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File: 1424665361675.jpg (546.83 KB, 500x784, qs6yrt.jpg)

No. 53420

No. 53425

Jesus where the fuck did that picture come from?

No. 53426

I googled kirsten ostrenga. one of the first to come up surprisingly

No. 53430

finally, a new thread

No. 53437

i kind of miss the scene days. lolcows are so boring now.

No. 53440

Dakota was still more interesting than her nobody sister.

No. 53442

shes not now. both are boring. kiki rarely updates online and dakota is MIA and only updates in japanese.

let me go back in time to the stickam days plz

No. 53445

Before her vegan diet bullshit, she actually looked healthier in these days but she was also younger so

No. 53451

Speaking of the stickam days, is there an archive of all her stickam streams? All I know about are the clips of her saying offensive things that was on youku. I'm mostly interested in seeing her last stickam stream.

I agree, imo Kiki actually looks kinda cute in the op. I think it mostly has to do with her skin having color to it and her cheeks being slightly fuller.

No. 53461

idk but i'd love to see them if there was. i missed that last stream, too. would've liked to see dakota acting like her old self since she seemed to be doing that in the chat from the scant screencaps that were taken.

No. 53468

That's why I wanna see it too, I'm also curious if Kiki showed her true colors in the stream. I think that's why Kiki doesn't stream anymore, she knows her true colors would show and that someone would most likely be recording it. I'm hoping that with Kiki's desperation for fame in Japan and how delusional she is about her language skills, she starts trying to stream on nico.

No. 53469

true colors?i remember her being rude and a bitch on her stickam lives.

No. 53476

She looked soooo much prettier! I don't understand how she can change in so little time. Is it because her face is skinnier now?

Surely that old hair color looks fake, but at least her hair looked waaay thicker and shiny/healthy back then. She also suits the old "too much makeup" style.

Kiki ruined herself.

No. 53478

File: 1424676363174.jpg (231.14 KB, 635x480, scene1.jpg)

i was so jealous of her hair back in the day lol

No. 53479

>Kiki ruined herself

Which is awesome and hilariois because she ruined herself by trying to become Kooter.

No. 53488

All she did was back comb it for years.
That and bleaching her hair really fucked it up.She's lucky she has any left for her alien ass head.

No. 53491

Man she is slooooooooooooooow af to upload shit. and whats with her uploading rage kitten iixxxxxxxxxxx
a few days ago. She getting back into music if you can call it that.

No. 53494

"All she did"

You never noticed how much more hair she had back then? Right now it's just dead and flat and gross. Surely it was damaged back then but at least it looked better (not referring to her ugly racoon hair).

No. 53497

I think Kiki just needs a good boyfriend to treat her right and she will stay off the internet and stop trying to become famous

No. 53505

i'd love for her to stream again, but i think she never will if she hasn't by now tbh. she did try to start streaming on a new site some months after stickam shut down but she couldn't figure out how to work it and that was her only try.

now even delusional as she is, she has to know her follower count has dropped tremendously from the time people were tuning in weekly to watch her on stickam. if she tried again, there'd be no audience.

besides, i think she realized by the end how much her streaming bit them in the ass. around the time of her second-to-last show is when kiki and dakota's past started to dredge itself up and cause their endless spiral of false copyright takedowns to try to erase history. she knows whatever she'll say will get saved and thrown back in her face.

No. 53509

oh sweetie, you must be new

No. 53523

You never noticed how much of her hair was actually extensions and not her real hair? Her hair was always backcombed, fried and only around or just past shoulder length until she stopped fucking with it and just let it grow out.

No. 53525

I used to look like that, also had the same fat photocamera lol

No. 53527

Yeah, she was actually somewhat forthcoming with that in the past. She did a video about her extensions, talking about how she has to dye the ones she orders because she couldn't find any that matched her bleached hair as is.

No. 53530

True, the only people who care about her is us and her 5 remaining fans. So we'd just watch to laugh, discuss, and record/screencap everything.

Thinking about it, maybe Kiki could get relevancy again if she just trolled like Trisha Paytas. But in this case, it would just be her being herself. I feel like a lot of lolcows could really make a living if they made completely raw vlogs on yt. Like, if Kiki made videos of her attempts to get fame, complaining about how she should be the famous sister, etc, I'd probably pay to watch that tbh.

No. 53532

>somebody who has had direct contact with the she-devil herself finds get way
>kiki comes in and shitposts until she leaves
>we let her
>admin let's get and does nothing

You know normally I appreciate how lax our mod is in her actions but this is an example of how she really should have stepped in.
How often do we actually come across people who are connected to Kirsten and can provide further deets, and you guys let her get ran off? Really?

No. 53533

My point was that her old hair actually did look better on her than this flat dead fish she's living with now.

No. 53542

Seriously, this pissed me off. I don't know if it was Kiki or not but either way it was fucking annoying and the samefaggery was disgusting. I left this thread the other night with everyone acting nice with Liz, we were on her side, talking shit about Kiki and it was great, then today I come back and there's a horde of posts going fucking apeshit on the girl. Really wish that samefagging anon was banned. They ruin it for the rest of us who aren't uncontrollable autists.

No. 53543

And by this thread I mean the previous thread.

No. 53548

Same and same. Everything was going well and liz even said she was considering talking to kaka again. I doubt she will now. Having her around as a reg would've made things pretty interesting.

Hasn't the admin checked IP location before for us? I'd like to see info on that samefag shitposter. I really don't see why any of the regs in here would want to run liz off so determinedly.

No. 53552

Shit, I missed it, did Kiki actually come and whiteknight herself?? Did anybody get caps?

No. 53553

I aleays wondered why Kirsten and her parents didn't try to throw shit at Dakota Once she started ignoring them all as Japan gave her more annention. Even just Kiki acting alone and using google translate could damage Koti's rep pretty badly if she tanslated (even poorly) Koti's tweets and cideos where she was being racist, vulgar and despicable.

No. 53554

Afaik the shitposter's posts are still there in the previous thread, but that Liz chick deleted a bunch of her own replies.

No. 53557

Admin-san, why didn't you do anything?

Are you even moderating the site any more? Does this board have janitors?

No. 53558

File: 1424697708125.jpg (27.24 KB, 500x637, kiki-kannibal-without-editing-…)

btw here's a bit of original OP picture before shoop.

No. 53561

Without shoop looks a lot like how she is now.

No. 53562

Har har funny.

No. 53564

Oh, thanks anon, I was hoping for some nightmares tonight.

No. 53569

Looking at her dry,brittle hair makes me cringe. I also hate when people don't tone their bleached hair.

No. 53570

Please no, we have enough people like that.

No. 53584


Holy shit stop fucking samefagging in every thread you sad cunt.

No. 53620

i think they're still fine with each other honestly. I think its like how Kendall Jenner doesnt want to be associated with her family because of her career but she is still cool with them. kota probably talks to them in secret but doesnt do it publicly because she doesnt want to look bad or ruin her rep by being associated with them.

No. 53627

This. Thats probaly the last time well see her.

I think it might have kaka cause you know shes "too good" to sling shit from her twitter or instagram,you know with it not being very japaro princesse like.

No. 53631

how new are you? she was vegan back in the myspace days. so like early-mid 2000s.

No. 53641

This is what I think as well.

No. 53643

I remember she made a video saying why she wanted to learn Japanese and it seemed like she was implying she was learning for Kota. I think they are still a close family. I know this is an unpopular opinion LOL

No. 53648

learning for koti? more like learning to fit in with kota lel

No. 53649

you are retarded and i will tell you why. don't the ostrenga parents eat, sleep, and breathe to acquire and maintain fame for their daughters? in the myspace days, kiki was far more popular but the parents treated the girls the same - providing both with outrageous fashion choices and fancy cameras and editing software. its the same now. the parents and kiki wouldnt shun dakota because it still brings them fame or money or attention.

No. 53652

Backcombing and split ends give the appearance of more volume. You're hilariously mistaking a sign of damage for a sign of health.

No. 53656

shes not mistaking it though. shes simply saying it LOOKED a bit nicer compared to kiki's current limps strands. dakota's too. im sure it much healthier now thats its au natural bu for both of them, their hair is so limp and greasy.

No. 53662

Kota's hair looks a million times better now than it ever did in her scene days, what are you talking about? Kaka's hair doesn't look great right now considering how thin and limp her hair type is, but I still think it's somewhat better than the frizzy, disgusting mess she had years ago.

No. 53694

File: 1424719789381.jpg (58.66 KB, 500x750, group-pic-after-show-backstage…)

No. 53696

File: 1424719901261.jpg (37.37 KB, 307x460, dakota-rose---kiki-kannibal17.…)

No. 53697

Even though I hate Kotas sister, she did look much better with short hair.

No. 53700

File: 1424720084390.jpg (7.79 KB, 183x275, images.jpg)

Shit man when kaka isn't riding kotas fashion dick she looks much better out of that kawai trash shit she tries to wear.
(but we all knew this)

No. 53703

She looks pregnant here, ha.

No. 53710

File: 1424721351876.png (1.11 MB, 623x913, asadasd.png)

You know I always wondered if kaka ps Dakota that ugly.

No. 53712

I wouldn't put it past her

No. 53713

who knows

No. 53715

in that era Dakota liked being called an alien. Plus some of her own photos look just like it, so I don't think so.

No. 53716

File: 1424721751562.png (382.43 KB, 1071x768, Hoshigaki_Kisame.png)

Kota reminds me of Kisame, maybe the nose?

No. 53723

She did say she was learning because of Kota, but she was just reaching for some reason to learn Japanese because she knows she has no actual interest and/or reason to. It's not like Kota has forgotten English and they spoke English together the last time they tweeted each other.

I think Kiki's hair was better in the scene days because she actually bothered to style it. The hairstyle and color also makes Kiki look very dull looking, it isn't helping that she insists on wearing all white.

From what I've heard, Kota was actually the one shooping their pictures while Kiki went out with her friends. It makes sense, Kiki has posted shooped pictures and videos, but she hasn't really done it since Kota left. Back when Kota was around, Kiki took higher quality photos and didn't use the insane amount brightness in her videos that she does now.

No. 53727

File: 1424722774556.jpg (123.45 KB, 600x911, lmao ayy.jpg)

Seriously, these photos had to have been photoshopped. I mean, Dakota isn't as perfect irl as she shoops herself nowadays, but she ain't that fuckin' ugly.

No. 53730

Those 3-hair bangs don't help though.

No. 53733

File: 1424723090287.jpg (43.53 KB, 540x377, valeria-lukyanova.jpg)

lmao I just actually noticed Kiki's face in this photo, she looks like Valeria.

No. 53734

She was going for the Queen PT look.

No. 53735

It's not that though, something about her face is really, really off. Her eyes are super cat-like and far apart, her cheekbones are really high and defined and her head shape is fucking weird. Not to mention she's thin as a stick. Did she have a ED at one point or is it shoop?

No. 53739

Kek@ Kiki wearing fur

No. 53740

I doubt it, she used to say on her formspring that she eats pure junk and it was down to genetics, and that her parents were thin in their youth.

She looked similar to that picture in this video http://kikikannibal.buzznet.com/user/video/4096511/white-mean-yellow-alligatorz/

Remember that she really does have far-set eyes and really sharp cheek bones that she covers with her hair now-a-days. The thinness may have been shopped.

faux fur.

No. 53752

iirc Kota shooped herself to resemble her "art" at that time

No. 53754

File: 1424725528847.jpg (73.25 KB, 500x750, keekz.jpg)

My fav pic of Kaka.

No. 53761

How fucking new are you? She was a vegetarian first why don't you know what you are talking about first before opening your cunt of a mouth.

No. 53762

Has anyone tried to talk to her after last night?

No. 53763

Maybe it was Dannys baby.
Didn't she comment on how he didn't like to use a condom.

No. 53764

you sound mad honey buns

No. 53768

she never got pregnant though.

No. 53769

So does she just not understand how to have safe sex?

No condom with Danny, got an STI from some dude so I assume none with him either, and no condom with Jack Cash.

I think if I got chlamydia I'd be more careful but she's still letting random scene guys stick their diseased dicks into her with no protection.

How stupid to you have to be?

No. 53770

And your breath smells like vagina, what's your fucking point?

No. 53771

She used condoms with Danny, guess how Cathy was abel to collect all their used condoms, it's just that Kiki wants to get some baby with azn blood.

No. 53774

There's a shit load of documents in the archive saying she uses birth control. And one instance where she had a pregnancy scare with Danny.

So no asian baby, and no condom.

No. 53775

whoops didn't mean to quote you back there.

To you I meant to say that your insults suck ass, cause you can't smell anyone on the webz so wtf.

No. 53776

I feel like Kiki's really desperate to be liked, especially by guys. A lot of guys will insist on not wearing a condom. Also the baby thing like this anon said >>53771 I wouldn't be surprised if Kiki tried to chain a man down with a baby.

No. 53795

I'm still amazed she attained MySpace fame, honestly. Was it just because she posted HQ and heavily shooped pics and no one else her age could really do that? Because I can see why her videos would be popular with, say, 13-14 year olds but I'm just baffled that she got THAT popular all those years ago.

No. 53800


Her fame came more from Stickam. She was good at just going on cam and shit talking for hours.

No. 53806

File: 1424729930079.jpg (656.03 KB, 1154x714, scene wannabe vs kiki.jpg)

> Was it just because she posted HQ and heavily shooped pics and no one else her age could really do that?

Yes. Jessi Slaughter is a prime example (at least in the wannabe aspect) of how some people idolized her back then. Either their parents didn't let them turn like that, or they just didn't know how to do it. You'd often see wanna-be scene kids taking crappy pictures with a cellphone of their clip-in pink highlights and hello kitty jewelry meant for 5 year olds, and that was a "scene" as they were ever gonna get. But Kiki had her parents' support to make it happen with pro cameras, photography lighting, supplying her with shit ton of makeup, driving her to graveyards for photoshoots, etc.

She also joined a fuck ton of "whore trains" to get as many friend requests as possible. Back then, her myspace bulletins would be filled with nothing but whore train adds.

Pic related of the typical 14 year old scene wannabe, vs what Kiki could do.

Do you think a 14 year old girl could have made herself look like this on her own? You need adult power to make something like this happened, and myspace kids like the one on the left didn't have that.

No. 53808

>This video is private.

No. 53818

Shes not 14 here(more like 15-16), But yeah the ones who were like efame scene where the older kids/adults and then you had kaka.

No. 53935

Sorry for the lack of response, I have not had access to a computer for the past few days. We do have some janitors, but they've been instructed to only remove posts violating global rules.

Moderating post content is a difficult issue. I did not want to give people I don't know that right, because that's how board staff turn into nazis.

I agree in this case the posts in question constituted "extremely irritating", and appropriate action has been taken.

I am also interested in bringing on 1-2 more janitors. Please see >>53934

No. 54043

File: 1424766705836.jpg (94.58 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mdnbzy3W1U1rr7zvdo1_500…)

p sure her eyebrows make a huge diff. she didn't have Vegeta eyebrows back then

>Jessi Slaughter
OT but anyone kept up with her? I know she came back to the nets a couple years ago and was doing video chat. Pic related, she is weird-looking af

No. 54044

This is very interesting, how Kiki is a product of her parent's monetary and photography support in the crazy.

No. 54050

Yeah, she came back and was chubby and identified as a male named…what was it. Devon? Damian? Something like that. It was really weird. She seemed to have matured a bit though, which isn't surprising really seeing as she was only 11 when all the drama happened.

No. 54054

She got pregnant (spposedly twice) since her glory days on /b/, she even made a post about it on her tumblr saying "her name will either be December or (something) and she will be here (month idr)" but she deleted it several weeks later and posted pics of herself in a black swimsuit by a piol eating chips while on a laptop, saying she was at some sort of resort for a week to "relax" after she had her abortion.

Someone should really make a thread about her.

No. 54055

Jesus, I hope she wasn't too far along… When was this? I mean, how long after shit went down because yeah, she was only 11. I'd hope at least quite a few years.

No. 54056

Im guessing a couple months, hard to tell with how big he was at the time. As for age, she had a post of her and her boyfriend posing together in dressy clothes and the caption mentioned them going to a middle school dnce, so 14-16.

No. 54057

*How big SHE was at the tIme, and by big I mein body weight.

I stopped following her after the abortion thing, I was too disgusted between her self/life posts and she shit she reblogged. Fuck's sake, a 14 year old relogging porn and pics of girls in skirts pulling down their panties captioned "it ain't gonna lick itself" just felt badwrong to even see. That was before Dakota started getting noticed, so 2011 perhaps.

No. 54088


I think Jessi is probably the one person I'm uncomfortable about making a thread about.

The girl obviously had a terrible home life and it came out that her father was beating her for god knows how long. She probably took to the internet as a means of escape and created the Jessi Salughter persona in order to try at a life in which she's a different person, a confident young girl instead of the white trash with an abusive father that she really was.

And then, her dad has a heart attack and dies, something that was probably the result of the stress of Jessi's antics and the resulting backlash. The guy sounds like trash anyway but to then be ripped from her home, her mother and placed into care…

Well people are laughing and mocking her being abnormal, but what do you expect when she's had a far from normal life? She really is a causality of the internet. I wish social services had gotten involved earlier and done their fucking job, maybe then she wouldn't be in the place she is today.

No. 54098

People who have children and stay in abusive relationships piss me off like nothing else.

No. 54107

OT but I found out about Kiki through Jessi actually. I remember going on Kiki's twitter after hearing Jessi mention her in a video and seeing someone say Kiki looks like Riff Raff from Rocky Horror Picture Show, lmao.
Jessi also makes me uncomfortable, especially with her dating guys grown ass men, talking about sex, and stuff. I will say, she's got guts for coming back on the internet. I know if that happened to me, I'd just stay anonymous on the internet.

Back on topic now, Kiki just privated her instagram. I don't think she gets that there's no point in making it private since all the links to her pictures are also shared on twitter.

No. 54118

To be fair, a lot of lolcows probably had a shitty homelife. I mean we make fun of a lot of them for bawwing about nothing (which is true) but I'm sure there's probably at least a few who've legitimately had struggles that we make fun of too. It gives a reason for their behaviour but if they cause shit, then they're a lolcow nonetheless.

OT, but lolcow has become a fucking hugbox all of a sudden. Half the time a new lolcow is brought up, the thread is flooded with "WAI DEY LOLCOW?? U PROB JELLY LOLOLOL" or "THEY ONLY 16 GIVE THEM A BREAK". It's irritating as shit. We're here to be catty bitches anyway.

No. 54130

have you heard of the self verification theory? where people want to build/stay in relationships in which their partner supports their feelings for themselves by treating/speaking to them the way they feel? So if you are confident and love yourself, you'll only stand for a relationship where your partner does the same, but if you have feelings of worthlessness, you'll eventually want to (usually subconsciously) end up with someone who lets you feel as though you are right for feeling the way you do. It sounds asinine, but these people feel that going out with someone who tries to make them feel better by treating them well is either lying or doesn't deserve them.

tl;dr, these issues (not relationship wise, just the feelings of inadequacy) are usually present long before these couples bring a child into the world, but having them makes it worse because they feel they need to provide a family for the child, even if its one that sucks. Its sad, but kids would prefer to have a parent that treats them like shit most of the time than have no parent present at all, which is why so many kids would rather not be in foster care, they have hope that their real parents may change one day and show them the love they need.

No. 54133

Most lolcows may not come from the best of backgrounds but they certainly didn't have it that bad. If anything most of them seem spoiled as fuck.

No. 54140

Idgaf If you bring a child into this world by your choices not their s, you are responsible for him or her.

No. 54328

She acts like some of us on here don't follow her. So we still can see it.

No. 54349

I kind of feel sorry for Dakota in this picture.
Her sister gets all the attention while she uncomfortably sits on the bench since they don't even bother to move a little bit to give her more space. ;_;

No. 54372

The only thing I knew of her was that
after her dad's death she went into foster care, came out as trans, but apparently shit was jut a phase because then she starred in a MLP porn called MLP: Fucking is Magic.

No. 54374

File: 1424815820498.jpg (179.7 KB, 579x793, healing crystal dick.jpg)

i am so sorry dear anons

No. 54375

Bull shit on the porn.
Is she even 18 yet?

God I've missed shit like this.

No. 54376

No. 54382

File: 1424816356058.jpg (769.86 KB, 1440x2560, tamVpLi.jpg)

I take that back.
the porn is real, but none of the girls look like her from what I can tell.

No. 54384

No. 54387

Wow, looks nothing like her.

No. 54388

It's not her, just somebody who goes by the same pseudonym, come on guys it took me 2 seconds to find this out https://twitter.com/KaraChiffon

No. 54389

You're the fucking best.

No. 54395

Lmao, this is perfection.

>Is she even 18 yet?
I'm 100% positive she isn't, she was either born in 1999 or 2000 since she was 11 in 2011. I'm pretty sure she's turning 16 this year.

No. 54403

Can you guys stfu about her now in here? Make a thread instead, she sounds lol worthy.

No. 54420

Come here and let me touch your face, you beautiful creature. Let me love you.

No. 54423

That's why I said to make a thread in my post where I explained why I stopped following her, to keep her out of Kaka's thread.

The "I don't feel comfortable making a thread about her" shit is hilarious because they sure as shit don't mind posting about her In This one, the same thing they would be doing there. Hypocrites.

No. 54503


Yah, let's get the Kiki thread focused back on Kiki.

How long until she makes her insta public again? She's too attention hungry to keep it private for long.

No. 54534

She's supposedly in Japan for 2 months and the best she can say she did was sat in a pissy cab.

No. 54572

That's sad when you consider that she probably does consider the pissy cab incident more interesting than going to see sumo, or anything else in Tokyo. ~loves Japan & the culture~ my ass.

Does she just sit in her hotel room all day on the internet?? wtf

No. 54578

I'd say maybe a week, that's literally how long she stayed off of twitter after the lilkitten meltdown.

I think that's exactly what she does, more specifically she's most likely just been scrolling through her threads on here and on pull. I really don't get the point of her going to Japan, other than for fame, I think she's also just going to Japan just to be special and say she was there. Same thing about speaking Japanese and other Asian languages, it's only to make her look interesting, not racist, and get attention.

No. 54580

Weird, it's not private for me. Try it again, it might have just been YouTube acting strange.

No. 54609

Her Instagram is no longer private. That was fast. She probably doesn't want to lose likes/potential followers from her #スーパーかわいい日本人 hashtags.

No. 54616

Wow, I think you're definitely right with that. It's really pathetic that she insists that she's not an online personality and that she doesn't want attention, but she literally can't stay private on the internet for more than 5 seconds. It probably drove her insane thinking of all the nihonjin missing out on her kawaii-ness.

No. 54618

Looking at her IG, she made it private to check all her photos for comments made by ~haters~.

No. 54628

Her activity on Twitter is silent probably because she has to suck dick to pay for her expenses

No. 54659

File: 1424883703433.jpg (145.11 KB, 480x640, o0480064013226863152.jpg)

I feel like this is a fairly clear indication that Kota and Kiki hang out together in Japan and just don't talk about it. From Kota's ameblo.

No. 54660

Not to say they could have just coincidentally both went shopping for these at the same time, but it just seems like the timing suggests otherwise.

No. 54661

It seems more like that Kiki uses her photos, she hasn't been posting photos of herself in a long time and all were from the same day unless she wears the same outfit for over a month.

No. 54666

if they're not talking how would she get those photos from kota?

No. 54667

If it is even her photos, not hard to Google the new merch and add some filter over it, it isn't the first time she stole photos.

No. 54668

Was just about to say that. This is hilarious. I love the fact that her stealing Kota's pictures is coming to light. Kaka is so embarrassing. Her jealously of Kooter is ridiculous.

No. 54671

lol, why doesn't someone try to claim copyright to it and get it taken off her ig.
i mean its only fair seeing they did it to other people.

No. 54672

i understand that but when people say they're kotas photos..isnt that indication that theyre speaking? she couldnt get photos from kota if she doesnt give them to her.

No. 54674

If she uploads them on to her twitter or blog she can just take them off of that.
But who knows maybe she text her pictures of what shes bought, or maybe they really do hang out.

No. 54676

if she took them from a site kota uses we could see them posted on there or the many people who are fans of kota would point it out.

No. 54679

She already has though.
like that one thing covered in crystals and sailor moon figures is from kotas blog.
All kaka did was crop out the bottom part.

No. 54692

What. This was a picture of kota holding a gun until I clicked on it.

No. 54695

I just read Kota's blog post and she said she got all this stuff on valentines day. It's fishy to me that both of them got the exact same things on valentines day as gifts.

No. 54698

Same! Then when I checked later it had changed and I just thought it must've been a weird fuck up on my end.

No. 54700

Hahaha! So good. It's no coincidence; Kiki stole Kota's photos/took her own photos of Kota's stuff and acted like they were her own. God, I love it when Kaka makes a fucking fool of herself.

No. 54711

I love to make fun of Kiki as much as anyone else, but what makes more sense:

1.) Kiki stealing photos from her sister's blog to look cool even though Dakota probably checks out her instagram

2.)Kiki hanging out with her sister in the same city they're both currently in and using a photo of the same sailor moon garbage that they probably bought together?

I really don't get these DAKOTA OBVIOUSLY HATES KIKI rumors. It's probably just that Koti doesn't post about things not related to her work on her social media besides shit she buys.

No. 54716

Yeah. Im going to agree here. Kiki is hilarious and all but it seems more likely they were just together

No. 54718

I doubt Dakota checks Kiki's instagram; 98% sure she doesn't have one herself so she'd have no reason to really. Kiki has taken Kota's pictures before and posted them on her instagram insinuating that she took the picture. Both Dakota and Kiki claim that they received the gifts in the photo on Valentine's Day. They could have just been together and bought that stuff but that'd still at least mean they're lying about someone giving them Valentine's gifts. Or it was like, their parents or something that both gave them stuff. Which would still be kek-worthy, but it seems unlikely.

No. 54719

if they got the same things then i suspect their parents bought the stuff. lots of parents who spoil their kids buy then shit for valentine's. and lots of parents with more than one kid will get both kids the same shit.

No. 54720

It sounds plausible. But Kota insinuated her fans/more than one person bought her that stuff since at the end of her blog post, she said, "Thank you everyone!" If Kiki got her that stuff she'd say her older sister did. While it's true, Kota doesn't mention her personal life at all really, she doesn't have an issue with mentioning her family. When Kiki got her that Audrey Kawasaki print, Kota outright said, "my older sister got me this." And it isn't the first time she's done this. I don't really think Kota is going through a lot of trouble to hide Kiki, if she was, she'd follow a shit ton of people so her fans would never find Kiki in her following list.

No. 54727

Plus, no one in Japan knows or gives a shit about Kiki, so I don't think it'll really harm her career if she mentions her. It's really only her English speaking/western fans who know about Kiki. Kota really could not care less about her western fans so I really don't think she cares if they associate her with Kiki and her shit.

No. 54728

I'm pretty certain this is the case, otherwise wouldn't Dakota post what she gave someone else since girls do the giving on Vday and, then get presents on White Day? Their parents wouldn't really know that I think, and just send them shit for Vday so they can pretend some anonymous fans sent them. But Dakota would know better, Kaka is ignorant about Japanese culture so it makes sense she would do that.

No. 54729

But both don 't like each other much, Kiki still deletes every comment that somehow mentions Dakota because of being jelly that she isn't the important child anymore.

No. 54733

Girls get presents on Vday too, it is only that girl's give presents that day but that doesn't mean that girls can't gift other girls and most of Dakota's friends are female after all.

No. 54738

I definitely do agree with that. They definitely aren't as close as they used to be and Kiki definitely is incredibly jealous. I can get people doubting that they hate each other, but it's ridiculous when people doubt the fact that Kiki is incredibly jealous. There are plenty of people with more "successful" family members/friends. But you don't see all of them going out of their way to have what their family members/friends have, not allowing anyone to mention said person around them, and never being happy for said person for their success. That's only what an insanely jealous person does.

In that aspect, I kinda feel sorry for Kiki. Secure people don't get that jealous over someone else's success like that because they have their own interests/things that make them happy/content with their own life. Kiki literally has no genuine interests that have nothing to do with Kota/fame. All she has is this contrived persona.

No. 54810

Don't waste your time feeling sorry for her. She is where she is now because she chose to make her life entirely about whatever is popular or internet famous. Her only interests in her life were popularity, modeling or fame based because she thinks she's better than everyone else and deserves it, that's why Dakota's success pisses her off so much, even if she doesn't hate her, she's still insanely jealous because in her mind, Dakota got everything she (Kiki) deserved while he didn't.

No. 54838

These girls are so trashy. ugh ffs, it's a children's cartoon.

No. 54843

Dako does check kiki's ig. Kiki said so and there was a comment by dako once. Her un is dakotanyan or something

Also that pile of sailor moon junk is from a japanese dollar store and no mention of v valentines so… Who even said that? Lel

No. 54846

You're new. Dakotanyan is Kiki.

No. 54860

In japan they have sailor moon maxi pads. So i assume its popukar with adults too.

No. 54861

yeah she posted on /baph/ a while ago

No. 54873

…huh? The post you are quoting is about the My Little Pony porn.

No. 54877

File: 1424924494910.gif (1.36 MB, 368x207, anigif_enhanced-buzz-13484-134…)


Yeah, it's been established that Dakotanyan was run by Kaka like, over a year ago

No. 54881


dakotanyan is a bukkeka's well known sockpuppet account

No. 54888


marry me

No. 54890

If that is true that is just sad

No. 54897

She also used to lurk PULL using aacounts like kokonyan, kikinyan, etc.

No. 54900

nyankoko, nyankola, etc.

wtf is up with her fascination by nyan

No. 54911

Because for a long time that was the only Japanese word Kiki knew– you know, before she became fluento desu.

No. 54917

This >>54911 and the fact it's a kawaii japanese way to say, "meow." Was she this "obsessed" with cats back in the scene days? I feel like she also jumped on the bandwagon with that since everyone on the internet/tumblr is obsessed with them. I'm not saying she doesn't actually like cats, that would be a bit stupid, but I do feel she is milking and exaggerating this "obsession" with them.

No. 54928

I didn't know about this sockpuppet, that's really shameful. I just went on the account and it's on private, has 0 posts, 0 followers and is following 1 person (gee, wonder who that could be). Dakota surely can't be blind to all of these antics of Kiki's? Stealing Kota's photos, making fake accounts pretending to be Kota, trying to mimic Kota's whole life, claiming she's in Japan when she isn't. Dakota must be so embarrassed to be her sister.

No. 54936

After Kiki made it, she tweeted to Kota, then went on Dakota's twitter, and tweeted back to herself. We know it was her posting because of the writing style (iirc Kiki was doing that thing where she spells everything wrong bc she's so rAnDuMb and funny) and Kota immediately deleted the tweet after seeing it.

No. 55056

When's the last time Kootz acknowledged Kaka on twitter?

No. 55059

Probably when Kiki bought that painting for her birthday. But, that was a long time ago, and I'm not even sure if Dakota directly mentioned her or not after recivinng it.

No. 55065

Didn't the acknowledgement even have something like "Even when we fight" In it as well?

No. 55077

File: 1424979314969.jpg (45.15 KB, 692x485, dec122014.JPG)

That was in October 2013, but you're a few years off. Pic related is the most recent.

I imagine this is after Keekz made her plans to come to Japan. I do think they must hang out there tbh.

No. 55297

Yeah, that was her first attempt to become a kirakira mega celeb in Nippon

No. 55545

I wonder what Kaka is planning, she's been awfully quiet the last few days…

No. 55570

I'm hoping for a new video.

No. 55597

File: 1425131110349.jpg (42.2 KB, 584x326, srefgjj.JPG)

No. 55598


No. 55600

If she buys those super padded bras in Japan, sure, but it's not like Japan doesn't have normal bras with normal sizes. fuck off, kaka

No. 55601

but… japanese people aren't even pale… they just like pale skin? :/
isnt she really flat anyway? its not like japanese girls have no boobs

No. 55603

>I feel it ! I see it ! I live it !

Omg, bra sizes and foundation colours. So mystical and exotic. Fucking stupid wording as well, pretty sure her tits didn't inflate and her skin get darker the instant the plane touched down. I'm kind of surprised she's bragging about darker skin though, I would have thought she'd be droning on about how all the nihonjin love her porcelain doll hakujin kira kira skin. Though it's not not like foundation colour names even mean anything.

I really doubt she's still in Japan anyway, tbh. No instagram updates of her in the same outfit for over a week.

No. 55605

File: 1425132902565.jpg (31.19 KB, 380x507, image.jpg)

Like Japanese women are the whitest people ever that her foundation color is just light olive. BukKeka you're trying too hard.

No. 55608

It's sad this is the only "cultural" thing she could think of to talk about. I don't even get how skin color and size is even a cultural thing. If she were talking about beauty ideals, it'd be a different thing. I think this basically proves that she literally didn't experience Japan at all whatsoever and spent the entire time in her "apartment." If she did, she'd have some actual culture experiences to share and would have interesting things to say for once in her life.
I doubt she's there too, she's resorted to stealing a picture from Kota's blog and she isn't even posting videos/pics of mundane things anymore.

No. 55615

Kiki is talking about how the bra sizing is different not that her breasts have grown.
In japan a d cup is an e cup.

No. 55618

Dakota and Dakota's sister both have a breast size complex

No. 55622

Isn't D a C cup? Wouldn't she be a C in japan?

No. 55628

dakota was talking about her breast size on twitter a couple of years ago, too. ffs kaka, could you even try to try being original?

No. 55634

how on earth do you manage to think 2 people posting about their tits years apart is copying? this isn't evend drama it's not even relevant

No. 55636

This is the kind of shit that made me leave PULL. I imagine them going there sometimes just to laugh at this bs.

No. 55641

Same. When girls started laughing about Dakota's small bra size, I was like, "REALLY???" It's a dumb thing to tease someone over or even discuss.

No. 55653

Two girls on the internet both talking about their boobs!?!?! Impossible. She MUST be copying her. Confirmed.

No. 55666

Butthurt much? lol it must suck to have small tits

No. 55670

I don't quite think she's an all American "B cup", maybe a generous "A".
But, lets say she's a standard 34B US sizes; that would only make her 75C in Japanese sizes. Nowhere close to a "D" unless (like someone mentioned above), she's buying one of those fakey bras that are popular there.

Clever comeback. Sorry those meanie anons hurt yowr feelings.

No. 55679

are you like, 12?

No. 55685

Do you have mosquito bite sized tits!

No. 55687

mother fucker you dont know who the fuck i am, you are a fag who likes sticking it in guys asses and you best believe that you'd be the one getting crammed in your fuckin rear by my Ukranian Fort-500 shotgun before i blow your fucking guts out your chest you faggit little bitch your fucking pathetic you best hope i never head to your town, i'll find yeah and shank you in your sleep, you wanna die motherfucker? faggit little cracker, hahaha I betyou aint ever even gotten and coochie, huh? ever got any pussy? i dont even keep count anymore, but it is definately past 35 cuz thats where i lost count bout a year or two ago, added a few since then, so ask yourseld, should your faggit no coochie gettin bitch ass maybe try to shut the fuck up, or do you want to hear more about how fuckin gay and lame you are? you cocksucking homo bastard go kill yourself you worthless chunk of shit, your useless and lame as fuck, and i cant wait to show your gay ass faggit no roastin abilities, you couldn't talk shit even if you ate shit, go slit your wrists you aint cool at all give up on your gay ass life

No. 55690

This thread is about Kaka, not anonymous titties.

Kek, is that a question or a statement?

Bless your sensitive soul anon, it must have taken you a while to get that all out. Posters in this thread are such lolcows, it's gold.

No. 55691

it's copypasta anon

No. 55708

Itty bitty titty committee in the house

No. 55813

She would have to be at least a full B or semifull American C cup to fit into even the most generous (here meaning "smallest") Japanese D cup. I think because D cup is the size most A-B cup girls think is considered "big" (when really it isn't) she is just lying so she can try to casually imply she actually has tits. Otherwise she would have been making fun of how "omg tiny Japanese D cups are XD". I'm an average US 34D and when I went bra shopping in Tokyo I couldn't comforably fit anything smaller than an 80F, which translates to 36DD. Shit was confusing.

No. 55844

Jackotass-sama, could you make a drawing of Kakoka raging with jealousy as she watches a video of Dakota's TV appearance earlier? Please and thank you!

No. 55919

but if Kiki is genuinely happy and proud for everything Dakota accomplished?

No. 55928

Then she wouldn't delete and block everyone that mentions Dakota at any of her sites.

No. 55934

We're talking about Kiki here.
She probably lost a few screws after watching it.

No. 55944

I know it happened to someone on PULL but it could be because Kiki is paranoid as fuck and probably figured out that they were from there either by stalking, or because the account didn't look legit enough, or because the comment could somehow be interpreted as catty. Any one of those things is probably the real reason she blocks seemingly random people who did nothing wrong.

No. 55947

…you know we are talking about Kiki here?

No. 55950

Do you have something to counter what I said, or is that it? Yes I know this is Kiki.

No. 55967

Then you would know already it is because she is jelly, otherwise she would have said the pics she stole from Dakota's blog are from Dakota/were presents for Dakota/whatever.

No. 55972

that's proof of jealousy to you?

No. 55973

Yeah, because a sister stealing the younger sister's stuff and pretending it is hers is totally not the result of being jealous.

No. 55974

File: 1425247968488.png (173.13 KB, 500x373, tumblr_inline_ngce97RUH91r4x5x…)

icu dakota's sister!

No. 56156

File: 1425290525357.png (23.97 KB, 517x323, kikitweet.png)

I find it interesting that she's now explicitly saying that she's in Japan.

No. 56157

Does anyone apart from us actually read her posts?

Why does she think anyone cares what some random white girl nobody thinks about MSG in japan? Is she a health guru that people are going to listen to?

No. 56162

The girl barely ever gets retweeted, and gets around 15 likes on her tweets on a good day. tl;dr: no
I remember when she made Youtube videos people would ask her for health advice or vegan advice occasionally. She should have really stuck with Youtube if she wanted e-fame tbh. I never liked her wAcKy sO rAnDum!!! videos, but evidently a decent amount of people did. If she was just consistent with releasing videos she could have eventually been a Youtube partner or whatever (although that requires time and effort and she never seems to put work into anything)

No. 56171

Wouldn't Japanese people get annoyed by her attitude? I've heard that in Japan, they're don't like complaining about little things like this. Wouldn't their reaction be, if you don't like it, just don't eat it?
I know she isn't in Japan at all and she's going to irritate Japanese people in general, but you'd think she'd try harder to fit in. I can definitely see Kiki being one of those foreigners who try to make Japan exactly like America/their ideal. She's kinda being like that right now, if msg in Japan is such a huge deal to you, why are you "there?" Next she's going to be complaining about how Japanese people shouldn't be eating meat/fish anymore.

>Is she a health guru that people are going to listen to?
I feel like she thinks she is because of all the people who ask her for diet/health advice. I feel like the big reason these people ask her for that advice is because she's really skinny. I've seen so many skinny fat girls get asked about their diet and workout routine on the internet.

I don't think anyone liked how she was always desperately trying to be funny in her videos. I was a fan when she was making videos and I had skip through all of that annoying garbage. I think the people who liked her youtube videos liked that she was actually helpful in them, because that's the only reason I subscribed to her in the first place. You don't ever see people going on about how she should be a comedian or do sketches in her videos.

No. 56177

Who is she talking to? I know this is twitter but she's acting like people are listening. no1curr.

>That's why I've been cooking my own food recently

As opposed to just buying pre-made meals/takeaway? Is she seriously only now cooking her own food? Kaka has literally no life skills whatsoever.

No. 56184

It proabaly doesn't even matter necause Kiki is too dumb and bad at Japanese to find stuff without MSG (which Japan doesn't give a shit about, like gluten or veganism). She's probably just buying ingredients for basic Japanese dishes she googled tjat are still processed anyway.

No. 56188

What is her source of income right now? I mean, if she's truly in Japan now she has to obviously be paying to live there. She's apparently studying so maybe she's getting student benefits, if that's a thing there. I honestly don't even believe that shit though, like what the fuck would she be studying that she has to be in Japan for and can't study in the US? She has no reason to be in Japan.

No. 56191

Dakota lives in Japan, that means Kiki has to live there too or it's not fair!!!

I think her parents send her money (wherever the hell they steal it from) and she probably has at east a low tier sugar daddy. I really can't imagine Dakota supporting her, it just seems too impractical.

No. 56240

YouTube views, blog ads, her shitty scam shops, etc.

No. 56560

>What is her source of income right now?

sucking nihonese dicks

No. 56562

File: 1425359057359.gif (422.46 KB, 210x161, fuck...gif)

Damn, you beat me to it..

No. 56579

Didn't someone post that the Ostrenga daddy makes a good chunk of change each year?

No. 56617


Well Kiki, that's what happens when you eat trash without nutrition. Maybe you should, you know, eat some real food.

No. 56630

what do you mean lol
i think she sometimes over-exaggerates her food sensitivities to be "moar speshul" but i usually dont mock people for their food choices/sensitivities unless they shove it down my throat
if she wants to be vegan and claim that food additives and soy cause her great distress, great thats fine - more twinkies for me

No. 56633

Her tweets are written like she's being interviewed. As if anyone gives an actual fuck about her and her health.

No. 56635

File: 1425390113728.png (247.96 KB, 783x581, screenshot-girlschannel.net 20…)

from http://girlschannel.net/topics/309253/

anyone could translate please? I got incoherent gibberish using google translate

No. 56638

Someone from Dakota's thread posted this.

No. 56644

wasn't the whole anti-MSG movement bs? There's nothing particularly bad about it…

No. 56648

Msg isn't good for you.

No. 56649


thank you

No. 56655

Not in large amounts, but it isn't bad for you either. It's just a concentrated umami basically. The components occur in natural food, Most snack companies and restauranrs don't put a lot in. The idea that it was giving people bloating, headaches, etc was a myth perpetuated by its use in Chinese food, which will fuck you up regardless of its MSG content.

She just liks to play up her food sensitivies. She's most likely been eating dashi and other fish-derived flavors without problems. Other than that I'm sure she just eats convenience store food. Again, it's not the MSG doing that, it's the fact that it has very little nutrition.

No. 56657

American Chinese food has all that msg. Real Chinese food is actually delicious.

No. 56658

yea… i told that anon the japanese was pretty bad.
it says the middle person is dakota's sister, kiki kannibal. racist kiki also wants to be famous in japan. dakota apoligized for her mean behavior but kiki doesnt acknowledge it. dakota becoming mean has influence kiki (?) i ahve no diea this japanese is p bad

No. 56677

File: 1425398337864.png (10.71 KB, 128x112, 3242.png)

Her amount of followers suddenly increased a lot again, two days ago it was at 21591.

No. 56717

20 followers isn't that much, especially on twitter where you can get like 5 (spam account) followers for posting one thing with a certain keyword.

No. 56718

It is much to me because she usually only loses followers if the number changes at all.

No. 56723

If I remember correctly according to Glassdoor he makes like $120,000 or something close to that. Judging by their lifestyle idk how that'd be enough to support themselves in FL while also supporting someone in the heart of Tokyo.

No. 56727

eyyy $120k can totally support a middle class family of 4

and gosh y'all tokyo is not that damn expensive. i think one person said it once, now everyone and their mother thinks it's sooo expensive.
just like any city, it's affordable if you know where to look. if kiki can see tokyo tower from her apartment, she lives all the way in east tokyo - far from the fun shopping of shibuya/shinjuku (aka higher prices for tinier shitty apaato)

No. 56737

This is true…I think the main question is why. Why allow your adult daughter to move to Tokyo on your own dime? If she independently decided to move to Tokyo and support herself I think it would be not as big of a thing, but the fact that her parents are supporting her there. Tokyo isn't super expensive if all you have to worry about are those bills, but it is kind of expensive to support yourself and your lifestyle as well as another person and her lifestyle.

I think she was probably really blatantly depressed with no purpose in life and having issues adjusting, so her family thought it was best for her to move to Japan and be with Dakota. She's still incredibly fortunate to have that opportunity, but I am not sure her parents would pay for her to move somewhere on her own, independent of Dakota.

No. 56740

damn,i barely make $20k. what does he do for a living?

No. 56745

Wasn't he some computer tech guy?

No. 56752

idk anything about his job, but didn't they used to print out webpages, write on them, and take pictures of them for "evidence?" I don't think they'd do that if he was a computer tech?

No. 56757

Same could be said about Cathy, she did study law and knows shit about law.

No. 56758

Maybe. People are REALLY stupid when it comes to simple computer scripting and coding, but 120k is a lot even for that kind of job.

No. 56781

> she was probably really blatantly depressed with no purpose in life and having issues adjusting
love this.

No. 56858

File: 1425425327681.jpg (54.78 KB, 397x512, 2834_1147406929151_4820303_n.j…)

He works for Juniper Networks as a senior manager. His Linkedin is public.

No. 56873

It makes sense but who here is better?

No. 56900

Was this not taken in 1975?

No. 56907

is that Scott?

No. 56910

Old as fuck photo tho.

No. 56946

true but not all of us have the privilege of whisking ourselves away to a foreign land. im not saying escapism is necessarily a good cure for not fitting in at home but still lucky

No. 57435

File: 1425535864281.png (22.31 KB, 583x244, ohkay.png)

Nobody asked

No. 57437


>headaches and weak feeling


No. 57450

>No Soy

Have fun in Japan with that diet, Kiki

No. 57471

File: 1425546566653.jpg (66.37 KB, 357x424, quasimodo.jpg)

she's been in japan soo0o0oo0o long now she's forgetting how 2 speek english omg!!!

No. 57486


Kiki can be her Esmeralda.

No. 57488


No. 57490

File: 1425550376054.jpg (6.43 KB, 236x280, kaka & mira.jpg)

Mira actually comments a lot on Kiki's videos sucking up to her, too. It fits so well.

No. 57527


5000 says these japanese snacks she posted before on IG had at least some soy ingredient in them too

No. 57529

Holy shit, this girl legitimately looks like the product of inbreeding. How did she even find a husband in the first place, let alone one willing to move her to another country and support her?

No. 57535

If you can figure out what exactly she is eating, I can check the ingredients

No. 57539

Okay, let's shit on Kiki.

See this here?
Strawberry mochi.
The mochi itself and the strawberry is vegan. The purple stuff? Sweet bean paste. Main ingredients: azuki beans, sugar, and…. durrrrrr, honey. Honey is not vegan because it isn't animal cruelty free.

Eating honey is like drinking milk or eating eggs tbh.

No. 57540

And why is she drinking this shit if she can't drink milk?

No. 57541

Isnt almond milk not made from cows though but from Almonds? or can she not drink milk in general?

No. 57543

I still don't get how honey is animal cruelty because they don't do shit to the bees and without honey we would hardly have any bees anymore.

Whatever, Kiki's japanese is shit so she can't read what got used for the product anyways.

No. 57544

Almond milk is non-dairy and yes, it's made from almonds and not cow's milk. She can eat/drink anything that doesn't contain animal products.

No. 57545

it doesnt have to be honey ? it can be just sugar

No. 57546

Bees are kept in pretty well spaced areas in farms and they are treated fine. I dont get the cruelty with honey, but vegans just want to feel superior to everyone really.

No. 57549

I guess because it's exploitation of an animal. Making them produce something for us. Also when beekeepers smoke the hives to take the honey, some bees are killed in the process.

No. 57558

are you serious anon

No. 57559

Honey is a main ingredient so the chance is higher that it's there than it isn't. Kiki thinks it's just beans. Besides I can assure you she doesn't know it normally has honey

No. 57561

Most don't smoke hives these days tho.

No. 57562

Sometimes they cut off the queen's wings in the process to prevent her from leaving.

No. 57569

I dont think they smoke the hives anymore. I've been on a bee farm a few times and the bees kinda chill and make honey without needing the agitation.

No. 57586

File: 1425577541485.png (158.96 KB, 640x377, wot.png)

Honey is a main ingredient? what does that even mean anon? where are you getting your facts lel its just sweet red bean paste. i looked up recipe in japanese and its says add sugar
but im being trite

what do vegans do if they accidentally eat animal product? some kind of ritualistic repentance? i'd like to see that.

No. 57597

I wonder? I'm a vegetarian who eats fish but have a huge amount of omnivore friends and it doesn't bother me when they eat meat. I haven't met a vegan yet but I can't imagine how annoying it must be to attempt to eat out with them.

No. 57598

You mean a pescatarian?

No. 57605

I'm a vegetarian and I have accidentally ate stuff that I didn't know wasn't vegetarian. In the beginning, I'd have meltdowns over it (I was like 13/14 when I became a vegetarian). Now it's not a big deal to me because I wouldn't eaten non-vegetarian stuff if I had known better and having a meltdown won't change anything. The vegans I've been around are basically the same way as I am now. I can see Kiki having meltdowns about it, judging by the meltdown she had about her "sensei" sending her non-vegan snacks. I did the same exact thing as a young teen too.

No. 57608

Yes, that. I always forget that word for some reason. Haha.

No. 57609

A lot of vegetarians will still eat meat every now and again. Either by accident or just because they crave it too much. I honestly dont care what people want to eat, just dont be a judgy douche about it.

No. 57622

In Europe this is true, not in the US though. The beekeeping industry is exactly that in America, an industry. For example transporting bees is considered a high risk last resort in Europe, in the US though it happens every single year multiple times because farms and orchards pay beekeepers to pollinate their crops.

No. 57630

Same, I didn't know Carmine was something I should have been looking out for until recently. Nom crushed bugs though.

No. 57635

Sometimes certain medication only comes in capsules which is a gelatine shell. I try to empty the contents into water, but most of the time if is too vile to stomach. Things like this can't really be helped, it's either be ill or feel sick drinking the powder or just take the capsules normally and be fine.

No. 57637

>meds have likely been tested on animals
>probably some of the animals got hurt/died during test phase
>"B-but I can't eat the gelatine shell on the pill because muh vegan lifestyle"

I don't get it. Where do you draw the line?

No. 57643

It's hard to stick completely to a vegetarian lifestyle (even more so a vegan one) because sometimes you have to weigh out the consequences of how ill you will be not taking the meds. Sometimes your own well being has to come first before animals.

No. 57655

wtf are you talking about, vegetarian only excludes meat. Anyone can live without it.

No. 57658

Not everyone. In some countries meat is the only financially viable way to get the nutrition required.

No. 57659

If you could read, you would have seen I what I was talking about.

No. 57660

You really shouldn't be doing that you know. Chewing tablets or emptying them out changes the composition of them before they reach the stomach, digestion starts in the mouth.

No. 57662

Exactly. I really don't get the vegetarians/vegans like Kiki, Onision, etc, who act really pretentious over animal rights, for a similar reason. Because even if you don't put your well being before animals, just your existence affects animals no matter what you do.

No. 57675

Honestly the only thing that bugs me about her preachy veganism is that she used (and possibly still uses?) cosmetics tested on animals. Unlike medication or food, cosmetics are NOT necessary. Besides, unless you're in a country like China, it's very easy to get cruelty free cosmetics for any budget. And also the fact that she took anything that PETA ever said or did seriously. Blech. Any vegetarian or vegan who actually gives a shit knows that PETA is trash. Hell, you all know PETA is absurd. Sorry for kinda OT but it pisses me off when people get preachy and then are total hypocrites–for the stupidest shit, too.

No. 57684

Thanks for telling me, I didn't know that x

No. 57688

No. It's actually hard to live that kind of lifestyle. It's expensive and you need to replace a lot of meat with supplements and pills. Being Omnivore makes the most sense in general.

No. 57692

Yeah. PETA is shit. I cant believe anyone supports them. They're the unethical ones. Kiki is a bitch and a hypocrite. Like you said, you can easily get animal cruelty free products for hair and make up.

No. 57700

Which cosmetics?

No. 57707

You just turned the brightness down … ?

No. 57708

Kota wasn't famous at all, if anything it was really sweet of kiki to bring her kid sister along to all of the perks.

I wonder if kota does the same for kiki now they're in grorious nippon together

No. 57713

I know her (and Kota) used Revlon and Smashbox for awhile. Not sure if they still do, but I know they claimed to be 100% vegan when they used those products. I know I sound like a huge nitpick, but cruelty free cosmetics are easy af to come by these days and some brands are really good quality. Neither of them have any excuse. But I wanna say they've always ignored people who have told them this haha. Shocker.

No. 57714

Nope anon made her iris' smaller, nose bigger, lips smaller and less shiny. Freakin scary.

No. 57715

Kota isn't vegan, only kiki is, I think kiki only became an ethical vegan rather than a dietary one in 2012/13

No. 57727

Tbf, Revlon was listed as not testing on animals a few years ago when Kiki was using their products. They sneakily started selling to China at some point without anyone being the wiser until some beauty blogs brought it to people's attention. This was around the same time I remember seeing Kiki use Revlon. After people told her about the news, she put a disclaimer in the video info:

"Revlon started to test on animals this month! DO not use the black revlon eyeliner stick! instead use TooFaced, BLINC, or Barry M stick eyeliner!! My revlon stick is from years ago before they started selling in China. I just found out now that Revlon tests! :("

I remember this because at the time, I also hadn't known about the change until I came across the news by chance while looking up make-up, a little while before Kiki made the vid. Tbh I don't think it's fair in this case to crucify her when to her knowledge at the time, Revlon was still cruelty free.

I didn't know about Smashbox, but I just looked it up and the first result is an article from 2012 saying Smashbox stopped being cruelty free. This was around the same time that Revlon stopped also.

I'd definitely judge her if she was using products that tested on animals from their inception…you know, like Dakota, who used Maybelline mascara in her first makeup tutorial.

Dakota is vegan; Kiki always said Dakota became vegan from the get-go when Kiki became a vegetarian. Then Kiki slowly transitioned into becoming vegan.

No. 57738

From top of my head, Jeffree star, Sugarpill, Ulta, Tarte. I believe there is a list somewhere online.

No. 57740

I fucking hate China. They have zero animal rights laws. They barely have human rights laws. I love Toofaced though, so I'm glad I have their chocolate bar eyeshadow palatte.

No. 57741

Ugh, my primer is Smashbox. So are my eyeliners. This really sucks. I dont understand why you would STOP being cruelty free instead of starting to be cruelty free?

No. 57744

Just saying, no animal testing needed anymore for selling cosmetics in China since last summer.

No. 57755

ifkr? That's why I don't fault Kiki for not being up to date on the changes. Before that time, I certainly hadn't heard about cruelty free brands taking a step back to testing on animals once they'd already changed to cruelty free. It's something I think most people wouldn't expect. But now with what MAC, Urban Decay and all these others did, I think people know they have to be more proactive with checking that shit every few months or so.

And it's so shady that companies don't give a heads-up to their consumers that they're switching. Most recently what comes to mind is Bath and Body Works. It was months before people did some digging and found out that B&BW was now testing on animals, so people were maybe buying their products for months thinking they were cruelty-free still.

Yeah, I heard about that soon after it happened and it's a big step up, but I read that's only for Chinese products and doesn't apply to imported products. The American brands that chose to sell there in the first place still haven't changed their testing policies back just because it's not considered mandatory in China, unfortunately.

No. 57764

It applies for everything produced in China, most companies that sell international got an own factory for each country due to the liquid restrictions when it comes to shipping via AIR.

No. 57767

No. 57779

Kota is vegan actually, the op photo for her thread says on it that she doesn't like natto, fish, meat, and cow's milk. She was the first one to become vegan, I guess as a way to lost weight since she never preached about animal rights as far as I know. Kiki just saw it as another way to be trendy and different.

With products that test on animals, she has used tonymoly products which, I believe it isn't confirmed they aren't tested on animals, but I could be wrong. She has also stated she uses vegan products exclusively, so you have to count that too. I can't see Kawaii asian beauty products being vegan, I can see some definitely being cruelty free, but not vegan.

No. 57784

Kiki said they both made those changes after someone left an anti-animal cruelty pamphlet at their grandma's door, so she definitely made it seem like animal rights was their incentive to change their lifestyle

No. 57799

They seem to easy fall for bullshit, I am honestly surprised they didn't join Jehova's witnesses or scientology yet.

No. 57801

I agree, I wonder if they've ever been scammed by modeling "agencies." I know of a few girls who've been scammed out of thousands of dollars for their dreams of becoming a model(even though these girls were never model-like to begin with). I could definitely see them falling for that.

No. 57808

I think we were recently talking in-thread about a time Dakota's sis said she had a modeling gig and tweeted pics but nothing was heard of after. I kind of wonder if something similar happened there. It wasn't her just bullshitting since others were in the pic and it looked like it was behind the scenes of a shoot for sure, plus she had on make-up she'd never do for herself (crazy-ass contouring).

No. 57813

Not really the parents could have just forced kiki to take her out when she went it.
Don't act like kaka is some fucking saint.

No. 57823


Oh for sure, they have enabling parents who are quite dim and would definitely fall for it.

No. 57837

wtf does dakota eat in japan then if she's vegan?

No. 57843


she posted a picture of a vegan bento box once and a seaweed salad i think that the guy guy she was living with made for her. she seems to love rice a lot since it's all she talks about when she's asked about food in interviews

but yeah i can't imagine she's getting a well-balanced meals all the time. i'm guessing she eats a lot of the same stuff all the time and relies on rice to fill her up.

No. 57849

File: 1425622291735.jpg (48.9 KB, 534x591, bento.JPG)

she probably eats out a lot at all the vegan places kaka went to, i feel like i've read her saying she's not good at cooking

No. 57853

If she eats so much rice, that probably explains her weight gain.

No. 57864

File: 1425629106185.png (312.02 KB, 1079x1643, Screenshot_2015-03-06-03-00-45…)

Can we talk about this?

I wonder who she slept with to get "scouted"?

No. 57866

LOL how is it getting scouted when you've put yourself out there and went to open calls?

No. 57869

They say it's not hard to get scouted in Japan, but the question is who is scouting you

>inb4 Kiki gravure and porn

No. 57871

I really hope it is something like that.
Cause lets face it shes not "ugly" just slightly aged for her age.

No. 57875

Well, shit. Color me surprised. Wonder if anything will come from it.

No. 57877

Only took 3 months!!

No. 57880

Kiki was probably nanpa by some random guy who talks to every foreign girl walking by, regardless of what they wear/look like.

Basically they're guys who stop you and ask "Are you a model?" and try to get you to work for them in their shitty hostess clubs, because no one else wants to work there.

Sure. Scouted. You go, Kikkerz.

No. 57883

Arent those the ones that are ran by the yakuza,and don't they turn those girls out for tricks???

No. 57884

No, just shitty hostess bars and awful labor work. But a lot of them are just men who are trying to flirt with no job/model/hostess bar relation.

Trust me, real model agencies who scout are not like those. And they are only found in specific areas too.. Kiki is not the kind of girl they would go for. They want someone naturally stunning with the typical alien-model-faces.

It's reeeeeally easy to see which foreign girls in Japan who are models at good agencies. Honestly, they all have alien faces and they look like tall clones of each other (I think they look great either way).

What I'm trying to say is that Kiki doesn't have the looks to be scouted by an actual model agency. If they are model scouts, they are most likely just a model company who will accept anyone foreign.

There is modeling in Tokyo, and there is "modeling". Kiki falls under the "model" category.

No. 57897


What's Kiki's height? She aint no editorial model.

No. 57902

I'm fairly sure she claims to be 5'4.

No. 57907

It's really sad that even though Kiki's stealing Kota's thing, Kota's still able to at least act happy for her. Kiki never even mentions being happy for Kota and her success.

With the scouting/modeling thing, I'll believe it when I see it. The most Kiki's going to get is a job advertising food products or something along those lines. I don't think she'll ever get fashion modeling jobs like Kota because she isn't cute enough for Kota's kind of jobs or attractive enough for mature fashion mags/etc. No one's going to look at makeup ads with Kiki on it and be like, "Yes, I want to look like that busted up and old looking foreigner."
But I more likely see it being a porn type thing, the way she dresses would definitely attract that type of attention. I've heard with modeling, in general, a lot of women think they're getting scouted for modeling, but it turns out to be porn.

No. 57909

Please please please let it be a porn thing just so everyone can laugh their asses off

No. 57911

I hope so too, but let's face it: if it turns out to be porn she'll probably turn it down and just never mention it again.

No. 57912

if she ends up doing porn, do you think she will swallow? i mean, veganism, right?

No. 57913

I thought she would be about 5'7. Her photos make her look tall, or maybe it is because she is so skinny it made me think that.

No. 57914

I think it depends on why the person is vegan? My nutrition teacher said honey wasn't vegan because of bee spittle which by that logic means swallowing our own spit is cannibalism. Lol

Many people who choose veganism for nutrition reasons are laid back but I've met a few who were plenty scary and would insult any meat eater. Including a vegan restaurant I used to go to that called a friend of mine a sinner.

I never gave anyone shit over what they ate. The food is tasty can't fault them for that lol

No. 57915

it's true. completely. if you are a girl, walking alone, japanese or otherwise, guys WILL talk to you. they are either hosts or work for some girls bar or something and 9 times out of 10 its just sketchy and/or lame shit job.

No. 57918

No. 57919


>The most Kiki's going to get is a job advertising food products

Yeah no, she looks so fucking malnourished for that. Who would want to buy some food item with a sour faced bitch plasted over it


>Uh, it has soy/dead animals/msg on it? I can't model for your company~

No. 57924

Yeah, that really was a bad example, I couldn't think of a better example of non-fashion/beauty related modeling. Even though she's one of those annoying vegans, I could see her being desperate enough to model for any company (that's kawaii fashion or beauty related) even if they are cruel to animals. She doesn't actually give a shit about animals and getting attention is more important to her than anything.

No. 57932

That doesn't look vegan tho? but I'm no expert lol

No. 57934

Yeah, chocolate sure ain't vegan and I doubt they used some special dairy-free chocolate just for her.

No. 57956

I googled it online and found this:
>Chocolate itself comes from a plant, making it vegan, yes, but in the process of going from the tree to the grocery store, a variety of additives are added, including sugar and milk or milkfat. A good quality chocolate, however, will have a higher chocolate content, pure ingredients and no additives. The ingredients will be simple: cocoa, cocoa butter, lecithin, sugar and sometimes vanilla. And that's it. Lesser quality chocolates have a long ingredients list, which, along with cheap fillers such as food starch and artificial flavorings, will often contain milk, milk solids or milk fat. So while most chocolate is not vegan simply due to the additives, the good news is that there are plenty of vegan chocolate options available.

Even if the chocolate isn't vegan, she most likely doesn't eat 100% vegan since she lives in Japan and it's difficult to even be a strict vegetarian there. I don't really get pointing it out since she isn't shoving her veganism and how Japan is so vegan in everyone's faces like Kiki does.

No. 57961

Yeah it looks like Dakota replied super quick to show support. That's pretty sweet. I wonder if Kiki doesn't brag about Dakota out of jealousy or if Dakota asked her not to? Cause shit if it was MY little sister, I would brag endlessly about her.

No. 57974

They didn't show her eating chocolate, though. For all we know, she was just cutting up bananas and whisking the chocolate just to do something to help out

No. 57975

File: 1425669582728.gif (410.55 KB, 500x210, harry judging you.gif)

what a coincidence.

No. 57979

You can clearly see her dip it at 1:14.

No. 57981

She eats it. 1:30

No. 57982

Probably as hostess, kek.

No. 57983

Considering how often she got STD already, I doubt anyone would hire her for porn or anything else related to sex.

No. 57991

Shes taller than 5'4.
I'm the Fl fag thats seen her on person a few times. Shes more around 5'6- 5'8.

No. 57994

She was really cute in this vid.

Yeah i don't get why people point out her being vegan and OMG shes eating chocolate or xyz.
She probably just works around being vegan,and not eat meat.

No. 57999


I turned it off after they showed those mustard bites the first time, because I thought it was gonna focus on them eating those from then on. Yeah, I see it now.

I think I read she's a couple inches taller than Dakota so that sounds about right. What was she dressed like when you saw her? Does she really dress like she tries to show off in pics or is that all for show?

No. 58000

okay now nitpicky anon, what should she have done? refuse to eat that little bit of chocolate everyone else has? demand a special vegan fondue? give it a little thought, alright?

No. 58006

Are there gaijin host clubs? I thought that that was technically illegal for foreigners to do that sort of work under a work visa? Or am I just full of it?

No. 58011

A lot of gaijin work at host clubs.

No. 58015

Okay. I must be thinking of something else or I probably just heard wrong. I remember someone saying that Mira had a job like that but it wasn't legal. Maybe they meant it was prostitution with a host club front or something.

I couldn't see Keekz lasting long at a place like that. She would want to talk about herself and her lifestyle too much. Doesn't always make for the best companionship. The Japanese men would not care at all.

No. 58017


Gaijins on visitor/student visa aren't allowed to work in the sex industry (which includes hostess clubs) but many shady places will hire you anyway.

There's an american girl who worked as one and blogged about it.

No. 58018

IDK, Dakota isn't model material either but she still is one and gets jobs. Dakota is even giving Kiki more attention on twitter lately, which can't hurt her chances either. True, she'll never get picked for kawaii dolly type work, but shes stick thin, white, has blue eyes and is the sister of the ~real barbie Dakota Rose~. Her ending up doIng some kind of legit modeling isn't impossible when you consider those factors. It's obvious Japan doesn't give a shit about looks or talent as long as you're popular and have a gimmick.

No. 58020

>It's obvious Japan doesn't give a shit about looks or talent as long as you

Kootz has been proving that for 3 years kek

But for real, I still weeb out over anime and cosplay but I'm SO glad I grew out of my "I wanna move to Japan!" phase. That country is so fucked up and borderline retarded about some things. I actually kind of dislike Japan despite still being a closet weeb, probably because I learned too much about modern society and idol/fame culture.

No. 58089

They're not allowed to work there regardless of visa.

No. 58095

Well I'm sure that if she actually got scouted by somebody legit, we can all rely on each other to completely ruin her together :^)

Right girls?

No. 58107

She can't dress for shit, and what you see her wearing in photos thats how she dress irl.
Its fucking embarrassing.

When I've ran into her shes always been in high heels so she was much taller,but I say once you kick off that 3-5 inch heel shes 5'7 5'8.

No. 58109

LOL, no. That's what bitches on PULL said about Dakota and look how that turned out. It's like that one anon dlsaid, Japan doesn't give a shit as long as they're white w/ blue eyes and fill their gaijin quota. Dakota is getting stale and shades other models shamlelessly, if there were any time for her sister to rise it would be now.

No. 58122

What's Kaka's gimmick though? Kooter has those after effects videos that went viral.

No. 58125

Kaka's "gimmick" is that she's Dakota's sister.

No. 58131

Guessing anyone that is too cheap to afford dakota for shoots can afford her older haggard busted older sister

No. 58136

Haha you guys are getting so defensive about it? Chill. Take a walk or something. I just provided a video wich shows that she isn't strictly vegan.

No. 58139

That, plus she's white & possibly that she's vegan. I can see her trying to get that to catch on.

No. 58179

>not allowed
>shady clubs

Like they care about the rules, it happens a lot.

No. 58199

Eurofag here, do 'Muricans have this kind of working holiday visa type of opportunity for staying in Japan?

No. 58216

I could see her trying that, and I could see people in Japan liking her less and less the more she tries. I feel like her attitude about "getting scouted" was bad enough. Yeah, I get it, she's trying to make a Breaking Bad joke. But wouldn't most Japanese people find that sort of cocky attitude to be a turn off? Kooter wised up and started acting super kawaii as soon as she realized she had Japanese attention.

No. 58280

You can get an "entertainment" visa, but I don't know much about it (my friend has one). Don't think the US offers holiday visas' though.
That's likely what Dakota has now, but I don't know about Kiki– because I'm pretty sure you have to have already been hired as an actor/idol/talent ect to be able to use this visa. I think you also need to be attending school, assuming you're young.

No. 58281

Yeah, and she had already switched over to total Japanese at that point, hadn't she?

No. 58286

Nope no working holiday for us
Murica dont believe in cultural sharing

No. 58330

Yep. As soon as Grorious Nippon noticed her, her entire personality/persona changed completely. 180 degrees from her usual self to the kawaii uguu desu chan she pretends to be now.

No. 58380

Kaka is fucking clown shoes compared to her sister, I don't see her have any lasting fame in Japan , I just don't

No. 58397

erybody said this abt kooter, too.

her current look makes her look like a withered skeleton, if she went back to blonde and started doing her makeup more like she did it in OPs pic, and stopped dressing like a kawaii pastel prostitute, she might have a chance at a few minor gigs because of being related to kooter.

No. 58405

I dunno if I like blonde on Kiki tbh, I think she could look good with black hair maybe. Probably anything but her current hair colour actually. And if she used some product in it to volumize it.

No. 58424

I feel like she needs to go 2 levels lighter or darker with her hair. Just looks so dull at the moment.
And yes, product. Dakota and Kiki both have super thin hair that could use some help. (Though Dakota's looks a bit better to because it looks decent with lighter hair more so than thin darker hair)

No. 58426

The blonde did make her look more bright and vital(?) in some way, I feel like black would just wash her out worse than the color she has now because of her skin tone, if I'm not mistaken it looks like Kiki is warm toned, so blonde or even.a reddish light brown would brighten her up, whereas darker colors would wash her out because she isn't cool toned. There's a chart I had on my old PC I wish I stIll had that listed warm, cool, and neutral tones and which hair colors would work best with their skin tone and eye colors, as well as color palettes for makeup and clothes. It was an epic chart, wish I could find it again.

No. 58429

Are there volumizing products for thin hair that actually work?

No. 58434

forget products
they could just make their hair wavy instead. it adds volume and makes it look fuller since their (well now Kiki only) hair is super long imo

No. 58445

I really don't see that happening, for either of them. Straight hair is kind of a beauty standard/ideal in Japan, isn't it?

No. 58455

I think Kiki would look nice with soft, loose curls. A sort of "blow out" look.
Would look nice with her length of hair, and add volume.

No. 58460

File: 1425784346732.jpg (173.39 KB, 419x616, kiki-kannibal-3.jpg)

She doesn't look great with reddish hair.

No. 58463

File: 1425784846895.jpg (197.54 KB, 604x604, kiki edit.jpg)

Sorry for the terribad shooping skills, tried to give her dark brown/almost black hair with more volume and some bangs, also gave her darker and more shapely eyebrows. She kind of reminds me of Zooey Deschanel like this.

No. 58464

wow, she actually looks cute here

No. 58465


>Red hair

>Purple dress
>Green eyeshadow
>With blue eyes

Oh Kiki.


Holy shit anon that's amazing, and yeah, she really needs to sort her fivehead and eyebrows out if she wants to be famous for her looks again.

I think she'd look 10x better if she stopped whitewashing the fuck out of herself OC style. There's ~*~kawaii pale~*~ and then there's sickly voldemort pale

No. 58466

wow that looks much better

No. 58469

File: 1425786215514.jpg (54.39 KB, 604x604, oaQPbz0WoxM.jpg)

Here's the original if any of you are interested! I probably should have added it initially. She really does benefit from thicker-looking hair. it's so thin and limp, it just seems to flop down and hug her face and forehead, and it doesn't help that her forehead is huge. That's why I think bangs would be a great option for her.

No. 58471

She looks so much younger here! Bravo!

No. 58472

Good job anon

too bad her ~pure white 100% euromutt pride~ is too strong

No. 58485

File: 1425788042717.jpg (35.75 KB, 350x500, audrey.jpg)

um. white people can have natural black hair. For example, French actress Audrey Tautou

No. 58488

she's never shown 'white pride' of any level, anon, chill out.

No. 58493

I notice her top lip has rounded magically like Kota's did, while her bottom lip is much fuller than I remember.

No. 58524


I know


I didn't mean white pride as in "KKK stormfront white pride" , but she's often pulling shit like "my hair is getting blonder and blonder lololol" "long lashes thanks to my Irish heritage" "they asked me if I'm Russian!!1!" and so on

No. 58549

European ancestry pride, then. Which is bullshit for pretty much all Americans anyway. JFC just say you're American, nobody cares what obscure, diluted flavor of white your are.

No. 58553

American isn't a race. There are millions of people in the country who are first or second generation. Contrary to popular belief there is no one, unifying American culture. People's identity and values are heavily influenced by where they come from and that does include their family's lineage.

Stop being so pissy. It makes you look like a control freak.

No. 58556

>American isn't a race

Neither are Irish, Italian, German, English or Swedish, but dumb Americans still throw them around in their online bios like they are.

>I'm 1/4 Irish, 1/4 German, 1/4 English and 1/4 Swedish! ^_^

No. 58557

There are genetic markers which identify people as being from those different places. While they aren't fully different in the same context as Caucasian vs African, they do have distinct traits that are common among each group.

You're also missing the point about culture. When people immigrate to America they don't just completely abandon their history and traditions. They still teach those values to their children. Is it the exact same thing as being from that country? No, but there are things that people do which you can identify as being from their family's point of origin.

No. 58558

Also lineage doesn't mean shit unless your parents or grandparents immigrated to America. You aren't Irish just because your 15xgreatgrandmother was born in Dublin and immigrated to America in the 1800's.

No. 58559

The majority of people who had family who immigrated here that long ago don't talk about how they are Irish unless the conversation is about family history. The people who everyone bitches about are normally third or second generation, who had parents or grandparents who probably didn't even speak English.

No. 58560

>They still teach those values to their children.

Not really, not anymore at least. If they so it's because they're not so far removed from their heritage by 5+ geneations of American born relatives.

In Kakas case, we definitely know she haz absolutely zero idea about any of the cltures she claims to be mixed with.

No. 58561

Are you in America or is your area very White?

No. 58562

>The people who everyone bitches about are normally third or second generation

No they're not, the ones peeople bitch about are the ones like Kiki and many other clueless white kids who just jumble a bunch of countries they think are cool together to make them seem more ~cultured and exotic~. Most of them have no idea about their ancestry, they just do it for cool points because ~Murrika is boring and has no culture abloobloo~.

No. 58563

Can we shut the fuck up about race and get back on topic? You're all arguing in circles, this is about Kaka not race.

No. 58565

People will never shut up about this because one of you always finds a way to bring it up darling. It is seriously always in every other thread. Like it or not you bitches love to talk about it.

No. 58566

I'm white and, coincidentally, from Orlando. Except for like 3 families I knew, no white people I went to school with, worked with, or met and had a chat with about it knew jack shit about their ancestry except "Europe, maybe? Idk." Nobody really cared about it.

No. 58567


It would probably help if the average poster understood the difference between "race" and "ancestry" so we could avoid this argument from the beginning.

No. 58568

Kaka hasn't done anything lately, what else is there to talk about?

No. 58574

What you can and should do is make a thread In /b/, and dance your little discussion over there. Let this thread die until she does something.

No. 58595

Kiki claiming that people asked if she's half Japanese, yeah fucking right. She wishes!

No. 58605

File: 1425821508032.jpg (94.81 KB, 899x1600, 1415745338776.jpg)

Kiki should really go the /fa/ lokbook twee girl route.

No. 58611

Omg she would look so beautiful like this. She's pretty anyway, but atm her crappy brows and bland hair colour drains all colour from her face and makes her look tired. You fixed that and she looks stunning.

No. 58612

Lol no, that girls hair looks like a dead cocker spaniel on her head and looks tired as fuck. Clothing is boring also.

No. 58614


I think the outfit is pretty cute but her hair does look ratty as hell

No. 58617

File: 1425825014056.jpg (25.32 KB, 269x349, image.jpg)

I still think she is at least 5x cuter than Kiki.

I think Kiki should get some blonde highlights done, abandon the kawaii Japan trope, and find a sense of style that she actually feels comfortable in. If she had te creative capabilities, she has the notoriety to be able to start and market a whole new style. But I know that, sad as it may be, she will continue looking like a sick, haggard white bitch with skanky kawaii hello kitty sailor moon shit all over. I wonder how long it takes before she jumps ship on Japan and hops onto the next latest trend.

No. 58635

She wants so much to be a model though, she's too old to start now anyway.

No. 58648

I don't know why people think she's too old to start modeling…she's really not.

She honestly doesn't look old when she dresses/does her makeup in a way that suits her. She does however look hella old in her current style of choice and she is certainly too mature-looking to model for Liz Lisa, lolita brands, kawaii brands, etc like Kota, which I am sure is what she would probably want to model.

I could see her pitching a fit about a stylist wanting to change her hair color and style. And I definitely see her complaining about shit loudly on twitter and compromising her career. Kota learned pretty early on that not everything would go her way and she would have to make changes and sacrifices, but Kiki still hasn't learned that. I don't think she will last very long. And it'll be her own undoing.

No. 58651

i completely agree with all of this. I could also see her throwing a fit about being offered non-vegan food/non-cruelty free products from people she'd be working for. The food part may seem a bit irrelevant, but iirc Kota has had to eat non-vegan food before for popteen. There was some sort of pancake thing and she ate pancakes covered in whipped cream for a video. If Kiki was told to do that, she'd have a psycho meltdown over it like she had with her warui "sensei."

No. 58674

They say she's too old to start modeling because she's, what, 22? Most models start in their teens (like her sister) and keep going as long as they keep landing jobs. She does have a leg up on a lot of other girls who try to start modeling late, as she does have some amateur experience.

No. 58683


my sides ceased to exist

No. 58686

File: 1425840980558.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 39a[1].gif)

No. 58689

File: 1425841179609.png (23.27 KB, 594x122, screenshot-twitter.com 2015-03…)

u wot

No. 58690

She's too generic in my opinion, she has nothing new to bring to the table. She's just a drama stirrer, nobody wants to dive into that mess. Tainted past, and everybody is already aware of her misdeeds. She's too desperate for attention anyway IMO..

No. 58696

>harajuku kei
>only one style in the entirety of harajuku

Ofc Kiki doesn't even bother to ask for clarification because it's a compliment from someone telling her she's dressing *~*so Japanese*~* so she'll take it.

No. 58697

tbh i think she looks really good blonde. her default kiki kannibal look really suited her more than this. she looked like she really could be a model with it.
maybe im being too nice but i think she really did used to be somewhat above average.

No. 58699

"used to be", Past tainted.

No. 58701

yeah now she looks like she could be a mother of five tbh

No. 58715

Dang he looks like Dakota with a moustache.

No. 58733

to me he looks more like kiki. kooter is cathy's doppleganger

No. 58747

File: 1425849710922.jpg (231.49 KB, 736x981, 86b5d2199b7f3e0c8ceb66c2c40b3b…)

I totally see Kotex in him (or him in Kotex). And I mean when she's not crazily dollified.

No. 58785

File: 1425853839728.png (287.04 KB, 581x532, tragic.png)

wow yeah i really see him there.but i also really see cathy too like if you compare her first japanese interview to these expecially

No. 58786

it's the head/face shape.

No. 58787

No. 58790

It is.

No. 58794

File: 1425855367516.jpg (268.52 KB, 894x390, 1421435401077.jpg)

Yeah she's definitely a solid 50/50 between Scott and Cathy.
I see Kiki so hard in the bottom middle picture there.

No. 58796

wow yeah she is. thanks for this pic anon!
she has scott's eyes and forehead it looks like. and his eyebrows if that's possible.

No. 58798

No. 58805

She probably means one of the attractions of the Tokyo Dome theme park.

No. 58814

>I literally be trippin

I really wish she would stop using hoodrat slang, it just makes her sound dumb and trashy. Plus it's like the exact opposite of her ~kira kira cultured love and light princess~ act.

No. 58821

She won't because she thinks it's funny

No. 58827

thanks! but seriously i thought she was a ~*moogle of mother earth*~ why the hell is she still talking like… yeah. like i get she thinks it's funny but it makes her trashy background really evident

No. 58830

File: 1425860664140.jpg (13.26 KB, 237x213, download (1).jpg)

holy shit (pic cr to artist i found it on imageshack) look what i found mother of god

No. 58831

this person apparently makes art of her and kota. incredible.

No. 58832

LMFAO at those pics though

No. 58833

the crazy is captivating

No. 58834

I think it also makes it more obvious that she hasn't mentally matured since the myspace days. The "i'M sO rAnDuMb AnD fUnNy xD" and hoodrat slang thing was considered funny back in the myspace days. She should actually have a sense of humor by now.

No. 58836

for sure. now im waiting for a good old fashion "rAwrR XD PoPTARTS gO MoO"

No. 59045


Hoodrat chic is actually "in" now, at least on Tumblr. Thing is, it's usually only in the form of ghetto ass pop culture catchphrases screenprinted onto crop tops and white tees, for example:


>I woke up like this
>I'm the girl Drake is crying about in all his songs
>No fuckboyz allowed
>Can you not (then underneath in smaller print) kthanksbye
>Baby momma

And other such delightfully trashy nonsense.

No. 59055

But she doesn't do the hoodrat thing like tumblr does, she thinks she's better than those people. (She insinuated it in that rant about how she hates trashy neon fashion with things like that written on them). She does it like, "wut up mah homie gangsta g??? pu$$y bichezzzz" I wish I had a better example at hand, but one good example of her hoodrat talk was on that Danny tumblr she made.

No. 59059

File: 1425884184297.jpg (100.84 KB, 604x604, 1425786215514_meitu_1.jpg)

Screwing around with Meitu. Just curious how much a different look would suit her.

No. 59060

ehh long black hair is still better

No. 59063

File: 1425884558446.jpg (78.49 KB, 604x604, 1425786215514_meitu_2.jpg)

No. 59066

Keekz should have dyed her hair lilac or mint and jumped a little harder on that pastel goth trend. That seems right up her alley and she would have actually looked good doing it IMO. Idk if I'm just associating her with her scene persona or what, but I feel like an "edgier" look suits her 7372x better than imitating Kota.
Even if she wants to jump on the kawaii train, she should really change it up. She looks so limp and washed up right now.

No. 59067

File: 1425884924455.png (828.65 KB, 573x609, jxtgks.png)

No. 59070

File: 1425885704467.png (624.75 KB, 561x607, agdshaaeryhuadre.png)

She really does look good with black hair. I'm pretty shocked.

No. 59094

It would make her eyes stand out in a good way.

No. 59095

I weep for this generation.

No. 59103

this this this

No. 59104

speaking of homegirl's twitter, regardless of what she tweets, someone usually replies "please make more vids! especially about being vegan"
idk why she doenst listen to her fans. sure shes crazy but people still clearly look up to her for advice.
she has been vegan for years and it only got really big just recently, so she really would get some following.

No. 59105

those fucking insta videos I am dying I am dead DAT FOREHEAD

No. 59135

She said she won't because she doesn't want the haters taking her advice

No. 59162

File: 1425912072135.jpg (48.11 KB, 500x750, white-hat-black-hair--large-ms…)

Agreed because of pic related.

No. 59166


her ~advices~ are useless anyways

No. 59168

I agree. I think it's because there's a pull thread on where she gets her clothes and I know a lot of pull members liked her recipes. Her logic really makes no sense, she always goes on about how people should be nice and caring, like she thinks she is, but only towards her. And then she's like, "Haters actually like some of the pieces I wear and the recipes I share, I must stop making them!!!!" If she wants "haters" to be nice and like her, giving them what they want would be a good solution.

No. 59169

*sharing not making

No. 59186

damn. some serious Katy Perry vibes in this one.
too bad being ugly isn't the problem in her case.
it's like when someone's nice but also chubby, you don't really notice the chubbiness… but if they're nasty bitches u better bet everyone's gonna point out every single flaw lol

No. 59187

She looks great like this.

No. 59189

This would have looked really good if she'd done something about her eyebrows too.

No. 59306

the fuck, one would think that she would want people to be more vegan and cruelty free. but then again, the more people are vegans, the less special she is

No. 59352

Kiki is one of those people who are ~vegan~ or ~buddhist~ because they think it makes them uniue, not because they follow a strict diet or belief system. I think for her it's just something she claims to be but doesn't actually put any effort into, we know she can't eat vegan for shit even when she was in Florida.

No. 59359

This. If she truly wanted to spread veganism and was about the animals, she'd also share the vegan restaurants and cafes in Japan to the people who asked her about it. And to my understanding, while some buddhists do basically eat vegan, if they're offered food from someone that's not a part of their diet they'd appreciate it and not let it go to waste. Kiki didn't even appreciate her warui "sensei" for getting her that shit, she just flipped on them over it not being vegan.

No. 59362


She probably thinks Buddhism is a set of values r/t a religion, too. She certainly doesn't exemplify the values of Buddhism.

And her not sharing where she went to get vegan food in Japan was just ridiculous. She had quite a few people ask her–she even had people ask for a veganism in Japan guide–and she brushed them off entirely. That could have been a good opportunity for her to get more fans but she blew it lol. She's probably trying to be like all those e-famous people who are secretive about everything out of a crazy desire to be super unique. It's pathetic IMO.

No. 59372

Because if she tells other people where to find vegan food in apan, she won't be the only ~pure vegan princess~ in Tokyo anymore!

IIRC when she was still in FL but pretending to be in Tokyo didn't she say someting on IG about meeting an AU girl who was vegan and how she was teacing her how to s5ay vegan in Japan and how to read the kanji in ingredients lists (even though she proved she can't/won't even read them herself?

No. 59378

>IIRC when she was still in FL but pretending to be in Tokyo didn't she say someting on IG about meeting an AU girl who was vegan and how she was teacing her how to s5ay vegan in Japan and how to read the kanji in ingredients lists (even though she proved she can't/won't even read them herself?
I remember her saying that too

No. 59379

Are you shitting me right now
The only things I've seen is that people are still using the "I can't"s and "omg my feels" (yes it's still happening.)

No. 59382

damn straight. like if himezawa wasnt a piece of shit we wouldnt point out her nose.

well thats probably exactly why she doesnt make these videos. not 'becuz of da haterz :(" but because she still wants to be ~*unique*~ even though being vegan is way more common than she thinks.

No. 59384


Not shitting you at all. All those examples are ones I've actually seen, most being worn.

No. 59388

Wow. I mean I've heard 'bae' but that's annoying as fuck. Are these the new but still shitty Tumblr terms? I wouldn't be caught dead around someone saying/wearing that shit good lord.

Basically it's like how it's fun to be a dick when you're a kid or teenager, and then when you're an adult you're disgusted with yourself or the people who act like that. This is literally making being said dick seem cool.

No. 59392

You never should read the product descriptions on dollskill.

No. 59409

Idk, I guess it doesn't shock me because I'm from a predominantly white yet somehow still ghetto shithole so white girls acting like trashy thug-crazy hoodrats was kind of the norm until I moved. Maybe I haven't been gone long enough to notice just how the rest of the country views that type.

No. 59411

>Are these the new but still shitty Tumblr terms?

No, they're terms Tumblr picked up and turned into a fad. They unfortunately already existed. I guess the whole Ferguson deal that made white kids on Tumlr start preaching about how you're upposed to hate yourself and be sorry for being white also spurred the interest in this new trend.

No. 59414

That forehead is soo damn big they could show drive-in movies on it

No. 59416

Lol at the person asking kaka to take a pic with Kota.

Also aren't weapons illegal in japan?
Or personal concealed weapons.

No. 59420

>btw, who's up for a new vlog, got some new footage to edit !
I bet that it's either going to be a video of her talking about cats or attention she gets in Japan. Or this vlog is just never going to ever get posted like the veganism in Japan video she said she'd make.

No. 59424

It's weird that they don't take pictures together. They seem to be on good terms and honestly, a picture with Keekz isn't gonna damage Dakota's relationship at all.

No. 59429


Ohoho Kiki, that knife is illegal in Japan, keep showing it off you dumb twat.

She looks so stupid in this vid, that filter is so thick, probably to hide how badly she's aging, and the way she moves her head is so… borderline retarded. Is she trying to be sexy?

No. 59433

*Illegal to carry, shit.

Not only is,it hilarious how she pretends she's surrounded by creepy men who all want to rape her, but that she's trying to imply she carries weapons for self defense. Kiki is the kind of idiotwho probably buries her weapon In the bottom of her messy purse and forgets about it.

No. 59434

I got secondhand embarrassment from watching that vid. The illegal weapon, the heavy filter, the weird way she was moving…

If she wanted to do that stereotypical "cute but edgy desu" thing that people on Tumblr do, a simple pic would have sufficed. The video just makes her look bonkers.

No. 59439


>Any fixed knife containing a blade length of 15 cm or more requires permission from the prefectural public safety commission in order to possess. Permission requirements also apply to any type of pocket knife over 6 cm (including Automatic Knives), spears over 15 cm in blade length, and Japanese halberds.[28] All knives with a blade length over 6 cm are prohibited from being carried, under a crime law,[29] with an exception for carrying for duty or other justifiable reasons. There is a penalty of up to 2 years prison or up to a ¥300000 yen fine.

6cm = about 2.5 inches. So yeah, that knife is way illegal.

No. 59444


Holy shit, $3,000 fine and/or two years for a pocket knife? I mean Kiki wold probably get deported since she's ot a citizen, but still, that's crazy.

No. 59445

Someone should report her for it.

No. 59446

I always considered rednecks to be ghetto/trashy thug-crazy hoodrats

They don't really use this type of slang though

No. 59453

I always thought the Ostrengas were more white trash than redneck tbh.

No. 59454

That someone would have to speak pretty damn good Japanese and catch her carrying it in public, and have poof.

No. 59459

File: 1425946476090.jpg (115.47 KB, 800x1168, tmp_4064-_20150309_17101219043…)

Bless you, whoever you are.

I can't wait to see how kaka reacts, if she replies or just deletes it or what.

No. 59460

Nope not gonna haha
I live in a low middle class area and I haven't heard anyone use this trashy way of speaking since middle school where everyone was either a scene kid or a weeaboo.
Oh no. Ugh some of my friends turned into those people. One of my friends marched about it and blocked my dad from coming home. he's 50 years old and couldn't come home to rest before his 17 hour work day because of a group of all white protesters. he's an immigrant btw so if they wanted to bring privilege into it i could throw that out there but it wasn't worth it. sjws who are white and say they hate white people need to never talk about anything ever tbf
It runs in their family big time.

No. 59461

Isn't there an actual Japanese pull member? Maybe they or some Japanese truth blogger could write it out. And isn't the stun gun she was walking around with also illegal in Japan?

No. 59462

Also I really don't get the weapon thing. From what I've heard, Japan is incredibly safe.

No. 59463

Oh man, I just cringed SO hard. Does she seriously think she looks cool?

No. 59464

Ah man I clicked on it expecting someone insulting her or talking about koots. This is good too though

No. 59466

Tokyo was recently voted the safest city in the world to live. Kaka just wants everyone to think she's so irresistable to Japanese men that they literally crawl all over her.

No. 59469

yeah, there's maguro but he doesn't get on anymore because pull has basically gone to shit. i know watagashi is living in japan currently though (and speaks japanese).

kiki is just trying too damn hard imo. a quick google search (and actually common knowledge) would tell anyone that Japan is probably the safest country in the world.

honestly, what up with the forehead videos though?

No. 59473

She thinks huge foreheads are "kittenlike" and Japanese ppl see it as a "beauty standard".

No. 59482

People always get rednecks/white trash mixed up.
Rednecks are more country.
White trash is just trash.

No. 59483

>Lol at the person asking kaka to take a pic with Kota.

Guess she removed the comment.

Talking about Dakota? UNACCEPTABRU

No. 59487

She just deleted the comment asking for pictures with Kota, that's why she doesn't take pictures with her. If she did, all of her comments would be about Kota. That's how it was when Kota got her popularity and they were closer.

No. 59493

What is she thinking when she deletes the comments relating to Kota? Like, what is her actual reason? I really want to know what goes through her head. To me it's just like her saying 'this is MY instagram, only talk about ME not my stupid, more popular sister!! ME!!!!!!!!

No. 59494


She is probably banging random Japanese men for money, so no wonder she wants to keep weapons on hand.

But it’s hilarious that she’ll delete comments about Kota, but then keep up pictures/video of her doing illegal things that could get her jailed or deported.

No. 59497

Pretty much, but then she chats with Kota on twitter and they act like besties again despite Kaka keeping her IG completely Kota free.

No. 59502

Probably, but I also don't see why she wants to go out of her way to remove said comment. Anyone else would see an innocuous comment like that and leave it even if it makes them jealous. I don't see what it achieves for her when like >>59497 says, Kaka's still using her connection with Dakota on twitter. Dafuq? And she's really immediate about it. That anon only drew attention to it a little bit ago and already it's gone.

No. 59508

Kiki wants to seem close to Kota to get attention, but she's selfish and want everyone to notice HER and tell her she's a kawaii dolly princess. If she posted Kota on her IG, since Kota doesn't have one she would be getting lots of comments asking about Kota, not her which she doesn't want. Besides, Kota doesn't post pics with Kiki on her blog.

No. 59516

Hah, that was me, she blocked me so I can't see if she deleted it but I would be floored if she didn't.

No. 59517

File: 1425950800210.jpg (124.58 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

she deleted it.

lol @ her, "it's my granola bag opener lol" comment

No. 59520

Figures, it wasn't an ass kissing compliment, and it implied she didn't know something about Japan so of course she deleted it!

Still, I don't elieve she carries that knife around, the fact is Tokyo is incredibly safe and even an idiot like her wouldn't risk getting deported over a video prop she uses to try to seem cool and edgy.

No. 59525

Someone should pass it to jrcach maybe he'd report it

No. 59527

Kiki is such a fucking drama queen with her protections in Japan. If she needs pepperspray and a KNIFE then she's hanging out in the wroooong neighborhood.

She's so paranoid it's unreal. And I don't think it's because she's scared, she just believes everyone is out to hurt her because she's so kirakira kawaii.

If people on the street knew what a fuckward she is, I guess she would need it.

No. 59530

You should do it. Send him an anonask, show him this >>59459

No. 59532

Shouldn't her visa be up soon anyway? Visitors on tourist visa can only legally stay for 3 months and it feels like that's how long she's been there.

No. 59534

I agree. I think Cathy also has convinced her every single person on the street is a hater trying to kill her or something. At her home in Florida(emphasizing because she wants people to believe Japan is her home), she never leaves the house at all whatsoever it seems. (Not like she even leaves her "apartment" in Japan either.)

Tbh, I really don't think she's there anymore. She's just trying to keep up the facade that she "lives" there. But in the case she is there, I'd love to have her ass deported. There is no reason at all whatsoever for her to be there in the first place.

No. 59535

Yakuza gonna snatch up that kira kira gaijin.

She would probably be the same way at home if she ever left her house. I mean, she lives in Florida.

…well, maybe not. It's a combination of having an excuse to talk about how she lives in Tokyo every goddamn chance and she also likes to pretend she's tough. Hence the lame 2008 gangsta talk. I doubt she would ever use her knife or stungun. I think she's delusional enough to think her followers believe she's constantly being harassed/hit on/scouted but I don't think she's delusional enough to truly believe that anyone is a real danger to her.

She's so basic. It's kind of painful how basic she is and how dated and terrible her sense of humor is. Before I got caught up in her drama I kind of thought she would be….cooler? Like, aside from everything, Kota is pretty cool. Kiki is just actually lame.

No. 59536

I can't believe how dumb this bitch is make it obvious where she's staying and then flash weapons in a country like Japan. It would be so easy to report her.

No. 59537

She obviously didn't know it was illegal. She probably deleted that anon because they pointed it out and she's probably doin research as we speak on knife laws. She will either find some flimsy loophole that won't hood up in a million years or delete the picture.

No. 59539

I’m sure she didn’t know but surely she must have an inkling about how strict Japan is about these kinds of things. Why do it at all if you’re not 100% sure? It's just ignorant.

No. 59542

Because she's from Florida. In Florida, you can literally walk around with a machete and a gun and it's legal. She probably thought the pocket knife was not a big deal.

No. 59543

The beauty of that though is that there is no flimsy loophole, Japan's knife and gun laws are pretty damn strict.

No. 59545

Its not though.
You have to have a permit and if you do have one on you it has to stay hidden/in your car when you're out.

No. 59546

>She's so basic. It's kind of painful how basic she is and how dated and terrible her sense of humor is. Before I got caught up in her drama I kind of thought she would be….cooler? Like, aside from everything, Kota is pretty cool. Kiki is just actually lame.
I agree. Didn't she drop all of her friends when she first decided to be kira kira kawaii/after scene died? I think that has a lot to do with how dated her sense of humor is and how immature she is still. I feel like she's incredibly out of touch with people/reality. If that makes any sense, I have no idea how to explain what I'm trying to say.

No. 59547

I wonder how she got it in the first place, the airport weapon controll ain't that easy to get stuff tru.

No. 59555

So I exaggerated. You actually can hae a knife larger than the one in her pic on you without a permit though. My point was that you can still have those things and it's fairly normal, so she probably didn't think the pocket knife was a big deal or didn't count, or maybe she's somehow above the law since she already seems to believe she can just lawsuit her way out of shit.

I know what you mean, I thought this too. She cut off all communication from anyone, even online, in the past few years, and I doubt she really does much social networking outside of twitter and insta….even then she is basically just tweeting and not paying attention to anyone else. like, I'll be real, I'm not the most social thing but because I use tumblr and stuff I kinda know what's cool and talk to new people fairly often. She doesn't even have that…

No. 59558

Its probably an unsharpened replica, unless she actually went to the kind of districts that sell illegal live steel weapons, in which case her being a prostitute would be much more likely. If you go back to the video and look at the knife and the way the light hits it as she's waving it around, it doesnt look like it's sharpened.

No. 59565

It actually does look sharpened in the video, dunno what you're seeing but the knife is obvs sharp. Still, super fucking illegal and how the fuck did she get it? I doubt she got that through any airport without it being noticed unless she shipped it prior to her flight in a box with her other random stuff.

No. 59570

I HOPE she's a prostitute for the lulz but I know she isn't. I know Scott and Cathy would foot the bill before the had to do that.

I wonder if Scott and Cathy have started to doubt Kiki's starpower. I think letting her go to Japan and try to make it is a last-ditch approach. It's about time they cut the umbilical cord.

And as for how she got the knife there, I'm sure Cathy sent it in a care package. She was sending texts about ISIS or whatever a few months ago. She probably believes Kiki when she says it's dangerous.

No. 59572

>Didn't she drop all of her friends when she first decided to be kira kira kawaii/after scene died?

I first started watching her in her Stickam days and it was pretty obvious she had no friends even then. She'd excuse it by talking about how she's a loner. The only people besides her show viewers that she talked to were that Jay guy she flirted with on the phone from time to time, and whoever she'd happen to be dating at the time. Oh, and Kooties.

No. 59574

She didn't really have like ride or die friends but she had people she associated with. Now she doesn't even have that.

No. 59575

>and I doubt she really does much social networking outside of twitter and insta….even then she is basically just tweeting and not paying attention to anyone else.
I remember seeing her fb comments and likes, she didn't do it too often iirc and she only liked/commented attractive, white, band guys' pictures/statuses. She never liked/commented on any other girl's statuses/pictures. (I know guys and girls can be friends but lbr she just wants dick) And iirc all the guys ignored her, it seems.
>like, I'll be real, I'm not the most social thing but because I use tumblr and stuff I kinda know what's cool and talk to new people fairly often. She doesn't even have that…
Same here. Though, I'm wondering why she never copied Kota's sense of humor. I don't know if Kota's in touch with this stuff either, but she's most definitely funnier and has a better sense of humor than Kiki. That's what I did when I was as out of touch as she is; just copied what other people my age around me/my siblings were saying.

No. 59576

>I HOPE she's a prostitute for the lulz but I know she isn't. I know Scott and Cathy would foot the bill before the had to do that.

IDK, I can see her banging dudes for money and clothes, but rationalizing it by saying "they give me things because they like me, not because I have sex with them! Total coincidence!".

No. 59580

She pretty much lost all her friends with claiming they are all just friends with her in the hopes of turning as ~famous~ as her.

No. 59582

Funny thing is though she wasn't really the most of the famous scene queens.
yeah she was popular but nothing like Raquel and Adren Kitch something. Also both have done/ still model.

No. 59583

Lol I butchered the names sorry.

Audrey kitching
Hanna Beth
And Raquel Reed (Always thought she was pretty.)

No. 59593

>I wonder if Scott and Cathy have started to doubt Kiki's starpower. I think letting her go to Japan and try to make it is a last-ditch approach. It's about time they cut the umbilical cord.

that just makes me wonder just how desperate kaka will truly become eventually. we've already seen a lot of desperation from her before but i feel like eventually she's really gonna snap for real.

i was thinking the other night about how she stole an entire song from that dj and at least some parts of a hyuna song (???) i wonder really just how much of her music is actually stolen. there's so many independent artists out there in different places that i'd imagine she'd feel comfortable stealing everything, thinking that nobody would trace anything back to the original. i bet the removal of that stolen song is what made her really give up the guise of trying to be a dj and try for modeling gigs again.

No. 59594

Nah, I think she would twitter rage and act like they were dicks for using her/buying her stuff but not falling in love. The idea of sex without love seems to be lost on her even though she has fallen victim to that type of thing many times.

No. 59600

I'm bet she even lied to her parents about those being her songs. I think if my kid produced some passable/good songs, I would have some faith that they had talent and support them pretty blindly. It would be troublesome to learn they were faking it all along.

I have to wonder what the endgame was. If she achieved any success with her music, the plagiarism probably would have been realized waaaay before we figured it out. I think she takes "fake it til you make it" too far, and ignores the fact that you have to do some actual work to "make it."

No. 59607

Who knows, maybe she finally snapped and dropped that mindset. She was getting pretty unhinged before she "moved" to Japan. I wonder what she'll do to stay once her tourist visa is up, since I really don't see her getting signed for any kind of legit modeling.

No. 59637


I bet she wouldn't even dare to carry these weapons in florida lol

No. 59709

OT but lol anon you need to chill and take a history/current events class because idt that's the purpose tumblrinas are going for. but if you wanna look at is as hating white people go ahead. or that it's just because of Ferguson and not longstanding race problems in the States never dealt with?? i don't really get how stupid people can be to not make that link

and referring to black culture as "ghetto" in and of itself is fucktarded

No. 59719

Tokyo is one of the safest cities in the world.

This protection shit is just kiki being an attention whore and trying to act like people would actually be attracted to her stank ass in Nippon. Meanwhile she's too old and tall for most Japanese men and probably intimidates them.

No. 59720

If she wears the shit she wears in her pics/videos, then she's asking for creepers. But generally Japanese aren't creepy enough to actually talk to foreigners, mostly just staring. A lot of staring. Even if she was wearing the most basic outfit ever, they'd still stare, because she's white.

No. 59725

File: 1425999360643.png (43.4 KB, 610x421, Capture.PNG)

She really thinks that every guy/anyone that's not her is an evil douchebag and she's a perfect kawaii kira kira little girl who has never done anything wrong.

Also, what happened to being "scouted?" Maybe it's too soon, idk anything about modeling, but wouldn't she have a meeting/interview or something? I feel like if Kiki really was, she'd constantly be taking pics and updating to rub it in all of our "hater" faces. Same thing if she actually lived in Japan, she'd be posting pics of her stuff packed in boxes, stuff about moving, renting/owning a place, etc.

No. 59728

File: 1426001012555.jpg (44.26 KB, 634x542, 1410782350243_Image_galleryIma…)


You're not Jihadi Jhon, Kaka-

No. 59863


BAHHAHAHAAAA I'm going to hell

No. 59915

She better start learning how to lick a pussy because she is never going to have a long lasting relationship with a male if this is her attitutude.

No. 59918

Nigga. No lesbian wants her skank, lying ass.

No. 59923

there are like 5 or 6 things wrong with you

No. 60561

Maybe some weirdo grabbed her hair on a crowded train and it made her paranoid.

No. 60581

Well no one deserves that tbh.

No. 60585

That happened to my friend while she was in Niponland, but then again she was black.

No. 60586

Random train gropin is areal provlem in Japan, there are even signs in some stations warning women to beware and saying groping is not allowed. Plus I've heard stories of girls who went to Japan who got their hair pulled because people thought they were wearing a wig.

No. 60607

That's seriously disgusting. Of course they do nothing to catch these culprits. If anything, that culture encourages it.

Sorry that happened to your friend.

No. 60777

>Of course they do nothing to catch these culprits. If anything, that culture encourages it.

You literally do not know what you are talking about, fuck you very much. Many women who are victims of chikan either do not report it, or did not get a look at the offender and have no suspect for police to pursue. Do you know how crowded a Japanese train can get? Fucking sardines in a can.

However, many trains have implimented women only cars and police officers on board in an effort to hopefully prevent chikan from happening. By the way, the penalty for chikan is about $7k-13k fine or jail up to 10 years. Just because you see it glorified by perverts in H games and doujins doesn't mean the entire country thinks that way.

No. 60785

Thank you for this. Im so tired of stupid sjw weebs who think Japan is some rape ridden place that thinks things like groping and child porn is ok. Japan is more open than sex because America is probably the most conservative first world country on sex, but you're 10 times more likely to be raped in America than japan.

No. 60786

And, even certain flower trains will still bend their own rules and allow men if they're elderly or disabled last I saw. Was like three years ago, but still.

No. 60864

Get over yourselves. Many women in Japan are taught from an early age to just not speak up. It's better to be submissive, etc. It's a shitty country with tons of sex crime and lots of hypocrisy. Like those damn love hotels with sound machines to help you cheat on your wife or the way men are encouraged to have a mistress after marriage. Fuck off with your love for nipland and their bullshit.

No. 60871

Goodness, you're sandy. But still, everything I said was true, Japan isn't a land of sex crazed rapist deviants and emotionally stunted sex slave women. There is a reason Tokyo is such a safe place to live, do you think that would be so if the things you say are true? Love hotels aren't aimed at married men specifically, btw. Not any more than American strip clubs are aimed at married men, just men in general. Horny men with money, it's just a business. They don't care who uses the love hotel as long as they pay.

I am curious why you seem to have such a negative and diluted view of Japan, I can't speculate a reason but either way you are obiously a very unhappy person without much joy in their life who has more than likely never been to Japan, but parrots biased, false information about it for the sake of trying to make others feel bad for having an interest.

No. 60878

Anon, you really should stop relying on TV and movies to teach you about other countries.

No. 60951

File: 1426167842390.png (23.93 KB, 563x198, keekz.png)

No. 60956


soooo, sugar daddy-san ditched her?

No. 60960

I think you hit the nail on the head, anon.

No. 60989

If sugar daddy is gone how is she gonna pay for shit.

No. 60996

Kiki never had a real job before, can't speak Japanese, does not have a real degree and wont state how she gets any cash. She is either pretending to be in Japan, dodging immigration or more than likely she is a hooker or an escort.

No. 60998


Pretty sure it's more likely that she's just talking about living on her own, away from her parents.

No. 60999

I think she's pretending to live there right now. Didn't her visa expire already? The last picture in Japan she posted was slightly less than a month ago. And we were already discussing how she's really not there before, she would've posted proof for us "haters" like she did when she first got there.

No. 61034

Kiki does have a real degree.

No. 61044

Okay a useful degree, and last time I looked she only had an A.A which isn't much.

No. 61053

i thought maybe sensei sama does double time

No. 61106

It doesn't matter, Kiki wold never get a real job because ~kira kira elf princesses don't have to work~.

No. 61109

This, as in, not in the same house as her parents or sister. There is no way she is supporting herself. Her parents undoubtedly send her money and she probably does enjo kousai.

No. 61156

>Had a discussion with a taxi driver about my height. He thought I was a model, but I let him in on my secret that it's just the heels lol

That conversation was in your head, you monomaniacal cuckoo kaka

No. 61184

Why the hell is she always taking taxis? Is she really so antisocial she's scared of taking the bus or train?

No. 61201

She's the fucking kkkaka princess. You can't just expect her to mix with all those peasant gooks.

No. 61261

>I used to depend on my Japanese friends so much, but now I'm able to be on my own and be okay!

You mean Dakota and her friends who are forced to be polite to you by association?

>OMG the taxi driver just gave me money for a drink and told me 頑張って!!! for my studying ^ ^ restored my faith in kind people here

The way she says this makes it seem like she hasn't found people are kind to her in Japan. If she just meant it restored her faith in kind people in general, she wouldn't have added the "here".

No. 61294


I honestly don't believe any of these things happened, except maybe the one about her height. If she wanted to brag about ~muh wonderful life in Tokyo~ wouldn't she be posting pics of shit left and right instead of just talking about vague, random shit?

No. 61295

>I used to depend on my Japanese friends so much, but now I'm able to be on my own and be okay

This is auch obvious bullshit for two reasons:
>Kaka having friends? LOL
>Kaka working to support herself, pfff no mommy and daddy pay all her bills and probably send her an allowance too

No. 61298

>The way she says this makes it seem like she hasn't found people are kind to her in Japan. If she just meant it restored her faith in kind people in general, she wouldn't have added the "here".
Considering the facts that most people are usually kind to your face and Japanese people are known to be very polite/kind, I could see people not being nice to her because she's a spoiled brat. I could see her flipping out on people for things not being her way or because someone Japanese speaks in English to her since she's so fluent desu~~~

I agree. She's definitely not there anymore, like I posted earlier, the last picture she posted that was definitely in Japan was a little less than a month ago. And just a week or two before that, she was posting a lot of pictures.

No. 61301


She's probably back in FL waiting until she can go back to Japan, since her tourist visa ran out. I wonder if her parents are keeping her "apaato" while she's at home in FL until she gets back.

No. 61306

>She's probably back in FL waiting until she can go back to Japan, since her tourist visa ran out.

This, the thing weebs don't understand is that you can't just up and move to Japan and start living there permanently, you have to have a visa. I wonder if Kaka realizes that by trying to live in Japan on a tourist visa basically makes her an illegal immigrant. After all, what happens in 4 or so months when she tries that again? Japanese Immigration isn't going to keep letting her do that, she'll have to get a job, get into a school or marry some poor dumb unsuspecting Japanese bastard.

No. 61309

Would she even be able to rent an actual apartment? I thought people on tourist visas could only rent gaijin houses until their visa runs out? I've heard it's hard for gaijin to get actual apartments or get anything with a contract/bills. There was one girl on yt who lived in Japan for work/school and she couldn't buy a cell phone there.

I'm wondering, how many times in a year can you go to Japan on a tourist visa? I've heard if you do it too frequently, they do get suspicious and won't let you in. It'll be interesting to see her keep up the facade with just tweets for however long it'll take for her to get back there, and then when she finally gets back there, she'll spam instagram with Japan pictures like nothing happened.

No. 61310


If a foreigner is in Japan without working, being in school, or being married to a Japanese then they are basically a parasite. One of the first thing Japanese ask foreigners is, "Why are you in Japan? Work? School?". I'm sure Kiki was asked these questions by taxi drivers and Dakota's friends, and if she told them she was there to live long term and not in school or working, then it's not unexpected that they might not treat her very nicely or start ignoring her completely.

No. 61311

She is most likely staying in a gaijin house and calling it her apartment because she wants everyone to think she actually lives there. After all, she was calling the hotel room her "apaato" too.

No. 61314


You can get short-term furnished apartments easily as a foreigner, you can stay as little as a month or a year if you want (as long as you have a visa). The ones gaijin usually have trouble getting are long-term apartments.

IIRC you can stay up to 180 days a year as long as you’re leaving the country every 90 days.

No. 61322

Oh yeah, I've heard there is an issue with neets in Japan. That could be why she's saying she's "studying" all of a sudden.

No. 61325

Studying what? Even if she got inro just a Japanese language school, tuition for just a year is $8-10,000. Her parents aren't wealthy enough not only to fly her to Japan and back multiple times (from FL it's expensive as FUCK), pay all her bills and living expenses, give her shopping money AND send her to school. There's no way.

No. 61332

she's studying being a sugar baby to her sugoi sugar daddy~

if she really is studying, i bet it's just the japanese tutoring she was taking before, and she's just wording it now to make it seem like she's taking legit courses in japan to make herself look better.

No. 61354

Kiki doesn't have the looks or the personality to keep an SD unless she is both DTF from the get go and really good at sex.

No. 61420

File: 1426224336843.png (7.05 KB, 576x96, 23432.png)

Apparently she forgot she is 'murican because she acts like she isn't.

No. 61426

>here in Tokyo

Does she have to add this to every single tweet?

No. 61427

lol is she going at it again with the Russian thing?

I've read this before when I was reading tourist/gaijin forums. They tend to ask you questions like "are you Russian or American" about as often as an Asian in America gets asked "Are you Chinese or Japanese?"

No. 61435

To be fair, most kids/people see the US as the only overseas place, with Russia as the only country in Europe. The US is like ~the~ overseas country.. most can't point out the rest on a map

If she arrived January 4th, it doesn't expire until April 4th. Sorry anon, but she probably still is in Japan & legally.

No. 61439

File: 1426229810649.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, iEtd2kb.gif)

Russian women are synonymous with prostitution in Tokyo (even if it's not always true, it's a commonly accepted notion there)

Kiki, what people are asking you is if you're a prostitute.

No. 61449

She was in Japan for new years iirc.

No. 61462

It's because most of white girls in Japan are either from Russia or from America. Also, Kiki does look Slavic

No. 61470


It's because Russia isn't very far away from Japan, so there are a lot of Russians in Japan. Also yes, there is some stereotype of Russian women being prostitutes in Japan because there is a shady market for Caucasian women and girls for gravure, pornography and sometimes prostitution, and many of the girls who,end up here come from poor families and town in Russia hoping for a better live, but only find deception. There is a great documentary called "Girl Model" about this subject.

No. 61507

Holy fucking shit she has insta vids with some hot Japanese dude, no way could it be her boyfriend ?! If it is then I'm actually proud of her…

No. 61511

Shit, he is hot.
He looks fucking bored with her though, you can't deny.
I had to replay it multiple times because at the start it sounds nothing like her…it sounds like a legit Japanese woman, I was surprised how good her accent sounds.
Love how he walks away uninterested, without even looking at her when she tries to be funny and does that pose.

No. 61513

Omfg, he is hot. But, I think it's just some guy she's sleeping with tbh. Every single guy she gets with only sees her as a one night stand, I really don't think it's because she's so unlucky so every guy turns out to be a huge jerk to kira kira. Also isn't it true a lot Japanese people see gaijin as sex objects and not someone to date and bring home to your parents?

I agree, he does look extremely bored with her. I think with the Japanese, she most likely practiced saying that many times before she recorded it. Her Japanese is shit and I really don't think she's using Japanese there at all whatsoever.

No. 61515

>@fangophilia gave me my cat claws
Fuck off, Kiki, you bought them. Don't be acting like they sent you that shit for free.

He seems so thrilled when he's with her.

No. 61518

Ummm…All i noticed was that he has a pretty mouth but you can't even really see his face that well. He's just like, "bitch the fuck are you doing filming me?" Lmao. And in the 2nd video he looks different….

No. 61523

You can see his face just fine. You can even see it fully in the thumbnail. His lips and eyes are nice.
He looks like he yawns right after she speaks and then walks off, kek.

No. 61524

She linked his insta account. She looks ok ok in pics but not as attractive as in keekz videos

No. 61525

Did she? What is it? I didn't see it.

No. 61526

He looks like a fashion student (?) and bored as fuck hahaha when he begins to walk its like "I don't want to be part of your childish acts and videos". He could be one of her "Japanese friends" or a friend of Kota. Kota may have asked him to go out with her sister because she /doesn't want/ can't atm and doesn't want Kiki to get lost in Tokyo

No. 61527

I don't see his ig either?? I don't think she would link it, she knows someone would tell him about how racist and just overall a shitty human being she is.

No. 61530


he's some dude that makes fangs

No. 61531

File: 1426255446515.jpg (126.5 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Oh I wasn't wrong, he's a jewelry designer. Even CL wore his work.

No. 61533

I'm an idiot, I thought that was just some random ig she decided to share. Makes sense now, he's probably only letting her post videos of him for promotion, since he looks too bored to be a friend/boyfriend.

No. 61534

File: 1426255536864.jpg (34.04 KB, 620x439, taro.jpg)

Oh wow, it is him. The freckles near his mouth match up. He looks hella young in Kiki's videos. I'm surprised he's actually hanging out with her, he has some renown for his jewelery. >>61531 yeah there's pics on there of Brooke Candy and Marilyn Manson wearing his stuff.
No wonder he's fucking bored by Kiki. He's usually surrounded by interesting, colourful people.

No. 61535

Maybe it was because of his outfit and style on but he's not as hot in his pics as in Kiki's video

No. 61537

I bet she let him fuck her for discount on fangs

No. 61538

Maybe he was wearing makeup or got surgery. What if this is Kiki's sugar daddy. I can't see why he would hang out with her. She's not famous nor interested in fashion, she only wears shitty clothes to look special. She has 0 charm and she's boring. Maybe it's her sugar daddy and he doesn't care about her personality and only wants a fuck

No. 61539

Not sure if this has been said yet but it looks like Kiki is actually claiming she lives in Tokyo now, as she changed it on her Facebook.
Account is her real one; I found it through Taro Hanabusa (fangophilia guy)'s friends list.

No. 61540

File: 1426256343939.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2015-03-13-15-12-55…)

Dude looks way younger and has more fair and clear skin in kiki video.

I don't think he was wearing make up. I think it's actually Kiki's cam filter that makes her face and skin look more younger and clear

No. 61541

Uh no, she has a clear accent.

No. 61542

Doubt it, he can have so much better due to his job.

No. 61543

I think she's doing it to show off to people she knows irl. Since she never posted that on twitter, she knows she'd be caught in that lie. And lol, she added Japanese to her languages.

No. 61545

Sounds pretty convincing to me, at least compared to most other weebs.

No. 61546

>I think it's actually Kiki's cam filter that makes her face and skin look more younger and clear
It's definitely the filter because she also looks busted and old without it.

I think it's because she said it fast, everyone speaks faster in a language they're fluent in. Which is what she was going for.

No. 61547

Seriously, if it can make that guy go from old and kinda haggard looking to young and cute as fuck, Kiki must look like absolute shit irl.

No. 61549

She absolutely does because she didn't put even half the brightness on his face that she puts on her own.

No. 61571

If anything I bet its this.

No. 61608

https://instagram.com/mmmkikikannibal/p/0KkxxQjRMo/ ?
Didn't see this video, they're on a bed, maybe he's her sugardaddy, he gave these personalized metal nails… her new sugardaddy? He doesnt look like the kind of guy that brings a girl to watch sumo, he's more like bringing a girl to a catwalk and a after-catwalk party. Maybe he likes her, thinks is beautiful, but is not her boyfriend. Just a friend with benefits or more like Kiki is his pet. I think Kiki is beautiful /with tons of filters/ but her personality is like trash, I believe he's with her bc her appearance

No. 61612

File: 1426268127742.jpg (29.31 KB, 583x588, j.JPG)

U sure it's him? He def looks younger, the eye shape it's different and his eyelids are not that puffy… I use meipai and you can choose filters but no one makes you looks like a 20 y.o gal/guy. He doesn't have the moles in the video, but the guy you posted is the one on the bed with Kirsten. And you can see the moles

No. 61617

That doesn't make sense, of all the woman he could have why should he choose a balding, very annoying woman who thinks she is some astral god from kira kira venus.

No. 61625

Well but maybe he thinks he can't have a girl like SooJoo that is very famous in Japan and Korea. Or a girl like Chloe Moretz or like that. He sees Kiki as an easy woman and he only wants a fuck. He's not paying attention to her, he's with his mobile phone haha

No. 61641

I hate admitting to myself how much I like the music she posts… ugh. I think that dude was under some misconceptions about how famous she actually is here, probably thought she was a model or something and gave her the D, and then was too nice to tell her to fuck off right away. he doesn't just look bored, he looks straight up annoyed.

No. 61644

i feel guilty for shazaming some of the songs she used…

No. 61645

>I think that dude was under some misconceptions about how famous she actually is here, probably thought she was a model or something and gave her the D, and then was too nice to tell her to fuck off right away. he doesn't just look bored, he looks straight up annoyed.
I think so too, the last time she was there, she was going around telling people that she's a musician and Kota's sister. No one would want to take a picture with some random model's sister who's a complete nobody, even if they happen to be a musician. Many people make/play music, it's really not special enough for you to want their picture, unless they have some level of popularity. I think she told people that she's a really popular musician in the west the first time there. And she most likely does tell people she's a famous model because she was "scouted."

No. 61647

I honestly think that's a different dude here, I know it sounds crazy that she is actually hanging with more than one person but he looks nothing like the guy from the other video!

No. 61649

can anybody tell what she is saying apart from itokawa in her newest vid? and is it proof of her actually being in tokyo right now?

No. 61653

That's the thing, he's another guy. He doesn't even have the mole in the neck nor in the face. He's younger and eye shape is different and eyelids aren't puffy. They could have the same hair lenght but isn't the same guy

No. 61659

For sure thats not the same guy at all.
I'm still kinda blown away that two guys are around her.

But kaka always fucks things up so it wont be long till shes a neet again.

No. 61661

Damn I need the insta of the guy that looks like a fashion student, he's cute. If someone finds it post it here

No. 61662

What if this is kotas bf,and shes just having him baby sit kaka.

Like as far as I know we have no clue what kotas bf looks like. I mean else would he be around her.

No. 61664

* why else

No. 61667

that would confirm my theory of Kota asking someone (friend, boyfriend) to hang out with Kaka since she can't atm or doesn't feel like going out

No. 61668

well kota did say on some recent tv appearance that she doesn't have a bf, but on the other hand that's probably because of male viewers and so on? I could picture him being kota's bf, but I can't picture him with kaka…

No. 61670

He doesn't suit Kiki and I know I don't know him but he seems to be quiet and …normal? Not like Kiki. Could be Kota's bf. If it's so, how lucky she is haha what if his tw account is that one with a lock that Kota follows?

No. 61672

Or maybe he's a close friend of Kota.

No. 61675

Seems to be some kind of museum in tokyo? Who says it's recent anyways, could be from a month ago.

No. 61684

he's so pretty _

No. 61691

I don't have fellow fever but damn he's handsome and has a nice style, I like the all in black ootd. The style suits him

No. 61695

Am I the only one who doesn't find him attractive?

No. 61696

lol everyone in this thread is thirsty af

No. 61697


Could be, I was just saying boyfriend cause I feel they would be more willing to deal with kaka if Kota asked than a friend.

Hes attractive for an asian dude.

No. 61707

>Hes attractive for an asian dude.

No. 61709

Not really.

When is she gonna update us on her modelling gig? You don't see too many people asking her on IG.

No. 61713

probably turned out to be a scam and not a real model scouting lol

No. 61716

And here the hopes of our princess kaka becoming a kawaii model porn star => is shattered.

No. 61723

I actually want to see modeling pictures of Kiki. If Dakota looks that different in her own pics vs modeling, I'd love to see how Kiki would look.

No. 61724

She did modeling pics for Rolling Stone with that short haircut. Actually looked pretty good, but I feel like she would want to do *~*supah kawaii kira kira*~* shoots and she just doesn't have the look for that. They already gotta shoop one Ostrenga to hell and back, why would they wanna do that to another one lol

No. 61735

I wouldn't put it past Kaka to pretend her sister's successful boyfriend is her boyfriend, LOL. Kaka is so thirsty it's ridiculous.

No. 61797

Its kiki's friend or boyfriend, whatever…

No. 61814


Holy shit this motherfucker needs a shower. Dat greasy hair rivals Quirky's.

No. 61816

All looks like tin foil to me lmao.

No. 61821

Off-topic but fuck I love Hirari Ikeda

No. 61822

his tongue is fcking disgusting

No. 61927

Does anyone know the music playing when Kaka's showing off the claws?

He looks too feminine for my tastes

No. 61980

No. 61991

oh god everytime some one says a dude is cute on here there have to be some special snowflakes saying he uggo just to be a contrary dick

No. 61995

>there have to be some special snowflakes saying he uggo

>no one said he uggo

No. 61997


It's okay, bitches can be blind.

No. 62001

"cuckoo kaka" I'm so lame I'm laughing at this and can't stop.

But is it just me or does that @fangophilia guy probably have better shit to do than fuck an ugly foreigner?

No. 62006

More than likely he's an acquaintance of Dakota and she asked him to hang out with her sister because we all know Kiki repels people too much and is too much of a self centered shut in to make hervown friends.

No. 62008

Pretty certain that Kaka is using an app to get Taxi because it's cheaper now and you don't have to speak Japanese to the driver. Just put in the address?

No. 62023

You don't have to speak Jpanese to take the bus or train either. It's seriously hella easy.

No. 62043

File: 1426320477134.jpg (321.93 KB, 1158x807, kkikikikik.jpg)

You know, I think you're right. I'm the one who posted >>61534 and looking back at the video of the guy at the museum and the pic I posted, they look quite different, I think I thought it was him because the videos of the cute guy and Fangophilia guy were posted within the same hour, they both had long black hair and the same bored attitude towards Kiki. If you compare the two videos she posted, they look like the same guy and the guy on the bed looks like Fangophilia (and actually is him due to moles matching), but the guy in the museum doesn't look like Fangophilia at all really…

No. 62086

kaleidoscope love from aluna george, I freakin love aluna george man.

She seems to have deleted the video with the fangophilia guy lol

No. 62088

Ha, she did too. Probably another case of the guy being like 'wtf bitch, I don't wanna be on your ig, take that down.'. Wonder how long til she deletes the one with the qt guy in it too.

No. 62089

Yep. I don't understand why she takes taxis so frequently in Japan, it's pointless and expensive. She must have some mad money to burn from her sugar daddy.

No. 62097

because she wants to feel like a rich woman, and idol or thinks she's so popular that men will stalk her if she takes the train

No. 62099

what if he found this thread and read everything hahaha

No. 62100

Does he speak English? Someone should warn him about her lol

No. 62101

he speaks English

No. 62102

I doubt she has a SD, she couldn't keep even a desperate one with her personality- not just the fact that she's a spoiled self centered bitch, but she fucking superglues herself to every guy with any hint of money or fame that comes within 15 feet of her, which is why she constantly scares guys off. She comes on Hulk strong at the speed of The Flash and guys flip out and ditch her.

Her parents and probably to a lesser extent her sister give her money, and she might even still be making some off her shop.

No. 62103

If I were Kota I would refuse to give her money BUT her parents maybe told her for a second time and she was like "sigh okay okay, after all she's my sister".

No. 62104

and you know, she wants to marry some Japanese dude to have a visa or become famous to live there and steal Kota's fame. I'm sure Kiki thinks and feels that Kota stole her fame so she's doing everything she can do to become relevant, even if she has to ask for money, lots of money, to her parents

No. 62105

I doubt she wants to marry a Japanese guy, she hasn't exactly rabed about likimg Jap guys or being with one or even hinted at having a BF simce she got there. And those tweets from a few days ago where she was bitching about guys and not letting them use her or whatever she was on about, idr but it had some strong manhater vibes about it.

She has had her parents taking care of her for her entire life, idk why anyone thinks that would stop now since they paid for her to go and live there with no job or education, do you think when she got there they would say "okay Kirsten, now you have to start makng some money of your own". No way.

No. 62108

The Ostrengas make decent money by Florida standards, they just don't consider their bills to be more important than blowing all their money on Kiki.

Her only plans for Japan were to show up and instantly land a modeling career for being white and related to Kota, and get a visa that way. Her tourist visa will run out soon, and she'll hide out in FL until she can go back and so the same exact thing, sit on her ass and bore Kota's friends to death while waiting to be ~discovered~.

No. 62111

>Her tourist visa will run out soon, and she'll hide out in FL until she can go back and so the same exact thing, sit on her ass and bore Kota's friends to death while waiting to be ~discovered~.

and then japanese immigration will wise up and bar her from reentering the country, causing her to have an epic psychotic breakdown, huehuehue

No. 62134

I think she deleted the instagram videos with the fangophilia guy because he asked her to? it's a pretty strange video to be put up of u and totally pointless video at that.

I want to know whats between her and kota because it's so strange that she just keeps on deleting comments mentioning her everywhere!

No. 62135

It makes no sense to ride in a taxi in tokyo! Only celebs or businessmen would do that, it's super expensive and uncommon to ride it otherwise.

No. 62137

kiki voice:
>Riding on a public transport? With commoners? EWWWWW I might pick up a disease!!

No. 62142

>Hes attractive for an asian dude.

das racist

No. 62145

You don't know how often she actually takes a cab. She might have taken it only 3-4 times and decided to write about it then to make it seem like she does it every day.

No. 62153


Personally I feel like she's worried she'll be harassed by guys on public transport because she's such a ~kawaii pure vegan empath elf goddess desu~ that guys just can't keep their hands off her

No. 62312

I'm wondering what dakota meant with "DEAD" on kira kiras tweet on she being scouted by an agencie? Still waiting for a legit photoshoot.

No. 62322

Honestly she was probably just amused at Kiki's Breaking Bad joke.

No. 62330

Yeah, it is a strange reaction. I've only heard people use dead/dying when they're laughing hardly, really shocked, or really bored. It comes across like she finds it funny Kiki thinks she was actually scouted or she's shocked that Kiki could ever get scouted. Idk, it could be because of Kiki's joke, but it truly isn't funny at all and Kota seems to have a much better sense of humor than Kiki.

No. 62344

I would laugh my ass off too if I were Kota. I mean really, if my older sister started copying my style in a desperate attempt to steal my thunder and become a famous model in a country she doesn't give a shit about, and started bragging about being scouted (which in all reality she probably walked in to an audition) like it's something special that only happens to her because she's sooo beautiful and exotic. Pretty sure Kota knows how often plain, sometimes even ugly white girls in Tokyo get asked "are you a model? do you want to be?" and was probably laughing at the fact that Kiki doesn't and thought it was just because she's ~speshul~.

No. 62375

>how often plain, sometimes even ugly white girls in Tokyo get asked "are you a model? do you want to be?"
capsulebunny, ulrickealette, and pandomi on IG. LOL a bunch of blonde girls with BEAT faces but model in japan

No. 62386

Exactly, all you have to do is be white and not fat. In Kiki's case I think her primadonna attitude would get her dropped just as fast as she would be scouted, lmao.

No. 62389

I hear ginger girls with really naturally bright red hair get swarmed by googley eyed Japanese girls and asked if their hair is a wig all the time in Japan.

No. 62401

lol idk how she is yapping on about all these nice complimentary conversations she is having with taxi drivers, when I vacationed in tokyo with my family a few years back all the taxi drivers were abrasive and rude, and in fact sometimes they would just drive straight past when signalled to stop rather than pick us up. Presumably because we are white. I feel like tokyo taxi drivers have a rep for not being fond of foreigners. Though maybe that is outdated now? I don't know. Just a thought.

No. 62425


more like imaginary conversations she had with those taxi drivers

Taxi driver: "It is XXXX yens"
Kaka's attention hungry mind: "Oh he told me I'm so beautiful I must be a Russian model! yay! >u< "

No. 62426

wasn't Asleigh the one that was like 'Im not trying to be a model but I sent these pics just in case, I want to know if I can model there' HAHAHAHAHAHA and she was throwing dirty laundry to Kota when she wanted to do the same

No. 62519

Wow, never knew that. I mean Dakota is just laughing cuz we all know kira kira would love to be in pop-teen and she would brag all about it, her tweets make me cringe sometimes cause she's really trying hard to be a kawaii model/supertalented veganmusician, but I think her attitude is gonna make Japanese people run away. Kira kira always included koti in her homemade photoshoots, at least she acknowledged koti, it must be hard for her to be ignored by her little sister now.

No. 62523

i thought that was flan

No. 62527

Yeah, but we all,knew Kota was acunt tho.

Still, even if she wasn't her popularity is dwindling rapidly, trying to give her twat of a sister a signal boost might put the final nail in her coffin.

No. 62777

File: 1426455798963.png (23.25 KB, 598x248, Capture.PNG)

1.) I don't really watch anime, but what the fuck is an "usagi scout." Is she talking about Usagi or the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon? All I get is stuff about Usagi/Sailor Moon when I google it. If she's talking about Sailor moon, it really shows how much she really knows about her "favorite" anime/manga.

2.) Here she is again insinuating she's in school.

No. 62784

I think she means her "japanese teacher" with the later.

No. 63144

File: 1426470294148.png (848.26 KB, 763x1094, pandomi.png)

THIS is a model in Japan??
Well shit.

No. 63150

I just scrolled through the rest of her instagram and that's not even the worst photo. Damn.

No. 63363

Damn, you were being nice when you called their faces "beat"…

No. 63470

Everybody can be a model in japan

No. 63578

I know this girl, Diana. She's Russian I think. She's cute, but very short. She's also obsessed with Miranda Kerr to the point se wants to look like her. My friends and I used to call her 'Miranda cosplayer' haha She dated Yuuki, a guy that does 'cosplay' of Huang ZiTao. Looked like she wanted popularity IMO she was pretty popular when they started to date each other.
That proves you can be a model if your height is like 159-160cm and being caucasian. I haven't heard too many cases of caucasian models under 170 cm, but yeah, we have Kota, Diana, and if you investigate, there's a bunch of them

No. 63579


he was pretty popular when they started to date each other. *

No. 63587

File: 1426524878613.png (21.01 KB, 578x321, 3423.png)

Kiki plz.

No. 63589

Gosh, she sounds twelve..

No. 63590

Holy shit she is just so fucking trashy LOL

No. 63593


If true,I feel sorry for that poor monk. Kiki's so desperate she'll will cling at anything that remotely looks 6/10 with a dick hanging between its legs.


>my local temple


No. 63595

the way she uses to talk annoys me a lot
she looks retarded

No. 63601

Wow her kira kira pussy is really hungry. I bet she'll be talking about zen buddhism the next days/weeks, pretending she's into it and knows everything.

No. 63608

She posts about being buddhist for over a year already.

No. 63609

She acts like she's super spiritual and into it but here she is live tweeting about a hot monk during her worship or whatever she does. Like, she couldn't wait til she got home?

Wonder what she's in school for. And no, an usagi scout isn't a thing, she just has no idea what she's talking about. Her life is hardly a mashed up Nana and Sailor Moon…wtf? She's just in school and having to stick to actual homework and shit which she hasn't done since she was a kid. She's used to doing nothing so of course she thinks she's busy.

Sorry for not quoting but I am only talking about the last few posts. Phone is being weird.

No. 63613

>Wonder what she's in school for.
I don't think she's in school at all, if she was, we'd see ig pics of her grades and shit since she's all about proving to us ~haters.~

I'm glad I'm not crazy and usagi scout really isn't a thing. She was just really desperate to throw in the anime references to show her ~true~ kawaii interests in Japan. I'll cut her some slack with the Nana reference, but even if she got sailor scout correct, it still makes no sense. She couldn't just say her life is like an episode of Nana and she's wiped out from it. Her desperation to come off as this kawaii girl who LOVES anime and video games is really fucking pathetic.

Actually, everything about her life, persona, etc, is fucking pathetic.

No. 63614

It's so funny when kaka, a person with a gigantic ego, says she's into buddhism…
But I can actually believe the monk talked to her. He probably said "please, go away".

No. 63615

Nah, I'm fairly certain she's in language school for a few months. Anyone who thinks her parents wouldn't pay for that probably haven't been keeping up with the Kannibals for long. I don't think she could get into any other type of school in Tokyo. Not like she's studying abroad from a university in the US. She's doing language school, which is usually max like 9 months, then she has to figure something else out…and she's pretty obviously looking to be a model or wife.

No. 63623

she could have a student visa, then. I do believe she's in a language school, if their parents paid for Kota's classes, why not Kirsten? That would be unfair imo If she stays more than 4 months in Japan, yup, she's a student there. She can't pretend she speaks Japanese forever.

No. 63627

I'm not saying they wouldn't, I just don't think she'd ever be able to resist showing off. Every single thing she does, is only for bragging rights. That's why she spams her tweets with, "vegan," "here in JAPAN," "Japanese people," (random moonspeak, even though majority of the people who follow her can't even read it), "all these guys need to stop stalking me, it's not my fault i'm so kawaii~~~~," etc. When she first got there, she was constantly posting shit to prove to us that she was there, ffs. If she was actually in school and living in Japan, she'd outright say it and prove it.

No. 63631

maybe she's paranoid and thinks we are going to stalk her in her school

No. 63639

It didn't stop her when she was in community college. One anon said she was constantly posting shit about school and even posted a picture of her school schedule. And she was definitely much more relevant then than she is now. Plus, it's more likely that someone would spot her in Florida than in Tokyo.

No. 63642


also, don't forget that ISIS zealots stalks her for being in Japan~ (she wishes lol)

No. 63648

Comparison herself to Nana, so she went to Tokyo to sleep with a bunch of men basically? Maybe she wants to get knocked up by some rich musician next.

No. 63736

her newest instagram video is so pointless again, she seems to try really hard to convince veryone that she is still in japan by showing that she watches japanese tv (and tagging it with tokyo??like it has to be tagged everywhere so we know that she is in a room in TOKYO)

No. 63748

Her reaction is so contrived in the new ig video too.

No. 63750

>goes to a temple
>for dick
I'm not normally one to 'slut shame' but fuck this trashy whore.

No. 63758

Are there still people who aren't convinced she's in Japan?

No. 63761

How disrespectful can you get? She's such white trash, I can't handle it.

No. 63788


aaand cats again…

No. 63794

Yes, because Kiki would brag about it and post 24/7 if she was there. There aren't any time stamps on the few photos/videos she has posted recently or any sort of events there that we know she's been to. You seem to forget Kiki is a liar and this wouldn't be the first time she would fake being there.

No. 63799

That's so incredibly disrespectful. holy shit!!

No. 63806

Hopefully she won't complain that he sexually harrased her since he will not pay enough attention to her

No. 63849


or tweet about how buddhist monks, just like musicians, are cruel, violent rapist douchebags taking advantage of her pure, virginal elf maiden vegan self~

No. 63864

She's in Japan, get over it.

No. 63868

Guys, the whole "she IS in Japan!" "No she is NOT in Japan!" shit is getting old.

We know she is there. The reason she didn't whorw it all over IG when she went is so she could pretend she was there all along.

However, I don't think she is in school, or that she often goes to a temple- she must have done an English temple tour, like the tourist she is. I do think she is taking Japanese lessons with a tutor, because we all know Kiki wouldn't want to be in a class filled with other foreigners, one of them might accidentally be more exotic than her and set her off.

No. 63882

File: 1426552023432.png (107.19 KB, 250x247, tumblr_nja6s6fkrb1t9k994o5_250…)

Kiki is a huge laughing stock for me.I had to put my 2 cents:

1. The "throwing doll bills at the temple like I'm at a strip club" shit. Really. FUCK YOU. That monk could be Adam fucking levine you just not say shit like that.
Do japanese people give a damn about it or am I (we?) just easily offended? :P I imagine her bragging about it to any friend she might have (IF she does) and how cringe they will act about it

2. If she got scouted with dat face… RLY

No. 63901

Her face is not that bad. She's just really bad at keeping her thoughts to herself.

No. 63914

I don't know if it is offensive for people there, but what makes me cringe is that she tries soooo hard to be funny and quirky… but you ain't funny kaka, your jokes suck.

No. 63926


she seriously does try so fucking hard. it's almost sad because you can tell that she's never had a real friend in her entire life.

No. 63931

Oh, so it's okay for Kiki ogle and harass men, but not the other way around. Okay, gotcha Kaka.

Also, she is trying sooooooooososoo fucking hard to look like Dakota it's crazy.

No. 63937

>not that bad

I beg to differ

No. 63939

Her face isn't thethe problem, her wretched personality is. Dakota dropped her trashy bitchiness and put on a cutesy persona because she knew Japan doesn't like obnoxious, ignorant and blatantly self centered bitches. I mean really, have you not seen some of the girls ITT who are models in Japan? Looks aren't a strict requirement.

No. 63942

No. 63973

her laugh scared the fuck outta me. holy shit, cocks, chill. the kitten was licking his paw….how was that funny…?

No. 63979

OT but holy shit thank you. I've been listening to the Body Music album all day, this is so nice.

No. 63990

I'm beginning to think Kiki is legitimately mildly retarded.

No. 64001

i could see that…considering that her brother has autism, i wouldn't find it surprising if she was somewhere on the spectrum, what with her social inabilities and all.

No. 64014

But with autism aren't you supposed to have a strange obsession with something? The only real obsessions/interests she has are with herself and fame, which I don't think count? I don't know much about autism tbh, but I don't think she has it, I think she's just really stunted. She can talk to people, she just chooses not to because she thinks she's better than everyone else.

No. 64016

She collects cats, she got at least 9 back at home and I still feel sorry for her parents who have to take care of them all alone now plus her dog.

No. 64019

Aha, now I understand! From English it translates like "automatic wise".
Now it makes more sense, I should notice that :) Thank you

No. 64020

Wrong threa lol

No. 64022

Has she always done this? I've seen a lot of her content in the scene days and she never mentioned an obsession with cats until they became trendy on the internet. Also they could just rescue/feed stray cats, I think Kota actually said that in an interview iirc.

No. 64074

I thought efame was her obsession.

No. 64077

>She can talk to people, she just chooses not to because she thinks she's better than everyone else

I think it's more because she seems mentally stuck at age 13, plus the fact that she doesn't seem to have trouble clinging to people, but instantly scares them off with her creepy behavior. I do think there's something wrong with her developmentally, which would explain why her parents coddle her so much.

No. 64086

I definitely agree with you. Though, I think she's not right developmentally because she was coddled so much. Every single person that I know of who was taken out of school due to bullying and/or has parents who will defend their children from any criticism/consequences of their actions, are fucked up developmentally.

No. 64102


Personally I think she's borderline. Even if you tried to blame it on her parents sheltering her, being out and around people would eventually lead to her picking up on how to at least not be a squealing, obnoxious jackass. Plus, Dakota isn't retarded like Kiki and she was taken out of school early as well.

No. 64149


i keep thinking about her Were Fever song lately, only with the lyrics changed to reflect her azn fetishism:

"who's got the yellow fever?"

kaka do~

No. 64150


If anyone needed any more proof that she's living in a hotel/that pre-furnished building Taylor R is, then that damn landline next to the TV is it. Seriously, no one owns those. Especially corded ones.

No. 64152

Kiki and Taylor R live in the same building??

No. 64164

If that's true, it would be hilarious.
It's like Japan has a building reserved for Kooter copycats who come from overseas.

No. 64174

File: 1426592794256.png (51.02 KB, 692x383, Capture.PNG)

No. 64175

lol probably all the stress kota feels from having kiki around in tokyo

No. 64178

She really needs a good old fashioned dicking. It'll help her relax.

No. 64179

I'm now wondering if Kaka tries to speak to Kota in Japanese. There truly was no point at all whatsoever of Kiki using Japanese with Kota because they both speak English natively.
I bet Kaka was hoping Kota would reply to get her attention.

No. 64204

No. 64217

She always did.

No. 64219

This Taylor R girl is really cute, or is it an illusion like kota? Can someone tell me what that tweet says, Kota never replies to Kiki! Haha, she's mean.

No. 64221

According to a web dictionary 「やべえ」(yabe-) means wrong is likely to be found/danger is imminent. So she's saying she's really stressed about something bad coming up, I guess. I highly doubt Kiki knew what Kota was saying other than "stress" because when you translate the page to English, it doesn't translate「やべえ」or「ほんまに」.

Plus, why would she be asking Kota why she's stressed? If they're so ~close~ and both live in ~Tokyo~ you'd think she'd already know.

No. 64222

やべえ is slang for やばい meaning both "cool!" or "oh shit/this is bad", depending on the situation.

ほんまに means something truthfully.. Can be compared as slang for 本当に (hontō ni). What she said is "This stress is really insane"

No. 64224

Ohh, thanks! Kota's Japanese is sometimes confusing to me.

No. 64229

Her latest insta video is Jack Cash Vol. 2.

Never learns omfg Kiki.

No. 64230

I was just about to say that, haha! I'm hoping this ends up like Jack Cash and we get to see some drama.

No. 64231

Taylor's thread >>51541

christ she's retarded

No. 64232

Also, I can understand why he'd get drunk, he's forced to hang out with Kiki.

No. 64233

This new video proves that the guy isn't fangophilia.. they have a different face, this guy is much younger too. I don't understand how you guys could mix them up earlier.

They have different moles, lips and noses. This is the same guy as the one she went to the science museum with.

Oh, and I saved both videos since she uploaded a third but deleted it within 3 minutes. The caption was: "RATTA TATT TATT #LMAO #icant #sorrybae #tatted #inked #東京 #日本 #イタズラ"

lol at Jack Cash v2. This is her tramp stamp, huh.

No. 64234

I can get why someone would mix them up, it's hard to believe even one person would want to be around Kiki, let alone two.

Did you happen to see the third video?

No. 64235

With her filtering on her video and pictures I can kind of get it. But to me it is obvious they are different guys.

No, I reeeeeally wish I could see it. It's still showing on her profile from my Twitter client but she deleted it so it won't play. Not even a thumbnail is showing.

Btw she also deleted the other video of the guy in her bed (same guy as this).

No. 64236

i was already wondering if someone from here saw the videos -.- kiki is so rude for doing that i'd be upset if that were me i thought most asians didn't like being filmed or photographed because they're always censoring peoples face and stuff also sleeping guy looked kind of attractive i don't know what they see in kaka i think any average asian is a lot more beautiful than her

No. 64239

No idea how they know each other but I'm pretty sure that he doesn't know of her Twitter/Instagram. If the drawing video is gone by tomorrow or the next day, that means he saw it and follows her. If not.. then he doesn't. Because it's embarrassing and very rude.

No. 64241

Looks like she's in a different hotel room/apartment because the headbed is different.

No. 64242

I'm wondering if they guy already got upset about those videos and asked her to delete it? I know she kept the last video up, but she is really stubborn about things and never puts anyone's feelings into consideration.

I agree.
>i think any average asian is a lot more beautiful than her
I think the average America is a lot more beautiful than her. I'd go as far to say that even an obese, balding, old woman with rotted teeth is much more beautiful than her.

No. 64243

*average American

No. 64259

>I think the average America is a lot more beautiful than her. I'd go as far to say that even an obese, balding, old woman with rotted teeth is much more beautiful than her.

lol I wonder if that's a description of yourself

No. 64309

File: 1426617802351.webm (8.48 MB, 320x240, i_-_have_-_a_-_dream_.webm)

making fun of MLK
Kawaii and classy

No. 64362

If I were Dakota I would be stressed too, my popularity on the decline, not getting as many modeling gigs, batshit crazy sister trying to fuck her way through my professional circle.

You know that Fangophilia guy went back to his friends and told them all about that crazy, spastic foreign bitch Dakota's sister and how she tried posting him all over IG. She's gonna get one hell of a reputation.

No. 64378

Wait, did she sleep with the Fangophilia guy or something?

No. 64389

I mean, we don't know, but she did try to insinuate she did by posting the video of him in the bed next to her. She just loves attention.

No. 64392

you'd have to be insane to want to stick your dick in her mangy cunt

No. 64407

File: 1426626974698.webm (5.43 MB, 320x240, 179794657.webm)

No. 64409

She's fucking foul.

No. 64410

File: 1426627297951.png (4.37 MB, 2048x1536, 42882482.png)

posted on her twitter. maybe its still there.

No. 64413

File: 1426627349907.png (634.36 KB, 1338x544, dcbywm.png)

No. 64415

File: 1426627435240.jpg (21.05 KB, 480x640, f20w1l.jpg)

No. 64418

oh, kiki, honey, you only wish.

No. 64419


No. 64420

wtf is that, period blod?
please no

No. 64422

Fucking lol, she does look like Heidi a bit obviously before surgery though haha. Comparing herself to Jolie is brilliant, lord she is deluded.

No. 64423

Ah, those were the days. I wish she was as openly lulzy now as she was back then.

No. 64424

That Dr Seuss hair is a crime.

No. 64467

maybe is not hers

No. 64468

He doesnt remind me of the guy in that video (not fango, the another one). So lol @Kiki she's sleeping with guys every night

No. 64583


The issue isn't if she fucked him or not, it's tht she made posts insinuating she did that showed his face, and for those of you who don't know that is scandal territory because the Japanese like to keep that kind of shit private. If Fangophilia's fans saw that, started looking into Kiki and her past and saw that she's Dakota's sister, then both their images take a blow but Kiki doesn't care, because she gets attention.

No. 64592

Someone should try to contact him about that. Someone should also try to find out who the other guy is and contact him about Kiki as well. I remember her preaching about respecting other people's boundaries, when she never does that. Even before this, she was posting personal conversations with other people without even asking.

No. 64602

I feel like if they can't tell she's fucking nuts after spending 5 minutes with her it's kind of their fault.

No. 64661

I saved the video but cannot understand how to post it gahhh. It was Kiki grabbing his lips and squishing them into fishlips while he had heaps of shit drawn on his face in eyeliner. She'sHe is passed out on a bed. She is making weird loud noises and laughing.

The second one is still up where she is standing in front of him on the bed about to draw on him.

I missed this third video.

Now she has a pic of her with the guy again plus another Japanese guy and girl.

No. 64664


Lol she's trying to prove us either that SD-san isn't some old man or that she just got a younger one. How cute.

No. 64666

I don't know how you can post the video but thank you anonsama.

>Now she has a pic of her with the guy again plus another Japanese guy and girl.

The caption says she met his family. She is definitely there to get that spouse visa.

No. 64670

For sure, especially with those tags. She's a pathetic leech

No. 64671

I agree. Even though Kota doesn't really work that hard for what she has, especially now. At least she got to Japan and is completely self-sufficient. That's why I don't mind her being in Japan, even if she's still an asshole. Kiki was recently going on about how ~self-sufficient~ she is for being in Tokyo alone. Even though it's expected of someone her age to be able to survive on their own and someone else is footing the entire bill so she isn't a tiny bit self-sufficient.

I really hope someone is able to find this guy or his family members, they really should see what type of person she really is.

No. 64672

At least she got to Japan on her own

No. 64674

Anyone remember how when Tina Tamashiro said she had a crush on Sho Sakurai, and Sakurai's fans went fucking nuts?

Japanese fans are crazy, Kaka should know better.

No. 64676

lol i remeber that.
korean fans are crazier though. some have actually tried to hurt idols that they LIKE…..just wtf man.

No. 64677

I hope you don't mean Kaka because her parents paid for that and her dad flew over with her.

No. 64679

i wish all black museum guy had an instagram account

No. 64680

No, not at all, I was just correcting my mistake, haha

No. 64681

Like I said earlier ITT, if this guy is stupid enough to let her meet his family, after seeing how she acts like a retarded child and draws on him in his sleep, he's probably just trying to land a white bitch, or trying to get close to Dakota, and probably deserves what's coming to him.

No. 64684

I'm sure he has some kind of connection to Dakota, like fashion or something, otherwise Kaka wouldn't want him. A Japanese speaking anon might be able to go back through Dakota's ameblo and find him maybe?

No. 64685

I also want him to know because I want drama and we don't need another Mira.

No. 64691

Are you really worried about it? I mean, this is Kirsten Ostrenga we're talking about, she killed the only real boyfriend she ever had.

Even if this guy is a gaijin chaser, do any of you think that Kiki is gonna be able to keep her act together long enough to trick this poor sod into marrying her? We're talking about a girl who is by no means able to care for herself, maintain any kind of healthy relationship- romantic or platonic- a girl so conceited and narcissistic that she sees herself as a gorgeous, talented model/musician despite STILL living off her parents completely and doing nothing with her life than playing on the internet.

This guy is gonna see her true colors soon enough, just you wait.

No. 64696

File: 1426658948524.gif (975.72 KB, 245x170, kij9.gif)

Hahahaaa, I just imagine Scott like hanging out with her in Tokyo while she's fucking all these guys

No. 64697

A little, because usually guys are able to see right through her instantly. This guy seems to not see through it and took her to meet his family.

But then again, maybe he's playing her? He looks incredibly bored with her.

Idk, I hope you're right.

No. 64703


maybe he helps her to pick them hah

No. 64706


I doubt Scott is still there, he probably stayed long enough to find Kiki an apartment/gaijin house and help her get her stuff in it.

No. 64775

I think Kiki would really enjoy host clubs in Japan

No. 64780

Have you guys not considered that this is a relationship of convenience? Like he's gay or something?

No. 64792

Yeah, neither. Doesn't really look like him to me. The fact that they went to 'dinner' sort of implies that they were on a date, but him having to get totally wasted to do that with her to the point of passing out makes me kek so hard.

No. 64803

if I were him I'd kill her for painting my face with her stupid eyeliner

No. 64815

Some of you guys need to turn off your PC and take a walk outside. We sure are reaching here.

No. 64823

>>64583 I completly understand Kota now, wtf not even me "a nobody" dares to post pics in the bed with my boyfriend, I mean is soo obvious she's gonna sleep with him in the same bed. omg she's not portraying the right image to Japanese people, at least Kota isn't whorish/ or is smart enough to not post it online.

No. 64825

Omg, did anyone notice kikis nose job? She had a big nose back in the day, eeww Kiki posting pics of your period is not ~kawaii desu~, i think she shows us videos with guys so we can see how japanese men are all over her, later she will make a youtube vblog about how mean and horrible they are, just wait. Haha.

No. 64830

I agree, but Kiki's a show-off. I feel like she wants a boyfriend, not for love, but just for what they can offer and to have someone to show off. I'm going to assume that he's the "hot monk" that she talked about on the 13th since it's the same day she posted the first video with him. If I'm right, she's really rushing things imo.

What nose job? She still has the same, big beak nose she's always had. Here are some candid pics:

No. 64831

That's Dakota's period, Kiki made a photo of it.

No. 64839

Why.. that's beyond bizarre.

No. 64843

I second this.
Seriously, what the fuck? Knowing them they would usually find something like that fucking gross and make a big deal over it. I think maybe it might be a cut from something else and they jokingly made it seem like it was period blood? I dunno, it just seems to fucking weird otherwise.

No. 64863

Definitely her boyfriend. The tags say "mom" and "little brother".

No. 64864

Knowing it is Kiki, he probably doesn't know he is her boyfriend yet.

No. 64868

Also, it says, "Ta-chan". Must be the boyfriend's nickname she made for him.

No. 64870

I Totally think Kiki got a nose job too! Just compare her most recent videos on YT with her older ones (before she went to Japan), or had her breakdown over Lil Kitten etc.
Other than that, I can't wait to see how it goes

No. 64871

It's called filtering. She uses like 5 of them on her videos and pics

No. 64875

Which video? The one I referred to as deleted in this post? >>64233

I really wanna see it! If you go to the PULL chat (no need to register) you can get someone to help you upload it.

No. 64906

OMG kikei, i just watched her vid on IG about livin' da high lyfe, haha. She even lets us know that she's with that guy…again. And she's def, had a nose Job, just compare her old pictures with the recent ones.

No. 64914

what if that guy is naoki (or whatever dakota's guy's name was), and that's why he's hanging with kaka and letting her meet his family? it would make sense that kota has to lie about her relationships and stuff, and maybe she wants kiki and nao to get along well?

No. 64979

So she's apparently hanging out with Kota in her new ig video. She tagged it with "dako-chan"

No. 64983

I thought we established that it's not the Fangophilia guy after all. It doesn't even look like him tbh

No. 64986

She drew on that Japanese musician guy before and posted it online for everyone to see too way back when IIRC. Looks like she learns nothing from her mistakes lmao

No. 64988

he must've been fucking sloshed if he didn't wake up from all of that.

what do the tags mean?

No. 64991

The tags were, "Mother," "Younger Brother" and, "Ta-chan." Ta-chan is most likely a nickname she made for him.

No. 64994

Diff anon, but I was around for that, too, because Kaka thought it was funny. They tend to find gross shit hilarious. Kaka always talked about how she'd pick her nose and wipe the boogers on her headboard. You see in that old vid she thinks loogies are funny. There's another one in the kootie thread of them making a diarrhea sundae together.

Koti did end up getting ticked off at Kiki for posting the pic and Kiki removed it.

No. 65000

Kiki still finds gross shit funny to this day, she made that shitty "Shit Vampires Say" video and she was apparently playing with her spit in it. I didn't watch the video since I cannot stand her shit "comedy." And that video about using the toilet and she was also talking about shitting/shit in it.

No. 65003

idts, dakota posted a picture of them together before on twitter and it doesn't look like him. anyone can kindly insert pic in reply for ref plox.

sorry, i posted before i saw that'd been mentioned! this bitch is so thirsty.

No. 65004

i guess dakota still retains that brand of humor too, what with her kawaii vomit pic

No. 65005

Not him

No. 65009

I don't have the picture but Nao looks completely different from this guy.

It's fine, I agree though. I know I said this already, but I'm pretty sure he's the "hot monk" she posted about on the 13th. So it's been less than a week and she's already trying desperately to get a spouse visa from him.

Maybe I have shit humor, but I actually found the kawaii vomit pic a little funny.

No. 65025

why does kaka feel the need to use a shit-ton of tags anyway? i get tagging her boyfriend's nickname and dakota's, since she wants to show off, but why bother tagging "mother" and "little brother" and whatever other stupid ones she's included lately?

No. 65035

Maybe she's teing to imply they're her kawaii Japanese family lol

No. 65117

The video with the pink lanterns ends with Kota's face. So they've definitely been hanging out together.

BTW, I don't see any nosejob, could someone post some comparison photos? I think Kaka's nose looks as mighty as always.

No. 65128

I don't see it or think she had one either. If she had a nose job, she wouldn't be putting so much brightness on her pics/vids to the point where she's just floating eyes and lips anymore. I think she'd also start showing her face at different angles as well since her huge issue with her nose is that it's beak shaped, which is why there are very few pictures/screencaps of her nose from the side.

No. 65140

She definitely did not have a nose job.

She just uses extreme lightning in her YouTube videos and tons of filters on her Instavideos.

You can clearly see her beak in her latest YouTube video too, it's just very well hidden from a front-view and loooots of lightning.

No. 65142

I think she would eat it up, thinking they allllll want her sooo bad, but at the same time she'd be calling them out as gay fags or something

No. 65145

my god that last video "my hentai voice appeared"

all of the fucking annoying random japanese related things desu desu mochi

weebs are fucking annoying but fake weebs have to be THE WORST

No. 65153

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised, just glancing at her photos and videos for two seconds you can see she's socially a wreck. But parents who dote on their idiot children can only be blamed for so long, how old are they now?

No. 65154


and they would be caloing her a stupid american pig slut to her face and lauging in japanese, she wouldn't even know

No. 65170

are you sure that's Kota?

No. 65171

Face profile looks like hers.

No. 65186

File: 1426739100730.jpg (167.91 KB, 750x979, image.jpg)

It IS dakota. From her newest blog entry, same day and same hat.

No. 65199

She just has no style, that shit is so fugly. It looks like something a middle aged lady would wear.

No. 65210

Eh, I think it's cute. Except it looks like she's wearing a gingham pattern skirt/shorts. And pattern on pattern is usually a bad idea. But I like the top.

No. 65227

This really reminds me of taylor swift

No. 65239

Haha, so salty.
It's really cute. Her hair looks nice at that length.

No. 65247


No. 65250

Thirded! Looks super cute when straight, as opposed to curly like on the TV show.

No. 65257

she's hella scary here. and the mixed patterns.. what a fashion terrorist

No. 65261

the straight hair looks the worst in the non-selfies. her hair is so thin…. the curls helped hide bit well

No. 65262

File: 1426763784889.jpg (93.99 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Omg… She is so creepy. Posting videos of him? Holy shit only the most attention-starved whore would do that.

My theory is that this might be Kota's boyfriend's family, and he has a brother that Kota is going after. I don't know, it's hard to read from the context. I still think it's really weird that she's only here on vacation visa and she's already in the pants of some (2+?) dudes. Damn. Why doesn't she have any pictures of her sister? Bad pr for kota?

(Also her new videos of her watching naruto..)

No. 65263

look where his right hand is going

into his trousers…

No. 65266

>videos of her watching Naruto
how the fuck do u watch anime with Iggy/Drake in the background? id expect her to be 'revisiting' Sailor Moon instead of Naruto tbh lmao

No. 65271

She doesn't. She just takes pictures/videos of her watching it to seem "omg so otaku!! XDD".
She tries so hard.

No. 65276

because she can't understand it anyway.

did she even tag 'naruto' on the vid? I can't read moonrunes.

No. 65277

yeah, when I watched that I was trying to work out whether his fly was open.

No. 65284

She tagged 'Tokyo', 'anime', 'vegan sushi' and tried to write Drake in katakana. She wrote ダレク (Dareku), when it should be ドレイク (Doreiku), kek. It took me a while to figure out that was what she was trying to write. Her Japanese is awful, fuck.
On the second video she tagged 'Nicki Minaj' (that she also spelled wrong), 'Tokyo' and 'anime'.
So embarrassing.

No. 65285

File: 1426773155257.jpg (28.75 KB, 490x661, genesis-of-the-daleks.jpg)


No. 65287

Exactly what I thought she was tagging, lmao. I was thinking "what the fuck do daleks have to do with anything?". So bad, Kaka.

No. 65294

Why wouldn't she just look up their names on Japanese Wikipedia… oh wait, it's Kiki.

No. 65295

I'm wondering how the fuck Kiki has no idea who Naruto is. I know it's definitely something she would never be into. But that show was incredibly popular, even among non-weebs.

People are mentioning the name in the comments, I bet she's going to look it up and act like she was always a fan of the show.

Also she posted another video.

No. 65300

Kiki is so creepy and fuck, she must be goddamn annoying. I get she thinks it's ~funny & quirky, tehe!!~ but I feel like the Japanese mentality (hell, most people in general's mentality) would be that they would find the things she does rude and irritating. I feel like she'd be similar to a child that keeps doing grating shit and they don't stop until you snap at them and then they bawl their eyes out and say you're the meanie.

No. 65303

he must not know her Instagram name because she is seriously such a fucking creep. every single fucking time she gets a dude to sleep with her she has to do this shit. no wonder Dakota doesn't want to associate with her, what if her fans saw her being such a try hard stalker?

No. 65304

and of course she would just now be listening to the new drake.. no one thinks you're cool kaka

No. 65305

I agree, especially with her being like a child. Also it's fucking creepy and cringeworthy how she seems to be acting infantile and making nya sounds around him. Her idea of Japanese people seems to be the similar to pt's, in that they both think acting/looking infantile will get Japanese people to fawn over them.

No. 65318

Wtf is rilakkumarabbu supposed to be? Rilakkumalove? Why dous she always forget to double consonants she's supposed to and double ones she isn't supposed to?

Oh, right, because she doesn't nderstand how Japanese works.

No. 65319

Idk if he did sleep with her, it seems like every time she's wth him he's passed out fully clothed lol

No. 65340

She's the reason there is domestic violence.

No. 65343

Goddamn, she always films men sleeping, so fucking creepy

No. 65353

If someone did this to her, she would explote in an epic tantrum and would try to destroy the person who did it. Kaka, learn to be a bit more empathetic and not humiliate publicly a person without his consent, you bitch.

No. 65359

you're revolting

No. 65362

>If someone did this to her, she would explote in an epic tantrum and would try to destroy the person who did it
Especially if that person filmed her sleeping without make up and without using 5+ filters

No. 65377


She would deserve a good slap after being so fucking creepy. She would be screaming rape if it were the other way around

No. 65402

She's so boring the guy is always sleeping to avoid talking to her. lel

No. 65409

I wonder if Dakota knows she's posting these creepy vids of him sleeping/the pic of his family on IG, since she doesn't have one herself. I feel like if she did, she would warn her not to do shit like that because it's kind of a no-no to post pics of people and their families without their knowledge, and Japanese people especially value their privacy.

No. 65414

Most likely not, I don't even think the guy knows about this tbh. I think that's why she's been filming him sleep, because if she wanted him to take a picture or video with her, she'd have to ask him first. Asking him to do that may seem simple, but he could want to know where it's being posted and want to see her ig. And some of the shit that she even posts on ig, doesn't put her in a good light, like the warui sensei incident.

No. 65419

oh fuck off. you're not a feminist superhero for saying this kind of shit

No. 65421


God, I'm so torn between wanting to let them know so this poor guy can avoid the inevitable disaster, and wanting to see how far it goes bwfore he finally realizes she's fucking insane. I'm such a bad person kek

But I feel like Kiki's behavior is only going to get worse and worse, if she finds a way to stay in Japan past the end of the month, maybe even long term then her spreading her crazy around is gonna get ppl talking. Fangophilia knows she posts ppl on IG without their permission, if he knows this poor guy then he might eventually tell him. Or, he might not and have no idea about it, but the guy will eventually find out, probably flip shit causing a Kiki meltdown all over her social media, and then she'll be right back at it trying to trap another guy she thinks is famous. I'm rambling now, but my point is if she keeps acting like this around peiple, esoecially ones that know Dakota, it could gain her a rep as a psyco bitch and possibly damage Dakota's image by association.

No. 65425

It's not really a Japanese-exclusive thing to not like having embarassing photos posted online to hundreds/thousands of people without your consent.

This is one of those things she would know if she had any friends…you ask before posting stuff like that on social media. I would think she would have picked up on that after the Jack Cash incident but maybe she thought he was just mad because he was cheating or whatever and not because she was making him look like an idiot.

No. 65427

Ha, I would love to hear what Cash has to say about all this.

No. 65428

No, but Japanese people really have a thing about pictures of them going around without their permission. I can't find a good way to describe it (oxycodone lel), but it's an image based cultural thing. Like, in America they would be irked, maybe pissed but nobody would really care. Japanese people though don't post pics/vids of themselves being passed out drunk, drawing on people, in bed at some chick's apartment, etc. and especially not other people and without their permission. One year when a Japanese band, Dir en grey went on tour in America with some festival, there was a video of one of the guitarists being hilariously drunk, another member passed out and some chick drew shit on his face in sharpie, and when the Japanese fans saw it the reaction wasn't good. People were actually pissed, both at them and the bands they were touring with.

I get why most people don't think it's a big deal but I'm failing so hard at explaining why.

No. 65430

I want him to know because I know I'd want to know if someone was doing that to me and my family. Especially if it's someone like Kiki, where even just being affiliated with her, will bring shit your way.

No. 65431

the fucking stalker is her, not us. Not our fault if she posted every detail of her life on the internet. She's the one recording videos of a guy in underwear and posting them online

No. 65445

jeez it was 3 words why you so mad

I get what you're trying to say, but using a band as an example doesn't work since fans everywhere are always crazy.

So if he's not fangophilia, do we know who he is/his username?

No. 65449

He probably forgot who she is already.

No. 65450

I tried the Google image search with some angles and the one in the museum but nothing…

No. 65451

Someone who has friends who live in Tokyo should ask about him. I know it'd be highly unlikely for someone living in Tokyo to happen to know him, if he is just an average guy. But I just don't see Kiki ever giving an average guy any attention.

No. 65454

at least we know his name is Drake

No. 65455

It wold probably beasier to just comment about it on Dakota's ameblo, she has to approve all her comments that get posted so she would at least see it.

Ask him yourself, here's his Twitter: @jackcashmusic86

No. 65457

nigga r u srs

No. 65458

maybe that's a nickname or Kiki doesnt know how to pronounce his real one and he gave her his american name

No. 65463


Drake is a rapper, she tags shit with his name to get noticed since Drake is hot right now. She calls the guy Takun (タくん).

No. 65470

you cannot be for real
I mean wat

No. 65479

this thread is so white lol

No. 65495

Idk why some of you weebs think it's so amazing/unbelievable that she landed a hot Japanese guy that you have to make up weird theories. She's above average in looks, especially in a foreign country. You know how weebs will go for any east asian guy regardless of his looks or if he's actually Chinese? Same concept.

She's probably a novelty white girlfriend for this guy, and he probably knows she's leaving next month so he's not really giving a fuck about her meeting his family and stuff because it isn't serious at all to him and after she leaves it'll probably be over. Gaijin girls put out, especially attention starved ones who can't tell when a guy is clearly using her…I mean, every time we have seen him so far he seems bored or is literally passed out drunk. I have seen this kind of thing happen many times.

Granted, he probably doesn't know about the intagram pics and whatever, but I don't think there's any reason to hunt him down and tell him. Just let the lulz play out.

No. 65502

Tbh, who cares why he's with her (if he is)? The fact is she is hanging out with this guy. I think people are upset because they feel she doesn't deserve him, but if he's in it to fuck her, who gives a crap? If he likes her, who cares? I like reading about Kaka, but theorizing on her every little move would drive me insane

No. 65520

Same anon as >>65495 and I agree with you. I realize I just hypocritically wrote a whle theory about them which is dumb but I really don't care why they are together. I just want to watch what happens organically and don't know why people are trying to track him down to tell him about his new instagram fame.

No. 65528

I know most of the people want it to end badly, but truth is japanese men don't just go and introduce random hook-ups to there family. not even to trick them, people just don't do that in asia, as stereotypical as it sounds. he's probably taking the relationship seriously if there is one.

No. 65533

Didn't they just start hanging out? There were no pics of him until recently and she never mentoned him.

No. 65541

so then either a. it's not really a relationship but friendship and she might be introduced to the family because of other reasons or
b. he has been around longer but only recently did she start to show pics of him on her instagram

No. 65548

LMFAO at her covering her five head https://instagram.com/p/0aBWjEDRCg/

Either way: chill yall. just grab the popcorn and watch, enjoy the show :P lol

No. 65565

>he has been around longer but only recently did she start to show pics of him on her instagram

LOL this is Kiki we're talking about, be real.

She probably met his family out somewhere at an event and was introduced to them as Model Dakota Rose's Sister. She probably met this guy through Dakota like she met Fangophilia. We all know how Kiki likes to twist things to make herself look better, like she's rolling in Japanese guys who are obsessed with her when she only recently posted pics of anything but herself and her stuff. It's even possible that she met him while he was out with his family and she waited to post it. Kiki's thirst is so intense, I wouldn't doubt if any or all of this was the case.

No. 65580

How many videos is she going to post of him sleeping? Weird.

No. 65593

homegirl needs to get some bangs

No. 65598


COME ON. She has Mentioned him on Twitter ("lover from another race"?), in the "why I started learning Japanese" video… She posted the poem he wrote her and read out loud to her in an audio for her bday on her insta (she said he did at Least).
In one of her videos about Dating In Japan she mentioned she was having a romance (towards the end of the video, so I understand if anyone could make it that far haha) with japanese guy…

These two have been going on for a long time you know :P

No. 65599

What are you talking about? That was all bullshit made up by her and she never directly mentioned anyone. If they really were together longer, she wouldn't have had the sugar daddy (young guys don't take their girlfriend to see sumo wrestling), we would've seen him earlier and she wouldn't have been fawning over "hot monks."

No. 65600

She won't, she thinks Japanese people think large foreheads are cute lol

No. 65605

All of this. If she were dating the same guy the entire time, she would have started posting creepy vids much much soonee and rubbing it al da h8erz faces. Bitch goes through Jap guys like most people go through socks.

No. 65606


Idk anything about Japanese temples/religions so this is probably dumb as hell but… monks can date? And they can date foreigners? Apologiesfor my igorance, 'murrican here.

No. 65613

Also I want to add, that poem was most definitely never written by a Japanese person since it's written in cursive. A lot of native English speakers have issues with cursive, so it'd be a lot harder for someone who speaks a character based language.
And the lover from another race was most likely Jack Cash because she literally has never had any attraction to guys that weren't white until she decided to start having an "interest" in Asia.

No. 65616

I know a Japanese woman who's hardly at daily conversation level in English and she writes beautifully in cursive. It's still highly unlikely but many people I meet do seem to have an interest in cursive oddly enough.

No. 65618

The Jack Cash thing was a while before that, though. She was probably just talking about her SD.

No. 65620

Some do, some won't. Depends on how traditional they are.

No. 65625

Fair enough, but cursive is a very feminine way of writing. I don't know a single guy who regularly writes in cursive. Also, iirc, weren't those printed out webpages in their creepy hoard of screenshots written on in cursive?

He still counts in Kiki's mind, she seems like she thinks she's in a relationship because a guy fucks her. But she could also be lying to prove she totes isn't racist desu.

No. 65668

I think it may just depend on how they were taught in school. For example, both of my Chinese teachers write beautiful cursive on the blackboard. But they are also both like 40, so I imagine they learned cursive formally when it was still taught in schools? Idk. Just my theory.

No. 65671


Cursive depends on how the school taught it. A lot of schools only teach cursive and emphasise speed. They will often also advocate for badly formed (but recognisable) open letters and maybe even teach shorthand as well. This is the type of cursive that most people write and if anything is stereotypically male (e.g. doctor's handwriting).

Then you have schools that teach print first and cursive at a later age. They emphasise calligraphy and it ends up being stereotypically feminine or gothic.

No. 65700

I remember someone mentioned in one of these threads that she shoops her eyes further apart and it's REALLY noticable here, she looks like she's "special".

No. 65701

No. 65703

>She would be screaming rape if it were the other way around

This. That small guy is the one who should carry around pepper spray and a knife.

No. 65704

Could "Ta" be short for a name like Takumi or something?

No. 65706

Not sure if sarcasm or..

No. 65707


Why though? I don't get the point of that. Maybe to make her nasal bridge appear smaller?

No. 65708

That's what I think. Funny because Fangophilia guy's name is Taro. We've established it's not him though.

No. 65713

It's a crucial part of getting the alien fetus look.

No. 65714

Video set to private. Kaka is lurking.

No. 65716

She also shooped the corners of her mouth up, I'm certain the other thread pointed that out as well. Because her mouth is normally turned down when smiling so small like that.

No. 65718

Actually, I see someone else said it was private but another anon replied to that saying it was fine for them. Might have something to do with me being on my phone. Does it still work for y'all?

No. 65725

I wonder if Cathy is still collecting used condoms.

No. 65726

It's private for me

No. 65728



No. 65776

what use could she have for them? why would she do that?

No. 65777

I think she did it when Kiki was with Daniel because she wanted to use it as evidence of them having sex and thus him committing statutory rape.
But don't quote me on that.

No. 65784

By the way, how the hell do we know aboit it? Who was stupid enough to post online that a 14 year old girl's mother was letting her an adult live with and have sex with her daughter, and that she was collecting their used condoms to trap him in case he dumped her? Who the fuck even… I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 65824

i don't know about japan, but in thailand women are not even allowed to touch the monks orange cloak things, and some buddhist don't believe that a woman can achieve nirvana. i call bullshit, kiki just wants everybody to think that she's so goddeslike that even a buddhist monk wants her.

on another note, do we really know if she met with fangophilia? it just sounded like she bought and got them, like when somebody gives someone their wings etc. "he gave me my claws" -> "i love cats because ehehehe nyaaan˜˜ and my spiritual animal is a kitten because i am kawaii like them, and now, with these fingertip rings that can be bought from ebay for a dollar, i can nyaaaaan all i want! neko neko kawaii!"

No. 65850

No, the fingertip rings are real.

No. 65865

He was in one of her instagram videos, the one where he's on his phone looking bored to death on her bed.

No. 65867

It was written about in the police report

No. 65900


"Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death" (Wikipedia)

Cann you be any more dramatic please?

No. 65937

Yeah, i totally agree. He would be in Court for touching kakas face and drawing shit no it, i Wonder If he doesnt allow her to film him when He's awake, she always films him when hes sleeping, kinda creepy. Plus they are sleeping together everynight it seems.

No. 65969

File: 1426881258115.jpg (127.77 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

First milk, now soy. Wht ere you going to eat Kaka? U r going to die haha

No. 65971

Are* I'm drunk sorry

No. 65973

could've just said allergic reaction rather than trying to sound educated by using the medical term…

No. 65975

Seriously, she is going into Ashley mode.

No. 65978

>Plus they are sleeping together everynight it seems

What makes you say that?

No. 65995

They're just hanging out in hotel rooms or crashing in them after drinking like Kaka always does.

No. 65996

Meanwhile, wearing makeup or skincare tested on animals and that isn't vegan.

No. 66032

ctfu at this

seriously kaka, what are you wanting with japan when everything seems like a bother to you? saying all the food has msg, gives you allergies since most vegan cafes use soy, that a lot of the men are such creeps that you need pepper spray and shit…

No. 66036

hoenstly. why is she still there if it's such a bother to her? to gain weeaboo points? i'm guessing mochi land was not what she thought it'd be.

No. 66037

No, that's Kiki's period blood. She always complainded about having really bad period cramps/pain going to the doctor for it and she would call her period flow the "Nile River" when joking with Dakota. She posted that pic to prove her "river" period flow

No. 66039

You know, like that's the normal thing to do when you get your period. Take a picture and post it on the interwebz…

No. 66043

She also implied that no one has been nice to her there as well.

She wants to just say she lives in Japan and of course, she mostly there because she wants Kota's fame. Although it still makes no sense as to why she insists on trying to live there. She's like Mira in that sense, all she's really had to say about Japan are complaints, but she still desperately wants to live there.

No. 66062

That's because, like Mira, Kiki doesn't have any interest in the country, culture, or language so they make no actual effort to integrate. They want to be token gaijin and lord the fack that they're ~in Nippon desu~ over weebs online.

No. 66063

Hahahaha….I highly doubt she goes into anaphylactic shock every time she has soy. It's so hard to avoid it in Japan. And most other places.

No. 66066

Yes. THIS kind of shock is way worse than an allergy reaction (or whatever shit she has invented to make her look more unique, frail etc)
Can't eat non-organic, can't eat soy, can't eat MSG…

No. 66072

I agree. I think both of them went to Japan in the first place because they're both were miserable at home. But they fail to realize, that changing where you live, won't change a single thing, unless you change with it.

It makes me think of Onision going on about how if he and other vegans/vegetarians eat something that even touches meat, they get diarrhea and won't stop vomiting.
I don't get how someone like Kiki is so "health conscious." She lives a sedentary life, what is she really going to miss out on if she dies from eating soy, msg, or whatever other bullshit?

No. 66074

Her claims are way over the top. I wonder how many people in the world had suffered physical illnesses due to eating MSG or soy.

Tbqh for someone who claims to be oh-so healthy she really is a frail fuck who can barely eat anything that isn't cooked by herself.

No. 66082

"Health concious" people these days always claim to have a gluten or MSG allergy and go on about how this or that food is bad for you. Yet you'll never hear them mention super common allergies like fruit or vegetables.

Like if you have hayfever you are almost certainly allergic to some fruits but you'll never hear people complain about "fruit being in everything".

No. 66095

Yep, it all has to do with psuedo science with a dash of speshul snowflake.

No. 66119


I bet the asian candies she used to brag about have at least some soy on them.

Any moonspeak savvy anon could confirm this, please?

No. 66172

The funny thing is, she only actually started cooking for herself recently.
She acts like she's the picture of health but she looks feeble as fuck. To quote another anon in the previous thread, she quite literally looks like 'death warmed up'. I don't know how people ask her questions or advice on healthy living, she seems crazy underweight, pale and sickly looking, with limp and lifeless hair and even putting appearance aside, she doesn't ever actually sound like she knows what she's talking about, only like she's regurgitating shit she's read on Wikipedia. Sometimes she doesn't even answer people's questions and it's obvious that it's because she has no clue.

No. 66222

theres no soy lel
but i'll let you know if she posts more questionable food

No. 66224

File: 1426944698174.jpg (299 KB, 493x668, eyyyEyebrows.jpg)

special delivery: eyebrows

sorry not sorry i was a fan in the myspace days and still am

No. 66226

File: 1426944732734.png (117.5 KB, 457x398, screenshot-instagram.com 2015-…)


No. 66227

Honestly, i used to believe she was somewhat all health guru and stuff but then I came across this holistichabits chick and she's like, glowing.

So yeah, if you put the two of them. Side by side you can tell Kiki knows shit about health

No. 66228


She's either going to delete it or have a meltdown over the haters.

I hope the latter happens

"They won't stop!!!! Even when I'm livinga kawaii desu life in Japan!!!! Obsessive Imma call the Tokyo PD"

No. 66231


it's an abysmal difference. Kaka's idea of being healthy is starving herself (because let's being honest here, that's what she does) and taking pills instead (she even had a video promoting supplements).

No. 66233

They're weirdly outlined but still looks so much better. I really don't understand why she goes all fucking out on her eye make-up but doesn't touch her brows. I mean, it'd probably be fine if her brows were naturally darker and had a nice shape but they don't. They're really fair especially towards the ends that meet the middle of the face and the tails are thicker which is really odd-looking.

No. 66234

Wow, this girl's gorgeous.

I think she's going to definitely delete it, block the person, and pretend nothing ever happened. The only thing she ever listened to some of us with is that flipping out over shit like this is just going to make Japanese people dislike her.

That being said, I definitely think there will be a meltdown when she gets back home.

I agree. It's funny because Kota mentioned in her ameblo post that Kiki is worried about her not eating often, even though Kota looks a billion times healthier than her. Kiki's just worried about Kota eating since she wants her to get fat so she can be the better looking sister again.

No. 66235

Wow, she's beautiful. This girl definitely looks like she takes care of herself well.and I'd take her advice on health over Kiki's any fucking day.

No. 66238

Yesterday happened the equinox, a solar eclipse and a "super moon" kind of thing. I'm surprised Kaka hasn't mentioned it, she used to be all about it-
Also. How long has it been since she mentioned pole dancing? And yoga?

Oh yeah! none of these things get her attention anymore :P

No. 66245


And piano, and guitar, and her "electronic music", and her online store…

No. 66246

Oh speaking of her store, I just realised the link is no longer on her Twitter?

Does anybody else remember right before she "launched" it she tweeted about how she was working on a huge project that'd blow everybody away?

Now it's just sitting abandoned with 2 items for sale, her ripoff bag and some eBay collar pins kek


No. 66248

Speaking of that ripoff bag, she went on and on about how you can only get the bag in white from her store. But I stumbled across the actual designer of those bags and they have the bag in white in their store. It's still ridiculously overpriced though.

No. 66249

File: 1426954457846.jpg (72.35 KB, 748x739, dsad.jpg)

I was curious to see what her shipping charges were since we all know how much of a greedy troll she is and fuck me sideways with a stick.

To the UK is $25 shipping for tiny little pins that weigh nothing that you could literally send in an envelope and $60 dollars for a bad that can be folded and also weighs shit fuck all.

She is so money grubbing I really can't. I know shipping to the UK can expensive but not for items of THAT weight, christ.

No. 66259

File: 1426956025649.png (399.79 KB, 612x578, kooties.png)

Yep, it's Koots. I took a screencap for you guys. See, there's the hat and you can kinda see her shirt. And there's no mistaking that nose.

No. 66260

Ahh Kiki. Trying so hard. I can't wait for your visa to expire so you will shut the fuck up about "living in Japan!"


((got to see my sister after a long time, till the end of this month she's in japan))

No. 66263

I said, sleeping not fucking. There is difference.

No. 66267

Lol this girl is literally what Kaka was trying to be a while ago.

No. 66268

Lol i thought this was the japanese guy because of the hat, not kota.

No. 66270

I could see that, haha. But yep it's her. /stealing this pic from other anon sorry/

No. 66271

File: 1426957285940.jpg (142.36 KB, 563x735, 1426739100730.jpg)

Whoops forgot the pic

No. 66272

>>66260 So she's leaving no Wonder that she complains so much about japan, no one has scouted her or even notice, the ~ kawaii veganmusicianotaku doll~ At least If she did gigs for clubs with her music. But nothing it seems.

No. 66276

Does anyone else remember this gem? It's back! Kaka's hair and eyebrows were much better. (And you can tell how self-centered she acts. Bitch is basically pushing Dakota off camera. Also "me me me me.. Us… Me my music memememe"

No. 66278


Comparing Koti's view of Kiki's short stay to all the bs tryhard shit Kiki is spewing about "sensei" and "moving from Florida on my own sew hardd~~" is hilarous

No. 66281


& going to LA was expensive

No. 66288


Their whole Kickstarter fund thing was sooo stupid & lame haha I remember this crap. Cringing so hard watching fucking vid again

No. 66291

File: 1426958992143.jpg (80.09 KB, 500x753, kaka-looking-decent-wow.jpg)

Do you guys remember when Kiki's hair was blonde and rather than her long bangs, at one point she didn't have like full bangs, but she had piecey short side bangs? She looked best like that imo.
She had long bangs most of the time but when she looked like this she looked great.

No. 66296

How does Kiki look relatively true to real life while Dakota looks Uncanny desu. Did they only half edit it?

No. 66301

Yeah no shit, she looks a million times better with her hair cut like this and her brows filled in. She actually looks healthy and pretty. Shame she completely voids that by being so self-absorbed.
This video is so ridiculous. They act like people actually care about them/what they're doing and want to help them and throw money at them for any old reason. They go about it in the least humble way.
>guys u should send us ur money 4 us to go to l.a. n be FAMUZ ACTORS!! n go on tour 2 play my SICK DUBSTEP!!! and omg it would actually be soooo educational for u guys 2…we are ACTUALLY going to vlog and take u on this journey its so worth it like why tf wouldn't u???

No. 66302

The way Kiki's voice breaks all the time is so annoying.

No. 66306

Oh shit I always thought her voice was annoying, but I couldn't put my finger on why. Thanks, anon.
I hate her "I'm so quirky and funny!1" jokes/attitude. Yuck.

No. 66315

I know, same. She thinks she's hilarious and that makes it worse. I love how Dakota doesn't laugh at her jokes and just raises her eyebrows or makes some other 'you're not funny Kaka' expression.

No. 66355

Yea, the kickstarter, only 560$, kiki is like showing off about how talented and saying she's only a college student and Kota is a babyteen, she's making more money than you now.This is why people like koti, no matter in how many magazines, news and TV shows she's been in she never shows off like Kiki. She did better in the acting class.

No. 66356

Dear god she never shuts up.

No. 66378

you can't be this stupid, smh

No. 66381

excuse me, I think I'm stupid too, but instead of insulting people, would you actually care to exaplain? pretty please

No. 66395

>since she wants her to get fat so she can be the better looking sister again

No. 66403


I thought the same! But TBQH you can see how Kota barely moves whereas Kiki keeps babbling and gesturing. And some people say a bit of editing happened though

No. 66437

File: 1426974249219.gif (8.09 MB, 305x250, party in the loony bin.gif)

We interrupt this program to bring you a white trash dance party!

I think maybe it's just Kaka's filter abuse? Bc if Koots edited it her face wouldn't be lopsided as fuck.

No. 66449

another anon put it into perfect words… "Autism the movie"

i was pretty much dying of 2nd hand embarassment. like, i understand we all act a bit more loosely with our family sometimes, but this was just ridiculous. and the funny (or sad?) thing is, kiki still acts like this - a toddler.
perhaps that is an insult to toddlers everywhere.

No. 66451

Well, that's embarrassing. White trash at its finest.

No. 66458

dakota's face of terror and kiki talks LITERALLY for ten minutes straight
jesus how more self centered can you be

No. 66460

File: 1426974954648.png (302.76 KB, 453x339, sistars.png)

dropped pic

No. 66463


Did Dakota get a word in at all

No. 66489


It wasbasically her saying how she got famous ("being on Asian news bc of her looks", leaving the part of being Kiki's sister/scene sidekick aside)
She kept it simple, while Kiki was like "I'm that punk rock girl experimenting with her hair and making fashion statements, showing my crazy life on stickam and being on an article on RS…"

Just ugh.

The gif: I'm… How old were they? I'm ok with this behavior because they probably were a lot younger (less than 15?) and young teens act pretty dumb (I have a younger sister)

No. 66493

Not really, she just briefly talked about how she's known in the beginning and tried to get a few words a couple times in while Kiki just kept talking.

I can now see why Kiki didn't even know Kota was/is stressed out, Kiki must be awful to talk about your problems with. Kiki probably just makes it all about herself and starts talking about her problems because that's all that ever matters.

No. 66496

I think Kota edited with AE but only her side but because she's off center it got messed.

No. 66499


And yeah she thinks she's so funny but tbh everything she says makes me want to put her through a wall.

Koots was 11 Kaka was 14 I think. I just know Koots was 11.
And lmao she toots her horn like she's approaching the harbor.

No. 66516

11? Have you ever seen an 11 year old before? There's no way. She's at least 13-14 in that vid.

No. 66518


It came out when Dakota was just getting really popular on YouTube so she'd have to be around 16 or 17.

No. 66526

I don't know she looks like an 11 year old to me. I've seen a lot of them in my day so yeah but I could be wrong. I kind of believe what she says about her age to be honest.
Nonono we're talking about the gif

No. 66532

File: 1426979523766.jpg (72.51 KB, 937x501, lopsided.JPG)

No. 66534

File: 1426979556801.jpg (12.22 KB, 480x360, jessi.jpg)

Appearances have very little to do with age. I was asked at a hair salon if I had entered high school yet, and I'm 21. Does this look like an 11 year old to you? because it is.

No. 66545

File: 1426980267693.png (65.95 KB, 500x260, tumblr_inline_nbnnnmpaSP1su289…)

>saw this on tumblr

So does kaka think she knows Japanese for real now?

No. 66546

Thanks, anon!
This is what I'm talking about. I look 12 but I'm 18. You can't always tell but Koots really does look her age to me. Maybe I'm crazy but I thought we established her age because that video/gif was from 2007 so she looks like her age lines up.

No. 66548

>stay away from catty caucasian girls

lmfao she's talking about people who correct her probably because she thinks she's always right.

No. 66553

That does look like an 11 year old to me, because I know the difference between looking older/younger vs actual age. That pic does look older, but she's still obviously very young. Kota doesn't look 11 in that vid just because she styles herself to look younger, take away all that makeup and editing, she looks her age, which is still the case today. I don't get how some people can be so completely blinded just by hair and makeup, smh.

Hah, looks like she took that one anon's idea from a previous thread about going by her first & middle name in katakana! Ofc she'll never change her username from kikikannibal.

No. 66557

Which video are you talking about? Also any "proof" of Kooter's age will have to come from a legal document, since all the Ostregnas lie shamelessly about everything and have since before either of the girls even hit puberty. So far it's a police report vs. the word of known liars.

No. 66559

that tweet is old.

No. 66560

File: 1426982128187.jpg (588.26 KB, 1222x1040, age.jpg)

it doesn't matter what she "looks like" to you. there's proof she is the age she claims.

on the top left if a screenshot from 2006 from their archive stash of a "hater" saying she discovered they were 14 and 11. On the bottom is proof that the police report was flawed, but still gave away her real age in it anyway. In addition to this there's an e-mail to a lawyer that Cathy wrote in 2007 where she states Dakota's age, and it matches up to her age now. And of course, her passport (inb4 its faykkk)

No. 66562

it's amazing how the screenshot at the top has been shown before, but literally nobody bothered to mention it before. It shows that people choose to ignore anything they don't want to believe.

No. 66564

Funny how I keep hearing about this passport pic yet it's nowhere to be found.

As for the "omg police report is faked!", The oly two reasons people think this are because of the eye color and her age being listed as 15.

-My eye color on my license is wrong because they didn't ask me at the DMV and just went by sight, and put brown instead of green. It's a very common occurence. I've known many people with their eye color listed differently on official docs.

-Cops don't calculate your age based on your DOB and the date, they just ask you. We know for a fact that both Kota and Kiki have lied about their ages since their myspace days, and thanks to the Daniel incident we know they have no problem lying to the police. Especially on something as routine and trivial as a dometic incident report. If it had been a court document it would be a different story, but an incident report is p. much just routine beurocratic paperwork to prove they went to where they were dispatched and handled the situation. They don't bend over backwards to check for accuracy of every little detail.

The top part of that screencap proves nothing, because Kiki and Kota are only a year apart. Interesting how Kota's age gaps are always by 2 years? If Kiki was 14 in 2006, Kota would've been 13, two years older than 11. It would also make her 17 at the time of the police report, two years older than 15. And on that same timeline, it would make her 21 currently, two years older than 19. Seems way too convenient to be a coincidence to me.

No. 66565

>It shows that people choose to ignore anything they don't want to believe.

And that some people are dumb enough to believe whatever they're told even when the math doesn't checkout.

No. 66567

I love how the kiki thread turned into a kota thread and vice versa lol

No. 66569

Kotex made a whole ass video of her passport once.

No. 66571


That tweet! I remember sending it to Internet-royalty tumblr. "Catty Caucasian girls". Was she learning with herself or smthg?

No. 66573

So i've heard, and yet no screencaps or links to it can be found.

No. 66574



No. 66575

fukken right? I have to keep scrolling to the top of the page to double check.

No. 66584

Uh, google "dakota rose passport" and there you go?

No. 66615

File: 1426986836771.jpg (448.62 KB, 660x411, pissport.jpg)

The one that gif in question is from.
And yes there's a document but look

You raise so many good points but I still believe her to be honest. Here's the passport pic btw

No. 66620

They also got Kirsten's name wrong, which nobody seems to have noticed. It says "KRisten." So three reasons, the more there are the more shoddy the document begins to look.

No. 66621

You can clearly see her weird uneven eyes here.

No. 66622

fuck's sake I thought we settled this a while ago.

No. 66624

File: 1426987161922.png (598.28 KB, 515x538, tmp_8635-6165631341.png)

I've seen that vid, that passport is forged as fuck. Not only is the picture unacceptable by passport photo guidelines, but her fucking shoulder is floating out of the frame of the pic.

Now, I'm not saying she went to Japan on a fake passport (hella fucking illegal), but I would believe her having a fake one made as a backup with her '95 DOB on it (and not her last name, lel) and replaced the pic she did have taken with the one in the vid, all so she can "prove" her age, which I don't even get because Japan clearly doesn't give a shit and none of her internet fans speak Japanese to start spreading shit about her. All you have to do is compare it to any other American passport and the inconsistencies become glaringly obvious. Not to mention, it isn't very hard to fake a passport. It's actually pretty scary.

No. 66625

That makes sense and it's not hard but some passport pics are like that. I'm not trying to be a WK but even mine is off center

No. 66626

Tbh that doesn't prove anything either, Kristen and Kirsten sound close enough to be misheard.