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File: 1602231393536.jpg (265.09 KB, 1153x1164, dreamprincesskt.jpg)

No. 1054903

KT is a fascinating insane person who is obsessed with Arin Hanson and believes that his wife Suzy is somehow skinwalking her. More recently, she has also become convinced that the fictional character Ruin (from the Sandman comics) is actually based on her. She rarely posts pictures of any kind, making it impossible for anyone to actually copy her appearance. That doesn't stop KT from aggressively harassing the people she believes are "stalking her" and insta-blocking anyone who points out that her claims are ridiculous.

She emerged onto the internet's radar several years ago, claiming to be a long lost friend of Arin's from his Newgrounds days. According to KT, Arin had a massive crush on her before he started dating Suzy. Supposedly, KT strung him along for some time before ultimately rejecting him and giving her "blessing" for him to date Suzy. It's unclear how much of KT's story is true, but she did provide some partial proof of their history: >>794241, >>794138, >>794449

SEVENTEEN YEARS LATER, KT returned with a vengeance to demand attention for being Arin's (alleged) first love. She has gone as far as to claim that Game Grumps only exists because she rejected Arin once upon a time. She has spent the last several years tweeting aggressively at Arin and Suzy while claiming they are somehow abusing her, despite the fact that they never respond or acknowledge her existence.

- Recently attracted Neil Gaiman's attention with her obsessive claims that the character Ruin infringes on her identity >>1053594
- Constantly harasses artist Nick Robles over Ruin's design >>1053769
- Originally, she believed that Nick Robles used her as a muse because he is in love with her. She talked at length about how incredibly flattering this "grand gesture" was >>1053779 only to become angry and call it infringement once she didn't get attention for being "the real Ruin".
- Came to the conclusion that Suzy convinced Nick Robles to base his character on her for some nefarious purpose >>1053772

- Constantly drawing attention to herself using Arin and Suzy's romance >>794145, >>794147
- Tries to start "Girl Grumps" with Suzy despite bringing nothing to the table and actively antagonizing Suzy for years >>794162, >>794148, >>794180, >>794337, >>794396
- Claims that Suzy is skinwalking her, despite barely ever posting personal photos that could be copied. Calls Suzy her "mini me" >>794434, >>794440, >>794486, >>794560, >>794924,
- Posted an extremely ridiculous "proof" collage suggesting that Suzy is copying her by liking Halloween candy, sparkly notebooks, and goth fashion >>794465
- insists that Arin and Suzy are lying about the timeline of their relationship, and that Arin owes it to her to tell the "truth" >>794463, >>794827, >>794933,
- Tried to proposition Arin for sex via Twitter, in between regularly calling him an abusive asshole. >>869975
- Regularly implies that she's waiting for him to leave Suzy for her >>876670
- Harassed Ross and other GG-adjacent figures to try to get attention through them. >>909708, >>915110, >>805159
- Papa Raptor liked an anti-KT tweet at one point, suggesting that they're all aware of her craziness >>939723
- Harassed Creepshow Art for making 2 videos about her >>939728
- Supposedly, Security for Game Grumps Live events were made aware of KT with instructions to bar her from the premises (source: Creepshow Art's second KT video)
- Begs for fame and support from "celebrities and millionaires" >>947395
- Considers herself a teacher of magic and spirituality, is accepting students >>794160

Previously, there was no way to catch up on KT milk without skimming through 20 GG/ProJared threads, so please let us keep this one based farmhands.
KT has recently become more active online through streaming on her "morality channel" and posting long-winded audio clips of herself rambling on different topics. She has also hinted at starting an Only Fans, because if all else fails, it's time to get naked.

www.twitter.com/dreamprincesskt - personal
www.twitter.com/magickandruin - magick journal
www.twitter.com/dropsofviolet - inactive
www.twitter.com/sunblowbubblgum - inactive
>arinsnotaman_kt - previous username

@dropsofviolet (inactive)


No. 1054907

File: 1602231668205.jpg (286.06 KB, 2048x872, 1554348918009.jpg)

This was KT's "proof" that Suzy is skinwalking her. Sorry for the potato quality, it's her fault.

No. 1054908

Creepshow Art did two very comprehensive videos on KT and her insanity. These are a pretty good summary of milk, including tons of screen shots of old tweets that have now been deleted.

Video one - https://youtu.be/RKffZI7I1CU
Video two - https://youtu.be/Ku2YZYAFQOA

No. 1054909

File: 1602232155336.jpg (119.98 KB, 675x1200, 1554484113242.jpg)

A rare selfie of Katie. This was one of the only clear photos that existed before she started claiming that Suzy was copying her.

A deadringer for Suzy Berhow and Ruin, no?

No. 1054913

In August, she posted this 6 minute audio clip explaining the "narcissistic abuse" she's received since coming forward about her history with Arin. It sounds like she thinks everyone who doesn't take her seriously is Arin or Suzy's minion, and that it's all a massive conspiracy to abuse her.


No. 1054921

This sounds like a case of paranoid delusion. Was she ever diagnosed with something?
How old is she? Onset of such illness is late 20s early 30s for women.

I hate armchairing, but I can't imagine having those delusions is her choice.

No. 1054927

Yeah holy shit I have no context for anything GG but being this obsessed with an e-friend from 15 years ago is absolute break from reality psychosis shit. God damn. Just killed an hour on my commute reading the old thread.

No. 1054933

File: 1602239035702.jpeg (787.27 KB, 2577x1717, BF5CB2CF-9D93-4654-BD45-70C607…)

saw this pic on her twitter and realized KT most definitely purchased one of Suzy’s butterfly pieces from 2016 lmao

No. 1054964

quality post, op. i'm very happy to have this cow introduced to my life, her self-important monologuing about the importance of her suffering is good stuff

No. 1055014

File: 1602253480771.jpg (273.07 KB, 2000x1000, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

WOW. thank you OP for delivering this milk. cows with obvious psychological problems are my fave. i think we all knew girls in middle school who would fight other girls for "copying" them, guess this is the progressed version of that. so insecure that she feels the need to attach herself to other (more successful/famous) people, but narcissistic enough to push the idea that THEY'RE jealous of HER.

No. 1055032


Her exact age is unconfirmed, but she's in her early 30s according to past threads. She's close to Arin's age and definitely older than Suzy.

It seems more likely that she copied Suzy's work and called it her own, lol. KT loves using the butterfly emoji and thinks everything Suzy does is a rip off of her, even if Suzy did it first.

There's tons more current milk on her Twitter. Warning- she blocks people for following her. Please keep your distance from this cow and enjoy the milk from afar.

that said she is already aware of lolcow and seems to thrive off negative attention. She thinks she's been "forced" to keep spouting nonsense because she didn't get asspats and attention for her history with Arin. Hence the "if you'd left me alone, I'd just be a woman with a journal" tweet in OP. She tends to ramp up the crazy tweets whenever she sees criticism or nonbelievers.

No. 1055112

She came back and realized people she knew were famous. That pretty explains what happened. She was super jealous that a guy she rejected is now famous and she desperately tries to attach herself to that.

No. 1055123

This, she’s complained about how she got married once and was content to say out of the spotlight but since evil suzy told arin to stop talking to kt and being friends with him she has to tell all and be suddenly involved again.
>it wasn’t me that put myself out there, they dragged me into this!!!

No. 1055125

File: 1602266608563.png (60.75 KB, 1190x258, 0B6E5F67-398C-4C1E-A567-465219…)

Reposting because I find it hilarious

No. 1055148

File: 1602268571392.jpg (458.01 KB, 1080x3188, neilgaiman.jpg)

Here is KT baiting Neil Gaiman for a response by calling his status as an SJW into question, lmao

The deleted tweet was from "neverwear", apparently Neil's assistant. I guess they showed a polite amount of interest and quickly realized that KT is insane. So now they are aware of KT's antics and deleted whatever the original response was (probably assuring her they'd look into it)

No. 1055157

File: 1602269910038.jpg (368.1 KB, 1080x2305, psychic kt.jpg)

Don't forget, she's psychic!

No. 1055239

The world she thinks she lives in sounds fun, where she somehow has anything to do with various indie bands, artists, and cultural icons of note. All while contributing nothing to the world but accusatory Twitter posts.

No. 1055255

THANK you, katie is my favorite little cow because she's consistently absolutely batshit insane

No. 1055302

Holy shit I never heard her speak before.

She is Kaka levels of crazy.

It is wild she is in her 30s and talks like a rambling teen who has no real sense of the world. Wow.

No. 1055329

File: 1602283011724.jpg (146.69 KB, 1080x865, Screenshot_20201009-151738_Twi…)

KT gave a Lolcow Address!

On July 22, she released this audio clip discussing lolcow. She talks about how she enjoyed visiting the farm before she ever saw herself posted here. She chides us for "projecting" the idea that she regrets rejecting Arin, and that if we think she loves him then we don't know what love is! Poor farmers.

Not sure what prompted this, because the most attention she had on this site before now was early 2019. She also seems to think lolcow is "prepubescent incels".


No. 1055371

I don’t have the screenshots but I remember a while ago, Dan from Bastille actually replied to her and said she was insane. It’s why she abandoned the drops of violet Twitter because all the replies were attacking her more than the game grumps fans ever did

No. 1055439


Do you remember what it was about?

No. 1055506

File: 1602300275284.jpg (433.2 KB, 1143x1811, bastillelol.jpg)


Found it. KT misinterpreted the purpose of this hashtag and thought Bastille was calling for concerts to reopen. In typical KT fashion, she made an extremely shitty tweet and then acted innocent about it. There were quite a few deleted tweets from KT fighting with random Bastille fans afterwards.

After getting corrected and called out, KT started promoting herself to the people criticizing her (apparently including her PayPal link according to some scathing replies, but the tweet is gone) which made more people angry. The next day, she tweeted that Dan from Bastille is an entitled industry tool because he didn't retweet her e-begging immediately after she was shitty to him.

It seems like she uses the same account but changed its name, and created inactive accounts to hold onto the old screennames. I just searched for "dropsofviolet" and "bastilledan" together to find these.

No. 1055512

i have been waiting for this moment… this bitch deserves her own thread, she is so persistently insane

No. 1055519

I just thought about her the other day and if she was still being batshit insane, I come on here and she finally has her own thread kek. I find her absolutely fascinating thank you anon.

No. 1055536

Are this person's videos always her drawing a shitty picture and rambling about how TOTALLY BONKERS someone else is? Smells like a selfpost because I refuse to believe a farmer would think this is a good video on KT.

No. 1055540

I don't know about her self-posting, but she has a thread here >>1053928

Thank you for the KT thread, OP!

No. 1055740

would love it if this is the case, but there are similar spooky bug artists on etsy/ebay and none of the one's suzy posted were an exact match so i don't see this as conclusive evidence

> sorry about your divorced energy
isn't she divorced? her levels of delusions are astounding. i'm sure attacking his dad is going to make arin realize what he missed out on and dump suzy for her

never been interested in gg at all but following kt has been a fun ride, thanks for the thread

No. 1055970

This is beautiful. KT often misreads things like most cows. She's especially out of touch. I love how she gets called out and is she lecturing a celebrity about him not retweeting a nobody like her? Was she asking for money or something. She's incredibly materialistic and I can't help but smile every time she mentions Arin and she doesn't give a shit about how rich he is. She also implies in her tweets that she's going to be the one who will be eventually famous and Arin and/or Suzy will be living in her shadow despite them not having anything to do with her.

No. 1055988

File: 1602370260923.jpg (393.5 KB, 1113x1852, Bastille ebegging.jpg)


Yes she was asking for money.

>bastille promotes a hashtag asking for support for people in the music industry behind the scenes

>KT misunderstands and swoops in with a shitty take
>Dan and his fans correct her
>she doubles down, then says they should give her money instead because she's poor too
>everyone laughs
>"Dan is an entitled industry tool because he doesn't care about ME, the person acting like the biggest asshole"

It's rare for her to actually realize she's said something dumb, but all the deleted tweets are KT lol

She has a habit of turning on people who don't support her inappropriate begging.

Not a self post and it doesn't matter if you dislike the videos, they are worth archiving because they contain summaries and screenshots that aren't posted elsewhere. Entertainment value wasn't the point.

No. 1055997

File: 1602370855324.jpg (265.94 KB, 1080x1617, 20201010_152641.jpg)

Bonus image that didn't fit in the previous collage: this person was talking to Dan and mentioned something about it being the last few days of him being 33. KT saw the phrase "teach common sense" and "33" and thought that they were obviously talking about her, and must have stalked her to find out her age and interests. But I guess we know her age now.

Her insistence that she "preaches" common sense when she actually has none is incredible.

No. 1056059

Can't believe I'm saying this but Suzy is an improvement compared to this horse face.

Also, shocked KT isn't itt shitting it up already. I bet she googles herself daily.

No. 1056070

Wait a fucking minute.

I just skimmed through her twitter and found some recent rants uploaded, so I gave one a go.


Starting around 4:10 mins in, she says she is HAPPY she 'is a sandman character'?? As in, she is excited about it and how cool it is to be 'tied to the sandman universe' and she she speculates why it happened in a happy way? And that she loves the character that copied her despite not reading it yet and it is super cool and awesome??

And yet… she has been bitching for months about how upset she is about it instead?

Which fucking is it? I feel like I just got mental whiplash holy shit.

No. 1056161

Constantly changing her opinions relating to her grandiose delusions is her modus operandi. One minute she'll be grateful for the (imagined) recognition, and the next she'll be ranting and raving about how much of a victim she is.

No. 1056170

File: 1602388584795.jpg (414.88 KB, 1080x1789, fuckingsploosh.jpg)


Yes, that was linked in OP. She originally assumed Nick Robles was making a grand gesture of love by "turning her into a Sandman character". Six days later, she was calling him a predator and a coward.

I assume the switch happened after she realized she had absolutely no influence on the Sandman universe, this character, or artist. It's just a coincidence but it made her feel powerful, and then helpless, to think Ruin is "her"

No. 1056192

Shoot, sorry, I either overlooked that or I forgot because she is so dense with bullshit that it slipped my mind. But hearing her ramble on and on about how it is super unnerving. How strange that she did a complete 180 a few days later about the entire thing.

No. 1056293

Creepshow is a fairly prominent drama channel that has her own thread here. Just because you haven't heard of them doesn't make it self post

No. 1056354

nta but she's also a known lolcow user, lurker, and selfposter in the art threads.

No. 1056358

Wait did she read this random Tweet as a personal threat?

Schitzophrenia? (sp)

No. 1056411

She's definitely got some sort of psychotic/delusional disorder going on; her behavior is too long-term to be something as (comparatively) minor as psychological distress.

No. 1056441

File: 1602436326559.jpg (235 KB, 1080x1465, erotomania.jpg)


Okay, I'm NOT trying to armchair diagnose KT, just providing some background info for curious anons.

Erotomania is a thing that exists, although it could be a symptom of a number of other disorders, so it's impossible to say what's going on with KT exactly.

KT shows a lot of obsession, but always believes that it's her subjects that are obsessed with her and not the other way around. Arin and Suzy she has history with, but Nick Robles is a totally random person unrelated to KT in any way. Interestingly, she still believes (or did?) that Nick is in love with her and trying to communicate some grand gesture to her, despite all evidence to the contrary. That is a pattern, even if we don't know what's going on with her in the bigger picture.

She also flip flops A LOT between "you love me" and "you're an asshole" with both men. Probably an attention seeking tactic when she's not getting the response she wants (aka any response at all)

No. 1056736

it's hilarious she's so enamored with the fact she's a sandman character when it's been mentioned in many articles (and by the creator himself) that the character is a dude.

No. 1056771

File: 1602471996596.jpeg (504.61 KB, 562x1100, 2427A630-0830-4ED2-B863-DC8F34…)

The character is male and also appears to be Asian? There are no similarities to her at all other than the hair color, and she’s far from the only person in the world to dye her hair this way

No. 1056831

File: 1602483543415.jpg (120.06 KB, 1216x688, literallyme.jpg)


Reasons KT thinks Ruin is "literally her":
>fashion style
>his dialogue is in purple, she loves to write in purple ink "all the time"

Obvious differences between KT and this character:
>hair style, roots
>mole placement

It's crazy that she can overlook so much while clinging to tenuous similarities and calling it "infringement". She's the psychotically advanced form of, "I like this thing, therefore it's mine"

No. 1059448

I am so thankful for this thread. She is my personal cow and SUCH a good one!!

No. 1060999

File: 1603018610117.jpeg (113.06 KB, 750x292, 8E05F098-9339-4A79-A769-A6A998…)

She updated her twitter bio. I half expect this guy to become her next stalking target.

No. 1066105

This just came up on my timeline, it's from a week ago so I'm guessing someone's been lurking here haha. It's got a ton of views, it's weird to think about so many people knowing about KT now when she's been at this for so long with almost no attention.

No. 1066106

bothered watching this now and I guess this girl has made more than one video on her. youtuber is kind of annoying but

No. 1066295

100% this thread. This bitch is useless.

No. 1067471

meh let her continue stealing content. she’s got her own thread now and if she keeps doing dumb shit like using lolcow for drama sources it’s gonna show up on her thread and eventually on google tanking her legitimacy since she’s already on thin ice within her community.

No. 1069598

KT deleted this tweet! It had a handful of quote tweet comments after the last Creepshow vid, so she is probably aware that she got more attention for her bogus claims.

This is the first sign of life that we've seen from her since the thread was made. I'm surprised she's not acknowledged it, or the video.

No. 1069652

sorry if this has already been discussed but isn't Nick Robles gay? I was following him on twitter before I deleted it and I thought he was always thirsting after Nightcrawler/Kurt lol. it just struck me as odd that KT would assume he's in love with her, but then again, I guess nothing else that she says or does makes any sense anyway.

No. 1069763


No idea about Nick, but that would be an extra layer of delicious irony

No. 1083390

File: 1605490143107.jpg (100.59 KB, 1080x388, Screenshot_20201115-190736_Chr…)

shes apparently gone back to her dropsofviolet account. also jesus christ just fucking do it already you've been threatening this for months at this point

No. 1083401

File: 1605490562614.jpg (1.29 MB, 807x4534, Screenshot_20201115-193111_Chr…)

same anon as above. she also went on a huge delusional rant on her dreamprincesskt account about how creepshow is lying about her, even though afaik none of the videos creepshow has made about her have lied about her at all lol

No. 1083516

She has a point about how creepy and weird it is of Creepshow to send her money though. >>>/snow/1061243

No. 1083549


i kinda found that more funny than anything tbh lol opinion on creepshow aside, trolling a crazy by sending them money and having them freak out about it on twitter is honestly hilarious
sage for no contribution

No. 1083638

the nick robles thing is especially weird considering he is a gay 2man and is very clear about that

No. 1084022

If it was a troll move it'd have been pretty funny, but CSA clearly intended for it to be charity and she also asked her followers to help KT out because Shannon is just that kindhearted and pure and needs to be adored by everyone, so it's just weird and bizarre to make a video mocking a person but then sending them money so they'll like you.

No. 1084148

Holy projection, Batman! I can't with her accusing people of mental illness, skinwalking, and being off their meds, holy shit. What a loony.

No. 1096375

File: 1606851505992.jpeg (164.29 KB, 750x557, 0BB0030D-C1D9-4254-A065-0E5498…)

did this ever end up happening?

No. 1100000

File: 1607168582761.jpg (296.28 KB, 1080x1704, 20201205_114315.jpg)

No. 1100001

File: 1607168714030.jpg (187.12 KB, 1080x1416, 20201205_114533.jpg)

No. 1100003

File: 1607169238408.jpg (89.85 KB, 750x934, 20201205_114522.jpg)

No. 1101094

File: 1607270333649.jpg (412.23 KB, 1080x1062, 20201206_095852.jpg)

Look what she changed he Twitter banner to. Vindictive much?

No. 1101143

File: 1607273975860.jpg (146.32 KB, 1080x1147, 20201206_085912.jpg)

She also updated the link in her bio to a lolcow thread. Not sure which one since lolcow links don't work on Twitter, KT!

No. 1101273

If Arin has done anything to her that makes her feel like she need to be like this… where is her testimony? She is not helping herself by making aggressive tweets without giving any of us a full story.

No. 1101434

File: 1607286509627.jpg (176.24 KB, 715x832, 202012061748233271439635799.jp…)

"Indisputable evidence"

No. 1101443

It's creepshow's thread.

No. 1101453

Lol, that's honestly delicious.
Cow fight
Cow fight
Cow fight

No. 1101475


lmfao god I love this crazy bitch so much. never change, KT.

No. 1101480

Clearly KT is keeping up the act to try get her 2 minutes of fame. Sad, never shows any real evidence. Kt I know you're stalking this thread probably, never change you peach

No. 1101489

She was desperate to be an actress and would brag to Arin that she was going out to Hollywood.

So Susie convinced a gay man, or a friend of a gay man, to design a character modeled after the girl her husband was "obsessed" with?

She's incredibly jealous of Susie being on panels because of Arin and having an entire brand. I honestly think KT has serious regret that she couldn't keep Arin's attention and probably thinks a simple long distance crush was an infatuation.

No. 1101512

How salty does she have to be to dig through journals to find an old entry from Arin from 2004. HECKING 2004 GUYS.

No. 1101646

I love how her evidence is kt giving out her own doxx. Also crazy how she says to wait a few months/years to 'apologize'. Bitch were not waiting that long for you to craft some bs story to feed people.
Clearly has nothing with her empty threats, and not even worth a second of Arin's time as he still hasn't acknowledged her. But hey, let her cling onto the idea of being an inspiration of one of Arins OC in hope for some fame/egostroke. If it really is true it's even more sad that she clings onto that character. Just looking and acting like a clown, pathetic honestly.(namefag)

No. 1101712

Wait so does this mean I can give out my own doxx and get mad at everyone who doxxed me because I was a fucking idiot? Fuck ya!

No. 1101778

I looked into this and the “dox” Katie is talking about is the one for the guy Creepshow stated she new in middle school. It’s just her talking about some guy, it’s not a dox, and in her og tweets about Shannon’s video she says the same thing.

No. 1101794

So this 'doxx' is just fake or recycled material? Yikes..(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1101835

No. 1101921

For context Shannon/Creepshow Art has been sperging out hardcore over one of her haters sharing a link to her lolcow thread that has her middle name in it. She referred to it as doxxing and even temporarily disabled her twitter because she was so upset. So it's hypocritical of her to share this info about other people who don't even partake in drama and just happened to go to school with KT. Here's her thread, she's a whole fucking cow too >>>/snow/1053928

No. 1117466

File: 1609269478458.jpg (204.41 KB, 709x1042, 202012297082046835877780045.jp…)

No. 1117538

Well on that she’s probably not wrong lmao. he seems like a complete twat 10+ years into fame

No. 1117625

Imagine obsessing over a dude that rejected you 10+ years later…

No. 1123845

No. 1123850

File: 1609951344480.png (261.41 KB, 581x406, F76A4AA6-13F3-440D-9A7E-6C91ED…)

Oh fuck it’s a sound file, if someone has the energy to transcribe this you’re a champ

No. 1123868

She's high (says she smoked a couple before recording), saying Arin is delusional, that this will probably end up on lolcow, wishing Arin happy birthday (it's his birthday today), saying she's happy Suzy and Arin are together in a crazy giggly voice then calling her all kinds of names and Ditto (the pokemon)… oh boy.

No. 1133700

File: 1610855294125.png (195.54 KB, 602x699, kt.png)

>I came back to the internet and now I'm a sandman character

forever amazed at kt's stubborn belief in her delusions

No. 1133704

File: 1610855550168.png (72.76 KB, 602x467, hgvhy.png)



No. 1133888

tinfoil but what is the #kindness crew referring to? i dont follow creepshow so idk if that is a reference to her, but i searched her latest thread and it didnt come up so my thought was maybe it was a subtle hint that she lurks hollys thread? she obviously frequents the site and it seems likely shed stalk anyone even slightly related to the grumps

No. 1133923

File: 1610890825160.jpg (24.42 KB, 1080x360, IMG_20210117_154031.jpg)

Her new twitter banner

No. 1134145

how is she allowed to go on being this mentally ill

No. 1134179

Wow, is she going to sue hot topic for using the most basic of mall goth looks?

No. 1134186

I hope she starts poking Suzy and Arin more and they respond, the milk would be delicious

No. 1134198

baseless tinfoil but i kinda suspect that kt harassed arin and suzy before her "return" to the internet in 2017, and probably tipped them off that she really went off the deep end to not engage in any circumstances.

arin and suzy have calmed down a lot but it still is kinda surprising that none of them or their friends have even acknowledged her in the slightest.

No. 1134586


don't give her any ideas anon. she's already maliciously had her likeness stolen for ruin after all because … blue hair.

No. 1134590

File: 1610939269394.png (300.23 KB, 594x721, ghvy.png)

Just begging for anyone to validate her paranoia now, I guess? It's actually pretty sad.

No. 1134628

she definitely lurks in any thread even remotely related to the grumps. it used to be in her twitter bio, and she has referenced it a couple of times outside of that. in one of her latest posts with her shitty drop box audio, she talked about how she has spoken with both holly and heidi, and how she thinks they are both definitely cows. i also remember creepshow posted that she had never talked to any member of the game grumps, except for holly and heidi, and that caused kt to freak out.

No. 1134745

WOW BLACK AND RED WITH PLAID I’ve never seen that combination at Hot Topic for the past 10+ years or anything

No. 1134765

File: 1610962225142.jpg (56.44 KB, 382x560, 1348597930_september-14-2008.j…)


Icb Avril was just another "skinwalker" all along

No. 1134827

Didn't Arin's dad acknowledge her on twitter?

No. 1134944

I loved this whole Katie drama, but this just takes the wind out of it… that's so fucking sad to see. This woman is absolutely insane.

No. 1135062

File: 1610998343929.jpg (298.86 KB, 1080x1793, 20210118_131454.jpg)


Yes, he did.

No. 1135164

File: 1611004529016.jpeg (136.94 KB, 827x1104, 1605985597365.jpeg)

Does KT know that Victoria Bella-Morte is also skinwalking her?

No. 1135320

>i also remember creepshow posted that she had never talked to any member of the game grumps, except for holly and heidi, and that caused kt to freak out.
Where was that?

No. 1135330

this attention-whoring moron reminds me of another generic girl who wrote an entire article about how she was convinced some dude she fucked once who worked at Riot Games based off one of LoL's newest champions of her (https://step-nie.medium.com/the-problem-with-seraphine-58dc16c07e79) - as if she wasn't the most generic, basic, cookie-cutter type of alternative chick there is to find on the internet. basic bitches are so unoriginal they really think someone is "skinwalking" them by dyeing their hair bright colors and having the exact same generic hobbies they do.

No. 1135612

Um.. sorry anon but Vicky started the kilt™️ trend.

No. 1141067

File: 1611515085215.png (33.43 KB, 586x257, dumb.png)

No problem using words like 'abusive' or 'predatory' but never shows anything substantial.

No. 1141312

I just looked up said generic e-girl and she has put her Twitter account on private and marked it inactive, but there are tagged replies from a week ago. She seems to have written something about Trump being kicked off Twitter being an infringement on free speech, and then dramatically quit Twitter when some people politely disagreed.
Also she has a video about her vibrator breaking on TikTok, an app famously populated by children. So still being an eejit (sorry for offtopic but also on topic)

No. 1150784

File: 1612370692992.jpg (273.92 KB, 719x1120, 202102031272814879187599798.jp…)

Katie's reaches are incredible. (This is her tweeting about Arin's KH stream from years ago)

No. 1150786

Jfc. Good to see she’s just as delusional as ever kek.

No. 1151956

File: 1612448836169.jpg (105.24 KB, 704x527, 202102042169245721908920696.jp…)

No. 1151957

File: 1612448869655.jpg (218.5 KB, 716x808, 202102046879434396547075223.jp…)

No. 1151958

File: 1612448922699.jpg (266.09 KB, 715x1042, 202102044324974202806667851.jp…)

I highly doubt Arin's dad cares about social media likes.

No. 1152065


>I don't read my thread, but


lol okay KT

No. 1152068

Hi KT, the confirmation that you lurk wasn't necessary, but:

- this site is almost exclusively women
- we'd never claim to be SJWs

Have a good day!

<redtext>(hi cow)<redtext>

No. 1152072

File: 1612457415076.png (506.6 KB, 477x839, k114725.png)

No. 1152074

File: 1612457525037.png (328.2 KB, 536x827, k114819.png)

No. 1152075

File: 1612457585037.png (22.59 KB, 596x150, k114857.png)


The obsession is so sad.

No. 1152107


>this bitch gets 1 like at most on her sperging

>"I dont stalk Arins dad. I was just obsessively looking at his twitter. Even on fathers day i was still refreshing that poor old mans twitter. anyways, he doesnt even get interaction (ouch!)"

No. 1152112

she's utterly fucking unhinged

arin/suzy/etc should look in to a restraining order, she's one missed dose away from raiding through their trash

No. 1152114

>you're so clearly hung up
Only one person is tweeting and about the other and watching years-old livestream of the other's spouse, KT.

No. 1152155

She’s constantly projecting and it’s painfully hilarious

No. 1152226


Not to mention plainly begging for other people to join/validate her.

No. 1152456


Love the way she's always like "Arin, stop being so mean :(" while she continues her crazed one woman crusade against him and especially Suzy, calling her a bitch and a psycho cunt with every mention lol. Like I'm sure that's the key to being friends again, KT. Just keep insulting his wife while completely missing the irony in telling him not to be a dick lol. She is absolutely unhinged, I love it.

No. 1152921

Eternally batshit insane kek

No. 1153014

File: 1612534102000.jpg (173.47 KB, 1080x873, 20210205_080254.jpg)

She is going to get slapped with legal one day… She just needs to be relevant enough to be noticed. KT locked herself in her own echo chamber of BS. Kt, hunny, you aren't tough by disabling comments/opinions.

No. 1153032

File: 1612535046342.jpeg (136.69 KB, 828x405, A31F6DF7-EC67-405E-92C8-729667…)

I wish they would. Allowing her to go on validates her delusions and she’s going to hurt someone.

Anyway, slightly old milk but passive aggressive cow crossover. Weird as fuck that she doesn’t @ her. Just because you can see her doesn’t mean she can see you. People don’t know you exist just by virtue of you spend every waking moment stalking them.

No. 1153099

File: 1612540762450.jpg (373.65 KB, 1080x1168, Screenshot_20210205-093903_Twi…)


Like KT thinking Contrapoints has seen her on here and would want to meet her.
Also gotta love KT using her alt account to talk to contra to avoid showing how batshit insane she is on her main.

No. 1153114

File: 1612542101282.png (47.05 KB, 741x408, suzydiscussion.png)

No. 1153122

i hope this bitch gets on antipsychotics soon and someone monitors her internet usage. inb4 armchairing but this persecutory delusion reeks of psychosis.

the grumps likely have a legal aide on their team, can't they send her a c&d?

No. 1153126

File: 1612543361760.png (62.49 KB, 744x651, pleasegethelp.png)

She needs serious help

No. 1153132

Samefag, but it is somewhat amusing how the type of girls/women that call people they don't like "psycho" are always the ones who are actually the most psychotic lol

No. 1153136

If I were Suzy I'd get a restraining order and some home defense.

No. 1153251

So she thinks Suzy is involved with the ruin thing??

No. 1153275

File: 1612555018713.jpg (333.41 KB, 972x1952, Screenshot_20210205-134014_Twi…)


Yes. She searched through Suzys social media until she found a "connection" between Nick Robles (Ruin arist) and Suzy. Matt Mercer worked with Nick Robles on something AND he commented on a post Suzy made about the weather. That alone is proof to KT that Suzy commissioned the Ruin character just to fuck with her.

KT is truly unhinged, she will use one Twitter account to repost pictures of Ruin like she loves it, and then she uses another account to harass Nick Robles about Ruin being her and how it's "predatory". Forever the victim

No. 1153285

Thank you for posting this, I couldn't remember what thread it was in. She is so genuinely next level insane, I still can't believe she posted this as infallible proof of Suzy being "crazy" lol

No. 1153295

"-like a tiny rabid animal backed into a corner that continuously lashes out because it's never known real love"

Jesus this cow is not only a schizo but I'm surprised by how MEAN she is. Like this and calling his dad a failure too. I love that she calls Erin "mean" while continuously acting like this. The way she begs for his attention is so pathetic.

Holy shit, just wtf. The vindictiveness of this bitch to throw the word "predator" around. Absolutely tone deaf and setting society backwards, thanks for making people take shit like actual sexual predators less seriously.

No. 1153408

Honestly I hope she gets the help she needs. I’m schizophrenic and had an episode similar to what she’s doing-making connections when there are none, thinking someone’s out to get her, etc. it’s so sad. Also I read on one of these threads that she’s banned from GG events and that they know to look for her trying to get in? So I’m surprised they haven’t issued a c&d because she could really try to harm someone.

No. 1153423

"You seriously can't make this shit up" she says, seriously making this shit up

No. 1154079

File: 1612630915067.png (62.13 KB, 492x651, pollupdate.png)

She's still going, god bless her

No. 1154126

File: 1612635389730.png (64.28 KB, 477x753, platformmanipulation.png)

No. 1154134

breaking news: there's a game grumps watchlist, they're reading all her dms and they're doing spooky algorithm things to nuke her accounts

i wonder how she's managed to compose her crazy for so long that her family hasn't staged an intervention? usually we know that tinfoil hats are just a joke but think they might not be for KT kek

No. 1154919

File: 1612715318522.jpg (316.29 KB, 720x1338, 202102072115004773960338282.jp…)

No. 1154920

File: 1612715343263.jpg (201.29 KB, 719x968, 202102075292464599126195961.jp…)

These she has managed to already delete

No. 1154970


>(we're both on /snow/)

LMAO this dumb hag. any influencer with half a brain cell would never acknowledge this place to their following. cause, obviously, if they do they can find all the shitty things theyve done. i know some cows have done this but theyre never the ones that are actually popular. i dont like contrapoints but they have more than a million subscribers. they are not going to be stupid enough to ever talk about the threads even if they know about it. its just fucking logic. people get cancelled for completely petty shit, why would you direct your followers to a place where theres evidence of you being an asshole. its just so stupid to call us by name.

i mean KT, lets say contrapoint googles what /snow/ is. SHES GOING TO SEE YOURE INSANE AND EVERYONE KNOWS IT. god KT is such a fucking idiot. "YES, i know about my /snow/ thread im so smart!" if you were you wouldnt point your followers to it you dumb hag.

No. 1154980

File: 1612720335144.jpg (205 KB, 1080x1760, 20210207_093423.jpg)

This is the tweet she's quoting @ Holly. She thinks that lolcow anons are "victim blaming" her because she doesn't act like a weak victim. Which is ironic because she's obsessed with her own "victimhood" and tweets about it constantly, whether she's claiming to be targeted by Suzy, Nick Robles, or Bastille Dan.

KT, people don't believe you because you obviously have no grip on reality. You tweet about Suzy, Arin, or Nick almost daily while they all consistently ignore you. This harassment only goes one way: you are harassing them. None of them have done anything to you, no matter how badly you want to believe it.

This whole thing was pretty funny at first, but the longer she continues, the more it's just sad and scary. The more recent tweets about Suzy especially are so fucking hateful and venomous, my mouth was hanging open while reading some of them. The most infuriating part of this cow is how she talks like all her insane vitriol is just matter-of-fact and she's not being mean, just seeking growth and clarity FOR THEM, the person she obsessively despises. Her delusion that she's "above it all" and just trying to help is very Holly-Conrad-esque but actually worse. She's a "morality/ common sense teacher" without a shred of common sense or morality.

No. 1154993

She really still thinks we're incels and not women huh

No. 1155026

File: 1612722380956.jpg (197.73 KB, 1080x969, Screenshot_20210207-100915_Twi…)

Here's a summary of one of the most recent audio files:

>I understand lolcow is an audience of women

>yes I did ask Contrapoints out, I don't understand how that's milk
>I understand that you guys aren't super experienced when it comes to dating or relationships
>relationships are consensual, both people have to be interested
>in order for that to happen, someone has to extend interest
>I know it seems very strange and a lot of you have never experienced that before
>once the pandemic is over, go hang out with people and get some life experience so you'll understand this
>[ends by preaching to anons how beautiful intimacy is, that we're all missing out on it by being pathetic incels, and how her wisdom will help us]

Holy shit, this is ridiculous. She doesn't understand why she's being made fun of, so she turns it around to explain the concept of relationships to us, as though that is the issue. Yes KT, we get it. Many anons on this site have been in healthy, long term relationships. No one is making fun of the concept of asking someone out.

We're making fun of the fact that you think being on /snow/ is a badge of honor or something that Contra would find relatable. We're making fun of you for thinking that an extremely famous YouTuber would be interested in you, personally. We're making fun of the fact that you're directing Contra to come read a thread about how crazy and hateful you are. It's also pretty revealing that another famous YouTuber is your ideal romantic partner, because you're obviously obsessed with the idea that you missed your chance at fame and need to hitch your wagon to a larger content creator who will give you the spotlight you've always "deserved".

There's a lot to unpack about KT hitting on Contra, and none of it has anything to do with not understanding the concept of asking someone out. She is always incredibly condescending while she explains basic concepts and pretends to be friendly about it. No one here needs your "teachings" about life, we are all making fun of how much you obviously don't understand.

No. 1155028

>This whole thing was pretty funny at first, but the longer she continues, the more it's just sad and scary.
This. I also don't get that Krystal person who keeps enabling her. Krystal was excites about KT starting an onlyfans just recently

No. 1155079

File: 1612725134125.png (333.63 KB, 729x840, bigoof.png)

No. 1155109


an appropiate hashtag, KT, you're a psycho yourself, get help

No. 1155110

when she was first hyperfixating on arin and suzy she kept going on and on about how she "came from monsters". i'm not gonna actively doubt she suffered abuse at the hands of her family/parents, but it wouldn't surprise me if she's managed to successfully alienate any sane relative she has by now.

No. 1155139

File: 1612728980150.jpg (337.75 KB, 1011x1483, Screenshot_20210207-141137_Twi…)


I was curious and wanted to see the whole tweet of Ben's- and apparently this is what she considers "defending", lol.

Literally KT, how is she a predator? Did she sexually or physically assault you, or take advantage of you? Like wtf are you talking about

No. 1155157

File: 1612729919500.jpeg (88.08 KB, 720x880, EE08AC18-B2A9-49D7-BB6A-519068…)


she responds to everything we post itt like clockwork so hopefully she can elaborate on this shit. it's going to be nonsense, but still. like you cant throw those words around about people without any context. everyone will think you're insane. you're not helping your cause by using those hashtags without any evidence. you're not going to "cancel" her just by making a hashtag only you've used in the entire history of the internet. so sperg us your nonsense story now so we can laugh.

No. 1155172

File: 1612731086132.jpeg (178.28 KB, 423x580, 4503A4BE-BED1-4C1A-8F6A-35AB5B…)

I expect her to go full Lisa Nowak crazy at this point.

No. 1155957

Just give it a week of Contra not responding, and KT will spin it around to say that Contra is abusing her by ignoring her, and that everyone who makes fun of her delusion is either a Contrapoints fan or Contra in disguise

No. 1156113

File: 1612812159130.png (26.01 KB, 735x288, idkm4a.png)

I went ahead and transcribed her most recent audio file because uh… wow. (Sorry for incoming wall of text.)

"Hey everybody. I’m just kind of sitting here thinking about what’s been going on involving the situation with the online terrorism and misappropriation and harassment and everything involving my old best friend and his wife who’s obsessed with me. Uhm, so… if you’ve been following me for a few years you may remember me talking about how- or tweeting about in my own weird artistic little language, about uhm, I was like just banking on their megalomania and how I was aware that I was affecting their content. Uhm, just part of the- the bullying was they were literally just like using me for content. Like whatever I’d tweet about would be in their episode the next week. And like Suzy would just like tweet the same things and like I would be like, “Hey! Uhm… Do shit for charity. Give 100% of the profits to charity. Talk about trans rights, talk about racism, talk about refugees.” I don’t know if they’ve talked about refugees yet, but they- they literally were allowing me to dictate the direction that they were seeming to grow in. Uhm, and I was aware of this and I was… trying to be benevolent with my influence, I was aware that I was truly was an underground influencer. So, but here’s the thing is, I was also performing experiments? To try and get their MO? Like mentioning… like I would- I would say something… like a personal hit at Suzy. Uhm, and then I would see like how my account would get shadow banned or like the harassment- the harassment comments on random fucking tweets out of nowhere uhm… I was just like… it was like experimentation. Uhm… So I do have their full MO. I know how they operate and they have like- they have a system. And when I was pointing out things about their MO, they would adapt and they would change their MO, so that’s also part of their MO. They truly, truly are… evil in their methods and like they work to cover their ass. Uhm, So here’s- here’s the thing is because I want this to be a morality discussion… I’m… torn. They are- they are hurting people, they truly are. But, he was- he was one of my best friends. Should I go to the FBI or some like authority like the cops or something? Like should I… should I pursue legal ramifications or anything like that? I’ve been just… collecting their MO and like, gathering intelligence I guess on them personally for my own, y’know, personal information. I haven’t shared this with anyone. Like I haven’t gone to the cops. I’ve toyed- I toy with them occasionally by like tagging like YouTube or FBI or whatever because they are- they’re very, very likely criminals. Uhm, but… again, I- I’m torn. I’m morally torn. Because I was very, very close with this person at one point, and I do still care about them and they did used to be a very good person. They’re a fucking piece of shit now, but they did used to be a good person. And I just kind of keep hoping that maybe they’ll truly see the light and truly want to do the good thing and… y’know be- be a worthy person instead of just continuing to be a piece of shit. Like, Arin, you used to be a good person. I don’t think you’re happy now. I knew you when you were happy, I’ve seen you in love. I don’t think you’re happy now. Can you just like, please call me or something? Like… you’re being so mean and you have- you have everything, you have the world. And you’re just using it to hurt people. It’s- it’s just… call me, please. Like, go to therapy, like, talk to your mom. Something. Just… try to- It’s, it’s hard. It’s hard. It’s hard. To take a moral stand requires bravery and strength. But it feels so fucking good. Like… just, I have hope for you and I’m torn. I’m torn, I don’t know what to do. So, if you’re following me, you’re aware of the situation, you’re aware of the allegations, and you’re aware that they have intentionally not been mentioning anything about this, conveniently… uhm, just let me know what you think. Thanks. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands. Alright, bye guys."

No. 1156179

File: 1612817354945.png (25.63 KB, 735x270, gamegrumm4a.png)


A follow up. She’s really paranoid that Suzy is going to ridiculous lengths to get to her for… some purpose.

“Hey guys, there’s actually something that I forgot to mention that I think is probably worth mentioning, and I would like to see if anybody has had this experience as well. But uhm, so… when I came back to the internet, I was supporting Arin, like I- I donated on his Kingdom Hearts stream, and I bought like the most expensive- when they went touring on live I bought like the most expensive ticket. I didn’t go, I just bought an expensive ticket to support him. But… afterwards, so like, I didn’t go to the show. But after the show happened, they sent me an email uhm, to claim my like VIP memorabilia or whatever and they had me- so it was an email that they sent and it was a link that I clicked and it sent me to an, like an external site. And it asked for my full name and my address and maybe even my date of birth, I can’t remember, but it asked for personal information including my address. And after I submitted that- so the the webs- the link said like, “Oh, fill this out to get your VIP Merch.” Or whatever. So I put in my information, I submitted it, and then it said, “Thank you for completing our survey!” and it was like this really funky like… it looked like a Quizilla page. It was like, not high quality it didn’t look official, I don’t think it was even on the game grumps website. And then they did mail me, uhm, they did mail me the pass like the VIP badge with the lanyard, but they didn’t send me anything else. So they did send me the lanyard, but I just wanna know if… this was like, Suzy trying to get my information? Has anyone else ever had anything like this? Where they sent you a link to get your free memorabilia or whatever and you fill out your address and then it’s like a survey page and it says, “Thank you for taking our survey!” I wanna know if… that’s ever happened to anyone. So uhm, thank you. Bye.”

No. 1156229


Her confirming that she bought a ticket for their live shows also gives more validity to that anon who claimed to work security a few threads back I think. If they were already aware of her antics after she kept tagging them on twitter and whatever else to get their attention, and then someone on staff caught that she had bought a VIP package, they might have given Arin a head's up and I could definitely see them passing out her picture to security and saying, "Hey, please don't let this person in." then. Wild.

No. 1156237

Go to the FBI and say what exactly? "Hey these people keep copying what I'm saying but are not causing any harm to anyone besides to me because they are copying my ideas and not crediting me for it"? I don't get it. She needs help lol

No. 1156246

File: 1612820483108.png (29.28 KB, 735x219, thosetags.png)

>play them into exposing themselves while you manipulate them into being better influences

like I could make fun of her for the way she really thinks she's some galaxy brained 4D chess playing champion, but this is just legitimately insane

No. 1156251

And like, they're not even actually copying her ideas (obviously). They film Game Grumps episodes in huge hour long sessions, weeks in advance. If They mention something she also said that day or even a week ago it's purely coincidental.

No. 1156269

She makes mention of 'online terrorism' in >>1156113

If she does actually7 try to go at the FBI with that, she may accidentally end up getting the help she desperately needs. I really can't picture her doing anything other than spazzing out online, but her rhetoric is escalating.

No. 1156321

File: 1612823903527.jpg (323.53 KB, 1080x1708, Wtf.jpg)

KT is a perfect example of someone who constantly criticizes others, but everything they're saying about the other person actually applies to them.

She is petty, obsessed, MEAN, and psychotic. She has shown no patience, kindness, or sympathy to these people but she's totally convinced she is a good person who is standing up for justice or something. Like anon said, her rhetoric is escalating and she's getting more desperate for Arin's attention. There was a recent voice message where she's near tears talking about how she doesn't understand why he's "doing this" to her or something like that.

KT desperately needs a therapist to talk her out of this paranoia, because she's really starting to sound dangerous.

No. 1156352


These appear to be deleted now, as if we needed more confirmation that she lurks.

No. 1156420

File: 1612829706594.jpg (202.49 KB, 718x780, 202102094474198173540868167.jp…)

No. 1156424

Sure KT, because angel/devil shit isn't already an established part of Suzy's brand or anything. Or so generic at this point it's practically removed from the source material completely. God, I can't believe this crazy bitch actually has me defending Suzy lol.

No. 1156428

she's def having some sort of episode right now, this is textbook persecutory delusion

No. 1156673

>I hate having my name attached to yours
Says someone who has desperately tried to attach themselves to the other person, who has not reciprocated at all.

>I ask them to bring up pain+abuse in Christian fundamentalism, Suzy makes devil/angel pins

So in other words, they didn't talk about pain and abuse in Christian fundamentalism

>calling out racism/"fake" sponsorship

Genuinely no idea what she's trying to say. Unless they were obviously joking about a sponsor, it's unreasonable to assume they would fake one. They get paid for this shit! No one wants to advertise without getting paid!

>part of the bullying was they were literally just like using me for content
You are not the only person who has opinions on these extremely common topics, and it is NOT bullying whatsoever

>Give 100% of the profits to charity. Talk about trans rights, talk about racism

Wow, some of the most obvious hot button issues that EVERYONE is talking about. It could only have been inspired by you KT

>the harassment comments on random fucking tweets out of nowhere

It's because you're a lolcow

Honestly, she's so dense it's infuriating trying to listen to her. She keeps posting more audio files. Kudos to transcript anon, I can't bear listening to her Wisconsin accent anymore.

No. 1156789

File: 1612866460175.jpg (104.93 KB, 1080x502, Screenshot_20210208-214817_Twi…)

Here's the latest.

"Arin, I'm not trying to get you in trouble, I'm trying to communicate something to you. I'm also trying to help you at the same time, as help, all of your fans… um… I grew up in 718, i grew up in the 414. you don't understand what black is. Black isn't all fucking "oh I'm super cool", its generally….. Dis-disadvantaged. Its generally a lifetime of trauma because of stupid people like you. Its generally the government not fucking taking care of you. You know what poverty is? It's, "oh fuck I'm nine years old with AIDS." Its "oh fuck my mom's a crackhead." Its "I'm twelve years old with three kids." Its horrible horrible horrible things. It's abuse, it's substance abuse, it's needs not being met, It's disease… it's addiction. These are issues that affect quality of life for so many individuals. I'm sorry, I'm literally on the verge of tears. I am very very passionate about quality of life even if you're poor because- especially if you're poor- because that's all that matters is you being happy, your needs being met, being safe being healthy… and like… some places the government actively tries to take advantage of its citizens. They will suppress their rights and y'know like deny them treatment, deny them services- theres so much horrible real life stuff that needs to get addressed, and you have such a big audience and you're on the right track but please please just… Grow. I don't know how to get through to you, but please try to…. Meditate. remeber how I used to talk about meditation? Try to actually like wake up at 6 o'clock in the morning, smoke a bowl of weed, sit outside with your mask on… And just like think about things. Let yourself feel your heart like let yourself feel your soul… Think about what you want to do. Like money…. Money isn't the only thing that matters. Like pls actually Just… Just do some real good. I wanna see you be really really really successful and that's the thing is you'd actually be way more successful if you started taking care of people."

No. 1156796

File: 1612867272480.jpg (70.85 KB, 677x800, 7c1585f00a1745f8242f59d3dc23da…)

Poor Nick Robles, he's a sweet guy and an amazing artist. He doesn't deserve this shit. If you like what you've seen of his work in this thread, please follow/support him.

Late, but yes, he's gay, and also there's no way in hell he's heard of this woman.

This is a stretch and a half. What the hell makes her think Nick is friends with his new coworker's friends? They don't even live in the same state. Ruin's design is obviously just a combination of traits Nick personally likes (the gothic fashion, chest hair, femme-y, etc.)

What exactly is she trying to accomplish here? You don't get royalties from an artist simply because their characters/artwork resemble you. It's nearly impossible to do that even in cases where you can prove the character was inspired by you (which Ruin demonstrably isn't.) You don't own purple hair, you crazy bitch. It's clear to me that she's just desperate for attention, but isn't interested in earning it through her own merits.

No. 1156960


KT: "Arin, I'm not trying to get you in trouble."

Also KT, the very same day: "Should I go to the FBI? Arin and Suzy are very obviously evil criminals."

lol how does she not give herself whiplash with these mood swings

No. 1157082

File: 1612889175851.png (58.24 KB, 744x621, itsstilluptherebcfreeawareness…)

She’s dropped yet another audio file. She posted it twice with different comments for some reason. I’m not going to transcribe this one word for word unless there’s a demand for it because it’s 9 minutes long and more of the same, but here’s some bullet points if anyone is curious:

>Addresses lolcow directly, claims she doesn’t read her thread she just “sees when it’s up there, when it’s been active”

>Invites us to tweet at her if we have something to say

>Proves her fundamental misunderstanding of lolcow again by saying we really think we’re SJWs, also says we don’t understand what social justice is

>Says we’re victim blaming her and guilty of libel

>Says she’s talked to a reporter and other “connected people” to get her in touch with the correct outlets for when this “all goes public”

>Wonders why we can’t just “hold our tongues like other intelligent kind people” and wait for her big Game Grumps revelation scandal or whatever

>Actually likens her insane farcical crusade against Arin Hanson to what Corey Feldman has gone through with exposing pedophilia/abuse in Hollywood saying it could take “decades” for her to expose Arin/Suzy

>Says Arin and Suzy have large collaborative networks and systems all for the purpose of abusing and silencing her and others like her

>Claims that a bot sent by Arin and Suzy harassed a guy to the point of suicide and that she too has been told to kill herself

>Brings up Holly and says she believes that she’s also being gaslit and harassed by the same bots, while prefacing this with a disclaimer that she still thinks Holly is “definitely a cow, holy shit”

>Says lolcow is a part of the gaslighting and helping to control the narrative by making things up

>Says we need to use our brains and care about facts and “read between the lines”

>Rants once again about people who are aware they’re crazy/bad people but act differently in public and go to great lengths to prove they’re not, says that’s exactly how Arin and Suzy are

>Says she has trauma from this situation and was “shocked” at the extent of the methods and the resources she thinks they have to specifically target her

>Says her reality has been shifted by the revelation of just how villainous they are and that it’s so important that people know this which is why she refuses to give up or stop talking about it

>Comes back around to say we’re anti SJWs actually and part of the problem by driving away anybody who might be curious to hear her delusions, whines that she has no support because of this

>Says we need to “confront the alleged or hold our fucking tongues” and then says we’re not SJWs again (no shit), calls us incels and idiots again

>“My situation is like wearing a mask during Covid. It’s an intelligence test and it’s a good person test.”


No. 1157118

File: 1612892062747.png (45.57 KB, 720x282, nowitsseriousbusiness.png)

Don't worry guys, she's got Anonymous on it

No. 1157135

and when they completely ignore her or tell her to get psychological help, it’ll turn out that actually, anonymous is a ploy by suzy and arin to gaslight her or some garbage. she’s genuinely delusional to the point where it’s concerning

No. 1157162

File: 1612894291763.jpg (332.48 KB, 1080x1567, Screenshot_20210209-095843_Twi…)

This recording is from a few weeks ago (Jan 16) where she says she vets anyone who interacts with her on Twitter, checking out who they follow etc. She uses this info to determine that she's being attacked by the same "bots" that are after onision, Holly Conrad, and Etika (???) and that these "bots" are also "stans" of the grumps and shoe0nhead. So in the same sentence, is claiming that these accounts are both fake bots but also they are Suzy stans! Does she hear herself?

She also seems to be implying that lolcow is populated by bots, and that we're doing Suzy's bidding by "gaslighting" her. Because every single person who looks at this situation and says "this is ridiculous" is also a part of this huge conspiracy run by Suzy, apparently.

It's pretty hilarious that she latched onto the idea that bots pushed Etika to kill himself, and is using that as part of her victimhood complex. Really is Holly Conrad 2.0, with the self-righteousness and delusion dialed up to 11. But of course KT also calls Holly a cow to assert how much smarter and better she is.

This girl responds to lolcow multiple times a day and still has the gall to say "I don't really read there" over and over. Just shows the huge discrepancy between her actions and her self-awareness (or lack thereof)

No. 1157172

Holy shit, it's Etika she's been talking about?? The way she talked about it made it sound like it was just some rando, lol I can't believe she's out here saying bots are what pushed Etika to kill himself instead of, y'know, his severe mental illness, and that those bots are controlled by the fucking Game Grumps. She's fucking insane.

No. 1157177

just wait until she discovers how deep it really goes. this sordid cabal run by Arin and Suzy has reached every corner of the internet! they control everything! nowhere is safe! why is no one else speaking up about this? /s

No. 1157247

You're being sarcastic, but KT can't really detect sarcasm and basically believes this. She might take this as support.

No. 1157252

This shit makes me sad. Call me crazy but I like her. It's shitty luck that this wasn't discussed until we all collectively decided that Holly was more hateable than Suzy, after years of talking shit about her. I think a few years ago KT would have found more more open ears and open minds and maybe gotten somewhere. I don't think she's lying or that she's wholly delusional, there's probably truth to some of the things she has said and I think it deserves listening to with full benefit of the doubt.

No. 1157286

>Comes back around to say we’re anti SJWs actually and part of the problem by driving away anybody who might be curious to hear her delusions, whines that she has no support because of this

Thats the thing is that I'm very curious about her delusions. At any time she can actually post real evidence, besides just "oh they're copying me! They're listening to every word I say!" And say that that's the equivalent of being a 'predator'. If she'd just post proof then every post wouldn't come off like a personal army request. Unless you actually believe Game Grumps is responsible for Etika's death and that they send out bots to try to convince you to kill yourself. Kek

Honestly KT if you have something legitimate you can say it at any time. You have an audience of farmers, it's just that thus far you just say things and expect us to trust you without any supporting information.

No. 1157317

>Says she’s talked to a reporter

Please let it be Chris Hansen. Please.

No. 1157385

I have no doubt that if KT was around when Suzy was the most hated cow that many farmers would have eaten her delusions up, but it would have been equally retarded back then.
She needs lithium, and to delete her twitter

No. 1157637

Okay anon, I listened to KT and quickly came to the conclusion that she's a vicious, condescending hypocrite with the biggest victim complex I've ever seen in my life. And Suzy (a total stranger) didn't have to secretly contact me to tell me what to think, I came up with it on my own by actually listening to KT.

This comment is a depressing reminder that no matter how cruel, illogical and delusional a person might be, there will always be someone else saying, "idk everybody we should really hear them out". Only an incredibly gullible and naive person could think there's ANY merit to the shit she's said.

It's not just about Suzy and Arin, who have an army of stans to defend them. KT is actively harassing Nick Robles, a relatively small artist, with bogus claims that could seriously damage his career if they got traction. KT went all the way to Neil Gaiman to accuse Nick of "stealing her identity" and actually got his attention. Presumably, Gaiman was smart enough to tell that KT is full of shit, but if there was any merit to the accusation, it would have destroyed Robles' career and the whole Sandman project.

No. 1157699


>online terrorism

>I was truly was an underground influencer
>should i go to the fbi
>Arin, (…) call me, please

mental hospital. ASAP.

i thought it was regular autism mixed with delusion but its not. shes fucking crazy. this is some copypasta material. shes not even stupid this is schizo posting.

No. 1157825

File: 1612951111291.jpg (106.14 KB, 1069x557, Screenshot_20210209-161155_Twi…)

Here we go:

>says she's making this while watching the Trump trial. Remarks about how they're pieces of shit and that Hollywood is crazy. Talks about how Hollywood stuff has made her more afraid of people. Mentions that her ex-husband was diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder. She also says "that's my type, I like sociopaths." And somehow since her ex-husband had a personality disorder it makes her trustworthy, because he was "brilliant".

> she addresses her "harassers" and says that there is something coming and wants to "present you reality, since you don't live in it." "This is coming, you guys fucked up. This is so painful to talk about because it breaks my heart- it breaks my heart… I poured my heart into this person when we were teenagers, they used to be so beautiful, and they're a massive, monstrous, raging narcissist- horrible, racist, totally exploi- ah, I can't like- I can't handle it it breaks my heart."

>says she's mortified to have been in the same thread as Holly, Jared and Heidi. Calls them the tigerking trio and explains that Holly is Joe, Heidi is Carole and Jared is that one guy with the multiple wives. Calls them and all game grumps embarassing and shitty people.

>says she has respect for Jontron because he left, which is hilarious considering Jontron's own racist controversy. Says he probably wasn't a piece of shit because he left.

>Says that the way she tells if its a bot or a real fan is that a bot follows all of the gamegrumps but not Jontron. "You're welcome for the followers, Jontron."

>"I wanted to present a few options to my harassers, and again, this is coming, it is coming. I have reached out to people, stuff is in the works, it's going to happen, it's coming. But, should you want to do the right thing and y'know just come out ahead of this and actually confess and be like 'we fucked up' I'm saying right now we can play it down, we can downplay this, we can play it cool. You can just be like 'you know what guys, we participated in some bullying behavior, it was mean, we fucked up, I'm sorry' you can take the hit, deal with some harassment probably and like, stuff- you know how it goes! U-um, for a couple years, which would be rightfully deserved.. But you'd definitely still have a career."

>"or you can fight this and continue this where you just gaslight even harder." She says if a "harasser" continues "on the path they have been", they'll be definitely cancelled. "Again, I'm being way too kind to you guys"

>"this goes for Willow and for Nick as well, you can save yourselves. You can put it all on them" encourages them to say they were pressured to save their careers. "Especially with Willow being a woman and Muslim and Nick being brown and gay- you know how it goes!" "Just put it all on the racist white people" "Willow's done a TED talk before! She could save her career and turn it into like, advocacy for compromised integrity within the arts… And like, bullying"


No. 1157904

Yeah, the idea that anyone >>1157252
here would listen to her schizo ramblings and find them credible is disheartening.

No. 1157931

Does she seriously not have anyone in her life looking out for her? Family, friends?
Her paranoia and delusions are just escalating. It’s sad because she truly believes this is going on but it’s like she’s all alone. It’s got to be spilling spilling out into her offline life, right? With the intensity of her inappropriate and literally mentally ill ramblings?

No. 1157947

sure anon, keep egging on this clear-cut delusion that now involves several people who've either never met KT in their lives or haven't spoken to her in a decade, i'm sure there's some truth to KT's claims that we're an army of suzy bots who "stan" sh0onhead (who has several threads made about her on this very site) /s

you're a moron. whatever truthful thing she had to say about the grumps has long since been clouded by her schizophrenia

No. 1157995

File: 1612970232560.jpg (249.46 KB, 718x1177, 202102103206125767235694844.jp…)

Another huge reach. Hasn't Suzy had that line on her bio for years?

No. 1158080

File: 1612973193934.jpg (353.87 KB, 1439x2516, Screenshot_20210210-080507_Chr…)

According to the wayback machine (yeah I checked lmao) her bio last October 2020 was "I am Suzy Berhow. I am very powerful and feared by many"

No. 1158131


Yeah, it used to be this one until recently. But still like… people change their bios all the time and just putting information on what stuff people would know you from is, well, common and expected I think. Tons of artists and creators say shit like "You might know me from…" like, it's a normal way to talk about yourself. KT is just making connections where there aren't any as usual because she's deranged. She doesn't have an real proof, she's just grasping at straws to feed her own delusions and she really needs help.

No. 1158133

Ummm, did she just associate black with AIDS and crack? This fucking idiot. This is why white basic bitches shouldn't cry white tears for the black community. She's uneducated and woefully ignorant to societal ills, to the point that Bastille calls her out on how she manages to get basic facts wrong in her attempt at outrage.

I'm just incredibly impressed by these ramblings. She really does think she's popular and not talking into the void. Well at least there's us, KT. We will continue you to get help before you hurt someone.

No. 1158138


Right? I love how she's been like "Arin don't be racist" and then proceeds to say something super racist. She's so stupid.

No. 1158144

>You don't understand what black is. Black isn't all fucking "oh I'm super cool", its generally…disadvantaged. You know what poverty is? It's, "oh fuck I'm nine years old with AIDS." Its "oh fuck my mom's a crackhead." Its "I'm twelve years old with three kids."

100% copypasta material

The difference between Suzy saying "you might know me from…" vs KT saying it is that people might actually know Suzy from those things, lmao. KT is referencing years-old, irrelevant stuff that no one recognizes OR just flat out lies, like her insistence that she's Nick Robles' "muse."

No. 1158161

File: 1612978417035.png (236.88 KB, 741x672, nope.png)

No. 1158178

>i'm sure there's some truth to KT's claims that we're an army of suzy bots who "stan" sh0onhead (who has several threads made about her on this very site) /s

I said some things, not all her claims. I'm not completely retarded. I think some of her claims are true and others were created by her desperate need to have proof and be heard, so she's connecting dots in hopes of finding the smoking gun.

No. 1158302

Anon, you literally said that it's sad no one is taking her seriously. No, it's not sad, it's fucking fortunate. The only thing sad about this situation is her obvious untreated psychosis.

No. 1158346

i honestly love KT. she's batshit crazy and it's the most entertaining thing i've seen in a while. i don't want her to stop so i'm hoping all the negativity on here doesn't make her private her account or something. i want to see how far she'll go. for now it really looks like she's not getting any real traction. but who knows, maybe one of her tweets will blow up and the grumps themselves will have to make a statement and address all of her crazy. and i'll be curious to see if that'll make her back off or continue her "old man yells at cloud" thing she's got going right now. i do worry about her though, like i wouldn't want her to hurt herself over this.

No. 1158361

File: 1612990467508.jpg (96.87 KB, 584x776, 1554285193293.jpg)

honestly, i wouldn't put it past suzy to be the type of person to keep an eye on KT's account just to see what she's saying, if she's exposed anything incriminating (like, i'd want to read the full length of that FB message she sent KT years ago since KT only showed us like a small screenshot of it). i also wouldn't put it past suzy to changing her bio to be similar to KT's just to fuck with her. and it being such a "normal" bio, as you stated, no one would bat an eye about it. her bio was "i am very powerful and feared by many" since she started her account, so it is interesting that she changed it only now.

No. 1158621

Anon, she's schizo. She just paranoid and making weird ass connections that don't exist. Suzy and Arin are aware of her but i really doubt Suzy is even reading her tweets.

No. 1158651

You're suggesting that Suzy is working against her own interests for no other reason, which is pretty stupid. The grumps are definitely aware of what KT is saying, and have probably taken measures to distance or protect themselves. This includes not poking the crazy person with a stick. Not only would riling her up make her harassment worse, it would also confirm what she's saying to some extent. So you're theorizing that Suzy found out about these false allegations of skinwalking, and then went out of her way to give them validity when there was none before. That's the opposite of what Suzy should want, for her own sake. On top of the fact that KT is relentlessly crazy, she's talking about buckling down for decades more harassment. She's super aggressive, mean, and openly waging a campaign of lies against Suzy. Engaging with it would be the worst possible thing Suzy could do, and shooting herself in the foot.

Your tinfoil doesn't make logical sense, and you're ignoring reason to assume the worst of Suzy.

No. 1158727

File: 1613017540012.png (196.09 KB, 735x780, krystalplz.png)

We know it's you, Krystal

No. 1158794

File: 1613031172807.png (402.19 KB, 693x390, makingconnections.png)

No. 1158811

Woohoo, you got me lmao? Anyways, as someone who was a devout Suzy stan for years and saw Arin and Suzy as like the pinnacle of romance and ideal relationships, I can honestly see Suzy as the type of person who'd become obsessive about someone described as Arin's "first love" or whatever. Especially since Arin had crushes on like all of his online female friends based on all his old livejournal entries LMAO. I don't blame Suzy for being insecure early on in their relationship. Based on all their old DeviantArt interactions it seemed pretty clear that Suzy was jealous of KT's friendship with him (which is totally understandable, especially given all their ages at the time). Suzy clearly had some jealousy issues that made her force Arin to cut ties with KT as soon as they started dating (which, was probably for the best in the long run given how things are now. But still, in the moment sort of comes off as controlling and wildly insecure on Suzy's end). KT returning to the internet and stirring all this shit back up, directly tweeting all of them, could've triggered Suzy. No, I don't think she's copying KT or even keeping tabs on her account much anymore but I'm just saying it's not 100% impossible. This is all my opinion though. It's really not that deep(newfag)

No. 1158918

this is stupid. not to WK suzy too hard but KT hasn't "just returned" to the internet, grumps have obviously known she's been up to wackadoo shit for years. that message she wrote to KT was from 2010, she and arin got married in '13, I'd imagine of they're as happy as they claim there's a point where suzy would realize that oh shit, I don't have anything to be insecure about anymore because this girl is genuinely insane and deluded.

as far as the bio change, suzy has been trying to get bigger from her own name/brand separate from the grumps for a while now (don't get me wrong, still depending on a lot of public support from arin, but that's a different story), so her changing her description after years to talk about channels she's been associated with while making the main focus her brand isn't petty, it makes sense. "You may know me from" is common wording, and honestly you can get fucked for directly encouraging a mentally disturbed cow.

No. 1158950

KT is especially stupid when it comes to empathy and relationships. She even admits loving a psycho and she wants to offer us advice?

Suzy was 100% correct, even if came from a place of insecurity to ask Arin to cut ties from KT. It is not healthy for your boyfriend to be gifting a friend that he has romantic feelings for. You don't just turn those feelings off. If Arin was interested in Suzy and still had lingering feelings for another woman it would be best to find a way to move on and that's best done by just cutting her out of his life. KT acts like she destroyed the friendship of the century but it was never a friendship if she keeps talking about how Arin was infatuated with her. She loves bragging about that, but doesn't give a fuck about how his feelings would be shat on every time she talked about another man or dated someone else. Plus he was in another relationship! Arin needed to invest in long time marriage instead of hanging out with a moral/spiritual hippie that thinks she's the muse for an asian character in a gay man's comic while getting owned by Bastille.

No. 1159006

I actually totally agree and have been thinking this too. Or maybe not even to fuck with her, but maybe it was simply one of those things where you hear someone say a certain phrase, or something on tv, and then after you just subconsciously start saying that phrase a little more, because you just heard it. I mean KT is absolutely obsessed and basically stalking them. So if you have a stalker you definitely are keeping up on what they're saying about you. Out of concern/fear if nothing else.

No. 1159020

File: 1613063960444.png (459.2 KB, 1080x1235, Screenshot_20210211-091751~2.p…)

Hilarious. She's projecting again.

No. 1159022

File: 1613064188934.png (294.83 KB, 504x717, fdjsal;fj;.png)

Anons keep feeding into her delusions of grandeur, meanwhile she keeps posting stuff like this, overestimating her own importance.

No. 1159060

Exactly, yeah. I mean if I had someone like KT in my life I'd definitely be keeping tabs on them. Just to see what they're saying/doing.

No. 1159069

Nah, it's never okay for a partner to force you to cut ties with someone. It's okay to express feelings of insecurity, jealousy, and ask your partner for reassurance. Then it would be up to Arin to decide how he wants to move forward in a way that will make Suzy and himself happy. Arin probably would've decided on his own that creating distance between the two of them would've been best, but Suzy didn't give him that opportunity. She "convinced" him that KT was bad/not a good friend blah blah blah for a long time to get him to cut contact. Who knows how many other female friends of his she might have done this to. Only difference is KT REALLY hasn't moved on past this, and she definitely needs to.

No. 1159078

Wasn't Arin just simping for KT, buying her gifts writing poems and shit while she had a boyfriend?
Then Suzy told him to stop simping because she's his gf now?

Also they were all teenagers, big fucking deal.

No. 1159093

Funny how she says she is living rent free in suzys head when actually its the other way around

No. 1159164

Really wish anons wouldn't interact with her and encourage her, this shit is beyond creepy.

No. 1159199

No one is interacting with her or encouraging her. They're just saying that Suzy is also narcissistic and annoying.

No. 1159217

Suzy was 100% in the right. Good thing Arin listened to her and cut off the psycho.

No. 1159239


she thinks someone who doesn't even know she exists made her into a sandman character as part of a conspiracy because she rejected a boy in highschool. she thinks people being mean to her on twitter is rape. she thinks she geniunely knows and talks to a metaphysical entity called morpheus (sandman?). Why would you believe anything she says? You don't need to be abused to develop psychosis.

No. 1159338

Did you miss the part like five posts up where someone from this thread admitted to QRTing her telling her that she's right, or…?

No. 1159374

File: 1613083558481.png (50.35 KB, 732x366, temporary.png)

No. 1159394

File: 1613085370352.png (261.16 KB, 729x564, repost.png)

No. 1159398

File: 1613085565354.png (274.31 KB, 744x450, byelolcow.png)

guess she's locking it down. parting is such sweet sorrow.

No. 1159430

What an insufferable person. Imagine yelling into the void and the only people that "care" are telling you you're delusional, and your solution is to double down kek

No. 1159461

File: 1613090402907.png (31.18 KB, 735x396, applejuice.png)

Here’s the transcript of the last audio file she posted to her (now former?) twitter. It kind of cuts off at the beginning, but it seems like she’s trying to address anybody who might be able to “help” with this situation. Sorry, it’s a really long one.

“-involving what I truly believe to be psychopathy, uhm, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to look over some behavior and share their professional opinions or observations. Uhm, so, here’s- here’s my specific situation: I’m currently being stalked and harassed by my old best friend’s wife. A little bit of background about the situation is- my old friend was romantically infatuated with me when his wife met him at the age of 15. She pursued him for a couple years knowing that he had feelings for other people. I married my significant other and moved and after that they started dating and then she “convinced” him, uhm… to… cut me out? I guess? I put quotes around “convinced” because it’s a literal quote, like she- she used the word “it took years to convince him that I never cared about him.” So she used the word “convinced”. Uhm, but so she convinced him that I never cared about him and… he stopped being friends with me. Uhm… but- but the problem is, I’m finding that I’m essentially not allowed to freely live my life because of her mental issues directed at me. And because her support system enables and participates in abuse. The scariest thing is that they’re social media influencers with a lot of resources and connections which they do exploit as my likeness was used without consent for a character in the Sandman universe named Ruin. Which the Sandman universe is my favorite series, and it’s important to note because this is part of their MO. It’s meticulous, its highly personalized, it’s mafia-like and they leave like narcissistic little signatures, like they- they leave little clues and hints and personal information to let you know it’s them. Uhm, so I had only ever spoken to Suzy once. She initiated contact many times but I had no interest in her as a person so I literally just ignored her. Uhm, but I’m- I’m starting to piece together that she may have actually been stalking me for much longer than the past couple years. Realistically, more like nearly two decades as this point. And it’s horrifying on a lot of levels. And y’know, as like- as Ross I’m sure remembers the creepy stalker guy ForPrice(?) uhm, yeah. I had a legit stalker and they were terrifying and then coming back to the internet ten years later and still being stalked I’m realizing that was probably her. So she’s been stalking me for almost twenty years at this point. Uhm… so yeah, again, back then she “convinced”, again in quotes because that’s her literal word, she “convinced” him to stop being friends with me then completely changed her personality, image, style, and interests to be exactly like mine. Like exactly. Like… this is what- this is what their fanbase doesn’t realize is the entire Suzy persona is just a giant Katie skinwalk. And the only reason she- like you’ve never known about it until now is because I literally haven’t been on the internet. Uhm, so again, like I said, I- I kind of understand why she’s been gaslighting the fuck out of me, she has to be terrified of what people are gonna think of her. Uhm, but yeah so, again so, some examples to the extent of the creepy. And uhm, this is just one lit- little example, but the point is it’s like an infinite string of coincidences specifically only with her. And again, she is nothing like how she was when I knew her, like she dresses differently and stuff- but anyway… I don’t- none of that- I don’t care, y’know like, it just- it should be made conscious. I’m not saying don’t buy their shit, I’m not saying don’t watch them. I’m just saying like, be aware that this is happening and she will no longer be able to get away with it. like, eventually she’s gonna deviate back into like, her personality, or else it’s just going to be literally an entire lifetime of coincidences with just her and her friends and stuff. Either way like, y’know time will tell. But I’m making it aware and I’m making it conscious now and I have enough of a following that I’m sure it’s a- a deterrent. But yeah. So anyway, so uhm, the extent of the creepy: I told Arin uhm- Arin’s my old friend- about an art project that I made in middle school for an art competition which was uhm, a dead butterfly and dried flowers in a shadow box. And I come back to the internet and she’s made an Etsy store selling liter- like the exact same thing like… the character Melissa was an OC that Arin created as a romantic interest for his OC Ego and when- when she made him- “convinced” him to cut me out, she created a new OC and romantic interest and even her OC is identical to my OC. Not Melissa, but my personal OC. So like, she- she was like just morphi- like pushing me away and morphing into me like, even all the way back then. It’s really fucked up. Uhm, but… but sh- okay but she did this with nearly everything about me. So clothing style, psychic magic, third eye, bands- specifically Tool, my favorite characters uhm- it jus- it goes on and on. It’s so creepy because again she wasn’t anything like how she is now back when I knew her. When we knew her. Like back then, she- she wasn’t even goth back then. She wore like, jeans and like cute tank tops, and like she wore pink. Like, she was like a grunge baby. Like… she cosplayed Lolita on DeviantArt, like, she was like a stock model (laughs). Uhm, but- but yeah, she wasn’t even goth herself. It’s super fucked up. But uhm… and again, it’s not about being copied. Anyone original, anyone who has any sort of style gets copied. It’s about this specific situation and y’know dealing with what I really truly believe to be psychopathy and uhm, again… but yeah. So, she “convinced” him to cut me out and then tried to become me, and I can’t even tell you how disturbing it is to come back to the internet after a ten year hiatus and she’s me. Uhm, the internet calls it “skinwalking” or “single white female syndrome”. I didn’t even know these terms, that’s pretty cool that they exist. It’s funny (laughs). Uhm, but it- it’s so many tiny little things, but the extent and effort of the imitation combined with the duration of her obsession is what’s horrifying. And uhm, and then- but to be completely honest, the true horror about the skinwalking situation lies with Arin. It’s like crying in the shower kind of fucked up, it’s just really… ew. Uhm, but uhm, yeah… if anyone would be willing to take a look at the situation or I don’t know, maybe… so- so my thing is… does anyone think that I- I might have a reason to genuinely be concerned for my safety. With the obsession spanning longer than fifteen years, uhm… the way she cut him out and then started imitating me, and then like the escalation of her harassment over the past couple years since I came back to the internet and joined Twitter in 2017. Because it has been escalating, first it started out with just- just petty passive little tweets, and then and y’know now it’s- I’m a comic book character! Again, uhm… but uhm, and this is why I’m being so loud now. Because of the escalation. And uhm, but yeah. So I- I haven’t gone to any authorities yet, but I am being increasingly vocal about the situation. Uhm, again everything that they’re doing is so stupid and petty and I am aware it’s ridiculously petty uhm… but they won’t leave me alone. They’re the ones doing this. And just- there have just been too many red flags for too many years, and I need to be safe. So… yeah. And that is… this is more or less the full situation. I have not been talking about it because he was my friend I… (laughs) y’know I didn’t- I don’t want him to be canceled, again. I’m- I’m too American for cancel culture. Like, everybody has the right to stream and speak and everybody has the right to spend their money where they want to, but if you’re being deceived, that’s when I get really upset. And I just want awareness, again, that’s all I want, awareness of the situation. So uhm, but yeah. So I’m gonna go now and I got this all out. I’ve been really, really sick over the past month, and I just, y’know, I just feel comfortable getting this all out there. But uhm, yeah. So I was originally going to put this as a video on YouTube, but… I don’t- I don’t want to wait. Y’know I haven’t been healthy enough to be making videos and stuff. So it’s just, again, it’s about awareness. But yeah, okay uhm, thanks for listening and uhm, I’m gonna try and get some sleep. Have a good night guys, stay safe. Bye.”

No. 1159480


haha maybe she was cow tipping after all

No. 1159564

So KT come back to the internet after a long hiatus, looks at everything Suzy is and has, thinks "that should have been me" and comes up with an internal justification for how she actually deserves all the fame, love and attention. That's really what this seems like.

The same way that KT thinks Ruin "is her", she thinks Suzy's persona and style could only be a rip off of her because she likes those things too. Suzy and Ruin don't dress alike or look alike, so how could either be a rip off of KT? How could Suzy or Nick Robles actually copy KT on style choices or features that aren't even visible online? How is anyone supposed to know what she dresses like when she doesn't even post outfits or whatever?

This whole thing also started with KT's fixation on this idea that Arin and Suzy are supposedly lying about when they originally got together. I could dig up some screenshots but there are a few linked in OP. She calls herself a "whistleblower" over this idea that supposedly they're lying about their anniversary, and she's been demanding that they "correct their lies" on this matter for years. The reason it upsets her so much is because she feels like they "erased" her from the timeline by not including her in the story of how they met or something. KT wants the world to know that Arin allegedly loved her first. It's really all about attention and fame for KT. She can't stand that Suzy is Arin's partner and has benefitted from his fame in various ways that KT feels more deserving of. Her attempts to center herself in Arin and Suzy's history (claiming to be the reason Game Grumps exists, claiming she "let" Arin date Suzy, claiming that she was the most important person to Arin 4eva) haven't been successful, so she has grown increasingly bitter at them for not acknowledging her. The whole thing is about how victimized she feels over not getting to be the center of attention.

Anyway, I kinda doubt that she's actually gonna shut up and stay gone. She's been tweeting again about how lolcow "harassed" Krystal into privating her Twitter because we figuratively bitch slapped her for talking nonsense in this thread (>>1158811, >>1157252, >>1158178, >>1158361 fuck off Krystal) KT has been running on her own obsessive momentum this whole time, so it seems unlikely that she'll actually give up. And unlike most cows who are just being ridiculous in their own lives, KT is aggressively attacking people. So it's not exactly a tragedy if she shuts up and stops giving us milk.

No. 1159831

IMO this is the most spot on summary of Katie. It’s really hard to understand her craziness without knowing the backstory because she just makes up vague allegations in her weird writing style so you never know exactly what she’s been accusing Arin and Suzy of.

I think anybody would be kinda bittersweet if some old friend had a crush on them and went on to be super popular and rich, while they stagnate. I vaguely remember Katie tweeting she was happy she was just a waitress and never got famous or something, it reeked of maximum cope.

I really wonder what’s her ideal endgame here. Probably to get Suzy to admit she’s been stalking her so she can get cancelled, and for Katie to snatch her place next to Arin. I always noticed she’ll at least be kind to him from time to time.

And I really wanna know if she has any irl friends and if she acts that crazy or if she keeps it for twitter only.

No. 1159988

File: 1613148988562.jpg (647.35 KB, 1926x2027, KT summary 1.jpg)

I went back to old threads and sifted through a lot of bullshit to try to understand/summarize how KT got to this point. It's actually crazy how far her statements have shifted over time on their own.

Column one: Centering herself in any/all talk of their relationship, to try to get attention for knowing him first. She wants gg fans to acknowledge her/think she's cool for her association with Arin.

Column two: insisting that Suzy should go out of her way to include KT and form a friendship with her. This is extra crazy if we take KT's word for them supposedly only interacting once, when Suzy apologized years earlier.

Column three: insinuating that Arin owes her attention because she went through hard times because of him. She's getting more desperate for acknowledgement from him, so she projects blame onto Arin for other trauma in her life, to guilt him into responding. Still nothing.

All of this happened before Feb 2019. There's way more to post but it might take a while because I have other shit to do today. But just as a starting point, it's actually shocking how far KT has gone to reinterpret and twist her original statements, based solely on her frustration with not being acknowledged. She's gone from "I'm so happy for my best friend because he found love and success" to "everything they have is fake and she wishes she was me"

No. 1160014

yep, her goal is definitely to be suzy's replacement. she'll say it's not, but so many of her ramblings and posts are directed at arin, and they're more like pleas for him to have some come-into-the-light moment and realize that his wife is evil and KT's the one he really needs in his life. every so often she'll declare he's as bad as suzy, but usually she's just begging him to acknowledge her and "remember who he is" (aka, remember when you liked me instead of your wife of almost a decade)

No. 1160039

Nice work, anon. It can be hard to keep track of everything since KT keeps adding more insanity to her accusations and changing what she claims she really wants out of all of this.

No. 1160043

Samefagging to also say that the last tweet in that right column had me laughing since she's gone from "I'm not into narcissists, I'm drawn to emotional intelligence and compassion" to "My type is straight up sociopaths actually" lol

No. 1160055

File: 1613156361125.png (61.25 KB, 732x366, logicalperson.png)

I still don't understand why she has so many Twitter accounts just to say all the same crazy shit

No. 1160138

File: 1613164541741.jpg (578.2 KB, 2742x1956, kt summary 2.jpg)

Part 2 of KT's insanity summary includes thirst-tweeting Arin and starting to insinuate that Suzy is actually trying to be her.

Column one: KT getting perpetually left on read as she makes various tweets at Arin as though they are still friends

Column two: Around the same time, she starts to claim that Suzy is supposedly copying her.

Column three: 6 months later, she's making increasingly erratic tweets implying some innate connection between her and Arin. Love/hate vibes as she gets more frustrated that he's not replying.

All this happened in 2019. She got ignored for ages, until she eventually rationalized that they couldn't actually be ignoring her, so they must be watching her secretly instead. She wants so badly to be important to these people, but they won't give her that, so it must mean they are hurting her. She wants to believe that any good quality Suzy has is only because she's supposedly skinwalking KT. And she wants to pretend that Arin is as hung up on her as she apparently is on him.

No. 1160175

File: 1613167120478.jpg (819.9 KB, 2633x1779, correct the record.jpg)

Part 3 - This is it! KT's big argument and why she calls herself the gg whistleblower. It's all about trying to expose them for supposedly lying about when they got together, because their version of events doesn't include her. She acts like this is all-important information that everyone should care about, and if they're lying about it that proves they're bad people.

It literally doesn't fucking matter even if they're lying. They're together now, and they have been for a very long time. If somebody asks how/when they met, it would be wildly inappropriate for Arin to be like, "well I used to like this girl KT, but she rejected me so then I settled for Suzy"

It all comes back to KT wanting attention for knowing him first and being his crush. She keeps harping on and on about it to make sure as many people know as possible. She only gets negative attention for doing this, which fuels her belief that she's being "harassed for telling the truth". When in reality, she's just acting insane, so people are pointing it out. But the more she hears people say, "this is fucking stupid" the more she's convinced that she's a victim of a coordinated attack by Suzy to silence her.

The first screen shots in this collage are from 2018, and the last are from January-February 2021. She's been going on about this for years, it's just that her argument is so nonsensical it's hard to parse without reading it all at once.

No. 1160210

>Anyway, I kinda doubt that she's actually gonna shut up and stay gone.
Sage for blog/off-topic (sorry farmhands I'll take the ban), but her behavior and paranoia strongly resemble that of a guy who developed bipolar disorder while part of some reddit communities, started believing that a cabal of mods was trying to bring him down somehow (among numerous other accusations that have changed over time) and started obsessively collecting info on them and airing his grievances through various mediums. He'll go quiet for a long period of time and then reemerge with a new set of accusations couched in the same general framework as the one he started out with. Wouldn't be surprised if the same thing is going on here and that it'll continue until she's properly medicated or finds a new thing to obsess over.

No. 1160216

When it’s all laid out like that, it becomes less milky and more disturbing. This girl is a stalker and completely detached from reality.

No. 1160284

I mean if you couldn't pick up on that just over the course of the thread or even from when she first (re)appeared … I don't know what to tell you. She's been in schizo mode since she first woke up from cryogenic sleep.

No. 1160294

This woman has major bunny-boiler, Jodi Arias vibes. I hope they are documenting this shit she is writing just in case she goes off the deep end and does something dangerous.

No. 1160307

Kind of hilarious that her sad effort to portray Arin as racist ends up deteriorating into a genuinely racist rant. Twelve years old with three kids? Bitch wut?!

No. 1160472

File: 1613199041489.jpg (251.44 KB, 1080x2027, lmao.jpg)

This was on one of her other accounts, dreamprincesskt. She hops from one account to another, sometimes switching their usernames. Probably to get around being blocked by people she stalking.

No. 1160499

jesus she's really playing buzzword bingo huh. i hope nick has her muted.

No. 1160527

>misappropriated a high-risk rape survivor

… what? High risk of … covid-19? What the fuck is she trying to say? I can usually make something out of the word salad but this is pure gibberish.

No. 1160549

lmao next thread header plz

No. 1160555

You're onto something. Also armchair, but women with schizophrenia often don't show symptoms until their late 20s/early 30s. How old is she now?

No. 1160689

File: 1613231077693.jpg (393.15 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20210213-093217_Twi…)


She was tweeting about her birthday back in December so I'm assuming she is 34 now.

She absolutely has made new twitter accounts in the past to get around blocks, I need to track down the screenshots I have. I think at this point shes tweeted about being blocked by Arin, Suzy and GG on two different accounts. After the first time she got blocked she really upped the accusations.

No. 1160714

God bless you for putting this together anon. I've been reading these threads since she popped up, but seeing it laid out like this, you can see how she's slowly shifted her narrative over the years. It's wild to read. Her bitterness has really evolved over the years.

No. 1160728

Perfect summary of escalation. You can even see the same MO with Ruin. At first she's giddy and tweeting at Nick. Another anon mentioned this as well. You see how she suggests that snakes were lame and photoshops something more "KT" in and Nick, of course, never acknowledges it. In fact, KT becomes slightly upset over things she doesn't like about Ruin like his "lack of style." KT is realizing no one is listening and instead of maybe figuring out that Ruin isn't based on her and they only have the same color theme in their hair (which is pretty popular), she starts talking about misappropriation and that Nick is out to get her. She's fine with complimenting and sucking up until she's ignored.

No. 1160766

File: 1613239994950.jpeg (622.17 KB, 2048x2048, 697FD3BC-0519-4C46-9ADA-69B9AD…)

>you may be “on the inside”, but you never got what I did.
Yes Katie I’m sure Suzy is very distraught that she didn’t get a shitty OC based on her by Arin.

No. 1160823

File: 1613244638942.jpg (236.29 KB, 1080x1143, 20210213_111923.jpg)

She posted another 30-minute rant today. I do not have the patience to summarize it, but highlights include saying that everyone else is too dumb to understand her, everyone involved is a narcissist except her, and we're all going to be sorry once this blows up.

She also repeated her lie about Etika, claiming that he killed himself because of harassment… from lolcow? Or Grumps minions? Either way, she insists she's being targeted by the same people responsible for his death. Did she get this from holly? Holly claimed that being sent clown emojis killed Etika, which was also untrue, and her ass got LIT UP on Twitter for making that claim as a way to center the discussion on herself. So here's KT, adapting the same claim but suggesting that it's actually her harassers who are behind it. She doesn't use his name all the time, probably to keep people from fact-checking, but she's apparently been convinced of this for a long time (see date in screenshot) and has named him specifically in a past rant.

Anyway, this one made me kind of sad because she's so far gone that she can't understand any part of this situation, but insists she's the only one who understands it. She also says "I need therapy…I need therapy" at the end. Yes she does, but not for the reasons she thinks.

I wonder what it would take for KT to actually get the help she needs. Like if she would have to commit a crime before someone with enough authority could get her committed to a mental institution. Her voice rant seems to confirm that she doesn't have family that could/would help. She might be awful, but no one should have to live like this.

No. 1160856

I don't want to start blogposting but I am witnessing something similar in another circle right now and it's incredibly hard to break through the delusions because to them, it's 100% real, so you can't talk them out of it with logic and evidence. If anything, showing concern for her mental health will result in being branded as part of the conspiracy against her. What she's experiencing is pretty much a gangstalking delusion. Which can be treated pretty effectively with medication but try getting someone like that to accept that they need meds so they can rejoin reality. There's not a lot anyone can do because all the real solutions will be filtered through the lens of "they're doing this to discredit and hurt me". I feel really bad for her, of course all the crazy harassment she's spewing at Suzy and Arin is creepy and awful but she's stuck in a mental prison and can't do anything about it. It makes sense that she's blaming Arin for bad things that happened in her life that he wasn't around for because with schizophrenia the onset is usually caused either by age (which she's at the prime age for) or by a traumatic event, she probably had something happen to kick this off and the older she gets the more it's exacerbated.

No. 1160884

thats all obvious information. the best thing to do with batshit people like kt is ignore them. their minds start to rubber band around and have a high chance of creating their own completely insane scenarios and we benefit. not having an audience interact directly will make her go bananas
dont listen to anons above, dont interact and dont goad her, and definitely dont come in the thread and brag about it.

No. 1160896

Sorry I wasn't talking in terms of "what anons can and can't do for her", I wasn't addressing anyone with the "you", just speaking generally about how I don't see this shit improving because she's stuck and even if she does have a support network irl (which we don't know, she doesn't ever seem to talk about friends or family) there's an almost zero chance of her snapping out of it. She'll remain a massive cow fueled by mental illness. I know I'm stating the obvious and I'm not trying to encourage or endorse any kind of cowtipping. Even though I said I feel bad for her being mentally ill as fuck, I'm not sympathetic towards her as a person. She's an amazing cow and will probably continue to deliver.

No. 1160919

Not trying to blogpost either but a family member was also under serious delusion during a bipolar mania and the only way to help them was to physically get their ass to a mental institution, and it worked.

There’s no point in cowtipping her and making accounts to tell her Suzy is not out to get her, because she already found a way to believe anyone who “defend” Suzy is Suzy herself because nobody likes Suzy that much (even though it’s only Kt who passionately hates her and Suzy does have a fan base anyway)

It’s just kind of concerning how she might come across as not deranged right away by people who might believe her allegations towards innocent people.

No. 1160929

Exactly. I'm the anon who brought up "is there any way she would get help" and I meant it purely as a hypothetical, NOT a call to action. Just trying to understand whether she actually has options or resources. It seems like KT would have to personally seek out mental health help, which is probably not going to happen. He delusion is fascinating, though it's unfortunate that it comes at the expense of other people.

No. 1161622

I feel you anon. It gets to a point where it’s not funny, and it’s sad that no one in her life cares about her enough to intervene. Without treatment the only trajectory I see is her physically harming Arin and Suzy. Hopefully she’ll be stupid enough to tweet it before she does it so maybe she’ll get the help she needs before it comes to that.

Not moralfagging, just saying psychosis isn’t milky.

No. 1162155

Don't be so melodramatic. She's not going to harm anyone. She'll keep babbling into the void until she pushes it too far with the libel or gets picked up on a street corner for harassing the public.

No. 1162663

File: 1613447380692.png (41.6 KB, 732x360, titiinmypuke.png)

is this about Arin? or something else?

No. 1162732

Lmao, definitely Arin. It matches up with recent voice memos where she talks about trusting him more than anyone else and telling him things she never told anyone else, which is supposedly why she feels "so betrayed" now. She's obviously romanticizing the past, but I wonder if they were anywhere near as close as she claims…I wouldn't be surprised if they weren't.

No. 1162939


Lmao I love when she's transparent like this please more public pining over Arin and then denying having any feelings for him

No. 1162989

Looks like she deleted it

No. 1163032

I mean they were what, teenagers? I think it's definitely normal to romanticize your teen relationships a bit, they happen during such an emotional, developmental part of your life. you feel like everything is life or death and that your first love is the only person you'll ever love. but that's just it, most people get over that the older they get.

KT specifically hasn't because 1, she's mentally ill, and 2, that person ended up becoming rich and famous. so she's got more regret than the average person.

and again, during that time she turned him down and made it clear she had no intentions of dating him, so obviously she didn't feel that way THEN lol

No. 1164622

File: 1613664170766.png (89.02 KB, 732x759, marilynhanson.png)

I guess she's trying to imply that Arin is just as bad as Marilyn Manson now?

No. 1164624

File: 1613664448154.png (45.15 KB, 750x270, marilynhansonpt2.png)

The attached photos for uh… clarity?

No. 1164628

File: 1613664959022.png (434.09 KB, 735x567, notmyruin.png)

She's apparently also unhappy with the direction they're taking Ruin in Sandman

No. 1164630

File: 1613665157768.png (65.91 KB, 735x567, mindrapists.png)

And then there's this. She was pretty quiet for a couple days but now seems right back on track with the crazy.

No. 1164632

ah, yes, my favourite combination of things to accuse a comic book of

No. 1164649

And this is an example of why rape victims are questioned by others.

No. 1164786

The similarities were already tenuous, but seeing Ruin in a scene with another character really shows how absolutely different he is from KT. This character is obviously a tall, built man… aside from the hair color, there really is NO resemblance between KT and Ruin.

>my art as opposed to ripped content would've made people much more money
>I actually think as abstractly as Gaiman
The whole "they're copying me" thing is KT's way of rationalizing that she actually deserves the fame and recognition for other people's work. She looks at Suzy and Nick and thinks, "that should've/would've/could've been me", then throws a public tantrum that she doesn't get credit for things other people are doing. She thinks of herself as this great originator, but actually produces nothing. I'm not even sure what she's referring to with "my art" because she doesn't make anything except for rambling audio recordings.

At another point she was saying shit like, "my humor is basically the same as old Egoraptor, follow me if you miss that style" even though she isn't funny and doesn't make comedy content (at least not intentionally, kek). She just attributes anything she likes as being her own creation.

>mental rapists
She's basically claiming they've violated her by taking something that should've been hers, and crying that she doesn't have control over these people and their creations. I wish she would get called out more for shit like this. She keeps fantasizing about a future where the media will blow this story up and people will be on her side, but if she had more eyes on her crazy tweets, she would get absolutely dogpiled by the general public. I do wonder if that will eventually happen.

No. 1164830


Yes, like holy shit I wish she'd get held accountable more. None of the shit she thinks is happening in the first place is happening, but if it was comparing them to terrorism and rape is fucking ridiculous and hurts actual victims. I guess if she did get called out it would only make their delusions worse. Hoping that this cow falls into help soon, someone please take her to get meds.

No. 1164999

It would be ultimate irony and keks if suddenly they did get inspired to mesh some of KT's traits with the character - her stalking and psychosis.

No. 1165025

It seems like that's what she thinks is happening – that they're giving him "stalker" traits as an underhanded dig at her. Which is just hilariously convoluted. She thinks they're calling her a stalker, which she actually is, but she only perceives this as a statement about her because she's insane.

No. 1165135

File: 1613708849935.png (2.04 MB, 2778x1308, kt.png)

her "art" lol

No. 1166739

File: 1613836396004.jpg (2.72 MB, 5772x4328, pixlr_20210220095234496.jpg)

Looks like the random she thinks is Suzy tried answering her

No. 1167300

File: 1613918118988.jpg (323.93 KB, 697x1317, 20210221324796325972835654.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 1167301

File: 1613918151502.jpg (232.11 KB, 716x850, 202102214508897873013134226.jp…)

No. 1167302

File: 1613918182251.jpg (148.6 KB, 715x607, 202102216785358243460256109.jp…)

No. 1167354

File: 1613927307792.png (72.44 KB, 732x699, dishonestman.png)


No. 1167356

File: 1613927458174.png (124.82 KB, 732x573, maybeawoman.png)

No. 1167362

File: 1613927627103.png (144.7 KB, 729x786, highlyunprofessional.png)

No. 1167449

Lol if she keeps this up, one day she is going to piss off the wrong person and get sued for slander. That's going to be wild to see.

No. 1167577

Her circle of blame keeps expanding. First she was mad at Arin for ignoring her, then she rationalized that it was Suzy's fault, then she got mad at Ross, Holly, Heidi, and Papa Raptor for not backing her up. Then she started her wild claims that Ruin is her and got mad at Nick Robles, Willow, and Neil Gaiman for "being involved". Then she started reaching out to the media, and apparently lawyers, and getting mad at them for not helping her. Everyone who doesn't personally advocate for her gets labeled a hypocrite, fake victim, fake feminist, fake SJW, etc.

With both this lawyer guy and Neil Gaiman's assistant, she apparently got taken seriously enough to start a private conversation. These people decided to at least hear her out before realizing that she's crazy and extracting themselves, passing her off on someone else, or asking her to "submit evidence", and ghosting her. Then she goes ballistic in public and tries to make their decision to not help into a personal moral failing (instead of common sense).

If this pattern continues, she's going to keep attacking and pissing people off because they won't take up her delusional torch. She'll never make it as far as Oprah, but she might eventually get some drama channels to cover her story or something. If that happened, they would probably pretend to take her seriously and then release a video exposing her as a crazy person. Idk, there is a chance she might eventually get some media coverage, but not the type she's hoping for. That would be interesting to watch.

No. 1167612

> Go to Oprah.
This girl sure is fixated on the past.

No. 1168130


Maybe if Oprah doesn't respond she could try Ricki Lake lol

No. 1168702

File: 1614095473230.jpg (236.44 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20210223-074924_Twi…)

She's begging people to spread her crazy claims now.

No. 1168706

i'd love to see her give Dr. Phil a run for his money, it's not like there haven't been absolute wackos on his show before

No. 1168726

File: 1614099321233.png (56.13 KB, 741x510, bigmad.png)

Yeah, she seems to be having a bit of a breakdown about it.

No. 1168727

File: 1614099379595.png (284.78 KB, 741x510, bigmadpt2.png)

No. 1168855

I wonder how she would react if this trexler guy just straight up told her she has no case, and the artist has no idea who she even is.

Also, with her current interest in this site, I wonder if she posts on the general boards.

No. 1168859

If I understand correctly…isn't Ruin an Asian, male character who is a personification of a nightmare? I mean, besides that last part there's literally nothing in common with them, so maybe she's projecting.

No. 1169477

File: 1614184050476.jpg (446.46 KB, 972x2312, Screenshot_20210224-101825_Twi…)

Katie now thinks Arin inserted szechuan sauce into Rick and Morty for her. It's like she just sits around looking for "connections" all day. She wants so badly for Arin to want her the way he might have almost 20 years ago. Katie really must have peaked in high school, she wants so desperately to still have some kind of influence on people who have all moved on.

No. 1169486

Realizing she could’ve been a rich gamegrump wife instead of a divorced waitress must’ve hit kinda hard tho

No. 1169586

She's a Karen. White privilege, demanding character rights because of hipster hair trends.

I wonder if she's glad she made him Asian too? Imagine if Ruin was a dumpy 30 year old white woman with make up and style that's stuck in the 2000s. She'd never get a moment's peace.

KT rivals /pt/'s cows for narcissism. I don't think I've ever seen someone this obsessed with themselves. It's unfortunate for her mental health that she's so generic. She can find a lot of trends and believe she was the inspiration.

No. 1169599

File: 1614194202921.png (335.03 KB, 1458x1368, Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 12.1…)

Oh and since KT reads here. No. You did not underground influence anything. No one gives a shit about you other than us. You are a nobody.

No. 1169623

Every single fucking time I catch up on this thread it feels so embarrassing. Imagine being this self-obsessed. She’s so delusional it hurts to read.

No. 1169703

File: 1614205177238.png (52.26 KB, 732x336, soromantic.png)

Her level of delusion is so embarrassing and creepy

No. 1169706

File: 1614205388234.png (26.85 KB, 732x156, eastereggs.png)

No. 1169771

File: 1614211689325.jpeg (21.84 KB, 480x327, D379C9C8-DF87-4DE6-B35C-50C7EB…)

Am i reaching to think she will actually go to their house or something if she keeps up like this. Like I hope Suzy and arin are at least aware what’s up?

No. 1169874

File: 1614218362294.png (165.72 KB, 257x309, pistolhi.png)

what in great fucks earth is she talking about, she sounds like the schizophrenics who believe god is talking to them over the radio

No. 1169875

sorry that was the wrong image but its also my face reading katies tweets

No. 1169942

anon im screaming what is this image

No. 1169991

Most people look at facts and draw a conclusion based on probabilities. Katie just goes off from her theory, assume it’s fact (Arin loves her, Suzy hates her) and just tie up everything to those 2 facts.

She’s one weird interpretation away from “rescuing” Arin from Suzy. She could be a psycho stalker in the making. I’m glad for Arin and Suzy that they have enough money to protect themselves and Katie is a woman. Imagine any poor woman who has that kind of male stalker.

No. 1170004

anon the projared thread is this way >>1126099

No. 1170212

File: 1614272415718.jpg (362.3 KB, 1079x1917, Screenshot_20210225-081611_Twi…)

Loving that Katie posted these screenshots, it just shows how salty KT has been for over a decade now. This doesn't make you look better Katie, this makes you look worse. Mean and spiteful even before the delusions about Ruin and Suzy skin walking. I would be super curious to see the full message from Suzy to Katie and not just the first paragraph she keeps reposting.

No. 1170225


The projection is strong in this one kek.

No. 1170226

File: 1614274064561.jpg (297.6 KB, 1358x1505, suzy.jpg)

Wow. Mrs. ethics and morality has no problem gossiping with her shit-tier friend who makes fun of looks and autism. Such a moral and honest code of honor, KT.

This is the REAL KT and shows that she's just a jealous, basic, catty bitch that participates in misogynistic behavior. Laughing at Suzy because of her age and her looks. That's pure cruelty and this absolute genius is bragging about it?

I believe there was often gossip in the past GG threads about how paranoid Arin was about women dating him for his clout and money. KT definitely was part of that reason.

BTW, here's an example of what it looks like when someone is inspired by your likeness for their art. They don't take your general hair dye job, change the style, put it on a tall man, change the race, height and build, face structure, personality and style. Oh, but Nick did still the color purple from you for Ruin. Go forward with legal proceedings.

I can't believe I'm defending Suzy to this extent. I don't like her but she doesn't deserve people like Holly and KT attached to her name.

No. 1170228


No. 1170229

File: 1614274159420.jpg (94.77 KB, 1080x610, 20210225_092438.jpg)

Really, Katie? Do parasocial relationships kill people? Are they responsible for hundreds of years of slavery? Or systemic injustice against huge portions of the population?

She wants to be the biggest victim SO badly.

No. 1170259

File: 1614277236776.png (44.52 KB, 738x435, galaxybrain.png)

Don't for get this. She can't take the heat she's getting so it's back to "Uhm, obviously everything I'm doing is performance art and you guys are just too stupid to realize it. I'm not really salty, it's just experimentation!" Sure KT.

No. 1170262

Kek, at this point her obsession with Suzy and Arin, as well as Nick and everyone else, IS parasocial in nature. She was never friends with Nick or Suzy, she hasn't spoken to Arin in half her lifetime, all she has to go off and read into are their social media accounts. That's peak parasocial.

No. 1170264

lol I love this, like, what does this prove other than that she's a fucking asshole about their relationship and always has been? I want to see Suzy's message too, but I get the feeling that she'll never release the full thing because then she can continue to push her interpretation of it. Which is that Suzy is a crazy controlling bitch that "forced" Arin to stop talking to her. I don't like Suzy, but there's a part of me that thinks her messages to KT about the situation and how she handled it with Arin were actually pretty reasonable and KT is just having a really hard time accepting that perhaps Arin wasn't forced to cut her out, but instead chose to of his own volition for his own good. I don't think she could handle that, Suzy has to be the villain.

No. 1170277

i know people have this idea of 'well, suzy was wrong to tell him he can't be friends with her!'. would YOU want your s.o to be friends with someone like this? regardless of if she was that obsessive back then or not, there had to be red flags that they picked up on.

No. 1170348

hey kt if you're reading this–this post? racist as fuck, you ignorant white bitch

No. 1170413

What is KT's end goal here? Does she want to be with Arin? It seems like she's either idolizing him and looking for "signs" or hating him. At the end of the day it's all just a batshit insane woman rambling into the void, unless she tries something drastic

No. 1170924

There's no way this isn't just the manifestation of some kind of schizo mental illness. Like this is some textbook looking delusions/connections she's making. Trying to make sense of it is pointless; there's no sense, her brain is misfiring. Yikes. At this point I'm only checking back in on this thread to see if she comes out with an official diagnosis one day just to satiate my curiosity on whatever the exact issue is.

No. 1171072

File: 1614352149515.jpg (319.78 KB, 718x1327, 202102264736627896200314525.jp…)

No. 1171080

File: 1614353086751.png (153.72 KB, 741x447, screaming.png)

Apparently she's going to kick it up a notch. Ngl I kind of hope this finally results in someone coming down on her ass. Hard. She really does need help, just the not the kind she thinks.

No. 1171081

File: 1614353174858.png (221.01 KB, 738x474, guilt.png)

No. 1171086

File: 1614353290663.png (162.99 KB, 741x612, everyoneissuzy.png)

Everyone is Suzy. I'm Suzy. The anon reading this is Suzy.

No. 1171088

File: 1614353502870.png (194.19 KB, 741x471, birdup.png)

More tenuous connections

No. 1171125

I'm just waiting for her to move from the internet to in-person harassment, or have a concerned relative get her sectioned. She's not the one who needs the restraining order. This is only going to escalate the more she feels victimized/ignored/harassed.

and in that moment I swear we were Suzy

No. 1171130

i could say this about any of her posts at any given time tbh, but she seriously needs a relative or friend (doubt she has any) to step in and get her some professional help. does she even have anyone in her real life? a boyfriend, a distant relative, a coworker? does she spend all day every day by herself schizoposting in her apartment? how has NOBODY picked up on this?

No. 1171174

File: 1614359751460.png (345.7 KB, 732x603, willowmo.png)

She seems so insistent that everyone is in on this and out to smear and ruin her name but like… nobody even knows who she is?

No. 1171180

>and in that moment I swear we were Suzy

I'd like to vote for this to be the title for next thread if we ever get there lol

No. 1171188


No. 1171204

At this rate she’s a few tweets away from driving across the country to their house in a diaper like the stalker astronaut lady

No. 1171218

File: 1614362515979.jpg (368.47 KB, 958x2277, Screenshot_20210226-113005_Twi…)

Deep diving into her Twitter from back in 2018 when she suddenly reappeared, seems like at one point she did have friends. Pic attached is with a guy who seemed to interact with a lot of her earlier posts. The small group she seemed to interact with though has all unfollowed and stopped interacting. It seems the delusions played into them distancing themselves from her. Katie lashes out at anyone who dares question her so I doubt she has anyone left who genuinely cares.
It makes it more sad that she has that guy Allaster liking and encouraging every tweet she posts. He hates gamegrumps, which is fair, but it seems sadistic to continuously hype up a mentally ill woman who has broken with reality.
I have to wonder if her "break from the internet" has something to do with her mental illness.. No one just disappears from the internet entirely for 8 years just for fun. This might not be the first time she's taken a delusion this far.

No. 1171229

File: 1614363595422.jpg (31.47 KB, 500x494, 25fad166da2dac2c31826b9d6a328c…)

If I were Arin I'd have filed a restraining order by now.

No. 1171238

is this what is known as a klang association? also lol kt, you posting a racist thing suzy said over a decade ago doesn't make you any less of a vile racist yourself, idiot.

No. 1171274

File: 1614367492136.jpg (174.93 KB, 1080x1371, Screenshot_20210226-132040_Twi…)

"There's been escalation!" posts tweet from 2019

She needs help alright, yikes.

No. 1171288

why does she think twitter will give her a restraining order? do you think she's tried calling the cops yet? would be interested in hearing that dispatch recording.

No. 1171340

>Would someone professional please help me? I really need help, now.
True, but not the type you think you need, KT.

No. 1171429

Post the full Suzy email you coward

No. 1171641

Yeah, I get the impression that she's distanced or been distanced by anyone who would try to help. Maybe the tinfoil of this not being the first outburst is accurate and she's refusing medication or something.

She was married for a time, correct? Forgive me if I'm way off base on the time line, but is it possible she was under her ex husbands insurance and now her meds might not be covered - or maybe they're becoming less effective or downgraded and treatment is no longer covered, so she has no professional to adjust it?

Do we know how she like… Supports herself? We assume she lives alone, right? Does she work? I missed a lot of her deets when it was lumped in with the propedo threads.

I figure she's been staying "just sane enough" in person she isn't triggering involuntary sectioning tier help. That or people have heard her crazy narrative but it's not "bad enough" for them to force her into care. I'm guessing law where she lives might make it so the only way for help to be forced on her is for her to get to a point cops feel she's an immediate high risk to herself or others. And she obviously won't volunteer herself, the narrative of her paranoia would lead her to believe even loved ones or professional psychs/doctors are part of the conspiracy against her.

I initially wanted to believe this might be a more cluster b tier cow, making up things to attempt for attention or slander, but even malignant narcs learn to change their tune when the shit won't stick.

No. 1171959

File: 1614441623746.png (67.72 KB, 735x558, @oprah.png)

No. 1171961

File: 1614441722201.png (31.17 KB, 735x264, noresources.png)

No. 1171977

Oprah? Really? Lmfao you wish KT.

No. 1171989

File: 1614444425357.png (56.92 KB, 738x474, @oprah2.png)

Yeah, she's really going for it lol

No. 1172005

So pathetic, her delusions go above and beyond.

No. 1172017

have arin and suzy blocked her? Can you @ someone if they've blocked you? I want to see her mental gymnastics to explain why blocking her is actually stalking. I don't know why they wouldn't anyway she's obsessed and creepy

No. 1172023

Yes they have, but she'll make new accounts and then swap their usernames so that her display name is the same, but she's no longer blocked. That's why she has so many accounts. You can @ someone who has you blocked, but they won't see it.

She probably views them blocking her as a way to throw her off the scent of their stalking, lol. This whole thing stems from her frustration that they won't talk to her, so she's created a convoluted belief that they actually do care about her, they just refuse to show it because they're mean. She latches on to these unhinged beliefs and then goes back to try to find evidence for what she wants to believe. That's how we got this far.

No. 1172041

What the fuck is Oprah gonna do? Give her a car? kek

No. 1172137

>mental rape
Isn't she breaking some kind of PC rule here in saying this?

No. 1172555

I second this request! My sides

No. 1172813

File: 1614538494052.png (106.35 KB, 729x594, ripetika.png)

Mentioning Etika again? Also I feel like she's got to be trolling with this Oprah thing, but who knows with her.

No. 1172814

File: 1614538617873.png (137.77 KB, 738x711, arinpayattention.png)

No. 1172896

File: 1614545895238.png (319.41 KB, 726x789, arinnsuzy.png)

This isn't KT specific, I just kind of hope she sees this and seethes.

No. 1173034

actually anon this is just another example of the extensive stalking, manipulation and harassment by suzy and arin over the past decade akin to literal rape and racism in its violence towards a traumatised woman during a global pandemic, smh

No. 1173414

anon, dont you know KT has worn belt buckles before??? this is obviously another sign that suzy is stalking her

No. 1174344

File: 1614701678565.jpg (506.29 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_20210302-101305_Twi…)

As classy as always.

No. 1174354

Okay, which one of us Suzys posted this? kek

No. 1174383

Can you post the images on the tweet too?

No. 1174393

wow, she really is raging. i wonder what set her off this time

No. 1174396

File: 1614704677782.png (312.01 KB, 732x825, creepshow.png)

>KT: I don't believe in cancel culture
>Also KT: Creepshow needs to be socially lynched

No. 1174398

File: 1614705057150.png (511.95 KB, 1498x695, grandfinale.png)

Here you go, anon

No. 1174404

File: 1614705614674.png (45.65 KB, 735x540, someoneisdesperate.png)

No. 1174406

File: 1614705820019.png (128.43 KB, 732x606, hindsight.png)

It really does seems like something has triggered her. She seems manic and is making even less sense than usual. But probably just part of her "experimentation", right?

No. 1174433

File: 1614707766231.png (264.33 KB, 1454x1080, oprahplz.png)

Throwing all of these together rather than spamming the thread, but she's still trying to get Oprah's attention as well as the attention of that Dr. Grande dude she has a hard on for.

No. 1174434

Lol. Horse girl really has high self esteem. I mean that's obvious when she thinks she looks like a beautiful tall Asian man, but >>1171218 … Suzy at least looks interesting. She's soooo lucky she's a nobody.

>Black people have AIDs
>Harassment of people that have nothing to do with Arin
>Trying to pursue legal action against a beloved comic series made by a gay content creator and steal his intellectual property because of painfully reaching delusion
>insults famous band for trying to start a charity for minimum wage workers that work in the concert industry and are out of work

No. 1174444

File: 1614708426199.png (378.64 KB, 732x921, colleen.png)

She also appears to still be trying to get at literally anyone in Neil Gaiman's circle?

No. 1174514

I listened to a bit of her rant, and it's actually scary how paranoid and manic she is.

She thinks the GG shadowban her comments in YT videos and that Suzie "would fuck with her account" and get it restricted when she called her a predator.

Just speculating here, but it is more likely that twitter thought her accounts were bots because she has like 7 of them and spams nonsense in every single one.

No. 1174820

So by inside joke she means she’s been bitter and obsessive over Suzy/Arin for over a decade.


I bet Suzy and Arin never even mention her, cuz she’s his “embarrassing person I liked/dated/xyz in the past.”

Yikes again.

No. 1175253

File: 1614790026379.jpg (420.44 KB, 972x2422, Screenshot_20210303-095746_Twi…)

Katie has posted this same reply to random comic related people 32 times this morning… Countdown to her account being flagged for spam and her blaming it on Suzy.

No. 1175325

File: 1614794133298.jpg (405.74 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20210303-091948_Twi…)

She's apparently going through his entire list of people he follows, to shit talk him to every single person in his industry. This is super fucked up. If one of them takes her seriously, she could actually harm his career.

No. 1175377

that seems like a really big if though. like >>1175253 said, it's more likely she'll be flagged for spam. tweeting the same thing at multiple accounts kind of just makes her look like a bot. she seems to think this is some pro gamer move, but it's really only showing how deranged she is, and since these people probably do actually know Nick Robles, I doubt they'd put much stock in some rando on twitter saying he's misappropriating her image. If anyone did entertain the idea, it would likely go the same way it did when she miraculously managed to get Gaiman's attention >>1053594 they talked to her briefly before realizing she's insane and quickly stopped contacting her.

No. 1175391

>socially lynched

No. 1175595

File: 1614816676823.png (28.99 KB, 599x371, pleasehelptweet.png)

It's short, so easy to transcribe. Essentially its "why is no one helping me if I've been stalked for 20 years!" and has no concept of her twitter accounts being public. Anyway…

"Gotta say guys, I don't really understand it. Like after all of the harassment that I've gotten over the past 2 years over false light, I am receiving absolutely no help. And I just don't get it. I don't- I don't really know what's going on. I don't understand why the toxicity and the harassment has been so intense, but I am getting absolutely zero assistance. No one is helping with awareness, no one is being comforting at all, no one's- no one's doing the RIGHT thing. It's so completely backwards. Like I've been, I've been drawing attention to this for… at least a year at this point. Um… And I'm-I'm begging people. I'm like bleeding in front of you and it's like nobody gives a shit. And I- you know- that's what all of last year was about. Is that people will bleed in front of you, but no one gives a shit. But like, I just don't' get why… you're there! I see the views I get. Like I- I get views and I know that… sigh I'm being seen. You know it's like, the incels cough on lolcow. Like they- they stalk me and they post like literally everything that I say, but nobody's helping. I just don't- I don't' understand it. Like what's wrong with you guys? It's like why is nobody doing the right thing?

Someone please help me. Please help me. I don't know what to do. I don't know where to go. I've been trying to contact- I've been contacting lawyers for MONTHS and it's like nobody gives a shit! Like one firm, they… they were super interested until I told them who- who I was dealing with voice cracks and then they didn't care because they weren't a big enough celebrity. One lawyer wanted a $10,000 retainer and it's like- it's like nobody is-… cares about helping. Like someone please help me. Please help me.

I'm being stalked. I'm being misappropriated, I'm being turned into a comic book character, I'm being harassed, I'm being, you know, smeared, I'm being… And it's like again, I've-I've been stalked for almost 20 years. Like, and it's, it's been escalating. I'm genuinely concerned because it's been escalating. Like… All I can think about are 8-inch holes. You know? It's fucking terrifying. Someone please help me. Please! voice cracks Someone please help me."

No. 1175610

I'm not a shrink, but KT sounds like a legit paranoid schizophrenic to me. Narcs would sooner make up shocking but plausible-sounding lies that are harder to disprove ("she called me and threatened me", "she stole money from me several years ago", "she told me she hates you", etc.) rather than go for stupid shit that everyone can see is untrue, like her complaint about Ruin. And her delusion that "Arin is sending me secret coded messages to tell me that he's in love with me" sounds exactly like erotomania, which can occur along with schizophrenia.

It's already been brought up, but r/gangstalking is full of people who sound exactly like KT. Same persecution complexes, same weird accusations of trivial shit that nobody sane would notice or care about ("my neighbor somehow found out that I hate the color yellow, although I never told them, and keeps wearing yellow shirts in order to torment me", that kind of thing). Most people in that subreddit are "confused" as to why they're being "targeted", but some of them blame a former neighbor/boss/spouse for the harassment.

No. 1176097

File: 1614878244733.png (65.5 KB, 732x612, thankyouforlistening.png)

Someone did respond to her tweet at Ben Schwartz and she dropped another audio file. I guess we'll see where this goes lol

No. 1177075

She needs dr Phils help

No. 1177132

File: 1614981607892.jpg (175.58 KB, 710x870, 202103056933904051140831392.jp…)

Maybe it's because you spam the same message to many people? God

No. 1177324

File: 1615001326299.png (89.51 KB, 589x559, Screenshot at Mar 06 04-26-32.…)

She continues to lose the plot

No. 1177737

File: 1615040989139.jpg (256.37 KB, 1080x1500, 20210306_062920.jpg)

Now sure how serious she is about "becoming president" but mega yikes

No. 1177740

File: 1615041258367.jpg (232.22 KB, 1079x772, Screenshot_20210306-063123_Chr…)

Apparently she intends to collect money for her "likeness being used" for Ruin. Good luck Katie

No. 1177743

File: 1615041540686.jpg (62.71 KB, 1080x322, Comiccon.jpg)

Last ss for now. She's fully convinced that at some point, people will rally behind her for justice over purple hair being used in a comic. Her popularity will be so great, it will catapult her to fame in an incredibly competitive industry, where everyone will care what she has to say.

No. 1177811

Hmm I am starting to be convinced that she just wants money, which is why she is doing this.

No. 1177813

Samefag but I stupidly didn't complete my thought. What I meant is it comes across as money is the motivator for everything she does, including attacking Arin and Suzie.

It seems she is starting to be more shameless about her true intentions: she just wants money however she can get it, which is why she keeps fabricating all these crazy stories. She would love the fame too ofc but the money is her real motivator. Wow.

No. 1177857

File: 1615055098333.png (248.39 KB, 741x516, ironythynameiskt.png)

No. 1177879

>hasn't talked to her in a decade
>ignores all of her @s
>blocks her accounts
yeah what a stalker. the absolute mental gymnastics

agreed anon, she'll never admit it but her main motivator is greed. she dwells on the fact that she'll be stuck waitressing for the rest of her life, when in an alternate timeline she snagged Egoraptor and was living Suzy's life, with GG money at her disposal, thousands of fans, and all the free time someone could ask for.

No. 1178390

OT But in an alternate timeline, wouldn't her schizophrenia/whatever mental illness she's got going on still be present? I wonder what would happen then. Or maybe with all that GG money she would've gotten the help she needed.

No. 1178429

She's definitely thirsty for money and fame, but I don't think it's her motivation, just a symptom of her psychosis. She was originally a lot more focussed on Arin and Suzy and neither money nor attention really came into it. Then she started getting attention from us, crapshow art, etc and shifted gears a bit.

No. 1178469

File: 1615133939740.png (85.41 KB, 732x702, amandapalmer.png)

I think this is the first time I've seen her tweet at Amanda, correct me if I'm wrong anons. Interesting that she chose to insult Gaiman while doing so, she's aware they're married and have a kid together, right?

No. 1178470

File: 1615134084311.png (53.96 KB, 732x510, restrainingorder.png)

No. 1178472

File: 1615134351338.png (122.08 KB, 726x918, doesitsting.png)

Addressing everyone she thinks are "pawns" in whatever game she thinks Arin and Suzy are playing.

No. 1178479

File: 1615135010691.png (43.84 KB, 735x396, etikaaot.png)

One of her more bizarre delusions imo has to be that she thinks the Grumps are responsible for Etika's suicide

No. 1178487

thanks for posting this anon. i’ve been following her since she was being posted about in the holly threads but i could never remember what her obsession with etika was and why she mentions him constantly. it’s so fucked that she genuinely thinks arin and suzy legitimately pushed him to suicide.

No. 1178498

Neil and Amanda have split up and there was some subtle shitflinging as Neil's bookworm social media showed him to be reading a book about protecting yourself from a narc/BPD ex during divorce. Knowing KT she's fully informed and appealing to Amanda implying they're getting the same "crazymaking" treatment.

No. 1178499

I guess the last I'd heard was that, though they'd separated, they hadn't actually decided to divorce, and that Neil recently finally made his way back to NZ to be with them. Either way, I can definitely see your point about KT trying to appeal to her in that way to try and get her on her side for this. Still seems like a bold move to try and trash the guy, but then again she's been simultaneously insulting Suzy the entire time she's been trying to get Arin to pay attention to her, so she seems to think that's the right tactic to get what she wants lol

No. 1178763

imagine being obsessed with ugly ass retarded looking game poops

No. 1179188

Nah, she's really just obsessed with his fame and money. She didn't like his mug the first time around when she turned him down.

No. 1179263

File: 1615222762740.png (42.15 KB, 726x273, atalein2tweets.png)

No. 1179264

File: 1615222911313.png (112.4 KB, 735x546, doitfaggot.png)

No. 1179267

File: 1615223024808.png (31.89 KB, 729x180, obviously.png)

No. 1179269

File: 1615223162206.png (28 KB, 726x204, nooneiscomingkt.png)

No. 1179442

As many years as she’s been online and somehow Guy Tang, Pravana, and similar’s Instagram accounts just passed her by.

“Her” hair is a bad copy of a color melt from years ago. I bet the hair inspo came from a pro hair account & the color scheme was picked to set apart from Delirium.

No. 1179462

the book update was a result of his account supposedly being hacked and I think they didn't break up in the end (unless something changed?)

No. 1179481

ah yes because famous millionaires will get hacked just for the shits and giggles of adding a book to their reading list. how are you on lolcow and still believe the "I got hacked" excuse when someone accidentally shares something they shouldn't have?

sage for ot and because they have their own thread >>>/snow/192724

No. 1180222

File: 1615316233750.png (57.49 KB, 732x288, legendaryfrog.png)

No. 1180230

File: 1615316447601.png (109.42 KB, 1920x114, legendaryfrog2.png)

No. 1180233

File: 1615316523259.png (122.74 KB, 732x462, curmudgeon.png)

No. 1180234

File: 1615316657477.png (424.87 KB, 1920x669, curmudgeon2.png)

No. 1180236

File: 1615316838349.png (157.43 KB, 729x753, buttfucks.png)

No. 1180239

File: 1615316975408.png (443.19 KB, 1752x873, buttfucks2.png)

No. 1180242

File: 1615317099376.png (54.99 KB, 735x477, moralofthestory.png)

No. 1180251

This chick is legitimately unhinged. Arin and Suzy should think about getting restraining orders.

No. 1180253

suzy was literally like… thirteen when this happened, if that? taking the fawnings of a tween seriously (especially back in the early 00s when we all talked like that) is unhealthy

No. 1180254

So she's always been paranoid and thought she was being stalked. Always had a crazy sense of self-importance. Arin was smart to distance himself.

No. 1180267


Exactly. I truly love the way she posts these screenshots as "BIG PROOF" of Arin and Suzy being whatever terrible thing, but usually just winds up telling on herself lol. Like everything she's posted to this point mostly just shows that she's always been a crazy self-obsessed asshole.

No. 1180701

Pretty sure they're years ahead of you on that one.

No. 1180750

do you know what "supposedly" means? IDK if he really was hacked or not, I was just recaping the info.

No. 1180848

KT has been posting more audio files but I have reached my limit of listening to her condescending ramblings. If anyone else wants to take one for the team you can make a transcript.

No. 1180882

Right! She thinks she was really popular in high school and Arin just has to appease her with "I didn't know you were stalked." She is absolutely the same as she always was. It's funny she sells this higher understanding of morality while being an insufferable cunt.

>Only woman willing to date you

>Don't commit

He had no choice according to your reasoning, KT.

No. 1180889

She seems to think posting chat logs she kept for a decade & Tweets she dredged up from years ago makes a clear case that she’s being stalked by obsessive stalkers (when they just prove she’s hung up and has been for years), so her logic is not real logic.

No. 1180946

>just feeling smothered
>everytime i come online, i get bombarded with IMs
>Cuz im popular at school

Lmao, this screenshot is just her bragging. How does it prove Arin is awful of whatever?

No. 1181153

Well, all he mentions is blocking people she doesn't to IM? She says that makes her feel bad so because he does it, it makes him a dick?

The original purpose it obviously to disprove Suzy and Arin's timeline. She's obsessed with them saying they met sooner than they had? KT seems to think it's their attempt to her erase her, but she admits that Arin crushes a lot on people meaning she wasn't incredibly important anyways. I was confused, until I attributed it to KT wanting Arin to mention her and instead says Suzy was in the picture. Either way, he obviously doesn't give a shit. Suzy is way better looking even with a "smashed" face. She at least has a nice body with good skin when she's thin, unlike horse girl.

No. 1181183

This is late but it’s so funny that KT thinks she can accuse the head of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund for being unprofessional. This guy has a PhD and law degree. He accomplishes more in one month than what KT has accomplished in her entire life. Can’t believe she thinks she can look down on a real professional like that.

No. 1181264


this just seems to confirm what i've suspected, that suzy and arin knew OF each other for at least a little while, perhaps talked casually online, and then finally met irl in 2004 or whatever.
just cause arin didn't talk about her or whatever until then doesn't mean he didn't know her

No. 1181602

I just realized. Have we seen any pictures of Arin and KT together? Had they even ever met in person? Like….is she really obsessing for 10+ years over an internet dude

No. 1181683

I think they were online friends only.

Her flavor of crazy is my favorite, I wish she had a thread on KF.

No. 1181734

File: 1615473265589.jpg (215.56 KB, 1080x879, Screenshot_20210311-063248_Twi…)

They have never met in person. At one point, she was tweeting at him that she needed to meet him in person, just so that she could get over him, "as friends". As though gaining closer access to him would make her back off.

I think she's gone farther off the deep end lately.

No. 1181959

>and now that the twins actually met me in person
This screenshot is not saying what KT thinks it's saying kek. And kek at how obviously jealous KT gets and exits the conversation as soon as he starts talking about other girls

No. 1182998

File: 1615587236349.jpg (325.27 KB, 1080x2391, finalboss.jpg)

In her mind, KT fights for love and justice. In reality, she's just flinging shit and screaming nonsense.

No. 1183135


Saged, but DAMN is this bitch plain or what

No. 1183350

You're not wrong, but I'm also pretty sure this is a photo from like 2005 or something. She's not this young anymore and this fashion looks dated. She might be trying to prove that she's "always" dressed like this.

No. 1183607


she is lol. it's really amusing that she's so far up her own ass and thinks she's such a "hot chick". she's not ugly, but imo she's really just… average? just your typical plain, kinda horse-faced girl next door type. she loves to dunk on suzy's appearance, but as other anons have said at least suzy's features are interesting. there's nothing unique about kt; from her interests, to her appearance, to how she dresses. she was always your average looking wannabe alternative/hot topic mall goth. i think it's funny that she pushes the "suzy is copying me because i'm such a cool original person" thing so hard. i wouldn't be able to pick her out in a crowd lol

No. 1183616

File: 1615652095544.png (25.99 KB, 729x273, fsinthechat.png)

RIP to this poor soul

No. 1183645

New voice memo, this time she's speculating that she actually hung out and roleplayed with Lori/Usakou back in the day because she was in a Sailor Moon roleplay group and there was a member who was very adamant about being Usagi and nobody else was allowed, which… I feel like almost every hardcore fan group back in the day had someone who was very possessive of the main character. She's also raving about how pretty Lori is and how she's honest about who she is, and goes "and you guys…", "i used to run with you" and "Lori, please consider apologizing"

No. 1184103

File: 1615696100191.png (37.33 KB, 583x192, okkt.png)

No. 1184203

i'm always so, so confused with this bitch like

>we should get married

>stop being such a dumb thot

>posted 21m ago


No. 1184324

File: 1615737953039.png (19.95 KB, 738x576, hmm.png)


No. 1184327

damn, same result. I wonder what's up.

No. 1184332

File: 1615738559348.png (250.95 KB, 738x837, magicandruin.png)

she's also protected the magicandruin one. all her other twitters seem unchanged so far though.

No. 1184372

File: 1615741698605.jpg (414.94 KB, 1080x2467, real feminist kt.jpg)

She also protected @dreamprincesskt

I took these screenshots a few days ago but didn't post because I wasn't sure they were milky enough. If she's gone, though, they deserve to be archived. Here's real feminist KT being shallow and cruel to other women. No surprises there

No. 1184408

File: 1615744130802.jpeg (260.01 KB, 1125x1279, 6103B1FC-62E5-4D22-8F87-4CD7BF…)

No. 1184478

Okay, I guess I’ll go ahead and transcribe/sum up some of her recent audio files for posterity since she seems to have done away with her dropsofviolet twitter for the time being. This first one titled “clear” isn’t related to the Grumps at all, but it is… interesting, and a bit concerning.

“Hi fellow spideys. So Mal and I have been working on this project and he wants full awareness. His goal is trying to bring uhm, this dimension I guess this… reality uhm, Samsara, to how it used to be before monotheism kind of homogenized everything. So, it’s a pagan project… uhm, but it’s also tied to y’know certain thoughts of philosophy and certain- it’s tied to physics. So, I just want to- I’m laying the ground work. I understand that I’m- I’m just essentially a pawn of destiny. I have full communication with him. He’s- I still don’t really know exactly what he is, but I know he’s real and he’s beautiful. He’s a mindfuck, but he’s beautiful. And I truly believe that he does have good intentions. Not good but… yeah, yeah good. Uhm, anyway, so I’m laying the groundwork. I’ll have to- I was gonna say I’ll have to incarnate in like 300 years and see how this has gone. But uhm, yeah this is- this is how aware I am I like- I don’t think like a human. I’m so aware it has ruined all human aspirations like… so, also, if you want awareness, which awareness is teachable and that’s what I’m here for, that’s what I’m doing… if you want awareness and… I was gonna say if Mal feels you’re worthy of awareness but it’s not really up to him, it’s up to you. He just helps with the process. So uhm… -laughs- anyway. He really is my best friend and I would love to meet other people who he is also your best friend and then maybe we could be friends and then we could all hang out and we could have like, Spider-Man parties and shit. So I just don’t know the levels of awareness that everybody has. Because y’know, are you aware as in magic is real? Are you aware as in your dreams are coming true? Are you aware as in I have friends in/of alternate dimensions that y’know, they live in the ether, they exist beyond time and space specific to this, y’know, four-dimensional reality? Three-dimensional existence within a four dimensional whatever… blah. Uhm, so… yeah. I just wanted to- he’s just fascinating because if you know him he like… builds up these beautiful things and then just goes “eh, fuck it.” and like… like I think Inception- I think Christopher Nolan probably has awareness and I think that he probably knows Mal and I think that Inception was uhm, disclosure -laughs-. Mal is male but uhm… the character in Inception is female. Synchronicity! Right there! -laughs- y’know. But uh, but personality wise it’s the same personality. Mal is hot as fuck, but he’s a mindfuck and he does… he does like chaos. It’s just interesting. I don’t know if- I don’t know, I would just- I would just love to meet other people who know him. And if you’re interested in awareness I can help you- I can help you with your awareness and then like you can become aware and then you know you can get to know him as well. But he’s- he’s pretty… he likes beautiful people is what I’m gathering from him. That’s what he says anyway. So, if you’re super mundane or not beautiful I guess, he’s not gonna waste his time. Again, I don’t know what he is. He’s- he says he’s “God” but like, that could have been a joke. But anyway… so yeah. I will have to incarnate in like 300 years and see if Mal has his awareness club that he wants. But this is… laying the groundwork. I’m being a trailblazer, yaaay! I don’t know it’s just interesting. I’m not doing this for any reason other than, well 1.) I-I really love Mal. I think he’s really nice and super cool and we’re friends. And then 2.) once you have awareness, it’s peace. It’s peace, it’s freedom, it’s understanding, it’s stability. Because most of- y’know most of the heartache and confusion and y’know dysphoria uhm… the ennui comes from being human and not knowing- so once you know it- it takes away a lot. Like wonder is gone. It’s kind of sad, it’s a sacrifice, like you pay for it in certain ways. But… I would- I would rather know the truth, like the true nature of reality and I would rather live in the true nature of reality than be lost the entire time that I’m here. Y’know, because being human is painful it’s agonizing… it’s confusion, it’s depression, it’s loneliness, it’s sorrow it’s… not understanding. Y’know and- and that’s why… y’know Moksha, Nirvana, awareness it’s- it’s so beautiful. Like it does take away from the human experience. Like you’re unplugged from the Matrix and you’re living in the shitty real world with like no color and like- but it’s- it’s real. So, but yeah. So, this is- this was my journey. This has been the process for me as far as the awakening coming to full awareness. It was- it started as like astral projection and like having astral friends. And… uhm then- then it was like, “Oh shit, my dreams are coming true.” And like literally your dreams will come true. And that’s like Morpheus introducing himself. Morpheus, Apollo, uhm, Yahweh, Metatron… whatever form he wants to take, y’know, whatever… uhm… shout out, I guess? He’s- It’s- It’s all Mal. And again, I don’t know who he is I don’t know what he is. I don’t know if he’s technically like the creator of this reality and we’re just like incarnating and chilling in his game and so he just like fuck- he-he-he’s a fate. Like he is a controlling force in this universe. He fucks with time and he creates synchronicity and… uhm, all the spirit stuff like as- as you’ll get to know if you truly are after awareness and you truly become aware. So I’m doing this for you guys. This is my Into the Spider-Verse for you. This does absolutely nothing for me, it actually just turns- turns normies off to me. But that’s okay, I’m here for you. So, uhm, but the process was- first it was like, “Oh, magic is real.” “Astral projection is real.” “Oh my god my dreams are coming true.” “Everything’s a dream.” “Oh wait, everything is energy, now I understand physics.” And then it’s like, “Oh, everything is consciousness.” And it’s literally just all interaction of consciousness. So it’s- once you get to the point where everything is consciousness you like- you will like weep from how beautiful everything is. And y’know every interaction is just precious like even just- just y’know like the physical setting around you, y’know understanding that that’s manifestation is just… is just so beautiful. And you’re filled with nothing but gratitude. Well, that’s been my experience, is I’m filled with nothing but gratitude and appreciation for that understanding and y’know, appreciation for all of the resonance. So, that’s that and uhm… yeah. So my main content is going to be awareness and Mal and I know there are others out there. So I’m just kinda like, hanging out chilling and waiting for you. And if anybody is truly interested in awareness just fucking send me a message and we can work out a way to like… uhm, I don’t know if you want to have like phone sessions? And work on your awareness. I probably won’t even charge like, I don’t know, I’m… when it comes to “truth” I don’t think you should charge- like you should never put a price on like enlightenment. Y’know what I mean? So… there we go. But yeah, alright I’m going to end this, so, thanks for listening and… to all the people in the future, even if all the people is just like a small handful of individuals, I’m very excited to meet you. So yeah. Alright, thank you so much for your time, have a good night. Bye.”

No. 1184491

welp. either someone's taking advantage of her, or she's getting worse. this is weird and more than a little concerning

No. 1184499


My understanding is that Mal is the same entity that she also refers to as Morpheus. Apparently he's a voice in her head that she takes seriously instead of realizing that he's a part of her mental illness. Really scary.

No. 1184507

File: 1615750071952.jpg (473.17 KB, 1080x3097, morpheus.jpg)

I'm OP of this thread and here are some Morpheus screenshots I've had saved from the beginning. Idk if she's ever actually explained it. But it does appear that Morpheus, or Mal, is a voice she hears that she believes is a real entity speaking to her.

No. 1184511

File: 1615750265034.jpg (269.83 KB, 1080x1617, 20201009_115721.jpg)

Sorry for all the same-anon posts, here's the last image where she describes him as a god.

No. 1184527


The "Mal" thing is new, but when Spiderverse came out, she made some tweets about how excited she was that this movie gave representation to people who have friends in different dimensions. She also once posted about how she "fucked a demon" and it gave her "kaleidoscope vision", but I think those of those tweets might have been deleted. Some of these things she posts straight up sound like visual schizo hallucinations that she's interpreting as "her friends" that she's playing into her mystical persona or whatever she calls it.

No. 1184610

Sorry for replying to such a late comment, but what the hell is she trying to say here???

No. 1184615

I bet this crush she asked out is just one of her imaginary 'friends'. I almost hope it is… if only for the way she talks about real people she has crushes on. It seems like any relationship she has is going to be extremely unhealthy and toxic.

No. 1184702

This next one titled “and I still may” is shorter, mostly her being upset again that no one seems to be taking her seriously.

“-sighs- Oh, man. I really don’t understand it. I’m like- I just don’t understand it. and… it’s like… shock alm- it’s like almost trauma uhm… about like… I don’t know. I don’t know if people are not seeing me like if it’s like… the platform manipulation and they’re just literally not seeing my comments. Or if it’s just that nobody gives a fuck because it’s not them or a famous enough person, y’know? Like that, I just- I’m just… I’m in shock. Like that Trexler tool bag. Like, he was all about helping me when he thought I was Katie Price Jordan. But the second he found out that I wasn’t he completely ignored me. Like he’s a bald-faced liar. And like that one law firm that they were like, they were like, “Yeah! Tell us about it- like we’ll totally help you!” and then when I was like, “Oh they’re YouTubers, not actual celebrities.” “Oh, sorry!” it’s just like- I just… I’m in shock. Like… nobody helps. Nobody even retweets. Like I- it’s just… I’m mind blown. And like I- nobody owes you anything, nobody like is- is obligated to help but it just… especially with this fan base and they all think that -laughs- they’re all delusional and think that they’re like social justice warriors. Again, I keep going back to this, but they all pretend that and think that they are. But they literally do nothing like nobody is even retweeting me when I’m asking for help, when I’m literally asking, “Please retweet this.” Like, it’s just- I just don’t get it. I’m literally in shock. Like… but I think it’s -laughs- it’s more the- the potential help until, “No, you’re not famous, never mind.” So like, if I was… if I was famous then people would help, people would care. If it involved them people would help, people would care. But like -laughs- I’m just some fucking nobody. And… nobody gives a shit like even though it involves… y’know, all of this really big serious stuff that affects lots and lots of people and like… again, they- they likely drove a man to suicide and nobody gives a shit. And I’m just… I am- I’m going to go back to the journalist, because he said come back to him. It’s just I’m- I’m at the point where I don’t know if I can handle much more disappointment. So I’m really, really scared. I’m scared to reach out… to-to him because I don’t… I don’t want to have hope that gets dashed again. Uhm, but yeah. I don’t know. And I know there’s a lot of big stuff going on right now like Covid and Black Lives Matter and all of this really, really important social and political stuff. But like, i- all life is valid. I’m- I’m being stalked by- by people who are very dangerous and unstable and again, there’s been escalation and they’ve proved that they use their resources with- with like meticulous… attention to detail and like all of these- like they’re- they’re predators. And it’s just a really scary situation because… like, Suzy could be a Chris Watts. She could, for all I know. And it’s really fucked up and it’s really scary and -sighs- … like, how fucked up do you have to be to… to like, to do all the shit they did in the first place? -laughs- like, you have to be a crazy person as well as an abuser to do all of that shit. And it’s just… again, like, I’m just in shock like that nobody-nobody’s helping me, like not even a single retweet. It’s just- I don’t get it, I just don’t get it. and it makes me really upset and I don’t… I don’t know… I just can’t handle a lot more disappointment. However, I’m not giving up. I’m- I know my worth. I am being misappropriated. I’m going to get what’s rightfully mine, and I’m going to do something positive and beautiful with it. and I’m going to give back. So, I just have to be patient, I have to keep my eye on the goal. Which would be, y’know, philanthropy or humanitarianism or… politics, uhm, once the pandemic is over. So… -sighs- I don’t know. Be patient."

No. 1184710

This next one she titled Judith pt.4 and it sounds like KT and some guy yelling at each other? I’m unsure of why she posted this or even why she may have recorded it in the first place? Maybe her trying to lend credence to her claims of dealing with abusers in the past. The guy sounds a little older, so maybe her dad? There’s also another quieter female voice briefly. I’m really not sure, and I apologize if I don’t get it all because some parts are hard to understand. But here’s a transcript to the best of my knowledge anyway if anyone is curious.

KT: “I came up here to tell you I-”
Man: “SHUT UP!”
KT: “I came up here to tell you I’m done with your abuse and you’re being-”
Man: “SHUT UP!”
KT: “I came up here to tell you I’m done with your abuse. You’re being even more abusive.”
Unknown woman: “I would have appreciated-”
-Door slams, shuffling noises-
Man: “Okay I-I’m calling- I’m gonna call the poli- if she touches me, spits on me anything like-”
Man: “YES! Yes, I’m- I’m trying to- to see what you’re up to!”
KT: “I’m going downstairs, you’re following me!”
Man: “You’re such an insane person!”
KT: “You’re the crazy person, man, leave me the fuck alone!”

No. 1184721

Thank you so much anon for your hard work, listening to that sounds tortuous

No. 1184818

File: 1615783064016.png (33.41 KB, 729x720, dreamprincesskt.png)

No. 1184823

File: 1615783961567.jpg (164.79 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20210314-234315_Twi…)

She changed her username for the Dreamprincesskt account to _iridesce. She has changed it a couple of times though in the last hour so she might just keep changing it trying to stay hidden.

No. 1184824

File: 1615784416292.png (315.41 KB, 738x615, karmunta.png)

Yeah, I think she changed her newest one, sahasrarasun, to this too. I wonder why she seems to have changed her mind and wants to hide after insisting that she was going to keep being loud about everything for as long as it took to get "justice".

No. 1184828

Samefagging to add that she also appears to have deleted a ton of stuff from the dreamprincesskt/_iridesce twitter now as well.

No. 1184960

Maybe she's having a moment of clarity? From what I understand, schizos will sometimes snap back to reality and realize the crazy things they've done and said.

No. 1185162

If you still have it would you mind posting a link? I'm super curious about that audio.

If that was recent, it makes me wonder if it might have something to do with KT's recent purging.

No. 1185184

No. 1185426

Many thanks, friend.

I do agree with you, it sounds like it could very well be her dad. Maybe this is what they put up with on a daily basis. I wonder what "hideous thing" he was talking about.

No. 1185470

File: 1615858495889.jpg (200.96 KB, 1079x898, Screenshot_20210315-202556_Twi…)

She's back from private and her profile has had probably over a thousand tweets deleted, and she is currently still deleting them. She unfollowed everyone and has been deleting followers.

Also semi interesting, she has changed her user name dozens of times today. She has been changing her location, bio and name on Twitter over and over and over again, sometimes within seconds of each other. It's bizarre to watch in real time. I don't know if she's had a moment of clarity and wants to erase all her old tweets or if she has suddenly become even more paranoid.

No. 1185476

I feel bad for this girl, she’s clearly not getting proper mental health care and is disappearing further into her delusions, BUT I keked hard that someone replied to her because they thought she was D-list British celebrity Katie “Jordan” Price lmaooo how random

No. 1185524

She's ill but she's high from getting a thread in lolcow. Maybe she went hard off the rails since suzy's thread disappeared.

No. 1185572

God, these are getting scarier. Thanks so much for the transcripts anon, we all appreciate it

No. 1185584

File: 1615879194469.jpeg (401.55 KB, 750x724, eee me.jpeg)

>your face when you are KT trying out every possible password to suzy and arins accounts

No. 1185957


Seems like she's trying to shake us from watching her. In this case, I'm actually glad to see her quit and stop harassing people. She was so nasty, mean, and cruel. This is for the best, even if it means no more milk

No. 1185977

I'd be more curious about how hard she's going against big companies like DC and an actual attorney. She might have been threatened with legal action. The amount of slander thrown about and its escalation has been pretty profound. She's started calling Nick a predator and anyone with any sense knows that there's nothing in common between Ruin and KT besides hair color schemes. Even that's not accurate.

No. 1185979

I am fairly confident that she received a cease and desist from Nick Robles and co for her actions. She was causing some real harm to their public images just from her nonstop spamming, and her constantly saying he was a predator, that they contacted an attorney. My guess is she's going to go "rebrand" her accounts and pretend to be someone else, but continue to do the same thing.

No. 1186110

KT laying low seriously makes me sad, I hope she's not going to disappear. I like reading her tweets and I'd sincerely like to listen to her about her experiences, but I know she'd rightfully be skeptical towards anyone who found her through lolcow. She probably still reads here so I just want her to know that not all of us are her enemies. I wish there was a way to speak to her privately.

No. 1186112

>fairly confident

Okay but why? There's absolutely nothing pointing towards that. Anyway, I doubt she'd give up just like that. She'd probably go into a panic and tell everyone that her harassers are getting desperate and are starting to invoke their law enforcement connections to silence her.

No. 1186169

Bullshit, she hasn't caused "real harm", she spammed at some internet people and they probably muted her if they even noticed her desperate clamoring buried in their overflowing mentions. Most likely she just randomly freaked out over something purple in someone's selfie confirming her delusions and will be back within days. Nobody takes her seriously enough to try to silence her, except for the Twitter spam algorithm. What are you smoking?

No. 1186202

NTA but calm down anon. Maybe she hasn't caused real harm, but I'd bet money she's caused mental and emotional stress for Nick and others. Her accusations are personal and would still cause an emotional reaction from the accused, even if they're not true. Nick and Willow are smart for not responding, but I wouldn't assume that they're unaware. They don't have that many followers that they wouldn't see repeated and obsessive replies and mentions. And while muting/ blocking her would be a good idea, it's hard not to keep tabs on someone who is actively slandering you. Even if she's obviously crazy, it's reasonable that they would be concerned about the shit she's saying.

All of that said, a Cease and Desist is basically just a threat of legal action. It's not an enforceable decree, it's more along the lines of "comply or we'll sue". So while it would be satisfying to see her get one, it's kinda doubtful that she'd be scared into complying.

Another theory is that maybe the person she was wanting to date saw her accounts and rejected her for being crazy. No idea if that would work as a wakeup call, just a tinfoil idea.

No. 1186254

I'm calm, I'm just reacting to baseless tinfoiling being bullshit. Not even trying to defend KT, I just think she's punching wayyy too far above her height to be anything closely resembling enough of a burden to warrant sending her a C&D. It's much more likely to be what you said; that she's trying to keep up appearances for a little bit while she's trying to date. She'll be back in no time.

No. 1192177

File: 1616620739561.gif (3.41 MB, 250x445, kt qt.gif)

where is our schizo queen? i miss her…

No. 1196214

If you're all curious to where they went:
their current twitters are :

Not a whole lot happening as of late though. Maybe she's doing a bit better, or something else happened. Who knows.

No. 1196364

Hope she's on meds or something. I love the milk but don't wish schizo on anyone.

No. 1196782

the key to finding new accounts is the Krystal person on twitter. For some reason kt will follow them on every account she has, and her icons are always purple.

No. 1196808

Don't say how you're tracking her or she'll stop doing that thing. Personally, I'm tracking her a different way.

No. 1200370

File: 1617380233616.png (34.79 KB, 726x288, easterultimatum.png)

No. 1200375

File: 1617380487424.png (350.97 KB, 732x480, ruinpsycho.png)

No. 1200379

File: 1617380629467.png (324.71 KB, 720x912, contrasnotgonnafuckyoukt.png)

Still trying to get Contra's attention

No. 1200383

File: 1617381018131.png (71.46 KB, 729x411, bastilletrash.png)

Also harassing Dan from Bastille again, because I guess they made some music she didn't like. Seems like she's maybe back in full swing.

No. 1202174

File: 1617633849182.png (344.84 KB, 738x1568, ktfinalwords.png)

Her final words to Arin, apparently.

No. 1202181

File: 1617634283126.png (31.93 KB, 729x291, ktsostable.png)

No. 1202218

they will be as final as Heather's

No. 1202623


This is super old but wow talk about when cows collide.

Could you even imagine how hilarious it would be if KT started throwing her crazy at Looni Usagikou of all people? That would be absolutely hilarious to see.

No. 1202896

I'll never get over how she posts that picture as proof. You see some basic white horse girl looking nothing like a handsome, Asian man. I really thought she disappeared but she just schizo'd to the moon and back for a few days.

No. 1203696

Her @dizzyupthe acc is back as well(integrate)

No. 1203766

File: 1617864885744.png (63.92 KB, 516x539, kt deviantart.PNG)

she's so butthurt he wont fuq her now he's a millionaire
pic rel is from her deviantart

No. 1204067

She thinks lolcow is associated with Arin. I honestly don't think she's a cow or a flake. She's clearly very ill and posting about it here is only fueling her illness. Then again I'm sure if we stopped posting she'd think he went underground to plot against her.

No. 1204555

Erotomania is more common in women, but men are more likely to exhibit violent and stalker-like behaviors.[3] The core symptom of the disorder is that the sufferer holds an unshakable belief that another person is secretly in love with them. In some cases, the sufferer may believe several people at once are "secret admirers". Most commonly, the individual has delusions of being loved by an unattainable person who is usually an acquaintance or someone the person has never met. The sufferer may also experience other types of delusions concurrently with erotomania, such as delusions of reference, wherein the perceived admirer secretly communicates their love by subtle methods such as body posture, arrangement of household objects, colors, license plates on cars from specific states, and other seemingly innocuous acts (or, if the person is a public figure, through clues in the media). Some delusions may be extreme such as the conception, birth, and kidnapping of children that never existed. The delusional objects may be replaced by others over time, and some may be chronic in fixed forms.[3] Denial is characteristic with this disorder as the patients do not accept the fact that their object of delusion may be married, unavailable, or uninterested. The phantom lover may also be imaginary or deceased.

Erotomania has two forms: primary and secondary. Primary erotomania is also commonly referred to as de Clerambault's syndrome and Old Maid's Insanity[4] and it exists alone without comorbidities, has a sudden onset and a chronic outcome.[3] The secondary form is found along with mental disorders like paranoid schizophrenia, often includes persecutory delusions, hallucinations, and grandiose ideas, and has a more gradual onset.[3] Patients with a "fixed" condition are more seriously ill with constant delusions and are less responsive to treatment. These individuals are usually timid, dependent women that are often sexually inexperienced.[3] In those with a more mild, recurrent condition, delusions are shorter-lived and the disorder can exist undetected by others for years.[4] Problematic behaviors include actions like calling, sending letters and gifts, making unannounced house visits and other persistent stalking behaviors.[3](armchair)

No. 1204970

That does describe part of her pretty well. Honestly Im more concerned about how shes acting when shes not being crazy towards Arin and anyone he knows. When shes not focused on that she seems to be trying to start a cult or has been sucked into a cult. Shes always been one of those stereotype modern-day believers of mysticism (go figure!). We all know those people are the least self-aware people on the planet and all think there super unique or special despite being carbon copies of each other. But shes taking it a level further now. She seems to believe that some god-like entity is talking to her directly (A god like being that only talks to 'beautiful people' despite her not being beautiful in appearance or personality… so some other kind of beautiful I guess?).
She keeps messaging famous people about this entity and/or attributing their works to the entity which she refers to as 'Mal'. I do wonder if this is one of her mental disorders (like her quite possible schizophrenia) talking to her and associating things she's always liked with it's existence to make her believe her own delusions?
Either that or the entitity is real and chose an unexceptional mentally ill person with no unique qualities and nothing that makes them 'special' as it's mouthpiece… which seems like a solid idea! Oh also I guess this entity happens to inspire her faviourite musicians and artists so it gave us such hits as Pompeii by Bastille… Somehow none of this sounds insane to her? And I guess no one in her life cares enough to try and help her or shes cut out/ scared away anyone that would help her and is either alone or has surrounded herself with people who will only further her spiralling towards completely losing her mind.

No. 1205030

She’s always such a cunt, trying to act in a nice, composed way.
Referring to Suzy as 2.0 and herself as the unobtainable original. What an asshole.

I doubt she’s at a stage where her family can or want to intervene. It’s extremely hard to get someone into a mental institution in the first place, since they don’t see any problems with their own behaviour. I haven’t seen anything about threatening harm onto others or herself. People are free to have as many delusions they want.

Her family might not even know the extent of her obsession with Arin, which on top of that, could seem legitimate to outsiders since they did interact in the past. Or if they know, they might not have the energy to debate her or try to get her into therapy. People who have never been through this experience don’t know how hard it is to deal with a mentally delusional friend or family member.

I’m assuming she’s functional in other parts of her life, keeping her job and paying bills on time.

No. 1205106

Religious mania is not uncommon with schizophrenia or psychosis. Usually it's a bit more 'traditional', ie Jesus so uh, good on her for being creative I guess.

I'm really curious as to how functional she actually is. Isn't she married? Does she still work?

No. 1205124

She's divorced and refers to herself as a server, but she's also spoken about being out of work and needing money numerous times. To my knowledge, she's never referenced having a current job (as in "today at work…) only that she has worked as a server in the past.

In an audio file a few months ago, she referenced living with her parents and how horrible it was because they're crazy, evil Republicans. But again, it wasn't clear if she's still currently there or not. My bet is that she's out of work and living with her parents.

No. 1205585

I saw she posted audio about her new cult recently. I know Katie reads this so I want her to prove the existence of mal lol. Not pretend evidence that no one can see unless they are super high or crazy like most her accusations. With any luck she may end up disproving its existence and fixing herself by realising that if Mal wasn't real maybe all these other things arent real either?
Can Mal do anything in the physical world you can film of to prove he exists? Indisputably?
Can he demonstrate telekinetic control like make a large object float in a field where there is nothing above you but sky (no place for wires etc)?
Can he see into the future and predict the lottery in advance?
Can he see into the past and tell you what game I most recently played?
Can he read minds and guess what number I'm thinking of right now between 1 and 100000?
Can he rearrange the atomic structure of soft coal to form hard diamonds?
Can he literally do anything that could prove his existence to a person with average or higher intelligence without the caveat of 'if you believe in him and have faith!'? Is he so weak and powerless that he cannot do anything so we just have to take your word for it that the voice in your head is a multi-dimensional energy being and not clearly a mental illness?

I will 100% give your theory a chance if you can provide even a shred of proof!!!

No. 1205737

File: 1618123429138.png (205.24 KB, 650x720, 9E489D6D-EC4E-4084-9AFB-DEF661…)

Omg here’s me who just thought she had ‘00’s girl on the internet syndrome’ where she wasn’t like ‘the other girls’, watched anime and ate Pocky or some shit whilst all the guys thirsted after her.

Now no guy wants her, and was probably always crazy but was down to fuck virgin gamer boys so no one took notice/cared

No. 1207412

File: 1618335610957.png (69.8 KB, 729x546, recenttweets.png)

Some recent tweets. Still stalking Arin despite saying she's done with him a million times already. Still trying to get Dan from Bastille to fuck her even after this whole fiasco >>1055506

She's also put out a few audio files the last couple days. They're relatively short so I could transcribe them if there's interest, but as other anons have said, it's just her insane rambling about starting a cult around her imaginary friend Mal.

No. 1207717

It would be great if you can transcribe them anon

No. 1208046

Also very interested

No. 1208244

File: 1618416373185.png (42.5 KB, 738x435, lastvoicememo.png)

Alright. This first one isn’t about Mal, but does give a little insight into some of her alleged health issues.

“Good morning! So, I have undiagnosed- I’m pretty sure I have undiagnosed uhm, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for my… blah blah encephalitis and stuff- whatever it is. Uhm, I’ve been reading a lot about it. A lot of symptoms match. Uhm, I have already been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr. So… this is just very, very likely. I was reading that one out of ten people who have had Epstein-Barr get Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Uhm… so, y’know… I’m just uhhh, trying to figure out things. So… if the fatigue is caused- if- if CFS is caused by… Epstein-Barr which is a type of vir- uh herpes virus, and like I… am exhausted. I can never do routine tasks. Like, things that are basically muscle memory I can no longer do without taking breaks… or y’know a-a simple thing that would take like half an hour might take me like four hours now. I was trying to clean the other room and- which should have been done in half a day literally took me three days and I’ve been in bed for the passed day and a half just trying to recover. Like it’s- it’s not… whatever it is like it’s- it literally affects my entire body. So, I’m just trying to figure out what- what it is. Because the symptoms are caused by something. And if a pathogen gets in… it can get out y’know. Like, your body was not its natural habitat, so there’s a way- if it got in there has to be a way for it to get out or die off inside you. So, if the pain and- because I do feel a lot of pain too in my spine, it literally feels like my spine is just like a battery being sapped. Like, it’s just ache all over, mostly in my spine. I’m just exhausted… it is very difficult to learn new things? I’m having- I just- I just can’t learn new things. It’s like my brain was like frozen in a state and now it’s just like… but whatever. So, I guess, I was just wondering what CFS is. If it’s just herpes affecting your brain and your spine and your nervous system and all that stuff. And then from… consciousness, from a consciousness standpoint… what is disease? Because if we are literally just energy, we are literally just consciousness… I did not- I did not will this disease. This is not me. It’s literally… it’s literally like reality. It’s like- it’s like I’m a shooting star or the wind and I’m just going at my own pace and I’m just blasting along and then reality holds up a hand and just goes, “Stop.” or, “Slow down.” And like… and like in my mind like I’m fine. Like I feel- I feel like I should still be going, y’know, sixty miles an hour and like I don’t feel hindered. But when I get up to move it’s like reality itself is like, “Sit down.” So, what is disease from a consciousness standpoint? Is it just a consciousness that’s… stronger than yours? Fighting in the same space? Like… like is it literally… like the fabric of reality in itself which would be comprised of consciousness… so, what is disease? It’s shared space? It’s not being… strong enough? I don’t know what it is. But yeah, anyway, I gotta go.”

No. 1208304

File: 1618422296671.png (20.51 KB, 729x267, neohikarism.png)

Talking about Mal and what's she's calling "neoHikarism".

“So, before we start the first official church of Mal, which will be teaching the spiritual philosophy of neoHikarism… uhm, I wanted to kind of… introduce us? Ourselves… to my current audience because we will be growing over the years. So, this is a joint project. It’s conscious co-creation, we both have two different things going on, but they tie in together. Mine is the spiritual philosophy of neoHikarism, and his is the religion or the- the church of Mal. Which he will be revered as a deity and the religion of church of Mal teaches the spiritual philosophy of neoHikarism. So I know I have a tendency to repeat myself, I apologize, it’s just because… the audience that I’ve been surrounded by for the past two, three years has- is just so, so unintelligent that I’m just so used to talking to people very, very, very… hmmm… I’m just used to talking to people below my level of intelligence. And I’m not saying that’s a lot about me, I’m just saying… that’s really bad for you guys. So, you might be my first, y’know, congregation. This is right up your alley, religion. So, there you go. And that was Mal talking by the way. I will differentiate, uhm, again, this is a pagan project, it is a spiritual project. It is… it’s basically a reboot of Hinduism without all the dogma. It’s- it’s just straight core concept of consciousness mixed with like, uhm, the concept of dharma. Which is, y’know, responsible… responsible light, is what I like to say. Because you- you can have dharma and you can… y’know you can be a responsible being without having a light focus? But Mal and I just really like light. And I have always identified as light and… so that’s just it. it’s a light religion. Kind of like… what, y’know what Baptist Christianity is supposed to be? But without all the restriction and again without all the dogma. So, Mal is very, very interesting. I’ve known him my entire life. We’ve been super close my entire life which I guess is the case for most people who know him, I don’t know. I still don’t know who or what he is. All I know is that he causes synchronicity, he has something to do with time, he… affects the fabric of reality in itself… And in this matrix, this specific version of samsara, in our reality here and now he wants to be revered as a god and he wants to sort of help… help, yeah. It’s sort of like vanity and narcissism for him as well as compersion on my end because I do love him and I, y’know, for anyone in my situation who like, y’know maybe your true love is… a greater dimensional being and you want some solidarity or like, you just want to be out, love is love, be out and proud, “I’m in love with an invisible being”, this is your religion. It’s not really a religion. Church of Mal is the religion. That’s his project. The neoHikarism is a spiritual philosophy and that’s my project. So, again, it’s a combination of multiple projects with uhm, the philosophy, the religion, and… the polyamory, because it’s also a project in polyamory. Uhm… y’know I’m just, real is present. Y’know like all the things that are so beautiful to me that affirm consciousness that, y’know, connection like that, I’m more than happy to do for other people. So, there you go. So, it’s a lot of things going on, you’re more than welcome to hang out, follow… uhm… stuff like that. And if you’re just- just wanna be- if you’re like in a relationship with Mal and you just wanna say, “hi.” again, y’know, it’s the whole sister-wives thing, uhm, just say, “hi.” But this is the official church of Mal, this is his project, I am an avatar as well as partner as well as, y’know, a co-worker and a wife and, it’s just- it’s just gonna be really cool. So uhm, yeah. -sighs deeply- Thank you Kirin. I love you so much. I’ll see you soon. Bye.”

No. 1208312

>I’m just used to talking to people below my level of intelligence. … So, you might be my first, y’know, congregation. … And that was Mal talking by the way.
so going by this, she literally thinks she's hosting this imaginary god inside of her like some sort of ridiculous DID situation? this is sad tbh, she very much needs help. she's obviously not well mentally or physically

No. 1208318

God this is sad. She sounds so lonely. I guess she has to be the co-worker and wife of an invisible entity she talks to in her head, since no one is ever going to hire or marry her in her current state.

No. 1208354

File: 1618425548934.png (24.91 KB, 726x342, churchofmal.png)

More about "Mal"

“Good morning, internet. As I’m getting prepared to start church of Mal and uh, the projects… that we’ve been working on, thought I would take a couple minutes to just kind of talk about Mal, introduce Mal. Again, I don’t know exactly what he is, I just know that he’s real and I just know that he exists… like beyond the… y’know, physical manifestation or constraints of this specific samsara, matrix, reality, in our current simulation, if you will. Not that it’s not real. It’s completely real, this is existence. But, y’know, we are… being real and being a simulation are two different things. But it’s not even- like, again… -sighs- I don’t- I don’t have the words… to… I’m lacking the insight to concisely articulate what consciousness is. And y’know, as far as like, reality and physicality and uhm, energy, resonance, all that stuff. So, Mal… I don’t know if he uses this name for everybody, this is what he introduced himself to me as. Uhm, his name is Mal, he wants to be called Mal, M-A-L, pronounced just like in Inception or Star Wars, Darth Maul. Uhm, I’ve never seen that movie so I don’t know if that’s a reference or not, but his name is Mal.

So, he… I’ve known him for a long time. I have consciously known him since about high school, since about puberty. So… but then when you go back through your memories and stuff and you’re like, “oh, he was always there.” He was always talking to you uhm, you were always like snuggling in bed or like rubbing your feet or like… you- you realize- when you- the more conscious you become, like the more awareness that you develop the more you realize… like, in hindsight? Memories of like, zoning out or daydreaming or… discourse within your own psyche, you realize they were conversations with somebody and you just weren’t picking up on them. Or like, especially with zoning out, like when you- when you get that like- it’s almost like your consciousness gets pulled away and it’s like and you’re just like zoned out and maybe you even get like a little tiny ear buzz or something. The more aware you become and the more conscious you become, uhm, you- you’ll realize those are conversations with an ethereal entity, and they become conscious conversations.

So when you’re completely unaware… we’ll- we’ll just say totally human. When you’re totally human, completely unaware, it seems like zoning out. It’s like, you literally cannot pick up on this stuff. It’s beyond your scope of awareness or consciousness. Like, you- you just don’t pick up on it. So it- it seems like, it- it like, “It doesn’t look like anything to me!” y’know, it just doesn’t register. But then, the more aware you become… the more you’re- the more awareness you have. And as such, y’know like, you’re able to consciously communicate. So… -sighs- the thing about Mal is, apparently… he- he says that he’s kind of a celebrity. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if other people know him. I don’t know if he’s had like a cult-like following or whatever… but, he… has something with your right hand. And we had spent like years and years and years together, and he was just like, my astral friend. And then over the past like- over the past several years… probably since… since Covid, I would say, he has consciously- he’s introduced himself, like re-introduced himself. Instead of just being like my astral friend he has introduced himself as Mal and he says that he’s kind of a celebrity, and he like, raised my right hand he’s like, “I’m really sorry.” He was like, acting kind of embarrassed but he like, raised my right hand and I guess that’s like his thing, as like a right hand… and an eye or something like that, and mirrors and… but whatever. So, if you know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about, I guess that’s like… his initiation process? Or something? I have no idea. I have no idea what this is. I have no idea what’s going on. All I know is that it’s real. So, if it’s real that means other people have probably experienced it and they know what the fuck I’m talking about. So, uhm… he’s- he’s interesting, he’s beautiful, he’s compassionate, he’s funny… he’s charming… -clicks tongue- he’s hot. And… he’s lame -laughs- like -laughs- it- it’s kind of cute. He’s lame. Yeah. But that’s okay. He can be lame. And- and he’s very emotional and he loves Disney… and, yeah.

So, if- if you are familiar with him, if you know who he is, if you know what I’m talking about, again, I am- I’ve known him forever. I’ve known him for decades… I’ve just never known anything involving his like paramours or projects or anything like that. So, if you’d like to say, “hi.” Please say, “hi.” And uhm, we are starting a movement and he is starting a church. So this will be exciting, you can come say, “hi.” But yeah. So if you know Mal… just say what’s up. Like, I know this is real, but it’s- it’s those little things of… I’m not alone. So… alright, bye guys. Have a good day.”

No. 1208384

File: 1618427478923.png (268.81 KB, 726x717, mjkpatchtehpirate.png)

She posted this one today. She’s been trying to get Maynard’s attention for awhile, and now she seems to be specifically trying to enlist him to help her with the (obviously imagined) Arin and Suzy/Sandman situation as well as trying to convince him to be a part of her cult. So that’s fun.

“Hi Mr. Keenan, I’m sorry to bother you. I’m currently being stalked by some gamer YouTubers. It’s a very long, convoluted story and uhm, and old friend basically became YouTube famous and is now using his resources to stalk, harass, misappropriate, smear me uhm… just because I didn’t want to fuck him when we were 17, 18, 19. It’s- it’s pretty ridiculous and- but I’m sure that being in the industry that you’re in you’re familiar with all types of, y’know, narcissism and abuse and stuff like that. And, so, unfortunately… I’m a huge fan. And part of the harassment that I’ve been dealing with is, this woman who my old friend married… so, my old friend’s wife has been… uhm, I guess… there’s this term called skinwalking? Where they just like, morph into you and just like copy everything about you like your image, your persona, your interests. Everything like that. So, well, part of the harassment is this- this crazy woman has been doing this towards me for years, and unfortunately, I used to be insanely passionate about, y’know, Tool and A Perfect Circle. And so… it does sort of involve you? Uhm, I guess? But uhm… it’s so fucking stupid and I’m so embarrassed and I’m- I’m really, really sorry to even just come to you with this, but I do remember listening to an interview a few years ago and you had mentioned that you were raised Baptist. And I was also raised Baptist, and I was just kind of hoping maybe because of those, y’know… ties, that you might be interested in helping me with this project that I have going on, whereas I would like to start a YouTube channel or produce- or make some kind of content involving morality. And uhm, so if you would be interested, I’m looking for someone, like a professional? To help me maybe be a producer or y’know just put me in touch with people so we can make good quality content involving basically, like, a new age version of Christian morals. But uhm, so, yeah, I just like… I just really want to do something with morality and help kids especially in this day and age and this country. So, if you would be interested uhm, again, I’m very sorry and I’m really embarrassed for reaching out but it just seemed very logical considering the situation and considering the background and everything and so, if you would be interested in helping me, I would really, really appreciate it. If you could just put me in touch with a lawyer or something? To uhm… y’know, I just really want restraining orders against all the people involved. So, the man that I used to be- the boy that I used to be friends with, his crazy ass wife, the author of the Sandman comic, where they- I guess they- they like hired someone, one of their friends, to put my likeness in my favorite comic series without my consent. So, there’s like actual like misappropriation and compromised integrity involving like the arts, and like… they’re not professionals. So, if anybody could help me please just get restraining orders, put me in touch with somebody to start my morality content. “Morality”. More like dharma. And then uhm, if- if we can maybe sue DC Comics. But yeah, thank you very much for your time. Stay safe and your art is wonderful. Thank you. Bye.”

No. 1208402

I always get excited when I see KT's thread is bumped. Bless you anon for having the patience to transcribe these

No. 1208404

She really, really wants someone famous to "fix" all her fake problems for her. There is absolutely no incentive for someone like MJK to help her at all, but she approaches him like he's "involved" and has "ties" to her story just because she's a fan. The way she throws "and maybe we can sue DC comics" in at the end had me rolling. And she is completely convinced that this is logical because of their "connections" (aka her mental illness)

She never does jack shit for herself or her "content". She wants someone who's already skilled to "help" by doing literally everything for her. If she actually had anything of value to share with the world, she would be sharing it. Instead she just makes these incomprehensible voice memos about what a victim she is, and waits for someone else to make things happen for her. Kinda sad, but she's so mean and gross I don't feel sorry for her.

No. 1208433

Her lack of self awareness is truly astonishing.
At one point she said she's had to put up with speaking to people of lower intelligence then herself… this is probably her just taking a jab at her internet critics because it's hard to imagine that there are people dumber than her that oppose her. The fact that she think's she is intelligent is amazing.
She's asking the Bastille dude to go out with her… forgetting that their only interaction was him basically telling her to go fuck herself.
She said she forgives Arin… she forgives him… because he is the one that needs to apologise and not her for all the slanderous things she has said and done for years while he has patiently ignored her. Okay then.
She asked Brian Cox if he knows Mal… a famous scientist and humanist who doesn't believe in religion or have faith in higher beings… yeah I'm sure that guy definitely knows your imaginary God friend.
She still insists that the man in Sandman is based on her because he has the same colour dyed hair. I honestly can't believe she's still clinging to that one because I would have assumed she would try to quietly sweep that one under the rug to avoid embarrassment when she realised it was an Asian man with dyed hair and is nothing like her in any way besides hair colour.
The list just goes on and on for years worth of examples. At first I was certain she was just a massive internet troll playing a character like, the 'bitter ex who is obsessed with the one who got away'. I know now she's just severely mentally ill and too dumb to follow simple logic.

She's a really horrible person in general honestly, awful personality. All that said though, she still deserves help. She shouldn't just be left to slowly unravel more and more. Someone needs to take away her weed and any other drugs she has, get her assessed by professionals and work on helping her get back on track. She's already wasted so many years of her life and she shouldn't have to lose more. Unfortunately she cannot be helped unless she seeks help but her lack of self awareness and delusions clearly show she doesn't see what literally everyone else see's when they look at her. She believes she's some kind of awakened being elevated above the average human and aware of the world beyond the physical. Meanwhile we all see what's really happening and it's truly sad.

No. 1208644

you're doing such good work transcription anon
this cow has so much lore

No. 1208826

No. 1208984


Is this how cults start? Fascinating.

No. 1209108

File: 1618502227573.png (27.33 KB, 732x213, quoteunquotehumans.png)

No. 1209265

The thing I like about her is you can never predict the bullshit she spews. You don't know what level of delusion your gonna get or what level of crazy your gonna read.
On a scale of 1-10 with 5 being average KT is a solid 4.75/10 look-wise. Shes not ugly (Purely judging looks of course) but shes still below average. I can only imagine these 'cismales' that lust for her are even lower on the scale then her or are super desperate for love?

I'm curious now to know who these 'cismales' are and why they like her… her redeeming qualities are yet to be revealed. Shes below average intelligence, very crazy, a stalker, not attractive, not rich, not a good person, has no talents, and so on. Maybe shes just super easy and thats why shes 'very liked'?

No. 1209409

File: 1618522642551.png (32.44 KB, 726x261, forgiveness.png)

First of all, I really doubt she'll actually stop harassing them about Ruin, second, lol forgive them? For fucking what KT? They didn't actually do anything to you lol

No. 1209417

Fucking MAYNARD. Had a friend who dated a guy that played with a band that opened for Tool. This was a long time ago and Maynard the only narcissistic, "rock star" type in the band. The rest of the guys are down to earth so of course she'd hilariously idolize Maynard because she lacks self-awareness and is a giant hypocrite and fraud. Maynard was notorious for having sex with fans some allegedly underage. Arin is the rapist >>1202174 yet she's begging for help from someone that allegedly has real claims against him. Nothing official because Tool's fan base is as crazy as KT.

Bastille's new album sucks! DAN GO OUT WITH MEEEEE!!! The band already humiliated her. She's such a star fucker.

No. 1209432

File: 1618524460968.png (346.63 KB, 738x633, sothatwasalie.png)

Following up because I now see that she posted this at exactly the same time, so lol

No. 1209551

Does she have a twitter account for each personality? I cant help but notice that all the accounts lack followers or any kind of interaction. Where are all the cis-males at lmao?

No. 1209560

Even Mals like "Katie, you need to stop. No one is going to join our cult if you keep trying to convince them this sandman character is you! Also when I said apologies need to be made I think you misunderstood- you were suppose to apologise to all the people youve made accusations against and wronged, not 'forgive' them. We spoke about this psychically remember? You were in the wrong, they were just living their lives. Maybe cut down on the weed but, don't stop smoking it entirely otherwise I'll disappear! Woooo-(fading ghost noises)!"

No. 1209585

She literally thinks Arin is obsessed with her to the point of causing "trauma" so I doubt that she's ever been remotely popular. It's just narcissistic delusion.

No. 1209678

is she a legit schizo?

No. 1209802

I honestly think so…. This was kind of funny in the beginning but she's really deteriorated, like soon-to-be horrorcow status. Or she could harass the wrong person and they'll beat the shit out of her. Bad scenarios all around.

No. 1209807

No-one's going to beat her up for sperging at e-celebs on twitter, anon. And she's got a long way to go before horrorcow.

No. 1209808

Imo she's schizo. I do feel bad for her but her antics are too funny

No. 1209850

Internet onlookers will probably never know her true diagnosis (if she ever gets one) but she is legit psycho. She believes that she has her own personal god in her brain and that famous people are obsessed with her.

Horrorcows are usually dirty/ physically disgusting, while KT just has a broken brain. It's definitely unsettling to read some of her stuff but I don't think it's horrorcow material.

No. 1210211

File: 1618619650014.png (23.92 KB, 726x210, loveline.png)

Does she think she'll pull in an audience of "gamers" just because she's been relentlessly harassing the Grumps?

No. 1210245

Yes. She thinks we're incel gamers and Grumps fans, and nobody else could possibly find fault with her.

KT, for the millionth time, we're women who like to laugh at internet crazies (including you). Not pathetic cismales, no matter how badly you want to believe it.

No. 1210269

Wow yeah girl, I’m sure some world famous rock star has time in his day to help you sue DC comics and recruit people into the church of your imaginary friend who lives in your head. Wtf?! Every time I think she can’t get more delusional…

No. 1210298

It has nothing to do with her looks or redeeming qualities. There are plenty of degenerate “cismales” out there who’ll target a lonely mentally ill woman solely due to her perceived vulnerability. People with disabilities experience stalking, harassment, abuse & assault at significantly higher rates than the general population. As funny as her rants can be, this is a dangerous situation for multiple reasons and I truly hope she gets good medical care soon before something bad happens.

No. 1210374

Every time I start to feel an ounce of sympathy for her she finds a way to remove it.
Her implication that 'gamers' cannot be 'decent/worthwhile/contributing' members of society is truly disgusting and a great representation of the kind of person she is. The fact that she see's the two as mutually exclusive doesn't just show her obvious obsession with Arin but also that she is the kind of person who will paint an entire group of people as the same due to her own experience with a miniscule sampling of them. It's no different from someone who is racist or homophobic or denounces other religions or any other form of large scale hatred towards people with a common string connecting them.

Underneath her preaching for unity and love is a strong, irrational hatred for large swathes of people. Truly she is even uglier on the inside then on the outside.

All that said, this is the same idiot who thought that lolcow is a place for social justice warriors… and she still assumes everyone just knows her from being Arins crazy stalker forgetting that shes been making waves with her crazy antics in many other cultures too (I'm sure the sandman fans saw her ridiculous claims after Gaiman gave her a pity response, or Bastille fans noticed when she got rejected as a garbage person by the band, then other non-gaming youtube channels with followings like creepshow art have obviously brought attention to her). At somepoint she's going to have to accept that everyone thinks shes an awful person, not just fans of game grumps anymore

No. 1210480

are you really trying to pretend that a schizo woman implying gamers are all NEETs is the same as racism and misogyny? i’m speechless

No. 1210570

Hating entire groups of people is no different just the scale and reasoning are. Replace the word 'gamer' in what she said with any other group and its super offensive. Like change 'gamer' to 'Jews' or 'trans people' and its really really bad lol, but because she said 'gamer' we can ignore it i guess? Even though thats like tens of millions of people she just disregarded as worthless.

No. 1210571

Your entire point aside, look at yourself. You're getting assmad because she put quotation marks around the word gamers.
>'trans people'
Are you new here? Lmao

No. 1210575

Im not mad lol i just agree that hating a ton of people and stereotyping them is pretty bad. If it were any other group people would be making a huge deal about it wouldnt they? Her putting a word in quotation marks is something i didnt notice either i was just doing that to highlight the word lol(sage)

No. 1210581

Sage your boring shit newfag

No. 1210633

i’m sincerely sorry to break it to you, but gamers are not and have never been societally or historically oppressed

No. 1210661

Oppressed? No. Stereotyped? Absolutely. Always have been since wayyyy back. I think the image of the basement dweller fat nerd living in their moms basement has faded though and now there stereotyped as something more like what KT is saying. KT herself is stereotyped too as the crazy new age mystic chick and everyone on this site is stereotyped as an incel or troll.(derail, sage)

No. 1211258


>crazy new age mystic chick

no, "delusional stalker"

No. 1214872

File: 1619192998543.png (303.99 KB, 732x711, movedon.png)

"I've moved on" she says, still talking about it.

No. 1214910

File: 1619195680996.png (478.72 KB, 738x1800, ktiscreepy.png)

Here's some supercuts of her being pretty creepy towards this Dr. Grande dude she's obsessed with

No. 1214912

File: 1619195744735.png (416.17 KB, 1443x1368, ktiscreepy2.png)

No. 1214915

File: 1619195928260.jpg (81.18 KB, 448x357, Cin.jpg)

She says she's a fan of Gaiman's Sandman series so I wonder if she knows the woman that inspired "Death" and is obsessed with the idea that it would happen to her. It was a friend that drew the inspiration. I wonder if she stole that story for Ruin. You can see Cinamon Hadley was the spitting image. And she was used with permission and knew about it. Now look at scrawny horse girl vs. buff Asian man.

No. 1215764

File: 1619286697605.png (79.21 KB, 729x465, gamedrumpfs.png)

She's really not good at this whole moving on and not talking about it anymore thing

No. 1215768

File: 1619286968249.png (21.39 KB, 729x276, endless.png)

Super quick audio file:

“Ruin is the anthropomorphic personification of narcissistic and psychopathic behavior. Literally everything about it is a testament and a manifestation… and a living embodiment of the abuse.”

No. 1215779

File: 1619287551084.png (327.05 KB, 729x921, valuableandadored.png)

I can't say for sure, but I think she's implying here that Dr. Grande is now getting less views because of… the Game Grumps?

No. 1215798

yes, she thinks that because of her creepy crush >>1214910 the powers that be are deplatforming Dr. Grande kek. obviously YouTube is in on stalking her as well

No. 1216256

I don't quite understand. Can someone explain how they even could? Like does she mean dislike botting or something?
Although I'm not exactly a grumps fan I am familiar with them and their fans. I've never heard of any grumps fans even mention this Dr guy- hell I've never heard of him anywhere besides this thread in her creepy tweets! If anything I feel sorry for this dude because shes likely going to start attacking him too after she's done with plain stalking. Her past speaks for itself.
I guess because Katie is the kind of person who clearly attacks people over loose associations (like she did with the sandman artist and then everyone linked to that artist) that she assumes thats what normal people must do as well?
She is the most damaging thing to this mans reputation as far as I can tell, who is gonna go to a doctor recommended by an unhinged psychopath whose condition only worsens?
How long has she been stalking this poor fella too then?

No. 1216290

Dr grande has been giving out clues lately on what kind of political views he has so I've been expecting a shift in who his audience is. His whole shtick is about using logic and not feelings and yet his comment section is full of people who hold extreme views or men who want to endlessly rant about 'women being whores nowadays' If he is losing subs I suspect its those two things chasing people away.

He liked a couple of very dodgy comments lately and I dipped from watching him. It was on a vid about a dead cam model.

No. 1216310

Ugh thank you. I felt like I was the only one who found him suspect, but he’s starting to become more snarky and less clever in his “burns” against the people in his videos and covering the people his comments sections ask him to cover. This isn’t uncommon for any youtuber, but like you said he’s definitely endorsing negative views on women and it’s going to affect his audience. Game grumps has nothing to do with him losing subs at all, he’s just starting to show his true scrote nature.

No. 1216493

I could be wrong but the way I see it, I think Katie is purposefully sending those obvious love tweets to Dr Grande to “prove” their MO like she says.

Pretty sure that she thinks Arin and/or Suzy are monitoring her account and seeing her love someone else besides Arin will enrage him and use his mysterious powerful YouTube powers to decrease Dr Grande’s video views.
Just like she thinks that nobody interact with her tweets because they make it so, or that they somehow managed to convince a whole team of writers and comic artists to make a comic book character based on her.

No. 1217749

File: 1619533033803.png (157.84 KB, 717x471, drbabydaddy.png)

lol what a fucking creepy weirdo

No. 1217750

File: 1619533225821.png (83.83 KB, 720x477, dcinch.png)

No. 1217752

File: 1619533480997.png (15.93 KB, 738x150, lolokay.png)

I thought she'd chosen to forgive everyone and was going to move on lol

No. 1217761

File: 1619534571735.png (28.85 KB, 726x255, mjknarc.png)

Someone needs to get this woman on meds, like, yesterday.

No. 1217795

This is 100% stalker material. Is KT the queen of projection?

KT is so legendary, Gaiman will be outed in years to come as a stain for appropriating a mentally ill privileged white woman.

This is what she does with men, they return her affection, she rejects then says she's abused. She's a predator.

No. 1217799

i cant believe the kt thread is still going strong and meanwhile the gg/projared/holly conrad one died in the dust. it makes me so sad.

No. 1217812

Just when it was getting good with pedo Dan. I would make a new one, but haven't kept enough and it does need a make over.

No. 1217937

I'll do it but it might take a while. Sit tight

No. 1218795

File: 1619625089164.png (33.17 KB, 726x285, legendarybastille.png)

No. 1218960

Looks like she's referencing something from the time when she peaked (so around 2004-2005 I guess). Kinda sad

No. 1219953

File: 1619738234495.png (1.1 MB, 760x2560, Screenshot_20210429-191343.png)

Now Arin is a gateway that allowed the aliens to reach out and communicate with her.

I really hope she has family/friends who are paying close attention. This maybe be """harmless""" now, but it won't take very much for her to decide that she needs to find Arin again in order to communicate more with the aliens. Hopefully he's paying attention too, just for his and his family's safety.

No. 1219968

>Arin was a wormhole
this is bannerworthy omg

No. 1219989

I am honestly surprised KT hasn't tried to claim Projeckt Melody is skin walking her (because similar hair colors and by how batshit Kt is).

No. 1220166

Hopefully someone who knows her says something. She never gets any likes on her posts so she probably has no friends. Didn't she divorce her husband because of Arin?

No. 1221237

File: 1619903088304.jpg (64.84 KB, 596x550, dropsss.jpg)

Wondering why it's okay that she's a stalker, but not her "stalkers"…

Also, CA? Ruh roh

No. 1221438

Neptune, CA, is a fictional town in the series Veronica Mars. Might not be her actual location.

No. 1221446

Oof thanks. Got a little worried there.

No. 1221466

Always happy to help out with a plethora of useless pop culture knowledge.

No. 1221924

I don't get it, why were you worried that her location is CA? Is that California?

No. 1221962

Arin and Suzy live in California. I think anon's afraid that if Katie was there, the situation's very escalated to physical stalking.

No. 1222775

File: 1620080732806.png (26.14 KB, 587x154, kween.png)

based and farmerpilled

No. 1223298

File: 1620143744123.png (526.71 KB, 720x1913, gaimancensorship.png)

She's been busy again, tweet dumps incoming.

No. 1223300

File: 1620143825703.png (856.07 KB, 732x1565, offermancorrupt.png)

No. 1223302

File: 1620143919991.png (770.77 KB, 1512x2096, kt4president.png)

No. 1223305

File: 1620144003129.png (1.52 MB, 1044x2587, kellie1.png)

No. 1223310

File: 1620144159202.png (716.18 KB, 729x2475, kellie2.png)

No. 1223315

File: 1620144297762.png (257.79 KB, 738x834, jontron.png)

No. 1223324

File: 1620144427726.png (41.19 KB, 738x444, jacksepticeye.png)

No. 1223332

File: 1620144579236.png (18.27 KB, 738x162, mjkdisney.png)

No. 1223333

File: 1620144687267.png (31.37 KB, 723x312, ggevil.png)

No. 1223334


kek, this bitch might as well tag obama by this point. who gives a fuck no one will reply ever to her madness kek.

No. 1223337

File: 1620144844818.png (152 KB, 726x729, marinemollusc.png)

Another Suzy?

No. 1223348

File: 1620146073664.png (245.97 KB, 732x660, kellie3.png)

I'm sure harassing people from multiple different accounts is the key to getting what you want

No. 1223360

File: 1620147837084.jpg (53.52 KB, 612x612, 1619640569173.jpg)


>I'm sure harassing people from multiple different accounts is the key to getting what you want

right? and the sentence alone "He arranged me to be misappropiated by DCComics because i didnt leave my high school boyfriend for him"… uh? thats… like… the weirdest fucking thing/plan someone could do. if arin wanted her to have a bad time he could easily but her on blast on twitter and she would be destroyed by her fans. why would he fucking work behind the scenes with someone who works for DCComics of all things to make a comic character to look like her and do comic character shit that relates in no way to her? how exactly would that affect her negatively in any way?

bold of her to say he's the one mad over high school drama when she's the only who brings it up ever. imagine peaking at dating some loser scrote as a teenager.

No. 1223371

>this person following my public accounts is equal to psychopathic stalking. Please help me! No, blocking is not an option.
>spamming randoms with sexual harassment and conspiracies 24/7 from several accounts is fine, however, and not the same thing at all.

Is it me or has she been getting nastier? I saw some of her old posts on dA about Arin and she was mostly doing the "so sad we drifted apart because he got a gf" shtick. Lately she's been getting much more aggressive (including sexually aggressive).

She's also so condescending to even the people she's asking for help. Her Dr Grande sexual harassment spam while also trying to get him to help her, her calling Amanda Palmer a sugar baby >>1223298 (as much as I hate her and think she's a massive cow, she was a successful artist in her own right long before meeting him). She's a huge fucking cunt even to the people she's begging for assistance. There is absolutely no question in my mind that she does not have any sort of support system because everyone around her has been alienated by her audacity and no doubt constant meltdowns. I've seen this happen to someone else and they turned into such a huge fucking asshole over time that even the people who wanted to do their best to help burned out and eventually GTFO'd. She's on her own and won't get better, only worse, imo.

No. 1223379

She essentially thinks that everyone else thinks and acts like how she would. This is why she's out there harassing innocent people, stalking people, making multiple accounts and so on. Everything she accuses other people of is something she herself would do and therefore assumes they would do it too. She honestly doesn't seem to realise that her behaviour is not representative of normal people.
For real though… this has escalated over the years to a level that's no longer something people should ignore or brush away. Shes trying to get famous people cancelled now in a world where cancelling anyone with a following is kinda easy. And it's mostly people she once admired which makes me feel sorry for the Dr guy shes currently stalking too. This bitch is dangerous and unhinged and until someone sues her for slander I fear shes only going to go further and wilder.
Side note: Does anyone actually know ALL of her active twitter accounts nowadays? Do we have an updated list of what she no longer uses?

No. 1223387

Also just wanna say I'm amazed at how many random 'celebrities' she's dragged into her obsession with Arin. Like, I don't know if anyone has made a list but I bet that list is a mile long. Everyone from like Jeff Bezos to fucking Seth Rogan! This is why I like to believe she is just trolling. It's too wild.

No. 1223396

File: 1620151938475.png (262.54 KB, 726x825, willow.png)

Jesus christ

No. 1223401

something so dementedly ironic about this schizo bitch obsessing over Dr Grande

No. 1223403

File: 1620152482955.png (312.28 KB, 729x915, nspredpill.png)

Also trying to get Dan to join her cult whilst constantly stalking, harassing, and badmouthing his friends and coworkers because y'know, why the hell not?

No. 1223411

> She's also so condescending to even the people she's asking for help.

That’s because delusions of grandeur are clearly symptoms of whatever her psychopathology is, if the invisible god she talks to in her head didn’t tip you off. She feels like she’s smarter than everyone else and other people owe her help and validation. And that’s also why she’s alone, bc ain’t nobody got time for that.

No. 1223416



These are all the ones I'm aware of, but she moves things around so much it's entirely possible that I'm missing some. Not sure what happened to her dizzyupthe account.

No. 1223534

File: 1620161627762.png (58.31 KB, 726x615, jontron2.png)

No. 1223536

File: 1620161858134.png (31.14 KB, 726x342, maythe4th.png)

No. 1223583

was she really just doing this on a completely random quote tweet? good lord

No. 1223866

There's sunglowbubblgum that's private tho

No. 1224012

Even if KT had a cause worth supporting, this is such a horrible way to talk to people. She's constantly telling people that they're evil for standing by and doing nothing, like her personal drama is the ultimate litmus test of righteousness.

No. 1224079

File: 1620238987449.png (60.44 KB, 732x522, mjkgaslight.png)

No. 1224080

File: 1620239087150.png (263.35 KB, 726x831, mjkarin.png)

She's such a gross weirdo

No. 1224097

>Mr Keenan, did you used to be Arin?
What schizo shitpost is this

No. 1224164


what does she propose making with MJK exactly? does she want him to come work a shift with her at the waffle house

No. 1224194

I have to assume she has literally no one in her life, because surely if she did, they'd get her on some meds, stat.

No. 1224250

>Mr Keenan, did you used to be an Arin?
Still needs to take her meds, but she's asking him if he used to be an evil heartless monster like Arin was.

I really want someone with influence to humor delusions. Out of some really morbid curiosity, I just wanna see if she'd scream 'crazy bitch' within the first five minutes of meeting her, or if she pretends to be normal before dropping the whole "Arin is on some 4d chess shit that's ruined my life"

No. 1224276

She's one of the most narcissistic people I've ever seen.

She thinks that she's offering MJK a second chance so he can champion her cause.

No. 1224289


No. 1224318

Silly anon, she wants to make art with him. You know, all the "art" she constantly brags about making but never actually makes and instead spends her time harassing actual artists online over imaginary beef.

No. 1224389

It's crazy that all the things she called Arin and his wife over the years are starting to reflect who she really is. She's the narcissist, shes the psychopath, shes the stalker, shes the one obsessed with a relationship that didn't even happen 20 years ago, shes the one that needs help, shes the bully, shes the one trying to ruin peoples lives, shes the one lying, shes the one slandering people and so on.
Honestly if I knew anyone that knew her and could put up with her shit I would ask them to help her. I imagine that if she was put on meds finally she might awaken come to her senses and try to atone or at least apologise for her awful behaviour.
Ofcourse mental illness is a bitch and doesn't make anything easy and with KT's personality traits it's followed a naturally tough progression to pull her back from. Her stupid magic and mystic beliefs feed into her own bullshit. She got the good ol' voices in your head form of mental illness… and that voice has convinced her it's an astral God (or something similar?) and ironically that she has been enlightened and awakened (judging by the constant Matrix references she makes and her posts to celebrities she seems to think shes gone out of our reality which is true ofcourse but not the sense she thinks).
Then her pseudo intelligence doesn't help either because she thinks shes more intelligent then all those who will call her out and her honest belief that shes a victim means she thinks everyone is just gaslighting her somehow.

No. 1224391

File: 1620274415925.png (276.18 KB, 729x801, remembergaiman.png)

she sure is obsessive for someone who loves calling other people stalkers

No. 1224392

Your right she probs doesn't. Even if she did though how the fuck do you help someone this bad? She doesn't listen to anyone, doesn't follow logic and fails to understand basic concepts. Shes self-destructive without realising and drags others down with her. I'm all for helping her I just don't think anyone can at this point. Or they certainly aren't willing to considering shes just getting worse.

No. 1224397


your description is so spot on nonita, it even made me recall these texts from literally 17 years ago where she talks about how "popular" she is and its sooo hard on her, and the moment he dares to change the subject away from her and into a different girl shes over it and leaves the chat like here:


No. 1224415

the only thing they can do is watch and listen closely, and if she starts talking about putting herself or others in danger (like going to find Arin and get something from him, or going to replace Suzy, etc.), they call the cops/psych ward. you can't force someone to get help unless they're a danger to themself or others

No. 1225044

Yeah it's kinda bullshit that nothing can be done until physical danger comes into play… because shes trying her hardest to cause financial damages to a ton of people it seems with all the accusations and threats to sue etc. Shes also trying to cause massive damage to peoples reputations by straight up slandering them. Pretty sure not too long ago she was calling Arin a rapist and currently is calling him a terrorist among other things. It's a real possibility that someone who doesn't know her or how crazy she is might notice her claims and spread them further and cause innocent people like the Sandman artists careers to be called into question. 'Cancelling' people is the current drama trend and quite a few people have had their reputations stained even thought they proved their innocence as the damage was done. I think that's KT's overall goal here.
Who knew that being rejected by someone 2 decades ago would come back to haunt the person rejected and everyone they have even the most remote connection to! It's so insane.

Also has anyone noticed how KT on her '@cleartheplanet' twitter is now… hitting up scientology? As if this couldn't get any weirder she's messaging the dad of the cult of scientology's leader… I honestly just don't know how to predict what shes gonna do next…

No. 1225087

no one is getting cancelled over clearly schizo accusations that make no sense. that's why when Neil Gaiman took the bait, it quickly went nowhere, as soon as they learned the details of this "misappropriation"

I feel bad for KT. Functional enough to support herself and avoid a 5150, yet doomed to aggressively broadcast her delusions on the internet, where no one is paying attention except those of us laughing at her

No. 1225733

KT has now claimed that her imaginary friend Mal is in fact Xenu. For those unaware, Xenu is the evil alien warlord that imprisoned souls on Earth millions of years ago according to Scientology. This information used to be secret and cost hundreds of thousands of Dollars to learn but it was leaked out. Also this story was created in the 1950's shortly after WW2, and Xenu was suppose to be a sort of space-Hitler who even used technology suspiciously similar to technology seen in the war.
Scientology itself (for those unaware) being the cult created by failing Science-Fiction writer L Ron Hubbard when he was living in a trailer and self requesting psychiatric treatment and not earning enough money to support himself. Thus he created Scientology as a 'Religion' that costs a lot of money to prove your devotion, eventually making him both rich and having his own personal army of loyal brain-washed followers. Scientology is more famous today for essentially torturing people, draining people of money, breaking apart families and denying the existence of mental disorders among other scummy practices.
Why KT thought it would be a good idea to associate the voice in her head with a fictional evil alien warlord I don't know. To make things more weird however, KT herself is attempting to take ownership of Scientology itself (Because having space Hitler in your head is not enough, you gotta be the leader of an evil cult too!) and she has already invited Will Smith's daughter to join because they are 'Soul mates' (I assume she is unaware of the rumours of the Smiths having already been down that route in the past…).
So… who is Mal going to be next? Maybe actual Hitler? And what cult will KT jump to next? Will she join the flat earth movement? Claim reptilian aliens rule the planet? Guess we'll know pretty soon!

No. 1225948

File: 1620482328168.png (142.2 KB, 726x723, thanksobama.png)

No. 1225954

… maybe we shouldn't let some people use the internet.

No. 1225956

File: 1620483116529.png (363.2 KB, 726x780, kellie4.png)

No. 1225957

File: 1620483200261.png (41.97 KB, 717x384, kellie5.png)

She's now entering the part of her cycle where she starts being aggressive/abusive towards the person she's begging to help her because they haven't acknowledged her at all

No. 1225959

File: 1620483342891.png (174.82 KB, 732x915, kellie6.png)

No. 1225964

File: 1620483762061.png (30.15 KB, 732x255, doulikemeyn.png)

>have you realized that you like me, yet?

Jesus Christ lol

No. 1225965

She really thinks Arin is an A list celebrity that everyone knows. That's the weirdest part for me.

No. 1225973

God she is SO obnoxious. I want to feel bad for her being so ill, but the aggressive/condescending/overfamiliar way she talks to people who don’t know her from Adam gets on my last nerves. I can see why she’s alone and no one is apparently helping her, she probably drove away anyone who tried with her ridiculous ego.

No. 1225977

File: 1620485773871.png (49.72 KB, 729x522, justadmitit.png)

No. 1225985


What does the Shannan Watts murder case have to do with anything other than this post has a kid in it? I highly doubt Kellie lives with a sociopathic family annihilator

No. 1226043

I wonder if Arin even knows that KT is doing this or if he's just not thought about her in a while and is unaware that everyone from Nasa to Obama is being tweeted by her to slander him lol. If I was in his shoes and I was aware I would have sued this bitch by now and had her undergo a psych evaluation.

No. 1226085


>this bitch really lurks the damn thread every single day and doesnt realize why we make fun of her and how we know she's schizo

you have to be out of your mind. and she is.

No. 1226119

File: 1620509679325.png (222.87 KB, 723x768, reincarnation.png)

She has to be trolling

No. 1226122

File: 1620510256590.png (162.96 KB, 726x843, crisprat.png)

No. 1226123

File: 1620510415471.png (783.57 KB, 1137x735, ggpratt.png)


The post she linked

No. 1226125

She might be trolling. But she may just be crazy. At the same time though KT is pretty dumb and probably doesn't do research into things. So she doesn't know that L Ron Hubbard was a con artist (as documented by his own friends who helped him start Dianetics and records of how much money he pocketed for himself off the record). I doubt she's looked into any of the deaths or controversies caused by scientology or deep dived into it's history at all. She probably just saw their propaganda materials and was like 'Oh wow, they're so spiritual like me!' lmao.
If she truly believes that she is L Ron Hubbard and that she is at heart a scientologist… well that shit is just super funny considering everything she supposedly 'stands for' lol
Either way this explains the '#clear' and '#cleartheplanet' she keeps using in her tweets. To be 'clear' is a scientology term for someone who has been successfully brainwashe- I mean, enlightened.

No. 1226127

I saw she also tweeted Jamie Lee Curtis who herself has been on game grumps. However she didn't use that opportunity to drag Arin's name through the mud. I think she want's Jamie to respond to her first to establish some sort of connection before she goes balls out. Being an egotistical psycho hasn't been working out so shes learning to try new tactics maybe?

No. 1226128

'How well they handled rejection?'
Didn't Chris Pratt find this funny and actually tweet it out himself and respond to it confirming the watermelon was indeed him? And before even that he tweeted out a game grumps video that mentioned him and said it was great?
What does KT think rejection is? Never mind dumb question when it comes to KT

No. 1226156

File: 1620514328642.gif (613.13 KB, 640x392, tenor.gif)


Sadly anon, she's not trolling. If anyone and i mean anyone else was making this tweet it would be trolling as a joke. But this is KT we are talking about. This isn't an elaborate ruse. She's like this 24/7. She isnt above typing this type of shit without sarcasm. This thread started six months ago (altough she had been mentioned before on lolcow). She has not stopped. She never makes tweets that arent schizo posting. Normal people don't troll everyday for six months straight. Even if her tweet was indeed a joke, it falls flat, because she says crazy shit literally all the time. So even if she's saying this to be funny, it doesn't work because she's so stupid daily that this seems 100% like something she would say.

so if that's the case, KT, uh? congrats on acting retarded to troll us? you are retarded to us every single day.

No. 1226184


"Fuck L. Ron Hubbard and fuck all his clones"
Some Tool fan she turned out to be lol

No. 1226287

I just read this and then went onto her twitter to see it and she has since tweeted at Brian Cox and the fucking Dalai Lama about scientology. I agree that she isn't a troll but it's easy to see why people are suspicious because shes just such a disaster of a person when it comes to simple logical choices and behaviour. It's hard to accept that someone can be both self sufficient and functioning yet so incredibly dumb so often.

Lets say she did get medicated or treated for her mental illness, she would then have to confront all the crazy tweets shes sent to notable people, all the people she admires, all the innocent people shes tried to drag into her drama, all the people shes been rude or insulting to etc.

If only Arin cared enough to notice her behaviour. Then he would likely take legal action which is ultimately what I want to see. That is the ultimate ending for everyone interested in her case.

No. 1226696

Good news! If someone wants to drop a image KT is back to being a horrible bitch towards Suzy and Game Grumps. On one of her accounts she needlessly is attacking Suzy for being ugly- in a tweet directed towards people like Tool ofcourse because reasons! I'm sure they totally care about KT's extreme jealousy. Little does KT realise shes just as ugly as Suzy but this behaviour shows she's even uglier on the inside then the outside.

Meanwhile on another account shes retweeted her Suzy hate and added an article about Dan's grooming allegations. In that tweet she is attacking the Grumps as a whole and calling them terrorists and the like. This tweet is directed at a former scientologist and is actually about her being L Ron Hubbard still. Again it make little to no sense and I doubt this former scientologist cares about who the grumps are lol.

Again this seems like a brain damaged attempt to attack people in Arins circle cause she can't get over the fact he dodged a bullet 20 years ago and is far better off for it, in the form of tweeting people don't give a shit about KT or the Grumps. Hopefully someone lets Suzy know about this as it might actually remind the Grumps she exists and something might finally happen?!?!

No. 1226776

please post receipts, which accounts anon?

No. 1226800

File: 1620602299008.png (20.55 KB, 738x186, chriswatts.png)

what the fuck is wrong with her

No. 1226807

File: 1620602976426.jpg (108.44 KB, 595x1260, whatisthis.jpg)


This might be what they mean?

No. 1226810

File: 1620603245261.png (60.85 KB, 738x561, scientologytriggered.png)

This isn't the direction I expected her to go, but I'm here for the scientology saga lol

No. 1226825

does she think Chris Watts can read her tweets from jail

No. 1226860

what the actual fuck. also does she think he's gonna see this and respond from prison?

I'm disappointed, I was looking forward to her original tinfoil, now she's just buying into the same old boring scientology crap. It was more fun when it was straight from her own mind

No. 1226885


don't worry, I'm sure she'll circle back around. this scientology thing is just a random tangent she's going on, but I am curious to see exactly where she goes with it lol

No. 1226892

Don't give up on her own tinfoil yet! Remember, Mal IS the villain from scientology. There is still room for her to incorporate more of her bullshit into it!
My concern is that she can't go much further in general. Shes just crazy everyday but now that shes tweeted everyone from Oprah to Obama, started a cult and joined one, is trying to sue DC comics (I think?) and is claiming Arin is a rapist terrorist or whatever… shes running out of room to top herself.
Honestly we need a new player to join the game. Someone who is involved in some way needs to call her out! But no one notices she exists still besides us.

No. 1226897

The NASA lady she was messaging about Arin blocked her. Does anyone know how that lady is related to the situation at all? I know most the people she drags in aren't related in any way but with this one specifically she was making it seem like Arin and her knew each other?

No. 1226903

File: 1620612365933.png (103.13 KB, 735x912, kellieblocked.png)

No. 1226930


Brave of KT to come for others apperances when she doesnt post full face pics cause she ugly as fuck so she only lets people see her edgy high school hair. i dont care for suzy, she doesnt look good in this picture, but at least she shows her face all the time who gives a shit shes clearly not insecure about it, the way KT is.

i mean, i get why you're insecure, KT >>1054909

but hey, why dont you post a picture of you with your friends/colleagues, KT? oh wait…

No. 1227054

KT's hatred of Suzy seems to be pure jealousy and nothing else. Everything is always related to her appearance and were Suzy not happily married to Arin I doubt KT would hate her at all (Unless KT just hates everyone who isn't pretty which is not a good reason for hate at all).
It is strange that KT has such strong hatred for someone being ugly and does feel like she might be projecting her own insecurities because shes quite ugly herself.
I also don't care for Suzy but shes without a doubt more tolerable then KT.

No. 1227109

File: 1620650830889.png (381.72 KB, 1435x461, Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 7.42…)


KT is so ugly and insecure she cant even post a pic or video without a face mask on her face, kek.

even on twitch she's wearing a face mask. you do realize you're recording from inside your house, KT? whats that for? oh yeah you know you ugly. call suzy ugly all you want she's not an insecure pussy like you kek.

i mean you can sort of see her here >>1209432 but its an old as fuck she's been using like a million times, her phone is covering her face, and she looks old lol. she literally only posts this picture of her ever and looks like shit, suzy at least was in a bad angle meanwhile this is the best KT could look and she could take as many pics as she wanted kek.

No. 1227171

File: 1620659983939.png (206.93 KB, 723x717, kellie7.png)

Probably because you're insane.

No. 1227173

File: 1620660183786.png (53.51 KB, 738x438, soconnected.png)

No. 1227174

File: 1620660344765.png (19.96 KB, 735x138, yikeskt.png)

She's so cringe

No. 1227186


she blocked you cause youre saying literal non sense you schizo.

>Arin is watching Kellie be Kellie making you like me again


No. 1227205

Fuck. This guy is married with a missing wife who hasn't been seen for YEARS. She's so desperate for male validation and power. She uses "feminism" to keep women hostage because she was obsessed that a person that liked her turned out to be a c-list celebrity.

No. 1227234

No. 1227245

I hate that so much, she's so gross weaponizing it like that. like, "you're not a real feminist if you don't help me!", fuck off. She's a completely rotten person to her core. Plus as you said, openly flirting with a man whose wife is missing, trying to replace Suzy, saying she totally understands why Chris Watts murdered his wife. Seems like she's been the "icky girl" all along.

No. 1227269

Taking bets that she’ll be served with a cease-and-desist by the end of the year (if she hasn’t already)

No. 1227283

File: 1620670597703.png (530.12 KB, 726x807, willowcult.png)

Something about this 34 year old woman constantly pestering a barely 20 year old to join her cult and marry/fuck her so as to be closer to the "god" in her head just… really doesn't sit right.

No. 1227284

File: 1620670703274.png (21.14 KB, 726x189, willowmjk.png)

No. 1227495

So now KT is trying (and failing) to groom 20 year olds, kinda ironic considering she jumped on the allegations of Game Grumps Dan grooming similar aged women.
KT literally finds a way to become EVERYTHING she accuses others of. Wild.

So this 'Kellie' person is someone Arin was into once upon a time (probably 20 years ago like everything else Arin related in KT's life)?
Obviously Arin isn't watching anything KT does but if he were I highly doubt this would make him 'like you again' KT. If anything he would probably have more respect for Kellie seeing as shes reacting like a normal human being by blocking your bullshit. Shes also doing shit with her life, is actually pretty and isn't going to bother with your insanity. Kellie is MVP of this drama so far.
I really do wish Arin or Suzy or someone would notice KT though so this shit can proceed to the next step. Unfortunately they are all too happy being rich, successful, happy, surrounded by friends, strong relationships and living their lives. Someone needs to link Arin up to this lolcow thread so he can catch up on the insanity he avoided 20 years ago and where it's at today lol

No. 1227498

KT out her trying to get banged by everyone from Willow Smith to the fucking leader of scientology lmao. I've never seen a creature so desperate to get laid in my life. Sorry KT but even when you offer yourself out for free you ain't getting any- people would rather pay prostitutes then fuck you for free.

No. 1227543

Does KT read lolcow?
Part of me thought she did because shes one of the biggest narcissists I know of and thinks everyone and everything revolves around her somehow so she must come here to read about herself.
But at the same time she lacks self-awareness so much that I think she doesn't come here otherwise she would see how normal people perceive her.
KT if you do come here and do you do read lolcow, tweet something at Suzy about lolcow so we know you definitely read this. If shes blocked you then tweet at Ross or someone else from the grumps mentioning lolcow.

No. 1227548

i’m almost certain she used to tweet directly at LC and she believed that the website was full of quote unquote ‘incels’. i think it’s in the last thread

No. 1227562

When she says shes connected to A-Listers who the fuck is she referring to? There no way shes talking about all the celebrities she tweets spam at is she? I know shes bad at the internet but she must be aware that celebs get thousands of tweets from strangers a day. Or does she mean Arin because he isn't A-list and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't associate himself with her just because she knew him 2 decades ago before he was a big deal. Or is she talking about people like Neil Gaiman who gave her a pity response? I'm so confused as to who these A-listers are and why they're suppose to impress the dude who gets blowjobs from Tom Cruise.

No. 1227565

Right after writing this I saw that Neil Gaiman actually gave a classy response to her nonsense. Someone can post the image from her @dropsofviolet account. Nothing major or new just kinda funny that he responded to her again.

No. 1227589

File: 1620703082344.png (48.45 KB, 726x456, basedgaiman.png)

No. 1227665

>the dude who gets blowjobs from Tom Cruise

I almost spit out my soup laughing god damn it

No. 1227667

hahaha based. I bet he doesn't even remember her from her earlier craziness, he probably just thinks this is another person ranting about gatekeeping art or something

No. 1227760

I'm looking through KTs @cleartheplanet account which is essentially an account to thirst for scientologist sex right now. Got me wandering if KTs sanity levels are connected to her lack of sex. If someone bit the bullet I think she would calm down to 'crazy, narcissist, psycho, stalker lacking self-awareness' levels rather then her current 'I'm L Ron Hubbard with a vagina please someone touch it for once! Literally anyone. I'm also a reincarnating God who uses my immortality to cry about DC characters! Why does no one love me or make love to me?!?' levels.
Just a theory, unfortunately no sane man or woman or even scientologist would be willing to test this theory out. That said there are some super desperate people in the world just like KT who will bang anything with (or without) a pulse so theres a glimmer of hope for her still regardless of her looks… and personality… and lack of sanity… and low intelligence…

No. 1227763

> having some good ol scrote sex will surely cure this woman's schizophrenia!

You sound like a doctor from the 1800s diagnosing women with "hysteria" and giving them a dildo as medication kek

No. 1227766

I’m sure someone out there would bang her, just not Arin, Willow Smith or the dude who gets blowjobs from Tom Cruise, so obviously not “A-List” enough for the female reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.

No. 1227827


she might not be attractive, but most men on tinder aren't attractive in the first place. she could easily go on there and hook up. so this could mean two things

>she thinks shes above using dating apps (she's not)

>she has tried to but her schizo constant "AND I WAS BETRAYED BY ARMIN…" talk scares people away

No. 1227861

File: 1620750977270.png (66.54 KB, 629x757, thegangsallhere.png)


Checked the quote tweets on Gaiman's reply and was not surprised at all

No. 1227899

I never said anything about her being cured- that requires a full team of professionals. I just think it will return her to her previous level of crazy. Clearly not getting laid is worsening her situation, the girls asking a 60+ year old cult leader with a missing wife to marry her when she isn't stalking a youtube doctor or ambushing Will Smiths kids. I'm no expert on long-term vaginal neglect or its effects on the brain in crazy people but, this bitch seems like her vagina will gain a will of its own and crawl away from her body if it don't get atleast petted soon!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1227908

lmao holy shit, what a psychopath

No. 1227910

File: 1620754739979.png (20.49 KB, 726x237, cwvictim.png)


No. 1227915

File: 1620755202384.png (46.91 KB, 723x495, sexslave.png)

I don't even know what to say, everything she's currently jabbering about on her @cleartheplanet account is pure insanity

No. 1227961

She's definitely getting worse by the day and ratcheting up the aggressive stalker behavior. I wonder whether someone will eventually intervene and get a restraining order/5150.

No. 1228196


replying with THREE different accounts? i dont understand how she lives like this, shes SEETHING 24/7. sometimes she's angrier than others, but she's always super bitter at everyone. has she ever said something positive… ever? like has she ever shared the "art" she wants to do so bad but cant? i dont think she has.

being mad all day everyday has to be so tiring, and she's been at it for months. i cant imagine what she's like IRL, thats why she has no friends.

No. 1228342

File: 1620791199684.png (78.78 KB, 735x480, notgaslighting.png)

Not convinced she actually knows what that word means

No. 1228370

Wow. No.

No. 1228467

It seems several of KT's twitter accounts are now gone. Maybe she really is achieving true self-awareness slowly? Or maybe she had to get rid of the evidence of her being a psycho for some reason? It's also possible shes just creating new ones because people like us were watching her old ones and she got insecure about it?
Either way it's a sad loss.

No. 1228478

she’s deactivated and reactivated a load before, it’s just normal crazy behaviour for her i think

No. 1228575

Yep she already reactivated one and posted again on it. She posted some shit about Mal telling her that Hiedi aborted Davids baby because shes Holly. I have no idea who these new characters are and the post doesn't seem important enough to post.
Meanwhile on her @dropsofviolet account shes gone bonkers. Nothing new, just thirsting, tagging people like Oprah and Obama to help her and getting angry at celebrities for not knowing she exists or for not being dumb enough to think shes sane. Nothing new just a lot of the same shit. After weeks of this same stuff it's starting to feel like this is as far as she can go, I don't see her breaking any new ground unless she actually goes through with trying to lawyer up, a celeb responds to her or someone from the grumps or associated with them takes notice and calls her out.

No. 1228603

File: 1620835226509.png (331 KB, 732x858, desperate.png)

She's back

No. 1228605

File: 1620835331503.png (55.41 KB, 723x717, desperateandinsulting.png)

No. 1228610

This is by far the most aggressive, hateful, and openly psychotic she's ever been. In the beginning she was fairly polite and it seemed possible for people to take her seriously if they didn't look too closely. Now she's just spewing bile in every direction with such vicious insanity, there's no way a random bystander could think she's okay. She's rapidly deteriorating now.

I wonder how far it will go. A lot of people have suggested she'll become violent, but I think the most likely person she'll harm is herself. It must be hell living in her brain.

No. 1228611

File: 1620835625290.png (81.72 KB, 729x771, okaykt.png)

>Celebrities are pathetic.

She says, tweeting at multiple every single day hoping they'll fix her (imaginary) problems for her. I love that her only tactic once she realizes no one is going to listen to her crazed bullshit is to try and insult them by saying they're pathetic or embarrassing, like any of them would give a shit about her opinion.

No. 1228614

File: 1620835919134.png (15.28 KB, 729x105, oneword.png)

anyone know what she's talking about?

No. 1228615

File: 1620836038578.png (17.63 KB, 729x108, lolno.png)

No. 1228618

File: 1620836393942.png (118.25 KB, 735x732, dumbdumb.png)

Guess I'm a dumbdumb, because I still don't see how this is gaslighting but okay

No. 1228623

Heidi and Holly… of the ProJared drama??

No. 1228654

That was my initial thought but then who the hell is David? Also I don't think KT even knew them, just knew of them. This sounded more like KT knew these people IRL but I can't see the post now so I guess she deleted it pretty quickly after posting?

No. 1228706

I thought the whole scientology thing would only last a day or two but shes really going for it huh? I just saw a tweet about making the church leader her sex slave (The second scientologist shes said this to I believe). At what point is this considered sexual harassment?
If I were KT and I believed everything she said I would be so pissed off with reincarnation making me both L Ron Hubbard AND KT back to back. What kind of shit luck is that? I'd hate to know who she was before Hubbard!

No. 1228719

File: 1620843435451.jpg (375.67 KB, 1080x1516, Screenshot_20210512-083331_Twi…)

Yes. Heidi and Holly are both on her shit list for not helping her, thus proving themselves to be bad feminists and abusers. She hates them both but seems to resent the fact that Heidi is not considered a lolcow in the same way Holly is. "She's multiple people's Holly" seems like her way of saying that although Holly is obviously bad, Heidi is secretly just as bad without the same reputation.

David is David Miscavige, the current leader of Scientology. She's now saying that Heidi aborted his baby 10 years ago, because the voice in her brain told her so.

Interesting that she touts her own righteous ability to forgive, immediately after singing this insane accusation with no basis in reality.

No. 1228755

Sameanon but it looks like she's already deleted this tweet.

KT reads this thread religiously and has directly addressed lolcow many times. She sees herself as a farmer, not a lolcow, but also thinks us farmers are pathetic incels. Her entire idea of what lolcow is comes from browsing 4chan 10+ years ago. So she thinks she's an expert on imageboard culture but is actually incredibly out of touch with the specific culture of this board.

She's also mentioned being a huge fan of Usagi Kou and reading Lori's thread, but is willing to dismiss all criticism of Lori because she's "sooooooo hot" (kek). This was all in her voice memos from around the start of this year, before she wiped her Twitter and started over. She most likely found lolcow to shit on Suzy, back when that was popular here.

Tl;dr it's been proven time and time again that she's directly reacting to this thread. Always, always take immediate screenshots instead of saying "oh she just said something crazy again if you want to go look" because she will delete it.

No. 1228789

Anon, you're incredibly naive if you think there are nuggets of truth in wild statements like this.

Like >>1228654 pointed out, KT talks about these people like she knows private details of their lives, when in reality they are complete strangers. She's been doing it with Suzy for YEARS when even by KT's admission they only had one brief interaction. Everything else is only happening inside KT's head, including all the secrets she acts like she's exposing. She does not know Heidi or Holly, has never met them and doesn't know shit about private stuff that either of them went through in the past. Of all the offensive and inappropriate claims she's made about people, this one is pretty mild and easily dismissable. Sure, it's wrong to expose someone's private medical history but that's not even happening here, she's just insane.

No. 1228833

File: 1620851100238.png (77.51 KB, 729x525, petty.png)

She changed the header on her @uhuhcomeagain account, and added this bit to the description as well. She's really seething.

No. 1228854

File: 1620852926628.png (80.01 KB, 735x792, cope.png)

No. 1228877


she's said before these conversations are from 2004. its been 17 years KT, he does not give a shit about you. He has not in many many many many years.


oh god stop posting that fucking picture you god damn hag. i feel like ive been forced to see it a 100 times IT DOES NOT WORK NO ONE BUT YOU SEES THE RESEMBLANCE.

No. 1228916

It’s crazy to me that we only know of Katie because 17 years ago, she had some online friendship going on with a dude who turned out to be some minor YouTube celebrity.

Otherwise she’d be just that crazy lady yelling into the void, or like those delusional sovereign citizens no one cares about. There’s no point in trying to get her to see the light, she’s obviously way too deep at this point.

No. 1229019

I'm sure KT will dye her hair a different color one day and realise that her and this character have literally nothing in common in any respect. Then she will attack a new fictional character with the same color hair as her.

My favourite part of this era of crazy scientologist KT is that she decided she was the reincarnation of a well known racist and then proceeds to tweet at people like Oprah and the Dalai Lama, people who were alive when this racist person was still around scamming people for their money. I'm sure telling them that your that guy will definitely make them like you kek.
KT said for ages about how she never wanted fame or to be in the public eye but it seems that has changed drastically considering she wants everyone to know who she is now. Unfortunately for her she will never be a celebrity or famous person. Only a dozen or so people even care about what she says and they are all here on lolcow and it's not because any of them support her.

No. 1229038

Do you think Arin and Suzy talk about her? Must be so mind boggling to have someone extremely far gone and mentally ill you never even met fixate on you for seventeen years. He probably doesn’t even remember it, right? Just such a wild presence to ambiently be in your life, not knowing if it’ll ever come to some sort of tipping point. Granted IDGAF about Arin.

No. 1229070

I don't think anyone thinks about her. Her relevance to their lives peaked in the 2000's and we're in the 2020's. Arin moved on from their short-lived relationship and did well for himself. He has no reason to dwell on the past unlike KT who clearly seems to regret not dating Arin since he exploded after, got happily married, gained a following, got rich and gets to meet all his famous heroes etc. He's living his dream and she is jealous because her life went nowhere and shes stuck in the past regretting not using him to launch herself up too. She comes across like shes still 16 (personality-wise and attitude-wise despite clearly not looking that young) when shes actually in her 30's. I think It's coincidence that her mental health happened to deteriorate over the years and is not a result of anything to do with Arin, he's just the unfortunate victim she lashes out at most.
The only time anyone that knew her thinks about her is likely when she goes crazy and starts tweeting them or bothering them but about 99% of the time her tweets probably just get lost among the thousands of tweets these people get from fans and haters alike in any given week. You also got to take into account that none of these people want KT in their lives either, they've moved on. Thats why the grumps banned KT from attending their live events by telling security about her a few years back when they first started doing big events (allegedly).

It's hard to tell just how far gone her sanity is now. Shes unbelievably paranoid, has voices in her head, believes shes special in someway, believes she has some importance, attacks anyone who doesn't listen to her, creates conspiracies surrounding her, has wild mood swings and assumes anyone that points out these things to her is gaslighting her or is a part of the conspiracy to hold her down. Her multiple twitter accounts also seem to be linked to whatever is going on mentally- originally I think she was trying to attack people from multiple accounts to add validity to herself by making it seem like others agreed with her but lately she seems to use her multiple accounts to retweet herself, communicate with herself and makes no attempt to hide the fact all the accounts are clearly the same person, talking about the same things, in the same manner at the same time. She also doesn't grasp the concept of 'degrees of seperation' as she thinks everyone is connected in some way to Arin. If Arin ever does think of her, I hope it relates to him beefing up his security because we don't know how much more KT will deteriorate and what danger she could pose to herself or others.

No. 1229074

File: 1620885131010.png (30.77 KB, 729x234, leagueofextraordinarydelusions…)

lol at horse girl thinking she's out of anyone's league

No. 1229075

File: 1620885284307.png (30.21 KB, 735x234, oof.png)

and some homophobic slurs this fine evening

No. 1229110

Holy shit. She is like 2 missed paychecks away from becoming a blathering baglady on a street corner barking at strangers. She needs heavy medication. I feel sorry for her but I feel worse for the people she fixates on. Obviously the grumps are aware of her if they banned her from live shows. I’d be scared too.

No. 1229122

Well they were aware of here. As to whether they are aware of her current state we don't know. Out of sight out of mind right? It depends if her deranged ranting has actually reached them. I'd assume if they were aware they would have called in a wellness check or showed some sort of authority her behaviour perhaps not for KT's sake but definitely for their own sake. Considering nothing has happened, my guess is they are unaware or barely aware of how bad shes gotten.

No. 1229127

Does anyone else get the feeling that she isn't even talking about/to Arin? I feel like shes attacking herself maybe? Like, everything she says about other people applies to herself more then the people shes attacking, right? And mental illness can make you do things like this I assume? Just a theory based on ramblings of a clearly insane and lonely person but I think shes confronting herself without knowing it. This is like some 'Shutter Island' shit.

No. 1229324

Feels like a case of denial and regret. The desire to be relevant to all these notable personalities, but all of it just being a product of her delusions.

That's why she clings to Arin the most since she actually once knew him and maybe had a chance. So by her believing she's holier than though it covers her discontentment of never actually becoming well-recognized.

Cause let's face it.. KT truly just wants to be some kind of popular idol without the actual work.

No. 1229346

Given how deep into the madness she is now, it's probably more that she doesn't have the slightest idea how she comes off. The fixation seems real enough and if she believes even half of what she's saying, it would make sense to be saltier than the dead sea at how things aren't going. It also seems like Mal has turned from blessing and praising to something a bit nastier, so that's probably feeding it as well.

No. 1229354

She thinks just existing is art and her derangement isn't exactly organized.

>…projections of my persona (art)

She doesn't need to do anything but simply think. Enough where she thinks that she can take on fans of a musical artist? >>1228605
If this way of thinking isn't absolute narcissistic derangement, I don't know what is. Even if she was a influencer/muse/personality why would music fans want to start being your fan? That's like Kim Kardasian saying, "hey disappointed Taylor Swift fans! Her new album sucks! Start being a fan of my existence."

No. 1229358

Why does KT fixate on Etika alot? Etika was a fan of Arin and I remember Etika getting really hyped when he first met Arin in person. I wonder if that has something to do with it beyond the fact that Etika also suffered from mental illness like her. Either way I wish she'd leave the dudes name out of it, it's so disrespectful to drag his name down with her- each time she attacks someone from an account with Etika in the name shes making horrible associations to the name.
Side note: we can prettymuch confirm she's schizo at this point right? Like it's not even speculation at this point because she messages herself from her own accounts as if they are different people. She uses one account to compliment herself in the third person, another account to retweet it and then another account to thank the first account as if its a different person… I think she literally has no one in any capacity who likes her as a friend or anything more considering no one has stepped in to get her help. It's kinda sad but at the same time, she was a total bitch and a horrible person before her mental health deteriorated so it's hard to feel sorry for her. Shes a strong believer in Karma after all so I guess this is poetic justice in a sense.

No. 1229360


Skipping back to the old thread, the change in tone is alarming. She was all sunshine and rainbows happy for her old pal, then kinda jealous of Suz, and now she’s a whole can of bitter, vengeful, envious harpy.

I wonder how much pandemic isolation has slowed down her treatment or any recognition of his bad she is by family. It’s sad and scary.

No. 1229392

Nobody can know for sure since she's undoubtedly schizophrenic/mentally ill in some capacity. No normal person does things like this. It's hard to decipher her insanityspeak but she believes that the game grumps are somehow responsible for Etika's death, they sent bots to bully him and that drove him to suicide (?) anyway it's talked about earlier in this thread.

No. 1229410

File: 1620931166002.png (86.46 KB, 732x798, arindp.png)

I guess now she's figuring that some Deadpool cosplayer at a convention years ago was somehow Arin there in disguise to stalk her?

No. 1229414

File: 1620931271218.png (15.58 KB, 732x111, arinmask.png)

No. 1229416

It's an offshoot of Holly Conrad's claims about Etika. When he died, she claimed that cancel culture and clown emojis were what killed him. She was just using the event of his death to draw attention to how cruel people were being to her and get sympathy. This was totally false since Etika wasn't canceled and wasn't getting backlash for any public bad behavior, he just wasn't getting sympathy from his audience for his mental health issues. It was complicated but a very different situation in context. But Holly started claiming that online bullies did him in, as a way of talking about her own bullies and basically making his death about her.

Holly was widely shut down for making these false and selfish claims. However, KT seems to have taken up the torch. KT was eating up the Game Grumps thread at the time because she hates them so much. So in her crazy brain, she took hold of Holly's narrative because it suited her narrative too. So now according to KT, online bullies supposedly pushed Etika to his death, and she's pretending that the same bullies are out to get her, so therefore it MUST be targeted harassment sent by Game Grumps.

It's all a strawman argument about how evil their critics supposedly are, from both women. But they are using Etika's name to say, "evil anons got him, and they're after me too". It's especially fucked up in KT's situation because she's blaming specific people (Arin) for supposedly sending these boogeymen.

No. 1229417

File: 1620931511021.png (24.88 KB, 735x210, whotfishedy.png)


I could be wrong about that because she's rambling like an insane person across multiple accounts as usual, and I have no idea who Hedy is? But it seems like she's implying it was Arin.

No. 1229455

does this even make sense to anyone? Who is Hedy, and why is she claiming she's married to Arin? what is going on

No. 1229458

Yes Hedy seems to be Suzy. If you reread the tweet with 'Suzy' in place of Hedy it makes more sense and relates to the Arin being deadpool (According to her) comments.

No. 1229470


There she goes yet again trying to come off as caring while never forgetting to be condescending.

No. 1229473

KT if you truly want people to 'help' you there is a super easy way to do it. Go and see a medical professional to prove your mentally stable. It will end in one of two scenarios;

Scenario 1 - The doctor tells you that you are indeed sane and can refer you to proper authorities who will help you with your case and help you with lawyers. People will start to believe your claims and take you more seriously. You'll gain professional support as well as support from the public that something really is going on and you were right the entire time.

Scenario 2 - The doctor feels you need help in the form of therapy or medication in which case you follow through with the treatment. You'll be helped mentally and return stronger and better for it. And if it does turn out you didn't need treatment after all, you can just go back to where you were before you had the treatment knowing you didn't need it. Whats a few weeks or months to someone who believes they are infinite, immortal, friends with God and capable of reincarnation? At that point theres nothing to lose, right?

In either scenario you get help but, the catch is it's only a win-win scenario if your 100% honest with the doctor and just tell them everything. EVERYTHING! You tell them about Arin, L Ron Hubbard, Mal, Neil Gaiman, DC comics and Ruin, show them your tweets from your multiple accounts etc. Be a totally open book. Don't hide a single thing, don't be embarrassed just be truthful, honest and listen to what they have to say in response. Go through with whatever treatment they recommend and trust their judgement.
If 'Mal' tries to convince you to lie or hold back information or stop you from seeking a doctor at all you'll know that Mal isn't trying to help you and may infact not be the being he has convinced you he but something far, far worse. Also make sure you see a good doctor and not some gimmicky youtube doctor or some new age alternative medicine shaman type. See an actual licensed medical professional who can correctly assess you.

No. 1229477

I get the feeling KT has seen a lot of doctors, she just doesn't want to listen to anything they tell her.

No. 1229486

what has thrown her into suddenly using a load of slurs and stuff? this is genuinely absurd. is this usually what happens with schizos? only a few months ago she was calling lolcow out for being 'problematic' and full of incels, yet here she is whipping out random slurs at arin.

No. 1229507


I think her woke/sjw, spiritually enlightened "we're all one race the human race" mask has just shattered. I think the truth is that she's always been a mean, rotten bitch and she's mad enough about no one "helping" her to show her true colors. She's racist, homophobic, misogynistic, ableist, and just a downright vicious petty cunt and her own caps from 20 years ago just prove she always has been. She likes to pretend to be otherwise to feel like she's better than her "abusers", but isn't above saying extremely nasty shit because she's bitter as hell. I'm sure she has a way of justifying her ugly behavior to herself, but it's clear to everyone else that she's just a shitty person dressing up as a tolerant, enlightened one when she thinks it will get her somewhere.

No. 1229564

She's severely mentally ill, I don't think it's realistic to expect any consistency in her personality or behavior.

No. 1229619

File: 1620947633878.png (152.81 KB, 680x519, BbuUI70.png)

I've been fascinated with KT since she was mentioned in the Holly thread. Anyone else feel like she's slowly going to end up like one of those crazy internet users you find in creepypasta videos that just end up spewing gibberish and talk to themselves over and over cause it's already is starting to feel like that. Girl needs some serious medical intervention, it's kind of starting to feel sad.

No. 1229716

File: 1620958452746.jpeg (162.9 KB, 750x783, 1554345052854.jpeg)


KT then

>"arin, PLEASE. im so obsessed with you i watch GG at night every single day of my life just to hear your beautiful voice one more time and fall asleep…"

KT now, fully unhinged talking to her other personalities
>"god, im so out of his league, right girls!"
>"yes KT"
>"absolutely KT"
>"you sure are KT"

No. 1229765

I think it's a sign of frontotemporal degeneration. Long term untreated psychosis can structurally damage the brain. I predict her language skills will be the next thing to take a hit.

No. 1229786

File: 1620970211017.png (127.95 KB, 500x497, ness-ness-ness-ness-ness-ness-…)

That's so sad and horrifying, especially since you are able to predict the next step of her Giygas transformation so easily. Is it at least revertable with medication?

No. 1229793

I shouldn't had laugh but I laughed so fucking hard christ

No. 1229888

I was looking into mental health and how doctors determine it (what kind of questions they ask ect). I only looked at psychosis because there are so many unique mental disorders. It's wild how many seem like they are made for KT. Questions about voices in your head, psychic experiences, feeling like your being watched or followed, people failing to follow the ideas you communicate and so much more. There were dozens of questions that were just like "Well damn, KT can relate". I'm now convinced that this is 100% not her acting for attention, not trolling and not something else. There's no doubt in my mind, the farmers were on the money.
I also learned about the many paid studies currently going on people who hear voices in their heads and other things KT has. I wonder if KT is aware that half of her issues could earn her money if she just acknowledged them OR if that is how she earns money? Because I honestly cannot imagine her holding down a 9 to 5 job with her mental state or her co-workers or customers not complaining about her.

No. 1229897

File: 1620996755737.jpg (21.73 KB, 552x108, fregoli-delusion.jpg)

No. 1229917

AYRT, and thanks, these are really good points. i especially had no idea that undiagnosed schizophrenia could literally begin to wear away at your brain. this whole thing is really generally uncomfortable and difficult to watch - i think she is honestly an incredibly insecure person at her core, but whatever this illness is is making that so much worse. it’s weird too how she’s suddenly taken a dive over these past few weeks - i wonder why? either way, i can’t help but feel like she’s really going to turn into a horrorcow in some way. she’s already halfway there with her lunatic ranting and raving.

No. 1229943

She honestly doesn't understand that no one can understand what the hell shes rambling about most the time. Due to her mental state she thinks shes communicating clearly and coherently. From everyone elses perspective it's jarring and random and none of her sentences have context or relate to each other. She makes things worse by retweeting or adding onto her nonsense tweets with more nonsense making them near impossible to decipher. They are all real words and sentences but that's it, there's no information being conveyed in those sentences. In her mind all of what she is saying makes perfect sense! This is why she gets frantic and starts attacking people for 'ignoring her' or 'not helping her' because she doesn't understand that no one knows what she is saying or what she means.
It's almost like we're all seeing the real world and KT is seeing a completely different fake world- ironic considering she references the matrix often.
What makes this worse is KT genuinely believes she is somehow enlightened or above the average human. That she is simply aware while most of us are not. The sad reality is that it's the other way around and we're all watching this person barely be able to comprehend simply logic or understanding. Some of us laugh and some of us feel pity for her. Some of us want her to be helped but theres simply nothing any of us can do. Somehow she needs to become self-aware for long enough to realise that shes operating far below the average human right now mentally. Once she wakes up to that she needs to seek out help quickly before she fades back into it. The biggest obstacle is that she thinks she is more aware then ever and has a malicious voice in her head that is her mental illness trying to stop her seeking help by feeding her false information. Her lack of logical thinking means she cannot just use common sense to realise its all in her head.

Also just an FYI for everyone it seems KT's @ClearThePlanet account is back up and actively being used again.

No. 1229944

File: 1621003438894.png (385.18 KB, 1440x814, Screenshot_20210514-084308~2.p…)

Ho boy, she really is something

No. 1229949

Nah that kinda stuff is just her inner 13-year old trying to sound cool or edgy but just coming across as dumb. In terms of KT that kinda tweet is not worth mentioning. The disturbing stuff is when she tweets about her perception (or lack thereof) of reality currently.

No. 1229975


You're right. If I posted every time she said something vague and edgy it would clog up the thread.

No. 1230026

File: 1621011078542.jpg (216.17 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20210514-094108_Twi…)

Do you think "Hedy" could be her conflating Heidi and Suzy into one person? It's a combination of their names.

In this post >>1229410 she says "Hedy, if he lied to you, that's the same thing as cheating" which sounds like a Heidi reference. She also claims Heidi is the one who aborted David's baby. Yet she also seems to imply this "Hedy" person is currently with Arin and taking advantage of him somehow.

No idea why she would start treating these two women as one person, but she hates them both. She seems really resentful that those two are considered more tolerable by lolcow anons compared to Holly and herself, and seems to want to "expose" this as wrong. But it's still really weird because Heidi and Suzy aren't close, have never publicly interacted that much, and don't have much in common in the real world. But it's hard to guess what's going on in KT's world.

No. 1230030

Sameanon, I forgot to mention that she posted this voice memo "ForDavid" a few days ago. I'm too scared to click the link, but maybe some other anon will take one for the team and tell us if her deteriorating mental state comes across in audio like it does in text.


No. 1230044

I think Hedy is just Suzy and Heidi just happens to sound similar and be someone she has also talked about recently. KT is just really far gone and its impossible to fully understand her. You're trying to logically process the ramblings of a disturbed, crazy person after all.
It's fully understandable why you'd theorise that she conflating the two but that really does feel like your giving KT more credit then she deserves in terms of creativity. This is the same person who keeps retweeting Neil Gaiman is gaslighting her while providing 'proof' which is essentially just her being a bitch to Neil and him responding in a classy and entirely no aggressive manner. Theres not that much depth to how she thinks or speaks.

No. 1230045

Does anyone here actually know of a way to contact someone who knows her (whether they actively avoid her like Arin, hate her or used to know her). I think it's time someone reached out or had a wellness check done on her so she can go back to being a normal lolcow and not this risk to herself.

No. 1230057

AYRT yeah, that's fair. I'm probably looking for breadcrumbs in a pile of shit lmao. She used to have a little more method to her madness, but even that seems to be gone now.

I'm curious about the audio file because she used to sound somewhat grounded in her voice memos. She speaks with an air of being very confident in her logic even when it's not there. But that was before her tweets devolved into… whatever is going on now.

No. 1230071

Now that dining has reopened in Chicago, I hope she's getting back to work. I like to believe that KT knows better than to talk about this shit with customers at work.

No. 1230113

I thought she lived in Milwaukee?

No. 1230122


It's really short, under a minute. Nothing too different from what's she been saying before in her attempts to get in touch with him.

“What’s up David? I hope you got my messages. Uhm… I’m able to record so I’m not as nervous as being on the phone. But uhm, yeah! If you would like to… actually become operating thetan or even go clear, I’m here. I don’t want anything from you, I just want to meet you and… yeah. If you would like to… I- I’ll leave you alone. Uhm… But if you ever want me, you know how to find me. Thanks. Bye.”

No. 1230144

She does live somewhere in Wisconsin, but once claimed to be "a waitress from Chicago", probably because it sounds more sophisticated. I doubt a rambling insane server has many career opportunities in Wisconsin

No. 1230155

Imagine KT's dating profile.
-Looking for a famous person to leech off of.
-Am an artist, don't do art.
-Currently a waitress but studying to be a cult leader.
-Hate everyone who plays games. Grow up!
-Am the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard and am the leader of scientology unrecognised.
-Am infinite and immortal but complain about mundane short term issues constantly.
-If you ever ignore me or dont agree with me I will publically call you a racist, narcisist, stalker, rapist, terrorist etc.
(Possibly for up to 20+ years after if you have any kind of relationship with me).
-Must be psychic and awakened to date me.
-Must have watched the matrix so you can understand my misuse of references.
-Must be in my league. I'm not pretty on the outside, or the inside, but in the astral plane I'm super hot so, you have to balance it by being hot in this plane of existence.
- Must hate Arin and Suzy. don't you hate how their relationship is so fake. They'll break up any moment, I've been saying it for over a decade just wait and see!
-Must have a connection to God. Specifically the God that exists only in my head and compliments me, his name is Mal.
-Must be okay with casual slurs when my façade breaks.

Then it slowly breaks down to inconsistent unrelated statements about Arin, Deadpool, Hedy, David, Ruin, Etika, celebrities and crazy shit for pages and pages.

Do you think she knows why she is single and alone? I think we can all see shes super lonely (always referencing Arin and her Ex-Husband/Boyfriend and thirsting for literally ANYONE). Maybe that mixed with lock down is what pushed her from crazy to… whatever this is.

No. 1230185


>I'm not pretty on the outside, or the inside, but in the astral plane I'm super hot so

lmao anon I love you

No. 1230192

File: 1621022748852.png (48.72 KB, 726x414, paranoid.png)

She's so paranoid, but also lol at her being the type of military wife that thinks because her husband served that experience also extends to her.

No. 1230205

thanks for the transcription, kind anon. is she referring to David…… Miscavige?

No. 1230225

File: 1621024336748.png (19.39 KB, 726x159, surejan.png)


No problem! And yes, she's referring to Miscavige.

So, I've seen her say this in a couple places now. When all this started, she was super excited about being a Sandman character (in her head, obviously), thought it was a declaration of love and what have you. And her whole thing has been using her love of it as proof that Arin and Suzy are "meticulous" about the way she thinks they're messing with her. So, I'm not really sure why now she's suddenly trying to pull this whole "lol whatever I was never really a fan anyway" thing? Maybe to try and make it seem like they're stupid for thinking that would get to her, even though it's not real but obviously did still get to her lol. Idk it's sort of a fool's errand to try and understand any of her motivations.

No. 1230318

File: 1621031713659.png (44.93 KB, 726x408, theleastyoucando.png)

she really thinks everybody is stalking and in love with her, huh

No. 1230327

“I’m not blocked yet, so I know you have a crush” lmao never stop giving us words of wisdom to live by KT

No. 1230330


samefagging to say, just, holy shit. she's the one who started tweeted obsessively at him. she's the one who decided one day that Mal was suddenly Xenu and she was suddenly the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. she's the one who has been propositioning this man (and many others) for sex and marriage. and now suddenly it's actually that David Miscavige is stalking her? he's setting up cameras to watch her? he has a crush on her? just like… what the hell KT. I know you're reading this so I am begging you to see a doctor and get help.

No. 1230333

I'm starting to think David is Arin. Like her obsession with him, stalking him, claiming he is stalking her, weird nonsense messages about how 'Hedy' (Suzy) aborted Davids baby etc.
Like shes aiming it all at David Mischavage which is fine because the dudes a cunt anyway by really this is how she feels about Arin but maybe she hasn't accepted it yet and is venting at this unrelated person.
Or maybe shes just so completely batshit insane that nothing in her world makes any sense to anyone anymore and its all just random bullshit that to her seems to make sense.

Either way shes so far gone now. I don't think her story has a happy ending in which she gets treatment unfortunately. Maybe if someone could show her 'Mal' is just her psychosis telling her everything she wants to hear or is thinking she might be able to better fight this shit. I mean it's not enough that she messages EVERYONE about Mal and asks them all if he's spoken to them and if they no him and literally no one has said 'yes' in any way. But ofcourse 'Mal' has probably given her a reason for that.

No. 1230337

File: 1621032438315.png (17.41 KB, 726x153, davidisarin.png)


Funny that you say that, anon

No. 1230339

I love that she assumes that these wealthy, successful, married men with their celebrity friends and fulfilled dreams aren't happy because shes not in their lives. It's them that aren't happy and it's them that stalk KT even though Arin does everything in his power to ignore and avoid her and David Miscavage has no idea who she is and wouldn't care in a million years- the same amount of time a scientologist signs their soul away to join the cult.

No. 1230426

File: 1621040665400.png (127.38 KB, 760x747, Screenshot_20210514-210332.png)

those top two tweets were sent 5 minutes after this one which I find even more concerning. her behavior has escalated to harassing strangers over the phone

No. 1230441

The moment her disorder reach the level of 'Voice in my head' it was a turning point for how crazy she became. As soon as voices are telling you to do things and you can no longer tell that they are all you and you listen to them its nearly impossible to recover without treatment. Katie is trapped in her own hell she created blissfully unaware that theres a serious problem with her. As such shes regressing and becoming more erratic, harder to understand, more unstable and eventually will become a danger to herself and perhaps others. Shes creating a false reality around herself as we've all noted where she creates false narratives and responds to them in wild ways. Unfortunate people like Neil Gaiman are then dragged into Katies delusions until they block her or just ignore her (Not that it stops her from continuing with it).
I mention Neil specifically out of everyone shes attacked because his involvement is unique. He actually gave her the benefit out the doubt and responded (Unaware he was talking to someone with serious psychosis), only for her to turn aggressive. Then he humoured her with a non-offensive and classy response to her insane allegations against him (Which is honestly very repectful of him and shows great character- most wouldn't take being accused of things so well), which only worsened Katies false narrative as now she thinks he is 'gaslighting' her despite the fact that literally no one can see how.

Everyone can see shes not right (even strangers) and everyone can see she isn't responding to logical thought. If someone just proves to her that the voice in her head isn't real, it will stop making her do extreme things and might even make her realise that perhaps other things may not be real, leading her to admit she needs to see a doctor. Ofcourse if it were easy to prove this to an insane person it would be great but thats not how things are.

How do you prove an imaginary being isn't real to a crazy person who cant understand what proof or evidence are and cannot distinguish reality from delusions? Anything you say or do, the voice will just say otherwise or create more illogical excuses that the insane person will happily believe despite how outlandish they are. If anyone can solve Katies voice issue, then fixing the rest will be a lot easier.(stop)

No. 1230457

AYRT I thought she was from Milwaukee, only because she mentioned the "414," referring to Milwaukee's area code. I just did a CCAP search, and maybe she is from Milwaukee, but the records aren't recent. I also looked at the Milwaukee Bartenders Facebook page (a lot of servers join), and nada. Which is disappointing, because I would tip so well in order to listen to her insane rambles IRL. So c'mon, KT. A hint about your job if you had to crawl back to Milwaukee? The city still has the mask mandate until June 15th, so no one will see your face.

No. 1230765

File: 1621099367501.png (30.74 KB, 729x303, deathbed.png)

She's definitely getting worse

No. 1230796

File: 1621102525300.png (257.4 KB, 747x598, MalAgain.png)

Mal is speaking to KT again. Apparently he is an anime character when he appears to David or Scientology.

No. 1230820

File: 1621104805425.png (210.85 KB, 726x837, stalk3r.png)

There's a little information about her old stalker that she now believes to be Suzy she posted awhile ago that I think was missed. I know she has mentioned this For pric3 person (and also that Ross was aware of them) in a few voice memos.

No. 1230823

File: 1621104908691.png (464.84 KB, 1415x912, stalk3r2.png)


The images

No. 1230850

Is she saying she's been sending packages to Arin (presumably the GG PO box)? Because she thought she was gonna die?

This would be so fucking funny if it wasn't so sad

No. 1230865

File: 1621109514180.gif (600.74 KB, 245x200, tumblr_n2dttm0fpJ1ql5yr7o1_250…)



No. 1230879

File: 1621111155028.png (58.85 KB, 747x556, KTStalking.png)

It seems KT's opinion of people stalking her has changed when she believes it's 'David' stalking her. Then she proceeds to go right back to stalking him. Luckily for him he's probably so far removed from the lower level cult grunts that run the twitter account that he'll never know his being stalked by a crazy person.

No. 1230914

File: 1621114533502.jpg (542.96 KB, 1080x3612, isthisdavid.jpg)

Speaking of,

No. 1230987

File: 1621123010630.png (82.03 KB, 729x591, blocked.png)

No. 1230996

imagine being so nuts that the scientology twitter account block you

No. 1230997

Oh God and shes telling that Doctor guy about it ofcourse. How long until she realises he doesn't talk to her either and turns on him too? And obviously shes taking her anger out on Neil Gaiman yet again, because reasons no one can comprehend!
Unfortunately Scientology twitter isn't aware that KT has many other accounts to stalk them with… I can't believe this bitch is making me feel sorry for the Scientologists running the twitter but here we are!

No. 1231086

File: 1621139340894.png (219.66 KB, 726x741, fucktomcruise.png)

Tom Cruise now seems to be the subject of her ire. I did genuinely laugh at that bottom tweet though lol.

No. 1231089

I'm honestly waiting for this. I know he's liked at least one of her comments in the past, but others have also innocently acknowledged her before realizing how obsessively crazy she is. I'm not sure what she'll do if/when Dr. Grande blocks her lol

No. 1231139

you know, at first i thought she was just weird and sorta funny. still think that, but now it's just sorta sad watching this woman clearly spiral out of control. jesus.

but also >>1230996 lol

No. 1231178

Uh oh, Mal has told Katie that Tom Cruise said 'Sweep her under the rug' and now Tom Cruise will be the new Arin. Mal is such a drama obsessed school girl!
Guess we know who her target of the week is this week!

No. 1231182

File: 1621160413790.png (249.77 KB, 596x638, Lol.png)

The illuminati is trying to hold down Katie!

No. 1231185

File: 1621160699793.png (46.8 KB, 743x608, PoorGaiman.png)

And of course she takes out her anger on Neil Gaiman. That poor fucking guy, he got dragged into to this after actually trying to help her. He shouldn't have used the word 'Evidence'. That's gaslighting!

No. 1231287

Sage for no contribution but I swear I look away for like 5 minutes and this bitch just finds new and impressive ways to be batshit crazy. L. Ron Hubbard? Cults? Obama???

Thank you, KT. From one paranoid schizophrenic to another: you are the reason I take my medication every day.

No. 1231544

Hey KT impressive how Im Suzy as well, but Im from south america and speak spanish, but sure, Im Suzy, gracias por la lechita tan loquita :3
Why is she a princess now? The only story that fits her is sk8ter boi, and I can't wait for her reaction when all the accounts she's spamming blocks her xD(newfaggotry)

No. 1231658

Hedy is the crazy character who copies the main character in the movie Single White Female. It's another way of calling Suzy mini-me, 2.0 etc.

No. 1231663

Same anon here. Actually i just remembered she said that Suzy has 'Single White Female syndrome' on Twitter or in one of her voice messages once or twice before.

No. 1231668

File: 1621214221782.png (162.04 KB, 738x758, KT.png)

Bottom Tweet- She is super perplexed by the fact that the Scientology social twitter account responded to her (they do respond to randoms so this isn't anything unusual). The entire purpose of their twitter is to both give them the 'good guy' image by responding to even harsh critics with kind words and to recruit new members. They used KT's tweet at them about a marching band to show off about their bustling music scene kek. For those unaware, KT turned this into a whole 'It must be the leader of scientology trying to tell me he loves me!' narrative out of nowhere. She then believed that her not being blocked was proof the leader was in love with her and stalking her. Seriously Im not making that up. Eventually she got blocked for her vulgar, constant harassment. Now KT is treating this whole ordeal like some kind of glitch in the matrix… for reasons we will never understand ofcourse.

Top Tweet- This ordeal has since evolved. She's once again connecting dots that probably aren't there. She seems to be remember that someone she knew had a dianetics book (A book written by Sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard to scam money from people and save his failing career years before he even started scientology). It seems this is leading to her creating a new narrative wherein this person must have joined the cult and in some way is responsible for her getting blocked by Scientology (and not the constant harassment shes been tweeting toward them). What makes this noteworthy is this may loop back to a previous character in the Katie story. It could be that the person she's thinking of is someone like Arin and once again he's using his connections to get her or some insane bullshit. Hopefully the mystery reveals itself soon!

No. 1231675

great observation anon

No. 1231695

Thanks anon, we were stumped on that one. I guess she's been talking about Suzy this whole time, and it probably autocorrected from Hedy to Heidi at least once.

No. 1231707


You're welcome anons. I think here >>1228719 and here >>1230026 she actually was talking about Heidi because she mentions Holly too in the first David's baby post. The Hedy ones are Suzy.

No. 1231770

File: 1621228944910.png (69.53 KB, 735x279, gonetocali.png)

Uh oh, Arin better watch out!

No. 1231792

File: 1621233908082.png (16.65 KB, 745x125, KT.png)

Yes Katie, I'm sure getting high is not at all aggravating your unchecked mental illnesses.

No. 1231796

So one of KTs accounts is literally her 'Mal' persona, personality or delusional thoughts. I don't really understand how the whole hearing voices without realising its all you thing works. I get confused because she talks to herself a lot on twitter through all these accounts so I'm not sure which are meant to be her and which are meant to be imaginary people or whatever in her mind?
Has KT ever mentioned if all or any of her other accounts are also suppose to be different personas? I mean obviously they are all the same crazy, horrible bitch making wild accusations so they are all the same to us but are they to her (because the Mal account to us is the same as the rest but not to her). I'm just wondering if shes said anything in the past that leads one way or the other?

No. 1231808

She used to refer to them as "personal account" "dream journal" "public content" etc which seemed normal enough if unnecessary. But there was never a huge difference between what she posted on each account. Maybe a little bit, but she would frequently use the accounts to like and RT herself to the point that it all became indistinguishable.

I actually didn't notice that she's using Twitter as a direct mouthpiece for Mal until you pointed it out. She uses so many names that it all seemed kinda meaningless.

No. 1231837


is no one going to mention she sees betailed people putting up cameras now

No. 1231854

She spotted someone she believed was 'tailing' her (following her from a distance) putting up cameras.
Nothing else much to say on that, she thinks the universe revolves around her and that shes unique and special despite having only one thing that makes her of any interest- shes crazy and uses that to attack famous people who literally do nothing to her.
Her severe mental illness and paranoia makes her say shit like this all the time so no one bats an eyelid.

No. 1231869

Sage for armchair diagnosing but I'm a paranoid schizo and when I was deep in an episode I would often have memory loss. When I snapped out of it I would find notes written by my "personal demon" in my diary/sketchbook and be like "oh he's talking to me via this medium of leaving notes". It could be what's happening to KT, or she could just be indulging her narc side by being so attention grabbing. Tbh I'm on the fence about this "Mal" stuff.

No. 1231878

Sage. This entire thread is 90% armchairing because the subject is so off the rails it's hard not to speculate why. Although it's actually cool to hear from someone with experience with one of the things we assume she could have.
Honestly when shes not stalking Arin her mental illness is the most interesting thing about her. I wish we knew more about it, specifically her 'Mal' delusions because they seem to encourage her to do crazier shit (assuming they aren't her pretending to be mentally ill and hearing voices. It's hard to tell because shes a pathological liar and massive attention-seeking narcissist).

No. 1231889


Is she insinuating that she's LRH now??

No. 1231899

Not insinuating, shes straight up said it dozens of times over the last few weeks. She thinks that L Ron was her previous life and that she is the leader of scientology. She keeps sending demands to famous scientology related people and then going crazy at them when they ignore her.
More recently the scientology twitter account blocked her after making the same mistake Neil Gaiman made by responding to one of her bullshit tweets and being swamped with harassment from her after. Now shes torn between who shes angry at for being blocked, currently shes non-stop spamming Tom Cruise with 'fuck you' messages because the voice in her head (Mal) let her know he was to blame.

Honestly the story she creates is too wild to describe and it doesn't help that it's just one of many ongoing narratives taking place simultaneously. Your honestly better off just looking at her Twitter accounts as 90% doesn't get post here because there is simply too much.

No. 1231900

Sage goes in the email field, it doesn't do anything to mention it in post.

No. 1231956

I'm just surprised she managed to get that twitter handle. Scientology must be angry they didn't get on that.

No. 1231968

File: 1621267780552.jpeg (44.47 KB, 590x147, Web capture_17-5-2021_10752_tw…)

So wait… does that mean she's outing herself as a child abuser in her past life? o_O

No. 1231981

what the fuck KT

No. 1231985

Silly anon, thats logical thinking! Katie has never thought about things through logic!

But yes it does mean she can add 'sexual child abuse in a past life' to her long list of awful behaviours in her current life… and by her own admission too… Good for her.

No. 1231990

Oh god. Marijuana is INCREDIBLY helpful for a lot of things, but I’ve read that it’s a very bad idea for people who are already predisposed to schizophrenia and can make symptoms worse.

No. 1232008

AYRT. Although I'm like 90% sure she has paranoid schizophrenia at this point (10% hoping this is just an elaborate trolling from a NEET with no friends because that's still a better fate than being an untreated schizo) I'm starting to think this Mal stuff is either bullshit or wildly exaggerated. Her narcissism is raging atm with her hitting up all kinds of people on twitter, desperately trying to get some interaction going, so KT claiming more outlandish stuff to get peoples attention makes sense to me. I could be completely wrong though. With KT it's hard to predict what the fuck is going on in that brain of hers.

Can confirm it's about the worst thing you could take with any sort of paranoia or psychosis. I smoked it myself when I got meme'd into thinking it was "natural medicine" and it made me batshit fucking crazy. I'm wondering if KT getting more desperate and crazy coincides with her starting to smoke weed/smoking more of it than normal. Does anyone else on this thread remember her mentioning weed prior to now?

No. 1232012


She's mentioned weed a few times. I know she said in some of her voice memos that she had smoked just prior to recording. I get the impression that she's been smoking weed for a long time.

No. 1232027

The only reason I don't think its trolling is because shes attacked a lot of people she once looked up to/ admired. Trolling is one thing but even a troll wouldn't go as far as to try and get hated by their past heroes (I'm referring to Neil Gaiman and Bastille, both of whom she used to love and both of whom she now attacks. In the case of Bastille one of the members called her out for being a dickhead too).
And yeah I've seen her post on twitter about being high and smoking weed in the past a while back. Considering she was big into alternative medicine, mysticism, psychic powers etc it's not surprising. I do wonder if weed is the only drug she takes but so far we have no solid evidence to suggest anything more.
I used to be a stoner myself until I developed slight mental disorders. I was never super bad but I can confirm that the weed definitely made it a lot worse as it made me paranoid rather then relaxed after that.
Lets be real though, she needs real medical help. Stopping smoking weed while shes in this state will help but she need to see a real doctor soon.

BTW if anyone can get an image, on Katie's uhuhcomeagain account she just tweeted directly at Suzy out of nowhere telling her to 'Go fuck herself'.

No. 1232034

This is true, weed can absolutely make schizophrenia or psychosis worse, or can bring out familial mental illness the individual was previously not evidently suffering from. This is not very common, and of those affected, it's much more common in males than females, though it is still possible for women. It's somewhat similar to what can happen with psychedelics (e.g. Syd Barrett), and it's believed that there's an overlap in being part of either potentially-affected group. Bloggy but I know someone that after a heavy mushroom trip could never smoke weed again because they activated some kind of dormant manic tendencies, which really came to the forefront when smoking weed. This person never had any issues when smoking weed before, nor any manic tendencies beforehand, though bipolar cases existed in their extended family. I wonder whether something similar happened with KT?

No. 1232080

File: 1621280084001.png (256.72 KB, 735x558, outtanowhere.png)


As requested for posterity

No. 1232100

So she's either smoking more weed than normal (or a stronger strain) or she's just getting worse. Honestly, it's probably the latter. It doesn't seem like she has any close friends or family to stop her spiralling, or even notice how she's acting at all. Unfortunately the only thing that can help her now is a shot of haldol and a trip to the psych ward. Nothing sobered me up quicker than being amongst other psychos and realising that I'm just as bad as they are for me to be in there.

I do feel genuine empathy for KT knowing what she's going through but she's also such a fucking narc that I kinda hate her too kek. The duality of woman. Or womxn. Or whatever non-binary shit she identifies as this week.

No. 1232415

File: 1621306616736.png (293.99 KB, 743x786, KT.png)

So… I guess Katie decided to get engaged to Mal. I'm not sure if a person can marry themselves but if this means she will do less sexual harassing and stalking I guess everyone wins!
Also, back to attacking Neil. God forbid someone try to be nice to her. I still don't know what she hopes to gain beyond her own embarrassment?
It also seems Katie thinks she can travel into the dreams of someone who doesn't even know what she looks like or sounds like. Something tells me shes gonna be pissed when she realizes Neil's life will continue on as normal regardless of her Freddy Krueger ass trying find more ways to attack this poor guy.

No. 1232417

File: 1621306975250.png (40.27 KB, 736x419, KT.png)

If being immortal consists of not understanding what gaslighting is but spending my time falsely accusing people of it and then marrying some ugly ass scientology reject I guess I'm okay with dying.

No. 1232424

File: 1621307440111.png (611.08 KB, 553x867, KT.png)

Lastly for anyone wondering why Katie is accusing Neil of being a 'Plagiarist' now- I guess it's because of this… er… shitty ballpoint pen drawing on a writing pad of a… um… faceless woman-horse-moth wielding a mop?

Yeah somehow this makes Neil Gaiman, a world famous writer, a Plagiarist. If anyone has any insight into how please explain.

No. 1232432

File: 1621309116807.jpg (121.27 KB, 1080x1096, Screenshot_20210517-203506_Chr…)

God, I almost feel bad for her. She is so lonely she is literally talking about marrying herself, but she still seems to crave affection. I really wish someone in her life would step in.

No. 1232458

File: 1621312071863.jpeg (34.45 KB, 583x473, 1554410363145.jpeg)


if anyone was curious as to KT's art evolution… its the same shit…

No. 1232555

Oh gosh, this made me ugly laugh. I know it's punching down but this is so fucking crazy and hilarious. If you'd have told me months ago that the Game Grumps stalker would be doing all this stuff now I'd assume you were the mentally ill one.

I often wonder how KT pays her bills and feeds herself because she's so terminally online I find it hard to believe she works. But surely if she lived with family they would have noticed something by now? Unless they're also a bit loopy and against modern medicine which would explain some of KT's views.

No. 1232697

File: 1621346775342.png (24.16 KB, 740x259, Mal.png)

So does anyone remember when Katie used to be so against the idea of fame, long before we knew her as the person who fails to leech off of people with fame? Well she doesn't remember it seems.

No. 1232702

File: 1621347060494.jpeg (193.89 KB, 1080x1094, 1554450661806.jpeg)


>So does anyone remember when Katie used