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No. 471830

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>The thread was launched when 41-year-old Raven returned from her month-long hiatus from the internet after arriving in the US from New Zealand.
>She required seven suitcases at a cost of over $900 to haul her "necessities" such as large plush toys with her.
>She posted two videos to promote her Patreon account. She will be releasing the milkiest videos via Patreon for $30 per month to thwart the haters.
>She and Josh, 31, are confirmed to be living in Columbia, South Carolina, in a double wide mobile home in need of repairs outfitted with an airbed but no couch.
>Josh brought along two of the family's several dogs (acquired as strays). They were immediately joined by a third wanderer or stray, a large white dog which Raven gushes over for its resemblance to a wolf and desires to keep. They are kept running loose in the yard in winter.
>She ranted at length about the hate sites in 12 videos despite declaring several times that she was done talking about the sites and that she would discontinue even looking at them.
>The amount of screen time she devoted to the hate sites surpassed the time she spent gushing about and idealizing Josh, the perfection of their relationship, and his family. She and his mom are so alike that they are the same person.
>She continually compared Logan negatively to Josh and disclosed personal details about his preferences and use of porn.
>She cursed and disowned Dorian, haranguing him about his porn habits, too. She and Josh body-shamed Dorian's fiancee.
>She said that she is so preoccupied by her relationship with Josh that the internet is no longer fun.
>No word on plans for wedding #5, but she has already changed her surname to Bradley on several of her accounts and refers to his mom as her mother-in-law.
>She is wearing an inexpensive (found online for under $20) silver triquetra knot and synthetic opal ring and he is wearing a band on his wedding ring finger.
>Anons discussed the ethics of the fact that Josh opted for symbols and mottos strictly associated with the US Marine Corps for his military ring when he served in the Army.
>Raven's crowning achievement in the shack was decorating a cheap white Christmas tree purchased by Josh's mom.
>Just in time for the holiday season she posted a new Amazon wishlist using the address of one of Josh's relatives for delivery.
>On December 3rd she and Josh were in a car accident after a lunch at Chili's and another shopping spree at Walmart. Raven was admitted to the ICU with multiple injuries but did not let that stop her from vlogging.

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No. 471835

Great job, OP! No sage to bump this.

How do we think Diana is going to milk this? Do you think Josh is going to crush under the pressure. Not only did he have to move out of his mom's couch, now works long hours to support his overnight goth bride that demands a crippling amount of attention and currently will be racking up large medical bills? Even IF she's able to sue an insurance company, she'll have to pay an attorney for YEARS (the more she's asking the longer it will be drawn out). Court cases are often stressful and insurance companies have large legal teams that really try to fuck you over while large amounts of work for your rinky dink personal injury attorney.

No. 471838

excellent OP.
stray thought from the end of the last thread - is it just me or is the hospital bed video thing really weird? I've never seen a non-spoonie do that. Even the biggest attention whores I know content themselves with facebook status updates or maybe a photo. I know she thinks she is a celebrity or something, but still.

how she'll milk it: ebegging. patreon and amazon wishlist are already on the go, now it will be endless bawwing about how hard life is and poor little gran needs lots of help and so on. she'll guilt the fuck out of anyone who will listen to buy her essential shit like britney spears perfume.
Josh under pressure: he was already sick of her shit. after the initial period of shock and worry wears off, he'll be fucked. she is going to be 1000x more demanding now, and will probably expect him to quit his job to look after her while still finding the money to fill the trailer with tacky shit.

No. 471841


Required Car Insurance in SC

South Carolina auto insurance laws mandate that you hold at least the minimum required amounts of both:

Liability coverage.
Uninsured motorist coverage.

Liability Coverage in SC

Liability insurance pays for damages/losses and injuries to the other party if you cause an accident. In SC, you must have the following minimum liability coverage:

$25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
$50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
$25,000 for property damage.

You can opt to buy additional coverage from licensed South Carolina car insurance companies.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist insurance pays for the damages/losses and injuries that you suffer if you are in an accident caused by driver who does not have car insurance.

NOTE: A registered uninsured driver who causes an accident must pay for damage or medical costs out of pocket. This type of uninsured driver is not covered by uninsured motorist coverage.

In South Carolina, you must have the following minimum uninsured motorist coverage:

$25,000 for property damage.
$25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
$50,000 for bodily injury or death per accident.

You can always opt for higher limits if you want more coverage.

Additional Car Insurance

Optional coverage types help pay costs not paid for by liability or uninsured motorist coverage. They include:

Collision coverage: Pays for accident-related damages to your car.
Comprehensive coverage: Pays for damage to your car caused by external factors like weather, theft, or wildlife.
Medical payments coverage: Pays for medical expenses if they exceed the limits of other coverage.
Rental reimbursement coverage: Pays for a rental car if you need one after an accident.
Towing and labor coverage: Pays for towing and some repair costs.

No. 471843


Does his mom work? Regardless, I predict that she will swoop in to care for her while she recuperates.

No. 471846


Tbh when I got out of gallbladder surgery, which is a cakewalk, I made a quick video just to say hey, I'm okay. Mainly because I'd never had surgery, and my friends knew how scared I was of anesthesia. It was literally me sitting up in bed, my husband filming, saying I'm okay, you guys were right, there was nothing to worry about, thanks and love you. It was a good way to tell a bunch of people scattered around that it was cool and it took no time at all. Maybe ten seconds, if that. Because it still freaking hurt. Last year I had a hysterectomy. No video. Because it freaking hurt.

The fact that she can go on at any length is weird, and if I didn't know Raven I'd be more charitable, probably. But we all know what kind of person she is and we know she needs that attention.

No. 471847

Being uninsured in poorer states such as SC is prominent. So they should hope they aren't unlucky enough to have an uninsured motorist.

No. 471850

You know the person is uninsured. You just know it. I lived in a small southern town and people drove all the time without a license, let alone insurance.

No. 471851

File: 1512413023109.png (16.14 KB, 564x185, ENysgtU.png)

No. 471853



Estimated Percentage Of Uninsured Motorists By State, 2015

South Carolina 9.4% for a ranking of 37


No. 471855

Raven made similar hospital videos when she had to go because of where the twin zygotes were. She likes the attention and likely cannot help but overshare something that is actually happening.

No. 471857


KEK good job!

No. 471862


And she also made videos when she checked into and left the hospital for her gastric sleeve surgery.


I nicked that screencap from KF.

No. 471863


Why does she not understand that if she was that bad she would have seen the doctor by now?
The nurses must be laughing their heads off at this old sea slug covered in scribble with a face full of metal and the Doctors playing paper,scissors,rock with each other to see who has to attend to the hag kek kek kek

No. 471865


Doctors typically visit patients only once a day regardless of the unit. They rely on nurses to monitor and report on patients' wellbeing and progress.

No. 471866

Here in NZ you are seen by the Doctors a few times a day if it's serious.

No. 471869

“Lungs not expanding” but able to talk just fine and not even on supplemental oxygen. Ok Raven.
You have small spontaneous trauma-related area of lung collapse, which simply needs self-monitoring and doesn’t even require hospitalization let alone treatment.

No. 471871

Lol I can just imagine Graven telling Josh to message Dorian that she has been in a serious accident,that they don't know if she will make it…that it's touch and go blah blah blah.Standard head fucking shit that is expected from the sea hag.

No. 471874

I hope you farmers have a big enough milk tanker for what's about to spew forth from her udders

No. 471875

Oh god, yes… "bet you're sorry now" thrown in there too

No. 471877

i am sure he has already been here, seen that and had a jolly good laugh

No. 471878

>Lungs not expanding
>is on demoral (prob demerol, dumb bitch can't spell)

I though they did not give you demerol when you have respiratory issues?
Also, not on oxygen.

It is really not that bad, Craven. Stop the OTT spoonie reaction.

No. 471880

Well that horrid bitch is still his mother. I'm sure he got a little worried. Poor guy. At least he doesn't have to deal with her exaggerations in person.

No. 471885

Mother or not.It really means jack shit if you have been raised by a boarderline that has always put her own needs and whoever she is fucking before your child's.

No. 471888

guys, maybe she went to murrica to die. like elephants traveling to their graveyards.

No. 471890

raven was never a "mother" to dorian. she squeezed him out of her cunt, and that's where her capacity as a mother starts and ends. he should not feel any sort of guilt for her getting hurt.

No. 471891

No. 471892

totally agree(sage this)

No. 471893

Of course he shouldn't. But she's been with him for all of his life. I'm sure he somewhat loves her despite having no reason to. I just feel bad for the guy.(sage this)

No. 471895

well you obviously have not been around or raised by these woman that have BPD to know that just because someone gives birth to you and raised you does not automatically make them worthy of loving just because they are your Mother.
These BPD women are abusive on another level.(sage this)

No. 471897

Love? She threatened to slit the throat of the one that he loves and wishes that she had aborted him.

Hagraven doesn't deserve to be loved. By anyone.

No. 471898


Please, type "sage" in the email box while posting. No need to bump the thread with ot discussions.

No. 471905

I said he probably loves her, not that she deserve it…I remember his fiance saying that he still cared about her obviously but didn't want anything to do with her. Or something similar. Whatever, it doesn't even matter because obviously Raven will be okay despite how serious her injuries might be. She probably got banged up pretty bad, is having some complications, but acts like he could be the end of the line.

Sorry anon, I usually sage everything. My bad.

No. 471909

Well, um, they give it to people who are dying from lung cancer, too. Opiates cause respiratory distress, yes–even a 'regular' patient will sometimes complain that they're feeling as though they can't breathe the first time they get a dose in the ER, so a good nurse will just walk them through and tell them to breathe deeply, or they'll give the injection slowly so the patient doesn't panic. Opiates are also the best pain management we have. You have receptors everywhere in your body, from your brain to your gut. Anyhow, she's in no danger. She's wearing an oximeter and the nurses are watching her vitals, and they have been for a while now.

Also can we please talk about the current milk? Dorian and Logan should both be left alone to enjoy their lives without the sea witch.

No. 471910


blogpost incoming but I have a guy friend who had an actual collapsed lung and didn't realize it. He was walking around thinking shit, I can't breathe, this fucking hurts and thought he had bronchitis or something.

sage for insane

No. 471911

I'm wondering if she's at the hospital in Columbia.

No. 471913

I bet Raven is one of those people who get really nasty when they're scared. Some BPD/NPD people are like that. Josh is probably grateful to be at work.

Raven is probably so bored, lying in that bed. She should come and talk to us.

No. 471914

File: 1512421861763.png (1.8 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0406.PNG)

Reposting from last thread but if the accident was that bad, shouldn't her eyebrows be smeary right about now? I thought they weren't tattoos.

No. 471915

Bet on it.
Also, who else is dying for the "I cannot have sex because of MUH ACCIDENT" which is gonna lead to LTWBTL watching porn-saga?

No. 471918

She looks like a little Thai boy here!

No. 471919

The transcript from last thread said she had compression devices on her legs. Why would she need those? It's not like she's been in surgery or just had surgery? Is that a standard after an automobile accident, and if so, why?

Confused because I've never seen them used for anything but surgery and the day following, if the surgery or the patient are at higher risk. Help?

No. 471922

One hundred percent waiting on it. This relationship just got a healthy boost into the shitter.

I swear, Raven is my favorite fucking cow. She's a perfect example of how the cow will always bring the milk, regardless of what the farmer does.

No. 471924

I'm guessing it has to do with her weight, age, and the fact that she has some internal bleeding.

No. 471927

When I was in hospital they put tight socks on that come up to your thighs on you. It is to stop blood clots and thrombosis since you are lying in bed for extended periods.

She probably means this.

No. 471929

that makes sense to me, though. you had the surgery and dropped a 10sec video that was personal and relevant. That I get. filming yourself as soon as you get to a ward, especially if you're in that condition, so that you can post it to your 'followers' seems really strange to me. (and I feel for you with your experience; I have had a bunch of minor surgeries and anaesthetic still scares me every time)

I've joked around before about her getting a Rascal. I wouldn't be surprised if she actually does now.

No. 471942

File: 1512431021124.jpeg (237.38 KB, 666x800, 0B16FF09-27DA-423D-AC9E-7623E6…)

She's not in a private room. I wonder if she's being a bitch to the other patient? Why am I bothering to ask this? Of course she is. She's going to milk this for everything she's worth. It'll be the next chapter in Raven's Unreliable Romance Adventures. My guess is she's either hogging the tv or bitching for it to be turned off. She should watch, it's probably better cable than they can afford at the shed.

I feel like Raven is one of those assholes who rings the nurse for every. fucking. thing. and drives them insane with her rambling, complaint filled bullshit. This is such grist for her mill.

My heart goes out to the nurses. I could give two shits about Raven, but someone smarter than me, please help me find out where she's at so we can send the staff on her ICU a thank you card and some flowers. Or an Edible Arrangement, or a cookiegram or some shit.

You know they deserve it.

No. 471947

>It is to stop blood clots and thrombosis since you are lying in bed for extended periods.

Pretty much this. The idea is that you aren't walking around like you usually would so when people go to the hospital they usually get ted stockings and/or venodyne boots to prevent clots from forming, depends on the hospital protocol and doctor's orders but it's a common practice.

I was wondering about the lack of oxygen too, since she's supposed to be in the ICU. It's possible that she just took it off (but she'd probably milk that thing for attention), or her oxygen saturation was normal on room air and was not ordered, or the order is "as needed".

Where I'm from patients in the ICU are often intubated and not really conscious, so I'm wondering if she's in some sort of step down, or maybe that hospital does it differently. If it's a small community hospital.

No. 471949

she's a notoriously unreliable narrator and exaggerates everything for attention, so I wouldn't put too much stock in what she has to say about which ward she is in.

No. 471960

Wouldn't it be the best ever if they left the shed tree plugged in thinking they would only be gone an hour or two, but then the crash that was more than a crash happened and when they got home their hovel was burned down to the ground?

That would be so funny I would happily die laughing! Her face! Hahaha! Ahhhh, that would be great.

No. 471972

It’s going to be tough when she gets out of the hospital and has to sleep on the mattress on the floor and she doesn’t have a couch lay on all day.

No. 471974

I was thinking of that myself, surprised she manages it as is considering the tailbone problems. I imagine she'll have to go stay at Josh's house that is totally his but he lets his mom live in it.

No. 471976

because spoiler alert: there was never anything wrong with her tailbone

No. 471977

Josh's job is pretty much contingent on him working nonstop up to christmas. what are the odds she tries hard to fuck with that, to make him stay home with her. this has the potential to implode very fast, not enough attention vs … unemployment.

No. 471978

Anon, don't said that, in >>463261 we learned that Josh FELT her tailbone, and it is not in the right place AT ALL, like, if Craven had no butt, it would TOTS poke out and hurt her.

No. 471979

lol you have a semi valid point

No. 471980

Something tells me this is the start of Josh's opiate problem

No. 471981

also guys, the video is still up on her personal fb.

No. 471982

and it's on youtube now also
>We were in a car accident

No. 471984

I am loving how her last fb post was guys I'm needing a blood transfusion 9 hours ago, now silence. THE DRAMA.

No. 471986

There’s just no way she’s in ICU

I LOVE that she always averts her eyes from the camera when she lies, Raven you’re a textbook case!

No. 471988

OH BOY now her "fans" can flock and buy shit for her

No. 471990

The start? He was prob so high on it that he crashed the fucking car.
If they were right, we would have a rant video by now, about the HORRIBLE PEOPLE THAT ALMOST KILLED CRAVEN, THE COUCHLESS QUEEN OF THE WALMART.

No. 471991

me thinks drugs weren't involved in the accident. I think she may have been doing one of her stupid vlog videos, decided to do it in the car and distracted the fuck outta Josh by fawining over him while he was trying to drive.

No. 471992

How long until she starts asking for online donations to help pay for her plushies, err, I mean medical bills?

No. 471993

another 24 hours once she is able to spin some more shit in her favor.

No. 472003

Her upload of the video.

No. 472004

File: 1512446808282.png (809.85 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-04-19-58-02…)


Did you even watch the video? She is in a private room in the ICU.

Sage for former hospital volunteer.

No. 472005

File: 1512446871230.png (456.77 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-04-19-59-12…)

Josh has a tattoo of his mom's name on his neck.

No. 472007

She needs donations for some microblading or something cos those brows are ugly af

No. 472014


She shaves her brows and has thin tattoos which she draws over with eyeliner.

You must be new here.

No. 472017

File: 1512448283135.png (591.4 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-04-20-18-44…)

The sound heard at 0:45 is from the Intermittent pneumatic compression device (IPC) which is placed around the calves to prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which is a risk of bed rest. The compressor hangs on the end of the bed [pic related].

Often an anticoagulant such as warfarin injections are also administered.

No. 472020

File: 1512448502798.png (753.32 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-04-20-19-12…)

No. 472021

File: 1512448697656.png (678.7 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-04-20-16-41…)

There is dried blood around her cheek and lip piercings and she lost a ball from her septum ring.

No. 472023

Yes, she was in an accident. Yes, it seems to be somewhat serious, but Raven will be "fine" (Josh's words). Lets move on to the real milk here, which is how Raven will be begging for attention months, probably years later. And most likely Josh's eventual over it attitude which will make Raven move onto the next Joe Schmo

No. 472027

I'm probably being unrealistically optimistic here but maybe this event will make her think about her life. I don't doubt the seriousness of her injuries. Maybe now that she's had a real trauma in her life she will think about her relationships with other people. Like I said I'm probably being too optimistic here.

No. 472028

Yeah, but we've also seen vids where her brows aren't completely black, i.e. she hasn't filled them in completely. I want a new video of browless, de-metalled Raven with holes in her face.

She's in the hospital and wants to milk this? Then show me the money. Raven, your fans are waiting. We want updates. Chop chop.

No. 472029

you are being far too optimistic

No. 472030

no def not new, just had no idea how truly hideous they were.

No. 472033

This screenshot just proved even more that she isn’t in an ICU!

She’s in a room with chairs and shit an ICU is normally a room where people are fucking clinging to life, In induced comas and on assisted breathing machines, I’ve never seen an ICU look that casual and I’m a Brit living in the states, That’s Just a standard hospital room…

ICUs wouldn’t let josh just hang out in the corner of the room most of the time you need to have an apron on and it’s normally only 2 people for a short period of time because the people are normally unconscious..

What about making a video and posting it on Facebook screams “ Intensive Care “ to you ?

Please, Try Harder
Sage for rant

No. 472040

She posted another update on Facebook

Her glasses flew off her face and didn’t break……
The whole window smashed in her face but she amazingly has no visible cuts or bruises ?

Bruising on her brain but no facial bruising?

No. 472042

eh, I believe the list of things they said in the video. it's just the severity that differed between the two accounts.

can you screencap or screen capture the update? we can't all see it.

No. 472043

File: 1512453110655.jpeg (173.15 KB, 737x1029, 68E7B857-12C9-43A8-B50D-09AD38…)

No. 472045

come on, she was born with bruising on the brain

No. 472046

The stuff I mentioned is in the new video

All the lies this crow has told and people actually believe her now?

Thing is, I don’t doubt she was in an accident and that’s shitty enough she doesn’t need to milk sympathy from people by pretending she’s at deaths door…

You bet your ass Dorian could get hit by a truck and she wouldn’t get her fat ass on a plane.

No. 472048

how was she able to put her makeup on in this video?

No. 472049

She may be super ill and almost dying but she still needs to look good for her FANS~~~

No. 472050

it's a compulsion really, she can't play it any other way. and the less 'quality' attention people pay, the more sooky and exaggerated the things she will say. I hope Dorian hasn't caved and contacted her, 'cause she's not dying and she doesn't deserve it.

No. 472051

She admitted many moons ago that she doesn’t wash her makeup off - she just sleeps in it


No. 472053

but she still looks like something my cat chucked up

No. 472054


I feel really bad for her. What kind of shitbox was josh driving that couldnt even deploy an airbag? isnt that illegal?

Also I couldnt make sense of how she described the crash - did she suggest josh was at fault??

No. 472055

Why feel bad for her? It's just life's way of telling Hagraven that it should have aborted her.

No. 472056

Take your feelings elsewhere

No. 472057


Because it sounds like josh's broke dumbass driving a cardboard box actually could have gotten her killed. Yeah raven is an awful person and deserves to face that, but dying because of mouthbreather's negligence is a bit much.

No. 472058

File: 1512454664900.jpg (312.61 KB, 1330x2150, raven.jpg)

just confirming

No. 472059

File: 1512454704941.jpg (281.56 KB, 1194x2126, teddy.jpg)

>we had the most perfect day, he bought me this christmas teddy

No. 472060

Raven is choosing her life the way she wants it. No-one forced her to date Josh, and no-one is forcing her now.

No. 472062

jfc, she's whining so hard about that dress

No. 472063

here i was thinking you were confirming that yes indeed her eyebrows are coming down onto her nose

No. 472065

samefag and I probably should wait for transcript anon, but that was Josh's mother's car.

No. 472066

And she confirmed it was josh's fault, so there won't be any payout from the other driver.

No. 472074

no payout which means the love that was more than love will soon be over because she can't even scam her way outta this.

No. 472075

Hopefully someone downloaded the video? She admitted they were wrong in it. It might be the meds talking but that isn't something you wanna say on camera and put on youtube if you wanna get out of the mess.

No. 472076

oh shit the update is on her youtube? damn she dumb

No. 472082

Put it up here in case she deletes it.


No. 472083


Editing the transcript now.

No. 472089

Ah ha, was unsure if they grabbed it yet or not. Next time I'll keep my eyes open better. Thanks!

No. 472101

she seems more concerned about her ruined dress than josh and no mention at all of the old couple they could have killed from their own fault

No. 472104

That's so Raven

No. 472105

yeah what the fuck, surely if your """husband""" crashed into someone else's vehicle and it was his fault, you'd be super fucking concerned about their wellbeing as well. i would feel so awful for them.

shocker, raven doesn't give two shits as long as she can be getting attention.

No. 472106

Raven only cares about Raven, no shock

No. 472107


Published December 4, 2017

Hey, guys. I'm going to put the phone close to me because I can't talk that loud. But a quick update. I'm really sorry that I haven't been replying to anybody, but it just…I just can't really focus too well to write and write and write at the moment. I'm just…I just want to get better, I just want to go home, I just, I just, I just want to go home. So I'll catch up with everybody once I get back.

So um, yesterday I finally saw the doctor at night and he said my hemoglobin when I came in was 7 which was already very low, and it lowered down to 6 which meant there was still bleeding in my liver. And so they gave me two units of blood. And then they wanted to see if that stabilized or not.

And they've kept me on Demerol, Demerol shots. Right now I'm on oxy, oxycodin [sic] or something.

And so apparently my blood leveled out, and that was their main concern. So they put me up here in a surgical ward just to monitor me some more, and if my blood stays level then I get to go home tomorrow.

When I breathe I've been feeling, like, this bubble in my chest, like, like an air bubble. And I was concerned, especially when I'm sitting up. I was like, there's a, like, an air bubble in my chest. And uh, it turns out that's my rib. When I breathe in and out my rib just flaps around. It's right up here.

My whole side hurts. Like, I my elbows bruised up. I had broken glass in my hands and stuff. And, I don't know, I'm just a mess. Like, my back is killing me. That's probably where my kidney damage is. But um, hopefully it should stabilize and even out. This is probably the worst I've ever been injured in my entire life. Not probably, it actually is.

2:40 And um, I got so lucky, because we were turning this way and we're turning this way. And as we're going this way [she indicates with her hands that they were turning left] and another car was coming straight so they kind of, um, t-boned us is what happened. And um, they hit on my side. And the entire passenger side window smashed in. My glasses were knocked right off my face and my headband was knocked right off my head. Somehow my glasses are not broken or anything. Josh found them. But the car's, like, totaled. I'm so lucky, so lucky that I didn't lose an eye, I didn't die, I didn't break, like, my leg, because my whole hip, my whole leg is killing me, it makes it so hard to walk.

I didn't scratch up my face with the broken glass. Nothing like that happened. I'm still not happy with these injuries. I mean, I'm, I'm still scared, freaking out, and in pain. I'm not in pain right now because of the medication. But it might take, like, six weeks or so for me to heal and my rib to heal. And, like, this is gonna be my Christmas, you know, not being able to move.

And it's been so humiliating. Like, having to lay here and use the bedpan because I can't get up. Fuckin' helpless, having other people have to wipe me, laying in my own piss. You know, like, relying on everybody else. It's disgusting and it's embarrassing, and it just, I just want this to be over with.

Josh…we don't know where he hit or what happened, but he's got scratches and stuff on his right, right here [points to her right shoulder]. His whole body hurts as well.

But out of everybody in both cars I think I got off the worst because I actually have internal bleeding and stuff.

But Josh is sore, he's got red marks all over his chest, but we think he's okay. Like, I kept saying, if you, if you need to get checked out, you need to get checked out, don't worry about me. Just, I, I want him to be okay.

So he has to work tomorrow so he's not here right now. And um, he didn't want to leave me. Like, he just, he kept trying to hug me and kiss me, and he's in, like, in tears, like, I don't want to go, I don't want to go. And I felt so bad. Like, I don't want him to go either.

And it sucks because yesterday was, like, the perfect day. I have a video of our day out and stuff. And, like, he bought me this Christmas teddy bear, and he bought me this Ursula thing and the t-shirt, and, like, he spoiled me for some reason yesterday really bad. Like, we went out to eat and the food was delicious, it was perfect, the drinks were perfect. And we had just stopped and gotten milkshakes to go home. And it was, like, the perfect day. And all day we were just, like, I love you so much, I'm so happy, I'm so happy.

And then, and then this happened. And it makes you realize, in the blink of an eye you could lose your life, you could, you could die or be disabled or whatever. Just, you know, I don't even want to be in a car again for a while.

Like, I saw it happening in slow motion. I saw us turning, the other car didn't slow down at all. And I was, like, oh my god, we're gonna hit. And I yelled out, Josh! And then, BAM! And everything went black. And I heard an alarm going. And then broken glass. And Josh jumped out and went to go see if the other people were okay because it was an older couple. And um, I was in the car like, help me help me help me. I couldn't breathe. Like, I couldn't, I couldn't breathe at all. That would have been when I broke my rib and my lungs started to collapse.

And, and I had on that beautiful black dress, you guys would have seen, that criss crosses in the front, it's lace up and it's long, and it's held up by hooks. I've had that dress since 2001. It's, like, my favorite dress, it's the dress I flew over here in. And I was actually trapped in the car by my clothes, you know, because the passenger side was totaled and squished, and so my clothes were caught and I was trapped, and I, I was, like, a fucking dying rat or something, you know. I was trying to rip myself out, so I tore my…at the bottom of my dress just to get out, my straps tore, but those could have been fixed, you know, like cut off the bottom of the dress, make it a little bit shorter because it was long anyway. And I ripped my boots off.

Josh pulled me out of the car and I was just in agony. Like, I couldn't breathe, I was dizzy, my whole back hurt, everything hurt. I thought I was bleeding everywhere, but it was all the drinks we had with us that had shattered. And, and they laid me down on the ground. And I just…I guess my body was in shock and my whole body was shaking head to toe, and I could barely focus.

And then they said, uh, because I hit my whole head on the window I had some bruising on my brain as well. They haven't seen anything that causes them concern with that. So they haven't really brought that up again. But that's causing me concern. And uh, when I got in because of the nature of my injuries I was in a neck brace and everything.

And they cut my dress off of me so I've completely lost that dress. I'll never be able to get another one like it. It was…it was fucking expensive even when I got it. And now it would be…even if I found another one it would be out of reach. It was, like, my favorite one.

Next week is our six-month anniversary, and we were gonna go out and do stuff. And we were trying to get a working stove because we don't have a working stove or working oven cuz I was gonna make Christmas dinner. And now I'm gonna be virtually bedridden cuz it hurts so much to move. And everything's changed again. And I've been here two months. I haven't even finished getting, like, my license and things like that. And now I've got this whole other set of problems to deal with.

But I'm just so glad that Josh is okay and he didn't die and I didn't die, I didn't get hurt worse because it could have been so much worse. It was the scariest thing to ever happen.

And I kept hoping maybe he'll just say, you know, I just hurt because I got shook around in the crash and there's nothing wrong. And then he comes in and he's like, well, you've got some bruising on your brain, you've got a broken rib, you've got a deflated…partially deflated lung, and you've got kidney damage or kidney bruising and contusions, and, you know, you've got a cut on your liver, and there's some blood there. And I'm like, oh my god. And I just covered my face and started crying. And um, it is so fucking scary.

And Josh is like, um, I'll do everything. He's like, I'm so so so sorry, I'm so sorry, and I'm gonna…and I'll cook, I'll clean, and I'll do everything for you. Just, I just want you to be okay. Like, he's…he feels so bad because he was the one driving.

And um, the faults of the accident was on our side because of the car. Apparently, uh, because the car was in kind of bad shape and um, it had started locking up. Like, the transmission was slipping to start with, and he said he was trying to, he was trying to turn or stop or something, and the car, it just wasn't, it wasn't, it wouldn't…and he was freaking out. And he saw the car coming, and there was nothing he could do. And uh, I don't even think the airbag's deployed. So he's going to look into um, doing something about that. And it was a nice car, too. But it was just obviously…there was a lot of problems with it. That was his mom's car. So that totally sucks because now she doesn't have a vehicle either.

So yeah, I think that's about it. Just, thank you, everybody, for your, your well wishes and even your prayers because I'm not disrespectful like that. Like, you know, it's really sweet. Thank you for being concerned. And I wanted to let you know how everything was. Again, I'm really sorry. I've checked online periodically or I've had Josh grab my phone, but I just…I don't have it in me to write back right now, especially because, like this I'm okay because my arm's not moving, but to move my arms and write hurts my rib because my rib is cracked. There's the second rib up here at the top, but on that side, and so…I'm left-handed so when I write and just everything I do I can feel my rib snapping in and out and that's not a good feeling, it sucks.

So um, thank you guys again, and I'll update you when I get home. And um, I don't know, just, I'm just glad I'm alive. Uh, I just wish that this hadn't happened. Like, I wish that we had just gone home and made it home. We were on our way home. I just, I just rewind, rewind three hours and just, I don't know, I don't even know, you know what I mean, I just don't want to be in a car.

And we're so far away from home right now. We're like, we're quite a ways. It's gonna take a while to get back and it's gonna…the ride is gonna kill me cuz of the bumps, and shit's gonna hurt my kidneys and everything. I'm gonna need to be doped-up before I go. But I'm gonna go back to sleep now cuz I'm fucking exhausted. It's taking a lot out of me to talk this much. But I'll see you guys around. And, and thank you again so much. And um, thank you, Josh, for being here for me and trying to take care of me. He's so worried. It sucks that he had to go. But I'll talk to you. [she waves]

No. 472110


>You know, like, relying on everybody else. It's disgusting and it's embarrassing…

this is the funniest thing in the world.

No. 472112

I’ve broken 3 ribs in my lifetime and you every time I spoke or breathed in I would wince in pain, She’s so full of shit it’s unreal

Probably just monitoring her because
A) she’s old as fuck
B) Hospitals here will do everything they can to get more money from you

No. 472114

And the spoonie saga begins..

How in the world is she and Josh going to pay for this? Especially when there's video evidence of her saying the accident is their fault so there goes insurance money/suing money.

No. 472115

File: 1512470075846.png (828.6 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-05-02-26-38…)

This is the dress. It laces up the front and back with several d-rings in front and back used to clip up the voluminous skirt. It's the worst possible dress to have been wearing in an accident like that.

No. 472116

File: 1512470135585.png (811.41 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-05-02-28-20…)

No. 472117

File: 1512470166135.png (819.12 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-05-02-27-34…)

No. 472118

File: 1512470193791.png (791.14 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-05-02-29-14…)

No. 472122


>Like, we went out to eat and the food was delicious, it was perfect, the drinks were perfect.

Alcoholic drinks?

>… we were turning this way and we're turning this way. And as we're going this way [she indicates with her hands that they were turning left] and another car was coming straight so they kind of, um, t-boned us is what happened.

>I saw us turning, the other car didn't slow down at all.

Were they at an intersection? Did he have the right-of-way?

>Josh pulled me out of the car and I was just in agony.

Injury victims should never be moved unless they must be moved for their safety of the safety of first responders. Moving a victim could result in further injury.

>And um, the faults of the accident was on our side because of the car. Apparently, uh, because the car was in kind of bad shape and um, it had started locking up. Like, the transmission was slipping to start with, and he said he was trying to, he was trying to turn or stop or something, and the car, it just wasn't, it wasn't, it wouldn't…and he was freaking out. And he saw the car coming, and there was nothing he could do. And uh, I don't even think the airbag's deployed. So he's going to look into um, doing something about that.

What does she mean by "doing something about that"? Attempt to hold the manufacturer liable?

>And it was a nice car, too. But it was just obviously…there was a lot of problems with it.

Obviously. But you admitted that it had known issues with the transmission. The owner and operator and responsible for maintaining the car in safe, operable condition.

>That was his mom's car.

If his driving was found at fault, is he covered by her insurance or does he have his own insurance?

If improper maintenance was the cause, then fault may be with either or both the driver and the owner. I will have to dig around in the SC statutes.

In any case, his employment as a home delivery driver with FedEx will be terminated since this accident resulted in bodily injury.

No. 472123

>the crash that was more than a crash


>Something tells me this is the start of Josh's opiate problem

Nah, it'll be Raven's. She has no job to stay sober for, nothing to do all day when Josh is at work other than sit in front of the computer, and an embarrassing pathetic life, and pretty soon her relationship with Josh will move past the obsessive honeymoon stage and she'll realize how much of a twitchy neanderthal-looking hick he is. But those opiates will be there to make her feel sooooo much better…

No. 472126

Called the fact that the crash was their fault.

Kinda glad at least that heinous dress is gone. No one deserves those saggys tits hanging on their faces.

No. 472128



Equipment and Identification

SECTION 56-5-4410. Unlawful to operate unsafe or improperly equipped vehicle or to violate provisions of article.

It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or move or for the owner to cause or knowingly permit to be driven or moved on any highway any vehicle or combination of vehicles which is in such an unsafe condition as to endanger any person or property or which does not contain those parts or is not at all times equipped with lights, brakes, steering and other equipment in proper condition and adjustment as required in this article or which is equipped in any manner in violation of this article or for any person to do any act forbidden or fail to perform any act required under this article.


No. 472130


He is drug tested for work.

No. 472131

>… thank you, everybody, for your, your well wishes and even your prayers because I'm not disrespectful like that.

How condescending. Never change, Raven!

No. 472133


Based on what she said, Josh appears to feel guilty which puts a possibly new slant on him saying, "She'll be alright" in the last video. When he said it his voice did not sound very confident. He may have said it to reassure himself that he didn't hurt her too badly.

No. 472134

File: 1512473106175.jpg (189.89 KB, 1080x1236, Screenshot_20171206-002401.jpg)

And so it begins

No. 472135


>And we're so far away from home right now. We're like, we're quite a ways.

She is in Greenwood, where she checked-in at the Chili's and Walmart, which is about 80 miles from Columbia.

Self Regional Healthcare Medical Center


No. 472137

I was just about to post this, Posting about loving a known gateway drug to heroin


No. 472139

Wait do you really think he is gonna get fired?!

No. 472140


Driver's cannot have an accident resulting in bodily injury for which they were at fault on their record.

No. 472144

yikes, the dream is already over.

No. 472147

eh she loves it now because it eases her pain, but wait a couple of days until it blocks you up and you can't poop and end up injuring yourself further from the strain.

Gravy doesn't seem the type to up her fibre intake so she's gunna have a time. Sage for gross blogposting. I basically live on oxy. It's not all that great

No. 472151


And if her tailbone is truly injured, all the more discomfort and pain.

She may already be constipated from what she has been given, so they may discharge her with laxatives or suppositories.

Sage for blogposting in agreement, I lived on hydrocodone and hydromorphone. No, it's not all that great on many levels.

No. 472152

Wow just talk about karmic retribution. Honestly I feel pretty bad for Josh though. Not only is he saddled with her but he's probably going to get some hefty fines and lose his job. Not to mention the fact that we don't know if the other driver will want to sue. Raven may be in a hospital bed but I have a feeling Josh is going to be the one who's going to get the worst of it.

No. 472153

File: 1512480934501.png (646.03 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-05-05-31-59…)


Her elbow.

No. 472154

>And I've been here two months. I haven't even finished getting, like, my license and things like that.

"Things like that" should have been a priority. She has not legally established residency.

This confirms that they are not legally married and that she is not covered by his health insurance.

Nor is she entitled to benefits such as Medicaid until she establishes residency.

Trips to Walmart were more important.

No. 472158

She’s a us citizen she doesn’t need to establish residency

No. 472162

I've had worst bruises from bumping into my wardrobe.

No. 472164


To obtain full Medicaid benefits in South Carolina, you must be a South Carolina resident and either a U.S. citizen or a legally residing non-citizen.


No. 472166

File: 1512485379262.png (20.92 KB, 1181x124, ryan.png)

She sent Ryan a spoonie text - you know, the ex that she hates and raped her.

I imagine what Dorian and Logan got.

No. 472168

I'm not understanding this accident. to get t-boned like that, the other car must've been going a decent speed and not had much time to stop (yeah, I know they were old, even so) the idea of Josh attempting a turn, getting stuck and then sitting there panicking doesn't make sense to me.

in any case, I'm assuming it was actually Raven's fault. As much as I hate to say it, I also feel a little sorry for Josh. putting aside everything surrounding it, him getting a job was a positive thing and it has come and gone so quickly.

No. 472169

No as a US citizen but she doesn’t but she would have to establish state residency and apply for Medicaid benefits since she broke and unemployed. But she didn’t, Walmart shopping is the priority. Her credit history was probably blank after over 7 years in NZ but will be fucked with 20k in medical bills b/c she wanted the drama of a hospital stay she obviously didn’t need. Medicaid isn’t retroactive so she is stuck with these bills. Hope 20k was worth some lame YouTube attention Gravey

No. 472170

>imagine what Dorian and Logan got

the hospital bills.

No. 472172


Ah, Ryan's Youtube account!

Here's Raven interacting with one of his dogs in 2010.

No. 472173


Medicaid has what is called presumptive eligibility which, in effect, makes it retroactive. She would need to get her state identification immediately and apply before the end of December.

"Coverage will extend from the beginning of the month in which you applied to the last day of the following month. If you are deemed eligible for full Medicaid during that time, your PE coverage will end on the day your full coverage begins."


No. 472174

It sounds like he was turning left and didn’t judge the timing right and so was in the middle of the lane when the elder car hit them. Because he was making the left, ignoring her excuse, they are at fault.

No. 472176


To get a drivers license or identification card she needs

"Proof of your SC residence (e.g. recent utility bill, current SC payroll stub, or SC student ID card)."


No. 472178

Did anyone save this video?

No. 472179


Who had the right of way?

What she said was unclear. She seems to say that either the car stalled as he was making the turn, or he was trying to stop the car from entering the oncoming lane and he was unable to due to mechanical failure.

If Josh had the right of way but got stalled and the other driver had clear view of him, the other driver should have stopped if he had time to. But she said that Josh was at fault for operating an unsafe vehicle, so if this was the scenario then Josh's car must have stalled without giving the other driver enough time to stop.

If Josh's car was out of control and entered the oncoming lane due to mechanical failure when he did not have the right of way, then he was at fault for operating an unsafe vehicle.

No. 472180


They are being saved automatically by https://newfag.science/ravensparks

No. 472184

We will be able to find out soon enough exactly what he has/will be charged with.


He has a history of being cited for speeding and failure to maintain vehicles in several counties over the years, as documented in a previous thread.

No. 472186

Awesome. I work on arbitration cases sometimes (these are civil cases decided by other lawyers for small time settlements that usually involve car accidents a liability issues) so I'll go through some relates issues:

1) Never admit guilt. Ever. These weakens the premise that you bring to your first set of discovery questions and gives the Plaintiff's attorneys. It fucking says it on your insurance card. Raven's video can be used in a civil case leading to a massive loss for her insurance company.

2) Not only does she admit it's his fault, but she admits he knowingly drove a car that wasn't in operable condition.

3) Because of these two factors, the ability for the Defense (her insurance company) to properly lower settlement demands. She fucked them leading to Josh or his Mother having quite a difficult time getting coverage. Their rates are going to sky rocket.

Another anon asked the question regarding the insurance terms and if they're covered if Josh was driving. Yes and no. Insurance companies could choose NOT to cover the costs since he wasn't an authorized driver leaving responsibility for damages on Josh. However, insurance companies never do this and depending on the state, if Josh's mom had given him permission to drive her car, the insurance company must cover him. Raven really fucked Josh over and his mother.

No. 472187

Sorry for the grammar. I'm multi-tasking.

This weakens the arguments that you bring to your first set of discovery questions and gives the Plaintiff's attorneys a leg hold that is difficult to overcome during settlement conferences.*

The rest is a train wreck, but you get the point.

No. 472188

I mean I just dont understand what was she thinking about? And please let's not blame the meds. She didn't look delusional and looked like she knew what she was talking about.

If the car was in a bad state, it probably means it didn't pass its yearly check up (if they even went) so I don't think the insurance will cover ANYTHING since they didn't do that (at least that's the way it is in my country).

But to be honest, I don't think they have their trash for a car insured anyway so…

But Jesus she fucked them over good with that video. See? This is what you get for being an attention whore I guess??

No. 472190

No. 472195

Yep, it's gonna be the addiction that was greater than any addiction from the crash that was more than a crash.

No. 472197

She has also posted both videos on her Official Raven Sparks community page which is completely public (it does not require logging in to Facebook).

No. 472201

Please do offer more advice for how Gravy can try to scam the overburdened Medicaid system to pay for her totally unnecessary hospital stay that she just wanted to milk for attention and YouTube clicks. Maybe some advice for how she can scam food stamps and SSI too?

No. 472206


And their trailer doesn't even have an address for her to be a resident at, if the fact the she is using the address of Josh's relatives to receive mail is any indication.

No address > no proof of residency > no ID > no Medicaid

No. 472211

Not that anon, but calm down. Like she won't go clawing her way to government handouts and take full advantage. She managed to get weight loss surgery, I'm sure she'll do whatever she can to get that government dole.

No. 472229

Relying on others to wipe her ass, yet she can put her fucking eye makeup on. Cares about a fucking dress. She's retarded. Her priorities are such shit.

Fuck off, Raven. I don't even care about her. Of course the accident was their fault. I hope it comes out that she was fucking filming him and that was what distracted him and it's why the crash happened. I love how she blames the car and by extension, Josh. It's already your fault, Josh. Get used to it. Everything from here on out is going to be your fault.

Thanks transcript anon, no way I can listen to this rambling idiot who is clearly well enough to talk. At fucking length.

No. 472231

That teddy bear sure is miraculously unscathed. Her face is pissing me off, lol. You're in hospital you dumb bitch, its sterile, wash your fucking face and take your stupid fucking piercings out.

No. 472232


Please learn to sage correctly.

Getting SSI is notoriously difficult even with a valid case and documentation.

As I posted in the last thread before the accident:

>The application process for SSI requires medical records documenting diagnosis/diagnoses, past and ongoing treatment, and evidence of disability at present time and during the last five years (ie. that the individual's condition(s) limit daily activities and preclude being able to work).

And after the accident:

>She won't be able to apply for SSI immediately. The conditions resulting from her injuries must be diagnosed to be chronic, essentially lifelong. The SSA would deny her until well after the expected time allowed for healing. She is not eligible for shortterm disability because she is not currently working. And if she does apply for SSI she will have the additional challenge of having no documented work history with which to claim how her injuries prevent her from continuing to work.

tl;dr Raven has no case.

No. 472233


>>start of Raven's opiate problem

Not that easy to get opiates any more, even down south. She's gonna be a heroin addict like our little Tuna in two shakes of a lambs tail.

No. 472234

File: 1512502148214.png (449.03 KB, 800x616, Screenshot_2017-12-05-11-26-43…)

The amount she is receiving is no longer hidden.

No. 472236

The hospital is doing all of this for her anyhow so that they can get paid. Let's drop discussion of whether or not she's going to be receiving benefits because she will be. Yes, there will be a bill for Raven but the financial dept in the hospital is already making sure they get theirs.

No. 472237

Merry Christmas to the Bradley family! Hope you enjoy your new insurance premiums and the lawsuit I brought you! Love, Raven

No. 472242

You know Josh and his entire family are sitting there, looking at this video, completely dumbfounded. Our son's new girlfriend just…threw us under the bus.

I believe with everything in me that Raven was filming him when the crash happened. Josh is an idiot, but there's no way he would jeopardize a job in favor of staying in a shed with this she-beast, waiting on her hand and foot 24/7. Raven is stupid like a fox. This was her pre-emptive strike, showing that whole clan just how hard she will fuck them and how they'd better get used to it.

Just like she did with her son and her childbride and every ex she's ever had. This fatass needs to waddle out and free that not-in-the-ICU bed up for someone who needs it.

No. 472245

>complaining about have to rely on others to wipe her ass

That selfserving bitch is where she belongs. One night in the fucking hospital and she already messaged her 'suggar daddy Ryan'.

Wonder what Josh thinks about that, since he said in one of those Q&A that he hated Ryan.

No. 472249


“Raven is stupid like a fox.” Oh, but foxes are anything but stupid. They are clever and cunning. So, unless you mean she deceives people or are praising her “crafty clever nature” I don’t get it.

No. 472253

Where I'm from, the phrase 'stupid like a fox' is used as heavy, heavy sarcasm.

sage for OT explanatory shit

No. 472262

Stupid like a fox doesn't work, even if used with "heavy, heavy" sarcasm. Where are you from?
Do you mean "crazy like a fox"? Term used for someone who acts nuts but is being scheming or tricky behind the scenes?

Great. Now I forgot why I wanted to post in the first place.
Raven is a born loser.
Or something.

No. 472269

No. 472274

Was going to ask if maybe anon grew up in Springfield and if anons name was Homer J Simpson but figured, nah. What are the chances Homer is a Raven hater too?

No. 472286

Anyone else surprised she hasn't posted a picture of the car? If the accident was as horrible as she claims I figured that would have been the first thing she post.

No. 472295

So did the chump go to work today? Or does he have to stay with the 40 year old married 4 times woman with an adult son and miss another day of work for no reason what so ever other than Raven wants all of his attention to go fetch her things whenever the fancy takes her?

It trips me out she even had him miss work one day. For what? There's a whole hospital to make sure she gets through the few hours he'll be gone and if she was that bad off she would be sleeping, not awake thinking of things she wants and posting videos. Like, goddamn. This is that goobers one chance at maybe having a real job after the holiday season and she's demanding he throw it away for her selfish wants in that moment, not thinking of her own selfish wants all the rest of the year - like stuff and things and money. Ya blew it, great job, you're a hog.

No. 472309

There was a picture of a totaled car, white, in the last thread. Scroll for it. Iirc it was one of two crashes that night that were featured on the news or something like that, no idea if either one had a thing to do with Ravey.

No. 472311

Working, I'm sure. That's why Raven made her first "I'm punishing you by blaming you for everything" vid about him.

No. 472314

it would be fair enough to take the day off anyway, anon - an accident like that would shake anyone up pretty bad, it was his fault which makes it worse, and his job is pretty much all driving. Besides, this accident will kill his job either way.

No. 472322

she was laid out, didn't she leave in an ambulance or something? why would she get a pic?

there is no way they were in that white car.

you guys realise we don't actually need to collect car accident images?

No. 472323

Considering how normal Raven looked at the hospital I don't think that was the accident they were involved in

No. 472331


>no idea if either one had a thing to do with Ravey.

Who said we should start collecting accident images? Someone already did in the last thread.

No. 472335

yea I know, but I'd rather not see any more. plus the accident is real regardless. raven's version of 'totalled' is just not what anons think.

No. 472353

Honestly feeling pretty sorry for the Bradley family, because I guess Raven's various ~issues~ just became front and center in their lives. Pretty sure they still haven't completely realized what all has hit them: Hurricane Raven.

No. 472356

it seemed like they (well the mom and sister are all we really her about) were wanting to make the best of it and befriend her. sweet of them, but that comes to an end now.

Raven now has her excuse to beg for attention and sympathy for the next months/years. she will blame Josh for everything (as she's already started doing) and guilt him into taking care of her.
he was already supporting them financially, now he'll be Rayray's carer too.

this is going to really fastforward that BPD relationship timeline.

No. 472377

Seriously, same here. Hurricane Raven is exactly it.

No. 472386


This has already been clarified. Those accidents were in Columbia. Raven and Josh's accident was in Greenwood.

No. 472388


>he was already supporting them financially

Where has this been said?

No. 472392

we all know she's a broke arse and has no job…
unless she has gone back to her webcam girl roots she aint pulling in jack shit

No. 472397

this whole Josh not going to work thing…god.

slight blogpost but I was in surgery recovery after my c section and my husband still got some sleep and went to work the next day. His managers were insisting it was ok to take the day off but they weren't going to pay vacation and we needed the funds. Heck I had a little baby to deal with and it was pretty all right being just with the nurses, they were chill and you get cable TV and such.

But nooo Raven had to have "muh moral support" when Josh is working a seasonal that is pretty difficult to get to full time unless you have a spotless record. That's what the seasonal work is for, separating the wheat from the chaff. But she just couldn't bear to… what. sit around watching hospital TV for one night with the attention of nurses?

No. 472405

Well, Josh has a full time job and Raven has no intention of working any time soon (she didn't even before the accident, there's no way she's ever working now).
It's been said that Raven brought over some savings from NZ, but they have no couch, an airbed, and a trailer, so it can't have been that much, and it'll run out, while Josh's income will keep coming (unless he loses his job, as speculated).

So I'd say it's a pretty safe assumption that Josh is their main (and only) source of income.

No. 472428


Samefag. Ignore me. I had just woken up and misread >>472356 as he was supporting his family.

No. 472436

Let’s be honest, It’s Gravy we are talking about

That’s probably dirt…

No. 472449

I'm sorry but when you are an adult, you make adult decisions, and that means going to work, even when you don't want to. Even when you were in a car accident, and you are shaken up but otherwise fine. Even when your spouse has just given birth to your child. You suck it the fuck up and you go tough it out for 8 hours because the roofs and food don't pay for themselves. You espically go when you have an opportunity you otherwise wouldn't have. His boss would have heard about the accident, maybe even seen it on the news and would have thought "damn, that's a kid who wants to be here" and gotten an opportunity. Even if he couldn't hold a driver position due to the accident, room could have been made elsewhere in a non driver position for someone who really shows initiative.

I guess that's what separates successful men from welfare boys though. Oh well.

No. 472453

it's a slow-moving storm that is expected to hover in the vicinity of the Bradleys for the next five years. it's now too late to evacuate, unless you're a distant cousin maybe.

No. 472454

>savings from NZ
stolen phone money
whatever pocket money Logan gave her
whatever donations still left over

No. 472456

Isn't it a little nuts that we're judging Josh on taking a day off after an accident? I mean sure, if you must, work, but if you want to take a day off after an accident and it won't break the bank, well that's your choice. I understand that Raven demanding extreme attention despite Josh being shaken up himself is shitty and her legacy after this accident will be hilarious, but we can dial it back on one day of missed work. We have plenty of other milk pouring from her running egg udders to comment on. The dress for one. I can't believe she's claiming to have massive bodily injury and by her descriptions, severe injury, and still bitch about a fucking dress. A whole rant about a cheap hot topics dress is about the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. The woman must have severe personality disorders to care while her lung is collapsed (according to her anyways), her soon-to-be mother-in-law's car is totaled, Josh having been in the same wreck with medical bills and insurance problems on the horizon. A fucking dress that should be worn by a 19 year old rather than a granny goth. It's just amazing that she mentions a dress more than the other couple's and Josh's well-being.

We are currently living in a Second Golden Age…Raven will never come close to the always shining bright Pixyteri, but rather an eclipse that only mirrors in Pixy's gaseous exploitation.

No. 472460

Josh might even have paid sick leavr days

No. 472465

Anons in this thread are way nitpicking when we have actual milk. It's depressing and spergy, but hey, fuck it.

What's driving me nuts is her perfect eye makeup. Even if she sleeps in it, it still looks too good. In the picture of her 'badly bruised' hahaha elbow, she's got her arm over her face, yet her brows and eyes haven't budged.

I fully expect that she's reading here and will make sure it looks a little messier soon. After all, her injuries are clearly massive and she's totally in an ICU. Kek.

No. 472467

I wonder if they've realized yet what a shitshow their lives are about to become. I hope Dorian and Logan are reading this and breathing a sigh of relief.

If Josh is wise he'll figure it out sooner than later.

No. 472469

So true, I mean obviously the kid makes bank, he can afford to take a few paid sick days off on his holiday employment job. Fuck a couch, or a real bed, or a dresser, they're doing fine. They'll just borrow someone else's car, moms was garbage before the accident anyway. Raven always makin all those delicious meals for josh, with no working oven or stove, she'll have to tell him the recipes! Be good for josh to learn howta cook! Yes, let's stop tripping on josh, let's talk about Ravens perfect eye makeup and ruined dress, I mean come on guys, stop nitpicking. I wonder when Raven will be feeling better enough to post? On Facebook, I mean. She's not feeling well enough to post right now. On Facebook. And I wonder when she'll feel up to posting there is what I'm wondering. Yanno?

No. 472471

Spoiler, he won't. He's not that smart, momo. He's going to be fucked. This accident only sped up the process from her known 5 year cycle to probably half that. The pity that she's getting will help get her a lot of attention and doting from Josh and his family, but it'll also burn them out. And if this car accident affected her back in any way, then the opiate addiction and bitterness from living a life with pain will eat away at Josh from the inside out. But, Raven, we'll always be here.

No. 472473

I have no idea why y'all keep saying opiates when it's gonna be heroin in a month. Those scrips don't get renewed no matter how much you whine.

No. 472475

I think it's going to be a lot faster than five years. All that family has to do is watch that video and realize that the new girl in their son/brother's life ran him right the fuck over. I'm guessing a lot of you have no experience with the southern, blue collar socioeconomic bracket. Excuse me, po' white trash.

I would lovvvvvvve to see them turn on Raven. The kindness of momma buying them a tree can very easily turn to the rage of momma protecting her kid. Not everyone wishes they'd aborted their kids like you, Raven.

No. 472477

Break the bank? Honey there ain't no bank to begin with here. It seems like they are spending it as they get it, these jobs don't pay THAT much more than minimum wage. And living somewhere without a stove and real amenities… that kind of poverty adds up to yikes levels of expenses pretty fast. You gotta fix it and nip it in the bud or you will be fucked beyond fucked.

Maybe dude's boss was "ok" with it but tbh if he was so "ok" with it I think they have other plans after the holidays anyway.

Dude got them a trailer without basic shit and clearly doesn't have the guts or the savvy to tell Raven to cram it so they can fix that situation. I think financial ruin could speed that up, but honestly he is desperate for that goff puss for some ungodly reason.

No. 472482

Wow. I didn't realize I had stepped into the Josh thread. I thought this was a thread about Raven. She is producing milk right now. You're aware of that, yes? Who cares about this neanderthal?

You people are a thirty car pileup of momos.(nice b8)

No. 472487

damn you mad huh?
ravens boring af, she's just laying there like she always does, just now shes even more boring and useless than she ever has been. all she's done in a month is make videos about everything we post. oh, and shes told us about going to walmart and the things she saw whilst at walmart and showed us a tree that some old welfare person bought her at walmart. as if we've never been to walmart. she even made joshua total his moms car, obsessing over walmart. WALMART we should start calling her walmart raven. ravenmart. something.

joshua is way more interesting. look at him. he's embarrassing, but at least he tries and he gives us good entertainment. he's 10000x's more interesting than ravenmart ever was. we actually even kinda like him, it's not his fault she's so worthless. not all his fault anyway.

No. 472488

File: 1512540525942.jpeg (16.34 KB, 600x600, 8D8ABED6-29AA-4CDF-A70C-2E2659…)

No. 472490

low quality image.
no ones baiting here. she sucks and she's boring as fuck. sorry if you disagree darling.

No. 472492

File: 1512540801254.jpeg (99.18 KB, 1280x1267, F1E14FB5-85D9-4B4A-935F-FA0C2B…)

No. 472495

File: 1512540952103.jpeg (8 KB, 311x313, 220AF2BD-1C23-4DB4-8B30-BB85CA…)

No. 472497

the kid just started 'making bank' after a long stint on the couch and his job is seasonal~ pre-christmas. kicking back and taking some days off now will guarantee he won't have work at the end of the month. that's what makes this thing such a perfect shitstorm, the loss of: his mom's car, potentially his job for the accident, or potentially his job for taking time off during the rush.

josh is in this up to his neck, but whatevs. learn to sage at least.

No. 472498

You forgot to bitch out >>472477, darling.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 472499

Wowooweewooo, somebuddy is mad as fuck over nothing as fuck.

No. 472500

File: 1512541713706.jpg (113.63 KB, 1079x300, IMG_20171206_062630.jpg)

Checking out news stories from Greenwood SC and I came across this. Kek

No. 472501



No. 472509

I don't drive, so can someone explain what a t-bone is? It seems like the couple who hit the driver turning left would be the ones at fault.

No. 472512

Think of 2 cars crashing into each other, forming the letter T.

No. 472513


Josh is at fault . A car going straight always has right of way over a car turning into the same lane.

No. 472519


A vehicle turning left can have the right of way at a signal-controlled intersection.

She said that Josh was at fault for failing to maintain a safe vehicle, ie. he was cited by the police for violating >>472128.

She did not mention who had the right of way. Nor did she describe the intersection.

What she did say is confusing. She described two scenarios. She said that either the car stalled as he was making the turn, or that he was trying to stop the car from entering the oncoming lane and he was unable to due to mechanical failure.

In the first scenario, Josh could have had the right of way at a signal-controlled intersection. When his car stalled in the oncoming lane the other driver was given the right of way. The other driver saw that the light was green but may not have been able to see Josh's car in time to avoid hitting it.

Alternately, the intersection was not signal-controlled and he had the right of way when he initiated the turn but stalled and the other driver was unable to avoid the collision.

In the second scenario, Josh could have been waiting for oncoming traffic to clear to give him the right of way, but he entered the oncoming traffic lane in front of the other car because his car was out of control.

tl;dr Raven's description of the accident is contradicting and too vague to even begin to ascertain what happened.

We will know exactly what he was cited for soon enough.


No. 472523



Of course, if he was also charged with failure to yield right of way, then all of the proposed scenarios are moot.

No. 472524

File: 1512554255537.jpg (60.87 KB, 914x956, FB_IMG_1512554137028.jpg)

Sage for off topic but I just seen this and thought of Gravey straight away

No. 472525

Have josh's mum and sister visited her in hospital?

No. 472526

It can't have been a bad crash, it didn't even make the news

No. 472530

Shes posted an instagram video to show the popping when she takes breath. Even with my volume up i can't hear it but i don't have the best hearing so there could be a pop.

No. 472532


She hasn't mentioned it, but surely she will let us know in the video she promises to make when she gets home.


The SC Highway Patrol has a real time incident report page but no archives.


Was this today?

No. 472535

josh's mum's car is totalled so good luck to them getting there

No. 472541

In the early hours i think yes. I saw it not ling after i'd woken up.

No. 472542

File: 1512561366089.png (1.66 MB, 1440x1942, Screenshot_2017-12-06-11-54-16…)

No. 472543

Dammit Gravy there is nothing to hear.

No. 472546

Those gross fucking sharpie nails trigger me so hard

Sage for rage

No. 472547

doesnt look like a hospital guess shes back at the love shack

No. 472551

File: 1512567115302.jpeg (235.21 KB, 1152x1728, 562D1BF8-B313-4C3D-A574-A03C8F…)

First thing I thought of when I saw her hospital video

If you know… You know.

No. 472556

sage your blog bullshit, and also that's a really odd comparison. if your husband had caused you to need the c-section and instead of a baby you were getting a punch in the head, it would make more sense.

turning into the goddamn jsbs thread around here. we're all real proud of you being so tough, but your logic sucks. when the boss finds out about this accident, Josh is gone straight away.

>Isn't it a little nuts that we're judging Josh on taking a day off after an accident?

fucking thank you. it really is.

I had thought she made mention of not having right of way? It sounded like he made a bad move when distracted which was compounded by a piece of shit car.

fuck, all this opportunity to milk it and this is the best she can do? come on Gran, put some effort in.

No. 472557

Is is incredible to anyone else that in her latest YouTube video she's in a full face of "perfect" makeup? I can't imagine being in the ICU and doing your makeup, I'm positive a nurse would comment on it, it's not normal. For someone that needed "oh so many blood transfusions" she's also looking rather fresh-faced. And the bruising is a joke, I've had worse from bumping into furniture

No. 472558

I get worse mystery bruising than this cow does. Gram gram needs to try harder

No. 472559


Nah, it's just piled on so thick that it doesn't wipe off easily. And since she applies her eyeshadow to resemble smeared panda eyes, she can wear it for three days without it looking any different.

No. 472560

So is it pretty standard to fire a driver just for one accident? I know drivers usually receive a warning or citation before firing.

No. 472561

they get fired if the accident causes bodily harm.

while Gravy likely isn't anywhere near as injured as she claims, she still got injured and her need for a dramatic hospital stay provides a record that someone got injured.

No. 472562

File: 1512570321688.jpg (66.37 KB, 612x793, 10401405_1460819947492983_5410…)

Fan art from her Official Raven Sparks account depicting her cursing the haters or, alternately, hitting her head on the window.

No. 472563

Hahaha. wtf?!

No. 472564


whoever drew this is higher than Gravy is right now.

No. 472565


If you have a moment or two while you're on the toilet, scroll through the fan art in the gallery entitled "People like to use my face" for top keks.

No. 472567

I'm the oxy sage poster from above, so I'll be a while, thanks for the keks

No. 472570

Whoever drew this is missing about 50 hunks of metal in her face. And the sharpie eyebrows. And the huge nose. And the deep naso-labial folds. And…

(NGL, I laughed pretty hard when I saw this. I can't tell if it is super sincere, or the best satire ever. Help me, Poe's Law!!)

No. 472572

don't forget the shitty faded as fuck "Kat Von D" style stars

No. 472578


While I was unable to find the eligibility requirements specific to FedEx Ground drivers, they are most likely very similar to, if not the same as, the requirements for contractor owner operators.

Keep in mind that he already had moving violations on his record during the thirty-six (36) consecutive months prior to his employment as documented in >>>/pt/400701 starting with >>414817 (I searched for his name in the records of about a dozen counties in central South Carolina; he could have more citations I did not find).

Based on what Raven said, he has been cited for failure to maintain a safe vehicle. He may incur additional citations from the accident such as failure to yield right of way or reckless driving. The citations from the accident will eventually appear on


Also keep in mind that the two people in the other car may have sustained injuries.

FedEx Eligibility Requirements


No record of a preventable accident resulting in a fatality or serious injury or payout greater than $100,000.

No record, citation or conviction during the one-year period prior to the application date of:

Using a handheld mobile phone or texting while driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV).

No record, citation or conviction during the thirty-six (36) consecutive months prior to the application date of:

- More than three (3) moving violations
- More than one (1) preventable accident and two (2) moving violations
- Operating a vehicle without a valid license or improper license, including operating a vehicle while a license is expired or under suspension, revocation or cancellation
- Offenses resulting in more than one (1) driver's license suspension for moving violations thirty (30) days or more
- Reckless, aggressive or careless endangerment of any vehicle
- Two (2) or more instances of exceeding the posted speed by 15 m.p.h. or more than one (1) instance of more than 20 m.p.h.
- Operating a CMV when not medically certified
- Operating a vehicle that contains alcoholic beverages, drugs or controlled substances contrary to law
- Any offense resulting in suspension of driving privileges due to excessive or serious moving violations
- Violating an out-of-service order issued by any law enforcement official
- Falsifying any document related to DOT compliance
- Carrying or transporting unauthorized passengers in a CMV

No. 472579

File: 1512573287757.png (206.32 KB, 800x608, Screenshot_2017-12-06-07-10-18…)


Here are the specific charges from the applicable time period.

No. 472582

File: 1512573311621.png (217 KB, 800x705, Screenshot_2017-12-06-07-10-30…)

No. 472583

reminds me of brianna wu. not sure how it is supposed to be Raven, it's less effort than a Tuna scrawl.

also worth bearing in mind he is brand new to the job. if he'd been there for a year or more, he could expect a different outcome.

No. 472584


When searching records, please note that his full name is Joshua Manning Bradley and he was born in 1986.

There are two other Joshua Bradleys who have appeared in my searches with middles names Michael and Tyler born in different years.

No. 472585


I finished searching the court records of the other counties. SC has such a nice, free online database compared to other states!


There are six other Joshua Bradleys in the system.

No. 472586

File: 1512575520855.jpg (Spoiler Image,132.82 KB, 900x675, 18839009_656102051246977_57057…)

Sweet dreams

No. 472587

File: 1512575685083.png (244.1 KB, 334x269, Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 15.5…)

No. 472588

kek where did you get that? Havent seen it before.
Also, why do her pancakes flab away from one another like polar opposite magnets?
top kek.

No. 472589

her 'fan' album on facebook

No. 472590

File: 1512576138543.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.23 KB, 450x600, 12933171_1705923616315947_7046…)

>When I was with my ex he…I wouldn't say pressured me, but he wanted me to take naked photos. He was into that, he liked it. He was my husband at the time. He made me feel like I was beautiful. He told me, oh you're so hot, you're so hot, I like it when other guys say you're hot, whatever. So I did it for him. That was something between two married people that has nothing to do with anybody else. Normally I would not have done anything like that on my own. I don't approve of it, I don't like it, and I don't like my naked body. I did it when I was with him. This was back again, 2007, '08, '09, something like that. And I've tried to get the pictures removed.


Old [pic related] of her leaning against Ryan's Jaguar posted March 30, 2016 in the gallery entitled "Reminiscing".

Scroll and kek, anons!


No. 472591

lol those flabby legs/thunder thighs, you can't pull that off when you're fat Cravy

No. 472593

Ugh I hate to defend these two fucks but if the car was having major issues the steering wheel could have locked up which would stop the car and lock the wheel making it so they can't get out of the way. (Had it happen in my bfs car, and it's scary as shit)

No. 472596

File: 1512577210494.jpg (91.06 KB, 798x960, 10447056_1460818764159768_2470…)

This is my favourite. The male figure has the all-important long dark hair and a white wolf howls in the background!

No. 472597

This is the JS thread rn. It should be autosaged until posters can lol calm down.

No. 472598

Some bad shop, her elbow is hanging in space and I'm not sure about Renaissance goths living in Italian villas but sure.

No. 472600

File: 1512577637321.jpg (Spoiler Image,173.34 KB, 900x1288, 10348641_1460832910825020_4844…)


The same "artist" produced this atrocity.

No. 472601

File: 1512577787936.jpg (84.42 KB, 900x825, 10173562_1460820180826293_1897…)

Are you sure about that?

No. 472602

File: 1512577894696.jpg (145.51 KB, 739x960, 10370420_1460816967493281_2327…)

Are you sure about that? Part 2

No. 472603

File: 1512578093158.jpg (64.91 KB, 576x960, 10417557_1460819494159695_1774…)

I like how the eye on the left looks like a dead goldfish.

No. 472604

File: 1512578168811.jpg (77.15 KB, 932x960, 10430914_1460820567492921_7325…)

And finally, for Josh…

No. 472605

New banner when?

No. 472606


the most accurate drawing so far to be fair…

No. 472607

Completely OT much like this thread but I'll bite, who's the redhead? A friend? Kek.

No. 472608

This one really captures her lopsided tits. I'm not sure she should have taken it as a compliment.

No. 472612

I'm dying at how big she is compared to the bed. It's like she inadvertently did macro soft core.

No. 472619

Ugh I hate this bullshit right here so much. My mom is having legitimate breathing issues (doctors can't figure out why/what it is) and it really fucks up what she's doing where it's gotten to the point of she has to stop what she's doing to go lay down till it's normal.

Fucking can't stand people like you, you old sack of shit gravy

Sorry for blog post

No. 472621

File: 1512584934738.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.07 KB, 730x1093, flora_by_sineluce.jpg)


The artist https://sineluce.deviantart.com

And a piece Raven missed.

No. 472630

Raven's spoonie saga is well on the way. She just figured out a newer way to suck people in. She's repellent.

Sorry about your mom.

No. 472634

Sure, but you aren't supposed to be operating a vehicle that is "having major issues." In case things like having the steering wheel locking up happens.

No. 472635

seriously wondering if the artiste here is a troll. how do you manage to make the object of your fanart look so bad and still be an actual fan?

No. 472668


No, it's most definitely in earnest. Did you scroll through his DA? Take a look at his pic with his gf; he's part of that community. Raven posted similar work from two other DA artists. I went down the rabbit hole a bit. It's a thing. It is the exceptional bastard child of Ken Russell and David LaChapelle and 15 years behind the times.

Sage for veering into the netherworld of gorygothicpagansatanicbdsm spoil-that-shit postmodern collage.

No. 472669

File: 1512596225877.png (89.1 KB, 800x311, Screenshot_2017-12-06-08-20-58…)

Always remember, dear fellow anons…

No. 472683

jesus, that's the stuff of nightmares. And for a sec I thought that was a fork on her nipple…

No. 472687

File: 1512598387665.jpg (13.77 KB, 242x208, buddha.jpg)

No. 472690

It might be hard to believe but the DA account belongs to a woman.

No. 472699


Yeah, when I quickly scrolled through the page their names made me pause to have to figure it out, and I figured incorrectly.

No. 472735

Spot the difference…

Cravy's intricately applied goff makeup before Special Dinner.

Compare same after a car crash, massive drama, hospital overnighter, next day. Massive improvement.

She's unreal. No, Cravy, emergency personnel are not going to undo all the belts, bolts and buckles you're festooned in. No, you are not in ICU - the nurses haven't even taken off your nail polish, you are in no danger of imminent death. No, you cannot feel your cracked rib flopping around. Jeeeezus. And it's oh-so-awful, poor me using bedpans - what d'you think it's like for the poor sod doing all this for you? Try "thank you" instead of whining.

Feel a bit meh for Couchie-poo. Can you imagine what she's like after a day trapped in the shed with literally nothing to amuse her? God forbid she amuse herself. He comes in after a long day and has to take her out to buy goffik tat immediately - he likely should not have been driving at night through sheer tiredness.

Good job she gets on with mother-in-law v.927. Cos The Couch isn't letting its prey go that easily, it WILL get Joshie back, whether he likes it or not…

No. 472760

It's unlikely he's meeting any of these conditions (even if they apply to him). Gravy's hospitalization does not count as 'serious injury'. He may not even have know the car was faulty until he experienced difficulty controlling it, by which time they were in the accident. Just being realistic here.
And I think she said the other couple were ok?

He has a chance to lose his job if she pressures him into taking days off right now. He has a chance to lose money if the other couple come for him in court.

No. 472764


And, in relation to his employers, it wasn't his car. Irrelevant in law, but be a bit rough to lose his job over it. Probably could do without his idiot gf publicly spouting off about known problems with the car tho. She's never, ever gonna learn, is she?

Unless they want cause to be rid of him. I know he bought it all on himself, but imagine being stuck in a shed, with nothing in it and no way to get out of it, round the clock….with GoffGranny harping on at you. Work is the only refuge these guys get.

No. 472775

He brought it on himself but I don't think he understands the extent of what he has invited into their lives, just yet.

No. 472794

Leave for a bit and Raven gets t-boned by karma?

I cannot believe she is stupid enough to talk about details of the wreck before insurance and possible other issues are taken care of.

I will look back fondly at her talking about how much she loves oxy when she’s Raven Slater. And of course, the upcoming “lolcow made us lose our insurance claim” videos.

No. 472796


Yeah - I don't know how long her "happy" (which is still moaning her tits off, just not AT her S.O. Yet) phase lasts in these revolving relationships cos I wasn't around at the start of Logan, but at least there she had other things to keep her occupied. Now, there is nothing - no house, no job, no money, no plans, no car, not even the basics in the shed. Its just Couchie and her obsessing over haayduuurz.

She's dirt poor with no future and no safety-net in Bumfuck SC. And Couchie has nothing like the nous needed to improve that very much, nobody except Cravy sees this buff-looking, smart, funny guy. Wonder how long the rose-tinted glasses last before they get squashed under her hoof during the first rampage?

I don't think we need worry about the "use by" date on the popcorn.

No. 472797


Aaaah, Oxy. At last, Cravy has found the TRUE LTWGTL. This one's for life.

No. 472809


The injury payout may not exceed $100,000. But his cumulative citations may exceed what is allowable.

Ignorance of the condition of the car is no excuse. And she admitted that "the transmission was slipping to start with."

She said nothing about the condition of the other couple.


Who owns the car doesn't matter. It's his driving record that FedEx looks at.

No. 472813

File: 1512623346792.jpg (65.73 KB, 700x700, RauTbus.jpg)


And the internet is really going to be no fun at all when she reads lolcow now.

No. 472817


Yeah, I recognise in law that ignorance is irrelevant. I don't know anything about US laws or how FedEx operates - I just meant it may be the kind of thing a manager can use his discretion on in relation to Couchie's employment.

But I can't see how having a gf who doesn't even know what discreation means is anything but a serious problem. Her need for attention has made this public and it's a small town where she makes him stick out. Makes it much more difficult for his line-manager to keep it under the table. Can she really not understand that sometimes, you just keep quiet for the greater good? Is that narcy, or BPD or…?

Thank god no-one was seriously hurt or worse. Apart from anything else, she'd turn it into a mawkish goff-fest with her draped nekkid over gravestones to the dirge of Celine Dion. But despite her squeezing as much drama as possible, they really just had a prang. And I know everything is always about Cravy, but I really hope the other couple are ok. And Couchie. They'll all be hurting for a few days at least.

No. 472818


She needs us, nonnie. How could we let her down now? That would just be mean!

No. 472819

Samefag, sorry.

I just thought - US anons, can she claim on his insurance for her injuries? Don't know how it works there.

No. 472820

File: 1512624120283.png (517.38 KB, 800x734, Screenshot_2017-12-06-08-21-52…)

>I have people from El Paso, old old old friends that have, that have been on my side for almost 20 years. I must not be that bad of a person if I can still have that many friends.

She hasn't mentioned having gotten in touch with these old friends or reuniting with them. Has anyone seen them post on her Facebook or comment on her videos?

The only old friend she talks about in any of her videos is Brenda [pic related]. She has a video devoted entirely to her.

No. 472825

His health insurance? Not unless he's listed her as a dependent. They don't have to be married or anything for that but insurance premiums change if you have dependents on your plan. So unless he's actually put her down as a dependent she's pretty much at the mercy of Medicaid or charity.


Hahaha she caked on so much makeup to look pale but her fucking hands are normal. Just makes her look like a clown. I also think she kind of looks better without those horrendously drawn eyebrows.

No. 472827


There is no room for managerial discretion. FedEx looks at its employees' driving records with DMV. This accident will be on his record.

Her lack of filters and inability to stop over-sharing is textbook BPD. She has stated that she know that she over-shares due to her BPD, but she is unable to recognise it as being a problem. Instead, she places the blame for the conflicts that arise on the people who listen and react.


The minimum insurance coverage requirements are listed in >>471841.

A deductible will apply which is usually around $500.

No. 472831


No, sorry - wasn't clear. I forgot that to US anons health insurance would be the obvious.

I meant can she claim personal injury compensation from his car insurance? It's a pretty venal thing to do, but this is Cravy. I don't know if it's even possible, US car insurance may have different rules.

No. 472838


Got it. Thanks for explaining.

I don't know why, but I do feel kinda bad for Couchie. He shouldn't have been driving at night after doing so all day - lorry drivers are tacho'd for a reason. But Cravy is incapable of amusing herself and must be climbing the walls by the time he gets home, so he drives more. Still fucking dumb tho.

I don't know if other anons get this, but I think it's because he served. I wanted him to make this work, although the likelihood of that with Cravy involved was minimal. But if it's all down to citations on paper, it doesn't look the greatest for him when he's not even past his probation yet. Guess it depends how much competition for that job there is in his area.

No. 472846

So…about those drinks they had with lunch. He may have passed the field sobriety test and breathalyzer, but in the video she admitted that they drank. He may not have been cited for DUI, but if the other party files a suit in civil court her statement could possibly be used against him.


When he got the job she said that there was a lot of competition for it because it is one of the best jobs in the area.

No. 472849

I've been feeling kind of bad for him as well, although in my case I think it is anyone next to Raven looks better. Like, he might still be a complete fuckup and all, but he's no Gran.

the probation thing is why I am sure his job will be gone. he doesn't have any specialized licenses or permits, nor has he been there for years. he's an easily replaceable newbie with prior violations that was just at fault in an accident with an unsafe vehicle.

No. 472854

File: 1512631055327.jpg (77.88 KB, 591x443, 20n8mj.jpg)

They are the perfect codependent storm. She plays the victim while he, her only support, stumbles over himself to save her. His own self-esteem is so low that he couldn't be bothered to improve his life for his own sake. Even his family recognise this in him, saying that she is exactly what he needed, ignorant of how dysfunctional it is.

No. 472858


Yes, I remembered that. But I never believe a word she says - she talked it up like he'd landed CEO at Google. If the job was sweeping up pigeon crap, Cravy would still present it as some massive deal because all the achievements of anyone in her claws seen as her own. Couchie gets fantastic job = win by Cravy.

>>472849 I think it's very telling that we feel sorry for the men she catches. Logan was a baby, Couchie is that gangly, twitchy kid from school. Then she puts them into a hero position and they have to save her because all their esteem is wrapped up in it. Scary how good she is at finding them.

No. 472859


Oops, posts crossed. You just said exactly what I was trying to!

No. 472861

They won't be unaware of the dysfunction for too much longer, I shouldn't think.

No. 472866

File: 1512635783337.png (559.03 KB, 800x1009, Screenshot_2017-12-07-00-31-41…)

I thought that perhaps she may have gained a few new patrons in response to the accident, but in actuality she lost a patron and is down $27 since I last checked >>472234

No. 472867


And I haven't seen any of her followers suggest that she create a Gofuckme like they were when she was complaining that that she needed money for her flight here. She has probably burned-out her fans as a source of income.

No. 472869


Is she actually doing anything for her patrons? Far as I can tell, apart from the $30 SuperWhinge, all her other whinges get put up on YT. And whingeing is all she does. Why pay for moaning you can get for free?

Altho it'd be hilarious if the lost patrons were Couchie's family, getting the news first that she's rolled them over in exchange for pity points.

No. 472870

that's the impression i have as well. i don't think she's doing anything beyond the SuperWhinge, and to be honest, i don't think she'll ever make those Patron-only. she needs the validation that public videos give her. she wanted to put them behind a paywall to "trick" lolcow members into paying her, she really thought it would work and she'd be cashing in.
now that it hasn't, she won't be making those videos Patron-only. she's already had SuperWhinge videos about the car crash all over her public YT.

she needs the attention too much, and at most ONE person has subscribed to the SuperWhinge level. one view? one comment (at most)? nah, she isn't gonna do it.

No. 472871

afaik SC didn't opt in to expand Medicaid so she won't be able to get onto it.

No. 472875


Medicaid in SC


Medically Indigent Assistance Program (MIAP)


If he loses his job this month she can apply if they declare a combined household income and the accident will br covered under presumptive eligibility >>472173

As has been observed previously, the hospital has social workers working with patients on behalf of the finance department to make sure the hospital and other providers get paid.

No. 472877


Quality business plan, Cravy. Only a) we really don't care that much, b) there are plenty more cows, c) you spit eventually anyway and d) even if all the above weren't the case, we're hardly going to all sign up so you have our deets. Besides, it only takes one - why would we all sign up?

What a bummer. Not even the hayduuurz cared enough to club together to find out the SuperSecretSuperWhinge. She has less intelligence than a sock.

I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when she met Couchie's family though. You can just see it, her sitting there blethering on about lolcows and "fuckin hayduurz stalking me" and they're all just "….wha?"

No. 472881

If his family members watch her videos, do her rants about her exes (with whom she claims to be close friends still) set of alarm bells? "If she and our Joshie break-up, will she be telling the internet about his porn stash under the couch?" Especially since she purports to being a virtual celebrity with so many followers all around the world.

She has been friends with Josh's brother the longest on Facebook. Surely he has watched her videos. And if he and Josh's relationship is one of close mutual protection, he may be the one to say something.

And Raven has said that the family told her that they didn't like Claudia. If they were that outspoken about Claudia, I imagine that they won't hesitate to verbalise their feelings about Raven, at least to each other.

No. 472883

Porn stash under the couch? They don't have a couch, momo!

I wonder why the person on Pateron left. Probably because there was nothing there. Someone already asked her on youtube a few weeks ago if she will put up something soon.

No. 472885


He has a couch, but not at his house with Raven…

No. 472886

He hides his porn in the hole in the wall! DUH!

No. 472888

i guess if youre paying $30 a month to someone for entertainment and they're not giving you anything then i'd cancel my subscription too

No. 472890

BUT GUYS, she almost DIED, like, her rib flaps around, her elbow has smudged eyeshadow on it, she is on oxy, muh tailbone, muh accident, muh legs, muh swollen nasolabial folds, how can you ask for content?

No. 472894

>muh swollen nasolabial folds

I lost it, anon. Thank you.

No. 472901

>muh swollen nasolabial folds


As has been said before, this really is the beginning of the end for TLTWGTL when she inevitably cries neglect in muh time of need, and couchboy doesn't cater to her incessant bullshit.

He really has no idea who he has let into his life, and how much she is going to leech of him and the rest of the Bradley Clan… Because, you know, she has sacrificed so much to move over there, and it's not HER fault that she demanded to be chauffeured to Wal-Mart and then they crashed.The Debt That Was Greater Than Debt.

No. 472914

File: 1512670500103.png (1.13 MB, 1242x2208, CEAA24BF-EB1C-4462-896F-E1D65A…)

Sounds like she read this because she posted 2 times today. Drama for the 30, unreleased video for the 5.

No. 472916

I'm not sure that Josh or his family are going to be such pushovers. We've only heard from the lying liar who lies about how terrific they are, but I have no doubt that behind closed doors, there's some WTF going on. No mom on earth is going to go along with some goff freak destroying her son.

The only reason she got away with Logan for so long is because he was literally a child. His mother was probably told that the more she tried with him, the more he would dig his heels in, which appears to be the case. So eventually she backed off, but there were, rightfully, always very hard feelings towards Raven which are obvious in the videos. They barely speak to her..

I can't believe that Josh's mom is going to sit there and say yeah, fine, keep on fucking up my son's life. I wonder if Claudia would talk to us about her perceptions of the family and what they're like? Probably not because Raven would go ballistic, but then again maybe Claudia doesn't give two shits.

I'd like to know more about the family. All the pleasantries so far are just of the getting to know you variety, and the bloom can fade from that rose real quick, for a variety of reasons. I'm sure they're already at least mildly annoyed with Raven.

They are human, after all.

No. 472920

Sorry, Raven. We're not paying to hear you talk about us, what could you possibly say that we don't already know? You have fake injuries? You're pissed at Josh because something something he should have done? That we're so mean because we think you're a shitty person? We've heard it all before. Suck it up, buttercup.

No. 472957

gg raven. she posts a video that is no doubt about 'the haters' for the haters in a place where none of us will see it because kek at the idea of giving Gran money to listen to more of that interminable mumbling. she sure showed us.

No. 472997

Interesting that she's posting to patreon when she's sooooo injured and drugged up from the crash that was more than a crash. Me thinks Gravy doth protest too much

No. 473000

Ten bucks says she's going to say she sustained some permanent damage from this car crash and it will be added to the list of excuses for why she can't work.

No. 473017

Pfffffft. That's awesome, Raven. Here you are all crashed up and dying and you can't even rely on your "fans" in your time of extreme need. Get that trailer trash life gorl.
The only reason why I would even consider giving Roofus a dime would be to see what sort of social outcasts would actually give her their money. One or two, possibly three patrons are raven herself, one is Joshua, one is the ex who she mooched off of after Logan got away. So who are the remaining 2 - 4 dorks?

No. 473025

File: 1512690098483.png (612.73 KB, 1242x2208, F2D9CF44-C841-4F2E-AF70-241DBC…)

Whoever made these comments got under her skin.

No. 473028

File: 1512690389672.png (660.81 KB, 1242x2208, E6D65FE7-CABC-49F2-AD44-FCAC91…)

Also this new status implies she is out of it a lot yet she posted twice on patreon. I guess she is still at the hospital unless the lung machine is portable.

They would need to release her in a wheelchair to josh if she cannot walk, and he would need a car to bring her home. I’m sure she will bring up when she is home if she is milking it so hard while napping all day.

No. 473029

Has anyone else seen her fb post? Its too long for me to get in one screenshot. Basically saying shes been offered money, uses a little machine to fill her lungs. Walks around and gets online when shes not sleeping. Also says how proud she is josh can drive to work every day and not be freaking out.

No. 473030

Ah as i was typing you posted that! Wonder where this new car has come from.

No. 473031

She's probably talking about an incentive spirometer, most patients are sent home with them and instructed to use them as much as possible to restore strength of breathing. They're cheap plastic and not 'machines'. Way to exaggerate, Ravey.

No. 473032


Because, like, we are, like, evil fucking lolcow cunt bitches who, like, just want her to like DIIIIIIE through overwork.

Nuurhunh (damn, I wish I could work out how to spell that honking little snigger she does when she thinks she's been funny. Once heard it can never be unheard.)

No. 473034


Yet she never mentions the comments that say they're glad nobody was seriously hurt or died?

There are always arseholes on YT, Cravy. That's not the format of either here or KF, so it's nothing to do with us. Tell the fucking truth and stop being so victim.

No. 473041

Claudia's time in this story is over, leave her out of it. We heard a lot about him from her (indirectly) anyway.

No. 473049

Mean Comment:
Wishes Raven died
Raven is gross

Raven Replys:
Commenter should not wish death on a person commenter doesn't know
Commenter also shouldn't dare to think that they deserve to live
Commenter is a pathetic motherfucker
Commenter is empty inside
Nobody loves commenter
Commenter is an asshole
Commenter is one of her stalkers
Seems to imply the accident and her internal bleeding are somehow linked to commenter, in a sort of plot to kill her- a plot she survived due to her inner strength.

Raven, are so right and it all makes sense. Take another pill, love. Fly. Tell us what you see. The steering wheel just locked up and the crash was more than a crash, but was the accident more than an accident?

No. 473052

>incentive spirometer
Was going to say this. When she says she's got collapsed lung it's probably atelectasis and the incentive spirometer exercises helps with expanding the lungs and healing.

No. 473054

File: 1512694204962.jpg (77.21 KB, 500x500, incentive.jpg)

Forgot picture

No. 473059

Why do I always feel that no one has offered her shit, but she baits her fans by saying that 'someone did' so they feel compelled to actually do it?

No. 473064


I’m with you on this one. It’s her just begging in disguise.

No. 473071

I agree with you. I doubt anyone has offered to buy her shit. The only thing that was purchased on her Amazon wishlist was a portable grill, which was probably bought by Josh’s family. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1FNS1F3BC3H3V?type=wishlist&filter=purchased&sort=default

You’d think she’d be smarter about e-begging by now.

No. 473074

Pretty sure she has wished death upon her son (and probably still does)…funny that she feels the need to cry about one comment. Try having your own mom wish you were aborted, etc. Lol you're sad, Raven.

No. 473091

File: 1512703551023.jpg (42.25 KB, 750x500, ravey.jpg)

I'm pretty sure it's bad enough for pic related.

No. 473109

How long until McCravy claims she had polio? PLACE YOUR BETS!

No. 473127


Raven didn't become the way she is in a vacuum.

Meet my Mom

Dorian's birth story

No. 473135

File: 1512714546762.png (843.21 KB, 976x2790, download.png)

Despite her lung collapsing, her broken rib flopping around in her chest, and passing out constantly due to meds so she can't respond to all the people wishing her well, she still had time to add 15 new items to her wishlist today. Glad to see they're all essentials that she'll be desperately needing during her recovery, too.

No. 473141

Well that's what's the most essential to her. Don't you understand anon? She has nothing to offer but (in her opinion because… Ew) her looks so having new, exciting things to dress up in when Joshy comes home is essential! So she can be pwetty for him (but remember! He likes her without makeup so…).
That's why she was soo sad about her dress being destroyed. She can't have her tits sagging beautifully when momo comes home.

No. 473149

"a slew of comments saying the same thing"

yeah nah. somehow I don't think any of us went on her youtube and left comments. quit your fucking lying Gravy and don't get too worked up because God knows you can't handle the spike in blood pressure right now what with your rib and injuries that are more than injuries

No. 473166

ten bucks says the poster of said comments had a library card and needed to boost a 'drama' video

No. 473170

I think the same lmao. She just wants to pain us as some evil people who wish nothing but death on her lol

No. 473205

The prices on this shit kill me. $7 for a generic bow with an eyeball when you can get them on eBay from China for $0.99. Not only is she a beggar, she can't even be bothered to budget shop.

No. 473216

did she just search 'mall satanism'?

No. 473231

File: 1512739785935.jpeg (53.47 KB, 389x640, 328E8933-C683-4863-976F-573F4F…)

I'll never forget this day or how lucky I am to be alive

(Josh and I were in a car accident Monday, Dec 4. He walked away with scratches and soreness. We were hit on my side (T- boned) and I ended up with a broken rib, liver bleeding, bruising on my brain, a partially deflated lung, and contusions on my kidneys. I'm home now, but every movement hurts and I'm currently only getting by taking painkillers. I was very fortunate not to have my face cut up or lose an eye or break any bones, because I was trapped by my clothes (which had to be cut off of me). My head banged off of the passenger window, which shattered.)

No. 473233

she is so fucking dramatic.
like this is the kind of thing you post (the photo, not the text) right at the time and say "hey we were in a crash, everythings fine, but i have x, y, and z"). not like days after to milk more attention by listing your injuries yet AGAIN. no one cares.

No. 473235

Maybe im stupid, but if they had to cut her clothes off wouldnt they take the crap out of her face too? Like I know she couldn't get an MRI with all that metal, though it is funny to imagine.

No. 473236


Coming from the woman who told her teenage son she wished she had aborted him.

No. 473238

This photo reminds me of the photos people put on the news of proof a hospital failed them/their family wgen they pman to sue. Or as the tear jerker photo for a charity.

No. 473239

This picture cracks me up because she's trying to make it seem like it was super duper serious because she has a neck brace on. When I was in a car accident in January I hit my head (not bad) on the window. But they still had to put me in the neck brace and the whole nine yards. tl;dr they put those neck braces on anyone involved in a car accident. Stop being dramatic gravy.

No. 473243

Can you imagine her telling Josh "take a picture for my fans." hahaha.

No. 473251

Wow. Did she just add the Kreepsville krap? If so, she definitely reads and probably uses all of lolcow, they were just mentioned in an alt clothing thread on /g/ or /ot/ not that long ago. What junk.

No. 473253


>I'll never forget this day…Josh and I were in a car accident Monday, Dec 4.

Maybe she did suffer a brain injury. Their accident was on Sunday the 3rd.


First responders won't remove jewelry in the field unless it impedes care because time is of the essence. Likewise, hospital staff won't remove jewelry unless it impedes care.

Many hospitals no longer require piercing jewelry be removed for surgery and some allow jewelry to be worn during MRI with an additional waiver. High quality body jewelry is made of the same metals used for medical implants. It is not ferromagnetic and will not move during MRI. However, certain metals can heat up. Metal can cause artefacts in imaging if it is too close to the area being scanned.

Sage for body piercer fagging.

No. 473254

How the fuck she get all this?

Did she do that AU layway thing?

No. 473255

File: 1512750291213.png (529.7 KB, 800x666, Screenshot_2017-12-08-08-19-35…)

She's back to posting inane memes and links on her Official account this morning.

Raven, if you like rainbow bangs so much you should check out Jillian's thread!

No. 473267

File: 1512753875491.png (981.21 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-08-09-21-42…)


My makeup collection

Published on Dec 8, 2017

(Recorded before the accident. No new videos will be made until I'm feeling better)

So this is some of the makeup that I have to share and to review. I showed this on Instagram, but now I will show it on YouTube. So I've got that Kat Von D. I've got some brushes over there. There's some more brushes here. Eyeshadows, different colors. Jeffree Star, Kat Von D. This is a zero shine thingy. Kat Von D. More powder, eyeliners and mascaras. Kat Von D. These are the lipsticks, these are the liners. So I've got a bunch of different colors here. Edward Bess and Marc Jacobs.

This is the highlighter everybody is losing this shit over. I don't know how to use highlighter, but I saw the box [holographic]…I'm so stupid…I saw the box and I saw the…the gorgeous…it's like a violet shimmer, and I thought maybe it being something a little different, maybe I could find a use for it, so I wanted to grab it while I could, and then I got it and I'm like, oh shit, I really actually don't know what to do with this. So I'm still kind of stuck.

And then I've got foundation stuff, different, you know, meteorites I can review. The brushes and everything. And of course this. I'm about to make a video…this video that I'm making now is gonna feature this [Marc Jacobs foundation]. I was going to do a favorites which I'll probably do after this. But I don't really see much of this around, and so I want to share the coverage that comes with this fucking foundation, and it's this one right here…nope, Genius Gel…sorry, it's this one right here…Remarcable Full Coverage Foundation Concentrate. So I'm gonna be talking about this.

So uh, I'm going to get a head start and actually just do my eyes. And then I will show you my semi-favorites in the meantime, and you guys can choose what you think you would like to see from this. I've got a lot of lipsticks, lots and lots of different kinds of lipsticks I can show, but uh, not a huge amount of eye shadow. These are the eye shadows here, you know, I've got. This is the one I always use, my shiny black. But I've got it also in blue. This is the blue one here. I can do swatches of those. I've got the Kat Von D Metal Crush, I've got three colors of that. And over here I've got Sephora. So I've got a few different colors of Sephora here that I can swatch out and try. So I, I guess I, I do have enough to kind of do a little swatch thing.

These are the lipsticks that are not kiss proof so I can do those. Or I could do swatches of those, the kiss proof ones. Of course being kiss proof they'll be a little harder to take off.

And yeah, so just let me know. As you can see it's kind of a lot for me to kind of sort out and figure out what to do, what to show. I've also got these Marc Jacobs…these lip glosses as well. These are quite beautiful. I wouldn't mind doing a review on these. That's not the color I like. There's one color I like, one color I do not like, that is the one I do not like. Where's the one I like? This one. This is a pretty unique color for a lipgloss, I would say [bright purple]. So that's quite nice.

So just tell me what to do, what you guys might want to see, and I will make a video for you. I'm gonna be showing a couple of things right now. I'm not gonna…I'll make this a separate video that I will just upload on its own. But I'm about to do a video for that foundation and for some cream…not cream, sorry…powder, foundation and powder after I do my eyes, and then we'll see how that goes.

I've also got this. I'm gonna be putting this on, I always put this on. But unless you're outside you really can't see it, so I'm just gonna show you what it looks like here quickly. This is ultra glittering mascara [Marc Jacobs] which is also something that doesn't show up online very much, it's only this mascara that shows up, the normal one. But this is much smaller as you can see, and it's got gold and silver specks of glitter in it. It doesn't really have a proper wand. As you can see it's just flat. And I guess you just kind of dab it, you know, maybe dab it like that on your eyelashes. And when you go outside it's, you know, very very sparkly. It's in a clear liquid base, of course, and it's supposed to just give some highlight to your lashes. But I don't think it's really worth what they charge for it because it just doesn't show up like you would think it would. This little thing here is about $78 so that's not really worth it to me.

But um, I will show some of the stuff, do show-and-tell and swatches, whatnot. Just please let me know. Don't forget about that little guy over there [Kat Von D Everlasting Obsession lip color collection]. This has got all these colors in it…I know it's upside-down…it…it's got many many colors I will not use and a couple that I love. So just let me know and I will see you guys in a second.

No. 473268

Ty anon, i have learned something today.

No. 473272

File: 1512755035168.png (6.78 MB, 1242x2208, 1506955709361.png)

How can someone with so much makeup look the same every day? Does she just buy the same colors in every brand?


She bought a lot of this before she left New Zealand.

[pic related] >>443061

No. 473273

File: 1512755042817.png (108.27 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171208-124041.png)

Raven it's not $78 dollars lol stop lying

No. 473274

What? Kreepsville is a popular alt brand and Raven owns a ton of their shit. We all know she reads here but I don't see how that in particular is proof.

No. 473278

File: 1512758649904.png (207.12 KB, 286x529, Screenshot_2017-12-08-10-21-56…)

I was reminded of Raven as I was perusing the Walgreen sales ads. Remember when she rationalised begging for/buying those unicorns because they are so rare in NZ despite knowing she would be coming to the US a month later?


Whoever donated money towards her flight from NZ are fools. And now that she has shown off her entire collection, she can't expect anyone to donate towards her medical expenses, although I don't put it past her to try.

No. 473283

I wonder if it's a brand Emily Boo buys…

No. 473292


Her Hot Topic wishlist appears to be gone.

No. 473293

File: 1512763376961.png (498.73 KB, 800x983, Screenshot_2017-12-08-11-59-34…)


She has lost another patron and $5 since yesterday.

No. 473294

"the very base needed to spy on me"

I know she's thinking of us there but isn't it kind of insulting to her $5 fans? Like no bitch I'm not spying, I'm supporting??

No. 473298

LMAO all of her patrons are going to leave because Patreon is in the middle of a bunch of bullshit and even they know she's not worth sticking it out

No. 473303

Wait, the fuck? How can she afford high end makeup?

I remember watching her video maybe a year back and she was complaining how she has no money for makeup and uses dollar store crap.
How is she affording all of this all of a sudden??

No. 473304

thanks for dredging this back up, I had forgotten it. she was getting money from Logan for this I guess? it must have been some 'extra' or 'spending' money on top of the usual.

No. 473307


After Logan went back to Mummy, he was still giving her money for "support" but Neanderthal v.1 (Ryan?) was housing and supporting her.

No wonder she was getting slightly cold feet - that was Cravy's life apex. Fully supported and free money for vital fluffy unicorns, sparkly tat and makeup.

Essentially the priorities of a thirteen-year-old in a goff granny's body. She's going to look back fondly on that time as winter sets in and the reality of a shed with not even the basics starts to bite.

No. 473308

Here's the thing that makes me so mad about Raven (ok, one of many things); if Josh works for FedEx ground, then he is making decent money (also, again, there is no way he is doing drugs, they drug test their fleet all the time). If Raven got a job as even a full-time checker at Walmart, in addition to his income, they could have a nice, working class life, with an actual house, perhaps a dog, decent furnishings, satellite television, a little play money, etc. You know, the old-fashioned American dream. They would certainly have good insurance and little 401k's and other grown-up stuff. She just needs to WORK. And yes, places like Walmart and Home Depot would hire her despite her appearance (trust me on this).

It's sad she won't help realize this potential happy, modest life.

No. 473309


I'm guessing that her only patrons were sad little cucks who were hoping to get to see the flabby tits. Cos they're not already plastered all over the net.

Instead, all they got was the SuperWhinge. Without us, she'd have no content at all. We should really charge her.

No. 473310


Even if she did get off her arse (not happening) or he can keep that job, they'd still pedal and get nowhere because she has zero impulse control. She's not going to forego a single piece of gofftat now to save for the essentials. And Couchie is already appearing worried about it.

No. 473337

Ryan. throughout the relationship with Logan, Ryan (you know, the super-abusive ultra-rapist and all-round bad guy, according to raven) was buying her shit, giving her money, etc. It was totally just because he's a nice guy or something, and not because Gran was whoring herself out for it.

No. 473338

this is pretty much the definition of wishful thinking, anon. you may as well be talking about people in wheelchairs just deciding to get up and go for a run, for all that the possibility exists.
(I know it's hard to throw out traditional points of reference when dealing with a special case like Raven.)

sage for lazy samefaggery

No. 473340

The very same Ryan that Josh said he hated during one of the Q&A, but he understood why Raven had to live with him prior to the trip to couchland.
And also the very first person she texted about her accident kek.

No. 473347


And the very same one who is her only top-tier patron. The one mullet-headed sleazeball whom Couchie is going to have to learn is ever-present because he's the chief supplier of goffik tat.

And for all Couchie's posturing at Claudia (safely on the other end of a phone and being coached by GoffGranny herself) he doesn't present as the alpha Cravy has written him up to be at all. Prediction; Couchie will roll like a good cuck and Neanderthal v.1 will continue funding Slugvira.

We know she obsesses over here - even her Patreon is all about the haydurz. But what do yoi guys reckon are the things we say that piss her off the most?

I'll go for top 3; fat, old, leech. Alas, we can no longer have "I'M NOT A PAEDO" chimpouts, but we should be able to get a comprehensive top ten annoyances.

No. 473352


>bae caught me slippin

No. 473357


4 x $5 patrons means ain't nobody paying the $30 required to listen to her "drama" video drivel, kek

No. 473384

I thought this was a man in drag at first glance.

You can almost taste how exaggerated her explanation was.

No. 473393

no money for makeup? she was complaining that she had no money for goddamn potatoes last year! (and makeup, and a "proper christmas" for her prior love that was more than love Logan, and nz lifestyle in general). ppl who donated to her got SCAMMED, her oh so abusive but gotta keep hanging out with him and move back in with him ex husband got scammed, logan got scammed, josh is probably getting scammed, and who even knows who's next.

that's a lot of animal tested shit from someone who claims to be an animal lover. and as mentioned before a lot of expensive shit for someone who claims to be dirt poor.
and who the fuck buys a goddamn lipgloss if they don't even like the colour? unless she's going down the beauty guru route or something lol. raven the spoonie beauty guru. wow.

No. 473394


She got the two new Ty unicorns (Logan gave her one years ago) on the outing with Ryan when she got her back tattoo finished.


>Tattoo show-and-tell followed by showing off her two new plush unicorns. She sounds like a child describing them; she says that she could only afford one and that the second one was "bought for her" after she begged for it because she didn't have enough money for both.


She has one $30 patron.

No. 473396


And don't forget the two phones and other items she sold on Trade.me.

Everytime she showed-off a shopping spree or new tattoo work she rationalised it by saying that she budgeted for it from her Trade.me sales. She insisted that the money from donations went only to the ticket. And apparently no one called her out on her twisted allocation of funds.

The people who donated weren't scammed. They are just idiots.

No. 473399

what annoys her most is stuff she can't get any mileage out of. when we talk about the realities of her life, she can have a grand old chimpout and play the eternal victim. something like talking about how she is basically the dollar tree emily boo and copies fucking everything from that woman would get under her skin the most because she can't get any value out of bawwing about it. she just has to take it and stew on it because she knows it's so true. and it would remind her of getting burned by CJ.
so basically, anything we talk about that she doesn't throw a shitfit about. if she's sperging out about stuff we say, she's playing out her imagined role. if she's quiet, she's stewing and doesn't have an outlet.
waves to emily too

oh people called her out. she just kept deleting the comments lol. and yeah, they were scammed, idiots or not. they didn't donate for this shit.

No. 473410


My point is that she could have easily afforded the ticket with the money she made from Trade.me. Instead, instead she decided that the money from Trade.me would not be used for the ticket and the people who donated went along with it.

Also, I question the veracity of her claims that the people who made donations were all followers. She didn't eve break $100 with her You Caring page which she took down weeks before her departure date, and she said that the money materialised at the last possible minute in a few large donations.

No. 473422


She's got quite the moustache going on there

No. 473423

The highlighter she doesn’t use is 38 usd. It was interesting when it came out but that was a year ago. Right now the fenty gold one is a big deal but she wouldn’t know.

A lot of the kvd is in packaging, I assume not used. The lip liner set that has many colors she doesn’t like is 200 usd new. Lip liners aren’t even that useful unless you are going to draw artistic stuff with it. The lipsticks are 21, liquid is 20 each. I can see about 15 of the kvd lipsticks alone, she has at least a bundle of the liquid ones. She also has 3 metal crush eye shadows that are 21 each. The KVD stuff alone would pay for her flight and luggage situation.

Also besides the Sephora And kvd singles, her eyeshadow is still drug store brands. Not owning at least A pallete if you are into makeup is weird, you save money with palettes vs singles.

No. 473428


Thank god for that. We've seen what she does with eyeshadow; the thought of it being anything but the cheapest is dismaying. Essentially she just jams her fat fists into it then rubs her eyes. Fuckin triggers me.

No. 473483

File: 1512807953240.png (359.29 KB, 800x749, Screenshot_2017-12-09-00-22-15…)

Countdown to Raven getting a kitten to keep her company while recovering from the accident while Josh is working long hours in 3…2…

No. 473485


Half of the comments are saying, "I'm jealous."

Raven must be beaming.

No. 473486

the fact that she hasn't already makes me wonder if Josh sad no, or if his friend who owns the trailer said no. of course, that won't stop her. josh will come home one day to find it a done deal and thus the unravelling of his recent gains in life (job, house) will take a another step forward.

No. 473493


She and Josh talked about pets in one of the Q&As. He supports her in whatever she wants.

I doubt the owner cares. This is the south we are talking about.

No. 473496

maybe I'm overestimating her hoarding urges? she's been there a while now.

No. 473500

She does, I remember seeing Emily showing some leggings and a necklace from Kreepsville

The irony of all this is I remember Raven being against KVD during the whole Kat vs Jeffree Star drama a while back (no doubt because Kat is a woman) and now suddenly she's buyer her makeup because it's trendy? So predictable

No. 473507

I’m almost 100% sure she’s buying the KVD stuff at discount stores and possibly the MJ

They always have kvd stuff in with super beat up packaging for really cheap like $6 a lipstick, It makes me laugh that she flaunts all this makeup and still looks horrific she literally buys expensive shit and admits she has no idea how to use it, I don’t know how josh isn’t embarrassed to be with her looking like she does…

No. 473519


In New Zealand, though?

She has several Sephora products, and Sephora recently opened a mail order site (but no physical store).

No. 473530

What if they're all aliexpress fakes? Kek

No. 473541

Wouldn't put it past her to get fakes actually.

No. 473546

She looks like garbage and can't even other to wash her face before bed anyways. Why not get fakes? Her skin is disgusting and you can see how it ages her, dulls her skin and gives it an overall gritty appearance. She's Asian, had round features and is in her early 40s and yet she looks awful for her age. Usually those features combine to give an overall more youthful appearance. Make up won't help her if she doesn't eat right and wash her god damn face.

No. 473579

I don't understand her either. I mean she's got her obsession with makeup and that's understandable, even though she can't afford it, but god, decent cleansers and moisturizers are inexpensive and would make the expensive makeup look so much better. She's middle aged and it's way past time to start thinking about a good retinol and peptide regime. But no. Tons of more lipstick!

No. 473620

I think she's far worse than that. Imo she would really prefer to spend all that money and pay full price. To go on a spending spree on the Sephora site instead of paying her own airfare. And I don't think she's frugal, clever or independently mobile enough to go to discount stores. This is stuff she started scheming on from back in NZ and she pre-ordered some of it per >>443061 as posted in >>473272

She wants to look good for Josh because she is indeed insecure about her age and looks, and she also views any money from things like selling phones as her own to spend. She's compulsive about spending and can't leave any money in hand. She's justifying the expense by saying she's going to review some of it for Youtube.

No. 473667


You forget that she's waiting for her friends and family to buy the dozens of skincare items for her on her new Amazon wishlist!



And she probably thinks by presenting enough reviews of Kat Von D products that the company will take notice and start sending her freebies.

No. 473697

>that wishlist

Sometimes I think Raven is my 8yo self, and I feel ashamed.

No. 473703


I forgot to mention that she describes breaking her tailbone while birthing Dorian in the video.

No. 473706

File: 1512872443862.jpg (63.8 KB, 584x960, 12046566_164587630556774_22452…)

Narcissism, sweet narcissism!

No. 473723

Since when did Ms. Piggy get a goth makeover? No wonder Kermit left her.

No. 473739


That nose…

How can a nose be as wide as her mouth? And it looks so….splattered. It's an anatomical marvel. Screw all those expensive lippies, Cravy - you need a countouring kit as a matter of urgency.

No. 473741


It's a scare tactic from one of those nutball churches that think Harry Potter is turning the precious kiddies in Satanists. This is to prove to them that fairies are evil and want their soul.

And have huge noses.

No. 473749

Oh look, a manatee.

No. 473777

Oops, I’m on mobile, and kinda blind.

There’s no contouring or plastic surgery that can fix that kind of nose. It’s probably why she’s so insecure.

No. 473789

File: 1512894655683.png (87.58 KB, 800x602, Screenshot_2017-12-10-00-29-34…)

No. 473790

this is some next level stupid on Gravy's part.

No. 473794

File: 1512900202693.png (90.39 KB, 482x315, 41d.png)

No. 473795

wow she really wants to destroy the Bradleys

No. 473796

which makes no sense because Gravy insists they love her. why would you try to ruin people who have been nothing but accommodating and kind towards you and your fucking bullshit? I just don't get it

No. 473813

it's just Hurricane Raven doing her natural thing. also, we need that Borderline Personality Disorder gif in this thread so we can just point to it.

No. 473817

File: 1512910210366.gif (16.03 KB, 275x92, 1511467006433.gif)

No. 473823

well yeah, I figured it would be the BPD cycle, I'm just trying to figure out what her logic behind it would be. They not buy her goth shit or something?

No. 473824

it's not that simplistic with her. she's malignant, she just naturally destroys all she touches. for now, admitting legal liability that could sink Josh for a long long time seems totally reasonable to her. there's plenty of time for fights later.

No. 473825

"and I ended up with a broken rib,.."
but then later,
"I was very fortunate not to have my face cut up or lose an eye or break any bones".
The rib is very much a bone XD

No. 473832

In many accidents, like being rear ended or turning into traffic without a signal (which sounds like what Josh did) fault is automatically assigned. Doesn’t matter what stories each side tells. Cops were on the scene and probably already assigned fault to Josh, what Craven says on Sm doesn’t matter but I do think she’s doing it to keep the guilt pedal to the metal on Josh. I’m sure he won’t resent that at all.

No. 473842

File: 1512920903705.jpg (73.25 KB, 667x667, lol.jpg)

This is possibly the darkest theory I've read on lolcow, is raven actually capable of doing that? …but then I can't think why else you would admit liability

No. 473849

Arbitration anon here. It does make a difference. "Pain and suffering" amounts are sometimes paid off based off of punitive damages. Punitive in the legal field is often entails large amounts of money being paid off because of aggravating factors such as gross negligence or malicious intend. In this case, Raven admitting to gross negligence by KNOWINGLY operating a vehicle that's currently having serious mechanical failure is out of the ball park and may potentially risk further punitive awards to the defense. In any case, the couple may not pursue anything outside of vehicle repairs, but you never know. There's a lot of factors here and Raven's words may be meaningless depending on what the Defense pursues and the type of investigation. However, it's pathetic that Raven keeps admitting fault. We know she reads here daily, responds to the dumbest comments out of vanity, yet when we have CLEAR LEGAL ADVICE on making sure she doesn't fuck over Josh's Mom's insurance she doesn't give a single shit. Oh, but if Dorian reaffirms of her claims of being a bad mother she makes an entire video out of it. This fat, ugly, dumb fuck. Logan's merciful release is nothing but a curse to Josh's family. Having a loser, cuck for a son must be rough.

No. 473853


Raven admitting it was Josh's fault is very, very odd, so out of place for her as Josh is by extension, Raven. His successes are her own, so naturally her BPD self would minimize or outright deny his failures. Why would she admit he's the one and only one at fault?

Looks like the beginning of the end has already begun.

No. 473856

Probably just a product of being an oversharer while being really, really dumb. Just like Vicky, women who think they're better than other women often inflate their intelligence. However if they had an even average IQ, they wouldn't realize they weren't special and probably wouldn't hate women so much since women are half the fucking population.

No. 473864


i agree with this too. raven is too dumb to be that malignant in a calculating way. she probably thinks she's doing the right thing and showing it off.

No. 473873

Maybe she's planning on suing him. Or at least having that in her back pocket if they don't work out :D

No. 473875

can she do that if she knew it was a dodgy piece of shit when she got in?

No. 473888

>bpd cycle

there's your problem.

No. 473901

File: 1512946019182.png (1.19 MB, 800x1065, Screenshot_2017-12-10-14-40-29…)

Not obsessed with the haters.

This is how the thumbnails of her photo album happen to be laid out.

No. 473902

File: 1512946074751.png (239.75 KB, 800x474, Screenshot_2017-12-10-14-38-06…)

The juxtaposition couldn't be better.

No. 473903

File: 1512946101384.png (266.91 KB, 532x263, Screenshot_2017-12-10-14-41-43…)


No. 473917

>how many degrees you have

No. 473918


I read the liability deets given by another anon (thank you) but there's something on which I'm not clear.

I'm in a different country and here, technically Cravy could sue Josh for personal injury. It's a completely arsehole thing to do but it is viable.

I think she's just blethering about him being at fault because dumb, but is there the possibility SHE could claim from Couchie's or his mom's insurance? Maybe she's decided that's the best avenue - she'd rationalise it as the money supporting her and Josh. But it would completely fuck over his mother. Either incredibly dumb or truly, truly Craven.

No. 473923


This bit?


Liability Coverage in SC

Liability insurance pays for damages/losses and injuries to the other party if you cause an accident. In SC, you must have the following minimum liability coverage:

$25,000 for bodily injury or death per person.
$50,000 total for bodily injury or death per accident.
$25,000 for property damage.

You can opt to buy additional coverage from licensed South Carolina car insurance companies.

>Injuries to the other party.

Any insurance adjuster anons here?

No. 473927

File: 1512948572065.png (117.14 KB, 261x589, Screenshot_2017-12-10-14-52-33…)

An affirmation for Logan.

#FreeLogan2017 #success

What will 2018 bring?

Will the Love That Was More Than Love survive Hurricane Javen?

No. 473981

File: 1512955442007.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, B105916C-45BE-4207-8C96-CF389D…)

Logan has a new photo !

And women have commented !!

No. 474001

Please tell me that's his gramma and not his new Raven

No. 474011

Maybe Joshua isn't being as immediately obedient as she decided he would be so she's pulling the guilt trip card thinking he's at the same maturity level as a teenager and he'll fall in line by tripping on that guilt.
It's been a while sense she's had another adult to micromanage. She seems to have forgotten that grown ups don't like to be manipulated and when you're being fucked with by someone you just met IRL a few weeks ago the possibility of being drop kicked out on your ass is real as fuck.

No. 474056


Yep, dat's der bunny (it's awesome some of the stuff you guys provide, thank you.)

We have different insurance set-up, especially when someone else's car gets involved. And I barely understand that. But, if I remember correctly, there's a difference between third-party injury (the people in the other car) to passengers in your own car.

It may not be a quantitive difference - we have universal healthcare, so it's seen as pretty venal to sue your friend, bf, whatever if you're in an accident unless there's extreme need. But it would likely ruin your relationship with them, and it would have to be a very clear case - insurance here will always go "knock for knock" if they can get away with it.

In cases like this it would be an arsehole move. But we don't have the medical bills, so the lens is totally different. I might be asking a "well, DUR!" q, but the context is different.

No. 474062

food for thought. and this would, in her mind, tighten the bond between them too. "you can't leave me now, you almost killed me".

No. 474066

Oh, she could definitely try to sue him. White trash are famous for such stunts because they think of car accidents as some kind of mini-lottery. Thing is she has no real injuries, just exaggerations. The ironic thing her “injury” list is like the classic scammers list of non-injuries. I’m just waiting for her to claim whiplash too. That photo of her in a neck brace was too funny. But she’d have a hard time going after a payout due to no serious injury whatsoever and if she could find a shady lawyer to sue for her it would take years and she’d probably end up with her medical bills covered and $500 cash after all the legal fees. Doubtful a lawyer would even take it on because it’s not worth his time. I’m sure Raven decided it was a far better option to guilt and milk Josh now for what she can rather than alienate her meal ticket for a bit of cash later. I mean who would shelter and support her ass for two years while she waits for her non-existent settlement check?

I’m sure the fact that it was Josh’s fault and they can’t use this as a way to get some windfall cash from someone else’s insurance chaps her ass bad.

No. 474069


Got it. Thx for explaining.

Things don't "just happen" to Cravy. There always has to be someone to blame. Guess we'll have fun seeing it play out, cos logic isn't gonna stop her when she has $$$ signs in her eyes. She's the type who'll sign a "no win no fee" agreement then bitch when the lawyer gets half.

Of course, totally destroying Couchie's relationship with his family will be the real price. Hurrican Javen indeed. Or perhaps Hurricane Rash…uncontrollable, burns, spreads everywhere….and leaves everything in its wake feeling very raw!

No. 474077

She has 20 days left to get her shit together (state ID, residency) for her hospital bills to be covered under Medicaid presumptive eligibility, assuming she is eligible for MIAP or is otherwise eligible.

As has been previously noted in this thread, if she does not already have coverage the hospital will do all they can to get her on Medicaid so that her providers can get paid.

No. 474084


No. 474095

Haha! This made me grin from ear to ear. I hope it's eating Raven up inside that he's not home, pining away for her. Logan looks fit and happy. Hooray! Keep it up guy! The she-devil is gone!

Sage for happy dance

No. 474124


Me too, nonnie. It's ironic really; someone as obsessed with looks as Cravy is swapped Logan for Couchie. But Logan is the type that gets better looking the older he gets, and we all know that's not going to be the case with Couchie. He looks rough as fuck now, it's not going to get better!

Bet she copies any more tattoos Logan gets. It's gonna burn her saggy arse something chronic when he gets new ones withoit her oversight - remember anons speculated their last "matching tattoos" weren't supposed to be matching at all, she just got the same one he'd chosen independently? She's got no other way of maintaining ownership, it's telling how her own words were "keeping claws into Logan" (who the fuck even thinks like that?) and it's pretty much the only way she can maintain the puppet strings. Hope Couchie is up for prioritising correctly and paying accordingly. It's such a pain when she has to get them reprogrammed.

On that note, it's interesting that her pre Ryan (Neanderthal v.1) exes are so completely out of the picture. She doesn't let people go easy; Logan had to accept Ryan, and Couchie will have to accept Logan and Ryan as permanent features. I wonder what her previous exes did to detach those hooks, and how long it took.

No. 474149

I bet the next video she posts (that isn't prefilmed), she's gonna mention how Logan still talks to her everyday, will mention a million times how he is DEPRESSED without her and that one pic of him outside was the only time he got out of the house since she left dramatic music. Oh and ofc - "still says he will never date again" lol, just waiiiit.

No. 474152


For sure! You can tell, the poor boy is just wasting away without her, and he only went out that day to please her. He's got sunnies on to hide his red, puffy eyes cos all he's done is gaze at the life-size portrait of her that she had made for him as a memento (she used his money but it's the thought that counts) and cry. He's even bought a matching ugly bear to mop up his tears.

Poor love. Still, he can always enter a monastery when it becomes obvious he'll never love again….

(He better not even try to love again. She'll take a contract out on any slutty bitch whore who so much as looks at him. How much overtime will Couchie have to work to pay for a hitman?)

No. 474153


Please leave Logan alone

No. 474155

I'm kinda thinking they don't even talk much and that she's just making shit up because she knows he never watches her boring ass rant videos lol

No. 474158

Aww, that's so great. Look how happy that old lady is, just hanging out enjoying the sunshine with her grandson (?) relaxed and at peace knowing Raven is thousands of miles away and Logan has returned to them and is returning to himself.

ps - Dang, Logan has some big ass feet. Looks promising.

No. 474160


I hope he's one of her patrons that's just dropped out. That'd be hilarious. She'd totally lose her shit.

In all seriousness,,I hope he doesn't watch any of her tedious dirges because of the appalling things she says or implies about him. This kid stepped up, maintained a house, car and an expensively gruesome hag single-handed for five years. He must've worked his arse off, and all he's getting is ridiculous comparisons to a twitching finger-sniffer whose provided an unfurnished shed.

Logan will die out on this thread, but I don't think there's a single one of us that doesn't want him running off into the sunset with a nubile young thing. He deserves to drown in sluts and enjoy every second!

No. 474167

File: 1513012010978.png (184.75 KB, 268x534, Screenshot_2017-12-10-14-53-01…)

No. 474168


But she rilly, rilly doesn't care about us.

And Raving starts with you, dearie.

No. 474170

That's a pretty sweetass burn for a middle school student, ouch.
We're rubber you're glue, I know you are but what am I, and you look like you stink.

Honestly she look legitimately deformed in this pic and her biggie smalls are smashed as fuck in that cheap ass, too small dress. How dreadful.

No. 474173


Is that the oh-so-'spensive wondrous dress that died in the crash? You're talking about a designer masterpiece, nonnie.

The EMTs probably didn't need to cut it off her at all. They were just doing the world a service by taking it out of circulation.

No. 474181


I am also laughing at her wearing it out anywhere in the first place, as it is near the middle of freaking December, and it hasn't exactly been warm out on the east coast of the US.

No. 474211

I'm dying just imagining her stomping through the aisles at Wal-Mart and eating baby back ribs at Chili's dressed like this >>472115.

You're right, it has been chilly here on the East Coast, so she probably just threw one of her shitty goff hoodies over it.

>I'll never be able to get another one like it. It was…it was fucking expensive even when I got it. And now it would be…even if I found another one it would be out of reach.
As if this tacky dress purchased 16 years ago would actually increase in value over the years, kek. ~vintage Hot Topic~

No. 474310

as far as raven is concerned, everything starts and ends with 'me', so what is this even supposed to mean

No. 474389

File: 1513063707364.png (393.76 KB, 800x1177, Screenshot_2017-12-11-23-25-56…)

She must need the coloring books to help her recover from her brain injury.

No. 474390

File: 1513063752955.png (278.07 KB, 800x957, Screenshot_2017-12-11-23-25-17…)

No. 474396

Maybe they're for Josh.

No. 474401

>Gremlin toys

She’s in a hurry to clutter up that trailer then blame it on Josh, just like the good ‘old days in New Zeland with her child slaves.

No. 474411

so now I am imagining her forgetting Lorelei and pushing Gizmo around in a pram instead …

No. 474424


Plasticella has already been demoted. Logan worked his arse off so it had only the best crib, clothes, accessories etc. All hideous.

Now? It's dumped on the floor of the shed.

No. 474427


The screencap >>473927 is from the thumbnails of photos on Raven's Official page. The quote is adjacent to a photo of them and is coincidentally applicable to how little respect she has for him.

No. 474455

File: 1513091351463.jpg (64.94 KB, 640x960, 25157982_1961000744141565_4922…)

Raven is posting her old Christmas photos on her Official page as if it's an advent calendar of holiday horror.

No. 474456

She's posted a video of her dancing infront the tree. Some injuries eh rav?

No. 474471

And she's in some kind of corset/bustier thing.. ya so injured.

No. 474472

File: 1513093621663.png (362.34 KB, 601x641, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 15.4…)

she always has to take a dig at logan some way or another

No. 474473

Post screencaps damnit!

No. 474474

File: 1513093869846.png (195.94 KB, 581x424, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 15.5…)

thought she was in so much pain from the accident? this gif of her dancing doesnt look like someone who was near death kek

No. 474484

$50,000 and a few blood transfusions she is as good as new.

No. 474485

I feel like Josh looks different every time I see him. like he looks normal here, almost decent, but in a lot of videos and pics he looks strung out as fuck or on the verge of death.

No. 474487

>The lie I had been living the previous 5 1/2 years

What lie? So she never loved Logan? What a bitch

I'm having trouble with that screenshot, wtf is it? I can see her shit tattoos and the tacky tree but I can't work out what's going on…

Because she shoops the hell out of him in pictures but you can't photoshop videos (well, not much anyway)

No. 474489


Could someone record the video?

No. 474494

File: 1513097880543.png (204.81 KB, 714x1014, Screenshot_2017-12-12-08-55-38…)

More matching shirts for herself and Josh.

No. 474497


Don't forget the oxycontin!

No. 474507

More makeup crap recorded before the accident.
Raven, clean you fucking house.

No. 474510

Why is she still bringing up NZ prices?

Sage for not adding anything

No. 474512


Great conversation?

"Mumfle glumf bludumpf twitch hufflebluffle sniff flububble twitchtwitchsnirtsniff"

Run through Cravy's translator that probably comes out as a paean to her wondrousness. When in fact he was moaning that his piles itch.

No. 474513

She is such a hoarder that she keeps showing her 'favorite' makeup and says: 'I just have one of those, I don't wanna waste it on this video'.
Bitch, why would you need two tubes of the freaking same foundation with close expire dates? Oh right, to use on your twofaces, you cheating whale.

No. 474514


A "redrum" apron? Totally a goffgranny staple. Surprised she doesn't want the matching knitted bedjacket and nightcap.

Is there no goffik tat so tacky she won't buy it?

No. 474520

Josh actually looks like a somewhat attractive, normal guy here. All he'd need is better hair. I actually feel bad for him in the same vein of Logan and Raven's other ex.

He must have low self-esteem.

No. 474523

2 new posts on patreon:

Patreons only - Full version of my Thanksgiving video
$30+ Patreons only - Uncut video of where I've been

She is not even trying to make original content.
Besides, what is the point of the full version of that boring thanksgiving vid? Just so she can expose the Bradleys even further?

No. 474532


Sage goes in the email field, matey.

Also, her Amazon wishlist is so funny and cheesy.

No. 474538

>>474532 I forgot thanks.

No. 474554

Correct me if I'm wrong but does Raven even like horror movies or has she ever expressed an interest in them? Because as far as my memory goes she hasn't. I've never seen any video where she discusses them at all. If anything, she strikes me as someone who would hate them because a lot of horrors have random nude scenes of slim women she'd be jealous of. Now, who does like horror films? Emily Boo. Graven, get your own personality and interests for fuck sake.

No. 474564

Probably a combination of copying Emily Boo, and trying to impress Josh, who has expressed interest in a single film series, ever: those tacky Chucky movies. I doubt Gravy could tear herself away from the Internet for long enough to watch a whole movie—plus, yeah, she'd be super jealous of the thin, pretty actresses. She'd probably just stare down Josh the whole time and oblige him to tell her they're ugly momos, and nowhere near as perfect as she is.

No. 474565

I'm almost positive she's talked about disliking horror movies in some videos somewhere.

looks like a horror movie but doesnt enjoy them

covers body in spiders and webs, decorates house in giant halloween spiders and webs but hates them

hates being outside and nature and bugs and dirt but regularly goes to the woods to take photos of herself laying all over the ground

is agorabhobic but leaves house daily to walmart it up, taco bell time, or get naked in public parks and national forrests

hates sluts but is a former prostitute and current slut

No. 474567

god that's a lot of stupid tat

>junior sized top

that'll be interesting to see

No. 474573

File: 1513110373688.png (704.97 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171212-152358.png)

No. 474578

File: 1513110944062.jpeg (740.29 KB, 1922x2048, 2C3589CE-8466-49C1-83A7-424A62…)

Raven at 40 cannot understand the purpose of a bra. It sits at your waist AND your tits are at your waist.

Also weight gain confirmed, she is obsessed with her breast size and you don’t only gain there.

Is this photo the stuff she is wearing in the video?

No. 474602

Can only see the arm/part of the boob part on the video but looks like that from what i could see.

No. 474605


She has a very long ass torso and meaty short legs. Even with high heels, that dress makes her looks awful, why can’t she learn how to dress her body proportions?

No. 474610

>The lie I had been living

So. She latches on to a 16 year old, grooms him, gets him to marry her despite his family's objections, strings him along for five years, cheats on him (yet still get him to fork over money and get ugly toys- (because what 40+ year-old woman doesn't want stuffed animals)) and now it's all always been a lie. What an awesome catch you are, Raven. And I think Josh deserves every single pound of you.

No. 474623


What kind of occasion would somebody wear this for, other than tacky goff photoshoots? It's like a moderately formal style but too tacky and cheap looking to actually wear to an event like that.
She has so many dresses like this and I get the impression she just tries it on in her room, takes a photo, and into the hoarder pile it goes.

No. 474628


Aargh aargh poor me can't breathe can't move broken rib flopping about pain score eleventy-nineteenth-out-of-10.

Stuffs everything into tight corset.

No. 474631

>not knowing what an empire waist is
it's just a high-waisted dress ffs.

No. 474634

you know she'll wear it to walmart

No. 474635


ah, the old christmas tradition of raven demanding her gifts weeks before christmas, then demanding more

also josh has hilariously shitty taste, that dress is awful. a velvet skater dress on a fucking 43 year old, holy kek

No. 474636

Holy shit. This happened with Logan. She mentioned Logan gave her x-mas gifts early because she was down. She then complained about having a shitty Christmas without any presents.

Hey Josh, since you read here, this Momo would like to know how you feel now that you're a replacement for a 16 year old child?

No. 474639

File: 1513124888879.jpeg (380.14 KB, 1241x2205, 4FB5E131-10BC-4BF2-BE5F-2789AC…)

Ah Walmart, my favourite goth store.

No. 474643


Maybe if they stopped getting her all of those stupid gifts from the teen section of hot topic they could ACTUALLY get furniture for this dump they call home.

No. 474648

File: 1513125509944.jpeg (246.44 KB, 1242x2208, 966AD763-CC7D-46E4-9E9E-A9963C…)

It’s hard to buy a couch if you can only buy from the sales rack of Hottopic

No. 474652


Fuck, that's true. Or maybe a romantic 6-month anniversary date to Taco Bell.


With a fucking space/Dr Who pattern on it, too. It's like Tumblr style circa 2012.

No. 474666

Things she could have bought from her amazon wishlist with the same (or even less) money:

>Crock-Pot 4-Quart Cook & Carry Oval Manual Slow Cooker, Red Stainless Steel (Price: $18.71)

>Etekcity Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Step-On Technology, 400 Pounds, Body Tape Measure Included, Elegant Black (Price: $19.80)

> Hamilton Beach 64650 6-Speed Classic Stand Mixer, Stainless Steel (Price: $23.99)

> Hamilton Beach 70740 8-Cup Food Processor, Black (Price: $23.99)

etc etc

She also hoarded A LOT of expensive makeup we see in >>474507
, like the Guerlain powder that she does not even like, (GUERLAIN - Les Voilettes Loose Powder - $62.00 at sephora).

If she can buy all that crap, she can buy a couch, its a matter of priorities, that she does not have.

No. 474671

That dress is hideous too. I mean, he tried. I guess.

No. 474681


It looks like some cheap aliexpress shit you could get for like ~$10.

No. 474696

do you honestly think Josh picked it? he would've paid for it, but Gran definitely picked it

No. 474751

File: 1513146498598.jpg (420.14 KB, 1548x1935, IMG_6270.JPG)


She totally could have had a couch, mang!

For the price of the clearance dress she could have nabbed one of the sofas in the first pic if she talked the owner into splitting the set. Or Joshua could have begged
his mom for the extra $20 and they could have had em both.

Or they could have an oven. Or a bed not made of air. Or if Raven knee how to operate one, a vacuum, for $10 less than the dress.

Of course after they borrowed the extra $20 from Joshua's mom, who loves Raven so much that she would jump at the opportunity, they would need to borrow a truck from someone to obtain the stuff. I doubt anyone will be lending their vehicle to Joshua any time soon due to the incident so he'll have to get someone to drive him too. If he's not a cocksucker he'll pay for gas, and maybe a six pack for the favor, so Joshua will have to go back to mom to borrow gas and beer money, but as we all know again, Joshua's mom would be thrilled, no ecstatic! to cover that too, because she is fucking looovves Raven so goddamn much and she's just like her and her nips get hard just thinking of loaning Joshua, so therefore, Raven money and thingssuuugggghh yessssa

Anyway, I really want her to get the couches because they look just like the one hanging on the wall in the thread introduction pic

No. 474753

File: 1513147409971.jpg (364.11 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_6274.JPG)


No. 474769

2 things in that damn video cost $100 EACH. She then goes on to say 'i don't know how to use it, i dont use it or its not as good as the cheap version. Why get expesnive makeup if you don't know how to use it?

No. 474770

The way she does her makeup with dirty hands, brushes and makeup triggers me!

No. 474774


The dress is hideous, but it's a lot better than her usual bleeurrrgh.

Perhaps this is Couchie's attempts to get her to stop flopping everything out whenever they go to Walmart. Poor silly boy probably assumed she only wore her "sexy" (barf) stuff for him, but now he's fully disavowed of that silly notion. By her standards, it's a burka!

No. 474775


But THOSE sort of essentials - meaning actual essentials, not gofftat - are the responsibility of other people to purchase for her. She has new monkeys to train, so she has to be brazen. This time next year, they'll all jump at so much as a hint. In her mind, anyway. Wonder if she secretly expects a pressie from us each year? Any suggestions?

Bet she stiffed the cosmetic company - remember she got those J* lippies on a three-payment plan. The company can wave byebye to the next two payments.

Couchie owes his mommy a car now too. Perhaps he needs to remember that…

No. 474777


Here's the video of her early Christmas gifts from Logan last year.



She doesn't discriminate. She has posted several haul videos of items from Rosewholesale and Dresslily.

No. 474778

File: 1513162781710.png (365.31 KB, 800x1168, Screenshot_2017-12-13-02-53-36…)

>Admits to hoarding thousands of dollars worth of high-end cosmetics which she doesn't use and does not know how to use

Added this to her Hot Topic wishlist yesterday.

No. 474781

kek whyyy tho? She only ever smears black around her eyes with her grubby sausage fingers, when has she ever used red/blue/white/etc colors? Bitch just wants it for the name and packaging, utterly pathetic

No. 474782

I honestly think she didn't buy any of those things. I saw a lot of youtubers who go through their makeup collection and DONATE stuff they don't use to the womens sheltes (expensive or not).
The reason why I think this is because she literally says "I don't like these colors" in her makeup collection video. Why would she buy Marc Jacobs pink lipgloss if she didn't wanna wear it? When a year or so ago she would say she buys dollar store makeup and only buy stuff she wears (eyeliner etc).

I mean, do you really think Raven is too big of a person to not go begging for makeup in those shelters? She does look like a homeless person sooo…

No. 474783

Also, noting the that youtuber a watch (Shaaanxo) is from NZ and makes video where she shows what she is giving away and it is always amazing quality makeup.

No. 474784

And jesus fuck sorry for my typos, I am on my phone in the cold, lmao

No. 474785

LMAO she fucking has this video still on her channel and has the nerve to say she haven't had Christmas presents in 3 years lol I can't

No. 474787

she's a compulsive shopper and hoarder. part of that is wasting money on things you won't even use. she's not getting free marc jacobs, free shit is not good enough for her.

No. 474788

You can see in the video how she's immediately compartmentalizing the gifts as non-Christmas, that 'they'll worry about Christmas' as well as the shit he's given her right then.

No. 474794

>And I'll have the first real Christmas I've had since 2014, because I haven't really had a Christmas since then because it wasn't important to Logan that it was important to me, and so there was no Christmas every year. But I still bought them presents, but nobody got me anything for, you know, three years or something. So that kind of sucks.

Last year Logan was laid off shortly before Christmas. But before he was laid off he arranged to get her the bat tattoo on her stomach. Ryan got her the moth tattoo on her left hand. She and Logan spent the day with his family.

She said that she derives greater joy from giving presents than receiving them, and that she enjoys the commercialisation of Christmas.



No. 474795

In 2015 her friends Rowan and Samuel sent them presents so that they "got a Christmas after all."

She mentions spending dole money on Pokemon cards for Logan to give him something since he had been working so hard. She also says that they considered their new kittens to be their Christmas presents.


No. 474796


Years ago she put together this video of clips from her favorite horror films.


No. 474819

File: 1513204665094.png (214.54 KB, 624x1009, IMG_9115.PNG)

Comments on a small vid of her dancing infront of a tree, wearing a corset and big skirt. She's still in agony though guys

No. 474854

Raven is such a fascinating cow, because she's completely torn between her need to brag about every tiny thing in her life, and her need to have it worse than absolutely everyone ever for sympathy points.

She basically just retcons everything she says because she wants the attention both ways.
> I have loads of makeup, look at my expensive stuff in this haul video!
> I don't have money for any makeup, I've used the same eyeliner pencil for years and buy dollar store foundation.

> My husband is the best ever and we are so in love it's amazing.

> My husband beat me and raped me and treated me like shit.

> I got sooo many presents, everyone loves me sooo much!

> I haven't had present in years, no one cares about me.

Hilarious. She seems to forget that she has contradicted herself in previous videos while trying to blow smoke up her own ass.

No. 474924


panicking about running out of oxycontin, ravey? oh dear

No. 474925

Like I said earlier she got that stuff in the states, not all of it but the Marc Jacobs is so beat up I know she got it from Marshall’s or TJ Maxx

It’s also interesting that all of her studded lip colours are the exact same ones TJ Maxx had for $6

No. 474927

File: 1513225424921.jpeg (187.1 KB, 747x881, 21F37125-EF9A-496B-B8B1-628447…)

Forgot to add photo..

No. 474932

File: 1513225583106.jpeg (214.32 KB, 750x1091, EF7146CF-44DB-4BE7-9C96-6F1633…)

No. 474951

welp, sorry I doubted you anon

No. 474977

No worries!

I’m a makeup addict sadly and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with grabbing these deals, I just have a problem with her making out she pays full price for everything… Stopppp lying Raveyyy..

No. 474979

at least she's being frugal I guess. it's . cringeworthy thing to lie about.

No. 475002

Inb4 no 1 curr but I found this website because I have a mutual friend with Raven. A couple of months ago they were posting on FB saying that another mutual friend of theirs told them she was going to air their business on here. Of course I ran to google because I wanted to read all the juicy stuff.

I learned the rules and let him know he definitely wouldn't be posted here since he doesn't even have 1k followers much less 10k. I also told him that Raven seems really fucking shitty and let him know I saw receipts for most of the claims that are made here. He and I are pretty close.. I was in his wedding party. Since then he hasn't mentioned her once. He hasn't tagged her at all either. Hopefully I got through to him.

Lol it took me forever to come out of lurking and I am promptly going back, nice work though.

No. 475011

hang on, so someone wants to air dirty business? that's what we're all about! tell them to come and post.

No. 475014

>I only have 3 days left <worth of oxy> and that's just taking it once a day. Panicking about it.

A 50yo junkie Craven in a redneck decaying trailler with no couch in Bumfuck/SC is everything I want for Christmas.

No. 475019

> Makeup removers and cleansers review

No. 475021


After several rereads, I think what >>475002 was saying is that Raven was threatening to post about someone.

No. 475022


Transcript anon here. I skipped around the video and I don't think transcripts of this or of her previous makeup video are necessary.

Towards the end she talks about a product which also lightens the skin and says that she does not need a skin lightener because she achieves her exceptionally pale skin by staying indoors, contrary to the trolls' claims that she uses Photoshop or bleaches her skin.

No. 475023

oops, thanks for decoding. so she was going to start a vendetta thread?

No. 475024

I mean, I don't care what color her skin is, but we can SEE what color is it in other people's pictures of her. Why lie about something so stupid. She does not have ghostly white, pale skin. FFS.

No. 475025

File: 1513264948081.png (1.05 MB, 733x763, cravy.png)

She also uses foundation lighter than her complexion.
She seems to forget she is asian, and because of that she has yellow undertones. I always see her using cool toned products, hence the ghostly look.

No. 475026

I love that she's making videos for us and responding directly to us now. She's being a very very good heifer and there will be extra alfalfa in her trough tonight!

No. 475030

jfc she's so ugly

No. 475040

a video on makeup removers when the grubby bitch admits she never takes her makeup off!

No. 475041

She's getting so fat again!

No. 475042

She really is, Her face is like a satalite dish

No. 475043

File: 1513271729637.jpg (58.24 KB, 500x561, twits.jpg)

and is it just me, or are her eyes way droopier than they used to be? i've noticed it in a couple of videos recently. not something i usually associate with age, so it's kind of weird, but i swear they're more wonky and downturned than before.

she just gets uglier and uglier, inside and out.

No. 475045

She does seem to be putting on weight, so it might be that extra weight on her face that's making her eyes look like that.

No. 475046

true. i don't remember her eyes looking that droopy prior to weight loss, but rapid weight change can really mess with someone's appearance, and she's gone both ways really fast so it makes sense her skin isn't coping too well.

when we were all talking about how fast she'd gain weight in the US i figured it was hyperbolic, but god damn, she's got bigger so fast. she'll never get funded for WLS in the States either, so if she blows this round she's blown it for good.

No. 475124

File: 1513290751928.jpg (105.33 KB, 540x960, 25353650_732153533641828_28850…)

No. 475157

File: 1513295758106.jpeg (604.55 KB, 1242x2208, E2F44CC8-30FE-42FC-BB3B-529262…)

She is over editing these to make herself look white. Also the usual faking how she looks by making herself look skinnier

No. 475163

File: 1513296245092.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.7 KB, 540x960, 06E1E388-CE76-4498-BB5D-B0673F…)

More lingerie pics…

No. 475164

>walking around with a broken rib
see also dancing with a 'broken rib'.

No. 475169

Josh likes big girls, so it's a done deal.

No. 475175

Josh is out at work and Raven's taking bra-and-panty tinsel pics to post on the internet. Hmmm, makes ya think.

No. 475176

lol i can just picture her fat ass posing around her trailer wrapped in garland takings pics of herself ugh

No. 475179

File: 1513298374205.jpeg (184.55 KB, 636x960, 6D7F8C56-29E7-4870-96E3-8CC8A5…)


No. 475180

Damn, Marilyn Manson got festive.

No. 475181

quite a bit pf photoshopping on those cheeks

No. 475230

Has anyone else seen the posts made by Danny Crockett? It won't let me post a screenshot.

No. 475234

need a little more info than that

No. 475237

File: 1513307347552.jpg (175.13 KB, 556x995, IMG_3448.jpg)

I tried my best on my phone to fix her damn ugly raccoon makeup. In my opinion she could look somewhat better with eyeshadow on top of her eyes instead of below.

No. 475243

Is that the same tired black bikini top she always wears but Photoshopped red?

For a second I thought she had actually invested in a bra.

>Tangle of extension cords in the background

>New Years video

It's barely mid-December.

No. 475244

Eh, it’s just a weird white man who likes being a “dad” to people. It’s interesting that she hasn’t blocked him but not milk.

No. 475246

File: 1513308704741.jpg (355.67 KB, 1733x2048, 25440301_1962044337370539_5012…)

Does she have to pee?

No. 475247

File: 1513309036993.jpg (328.67 KB, 1152x2048, 25358574_1962044694037170_8930…)

>Gray lipstick with red liner

That's certainly a look.

Did she decide to keep the $15 ring that was ordered by mistake?

No. 475248

Did she and Josh's mom make a special trip to Walmart to buy her pin-up photo props?

No. 475255

Underrated post, she looks so much better with your edits anon. If all you did was clean up her makeup a bit she could look so much better. Smokey/raccoon eyes shouldn't be as messy as she makes them. It's laughable that she does any makeup reviews at all since she admits she's shit at makeup. She needs to look up some tutorials.

No. 475276

Holy shit she looks sooo different with good make up. What a wild difference. She looks way better like this, but we all know she’s going to continue with that raccoon look. I don’t know why she still goes so hard for that mall goth look. W h y. It makes everything about her so much worse.

No. 475278

I can't believe she could look that decent. Why doesn't she try?

No. 475287

but remember guys, she is totally classy and she only ever took racy photos when she was with Ryan.

Wonder who is taking these photos for her while couchie is at work.

No. 475288


thats…… an actual bra. holy shit.

No. 475292

File: 1513324366746.jpeg (945.61 KB, 4032x3024, C44EA0DE-DC7B-430F-ABCA-0D3CDF…)

So close

No. 475299

tragic. those poor breasts never had a chance.

No. 475300

File: 1513330640549.jpg (212.59 KB, 1152x2048, 25439927_1962044537370519_8484…)

Bra or not a bra? One of her structureless string bikini tops?

No. 475301


To be fair it's only the eyeshadow/eyeliner making a difference, looks like anon has also shooped her skin smoother and done something with her nose which no amount of contouring will fix… she's a lost cause

No. 475302


She completely eclipses the tree even though she is standing right in front of it.

No. 475307

it's the same bra in the other pics, she just needs to adjust the straps. and burn it

No. 475310

She's such a mess!

No. 475312

ugh you trolls are so disgusting, Raven OBVIOUSLY only took sexy pics because her abusive rapist ex (who she still talks to and scrounges money off of) forced her to against her will!
she is NOT a slut and would never reveal her body like other gross women do on the internet. she is pure and only does good things.

No. 475313


She's very, very brave. She's OBviously reclaiming her body as part of her treatment for PTSD from the abusive-ex-who-raped-her-constantly-but-who-then-bought-her-slutty-clothes-she-hated-wearing-for-the-next-five-years-and-is-still-her-only-big-patron.

When I grow up I want to be as brave and open and together as Raven, with my own little shed and my own little neanderthal. Goals.

No. 475358

I'm not noticing smoother skin than the original, but yeah she did tweak the nose a bit.

More importantly, it looks like she tried to give raven real eyebrows again, and gave her fake eyelashes to downplay the heavy upper.. idk what to even call it, the area coming down over her eyelids, I guess

taking off some of that lower raccoon shit does wonders

No. 475708

New video, warning, she's in the bra and tinsel ensemble.

Apparently the "haters and trolls" are entering her giveaways and therefore making it IMPOSSIBLE for her to give away a used Marc Jacobs foundation.

>I'm not trying to bash Logan

Goes in on Logan and his family but also contradicts herself by recounting a Christmas where they spent $3K. Apparently Christmas dinner with Grandma is not a real Christmas! Sounds like Logan paid for everything, Gravy, so why do you expect so much from them in return?

Gifts gifts gifts, it's all about the gifts she receives and the promises of gifts to come.

Also she needs a sling for her arm. Seems like she can only move her arm when changing into her pinup outfits.

No. 475717

Of course dinner with family isnt a real Christmas.

And yeah, she needs a sling so that you can tell she was in an accident momo.

No. 475738

File: 1513418765152.png (462.78 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-16-02-03-56…)


Giveaway ideas?

Published on Dec 15, 2017

Hey, everyone. I just wanted to make this video real quick because I'm in the middle of obviously doing Christmas pictures. Trying to anyway, I don't know, I still haven't felt so like myself after the crash, and so, like, I just feel really worn out and really gross, so I don't even know if any of these are gonna turn out. But I thought since I was dressed up I'll go to make this video because I was thinking about it earlier today, it needs to be made anyway.

Um, I was thinking about what a lot of comments have been popping up on my Youtube saying, which is, all the makeup that I have, the stuff I know I'm not gonna use, if I would give it away or sell it. I probably don't feel right selling it, and because I…we don't have a vehicle, and josh is really busy with work, getting to the post office to mail stuff out if somebody buys something would be a little bit difficult. I know that if I buy something I want it right away, and I can't promise that I could send out items right away, so if somebody pays for something they kind of deserve it right away, so selling is kind of ehhh to me right now.

However, I'm close to 10,000 subscribers. It doesn't seem like that long ago I was celebrating my 5,555 subscribers. But here I am almost at 10,000. It keeps going up and up and up. And I'm not…I don't have any goal in mind my goal was to get to 5,000. I didn't ever expect to get to 10,000. I think once you start getting up to a certain number the subscriptions come easier and easier. But for me it's still a struggle because I don't really feel interesting or, like, I have anything to offer or that's interesting for people to watch really. So um, I'm grateful for every subscriber and view that I have because of that. Now, I would like to give away some stuff for my 10,000 subscriber.

I still owe the winner of my last contest her prize. Shit happened, me Logan to split up, we moved, we split up, I moved over here, got into a car accident, things happened to where I haven't been able to hold up my end, but I'm working on it. I will at some point probably do a…she wants to do a collaboration. I'm not really sure what to do because I've never done that before. I don't understand really how that works, especially with me being over here and her being over there or wherever she is, so some kinks to work out there. But I'm not gonna lie and say that I fulfilled the last one because everything just kind of blew up, and I just…I wasn't able to at that time. So much has happened. I didn't have access to money, shipping my stuff, and I wasn't in the right mindset because everything in my life was changing. But hopefully she understands, and I can work on that while thinking about this.

Now, not only do I have some makeup I could probably get rid of, there'll be maybe some lipsticks I wouldn't use. I've got a Marc Jacobs Genius Gel foundation that I really do not like that I would probably pass along. I've tried it out once, didn't like it. It's not full coverage like the one that I reviewed, that one's really heavy coverage. This one's more of a lighter, dewier…I don't know, you can look it up, Marc Jacobs Genius Gel. I don't like it so I'd give that one away.

I also had some stuff that I reviewed from Zaful and Dress Lily. I have a video. I don't know when I'm gonna release this in relation to that. I'm personally not happy with the clothes that I got from them. I don't like any of them. There's a dress that's got, like, a cemetery print at the bottom of it, and it's got, like, a corseted top at the top. And there's, like, a shirt, like a spiderweb overlay with kind of, like, a crisscross cutout design underneath that kind of shows your skin in peeks. And there's a, a dress that's got a hood and it's got a spiderweb detail on the back and, like, an asymmetrical hem to it. You know, these are things that I, I don't personally like, I know I would never wear. I'm not saying I gonna…I'm trying to pass along shitty stuff to people, but other people might like something that I look down on. And so instead of having it sit in my closet forever or be thrown away, I'm thinking I might pass it along.

I'm still working out if I'm even gonna do a giveaway or not. And the reason for this is, when I was gone for my month, when I was moving here, I did a lot of stalking of the hate sites because I thought it was hilarious to see them guessing where I was. But while I was there I also saw them…you know, back when I was doing my giveaways saying, has anybody won her latest giveaway. So they're coming onto my channel and they are trying to enter my giveaways. I don't know what the reason is to make me give something to them, to maybe get my address, I don't know what good that would do because it's not like they're gonna show up at my house or anything. They might show…like, send me spam mail, but ooh, you know what I mean? What are they gonna really do? They aren't gonna do shit to me. And, uh, and make me spend money on them? I don't know, I don't know what the point is of trying to win one of my contests, but they are. And I don't like that because my contests are for the people who subscribe to me and watch me because they like me, they support me. You support me, I try to support you, I try to give back to you. I'm not supporting the trolls and the haters. I don't know if the person that wins is one of them or not, and I don't want to give my time and energy or my things to somebody that is on the hate sites talking about me. So you can kind of see my predicament here. Like, I want to give something back to my subscribers, but I have proof that they are entering my giveaways trying to get stuff from me, and so that puts me in a really horrible spot. So any advice on that I'd really appreciate. So yeah, I, I have makeup I would give away, and I have some clothes that I would give away. But I don't want to give any to lolcow and kiwi farms just because they don't deserve it. They don't deserve my time, they don't deserve my stuff. And I don't know what the point is.

But aside from that, I hope you guys are having a great holiday season. Obviously it's not Christmas yet. We've still got presents under the tree and stuff. And, I mean, it's not a lot, but it's my first real Christmas in…since 2014. I'm so excited. Like, every time somebody says, I'm going to send you something, I'm like, I'm gonna wrap it up and put it under the tree cuz…

You know, I'm not trying to trash-talk Logan or anything, but he knew Christmas was important to me, and it wasn't important to him. He kept making excuses for it. And the last Christmas we had was the year we got married. And it was a big Christmas because he had gotten money from his grandma and he had gotten a tax return, and then I had gotten some money, and so we spent about three grand. And I had told him I don't expect that much every year. I mean, of course not. Why would I? Even go to the dollar store. It's just, it's just the effort. Let's just have a tree up, decorate it, give some gifts to each other, it doesn't have to be anything big, let's just have our own family time Christmas. And we didn't. Like, we went to his grandma's house and ate, but I don't really consider that Christmas. It's not our family Christmas, it's not the way it should have been.

And I made a point the last year we were together, and I snuck out and I got Dorian stuff and I got Logan stuff, and I brought out…I busted out with these presents. They had, like, seven presents each and then a gift basket full of shit. And they were just…humbled, I guess is the best way to put it. They were just, like [glances back and forth, pic related]. And so, you know, we're here on Christmas, they're opening their presents. Nobody even thought to try to get me one single thing, not before that, not even after that. And they were just, like, oh shit, you know. And I'm like, I told you, it doesn't take much, it doesn't take long. I had less than a month. I went to the store, I gathered shit up, I wrapped it up, I hid it in the closet, you guys have no idea. It can be done, you know? But it wasn't important to anybody in my "family" [air quotes] what was important to me. And that really sucked.

And I kind of carried that feeling when I came here. But Josh is like, no I'm gonna give you a Christmas. And Josh's mom is like, no I'm gonna give you a Christmas. And Josh's mom got us the tree. And Josh made sure he, like, got presents for me. And with every bit of money I've made from YouTube, it's gone into getting presents for him. I haven't gotten myself anything, not, not my hair dye, it's why my hair is looking really shitty, not my bleach, not makeup, not any…I mean not that I need makeup, but I haven't got anything for myself. It's all gone into shit for him which is fine.

And I'm su…super super happy, super stoked. I'm gonna record it, anything that anybody sends me, it's gonna be put under that tree and it is gonna be recorded and, you know, of course thanked and stuff. And I just, I just…I'm so happy because it feels like I get a Christmas again, like a proper Christmas, and somebody actually cares about giving me a Christmas.

And, well, I'm not gonna be able to cook like I wanted to cook. I couldn't even lift a fucking turkey if I tried. My, my rib over here and my whole shoulder. I, like, I can't move it. Like, you probably can't see, I'm just holding my arms stiff in front of me. I could really go for a sling, actually, because I can't move my arm. But my arm fucking hurts. My whole body hurts. The cooking is out of the question.

I am gonna try to make candy cane fudge because his mom likes candy canes. And I've got a gift box there. Oh, there's another gift box, it's missing, that was in the car, um, car crash. Josh is trying to bring the stuff, but obviously there's broken glass and shit everywhere. But I'd gotten some gift boxes so that I could make candy cane fudge and take it over to his mom and stuff. So I've got candy canes there and I've got the stuff for it, I just need to get the rest of the stuff for it.

And we'll probably have lunch at dinner with them. And he is handling the presents for them. Everything just kind of came to a grinding halt with the car accident. And everybody's just kind of, like, in shock. And everything feels weird and different now, but I'm trying to get back on track. We've got another week or so and, um, hopefully everything will be sorted out, and it'll be a great start to my new life.

And even if he only got me one or two things, just the fact that he went that far and he tried and cares enough, that's what matters to me. And I'm just so fucking happy. I know I totally went off on a tangent, as I do. But I just want to say thank you. Thank you and Merry Christmas, and I hope you guys have a great holiday season and you have loved ones and you have people with you and you have a wonderful, wonderful time. And I will see you guys for my New Year's year in review video which I, I might make now depending on how I feel. Talk to you later.

No. 475742

File: 1513418969193.png (397.2 KB, 736x540, zJNvrW4.png)

No. 475746

Does he ever change out of his work shirt? He's out seeing people all day then coming home and laying his germ ridden work clothing and greasy hair all over their blow up floor mattress. What a dreamboat.

No. 475750

Thanks as always, transcript anon.
Sounds like she's had a rough time with Christmases up till now!

No. 475751

What's Onion doing in the Craven thread? (That little bout of nuttery two up.)

No. 475754

but I think there's an r9k invasion happening rn. reported.

No. 475763


>Everything just kind of came to a grinding halt with the car accident. And everybody's just kind of, like, in shock. And everything feels weird and different now

Could that feeling be tension with his family?

No. 475770


Nooooooo. They LOVE Cravy, she said so. Besides, all that happened is that Couchie crashed his mom's car, can't replace it, their insurance will go through the roof, a fuckton of unnecessary hospital bills….and Cravy has told the entire world it was his fault AND that his mom might've been driving a car with known safety issues. Can't imagine what they might be tense about.

But she has ten thousand followers. She NEEDS to update the world, even if Couchie's family don't like it. They need to learn they have a star in the family now, shit needs to get rearranged to accommodate that.

How long before Couchie's being hassled to borrow his bro's car?

No. 475774

he's got to be getting to work somehow. speaking of which, why can't he buy a car now?

No. 475780


He has shit credit, as per his "housing wanted" posts.

No. 475784

Again she goes with her "even if he only got me one or two presents… It's fine. At least I know he tried…"

The fuck Raven, seriously? You've been living a shit life your whole life (as you said), eating fucking cheese off floor with your starving son (as you said), have been beaten and raped (as you said) and you can't be happy to just be on Christmas FINALLY with a family that loves you (as you said)???
As if getting only ONE present for Christmas is such tragedy, God.
Raven you are such a piece of shit, you lying hag.

Hope Logan is fucking young whores now that you're finally not polluting NZ anymore.

No. 475785

Sage your pathetic blogposts pls

No. 475787


>I also had some stuff that I reviewed from Zaful and Dress Lily. You know, these are things that I, I don't personally like, I know I would never wear.

But she dragged them with her from New Zealand anyway.

No. 475825

"Yum"? It looks greasy and gross as fuck, guess that's what Cravy is into

Also is this bitch actually capable of stringing a coherent sentence together or not? Always a lot of umms and ahhs and "you know, like…" over and over again it's so fucking ANNOYING. People with stutters get to the point quicker than this fat hag.

No. 475830

well, if her previous stints at "cooking" that we've seen + her gross taste in fast food is anything to go by, I'd say that yeah, she has fucking awful taste and loves greasy, fatty foods.

but don't forget! her stomach is sooo small, one giant greasy takeout burrito lasts her for a whole week!!! she is so super skinny!!

No. 475841

she's talking about josh's hair.

No. 475874

>I might be giving away stuff I don't want, so they don't just sit here unused and go into the trash
>But I'm not actually going to give away anything because trolls
>Shit collects or goes in trash

Also, Raven in just a bra covered with tinsel. More clothed than most women out there.

No. 475878

And more Logan bashing. Poor Logan is going to go down as all the other exes she couldn't stop talking about being so bad to her and not caring about her.

I can't wait until it's Josh's turn. Something I've always wondered, since we saw Josh's actions to Claudia harassing her, I wonder if Josh will react in a way or spill tea when Raven does something to royally piss him off.

No. 475912

Oh, I bet he will. He has such a shit temperament from what we’ve seen. The way the Neanderthal and ogre harassed Claudia, it’s practically a guarantee.

They’re a perfect match, really.

No. 475921

but even just save the cash and go buy a car? it's not like he's spending on his home.

No. 475922

Well what Logan did was ABUSE. He KNEW how much Christmas means to her.

No. 475983

saving cash means he isn't spending it on Gravy

No. 476003

> You know, these are things that I, I don't personally like, I know I would never wear. I'm not saying I gonna…I'm trying to pass along shitty stuff to people, but other people might like something that I look down on. And so instead of having it sit in my closet forever or be thrown away, I'm thinking I might pass it along.
>sit in my closet forever or be thrown away

Does this dumb whore not know that thrift stores / Goodwill / etc gladly take clothing donations? Plus places like Goodwill usually have a donation bin outside, so you can drop stuff off even in their off-hours if your busy schedule of Wal-Mart and Taco Bell trips keeps you from going there when they're open.

>And I made a point the last year we were together, and I snuck out and I got Dorian stuff and I got Logan stuff, and I brought out…I busted out with these presents. They had, like, seven presents each and then a gift basket full of shit. And they were just…humbled, I guess is the best way to put it. They were just, like [glances back and forth, pic related]. And so, you know, we're here on Christmas, they're opening their presents. Nobody even thought to try to get me one single thing, not before that, not even after that.

Did… did she buy those presents with Logan's money? Did she expect Logan and Dorian to be grateful that she'd blown Logan's money on presents neither he nor Dorian wanted??

And fuck her for expecting everyone to spend a bunch of cash for a holiday they don't care about. Raven only likes Christmas because she gets presents and has an excuse to take holiday themed ~totally not slutty~ selfies in her knickers.

No. 476009


Logan was laid off shortly before Christmas last year. See >>474794

No. 476014

Raven's anecdote is from a few years before, when Logan had some money come in + a tax return.

No. 476018

the thing that gets me is if it's shit she'd never wear then why did she buy it?

No. 476021


The last year they were together was 2016.

2014 They spent $3K.

2015 They couldn't afford Christmas, but she bought Logan Pokemon cards with dole money. They considered their new kittens to be their Christmas presents. Her friends Rowan and Samuel sent them presents so that they "got a Christmas after all."

2016 Logan was laid off. She bought Logan and Dorian presents and they gave her nothing. Before he was laid off, Logan arranged to get her the bat tattoo on her stomach but they still had to finish paying for it. Ryan got her the moth tattoo on her left hand.

This was posted already in >>474794 and >>474795

No. 476022

I thought I was correcting >>476009 in >>476014
but I probably misread?

No. 476027


>Bought presents to prove a point, not out of love

>Air quotes "family"

Never change, Raven!

No. 476053

So Logan treated her the best out of all her ex husbands as far as can tell and she still shit talks him? What exactly does a guy have to do to please Ravey? Better yet why doesn't she just go on one of those bondage/fem dom sites and find a submissive guy? She can make him do whatever she wants, even walk him around on a leash outside the trailer with the other dogs? kek

No. 476058


Oh god, I hope she films it if she ever takes any of her goffik tat to Goodwill (hint, Cravy. We don't want it, we are not going to enter any giveaway you do.)

That's what I want for crimbo. A nice old churchy pensioner in Bumfuck being faced with Cravy and her cast offs. Pleeeeeeese Santa?

No. 476064

she'd never give anything to charity, there's nothing in it for her.

No. 476067

File: 1513523843213.png (247.88 KB, 739x817, Screenshot_2017-12-17-07-15-02…)

>Freestyle Mega Mix


No. 476070

those lipsticks are 20$ on lime crimes site. why get yr fans to pay over double? what a greedy bitch

No. 476073

Elderly goths aren't uncommon sights at freestyle/80s rollerskating nights.
Maybe Raven is a secret Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam fan.

No. 476075


And there just so happens to be a roller rink in West Columbia.


Topkek imagining Raven on wheels in her new Doctor Who dress.

No. 476076

w/ a broken rib. The pain! Lemme dance!

No. 476080

wait $112 for a cd?

No. 476086

No. 476097

But… but… that's too simple anon! She wants to feel wanted and liked! After all she can't be that bad of a person if people like her and send her shitty gifts! She'd rather a "fan" be out of pocket $112 for a crap cd than get it for free herself

No. 476106

Rollerskating so soon after being so gravely injured? Raven is so strong and brave wow.

No. 476110


She cant' hoard spotify up, don't you get it? She want the cd so she can put it in a cardboard box

No. 476128


….and she's already living in the shed, therefore conveniently bypassing any concept of "using" and going direct to hoarding.

GofftatGranny is starting her new life in the US exactly as she means to go on. She's barely been there a month and look at the shattered wasteland that was Couchie's life - his credit's aboit to get a shit-ton worse, he may lose his job, his family have been dragged in and his mom's car destroyed (and no chance now of bickering about fault; she kicked them straight under the bus) and he doesn't even have the sofa any more.

On the plus side? He has a steadily growing mountain of goffick crap and a steadily growing mountain of Craven. Hoofuckinray.

No. 476192

it's because the 'second wave' of goth was in the 80s and featured a lot of fun music like Dead or Alive etc. But Gravey doesn't even care about goth culture or music in the slightest, right?

No. 476195


OT, but goth must've been really different in the US. In the UK it was as much a protest against bubblegum pop like Dead or Alive.

But Cravy's no more goff than Tipper Gore. She's just appropriated the trappings of the very worst stage of goff, when there was nothing left but empty posing. Everyone else grew out of that EMO thing at 14 and is embarrassed to look back at the pix!

No. 476201

I'm Australian so maybe it was more there. I was an 80s goth and the music was pretty incongruent. More fun than grim, although the older, grim stuff was still revered and listened to. Just trying to think of why older US goths might go to roller rinks? I can't imaging Gravey having any nostalgia to tap into though.

No. 476216

Why buy lime crime at all, i wouldn't piss on doe if she were on fire
if both her and raven were on fire and i had to piss on one, it would probably be raven

No. 476251


Raven has a #boycottlimecrime video but also reviews subsequent to that video. I didn't watch her reviews to find out what her rationalisation is.

No. 476267

Eh, there are plenty of edgelord youngun's that shop primarily at thrift stores because that's all they can afford, that would be ecstatic to get their hands on Raven's tacky mall-goth clothing.

Source: was a poor-as-fuck edgelord teen

But >>476064 is probably right so it doesn't matter anyhow.

No. 476291

I posted a request in Admin to have the Logan banner removed from the rotation and received the following reply from a farmhand:

>I don't see why the banner should be removed just because the relationship is in the past. It's still part of lolcow history and we don't prune content. It's not necessary, but it's not a case of something that should be removed because it's against our rules.

No. 476292

Meh, I agree with them.

No. 476294

I don't agree with the reasoning, but I am meh about the banner itself. If you don't know who it is, you'd have to read the threads to find out, really doesn't look like him.

No. 476297

File: 1513606035655.jpg (48.03 KB, 631x414, so not bothered haters.JPG)

'I just ignore the emails, unless I'm screenshotting them and crying on social media about it.' you sure showed us, Gran.
(good on whoever is reporting them, it's obviously getting to her)

No. 476304

Wow she is so butthurt. I think I'm gonna report every video from now on.

No. 476316

"Josh doesnt want me to talk about the crash"
32 minute video all about the crash. Love it when she said she though josh had run away and left her, she cant have that much faith in him

No. 476317

It’s the holiday season. Do you really want to make the YouTube police watch her go on and on?

No. 476320

>swelling round stomach

That's good ol US fast food doing its thing

No. 476323

>"Josh doesnt want me to talk about the crash"

No shit you dumb bitch. You have managed to totally screw him and probably his mother over in the short time you have been there, by your utter inability to keep your stupid, flapping gums shut.

Honestly, if I were Josh (not to mention his mom) I would want to fucking throttle her. Josh deserves her; his poor mom and the rest of his family are innocent bystanders, though. I feel so bad for them.

No. 476324

File: 1513620041312.png (1.17 MB, 1136x640, IMG_9182.PNG)

well aint they a beautiful blossoming couple

No. 476325

She says they got a huge fine for the crash. How does that work? Sounds like like she subtly begging for donations

No. 476326

Hasn't she already said all this before? And SO dramatic with the grave doctor and all the rest (Cravy. Any adult knows you're talking routine shit from an ER perspective. Just stop.) She makes it so difficult to sympathise because she's already milked it so bloody hard.

As for money, she'd for sure be talking about it as a priority if it were the other car's fault. But why the hell is she so intent on digging this massive hole for Couchie and his family? He's TOLD her to shut up, why doesn't she get it?

No. 476333

Because Josh was at fault and probably got ticketed for reckless driving or whatever e did to cause the wreck. Hence he was fined.

No. 476336

>He's TOLD her to shut up, why doesn't she get it?

No one tells HER what to do!! She does the telling!! Seriously, I have never run across a more contrary person. She's so contrary she will do things that blatantly undermine her own best interest (like continuing to blab on about being at fault in a car accident when her ~lover~ has asked her not to, and who happens to also be on probation for his new job that consists of… driving). If someone told her not to cut her nose off, she'd do it just to spite her own face.

If I were Josh she'd be kicked to the curb so hard and fast her head would spin. At some point hopefully he will do a little mental math and make a decision about whether his ~walk on the wild side~ (as if that is what Raven is rather than mall-trash goff) is worth all the problems and issues she has whirlwinded into his and his family's life.

No. 476344

I love how he looks exactly like Logan looked in those forced videos. Lifeless and like he doesn't wanna be there.

Haven't you learned anything from your past failed marriage, Ray Ray?

No. 476345


Crimbo dinner will be a right laugh. Cravy going on and on and on repeating the story ten thousand times whilst everyone else sits there with bulldog-chewing-wasp fixed faces.

I giggled when she was banging on about how fancy the hospital was. Yep. Cos it comes with a fuckin HUGE bill.

It's truly amazing. She's been there barely a month and utterly blown Couchie's life to shit. Uncanny.

No. 476346


"….I miss my couch…."

No. 476347

"I will not talk about the car crash to respect his wishes"

And then literally goes on about whose fault it is, what the reason was etc.

Jesus fuck I hope Josh does something. Is he really such a pussy?

No. 476349

Sage because I know this has been said before, but god DAMN she just keeps putting on weight! Her face is so much rounder, and her her cheek piercings are being eaten by her fat cheeks. Wonder if she'll be in denial so long they get infected, or if she'll snap back to reality and get some longer bars.

Also this crash has been so milky. The karma is unreal, it's fantastic. It's one of the few actually bad/unlucky things to happen to Raven in her sorry life, yet she STILL manages to blow it way out of proportion and complain about things that aren't important (her dress, the fact that Josh went to check on the other couple and not her, etc.).

Merry Milkmas, farmers. Raven gives greatly this year.

No. 476350


He's learning the full Cravy Experience on a very sharp trajectory. If "don't talk about this" isn't enough of a hint then…?

And words aren't exactly his forte. I bet he's twitching up a storm right now, watching Cravy dig the pit ever deeper.

No. 476353


Agreed! Truly, Cravy is the gift that keeps on giving. Like herpes.

I feel bad for Couchie's mom tho. She's the one the cow has truly exploded over - her car's been totalled, Cravy's kindly told the world that it had ongoing mechanical issues which could cause her aggro and, even if she can replace the car, the insurance hike will be monstrous with no wriggle-room. She'll pay the long price for Cravy's inability to shut up.

Tho it's a good job she loves her new DiL. Cos they may well be moving back to the couch once FedEx get the deets.

No. 476355

kekk not only does he look like a hostage but he looks so old, at least they look about the same age unlike her ex childbride… shame you can't shoop his face in videos eh gravey to make him look like the child you want so badly?

No. 476358

I love how Cravy says she can't do any housework but yet can take pictures of herself in her bra with tinsel on her fat ass.

No. 476360


Could be wrong, but I think she took the Christmas horrorshow pix before the accident. Her hair's considerably brighter and shorter.

I loved that she remembered to shoehorn in her hurty tailbone tho. When she took the pix doesn't even matter, we all know she's far too sickly for housework. Or shedwork. Ever.

No. 476361

What a lardass. God, she's fucking huge. Hope Josh can afford to feed that cow. Can you imagine how much the hay costs? Fuck, man.

No. 476372

Can't believe how much government money she wasted by getting that surgery in NZ. She may say that she doesn't give a fuck now and that her boytoy loves her thicc, but she specifically said that the weight loss was for her. She was the one who wanted it, she was unhappy with herself. I just can't believe she's going to be just fine with all this weight gain, especially when she can't fit in her slutty goff dresses anymore.

No. 476415


But the narc-rage when she blows her gastric band then realises that crying about being fat doesn't get you more free surgery in the US will be glorious.

No. 476422

I did a double-take, it's the exact same look. and of course, the other half - raven being completely fucking oblivious - was also the same.

this. she seems to have no concept of consequences so she is just ignoring it.

No. 476432


Crash update

Published on Dec 18, 2017

Hey, you guys. I've been trying for a while to make this update video, it just hasn't worked out. I don't have my selfie stick. It was in the car when we crashed cuz I was recording our day out and stuff. So uh, I'm just trying to balance everything and it's really hard because I've got nothing really to balance on. So let's cross our fingers and hope that this works out really decently, decently enough that I can finally upload this.

Um, I got out of the hospital a few days ago. I've been out for a couple days. I think I was in there two or three days, I'm not really sure. I've lost all track of time. I know that, uh, they gave me two units of blood and my hemoglobin did not lower which means that my internal bleeding had stopped which is good, and that's why they deemed it's safe to release me. Otherwise they would have had to have surgery.

When I breathe in and out usually you can hear a cracking or like a thump like a heartbeat and that's my rib flipping back and forth. I can feel each rib here, my collarbone and, you know, I can feel the ribs here. I can't here, it's, it's all mush, and this is where my broken rib is. I mean, I don't push down hard, but there's definitely a lot of swelling there, swelling going all the way up to my neck. I'm tender all the way up here [motions up to her jaw].

And I've got this weird swelling on the top of my stomach. If you know what my body looks like it's where my bat is, not down lower where my goat head is. So up where my bat is there's these weird bulges coming out of my stomach. And on my back where the…my kidney injury and my liver injury is, my back is bulging out like that as well, on my lower back, and that's kind of scary.

I also think something happened to my [right] hand because, like, my hands weren't x-rayed or anything, but if I touch right here, this spot right here, I run numb all the way down my fingers and all the way down my hand. I can barely make a fist. I, I've got no strength in this hand. It hurts. I can feel it every time I move it just a little bit. It…I just go numb. So when I go in for my checkup and my x-ray I'm gonna ask them to have a look at my hand as well because that really fucking hurts. There's definitely something wrong with it.

So Josh and I had made this video together, but like I said, like, without a selfie stick it's just hard. I don't really have any usable footage so I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna release that one, so I'll just talk about what we talked about.

The crash, the crash was not the other couple's fault. I'm not at liberty to talk about it. Josh doesn't really want me talking about it so I'm not going to to respect his wishes. But I can say that it was a mechanical, mechanical failure with the car. We were not able to stop. And all that's getting looked into at the moment. But I only say this because people keep saying, sue those motherfuckers, you know, they are at fault, oh those fucking bastards that don't know how to drive. It wasn't them, it wasn't their fault. It was nobody's fault, it was neither of our faults.

But um, definitely we're not looking into suing anybody or anything like that, especially when we could have come so close to losing our lives. Money and suing, that's stupid to focus on that, it really is. We more want to focus on the fact that we are alive, and it could have been so much worse, you know.

I, I've made this video so many times and not released it. I don't really know what I've talked about and what I haven't. I know I still have nightmares about the crash. Like it's the moment before impact. You know, I see the lights coming towards us and I said…Josh said that I had said, oh my god, Josh. And I thought I had just said Josh, I didn't even know I said that the first part. And I thought in my head, we're gonna hit. And I just heard a slam and breaking glass and an alarm going and everything went black. And then I was in the car, my glasses had flown off cuz my head smashed into the windshield. My glasses flew off and a headband I was wearing flew off. And Josh jumped out of the car. I thought that he just ran off and left me, but it turns out he had run around to the passenger side door because he tried to open the door and get me out. I had no idea he even did that. I, I was like, he fucking just left me. And he told me no, he was trying to get me out. And when he couldn't he ran back around and he was trying to pull me out of the car. And there was some lady saying, stay, stay. But, like, I remember my whole chest closed up and I couldn't breathe. It was just a cage of agony in my whole torso. And I was like, oh my god, I'm gonna die in here, I need to get out of the car, I need to get out of the car. And I was stuck. My dress was caught between the door and the seat because of my side got hit and crumbled or whatever. And I was tugging at myself like, like a fucking rat in a trap. And I just…I didn't even care at the moment, and I pulled and pulled. My strap broke [motions to her shoulder strap], my dress tore at the bottom, and I'm thinking, I can still salvage it until they cut it off me at the hospital which sucks. I was like, no don't cut my dress off, and they did. I can't find another one. Well, I found one but it's like fucking a hundred and fifty fucking dollars, and there's no way I can ever replace it. It was, like, from 2003. So I'm really sad about that. And I also lost my necklace, the one with this design on it [points to the Seal of Lucifer tattoo on her finger] that I wear all the time, I never take that off, that necklace is gone, too. I lost this piercing under here [next to her left eye]. I took that off when I got home because I lost two of the balls, so I was like, ah fuck it. All I in all I still got lucky, but still.

Anyway, back to what I was saying. So I ripped myself free. He pulled me out of the car, and I stood up and I couldn't, I couldn't stand all the way. I was hunched over and I couldn't breathe, I couldn't catch my breath. And I just remember, like, I can't breathe, I can't breathe. And I couldn't see anything. And they laid me down in the grass and I curled up in a ball. They covered me with my hoodie because I don't think I was wearing it, obviously I wasn't wearing it. And um, I was, like, going into shock. My whole body was shaking like I was being electrocuted. And I, I just kept asking Josh, you know, can you get my glasses, can you get my glasses. I was trying to focus on something familiar, and just the only thing I could focus on was just, I need my glasses, I need my glasses, I need my glasses. And I actually didn't get them back until the day I left the hospital. He found them. They were munched up, they were thrown in the corner between the driver's seat and the door, and miraculously they didn't get broken. There's a couple of scratches on the lenses and chips but nothing really noticeable once you get used to it. I was so lucky with that. I was so lucky that I didn't lose an eye or that I didn't cut up this side of my face or anything else or break my legs or, or anything like that considering I smashed my face into the side windshield, and the windshield shattered all around me. I had a couple of glass cuts in my hands, but I mean nothing really, I didn't even get that, and there was glass everywhere.

Josh got glass cuts and then he has some, some cuts here in his arm, bruising and stuff. I really for the most part don't have bruising. I have some bruising on my [left] boob here for some reason and on my [left] hip where I guess the seat belt was. I've got cuts on my legs that I think my boot saved me from because I was wearing my big ass boots which, before I got pulled out of the car, I ripped them off me because obviously I would have fallen over. I couldn't walk or run in those.

And yeah, I just…I laid down on the ground outside and kind of faded in and out, I didn't really know what the fuck was going on, just hyperventilating, really ish, because I couldn't even take in a breath. The EMTs came. They put me on a backboard which hurt so bad, and they put me in a neck brace. I've got a lovely photo.

And we got to the hospital. They cut my dress off me. They took me in for a cat scan and x-rays. And I just kept asking, where's Josh, where's Josh, where's Josh, my fiance, is my fiance here? And finally they got him, let him come in. And I was like, I can die now cuz I thought I was gonna die. I was like, I've probably got internal bleeding, something, something's gotta be wrong with me the way that I'm hurting. I mean, I knew it was a bad crash and I just knew I was gonna die. And then I knew I was having a panic attack so I was like, no calm down, you probably just got shook around, you're not gonna die, you're gonna be fine, you know, you just got shook around from the wreck, they're gonna come back and they're gonna tell you everything's fine.

And the doctor came in and he is like, well, we got the results of your scans back and you've got some pretty serious injuries. And I was like, oh my god, this can't be happening to me. Because I've never been in a crash before, I've never been seriously hurt before, you know. I mean, I know that there's probably a lot of people out there that have been, but I haven't. And I'm still like a little kid in a lot of ways. I don't handle bad news very, very well. And he was like, first thing he said was that my rib was broken [coughs and winces]. So he said my rib was broken. And then he said, um, you've got contusions on you kidneys, we see some bruising on your brain, and you're bleeding from your liver, you've got a cut about that big. And I was like, I just went like this [covers her face with her hand] and I just started crying. I was like, oh my god, my body. Like, oh my god, I'm not gonna make it out of here, oh my god, you know. And Josh said, oh my god, and he just kind of buried his head in his hands. And, and then the doctor left.

And then the other doctor came in and said, you know, you have to go up to ICU, we need to monitor you, and if your hemoglobin lowers then you're still bleeding internally and we might have to do surgery. We need to do more x-rays in the morning and see if your rib has moved and blah blah blah. And I was like, oh my god, I don't get to go home, I'm gonna die. I'm like, oh my god.

And they had originally said that Josh couldn't stay, that he wasn't allowed to be in ICU because it's ICU, you know. But when we went up there the guy was like, oh you're staying the night? Okay, well, you know, here's your chair, here's a blanket and pillow. You hungry? You thirsty? And then gave him dinner and a drink. Like, they're so nice. They're, like…that was the nicest hospital I've ever been in, both in the way it looks and the way that they treat you. Like, considering it…especially it's the only Hospital in Greenwood, you think they could slack it a little bit, but no, they're really good. Like, I, I fucking love the hospital.

Well, we went up there. And they took my blood the next morning and my hemoglobin had lowered a whole unit which meant I was still bleeding and so that's why they gave me the two units and stuff. And um, yeah, I've just been in agony, and they gave me shots of I'm pretty sure it was Demerol. And I'm on oxyco…contin? Something like that. They wanted me to take the pills in the hospital and I didn't want to take pills because I liked the shot cuz I knew it wasn't giving me any side effects. They just gave me the shot, I got warm all over and then instantly, like, passed out. And they were like, we want to send you home with pills so we need to know how you are with the pills. I was like, ugh fine. And then they gave me the pills and I was like, ehhh…woo! [laughs] And it doesn't make me feel high, but it makes me feel really sleepy, like a sleeping pill, and no pain. It was like the accident never happened. I was like, woo yeah! And, you know, felt really good. And when Josh picked me up to go home I made sure I was on some pills, I fuckin' took the pills so the ride home didn't hurt.

Got home and everything was fine. I roll around and it hurts. It feels like this crushing weight on my chest still. Like, I can't move, I can hardly breathe. Sometimes I can't roll over. I could hear my bones creaking and cracking. And I don't have many pills, I've only got like four days worth left so…And that's eight pills because I take two at a time, and I'm only taking them once a day not twice like I was originally. And so I don't know what I'm gonna do when I'm done with that. Although Josh did buy me some ZQuil which is like NyQuil's version of sleeping pills, but it's in a liquid form is what he got for me. And so once all this medication's out of my system I'm gonna start taking that to try to help me sleep at night and sleep through the pain hopefully. And then I've got to go in for an x-ray to check on everything.

Thank you guys for all your, your kind thoughts and your well wishes and all that. Except for the motherfucker who wrote saying that they wish I had died which I expected that, I was waiting for it, so it's not really a big deal. I, I got…me and Josh got so much more love and support and prayers and well wishes that that didn't even…wasn't even a blip on my radar, like, whatever. I'm not gonna fucking die, I'll fucking live just to spite you fuckers, you know, at this point.

But um, we know how lucky we were. We really, really were. Whether we're fucked or not, in a lot of pain or not, it could have been so much worse. I could have died, he could have died, we both could have died, or we could have ended up disfigured or with far more injuries than we actually have. Or the other couple could have died. So really, we were very, very, very lucky, and we know how lucky we are.

And um, just I'm so scared to get in a car again, I don't even know how I'm gonna do it. On the ride home I was freaking out, like, like, be careful, be careful, be careful. Every time a car came I'm like, god. And I'm thinking, if we crash my poor body won't be able to take it, I know everything's gonna just fucking rupture, that I've got no stability right now, I can't hold myself straight, I've got no defenses against another fucking crash right now before I'm healed, that's it for me. Like, please don't crash, please don't crash.

And, and I've got to, you know, I've got to go to this appointment and I've got to go do some other things and stuff, other appointments, and I don't know how the fuck I'm gonna do any of that. I don't know how Josh was able to just up and go and work again. I mean, and his job is driving so he has to drive all the time, and I'm so scared for him every day he's out there, like something's gonna happen to him, he's gonna crash or something. But he seems…he's just so much more adaptive than I am, you know. I'm adaptive but in certain ways I'm really not.

And he feels so bad because he was the one driving. He's been spoiling the living fuck out of me. Like, he's bought me beef jerky. And I'm craving all kinds of shit. So, like, I was craving nutty bars and I was craving fiddle-faddle and so he bought me four boxes and nutty bars and three boxes of fiddle-faddle. And I was like, I kind of only wanted one. And um, fuckin' been offering food, and I'm like, god enough with the food because I actually can't really eat, um, I take a bite here, a bite there, and I feel like throwing up. I've got no appetite whatsoever for anything. I'm craving shit, but I don't have the ability to eat or drink what I'm craving, so that's making life really hard for me right now. And um, I don't know, just he's been real fucking sweet, real sweet to me.

I'm still hoping that he can go by the car and get the rest of stuff out of it and get some pictures of the, of the damage to my side. And if he does then I'll include it. If not then I'm gonna probably have to just upload the video without it.

I've got another video coming, I'll upload it after this, and it was our day out before the crash. We were having, like, the best day ever. We were so in love, and we were so happy. It was just the most wonderful day. I mean, it wasn't anything extreme, it was just one of those days that was just…it just felt really good, you know. Like, would drove into town and, you know, we went shopping, we were buying Christmas stuff. And we went to Chili's to eat and had an amazing meal. All the food was great, the service was great. I had this delicious black cherry lemonade drink. It was, like, wow. And then we went to Walmart, and he got me this bear that I have my, my camera balanced on. And it's got the year on the foot. And Doctor Who shirt and Ursula Funko plush. And then I made a video of that stuff in the car. And then we headed off. And then we decided to stop. He wanted to buy us milkshakes from Cook Out [?], and so we went and we got milkshakes he got a Snickers one…or a Butterfinger one, and I got a banana one.

And we crashed right after that. And it just goes to show you how in the blink of an eye your whole life can change. Anything can happen any second of any day, and you won't be aware of it. You might think, if I'm ever in an accident or a situation like that I'm gonna act like this or this or that. But tell you what, when it actually happens you don't remember any of that. It happened so fast. I always told myself if I saw a crash coming I'd reach out to the person I'm with, be like, I love you, or, you know, look, look out for them and hold them and touch them. And it wasn't even like that. Like, I don't even know. Well, he could have been dead next to me, and I wouldn't have even known it. It was just, you know, we're here, I'm seeing the car, and I'm like, oh shit, Josh! At the same time, fuck we're gonna crash! And then BAM! We crash. And then that was it, that was all I knew. There was no time for I love you, be safe, you know, remember me. Or any of that stuff. It's just…you just lose everything.

And that could have been it for us. We could have lost each other. He could have been in jail. I mean, we weren't drinking, there's no alcohol, no drugs, nothing like that, so there's no danger of any of that. But um, we could have just…I don't know, we could have lost a lot more than we did. And um, while the whole situation fucking sucks, and I'm gonna be in pain for a very long time, it could have been worse.

And we're very thankful that we still have our lives, our health for the most part, and each other. And we know we definitely don't take each other for granted. Don't, don't take any moment of your life for granted because it could be over like, you know, [snaps her fingers] like that. And you won't see it coming, you won't be able to react to it, you don't be able to change it. And it just kind of puts, puts a lot of things in perspective.

And everything feels different now. Like, I know, like, I'm home and what's done is done, and I should be able to hop up and just go on with my life, but I can hardly move so I can't, like, clean the house. You know, I can't, like, scrub because I've got my pain over here and I've got whatever is wrong with my hand over here and then, you know, over here my fucking kidneys and shit and then my side. Like, my hip hurts so much, I probably slammed it into the door or something. But when I lay on my side it feels like I'm laying on a ball, and it's just a ball of bruise is what it is. And I keep forgetting that our bed is an air mattress, and I keep thinking to myself, fuck the springs are really coming out on this mattress, this is real shit mattress, but it's not, there no springs. It's just I'm just bruised all over.

And Josh understands. He doesn't expect me to clean up or anything. And so I'm, like, looking around feeling like a fucking failure because I haven't cleaned the house, I haven't cooked dinner, I haven't done dishes, I haven't really done anything. I can barely even take my own shirt off. Like, I had to have him undress me last night because I couldn't lift…I can't lift my arms to take my shirt off. And not that he minded but, but I mind, I mind not being self-sufficient. Even checking the mail. He's like, don't check the mail because if the dogs jump up on you and knock you over, you're not gonna be able to get back up again, and I know that that's true as well.

A lot of times I can't even get up from sitting down. I need his help to even get out of the bed. I need his help to roll over. When I was in the hospital and he was asleep on the, on the chair by the door. I couldn't even roll over without help. Like, I was moaning and crying even on medication, and he had to come and, like, pull the blanket from under me and gently try to kind of push me over cuz I've got my, my tailbone started to hurt, my back was hurting, my side was hurting, my ribs were hurting, and then, like, my organs on my other side were hurting. Like, there's no easy way for me to lay, no safe spot, no painless area. And it's like that, just less now. I'm still in pain, every part of my body.

And um, I never thought I'd be so dependent on pills, but I'm fucking freaking out that I'm almost out of pills. I feel nauseous all the time. I feel nauseous but craving, craving all kinds of stuff, huh, all of the time, and that's just kind of making this fucking with my head a little bit, I guess. I've been real cranky and real moody. He just wants me to lay down and sleep and I'm being stubborn. I'm like, I don't want to sleep, I don't want to sleep, I just…I want to do something. I feel real shit, I feel useless and, I don't know.

There's been about two or three people that have…there's been about two people that have offered stuff for Christmas. One person sent a little bit of money to help because now of course…Josh got a big fine for the accident that we weren't prepared for.

And um, and this other person just wanted to be really nice and she bought me something from my Amazon wishlist, and I just wrapped up the whole Amazon box so I brought it under the tree, and so for Christmas we'll unwrap that. And that was really sweet of both of them, they didn't…you guys didn't have to do that at all. And it was, it was really, really nice. It made me smile. And I just want to say thank you for that.

And a couple people have asked, but it never went further than that. So if you're asking again, we do not have a PO box and probably will not. But not too far from where Josh used to live his cousin lives. He's got family all over. And they say they live in a very private area, and they've given permission for us to use their address, and so I've got an address where I'm getting stuff, and he's getting stuff, from YouTube and viewers and subscribers, things like that. Our own mail of course goes to our own house, but the mailboxes is close to the road where anybody could walk by and get it, so we have to have it and we feel more comfortable with it being sent somewhere else, so that's why it's sent to their house, and that's where Amazon is linked to and stuff. And so on my about page I've got my Amazon wishlist there, paypal email address, and all that information's there and in my, my descriptions or whatnot so you don't have to ask or offer and then say, oh shit I can't do it. That's fine if you can't do it. I don't expect anything. I've said this…I say this every time, I don't expect it, but we always appreciate it. And if you do send something that shit's gonna be wrapped up and fuckin' unwrapped on Christmas on, on video, so tell me if you don't want that to happen.

But um, aside from that thank you guys for your support and your comments and your concerns and really, really appreciate it, didn't expect so many people to care. I was just really scared and wanted to make an update. Like, I always get scared and want to make updates for certain things like that, like when I had my ectopic and stuff, just in case I die, I want to document the last thing before I die, I'm kind of like that, so um, forgive me for that and stuff. And I'm still not really up to talking too much because typing fucking hurts cuz I'm a two-finger typer and I'm just like doo doo doo doo, and trying to do that on my rib really fucking hurts, and so I'm sorry, I'm still not trying to be rude.

Oh, look at my hair. I threw on a wig very sloppily, didn't even really put it on right because, like, when I had my gastric sleeve surgery and my hair fell out after. I guess the damage, whatever, has been done to my body. My hair's falling out again and it's looking really shitty, and so I just I couldn't get it to look decent enough on camera, so I just kind of half-assed threw something on my head just for the video. So I'm really uncomfortable, not feeling very pretty or even human at the moment.

But anyway, enough about me. This has run really long, but it was an important update. I'm really sorry. Thank you guys for watching, for being here, and I will see you guys hopefully, hopefully soon, hopefully I'll feel much better. Take care.

[cuts to her and Josh]

R: So talk, how are you doing?

J: I'm fine. Still sore. I had, um…my arm was bruised up, I'll probably have a few scars right there [points to his left upper arm and shoulder]. But it's goin' away now, I'm fine. Better than she is. [cut] Still working. Still sore and all that. Not getting enough sleep. I know I look tired. I am tired.

R: It's just not the thing to think about at the moment, suing and things like that. You've got to be happy for what you have and not worry about who you can take down with you. And I felt like a big baby for thinking about it, but I still have, I have nightmares about it.

J: I didn't say that she…

R: He never called me big baby, I felt like a baby. No, he wouldn't talk to me like that. I feel like a big baby because I feel like, since I'm alive and then I should just be hopping up and over it and, you know, and all that. And because I don't bruise and I don't show any outward signs of what I'm feeling, it looks like I'm fine, but I'm really not. Like, he'll tell you. Like, I don't have any fucking bruises on me really, there's, like, nothing. I've got a fucking broken rib. I should have bruising. There's no bruising, there's no sign of anything on me. [cut, he snuggles on her shoulder] That's so sweet. So there's been a lot of people that have said well wishes, get well, gets…get better and hope you'll be okay and things like that. So um, do you have anything to say to everybody?

J: Thank you for the kind words. We're fine, we're alive. She's getting better.

R: Better every day, just still in pain, but it is noticeably better every day, and hopefully soon it'll be all gone. And I'm, like, all swollen all up here [motions to her throat and under her jaw]. Like, I can feel swelling up here for some reason. It hurts, like, all here, right down here [collarbones and upper chest], that and my fucking hand, my side, my back, my hip. And if I try to lift my arm, anything that pulls on this here all, all really hurts. But I can move and we're alive and that's what's important. So yeah, that was just our little update. [they kiss each other's hands] We're never gonna take each other for granted though, or life. Makes you realize how quickly life can end, how everything can change. You can be having, like, the most amazing day of your life, which we were having, like, an amazing day. And then just in, like, the blink of an eye everything could just change. And we could have lost each other or lost one of us. And, like, you just…yeah, yeah, it's like uh, kind of puts things into perspective, I guess, how quickly you could lose everything. Be thankful for what you have when you have it. For sure. [cut] Say bye.

[they wave]

J: Bye.

No. 476439

She's so freaking rude. In her new video, she doesn't say please or thank you once to the waiter. Horrible spoilt cow

Josh already looks fed up with her hahaha.

No. 476452

I wager $5 it was Ryan that sent them money

No. 476453


It's not as if the insurance company will watch her videos.


She did not disclose anything in this video that she did not already state in the previous video.

Insurance rates are based on one's driving record. Since he was driving, he will be the person charged with failure to maintain a safe vehicle and/or whatever other charges he incurred. It is his insurance coverage that will be affected.

What is curious though is that every time she has mentioned the car's mechanical failure she says that "it is being looked into." Perhaps the failure could be attributed to a shoddy repair or manufacturer or part defect.


He won't have to pay the fine until he goes to court. I have been checking the Greenwood court records page every day to find out what he has been charged with.

Similarly, his employment status won't be affected until he goes to court.


She took the photos and made the giveaway video after the accident. In the video she talks about her arm.


She got a gastric sleeve gastrectomy, in which a large portion of the stomach is removed, not a gastric band.

No. 476454

Gravy be nice to people she deems beneath her because they work in service? LOL yeah that'd never happen.

She was RUDE AF to the woman serving her in that ugly bear video she dragged Logan into doing

No. 476455

No. 476456

>….it was an important update

No, Cravy, it wasn't. Amazingly enough, the world kept spinning, the sun stayed on and nobody put their life on hold until they heard the story for the 48th time. Hard though that may be to believe.

No. 476457

What is going on with Joshua's sleep? He keeps saying he knows he looks tired and he isn't getting enough and been saying that sense she got there.
Does she sleep all day while he goes to work and then keep him up all night with her bullshit? Being exausted all the time when you drive for a living seems unsafe as fuck.

No. 476459


No. 476470


>people keep saying, sue those motherfuckers, you know, they are at fault, oh those fucking bastards that don't know how to drive.


nobody is saying that. everybody knows it was you, waving your fucking phone in that idiot boy's face while droning on and on and on, that caused the crash.

i hope that couple sue YOU

No. 476474

as others have been saying, it would normally be hard not to have sympathy for someone who went through a shitty crash and was injured and hospitalised. but Raven makes it impossible to sympathise with her on anything.

she almost almost almost gets it in every update she posts - she says like "we are so grateful to be alive, it taught us what is important, etc" and then immediately afterwards she complains about the smallest shit like her glasses, her dress, her necklace, etc.

nevermind that both she and Josh are alive and well, and it was Josh's mom's car. and they were at fault but didn't kill anyone. fuck, it's like she wants to be hateable.

No. 476477

sage for samefag, but holy shit, the whole spiel about how she "knew she was gonna die" and Ryan leaving that comment on her first video implying that she had initially messaged him saying it was a lot more serious…this drama queen bitch.

what a nightmare that must be to live with, overdramatizing every single thing.

No. 476481


See this comment >>473789

No. 476485


Understandable with her glasses because her vision is so poor. In that situation, being unable to see compounds the stress.

Otherwise, her fixation with possessions as being integral to her identity can be attributed to her unstable home life and child-parent relationships growing up, the same factors that resulted in her raging BPD.

No. 476488

she honestly seems to care more about the dress than anything else.

No. 476519

>he's bought me beef jerky. And I'm craving all kinds of shit. So, like, I was craving nutty bars and I was craving fiddle-faddle and so he bought me four boxes and nutty bars and three boxes of fiddle-faddle. And I was like, I kind of only wanted one. And um, fuckin' been offering food, and I'm like, god enough with the food

The feeding saga begins!

>Josh understands. He doesn't expect me to clean up or anything. And so I'm, like, looking around feeling like a fucking failure because I haven't cleaned the house, I haven't cooked dinner, I haven't done dishes, I haven't really done anything.

Have you ever, Raven?

>There's been about two or three people that have…there's been about two people that have offered stuff for Christmas. One person sent a little bit of money to help…

No they did not, you are baiting your "fans".

No. 476522

it was Ryan who sent her money, if anyone

No. 476525

She says she's lucky to be alive and yada yada but still trash talks Logan about presents and talks about Josh maybe buying her "only one or two presents, but at least he tried"

I mean… Cmon.

Also Ray, Josh does not watch your boring ass videos. Stop hinting that you want that dress.

No. 476527

she probably forces him to watch

No. 476534

Kek at those fucking tinsel photos, imagine if that was your mum you'd die.

No. 476535

His face when she says "we're so happy." Ummm….

No. 476548

File: 1513656057784.png (316.69 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-52-10…)


How quickly things change

Published December 18, 2017

So we're at Chili's. Never been here before, either of us. I'm gonna order black cherry lemonade. That is awesome. They've got this cool little thing [touch screen menu] where you pay here and you can, you can do all that stuff. Okay, now it's so cool. [she swipes through the dessert menu] Look at that skillet chocolate chip cookie. They don't have much, there's nothing there I would really get.

The touch screen menu appears to lock-up when she is swiping through the dessert menu. They both take turns trying to get it to work. She pokes the screen aggressively.

J: Hey, hey…
R: Oh, what the fuck.
J: It's not your laptop.
R: I think you broke it.

The server arrives and they order and look at the dessert menu some more. She drools over the skillet cookie with ice cream and fudge.

So um, I want to say this on camera cuz I'm still like, wow. We went to the mall cuz we were gonna look for a food court there cuz we don't know where we want to eat. And we walked into the Bath and Bodyworks. And this one [she strokes his lips and chin] actually walks around with me opening, opening lotions and sprays and sniffin' everything. And he's, like, interested in this smells. Like, how perfect is that? I've got, like, I smell pretty, I smell like vanilla and cherry and everything else. I smell like Christmas. In a strip club. And um, where, again, most guys wouldn't care about that stuff, he cares about…Oh, this smells good, and walks around the store yourself opening stuff. I didn't have to be like, let's smell this. I'm just, like, doing my own stuff, and he's walking around sniffin', oh smell this, smell that. Like, it's just so cool. Guys don't do that kind of stuff usually. I'm so lucky. I smell so good. [she strokes his chin and he sniffs her hand]

I know, I'll record when our food comes so don't dig into it right away yet. I know you're hungry, but just let me take a picture of it real quick and then um, and then you can dig in.

When they get their drinks (Raven black cherry lemonade, Josh sweet tea), she compares them, declares his tea to be too sweet and warm, and exclaims in a childish sing-song, "Mine's better than yours!" He mumbles something in response. She responds teasingly, "Oh, shut up!"

[cut to their food: Texas fries appetizer, she got ribs, he got pasta]

[cut to Walmart]

They encounter a life-size singing and dancing mechanical Santa and she teasingly asks, "Are you gonna go sit on Santa's lap?"

[cut to the inside of the car where she is gloating over her new toys]

So we're at Walmart. We just left, and Josh is so sweet, he spoiled me so much today. [she pets his head and strokes his face] You're so nice. Back when I first had Dorian I had a…what's it called? A tradition where I would buy a teddy bear with a year on its foot every single year. And I had a pretty good collection of them, but before moving over here I lost them all. I had to throw them away, get rid of, like, you know, a lot of extra stuff, and so I asked Josh if we could…if I could start the tradition again with him, and so he got me…he chose this beautiful little girl. And she's got her year on her foot. That was so sweet. And he just gave her to me with a hug and kiss. [laughs] Cuz you go along with everything. You're so fucking adorable.

And then he got me this. [Ursula plush] We found…I was like, oh my god. I thought she'd be, like, thirty bucks or something cuz it's Funko, but she was like, what was it, eight something, seven something.

J: 8.98

R: Yeah. That was, that was sweet. And then he got me this that I had had my eye on for weeks, weeks and weeks. I took a picture of it and I was like, oh my god, I really want this shirt, but I, I uh, I don't ask for stuff, so I was like, oh my god, I want to come back and buy it if it's still there cuz I think that's a pretty cool design cuz most designs are just the TARDIS, and that was really beautiful. See? Ah, there you go. Wow, that is actually really nice. So um, I love that shirt, and so he bought it for me. And my bear. And that. [pic related] I've got a, I've got a nutty bar here to eat, a Christmas nutty bar. And we got Christmas stuff. And then I got…huh? And he got his new case. And some pants.

J: New shirts.

R: Oh, yeah. What'd you get? Oh, you got a pitbull…er Dober…Rottweil…that's what I meant. I found this [the white sequined poinsettia decoration she wore on her hat in her photos] and grabbed this, this is really pretty. I'm gonna put it on the tree, but it's got like a little clippy, so it's almost like a little hair tie. But um, that was a dollar-forty-eight so that even cheaper, so I got two of those. For now we'll put them on the tree. I like matching sets. So now we've got three matching things for our tree: our initials from your mom, the little dangly that's…goes together, and then these. So that'll be nice.

[he patiently waits for her to finish her show-and-tell but is clearly ready to start the car and leave]

So um, yeah. So now we're gonna go home cuz we've got laundry to do and stuff. And we had a really good day out today. That was a lot of fun. The food was delicious. Our trip was out…was trip was…the trip out was fun. We always have such a good time together. [she strokes the side of his neck] Always so happy, so, so happy. Aw, you look so tired. Okay let's get home so you can go to bed. Cuz it's 6 p.m. Okay.

J: Bye bye.

The remainder of the video comprises the two videos in hospital after the accident and the short video at home describing her broken rib which have already been posted.

How amusing that she got an Ursula plush when that is the OP image of this thread.

No. 476551


>I know, I'll record when our food comes so don't dig into it right away yet. I know you're hungry, but just let me take a picture of it real quick and then um, and then you can dig in.

Talking to him like he's a child.

Constantly stroking and petting him like the subservient creature he is.

She is not-so-subtly domineering.

No. 476556

File: 1513656775555.jpg (99.68 KB, 2048x1152, 23593673_1949756738599299_3406…)

Last month she posted this pic of the car with the caption, "I am in love with this car."

Can anyone identify the make and model?

No. 476557

File: 1513656849855.jpg (253.54 KB, 2048x1573, 23593636_1950694678505505_1561…)

Fan art.

No. 476558

File: 1513656917349.png (333.97 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-18-19-48-52…)

No. 476559


Google image search says it's a 2011 Ford Fiesta.

No. 476561


Maybe a 2013.

No. 476565

File: 1513658145714.png (518.18 KB, 800x698, Screenshot_2017-12-18-20-31-56…)

>Apparently, uh, because the car was in kind of bad shape and um, it had started locking up. Like, the transmission was slipping to start with


No. 476567

I'm willing to bet she commissioned it and is calling it 'fanart'.

No. 476592

Still willing to bet he crashed that car on purpose.

Glanced over at his goff fiancée and thought “ Fuck This “ and swerved into oncoming traffic.

No. 476600

kek at what a n00b she is to modern technology.

Can't wait for her to ruin his and his family's christmas though. You just know she will. It's just a matter of time before they stop putting up with her BS. Josh may be a somewhat moronic methhead, but he's not going to be as easily manipulated as pedobait Logan who just got together with her to be edgy (and then he was stuck).

No. 476601

>I was like, no don't cut my dress off, and they did. I can't find another one. Well, I found one but it's like fucking a hundred and fifty fucking dollars, and there's no way I can ever replace it. It was, like, from 2003. So I'm really sad about that.

She just had to mention how much it cost and that indeed it was vintage hot topic.I cant believe she wore that just to go to Walmart and buy unecessary stuffed animals.Their trailer will be filled with those before its ever filled with necessary household items.

No. 476603


Maybe she believes that the talking Chuckie doll she bought on TradeMe (which I bet is a present for Josh) will animate the rest of her dolls and plushies to do the cooking and cleaning.

No. 476607

File: 1513669866839.jpg (29.57 KB, 314x405, 1609716_1501381110103533_47875…)


She is so childish in her need to film her toys RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW IN THE CAR. She can't even wait until they get home where she can show them off with better lighting and in a better setting. She could film herself introducing them to Lorelei and Ollie the Octopus at a tea party beneath the tacky tree where they could eat the Cupcake Pillow.

Josh was obviously tired and just tolerating her nonsense. Listen to the tone of his voice when he says, "Bye bye!"

He sounded almost as disinterested and over it all as Logan did when he was buying the $200 bear for her.

>I really want this shirt, but I, I uh, I don't ask for stuff

>I asked Josh if we could…if I could start the tradition again with him, and so he got me…he chose this beautiful little girl.

[insert eye-roll pic here]

No. 476609


>Back when I first had Dorian I had a tradition where I would buy a teddy bear with a year on its foot every year

>Before moving over here I had to throw them away

Subtle, Raven.

No. 476630

I just can't with this bitch lately …
>But um, definitely we're not looking into suing anybody or anything like that
who the fuck would you sue? The driver at fault? if it hadn't been Coucho's fault, you'd be looking at suing the other driver, anyone else in the car, fucking pedestrians who saw it, and probably your son because why not.

No. 476634

"and probably your son"

my sides hurt just as much as Gravy's supposedly do right now. fuckin top kek

No. 476636

When she starts touching him and calling him "this one". He looks soo annoyed. She also keeps saying "how lucky am I" and shit like that and as much as he probably appreciates her thinking nicely of him, it puts fucking pressure on the man. Just let him be. It sounds like if he ever says no to Walmart and "sniffing stuff" she's gonna gasp and say how he's a changed man now.

Also filming him from a stupid angle, it's soo unnecessary. You can clearly see she just can't be happy in life, considering she just has to film everything.

God damn he looks tired and old. She looks like she drained 10 years of his life in these few months.
And this is before the accident. Geez.

No. 476638

File: 1513681608777.jpg (652.93 KB, 948x632, HrROBYl.jpg)

Keep stuffing your fat face Ravey

No. 476641


And he had to interrupt and remind her of what they bought for him. Otherwise she would not have mentioned it.


Leaning on the side of her fractured rib, no less. In the other part of the video she explicitly says putting pressure on that side causes so much pain. She fractured her second rib which is closely underneath the collarbone.


>I didn't cut up this side of my face or anything else or break my legs or, or anything else and the windshield shattered all around me.

Has she not heard of safety glass? It's designed to not cut people in auto accidents.

Since Josh served in the Army in Iraq, he undoubtedly has faced mortality and seen firsthand how life can end violently in a split second, so his silence on the subject is unsurprising.

No. 476642

File: 1513683177407.png (706.3 KB, 800x983, Screenshot_2017-12-19-03-29-44…)

She's already hinting at the car she wants.

But seriously, could this post be any more ill-timed?

No. 476644

File: 1513683580177.png (160.71 KB, 800x981, Screenshot_2017-12-19-03-35-22…)


I wonder if Josh's mom was eligible and registered for the class action lawsuit?


Even though the transmission is known to be faulty, driving the car when such a vital part was already failing is inexcusable.

No. 476647

All hail the Gobblin’ Queen.

No. 476648

That second chin is going to completely cover her Emily Boo rip off butterfly neck tattoo, half covered already kek

No. 476649

there's a fine for driving without insurance in SC? could it be as simple as that?

No. 476650

>I had to throw away these beautiful sentimental bears I've been getting as a tradition every year since my son was born.
>I had to keep my damn cupcake pillow and unicorn plushies that I got just now but hey they are shiny and new etc.
lol yeah ok. noooooo way you could've fit more bears in your seven suitcases or boxes of stuff you're having shipped over. i'm kinda surprised she's not complaining about having to give up dorian's baby pictures or shitty kindergarten art with all the stuff she chooses to hoard instead.

No. 476651

ugh if you told me this pic was taken before her weight loss surgery (without the sniffer ofc) I would believe you.

No. 476653

I thought one of the reasons she couldn't work was that she was soooooooo blind tho? But she can drive? Has she even got her license or ANY documentation since she's moved back to the US?

Probably sue the manufacturer, if anything, per >>476644
idk tho they seem like the sort to ignore all safety recalls and probably not have their car inspected or maintained regularly and still try and sue the company when something goes wrong. Like when chrischan's mom tried to blame/sue Keurig after improperly using their coffeemaker caused their house to burn down.

No. 476654


Insurance requirements in SC >>471841

She has said only that he was liable for driving an unsafe vehicle which is a violation of >>472128

She has said nothing about insurance. But Josh's employer, FedEx Ground, has strict requirements for their drivers whose driving records must meet >>472578. Driving without insurance would be exceptionally foolish.

No. 476657


No, she has not gotten a state ID or Drivers License or established county residency. In >>472107 she said

>And I've been here two months. I haven't even finished getting, like, my license and things like that.

She needs to do both of these things to apply for Medicaid as explained in >>472164 and several other places in this thread. She has until the end of the month to apply and qualify for presumptive eligibility >>472173 so that the hospital and other provider bills are covered.

Before she left New Zealand she said that the first thing she needed to do would be to get a new Social Security card with her new name (she changed it legally while living in New Zealand), presumably so that they could get married ASAP.

She has a valid US passport which she will need to get her ID or DL. But she also needs her SS card in order to get a state ID or DL >>472176. Has she even gotten her SS card?

Basically, she has fucked herself with her desire for a vanity gother-than-thou name and her decision to immerse herself in TLTWMTL for two months instead of getting her shit together.

They cannot file an individual suit for the same claim once a class action suit has been filed. They could potentially file for wrongful death or dismemberment but that is not the case here.

SC does not require vehicle inspection as per >>472190.

I am not a lawyer, but I know my way around insurance and Medicaid.

No. 476660

File: 1513693924625.jpg (43.89 KB, 882x418, eHqXX5H.jpg)

she still looks rough af and old without makeup nonetheless it's vastly better than when she cakes it on especially the raccoon eyes and unflattering contact lenses..

No. 476661

Looks better in this pic.

No. 476662

Oh, I missed the part where she specified what the fine was for.

Some very casual googling had lead me to this:
>In South Carolina, motorists who drive without the required insurance can be found guilty of a misdemeanor. Failure to present insurance papers or an insurance ID when a traffic official asks for it will result in a $100-200 fine and the possible confiscation of registration and license plates. You will need to either pay the $550 Uninsured Motorist Fee or file a SR-22 immediately after the citation.

Yes, he'd be nuts to drive without insurance; he'd also be nuts to knowingly drive a car with a failing transmission (if he indeed knew).

No. 476663


She didn't say outright that he was cited, but she did say in >>472107

>And um, the faults of the accident was on our side because of the car. Apparently, uh, because the car was in kind of bad shape and um, it had started locking up. Like, the transmission was slipping to start with

I have been checking the Greenwood county court records daily to find out what he was cited for.

No. 476671

She looks like a perpetual dumpster fire. It's impossible for her to have a "good" day.
She wasn't very attractive to begin with. That face metal and tattoos have completely destroyed any chance she had to look okayish with less hideous makeup and a personal hygiene routine.

Might as well double down and pretend to be a proud goth swamp woman forever, there's no coming back from this.

No. 476672


He's in training. He tips his head and you know he's just spent an interminable amount of time having bits of her stuffed under his nose with barked instructions to "smell this."

The whole "this one" is weirdly infantilising and hinky. But I think you're right, nonnie…how long til Couchie shrieks "NOOOOOOO" and legs it, twitching all the way?

No. 476707

Although I loathe Cravy, not sure it's fair to blame how knackered he looks on her. Any courier looks like death warmed over at this time of year, they work their arses off.

But he sure as hell shouldn't have been driving at night when he was that tired. I guess when Walmart calls cows must gather, all followed by zombie-eyed herders.

Wonder if Cravy will bump in to Amberlynn and her cowherd? What happens if two cows collide, especially two big beefy ones - do they merge to make a Supercow?

No. 476722


Oh man, the opiate crisis came just in time for Raven. Doctors are increasingly receiving pressure to NOT prescribe pain pills and their medical licenses have been put in jeopardy. Raven already let it slip how much she likes the high, so of course she's going to start exaggerating pain to try and get more prescriptions. Unless she gets lucky, she won't. An ER doc and ICU doc don't give a shit about the opiate crisis and just worry about keeping the patient comfortable while in their care because it's short term. Meanwhile, Raven is going to see a regular physician who will raise their eyes when she asks for more pills. They might give her another prescription, but she'll be surprised how strict they are compared to ICU treatment. Raven already uses all the key language and habits of someone trying to beg for pills so hopefully she gets a doctor who is a bit more aware of pill poppers.

And it looks like Raven has already set herself up to use this accident as a means of manipulation. She already makes sure to use confusing language that both accuses Josh while immediately saying she doesn't. She talks about being lucky while making sure to speak twice as much about her pain and suffering. She's already making sure to mention how she's in a lot of pain despite Josh talking about getting better. Raven may not have the severe attachment to being hospitalized and being sick as a genuine spoonie, but she's obsessed with the treatment you get. This is the exact treatment she needs to stay interested and I think Josh is going to find out how demanding she is. She uses everything as a weapon.

We have many years of Raven using this accident for pity and to beg for pills. It's going to be great.

No. 476769

Eureka! I just worked out why she does that nauseating "this one" thing.

There have been so many and they're so interchangeable she can't remember his name. And it's irrelevant anyway, he has no identity except as a reflection of her. This one…the last one….the next one…

"Oh yeah - this one is still in training but is obedient so far. It talks to the camera when it's told to, it gets the words mostly right although requires promoting and it produces gofftat without too much prodding. Not like the last one. The last one (and off she goes on a tirade.)"

Genius, really. Until this one wears out.

No. 476823

He is so fed up with her, and like other anons are saying, before the crash. I can't believe how bad he looks! He's not a good looking dude but fucking hell. He looks beat to shit, just completely exhausted. That's not tired, that's emotional weariness brought on by having to listen to the incessant ramblings of a fatass narc who's taken over your life.

I hope that his family gets protective soon, and that he ditches, leaving her in the trailer and going back to mom or his brother. It would be hilarious to see Raven crying, all alone in that shed.

Now I'm wondering if her talking about the crash is because they're thinking they'll get in on this class action suit, 'Yeah, see? We had a life threatening accident due to the Fiesta's faulty transmission!' or whatever the fuck.

I'm still gobsmacked at how bad Couchie looks. Raven really is the female Onion. She drains her partners of all life and vitality, leaving them numb husks. The older and more tired they look, the fattter and more demanding she gets.


No. 476831

Pigface gravy. What's that expression on the right? Surprise that the trough is empty?

No. 476832


Did you actually read the screencap? The opt-in deadline has passed. And only Josh's mom was eligible as the owner.

No. 476833

God her big giant head, what the fuck? I can't believe how huge it has gotten. I mean look at that fucker! All of her features have mooshed into the next, making her look very manly. She looks like a sumo wrestler. She can carry that thing around but she can't wash a dish? I don't fucking think so Raven. Goddamn.

No. 476834

File: 1513736967876.png (287.75 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2017-12-19-18-22-26…)

No. 476835

>And um, and this other person just wanted to be really nice and she bought me something from my Amazon wishlist

Really? The George Foreman Grill is the only item that has been purchased, and it was purchased on December 2nd, the same day it was listed.

No. 476837

File: 1513737983626.png (202.03 KB, 800x736, Screenshot_2017-12-19-18-25-07…)

Of course, she could simply refrain from buying more toys at Walmart and buy the dress instead.

This is why you save money: in case of emergencies (she considers the dress an emergency).

Raven fit into a size small? The size she wore before barely covered her breasts, and that was before she regained weight in them.

And she would cut the zipper out of a hard-to-find dress and turn it into a corset? Invest in a sewing machine and learn a real skill. She has enough idle time. And sewing for herself would satisfy her desire to play dress-up.

No. 476838

Why does she want three more blingtastic crimbo trees? They've already got one. Unlike a stove, vacuum, bed, furniture etc etc etc.

And I must be getting soft in my dotage. I know she's horrible, and has left any amount of destruction in her wake but no, I don't wish alone and crying in the shed on her. Not entirely sure why, am possibly going mad.

I don't know if BPD has ever been officially diagnosed, but I've been wondering if she's on the autism spectrum. She's absolutely blind to the cues of others. That may be due to BPD (I can't really get a handle on what it us, no matter how much i read up on it - you probably need to know someone with it to get a real feel for the full chaos of it) but it's very odd. Unless it's panicked wishful thinking, "If I prattle on enough it'll cover up the cracks."

No. 476839

File: 1513738418220.png (37.72 KB, 800x204, Screenshot_2017-12-19-18-26-03…)

Confirmed that she is not covered by Josh's insurance from FedEx Ground.

Who is this "they" she is referring to? The hospital?

Hospitals have social workers who assist uninsured patients in applying for Medicaid, Medicare, insurance exchanges under the ACA, and other programs, but hospitals themselves don't pay.

No. 476841


Fine. Cancel my soft moment about not wanting her alone and crying. This woman is just beyond the pale. And her friend is an illiterate cretin.

No. 476843


She attempted to diagnose herself with Aspergers


No. 476844

i had never seen that video and what the actual fuck. no way in hell Ravey is on the autism spectrum. she has some cluster B disorder, most likely BPD. hopefully one day she goes through those symptoms and sees how it matches her perfectly.

No. 476845


I think the diagnosis for this creature is megalomaniacally entitled obnoxious hag.

It's quite astounding. "Alone and crying" kicked me in the feefees and, true to form, the next post completely wiped out any sympathy. It's christmas, nobody need be wasting money replacing a hideous dress when she has forty thousand more hideous dresses. Has she never heard of saying "no?"

Besides, before she has so much as a new bar of soap, they need to replace his mother's car. I can just imagine her prattling on about how her slutrags were replaced but having no recognition of her own obligations. Unfuckingreal.

No. 476848


Her first Aspergers video


No. 476851


She has made references to her BPD throughout her older videos, but whether she has been clinically diagnosed is unknown.

She re-uploaded a video by someone else about BPD. In the description she refers to a video of her own about BPD which is no longer available.

"What it feels like to have BPD possible trigger"


No. 476852


Insurance companies hire people to do internet searches and also follow people. This is for even small time cases. At the moment is is unlikely anyone has checked up but they will if anyone gets insurance involved. I know insurance lawyers who have even Facebook profiles and posts checked.

For the fine you are right. As for his job, it's not like they are running DMV checks every week. Usually it's done once or twice a year. Even being at fault in an accident might not make him lose his job. A DUI would for sure. Basically a company that has you driving will have a policy that you have to self report these things. If he is seasonal and doesn't care to try for full time he can just not say anything. Plus, making a mistake driving doesn't mean you'll be fired. There are different point systems that a company will use to reward and punish those that drive for company purposes.

No. 476856


My reply was in response to a comment regarding Josh's mom's insurance, her liability for the accident, and how the accident will affect her rates. While she is the owner of the car, she was not driving.

Also, we do not know if Josh is an authorized driver on her insurance.

The requirements for FedEx drivers are listed in >>472578. Josh already has moving violations on his record as recently as 2016.

No. 476857

File: 1513741430996.png (131.29 KB, 800x500, Screenshot_2017-12-19-19-04-12…)


This date of service is due to a car accident. Can I delay payment until I have settled with the auto insurance carrier?

No, however you can set up a payment plan. The reason that we are not able to wait for an Auto Insurance Carrier to settle a claim is because litigation in these types of cases can take several years to settle. We are unable to hold accounts for that period of time with little or no payment. A payment plan should be discussed with Patient Financial Services by calling (864) 725-7800. Payment in full is expected after the Auto Carrier has settled the claim.


No. 476862

>four trees back in NZ storage
>tree in trailer
>three more trees on wishlist

No. 476867

Baha! Bitch none of the puportions on a size small dress would fit you, even if you chopped it up and made it a corset. You'd have to adjust everything cups, shoulders, arm holes, hip in the skirt, skirt length, etc. making it bigger. You'd need matching fabric because no way would there be enough extra in the selvedge. You a seamstress? K, then that's an expensive job.
How about you wait and beg for one in your size instead when one comes up for sale? No, I know, you don't care if it will fit or not. It's not about replacing and wearing it. It's about owning a thing and knowing you have it in a box somewhere.

No. 476873

File: 1513744709355.jpg (49.95 KB, 600x593, nice pup.jpg)



No. 476891

not that anon, but I love you.


>are you a small now!

I am deceased.

No. 476901

y… I'm getting anxiety just looking at him in this video

No. 476902


He needs to kill that tee shirt with fire. Just saying.

Sage for no contribution

No. 476907

File: 1513764256926.png (200.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171220-185539.png)

Lol, didn't think anyone else listened to freestyle anymore. This was on her list as well.

Sorry for not contributing. Sage big time.

No. 476909

posted a couple of days ago,see

No. 476910


Yeah, we amused ourselves with that! >>476067

No. 476911


Having more trees on her wishlist is insulting to Josh's mom, like the tree she bought for them isn't enough.

No. 476913

File: 1513765266127.png (539.03 KB, 800x620, Screenshot_2017-12-20-02-19-02…)

So narc.

No. 476915


oh boy a world of oxy, plushies, mldy trailers and 50 christmas trees. such vision

No. 476938

it just doesn't feel like a proper Christmas, yanno? Really a six-footer would have made Raven feel more welcome and more like Josh's mom cared.

No. 476959

Ops my bad, I'm always so late on this. Lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 476990

He was so tired in this video that I have to wonder if that factored into the accident. Maybe the transmission didn’t fail but he slipped into the wrong gear and stalled it, and made out like it was the car to save face.

She even made a pointed comment about how early it was. He’s complained of being sleep deprived before. He must work hard and then have to deal without Raven talking nonsense at him late into the night. Maybe it’s her tactic to break men down into complicity.

No. 477004


Nuts. Wish I had some way of shooping this:

"I'm not here to fit into your world. I'm here to ruin it."

No. 477033

Maybe this year logan and dorian will have a nice christmas. That is if the hog didn't ruin it for them forever. She was so pissed nobody ever got her anything and mentioned everything she gave them. Why couldn't she feel good about just giving and not expect anything in return ? Logan worked his ass off to maintain the house , get her tattoos done and still buy stupid expensive dolls all year long but still wanted more come christmas time. What a bitch. And know shes doing the same with josh wanting more gifts, dolls ,& trees.

No. 477153

New video showing off the doctor who gifts she got from Josh.


The dress was supposed to be a Christmas present but Josh couldn't wrap it so what do you know, raven got it early.

No. 477155

oops, couchie! now she will complain that she got NOTHING for christmas and it doesn't COUNT because it wasn't a REAL christmas present!

such a short time, so many mistakes that rayray can shit on you for forever.

No. 477171

rookie mistake couch lord

No. 477174

Apparently that momo never thought of putting it in a box, and then wrapping that.

No. 477175

lets be honest, he just understandably did want to wrap it, and probably just gave the present early to shut her constant complaaining about the dress.

She literally doesn't stop talking about the fucking dress in her videos, i cannot imagine how much she must complain about it irl.

No. 477177

I love how she is still addressing things we said here like her boobs, her looking fat, she having a matching it tshirt with Logan yadayada

No. 477178

File: 1513862374270.png (52.21 KB, 967x437, Untitled.png)

she says in the video "I went with a large just to be safe"

some momo comments this and I'm just sitting here like "not pregnant, just fat and you're retarded"

No. 477180


If she had not just been in hospital where pregnancy testing is mandatory and was not gaining weight I would think that she is dropping hints that she's pregnant, too.

No. 477181

The problem with that dress is that it is a skater dress for TEENAGERS and she is a fat flabby 50yo grandma who does not wear a bra nor cinches her gigantic squareshaped waist.

No. 477183

Doctor Who gifts

Published on Dec 21, 2017

Look at this gorgeous dress that Josh bought for me. It was supposed to be a Christmas present, but he got really excited and frustrated because he couldn't wrap it, and so he gave it to me early yesterday. It's from BBC Hot Topic collection. It's a size large, and I could have actually gone medium. I went large just to be safe, but it's not tight-fitting. It's a really soft, soft crushed velvet. It's got this cute little collar. I'm not really a fan of collars, but it suits this dress. Got a little mesh. It reminds me of the green, the green bones dress that I have that everybody seems to have. And it's got this gorgeous night sky background with the TARDIS over here. This is a spectacular dress, especially in person. Even Josh is like, wow, that's really well made. The velvet is so incredibly soft. Back in my early goth days all I wore were velvet dresses, and I grew out of that. I haven't worn velvet in quite some time. But um, this dress, this dress is just beautiful. I will do a try on in a little while. I love that it's got a high, it's got a high waist, so it hides the tummy bulge or whatever. It's a princess waist so you boobs sit about here, and this is above your waist, your natural waist. On this dress it's probably closer to I'd say around here-ish, so it's like princess cut, it's right under the bustline, and it probably doesn't look like it, but it is it's a very high waist. And I think it ends around my knee. So I will go take a shower and then I'll come back and try this on for you guys and see what you think. It's…I'm like, this is all I thought about last night, god, and I want to make this video. It's actually very heavy, it's a really good quality.

I'm gonna go ahead and show this as well. I would have shown it by now in other videos. But the day of the crash he bought this for me. This was from Walmart and it was like bucks, but I desperately wanted. This is a very similar design. And because in New Zealand anything with Doctor Who it's just a picture of the TARDIS on its own, you don't really get these pretty backgrounds as such. And um, on this one you do. So this is a gorgeous shirt. The background is so pretty. It'll be even better if it glowed in the dark, but that's alright. I was so in awe when I saw this shirt, I was just like, oh my god, I want it, I want it, I want it! And um, I'm not sure if I can put this on for you guys. I put it on once, but my, my rib hurts so much it's really hard for me to lift my arms above my head, so if I can do it to put the shirt on I'll do a try on after I shower as well.

This is the gorgeous Doctor Who shirt. I was able to put it on for you guys very…Um, this is a medium, and it's not skin tight. It's a bit tight against the chest, my boobs are quite a bit bigger for some reason lately. But uh, this is a beautiful, beautiful shirt as you can see. It's…but um, it's just such a striking design, it's really nice. It goes down to probably I'd say…this is my waist right there, so it goes down to about crotch level on me for a medium. So the fit is really good. The quality is really good. It's not like a really thin shirt. You can feel the prints on it. It does feel like it would last through lots of washings. I haven't had a lot of experience with Walmart shirts in quite some time. I don't think I've ever bought a shirt from Walmart. But this one and the It shirt that we got are just spectacular quality for $7. Just I still can't believe how cheap things are here.

So I'm going to go and put on the dress for you guys and let you see that. I might try on the It shirt as well because a lot of people seen it on him kind of when he's turned sideways with me in photos. They haven't actually seen it, like, full frontal, so while I'm here hurting myself anyway I'm just gonna go and try on that shirt and show you guys.

Here's the Pennywise shirt, the It shirt. This is the original Pennywise. And it says, "They all float down here." Now, I've got another It shirt that I got when I was with Logan, and I ordered that online from Facebook, and it cost about $50, and the quality of those shirts is nowhere near as good as the quality of this. This is, like, his face directly printed on it. This is such an eye-catching shirt. I really, really love, love this shirt. And this is also size medium. Anybody who has seen this shirt on josh has said, wow that's a beautiful shirt. And I can of course see why, it's just like I said. I don't wear t-shirts out. One day maybe I will, and I don't want to pass up the chance to get these amazing shirts, especially for $7, especially from Walmart.

This is the absolutely beautiful dress that Josh bought me. There's the colors. You can see very similar to the green and black dress that I have, very, very similar design, except this waistband goes right under your boobs. Now if I was flatter on top this waistline might be a bit lower, but I'm not. Well, especially not right now. So it's quite high no there are two things…well, there's something I like and something I don't like about this dress. What I do like is that the waist minute is high and it does hide if you've got bloating or whatever…I don't know why the camera's trying not to focus…This is the whole thing, by the way. And it's kind of like this cute little princessy kind of dress. It's really adorable, it's really little girl looking. What I don't like is that it also makes you look quite chunky.

Now, I'm by no means skinny, so you can stop right there. But as you saw with the t-shirt earlier that was more tight-fitting to my body, I haven't actually put on all that much weight. I've put on a little bit of weight. Something's going on with me. My fucking tits are gigantic. I've got swelling from the accident. I know my whole hip on this side is swollen. I got lumps in my back and I've got like lumps right here from my kidney and liver damage, so, so I am bloated, I am swollen. This makes me feel very fat, like, very fat. I do not like how fat it makes me feel. Like, just, it's like a pregnancy dress almost. So I probably wouldn't wear it until I trimmed down a little bit. But see, like, my ribs are right here. There's…I don't have any more, you know, I don't have any meat to lose over my ribs. This is my bone right there, that's not rolls of fat or anything. And anything else that's fat is hidden by the dress. So I don't really understand what's going on here, how, you know…I mean, my hips could do with a little bit of pushing down, but even so the weight comes from right here, the weight look comes from right here, as does this because I've got these things [grabs her breasts] going on at the moment. But hey, you know, it'll hide everything. I'll just, you know, maybe learn to accessorize or something. But it is, it is really nice. It feels really good. I love the way it feels, I love the design, I love the way it looks. And um, this is just a really nice gesture it's really nice. Little brat left the fuckin' price tag on it as well. But um, I'm still so happy with this dress. I wanted it so badly. It is quite stretchy so it's still, you know, it's still loose. It's just tight across my tits. But the rest of it, it's not, like, it's not tight at all. I could have gone to medium, believe it or not, and it might not look that way, but it could have gone to medium. And I can easily just stick my fingers in it. There's a lot of room, a lot of room, so I'm not, not too sure…See, if I were to tighten it like that, you know, to where my body actually is it's not too bad. It's just I think it's my boobs that's doing it, honestly. There's nothing I can do about that right now. This would make a great maternity dress, I'll tell you that much, because you could just, you can walk around looking cute as hell. Just a thought.

But uh, yeah. What do you guys think? Isn't it fucking adorable? It's so cute. Sorry for the non-flatteringness on my own body, but I don't care. I love it I love it I love it I love it. And you can wear it with a hoodie or something to hide, you know, this bit, it would still look excellent. So you know what, I am gonna wear it, I don't care. And if anybody doesn't like it, they can just kiss my fat ass. [laughs] Josh bought it for me and he thinks it's cute, and I think it's cute, and um, I'm super happy. It was very, very sweet of him.

No. 477184


>Little brat left the fuckin' price tag on it as well.

"Little brat"?

No. 477186

File: 1513867054010.png (846.49 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-21-06-28-54…)


>This makes me feel very fat, like, very fat. I do not like how fat it makes me feel. There's a lot of room, a lot of room, so I'm not, not too sure…See, if I were to tighten it like that, you know, to where my body actually is it's not too bad. It's just I think it's my boobs that's doing it, honestly.

It's simply an unflattering cut for her body type and proportions. Her breasts pull the dress up in the front; the front hem is about two inches higher than the back hem. A bra would make it fit even worse.

No. 477188

For real, you can't wear a cut like that if you larger breasts unless you want everything to turn into a weird babydoll style.

With her talking about how big her boobs have gotten it's no wonder why some of the comments are speculating if she's pregnant. I think it's just weight gain though.

Honestly I think the tardis makes it look tacky. It could've been really pretty with just the star pattern. I didn't know Raven even watched Dr. Who.

No. 477193

File: 1513870887363.jpeg (185.84 KB, 1242x1849, 1513125509944a.jpeg)


Repost of [pic related] from earlier in the thread.

This dress is not cut for larger breasts and appreciable curves.

No. 477196

Yeah she and Logan are into Doctor Who apparently. There was a video of her bitching about all the female actresses on the show, top kek she's so jealous

No. 477206

"the dress Josh got me" "Josh got me this dress" "Josh got it for me"

We geeet it Raven, Momo has 7 dollars to spare on you. Stop bragging, it's not even a real Christmas present, right?

No. 477207


Shed's looking good, Cravy. I particularly like that plastic bag in the other room, gives it that bag lady feel. Nice to see you're making it homey, getting the essentials.

"Little brat?" That's not emasculating at all. Does she cut his food up for him too?

No. 477208

unpopular opinion but I actually quite like the dress she won't stop going on about, the style and cut of it anyway (don't get me wrong it looks atrocious on her). Ravey be grateful you survived and stop whining about a fucking dress. A similar design is not hard to find if you could bother looking

the ironic thing is that skater dresses flatter nearly everyone, but they can't even make her look good kek

I can't be bothered watching her videos but was she calling Josh a little brat? Wtf… like a mom talking to her child.

No. 477210

Maybe your 'little brat' left the price tag on because he thought you might bitch and want to return it or something if it's the wrong size or heavens knows you'd find something wrong with it.
Also, how bipolar is she? Lists endless things she hates about the dress and says she wont wear it until she slims down and then at the end says she loves it and fuck the haters and she's going to wear it anyway. ????

No. 477211

My god, that's a depressing scene. They can't go on Craigslist and get some furniture? What a fucking hovel.

No. 477212

Clearly she wants everyone to think that she's pregnant. I don't see how in the fuck the TARDIS dress would make a good maternity dress though, she's delusional.

No. 477213

She keeps saying she could of got a medium but you instantly tell by looking at the video that the large already looks too small because of the breast size. So if she got a medium it would look so much worse.

No. 477216


She projects feeling like she looks fat in the dress onto her haters and then rejects the notion that she looks fat in the dress.

That's some impressive mental gymnastics.

No. 477217

File: 1513879372542.png (65.02 KB, 800x765, Screenshot_2017-12-21-09-53-11…)

Hot Topic's size chart.

If the dress was designed well across sizes, the larger sizes would be cut to allow for larger breasts and curves.

Agreed about Josh leaving the tag on so that she could return or exchange it for a different size.

That is how to shop wisely and reduce extraneous spending on items you won't use, like the clothes haul from Zaful and Dress Lily that you "look down on" and would throw away if you don't give too a fan.

No. 477226

The dress is final sale no returns now. It is probably too much effort for her to return things. She can send it to one of her fans.

No. 477235

Maybe your tits are huge because your ass is fat? She'll have us believe she's "swollen". Whatever the fuck ever. I can't with this bitch.

No. 477236

Her tits aren't even big, they're just extremely saggy and deflated. sad little pancakes

No. 477239


Me neither. I do try, but she's got such a monotone, dreary delivery I can't do more than thirty seconds without considering suicide.

Thank St.Giles of the Farmers we have transcript-senpai. Saves me a fortune in band-aids.

No. 477243

File: 1513886614170.png (242.3 KB, 800x926, Screenshot_2017-12-21-11-59-08…)

Happy Holidays!

No. 477244

File: 1513886649377.png (220.45 KB, 800x720, Screenshot_2017-12-21-11-59-21…)

No. 477245

File: 1513886686095.png (211.95 KB, 800x678, Screenshot_2017-12-21-11-59-27…)

No. 477247

File: 1513886719100.png (253.17 KB, 800x942, Screenshot_2017-12-21-11-59-44…)

No. 477249

she didnt even wince in pain once moving around showing the shirts and dress lol

No. 477250


>It reminds me of the green, the green bones dress that I have that everybody seems to have.

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that dress the one Emily Boo has too? Lmao is she really trying to pass it off as "ugh everyone has that dress" to make herself seem less obsessed with her?

No. 477251

Ooooo yes here comes the milk!
Well, her address which she's been super duper secretive about since when "all her fans" want to send her "so much stuff" she gives them a different one, is no longer a secret.
Public records are public.

No. 477255

lol so he was arrested? and he was driving on the wrong side of the road?

No. 477259



>And that could have been it for us. We could have lost each other. He could have been in jail. I mean, we weren't drinking, there's no alcohol, no drugs, nothing like that, so there's no danger of any of that.

Yeah, I was wondering why she mentioned the possibility of jail jail. Have a listen and her body language and how she delivers those words.

No. 477261


Balance due $155.00

They both make terrible financial decisions if he can't afford such a small fine while working full time.

No. 477264

That address and his moms house are 5 miles apart. No wonder they take their clothing over to her house to launder. Why buy a washer/dryer when you can use doormat mommys and spend all that saved money on shitty nicknacks from hot topic and walmart?

Pray for Raven though. The closest Taco Bell is 26 miles away. There is a silver lining, it's right beside the closest walmart!

No. 477266


The shack is in West Columbia.

No. 477267

2010 denny hwy, saluda sc 29138

No. 477270


All of the Saluda addresses for him are old. What is listed in the court is taken from his drivers license.

She lists Columbia as her current city on SM. And aside from their trip to Greenwood, all of the stores and restaurants she has shown have been in Columbia.

No. 477277


Aaaaaaand it's a shed. Almost literally.

Altho I'm as pleased as everybody else that Logan is now free, how can she slag him off for minutiae when, since he left school, he has supported her to a far higher standard than this?

Real men aren't those who somehow validate you by twitching alongside you as you rail online at an imaginary hate army. Couchie's twice as old as Logan and not even half as established. I'm no Logan fan, but, apart from his appalling taste in goffgrannies, he was doing life far more successfully than these two.

No. 477278

How is it known as his old address? Also, if they lived in Columbia, why drive all the way to Greenwood (1.5hour away)? Saluda is plopped down in the middle of both cities, easy to visit one or the other.

No. 477279


For anyone who wants to keep score.

He has 8 points.

Point system for traffic offenses in South Carolina


No. 477284

File: 1513889312821.png (1.99 MB, 1903x763, loveshack.png)

only here can love truly blossom

No. 477285


On Facebook he was looking for housing specifically in Columbia.

FedEx Ground is in Columbia. He wouldn't commute 50 miles from Saluda.

No. 477291

If he couldn't find a cheap place that would rent to someone with shit credit, you bet your sweet ass he would. And besides, if they lived so far from Saluda, why would they be driving around in his moms car? They'd have to drive her car back to Saluda, they she'd have to drive them back to Columbia to drop them off, then herself back to Saluda.

Also, she said they wash their clothing at a laundromat and take the wet clothing to his moms house to dry. They'd drive 50 miles to dry clothing and then back to Columbia?

That is their shack.

No. 477294


So he failed to find even a trailer in all of Columbia and is commuting 50 miles to work.

No wonder he's so tired all the time.

Another address on Denny Highway is associated with him by two degrees of separation which is where I recognised it from previous Googling.

No. 477295

That's even sadder looking than it seems in her videos. Imagine working all day, commuting 50 miles one way, coming home to that with a screeching horror inside.

No. 477296


We posted simultaneously. I hadn't seen the pic and I remember a Denny Highway address being associated with him.

No. 477297

To be fair, it's only an hour drive. Most people drive an hour to their job. At least if you work in a bigger city and live in the suburbs. It's not that huge of an inconvenience really. But like you said, it's fucking exhausting.

No. 477298

You might be thinking of his moms house that is on a road connected to Denny Hwy. She lives on the corner of it, so it looks like the address would be on Denny Hwy, but it's not. She's just a hop away.

Love shack, baby love shack.

No. 477301

File: 1513890404725.jpg (85.28 KB, 591x439, javen2018.jpg)


The ominous clouds above the trailer are a nice touch.

InB4 [pic related]

No. 477303

She gave up beautiful Christchurch for that shit hole? What a loser!

No. 477307

I am intrigued by the driving on the wrong side of the road charge. I guess maybe the car conked out in an intersection (and then got T-boned) and so technically that is the charge, rather than operating a vehicle in an unsafe condition. Maybe that is why he pled guilty. I wonder what is the greater charge.

No. 477312

File: 1513892941481.png (9.82 MB, 1242x2208, 5ADF5B64-BB8C-48DC-8A33-BEE946…)

Here’s cravy crammed into her new t-shirt.>>477153

No. 477314


Looks the same as what's shown in >>471411 to me

No. 477316

The colors are the same as a picture she post of a dog, too. The only difference is the porch. The old renters/owners could have rebuilt the porch since google drove through in 2008.

No. 477320


According to >>477279 wrong side is 4 points and unsafe vehicle is 2 points.

No. 477321


So the shack is at least 10 years old.

No. 477322

The luuurveshed is a very old shed where
We can rot togethururrr
Loveshed Cou-chiieee

Might be time for my pills…

No. 477344

In the video with the dogs it seemed like she was facing towards woods, not roads. All buildings, including trailers, need a second exit for fire safety. Chances are the back door has a bigger deck facing the woods.

No. 477348

How the fuck do you know what people will or won't do when they're a) broke and b) need cash? Please stop, you don't know what you're talking about, and you're doing it with authority, which is cringeworthy.

They live in the shed in Saluda.

No. 477349

The tats on her right arm look like self harm scars because of the way the pic blurred, kek.

No. 477350

she has posted self harm pics on her and logan's WEDDING page, emo bitch is edgy af top kek

No. 477353

File: 1513902505530.jpeg (347.4 KB, 2048x1152, A8945F8B-7A34-43B6-8618-CD53F3…)

Post is about getting a “real” ring now, but also notice the sling she has on. I don’t see her wearing it in the other videos, only this pic. It’s almost like she is faking how bad it is or something.

No. 477354

the sling is less convincing when you're waving your arm around in it, gravy. if you're going to fake being hurt, at least do it right.

No. 477356

She’s so dumb. Pics like this make her look even more like a spoonie. And lol a tacky engagement ring with fake opals. They’re not even that expensive for real ones.

No. 477359

Not to mention opals are a terrible gem for a ring that will see a lot of use (like a wedding or engagement ring), as they are very easily damaged by (especially) water and even general use.

No. 477360

looks like Josh made her move the laundry cupboard back and get rid of the 'display' of dolls and shit on top of it and on the floor.

No. 477361

Took my pills 5-6 hours ago, but can’t stop hearing Love/Couch Shack while reading anyways… might be the anthem of their love that was more than love <3

No. 477363

So, a fan sent her money for the 'huge fine'. Hmmm.

No. 477366

If you look from the top view, it has a back deck which faces trees, beyond that a field. She's exaggerating a bit by calling it 'woods'.

No. 477373


No. 477376

he's so fucking sad

No. 477380

That's okay, raven. You'll be able to find black in your trailer park. It's cheaper and even more effective!
Kek this is the same bitch who made fun of my makeup. Ngl, wish i could afford nice makeup like the stuff she doesn't know how to use. I hope she gets pink eye from her filthy brushes.
> medium/large

No. 477403

Thanks for reminding me about how fragile those are. When you think about it, it’s the perfect stone for Ravy McCravy since her marriages expire after only five years! That ring will die out along with their love that was greater than love.

No. 477426

It's more than likely a synthetic opal. Not many manufacturers use real opal due to them getting messed up easily.

No. 477437


If you had followed the convo, you would see that I posted that before I saw the Google map pic and that I thought their address was the same as the one listed in public records (201 Denny Highway).

Raven has Columbia listed on her SM.

No. 477441

File: 1513927370876.jpg (201.75 KB, 1152x2048, 25586783_1964906813750958_6289…)

No. 477442

File: 1513927685626.jpg (49.33 KB, 800x800, V-17486820_0_800.jpg)


This appears to be her ring. It has been sold by Zales and other merchants since at least 2011 when it was featured in a Zales blog on jewelery trends.

Prong-set created opals with diamond accents, 14k white gold.

Orig $619.00
Now $371.40


No. 477445

File: 1513928740084.png (1023.03 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-21-23-34-47…)


Compare and contrast what she says in her latest video with the video about her early Christmas presents from Logan last year.

>He insisted on giving it to me early

>It's a size large but I could have gone down to a medium
>This style hides the loose skin on my stomach left from my weight loss
>I'm so lucky to have such a thoughtful and devoted husband

Logan's text reads like something someone would say after an "I hate you, don't leave me" episode with their borderline partner in the cycle of codependency, reassuring her that he still won't leave despite how she treated him.

This is your future, Josh. You're just another 5-year fly caught in her web of codependency.


No. 477446

File: 1513929195373.png (107.86 KB, 800x470, Screenshot_2017-12-21-23-50-13…)


No. 477448


She was given oxycodone and demerol (meperidine). They are not ruled out completely for use during pregnancy, but only if extremely needed. Oxycodone is class B (No risk in non-human studies) and meperidine is class C (risk not ruled out).

But dammit, that comment sounds like an even bigger hint than what she said in the video.

I'm scared, anons.