are US legal enforcers going to chase her down. But we all know how inflated her ego is; no doubt SHE thinks she's that important!)

No. 449863

Raven does have at least one sibling, she looked Thai too but might've been a half sister. She had a picture of her up on one of her 10000000 Facebook profiles (this might be the Suzan some anons are referring to?) - she also had tattoos but decent ones. Raven had written something like "this is my sister, she won't speak to me but it seems like we would've got along" (kek yeah right)

No. 449865

File: 1507980459739.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.38 KB, 193x389, VSolyi0.jpg)

Samefag. I was trying to find the picture and came across this, EYE BLEACH AT THE READY

No. 449869

re attention fuelling her and how she feels about us - remember all the videos and ranting essays directed specifically to us. or the thread going quiet at least once and being revived by she herself. she needs two things to function: a relationship, and haters trying to destroy said (in her mind)

No. 449870

File: 1507981790914.jpg (24.58 KB, 258x258, zancrain-25_280.jpg)

No. 449873

she doesn't look after her audience at all. the men around her seem to be the most important in her universe, and she seems to use us to manipulate them.


No. 449874

Is this her half sister or is this a picture of what she would look like if she wasn't goffick

No. 449875

i believe this is ravens sister suzan

No. 449883

I keep seeing people say this but he knew I posted a little bit on here before he just decided one day to stop talking. We continued to talk after he knew about my posts. Just thought I'd clear that up.

No. 449889

omg anon, I didn't even consider the possibility that Josh ended it and Logan refused to take her back. If there is a god, please let this have happened.

No. 449894

raven if youre reading here you really do treat your few fans like shit. do the decent thing and let them know how to love that was more than love went

No. 449897

Wow. I would never have expected her sister to look like that. She looks fantastic. She's worked with her features and well -featured them! If only Raven had done the same and not waste so much time bloodying herself up for scarring photos.

No. 449901


He continued to talk to you after you posted screen shots of your (boring) private conversations as proof that you were friends with him and offered to try to dig up information about him and Raven for the beautiful and courageous anons?

How did the timeline of events go? From being friends, to you being a bad friend, to him finding out he was Cucked Again! by you, to him blocking you and you starting your crygirl Raven impression all over our dewy wildflower filled pastures?

No. 449913

Lol that's what I don't get either. Like what's the problem? Once you go behind a friend's back, especially publicly, what do you expect?

In the last thread, before anything had gone wrong, she posted: "Logan's friend here, she's full of shit when she says he's not going to be talking to other girls. Just saying. But let her believe whatever her crazy ass wants, I guess"

I mean, it's like she wanted to be recognized by Logan. For all she knew, she was probably the only female he had started talking to.

No. 449920

I wouldn't doubt she made it. She has tons of facebook pages.

Heads up to Dorian and LG if they're still reading. If you're not absolutely sure that is your grandma, it's probably Raven! Keeping tabs on you and seething with hatred because you two are happy together.

No. 449925

I'm not sure if Suzan is the same one, but Raven does have a half sister who is alternative and half thai (They share the same dad). She's a much prettier and a nicer looking person than Gravy. She posted some pics about her on FB a few months ago but hasn't tried to contact her or anything. But then again, I don't think she wants anything to do with Gravy and we can't blame her for that.

No. 449947

I'm from NY and tbh anon sounds pretty believable to me. We really demonize benefit fraud, and an American who looks like raven would be an amazing face to their crusade against poor people. I'll report her too it's not didifficult. I am on benefit while I study and y here has never been a time I've been treated so much like a criminal for being poor and it's because of people like raven (blog over). It's a huge thing, I do believe they would find her and punnnish her even in another country. They did it to another guy not so long ago for leaving nz while on benefit. There is no way she communicated well enough withat winz and stopped her payments before she left.

No. 449953


Has it been confirmed that she is still on benefits / received benefits fraudulently?

No. 449957

How do you know she was even actually on a benefit?

No. 449979


Funny. I'm hoping the exact same thing as you >:-)

We only have anything filtered thro her and she's the biggest liar and drama-whore out there. And she's OBSESSED with her public image, particularly as it relates to "haaayduuurz" (I'll never get over a 40+ woman using that word un ironically) so if she'd grabbed Logan back into her claws or it was all going swimmingly with Couchie she'd find a way to let everyone know, even if just through a fake profile and fake-friend-posting.

So, either she's had a complete about-turn of character and is finally behaving like an adult, or she's truly fucked up and doesn't want anything getting out until she's spun a line. She can't post….or doesn't want anyone knowing what's going on.

I can live in hope, anyway…

No. 449994

Interesting to hear so many anons' perspectives on this topic.

I live in the Mountain West and have some limited experience with gov benefits. It is my perception that the US gov doesn't give a fuck about going after people for money unless it's a pretty large amount occurring over an extended period of time. I would assume that our country is in too shitty of a state to go after people who scammed other governments, let alone their own.

It will be interesting to see what happens!

No. 450003

File: 1508011715716.jpg (87.48 KB, 1600x473, HPIM5471.JPG)

So much OTT speculation and unverified milk in this thread. Let's not give her the satisfaction of seeing us so worked up.

No. 450005

Agreed. The fat hag is probably sitting and reading all this and laughing between mouthfuls of food and dick.

No. 450020


Maybe Couchie's "amazing new job everybody wanted" was a pimp and he's turned her out on the streets of Bumfuck to fund his meth business ;-)

No. 450067

Seeing as benefits anon appears to be a troll and possibly the welfare queen herself, not confirmed.

I mean we can still speculate over it but lets remember so far it's just that.

No. 450085


People keep saying this but first off, bit late to tone it down, secondly since when do we do things around Raven's weird proclivities, and thirdly, if she's been double-dumped, I dont think she does like the speculation so much.

Do we have to keep revisiting this? Don't post if you don't want to give her attention, but this thread is here for our amusement, so the rest of us can tinfoil ourselves until we look like little roast potatoes.

Fucking doubt it. The double dump theory is compelling. She could be hiding at Ryan's giving those uninspired handies to him while desperately trawling the web for her next meal ticket before emerging back online. She can't show her face single. Plus she probably did cancel her contracts.

Logan has a beard in that screenshot so maybe she just had another jealousy prompting video up her sleeve to show Josh if he acted up, but then he dumped her and Logan finally grew a spine.

No. 450128

Raven said so herself in the wedding blog she had when marrying Logan. It was why they couldn't afford stuff for the wedding and she was begging for free stuff on a local FB page for brides.

No. 450176


I was mistaken. She said the word "benefit" a few times and I misheard the context.

No. 450185

Dorian's gf here to post something relevant: As far as either of us know she is defiantly on benefit and we are both pretty sure she had fraidulently used it multiple times. Reporting your income takes work, I've done it. Can't imagine her sitting and actually doing the calculations. She was, as far as either of us know, on benefit while with Ryan and with Logan. Ryan and logan were also on benefit to my understanding and as far as we know they did not go through due process to get a couples benefit.

No. 450186

Apologies for the double post but I also believe the MSD anon, both Dorian and I have used the system and everything they said is accurate and also lines up with the benefits Raven is getting to our knowledge

No. 450210

Dorian was also committing fraud when he was with her. I've spoken with her before and the hag will report him if he tried to hurt her because she's been urged to report him in the past but refused. So I dunno. Is it really worth bringing innocent people down just to try and get her especially if she's not even on benefit. Last I heard she got off it when Dorian moved out.

No. 450215

File: 1508033707910.gif (117.83 KB, 604x453, notsure.gif)

No. 450246

hello library friend. borrow a book on subtlety while you're there, hey?

No. 450249

I thought Raven's complaint about Dorian was that she wanted him to go on welfare but he didn't. She wanted him to defraud welfare so she had something to blackmail him with?

I don't think it's up to anyone here now if she gets pinged; report has already been made, right?

No. 450250

Maybe you should verify your identity with the anon you connected with on Facebook - there have been suspicious posts on here, and you've switched back to referring to yourself as gf after previously saying fiancée.

No. 450251

Reverify, I mean

No. 450252

Hey just trying to help.I think if you want to destroy the bitch do it in a way that won't include Logan and Dorian. Especially when she hasn't even been on welfare. It'll get you nowhere.

No. 450254

I don't want to be rude in case you are Dorian's gf, but this info is too late. Whoever on this thread wanted to make a report would have done it. Interpol anon is full of shit, but others would have reported too.

No. 450255

Uh… now I'm just going to pull things out of my ass, but wouldn't have Dorian been a minor at the time he was living with her and it would be her problem anyway? This post smells suspiciously of Hagraven.

No. 450257

Would a minor who receives the money get in trouble rather than the parent?

And why is this coming up 3 days after MDS anon reckoned they've made complaint? Only shortly after gf last posted and probably was still reading?

No. 450266

>blackmailing your own son
that's so Raven.
she's in NZ guys, or why would she care?

No. 450267

can we get the poll back? I'm ready to vote for the double-dumped theory. our girl is salty.

No. 450269

>she was urged to report him
(lol by who)
>she refused
classic raven storytime. may as well just start namefagging

nice bait m8

No. 450278

Raven thinks of herself as a famous “public figure” (in one of the videos Josh says he just can’t believe he’s talking to miss public figure herself ;). You’d think to keep the “public figure”status going that one would have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube (most of her videos are now private) buzzing with info, not cancelling them all. If she thinks going radio silent (of course except for obvious comments on lolcow) is intriguing, in fact it’s doing the opposite, she is about to become completely irrelevant.

No. 450288

From what she told me, some of her close friends online said that he needed to be reported but she refused. He was 17-20 when the bitch was harassing him to get on welfare, and he was on from 20 years old claiming for bills he wasn't paying.

No. 450296

File: 1508049439326.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

>raven spun me stories
>I took them at face value

No. 450304

Raven has close friends?

No Raven, you don't. Not online, not anywhere.

No. 450320

Dorian will be able to argue his out of any serious trouble on several bases: his terrible mother (aka you) brought him up in a culture of welfare fraud. As a young adult who has a trail of evidence for the abuse he suffered at the hands of you, he'll probably be able to argue that he was under your psychological control, still.

He has a support system now, he may well get out of it with nothing more than a payment plan but the "grown adult" in this situation will seriously get in the shit. Try dragging him through the mud and watch the childhood horror stories he didn't even have to tell for himself come to public light. The NZ press is going to love it.

No. 450323

lol try harder graven

No. 450328

Agreed. Especially if he signed/she forged the lease - presumably those are the "bills he was supposed to pay" or at least part of them? If the adult(s) in the house are long-term claimants then any minors can just claim that's what they were told to do - given the forms and told to sign. Especially with evidence of Craven's instability, all Dorian has to do is say "no choice." IF she tries to use that, it'll likely make things worse for her.

And good luck claiming crippling depression and social anxiety whilst being a "public figure." Ridiculous hag.

No. 450348

It's going to backfire so brilliantly though. Hre appearance and her own torrid stories of abuse together? Newspaper magic.
>Man forced to commit benefit fraud by his animal-torturing, abusive mother

No. 450351

>Welfare leech's outrageous new claim: "I've been raped and abused by everyone I've ever met!"

No. 450357

…including the journalist that came to do this interview!

No. 450362

How is that bait? I want to verify if we're still actually talking to Dorian's fiancée and not someone posing as her. Seeing as she didn't stick around to defend herself, I think it's the latter.

No. 450363

fucking kek

No. 450430

Where was it that Raven claimed 'fist rape'?

I have seen it mentioned on here recently, but don't know where it came from?

No. 450436

it's on her wedding story thing. it should be up in the links in OP.

No. 450467

Different anon, but I couldn't find it either. Can you post a screen shot? I've heard it mentioned here but it could've been the same anon exaggerating.

No. 450470

"Welfare Queens" of the 70s and 80s are a thing of the past (well, they actually weren't ever a real thing, but I digress) . Currently less than 1.5% of people who are in the system are abusing it. It's not so much that our country is in too shitty of a state to go after the people that take advantage, but it doesn't make sense resource wise or financially. So when someone gets caught they get cut off, are blocked from receiving benefits in the future and are penalized tax wise until the debit has been paid back.

America isn't in the business of suing people who have no money in the first place and they sure as shit aren't in the business of using resources to help other countries do it either.
It would seem to me if Raven did make it to the US and they have learned of some fraud in the mean time, NZ would be glad to have her gone, she won't be welcome back and that's about as deep as it gets. Governments are businesses, they don't have feelings. They don't care who Raven is. How much did she rip us off for? How much money does she currently have? What are her assets? If we go thru the trouble of busting this trick, what does our financial gain look like? Nothing? In the hole you say? Bitch, bye.

No. 450472

File: 1508090562579.png (296.61 KB, 685x2619, 1410390765184.png)


Posted in the first thread.

No. 450474

File: 1508091176275.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 508x6893, 1410395751748.png)

Spoiler for images of self-harm.

From 2011, also posted in the first thread.

In the last paragraph she says that she in on "sickness benefit" and "on welfare, with no rent, we are getting more money than we would if we were working."

No. 450476

this is like a fever dream

No. 450478

Thanks for posting! I wouldn't have ever found that tbh

No. 450483

Well said, anon. If she left NZ and made it to the US, she's, well, Gravy (so to speak) as far as the benefit fraud goes.

No. 450488

Gravy, no one cares to hate on you for high school drama. We hate you for valid reasons like child abuse and grooming, torturing and killing animals, scamming the NZ government, being a lazy bitch, etc. We are not the petty bullies you think we are - Don't nobody give a fuck about bjs behind a dumpster!

>>I have it on good authority<< lol!!

Stop making up shit. >>close friends said he needed to be reported but she refused<< – you mean you threatened to report him if he didn't do what you wanted him to do, but then realized it might get you in trouble too? FIFY

No. 450491


Getting SSI is already a lengthy and difficult process, and since she has been out of the country for over ten years she lacks the medical records and references required.

General Assistance (cash aid welfare) is variable depending on the county, but it is usually offered only to disabled people with a pending SSI case and people with dependent minors and for a limited amount of time.

No. 450494

I wonder if Ryan knows she has posted all this crazy, deviant sexual shit about him. I know I sure wouldn't be taking in or paying bills for someone who made up shit like this about me.

No. 450498

Exactly why I suggested someone with a fake Facebook should message him all this and ask for his opinion on it

No. 450499

Yeah, if it was true, she wouldn't go back and stay with him whenever it's convenient. No sane human being would after apparently being traumatized by that person.

No. 450500


After she and Ryan became friends again and he started financing her whims, her subsequent retellings of why she moved to NZ and their relationship were devoid of anything negative about him.

But lolcow doesn't forget.

No. 450502

Someone should notify Ryan. He's been totally slandered by her, and on top of that, used repeatedly.

Also, in that long post she says she hates any nudity, and yet we've already a couple of her nudes already. She's a walking contradiction.

No. 450503

Wouldn’t we get shit for cowtipping or is it okay in this case?

No. 450506


He likely knows. If he doesn't, it's not our place to save him from himself when he witnesses first-hand what kind of person she is. Obviously he gets something out if their arrangement, if not sex then some kind of warped emotional satisfaction.

Let the disordered adults continue to play their maladaptive games for our amusement.

No. 450517

Yeah she mentions lolcow so much it's not like he couldn't go find out for himself if he really cared or wanted to know.

No. 450521

thank fuck this land whale didn't come to the UK, you just know she'd be stalking emily boo and trying to track down cj lmao

No. 450535

Oh okay, I didn't know. New here. Well if he really does know, and still supports her, yikes…

No. 450596

It’s okay! I was only wondering, but like others have said he’s not in the dark about I so it’s on his shoulders if he wants to deal with it.

No. 450621

There is lots of crazy shit to comment on in this bizarre life story of hers, but reading between the lines could she have been committing some kind of fraud? She says she had bills she couldn't pay so just upped and moved. Then her farther yells at her over a letter received that is not addressed to her legal name. Perhaps Diana Perez racked up too much bad debit and tried to use Diana Sparks to get around it, causing her father to go off about fraud and being a shit person when a debt collection letter arrives?

No. 450757

Who even knows… it could be something reasonable, or maybe the people who raised Raven are just as psycho, and we'll never know how much of her autobiography even happened.

No. 450855

File: 1508174914653.png (77.01 KB, 800x455, Screenshot_2017-10-16-10-21-25…)

It looks like Raven has scammed the buyer of the S8.

No. 450867

Is there no buyer protection on that site? If not, that is a perfect place for rayray to scam people.

No. 450868

Scams people for $1200 airline ticket that was never put to use, scams phone buyer of $800 phone, scams child of his hard earned paycheque to keep her flush with the latest sequined unicorn nightmares and scratcher tattoos, scams the government for benefits and surgery.
I guess the karma in all of this is her appearance. She has to walk around in this world with that nose and body, that's a dystopian punishment that the best sci-fi writer couldn't even have come up with <3
Congratulations you howling shit-gibbon, you sentenced yourself to this life.

No. 450869


The listing was covered by Buyer Protection.


She was accepting Pay Now, cash, and bank deposit as payment.


No. 450881

This 100% confirms to me that she's gone to the states, She'll have done this and cleaned out her bank account so bssiacally they couldn't get it back anyway.

She loves to talk tough but facing actual repercussions of something like this isn't for rayray she'd only have the balls to pull this if she was leaving the country and knew it.

But yeah Raven you're a piece of shit

No. 450886

Good find, anon.
She is such a leech, I hope this poor person gets their money back even if Raven's not in the country, because that is such a shit situation.

No. 450889

Not to blog, but this reminded me about how an acquaintance of mine maxed out credit cards in a different country during grad school, they later got in a ton of trouble, so hopefully the same happens to ravey.

No. 450903

I am actually a little shocked by this. I know this is a relatively minor crime in Raven's repertoire of suck, but man. She seemed to keep her horribleness confined to a select few victims who were close to her (family members for the most part), so I guess she is branching out in her shit heel ways. I really feel for that poor guy and hope he gets his money back.

No. 450913

Wow. That’s not even something you tweak for the journal to sound less bad.

Unless she’s lying unconscious in a ditch somewhere.

No. 450920


This cinches it for me. She left.

No. 450922

Yeah she's not dumb enough to stay. She's pretty good at scamming people, she wouldn't do it while she's in NZ.

No. 450925


This sounds very Raven to me.

No. 450926

Finally I'm not the only one who believes she left now !

C'mon raven I'm so ready for your Taco Bell haul !

No. 450930

I'm leaning that way as well - this is the only piece of "evidence" either way that couldn't have been faked or arranged by Raven/Raven's cronies.

So if this is the case it means quite a few fucked up things:
1) Either Raven controls Josh's FB account already (completely believable) or she talked him into sending that "don't wanna talk about it" message, which is also believable, but would mean he's very much part of her shitty scams now.

2) She controls Logan still despite not even being in the same country. Hopefully this one fades over time, but it does seem that he'll just do what she says for the moment.

3) Quite a few of the posters here previously were Raven. All the ones saying "can't say how I know, but Raven is DEFINITELY still in NZ and back with Logan". Some of us already called that out and suspected it, but I'd say it's more than we thought.

No. 450937

We definitely need another poll!

After seeing her Trademe feedback, I’m all aboard her being in couchland. Where as before , I 100% thought she stayed in NZ. The suspense is turned up to 11.

No. 450938


Will do!

No. 450941


Yesss! You’re the best

No. 450942

Is anyone worried that she'll be done with the Internet forever? It's just that she's been gone for a few weeks. I don't know if this is normal. (I haven't been following her as long as some of you)

No. 450945

File: 1508191120122.png (52.91 KB, 800x308, Screenshot_2017-10-16-14-56-04…)

No. 450947


Definitely not worried, she can’t stay away. This is what she lives for. Although, she is capable of taking long breaks.

No. 450953


Scamming the buyer does not definitively prove that she has left. It may indicate that she was planning to leave but changed her mind after the scam. Her post saying that they had to delay her trip by two weeks came long after she pocketed the money.

The fact that she has ghosted the buyer is not definitive, either. If she left, then she feels free to ignore their emails. If she stayed after truly planning to leave, then she is ignoring them out of either "oh shit wtf do I do" or outright denial.

No. 450961

Has there been anything new on her facebooks or are they still offline? I think she created a face one to use in the meantime that we just haven't found yet like LG said

No. 450963

Well Graven is checking her trademe because if ou go to the feedback page it will show you in the right hand corner when she last logged in.I'm going to email the buyer when I am home from work (you can do so buy clicking on the buyers listing) of that phone to give them what contact details I have of Graven in CHCH and give her the heads up on how to make a report for obtaining by deception.

No. 450969

tbh lolcow is actually doing good public service work…Y'all offer way more to society than Raven has done in at least the last 20 years

No. 450982

I'm just waiting on Logans mothers contact details to pass on to the buyer of that phone as I'm sure she will know where Graven is.

No. 450984


You’re correct, nothing is definitive right now. Wherever she is, there’s sure to be an abundance of milk.

No. 450985

Isn't it a bit rude to dump a rightfully angry internet shopper on a person who didn't scam them? how would you get her details anyway? Not to be rude, just wondering about the ethics

No. 450987


Fuck this waiting game. I'm over giving this cow any more pleasure as she views a huge thread that contains absolutely zero information about her.

Frankly if Dorian wants to be useful he should call Logan's mom and ask her if Raven is still in NZ. I feel that some of these lovely gf posts are bullshit anyhow. Like they see how much we want to know where the fat fuck is, but they have zero info? Suuuuuuuure.

No. 450989

Feel free to facebook me, honestly. I am his (Dorian's) fiance, I read here literally when I am bored at school. It's a little wild to see what people think, it is providing a lot of entertainment for us while also settling our nerves about her still being in nz as we believe she has left. Trust me, if we knew where she was we would tell you. We are all about getting her in trouble, we have already spoken to the police here. We are scared not knowing where she is, it is just as painful for us and likely much, much scarier given the fact that we are some of the people directly affected by her geographical location. We have cut contact with her, entirely. I don't know why would have her info, or Logan's mothers…We have an account we think is her fake one on messanger but honestly, we will not be contacting her because posting here in one thing-it's funny, it provides entertainment etc, but actually trying to make contact with her after spending months purging contact with her is really not one of our priorities.

No. 450990

good call on not re-establishing contact with her. That hippo will have to come up for air eventually…

No. 450991

Did Logan's mom confirm Gray's whereabouts?

I wouldn't involve her in anymore of Gravy's shit by making her to go between if I were you. I agree that it is a bit rude and totally not her problem to deal with.

No. 450999

Dorians lovely fiancé (or lg for short;), I totally agree with you, do not contact Raven at all. I have studied bpd and people who have it, their extreme reactions are downright nerve wracking. In my opinion she is not happy with her choice (America or NZ), or it isn’t going the way she thought. If it was she would be shouting from the rooftops to her “haydurrz” how love conquers all, and look at me, look at us! Dorian and LF, stay aware though, if she didn’t get what she wanted or dreamt of (a love that is more…) then she will want to punish those in her life that do have that. Frankly the same goes for Logan when he does find a nice gal his age someday. I’m rooting for you and Dorian to have a beautiful life together!

No. 451000

File: 1508197067701.png (37.69 KB, 800x136, Screenshot_2017-10-16-16-34-55…)

IRL old friends?

Posted in the comments on the contact lense video.

No. 451001

Omg! Sorry for the double post, I was typing so fast I screwed up on my sage!

No. 451027

but she'd still be in NZ with the phone and in an easy position to send it to them, even with a 'sorry for the delay' message. I think she took it to the US to sell again.

No. 451036

File: 1508200998050.jpg (161.52 KB, 1206x804, S8.jpg)

And here's some questions I saved from under the S8 listing.

I think she took this person out of the payment protection system by getting them to deposit direct to her bank. She is also saying she's leaving about we know this is a while before she actually flew out. I had wondered at the time what she meant. I think this was a conscious scam on her part.

Also, the times she's posted here in recent days have been the evening in Columbia / middle of the day in Christchurch. She could have kept posting and posting if she were in Christchurch, but she didn't.

No. 451075

File: 1508204485065.png (142.56 KB, 800x845, 1506330841423.png)


Unless she had sold it to someone else already.

The person who won the auction was cautious enough to ask for the IMEI number.

No. 451083

I'm new here, so forgive my question. Can't you get a farmhand (mod) to check IPs of the posts that appear to be Raven? It should tell you if they are in US or NZ at least.

Saged for probable dumb question.

No. 451092

it would be work for them and we don't need it urgently. raven's going to tell everyone soon enough. she's probably trying to use up the "two weeks" delay she made up.

No. 451095


Generally mods do not step-in to check IPs unless the suspected self-posting seriously derails the thread.

No. 451107

don't be scared, guys. you have the cops in your corner, and the hag doesn't have the balls to do anything. if she was going to come at you, it would be online or by proxy. just focus on the fact that wherever she is, she's out of your lives. and probably miserable as shit. kek

No. 451186

Of course she ripped off the buyer. Why sell something once if you can sell it twice! She deserves the money. She is starting a new life and she needs it. That buyer can just go to work and get more money, he's lucky! At least he has a healthy tailbone!

No. 451200

Raven's "tailbone injury" always made me lol. Not to blog post too much but i have a super fucked up one and sitting on my ass all day is the worst possible way to exacerbate the pain. Cleaning and cooking and exercising has its minor aches but i had to stop being sedentary to get better. Bitch is so full of shit. I wonder what injury or illness she'll come up with next since get tailbone is supposedly "better"

No. 451219

Well, she says her tailbone is all better now because she has put on a little weight because Joshua likes her like that, and that's how she will be able to sit on an airplane for so long.
Because see, she was so skinny before. Back when her tailbone hurt so bad that she couldn't sit and so, therefore, obviously if you can't sit you can't work. Like, they won't let you bring a couch and lay down to work. Soooo, yeah. There was just no getting around it.
I mean, when you are as thin as Raven was, like, what could anyone expect, really? But now she's ok. Thank god she got a little meat on her bones finally. Yeah, it's hard to see any difference at all, but it's there… um, So sitting is a-ok now! Oh, and real quick- Joshua doesn't want her to get a job in the US because her schedule needs to be open at all times so they can be together so she won't be working and he has a really hard to get job that makes plenty of money so there is no point anyway and she just wants to do what he wants and he does not want her working so that's all there is to it and she won't be but maybe she'll get a job doing computer work from home who knows but he just wants her schedule open sooo..,,

No. 451226


And her broken tailbone is another reason to despise Dorian.

No. 451233

In the video where Josh asks Raven to marry him, he says a name that I can’t make out fully. It sounds like “Raven Diana Stargrave” or something like that. In another video she also tells Josh about the great lengths she’s gone to to change her name and protect her real identity/name. Hmm.

No. 451239

But we have the obit for her dad confirming her as Diana Sparks and I think she also said on a leak video that haterz still found her real name.

No. 451253


"Starbl00d" is one of her online user names. Maybe read the OP.

No. 451254


I know about Starbl00d, he said something different, but thanks.

No. 451288

Having a painful tailbone actually happens when you're overweight or extremely underweight

Raven, You're fat that's why your tailbone hurts you stupid sow

No. 451300

File: 1508234106989.png (552.87 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3593.PNG)

The shit that makes me laugh sometimes…

But in this case dirty would be referring to the fact that she's actually disgusting…

No. 451303

Doesn't she have comments set up to where she has to confirm each one?

No. 451312

She couldn't even keep herself off the internet after she faked her own death.

She'll be back eventually.

No. 451367


I thought this, too. The comment count for this video is higher than the number of comments shown. She hasn't answered it yet.

No. 451377

How long she was MIA when that happened?

No. 451378

She is active on yt as well. She had 232 videos uploaded then 229 and by now there are 227 … She is there. She will be there. She is just playing with us.

No. 451381

Yeah, when people (most likely Raven) were speculating that she'd been murdered (kek), this is what I was thinking too. She is very obviously online, and very obviously checking this site or Kiwifarms, because whenever we mention or link a video, she removes it.
There is no way that can happen by itself, and no one else could do it. Raven is just pathetically lurking as usual.

No. 451395

lol nothing could possibly scare her away … she is nothing without us. if this site went down, she'd lead the effort to get it up again.

it's been fun to watch that, both by itself and knowing that she reads here obsessively. makes it so much more satisfying to call her a horrid hag and list her failings / history of fuck-ups.

No. 451414


No. 451423

raven - you missed a video talking about kissing josh. Better remove it…

No. 451427

She really looks her age in that thumbnail

No. 451452

I suggested that as a joke. I don’t think the farmers who ran with it were Raven. The Raven posts in this thread are far more obvious and have been reported, but as another anon said, mods don’t go tracking this stuff unless there’s a major disruption.

What’s the bet she won’t remove this one because it’s monetised and maybe even sponsored/discounted based on positive review?

No. 451499

She posted this video a week ago.


No. 451503

I realise you're very new here from the post title and lack of video link, but that's a mirror account run by me to reupload Raven's videos for when she deletes them.

No. 451505


Ahhhh sorry. Yeah, really new poster…first time in one of these forums actually but have been reading for a while. Sorry about the amateur hour in posting.

No. 451525

only type 'sage in the email field, nothing else. there's full instructions of how to post here: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 451770

What none of you truly understand is what she really is. True, you have seen the edge of what Raven can be, but you haven't experienced her first hand. She's insanely charismatic and draws you in. Sliding her claws around you and reassuring you of how sweet she can be. How she can be everything and more. You want to believe it, but then she changes. Taking from you everything she can to sustain her need for material possessions, money, and your outright devotion. You want to believe she couldn't be this horrible, but she is and always will be that terrible disease you contracted.

Logan, if you can read this FUCKING RUN. End it now, cut off the rotted limb, and swallow down the pain. Move on. You'll never recover fully, but at least you will be without her draining you to a husk of your former self.

To you Dorian I say this.
I'm sorry I didn't have the sight to know what she was doing to you when I was there. I should have done something more. Please, have a happy life and don't let her get ahold of you again.

No. 451783

And who are you friendo? sage goes in the email field.

No. 451801


Yes, you're right, she's a BPD queen, child molester, and a groomer par excellence.

Was there anything else you wanted to say that we don't already know? Or are you trying out for a True Confessions gig?

No. 451804


mayhap it's joshua

No. 451807

The main point was to tell Logan and Dorian what I needed to say to them without getting involved via Facebook. I have no intention of giving out any other information about myself besides that.

No. 451808

Why can't Logan recover fully from your bullshit, Rave? I think he'll be fine in a year or two. He's young and good looking. You, on the other hand, are a fat fuckpig.

No. 451812


I thought the same thing.

No. 451813


lol attention whores gtfo

No. 451817


No, it's Raven pretending to be Josh. I think that's pretty clear.

No. 451821

>She's insanely charismatic and draws you in
k, bye Craven

No. 451826


>the edge of what Raven can be

>how sweet she can be
>insanely charismatic


Ravenfat gtfo plz

No. 451832

If you are legit, you didn't accomplish anything with this. Logan is completely isolated and brainwashed and doesn't read here. Dorian can just tell us who you are; if he has no idea, then he cannot pardon you as he does not know who is asking forgiveness.

Not Josh, he says "when i was there." Josh was never near Dorian irl. Could be Raven starting drama though.

If you actually are that hurt for the boys and that concerned over this monster, you would do more by giving evidence to compound against her. More testimonies that clash with her false image. Otherwise, you aren't serious/are Raven herself.

No. 451835


How's the couch, Raven? Does your tailbone hurt? Josh been sniffing his fingers much?

No. 451840


There's a library in Saluda?

No. 451842

I swear I crack up with the library joke EVERYTIME.
Can OP shop Craven in a library for the next thread pic? I'm on my knees.

Yeah. So many posts here recently with people allegedly giving information that actually means nothing at all. Sus much?

No. 451859

>Logna, You'll never recover fully,
Nah, I reckon he will. Overestimating yourself massively there, hun.

No. 451875


So, you’re saying she’s a sociopath

No. 451940

I'm really enjoying that you're this desperate for attention, gran. who's the next poster-personality gonna be?

I love the library meme so much! really tickles me

No. 451989

I think this post is actually trying to pretend to be Ryan, not Josh, or is actually Ryan.

> I'm sorry I didn't have the sight to know what she was doing to you when I was there

On the one hand, being charasmatic would explain how she manages to find all these weird men to leach off.

On the other hand, it sounds like typical Raven BS.

No. 451991

If she was that charismatic she'd be able to land someone of actual value and not be grooming deadbeats and childbrides lmao

No. 451993

You can be disgusting to high class and classy, mannered men and be charismatic to low wage fools and ghetto masters. That's Raven.

My first thought was Ryan too. But again, not sure why he couldn't just contact Dorian though facebook's messenger.

The bit about Logan never recovering all the way is ridiculous. Of course he will. Left alone for a couple years, he could look back and wonder what the fuck he'd been thinking and thank the Gods above he got away.

That bit of narcissism makes me think it's Ravin' and not Ryan.

No. 451994

there's too much self-praise in it not to be Raven. she's probably hoping it looks like Ryan.

No. 451995


fucking KEK

No. 452008

She's as charasmatic as a shit in a toilet that refuses to flush.

No. 452009

LOL this.

No. 452010

It must be hard going on a public hiatus, Raven. Posting as other people is your only way to stir up shit…you could at least be convincing.

No. 452023

Can Ryan even read/write? Neanderthal idiot.

No. 452029

I'm pretty sure he would call us all losers and tell us she sucks dick good * and he misses it.

* not by objective standards.

No. 452033

"So I know we just met and this is kind of crazy but look at pics of my miscarriage maybe?"
Charisma plus.

No. 452034


Yep - except not one word would be spelled correctly. "Suk dik god" is DEFFO his level!

No. 452042

It's a pattern. The thread goes quiet then a mystery anon pops up pretending to be someone close to raven, Logan or Dorian. Let the thread die for a while and I'm sure we will all be repaid in bountiful milky goodness

No. 452044

She's not charismatic and doesn't attract people at all. She has a hard time finding victims, and the only people she can get her hammy paws on are desperate guys online or children.

If she was at all attractive (looks or a magnetic personality) she would have hordes of victims to choose from, and droves of us wouldn't see through her enough to talk about it on the internet.

Raven is a whiny, childish, lying piece of garbage who desperately wants to be a charming, loveable victim.

No. 452045

File: 1508326428769.jpeg (25.92 KB, 384x384, 7648A012-D7A0-40CD-AD98-25A45C…)

No. 452075



No. 452097

I think it's Raven pretending to be Ryan.
Or a troll.

No. 452100

Samefag, but are farmhands able to confirm whether the IP of this comment is in NZ?

No. 452119

I don't think this newest person is Ryan. From comments Raven has made in videos Logan and Ryan tolerate each other's presence for her sake. I think Raven has even said Ryan was an arsehole to Dorian.

So either this is some anon randomly commenting to fuck with us or some random person Raven sucked in to being her friend until this person got wind of the crazy and got the fuck out of there.

Psycho narcissists like Raven are very skilled at selecting naive, good hearted people to take advantage of. Raven knows exactly what to say and how to act to guilt these people into delivering her supply of attention and validation. These people get head fucked so bad that they feel they can't do anything or walk away because Raven has convinced them they are the bad people for doing so. These people aren't weak or stupid, they see the world in a different way to us cynical bitches and genuinely want to help others.

No. 452128

This please !

Normally I wouldn't care but there's too many of these weird posts popping up now.

No. 452143

… or it's just Raven herself.
You're giving her way too much credit. she has no filter, no self-awareness, and can't go 5 minutes without drama. Ryan seems like an asshole / a bit psycho himself and Logan was a stupid kid.
like certain other cows, Raven just keeps chugging along until she finds the damaged, vulnerable or just plain dumb.

No. 452208

omg my fellow anons I love you but these posts are coming from one of two people. Raven, or a troll. neither one should be causing this much debate lol.

have we started a pool on when and where Raven will finally resurface?

she's not going to be able to wait two whole weeks–what's the actual date she's supposed to resurface?–and she will be in the US. maybe not with Josh and maybe not in Saluda. I think she got off the plane, they looked at each other and it was cringe all the way.

No. 452224

Her "Raven Bradley (Sparks)" profile is online now


No. 452242

don't know about the when but recent stuff has moved me from 'she went' firmly into the 'didn't go anywhere' camp.

No. 452248

She is in couchland!

No. 452252

File: 1508352563035.jpg (Spoiler Image,79.48 KB, 720x960, raven.jpg)

No. 452254


Oh no baby, What is you doin?

No. 452277

I was having a nosy look at her berserk wishlist and all the clothes range from large to XXXL and this bitch thinks she's thin and "everything's too big for her"? fucking KEK

No. 452295


Do we know how tall she is? because i'm sure shes still wayyyyy out of what i imagine is her target weight area, She says she's 160lbs but i imagine she's way heavier, more like 170lbs and if she's short she should be around 110..120..

No. 452296

File: 1508354730676.jpg (10.85 KB, 290x300, aemotions-sweatdrop.jpg)

No. 452314

Olddddd but this broke my heart, What a sweet kid dorian is and he has this troll beast as a mother.

saged for old shit

No. 452321


Why do you think she's here? Not capable of the long con? I get that, but there's some weirdness here and there that just makes me think she left. All the posts that say she stayed seem sus to me.

No. 452322

She's 100% gone.

No. 452324

File: 1508356442167.jpeg (42.48 KB, 333x475, BA56DD40-99A4-4331-B0E8-914B23…)


What a fuckpig. So fucking fat.

No. 452326

I think so too, and I think that couch boy and her had the worst, most awkward meet ever. So she's in hiding till she knows how to spin this.

No. 452388


The reactivation makes me think it won’t be long until she posts a video. She’ll probably slowly start to resurface on social media.

No. 452424

This isn't her. I've been trying to get into her account. I got as far as the security checkpoint but all I was able to do was lock her out of her account. I'll keep trying to get in. The treasures this account holds will be well worth it! I have a friend who is trying to get into her email account but she has that pretty locked up.

No. 452425

File: 1508363864272.png (584.42 KB, 1524x456, 1500642651538.png)

I'm not sure if anyone else caught this
but i was looking through some past threads, and I noticed a resemblance between Husband#2 and Josh

No. 452437

Yeah they both look retarded

No. 452444


Uh, that’s going too far.

No. 452446

Uh… What the fuck?

No. 452447

She changed her surname to Bradley on that account in July.

If that isn't her account, then why so desperate to get into it?

That is Ryan #3. She split with #2 in 2006.

No. 452466


Christ, does Raven ever look like trailer trash in that picture of her at the hospital with her dad. Look at those heavily angled brows, she's like a Thai chola. I also find it hard to believe that she was equally as ugly long before she got most of her piercings.

This dude is as much of a Cro-Magnon as Josh, that's for sure. I think he's actually the ugliest of her beaus so far.

lol, she is so wack looking.

No. 452468


I'll concernpost and say oh, no, stop that anon! but I'll also say please dump all of it as soon as you've sifted it. This cow is dry as a bone.

No. 452474

You know she reads here right? Now she'll probably be on lock down.

I almost wanted to say that this would give her more reason to talk about haters trying to ruin her life and harass her but she deserved it.

No. 452476


All white people look the same

No. 452482

Don't be butthurt because someone called her a Thai chola.

No. 452552

I also agree that this is going too far.

Having said that, I've always thought it would be hilarious for YTT to get wind of her and show her what true trolls really are.

No. 452559

You’re an idiot and you’ve cockblocked us all.

I think they were referring to the alleged resembles between Josh and Ryan.

She does have a type but it’s not so much based on looks…

No. 452577

So… we did not trust >>451770 and so her profile got back on and we got >>452424.
Why are we trusting this? It could be her trying to stir up drama 'da h8ers hacked my facebook account I got to defend myself' ~

No. 452637

just a bunch of little things about the recent library friends. I agree there is some weirdness here (beyond the obvious) and agree there's been a lot of shitposting. there's also been a lot of throwing off about Logan and little mention of Couchie. and for a side dish, how long she dragged it out, the oh no flight delayed, spending so much time with Logan (apparently) and yeah. obviously I'm hoping for the best (taco bell and meth) but I'm not feeling good about it rn. edit: and look what's been happening, I should've read further down

pls gtfo you sped.
(anons … how do you reactivate an fb account if you can't get past the security checkpoint - presumably 2fa but either way)?

No. 452655

I fucking love you haha.

Same, anon. I'm feeling hella iffy about all of it.

She wouldn't have to lie and pretend to be other people if she was an honest person in the first place. But narcissistic idiots rarely have two brain cells to rub together so what else is there to expect from Raven.

No. 452766

I know her email address so I tried to log in. It gave me an option to recover the account by choosing what her last 4 comments were. I got them wrong so they locked it down. Now the only verification mode is through email, which I can't get into. I don't care if the fat bitch reads here and sees this. She'll know we'll stop at nothing to expose her for who she really is. I'm not friends with her on that account, so can someone who is verify if she's posted about hatuuurrzz hacking her account?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 452769

>we'll stop at nothing to expose her for who she really is.
Speak for yourself, anon. I'm personally just here to laugh at, and be horrified by, her life.

You're coming off a bit rabid.

No. 452770

Breaking into someone's account is illegal and it does log the IP and ISP of the person who tried to gain access so have fun with that?

No. 452775

Oh god Raven. Who's gunna bust anon? Internet police? Interpol?
Just post a video and spill. This shit is lame.

No. 452788

>we'll stop at nothing to expose her for who she really is
>talks about hacking Gravy

hi Gravy.

No. 452793

File: 1508394039544.gif (842.1 KB, 480x270, CoWZ05t.gif)

No. 452802

I feel like this is Raven doing this to make us seem like crazy stalkers. She's probably doing it to somehow prove to someone/law enforcement that we are 'taking it too far'
Perhaps she wants to make it look like someone hacked her account to suit a narrative she has given Logan/Ryan/Josh?
I don't know. Good luck Raven ya dickhead.
Also, if not Raven, you are an absolute psycho for trying to hack someone!

No. 452806

I’m pretty sure she is as well. I have a pretty good feeling why she’s doing it too. >>452766 reeks of granny. Raven, you’re pretty pathetic.

No. 452807

So are all these shitpostings and talks of hacking derailment enough for mods to intervene to see if they really are Raven posting?

No. 452808

Firstly, Raven, that’s not how it’s done. You should do better research for your characters.

Secondly, no one needs to expose shit. You’ve done more exposure of yourself than anyone ever wanted.

Speaking of which, will we be hearing from your left tit soon?

No. 452809

Excellent point. Man the reporting harpoons.

No. 452815

I agree, I want an ip trace. This has to be Raven or one of her library mates.

No. 452816

Why don't you take faking your suicide one step further and fake your own death, Sparky. You're in the U.S, fake your death there, then go to Mexico and start a new life with a new name (I vote spanish translation of current name- Cuervo Chispas) , find a gothic Mexican teenager and live out the rest of your days eating all the burritos your pig heart desires.

No. 452819

Why do you think she's doing it?

No. 452821

Makes me happy to know people here have brains. Hacking is going way too far. Besides, what else could possibly 'shock' us about her anyway, at this point lol.

No. 452822

Because she's super bored and unemployed and has nothing else to do on that couch in Saluda?

No. 452824

Is Raven's profile on trademe either suspended by them, or gone? https://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=4354482
When I click on Auction feedback or Profile I get not found.

No. 452825

she will have deleted it when she read that we were finding info there, just like she deletes/privates old videos that are posted here.
so painfully transparent kek. hi Gravy!

No. 452826

Maybe they have restricted it for her. The complaint against her is police-worthy.
>Throughout this process we determine what action should be taken on the seller’s membership. This generally happens behind closed doors but it may be in the form of an account restriction, suspension, or as a final resort, removal of the membership.

No. 452827

at any rate, another sign she has skipped the country as scheduled.

No. 452829

If anyone here was going to try and "hack" into her FB account, they would have done it when she was doing the whole faking her own death thing. No one did it then, there's no way anyone's doing it over this bullshit.

Interesting how there have never been comments with that tone until right now, when Rayray is clearly desperate to bamboozle people.

No. 452832

A few of us have stopped posting because she is reading on here.Any information regarding Raven made public will hinder this retard being served her karma.See you closed your Trademe account Graven!Fyi your banking details Graven are held for 7 years.

No. 452837

Are they brothers? Kek so similar. Wonder if couch boy has raped her yet

No. 452841

I think it's probably Craven posting, but regardless


They're lolcows. They are for laughing at. We don't need to interfere in their lives, they fuck up all by themselves. And if it IS Raven trying to set us up….fail. The only person who believes the "so persecuted" narrative is you.

No. 452842



Her feedback page went to error starting yesterday.


The listing was covered by Buyer Protection.


She was accepting Pay Now, cash, and bank deposit as payment.


No. 452843


He's making her eat out of the dog bowl on the floor. And she's only being fed bits hacked off the poor dead dog, who is her only company down in the cellar. If it weren't for the rats, she'd have no-one to talk to.

Poor Ravy. Awww.

No. 452846

and he fists her daily

No. 452850

I heard he force feeds her real cheese too, Not the processed shit her heart desires !

No. 452851

the monster!

No. 452852

>our preferred payment systems (Ping, Pay Now or Afterpay)
Hopefully they used Paynow, it's the only option hey'd be covered for. $800 has got to sting.

No. 452853

You can't look at Josh and tell me that he isn't an offbrand Velveeta kind of man. Southerners love that shit.

I can't wait to see her going to town on all of the delicious fried and cheesey stuff we have down here in the southern US. She thinks she's skinny now, she's gonna envy her current body in a years time.

No. 452854

sage for blogposting but from what I have heard about Velveeta as it is, I'm glad that shit isn't a thing in my neck of the woods.

I give her a month before she undoes all her "hard" work of losing weight. 3 months before she has a heart attack.

No. 452857

>tried to login and failed
>account locked
>this somehow reactivated it

jfc just give it up already.

No. 452861


….using the dead dog's fist

(ILY, anon!)

No. 452862


Oh! The inhumanity! Dreadful brute…

No. 452863


it'd wanna be a pretty big dog

(awww shucks ILY2)

No. 452864


Huh. REAL men know the only acceptable cheese is that growing under their toenails.

Ooooo….maybe that's why he sniffs his fingers? He's got him some prize gorgonzola growing - pure plastic all-'Murican goodness.

No. 452866


Already lost a paw in Cravy's cavernous depths.

I don't even want to think what he's doing to her with the arrow…

No. 452868

he'll just use the entire dog.

No. 452869


….and it still wouldn't touch the sides

No. 452870

he could shove both fists in there and clap.

No. 452872


Let's hope he reads here >:-)

Besides, there's good eatin' on that there dawg. Be a waste, using it to fist a harpy.

No. 452873

but how else will he baste it and get flavor?

No. 452875


That's where the home-grown cheese comes in. Quick pick of the fingernails and voila. Au gratin. Cos our boy is posh.

No. 452896

By the looks of him he probably adds some dick cheese to that mix as well.

No. 452905

Alright enough of this cheese under toenails, dick cheese etc. lmao I'm gonna puke

Anyway it's obvious she reactivated her own fb but still wants to make it look like she's away from the internet a lot, so she made up some hacking bs excuse about why it's back.

No. 452928

We really do need to pull the IP from these hacking comments because I will piss myself if it’s from SC.

No. 452931

I agree, I'd really like to squash all the speculation of where she's at. I think at this point considering an anon (Raven) is claiming to try at hack her I think that is good reason to look into whoever it is.

No. 452935

Exactly as much as I hate the goth turd people saying they’re trying to get into her personal shit is a little too obsessive and far for me

Farmhandssss please

No. 452937

Think what you want,but the bitch tried to steal my boyfriend before she met her current victim. They were using the Raven Bradley account so I really want in. I was hoping someone here would know how and be interested in whatever is in that account

No. 452939

Okay Raven,

What’s the fee for late return of books ? I’d call in myself but since you’re already at the library…

No. 452940

So how do we ask farmhands nicely - by reporting Raven's posts?

No. 452941

File: 1508434239233.jpeg (111.14 KB, 729x962, 6B50564F-2884-4521-BA0C-AAF1DF…)

So if she tried to steal your boyfriend presumably this is you ?

Since the person she was talking to before Josh was Eddie ?

No. 452945

No, that's the girl that came after me. Similar story though.

No. 452948

I smell shiteeeeee

No. 452949

That’s why I covered her name…

No. 452950

It's painfully obvious that it's Raven. Why hasn't anyone reported to the mods yet to check the IP? I'm new and don't know how. So much derailment and bs has been happening, and it would be nice to confirm.

No. 452951

Yeah, I fixed my reply.

No. 452952

She was trying to steal your bf while she was with Logan? Wth..

No. 452953

File: 1508435590414.jpg (3.96 MB, 3264x2448, 2011-08-26 19.11.35.jpg)

I'm bummed out. I come here every day, hoping for news, and every day it's just bullshit and spec.

I still don't understand how Dorian and the girlfriend could be absolutely clueless as to where Raven is, unless she's so psychotic that he's gone no contact with her, which is pretty goddamned scary to me. That your mother would be so insane that the only recourse you have is to break all ties.

Hmm, just had a thought. If there's a restraining order against her on the part of the kids, shouldn't the cops in CC be able to tell them that they're safe since she's out of the country? It's ridiculously hard for people to just up and disappear, especially when there are families involved. I'm just not buying that no one out there has a clue. She was staying with Ryan. Why is he so quiet? Why is Josh? It's not like this fat old hog should be inspiring loyalty in any of these dudes. She'll fuck whoever keeps her in cheap crap and toys.

There's so much shitposting in this thread from Raven that the whole situation has become crazy muddied. I'd like to see an IP check on the most recent LG/Dorian posts, because I wouldn't put it past Raven to post as them, either.

I wonder how many cows are malignant narcs? Raven, Onion, Lamey, Margerat. The creepiest thing is that they've all got kids, and they've all fucked their kids up. Well, we have no proof on Onion's spawn yet, but there's no way those kids are growing up healthy. Two narc parents and it seems like no one ever talks to them.

Honestly, I'm over this. I'll be back when she rears her fat fuckpig head again, but for now I feel like she's getting off on the attention.

Raven, you will never be able to erase all the shitty things you've said and done over the years, no matter how long you maintain radio silence. You're a terrible parent, a sexual predator and you basically raped your child bride into marrying you. That's your legacy. That's what people think of when they think of you. That's all they'll ever think of.

pic related, I'm going outside.

No. 452957


Enough is enough with this mystery posting bullshit. Fuck off. Either tell us who you are or gtfo. This is beyond retarded.

No. 452958

Really wanting an IP check on this. Can someone get a farmhand? I'm not sure how to go about it.

No. 452959


Why would Raven screwing around on Logan surprise ANYONE and why are you responding to Raven's baitposting? Unless…you're Raven! And you want even more attention!

Raven, get your fat ass out. You're such a dancing monkey that it's painful.

No. 452961


Try gong to the discord, maybe, and asking nicely for some help? I'm all out of fucks.

No. 452962

Click the box and report the post

No. 452964

K. I reported the post about the hacking since we suspect that is her. If it's not, I think hacking is taking it too far so it's a win-win. I just want answers at this point.

No. 452966

File: 1508436560929.jpg (65.73 KB, 617x175, head.jpg)

No. 452980


No. 452987

Bradley account has gone down again.

No. 452995

This confirms for me that Raven is the "hacker". Facebook doesn't work that way. You'd have to actually log in before the account would be reactivated let alone deactivated.

No. 453001

It doesn't matter. She's definitely around or got notified because she took her account back and deactivated and locked it down again. I guess it's just a waiting game to see when the fat hag turns up again. Sorry for overstepping guys. I've never done this before and I just hate her so much. I only knew this site existed because she told my boyfriend all about it. I've tried to get him to post but he won't.

No. 453008

File: 1508439801354.jpg (5.66 KB, 200x150, GuyIncognito.jpg)

well, that's a real shame. I know I for one would be totally convinced by another anon turning up and saying hi I'm her bf and this is a totally true story.

No. 453034

File: 1508441447108.jpeg (51.68 KB, 576x432, 631D6906-A64B-4915-A45E-260D31…)

Oh for shame, anon — everyone knows Raven is a tight little flower!!

No. 453048


Far as I can tell, from reading LF's posts they have gone "no contact" with her. It's likely a reason she's doing a lot of this fuckery, to "punish" Dorian. It's unthinkable to someone as solipsistic as Cravy that he could possibly fuck her off out of his life completely and this type of self-obsessed personality will create great scenarios in their head - she'll have a massive internal drama going whereby D is really going insane not knowing where she is, but it's pretty obvious he's just done.

Love and hate are closely aligned but once your kid is pushed and pulled to the point of utter indifference there is no way back. LF and Dorian are done; they genuinely don't care where she is and aren't going to poke the wasps' nest.

I may understand it wrong, but I also thought they didn't go as far as a restraining order - they're holding that in hand to make her leave them alone. In some ways, it's likely a relief to them that they don't know. They know the old bag will resurface but she'll bring headfuck with her - for them, out of sight is out of mind and long may it last.

I could be totally wrong, of course. But something about D's responses resonate - and it's the supreme parenting failure when you have pushed it so far, all your kid has left is "whatever…" Be proud, Cravy. And thank fuck the only other kid you ever had is plastic.

No. 453051

Ugh. Why do we need to discuss Ravens beaver?
Probably the most revolting Raven video is the one in which she talks about her monthly hemorrhaging vagina, filling 20 enormous pads a day, blood leaking out everywhere, giant globby blood clots expelling themselves from her barren womb.
Thanks to you assholes I now imagine all that plus a rotting dog arm hanging half way out of her twat.

I hate you guys.

No. 453053

You must be pretty gross if Raven could potentially steal your boyfriend. I mean Raven can trick a 16 year old lonely kid and some meth heads, but I know if your boyfriend is anywhere above subhuman he wouldn't even be able to communicate with Raven. The fact that you claim to be so angry at her means Raven had a shot and you're either Raven herself or a fat, aging goth with no prospects.

No. 453054

Shots fired, Reloaded and fired a-fucking gain.

No. 453078


Your boyfriend is an object that can be stolen. It takes two, you know.

No. 453080


* ISN’T an object

No. 453086

I still have her fb page open on my phone browser and lol, her favourite quotes she listed include:

"Everybody that you know is a whore"
"I want to die screaming"

What kind of fave quotes are these… lmfao. Imagine asking her irl what her fave quotes are and her responding with these.

No. 453152

File: 1508449922563.jpg (33.36 KB, 500x373, DqtQhAZ.jpg)

i only lurk in te moomoo threads, who is this chick?

No. 453157

File: 1508450374381.png (54.03 KB, 606x183, Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 5.58…)

I don't know, maybe you could try reading her threads?

Also, learn to sage. https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 453170

File: 1508451749655.jpg (32.34 KB, 475x337, vintage_monopoly_go_to_jail_ca…)

No. 453176

File: 1508452881522.png (445.38 KB, 800x784, Screenshot_2017-10-19-15-32-37…)

Fine advice for parenting while maintaining one's narcissistic focus.

Raven points at Logan and laughs, "I am already a gothic parent to this one!"

Throughout the video he lavishes her with lapdog-like submissive affection and crudely devours a fat sausage. Kinda the same things, really.


No. 453184

Licking the knife for top goff points !

No. 453188

Logan is repulsive here.

No. 453190

WTF is he eating, sausage?

No. 453194

He's eating luncheon.A gross cheap shitty meat product made up of gross off cuts of meat,meat fillers basically blended into a paste and shaped into a roll.
It's ham for the white trash.

No. 453220

The NZ police have incident report database would be able to check it against any phones reported lost/stolen (provided the reporting person provided the IMEI.) Phone carriers can check if it has been reported stolen and locked.

The only way to trace the location is if it is on and a Find My Phone app has been put on the phone and activated. The pinging off cell towers you see in movies would have to be requested by local police of the telephone carrier and is usually only done in dire need (e.g missing persons). Having the phone number of the handset is what is used in this instance.

No. 453235

He gets pissed off when she says she's a goth parent to Logan, too. He should have got out but I don't know if he was capable.

Too bad. He was a cute guy.

No. 453239

Probably has been said many times before but Jesus this craven is hilarious. Some of the thumbnails to her videos are of cleavage and the video itself is some stupid review

No. 453284

read how to post here: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 453287

>Find My Phone app
The buyer never got the phone into their possession to install any apps or to authorise it as theirs. She stole money - not a phone. My cold heart hopes she has a forever warrant out so if she ever attempted to return… oopsie. All over $800.

No. 453293


Sorry, I wasn't more specific. Could it be shown to be in the US to prove she scammed the buyer and brought it with her and/or sold it here?

No. 453313

it's the money they will be concerned with. the person paid $800, the buyer didn't give them whatever object was owed for the price. to the police, the phone won't be of much interest because there is no real proof it even existed. unfortunately, this won't impact raven unless she attempts to return to NZ.which is good news for those who don't want her back. theft is theft, and if she tries to come back this will bite her on the ass, she'll end up in court.

No. 453421

saw this the other day and it reminded me of cravy, kek

sage for way off topic

No. 453485


Soz nonnie. We'll go sit in the Naughty Chair and Think About Our Behaviour.

If it's any consolation, I gave myself nightmares too.

No. 453508

He looks like a young Ozzy Osbourne to me, IDK where you guys are getting 'cute' from. His weird subservient physical affection to this old woman is giving me the dry heaves :/

No. 453524

That fucking devon or whatever he’s eating made me want to puke, and then he pashes Raven… eugh…

No. 453583

Yeah he's giving off pathetic virgin vibes in this video. It creeps me out to know the age difference here. He's paws at her and hangs off her, it's so childlike. Also the ape keeps looking at herself and touching her hair constantly. She just goes on stupid tangents and never stays on subject. Like she'll talk about a negative aspect of being 'an alternative looking parent' and then go off on a tangent about herself and the way she looks or she'll talk about something or someone ruining her life or insulting her. It's every video.
Even in her lipstick review, she started off kinda tame and beauty guru-esque but then goes off on a tangent about an ex boyfriend saying she looks ugly in black lipstick. She seems like she'd be an absolute negative bitch to be around. Like it's okay to talk about yourself, it's your video, and you've made videos on your hardships (I use that word loosely) but seriously does she not see how petty she seems in all her videos? Everything she says is like either humble bragging or shit talking. I am confused as to why any people are fans of her. Surely they must all be farmers or seedy men. I can't take the nice comments on her videos seriously.

Sorry for the long raven rant, I'm just watching some of her old shit right now and I'm like wow what a miserable bitch. No wonder you don't have friends Raven!

No. 453899


Unfortunately the police in New Zealand are not very proactive at going after scammers. I see so many posts on Facebook each day about scammers and everyone says go to the police but the police never do anything. It has to be a pretty substantial amount of money that's been ripped off for them to even consider giving a shit. The fact that she sold it on TradeMe works better for the buyer because there are stricter laws around that rather than Facebook but I still doubt they would do anything. Unfortunately unless the buy a used pay now they are pretty much screwed.

No. 453916

>>453899 Not so.I have successfully had 2 people charged with obtaining by deception from when I was scammed on trademe.

No. 454029

A Joshua Bradley left a review on Saluda Motor Sales Inc recently. It looks like he bought a used vehicle so he'd be ready for all the upcoming roadtrips with Raven.

No. 454049

File: 1508599494085.png (58.86 KB, 800x522, Screenshot_2017-10-21-08-22-36…)

No. 454050

File: 1508599604864.png (56.21 KB, 800x457, Screenshot_2017-10-21-08-19-15…)


It's his only review on Google.

No. 454051

his next review will be for a Rascal with a reinforced frame

No. 454132

Fucking kek anon. Can you imagine ravie sporting a rascal with spider webs and a American flag? Cruising through the tbell drive thru

No. 454166

This is the content I check back for

No. 454183

I saw Craven and her boy toy at The Palms yesterday. They were in a store called Jay Jay's looking at shirts. Thought about going up to her and asking how her lover Josh was. Logan looked worn out and has a full beard. Wonder if that's to keep her dirty sausage hands off of him because we all know how she hates facial hair.

No. 454185


Why didn't you surreptitiously take a photo of them as proof?

No. 454186

Don't know how much I believe that

No. 454187


what would the departure date be if her booking was in fact pushed back by the two weeks she initially posted about? I know the date of pushbike was mention in a video but was there ever any formal notification of the original delay date?

Sorry for lack of detective skills due to tiredness fellow craveys, I've been a long time in the library..

No. 454189

Post pics or shut the fuck up.

No. 454197

shut up craven

No. 454198

Be gone! Foul wench !

No. 454217

I seriously don't think she changed it, but that date passed a few days ago I think. She just wanted to buy time so Josh would have a new car and she could strew her sparkly pillows around the motel room and get a few more cats that she'll never vaccinate, worm or desex. Then Shablam, hi guys, here is my perfect life in my motel room in Columbia.

It's so hard to resist shitposting her here to pass the time, but it's always worth it because if we let it go quiet, she herself will always appear.

How's Taco Bell treating you? How fat are you now?

No. 454228

It's probably Raven, but HAHAHAHAHA at the fact they went to Jay jays. In Australia, no one above 19 shops at jay jays. Jay jays and Dangerfield are the closest things to hot topic that we have and I could totally see Craven there.

No. 454245

It's Raven, she pretty much posts at the same time every time. Where it's evening (say 8pm-ish) in Columbia and daytime in NZ, She wants to make it look like she's in NZ.

They do wear pretty shit clothes though so would Jay Jays be beyond them? Raven's tacky enough to shop at Dangerfield. Side trivia but I remember when that used o be a top notch store with good vintage duds in it, aimed at adults. My how things change.

No. 454256


Give me the time and I will have a look into this if you are not all shit

No. 454271

this is a terrible sentence and makes no sense

No. 454273

The time that craven was in jay jays yesterday. I can find out if that is true

No. 454289

I spent an hour looking through our stores footage for the day yesterday and do not see you enter at all Craven!

No. 454300

Very observant of you, Raven, to notice our remarks on Logan’s facial hair.

Makes me think that speculation about the video still you dm’d to anons being one you prepared earlier is actually correct.

Thanks for the info.

No. 454302

Too predictable, Gravy.
Once again, the thread dies down and is quiet, and once again some stranger who does't know how to post ("ooh, sorry guys, I am new here and never post!!!") comes along with sightings.

Smooth. I thought you'd have stopped after we called you out last time.

No. 454316

Another lying anon trying to confuse us. You're probably the fat cow herself trying to make us think you left because I know I saw you there and next time I'll get pics so watch yourself

No. 454319

There have been a lot of sightings of those two together. Too many to make me feel she really made her escape

No. 454326

And yet, there has been zero proof in this age of Smart Phones. Even Kiki sightings have been verified with photos. Anyone claiming they saw the fat gorilla without any sort of evidence is full of shit.

No. 454339

That's just it though - there have been a LOT of sightings recently. There haven't been before. In the past there have been a few people come here and say they've seen her/see her around Christchurch, but it's never been this common and it's never been so similar each time.

Doesn't smell right, but like filthy Raven.

No. 454353

Her Raven Sparks Facebook account is back up and saying she is engaged to Josh.

No. 454360

Raven is definitely getting her life together in SC, so that she doesn’t let farmers be correct about both Josh being a loser, and Christchurch being better off without her. She announced that she was going to fool everyone, and now she’s trying to spin it so the H83RZ look stupid and obsessed, instead of baffled and amused.

No. 454362

Is that her main page? Does she even have a main page?

No. 454373

i've tried see her profiles but they still are deleted I think.

No. 454376


It's gone again already.

No. 454381

I'm the anon who sent this. Raven hates me (ironically called me a trailer trash crack whore once). So if she has control over his account, she could very well have replied as josh or told him to say that.

No. 454382

wooo winner!!

No. 454417

File: 1508649259517.gif (424.77 KB, 500x269, giphy.gif)

No. 454435

Wrong, the preponderance of fake undocumented sightings that are reported every time the thread dies a bit, along with her scamming someone out of a few hundred bucks means shes almost definitely not in NZ.

These attempts by Raven to mislead are quite informative. It tells us more than she has counted on.

No. 454442

She's basically confirmed where she is. Even the time of night she posts.

May as well un-delete your many facebooks, Gravy.

No. 454470

Jays jays is totally up her and Logan's alley. Dated and basically still selling 'emo' clothes and novelty tshirts. I agree, Dangerfield used to be kinda cool and kitschy, but turned tacky. Much too expensive for Raven to go to Dangerfield though, she'd have to settle for Jay jays hahahaha

No. 454473

Are the libraries in Colombia open at that time of night?

No. 454483

Josh is probably in the shower after a long day's work and she sneaks on his phone to post, because no-one could trace the IP to her. Smart thinking you see.

No. 454493

What do you think an IP is?

It’s not a direct link to one person

If it’s pinged it’ll come up SC that’s all we need

No. 454494

What we need is a photo of raven reading today's paper with her friends at the library

No. 454498

I'm not smart like Raven : (

No. 454511

It's okay anon, you can always get smarter by visiting the library. That's how Raven got so smart.

No. 454576


Lmao Raven you're the only one that calls yourself the fat cow, try harder sweaty

No. 454603

"Next time I'll get pics, so watch yourself"

Uh huh, sure sounds exactly like how the people in this thread normally talk. Weird, empty threats and accusing another person of being Gravy, even though that person hasn't made any claims or confirmed/denied their story yet. If you saw her somewhere and didn't think to snap a photo (already unlikely), and then had another farmer say they could prove that she was there, surely you'd be happy for them to do that. Strange that this person (who sounds exactly like four other identical posts) gets immediately defensive instead.

Gravy, you're embarrassingly obvious, it's sad.

No. 454604


Raven was a regular at jay jays when she was in NZ. This is how I came to know of her. I work there and I looked over all the footage for the 21st and could not see her enter the store at all.

This pretty much confirms to me that she is in the states and has been posting here. We need an IP check on those posts!

No. 454606

Yeah, sweaty.

Also, Logan wouldn't have a beard anymore if you were really with him in NZ at Jay Jays. Because "everybody knows" how much you hate beards, according to you. And you referred to your "sausage fingers" in the video of Joshua's ring.

Plus if you were with Logan, you would have posted weeks ago. You know that the beautiful anons wanted to see you and Joshua together at last, and thats why you aren't posting. It's the only thing we want, so we can laugh and bathe in the milk, so you refuse to give us the what we crave.

That's fine. Just keep posting here trying to trick us. We can wait. You are being a bad cow Diana. You could be a great cow by providing us our cream. Or you can continue to be a bad cow. Eventually we'll stab a hole in one of your utters and remove the milk ourselves.

Either way, the milk will flow again.

No. 454610

Guess Cravy can add Ultimate Fail Troll to her long list of distinguished accomplishments. It beggars belief - how can anyone not just fail, but fail spectacularly, to troll themselves?

Mental sow. Hope Couchie likes his new sofa ornament.

No. 454616

It is fairly impressive. She truly fails at absolutely everything she puts her hand to - doesn't matter how theoretically easy or basic it is, Raven will find some way to fuck it up. She'll either be too lazy, too stupid, too self-obsessed, or too incompetent to achieve anything she attempts.
This is what makes her such a prime cow. You know that, whatever her grandiose plans, she will find new ways to fuck her own life up without any help from us.

No. 454622


Diana, this post is just beyond confusing.

When you pretend you aren't yourself, don't defend yourself and don't snap at the other anons. We are beautiful kindred spirits, you are a bloated troll faced soulless bag of puss. See the difference?

You're so weird. Maybe we should just load you on to the slaughterhouse truck and have you butchered into steaks.

No. 454628

No. 454634

I think if she is in SC shes going to wait until they have their own place. Its the only reason why she wouldn't be bragging about it now. And if her and Logan did get back together then we all know she'd be bragging about that too.

No. 454640

Why haven't the mods looked into this yet??? I've reported posts asking for them to check IPs and see if they think Raven is posting. Mostly just so any BS can be weeded out and we can know for sure if Raven is trying to be a ~master mind~

No. 454653

why have there been so many cow sightings in NZ? Are there no farms in SC? We need to make a documentary show on this cow.

No. 454662

That's not how it works newfriend. Checking for IPs is actually a hassle and maybe there isn't a good enough reason to do so yet.

No. 454668

We know most of these posts are her and we know where she is. There is no point.
So please stop asking.

No. 454722


Yeah guys cut it out, no body likes murdery cow jokes a week before Halloween and you're offending the librarian. Post like a grandma or don't post at all!

No. 454737

Your post reads like someone took a bunch of loosely Raven related words and jumbled them together in an effort to make a complete sentence.

No. 454742

I understand the frustration at these bizarre Raven-like posts about sightings but telling people to stop making library jokes because you don't find it funny is a bit bitchy. Why don't you wow us with some new original jokes then, Mr Seinfield?

No. 454751

Here's an idea. How about you stop telling people how to post and stop telling the mods how to mod.

No. 454755

we have agents everywhere. we now need a report from the taco bells in columbia.

No. 454760

I agree. The library thing is old. We are OVERDUE for some new jokes.

No. 454799

Congratulations, you're giving raven what she wants. By squabbling over petty things like not saging, the alleged raven sightings and telling the mods what to do you're spoiling any milk that does come our way.

I come here to check in with what has been going on with craven but everytime I come here it's just straight up bitching and irrelevancy.

This thread has turned into a joke

No. 454815


100% agree, anon. We'll find out where she is and who she's with in due time.

She's likely to crack and post again once she gets bored. By entertaining her with petty infighting you're just prolonging it, if anything.

No. 454844

She's got a pretty low threshold for entertainment then. I'm not one of the infighters here but it's not exactly playing into her diabolical hands, just shitting up the thread a bit. I take it you haven't seen the current state of the Onision threads…

No. 454883


I saged my post and wasn't speculating so I don't see how that would entertain her tbh.
A vow of silence would be a good idea if it weren't for the fact that there's always going to be someone shitposting in the thread anyway.


You know what our dear puppet master Raven is like.
>Wow I posted that my husband watched porn and people on lolcow believed it! Dance, my puppets! Dance!

No. 454915

shitposting and bitchiness is nothing new, and I'd disagree that it's 'what she wants'. she wants the mad conspiracies and confusion, and since she isn't getting that, we're getting treated to her pissweak attempts to make it happen.
>spoiling any milk
what milk? there hasn't been anything since she went dark. other than puppet week at the library, and that's been getting more bizarre and yet less interesting the more she tries.

No. 455105

Haven't read this for a few days but omg who cares? Let people post what they want. If Raven is truly entertained by this thread and speculation, who gives a damn. I always have fun reading good guesses and what not. It's the fun of it, after all, the humurous reactions and interesting opinions. The point is for us to have a good time isn't it, and just bc Raven might be enjoying as well for some psychotic reason, it doesn't mean we should take some vow of silence until she does something stupid again. With all she's done (and will do), the threads could already go on forever lol.

Besides, that's the purpose of saging. We're allowed to comment whatever we want in relation to the topic. If someone isn't saging properly though, sure, let them have it. But let everyone else have their fun!

No. 455114

we need more of this. I'm still cracking up, this was perfect.
and I don't care what anybody says, you can pry my library joke card from my cold dead hands. For further reading on this and many other subjects …

No. 455153

File: 1508762196989.jpg (80.29 KB, 413x591, ravens-in-the-library-rob-carl…)

No. 455154

Has a parody Raven Magic card been created yet? Maybe a Magic card and library card combined. We will need a new thread image soon.

No. 455157

File: 1508763365638.jpg (328.75 KB, 1087x1106, library card 001.jpg)

I hope the library has a couch for her tail bone.

No. 455186

File: 1508770870821.jpg (655.55 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_6046.JPG)

They're going to burn her at the stake :D

No. 455201


Huh, maybe she was right to worry about getting shot.

No. 455203

Good luck with that shit, Big D.

No. 455231


Holy fucking shit - and the witches are the villains in that movie, too.

I'd love to see edgy Hot Topic-core "everyone in NZ is a fucking normie" Raven trying to get by in that town with a bunch of conservative Christians side-eyeing her every time she emerges from the depths of her shitty motel to refuel on Taco Bell.

No. 455233

File: 1508782205215.png (152.13 KB, 800x1088, Screenshot_2017-10-23-11-08-33…)

If she is in SC and is on the outs with Josh, there appear to be plenty of eligible bachelors.


No. 455235

File: 1508782680026.png (371.34 KB, 800x718, Screenshot_2017-10-23-11-16-21…)

She's definitely in SC!

No. 455236

That sure sounds like a fun place to live.

No. 455275

I don't get it.

No. 455289

It’s a Hot Topic store advertising a new season of clothes. Hot Topic being an enticing destination for ageing mallgoths.

No. 455292

Not clothes, it's those shitty figurines Raven loves.
I'm guessing it's a joke, as in Raven moved to Columbia for toys? I don't really get it either.

Sage for being confused when it's probably obvious.

No. 455352

if she had shared this, then sure. Otherwise i don't get it either.

No. 455366

It’s just a joke, Jesus

No. 455415


Did anyone tip-off her buyers/victims?

No. 455430

this is lolcow, not consumer affairs.

No. 455458


You need to work on your joke skills, my child.