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File: 1420740001307.jpg (43.89 KB, 377x514, kiki.JPG)

No. 38535

No. 38536

No. 38538

I wish she would just officially change her name to 'Dakota's sister'.

No. 38539

Sorry about that!

She would get so much more popularity if she did that. Venus Angelic's mom has fans/likes because she understands no one would care if she wasn't affiliated with Venus in any way. But people would probably leave since she wouldn't want to post about Kota at all.

No. 38540

Alright so we have esablished she is in fact in Japan, but why?

Many anons suspected she was there to visit Dakota but so far, no photos of the two of them have been posted, but that may be because of Dakota's job.

How long do you guys think she'll be there? I think a week or two.

Must be nice to be able to up and go to Japan for a while.

No. 38541

Person running the asbestus Tumblr here.

Some of posts have vanished from multiple tags on Tumblr now.

Is it possible for Cathy and Scott to get Tumblr to covertly stop my posts from appearing in tags? I haven't even had any notifications.

No. 38542


Shit, gotta trim the video so that you don't see the bulky hotel landline on the nightstand making it obvious this isn't my apartment.

No. 38543

Only the 3 last posts of a tag appear at the /tagged/ page, that's to avoid people spamming tags.

No. 38545


Yeah I know, which is why I'm only tagging my posts with 3 tags and they're still not appearing.

They were yesterday.

No. 38547

i just think attention, she's not genuinely interested in japan and i think she would've milked it if she was visiting kota. but then again, i wouldn't be surprised if she rarely leaves her ~apartment~ and is just spending this entire time just lurking here instead. someone said she's in an area that doesn't have much other than old books and a shrine. i've never been to japan, but if it's an area that no one goes to, i've heard you'll get a lot of attention for being a gaijin. that could be why she's there, anywhere like, for example, shibuya, she wouldn't be that special gaijin and all they would ruin her ~cultural experience~

No. 38548

Tag them as kiki kannibal, not kiki-kannibal. Remove the dash.

No. 38549

She was also in Shinjuku, when she filmed that video of her hand grabbing the train ticket. It was at Yotsuya station.

No. 38550

I just realized she's not following a single person on instagram. She must think she's privileging people with the gift of her asinine, boastful posts with her Google Translate Japanese.

No. 38552


I am, I am tagging them as mmmkikikannibal, kiki-kannibal and kikikannibal.


No. 38553


Wait, did anybody notice or point out the reflection of the second person in this photo? I didn't notice until now. It definitely doesn't look like Kota…it kinda looks like a guy?

No. 38554

She's aged so horribly…She makes Dakota look like a model.

and lol at "Dakota's sister"

No. 38555


Wait what second reflection? Point it out cause I am dumb and don't see it.

No. 38556

She says it's because the h8rzzzz will stalk and harass the people she follows, and that she doesn't "collect people." Or something stupid like that.

ikr she looks like she's in her 30's. I wonder how much worse her candid photos would look if they were taken by a higher quality camera with better lighting. And she likes to think people think that she's so young, she's in middle school, lmao.

No. 38557


Well, Dakota is a model really.

No. 38559

They're just outside her door and look like they're reaching up into a linen closet or something. They're in line with the Tokyo Tower.

No. 38560

File: 1420742837881.png (711.63 KB, 621x578, kiki.PNG)

No. 38561

At the reflection of the door and in the tokyo tower, looks like a male child size-wise tbh.

No. 38562

Scratch the arm thing, I zoomed in and it looks like something else in the background, but the rest still definitely looks like a person to me.

No. 38563

Yep, looks like my posts have been blocked from showing up in the kiki-kannibal tag on Tumblr full stop.

There's sill one that remains, likely due to a glitch.

No matter, I still have 1648 people following me on that Tumblr.

No. 38565

Weird…now I'm really curious as to who she's staying with.

No. 38566

It may be Scott, last time she went was with him or some Asian dude she's fucking

No. 38567

Considering how she prays on Asian men on instagram, is it really much of a mystery?

No. 38570

i have always thought that scott is kinda fat and big, though. the reflection looks very asian, maybe it's one of kotas friends?

No. 38571

She must be with someone older, that hotel is hella expensive.

No. 38575

I think the reflection was Kota.

No. 38577

Dakota doesn't have short hair and wears jeans with converse like the person in the reflection, is probably the same person that worde that baseball jacket in one of her recent vids.

No. 38578

I don't think so; it looks boyish. And I can't see Kota wearing jeans. Not these days.

No. 38579

Considering that she was hunting a lot for asian dick this year, probably somebody that fell for it. Anything related to Dakota is very unlikely because of her being jelly and deleting all comments that just mention her.

No. 38580

Or it is just the hotel service guy.

No. 38581

Kiki deletes comments that mention Dakota?

No. 38582

i bet the guy thinks it's just a one night stand like jack cash did. that's probably why kiki isn't posting about being in ~love,~ having a bf, and stuff. i bet think she thinks pull ruined it for her with jack cash and not how crazy/clingy she is.

No. 38583

can someone fill me in on who jack cash is?

No. 38585

Maybe she got a job as an escort girl, she is a regal slut

No. 38586

this is all based off of memory, so i apologize if anything's wrong.
>he's a japanese? guy in a band
>they met up the last/first time she was in japan
>they had a one night stand
>she wrote, "i love kiki," all over his back when he was sleeping
>took a pic of it and posted it on instagram
>i/we assume he got pissed off about it and made her take it down
>after that she went on a twitter rant about how she thought musicians would be so sensitive/caring/sweet but they're all abusive and mean to kira kira princess from mars :(((

No. 38587

I don't see a male I see a female in a blouse with tight leggings not jeans

No. 38588

god, she is a creep. are there any links to this guy?

No. 38590

They don't really look like leggings to me. They aren't super tight or defining the legs like they would if they were leggings. Plus I don't see long hair going down their back or anything.

No. 38591

good lord
i forgot how fucking big her forehead was she looks like a squid

No. 38592

File: 1420748064674.png (804.62 KB, 621x606, w.png)

Looks like a balding fat old asian dude or Mr. Yan to me.

No. 38593

took me a while, but i found it. i'm trying to find the pic on pull but i think it was deleted when she was trying to take the site down

No. 38594

She always does.

No. 38595

thank you, anon! he's…actually kind of hot. I mean, apart from the whole lame ass 'rocker look'. he has a nice face. I thought he was gonna be japanese, living in japan but it looks like he's american?

No. 38598

His mother is japanese.

No. 38599

File: 1420748734258.jpg (84.46 KB, 1010x609, 23456789.JPG)

no problem, anon. i think he's from l.a. but is japanese american. but i agree, he is pretty attractive. i think someone said he's known for sleeping with scene girls.

also, i was going through his instagram, jackxcash, and i saw pic related. i thought of our kira kira princess from mars.

No. 38600

She gon' found herself a sugar daddy.

No. 38604

Would make sense since she is a parasitic leech

No. 38610

File: 1420752272848.png (768.63 KB, 606x568, k.PNG)

I think you got the outline wrong

No. 38613

File: 1420754242365.jpg (15.91 KB, 331x239, tumblr_m3xwhzONIN1rs8o36o1_400…)

He looks a little chub in the picture. I thought maybe it was him too. I remember reading somewhere he went with Kota the first time she went to Japan. Don't remember the source so I can't verify if it's true.

No. 38614

i know he went with kiki the first time, it was confirmed by a swankiss shop staff.

No. 38616


She doesn't care for or have any interest In Japan, she's there because she's legitimately thinks she's going to get famous and rich just for being a *~foreign, exotic~* blue eyed white girl who wears cutesy pastel clothes.

No. 38617

And he was probably like please Japan love my useless haggard looking daughter so I can get her out of my house.

No. 38619

File: 1420756976403.jpg (101.63 KB, 300x445, Ricardo-Chavira_prphotos.jpg)


Scotty looks like a grosser version of Ricardo Chavira.

You know what's strange is how much Kirsten and Dakota look like their mother, but neither of them look like they have a lick of their father in them.

No. 38620

she probs spends her days walking around and wondering "why isn't it working?? why haven't any nihonjins approached me and asked me to be a model yet??" bitch acts like she deserves to be handed everything kota has and more on a silver platter.

No. 38621

Kiki has his receding hairline

No. 38622

Why go to Shinjuku and not Harajuku? Since it IS the fashion district and all.

No. 38624

Omg anon do you watch desperate housewives that is so spot on.

Kiki looks like shit in person like yeah she's skinny but she has no ass, no boobs and no slight curves. Even her legs are nasty. Veganism, not even once

No. 38625

No. 38626


>Omg anon do you watch desperate housewives

Yes I love it :>
It wasn't very popular when it aired here in the UK but I LOVED it, I thought the writing was so good and it had me legitimately laughing so many times, all the main cast characters are so funny, especially Bree and Lynette. The lady that played Lynette was the best actress by far.

No. 38627

tbh it's unfair to blame her ~vegan~ diet, I've met vegans who actually take care of themselves really well and it SHOWS. But you have to be on top of your nutrition and be willing to work out. Kiki probably doesn't know jack shit about nutrition, she's more concerned with being model-skinny like she was when she was a teen, and also knows veganism is the new 'it' marketing gimmick. News flash, Kiki, you're not going to have the same body at 24 as you do at 14. Not to mention that the only time she's ever mentioned an exercise regime of any sort was when she posted her ~sexy~ pole dancing videos, but she was clearly at a novice's level back then and she hasn't brought it up since. So it was probably another one of the trends she gloms onto every other week.

No. 38628


Yeah I'm just wondering, how many things has she claimed to be super talented at now?

Tell me if I've missed anything out but it was:

Invented striped hair
Jewellery designer
Fluent in Spanish
Ran her own "online business"
Fluent in Japanese
Dubstep musician

Anything else?
After this next little venture goes tits up what will it be next?

No. 38632

She is also learning Chinese and Korean right?

No. 38634

File: 1420760175240.jpg (94.89 KB, 852x461, o.o.jpg)

Don't forget her Power Ranger luscious booty fitness video on YouTube. Also a few years ago on Twitter she posted her yoga bod she got from going to a public gym aka watching a video on the internet and pretending to be in a public place ◔_◔

There is no way she could still play guitar with her long nails. I don't remember her ever actually making a video or anything playing guitar. It seems like it was just a super expensive prop she used in her photos.

No. 38637

Did you even read? Remove the dash from "kiki-kannibal". You shouldn't use a dash at all when you tag a post on Tumblr because it breaks the URL when you do. "kiki-kannibal" is different from "kiki kannibal".

No. 38640

File: 1420762278825.jpg (56.5 KB, 288x512, 33bif4h.jpg)

>i lurv kiki
>unicorns rock
>wowa weewa
>i heart kristen 4 ever

No. 38642

Don't forget "orchid growing" and "harp": >>6220

No. 38645


Oh my fucking god how long have you been using Tumblr?

Putting a dash between words in a URL functions as a space.

Go fucking try it you tard, /tagged/kiki-kannibal and /tagged/kiki%20kannibal are exactly the same tag.

Oy vey.

No. 38650

Then why is it that only 1 post appear on their own site when you look up "kiki kannibal"?
That's the only post they tagged with no dash in the tag.
http://asbestus.tumblr.com - Look at the their other tags, everything else is tagged "kiki-kannibal" with a dash.
You have a better explanation why they don't appear then, asswipe?

No. 38653

File: 1420765988614.png (506.07 KB, 955x593, toplel.png)

I love you whoever did this.

No. 38655

It's you? You're still logged in?

No. 38658

And this is why the psycho bitch can't find a boyfriend

No. 38660

>whoever did this
>still logged in


No. 38661

File: 1420768124249.jpg (9.35 KB, 275x183, 1413148413140.jpg)

No. 38663

File: 1420768923894.png (79.66 KB, 500x475, 060.png)

No. 38667

i wouldn't really consider them, she only started "learning" chinese because she was caught posting a picture of some place in china thinking it was japan. she made a few tweets in chinese/korean and that's it. she didn't act like she was a pro because she really didn't give a shit about either languges. i mean, what's in china or korea???? they're not kira kira kawaii lands like the glorious land of ~nippon~ is.

No. 38669

File: 1420769848389.gif (1.49 MB, 290x260, giphy.gif)

No. 38673

File: 1420771775175.jpg (3.33 KB, 125x104, 1420770751191s.jpg)


>whoever did this

No. 38674



Kek, just admit you were fucking wrong and don't know how to use Tumblr.

And of course, Cathy and Scott are having my posts removed. It's not like they haven't done this before.

No. 38681

File: 1420775277564.jpg (78.55 KB, 626x583, troll.jpg)


Ooopps, my bad. You guise caught me and I'll never get popular. Oh my gawd I am soooo upset..I can't even deal. You are just h8ers. I am gonna go tweet about this…

No. 38692


Tag them as Dakota's sister

No. 38698


there's that ~asian lover~ (lol) she mentioned a couple of times though, the guy supposedly sent her that cheesy handwritten letter she posted on IG few months ago

No. 38701

lmao, i remember "him." it's ridiculous that kiki expected people to believe that, the poem was in cursive, i'm pretty sure the average english speaking japanese person would have an issue with reading/writing cursive. jun, from the yt channel rachel and jun, had issues with reading it in a video. kind of like how i think any person learning a character based language would have issues reading the characters in different fonts/sizes, especially with kanji.

i wonder whatever happened to "him." she posted once about this guy and that was the end of that. if he existed, you know if he left her, she'd go on about how ~abusive~ men are. Or if he stayed with her crazy, clingy ass, she'd post billions of pics of/with him to show off.

i wonder if cathy and scott ever pretend to be someone else on the internet and message/comment kiki on her social media so she feels better about herself. what if the mystery guy is scott or cathy?!?!?!?!?!

No. 38703

Kek yourself, you haven't even tried to solve asbestus's issue with the tags. At least I did. Why don't you try it yourself and tag your own post with Dakota-rose instead of Dakota rose and see if it shows up on the Dakota Rose tag, ass.

No. 38704

File: 1420779647525.jpg (23.16 KB, 500x375, 1419347727161.jpg)

No. 38741

@mmmkikikannibal: ☆:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:http://t.co/z59XbGDxJj

Guessing she inherited those ugly earrings from her dead grandma since she has worn them every day in Japan. Did she only pack one outfit or something?

No. 38743

You never see her with anybody in her videos so she is walking around Japan talking to herself like some batshit crazy person

No. 38744

Hey look at me I wear ugly earrings and talk to myself, Japan please make me famous

No. 38749

I like how half of the videos she's posted are just her in that apartment. Does she really have nothing better to do while vacationing in a foreign country than sit around a room all day?

No. 38753

It was a pretty obvious selfpost even the first time…

No. 38757

You don't see anyone, but I swear I hear what sounds like a guy make an "ummm hmm" sound after she's asks if it shows and makes that weird sound. While I don't know who it is, I do think she might be with someone.

No. 38785

i think i see someone's shoulder, wearing a black coat on the left side of the video some times?

No. 38786

Someone should make a loop of that stupid noise she makes and add it to the video of her making the stupid face

No. 38817


She migh have just packed one suitcase so she wouldn't have to pay for any checked bags. Or couldn't afford any.

No. 38823

If Kiki actually talked to people irl we might have people coming on here anonymously telling us what was going on. It's this huge secret that no one knows anything about except I guess her family.

I think she might be visiting a sugardaddy though.

No. 38825

Or is already at a that low point that she is going to be Bodyline's next model and Mr. Yan's waifu, kek.

No. 38826

Kek, but she's too old for the candy man yan. He likes them young.

No. 38827

Let's hypothetical say she has a sugar daddy, why her? A rich old man could do wayyyyyyy better

No. 38828

She's not good looking enough and way too annoying and high maintenance to have a sugar daddy, just saying

No. 38829

No accounting for taste, anon.

No. 38838

I think we'd definitely have people coming over here to talk shit on her if she talked to people. Tbh, I bet Kota would even come here to talk shit if she could. If I'm not mistaken ptnr didn't talk to pt because she wanted to air out her dirty laundry, it's because she was curious and pt got on her last nerve. I could see Kiki acting just like pt, foreverkailyn, and other lolcows in conversations. Basically making you feed into her delusions, never ever correct her in anything, and never expecting her to give a rat's ass about you.

I really hope those stans she had during the twitter war with stickydrama befriended her. I still see them tweeting at her and kissing her ass, so I'm hoping they're getting dirt atm, inevitably, she'll piss them off and they'll come to us.

Or we can see if Jack Cash wants to give us dirt, I'll buy his music if he does! (I'm thirsty for more drama)

Idk, if it's an old Japanese guy, it could just be because she's white. I do language exchange with Japanese people and sometimes old Japanese guys will get creepy with me even though they had no idea what I looked like. It's just the idea of a younger gaijin girl that attracts them. Though, there's no doubt it my mind that if she does have a sugar daddy, they're already tired of her. She's probably spending the entire time complaining about ~h8erz~ to whoever this guy is.

No. 38841


Are you so sure? Not many people know about lolcow. I mean fuck not many people even care about her. I figured the people who back her up are either sock puppets or idiot vegans with the same views.

No. 38842

Idk. A lot of older sugar daddies have no standards. I'm sure he can shut her up with his money since she's just a leech.

No. 38853

True. There's also pull too! I think everyone, even the stans, are aware of sites like this talking about her. She constantly tweets about them, so it's hard not to. I think if one of the stans opened their eyes and saw who she really was, they'd feel betrayed and want others to know. Some ex-stans back in the scene days used to vent about how much of a sociopath she was when she'd manipulate people into buying her shitty jewelry and after they got it, insulted them about personal things they told her when they asked for a refund.

No. 38861

yah but if she had asugaR daddy, wouldnt she be going shopping all he time and going oit to cat cafes and shit? going places and doing things she could actually post for more attention.

its so puzzling that she pretends to ove japan so much, and then when she actually gets there she becomes less active than she was In florida.

No. 38862

wow fuck all my typos. on a shitty talet with a shitty android IME here.

No. 38863

true, thinking about it, i bet cathy and scott spent a shitload of money on a trip and hotel they don't have because ~only the best for kira kira.~ the guy is probably some random guy she met online with and is fucking him atm in hopes of getting a spouse visa asap.

No. 38864


If so, then it explains her being so quiet. Not even a shameless attention whore like her would advertise that she's selling herself to stay in a country she only cares about because her sister is more popular there than she is.

No. 38866

money they don't have on a trip to japan
sorry for that.

too bad no one in japan gives a shit about kiki. i'm sure she is desperately trying to get fame again but thinks we'll ~ruin~ it for her, which could also be why she's so quiet.

No. 38867

I think they sent kaka out there as some sort of weird, passive aggressive "FU" to Dakota. like "look! the daughter that still loves us can go to Japan and become a famous model and make us rich! we don't need you kooter!"

No. 38868

and she's probably just walking around tokyo with Scott which is why she hasn't posted a billion selfies with her ~japanese friend~ because you know ~the Japanese love her so much she instantly makes friends over there~

No. 38869

She looks so god damn haggard. hard to believe she's only a couple of years older than Dakota. Kaka, Japan only wants yungins not old witches.

No. 38870

lmao, i can see it like that.

i like to think kiki is auditioning for aidoru groups because it's funny thinking of her haggy ass trying to be kawaii.

i'm surprised she hasn't secretly filmed her talking to japanese people in her ~totemo fluent desu nihongo~

No. 38871

The only thing this would be perfect for is those trashy japanese horror movies.

No. 38875

Agreed, she's probably with Scott and not a sugar daddy. If she was with a sugar daddy she would probably actually be doing stuff and staying in a nicer room.

I bet she just spends all day walking around ~trendy parts of tokyo hoping she gets noticed because she’s such a beautiful elven gaijin goddess.

No. 38880

I tried googling about Kiki and Dakota, in English and Japanese, to see if anyone posted about her attention whoring. I didn't find anything. However, I did find it funny when I googled her name in Japanese, because all I saw was blog posts about how cute Kota is that very briefly mention the scene days/Dakota's sister. Literally no one acknowledged Kiki, people were just fawning over how adorable Kota is, lmao.

No. 38883


I can totally see that. After all, if Japan hadn't noticed Kota, would her parents have sent/taken her to Japan just because? FUCK no.

Maybe once they realized that she milked the modeling thing to gain distance from them and didn't stary sending them money/promoting kaka, they went back to trying to make her famous instead, and in JP only because that's where Kota is and they want to try and get back at her for ditching them (which nobody blames her for, If I had the chance she did at her age, I would have taken it too. Probably even sold my fucking soul to get it.).

No. 38886

The whole family is just so laughable at this point. How can you be so far removed from reality to think that all you have to do is go to Japan and you'll become famous? Kota got incredibly lucky but even she spent years in Florida shooping/appealing to Japanese people and talking to fans, not just a few months becoming ~totemo fluent~ and ignoring/blocking everyone who isn't Japanese or some kind of east Asian.

To be honest, I am really surprised she hasn't taken any photos at any shrines. I guess they aren't cool enough.

No. 38892

On top of that, Kiki has nothing about her that appeals to Japanese people, looks and most definitely personality wise. If Kota acted like Kiki acts, she would've been booted out of Japan a long time ago. And looks wise, I think Kota still could've gotten popularity in Japan in she just came and was dressed like how she did in the tumblr days. When she first came to Japan, there were so many people following her and fawning over her. That would never in a million years happen to Kiki, because she just isn't cute.

>To be honest, I am really surprised she hasn't taken any photos at any shrines. I guess they aren't cool enough.

I'm also surprised she hasn't, isn't she a ~spiritul buddhist desu~ She was in an area that had a shrine in it, but kawaii japanese drinks and her ~apartment~ are much more interesting apparently

No. 38896

It is perplexing how these two sisters do not talk about each other at all when they're in the same city.
So, either Dakota has become "disowned" to some degree and that's why. (And all of the rumors here about bad blood are true)
Dakota's agency knows about the levels of dirt on Kiki and has advised her not to talk about her, so as not to draw negative attention on herself.

Either way, distance can strain relationships, so I could see them not being as close. But I can pretty much bet that however Dakota actually became famous and somewhat successful there, Dakota's sister is absolutely copying that model in hopes that she can run away from the past too.

The sad truth is, the more successful/famous Dakota becomes, the more likely more she will be exposed there or really anywhere she goes for her past indiscretions. Maybe Japanese are more forgiving when it comes to doing stupid things as a youth, but I feel that some of the things she did on video are so "uncute" that if the majority saw them, she would not do so well there.

In any case, I kinda like Dakota and I wish the best for her.

No. 38897

What the fuck is a stan?

No. 38898

It's a song from Eminem and it means stalker fan.

No. 38900

OHHHH. I know the song, of course, just didn't get the reference. Ty.

No. 38905

No problem, I didn't get it the first time I saw someone use the reference too. I had to look it up on the urban dictionary, lol.

I definitely think there's bad blood between them, I mean, Kota doesn't want to acknowledge Kiki unless she has to. Kiki will desperately tweet at Kota from time to time, but Kota just ignores her. I think if she was told to not acknowledge Kiki from her agency, she'd unfollow Kiki on twitter. Her Japanese fans could easily look at who she's following, see Kiki, google her, and find all kinds of drama. I think Kota doesn't like that family/Kiki anymore, but she still has to play nice with them since she'll have to come back home to them when her visa gets renewed.

No. 38911

Yeah, I get the impression that Kota just tries to be civil and tolerate them, when really she doesn’t want anything to do with them. Who can blame her? I bet it feels pretty shitty to have a sister who tries to use you for fame, after she’s spent years calling making fun of you and calling you fat.

No. 39004

You'd be surprised how easy it is to get a sugar daddy. I know some fat, frumpy, ugly looking sugar babies.

No. 39025


He must be quite desperate then

No. 39026

Yet kaka wouldn't stfu about how "everybody recognized her in Japan!!!!1!" hah

No. 39097

>making the thread name dakota's sister
Slow claps galore.

No. 39101


Where the fuck do they find these guys? Is there a fetish for frumpy fat slobs among rich guys?

No. 39158

Believe it or not, I know some really attractive/well off guys who are exclusively into fat chicks.

Everyone's got a type…

No. 39165

her knees look disgusting

No. 39166


Yah but fat chicks can be pretty, too. I was talking about the frumpy, ugly part.

No. 39167

IKR is it wrong when I look at this picture and image throwing a cinder block at her legs in an attempt to break her legs

No. 39169

lol it looks like there's demons in her knees

No. 39170

>fat chicks can be pretty too

only when they have a slim face, and those are VERY rare

No. 39179

way to completely miss the point. and no, being fat =/= unattractive except for rare occasion. that sweeping generalization makes you sound bitter.

so, rich guys like frumpy chicks who don't take care of themselves or their bodies, huh? what a golden opportunity for our dear kaka. i bet her parents are even getting desperate enough to push her in that direction, too. how do they even make money? i recall reading someehing about them collecting welfare ages ago.

No. 39183

>how do they even make money? i recall reading someehing about them collecting welfare ages ago.
i'm curious about that too. i've heard scott's the only one with a job. but i'm pretty sure they still live in their grandmother's house, which, if i'm not mistaken, is in a upper middle class area. i don't think scott would have that great of a job that he can afford the house, musical equipment, all kinds of clothes, mac computers for each person in the house, trips to japan, etc. i think if he could've afforded all this, she would go to japan more frequently, kiki mimiuex would've never bombed so badly (since he could afford an actual music producer, singing lessons, etc), she wouldn't keep the tags on her clothes (as seen in the video on rape, at least i think), she wouldn't have sold some musical equipment on ebay, etc.

No. 39188

i also want to add that i don't think they get welfare since i grew up with a lot of people on welfare and it barely helped them. plus, i think they check what you spend your checks on and you have to be pretty broke in the first place in order to get it. they may get disability if autism counts as one, or if cathy/kiki finally got checked out for mental illness. my aunt's married to a pretty rich guy and she gets disability to spend on stupid shit she doesn't need.
if not either of those, on gurugossip they found out foreverkailyn's mother got money from refinancing the house a bunch of times. they spend their money like the wilchers do, i could see that being a possibility.

No. 39193

sugar daddies like sex.
in my experience it doesn't seem to matter if you're frumpy or ugly as long as you have a pussy and you're willing to stroke their egos/dicks. (Most men who have to buy their company are complete asshats who nobody would touch with a ten-foot-pole if they weren't getting a paycheck out of it, though, so it's not like they're a catch just because they're rich. Either that or they've just got really weird/embarrassing fetishes)

but there's a limit. being thick or overweight isn't a dealbreaker, but being obese can be unless they're a fat fetishist.
I've meet two SBs in my life. One is in constant demand, even though she has a horseface and a horrible personality, because she's slender and dtf. The other is borderline obese and unkempt, but cleans herself up for dates, has a nice face and great personality. However, far fewer men contact her, and in the past she's lost contact with guys after they found out what her body looked like. so it seems like a definite detriment.

No. 39197


nice trips

No. 39202


This. It kills me when dumb girls who wanna be spoiled little princesses think SDs are just lonely rich guys who work or travel too much to maintain a real relationship and want a nice, sweet girl to talk to and keep them company (for thousands of $$$ a month, ofc.) Every time I see some naive bitch ask "but do you HAVE to have sex with him to be a SB???", oh my sides.

No. 39204

lmao, if only, i think we all would be sugar babies if that were the case. i'm curious how naive you have to be to think that, like even normal guys mostly just want sex from girls.

No. 39213


I mostly see it on tumblr, lol. 'Nuff said.

No. 39215

average-looking tumblrinas who have deluded themselves into thinking that they are goddesses that should be paid for the mere pleasure of their time and company

No. 39216


So, kiki.

Except unlike a lot of girls on tumblr (who only like sex in theory/are terrified of it in relity), kiki jumps right into bed with guys, so maybe she would make a good SB.

No. 39218

File: 1420931508098.jpg (202.91 KB, 729x879, 4.jpg)

I can't see how they'd qualify for any government assistance, and it doesn't seem like their son would qualify for any SS benefits either (http://autismnow.org/funding-and-public-policy/social-security-benefits/#Adults) I also don't see how Scott is affording to take care of his family without limiting his spending. I have a feeling Kiki's Audi (if it's hers and not the family's) and her first trip to Japan were purchased with Grandma's money she left behind.

No. 39221

they make such a huge deal out of it because they're jumping on the "empowered sexual woman" bandwagon.
but hey yeah, keekz, if ur even reading this thread, honestly consider this shit lol.
but knowing her, she'd probably be so rude that most sds would get tired of her quickly.

No. 39224

Ngl the US government is so corrupt you can get welfare even if you're above the limit. The workers don't want to do their jobs so as long as you have official looking copies saying what you make and lie about what you have you can get it. You just have to be able to put in the time to do it. I think you can also get SS benefits as long as you are in treatment/on medication and just keep trying. I don't know the Ostrengas seem to have a lot of time on their hands so they probably do some crooked shit.

No. 39225

doesn't that go against the whole mindset about straight, white men all being oppressors? granted, most of these people are into the idea of being a nymphet even though they're ~feminists.~ should i really be surprised?

kiki may instantly sleep with guys, but she is really superficial. she really only goes for stereotypical musicians with swoops and tattoos, ie, someone like ronnie radke, or the hipstery style like idk cristofer drew (who she actually used to desperately try to get with). i know they both have similar hair and both have tattoos, but one has a more "hipstery" style and the other has a rockstar style, that's how much variety her taste in men seems to have.

i didn't really think so, it was worth the suggestion though.
it could be a mixture of the money grandma left behind, maybe refinancing their house like i suggested, and/or just them spending money they don't have. it's more than likely them spending money they don't have, they could be one of those people who will starve just to have some fancy new material item and who constantly buy items just to use them once and return/sell them.

No. 39233

kiki's taste: art major's looks with an engineer's bank account

No. 39239

Actually, SS benefits aren't that easy to get. I suffer from clinic tonic seizures (a form of epilepsy), am disabled (some mornings I have episodes so bad I can't even get out of bed and can only sleep since my brain gets so fried and body won't respond), provided medical documentation, and they still wouldn't give it to me. Their reason? My work history isn't long enough. Kind of hard to work when you're pretty much paralyzed after an episode for the rest of the day.

I don't even know what the fuck is going on. The system is corrupt. They refuse to give it to people that legitimately need it and yet, give it to people who scam the system with some bullshit like, "I'm afraid to leave the house!" yet you see them walking around outside just fine.

No. 39240

But Kiki sees sex workers as lower beings.

No. 39243

it's a huge contradiction lol
it's like "ok if u make me into a sex object then ur a misogynist pedo because ur just interpreting all my stuff as sexual when im just expressing myself" while posting up pictures of themselves in little girl's stuff and posing sexually
basically, if you do it ur scum, but if i do it, i'm being a powerful feminist and taking charge of my own sexuality

No. 39247

> "I'm afraid to leave the house!"
sounds like oc's cries of "muh agoraphobia muh anxiety bawww" lol

No. 39256

this is really ot so i apologize
(rolls eyes) as someone who has issues with social anxiety and anxiety with leaving the house, it pisses me off that it's become trendy to have it and it's now an excuse to not do anything with your life. i don't know much about orange, but if she actually had it, she wouldn't be making excuses, she'd be working to get rid of it. it's fucking awful wasting your life away inside your house and/or alone because of anxiety. it's irritating in general how having some sort of disorder is considered cool and something to brag about these days.

No. 39257

because special snowflakes need to have something, anything that separates them from the rest of the crowd. even if it's like mental illness or some shit like that. hella fucking annoying, because people who legitimately have it don't get taken seriously because of idiots like oc and all those dumb proana tumblr bitches.

No. 39260

true. it's also heavily romanticized these days too. i remember on guy on youtube went on about how beautiful suicide is, or something stupid like that. i don't even know what's worse, the people who think it's cool or the people who kiss the asses of those people for that.

No. 39270


I think a good few people have it here. There used to be a thread on /b/ about it I think

What annoys me is that if she has such bad social anxiety, why would she be so content with stripping for strangers on the internet for money? I know it's different for everyone, there are different levels of severity and I don't want to be all "muh anxiety", etc, but as an example, at the peak of my social anxiety I would never have even had the balls to do something like post here.

Sorry for derailing. Something about tumblr self-diagnosed illnesses makes my blood boil.

No. 39275


someone said on PULL that Keekz also posted a pic of Tiffany diamond ring, but took it down quickly- idk if that's true

No. 39278

File: 1420955161798.png (54.16 KB, 564x958, wayback.png)

Have some way back and see how Kiki changed.

>March 6th, 2011

No. 39281

File: 1420955247166.png (66.95 KB, 704x957, wayback09.png)

>July 15th 2009

No. 39283

File: 1420955408887.png (57.57 KB, 610x949, 0909.png)

>July 15th 2009

No. 39285

File: 1420955521928.png (127.67 KB, 624x963, 2012.png)

>February 7th, 2012

No. 39296

She was still really self-centered and stuff but she seemed a lot more interesting even in 2012.

No. 39312

I wonder if she'll ever go back and read her old tweets and I wonder if she'll realize just how boring her teen and early twenties were

No. 39318

I've got a feeling she's on her way back to Florida.

No. 39326

>but as an example, at the peak of my social anxiety I would never have even had the balls to do something like post here.
it was the exact same thing for me.

i don't think she'd do it either if she had anxiety, a person with anxiety would worry about everyone knowing about it and judging them for it. i think she and all these tumblr people only get anxiety the way everyone else does from time to time.

you too the words right out of my mouth. i guess it's because she had goals, other than becoming more famous than kota, and more of a life then. with these tweets, it doesn't seem like she's grasping at straws to find something to post like she does now.

No. 39346

But didn't Kiki say she's learning Japanese because of Kota coming home with a Japanese friend?

Kiki is really trying to ride Kota's coattails and it is super obvious with how she's trying to look Kotafied in her videos. Learning Japanese half assedly is not going to take her far because she looks and acts very old and doesn't get what made Kota so appealing to Japanese.

No. 39353

Yeah she did, such a bullshit excuse lol. "I have a family member that lives in Japan and last time she visited here she brought a Japanese friend and I want to be able to talk to her if she comes next time" or some shit, hahah she's so transparent. We all know you're trying desperately to be Kootz, Kaka.

No. 39402

I thought she was throwing massive shade at Dakota because she wouldn't mention her by name. "Family member".

No. 39405


Uhhh source?

No. 39421

File: 1420996764551.jpg (1.43 MB, 1366x2668, doen.jpg)

I just put this right here

No. 39424

Kiki obviously got very bad mental problems.

No. 39426


>the last time I went to Japan I went to a radio show and my music was put on a radio and all I could say was "konbanwa"

>implying she can say anything more than that now

No. 39428

Self-replying to say that I didn't notice until now that I'm rewatching the video but she says again that she's learning Japanese to "be able to communicate with my family living there" (makes no sense since it's your fellow English speaking sister, but ok) "and my significant others and their family". So by that she's implying she has/had a boyfriend over there…? (boyfriends even, as she pluralized 'significant others' lol).

No. 39430


I don't think she really understands what a SO is.

No. 39431

>last time she visited here she brought a Japanese friend

This actually lends more plausibility to the whole "Dakota married a Japanese guy for a visa" thing, when you marry internationally the couple has to return to the gaijin spouse's home country for some legal reason, idk what specifically but I know Kanadajin had to do that when she got married. I think you have to meet the famiy and make a marriage announcement or something like that in your home country to prove it's not just a marriage for a visa.

No. 39439

But wouldn't that mean that she would have to do TONS of documents shit because of her name getting changed because of marriage?

No. 39442


You don't have to change your name when you get married, and also, Dakota's "stage name" is just her first+middle name. IF she got married and changed her last name, she could just keep it secret by only using it on official legal documents like her passport or contracts.

No. 39445


>be able to communicate with my family living there


me thinks kaka also tried to get people to ask if she has japanese heritiji lol

No. 39477

i think so too, kota has been speaking english her entire life, i highly doubt she completely forgot the language. though, i could see kiki trying to speak japanese with kota and kota being like, "no."

she's either insinuating she has japanese heritage or insinuating she'll have family in japan when she marries that theoretical japanese guy, lmao.

No. 39494

Don't forget. Gaijin Princess.

No. 39498

Jesus fuck. I couldn't get through the first minute, with all the voices she was pulling.

No. 39500

File: 1421018289392.png (16.64 KB, 839x79, Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 23.1…)

Oh god the random fake laughing to herself all the way through.

>inherently I made out with a Japanese guy at a club

That's not the right use of that word… is it? I feel like there's a better word for what she was trying to say, but I'm drunk so yeah.

Also, surprised she hasn't deleted pic related yet

No. 39511


You don't have to return to your home country with your spouse to validate your marriage with a Japanese national. All the paperwork is done in Japan, and is legally recognized (in most cases, America being one of them) internationally immediately.

It's far more likely that she just brought her dude home for a visit.

No. 39513

these tweets are still up but in the reverse order

No. 39514

Probably a lot since she's so hungry for Japanese cock.

No. 39519

>That's not the right use of that word… is it?
She meant "naturally", and "inherently" kind of means that, but I agree it sounds wrong. She might've been mixing it up with "inevitably".

No. 39520

Wouldn't the word be, "technically," or, "basically?" Since she didn't actually make out with the guy, he was spitting on her. I'm not going to get on her for that though, I dropped out of school too and my English sucks even though it's my first language.

No. 39521

I didn't actually watch the video so disregard whatever I just said. Was just trying to infer from that sentence.

No. 39522

Ahh, it's fine. I understand not wanting to watch her videos, even when I was a fan, it was hard to get through her videos.

No. 39561

Oh my fucking god, she's so full of shit. Everything she talks about is her way of showing off or seeming cool without fully showing it (at least to her dumb as fuck fans, anyway). I call bullshit on all these Japanese guys flirting with her especially calling her a 'gaijin princess'. Seriously, has anyone ever heard of that before? It just sounds to me like something Kiki would make up because that's exactly what she wants to be seen as in Japan. ~a kira kira gaijin princess~.

Also lol, Mira's comment.
>I never been called gaijin princess before at the club, but you certainly are attacked and they are all after you if you are a white girl

I guess with beer goggles on Mira doesn't look like a droopy-eyed, pig-nosed Quasimodo.

No. 39566


What these dumb bitches don't seem to understand is that, yes, guys will approach you and hit on you if you're a white girl, but it's nott because you're some ethereal goddess so beautiful they can't stay away from you, it's because they think white girls are super easy and DTF- which, when you think about it, thanks to girls like Kiki, Mira, Yuka, Applemilk and all the other desperate weeaboos with yellow fever going to Japan and jumping on Japanese dick kind of made that true to a degree.

No. 39567


Not to mention, clubs are where people go to hook up. If Kiki wasn't such a socially retarded shutin she might know that. Idk about Mira, I don't follow her drama so idk if she's a socially retarded shutin. Though I wouldn't doubt it at all.

No. 39571

>showing off or seeming cool without fully showing it

Anon the term you're looking for is humblebrag.

Most humblebrags are obvious lies, too.

No. 39590

asha has the crazy in her eyes, kuku has the crazy in her voice

No. 39593

>you make everyone in this club look like pigs
in this episode of 'Kiko interacts with people' she gets hit on by an absolutely mortal jerkbag and gets giggly about it

i'm really weirded out by the psychotic laugh she has going and her overall way of acting? something's really off. i can't decide whether it's because i know how shitty her personality is or picking up on some actual body language.

No. 39595

Yeah, I guess they'll do. Inherently doesn't sound right at all, she probably just wanted to sound smarter.

No. 39603

So, uh, she's addicted to video games.

>he [boyfriend] helped you level up your experience

>level up your experience

>you know Lulu? from the Final Fantasy games

Does she not even know which one Lulu is from? lmao

such gamur grrl

No. 39623

>So, uh, she's addicted to video games

huh, didn't know twitter and IG counted as vidya.

No. 39626

oh god, that video was so cringeworthy. tbh i think she may have played final fantasy/the legend of zelda once or seen her brother/kota play it years ago. she knows nothing about either but she likes to act like they're her favorite games of all time. she called zelda an elf princess for christ's sake.

No. 39635

http://www.sugardaddyforme.com/ I bet dakota's sister joined that website hahaha

No. 39652

wtf Idk but I imagine her searching for a sugardaddy there…

No. 39683

like an anon suggested earlier, kiki is definitely not in japan anymore or else she'd be posting all about how japan is worshiping her right now and all about her ~kira kira vegan tabemono/nomimono~

No. 39738

She's trying to use videogames as a way to get into that niche's audience, kind of like how kooter would use popular soundtracks in her videos. Thing is she hasn't had anything interesting to say about any games so it falls apart.

No. 39912

She probably is either preparing another shitstorm or a project, it's always like that when she isn't saying anything online for days.

No. 40099

Has the archive been deleted? This link isn't working anymore


No. 40127

No. 40216

I feel like Kiki and Kooter need a ton of food to look good, like their bodies are better with a bit of chub. Kiki looks like she's dying or is an addict while Kooter looks more alive.

No. 40222

i kinda agree. i think they both just need healthy diets in general. kota could lose a little weight and her hair/skin could benefit from a better diet. maybe her hair wouldn't be so thin and her skin wouldn't have lines in it if she ate better. and skeletor on the other hand definitely needs to gain at least 10 pounds. i wouldn't be surprised if she heavily diets since she needs to be super skinny when japan wants her to model~ or she's so disgusted with meat that she doesn't want any in her body. that could also explain why she looks so jacked up lately, even in her own videos/pictures.

No. 40247

Both need to stop eating shit, and Kiki defintely needs to gain some weight.
With Kooter I don' t think she needs to diet to lose weight, she should change her diet to a more healthy one (proteins, veggies and healthy fats) while keeping the caloric intake. What would really benefit her is exercise, mostly strenght training so she tones her muscle because right now she is skinnyfat.
Oh it would benefit Kiki also if she decided to move on from her vegan bullshit and eat some more.

No. 40301


kooter looks like she exists on snack foods, fruit flavored drinks/ teas and konbini bento. which might be why she claims she can eat whatever she wants without gaining weigh- all she eats is small amounts if junk at a time. which would also explain why she's so flabby and skinnyfat.

No. 40312

File: 1421363137578.jpeg (68.52 KB, 550x454, white-knight.jpeg)

Y'all need to shut up with the good advice. We know Kira Kira obsessively lurks da hAterzzzzz sites. And I want to continue to watch her tragic downfall. Kota will get her diet/exercise together when her agency requests it. I believe she knows how to adult when necessary.

No. 40334

>Kota will get her diet/exercise together when her agency requests it. I believe she knows how to adult when necessary.

my fucking sides.

No. 40340

Eh, I think it's true. Like she may be a whiny baby but her modeling career in Japan is literally the only thing she has going for her, and she knows it. Because if she isn't, she's going to end up having to go back to her family, in disgrace (unless she actually is married to that japanese dude) and end up like her crazy sister. She's going to do anything she can to maintain it, even if she doesn't like it. She has that amount of brains, I think.

No. 40351

Her agency should have fucking requested it when they signed her, if they were at all serious. She's massive by Japanese standards.

No. 40359

>kooter looks like she exists on snack foods, fruit flavored drinks/ teas and konbini bento
i agree, but it's probably the only kind of stuff she can eat being a vegan and all. kiki can scream at the top of her lungs about how ~vegan~ japan is but it's not. sure, there are some things there considered vegan but so far, i've only seen snacks that are considered vegan.

i wonder why they don't request it at all. they obviously don't want her to be the size that she is because they lie about it and in the one video of the bikini shoot, she was told to cover up her body on camera. i can't see kota refusing to lose weight or anything because like another anon said, modeling is all she has. also i don't get why she wouldn't be trying in the first place since i know i'd feel like shit if i was being photographed if i was constantly photographed with cute, petite girls and i was the fat one.

No. 40368

I feel like Kota obviously does want to lose weight, because like you said, she must feel hella shitty next to all these tiny girls, but she's probably impatient and is trying to lose it the unhealthy way by just eating as little as possible. And then slipping up every so often and then gaining it all back or more and so on. Idk that's just a theory.

No. 40369

I don't know about you guys but I'm really certain Dakota used to starve herself.
In the videos of when she was in-between popularity and had shoulder length hair she was so much thinner than I have ever seen her. Really, her arms were like matchsticks, and take into account this was the era where she was drawing all those hyper emaciated girls in combination with the reports of Cathy and Kirsten bullying her for her weight and appearance it seems very likely.

Speaking as a former anorexic I'm overweight now, but disordered reading is still something I struggle with. I want to lose the weight, but everytime I start to I fall back into starving myself and over exercising. For my own health I choose to remain overweight because I am so terrified of getting trapped by that sick mentality again and end up like Ashley.

I say this because have any of you ever considered that it might be the sane for Dakota? She is already small, a little bit pudgy but weight isn't really an issue, she needs to build muscle more than anything, but if she did have an ED at any point then I would be willing to bet money that she struggles with the save thing I do and everyday is trying to find a balance between a model body and falling into dangerous habits again.

ED's can go dormant but the habits and the state of mind never really goes away, they follow you for life.

No. 40370


Sorry for all the typos btw, on my phone.

No. 40371

Usually japanese models get a diet plan by their agencies, there are sometimes articles about that in magazines so Dakota is probably at one too anyways but suddenly switching to japanese food after years of living in the US sure wasn't the healthiest thing.

No. 40372

I saw there were updates in the Kiki thread and was all "yay", but then I read all of the posts. I believe there is a thread for Dakota, so why don't cha all scoot on over there. Scoot.

No. 40375

File: 1421379182093.png (9.68 KB, 126x108, 4634.png)

For some unknown reason the shortened version of her follower amount can't drop anymore while she lost over 100 followers within the last month.

No. 40385

It just rounds up to the next hundred after a certain point. I wonder if it rounds down if it gets below 21,550. So, we have already established that most of her followers are fake, but I think a huge percentage of her real followers are us, pull, etc. I used to not really pay attention to who was tweeting to her but it seems like mostly sock puppets or crazy vegans…not like, legitimate fans or people who want to be friends with her.

I have a similar issue with food, and I don't think it's uncommon, which is why many recovered anorexics are noticeably overweight and remain overweight. But it's easy for me, a normalfag who works a normal job that woudn't care if I gained or lost 30 lbs, to talk myself out of not starving myself, but if my livelihood and career and whether or not I get to stay away from my batshit family was on the line I would be having seaweed and broth every fucking meal until I weighed 89 lbs or whatever she says she weighs. But I agree with >>40372

No. 40414

It did round down some months ago when she was under 21590 tho

No. 40421

>kooter skinnyfat

She's definitely not skinny if you saw the bikini pic and how she looks when beside other Japanese models without shoop.

No. 40422

If you're suggesting that she's fat, you have some messed up ideas about body image.

No. 40423

She's normal. Not skinny, not skinny fat though. Which is fine, she's not fat.

also she's on loads of purikura machines here, always funny to see it.

No. 40424

She's not skinny, but your jumping to the conclusion that she's therefore being called fat speaks loads..

No. 40426

Lol Kiki's thread is becoming Dakotas diet thread. Bwahwhahahavtells you how insignificant skeleton has become

No. 40427

True that.

I wonder if Kiki is unable to mention Kooter in her videos because Kooter asked her.

No. 40433

File: 1421392171567.jpg (206.23 KB, 1076x590, bitch.jpg)

Shutup guys, lookie here

She try'n so hard

No. 40436

Has she really done nothing else with her time there than take pictures of vegan things to prove the ~haterz wrong?

I bet she's back in Florida and just saved a stockpile of Japan pictures to slowly post over time to make it looks like she's living there.

No. 40440

tbh i wouldn't be surprised at all kiki is that level of batshit

No. 40446

All of her posts are really suspect.

Why does she care about Japan so much now?

No. 40450

cuz she thinks that she'll somehow make it big and be worshiped by glorious nippon like her sister did
lol keekz the thing is in addition to luck, kota actually kind of worked for this. you're literally just prancing around in japan being obnoxious and hoping everyone you meet will fall to their knees and give u vip treatment because you're a ~gajin princess~

No. 40457

Can we go back to talking about Dakota's weight? We don't care about Kiki and her stockpile of random vegan stuff in Japan…jk

Interesting how she is quiet for days then post some random pics of a vegan meal.

No. 40460

This is true. Kota is still shitty with Japanese but after she was ported over by Bravo she really worked at it. She can do her job and at least have muddled conversations.

Kiki can never catch up unless she spends a few years working in Japan and having to speak the language. Plus she's older by a few years, it's hard for people past their formative years to pick up a new language.

No. 40472

File: 1421409487079.jpg (763.77 KB, 3500x1120, YXXrI.jpg)

Skinnyfat does not mean fat. It's a thin person with very little muscle tone. The person is typically underweight and their body photographs as flabby because they're lazy fucks who don't exercise.

No. 40474

You don't have to be lazy to be skinny fat. You have to do toning exercises. I think if you focus solely on losing weight on the scale, and not toning up, many girls just run.

When I was at my lightest, I think I was still 'skinny fat' because I didn't want muscles (not kawaii) I just wanted to be skinny, so I ran for hours on end EVERY DAY.

No. 40481


This is a thing people really do, though usually they're honest abt it and tag is as #Latergram.


Dakota is vegetarian, not vegan. She should switch to pescatarian, get some protein in her bc God knows it would help her hair and skin a lot.

No. 40482

Toning is a myth JSYK. Skinny fat means someone who is flabby because they're lazy and have no muscle mass.

No. 40487

Kiki claims that Dakota is vegan tho.

No. 40491

Toning is not a myth kek. Obviously if you strain certain muscles they're going to tone. You can't do arm exercises and expect your legs to look skinner.
I'm pretty sure someone can be skinny-fat if they're not into fitness, but still exercise.

No. 40501

If you exercise and are still skinnyfat, you're doin it wrong. Doing a 1 mile jog and some light stretching a few times a week is only considered exercise when you're in elementary school.

No. 40506

she's actually a vegan, on the cover of the magazine with her holding the gun, it says "disliked food: natto, meat, eggs, fish, milk"

No. 40514


If that is the case I wonder what her meals consist of. I think we can all agree there aren't many vegan options over there so her crazy family are sending her care packages with vegan food or she is surviving on vegan snacks. I am surprised she has lived over there for so long with a lack of options for meals.

No. 40521

File: 1421421173647.jpg (202.7 KB, 1349x633, kotaweight.jpg)

From her old Formspring. Hopefully her diet has changed since.

No. 40522

lmao, kiki, notice how it all says this stuff in english. it's mostly being marketed towards vegan tourists, which is what you are.

i agree, if she was in japan, she wouldn't have been silent those couple days. she would be proving us ~h8erz~ wrong still. it's really sad that her entire trip was literally spent stalking ~h8 forums~ and proving us wrong.

i think she may just eat vegan snacks. if her family was sending her food, kiki wouldn't be so ignorant about veganism in japan. i also think if she was sent vegan food from kiki, she'd be skinnier. i'm sure she could make homemade vegan food in japan, but i highly doubt she even has the time for it. so she probably just eats vegan snacks because they're quick and easy.

No. 40527


We shouldn't even acknowledge Kiki and her shenanigans, however it would be kinda funny if the restaurants that claim they are vegan put meat, dairy, etc in their food and the tourist eating it had no idea..huehuehue.

No. 40529

File: 1421422479527.png (620.01 KB, 960x537, lolvid.png)

Just gonna leave this here for the people who haven't seen the beer commercial Kota and Keekz were in


No. 40531

it could be a possibility, i've heard sometimes japanese people will say it has no meat, fish, etc, but it does have some sort of fish in it, it's just not the meat of the fish.
it's ridiculous that kiki is delusional enough to think japan cares about veganism and understands it when her ~warui sensei desu~ sent her nonvegan food. if she even was sent food by someone, i'm pretty sure she'd let them know about her being vegan. i think the first thing kiki would tell anyone is that she's a vegan and then constantly remind them, she definitely does that on twitter.

No. 40533


Yeah. I see Japanese people getting annoyed with her and purposely putting meat and diary in her food, lol.

Thank you anon.

No. 40544

Dakota's awkward dancing made me lol.
It was sort of cute.

No. 40555

Damn that is one low-rent looking sad video with a bunch of non-actors in the bg. Kiki looks terrible on it with her scene makeup. That agency should be embarrased. I could see it on the cutting room floor and not making it to air.

No. 40558


I'm a first year Japanese student and I don't know about the rest of you but I am so impressed with how quickly she's picked up the language.

I expect she must have been having Japanese lessons whilst living there but it must be hard squeezing them in between work and social expectations.

I know she's in the country so she's had greater exposure but her writing and speaking is already waaaay superior to mine.

My biggest problem is my performance anxiety when asked to stand up and speak, but she seems so confident. I'm max jello.

No. 40560


All I saw was the back of Kiki, I had to go back an watch it to see you see her front for like three seconds.

You think it pisses her off Dakota got more screen time in the commercial even though she was suppose to be the "popular" one

No. 40561

If you hang out in Japan for just a month, you'd be surprised at how fast you learn by just being there even without lessons. It's easy to watch videos to learn online and use phrasebooks and apps nowadays. Her writing is terrible though, it's a lot of google translate and trying to be trendy using manly language. That stuff is funny to us in NA but not to actual Japanese readers.

She can at least mask her inferior speaking by mimicing conversational tones or pauses and physical movements. Japanese are forgiving of foreigners trying to speak the language, hence her confidence they will get what she's trying to say and will correct her.

No. 40562

Don't buy it nonny, it's an illusion.
Keep studying.

Kiki is nowhere near where she claims to be. Nobody picks up the language that quickly unless they are a prodigy, which obvious she is not. Dakota worked hard to get a grasp of the language, but Kaka is just faking it for the most part.

I've been studying Japanese for over six years, and still become jello. Takes an absurd amount of practice to get over the fear of speaking if you're shy. Just keep at it, it'll get easier.

No. 40563

Oops, that reply was meant for you.
I've been drinking.

No. 40564

Nvrmind, I'm too drunk. Not for you. Sorry for spam.

No. 40568

Kiki looked like she belonged in the bg though and was doing her job blending in, where Kaka looked over done.

No. 40569

Oops Kooter looked like she belonged. Drunk too here.

No. 40574


I'm not talking about Kirsten, I'm talking about Dakota.

I may be a first year but I still speak at a beginners/intermediate level and I can definitely tell how much of a fake she is and she is constantly fucking up her keiyoshi.

That witch can burn. I hate her pompous, lying guts.

No. 40604

If I remember correctly it's a student video, not a real thing and never meant to be shown. There was a debate on Pull at the time cause one member said even students projects were super strict with whom they'd show on an alcohol ad.
I don't really believe it, or maybe legally it's correct, but I doubt Kota and Kiki were already 21 at the time.

No. 40612

Tons of Scene Kids had fake IDs anyways, that's how there were so many underage ones that still were abel to attend parties where they gave out alcoholics.

No. 40620

File: 1421441099537.png (24.05 KB, 855x481, beer.png)

No. 40622


Toning is a myth, or I should say, a hype marketing keyword to make women think they can just work only certain parts of their body to be less flabby and more fit. You might be thinking of muscle training, where you can build certain muscles by working them out, but if you want to stop being skinnyfat you have to exercise and burn calories to get yourself looking right. In other words, you cant just say "I want abs, im gonna do crunches to get them", in reality, you have to diet your BFP down to a certaIn level and build your abdominal muscles to have visible abs.

Having a lean, fit body is gained through total body health and excercise.

No. 40624

that was a hilarious read, wow no wonder she never had any friends. even 2edgy4u scene tweens didnt try to sound that narcissistic and conceited.

please elaborate.

No. 40625

oops, meant to quote >>40521

No. 40647

You can't selectively lose weight anon. Doesn't matter where you exercise, you lose fat from everywhere. Certain places slim down more quickly due to hormones defining where you accumulate fat, but you cannot target one area to lose weight from.

No. 40701


I'd do that buahahahahaha
Also, as it was said some recipes has no meat or fish but have bones soup? I dont know how to say it in English, hope you all understand me. If someone knows how to say it tell me please ;~; I'm not a native speaker

No. 40704

Lol, bone soup, cute.

Generally speaking it's called stock. But yeah, fucking everything in Japanese cuisine has fish in it somewhere. The stock is made from fish, or there's fish sauce in there, or bonito flakes.

No. 40705

Do you think muscles are a myth too?

No. 40706

i don't know about the bones but i know dashi is commonly used in japanese broths/soups and it's made with fish flakes.

No. 40708

thanks xD

No. 40729

I am more concerned that she is staying in Roppongi. She is gonna get abducted by some crazy Nigerians.

No. 40735

Don't worry, the only time Kiki actually leaves her room is to go get vegan lunches.

No. 40743

Hilarious find, she made it seem like they were too hot to just be audio and had to be extras. But now we see the final product and how everything sucks, it all makes sense.

No. 40744

Finally some sense in here. The toning and targeting is marketing blather from trashy gossip mags to push products or fake celebrity workouts to fatties at the grocery checkout.

No. 40747


we all know she isn't vegan

No. 40753

i think she's vegan, but just a really shitty one and it's not really for her ~love of animals~ like she says. kota was a vegan first and i think kiki hopped onto it because it's ~trendy~ and ~different.~ plus she really seems to feel her and kota have to be exactly alike. i've said this before but i'll say it again
>kota has an interest in japan first, now kiki has to have one
>kota likes sailor moon/anime, now kiki has to
>kota goes all natural with her hair, now kiki has to
>kota learns/speaks japanese, kiki now has to
>kota becomes popular in japan, now kiki has to
and so on.
sorry for getting ot.

i bet kiki is going to post a bunch of pics proving to you that she's ~totemo vegan desu~ for saying that, lol. and some tweets about how she's drinking raw vegan gluten free jasmine tea and eating raw vegan gluten free japanese food. (is it just me who gets annoyed that she feels the need to specify every little thing about what she's eating? like if you're a vegan it's fucking obvious what you're eating will be vegan)

No. 40754

>feels the need to specify every little thing about what she's eating

It's only because she's trying to prove how totemo supportive japan is of vegans. It feels like half of the stuff she posts is only direct responses to things people have said (japan isn’t vegan friendly - she posts 10098923 vegan food pictures, kiki isn’t in japan - she posts 1941423 pictures of her room in japan, etc.)

Maybe people wouldn’t think you’re so full of shit if you posted things about Japan you actually enjoy, Kiki.

No. 40758

she was doing this even before japan. i think no one would even question her veganism in the first place if she didn't feel the need to go on and on about it in the first place.

>Maybe people wouldn’t think you’re so full of shit if you posted things about Japan you actually enjoy, Kiki.

tbh, i don't think she actually enjoys anything about japan in particular, maybe the cat cafes if you count those but i think they have those in other places too. in her japan vlogs, her face lights up talking about cat cafes and the attention she supposedly got there. she sounds pretty bored when she says, "in japan," and then gets super happy talking about the attention/cat cafes. if you just mention the word japan to any average weeb, their face lights up with joy. i don't see that with kiki.

No. 40759


You have a point there anon

So, we can conclude that Kirsten went to Japan just to lurk lolcow kek.

No. 40761

File: 1421475002880.png (882.29 KB, 1036x585, h.png)

that fucks this

No. 40762

*The, not that

No. 40766

Yeah, it’s obvious she doesn’t give a shit about Japan, but if she’s trying to get into the whole ~gaijin in Japan~ thing she could at least put more effort into pretending to like it.



No. 40785


So the thing is, I searched on the Foreign Correspondents of Japan and their schedule of events. Funny i didn't see anything on the schedule about labor events, correct me if I am wrong. Not to mention the picture looks like it was taken up close by the media, but that is just my two cents.

No. 40789

Looks like this:


No idea why Kiki would go to this though, especially when you have to reserve a spot ahead of time and pay to attend.

No. 40800

Probably followed someone who is working.

No. 40811

As if she can even follow what's going on in the meeting.

Also dem comments. Some people are beyond hope.

No. 40822

lol. Dakota's sister probably wet herself with joy when she read the second comment.

Apartmen=hotel room. kek

No. 40823

>>40501 >>40622 >>40647
1 mile? I ran 7km a day. Toning isn't a myth. If you focus on building a muscle in one area, it will focus on one area. That's why people have leg day, arm day, ect. Toning ISN'T losing weight in a certain area, which isn't possible. It is toning muscles in certain areas, which IS possible, and gives off the appearance of a more slim and firm body.
Obviously if you just run all the time, your calve muscles are getting most the strain, which is why you call them 'runners calves', which is what I have now.

No. 40827

>moving the goal post on what toning means so that it's closer in agreement with what everyone just said

Just stop.

No. 40830

Read my original post plz? Did I ever say toning is selective weight losing? no.
Toning is muscle toning? Why do people think toning means losing weight? That came out of your own asses, anon.

No. 40832

>Toning is not a myth kek. Obviously if you strain certain muscles they're going to tone. You can't do arm exercises and expect your legs to look skinner.

>Implying this doesn't imply losing weight in certain areas

If you meant building muscle underneath, you did a piss poor job of communicating it.

No. 40842

Did toning ever mean anything other than building muscle? To me it always meant firming up an area by building muscle without going overboard and bulking.

No. 40848

File: 1421500121393.jpg (113.96 KB, 640x640, 10919500_1056664254360421_1550…)

She's still in Japan.
Tokyo Tower had pink lights today. See attached pic from another Instagram user.
Her video also confirms her location >>38492 as seen on the Instagram pic (look for the green rectangular neon sign near the foot of the tower).
She calls "her apartment" her "home". Bullshit.

She went to T's Tantan at Tokyo Station and Mori Tower at Roppongi Hills (where the giant spider sculpture is).

She also went to this news conference:
Why would she be attending this??
>Please reserve in advance, 3211-3161 or on the website (still & TV cameras inclusive). Reservations and cancellations are not complete without confirmation.

No. 40852

File: 1421500759561.jpg (92.76 KB, 500x667, Ts-tantan.jpg)

T's Tantan

She preaches about veganism but can't care to tell her followers what restaurant it is when they ask.

No. 40858

tbh she probably can't even read a thing on that sign other than the english. also no one's allowed to go to the same places kiki likes, no one's allowed to have what kiki has, no one's allowed to like the same things kiki likes, etc, because she's special and no one else is worthy of that.

it's ridiculous how she's so worried about people ~copying~ her but she's constantly copies dakota.

No. 40863

I don't believe for a second she actually went to that unless Dakota went and she tagged along. We know Kiki doesn't give one shit about anyone but herself, so there's no reason for her to go to that unless she thought some people Dakota works for or with would be there and sweep her off her feet with a fat contract.

No. 40866

i feel the same way, i think she posted that stuff because a lot of people feel that she's a sociopath, including myself (also since we were literally just discussing how she wasn't in japan anymore seconds before she posted that). she's never shown an interest in human rights, unless she's "affected" by the issues, ie bullying and rape. even with the issues she claims to be passionate about, animal rights, she still doesn't care. if she was actually about animal rights, she wouldn't own/use so many products that test on animals and she'd actually fucking go out and do something about these issues (ie protest, donate, volunteer).

i second that she went with dakota, they're most likely speaking japanese at this thing and we all know she can't speak japanese. i bet the entire time she was literally just on lolcow not listening to a word they were saying, lol.

No. 40867

I wouldn't be surprised at all to find out she was a diagnosed sociopath.

No. 40874

Yaknow, if Kiki got back into the scene thing she would be so much more popular on Instagram, scene is making a decent comeback on there.

No. 40877

Look skinnier. Emphasize on 'look'.
When your body is firm, it looks more slim.
I have been talking about muscles since the beginning as you've pointed out.

No. 40899


Kirsten isn't intelligent enough to be a sociopath, she's just been raised wrong.

Sociopaths are typically intelligent, confident, highly calculating and generally successful in life - all things Kirsten is not.

No. 40911

Maybe Kirsten is laying low and not lying outright by actually saying she lives in Japan because Kota told her not to. Think about it- when she was gaining popularity, she largely ignored, deleted and cooyright claimed everyone and everything that exposed her lies, fakery, and trashy family, and look where she is now.

Maybe Kirsten isn't laying low because she's planning some new scheme, maybe she's laying low and pretending because it's yet another misguided belief based in her complete inability to grasp reality- if she thinks she just keeps quiet and ignores the haterz, they'll boost her popularity for her like Kota's did for her.

No. 40918

kiki is quite confident though. but i do agree, she isn't intelligent, high calculating, or successful. i feel she is one due to shit she's pulled like this here:

No. 40921

and didn't she threaten to make a video listing all of one girl's social media websites so her fans can harass the girl because the girl wasn't following her and dared to correct her japanese?

according to the wikipedia page, sociopaths have at least 3 of these characteristics
>Callous unconcern for the feelings of others;
>Gross and persistent attitude of irresponsibility and disregard for social norms, rules, and obligations;
>Incapacity to maintain enduring relationships, though having no difficulty in establishing them;
>Very low tolerance to frustration and a low threshold for discharge of aggression, including violence;
>Incapacity to experience guilt or to profit from experience, particularly punishment;
>Marked readiness to blame others or to offer plausible rationalizations for the behavior that has brought the person into conflict with society.
i feel 1, 3, and 5 are her.

and apparently there are different types of sociopaths, she'd definitely fall into the sub-type of reputation defending.

No. 40924


Hmmm I really don't believe she's confident at all.
I think her swagger her snide attitude is born from bitterness and pomposity, but not necessarily confidence.

All the reports I've heard of her delivered by externals suggests that she's massively insecure, like the stuff about being the only one allowed to take photographs of her, her shooping every one of them, never allowing people to see the back of hair whilst she was scene or how when somebody would take a crack at her in public she would never fight back, just call her dad to come pick her up and then bitch about how fat they were on the ride home.

F-f-f-fake it til' you make it Kirsten, baby.

No. 40926


Well technically there isn't a hallmark criteria for a sociopath as is now falls under ASPD, or Anti-Social Personality Disorder.

I've never been keen on trying to diagnose people over the internet because at the end of the day, we only know about Kirsten what she and her nutball family allows her to see.

I've known legitimate ASPD folk IRL and I don't think Kirsten has ASPD at all.
These people are very clever at hiding their symptoms and masking any slither of emotionality, and the predisposition towards violence is frightening.

No. 40927

true, i guess it would be more of an ego than confidence.

i get what you're saying though. i don't think i've ever met anyone with aspd, but i watch a lot of documentaries on serial killers, who usually have aspd. she's not even close to being like them. i'm not the most educated on aspd or personality disorders in general so i was thinking there could maybe be a spectrum with it, where she'd be on the lower end on it. i can't see her getting physically violent with anyone, she's not intelligent, or anything like that.

No. 40928

Are sociopaths always intelligent and successful? I'd think that the intelligent ones were just the ones who are best able to pass themselves off as normal and live fulfilling lives whereas the less intelligent ones often just end up as petty criminals.

I think she does try to be calculating but fails at it because she's not clever enough.

I do agree thought that we can't really diagnose her with a personality disorder over the internet. Other than Obnoxious Lolcow Syndrome, anyway.

No. 40948


>are sociopaths always intelligent and successful?

No, not always. A lot of them turn out to be thugs, recluses and serial killers, but it's suspected that the majority of individuals are able to blend seamlessly into society unnoticed, which was actually the inspiration for the show Dexter.

No. 40957


Me and most of my family are convinced my brother is a sociopath.. he has every single one of these traits. He would often abuse younger children, including me. His favorite thing to do to my claustrophobic little brother was force him into a big tub, put on the lid, and sit on it until the kid screamed bloody Mary for mercy. My older brother would never accept responsibility for his actions and would often blame others instead. For example, when I was 16 it came to light that he had raped and molested me since I was about 5 or six, and he has since accepted nothing, and has stated fervently to everyone that I am making it up for attention. He is also very violent as has multiple assault charges under his belt.
He wants to be a cop, too. Hah.

Why do I bring this up? I don't think Kiki is a sociopath, just because I grew up with one. He was very charismatic and though he never finished high school, was also very intelligent and knew how to manipulate everyone. I don't see Kiki having that (truly frightening) capacity. She just seems like a spoiled, cruel girl who never took responsibility for anything, and wants desperately to seem more important than her much more successful younger sister.

No. 40971


>he wants to be a cop

Wasn't too sure until you said this.
Yeah it definitely sounds like he is a sociopath, they are drawn to positions of power. I'd excommunicate him ASAP.

No. 40973

Oh yeah, he really wants to be a cop. The most he can manage right now is a security guard at a ghetto dispensary, though, because he has failed everytime he's applied somewhere else. He was rejected from one department because he has former assault, DWAI, and robbery charges, as well as his name is mentioned in three rape cases.
He carries a gun on his hip constantly and doesn't have a permit for it. I hope he gets shot. I've excommunicated him from my life, but his mother is blinded by her 'sweet baby boy' so I've become the black sheep of the family.

sorry for personal post

No. 40977


Kiki might think japanese vegan restaurants are like super secret VIP clubs and her followers are unworthy of them

No. 40982

File: 1421548443994.jpg (1001.3 KB, 1024x612, kakachan.jpg)

kaka would never respond to or even acknowledge something like this even tho she's so ~cruelty free~ bc according to her it's a lie japan is vegan kindness perfect promise land

No. 40985


she only cares about cats and swans

No. 41123

File: 1421609799117.png (496.2 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-01-18-14-28-17…)

Not to put this thread off topic but the creator of mmmKeezKannibal twitter here. I have a twitter question. So as seen in the screenshot I retweeted and quoted a few of Kiki's tweets.A few of her fans are tweeting to me. (lol) My question is will it show up in Kiki's twitter followers feed o retweeted and quoted old tweets? I thought it was only if I @ replied her? Funny how as soon as I tweet Kiki her fans come out of the wood work.

No. 41154

idk but you should change the url to @mmmkakakannibal. that would be epic.

No. 41163


seconding this

No. 41173

my sister said they show up on the person's page when you retweet/quote the person. and if you look up "@kikikannibal" you can see all the tweets she makes and ones directed towards her/retweets/basically anything that mentions her.

3rd this or change it to "mmmdakotassister"

No. 41174


No. 41184

Aren't you the one who posted your Twitter as someone else but forgot to log out?

Gtfo your twatter isn't funny and idc after your self-post embarrassment.

No. 41188

I agree with this anon. Not funny, you should give up.

No. 41189

Do you know how to do anything? You suck at twitter, you suck at parody, you suck at trying to be sneaky. Give uppppp.

No. 41208

Salty faggots are salty, go Twitter parody person

No. 41213

File: 1421633563688.png (122.58 KB, 779x509, twitter.png)

Also I was doing some research and it does show up in her fans feed, I was just making sure they weren't some sock puppets.

Perhaps I will though I have to be careful and follow Twitter's rules for parody accounts. If I do the Ostrengas will have a hard time shutting the account down.

So are you white knights of Kiki's, samefag, salty for no reason or a little of all three? So what I dun goofed? I am not going to quit over some dumb mistake. Also not trying to be sneaky, then whats the point?

No. 41215

sorry your parody sucks and you can't handle it.

No. 41264

File: 1421647636183.jpg (45.15 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

lol just found this & wanted to share

No. 41265

File: 1421647768614.jpg (48.24 KB, 500x397, image.jpg)

I remember this pic when Kaka was begging people for money for a new digital camera.

No. 41267

yeah. As soon as I started reading this I instantly thought of onision.
Just saying.

No. 41287

wasn't she a teenager here? damn, she looks so old, she's gonna age so badly.

No. 41289

i know i've said this before and i'll say it again, i really think they should get together. i could see kiki preaching about how eating meat is the same as eating baby dicks or whatever stupid shit he said along those lines.

No. 41327

He would probably get fed up with her shit and start hitting her, then she'd have even more to whine about for sympathy.

No. 41330

Sounds like me lol
Sounds like every teenager in the world is a sociopath

No. 41390

Not really. Being a selfish, conveited prick/cunt who thinks they're secretly a genius prodigy is still miles apart from being a sociopath.

No. 41668

I love how she only replies to people that post in japanese at her IG, more so because of her Google Translate.

No. 41672

she has to do that, everyone in japan loves her and she has to reply to her massive fanbase~
lol, i saw what you were talking about and the only thing she said was, "ah, it's assuredly so, thanks." to the girl explaining why the tower was pink. it sounds like such an uninterested response imo. if she wants japan to love her, you'd think she'd engage more with japanese people.
also i bet kiki gets really excited when she sees japanese on her twitter/instagram only see that they aren't japanese, lol. majority of the people that speak japanese to her aren't even japanese.

No. 41692

You think it kills her the only people who respond in Japanese aren't actually from Japan? It's obvious no one other there knows who she is or even cares.

No. 41701

i think the only actual japanese people that reply to her find her bc of tags or something mentioned in japanese. the girl who explained the tokyo tower seems to be japanese, i didn't look at her profile so i could be wrong just judging by her japanese and icon. she obviously wasn't a fan bc they weren't going, "kiki-chan wa totemo kawaii desuuuu yone~!!!!!!!" or even at least referring to her by her name. she probably assumes these japanese people are her hugest fans regardless of that though, hahaha.

No. 41931

i love how kiki's stopping the english captions on her ig. i feel like she's going to go kota and stop using english but the only difference is people in japan actually give a fuck about kota. yeah, kiki alienate the only people who will ever give a shit about you for this fantasy japan is magically going to give a shit about you.

No. 41934

just noticed that too. god kiki is just down right pitiful.

part of me feels bad for her, the other part wants to psychologically evaluate her and try to see wtf is and has been going on in her mind in these decisions

No. 41937

>part of me feels bad for her, the other part wants to psychologically evaluate her and try to see wtf is and has been going on in her mind in these decisions
me too, but i wanna do that with all these lolcows. i get feeling bad for her too, like i sometimes contemplate talking to her because i feel like she needs friends. i think if she had friends, she wouldn't be so insane and desperate right now. but she probably wouldn't give me the time of day because i'm not asian and/or famous.

No. 41938


This post with the YABAI, seriously.

No. 41939

i think she posted that bc she wanted to prove to us ~h8rzzz~ that she can totes speak japanese and understand what they're saying. and that she totes cares about things going on in the world, well, as long as they're animals or kawaii nihonjin~

No. 41942

and just to clarify, i meant totes understand japanese bc she's watching japanese news. i am aware he's speaking english.

No. 41950

tbh i feel like shes just trying to ascertain to us the fact that she is -TOTALLY SERIOUS ABOUT JAPAN GUIZE-

like foh we all know you dont give 2 shits about ISIS, the middle east, the war, or politics in general

but it mentions 2 japanese hostages, so ya know, GOTTA POST ABOUT IT.

she might even just be using it as an excuse to gain japanese followers

No. 41953


She is using the situation as an excuse to show she cares and it's highly offensive.

No. 41955


I feel you, and i (used to) feel the same way about koots till she grew brain cells and decided to hop on this japanese living doll gravy train and CLEARLY didn't need it. shes actually making "friends" or something.

but i cant escape the image of kiki parading around her lonely little room or in the streets trying to make videos and take pictures in a sad attempt to gain the crazy fame of her scene days. not even having the relationship with her sister anymore. because obvs they did everything together before.

but people like them, they're not going to want average friends. or people that genuinely care about them. theyre blinded by their internet past and that attention fills their "relationship" void. theyre gonna want people who give them that fix.

No. 41957

its pretty damn calculated.
I wonder what else she's planning on doing, there's been a shortage of selfies

No. 41962

true. this is the first time she's ever acknowledged anything going on with people in the world, unless it's rape or bullying which she only cares about because it "affects" her.
>she might even just be using it as an excuse to gain japanese followers
i think so too and it's truly disgusting.

tbh, i kind of want her to get popularity, or to better put it, infamy, again. it's depressing and pathetic to see her try like this. she really thinks if she got her "big break" everyone would love her, in japan of all countries. japan would hate her even if her past wasn't so easy to access, she's the complete embodiment of everything they hate in someone's personality and on top of that, she isn't cute. i think if she got that wake up call, she may quit and actually do something with her life.

No. 41963


Wow and when I thought Kiki couldn't get any lower. It's beyond offensive.

No. 41964

Does she not know that "Yabai" more of a slang term these days (which means along the lines of "that's awesome/that's sick!"), especially on places like Twitter?
It still means "dangerous", but is so strange in this context. She should have used "abunai".
Such a retard for being so uguu fluent desu.

No. 41966

I can picture that stupid bitch running around Tokyo just trying to get recognized as kota's sister and nobody giving a shit

No. 41971


Because both hostages seems to be japanese. I bet she don't give a shit about all the other people ISIS had slaughtered

No. 41973

you'd think she'd know that, you know from being in japan at the moment and being so ~fluent desu.~ tbh, i highly doubt she's used her ~totemo fluent desu~ japanese the entire trip. you know she'd shove a camera in someone's face while they're talking to her to prove to us she totes speaks japanese.

and you're most likely right, that's literally what she did last trip lmao.

tbh i'm not as up to date on things going on in the world at the moment, but weren't there just other isis attacks recently? from what i've read on this, the prime minister of japan recently donated $200,000,000 to other places who've been attacked by isis and that may be the reason why they're targeting japan right now. sorry if i'm wrong and i sound like i'm living under a rock right now.

No. 41974

She was at Eat More Greens in Minato-ku but again she will not tell you that.

No. 41976


imho people asking her about ~Japan being vegan friendly~ are actually more interested on know how to substitute animal products in traditional japanese recipes, where to buy vegetables and fruits (I've heard they're expensive as hell in Japan?) or what to eat everyday at food joints, not about a bunch of fancy vegan restaurants.

No. 41982

For sure, but Kiki doesn’t give a shit about helping anyone. She’s only interested in trying to make her h8rz look bad by showing ALL THE TONS OF VEGAN FOOD THAT JAPAN TOTALLY HAS!!!!!

That’s literally the only reasoning behind every single one of the Japan pictures she’s posted. Every picture is either a.) an attempt to make herself look good or b.) trying to prove other people wrong. It’s not about documenting her vacation, or about things she really enjoys, or something fun she did. She only posts things that she thinks will prove a point.

No. 41984

>For sure, but Kiki doesn’t give a shit about helping anyone. She’s only interested in trying to make her h8rz look bad by showing ALL THE TONS OF VEGAN FOOD THAT JAPAN TOTALLY HAS!!!!!
i actually looked up "veganism in japan 2014" and there was an article called "the veganism community is alive and well in japan," that had a list of all the vegan restaurants in japan. and like all of us have been saying, they're only in tokyo really, there are one or two on the list for kyoto and osaka(tho i think kyoto does have traditional buddhist food which is essentially vegan). the person who wrote the article sounds a lot like kiki, just because there are a bunch of vegan restaurants in tokyo doesn't mean the entire country is vegan friendly.

>It’s not about documenting her vacation, or about things she really enjoys, or something fun she did. She only posts things that she thinks will prove a point.

exactly. if it was truly about documenting her trip, she'd fucking do something other than lurk lolcow in her hotel room and eat vegan japanese food. you don't see her posting about cultural experiences or even at least about shopping/amusement parks/etc like the average person only into the pop culture would do.

No. 42059

Kiki should follow some Japanese celebs on twitter, some of them like to RT people pretty often. Yoshiki from X Japan is practically demigod status and he RTs people and replies to them all the time. I was a twitter nobody (32 followers) but one day he retweeted something I posted about Lollapalooza and my follower count tripled in a day and both he and his staff page followed me. He retweeted me a couple times after that and whoever runs his staff page would occasionally reply to my tweets. Before I had to delete my account (MiscastDice, anyone?) I had lIke 600 followers thanks to him.

No. 42070

i wonder what she eats when she's not posting those photos? i mean, i bet she posts a photo of every single god damn vegan thing she finds, but there aren't that many photos of them to feed her all the time? does she go to the same places, or does she just run around tokyo eating carrots and wearing some uguuuu bunny outfits, basking in men's attention?

No. 42108

probably just vegan snacks from conbinis. she probably won't take pics of them because a lot of people, including myself, were saying the only vegan stuff is in tokyo conbinis and her precious vegan restaurants. she likes to act like she's living there and that japan is totally vegan friendly, but all we've seen is her eating at restaurants and snacks from conbinis. if japan is vegan friendly and she's living there like she wants people to believe, she wouldn't be eating out every single day. you'd think she'd show off a vegan meal she made with ~all natural vegan gluten free japanese ingredients~ she made in her ~apartment~ because she totes lives there guys.

No. 42130

>posting that on her instagram with caption "yabai"

holy shit this is top cringe

No. 42151

File: 1421877316215.png (922.55 KB, 1062x555, dooooop.png)

Creative desu.

No. 42174

That poor fangirl. So thirsty.

No. 42177

How pathetic does a fan have to be if kiki is your role model. I fear for humanity.

No. 42185

Judging from her IG is some japanese girl with white fever and some japanese scene store is using her as one of the examples for scene.

No. 42351

ugh this bitch, its めっちゃ. what she wrote means mecha as in robots, tryin to say kansai ben when you don't even know basic shit, Kiki go home you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 42355

Kiki if you're reading this: please never change, you never dissapoint me. I'm here for my daily dose of cringe.

No. 42362

i don't get it, she's so ~serious~ about japanese but she doesn't even bother spell checking or looking up how a word is used before she uses it. i'm starting to feel like she's not even trying to convince everyone she's so fluent, i think she actually believes she's fluent.

No. 42394

>fancy vegan restaurants

Is fast food fancy to you? Because she's eating at five dollar joints.

No. 42396

This is true, I don't want to hate on cheap conbini food because it's pretty awesome to snack on when visiting for a short time. Just that it's not ~interesting~ enough for kiki to take pics of in order to hide her basic life.

No. 42397

That's exactly why linked it. What the hell is she thinking using "YABAI"?

No. 42399

Cringing at the bad japanese on this one.

No. 42770

seconding this. yoshiki fangirls are already so batshit they would actually make kaka look sane.

No. 43285

This was taken at Ryogoku Kokugikan.

I think she has a sugar daddy in Japan.

No. 43296


HAHA, 相撲土俵??


No. 43299

lel she took our advice
good on ya, keekz

No. 43303

she's always been v good at mooching off of other people kek
put her skills to good use. next step is traci hines mode except even less talented

No. 43304

If she really has a sugar daddy I'm sure he's married because she's staying at a hotel not in a house. If I were dating a guy in Japan and I go and he makes me saty in a hotel I'd be like wtf I'm your gf, let me stay in your place.

No. 43306

I'm sure he's an old man. Sumo? really? There are lots of beautiful places in Japan, why she went to watch sumo? Wow so girly~ If I am in Japan I'm not going to waste 5h watching sumo. Sorry if here's a fan of sumo but that's my opinion.

No. 43307


No. 43308

shit ya'll.

this would explain why she's not really doing things that seem like things a normal 21 year old wannabe model vegan buddhist would be doing.

No. 43325

It would also explain the silhouette we say in the hotel picture.

No. 43332

Dem grandpa hobbies.

Explains why she was at a boring conference, gramps was probably working.

Also explains why she never shows who she's with and why she's there.

No. 43333

I bet tomorrow she'll have posts with a young guy and no explanation, to pretend to us she's not with an old person lol

No. 43334

She is dating some Yakuza grandpa in the hopes he will erease her past, kek.

No. 43335

Let's face it she is a talentless mooch, if she is sponging off some old Japanese raisin good for her.

No. 43337


She wanted to prove us she's ~totemo submerged on Japanese culture~ because we were saying she just went to Japan to take stupid selfies and eat cheap snacks while browsing lolcow

5 says next post is a temple or a tea house

No. 43338

if i were dakota i would be laughing so hard right now.

No. 43339

i've been waiting for her to go to a temple or two.

No. 43346

Anybody wanna start making guesses as to what her plan is now? I feel like Kiki is too much of an attention whore to give up on being ~famosu~ just bc she got a SD and needs to lay low not to get him in trouble socially. My bet is she tries to get him to pull strings to hook her up with some modeling work so she can finally think she's ~just as good as fat lazy Kota~.

No. 43359

me too, that would actually be interesting. i think she won't ever go to a temple because she probably thinks only tourists go to them and she needs to keep up the facade that she ~lives~ in japan.

if she really does have a sugar daddy, i'm sure she is bothering the hell out of him to get her some sort of fame.

i definitely think she does have one, you know she wouldn't be watching sumo wrestling if it was her choice. fat people disgust kira kira and she has never had an interest in any sort of sport before. i'm wondering if this sugar daddy is regretting his decision taking her. i feel like kiki would be a total control freak and she'd complain or even flip the fuck out until you did what she wanted to do.

No. 43361

I can't even imagine her sitting through a sumo match, I'd bet money that all she did was slouch cross legged in her seat and play on her phone the entire time looking bored, like the typical disinterested teenager she's always trying to be.

Personally, I don't see her lasting long as a sugar baby unless she's DTF him 24/7 (which she probably is, desparate as she is) because let's face it, she literally doesn't have any redeemable personality traits. She's boring, uncultured, uneducated, and low class.

No. 43363


Actually sumo is exactly why we're sure she has a sugar daddy.

In Japanese culture sumo isn't traditionally a family event, although it certainly happens, but typically it's attended by salarymen and business owners, real rich guys, aaaaaaaaaaaand I cannot stress how "traditional" it is for said males to bring a long a female they're attempting to woo and to show off to all their buddies whilst they drink.

Kirsten hasn't gone to see sumo, she's been taken there by somebody.

No. 43365


Case in point look at the row in front of them, and then in the crowd.

Black suits, grey suits, brown suits. It's mostly salarymen.

No. 43367

i definitely think she was just lurking here and other ~h8 sites~ on her phone since that's literally all she ever seems to do these days. if i were her sugar daddy, i'd be so insulted.

and i also agree, i can't see her lasting long as a sugar baby. even if she's dtf constantly, she's still an ungrateful cunt. every single time she goes on those tirades about ~h8rz,~ her fans try to cheer her up and she just completely ignores them. she only recently stopped ignoring them because we criticized her for it. i'm sure this guy is already sick and tired of her shit but is too polite to say anything.

No. 43371

Or he slaps her with money and she shuts up.

No. 43376

It won't last. If there's one thing about Kirsten that is a Universal Fact, it's that she's too dumb and spoiled to know how to keep any man, much less a SD. Sugar daddies want girls who can at least pretend to be charming and sociable, Kirsten has zero charm or social skills. Frankly, the only thing she has going for her is that she's a blue eyed caucasian in Japan with a vagina under the age of 25. He will get bored and/or fed up with her and move on to another thirsty gaijin girl.

No. 43386

Lmfao. She's so pathetic that all she can get is an old man for a sugar daddy. All this in a desperate attempt to stay in Japan and outdo Dakota. At least the guy Venus is with is actually nice looking.

No. 43409

File: 1422158597414.jpg (123 KB, 849x599, not a single fuck.jpg)

She probably is. Think about it:

>be young teenager

>parents love older sister more because she got some attention on Myspace which spawned delusions of fame and fortune
>watch parents spend money they don't have on sister, trying to make her basic ass famous
>watch sister fail over and over again to 'get big' or even hold any sort of notoriety outside of twitter
>quietly exist in the background, being called fat and ugly by sister while you edit her pics and fight her bullies for her


>start getting noticed for makeup/hair/outfits/photoshop

>milk the fuck out of it
>pander to the Japanese
>get signed with Bravo, move to Japan and become model
>sister stays home, starts copying you to a T
>suddenly has an interest in all your interests despite mocking them previously
>watch parents spend money they don't have to send her to JP, thinking she'll suddenly get a contract because of her blue eyes and being related to you
>watch her go back to FL just as anonymous as she was before
>watch as she returns to JP to sell herself to some old man so she can stay in a country she doesn't give a fuck about, while pretending to learn a language she doesn't care about, thinking she's going to become a famous model so she can finally show you up and prove she's the prettier, more popular and more successful sister like she used to think she was

And I bet Dakota be all up in her apaato like 'i dun even curr', rolling in her piles of yen with her BF. It's such a hilarious Cinderella story.

No. 43412


you forgot
>sister getting a STI at a young age
>sister & parents guilty of daniel's death

No. 43413

>sister getting a STI at a young age

I actually didn't know about that, deets?

No. 43414


I want to know too!

No. 43415


sticky shared a video on PULL of kirsten talking about having chlamydia in revenge of getting his account suspended

Too bad that thread became a SJW shitfest

No. 43416

How old was she in it? Any mention of who she got it from?

No. 43418

idk… YT video was taken down before I could watch it and download link is dead. Here's the thread where it was posted -hope someone saved it


No. 43419



No. 43424

I don't think she mentioned. I watched it and it was really boring. She just talks about it burning when she pissed or something and having to take meds for it.
She had bright blonde, long hair. Not sure what age.

No. 43431

File: 1422163333048.jpg (23.07 KB, 439x326, kakamydia.jpg)

No. 43434


wow, source?

No. 43435

Old Stickydrama site.

No. 43437

No. 43440

No. 43442

File: 1422164521071.png (2.05 MB, 1571x619, lsgdhahdh.png)

>Search Ryogoku Kokugikan on Google Earth

No. 43443

Oops. Fever. Not burning pee, lol.

No. 43450


lol I think this video shows how white trash and stupid Kiki is.

No. 43451


>someone go in her chat and ask if you can get chlamydia from buying her necklaces. i would but she kicked me already

my sides just got obliterated

No. 43629

I would watch this k-drama.

No. 43631

I want to see kiki spin sumo into something vegan.

No. 43652

That's dumb.
If anything she would just talk about how she adores Japanese culture and is "genuinely interested" which is why she went to sumo and that conference instead of shopping and purikura. Not like other weebs.

No. 43678

See these sumo wrestlers? I converted them all into a vegan diet! They all thanked me so much for showing them how to be kind to the animals. They also told me how easy it is to remove all meat and fish from a Japanese diet tee hee ^.^
Vegan tea and soy beans for all!

wow pretending to be Kiki gave me cancer

No. 43680

you forgot to add よand ねto every single sentence, she constantly abuses those particles.

No. 43727

I hope Kiki's sugar daddy is getting every penny back out of her by fucking her in the ass.

No. 43796

I can't imagine Kiki having sex, it's disgusting eww

No. 43799


I can't imagine her being good at it. Except for Danny, hasn't every guy she's been with been a one night stand? And she was with Danny when she was like 14 or so, and 18-20+ year old guys generally only bone tween girls when they're not great in bed in the first place- they go for girls who don't know enough about sex to laugh at them.

No. 43974


she must be the kind of bitch that just spread her legs and expect the guy to do everything for her, then complains to her mother about how bad was the dude in bed.

No. 43977

Kiki has as much sexual appeal as a holocaust victim in a concentration camp.

No. 44037

kontrakota just posted this on pull, kira kira can be spotted on the right with her hair in a ponytail.

No. 44038

I will admit I just skipped around in this because it was not interesting enough, couldn't find her. Got a specific time?

No. 44039

How on earth can someone claim the back of someones head is her?

No. 44044

File: 1422379524963.png (55.31 KB, 140x282, dakotassister.png)

i don't have a time yet, kotra didn't share one, kontra did however share pic related. i'm watching through it but i think kontra's shot is the best we're gonna get. i think it would be funny if you could spot kiki in the corner taking instagram pics bc we all know that's the only reason why she came apart from the cameras.

she seems to be the only non asian in the room and she's wearing kira kira earrings.

No. 44046

Guess it does look like her with the black eye make-up smeared round her eyes and the thinning hair.

No. 44047

File: 1422380266930.png (1.19 MB, 1280x800, kirakaka.png)

No. 44049

i'm still watching it through and i may be looking way too much into this but the speakers keep looking over to their left, our right, where kiki is.

i'm quite surprised she didn't go out all kira kira, from what we see at least. though it kinda looks like there was a dress code since most of the people there are wearing black/greys and more formal attire.

No. 44051

Definitely not the only Asian in the room, but it makes more sense now that the conference was in English.

Still seems forced that she showed up at all.

No. 44052

what what she doing there?

No. 44053

what was*

No. 44054

and the most important thing; how she got there

No. 44055

my mistake, after looking at the screencap here >>44047 it looks like there are 1 other than her and the male speaker. and there are most likely way more beyond what we see in the video because one non-asian woman with curly hair just came up to ask a question.

i wonder if that sugar daddy she probably has is a part of this club or works for it? it looks like there's someone to her left behind the woman. it could explain why she's all the way in the front, idk i'd think more important people/long time members would be in the front.

No. 44060

Kaka posted a picture from where she's sitting onto her instagram. It all matches up position-wise.

No. 44066


Skip to the very end of the vid and she's moved to the center table whilst some guy is leaning over talking to her.

No. 44069

File: 1422385276568.png (473.59 KB, 855x486, kakakuku.png)

She never left her seat.

No. 44077

File: 1422388654966.png (41.6 KB, 590x442, h.png)

Where do I even start.

She took out "the boss"? Her "boss"?
That's a pretty funny way to put it Keeks.

No. 44078

File: 1422388742032.png (812.68 KB, 1035x625, shooting.png)

So vegan desu

No. 44079

KEK I misread what she wrote. Probably meant boss from the game? My English today.

No. 44082

It's so painful, how hard she tries to sound educated and cultured. The second hand embarasssment… yikes.

No. 44083

is that an interactive airsoft shooting range? If so then wow, she really is trying to outdo Kota at everything she likes.

No. 44092

Yes, and it's also based on an anime. So kawaii.

I don't think being vegan/nonviolent really go hand in hand as most militant vegans (including Keekz) seem to have no problem with violence toward humans.

So this. It seems like she's "studying" something completely different every other week, when in reality she probably just read an article or saw a TV special.

No. 44107

Never been a big jrcach fan but if he could find a way to disgrace kiki while she is there he would be a national hero

No. 44119

This would need him leaving his basement which will never happen, he is 24h infront of his computer since years so I don't think that he can even move that much anymore.

No. 44135

He should take photos like 'hay I'm gonna take a photo of that psycho pass game machine~oh wait Kiki and her sugar daddy appear in my photo! Oh what a surprise!" haha
Asides from jokes, this was written on PULL:
"jrcach claims he found out her location.. its some apartment in roppongi double lux tower or so..
what first surprised me: its a place to rent apartments, so not only a hotel room?the second thing is it seems expensive, how can she afford that(゜-゜)"
~sugar daddy~

No. 44136


you got a link?

No. 44138

Anyone can go there:
This one was uniqlo is treating their chinese sweatshop workers like shit or something like that.

No. 44147

Why was she there?
I guess to prove that she cares about other people.

No. 44153

No. 44156

and because ~kawaii sugoi asians~ are involved. she doesn't even bother pretending she cares about other people unless asians, particularly japanese, are involved or it "affects" her, ie bullying and rape.

i think another motive for her to go is the cameras and there's a good chance people in the fashion industry would be there. at the end of the video the speakers mentioned that they would stay for a little longer to swap business cards. i could see kiki making a shit ton of business cards and giving them out to a bunch of random people.

i'm not too educated on the issue, so excuse me if i'm ignorant, but aren't majority of the things on taobao from sweatshops? i feel like this is like how she constantly preaches about animal rights but will wear products tested on animals and such. though i can't really see her preaching about human rights ever or at least to the extent she does with animal rights.

No. 44161

maybe she just focuses on japan?
what's wrong with that? lol

No. 44163

get the fuck out

No. 44171

shut up kiki, you dumbass. but to entertain your question, it's funny because kiki only pretends to care about japan because jaoan likes dakota and since kiki has always been the golden child, she can't stand it and the jealousy is driving her to wrap herselp up in anything japanese so she can, in her mind, beat dakota at her own game, since kiki can't fucking stand that dakota has even a semblance of the fame and money she felt she always truly deserved for no reason.

No. 44174

File: 1422419386430.gif (889.38 KB, 278x219, 8t5vs7u.gif)

We've got a white-knight on our hands

No. 44178


dem fugly earrings

No. 44179

i'm not kiki, i was seriously just asking?
I dislike kiki but focusing on one country isn't bad.
you can't expect everyone to care about all the problems of each damn country lol

No. 44180

are you retarded? I only asked a damn question.
do you even know what white knight means?

No. 44181

btw whatever happened to her other spiritual homelands aka china, thailand and korea? lol

No. 44192

what this anon said >>44171
it's different if she actually gave a shit about japan, she only cares about the fame and money she thinks she can get from japan. if she actually gave a shit about japan, she'd have way much more to post about than vegan food. if you look at her video on why she decided to learn japanese, she doesn't mention a single thing that she's interested in about japan. her reasons were so she could to talk to kota's friends, be able to say much more than "konban wa" next time she has work/played on the radio in japan, and to date japanese guys and talk to their family. in her japan vlogs, the most interesting things she could talk about were cat cafes and attention she got, that's it.

if you need more proof, jrcach seems to be actively trying to find out where she is and actually does cyberbully girls, which she thinks us ~h8erz~ do to her. do you see her going on tangents about how h8erz are actively trying to stalk and harass her? no, she just blocked him and seemed to have let it go. but i bet if someone took all the posts/videos showing her true colors, translated them to japanese, and posted them on popular japanese websites/forums, she'd flip her switch. jrcach doesn't post anything about kiki's true colors, from what i've seen, he just calls her ugly. if stickydrama tried actively finding out where she is and posted about it, you know she'd flip out. i also think she doesn't mind jrcach as much because she feels he could get her attention in japan. if japanese people started stalking her because of him, you know she'd be bragging about all the japanese people being in love with her.

they're not kawaii enough. i was gonna say she still kinda focuses on china bc that meeting she went to was about china, but she didn't use it as an excuse to post in chinese. you'd think she'd do what dakota did and milk china until she gets attention in japan. i think china and other parts of asia would be so much easier to get attention in because they are totemo kawaii deysuuuuu yo~ it seems every girl wants fame in japan these days

No. 44194

No. 44196

Kota doesn't live in any of those countries so they're useless to her

No. 44237

> my hair is getting so blonde lately desu uguu!

No. 44243

She and Kota have brown hair, I don't kno why they keep calling it blonde.

No. 44245

because blonde hair is ~kawaii and pure desu~

No. 44260

Thet dye their hair, well, Kota. Kirsten has brown hair.

No. 44357

blonde in asian terms, which is all they care about.

No. 44361

File: 1422485530745.jpg (89.38 KB, 500x596, large.jpg)


Nah, Dakota is on the very end of the blonde spectrum, but Kirsten is a few feet into light brown. She's deluding herself if she actually thinks she's blonde.

No. 44365

On her old facebook Kirsten said she couldn't dye her hair black because "blonde roots" didn't look good.

No. 44403

wtf my best friend is blonde and dyes her hair dark brown and she doesn't care abour roots, it's the same as if you are a brunette and dye your hair blonde or pink

No. 44405

does she wear brown ring circle lenses? woah she has a huge collection of circle lenses. Funny thing when she claims these are her real eyes (in some pics that ring is green/gray)

No. 44411

yeah, it's probably due to the fact it's much easier to find brown enlarging circle lenses in japan than blue ones. i was on some japanese circle lens sites and i saw a lot of browns. i don't blame them either, imo light colored circle lenses look awful on dark eyes for the most part since they're usually harsh neon colors. it seems like in asia that for the most part people are about the natural look.
idk what lenses those are, but i know she wears the geo princess mimi almond brown. the lenses in the pic could be those if they shooped out the black ring.

No. 44416

Even a hint of truly bright blonde roots look horrific with dye jobs. The few times I've seen it in my life I've done a double take since it looks like an odd bald patch.

No. 44420

The post sounds like if she just found out that Akiba-chan exists.

No. 44424

Bet you her sugar daddy took her to a sex shop there cause he needs to spice things up with this grandma.

No. 44425

i agree and she probably did tbh. i'm wondering what she's even doing there, she doesn't play video games and the only anime she knows of is sailor moon.

lmao, i could see this. you do hear a man's voice in the video. he's probably getting a gag or something for her. she sounded so obnoxious/loud in the video. i hate those people who feel the need to yell to whoever they're talking to in public and i've heard japan hates it even more.

No. 44430

>love mercy
"merci" is not even obscure french.

No. 44442

I thought I was the only one who cringed when she said that. Fucking idiot….

No. 44443



Love Merci* Kirsten you ingrate.

No. 44446

i bet sega and love merci were the only ones she could read at the time. everything else was just squiggles to her. much fluent in japanese desudesu yo ne.

No. 44448

I didn't even consider that. You're probably right.

No. 44449

File: 1422501180088.jpg (124.09 KB, 640x640, 10576929_703240676392149_80952…)

Taylor R also lives in the same building as Kaka right now. This is her pic taken in August 2014.

I wish they either: meet and take kawaii selfies and milk each other's fame, or have a death match.

No. 44452

Is it wrong that I'm expecting a ninja to curb stomp her face into the pavement

No. 44455

i didn't either, it's surprising she hasn't tried to milk her ~fluent japanese desu~ yet. though i'm sure she'll ask her sugar daddy what something says and film herself "reading" it. i bet she hasn't used her ~japanese skills~ once this entire trip.

i hope for that too. i would love to see pt, kota, kiki, taylor, and all the other weeb snowflakes in japan together and forced to hang out with each other 24/7. though kota would need a bodyguard and a lock for her door, you know kiki and taylor are gonna try to skin her so they can finally be her.

No. 44484


>Akihabara, the ultimate otaku hotspot. Here you will find comics, action figures, arcades, electronics, machines, maid cafes, sex shops and porn

no shit kiki

No. 44528

How many blow jobs and hand jobs is a trip to Japan worth?

No. 44539

Is her sugar daddy that "warui sensei" she complained about a while ago because he didn't send her vegan food?

No. 44541

>In Tokyo for weeks
>Does not realize how every other fucking store has broken French in the name

She's so uncultured.

No. 44608

none. you have to fuck for it. a guy willing to fly you to another country and support you while you're there is gonna Want some pussy.

No. 44638

except Taylor R has somewhat of a decent career and is quite popular in China. I am not sure how big she is in Japan though.

No. 44683


I also think he is

No. 44686

File: 1422593251457.png (102.41 KB, 780x474, screenshot-prettyuglylittlelia…)

Coincidence much…?

No. 44689

taylor has no popularity at all in japan, she hasn't gotten a single job since she got there. i think it's because she's trying to be the next dakota and she's way too old for it, she's nearing her 30's.

i didn't even notice that, great catch anon! she probably begged her sugar daddy to take her the second she saw that.

also speaking of her sugar daddy, i'm curious if he's really unattractive. even if he's married and doesn't want to be posted online, i feel like if kiki was attracted to this guy, she'd brag about how sweet he is or whatever. kiki comes across as one of those girls who need to be in a relationship or at least come across like they're in a relationship. remember the poem that a mysterious "japanese guy" wrote in cursive for her birthday, never to be spoken about again?

No. 44693

She's touring based on the h8r sites, can we suggest a place in Tokyo where she would get her Lilly white skeleton ass kicked?

No. 44696


How sad it must be to depend on your ~h8rzzz~ opinions even to visit new places just to prove them they're wrong.

Hmm… I think she would blend seamlessly in Aokigahara kek

No. 44718


Someone tell her that there's really great vegan restaurants in Sanya.

No. 44724

I love how she pretends to be the most expertly expert with all the expertise in regards to Japan. It's embarrassing but hilarious at the same time.

No. 44763

File: 1422624662144.jpg (367.04 KB, 1458x960, 10827991_768520196530863_28042…)


>taylor has no popularity at all in japan, she hasn't gotten a single job since she got there

Yes she has, she was in the January issue of Vivi Magazine.

No. 44764

File: 1422624800195.jpg (76.87 KB, 640x640, 10391007_746100942106122_60716…)


And she was on television.

No. 44770

I recommend Soapland to Kiki. It's a place in Japan where they sell lots of vegan soap and other bath products. Kinda like Lush. A helpful phrase for her would be "So-purando ni ikitai!!! Ikimashou!!" so that her friend would understand her.

No. 44772

It's the Hong Kong magazine issue.
It's a Nico Nico live event. None of her fans even watched her.
The only jobs she's had so far are: her weaboo appearance in a music video called Superman and that blogger Valentine's promo for Pocky. Nothing really substantial.

No. 44795

I love you.

No. 44916

File: 1422642499648.png (734.32 KB, 1021x614, kaka.png)

No. 44917

>wearing mesh shirt, jewelry and full face of make-up complete with false lashes

Yes, sweet dreams, Kaka :^)

No. 44920

File: 1422643502286.png (55.63 KB, 800x280, 2spooky4me.png)

No. 44923

I kek hard at these, always see at least one on her posts, particularly ones relative to Japan (which is pretty much all of them, let's be honest). I find it funny because of how vague Kaka is about it and the fact that she would instantly want to confirm with people asking if she lived in Japan, but she doesn't live there, so she won't.

No. 44933

why would she post this pic? she looks really masculine in it. it looks like she did some shooping in it considering her lips are blurred as fuck. i don't get why she wouldn't shoop herself kawaii. also tat eye makeup is god awful

No. 44934

No. 44940

You know, I'm surprised Kiki hasn't posted about how we're all wrong about her sugar daddy and calling us jealous, or something stupid because Kiki is usually one to jump on things and tell us "that's not how it is!"

No. 44957

i noticed she added japanese tags to those videos. i don't get why she thought these videos were so great that japanese people would want to watch them. she really does sound retarded in them and a video some annoying bitch walking in snow isn't special. i think she was making those noises to be kawaii and to show off her ~apartment~

with these japanese tags, i'm sure sooner or later she's gonna be one of those bitches who tag their pics as stuff like "#かわいい#ブロンド#青い目"

i think she's trying not to have a mental breakdown there because she knows how ridiculous she looks when she does it. i feel like japanese people will see her like we see her, a spoiled brat and pretty insane. japanese people don't really seem like the type to flip out over little things like kiki does. shouganai, "it cannot be helped," is a really common phrase to hear in japan, or so i've heard. and i have heard japan isn't the most accepting of mental illness or things like autism. if i'm not mistaken, even in order to become a citizen there, you must not have any mental illnesses, disorders, etc.

i'm sure kiki will start one of her infamous mental breakdowns when she gets home. some member on pull said her visa will expire on march 4, though i think they meant april.

No. 44966

all that blur can't hide that toucan beak of a nose

No. 44977

File: 1422657452632.jpeg (6.37 KB, 98x120, pictureforants.jpeg)


She looks a bit like Robert Wayne Stiles

No. 44989

Lol that's my message haha that's my user on PULL

No. 44993

File: 1422662115069.jpg (27.08 KB, 512x512, gud4u.jpg)

No. 44997

shall I write about leaving the internet, giving up on that old man and look for a decent job in Japan so she can 'make her dream come true' of living there? haha
If she were a great sister Kota would let her stay in her house. I'm sure Kota told her she can't because she's too busy with work, but actually kicked her sister's ass.

No. 44999

>shall I write about leaving the internet, giving up on that old man and look for a decent job in Japan so she can 'make her dream come true' of living there?
lmao she'll never do that ever. she could easily live in japan if she went to language school there, then college, and then get a teaching, engineer, or some sort of special skilled job there. all you need is at least 5 years of living there to do naturalization, language school and college would be about 5-7 years. granted, i think she'd be too old by the time she graduates bc i've heard it's impossible to get a job as you get older in japan. i'm probably giving her ideas but tbh she thinks she's way too good for actual work and i don't think she even has a high school diploma/ged.

i can see why kota also wouldn't want her staying with her, if she had friends over, you know kiki would try to latch onto them.

No. 45000

>i can see why kota also wouldn't want her staying with her, if she had friends over, you know kiki would try to latch onto them.
Oh, and I love this part. I love how Kiki is obviously reading these threads and sees all the stuff about what her sister really thinks of her, but she still has to keep her mouth shut and act nice with her because Kota is her only link to fame in Japan.

No. 45005

hahaha, sometimes i feel bad for talking about kota's real feelings bc i feel like it will get kota in trouble. i think we all have had that bitch that's annoying as fuck but you have to pretend to like them. kiki probably asks kota constantly about the stuff we say on here. she's a spoiled brat too, if she isn't given what she wants, she'll do anything to get it. if dakota ever crossed her, i could see her airing kota's dirty laundry and getting her 3 fans to attack her. we've all seen her try to vilify fans/random people just for politely correcting her or even pouring their heart out to her. let's not forget fairly recently she was going on a tangent, talking about making a video with this girl's social media sites linked, and trying to get her fans to bully the girl for just correcting her japanese.

No. 45008

Jeesh yeah, I never thought of it like that. Tbh, I doubt Kiki could really do anything to Kota that would hurt her career that much–I mean, you gotta say one thing for Kota, she's surprisingly resilient. The entire internet has literally been thrown at her, and she's still here. But I guess that as long as Dakota remains an U.S. citizen, her family (because Cathy will obviously stick up for her beloved older daughter) can still make her life kinda uncomfortable.

No. 45010

that is true, i mean people on pull have tried to make her past known to her japanese fans but they don't seem to mind. it's probably due to the fact that she does seem like she's changed a lot since then. it's good that kota may actually be able to become a japanese citizen soon, hasn't she been in japan since 2012? if so, that's about 3 out of the 5 years she needs. i think she'd probably cut all ties with that family afterwards.

i'm now thinking about it, i'm curious why it took this long for kiki to be a tryhard and try to really milk kota's fame. she hasn't been relevant for a long time, but just a little over a year ago she really started trying. if i were her, i would've started speaking japanese and trying to steal the attention kota gets in 2011/2012. that was the time kota was fine with acknowledging her and people still actually cared about her.

No. 45014

I might get flamed for this, buy I personally don't think Kiki is "crazy" or "insane", I just feel like she's really unaWare of how to have normal, healthy relationships with anyone thanks to the Monstrengas and them pulling her out of school and grooming her to manipulate people for attention and personal gain. I get the vibe that Kiki is more impressionable, maybe only by her parents, but still. A small part of me feels like it's not entirely her fault that she's had to stoop to selling herself to some Asian guy. I never though she would become a SB, with her hatred of sex workers and all. Maybe she finally realized that she's getting too old to be popular just for being young and white and had nothing to fall back on. idk, everybody feel free to ignore my sympathetic drunken ramblings.

No. 45016

She's still crazy. Whether it's due to genetics, or her shitty home life, or both, she turned out crazy.

I do also have some sympathy for her because of her insane mother, and also I generally don't like making fun of the mentally ill, but it can be a grey area.

No. 45019

i don't thin she's crazy to the point where she can't function in a society, i think her lifestyle more than anything drives her insane. she never leaves the house, she has no friends/no one to talk to, she doesn't go to school, she has no hobbies, she spends all day just lurking h8ers/h8 sites, and she doesn't seem to eat healthy, looking at how busted up she looks.

i have a lot of mentally unstable people in my family and kiki's episodes remind me a lot of theirs. all of these family members live on welfare and/or have a spouse/parent taking care of them and much like kiki, they never leave the house/have no hobbies. when mentally unstable people live a lifestyle like that, they have all this time to think about where they feel it all went wrong, who's holding them back, or whatever. kiki seems to constantly have this stuff on her mind, she still stalks people from the scene days who "betrayed" her and even if you're a polite as possible when correcting her, you're going on her stalking list. a mentally stable person doesn't do this stuff. my aunt had an episode a while back about this friend who was apparently talking about her behind her back and whenever she'd talk about it, she was exactly like kiki when she has her episodes about h8ers.

No. 45020

I feel like Kiki probably has narcissistic or paranoid personality disorder. Maybe histrionic.

No. 45022

maybe both.
Weird that she doesn't tweet Kota ah she used to do it like 'heyyyy remember I am your sister"
Do you all remember when Kota take off Kirsten's gift from the wall of her bedroom? And in a week she put it again? Maybe Kirsten threatened Kota to 'vomit all the dirty laundry' about her, and what if Kota told her that if she does it she will do the same? Being honest, Kirsten has much more to loose than Kota. The first time Kirsten went to Japan stayed at Kota's place (remember Kota saying on Tw that 'somebody (aka Kirsten) left a bday gift in front of the door of her bedroom'.
I think they are no longer friends.
Before Kota were famous, Kota was stuck at her sister's shadow, because she was popular, and she was the older, and she wanted to be like her. She was a kid, everybody has a role model, and Kirsten was there to make her think she was what she wanted to become. But now she doesn't need her sister and it seems that Kota realized how toxic is her sister.

No. 45024


No. 45026

i think so too, i think the paranoia could be a result of all the time she spends with cathy(cathy seems much more paranoid and mentally unstable than kiki does). kiki hasn't had an episode since coming to japan, either she's controlling it so she won't look bad or it's not happening because she's not around cathy, either way, it shows she can function in a society.

i think so too. i would love to ask kota how she feels about kiki but there's really no way to contact her, unless you want to leave a comment on her blog posts since she reads and accepts/denies them. but i think she'd just delete the comment and ignore the person.

No. 45028

She's a textbook Cluster B case.

No. 45030

Yeah she would ignore it, she doesn't want to start a war against her sister. her parents would be mad at her so… at least her mother. It seems that her mother supports Kiki more than Kota, and her father supports Kota more? Or both equally? He was who went with her to Japan. Idk but I feel like if Kirsten were in Kota's shoes Cathy would have been the one accompanying her to Japan…Like Kiki is her fav one.
And sometimes Kota send pics of her at the sets to her father. Like when she was modelling for Tiara Milly. She went to a rural house and took a photo, and her father asked her where she was. She said it on twitter with the photo lol I think she doesn't get along with her mother too much, I think is like "yes is my mother and I will defend her if you say something is not right, but I would not die for her"
Remember that her mother called her ugly and fat several times because she was not like Kiki.

No. 45031

he probably supports both equally, i know he went to japan kiki's first time. i think cathy would accompany her too, they'd probably be like venus and margaret.

i didn't know that kota was still close with her dad. i think maybe cathy doesn't like kota as much because she looks like her, if that makes sense. my aunt used to refer to her one son who looks exactly like her as a rodent and favored her other son who is better looking in her opinion. cathy truly doesn't have room to talk about kota's looks considering they look alike and she's pretty fat from what i've seen. i think cathy could be taking it out on dakota because she probably hates herself or something.

No. 45035

<i think cathy could be taking it out on dakota because she probably hates herself or something.>
It makes sense

No. 45043

Plus he has to spend all his time around Kiki, who is probably a bitch to live with. He doesn't see Kota much, and when he does, she's probably on her best behavior (to avoid setting off her mother and sister's crazy), so naturally, he'd probably be more inclined
to think better of Kota.

No. 45069


>Kiki could really do anything to Kota that would hurt her career that much

I might be wrong, but I do believe Kaka intentionally provoked the whole copyclaim shitstorm to get Kota in trouble with the companies that booked her, not to protect her from the ~haturzzz~

No. 45071

File: 1422686718833.gif (17.29 KB, 315x272, go.gif)

No. 45074

>Vivi in chinese


No. 45076

Knowing how tiny most apartments for models/etc are, there probably isn't room for Kiki other than floor..

No. 45122

isn't that the damn chinese version of vivi tho?

she's not famous in japan at all. no one gives a fuck after dokota.

No. 45175

She had a room when she went for the 1st time

No. 45176

It was probably 2011. Kiki was dating Jake Wolf at the time.

I remember it well because before that girls were whining about how Kiki got to date him because they wanted on his dick. Come to find out later it was diseased dick, lel.

No. 45190

She did break up with him a couple of times tho and fucked others trying to make him jelly.

No. 45211

File: 1422730654826.jpg (54.75 KB, 616x526, awseftgyhu.JPG)

No. 45213

File: 1422731319271.jpg (77.27 KB, 1440x999, kaka-to-real-madrid.jpg)

It'd be funny if she actually got fat from eating all those sweets.

No. 45214

I like after people said shit about her using "totemo" she is now using mecha hahaha

No. 45216

"Platinum Lace", is that one new? It made my ears bleed.

No. 45253

definitely not, i think it came out around the first time she went to japan. she apparently sold all her music equipment so she can't make shitty "remixes" (if you even call adding a beat/some sounds to a song a remix) of video game ost and steal other people's music + change it slightly so she won't get caught.

i think she stopped making music right after that second album since she saw that she didn't get the popularity someone like grimes has. i think kiki really wanted to be grimes at the time, and probably still does, since she's tumblr trendy, vegan, she seems to be pretty cultured, and is probably into the whole spiritual buddhist shit kiki is into. though i don't know much about her in all honesty.

No. 45270

Waaaaaiittt Kiki sold all of her music equipment??? Didn't she drop out of high school spending the rest of her time and money getting a degree in ~audio engineering~?

I just stared at the screen for ten minutes trying to think of how to explain all the feelings that's giving me. She's really wasted so much of her life to the point where I just feel bad; she has nothing to show for all her effort and spent all of her youth legitimately in love with herself and now doesn't know how to work or even be interesting. Fuck, wow.

If she really was so good at audio engineering, she could've pursued that and done backstage/tech things for bigger musicians and gained connections that way. If she's so extroverted, there's no reason for her to not be doing that and networking.


No. 45271

Oh never mind I just realized Kira Kira Princess from Mars is so obsessed with herself she could never work backstage and actually be a critical part of something. She would rather miserably fail at being "the star" than to actually be a skilled team player. My bad.

No. 45272


a very loose definition of the world "cultured"

No. 45292

i don't think she was in high school to begin with tbh, didn't cathy take her out of school? dakota is a dropout too and i doubt she's an audio engineer too like kiki has said. i've looked into audio engineering, and at least where i live, you have to have a ged/high school diploma.

i feel the same way, her parents are willing to spend money they don't even have to help her make something of herself and she doesn't even take advantage of it. i don't get that at all. if she was truly so interested in japan, you'd think she'd get her parents to pay for her to go to college or something there.

kiki's way of "networking" with musicians is fucking them tbh. judging by her fb likes/comments, when they were public, she only liked/commented on local musicians' stuff. mostly pictures of guys that she was trying to get with, the thirst is real with kiki. i will give kiki this, if she is interested in someone she at least makes the first move.

i definitely feel that's why she's never collaborated with anyone or done any work for anyone else. she can't handle not being the star of the show. her cover art for all her music is literally just selfies.

like i said, i don't know much about her, i only have one album. i've just heard she speaks other languages she knows a lot about foreign cultures. also touring musicians/people who travel a lot tend to be cultured, or at least the ones i know.

No. 45295

what does "a lot" mean to you? because to me it means more than a couple of buzzfeed and wikipedia articles.

No. 45297

like is said, i don't know much about her. i don't read up on her and i don't actively follow her. all i know of is stuff my friends who actively follow her tell me and what i'll see on social media/tumblr. i really wasn't trying to make this into some sort of argument on whether or not she's cultured, because i really don't care.

No. 45299

that's great and all you "don't care", but you responded so.

No. 45311

you obviously cared a lot bc you started the argument in the first place over me saying she seems cultured js.

No. 45316

File: 1422746421597.jpg (58.22 KB, 500x307, image.jpg)

No. 45317

Less dramatic than intended, oops.
Point is, nobody cares about Grimes.

No. 45319

great, i care. i pointed out a fact that you think kiki, of all people, is cultured. and you became
immensely defensive.

which is not an argument, you ingrate.

No. 45320

i never said kiki is cultured ever. and no i'm not being defensive, i was trying to civilly end the argument you were trying to start over stupid shit. now i'm just getting annoyed because you're a passive aggressive cunt who needs the last word in everything. you couldn't just let it go after me just saying that i don't know much about her or even after this anon here >>45316 you have to keep it going.

No. 45321

cunt is nice but i think bitch could've work. slut maybe? you sound a bit more than annoyed. maybe you should just, i don't know, let it go? why try to have the last word, you know? christ you're starting to remind me of kiki…

No. 45323

File: 1422747616933.jpg (51.37 KB, 185x185, 657.jpg)

No. 45347

Thats one thing I was never sure about concerning these two, they both dropped out of HS? What grade?

No. 45355

File: 1422757265902.png (27.44 KB, 573x137, ISIS.png)

Okay, Cuckoo, okay.

No. 45358

She actually did, check her replies.

They probably searched "Japan" recent tweets or something.

No. 45362

I'm not exactly sure either. I know they were taken out of school because of "bullying." Homeschooling is a bit of a pain in the ass, at least where I live, and I can't see Cathy making education a priority since she doesn't even bother getting Kiki to go to college or even get a job. I live in kind of a southern state just like they do and for homeschooling here you have to study every single high school subject that exists and you need to have proof you did everything you're supposed to do. I guess it would be easy for them since they document everything, but school would take out all the attention seeking/hater stalking time out of their day.

Is it bad I'm hoping this starts another twitter episode? She just posted a screencap of a text her mom sent her about it.

No. 45371


>message to Japan girls

but you're not Japanese lol

I wonder if Ostrengas are going to stalk bad guys' social media and send screencaps to Lawyer-san? Or claim that now haterzz became islamic extremists? lol


Can't find it

No. 45374

a lot of ISIS followers and accounts on Twitter have been searching for popular hashtags/Japan-related things and posting their recent video/message today (if you search "message to japan" you'll notice it). if she thinks that they singled her out or some shit she's delusional (well duh)

No. 45376

File: 1422759986462.png (434.75 KB, 1024x609, wat.png)

No. 45377


The way it says "one of their thugs Tweeted at Kiki" makes me think this message was to Dakota? Or maybe both of them at once I guess? Either that or Cathy is addressing Kiki in the third(?) person

No. 45379

Cathy's message reads like one of those chainmails old people and idiots send to each other that eventually end up on snopes.

No. 45380

File: 1422760719008.png (72.47 KB, 501x385, wat3.png)

This person that keeps messaging her has serious problems.

No. 45381

File: 1422760833278.png (49.45 KB, 487x344, isisas.png)

No. 45382

I would be willing t trade one kiki Kannibal for any ISIS hostage because ateast any ISIS hostage is a useful human being

No. 45383

File: 1422760933590.png (65.35 KB, 493x374, pyscho.png)

No. 45385

File: 1422761069564.png (62.88 KB, 490x414, fgi.png)

No. 45387

File: 1422761165325.png (43.01 KB, 493x344, kh.png)

No. 45388

As opposed to sitting on lolicow and talking shit about her?

No. 45390


>I'm getting messages from ISIS because I'm in Japan

>because I'm in Japan

yep, she's that delusional.

No. 45391


thank you

No. 45393

Lol yeah ISIS gives a shit about your vegan ass in Japan lol

No. 45412


"Exasperated by the school — and by schools in general, having tried various options for their autistic son — her parents withdrew Kiki after seventh grade to home-school her with her older brother."

From the Rolling Stone article. I remember reading that they took Dakota out of school at the same time, but I don't know where there's a source for that.

No. 45441

so it's safe to say that Kiki hasn't received a proper education since the 7th grade, and Dakota since the 5th grade?

shit the thought of that actually freaks me out as someone who loves learning and understanding new information so much

granted, schools don't always allow for that, but we all know they were more focused on social media bs than an education

No. 45446

Kiki claimed she was taking college courses soon after and Dakota joined her there later. The article mentioned Kiki took a high school equivalency test so she could start taking college courses by age 15 (that being a community college in Florida, not an actual university, lol.) It used to be her big brag point years ago, meanwhile community colleges accept anyone.

Things never changed since then; she was always complaining of professors hitting on her and like today, could never stick with anything. First she wanted to focus on business courses but that fell by the wayside. She claimed she got her audio engineering degree in 2010 and put up a pic of it that I can't find.

I think Dakota got her big break near the beginning of when she she was supposedly taking college courses. If you look on waybackmachine you can see her talking about her grades on twitter, and I once saw her talking about how she always finishes her math tests faster than anyone else so the class would stare at her afterwards.

Basically those courses were a waste, but hey. For a while there it at least did more than their parents could contribute educationally.

No. 45449

>RIP Kenji Goto mang

the way Kathy talks is just…uh..

No. 45452

File: 1422780654393.jpg (33.37 KB, 415x294, yhbjnftghbj.JPG)

I actually didn't know about this, the only thing I've heard about her being in college was that she took Spanish classes. I did see Kiki insinuating that she was in college sorta kinda recently, I think it was pic related. Or she was insinuating that she's always tried learning japanese, idk.

And with Dakota, I've heard she was being tutored in Japan or something, but I could be mistaking it with when she said she was getting a Chinese tutor. I'm kind of hoping/thinking she's taking college classes in Japan, she doesn't post/upload too often and I really don't think her modeling jobs are taking up all her time. I'm hoping she is taking the classes since it's a better education/future job if/when her modeling career fizzles out and she seems really happy in Japan.

No. 45453

>In my case (…) have a lover in the language helps.

lol kiki you dumb whore. you can call him whatever you want but hes still our sugar daddy and you're still one of those sex workersvyou always shat all over back in the day. though I guess it was inevitable, since you have literally nothing else going for you, all you have is hoping some anglophile's white girl fetish is enough to keep you in Japan since your vagina is the only way you'll ever make money or get attention anywhere anyway.

No. 45454

I'm just confused about that word choice. Who in the world refers to their boyfriend/husband/significant other as their lover in a context like this?

No. 45455


a dumb skank who fucks old asians for money and to stay in a foreign country

No. 45456

I took the screencap, it was from 5 months ago, and I'm pretty sure it's pre-sugar daddy, but she could've been talking to him at the time bts idk. Usually you hear the "hippie"/"free spirit" type people use lover instead of significant other, I think she often tries to come across as one of those people. But when I think of that word, I think it's someone you "make love" to and don't exactly have to be in a relationship with, if that makes sense. Which is weird to me because she hates sluts/sex workers. Idk, I feel like she tries to come across as a free spirit/hippy at times but she's way too uptight to pull it off.

And by free spirit/hippy I mean her antics about caring about he world/animals, she's talked about digging up crystals or some shit, her veganism, and stuff like that. I'm probably using the wrong word for it, but I don't know what other word I can use to describe it.

No. 45457

Lover to me suggests something illicit and perhaps taboo, like being some guy's mistress or indeed a sugar baby.

No. 45475

If you go over Stickydrama's old site on archive.org you can find the photo of Kiki's diploma for audio engineering. It says on the blog that she posted it on Twitter before.
There's also that Backstage profile she made. I'm pretty sure a screen cap was posted in an old Kira Kira thread.

"Lover" to me sounds non-committal. Like, some random person is in love with me but I can't return the same feelings, so they're indeed a "lover".
Keka chooses her words like this so that it would sound like she has a boyfriend she really loves, but in fact it's a sugar daddy.

No. 45478

I can see that too, she probably is a mistress since she's staying in a hotel/gaijin apartment and not at this sugar daddy's house. But she is super paranoid so she could've gotten him to pay for a place to stay since it would be pretty sketchy to stay at the place of someone you've only talked to online.

That also makes sense, lover seems to suggest anything but a true, mutual relationship.

No. 45482

>bad grammar
>bad everything

Yet claims to have gone to an unnamed university.. nope. Name the school kaka, and we'll see if you actually even went!

No. 45484

Ah yes, count Spanish lessons among the interests that Keekz has picked up and dropped.

I don't remember Dakota mentioning she had an actual Japanese tutor, but I remember her saying she had a tutor for Chinese, yeah. Similar to her sister in that regard, hmm? I think whenever she mentioned learning Japanese, she always made it seem like she was self-taught ("I picked it up from watching dramas")

I seem to remember a girl on PULL (?) saying she went to Japan and saw Dakota in a cafe studying. Provided it was a true account, I don't know how someone could tell for sure what someone's studying unless they're really breathing down their neck, but it's possible she's taking some other courses. But I really think at this point she only has an interest in fashion so I could see her not considering furthering her education.

And that screencap…LOL. Keekz calling it "university" when she went to a community college, ha! That's what she's doing recently by calling her hotel room an apartment, too. Sure, Keekz!

Notice she's using tricky wording but not actually saying she actually took Japanese there. I think she was just saying her school offered Japanese but she probably didn't take any courses. She wasn't interested in the language till after she'd already graduated, when Dakota got successful in glorious Nippon~


No. 45498

File: 1422794988285.jpg (98.5 KB, 536x478, screw china.jpg)

i remember that someone posted a picture of dako in the cafe studying, she had the same pink cap on iirc. could have been someone else, tho.

No. 45517


Also, during the whole lilkitten shop shitstorm, she called herself a science student kek.
I didn't knew that copy pasting info from infoplease.com were a science.

No. 45578

I will say, from what I've heard, Kiki wasn't annoying with the Spanish. Like I've heard she did admit she couldn't actually speak the language. Unlike how she is with Japanese, even though she was probably much better with Spanish than Japanese. I'm not even saying that because school teaching is better than self-studying, which isn't always the case. Kiki loves to half-ass everything and has no real reason to learn the language, she probably picks up a book to study for a few minutes once in a while.

True, Kota probably does just self-study, now thinking about it. She doesn't seem to make a lot of money considering she lives in a small place and shares it with someone else. Cathy and Scott probably wouldn't spend any money on Kota unless she makes Kiki famous because their top priority seems to be making Kiki the star she was born to be.

It may have been that, my memory sucks, I wish I screencapped it when I saw it. I also remember during that tirade she'd go on about how haters would stalk her professors and shit. Graduating community college is the only thing she's ever actually achieved so I guess that's why she won't stop bragging about it. It's slightly less annoying than her bragging about being "fluent" in Japanese.

No. 45631

http://instagram.com/p/yhRAaGDRAP/?modal=true - Once again she will not tell or confirm where she eats vegan crap in Tokyo. This is at Ain Soph and this is the heavenly pancake dinner set.

http://instagram.com/p/yhQhq8DRPm/?modal=true - Le pudding ala mode and desserts plate from Ain Soph.

Also a number of her commentors are asking for a veganism in Japan video lately, but she never replies to them anymore.

No. 45642

She's not going to record any videos. Is like her 'career', her shop, her modelling phase, her musician phase. She leaves everything.

No. 45651

I'm curious, has Kiki ever stuck to something and never half-assed it. The only thing she's stuck with is veganism/animal rights but she still buys/uses products tested on animals and doesn't do her research to see if things are vegan or not.

No. 45660

I seriously don't understand why she has any followers with her shitty better than everyone attitude

No. 45672

>ch0ibaby Ahh is that ain soph? I've been looking for somewhere like that!

poor girl, she's going to be added to the h8rz'n'stalkerz list…

No. 45673

nobody gives a fuck about Keeka. she only gets 4 favs on tw and 0 rt. She gets likes on IG because it's easier, her posts can appear on you explore section and she has a few followers that care about what she posts (100-200 followers)

No. 45676

Kiki is basicly doing to her english fans that Dakota did to her chinese fans, just with the difference that Kiki didn't get noticed by anybody in the first place.

No. 45682

I'm surprised that she still has even a few people who even give a shit about her, especially now that she's trying to pull this shit. She's really setting herself up for failure with this though, Japanese people aren't going to like her like they do with Kota, and her 3 fans are going to get tired of not being able to read a single thing she's saying. Kota's fans who don't speak Japanese only put up with it because Kota's cute, which Kiki isn't.

No. 45696


I think that she did go to the University of Central Florida. I know for a fact that Students from the college she went to are guaranteed a spot in the university of central florida after graduation.. Also in the huge archive of Kikis crazy ss spree she had screenshots of the university map and i believe one tab had the universities webcourse site opened in the background. Yes, I believe she might got admitted to University of Central Florida but I highly doubt she graduated.

No. 45707

Its not that hard to get into UCF if you use Valencia's Fast track program.

I wonder what she wanted to major in. .-.

No. 45715

didn't she dickride lana del rey for a cool minute? why isn't she trying to be all about England? She could fake that way better than this doll shit that barely even fits her sister.

This is the worst look, she needs to fix her fucking hair there's nothing appealing about that mousy shit. She looks like an old wife from like Kansas idfk. It's making me depressed just looking at her hollow face.

No. 45716

You can actually automatically get accepted to any university in Florida if you complete your AA.

No. 45718

Yeah, I remember she was trying to be a lot like Lana, but with a kawaii twist. I think she'd look much better with a more vintage style like Lana's tbh. I think she may look nice with normal eye makeup(not the god awful thick eye liner she's been sporting), red lips, more color to her skin, hot roller curls, and darker clothes.

I think Kiki could definitely get popularity in the west, when she's not trying to be kawaii, her looks fit more western beauty ideals.

And I agree about the hair, I think maybe it would look better if she had color to her skin since the pale skin/mousy hair combo just makes her look incredibly plain/dull. I highly doubt she'll ever bleach/color it again, which would really improve her appearance. I think even just styling it would improve her appearance.

No. 45730

you're implying she had an AA.

No. 45731

real talk for a sec: Kiki badly needs to stop trying to make the kawaii dolly himekaji thing work, it doesn't suit her tone, her face, her body or her anything else. I feel like she would do really well in a sort of cute vintage style. Just not what she's doing now, because it is NOT doing her any favors. It's funny, she might actually be able to gain some momentum in Japan if she would just stop trying to fit into a genra she's too old and mature for that's already overrun with white girls trying to be famous. She should try something else and carve out her own niche.

No. 45739

I agree 100%

I think even if she was cute, it would be hard to get fame in Japan like Kota. Maybe if she was talented or had some sort of gimmick, like Kota's "Real Life Barbie" title, but Kiki's got nothing to set her apart from every single other white girl into j-fashion trying to get fame in Japan. Even if she did get a better style, I don't see it working. I've noticed a lot of fashionable people will get popularity in Japan because of being street snapped, but non-Japanese people rarely ever get snapped it seems. I've only seen Yukapon street snapped (only because of the guy with her) and that one other weeb girl who has a thread on here.

No. 45747

She looks too old for Japanese aesthetics. She gives off a vibe that if she were to not open her mouth, that she is mature for her age. If she became serious about fashion or even make up, I could definitely see her having a youtube channel dedicated to this where she would gain a large following.

She has the qualities of a girl next door, but has features that many girls aspire to have, i.e. thin frame. I don't understand why she has to constantly dick ride everyone elses success when she could have made a name for herself a long time ago.

I mean Japan, really? That comes so far out of left field that I'm still having a hard time believing this "interest" of hers will last more than a month after her trip is over.

No. 45753

>I mean Japan, really? That comes so far out of left field that I'm still having a hard time believing this "interest" of hers will last more than a month after her trip is over.

She only likes Japan because she's jealous of Dakota. Tbh I still think she has/had some scheme or plan to sabotage her sister, there's no way she's okay with Dakota passing her and outshining her the way she did.

No. 45755

kaka if you're stalking this, it's not too late to be a tumblrina and hop on that pastel grunge bullshit train.

No. 45757

I agree. I think the beauty channel really would've worked out for her, I remember becoming a fan because of them in the first place. Though, it was incredibly annoying with her trying to be quirky/funny the entire time. And the recipe videos were also good. I've never tried out the recipes but I probably would if they were made of common/cheap ingredients. I think a lot of people would watch them because they want to be thin like her. But she doesn't want the ~haters~ to watch and take her kira kira advice.

I agree with that too, I give it an entire year though. Almost every one of these fame projects last a year or two, just until she realizes no one gives a shit.

No. 45758

I think Kiki wants fame quick, and she's not willing to work long term towards it. She's kind of like people who try a fad diet for a week, don't lose the weight they thought they would, then move on to another fad diet.

No. 45795

File: 1422864219587.jpg (126.64 KB, 600x1200, Lol.jpg)


So I think it's official, I am going to hell. This came to mind when I saw thread. Please excuse my crappy drawing.

No. 45806

No. 45807

Greatest cartoon ever

No. 45809

File: 1422869900730.jpg (136.29 KB, 720x960, IMG_0030.JPG)

If you mean the Ikebukuro Starbucks, then I'm 100% sure that wasn't her. The clothes are hideous (even if you don't like what Dakota wears, at least she doesn't walk around with this + Uggs) etc.

When it comes to snowflakes (like running into them in real life), PULL/people tend to get so excited they REALLY believe it. A little gullible to be honest, because they really wish it was her, to be able to say "I saw Dakota in real life!". Kind of hard to explain, I hope some knows what I mean.

(Blurry photo, much?)

No. 45816

Lmao, great work anon! Though I will suggest darker hair and a larger forehead next time.

We really need more Kiki art on this thread, I'd make some but I'm not funny and my art looks like it came off of a 13 year old's deviantart page.

I don't think it's her since Kota has really long hair and it's all one color (this girl looks like she has an ombre going on). Plus Kota has really awful posture.

No. 45817

Man, casual kota is best kota.
She looks effortlessy pretty as opposed to 'trying too hard' to look pretty in the frou frou outfits.

No. 45818

sorry for the double post.
Are you sure it isn't her? I remember the poster saying she ordered a soy latte! (confirmed for vegan amirite?)

ftr I still think kota looks best in casual clothing. I always liked her early tumblr pics best so I'm always hoping in vain she'll revisit that clothing style.

No. 45819

Uggs? Yeah, no. Even in her worst coords she's never worn or would ever wear those. The Ostrengas seem to exlusively wear heels. Even besides that, as you said, it's too blurry to even see any features besides the hair. I mean, all the time you get dumbasses on PULL posting photos of a random model saying "is this Dakota?" so I'm sure this first person account was also someone deluding themselves.

No. 45820

I meant to say "Ostrenga sisters" but now I'm imagining Papa Kannibal in heels and towering over from the weight of his beer belly. Do not regret my mistake for the luls.

No. 45821

From what I remember the person on PULL seemed pretty confident it was her. They said that she wasn't wearing makeup or extensions, and was studying Japanese with kawaii pens, and ordered something with soy milk.

>even if you don't like what Dakota wears, at least she doesn't walk around with this + Uggs

yeah.. you don't know that.

No. 45822

Er, there's gonna be a huge difference between what they put online and how they actually dress casually.

No. 45823


not the anon you're replying to but I also doubt it's her and the soy milk thing doesn't prove shit. It's not like Kota is the only gaijin vegan girl hanging out at starbucks

No. 45824

I'm gonna have to agree with both you guys. Just because someone uploads pictures online of them with their makeup/hair done and nice clothes, doesn't mean they're like that 24/7. Even Courtney Stodden, who constantly wears stripper heels (even her "slippers" are stripper heels) and has her hair/makeup done, has a few candid pictures of her without the whole getup on. Everyone likes to be/dress comfortable.

No. 45828

I agree, but the reason I said it is because the chance of meeting someone you know randomly in Tokyo is EXTREMELY small. Tokyo is huuuuuge. Just running into a friend of the street is almost insane. I just really believe that it wasn't Dakota, because it seemed like the PULL user just saw someone with similar hair and really wanted it to be her.

No. 45830

I get you and I definitely agree.

Also, like I mentioned earlier, the girl's hair is way too short, two toned, and her posture is much better than Kota's.

No. 45831

File: 1422875788358.jpg (20.65 KB, 234x347, fjisjdf.JPG)

I've never seen her wearing Uggs (or even tennis shoes?) in the candids people have pulled up.

I'm not at all saying I'd renounce a pic just based on her outfit, because I also don't expect her to be all dressed up when she's not planning on presenting herself. Just that with the blurriness of the photo and the awful track record of people who've ever been sure someone's Dakota, it's a detail that adds upon the unreliability.

If you like her in casual clothes, did you see she's been seen wearing jeans twice in Popteen vids? It's been a while. I guess that's her downtime style.

To swing this back to being back on topic kind of, Kiki once said she "feels more comfortable" wearing high heels. Of course, it's easy to wear mostly heels when you barely leave the house!

No. 45832


>why isn't she trying to be all about England?

lol because people hate her here just as much as they do in the states. Pretty much anybody that was ever scene/emo here or is familiar with lolita knows who Dakota and her sister is and they fucking despise her.

There was a big group of us who used to browse /cgl/ from all over the UK and if Kirsten ever came here you can garauntee she'd be harangued way worse than in the states because it's a much smaller country.
The moment she tried to move anywhere somebody would see and they'd be tweeting and blogging that shit and before she knew it she'd have 5 snickering girls following behind her laughing and taking photos as she tried to walk through King's Cross.

No, Kirsten would not fare well here. Plus in her eyes what makes her special is that she has long dark, blonde/brown hair, is pale and had blue eyes. That's a description of like half the girls in the UK including me.

No. 45833

Do her thighs look a little bigger at the top, or is it just lookin like that cause I'm high as a kite?

No. 45835

File: 1422877732896.jpg (55.08 KB, 363x610, 9fn.jpg)

Most people become more self-assured with knowing what they want in life as they age. Kiki's like doing that backwards. She has no idea what she even wants style-wise. Her entire appearance is less put together than when she was a shitty scenester.

I get not wanting to fry your hair with heat or bleach anymore, but hell, even just getting bangs and some volumizing powder could do her good.

No. 45836


Yeah she has a violin deformity. I noticed this years ago in one of her original videos but it's actually pretty common.

No. 45838

I agree, it's not like there aren't billions of tutorials online on styling your hair without heat/damage. I think she should just get a bob with side bangs. The long, flat hair makes her look older and horsey, styling would really help but she refuses to do that.

No. 45840

Am I weird for thinking that violin deformity is actually quite nice aesthetically sometimes?

No. 45845

File: 1422883392047.png (300.89 KB, 500x383, tumblr_lfg512aSN81qecnmao1_500…)

She did have this for a while after she chopped off her unhealthy bleached hair, around the time of the Rolling Stone article.

No. 45847


walk the talk the


No. 45848

Dunno how much of that pic is shoop but that hairstyle suits her nicely

No. 45849

File: 1422884200896.png (127.2 KB, 500x389, l.png)

Here, have another.

There's shoopin' going on to be sure, but I agree and I think these were a few of the best photos she's taken tbqh.

Too bad it was the beginning of the end, huh Kakadoo?

No. 45862

File: 1422890690462.gif (992.56 KB, 500x375, best of all time.gif)


No it can actually look really nice sometimes.
It looks… fertile?

No. 45865

Yeah, I think that's it. It looks healthy. And it gives legs a nice shape IMO.

No. 45887

File: 1422899418900.jpg (37.88 KB, 500x323, tumblr_m9622jyZ6s1ra8thqo1_500…)

this is kinda old and irrelevant but still

No. 45889

I laugh every time people try to talk like they know the Ostrengas. Nearly everything posted here is speculation. But any way, they strike me as the type that would wear anything name brand and popular.

No. 45898

Oh thank gawd. I heard "deformity" and almost looked up a local liposuction clinic. (Not really tho cuz idc)

I actually like to see her real thighs, though. It suddenly made her more human to me.

No. 45906

I dont know why people are calling it a deformity, it looks more like she just carries a bit of extra weight on her upper thighs thighs and doesnt have too toned of an ass. Its just saddle bags.

No. 45910

I wonder what happened to that artist? I remember her being copyrighted by Kiki's fam and her love for David Bowie

No. 45914

Jackotass still posts on PULL once a blue moon.

No. 45921


Because that's the actual medical term for it?

No. 45968

@mmmkikikannibal: I gave them wings #大天使 #東京 #日本 http://t.co/pRYGeC8ipO
Wtf is going in this picture?

No. 45970


Probably hotel staff/driver taking her luggage out of a taxi or rental car or something.

No. 45972

You'd think she would have bragged about making President's List at her college. I mean in comparison to her going on about vegan tea and her sick beats during that time, President's List is actually worth gloating about.

Predident's List:

Fall 2012 graduates: pg 29

Couldn't find any solid info on UCF.

No. 45973

File: 1422934938403.png (18.88 KB, 386x73, 897345.png)

Get that sugar daddy dick Keeks

No. 45976

And isn't that the same fuzzy picture she posted 2 days ago?

No. 45978


because she thought we missed her winged backpacks aka failed store leftovers

No. 45985

It's not worth gloating about when it's easy to get on. Many schools give students good grades or rating even if they dumb.

No. 46006


That's probably her SD, he's not dressed like a hotel staff or car driver. He's wearing traditional Japanese casual wear.

No. 46011

Yeah, but one of the other guys in the background is wearing the same thing and he has a nametag on.

No. 46013

Bruh thats high school not college.
Even at community college you still have to work for a grade.

I wonder if her classes were all online.

No. 46014

Not her SD. All those 3 men work for the same company. The car looks like a typical white cab in Tokyo. If she's leaving Japan, they could be hotel/building staff helping her move her stuff into the car, which is normal if you have luggage. Either she's leaving Japan (or moving to another building, which makes perfect sense since she arrived on the 4th, and probably only had a month/4 weeks at that place she was at in Roppongi.

No. 46021

How come kaka is wearing the same outfit Jan 30 and Feb 2 on instagram and same pose/face.

No. 46024

Because she is white trash. I don't know what is the punchline to the joke?

No. 46044

File: 1422972774007.jpg (118.32 KB, 463x442, isis.jpg)

No. 46056

i love you

No. 46059

Vegan condoms, right?

No. 46063

I seriously love you and your art.

I wonder if ISIS scared her out of Japan/Roppongi. She would think that she's important enough to be targeted by them, lmao.

No. 46069

I would love to see a daily dakota'ssister cartoon if possible. I love these

No. 46071

Dakota's sister should date this guy.


She likes dudes with long hair right?

No. 46078

File: 1422978597425.png (177.27 KB, 802x712, Untitled-3.png)

No. 46081

Her lips here remind me of Courtney Stodden's 1:27

No. 46086

This seriously gives me life.

No. 46151

File: 1423013748367.jpg (131.4 KB, 500x741, tumblr_nj2hzaUkbl1s49aaeo2_500…)

I've always wondered why no one has tweeted kota's sister this peta information.


No. 46156

They probably have, if not, it's been discussed on here/pull and you know she's constantly checking these sites. I think it's because she cannot stand being wrong.
>With the "vegan" Japanese food she posted, she just blamed it on her "warui sensei" when she found out it wasn't vegan instead of doing her research before even posting about it.
>She tried to get her followers to attack a girl over simply correcting her Japanese.
>She went on a tangent and copied+pasted a whole paragraph she found online when someone told her that Native Americans aren't Indian.
And there are many other occasions where people have been trying to help her and correct her mistakes but she refuses to listen. All that happens is they get blocked and their social media gets stalked/screencapped constantly for being a hater/bully.

No. 46226


marry me

No. 46227


on a side note, Victoria's Secret isn't 100% vegan/cruelty free



anyways, we all know keekz is a fake vegan lol

No. 46269

How in the fuck CAN bras and ups ties be cruelty free? Wtf are they putting them on monkeys or something?

No. 46277

I wondered that too, but I think it's means their cosmetics/fragrances/lotions etc.

No. 46295

They also use real feathers and fur on some of their lingerie.

No. 46302

File: 1423078777652.jpg (45.52 KB, 332x425, image.jpg)

>our bras are individually tested for comfort and durability

No. 46350

@mmmkikikannibal: Serious protest going on… Listen to the audio (・_・;。。。 http://t.co/W8PTUln4BZ
Maybe they will burn her out of the building

No. 46376

I'm late as hell and don't know any Kanji, but are those characters on her Insta supposed to be her name? The first friggin rule I learned when I started learning hiragana and katakana was that foreigners write their names in katakana. Even Dakota knows better.
Is using Kanji for her name Kiki's way of acting like she's *~*totemo fluent desu*~* or whatever?

No. 46385

File: 1423093553143.png (53 KB, 405x472, heh.png)

So she's gonna meet up with that ass-kisser huh?

No. 46398

Not just an asskisser, an asskisser that lives in JAPAN.

No. 46402

File: 1423096259644.png (601.37 KB, 636x1044, 1422305009071.png)

>both talking to each other using google translate

No. 46405

I think they're supposed to be Chinese characters. Though, I haven't seen any foreigners' names in Chinese characters. When Kota was talked about on Chinese news, her name was just written in English, same for her clone Taylor R when she was modeling there. It's a lot like using kanji for your gaijin name in Japanese instead of just using katakana like everyone else.

No. 46407

>Irish people specifically known for being extremely fair and fine haired, including eyelashes.

why. Whyyyyyyyy.

No. 46413

Ah, I see. Thanks anon!

Kinda makes me wonder if Cathy just put a ton of mascara on the girls in their misc childhood pics. Honestly People say she's been bleaching the everloving fuck out of their hair since they were really young so I would NOT put it past her.

No. 46426

File: 1423103169087.jpg (148.54 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Oooookey u tried

No. 46436

lmao, you know this is her way of acting like she isn't just trying to one up Kota. If someone says that she is, she's just going to say, "everyone wanted me to do it because i'm so beautiful and perfect desu desu~"
I'm looking forward to this next failure of hers.

No. 46447


damn kiki this ain't 2009. i know you're trashy but come on now.

No. 46461

"It's not like I want to be a model or anything. I totally don't want to be just like my sister. People just won't stop talking about how flawless am!! I guess I'll try it, but not because I want to!!!"

shut up kiki

No. 46464

lol I can't wait for this

No. 46465

You seriously hit the nail on the head.

Hasn't she already tried modeling before here in the us? I remember one anon posting about a photoshoot she did, the pictures never came out (other than the bts pics she took to brag about it on twitter) and she never spoke of it again.

I think she tweeted about this because she just auditioned for a bunch of Japanese modeling agencies and needed an excuse to go through with it. jrcock was talking about how Taylor R's agency is having auditions soon, she's probably hopping on that. And you know she's gonna try to be on Kota's agency too.

No. 46469

But she's not tall lol

No. 46471


Part of me is like, there's no way in hell Bravo would hire Kiki, not only because shes haggard and too old to start a modeling career, but also because of the inevitable fallout between the Ostrenga Sisters. I can see Kiki shit talking Kota to the other models and just being a sandy cunt in general. "you think you're so pretty and special? They photoshop the fuck out of you, mang, you ain't shit without it but a fat idiot loser, they old chose you because they didn't know about ~me~ yet."

And I know I'm a terrible person but I do badly want to see Kiki get signed and start talking mad shit about Kota. It would be beyond hilarious to see her ruin her own career before it even starts.

No. 46473

neither is kota. nor is she thin or in shape, but that's not stopping her.

No. 46475

nobody ever approaches you thinking you're a model kaka please! god, for her being such a skinny ass person she really seems unable to get the fuck over herself >>46471

really wish i could see that 2015 would be glorious

go on kaka, rooting for you. destroy fucking everything

No. 46478

it wasn't for runways, it was just a photoshoot, I think it was for a lesser known brand. She obviously would never in a million years model for high fashion brands, even if she was tall.

I don't think Bravo would even hire Kiki either. Satoru Japan (Taylor R's modeling agency) probably wouldn't take her because they have their own gaijin model already and she isn't even getting any jobs. I think the modeling thing is also a way she can try to live in Japan and be special. She's way too useless for Japan herself and way too unbearable for any guy to marry her so she can get that spouse visa.

I am anxious to see this mess unfold though. I can't wait for the twitter meltdown when a modeling agency tells her she's way too old looking for them.

No. 46479

If Kaka does get signed, how hard do you Think she's gonna milk Dakota's fame to boost her own? OR is she gonna keep her mouth shut about it publicly and only mention it when "other people" bring it up? We know she can't stand Dakota anymore, so I wonder how she'll handle constantly being compared to and asked about her.

She'll never be "Kiki Kannibal", the most she'll ever be is "Dakota Rose's older sister!".

No. 46480

Agencies can be fucking brutal. I was once told my boobs were too big (B cup) for what they were looking for, but the way the scouting lady said it was just vile.

>"Maybe you could try applying at Hooters, you'd fit right in there, sweetie. Thanks for showing up!".

Like goddamn, I was 16 and it was just for a clothing catalogue, not fucking Vogue. Idk if a Japanese agency would be different, since from my undersanding the Japanese are more polite in general, or if they would even bother pretending to be nice to Kiki.

No. 46482

Wow what a nasty pretentious bitch, I hate when people speak that way to people at vulnerable ages. Shit, I know the age shouldn't determine whether disrespect is acceptable or not, but to tell you that at the peak of your teen years? Shame on her.

No. 46483

You just know she’s going to namedrop Kota all over the place in an attempt to get hired by someone, and then do her best to one-up her. What a shitty sister.

It’s pretty pathetic that she only wants to model in Japan for the sole purpose of being better than Dakota, since she obviously has zero interest in Japan.

No. 46487


It's even mote pathetic when you realize her entire identity is based off of her being insanely jealous of Dakota. Her style, her Japanese sugar daddy, her wanting to suddenly be a model in Japan, her wanting to speak Japanese and live in Japan- all because Dakota has something she doesn't.

No. 46493

I was told my eyes looks like contact lenses and that they thought it was creepy because I have big blue/gray eyes. Lol and another agency told me they loved my eyes (which is the one that hired me). So it depends on the agency and the booker's view. Kiki doesn't look like a model IMO I'm a model because I wanna have some extra $. Kiki wants to model because she wants to be the "best" and can't stand her sister is the famous Ostrenga. Kiki may have blue eyes, white skin and "blond" (more like light brown ) hair, but that doesn't make her a model. I'm white and blue eyed too, and that doesn't make me a model. What makes me a model is my face ( I don't think I'm pretty like a VS angel but my features arent average), my height and my body. I don't think Kiki is ugly but her face looks manly at some angles, she has a weird body type and isn't tall enough. I think it was Karl Lagerfeld who said "the model doesn't have to be the prettiest but the one who most interesting facial features has". And she's not interesting. /sorry if my writing is weird it's 5 am and I didn't sleep bc of exams haha

No. 46494

If this has been brought up already ITT then apologies, but I'm not going back and reading it all on my shitty tablet.

Kaka should go back to scene. I think the dramatic, colorful style really worked for her with her harsh features and skintone. This soft pastel thing she's trying to do to copy Kooter just doesn't work for her, objectively. Plus, she could definitely get noticed for it if she started doing scene makeup and hair tutorials in Japanese, and going to Harajuku fashion walks. Tokyo Fashion would probably even feature her on their Tumblr/Insta.

I kind of feel bad for her, I feel like if her parents hadn't fucked her childhood up she might be a very different person. Back in her myspace scene days she always seemed really defensive and bratty because she was insecure and didn't know how to interact with people in a healthy, functional way, and that combined with her parents milking her Myspace popularity fucked her into a dysfunctional adult. Fortunately for her, it's not too late to change.

secretly hoping Kiki finds her own style & gets away from the Monstrengas like Kooter did, then rebuilds her relationship with her sister. They could bond over kawaii vegan food and coffee about hiw awful and hopeless their parents are and how they escaped their plans to drag them down their poverty hole with them

>sorry if typos and nonsense. drunk asf

No. 46496

Which is popularity. Fame. She's the one living in the shadows ATM

No. 46499

Scene just isn't popular anymore though, so she's not going to get any attention. Attention is what she craves most.

No. 46500

she doesn't. just want ppularity, she wants Dakota's popularity.

No. 46501

no one cares. stop talking about yourself. anybody can model if their skinny enough.

No. 46502


No. 46503

but then again dakota's a model and she's fat.

No. 46504


Scene isn't popular in the west anymore, but there is still a small scene left for it. Japan never really got scene though, the closest hey have is like Visual Kei I think. But OTT sparkle kawaii vomit shit is pretty strong in the Harajuku commuities, especiall since KPP. Kaka could just take scene and add kawaii Japanese street fashion elements and add them to it, carve out a new niche. The potential is there for someone with disposable income, hair/makeup skills and lots of free time.

No. 46507

I think they would be as brutal as they are here in the west. I know it's awful how brutal it is and I am sorry for that scouting lady being an asshole to you and most likely any other girls, but I really hope Kiki gets the most brutal scouting person. She really needs a wake up call. It's good to have self-confidence but being an egotistical asshole is not the same as that. It's also good to have dreams, but you do have to keep your feet on the ground and realize that most of them are unrealistic fantasies.

I agree. Kiki feels she has to have every little thing Kota has and every little thing that she likes. In her stickam shows she was insulting anime and Sailor Moon, now she all of a sudden loves it because Kota does and it's trendy. Same thing with Final Fantasy, when Kiki saw all those compliments about how Kota looks like FF character, Kiki decided she loved the game and that everyone tells her she looks like one.

No. 46508

Not the anon you're replying but being skinny doesn't make you a model. You have to have a interesting facial features as anon said. Or at least being cute and famous for something.

No. 46509

Which she has all of. Bitch needs to stop dragging her feet and work for something in her life, then maybe she could be more than Kotas old haggard sister.

No. 46511

agreed. nobody cares about your life story as some basic model.

skinny enough isn't always the call. sometimes its pre-fame. like fucking kendall jenner who is the bane of my existence

No. 46512

actually scene still has quite a growing ollowing on IG.

No. 46514

i hope scene comes back tbh. that shit was hilarious. i miss the tiny princess crowns

No. 46516

I think that asides from wanting Kora's fame she can't look for something more… High? I mean, all she do/did is : being a /failure/ musician, shop owner, law student (?????), "studying" languages /google translate/ flirting with Japanese men. She doesn't look for a decent job in a cafe, shop… I know she doesn't have studies (career) so she could look for a job in a shop. Or cafe, or restaurant. And stop with the vegan thing because I can imagine her looking at the food like "omg that's not vegan, this is horrible. I'm gonna complain". And as she's TOO KAWAII FOR WORKING she's only looking for easy things. And the easiest thing is getting married in Japan to a Japanese man with a decent income.

No. 46518

I don't think that will happen unless she gets knocked up. Kiki isn't he kind of girl, physically or personality-wise, that most Japanese men want for anyhing other than to show off. She never really was the type of girl the guys would bring home to the family, in other words.

No. 46519

"interesting facial features" when talking about modeling is usually code word for ugly/weird looking.

also, yes you do have to be skinny. there's no fatties allowed in fashion.

No. 46524

I definitely agree with most of what you said.
I've heard being a housewife in Japan is a lot of work actually, it's not like with a lot of rich women here in the west who have nannies/babysitters and maids. You're actually expected to do all the work a housewife should do. And I've heard that a lot of mothers in Japan spend a lot of time preparing intricate meals/bentos for their kids. Kiki's too lazy to work hard in the things she claims to be oh so interested in, she has no interest in anyone but herself so I can't see that going well.
I also agree with what this anon said on the subject >>46518 also Japanese men may fetishisize white women, but they're typically not someone they want to marry.
And on top of all that, being a housewife isn't as glamorous as being a model, musician, fashion designer, etc.

No. 46527

And on top of all that, I just hope Kii never has a kid at all because she's so lazy and selfish, she wld treat the poor thing like shit anyway. I could see her trying to pimp her kawaii hafu baby out to child modeling agencies, ugh.

No. 46528

Uh, housewives are expected to actually do housework in the west too. Its only really rich families and households where both parents work (which means there is no housewife to begin with) that have domestic help. She's going to have to do shit no matter who she marries in whatever country she marries in

No. 46529

I feel the same, anon.
Even though her personality leaves something to be desired, I sincerely want to see her do well and actually better herself. Just not the way that she's been going about it. I really feel bad for her because I too think she'd be a lot different if her circumstances growing up were different.

No. 46532

>She's going to have to do shit no matter who she marries in whatever country she marries in

Unless she marries into money, ofc. But let's be honest, she's only mid-level sugar baby material at most, the big money spenders date flunked out model and actress wannabes wo are actually pretty, stylish, and have actual personalities.

No. 46536


yeah, there are granny models kiki, didn't you know?

No. 46538

File: 1423111093746.jpg (56.77 KB, 596x438, anorexic-granny.jpg)

oops dropped my pic

No. 46540

EW man, spoiler that shit!

No. 46541

lmao if you made the entire outfit white, made the hair thinner, changed the hair color to brown, and added thick cat eyeliner, it would literally be kiki

No. 46543

10/10 looks better than kaka

No. 46550


And Bravo most likely know about kiki derailing the YT comments of Dakota's interviews and being a catty cunt towards some gaijin chick (Mimei iirc) lol

No. 46552

I forgot about that, Kiki also copyright claimed pictures/videos from people Kota worked for. I'm sure they'd be livid about that. You know Kiki would be a diva and try to do that because she didn't like the picture/video or the light it put her in.

No. 46560

I also forgot to add, Kiki would hate modeling so much. She never takes our advice on what would make her look better. In almost every thread, people discuss how she'd look better with different hair, different makeup, a different style, etc. But she never even considers any of it and thinks we're just jealous haters trying to tear her down.

In modeling, it's not about how you want to look, it's about how the agency and the companies that hire you want you to look. I never got why all these wannabe kawaii girls try to be models. Even Kota has not control over her look, I bet there are plenty of shoots Kota has taken and that she hates.

No. 46572

It would be incredibly funny to have an agency hire her, give her some constructive criticism, and then have her throw a temper tantrum and quit . She would probably later lie and say they were not vegan friendly or shit like that

No. 46582

Or that they wanted her to do gravure, and she quit on principle because she's ~better than that, and won't stoop so low bc it's not fitting for a pure elf godddess~.

Hilarious, too, because she's fucking & sucking dick for money.

No. 46583

Both of these bitches can't even converse properly in nihongonese…

No. 46586

Keekz will be the new Applemilk. But with less interest in Japan.

No. 46587


Kaka is totally auditioning this past month and hasn't gotten into any agencies, she's too old.

No. 46591

PULLfags in the Kooter and Kaka threads need to go back where they came from.

No. 46592

Her age is only the tip of the massive iceberg.

I wish she would just realize and finally understand that Japan is never going to like her for the reasons they like Dakota. Why trade down for the older, bitchier, less popular knockoff?

No. 46601


I would feel so sorry for Kiki's child. I can't imagine Kiki being a mother.

No. 46613

The reason why I don't think Kaka has a real chance at getting signed is exactly because of this. She looks haggard and old, and honestly she looks extremely bad, I'm not even trying to be catty or insulting, on purpose, but imagine if she were signed and people took candids of her and this is what we see?

Kota doesn't look all that kawaii special in her candids, but put one next to this picture and compare it. She definitely will look worlds better than Kaka.

Also I just wanted to point out, because it was mentioned earlier briefly, Taylor R is in her twenties and working as a model in Japan, albeit she isn't rolling in the jobs, but the reason why she DOES get jobs at her age is because she has her foot in the door, so to speak. She has an established career, that did start in China and she migrated it over to Japan (probly a mistake on her part), though you can say she shot herself in the foot with the kawaii bit she's doing, but she has/had a reputation, her career started years ago. It is hard / near impossible to start a modeling career in your twenties (some agencies even say 16 is too old for them to start a career) 30 is considered ancient in the modeling world, Taylor is probably nearing the end of her career tbh. How does Kaka expect to begin a modeling career at her age, appearance aside?

In comparison, Kaka has literally nothing under her belt aside from failed attempts at stores and a YouTube channel that doesn't even get NEARLY as much attention as Kota's.

TLDR; Kaka is too old and haggard looking with a reputation for being a failure attached to her name.

/sorry for rambling on, I tend to only post when I'm half asleep and have a shit ton to say. Also not a Taylor white knight, but I am a fan, thought she was a good example to use. I'm done now lol

No. 46614

File: 1423125142865.gif (2.26 MB, 500x280, howdareyou.gif)

Ah, yes, the Irish, specifically known for their long and voluminous eyelashes! Everybody knows of that common trait.
>mfw I'm half Irish and my eyelashes are light brown, not very thick or long and are barely noticeable without mascara on

No. 46621

K the people in this thread talking about they kind of "hope Kirsten succeeds" or "turns her life around" need to shut their fucking faces and get back to PULL.

Dakota I can understand because whilst she was kind of an ass you can tell that she was the product of bad influences and now that she's gotten away from those influences she's become a better person. Kirsten on the hand is vile. She's vile and brimming with arrogance, insecurity, haughtiness and hubris. I would go so far to say that Kirsten is the most hubristic person I have ever seen in my life.

She is gross and done things 10000000000000000x more terrible than Dakota ever did and today still refuses to acknowledge, own up to or apologise for any of it, and has the audacity to try and blame it on the very people she first hurt to begin with and say it's just "haters" out to get her.

She needs to take some fucking responsibility. This girl thinks she's bulletproof and deserves NOTHING.

No. 46623

File: 1423130165918.gif (486.63 KB, 380x254, tumblr_lqvr4qot3d1qhwxm8.gif)

Fuck yea, somebody gotta say it.

Idk bout all you, but I wanna see her ass shipped back to the US.
(But first I wanna see Dakota drink the tears of her lazy, conceited, failure of a sister)

No. 46628

I 100% agree.

People can say what they want about Kota, but she admitted that she was an asshole. She may have excused it and gave a half-assed apology but I think it was because she was truly ashamed/embarrassed of it. Also it would probably piss Kiki off if she brought her into it. Kiki still denies that she has ever done anything wrong and is still playing the victim. She likes to act like us "hate" forums ruin her life and make it so she can't be successful ever, when Kota had the entire internet against her and still managed to be successful.

I don't wish death or anything awful on Kiki, but I don't wish success for her until she quits playing the victim and actually works for what she wants. It's disgusting how Kota had to work so hard and go through all kinds of shit in order to become successful but Kiki's just trying to get it handed to her for being Kota's sister.

I do too, I'm waiting for when her visa expires.

Also, I'm pretty sure she's now directly saying she lives in Japan, her most recent picture has the tag "#外人は日本にいます" This doesn't make sense to me, the translation is, "Foreigner going in Japan," but she's already there. If she wanted to say that she's a foreigner living in Japan, I think it'd be best to say, "日本で住んでいる外人" Or a foreigner staying in Japan like she truly is, would be, "日本では滞在している外人"

No. 46629

[Buk]Kake will be torn apart by 2ch if she tries to pursue her career in Japan, that's for sure. There's also Jrcock.

I don't know why you guys give Kake recommendations on what to do to succeed. The best advice she has never followed is to get off the internet and live a normal life, but she never did.

Of course, there will always bethe crazy stage mom, kek. I would love to see LOLCath try to threaten Japanese anons with false copyright claims.

No. 46630

Lmao, I wonder if she got into that with her sugar daddy. ;) She probably made high pitched sounds the entire time like she made in that one video in her "apartment."
I can get why they give her all of the advice, I was one of those anons. It's just pretty depressing and pathetic to see someone like this, which is why people try to help pt, Chris, foreverkailyn, and other lolcows. I wouldn't worry about those people, I think everyone will come to their senses at some point and realize that these lolcows don't want help. And when they do want help, it's unrealistic help.

I would love to see a war between Kiki/Cathy and 2ch. I'm upset and surprised there hasn't been one between them and jrcock yet.
I feel like Kiki thinks that Japan is a perfect place, everyone's nice, and there's no such thing as hate sites there. Too bad I'm pretty sure you have to live in Japan to post on there, I'd love to see how people there would react to Kiki.

No. 46631

oh god i miss Emily, she was her own kind of crazy. I wonder what she's up to these days

No. 46640

Sorry, I made a mistake.

No. 46669

@mmmkikikannibal: Annnnnnd is what I do when I'm alone in my apartment after studies #dancebreak #rilakkuma #tokyo http://t.co/mfLrKHOrg3
"Studies" is that what she is calling diddling the sugar daddy?

No. 46670

And again she is wearing the same outfit? Wtf

No. 46671

I start to think all those photos are from the same day but she posts them delayed so she doesn't have to go out.

No. 46672

File: 1423149735569.png (653.67 KB, 1038x635, notevennative.png)

>What are they saying?
>I'm not sure
>Not even native Japanese could understand

[Buk]Kake, you don't understand anything with Japanese squiggles, even spoken word in that country.

No. 46675

huh? 外人は日本にいます does translate to "foreigner in japan". "foreigner going to japan" would be 外人は日本に行きます

No. 46680

No. 46683

She was standing near Volks Akihabara Hobby Paradise in Chiyoda. Looks like latergram from her trip to Akihabara.

No. 46703

last I heard, she made some post about how Japan treated her like a novelty and she was moving past it. Someone made a thread about her on PULL and it was deleted for some reason. If anyone knows something new, make a thread about her here, I wanna talk about her.

No. 46721


I am almost certain they are the day because this is the third or fourth picture of her in the same shirt. What the fuck?

Yeah I dont think Kiki could make it as a model and she is deluding herself into thinking she can. I can't wait to see this play out.

No. 46727

Bet she quotes the queen "they wouldn't let me shine".

No. 46733


From what I know, that sentence basically translates to "Foreigner is in Japan", which sounds kind of unnatural.

日本にいる外人 (Foreigner who is in Japan) or 日本に住んでいる外人 (Foreiger living in Japan) sounds better.

Also, I wouldn't use "gaijin" but rather American (アメリカ人、amerikajin). I think it sounds better

No. 46738

What if she's saying it like that so Isis can tweet her again.

No. 46743

That would be hilarious.
But using that sentence structure just shows she is still doesn't know basics when it comes to Japanese.

Using big and complicated kanji and google translate grammar won't fool anyone, Kaka. Rather, start with the basics.

No. 46778

"Annnnnnd is what I do when I'm alone in my apartment after studies #dancebreak #rilakkuma #tokyo"
"Grab yo RILA and do the KKUMA #rilakkuma #tokyo #東京 #リラックマ #ダンス #キキニャン"
Omg so kawaii desu KiraKira Princess from Mars.

No. 46779

the outfit is horrible

No. 46787

I don't know if it's just me, but she looks like she has down syndrome in these.

No. 46795

File: 1423171045650.jpg (101.78 KB, 400x563, portfolio.jpg)

dakota's sister making her portfolio

No. 46798

Do you still have that kota blog?

No. 46801

入る, meaning "to go in," can also be pronounced as いる and at the time, it made more sense to me than, "Foreigner exists in Japan." You're right, it was 4am I was a bit sleep deprived when I wrote that post, so I apologize.

You're right on this one, I googled both of our sentences and it seems to be less commonly written with the で particle.
Thank you to both of you anons for correcting my mistakes.

Is she seriously calling herself Kiki Nyan? The weeb is strong with this one.

I can see that, the brightness+shirt+angle combo looks like she has no neck and I can also see it in the eyes. She looks really old and mannish in these videos and all the time imo.


No. 46806

Her outfit is like a slut's ootd to catch clients

No. 46812

Does Kiki count as a weeb if her interest in Japan isn't genuine? I always thought a weeb was someone who obsessed over Japan because they think it's a magical land of pocky and schoolgirls and magical adventures where you dont need any social skills or manners at all to get by. Granted, she only is pretending to like Japan because that's where her sister got the most attention, if Japan hadn't called on her Kota would be living in Hong Kong right now and Kiki would be bragging about how quickly she learned Chinese and how much she loves the culture and language, and that Kota is famous there is totes a huge coincidence becuz she's always loved China and Chinese culture since she was a little girl!

No. 46819

Her PULL accounts had nyan everywhere too, dakotynyan and such, she really is into the weeb stereotspe without even watching anime.

No. 46820

I'm the same anon here >>46801 and I know I'm far from fluent, but I think my Japanese is at least slightly better than hers. I've been really studying Japanese probably about a month, maybe less, before she started "learning," and I also self-study. I know everyone learns at their own paces, but you'd think with all the free time she has and with actually being able to go to Japan, she'd be a lot better. I always thought she was using Tae Kim's guide to Japanese since he teaches a lot of the grammar she was using, but one of the first things it shows is how to use a clause to modify a noun.

I'm the one that wrote that and I was thinking that too, but she is definitely acting like a weeb. I think she is kind of having the same idea weebs have of Japan, just without the interest. My dad who knows nothing of anime and Japanese pop culture today, thinks Japan is strange. Mostly because one time, he was painting my brother's house, he accidentally caught a glimpse into my brother's Japanese neighbor's house and saw the guy jerking it to hentai. My point is, even people who don't really know anything about Japan just see it as the weird and kawaii stuff. The only difference is weebs are in love with the weird and kawaii stuff they see/hear about and normal people are disturbed by it.

No. 46825

she had PULL accounts? lmao does anybody have a link or screencaps

No. 46832

Lol, maybe she's just acting like a weeb because she thinks the Japanese will think it's cute, just like actual delusional weebs.

No. 46835

I can definitely see that, when I was in my weeb phase, I acted like that and thought everyone would think I was totemo kawaii desu. It's even more pitiful because I was 11 or 12 at the time and stopped when I realized people thought it was annoying/weird, she's like turning 23 this year and still keeps doing it no matter how many people say it's annoying. Even pt, to my knowledge, doesn't do that weeby stuff and girl dresses like a toddler. I wonder if Kiki is gonna start dressing and completely acting like pt, I would pay to see that tbh.

Who do you guys think looks worse, pt or Kiki? I think they both look equally look awful, but I think pt looks younger than Kiki. Pt seems to have more color and life to her skin where as Kiki looks like a corpse. Not to say pt doesn't lok old as hell either, she just looks younger than Kiki.

No. 46836

Kiki is exactly like weeaboos who believe Japanese people will be all “omg this foreigner thinks Japanese stuff is kawaii! What an awesome gaijin who understands our culture so well!”

People usually grow out of it by her age, but since her “interest” in Japan is only months old she doesn’t know any better. You’re not coming off as cute, Keeks, it’s just annoying.

No. 46862

It's actually really humiliating. She is just so new to Japan and weeb culture both that she's making the mistakes 11-14 year olds used to make on Gaia with their ~kawaii sakura hime chan~ roleplay avatars, except Keekz is doing it in Japan and selling herself to some guy so she can do it.

Also I would just love to take a minue to bask in the beautiful irony of Kaka openly bashing, hating, and shut talking sex workers only to finally become one herself.

No. 46866

I've posted on 2ch and don't live there. The threads go way too fast and Kaka is too irrelevant for anyone to care.

No. 46878

i'm rolling my eyes rn

No. 46879

File: 1423195101214.jpg (35.72 KB, 615x352, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.JPG)

dropped pic

No. 46885

Jrcock does.

No. 46891

File: 1423197614962.jpg (53.25 KB, 640x480, 068d3fdd29c151f32ddaf8138ff615…)

omgfg like this? i have this and thought it was normal. now i know i'm a freak of nature.

No. 46893

I love how she acts like she's so gorgeous and desirable that men can't keep their hands off of her, but it's ~not her fault she's so beautiful!!~. She loves playing the victim so much, and combines it with her dysfunctional need to be noticed and bam.

btw keekz, if you stopped trying to dress like a kawaii prostitute & stopped talking to lonely middle aged dudes on the internet, you might not have this problem. But of course we all know you adore pretending to be victimized while you manipulate and extort anyone you possibly can for personal gain.

No. 46894

It's incredibly common. I think it's more common than not, actually. It's probably called a deformity because plastic surgeons want people to feel insecure so they get lipo or something.

No. 46896

I think it's cute

No. 46897


It was like the only bit of international attention she got lately I think

No. 46898

lmao looks like she just discovered there are more japanese characters other than hello kitty and sailor moon lol

No. 46914


It's exceedingly common to the point of it being normal tbh.

No. 46915

Laughing hard as fuck, because I can hear it just fine and I'm not even that good at Japanese. They're loud protestors who love Abe to death, and these yellers always say the same shit. It's all about politics. You'd think Keekz would know that, being ~FLUENT IN JAPANESE~

No. 46917

Who wants to bet she's lying about her age when she goes to all these modeling agencies for tryouts?

and how would she even get into one? her japanese is shit, does she make her sugar daddy take her and translate for her?

No. 46921

Is it wrong that part of me hopes she would get hooked up with a shady agency and tricked into porn

No. 46925

I don't see her lying about her age, it should be the least of her worries. I think older women (at least what's considered old for modeling) can be successful models as long as they still look young and still have good bodies. Taylor R was really successful before she decided to shoot herself in the foot, try to gain fame in Japan and fucked up her face. But Kiki looks old as fuck, if I didn't know any better, I'd think she's in her 30's.

I definitely think she'd get her sugar daddy or one of her many Japanese "friends" to do translate it. I feel like when she started "learning" Japanese she had people online translate what she wanted to say so she could post it on twitter/instagram to show off.

I kinda do too, but I think it would turn into a thing for her to milk about how all men find her so desirable, they all want to rape her, and she's just a helpless little victim. There is a really high chance of that, it's really common for people looking into modeling to be scammed and I've heard foreigners are much more likely to get scammed.

No. 46926

Omg yes, and then the yukaza turn her out and she can never leave nippon.

No. 46934

No self respecting Australian man would touch Kiki with a 10 foot pole.

No. 46948

Do we have any evidence she's actually getting tryouts? I thought it was just speculation. I mean, I can totally see her trying to get into modelling again but how do we know they're even inviting her for auditions?

No. 46962


it's just speculation because there's literally nothing to talk about because keez is fucking basic

No. 46965

There is this one japanese scene shop that lists her as prime example for the style, she could model for them if she wanted but her looks these days is just plain shit.

No. 46966

No. 46969

Fuck they have some cute shit.

Where do they list her?

No. 46970

The Link above Media (Press), also includes old Dakota.

No. 46971

Someone should tweet her that and tell her to try out for them.

I wonder if they would laugh her off seeing as she looks nothing like that anymore.

No. 46973

You would think if she wanted real attention she would jump back on the scene kid train.

No. 46975

Scene died out in 2009, she would get no attention.

No. 46986

It didn't die, it only evolved, there are still tons of active "scene modeling" pages on Facebook.

No. 46988

Let's face it. Scene is long gone. That's like saying Dinosaurs still exist because lizards do.

No. 46989

According to you Goth, Punk, etc must be dead too because it isn't mainstream anymore.

No. 46990

I have to agree on that, in the summer of 2012, I stayed at my cousin's house for a while and literally all of her friends were scene/emo. Literally the first thing I was greeted with was a scene girl coming up to my cousin and I and showing off the cuts she made on herself.

No. 46991

I posted too soon.
These people are still scene kids even though it's still irrelevant.
It was weird for me even though I've also seen some scene kids at shows and there's one I went to school with, but not as much as I saw with my cousin.
I also have to agree with this point too. Just because a style isn't popular anymore, doesn't mean people won't try to follow it.

No. 46994

You sound a lot like Moemo. Actually I assume any anon who gets butthurt when people say scene is dead is Moemo. Stop trying to make scene happen momo

No. 46998

Nah, I just think it is stupid to declare something as dead only because it isn't popular anymore, that's not how fashion works.

No. 47015

Not really. Punk and Goth (usually) hold ideologies, not merely looks. Scene is all about fashion trends, and that fashion passed.

No. 47016

Different anon here, but I'm pretty sure when people say things are "dead" they mean it's not popular any more, not that no one in the whole world is still interested in it. If that's your definition of the term then it would be practically never be used because there's always probably going to someone somewhere that's still interested in something, no matter how obscure.

No. 47017

Scene can't die because Scene itself isn't a fixed style, it is whatever alternative style chavs copy at the moment.

No. 47018

No. 47023

Too bad China isn't kawaii Japan, so keekz would have no interest.

No. 47030

seriously, the only reason she pretended that she's interested in china was because when she was posting images to insinuate that she was in japan, she accidentally posted a picture from china. you don't see her posting in google translate chinese anymore and going to china, which i've heard is really cheap.

No. 47040

Her twitter name still has Chinese in it right? Not her @ handle, but the other one (I'm not a twiter user so idk what it's called). Did we ever find out what it was supposed to mean?

No. 47041

I thought it was just supposed to be her name? She did do that when she was pretending to be interested in China, I think she just hasn't bothered changing it. Or she just keeps it because it makes her appear "cultured," although I think honey boo-boo and her family would be much more cultured than her, lol.

No. 47062

I hope that never will get pregnant by her sugar daddy, imagine the life that poor kid had to endure.

No. 47077

I dont feel like Kiki is mentally equipped to handle having a child. Not only is she selfish, spoiled, and has a rotten personality with no morals, she's jst too lazy for the metric fuckton of work it takes to raise even one kid decently. I feel like even if she did get knocked up, her SD woukd take custody and kick her to the curb.

No. 47095

I hope her SD is taking every precaution to NOT knock her up. A baby being born in Japan could be her key to sticking around a lot longer, which I'm sure he doesn't want. She seems like the kind of young woman that an older guy wants to wine and dine simply for status reasons (I mean, she's fairly pretty and she's a blonde white woman) but would not wanna commit.

No. 47102

I can imagine her collecting used condoms in the hopes to get pregnant by them, I even think that is what Cathy collected her used condoms for in the first place.

No. 47106

What the everloving fuck? I knew Mama Ostrenga had some issues, but that's messed up…

No. 47231

File: 1423341361670.png (109.84 KB, 325x354, DAKIKI_WHAT_HAVE_I_DONE.png)

Posted this in the Kota thread originally and thought I'd add it here… cause… wow.

No. 47239

>>47231 No, omg, don't give her any ideas…

No. 47251


Oh god noooooooooo that actually somehow looks worse she legit looks like a pasty, middle aged, baby momma.

No. 47260

File: 1423347922595.jpg (20.81 KB, 360x360, 1422820935686.jpg)

ick ick ick.

kiki needs to go back to platinum blonde, or like, dark brown/black, or something. the light brown really isn't doing her any favors tbh. she's not ugly, but her plain-ass hair definitely detracts a lot from her looks. she needs more of a contrast going on with her face having such "sharp" features. the soft brown look works for dakota because she has rounder features. i'd love to see kiki with black hair and sidebangs actually, she'd look smokin'.

No. 47269

It's an improvement. If she bleached/dyed her hair, she may actually look cute, or at least in her photos/videos. I don't know if she'd look cute irl since she does use her best angles and a lot of brightness to hide her nose.

I definitely agree with this anon >>47260
Especially with the black hair and sidebangs thing. I think she should also chop all of her hair off, I think long hair looks best on people with softer features. And she can't be bothered to even style it so it looks better on her.

No. 47272

File: 1423351728280.png (111.87 KB, 325x354, dakoki.png)

don't forget the big ass circle lens!

No. 47285

That looks like something you'd get if you put a photo of Kota and Kiki through one of those 'what would your baby look like?' programs.

No. 47301

File: 1423359846298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.5 KB, 410x674, cenc.jpg)

My favorite hentai artist draws those on his anime girls. So I started drawing them on mine too since I thought it was considered sexier?

No. 47306

I can assure you that even Dakota is not well known in Japan. So if Kiki tries to ride her coattails, it won't get her far.

No. 47316

I have this and I thought it was normal too. Now that I know it's considered a deformity, that makes me feel disgusting. Brb gonna go die under a rock

No. 47321

…I hope you're joking.
If not, I think mummy and daddy need to put some child blocks on the Internet.

No. 47325

It is considered a deformity as much as a thight gap, it isn't anything rare.

No. 47326

I feel opposite. Mine are pretty extreme and very obvious, and seeing everyone saying they like them or that they're normal or even sexier in this thread has actually made me feel a ton better…

No. 47328

c'mon anon, we all know that body type makes for perpetual muffin top, no matter how low your weight is

No. 47329

Stop getting the fuck ot like jfc go to /b/ with your fucking hip shit.

No. 47332

ikr no1curr

No. 47366

if you cover the bottom half of her face

No. 47367

File: 1423381641623.png (9.04 KB, 592x115, Untitled.png)

so strong

No. 47370

I just want her to get a boob job or god dammit do SOMETHING interesting. She just has an atrocious attitude and she's trying to be famous in a country that's notorious for their public manners; she's only entertainment because of how dumb she is and that she was at one point interesting (albeit a train wreck, but a fun one).

She could actually be interesting again if she just stopped trying to be her younger sister. I can think of very few things less pathetic than the choices she's making right now.

No. 47375

I think she's caught up to that. I think she hasn't been doing much lately since she's realized it's only entertainment for us. I'm starting to think she's trying to get rid of us by boring us. She hasn't had her twitter tirades in a while even though she was actually being stalked by jrcock. Kiki desperately wants fame but she wants none of the criticism that comes with it. It worked for Dakota; people don't really have much negative to say about her these days since she doesn't give them much to talk about.

If you want some entertainment, you're really gonna have to set off her crazy. You could get stickydrama to get in another twitter battle with her or if you have a Japanese twitter that's pretty popular, post about her (even if no one following gives a shit, Kiki will because the haters are trying to ruin her modeling career before it even starts). I think posting about her in Japanese would really make her flip out. Remember when she flipped out about people reporting her stolen images and the stuff she was taking credit for/reselling on lilkitten?

No. 47386

All deez bitches be tryin to bust into the Japan scene with their broken Nihongo.. I'm learning Mandarin now, no regrets.

Keekz really needs to do something with her life. What a sad, sugar daddy existence.

No. 47388



No. 47389

我喜欢学习汉语. 我要 走访 中国 近期. 我只会讲一点中文。
才疏学浅 !

(Please forgive any mistakes, I began learning a month ago~ ^)

No. 47394

The stupid cunt discovered vine

No. 47406

Lmao, I was thinking she maybe posted one thing but damn, she spammed her twitter with it. It took a really long time to load her page on my laptop.

I wonder if she isn't in Japan anymore. I think she left when she posted that picture of the guys putting her stuff in a cab, maybe even earlier than that. But I think she stocked up videos/pictures from her trip so that it could seem like she lives there. She didn't post many selfies/videos of herself there and in the pictures/videos she posted, she's only wearing the same 2 outfits with a small amount of variation(i.e. in her recent instagram videos, she changed/took off the top underneath that mesh top in her recent selfies). Kiki is a huge attention whore, last time she was there, she was posting many selfies showing off her outfits and stuff. Actually, almost every single picture/video in general she takes, has to show off her clothes/accessories or any other material items in it. I can't see her passing up an opportunity to really show off.

No. 47409

Not white knighting (trust me) but I know that I as well as a few other people who travel like to pack light – only a few outfits. Of course you would want to pack stuff you can mix and match, but I don't see the few outfits as proof she's moved. I could see her going there with a few outfits and then having the rest shipped out there, IF she were moving.

I just don't think she moved unless her parents are fine going (more?) heavily into debt to support her extended vacation. She doesn't know Japanese well enough to be living there without a college degree or any kind of professional training. The only things she can really do even in Tokyo without knowing the language are have a sugar daddy (and I have rarely known a person to have a sugar daddy for longer than a few months even if they have a great personality because they get bored), porn, or hostessing. She doesn't have the personality for hostessing. She may get lucky and book a few modeling jobs but I don't see her keeping a consistent flow of work like Kota or other gaijin models.

No. 47410

I totally get what you're saying, it's just Kiki we're talking about. Last time Kiki packed/got different outfits there, this time there's only 2 outfits. The entire trip to Japan was just for fame and another thing to brag about. It's not because she actually has an interest in traveling, if she did, she would've started all this language learning and stuff a long time ago.

I don't think so either, she legally can't unless she gets married and like it was said earlier, she isn't wife material. In order to live and work in Japan, it's required to speak the language and have at least a bachelor's degree. While, it was confirmed she was in college, it wasn't confirmed she has a bachelor's degree or even graduated. Even if she did, she wouldn't have a useful skill Japan would want, like English teaching.

No. 47413

>she would've started all this language learning and stuff a long time ago.
This point didn't make any sense, I'm sleep deprived atm, so I apologize. I meant to say, she would've posted about cultural experiences in Japan, as well as those things. Kiki was grasping at straws for things to post about this trip and only could talk/post about cat cafes, attention, and being on the radio on the first trip.

No. 47683

Bitch the only reason you pack light is to buy awesome clothes from the place your going. For someone who is supposed to be about fashion, she fucked up every opportunity to actually go to cool shops their for one-of-a-kind pieces, and possibly talk to locals.

If you're sucking old dick to travel, get a new wardrobe. Fuck, contact a stylist- preferably a hair stylist too. If this old guy is shelling out money for her to be there, why wouldn't he be into improving her look?

I don't understand what she wants out of life, she's making degrading choices without any pay off lol. Why is she choosing these experiences?

No. 47691

I don't get that either. Considering the fact that she still had the tags on one thing in one of her videos, it seems like her parents can't afford her kira kira clothes anymore. She's also incredibly materialistic and needs to have things that no one else can have that are expensive/designer. Japan has so many places that are like that it seems.

I wonder if she's even actually into j-fashion. Her style just looks like a mashup of what's trendy tumblr with the angel wings, creepyyeha stuff, etc. Even her videos look like tumblr puked all over them. And she's always been into what's trendy, but alternative at the same time. When she was scene, she actually had a fashion sense of her own it seems. (I didn't follow scene too closely so I don't know if she just copied everything trendy then too) But right now, her style just looks like what's trendy on tumblr. Her style doesn't really have any personality to it, if that makes sense. She always goes for the angelic route, but her outfits lack inspiration of it at all. She just tacks on all the white + angel wing designs she can and puts creepyyeha product(s) on then calls it a day. I think someone who's actually creative/fashionable would get pieces that move a certain way, have a certain texture, pattern, etc, to depict the image they want, if that makes sense at all.

No. 47692

she would not be able to get any kind of working visa if she did hostessing or porn. Gaijin who partake in those occupations do so illegally without proper visas and get paid under the table. If she were caught she would be deported incredibly fast.

No. 47696

maybe she's not sucking old dick after all
could she really be that stupid??? ik its kiki but…who the fuck wouldn't be shopping?

No. 47699

What kind of scam is she pulling now, she posted a pic an hour ago of sunrise in Tokyo only when she posted the pic it would have been the afternoon

No. 47701

I see she took our advice #アメリカ人

No. 47704


Im thinking she went to Japan to meet an older guy with money she met online in the hopes of getting him to take care of her, he took her to a few places like the sumo place and some cafes, but then he maybe decided that her needs far outweighed her white girl appeal (since she looks like crap trying to fit into Dakota's style) and decided not to have her as a sugar baby and get another white gaijin girl instead.

I'm thinking she's probably back in FL latergamming the 3000+ pics of mundane shit she took in Japan like buildings, trains, and the Tokyo Tower to make it look like she's still there while she hunts for another anglophile Nihonjin with money to fly her back there. That would explain why she hasn't been posting pics of any shopping hsuls, since there are fucktons of places in Japan that sell high end fashion shit that is popular on Tumblr.

No. 47706

I knew it. She isn't in Japan anymore, she just stockpiled images/videos. Why would she just be sitting around spamming vines when she's in a foreign country for a limited amount of time? I get sharing a few if you come across one on twitter or something, but she was looking at vine videos for an hour or 2. I don't know about anyone else, but if I was in another country, I'd take up all the time I had with activities in the country I couldn't do at home. All she's done is go to that meeting an eat vegan food/snacks, which is something she could do anywhere. What a total waste of a trip, time, and money.

I truly don't get why people tag their pictures/videos this trying to get attention from Japanese people. I can't see anyone searching that up. You don't see Japanese people tagging their stuff as "Japanese person." Those are the type of tags you'd see in porn, which is where Kiki will most likely end up with her desperation for fame.

I think you're completely right on that.

No. 47707

>"Grab yo RILA and do the KKUMA #rilakkuma

If Kiki's Japanese were even beginner level she would know that 'Rilakkuma' is just 'relax bear' since "rilakkusu" is just relax in kana put into romaji and the Japanese word for bear is 'kuma'. So she is making zero sense.

No. 47708

>You don't see Japanese people tagging their stuff as "Japanese person."

actually I have seen some Japanese people who post in English on IG do this, mostly Japanese girls who are studying English either in Japan or overseas, or by Japanese-Americans trying to get more weeb followers who worship them for being Japanese. Though it is mostly just used for tagwhoring purposes.

No. 47711

this would explain the pic of thise guys moving her stuff ouf of the white cab. She must have been loading up to go to the airport from her ~apaato~ (*cough hotel cough*).

ooh, who wants to bet she got dropped because she wouldn't put out?? I can see Kiki talking to this guy and telling him she's ~better than all those other girls who have to resort to using sex, becayse they're not kawaii and interesting like her~. I can totally see her being one of those poor dumb cunts who are so conceited that they think they can have a sugar daddy without having sex with them.

No. 47712

That's really strange to me, who actually looks up that tag? I could only see horny guys do that.

I was thinking that, but Kiki seems like she's always dtf. The last time she has had sex was with Jack Cash, I think she'd take any action at this point. Also she did shop at Victoria's Secret before she came, so she knew sex would happen. But the sugar daddy could also not be hot enough for her and the vs stuff could be for some other unfortunate man.

This is really random but Kiki makes me think of Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

No. 47714

Kiki does seem DTF when it's with guys who are into music or have some notariety, but that's still different from being DTF a SD. You don't usually brag about your SD, at least not by name or under your own name.

But yeah, she probably got dropped. Maybe she was just an awful lay? I mean, she never really had any IRL relationships with actual guys since she was reslly young, and even that was dysfunctional as hell.

No. 47715

It depends, there is some creepy pornish stuff in the #japanesegirl tag, but also some pretty cute, stylish Japanese girls just using the tag to get noticed. It's just not that big a deal to them.

No. 47716

File: 1423466391073.gif (4.13 MB, 380x285, 0015kf01.gif)

Nigga I love Sweet Dee, don't you ruin Sweet Dee for me

No. 47717

Also lol at #キキちゃん

No. 47718


top fucking kek


but bukkaka is so busy being fabulous in japan, like, she's totally not browsing hate sites guise~

No. 47719

I get what you're saying, though there are some people, mostly men, who are willing to fuck anything when they want sex.

I could see that, the sugar daddy would most likely not be a hot musician guy, so she probably wouldn't kiss him or do any of the work.

I'm sorry! It's mostly just Kiki and Dee both have resemblance to birds, some personality things, and they both are easy to sleep with. Dee is much better than Kiki though.

Lol, you know you're dealing with a total weeb when they refer to themselves as chan. I wonder if Kiki also tries to use kawaii children's language when she speaks to her sugar daddy.

Maybe that sugar daddy expected Kiki to be a cute young girl only to be greeted by an old skeleton.

No. 47721

I wonder what website(s) she uses to meet Japanese guys? She's obviously too proud to just use seekingarrangement outright. I can see her sending out tons of postcards in DokiDokiPostbox hoping to catch one.

>キキ カンニバルですよ!♪♪

>セラ ムーンとリラックマとヘローキチーがだいすきですよ!! めちゃかわいいすぎです!♡♡♡

(brb, shooting myself for actually typing that bullshit out)

No. 47723

I feel like if she was the one who got dropped, she would be moping and crying all over twitter and IG for sympathy without actually saying what was wrong. So, maybe the guy was Into some weird shitand she said no, which a sugar baby has every right to do, or maybe she just didn't have as much money as she wanted her sugar daddy to have, so she's looking for another one.

No. 47724

should haVe used kanji for 大好き and 可愛い as well lol

No. 47737

Tinder is a thing in Japan too

No. 47739

for younger guys, sure, but older guys too?

No. 47745

File: 1423478597943.jpg (202.76 KB, 960x1280, IMG_7943.JPG)

This actually looks a lot like Abigail C/Kawaii Sheepie/Angelicpretty who is living in and working in Tokyo as a model.

Man, even Keeks could probably have some sort of modelling "career" there if she tried.

No. 47749

I still don't think so. I looked this girl up and while she does have harsher features like Kiki does, I can see some cuteness about her. Her eyes, skin, and hair color compliment each other so well, it's the opposite with Kiki. Asia in general may love pale skin, but I don't think they'd like Kiki's pale skin because it has no life to it, she just looks like a corpse.

Plus, this girl actually looks pretty interesting imo, Kiki looks very dull. I could see Kiki being a very interesting looking person if she developed her own sense of style, fixed her hair/makeup, and became healthier. If she stayed with a more edgy alternative style, I could definitely see her doings some modeling. Nothing big of course, but maybe for some small alternative brands and stuff.

No. 47801

who is Abigail C/Kawaii Sheepie/Angelicpretty? I tried looking them up but couldn't find anything

No. 47803

I had no idea who she was either, if you google "Kawaii Sheepie," she should be the first result.

No. 47867

Kiki wore bangs before so i don't think she'd be copying Kota if she cuts her bangs, in fact she would make herself a favor because her forehead is huge. I'd love to see her with bangs like in the shooped picture, I think it suits her very well. But I don't think that by having bangs she'd have model jobs

No. 47871

File: 1423520625539.jpg (63.35 KB, 453x604, x_70e8c9d6.jpg)

She looks old as fuck with whatever haircut she got.

No. 47872

She looks like a 43 year old "go-getting" business woman that feels bad she doesn't spend enough time with her weeby daughter so tries to take an interest in her hobbies but really isn't enjoying it.

No. 47875

this hit a little too close to home

No. 47882

oh, damn, she does look old as fuck. how the hell does a 20-something look this bad?

No. 47883

Especially with that scowl and that ugly ass thrift store looking robe thing she's wearing.

No. 47889

lol imagine if she got the "I need to speak to your manager" haircut on those chunky 2001 highlights

No. 47897

File: 1423527589674.jpg (4.47 KB, 320x158, images.jpg)

Lol to think she would eat at bikkuris.(its not bad) Also I wonder if kotas sister was dragged there by kota or she went herself.

I just find it funny that I can spot where she is.

http://www.bksushi.com/ (their website)

No. 47902

The sad thing is that this photo is from 5 years ago…

No. 47910

she looks like a woman in her 30s

No. 47911

the outfit also doesn't help

No. 47946

>90s outfit


No. 47951

She may look older no matter what, but I think we can all agree this is a massive improvement from what she's doing now. She looks younger and less pathetic with this look. Kiki looks like a 30-40 year old woman trying to be a sexy/kawaii little girl, just like pt. You may think she isn't trying to be a little girl, but Kiki has bragged multiple times on twitter about how "everyone" thinks she's in middle school, lmao.

No. 47952

Yeesh. how old is this girl again? 25? She looks 38 - a bad aging 38.

No. 47954

>Kiki has bragged multiple times on twitter about how "everyone" thinks she's in middle school, lmao

I feel like the only people who ever told her this were her online asskissers who have never actually seen her, people who tell her that to make her feel better for looking so old, or people who are literally blind.

No. 47958

Because she claims to be born 19. September 1990, 24 turning 25.

No. 47963

I remember she posted once about how she always get carded, but I'm pretty sure bars, stores, etc, are supposed to card everyone. My dad is has lots of grey hair but he still gets carded.

No. 47964

Im 25,and I remember back in the myspace days and her being older than me. this bitch is lying about her age. Shes more like 26-27.

No. 47965

Seriously. Frankly I hate getting mistaken for a teen. It's not something to brag about, and honestly, if people think she's that young (kek) then she's probably acting pretty childish in public.

No. 47968

I'm sure it's different depending on what part of the state you live, but shittier areas sometimes only card you for liquor and not beer or wine because Florida barely gives a fuck.

No. 47969

fucking SAME! I mentioned this before and everyone tried to say I was mistaken. She was definitely 16 or 17 when I was 14/15.

No. 47971


No. 47972

Now she is saying she is 22 or 23, I think? Bullshit. I could believe she lied about her age back in the MySpace days and was actually 14/15 at the same time as me, but that would make her still 25.

No. 47973

All the police reports show the same date of birth tho.

No. 47974

She doesn't state or mention her age anymore for quite a few years already.

No. 47975

"Proof" for da haters that she is still in her glorious Nippon.

No. 47976

I think she brags about this stuff because she knows she's getting old and looks old. People who feel the need to constantly post compliments they supposedly get or anything like that online want to convince themselves and others that it's true. She's really salty about Kota being the young, cute looking, popular one and wants to prove that she is too.

I'm glad it's not only me who caught that. I remember her turning 22 on her last birthday, so this year she'd supposedly be turning 23. But I also agree with this anon >>47958 because I've also heard her claim she was born in 1990.

It was already talked about here: >>47699

No. 47988

You'd think she would turn her location on for bragging points. Literally every person I follow on IG does this everywhere they go, whether it's some random place in NYC or Helsinki, Finland. That's all the proof anybody would even need. But I'm sure she would claim that turning her location on would be dangerous or whatever.

No. 47994

To be fair, at the height of her MySpace fame, it was super common to lie and claim you were older than you actually were. But with Keeks, who even knows? So weird how the trend seems to be lying to make yourself seem younger now. That's just sad.

No. 47996

would I be too off for thinking she was only in Japan for about 2 days and thats why she was constantly wearing the same shit and mainly taking pics of the same view? She reacted to Japan like someone who was supposed to go to a different country but was forced to layover in Japan for a day because of snow and decided, "ehh, may as well see what its like here while I wait for my new flight"

I haven't met anyone who has been talking about visiting a certain location for months and then ends up going only to post such shitty pics. The only way I can believe she was there for longer and only posting that is if she had some reeeallly boring office job that took up most of her time so she took most of her leisure pics the first day. But we know thats not true.

But then, who the fuck would travel there for a day or two??

No. 48002

You'd think that too, but she isn't there so it'd just say Florida. She literally had jrcock trying to pinpoint where she is so if she was worried about that, she'd have another meltdown.

I think she was there for less than a week but not 2 days. She has a bunch of food pictures there, mostly dessert, and I doubt she was eating all of that in 2 days. But the way you described how she reacted was accurate. She literally did nothing in Japan that she couldn't do/see in America. I know she saw the sumo wrestling but let's be real, she has no interest in that and even if she did, she could just look at that stuff on youtube.

No. 48003


Nah, she was probably there for longer than two days, but I don’t think she’s there any more. I’m guessing she was there for a month, and then her month long contract for her short-stay apartment was up so she left at the beginning of February.

You’re right about everything else though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone go to a another country and do literally nothing with their time there. The sumo event was the only remotely interesting thing she did, and she probably just got dragged along to it.

No. 48004

It makes more sense when you put this together with the fact that her only interest in Japan is "beating" Dakota, and that like it was already said itt that it seems like she went there to meet a guy in the hooe thaT he would take care of her while she stays in Japan, but the guy turned her down for being so…. Kiki.

No. 48017

Waiting for the passive aggressive updates about "haters insinuating that she's lying about her living situation" or some other ludicrous BS. I know if I was in Japan, I'd obnoxiously add every single pic to my photo map on IG and FB. Maybe she thinks doing that will make her seem like a tourist and she's still trying to keep up the lie that she's living there (without explicitly answering anybody asking if she is, because we all know she's not.)

No. 48022


Honestly I thought the same, anon. I think she was there for only 3-5 days

No. 48027

I agree, I also think the tourist thing is why she won't do "touristy" things, even though Japanese people also go to tourist spots. She looks even more like a tourist just posting these pictures/videos of mundane things. It just seems like she finds this stupid shit interesting enough to post because it's in the magical land of Japan. Back at home(emphasizing the home part because you know she thinks/wants people to think Japan is her home), she never posted pictures/videos of mundane things like random buildings, snacks, her at a train station, etc. I mean, who the hell gives a shit? She's desperately trying to get Japan's attention, but none of this stuff she's posting is special or interesting for Japanese people, or even people who are genuinely interested in Japan for that matter, to see.

No. 48038

I work in an art supply shop where I have to card ANYONE who buys hobby knives/box cutters and spray paint, regardless of looking over 21. It's so annoying when they snidely go "oh, I guess I just look so young."

No, bitch, you look old, but this is my state's law and part of my job. People who get an ego trip from being carded make me laugh so hard.

No. 48089


Special snowflakes need to stop thinking it's because they look young lol.

No. 48099


She's claiming 22 so 23 in September but I think that's bollocks because I'm 23 and I distinctly remember her being my age/older than me than me by like a year.

The only thing that's really confirmed is that her and Dakota's birthdays are in September and are one day apart.

No. 48124

You can fake the location on Instagram though. I just set the location on my own photo to Akihabara, despite being in a totally different continent.

No. 48135

stop bullshitting. Kaka's age isn't up for debate, her birthday is 9/18/1992, and there's never been a different date given anywhere.

No. 48167

Can you really? I thought you could only "create" locations and name them but it all relies on your GPS…? Cause you can't name your location if your location services are off if you're on an iPhone/iPad.

No. 48187

There are multiple anons distinctly remembering her saying differently, just saying.

No. 48228

Kaka chill we know you aren't forever 13. Its okay baby.

No. 48415

and not to mention that ~forever 13~ bullshit only works when you actually look young enough to pull it off, whereas Kiki could easily get away with telling people shes 30.

No. 48431

Yeah, under "Name This Location" you can type in whatever you want (say, Tokyo Tower) then press search and select a location that someone else already made and it'll come up on the map as being at the actual Tokyo Tower. I absolutely think Keeks is sneaky/lame enough to add fake locations

No. 48471

Well now I feel silly for not knowing this! I'm sure she still won't bother adding the location. I wonder how long she'll keep up this facade that she's still there. Compared to people on my IG feed who are in other countries right now, she's awfully quiet.

No. 48533

She has to pretend to be busy, since she wants everyone to think she's so popular and important. In reality she's probably looking for more desperate Japanese men with money.

No. 48588

Seriously just how many times she's going to post pics of that goddamn tower. It's like she is held prisoner in that apartment. Doesn't seem like fun if she's pretending to living there, does it?

No. 48590

File: 1423627732692.jpg (7.79 KB, 220x180, tn_1235245586270[1].jpg)

>Pics of her trip to Japan

No. 48626

Maybe she's trying to be more like Japanese Instagrammers, who post mostly just pictures of food, scenery, skylines and cats. Trying to pretend she's ~soooo much like the Japneese~.

No. 48640

I've tried that before and unless they changed how it works the past year, it won't show up as a location in Japan. I think it can only fetch stuff near you? At least when I tried to use a location name far away from me, it was actually grey and not blue/clickable. Sorry if I'm wrong, just how I remembered it.

No. 48664

She's now claiming to have riden in a piss cover cab, now if that is true all I have to say is it's about time

No. 48665

Kira Kira piss princess bwahahahahaha

No. 48671

kira kira bukkaka scat purinsesu*~

No. 48688

No. 48691

Don't you fucking get it the stupid cunt sat in piss or its her excuse for pissing her pants in the back of a cab.
@mmmkikikannibal: You guys… I just sat in a piss ridden taxi seat in omotesando…. My whole back is full of urine & I have to wash everything now. Omfg.

No. 48701

>in omotesando
Of course she couldn't just have one post where she doesn't mention Japan.

No. 48703

>You guys… I just sat in a piss ridden taxi seat in omotesando My whole back is full of urine

That is not a very kawaii thing to say, Kaka-hime

No. 48709

I don't think I would share that with anybody, especially if I was *~*e famous*~* and had a bunch of followers. That's so embarrassing? Also, I agree with the anon who thinks she's trying to model her IG after Japanese IGs with the mundane pics. Same with her videos, too. They're all shaky and random and remind me of Japanese viners.

No. 48714

i wish jackotass would draw something about the piss incident, even if we know it's likely exaggerated, kek. she probably just spilled water on herself, and told that instead because dear sister posted stuff about vomit in the train.

an idea would be that the urine would kira kira on her back.

No. 48731

Piss is so kawaii

No. 48755

Don't some vegans have some skincare routine that is about washing themself with their own pee?

No. 48762

File: 1423686648111.jpg (77.98 KB, 300x506, kira kira fo sho.jpg)

this seems like something kota would definately tweet about. silly keekz, it's not cute if someone haggard does it.

No. 48763


Seriously though, I've never been in a dirty cab in Tokyo my whole life. This bitch is crazy.

No. 48765

omg anon please don't ever leave

No. 48766

As much as I would love to think this bitch sat in piss, a part of me thinks she is lying just to make up shit to make people think she is still in Japan

No. 48767

You are a queen, I love these drawings..

No. 48773

File: 1423689456162.jpg (116.91 KB, 500x451, almost vegan hairdye.jpg)

No. 48774


No. 48779

Nah, I'm with the the program. I was just a little concerned with the anon I replied to earlier seeing as how they were having a stroke.

No. 48780

J. I missed you so much please draw more <3
You makes me laugh in those sad times

No. 48796

This is amazing hahahaha

No. 48854

those bony fingers, hahahah

No. 48902

The funnyvthing is, Japanese bloggers and Twitter/IG users post mundane crap bcause they largely aren't looking for attention or recognition, and in fact, most Japanese won't put their real names, faces, or other identifying factors on their social media because they don't want their online BS to cross over with their real lives.

So in this way, it's funnyy that Kiki is trying to emulate Japanese IG users. The only ones who get a ton of likes are the ones who make up personas, post lots of selfies/outfit pics, popular mascots and landmarks and tagwhore. Pretty much what Kiki was doing before lol.

No. 48922

File: 1423716941094.gif (1.92 MB, 350x310, RDOdUFG.gif)

I doubt she's trying to emulate Japanese IG posters. Y'all are giving her too much credit, she's not that smart. I would be surprised if she even recognizes there is a distinguished style amongst them.

I think she's just shit out of material, and doesn't have anything else to post except the view from her hotel and other useless crap. Not even her vegans menus and food pop up anymore.

Bawwwwww poor kaka, she's probably not even in Japan anymore.

No. 48924


seems like she enjoyed the piss ride… I mean. a normal person would get out the goddamn taxi asap they notice something weird, right?

No. 48932

Lol isn't Omotesando a district with designer stores, like Dior and Chanel? Of couuuurse Keekz wants people to think she's shopping around there. And taking pissy cab rides, apparently.

No. 48935

Yes it is, and I doubt she can afford anything there or else she would have promptly posted it.

No. 48937

I lost it at the 'almost vegan hair dye' title.

No. 48939

And if she was actually in Japan, she'd probably post about Omotesando like she did with Akihabara.

No. 48942

Didn't she only barely post about Akihabara though? Like, mentioned it once and then never again?

No. 48944

I don't buy the piss story. Wouldn't the driver have noticed the smell and cleaned it?

No. 48947

File: 1423726563516.jpg (103.69 KB, 900x400, prius.JPG)

No. 48952

Yeah, but I meant she'd explain it like she did with Akihabara. It'd be a great way for her to humble brag since I don't think she can afford designer clothes.

I don't buy it either, I definitely think a cab driver would notice that. I think a cab driver would notice a person coming out covered in piss too. The piss story would be more believable if it was on a bus or even a train. But Kiki probably thinks she's too good for both.

No. 48979


Not that I believe she's in Japan still, but why the fuck is she taking taxis all the time? Taking the train is so much cheaper.

No. 48983

I'm not very famIliar with whatever mental disorder Kiki clearly has, but wouldn't being unintentionlly covered in someone else's urine be terribly embarassing and definitely not the kind of thing one would want to broadcast to thousands of people on the internet?

Or is it totally okay because it's ~kawaii Japanese urine~?

No. 48985

Trains are for filthy commoners, all the kawaii Japanese celebrities and public figures take taxis everywhere so they don't get mobbed!

But no really I can see her riding the tain that first,day or two she got to JP, dressed like an obnoxious jackass and people on the train staring, snickering, or even taking pics of her. Therefore naturally she would have to stop taking the train because of her massive paranoia and fragile ego and start taking the taxi everywhere because in her mind it's safer than the train because it's more enclosed and less openly public.

No. 48986

I think she just has a really immature sense of humor. When she was trying to make videos daily, she made a video talking about poop and using public bathrooms. I get it's a normal bodily function, but it's not cute to talk about it. I think it's her way of seeming quirky and cool, but it just makes her come across as gross and much more trashy.

No. 49002

Generally I don't think people in Japan are like that; they're sort of more used to people dressing flamboyantly. She might have gotten some down-the-nose looks from stuffy businessmen, but probably not overly judged from much others. Unless she was dressing reeeally out there.

No. 49004


also, Tokio taxi seats are usually covered with white fabric, aren't they?

No. 49007

And you usually touch the seat before sitting down because of having to bend down when going into the car, if somebody would touch piss they probably would not go into it at all.

No. 49021

File: 1423754963772.jpg (233.44 KB, 1273x746, yotsuya.jpg)

I'm convinced that she just spilled something in the taxi and was too embarrassed to admit it was her own damn fault, so she's pinning the blame on the cab (it was a Prius lol!111). And also because Dakota tweeted about train vomit and it was so kawaii desuuu.

I'm pretty sure she took the train at least twice during her stay because she was in Yotsuya when these were taken.

No. 49143

When it comes to other Japanese people and teenagers, sure, but Kiki very obviously isn't Japanese and she looks so haggard she could easily be mistaken for a middle aged woman.

No. 49153

Has anyone seen the obnoxious videos she just posted to IG?

No. 49157

I just checked her IG, the latest thing she has up is that sunrise pic of the Tokyo tower from 2/8. If you mean the Rilakkuma one and the other one laying in the same bed in the same outfit, they're old news.

No. 49167

Whoops. Pardon me then. I just thought both those videos were pretty cringy.

No. 49174

they were

No. 49272

What's the name of the artist

No. 49801

Kiki, spamming your Twitter with reblogs of ASCII art won't make you japanese.

No. 49823

File: 1423954927224.jpg (244.79 KB, 1578x1289, internet.jpg)

No. 49830

The dakota one is probably right but I think the kaka one is tainted no way she has that much positive support

No. 49833

Probably all the times she or her mom whiteknight her, lol.

No. 49882

File: 1423968539792.png (40.16 KB, 942x332, twitaholic.png)

No. 49899

She's so boring now. I think it's pretty funny that she's keeping up this facade that she's in Japan/is interested in Japanese culture, but her updates are so mundane. Kota's just as dull these days but at least she's cute and sometimes cute pics/vids of her end up online (ones that she doesn't take or upload, ofc)

No. 49924

What are the reasons behind those sudden jumps in followers? Drama?

No. 50051

They're not really that sudden if you look at the dates.

She may well buy followers though.

No. 50063

There's a thing that counts or checks for bot followers, worth a look.

No. 50068

we already did that. most of her followers were fake or inactive.

No. 50072

Why can't she just be open and say she wants to be a sugar baby over pedo land.
Like aint nothing wrong with it,but she may not become a model and shine.(I know shes too old and ugly to be one)

No. 50153

Because she thinks she's better than Dakota and Kota didn't have to ask for it or get a sugar daddy, so she's trying to keep it quiet and trying to pretend she's only thinking about being a model recently because ~everyone already thinks she is one anyways~.

If Dakota suddenly decided to switch from modeling to pursuing a pop idol career, Kiki would too. If Dakota came out with her own clothing or makeup line, Kiki would try to make her own as well. Hell, if Dakota left Japan and atarted focusing her modeling career In,China, Kiki would leave Japan, stop speaking Japanese and start pretending she lives in Hong Kong.

Literally everything Kiki does is based on Dakota and her success in some way and driven by her own all consuming jealousy and need to outshine her again and be the better, prettier, more popular sister. It's not and never was about Japan for Kiki, and her getting the SD was probably just her realizing her parents can't afford to support her in Japan while she isn't working coupled with the fact that Kiki thinks she's too good to work a real job.

No. 50157


Dakota didn't ask for it what? She basically underage whored herself to Japan and took pedo-bait photoshoots. I think that's just as bad lol, she just luckily didn't have to sleep with anyone (I hope).

She's just lucky most people forgot about it or have just accepted her.

No. 50160

Yeah, she milked her tumblr/twitter fame and changed her image and behavior to appeal more to Japan, but ultimately she settled on Japan because they wanted her kawaii fake face in their magazines and purikura machines because Japan loves OTT alienlike photomanips. She didn't start focusing solely in Japan until Bravo called, and they signed her based in her shoops and google translate Japanese they thought she could speak.

She never had to beg her parents to send her to Japan in the hopes of becoming a model, she was discovered by a Japanese agency that flew her there to work. Yes, she shamelessly milked the fuck out of it, but so would anyone in her position, if only just to get away from dat family.

No. 50161


Kooter was 18 when she when she went to Japan

No. 50175


You can't have been around that long then, newfag detected.

I remember before Dakota really gained any attention she had her private Tumblr which was just a place she'd post pictures of herself the occasional text post.= whilst Kirsten was off whoring herself out as usual and trying to act like some e-princess. Dakota just kind of sat quietly in the background getting on with school stuff.

She had a lot of followers, but it wasn't really anything notable. Then she got featured on some random Chinese news spot, and then a South Korea, and that's when she really started to market herself.

She saw a way out and she took it, and really who could begrudge her? I fucking would if I was in her shoes.

The people that are ragging on her for wanting a better life for herself are seriously mad for no other reason than that they're jealous they didn't get the chance themselves, so swallow your jelly and go dust out your sandy vags' ya cunts.

No. 50246

She was 16, stop being a dumbfuck

No. 50338

/cgl/ alread knocked that out ages ago when she first started getting noticed. One anon even bought tje same numerical candles she had on her "16th birthday" cake and they were actually "18". Not to mention she and Kiki aren't 4 years apart in age.

No. 50427

File: 1424100098457.jpg (185.63 KB, 640x640, 10817552_1540977802833001_1732…)

"Valentine's Day goodies! So happy! o(^▽^)o I've always wanted these compacts, they make me smile every time I see them! Thank you!!! #コズミックハートミラー #セーラームーン #とても嬉しい #幸せですよ #東京 #日本 #バレンタイン"

Dat obious bootleg in the middle.

No. 50431

Aren't they those cheap, shitty bootleg compacts that have mirrors so tiny, they're useless? Those are the only Sailor Moon brooch compacts I've seen, at least out of the ones that are reasonably priced.
Also her tags are still stupid as hell. Who searches the tags "#とても嬉しい" (very happy) and "#幸せですよ" (you know it's good fortune/happiness)? Those are more like captions than tags. Also what does Tokyo or Japan really have to do with this? She's still trying to convince everyone she totes lives in Japan.

No. 50432

Bottom ones cost $45-ish each when they were new, middle is a bootleg and top box is $21.

I believe she bought the bottom 3 at the same second-hand store without knowing one was bootleg, then maybe received the box as a gift. Idk

No. 50433

kek, such bad quality. Can't tell if bottom two are, they have the Bandai logo, but top one def is. Who's betting her parents bought her these or she bought them for herself?

No. 50434

File: 1424101705204.jpg (169.26 KB, 800x600, 20140224_164931__E5_89_AF_E6_9…)

There are official mirror compacts that are tiny but they are gashapon and come in capsules for few bucks, pic related

No. 50435

Everything is authentic except the middle one.

No. 50436

The middle one is what I meant, didn't see the box at the top.

No. 50437

There are many kinds. The one she got are much bigger. I'm on mobile but Google "Moonlight Memory Series bandai" and check the pics.