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File: 1579501446279.png (7.56 MB, 1242x2208, 1567132245751.png)

No. 920764

>edgelord pedophile Indian fakeboi from Tumblr
>wrote a graphic fake trauma narrative about life in a child sex trafficking ring hosted in a warehouse, every part of which was laughably fabricated
>created fake Hidden Wiki screencaps describing CP videos of herself and a character named "Sam", her closest friend in the ring
>skinwalks relentlessly, first an actual girl named "Sam" she was briefly friends with IRL, then Courtney Love, then Ginger Bronson, then various others Tumblr users
>obsessed with Kingdom Hearts, enjoys gore/porn of the character Sora
>made multiple sockpuppet Tumblr accounts to make her claims and the people she invented look "real", catfishing as multiple girls (mainly Ginger Bronson)
>is known to plagiarize whatever media she's interested in for her narrative
>previously posted journals on a MCR blog site pretending to grieve over a friend who died ("Danny") and even made a fake FB memorial page, using photos of an unrelated person
>has had her family and authorities notified, but her behavior has largely stayed the same
>admits to watching CP, killing/torturing animals

>has retreated to a private IG account and still posts the same bullshit lies
>claims to be addicted to heroin and meth, and that her alleged drug dealer has been trying to fuck her
>has been seeing a Satanic Ritual Abuse therapist (Ellen Lacter) and posting about how much she helps her (one time, Soren claimed she was kidnapped by the "bad guy" on her birthday and raped, while her therapist was on the phone with her the whole time)
>rewrote her trauma story, added new details that contradicted previous claims, more gore, more detailed deaths, etc
>posts photos of children who have gone missing with sordid "confessions" and "apologies" for murdering and/or leaving them behind
>casual mentions of being aroused by CP, etc
>still screeching at other people for "trivializing abuse" by enjoying Halloween, wearing edgy clothing, etc
>claimed Jeffrey Epstein's victims "didn't have it that bad"
>claimed a Holocaust survivor was blown away by her story and they made jokes about suffering together
>has been making obsessive posts about a girl named Cheyenne, who seems to be her only friend
>continues plagiarizing Ginger Bronson (who has disappeared from the internet) and presenting her face and words as Sam's and her own

If I've forgotten anything, please feel free to add it.

Relevant links -
"Trauma narrative"/graphic child abuse fanfic: http://archive.is/pvovF / https://pastebin.com/MD6YTgQa
Earlier iteration of narrative: https://web.archive.org/web/20150503171819/http://sicklefawn.tumblr.com/post/116612768789/hello-i-have-decided-to-post-my-trauma-narrative

Updated trauma narrative as of 10/18: https://imgur.com/a/Y01HB9w or dumped in previous thread, starting here >>719418 (placed into pastebin by one kind anon in the last thread: https://pastebin.com/KY3ZiaxE)
Tumblr: umbillicalnoose.tumblr.com (active)
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/39201711-soren
8tracks: https://8tracks.com/blueflavor/
Insta: oathful (prev. androeciums, sacrificalis); soratoys ("sales" account for used toys)
(Inactive) Exposing blog: https://exposingsoren.tumblr.com/

Previous threads -

No. 920834

No. 920920

What the hell did I just read.
Why is this person not in prison if they admitted to watching CP ??

No. 921003

Rich family maybe?

No. 921009

A confession still isn’t enough proof to charge someone with a crime. Especially if the person is as delusional as Soren and might be lying (read the old thread if you’re confused)

No. 921011

File: 1579555110903.jpeg (151.27 KB, 750x732, A83F466F-0A58-4AC9-8C26-0C5579…)

This photo of Soren’s new house shows just how obsessed he is with children. The mats on the ground in the bathroom are literally used in preschools, not to mention that the whole room looks like a child’s playroom. Also nice to see that he’s still hoarding toys with that disability money.

No. 921025

Did they give Soren the master bedroom of the house? That has to be good for the ego.

No. 921056

I was thinking the same thing. Also what is that in the room on the right, on too of the poster chart? Some kind of tiny chair?

If you're not fully familiar with Soren I really do recommend reading the previous threads. There's only a few, and she's an unbelievable tier of horrorcow and also just a massive idiot edgelord. Her thread oftens sinks to the further pages of /snow/ because most posters sage religiously as she's so fucking weird

No. 921100

File: 1579567898010.jpeg (248.67 KB, 750x1096, 8CCC021A-50FC-472D-B51E-29065A…)

Sage for old milk but kek at the casual “resurrecting ur eating disorder.” Was this ever a thing that actually happened? It’s been unclear up to now.
Sidenote but the toy account is a goldmine. It’s clear Soren has abandoned the deer motif and is stocking up on plushies/more KH shit.

No. 921264

All evidence points to No. He might have had food obsessions and restricted to some degree but he was never underweight or spoopy

No. 921372

I would buy maybe bulimia or binge eating, but not sure about anorexia nervosa or anything majorly restrictive like that. I think maybe Soren read about how sex abuse survivors often develop EDs and went from there tbh

No. 921381

File: 1579635619865.png (312.22 KB, 432x475, 1457828330423.png)

Only photo of Soren I've seen in his "ED state".

No. 921387

shes also like 14 in this picture I wouldn't be shocked if Soren has some form of restrictive ED given her obsession with being/looking like a child. If shes on psych meds that alone can make you fat no matter how little you eat (which, since she gets K and ECT, Im assuming shes on/tried more regular alternatives first).

As far as ED goes she mentions bulimia a lot in her earlier posts. I knew her back on the MCR forums and we were both proana but with all her larping I dont think she really was even though we were sort of 'ana-buddies' (cringe)

Also kind of wondering how legal this image is. Like… Soren identifies as a boy but technically this is a picture of a shirtless underage girl>>921381

No. 921394

File: 1579637334250.jpeg (352.29 KB, 750x1214, B0569978-0869-4755-89B7-879A91…)

Circa 2014, Soren’s Instagram handle for his “anorexia recovery” account was “winterboyrecovery,” and he actually has a profile on My Fitness Pal by the same name created in February 2013. In his one post, he talks about his “girlfriend” (Sam) recovering from anorexia. It’s a literal reiteration of the ending of one of the trauma narratives where he talks about him and Sam recovering together.

No. 921395

LOL "Winterboy"
Wintergirls is the name of a YA novel about 2 anorexic girls in competition with each other until one dies

No. 921530

She's got a walk in wardrobe AND a dressing room? Rich family, yes. I wonder if she kept all the flea eaten stuffed toys from the last room pic.

This room is the room of a serial killer. Or an edgy Pee Wee Herman.

No. 921583

Any more milk from this account/time period?

No. 921627

File: 1579662924381.png (198.04 KB, 404x717, A4E6B566-11D8-4E53-8073-ACCE65…)

That’s it from that account. Pic related is a cap of his old Instagram. I’ll look more into this time period

No. 921717

>soren ever weighing fucking 55lbs for a 10.7 BMI
If she even was ever underweight at any point, she'd definitely be proudly posting her spoop photos and claiming she got raped & tortured every day for being such a smol skeletor.

No. 921763

She had spoopy numbers until she gave away how short she was.

No. 921848

“Current BMI 13.1” has Soren ever seen actual anorexic people? Why would she even post a picture of herself supposedly at that BMI? Jesus Christ

No. 921858

Tinfoil but Soren confuses lbs and kg which is why he's trying to claim he's 55lb when in reality he's 55kg.

No. 921859

soren lies about everything, no shit hed lie about being "the most ana"

No. 924812

>shes also like 14 in this picture
Not that it changes much but even with parental consent, the youngest age you can get a mastectomy is 16.
No matter what age they are in it they're still fooling nobody by lying down with an arched back to try to fake being spoopy

No. 926255

im really curious if anybody knows anything about the real sam, especially what she looked like, i wonder if she just stole the name or if the real sam looks like ginger

No. 926477

Soren took the name from someone who exists but obviously the stories about her are all bullshit.
There's more details in the earlier threads. She's aware that Soren is a creep

No. 926506

i read all that, i was just wondering if the sam from his school looked like ginger

No. 926701

Did some FB digging and found photos of her and her sister when they were little. As a kid, she kinda looks like how Soren described her.(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 926704

And here (she’s the one on the left) you can see she’s a blonde. Still looks nothing like Ginger though(3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.)

No. 926715

why would you post uncensored pictures of these people? they have nothing to do with this or Soren smh

No. 926718

That hasn’t stopped other anons from posting pictures/info of the literal children (“Internet friends”) that Soren’s been stringing along. (Y’all have an obsession with Chey.) Also these pictures are publicly available. If you wanna white-knight, fault the people posting screen caps from a private Instagram account kek

No. 927582

File: 1580712286640.png (2.21 MB, 828x1792, 3D281BE0-B816-4061-BEA0-E2B2FD…)

so soren is finally getting a dick?

No. 927585

File: 1580715949787.jpeg (574.29 KB, 828x1146, E6F13EAA-105C-44E8-84A8-0A67A6…)


No. 927643

makes me doubt the validity, for sure. if there’s suddenly issues in may forcing things to be rescheduled indefinitely i won’t be surprised.

No. 927741

I'm laughing, because you know he probably thinks he looks just like the bottom left one.

No. 928005

>The Bad Guys™ follow and rape me every year, I live in fear of a snuff warehouse full of dismembered babies fisting each other's eyes sockets, I escaped but they watch my every move

>Here, for no reason whatsoever, is a medical document very clearly stating the date and time I will be at an exact location

No. 928895

An official document/letter begins "Hello Soren"? Not even a comma? Fake as fuck.

No. 928901

She got "Mousey" from a xiu Xiu song. (Mousey Toy)
I also think "Sandy Fishnets" by Evelyn Evelyn (An Amanda Palmer Project that Gerard Way specifically mentioned liking) fits her bill.

No. 928913

And the date being 5/77/2020

No. 928926

Why would an appointment reminder be encrypted?

No. 928940

This is clearly fake but that's the least weird thing imo, I've never had correspondence from a medical facility that wasn't encrypted. It's standard practice.

No. 928943

Must be different everywhere. My local hospital, whatever dept. won't send email, only snail mail. Clinics outside the area will send email. It makes no difference if she says it was encrypted or not really.

No. 928945

I wasn't >>928926 that anon btw, and in the UK. Can't get over that date typo.

Would a surgeon do all those procedures at once? It sounds like a lot for a lady who wants a dick to endure in one sitting. Can't the balls wait while the actual pee mechanism's worked?

No. 928993

Aside from this, Soren's whole trans odyssey has never really made sense from the start.
Top surgery would have had to happen at age 14 or 15 unless I'm off about the timeline. And performed by a doctor in the US?

No. 929078

IIRC, dick & balls are done separately.

Urethroplasty, urethral lengthening AND supra pubic catheter? Don't these procedures contradict one another?
Also Soren's never talked about getting any sort of laser hair removal on her arm, which she'd need unless she wants a hairy dick lmao

No. 929238

Sorens parents are loaded, if you have the money to pay for it without insurance you can get a dr to do anything. Plus kids get puberty blockers so its not far-fetched at all that a rich teenager could get cosmetic surgery, especially attached to the whole "Im twans affirm m gender or I will an hero uwu" bullshit

I wish they would take the skin from her tattoo so she could have a weird limp rolled-up KH dick

No. 930038

File: 1581266934237.gif (1.17 MB, 400x225, 06ac63ade30d96530af40ded06c78d…)

Playing some Kingdom Hearts and I must say with how adult/older teenager-looking characters constantly hang around kid-looking Roxas/Ven/whatever, I'm not surprised Soren is obsessed with this series. All the talks about hearts and affectionate headpats give a pedo AF vibe. The Roxas/Axel/Sora relationship was absolutely horrible in that regard.

No. 932600

ah old hairy dick mc KH tattoo balls. she really was the most popular child from the snuff factory

No. 942652

File: 1583638292510.jpeg (711.38 KB, 828x1478, 3FBE4448-EFF1-44BA-ADE4-7916E5…)

i genuinely cannot understand why and how his mom puts up with shit

No. 942654

this all sounds like…. an unhealthy attachment… on both ends and its kinda fucked up. kinda makes sense w/ how soren's "therapist" has convinced her mom to believe the snuff baby factory stuff. idk how to describe it
>All the talks about hearts and affectionate headpats give a pedo AF vibe.
anon thats kinda reachy even for lolcow

No. 942693

The whole series is a fujobait with age gap relationships (Axel/Roxas being the primary example) but go off.

No. 942743

I hate that reading these threads has made me so desensitized to violent themes because of Soren’s abuse fanfiction backstory that the phrase “snuff baby factory” was something that makes me audibly laugh.

No. 944291

If the mother ever got around to seeing this account it would be game over. It paints a pretty unflattering picture of her as a suicidal, emotional wreck with attachment issues.

No. 945177

Late but did I miss a critical update at some point? A "tiny 3 bedroom apartment"? I thought when Soren got doxed, it proved her family just bought a million dollar house in a booming city.
She probably IS a financial blackhole for her parents (for KH merch, not fake medical shit) but I feel like she's saying this NOW because she wants the ~trashy n broken down~ aesthetic while knowing she's revealed too much of her spoiled brat life to get away with suddenly claiming to be trailer trash. Sorry Gummo wasn't set in Beverly Hills.

No. 945187


Oh come on, anon. You don’t actually believe she gets K and ECT. I don’t think she’s that smart to be able to munch her way into those treatments.

No. 946242

You dont need to munch your way into K, just have the cash (although im surprised shes honest about getting it done professionally and not using it as a street drug). Shes also pretty on point with the price.

I think it was Kayla that was doxxed on streetview and had a mansion, Soren's family appears to move a lot so she might be in a smaller hours than her spoiled ass is used to.

And she doesnt munchie that hard, shes obviously a sperg with the whole KH thing and shes non-functioning socially if anything i think she downplays her actual mental health problems, like her autism, by blaming her symptoms on the babyfuck factory

No. 946981

you’re right about that - you’ve got to be pretty retarded in the first place to believe that anybody would take the snuff factory iliad seriously

No. 947009

File: 1584548751244.jpeg (292.54 KB, 750x732, D44EC84F-84AF-4753-96B0-3023AA…)

Not saying Soren’s telling the truth, but this is the new room. Not a mansion by any standards. You’re definitely thinking of Kayla’s house

No. 947028

I went down this rabbit hole pretty deep last night and now I’m too creeped out to function. How is somebody this deep in psychosis, narcissism, and delusions can even function this continuously and why aren’t the authorities getting involved. Swear this kid is gonna snap and actually harm somebody in ways I’m too sick to my stomach to think about

No. 947093

I can't be the only one who looks at these garish photos of Soren's room with the same fascination reserved for crime scene photography.

No. 947135

Anon, there's no way this trauma LARPer would give up her cushy, babied smoll twansboy lifestyle. She will keep spewing edgy shit for asspats and wont do a damn thing to ruin their easy ass existence. Besides the occasional fake suicide attempt, I dont think this medically mutated bitch has the balls [no pun intended]. Its all an act to be THE MOST TRAUMATIZED.

No. 947387

I'm surprised at this point that her family haven't been re-cowtipped. She has the most disgraceful behaviour I've seen in any cow, the one decent family member who found out about it wasn't taking it and Soren completely trashed and demonised her because she didn't go along with her little games and likely tried to warn their mother. I often wonder how much of this is true bc I've always doubted Soren sees a therapist at all or that her mother even knows the dumbass narrative let alone goes along with it, god to be a fly on the wall in that shit fuck house

No. 947722

tinfoil: I don’t think the Cheyenne chick is fake but she could have just been paid to keep this whacko company by soren’s family of enablers

No. 947750

Didn't they meet in some kind of treatment? It isn't hard to pick up a codependent buddy in the psych ward

No. 948168

I'm not sorren or someone defending him, but all of this comes off as someone exaggerating forms of trauma, like bullying or someone insulting someone.
I dont see this as milky or interesting its just someone exaggerating their own life, like maybe someone called him fat and he turns it into a stalking and shaming narrative when it was a one time insult.

Sage. What's the point its just someone exaggerating events in their life

No. 948173

Exaggerating her life writing about baby snuff warehouses. Okay. Nothing concerning there.

No. 948176

except this isnt ''someone called her fat'' and has nothing to do with it.
It has to do with the fucked up pedo rape stories she made up, HER TUMBLR BLOG which exposed what a creep she was (she was into murder and rape of women) and her ddlg and pro-pedo antics along with her pretending to do drugs so people feel sorry for her.
i wouldnt be surprised if they are soren or one of their acquaintances. I mean just looke at how that they are trying to derail and make it about something else….anf you know what they say most people who come here and say "im no that person…but'' end up being that person.

No. 948183

Ehh you would know who I am from the ip address and how I type right? You aren't very good internet detectives after all, real police men and actual detectives wouldnt take a internet case anyway just so you could have a past time of accurately deducing strangers so you could larp as knowing what they would do, such as post in a thread about themselves. Would you like internet detective to be a real job, because from the way you write it seems you take this hobby unironically

My initial post still stands, they just exaggerate life events, we have all been bullied before but we dont turn into a trauma narrative and we move on with our lives

No. 948189

first of all no one even mentioned ''internet detectives'' so i dont know where you got that from…and you sound super defensive.
You are also still sperging about ''muh trauma narrative'' even after its been explained to you that its more than that.
Apparently you cant read and you are a newfag. T.autistic newfag.
(ever heard of sage)

No. 948222

Imo it's a big deal because imagine if people took what soren says at face value and believed her? that would mean that we have a witness and victim of dozens of awful crimes with the perpetrators running free. this is basically a much milder version of falsely confessing to a crime or calling 911 with fake reports. of it's not as bad because it doesn't steal the same resources but it's still disinformation. it has the potential to cause confusion, unnecessary paranoia, and misdirected fear. the world s dangerous and sad enough as it is, we don't need impressionable tumblr kids worrying about all this shit on top of it. Sure it's the responsibility of internet users to not believe random people but a lot of people will give any alleged extreme csa victim a chance, even if it seems far fetched, on principle. she's wasting people's time and empathy.

No. 948231

All this.

Off the back of a bunch of imaginative kids who were asked leading questions, people were convicted of "satanic child abuse" that didn't happen. If it's soren posting, she'll be aware of it, seeing how it's her inspiration. Posting that shit to be an edgelord isn't acceptable at all. This could be anyone here https://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/dec/05/texas-couple-kellers-released-prison-satanic-abuse because of made up stories about snuff warehouses.

No. 948286

Funny how you try to poke fun at people “playing internet detective” yet you’re clogging the thread with pure armchair psychology, kek. Also, you clearly haven’t read the threads so there’s no point in explaining why this is such a big deal, but keep in mind that Soren literally borrowed the identities of real people and fabricated fucked-up stories for them. On top of what everyone else has been saying, that’s an irresponsible and highly immoral thing to do.
Also, “sage” belongs in the email field. For the love of god. It’s not that hard

No. 949453

Kind of a late observation but Soren has definitely, definitely seen CP. The names Cherry and Bambi are taken from “models” at the same “modeling agency,” one that was well-known among pedophiles. The guy in charge was a Czech man named Pavel Rohel who has since been arrested. It’s just disgusting how Soren drops these hints, knowing damn well no one will think twice about them unless they’re really invested in digging up his lies.

No. 949457

Everything she made up she pulled from somewhere so im not shocked that the names were taken from something real, too. Shes incapable of original thought

No. 949458

File: 1585149494413.png (381.27 KB, 770x811, proof.png)

this is the first thing that comes up other than the football player when you google his name. He wasnt CP or hurtcore though, from what i can find out he ran "child modeling" which are the legal version of CP, almost like toddler pinup vomit

No. 949514

Kek at "legal CP." That's basically it. When he was arrested, the police said the majority of the material could nevertheless be classified as CP, including "videos" that were also found. But yeah, no hurtcore whatsoever, that's just bullshit gathered from Soren's child abuse scavenger hunt.
Which says a lot about Soren, cause it's somewhat easy to stumble upon a discussion about hurtcore due to how extreme it is. This, however, is softcore CP. People don't just stumble across this shit unless they're deliberately looking for it.

No. 949518

I would disagree, I was familiar with most of the things she pulled from just from being on the internet, especially anybody who was active on 4chan at its height would recognize things like the loli-amputee slaves or Dafu Love. Everything she says is so unoriginal and clumsy that I partially doubt she has seen real CP let alone hurtcore.

Bambi and Cherry are also names that you are going to get multiple hits for if you looking into CP stage names, you will find at least one of them on any of those psudo-cp "tiny teen" websites. Bambi means Baby, and Cherry is related by slang to he concept of virginity so if you are trying to appeal to pedos both names would make sense to use, it just feels like another un-inspired common sense detail she tried to use to give weight to her story.

No. 949566

Totally get that. I myself am well-acquainted with everything hurtcore and wasn't surprised to see that shit being thrown around. I just found it to be a strange coincidence that both of these names would be the names of two girls from the same studio, and that the "real" Bambi would be dark-haired and darker-skinned while Cherry was a blonde, correlating with how they were described in the story. (I don't doubt for a second that these are common stage names though.)

No. 949609

>I myself am well-acquainted with everything hurtcore
anon… are we supposed to report you to the fbi? probably not how you meant it but you sound like a soren 2.0

No. 949904

File: 1585221156664.jpg (18.32 KB, 500x374, ta7uy.jpg)

>I am well acquainted with everything hurtcore

What would possess you to say this combination of words anon

No. 949943

File: 1585234805382.jpg (22.81 KB, 250x215, 657467.jpg)

No. 949947

File: 1585237456670.gif (275.56 KB, 220x150, tenor (1).gif)

It was only a matter of time before all the talk of babyfuck and girl-snuff attracted pedos.

No. 950180

File: 1585304513193.jpg (50.53 KB, 960x960, 04929204.jpg)

Anon, you need to come back and explain this post. Anon.

No. 950347

Kek fine. I’m a journalism student, and a lot of my research the past few years has centered around dw communities. Not that exciting, but sorry to leave y’all hanging

No. 950356

what is a dw community

No. 950578

devil worship, maybe…?

No. 950651

deep web, relax

No. 951211

File: 1585563326412.jpg (431.08 KB, 1080x1763, Screenshot_20200330-111250~2.j…)

Literally no endo would ask that, he's so full of shit

No. 951213

File: 1585563454242.jpg (457.34 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20200330-111716.jpg)

No. 951217

ok it's the first time i decided not to completely skim through this asshole's bullshit essays and
>eating fetuses
bitch even when you're talking about the farthest thing from your baby porn factory you can't help yourself
i wonder if this jargon slips into her daily language and people end up taking note

No. 951224


Soren's pretty hard to follow. Is this about taking Oxy before bottom surgery, so he'll die during surgery? Also:

>my mom followed me to the ER but didn't make the connection between me, and the daughter the hospital called about


No. 951243

It seems like Soren is trying to say that mom is a loyal cohort who will be making sure their snuff factory reject feels no pain post-op. It's obvious bullshit but still slightly more believable than the average TND tale.

>if anything happens, she'll let me die, so it's cool lmao


No. 951249

Wow, the kiddie didler is also a racist now. Lit

No. 951257

The Indian girl must be reading Stormfront. That's some hardcore race hate. Next she'll be talking about a Chinese woman she knows who makes youth preserving dumplings with baby foetuses in them and hope that nobody's seen the film.

No. 952174

kek it's in the realm of possibility

No. 952205

>only 70k to last the year

confirmed spoiled brat

No. 952207

Shes let her racism slip before (like mentioning arab oil guys as on of the groups fucking babies), she has a major complex about not being white (she used to rant about those aesthetic pics of white boys with bloody noses) I wouldn't be surprised if her parents have some sort of white savior complex that feeds into it.

No. 954435

File: 1586047571740.jpg (500.84 KB, 1080x1721, Screenshot_20200405-014532~2.j…)

No. 954501

>Developmentally Disabled
What are the odds that this is her indirectly admitting she's autistic?

No. 954515

“You have to contribute to the community in order to reap the benefits”, screams the creepy shut-in with pedophilic fantasies

No. 954528

>everyone ive ever loved is still very much dead
thanks for the necessary update, sperg. What a waste of time, money and resources to operate this pos if she's gonna off herself anyway (doubt that tho).
>cp hurtcore group mentioned straight away in a rant about taxes
stopped reading

No. 954751

Assuming she's referring to her uwu DID with this one since it's ~developed from her traumas~

No. 954935

but does soren even pay taxes…

No. 956134

>adopted from the slums of india
>refers to washington state, USA as a "third world shithole"


No. 956143

You guys…
Does this sound like Soren…?(imageboard)

No. 956187

Way too coherent imo, also Soren isn’t Jewish as far as I recall?

No. 956759

Doesn’t seem like Soren to me - way too coherent like the anon above me stated. They say their dad abused and sex trafficked them for 15 years and a bunch of other stuff that would not line up with Soren’s typical babycannibalsnuffhurtcoregurotorturefactory narratives. Has he been active on Instagram (and if not when was he last active?) or is he laying low and brewing up an even worse CP fanfic again? Also, as I’m not able to see his Instagram (blocked), is he seriously still using pictures with Ginger Bronson/Kayla Day’s face and not having people calling him out?

No. 956995

pretty self centered/delusional for him to still believe he's getting a dick in ~a month in the midst of a global fucking pandemic when all elective surgeries are on hold lmao

No. 957308

Their last post was 7 days ago, it was a short nonsense complaint about truscum

No. 957331

She's a self hating Indian, kinda figured she'd throw other minorities under the bus. Honestly I'm surprised she's not a nazi a la Lindsay Souvannarath given that all her OCs are willowy blonde hair blue eyed white girls.

>inb4 she is and I missed it

Reading Soren's posts are wild. Idk why but the money thing sticks out to me a lot; Soren lies about literally everything and the poor trashy thing seems like it'd fit the snuff babyfuck aesthetic more, but she's cool with just airing out "wehh only 70k"? Is she just actively trying to be hated?

No. 959247

Soren appears to have no concept of money. She mentioned it only cost a few hundred to have a kids yes taken out and fucked so she probably doesnt know 70k is a lot of money. Its not like shes ever had to support herself in any way. Shes never worked a job or been paid and her IRL friends are probably all rich too since her mommy sets up play-dates for her

No. 959642

File: 1587001178086.png (33.91 KB, 719x211, soren.png)

saw this and thought of her.

No. 961060

Waiting for her commentary on the massive ridiculous drama in the ~multiple system community~

No. 961532


pls elaborate on said drama, anon

No. 962906

File: 1587479415672.jpg (249.28 KB, 1080x1583, Screenshot_20200421-152924~2.j…)

No. 962921

so now we have definitive proof that she steals the pics.

No. 962952

There’s no drugs in this pic tho that baggy looks empty lmao plus it’s weird the drug man would just so happen to have a Mickey Mouse baggy, and if she has cleans she would 8/10 times have a cooker cause exchanges give you a full kit, the spoon is over kill. I think it’s her pic, just stole the needle from a diabetic or bought them online but doesn’t know what a convincing set looks like

No. 962953

She wouldnt have scribbled out the spoon if it was, she would have drawn attention to it like "uwu heroin prince reflection" to legitimize it.

No. 963038


Goblin is female to male. Testosterone is injectable and you can use insulin needles for the purpose. Needle literally says insulin on it. Nuff said.

No. 963044

She's also on T, right? the needle could easily be from that
imo the mickey mouse bag gives it away, we already know about her hoarding tendencies ..

No. 963056

Agreed, and that spoon ain't even bent, and looks straight outta mommas cutlery.Larp as fuck. And where she is they dont typically stamp bags, that's east coast. West is usually tar which is what she's said she was doing many posts back. A balloon would at least be more believeable.

No. 964414

File: 1587684998166.jpg (413.9 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20200423-123757~2.j…)

No kingdom hearts dick for soren

No. 964419

Sorry I'm so late; also I don't want to detail but DissociDID, one of the biggest DID YouTube fakers is having a huge scandal bc her gf, who is also a DID YouTuber, was outed for having a sneeze fetish and involving minors in it lmao I wish I was kidding. (Unfortunately the most cohesive thread on this is over at kiwifarms, if you can put up with the site then it's usually the top thread in Beauty Parlour lately) it's basically got all the ~multiples~ coming out with ~muh opinion~ on it, it was a fantastic shitshow

That's a lot of complaining about money and also touting her own generosity for someone who has blown who fucking knows how much on all that shit in her room and LARPing as a heroin addict on her gullible parents money

No. 964421

*Derail not detail

No. 964425

I hate it when she says "hafta"

No. 964483

Soren has a lot of fucking nerve bitching right now about the fact that his family "only has $75k for the rest of the year" and that he won't be able to waste $10k on Christmas presents this year. Spoiled rich kid

No. 964631

I saw that account on twitter recently and thought the same, I definitely don’t think it’s her but it made me sit back and think about how there’s probably a shit tonne of people running around pretending they grew up in satanic rape warehouses.

No. 964653

Sadly, this kid is actually telling the truth. There are real survivors out there, thats why what soren is doing is extra disgusting

No. 965191

File: 1587845688870.jpg (502.67 KB, 1080x1885, Screenshot_20200425-085503~2.j…)

His own sister doesn't believe him lmao

No. 965193

File: 1587845715871.jpg (396.4 KB, 1059x1807, Screenshot_20200425-085609~2.j…)

No. 965194

File: 1587845737511.jpg (435.32 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20200425-085623~2.j…)

No. 965196

File: 1587845817161.jpg (372.98 KB, 1080x1658, Screenshot_20200425-085742~2.j…)

No. 965197

File: 1587845845275.jpg (432.43 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_20200425-085832~2.j…)

No. 965198

File: 1587845866654.jpg (358.54 KB, 1080x1667, Screenshot_20200425-090030~2.j…)

No. 965199

File: 1587845908337.jpg (354.37 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20200425-090038~2.j…)

Honestly I feel bad for their sister, times are tough right now and they have to deal with this asshole whining that everything isn't about them

No. 965224

>why do chicks always feel the need to play the oppression olympics?
I don't know, Soren. Why do you?

The grocery store anecdote is literally copied from The Heart Is Deceitful above all things, just with more graphic shit thrown in. There's a scene where the son and mother are at a grocery store while the mother goes insane. Soren just added in the hand thing.
Also, I guess Sam had a daughter with downs syndrome now. Can't wait to see where else this story goes.
Something something "The bad guys discovered COVID-19 years before anyone else knew about it, and injected both me and Sam with it in the eyeballs. Those of you grieving about your loved ones dying of this, or scared because you have it yourselves don't even understand our pain. Stop whining".

No. 965234

File: 1587849659393.jpg (997.32 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200425-221949.jpg)

Self isolation got me bored as fuck so I did some more snooping. They're also active on depop and sold something 8 weeks ago

No. 965235

File: 1587849743817.jpg (378.1 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200425-221955.jpg)

Going through their reviews you can see what they've bought. Mostly edgelord clothing but also 90s baby rompers??? It's gross

No. 965257

All the projection from THE most coddled liar.

No. 965287

Id be pretty depressed if my tranny sister was larping as a walking snuff magnet and writing captions talking about somebody rubbing one out in public next to her tard daughter….

No. 965292

is he implying the incest caused the downs syndrome christ hes dumber than i thought. not to sound like im defending incest lmao but there's literally no correlation

this shit gets wilder and wilder every time the fake ass stories are told huh since when was one of her "daughters" downs syndrome anyway

No. 965297

and on top of that my parents playing into her delulu ass shit, likely also paying for her treatment only for her to get worse and her obsessive "love" with a girl that does not exist.

this is prob the most ranting from sorean in a while kek
fr tho:
since when did sam have a daughter that was not killed or died early or a fetus in a locket? downs syndrome for the extra pats or what?

No. 965327

Winnie was the only one that lived to toddlerhood in any of the narratives

No. 965399

this is absolutely just another thing she's plucked from some piece of literature that she's read and added to her personality. i've exclusively seen this spelling in books that are significantly older or conveying that a character is uneducated. it's not part of internet or modern lexicon at all.

five bucks says she stole this usage from 'Push' by Sapphire aka the book the movie, 'Precious', was based on. i wouldn't be surprised if she pulled some more bits from someone's actual lived tragic and nightmarish life to add to her totally real twama nawwative.

No. 965495

thank you for pointing this out, anon!

No. 965560

Im he anon who mentioned knowing her back in the MCR forum days and she read/liked my edgelord high school writing. I was (/am) obsessed wih Jt Leroy and recommended her the movie and showed her an edit i made of it to an MCR song so i know for a fact shes familiar with it

No. 965562

i love it when soren uses sam to justify things or put thins in perspective. "my sister should just take her meds and stop being anxious because sam could do it and she was raped and fed baby parts etc etc etc" girl sam isn't real and you are locked in your room playing with mickey mouse dolls over a fake trauma, WHAT are you talking about. soren's older sister probably has a lot of trauma and baggage alone just from living with those crazy parents and being a family member of soren

No. 965618

File: 1587924543936.png (1.19 MB, 760x688, Screenshot_20200426-140420.png)

Soren's drug dealer shops online for Daiso baggies to put his drugs in apparently.

No. 968777

I’ve been occasionally following this shut show for a few months now and I fucking call bullshit on every drugs this ugly ass skinwalker claims to be on. Every single picture they post is of some corny, vague paraphernalia that can be literally put together by whatever junk one has at home plus some syringes. My remaining question is what kinda messed up enabler family does this extremely misguided delusional has and why haven’t been they doxxed or swatted before the pandemic? I live outside of the states so idk but where I’m from, they’ve at least gotten a visit from the cops and a call from social services.

No. 968796


people contacted her sister before but nothing really came of it.

No. 968915

The family appears to operate under a "If we ignore it, it'll stop" attitude.

No. 969290

File: 1588670901541.png (228.6 KB, 574x870, drtgrtg.png)


am i crazy or does this sound exactly like………

No. 969291

File: 1588671145473.png (706.21 KB, 1251x695, sdgdr.png)

(samefag) their most recent posts

No. 969293

File: 1588671321322.png (149.03 KB, 1243x441, sgtdfnjfy.png)

and here's oldest

No. 969324

This is Soren-adjacent but I don't think it actually is him. It's not "vent-y" enough and there's actual capitalisation/ halfway-decent spelling. Tumblr has a big "trauma aesthetic" subculture, so blogs like these are a dime a dozen. (Also I don't think Soren would offer to give advice or "a shoulder to lean on" - he's way too self-absorbed for that)

No. 969326

And side note: just because Soren is an attention-seeking liar doesn't mean we should tar all survivors with the same brush. A lot of people with blogs like this are genuinely traumatised - part of why Soren's whole shtick is so gross is the fact that he sneers at people who have actually gone through the kind of horrible shit he claims to experience. He gives real abuse survivors a bad name.

No. 969556

Soren's lies are slipping again kek she used to say her mom died of malaria on the street and didn't know who the dad was and she doesn't remember her parents. But y'know rape and decapitation, gotta add more of that in.

No. 970081

nah, he's not actually saying that that happened - he's just being hyperbolic for reasons of Drama I think

No. 970227


that's actually possibly true, anon. Soren was born in India and adopted

No. 970260

>hurt 2 the core
Isn't this an actual deep web CP site?

No. 970313

yeah it was the one Lux ran and Peter Skully was involved it was the original host site of "Daisy's Destruction"

No. 970923

precious had a downsy kid too

No. 972765

File: 1589276967200.jpg (393.37 KB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20200511-195818~2.j…)

No. 972794

Just awhile back in the kayla day thread someone made a blog and asked if it was Kayla, but forgot to logout and their screenshot had the edit profile button. I’m just going to assume this profile was made by that same person.

No. 972994

File: 1589313418538.jpeg (852.44 KB, 828x1333, FAA05B30-7A8D-44FA-BC56-2C7E8E…)

what the fuck is soren on about now?

No. 972999

honestly soren tries so hard that it's not even entertaining. they're not even that mentally ill they just do nothing all day so they make up stories

No. 973018

I think it’s so funny that this short fat little girl that can’t even really walk, she just waddles around, larps as some incel psychopath when she couldn’t even reach her tiny little hamhock arm up high enough to strike a hooker over the head with a fucking rubber chicken. Jesus Christ.

No. 973025

why doesn't she just string these bizarre, fake anecdotes together and present them to some publisher as the work of fiction they are. she'd get more mileage out of writing a book with fucked up characters instead of LARPing as one on the internet.
the way she writes about herself and her ~~~trauma~~~~ is so blatantly influenced by literature that there isn't a shred of authenticity to it. this isn't how people– not characters in a story– talk. if you told me this was an excessively lengthy study in being some Chuck Palahniuk character i'd believe it, as opposed to the idea that this autistic 4-foot-ass tard is running around killing hookers, taking hard drugs and escaping the baby torture factory.

top kek @ calling your mother a fag. edgy fake bois love their gay slurs even when they don't make sense.

No. 973045

Agreed, But we all know Soren is too delusional and entrenched in their hurt core fantasy world to even begin to consider admitting that it’s fiction. i feel bad for Soren’s adoptive family. imagine adopting some helpless Indian child and watching it grow up to be a weird, pathological liar obsessed with killing babies and Kingdom Hearts. Yeesh.

No. 973052

>hope you are having fun in the 100 Acre Wood and on Destiny Islands uwu
So fictional places from a video game for kids (yes I know Winnie the Pooh is a novel, but we are talking Soren here) are Soren's equivalent of christian heaven. That's pathetic as fuck, especially since she strikes me as an edgy atheist.
so…soren aka oathful is now rapeworm? or have I missed something? is it a side account?

No. 973055


Not sure if this is Siren's account? I'm the one posting the oathful screenshots and they haven't changed their username so not sure who the tapeworm account is?

No. 973060

Sage for double post but no clue why rapeworm was posted here, they're clearly not Soren and have a large amount of selfies in their highlights

No. 973081

Oh, thanks. I never caught that. Funny how it does sound like something soren would write though.

No. 973134

I needed this laugh tonight thank you anon

No. 973263

It doesn’t tho, it sounds like some Sam Hyde bit or fullchan copypasta.

Soren wouldn’t hate hookers for corrupting values or whatever she’d hate them because they weren’t as youngstrongsufferingtragic as her and Sam and all the other rape ring snuff babies, and even then she wouldn’t do anything or suggest she would do anything about it. She’s too obsessed with herself and being a victim to be an aggressor like that, she has to remind you over and over again in gorey detail the bad things that that happened to her to excuse her autistic behavior, she can’t let over people have that role of victim it would kill her.

No. 973290

I disagree a little, it sounds like something she would write after bingewatching Dexter only it would be about how the bad men forced her to do that to Sam and they tortured the red blooded American values mindset into her for being Indian ;(((((

No. 973869

File: 1589468828004.jpeg (598.54 KB, 828x1131, 728E1FBF-7E0F-44D8-B87B-043A41…)

No. 973892

It’s shit like this that make a good argument against people who don’t actually believe that soren is an actual pedophile. Soren gets off on envisioning herself being fucked as a kid. You can’t tell me that’s not some form of pedo shit.

No. 973895

Uhh… Considering we all know absolutely none of this happened to Soren, this is some damning writing to further suggest she's a total fucking pedo and gets off to that shit being done to kids, Jesus Christ tbh I wish her family knew she fucking says this

No. 973932

what level of bizarre, delusional pickmeism has she reached where she feels attractive because fictitious men are jerking off to her fictitious cp. she can cut off her tits and call herself a guy, but deep down, she's just another pickme lauding men for picking her.

i bet her transgenderism is rooted in being a pickme, as well. she probably figured she would never be considered "fuckable" under the rigid beauty standards applied to women, since she looks like the terrible gremlin she really is– both inside and out– and decided that it'd be better to transition. that way, she'd get asspats for being trans, and she wouldn't have to abide by traditional beauty standards because she's a special, trans snowflake who exists outside society's traditional ideals of beauty.

is this autopedophilia? she's no better than the autogynephiles who skinwalk as promiscuous women because they find it arousing. we know her trauma narrative is fake, but it's becoming more evident that she continues this charade for sexual gratification, in addition to sympathy and attention. i wouldn't put it past her to become a real-life abuser. considering what she writes, how much time she spends in children's spaces and the amount of children's items she's procured, her chances of offending are significantly high. she should really be barred from being near children. someone put this bitch on a list.

No. 973947

agreed…tbh idk how much contact Soren has with children outside of her weird made up narrative, but I really hope they don’t interact with any minors. I’ve heard people defending Soren with the argument that “it’s a form of coping!!!” uhh consuming CP and creating gross torture porn revolving around kids isn’t coping, that’s actively being a fucking weird predator.

No. 973952

I don't think she's a pedo? This is just bait of the type Venus does, except it's in the form of a story instead of pictures. And trying to project a small uwu image is common in women, nearly all the ones posted here have this trait.

No. 973989

Soren's knowledge of CP (things like names, terms, websites, content etc etc) points that she has actually watched it, so yeah she's definetely a pedo.

No. 974006

You’re being far too generous, anon. Reminder that this is someone that legitimately fantasizes about being a raped child that also rapes and kills other children. It isn’t bait because in her head, it’s real, and she writes about it so obsessively and so often that it’s clearly a sexual fetish. I know we like to rationalize things we just can’t possibly wrap our heads around but this isn’t just a case of someone saying something for shock value. She looks like a dog, she barks like a dog. She is a dog.

No. 974011

there are plenty of documentaries etc that gives out details of cp, so I doubt it. its edge points she has found scattered around

No. 974043

Have you witnessed Soren’s history in its entirety? Soren literally used to collect and repost actual cp stars on one of his side blogs. She knew the girl was named sammy when even the thumbnails of her were so explicit they couldn’t be posted on clearnet. She was trying to merge this narrative together that she was friends with this severely assaulted girl—again it was not even yet wrote about with detail on clearnet at the time—long before she chose Kayla as the faceclaim. She has seen it. She has collected “artsy” shots from it. She’s obsessed with it. Why even bother denying it at this point.

I still remember exactly how it felt a year later when someone posted pics of that girl they shouldn’t have on their stupid tumblr. I thought I was going to vomit. I immediately recognized her as the girl Soren would make collages about at the time.

No. 974045

Exactly this.

Soren described these videos in detail way before there were any mention of them in the internet, eventually information surfaced and they matched perfectly, she has consumed child porn that's a hard fact, and by the looks of it it rustles her jimmies.

No. 974059

I’m going to add, the problem with providing proof is that for one, it’s literally cp. 2, even if we provided caps that didn’t show cp, it is still disrespectful to the victims to further spread any sort of images of them at such a devastating time. I know that the deep web meme makes everything sound so sensationalized and dramatic, but that doesn’t change the fact that plenty of us are carrying around these weird, kind of horrific memories from being exposed to cp victims so nonchalantly before we even knew what it was. So I can see why it’s easier to just brush it off as someone being an edgefag. But I promise, there’s plenty of genuinely traumatizing things out there that don’t need to rely on blood or gore. I will never forget what I saw, and the other anons who have won’t either. Sounds melodramatic but it truly is that bad! But to those who weren’t exposed to it, it seems silly and intangible.

No. 974199

it's not that girl with a cigarette that was reposted (and deleted, tho the photo was sfw), right?
I somehow forgot the Soren aesthetic cp collages… what a pos

No. 976603

the only one i remember for sure being linked back to CP was the little girl smoking (pic attached but spoilered because even though its SFW its haunting) were there more?

No. 977126

the thing that fucks me up about this is that this is an actual issue real CSA survivors deal with. the idea that your value existed only when you were a child who could be abused, and that growing up negates that value, is really fucking difficult to recover from.

No. 977745

File: 1590171142354.jpeg (543.29 KB, 1242x1659, B8B1EDC6-03C5-4168-9F2B-5DF087…)

soren lurking the dark web on their version of reddit, dread. her username is keyblade there.

No. 978331

I know lolcow isn’t usually the place for sensitivity, but this photo was taken and posted by a man who raped that little girl from the time she was barely out of her toddler years. I don’t think it’s appropriate to share these at all. That’s the only time I have and probably will ever say something like this on here but it’s true. Nobody needs any sort of breadcrumbs to recognize her in any way…

No. 978401

File: 1590319219670.jpg (311.84 KB, 1077x1897, Screenshot_20200522-131131~2.j…)

Sorens been using stories lately

No. 978406

This. Soren is twisting and fetishizing the exploitation of kids. This isn’t the mindset of a victim coping, this is someone who gets off on imagining and watching little kids experience what she’s describing. Sick, disgusting. Doesn’t even deserve to be called a cow.

No. 978635

Thank you to whoever removed the attached photo.

No. 978642

ginger bronson also used the same picture as a display picture for her now deleted twitter (httpcandygirl). yet again another example of soren's obsession with her

the picture isn't disturbing without context, so i see why sad tumblr girls would've reblogged it without thinking twice

No. 978728

That picture in particular, maybe. Soren has a sideblog with collages ages ago with more photos of her that weren’t possible to find off-onion. Also that wasn’t Kayla’s twitter, wasn’t that a cp twitter that followed her? Or am I thinking of a completely different instance. I thought the case was that Kayla rted from that account and it has pics of cp victims on it.

That pic in particular however wasn’t the one that was popularized on tumblr, it was a close up of her face with a cigarette in her mouth and her eyes closed. That was the edgefag pic that actually made rounds, like many other pics of kids with cigarettes. The backstory and everything else that Soren applied to her “Sam” back when she hadn’t chosen Kayla yet and was still using pics of scene girls was not available info off-onion at the time either. Reminder, Soren used al this info before the dArKwEb creepypastas became intriguing to people.

No one with any sense is going to post cp victims to make a point, or “prove” to skeptical farmers that Soren views and enjoys cp. I also refrain from specific anecdotes or descriptions itt because I find it very odd that anyone would feel the need to find or share photos of victims here, SFW or no. It’s a delicate topic unfortunately but morbid curiosity shouldn’t be rewarded in this case.

No. 978738

if you're not going to post any sort of censored proof or anything stop posting what could be completely fabricated

No. 978756

That twitter was not Gingers. It was a random account she retweeted once.

No. 978781

the close-up photo of the girl with closed eyes was posted in the past in one of the Soren threads and deleted by mods for obvious reasons. You can find the info and anons commenting on it in if you look hard enough.

No. 978810

Yeah, none of this is new. It’s been several years but clearly I’ve seen plenty of other anons reference all of this and I don’t know how it could be considered conjecture at this point just because people say point blank “why would I save or repost cp”.

Even if you weren’t around for the original wave of blogs, the meticulous detail she put into describing the abuse of children, and the fact that she’s made specific obscure reference to multiple cp, it’s still obvious she derives perverse gratification from it. She made a fake hidden wiki page detailing her and other children’s rape and torture. She just posted a screenshot of her on .onion for fucksake.

Even if I didn’t see all of that with my own eyes like the first wave of anons, I wouldn’t be surprised in any way shape or form.

No. 979335

there was a tumblr post proclaiming her to be a CP and murder victim: https://tinyplutonova.tumblr.com/post/190312412507/mybatteriesarelowitsgettingdark-psa-for-you-edgy (linking so people don't have to see the photo here. its SFW but still harrowing.) but there's no proof for the murder part. You would think that there would be a news article about the subject if there was a confirmed homicide. The girl was probably 99% likely to be abused though.

It's just likely that soren saw pictures of her from a CP set and posted them on tumblr for sick gratification to fuel the story. I think most people reblogged the pic because it looked "aesthetic" and didn't know where it came from.

No. 979518

Yes, Soren had to have gotten it from CP specifically because she was posting about Sam and created the narrative before awareness was spread/ either of the cigarette pictures were posted. She was seeking cp out.

When there were hiddenwiki links to the girl, it was before 2015. Those links were inaccessible and broken at this point. Many of the onion links that people try to access when they decide to use tor for the first time (mostly inspired by creepypastas and sensationalized reddit stories) have been broken for years. There are several anons, most of us a little older, that have had the misfortune of stumbling upon these things that are luckily now buried unless you REALLY want to look at them. Other anons can attest that pre-2014 I’d say it was still really easy to see these things accidentally if you browsed image boards or decided to browse tor once on a whim. Lawless compared to now.

I have seen several anons confirm the point I’ve been trying to make, dating back to four years ago. I decided to look at the Kayla Day thread yesterday and I also saw other anons confirming what I have said.

I find that tumblr post to be counterproductive and disheartening as well. When you post an image of a child who is a victim and you state that they are a victim, you create a door for offenders and those who are curious to seek out more.

I don’t know if she was murdered either, but I know that she had an extremely hard life and there was a point where her real name and location were plastered on hardcandy forums. I’m sorry to say but there is a high possibility that the post is telling the truth.

As for there being an article on the possible murder—that would be highly unlikely. Protecting the identity of victims that young is high priority, and her abuse was all over the internet. Making her case public when there is a high volume of content involving her would only sensationalize the videos and pictures and spread their popularity further.

There are many cases of sexual abuse that are never made publicly accessible because the records are sealed to protect the identity of the child and try give them a chance to live a normal life. Cases like Masha Babko are typically unusual.

No. 979522

i think some of especially the younger users on here don't remember is what the internet was like 10 years ago. If you browsed /b/ for more than an hour you were doomed to see something that could never be unseen, from animal abuse to a filmed russian murder to full blown CP. Soren is right on the age where she would have seen these things at least once even if she never went looking. CP used to be a lot easier to come across without meaning to, so somebody like soren who was actually looking for it must be drowning in it. I have no doubt she has real CP.

n the meth thing is funny because if she was really on meth we would get long sperg posts every day, meth makes you super chatty and she goes silent when she "binges" like a dope head would

No. 980966

File: 1590793007170.jpg (269.24 KB, 1080x2014, Screenshot_20200529-073817~2.j…)

No. 980967

File: 1590793032976.jpg (343.24 KB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20200529-073839~2.j…)

No. 980990

damn she actually looked normal before she decided she was an irl anime boy

No. 980994

It's somehow depressing to think that even Soren was once just an innocent little kid.
How did she end up trooning out and writing CP snuff fics? I know poor supervision and internet addiction must've played a role, but it's not like most people end up as bad as her.
Now that I think about it, for how much Soren likes to use pictures of random children, and obsesses over children in general, she seems very hesitant about childhood photos of herself. Instead, she makes collages of victims like the girl with the cigarette, and god knows who else.
It could be a self-hatred thing (especially when you factor in gender dysphoria and the ED stuff/her not being a skinny child around 8-10), but it seems weird, considering her obsession with presenting herself as a "CP star".

No. 981037

incredibly bold of her to be posting photos of herself as a child on the internet considering what she's alleged to have happened to her and the fictitious bAd MeN are still chasing after her.

armchairing, but i she's obviously got some sort of guilty victim complex due to her adoption. from what she's said, and we can only assume it to be true without further information, her young Indian birth mother gave her up and had malaria. Soren went on to live in comfortable suburbia with her adoptive white family. she clearly can't reconcile with the fact that she's not a victim of her circumstance and is, in fact, very lucky. it's why she feels the need to lie about egregiously bad things happening to her. she's doesn't want to feel guilty for being lucky, so she'll create a totally false and outrageous narrative where she's the victim.

i'm sure her guilt-driven victim complex fuels her other psychological issues too. she probably feels like a black sheep, but i'm sure in reality that has more to do with her being a typical weeby sperg than being adopted or being a fake ~uwu CSA survivor~. her gender identity and alleged ED issues most likely stem from this as well.

there are plenty of people who are adopted into families from poor circumstances and have to overcome similar mental hurdles. the reason they don't turn out like Soren is because they don't feel the need to paint themselves as perpetual victims of life. they accept that through fateful chance they were lifted out of poverty/abuse/etc. although their lives may be mundane and comfortable with their adoptive families, they still experience unique struggles, just like everyone else, even if they're not slumming it on the streets of Bangalore. Soren simply can't accept this, so she plays make-believe on the internet instead.(armchair)

No. 981085

File: 1590821247781.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 726.01 KB, 828x1131, 831DE3A6-0997-4439-84C6-732ACB…)

politics aside, it’s funny watching Soren call people crazy and insane when their entire existence is an absurd mess fueled by sloppy lies and manipulation of other people. they really can’t say shit

No. 981088

The contrast between the second and third row…Really sad

Honestly I wonder what really happened to her, she must have gone through something to make her this way

No. 981167

wtf, soren was actually kind of a cute kid??? based on how they look now i imagined they always looked super weird, but i guess they fucked their looks up on purpose or something right around middle school. yeah this photo progression is really sad. i feel like this is the first time we've seen pics of soren pre-trauma narrative and idk what i expected but i did not expect such a happy looking little girl…

No. 981174

Is she sat in a wheel chair? 2nd row 2nd image

No. 981186

What is she graduating from?

No. 981207

But her eco political feelings are not as strong judging by all this plastic crap.

Her chin ran away sometime during the third row. The first two rows don't even look like her. That kid had a chin.

No. 981254

File: 1590870977609.jpg (284.03 KB, 1076x1559, Screenshot_20200530-140824~2.j…)

The fucking Mickey mouse baggies

No. 981314

File: 1590880511853.jpeg (7.43 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

She buys needles for diabetics from amazon, fills a baggie with a spice and prints out a couple of Beatles pics and pretends they're acid tabs?

No. 981369

The tabs look like they are probably legit, but that heroin looks unusually soft and fine. Definitely looks more like cinnamon powder if anything. Doesn't most heroin sort of clump?

No. 981375

You can buy blotter paper from many platforms online. You can buy tons of Beatles themed blotter from online. Soren probably payed $5 for that on Etsy. It’s just paper.

No. 981379

It's possible, but acid isn't expensive or anything either. The heroin still looks fake as hell though.

No. 981384

I think the most unbelievable part to me is the fact that she would have to leave her house and interact with people or make relationships with people to be able to obtain legit acid in the first place.
idk how easy it is in america, but where I'm from weeby KH fans wouldn't be able to come by drugs that easy

No. 981396

Amerifag here, most party drugs are really easy to get your hands on in most degenerate weeb circles and are pretty common at anime cons too. Don't know where Soren would pick them up from, but I'd be less surprised about tabs than a big bag of heroin.

No. 981441

what does the writing on the bag say?

No. 981449

File: 1590907980070.png (288.16 KB, 643x656, sorenbag.png)

Looks like a chunk of something white in the bag. The words say something like I paid x ??

No. 981452

You can order literally any drug online and have it delivered in the mail. You don't have to know anyone.

No. 981453

"1 point +bonus?" >>981452 dark web dealers send you samples or bonuses sometimes. Could be a possibility

No. 981458

File: 1590909278575.png (151.59 KB, 750x1334, 040C8C29-469B-41ED-A8C5-FBDA11…)

Some anon earlier itt said something about this person possibly being Soren-(?) this account sounds like some grotesque fanfic 1/2

No. 981459

File: 1590909301891.png (189.16 KB, 750x1334, 97FD5BA7-9393-4F19-B846-063F37…)


No. 981464

So many questions. Bought from whom? How would an 8 year old even know what to do or be experienced enough to worry about him cumming? How would you notice the safety was off while it's pointed at your head+you are 8? Also he definitely would have shot them in this fiction since man cumming is peak one brain cell.

How would you remember and then recount such detail when again, you were 8 and this would be very traumatic?

Kids get assaulted 100% but this sounds like fiction. Most people who post rape trauma stories skirt around the details and focus on specific haunting memories (most things will be a blur, with standout moments) or ways it made them feel, this is just an excessively detailed description of an unlikely series of events.

No. 981524

File: 1590932341012.png (305.11 KB, 720x1252, Screenshot_20200531-143509~2.p…)

Looks like she either photocopied the blotter or she was sold/given some dodgy fake acid. This was posted in February this year.

Is she actually has bitcoin, doesn't mind getting her parents potentially in trouble with drugs in the post, I still doubt this is from the deepweb because from what I read in reviews, the suppliers are p good with the product they sell.

No. 981525

File: 1590932897550.png (64.45 KB, 720x513, Screenshot_20200531-144603~2.p…)

Adding this from reddit. More about the blotter tasting off. Not sure what this says about her ~stash~ but I'd be careful if she's injecting that cinnamon powder.

No. 981884

That’s why I thought it was Soren, possibly larping as another person to be able to talk about it and obsess over it more.

No. 981990

File: 1591024403559.png (343.01 KB, 900x1348, 09301.png)

I think this person is legit. Unlike Soren, she's not saying this shit just to say it and have an aesthetic based around it. She's speaking out against the dissemination of CP involving her on Pornhub.
There are also no weird literary details like smoking cigarettes and wearing flower crowns and being nicknamed Bambi. Nothing about abortions at 9 years old, cannibalism or other gore shit Soren likes. Soren would screech that this person had it "easy" compared to her, just like how she attacked all the actual CSA victims in a therapy group, Epstein's victims, etc.

No. 981997

File: 1591025766097.png (143.46 KB, 892x718, ibki42.png)

Samefagging, she's posted a lot of DMs sent to her by men who have seen the abuse content, and a screencap of the page/title of the video of her (obviously with the actual content censored because NCMEC took it down).
With how much she's come for PH, the private e-mail correspondences she's had with them and the attention she's gotten, it's safe to say that if she was lying, they would've already exposed her. If anything, porn addicts who've seen the video would've come out saying it was legal and she's lying.
So, yeah. I don't think she's Soren, or that she's lying.

No. 982085

i know its shitty to make fun of the appearance of a little girl but boy does this ever confirm her first class ticket to the snuff room and not to darkweb hollywood and cp stardom.
Also wtf happened at 11 that there are no pictures and she came out on the other side as the fakeboi goblin she is today? She hasn't aged since 12 either, just got circle lenses but she looks exactly the same at 12 as at 20

No. 982786

Tinhatting here but these photos make me feel like something did happen to Soren, although obviously not to the extent that he's claiming. I remember reading a post on the MCR forum from like 2013 when he talked about being assaulted by his psychiatrist, and it seemed much more plausible and genuine than… any of the stuff that he talks about now. An isolated incident like that, happening to someone already emotionally unstable, could easily take root and build into a sprawling delusion of this nature. There's such a clear line between young-Soren (cute, happy-looking kid) to now-Soren that it's hard not to think that something bad went down and caused a shift this extreme. (This is all speculation obviously)

No. 982806

i really think his parents are just crazy and he has some kind of mental problem from being enabled by such whackjobs, plus the trauma of being adopted. maybe he was molested here and there it's not uncommon for a girl who is molested to hate her body and think she is trans

No. 983028

File: 1591251052645.jpeg (182.56 KB, 734x957, 17FA2AA7-45ED-4AD3-A5C5-D154AE…)

I see no difference

No. 983841

> he

do you have screenshots/archived links of this or was it posted in a previous thread?

No. 984182

That's what happens when you're a fat mouth-breather

No. 984967

is there a word for whatever is wrong with her neck? Why does she look like a bullfrog? You can even see it in the second pic to the right on the first row. Is that a gland thing or just a very very unfortunate throat?

Also i love how in all the pics taken when the abuse supposedly happened, she looks completely normal no marks no bruises but she was allegedly being put in dangonrompa cartoon torture contraptions

tinfoil but she gets a weird look in her eyes and her smile changes halfway through the second row, I suspect something (not a snuff factory but something) happened around that age, which is also around the age the warehouse abuse started in her first narrative. Maybe its just the autism but something about her demeanor changes between the middle two pics in row 2

No. 985051

Sort of looks like a goiter in some shots.

No. 985100

Tinfoiling a bit here but many people have pointed her throat/neck out in previous threads, suspecting some sort of thyroid issue. I’ve been both hypo and hyperthyroid before and if she does indeed have a thyroid problem, that would explain the fluctuations in her weight (when it’s hyper you tend to lose weight and have more energy, when it’s hypo it’s the opposite and many medications such as Prednisone specifically can cause that weird swollen moon-face thing she has going on plus weight gain is almost inevitable on those types of steroid medications)

No. 988334

File: 1592398632686.jpg (325.4 KB, 1080x1891, Screenshot_20200617-132026~2.j…)

No. 988345

Jesus Soren just shut the fuck up for once

No. 988365

Talking about a fictional franchise as a "raped and dumped corpse" really highlights how Soren has never actually been raped. Who the fuck supposedly goes through so much abuse yet talks in all these violent terms so easily for fucks sake.

No. 988372

its part of her act that she thinks makes her credible "oh if somebody talks this over the top and shocking casually they must not be shocked by anything because thy went through so much trauma"

No. 988400

why is she even so mad about her ~precious KH uwu~? The franchise has been shit for years. What triggered her?
Also lol @ Soren's nonexistent dick

No. 988403


Autism. KH is to Soren what Sonic is to CWC.

No. 988409

She has always used it as a metaphor for her uwu abuse. She claimed before in a sperg post about it that she felt the guy(s?) Who made it definitely intended a deeper meaning to it alluding to them having also been brought up in a heroin fueled snuff factory warehouse where they shoved their feet into their eyes.

No. 988445

I get it's blue arms type spergout but I don't get what's so bad about latest KH news? What is she so unhappy about?

No. 988631

a franchise for children no less. I seriously d o not get why she’s so pissed off, KH is a video game franchise for children that’ll just get multiple sequels until it stops making money. it was ever anything more culturally significant than that.

No. 990223

i think she's mad because it's not a 'real', full game since it's just some spin-off rhythm game thing instead of a proper KH game. she's just going full retard, essentually.

to be fair, this is the closest to manliness she's ever come, even though it's only because her incoherent autistic ranting is so similar to the way that grown ass men react to pokemon or tlou or whatever doing something they don't like, kek

No. 991193

File: 1592796704134.jpeg (737.29 KB, 828x1294, 46B7B0B1-C119-4462-A419-B5BD1B…)

im losing my mind….Soren has the audacity to call her father an aspie when she constantly sperg rages over kingdom hearts. also why would anyone want a druggie torture core freak as a father….I’m unsure…..

No. 991284

one of soren's 8tracks (the link to which is on his instagram) is a photo of a dead topless child….is that allowed?

No. 991334

if her dad has a 'touch' of autism what the fuck does she have?

definitely not. genuinely not saying you should cowtip (and even that sounds sarcastic) but if it was reported it would definitely be taken down for the gore alone. just remember though - she's totally not a nonce, it just helps her 'cope'

No. 991444

i won't cowtip being the committed farmer that i am, but this is testing me…. it makes me wonder where she even found it? earlier posts have me convinced she had seen CP and still has access, like a ton of people said, /b/ back in the day was a literal minefield of gore and CP and both mixed together, but this picture seems decidedly uncomfortable and weird for "clearnet" unless i'm being too sensitive. i suppose what i'm asking is, is that a normal clearnet photo? like people mentioning that smoking girl image. soren is a goddamn freak.

No. 991467

File: 1592836384805.png (111.54 KB, 2242x436, 84u.png)

This is her "justification" for it. I'm surprised she didn't get banned for this shit.

No. 991598

I think it’s moreso that she finds these things exciting and is aroused by it. Jesus

No. 991635

she's such a fucking disgusting pedo. imagine someone expressing rightful concern over a gory image of a dead child and your immediate response - especially as a supposed victim of CSA - being to insult them and act like a fucking retard. 'IT WAS IN A NEWSPAPER!!!' still isn't an excuse since she obviously found the article by seeking it out in some way.

also, does this ugly fat fakeboi cunt not realise that just because SHE likes to publicly flaunt the fact that she's a pedo doesn't mean she exists in a fucking bubble? like, other people have ACTUALLY been through childhood sexual trauma. what if they don't consent to seeing it? christ, i really hope she eventually just kills herself and does us all a favour. vile doesn't even begin to describe

No. 991713

no, this is clearnet, it is an autopsy photo used for the cover of an album called "Home" by a metal band called Numenorean. They use a different pic on spotify but that was the album cover sold in stores. Tasteless edgelord shit, but I dont think shes seen much more shit that your average late 00s /b/tard. She seeks it out but i dont think she is smart enough to know where to find it and get away with it i feel like if she was viewing cp (other than loli which is legal) she would have been busted

No. 992050

Part of me is starting to wonder if these kinds of posts are really just soren trying to defend herself. This is so dumb. She has literally posted screens of her using tor. I truly cannot believe that anyone is this dense anymore.

Soren. Is. A. Pedophile.

No. 992704

oh no disagreement there, soren is a pedo and an active danger to children who drafted real people including real missing children into her torture snuff rape fantasies. I was just saying that pic was clearweb because my friends brother had that album and i immediately recognized the pic because i always found it so disturbing.

Although on second thought she probably does have access to real CP, because if she didnt she would constantly be posting and defending loli but doesnt show much interest in it publicly other than referencing some of the more infamous works in her edgelording. I just hate to think that somebody so obvious could be out there actually doing illegal shit to this degree and not getting caught like tf are my tax dollars going to if this goblin is still on the streets

No. 994980

Sorry if my reply was abrasive, I’ve just seen many a time where someone has claimed soren is just an edgefag when this goes way beyond that, it almost starts to seem like she’s being defended in that sense. I know it’s common now for people to cry pedophile where it isn’t a fit, but this is not one of those cases.

Unfortunately it’s actually not unheard of for people to get away with it, quite often even. It’s such a rampant thing that there are priorities—Soren would be considered very low on the scale of dangers in the eyes of investigators who are far too busy trying to catch abusers. She’s not a producer, distributor, etc. Definitely not a member of the forums. She’s a wuss for sure, but she’s searched up compromising images of children too obsessively for too long.

No. 995000

Nayrt and please don't mistake this for complacency but I think a lot of longterm followers of these threads find it hard to muster up fresh outrage at Soren's antics at this point, especially now that she is posting less photographs of children than ever before. It's not that we don't care it's just that we have no new reaction to it.
Also the cover was discussed in a previous thread so that's probably why nobody is caring >>887053

No. 995855

I am a long term follower as well, I understand being desensitized to her bullshit but
>hit that your average late 00s /b/tard. She seeks it out but i dont think she is smart enough to know where to find it and get away with it i feel like if she was viewing cp (other than loli which is legal) she would have been busted

I just don’t agree with statements like this is all.

No. 996410

I'm sorry I'm confused… Are you saying because you are a long time follower that you can't muster outrage the same as before when you 1st found out they were a pedophile? You should always carry a great rage towards pedophiles and let them know it, a constant fresh rage that you say you have left behind. All they are is scum, and you need to let them know it till their dying breaths. Or yours. Just because Soren is "no longer posting mutilated and naked children as much" doesn't mean he/she/whatever isn't still viewing it. This little goblin has just gotten better at covering his tracks and having lame ass excuses for when he gets called out on questionable content. Oh! And this little shit stain explains it away like his whole life story (which is complete BULLSHIT) makes it ok to talk about/post/live out such a delusional fantasy. "Hey I ate babies and killed babies and fucked babies but instead of acting like any extreme trauma person would, I continue to dwell on mine and spew lies that I believe are truth on social media. Bitch is also a hxc stalker. Has a strange relationship with all of their family, and everyone else. Somehow adds them into their trauma story, probably without their knowledge. Fakes doing hard drugs. That feels like just tip of the iceberg.

Sorry for the sperg anon I am not upset at you! I just hope you understand my point of view and maybe think about it, because I believe although it's not a personal matter one should think too hard on, saying that it is just saying you and other anons don't care…well you should!

No. 998534

File: 1593440519811.jpg (563.93 KB, 1080x1949, IMG_20200629_161621.jpg)

this is a bit old but I don't think it was posted here. Another proof of Sora being unable to stop being a disgusting sperg even when talking about KH

No. 998538

the edge is getting old

No. 999174

This loser really bought or commissioned a miniature heroin kit… lmao

No. 999232

the most autistic thing i‘ve ever seen

No. 999710


No. 1003700

Im of the mind that soren absolutely looks at real CP, not because of how much she mentions it but because of what she doesnt mention: lolicon. If she had even a suspicion that what she was looking at was on the right side of legal she would be spamming it and complaining about antis and talking about how she "looks at it to cope" and posting Waita Uziga screencaps. Her lack of public involvement with lolicon leads me to believe that she is getting her fic with the real thing

Also anybody who says she wouldnt have access is stupid. We know she has a tonne of money and that she uses tor. You cant go on any blackmarket deepweb site without being bombarded with people trying to sell CP. IDK about today but I remember trying to get molly off Silk Road in college and the amount of available CP bummed us out so much that it took the fun out of buying drugs online. It would also explain why she knows the filenames.

Convinced that Soren's drug use is fake for similar reasons. If Soren wanted to do drugs, he could easily get pharm quality shit like adderall (pretty much just legal meth) and would be posting USED paraphernalia and im sure we'd get some injection pics/vids or at least track mark pics but instead she posts unused baggies and clean spoons. She talks about her ketamine but AFAIK isnt on any real medication like antipsychotics or antidepressants. She only talks about street drugs even though with her rich parents it would be easy as fuck to dr shop and find somebody willing to write a scrip for pills, and only talks about "scary" street drugs never anything simple like weed. If it wasn't for what an exhibitionist she is I would say its possible that shes buying drugs off the darkweb but she had to go make up a gay-not-gay heroin dealer friend

saged for a long and milkless rant but yeah if she wasnt already looking at hard candy shed be spamming the legal stuff as part of her edgy identity. Its conspicuous that its missing.

No. 1004649

Idk when the last time u where on tor was but like every market & forum explicitly hard bans even mentioning that shit now, I wasn’t around for the Silk Road era, that was ten years ago at this point, but on any given drug/info market or place of discussion in 2020 you’ll get plenty of backlash for even mentioning ur curious about cp even on image boards. not to mention paying for cp in itself is a joke plenty of coder type-tor noobs playing with dark web search engines get really scared when they eventually stumble across some and the always get the same advice which is to report if they feel like it but that more likely than not its being hosted by a government agency, cps definitely out there still and not exactly hard to find if you wanna find it but you gotta put in some leg work and no ones selling it out in the open. She just doesn’t talk about loli cause that’s not edgy and different enough for her. Like u said its a mainstream interest among gamertwitchanime zoomers and a common point of conversation amongst woke ones. She’s too ~*~*different and damaged for such common rebellion

No. 1005097

You’re kind of right but still wrong, anon. There are still tons of sites with that shit. The “normies” (not my word lol) flooded tor to feel like they had some edge and have made a comfortable home on the stereotypical sites you hear about when people talk t3h d33p w3b.

For every chan fag that is scared when they “stumble” upon it, there’s another that knows exactly how to find it with ease. Anons spiel was a little sensationalized yeah but there’s still people ‘selling it out in the open’.

No. 1005543

File: 1594489411593.jpeg (519.04 KB, 828x1052, EF50427A-5491-476B-A0AE-8EA576…)

deleted post from Soren but honestly, I’m awaiting their self implosion. becoming self aware to how narcissistic they act and behave… they’re gonna realize that the weird schizo trauma pals that don’t exist aren’t gonna be enough. Wild.

No. 1005554

Has she ever “attempted suicide”? If not, I foresee this in the near future.

No. 1005601

kek at the way she switches from absolutely perfectly coherent sentences to 'hhbhdhh48/// sam's eyes fnngfnb58@!"!3 adult fjghkdf98j##sfkd kill myself' … super convincing job soren

she's claimed to have been hospitalised or institutionalised or whatever because of attempting a few times. i think she's also posted the usual edgy pics of her name on hospital wristbands and maybe??? herself in an ambulance or something but i'm very shaky on that last part

No. 1005819

Yes, you’re sort of right about the ambulance photos - IIRC on either tumblr or instagram - maybe both? - Soren posted a photo of his lower half (probably holding the phone closer to his face so you could see at least half his body), wrapped in one of those sheets/blankets and strapped into a gurney in the back of an ambulance. I think he said it was after a “suicide attempt” but who tf is even mentally there enough to take a pic immediately after trying to kill themselves? Bless anybody who can find the post I’m talking about - this was probably back when he was still shyfawn though could be when he was sicklefawn.

No. 1005834

File: 1594555423123.png (370.2 KB, 612x459, Capture.PNG)

No. 1005959

holy shit i just finished this thread, what a wild ride. soren is a fucked up person.

No. 1019894

So is she dead or..?(necro)

No. 1019896

hopefully! sage next time tho

No. 1020011

Soooo anons start to say and give valid reasons why they believe she’s a pedophile and not just a larper and it goes silent again? Did she check into a hospital or something I missed? I don’t have oathful added.

No. 1020172

as of today, soren is supposedly in the hospital getting bottom surgery.

No. 1020225

That’s gonna be an exciting new chapter, the lead up to bottom surgery for ftms is a months long process I don’t believe she would keep any minor visit to herself if this was really happening

No. 1020681

Does anyone actually believe she’s getting it?

No. 1021754

File: 1597240716484.jpeg (561.19 KB, 1242x2058, B1239415-8B09-4459-9435-1FE3ED…)

the absolute madman

No. 1021755

File: 1597240742416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 656.6 KB, 1242x2058, 8AEF1B8B-28CA-4E33-877E-6FEEFF…)

she actually did it

No. 1021758

HOLY FUCK looks like a balloon animal. I wonder how long it'll take her to regret this

No. 1021760

who takes pictures of somebody in this state? TBH this kind of makes me believe there at least some hard drug use but from her eyeballs it looks more like a hanging attempt

No. 1021773

agreed. this is the type of gore Soren would have loved to post on tumblr, so i'm of the impression this is a selfie. i'm still skeptical that she has continued access to and use of the hard drugs she insists she's doing, but it's possible she's doing something to harm herself. google says subconjunctival hemorrhage, which is what she has in this photo, can occur from blood-thinners, wearing contact lenses or run-of-the-mill vomiting, so there are still many more benign explanations for a photo like this.

>how far its possible to come in one year
she went from freakish, deranged and mutilated to… freakish, deranged and mutilated. wow, truly a stunning transformation. the psychopath needed actual therapy to treat her compulsive lying and delusions and not a limp tube frankensteined onto her body.

i almost have to applaud her for keeping up her disgusting pedo tendencies even while hospitalized by posing children's toys next to her brand-new, functionless meat sock.

No. 1021775

i can smell this image…dear fucking lord

No. 1021776

Looks like there's even a few self harm scars on the new schlong kek, any medfags know where the skin was removed from?

No. 1021777

Why does the top look like the end of a hot dog?? I would be truly disgusted if I wasn’t kekking so hard right now. During a pandemic too!

No. 1021779

They are typically taken from the arm or the thigh, in the picture you can slightly see the right leg wrapped up? I’m going to say it’s the thigh

No. 1021782

File: 1597244247450.png (20.02 KB, 757x228, secondmortgagepecker.png)

Dear God. It still looks better than most neo-vaginas tho. Imagine spending this sort of money on someone who's likely going to kill themselves in the next five years. I know it's not the most popular opinion because they are huge enablers, but I feel bad for her parents. They just seem like stupid, naive, unassuming idiots who love their fuck-up daughter more than anything.

No. 1021783

I wonder what kind of new fanfic is she gonna write about this.
I can’t believe they let this mentally ill weirdo botch her body, surgeons should look up their patients’ social media as a way to figure out wether they’re insane or not.

No. 1021790

It seems like they literally do not care as long as the patient can afford the surgery.

No. 1021791

Scars from this procedure are fucking gnarly as well. Skin grafting is nasty. So much can go wrong as well. It's not without reason quite a few ftm's choose to not go through with it.

No. 1021802

isn’t it also essentially useless and purely just for the ‘visual’ of it (i.e you don’t feel anything, can’t cum with it, can’t actually have sex with it because it doesn’t get hard, etc etc etc)? i might be way off the mark with that but i think i’ve read that before from a trans guy who didn’t want bottom surgery. either way, it just seems like a massive waste of time, and they always look like raw sausages.

can you spoiler this? also, this is definitely a selfie she took - you can tell just from the angle. imagine the amount of pictures she must’ve taken to get her eyes appropriately
cock eyed, lmfao

No. 1021809

jesus christ i was just reading about this horror in the mtf (or ftm) thread the other day. it's virtually useless and will never pass as a real penis. (so yes >>1021802 ) apparently you have to pump it through the balls to get erect lol. and fitting that in pants must be really uncomfortable because it's always like that and doesn't expand and contract like a real penis. let alone as mentioned the gnarly scars and life altering/threatening complications

worst part is someone as ugly and spergy as soren will never fuck anyone so what's the point? maybe she'll take lots of nudes now? (she'll have to migrate from insta then)
gj soren you punished yourself with what you deserved.
anyway bottom surgery should be illegal. saying it shouldn't be accessible to mentally ill people is the same since no sane person would opt for it.

also "come this far" lol because mommy paid for it

No. 1021817

>It still looks better than most neo-vaginas tho
hard disagree, not to mention it still doesn't work like a dick at all. At least mtf can get fucked in their new front holes (which is all they care about anyway). Why would anyone want to have a pseudodick that you need to pump before sex is beyond me. big yikes

No. 1022200

Neo Vaginas are literally open wounds that will never heal, collect hair/puss/anything you dont actively wash out cause its just a hole, the troons also don’t feel anything but pain at best getting “fucked” in it. Any of these genital surgeries are absolute nightmares but theres less continued body horror with the phalloplasty. She might have to use a bike pump to get a fake erection kek but the hons gotta stick rods up their flesh wound everyday so it doesn't close up eugh. Its all mental illness in the end though and now that Soren has had both top & bottom surgeries its really only a question of when she will attempt suicide again when she realizes it changes nothing in her life.

No. 1023777


I feel like he's outing himself again lol. Wouldn't the hospital realise he's on _hard drugs_ when doing blood tests in preparation for the surgery?

Idk what doctor would perform surgery on someone with a drug addled mind unless it was a medical emergency. Same goes for any therapy really.

No. 1023801

Right. I'm assuming the only "hard drug" Soren does is the medically supervised and documented ketmaine.

No. 1026488

Jesus, I can't believe I'm late to this. It looks god-awful.

No. 1031383

I’ve been screaming at the phalloplasty update, I just came here to ask if she were alive. Does ig anon have any caps of how she’s doing?

No. 1031479

this thread is dying tbh, i think the anon said she either barely posts now or they just don’t check much anymore

No. 1031583

I'm high key sad it's dying. Soren is my favorite cow.

No. 1031698

dying like her heroin/meth addiction and eventual flesh stump that is called a penis.

No. 1031708

can’t believe i’m gonna sperg about this but i find sex reassignment surgeries super interesting in an autistic way

most created “dicks” never look right (and soren’s lump absolutely won’t) but medical science has advanced like crazy because most FTMs now report sensation in them and can orgasm, apparently. there’s a surgery that’s done now that inserts a bendable rod inside the thing that can make them achieve an “erection.” most FTMs still don’t get the surgery tho

also neo-vaginas can grow hair it’s the same skin as the scrotum if a dude has hairy balls then it’s a hairy “vag”(tranny derail)

No. 1031734

shh tranny.

No. 1031945

File: 1598986163961.jpg (106.63 KB, 1007x773, q.JPG)

On July 14th she posted her usual story on quora

We'll hear about her again…on the news…murder or some other nasty shit.

No. 1031963

"hurtcore survior & ur friendly neighborhood heroin addict"
imagine being this much of a wanker for the rest of your life

No. 1032059

File: 1599001301644.png (92.53 KB, 1218x342, 32.png)

Not Soren, of all people, giving parenting advice. The self-title is so cringy too. Is it necessary to carry this persona everywhere online?
Found this shit, too.
>buddy im male
>all my girlfriends
Has Soren ever gone a single day without lying since all this shit started?

No. 1032218

File: 1599032420275.jpg (3.78 KB, 124x120, 1349576829687.jpg)

She is a tiny boring nerdy Indian woman with a puffy face and recessive chin LARPing as a cute anime twink.
Also were those really girlfriends of hers?
Who in their right mind would take advice from this person? She just makes everything about herself

No. 1032239

You must be new here, she’s a pathological liar with imaginary friends

No. 1032284

The common denominator of these two is a 13 year old being involved. Is she just looking up questions pertaining to 13 year olds, or is quora just a routine stop on her usual pedophilic google searches?

It’s all fun and games until you remember she’s an actual danger to children.

No. 1032508

luckily her sister said she has no contact with children. I wonder what will happen to her once her parents pass, since her relationship with her sister is so contentious. Hopefully shell wind up in a home where somebody can keep an eye on her.

No. 1032701

..That her sister knows about.
Soren has unsupervised internet access. Who knows what she's doing besides healing her flesh stump and answering quoras with parenting advice.

No. 1032846

I didn't even consider it like that but yeah online she has unlimited open access to children and appears to go out of her way to interact with them

No. 1032985

File: 1599166937425.jpg (692.07 KB, 1728x3072, wtmf.jpg)

Slightly OT but i was going through the archives of one of Luna Slaters calves who has become a personal cow of mine for a while and I found fan-art of soren's story (unless he stole that line from something else? He does that a lot)

No. 1033148

in which story did Soren write this?

No. 1033546

the most recent

No. 1033976

Anyone else scared she got herself a penis so she could… I'm too much of a pussy to say it - hurt children? I really do hope she has no contact

No. 1034032

even with a vagina she could hurt children like with a vibrating strapon or fingers or some shit
this is even worse

No. 1034068

File: 1599334847328.png (Spoiler Image, 488.38 KB, 720x1139, Screenshot_20200905-143004~2.p…)

Pretty graphic, just a heads up.

No. 1034070

File: 1599334956407.png (412.64 KB, 720x1100, Screenshot_20200905-142946~2.p…)


No. 1034077

that isn't supposed to look like that is it?

No. 1034081

You gave a warning and I still regret everything.
I'll never understand Soren.

No. 1034085

be grateful you dont understand her

No. 1034097


Nope. That is some non healing skin graft site issues.

No. 1034112

File: 1599342716387.jpeg (87.29 KB, 1024x958, 877ED3DF-2D9D-4568-BA37-80F8C1…)

what the fuck

No. 1034115


No. 1034125

Im not a regular to soren, didn't even know she had a sister. Are there caps of the sisters comments on these threads? Is love to read them

No. 1034131

Yeah, probably in the first or second thread.

No. 1034139

Damn looks like her fucking arm is well on its way to necrosis. I’m pretty sure the rate of complication in phalloplasty is super high, usually somewhere between 35-40%. If she’s able to have any sensation at all, much less a functional urethra and flesh tube, she’ll be a success story.

No. 1034191

place your bets, 41% or dies to necrosis?

No. 1034241

File: 1599369218349.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

NTA but(derailing)

No. 1034259

We’re not going to spoonfeed you.

No. 1034326

Jeeeeesus. Gains a penis, loses an arm. Did she go to a cheap clinic in Bangkok for this? Maybe the appendage looks as bad as this?

It doesn't even look real, but I think it's her shitty phone camera.

No. 1034438

You don’t even have to go that far to get butchered, there are US surgeons that’ll do it

No. 1034443

This is fucked up, but it's really revealing that Soren's tough, edgy persona has finally evaporated now that she's facing hardship that she didn't make up for clout

No. 1034456

Yeah I’m not even going to joke about this, but maybe now having to deal with something this serious and life threatening will give her something to focus on, and if she comes out of it she’ll have some gratitude. But who knows.

No. 1034476

Girls please. This common complication she should have expected from a ridiculously dodgy surgery is absolutely deserved.

No. 1034479

You’re right, it is. But it also causes serious havoc to your body. An hero on the horizon.

No. 1034481

Hope it's necrosis, suicide seems too easy

No. 1034487

My bet’s on her losing her arm to necrosis and then an hero

No. 1034594

Soren will never an hero. She lives for attention too much. She brags about attempting suicide 4000 times when if you were actually trying you wouldnt be after failing so many times. She would never. I bet she's feeling extremely angry about how this is turning out and her behaviour will become worse than before, but she won't actually off herself (tho she will post about it a lot!)

No. 1034644

Anon. She got the flesh on her arm skinned clear off and reattached over her vagina. It has a tube in it for her to urinate. Her entire body is fighting off that foreign thing and going through incredible trauma to try to rid itself of it. It is an inoperable sack of dying flesh. An hero is absolutely a possibility.

No. 1034655

I think she'll lose her weird peen thing while her arm will heal but be more disfigured than the average arm after undergoing that surgery.

No. 1034988

lmao didn't she write some caption where she said she was getting raped "every day" and had supposedly gotten her clit literally destroyed/burnt off (not as a kid but at the time of writing) and she was being her usual edgy self "oh u know the usual", now when shit actually happens (minus rape) it's
>i'm so sad, i want to cry :(

though i can't help but feel a bit bad since those pics look horrifying and assisted mutilation shouldn't be a thing

No. 1038981

Surprised Soren hasn't tried to incorporate Qanon and other CSA conspiracy theories into the grand babysnuff warehouse narrative

No. 1039489

she mentions SRA/satanists and went off on one of Nicole's calves posts that was her with a button that said "I <3 satan" or some edgy shit and soren came in hot and heavy with "I was tortured by satanists dont you know satanism is all about child snuff" but yeah im surprised Padesta's Pizzeria never made an appearance

No. 1039570

If Soren loses an arm you just know she’ll tell everyone how Sam was made to chop it off in the baby snuff warehouse

No. 1039712

File: 1600241282289.png (396.6 KB, 720x1107, Screenshot_20200915-210933~2.p…)


No. 1039713

File: 1600241370066.jpg (Spoiler Image, 528.46 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2020-09-15-21-02-36…)

No. 1039714

So, when something bad actually happens to her, she acts like a normal person, only lightly explains things and doesn't try to play it up.
When she's LARPing, she's full doomer cooomer pee pee poo poomer "I laugh at Holocaust jokes and casually talk about putting babies in meat grinders" and goes on long tangents.

No. 1040082

Well yeah, her body is fighting a war to heal her and get rid of this horrific new foreign mutilation.

No. 1040780

‘she's full doomer cooomer pee pee poo poomer’ fucking KEK i love you anon

but really, i actually am shocked at how … weirdly well she’s handling this? it’s absurd. she’s literally so calm about it even as she acknowledges it’s failed completely and she’s gonna have to go through an immense amount of shit trying to fix it. maybe it’s just because she’s already planning new trauma fairy tales about how she’s used to having the skin on her arms removed in her baby grinding factories or whatever

No. 1041349

Maybe all this trouble with the surgery/graft has taken her down a peg.

No. 1044234

File: 1600925791325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 468.9 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_2020-09-23-18-21-00…)

New update.

Extremely graphic, you've been warned.

No. 1044237

File: 1600926441494.png (Spoiler Image, 324.63 KB, 720x993, Screenshot_20200924-004028~2.p…)

Story behind the failed graphs. Seems like another narrative like >>1040780 predicted

No. 1044240

did u get the other pics or were they just random pics unrelated?
i understand she was likely coming out of being under but…. why does that feel very very on purpose? her mom sounds tired lmao

No. 1044244

File: 1600927671185.png (Spoiler Image, 336.85 KB, 720x1008, Screenshot_20200924-004054~2.p…)

No. 1044250

File: 1600929470096.png (272.23 KB, 720x1006, Screenshot_20200924-004102~2.p…)

No. 1044257

Yikes. How old is Soren’s mom supposed to be? And how’d they adopt the same voice? Tinfoil-y but those texts don’t sound like a concerned boomer mother. Anyway, I’m sure “Uncle Jim” was relieved for the update.

No. 1044259

Thought the exact same thing. Is this our only sample of how Soren's "mom" writes? Is she really this much into swearing? Lol.

On a side note I wasn't paying attention to which spoilered images I was hovering over so while trying to look at the texts again I saw Soren's completely mangled fucking arm. Great day for me

No. 1044275

Why does she sound just like Soren?

No. 1044319

Lol she brought this disaster upon herself, and created this whole narrative (I bet the screenshots were made by her) to justify to herself and everyone else.

Your mangled arm is a consequence of your decisions soren, not some imaginary evil villain nurse.

No. 1044388

This is so transparently fake, which is par for the course for this retard. She clearly feels the need to offload the blame to some fictional, scawy, mean, twansphobic UnU character instead of accepting that she, herself, chose to mangle and mutilate her own healthy body. She, herself, chose to undergo a massively unnecessary and invasive surgery for cosmetic reasons, and now the consequences that were statistically inevitable are following.
What she needed was a fuckton of actual therapy, a fat slap of reality, and removal from the internet— not her arm unsheathed and a mangled sausage casing stapled to her crotch so she could continue to play out her I’m A Quietly Psychotic Victim! I’m So Hardened and Disturbed! I’m a Chuck Palahniuk Character! fantasy.
Her parents and everyone else who are yes manning her in her life need to stop playing into this charade that’s been crafted by a perpetual teen who spent too much time on tumblr who is still trying to out-edge and out-angst everyone on the internet. She won’t have time to be a woman-child and spin her fake, outrageous narratives if she’s kicked out of her parents’ home and has to actually care for herself like a functioning, independent adult.

No. 1044448

i’m the anon who predicted this, lol. how unsurprising. i can’t believe her dumb ass genuinely decided to fake a text message with herself pretending to be her mother while her arm is rotting off, lmfao. another thing - why is her ever so concerned mother only NOW saying they should go to a different hospital? if it was so bad the first time, why did they go back at all? just doesn’t make sense luv

can someone describe what this is? i’m too pussy to open it ngl

No. 1044463

>can someone describe what this is? i’m too pussy to open it ngl
A very clear picture of her bloody arm with the skin ripped off and all the tissue underneath exposed. Looks like raw ground beef. I'm not happy I know this.

No. 1044465

It is the arm with the necrotic skin debrided.

As for the rest of it– the transphobic male nurse, the texts from her mother– Nah. I am really sure ~That Happened.~ It amazes me that apparently some (very stupid and gullible) people believe these sorts of lies.

No. 1044629

Has anyone thought about the possibility of this being like a Gypsy Rose type of situation?
Considering that from previous threads showing Soren has had top surgery long before this bottom surgery (at a VERY young age too) and the attempts of farmers trying to reach out to his mother before and being ignored (including his sister being ignored by the mom as well) it seems with everything his mom is always involved with encouraging this behavior. Reason why I am not including his father in this is because it seems like Soren doesn’t even speak of him often if at all.
The stories of therapy and rehab seem to be backed up considering the fact that the girlfriend/friends he post (that also follow the account) a while ago don’t call him out on it, they don’t even deny his descriptions of their drug use either.
He’s never had a job, it’s questionable if he ever even graduated from school, he only has his parents to rely on and they could easily take away and put rules regarding all of the things he does and post but they don’t.
His parents are just as responsible for this because they didn’t stop it LONG ago.
They didn’t even TRY.
It seems like Soren isn’t the only one who enjoys the attention from being sick/messed up, it’s like his family enjoys the attention they get for taking care of and having a sick kid as well.

No. 1044865

It's more like his parents entertain his delusions and enable him because they gave up on him. They probably think paying for him to chop himself apart will fix everything. His sister has never said anything bad about their parents and she has exposed quite a lot.

No. 1044866


Soren was adopted, mom probably just feels responsible to take care of the fucked up spawn because she chose it, even more than a bio mom does.

If the mom was a munchie she would be the one parading soren around, but we barely see anything of her.


I don't think they gave up, more like they think its the right thing to do.

No. 1044919

Yeah, honestly, I'm with you. It really seems like Soren's mother buys his story. It corroborates with the sister not being believed - and if she doubted him, wouldn't he be whining about his unsupportive family instead of bragging that they shut the sister out?
Frankly I don't even know if the texts are fake. I could see the mother pathologically defending her poor damaged baby and buying his stories about being abused by the hospital.
It's so morbidly fascinating trying to untangle what's real here. Like when the threads were going back and forth on whether he was faking his drug use or using mommy's credit card to get meth on the dark web. I think it's clear by this point that he's not just a loser who posts lies from his comfy bedroom, then goes to dinner and feigns normality. His whole life and family are beyond fucked up.

No. 1044988

ok am i understanding this right? when she says "the whole graft is off and on the floor" does she mean soren ripped the whole dick off? does she mean the arm? i'm so confused

also if the skin on her arm isn't healing properly, what are the chances the body will ultimately reject the fake dick as well? she IS already peeing in a bag

No. 1045001


fairly certain it's referring to the second graft on the arm; in the texts it says soren tore off the dressing and that's what disrupted the graft

No. 1045054

No. And that’s exactly what Soren would want you to think.

No. 1045616

I don't think I have ever seen karma hit someone so hard. Now she can only search for loli gore with one hand.

No. 1047512

sage for OT but ketamine treatments costs $400? Ive done my share of ketamine its a dirt cheap drug if sorens family is so okay with her doing drugs why doesnt she just get her K off the street like a normal person for $60 a gram why is she spending $400 to be shot up with what amounts to a $20 bag of k.

Also somebody mentioned this already but they aren't going to give you medical ketamine if you piss dirty for weed let alone meth/dope.

No. 1050944

Do you really think soren could actually get drugs ‘off the street’? It would require not bringing up the baby torture house for 5 minutes

No. 1051016

I wonder why Soren's mother entertains the baby torture deep web bs, if she even believes it wouldn’t there need to enough neglect from her end for this to be possible.
I truly wonder what goes on in that household, oh to be a fly on their wall.

No. 1051481

not the literal street, but we know she knows her way around the deepweb at least enough that she could realistically purchase drugs

No. 1051941

Wait, am I hearing this right? Why would government agencies host CP?

No. 1051960

Unpopular opinion but this looks like moist wound healing, the yellow “skin” could be xeroform. It has a gauzy texture at the edges, it’s just a gauze soaked in antibiotic ointment to keep healing incisions moist. I don’t think it’s necrosis, sorry girls.

No. 1052144

Do we know if her mom even knows about that shit? We know her sister did at some point, but how much did she even know? I think Soren must’ve said /something/ happened to her, but I doubt it was the shit she puts on the internet, maybe she just knows the og ‘my therapist molested me’ story that kinda started this all.

There’s no way she’s telling her mom about Sam and all that other bullshit, or about the torture she apparently went through. There’s just no way her mom would buy that considering… she was actually there during that part of her life. So I think it’s probably safe to say her mom knows very very little. I find it hard to believe Soren’s told her therapist any of this either.

No. 1052157

To attract people who produce their own and collect information for further arrests

No. 1052376


We don't know how much she knows and I don't think we will ever know. My tinfoil is her parents know about her fake trauma narrative but blindly trust her insanely unqualified unethical therapist who may have told them not to argue with her. They may think she will eventually have a breakthrough and get better. Meanwhile the therapist is probably banking on Soren being a lifelong patient and feeds her delusions so she will never be a functioning adult. Shit like that is not unheard of, unfortunately. I think all of the exchanges she shares with her "mom" are just her talking to herself, but I can't imagine her hiding her torture porn self-insert fanfic from her parents when it's the only thing she ever talks about. They've probably heard 50 different versions of it this year alone.

No. 1052879

File: 1601990767367.jpg (401.84 KB, 1161x1612, sadasd.JPG)

spotted some soren in the wild today! this was on the book "the angel of vengeance" and to the surprise of no one, most of the books on her list are true crime ones about rape and torture or pedophilia.

No. 1052920

She can look at her own wounds instead, I'm surprised we aren't seeing photographs of donald duck figurines propped up against the mince meat

Mostly abandoned since 2018, I think she stopped using this after an anon found it then

No. 1053080


Soren just can't resist using every breath to talk about her baby rape warehouse rp lmao. Can't even critique someone else's book without making it all about her.

>Trauma & tragedy gives people this thing called compassion

>If you're just looking for a torture gorefest, as I was

The jokes write themselves

No. 1053090

The weird thing about Soren is that she’s actually a pretty good writer. If this didn’t have any mention of her personal “experiences”, this would be an interesting, well-written critique. What a waste.

No. 1053099


Like hell she is. Her writing is full of run-ons, her word choice is poor, and she conflates the main character with the author like a middle schooler would. Her critique reeks of twitter keyboard warrior outrage. She's as dumb as a box of rocks.

No. 1053102

I disagree, i think her talent as a writer is what makes her such a compelling trainwreck, its what separates her from most LARPers and catfish. I also love that she used Ginger as a faceclaim since Ginger herself is a fake

No. 1053345

Better than expected but I guess that’s what happens when you spend all your time building/fixating on your own fake narrative.

Did Soren ever actually go to school?

No. 1053389


Of course not, her entire childhood was spent becoming a cp gore factory idoru

No. 1055746

i remember thinking soren's poetry and writing was pretty good, until finding out that all of the good lines/ideas had been lifted from somewhere else. i might consider them not bad if soren was in like high school. but they is what, early or mid 20's? they write almost like they was homeschooled. i can see what you mean that there is or was some potential there. but something tells me soren didn't go to school much or didn't absorb any of it, because school at least socializes you to an extent.

No. 1056570

The sister knows about the threads as well as the stories and showed her parents.
They know about this whole thing, as well as the fact they Soren was using people’s photos and harassing people as precious threads show that someone had to put a restraining order on Soren.
They definitely know about all this, the sister took this all seriously and it caused a rift in her and sorens relationship.

No. 1056851

Ig screenshot anon, any update on the healing process?

No. 1060492

this is probably the first time in her life that she is feeling real pain and i doubt its as sexy as she imagined it would be.
Also i predict that if the wang doesnt take, the story will be that the "bad guys" showed up and cut it off

No. 1062238

File: 1603186062626.jpg (270.75 KB, 1080x1786, Screenshot_20201020-102728~2.j…)

No. 1062239

File: 1603186083254.jpg (401.39 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20201020-102719~2.j…)

No. 1062241

File: 1603186138144.jpg (407.47 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20201020-102708~2.j…)

No new surgery pics unless they were in stories and I missed them. They posted a shit ton of photos of their hoarder bedroom, I can post a few if people are interested

No. 1062247

Post it all! You're doing amazing anon.
Maybe it's quarantine making time feel weird but I swear he's already celebrated Sam's death anniversary this year.

No. 1062255

seconding this, post all the shit

No. 1062262

Please post them

No. 1062265

Please post them, Soren is my favourite cow and I'd love some more insight into their life.

No. 1062284

Soren is interesting to an extent. I get she's some short, ugly hindi adoptee that wants to be special somehow. Her idea of special is fucking mightmare fuel. So now she went the extreme route and got an arm skin dick.
I'm more wondering how much does her family know about her internet life and the deepfake billshit child sex slave story she created. If I remember correctly, her sister and a former friend is aware, but that's all I know.

No. 1062422

File: 1603217757597.jpg (425.66 KB, 1080x1911, Screenshot_20201020-191101~2.j…)

No. 1062423

File: 1603217781385.jpg (417.14 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20201020-191055~2.j…)

No. 1062424

File: 1603217817396.jpg (458.84 KB, 1080x1764, Screenshot_20201020-191049~2.j…)

No. 1062425

File: 1603217841920.jpg (459.46 KB, 1080x1762, Screenshot_20201020-191043~2.j…)

No. 1062427

File: 1603217866158.jpg (454.14 KB, 1080x1717, Screenshot_20201020-191038~3.j…)

No. 1062428

File: 1603217896649.jpg (429.15 KB, 1080x1859, Screenshot_20201020-191027~2.j…)

No. 1062429

File: 1603217921810.jpg (422.65 KB, 1080x1757, Screenshot_20201020-191022~2.j…)

No. 1062430

File: 1603217951754.jpg (395.19 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20201020-191016~2.j…)

No. 1062431

File: 1603217978341.jpg (348.19 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20201020-191008~2.j…)

No. 1062432

File: 1603218033725.jpg (309.81 KB, 1078x1768, Screenshot_20201020-190954~2.j…)

Enjoy. There were a few silent videos showing the room too

No. 1062434

Anyone would go insane at some point with such a cluttered and messed up room.
It’s a complete eyesore.

No. 1062457

The edgy Mickey mouse opium drawing I can't

No. 1062465

File: 1603222491888.png (1.08 MB, 876x792, sk.png)

>kuroshitsuji merch
The main character of Kuroshitsuji, Ciel Phantomhive, was kidnapped by a Satanic cult at a very young age, and tortured/abused so badly he suffered from PTSD after being rescued.
Just shit I can't ignore, knowing Soren's love of lifting storylines from different media she likes.
Also, no way most of this shit is thrifted. The Mark Ryden plates run up to $100, talk less of the Pullip dolls and other figurines, prints, dolls, statuettes, jewelry, posters, etc. Isn't she on disability, too (besides the rich parents)? Funny to think of American people's taxes going to Soren's traumacore bedroom.

No. 1062467

An expensively cluttered and messed up room, so much expensive merch mixed in with the thrift store junk
It's a shame Soren is such a mess most kids up for adoption wouldn't even dream of such indulgent parents

No. 1062533

tbh theres a lot of cool thrifted items, and the tumblresque art im more into than the weeb shit. But its a whole homes worth, not one small cluttered room.

No. 1062541


> talk less of the Pullip dolls and other figurines, prints, dolls, statuettes, jewelry, posters, etc.

Her Blythe doll is an obvious cheap chinese fake, possibly her gryffin bjd as well, so it would not surprise me if the majority of her other collectables are bootleg too. The majority (not all) of her posters seem to be printed out on a home printer. Her disability checks can easily fill a room with bootleg garbage.


I'm surprised she managed to feign respect for her imaginary friend in this post. Usually Soren can't resist talking about how the bad guys made her staple sam's eyeballs and cut off her nips and feed them to her vagina and gunrape her butthole while sam smiled and gushed about how in love she was or some shit.

No. 1062712

What age did Soren supposedly finally get out of the Satan child torture factory again?
It makes me laugh that Soren was so “special” he was the one who was spared and had to help and was privileged enough he got to go home at the end of the day and somehow all that physical damage supposedly done was ignored or not noticed by his parents?
Who’s clit was cut off and eaten again???
Because I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to just walk into your house pain free and like nothing happened at that age.

No. 1062763


Trauma narratives are linked in the OP. But I'll spoonfeed you this time, newfriend. Iirc in the latest narrative the last time she was in one of the babyfuck warehouses was in 2016, when she killed Sam, but she still gets "taken" and raped and tortured about once a year even though they're all pedos and soren is an adult. Then they just say bye and let her go instead of, you know, torturing her and killing her like they supposedly do to children all day long, for money and pleasure, knowing they'll never get caught because every single person in power is a warehouse fanatic. It was Soren's own clit that got cut off because the warehouse guys are twansphobic and didn't want her to get bottom surgery.

No. 1062828

File: 1603258468266.png (188.91 KB, 302x350, Screenshot 2020-10-21 at 11.02…)

thank you, instagram anon!
this looks like a serial murder den, the clutter is actually making me dizzy

yo wtf

No. 1062885

Gotta love that tumblr meets Trevor brown style that was so big with the creepycute girls back then

No. 1063009

how can you tell the Blythe is fake?

No. 1063078


Don't wanna go on a Blythe sperg, but it's the way that the eyes sit in the head.

No. 1065986

this shit is wild
im surprised soren hasnt claimed she has D.I.D lol

No. 1065994

There was an attempt to add it to the situation but it didn't really take.

No. 1065996

You should go back a few threads, Soren was big on the DID at one point. Can't post to IG my alters won't let me etc.

No. 1066045


Jesus, I like all the deer stuff when her cp name was apparently 'bambi'. Like, why the hell would you keep triggering object in your room if any of this was true.

Soren is so full of shit the posts disprove her own story.

No. 1066127


Never thought I'd see Blythesperg on here, as a fellow collector. Anyway yeah, the eyes and the fact it's a custom AND on a Neemo body. Most customisers now use fake dolls as they're cheaper and therefore sell for less = easy money.

No. 1066180

Stop spacing your fucking posts like that you look like a samefag

>here is my wall dedicated to reblogs by Kayla Day in the year 2014

No. 1066286

stop nitpicking you miserable shit

No. 1066326

Might be a nitpick but I 100% agree. Look in every thread either this person is bored as fuck commenting everywhere, and you can tell, or multiple people started typing like that recently.

No. 1066358

It isn’t nitpicking, it literally looks like you’re replying to yourself. It isn’t a normal “quirk” or typing style and it just started happening recently.

There have been many posts with that gap recently that are cancerous, at this point I don’t think it’s farfetched to even assume it’s one lunatic.(quit being autistic)

No. 1075359

File: 1604571167069.jpg (328.24 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20201105-100726~2.j…)

No. 1075360

File: 1604571193254.jpg (395.7 KB, 1080x1810, Screenshot_20201105-100829~2.j…)

No. 1075362

File: 1604571281378.jpg (448.08 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20201105-100835~2.j…)

OT but is the thread freaking out for anyone else? I can't see a bunch of posts

No. 1075371

you probably accidentally clicked “hide all saged posts in this thread”. check at the top of the thread

No. 1079067

>knocked my dick into the dirt
is that an intentional pun about his balloon dick flopping off, or nah?

No. 1079288

It's like she realised she somehow wrote a normal sounding post so she sprinkled some meth references in at the end to try to make it fit her brand

No. 1080850

I’ve literally never heard this said by anyone except the principal from The Breakfast Club when he’s telling Bender that he’s going to beat him up

No. 1086526

File: 1605828078101.jpeg (347.58 KB, 750x1115, 67883E6D-EC2F-455E-B36C-EE6FF2…)

Takes from the ketamine clinic 1/3

No. 1086527

File: 1605828107383.jpeg (248.09 KB, 750x1102, 56F170B6-61AE-4E38-8387-D69992…)

Tales* from the ketamine clinic 2/3

No. 1086528

File: 1605828171607.jpeg (301.41 KB, 750x910, 9C136603-01BA-40D5-8A0E-42C8E4…)

Tales from the ketamine clinic 3/3

Personally I’ve never been to a ketamine clinic, but every time dogs came in for iop or php they were watched very intensely. I find It hard to believe that someone would be able to just feed it.

No. 1086541

This whole story is so contrived, it sounds like a bad joke. She lies about the strangest things.

No. 1096192

Saged for OT/no new milk but this girl on tiktok is claiming that there are vans kidnapping and torturing children and then putting them back on the street with no evidence because "the kids repress the memories"


ive never heard anybody but Soren make these kinds of claims. Is this like a common urban legend or something? Or a new wave of ritual abuse claims like we had in the 80s? She doesnt hare many details but her story reminded me of Soren's claims and its weird that two different people would lie about something so specific like being ritually kidnapped by stereotypical white vans

No. 1099572

File: 1607127790348.jpg (436 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201205-002256.jpg)

No. 1099581

wtf is this?

No. 1099603

uh, why is she sprinkling her “trauma” story with a sponsorship for “medical medium” which seems to be a bunch of quack bullshit by a guy who literally wrote that he predicted his grandmother’s lung cancer at age 4?

anyway, her story is different from soren’s. she claims two things. one, at a young age, white vans would pull up at her house in the middle of the night and take her. she claims this was project mkultra?? so the cia was kidnapping this random ass girl to inject her with lsd. alright.

two, she went to this wilderness camp for troubled teens where she was also kidnapped and experimented on/raped. also related to cia. she later relates this to eleven from stranger things. she really, really wants to be eleven. both of her stories are constructed to be this way.

i think this chick is just batshit and obsessed, like soren. but they’re not both believing the same shit. that medical medium thing is weird though and scummy as fuck.

No. 1099976

From their insta story

No. 1102348

File: 1607364028546.jpg (252.37 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20201207-175936~2.j…)

No. 1102461

i wish she wasn't so boring these days, we wanna know about your rotting dick not your autistic video game obsessions soren

No. 1107817

Hearing about ph taking down videos today made me remember back in their tumblr days, soren said there were cp videos of him and his fake gf on pornhub. Makes me think soren actively sought out that shit on there as well.. puke.

No. 1112092

i met his parents a few times years ago. this is basically the situation with his parents from the outside looking in. sorens dad was a scientist. i believe he worked at a university in california when they first moved back down from seattle, i guess it paid better than what he was making up north. they’ve always lived in nice, big, new suburban homes. it would be safe to say soren has been relatively safe and cared for since his adoption, but i believe his parents have shown an intense amount of incompetence and ignorance by not taking a more active role. his mom was some kind of nurse/care-provider and worked with veterans. you would think with this background she may be more apt at evaluating the psychological state of her child. his mom was…strange herself, a bit scattered, able to communicate normally but still just off. seems to be in her own world around her family. both his parents claimed to be buddhists and i got the idea their lack of intervention and seeming lack of care around this mess is what they think of as “keeping the peace” in their home, allowing karma to runs its course. idk much about the therapist but that sounds plausible, heartless on the therapist’s behalf but plausible. this soul needs real help and has for an achingly long time. soren may never be independent but he has no chance to grow or learn other ways of life outside the lens of his trauma. he’s just festering in his home environment. sigh. i wish him the best and pray he can reconcile his physical self with his true life story. the people allowing and fueling his state are toxic. i pray his victim count ceases its climb.

No. 1112351

wait, elaborate more. do you know if soren’s parents believe the story or not? you seem to imply that they’re just going along with it to keep the peace?

No. 1115096

File: 1608958763305.jpg (1.03 MB, 1000x747, 00100010001001.jpg)

I'll take "stuff that happened" for 1,000

No. 1115152

Does she really know how injections / heroin / infections happen or. Imagine having to explain why your hand is infected to your little sister , fucking pathetic.

No. 1115192

Tinfoil, but his gross graft for his neodick got infected, but that's not cool enough so he had to say it was from shooting up

No. 1115207

File: 1608982735251.jpg (281.84 KB, 1080x1672, Screenshot_20201226-113722~2.j…)

Some older bs

No. 1115208

File: 1608982756181.jpg (223.99 KB, 1080x1464, Screenshot_20201226-113729~2.j…)

No. 1115209

File: 1608982791887.jpg (779.02 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201226-113622.jpg)

A story post from today

No. 1115420

ew please spoiler this

No. 1115451

What is this even supposed to be? Thight? Arm? The dick?

No. 1115458

Probably the diner sight, so thigh or arm. Cant really tell from that shitty angle.

No. 1121608

gummye fucking shit this is old but I'm hate reading this thread and I want to fucking vomit
as an actual victim of CP the thought of people jacking it to me makes me literally want to die, it does not feel good it does not feel beautiful go fuck yourself go fuck yourself go fuck yourself

saying for autistic yelling or whatever holy fuck

No. 1121930

It's the doner site which is on his arm. There's NSFL photo further up in the thread which you can see here >>1044234

No. 1129251

Lol this is so funny to me because I actually used to know and was close to this person in my preteen years before I found out that they were literally batshit insane. This person has been making these stories up since forever. I don’t know why but they’re always constantly making up these stories and it’s crazy cus I think they really believe them and they even have their whole family convinced that these stories are true when it’s all obviously so fake. I remember seeing that she used to make Facebook accounts for these characters and have full blown conversations on her Facebook posts and I’ve actually seen the accounts logged in on her computer back then. This person was so spoiled and ungrateful I can’t even begin to tell you guys about the victim mentality lmao it’s actually insane that even after all these years they’re still up to the same BS. I truly feel bad for their family lol

No. 1129277

I know you’re like the second anon to say that sorens family just believes these stories and placates him but it blows my mind that any parent would entertain that shit

No. 1129400


share anecdotal stories?

No. 1129454

I think the therapist plays a big role. Shes a SRA/Recovered memories nutjob, so if they are "recovering" these memories of abuse and "alters" through "therapy" the fact that a doctor is going along with things would probably lend an air of legitimacy to the insanity and her parents might not be the type to question a doctor. Im not even sure that soren knows she's lying, if her therapist is feeding her delusions then maybe she believes that, while shes stealing people's pictures, the story shes using them to tell are true, if that makes any sense

No. 1129529

Well when I knew Soren this was about 9 or 10 years ago - I don’t want to give away too much information because I don’t want to reveal myself but I was very close with them at the time and I knew Soren prior to their transition. When I knew Soren they were not going to any type of therapy. Even back then they were making up stories about a Sam and some other people and I remember just knowing that it was all so fake. I ended up finding the real Sam which Soren (Pritya) used to be friends with but they were not close or anything she just briefly knew Soren and when I reached out to her she already knew about everything and mind you this was 10 years ago we were pre teens. I don’t really remember cus it was so long ago but the stories that were made up about Sam included their parents as well and if I remember correctly the names of the parents in his stories were the names of the real sams parents. He had a fake Facebook for Sam that had all the information for the real Sam but had fake pictures of her. Anyways, everything in the household revolved around Soren. He loves attention and making people feel bad for him. I always felt bad for his younger sister (Anjali who’s also adopted) because she was very normal and sweet but I felt like the family never gave her attention because they were always focused on Soren. Soren constantly threatened suicide and his mom was always tending to him. She would take him shopping all the time or take him to the mall and just give the credit card. They were always buying him expensive cosplays and taking him to anime conventions. I did briefly meet his older sister as well who is not adopted, she’s way older and she’s also very sweet but she lived quite a ways away. His parents are actually really really sweet people but they’re just so naive. Soren was always feeling bad for himself and it was always around these fake stories that are so hard to believe yet they would just eat it up and feel bad for him. Soren also had an obsession with MCR - he would play their music night and day and I remember one time they kicked me in the face because I said I didn’t really like MCR like that. They used to live in a suburb about 30 mins from Seattle - Soren originally went to a school in that city but because of “constant bullying” his parents decided to move him to a different school closer to his moms work in a different city which was about ~20 minutes from where they lived. But yeah this person has always been a compulsive liar - everything they say is 100% a lie. Soren was brought up in a good home - none of the things they say about their childhood is true and they know that.

No. 1129575

Thanks for the info anon, sorry you had to put up with her shit at all.

Tinfoil but I think Soren's parents rationalize her bullshit by think "oh she really was molested, not in the way she says exactly, but these crazy stories are a delusion that came from the molestation" when in reality it never happened at all under his coddling helicopter parents she knows can guilted into anything. That combined with the "repressed memory SRA" quack therapist makes it more real for them. Her poor sisters, imagine having a pathological liar pampered and fussed over while you're well adjusted but get no parental attention. Someone should do a paper on pathological lying with Soren as the subject.

No. 1129683

Still tinfoiling over here, but Soren must have suffered at least some level of sexual trauma because I can't think of any other genesis for such a persistent obsession with childhood sexual abuse. Back in her very first trauma narrative, she claimed that a child psychologist touched her inappropriately, which is honestly plausuble. Even if it was never anything physical, her whole attitude stinks of a mentally ill tumblrite who chatted with older men online pre-puberty but wishes she had worse trauma to justify her maladjusted personality.

No. 1129726

Wow, thanks for the info - if you don't mind me asking, if you were to speculate, why do you think Soren is like this?

No. 1129848

Apologies if I’m tinfoiling—is it possible that being adopted and brought into drastically different circumstances was enough? Many kids who are adopted or in the foster system are poorly adjusted. Clearly, Soren wants constant attention and sympathy. There might not have been any trauma of a sexual nature—maybe Soren was looking for a way to get attention online, and what’s more extreme/taboo than child abuse? The constant fixating on the topic makes it seem like a trauma fantasy that she wished had happened to her. This might just be a case of a “mentally ill Tumblrite” (spot-on, lol) and nothing more.

No. 1129940

>Soren must have suffered at least some level of sexual trauma because I can't think of any other genesis for such a persistent obsession with childhood sexual abuse

She's obviously really mentally fucked up. That's why she's obsessing on the abuse thing.
She probably came across the sra or child abuse thing online early on and it's such a gross thing, it stuck with her. Same as how it sounds weird a childhood friend and myself obsessed over her mother's copy of The Devil And All His Works and larped as Satanists pre-teen. It was fun to us. We dropped it though whereas Soren needs a strait jacked.

No. 1129990

File: 1610504799788.jpeg (276.63 KB, 750x1132, 082A5902-0322-41CD-9B87-94EC20…)

I guess his family is moving to… evade income taxes and sorens alleging that his family has a 6mil cushion to fall back on. 1/2, second part is him asking whether one of his followers wants his KH collection. Should I keep bringing the instamilk?

No. 1129991

File: 1610504862019.jpeg (200.41 KB, 750x1046, 325E348F-FDA0-4C24-BFBD-093D6A…)

2/2 and I agree, whatever early childhood abuse Soren might’ve suffered was probably absolutely warped by the therapist.

No. 1129993

sage for blogpost but i disagree. i went through a weird sexual trauma/molestation autistic interest as a mentally ill teen, even going as far to tell people i "probably was and cant remember it" but nothing actually happened to me. i eventually dropped it later just as a natural part of growing up, but sorens enabling parents won't let that happen.

No. 1130040

>Soren must have suffered at least some level of sexual trauma because I can't think of any other genesis for such a persistent obsession with childhood sexual abuse.
sometimes people are just shitty and freakish without having experienced any sort of particular trauma. this speculation and poor logic is the same narrative that perpetuates the idea that all pedos must have been victims themselves, and that all victims are sexual abusers in the making. all this does is rob victims of sympathy and instead gives it unwarrantedly to abusers.
people can experience unfortunate and awful things and turn out "normal"; people can also experience no trauma at all and turn out to be terrible and weird.
Soren is an edgelord with autopediphilic tendencies. at best, she's a maladjusted, autistic adoptee with rich, white parents. she has neither said nor done anything to indicate she's actually experienced abuse, and her tramua narrative aka her autopediphilic fanfiction novella is not proof of that.

No. 1130086

>people can also experience no trauma at all and turn out to be terrible and weird
I seriously doubt it.

No. 1130122

File: 1610514517074.jpg (897.4 KB, 1000x1000, SORENIG.jpg)

one thing i'm left wondering is how in the fuck soren would be able to qualify for k treatment if he was really on meth.

No. 1130123

File: 1610514538973.jpg (379.71 KB, 1000x1000, SORENIG2.jpg)


No. 1130146

i mean this isn’t a single occurrence of someone thinking up a tragic life for themselves. and actually, schizophrenic people do occasionally have paranoid narratives of being abused by a powerful figure or group. there’s plenty of threads on kf of people who think they’ve been abused and raped by Zionists, the CIA, Hollywood, you name it.

it’s entirely possible Soren is schizophrenic and thought all of this up when childhood schizophrenia kicked in. her brain took a single memory, being over Sam’s house, and constructed an entire story out of it due to paranoia. also makes sense with what her mother said, about freaking out when she wakes up.

the only thing is that ketamine emphasizes psychotic symptoms so I don’t know why she would be on it if she was diagnosed. of course, she can just be modeling her behavior after psychotic symptoms seen in schizophrenic people. if she loves movies like girl interrupted and such, it’d make sense.

No. 1130173

Nta but you must be very optimistic and sheltered. I think she herself is a pedophile and immersed herself in these fantasies because of it.

No. 1130176

I can see where you are coming from, but I agree with the others that she is probably just an attentionwhore.
I used to have a friend in high school that would romanticize abuse, not to the extreme levels as Soren but if someone was opening up to her about their trauma she would be completely mesmerized and talk about it with others for days, sometimes straight up wishing her life was "just as interesting". Considering Soren seems to be a weeb I think she might just have read too much manga where the character's entire personality is being broody, traumatized and troubled and just like any pathological liar just kept pushing it further and further in fear of losing people's attention.
What interests me though is that if her family truly believes her, how the fuck would her abusers manage to kidnap her for long periods of time if her parents were constantly doting on her? Can't they see it doesn't add up?

No. 1130252

Thanks for posting these, ig anon. Is anyone else intrigued by the fact that he's apparently reconnecting with his older sister - wasn't she meant to be the only one in the family who didn't buy the delusions? 'compassion and empathy' from her? I really hope that means they're nudging him towards reality, not obliging her to humour the fantasy.

No. 1130322

samefag, if you stumble upon men posting child pornography on 4chan with 12/13 you might fall down this rabbit hole, especially with how much csa traumablogging was a thing on tumblr. most of us lose the morbid curiosity but i guess she went all the way and looked up the extreme shit on a tor browser

No. 1130422

i could believe that she’s on a too-high prescription of adderall or vyvanse (or she’s abusing a regular-dose script of either) tbh and just lies to make it sound more hardcore

No. 1130598

ur just as dumb as all her Tumblr followers jeez

No. 1130607

mildly OT and at the risk of sounding like a tumblrina but god it chaps my ass her millionaire family is trying to evade taxes. contribute to society you bougie fucks

No. 1130852

Wealth redistribution <<<<< Soren's ketamine treatments

No. 1131173

recovered memories wtf?

No. 1131240

Saged because I’m not sure if it came up in the earlier threads, hope this is a simple breakdown.
There are a couple different schools of thought when it comes to PTSD and repression. Some psychologists, especially quacks who fell for the satanic ritual abuse panic in the 80s/90s still perpetuate that many children are ritually abused. They’ll see clients with non-sexual trauma and gaslight them into believing that they have repressed memories of violent, sometimes satanic ritual sexual abuse. These memories, created by the therapist, are referred to as “recovered memories”. If you’re curious, check out the mcMartin case and the phrase “Memory Wars”.
To be clear, the phrase has some legitimacy, a lot of people DO repress early childhood trauma and recovered memories doesn’t inherently mean fake. However, the SRA bullshit and the amount of media attention it got created a lot of stigma around the term.
Sorry to sperg but I hope that clears it up and feel free to correct if I fucked up. /derail

No. 1131267

remember when she was whining that Soren Dada lost his job and her family only has like 100k to survive the year? kek

No. 1131329

Soren was never in foster care, she was directly adopted from India by her rich parents
Her younger sister, also adopted, is the person who didn't, but her older sister who is their parents' biological child buys Soren's nonsense like her parents

No. 1131445

literally no one cares

No. 1131807

they were posting helpful and relevant information, sorry you can't read

No. 1132356

that makes sense. what the fuck is wrong with those therapists, giving ppl fake trauama for extra money is sick

No. 1132357

stfu retard and go hang yourself if you're too retarded to read a short post, loser

No. 1132386

>Memory Wars
The False Memory Syndrome Foundation was staffed to defend literal pedophiles and rapists, kek.

No. 1132449


>helpful and relevant

soren has been lying for years, I really doubt she's been manipulated by her therapist. if there is any manipulation in that client/therapist relation, it's the other way around. she's feeding off that validation, her sewn-on sausage would be rock hard if she read how ya´ll are believing her memories are repressed

No. 1132471

Holy shit. I just finished all 4 Soren threads and wowee what a trip. I have an interest in psychology, not that I have a degree or anything, but holy shit this bitch is crazy. It's almost amazing that she's kept up the trauma narrative for this long - you'd think a shitty fanfic you wrote at 15 or 16 wouldn't be relevant in your life anymore but not for Number One Victim Of All Time Soren.
To armchair/tinfoil harder, I don't know if her being adopted was cause of all the crazy. If her sister is relatively normal, how'd Soren end up so fucked in the head? There is hard evidence of kids being adopted from third world countries having all sorts of behavioral issues, though. What a cow.

No. 1132490

i thought the oldest sister was the one who didnt believe in soren's stories. there were some screencaps of her explaining how soren was crazy and her parents believed all his bullshit or something, in a previous thread.

No. 1134005

File: 1610900294171.jpg (76.89 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20210117-161713~2.j…)

A bunch of soren's posts now have rip messages from people he followed. This is just a few from one post, anyone know what's apparently happened?

No. 1134009

Probably did some suicide baiting or something like that.

No. 1134066

Jeez. As much of a lolcow as Soren always was, I hope that she isn't actually dead. As kooky as she is, she is still very young and still has time to turn this all around, I think.

No. 1134076


She faked her death at least once before, didn't she? Besides how would her followers know unless her mum or someone else logged into the account to say something.

No. 1134089

She's faked her death twice that the threads have picked up on, and has baited untold times.

No. 1134096

instafag here, she has definitely not posted literally anything on the oathful account to indicate anything happened so i have no idea where all those comments are coming from

No. 1134101

Was she still having complications with the tube dick surgery?

No. 1134442

It’s possible that she has a tumblr account again

No. 1134454


Maybe, but imo it would make more sense to leave a RIP comment on whatever social media you heard about it first. Guess we'll never know.

No. 1134625

Damn, I somehow doubt Soren can change but even so I don't wish them death. Really hope this is bs.
I googled Soren Hayes and found nothing, no obituary or any new information. Which doesn't prove anything either way, but I hope we soon find out wtf is going on.
Hm, could that KH shit giveaway was a warning sign? Feels like a major stretch since she clerly spoke about giving away extra shit, not her main hoard.
I also remember her whining before the fleshtube surgery how now she's gonna die with a male body, but she constantly suicide baits so it's hard to take seriously.

No. 1134852

File: 1610977198653.jpg (32.91 KB, 634x470, 1.JPG)

These aren't RIP posts though.

>she is still very young and still has time to turn this all around

You have a magnificent imagination.

No. 1134855

Soren has a side account on Instagram, can’t remember the name ATM but it’s possible those are from that

No. 1134857

someone posted rip on her toys account.

No. 1134950

the second comment is literally using a phrase from a catholic prayer only used when somebody has died. if you google the phrase 'may light perpetual/perpetual light shine upon them' the entire prayer comes up. the next line is literally 'may they rest in peace'. there's no other way to read it other than a RIP comment.

No. 1134959

i can’t remember the @, what is it? i thought it was sorentoys or something simple like that

No. 1134997

File: 1610992238633.jpeg (195.69 KB, 1110x1557, F342062A-96F2-41EA-9C08-FA99B1…)

thats a pic posted by her sister (the one with the baby) which says RIP SDH (Soren D- Something Hayes?) and more comments by her friends on her most recent pics, the comments are just “i miss you” “i’m sorry” all made by one person. everything seems like she’s really dead but we’re talking about a freak who created a fake narrative where she was brutally raped by pedophiles so who knows

No. 1134999

iirc its daniel.

the person commenting under the meloncalpico account seems to be the same girl here just with a different account so who knows bc there’s other people commenting it too. she’d been saying she’d kill herself after getting bottom surgery for a While but for all we know she could just be IP or something and letting her friends believe she’s dead

No. 1135004

this is what happens when you spend years suicide baiting. when it actually happens, people dont believe it and dont care. if anything they breathe a sigh of relief when it is finally over. too bad.

No. 1135009

can you post more screenshots anon? this is so weird. i wonder if something has actually happened?

No. 1135025

File: 1610994590480.jpeg (44.43 KB, 723x346, 267C02BF-EB1B-4B22-9A88-F31328…)

Milecheyclub seems to know her irl. So I guess with that and her sisters post there’s more chance of this death being legit.
Although it is Soren, really wouldn’t surprise me if she’d somehow convinced people to go along with it.

No. 1135027

milecheyclub is cheyenne, who she talks a lot about hanging out with irl. or used to lol. t. soren instafag but i don’t follow milecheyclub and she’s private so unfortunately i can’t see anything

No. 1135031

If it’s real, they must be trying to keep it off the internet. Even his sister just wrote some initials

No. 1135054

their legal name is soren daniel hayes, iirc.

but i'm not convinced any of this is real, remember they literally faked their death before and had their friends "confirm" it was real and post about it on tumblr. they could easily be doing it again

No. 1135057

True, but I would find it surprising if he got his sister (who iirc never got along with him?) involved

No. 1135078

are we sure this person is his sister? maybe i’m blind or a moron but the person doesn’t look indian nor does she look white but i could be missing some obvious detail lmao

No. 1135087

That’s definitely not his sister, schizo-chan

No. 1135109

Definitely not Soren’s sister, Idk who that anon thinks she is but Soren’s family tree has been clearly outlined here and this rando ain’t on it.

No. 1135163

File: 1611004474859.jpg (50.71 KB, 1080x540, Screenshot_20210118-211244~2.j…)

>>1134005 back again, they definitely has either baited or actually done something but it's not in their feed. May have been on their stories? Does anyone know who the Nicholas milecheyclub was reffering to?

No. 1135166

File: 1611004894876.jpg (457.37 KB, 1080x1855, Screenshot_20210118-212119~2.j…)

No. 1135178

i did a quick search through the old threads and couldn't find any mention of anyone by nicholas/nick/nicky or anything like that. have you checked her insta followers or facebook friends? maybe it's a family member. thanks for sc's btw!

No. 1135186

File: 1611006360588.jpeg (782.86 KB, 1170x1760, B3ACBFA1-8913-4C04-8207-32966E…)

This person is not Soren's sister. Potentially an alt account for ilive2mosh, who has commented on Soren's posts.

No. 1135189

File: 1611006577734.jpeg (28.34 KB, 750x337, CE6E1591-6ECB-46C1-A404-C4CE76…)

Feels like bullshit to me. The person making those comments/post is Soren’s most recent follower and she doesn’t follow them back.

No. 1135195

definitely an alt. i wonder if she is just baiting again? chey is involved which gives some credence to it all but this desmond/destiny person is really weird.

No. 1135196

Tinfoil but maybe the real reason they moved was to give Soren a fresh start? So in that sense she's "dead" and able to cut ties with her old life.

This kinda reminds me of when Kadee died though. Guess we'll never know for sure now.

No. 1135197

i’m this poster sorry for being a retard this account is obviously not her sisters

No. 1135202

i could see this being some really elaborate attempt at killing off their internet persona and trying to move on from all of this tbh

No. 1135209

That’s my guess. Ilivetomosh probably just jumped on it for attention.
Even if this is a fresh start, Soren will pop up somewhere else. I’d be surprised if someone who’s lied like that for attention could cope without social media

No. 1135334

She obviously isn't dead.

She gets off on pretending to be dead.

She'll be back.

No. 1135556

there are zero hits for "Soren daniel hayes" obituary. I don't know if that definitely proves he's not dead though.

No. 1135562

Complete conjecture but if/when Soren does die I imagine the family will keep any online mention of it to a minimum so that they can grieve in peace. We know people have reached out to Soren's sister in the past, the family must know people online watch Soren like a TV show.

No. 1135679


You're probably right. But depends on who made the decision to up and leave imo.

For example, is it possible to have someone sectioned in another state even after just moving there?

No. 1135709

I wouldn't be surprised if Soren told her parents that everyone here is part of her weird sex abuse Satanist cult, and the only way to save her is to pretend she's dead (again).

No. 1135856

I’d find it more believable if nobody was moving. If you were writing a false narrative of your life and had experiences where that narrative was proved to be false on numerous occasions I’m sure it’d be a huge relief to disappear before you’re outed as a lying freak once more.

Will probably start the whole song and dance again in a new location, or at least the moving process will take up time that would usually be spent roleplaying.

Might come be back once settled saying “I died but my fake dead friend from preschool torture club appeared as an angel to tell me it’s not my time yet” or some other grandiose sperg.

He’s not dead, at least legally.

Interesting what showed up when searching this person, definitely not an alt but absolutely someone vulnerable Soren latched on to.

No. 1135884

File: 1611077168428.jpeg (214.75 KB, 1125x2000, 8A1B64EC-BB42-426B-8182-A270C8…)

sure jan

No. 1135893

Several years ago when retards were messaging Marley about Soren’s bullshit, Marley asked for the “trauma narrative” to send to his parents and therapist. I thought I remembered Marley coming back to say Soren convinced their parents that he was being catfished by the people on this board, but those screenshots aren’t in the first thread so they might’ve been on his dumb “exposing” blog or PLL.

So back then he lied and said it was all a story invented by some e-boolies and then over the years it evolved into “my mommy knows I was the sexiest little two-year-old clit-eating heroin-using chainsaw murderer uwu.” Still press X to doubt that his parents think his “trauma narrative” is anything but some catfisher and he’s lying about them believing his bullshit, like they wouldn’t notice or care that their infant daughter was gone for months at a time.

No. 1136014

File: 1611084617423.jpeg (184.59 KB, 640x904, image.jpeg)

No. 1136019

>hopefully playing kingdom hearts up in heaven

No. 1136075

Yeah, I’m not buying this whole schtick yet.

No. 1136145

I don’t know guys. Seeing as Soren’s sister was aware of the mental illness and delusional fake story I don’t think she would post this just to fake his death because he asked. If my sibling asked for that I’d be like wtf,no. Besides, his sister has people on that account that she knows irl. She’s gonna trick them all too? I think Soren is really dead

No. 1136157


Oh. Maybe he actually did it then.

No. 1136170

Yeahhhh that seems like a very legit R.I.P. post from his sister, who is very normal by comparison

No. 1136172

I think it's official. Welcome to the 41%, Soren.

No. 1136176

My condolences for their loss, and I especially feel sorry for anyone who looks him up and finds all the things he’s ever posted

No. 1136181

i hate to say it but im going to miss his crazy fucked up stories… rip soren

No. 1136182

What's with the influx of anons calling her a "he" ? Soren is undeniably female.

No. 1136185

>from you i learned that mental illnesses are a real thing

No. 1136189

There was an anon before claiming >>1134997 is her sister. Kind of confusing that the "Her sister said it's true" thing popped up so quickly (albeit sloppily/incorrectly), and then got corroborated with another censored IG screencap that no one here can verify is legitimately her sister, or even her.
I don't really know what to think. She's no stranger to self-harm, but I definitely wouldn't put it past Soren to fake this, just like the Hidden Wiki screenshots and dummy/LARP accounts.

No. 1136191

Soren has cried (dead) wolf too many times for me to buy this. He faked suicide twice already, I think at this point it's just his go-to for when he's bored.

No. 1136192

looks like that phalloplasty was a huge waste of money lol. Wonder how she did it and why.
I’m truly going to miss seeing this thread pic, it always makes me laugh so fucking hard no matter how many times I see it.

petition to make “playing kingdom hearts up in heaven” a new euphemism for someone being dead kek

No. 1136193

This person has a baby and is still breast-feeding, but not Soren’s sister. Just a self-proclaimed bulimic that goes by Desmond.

No. 1136194

She said before she got it that she only wanted a phalloplasty so 'the paramedics could correctly identify the body'. Such a drain of her parent's money and doctor's time.

No. 1136195

this! i'm not going to believe any post that someone says is from a "sister" without any proof. soren's done this enough times and they're no stranger to editing screenshots. they make up ridiculous stories and go to extreme lengths to prove them, this is the kind of thing they would fake

No. 1136200

so how do you have this ss and why not show proof that this is A real post?

No. 1136227

File: 1611095805785.jpeg (161.71 KB, 640x903, image.jpeg)

priv insta so dont bother

No. 1136230

File: 1611095992203.jpeg (58.09 KB, 563x800, A5EF0A7E-EB35-4FCE-A97A-F44E6E…)

howard from halifax lookin ass

No. 1136249


i get why she wants to be a man, she's hideous

>i hope you're playing kingdom hearts up in heaven

whyyy does this sound like soren herself wrote this post. i'm not buying it.

No. 1136263

So she went through all that trouble getting a tube dick only to 41% a few months later? Kek

No. 1136266

File: 1611097190766.png (4.71 MB, 2158x1898, 74284815.png)

For comparison, here are two RIP posts written by Soren for characters in her pretend trauma narrative. ( Originally posted further up ITT >>972765 >>1062238 )
Personally I think the post on her sisters Insta sounds very different from Soren's usual typing style, and generally she makes no attempt to obfuscate her speech patterns when impersonating other family members, like when she falsified text messages supposedly written by her mother.

No. 1136268

I believe it. I really doubt that his sister would help him fake his death. That she would lie to all of her friends, and risk being outed as a liar like Soren.

No. 1136269

It does sound like something she’d write tbh. It’s still funny as hell though.

No. 1136270

yeah i feel the same considering her account has like, a normal amount of posts/followers/following

still weird bc she doesn’t have an obit anywhere and the post is written kinda weird but maybe the melodramatic writing runs in the family

No. 1136274

The screenshot in this post >>951211 mentions nicholas

No. 1136277

So Nicholas is Soren's plug? If she really committed suicide, and Nicholas is a real person, then this suggests it was an overdose.

No. 1136286

File: 1611098692172.jpeg (599.15 KB, 1125x1710, C696739D-27A5-4DAA-84AF-94412C…)

this also mentiones nicholas, so definitely a plug

No. 1136291

good job at finding this anon! i didn't look very hard when i skimmed through the old threads, so thanks for figuring it out

let's not start with all the fake ass 'omg i'm so sad he's dead poor baby could've gotten help if he'd just held on rip soren!!!' bullshit. it's phony as fuck. we're talking about some misogynistic self-hating pick-me ass bitch who cared more about nutting to her torture porn fantasies than her actual family, behave

No. 1136299

Okay, so this is Soren’s real birth sister. She is a normal, well-adjusted sorority girl with real friends and a life. She isn’t a sock and wouldn’t be a part of Soren’s schemes.

Damn. Imagine getting your poor naive geriatric parents to shell out 20-50 grand on your balloon animal pump-penis only for you to neck yourself less than half a year later. Grim. Hope they bin the KH crap, repaint her room, and enjoy the rest of their lives with some normalcy.

No. 1136303

I hate to say it but if it's true, Soren is better off dead. There is no quality of life after SRS. Living in your schizophrenic fantasy for 5 years is bad enough, but that level of extreme bodily mutilation is impossible to recover from. Rest in fucking pieces, Soren.

No. 1136308

It makes sense since obituaries are either sent by funeral homes (Sometimes included as part of funeral costs) or the family who have to pay, they might be taking time to let the family all find out from each other before putting one out to print in the following (?) day’s paper.

It’s just a normal empathy reaction, not really a big deal.
More likely for the family-but I do think a lot of anons followed Soren’s weird, fucked-up narratives with a mixture of disgust and pity in general considering a lot of the posts I’ve seen while lurking these threads.
I wouldn’t say it was very often, but it definitely wasn’t unusual either.

Soren was always gonna die this way, it was only a matter of time before it happened.

No. 1136312

Personally I had my bets placed on Soren using mommy's money to hire a hitman on himself to make it look like the Bad Guys did it. Honestly, I'm disappointed.

No. 1136324

Truly that would have made the “gang” (or whatever the most recent torture ring leaders were) story seem realistic.

You did remind me of what happened regarding Jennifer Pan, maybe the parents are lucky they are the ones left alive.

No. 1136352

>some misogynistic self-hating pick-me ass bitch who cared more about nutting to her torture porn fantasies than her actual family, behave
I mean (for me) that doesn't mean soren should die. Most people don't take death lightly. Despite all the horrible shit at least whatever psychological torment is over for this person including >>1136303. Hopefully the family can recover (if soren really died) but yeah I know I know what site I'm on.

No. 1136362

Does anyone know Sorens birthname? Maybe there’s an obituary listed under that?

No. 1136366

I find it incredible that this is being said posthumous, but just as incredible that I don’t even care. You have to be a pretty despicable person to drum up this kind of reaction.

No. 1136377

Soren, the puppy killer with the CP obsession? I don't know about that. I can't really bring myself to feel bad, and that's aside from the suspicion that this might not be true.
The best thing I can say about her is that if she wasn't so retarded and gross, she may have been a good writer, and her taste in music/media wasn't bad.

No. 1136388

sorry anon i was the “sister” poster and i’m just retarded i’ve stated that previously, i just saw that desmond account not really bothering to check better. my bad

No. 1136391

As gently as I can say it, where do you think she would be in five years time? Ten? There are four threads worth of material here completely mapping the unadulterated degeneracy that she indulged in all while never leaving her cluttered child-shrine bedroom.

Anons said it after the SRS—her body was fighting so hard that she no longer had the time or energy to lie and create sick fantasies. This let her see herself for who she really was. I imagine the sheer body horror alone from what she did to herself was enough even, waking up every morning to a necrotic shaft stapled to your body and a rotting arm. Her whole system was going haywire and on top of that it’s probably the first time she’s ever experienced true strife and pain. I can understand why she finally had the courage to step out.

No. 1136400

>>1129529 says its Pritya

No. 1136402

i would kill myself again if my sister wrote this memorial for me. the part with „you taught me patience“ is a punch to the face kek

No. 1136412

something about “you lived a life no one could ever imagine” felt particularly bizarre and backhanded to me kek

No. 1136413

Me three. She put that family through so much that her own sisters tribute post was shady and a tl;dr good riddance.

No. 1136418

ive never posted to this site before, so apologies if i saged incorrectly.

i binged sorens threads last night, so for something like this to possibly (and i understand the skepticism) happen right after learning of this persons existence is very jarring to me. im not trying to defend soren or demonize anyone on this board, but thought id give my two cents on what was going on in his head.

its very obvious to me (and im sure to the majority of the people aware of this situation) that soren suffered from a psychotic disorder, as it can be comorbid with almost any mental illness you can think of. ive dealt with psychosis and had my own "oh my god my family is a part of an international trafficking ring" stint some months ago after covid started and i was far too online and in a less than ideal circumstance. it was a brief psychotic episode, nothing like sorens sordid history, but that period despite lasting less than a month, was incredibly scary. when you are in that state you genuinely believe that those things are true, and that you are in imminent danger from some unknown force. despite soren being a known liar, i do think there is a sliver of truth and fear for it to go on for so long. delusions are also not generally coherent in my experience - they are like parasites that change with you and your surroundings, which to me explains the dramatic changes in his narrative. if nobody intervenes, they keep infecting every part of your life.

if soren is dead, this is a tragic case of someone with severe mental issues being coddled and enabled, but also greatly failed by the people that were supposed to help them out of that state and onto better things. if they are alive, that statement remains the same, and the situation would likely continue, and i dont know which is scarier in my opinion.

it is easy to view crazy people as a lost cause at times, especially in cases like this where they do disgusting things. but i do wish that someone had helped him. that he had been assesed for psychosis and the illnesses it stems from. that someone had restricted their internet access or removed it altogether. its easy for me to see him as capable of being an only slightly delusional rich kid internet nobody obsessed with a video game.

im aware this is self indulgent spam, and people will likely disagree with me, but i am relatively young (just old enough to use this forum) and the idea that i may have just read a timeline of someones death is messing with my head a little bit, and wanted to share. if he is alive, i very much hope he digs himself out of this hole he has created.(armchair)

No. 1136422

nobody cares about your rtarded armchairing

No. 1136423

Soren? That you?

No. 1136425

Maybe some anon managed to get Soren to post on here with a ouija board.

No. 1136428

can we stop this and agree that even though she got some rotting flesh from her arm stitched to her groin that she‘s not a man? thanks

No. 1136432

You're also just old enough to know that "self indulgent spam" is the last thing anyone want to read 6 paragraphs of. Fuck off.

No. 1136435

i can see what you mean i guess but also even if that were true she was literally not ever going to get better especially not with her enabling moron of a mother

No. 1136436

Obituaries in newspapers aren't all that common anymore but funeral homes do tend to publish one on their website if the family gives them permission. It's possible Soren's family hasn't quite reached that step or opted out of having it published online.

No. 1136440

If it’s real, and I think it’s more likely than not, I’m genuinely kinda sad.

Idk maybe sad isn’t the right word…Soren was a pitiable, pathetic internet figure who had no life to begin with beyond the fucked up fantasies she built in her head. She had no life to ruin and she still ruined it. She was a sick, volatile thing that was devoid of joy. She didn’t bring anything good to the world. She just suffered and made others suffer. It’s not good that she’s dead, per se, but it’s probably one of the better ways her life could’ve turned out. I mean what were her options? Realistically?

I did learn about my fave cow Ginger through Soren, and I did keep tabs on Soren’s threads since the beginning, so RIP I guess

No. 1136444

Yeah, you’re obviously young to be so dramatic and sentimental about it for sure. A broken record really. These threads have been here for years btw. That’s how long we’ve all watched a girl describe her vivid child pornagraphic fantasies. Pardon us for not giving a damn.

No. 1136452

this, i doubt psychosis makes you randomly fantasize about being a part of a child sex trafficking ring where three year olds bite each others nipples off. she actively searched for child pornography and probably watched it, but she definitely got off on this kinda stuff which i‘m sure is unrelated to any psychosis she might‘ve been going through

No. 1136457

you can call soren "she" if you want to and no one is stopping you, so you don't have to try to stop anyone from saying "he" either. no one on either side is going to change their minds about whether or not we should respect a trans person's pronouns, so just let it be. i get there are a lot of radfems against trans people on lolcow, but there are also plenty who have no problem with them, and it's annoying when you act like it's a rule that we all have to say "she" about a trans man, because it's not. in the first few soren threads everyone said "he" and only gradually more people started saying "she", so it's not even an influx of people saying "he" but the other way around. sorry for derail.

No. 1136458

Her best option was being locked up in a long-term care facility and gaining local notoriety as everyone's darling of a pathological liar. It's a shame that Soren never had a Girl, Interrupted phase. That would have been fun.

No. 1136460

there are no obituaries that i could find for a soren hayes or priya hayes

No. 1136463

this reads itself like soren wrote it
>and wanted to share
should have left this one in the drafts

No. 1136472

so it seems plausible he did do drugs, but i wonder to what degree. we never saw any track marks or used meth pipes, so i always doubted that he did those. i guess we will never know the truth

i'm also curious about the anon posting screenshots from the sister's account. it's private, so did she accept a random person, or is that anon possibly someone who knows soren/his sister?

No. 1136474

“Trans man” please

Even if people think her transition wasn’t SOLELY due to hardcore internalized misogyny and fetishizing gay men, the only kind of man she was was a manchild. She was a fujoshi. She was a basket case. She was a fetishist.

No. 1136477

you can think whatever you want about trans people, but being bothered about people who doesn't say "she" is stupid

No. 1136478

No access to insta account, but his I checked his sisters on fb. There's not one pic of them with her and no recent updates

(yes, image board but not posting her sister for obv reasons).

No. 1136482

>defending a CP consumer’s rights and honor
Good to see that whiteknights are always willing to put their hands in the fire for anyone, but I’m sorry, anon, unless you’re a redhead with blue eyes who happens to be 9 years old working in a pedo traumacore cult, Soren won’t fuck you.

No. 1136489

I mean so is thinking Soren’s transition is legitimate in any way shape or form but whatever, chaser

No. 1136490

i'm not defending soren's rights lol i don't care that you say she, the point is some of you care too much about people saying he and act like it's against the rules

No. 1136491

Two people I know committed suicide two years apart in different states and neither of them had obituaries, both were under 25. It would also likely take an online obituary awhile to be posted anyways.

No. 1136498

also, with what soren said about her batshit mom, what's the likelihood that she asked for an autopsy or something? some suicide take a while to be processed. my brother died early october and we didn't get to bury him until halloween. granted, he died of gun suicide. that muddies things.

No. 1136499

haha, i assumed people would think im soren when i posted that, speaking of broken records. too lazy to directly reply but i agree with the one that said you guys have been tracking this in real time for years, it def would give you a different perspective than just reading it all in one go. but i stand by the apparently controversial opinion that if someone had intervened with a deranged teenager, they would not be a predatory adult.

almost like you guys want pedos to exist so you can larp gossip girl with them… interesting.

No. 1136500

when was she a fujo? all her pedo fantasies involved female children, the "boys" involved were also trannies. she was a trucum too.

No. 1136504

replied to wrong post and can't delete rip, i meant >>1136474

No. 1136507

Who said anything about predation? When anons say there was no hope for her, they mean that she was too fucked in the head to ever live a normal life.

No. 1136516

You really have nfi what you’re talking about, in case you haven’t noticed yet. Larping gossip girl? What? Now you just sound like you’re trying to fit in but miserably failing. Soren was intervened countless times. Over and over and over. Soren was spoiled and loved and showered in attention and specialist care and she still chose to search for, research, and write stories about child pornography. Your half-baked opinion on a situation you clearly know fuck-all about isn’t adding anything. Cry about it elsewhere.

Also, “hurr durr you want pedos to exist.” Sorry you can’t accept that your sister wanted to diddle, torture, and eat babies.

No. 1136517

FB lets you mark posts as only visible to friends or to a certain audience. There may very well be posts that are private. Or it could be a dormant account.

No. 1136518

I guess fujo is the wrong term…but like, she was a total fakeboi. NLOG extreme edition. I always got the vibe from her that she got a major sexual thrill from being a trans dude, doubly so from being a trans dude CSA survivor, even more so from being a trans dude pining after a girl he claimed to be in a pedo ring with.

Any of y’all think she ever watched Boys Don’t Cry?

No. 1136528

(i think i did that right idfk)
intervening isnt the same thing as being coddled and spoiled… intervening is the opposite of those things, done by someone that isnt a crackpot therapist, and having the resources they use to be crazy taken away from them, aka internet access. which is what i said originally: essentially that i wish they had not been enabled so that this entire situation had not occured, and they wouldnt be a freak and or dead, because without the pedo shit they are an unremarkable autist. but like i said, if anything constructive had happened in sorens life, none of us would be here right now.

gonna stop arguing hypotheticals now. i am concerned for your reading comprehension

No. 1136531

i dislike soren as much as the next person here but calling her a fujo and saying that she's fetishizing gay men in this case makes no sense. from what i've seen in the past threads, she only seems to be attracted to women (which makes her "straight" i guess) and doesn't show much interest in yaoi shit like other fakeboys do.

No. 1136535

You’re just ignorant, there’s nothing wrong with our reading comprehension. Here you go preaching about what you supposedly know about someone you just bingeread the history of on a whim and thought your opinion was oh so important to share.

No. 1136538

Did you forget that the real Sam's family filed a fucking lawsuit against Soren? If there was ever a time to stop, it's when a girl from your school needs a restraining order because you've been telling the internet her father is a rapist.

No. 1136541

Yeah, fetishizing gay men was the wrong thing to say. My bad. Didn’t articulate well.

Her transness just comes off as so fake and performative, I guess I was projecting other fakeboi traits onto her. I was def in the wrong to call her fujo.

No. 1136543

Sorry for your loss anon. This happened with my brother too, but his obituary was out within a day. Maybe these things are handled differently depending on the county/state.

No. 1136550

It comes off as performative because Soren was all about self-victimisation. Transgenderism was just one more avenue for asspats.

No. 1136560

how are you still missing the point? yes, that would be a reasonable time to stop, if soren was a reasonable person, which they are obviously not. and neither are their parents, yadda yadda. i am agreeing with you. i think what happened was bad. i think soren is a bad person, likely due to having something wrong with their brain, because mentally healthy well adjusted people do not behave that way. what are you trying to argue against? i did not set out to dispute any points made against him.

No. 1136564

Nta but I think the family’s wishes play a big part though. In the case of young people I knew who have committed suicide, you can’t find a trace of their deaths online but they’re still very much dead, not faked. In one of their cases, the family doesn’t even post about him and it’s like he never existed.

No. 1136569

The point is that there was intervention, yet nothing changed. If legal action wasn't going to stop her, nothing would.

No. 1136571

Dont bother trying to reason with them, they said they were going to stop replying but they still are and they aren’t even adding anything of value.

No. 1136574

Maybe I'm tinfoiling hard but something weird going on here. As soon as the news of her "death" was posted (from a private insta), the WK posting and obvious newfaggotery started.
>Respect his pwonouns, he was a delicate flower with mental health pwoblems. Uwu I'm so sad, RIP

No. 1136577

My same thought. How would Soren's squeaky-clean sorority girl of a sister let some rando onto her private instagram? It has to be someone she knows. It all feels very fabricated.

No. 1136578

will you stop? just because you can ~empathize~ with what you imagine soren's life/"mental health struggles" were like for her, doesn't mean that's reality.

soren was a deeply fucked up person who constantly berated anyone with real trauma because her made up trauma was always "worse" and she said real victims had "no right to whine" because of that.
she hurt an ever-growing list of REAL people and dragged a real child murder victim into her cp fantasy narratives. idk what uwu mental illness that constitutes as but it doesn't get any sympathy from me.

No. 1136581

You’re just tinfoiling. She’s dead.

No. 1136582

thats a fair opinion, but i disagree in the sense that legal intervention is not the same thing as mental health intervention - when i say intervention i picture them being required to spend time in a psych ward, which i do not think they have. my bad for not clarifying, i understand how that word is very broad and i missed what you were implying. honestly, considering how his parents treated him like a baby and how much money they have, i do not think legal action affected him much, as much as it should have. they shielded him from ever facing consequences.

yeah, youre right there. the way they talked about abuse victims was terrible and so was treating abuse like a competition when his was fabricated. but i do empathize with what i see as the core of the issue, that they were delusional and their delusions were not challenged in any legitimate, medical sense.

No. 1136584

They’ve been to a psych ward, holy fuck just shut up. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Just stop.

No. 1136585

she's obviously not dead lmao she's faked her own death before and her friends insisted it was real then too. the person posting screenshots from soren's sister's insta is obviously someone she knows well enough to let into her account

No. 1136589

I still remember all the times she slammed actual CSA victims and said they were "exaggerating" and "being overdramatic", and basically said all the girls who were trafficked by/for Epstein needed to get over themselves because being molested by your dad isn't that bad, and neither is having your body sold.
She even said she went to an actual CSA victim therapy group and got annoyed/disappointed because they weren't trading graphic rape/gore fantasies like she'd hoped for.

Delusion where/how? She's apologized to at least one person she catfished as/stole photos of, and admitted to just being a "retarded faggot". She faked her death whenever people found out, and/or went on insulting tirades at them. She knew she was lying, and even made fake accounts to LARP as people who didn't exist.

No. 1136590

Her sister has never posted about her before and the fact that you think she’d go out of her way to make a tribute on her personal private account to all of her friends, family, and acquaintances about her sibling dying is just flat-out denial on your end. She’s dead. We’ve had cows who cried wolf die before. You’re making a fool of yourself.

No. 1136592

all transness is fake. no exceptions.

No. 1136594

If she’s dead she’s not coming back and that means the milk is dry.
Doing a rewind time isn’t interesting and spoonfeeding a regurgitation of the threads for a WK armchairming newfag is just retarded.
Just read the old threads or find a new cow to cringe at.

No. 1136595

>i doubt psychosis makes you randomly fantasize about being a part of a child sex trafficking ring where three year olds bite each others nipples off.
i hate to break it to you but this is exactly the type of thing someone with psychosis would think up and believe

No. 1136596

this is wild. reminds me of that other cow (plaastic?) who faked their death for art but then killed themselves for real.

No. 1136602

You'd have to be aware that kind of thing has been discussed some place, ie researched CP, snuff, torture. However psychotic, you don't just imagine that happened. She LOOKS at that shit for stories.

No. 1136610

Not necessarily. We have drawn parallels between Soren's writing and mainstream horror novels. A psychotic person could easily compound on those and create something substantially worse.

No. 1136621

literally no one said "respect his pronouns" kek but i don't expect you to be able to read when you also are naive enough to believe that the sister would help faking soren's death. sorry that your favorite cow died though, i know it must be hard to accept

No. 1136625

NTA but that was obviously hyperbole. Why are you such an autist?

No. 1136629

I’m pretty sure Soren was even posting fakebois who weren’t trying to pass but used he/him for an Instagram rant. It was in a previous thread but it was clear Soren didn’t gaf about other trans people.

No. 1136632

> about whether or not we should respect a trans person's pronouns,so just let it be. i get there are a lot of radfems against trans people on lolcow, but there are also plenty who have no problem with them, and it's annoying when you act like it's a rule that we all have to say "she" about a trans man, because it's not.
From this post:
Seemed to be talking about
>rwespecc twans pronouns
Of Soren, the CP traumacore lover who fantasized about the rape of a girl she saw once.

No. 1136638

that's still not telling anyone to "respect his pronouns", just to stop making comments about others writing he

No. 1136655

Inb4 we get put on auto-sage for infighting and no one notices when anons post obits / new accounts

No. 1136656

lmao you're absolutely right. people in this thread are wilding, they might be desperately trying to suppress a twinge of empathy? all these wild accusations about soren posting (when absolutely no posts have any hint of his writing style) and the pronoun arguments, when posters here have vacillated between 'he' and 'she' the whole time. what a frenzy.

anyway things would have gone different for soren if he wasn't surrounded by enablers. as it was, everyone's probably better off this way. shame we'll never know exactly what things he was lying about (the drugs? how much his family believed him?) there's a lot unresolved here

No. 1136660

I wouldn’t mind, tbh. She was already barely posting stuff and wasn’t being that milky anymore.
If only the other retards stopped bumping the thread with no milk, this could get autosaged or bumped with actual screencaps.

No. 1136665

I also think there's something weird about the anon being let into her sister's private insta account.

Soren very well might be dead. But also wouldn't it be super easy to take the insta icon from the sis's private account and slap it onto a fabricated post? You can see people's insta icons even if the account is private, iirc. Anon who posted the original photo, can you clear this up?

No. 1136667

to be honest she bullshat about killing herself every year so often—to the point of talking about her & her mother taking one last holiday or whatever—that i’d still have doubts even if i saw an obituary

No. 1136721

if shes actually alive we'll find out eventually. she's known for popping up on all corners of the internet, commenting on blogs or reviews on books about how her trafficking warehouse snuff horror film was worse than whatever someone else was talking or posting about. she'll probably pop back up eventually if it is fake. it really feels like this is legit to me, but its soren so who fucking knows.

No. 1136753

Sage for no milk but as others have said before, I can’t help but feel like his parents/sister etc were enablers. No way they didn’t know he was using drugs and surely it’d have shown up in medical tests. If he’s being seeing a quack/they’re aware of his fucked up trauma narrative and fantasies, the last thing they should’ve done is indulge him with something as life changing as a sex change operation.

No idea if it’s legit, hope it isn’t, but if so, rip soren.

No. 1136775

I feel like it’s one of those damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations.

Soren has been through treatments and therapy from what I’ve seen posted in the threads, and I’m sure the parents just didn’t really know what the hell to do. If Soren was truly in therapy, occasionally IP or in rehab.

I don’t believe for hard drugs, but I do believe Soren would say shit to get put into care whenever a medical professional was able to do so despite it clearly being glamorized and exaggerated.

From the sounds of it, if anything was anywhere near the truth Soren was actively pursuing treatments with the parents doing all they could to make their kid feel loved/happy. I really feel that if anyone was being enabling it would be more likely from all the edgy friends being collected.

I think if Soren is dead, less because of the supposed sister post as evidence but the fact that Soren wrote something that sounded positive. That’s all the proof I need unless shit pops up again.

No. 1136784

Something sus is sure going on. Why would someone who is friends with Soren's sister even know about this thread?

No. 1136824


It reeks of Soren self posting, to me. That picture of Soren and her sister would be one she would have access to, as well. Fake an account and some likes, post it, then screencap and post to lolcow. Or, shoop it a bit first to look like the fake account is her sister's legitimate one.
The RIP post didn't read as genuine to me. I could accept it as something an acquaintance would have written, like "oh shit, that weird Kingdom Hearts girl from our cosplay group that meet up for cons killed herself RIP" but not her actual sister. If it turns out Soren is actually dead and the post was genuinely from her sister, then all I can say is good riddance and I hope her poor sister can finally move on and get a better life, but after crying wolf so many times and then the sudden influx of whiteknights and everyone going "stop tinfoiling she dEaD guys, is basic empathy time for pronoun wars" it feels so contrived and fake. I'm not breaking out the champagne just yet, pretty sure this pedo will be back sooner or later.

No. 1136897

It doesn't seem like that particular poster has even posted screencaps here before, if you compare their posts to other IG anons'.
How did they find this thread?

No. 1136904

Agreed. No way to know right now but Soren's mom has been reposting joke-y posts to her fb for the past few days which probably wouldn't be how any mother would react to their child passing away. Wouldn't be surprised if his family is in on it and just want to give him a "fresh start" or something

No. 1136910

File: 1611150012558.jpeg (270.81 KB, 750x1229, 2582CA64-0118-437E-B6D8-439DF9…)

Was curious so checked Soren’s Depop…Soren liked an item that was listed 12 hours ago (2nd photo, the white shoes). Definitely not dead.

No. 1136913

Damn, she couldn't even lay low for a day.

No. 1136915

The listing was updated. If Soren had been liking posts, she’d still be listed as active. It wouldn’t be “active over a week ago.” There’s no way to edit that.

No. 1136932

Tumblranon are you still here? What's the URL of this blog?

No. 1136945

Is anybody else processing a weird sense of mourning/loss? Soren was a creepy ling shit but her lies were entertaining and it makes me a little sad that there won't be any more of them. Ive been following her story for over 2 years. Sage for emofagging but this is giving me some complex emotions and im not a fan of them

No. 1136959

nta but the screencap is actually facebook, not tumblr

No. 1137125

crazy how I don't doubt for a second she would actually make her friends and family do that

No. 1137145

I have a bit of a tinfoil about soren, which I guess doesnt matter anymore. She said her clit was cut off in her updated narrative, im wondering if maybe since she was born in india she was a victim of FGM and that caused the preverbal trauma that led her to be a compulsive liar.

Also to everybody asking why she killed herself right after getting a dick, its not uncommon, post-bottom surgery is one of the most common times for trans people to kill themselves (in a lot of cases because they realize they will never have working sex organs).

Soren was a spoiled brat who got everything the ever wanted and still was suicidal, having to face the first hardship shes probably ever experienced Im not surprised that she went the way of Terryberry

No. 1137150

that’s actually maybe a good point despite the tinfoil anon, i had never thought about it that way

also yeah she kept posting about how miserable and in pain she was and it felt like it was the first time she had ever actually felt that way so its unsurprising

No. 1137206

Perhaps she just wants to look stylish for the open casket

No. 1137224

anon my sides

No. 1137228

File: 1611174639297.jpeg (17.27 KB, 186x271, E4D6BE99-C872-4484-A7CC-CC1E6C…)

u wot m8

No. 1137235

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1137265

No. 1137291

It might also be cultural. Idk about India specifically but in many cultures you aren't supposed to grieve for people who die by suicide.

No. 1137299

Her parents aren't Indian themselves, though, they're white. Also, I feel like at the least that her mom wouldn't be posting Facebook-tier memes on her page after her child passed away.

No. 1137309

i'm just surprised that, if this is real, soren didn't leave us with one final grotesque, cp fueled sperg on the way out.

No. 1137365

You’d be surprised.

No. 1137369

Yeah, that would be kind of disappointing tbh, we don’t get a golden brooch to seal the horror show.
>inb4 some anon finds some quite recent torture cp fanfic she wrote as a final goodbye.

No. 1137448

Okay is it actually her mom though? Because retards in these threads thought Marley was his mom for like two years, when really she’s her estranged sister who kind of hates her guts.

No. 1137483

File: 1611194519829.jpg (274.02 KB, 1365x2048, 328285_204917399573945_5271473…)

Well, I would think so. It's the same woman as the one on the top left of picrel. Same picture is on her Facebook, too.

No. 1137494

File: 1611195096260.png (775.41 KB, 828x1792, 781445BE-2E9E-48C3-8375-7111CD…)

I’ll take your word for it, as long as it’s not Marley.

This is 8 days old, did no one really google it? Lol

No. 1137497

Holy shit, I've been searching and somehow missed that. Well damn.

No. 1137504

same here, i tried searching multiple different things and didn't find it.

good job obit anon. i'll be damned.

No. 1137514

Damn. I kinda thought it was really weird when she suddenly started asking who wanted her stuff. Wonder if it really was an OD.

No. 1137519

So she did 41% after all, that’s kind of crazy.
I hope her family is okay, they probably never had to truly see the shit she wrote on the internet, and maybe she was decent around them, so they might had a different view of how she was.
Now that her death is confirmed, will the thread get locked or something?

No. 1137525

Holy shit, I guess it's really real then.

If the person with access to her instagram is still around, just out of curiosity, could you post the last thing Soren ever posted? Unless you already have and it was >>1130122

No. 1137526

I was really banking on this being another fake attempt but… man.. I kinda feel oddly guilty? This was bound to happen I guess, surprising that her mom hasn’t posted about it but maybe she’s just coping differently

No. 1137529

I get what you mean. This is probably the first time I've ever seen somebody who has cried wolf on suicide THIS many times actually end up going through with it.

No. 1137534

Same. I was really holding out and seeing if it was fake for these past few days, and I still can't necessarily believe it.
Also, for her mom, you can make certain Facebook posts to only your friends, so maybe she has. We can't really see that though.

No. 1137538

I honestly don’t think you should feel guilty unless you were probing her directly to get a reaction or harassing the people directly involved with her.
Who would’ve known that she would actually do it?

No. 1137540

This is sad

No. 1137543

there goes the last cow I came here for. is this my sign to leave LC for good?

No. 1137545

saging again for no real milk but
yeaaa it still doesn’t feel real somehow. I checked the entire obit page out myself just to make sure it was legit
Hope her family’s recovering well, seems like they’re more relieved than anything else

No. 1137551

So is she really dead? Damn. That's why she was getting rid of her stuff huh?

No. 1137552

That’s a good point, I guess it’s also just misdirected empathy that I don’t want to be feeling for a mental pedo

No. 1137555

Jesus Christ

No. 1137560

I actually did google and didn’t find anything. What’s the URL for this obit?

No. 1137562

man i only started looking at this person's threads in the past week and it's kind of surreal to see this. i don't have much to say other than that i hope they aren't like this in their next life

No. 1137563

No. 1137566

We don’t know it was suicide for sure. It’s just as likely an infection or other complication from surgery, mayyyybe an OD

No. 1137567

I just feel bad for her family. All that time and money wasted for her anime boy fantasies just for her to 41%.

No. 1137580

Sage for absolutely no new contribution but god fucking damn it. Imagine doing this to your parents who gave you everything you ever wanted, including a fake dick and endless therapy sessions with a quack. I don’t want to say things are better this way, but I hope her parents and sisters can heal and find a better life. Absolutely bleak.

No. 1137583

this. i'm also not 100% sure it's even real since this has not only happened before, but didn't some other cow fake their death recently? with a fake obituary and everything? if soren lurks lc that could have given them the idea to do this

No. 1137588

There are obituary sites that just let you make a page for anyone, but this is the website of a business providing funerals/cremation, so that means they were hired by Soren's family.

No. 1137607

holy shit i never thought she'd go through with it. her family must be relieved

No. 1137617

Feels weird to see this. Somehow, it still doesn't feel real, but I hope her sister and the rest of her family can heal.
I'm kind of disappointed we never found out what made her do all these things, or why her parents just…let it happen, even as they were taken to court. Just lies on top of more lies, a life wasted.

No. 1137665

is there a cow near san Diego willing to go to the cemetery?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1137683

are you fucking kidding? yeah soren wasn't a good person but this is just beyond creepy, let it be.

No. 1137687

I wonder what the family is going to do with the mounds and mounds of collectible junk.

Agreed with everyone else it's so incredibly shitty so much money and time was dumped into… this.

No. 1137689

At least she could have admitted that these stories are all fake and made up by her before having her dramatic 41% departure. Absolutely unsatisfying.

No. 1137690

my first thought was they could sell it, but they dont need the money so unless they leave his room as some kind of weird shrine, it will probably just get thrown out.

and god, i know right. especially right after that surgery.

No. 1137693

Please go back to whence you came

No. 1137696

is it too morbid I kind of want to know how soren did it?

No. 1137712

I feel so sad for her family because it must hurt to put so much love and effort into a child who is hellbent on ruining both her own and everyone around her’s lives in the grossest, weirdest ways possible. It’s not something you could talk to friends about and get support, because the extent of soren’s degeneracy and mental illness is way to much for most people to grasp, not to mention it’s unpleasant far past just suicide stigma.
But on the other hand, I‘m happy they can finally get on with their lives now that this deranged burden is no longer around to weigh on them. It’s honestly a good thing she 41%ed, it’s just a shame she didn’t do it before they paid for her meat sock abomination.

Bye soren, after all this time I still don’t know what the hell was wrong with you.

Wut? Do you know where you are? Read this website’s url kek

No. 1137714

kind of off topic but her parents sorta remind me of the parents of murder suspects. i think it’s just easier to double down and believe what your kid is telling you than accept reality. because if your kid is a little piece of shit then what does that say about you?

No. 1137718

if there was anyone on this site who would kill themselves, it would absolutely be soren.

No. 1137719

The user they were responding to referred to farmers as “cows”

No. 1137720

sorry for tinfoil but something in me really doubts that she would 41%. for someone who was SO incredibly keen to oversharing every detail of the baby farm i just do not think she would do it without some extravagance.
am not a medfag so maybe i’m being a moron if she didn’t kill herself or OD i wonder if she suddenly had some horrible sepsis/infection in general with the meat sock—all the rich parent money in the world can’t help you at a certain point

No. 1137728

i get what you mean, but maybe that's just proof he did do it - all the empty suicide threats were accompanied with histrionics and edginess, while the real thing was done quietly. suicidal people tend to seem happier and more collected once they've resolved to actually do it. his new year post, and the offering to give that friend his kingdom hearts shit, were the most serene we've seen him… maybe ever?

also i feel like the sister's post did hint at suicide, with all the emphasis on mental illness and 'not suffering anymore'. still, we can't know for sure.

there've been people in the thread who claimed to know soren irl in the past, maybe one of them will resolve the story. god i hope the family don't get harassed though. how awful, to google your dead child's name and find nothing but all the horrible lies he told

No. 1137730

Definitely didn’t hang herself…don’t see how a noose would fit around that bullfrog neck

No. 1137744

RIP soren, truly one of the best cows I've ever followed. Tbh there's something really chilling about this, as anons have said she was mired in pain and suffering and chose to bring everyone she knew down there too. Knowing that she held on to her lies until her last moments fucks me up to my core

No. 1137761

File: 1611214737700.jpg (79.78 KB, 499x893, DnEXBIuVsAAm8-v.jpg)

No. 1137774

Whether or not you agree the lies were from some sort of psychotic delusion, or her just… messed up lying (maybe a combination?), it's a harsh situation. Will the thread be locked now?

No. 1137786

I was loosely following for neo dick update, I was lowkey waiting for the transgret messages sadly no more of that

No. 1137836

>endless therapy sessions with a quack
This is where I think the key lies. Wasn't soren's therapist a SRA brainwashing type? May be wrong. I think soren really was delusional and encouraged by the therapist. I am sad, idc what heartless anons say, death is sad and someone being this messed up is sad

No. 1137837

>Wasn't soren's therapist a SRA brainwashing type?
Yes. Her therapist was Ellen Lacter, who was involved in the case of a delusional mother murdering her autistic child out of paranoia of The Satanists coming after them. There's a chance she (Soren) croaked from complications but remembering her quack therapist's history, enabled suicide doesn't seem that crazy tbh.

No. 1137839

I remember Soren often said she mentioned suicide to her parents and they were okay with it, which honestly I find very sick and chilling.
The wording of this post >>1136014 only makes it weirder for me.
>From you I learned mental illnesses are a real ting
>I'll find peace one day knowing you aren't suffering anymore
>we are all glad you're finally resting peacefully
Idk, it sounds like they knew she was fucked up and kinda expected her to kill herself. Or maybe, tinfoil, it was kind of an assisted suicide, with her parents' help.

I wanted to find the caps where she said her parents agreed to her suicide but her posts are so long and fucking exhausting to read

No. 1137853

Tbh this is why I do feel bad for soren. That's not receiving actual help, in fact that's actively having more problems created in your life. I know the csa stuff is horrific but I don't think it was a fetish. I think it was being fed as a spiraling delusion. If soren had actual help maybe things could have improved. I know psych wards were mentioned, but those places are often really bad with patient abuse and neglect even in expensive places. What if they believed the csa stories because of a) the therapist and b) soren truly believed it. Adopted kids have all sorts of screwed up backstories it's sadly common. It could be easy to believe soren's shortened in-person version. They probably focused on getting them out as fast as possible
That would make this even a shittier situation. I agree the sister's message might support that.

No. 1137854

Exactly, it’s almost like they were anticipating it, especially with the way his sister worded her post… although it seems also like maybe she was referring to physical pain as well? It’s just so weirdly worded for a tribute to her brothers suicide.
Also holy shit imagine your parents being okay with helping you kill yourself. That’s fucking grim

No. 1137866

To what "actual help" are you referring? Therapy, hospitalisation, drugs, homeschooling— Soren had access to every treatment available since early childhood and this is still how it ended. Maybe it's hard to accept but some people are beyond helping.

No. 1137875

not that anon but i think they are referring to soren getting the legitimate help they needed for past trauma, addictions and clearly psychosis not with the satanic panic therapist (that was fueling delusions and exploiting soren in a way) they were seeing.

this is a oddly just depressing end to soren. found them during the gee saga on tumblr up to now. i knew they were fucked up but seeing now the death some how be encouraged along with the delusions and the drug use is just kinda fucking sad.

No. 1137900

>Adopted kids have all sorts of screwed up backstories it's sadly common. It could be easy to believe soren's shortened in-person version
So you think Soren didn't bullshit her parents that she was part of a pedo cult after they adopted her?
I'm so sad for her parents, I bet they wanted to help two children from a poor country and look how it ended up with Soren

No. 1137905

lol why are people feeling sorry for soren now that she’s dead? She was a terrible person, dying doesn’t change that.
I’m sure her family do feel some sort of relief, considering the things that soren put them through

No. 1137907

Damn that’s grim. Can’t help but feel bad for Soren. Obviously fucked in the head.
Makes me wonder how many kids/adults out there have weird pedo fantasies and concocted backstrokes to cope and cover up actual underlying issues or trauma.

Small (admittedly dumb) part of me always hopes that cows grow and change for the better or at the very least, show some signs of getting proper help.

No. 1137910

Soren was her parent's karma for being tax-evading wealth-hoarders

No. 1137912

People who are feeling bad about Soren need to sit down and think about all the things she's done and said.

She said women who've been raped while they were unconscious had it better than her because "she was awake when everything happened", claimed to know actual child trafficking victims, involved these very real and unfortunate victims into her own made up story, said that she hopes her sister gets a miscarriage over some dumb argument they had (iirc), constantly turned actual CSA victims pains and suffering into a competition where she was always the #1 victim, downplayed the suffering of people with trauma because "they didn't have it as bad as her", confessed to having actual pedophiliac thoughts (like that one time she was watching a father change his daughters diapers and "she thought he was gonna fuck her"), and so on. There is so much more stuff which easily proves you how fucked up she really was, so that's why I fail to understand why anons feel so bad for her sudden departure. Sure thing, she was mentally ill and her therapist did nothing but enable her delusions instead of giving her the help she truly needed, but I still don't think there is anything to feel sad over someone like this. It just feels weird to see her gone all suddenly, but that's it.

No. 1137914

fucking thank you.
remember when she was feverishly excited about commisioning a guro (porn?) fanart of Sora?

No. 1137916

I think it's natural to feel some sense of loss when somebody that was, in a way, a part of your life, is no longer here. Even if she was a shitty person, and even if we didn't know her personally, some of us have been following her story for a decade if you go all the way back to the #singitfordanny scandal. No the story is over, with no satisfying ending. We will never hear another stupid "wow-wee i ate a baby's clit and am on meth" rant, we'll never get a 3rd incarnation of the trauma narrative, we will never hear her horrible NLOG fakeboi rants again, we will never see the fake peen become functional and hear her lies about all the girls she fucks with it. It's over. Its normal to feel loss, the same as when a celebrity dies. it doesnt mean people are sad over soren, just acknowledging a sense of loss.

No. 1137917

damn, she faked a deep web page about her sick pedo fanfic just to make it seem more real, ???idk why feel bad for someone like this???
sure it feels weird, but is just like someone i sorta knew and hated died and that's it.

No. 1137918

File: 1611237324930.jpeg (580.42 KB, 750x1086, 1541374420412.jpeg)

samefag, she was planning to die back then and assumed her parents will keep her KH hoard for some reason.

No. 1137922

She was on benzos and prescribed painkillers, that can be a deadly combination of you fuck around and don't take it as prescribed. Also a VERY easy and quick suicide method for when the urge struck. Thats why I think we didn't get a note, it was probably done impulsively (and possibly even with the idea in her head that she would survive it like all her other attempts and attempting suicide has just become her way of showing shes pissed like some people do with self harm) I have no doubts that soren is dead

No. 1137928

File: 1611238814058.jpeg (84.89 KB, 1100x850, 2D6C8E9E-64A7-4E5A-A7C3-FD4A9C…)

No. 1137929

I can't help but feel fucked up inside that her parents would be supporting of her suicide. It's such a weird thing to see your child struggling mentally and going through suicidal thoughts and agreeing with them, but I guess they were sick of her bullshit like the rest of the internet was.

No. 1137931

I dont think they were sick of her, i think they loved her so intensely and unconditionally that it molded her into a demented spoiled brat. Letting her die was just another way of giving her everything she wanted.

No. 1137933

Yeah, I can see that, I'll just never understand that mentality. Supporting your child's suicide is fucked either way.

No. 1137953

Why should we believe they were supportive, much less aware? Soren is a pathological liar and she's put words in her parents' mouths countless times. Couple that with their absolutely shit-tier oblivious parenting, and Soren's death really could have been a complete surprise.

No. 1137987

>i was taken again a few days ago
What does she mean by this? She couldn't possibly be implying that she's still being assaulted while in the care of her parents??

Also, uh… what now? What's the protocol for threads of purportedly dead cows? Does it go on autosage? I've never followed one that's died before.

No. 1137998

File: 1611243482879.jpg (36.76 KB, 1766x151, Capture.JPG)

Kadee Konstantino's last thread had a grey text warning
>Please be respectful when discussing Kadee or her death, or the thread will be locked.

At the end of the thread IMG.

Personally relieved her face won't pop up again. It's a relief for everyone involved this person's not spewing her shit around any more, mental or not. Morbidly interesting character, but best out of her misery.

No. 1138002

she claimed that she was being raped everyday or something. and that her dogs were raped. all when she was living with her parents.
I think the threads get closed once everyone has the chance to take in the cow's death (as horrible as that sounds).

No. 1138013

She claimed that all of the abuse happened while she was living what looked like a normal life with her parents. She even had texts from her mom to "the bag guys" telling them to let soren go and soren claimed her mom and therapist heard her be raped/tortured over the phone once and talked her through it

No. 1138014

lmaooo underrated comment

No. 1138023

at least now the real "sam" is finally free of this pedophile's insane fanfiction. hope her family wipes her accounts, even if it means we don't get to come back and laugh at them.

No. 1138031

I thought for sure that Luna would go first. Im disappointed that he went out without a dramatic sign-off. I feel sort of cheated.

No. 1138055

ding dong! i'm surprised she actually an heroed at last. didn't think she had it in her. good riddance though, the only good pedo is a dead pedo. rot in pieces, soren.

No. 1138087

Exactly this. I feel bad that her family had to deal with her and still support her unconditionally. I doubt she was pleasant to be around irl and I'm sure there's parts of them deep down that feel a bit of relief that she's gone. As far as feeling sorry for her, I can't say it's a tragedy that a pedophile offed herself before getting the chance to harm an actual child.

No. 1138105

Oh wow. Like many in this thread I'd just read through all of Sorens threads recently & she was a new cow to me. So crazy that she actually an heroed. I'm so curious to know what happened

No. 1138126

After she got the meat sock, there is really no other end for her other then the one she got, whether it be her decaying flesh or suicide. She is definitely a piece of shit, at the same time, to all the anons feeling bad because you had a laugh at her misery all this time, don't. The ones with the blood on their hands are the trans community and all it's allies. It is nothing more than a predatory cult at this point and it's main goal is to bring further misery to everyone with some sort of discomfort about themselves and tricks them into it by giving them the attention they desperately want and a false sense of community and comfort.

No. 1138135


No. 1138164

are you on crack? we get it, you hate trannies, but soren pretending she was a final fantasy character and getting a chunk cut out of her arm has very little to do with her killing herself. if anyone is to blame, it's her insane out of touch parents that literally encouraged her to larp about all the shit she made up for years and years, not the trans boogeymen. soren herself being the eternal pick-me that she is literally said multiple times that she hated being trans and hated the trans community, if you bothered to read the other threads.

No. 1138169

exactly what i was thinking. soren had way bigger issues than being trans, so to blame it all on that is such a tinfoil.

No. 1138174

to be honest we can't be sure it's not fake. she faked her own death in past, she could be fine and alive and reading this website and getting off of attention she got now.

No. 1138188

But she had been like that for a long time. Why kill herself after she got the surgery? Could it be that she realised that she had ruined her body beyond all repair and decided to end it? It's not that uncommon with trans people. They think that their life is going to be so much better after surgery and then they finally snap once they understand that they've been lied to.

No. 1138221

File: 1611254392202.png (59.44 KB, 1914x779, oops.png)

If dead at that funeral place, it's likely she literally is rotting.

No. 1138237

Damn, her parents must have really just been over her shit.

No. 1138260

Maybe it is fake, but at this point I'm severely doubting it. It's not out of her realm to fake this sort of shit, but the website it's posted on is a funeral/cremation service. So, realistically, her parents would have had to call and pay.

No. 1138303

i find it ironic that soren's parents initially had to pay for her, and then both figuratively and literally never stopped paying for her.

No. 1138312

okay that's just a little too "Soren Fantasy" to be rotting and buried by the worst funeral home in town

No. 1138318

I don't doubt that he killed himself. His friend wrote in Soren's comments that he "took his own life". Normally I'd take anything his friends says with a grain of salt because he has been known to lie to his friends before, but since he is dead they would have to have heard it from his family/someone who knows the family like Cheyenne

No. 1138352

Have you seen the results of that surgery? I agree it's definitely not the main reason, but it could be the final straw. Sometimes a working body is the only thing that stops people from ending their life

No. 1138390

could Soren call them and pay for this obituary? Or her friend was one of her fake accounts? We talk about girl who made page on hidden wiki and researched CP to make it more believable and used real missing kids and made memorial website of Danny. She is capable of things.

No. 1138392

File: 1611263148942.jpeg (337.45 KB, 1188x2126, 32ABD19F-B3EC-4C38-9D6A-258A62…)

No. 1138395


No. 1138400

Why are you showing us this?

No. 1138411

if you look upthread there’s an anon who claimed to know her irl, assuming this is the same person

No. 1138415

unfortunately only time will tell whether it's fake or not

No. 1138490

This is the most random thing ever. Anyone can fake text messages or send messages to themselves. And who is the other nobody even supposed to be? One of the people that got used as a template for a character in the baby sex dungeon fanfic of Soren?

No. 1138547

I wonder if these are new ratings, or even left by competing funeral homes, or people who don’t like living near it.

Using Dignity for their name is still wild when you read the feedback.

No. 1138661

i find it interesting that soren's mom is a doctor/nurse that practices family medicine. especially fucked up that soren would say his mom is ok with him killing himself. i feel so bad for the family. i hope they can live normal lives finally.

No. 1138770

me too anon. I've never felt any sympathy for her, still don't, but it's a shame she's gone if only because the milk will no longer flow. she was truly insane, personally I will miss it

No. 1138779

Do we even know that her mom actually said she was fine with it? This was Expert Situation Fabricator Soren talking, after all. My guess would be that her mom had a less than horrified response to Soren's 46th suicide bait of the week and Soren's bpd ass interpreted that as her mom being okay with her killing herself.

No. 1138830

Dignity Memorial is a corporation. They own thousands of funeral homes across the United States, so it's most likely those reviews are for different funeral homes but all get placed under the Dignity name. It says on Soren's obituary that she's at El Camino Memorial Park, which has a 4.4 rating with Google reviews and a 3.5 on Yelp. Until the very end Soren gets good treatment despite the person they were.

No. 1138842

I mean maybe, but also this bitch has “wanted to die” for years. Maybe she decided that now that she’s a real boy she can finally rot in peace. I thought she would’ve an heroed when she finished KH3 two years ago, because her life was built on arbitrary short-term “goals” and meeting those goals gives a harsh perspective of the empty reality. No prospect of a future, no job, no friends, no talents, no meaningful interests (besides kiddie porn and super hawdcowe dwugs.) Just delusions and lies in a shrine of plastic garbage. So it seems weird that she would regret the frankendog (which can probably easily be removed with some scarring but no lasting maiming?) exclusively and not like… literally every other aspect of her life. But if her actually killing herself after a decade of threatening it twice a week is le ~product of the trans cult~ then trans cult is based.

Who cares though, honestly. She was a pedo and now she’s dead.

No. 1138891

File: 1611308259916.jpg (127.56 KB, 1080x474, Screenshot_20210122-030623__01…)

She got what she wanted in the end. Welp.

No. 1138893

Depends some of them lock like that autistic fattie, the blade___ one got deleted, peeps blew up and dragged on and on, I think plastics is still up and open not on auto sage or anything

No. 1138922

it's kind of hard to be sad about this particular cow when she expressed that she wanted to die so consistently for so long. good for her?

No. 1139017

I'm kind of surprised at the fact that she never tried to write a book and get it published or something. If she could've dropped the plagiarism and putrid subject matter for some vague/"airy fairy" poems and narrativeees, it wouldn't have been too bad. Aside from her gore obsession, she was obviously creative and dedicated to her characters.
I'm sure her parents could've helped her in the publishing side somehow.
Now all that's left is her gross "trauma narratives", some of her old blogs and the descriptions of her playlists.

No. 1139115

oh yeah i have no doubt soren lied about his mom being okay with it. it's just all sorts of levels of fucked up for him to say this when his mom's job is literally providing care for children and families. like she is probably a somewhat caring person but soren goes online to trash her reputation by saying she's ok with him killing himself. he always acted that his parents were so complacent in believing all his bullshit, but i wonder if they choose to believe if after he died, or if they ever even believed in the first place.

No. 1139142

She posted once about her dad angrily telling her to "clean up" her IG after finding out about the shit she posted on it, so it's probably safe to say they may not really have believed it, but they put up with it and coddled her a lot (her mom doing most of the coddling).

No. 1139198

Was Soren actually on hard drugs? It’s so hard to keep track of her lies

No. 1139207

i have no doubts she was “on” ketamine, if only because afaik if you have the money its readily available as far as a medical treatment goes. otherwise who knows. she had a real life person (chey) to back up her claims of acid at the very least. and i seriously doubt her enabling morons of parents would actually care if she WAS doing heroin or whatever so long as she claimed it was ~helping her mental health

No. 1139213

maybe a stupid observation but anyone else notice when you google soren's name without specifically including 'lolcow' this thread doesn't show up any more in the top results? is there any way the parents could do that to kind of 'clean up' soren's online reputation?

No. 1139219

Yes that's possible, you can put in a request to have certain results omitted. It's mostly camgirls that do this though. I checked the database and there is no entry for Soren that I can see.


No. 1139249

not sure how you mean, when i look up soren daniel hayes these threads and his callout tumblr are the first results

No. 1139604

File: 1611358774255.png (564.16 KB, 521x563, i5w9498839498398.PNG)

Found another site hosting an obit for Soren, but it aggregates from public sources so there's a good chance it just pulled from the Dignity Memorial one but it has a manual submission feature too. It is noticeably missing "Funeral arrangement under the care of [company]" like pic related that nearly every other listing has so I wonder if it was personally created by either Soren (in advance if it was suicide) or a relative.
In any other instance I'd call bullshit and say she was faking again given her usual dedication, but the first obituary is pushing me heavily into thinking it's legit this time. The absolute lack of public mourning from anyone in her family between her mom's boomer memes and Marley posting about donating to cat rescues to save "furbabies" is hilarious if so.

No. 1139653

I wholeheartedly agree, the thread has gotten so annoying and I’m disgusted. So, you have no problem reporting on and voyeuring cows until they die, and suddenly you’re sooo sad and think it’s a “depressing end”? I don’t regret a single thing I’ve shared about her on here, and I highly doubt any of these “sad” and “regretful” anons do either. If that were the care, why do you come here at all? Any cow could die at any time, it doesn’t matter how histrionic or pathological they are. They are not impervious to death.

No, I don’t feel sorry for an invalid that sought out cp and fantasized about killing, raping, and torturing little girls. Stfu.

No. 1139674

File: 1611363629580.jpeg (664.32 KB, 3464x3464, 31D887F4-982B-4D25-B4FE-C6A66E…)

I'm also inclined to believe it's legit, but something about it all feels strange and suspicious, including the reasons you've mentioned. Additionally, the only comment left on the obituary is from a name that illicits no search results (save for the actual obituary.) Why would someone use an alias to comment on a loved one's obituary? Further snooping also shows that there was a recent death in Soren's extended family (on his older sister's side), and that the family also used Dignity's online obituary service. By comparison, the page is full of photos and posts from family members using their full and real names. Would it be farfetched to think that Soren was inspired to create a fake death ruse after seeing the extended family member's online obituary? The biggest piece of evidence refuting this is the younger sister's instagram post, but there's no way to access her account and confirm it truly exists. Even then, you can still tinfoil and say its part of some elaborate plot, but it is unlikely the sister would be in on it.

I also did some poking around on facebook and noticed Soren's mother is friends with the person in these screenshots and who is using multiple IG accounts. This person even laugh reacted to Soren's mom's most recent boomer humor reshare, which was posted two days ago. You'd figure that some of her boomer friends would comment "sorry for your loss" or something like that on an unrelated post after Soren's passing, because that's how old people use facebook, but it's been nothing but laugh reacts and thumbs ups. All kind of strange for grieving friends and family to do, especially when it's just been a hair over a week since the death. Ultimately nothing besides seeing a photo of Soren out and about or seeing activity on any online accounts will be definitive proof that this is fake, but I still can't shake the strangeness surrounding the situation.

No. 1139715

maybe everyone just hated soren and is glad she's dead kek.
thank you for the sleuthing though, it's interesting that none of the family members and friends commented on her death at all.

No. 1139719

It all just feels very off, you're right. It wouldn't surprise me at this point if she were dead or alive, but there's something weird about the fact that her obit has no descriptor, images, or posts by actual real people on it. That combined with her mother and sister posting jack shit about it, they don't even seem concerned. Time will only tell, if she's alive she'll pop back up again, I'm sure.

No. 1139725

nta but mte, let’s not forget one of the last times Soren vanished we were able to figure out they were alive because of amazon wishlist updates.

No. 1139733


Tinfoil, but maybe since there was no dramatic suicide monologue, paired with the family being relatively silent about it all indicates that maybe Soren accidentally ODed from heroine and the family feels great shame because of it.

No. 1139752

Isn't the typical route with shame over deaths to list natural causes or additional causes? Surely they would just say the death was from medical complications or something.

Or maybe they all really don't give a shit kek.

No. 1139779

That’s implying that Soren ever did heroin in the first place. If you believe she did you’re retarded.

No. 1139804

what a fitting conclusion to this story. even when i knew soren on tumblr, we all pretty much assumed he'd kill himself one day and now that it's happened, i can't say i'm torn up about it.

No. 1139858

I’ve had a few people in my orbit pass from suicide and none of their obituaries listed cause of death.

No. 1139902

I never checked out this cow's thread until today. Didn't realize this was a fakeboi and wondered why there was a thread on some random Indian guy. Now I will check out the rest of the threads. If Soren is dead hope her loved ones are doing ok.

No. 1139912

Also I have to point out that with Q anon and "Save the Children" being big recently, it's not just Soren who who is obsessed with child abuse stories. idk what happened to Soren but her stories remind me of Satanic Ritual Panic stories with similar vivid descriptions

No. 1139973

I’m leaning towards Soren actually being dead on what to believe, but this screenshot is weird. The last message from the sender is from Aug 2019. Why would you casually message someone after not messaging someone for two years to say “omg, did you hear soren killed themselves i guess”??

No. 1140096

Idk that’s pretty realistic. That’s exactly what happened in my old high school friend group when one of the girls (coincidentally also trooned out) killed herself.

No. 1140111

Her stories are nothing like that. It’s actually kind of irritating to suddenly get so many comments here about how you perceive her to be when you barely studied up on Soren-lite when you came here to share your half-baked theories and opinions.

No. 1140294


This sounds dodgy as hell when two people who refer to her as Priya and haven't heard about her in years refer to her with the "they" pronoun.

No. 1140304

>Why would someone use an alias to comment on a loved one's obituary?
I personally think it could've come from one of the dumb touchyfeely farmers who randomly developed sympathy for Soren, since the comment was posted on January 21st while news of Soren's (presumable) death was first posted on here the 17th and the memorial link was posted the 20th.

No. 1140335

idk the "they" thing sounds reasonable to me, lots of people have started to default to neutral pronouns now due to TRA shit spreading. especially if these people had not talked to soren in a while, they might have considered it the polite thing to do. since they also use the name priya, maybe they werent close but knew a bit about the gender fuckery through the grapevine. although that is a bit strange to me because her name was legally changed, i could see some normie ex friends not knowing that.

No. 1140519

How do we even know it’s an alias? Especially if it’s like a boomer relative or something, they probably don’t use Facebook/use it under their real name. Maybe it’s a maiden name the family would have known them or something, or a first and middle name. Idk seems like a weird nitpick, also I’m sure most people directly contacted the family instead of posting on a site they don’t even know if the family will check

No. 1140626

Man there are barely any photos of Soren on any of the threads. I’m trying to find out what this person even looks like (or has looked like over time, pre transition vs post) but can’t. Anyone care to help out and submit? Esp curious to see pics of the Sora cosplay

No. 1140632

There are a fuckton of pics of her in the threads.

No. 1140660

I was gonna say the same thing, both the threads and web search return fuck all, and it doesnt seem like any of this fugly piece of shits deleted videos have been uploaded elsewhere either. She is the exception to all other cows who have died, most of them have been treated with some degree of respect after croaking but this pedo cunt did the world a favor

No. 1140661

Ugly. She didn’t post pics of herself often. What you see over her four threads is what you get.

No. 1140675

File: 1611458495210.jpg (87.55 KB, 750x729, 32345.jpg)

Probably been posted but here's one from her Depop. She modeled a couple of the shirts she sold.

No. 1140705

>this pedo cunt did the world a favor
This reminds me a lot of the fake Hidden Wiki comments she wrote.

No. 1140739

How hard were you looking? there's literally a collage she made of her childhood pics and as she started to troon out in this very thread. >>980967
(Still so strange she looked like a normal kid then the second she cut her hair to be a fakeboi everything went out the door.)

No. 1141618

File: 1611564617740.png (810.18 KB, 2170x1542, s.png)

soren made a post on dread(acc confirmed with >>977745) for the first time in 7 months two weeks ago. idk if that makes the death/suicide more believable or not

on the rest of the account soren was talking VERY inside baseball for buying drugs in all the other posts, it looks like she only used it a handful of times because she was having issues sourcing, but she said she had two vendors cancel orders on her which is unheard of on the markets. still not sure if I believe >>1140675 that was buying meth off the deep web but it's strong evidence she at least tried

No. 1141801

With cases i've known, code for (non suicide) drug overdose death is "multiple organ failure".

No. 1141982

Not doubting she’s used darkweb markets before, but the way she name drops a ton of them comes across as incredibly try-hard, like she’s trying to prove she isn’t a fucking normie (reminds me of the fake Hidden Wiki screenshot). Agreed that the timing is fishy, but I guess there isn’t much we can make out of it.

No. 1142024

When was the last time her Amazon wish list was checked? That was her lazarus pit last time, maybe it will be again.

No. 1142306

File: 1611636036905.jpg (105.77 KB, 1381x991, amazond.JPG)

Checked out his Amazon, the last time it's been updated was a day after his supposed "death" on the obituary (the 13th). He might be as well alive and kicking.

No. 1142307

Fuck, just reread it and it says 2020. My mistake.

No. 1142327

How did her nose get bigger and chin get weaker?

No. 1142333

Don't be silly, anon, everyone knows you store trauma in the nostrils

No. 1142335

It's extremely unlikely that Soren's family faked the obituary so I'm locking this thread because further discussion is futile since there isn't much you can mock or criticize a dead person for.

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