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File: 1498132109145.png (262.27 KB, 482x542, 3u8uhdbyw.png)

No. 400701

Old Threads:

>Gave all of her kittens from her female cat away because she couldn't afford to take them to the US.
>Bought more kittens after the ones she gave away.
>Dorian got a girlfriend and decided to not move to the US with Logan and Raven. Raven proceeded to post private messages between Dorian and his girlfriend online and flip out over him not going to the US.
>The true love forever couple has called it quits! They put up a charade of being together, going as far as celebrating their anniversary this year but have been split since October.
>Raven has immediately latched onto another man's dick living in the US and have declared their undying love for each other. This one is 31 at least.
>In video of her breakup she says how much of a man her new guy is and will stick up for her in front of Logan.
>Partially blames lolcow and KF for their failed relationship, along with Logan being too young to deal with all the drama, and Logan for losing his jobs and not having enough money. No blame on her part though.
>Heavily insistent on saying she hasn't cheated in very suspiciously fast new relationship yet the new guy's ex called him out for cheating on her with Raven.
>Claims to have been empowering women for years yet is making drama with her new beau's ex fiance, calling her a n*gger whore and only wanting this man for his recent income after ex fiance called him out on cheating on her with Raven.
>Is leaving for the US in 2 months, how much milk shall we get?




No. 400702

Downgraded to /snow/, eh?

No. 400703

>They put up a charade of being together, going as far as celebrating their anniversary this year but have been split since October.

And don't forget getting tattoos of each other. Who does that if you know your relationship is over? I don't believe they were truly split since October, but rather she's using it as an excuse so she doesn't seem like the cheater in this situation

No. 400704

Wondering why it was moved here too, especially since she just recently got so very milky.

No. 400705

no new thread can be started in pt anymore but there is a system for submitting new threads there. lets ask this to be moved back there.

No. 400706

They haven't been spilt since October - didn't she say in her recent video that they both knew it was over but didn't actually have the talk/make it final until a few days ago?

No. 400707

She says the trouble started last October and the final stretch and told no one about it and put up a front this whole time. They may have not had the official talk until the day of the video but they were both out of it well before then.

No. 400708

I noticed on review of the old threads that she lost her wedding ring 5 months ago. Apparently because she has lost weight it just slipped off. Interesting timing.

Also this hillbilly dude she's seeing now was with his fiancée until November according to another anon looking at the ex-fiancee's Facebook. Her messages make it seem like she was not aware they were completely broken up, which is intriguing.

As much of a poker face that Logan is, surely if this is a completely new development he wouldn't be so compliant… would he?

No. 400709

Josh seems a lot like the thirsty drop kicks you see on snapchat. I used to have a profile up on one of those add a friend snapchat sites and spent hours talking to randoms from different walks of life, even tried talking to the thirsty dropkicks when I was bored.

No. 400710

Well, she's a flake at heart, although she looks like a troll doll. You could also argue that she's too ugly to share a board with our queen.

Living with an unstable, emotional vampire like Raven is exhausting in the extreme and would turn anyone morose. I wouldn't be surprised if Logan was suicidal, not because he's sad to see her go, but because he has looked into the abyss, and the abyss has sat on his dick, and it looked like someone made a clone of Marilyn Manson out of playdoh. He has that thousand yard stare that only people who've done four tours of Afghanistan and who have witnessed Manlove Thursdays can replicate. This kid has ptsd from his time with Raven and is going to need so much therapy. He's (in)famous online by association, with not a rotten cent to show for it since that nasty freak spent all their money on bullshit.

There's going to be such milk when Raven hits the states and tweaker guy figures out what kind of living hell he's set himself up for. My body is ready.

No. 400711


I openly wish that he's catfishing Raven. Now that would be epic.

No. 400718

I completely forgot about the ring. This is getting more and more suspicious.

No. 400750

It's becoming more and more obvious that she was cheating!

No. 400755

Maybe she knew it was coming to an end and convinced Logan to get that shit tattoo of her (or rather, what she wishes she looked like) as a way of permanently marking him with her before she dumped him? Like a desperate attempt to scare away other women when she's no longer with him. He got it on a very visible / hard to hide area, whereas hers was on the back of her leg (I think?) If so that's a whole new level of psycho from Raven

No. 400810

The tattoo does seem a really super shitty thing to do. If they were on the rocks, poor kid might have been trying to prove his commitment and get things back on track, but she most likely already had her mind set.

Why did she get him tattooed on her though?

> he has looked into the abyss, and the abyss has sat on his dick, and it looked like someone made a clone of Marilyn Manson out of playdoh

Jfc my sides

No. 400836

Watching the final goodbye video, I noticed that she said she was going to gradually wean off social media so the "bullying" doesn't jeopardise another relationship. Why not do that for her marriage? She married a child and took the last of his adolescence and then blames him and lolcow for the stress?

Also, she's using him for storage for her "stuff", wtf? I hope he decides to burn it all when she's gone. Why should he lug her hoard around when she fucks off?

One upside to dating a lolcow is that when you break up, you can come read all the shit talking about your ex and feel better. Logan, if you read this, furrow your brow twice and pick your nose to signal for help.

No. 400892

she didn't wean herself because she secretly LOVES the attention and because the 5 years they were together for is FOREVER in her mind so she probably thought they "had a good run but now it's time for something new"

No. 400934

lol, that's literally what she said in Final Goodbye - good run, good try at it, gave it a good go. 5 years. She didn't even make it to Logan's 25th birthday, the age where people's brains have actually reached full maturity.

A 40-something year old thinks 5 years of marriage is a "good go of it". Younger people have de facto relationships last longer than that.

No. 400970

implying she's fully mature

No. 401009

Sad thing is that Logan would never be known by any strangers online if not for Raven. And we'll probably get great updates of him once Raven's relationship with this normie goes sour. He'll probably get a new girl and she'll be spending her woes ripping into her.

No. 401037

I think we'll get bitchy updates about Logan regardless

No. 401052


Raven broke up with Logan about 7 months ago.
Joshua broke up with Claudia about 7 months ago.

Raven goes into damage limitation mode and desperately tries to retrofit this new relationship so she doesn't look like a massive cheating whore when it's noticed she's jumped from one dick to another in the space of a day, while Joshua's ex Claudia claims Joshua has been cheating on her with Raven in the same times scale that Raven claims things were really falling apart between her and Logan behind the scenes. It doesn't take a degree to work out what's really going on here.

No. 401063

At least Logan is lucky in regards to the tattoo not looking like her at all. He can pass it off as generic goth pinup girl; although it's pretty shit looking and should just get covered anyways

No. 401080

Also, her ex-sponsor (aka the stupid kiwi who got her in NZ for startes and used to pimp her for shoes and stuff), must be really goingo crazy over this.
Wasn't he the 'only one she could really talk to'?

No. 401101

>Raven broke up with Logan about 7 months ago.

No, they "knew" they were over, but didn't have their "final talk" until a few days ago. Yet they celebrated their anniversary, got tattoos of each other, and continually acted like they were together since then, up until a few days ago when Raven started professing her love for Joshua.

Translation: Raven decided she was bored of Logan around 7 months ago but didn't bother telling him until she was ready to go public with Josh a few days ago. Because she decided to move on, she thinks nothing she did with Joshua counts as cheating, even though Logan probably thought their relationship was just having a rough patch.

Raven is more than willing to rewrite reality so she can continue pretending to be the epitome of eternal victimhood, blamelessness, and sexual purity, rather than the vindictive, egomaniacal, childish mega-skank she really is.

No. 401113

So are we all agreeing this is not fake?

No. 401114


Definitely a whole new level of 'That's so Raven'

No. 401128

Spot on. You gotta feel bad for Logan even though I'm sure he wanted out of the relationship long before Raven got bored of him. I really, really hope he cuts all contact with her after her fat ass leaves the country. He should burn or throw out all her trash, move back to his parents to heal and go on with his life.

I was so sure it was fake because this is fucked up even for her, but she's managed to outdo herself. It's almost always the cheaters who are most insecure in a relationship, eh Raven? ;)

No. 401130

>Logan, if you read this, furrow your brow twice and pick your nose to signal for help.

Watch out for this signal in Raven's next video ft. Logan

No. 401135

It's disgusting how she's practically forced Logan to say on video he's ok with all of this. As much as he might not want to be with her anyway, kid's gotta be pretty hurt regardless. What kind of bitch fit would she have thrown if Logan was the one talking to another girl online behind her back and then decides he wants out of the marriage to be with the new woman? It's always "do as I say not as I do" with Raven. I'm surprised Logan hasn't blown up yet, who knows how much anger he's holding down inside.

No. 401172

File: 1498230019596.png (283.46 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1554.PNG)

How vain you are to assume a status is about you. Get off fb Raven.

No. 401178

Thank you! She did not end things 7 months ago, regardless of if they both "knew" it was over. She officially ended it in June. She says as much in one of her breakup videos.

Why history is getting re-written is beyond me.

No. 401234

Who's she even referring to?

No. 401296

File: 1498246872088.jpg (19.85 KB, 255x250, ravenisdumb.JPG)

BF's new profile pic. Wonder if she already has access to his social medias so she can put pictures of herself on them/ monitor "sluts"

No. 401306

god her antics feel so myspace-era. it's gross. I guarantee she did this.

No. 401320

Desperate attempt to make him look less like a normie. She's moving to an entirely different country and has no idea how to take care of herself. This is going to be gold for us, Farmers. Josh seems like a giddy moron who just found himself a freaky alt girl after just getting over a relationship and Raven is so absolutely helpless. Whether she can manipulate him enough to care for her for how long is the question. Guy seems a little more assertive than Logan so there's going to be problems once that honeymoon stage is over and he understands Raven's overbearing neediness.

I really loved step one of her manipulation. A post of hers further up describes how she's putting her entire being in Josh's hands, thus setting him up for huge guilt trips and further manipulation once she makes it here. Dear Josh, because return to us once you realize what a self-absorbed cunt Raven is. We'll be waiting with open arms. If we can keep our ragging of shit stain Logan to a minimum we can be kind to you. See you soon.

No. 401344

She is sperging out about fb groups that are sexual atm. She doesn't understand why people would add her to such groups, and then going on about it being disgusting and reporting them. I hope people continue to add her to them until she gets how slutty she comes off.

No. 401358

File: 1498254457714.png (374.66 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1559.PNG)

What happened to being nice?

No. 401361

File: 1498254772999.png (385.76 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1561.PNG)

For someone who doesn't care she writes a lot.

No. 401367

File: 1498256495121.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285, 1474582005697.gif)

her and onion bitching so much about getting attention when they put their whole lives online.

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha

No. 401403

Did Emily really ever wrote about Raven? If so, when and where?

No. 401425


>She's mall goth on the streets, starfish in the sheets.

idk if this is the same anon who uses this phrase here and there on lolcow but i have to say it makes me grin everytime because i always get this horrid visual that's so perfect. thank you!

No. 401428

lol cracks me up that she names everything shes jealous of its so obvious shes copying her tattoos the ram head on her stomach is exactly the same

No. 401527

all Emily has done is made a post referencing "someone" who keeps making attacks on her. She's never instigated anything haha

No. 401535

File: 1498286515069.jpg (665.63 KB, 1920x2561, PhotoGrid_1498286368815.jpg)

I'm guessing this is what raven's rant was about.

No. 401541

Yup. Big ass rant over pretty much nothing. That's SO Raven

No. 401552

Did she really write an essay over that? It's not even clear it's about old raven but i guess she's so insecure she thinks every thing is about her. Fyi Emily said she wanted green hair last year (I'm a fan of her because she's actually nice unlike that white) and raven copies every thing. There will be a video soon about this she's so predictable. Get over yourself Diana Emily doesn't give a shit about you, she has a life

No. 401553

"I just saw a post" (on Boo's facebook)


So why do you keep looking at her profile, Raven?
I just love her 'i don't care posts' that go miles into caring. lol

No. 401554

File: 1498292841100.gif (463.32 KB, 260x208, 18k7l6cpxmz5bgif.gif)


this is just glorious.

Emily: @20 words, vague and annoyed.
Raven: @1000 words, completely loses her shit, detailed af.

I love you raven, you demented old bag. your spergouts are just the best.

No. 401556

The jealousy is real

No. 401557

We need to get Emily and Logan here

No. 401558


Yeah, I was thinking about that since our boy Dmitri keeps commenting on her facebook posts and photos.

No. 401567

Wow, the stress is sending her nuts.

Did she have a dig at Emily recently? Was Emily even talking about her?

No. 401617

more hostage shit

No. 401622

Can you imagine if she had a girl? She'd be 60 and her tats are greying, boobs pointing to the ground, skin wrinkling; she's she no longer remotely alternative looking- just a weird old lady. And let's say she has a beautiful 20 year old daughter. Maybe not even goth, maybe an intellectual student who wants to be something.

Raven viciously hates women as it is, is in competition with every one she meets and is intensely insecure, which manifests as extreme anger. Can you imagine how she'd feel towards her own daughter, especially one who accomplishes something?

Once the brief years of being able to dress them up and have them adore you is done, it would be endless fighting. Raven isn't mature enough for perspective or child development. Anything and everything would be taken personally and would be horrific years of fighting. Daddyofive would look like a piker compared to her.

You are right though, it would be hard for her to get pregnant and it's unlikely. Not impossible though, unfortunately, but pretty close. Still, I don't think that's news she'd keep to herself.

She's still having her period, as she never fails to mention, so she can still get pregnant. But by now, her eggs are mostly not viable (although some are) and her chances of having a child with Downs, or something else wrong, is much higher.

Can you see her as the mother of a kid with Downs? She couldn't raise one mentally normal kid to productive adulthood. She can't seem to manage the basic needs of a cat. A Downs baby? Ugh.

At her age she'd be offered an amniocentesis so they would find out early on. What they'd do about it is a different story, since she now claims pro-life.

But I don't think there really is any mystery. Raven can't keep quiet this long.

There's a natural progression as you age to tone it down a bit but also the key adult life moments of needing to be presentable enough for employment and not having the time or inclination if starting a family. Raven is lazy so never had to adhere to a jobs dress code or whatever.

Stating the obvious but she looks a mess. She got two tattoos recently so is even more covered by bad ink. Huge patches are faded, there's no clear, arty theme. I may be a 'less is more' person regarding body mods, but can still appreciate those who go all out with well thought out, original or themed areas. Raven doesn't fall into that category.

To save anyone having to suffer her overlong, rambling videos. One tattoo was webbing with a small spider on the side of her face. The other was a giant, misshapen eye on her armpit. The eyelashes look like long, dark armpit hair. Really odd choice for that area.

The funny thing is Logan and Diana hate everything. Diana has some romantic ideas about the US from when she was a "big deal" here (she says). The second they get back and find that it's not easier than NZ, and that elderly goff women are laughed at here like they are there, they'll be back to bitching about where they live.

Whoever is sponsoring them-Raven will pick a fight and they'll kick her out. Then she'll be on her own with Logan, life will be tough, people will hate them and they'll start pining for NZ.

Some young girls might find Logan's accent cute though, so keep up the brainwatching Raven. She might end up without her husband and without her child. Logan is a racist so he'll love Texas, lol.

I don't know much about NZ but I suspect the Tugboat system is better there than in Texas or wherever she's going. Especially when it comes to housing.

It's still two years away according to older vids so we'll see if they even go.

No. 401631

I'm not afraid of a lot of things, but I am scared of women with BPD. My last ex-gf had this without knowing it. I just thought she had ADHD, which she was diagnosed with. She was a little tiring through this, but handlable. However the BPD which I didn't recognize back then was horrifying. When I got away from her, it literally felt like the weight of an entire earth was removed off of my person. She does know now she has BPD, and is quite open about it. In a sense I feel bad for her until… she started drawing furry pron and has a fursona and went downhill.

I avoid her like I do a salad bar without a sneeze guard. I'm not exactly sure she knows if I am alive right now, and I prefer it that way.

No. 401633

>She doesn't look in any way that I want to look

Yet she copies her hair, has the same glasses, has several similar tattoos (one of which she admits to being a direct copy of Emily's) and always expresses the same interests when Emily does - for example Raven's sudden interest in mermaids and those shitty mermaid blankets when Emily had them first.

>Her style and hair aren't of any interest to me either

Bitch you always copy her hair colors and you both own some of the same clothing


Translation: I am extremely jealous of all of those things

>The internet wants us to fight

No, Raven, it's only you who wants to cause a feud with her. Or rather, continue a feud that should've been buried years ago. You haven't moved on at all otherwise you'd be mature and ignore all of this, not go on this pathetic rant like a child. You are the only one who keeps posting videos about Emily and CJ and you're weren't even with him lmao.

>Emily and I tried to be friends but shit like this destroyed our chances

Once again she take can't any responsibility. This is all on you Raven, not her followers. You were a nasty bitch to her before yet she still tried to be civil with you. She even sent you clothes and makeup. If her status was about you here >>401535 , look at the way she handles it compared to your foaming-at-the-mouth hateful tirade against her. And YOU'RE the (much) older one. Act your fucking age and stop being such a hateful, woman-hating child.

No. 401635

I've dated at least one girl whom I now suspect to have had borderline. It was a horrible experience.

The funny thing is that one of my other friends liked her too, but she ended up liking me instead of him. He resented me for a while after that, but after the relationship was over and done with, I told him he ought to thank me for essentially taking a bullet for him.

He's a much more emotionally fragile person than me, and I honestly believe he'd have come away from that far worse than I did. And I had quite a big mental scar from her, so that's really saying a lot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 401636

I have that, and I can say for sure; we are cunts. We take the identity of other people to cope with our lack of one, and we are very impulsive. Don't relate with these people.

BPD is basically, a mixture of autism and psychopathy. No joke.

No. 401653

Did she really say in her newest video that in a year Logan will come see her and her new husband? She's still married and planning wedding number 5 she's unbelievable. She really is a dirty whore

No. 401656

I didn't watch it but wtf she said that? pmsl. Logan probably just agreed to it to shut her up, no chance he (or anyone in their right fucking mind) would go all that way to see their ex and their new partner!! It's just her pathetic way of keeping tabs on him.

No. 401718


you have some serious catching up to do, anon …

No. 401736


So, just a summary of the latest video.

1 - Logan is still hostage. They shot the vid on a dirty floor with socks laying around on the background.
2 - He provided a Pokemon cap so they could draw the name of the 'giveaway' winner.
3 - Diana is doing a meet and greet when she hits the US.
4 - She thanked the support of her 'fans' throughout this 'hard times'.
5 - She addressed that she disabled the comments on the breakup video because of the people saying that Logan looks miserable.
6 - They said that Logan is not miserable. Diana looked at him and asked him if they tried to make it work. He agreed. She then proceeds to ask him 'if Josh was not in the picture, would he try to make it work?'. He answers 'NAH'.
7 - She says that he said he 'would not move on', 'would never fall in love again', and 'is not looking for someone new'. He just looks down.
8 - She then says, he will move on, soon, she figures. He then says "im not a fucking slut". She laughs nervously.
9 - Logan is BFF with Josh. They bonded alot through bad jokes.
10 - Logan is gonna fly to meet them June next year.
11 - Logan is welcome to bring his girlfriend/wife to US to meet Diana.
12 - He does not want to pay for another ticket. Diana says 'well, thats what you do when you're with someone'.
13 - Diana then says he should tell his girlfriend/wife "to save up so they could go meet his ex-wife and new husband". Logan laughs saying "well, that would go pretty well". Raven says "well, you would have told me that this lasts years".
14 - Logan is so very happy 'to get away' from all the negative comments he received from being with Diana.
15 - Things are gonna be so good when she is with Josh, because he is gonna protect her from all the mean comments she receives. "He can handle that shit".
16 - Josh ex-girlfriend is a psycho that is accusing him of cheating, even though they were broke up since last year.
17 - They are packing and moving out to go their separate ways so Diana can buy her ticket faster.
18 - They started shoving and punching which other like 3yos.
19 - Diana will be doing another giveaway when she hits 9999 subs.
20 - The last 2 minutes of the vid is Diana shoving the camera on Logans face because he did not want to 'say bye' like an autistic children.

No. 401744

I love that Logan is looking at himself the entire time. You go Logan.
I honestly don't think he cares lmao. I don't think he's heartbroken at all.

No. 401746

Ugh, she really is vile. Another video of her wanking on about how great her new BF is, all while Logan is forced to "participate".

She really did mind-fuck that kid. Listening to their "banter", he actually seems like he might have liked her at one point.

>they just want to poke and poke, but soon enough I'm not going to be around, EXCEPT IF I AM AROUND

We all know you are too dependent on internet attention to leave for too long, rayray.

She fucking bought clothing FROM EMILY! Why would you buy clothing from someone whose style you don't like!?
Also, they both own the same green skull dress.

No. 401749

File: 1498335549220.jpg (18.9 KB, 425x172, ravenisdumb.JPG)


No. 401760

Lol how exactly does she expect he will "protect her from the mean comments"?? Is he going to hunt each of us down personally, fly out to our respective country or state and beat us up?

No. 401772

8 - She then says, he will move on, soon, she figures. He then says "im not a fucking slut". She laughs nervously.

That burns.

No. 401796

I'm already getting bad vibes about josh. Like a few months down the line she's going to reveal that she got there and he became possessive and abusive. He's acting like how abusive men start out in relationships. He comes off as smothering and possessive. the guy also looks as thick as a stump, not in a "no common sense" way, but in a held back a few years at school way. So it probably won't take too long before he starts chimping out at her and we get a video about how her heart was crushed when all she did was love and give.

No. 401797

I got those vibes too. He's gonna sing a different tune as soon as he sees her without makeup or when he finds out she's not some freak in bed, just a mall goth with 2005 taste in pictures.

No. 401816


Yep. I guessing he will be just like the kiwi savior who got her into NZ.
Did she not say he was her prince charming, saving her from killing herself, then turn out to be a major douche who would make her take naked pictures and once raped her?

I guess she never learns.

No. 401848

File: 1498351106736.jpg (86.76 KB, 1223x903, ravenisdumb.JPG)

Courtesy of Rabbit Bones on KF

No. 401849

85 unread messages. sweet mother of god

No. 401860

85 unread messages?? that is a giant red flag

No. 401862

Ugh. This is an excellent sample of how Logan was treated for five years. She has directed all his actions and told him what to do. 'Hostage' is the best description.

So what is going to happen when she gets state side and starts trying the same shit with Josh? Will he just roll over or smack her out? I kind agree that he seems the guy who would argue back to her and say his 'woman' needs to know her place.

Really hope we get some blogs out of it.

No. 401878

she'll just claim he rapes and abuses her like everyone else does

No. 401888

this guy might actually be the type that will raven is an awful person but i still wouldnt wish that on her but it will be hard to know if shes lying about it or not

No. 401890

agreed. I don't wish that kind of shit on anyone but given her track record of not telling the truth and twisting everything to fit her narrative, it makes sense for her to lie about something like that

No. 401902

I just watched the video and it was really bad. Raven is talking at Logan rather than to him (he could have got up and wandered away and she would have continued ranting).

All the subtle put downs she threw out at Logan was nasty. He is probably so relieved to be out of the clusterfuck. He constantly put his head down or looked away when she said her stupid shit.

Her insistence that Logan and Josh get along is part of her bizarre Raven's World fantasy she has to surround herself with. You can see Logan is soooo done. He is just holding the ball, waiting for the siren to sound so the game will be over.

No. 401917


She always push Logan where she wants him. She made him 'be friends' with her ex, who she would constantly say raped her, abused her, but were still "friends".
Now she wants him to 'be friends' with her "virtual lover", literally the man who she was cheating on him with.

I'm with the anon who said Logan is not heartbroken at all, I think he wake up from a freaking nightmare and at this point can not be bothered with all that shitstorm.

She said they are moving out and they are going their separate ways, I'm pretty sure he is marking the walls counting the days like a convict waiting for freedom.

No. 401929

Yeah, she said that on fb too somewhere. I am not sure why she thinks that parading around her new boytoy all around her previous one is a good idea. She also claims to be ok if he moved on but we all know that is a lie. I do believe him saying he isnt into dating atm is true, I too would be wanting to be single for a while after this shit.

The dead baby jokes strike me as very immature of the two of them. Logan is stunted because of this situation but Im not sure if Josh is just as bad or just trying to be nice with that awkward forced interaction. Who even does that? They can be civil but dont force the people who you fuck to be friends.

No. 401943

I'm pretty sure Raven is in control of Josh's facebook page already.

Tha amount of bad montages of her being uploaded in his profile picture and facebook cover are insane.

No. 401974

Raven is sadly mistaken if she thinks she'll be newly married this time next year, unless she's going to go about it illegally or not have the piece of paper to say their legally married.
In NZ you have to be separated from your husband/wife for 2years before you can file for divorce, sorry Raven.

Poor Logan will be left to deal with the divorce, which can ultimately can be hard to file when one half of the party is overseas.

No. 401975


Thank you for the recap. This site is my dirty secret and so I never can go in depth. You're a true farmer when you bring milk to the needy!

No. 401976


If he can prove that two years have passed where they don't live together he will be granted is divorce.

But let's be hinest, he will heed a lot more time to work through the abuse he has vibe suffered. He is likely a genuinely awful person, but he has suffered abuse.

Let's be real he stopped sticking it in and raven got mad, it might hurt for her to find some trash nobody but he is glad she is going. .though he doesn't deserve a ton f sympathy

No. 401978


No. 402009

Why does this dumb bitch never learn? She was the same with Logan at the very start of their relationship, all giddy and happy, both declaring their undying love for each other, blah blah then it was over quicker than it started. I imagine it was the same with her other Kiwi husband, with CJ, and with the other ex husbands and boyfriends she's had. You'd think at 40 years old she'd have become much more cautious of getting into relationships too quickly and not fall for any guy who shows her the slightest bit of attention.

No. 402015

Yeah but she still has control over him even though she'll be in another country and has broken up. She claimed in the video Logan was going to stay back and look after her shit. She said that they would be in contact even though they are seperate. She wants Josh to meet Logan. She has to keep control of Logan so if things go shit with Josh, she has a backup husband to go to. I smell bullshit about her wanting Logan to move on and find someone. She would go absolute apeshit if Logan hooked up with a girl at her old house. I wouldn't put it past Raven to message Dorian constantly when she moves to the U.S, asking him questions about Logan and trying to get him to check up on Logan and make sure he's not hooking up. If that ever happened, it would interesting to see if Dorian would report back to her, or whether he would live peacefully with Logan and his new gf.

No. 402018

File: 1498395285671.jpg (100.34 KB, 553x505, IMG_3250.JPG)

Patiently waiting for her to prove she takes things too seriously but raging at poor Luis

No. 402036

lmao she's going to throw a fit and rage hard

No. 402080

I followed Emily before Raven as I followed her pretty much straight after her snog marry avoid episode. She has barely ever mentioned Raven and when she has, it's never by name. I don't see any of her followers ever talk about Raven, I'd be surprised if a lot of them even knew who she was. She's delusional, self-important and is jealous of her.

No. 402085

Josh has wife beating cheater written all over him!

No. 402093


her rage posts make it transparent as fuck, she'd kill to be emily. it's notice me senpai taken to the extreme.

No. 402105

The fuck is this?? Seriously possessive-ass shit this is.

No. 402208

Real question: is Logan… uh… special needs?
Was he always like this?

No. 402211


Nah, he just looks like a dumb alienated kid.

And let's face it, Raven is poking, hitting, shoving, their whole interaction is pretty much kindergarten-ish.

"I'm not gonna turn the camera off untill you say byeeee".

Like, wtf.

No. 402217

no and no.

this kind of thing is very common in abusive domestic relationships. all the control, 'training' and isolation leads to regression. he was probably never very bright, but he at least used to show signs of personality and life.

No. 402223

File: 1498431991516.jpg (34.32 KB, 1019x223, raven.JPG)

Shes going on road trips to meet fans and therefore spread her leech-network wider.

No. 402226

I don't think he is, before Raven he seemed to be a completely normal teen. I remember looking at his fb back when they started dating and seeing stuff about him studying Japanese and hanging out with friends.

>>402217 is completely right. I have shit memory so take everything I say with a grain of salt, but iirc she used to threaten to commit suicide and have mental breakdowns over him just going to school like any normal kid.

No. 402243

Agreed. That level of smothering so early on in the relationship reminds me of my NPD ex. I wouldn't wish that sort of relationship on anyone. Not even Raven, as fucking rotten as she is.

No. 402265

So is he young enough to un-regress? With the stress taken off him will he get back on track?

I'll echo what others have said and hope for Raven's sake that the reality is far less dramatic and terrible. I obviously don't have a high opinion of her but no one deserves that shit. I'd rather have nothing to read about her in a year's time.

No. 402365

File: 1498468125453.jpg (59.34 KB, 857x514, classic raven.JPG)


He needs therapy. Anyone would, but he was so young when she got to him, suffered a lot of collateral exposure via her internet shenanigans, and it's been five formative and important years. As long as his family jumps on the chance and gets him the support he needs, he has a decent chance of coming out the other side OK. (relatively speaking)

bear in mind, this is painting with broad strokes; we only have limited knowledge of him, so the best we can do is look at the relationship and extrapolate typical responses to those conditions. And this is without factoring in the hag herself. She won't want to give up her control.

>>402226 remembers correctly - she'd flip her lid when he went into any situation she couldn't dominate - school, hanging out with his mates, doing anything without her.

speaking of Raven and suicide, here's a favourite moment from her first thread.

(sage for wearing my armchair out with speculation)

No. 402372

Oh god yes, I remember when she went crazy on him for going to some gig with his friends without inviting her. She publicly shamed him saying he "made a mistake" and shit. Bitch he's allowed to hang out without you, in fact it's HEALTHIER for a relationship to spend time apart every now and then.

No. 402373

It astounds me how childish her relationships are. I've been with my bf 4 months and we just said "I love you".

No. 402388

Are there earlier threads than the /pt/ ones listed in OP that document this?

No. 402393


Check out Raven's thread on kiwifarms if you haven't anon, she actually showed up to sperg on several occasions, in early 2013, or earlier if I'm not mistaken.

No. 402415

I'm not sure to be honest but I remember reading about it somewhere, I'll try to dig around and find it!

No. 402517

"How Josh and I met"

Only watched a bit, seems very run of the mill meeting online via Facebook story.

No. 402519

She was most active on our predecessor site staminarose unfortunately. I feel old now. Like a previous anon said check kiwi farms. She sperged over there.

No. 402524

Imagine if Josh was the ultimate lolcow member who is doing all this to troll her lmao

Sage chan

No. 402527

Are all her fans on youtube trolls?

She is just way too disgusting inside and out for me to fathom having real fans

No. 402529

Was actually thinking that too.
Deep down I know he's just another piece of trash with the same NPD/BPD relationship cycles as Raven, but it's much more entertaining (and gives me some semblance of open for humanity) to think of him and his "ex" and the greatest trolls since Liquid Chris.

I mean really, 84 messages unread? Spewing cringey teenage angsty love and vile hate messages all over social media together? It seems too gross to be real. But then, Raven exists, so anything's possible.

No. 402530

Right? Like in I way I hope he fucks her over and in 2 months we get some nice ranty videos about how he lied, but then again I wanna see videos with him and him "defending" her. Well whatever happens I'm ready for the milkkkk

No. 402532

1. Says Logan and her started being just roommates at some point. A bunch of small digs at him in this.
2. Admits writing to him and flirting with josh. She would go look at his pictures from time to time. She deleted the messages out of shame. Proof of cheating because why delete them otherwise?
3. I think you can figure out when they started dating through this. She mentions taking to him after she posted about "perverts" on her page. They flirt again and it seems to stick.
4. Video chats with him. She says he sounds like a big black guy lol.
5. Admits (again) that she had nothing in common with Logan, but she feels they lasted that long out of spite with the pedo stuff. Poor Logan has to move out, help her move and get a ticket and watch her gloat.
6. "No offense to Logan" but he never was what was wanted. She likes josh defending her, enjoys the attention of guys pining after her. Even Logan admits they were not meant to be since he is more into the online stuff like her.
7. Says her other 3 marriages failed because of the other person, this one is "mutual". Then says that josh is her first adult relationship, she doesn't want a goth boy this time.
8. He writes just like her! Has just as much free time to post on fb. She still says she won't be on much when she moves, no plan outside of moving in with him though.
9. Logan will go to his moms. Bless him. She still thinks he will visit her later.
10. She has 5 ppl who know her in New Zealand. She video chatted josh to the eb games clerk who she knows ( must be like a few days ago). Logan has been around her video chatting josh, she puts headphones in but he said she is happier with this guy more than she ever was with him. Ouch. She takes it like a compliment not a sign of her ruined relationship.
11. He is like Noah in the notebook apparently?

I hope they move out soon for Logan's sake. Must be harsh watching your wife watch movies and be lovey dovey with another man in your house.

No. 402534

She also mentioned that they talk to from 5-12hours everyday. Safe to assume he doesn't have a job. Will probably eat a burger for a week in the US too :D

No. 402537

Writes the same? As in calling people "cunt bitch fat ugly n—-r whore" in all caps?

Logan's mum has her work cut out for her. Not only is he watching his wife video chat some dude 10 years older and hear her make unfavourable comparisons with him, but after all this he's still validating her, saying in the last giveaway video that Josh's ex looks like a "Hispanic pudding" or something, knowing full well the ex looks a lot better than Raven.

No. 402538

Four failed marriages and she can't take any blame for any of them…
She is paying lip service to her part in this one, but everything she actually says blames Logan for all of it. He didn't stand up for her, he was too immature (yeah, you married a 16 year old…), he lost his job, he worked too much…
And she will only even pay lip service until he does something (completely innocuous) that she doesn't like, most likely talking to other women, and then suddenly he'll be an abusive rapist like all the rest.

I'm so glad he is moving back with family. Hopefully some distance can help him get perspective. He's no saint, but I think a lot of that was shaped by Raven.
Also interesting how she went out of her way a while back to tell everyone how she doesn't approve of him saying nigger and she isn't like that at all, when she called Josh's ex a "cunt nigger bitch" like yesterday. What a catch you are, Raven.

No. 402540

Thank you very much for the recap!

It sounds like Raven just re-wrote the last 5 years of her life in this video. It's as if she is trying very, very hard to convince everyone how this relationship is destiny. Poor Logan.

No. 402559


>9. Logan will go to his moms. Bless him. She still thinks he will visit her later.

And she is moving back with her EX.

She is unfuckingbelievable.
She is moving back with her 'rapist' ex, so she can divorce her childbride, to fly away to the "real love of her life" who she never met.

No. 402573

Hispanic pudding? That's so fucking weird. Why don't her 12 viewers ever call them out on their racist shit? Raven has said the n word bunch of times.

No. 402574

Does that make Dorian a Hispanic pudding then?

No. 402600

File: 1498531150154.png (1.58 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3976.PNG)


At the 12 min mark of >>401617 he says Claudia (Josh's ex) was being nice to him and it was creepy and "she looks like a fucking Hispanic bowl of pudding"

I don't know why the captions are so small and they are autogenerated so they misinterpret his accent but this cap makes me lol anyway.

No. 402605

i wouldnt say i was a "fan" but i watched her videos i didnt start to hate her until she got rid of the cats that pissed me off im an animal lover and im tired of people breeding cats and dogs for money

No. 402635


In several of her old videos (especially around the time she tried to adopt that little dog) she breaks off mid sentence to yell abuse at the animals. I think she has deleted all the ones related to the little dog saga, but they were pretty horrible. She was a mean bitch to those animals, all because they were having problems adjusting to a new home and had pee'd on the laundry floor.

No. 402636

Apologies for fucking up the sage

No. 402663

you could easily have deleted it and reposted it with the correct sage. Your second post is from the same time so you were within the 30-minute limit.

No. 402674

It really pisses me off how racist Logan is. Why y'all feel bad for him? I'm so glad his youth is robbed. Racist dumb fuck

No. 402690

Yeah, it is hard to feel bad for him. Kinda similar to how it gets harder and harder to feel sorry for Lainey, Onision's childbride. The longer they're around assholes of this magnitude, the more they become like them. Plus they get older. Easy to make excuses for dumb kids, but it gets more difficult when they become adults.
Logan is a grown man now, and while it sucks that some of his formative years were spent in the clutches of beastly Raven, he is also accountable for his own behaviour.
Whatever else he is, it doesn't excuse him being a racist, homophobic, woman-hating fuckwit.

No. 402692

I feel bad for him because he never had a chance to be anything other than a stupid pleb. Even though he is a racist sack of shit watching Raven casually verbally abuse him for no reason is pretty bad. He supported her fat arse and she just negs the fuck out of him.

No. 402695

Did you guys see the video she made for Josh on her FB yesterday? I am soo fucking embarrassed for her lmao. Am I evil for wanting him to fuck her over?

No. 402696

lool just watched it so fucking cringy

No. 402697

i can't find it on her fb and i need the milk, link pls?

No. 402701

I would reserve final judgments for when he's spent a while single. Even now he says stuff for validation from Raven. Although, if he's like that with everyone he'll just absorb the traits of his friends and family, but maybe there's hope, maybe in a healthier environment he'll get over this crap.

No. 402703

No. 402704

thanks anon.
holy cringe that was…wow.

plus in her video about how they met, anyone else notice just how much time she spends talking about his physical appearance vs. other attributes? she spends like five minutes on his eyes alone. they're blue eyes. cool.

and as another anon pointed out, the racism is coming out again - he sounded like a big black guy so he couldn't be the super smart and educated person she was talking to, and he sounded "like he was gonna beat your ass". always classy.

no wonder she spends so long gushing over his pale skin/blue eyes/light brown hair.

No. 402707

Very true but I echo what >>402701 said, it's hard to know what he's really like as we've only ever known him with Raven, and we know all too well she's a racist, misogynistic, nasty bitch. Spend 5 years latched onto that where you're not allowed to interact with anyone else and have your own opinions and, well, you end up absorbing those traits and mimicking their behavior. I've always been unsure of his racist views (i.e. if they were really his or shaped by her) but the misogyny I feel was definitely influenced by her.

She's disgusting honestly. Racist fat sack of shit, bet she hates that she's not white lmao, she tries to hide her eyes with that awful panda makeup. Also I read on KF she used to racially abuse Dorian because he's half Mexican (I think?

No. 402708


raven's not white? what is she? she looks like a typical east european mix.

No. 402709


yep, give it at least 12 months before trying to guess what Logan thinks about anything. he's just a conduit for Raven.


half german, half thai, all swamp monster.

No. 402722

File: 1498566380091.jpg (462.26 KB, 391x581, wRg0rXE.jpg)

Nope, she's just very pale probably through a combo of skin bleaching (in other young pictures she looked very dark) and staying inside on her lazy fat ass in front of the computer all day

>half german, half thai, all swamp monster.

fukin kek

No. 402728

She said in the video that she showed herself on cam for him a handful of times.
Oh is he in for a surprise when he sees her irl.
The videos are too low quality to truly show the ugly.

No. 402730


topkek anon, you got me unaware.


shame, she had a really cute east asian face, the kind that doesn't seem to get old easily. also, i didn't know she had a normie phase but figures with that many anons saying she's not actually goth or alternative, just in it for the look.

No. 402731

Says it's from November 6 2016 ?

No. 402748

File: 1498572824232.jpg (42.25 KB, 540x720, 1410430716881.jpg)

> cute east asian face

You…you're joking right? Even in that younger photo she looks like someone's older aunty and not a young woman. She has not remained youthful looking at all, despite her constantly shoving it down everyone's throat that she ages well because she's *~azn~*.

I don't think this was really a normie phase either per se. Looks like she's at some sort of military ball with her husband, no way in hell she'd get away with dressing goth for something like that. Though it's not like she's really goth anyways. I found this pic of her when she was a teenager, she seems like she's always been a wannabe goth. Though this pic kinda screams chola to me.

No. 402751

Chill anon people can have different opinions lol. In that other photo, I thought she looked normal/kinda cute too. Obviously, she looks nothing like that now and couldn't go back to it due to all the terrible tattoos, she really ruined any potential she had to be at least normal looking.

No. 402755

Agreed anon. She always say people think she looks younger than her age, well those people are sucking up to her, lying, or associating her childish mall goth dress sense with her age. If anything she looks far older than her 40 years and the awful body mods just add to that and make her look even filthier than she already is.

No. 402776

She has said a boyfriend of hers was into the goth scene so she started getting into it. So for a while she was relatively normal.

Yeah she went on gushing about how hot he was yet at the same time going on about how she doesn't care for looks anymore. Also the way she's all "I've never met anyone like this before, I instantly fell in love!" Yet if you go back to when she first met Logan, she said the exact same thing. And already talking about marriage?! Gurl. You haven't even met the dude and you're wanting to make a serious (which isn't in your case) commitment. Like just date someone for a few years, stop rushing things. This is why you're ending up on your 5th husband. She makes a mockery out of marriages.

No. 402777

Though the age difference was odd, its over now. You ppl devoting hours minutes and seconds to this can go live your life now. Or keep it up and on your deathbed regret all the time you dedicated to obsessing over someone's life. Karma is real and you all are stewing a bad bach.

No. 402779

hi raven

No. 402824

Maybe it's the South Carolina guy lol

No. 402833

Whoever it is they sound fucking retarded, so it could be either of them. Raven or Raven's new play thing, this is a whole new saga for us now! It's all going to crash and burn and we'll be here laughing about it. None of us "devote" time to her, most of us read this when we're on the toilet lmao.

>Also the way she's all "I've never met anyone like this before, I instantly fell in love!" Yet if you go back to when she first met Logan, she said the exact same thing.

Exactly. You can even read about it on their wedding site. Bitch just goes through the same cycle over and over and never learns. She deserves everything she gets.

No. 402837

Hi josh!!

No. 402846

File: 1498586096957.jpg (135.91 KB, 642x376, lN0nQxu.jpg)

To add to my last comment, this is from their wedding page. She gushes about Logan saying the exact same shit she's saying about Josh now. Notice how she goes on about Logan's appearance and how he has "has the same mindset as her" about everything.

No. 402862

She just sounds so shallow here. She is only thirsty for hot well toned men while she herself is a total slob. She's only ditching her child bride because puberty was a bitch to him and he aged like milk. Of course she had a hand in that, bringing home McDonalds every other day and probably losing her shit when he went to the gym.

Sage mind post
I can see it now. Every fit man she dates she expects them to eat the same meals she does to be closer. She fawns and obsesses over them. But uh oh, new hubby wants to go to the gym. She flips her shit, saying he only wants to watch the gym sluts bounce around the gym. Asks if she wants to go to. How dare he?! He is saying poor Raven is fat? Time to make an expose video. Hubby decides he doesn't need the gym. Working out makes people happy, now hubby is a depressed lump. He can't even afford an at home gym because the gargoyle keeps spending the money on food and clothes meant for people 3 times younger than her. He gets fat, she gets bored and cheats. The cycle continues

No. 402866

Not to mention the "Raven ("OMG my tailbone hurts I cannot work or lift weight") goes to gym with her ex" saga.

No. 402897

File: 1498592146483.jpg (48.57 KB, 622x645, raven.JPG)


No. 402920

So, maybe we should tell the buzzfeed intern (kayleigh.hong@buzzfeed.com) who they are going to be supporting.

I don't think buzzfeed wants to be associated with a 40yo goth mall who sells kittens so she can buy fastfood and call other people, I quote "Crazy CUNT BITCH FAT FUCKING UGLY NIGGER WHORE"

No. 402931

File: 1498594980509.jpg (23.02 KB, 300x400, IMG_3977.JPG)


>> a bad bach


No. 402935

Usually interfering with our pasture friends is looked down upon, but I'd kek if the buzzfeed didn't work out because she's a pedophile racist.

No. 402944

File: 1498597090985.jpg (347.93 KB, 945x450, dan-stevens-beauty-and-the-bea…)

Anyone else notice Josh looks like the guy from the new Beauty and the Beast?

No. 402946

Maybe in a bargain bin methadone clinic kind of way.

No. 402949


bet raven would love that comparison kek

No. 402958

We got our own video.

Half listened to it, because she just goes on and on and on. Talks about outsmarting us, we are a fun game, boolies, she doesn't care though.

Hi Raven.

No. 402975

Isn't that old? But lol @ making a video nearly 15 minutes long whilst claiming "not to care" about us.

No. 402986


Apologies, she had pinned it to the top of her page and I hadn't seen it before. Sage for being a loser/n00b

No. 402987

File: 1498599940283.jpg (94.95 KB, 838x348, hIBIFTv.jpg)

They've only just got together (apparently) and she's already running his profile plastering her pictures all over his profile? This is Logan all over again. Also fuckin LOL that she only used pictures of herself that make her look slightly better than she actually does. Oh Josh, you're in for a shock when you see that fat heifer waddle toward you at the airport.

No. 402988

How dumb do you have to be to include the email address on a FB post? I'd kek for days if they rescinded their offer.

No. 402991

That's so Raven.

No. 403001

Her waddling is so fucking accurate I cant

No. 403028


>You ppl devoting hours minutes and seconds to this can go live your life now.

this deserves a prize for lack of self-awareness, holy shit

No. 403100

I noticed in the "final goodbye" video she said something like "we ended in October" looked at Logan and he didn't say anything or nod his head, then she said "October/November" and he still didn't cosign! Not even the slightest bit of a nod.. it almost seems like he's just going along with her lies but by not agreeing, he's not lying too.

No. 403108

noticed this too. he was also super quiet about the fake suicide thing (apart from posts that it's very clear Raven either made or scripted for him). he never once outright stated that she was dead iirc, and seemed pretty uncomfortable with the whole thing. that's the vibe this gave me too - he will sit by while she lies but not participate. she was very obviously looking to him to confirm this bs and he denied it by saying nothing. really wonder if once his loyalty to her is gone he'll have more to say, cause so far it feels like they have very different stories.

No. 403111

I do not think he will come forward, it really looks like he hates drama and that was the major thing in their breakup.

I think if you pay attention to her video about Josh it becomes clear that she WANTED Logan to lie with her, to "have her back", give her validation for the shitstorms she causes. And he did not.
Looks like that's her idea of "love" and "support". Her husband has to pat her back everytime she wants to call people out for no reason.

All the times Logan appeared in her channel it was SO CLEAR that he was being coerced. She would always go like "OH, Logan wanted to say something", and he would just stay in the background, fading out, and nodding to whatever she was saying.
It was always "oh, so Logan told me this, Logan wanted to say that", but we never actually had him SAYING something.

So, when she was getting no support from Logan, and all of the sudden had Josh giving all the approval she craved for, no wonder she is leaving the kiwi kid.

No. 403112

In the video he asks HER if Josh's ex is still messaging him and she replies with "no, she hasn't messaged you".
Why does she still have (complete?) access to his account?!

No. 403124


>'when you know you're doing something right'

>comments disabled
>lols / dislikes hidden
>most of the views probably came from here

it's OK anon, this was relevant just not in the way you expected


they were never his accounts to begin with. she wanted them, she made them, she used them, and he sat in the corner and stared at the floor, wondering what the fuck it was all for.

No. 403132

It's all "Logan agrees/approves. Logan's happy for me. Logan likes him. Logan, Logan, Logan" but not once have I heard or seen her say anything about Dorian regarding Josh. Very telling about her priorities when it comes to making herself look the best as possible and never being in the wrong.

No. 403142

When you take into account Logan is a year younger than Dorian, then yeah she never gave a shit about how he would feel. He isn't going with her to the US so he might as well be dead in her eyes.

No. 403147

Yeah, someona asked her if he was going and she replied "no, he has a life here".
Funny thing is that she threw a tantrum, posting personal screenshots and all the last time he said he did not wanted to go because he had a life there.
Since now she is openly going to fly to the States solely to sit in an american dick, she could not care less about him.

No. 403152

plus the whole childbride shit

No. 403226

>it really looks like he hates drama and that was the major thing in their breakup.

Nah the major thing in their breakup was Raven and her getting bored of her childbride and moving onto the next schmuck that showed her the slightest bit of attention.

No. 403255

and the cringe keeps coming

No. 403259

lool the cringe is real. Is it not slightly weird / creepy to record their convos so she can "rewatch them" later?

No. 403267

my god hes ugly he looks like an albino gorilla perfect for raven i guess

No. 403270

I'm cringing soo bad. Second hand embarrassment…… I wanna watch it but it's hard

No. 403271

When she said "you're so pretty" I lost my shit LMAO HOLY FUCK

Why is she recording it anyway? That's soo creepy

No. 403272

she is so just using him for money and to get back into the country she will bail as soon as she can

No. 403292

And "you're so hot"….like what happened to not caring about looks? If they weren't so important, she wouldn't be saying he was hot all the damn time.

This will just be another husband, if they make it that far. This whole thing screams of red flags between both of them. I don't see it lasting after a few months but her trying to prove the haters wrong about Logan, she'll probably do the same and stay with Josh to prove us wrong again.

No. 403317

… didn't she say he sounded like a "big black man" or something along those lines? He just sounds southern, wtf?

No. 403323

Is he masturbating in those videos?

No. 403324

Their conversation is of very little substance. He doesn't look like the older photos of him on his Facebook. More like in a 'faces of meth' way than a 'catfish' way though. Does he have a dip in his lip? Fucking gross.

No. 403333

Does anything else but her being a creep happen in the video? I would love to watch but damn it's too cringy

No. 403334

I feel like she wasn't recording him because she loves to come back to those videos and dream about him, but rather as evidence if anything goes wrong. So she can say "see?! he lied that he loved me!" and bla bla. Because cmon, it's Raven.

No. 403357

this new relationship is so prime for the milking. she is the cow that keeps on giving (if you're into intense second hand embarrassment).

"muh subscribers/fans will come after you if you hurt meeee!!!" kek no girl, your "fans" are just waiting to watch the train wreck.

"you look so hot right now/you're so pretty/look at your eyes/i can't see your eye colour today"
yeah, she doesn't even think about looks you guys! they are just twin souls. <3333

this is so cringe, can't wait for them to move in together.

No. 403363

Yup, she said that the way he typed made him seem intelligent, but when she heard him he "sounded like a big black man" because according to the racist whale you can't be smart if you're black.

No. 403637

I could barely understand what he was saying the whole time. Her voice was clear, but the sound seemed distorted. Why bother uploading this crap?

No. 403653

because they are suuuuper in love!
they need to prove all the haterz wrong! that's what love is about, after all. you stay together just to spite anyone who said you wouldn't.

it's kind of interesting how she spent sooo long saying how haterzzzz wouldn't tear her and Logan apart, but in the end it was worse: haterzzzz apparently made them stay together way longer than either of them would have chosen to otherwise, because they're both too stupid to realise that living your life to spite random people online isn't the best idea.

and now she's doing the same with this guy. all the same words she said about Logan, all the same bullshit, and it's going to go exactly the same way. it's incredible how little self-awareness she has, but then that's what makes her a lolcow.

No. 403657

She wants to prove to people he is real. What she actually does it prove that they both have nothing better to do since they talk all day long, so he ain't working much nor living outside of the computer.

No. 403674

lol yup. Didn't she say she had "a small job that she loves" or some shit and that's how she's able to afford all her cheap tat? The job likely being blowjobs for her ex husband, because we all know Raven hasn't worked a day in her life and would never be able to hold down a job for more than 5 minutes without bitching and moaning. Also is it true Logan will be paying for her ticket back to the States? So she not only cheats but then makes him literally pay for it…

No. 403676

Yeah, she mentioned him "helping out" with the ticket.
I mean let's be real, 5k to get rid of Raven FOREVER? Logan is probably working more than even lol

No. 403720

5k to get rid of Raven FOREVER? Logan is probably working more than ever

LOL, that's the first thought I had, too!!

No. 403727


I fucking knew it. Run him into the ground and then suck out all the money before she fucks off. And yet, all I can do is laugh … she's in for a big surprise. She has gotten so used to pushing around a dumb teenager / young man, and having her ex to 'employ' her, so it's going to be a big change shifting to some random crack addict and trying to bully him. This is going to go very badly for her, and I can't wait! (Especially since she cares more about 'the haters' than anything else, so she'll stay in this new mess far longer than she otherwise would)

and nah, it's more like 5k to remove her physical presence. she'll still try to control him online / by phone / etc, and there is always a chance she'll try to come back to him when she realises how bad she has fucked up

No. 403729


>and there is always a chance she'll try to come back to him when she realises how bad she has fucked up

That's what I am worried about. Don't take her back, Logan! It will be the best $5,000 you ever spent, trust us.

No. 403826

File: 1498772829401.png (407.28 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1591.PNG)

So…this is a post about some guy she was talking to before Josh.

No. 403827

File: 1498772959687.png (403.78 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1592.PNG)

For someone who wasn't looking she cared a lot about his interests and looks.

No. 403828

File: 1498773076435.png (381.27 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1593.PNG)

There is also the 10 photos of him being hurt and posting on fb but they aren't that interesting. Just that it's clear she was looking for a new boy toy since she says she hated talking to guys before.

No. 403863


good job anon, i think she has already deleted that post, unless i am just blind? would be great to see those other photos though.

No. 403868

I haven't read the whole thing because holy ducking wall of text. But she says she was talking to this dude before Josh, but according to Josh's ex they got together sometime last November, if not before the. That's just when her s f Josh broke up. According to Raven it was October when her and Logan realized they were through, so does that mean she was talking to this dude BEGORE the ~realization~ and if so WOULDNT THAT BE CHEATING?

No. 403871

File: 1498779213241.png (438.22 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1599.PNG)

Taking this from his fb, he posted a few pics of her in the beg of June, and she clearly was getting to know him then. Up to June 10 at least.

No. 403875

It appears to be friends only, so if you're on her friends list she's selected a particular subset of contacts.

This could just be the 35 mutual friends (with this friend zoned dude) or she could be trying to narrow down leaks.


Josh and Claudia broke up in oct/nov I think and Raven and Logan were either over or on the rocks at the same time, it's unclear and a massive coincidence. I'm not clear on how long after that Raven talked to Josh but it does beggar belief that for a marriage that was supposedly so important, after 5 years it takes so little time to be talking to multiple other people then moving in with one of them.

Have they even filed the divorce yet?

No. 403876


> He would ask me if I loved him and I'd falter, because I don't say that shit unless I feel it, and I1d say "I want to say it…".

All that, while still married. But nope, no cheating here.
She talks to multiple guys online, and flirting, and "wanting to tell them she loved them back", while having tattoos with her childhusband.

Btw, that guy looks SO MUCH with Logan when Logan was younger. All the anime shit, emo hair and stuff.

Also, she says that sex repels her so much, I wonder Josh will do when he finds out that he is importing a frigid almost 50yo asian whale?

No. 403878

>it takes a really special person to get my attention and hold it
she's so fucking conceited and shallow it's amazing

No. 403886



The whole thing sounds way too defensive, she definitely sounds like she was leading him on until a better offer came along. Especially with that "I don't want to say it" bullshit, she was definitely playing coy.

Can't wait for her "it wASn't chEATING!!11!!!" video to come out, where she talks about how she didn't cyber sex him so it doesn't count. Because emotional cheating isn't a thing, right? She's unbelievable. The guilty dog barks, and this bitch just won't shut up.

No. 403887


How much do you want to bet that she loved the attention this guy was giving her by trying too hard with the dark circles and getting his friend to contact her and she's now turning it around to make him look bad? I'm pretty sure the fact he showed he's capable of being interested in girls that aren't her was the real problem she had with him.

Also, dodgy timeline pointed out by other anons aside, is she openly admitting to being in a kinda-relationship with this guy and then ghosting him for a few weeks and not telling him she found someone else? Jesus fucking Christ, Raven. The guy seems pretty childish too but he has every right to be upset about being fucked around like that.

No. 403892

File: 1498782956786.png (540.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1546.PNG)

This looks like it was written by Raven.

No. 403898


This have Raven written all over.
Also, in their last video, he asks her if Claudia messaged him in his facebook, and Raven says no. So it is pretty clear that Logan hate social media and Raven is the one behind those profiles.

No. 404007

there's nothing to file yet. the two years will start from when they officially separated then they can get the divorce after that. they could do a 'separation order' now if they want, but it's not necessary. https://www.govt.nz/browse/family-and-whanau/separating-or-getting-divorced/how-to-get-divorced-in-nz/

No. 404023

Imagine being so delusional that you end your marriage and before you can even think about filing for divorce (because you aren't even separated from your child bride yet) you are already declaring the next person you're soulmate and saying you're going to marry them.

How she doesn't see how unhealthy and batshit this is is beyond me.

No. 404030

It's sad really. It suggests either a complete dependence on always being in a relationship, always having to live through someone else, or that despite her age she can't differentiate between love and other confusing feelings after a breakup, even a mutual one, when you're suddenly alone again after years and your brain wants to latch onto anything to avoid the discomfort of readjusting.

No. 404036

File: 1498804952938.png (87.13 KB, 800x330, Screenshot_2017-06-29-23-39-34…)


Yet again, she proves herself to be an ignoramus.

No. 404038


Funny that she already had one kiwi divorce, so she should know better. But, since she have the mental capacity of a 13yo, you figure she never do anything by herself and keeps pushing her obligations towards others.

No. 404043


Does the way his eye is floating on her neck in the image of their superimposed faces remind anyone else of her armpit tattoo?

No. 404063

Could it be only a month if they lie about the date of separation?

Surely she's not this dumb. Google's first result for this is a govt.nz page that says

> Apply to the family court for a dissolution order. You'll have to prove that you've been separated for 2 years, and one of you must normally live in NZ. There's a fee of $211.50 for the dissolution order.

No. 404090


> You have to be separated for 2 years before you can get divorced. You can live together for up to 3 months while you're separated if you're trying to work things out.

The site doesn't specify what proof of living separately is required, and the application for dissolution won't download for me.

Of course Raven will lie if she thinks she can get away with it.

No. 404099

Oh lord just getting into a divorce and already thinking about marrying a redneck dude that she never even met yet this is going to be a good Saga

No. 404105

File: 1498821106309.png (171.51 KB, 800x551, Screenshot_2017-06-30-04-08-56…)


Children's toys on the porch?

No. 404125

He doesn't have any kids. He has nieces/nephews that he's around a lot so they're more than likely theirs.

No. 404128


Are we sure he's just around a lot? He could be staying with family. He's online everyday for 8-12 hours to chat per Raven so he's probably unemployed lol.

No. 404129

He's employed. He hauls plants at a nursery. You also have to remember the time difference between them. And I'm sure hauling plants leaves him plenty of time to text her. He also has a past in the military so there's a chance he might get pay from that.

No. 404130

Holy shit that is so cringe inducing- i didn't make it past the minute mark.

I also get the feeling this good ol' boy isn't going to put up with Raven's histrionics at all- he is going to want to put her in her place quickly and it'll be like a fucking dairy up in here.

No. 404131

Really? I thought that kid in the picture of him and his ex was his for sure. Well, that's good news if it's true - at least Raven won't be in the position to be a parental figure to any more children.

No. 404133

Pretty sure that's his ex's kid from a previous relationship.

No. 404136

I hope that's the case - tbh neither of these two should be raising kids. They so clearly put themselves and eachother above anyone else, just like Raven has always done to Dorian. He's always her last priority, after Raven herself, whoever her current obsession is, whoever the object of her jealousy currently is, every anon that makes a post about her…

And then she blames him for not putting her first. Christ.

No. 404145

Raven has created a playlist "Josh and my new life" with 26 videos, 6 of which are public.


No. 404149

Raven hanging out with two friends, dominating the conversation with talking shit on people and bragging about Josh. They mostly nodded uncomfortably as she rambled on.

No. 404150

A "special video" for Josh.

No. 404165

Holy crap that guy is huge

Lol the difference between the slutty photo she used as the thumbnail and how she actually looks… Joshy boy you're in for a shock

No. 404172

Pull up your padded milking stool because the milk flows thick and rich in this video and is worth sitting through its entirety!

It opens with Raven listening to recorded arguments between Josh and Claudia and discussing them with Josh.

16:28 - 33:36 Raven logs into Logan's FB account and chats with Claudia as Logan.

Raven jumps from window to window as she and Josh talk. Her chat with Claudia continues at


At 70:50 Raven spews the most hypocritical and gaslighting froth yet.

Throughout the video Raven relentlessly hammers her opinions and needs until Josh agrees and acquiesces. She has him thoroughly whipped.

No. 404179

Raven and Josh Skyping while Raven simultaneously texts him. He restlessly wanders around outside, lying down and getting back up while running his hands through his unkempt hair and smoking cigarettes.

No. 404188

File: 1498839412214.png (39.04 KB, 800x283, Screenshot_2017-06-30-08-49-36…)

At 19:30 as Josh talks about having been suicidal and credits talking to Raven with helping him get "undepressed" ("I don't know if it's a word, I just made it up"), Raven texts and tells him about confronting Logan for watching porn. She describes holding two knives against her throat and threatening to kill herself. She says this went on for about an hour and happened a couple of months ago.

No. 404193

Can some awesome anon summarize this? I can barely understand anything with this poor audio and Raven's voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 404201


At 7:00 Raven and Josh discuss how fast they fell in love. He exclaims, "Two days. Holy shit!"

When she asks him what his previous fastest relationship was he says his ex-wife to whom he proposed after 3 or 4 months.

Throughout the video he is plainly smitten and starry-eyed, oblivious to her smug demeanor and calculated manipulations. She is absolutely revelling in the hold she has over him. Theirs is a perfect match made in codependent hell.

No. 404203


> Minute 7:09, Emily Boo's facebook and instagram in Ravens favs. kek

No. 404204

lol at the end she talks shit about some girl flirting with another guy while she has a bf and has a tattoo of him and calls her a slut lol bitch really

No. 404207

Not a surprise, she stalks her and is pathetically obsessed

uh fucking hypocrite (hippo crate more like), she's been talking to AT LEAST two guys whilst still with Logan, all the while worried HE would be the one to stray and get stolen by a "slut" - raven's the only slut here

No. 404209

File: 1498842666777.png (255.55 KB, 800x705, Screenshot_2017-06-30-09-55-46…)

She won't have to work at all to isolate him from others.

26:15 "I don't keep many friends any more. I really have two friends, Jamie and Daniel. They live about ten miles … ten minutes that way. I just don't like associating with a lot of people."

Followed by this touching exchange:

"… or you're multitasking thinking about my fucking neck. I do have a pretty strong neck, I ain't gonna lie! I love how you keep saying that about my neck. It's nice," to which she flirtatiously giggles, "I say that about everything."


No. 404211

Wow, he sounds angry. Wonder if we'll get a few "he beat me and raped me" videos from Raven in a few years.

No. 404213


>She has some fake profiles, in some screecaps you can see she was also chatting with a Eddie Bain, at the same time, and her ex.

If that guy hates cheaters like he said, Raven may no survive him.

No. 404216

I feel like she looks kind of okay in this video. Can't tell if it's less shitty makeup or that she's smiling and looking less scowly miserable bitch as usual.
Don't get me wrong she's still an ugly mean bitch and a bad person, but she looks better in this video to me for some reason

No. 404217

thats so fucked up how shes talking for logan and saying what a bad guy he is wtf

No. 404218

Whats with these white trash people wanting to get married right away anyway?

No. 404219

So long story short, we will never know what Logan really thinks or feels. Unless he decides to talk when all this is over, which I doubt.

No. 404221

I AM LIVID!! When she writes to Joshs ex in Logans name saying "he is good for her. I wasn't"


No. 404225

My god, this bitch, seriously. She's vile. She's so dumb she actually makes incriminating stuff against her PUBLIC. She got so upset over Logan watching porn behind her back all those years but I guess her talking to several other men on various fake profiles is ok? I bet she's the kind who thinks cheating is only cheating if it's sexual, never heard of emotional cheating huh Raven? I think anyone with half a brain would agree talking to other men like she has done here >>403826 is cheating especially if you're hiding it from your partner. Raven you fat ugly bitch you were so possessive and controlling of Logan worried someone would steal him from you when really it was you who was like that all along. Were you trying to keep him away from another type like yourself? You disgust me you cheating sack of shit. Let's hope she eats herself to death with all the fat American food or gets hit by a truck trying to waddle across the road. No free weight loss surgery in your beloved America Raven.

No. 404226

In one of the videos (forgot which one) she also chats with Logans mom I guess (someone Marshall) and say that she 'did no hurt him', and the marriage failed because 'he got addicted to porn and was not fulfilling his duties as a husband'. kek

No. 404227

File: 1498844814869.jpg (16.37 KB, 574x95, Untitled.jpg)


No. 404228

Didn't she say that exact same thing about her other Kiwi ex husband Ryan? I wish one of Logan's family members would beat the shit out of her fat manipulative ass

No. 404229

Getting engaged on Skype. So much cringe.

No. 404230

what does she mean by he stays with her mom? whos mom? ravens mom?

No. 404233

Probaby typo. SHe meant his mom. She's also very smart just like Raven and Josh lmao.

No. 404236

At 9:30 Josh says, "If you can't give me kids, that doesn't bother me" but that if she did get pregnant "that would be pretty amazing."

Raven spends the next ten minutes recounting her reproductive history in all its gory detail, taking the opportunity to criticise Logan for his reaction to her miscarriage. Of course.

No. 404240

She doesn't trust the ex that they didn't break up, but she does trust her enough to ask her questions like "is he a cheater? will he beat her?"

Like, what?

No. 404241

She talks about Logans mom texting Logan that he should get out of there before she hurts him more (which he should do) and she invited him go on a holiday with their family. And how she feels BETRAYED because she thought she was considered family too.

No. 404242

File: 1498846408326.png (163.16 KB, 528x217, sdfdf.png)

This is what she sent to his mom, lol.
So she had to find someone fast so she can leech from them. I mean, no way that she can support herself lol.

No. 404246

She is honestly such a bitch even when talking to Josh.
As much as I have no doubt he is at least a liar if not a cheater, he also doesn't seem (from the calls) like he is an evil person. But she keeps being her bitchy self.
She calls him out many times for not seeing her status or "oh you STILL haven't accepted my follow on instagram" and such things.
Wow, I guess her looks attracts cucks who think she's some sort of bdsm hag or something. Which she is in a way lmao.

No. 404247

She segues from detailing her reproductive woes to decrying "the hate sites" for saying that it's a good thing that she can't reproduce and that she isn't fit to take care of living things.

At around 10:00 they discuss adoption.

No. 404248

Hahah, like anyone would give her a child. It's a hard and long process for stable, rich people, let alone jobless white trash. Good luck with that.

No. 404251


9:15 Raven talks about their long distance relationship as a litmus test: that if they can last through this separation without cheating (ie. having sex with others) then they won't cheat when they are together. Josh replies that sex is good but sex isn't everything, that he isn't a sex crazed maniac but he will want his fair share with her, that he has self control, and that he doesn't see why people cheat.

No. 404252

Delusional. Adoption is no fucking joke. Brother-in-law adopted some korean kids and the process is a nightmare. Especially the random visits by social workers before you get the kids. Imagine a knock at the door for a random check while Raven is half naked taking photos living in her own filthy with animu hot topic garbage lying everywhere, while /lolcow/ is up on her monitor? Of course she's never even get to that point. I think, even the Queen is more mature than Raven and she lost massive amounts of weight just to look more like a loli.

No. 404255

Josh has quite the smoking habit. Has Raven ever voiced her opinion on smoking?

No. 404257


This video >>404172 confirms our suspicions that she controls Logan's FB!

No. 404261

She used to smoke herself

No. 404262

File: 1498849529211.png (227.25 KB, 800x606, Screenshot_2017-06-30-11-59-21…)


She uses a pic of an engagement ring for her video but then mocks Claudia to Josh for sending "Logan" this pic.

No. 404278

she's so fucking pathetic posing as Logan saying that shit about herself. Raven he wasn't jealous because he doesn't care, he can't wait to see the back of you.

No. 404283

She complains about the ex's spelling and still sooo incredibly bad herself!

No. 404290

I rewatched the beginning of this video since I first posted it and now understand that Raven and Josh were Skyping on their computers while Josh was repeatedly calling Claudia on speakerphone to ask her "How was I cheating on you?"

At the same time Raven was messaging Claudia from both her account and Logan's account.

Basically Raven and Josh engaged in a coordinated attack of harassment across as many channels as possible. In the US this is restraining order worthy behavior.

This is not to assume Claudia's credibility or lack thereof.

No. 404291

She did it on purpose so it looks like it's Logan and not her. That's why I'm 100% sure he never wrote anything online and it was all her lol.

No. 404297

she brags about talking to people including logan's mom as him on fb and how good she is at imitating his writing style. psycho

No. 404305


She does this all the time. Dumbs herself down grammatically to fool all the haterz

No. 404312

After anon mentioned Emily boos links in her faves/history, I looked, she's also got KFs owner favourited and also someone's fetlife account favourited, apparently its 19 year old kiwi girl? Is it someone she's stalking or a fake profile…

No. 404313

oh my god.
you think it can't get worse with her, but it always does. an HOUR of that, and she talks about it so casually that i bet it's not an uncommon occurence, poor fucking kid.

threatening to kill yourself over your partner's behavior is nor normal. when these cows talk about it you'd think it was average relationship stuff.

No. 404314

Who wants to bet he "doesnt keep many friends" because they took his ex's side in the separation

These two are perfect for each other. Both vile and unstable. And at least he's not a kid this time.

No. 404315

File: 1498856093545.png (229.12 KB, 934x610, Screenshot_2017-06-30-13-36-24…)

At 17:00 at the beginning of the chat Raven says to Josh, "It's so great when people think they're talking to Logan and they're talking to me. I love it."

19:45 "Can you get like a restraining order or some shit on her, like seriously? This is crazy shit, man. This is really overboard. Writing to Logan?"

At 20:10 Josh says, "If she were here I would [unintelligible] and punch her in the fucking face … I would let her fucking have it" and that he wouldn't care if he went to jail.

No. 404317


After she talks about "the hate sites" she mentions her overdose of all of the pills she took which damaged her heart.

No. 404319

I can't believe she herself would make this public. How does she not see how incredibly bad this looks? This doesn't make anyone else look bad but her and her deluded new soulmate.

Saying that writing to Logan is overboard as if pretending to be your husband on FB and talking to your new fuckboy's ex is the most normal thing in the world…what the fuck is wrong with these people?

No. 404330

19:43 "I think I'm gonna fucking kill [Claudia] or something."

21:33 Telling Claudia (as "Logan") that they have been together for just over a week and Josh has asked her to marry him. Thinks that's romantic.

23:07 "How can someone meet someone and after 9 days ask them to marry you?"
Basically everything Claudia is saying is on point.

23:57 Raven doesn't want him to go out for a smoke without talking to her. "Take something so I don't lose you? We kind of need to be together right now…" Jeeeeesus.

I'll write some more later, I can't watch any more of this rn.

Well, we know how Logan failed as a husband then! Raven wants you to threaten other women with violence and murder for her.
And all the stuff she types as "Logan" really does confirm everything we thought about that FB account. The way she types when she is pretending to be him - all the stuff when she "killed herself bc of the haterzzz" and talking about how their split was mutual with no cheating, that was all Raven.

No. 404331

The whole video is incredibly incriminating, the faves tab is just full of people to stalk, the blocked list just shows how many people have issues with her (in a new account too?) it'd be interesting to hear some of their stories. It's also fucked how they're calling Claudia crazy but they're the ones calling her nonstop, yelling, and messaging her as someone else. Just hearing them talk to one another shows what they'll be like as a couple. She comes off as antagonising even to her beloved and he is trying way too hard to prove he's not a cheater. The whole things a shit show and a sea of red flags for as far as the eye can see.

No. 404333

can someone dl and reupload this? feel like it won't be up for long when she gets a reality check on how horrible they look in it

No. 404334

2:10 - 3:40

Watch Josh's hand movements and facial expressions and listen to his vocalisations. Is there not something odd about them?

His restless pacing and spinning and flopping around the porch and yard and his interactions with his dogs in the other videos are very childlike.

Holy fucking shit.

Raven has managed to find a guy more childlike at 31 than Logan was at 16.

No. 404335

Was thinking the same. Can they not be reported for the shit they're doing and saying? Stalking, harassment, threatening violence and murder… it's disgusting.

No. 404345

I love how he said "will you, ONE DAY, give me the honor of…"

Hahahah he's probably not gonna marry her just like he didn't marry his ex. Raven is in for a surprise!

No. 404354


- He runs his fingers through his hair and sniffs them
- He constantly plays with his hair and flops it around his face and in his eyes
- He wipes his nose on his shirt
- He plays with his lips and tongue with his fingers
- He bulges his eyes and smacks himself in the forehead in reaction to what is being said
- He doesn't walk around the yard, rather he lunges in fits and starts, leaning this way and that way

No. 404357


He mentions having an ex-wife to whom he proposed after 3 or 4 months

No. 404360


The entire video was like listening to a couple of six-year-olds playing grown-up

No. 404361

Yeah he's 'special' all right. She picked well lol!

No. 404365


but you guys! Raven is just so young at heart! that was why she was with Logan, not because no one her own age would be so easy to manipulate/put up with her shit.
she and Josh are ~~kindred spirits~~ bc they are both so young!!

No. 404366

I can't watch the video – Raven's detailing of the minutiae of her life like it's fascinating drives me bat shit – but Josh's behavior sounds distinctly tweaker-ish. How funny would THAT be?

No. 404367

idk why he's even bothering to defend himself against the cheating stuff, raven will never believe a woman over a man. she hates women, and even if josh didn't say anything she would find a way to call his ex a slut whore nigger bitch cunt who is just trying to ruin their love.

No. 404369


It's more stimming than tweaking.

No. 404373

File: 1498863004498.png (21.11 KB, 360x202, F521C0E0-64F3-4634-AEA6-21C85A…)

Jesus H Christ, so much milk at once.

Right when I thought she could redeem herself by no longer haunting her childbride… is this the hoax bit yet? When do we get the prank reveal?

Raven, just go live with that weirdo and stop harassing his ex and your ex's family and Emily Boo and impersonating Logan. If you keep your train wreck life to yourself, there's no hate, only pity.

No. 404384

"aye, love of my life, i aint a cheater"

Reeeeee this is so bad, so many red flags. They are perfect for each other, though.

No. 404388

lol blog here but i am in recovery and he screams tweaker or at least "challenged" but from his history of failure as a human being sounds like addiction sorry if that's considered diagnosing and a no no

sage just in case

No. 404412

I sure hope someone who doesn't have third world internet speeds like me has downloaded or archived this latest cornucopia of crazy. I feel like deletion is imminent.

No. 404419

downloading it right now.
too much gold to let it go. i honestly cant believe she would make this public. i wonder if it was a mistake or if she's insane enough to think this paints her in a good light.

No. 404429

He lives in the Carolinas, maybe he cooks and smokes meth.

No. 404443

What are the 20 private videos in that Josh playlist…I'm horrified and intrigued. If she didn't make the "ugh" one private, how bad are the ones she didn't consider fit for "fan" consumption?

No. 404453

This one has her talking about getting a tattoo, like the one she had done with cj (which he didn't do in return). It sounds like his name on her finger.

I guess the beginning she is talking about how she was flirting with that other guy before they got together. He is pretty chill about it, but she seems to want him to be upset over it, as she likes the attention of jealousy.

No. 404454

the way she talks about telling Logan about the tattoo, and the way her and Josh are like sniggering obnoxiously about it is so gross. they clearly both really enjoy the idea of making him jealous/hurting him.

bullshit "he was gonna see it and i didn't want it to be a surprise". you told him to hurt his feelings and show him you don't care about him any more because he isn't under your control. classic narc shit.

No. 404468

I know people aren't allowed to cowtip, but I kinda feel someone should at least tell Josh's ex that Raven is using Logan's account to talk to her and is posting her private fb conversations online. Not going to do it personally because I don't know if it's counted as cow tipping, but this is absolutely awful :(

No. 404486

That lolcow mention by name, haha.

No. 404494

Instead of tipping, wouldn't it be convenient if she just happened to randomly discover lolcow, read the info and see the videos, and then spill any milk she got that Raven hasn't spilt?

Bags not, but she'll probably find out about lolcow just from Raven going on about it and her finding Raven's videos and social media rantings. After all, that's how I found this place.

No. 404502


I'm hoping Claudia will just nope out as soon as possible and leave them to it. I feel so awful for her. of course, that would also require Raven leaving her alone, and that is some high fucking hopes.

No. 404506


Does recording phone conversations in this manner violate US wire tapping laws? The conversations between Josh and Claudia were recorded by Raven presumably with Josh's knowledge (or perhaps under his direction) but unbeknownst to Claudia. Does the fact that Raven made the recording in New Zealand factor?

No. 404510

Friend: Remember when we all watched that film together, that was nice
Raven: yeah but then Allie blah blah bitch bitch negativity

Every time the conversation is a little positive she brings up someone she has beef with.

Also showing videos of Josh to friends? Intense much?

How did this milk come to light? The pages say the videos are unlisted… could she be figuring out who on her facebook contacts is a "hater" by selectively leaking.

No. 404512

I was actually thinking something similar. No idea how the first anon found it, but it could easily have been on autoplay after another video in the playlist - perhaps she doesn't realize that unlisted vis still show up if you put them in a playlist. Maybe she wanted to show someone, so she made it linkable, not thinking it would show.

Even if she's doing it to weed out the h8ers, she has made herself look even worse than usual and made Claudia and Logan look innocent by comparison.

No. 404515

and who is she even recording this for? what was the intended purpose of this video? it's so strange. she films a lot of pointless shit, but not usually screen captures of her impersonating her childbride…

No. 404518


Googling "Raven Sparks" brings up LC and KF on the first page of results for me.

Surely Claudia must already be aware of her current Youtube channel since she posts the videos on her Public Figure FB account. But some people are not astute enough to explore a channel; heck, no one here mentioned the Josh playlist before I posted it today and the oldest videos were posted on the 11th. But since the view counts on those videos were under 20 at the time I posted them, I wonder if they were private until very recently.

No. 404523


I love how dude tried to distract her and shut her up with, "BABY COCKATIELS!" and she "meh'ed" all ovr them.

> How did this milk come to light? The pages say the videos are unlisted…

I looked at her playlists this morning and posted >>404145

No. 404531

She sending that message to Claudia and then immediately blocks her so she can't reply. Classy.

Everyone on Raven's newsfeed seems like her, vaguebooking and snowflake statuses, persecution complexes, drama magnets.

No. 404535

Yeah I see the playlist on her channel but ones we can see are marked as "unlisted" when you go to the direct link on YouTube.

So it's lucky it was noticed and may well be accidental on her part, or not.

No. 404540

File: 1498874181902.png (240.27 KB, 800x732, Screenshot_2017-06-30-18-46-05…)


> No idea how the first anon found it, but it could easily have been on autoplay after another video in the playlist - perhaps she doesn't realize that unlisted vis still show up if you put them in a playlist.

These videos are not unlisted or private. I just happened to look at her playlists this morning and saw the Josh playlist [image]. The last time I looked at her playlists was when she posted the second break up video.

The oldest videos were posted on the 11th, but since the view counts on those videos were under 20 at the time I posted them, I wonder if they were private until very recently.

No. 404544

hmm, this is weird then. they definitely never showed up in my sub box, except the main two we talked about here (love story one and the 'some clips of Josh' one), but with the way yt is currently there's no way to know if that means they're unlisted or just a sub glitch.

No. 404548

File: 1498874492280.png (187.79 KB, 800x932, Screenshot_2017-06-30-18-57-22…)


> Yeah I see the playlist on her channel but ones we can see are marked as "unlisted" when you go to the direct link on YouTube.


When I click on the Josh playlist, this is a part of what I see. I am using Chrome and I am not logged in to Youtube.

No. 404552

File: 1498874713063.png (33.09 KB, 506x258, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 11.0…)

yep, unlisted. unlisted doesn't mean private, it means they won't show up unless you're linked to them, or unless you're raven and too stupid to realise putting them in playlists allows people to see them.

No. 404559

What >>404552 said - they are in the playlist but are classified as unlisted so they don't show up in searches or sub notifications. You can use this to link people or embed a particular video without it coming to the attention of the general public.

Watching her pretending to be Logan I can't help but wonder if this is a massive fuck up… or Logan's revenge?

No. 404565

the more i think about it, the more i think this is a mistake. she doesn't say anything in the recording that makes it seem like she had a point or was planning to publicize it, and she's never admitted that she impersonates Logan before. the nonchalant way she does it in this video says that she's doing this all the time.

i really think she didn't mean for this to go public. if i had to guess i'd say she recorded it for her and Josh (though why she would do that i have no idea), and thought that it being unlisted (so she could link it to Josh or whoever the intended recipient was) meant it would be private.

i can't see any reason she would want to make this public. this is a huge fuck up for her. i wonder how long before she hops on here or kiwifarms and sees what she did.

No. 404567


> and who is she even recording this for? what was the intended purpose of this video?

Probably for Josh to read the chat between "Logan" and Claudia and to record Josh's phone calls to Claudia.

And for the self asspats.

I wonder if watching the video together gets them hot and horny? And when they finally unite will they film themselves sexing while watching the video for the ultimate self asspat?

No. 404576

It'd be about 2:20pm in NZ right now so unless she's sleeping in the day to match time zones… depends how frequently she checks us. Will be interesting to see.

Also when Claudia says Josh lives with his mum to what she thinks is Logan, she hasn't got much reason to make that up, and Raven tries to get a straight answer out of him about it… because she's believing he lives alone and she'll be moving to his place… his reaction is vague and I doubt she'd want to reveal evidence he could be a liar liar pants on fire.

This does mean they really have fallen in "love" in 9 days.

No. 404578


And the fact that the videos lack titles.

When I found them this morning I didn't consider that she may have intended them to not be public since I regularly explore people's playlists. I rarely even log in to any of my Youtube accounts these days so I am not subscribed to her. I discovered Raven by randomly clicking on one of her threads here last year rather than first seeing her content.

No. 404580


If she didn't intend for these to be public, I hope someone is downloading them all.

No. 404582

titles is another good point. more like what you would save files under for yourself than for a public yt vid.

she's posted on her fb today, so she was awake at least a few hours ago. she could be talking to the love of her life, since they said it was 8am his time in that video.
and yeah, i dont see why C would lie in what she thought was a private convo with Logan. i think he lives with his mom. Raven will love that.

i've got the ugh one. are there any others i should grab?

No. 404584

If she didn't intend for these to be public, I can't wait to see her justification for them if she acknowledges them and doesn't try to pretend they don't exist. Do enough of her sycophants read LC and KW for word to get around and potentially tarnish her persona?

She can no longer deny that she controls Logan's FB, for one thing.

No. 404586

I could fucking kiss you for finding this.

Ugh is the most milky but anything and everything is good. Glad you got the ugh one, you're a legend too.

Ugh is fascinating even when nothing much is going on, because it shows her browsing habits and candid conversation about stuff.

No. 404589


> i've got the ugh one. are there any others i should grab?

All 8 are worthy. Suckle all teh milk!

No. 404591

Oh god her reaction… the schadenfreude is going to be fucking out of this world. If someone like Logan has arranged this whoopsie, I hope he films the moment she realises.

No. 404593

totally agree. it's a little window into her insanity.
she really thinks all this is normal, too.
not wanting your soulmate to go out for a cigarette without you, impersonating your ex to manipulate your new bf's ex, having your favorites tab full of the people you hatestalk and claim not to care about, your new bf talking about beating and killing his ex…
like this is all just standard for her.

starting the dl now.

No. 404595


> I could fucking kiss you for finding this.

I'm happy to have been able to finally contribute! I've been reading her threads here and on KF for about a year, but I never posted prior to today.

No. 404596

She told his mum that Logan is addicted to porn. Nice respect for privacy there. His mum is apparently religious so imagine how that's going down with her.

When Raven recounts this message to Josh, she says "I said, yknow, he'd been caught looking at porn", like they'd already talked about it and like "addicted to porn" just refers to that one event.

No. 404597

k i got all the videos with weird titles. didn't grab the Clips of Josh one or the how they met ones, because those seem intentional and aren't unlisted,

where would be the best place to upload these if she deletes them? sorry, this isn't something i do often!

No. 404598

she'll try to claim she was hacked which is why they were made public

No. 404600


Yes, most revealing. And the fact that so much of what is shown on her computer in Ugh completely belies what she has claimed in her retorts to LC / KF and crushes her persona reinforces the theory that she did not intend for these videos to be public.

Also, a couple of these videos were the sources for her Clips of Josh video.

No. 404601

File: 1498877601820.png (352.97 KB, 557x741, morganfreemanwouldnotcopravens…)

Interesting what meme caught her eye and was shared by her at 1h 01m

My bet is she will pretend all this was intentional, but I don't think this kind of milk can be faked.

No. 404603

On onion threads, we re-upload to vid.me to avoid giving him adsense $. i've also seen an archiving site used, have to go find which one it is.

No. 404604

you know, there's something that bothers me. she made Logan get finance for a $4k top of the line gaming laptop which is used literally for fb and flash games. such a wasteful fucking whore.

No. 404606


All 8?

No. 404607

thanks a lot. i'll upload there if/when she deletes them.

i think that's what she will try too. definitely wasn't intentional though imo. se has never deliberately shown herself like this before. she'll try to spin it like that, but we all know she just fucked up.

i have ugh, 0, 1, 2, joshua, june 11, and the two with date titles.

No. 404611

File: 1498878197549.png (68.09 KB, 800x274, Screenshot_2017-06-30-19-59-36…)

How will she process all of THIS?

Such sweet comeuppance for her hubris.

No. 404613


No. 404616

Does anyone have caps of Emily boo being in her favourites? I can't seem to find it

No. 404617


She said it herself: Any exposure can grow her channel for her.

No. 404620

you mean the channel she says she's going to distance herself from every other video she makes?

No. 404621

Who would like the honor of spilling the milk to KF? I don't have an account there.

No. 404622

File: 1498878932854.png (284.39 KB, 1057x552, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 12.1…)

here's the vid.me account: https://vid.me/ravensparks

the longer videos are still processing, but all 8 are going up. used her original titles and figured the account might as well be called ravensparks too, in case anyone's searching for it.

No. 404623

Nothing got posted there yet?
Wish I had an account, but I don't. They must be dehydrated - someone get this milk to them ASAP!

No. 404625


We just can't help ourselves, Raven. I mean, hater sites are gonna hate ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 404629

Doesn't she see she is getting views on these videos? Shouldn't that tip her off?

No. 404631

it will at some point, but it's entirely possible that these videos are no longer on the first screen of her uploads for her, so she won't be looking at it unless she scrolls down or goes to the next page on her dashboard.
the only way she would be notified without looking specifically would be for comments.

No. 404632

She's a piece of shit. Still controls Logan's facebook, uses him as excuse as to why the relationship failed. When he was just a child she tried to kill herself (probably just for attention) emotionally blackmailing a child to stay with her and making Logan's family accept their relationship even though they were trying to protect their son. No wonder Logan looks haggard, being put through all that stress, forced to work to pay for that lazy piece of shit while she hangs out with her ex and chats to randoms all day online. Then she decides to up and leave and can't even have the dignity to fess up about the truth and instead makes up all these lies and false timelines of 'when they were talking' and 'it wasn't cheating'
She does what onision does, changes her story to make herself out to look like she does no wrong. Whatever Raven. Tell yourself and YouTube lies to make yourself seem like a saint. But still controlling Logan's Facebook and also MAKING HIM PAY FOR YOUR PLANE TICKET is scummy behaviour. Why doesn't your new hotshot finger-sniffing hick of a boyfriend pay for you? And instead of letting Logan free, she continues to message his mother, pay for his ticket AND wants him to use his own money to fly over and meet the guy she left him for! I have a lot of sympathy for people with mental illnesses but she is truly an awful awful human being. Sorry for the rant, but I actually can't believe what I'm seeing in her videos. This bitch genuinely does not see that she is in the wrong.

No. 404647

Depends on her sleeping schedule. Maybe she's found out and is sitting there like a stunned mullet trying to figure out what to do.

What is this cheek-biting incident she keeps bragging about? Josh alludes to it, and she also mentions it in the Final Goodbye vid. She bit a chunk out of some girl's face and is proud of that?

No. 404652

Very good points, ty.

Has anyone pointed out the Domino's New Zealand complaint message, yet?* Because, of course she has one of those in her inbox at any given point in time. keeeek.

*I read all but might have missed

No. 404653

Oh my god, I didn't see that, that's gold. Of course it's there. Weight loss surgery goes great with eating entire pizzas and McDonald's burgers! Thanks anon, I never would have seen that.

No. 404655


I haven't seen anything referring to dominoes complaints

No. 404656

Watching one of her FaceTime Skype things with Josh and they talk about her profiles, how "this one" (what she's supposed to post these videos to, I presume) is just for Josh and 2 other friends.

She done fucked up.

No. 404661

File: 1498882624656.jpg (14.77 KB, 217x253, bloaty's pizza hog.JPG)

The little pizza icon makes it that much better

"as long as the manager and the person I speak"

No. 404662

I see "isnt" instead of "and" - as long as the manager isn't the person I speak to

No. 404663

At 13:30 in Ugh she demands that Josh's brother, who is in the room with Josh, talk to her to reassure her that Josh is not a liar or a cheater.

"Can he come and tell me?" she asks twice with a perceptible tremble in her voice. She is genuinely worried that Josh is a liar and cheater.

No. 404664

seems like such a healthy and stable basis for a relationship. :))))

No. 404666

It pisses me off that she was selected for the weight loss surgery in the first place!

She must've lied through her teeth to her doctors and surgeon to get the surgery.
Before you're accepted you have to make a serious attempt to loose some weight yourself, and we all know with the crappy food she still continues to shove down her throat how hard that would've been for her.
Not to mention, once you've had the surgery you're body can no longer handle the fatty foods it once could. And would explain all the 'health issues' she likes everyone to think she has for sympathy.

Gastric bypass surgeries aren't handed out Willy Nilly in New Zealand, and she's the least deserving person I can think of to receive one. She should've had to pay for private medical care to receive it, or pay to have it done in her own country.

No. 404667

The most frustrating part to me is that before, during, and after getting her free damn weight loss surgery that she admits changed her life and has made her feel much better about herself, she constantly shits on New Zealand.

She doesn't have a single good thing to say about the country, despite them offering her free healthcare for something that greatly improved her quality of life.

Now that this marriage is another failure, she basically came to NZ, got residency via Logan, used said residency to get WLS, and then moved back to the US, badmouthing NZ all the way.

So fucked up.

No. 404668

Thing is, it's likely that he has been dodgy, I think. Maybe he didn't cheat on Claudia but the other stuff she claimed about jobs and living arrangements sounds plausible.

Claudia thought it was impossible that they'd have this much going on after a few days and that's why she thought he was cheating. Same theories here. Turns out, they're both just incredible morons.

No. 404670


Totally agree! Although I'm pretty sure she gained residency through her ex NZ husband.

NZ is a bloody beautiful place to live, and it can be rather hard to gain citizenship these days. Bloody ungrateful piece of shit she is

No. 404672

I'm surprised that her weight range qualified. I thought people had to be in a range where other methods don't work fast or reliably enough for that size, but her size could have been brought down with CICO with only reasonable effort. She doesn't seem to have loose skin or other things that deathfats usually get left with.

Her recent convos allude to diabetes so maybe that's what qualified her, put her in a higher risk category.

No. 404675

could also have been whatever "tailbone" issue she has. sadly it seems that despite being offered surgery to fix her health issues, she is still completely incapable of doing anything except ruining other peoples lives.

No. 404679

I believe in this one, she tells him about having 60 (or 16? Surely it can't be 60) social media profiles, one of them using a Thai version of her common usernames, and she tells Josh that if she adds him on one of them, she'll tell him, because "otherwise you won't know it's me".

Catfish Raven confirmed.

No. 404682

She's worried about some dude revealing her identity to lolcow and KF, and says she has to back off with this guy gradually or he'll retaliate, then talks about whether her liking his comments makes Josh jealous. Her ex husband the gym guy?

I thought we already knew her birth name?

No. 404685


Josh says that Claudia is in Mexico, so at least she is physically safe.

No. 404688

Hopefully she is there for awhile, and not just visiting or something.

No. 404689

Someone please spill the milk on KF. The thread is active; a mod just posted.

No. 404692

File: 1498886792785.png (479.84 KB, 922x758, partyhat.png)

When she was talking about her ectopic pregnancy, he obviously accidentally pressed a button because this filter popped up on his face. Kinda funny.

No. 404697

File: 1498886993632.png (613.28 KB, 993x905, SerFriendzone.png)


Don't know if she's posted this herself about the guy she rejected, but this was randomly at the end of video.

No. 404701

Just posted!

No. 404704

File: 1498889018273.png (373.73 KB, 1207x665, emilyboofave.png)

Here you go, from 7:09, zoomed in on that part of the screen to compensate for me doing everything on a linux potato

No. 404705

File: 1498889049880.png (157.82 KB, 800x631, Screenshot_2017-06-30-22-58-43…)


"You actually look really fucking young right now!" she enthuses.

No. 404708

File: 1498889393377.png (107.79 KB, 1185x70, thatssoraven.png)


No. 404711


Raven wiltingly, "I can't believe you want to marry me. You're way too hot for me."

Josh cockily, "I'm goimg to marry you."

Raven cock suckingly, "You're way out of my fucking league."

Me nauseously, "Puke."

No. 404712

File: 1498889549587.png (80.86 KB, 250x250, 1491953629522.png)

god why just vomit, he looks like a more ape version of lurch lmao

No. 404716

File: 1498889856902.gif (41.33 KB, 233x200, 200_s.gif)

No. 404718

File: 1498890293241.png (893.75 KB, 800x892, Screenshot_2017-06-30-23-14-33…)


The doxing is coming from inside the house!

No. 404719

File: 1498890318991.bmp (757.75 KB, 1521x170, ohyou.bmp)



No. 404722

Wait, what was >>404707 saying? Didn't see it before it was deleted

No. 404723

Joshua isn't good at much. He's a lazy and stupid man who used to be fairly attractive and knew how to con less attractive damsels in distress out of money, drugs, housing, etc. Now he's just a professional mooch and boring slob.

If Raven has a problem with porn shes going to have a problem with Josh.

Because he jacks off.

No. 404724

was just showing her address without being underlined and saying that she can't be that stupid.

She's her own leaker.

No. 404726


Diana Dawn Cradok according to >>>/pt/20741

No. 404727

Personal friend of Josh?

No. 404728

File: 1498892472986.jpg (1.57 MB, 2250x10000, pjimage.jpg)

I know it's not quite exciting as the addresses I missed but I stitched together the whole convo of Raven as Logan with Claudia.

No. 404736

File: 1498893622702.jpg (89.31 KB, 629x927, homesweethome.jpg)

I like the part where she asks him if it's true and does he live with his mother. There was silence and he said "no, well she stays here sometimes."

Does she not know how to find his house and find out who lives in said house? It took me 5 minutes. And yes, apparently he lives with his mom and brother. Have fun crashing on his moms couch, Raven!

No. 404744

"She stays with me"/"She is here sometimes" is tooooo classic for manbabies who still live at home but are still trying to get women. Can't believe anyone would fall for that in this day and age, but then Raven is immensely stupid. He 100% lives with his mom lmao.

No. 404746


Curious. I don't see the yellow "unlisted" banner. I'm on Chrome and I am not logged in to Youtube.

No. 404747

Have you clicked on the Share tab?
It's not always there, only when you go to share the video.

No. 404748

File: 1498896635927.png (169.34 KB, 800x901, Screenshot_2017-07-01-01-08-15…)

No. 404749

Wow this looks nothing like any share YT screen I have ever seen. I'm sure other people see this too though. All her randomly titled videos are Unlisted for me.

Sage for off topic.

No. 404750

She thinks she's moving into a dream house but IRL it's with the ape version of a man who jerks off all the time and lives with his mom. Enjoy that couch raven

No. 404751

gonna miss the days of mooching off her teen husband! at least he could get them a house.

No. 404754

File: 1498897293908.png (6.99 KB, 352x61, unlisted.png)

I see a different icon next to the video title which has a mouse-over alt text that says it's unlisted

No. 404755

File: 1498897303784.jpg (55.36 KB, 636x432, 2009177_1607501534b86b9f9ae048…)

No. 404756

Another thing that points to accidental publishing is that she hasn't made thumbnails for the unlisted videos, and she didn't add that god awful title screen she usually puts in.
Everything seems like she didn't mean for these to be seen. I am really surprised she hasn't said anything/privated them yet.

No. 404759

I am 100% sure Josh lives with his mom lmao. I mean his answer was soo bad, anyone could tell he was lying. He is not a really good liar tbh, he sounds stupid.
I bet when the time comes for Raven to fly there, he will come up with some bullshit excuse as to why she can't live in his house lol.

No. 404760

If I am remembering right, she got a referral for weight loss surgery because she was depressed and suicidal. The dead foetus babies probably got a mention to the doctor. She lost about 5kgs on the Optifast diet before she went in for surgery.

Raven's thread is in the Beauty Parlor of KF, you can post as a Guest there. No need for membership.

No. 404761

He does, the house he is at in all of Raven's videos is registered to his mother.

No. 404764

File: 1498898347901.png (78.5 KB, 299x537, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 5.38…)

sooo creepy to think that she has most likely been talking to Logan's family posing as Logan (the Marshall names on the list).

No. 404765

Your view shows "comments - 1". I don't see that.

Can you see the comment? Has someone tipped her off?

No. 404767

Hahaha, she said when she originally asked Josh told her that his brother stays there sometimes. Now that's turned into he lives with his brother. And now his mom "stays with him sometimes". Guess what that's gonna turn into? Raven is such an idiot.

No. 404768

To the person who posted the snapshot of raven pretending to be logan, wow! this is how karma works. hope claudia moves on, she seems a normal hardworking single mom. let raven deal with it. she needs to grow up. wow just wow. howcan anyone be so blind? this josh dude is crazy. manchild indeed.

No. 404769

she has comments on approval, so there might be one waiting for approval meaning we see 1 comment, but not see the actual comment until she approves it. it will alert her that they are public though.

No. 404770

fuck just as i posted this i got to the bit in that Ugh video where she says
> i don't spell and write like i do, i spell and write like he does. i even fool his mom. like his mom will get on and think she's talking to him but be talking to me. like i'm pretty fucking good.


No. 404772

That is terrible… Someone should tell Logan about this. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't even know about any of this shit… I feel sorry for him even more now.

No. 404773

She seemed to already know he stays in the living room. Look at that house - why would the main occupant need to live in the living room? She is only seeing what she wants to see.

Before anyone goes feeling sorry for her (lol, I know), I'll point out that when she talks to him, she seems to be manipulating him. She just constantly pours out these insincere-sounding superlative compliments.

I wonder about both their sanity and intellects. He is not bright but also a liar. She is manipulative, but trusts a guy she just met over the internet with her schemes, like posting as Logan. Wuh?

No. 404774

File: 1498899506435.png (108.26 KB, 813x216, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 5.55…)

Claudia talking about why she and Josh broke up. all seems really plausible to me, given his behavior with Raven.

nah, no sympathy for her after this.
this is new levels of insanity. well, not new, i'm sure she's been doing this forever. but this is new to us.
i agree with the manipulative language bullshit. you can really hear it. she also picks guys who aren't super bright. no offence to them, but it is clear she chooses people who won't see/be able to fight her obvious manipulation.

No. 404775

Yeah, she's being passive aggressive a lot of the times in just that one convo.
Also constantly playing the victim "I am so bad right now… I don't know what I will do" lol bitch please.

She's in for a big surprise. She's probably expecting him to pay for everything (she mentions a lot of times in that one video that she CAN'T work) since she's used to her husbands doing all the work. I think what Claudia is saying is all true and that he doesn't have a full time job.

No. 404777

How do we know about the jerking off?

I asked before about >>404723 - do we have an RL acquaintance of Josh here that would like to anonymously share their experiences?

Maybe once she realises what's happened, it will be the only time she doesn't check in here, because she can't bear to see what's been revealed. She'll just live in forced ignorance for her own sanity.

Or maybe she checked KF first and thought nothing was being reported.

I do wince imagining her finding all this. Even a cunt like me feels like it's going to be too much for her to handle. If she had a brain, she'd log off the internet, stop living such a duplicitous hateful life, get a job and get her life together. Life doesn't have to suck so much if you just don't treat it like a game of Bullshit.

No. 404778

yep, also self-harm threats, which apparently are a common occurence for her. saying she felt bad so she "fought some urges and stuff" because she's been feeling bad about the whole Claudia thing.

for two people who apparently just get each other and are like the same person, they sure are short with each other a lot in one conversation. and this is the honeymoon phase lol

No. 404779

> Raven saying that she thought she was supposed to be family to Logan's mum and she is mad that she invited Logan to go to the North Island and get away from Raven for a bit.

This bitch serious? You gave up familial treatment when you separated from him. You really want your ex's family to invite you on trips with them? Yeah, how dare Logan's family want to support him and not you! How self-involved can you get?

No. 404781

She's probably just jealous and even if she doesn't want Logan anymore, she wants him to crawl for her.
I mean you saw how she pretends to be him!! Saying "I am sad" "I was a bad husband" "I wasn't good for her"
I feel like Logan never said those things out loud but she just made them up because she wishes it was like that.
The same with her telling Josh she wants him to be jealous and get mad at guys on her FB etc.

No. 404782

>maybe she checked KF first and thought nothing was being reported.

You're right, maybe she thinks she's getting away with all this shit..

No. 404783

File: 1498900742787.png (80.85 KB, 969x136, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 6.17…)

> my wife is kinda famous

top kek
just like all the best cows, even when she's sockpuppeting, she can't possibly crawl out of her own asshole for two seconds.

No. 404784

I loled that that part so hard.
Yeah, famous, for being a cow.

No. 404785

File: 1498901203552.png (66.49 KB, 249x306, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 6.25…)

another dude along with the ex who gets a free pass to use pet names, when she says it's disgusting and she blocks any guy who says that to her. she also didn't mention this to Josh when they were talking. interesting!

No. 404793

I LOVE how when she does a video with Logan it's "we just couldn't make it work" bla bla bullshit, but to Josh and Logans mom it's "he's addicted to porn!!!" lol why didn't say say that infront of Logan? Probably because Logan would be like wtf no.

No. 404795

I don't know if this has been posted but I seen someone's comment on KF saying Raven had said Josh had stuck up for her, here on lolcow

No. 404797

Yeah, Raven has said he has too. As far as I've seen, he hasn't posted on here at all. If he has, it wasn't as defensive as I'm sure Raven would like!

I could be wrong/have missed it though.

No. 404798

Maybe they meant this? Which was a really bad attempt if it was him lol.

No. 404800

raven is so obsessed with people defending her, idk what she is expecting if people actually do.
it will just bring more attention to her threads. lolcows and their friends coming on here and whiteknighting literally never does anything except intensify the lol of said cow.

No. 404802


No I think I remember the post in question on the previous thread. I'll go find it because it'd be good to compare it to what we now know is Raven's IP address.

No. 404805

File: 1498905204581.png (87.47 KB, 1759x214, possiblyjosh.png)


OK, found it.

/pt/382838 and /pt/382114 shows her bragging that she had a friend visit here to defend her.

/pt/374674 is the apparent friend's post, which may or may not be Josh.

Note that this was 2 months ago.

No. 404808

She probably has this dude as a back up in case it doesn't work out with Josh then she can act all heartbroken and mooch off this poor sucker.

No. 404809

Don't wanna be that guy but you need three > for hyperlinks

No. 404810

File: 1498905434256.png (85.17 KB, 833x261, joshtoo.png)

samefag, not long after the visit from A Friend, another anon posted this interesting pic from one of Raven's armada of instagram accounts. Just thought it's interesting. Timestamp looks to be 2nd may.

No. 404811



thanks friend.

No. 404812

Damn this shit is insane. Raven strikes me as the type who'd concoct a plan with her new luvver to murder Claudia. Or even Logan in a fit of rage (seriously, holding knvies up to your neck just because he watched porn? that must've scarred the poor kid)

No. 404814

Can someone screenshot where this was said in her videos?

No. 404815

She said it here >>404188

No. 404816

Ah sorry must've missed it, thanks!

She really is a psycho! I wish Logan would speak up. I feel sorry for his parents, they probably wanted to help him but they can't even get a hold of him since she controls everything.
I hope he gets rid of her soon.

No. 404817

I know right? She even brags and revels in being able to fool his own mother when she's pretending to be Logan on FB. That's some creepy, psycho shit right there.

No. 404818

That's the one good thing to come out of this (aside from a whoooole lot of fresh milk) is that it looks like Logan's family are (try to) rallying around him, so he should have support and can start living like a normal young adult. I wonder how long it will take him to realise the extent of Raven's manipulation/emotional abuse.

At least she didn't succeed in alienating him from his family completely, though Logan really needs to tell them that it's not him using that FB profile. That's a damn mess. That account should be deactivated now.

No. 404824

Will Raven even let him leave now to go back to his family? She's super controlling and manipulative after all. He should go to work then from there go to his family and have them collect all his stuff from their house or something…

No. 404825

She did say they are planning on getting their own place soon.
But I also kinda feel like Raven won't allow that, since she's still not 100% sure about Josh, so she's still keeping Logan on the bench.
I really wonder if this with Josh doesn't work out before she moves there, would she magically continue everything with Logan or?

I just wanna say that Raven, if you're reading this and I know you are, you are the worst piece of shit. Looking for pathetic men on Facebook to take care of you, keeping a lot of them on the bench "just in case" and trying to slime your way out of anyone thinking you're cheating. You're disgusting. I really hope you go and meet up with Josh and it turns out he lives with his mom and she hates you (because who wouldn't lol) and I hope you blame us for it as always <3

No. 404829


>would she magically continue everything with Logan

lol of course she would. Lol it was just a joke, sure showed them haters hurr hurr.

I'm really wondering if the Josh thing will go ahead, it's not like she's losing much with Logan, but what she is jumping into sounds sketchy as fuck

No. 404831

if Logan goes back to her after all of this, that will be tragic. i hope she and Josh give it up and she tries to get back with Logan and he rejects her.
sweetest karma milk.

No. 404834


That comment marker was already there when I found the videos 24 hours ago, but I can't view the comment.

No. 404835

that's weird then. i wonder if Josh/whoever she linked it to left a comment on it and she just never approved it. or it could be a YT glitch again since there's tons currently.

No. 404836

Hopefully she'll be gone long enough for Logan's family to "un Raven" him and make him see sense, so if that were to happen and she came running back begging for another chance he'd tell her where to shove it!

No. 404837

i'm also hoping for Logan and Dorian to get their friendship back. it is so messed up that Raven basically stole and married her teenage son's friend. i hope they can sort their shit out and enjoy themselves when Raven is out of NZ. her leaving the country is probably the best thing that could happen for both of them, so i hope she and her new deadbeat fuckboy manage to get that plane ticket.

No. 404844

I actually forgot about Dorian in this complete clusterfuck of a situation. Sage for offtopic but I remember back when it started with Logan, she tried to make it all seem innocent i.e. Dorian was supposedly the one who kept insisting she meet Logan until she gave in. I call bullshit on the whole thing - Logan must've made the "milf" remark and Dorian probably told Raven as a kind of passing comment. Raven, excited someone young is showing her attention, begs and hounds Dorian to let her meet him until HE gave in. Low and behold she gets her claws into Logan and steals him away. Turns out the novelty wore off for Logan and he gets dumped for the next gullible idiot who'll have her. The cycle is just going to continue for about 10 years until she's too old, (even more) fat and ugly to attract the young types she craves. That's assuming she doesn't eat herself to death before then of course

No. 404846

A little side note here, but wasn't she going on about how she doesn't like horror movies because of all the gore/nudity but mostly thrillers/suspense but now all of a sudden her and Josh love horror movies and she watched Martyrs with him?

No. 404849

File: 1498915823851.png (284.83 KB, 566x469, Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 10.2…)

yeah, there is absolutely no way that a 17 year old kid is super enthusiastic about setting his friend up with his 40 year old mother. Raven's never been great at coming up with realistic lies, but this one was far fetched even for her.

the whole Logan account thing makes me wonder about the "Dorian" account too. when she was faking her suicide, "Dorian" was making a lot of the posts, and looking back, the writing style is really similar to how Raven writes when she is pretending to be Logan.

i know there was already a ton of speculation that it was her, but i think the video of her on Logan's FB account pretty much confirms it. we know she is willing and able to impersonate her childbride, and i doubt she has any more reservations about impersonating her son. in fact it seems like she has always treated Dorian as even less of a human being than Logan, so i doubt she would have any problem controlling his accounts.

pic related: the "Dorian" posts about her "suicide" kek. imo it reads exactly like how Raven was typing to Claudia.

and yes, she does talk about that all the time. she is "the most conservative person she know". which is another one of those lies that it's just hard to believe she ever thought would fly.

No. 404850


Could her Friend be the guy she was talking to prior to Josh? Do we have any examples of his writing style to compare?

No. 404855

Sage but did anyone notice in the video she made for Josh, the cat was rubbing against the selfie stick and she said "only I'm allowed to rub against the stick, I don't mean the selfie stick"

I gaged

No. 404857

The best case scenario would be for Logan to move out of the apartment, spend time with his family and friends, delete his social media, change his phone number, and cut off all contact with Raven aside from divorce proceedings. That way he wouldn't be isolated with her and she wouldn't be able to use his social media or threaten him with suicide.
I also doubt she could afford to keep the apartment by herself, so she would probably rush to Josh. And when the reality of a life with him hits her she'll be stuck.

No. 404858

She's said that Logan was moving back in with his parents and she was going to live with her ex-husband so she can save up money for 3 months to move. She's also making Logan pay for the plane ticket or at least part of it.

No. 404861

Will her plans with Josh blow up in her face when he finds out that his reprehensible behavior towards Claudia has been exposed thanks to Raven's "unpublished" video, or is he psycho enough not to care (just as he said he wouldn't care if he went to jail)?

Is he either so dim or so in lurv to not consider that she might be playing him just as she has been playing everyone else in her life? Will the evidence we have doc'ed here (eg. her chat with Derrick Diggler) open his eyes?

I do think that he is too much of a Tarzan to be playing her. As he proved when she grilled him about living on his mom's couch, she has him whipped enough to fess up when ahe confronts him.

No. 404862


Logan's bio parents are separated and his mom lives with her gf but his bio parents are on friendly terms, as I recall from the video of their birthday dinner.

No. 404863

i dont think he's manipulative like raven, but i do think he's a classic controlling/abusive douche. judging by what his ex says anyway, which does line up with how he is with raven.

if they do end up living together it will be an absolute wreck. cant wait.

No. 404865

That's still his parent. But this is what she has said, that he's going to go back to his parents house and she's going to her ex's. Either he'll go back to his dad or mom but more than likely his mom.

No. 404867

In the Ugh video, when Josh was defending himself against Claudia he said that he is working for his uncle and trying to get a job with benefits iirc. Is this the Park Seed Company job listed on his FB profile?

No. 404868

File: 1498917888708.png (244.04 KB, 478x577, fggfd.png)


No. 404869

does mean she's online though. wonder if she'll notice the videos…

No. 404870

Oh boy is Raven going to hate it in Saluda. It has a population less than 4,000 and seems to have a big Hispanic community. And quite literally in bumfuck middle of nowhere. The closest WalMart is a 23 minute drive away.

She already complains about not going out or having friends or anything to do, she's really fucked now. Have fun living on your boyfriend's mom's couch staying on the computer all the time!

No. 404871


She was on Youtube to post two new videos 8 hours ago, the "omg he is beautiful" video and a private video.

Has the anon who set up the video.me account downloaded the new video? It's not particularly milky but fun for shits and giggles. In the least it demonstrates how she grooms her toy boys.

No. 404872

Cant wait for her to run her mouth and call every non-white person a nigger cunt like she did to Claudia. I'm sure that will go over great.

No. 404873

Maybe the rednecks will like her for that then.

No. 404874

cringe. and no offense but he's ugly, so a perfect match for raven then

No. 404890

>house that big and he lives on the couch
Talk about being the family black sheep. Raven sure knows how to pick them.

No. 404897

Ewwwww. I really don't think she'd be into him if he didn't have long hair. Like some anon said earlier, he looks like a guy who once apon a time might have had sommmme slightly attractive features, but is beyond average now.
Also I think Raven 'thinks' she needs a guy that will get jealous over her because it gives her attention and makes her feel better about herself. I think she thinks she needs and wants this, however she will learn very quick that it isn't what she wants and will start to miss the fact that when she was with Logan she could hang out or chat to any male friend online whenever she wants and was basically able to control every aspect of Logan whereas at first, with Josh, she will love the attention, and then will probably start bitching down the track that he smothers her and doesn't work enough.
Ah yes. When she meets old finger sniffing Josh, she's in for a surprise.

No. 404899

I want Logan to hook up with some reasonably attractive looking alt girl so badly.

No. 404912

Have we actually heard anything about Dorian lately? Raven hasn't mentioned him at all since the whole text reading clusterfuck. He's still going to stay in NZ with his girlfriend, right?

No. 404916

I mean to be fair, I think Logan is pretty cute. Yeah he kinda looks like a souless rat atm but that could all change, he just needs to ditch Raven.
I think he will find a pretty girl and I hope to god he posts her all over social media. I also feel like Logan likes social media, it's just he doesn't like the Raven aspect of it so he just stays away from it all together. When they separate, I think he will be on FB at least.

No. 404918

She hasn't mentioned Dorian because he's not in the spotlight anymore. She wanted to drag someone to US with her because she probably realised Logan won't go, so she just wanted to suck Dorian with her. Now that she has Josh, she couldn't care less about Dorian.

In one of her videos with Josh, she said she knows she's a mother, but she doesn't feel like one. As in she doesn't have that bond with Dorian (which is only her fault really).
So that all makes you realise that she never wanted Dorian with her because "mah family" but because he was the only thing she got.

No. 404925

Logan used to be active on FB before the Raven saga I believe, but if he did start to reuse it after she leaves we all know Raven would harass him daily about his life and his new gf if he gets one. I think if he wants to use social media after she leaves he should create a new facebook profile (one she doesn't have access to and controls!) and make it completely private so Raven can't spy on him. Just add close family and friends. She'd probably try to add him under several fake profiles but hopefully he'll see right through those

No. 404927

>So that all makes you realise that she never wanted Dorian with her because "mah family" but because he was the only thing she got.

Exactly. She treats everyone in her life, animals too, as products that she owns and not people/lives she has an actual connection with. She even said of Dorian "He's MINE!" when he was refusing to go back to the US with her in favor of staying with his girlfriend. She is going to be a very lonely, bitter old woman in a few years when she's so old, fat and ugly no man will want her (except the fetishists for that thing, lulz) and in the mean time her best husband Logan will be at the prime of his life happy with a new girlfriend who isn't a manipulative bitch, and Dorian will be happy with his girlfriend and her family. Even then I doubt she'll see SHE has been the problem in every scenario. The hag has zero self awareness it actually amazes me

No. 404930

Just wondering though, isn't her posing as Dorian or Logan on Facebook considered some sort of identity theft in NZ/wherever..? Considering it doesn't seem like either has a direct control over their accounts.

No. 404933

who knows…i think fb can be reported to. ( they are somewhat strict about false accounts but only when red flagged). so in theory if reported enough times they can be taken down.

No. 404938

I feel like we don't really know who Logan really is, since all we ever heard from him was whatever Raven told him to say or do.
So that's why I'm kinda hoping when he does get rid of her, he grows some balls and doesn't hide like you said. I hope he rubs it in her face how handsome and happy he is without her. And, this is me having wishes but - he comes here and gives us some juicy details :3

No. 404962

its old news but- location location location. http://www.legalmatch.com/law-library/article/texas-age-of-consent-lawyers.html
she has a moral issue to not be working and helping out someone who she took under as a kid. it was legal in nz but not if they had been abroad.

let her reap the bad karma.

No. 404972

No. 404988

> It's not jumping into a relationship fast!!! It's been six months (she says 9, but she's counting from October to July, when it's July 2nd lol).

Yeah, I hate to tell you Raven, but for most people, six months after a five year marriage, especially when you say that your marriage wasn't actually over, just that you "both knew it was over" and were going through the motions. If you're still legally married to and living with your spouse, most people would say it's too soon.

But then she's never had a healthy relationship in her life, so how would she know?

And yeah, it's the BPD. Well, and your shitty personality, but also the BPD. Once again, Raven has never been able to recognise healthy/good impulses vs unhealthy/dangerous ones, so this is no surprise.

She's such an idiot. This whole relationship is the milkiest thing I've ever seen.

No. 404992

"I don't have to explain anything to you!!!" makes a million videos explaning it oh ok.

No. 404994

and don't forget:

> my relationship is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS

puts everything about her relationship online. that's the thing with narcs. she desperately wants the attention so she has to share everything she does, but gets angry when anyone says anything negative about it.

No. 404998

"If I wasn't sure I wouldn't be doing it"

has a whole 1h+ video of snooping around, pretending to be Logan, talking to Joshs ex, questioning him and wanting to question his brother

oh ok

No. 405007

>Even though we talk for 12 hours, it never seems like enough
>I am very possessive- protective of my time with him
>I've had guys throwing themselves at me. I could have chosen anyone I wanted to

How can someone be this obsessive and self-absorbed? She's completely unhinged.

No. 405008

"we will be happy, you haters can go suck it"

claims her whole marriage fell apart because of haters but we can go suck it, we cant tear her down

oh ok

No. 405010

seeing that ugh video was a real insight into her thought processes.
she has absolutely no self-awareness, doesn't reflect on her own behavior at all, just runs with all these wild urges and insanity that she thinks is normal, and then justifies it later.

she is absolutely unhinged and obsessed with herself and her image, which is bizarre considering that to anyone with half a brain she makes herself look terrible.

it's so interesting thinking about/watching how these peoples brains work. i can't imagine living like that. it must be pathetic and sad.

No. 405025

>Logan is fine

I'm sure he is, but he has little choice in the matter. Raven clearly has no compassion for the broken hearted - she tears into Claudia who thought her engagement was still on and the rejected guy who has messaged how in love he is - if they behave negatively or act out their feelings, so if Logan was bitter or overtly upset about the situation, she'd just excoriate him online in the same way.

No. 405031

She has no ability to empathize with anyone else.
When SHE is broken hearted, it is the worst thing ever. It is so unfair, and she was so wronged, and everyone should have sympathy for her and understand that she is soooo hurt.

Anyone else?Who cares. Why would Claudia even care than her ex-fiance is proposing to another woman after nine days? What a loser lol. Oh, Logan? He's fine, he's happy for me and happy when I talk about how Josh is everything he isn't and how much our relationship sucked. He is excited to help pay my rent and pay for my plane ticket so I can get married to my new beau.

Everything revolves around her. She is done with Logan now, so his feelings are no longer important (not that they were ever very important to her, but now they are nothing at all). Claudia isn't Raven, so her relationship with Josh (which sounds remarkably similar to Raven's) means nothing and she needs to get over it.

She will never care about anyone but herself.

No. 405037

Blablabla, she always says the same shit about ever guy shes ever been with "Ohh we are meat to be, its destiny" etc

No. 405105


don't forget that when she's not using him for something, Raven hates Dorian and who he 'turned out to be', wishes she'd had an abortion, and admitted to beating him when he was little. she's unreal.

No. 405133

Plot twist - Claudia and Logan get together.

No. 405192

I thought the same thing, but it seems like Claudia doesn't even speak English very well and Logan is supposedly racist (though at this point we aren't sure if anything we know about Logan is true or if it's been fed to him by Raven)

No. 405195

I was just being silly, I highly doubt they would actually get together. Logan needs therapy, not another relationship with an older woman.

No. 405197

File: 1498956524054.jpg (1.16 MB, 1314x3543, IMG_20170702_014323.jpg)

Hypocrisy and racial stereotyping, bravo raven.

No. 405209

Well, her armpit IS going to be featured on Buzzfeed

No. 405210

> your name is just a line of squiggles

Raven, who says one of her many profiles is under her regular name written in Thai…

No. 405224


I really hope they include her tattoo in a "fails" video

No. 405225

Yeah, I can't see how they make that rotting armpit vagina look good.
Although I guess it is Buzzfeed, so who knows.

No. 405249

Lol even if Logan started dating a super model, Raven would find some way to call his gf ugly. She says she wants him to find someone, to make herself look and feel better/responsible, but the reality is she would find some reason to hate on Logan moving on. She'd demand to Skype with the new gf, ect. She'd only approve if the girl was 'uglier' than herself. Even then she'd find something like her voice or something.

No. 405250

This is so true

No. 405251

Raven felt the need to hate on Logan's first gf from when he was like 12 or something (and pushed him into calling her ugly etc) nothing could ever make her approve.

No. 405253


No. 405255

lmao too accurate
the important part is always that Raven tried soooo hard to be nice to her! she tried so hard to be nice to Dorian's 16 yr old gf you guys! but she was just such a bitch!! so plain looking, too. and her voice? so high and annoying!
but Raven tried reeeeeallly hard to be nice to her. :(

nevermind that this is a god damn 40 yr old woman who is supposed to be meeting her son's teen gf. nah, Raven doesn't give a fuck how young or nice any woman is, she hates them all equally.

No. 405265

Lets be real, Logan will make a new Facebook, add Raven, and she will keep her talons in him. When it doesn't work out in the US, she will move back in with him.
But I can still dream…

No. 405270

It's pathetic too because in an older video she claims to have dated women/is bi, but you are totally right, she hates pretty much most women! I've only ever seen her interact with the weird kiwi goth and she probably only tolerates her because 1) she's not attractive, therefore not a threat and 2) that lady seemed very passive ( the type that raven can boss around)

No. 405273

there is no way Raven is bi.
she has never even had a lasting friendship with a woman, let alone a relationship lmao. she is clearly very anti-woman, and it shows in everything she does.
you're right, she befriends women she deems to be less attractive than herself and who aren't threatening or opinionated, but even then those friendships don't last. she is incapable of being close to women because of her own insecurity/jealousy. it's pathetic.

she is the embodiment of "i'm not like other girls!!!!"

No. 405285


I don't even care about her figure or her popularity or her money or her career or the men she gets or her social life or her traveling or her hair or her eyes or her boobs or how everyone loves her! I just wish everyone would stop talking about her because I totally don't care! +500 more words.

No. 405329

Have any of these women raped, abused, lied, catfished, disappointed, exploited, and upset Raven to the extent that she says men have?

I'm not saying she should hate men, just that it's weird to be anti-women when it seems like they're the least of her worries.

No. 405332

File: 1498971540498.jpg (46.03 KB, 640x640, 19397026_1897189120566805_8167…)

Things are looking positive for Dorian atleast. Found this on his gf's facebook page. Found it funny that "Isa" is basically everything raven wishes she was: young, tall, pretty and alternative. I can't help but see similarities between her and raven in regards to interests but having said that, Isa is still a teenager so it's more acceptable than a 40 year old woman mooning over jack skellington and monster high dolls.

No. 405334

imo it's not uncommon at all for women like raven to dislike most/all other women.
iirc no woman has ever done to her even half of what she puts other people (both men and women) through. she really just dislikes women because she is extremely insecure and they remind her of that. she compares herself negatively to other women in a way she doesn't do with men.

even her whole weird thing about porn is symptomatic of her larger issue with women generally. all the talk of "sluts" and how she is anti-feminist. she is just a sad, pathetic woman who can't stand being around anyone who reminds her of how much of a failure she is.

aww yay! she looks really cute, not surprising raven hated her and called her "plain" lol. hope they're really happy together.

No. 405345


In one of her videos (possibly the "ugh" one iirc) she blocked a page on facebook because they posted a pic of a girl with a hot body wearing a plain black shirt and a cross necklace. Instead of embracing the beauty of others raven feels like it's a direct insult to her own self. That whole talk about how she empowers women now is complete bs

No. 405357

She also denied all female friend requests, while adding all the guys that suited her.

No. 405376


I just realised that this "mind your own damn business" video is on her playlist where we found all the milk.

Soooo… does she know what we've seen?

Could she be uncharacteristically reacting with restraint?

No. 405381

i noticed that too.
i still don't think these videos (especially the ugh one) were meant to be seen by others.

i don't know if she hasn't noticed, or if she's trying to play it off (as you said, uncharacteristic), but i really can't think of another explanation than accident for publicising those videos. is she really so delusional that she thinks ugh would make people take her side? surely that's going too far, even for her.

No. 405383

It can't be deliberate, she gave away her physical and IP address, her sockpuppeting as Logan, her numerous fake instagram profiles… way too much.

No. 405391

>She wants him to find someone

Yeah there's no way she wants that. She's only saying it because even she knows it would look bad to have moved onto someone else so quickly but outright say Logan can't do the same. In reality she would be grinding her teeth furiously if he got a new girlfriend, even more so if she was actually attractive but as others have said she'll find ANYTHING to pick on the poor girl for. Didn't she say she wants or expects Logan to fly over just to meet her new meth head fiancé? is it a pathetic attempt at making him jealous/hurt, or is it part of some plan so that when Logan eventually gets a girlfriend Raven will expect to meet her too? "You met my husband! It's only fair!"

No. 405394

yep, my thoughts exactly.
it's just strange that she hasn't reacted to this yet, give her MO of explosively reacting to every tiny thing that happens to her. this is a pretty big thing.

my guess would be she somehow hasn't noticed that it's not private yet. i'm guessing it's mainly people from here that have been viewing it, and we are unlikely to leave comments to alert her to it, so unless she's keeping tabs on the views (which she wouldn't necessarily be, as she assumes they are private), then she won't know until she either checks the specific videos or reads this thread.

i can't think of any other reason she wouldn't have mentioned it or at least privated the videos.

No. 405412

Raven is the type that wants ALL MEN to lust after her but is pissed if they have someone else they love. She will be pissed if Logan finds a gf, no matter how she will look like (although it will be a worse witchhunt if she is young/pretty/attractive etc)
She is so entitled that she hopes he will be forever sad bc of the breakup and longing after her bc its flattering her at the same time but also easing her insecurety issues a bit.

No. 405414

So true. She even wants her son single, so she's the ONLY woman in his life. Obviously not for romantic reasons, but she would rather have Dorian single and always depend on her, than to have him meet someone and be happy.

No. 405420

ugh, that's so creepy with the way you worded it. I was thinking that Raven just hated Dorian's gf because she hates all women, but it's so much worse if you look at it like that.

that poor girl. imagine getting into a regular high school relationship and then meeting your partner's mom only to have her behave like a teenage bully and talk shit to and about you. that's some fucked up shit. she acts like she's Dorian's jealous ex tbh.

No. 405431

God her logic about how they just knew they were over in November makes my head hurt. It makes no sense.

No. 405437

yeah, she's like "well we didn't officially talk about it but like it was totally over and we both knew it". despite not having discussed it or officially separated, they totally weren't together.

cheater logic. she found someone she wanted more and went after him. when she got him, she officially ended things with childbride. then she did some serious mental gymnastics to make herself not a cheater. classic.

No. 405438

Oh shit, update.
All the videos we thought were accidental on her Josh playlist are now private.
It was definitely a mistake.

A reminder than they were uploaded here: https://vid.me/ravensparks

I wonder if she'll say anything about it. Knowing Raven, almost certainly yes.

No. 405440

You can tell she struggles with the logic herself when she's explaining it, she tries to word it in such a way that it comes off as her and Logan actually split but just never officially got a divorced

No. 405442

yeah, and because he is sitting right there in the final goodbye video, she can't twist it as much as she would like to, so she has to be more careful with her words.
she tries very hard to pull it off by implying heavily that they were split without actually saying so, thus allowing her to still see herself as a super honest, non-cheating person.

No. 405444

in before the inevitable video calling out the trolls and haters for spying on her. bitch if it's public it aint spying

No. 405445

I reckon she does it for financial gain too (whether she realises it or its subconscious), like she wants Dorian to stay with her and earn money for her fat ass. Pretty much Dorian is a Logan that she can't fuck.

No. 405446

i wonder if she'll even mention it publicly.
it seems like the only place it's been mentioned is here, and i doubt any of her weird "fans" look at this site, so it's likely they haven't seen it.
she might do the smart thing and just play it off like nothing happened.

have the videos been posted to KF yet? if not, we should do that now, since she's privated them/no risk of her finding out from there any more.

No. 405447


It's Raven. OF COURSE she will

No. 405448

lmao fair.
you're probably right, i just can't see how she will possibly wiggle out of this one. but then, her mind works in weird ways, and prior to hearing it with my own two ears i wouldn't have thought anyone would try to wriggle out of telling their child they wish they'd aborted them. you just never know with cows.

No. 405452


Did anyone download the "omg he is beautiful" video before she made it private?

No. 405453


Processing for you here. Should be up shortly.


No. 405454

thanks a lot. i'm the ravensparks vid.me anon, didn't get home from work in time to get the last video!

knew she'd private them lol

No. 405456

Right now I think she's just reeling from the shock of us seeing the vids when she hadn't intended for them to get out. She'll very likely say something but try to twist it, perhaps say she was hacked and the videos were leaked to us or some bull like that. Give it time, we all know she can't keep that fat mouth of hers closed for long. A bit like her legs, ba'dum tsh.

sage for tinfoil

No. 405457

yeah she "was hacked" is likely the best she can do, given how incriminating those videos are - no way she can claim it's not her/edited to look bad by h8rzzz. she recorded her own voice and proof that it was her typing etc.

there's nothing else she can really say, but i'm excited to see what she comes up with. milky goodness.

No. 405464

I just don't understand why'd she even upload them to youtube to begin with? I guess to send to certain people? She is so fucking bizarre

No. 405467

Probably something to watch between her and Josh, or for future use as evidence for anything? Who knows with her.

No. 405468

no problem, not sure when it's done processing. It's only 48mb and 6 minutes long.

If these were the ones we could see out of a playlist of 20+ videos, imagine ones that she remembered to private. I figure it's probably just more of Joshua talking about how he's going to punch his ex and end up in jail. I hope his ex stays far far away from him. Dude has some serious anger issues.

No. 405470

File: 1499001408803.png (848.47 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0002.PNG)

I was bumming around on KF and noticed a link on the OP to the website of Raven & Logans wedding. It's full of Raven detailing how mean people in Christchurch were to her, photos of her and Logan when they first got together, cringeworthy Reddit posts and general Raven freak outs. Start reading before she purges this too.


No. 405471

>omg he is beautiful"

This actually kills me. How she can LOOK at that guy and say and believe this is so weird. He's fug, Raven, FUG. And he's got serious issues. FFS.

I think she's awful, but I wouldn't wish that guy on my worst enemy, and I am legit worried about her if she actually hooks up with him. It's like she can't see actual fucking huge red flags. I think Claudia has dodged a bullet with him, and will be glad things ended in a bit. That discussion she had with "Logan" seems like she is already beginning to think so.

No. 405473

File: 1499002154246.png (146.55 KB, 680x441, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.2…)

this is fucking priceless, thanks anon!
bear in mind that this is supposed to be a site dedicated to their marriage/love, and all raven can do is bitch about other women, as usual. beautiful. i suppose it really does capture the essence of their relationship though.

No. 405474

To add to that, there's also this link which doesn't seem to be in the main menu for whatever reason. If you skim through it, you'll see she says the exact same things about Logan here as she's saying about Josh now. Bitch never learns


No. 405476

File: 1499002361943.png (350.9 KB, 620x521, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.3…)

and to anyone wondering, this is the post she made that garnered all the hate. she can't see why it would make her unpopular lmao

No. 405479

File: 1499002579906.png (511.81 KB, 580x761, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.3…)

sage for double post and sorry for shitty quality. she uploaded tiny images, so i had to zoom in.

what is it with cows and spilling their shitty, made up life stories to strangers? she really sees no issue with this shit.

No. 405481

LOL at her actually thinking his family was fine with her once they got to know her. I thought their wedding pictures showed a group of people who looked like they were at a funeral. And LOL at her thinking that no one could tell there was a huge age difference between them. She is legit crazy.

No. 405483

"He handled it like a champ" yet she bad mouthed the way he handled the miscarriages to Josh

"He treats me like a goddess" pretty much what she's been saying about Josh.

I know right? She seems to think they actually like her and see her as part of their family, even going as far as to get pissed off that she wasn't invited on holiday when they recently offered to take Logan away with them for a break "I thought I was family too!" She has no self awareness and/or is in denial big time.

No. 405487

File: 1499003312186.png (571.46 KB, 716x738, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.4…)

this website is golden milk.
this is another post from the nz brides page. yes, she posted this publicly. no, she doesn't see why any group members wouldn't like her.

note: this is also the third page long essay post she's made in the group in two days, judging by the other screenshots/ she sees no issue with that.

whyyy are they so mean to her u guyssss???

No. 405490

File: 1499004381119.png (425.84 KB, 592x785, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.0…)

sage again, but holy shit she has the self-awareness of a rock. this is why the bride group didn't like her, and…

No. 405491

File: 1499004529644.png (132.73 KB, 652x469, Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 11.0…)

this is her response.
when raven makes fun of someone and publicly shits on their business/livelihood it's totally justified! but when they dont like her for it? what a bunch of entitled cunts!

sorry if this is old news to everyone else - i've only followed raven for like two years, so this is delicious fresh milk for me.

No. 405492

Raven posted her life story to that Christchurch brides group. In the posts in the gallery on the wedding website she confirms that she is on disability payments (which is why they can't afford a wedding).

She also talks about the miscarriages and Logan handling it like a champ. Logan would have been 17 when she miscarried the twins.

She also talks about her previous relationships. The first one lasted 5 years. The next one lasted 5 years. Anyone seeing a pattern here?

No. 405493

Apparently most of the people at the wedding were Rwandans from the FB brides page that came because they felt sorry for her having no friends.

No. 405495

That should say 'ransoms' not 'Rwandans'
(JFC auto correct)

No. 405499

How sad is she? I'd rather have a small wedding with a few close friends who actually know me/my partner, than random people just to be able to have lots of guests in my pictures so I look super populaaarr.

No. 405503

Yeah. She probably talks like that about any man she's about to jump into marriage with.

I also don't understand her fascination with marriage. Why do you have to get married so soon? I guess she's just soo scared they're gonna escape her grasp that she has to make them stay longer somehow if they ever think about leaving.

No. 405506

Good find! That link is full of crazy shit. I think it rehashes her 'Life Story' video. But she also talks about divorcing her ex NZ hubby and the 2 years live apart before divorce they had to do. So she definitely knows she can't marry Josh straight away.

No. 405507


They had a commitment ceremony 6 months prior to the wedding that was precisely this.


No. 405509

I love how everywhere she goes, everyone has to know every little sad detail about her. She can't handle people not knowing what a victim of this cruel life she is.

No. 405510

given her recent outburst at Claudia, this typo made me giggle. thanks anon.

No. 405511

File: 1499007671582.jpg (43.17 KB, 610x198, mEO74wi.jpg)

sage for off topic but I was watching one of Emily Boo's husbands videos and spotted a tattoo on his hand veeeery similar to one Raven has on her hand. It's not the best picture but you can still make out that hers is basically the same, but shittier obviously. I don't know who got it first but all bets would be on Raven copying it after seeing his, it's just too much of a coincidence

No. 405515

Raven spoke out about this when she got it - she isn't copying Emily because Emily has a moth and Raven has a butterfly! raven reckons it's not the same thing AT ALL!

No. 405518


I believe that was in reference to her neck tattoo

No. 405535

Josh is gonna "take a break" with Raven just as he did with Claudia when he finds out Raven is not some gothic sex domme, but an old granny who can't do shit because of her "tailbone" lmao. I can't wait.

No. 405568

They'll stay together for a while to 'show the haters' it's the exact cycle with Logan all over again. Why is she so blind to see it?

No. 405569

File: 1499014080337.png (422.51 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1602.PNG)

Post from josh, reads as the usual blah from Raven, I honestly don't know what girl they keep hounding about but why use a dead girls name in vain like that?

No. 405572

File: 1499014193922.png (363.76 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1603.PNG)

Ravens comment shows she knows we saw the videos. She doesn't get that we saw her use Logan's account, it is proven; this is copy pasta

No. 405576

I feel like Raven is too dumb to understand what is happening lmao.

Raven, we have no doubt Josh wrote this, since he is as dumb as you, if not dumber.
You outed yourself with showing us you control Logans social media and you always have. That's why we don't believe anything you say regarding Logan.

No. 405578


Absolutely correct. She wants to be the only woman in the lifes of her son, exes and current boyfriend. No matter if romantical or not. Just wait until she starts talking shit about Josh's mother.
Aside from that Josh entire being is a huge red flag, she will be surprised that he probably wont be as manipulatable as Logan. I dont want to accuse him of anything but he seems like a typical wife-beater ngl

No. 405580


They probably are talking about Julie Terryberry.

No. 405586

File: 1499017120964.png (396.28 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1604.PNG)

More milk! Response to the leaked videos

No. 405587

File: 1499017203940.png (402.47 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1605.PNG)

Raven would have spent a few hours fuming over this if we get 2 essays out of it. But we are the ones with no life.

No. 405588

File: 1499017276654.png (411.93 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1606.PNG)

No. 405590

LMAO this milk is making me bloat

Where did anyone say they want Josh to rape her or for her to die? I've never seen it here. I don't follow kiwi so I don't know if there they say those things.

Raven, 70% of your youtube videos (and you have A LOT) are dedicated to us. I don't understand how you can say we don't have a life when you openly admitted in a video for Josh that all you do is sit on the laptop and scroll hahah. We literally type here when we shit on the toilet.

As I said, I don't believe a word she says about Logan. "he gave me permission" yeah ok, you said that. I didn't hear Logan say that. Let's see if he still claims so when you're on the other continet, cow. I'm glad you give us milk, fattie.

No. 405593

>Logan gave me his passwords when we got together and used to ask me to speak for him if his mom or others messaged him

That's a blatant lie. We have your leaked private videos which SHOW you gloating about the fact you enjoy tricking people with his account. I doubt he even knows you do it. Also NO ONE would be cool with someone else pretending to be them whilst talking to family members.

>Yes, I have Emily also bookmarked and do follow her page and channel, BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE AN ISSUE WITH HER AND ALWAYS LIKED HER

Your bitchy rant about her here >>401358 and here >>401361 would suggest otherwise Raven you dumb sack of shit. You've always been obsessed with her, jealous of her and trying to copy her in every way.

No. 405596

>Raven, please address how large your mum-in-law's couch is, and how you two plan to fit on it in your next rant.

I gagged LMAO

Lol such a huge rant and everything is already proven. You're a liar Raven, yawn.

No. 405597

Didn't raven say that she wished Emily boo miscarried her daughter or something like that?

No. 405599

Very good points, anon.
He might have given her permission…way back in the day. I didn't see her ask for his permission during that video. And she is one to talk about saying horrible things. Even if someone said they hoped her babies die (which I don't recall seeing) - she herself said the same thing about Dorian! Remember Rayray, when you said you wanted to abort, aka, KILL him??

Raven, please address how large your mum-in-law's couch is, and how you two plan to fit on it during your next rant.

kek, she never addresses the important stuff!

No. 405604

I think Emily did miscarry once and Raven was being her usual bitchy self making fun of her for it? Raven's also flirted with her ex husband and ever since then seems to stalk Emily and copy her, from her hair colour right down to her tattoos and clothes. Emily tried to be civil with her despite all this, she sent some clothes and makeup (Raven even did a video on it) but I guess it didn't work out? No doubt Raven's doing… I'd be super creeped out if I was Emily, Raven would probably try to kidnap her daughter if she was in the same country

No. 405605

So..what part of the video did she stop to ask Logan if she could talk for him in response to Claudia? Is this some sort of blanket permission that she takes from one time he did say yes to any time she wants to? That isnt how consent works Raven.

No. 405615

Because Logan totally wants his mother to hear about his alleged porn addition and whatever other inappropriate information Raven has to spew about him.

No. 405616


Interesting how she twists things.

No one has said they wish death on her (although there have been expressions of karma coming to bite her hard in the ass), and the discussion of Josh beating and raping her wasn't in terms of wishing that on her, it was in terms of people being worried that Josh was a meth-head (which he looks like, tbh) and control freak, which he acts like; and actually expressing concern that she is getting into something she is not prepared for. As despicable as she is, no one deserves any of those things to happen to them.

I personally think Josh is hiding a lot of things from her (like actually living in his mother's house) and I think she is willfully walking into a situation that will not be at all beneficial for her, because she is going to SHOW US HOW WRONG WE ARE. There are a huge number of red flags here all over this guy. I hope she doesn't ignore them.

No. 405624

This fucking bitch. So supposedly Josh offered to pay for her ticket (I doubt he has the money but for arguments sake let's say he does) and she REFUSED, but asked LOGAN to pay instead? Disgusting. If you two are over he has no part in this so leave him out of it, Josh should be paying or Raven should.

>You make the same mistake more than once? WHO CARES? It's your mistake to make and only YOU suffer the consequences!

What about Logan? Is he not suffering the consequences too? She only ever thinks "ME ME ME".

lmao I know right? I'd be mortified

She seemed to show slight concern as she was asking his ex and his brother if he's a liar, cheater, etc, but just to prove us haterzzz wrong she'll still go and live with him/crash on his couch lmao

No. 405627

as another anon pointed out, in the Ugh video she does show signs of concern about Josh and his living/lying situations. I'm sure showing da haterz is a part of it, but I also think she fucked herself by ending it with Logan too soon. Now she has no where to go, and no one to finance her shenanigans (except her old ex husband, who she's not interested in). I think she has to see this through because what will she do if she doesn't? So she's convinced herself to jump in with both feet because, at the end of the day, she'll use whatever happens as sob-story fodder for the next fool who comes along.

No. 405655


Oh no, that's old news. If you just divorced Logan, were friendly with Dorian, and just went back to the states, there'd be nothing to see here. I almost felt bad for you.

But then the lying, bullying, and manipulating went on.

We're not repeatedly calling you like you got Josh to call Claudia. We're not sending you long abusive walls of text calling you a n*gger. We don't catfish you like you do others. You have an absurd number of social media accounts that you say aren't recognisable as you. What's that about?

I don't care what Logan gave permission for, his mother and Claudia thought they were talking to him.

No one had to do anything dodgy to get those videos. They were simply unlisted, not private.

I wouldn't know about lolcow if it weren't for the free advertising from Raven. There's a sick addiction to negative attention that seems to drive her behaviour.

No. 405657

She's the one who seems obsessed with us, like she's desperately performing for us.

No. 405663

Agreed. I think that a part of Raven is concerned about her future with Josh, including his financial situation and the way he behaved in his last relationship, but she is too stubborn to back out now. So she is overcompensating by making him out to be perfect, just to show us haterz. She even lied to her past inlaws about separating from her ex because she didn't want them to think they won.
I'm sure another part of her knows she can just use him to get a foothold in the States and then dump him when he doesn't have anything left to offer. It's the same story with all of the other men.

No. 405689

good point. it's so weird that she's acting like separation and divorce will all be quick and easy then…
i wonder if she's pretending for her audience or for Josh?

lmao pathetic losers. never heard that one from white knights before! thanks, Josh, you have opened my eyes to how i should be living my life!

the sad thing is, it would be so easy for Raven to stop being talked about. literally all she has to do is stop posting victimizing herself, abusing everyone in her life, etc.
she could even keep being exactly the same behind closed doors.
but the problem is she can't stop sharing everything publicly, so she will never stop being posted about.

No. 405691

Dorian too.
And every person she has ever bullied/relentlessly talked about for years, like Emily Boo.

Also, Raven, you say you don't have any issue with her which is why you check her stuff. But like a week ago you made a huge post about I DONT CARE IF I NEVURRR SEE THE NAME EMILY BOO AGAINNNN GODD!!! which kinda sounds like you wanted people to think you don't stalk her social media…

No. 405695

this is some good milk.

> got your hands on some private videos.

hmmm, nope. just videos you left open to public viewing because you're an idiot.

> who cares if I wear heavy makeup?

literally no one. she always tries to make this about how she's too mall goth to ever be liked by us preps. her appearance wouldn't even be commented on if she wasn't such a vile person. there are plenty of alternative people out there, and almost none of them have threads, let alone multiple threads over the course of years. it is nothing to do with how she looks, and everything to do with who she is.

> you're wishing DEATH and misery on someone you don't know because you didn't approve of my last relationship

as another anon said, i am pretty sure no one wished death on her, or at least not here. also as people have been saying, nothing to do with you being with Logan. yeah, that was gross because he was a fucking kid, but it's been five years and we would have been over it if you were a normal person, instead of an abusive shitbag.

> all you have are videos and screenshots…

well…yeah. you mean the best possible proof one can acquire over the internet? because that's what that is lol. and it's all your fault we have that. we wouldn't know anything if you didn't share it yourself.

>look at YOURSELVES for once!

coming from the least self-aware person i've ever seen, that's an impressive statement. when will you take accountability for the pattern of shitty behavior you've shown all your life? when will you grow up and act like a mother to your son? when will you realize that when you hand out all the ammunition and weapons, you can't blame other people for taking them?

sorry for the novel, she just fucks me off so bad. she's awful.

No. 405697

This milk is too good. I've followed her for years her life is like a cheesy telenovela. She wish Emily had miscarried her daughter she also made videos laughing when Emily's baby died. Let's not forget how evil this woman is!

No. 405699

You and me both anon, she disgusts me.

>she always tries to make this about how she's too mall goth to ever be liked by us preps

Exactly, she thinks we only hate on her for her looks. Can also confirm plenty of goths hate her too lmao. But nah Raven, your ugly exterior is just an added bonus to the absolute piece of shit you are on the inside. If you were a decent, nice person we wouldn't give two fucks about the way you look nor would we be discussing you. How can one be in denial as much as her? She causes trouble in literally every situation she's in, yet she can't see she's the issue? "If everywhere you go smells like shit, maybe it's time to check your shoes" is very applicable here.

Yup and then wonders why Emily hates her.

No. 405700

you'd think with how often she visits this site and KF she would know that a lot of the cows aren't inherently ugly at all. people like Kiki/Venus/Doe Deere etc. are all conventionally very attractive, and they still get talked about because they're just god awful people.

Raven has the bonus of being both a terrible human being and also very ugly, but the exterior is definitely not what makes her a cow. not that she has enough introspection to ever realise that.

No. 405706

Did anyone else notice that she called us Momos? What does that mean? Does she spend enough time on this hate site to be making a reference to another cow and using it as an insult? Because if so I kind of find that funny. You're a farmer at heart, Raven.

No. 405708

she honestly is.
she is much more of a "blind hater" than most of the people here. she hates every woman she meets for being prettier/thinner/more successful/happier than her and will talk shit about them for the same thing for years and years.

she claims to hate lolcow/kiwifarms, but she loves talking shit and bullying people, as we've seen time and time again. if you're gonna try to take the high road, you should at least not do exactly what you accuse other people of doing.

No. 405709

File: 1499033343956.jpg (21.03 KB, 617x73, lolo.jpg)

so i googled what "momo" was and i got this lmao i cant

No. 405710

>Does she spend enough time on this hate site to be making a reference to another cow and using it as an insult?
If she's doing that, she may be referencing Maureen, the insane woman who obsesses over ForeverKailyn for "stealing" Matt from her.
But I doubt she's doing that since iirc in one of her videos talking about kiwifarms, she mentioned Chris Chan and assumed he was a biological woman, lol.

No. 405717

I assumed she would be talking about momokun cosplay since her thread has been on the first page for a good while now

No. 405719

She only addresses half the problem of using Logan's account. Now she says it's ok to do because he gave her the passwords and she asked… but did she tell the people she was conversing with it was Raven they were talking to? No, she wrote in the same style of Logan and posed as him. This shows deceit and intent.

Backpedal harder, Raven. You need the excercise.

No. 405722


"You're wishing DEATH and misery on someone you don't know because you didn't approve of my last relationship."

Kinda like Josh threatening to kill Claudia because she feels sorry for you and warned you that he is a liar. Except that we have incontrovertible evidence.

Furthermore, recording Josh's phone conversations with Claudia and impersonating Logan in communication with Claudia were demonstrably unlawful acts.




No. 405725

Good find!
I'm also not sure if Josh's state is single party consent or not when it comes to recording and sharing conversations.
Some states it is legal to record someone without their knowledge and share it without their consent, but in others it's very much illegal.

I wonder how she's told Josh those videos leaked? From the way she worded it you'd think we hacked her computer and stole them (which many anons here said shed claim). I wonder if she told Josh we got them from her own playlist.

No. 405726



"Identity theft is stealing details about a person to pretend to be that person. This could be committed to … maliciously impersonate the person, perhaps to make it appear that they believe or think something controversial.

"The methods criminals use to steal personal information change frequently, particularly those that exploit technology. There are some methods that have been used in many cases and they can be divided into three categories.

"Information given away
This method is the simplest, when people give their personal information away."

No. 405731

File: 1499037330863.png (5.23 KB, 196x116, 908E8FBC-889D-4251-B97A-C43738…)

You bullied her!
You impersonated him!
You acted like children!

No. 405732

that's really interesting. looks like Logan could absolutely file charges if he was so inclined…

No. 405734


The laws in South Carolina, where Josh was, and in Mexico, where Josh said Claudia was, are immaterial. The recording was made by Raven in New Zealand. She was not "a party to that private conversation".



No. 405741

I don't think all the recordings were made by her (sorry, I'm on my phone, so I can't check the videos right now), but I am pretty sure there was a reference to him recording some convos for her to listen to later.
But regardless, you're right, Raven definitely recorded some too, and there's solid evidence of that in her videos.

No. 405742

If NZ cops work like Aus cops, the individual whose identity is stolen can raise a complaint or make a report, but laying charges is not contingent on that; the police are the ones who ultimately decide that based on the evidence they have.

If this is how it is, then Logan can comply with Raven's demands all he likes, there's still an admission of impersonation and footage of her doing it, and if the cops see that a law has been broken it's their call to prosecute it.

Anyone duped by her, like Logan's mum or Claudia, can also make a report. Well, anyone can, but someone who has been on the receiving end of her fraud has a better chance of persuading the cops that an injustice has happened.

No. 405747


The "ugh" video was recorded by Raven while she was Skyping with Josh and he was calling Claudia on speakerphone.

Persuant with the Crimes Act 1961 Part 9a Section 3b, whether she violated the act relies on whether Josh gave express or implied consent to Raven to record the conversation.

A reference in this Part to a party to a private communication is a reference to—
any originator of the communication and any person intended by the originator to receive it; and
a person who, with the express or implied consent of any originator of the communication or any person intended by the originator to receive it, intercepts the communication.


No. 405748

They're in a stand off of lies right now. If he confronts her too strongly about what the fuck she's doing, then she can start on about the lies he's obviously telling, so neither of them can point out the elephants in the room.

I think Josh is eager to get back at Claudia for real or imagined abandonment, or just validate himself, by moving on quickly and showing off a more intense, posessive Iove.

While Raven seems to want a place to live in the US, what happened to the sponsor they had? Will they only take her with Logan in tow, or is it because she'd still have to work and won't qualify for disability?

No. 405750


Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015

11 Who may bring proceedings
Any of the following may apply to the District Court for an order under section 18 or 19:
an individual (the affected individual) who alleges that he or she has suffered or will suffer harm as a result of a digital communication:
a parent or guardian on behalf of the affected individual:
the professional leader of a registered school or his or her delegate, if the affected individual is a student of that school and consents to the professional leader or delegate bringing the proceedings:
the Police, if the digital communication constitutes a threat to the safety of an individual.


No. 405751

Excellent, thanks for clarifying that.

No. 405752

Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015

22 Causing harm by posting digital communication
A person commits an offence if—
the person posts a digital communication with the intention that it cause harm to a victim; and
posting the communication would cause harm to an ordinary reasonable person in the position of the victim; and
posting the communication causes harm to the victim.
In determining whether a post would cause harm, the court may take into account any factors it considers relevant, including—
the extremity of the language used:
the age and characteristics of the victim:
whether the digital communication was anonymous:
whether the digital communication was repeated:
the extent of circulation of the digital communication:
whether the digital communication is true or false:
the context in which the digital communication appeared.


No. 405754


I have yet to find the legislation that pertains to the identity theft information provided on the dia.govt.nz and police.govt.nz pages.

No. 405756


The sponsor was for Logan, since she would not meet the domicile and financial requirements to sponsor him as a spouse.


No. 405757

The sponsor idea hinged on Logan being around, since that plan was to move together and he would work. She is too lazy to support herself so she is stuck without some guy to help her out. Since they broke up in June (not October lol) and Logan was like go find another bf to leech off of, the plan changed. Raven is unable to be single, as every time she is, she is either suicidal or whoring to get a new guy.

I hope Josh actually reads the stuff about her and her older videos without the rose tinted glasses. He needs to be aware that he is getting into a relationship where Raven will threaten to kill herself at any point to get her way.

No. 405760


Raven will have to apply for SSI, a process which, in the absence of catastrophic disability or terminal illness, typically requires a year or longer.

Whether or not her status as a recipient of disability benefits in New Zealand would hasten her application is unknown.


No. 405762


Is she receiving disability benefits in New Zealand? ie. does Logan's income disqualify her


No. 405774


Raven did not have consent to intercept of record the conversations between Josh and Claudia.

At 12:24 Raven says, "I heard a…um…phone call I wasn't supposed to listen in on."

No. 405790


Nice find anon!

No. 405792


Someone should download this. It also provides evidence of Raven impersonating Logan chatting with Claudia.

No. 405794

File: 1499046397740.png (456.9 KB, 800x640, Screenshot_2017-07-02-18-34-12…)

Raven may not have copied Emily's tattoos verbatim (only their placement), but she did copy someone's ink in both design and coloration.

No. 405795

File: 1499046432130.png (476.82 KB, 800x631, Screenshot_2017-07-02-18-36-17…)

No. 405801

it's spelled "goffik", you fucking whale. GAWD.

why tf does anyone need their SO's social media passwords anyway? like that part sticks with me. like yeah if there was an emergency and one of them died, sure, but just to keep tabs or pretend to be them is creepy.

>you're wishing for death and misery
lol no one's gotta wish for misery for you cos you're already clearly miserable.

gotta love having all this fresh milk with my birthday cake. wow.

No. 405806

File: 1499047988891.png (121.44 KB, 800x630, Screenshot_2017-07-02-19-09-52…)


From her appearance on page 9 of the KF thread.

No. 405808

File: 1499048518131.png (483.02 KB, 800x785, Screenshot_2017-07-02-19-19-26…)

No. 405810

File: 1499048827840.png (440.64 KB, 522x791, Screenshot_2017-07-02-05-27-26…)


For posterity!

No. 405811

Thanks, bro. I still don't see how getting a partner's social media passwords is a sign of trust, but idk. somehow i don't believe it was a mutually password swap either, since raven gets up to some coercive shit to get what she wants.

No. 405812

Good ear!

At 28:05 she mentions them recording C. "…but he quickly proved to me that she was lying, I'm not going to say how, because I don't know if he wants anybody to know."

No. 405817

FB has a legacy setting where you nominate a person to take the account over in case of death, incapacitation, etc. It is limited to archiving the account or decommissioning it though.

If you need you partners passwords to check up on them to see if they are trustworthy then you have a serious problem.

No. 405820

totally agree. if you need to check your partner's phone/social media then your relationship is already over.
but Raven is just a big blubbery ball of insecurity and jealousy, so it's hardly surprising that this is normal for her lmao

No. 405821

Her life must be horrible.
How exhausting would it be to be this vicious, petty, jealous, and manipulative? No wonder she's always complaining. She has the most pathetic and empty life ever.

No. 405848

Agreed. She is so stubborn she refuses to see what everyone is telling her. She always has to be right and prove the haters wrong. All it does is provide things for us to point and laugh at her.

No shame in saying she was wrong, no shame in saying she changed her mind. Its the continuous lying, overly dramatic justifications and hypocrasy that keep us watching for more crazy shit.

Its a lolcow soap opera, delivered through you tube, starring Raven. This is the water cooler we stand around to talk about it. Raven is the star of her own show and she makes it just for us. Do you understand that yet, Raven?

No. 405876


>he's the one that comes and tells me if someone tried to add me

nice Freudian slip talking about how he totally controls his own accounts.


while she is certainly stubborn, a lot of folks seem to be misunderstanding what's occurring. She isn't choosing to be like this, it's pathological. She can't decide to break her cycles or do things differently, because she is entirely a product of her mental defects - it would be like a schizophrenic deciding to stop hallucinating.
I think the same part of her that burns so hotly with jealousy for Emily would change things if it could, but it is subsumed under her broken brain. So she lashes out all the more, knowing she is trapped in her own nightmare and completely incapable of changing it. (and of course, she does embrace it sometimes)

No. 405885

There is a good rate of BPD sufferers going into remission if they really commit to tailored therapy, something like 85% with low relapse rates.

However, her personality disorder seems to share narc traits that are preventing this. Like >>405821 said about this stuff she goes on with being exhausting, it's like a full time job. If she spent that much time on recovery she'd have a fighting chance.

But that would require logging off instead of gazing into the social media mirror 24/7, which as you said, she's pathologically incapable of doing.

It's frustrating how easily her life could turn around yet how difficult she'll make it for that to happen.


No. 405891

That puts an interesting spin on it, thanks for your insight. I feel a bit sad for Raven, but its hard to maintain sympathy for her (if that makes sense).

No. 405901

Treating a personality disorder requires insight (self-awareness) into the maladaptive emotional responses and behaviors which comprise the disorder. Unfortunately a lack of insight is a characteristic of personality disorders.

A personality disorder is unlike a mood or anxiety disorder; a personality disorder is who you are as opposed to an illness which you have.

Mood disturbances and anxiety often result from personality disorders, and often it is these effects which spur people with personality disorders to seek treatment.

No. 405909


"In one of the longest studies on BPD, Dr. Mary Zanarini and colleagues found that, over 10 years following hospitalization:

86% of people with BPD stopped meeting criteria for BPD for at least four years

50% of people recovered completely (as shown by no longer meeting BPD criteria and having good social and work functioning)'

key words being 'after hospitalization', meaning intervention (whether imposed or self-initiated) is the main factor. Raven is absolutely committed to the idea of martyrdom - everyone else is the problem, not her. Everything she does is justified, because she did it. etc.

like a lot of conditions, it spans a range. if she was autistic, she'd be very low functioning. likewise, she seems a bundle of problems rather than one clear disorder. As you say, she is a raging narc, which contributes to her complete inability to either control or critically evaluate her own behavior.

I don't feel any sympathy for her at all. Whatever circumstances caused it, she's a monster, and (in my opinion) irredeemable. And I really feel for the BPD anons here; that shit is widely misunderstood as it is, with people like Raven being the stereotype rather than an extreme.

sage for rambling, sorry anons. I'm just so horrified and fascinated by granny goth.

No. 405913

I've certainly stopped feeling sorry for her, but I feel sorry for the person she could have been for her son, and the waste. At her age, she'll never change or show remorse.

No. 405915

Also indicative of her lack of insight is that she cites nerve damage in her left hand, agoraphobia, and her tailbone pain and not her BPD as her disabilities and the reasons for her inability to work. She does not recognise her BPD as an impediment.

No. 405916

Yeah honestly this is a bigger reason for her not working - she would be a nightmare to work with and get fired so easily.

It probably doesn't count for disability payments, though, because it is theoretically treatable.

No. 405918


yeah, all my sympathy goes to those who have suffered from her, Dorian especially. I'm so keen for her to hurry up and fuck off and let them breathe again.

lol I think the biggest reasons she doesn't work is because a) who would hire her and b) she couldn't make it through a job interview without telling them about her miscarriages etc

No. 405927

It's just crazy that she has such a high self esteem when her appearance makes the average person gag. Even the op picture. Imagine carefully crafting your look only for years only to be upstaged by normal, thin amateur blonde girls in porn who do virtually nothing to look hot. Logan looking at porn bothers her because it made her reconsider her looks for a second. Until of course she simply blamed him for being a porn addict the second she felt a hint of self-doubt and selfreflection

No. 405934

No. 405935


More likely she considers using porn to be cheating.

No. 405937

Thanks, BPD info anon.
That was all really interesting and informative to read. I think it is hard for people without experience with personality disorders to understand how they work and what the relationship to the actual person is. Similar to autism, the disorder is the person, and the two are inextricably linked. You don't treat a disease, because there isn't one to treat. Instead you try to give them coping mechanisms/make them aware of what parts of their behavior, if any, are not acceptable or harmful to themselves or others.

Some of my best friends have BPD, and while it is a spectrum, and they are much lower on the spectrum than Raven is, they still continue to seek help and be active in their treatments. I also think that the longer people indulge in these fantasies and delusions as Raven has for decades, the more severe the case becomes.

With cases like Raven, where she is completely incapable of self-reflection, she will likely never seek help or even admit that she is the main part of her problem. She minimizes her BPD, as another anon pointed out, saying it doesn't affect her except when it benefits her to blame certain behaviors on her BPD.

That's why it's so hard to have any sympathy for her. Not because she has a personality disorder, but because of how she has dealt with (or not dealt with, more accurately) it. She has hurt so many people, and even subjected a child to her abuse for all of his life.

This, along with her refusal to admit she has a problem, is why she is so disliked. Her behavior is too awful to overlook, and she will never admit to any of it or change.

No. 405939

She not only has a victim identity or mentality (an unconscious personality trait), she plays the victim (a conscious manipulative and abusive behavior).

No. 405940

definitely agree. seems like most of her issues are this way - she exhibits both the passive form, as well as deliberately adding to it to get sympathy/play the victim, like you said.

she is incredibly manipulative and emotionally abusive. it's been clear in every relationship she's ever had, and it will continue because she refuses to see it as a problem.

No. 405944

In NZ you can go on the sickness benefit for mental illnesses, so she probably could have gotten money for the actual reason she can't work rather than her excuses. You do get pushed to do therapy and try medication but it's not completely necessary, you just need a doctor who will sign off on you being unable to work once every 3 months.

No. 405946

I bet if Logan watched fat old goth lady porn she would be okay with it. It's not just porn is CHEATING, it's him finding other types of girls attractive.

No. 405947


I don't think she would be OK with that. anything that is not her = very bad. I actually think she'd hate it more, "are you trying to replace me?"

No. 405953

People feel sorry for her? That's what she wants - sympathy, and to be the victim. She could've sought out treatment for her supposed issues years ago, but now she's nearing 41. Do you think she will ever change or admit she has a problem? No chance in hell. No sympathy for her from me, she's disgusting.

A sign of trust? There's something terribly wrong if you need to ask for your partners passwords to their social media in the first place, but especially so early on in the relationship. I've said it before but if Logan is truly devoted and loyal, then even a naked, attractive woman beckoning him to bed wouldn't tempt him. In any case as another anon said I doubt it was a mutual swap of passwords, she probably hounded him for it to "stop the sluts adding him". If she did give him her password she would have likely changed it soon after as he probably never looked at her account(s) anyway. I'm surprised she hasn't locked him up in the basement or gouged out his eyes so he can't look at other women lmao

No. 405956


I actually found her by complete accident a while ago and watched a video where i thought she looked actually kinda nice. So i stuck for another video which was basically her life story where she talked about all the horrible things that apparently happened to her

At first i actually felt sorry for her too but then i started to learn more about what type of person she really is and what horrible shit she has done and still does.
And no, the reason people hate her is not that she isn't the thinnest person on earth nor her goffik style or her age.
Noone would ever bat an eye at all of that if she wouldnt be a complete horrible human being.

Its actually kinda sad that i used to feel sorry for her. Actually, in some regard i still do in a way. She must have a pretty pathetic life by only sitting on her laptop all day, rambling about all the haters whom she doesnt care about lol.
This woman needs treatment, a therapy, something but that will never happen. Also because she lacks any slef awareness to realize there is something wrong with her.
She is desperately searching for something she will never find by her way of living and being.

No. 405958

I think her insecurities with "sluts stealing him away" are really just projections of what she's like. She knows she's the type to talk to other men whilst still in a relationship / married, or she's the type to try and "steal men away" from their partners, so she probably began to think "what if Logan is doing it too?!" It's like if someone were to cheat, they'll begin to think everyone they're with is a cheater too.

No. 405959

I hadn't thought of it that way, but you're completely right.
She is always looking for the next person, always posting half-naked (or fully naked lol) pictures, always messaging people in ways that she wouldn't accept from her partner.

It only makes sense that she thinks other people behave that way too.

And other anon was spot on about the password thing definitely not being an exchange. There's no way Logan ever had her passwords. Not a chance.

No. 405969

I found her after watching the snog marry whatever thing with CJ and she popped up as a recommendation. Then watching her, she mentioned lolcow. She is her own worst enemy basically.

No. 405973

sage for blog post, but she really is. i knew of lolcow but hadn't been here since Queen PT's questionable glory days.
i found Raven because i'm an NZer too and some of my friends knew/knew of her. she mentioned lolcow and i figured i'd check it out.

the amount she talks about her "haters" she really contributes to sites like this and KF more than anything else. i've said it before, but if she just stopped talking about the drama for a while, so much of it would die down. almost all her milk is just her reacting to her own dumb decisions.

No. 405977

yup, I actually didn't know what Lolcow or KF were until she kept bringing them up in her videos. Like you anon I discovered her after watching Emily's vid about Carl. I find it very weird that Raven has put out more videos about CJ than Emily has, and she was the one who was freakin' married to him for so many years. It's called moving on Raven, learn how to do it.

No. 405981


Ultimate tinfoil: Raven's little income stream she's mentioned is actually being hired by KF or lolcow to produce milk when the other threads are slow, and mentioning it in videos for marketing purposes.

No. 405989


Holy lolcow, that's exactly how I found this place too.

Sage for no contribution.

No. 405993


It really is amazing how much of her own worst enemy she is. I figured she brought a lot of attention to her own threads, but it seems like most of us (me too) found this place through her.

She has nothing to complain about. Literally all she has to do to quiet down all the drama is…shut up. But we all know that's impossible for any good cow. She'll keep talking shit, and keep getting angry that people talk shit back. Tragic, but hilarious.

No. 405994


Speaking of drawing attention to LC and KF…

Nowhere in this massive block o' sperg did she identify to whom she was directing her vitriol. She addressed us as "trolls", "stalkers", and "cunts" but did not mention "hate sites" either generically or specifically. We know she is speaking to us, but do her fans?

Has anyone in the comments inquired as to the provenance of the private videos or the other dirt she listed in her post? Has the connection to the forums been made?

No. 405995

File: 1499086600634.png (226.28 KB, 800x717, Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-54-04…)

If you say so.

No. 405996

File: 1499086646271.jpg (63.83 KB, 755x537, hi raven.JPG)


fuckin kek

No. 405997

> don't worry about what other people say
> give them something to talk about

well, at least it's in line with her twisted logic lol
she doesn't care what people say, she just wants to give us something to talk about and has to check to make sure we are!!!

No. 405998

…But then writes walls of texts bitching about us talking about her? Lol which way do you want it Raven?

No. 406000

If you don't put yourself first, you can't expect anyone else to.

wait what?
so you put your own wants and needs first (dw Raven, that was already blatantly obvious to everyone, especially when you put your wants and needs over those of your own child), and then other people should also put you first?

surely if you think putting yourself first is the way to go, you should think everyone should put themselves first. but no, Raven thinks she and everyone else should put her first. of course.

No. 406002

How does her head not split completely in half from the cognitive dissonance?!

No. 406006


samefagging from this post to point out, this went up around the time we were sitting here chatting about her bpd/npd. because of course it did. she always reads here, but after those vids dropped, she must be watching like a hawk.

No. 406007

i think she's going to be extra watchful for a while, since she obviously missed those videos getting posted for a full day or so.
she's going to be on high alert so she doesn't miss anything else that we find on her.

hi Raven!

No. 406010

He's going to get it off eBay for $2 and lie to her about it, just like he did with Claudia. Can't wait for her to post pics when they get engaged so the detective anons here can find the exact listing for the aluminium piece of trash.

No. 406011

File: 1499088106620.jpg (31.89 KB, 564x687, 7b22f20552f360ee20a5539fff5d21…)

This is the image she used as a thumbnail for the "June 11" cringe engagement vieo.

As if Mama's Couch Boy would ever be able to afford a ring of that calibre.

No. 406013

File: 1499088580011.jpg (213.74 KB, 1280x600, make-tin-foil-rings.1280x600.j…)

No. 406017

I also found out about lolcow because of Raven lmao :D

Did she make those videos private again or are they still open for us to see?

No. 406018

They're all private now, except the ones the meant to upload in the first place.
Here's the vid.me versions if you want to see them/see them again: https://vid.me/ravensparks

No. 406019

No. 406020

File: 1499091307175.jpg (78.82 KB, 720x960, WvgKunC.jpg)

lmao, more like this. Or a doughnut.

No. 406022

Raven, and I know you are reading this so keep reading, you make me so irate and break my heart all at the same time.

I hope that you are forever cursed in never having the ability to find a stable/long-lasting relationship or having another child whether through adoption or natural means. Why? Because you have the nerve to act like you are so alone and that's your reasoning for jumping from dick to dick.

BREAKING NEWS AT 9 RAVEN: You have a son.

You have somebody that you brought into this world but continuously choose to blow off your relationship with him because he wasn't conceived in your warped perfect little way. He didn't ask to be brought into this world, show him the respect he goddamn deserves for being your son. Hearing you whine about your miscarriage to Josh all while acting like you've never experienced anything related to being pregnant, child birth, and child rearing was the most disgusting thing I've ever heard because we all know, you included, THAT YOU GOT TO EXPERIENCE ALL OF IT. However, you discredit it because you didn't "feelz" pregnant when you had Dorian, you didn't have this sitcom TV birth of you screaming about your water breaking and everybody and their dog coming to rush you to the hospital and cheering you on. That's fucking sickening to me, especially when there are so many women out there who would give their entire world just to experience that at least ONCE in their life.

Fuck you Raven, and the platform boots you waddled in on. You don't get to just have a do-over all while refusing to acknowledge that you have a son that you need to do right by. I hope and pray with every ounce of my being that if you ever try to adopt a child that every adoption agency denies you the moment they hear you speak because they will see how much of a self-centered and selfish human being you are. I hope to God that your uterus is so rotten and foul that it has a 0% chance of ever being viable enough to hold a child even with expensive fertility treatments. Having a child is more than just an accessory that you wear on your arm like a purse or a doll that doesn't fucking move or care about what you do to it. You want to claim that you are so adult and that you know how the world works, then act like an adult. Realize that maybe you need to bridge the gap that YOU CREATED between your son instead of throwing him in a garbage bin and trying to start anew like he never even existed. You're so mentally fucked in the head that you don't even realize that you're doing the same shit to Dorian that your mother did to you and, if you keep this up, when you're old and senile due to all the shitty fast food you eat, that he blows you the fuck off and leaves your lonely ass to rot.

Sage for rant, blog post, whatever, just 100/10 angry and it's something I need to get off of my chest.

No. 406023

>>"fuck you and the platform boots you waddled in on"
Love you

No. 406025

lol that huge center stone alone is costs than their combined net worth probably. diamonds that big cost more than my car. plus there's at least a full carat in the mellee and shoulders.

good luck finding a good substitute at walmart, couchboy.

p.s. sleeping on that couch can't possibly be good for poor raven's tailbone.

No. 406029

File: 1499094734005.jpg (206.2 KB, 1134x1440, z2g27f7.jpg)

Credit to KF user Chicken Burger for this pic, so accurate

No. 406031

You said everything so perfect.

Oh but no, Josh is not lying! He has his own place, his mom only stays there once in a blue moon! She will love Raven no matter <3 Raven is so lovable.

No. 406032

Yeah! After all, every one of her previous boy toys' parents/families have loved her! Of course Josh's will too! His brother totally also only stays at his place sometimes, or maybe they live together, he doesn't really know. But his mom will definitely only stay sometimes. Like maybe seven nights a week. max!

Too fucking real.

The nickname couchboy is killing me. No more childride - welcome the era of Couchboy!

No. 406095

Just so we are all clear, she has never pursued/received a diagnosis of BPD, is that right? I know she's mentioned that she thinks she has it, but it has never been confirmed.

So even for all our BPD speculation, she might just be a terrible person with no other explanation.

No. 406098

I think she read about it and then said she had it. there is some older videos about her talking about mental illness but she never really did much about it. Her agoraphobia diagnosis was a lie, she was just being lazy and fat.

No. 406118

Now taking bets on couchboy jumping into mommy's bed for the next skype session to prove the haterz wrong

No. 406156

I remember her mentioning in one of her videos that a follower on one of her social media platforms said that she was diagnosed with autism (and possibly BPD?) and that Raven seemed to have similar symptoms. And then Raven suddenly started saying that she had these too, even though this random person just said she seemed similar.

No. 406160

damn, you're right about that.
i had kind of been taking it as read, because she talks about it as if it's reality ("i know people are worried about me bc of my BPD…", etc.). but you're right. it wouldn't be her first time making up medical conditions or making excuses for her terrible behavior.

her patterns do fit a lot of what BPD is, but there's no reason she couldn't just be a horrible, manipulative piece of shit.

No. 406168

She's making us actually diagnosed bpds look bad way to go Raven.

No. 406193

Raven has wanted to move back to the US for quite some time now. It's soooo obvious she's just using this dude for a ticket home. He's definitely not even close to her type. (Not that she has one outside of men who can be used.)

No. 406225


I was fairly sure she had received the diagnosis but refused to do anything with it other than wear it as a badge.


whatever her actual clinical outcome would be, nah. her behavior is 100% disordered and largely out of her control. that's why she doubles and triples down on fucking herself up

No. 406261

it's not a real diamond. it's CZ

No. 406269

She will get back to the USA and they will break up and the Haterz will (yet again) be another excuse why her relationship didn't work out. God forbid Raven actually acknowledges how her own actions contributed to the situation.

It's the reason why she keeps coming here to read up what we write: we are scapegoats for her lolcowism. As long as she can blame the haterz for ruining her life she doesn't need to examine her shitty behaviour or idiotic life choices.

No. 406297

did anyone else notice in the ugh video when she is scrolling through het YT subscriptions, a bunch of them are about catching cheaters?
she is so fucking paranoid and jealous

No. 406302

come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I've heard her mention that she enjoys the show Cheaters lol

No. 406349

I noticed that. I noticed so many things in Ugh that we could just constantly dive back in when things get quiet and find new hilarity.

I noticed she's subscribed to Black Friday. Should we warn BF?

No. 406354

She just needs to look in the mirror if she wants to know what a cheater looks like

No. 406359

lol didn't she make a video moaning that someone compared her to BF? I don't even like BF but LOL Raven can only wish she was like her. Also recall Raven saying that BF was "one of the most beautiful women" she'd seen, I found the statement amusing because you can bet if BF wasn't so well known and was a lot slimmer, Raven would be seething with jealousy calling her a whore lmao.

No. 406388

I find it interesting that everyone thinks she suffers from BPD- I'd bet money it's Histrionic Personality Disorder.

I definitely think she has traits of BPD but the difference is that she genuinely thinks highly of herself and that is not the reality for those with BPD.

People with BPD may hurt others, but it's usually fallout as a result of their own self loathing and poor self image.

Generally with BPD if someone does like them they don't trust it, because they fully believe that they're unlovable.

As a result they start to push the envelope more and more with the partner to "test" if they are really loved and worthy, but of course their behaviour is too hard to handle and the partner can never live up to the increasing toll, so it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy -I must be inherently unlovable because everybody leaves me eventually.
And that reinforces the belief system that is part of BPD.

OTOH Raven fits HPD to a fucking T- shallow displays of "intense" emotion, falling head over heels with someone far too quickly, being possessive and jealous.

Alongside that there's their belief that they are somehow special and destined for greater things than everyone else, and that they are somehow owed positive recognition for that.

Also, Raven's presents as sexually provocative (even if she's not ok with sex) which is also textbook HPD.

Then there's being extremely manipulative and unable to form deep connections with others and happily using others- including their kids and loved ones- to further their own agenda.

The one thing she seems to lack with HPD is the "being superficially charming" trait, but then again, she knows how to get certain men to fall for her quite easily, so she must know some tricks.

A parent with HPD raising their child is like a young kid who gets a puppy for xmas- excessive moments of affection and declarations of love combined with the lack of input, feeding, walking, training and reassurances the puppy requires.

And what little attention and love there is gets immediately withdrawn and redirected at the first signs of a new potential love interest because they always put their own desires and needs first.

(saged bc I was raised by a mum with HPD and have overcome my mild BPD after a long, long road, so I have experience with both disorders- unfortunately)

No. 406411

File: 1499162253832.jpg (472.38 KB, 1080x1920, S70704-214749.jpg)

I feel like Raven has searched agoraphobia at some point, and has seen 'self-diagnosable' and 'usually not curable' and thought it was the perfect excuse to use for sitting on her ass all day.

Raven, you seem to be able to record awfully well in the grocery store for somebody who suffers from agoraphobia

No. 406412

lmao for sure.
she saw no tests needed, self-diagnosable, lifelong illness and she jumped on that bandwagon.
i imagine she was googling "sometimes i don't like getting up and going outside?" and came across agoraphobia.

No. 406425


pmsl exactly, no chance in hell she has agoraphobia, she shows absolutely no signs of it. She's perfectly capable of going out, eating outside, taking pictures both slutty and "normal" outside, recording herself walking about etc NO ONE would call that agoraphobia. I hate her type - those who diagnose themselves with a mental condition that others are genuinely suffering from

No. 406429

After all the milk the past few days, Raven has been pretty quiet today

Sage because I'm not add anything new to the post?

No. 406432

you didn't sage, anon. type 'sage' into the email field, like I have here. - you can delete a post within the first 30 min.

No. 406442


Sorry I'm a rookie farmer, Ravens 'I have haterz'videos brought me here

No. 406452

she keeps bringing people here, maybe the anon was right about it being some kind of marketing ploy lmao

No. 406470


No. 406476

Back when she said it, she didn't go outside. But it is all on her being lazy and having no friends. All the hate on the local goths who are "mean" to her, blaming past exes for not wanting her to leave the house much, and general avoidance of any sort of hobby outside of fb games. Saying it is a disorder is easier than saying she is too into sitting around the house doing nothing.

No. 406478

That is a very difficult situation, anon. I appreciate your thoughts, thanks for sharing.

"Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive attention-seeking emotions, usually beginning in early adulthood, including inappropriately seductive behavior and an excessive need for approval. Histrionic people are lively, dramatic, vivacious, enthusiastic, and flirtatious."

It does sound just like Raven.

No. 406599


Histrionic and Borderline are both Cluster B personality disorders which are characterised in general by dramatic, overly emotional, erratic and unpredictable thoughts and behaviors. The category also includes Narcissistic and Antisocial.

The criteria for Histrionic and Borderline are very close, and many patients meet the criteria for both. The differential diagnosis relies on the manifestations of their similar traits.

While both disorders are characterised by extreme emotional lability, the emotional expression of the Histrionic is vague, shallow, and lacking in detail. The Histrionic tends to be suggestible, easily influenced by other people's suggestions and opinions. The Histrionic is often unable to form emotionally intimate relationships.

The Borderline is distinguished from the Histrionic by impulsivity, self-injury, and manipulative suicide attempts. The Borderline may experience short-lived psychotic episodes.

No. 406605

Omg will you guys stop with the diagnostics, she doesn't have anything she's just a huge bitch.

No. 406613


so she sabotages her own life at every turn, ruins everyone around her, and spends most of her time in self-caused misery for shits and giggles? Right …

No. 406617

I agree she's cluster B and I like a little armchairing, but big long posts about it and nitpicking like you can actually give an amateur accurately diagnosis is annoying, derailing, and angers anons who don't like armchairing at all.

Let's be patient and wait for inevitable milk, keep all posts short and saged until then, no more House M.D.

No. 406658

is she lying low due to the shock of milk gate??

No. 406670


Maybe she is legit distracted with Josh giving all the attention needed and/or needing to work her mark.

Maybe she is pretending to be distracted in love.

Maybe she's been arrested for identity theft and cyber bullying and legal counsel told her to be quiet.

Maybe our speculations here are sustaining her.

That's why I think we should keep sage and carry on. She always delivers when we start to forget about her.

No. 406708

can we all just agree she'is viciously jealous and attention seeking and a liar and narcissistic and selfish as fuck with no regard for anyone but herself and forget the armchair stuff

No. 406709

i don't disagree with you there, been thinking hpd too, but there's no real way of knowing and i love the armchair shit but lolcow frowns on it. i just think she likes the bod label to seem ~tortured~ lol

No. 406710

it's her excuse for being a lazy fuck with no life outside of her online haterzzz

No. 406806

Maybe Logan finally grew a pair and kicked her out.

No. 406824

It's more likely that his family intervened and kicked her out on his behalf. He still wouldn't have the backbone. If anyone's going to stand up for Logan it's not going to be himself. I think deep down, Raven knows that, which is why she speaks to his mom for him instead of allowing the possibility of losing control of him. I'm sure she realizes that if they knew her plan of letting Logan buy her ticket and live off him til it's time to leave, and use him for storage after, they'd immediately put an end to that bullshit. I would if it was my kid. It's despicable that she continues to manipulate and control him. She is sick. Just goes to show that she really DID choose someone so young so he could be easily manipulated and used. It wasn't all true love and pure intentions. It was a child predator and prey. If I were his family I'd be relieved that it's finally over. They probably only tolerated her the entire time so he wouldn't be completely isolated from them. He's going to need therapy. Poor baby.

No. 406883


She said that she's moving in with her ex Ryan Acid King until she leaves for the US.

No. 406969

File: 1499284377583.png (600.91 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0042.PNG)

While it has gone quiet, why would Raven take down her old modelling photos in November last year? Also I thought Raven was a complete prude. What is she doing posting photos to a website like this in the first place.

No. 407012

File: 1499288594570.png (120.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_6958.PNG)

She has lost her shit

No. 407037

Did she send that to you or?

No. 407038

Her insults always make me think "pot calling the kettle black"

No. 407055

The name of the recipient is showing, just FYI. Any more context? Date?

No. 407100

Isn't fianna a fellow lolcow? I think I've seen her in snow.

No. 407120

File: 1499300054963.jpg (53.35 KB, 824x692, raven.JPG)

Well, she moved all the private videos from the milk-gate playlist.

No. 407124

sage for OT but can anyone confirm/link this? had a look but couldn't find anything.

cow vs cow drama is my fav.

No. 407379


You're right- it's not the place.
I didn't mean to write a novel, it was just that her putting men before her kid and always needing to be sexy and the center of attention really reminded me of my own mum, so I thought I'd just point out some of the differences bw BPD and HPD because she's just so reminiscent in a much trashier way of my own mother.

Anyway, no more armchair diagnosing.

sage for self blogging

No. 407433

File: 1499340873031.png (262.52 KB, 600x781, Screenshot_2017-07-06-04-26-33…)

No. 407435

she's so deranged.
she would be "devastated" if her partner was attracted to someone else/found them sexy?
that happens to literally everyone. if they're sexually attracted to people, they're going to find people sexually attractive. it doesn't turn off when you're in a relationship and it's super fucking unhealthy to try and pretend it does and demand your partner pretend that too.

fucked up. also, of course the woman who thinks porn is okay in a relationship is labeled Miss Skank. it's fine for Raven to post half naked pictures of herself to fetish websites, but PORN IS CHEATING AND WRONG.

No. 407457

aaand he was caught watching it throughout their entire marriage lmao

>it doesn't turn off when you're in a relationship

absolutely. I used to feel this way many years ago, hating the idea of my partner liking other people, extreme jealousy, and so on but it all stemmed from severe insecurities on my part. Raven doesn't find it disrespectful otherwise why plaster herself half naked for other men? She just doesn't like the thought of her partners seeing other women better looking than her.

>it's fine for Raven to post half naked pictures of herself to fetish websites, but PORN IS CHEATING AND WRONG.

exactly. How can she get so offended at the idea of her partner "getting off" to someone other than her yet she plasters near nude photos of herself for other men to see??!! She said it herself she does it because she "likes to feel sexy" and "likes the attention" - is it not DEVASTATING to her partner that she is essentially showing what is meant to be for HIS EYES ONLY to other men?

No. 407487

I mean not to side with Raven here, but I do agree to some extent. I don't think someone who doesn't want their partner to watch porn is pathetic, and vice versa.
It's the whole Raven situation that is wrong. From her husband being a child who probably just wanted to have a peek at what other women are like to all the other bullshit.

I just find it stupid that she is adressing any of these things. She is a walking contradiction, she has no right to call anyone out.

No. 407493

Yea she does have some valid points in there somewhere but she's not particularly articulate and it doesn't help your argument when you throw in personal insults.

No. 407506

I would love for her to explain how, exactly, people who watch porn are "Miss Skanks" but people who post soft-core pornographic photos of themselves are pure as snow. I wonder if there is any glimmer of realization that she is a massive hypocrite, or if she really doesn't see it at all.

No. 407540

I was going to agree with other anon, she has some valid points but the insults invalidate her points and make her look petty. Too much porn is probably damaging, however banning your boyfriend from it is too far. Also, outing your boyfriend on the internet for it, is extremely hurtful and damaging to your partner. The stupid thing is that not only are her insults making it invalid, but she doesn't give a shit about whether it's damaging to a relationship, she only hates it because she is insecure. The last time I was ever jealous of porn, I remember being about 17 or 18, it's quite an immature thing to be jealous over. The women in porn are professionals and not women that I am scared my partner will compare me to, but then again, I don't believe a small amount of porn from time to time is bad.

No. 407566

I never thought I'd say this but I actually agree with raven on this one for the most part.

Yes, it's frustrating wading thru the self serving, manipulative hypocrisy and pointless name calling, but I honestly think she makes some pretty valid points (I feel so dirty now)

If you know your partner has serious issues with porn then you both need to work that shit out early on so no one gets hurt.

I know for most people "it's just porn" but for others it really can be (sigh) triggering- even if you're provocative in a sexual way yourself.

So if the partner wants to continue watching porn then they need to really talk to each other about it, calmly and honestly, which is probably best done with a counselor bc it can be a very touchy (boom tish) subject.

As for the rest of it, it's just typical raven dreck…

No. 407584

Yeah I get what you mean. Telling the internet that your partner was caught watching porn is crazy though. That's too far.

No. 407589

Oh absolutely- you save that stuff for the damn counselor, not humiliate the person far and wide over the internet.

Like, that's what I mean. She had a real point, but because she overreacted so badly- holding a fucking knife to her throat and threatening suicide? Then sharing his ~secret shame~ to everyone and then bloody topping it all off with an excruciating video to just really rub that humiliation riiiight in.
Because her child bride was such a dirty bird, he needed to be punished but hey, she's totally blameless when it comes to the flirting with her ex and her awful, awful soft core photos.

This bitch, I swear to god.

No. 407591

If she wasn't such a hypocrite I'd actually be on her side on the porn issue. I don't think anyone should 'have to' accept anything they feel uncomfortable with or hurt by in a relationship. I fucking HATE shitty posts like that who gaslight women into switching off their feelings and accepting things from men that they feel hurt by. Seriously fuck whoever wrote that shit.

It's true there are tons of studies that demonstrate how addictive and harmful porn is to the brain, there was even a study where different groups of men who watched porn were asked to recommend a sentence for a rapist after reading the detailed story (it was something about a hitchiker being picked up and the guy who picked her up ends up raping her). Anyway they found that the men who watched the most porn were more likely to choose the most lenient sentence available.

But as mentioned Raven can't really talk since she sells her pictures to fetish websites. You can't claim moral superiority while benefiting from such an industry.

No. 407596

I hope Logan has a chance at a normal life now. Dorian too. Her moving to the US is for the best. Btw, I've been lurking but where did Raven mention she was annoyed at Logan's family for not inviting her on a holiday or something? Was that on Facebook?

No. 407606

What makes it worse is that it is healthy for a guy his age to have interest in porn and sex etc. It's def unhealthy to make a kid feel awful about it, especially cause some 40 year old hag has insecurity issues. "Nah, you have to repress natural , healthy urges and interests so my creepy ass doesn't potentially off myself or publicly humiliate you" Go you, Raven. I hope Logan meets someone a lot more mentally stable and age appropriate and realizes how messed up Raven and their whole dynamic was. Like if she wants to be with younger men, then she is going to have to be understanding and patient, not expect them to have a lifetime of experience dealing with mentally ill chicks prone to insecurity, jealousy and emotional outburts. Can't give an old hag new dicks.

No. 407642


That was in the "ugh" video.

No. 407686

worse than publicly posting about it is emailing his mom as logan in her defense about their divorce and his "porn addiction"

i hope he finds healing from this bitch, she's so fuckig toxic

No. 407730


That was a very interesting read anon!

No. 407760

File: 1499409213700.jpg (22.29 KB, 488x351, 559.jpg)


>doesn't want to name the offender

>doesn't want a fight
>perfect excuse to whiteknight herself over one of the things she always gets shit about
>goes from it happened once so I held knives to my throat to it was constant because I'm such a victim


No. 407766

I think it will be hard for him. Raven will always be lurking in the background, despite being an ocean apart. There's no way she'll 'allow' him to move on, and any girl that shows an interest will most likely be scared off by the inevitable barrage of hate and 30 minute videos about what a slut she is.

No. 407785

That's what I worry about too. Raven wants to hurt Logan and to make him jealous over her new relationship, and there's no chance of that happening if he's with another woman. We all just have to hope he sees sense when/if she does move away and cuts all contact with her.

No. 407794

>I fucking HATE shitty posts like that who gaslight women into switching off their feelings and accepting things from men that they feel hurt by. Seriously fuck whoever wrote that shit.
lol like men don't make compromises in relationships either… If you're expecting a partner to be 100% perfect and do NOTHING that makes you uncomfortable, you're in for a shock. Followed by a long time spent single. It's not gaslighting, it's called not being so high-strung. Talk it out like real people, don't tantrum because "it hurts you."

People are willing to discuss marital problems if you don't tard-out on them first. She's not even thinking about her husband at that point, HER feelings matter more than Logan's feelings because she's convinced herself he's a baaad man who purposely is trying to hurt her. Just because you "feel" hurt doesn't mean that someone intended to hurt you. Get over your own insecurities and stop projecting them onto your partner. Someone watching porn behind their girlfriends back isn't betrayal, I doubt he was even thinking about Raven at the time kek. It's not like cheating, or keeping secrets, or anything objectively "hurting you." The only offense is caused by your insecurities.

Porn addiction is a completely different topic however, but I honestly doubt Logan has a porn addiction. You can go OTT with porn, but that doesn't excuse Raven's behaviour. Occasional porn watching was not something that warranted such a severe reaction from her.

Maybe empathise and think about WHY your husband is doing whatever "hurts your feelings" and get some perspective before holding 2 knives to your throat. It's not normal to be that jealous, when you're finding yourself agreeing with Raven you may need to rethink your priorities.

>Raven wants to hurt Logan and to make him jealous over her new relationship
This actually ties into my point a lil, Raven perceived that Logan "hurt her" by 'watching porn and not being attentive enough', so she's getting revenge on him to make him ~feel the pain she did. That shit is fucked up.

No. 407828


No. 407843

>We loved with a love that was more than love


No. 407844

I'd dump a girl who did that after a month

No. 407853

Luckily for Raven, Couchboy is just as obsessive and unhealthy in brand new relationships as she is!

It will never cease to amaze me just how much all of her relationships look like the classic 15/16 year old high school bullshit that most people grow out of. So sad.

No. 407863

Not just sad but utterly baffling how she doesn't see she repeats this cycle with every guy she lurrves, sorry I mean becomes infatuated with. She gushed over Logan in this way and no doubt was the same with all her other exes too. What will be her excuse now? "But this time it's DIFFERENT!" ???

No. 407945

>hopewell, vaginia

everything about this is gross and it's like she's not still married to logan and staying at his house and getting hella mad his mum won't invite him on vacation or something.

also someone made their kid get involved in this bullshit.


No. 407993

File: 1499465114957.gif (747.87 KB, 357x200, IMG_3654.GIF)

No. 408016


Josh, Raven's love is so strong that it reached all the way to lolcow <3

No. 408018

Why are her fans so crazy? Did she offer something to them? I just don't understand why people would go out of their way to do this, especially since they were all on the LoganxRaven bandwagon just a little while ago.

Kek, you're my favorite anon.

No. 408027

Wait what the fuck LMAO

No. 408033

To be fair, there are quite a few photos that are clearly from the same people, so it's not like there are a lot of fans, just a few that are samefagging. The Oahu ones are all the same sign held by the same hand with the same pink nail varnish lol.
Still, the fact that there are even a few, and they're not all just thirsty dudes, boggles me.

No. 408050

Maybe she airtasked it, lol.

No. 408068

File: 1499475865651.png (71.66 KB, 640x833, IMG_3555.PNG)

No. 408079

Rip Joshua Bradley never forgetti

No. 408117

HAHAHA WOW. This is so fucking weird. Of course her fans in california are all from the inland, hick areas of the state. But anyway loved the pony from Norco. Lol. So cute and fitting

Every other country seemed to have cool photos. So I'm guessing her American fans are white trailer trash and her fans abroad are normal people who probably watch her because they think that's how goth Americans/ NZ people are.

Sage for generalizing and speculation

No. 408202


No. 408209


Does she have a daughter wtf

No. 408210

No, it's obviously just a friend and they've put each other down as mother/daughter on facebook. Lots of people do this for a joke.

No. 408224

At the very top
>Laveyan Satanist

lmao such a try hard

No. 408225

Oh my god, I didn't even notice that one.
Everything about these two screams high school kids, it is so embarrassing. The saddest part is that they're past the point now where they'll ever realize it. They will genuinely live the rest of their lives thinking they are the coolest, most alternative, interesting people ever.

No. 408230


she's so hardcore. I bet she even smokes cigarettes in places where teachers might see her, wow.

No. 408301

half of the couples this age are more level headed and healthy than raven - she's such a mess. i can't believe anything she says about her life story but it's obvious she needs professional help - not in a ~tortured~ way but like her entire concept of how humans should conduct themselves, what relationships should look like, etc is so absolutely fucked. i cannot believe this woman is like this at forty! it's honestly scary

No. 408533

I'm scared this move actually won't happen and she'll try to get back with Logan.

No. 408534

You get our hopes up that something new has happened when you don't sage.

She'll move. She's pot committed now. And she hates NZ.

No. 408619

I worry about it too. I think Logan's family would happily come up with the cash to make her go away for good, but she'd probably take it and spend it on more shit tattoos or childish toys, or more kittens!

No. 408623

>Oh my GOD can you BELIEVE Logan's mum wouldn't give me another $3000 for plane tickets?
> I HAD to spend the last money they gave me on dolls and pets that I have now thrown away! I need them to help with my tailbone/BPD/agoraphobia/whatever else I have made up today!
>I thought I was supposed to be FAMILY to her! What a cunt bitch slut whore.

No. 408630

Listening to Raven's possessiveness over both Logan her husband, and 'the new love of her life' Josh in the video 'ugh' is so fucked. Can see why Logans family want to get him out of there! She's just a head fuck and that's the only type of fuck he's had from her in a long time no doubt.

No. 408642

In one of her unlisted videos she said she couldn't get the energy to pack, I kind of doubt she'd get her shit together to move across the world.

No doubt his mom knows exactly what kind of bullshit Raven is pulling. She complained in the ugh video that it was bothering her that Logan's family only seemed to like her for him. She said she messaged Logan's mom on Facebook justifying why they are separating, that Logan wasn't a good husband, didn't fulfill husband duties, and had a porn addiction etc, and Logan's mom would see the message but not reply back.

She even messaged the mom that Raven thinks she improved Logan by being in a relationship with him, that Logan "was on a bad path" when they met with drinking and doing drugs. And she said all the mom had to say was "Well everyone experiments sometimes."

Yeah Raven, I'm sure your husband's mother wanted to hear those kinds of things said about her child. Yes, the problem surely isn't her, but the families being mean.

No. 408652

lmfao "improved" him??? He went from happy, smiling and full of life to miserable and clearly depressed with her. Partying and drugs are part of being young for some people, it's not a big deal. She was the one who ruined him but luckily, since he's still young, he can rebuild his life away from her… if she'll let him. Does she honestly think his family should like her after all that she's done? Bitch has no self awareness it's fucking scary.

No. 408676


after the initial euphoria wore off, I've started to seriously question if she is going to move. Josh tipped his hand too soon revealing he lives on his mom's couch. also she is lazy af, so unless literally everything is done for her, she won't go anywhere. (I can imagine her being pushed through the airport in a wheelchair because 'muh tailbone')

Also, wow, she lives in Bizarro World, where every day is opposite day.

No. 408697

Yup, it'll go sour with Josh. Give it a few weeks or maybe months and she'll change her tune, proclaiming that she and Logan are still in love and want to work on the marriage.

I imagine we'll soon be seeing a FB status update or video similar to this…
"We've been together 5 years, there's no point ending things now. Logan will get help for his porn addiction and we can work on this marriage. Isn't that right Logan? …. Say something! Tell them you still love me and want to work things out! Oh these past few weeks where I've been bad mouthing Logan and declaring my undying love for Josh? That was nothing serious! I was just confused and unhappy and Josh was there for me, that's all. Logan is fine with it and I DIDN'T CHEAT! The haterzz won't defeat us!"

sage for tinfoil

No. 408715

Same, I think maybe reality will set in especially with couch boy living at his mom's, and she won't go anywhere. Plus they're both lazy.

I wouldn't really call it tinfoiling, it actually sounds like something she would do. Plus according to her she would have nowhere to go in NZ without Logan, except live with her ex husband. Can't wait to see which one it will be.

I also wonder if couch boy was originally supposed to be Logan's sponsor, but then he turned into her true lurve.

No. 408757

I think in one of her old videos she mentions that she lived with her ex and his parents while they dated, so maybe she wouldn't actually mind. As long as it's a free ride

No. 408863


I think she still would, but we're not considering Josh - what's his reaction to the spillage? To being recorded and everyone knowing he harassed his ex on the phone and everyone knowing his princess is a weirdo who impersonates her ex to his family?

He already ghosted one fiancée… maybe the spew-inducing birthday video was love-bombing in response to him cooling off.

I hope someone in Logan's family eventually goes to one of these "hate sites" she always mentions, to understand what sort of deprogramming Logan will need, and the lies told about him.

No. 408883

She could, and then complain about having to live with his mom and how she's so mean and all her boyfriends families hate her lol

No. 408890

he seems totally fine with what a fucking psycho she is in that video. going on about how she "doesn't need this" while she harasses claudia lmao he's fine wth it

No. 408932

Yeah but there's a difference between being fine with it while it suits him and being fine with it with everyone else looking on and being incriminated in stuff that she records and leaks.

No. 408968

File: 1499659315851.png (403.85 KB, 714x1049, 20170709_183116.png)


Posted on KF today.

No. 408975

>I also wonder if couch boy was originally supposed to be Logan's sponsor, but then he turned into her true lurve.

Ugh i hope not. In a lot of developed countries, families with a foreign spouse are separated indefinitely because the income threshholds to bring in a foreign spouse are high. If the bar is so low in the US that couchboy can sponsor someone who isn't even family on his probably seasonal income hauling plants 2 days a week for his uncle, that'd be shit.

Sage cos I'm just salty that fat whore gets everything so easily and I've been separated from my foreign partner in a genuine relationship for over a year because income threshholds for partner visas are high in most of the developed world and would be saltier of couchboy was to sponsor Logan idk.

No. 408992

you only have to earn above the poverty line for the us

No. 408999

File: 1499665133192.png (34.19 KB, 669x284, ohraven.png)

I wonder if Raven didn't include this chicks pic in the video cause she felt threatened lol

No. 409016


And there you go, another solid proof that "our marriage was over since october last year" and "Josh is the one and only".

That's so Raven.

No. 409019

Yeah she did this for Logan and recycled it for Josh. How creative and romantic.

I'm pretty sure he wasn't going to be the sponsor because she has referenced about having another friend in the US if Josh didn't work out. Sage but as someone who is on a sponsor visa with their spouse, the income level isn't high at all and I'm in a very developed European country. It's usually only around $2,500 a month or less. In the US you need to make a min of $14,000 a year to sponsor 1 person.

No. 409035

Holy fuck. I thought this was going to be from earlier in the relationship, which is tacky enough to be copying with a new relationship but it's from a recent anniversary. wtf

The commitment ceremony was september 2012, and the wedding was only in 2014, so I'm guessing the 5 year anniversary is of them starting to date? What year is that counted from?

No. 409050

File: 1499681671947.jpeg (64.46 KB, 640x374, image.jpeg)

"Even though I'm seeing another guy and have professed my undying love for him, you sluts can't add my husband because I still control his life. And who would add someone as a friend?! You just want his dick and he doesn't want you!"

No. 409051

that would be exactly the reason
she's so insecure

No. 409052

Wow. What an actual bitch. How about you let Logan move on with his life?

No. 409053

If it's upsetting them so much they can put his Facebook to not accept requests… but then they wouldn't be able to attention whore

No. 409054

>people on my list have zero reason to add my ex-husband
>dw though i'm still checking all of his social media for him and stopping him from talking to other women

disgusting. genuinely angry and have so much to say, but sperging about it won't do shit, so just: disgusting.

No. 409055

She's faking this. Why are you all falling for this? Saggy raven is creating fame drama

No. 409061


Obvs you haven't been paying attention.

No. 409062

They both look like they stink!

No. 409063

It's like looking into the face of evil. The haggard, bloated, poorly made-up face of evil.

No. 409065

File: 1499687487326.png (50.9 KB, 640x424, IMG_3599.PNG)

She is disgusting. She is allowed to move on get engaged (while she's still married) and move in with a wife beating couch sleeper but poor Logan STILL isn't allowed female friends? It's job of your damn business now raven you jealous hoe bag and your status screams jealousy. Scared he'll get a hot girlfriend while you're left sleeping on a couch in wife beaters mums house?

No. 409068

She's just gonna answer to this comment that Logan is the one who actually doesn't want to be added but Raven comes to the rescue to announce it ofc.

No. 409069

>my (almost ex) husband

fuckin bitch trying to sneak that "almost ex" part in as if to suggest they're still together and people should respect that and not add him, but it's perfectly ok for HER to flaunt her new relationship with a guy she barely knows. Disgusting, manipulative, controlling piece of shit. Also why assume they want more than friendship Raven you cheating cunt?

No. 409070

>raven the fat ugly whore calling other women fat ugly whores

No. 409073


I really hope Logan actually does hate social media, because there is zero chance he's ever going to get control of those accounts with his name on them. Poor bastard.

No. 409078

I'm hoping he'll just make a new profile and delete that one or try to change the password when Raven is out of his hair. You know he's probably trying keep a low profile so she doesn't screech at him like some banshee while waiting for her ticket. Sometimes I like to pretend he has a count down calendar.

No. 409079

File: 1499693351495.png (39.06 KB, 800x217, Screenshot_2017-07-10-05-33-46…)

No. 409080

File: 1499693421319.png (118.02 KB, 800x402, Screenshot_2017-07-10-05-37-51…)

No. 409082

File: 1499693451660.png (506.67 KB, 800x733, Screenshot_2017-07-10-05-17-27…)

No. 409087


For a sec I went to a parallel universe where Raven made Logan tattoo this for their anniversary and now I'm so relief it is 'just' a bad pinup with no resemblance of her whatsoever.

No. 409099

She rambles so much. I end up speeding up her videos to 1.50 or 2 times faster.

No. 409100

File: 1499699332344.gif (1.29 MB, 200x235, 200w.gif)

>I'd never put anyone above my husband

No. 409124

I don't let cows upset me, but I so want to call her out publicly. However, she only allows ass kissing on her social media.
I won't bother.
But I know raven lurks here. Hi raven!

You have a lot of nerve, you're also just outright retarded. Let Logan have a life, I think you've taken enough already. As you've stated, he's not good enough for you. You're a hypocritical, lazy, entitled NOBODY.
We all cannot wait for you to be stuck in America with no money and for your dreams to be crushed.
I hope Logan finds someone that adds to the quality of his life, since you've destroyed his teenage years.

No. 409127

File: 1499708552249.gif (856.94 KB, 450x254, IMG_2698.GIF)

I had to go back and re-read this because it reads like a parody of herself in this current situation. Logan will have a fat, bloated hag lifted off his shoulders soon enough. I can't wait for her to fuck off so Logan can get on with his life. All the weight gain and his haggard appearance is not doubt from having a predator dugong suck the life out of him. His teenage years and young adult years were ruined,

Sure, Raven…

No. 409131

Holy shit for half a second I thought this was the Dani chick from Onion threads and I was like, "Wow." Raven probably didn't include her because she's paranoid about Josh looking these people up and finding someone attractive.

No. 409151

Are there pics of the tat logan got?

Skimmed through the old threads but maybe i missed it

No. 409162

File: 1499714082557.png (748.92 KB, 377x857, raveybaby.png)

I feel like raven had big dreams of e-fame by using Logan. It explains the needlessly sexual christmas photoshoots of him etc.

Ravey is the kind of person that has a really dated perception of the internet, it's like she's a scene kid trying to get attention on myspace, as if she will somehow get success once she has spent enough government money on empty goth aesthetics and tacky fucking mass produced dolls.

No. 409171

File: 1499714870233.jpg (58.51 KB, 558x596, wake me up.JPG)

No. 409180

How does she post this and not realize how fucking awful this makes her look? "He's not allowed to move on , even if I do, so don't try it bitches. He's still mine" is essentially what that says. Let goooo, you bloated bitch.

No. 409182

What the hell is up with her left foot?!

No. 409186

her flippers sprouting little nubs

No. 409188

Holy shit anon I never noticed that before. Wtf???

No. 409192

The sad thing is that the only reason she knows how many requests he's gotten is because she probably logs into his FB every single day,

No. 409237

Of course.
Her own life is so empty that she still has to control Logan's, even though she's moved on.
One thing that really stuck out to me in the "ugh" video, besides couchboy harassing his ex and her pretending to be logan messaging her and also egging couchboy on, was when couchboy asked what Raven had been doing before he got on to talk, and she said "just sitting around waiting for you", since apparently she had deleted all her profiles and had nothing to do. Like who does nothing besides social media? Even people who build their careers out of social media take breaks to read books, knit sweaters, get a cold one with the boys, etc. And she isn't making a damn career out of anything, so she's got no excuse to just take a step away from the computer and do something else for a minute. She probably doesn't even take a half step away from social media to play farmville or other bullshit fb games designed for mums trapped in offices all day. She's got no life, so of course she's got to control someone else's. She's still doing it with Logan, and she's trying to do it with couchboy as well, and it's sick and abusive AF that she's still pretending to be Logan and controlling his facebook. He should be allowed to add whoever he wants. Actually he always should have been, even when they were "happily married". Because if you want to show trust, that's the way to do it, to say "oh it's ok if that one hot girl is your friend now because i know it won't go further than that" or whatever. And now that fat whore's moved onto someone else, Logan should be allowed to as well.


No. 409246

File: 1499726285352.png (1.2 MB, 800x1150, Screenshot_2017-07-10-15-06-09…)

No. 409249

File: 1499726326588.png (550.28 KB, 800x802, Screenshot_2017-07-10-15-02-51…)

No. 409253

What is this supposed to be? Is…is it Logan in drag?

No. 409265

but she does like 80% of this stuff too?

i r o n y

No. 409267

Half of this describes her relationship with Logan:

>Cuts you off from friends


>Stops you working

Raven would constantly bitch about how much time Logan was spending at work despite his work being the only source of income because ~muh tailbone~

>Never admits he is wrong

Blamed her marriage's failure on Logan's "porn addiction" and lolcow but refused to take any blame for it herself

>Never does his share of the housework

Can't clean the house despite being at home 24/7 because muh tailbone guys!!

>Threatens or wheedles you to get his own way

Fucking threatened suicide because Logan watched porn once

>Seduces your friends/sister/anyone

Posts slutty pics on social media constantly, flirted with guys on Facebook because she 'decided the marriage was over' even before she had a proper talk with Logan about the state of the marriage

>Expects you to be responsible for his well-being

Threatened suicide to make him feel guilty, has said several times that this new guy Josh is better than him because he fights the haters for her and Logan doesn't

No. 409282

You put into words what I've been thinking - her perception of the internet is extremely dated. Back in the day, her behavior was contained to groups of people with similar dysfunction (ex. C.J) thus perpetuating her behavior. Now she is all confused and angry because her ridiculous behavior has been exposed to the world, most of which see her for what she really is. And she can't (or won't) handle it.

No. 409285

idec that he's a schlub, i'd 110% fuck him just to make her upset if i lived anywhere near that side of the earth tbh. the milk would be worth his being the human equivalent of white bread soaked in water

make that 125% if you're right, anon

No. 409342

File: 1499735925712.gif (497.99 KB, 500x236, IMG_3656.GIF)

Honey, I'll buy you the ticket to NZ if you make this happen!!

No. 409349

File: 1499737121312.png (1.16 MB, 498x209, E2D75AC1-E98D-4C49-96BF-AD1C7C…)

You scared me for a sec, but it lacks Logan's tattoos.

Still, the couch and dress are familiar.

No. 409351

there's enough thirst on this board, let's band up a whole group of no-standards spite-motivated bitches and make him a harem. bets on whether raven would have the balls to beat a bitch with her purse for trying or if she'd just sit across the bedroom watching and rageposting on social media?

No. 409358


It's Logan before he had tattoos.

No. 409359


He's hotter than her by many fathoms…

No. 409362

let's not forget

>makes you feel worthless

if not before she met couchboy, she certainly is now

>cuts you off from your friends

has Logan got any friends? also she controls his social media and denies friend requests from "sluts", and even tries to paint him in a bad light to his parents

>sulks and glares

this is just speculation, but there's probably been a fair bit of that going on throughout their relationship. Logan's become a husk of a person since getting with Raven, and that's probably because of how she treats him.

>controls the money

with her shopping addiction

>blames you, drink, drugs, etc.

i assume this is meant to say blames you FOR drinking or doing drugs… or for threatening to become an hero


No. 409363

She took a photo of Logan in drag when he was young enough to not have tattoos yet, and then in 2016 posted them up to humiliate and laugh at him?

Give it to me straight, doc. Is it true? Is this cancer?

No. 409365

File: 1499743198453.gif (1.34 MB, 250x198, IMG_3657.GIF)

I cannot tell you how picturing this has warmed my black little heart. Thank you Anon.

And I think Raven's reaction would look something like image attached (fat, fuzzy butt, smeary eyed rage, lol!)

No. 409367

File: 1499743898534.jpg (18.83 KB, 212x475, content.jpg)


That dress fit him better than it fit her.

No. 409382

The fact that her idea of Photoshopping is to literally just erase large parts of her body will always be funny to me. Art.

No. 409385


I am tempted to offer myself as tribute, but as a woman in her early 30s, I feel it'd be a bit weird to go after a man so young. Almost inappropriate.

If the harem are all under 25, I will lend other kinds of support.

Just to repeat, early 30s, way too fucking old for Logan.

Hi Raven.

No. 409387

Holy shit anons…Logan was a legit trap. Maybe that's why Raven had such a hard on for him. He was her unattainable beauty as an adolescent boy.

Ayy you'd be perfect. It's like baby steps back to his age group.

No. 409391

I'll do it but only if he's takes a bath before and gets tested. Sorry, they just look like stinky, dirty people. It's not like I'm asking the world of him either.

Back to me: Early 20's, I have my flaws but I make up for it with enthusiasm and willingness to experiment. I guess you can consider me blonde if Kiki can call herself blonde too.

I think any girl on lolcow is better than raven tbh. Like there just can't be someone more gross or ugly than she is. I can't picture it.

No. 409392

100% he wore it better, would much rather see him doing stupid "photoshoots" in overpriced goff gowns

>Holy shit anons…Logan was a legit trap.
ngl he was actually a qt before she ruined him, the long hair and makeup was a good look. or maybe it just covered up how doughy he was underneath, kek.

nah, let's get a nice age range so that raven can't complain that she's only outmatched by younger women. how much would it wreck her if someone her age or close to it outdid her?

i'd like to imagine that after this, he completely sheds the whole goth thing and finds himself the polar opposite for a gf so we see raven sperg about those damn preps

No. 409396

Yes! He even did a sexier facial expression than her!

I dunno about appropriate age groups for him. I think any will due as long as they don't try to get all deep and needy. Ravens thirst is what shames her, and makes her the worst.

No. 409408

tbh a lot of Raven's ugly comes from inside, so it's hard to imagine her being outdone regardless of what anons look like.
she just has decades and decades of emotionally abusive, manipulative, lying, shitty behavior behind her, and it comes through. like yeah, she is pretty damn ugly on the outside, but what really cinches it is her fucking horrid personality.

almost anyone would be better than that by default.

No. 409414

She had done a whole thing of turning him into a girl because she's soooooo good at makeup. She had posted up videos if I'm not mistaken of the transformation. But yes, this is Logan, in Ravens drag fantasy.

No. 409420

Alternatively, I'd ship Dorian, Logan, and Dorian's girlfriend, in a menage a trois.

Ship name… Dogan? Lorian? Delorian? Delorian plus one.

No. 409427

I would pay to see this happen.
Raven's weird unhealthy relationship with her son means she's already bashed Dorian's teenage girlfriend for being bland, boring, having a weird voice (??? k then), rude, etc.
It would be so beautiful if she "stole" Raven's ex too and they all lived happily ever after. Magic.

No. 409443

Anybody down for some online shopping? :^)
Everything is fucking filthy as shit, no surprises there

No. 409445

A lot of that stuff is going for $1. She must be desperate.
>Must go asap, moving out this week
>Please excuse the mess- we are packing urgently and had no time to clean.

No. 409449

sage for me being retarded and unable to find content, but what's Dorian's girlfriend look like?

I ctrl+f'd "dorian" in the previous thread and heard people talking about how she's a "feminist" and there are photos on his facebook, but I couldn't see any links or pics. Generally I've been wondering about Dorian through this entire ordeal, he just disappeared a few months ago with the moving dramu, and I've not heard anything since.

No. 409450

>>Please excuse the mess- we are packing urgently and had no time to clean.

Lmao this bitch finds a way to be an asshole to everyone who ever had contact with her, doesn't she? The landlord ain't gonna be happy with all the trash and black eyeshadow rubbed into everything that she's just PLANNING ON LEAVING THERE.

No. 409453

Yeah Raven's already shit on her before. When Dorian didn't want to go back to the US with mummy dearest she messaged the gf directly
with her usual crazy. She even posted a video about it.

Hahaha holy shit she's using her fucking baby doll as her profile pic.

No. 409464

There's a picture of her here >>405332 and there was also a video of the four of them (Raven, Logan, Dorian and his gf) at some Chinese festival thing but she seems to have deleted it.

Not only the baby doll but why does it say Logan as the name but the username is Raven?

No. 409471


You're right, anon.
Honestly I get the impression she does almost everything on the list, those are just the ones we know of.
It's terrifying that she's probably way more unhinged than she presents herself as (which is certainly fucking saying something) and more like the way she acts in the "ugh" video irl. Poor Logan having to deal with that crazy-ass shitshow every day. No wonder he looks dead inside.

No. 409487


because she loves using his name for stuff? maybe it used to be his account and she took it over.
I do love the idea of someone female buying some of their shit then making contact to organize picking it up or whatever
"Hi can I speak to Logan?"
-"What's this about?"
"I just wanted to know when I can come round-"

No. 409547

sage, but did that god awful screenshots video get reuploaded anywhere? been wanting to watch that sweet milky goodness again for a while.

No. 409609

Cntrl + f "vid.me", two accounts with all her self-leaks uploaded have been mentioned a couple of times in the thread

No. 409698


Well at least she can't do any of the ones involving using the children against him, and thank fuck for that.

I wonder why she posted this though. Like it's from almost a year ago. Was she trying to pin something on Logan, or trying to play rescuer to a "friend" who needed the info, or what? Or was it about the horrible abusive ex husband with whom she's moving in (cos she hasn't got any other friends in NZ probably) and was able to lift weights in spite of her bad tailbone, the one that pretty much forced her to seduce Emily's boyfriend?

No. 409699

Logan looks like one of them creepy sex dolls

No. 409714

Thanks, I actually already looked through both those accounts, but those are the recent privated videos from her Josh playlist.

The video I'm talking about was the screenshots she showed of her going onto Dorian's account and looking through his messages with his girlfriend.

I also searched previous Raven threads for vid.me links, and there wasn't anything. Hopefully someone saved it somewhere, because it was awful.

No. 409716

I know the one you mean and it was discussed in the thread before this one. She deleted it fast I think. Did anyone here save it?

No. 409729

Shit, sorry, I think we only have caps of that video, no downloads

No. 409731

No worries, thanks for the info anyway.

She really does get rid of these things fast.
It's pretty amazing how she can sit there and make an hour long video and edit in all the screen shots etc. and not think once that it might be inappropriate.
She really has so little awareness that she needs to upload these things, have people tell her how fucked up it is, and THEN take it down after like ten minutes.
No capability of recognising her own fuckery without the input of KF/lolcow. She really should be thanking us.

No. 409767

Sage for old content, but just thought I would bring this back up:

10:29 Raven saying she would never ever leave Logan because he's the best thing that's ever happened to her. Plus general sperging.

No. 409783

Found Ray-Ray on /r/CringeAnarchy


No. 409796

The only thing she learned is that skinny = all mistakes forgivable. I hope she gets fat again once she moves to McMerica.

No. 409798

Fat again? She's fat now. Yea she obviously lost a lot of weight after the surgery but she still looked big, and the dumb bitch continued eating like shit after anyway so all that was for nothing. If she ever does go to America she'll be huge lmao

No. 409800

With as lazy as she is I'm sure she will. She's been sperging the entire time she's been in NZ that they don't have a good selection of American foods (junk food) and goes out to eat a lot. When she actually does make food at home it's absolutely disgusting, just check out some of her cooking videos. Pretty sure the only reason her surgery was successful in the first place was because she was still healing and unable to eat a lot. Over time, her stomach's going to stretch out and start accommodating more food again.

No. 409805

the top comment (235 upvotes)
"those sagging breasts in the slinky bra just make this so… sad."


yeah, look at how logan chunked up. some of it is probably water-weight from all the tears he's held in over the years, but the rest is thanks to raven's shitty food obsession

No. 409809

>look at how logan chunked up

She even tried to blame that on him, saying he never exercises and only eats junk food. Bitch if you're the one cooking then make HEALTHY things for a change instead of feeding him disgusting mashed potato or omelettes or whatever shit she makes and overloads with butter

No. 409858

>She's been sperging the entire time she's been in NZ that they don't have a good selection of American foods
Oh gosh IDK what bothers me more about Fugly Slut. The flatout refusal to integrate into society, yet total willingness to take as much public money as she can, hits a personal note with me. Like, she can just move to a country when she wants to be with a partner, and people like me can't anymore, because she did it early enough. She can absolutely refuse to integrate to the host country, refuse to work or pay taxes, and take whatever free handouts she can get, because she decided to hop on another cock, but someone tries to go live with a foreign partner now, even if they can integrate, even if they want to work and have had skills, gets told by Daily Fail readers "oh honey, we just don't want you taking government money and infecting our culture with yours." Because they don't see genuine relationships, or people getting told by interested employers "sorry kid, we just can't sponsor a visa for you. try getting in another way" (man if i had a nickel for every time i heard that…), or the foreign spouse's earnings vs. the domestic one's. No. They see people like Raven who just come in and take and take and take. Didn't she get her stomach surgery on NZ's dime too? And they vote based on having seen that.
Fat Whore is a vile person in every way, but that really hits a chord with me, because she is the stereotypical Bad Immigrant Who Just Wants to Sponge, and it makes the rest of us look bad.
She's in for a shock when she comes back to the US since free money isn't just handed out like candy here and she'll probably have to actually start paying for her own health care. I'm not sure that "bad tailbone" is enough to qualify for disability tugboats. She might have to have to get a job, or resort to gofundme begging. Or just find yet another dick to hop on when couchboy can't provide for her idk.

No. 409913

You're correct: She did get her surgery while in NZ. She's also mentioned buying things, like her 3k+ laptop that she uses to play Facebook games, on Logan's government credit, or something like this. She was (probably still is) going to use Logan's government savings account to fund her move to the US.

NZ has been good to her ungrateful ass.

No. 410038

NZ deserves to be rid of her.

God forbid she hooks on to an Aussie guy and comes out here. We've got enough wankers as it is.

No. 410085

Yuck, don't jinx it, I'm an Aussie and definitely don't want that piece of trash in my country either.

No. 410101

Yeah but maybe she'd count as a marine arrival, given that she's a whale, and in that case she'd be sent to Manus.

No. 410143

I'm more worried she'll find someone to leech off of in the UK, it'll also give her an excuse to stalk Emily Boo in person

>maybe she'd count as a marine arrival, given that she's a whale

fukin kek

No. 410176

this is old milk - but i've just got into checking out this hot mess' life. but on an album of her and logan's pre wedding ceremony she says she is pregnant with twins. did they die/ never exist in the first place.

No. 410179

she miscarried.

No. 410216

>I'm more worried she'll find someone to leech off of in the UK, it'll also give her an excuse to stalk Emily Boo in person
ugh that's terrifying. She'd do it too.

This is terrifying too. She keeps wanting babies, and miscarries (and she blamed Dorian for miscarrying that one time and wished she'd never had him IIRC), and she probably wants babies with couchboy too. I pray that menopause hits her soon.

No. 410463

Why does she even want to have kids? To wait till they grow up and hit on their friend? Wow raven is really playing the long con just for a new pimple faced boy toy. Reminds me of a fucked up version of Barney Stinsons playbook thing.

Oh, and Raven is fucking disgusting!!! That op pic every time just makes me lose my appetite

No. 410579

She probably won't be able to find a U.K. sucker that easily. It's really not easy to get a spousal visa over there.

No. 410990

Speaking from looking into it for myself in my relationship, yes, it really is difficult to get a spouse visa in the UK. Or any visa. Unless you're rich. Then you can at least go in as an investor (or you can marry a rich person and get in like that).
Plus as far as we know she's still with couchboy, so she'll go back to the US and doesn't even need a visa for that since she holds a US passport. Unless something's changed. She's been awful quiet lately, but let's just give it the benefit of the doubt and assume it's because of moving house.

No. 411024

She's only been quiet because the bitch got found out on the Urgh video. She knows we now all know how cray cray she really is

No. 411027

You reckon? She could actually be busy packing but it is a long time for her to survive without internet attention. I'm so curious to know how someone like her reacts to this kind of exposure.

Maybe we should start bets on how long until she makes her dramatic return.

I feel like it'll still be 2 weeks at least.

No. 411041

Correct me if I'm wrong, but she's moving from NZ to the south of the US, right?

Bitch is going to double in size and attitude in no time. As backwards as she is, I think the culture shock alone still may kill her.

No. 411053

I wonder if she'll get more shit for being goth than in NZ. I don't know how it is in either place but the South strikes me as not particularly goth friendly.

No. 411067

Depends where in the south you live. Smaller towns maybe get a bit more shit. Bigger cities more open mindness, but you still get shit occasionally. Just like anywhere else. I have to say it is alot better than it use to be. In high school people made fun of me alot, as a adult not so much. That's my experience.

In the midwest I got waaaayy more shit though, maybe because I was in a red(Republican) state.

No. 411082


she's been posting a few memes and viral videos and couchboy is not even Liking them. it's getting weird.
run Logan! Fucking run! don't look back, boy!


No. 411111

Does he usually like or comment on the stuff she posts? Trouble in paradise.. maybe she's coming to her senses and doesn't fancy living on the couch with him and his mom lol. Does anyone know if Logan has already moved out? I hope so!

No. 411192

You got my hope and up, but she posted a pic of Josh on Thursday which he liked.

His mum probably just turned off the internet for the weekend or something

No. 411273


yeah, he usually reacts / comments on everything. I'd love a Logan update.


sorry anon :( missed that somehow.

or she changed the wifi password lmao.

No. 411322

Kek at "Starblood" as being his nickname. I'm sure his friends call him that aaaaaall the time.

Sage for being alone in my amusement.

No. 411361

That's Raven's nickname, not his lol. Still dumb either way

No. 411380


Are you referring to her public "official" page or her private page?

No. 411580


Do you think she didn't expect lolcow to find those videos?

No. 411599

Oh for sure, she thought they were private. Lord knows why she recorded this shite but she definitely didn't mean to leak her IP and physical address, proof of her posing as Logan, her web browser favourites, her private Facebook messaging, and her talking about having dozens of catfish profiles on instagram, not to mention illegally recording a conversation and tag team harassment of Claudia.

No. 411605

Samefag to add, the reason she's quiet and not calling as much attention to her "haters" as usual is that she doesn't want others, like Logan's family or Claudia, finding all this out.

Going to have to deliver us some pretty delicious milk to bury all this, Raven Diana Dawn Craddok Marshall Sparks Starblood.

No. 411630


tomorrow is moving day. looks like she sold some of her shit. she'll be able to contribute 5 bucks to her plane ticket, good on her.

No. 411641

Moving day? You mean to her ex whilst Logan goes to live with his mum?

No. 411747

Guys, we can send greeting cards with pics of Raven's naked ass.


No. 411755

File: 1500323786435.jpg (707.16 KB, 1024x720, 5055488801_dfb0b224d0_b.jpg)

Oh I love this! It's exactly like those gag cards with the photos of obese old women in bikinis!

No. 411762

It really is!! Oh ray ray you do know how u make us laugh

No. 411773

File: 1500326258968.jpg (741.79 KB, 1000x716, women-as-place-body-image-1454…)


because fuck NZ and all its fresh, wholesome food.

No. 411778

File: 1500326916647.png (914.5 KB, 599x792, nope.png)

Those sausage fingers, that ogre face, and that lack of ass even when wearing a thong. Wow.

No. 411804

'just a misunderstood weirdo uwu'

raven's got a twitter now but it's on private.


No. 411849

I thought Orcas were beautiful, but this beached whale seemed to have been born horribly deformed. Please try to be environmentally conscious anons.

No. 411861

It's so weird when people are fat, but manage to lack an ass. Like how does that even happen?

No. 411879

She's built like a dwarf

No. 411971

Forget her unfortunate face for a second, the picture isn't even sexy in the slightest. It looks more like she just fell over and is trying to get up and looking at the cameraman for help lol.

Looking through that site though, it's amazing that she thinks so highly of herself that she's worthy of being on greeting cards/stickers/iPhone cases/etc - what is it with fat, ugly folk and vanity? The only picture that could pass as "ok" is the one with the handcuffs in her mouth, but amusingly enough that's because it doesn't show her face or how fat she is lmao. Her badly done, wonky ass piercings are in it though.

Sitting on her ass all day flirting with other men whilst married and scouring LC and KF, whilst stuffing your face with junk food, will cause you to gain weight and have a flat ass at the same time. Essentially it's caused by a sedentary lifestyle

No. 412328

Nudity is wrong guys. I hate porn. I put two knifes around my neck because I found out that my soon-to-be-ex-childbride cheated on me watching porn.
Also, all models who post nudity online are whores.
Im such a prude guys, I swear.

No. 412345


"I am not like any of the other "models" or "ex models" or "sexy girls" you might follow." - from her 'official' page bio.

No. 412502

Raven, get real. You fancy yourself such a speshul goffic snowflake, but in reality you are a basic, predictable slag. I have met dozens of try hards EXACTLY like your tired, flabby ass. Get over yourself.

No. 412551

Meh, flat ass and heavy can just be genetic. I have been overweight and active, but had a flat ass. Now in shape and run on the regular and still, flat ass. The ass fairy never graced me with a luscious bum.

Sage for no1curr

No. 412609

>Says she will be moving to the USA in mid-September at the latest.
>Whines about long distance, despite spending all day, everyday talking to Josh (even though Josh apparently has a job).
>Says she is getting a finger tattoo for Josh's birthday, despite complaining that she has no money and is trying to save for the move to the US.
>She has "given up half her stuff" and slips up and says she gave up her marriage, before correcting herself and saying it was mutual.
>Calls Logan a dick for saying he is happy he's no longer married because the drama is over.
>Spends 10 minutes justifying her tattoo that she totally deserves to get bc she is struggling wahh
>For some reason this turns into her talking about how she had the videos only for her to look at Josh and how "beautiful" he is and how she totes doesn't care that he's not goffik.
>Says she was embarrassed bc they were "all over each other" and "lovey dovey".
>Whines about Josh's ex, says she tried to split them up and was vengeful, petty, and stupid, but that Raven reeeeeally trusts Josh.
>Says Logan told her he "couldn't be bothered" replying to his friends and family and told Raven to reply.
>Claims she wrote to Josh's ex using things Logan already told her. She "didn't make up shit". K then.
>Says "sometimes people do that" about logging into her husband's account to talk to people.
>She has people who "abused her" on her favorites so she can "check that they're not talking shit".
>More Logan-bashing in the form of saying Josh isn't weak and is a man.
>Says when she gets to the US she will have a REAL LIFE and we will all be SUPER SORRY.
>"It's already been a month since he and I have been together, and we grow exponentially every day". Jesus.
>She's "not gonna be online much". Lol.
>Promised Josh she would post on his wall every day and never miss a day. Hoo boy.
>Says this is her first willing move that hasn't been forced on her.

Amazing how she tries to twist her being an awful person onto other people. Hope that couch in his mom's house treats you well, Raven!

No. 412611

File: 1500459451328.png (284.5 KB, 569x320, IMG_3853.PNG)

Did she learn NOTHING from CJ? Why is she so desperate to prove her 'love' for some one she hasn't met? She's still married to her husband, still has his name, anniversary and PORTRAIT tattooed on her and now she has her boyfriends name too? She is so delusional it's almost sad

No. 412612

She gets boyfriends and tattooed on her more often than I change my underwear

No. 412615

Yep, nothing from Logan either.
Now she has permanent reminders of both. She said she's get the Logan ones covered up, but if the CJ ones are anything to go by, that'll never happen.

No. 412624

File: 1500461838706.gif (390.9 KB, 123x134, 1491943972125.gif)

Of course she got it on her ring finger.

Raven never fails to disappoint.

>Says "sometimes people do that" about logging into her husband's account to talk to people.
>Calls Logan a dick for saying he is happy he's no longer married because the drama is over.
>More Logan-bashing in the form of saying Josh isn't weak and is a man.

It's going to take Logan years to learn how to have a healthy relationship, assuming Raven hasn't managed to mentally fuck him up to the point that he'll never manage it. She'd love that, wouldn't she? Seeing him go from one failed relationship to the next, never trusting his SO to be faithful, hiding unimportant things out of fear his SO will freak out, not having any idea how to approach disagreements in a constructive manner, expecting to be used and abused. Plus Raven has tried her hardest to brainwash him into hating all women, while simultaneously insisting she's better than all other women. If Raven's the best of the best, the average women must be a demon in human skin, right?

No. 412625

Didn't mention it in the recap, but she also said that just because they are broken up now doesn't mean the drama is over for either of them.

The funny thing is, the drama really is over for Logan as long as he stays quiet publicly.
It will continue forever for dear Raven just because of who she is as an awful, awful person. But for Logan it pretty much ended as soon as he moved out. She wants it to follow him, but it really won't.

And yeah, Logan is gonna take a long time to heal. He has so many of Raven's ideals, especially about other "slutty" women.
Hopefully he can move on from it ASAP and find a nice young woman who will treat him well. You know the milk from Raven when that happens will be insane.

No. 412630

Her eyes are darting all over the place in this backpedalling video.

>My haters hate Logan, but they make him out to be a victim just so they can hate on me more (paraphrasing)

Nobody hates Logan?? He was just a kid when you married him, he's obviously fucked up from years of being in a toxic relationship, so his views are shit but didn't we encourage him to leave and are generally happy he's out from under her?

>Josh and I are built to last, we are SO happy, you guys can't stand it!

I give it 6 months, and I love the fact she went all-in on this, because it's gonna make the breakup updates and drama that much milkier.
Bitch, learn to tone it down, why does everything have to be life-and-death? Oh, yeah, you're BPD as fuck.

>I don't ever wanna hear Emily Boo's name again

>flimsy explanation as to why she has her favorited
>"it's okay cause 'we stalk each other!'"

Shut the fuck up about Emily if you don't wanna talk about Emily. Simple.

No. 412631

Raven's version of what was on the Ugh video is an interesting insight into her whacky world or what she wants others to believe. It's such horseshit, unsurprisingly.

For one thing, no one "got into" your videos, Ravin'. You posted them accidentally yourself, sweetheart.

> Logan said "my mum found out that sometimes she was talking to you"

I hope this is why Logan's pissed off at her. She keeps insisting that Logan told her to answer his private messages but at the very least she took it way too far and if he didn't get that before then I hope his mother set him straight on how fucked up it got.

She also said she was being "nice" to Claudia as Logan. Jfc

> turns out a lot of them [lolcow/KF] hate Logan

Wut? Most people feel sorry for him. That must bother her heaps. Bet the harem talk killed her too.

She'll keep updating and keep pretending she doesn't like the attention. Josh has ample information about what he is walking into and seems to deserve it, everyone else is being mercifully set free.

No. 412632

Logan's mom contacted Joshe's ex and told her that Raven pretended to be Logan in their text conversation! OMG I wish I could have been there. I'm liking Logan's mom more already.

No. 412633

She's so crazy and has such a warped view of reality.
She has convinced herself that everything she showed in the Ugh video was normal things that people do in private when they are't filming themselves.
Raven, I know you read this thread: It's not normal. Most people do not pose as other people, let alone their ex-husband, and talk to other people. Most people don't secretly listen in on their new Couchboy talking to his ex to confirm/deny cheating allegations. Most people don't get a rush out of other people believing that they're the person they're pretending to be online. This is all abnormal and fucked up.

She frames it as "it was personal, therefore embarrassing", as though the embarrassing part was her and Josh baby-talking with each other. No honey. It's embarrassing because she outed herself for being absolutely insane, just as everyone here always assumed.