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File: 1503235631523.png (627.41 KB, 880x564, Holly_Shit_Brown.png)

No. 375886

Most well known for her cal-arts rant, where she bitches about how hard it is to get in while claiming to have gotten in.


Mirror of aforementioned Cal-Arts rant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvnD-9XOs5k

>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)

>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week, then sold said cintiq because she got sponsored for her shitty shitty art
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Pandering to the Musicals crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Claims to be the only non tumblrina artist and is a textbook tumblr fujo
>Generally insufferable and shitty person

No. 375903

File: 1503249663013.png (266.72 KB, 581x484, suchstiffmuchwow.PNG)

Not that I'm against mannequins, but people would improve more if they used photo references of actual people. There are like a shit ton on the interwebs like pixelovely and posemaniacs (those sites even show how muscles work). And if you're lucky, you'd get into a live nude drawing session in your area.

No. 375914

She really should try actually drawing from life. Her art would improve a lot (as would anybody's).

No. 375927


No. 376010

So can she just not spell mannequin or is that the brand name?

No. 376056

I bet she was spoiled a lot as a kid. Also you can tell where she gets the huge jaws she keeps on drawing from. She has some valid points to some of her videos, but why does she have to !!!FOOKING SHOUT SO FOOKING MUCH!!!!

No. 376082

i didn't even know she had sold her Cintiq, wtf. why buy it in the first place?

No. 376110

File: 1503274572807.png (127.23 KB, 1046x350, Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 7.12…)


full offense, but holly is honestly too fucking stupid to have any understanding of what she is talking about.

She is super fucking obviously a youtube-intellectual, and from her comments alone you can see her parroting the shit she's watching on youtube.

A 20k/year online art school isn't going to give her any actual ability to evaluate things with "facts, not feelings."


Holly is also too stupid to realize that when Calarts has their Accepted Students day, they publish a full list of all the accepted students for that year and send it out to those invited.

It would not be hard to find the 2014 list that was mailed out and have proof she was lying.

No. 376115

She's so salty oh my lord.

No. 376117

the first portion of that reply is practically illegible. her claim that she didn't go because of money is also either a lie or a testament to her stupidity because the CalArts website has a literal "Tuition and Financial Aid" section, which includes scholarships.

No. 376146

>Claims to listen to jordan peterson
>Not cleaning her room

No. 376347

>based on facts not feelings
Is she unaware that her multiple anger outbursts go under the "feelings" category?

No. 376519

She is such an ugly cunt inside and out.

No. 376621

Probably realized it was an impulse buy and needed the extra cash. Her channel came into her own (aka hit 100k subs) shortly before the YT adpocalypse so her income has certainly taken a hit.

No. 376634

File: 1503338759284.png (792.48 KB, 2130x666, Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 2.03…)

How is this person putting words in her mouth?

Also, I know someone was commenting in the earlier thing about her being spoiled. I honestly think she's just uneducated.It sounds like she's been poor for a long time and now that she has money she doesn't understand the concept of saving. Also she has 0 impulse control.

No. 376640

File: 1503339158392.png (751.19 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2734.PNG)

What is her deal??? Omfg. Don't do stupid shit to your hair if you don't like it

No. 376642

File: 1503339247773.png (723.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2735.PNG)

No. 376646

why is she so embarrassing.

No. 376672

….bitch you're white what the fuck LOL

No. 376676

Jesus this girl is just like my roommate, sans the talent. She constantly bitches, thinks she knows everything, and dropped out of 3 colleges. She wastes her days writing fanfiction and gushing over 2D boys while pushing any person away who wants to be close to her. I'm literally her only friend left and I'm moving out soon.

Sage for personal blog, I am just so shocked at how similar they are.

No. 376678

Then she's exactly like your roommate cause Holly has no talent either.

No. 376680

Her curls are also very different from black hair. Just call the salon ahead of time and ask if someone specializes in curls. Not that hard. Don't know what she's going on about…

No. 376826

I'm the person who said at least it was nice to see some non-sjw content in the art community.

I take back what I said, she's way too tard. Sometimes I wonder if she actually is borderline retarded and that's why she doesn't seem to notice how cringy her actions/comments are…

No. 376871

File: 1503367067461.jpg (18.84 KB, 480x270, starrrreeee.jpg)

I watched the calarts rant from the last thread and
"They're looking for an amalgamation of everything you know put into one book."
No shit Sherlock, that's what it's for. I'm an art teacher and I feel like I would strangle this bitch if I had to deal with her in class and I already deal with enough students that won't draw from life or pictures of real people for reference because it isn't their "style".

No. 376874

>I already deal with enough students that won't draw from life or pictures of real people for reference because it isn't their "style"

sounds infuriating, what the fuck kind of logic is that?

No. 376900

Newfag logic.

No. 376905

File: 1503370629149.png (125.17 KB, 338x283, ce55unh3.png)

>mfw realizing holly applied to be in the same year i'm currently in
I fucking missed a bullet there. Thank fucking god.

I'm in that year and never actually heard anything about this list at accepted students day unless I threw it out or something. If I had it on hand, I would definitely look into it, but I honestly doubt it's a thing anybody has anymore. Especially something from 3/4 years ago.
I know plenty of people that got accepted to CalArts but had to turn it down because it's pretty damn expensive even with financial aid since they give you barely any money.

No. 376912

i'm >>376117 and stand corrected then. that's a real bummer for people who are actually good artists and busted their asses to get in.

No. 376971

The biggest thing that pisses me off about Holly is the fact that she does all of these fairly nice drawings from references in her sketchbooks/videos, putting in time and effort into lighting and detail.
Why doesn't she put any of that shit into her actual content? The redraw of Purgatory is a line-art-only mess, you can tell she never uses the stupid dolls when drawing her characters, and there's rarely ever backgrounds.
Like, what is her disconnect between sketchbook and actual art pieces? What a waste of time.

No. 377023

>it's pretty damn expensive even with financial aid since they give you barely any money.
That sucks knowing that someone is already close to their dream only to be blocked by a paywall.
Also, I hope you're doing well in Calarts, anon.

>The redraw of Purgatory is a line-art-only mess
She mentioned before that she wanted to draw faster which would explain the messy line art she has. It sounded like a lazy excuse for me.

Also, how many pages per week does she publish anyway? Most comic artists I follow only post once or twice a week. I didn't bother reading her comic because I didn't like the premise (and her attitude doesn't help either).

>Why doesn't she put any of that shit into her actual content?

Reminds me of an acquaintance who was able to pull off a realistic drawing and when it comes to actual work she never applies what she learned. Even more awkward is that she thinks she's entitled to join the art group (comprised of semi-close friends) I was in even though we never bothered looking for new recruits (best if you have friends to form a group with and not with strangers). She also bitched about it in an open forum. In front of the 6 known artists and an audience of around 1000 people.

No. 377071

If I remembered correctly, she tried to post a new page twice a week, which then became one page a week, and now she's given up and is going to post a whole chapter at once, when she's done drawing it.

No. 377138

I second this. I've been drawing for a long time and drawing from life is what helped me improve the fastest.

It's weird to hear HC give all sorta of advice on drawing and doesn't recommend life drawing.

No. 377266

File: 1503433292924.jpg (44.75 KB, 293x370, hollygetoverurself.jpg)

so apparently holly can go on other peoples profiles and tell them they are gross? but god forbid if someone critiques her work

No. 377451

But isn't she accepting criticism in that same image? I know there are several instances of her getting pissy, but that doesn't seem to be one of them.

No. 377461

im just annoyed that it seems like she went on someones page to comment but gets so mad when people do it with her youtube videos, not that she didnt in this picture. she normally rages

No. 377465

lol isn't holly fat? why is she going around on people's profiles telling them obesity is unhealthy?

No. 377520

she's aware that she is, and has mentioned that she wants to lose weight because she's "fat and gross".

No. 377591

holly you absolute fool, drawing fast doesnt help you… your art still looks very stiff and your hamilton art looks like doodoo…

No. 377592

This is gonna be bad. Drawing a lot from LIFE and REFERENCES will help you, but repeating the same shitty art is gonna keep you shitty longer.

As my AP Lit teacher said: "Practice doesn't make perfect. It makes permanent."

No. 377595

samefag but in this video she complains about people's "defeatist attitude" about her ridiculous dumbass challenge. does she not realize it's mostly anime teens and hobbyists that watch her?

No. 377671

File: 1503462106640.png (226.33 KB, 1186x470, Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 12.1…)

Ummmm, no? I'm pretty sure you of all people still needs to work on your anatomy. Also anatomy worship? I'm pretty sure that isn't a thing, wtf.

No. 377717

Anatomy movement? Yeah it's called doing gesture drawings…that's how you learn quick lines and evoke movement into pieces but you still need to practice anatomy

No. 377735

File: 1503470512011.png (23.08 KB, 1338x96, surejan.png)

No. 377739

samefag, but in case anyone wants to watch the actual garbage.

No. 377813

wrong thread. my bad

She's too lazy to practice anatomy. Like what other people said before, she always takes the """"easy"""" route.

No. 377843

File: 1503486777500.png (58.2 KB, 581x565, Capture.PNG)

Now she wants to be a concept artist… J U S T

No. 377855

Holly's anatomy isn't that bad, it's her proportion that's off? Like the pieces she draw show she has a basic understanding of what muscles go where but then she distorts stuff in unappealing ways.
Also, by strictly doing anatomy studies off photos, Holly seems to have a bit of trouble capturing force in her drawings and thus ends up with stiff drawings.

No. 377895

No, no matter how you dice this, she's still got shit anatomy. Like at best a mild understanding.

No. 377973

I think what Holly suffers from is more along the lines of not knowing how to properly make her anatomy cartoony.
Instead of creating her style off of simplifying her irl anatomy drawings, she's trying to apply anatomy onto her "style". By keeping her misguided tries at anatomy from when she was younger and mixing it with real anatomy, her characters look more like mannequins with creepy cartoon faces slapped on (why the chin thing happens a lot - she doesn't know where to place the face on the head).
This makes her characters look distorted and gross, especially when she tries to make them move. It's like watching mannequins move; stiff and cartoony like her style, but too semi-real with wonky proportions that it looks creepy.

No. 377977


You are like the least qualified person ever to answer this question.

No. 378061

truly spoken like someone who has no fucking idea what they're talking about. i've seen mediocre artists nab studio jobs, but her? absolutely no way any place would hire her.

because to properly make your work cartoony, you need a good understanding of actual real life anatomy. i don't know why it's so hard for artists with styles that steer from realism to accept this.

i watched that earlier today, and while she does say some dumb shit (as per usual), what strikes me the most is how she's not really doing any studies or going out of her comfort zone in this sketchbook challenge she's set for herself. she's honestly just filling pages for the sake of filling them. i predict she won't improve much of anything by the end of the month.

i think her real problem is she has absolutely no objective, critical eye. she might claim to know her art is shit, but she's unable to see where, or why, or how to fix it. she's just going to make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

No. 378067

samefag, but
>I just wish more jobs provided examples as to what they look for
between this and the CalArts rant, i think her lack of proper education gets in the way of her reading portfolio requirements and understanding what they actually fucking mean. it's becoming a pattern, imo.

No. 378247

>>she's honestly just filling pages for the sake of filling them. i predict she won't improve much of anything by the end of the month.
That's usually what happens when you set an unrealistic amount of sketchbook pages to fill. It's best to fill 5 pages deliberately than 20 just to complete your sketchbook.

>>i think her lack of proper education gets in the way of her reading portfolio requirements and understanding what they actually fucking mean.
You'd think simple comprehension and research skills would do the trick

No. 378257

>That's usually what happens when you set an unrealistic amount of sketchbook pages to fill. It's best to fill 5 pages deliberately than 20 just to complete your sketchbook.
All I could think of is an old video she posted (last year) about not wanting to do "stupid" art challenges.

No. 378264

yeah she had a real beef with the semantics, because "most art challenges on Youtube aren't really challenging, so they should be called something else". filling 600 pages in 30 days is certainly challenging, but she's not going to learn anything or improve, so it's pointless.

No. 378862

HC can't even finish her own art challenges and has zero studio experience. She also described herself as being someone who can't work with others. Studios are all about working as a team under directors and producers.
I won't say that Holly can't do concept art because I don't know that. What I do know is that when going into an interview for a job at a game studio they're looking for someone talented, capable to meet deadlines, and matches the studios culture. I just doubt that HC can meet all these expectations.

No. 378882

Concept Artist here, if she appies to the studio I'm at I will share the hilarity

No. 378890

i hope to god she does, i need that milk.

No. 379057

So does her agreeing with this video invalidate her Anatomy and Proportion video? I don't even think she follows the advice she gives.

And the fact that people in her comments talk of how Holly is the only one they can "trust" when it comes to art really makes me sad. Sorry for the bad English.

No. 379108

I just don't get her. Why do tons of kids follow her word like God? She's got nothing to offer and provides mediocre advice. Coupled with her not using her resources to their fullest potential. I would've killed to have a Cintiq, yet she barely seems to use it (I haven't seen any recent video though). She doesn't really have any creativity as well, most of her drawings look bland and uninspired.

Idk why people like her…

No. 379113

she sold her Cintiq after having it for four months, it seems.

No. 379115

The most use that thing got was as shelf for more of her crap

No. 379153

Huion sent Holly one of their cheap tablets (which I believe doesn't compare to the cintiq quality) and she ditched her confía really quick. Guess she thought the bigger screen size would make her art look better idk

No. 379154

Sage for correcting
**cintiq not confía

No. 379228

>Why do tons of kids follow her word like God?
They're young and they prolly follow only people with mediocre art because they get ~intimidated~ following professionals who offer good advice.

And it's not a shocker that so many young artists these days needs an ~art style~ to the point of ignoring to do work on their fundamentals.

Most of her art are basically in ~her own comics style~ and I highly doubt she bothered trying to do any decent studies or exercises that would challenge her to go outside her ~art style~.

No. 379460

And Holly wanted that cintiq so fucking bad too.
It's so weird to watch an artist make so many mistakes when they have all the time in the world to get better. She's like 21 and doesn't have to work her way through school (her youtube $) like a lot of people have to do to get through school.
It just confuses the fuck out of me.

No. 379475

Nah. I feel like most artists don't want to improve after they get 'internet famous'. I mean it kind of makes sense on some level but it still is pretty unfortunate.

No. 379559

Dunno, sometimes I find myself more productive when I have to work my day job rather than when I have all the time in the world. With a narrower window of time to draw, I tend to police my slacking off better. Plus you're already on work mode.

No. 379680

far be it from me to defend Holly in any way, but she makes dirt money off Youtube - although i suppose that doesn't much matter because an online school with 100% acceptance rate can't possibly be that expensive in the first place.

unless you have very good work ethic drilled in, it's very hard to work in your own time without falling into the pit of "i'll do it later". the schedule and structure of education / another job can help a lot in, as you say, policing our tendency to slack off.

No. 379746

I'd say having a job may actually increase the challenge sometimes as well, because after a long day of work it's not always a walk on the beach to come home and do more work.

No. 380067

File: 1503749360145.png (351.74 KB, 720x1280, 20170826_140706.png)

Artists don't need criticism

No. 380081

If HC so annoyed about people critiquing her art then why dose Holly continue to make the same mistakes in drawing all the time? And if you're on the internet making art how do you not expect critique from your audience on occasion?

No. 380187

>>people can be such assholes
>>is asshole

Why is she always complaining about people being assholes and when people complain about her being an asshole she gets all OMG YEAH HOLLY IS THE LITERAL WORST FOR JUST HAVING OPINIONS

No. 380204

wow, people pointing things out in your work so you can improve and do better next time! imagine!

No. 380433

I will say as someone who knows a few people with the newest one she got, it's probably the closest to cintiq quality i've seen… but she sold her cintiq for likr 500 dollars with the stickers and nasty shit on it. Ugh

No. 380703

Holly thinks that quality > quantity and if you just draw a ton, you'll automatically become good. Just look at her comic, she shat out 10+ pages a week but they're all subpart.

No. 380714

Hey is it just me or did Holly purge her twitter?

No. 380721

She really did purge her twitter.
Some of her last tweets were about someone linking her adsense account to another channel.

No. 380731

I saw her last tweet, she basically deleted all her tweets because "social media is a distraction"

No. 380768

I'm really going to miss her ramblings :(

No. 380775

jfc how many times dose she do this to her accounts?
It feels like HC just deleted everything from her instagram from one atheistic to another to do what again? To build a better web presence or to market herself as an artist?
It's just becoming more apparent how disingenuous Holly really is.

No. 380781

Judging from earlier posts I have a feeling that Holly is trying to branch out into industry jobs so she is trying to be a bit more 'professional'. Unfortunately her art isn't quite up to industry standards and the only reason she is internet famous is because of her edgy and unprofessional personality. I mean kudos to her for trying to make the jump but she really is going to lose a bunch of followers if she keeps this up.

No. 380787

I didn't think of that.
Things are getting dicey for ole'Holly Brown.

No. 380827

File: 1503849880809.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.69 KB, 900x822, DBTbcRyUQAAxph2.jpg)

No. 380828

File: 1503849890326.jpg (150.71 KB, 950x799, DBTj2v0VYAE0oiW.jpg)

No. 380829

File: 1503849896092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.46 KB, 900x1006, DBTLU-3VYAAppyp.jpg)

No. 380830

File: 1503849902600.jpg (140.55 KB, 900x945, DBTODKYV0AADlIf.jpg)

No. 380831

File: 1503849911444.jpg (Spoiler Image, 180.01 KB, 950x1051, DBTvJI0UIAEnyh4.jpg)

No. 380832

File: 1503849939860.jpg (Spoiler Image, 404.12 KB, 2000x1725, DFNvA53U0AENcn0 (1).jpg)

Archived these bad boys for future lols.

No. 380845

No wonder she aged them up. lmao

No. 380848

Also is this supposed to be her self-insert? Because it seemed like it is.

No. 380853

>when you have no idea what sex or the naked body looks like

No. 380854


these are all garbage. lol at the fact that she can't draw a fucking hand to save her life.

No. 380902

Not to be a prude but is it really that hard to add a nsfw spoiler image tag to these?

No. 380925

Just a not pick but when using the greater than less than symbol the open end refers to the bigger choice, holly believes in quantity > quality if it was quality > quantity she would be producing an amazing art piece at once a year

Sage for non contribution

No. 381093

i'm the anon you replied to, sorry for the post deletion. that's a good point, i didn't follow any of her accounts so aside from lolcow it's easy to forget she's a cunt literally everywhere on the internet. unfortunately for her, it's the worst place to fuck up in. it also strikes me as a little odd that she wouldn't try to facelift her Youtube account either, since it's prime evidence of both her shitty personality and her lack of proper knowledge in much of anything. i think what i'm trying to get at is that this feels more like damage control of some sort rather than her actually growing the fuck up and turning a new leaf.

No. 381094

samefag, seems i made a little mess here. sorry to the anon who replied to me.

No. 381109

File: 1503871653824.png (157.52 KB, 823x617, eliwt.png)


>can't draw a fucking hand to save her life

I saw this the other day about guidelines for KotH's animators, reminded me of Holly. And she wants an industry job? Yeah, right.

No. 381193

wow, she'll reach as far as possible for this "i'm not like other artists" shtick.

No. 381197

Who holds a cup like that?

No. 381203

File: 1503882767335.jpg (1.37 MB, 1000x1000, storenvy_20sjdhbjvb_original.j…)

her enamel pins are garbage
it's like she kind of tries to go for a certain aesthetic but her ugly style just doesn't work

No. 381238

Is it wrong that I want to help Holly and try to be her friend
Like I know that's a shit idea but goddamn I just want to help her

No. 381255

There is no help for her anon

No. 381298

i'm dead, this seriously looks like something out of one of those how to draw manga books.
people pay money for this shit.

No. 381300

is it just me or is the porn she drew of the chick the least bad?
like any flaws it has is pretty miniscule compared to whenever holly tries to draw a naked male or god forbid a dongus

No. 381323

For all the people who don't want to watch 10 minutes of Holly bitching:
Holly starts the video dissing nostalgia and saying how shit it is (totally valid, at least in part).
She then starts talking about some family garbage and how she had a ton of 'culturally rich' items her family bought, and how she's so cool and interesting because she 'has that to draw from' (but only draws fujo shit, so…???).
She then gets pissy that "artists in Europe don't like to draw Europe, which is stupid because I like Europe, so fuck them".
Then she goes back on what she says by saying that "nostalgia is totally valid guys, look how cool I am for playing devil's advocate on my own video!"
And then she says that people who go to Disney Land are stupid children.
Wow, Holly cannot make an informative video about anything, apparently.

No. 381326

Gah why is so fucking stupid.?

No. 381364

>'culturally rich items'
She tweeted that before she purged her twitter. Something about how her grandma bought some antique stuff.

>only draws fujo shit

Fucking this. She rarely draws something other than the usual fujo garbage (like the candy gouache video she did, which was nice. I want to see more of that though)

No. 381408

Hard to draw a dick if you have only ever seen them in garbage yaoi.

I would say most of her current audience eats up that fujo garbage but judging by her youtube views she actually makes more money off of her 'comic tutorial' videos and her major rant videos. I guess even fujoshis have standards.

No. 381432

the boobs are totally jacked, especially on the right. but it is more appealing than this abomination >>380831

No. 381497


What's going on in this one? It looks like he's sneezing into a tissue but something tells it's supposed to be him grabbing the pillow in the throes of passion or some shit.

No. 381503

She really needs to work on framing her shots/composition cause I don't really get what's going on either…

No. 381593

Has anyone taken her class on skillshare? I want to know if she still curses like a sailor in that too.

No. 381596

tf she has a class in skillshare? Do you have screenies of the classes she put on there?

Also, you need to pay for classes there, right?

No. 381601

iirc she didn't swear in her skillshare class.

I think there is a 1 month free trial thing still for new users? Her class wasn't that great but I didn't think it was lolcow worthy.

No. 381638

I have a skillshare account and I checked her class since it was really short.
And I don't think there was any curse words or umm's. I felt like it was mostly scripted.

No. 382959

File: 1504069437001.png (89.32 KB, 1250x824, wellthen.png)

Yeah, not a swear in sight, totally scripted, but I'm unsurprised.

It's not the culture of skillshare to swear. Official guidelines for teachers specifically say you can't post explicit or offensive content, and no rants. Basically all this proves is that she doesn't care about her audience until they are directly making her money. She gets paid a small amount for teaching classes and if skillshare doesn't approve her class because she's being unprofessional and swearing, buhbye tiny paycheck.

Her fans in the course reviews though.

No. 382960

File: 1504069543851.png (28.66 KB, 1172x234, duh.png)

And yet she still couldn't be arsed to spellcheck.

No. 382963

File: 1504070344774.png (451.63 KB, 2142x1310, hcbrown.png)


Sage because there's not really any milk here, but here ya go.

Though at least we can maybe get some low tier kek out of the fact that she still claims she's actually working on her online schooling? And that she "teaches people what she can" when that includes exactly nothing that she has made videos about?

No. 382995

Is English not her first language because she apparently does the same thing in her comic.

Speaking of her comic I honestly don't get how people actually read/like that thing. Even ignoring the art, the story is just so bad? Like don't get me wrong the whole 'forbidden love in a cult' premise had potential but the pacing is just so bad and the characters are just so bland. The only real positive thing about her comic is the world building but even that barely makes it into the actual comic itself. Hopefully her new comic won't be as bad.

No. 383001

File: 1504079271965.png (219.36 KB, 1033x479, purgatory.PNG)

I read the first 70 pages and it's so boring with NOTHING happening. Also it's plagued with so many autonomy and perspective errors that it's impossible to ignore.

Even in this picture, she tried to white out his open eyes and make it closed, but you can still clearly see the open eyes. I stared at the picture for so long to figure out wth was happening

No. 383004

See I would even be willing to forgive the anatomy and perspective errors if the style was at least interesting but it's just so boring and unoriginal? I mean at least the original one shot she made was interesting to look at but this?

A strong story and well developed characters could have also saved the comic because I have actually enjoyed webcomics that had 'worse' art than her webcomic but had pretty good writing to make up for it.

You can have bad art or bad writing, not both.

No. 383007

File: 1504080741941.png (642.22 KB, 1059x428, math.PNG)

The characters personalities aren't consistent either, they keep changing so it gets hard to keep track of what's actually happening. I feel like she's writing the story with no clear direction about where she wants to take it

>Notice the fake math shit, as an artist math is just out of my field so just don't think about it too much hahah

Is it that difficult to look up any random math problem online? Is she just that stupid?

No. 383010

Didn't Holly say she wrote the script out for Purgatory already? I always get confused because she constantly changes her mind about stuff like how she changed her mind about making thumbnail sketches first.

Also the more I see shit like the fake math the more I just think Holly is incredibly lazy. A small gag like 'problem D' is fine but at least make sure the other problems make even a bit of sense. I mean come on Holly take a little bit of pride in your work.

No. 383177

How the hell is she drawing her shit anymore?
Whiting out this shit when you digitize the drawing is literally the easiest thing ever. Unless she has some sort of weird complex where she thinks editing a scanned image is cheating, why not take the time to clean up ALL the marks instead of just whiting out the background and praying for the photoshop gods to do the work for you?

(I'm assuming this was a scanned drawing instead of created digitally. If this was done straight to digital and she still fucked this up, then she's even stupider than I thought.)

No. 383242

In this livestream (sorry, not letting me embed for some reason), you can see that she just takes the old files and draws over the top of them.
I would say this is actually a fairly good tool to improving anatomy, since she's working directly off of old anatomy and can see what's wrong, but she does some really infuriating things, like using a really soft drawing tool that makes her lines so blurry she literally has to shave them down using an eraser tool, or not using straight edges for some objects (like the ladder) and using it for others (the wood beams near the skulls).
I'm guessing this is why she doesn't notice the open eyes still being visible; she's drawing on top of another picture without bothering to check if it looks good after deleting what's underneath.
This whole comic is infuriating.

No. 383311

I want to know how many typos will go to the printed version. I cannot wait to see that messy piece of shit.

No. 383329

Here's hoping she uses some of that kickstarter money for an editor.

No. 383333

I can hear it now. "Waaahhhh b-b-buht I don get paid enough to hire an editor or even just spend an extra twenty seconds looking at my comic! Fund me more! I'm a poor starving artist!"

No. 383343

I still can't believe the kickstarter not only got funded but even surpassed its goal. I must admit that I always get a little bit bitter over how lucky this girl is to be able to make a living off such lazy and mediocre art when there are thousands of better artists who never seem to be able to break into the art market.

No. 383365

>I can't understand why people read superhero comics, they are so boring and the art sucks

No. 383447

who is streaming with her

No. 383513

Oh my god, she lives where I live
I hope I don't bump into her anytime soon.

No. 383882

File: 1504206509565.png (46.78 KB, 265x313, aksdljj.PNG)

I can't believe she thinks any of this looks okay.

No. 383908

File: 1504209078308.jpg (40.1 KB, 564x318, purin.jpg)

What is even going on

paw hands again >>381109

Legit looks like an animal holding something with its paws.

No. 383921

Hey did anyone make a temp board yet for tomorrow?

No. 383949

No. 384099

File: 1504989901876.jpg (509.26 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170909_154433.jpg)

> Holly starts "sketchbook slam challenge" which consists of drawing 600 pages in a large sketchbook in 30 days.

> Prominent YouTube artist Baylee Jae also began participating in the challenge, drawing more exposure to Holly & the challenge at large.

> Holly says some random shit on Twitter about how other artists are lazy, lack self-discipline, etc.

> Clearly lacking the self-discipline to figure out how a spine works tho

…and that's what you missed on /hcb/

No. 384100

File: 1504990025993.png (576.08 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170909-154543.png)

Holly is the Hamilton of art, apparently

No. 384101

File: 1504990058234.png (567.75 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170909-154625.png)

No. 384103

final addition: Holly made an art-focused discord, and it's Bad. Can be found in the description of her latest video.

No. 384132

Watching Holly's recent video - sounds like she really isn't getting anything out of her studies. She sounds so close-minded about it. With art school you can only get from it as much as you put in. And as far as I'm aware, she studies online? She needs to get the fuck off her computer and go into a class room where people talk about their work and offer critique and advice and encourage her to experiment. She's so proud of 'challenging' herself with 600 pages in a month - but she isn't, because she's just drawing the same shit over and over again, just quicker and less detailed.

Her work is just going to stay stagnant (and shit) if she keeps this obnoxious, insular attitude.

No. 384133

Okay this is so fucking weird. Apart from the obvious terrible anatomy errors, what the fuck is going on? Why is the fridge so small??? Who the fuck the hell thinks "oh yeah let me just sensually get a gallon of milk, hmm yeah this is sexy"??

No. 384147

she needs to learn to work smarter, not harder. just drawing a ton in a big awkward looking sketchbook won't make you better in general.

No. 384173

File: 1505000249158.png (424.01 KB, 1280x1039, 1498092150144.png)

How is it possible to be this far up your own ass

No. 384217

sage for reply to old post but HOLLY LIVES IN MY FUCKIN' CITY???

She probably never leaves her disgusting shitcave but tonight is douchey artkid night downtown and I am beginning my quest to find her.

In Search Of Fujosquatch, coming soon to TLC

wish me luck, anons

No. 384269

That's the kind of shit that makes me wonder if Holly is legitimately retarded sometimes. It's really hard to process some things she does as things a socially able adult would do.

No. 384275

The other night I did an event at a local game lounge where I sold art and sketches. A guy I hadn't talked to in forever was there so we chatted, then we got on the topic of YouTube, the moment he said he loved Holly's art and her videos, I packed up and left. I have more friends talking about how much they admire her and I'm really questioning our friendship right now. Oy…

No. 384284

Me too, anon. We can be strong together

No. 384305

File: 1505020438794.png (60.93 KB, 1140x210, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 12.1…)

> holly's mad people were shitposting on the server channel titled "shitposting"

No. 384320

I mean what can you expect? Like 90% of the people on there are high schoolers who have no idea what they are doing. It's literally the blind leading the blind.

No. 384322

Pretty sure it's a mini fridge like the one she owns since the character in question is meant to be a self insert so she can fuck her OC.

No. 384325

Isn't the self insert the fat nerdy character she showed (and pretty much admitted to be a self insert) on a vlog?

No. 384328

Yup but I'm pretty sure this is the latest iteration of that character.

No. 384341


Found this review of the comic.
I think the review is quite on point, but it's weird how the art of the comic isn't critiqued.

No. 384342

Eh, there's a few critiques of the art (like the dumb faces and outfits), but this early on in Purgatory's creation (the review was written before Holly even finished the rape scene), the art wasn't as bad as it is now. It actually had some flair back then.
God, I really hate how bland and disgustingly boring her art is now. Even when her old art was at its wonky-est, it was cute and cartoony. Now it's all big chins, no shading, copy-paste backgrounds, and has all those photoshop errors like the missing lines. It doesn't help the atmosphere the review praises at all.

No. 384343

I feel like webcomics usually can get away with 'bad art' as long as the story/writing is good but the reverse is not nessearily true. Art style is usually something that initially hooks a new viewer but it isn't enough to keep someone invested in your comic if the story sucks or if your update schedule is shit.
With Holly her writing and art really isn't that great but from what I have heard her update schedule is pretty consistent so I kinda understand why people read her comic?

No. 384478

File: 1505060934647.png (442.64 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2199.PNG)

No. 384479

File: 1505060959584.png (667.38 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2198.PNG)

Is she's just not self aware?

No. 384487

File: 1505062085676.jpg (13.08 KB, 339x79, 1.JPG)


the spam was bestiality and porn but the whole chat was freaking out because the mods didnt know how to deal with it…. they were crying for holly to return to fix things it was such a mess . fyi there are tons of minors in this chat they still didnt delete the porn spam, just blacklisted and blocked the person.

No. 384520

this is perfect and encapsulates everything i feel about that piece of shit. dear god, her art is like, barely passable in most of those pages though, especially in any attempts at perspective or movement. fuck she's just so bad

No. 384524

File: 1505069814749.png (1.22 MB, 1148x1144, Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 10.5…)

Wow, Holly cannot draw to save her fucking life. Why is the seat so short? Why is the distance between the seat and the front so long? Why is it all bending toward the middle like taffy left out in the sun? Why are her lines so frail and all over the place when she's using a reference? Jesus H Christ…

No. 384618

Wait, she has a discord? is it a patreon perk or something?

No. 384654

On her twitter she's claiming she has palytoxin poisoning. She's going off into Munchhausen syndrome territory terribly fast lmao

No. 384892

Again Holly Brown-Town is contradicting herself. Also paying for her autistic references of her toys is beyond stupid. As if it's so hard to find artist references. This cow needs to get a fucking clue.

No. 384955

The art is not good but if it's clear and supports the story, it doesn't matter. Especially in indie comics and webcomics there is some weird shit art-wise, with great stories.

sage for comic sperging

No. 385018

She deleted the discord.

No. 385023

she really is a pussy when she's not the one dishing out, huh.

No. 385026

File: 1505155164301.png (163.65 KB, 1275x1453, IMG_9035.PNG)

Can we talk about how efortless is she when it comes to her comic? Both the art and the story seem to be there only to pleasure a crowd of prepubescent fujoshis. Like, look at this artwork made by a fan (who's also younger than her) and everything looks so much better than Holly's art. I feel like she just wants Purgatory to be a cash cow. (Artwork credits go to @maddmar on Instagram)

No. 385028

But she is an overgrown prepubescent fujoshi

No. 385047

File: 1505158432253.png (398.62 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170911-143307.png)


I was monitoring the server for milk and it had calmed down so it was mostly her (clearly really young) fan base talking about drawing.

My impression was that Holly was trying to use the discord server to just house PDFs/resources, appointed mods when it got insane with gore etc. on Friday, and then got mad when mods set up channels for talking??

I have no clue why she thought a discord was appropriate to just be used as a way to house info though.

No. 385048

File: 1505158515925.png (453.44 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170911-143449.png)

More of Holly being mad about this

No. 385051

It's funny how she likes to pretend she is a logic driven person sometimes when she can't go long without throwing an emotional fit.
Every time someone calls her out on something she responds with that "OH YEAH I AM THE WORST FOR DOING NOTHING WRONG" type of sarcasm.

No. 385068

She's so impulsive and abrasive. Girlfriend needs to start meditating or something.

No. 385108

Isn't this Dirk Strider

No. 385537

File: 1505238568493.png (164.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2204.PNG)

Ok but you have been talking about how you want to make your Paranormal Plaque comic for months now and instead of 'just doing it' you draw pointless fan art for a comic that doesn't exist yet???

No. 385609

For like a few months Holly's been fixing the problems with her first comic because she just rushed into it. Holly can't even commit to a set schedule? Her work process is such a fucking mess.

No. 385610

How to Holly:
>do thing
>complain about people doing such thing, seemingly lacking the notion or simply not caring she does such thing

No. 385944

Apparently Holly is a fan/friend of Pan Pizza. It seems shitty artist with inflated egos flock together.

No. 385951

To be fair at least Pan Pizza's style isn't as bland and it's not like his whole online persona revolves around his art.
Sage for slightly off topic.

No. 386056

Her art reminds me of the amateur art I'd see a lot on the internet in the 2000s. It's a really specific style, anyone know what I mean? Before there were real art tutorials online and kids just looked at "how to draw anime" books… It makes me nostalgic, in the worst way.

Also, I know redlining/redrawing has proven to be a nuisance, but what about taking her drawings into liquify and trying to fix some anatomy?

No. 386081

Don't. What's the benefit besides people trying to "prove" their skill?

No. 386084

Idk, I'm just always curious to see the potential of shitty art, if only they would fix their few mistakes.
I don't think the point of fixing a drawing necessarily has to do with showing off since pretty much anybody can do it, it's not like redrawing which takes any skill.

No. 386894

File: 1505461975146.png (2.09 MB, 1114x1286, what the fuck is going on in h…)

im no artist but…. holy shit

No. 386895

Please don't start this again. Yes we can all agree that Holly's poses either fall into the category of being too stiff or not making sense at all but I really don't think I can handle a bunch of artists posting red lines of her work again. Also a bad artist is not nessessarily a lolcow. What makes Holly special is her awful attitude.

No. 386896

It's weird hearing Holly try to give advice about making your art not stiff in her new video… Like almost all the tips she gives in that video try to target problems she still has in her own work?!?

No. 386902

I dunno man, I think it's interesting and kinda funny to see just how bad they are.

No. 386906

Doesn't mean we can't laugh at how shitty her art is as well

No. 386967

Almost all the redlines are just as shitty if not worse than her art. Just stop.

No. 387162

Wow that sketch really shows how crappy her sketching method is. There's no underlying structure laid down, no sight of any faint pencil lines as guidelines. She pretty much just jumps into sketching while putting so much pressure into each stroke.

Even in her drawing method it just shows how desperate she is to show that she can draw like a pro, but everything she draws ends up looking like distorted inhuman shit. It looks like she didn't even try using a ruler to help herself draw the floor tiles.

No. 387325

This. Her art speaks for itself and you may think that your art is totally better than hers, but it probably isn't.

No. 387339

New video where Holly humble brags about finishing her art challenge. I'm not sure how much is learned from this. HC just dose what she always dose when she draws which include the fallowing. :
- no draw trough
- no under drawing
- not drawing using accurate perspective

Not to say you have to fallow these to make a "good" drawing but it never fucking hurts to learn the rules before you break them. But Holly doesn't do shit that makes sense.

No. 387428

She's pressing down so hard on the paper with her tools that it physically pains me to look at it.

No. 387432

How much do you want to bet that Holly absolutely smashed through this challenge just so she could call herself the first to finish and/or finish it before Baylee Jae?

No. 387449


100% - the fact she made a whole video about preventing art related injuries is such a joke, especially since she's gearing up to give herself a serious injury down the line.

No. 387454

I'm 100% sure that's why she posted this. She didn't want baylee to beat her in finishing it. Both of their art in these books is pretty shit too, I'm not surprised though.

No. 387481

Meh I thought Baylee might have ended up getting better if she did the challenge because that girl doesn't nearly draw as much as she should but I guess I was wrong.
On the bright side though it looks like Holly's art style got more consistent? Too bad it's consistently bad though.

No. 387507

She uses reference but you can't even process what you're drawing if you just copy shit in fast succession, they proportions of the girl on the motorcycle are completely off. Also gives me carpal tunnel just looking at this.

No. 387703

I think this will benefit Baylee in other ways, even if the drawing she is making while doing the challenge don't show big levels of improvement, if she at least learns to keep a sketchbook and be a bit more loose than usual, it's already profit.

No. 388047

File: 1505626822558.png (59.9 KB, 868x478, 5Xb5Aqi.png)

Is it just me, or does Holly show up and leave an essay in just about every 'known' youtuber's comments section?

This is from a video Mr Enter (autist lolcow in his own right) uploaded today. He was whining about how much people make fun of him, RebelTaxi/Pan Pizza chief among them. Last time I checked Holly was pals with Pan, so it's pretty amusing to see her in the comments of someone Pan actively doesn't like.

No. 388084

She will literally throw anyone and everyone under the bus just to suck dick of bigger and more well known youtubers. It's gross and just fucking hypocritical.

No. 388219

god. I've never posted in any of these threads so i'm sorry for any mistakes or anything but I really wanted to talk about this bitch. She's a horrible person. My best friend is an ex friend of hers and I recently got hate followed by her lmao. She's super entitled, has an ugly, stiff style and yet continues to be cocky, self entitled and generally a bitch. Sorry this is a little personal, wasn't sure where else to say it. I've been to these threads before because I was amazed at how many followers she somehow had but decided to post now that I have some personal beef with her haha.

No. 388228

How was Holly's behavior before she hit 100k subs on youtube? I have a sneaking suspicion that she wasn't nearly as cunty as she is now before she became 'known'. Now it seems like all she wants to do is distance herself from her former friends and rub shoulers with as many popular youtubers as possible.

No. 388229

File: 1505670685993.gif (531.6 KB, 500x341, 1376545637835.gif)

>Honestly Pan is a douche cause I think he doesn't like critiques on media

Wtf? Really?! Coming from you Holly? Are you that clueless? She bites the heads off of her own fans at the slightest bit of criticism with her 'well who asked you?' attitude like she's a queen, and then says this?

No. 388242

well! no, it wasn't any better. chatting with that friend of mine at the moment so i got an inside scoop, spoiler: she was still a cunt. she sees herself as a god but is actually insecure, antisocial and bullies all of her friends. She also blocked and stopped talking to my friend because to break it down she didn't want to deal with her ever venting her emotions because she didn't need it when she was 'working all the fucking time'. which is rich coming from someone who bitched their way to 100k

No. 388265

>She's super entitled, has an ugly, stiff style and yet continues to be cocky, self entitled and generally a bitch

tell us something we don't know anon

I believe that
Honestly, Holly seems like a giant bully, but god forbid you bully her right back, she fucking loses her mind
Do you know anything about her two friends that have been present during her streams? Donnydraws and that Romanian one?

No. 388266

File: 1505675140674.jpg (146.45 KB, 786x561, Capturewed3.JPG)

Y'know, when you anons were talking about how Holly's Highschool style was better looking I didn't believe you
Then I saw this, her HS style is definitely more interesting and easy on the eyes unlike her stiff ugly style on the right

No. 388267

This gets brought up a lot on her threads because there is always someone incredulous about how her style managed to get shittier

No. 388268

See, I think most of her watchers really don't understand just how thin her skin is. When I first started watching Holly I really thought she was a no-nonsense type of artist who strove to make art and not excuses. I subscribed to her channel hoping to watch her improve through hard work and dedication. Lo and behold a couple of weeks later I saw how poorly she reacted to critique and realized she would never really improve until she checked her ego.

No. 388270

Nothing in this drawing makes sense. The anatomy and the foreshortening are all off, the fridge looks like it's falling on the character due to perspective errors and she's either floating or sinking in the floor. This is elementary school tier bullshit and she's claiming to be a bachelor in graphic design?

Yeah seriously, I don't know what happened to her for her to take the sink into the stiff pit she's currently stuck now. Her high school stuff has its errors but it's much more interesting and easier to look at because the characters look alive and breathing, the ones she draws now look like mannequins.

No. 388271

I love how she always shits on her old art style when her new art style is even worse.

No. 388273

She's still studying graphic design on an online art college? I don't think she has a bachelor's degree yet?

No. 388277

I don't usually believe on those "no bullshit" sort of people. When I found Istebrak's channel I was genuinely happy to find some girl who didn't sound like a fragile snowflake, yet didn't seem bitchy. At least she is somewhat good, unlike Holly, but the whole thing of veiling shitty attitude behind the "I'm just helping you" excuse made me stop taking her seriously.

No. 388280

That's the thing. I thought Holly was going to be like Istebrak one day which is why I wanted to follow her. I wanted to see her journey towards improvement especially because I saw potential in her earlier work.

No. 388286

I'm not one to excuse shitty behavior, but I wonder just how much of her past problems with her parents have to do with her anger issues.

No. 388290

Holly's personal life is pretty shitty but there are a lot of artists with shitty home lives that still manage to keep it professional. I will agree that a lot of her anger issues probably do stem from family issues.

No. 388295

What's up in her personal life, does she talk about it at all? I know shit can't be all that great with her after seeing her SI scars.

No. 388309

I believe she was taken away from her parents as a kid and raised by her aunt. She seems to really hate her brother (which I don't know if it's her cousin or her actual brother, because she calls her aunt "mom"). She still has at least some form of contact with her parents because she was over at their house visiting some time ago, her biological dad seems to be in advanced stages of cancer or something like that. I don't know if he passed away.

Take this with a grain of salt because I don't follow Holly's videos, it's just what I gathered from vlogs here and there.

No. 388326

Oh god I thought the left side was supposed to be the improved side.

No. 388338

File: 1505682631484.png (26.13 KB, 750x161, IMG_1960.PNG)

Hate you too, Holly.

No. 388411

the left side has so much more depth, style and personality than the right.

i'm still irrationally angry about those stupid fucking glasses. they don't look like glasses. they don't look like anything except some lines.

No. 388425

I'm actually more bothered by that dandy twink's stupid hair. It looks like an exaggeration of Arin from game grump's greasy hairstyle.

No. 388484

i don't know the donnydraws one but i know the romanian one yes

No. 388677

Didn't the donnydraws one quit art because of Holly or something?

No. 388720

this is sad. how can an artist get this much worse.

No. 388731

I think she hyperfocused on trying to fixed perceived flaws like her art lean that she lost track of actually made her work good in the first place. Like the main problems with her stuff now is that it looks very stiff and that the figures don't really interact with the environment well. These problems probably arose due to the fact that she likely spent hours drawing from maniquines rather than drawing from life. It is obvious Holly is putting time into her craft (unlike some YouTube artists) but her efforts are pointless if she keeps ignoring fundamentals and keeps avoiding actually learning some basic art theory.

No. 388762


the thing is, she's a complete stereotype of what you'd expect an entitled, bratty millennial to be, what makes her think she's any different ?

No. 388788

I thought it was because of the reporting taking her channel down or was there more?

No. 388808

Anon, you don't become that much of a cunt solely because you gain a following. She was like that in the videos that made her blow up anyway.

laziness and becoming comfortable. She works a lot, but she does it in a sloppy way so she can achieve a higher quantity of output.
Her old art has shading in multiple colors and an accent color, it's hand-lettered. Now she doesn't even bother using the bucket tool to put in some greys.

No. 388832


Lmao she just fucking wishes she could be successful and as funny as Pan, what a dumb , two-faced fucking cunt

No. 388874

i'm not sure about them, but kek if they're not friends anymore either than she's complete shit at keeping friends, I don't think she even has any friends even online anymore.

No. 388952

When you do so much shit you not only get a thread of your own, your thread moves way faster than the one designated to ALL the other Youtube artists
10/10 milk spillage

No. 388957

In one of Donny's videos, she mentioned that 'a friend' had given her some really harsh criticism. Given that she only seemed to have two friends (holly and Romanian teenager) it's easy to guess which cunt dished it out.

No. 388958

Why is it that the ones that claim to be 'keeping it real' or 'brutally honest' always end up being incredibly insecure?

No. 388980

Focusing on other people's flaws is the way they avoid taking a look at themselves.

No. 389027

The worst criticism I have for her is the way she talks. sWALLOW YOUR SPIT, lady.

No. 389098

Because aggressiveness is the way they choose to hide their shortcomings.

No. 390330

dont forget the special snowflake vibe: Edgy fucktard edition

No. 390575

Honestly, I don't think she's extremely bad as an artist (bc there's worse), she's pretty good at colouring, sketching quickly, she has some decent ideas and a nice aesthetic BUT why does she have to be such a bitch to everyone ? does she think this will help her selling her work in any way ?? I personally wouldn't buy art from someone who is this rude/bitchy on social media

No. 390593

Her signature bad attitude is one of her main selling points and actually sets her apart from most youtube artists. It's one of the reasons she has such a large fanbase. As for her art it is not awful but it is lacking in fundamentals. Holly will only continue to stagnate if she keeps ignoring the basics and keeps churning out trash in order to fill her personal quota. She needs to realize that she needs to find a good median between quantity and quality.

No. 390857

600 page sketchbook tour is up.

No. 390865

Making the same mistakes over and over. She didn't change or learn anything, ugh. But I expected as much. What bothers me more than anything is how stiff her people are and how bad her expressions are. Just like…. basic shit. Seriously.

No. 390866

File: 1506057577403.png (Spoiler Image, 1004.37 KB, 1366x768, holly_why.png)

Her self insert on the toilet. Classy.

No. 390876

I think she said her self insert was the one named Princess tho

No. 390883

Samefag >>390876
I think she just made the blonde one as someone she would like to bone herself, I don't see much room to assume it's a self insert because there's nothing similar between her and Holly

No. 390889

Isn’t the one named Princess black…

No. 390891

I think the character’s design changed quite a bit but initially it was based off of a self insert. I guess technically it wouldn’t really be a self insert at this point.

No. 390895

i wonder how much time she wasted just filling in the pages with markers

No. 390898

I don't really get the hate towards Holly tbh. I think her character is more funny than offensive and she seems to just be doing her own thing nor is she overly annoying or obnoxious from the videos I've seen. Is all the hate for her closemindedness towards criticism and her lack of improvement, am I missing something?

Saged for useless post, I don't keep up with this thread but I subbed to her a few months ago out of boredom after seeing it.

No. 390903

>>she seems to be doing her own thing
She is constantly criticizing what other people are doing, many times seemingly unaware she commits the mistakes she is bitching about, or just plain hypocrisy.

No. 390905

I might be mixing things up, I don't remember which vlog she talked about the character who would be 'basically her but nicer' or something like that

No. 390949

File: 1506082836720.png (155.5 KB, 310x317, f2fcb71444f18c6dec1fe6f77d38f1…)

Even her skulls suffer from terminal Jay Leno disease

No. 390956

Looks like she didn't use a proper reference for this one because that's not how a mandible is supposed to look like. Still, looking at her latest video I have to say she is slowly getting better and she is at least kinda self aware about her anatomy problems.

No. 390975

File: 1506092613024.png (321.25 KB, 537x322, ughhhhh.png)

I'm not through the vid yet but damn, these pear-shaped heads sucking at each other's lips is exactly how I used to draw anime kisses back in eight grade.

No. 390980

Sorry for double-post but I hate how Holly didn't even know what to draw into the sketch book anymore to the point she asked people on twitter to suggest 'dumb shit' for her to draw.
Throughout the video she's talked about so many things she wanted to improve on, why didn't she just draw those?
Interiors, dynamic poses, basically everything that isn't your OCs standing around - there's plenty to choose from…

No. 390993

I think the main reason she didn't work on weaknesses such as interiors is because she was under such a time constraint trying to beat other people like Baylee Jae in finishing the sketchbook slam.

No. 391314

File: 1506140153766.png (140.55 KB, 818x236, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 12.1…)

looks like she's got ads now

No. 391350

What is this even

No. 391373

>See that, boys and girls? Now you, too, can become so horrifically mediocre at your craft that you somehow manage to proactively regress in your capabilities!

No. 391619

File: 1506197858143.png (394.11 KB, 852x477, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 4.14…)

This is so bad. She really just rushed through the sketchbook to finish it before anyone else.

I get 30 second sketches etc when you draw from life, but that's not the case here. 600 pages and no improvement whatsoever. I'm shocked.

No. 391620

Samefag but all the comments say how much she improved and "that other YT artists can go home". I don't understand her fans. Do any of them actually have an idea what they're talking about?

No. 391742


This is a case of "If you have to ask, you already know the answer to that question."

No. 391809

File: 1506237058625.png (Spoiler Image, 314.61 KB, 649x446, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 9.01…)

so weird considering how much times she's mentioned him in her videos
she even gave this guy one of her crummy art prints

No. 391865

It's too early. I thought this said she's got aids now.

No. 392012

Sage for OT but Pan was mentioned earlier, does he have any milk? There was a video on my Youtube recommendations of him crying over a girl rejecting him, idk if there's anything else interesting enough to make a thread.

No. 392024

Nah, Pan is cool. He doesn't need a thread.

No. 392187

guess you didn't bother watching it but basically Pan was just telling an awkward story about asking a girl out who was already into a relationship that he didn't know about

he didn't cry or was overtly salty at all
although there is some cringe when he mentions masturbating 3x a day sometimes but thats a lot of people

No. 392197

Holly's lack of improvement genuinely scares me to the core. Just the idea you don't improve despite drawing consistently is a nightmare. I get that she draws the same shit, but you'd figure she'd improve at that subject.

A lot of her pages here aren't even truly terrible. I'd say her thumbnail pages, trees, and those first gesture drawings from reference are good. Her presentation skills are pretty fair, too.

No. 392276

Holly doesn't improve because she keeps making the same mistakes and refuses to actually fix her mistakes. Take her jaws for example, it doesn't matter how many times she practices drawing heads and skulls if she keeps drawing them wrong. Holly needs to get her head out of her own ass and actually look at her work critically/ take criticism from other people.

No. 392493

Pan's not cow-worthy but he is a bit cringe at times. It's obvious that he's one of those guys who is kind of awkward and maybe not so social in person but builds up this 'cooler' persona online. His videos are well put together and well researched so it makes up for it. His podcast is significantly harder to watch than his videos thanks to how awkward his co-hosts can be, but they're not exactly dripping with milk.

I'm guessing Holly is a fan of his channel and is trying to schmooze her way in with her art. Too bad her style sucks and I doubt Pan is a fan of Leno-chinned fujoshit.

No. 392499

You ever think Holly makes all these tutorial vids full of crap advice to try and sabotage any possible competition?

I have a theory that Holly's endgame (whether she realizes it or not) is to try and off as much artistic competition as she can. We've all heard that she's a terror to her current and former friends, yet she seems awfully keen on making nice with youtube artist much more popular than she is (Baylee, Lemia, Pan). I think she's trying to get close enough to them to freely sling her venom and emotionally beat them down like she did with Donnie.

No. 392539

Pan's cringey a robot. I heard he fucks with shad, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was cool with holly too.

No. 392568

Nah. She makes friends with more popular YouTube artists so she can leech off their fanbase. As for her art advice it usually isn’t that bad. The only problem is she never really follows her own advice hense her bad art.

No. 392731

sorry, samefag ^ but got some more info from my friend that honestly isn't surprising but I think it really highlights what a sad, self-conscious person she is so. She sends peoples art that she doesn't like to her friends and says angry and mean things about them lmao. She genuinely can't handle any art that's not her own (which of course is superior). Had my own art sent through before i was even friends with her ex friend. For someone who loves to dish it out she really can't take any form of critique.

No. 392736

I guess it's true what they say then, those who can't do, teach.

No. 392748

Do you have receipts? This sounds interesting.

No. 393065


The Toilet is so small wtf?? kek


>Even her skulls suffer from terminal Jay Leno disease

My fucking sides, anon
This was almost good, also.. Her characters need a trip to Korea shave them monkey jaws


The yellow girl. So fucking bad. She has three ligaments on her left arm, which is also fucking gigantic? Of course everything else is just as bad, but that really caught my eye.

This, anon. Holly inspires me to improve so much lmao

No. 393474

Sooooo Holly isn't doing inktober because she is too good for it because SHE inks all the time and the sad silly people who do inktober only do it because they are the kind of pathetic little girls that only like to draw witches and fairies etc anyway…

yeah. OK, Holly. you just keep doing thick black outlines on your comic. I bet everyone is super sad you won't be participating this time

No. 393476

Bitch I ink traditionally and I still do Inktober. There's always room for improvement but I guess Holly is perfect so she doesn't need intense practice.

No. 393491

Inking all the time, yet never showing improvement. It's funny that she picks on people doing it who are drawing things they like and attempting to be creative with their ideas when she just draws the same bad shit all the time. Maybe drawing cute witches and fairies would cheer her up a bit, geez.

No. 393587


>they are the kind of pathetic little girls that only like to draw witches and fairies

Only if they had a challenge where you can only draw ugly yaoi shit and stiff Jay Leno OCs, aw :^(

No. 393684

I wonder if Holly will eventually drown on her on toxicity like Sakuems did.
Or maybe eventually she will change, I've noticed she seems to be trying (-trying-) to be nicer. Probably noticed the backlash she gets for being a bitch or that putting up a shitty attitude will not get her very far.

No. 393698

she doesnt seem to get either that people do Halloween themed shit for inktober because they know how to draw it already and can focus more on actually inking lmfao

No. 393741

why does she act like not participating in inktober makes her superior? some people like to do things for FUN holly, fun. not everything has to be so damn serious.

i have never listened to someone that made art sound so unbearable and dull.

literally most of the professional artists i follow participate in inktober for fun because they get to draw for themselves. it's not always about ~improvement~

No. 393867

Wait, what happened to Sakuems? I thought she wasn't that bad.

No. 393874

Well yeah, that too, but Holly is so unbelievably focused on improvement I thought it was an argument that would actually apply to her.

No. 394057

didn't meant that improvement part @ you, just meant how even people who ink everyday can join in. She just kept going on in the video about how most people don't actually improve during inktober when not everyone really cares to

i just don't know why she can't quietly not do something without shaming others in the process

No. 394068

She was pretty nasty a lot of times.
Her cat died and she couldn't deal with it. Old pet and probably her only companion at that point. That's as much as I know as I don't look through her stuff anymore. Feel free to correct me.

No. 394099

File: 1506599435235.jpg (30.25 KB, 300x450, i want to die.jpg)

She's leaving so many uncoloured spots it's stressing me

No. 394101

File: 1506602017777.png (86.03 KB, 208x297, Screenshot_2017-09-28_15-31-54…)

This is triggering me. Grids and guides are not hard to use.

No. 394147

File: 1506607758478.png (2.58 MB, 1532x1212, Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 10.0…)

Every time she does good colour it's obviously accidental. I swear to god, was pisses on her colours as soon as she's done. Like, why does she do a yellow wash on everything?

This scene doesn't even require it tonally, so it's not even an attempt to give mood in a lazy ass way. If you want a yellow looking palette , build one. Don't just piss on your canvas.

I fucking can't get over people saying she's good with colour. If it isn't basic as fuck, she doesn't know what she's doing.

Also her comic is now up. I'm so ready: https://tapas.io/series/Paranormalplague

No. 394158

sorry this is late, i forgot to check the thread ahah, but sorry unfortunately not really. I have a few things, like screenshots of when she dropped a friend oh ho, but can't share cause i don't think my friend would really like that ahah. i've asked about screenshots for her shittalking my own art because she hate followed me and then pretended she didn't (and so i wanted to send her those screenshots) but that same friend deleted all their conversations because they're not really on good terms anymore. most i have is a short conversation with her telling her to stop hate following me and then her calling me an asshole for suggesting she was hate following me. sorry i don't have a huge catalogue of her bitchfits, trust me i'd love to see them just as much.

No. 394181

See I could forgive her colors on this seeing how it looks like this is her first time coloring a comic page but the composition of this page is just so ugly. Did Holly learn nothing from her other comic?!

No. 394182

I was going to post something about how HC drew those bricks too. Thank goodness someone else noticed. Really bothers me how she chooses to work harder instead of smarter…

No. 394184

File: 1506612838147.jpeg (919.21 KB, 746x1043, 6A8C3950-C415-4169-88F1-F56502…)

I know Holly’s being sarcastic with these post but completing an ink drawing is proving to be a little difficult for ol’holly brown.
There’s just so many mistakes.

No. 394185

File: 1506612908042.jpeg (727.79 KB, 750x937, 6D964201-891F-4C88-BDDD-E989B6…)

Also I hate how she draws trees. Trees don’t grow like that or look like that.

No. 394186

sage for weeb nitpick but she didn't even put the Flamel symbol on the back of his jacket lol

No. 394246

Kek, is she for real? She just has so much disdain for people having fun, it's actually sad. Imagine being this bitter and "brutually honest", yet so incredibly fragile that you can't take criticism.

Also the challenge and point of inktober is to work with ink on paper, fuck off. You could teach yourself new techniques with ink, but I guess that's too hard.

Sage for salt, she really pushes my buttons.

No. 394250

This page is so boring for what is supposed to be happening, especially as a first page.

No. 394279


>trash marker sketching


No. 394303


That's a tree? And she went to art school? Does she have no sense of shame at all?

No. 394320

File: 1506628186282.png (439.78 KB, 580x622, hollypoop.png)

Wait, so she's offended by Jake's post or in favor of it?

No. 394323

Idk I think she's trying to be snarky but it falls flat. Also, she's a bitch.

No. 394326

She's trying to take a stab at him showing how she can 'totally draw without control-z guys' but they still look wonky as fuck.

No. 394329

Maybe if she actually tried doing an under sketch before jumping into it with pen she might be able to fix and learn from her mistakes. Oh wait, almost forgot who we're talking about lol

No. 394339

File: 1506630368608.jpg (82.86 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mugkzdReSs1r9boe4o1_500…)


>trying to make snarky remarks

>while drawing/inking like that
>while Jake Parker draws and make clean stuff like pic related

Way to look like an embarrassing moron again?

No. 394342

But, like, she is ta bestest artist eva and she like tells all da truths!

Sorry, threw up a little. She literally can't go a day without shitting all over someone for being happy.

No. 394359

File: 1506631617656.png (239.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2913.PNG)

Didn't she fat shame a real person on her Instagram page?

No. 394375

So she is bitching about his barely even a critique to digital art? The "i don't care", "work harder", "i tell it how it is" Holly?
She can't make up her mind on whether she wants to be the jerk or the victimist, >>394359 as an example.
I think it was her I saw over an year ago on twitter complaining about how it sucked she was being forced to use the pen tool(?) on class because it gAvE hEr anxIetY ugHHHH
She really belongs with the tumblr crew

No. 394376

No. 394412

Holy shit, she’s being the doughy one. Holly is always talking about how fat she is and has a strong judgement of fat people. I know it’s only human to make mistakes and be judgmental but HC really takes it to another level. Like she’s pretending to be self aware while being blissfully over confident.

No. 394415

Correction: douchey not doughy

But this bitch can be doughy too. Sitting in her messy room with her dying plants and cat shit.

No. 394635

No Holly, you're not a subhuman troglodyte because you're a digital 'artist' You're just a subhuman troglodyte in general.

No. 394638

still salty over inktober i see.

No. 394667

Holy shit girl calm the fuck down. The salt is so thicc I can already feel my bloody becoming crystallized.

No. 394671

Sucks that Holly ignored that one guy's comment (clarifying about Jake Parker saying that he's not discouraging digital artists from doing what they are comfortable doing, but rather encouraging them to do actual inking as a way to improve) in her previous video. And judging by this video she is still salty about it and feels as though she is "above" doing inktober only because she can do it.

Jeez, Holly, when will you get glasses to see how fucked up your anatomy is. You're no Kim Jung Gi.

She also complained about other people doing inktober as an excuse to draw witches but hey, people have their own ways of doing inktober (there are even people who make their own challenges aside from witches and mermaids).

No. 394681

I mean considering the fact that Huion and other companies are sending her free tablets it makes sense she would be on the pro digital art side. Her inking video was semi cringey but it fits her whole YouTube persona.

No. 394744

File: 1506691845434.jpg (44.45 KB, 453x604, photo_2017-09-21_14-51-24.jpg)

>After my last video I had a bunch of people just basically say stupid shit like "just by using a tablet you make bad habits"
Because it's fucking true. I don't get why she's so pissy about this.

No. 394820

Because she's looking for sympathy points.

No. 394940

File: 1506722362011.png (65.58 KB, 640x386, IMG_7508.PNG)

poking around instagram and came across this. bojak's art looks so much better than hers.

No. 394941

aaaaand i spelt bojack wrong like a fucking idiot. go team.

No. 395022

She should come up with Jaylenotober as an excuse to drawing those chins of hers, then
Except she does that all year round and not just October

No. 395025

File: 1506731700457.png (7.72 KB, 546x566, bd6.png)

Tell me everything she does is just one big troll, and that nobody is this clueless…
This clueless to not realize everything she does contradicts what she preaches…

Seriously, how the fuck can Holly thing her stupidly bad attitude is just fine and be offended by such a small thing? What a fragile prick.

No. 395047


my fucking sides anon

No. 395089

File: 1506739674288.jpeg (417.04 KB, 750x764, 875BDEE1-A390-4719-9228-68684D…)

HC is starting another YouTube channel to which she’ll post images she’s drawn from bad fan fiction.
Here comes another cringey edgelord YouTube channel. Really wish I was kidding about this but… holy shit… this channnel just sounds like such a waste of time and energy. It just sucks.
Proof : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3dUdhWJbt1dLpDXzWK3wBA

No. 395400

it's such a shame, I love the idea of this. if it wasn't Holly running the show, I might like it. I do love me some bad fanfic.

No. 395455

File: 1506805282970.png (91.75 KB, 1242x561, IMG_1815.PNG)

Sorry Holly your art work now is still just as cringe I really can't see the improvement all that much from then (2015) until now.

No. 395459

H.C don't need improvement, her art is already perfect

No. 395475


her "best work" is edgelord fanart in the relatively simplistic style of a children's cartoon.

what are they teaching people in art school these days?

No. 395505

Tbh, we should stop saying art school. She took classes with an online college.

No. 395516

>dat stomach resting on the table
>dem nails

No. 395584

I think the stomach is a shadow

No. 395714

If anything Holly got worse since 2015. At least back then her art didn't really have Jay Leno chins. Also, despite the bad technical skills, her art showed potential and had a cute charm to it.

No. 395750

I thought so too but then I found the video and…

No. 395815

Seriously hard to sit through this video. At the time when she animated these Holly felt that she was too good to learn the basics of animation. These “animation studies” are drawn so badly the style just comes off confusing and unappealing. It just do disappointing that HC hasn’t improved at all in 2 years…

No. 395825

>the proportions are uhm actually really cartoony laughs

Holly what the fuck thats your whole style, Ive seen bargain bin animated movies with the budget of 10$ done better than your actual school assignments. It's just like when Baylee tries to talk ''professionally'' about art and they both just talk out their asses while repeating the same mistakes and even making new ones constantly. They're so blinded by themselves its astonishing.

No. 395831

Sorry, I meant in the actual video. Her stomach just rests on the table.

No. 395924

>overtly bragging about those trashy ink doodles

Where does this conceit come from? Is this the Dunning-Kruger effect? Is she faking to cover up her crippling insecurities? I'm genuinely baffled and impressed by how cocky she is about absolutely nothing.

No. 396646

File: 1506958870061.png (118.93 KB, 750x723, IMG_2918.PNG)

It's weird because in your comic there 11 or 12 yrs old. One of which gets molested and you only aged them up so you could make a porn comic about them which you would sell separately from the comic and had no actual purpose to the "story" you've created.

No. 397901

File: 1507137916183.jpg (34.65 KB, 419x384, FullSizeRender 14.jpg)

so she's working on her hamilton animatic (i.e. tryna leech of what's popular now) and this frame kills me.

No. 398009

Here’s her animatic on instagram :

As always I’m not a fan of Holly’s character design and her staging of her characters. The whole thing feels floaty and there’s only this mid shot of the one character. Could have been more dynamic to see a full shot to understand where the placement of characters are in this scene. I don’t think HC would do that kind of cut away since that might be harder to draw than that lazy mid shot.
Also she traced the movement of the flag. I have no argument with rotoscoping to learn to animate a more natural movement but if she just would have actually studied the movement and animated that flag using her style that movement wouldn’t be so jarring.
Over all Holly is rushing through this to finish before the trend dies.
Holly Brown, you’re lazy and a try-hard.

No. 398150

After that moving shot of the ship and the flag, the rest of the animatic is so boring. It's just a character standing there in the middle of the frame. What's the point of the setting when the character is just spazzing around looking at the camera?

No. 398784

Looks like Holly is entering Jazza's animation contest. Judging from all the WIPs she has been posting on her twitter I have got to say that her animation isn't as bad as it could be? Like her timing is completely off and she doesn't apply a lot of the basic principles of animation so everything looks a bit wonky but she isn't really cutting corners like a lot of beginners usually do. I feel like Holly is the perfect example of someone working harder and not smarter.

No. 398972

Because she wants a Wacom mobile. Is she gonna turn around and sell that a week later?

No. 398995

After looking at her animation I’m not really impressed. Just looks really amateur and forgettable. Holly seems really proud of herself since she keeps posting WIPs for every couple of frames. I’m more disappointed that she’s going to color it in the style she has. I describe her shading and coloring style as “lumpy and clumpy”. Really wish she would use differing line weights just to make her characters a little more fun to look at…

No. 399005

If holly hadnt taken actual animation classes I would atleast give her some leaniency. The bitch has gone to school and came out with a shittier style and concept of colours etc than when she came in.
It's such shit the characters in the background have such a fucked anatomy like Baylee's but they both swear up and down that 'oh! Thats foreshortening you dummies! Gosh pick up a book!'
You can't blame it on people being uneducated/'its my style' after the 193939th person tells you something looks off.
Its just aggravating what attention does to people with garbage personalities.

No. 399021

I know she went to art school but that doesn't necessarily mean Holly has taken an animation course. As much as I dislike Holly as a person I think it is unfair to say her animation is awful especially considering some stuff I have seen from people who have graduated with degrees in animation.

No. 399026

except that she did an entire video talking about how he took animation classes and showing some of her old assignments from it

No. 399039

According to her it was an anatomy course for animators and judging from her skill in both anatomy and animation I really doubt they taught much of either in that class. Also, judging from the assignments she posted in that video, it doesn't seem like that class taught any of the fundamentals of animation (ie we don't see the classical flour sack exercise that teaches you weight or the bouncing ball exercise that teaches you timing). Also, unlike making comics, Holly doesn't claim she's a master at animation or even give cringy animation advice (yet atleast) so for now I'm just going to stick to complaining about her awful attitude and ugly art/comic work.

No. 399072

File: 1507318404315.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.51 KB, 167x250, IMG_3417.JPG)

I just don't know how someone can look like such a toe yet feel the need to make her characters look like a toe…. that's like purposesly giving your child a bad hairstyle because you don't want to look shitt

No. 399133

>Holly doesn't claim she's a master at animation or even give cringy animation advice
I'm just sitting here waiting for her to make an animation tutorial of sorts.

No. 399186

It gonna to happen. Holly’s made tutorials on shit she has no idea about before (i.e. : story boarding, comic book creation, drawing in perspective) so I’m going to wait before I eat my words too.

No. 400792

It's been mentioned before but her "same face syndrome" video is so bad. She can't even address what that issue actually is

No. 401914

New Holly Video.
The subject matter doesn’t bother me because watermarks and shit isn’t something that any good artist worries about.

I’m more frustrated at how HC said she was going to regularly post when we all know damn well she’s not going to. I know this bitch has school and stuff. Holly did say she was going to work on her comic (which she has only finished two pages) instead of inktober. This isn’t really milk but I just see a pattern with Holly. She says she’s going to do something but never finishes. Holly then has no problem passing her criticism on other artist when she doesn’t have her shit together.

No. 401933

File: 1507727659218.jpeg (884.68 KB, 750x1024, CF3EE95C-7EB0-47F6-8311-1E6393…)

Edit : Holly did post her 3rd page but she did just post it yesterday.
Dose it really take a week and a half to produce a comic like this?

No. 401939

>tired joke about referring to tentacle rape
Why is she 12

No. 401942

She said it does because it has colour and "so much detail". Where?

She also said that she wasn't sure whether she will stick with colour because it takes her so long.
Three pages are ridiculous in this time span especially because she said she'd work on it full time and has all the thumbnails already done.

No. 401945


It's so obvious that the tentacle shit is also a fetish of hers kek
Like, 4/5 pannels in one page dedicated to that? lol

Anyway, I am so confused with that forth pannel. Like, that dot on his skin, is that supposed to be his navel? If so, he grew a gut? 'Cause he's pretty skinny on the first pannel. If not, wtf is that?? Armpit tumor?

No. 401946

the fabled 'male nipple'

No. 401955

holy shit the curves on the edges of the panels look terrible. Can't even get that right, huh?

No. 401990

I’m not surprised by the awkward placement of the nipple on Holly’s male character. Despite HC saying she can draw men better than women, Holly’s anatomy still makes zero sense.

I’m so glad you pointed that out. I really hate that design choice too.

No. 402150

I would think you guys are being picky, I can see a bit of improvement from the rest of her art. But again, this is Holly, the one who criticizes everyone about everything, so I can understand.

No. 402156

I think the major problem people have is that Holly herself is so lazy about everything but won't miss a chance to put down others, and also the fact that Holly has pretty much talked about this like it's her magnum opus.

That said the panels are terrible, it takes 30 seconds to make the gutters even and make sure the corners are rounded the same amount.

No. 402162

>that fringe overlapping the camera

I will say that this looks a lot more appealing than her purgatory comic

kind ot, but i don't get why some people post comics by page? I can't picture anyone enjoying a story by reading a page a week

No. 402178

Posting a page a week (or 2-3) is pretty standard for webcomics. If the story is interesting it's still enjoyable to keep up with.

No. 402512

>a lot more appealing than her purgatory comic
Wait this isn’t purgatory? The guy looks the same

No. 402583

Yeah, Holly's male characters kind of have the same faces but this Hershel guy looks a lot like Damien.

And this is just a nitpick but I also hate the names Holly gives to her characters.

No. 402746


His tear is flowing up even though he is upside down

No. 402761

File: 1507853321613.jpg (18.94 KB, 400x400, Kch4GSGD_400x400.jpg)

I'm a new poster but I've been reading for a while. Does anyone else have a problem with Holly's new avatar? I'm not sure if it's supposed to be comically bad…because it is. I can see the mouth being a joke just because it's so fucking weird, but the arms look broken. She also did the "chest ass" that she said not to in her boob video.

No. 402764

if it is an attempt at comedy, joke's on her. it still looks like how she usually draws.

No. 402765


lol, I was wondering what that was. I guess gravity doesn't exist in her world

No. 402839

File: 1507862439392.jpg (22.93 KB, 221x224, 245725_155589.jpg)

her stupid avatar looks so punchable. I seriously thought it had the hella jeff mouth based on her twitter icon resolution.

No. 402898


jesus christ this is a sequential storytelling nightmare. no sense of motion or space and the paneling/shots aren't cohesive.

this is the single worst thing i've ever seen her grubby hands produce.

No. 402912


I think he's being flipped upside down between panel 3 and 4, based on the direction of the flower.

It gets worse the more you look at it.

No. 403216

She's not even holding the camera at all, no fingers are on that thing. But then her fringe IS over the camera. It's baffling. Holly keeps doing the hovering item thing, it's so lazy.

No. 403347

pretty sure shes holding onto the camera's side strap instead of the body

sage for nitpick on a nitpick

No. 403350

File: 1507953749202.png (471.74 KB, 570x474, Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 6.00…)

nvrmind, dosent look like theres a side strap in this panel

i guess she rlly didn't think it through

No. 403411

This is why Holly's condescending attitude pisses me off so much, she makes most of the same mistakes she advocates so strongly against. And no I don't think this is a parody considering she made the same 'chest ass' mistake with her skill share sprites. She also has an awful case of same face syndrome even though she made a huge video on how not to have same face syndrome. If you shave the heads of her male characters there is absolutely no way to tell most of them apart. Hell, the same could probably be said about her female characters if Holly had more than 3(?) actual female characters throughout all her work?

No. 403599

I'd forgive this if Holly was somewhat humble but considering she nitpick the tiniest thing in other people's art like not drawing their bubbles themselves (even though hers are NEVER roundish and always look like shit!)

What the fuck with the border of the panels ? It's so obvious she just stretched the first one larger rather than drawing it again (and it takes a second)
Why is her character's bangs covering the camera ? Why is she looking up to the top left but pointing her camera elsewhere ?

And the dude's tear is flowing in the wrong direction cause she probably drew the panel upside down but didn't even notice it was wrong when she flipped it again.

No. 403783

Does she get paid for this on taptastic? (I know you don't get paid as much as webtoons)

No. 403792

These are the worst and laziest "I don't want to draw hands (or can't) poses I've ever seen.

Why is her face covered so much by the camera, anyway? There's no view finder and she'd have to look at the side panel, but the camera is way too close to her face to do so.

No. 403797

File: 1508013783150.png (31.58 KB, 502x186, Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 4.41…)

Samefag but I just read the description of PP.

Investigate what? Who are they? What is this supposed to mean?

No. 403832


All of her poses are always SO bad lmao she can’t do dynamic action for shit. Yeah, he sure looks like he’s struggling not just lightly holding the vine while keeping his body completely straight.

No. 403899

Holly doesn't know how to draw hands, so she obviously can't draw hands grabbing things. That's too complicated!
That one anon who posted the King of the Hill "animal hands" thing was so accurate it hurts

No. 403900

i'm honestly more iffed that the monsters are just called fucking Paranormals.

on that note, i can't wait to see the actual "monsters".

No. 404033

I would understand if English was Holly's second language but she's a white girl from Texas. Honestly, how hard would it be to get someone to proofread this stuff? I'm sure one of her fans would jump at the opportunity to become a beta reader for her junk.

Also Holly's pacing is so bad. It's been 3+ weeks and absolutely nothing has happened in Paranormal Plague. She did not need to waste 3 pages setting up Hershel's situation especially since none of the pages actually add anything new. I mean if her updates were longer than 1 page a week then this wouldn't be a huge problem but at this rate I doubt we'll actually get into the story for another 2+ years.

No. 404531

File: 1508166240742.jpeg (134.21 KB, 750x696, 2EAE66AE-82D6-45B4-89C8-747A7F…)

>complains about attractive, finished art on YouTube

No. 404640

Tapastic pays only a few officially supported comics, so no, she's not getting paid for this

No. 404654

>Tapastic pays only a few officially supported comics
Perhaps you mean people who are able to get tips, but Tapastic also has Ad Revenue. When you get over a relatively small amount of views (I believe it was somewhere around 200-500) you can start collecting Ad Revenue.

No. 404656

Any can get tips and ad revenue, provided they have the readership willing to provide it, but Tapastic pays for some site-supported comics as well and Holly's sure isn't one of them. Plus, ad revenue is pennies from what I've heard from friends who have it turned on, so it's not like Holly's going to make a living off her Jay Leno chinned husbando comic anyways.

No. 404674

Ad revenue is indeed pretty shit, it's around 1 cent per 100 views.
Wasn't aware they paid for some comics, but also don't you have some sort of requirement to get tips? Shitty small comics can't get tips, from experience.

No. 404704

Did she delete her calarts rant?

No. 404741

I believe she did delete it due to the fact she straight out lied about being accepted into calarts. There is a mirror linked in the first post if you want to watch it.

No. 404762

Now Holly thinks she knows better than the people who made Akira by resizing Tetsuo’s face to look more like her potato face characters. I swear there’s nothing this bitch can’t ruin. Holly barely understands how to draw her own characters and human anatomy… jfc…

No. 404822

tbh the original forehead is huge

No. 404887

"honestly idk man youtube is a very polarizing website where people think being an a-hole is constructive criticism, smh "

I can't believe she wrote that description

No. 405036

I always thought that was a stylistic choice, like deforming his head as his brain expanded or whatever…It's been a long time.

No. 405138


Tetsuo had a bigass forehead from the start, but it fit his character design and looked good (in the stylistic sense, not, like, y'know, an atrractive feature). Some kids have giant foreheads. Hell, some adults have giant foreheads.

I don't know if it grew towards the end of the movie, but that would have made sense too, with the whole mutation thing I guess.

No. 405183

I guess but Holly didn’t really improve on the oringnal. To say the least it’s a character trait of Tetsuo to have a larger forehead and his hair style only makes his face look larger.
I just don’t trust Holly’s senses since she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

No. 405234

I haven't seen the movie, just saying the forehead looked very large in the photo, Holly actually made it look better

No. 405235

context matters, though.

No. 405250


I don't think Tetsuo is meant to look "good" though. If they wanted him to look more generic/handsome they obviously would have been capable of drawing him that way. Besides, I thought that it was kind of emphasizing his age since kids tend to have bigger foreheads (yeah, he's 15, but still, to me it emphasized how fucked up what's going on is because he does look more like a young kid).

Just my two cents on it. I don't think that it's an improvement to make his face larger personally, it makes him look more generic, and it also wasn't a "mistake" as Holly seems to see it as, it was a conscious character design choice.

No. 405281

it's like shopping someone to make them look better, there is no context

No. 405299

That and her "correction" make the face too big because holly doesn't know what face proportions even are. Her characters have no foreheads. and based on her old video on drawing faces it's no surprise.

No. 405300

Reminds me of when she "fixed" that guys artwork for the Halloween group pictures they did. It was a stylistic choice the artist had and she ruined it because she thought he made anatomy mistakes.

No. 405307


No. 405323

This is his video showing him make the line art and I believe he even talks about why he chose to make it look the way he does and how Holly changed it. He says it's not big deal but still it's fucking stupid that she changed it.

No. 405329

So in the video of her coloring his lineart he pointed out in her comment section that it had been an active choice to make the arm huge. She got a lot of shit for changing it at the time because she hadn't contacted the artist or like any normal human being left it the fuck alone because it's a collab piece. Anyways she's since deleted the video but if someone saved it please by all means post it.

No. 405346

File: 1508294175296.png (216.46 KB, 1178x512, Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.3…)

Oh god. Is she seriously considering a new car? She is so stupid with her money. I just can't. She seems like the type to get totally swindled and shop based on monthly prices. She's pretty much admitted she's retarded with math.

No. 405348

Why would she get a new car when there's nothing wrong with the one she already has? Ugh, she's so irresponsible!

No. 405373

File: 1508301444755.png (326.54 KB, 858x258, Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 21.3…)

I decided to watch a vlog of hers to see the messy room people were talking about…and well. How does she sit in her chair with her feet on the floor that is scattered with used Q-tips?! I hope they're not used cuz that's just nasty

No. 405393

File: 1508309053197.png (66.82 KB, 735x525, hcbrown autism.png)

Her sister is either an idiot or trolling her. This is terrible advice for weight loss since it should be managing macros, cals in and out, and exercise.

No. 405397

But if you eat once a day you will be starving and have no energy… I don't understand.

No. 405398

Oh my god this is so irresponsible to tweet given that a lot of her followers are younger (tho tbh older people can still be gullible/impressionable enough to believe bullshit like this but ykwim), and also completely ridiculous? That's basically ED behavior wtf? I can't tell if Holly is trolling, her sister is purposefully giving her horrible advice, or if her sister is just the worst fitness trainer ever but this makes me so mad

No. 405409

I hope Holly understood her wrong. Holly is never really getting the point, just hearing what she wants to hear.

No. 405466

I mean if she follows this 'diet' she will lose weight, of course it will be at the expense of developing a plethora of other problems. Instead of spending all that money on a new car maybe Holly should actually get a nutritionist if she is this worried about losing weight and becoming healthier?

No. 405502

The one day a meal thing sounds like intermitted fasting which has benefits for weight loss and can be healthy, you eat all the calories you need but only in a certain time frame either holly misunderstood or her sister got it wrong(or didn't explain)

No. 405560

File: 1508353300317.jpg (29.43 KB, 620x400, 819.jpg)

Old milk but her nails are fucking vile. She's repulsive

No. 405637

No. 405762

File: 1508381996345.png (28.83 KB, 572x242, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 10.5…)

Can someone tell her "loose" and "lose" are not the same word. She constantly makes this mistake and it drives me insane.

No. 405807

cardio isn’t for gaining muscle??? it’s to elevate your heart rate and burn calories. maybe her sister is as much of a hack as holly, just in a different profession lol.

No. 406213

did everyone miss this top-tier disney level animation?

No. 406214


even for a wip that makes NO fucking sense lmao

No. 406226

I keep watching it and thinking it's in reverse. Like, it's so stunted and the movement is so awkward, and half of the time the cape is flowing in the wrong direction (like when he does the turn). Holly, you've never done any actual complicated character movement before, so stop trying to add fabric motion on top of the stupid meme dance moves. Learn the damn fundamentals first. UGH

No. 406240


Omg that animation…You'd think she key frame and then determine how many in-betweens she needs.. This animation feels so awkward. Especially that swoop part with the arm and the "neko" part. Also, that cape has a mind of its own

No. 406274

File: 1508492598313.png (1 MB, 1094x760, Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 02.4…)

"When you're creating hair, you gotta know how hair works"
Okay, Holly.

No. 406314

I swear Holly is just a giant troll, because her entire channel is a fucking joke

No. 406323

>>406213 shouldn't the cape go the other way?

No. 406340

why are her sleeves always so gross

No. 406346

Once again Holly thinks she can tackle something difficult without learning the basics. This is how Holly burns herself out on her projects. She goes full retard into it, gets frustrated that it doesn’t look right, then quits. Holly can’t just jump into something like this when she hasn’t animated before. HC doesn’t even have a clue about timing and spacing characters in a fictional 3-D space…

No. 406348

Reminds me of a girl I knew as a kid who rubbed snot on her clothes. It looked just like that

No. 406362

I don't know about other anons but MY hair certainly parts into two giant vertical waves like the Red Sea

No. 406410

to be fair, when i was an art student my hoodies/long sleeves always looked gross because i'd end up getting paint/charcoal/etc. on them. i'm guessing it's just paint or something.

No. 406497

But Holly doesn't really paint? lol

No. 406539

File: 1508537668182.png (1.92 MB, 1334x750, 7ECD9D96-91D8-4400-A2AA-DFDF3B…)

>”you gotta know how hair works"

No. 406547

Im dying

No. 406571

Can just imagine her sat there, moving two limbs at a time for each identically timed frame. Eating pasta…. trying to dye her hair silver only to use too much toner again….mumbling curse words under her breath
“I’ll kill them fucking all”
“I fucking fuck kill them all fuck”
“They said I can’t fucking do motherfucking animation..—try me”

No. 406575

With all the time she is wasting… if she actually sat down and studied art fundamentals she could become really good. Sad.

No. 406619

what is that head shape? malformed potato? it’s actually really weirding me out.

No. 406621

Maybe this is a real life example of "you are what you eat"?

No. 406623

But my god is she ugly. Inside and out.

No. 406624

You know how they say an artist's art is similar on how they look

No. 406625

This explains why all of her characters look malformed. Inbreeding?

No. 406833

well i think shes said before her birth parents do drugs so the mum probably didnt stop when she was pregnant with her

No. 406842

Really hate when this thread devolves into making fun of how Holly looks.

No. 406883

Yeah I agree…
but her lifestyle isn’t helping her. Holly wants to loose weight but staying up till 3 am trying to draw and her addiction to Diet Coke is just going to make her fatter. Holly could learn from her mistakes (like in her drawing) but instead she double downs on what doesn’t work because it could have fast results.
Holly’s look don’t matter but the kind of person she is will always show through.

No. 407112

File: 1508617432493.png (53.31 KB, 1134x140, Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 13.2…)

kek funny you say that

No. 407140

The lip on her avatar is all kinds of bork

No. 407426

No. 407432

File: 1508656398836.png (616.19 KB, 1212x1180, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 00.1…)

No. 407454

File: 1508661624677.png (1.06 MB, 1218x1198, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 01.3…)

Holly so bad that the shadows are trying to escape

No. 407459

She's been a deviant user for 4 months. What was even the point of lying about having an account there?

No. 407560

Spike with a Jay Leno chin, sugoi

No. 407709

No. 407723

She’s clearly trying to act like she’d never sink to the level of deviantart when her art wouldn’t reach the surface there (even in it’s peak years)

No. 407772

File: 1508706480079.gif (402.89 KB, 220x123, raw.gif)

any random newbie can do a better job that this

No. 407786

lol the shapes look like they have tails and instead of shadows

No. 407854

>it’s mu art style!!!!1

No. 408161

Is this supposed to be funny? Am I missing something?

No. 408281

This is a level of low I can not believe anyone would drop too. I lost so much fucking respect for her when she originally posted the tweets on this. Just how fucking dare you mock someones work like that. I'm probably being too sensitive. But this is just low brow and attention seeking.

No. 408286

It's not about eating one meal a day, it's about eating a days worth of calories in a few hours time. And it is an extreme way to live that only bodybuilders and certain athletes choose to do. She is an uninformed idiot and should be talking to a fucking a doctor before doing something so extreme. She's going to fuck up her metabolism and wonder why she's passing out all the time and not losing the weight.

No. 408417

Dipper Goes to Taco Bell isn't exactly high art. It's a shitty shock fic. And it's been around for a while, it's pretty passé now. Really late to the bandwagon, Holly.

No. 408621

File: 1508817851215.png (955.6 KB, 910x588, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 21.0…)

This keyboard of hers has suffered through a lot

No. 408664

File: 1508826430343.png (162.01 KB, 872x632, 1498849536673.png)

These are literally the easiest shapes to draw, and yet.

No. 408683

what the hell are those brown clumps of shit

No. 408880


Kek, Holly got called out by some 15 year old. The kid probably made good points but holy shit I can't stand to listen to either voices for long without getting irritated. The comment section is fucking hilarious though.

No. 408916

Honestly I'm with Holly on this one, putting those huge water marks that cover parts of the art are annoying and pointless especially because it's mostly deviantArt tier artists who do this. Her original video was just really incoherent. Putting a signature is enough.

No. 408931

File: 1508875192974.png (1.67 MB, 1016x1012, Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 12.5…)

He got that Megaman arms kek

No. 409141

ewwwwww grooooosss

No. 409142

I'm trying to understand the volume of the arms and the way they go and my head hurts. It makes no sense

No. 409143

This 15 year old also did a video named 'base art is real art', sorry but credibility denied

No. 409393

Oh god…Here's the final product of her poorly made animation

No. 409396

File: 1508976506029.png (12.84 KB, 740x102, 58947569845786934569378456.png)

No. 409399

File: 1508976646454.png (51.23 KB, 1452x234, Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 17.1…)

Here's one of them lul

No. 409404

Fucking hell, I don't even know what to say. It's like…someone gathered up four different, equally terrible animators, and they all picked a limb to animate seperately with no idea as to what the others were doing and this was the end result. I don't know how else to describe it. It's just so ugly.

No. 409407

It's shit.
I can't help but think "what if she wins?"

No. 409408

File: 1508979205057.png (40.04 KB, 577x345, Untitled-1.png)

choice comments from that video
most of them are positive tho

No. 409410

I watched a couple of other entries for this contest and I doubt Holly will win with the awkward animation. (But let's not jinx it)
I linked an example

No. 409458

I don't even like draw with Jazza but this is so much better than Holly's turd. Her lack of gesture and construction really shine though when she tries to actually draw a character moving and turning around. I wonder if she'll realize how shitty her fundies are from this, but I doubt it.

No. 409461

File: 1508990754891.png (131.5 KB, 383x569, what the hell is wrong with hi…)

No. 409462

No. 409466

File: 1508990967297.png (147.25 KB, 634x585, Untitled.png)

kekis maximus

No. 409535

woooo! Look at that foot go!

No. 409536

That's a long ass arm.

No. 409546

File: 1509010636271.jpeg (27.99 KB, 480x360, 5745F8FD-87AB-471D-A6B3-277C5D…)

No. 409571

You would think that for how much she draws that it wouldn’t be so bad but it’s just confounding that Holly even thought this was good while animating it. I wish I could see what she referenced from but I doubt that HC used references at all in her art work.

No. 409630

my fucking sides, lmao

No. 409636

File: 1509028742267.png (87.44 KB, 228x275, 1506440865315.png)

And yet she plans on doing a full animation for Hamilton's Nonstop.

No. 409684

File: 1509035120124.jpeg (118.61 KB, 696x364, 3231B311-422F-4DD3-A1B5-3D4557…)

Holly’s response is lulz-worthy but she can’t expect to know nothing about animating and attempt it with perfect results. All of Holly’s fans want her to improve but she wants to wallow in self pity because everyone didn’t automatically love what she created.
Holly really needs to wake the fuck up.

No. 409687

File: 1509036009280.gif (453.32 KB, 360x200, giphy.gif)

More like this

No. 409692

But how can one be supportive if she won't accept any criticism?? Criticismm??? Whhhhhhattttt? It's your shit personality, Holly. That's why we're like this.

No. 409693

Exactly! Holly loves dishing out the criticism but can’t handle getting some. She’s one punk ass hoe

No. 409695

File: 1509037988460.jpg (29.17 KB, 260x321, pls.jpg)

I'm actually shocked at how bad this is lmao, I've seen better animations in 2008 from 12-year old fanime makers drawing in MS paint. Did she even look up how to time animations? Read a fucking book jfc.

No. 409700

i don't know what's worse, her animation or the amount of comments saying how great it is.

No. 409788

That's actually really cute
I think it's especially nice since most people did dancing animations(which I understand because of all the movement) but this one is fun and different and loops pretty smoothly

No. 409792

File: 1509049644365.jpg (274.36 KB, 1200x1200, DNCxP9DVQAE90eb.jpg)

Holly can't even draw decent skulls, no wonder she can't draw people

No. 409793

Why are the chins so big?! I'm sorry, but the chins and the lack of improvement is driving me up the wall.

No. 409801

I'm laughing so much, why are these SO BAD

No. 409802

Like shit, this isn't ascetically pleasing at all! I get it, stylizing can add something special to your artwork and make it stand out but this is just ugly! No chin should be that big!

No. 410064

I'm waiting for the day that she makes an anatomy video on heads. My keks will be ready

No. 410099

File: 1509078847687.png (12.04 KB, 575x115, Capture.PNG)

Nah Holly, it's you who confuses the two

No. 410106

Oh boy, I can't wait for that video heh
It's gonna be comments full of criticism about how Holly doesn't know the difference. At least from the people who aren't brainwashed by her.

No. 410225

File: 1509111654795.jpeg (16.97 KB, 225x225, EF6D4F5B-1197-486C-BE0F-8B51E6…)

Just going to be a 10 minuet video of Holly being butthurt and talking about shit she has no idea about. Can’t wait.
Also have any of you noticed that the Halloween decoration that Holly is using as a reference isn’t anatomically correct? I’m pretty sure that it isn’t true to real human anatomy.

No. 410234

why post it if you know your animation is shit?

No. 410247

I think she hopes she'll win? Like she's doing this "my stuff is bad idk" dance when in fact she still has really high hopes of being wrong about her own shit.

No. 410258

she didn't even word it right, an art critic is literally someone who specializes in art critique. she wrote the same god damn thing twice.

No. 410425

I feel like Jazza is gonna screw everyone and chose holly

No. 410436

File: 1509134596989.png (393.49 KB, 811x455, Screenshot_20171027-193307.png)

Sry, didn't get around to responding earlier

No. 410439

File: 1509134799678.png (261.49 KB, 569x487, Screenshot_20171027-192957.png)

I have a Feeling there is all sorts of grime under there.
Caps are from the 600 Page Sketchbook Tour and the Over The Garden Wall vids

No. 410440

File: 1509134870043.png (238.55 KB, 493x412, Screenshot_20171027-193107.png)

No. 410441

File: 1509135060594.png (155.57 KB, 536x419, Screenshot_20171027-220910.png)

Same Face Syndrome vid

No. 410443

File: 1509135696211.png (372.26 KB, 752x380, Screenshot_20171027-221736.png)

Sketch faster video

There is no excuse for her nails to be this dirty when the main focus of her yt is on her hands and the stuff she does with them. It doesn't even look like art related grime to me and it looks so unprofessional. It's the first impression to see her grimy hands, I can't.

No. 410444

yeesh. i feel self-conscious about having long nails, but at least they're not physically gross.

No. 410460

File: 1509138604142.png (947.16 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171027-230403.png)

Cheap Art Supplies every artist needs

… maybe utensils to cut and clean nails.
Her dirty nails undermine whatever she is talking about before she even gets to it.

No. 410722

File: 1509165664205.png (1.61 MB, 1044x1144, Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 21.4…)


No. 410797

Mystery of where the lopsided potato faces come from is finally solved.

No. 410834

Can someone ask her what emotions these actually are because I’m confused… then again her facial expressions don’t tend to vary all that much

No. 410897

The angry brows and side glance give most of these expressions an agressive or smug and antagonistic note. But it's hard to tell what's going on. Totally because that's more authentic than "dumb hoe" basic expressions and cannot become repetitive or fail. Her way of creating expressions is not making something interesting and understandable for an audience and communicating with her audience but making something thuper speshul for herself and better than average expressions made to be readable and understood.

No. 410904


holy shitsnacks those are some disgustingly dirty sausage fingers. how can somebody spend so much money on tools and so much time drawing and still suck at every fucking stroke?! those houses look like shit, her linework is awful, it is unbelieveable

No. 410925

That bottom left chin look like a parody. What is she even using ref for, because the case she's pulling looks nothing like anything on the page.

Honestly my nails look like shit after working with ink for an extended amount of time, it gets on your fingers and can get under your nails when you wash your hands. But if you're constantly filming your hands you'd think she'd clean them beforehand.

No. 410948

It's like she only uses thick, heavy brush pens? Like, I know she has pens with actual hard tips, but somehow her linework is so sloppy/inconsistent that it looks exactly like she used a brush.
Or, if she actually used brush pens with a straight edge to draw houses, she is legit stupid.

No. 411040

The lines aren't straight, pretty sure she only used the ruler for parts of the under drawing (like lining up the windows).

I've only ever seen her use brush pens and maybe the odd fineliner, I doubt she knows how to use dip pens. For someone who spat on inktober as hard as she did her inks are very underwhelming.

No. 411221

She could trim the nails closer to the finger, it'd be less gross I think. I work with paint and ink too and I can clean up my hands enough, it's not exactly difficult. In Holly's case, the grime is consistent with every other shot we've seen of her room/working area

No. 411225

I'm honestly so surprised she doesn't have an ED page? I've been looking for one and for the longest time I thought I was a bitter asshole because I strongly dislike her. She's really the perfect example of a LOLcow and the fact that she doesn't have a page yet is astounding to say the least.

No. 411250

Good point.
I'm bringing this back because I'm still curious, but has anyone found out if she's bought subs? It climbed absurdly fast

No. 411287

File: 1509258295395.png (67.64 KB, 480x161, Screenshot_2017-10-28-12-35-01…)

I usually just lurk here, but I saw a Holly ad on a speedpaint, not sure if any have been spotted before.

No. 411288

I've seen that add around too. Pls don't let her teach children how to draw!

No. 411365

sometimes thumbs look good and when you click them the picture is shit. but for her even the thumbs look totally fucked. can't believe this is what you would chose to advertise your "art"

No. 411543

File: 1509305882888.png (53.91 KB, 1146x154, Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.3…)

Well speak of the devil herself! She's going to talk about inking! What a joke haha

No. 411544

File: 1509305968174.png (63.35 KB, 1146x202, Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 12.3…)

Wasting more money to print more of her shitty stuff

No. 411545

her lack of self-awareness is honestly fascinating.

No. 411558

I am astonished by that, and I pondered several times whether she is actually retarded because her level of unawareness is beyond the charts sometimes. Like on >>409684, how the hell can she honestly talk about people not being supportive towards her when she's the bitterest bitch on the block, always talking shit about others?!

No. 411560

> anything you want?
You quitting "art" - or at least being so vocal about your "art". (Sucking at art but still enjoying it is a-ok, just don't act like you are some demigod of the arts. sage because nobody cares)

No. 411565

it's some straight up Dunning-Kruger shit, tbh.
in regards to her "wah wah nobody supports me", it takes two seconds to go through her animation's comment section to see the amount of people kissing her ass and telling her how well she did - hell, even the "negative" comments aren't really mean-spirited, just constructive criticism she's too much of a baby to handle.

No. 411647

File: 1509320442923.png (48.78 KB, 1120x162, Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 16.4…)

I mean…

No. 411671

File: 1509321733478.png (29.28 KB, 589x223, takes two seconds to google.pn…)

there's no specific criteria for sexual content so long as it's not present in G-rated work, and i doubt anyone asked her to rate Purgatory NC-17 because they considered the sexual abuse of a minor to be porn. either she doesn't know what it fully means, which would be the usual, or she's purposefully being misleading to place herself in the right, which i wouldn't put past her.

No. 411687

What in her comic was considered sexual assault?

I've always thought that that's what makes an artist full of themselves. No actual critique, and no tough love, will make a person think they're the greatest being on the planet, and better than anyone else and what they do.

No. 411689

One of the characters is getting raped I believe. Or sexually assaulted? I'm not sure anymore, sorry.

No. 411711

File: 1509326364094.png (942.47 KB, 1034x706, Screen Shot 2017-10-29 at 18.1…)

She admits that her videos are crappy!

No. 411772

File: 1509335618274.png (165.11 KB, 750x1334, 48227E11-9996-4AF6-A1A8-BB3032…)

Here are the rules about nature content and why it was changed on the site.

No. 411777

For those wondering what would be considered sexual assault in her comic…her character Simon is told to strip by an older male teacher. When he tries to flee he’s smacked to the ground choked with the older man sitting on top of him. The man begins to undress Simon saying something about how he always wanted to be with Simon’s mother and he reminds him of her Blah blah. He also kisses Simon on his cheek and possibly somewhere else before telling Simon not to tell anyone or else.

No. 411832

File: 1509346795654.jpg (117.27 KB, 1054x755, Screenshot_20171029-235458.jpg)

that's fuckin laughable, considering all her spelling errors, the terrible pacing in Purgatory, and the sorry ass plot summary she has up for Paranormal Plague

No. 411890

>draws on graph paper

Was there not a shitstorm about her telling people NOT to draw on lined paper?

No. 411959

Shit Holly’s just using graph paper cause she wants to her sketch book to look cool. It’s not going to fix her drawings. Just going to look like some try-hard artist that wants attention.

No. 411961

File: 1509380394455.jpeg (99.3 KB, 900x847, 853C8E47-DFD2-485C-9078-6C3127…)

Holly is now thinking of tackling a 4 minuet short film featuring the character in this model sheet (picture related). In her own words Holly said “a lot of people judge my animations 400 times harder than my normal work”, so I guess instead of doing any actual animation study she’ll just go full retard and try something beyond her skill level. What a “genius”

No. 411965

It’s ambitious. One of the fastest ways to learn to do something is by actually doing it. The animation is probably going to end up being kinda amatuer but if Holly actually take criticism for once she probably will improve. Highly doubt that will happen though.

No. 411973

As annoying as Holly is, the scene wasn't graphic and it is diegetic, even if poorly written.

Lmao, she was struggling to animate that dance thing and wants to make a FOUR MINUTE film by herself? Even at a lazy 12fps, that's 2880 frames. The model sheet already looks lazy, good luck Holly.

No. 411974

I agree with you. You have to fail to succeed but in Holly’s case if she can’t handle criticism then I wouldn’t recommend trying to be an animator. Holly has a lot to learn about working with a team and her own work ethic if she’s thinking about a career in animation. I’m not saying that she doesn’t have the potential. That’s up to her but what I am saying at her current level her portfolio wouldn’t get a second look.

No. 411979

Holy crap…4 minutes of animating by herself?! That's rough animating, layouts, and clean ups. And the fact that she can't even execute it right..she's just wasting time. Holly, you need to go back to the basics before doing any of this shit.

No. 411984

She literally just posted about how she's on hiatus for both of her comics FOR A MONTH and now she's doing a 4 minute animation???
Like, putting aside how damn stupid it is to start a comic, post 3 pages, and then go on hiatus, Holly has no idea how long a 4 minute, "I just came up with this plot right now", full color animation is going to be.
God, could she just stop making bad decisions and actually get better at the things she's already doing, instead of suddenly wanting to animate for no reason when she knows people don't like her animations?

No. 411986

File: 1509385438305.png (287.15 KB, 578x1348, poooooooooo.png)

I had to grab this
>lineless so easier to animate
>4 minutes
>compares herself to Les Gobelins school of animation's yearly films and others
>says she'd rather "try shit" than actually learn about it first?

No. 411988

>lineless is easier to animate
>animation students make yearly films
She should actually watch some and read the credits, there are always a ton of people involved.

Props to her for wanting to pay the VAs properly though, and not just asking for volunteers or offering 20 bucks.

No. 411993

I have 3 observations about Holly’s current creative endeavors:

1) Those animated films for Les Goblines are not just made by one student. 2 to 3 students are working on those and that’s not including the voice work and sound design.
2) The film is most likely the only thing they’re working on for a year and it’s non-stop work to get it finished.
3) Holly has not shown that she understands motion or 12 basic principles of animation. She’s still learning and Holly should put more effort in the assignments she has for school before trying her hand at these personal projects.

I foresee Holly getting burned out on these personal projects and having an episode over the stress of not meeting her time limits. Holly’s time management is in question here and based on her upload history I don’t entirely think she’s capable of any of this. Just a reminder cause HC talks a bit game but Holly’s still a student and has no studio experience.

No. 412023

Urgh not to repeat what others have said but Les Gobelins is an insanely competitive school so not only do they take the best students, they have awesome teachers and people work like crazy there.

So those films are made by incredibly talented people in a group, take tons and tons of time and are supervised by pros.

No. 412036

She's not drawing on graph paper and it's not her in the photo. It's a mock-up image. She couldn't keep an area or her nails that clean.

Yes and no. If you just rush through something without reflecting on it, it's not going to help you. Look at her Sketchbook Slam challenge. It definitely didn't help her with anything and was just a waste of time.

She also kinda just jumped into her animated dance sequence and it's very bad. She said it would take her at least a year anyway, so I doubt it'll happen.

Before starting a project like that, she should learn about writing a script and developing a plot first…

No. 412039

anon she literally drew on graph paper in the video

No. 412045

I'm an idiot, sorry. I haven't watched her past few videos because she annoyed me, sorry. It looked like one of the mock-ups she used for a while. (so she can clean her nails and background! that's impressive)

No. 412058

And have clean shirt sleeves, wtf

No. 412073

So when do the results come in for this?

No. 412083

she kind of did the whole video mockup-style, it was better quality visually than most of her usual content. still bad art though, the chins always make me laugh/cringe

No. 412146

Looking at this picture pisses me off so much. She thinks she's an amazing artist, wants to make a 4 minute long animation, but she can't even be fucking bothered to learn how to properly draw legs and shoes/feet. She's so fucking lazy. It takes the most minimal amount of effort to put a slight bit of detail into stuff like that. Sorry for sperging, saged.

No. 412227

what do you mean? isnt holly the one asking here?

No. 412230

Uh, no. I haven't used tumblr in yeeeears but the ask layout on dashboard (and I think mobile?) has always been OP at the top, the ask in the speech bubble, the person sending the ask under the little direction arrow at the bottom, and then OPs answer at the bottom.

No. 412250

no idea, but all I know the deadline has past…Now we just wait, I guess

No. 412263

>Lineless is easier to animate
Um…Holly dear, no. It is absolutely not. As an animation student myself, I can already tell how difficult this is going to be for her. Lineless drawing, not animating, DRAWING is already difficult enough as it is - and animating each part? Goodness. I'm guessing she's thinking of animating it with bones and tweens? That's the only possibly way that lineless might be easier to do.
Also…does anyone notice that his left tricep is wider than his right? And his forearm is also wider but his hand is smaller on his left?

Yes Holly. Schools have a "yearly film" that are the showcase of their studies throughout the year. How much have you studied animation? Are you even studying it? Do you even know the fundamentals? Also there's more than one student who works on one film, unless they're really ambitious (but usually they're on the shorter end). Yes it is possible to do it, yes you can do it. However, it being successful and pleasing to the eye is an entirely different cup of tea.

Sorry for the rant I just…really dislike when people try to talk about the things I'm passionate about with no knowledge of what they're doing. Holly pisses me off to no end.

No. 412266

The speech bubble is coming from this hanyuu-art person, indicating that they are the asker.

No. 412267

>but not loose motion
>not loose
She really needs to take a few English classes.

No. 412269

>Child is prodigy in a certain field
>Child doesn't want to be in that field and enjoys something completely different
Where have I heard this before? Could it be…EVERY OTHER STORY THAT'S BEEN FUCKING TOLD???
This idea is so generic it hurts

No. 412275

I'm also an animation student and I completely agree with everything you say. I'd love to see her do the bouncing ball or flour sack animation

No. 412281

that isn't even a proper model sheet, jesus christ.

No. 412287

Her plot is basically a watered down Shokugeki no Soma, where literally every character is a cooking prodigy/genius from a young age.

Her art looks a lot better in this lineless style, though, where her coloring skills are given the forefront.

No. 412304

>problems with details
>art looks better in this style
anons, please. It seems like people have gotten used to her art enough to lose perspective on the fact that is at the level of a child. A child that is not really interested in/talented at art. She absolutely cannot draw. I haven't drawn since childhood but I am certain if I picked up a pencil and tried to draw a person, it would look better than her monged lineless chef. Or with a mouse in paint. She has no chance at even being a webcomic artist. Maybe by youtube, from 'if you can't do, teach'

No. 412319


Honestly this is such an ugly, unappealing character design and style… I don't know why anyone would want to watch 4 minutes of it being poorly animated

No. 412331

Jazza uploaded the Spooky Dance Compilation and it looks like Holly's submissions the last one. Holly's animation looks so stiff and jumpy compared to a lot of the submissions.

No. 412340

Especially the one on the bottom right

No. 412341

As soon as Holly's came on, it felt so awkward and out of place.. There are so many good submissions in this video! Can't wait for the results
Her's starts at 25:06

No. 412342

File: 1509442076082.png (471.26 KB, 716x896, Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 02.2…)

What in tarnation is this

No. 412356

>her coloring skills
There is barely any coloring in this, anon. It's just flat shapes and they're not even the right shapes because she's lazy.

She's a shitty person, but her art is not that bad, I think you're the one losing perspective here. It's mostly sloppy/lazy. Also literally anyyone can be a webcomic artist, there is no entrance barrier besides making an account on tapas/smackjeeves/tumblr and finding people with low enough standards to read your shit (which is almost guaranteed if you draw BL).

Kek, putting hers as the last one wasn't the best final impression. But I'm pretty impressed with some of the entries, especially considering most of Jazza's audience are probably teenagers.

No. 412379

I think she just posted a finished version of this on her instagram. It looks just as awkward as the sketch.

No. 412398

Moving from potato faces to whole potato figure

No. 412399

File: 1509458855431.jpg (194.28 KB, 932x595, lazier.jpg)

She sure did.

Her description makes it sound like she doesn't actually redraw each frame but just erases the parts shapes and adds onto it?

No. 412418


Heh, her animation was so poorly paced that Jazza had to slow it down for it to look a bit better.

No. 412485

Saged for ot but I really wanted to participate in this but ce'st la vie I don't have as much time on my hands as jolly Holly does
Ah well
Better luck next time
Would've been nice to have that new tablet, mine is 5 years old, scratched and small

No. 412488

>have to redraw the animation several times
>more loose
I'm literally facepalming over here. The fact that you have no lines does not mean your animation process will be any easier. You'll need to block in the colors, each separate color, as well as add the lines where body parts meet for more clarity.
It does NOT make the animation process easier, although it might for someone who actually knows how to use the shapes and what shapes the body is made out of. Holly, you don't have this knowledge. The example picture is squashed, her head is the size of her ribcage, she's leaning off to one side and is not grounded in that scene and she looks so out of place! Plus, her chest seems to be facing us while her head is facing the side - I really don't think that was her intention. It looks really awkward because 2/3 of the body is facing the side and it's just the chest facing us. Super unnatural.

The background is really nice though? What the heck? Did she actually draw that because it's super good.

No. 412497

I vote for the background being traced kek

No. 412528

Why is her animation always so fast?? Does she animate by 1s?

No. 412532

The background looks good because even Holly understands how basic 1-point perspective works and because she overloaded it with detail. The objects in the background are sloppily drawn as fuck, and most of them don't even look like solid objects. The sheer amount of objects keeps your eye from focusing on any one of them and noticing how fucked up and lazy they look.

The arms on this frame are driving me crazy, they look so broken and out of perspective.

No. 412555

The feet, too. I struggle with drawing feet, but this is just down right lazy.

No. 412562

I second this. The perspective is too good for HC to free hand since she’s too good to under draw or use any guiding lines. Really wish she would under draw. Please Holly! Use under drawing! It’s like vitamins for an illustrator!

No. 412580

Looks like she probably took a pic in an art store or something and traced it

No. 412621

god this is awful. those damn arms. why is she so bad at this?
and it looks like she traced the background from a photo

No. 412674

the background looks really good

No. 412675

File: 1509493768801.jpg (46.15 KB, 600x632, ed7.jpg)

No. 412708

Uhhhh I don't want to seem like I'm defending her but…hers wasn't actually the worst. And actually, quite a few of the animations on there are similar to hers in execution and skill. Same awkward and out of place animation that's timed poorly.
But I chock it up to probably really young animators that are starting out, so Holly with her supposed "animation studies" should have stood out heavily among the younger ones.

No. 412712

since there is a general youtubers thread and holly has become such a big lolcow i wonder if there should also be a webcomic thread? there are a lot of crappy webcomics out there with cringey af authors but none really worthy of there own threads

No. 412713

I'm not sure, I guess the "worst" I can think of besides Holly are those repetitive relatable comics like Sarah Andersen or Owlturd but there doesn't seem to be milk there, only basic and boring

No. 412741

maybe just a snow thread would be ok? i keep seeing people discussing webcomics in other threads so i think itd be posted in

No. 412793

File: 1509515805481.png (45.66 KB, 1110x144, Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 22.5…)

Holly, don't even go there cuz your porn aint good enough

No. 412839

her porn is so bad .where does she get the nerve to act so arrogant?

No. 412853

It's just 1-point perspective, she's done some decent-looking backgrounds before. The floor and proportions are slightly off so I doubt it's traced.

No. 412945

Seems she didn't even make it in the beginners category lol

No. 412996

She probably didn't enter the beginners category because of her arrogance about her animation

No. 413001

Lol true, when comparing her animation with the other entries it looks terrible.

No. 413028

She didn't even make it to the finalist pool! No joke but I was really worried she might have at least gotten in out of pity by Jazza considering her subscriber base, but thank goodness that wasn't (which would definitely give her bragging rights regardless of not winning) the case! Jazza knows crappy animation when he sees it.
All in all I'm so impressed with the entries and the fact that Holly didn't get showcased anywhere gives me a sense of closer. Stop animating potato face, you can't do it.

No. 413029

It also shows that Jazz hasn't sold his soul, good on him!

No. 413030


She entered Open category. I'm not sure why because she keeps emphasizing how she's a beginner, but anyway.

I didn't expect her to win at all though, it would have been really unfair and biased of Jazza considering the quality of her entry.

No. 413034

Same. Was pretty worried she would make it simply due to her fan base. Glad that all the winners really deserved it with their awesome animations!

No. 413049

I kind of want her trash animation as a banner. Then again, she's so full of herself she would make a big deal out of having even that.

No. 413059

File: 1509557770909.png (110.18 KB, 965x788, Capture.PNG)

I'm just glad people are calling her out on her hypocritical shit

No. 413062

That's what pisses me off. If you don't enjoy the process of animating and you just make excuses for your laziness, then don't do it? It's not that hard. But oh, Holly has to be perfect in eeeeeevery art field ever imagined. It wasn't her lack of skill or care, naw it's because she didn't have the time awwww poor baby can't meet deadlines when there are passionate animators that go above and beyond to make their work good - regardless of how much time it takes.
Fuck you Holly.

No. 413063

I hate to support Holly but she's not wrong? I mean it's great to try and put 100% into everything you make but sometimes it is better to just say 'screw it' and just finish a piece and aim to do better next time. There is a lot wrong with Holly's animation but at least it is finished. Now if Holly actually focused on fixing the stuff she had trouble with when making this animation on her next one she really would improve but unfortunately I doubt she will do that.

No. 413065

You have a point. However, that would be different if she was actually putting 100% in the beginning and was burnt out toward the end. Because she didn't do it at all through the process and sludged through, complaining, it shows that you don't enjoy the work and you aren't going to create something actually good? Not sure if that's true but, the animators that won seem to really enjoy the process, so their entries had more character.

No. 413078

I actually agree with Holly. As someone who draws comics, you have to accept imperfections so you can actually finish your shit and produce new works, and trying to make something perfect will stifle room to experiment. The true test is what she learns from the flaws and mistakes and if she can learn how to fix them in her next one.

No. 413082


I agree with both of you and Holly, however, saying shit like "whatever I just wanted to finish it" is unprofessional and also sounds like an excuse for a piss job. Saying something like "I tried it and it didn't turn out as I was expecting, but it's an experience for future projects" or w/e, it would come off as less lazy.

No. 413166

File: 1509569200208.png (69.43 KB, 1528x288, Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 13.4…)

Digging her own grave as per usual

No. 413169

File: 1509569471041.png (177.84 KB, 1498x698, Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 13.5…)

I seriously can't wait for her to make that art critiques video. much rage kek

No. 413177

which video is this from?

No. 413179

The animated one of her character dancing

No. 413197

inb4 she baleetes the video

No. 413227

it's incredible she even jumped into the "i got accepted into CalArts" lie in the first place. anyone with half a brain can see her work would never get her in.

No. 413247

>shitty comments like yours only discourage people instead of building people up
Someone with a lot of time in their hands please make a compilation of all the many times Holly has said things about people that would discourage them instead of building them up.
That shit would fill a book.

No. 413248

I'd rather buy that book than Baylee Jae's new generic how to book

No. 413273

And her excuse for 'not getting in' is that she didn't have the funds to do it, which is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
"Yeah, I went through the rigorous process of drawing a custom sketchbook, mocking up a portfolio, and filling out an application for a school I knew I wasn't going to get into anyway!" Even if she's telling the truth, that's like applying to Harvard with $0 in the bank. Sound logic, Holly.

No. 413280

Anyone remember this?

No. 413296

I admire Holly for drawing so much and trying things even if they will probably fail.

No. 413301

It's impressive to see how little someone who draws so much manages to improve.
Imagine what she could achieve if she actually worked intelligently instead of overworking herself with low result tasks.

No. 413309

File: 1509593151899.png (1009.53 KB, 1048x1092, Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.2…)

I'm irrationally mad she named her cat "Expresso." Like is is a joke or does she not realize that it's espresso. Why can't she words?

No. 413311

because "loose"

No. 413313

File: 1509594248663.png (313.56 KB, 1214x1222, Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.3…)

Um. No. The field isn't the problem, it's you. You're going to have a hard ass time making money at any of those things. You have to earn your spot. Want something less competitive in the arts? Get into UX/UI that's high demand and you can get paid well. But that requires strong people skills and empathy, attention to detail, also her design 'skills' trigger me.

No. 413316

I worry about the health of her pets. Idk, given how dirty her room is, it can't be healthy to be in that all day.

No. 413317

Maybe if she would improve her writing and drawing skills she might actually makes some money. And if money is really that tight, take on a part time job.

No. 413320

If only she took criticism well, she could somewhat improve along with actual studies.

No. 413338

I'm curious but has anyone drawn her OCs before?
As in, better than Holly could ever draw them and correctly?
Because I'd love to see her reaction.

No. 413339

Make money from her animation? Jesus, grow the fuck up and get an actual job, Holly. If you want to do commissions and practice animation, that's fine, but do it with a stable income. She's like those people who quit their jobs and drop all their money on cameras and video games, thinking that they can make it as the next millionaire pewdiepie if they just sit in their ass and play games all day. Sage for sperging.

No. 413347

she'd probably start complaining about the anatomy and all that shit

No. 413348

You know..now that I think about it, how come she's never opened up commissions??

No. 413349

Probably because she's too busy making her crappy videos and creating her comic?
I feel like she might've given an excuse at one point in time.

No. 413358

File: 1509606129964.png (1.36 MB, 1130x846, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 00.0…)

What are those arms?

No. 413359

How weird is it that this lineless style shows so much less of her egregious illustration flaws?
Yes the anatomy is still awkward, hands are still claws and arms are oddly thick - but for some reason this doesn't look that bad??
Oh no wait, you know what it is?
His chin isn't absurdly long. The expressions are actually more readable, crazy.

No. 413371

Without her thick, ugly lines you can focus more on her color choices which isn't too bad.

No. 413374

And then when the animation part comes, it all falls down!

No. 413402

Is she ever going to stop with those stupid gravitaty defying anime bangs?
They only ever look good on actual anime characters

No. 413412

>>413358 Wtf is up with the legs and feet?
The brown guys shoe has a piece missing or is she trying to create a heel?

No. 413413

Why isnt she tired of (almost) always drawing the same hair style?

No. 413501

Sweet Jesus this is just sad. The arms. It's like Popeye but it radiates laziness. I think that's what bothers me the most about her work, the laziness and how she has regressed.

No. 413577

Why is the slosh from the purple coming from the center of the pot? With motion I feel like it should be coming from the edge

also wow brown shoe

No. 413590

Is it sad that I can't wait to see the animation?

No. 413610

File: 1509645691945.jpg (126.84 KB, 900x660, IMG_20171102_175750.jpg)

It gets worse

No. 413616

the fuck

No. 413623

Wow we got a self portrait for once

No. 413624

What level of hell did this thing come from?!

No. 413628

This HAS to be a joke! The boob anatomy dear god…

No. 413631

I'm going to see this in my nightmares tonight just watch
Her boobs look like pectorals what is with that odd as heck shape???
It's obvious that for some reason she can't draw thick people correctly???

No. 413633

Oh god, I think going lineless only lets Holly make her work even sloppier. This lady could've come right out of my nightmares.

No. 413634

"Clever kitchen" for fuck's sake…

And does she use one of those palette generating websites? Because her color choices are usually much nicer in comparison to the other decisions.

No. 413640

She probably just doesn't know how to spell. It's sad because Espresso is a pretty cute name for a cat.

Actually, the field kind of is the problem. Drawing comics doesn't make a lot of money, especially if you're Indie/targeting a niche audience. Even published artists that do comics full-time often struggle to get by. It sucks but honestly, why would she be the exception? Just get a fucking job and do comics on the side or open a patreon, if you're going to do a webcomic full-time you do owe it to people to update consistently anyway.

sage for comic sperg, but fucking hell.

No. 413641

God this is the worst thing I've ever seen with my eyes

No. 413649

File: 1509648367792.jpg (93.13 KB, 969x1014, The_matchmaker_Mulan_.jpg)

So in successful character design you can tell the character's personality just by that design
I….I am so confused as to what type of character this is. Is she snarky? Mean? Is she nice? I am so confused.

Also pic related, she looks like if The Matchmaker from Mulan fell into a pool of radioactive waste.

No. 413651

This is legit one of the worst things I've ever seen from her, it just screams laziness. How do you draw so much and consistently get worse? She needs to do some foundation work and calm the fuck down.

No. 413677

so fucking lazy.
the floating heads are just copied and flipped, you can even see the lazy ponytail bump from the before. not even minimum effort. this woman couldn't draw to save her life. fuck this is ugly

No. 413683

You're 100% correct about the telling sign of an artist being full of themselves. Whining every time they get critiqued or tough loved, then trying to guilt you or make you pity them because you were cruel enough to give them critique. A lot of artists are dumb enough to take critiques as personal attacks. They'll never make it that way because in the industry, art directors and other artists are going to critique you a lot. Whining like a little bitch about it is only going to get the artist fewer jobs and a bad reputation.

She can't take critique at all. Sometimes you can tell when an artist is never gonna make it.

Not only that but if you say that excuse in the industry, you'll be out of a job. They aren't very lenient when it comes to half-assing.

No. 413691

Yeah, I think it's a bit of both. Like comics is more an industry for making stories independently. Competition is rough and you only do it because you love it. As for illustration I've had an equally hard time getting involved with it in any major way. Animation I have no experience with…

But if she's seriously looking for an easy in to an art career she should just consider the design path. The market is large and tech people actually pay. At least that's been my experience.

Also in response to whoever wondered about her opening commissions. She used to do it but gave up because she didn't like working for someone and drawing stuff she didn't want to draw.

No. 413704

>Also in response to whoever wondered about her opening commissions. She used to do it but gave up because she didn't like working for someone and drawing stuff she didn't want to draw.

She's fucked, she's never going to get into any career.

No. 413721

That was me who asked. Holy fuck, she is never going to get a job and live in her dirty ass house trying to make money off of half assed comics and animations. Well, I guess this means one less person to compete with lul

No. 413746

Nah. Knowing Holly she'll probably just end up teaching art to some unfortunate middle schoolers or something.

No. 413782


Don't know how she thinks she'll ever get hired when her shitty, lazy, entitled attitude is plastered all over her social media. Who would ever want to work with her? She's horrible.

No. 414037

File: 1509693778386.png (273.49 KB, 1040x634, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 00.2…)

I can never get over that hair she always draws

No. 414038

File: 1509693850659.png (695.06 KB, 1116x726, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 00.2…)

Also, what is going on with his mouth?

On a side note, apparently Holly is actually researching how to animate, but the question is if she'll actually follow through and not half ass it

No. 414048

lmfao what happened to using her mirror as a reference. Jesus fucking christ these are terrible

No. 414052

That might be BECAUSE she uses her mirror as a reference kek.

No. 414055

my sides

No. 414059

File: 1509698731761.jpeg (327.69 KB, 900x857, 717C325F-F183-429C-9A5B-269AFE…)

Like with most of Holly’s “character design” it’s never a solid design that carries from one drawing to another. It’s pretty floaty and unappealing. HC is trying to push emotion with out knowing how a face works or how to make something fun to look at. Like in the picture posted Holly worked really hard to make something that looks funny or relatable but it comes off like she’s trying too hard to be funny. And we all know how naturally unfunny Holly Brown is.

No. 414066

How does she not know onion skin when she's been animating/making animatics for that long

No. 414067

What in the hell is wrong with his arm???? It looks like it's swollen to hell

No. 414070

Am I the only one who hates how she draws noses. It's like a witch nose except more pointy up

No. 414071

I think it’s Holly’s design choice but it’s jarring and ugly. Could have been done slightly better if this character had a few more passes but Holly doesn’t create like a normal person.

No. 414073


No. 414167

She can't be an animator or illustrator if she can't even do commissions via social media, lol. Imagine being approached by a client and half-assing because you don't like the assigment. Design makes more money but it's the same issue - you have to work with people and especially people who have no idea how to do your job but assume it's easy/"Can we just do x by tomorrow?"

Unless she's aiming to become a fine artist and sell her paintings (lmao), she'll never make it in this field. You can't just make what you want and expect to get paid.

No. 414169

That's surprisingly not too bad.

No. 414197


she did a head only lip sync basically, which is actually pretty easy since all you have to do is redraw the head and a new mouth. the timeing does seem better then her dance video she made but once the character moves his head and arm it shows she doesnt know what shes doing

No. 414207

Are those self harm scars on her left arm?

No. 414230

No. 414346

Agreed but it’s not very good either.

No. 414361


It is miles better than her dancing bullshit one (less copy+paste with minor changes, more whole body movement), but it's still not that good for someone who "took courses". I mean, I can do similiar stuff and I am far from "totes professional".

Now, I really smell bullshit on this "PS HAS ONION SKINNING I NEVER KNEWWW", I bet she actually look up animation guides on youtube, realized she was doing it all wrong, pretended she knew it all along and came with the bullshit excuse that what she actually didn't know was that PS had onion skinning.

No. 414362

True, unless you're incredibly famous or loaded enough to turn down jobs, you will never only design what you like, be it illustration or graphic design (I worked in both).

Most clients want something that looks like the most popular app/website/style at the moment. You can only take so much liberty, it really depends on the client and trust me they have godawful ideas at times.

I don't even see a niche where her weird drawing style would fit, definitely not kid stuff or magazines illustrations and those two are what illustrators end up doing cause there's a pretty high demand.

No. 414378

File: 1509736157215.png (3.75 KB, 323x46, laymayyo.png)

her fans are so cringeworthy
>holly is blunt and realistic some ppl can't handle it
>ur just easily triggered and can't handle holly's opinion!!

No. 414382


Lul wasn’t she talking shit on Pan-Pizza and now she’s “drawing” him for suck-up points? what a two-faced bitch

No. 414400

File: 1509738976959.png (15.59 KB, 898x123, sdfotpy[.PNG)

I'm glad at least there's some people who see the light

No. 414410

I agree with both points. However, the only reason it even remotely looks better is because of the crutches she's leaning on. It makes animation easier.
The timing is better due to the fact that she's using audio, Jazza's challenge only mentioned a few details on what the rhythm was. By using audio it's so much easier to find timing because you have the time of the file as reference - just draw the face around the moving mouth and act it out, it's not too hard.
I want to see her try and animate another full body without dialogue to help, there inlies if she truly learned from her mistakes.
I call bs on her not knowing about the onion skin tool. If someone really took animation they would know what onion skins are - and me personally with that knowledge would research if my main program has that. OR ya know, lower the opacity of the layer below and the layer above. That's technically onion skinning though it is a tad more tedious.
So either she's bullshitting that she didn't know or she's bullshitting that she took animation classes, either one is bullshit.

No. 414450

You called it. She admitted it was traced from a photo she took in her new vlog.

Also looks like Holly is going to do mostly animations from now on. I wonder how this will affect her fanbase. I know a good amount of people follow her because they want to make a webcomic or they are mostly interested in starting up a online store/selling art. Then again the standards for the youtube animation community are kinda low. Holly will probably end up gaining a few fans if she does the stupid animation memes and continues making animatics for popular musicals.

No. 414486

I agree. She's done paper drawn animation(hopefully I assume on a light box), so wouldn't she wonder if there's a thing where you could see the before and after with different opacity levels??? Holly trying to look talented for lying about not using onion skin rofl

No. 414491

File: 1509745969009.png (1.73 MB, 1076x1182, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 14.5…)

Jealous of this bitch? No thank you

No. 414499

Anyone get a headache from her shaking the camera so much

No. 414520

You know what, I AM jealous. I'm jealous that I don't know how to stay completely stagnant with my art skill. I'm jealous that I don't have as many subscribers with my lack of lolcow personality. I'm jealous of the fact that I can't blow my money on shit I barely even use.
Yea I'm jealous.
Does it mean I want to be able to draw like her? Be her???

No. 414528

Why is she proud of that?
Why does she blatantly advertise that one of her characters is a self insert?
Isn't that something you should avoid?
I mean, self inserts just mean you lack originality so much that you have to just use yourself as a character to fill in some cast quota. It's not something to be proud of.
Sure, character designers put an aspect of themselves or take inspiration from other people when making characters – but they only put one aspect in there, not their entire persona.
Saying one of the characters is a self insert is basically saying that they were too lazy to create one from scratch.

No. 414562

God damn… Holly’s fans are pathetic as fuck.

No. 414636

I'm jealous that she has all this free time to create those personal projects

No. 414637

Just finished hate-watching that vid… jfc… just too much to really get into but I really hate how Holly talks like she knows what she’s doing but this is Holly’s first time animating. Holly has not studied or knows how to create something that people actually want to pay to look at.

No. 414638

Holly, queen of hypocrisy. In her new vlog sometime around 13:00-13:40 she says she doesn't want to have to rush her comics for a weekly deadline. If I remember correctly, she made a whole video telling people they need to draw faster. Her art is already shit because she rushes it. Having a weekly deadline or not doesn't seem like it would make a huge difference.

No. 414646

File: 1509756282697.png (290.17 KB, 1548x1018, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 17.4…)

I saw a conversation with some person and Holly about Flash and tv paint and had a question. How come she doesn't use/consider toon boom harmony to animate rather than photoshop. It's what most most people in the industry use anyway.

Sorry for going off topic kinda

No. 414759

File: 1509764002192.png (Spoiler Image, 168.78 KB, 396x216, Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 19.5…)

I can never EVER get over the boobs she draws

No. 414760

File: 1509764228609.jpg (20.97 KB, 240x240, 8131408032_68b29ae6a8_m.jpg)

I took one look at that thumbnail and visibly cringed in disgust. The look on my face is pic related.
Dear lord.
Especially those really long ones, they look more like penises than boobs. Ugh. Gross.
I think I'm gonna throw up.

No. 414763

You know, I'm surprised that Holly isn't going to CTN

No. 414765

that long one looks like elongated slugs attached to someone's chest

No. 414770

Didn't she already make an art critique video

No. 414773

Maybe Holly needs to bitch about art periodically or else her body starts melting.

No. 414779

I think ToonBoom software is on the pricier end of things. IDK how much TV Paint costs.
Also. Fuck her for taking a shit on Flash. Sure it has a ton of problems and flaws but wow is it ever easier to use than anything in Photoshop.

No. 414780

It just makes her drawing porn of that character so much weirder…

Also to be completely honest I think blond hair suits her. More than it suits Baylee, at least.

No. 414783

Actually buying a license from toonboom is cheaper and around the same price depending which version you choose compared to tv paint.

No. 414785

Oh god..what a terrible image

No. 414786

How come she never takes her own advice lol

No. 414793

"those who can't do, teach"

No. 414800


I dunno. My first animation class was all traditional and most people didn't learn what onion skinning was until animation 2 when we started digital and even after then–most of them would just use the actual opacity on layers. No clue how her class worked though.

No. 414991

I think if Holly could get over the "I don't want to do work for anyone but myself" attitude, she could do well as a colorist for others' projects. Most aspects of her art are pretty bad, but she has a good eye for color. She doesn't need to be doing all these one man projects that turn out terrible when she could just contribute to something good.

No. 415019

Wouldn't surprise me too much if we find out she just uses Coolors.co or something.

No. 415199

Saged for OT
I honestly enjoy all the critiques from the anons on this site. You're all harsh but very fair, sure the critiques based on appearance can be out of left field but all in all you guys give really good advice! Keep it up!

No. 415226

File: 1509828721056.png (695.53 KB, 1084x708, Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 13.5…)

And the long chins are back

No. 415232

So artists don't know much about compositions besides directors for movies. OK

No. 415248

That's not what she said exactly. People with a background in film do often have better composition skills than your average artist. Heck even amateur photographers are better at composition than most artists. A lot of artists just try to avoid working on composition. They are just so used to drawing disembodied heads and random character designs in their sketchbook that they never really work on learning how composition actually works or on how to actually frame their pieces.

As for the video itself it was pretty cringy. I get Holly is trying to relate to her audience but that was just difficult to watch.

No. 415260

That beginning was so cringy

No. 415265

She was on such a good streak too. Also in the doodle next to the headshot his head is waaaay too small.

And yes Holly, it IS a bad thing.

No. 415266

I just tried holding out my hand like what he's doing and ouch

No. 415301

Every video Holly makes just seems like she has read some long post or thread and tried to explain it without really knowing much herself about the topic
It’s like a child trying to tell another child a dirty adult joke to sound more grown up

No. 415316

Like in her newest vlog
>my parents fucked in the 90s, hahaha

No. 415631

i say that a lot to people "wow thats so tumblr!" people who're on tumblr all the time think its a great compliment kek

No. 415636


>And the long chins are back

Unfortunately, they were never gone

No. 415724

They were gone for a few hours on that new line-less animation

No. 415802

File: 1509865919604.jpg (8.09 KB, 135x177, DFlIKcoUQAANZjb.jpg)

I am really late with this, but I wasn't aware of her lolcow status. In fact, I was even subscribed to her for awhile. I took her advice on anatomy and perspective. Though within a week or so, I already got the rules of it down. All you have to do is draw from real life. What is she doing? No way she is taking art seriously with skills that amateur.

No. 415818

same anon

No. 415823

welcome to the dark side, anon. We have milk

No. 415827

Welcome to the collective anon.

No. 415871

File: 1509878243087.png (334.66 KB, 1030x822, Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 02.3…)

I feel like each time she draws him, his hair goes even higher

No. 415872

it's trying to escape

No. 415911

I've seen 10 year olds animate better, WITHOUT a tablet.

No. 415914

Blinking is so easy to animate, how did she mess it up? And his character design is so unappealing…

No. 415924

Sorry to be that person but the blinking animation isn't that bad? I agree I'm not a huge fan of the art style or character design but still I have seen a lot worse animations from youtube animators.

No. 415948

I haven't studied or done animations much, but why didn't she do everything else on separate layer and the eyes on their own? She could have left everything else still and animate the yes only… So much wasted work.

No. 415983

Part of me wants to think it is a conscious stylistic choice Holly made to give her animations more life/movement but I doubt Holly would ever think something thru like that.

No. 415986

Look at it frame by frame. It's bad.

No. 416179

File: 1509991980945.png (43.21 KB, 363x417, wake me up inside.png)

I wish she would just change how she draws mouths and chins. They grip a deep fear inside of me like nothing else does.

No. 416213


I don't what what was Holly's intention, but animating only the eyes can make the drawing look very wooden. I don't recommend animating only one part of the drawing, it's more work to redraw the whole thing? Yes, but it looks better that way.

No. 416231

That nose is trying to fly away from Holly's grips.

No. 416346

File: 1510001045297.png (1.03 MB, 1072x928, Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.4…)

Those nails, girl.

No. 416348

Can't believe it took her 14 minutes to draw that janky thing

No. 416667


It does look more wooden when you only animate the eyes, but at least you don't get that inconsistent volume (look at his escaping cheek)

No. 416701

it also doesn't help that the crease line from his apron doesn't move when he does (due to Holly's inconsistent "line art"

No. 417667

File: 1510092382806.png (1.76 MB, 1156x1196, Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 14.0…)

When she couldn't even surpass her lazy-ness

No. 417719

Oh no
Is that Gamegrumps?

No. 417726

If it is, she really is trying so hard…
First the Hamilton animation, second Game Grumps, straight up trying to jump on the bandwagon of popular animation crap

No. 417760

from her latest vlog, that is indeed a game grumps animatic

No. 418348

File: 1510122404561.jpeg (64.22 KB, 900x798, BC983DCF-9685-44E4-91DC-2B6FDB…)

It’s like every new character design she does for this projects is worse than the last…

No. 418355

is that a knife in your shirt or are you happy to see me?

No. 418368

wait is she kidding? I thought you were suppose to improve with each picture, not go backwards

No. 418416

her eyes bother me so much, they are always half closed. she can't convey any emotion, it's ridiculous

No. 418430

What the actual fuck am I looking at? This looks like she spat on her tablet and tried to turn it into a character or something.

No. 418679

I honestly don’t understand the arm

No. 418745

Her new art style is just so flat and unoriginal. For someone who mockingly insults people for drawing in the Steven Universe or 'tumblr style'. Her style/work is so derivative and typical of those things.

Who even holds a phone like that in real life?

Again she is going into Animation for the wrong reasons- like oh because it's better money then comics. Like dude no one goes into the art industry because they want to be rich, you do it because you love making art,the starving artist stereotype is quite real.

Even those in the industry I see on social media are always up for commissions/looking for their next studio gig, worrying about bills etc unless your famous/big like sakimichan

No. 418747

Yeah, that's something that's always bothered me about her. If she wants a comfortable life, there are other jobs and majors out there. Thing is, like with art, they require hard work.

No. 418770

>Even those in the industry I see on social media are always up for commissions/looking for their next studio gig, worrying about bills etc unless your famous/big like sakimichan

t h i s
The art world can be cruel

The thing is tho, is that she's aware of the starving artist stereotype. I think maybe she thinks she can get big like those other subpar "animation"(hardly animation,more like animatic) channels like domics or all those other copycat fucks that talk about their life with their quirky animated avatars and rack up 1,000,000 subscribers.

No. 418818

Those animated storytime channels hit a goldmine, people eat that shit up right now. Can't fault them for profiting off of the demand.

Haven't seen anyone posting her vimeo yet, so here we are:

She called vimeo "A shitty YouTube for professional stuff" in her vlog.

No. 419097

How is vimeo shitty. Don't you get more freedom on that website?

No. 419099

I just tried holding my phone like that and ouchhhh. Poor character

No. 419102

File: 1510189595483.png (54.33 KB, 1126x184, Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 17.0…)


No. 419284


Lookin' forward to that game grumps animation!!!11!!

No. 419311

the stones look so funny to me…and the trees movement is awkward. And I know that some animations consider that as an artistic style, but in Holly's case, it's just laziness to move only the top part lol

No. 419316

The grass in the foreground isn't even moving, and the leaves look computer generated. But Holly's clearly puttin' a lot of effort into animatin, you guise.

No. 419318

With all the money she spends, she needs to invest in Richard William's animation book and learn the basics. Jesus christ, her animations are timed oh so poorly

No. 419319

I hate her style so much. On Twitter she decided to talk shit about Code Lyoko's style and state she was going to do fanart. She then proceeded to give the characters her goddamn ugly chins in exchange for the huge foreheads.

No. 419320

I KNOW!! The space from the foreheads moved down to their chins kek

No. 419327

prominent foreheads >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> jay leno chins
Some people think larger foreheads is a sign of deep intelligence anyway lmao

No. 419353

wasnt this the girl that bitched about people using miyazaki for inspiration and you gotta make art from your mind?
i think she saw this vid and got angry because when i saw this literally immediately after she made her miyazaki vid.

No. 419420

Vimeo has nothing in common with YT besides the fact that they're both video platforms imo, Vimeo is aimed at creatives and film makers to share and sell their work.

But of course Holly doesn't actually care about that.

You can get it used on amazon for less than 15 bucks. There's no excuse. She'd probably just scoff at it though, because most of it is walk cycles and "It's not useful at all!"

No. 419444

lmao she’s one to bitch about stylistic choices when “muh style!!!” is her only line of defense for her garbage anatomy.

No. 419471

Still find it bothersome that some artists choose to say "b-b-but it's m-muuh style" instead of taking advice to improve their "style".

No. 419557

She wishes she was as good as Mateusz.

No. 419688

File: 1510256349644.png (212.32 KB, 582x633, lmao.PNG)

Ah yes, Holly's is obviously superior

No. 419693

I think one of the most visually unsettling things about Holly's art is that she doesn't understand how faces work and ends up putting the eyes practically right next to each other. That's like babbys first anime drawing mistake right there.

No. 419756

How is the original style more off-putting than this mess? The angular, far-apart eyes at least look deliberate, hers look like she just made them too wide and had trouble fitting them into the head.

No. 419765

if there’s anything holly is good at, it’s ”improvements” that manage to be 100% more offputting than the original.

No. 419796

This animation is complete shit. The only thing passable about it are the leaves, which are obviously some kind of outsourced CGI overlay.

No. 420152

File: 1510297932180.png (2.25 MB, 996x1356, Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 23.1…)

This drawing always makes me cringe.. With the way she's leaning, she must be from the matrix

No. 420175

Damn. That thumb looks so out of place on the character's hand. And why is it that every time she seems to draw this specific character, she has a sarcastic sad-brow look on her face?

No. 420178

That's like one of the few expressions Holly can make

No. 420202

Is "fuck" the only word Holly knows. I just found this girl and wow she is CUH RAAAYYYYY ze

No. 420303

> what is perspective
wow, just wow. so much practise, so little knowledge

> muh style

fuck you it's not style if you're just too lazy to do it properly (aka convincing)

No. 420311

I came across one of this girl's videos trying to search out methods of getting enamel pins. their work is awful even in video format

No. 420583

File: 1510346880145.png (1007.92 KB, 1114x686, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 12.4…)

You really you think you should be the one to criticize someone else's work

No. 420603

>I love it when my chin is bigger than my entire body (Insert emojis here)

No. 420620


This bitch has 0 sense of anatomy, perspective & basic posing and she has the audacity to criticize cartoons by artists who know how to animate and draw lmaoooo

No. 420621

>implying she could draw characters on model
Ok Holly. At least this show has the excuse of multiple animators working on it.

No. 420632

further proof she has no idea what she's talking about. Not like that dude's model has a huuuge head anyway.

No. 420639

Lmfao at least their work is aesthetically more pleasing to look at. You know why? Because these people actually learned how to do anatomy before stylizing anything. Learn the basics, dumbass.

No. 420653

File: 1510352720208.png (1.41 MB, 1156x948, Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 14.2…)

Those are HUGE ass hands and that lady has uneven shoulder lengths….

No. 420655

The hair on the lady has like a mind of its own

No. 420664

pls no not my waifu hawkeye, she deserves better

No. 420668

It’s amazing how little Holly knows about consistency in drawing that she has the balls to critique professional work. Holly has never worked professionally in her entire life and I never expect her to with her current abilities.

No. 420767

and current attitude. Can you imagine saying to her boss
> It's MUH art style!!

No. 420770

File: 1510387366661.png (1.81 MB, 1170x1254, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 00.0…)

>Please save me

No. 420779

>Wonky eye
>smol fingers
>3/4 head on a front facing body
>Is that arm attached to his shoulder or is it an arm coming from below???
>Noodle arms to the greatest extent
No, save HIM

No. 420780

Is that supposed to be Roy Mustang and Hawkeye? Fucking hell lmao. Roy has black hair.

I think the huge hands are alright as a stylistic choice, but their upper bodies are just fucked. Look at the length difference in their upper arms, dude's right arm is down to his hip.

No. 420781

I just noticed…did she forget to color in the other side of his shirt???

No. 420810

i think that thing is a horse

No. 420828


The thing with Holly’s art is that when you quickly glance at the work it looks sort of passable but when you really take a look at it you see all of the horrible mistakes.

No. 420833

those eyes..it makes him look crazy

No. 420841

that guy looks like he's on crack tbh

No. 420991

draw from life she says, observe how reality is, then draw things that make no spacial sense whatsoever

No. 421105

about a month ago on twitter i decided to prod at her just to see what would happen by basically saying "practice what you preach ;)" in reply to a tweet she made about "artists being lazy" and not "not working hard enough" and i tried to days it in a way that was playful and not threatening. she snapped instantly and proceeded to hound me and started screaming about "releasing several books" and asking me "what i've accomplished in my life". i eventually deleted the tweets and blocked her because honestly getting into any argument with her is just not worth it.
it's embarrassing seeing her give critique while also completely losing her shit when someone even suggests that she needs to get her shit together. if anything it made me feel bad for her.

No. 421110

At this point i think she must be some sort of clinically retarded

No. 421127

Wish you screenshitted that lul. Good milk, man. Good milk. But I'm sorry that happened. She's a nut job who can't handle being not praised at.

No. 421129

File: 1510428535654.png (98.93 KB, 1038x496, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 11.2…)

Any thoughts?

No. 421131

>why do these art companies think they understand youtube more than me
>youtube more than me
>more than me
This makes me want to shit on the table and eat it up just so my brain has something else to focus on rather than whatever this curly haired chimp is saying

No. 421132

File: 1510428792104.png (141.39 KB, 232x267, rtuj6rd5i.PNG)

>not screenshotting it
Holly is honestly such a bizarre case to me
Like she'll be like you gotta work hard to be an artist and take critique!1!!
but if someone says that to her she'll do a complete 180 and goes ballistic and starts throwing insults and screaming about what a cool and accomplished artist she is for putting out a book with all her ugly art in it and making A fully colored animation.Not to mention she know everything about art, but then all of a sudden doesn't when you call her out on her shit.

I don't know how someone can be so hypocritical and lack this much self awareness

She's like Baylee just with 50% more salt

God, she's so entitled and always thinks SHE KNOWS whats better, but like why not call title it what it is??? It's not boring, it's just telling you what she'll be reviewing
Maybe she's just so used to trying to do clickbait shit that will get her more views, that she refuses to do anything else except that.

No. 421135

Lol, she is a weird bird. Anyone remember the "art block doesn't exists" video and how she was all but kissing Baylee's flat butt?

No. 421201

File: 1510435419384.png (316.03 KB, 1128x604, Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 13.2…)

why does everyone have the stupid hair style

No. 421210

File: 1510436917859.jpg (30.63 KB, 431x483, 1494809783483.jpg)

Wow, she actually got worse somehow.

No. 421221

How can one get even worse…same goes for Baylee. This amazes me

No. 421229

That picture, what the fuck is that supposed to be? That's not how mouths work

No. 421233

tbh she knows how to make them clickbaity titles to attract people and I might let her choose it because her art or opinion won't sell anything on its own

No. 421244

that is what nightmares are made of

No. 421606

No. 421608


your whole body. doesn't move. when you blink.
that's why i hated the dusty blinking animation so much.

No. 421619

Is that what the weird jiggle was?? I thought she was just trying to make a pause before blinking.

No. 421628

wow she’s gone from 75% anime hair to 25%, im impressed. now if only she would get rid of those shitty lines on the other guys face she calls glasses.

No. 421644

It's hilarious and ironic that she has curly hair and somehow can't manage to draw curly hair (character on the right). What happened to referencing your own face, Holly?

No. 421709


She totally doesn't suffer from same face syndrome you guys.

No. 421810

my favorite part was at the end when she shills her amazon wishlist

No. 421814

File: 1510515386337.gif (78.89 KB, 500x281, 282bcc317d1ac3152b162b593c2da1…)

More animation? Judging by her previous attempts, it's gonna be such a mess. Can't wait.

No. 421974

>Studied at a well-known and awarded Highschool of the arts
>Draws like this
I'm astounded.

No. 421993

These "bullshit" classes are supposed to help you learn from color to life drawing anatomy), so your art doesn't end up wonky like yours. With her attitude no wonder her anatomy is all over the place. She's been doing figure drawing since high school and yet her level is at this. And oh dear lord…she's making an art book…
So, I'm guessing based on this video, she's planning on doing YouTube and selling terrible art and instead of preparing for the real world.

No. 421994

anon please

No. 422000

are you astounded, anon

No. 422011

So astounded my horrid internet connection wishes to repeat this astonishment.

No. 422030

haha ^, I really want to like H.C Brown because on the surface she seems hard-working and driven. But, this thread has really opened my eyes to how piss-poor and lazy her work is.

No. 422032

Also, I thought she already did her comic for a hobby since she has all day to create a page yet she hasn't created any more pages for nearly 2 months…

No. 422047

My eye actually twitched when she drew his right arm kinda alright, then transformed it into complete bullshit, flipped it, and then fixed his face but not his arm.

Holly just blows my mind, but not in a good way. How do you go through that much foundation work and nothing sticks?

Not to mention
>Her gay webcomic with atrocious pacing and storytelling
>pretending it's a serious critique of Religion

No. 422059

lol, she's so privileged to get paid for her shitty/mediocre art and she still takes it for granted.

No. 422105

probably because she never took the critiques seriously and passed it off as "hate" from the teachers and just drew in her merry way

No. 422107

File: 1510528303304.png (951.17 KB, 1168x1156, Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 15.1…)

Uh oh. Prepare for more shitty art drawn from her new iPad.

No. 422234

What does it mean, Holly? That you got a $95 piece of equipment that you don't need and won't even fucking use properly?

No. 422239

Samefag, but is that supposed to be her game grumps animation…? She can't even make the characters look like the people they're supposed to be portraying

No. 422488

What the actual fuck is going on with Riza's left hand? It looks like her arm ends in some sort of infected stump, Holly pls, how hard would it have been to just draw the fucking hand?

Also, I didn't even realize who those characters were supposed to be until you guys mentioned it.

No. 422525

File: 1510541499494.png (60.3 KB, 1170x248, Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 18.5…)

But what about the good old fashion pencil and paper, or watercolor. I know some artists use iPads when traveling, but at least they can use it to it's fullest potential?

No. 422526

IS it the game grumps animation?!

No. 422572

holy shit, mustang's arm looked normal at the start and then she basically mangled it. how can you notice when something looks so off????

No. 422581

samefag, *not notice

No. 422678

Yes, she said so in the video.

Eh, I get her. It's useful if you work mostly digitally, so you can actually continue to work on your stuff while on the go. Getting the 512 GB version thinking it's better because of more storage is kinda stupid though.

No. 422684

Eh I feel like in her personal condition it’s pretty useless since it’s not like she actually travels a lot and it seems like she already has a pretty good setup/workflow going. She’s kinda pulling a Baylee with digital media instead of traditional.

No. 422698

kek, and didn't she say she was financially struggling?

No. 422783

People usually pull that excuse to get sympathy points. Or maybe she is financially strapped but has not concept of saving her money. Maybe her getting the boast in ad rev was a bad thing since she went on a spending spree afterwards.

No. 422812

It sounds like she bought it on a payment plan from this >>422525. The photo looks like the 12.9 in one, the 512 Gig version + Apple pencil is like 1400 USD, what a waste of money.

No. 422865

Samefag but I noticed that Holly also entered Jazza's Animation Contest in 2015, hers is at 4:36. Maybe I'm tripping but this almost looks more fluent than her current stuff.

No. 422908

>there's rape in the story teehee


No. 422916

damn that video hurt

I love how she went all
>stop copying miyazaki!!!
yet she has like 10 books of ghibli related art on her wishlist
I hate her so much

No. 423202

why does she keep reiterating that nobody reads her comic lol…

No. 423220

I feel like she’s trying to guilttrip some viewers into taking a look at her comic…

No. 423260

honestly? at first when i watched her i believed certain things like how she said she was so poor and shit but now i feel like shes one of those people who just cant stop complaining i mean she had a cintiq bought a mac at the same time she bought like the latest iphone now shes getting an ipad pro??

No. 423262

i used to watch hollys stuff back when she was at like 1k followers and honestly she was much nicer. she wasnt exactly nice but she was better lol one of the only things i liked about her was the way she packaged her prints she put sick wax seals on the letter .
really took the time to package stuff and always sent free things with her orders

No. 423264

lol i remember she had that board where she would print out fanart people sent her of those two twinks in her comic and like a day after she announced she was doing that her next vlog was like complaining about how it was getting too full and she would only be putting the finished looking art on it
came off as kinda rude

No. 423276

you guys got any art holly made that you didnt absolutely despise? i kinda liked this minus that girls head. thought the colors looked cool.even the video at the 2min mark(?) when she swaps to filming with the iphone 7 looked good too. nice and clean why doesnt she try filming shit like this now

No. 423289

hah you think her animations now are bad??? get a load of one of her earlier animations she used as an opening to her channel(first 5 seconds) glen keane who?

No. 423293

thoughts on how holly has legitimately gotten worse at art…some of the anatomy on here is better than what she does now. shit even that tiana has non slug boobs

No. 423300

I agree that the colors are good, but it still looks shitty imo.

No. 423306

I can't get over that girls' hand. Like what's going on there???

No. 423334

yeah and im lookingat it closer and the background is terrible pretty much the only thing good is tje foreground and colors lmao minus all the people

No. 423370

File: 1510628011672.png (987.47 KB, 1258x710, why.PNG)

I know the Heathers animatic is old news, but just… why?

No. 423391

Anybody else really sympathize with her? She seems like she lives in near social isolation. I'm probably just projecting because I was isolated for years and pretty close to being on the same path, but I dunno. It seems like she's in a really boring and lonely place.

No. 423403

is she holding something??

No. 423436

she lives with her aunty who is basically her mom i think and her brother and sister frequently visit from the sounds of it. i know she doesnt like them but i cant judge considering most people dislike their family members. i personally dont think shes lonely since she wants to move out ? but again thats all jus my speculation

No. 423438

i feel like she needs to learn how to draw hair?? it has literally 0 flow in like all of her drawings… even for tumblr standards this is… bad

No. 423445

File: 1510636047825.png (1.88 MB, 1178x1156, Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 21.0…)

Oh god, she's making custom stickers from her expensive printer. I've never seen someone spend so much money on shit aside from Baylee.

No. 423448

lmao and she said she was pooor

No. 423450

sometimes i feel bad about shittinf on hollys animation but then i remember she tweeted asking for recommendations for animators on yt and she just had to add domething about how most of the animators on youtube were lazy and shit and barely animated *sigh

No. 423457

lmao she makes half assed animations. What right does she have to criticize about them. I wonder if she ever talked about YouTubers like Domics cuz at least his shit is consistent and entertaining.

No. 423460

I think she used to cut. Just… putting that out there.

No. 423470

that's been discussed before. who cares?

No. 423473

exactly like yeah she did ? and…?

No. 423474

yeah she tweeted saying they were lazy or some shit? no name drops but … thats cheap coming from her even their half assed work looks better than hers so

No. 423475

lol she always bashes people for being lazy its so annoying its not like she isnt??

No. 423478

ikr, she's always like
> I just wanted to get it over with

No. 423481

have you noticed when she complains about something it always sounds like shes blaming her audience lol.. like nobody is asking her to finish her comic? if shes so tired of it just stop she acts like we forced her even though it was literally all her idea

No. 423482

"omg so annoying nobody buys my prints"
>people pity buy her prints
"ugh they only bought my sweeney todd prints and not my originals"
>people buy her originals
"ugh packaging is so annoying"

No. 423484

lmfao just because she has "fans", she just makes it sound like they want it when in reality they don't give a fuck

No. 423485

I wonder if she ever goes to an art museum and complains and criticizes about the art made by the masters lol

No. 423495

File: 1510641514887.jpg (38.43 KB, 611x401, DOkir7MW0AAoAKw.jpg)

gags this is going to be a sticker sheet??

No. 423496

File: 1510641526771.jpg (106.78 KB, 530x793, DOkpJhuX0AAOXg5.jpg)

No. 423497

You know what I noticed about Holly's style is that they're all crooked and leaning towards one side

No. 423498

Hate to break it to you Holly but
All of those images except for the life drawings are in the exact same styles.
Coloring style and line style may have changed, but overall they're the exact same style.

No. 423499

Samefagging a bit but now that I look at those life studies
wtf her anatomy is wonky af why is his thigh popping out of the socket???

No. 423500

Also wanna add that all the upper bodies are too short based on the head length she went with. Does she actually measure and shit before rendering?

No. 423503

the two top left side drawings make me very uncomfortable

No. 423517

i think she means coloring styles ??? but still lmao she literally cannot style change? her mistakes are so deepset i want to ask her to do the different art style 10 bucks says they will all look the fuckn same and nothing like the og

No. 423521

File: 1510647938370.jpeg (522.26 KB, 1582x2048, DOk1pGyWsAA32sz.jpg-large.jpeg)

I dont think anyone's would be really interested in buying her generic looking OCs.

No. 423528

Is it just me or…does she draw the boobs really saggy and torsos way too short?

No. 423535

The fact that she made a video on how to draw boobs and anatomy while criticizing others, but can't even draw em correctly. smh

No. 423537

File: 1510651877857.png (500.02 KB, 704x668, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 01.2…)

pro artist here. Gotta draw the boobs like they're saggy water balloons

No. 423539

i think you mean self inserts dbdjfjd

No. 423541

No. 423548

Not only her art, her personality seems to have gotten worse. The hair on her characters is also a LOT better, none of those fucked up bangs.

Wasn't this when she was at art school? Leaving really seems to have hurt her artwork.

No. 423549

yeah now she's doing online school just to get it over with and get more time to work on her "comics/animations". She needs to go back to an on campus school and get back into shape

No. 423555

Wish she would draw with more form. Thinking in 3D and drawing with more volume had really helped my drawings out.

No. 423740

She already considers herself an animator, kek

No. 423837

Oh shit I didn't notice that wtf
Didnt in one video where she actually showed animations she say that she wasn't an animator nor took classes for animation? Fuck dude. Now it seems like she only said it then because she was more humble knowing her animations aren't that good – she's transitioned now to think she can animate, gross.

No. 423924

>"these are all styles I do"
>slight variations of the same style in all four
??? They're similar color schemes too.

No. 423966

No. 423978

why are her vlogs always 50% blurry and shaky

No. 423992

I couldn't watch past about 8 minutes of this as i was sick to death of her whiny bitching.. her bragging about her savings, nobody cares

No. 424019

I thought the book design in black and white looked really neat and clean, and then she said she was just copying the way Jake Parker does it lol.

No. 424038

WAW she's so insufferable, her response to the 'buying things you don't need comment'
> you have no idea how much I have in savings
Like that like proud laugh in the middle ,, u can hear her ego inflating

No. 424039

I like the thumbnail lol the first page looks aight tbh

No. 424045

You know how she says that people are just getting mad at her for buying stuff ? Like … thats not why it's because you complain about how your a starving artist and poor and not getting enouh money and then the next day you buy an iPad Pro a printer and all this other shit?

No. 424102

She also bought a fridge for her mom. It's a pretty nice gesture of her to do that, but it goes against her starving artist statement since after that she buys the ipad lool

No. 424174

Yeah I don't care it still her money she can buy like 30 more cats if she wants just don't say your poor and like complain all day if your doing okay… like middle class isn't poor?

No. 424313

File: 1510723471692.png (1.29 MB, 1172x1136, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 21.2…)


No. 424314

File: 1510723600250.png (52.98 KB, 1150x198, Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 21.2…)

That sounds boring. Someone that powerful always needs something to take them down like Superman and kryptonite

No. 424344

Why did she even bother getting the iPad/Apple Pencil? Her artwork looks the same, no better no worse. She wasted her money on a very expensive piece of equipment for no reason.

No. 424349

only reason she got it was because she didn't want to spend hours sitting at her desk and draw…It's not like she actually goes outside and does plein airs or draws from life, which makes sense to get the iPad.

No. 424350

somehow it looks worse lol

No. 424377

gotta give her props, no matter what medium she does her art in it always retains that certain weird ugly look to it? weird

No. 424379

shes been doing her comic for like a year and the only thing thats changed is the line width… for someone who draws lots of backgrouds its genuinely astounding how little she improved? like?

No. 424384

Haha!! That's one video that she can actually follow
> How to be consistent

No. 424500

All the expensive equipment is so annoying too because there's this thing called "buying used." You could test out an old version of a tablet (or lets say a cintiq that someone dicked around with for a month and covered in shitty stickers) for a fraction of the cost.

I get buying new equipment, don't get me wrong. But if you're constantly trying out different things searching for one you like, used is a way smarter way to experiment.

Also, when you live at home with your mom $6000 isn't a big savings. As soon as you move out hidden costs and emergencies will eat it up quick (especially with unstable income). Stop wasting it on shit you don't need.

The new car thing drives me crazier than the new tech holy shit…

And when she's like "The bigger ipad was only $10 more. Yeah! $10 more/month. Wtf, that's basic math. I'm a math retard and I get that shit. And if you're swindled by that I can't wait to see what the car dealership convinces her to buy. Watch her think new cars are sooo muuuuch cheaper because she shops by monthly payment, never adds it up and forgets about interest costs.

No. 424502

why does she think shes qualified to make this kind of tutorial when shes a beginner?

No. 424508

So she can draw sitting on the couch as well.
Honestly just stay at you desk, it's bad for your back anyway to hunch over a tablet.

No. 424512

Imo a reasonable amount of savings is at least 6 months living expenses. I don't know how expensive it is to live in Texas, but I bet it's more than 1000 a month.

Final result is pretty unappealing to me, it doesn't wiggle enough and it's not smooth. She's struggling to explain things properly, it's clear she just needed to work in the sponsorship somehow.

On the bright sight, this is probably the least off-putting Damien has ever looked.

No. 424530

It bothers me so much that it stops wiggling while they blink. That would have been so easy to fix by animating the eyes on a separate layer. How does she think that looks good?

No. 424585

>Hadn’t watched a holly vlog in a while
>fuck fucking fuckity fuck fuck fuuucking

No. 424609

No. 424647

File: 1510769600558.png (76.32 KB, 1560x252, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 10.1…)


No. 424649

Why does she animate on photoshop? There's Flash and Toon Boom Harmony (you get a HUGE discount if you're a student).

No. 424650

File: 1510769825006.png (42.17 KB, 1484x166, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 10.1…)

You're right! She's not an expert at animating, so she shouldn't have even made this video! Glad that people are looking through this crap

No. 424659

File: 1510771079342.jpg (36.54 KB, 600x400, cc2.jpg)

No. 424721

I live for this. With so many preteens kissing her ass and her getting all this money, it's really cool to see people post more in the comments about the stupid shit Holly does.

No. 424814

File: 1510783959151.png (100.59 KB, 1180x382, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 5.11…)

No. 424816

File: 1510784016094.gif (1.73 MB, 200x293, 1487097991420.gif)

No. 424817

>I take criticism very serious
Fucking liar

No. 424822

oh mi lord she's such a hypocrite kek

No. 424824

Like, what on EARTH have you accomplished to talk down to someone like this, asshole or not??

No. 424832

I have become so desensitized to how rude she is to her fans and commenters when this shit really shouldn't fly. She really needs to sort out that bratty attitude of hers, I agree with you anon ^

No. 424869

HOW does she always manage when replying to criticisms to talk shit about an entire group of people who are completely unrelated??? Like in every response she bashes something else in this case all people who do wiggle animation tutorials are dumb morons and its SOOO easy???

No. 424871

didNT she fucking say in one video that no matter the skill level people always have something to teach you

No. 424880


Pleb is the Hero we don't deserve! Upvoted their comments.XD

Seriously tho those tiny edgelords trying to protect holly and telling Pleb to F* off just shows how not even majority of her fans can accept critique like Holly or different opinions when it's not ASS-KISSING HOLLY

No. 424882

Now I really can't imagine her having a job in the industry. Just keep selling those boring comics and poorly drawn stickers that don't even sell well because that's all she's gonna be able to do unless she changes her attitude.

No. 424883

Pleb is like the Pants of Shit from Baylee's video lool
Such a hero

No. 424889

File: 1510788452258.png (33.64 KB, 545x190, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 3.27…)

My sides, man. These people are on fire for calling her out

No. 424892

This girl needs to go back to school on campus or something because she has zero clue how to speak to people!! Like wow what a way to reply on someone who took the time to watch your video and give you something to think about and improve! The only thing I’ll ever be thankful for from holly is she made me take note to never behave the way she does. It’s not cute.

No. 424897

Ikr. We wouldn't bash on her as much if she didn't have a shitty attitude who complains 24/7. I guess that's one of the reasons why she's on here though

No. 424953

You do NOT have the qualifications to make an animation tutorial! Oh my lord I am fuming right now. Fuck her. You can "teach" illustration or whatever the fuck she calls her childish scribbles but she CANNOT teach animation. No. She can't. She doesn't know the fucking fundamentals she doesn't know SHIT about animation. Fuck her!
Saged for my outburst but fuck I am pissed. Animation is my passion and I will not stand by and watch this demoness try to fucking slide her potato face into what I love to do.
No. Fuck her.

No. 424973

I'm waiting for someone to ask her what the 12 principles of animation are even are kek.

No. 424979

> 6 minutes in
I can't. I can't watch this anymore. I KNEW she was going to reference Ed, Edd n' Eddy I KNEW it.
Hey Holly, this "wiggle" animation you think you've "invented" – it's not a new thing. The wiggle you see isn't intentional and it isn't for that effect, it's literally just to show movement in a static picture because it makes things look more organic! Fuck this bitch is stupid.
Animators do this constantly because literally NO ONE can make every single fucking line perfect every time they do another frame. Yes they DO onion skin it, they don't do your barbaric "keep drawing over the sketch" shit because your lines will deviate from whatever you've done no matter how steady your linework is. If you look closely in ABSOLUTELY ANY ANIMATION EVER, you can see the fine differences in linework whenever a character moves. The only reason you can see it primarily in Ed, Edd n' Eddy is because the lineart is very sketchy and uneven as it is – and so it makes it almost impossibly to retrace the lines exactly.
Please do NOT try to teach animation when you so clearly have no idea what you are talking about, thank you.

No. 424982

Isn't she genuinely autistic or something?
I keep trying to find explanations other than to believe someone can plainly be like this.

No. 424986

It's not that deep, mah dude.
She sucks in all possible levels but there's no need to project your own life into this

No. 424988

Sorry anon. I just get so over the top with the subject of animation. I'll cool it down a notch or two.

No. 424990

It's okay, friend.
Just try to not get so upset over someone who genuinely doesn't deserve your time and energy.

No. 424991

The arrogance, I can't even with this bitch!

No. 424994

Now, just making it clear I am not suggesting this, I know cow tipping is against the rules. I am just imagining.
Looking at the way she absolutely explodes at anything people tell her, just imagine for a second what would happen it she discovered this thread… Imagine the monkey overdrive.

No. 424998

How does a "wiggle line" tutorial take almost 20 minutes to teach. It's all "UM" and guessing what to do. Please do some basic ball bounces before doing anything like this or even when youre teaching animation, you gotta start with the basics. jfc

No. 425000

Anon, I'm a noob, what's cow tipping?

No. 425001

It'll be another 30 minute video of a whole lot of

No. 425002

On the Baylee thread, we've mentioned that a couple of times. Considering how easily triggered Holly is and how she reacts in general, it would be probably the best content she's every given us. Pls Holly, find this thread!

No. 425009

It's gonna blow up the internet kek

No. 425014

File: 1510795633744.png (62.19 KB, 216x219, 1495646956790.png)

I see this is sponsored by skill share, was that the company she was complaining about on twitter about the title video? because if it is, I find it funny that she had to make it into a tutorial so that people would actually bother to click the video
>and it's not even a good tutorial

No. 425017

Cow tipping is when you purposefully try to make a cow find their threads

No. 425021

Cow tipping is when the cows are linked to their own thread, it is also against the rules. Please don't do this, it ruins the fun honestly and we'd be flooded with a bunch of psycho defenders

No. 425022

Ah okay. I will make sure to not be a dumb ass and make nasty cows find this thread.

No. 425025

Not to deviate from Holly, but someone had linked some Baylee followers to her thread and we got hounded a bit. The person was a noob but still.

No. 425028

That was fun. We got Jellie Bee over at the Artist thread and HulloAlice in the Baylee thread. I have to commend both of them, especially Jellie Bee, for coming in a civilized way and accepting the criticism.
Alice clearly put a lot of effort into bettering her videos after she went on the thread.
Holly, on the other hand, being the retard she is, would probably explode in an angry wave of sperging

No. 425030

Were they the ones that were posting emojis? That didn't last long kek

No. 425041

Yeah, I remember those. I'm glad Alice and Jellie have at least cleaned themselves up and are doing better. Lol Holly would shit herself with rage. Pants of Shit might have to pay her a visit. Critiques are apparently beneath her.

No. 425042

Yeah, idk, that was my first experience with a crazy person so it was a bit shocking for me. Still fun though that we got to kick them off for breaking the rules.

No. 425043

I have mixed feelings about that. It would be funny considering how predictable she is, so it would be easy to push her buttons. But I have a little moral voice inside my head saying it's wrong to mess with people who are clearly mentally retarded

No. 425049

So she is mentally retarded? I'm not trying to insult anyone who does have that but I've heard it mentioned on this thread so I'm curious

No. 425052

Just an assumption. I find it hard to believe that she is completely normal. She clearly doesn't function properly. Maybe she has the 'tisms or whatever

No. 425068

I wonder if most of her videos are demonetized because how many times she says the word "fuck" and "hehe rape"

No. 425106

She did a test that her mom gave her (just a survey type thing) that said she was likely 'on the spectrum'. I guess her mom teaches special needs kids? Holly went on to say that she thinks most artists are probably autistic.

Holly projects a lot if you couldn't already tell.

(This test if curious she got 32 or higher: https://www.wired.com/2001/12/aqtest/)

No. 425115


Ah man… Holly, m8, I'm in the gallery scene and have done work in film/media production, and let me tell you that is not at all the case. Most of them are probably clinical narcissists, but not autistic.

No. 425116

Good news everyone, I'm not autistic!

No. 425126

Aw man I'm not autistic? I must not be an artist, gosh dang diddly doo.

No. 425130

Shit son, you fuckers better start huffing paint thinner if you ever wanna be as good of an artist as Holly.

No. 425132

I say we should take a hammer to the head in order to achieve the potato shaped head. How else will we become such amazing animators and artists that make big money shitting all over our audiences?

No. 425137

I'll supply the hammers. Soon I will be just like Holly-senpai
Here goes nothin'!

No. 425181

I'm heading out to surgically transplant my foot into my face
Just wait bois, I'll be shitting out masterpieces and tutorials by tomorrow afternoon

No. 425182

Make sure they give you a nice Jay Leno chin!

No. 425187

Reach for the stars, anon! You'll be a modern da Vinci in no time!

No. 425190

File: 1510805983600.jpg (12.47 KB, 233x204, autistic art is best art.jpg)

lol. minor tinfoil, but I remember Hideaki Anno said something exactly like that one time. I wonder if she got that idea from him… she is a pretentious weeb after all, so it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 425202

God hearing the cow tipping comments ,,,, I can just imagine her angry face ,,, I'm really holding back damn that would make the best milk

No. 425203

I feel you anon
The storm that would be this thread after she catches wind
But we must hold back the temptation…

No. 425205

Even if she shaped up, her attitude is going to be immortalized in screenshots and such.

No. 425206

Getting banned over the likes of her would suck, but yeah, the idea of how much bitching and whining is too sweet.

No. 425208

Yeah, I had googled her name and this thread popped up. Anyone who doesn't want a sack of shitty potatoes would read this and not be interested.

No. 425210

my sides

No. 425216

she pretty much fucked herself over unless she somehow can permanently delete everything off the face of the earth kek

No. 425218

heavy risk, but the priiize

No. 425220

It would be, but you can resist anon, you can do it!

No. 425252

I've seen too much milk dry up from cow tipping. Don't be a faggot, new friend.

No. 425300

I'm not gonna be the one to tip but god,,, would it be beautiful

No. 425304

I can see it now the incoherent twitter rant, perhaps even a video rant? I imagine it would sound like the calarts one :") an entire carton of milk

No. 425306

I know right…… sigh…

No. 425315

Stop, don't do it
>at least sage your posts

No. 425427

I remember she said at one point in another video she copied hamlet machines style exactly and…. honestly I highly doubt it lol,,, they are much much better at art than her I just don't think it's possible lol

No. 425428

Her art just looks like an autistic version of hamlet machine…. severely autistic might I add

No. 425429

you know how holly says she draws things too anime? Like… idk man her style looks nothing like any anime I've ever seen :/

No. 425430

If feel like that's a bit of a stretch since the only similarity I see is that they both draw humans and yaoi sometimes.

No. 425433

'Anime' is not really even a style. I mean you can say you have a 'Sailor Moon' inspired style or something but saying your style is influenced by 'anime' is so vague.

As for Holly saying her style is too 'anime', the only real similarities I see between Holly's art and Japanese Animation are the shortcuts they both use (ie defining characters by superfluous things such as hair styles rather than actually taking the time and effort into creating a good character design) Unfortunately Japanese Animation as an actual reason they do this (it saves them money) whereas Holly is just being lazy.

No. 425479

File: 1510835713689.jpeg (19.36 KB, 477x308, images (2).jpeg)

i can see the similarity? or rather i would believe that she was inspired by them
the bottom right looks like simon if she could actually draw not terribly

No. 425482

HOLY SHIT ??? that dude next to simon is damian?? just scrolled through the comments and apparently thats damian ???jus wanna hear lolcows thoughts on the new hairstyle

No. 425495

I've heard her mention hamletmachine (is that the artist who made that shitty yaoi comic series?) once before in her old video. I can she's influenced by her in a way.

No. 425496

I've heard her mention hamletmachine (is that the artist who made that shitty yaoi comic series?) once before in her old video. I can she's influenced by her in a way.

No. 425505

Someone post that fanart she did of that one Starfighter character where she gave him that massive fucking chin. If she was really trying to "copy" Hamlet machine's style, she sure as hell didn't do a good job at it.

No. 425506

File: 1510840196181.png (98.21 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-11-16-16-47-07…)

Maybe when u actually start learning your fucking fundamentals and quit with your shit attitude that they'll stop

No. 425508

File: 1510840604978.png (1.63 MB, 1302x1386, i drew ur man.png)

Nevermind, I found it in the previous thread.

How she could even look at this with a straight face is beyond me.

No. 425509

File: 1510840692731.jpg (25.59 KB, 400x462, 1489089872495.jpg)

What's up with newfags and art cow's threads? It's getting real cringy.

Also, she already knows about her thread. She didn't sperg at all, she just said she was going to ignore it and that is what she's been doing so far. Read the older threads before saying how "wowees it would be so milky!" cause it shows how new you are.

No. 425546

Agree anon
if you post expired milk then at least sage it
>newfags in art cow threads
Well I mean they’re probably just kids who found the threads on google, it’s not too hard to find when it’s the one of the first result for Holly

No. 425614

>Also, she already knows about her thread. She didn't sperg at all, she just said she was going to ignore it and that is what she's been doing so far.
Scoured the other thread with a few keywords and couldn't find mention of that. Nor do I remember much from when I read the whole thread a few months ago.
Care to share a few pointers, like linking the post or some words that could be used to find that particular post?

No. 425645

File: 1510854926180.png (95.69 KB, 1242x499, IMG_8331.PNG)

Ah yes, WE'RE the problem not her

No. 425655

Funny how she tries so hard to look badass and hardcore yet she'll make these complete pussy posts

No. 425687

Scaring them away how exactly? There's a reason there's not a lot of animators online, well a few reasons actually.

1) Ever since YouTube changed their ad algorithm to give you money based on how long people have watched instead of views, most of the good animators stopped using that platform because it wasn't profitable since anything 10 minutes and over would take absolute MONTHS to complete. Sometimes even a year depending on how many people are on a team.
2) The animators are probably working more now on projects and with contracts rather than generating free content. Some animators went the easy route and just started gaming or podcasting because animation didn't generate enough income.
3) Their videos may now be subscriber based on Patreon, so you'd have to be a patron in order to view whatever videos they create. And this is totally okay, why? Because now they're getting the financial support they NEED to make animations.

YouTube has been killing animators ever since they introduced the new system. THAT is why you don't see them much anymore. YouTube is now in favor of gaming streams and vlogging streams, a lot of animators on YouTube know this. Why do you think nowadays "animation" on the platform are those static images that move sometimes with the mouth fully animated? (i.e. JaidenAnimations, TheOdds1Out, etc.) Because it takes so much less time and care to "animate" this way. Plus you can meet the over 10 minute quota fairly easy to get your ad revenue.

Animators are not SCARED, Holly. They're just being put into a corner by minuscule funding because guess what – animation doesn't pay the bills. The only time I can see it paying said bills is if you're working at somewhere like DreamWorks or Disney, ya know, professional places. But even then you're working grueling hours trying to finish projects.

I really hate when she starts trying to talk generally about animators like she is one. She doesn't know the first thing about what being an animator is like. Animators have thick skins from years of critique – they aren't going to be "scared away" by a few online comments on their YouTube video, that's nothing to them in comparison to how scary the bigwigs that hold their contract are.

A word for Holly,
Don't you DARE put words in the mouths of others when you don't know and don't care to actually RESEARCH things.

Another word for Holly,
Fuck you.

No. 425692

I second this. I've been following these threads for a while and read through all of them thoroughly – I don't remember ever seeing evidence of her finding these threads at all.

No. 425693

>I really hate when she starts trying to talk generally about animators like she is one. She doesn't know the first thing about what being an animator is like
You can change the word "animators" to pretty much everything she talks about, she has the habit of shitting out of her mouth about subjects she doesn't know about.
She sounds and acts like a 14 yo.