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File: 1523895367487.jpg (109.18 KB, 668x695, 28hgx3.jpg)

No. 506118

Join us for the ongoing saga of 41-year-old horrorcow Raven (née Diana) Dawn Sparks and her 31-year-old future husband #5 Josh Bradley in their barren Love That Was More Than Love Shack mobile home in rural Saluda, South Carolina.

Raven originally achieved notoriety for her outrageous horror goth appearance and exhibitionism, her immature and aggressively defensive demeanor which alienates everyone in her life, and her relationship with husband #4 Logan who was 16-years-old and 19 years her junior when they became engaged and was a school friend of her son Dorian who is 8 months older. She has disowned her son after subjecting him to a childhood of neglect and many years of emotional abuse.

Each successive relationship is The One™ which will rescue her from her terrible life and give her a "fresh start." Several of her relationships began while she was still married to and, in some cases, financially supported by the previous husband. She has moved across several states and twice overseas to be with men whom she met online. Once she is established in a new relationship she is quick to denigrate the last with accusations of neglect and abuse despite having been the manipulator, an example of how she continually rewrites her personal history to feed her narcissism and validate her victimhood.

Her addiction to finding new love is closely rivaled by her addiction to acquiring new pets, toys, and clothes which she soon abandons in her hoard (or rehomes in the case of her pets) once their novelty has worn off.

As in real life, she exhibits her Jekyll/Hyde personality online: superficially sweet to her sycophantic followers and crassly vitriolic to anyone who dares to disagree with her. An overwhelming number of her Youtube videos are rants directed at people whom she perceives as having crossed her and at "the haters" on lolcow and Kiwi Farms.

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>In yet another video filmed in their Bed That Was More Than A Bed, Raven announces, "I have a real life friend now!" Her new friend is presumably the same friend who bought them groceries.
>Josh did not qualify for unemployment. He has applied online to about a hundred and fifty jobs. "He's going to be working hopefully soon, or we're camping out on the street."
>While they may not be able to pay their rent, electric bill, or car registration and insurance, Josh bought her two cases of her favorite Monster Slim Jims which she proudly showed off.
>She announced that she would be withdrawing from social media and Youtube for lack of having anything to post and because she doesn't want to "surround herself with negativity."
>She lost another Patreon patron and is now down to two.
>Her photos revealed that they are now living in a different mobile home.
>She adopted an unnamed golden retriever black lab cross from the same woman from whom she adopted Meg the tabby kitten. She returned the dog a few days later when his family changed their minds.
>After receiving a comment on Instagram from a throwaway account (suspected to be Gir the Alien Goldfish/Placebo who was subsequently ridiculed and banned on Kiwi Farms) criticising her history of pet ownership and threatening to contact the police, Raven posted a video to enumerate the "unfortunate" events which have resulted in her losing her pets and to explain her philosophy of pet ownership to validate how frequently she rehomes her animals.
>She admits her fault in the disappearance of Azzy. She says that she briefly left her alone outside to answer a phone call from Josh, and in that time someone must have stolen her.
>Two days later she announced the arrival of Doja, an 11 year old blind and hearing impaired purebred pit bull whom she acquired through an unnamed dog rescue organisation. She said that a member of the organisation (who turned out to be the person who transported him) conducted an in-home interview. He arrived with an eye infection and in need of vaccinations and grooming. His blindness, caused by his eyelids folding inwards, could have been prevented with surgery.
>Raven created a Facebook page for Doja:
>Her video of Doja revealed just how old and rundown their new LTWMTL Shack is. Josh mentions that it smells. Gnats and flies visibly swarm in front of the camera. The power is out during part of the video. They moved their king size bed into the cramped living room "so that they could keep an eye on him" and because their bedroom is not large enough for him to sleep on their floor.
>The next day she posted a video pleading for donations towards Doja's medical expenses, including the link to a Facebook post by Autumn Fralix of the dog rescue organisation. Autumn stated that she was not made aware of Doja's additional health problems prior to arranging the adoption. Donations can be made to Autumn's Paypal account and directly to the vet in Saluda.
>In the same video she says that Josh has just started a new job.
>Enough money was raised for Doja to be groomed, examined, vaccinated, and tested for heartworm.
>On April 3rd Raven announced that her mother had died after having a third stroke. She posted a video which includes a recording of their last phone conversation and says that she knows that getting to the funeral is her responsibility and that she doesn't expect to receive donations and will refund any donations she does receive if they do not go.
>Her mother was cremated in Colorado where she and Raven's half-sister and half-brother live. Her ashes will be divided to be interred in El Paso next to Raven's step-dad's grave, shared amongst her family members, and sent to Thailand.
>During the following week she posted three more videos about her mom's passing which center on herself. She set-up a GoFundMe with a goal of $500 to cover the cost of a rental car, hotel accommodation, food, and a "modest" dress for the funeral. When the goal was met she increased it to $800. She says both that she intentionally low-balled the goal amount and that she underestimated the cost of the trip. She shows their overdue electric bill marked "Final Notice" and states that she will use the donations towards the bill and overdue rent if they are unable to go. She will still refund people if they request it.
>Renting a car is the only option due to her tailbone injury, her agoraphobia, and need to have Josh with her for emotional support since she is "not close" to her siblings.
>Doja will be cared for by the dog rescue while she and Josh are away.
>She expected the funeral to take place on the 22nd, but her sister emailed her on the 11th informing her that it would be on the 15th. Raven was angry that her siblings did not consider her hardships when setting the date.
>Her pleas were successful, netting $850 on GoFundMe and an undisclosed amount via Paypal and bank transfer.
>On the funeral home obituary page someone posing as Raven posted the link to a video entitled Meet My Mom in which she describes her mom and their tumultuous relationship in less than flattering terms. Raven posts a foul-mouthed response on the obit page, declaring "I would give anything in my life to have everyone in your families die slowly while you have to watch and suffer."
>On Friday the 13th Josh took off early from work for their departure. Raven posted a pic of herself in their Jeep on the way to pick up the rental car.
>She announced that she would be deactivating her Facebook profile and community page and taking an "extended break from social media" due to the haters harassing her over her treatment of her mom and in the aftermath of an unrelated drama on Facebook which started when Raven mentioned having been accused of pedophilia for her relationship with Logan. Cy Samael then made a lengthy post about Raven, and Ash Sangre and Zombgora Lilith defended Raven.
>After Ash and Zombgora were discussed in the thread, a flame war erupted with new anons strongly suspected to be Ash and Zombgora themselves.

Countdown to The Wedding That Was More Than A Wedding:

* deactivated or closed accounts
https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks (community)
https://www.facebook.com/the.moon.follows.me.home (new primary account)
https://www.facebook.com/Vv.Raven.vV * (old primary account)
https://www.facebook.com/blood.upon.my.soul *
https://www.facebook.com/crisp.black.kiss.upon.my.skull *
https://www.facebook.com/gorgeous.gothic.ghouls (community)
https://www.facebook.com/Goth.Boys (community)
https://www.facebook.com/x.metal.men.x (community)
https://www.facebook.com/Ravaged.by.Raven (community)
https://www.facebook.com/darkly.odd (community) *

YouTube and Videos:
https://www.youtube.com/c/RavenStarblood (current)
https://www.bitchute.com/channel/raven/ (current)
https://youtu.be/gwAiXPmMoJQ (unlinked birthday 2014 video about being cyber-bullied by a fake website, now in the archives) *
https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj9C5ZUyNC5_kBK2A8-93hEIOfQ2F0S9g (10-part "My Story", some now in the archives) *
https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonbergerLoverNZ (her pets and Ryan's dogs)

Archives of leaked videos from >>>/pt/400701 and others:

Social Media:
https://www.instagram.com/the.crimson.queen *
https://www.instagram.com/modified.doll *
http://starbl00d.tumblr.com *

Image Galleries:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/bloodbathory *

https://graphtreon.com/creator/_raven_ (ranking of her Patreon account)
http://a.co/158y4sg (Amazon wishlist)
http://a.co/aK3qVyK (Amazon wishlist of household items)
http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/stories.html *
http://www.mywedding.com/ravenandlogan/galleries.html *
https://nz.linkedin.com/in/raven-sparks-7451a1a6 *
https://nz.pinterest.com/vvravenvv/wishlist *
https://about.me/x.raven.x *

https://www.etsy.com/people/ravensparkss *
https://www.depop.com/starbl00d *

Joshua Manning Bradley:

No. 506122

Very nice summation post, Anon.

As far as Raven's calves that showed up last night, I think the one was pretty clearly Ash despite her professed horror that someone would white knight her in such a fashion (oh my!), but I think the other one was just someone screwing around and pretending to be Zombo for the lulz (and it was lulzy– and pretty informative). Just goes to show that even Raven's sycophants are cows in their own right, just not to the same degree.

No. 506123

File: 1523896239084.jpg (102.41 KB, 800x533, bad_girl_on_the_loose_by_ashsa…)

Ashley and Zamboni are being discussed in the altcows thread right now. >>>/snow/557059

Should we keep it there or come back here? Altcow regulars seem to be confused as to why they're being posted there, but some anons here were getting pissy about shitting up Raven's thread, even though these two (probably one, just Ashley) inserted themselves into her drama.

No. 506125


The Altcow thread could really use some new cows. Please keep this thread on topic.

No. 506126

I was quite happy for them to be mentioned here since we found them through association with Raven as long as it didn't become repetitive and we MAINLY focused on Raven, but everyone seemed angry and said it was derailing, so I went over to alt cows since that's what was asked by the majority, but apparently they aren't interested and do not even claim to know who Raven is, nor are they interested despite some anons providing links ect.

I'm not trying to derail, but it's something I noticed and was wondering the same thoughts as you anon. Maybe a farm hand could actually let us know instead of all this backseat modding?

Besides, do we still mention them in the alt thread if Ravey mentions them? Or if they mention Raven in the future?

Again, not trying to shit stir or derail, I would like to know officially because it's confusing.

No. 506130


Their interactions with Raven should be discussed here.

Ash is in the process of erasing her internet presence, so there won't be anything to discuss.

Zombgora, along with her band, is enough of a cow for the Altcow thread which is intended to be open to discussing new cows.

No. 506133

Okay. Thanks farmhand

No. 506143

You can discuss their interactions with Raven here, but anything else needs to go in the altcow thread.

No. 506192

File: 1523912862944.jpg (120.73 KB, 904x884, hmm.JPG)

From the Altcow snow thread. Hopefully it's about Gravy.

No. 506203

Maybe, but Raven never apologizes for anything, so. Also, we didn't say anything about either of those other people she mentions, just Jeremy Goodman that dumbass who said he
>Want me to stab them in stupid face ?

So I am not sure. But it would be funny if it was about Raven, considering Ash claimed not to know anything about her misdeeds because she hadn't done any research.

No. 506206

Kevin (her boyfriend) and John Kerr/Ruyak were both mentioned in the altcows thread. John actually doxxed himself. >>>/snow/557246

No. 506213

Your point about Gravy never apologizing is legit. But "And why don't you quit pretending to be offline. You were just on your fake account" makes me want to believe it's her.

It warms my heart that Gravy asks her friends to stand up for her to internet bullies, but then when they become the subject of these threads, she is nowhere to be found.

All aboard the Gravy Train, toot toot! But those of you who expect anything in return from her can get the fuck off right now.

No. 506220

This is definitely about Gravy, so now we know she has a fake Facebook and she's active on Messenger.

No. 506225

I reckon what happened is that Gravy read here while she was 'offline' because let's face it, she always reads here.
Then I reckon her and Ash either spoke and Gravy didn't believe her, OR Gravy just removed her from her friends list without saying anything. I'm guessing the latter.
Raven is a dumbass, but it was extremely easy to tell Ash's samefagging and posts so I'm sure, Raven being the paranoid person she is, just deleted her and this in turn has annoyed Ash hence her post.

No. 506278

File: 1523942656737.jpg (36.4 KB, 1156x245, thelast.JPG)

No. 506280

> Doja is alive on the background
> There are no pictures or video of the trip nor memorial

They went as far as the closest walmart and taco bell.

No. 506281

>We have a damn good life -Hagraven
>Please help us we're broke and I can't afford anything, it make me so unhappy that we're broke -Also Hagraven

Also, never believe her "this is my last update for a while" cause it's as believable as her "I'm taking a break from the internet" lie.

No. 506284

File: 1523944105671.png (130.2 KB, 528x773, grll.png)

From this >>504551 to shittalk you in two days? You lost the general of your army Raven, what did you do?

No. 506285

awww now she was all alone the WHOLE time in New zealand? Dorian didn't talk to her, or Logan or noone!! She was all alone, how did she survive??

No. 506286

She sounds kinda fucked up. Like she's still on opioids or she's drunk or something.

No. 506288

SHe couldn't even wait a few more days so it would seem like she actually did drive to El paso. She's just flaunting in the faces of all those dummies who gave her money that she's on a walmart spending spree.

No. 506306

Yeah there is no way in hell they left the funeral and drove all the way back to saluda straight through. The funeral was sunday afternoon. that video looks to be filmed between noon-4 Monday. No fucking way.

>they're just jealous because they don't have stuff.

Ha! Got us! I pray everyday I'm hit with a overdue electric bill. Damn Raven! She has everything.

No. 506317

Noone's jealous of her. She always says that.
Also, it's really annoying how she makes these announcement videos. Why not just not come back online? Why does she need to announce it every time?

Her mild bashing of Dorian in there was real classy. Calls him selfish because he didn't ask how she was.
She had a bitch about even though she had a bad relationship with her mum she still loves her, yet it's fine for her to be like 'oh I still hate dorian' fucking idiot is just isolating herself more.
Also, 'thanks to all my supporters' yeah. Thanks so much that she takes their money and just disapears offline. She'll be back to beg.

Anyone else feel like she is using the opportunity to leave the internet now that Ash Sangre is taking her place? I feel like Raven would do that. She'd be like great, now I just need to disappear for a while, and this bitch will get dragged in my place.

Having said all that, I do agree that people shouldn't have fucked with her mum's memorial page. The wedding page hijinks were hilarious but someone's death is a whole new thing. Mind you, she did in a way milk her own mother's death for the cash.

She will most likely come back when she's bored.

No. 506321

File: 1523950141131.png (185.81 KB, 670x940, memorial.png)

Ok guys, I know we had that whole "The hate sites posted the video that I made about my mom against my will" thing going on, so it may be that spiel again, BUT

Acording to Susan, Ravens sis, she did not went to the service, and 'were missed'.

Not that we did not know that already, but now there is confirmation. She scammed the hell out of those stupid people and is lying through her teeth.

Off you go spend those dollah Graven.

No. 506328

Damn that's a really beautiful urn and flower display. My heart hurts.

I have to take the second "SSC" with a grain of salt because it's not the same way she made her name and location as the photo post.

No. 506330

She's making it sound like we faked her suicide, but wasn't that all her? And then she got Dorian to post on Facebook about it to keep up her hoax? And then she literally said it was just to see if anyone cared?

No. 506331

Exactly what I though, but, I'm gonna stick with that for now since Raven cannot confirm she WAS at the memorial.
I mean, look at those flowers. Can you imagine Raven NOT taking a pic of that and posting it to instagram if she were there?

No. 506340

So wait. She's claiming they left Friday afternoon, drove 24+ hours, went to the memorial on Sunday, then drove another 24+ hours and was home on Monday? Just want to make sure I have this straight.

Assuming she actually went to the memorial, why didn't she just stay for the committal service on Tuesday?

She took & posted a bunch of pictures before they got to the rental car place, says she took a bunch there too, but then says this wasn't the kind of ~woohoo road trip~ where you take a bunch of pictures… so she just didn't take a single other picture on the entire trip to El Paso, none once she got there, and none on her way home?

Yeah, not buying this shit at all. If I were one of the idiots who donated to her, I'd be fuming.

No. 506344

Like honestly, if you squeeze that much money and sympathy out of that many people, they deserve some real evidence that you actually used it the way you promised.

She's keeping up this racket because she told everyone that if she couldn't make it, she'd return the money to anyone who asked. But she never planned to go, or to return any money.

And she's probably so salty in that "final" video because she just bought all this new STUFF that we're all so super jealous over, and she can't even show it off. And without being able to show off her STUFF, what's the point of being on the Internet?

No. 506345

Agreed. She overshares literally everything else, even the gofundme yet she is unable to take a photo of the urn or flowers or something to show her donators that they helped her. The reason she said 'i dont wanna talk about my mother ect' is not because of grief but because she knows she's a bad liar and would slip up and be caught out.

No. 506346

The hag has her money, so away she goes! "Thanks for the support suckers, I might not be back but whatever!"… like seriously? Why do people put up with this? I struggle to believe she has "fans", but I guess the money speaks volumes. I just don't get why.

And jealously? That's why you have "hate sites" and "stalkers"… bitch admits her romance that was more than romance (bla bla) involves sitting in the pov little shack and watching shit together. Wow. Totes jealous u guis

No. 506350

Lmao imagine scamming people for that much money and thinking "Hey! if I leave the internet for one-two weeks everyone will forget about it!"..

No. 506351

Yeah I don't get it either. Her fans are either really dumb or naive. If I was a hardcore fan of someone, I'd probably still google them to see if they had scandals. Especially if said person had mentioned lolcow or 'hate sites' This is after all, the era of 'exposing culture'

It's crazy that they take this bitch's word as gospel and continue to give her money with such little return as well.
She's horrible to most of the people in her youtube comments.

She even said in her latest video that she can't trust anyone even her friends, but then goes on to thank her 'supporters'
So you don't trust them enough to make content for them, but you trust them enough to give you hand outs and money?

I bet she didn't even end up mailing out their giveaways. She was such a cunt about that too. 'People are telling me which item they want! HOW RUDE'

Nah bitch. You are the rude one. When Josh dumps your ass or you have noone left, not even your son because you isolated him too, you'll come begging back to the internet and guess what, you have cried wolf too many times for people to take you seriously.

People here don't bully you for no reason, if you actually were capable of not being a victim all the time and blaming other people you could change your life, but you won't.
Fuck you Raven. You are actual scum.

No. 506353

There is no way Raven would see someone else getting attention as beneficial.

No. 506355

This is such a predictable cycle. Given the way she was carrying on, I really thought she'd go pay respect to her mother but nah, she really is that big of a scammer. Inb4 Josh comes to post that she 'died' again.

No. 506359

look at some of the fans we've seen. zamboni the ebegger, ash the saccharine sweet shit stirrer, and various retards like ryan. dregs attract dregs.

this memorial thing is fucking hilarious. gran is so thick, which limits the damage she can do, and makes her so fucking obvious when she cooks up something. definitely some 'Josh' posts coming from the library soon.

(throwback to something earlier - did anyone else think the ween on the memorial page was Gir / Placebo? the 'julay goffic' seemed like a retarded callout of KF and I don't think Gran has any fans over there who would do that other than Gir)

No. 506361

Oh she's definitely taken the money and run straight to Walmart after she paid those overdue bills. She had no intentions of going to see her family, why would she? She'd only show up to rub her superiority in their faces and at the moment she can't do that living in a trailer with debt collectors knocking on her door.

No. 506366

>after she paid those overdue bills

MAYBE. Maybe she just went to Walmart and Hot Topic and they're back to couchboy's mom's couch since they simply cannot pay the bills.

No. 506367

This. They probably moved in with josh's mother and that's also why she can't film. I can't see her actually paying bills. Plushies ce first.

I honestly am glad her mother spent her last hours and had a lovely service put on by her children that care and love for her. Raven would have caused drama at the funeral anyway

No. 506370

I am actually pretty disappointed in Josh. He has shown signs of not being entirely on board with the whole lying and grifting lifestyle (he seems to try and rein in Raven's more egregious lies, like with the car crash stuff), but it seems he has gone along with all this. Shameful, and I imagine his mama would not be proud of him.

No. 506374

I don't think he realised what he was getting himself into. She probably spun him a heap of lies before she came over, sexed him up and he's slowly realising the type of person she is. It would be an absolute nightmare to try and break up with Raven. She would threaten to kill herself or do an onion and post his life online. Josh is stuck either way. He looks like he's been trying to make her happy and more positive but she loves to bitch and moan and be miserable.

No. 506375

Plus the fact that she doesn't work it's kinda like…what is he meant to do? Kick her out? She has nothing and noone unless she returns to Ryan which won't happen because she hates NZ

No. 506380

she really has him by the short and curlies with that one

No. 506381

Plus he killed her baby. She's woven a pretty good web of lies and control already. I wonder if her time offline also has to do with keeping josh in the dark to some extent. She'd have to lie to him too.

No. 506387

Yeah she's kind of done everything she can to isolate him.
The faked miscarriage with no evidence.
He no longer seems to see his family.
He is her only support system and I feel like even though Josh is a bit of an asshole, he's empathetic and doesn't exactly wanna dump her because there's no nice way of doing it and she'll threaten suicide.

No. 506388

well, until her next meal tic- er I mean John comes along.

No. 506395

She definitely keeps him in the dark. That's probably why she told Josh never to come here to read her thread. I'll bet he has no idea that "Dmitri Romanov" who always white knights for her, is actually Ryan, and that she still sends him pussy pics for cash

No. 506400

Might have to wait for transcript anon, but did the Hagraven actually say the words "I went to my mother's funeral" or did she just heavily imply she did? Because I agree with >>506370 that Josh does/did seem a little more morally inclined. Maybe the Hagraven is meeting him halfway by not explicitly lying by saying she went, while not confirming she didn't go either.

But yeah. It's pretty obvious she didn't go. If she did, we'd get a 40+ minute video of her crowing about "da h8ders tried to stop meh but I made it!!1!" along with her whining about how much pain she was in during the non-stop drive, some candids from Chico's Tacos, and her showing Couch the sites. Oh, and also it was physically impossible for her to make it there and back in her time frame.

>>506367 To me it sounds like her internet hiatus may be partially to appease Josh. She mentioned multiple times in this video that Josh feels negatively about her online shenanigans and that he was instantly on board to delete his social medias. And she never fully commits to being offline (like she did when she moved). She said she will still be online to check her youtube comments just not "obsessively" - we know Gran isn't self aware enough to see her behavior as obsessive. Also, if >>506192 is to be believed, she will still be online all day on her fake accounts.

She's 100% trying to re-write history. Which is funny because she picked the absolute worst incident to lie about. There are receipts galore and I'm pretty she herself admitted to posting her death on D's page. I knew she was a moron but this is taking it to another level. When I have time I'll compile the evidence so we can all rub it in her face and kek, assuming no one else gets to it first.

All in all, a good conclusion to the Gravy Funeral Saga. 10/10 did enjoy.

No. 506402

File: 1523976892872.jpg (51.95 KB, 1012x282, surejan.JPG)

Same fag. I forgot to add that she isn't confirming anything in her comments so far. People are offering her condolences and she does not address it.

No. 506406

Wow, what a scamming tub of SlimJim infested matter. First during her ebegging rampage she keeps going on about her mother and the upcoming funeral, goes as far as saying they're on their way to the rental car service and off to El Paso.

Now after the alleged trip she just conveniently dodges all the questions about it and takes a break from the internet, probably thinking people will just forget about the whole thing. She was laughing all the way to Walmart with her scammed dough, this ruthless hag.

The people who donated towards the trip should be made aware of what happened with their money.

No. 506424

File: 1523982334435.jpg (38.89 KB, 563x422, fakeddeathD.JPG)

Alright so there are way too many receipts to post. I'll post the two most damning: Dorian confirming that yes indeed she faked her own death, and a screenshot from KF where someone appears to have transcribed her facebook status where she herself confirms she faked it - unfortunately there was no screen cap posted of it at the time and she has since deleted it so there is no way to 100% confirm that she said this.

No. 506425

File: 1523982349444.jpg (117.29 KB, 1446x534, fakeddeathbest1.JPG)

No. 506426

File: 1523982396477.jpg (66.85 KB, 886x525, fakeddeath5.JPG)

Also this one cuz it is a fine work of art and should be revisited from time to time

No. 506432

File: 1523983178273.png (958.26 KB, 1000x2390, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 12.2…)

Ash Sangre made another post about Gravy:

>And to those who are reading this, if you wish to see the things she’s said, wish to see that she has been online or wish to know her fake account (the one I know of) message me. I won’t post it here, but I will gladly share it.


No. 506434

>Things have been tough lately with my mother passing away

Did she claim her mother died in that post, back in 2014? FFS, if so, that is messed up.

No. 506438

She goes on to say
>and not wanting to see me before she does
which sounds like she was anticipating her mom's death all the way back in 2014. But then she can't really act like it was such a shock that her mom finally died of an illness she had been dealing with since at least 2014. It just makes her look like an even bigger piece of shit, because she knew her mom was dying the whole time, and spent all her money on useless garbage instead of actually bothering to go see her. Then she used it to scam people out of at least $1,000 and loads of pity once she actually died.

No. 506441

>which sounds like she was anticipating her mom's death all the way back in 2014.

Yeah, I wasn't sure what she was getting at, because the phrasing is (deliberately) vague, but I thought people who were around for the suicide and resurrection saga might recall a bit more. Either way, it is remarkably shitty, both back then, and now.

No. 506444

File: 1523985242146.png (57.53 KB, 513x535, 1414950360298.png)

No. 506446

You're amazing anon! Ty

No. 506448

File: 1523985624482.png (85.08 KB, 495x801, toldya.png)

Yep, momma couch is pissed at Raven. We were right.

No. 506449

File: 1523985656703.png (988.99 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-17-56…)


Final update

Published on Apr 16, 2018

Um, this is gonna be my very last update for a while. I am making this update for all the people that are wondering what has happened, where I went, again, and what happened with my GoFundMe and stuff like that. So I will try to make this short. No promises, though.

First of all, I did meet my goal not once, but twice, so thank you to everybody who helped me make that goal and to those who sent last minute donations which greatly helped us with gas.

I took a couple of pictures on the way to the car rental place and um, I mean, I only took like three or four pictures, but I'll upload those. This wasn't a trip for us to be like, woohoo road trip or woohoo this or woohoo that. So there's no photos aside from us when we first left.

It's been a very kind of traumatic and really hard weekend. This was the weekend my mom was laid to rest. This was the weekend to, you know…I said my goodbyes and now I need to try to find closure. It's gonna take me a while to come to terms with all this still. When Josh is here I'm fine. When I'm distracted I'm fine. When he's not here it's really, really hard on me. I don't want to talk about my mom. I don't want to talk about the dog. I don't want to talk about anything at the moment.

The only thing that this video really is going to talk about is why I am not gonna be on social media again for a while. I don't know this time when I'll come back. The other times I've left, I've left, you know, for pretty much the same reasons, though not as extreme. But I've had really nothing, and so I've come back and I've come back and I've come back. And this time I really can't see why I would come back, to be completely honest with you. Like, it just hasn't appealed to me for a long time, and this has just pushed me over the edge. I just, I just can't keep doing this. One of us has got to stop, and the fuckin' people that stalk me are never gonna stop. And I'm tired of this back and forth, back and forth, me trying to justify my life, and them just doing these things that are getting worse and worse and worse.

What they did this time is, I had posted an update and my mom's obituary. And I guess from the obituary page it linked to her memorial page which I didn't even know. I thought it was the same thing on different pages, so I didn't know until the day that we left. And they had gone and taken one of my really old videos and they posted it on her memorial page as me.

And this was an old video where I was talking about me and her and how we didn't have a great relationship and kind of the hardships of growing up and, you know, things like that. Like, when I started my Youtube I started it for stupid…you know, it was nothing. It was because I was dating somebody. It was my ex in New Zealand. I was dating him, and it was a way for him to see me. And then people started watching me, and it just kind of went from there. It turned into this dumb nothing for me to show him. I, I was real stupid about the way the internet worked. I didn't know that what you uploaded was visible to, like, everybody. I was just, you know, like a kid, you know. I hadn't really used the internet before, and I didn't really think anything of it, that things come back to haunt you, and other people could see shit, and they'd they be interested or wanting to watch your life. And, and then I started being watched.

And it turned into, like, therapy for me because in New Zealand, you know, I was all alone. I was alone for the whole time I was there. I didn't have any friends. I mean, I had people I talked to ish. I could never a hundred percent trust any of them, so I sat in my house alone. Logan didn't really talk to me. Dorian didn't talk to me. At the time I was with my first ex, he didn't really talk to me. We didn't really have anything in common, and so I sat there by myself. And then I realized, you know, I've got this platform where I could just vent and just talk. And it really was therapeutic. I just sat there and I talked about whatever I needed to get off of my chest. I opened my mouth and I just let myself talk about whatever it was, and I felt so much better. I got feedback, I got support, and I got to get it out. Unfortunately that made me a target because apparently you're not supposed to do that. And I overshared or whatever and was hated for it which makes absolutely no sense to me because it wasn't hurting anybody. It was just me talking for my own good, you know. And over the years I've had to watch what I say and how I word things because I've been judged for every single thing that I've ever said or done. Like, I'm like the world's most horrible person. And I am not.

I've recently come back under attack because on Facebook I was tagged in a post, and it was one of those where the person goes and they tag like everybody on their friends list. He's mutual friends with somebody. And they said, oh, this person's a pedophile, block them, you don't want this trash on your friends list, yada yada yada. And I had a look into it, and this guy was dating this girl that was five years younger than him. And I was like, for one, that's not a pedophile, and for two, I'm not gonna throw somebody under the bus, block them, delete them, make their life hell, especially over something that I get called all the time.

Now these people are on this whole pedophile thing because of Logan. And it's like, a pedophile is somebody who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children. I was in a marriage with somebody who was younger, and I understand completely that you hear the age gap and you're like, what the fuck, that's disgusting. You can think it's wrong, morally wrong, blah blah blah blah blah. But it is not being a pedophile. It was something that happened that neither of us are even in anymore. It's been almost a year since we have been split up, and I'm still getting hell for it. He was willing, whether he knew what he was getting into or not. The fact is we both wanted that relationship, we both got into the relationship. It wasn't for me to manipulate him, hurt him, or sexually abuse him or anything like that. It was just two people that thought they were in love and they got together and after just about six years it didn't work out. But we were married. We had a relationship. It was not sex-based or anything like that. And I'm sick to death of being torn apart about it.

And yeah, I'm not gonna do that to somebody else. So I commented, I said, you know, I don't agree with this, there's not a huge age gap. I had a 19 year age gap with my ex, and I will pay for that relationship til the day I die, and I'm not doing that to somebody else. And because I did the right thing…People read my comment and they were like, oh, oh, that's disgusting… [cut] And all this shit just started all over again tenfold just because I refused to do what's been done to me to somebody else. And I don't regret my decision because I'm not a bully and I'm not gonna go and and judge somebody else for their decision, you know. I'm just not. I'm not gonna do it.

And yeah, because of that they tried to get my GoFundMe taken down. They said it was a scam, it was fake. So then I linked to the obituary and they, you know, they went to her page and they did that.

And it's like, you know, they did the same kind of shit, hurtful shit when I had my ectopic and my miscarriages. They took the pictures of my, my baby before I lost it and said that I aborted them and, like, real just obnoxious bullshit stuff. I also have screenshots of when my mom first had her stroke back in 2014 and I was trying to get money to go see her, and they were like, you reap what you sow, pedo. Like my mom deserved to have a stroke because they think I'm a pedophile. So I know they have no respect for anybody. But to to disrespect the dead like that, it's just, I don't…I can't even come to terms with that. I just can't do it. I don't understand how somebody could be so hurtful and hateful. [the light dims] I have no idea why that just dimmed. Yeah, I have no idea why somebody…how somebody can be so disgusting that they would stoop that low. But I mean, I shouldn't put anything past them at this point, honestly. I just…yeah, it's been…this is the seventh year that I'm going through this kind of bullying and stalking and hearing the same thing about me being said constantly constantly constantly constantly. I'm not in that relationship anymore. I'm not in New Zealand anymore. My mom died. They're trying to say that I'm trying to use her to get sympathy. No, I was explaining that she died, I'm freaking the fuck out. I was so fucking upset because I, I never got to make it to see her one last time, and I desperately needed to get to her funeral. And that's not using people, that's…it's facts, that's just what it is.

And uh, they don't understand how facts and emotions work. They don't understand that you could have a bad relationship with your parent but still love them and not want them to die, you know. Just because we didn't have the perfect relationship doesn't mean she's no longer my mother, you know. It's something my own son could learn. And yes, I did tell him. I, I contacted him, I told him. You know, he didn't even ask, mom, how are you doing, how are you feeling, nothing. Like, he just…he's so goddamn selfish still. He has nothing to say to me. But whatever, I did my, my part and I let him know because I felt he had the right to know. So you don't have to ask about that.

But, you know, your parent is always your parent, good or bad. I mean, unless they really really fucked you over and even then there's that desire to still them to love you, you know, want them to be your your parent. And my mom and I have had a really up-and-down relationship. But I understand for the most part because she…You know, her parents died when she was six years old. She didn't have role models or parents, and she told me many times, I don't know how to be a mom, I didn't have a mom and dad. And I always felt really bad for her even if I resented her growing up because, I mean, it kind of sucked. But um, I never wanted her to die. And I wanted to be able to say my goodbyes. And thank the fuck I have so many, just so many good people out there. You guys help me.

Um, but like I said in my last video where I said I don't, like, I don't have the heart for this anymore or whatever. I just can't keep doing this to myself. This was, like, the last straw. They can go online and pretend that I've killed myself again or said that I'm dead or whatever. So I'm putting this out there: whatever you see from "me" [air quotes]. It doesn't matter how authentic it looks: pictures, recent Facebook URLs, email addresses. They make shit similar. When I disappeared when I moved here, I got emails from "Emily Boo" which was her email address plus, like, a dot at the end, something really, really minute. The thing is is I know her email address because we used to email, so I knew it wasn't her, but they pretended to be her to write me. They're real, real slick and really fucking sneaky. And when they see that I am not online, they will go nuts talking about me and faking screenshots and all this stuff.

And it sucks that I have to say this, but I do. The last time I disappeared, not when I came here, but before that, they made a page saying that I had killed myself. It was a rest in peace Facebook page saying I OD'ed on insulin. And then when my friends recognized that that was not my handwriting or the way that I write, they came on and said, oh this is the real Raven Sparks, I, I didn't really kill myself I faked my own death for attention or to see if anybody cared or some bullshit. And they're still talking about that. It's like there are different groups of people that are doing hate sites about me. And one of these groups did it, and the other group was like, there…she's just trying to say that there's more than one hate site about her, who the fuck does she think she is? Like, as if I don't have hate sites about me. But yet there's a handful of them that are doing all this shit to me, and they've been doing it for it now going on seven years. So yeah, they're fucking obsessive, and they did that to me last time. I wouldn't put them past it to reuse that again because they can't get over the pedophile thing. They can't get over any of that even though I'm with someone that's only ten years younger than me now.

But you know, I have a life here now. I've got a doggie to worry about. Me and Josh, we have our life. We talk, we watch stuff together. We, we don't really go out, but we have a damn good life. And I'm not gonna let what's happening online affecting me to the point where it's gonna affect our relationship. This relationship means more than anything else in the world to me, and I'm not, I'm not gonna let it keep tearing me apart the way that it is.

So my Facebook and my Facebook page…I still have the…I left the horror page and the humor page up because I have other admins on those pages. Goth Boys I don't run. Metal Men and all those pages I don't run so…or there's other people that run them for me, so those pages are still up. But I cannot be contacted through those pages. My fanpage is not up. My YouTube is just gonna be left as is. If I have lingering videos that are scheduled then, then they're scheduled, I'll leave those. If not then not. I'm not even going to check. I don't even want to check am I scheduled. I just want to get this up and out there and just forget it.

And yeah, that's about it. I don't know when. L4ike, Josh, out of respect for me, has also removed his facebook because we're kind of on it for each other. And if I'm not on there's really no reason for him to be on. His choice, not mine. I didn't make him do it. He said, oh, you're gonna deactivate, I'll deactivate, too. He's been wanting to get offline for a while, anyway. He sees social media as fucking evil, and I agree. We used it, we met each other. There's really no need for either of us to be on it. I stayed on it for my supporters, you know. Every time I wanted to leave I have all these people, but don't go, I miss you, I miss you. And I kept putting everybody else first, and it was just making me more and more and more miserable.

And what they've done on my mom's memorial page is just the last straw for me. And they're not taking anything else from me. Not my time, not seeing what I'm up to. They can go batshit fucking crazy wondering what is happening in my life. And good.

So thank you everybody who has supported me over the years from back in 2011…no, I first got on in 2007. So 2007 on, thank you so much for being here, being around, listening to me, relating to me, liking me, whatever, watching me go through all my different life stages and changes, and your support. Thank you for your help with the getting to my mom's funeral, the…that fund, funding donation thing. I didn't even think it would work and it did. And you guys came through for me and in a way I'll never ever be able to repay. And um, that helped, it helped me so much. You guys don't even know.

And um, I know that you will understand why I just need to get the fuck off line. This is too much, and it's not worth my mental or emotional health, and it's not worth affecting my relationship. It's not worth what it does to me to have to see myself dragged through the mud, especially for doing the right thing and not being a bully. Um, I just can't take it anymore. This doesn't mean they've won. It just means that I have better things to do with my life than to keep feeding into their bullshit and keep going around in this circle with them. I post, they post, I post, they post, I defend myself, they post and they rip it apart and they keep on with the same old same old same old. I want to be free, and the only way for me to be free is not to be online which is fine.

We've got a wedding to plan for which unfortunately everybody's gonna miss, but it is what it is. I will of course come back and check my Youtube comments here and there. I'm not gonna obsessively check it every day, but I will check it and, you know, accept the comments as they come in when I see them when I am online.

I don't really have anything else to say. This has droned on a bit. I thought this was gonna be like five minutes, but it never is. Fitting for a goodbye video. But yeah, the haters are gonna have to just drive themselves crazy wondering what the fuck I'm up to now. And they're gonna say, we don't care what she's up to, we don't care what she does, oh good for her, let's see how long she'll be gone now, yada yada yada. But they're gonna go crazy and they're gonna be looking online, hoping to find me somewhere, hoping to find some dirt on me that they haven't already found. And then when they don't find me online and they don't find anything they're gonna be like, oh my god, this is her. And then they're gonna make fake profiles of me as they do and as they've already shown that they did last time. So I already know what to expect and you guys know what to expect. I don't want to hear it. If you see, oh my god, Raven said this or Raven did that. No. Unless you see my face attached to it saying, by the way I'm back online, this is my profile or my profiles are back, do not believe it. Unless you see Josh online saying Raven is dead or something has happened to her, do not believe it. It's just them. So don't fall into it. They…they're obsessed, like psychotically obsessed. It's just gone way past the point of unnatural. And they can play by themselves now because I'm not playing anymore.

Take care you guys, and I will see you who knows when. I might just never come back. Shit, it already feels good not to be online. So I'll see you around if I see you around. If not, take care. And um, [she cracks her knuckles] just don't believe what you read online cuz people are fucking stupid and they have no life and they're jealous of people that have support and have stuff that they will never have. That's the sign of an empty, lonely, pathetic person. And you should really feel sorry for them because they just, they have nothing. Bye.

No. 506451

File: 1523985900839.png (225.74 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-21-57…)


Screenshots included at the end of the video.

No. 506452

File: 1523985932484.png (284.42 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-22-02…)

No. 506454

File: 1523986011626.png (1.07 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-22-20…)


Pics included at the end of the video.

No. 506455

File: 1523986062138.png (1.12 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-22-25…)

No. 506456

so the couch nodded out and hit the old people after all? guess they were riding the sweet opiate train even before the crash.

No. 506457

File: 1523986116613.png (1.05 MB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-22-30…)

No. 506458

File: 1523986392476.png (1020.08 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-23-12…)

No. 506460

File: 1523986458410.png (899.14 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-32-05…)

No. 506462

Sooo she didn't go to the funeral?

No. 506463


This video was posted on YouTube Tuesday, 04/17/18 at 04:19:17 GMT (so 12:19 a.m. EDT, her local time). It was obviously filmed during the day though, so I guess Monday. Her mom's memorial service was Sunday the 15th, ending at 3 p.m. EDT. So she immediately got in the car afterward and drove 1,600 miles, 24+ hours back to Saluda? And somehow made it back in time to film this video during the day on Monday?


lol so the only pictures she took on her trip were still in Saluda County. Okay Gravy.

No. 506465

File: 1523986806102.png (35.31 KB, 348x515, ohash.png)

Ash is pissed and REALLY does not know Raven at all. kek

No. 506467

File: 1523986967753.png (827.57 KB, 930x599, Screenshot_2018-04-17-10-37-08…)


>I'm with someone that's only ten years younger than me now.

But I shop him to look twenty years younger.

No. 506468

This is all pretty funny since "saccharine sweet" Ash claimed she hadn't done any research on Raven. In a way it makes her seem even more crappy, because she knew obviously knew all this stuff beforehand and white knighted her anyway.

No. 506471

I think it's safe to assume.

She also said she wouldn't publicly talk about it, and then 10 minutes later….

But Ash isn't getting any hate from me. Girl is pissed and rightfully so. Drag Gravy to filth, Ash!

No. 506472

>It's been a very kind of traumatic and really hard weekend. This was the weekend my mom was laid to rest.

Actually, her mom was "laid to rest" in the committal service today, from 12:30 – 1 p.m. EDT, but Gravy was already in bed at home on Monday.

No. 506473

He looks miserable. Maybe he has a moral boundary and is feeling shitty for posing for a picture on his way to walmart pretending he was going at her moms funeral.

No. 506476

So are people thinking this confirmation that she wasn't at the Sunday service is bogus? It seems pretty definitive to me.

No. 506477

I mean, we know for a fact she did not go. But I don't know if her sister would be petty to add that message to her moms memorial board.

No. 506478

She's got that cat that ate the canary face going on. Josh….welll he looks resigned to his fate.

No. 506479

Someone on Kiwi Farms said to take it with a grain of salt because it's deleted now, but it's still there for me.

No. 506480

only true and honest e-beggaring for Josh

No. 506482

>A reminder that you can download videos before they are deleted at hooktube.com and mirror/repost them later.

No. 506484

This isn't a video. It was a comment on the memorial page.

LOL! Maybe you should quit while you're ahead, Ash. Getting a little cringe.

No. 506485

File: 1523988448190.jpg (163.48 KB, 1126x770, Ryanisaprick.JPG)

I'm curious where this will lead. With his family against Raven, I wonder if he will dump her. But in Raven's mind, I believe she thought Couch was her final destination - she snagged him with the little remaining "good looks" she had left and is ready to settle in for the rest of her life. She knows her prospects are rapidly disappearing. And she has zero prospects except maybe Ryan (old screen cap).

So like, what happens to her? Does Josh drive her ass to El Paso and dump her off?

No. 506494

Want Ash to post what receipts she's talking about here. Hey Ash, go ahead and post those emails and shit.

No. 506502

Yea no hate for ash comin…its alright to have a change of heart realize what a scumbag your cringey friend really is. Especially since it looks like gravy hijacked her name somewhere and posted.

No. 506515

I also want to see. If there's some milk to be spilled, I hope no one scares it off.

No. 506517

We all knew this was what she was going to do, but can you imagine being such garbage that you use your mom’s death to score money for junk food and fucking toys.

This cumrag. She is so vile and I hope she gets dumped by her current patsy real soon.

No. 506519

wtf is josh going along with all this bullshit? i mean he seems dumb, but i would think he wouldn't see scamming people for funeral money is ok. hopefully josh's mom tells him to give her the boot.

No. 506521


Ash deleted these comments for some reason.

No. 506522

If the little we read about Josh’s mom is true—please come and spill, Ash! We’ll be super nice!—you know she hates Raven for taking advantage of her kid. Country mommas do not fuck around where their sons are concerned. There’s no way that anyone in Josh’s entire extended family can stand her, just look at how alienated she has him from them. I doubt he ever gets to see his mom anymore. Raven doesn’t like people interfering with her.

No. 506523

Luckily they were capped.

Ash needs to go to KF imo, that way she can get verified and spill without everyone bitching that what she’s saying is bs.

I have a tinfoil that the person who was derailing last thread was fucking Gir/Marion/etta because that bitch can’t stand not being in the spotlight where Raven is concerned. She’s a cow herself.

No. 506524

If Ash can Provide receipts, I think that us anons will accept her change of heart by STFUing about her. So come on over , ash! Dump the screenshots. Spill the milk.

No. 506525

I really think she is one of those people that regret ranting, she always delete the aggravated posts she makes (sha also deleted those >>505714 and >>557477) remember to always cap rants, people. kek

Also, by the time we posted, Raven must have used one of those 454840 accounts to harass her.

No. 506527

Let’s be real, just how much harassing can she do, seriously? Drop the fucking bomb on her, Ash. Everyone will be grateful to get the receipts and please let’s not forget that she stole $$$ from people using her mother’s death as an excuse. No one is supporting this cunt.

Do the people who donated to her under false pretense have any way of getting their money back?

No. 506528

seems that ash posted something about raven deleting all her messages to her just now. hopefully she saved some of those.

No. 506529

So did anyone contact Ash for the names of the accounts she said Raven was using?

No. 506532

Not if they happened through Facebook. They’d still be in Ash’s dm’s.

No. 506533

File: 1523996595011.png (740.13 KB, 990x1870, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.22…)

No. 506534

Oooh she’s sneaky. That’s the only way to wipe convos on FB, but how the fuck did she ge them to respond that fast?


No. 506535

File: 1523996844167.png (2.74 MB, 1242x2208, 6A12DC14-3968-40A3-A9C1-1EE0B8…)

She posted Ruby Woo in one of her rants. Earlier today Ruby was from Saluda but I guess Hagraven removes that and I did not get a screen shot.

No. 506536

Ash, if you are reading this and cannot respond for that allegedly ban:
Dump all the screenshots and txt somewhere like a MEGA link. We will grab it, then you can delete it and be move on with your life.

No. 506544

@ Ash, you could also use https://imgur.com/ for images or https://pastebin.com/ for text.

Or you could email julay@lolcow.email and I'll post.

No. 506547

>I might just never come back. Shit, it already feels good not to be online.

She'll get bored of sitting in the trailer all day seething on her spare accounts knowing she can't rage on anyone under her name just to prove them wrong. I give it a week.

No. 506548

If this is Gir with the julay shit please fuck off.

If it’s someone from KF trying to help get the milk, thanks, but we’re a little gunshy since that ‘julay goffic’ comment was left. Gir is not welcome here.

No. 506551

File: 1523997828304.png (91.96 KB, 546x689, ashy.png)

No. 506552

Not sure how to prove it without outing myself, but I'm not Gir or the person who posted as Julay Goffic. It's just a CWC reference. I'm not on KF either.

No. 506557

Can we alert a mod or something to let her on to drop the caps?

No. 506562

File: 1523998510409.png (9.92 KB, 525x126, imgur.png)

She will do it. Lets give her time.

No. 506565

Something tells me she never left. Josh will come home from work and Raven will screech at him about the stalkers with Doja slumped in a corner. I would hate to be in the nest tonight. Poor Doja.

No. 506567

It's late o'clock at my turf, but the anticipation of the sweet, creamy milk flowing in frothing waves stops me from going to bed.

And #prayforjosh, he might be a couchie extraordinaire, but I don't think he deserves to have his life ruined by this bruja.

No. 506568

I'm torn on whether I believe Josh deserves this or not.

On one hand, he seems a little slow. Plus I wouldn't wish Gravy on my worst enemy.

On the other, he was fucking awful to Claudia, and supports (or at least goes along with) Gravy's latest scam.

No. 506571

Why was she banned?

Ash, go to KF (Kiwi Farms) and grab a mod, there’s always someone on. They will help you to get verified, and also help you with image hosting, etc.

That way you don’t have to worry about posters/mods here reporting/banning you.

Unreal. She wants to spill milk and we ban her.

No. 506575

She said that she was banned a while back.

No. 506578

remember when she was first showing off josh "pffft we don't even have a couch fking momos" ? he was going to be her cyber knight, knocking back all the haderzz and stalkerzz with his long flowing hair LOL . what happened to that gravy??

No. 506579

She was banned before this for whiteknighting other goth cows.

No. 506582

He always seems so exhausted. I don’t think he’s a great guy or anything, but I think the reality of life with Cravey sank in quickly. Certainly he hasn’t looked very lively or shown much interest in anything since the accident. He probably has to listen to how he killed their baby ad nauseam. I’m sure she never shuts up about it.

No. 506583


according to her in >>506432 she was banned for no-sage quite a while back in another thread. >>506551 seems to be a new ban? for samefagging with the goth defense force last thread. no-one knew she was gonna flip.


that was always weird, on the one hand he was all fight me, nerds. on the other hand, gran was already moving into control mode and telling him he mustn't look. and since he looks more and more dead inside with every appearance, and seems to have been cut off from his family, I think he's more likely to attack her than defend her.

No. 506585

So can people who gave money to this fat Slim Jim eating fuck get any of it back seeing as how she never went to see her mother? I mean, what she did is illegal. No wonder she wants to disappear from her accounts for a while. She knew this would get out somehow.

No. 506591

yeah and she begged on an official site. I think we can at least report her to gofundme because of scam.
Her sisters message, that she's been missed at her mom's funeral should be proof that she didn't use the money, she begged for, to go there?

No. 506592

File: 1524001291122.png (420.6 KB, 1418x1634, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 5.38…)


I think someone would need hard evidence that she committed fraud. Right now, even though we're all pretty certain she didn't go, it's just speculation based on the timeline not adding up, along with her history as a terrible person.

No. 506593

There was prob a guest list at the funeral home where the memorial was held, if someone can get a held of that, she would be doomed.

No. 506595

She was banned for samefagging, whiteknighting, and generally being a sperg. We've unbanned her, but she needs to follow the rules.

No. 506596


can we please not turn into the JSBS thread?
no, it is not illegal. she stated that if she couldn't achieve getting to the memorial, she'd use it for bills, so that's covered. also, you must be new to gofundme, anon #2 - they have zero shits to give about scamming because it makes them a lot of money. you'd be very, very hard pressed to gather enough evidence to make them do anything.

No. 506599

wow, well… I thought if you beg on a platform for money you have to give evidence, that the money you've begged for actually goes into the things you want the money for…

No. 506609

File: 1524002966214.png (128.55 KB, 1004x438, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 6.08…)

No. 506610

File: 1524002985013.png (815.02 KB, 996x2418, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 6.09…)

No. 506615

>Firstly I want to say I feel bad doing this. Even though she’s done this to me 3 times now, I still feel guilty giving information
>I’ll get to the messages I have saved in a moment. But let me give you the accounts I know of
>Raven Sparks
>Raven Bradley
>Ruby Woo
>Aurora Baphowitch
>The Bradley messages are somehow unable to be seen. I could see them before but as of today, I cannot.
>These specific messages I will not post on my personal Facebook because of my family, friends and coworkers. They need not see the drama that I was brought into.
>The car accident. She messaged me the day after and told me that she wanted to go to Walmart which is a ways away from her and stop and get shakes and fries. Josh had just gotten off a 16 hour shift due to the holidays but still wanted to make her happy since she was stuck inside all day. So they were using his mothers car for him to get back and forth to work. So while he was driving back home, he fell asleep at the while while she was videoing herself. And he hit an elderly coming coming towards them. I know for a fact she wasn’t pregnant because they burned her tubes after her last eptopic to stop anymore pregnancies that could cause her to become ill. But this is how she traps men. With faux pregnancies. So Joshs mom was very upset, no insurance, he was at fault. She quit talking to Raven. And apparently Josh as well and refuses to help anymore. But in order to keep him. She said she had a miscarriage and he was at fault. It made him depressed. She sent me photos of her stomach saying she put a tiny bit of weight back on and it made her look pregnant. Also raven was not injured aside from slight whiplash. She wanted to get money out of it but found out that would require suing her boyfriend.
>About a month later she messaged me asking about opiates. I’m a CNA and k ow about most medications and she asked how she could go about getting more from doctors by saying she was in pain. I told her if she is legitimately in pain to go to a pain specialist. She then confided in me that she was fine and that Josh had been taking them constantly and that was why he was fired from Fedex due to a random drug screen. She says that is why he was looking so haggard and that he acted her because if he didn’t have these pills, he would go into a rave and he had slammed her into the wall screaming in her face. But she said she couldn’t leave him because she hasn’t nowhere else to go and no one to help her. I don’t m ow if any of this is true, but it is what she told me. If it is true. I feel bad for him. And he needs help and to get away from her.
>The reason why I am so angry, she and I do have mutual acquaintances. One of them was kind enough to tell me that Raven had a master plan this whole time. To scam for money and go hang out with her because she lives in the same state. She also started talking about me saying I jumped into the CY Samael fiasco to gain a following. I do not want people to follow me. I am private aside from posting photos. I do not want notoriety. Heaven forbid anyone have attention aside from her. I guess she figured this mutual pal wouldn’t send me a message. And honestly, I was shocked she did as well.
>But I am glad I now know. I never delved deep into her past. I never knew what I do now. And frankly I’m aghast at the things she has done and said. I work with people who are mentally and physically disabled, she is not one of those people. I also do volunteer work with my local shelter every so often. And to see that she abuses animals makes me so mad. I just can’t even speak about it. But after reading through all of her threads, I get why she is on there.

No. 506619

File: 1524003748235.png (1.13 MB, 848x1349, 2018-04-17-18-19-www.facebook.…)

No. 506623

Can somebody message ash on fb relaying the latest twist. Hi ash! Hope you enjoy your visit. We can be bitches but we're never gonna be raven level bitches.

No. 506626

I've grabbed all of them. So if no one posts until later, when I have time, I will dump them, just have to put them in order.

TLDR she confirms we got EVERYTHING right. Adresses, jobs, personal data and info. She lurks here EVERYDAY, there is even a message from Josh telling her that we've won and to let us be and stop worrying about us.

>I'd make them all answer for it and then torture them and their families slowly while make them look me in the face.

I'M DYING. This is the best milk in ages.

No. 506628

Thanks Ash! Good luck dealing with the Hagraven. I knew she was mental but this….this is on a different level.

Good to get confirmation that literally everything that Raven publicly says is a lie! Not at all obsessed with the haters, eh Gravy?

No. 506631

Don't believe a single word of this. This is Ravens masterplan, she's finally trying to troll the trolleys. They working together throwing back anon speculations as fact at the moment.. awwww ravey's trying to be intelligent and outsmart us. Try harder Diana.

No. 506636

>Josh misusing her opiates
>Gets angry and tosses Gravy around the shack
>Gets sacked from FedEx because of a drug test

Now who to believe. Simultaneously Raven keeps telling how coucho is drug free and lost his job due to the owner simply firing everyone. And then she's talking shit like the above to Ash.

There's no way Gravy stays offline and won't come crawling out of the woodwork after this milkshake has spilled.

No. 506642

I 100% believe it. All of our speculations are true. Her behavior in these screen caps is consistent with her leaked videos too. She's even more heinous in real life then she is online. And now everyone knows :)

No. 506643

Hi everyone. Thank you to whoever unbanned me. I was banned before and my roommate was banned yesterday for being on here. But I figured you all should know the truth. I’m tired of helping her and each time she screws me over she comes back years later apologizing and then repeating the same process. I’ve gotten quite a few fb messages from people on here telling me they’re own horror stories. She needs help. Not $$ help but full on mental evaluation and psychiatric care. What she does to people, even the ones she claims to love, is horrid. I admit I was stupid enough to keep falling for it. I’m a sucker for helping people. And sorry the album is so discombobulated. I tried to get everything in order.

No. 506646

Ash, thank you for coming foward. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to drag yourself into a dramatic spotlight.

No. 506647

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to post all of this. I know it can't have been easy, especially because Raven is a psycho.

No. 506649

You don’t have to believe anything. I provided what I was asked for.

No. 506650

No. 506651

File: 1524005033727.jpeg (70.8 KB, 540x960, 303D7950-8665-44A6-9425-5A099D…)

Thanks for dropping by and for releasing the caps!

I don’t believe Josh was taking her pills or beating her. Diana is a pathological liar, as these lovely caps show. She’s just laying groundwork to move on from him when she finds someone with more money.

Her sister is so pretty!

No. 506654

It did work! It kept reloading when I was uploading so I didn’t know if it had saved it. Thank you!

No. 506655

Don't worry Ash, it's probably just Raven trying and failing miserably to do damage control.

No. 506658

I wouldn’t doubt it. Surprisingly she has lots of them. And quite a few I had known for years and had to block because they obviously will take her side. It’s like high school all over again. Oh well.

No. 506659

Wow these caps remind me of a crazy bpd friend that used to use me whenever she was fighting with a boyfriend or something. She was so similar to Raven.
I get the vibe from Ash's responses, that she merely pitied Raven. Notice how her responses are a little bit restrained. She still says stuff like 'cyber stalkers' but a lot of it seems like oh wow, that's terrible. Very generic responses. I used to be the same after my crazy friend burned me several times.
I feel like Josh needs to know about the fake pregnancy, from Raven's posts he kind of seems like a piece of shit, but it is Raven after all. I feel bad that she has isolated him from his family. Josh needs to get the fuck out of there and leave this troll to rot in Saluda somewhere. Without internet she wont be able to snag another victim and pretend she had a miscarriage.

No. 506660

I truly am sorry you found yourself embroiled in an internet drama at such a delicate time for the sparks family. Thank you for being strong enough to come forward and hopefully help others from finding themselves in the position you've been thrust into. Take care of yourself and those you hold dear and always remember to thank the goddess that you're not ravensparks.

No. 506663

Ash does seem like a very nice person to listen to the SAME rants over and over and over again. Bless you Ash.

No. 506664

File: 1524005509243.jpeg (207.61 KB, 1242x935, 2FDCE49A-1602-4E56-9B5B-D01BCF…)

This is what bothered me so much. It seems like she was just using Josh for a way back home. Not because she truly cares.

No. 506666

Is she admitting to defrauding welfare/benefits in NZ? Is that what this is about?

No. 506667

wait what about the video embeds? can we get those?

No. 506668

Sorry anon, I meant gravy is a dirty fighter and I don't trust even a milimeter of her. She has the ability to twist and manipulate everything she comes into contact with. I'm happy that this IS out there now, my intent was not to disparage you personally in any way, apologies if it read that way.
You're doing godbears own work anon. TY.

No. 506669

I uploaded this album for people who don't have Facebook, so your album might still be floating around out there, or it just didn't work. IDK. But this is a different one.

No. 506670

Yeah at first I thought you were a fucking idiot to defend Raven, but I too have accepted toxic friends back into my life before, plus look at all the men she's been through. Logan was too young to know better, and the others were probably ordered to stay off lolcow and she only selectively showed them posts that made us look like bullies when all we were trying to do was expose this bitch so she can't hurt anyone else.

No. 506671

I mean she puts herself in these predicaments and then turns on the people who are kindest to her. I know a storm is brewing and I am just awaiting the barrage of photoshopped conversations and pictures. That is all she really does. She truly has no life. And the father she drowns herself, she keeps taking people with her. The cycle needs to end.

No. 506672

I’m not sure how to do that?

No. 506673

Wow, this is like partially admitting that she uses people to get to different places.
Poor Josh.
It's almost like she is like 'yeah I've tried to use people to get where I want, lucky this time it's someone I actually tolerate and like'

No. 506674

If you click on discord bottom of screen) a farmer can talk you through it.

No. 506675

I just saved them. I could post them to the Facebook I made if that would be easier?

No. 506677

Nice quads, anon. Looks like she’s saying what she did was illegal, so…draw your own conclusions!

I love seeing narcs talking to people they think they can use. So different.

Thanks for the milk, Ash.

No. 506678

the easiest way is usually through a chrome extension or something. a google search for "how to download facebook private message videos" will probably yield results. I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to do this, particularly if you can hear her voice in the video as this would be extremely solid evidence this isn't just an extremely autistic long coming roleplay.

No. 506679

yes please.

No. 506680

It’s already extremely solid evidence.

No. 506682

It is. But Gravy is a slipper devil. We need to nail her ass to the wall with so she can't excuse it away.

No. 506685

I hope Josh clues onto her bullshit. Then he can take Doja and move to his mother's house, get a restraining order on crazy Raven, (because being dumped will not go down well) go back to his new job, pay off his mother's damaged car and then start to save. Plus, with no Raven there to help his opiate addiction, he can detox. Also with no Raven, the man will actually be able to get a good night's sleep and rid himself of those dark circles.

No. 506686

I’ll do it no problem. Currently trying to upload them

No. 506688

I bet Logan is already thriving. Ryan I feel like has a learning difficulty or something, and I fear he will always be enamored with this crazy bitch.

No. 506690

I have a question. Was this mutual acquaintance Raven was talking about meeting up with a guy or a girl? And was Josh anything other than a means to this end, hanging out with this other person?

The fact that she lied to him about a miscarriage is really gross. Watch Raven try to go to KF or something to attempt to spin any of this in her favor. She is going to see this shit and fucking panic. The next few days should be very interesting.

No. 506692

Why would you believe that he’s a drug addict when everything else she says is a lie?

No. 506694

there is still no evidence for the supposed miscarriage or how josh abuses her or how he's an opiate addict. Why are these crucial bits of info not in the screenshots? Are these the ones she supposedly deleted?

No. 506695

We need to make a list of all the crazy lies that have been exposed since she stole money from people and didn’t go to her mom’s funeral.

I’m thinking she went offline because of that. I hope all this extra shit totally blindsides her.

No. 506696

File: 1524007061029.png (242.42 KB, 1242x2208, 7C6462D7-AFC9-4507-8AD1-76BA86…)

I did have these. They were in my messages on her Raven Bradley account. They disappeared late last night. I should have saved them.

No. 506697



>>506610 says "To scam for money and go hang out with her because she lives in the same state."

Julie-Ann is the only friend in SC Raven has mentioned.

No. 506705

I don't want to believe it, but I cannot tell since he has been known to have slurred speech.

Either way, I hope he gets away. I'm not taking Raven's side, trust me.

No. 506706

No. 506707


>Raven Sparks

>Raven Bradley
>Ruby Woo
>Aurora Baphowitch

Could you match these names to the URLs of her accounts? Thanks!

No. 506709

File: 1524007596879.jpeg (291.83 KB, 1152x2048, CE66E84B-F709-4D90-A3E0-1F0F66…)

Reposting the best ones. Here is confirmation they lied about their break up to divorce fast

No. 506710

File: 1524007660675.jpeg (331.28 KB, 1152x2048, DBD2E92C-4A4D-4057-AB12-BAD06F…)

Talking about Logan being hurt from the break up, it wasn’t mutual

No. 506711

File: 1524007714371.jpeg (255.58 KB, 1152x2048, 99D5F97A-4D67-493F-A5EE-270C5C…)

Raven hurting Logan more, with that girl who was talking to him.

No. 506713

File: 1524007758986.jpg (39.46 KB, 471x574, saggytits.JPG)

Whose work is this!? I nearly died when I saw she screen shot it! Legendary.

No. 506714

File: 1524007774455.jpeg (246.44 KB, 1152x2048, 40448B99-935A-45CD-8585-C88D4F…)

The 500 a month trailer they cannot afford

No. 506715

File: 1524007822909.jpeg (315.99 KB, 1152x2048, 067AED41-DB92-4424-904F-752145…)

Youtube money is needed!

No. 506716

I don’t see why he wouldn’t have slurred speech back when he was working sixteen hour days. Also, everything that was said to Ash still came from Raven first, it’s not like Ash herself met them or anything.

It’s a lot easier for me to believe Raven was taking them over ‘He forced me to get him more and more pills while I was struggling with the tears in my liver and with the horrors of the accident and MUH MISCARRIAGE!’

No. 506717

not to knock trailer living but jfc she's so proud of that trailer. "look what i scammed up this time"

The new trailer they're in is even worse.

No. 506718

I cannot. All except ruby woo are disabled. Someone posted a photo of the ruby woo account. I blocked that one

No. 506719

I put these videos in the Imgur album (hope you don't mind!), so feel free to delete the Dropbox folder if you need to.


No. 506720

ikr? she had a nice little house in NZ but she appears to love her trailers.

No. 506721

File: 1524008072089.jpeg (64.62 KB, 1242x259, 994C2838-3838-4B21-8502-EFE6FC…)

Shows when you search it up

No. 506722

No. 506729

Wow who the fuck did she steal those ice sculpture photos from? Some Canadian woman? The only picture that screams Raven is the b&w of the girl with tarantulas crawling on her ass and thighs.

No. 506731

Like she told me. She has over 40+ profiles even couples on there to seem legitimate. So you can never truly tell. This why I did a thourough friends list cleanse.

No. 506732

i can't check right now but was there any audio in those vids?

No. 506733

Wait, wait, she pretends to be married couples? As Facebook profiles? She is fucking batshit crazy. Wow. I’m impressed.

She really is a horrorcow.

No. 506735

I watched the vids on imgur and there was no sound, we’re the originals silent too?

No. 506738

Indeed she does. Makes husband and wife accounts and posts photos and comments to each other. She is the ultimate catfish. It’s really creepy

No. 506741

No. 506743

dude that first trailer was a palace compared to where she is now kek

No. 506750

Okay, this is officially creepy as hell. She even writes all the comments? I can’t even imagine all the time it must take to do all that shit and make sure you don’t make any mistakes. On forty plus profiles.

I wonder if any of the sock accounts were friended by the other socks? This is getting more and more interesting by the minute! Thanks for milk!

No. 506762

I just want to get this off my chest. After I read that she would do whatever she can to get back to the states and then the whole drug addiction things. I honestly feel she used Josh to have a place here for a short time. Until she could find someone else with money to take care of her. She’s done this before with Logan (from what I gather) she talks so highly of them and then starts saying they abuse her. Just so she can hop the sausage train to another man. Maybe I’m wrong but I just have this feeling

No. 506763


She was definitely on her oxycodone during two of the videos she filmed after the accident.


Of course they lied about the length of their separation when New Zealand makes it so easy by only requiring a sworn afadavit.


I posted the cake. I found it in Google image search.

No. 506765

Wow. She really is a crazy POS. She is going to be insanely crazy tonight when she sees all of this. Josh is in for a rough night. She is going to be ranting all night about how the h8urs ruined her life. She sure does talk a lot about us for someone who doesn’t care. Btw Cravy my garage is much nicer than your trailer of LOVE.

No. 506767

I know it’s mean but I can’t stop laughing at how mad she was over that cake.

No. 506772

I appreciate your work, anon. Yours honestly might be the highlight of the bunch for me.

No. 506775

File: 1524010340853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.01 KB, 1202x556, pencreek rd.jpg)

everyone on pencreek is going to hear her hollering kek

No. 506777

The pathetic thing is she probably could have had a nice life with Josh if she just stayed offline. The screenshot shows that he is trying to warn her not to feed into the stuff online (little does he know, it's very useful dirt on her)

Also other anons have commented on his fed up appearance when she starts talking about hadddurs.
Even Logan got to the point where he'd roll his eyes.
She even claimed that money isn't a big deal and that her and Josh are happy with each other.

Yeah so happy that you can't keep your fat fingers off the camera for a minute because you need money from your supporters (aka dumb kind souls that just wanna help out and are blinded to your bullshit)

No. 506780

Videos with sound: https://streamable.com/2uy23

No. 506782

I wish I could sage this, but I have come down with the worst gastro and have been so sick for about 25 hours. I'm weak and spewing, but I wanna thank Ash and all the other random anons providing milk and laughs through this awful time. I may not be able to keep my fluids down, but thanks for the laughs guys.

Ps- I also lost it at the cake image.

No. 506784

Yeah, she was high as a kite in a couple of videos. I’m not buying that she’d even let Josh get his hands on that, surely that shit was her precioussss while she was getting them.

One hundred percent she is laying the bitchy groundwork to dump Couchie. She has a long history of shittalking everyone else and if the bloom is already off the rose to the degree that she guilts him about a never-was baby, she’s definitely on the lookout.

To be a fly on the wall in that filthy hovel tonight. I hope there are no guns in the place, seriously. She’s going to go ballistic.

No. 506785

Right? Can you imagine her bellowing about the vicious liessss spread about her online?
Josh needs to wait till she's asleep, grab Doja and get the fuck out of there.

No. 506786

File: 1524010867643.jpg (57.54 KB, 640x1138, C4UAv6E_d.jpg)

OP anon here. All I did was Google various combinations of her name and known handles.

No. 506787

People like her are always on the look out for an upgrade tbh. Josh is all she has right now, but she'd walk out on him in a heartbeat if it meant a better living situation.

No. 506792

Welp, only thing left to do now is for her to claim she was feeding Ash with false info to test her loyalty and the circle will be complete.

No. 506793


And he cares too much about her to take her meds and let her suffer. When she enumerated his injuries he downplayed them.

Despite lacking the motivation to work fulltime to support himself and get off his mom's couch, he has always seemed determined to do so out of his love for her.

No. 506799

Raven is so weird. I feel like she’s always called out for being a bitch, but this infantile narc really does see herself as the star victim of her own personal soap opera. All the stories are about her. What a crazy.

Also that poor older lady who had her photos stolen. Catfish are a special blend of creepy. She is creepy.

No. 506801

Fuck. You are spot on anon. T-minus 10 and counting

No. 506802

holy shit kek
do you know any of these profiles?

No. 506804

She probably will. I could spill on ole ty but I don’t want to involve these people and potentially hurt them by what she’s said. Some people have trusted her with private things. And she turns around and spills the beans to other people. I think the whole reason she told me anything is because I’ve never once in all these years, told what I know. And maybe to her that was trust. But it’s just not the type of person I am. I really hate seeing people hurt by others. But she needs a dose of karma

No. 506805

kek she can try, I doubt anyone believes a thing she says anymore, seriously is she capable of telling the truth ever?

No. 506808

File: 1524012035020.png (253.3 KB, 1252x1214, Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 8.35…)

Gravy's sister (or someone posing as her) posted again, which means that if it really is her, she saw the post about Diana not being there, and she left it, so they're either both legit, or both fake.

For anyone here from Kiwi, where there seems to be some confusion, these are Raven's mom's memorial links.

1. The Sunset Funeral Home page, which was trolled and then deleted: https://archive.is/2018.04.11-10:54:15/http://www.sunsetfuneralhomes.net/obituaries/Kim-Sparks/
2. The new one: http://www.sunsetfuneralhomes.net/obituaries/Kim-Sparks-2/
3. The Legacy.com/El Paso Times guestbook: https://www.legacy.com/guestbooks/elpasotimes/kim-s-sparks-condolences/188715023

No. 506809

It’s always a good thing to keep your lip zipped around narcs, they love gathering info so they can use it to fuck with you.

Do all of the profiles she uses have a photo that tells people it’s her? Like, was that picture with the spiders supposed to be super seekrit Raven code? I mean, she’s got the maturity of a twelve year old, it’d fit.

No. 506812

If she does I have no clue. She has a few that are goth related but the others seemed to be pretty mundane.

No. 506813

God she's so retarded.
She did not go, she kept the money.
Her statement of "there were no photos taken!" Is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
She took photos of, AND SHARED, when her cat was run over by a car.
She took photos of, AND SHARED when her fetus was aborted.
But her mothers funeral is not occasion enough to take photos?
She would have been like a paparazzi in that funeral if she DID go, and she would have made a video an hour long and 2 mins at least to talk about every single minute detail of the funeral, how sad she was and how beautiful the flowers and urn was and wishing she could take it all home, her dress and what she wore, we all know. And of course the video would be all about her in every aspect, and not about remembering her mother.
Also of course she would bitch and moan about how gruesome her family is and how horrid they treat her.
There is every reason in the entire world to believe this to be true >>506321.
How in the fucking hell is it possible they drove there and back, non-stop, (which even if we do give it the benefit of the doubt is a serious drive within the time frame) and she can post a video THIS soon and not look worse than normal, and on top of that NOT complaining about muh tailbone and whatever else.
When has Raven NOT posted a lengthy video, describing her adventures and rambling on and on?
When has she NOT posted ca 1452 pictures of EVERYTHING it included? (On every platform, none the less.)

The rental car, how awesome/horrible it was to drive, pics of her and couchboy in the car, pics of travelling along the way, the gas station slim jims, the taco bell lunches, etc.
When has she ever let such an opportunity for asspats just slide on by?

-When its all lies and deceit.

She takes pictures of and posts every gruesome thing she can for attention, yet this there is NO evidence whatsoever to prove she went.
Noone should believe she went from her pictures in the Jeep that is more than a Jeep. That was 100% a plushie and slim jims run to walmart.

Sorry if this is samefagging alot of what has been said, I havent read everything quite yet. But her egregious lies about this kind of shit is incredibly infuirating, not only to the poor people who donated for the funeral but also to her mother. Which deserved so much more since she did after all birth, take care of, and put up with this sack of lard posing as a human being.

No. 506814

Thanks for the heads up, anon.


How soon do you figure this thread will start to derail? There’s no way she’s going to be able to keep herself from rageposting tonight.

No. 506819

File: 1524012879790.gif (2.57 MB, 470x376, 74DFC991-25FD-4745-9F7D-709E17…)

yfw you get caught up

No. 506820

I concur. What is worrisome to me, She doesn’t know (or she might) if she has any mental conditions. She gets these guys to adore her and breaks them down. Some people cannot handle loss. He may harm himself over something like that.

No. 506821

File: 1524013043479.jpg (37.58 KB, 640x1138, sN6AToz_d.jpg)

How Josh found Shack #1.

No. 506822

File: 1524013064232.jpg (63.53 KB, 640x1138, N1k8YUd_d.jpg)

No. 506823

While it's obvious she did not leave her trailer, I'm still not convinced her sister's post is not a troll. For one, her sister hates her. Why would she go out of her way to make Raven feel special or include her in any way? As far as trolling, pretending to be someone at the funeral and outing Gravy for not going seems like a pretty good way to get another freakout rant.

But yeah. Either way she didn't go.

No. 506826


Eh. How do we know her sister hates her, because Raven says so? Even so, I can see if her sister was a decent sort and wanted to take the high road and be respectful of her mother and family. I am completely neutral as to whether it is a troll or not, as at least one other post on there definitely is. But Raven's possible sister acting like a decent person isn't a good reason, IMO.

No. 506827

File: 1524013354015.png (492.89 KB, 1242x2208, FFD9EEF6-DC60-4EA6-9F69-95A48F…)

Forgot about this

No. 506829

She just treats people like utter shit. I genuinely feel bad for him. Everyone in her world is a useful idiot.

I bet Josh’s mom would rather have him on the couch tbh. He seems slow to me. It’s just gross.

No. 506832

lcf’s or kf’s, what’s the deal with Andres Perez? I only know about Ryan, no one before him.

No. 506834

Isn't that Dorian's dad? It sounds like a Hispanic name, and didn't she shit on Dorian for "looking Mexican" or something?

No. 506835

Eh, narcs aren’t easy to get along with. If Raven is even a quarter of the drama whore she appears to be, her family tolerates her. At best

No. 506836

That was one of her husbands. And one of the messages that she sent me that which is now blocked, she states that nobody on LOLcow or Kiwi Farms knows that she is now going by her original name from the US which is Diana Perez. That’s why no one can really find her here in the states.

No. 506837

Okay, thanks. I wasn’t real clear on her life before Ryan, it seems like she tries to downplay it to some degree?

No. 506840

She changed it to Perez? Interesting!

No. 506841


You are probably right, plus she is probably certifiable if this shit about her maintaining multiple profiles that she updates to look as if they are talking to each other is actually true (no reason to think it isn't, bitch be crazy).

No. 506843

Does anyone know which penis' name was Cradock (sp?)? Ryan's or here original before Sparks?

No. 506844

Has Gravy said Perez was her favorite of all the husband's? Or was that the goff club Lord before him?

Plot twist! Gravy wants Josh to take her to El Pass so she can reunit with og baby daddy

No. 506845

Probably because she doesn’t want people to know what kind of person she really is. Before her online presence. These people from her past could really tell us how she is

No. 506846

We should update the next thread with her current info lol

No. 506850

Jfc, what a wild ride today has been. This truly is the fall of the shack of raven.
Can any anons get ahold of josh? I want to see her kicked out with nowhere to go. She can't go online and ebeg. She can't even get on any form of public aid. Unlike NZ, America will nickle and dime her ass. Goddamni feel glorious. Cheers to you all.

No. 506851

>This truly is the fall of the shack of raven

Still laughing.

No. 506853

Raven is a never ending plot twist, it’s amazing, you think she’s finally finished but there’s always more. She’s a gift. If I could do art, I’d do some. I feel like this is a special day.

No. 506855

Watching her video her crappy trailer like she’s living in a lux mansion is the best lol. You’re really living the life Diane, if only we could all live in empty rundown trailers. She’s such a garbage person it’s hilarious.

The best part is Shes sitting, right now, in an even more rancid trailer reading this thread.

No. 506856

She took his profile down because she knew this was coming. I feel bad for him and his family. She talked about them all and had it swiped clean. I wish there was a way to recover those messages because she would be out on her behind. Not even kidding. She spoke heinously of his family. No doubt if he had seen it, he would have flipped his lid.

No. 506869

>She spoke heinously of his family.

It was obvious something was going on with his family as she hasn't so much as mentioned them even in passing since right around Christmas. I gather at least some of it had to do with the car crash, but not sure why she would hate them for that. (I mean, I know she doesn't need a reason to hate someone, but it would be interesting to know what it was, in her twisted mind.)

No. 506870


Victor is Dorian's father.

Chris was her first husband. She expressed much regret over their relationship in the My Story video quoted in a previous thread.

Andres Perez was her second husband. Her name reverted to Sparks after their divorce >>>/pt/12471.

Ryan Cradock was her third husband.

Her name was Diana Dawn Sparks. Sparks was her stepfather's surname. She changed her first name from Diana to Raven after she moved to New Zealand. Her name appears as Raven Diana Sparks on her marriage certificate to Logan.

No. 506871

Yeah it seemed like right after the accident we heard no more about them, no parties over the holidays, nothing.

No. 506872

She said it was because she kept seeing posts about it so that’s why she blocked her. Raven was po’d about that. How dare she? It’s not my fault! I’m the one who was injured and my followers deserve to know what’s going on in my life. Is basically what she ranted to me

No. 506873

Whoa, Raven's flubbery wild ride! I'm aghast. Mostly, we anons are sort of…worst scenario, skeptical bitches. To find all of our wild hypotheses of Raven's malfeasance are actually true has sort of blown my fucking mind. This is the milk that was more than milk. Fuck, Ash, this was such a good read. Btw, Ash, we can be pretty decent at lolcow but once you stop providing milk some of us get quite shitty and will accuse pretty much anyone of attention whoring. So the drop was great and we all appreciate it. You did god's work. I know you may have stupidly defended a shit stain, but any person who's a bit naive and has had a toxic person in their life can sympathize. I know I've been dumb enough to support a shit stain. Sometimes you just want to believe the best in people. Whatever. This is gold. I'm so happy.

Anons, I, along with other oldfags, traveled here from mass exodus to mass exodus during the /cgl/ purge. We may have lost our queen, Pixyteri, but let us stop lamenting the end of the Golden Age of Pixyteri. For now we have the Fall of the Shack of Raven. An age of spooky spiders and milky saggy titted cakes of glory. Let our fields be plentiful, fellow farmers. Ash, great prophet. Realize the greatness of the Word (screenshots). Amen.

No. 506875

This thread is a goldmine. So Raven was pissed because his mom was sad she didn’t have a car anymore? So she blocked them?

Kek am I actually reading this right? This is insane.

No. 506876

File: 1524015976458.png (227.52 KB, 815x671, chris.png)

Her birthname is Diana Dawn Camerlin, as you said, she adopted her stepfathers name (Sparks) when she went to live with her mom.

Also, Chris was Christopher Rivera and just so Raven can be even more pissed, here's a blast from the past.

No. 506877

His mom got angry over the fact that Raven continually posted about the accident. And technically it’s was Ravens fault. So I get why his mom blocked her.

No. 506878

All her catfishing and controlling people’s profiles is so scummy. I really hope Logan has moved on from this fuckup. I feel bad for him too. Can you imagine dealing with this awful crazyperson every single day, my god, you’d want to jump off a cliff.

No. 506879

Ahhh, I’m sorry! I was so excited to read this thread I lit up and totally misread you!

No. 506880

Thank you Ash!

No. 506881

I'm sure Logan thanks his lucky stars every day that they're apart, and especially that they didn't have kids together.

No. 506885

Thanks for this, good to have the info nice and tidy.

No. 506886

Dude, she fucking brags happily how hurt he is. Is pissed off about him having a new girlfriend, but then victorious about her being a farmer (some of us warned that dumb bitch). She was so happy that she left him broken. This is one fucked horrorcow. Fuck.

And Josh…his mother pretty much left him because of Raven. Josh WAS THAT FUCKING WORTH IT?!?! WAS GOTH SAGGING PUSSY WORTH YOUR MOTHER?!!? The irony of Josh yelling at Dorian for his attitude toward his abusive mother, yet he lets a woman fuck over his own mother. A mother who let a fucking 30 year old son crash on her couch. Raven didn't even let her teen son do that. I hated Josh for the way he treated Claudia, but no one deserves Raven, not even his hick ass. The guy worked 16 hours straight, tried his best to take Raven's fatass out for the most embarrassing reasons and still had the nerve to blame him and pin a fake pregnancy on him when it was her fucking fault?!?!

Couchie, bro…bro! What are you doing?! Go back to your poor southern momma. Make up for those poor "lost" strays by taking care of Doja. Sleep on her couch and use your money to repay her for her car instead of feeding an ugly sloth. Dude, you're still young. Young enough for a predator. Go fix your life. There's time! Claudia was so pretty…Your family looked lovely. Fuck, man…

No. 506888

No. 506891

Ugh to all that shit with Logan. She’s the kind of person you look at and say, ‘Okay, I really don’t ever want to end up like that’ because she’s so vindictive and ugly and bitter, she’s just all wrong.

No. 506892

You know. One thing that does come to mind since people mentioned about animal flipping? She told me on her Bradley account, that life there was perfect aside from his dogs barking all night and keeping her awake. And how she wishes they were at his moms house instead of theirs. I wonder if she gave his dogs away now. ☹️

No. 506893

Holy shit!!! God damn it. Every single shitty guess anons made were true. I'm losing my mind. Help me, anons.

No. 506894

Hmm, I wish she had told you more about the dogs and the cats, that bugged me.

(try not to use emojis here, friendly tip!)

No. 506897

Whoops. Sorry about that

No. 506899

She didn’t say a whole lot aside from her past pets Logan (sorry for mentioning you) forced her to get rid of them. And Joshs dogs were big, ate too much and sh@t too much and barked and howled all night and she couldn’t get any sleep. And they always ruined her videos so she had to constantly redo them Nothing bad really. That’s is pretty common with larger dogs though.

No. 506901

That's actually bad enough, but maybe I'm just a dog lover. And Josh's identity seems to be big on dogs. No wonder he looks dead. She's killed a big part of who he is.
Anything about the small dogs she got or Doja?

No. 506902

Damn this is why every time Raven goes "REEEE IM GETTING OFF THE INTERNET!!!" Secretly I'm afraid she ACTUALLY will. But then I remember all evidence proves she never does.
This milk is gold…
Can hardly wait for her to spin a web of lies to cover her ass on this one, and post a ragevid.
It will be glorious.

The only thing I wish, if there were wishes to be had, was that this whole thing with Ash would go down AFTER she could get the milk about the funeral saga.
Imagine if Raven spilled the tacos to Ash about pocketing the money and not going and she had those screenshots to post too..
Oh well, Ash put up with it for long enough. She deserves a medal.

No. 506903

No. Not at all.
She told me when she got the one cat but that was it.

No. 506905

File: 1524018289233.jpg (131.73 KB, 1152x2048, 1pwNfmV.jpg)

No. 506906

File: 1524018340175.jpg (158.36 KB, 1152x2048, CTMfwIb.jpg)

Holy shit this bitch is hella manipulative.

She wants to talk about how obsessed we are all the time but she's been obsessed with us the whole time.

No. 506908

Ha. I’ve dealt with listening to her since 2008 I think? I knew about the whole Ryan supposed abuse, the cheating on Logan, drama with other people, her haters, you’d be surprised at how much people talk when they have an open ear that listens. I just tried to help her since she said she was so close to suicide. But the things she’s done to me in the past. I could smack myself in the face for even allowing her to get back into my life. She can be charming and seem regretful. But it doesn’t seem she is. After the last few days, I had to jump off the Raven boat before it started to sink with me along with it.

No. 506909

One thing that struck me is how different Gravy's conversation style is from her Facebook posts. She doesn't give a shit about grammar in her messages, whereas her Facebook statuses and Instagram posts and such are usually capitalized, punctuated, etc. properly. It makes me wonder how many lolcow posts are actually hers, too, and we just didn't catch them because they seemed so different from the typing style we were used to.

No. 506912

She's so focused on herself throughout this whole thing. Did she ever bother to ask how you were doing?

No. 506913

Her other accounts are different as well. Grammar wise anyways. It’s how she blends

No. 506914

Oh god no! Lol why on earth would she. When she seen on my Facebook that I had a very bad miscarriage which would have been my first child, she messaged me about how many she’s had and then started talking about you guys. Never did she even offer condolences. Not like I expected any, but still. She’s very self absorbed.

No. 506916

I know what you mean, I've had friends who are very similar to Raven but not as malicious as her.
I am glad you got out before she swallowed you whole, don't get me wrong.
It just seriously irks me with this funeral thing. With her whole cryfest I really did have high hopes she would actually give enough fucks to go.
But nope, not Raven.

No. 506917

Tell us more about the cheating on Logan.

No. 506918

Whoops, meant >>506908

I think we all need to Q and A with Ash, like we did with Dorian's fiance? I think she's proved enough receipts to correlate her claims. Since we're missing accounts, I bet you know about some pretty milky shit outside of what you've dropped, Ash!

No. 506920

Multiple guys online throughout a 2 year span. All from the states. I know of one she slept with maybe 5-6 months before she left nz. Some guy she met online that kept telling her how beautiful she was. She gained a bigger ego than possible after her weight loss surgery. She had him at her house while Logan was at work. Her ex use was Logan and her no longer slept together because he didn’t find her new figure attractive and hated how she dressed. She said she deserved someone that would compliment her and how much she achieved I guess the guy quit messaging her afterward. She blamed it on Logan not keeping the house clean and it smelling like cat urine from Litter never being changed. I asked her why she would cheat. All she said was they were not really together anyways and she was going to divorce him. Poor kid

No. 506921

I do. But most of it revolves around other people that I don’t think deserve to be brought up. Friends and Joshs family don’t need her lies (assuming) being put out there.

No. 506922

Man, if I ever had a hate boner it would be now. Did Logan find out? Did she complain to you about the porn stuff? Did that happen while she was cheating?
Understandable and you're a good person. Just know if you did, we know it's lies and it would only reflect badly on Raven. If anything, we're good about not doxxing family members or believing anything about them. No one had anything bad to say about the family photos with Raven which was posted here. They seemed nice. If you're set on not discussing it then that's a good decision, but know that not one person would ever assume or believe anything Raven has said about them. Even if you can vaguely say what she's said about people and not mention who, it would be great to exposing her character. Even provide proof to others who trust her. I know I'm trying to to convince you, but whatever you decide you've done so much. I hope anons have your back from now on. Not as a personal army, but just laying off.

No. 506923

So Logan had a fetish for fuller figure woman, that explains why he married her.

No. 506925

The crazy thing with Raven is that she lies so much to make herself look like the victimized victim who ever etc. is that it’s difficult to believe anything she says. I totally believe she was cheating on Logan but I doubt it’s because he’s a chubby chaser like, that’s the typical Raven bitch talking. It’s honestly crazy to try and sift through her shit.

No. 506926

I can't believe this fucking bitch accused Logan of cheating because he watched porn like every dude on the planet, and aired all his dirty laundry, including his particular tastes in porn, when she actually cheated on him—multiple times, in real life and online.

Also, I hope Josh is aware that this relationship will end the exact same way it began. She will begin talking to some other dude online behind his back, fall madly in love with him, pull away from Josh, air his dirty laundry to anyone who will listen, slander his name with bullshit accusations about how he rapes and beats her and he's addicted to drugs and weird porn, and then she'll run away with this new man. Wash, rinse, repeat, ad infinitum.

No. 506927

She's probably lying. She probably didn't find him attractive because he turned into a normie. Remember when she got angry at a friend who was lusting after an old photo of Logan. She said, "good luck. he doesn't look like that anymore." I think he just didn't give her the attention that you get from a teen's idea of love and started dressing casually.

No. 506928

‘God damn you Logan, you couldn’t keep the litter box clean enough for me to cuck you!’ Meanwhile the kid was supporting her lazy ass. She’s disgusting.

No. 506930

She's home long enough to fuck, but not to clean up her pissed filled house? This is really a springtime christmas, anon.

No. 506933

No. Logan doesn’t know. Yes she did mention the pornography addiction. It really made her mad and she made him call his mother and tell her that he had an addiction. I think that is when it started to go downhill. As much as she is online, I doubt the poor guy could even attempt sex with her. She’s lucky he only resorted to visual pleasantries instead of sleeping around.
Two people, I won’t name them, are mutual online friends. She talks badly of his girlfriend (very pretty girl) and gave private information that he trusted her with about their sexuality life. Very wrong in my opinion. And they still back her up. I don’t have the heart to tell them. Recently married happy couple. Good people just mixed with a bad apple.
His family. Sad face- She said his mom was great to her but she really didn’t like her or trust her. She said his mom smelled like dirty diapers and the House was gross and she was too lazy to clean. Called her fat and jealous of raven taking josh away from her. She said his brother is a meth head that works illegal jobs. And that he tried to hit on her during thanksgiving. I don’t know if she said sister, or sister in law, but said something about her being a drug addicted wanna be nurse that has fake teeth and looks like skeletor from he-man. She had nothing nice to say about them. She said josh is better off without them in his life because they brought him down and made him feel less of a man. She stated they reminded her of the family in Texas chainsaw massacre (I’m a horror fan but never seen that film) so I have no clue on what she’s means about that. She says she loves Josh but she feels he isn’t ready for a committed relationship like she expected and that he has to grow up a lot and quit playing video games and work like a husband should.
That’s about all I remember because it was a long conversation after his mom blocked her. I feel like a really cruddy person. I bet they are truly good people.

No. 506935

Don't feel bad. All of this reflects badly on Gravy, not Josh's family. Plus we know she's full of shit, so I don't believe a word she says about them. They're probably nice, normal people.

This ungrateful bitch.

>works illegal jobs

At least he works.

>he has to grow up a lot and quit playing video games and work like a husband should

I fucking can't.

No. 506936

File: 1524021338600.gif (6.69 MB, 550x309, all for you.gif)

Gif related - This is how I feel about you right now, Ash.

No. 506937

Raven is such a shitty person. YOU shouldn't feel like a bad person. It's all Raven, you were just the ear piece. Honestly it seems like a great one at that. You seem like a genuine friend to someone who will make up crazy shit just to here someone say "oh poor raven." I'm glad you read through here and connected the dots and lies yourself. We might get petty and say stupid shit from time to time when we get bored, but everyone here is just here to continue keeping her shit visible. Thank you for the drops and don't feel shitty for things that Raven made up in her own world.

No. 506939

Same. Sorry we were so mean to you yesterday. You also seem like a nice, normal person and we don't deserve you after how shitty we were yesterday tbh. So thanks for the Milk That Was More Than a Milk.

No. 506942

No sorry needed. I completely understand why you all get so upset. I never knew she had done so much to people. She always said it was unjust harassment and she was victimized. I see through a new pair of glasses now

No. 506943

I got a good laugh at that.

No. 506946

As someone who was definitely dogpiling yesterday, it honestly had less to do with you personally—how you look, how you are, etc.—and more to do with the assumption that if you're associated with Gravy, you must be a shitty person too. Because Raven is just so unbelievably shitty, it's hard to imagine why anyone would willingly associate with her unless they were awful people too.

But now it seems like you just naïvely provided a shoulder for her to cry on, and she completely took advantage.

It's really telling how all of your conversations revolved around her.

No. 506948

In some of her lolcow caps, the timestamp said "now," which means she was literally just sitting around with her own thread open and taking screenshots the moment something was posted. I hope that's what she's doing right now.

No. 506950

File: 1524022139885.gif (787.65 KB, 215x176, C3F7A1CE-98F6-4C7D-B5D6-9BC24B…)

this fucking milk

No. 506952

I get it. I’m actually thankful for it. I should have listened to my boyfriend. He kept asking why Inwould even attempt to be nice to her. He’s been around for the Raven vs Ash the last 2 times. He was even involved with it and it totally pissed him off.

No. 506953

Man, all the narc stuff about isolation was incredibly on point.

Ash, you must know you weren't dealing with a normal person. It's easy to feel like a fool in hindsight, but Raven designs herself to be able to pull in everyone.

And she's only lying about his family to justify her isolation tactics. The projecting is far more telling. We know nothing about his family no matter what Raven says. Kek about the clean house projecting and how she expects Josh to support her fatass. She knew she was getting a guy who just moved out of his mom's house on Raven's whim.

No. 506954

I know she’s going to be totally pissed for outing her now. Years ago during the cj fiasco, I was involved through the whole thing. She used me as a scapegoat then and I did out her on it. So I can imagine the fiery flames escaping from her head when she knows I’m giving away her secrets on here.

No. 506955

They're not necessarily secrets, you're just confirming what we all thought was happening. Not saying what you've done is for nothing, because holy hell, you've done more this past 6 hours than raven has in her entire 41 years. Sorry for being an asshole before.

No. 506956

I think one major thing that Gravy refuses to accept about this site is that no one is being shit on for just their looks. It's always their online antics—generally being awful, idiotic, scammy, attention-whorey, and so on. We often wind up picking apart people's looks as a result, but that's not why they're here in the first place. But Raven continually refuses to confront the fact that she is fucking terrible and actually do something about it. For a lot of cows, it's not too late. They're young, they can still change. Sometimes they even have redeeming qualities (gasp), and we can acknowledge them. But Raven is so set in her ways at this point, so far gone, and with so few good qualities (does she even have any?), I just don't see it ever happening for her. She's hopeless.

No. 506957

I can only speak for myself, but thank you so much for opening up about this. The thing that has always troubled me about Raven is that obviously, I had strong suspicions about her. But with Dorian and now you Ash, filling in the blanks, there’s no more suspicion. Everyone knows what a mean, nasty person she is.

I’m sorry that she treated you badly as a friend. All those texts—all she talks about is herself, what a selfish person.

Hope you have lots of better friends who treat you right. Thanks again!

No. 506958

Did she ever talked about the time she spent with Ryan prior to moving to US? Their relationship is just so weird.

No. 506959

You know she is sitting in a dark, stank trailer, staring with horrified fascination at the glow from her laptop, screencapping everything.

I can’t believe how much time she spends here.

No. 506962

It’s no problem really. I’m sure plenty
Of people on here are actually just like me, whom have been caught in her crosshairs.
I pretty much keep to myself but I have a couple great people in my life and that’s all someone truly needs. It’s too bad Raven couldn’t have seen that as well. If your a good person, you get treated well and rightly so. I think it’s deaperation for her, to have so many people come to get and feel bad for all the things she claims to have been through. They flock to her. Lots of young people especially. I hope she doesn’t rub off on them. She really needs to stop, contemplate what she’s done and what’s wrong with her life, come to terms with it, get much needed help and reinvent herself. She’s bottoming out on all the lies and scams. It can only get her so far.

No. 506964

Not so much about their relationship. More or less about his pornography addiction and how he abused her. But I caught her in a few lies about that. She said he raped her but I know he didn’t. She has a rape fetish (gag) and likes to play victim. She literally posted a video of them at a party after she claims he raped her. She used him for his family’s money and to get away from El Paso. I’m starting to see a pattern

No. 506969

He could have had an addiction, just because he was groomed so young and didn't have time to get it out of his system OR just dealing with an issue a lot of men go through. And I 100% doubt that his tastes in porn were accurate. She probably added "gaping" porn because she was pissed at him and wanted to humiliate him because how dare he look at other women.

No. 506970

One thing I never understood was her extreme hate for pornography, but she herself posted complete nudes.
That’s actually how I met her. She became a model (online) for a place I used to work for and she added me on myspace. Like how can you despise sex but put your bits on there for the world to see. It’s the exact same thing! It makes no sense.

No. 506971

Oh man. The projection is strong with this one.

>Says mom is lazy, won't clean, house smells<

Is Ravens exact situation now and in the past

>Says brother has a drug addiction<

Is actively looking for oxys

>Says sister is an ugly wannabe<

Raven is an ugly Emily Boo wannabe

>Says Logan cheated on her<

Raven physically and emotionally cheats on him multiple times

I guess we can find the truth in what she says now: anything negative she says is absolutely true but only about herself.

No. 506973

Misogyny caused by extremely low selfesteem.
She hates every woman that is prettier than her (like, every female on the planet) at the same time she tries desperately to copy them in order to receive the same praise as them.

No. 506974

File: 1524024798000.gif (9.38 MB, 350x233, CA31CDD4-80D3-4F57-AE7C-A8C8A0…)

No. 506975


I refrained from including the names of her exes in the OP because they don't need their names associated with her more than is necessary (and per the rules).

No. 506976

File: 1524025310930.png (478.61 KB, 1242x2208, 36E77B35-0483-4839-81E3-4FD976…)

I found this a bit funny after re-reading

No. 506979

I was just thinking about this while I cleaned up the kitchen, haha.

I don't find any of her boyfriends attractive, looks- or personality-wise, but I am really puzzled as to how she gets them in the first place, and how she manages to keep them ensnared after they break up.

No. 506981

Key word being ‘apparently’.

No. 506982

File: 1524026211992.png (1.97 MB, 1334x750, 611F2577-26C2-4585-9442-923CCB…)

Her amazing makeup skills?
She sent me that saying you all tear her apart for her looks.

No. 506985

Someone come get their granny.

No. 506987

I've seen this before, but it still made me gasp out loud.

No. 506989

You must have some strong restraint, anon. It nearly scared the shit out of me. Hagraven is definitely living up to the nickname.

No. 506990

I mean I can say I am jealous that her eyebrows grow in. Mine won’t due to an accident. I need to brush up on mine. My mom says I look like Jack Frost. I’m afraid to get them tattooed on. So I have to draw them in and most lines it looks like I’m permanantly spooked.(blogposting)

No. 506991

Her make-up has a similar effect to Melisandre’s necklace.

I have to wonder when Josh will see her in all her fat heavy metal Filipino grandma looking glory. I bet she sleeps in 10 layers of make-up trying her best to keep up the facade.

It must be exhausting to be so utterly ugly and fake both on the outside and inside.

No. 506992

Castor oil, bb.

>I guess the guy quit messaging her afterward. She blamed it on Logan

Imagine sleeping with someone, and then finding out this >>506982 is what they look like underneath all those layers of makeup. But yeah, it was probably Logan's fault.

No. 506996

Her first husband was 21 when he married her. He was prob the only 'normal' relationship she had. She said previously she caused the end of that marriage by provoking him to the point she almost got him jailed for 'kidnapping' Dorian when he went to pick him up at school.

Her second husband cheated on her all the time. He was the goffik king that married her on his lunchbreak from a hair saloon job. That was not an healthy relationship either.

Third husband… again… do we need to say anything about Ryan? A glance at him and you can tell he has a mental disability of sorts.

Fourth husband… a 16yo…next.

Josh thought he was getting a internet famous goth girlfriend. Never forget his face at the ticket revelation vid.

It should go without saying, but is not like those online exes like CJ, or real life boyfriends of her earlier life, like the guy who was into zoophilia are making any of us jealous.

Ah, the marvels of asian genetics.

No. 506997

File: 1524028027363.jpg (22.1 KB, 450x450, s1964451-main-Lhero.jpg)

Get a stencil! Also Benefit eyebrow powder like this. It has two tones to make it look a little bit more natural.(derailing)

No. 506999

Definitely going to try that ! Ty

No. 507001

File: 1524028447206.jpg (451.33 KB, 1334x750, 20180418853014027.jpg)

I don't want to get on Raven's looks since I'm white with a half-filipino daughter who looks more asian than her dad (and is also named Diana so that triggers tf outta me when I see Raven's real name). Aging is natural, but I don't think Raven is doing herself any favors with how she treats her face. Just taking some of the hardware out improves her appearance imo.

No. 507009

Note that those chat screencaps also confirm that she was bullshitting about needing a wheelchair to get around the airport due to her anxiety. She specifically says she “walked” over to Josh when she spotted him.

No. 507011

Ooooooooh, the rest was pretty expected but this
>She had him at her house while Logan was at work
is juicy as it gets.

No. 507017

File: 1524030442894.png (121.3 KB, 800x323, Screenshot_2018-04-17-22-34-10…)


Her relationships with husbands Chris, Ryan, and Logan each lasted four to five years.

The story of her relationships on her blog ends with her leaving Andy and hooking up with David.


[select all] as much of it is clear text.

No. 507020

File: 1524030535131.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 508x6893, 1410395751748.png)


She picks up the story in this lengthy post from 2011 [spoiler for images of self-inflicted cutting and blood].

No. 507026

It would be super easy for her to prove she went to El Paso, if she really did. She doesn't owe it to us, but she does owe the people who donated. Or at the very least, to say she couldn't make it, and detail what she actually spent the money on.

It's awfully convenient that her rent is $500, her overdue power bill is $350, and her GoFundMe goal was $850.

If she leaves the Internet forever, who else can she scam into paying for the Wedding That Was More Than a Wedding? Maybe she'll be able to talk Ryan into it, kek.

Any bets on when and how she will return?

No. 507027

File: 1524032148391.png (603.13 KB, 800x1175, Screenshot_2018-04-17-23-02-29…)

Until very recently Raven's primary account was still listed as a crew member or mod of Goth Boys (I don't recall the exact term).


Deactivating her primary account has deactivated her community accounts:


No. 507029

I don't think she will return to youtube so soon. She will lay low until people forget what she did, and when she does comes back, she will have a sob story, like Doja dying, being homeless etc so no one comes asking for the money.
As for facebook, she never left. She is just using a account we don't know of.
Also, she has lurked here everyday of her life. Her life has no purpose without us. She is screencapping the shit out of this thread.

No. 507032

No. 507035

There won’t be any wedding or marriage. We already thought the date goal post being moved was a big red flag but now with what Ash has shared its obvious Raven will have to work overtime to keep Josh from bailing. I have a feeling these money scams were part of trying to prove some value to Josh. If she used the fake miscarriage to guilt him, she will now use the dead mom for pity. But its a desperate ploy, you can’t guilt someone into staying
with you for long.
If Josh isn’t a total POS, and he might very well be, seeing Raven using her dead mom just to scam money should have him running for the hills within a month. I can’t imagine a bigger red flag than Raven’s latest stunt to confirm (if he had any doubts) she’s a nasty, lying, manipulative hag who has the morals of a rabid hyena.

I think Josh might be a total POS too, but even if he is, he won’t be sticking it out with Raven, it just may last a little longer. The $800 might have bought her an extra month or two.

I have a feeling Ash was one of the few ppl Raven had to talk to. Raven closing her SM and having next to no friends mean she has no one to rant and rave to besides Josh, so that could hasten the trailer eviction.

No. 507038

No. 507042

kek, hi Gravy

No. 507043

kek she definitely did that in the last twenty or so minutes because it was just up

No. 507044

C'mon guys, she is TOT not online, she might even never come back. Shit, she already feelt SO GOOD not being online when she posted that video.

No. 507055

File: 1524037055088.jpg (537.75 KB, 1080x1920, 1522061525237.jpg)


Where did you get your intel? Their shack is gray and white.

Does Josh have scoliosis? His right ribcage has a pronounced hump.

No. 507067

He was able to be in the army. Maybe it's a couch-hump?

No. 507071


I found it, and the street view matches with the buildings and landscape across the road shown in Raven's pics.

No. 507076

File: 1524039669345.jpg (131.62 KB, 1152x634, 30713650_115851492605805_87069…)

Your pedo/ephebo is showing Raven.

I don't believe her story about Josh becoming addicted to the meds, being violent for more and getting fired because of them for one second. That's Raven's excuse for asking how to get more for herself. Josh got fired because the accident was his fault and she got addicted to the meds, that's all.

No. 507083

It's a symptom of the haggard virus. You get it from having prolonged contact with a hagraven.

No. 507089

Those pics in the caps are the first mobile home, close to Josh's mum. They since moved to another one and are in the area of Aiken now.

No. 507094


No. They adopted Doja after they moved to the second mobile home which was confirmed to be in Saluda by Autumn's posts looking for transport for Doja.

Prior to that I speculated that they moved to Aiken when Josh posted on Facebook looking for a job there.

No. 507097

Oh so I missed that being corrected. I wonder why he was seeking work in Aiken specifically? Maybe they looked at a place there.

No. 507098

File: 1524044397226.png (153.41 KB, 812x300, Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.3…)

she even liked the slim jim page from her fake profile!

No. 507106

My fucking sides have gone into orbit.

No. 507109

Well at least now we've got an easy way to detect if an account belongs to Raven. We'll call it the Slim Jim test.

No. 507111

bahaha and crap tats, sums her up really

No. 507114

No. 507118

>I am really puzzled as to how she gets them in the first place, and how she manages to keep them ensnared after they break up.
I think after her first two husbands, whom we rarely hear about, she's learned to target more impressionable men. Those that are stupid, or very young, or in a shitty place in their life such as being longterm unemployed and living on their mum's couch. Narcs do this shit, so they can ensure that someone depends on them. I swear people like Raven can smell vulnerability in a person the way the rest of us can smell cheap plastic perfume on her.
I hope all these guys, as shitty people as they may or may not be in their on right, are able to break free of her, because her actions if they do are going to be hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

No. 507119

File: 1524050949311.jpeg (62.24 KB, 736x1044, rouge-à-lèvre-mac-ruby-woo-1.j…)


She named her account for a shade of MAC lipstick.

No. 507124

File: 1524052061506.jpg (36.57 KB, 398x374, 1507905227205.jpg)

Is Josh's old account [pic related] still up?


My bad, I typed "Lilitu" which is the alternate name on the account.

No. 507128

fuck me! I haven't been following this cow for a while and just caught up. What a disgusting, despicable excuse for a human being. The money scamming, the humiliation of Logan for watching porn whilst she had men over at their house… I have no words. I don't wish death upon anyone but I'll make an exception for her. Raven, do everyone a favor and OD on oxy will ya?

No. 507129


She's gone and fried her hair with bleach again. What happened to dying it blue and black, Josh's favorite colors, and letting it grow in preparation for the wedding?

No. 507131

So OK to sum up some of the things we learned:

1) Raven flatly says she hates her only child
2) She has said terrible things about Josh's entire family, and Josh's mother in particular
3) She has accused Josh of becoming addicted to her opioids and losing his Fedex job from failing a drug test
4) Accused Josh of getting physical with her
5) Admitted she dislikes the dogs
6) Somewhat admitted she singled Josh out to get to the US
7) Admitted to physically cheating on Logan while he was at work
8) Is happy that Logan was pained and hurt by her marital defection
9) Thinks Josh needs to grow up to support her like a husband should

Those are just some points that struck me, it's been a wild, wild ride overnight

No. 507133

'You can just email me' - wow what a fucking bitch. I hate the way she treats her supporters, even if they are retarded. If you treated the people who were actually kind to her better I'd have a shred of respect for her - but no. She's such an ungrateful POS and I hope all the mom's funeral lies blow up in her face

No. 507134

Thank god Josh didn't get that finger tattoo that the bitch kept going on about.
It's so creepy how she uses tattoos and marriage and fake miscarriages to brand her men. So fucking weird.

No. 507135

This is truly art - hadn't seen it b4 so thnx for sharing

No. 507136

Yeah it's always pissed me off that people donate from the kindness of their hearts and this is how she responds. So fucking rude.

No. 507137

You left out the that we have screen shots of her admitting to scamming people for money to meet online friends.
I don't buy her getting sick of thu h8urz and going offline for a while. Nope, Hagula wants to lay low until this newest issue blows over then she will be back, probably to scam money for Dojas funeral or who the fuck knows. (I can see it, "here Doja, drink this water, don't mind its sweet taste, that's not antifreeze")
If you anons want some sort of relief, unless she snags an ultra wealthy new parasitic host, her golden years will suck. I work long term care welfare cases like her get their room and board, they have to learn pain management because they give you the BAREST of minimum of pain killers and a monthly stipend of $30. (Depends on your state)
She only looks younger because she puts black makeup around all her wrinkles.
Drink up fellow anons, she's going to buy herself a month of breathing room while she lurks here. Her social media addiction will get the better of her and she will be back. Addicts always go back to their drug unless they are really ready, and she's not. Fresh milk for all.

No. 507138

This confirms what I said about her not cleaning the litter trays. Like when she went on about the cats that would randomly shit on things AND use the tray, I was like nah…they only do that if the tray is dirty.

No. 507144

We should let this thread go quiet, her unrelenting need to read our posts and be talked about here will bring her back faster.

And thanks to Ash for the milk, good luck with your life! I'm sorry you had 10 years of this listening to this cantankerous bitch!

No. 507146

I'm sorry about your miscarriage, and I'm sorry you had such a shitty friend that wasn't there for you. At least you are free of this negative garbage person, and she's getting what's coming to her.

No. 507159

Online attention, drama and posting cringey selfies is what Raven lives for, it is pretty much her entire life as we can see from Ash’s receipts…and she was willing to blow it all up for a measly $800. A job would have netted her that in two weeks.

Shes such trash she was willing to shamelessly use her mother’s death to
con some idiots (& Ryan) out of a minimum wage paycheck. Now she has to sit alone in her nasty trailer, with her blind farting dog, reading hater sites silently. She has nothing else in her life. It’s really pathetic that she was willing to destroy the most important outlet in her life for one rent payment. Just think she 86’ed her marriages in favor of online drama, $800 was worth more to her than her marriages.

It was pretty stupid too. The $800 might have bought her a month in the trailer with Josh but it revealed to him what a lowly, shameless bitch she truly is and when he finally dumps her ass it means she won’t be able to run scam another GFM to keep her ass off the streets.

She was blinded by the short-term money grab opportunity her mother’s death presented and screwed herself for the long term. No one is going to forget this scam no matter how long she tries to lay low.

No. 507164

As well as that, why didn't SHE clean the trays? Blaming Logan for it when he was busy at work while she fucked other guys to support her fat ass. She sits at home doing nothing, she could've easily maintained the house if she wasn't such a lazy hag

No. 507167


Yeah, her sense of entitlement is very weird, like she apparently thinks her SO/ spouse should be the breadwinner, the entertainer, the housekeeper, etc. It isn't even a traditional type of relationship, it's her sitting at home like an empress while the other partner does literally everything. Very weird. What I wonder is why anyone goes along with this crap. She's got to be the world's worst lay (aside from LGH).

No. 507169

LOL looks like she's been cleaning up. She removed a ton of youtube videos ranging from the one after the first time with Josh up to the e begging for her mom's funeral.

No. 507173

After she caught him watching porn, SHE MADE LOGAN CALL HIS MOTHER TO TELL HER HE HAS AN ADDICTION! Holy fucking shit. She may actually be crazier than I thought.

No. 507175


Humiliation is a tool in her arsenal, so it fits right in with her noted behaviors. It helps her maintain control.

No. 507182

jeez just caught up on all the milk. what's the longest she's been away for?

No. 507184

File: 1524068575962.jpg (66.13 KB, 640x1138, Mr3TM4J_d.jpg)

This screenshot belies her claim that Josh abused her meds and got caught by a random drug test.

No. 507185


We don't have screenshots for 9 of those 10 things, only Ash's word.

No. 507188

That grossed me out so bad. What the fuck is that even about? She didn’t like that he looked at porn, so she made him call his other mommy to confess his sins? If I were Logan’s mother I’d have been like ‘Honey, I don’t give a fuck about the porn, do you see what I mean about this crazy bitch? Please get the fuck away from her.’

Raven is so stunted emotionally. She’s like a ten year old. The whole idea of getting your child bride in trouble with his mommy is so bizarre. She’s out of her mind.

No. 507189

Annnnd now it starts. Here comes the derail, everyone on the wk train!

No. 507191


I reread all of the screenshots to check them against the list before replying. Unfortunately 9 out of the 10 are not documented. I will still include what Ash said in the next OP since I am the OP anon and not a WK.

No. 507192

You don’t have to believe it. I mean if I were in your all’s position, I would be that way too. I can’t blame you for being skeptical. >>

No. 507193


She made 11 videos in the "Josh and my new life" playlist private (for which we have transcripts) a few others in other playlists.

No. 507197


Skepticism has nothing to do with my statement which was a neutral statement of fact regarding the provenance of the evidence.

No. 507199

I had all of it in messenger. I’m assuming after she seen my posts, she did something to where I can no longer see any messages she sent me on her Bradley account. I’ve never seen anything like that before so I’m not sure what happened there. If I had been quick enough, I would have taken screenshots of that as well. She messaged me from 3 different accounts. Very long conversations so by the time I went to snag those, it was blocked. I don’t get how that happened tbh

No. 507201

Wait. Who found her marriage license and how? This is a nice little addition to the growing pile of Cravey info. GG mystery anon, GG.

No. 507202

Here comes the library, full force!

No. 507203

File: 1524070640625.png (7.27 MB, 2208x1242, 240374B1-A416-454C-8592-D9B355…)

Light interjection but clock the whipped cream can next to the bed!

And with gravey you know it’s nothing kinky it’s purely her fat ass squirting it into her mouth whilst in bed.

ALSO I’m the anon who found Ryan’s profile ( I wasn’t hard sparky ) and the fact that I now know she seen it and it really annoyed her has made my fucking week!

Ps I’m also the uploader of the putting on makeup screen caps! Soz graven.

She acts like we go to dire lengths to suss out her circumstances, You shit post and dox yourself you fucking Behemoth

We’re not Cicada.

No. 507204

I'm glad Ash lives pretty far away from Raven. I can't imagine the intensity of the narc rage right now.

No. 507205

Ash don’t take the bait. We are all grateful for the information you provided us with and the great milk. This is just Raven or Raven stans trying to dispute the validity of the milk or your statements because this is what happens in every single thread when milk gets dropped, there’s a period where everyone is psyched and talking about it and then the infighting starts. That’s what you’re seeing here. Don’t respond to it, it’s meant to distract from the actual milk.

No. 507206

Why do you feel the need to debate whether or not what Ash said is true? Do you think that Diana Perez is just a sad, misunderstood sweetheart? Get the fuck out of here with that shit lol.

No. 507208

What are you even doing? Relax.

No. 507209

Does Raven have any actual friends?

I don’t mean orbiters on social media, I mean real life friends. I’m sure she’s been capping this thread obsessively, but who can she send any of it to? It’s not like Josh cares about what we say.

Her family dislikes her so much they didn’t even want her at that funeral. She’s such a horrible human being. I can’t imagine being around someone that negative and crazy.

No. 507211

I don't think that anon was questioning Ash. Sounds like they are the op anon (?) and were simply stating there aren't any screenshots to curate for the next thread (which is likely coming up soon due to The Fall Of the Shack of Hagraven).

I think most everyone agrees that the evidence provided is enough to believe Ash about the rest of her interactions.

No. 507223

Nice! Ash, please do this to try and save the messages.

No. 507224


FWIW, I wrote the list and I don't think you are trying to WK, and I agree the more we get locked down locked down, the better. I wasn't trying to cause problems, just summing up major points that I noticed and thought were important.

I do believe that Raven said all that stuff to Ash (she's certainly said plenty of other stuff), and I hope she can get the stuff recovered. This has been a really interesting (like writhing stuff under a rock interesting) glimpse into Raven's mind, and I hope we continue to learn more.

No. 507225


My statement reiterated what Ash herself said and was, in part, in response to >>507137 who stated, "We have screen shots of her admitting to scamming people." I reread all of the screenshots in an attempt to verify this before I replied.


Ash, I did some digging into why messages are blocked and marked. While Facebook itself offers no explanation (it appears to be an all purpose error message), you may be able to retrieve the messages by downloading your Facebook Data.


Would a WK be trying to assist Ash in retrieving the blocked messages?

No. 507228

OP anon generally changes from thread to thread, they’re not static so meh.

You sound autistic. It will be great if Ash can get the wiped texts off of FB, but she came through regardless. We aren’t CSI Lolcow ffs.

No. 507231

Seriously tho anon why are you writing in this hyper erudite faux legal style? Like, for what?

No. 507233

Just download your Facebook, the messages should still be there, Ash.

No. 507242

I’ll do that once I’m off work. Thanks for letting me know. If it’s still there, oh boy you all will freak out.

No. 507244

Please do, I literally had to go to bed early to muster up the energy and excitement to read this threads milky goodness

Bless you, Saint Ash

No. 507246

It should be done by the time I get home. I already went and started the archive. It says it will email me once it’s ready. Fingers crossed!

No. 507247

Fingers are crossed that you’ll be able to grab something, sometimes it works and sometimes not. I had the same situation and was able to get part of the texts I wanted as receipts back but not all, which makes no sense.

And good on you for avoiding the obvious shitstirring!

No. 507249

Thanks, Ash! If anyone else has advise for her, make sure to message her instead of putting it on this thread so Raven can't take counter measures. She reads the replies before Ash I'm sure.

Lay off, it's OP. I'm sure OP is just trying to sort out confirmed vs non-confirmed because Raven can't say Ash is just being a bitter liar with screen shots. The other stuff, Raven will lie about and cry about bullying. No one here thinks Ash is lying, but the only thing that will hold up with the most adamant of defenders are Raven's messages. Who cares about what's confirmed. We got a waterfall of milk here.

No. 507251

Double-post (this is what you say; not "samefag)
OP - since you're here, please use the saggy tit cake as the next OP image!

No. 507273

My god, no wonder she packs on the makeup, bitch looks like she could pass for Margo's long lost twin

No. 507280

I can’t believe it (well, I can but you get what I’m saying). This is the most fattening, delicious milkshake we’ve ever had. Everything Ash has provided in those screenshots and such prove our theories and that Raven is even worse than we thought and we all knew she was a living cesspool. Can’t wait for you to share more with us, Ash!

No. 507283


Have you forgotten about her "real life friend" Julie-Ann who is most likely the person who bought them groceries in their hour of need? Granted, she started out as an orbiter, but she sent presents to Raven in NZ.

And why is Raven screencapping the threads? They are not going anywhere. Is she so much of a masochist that she preserves them to ruminate on when she is offline?


That's a standard aerosol can. See it in better lighting >>506449 and >>>/pt/497481. I glimpsed the label in another video but have forgotten what it was (alas, it was not bug spray).

Agreed on her naiveté regarding having publicised her own deets. For example, her TradeMe account; she posted it when she was selling belongings to raise money for her trip here.

And she still thinks I write the transcripts manually!

No. 507284

>And why is Raven screencapping the threads?
I'm pretty sure she caps them and rehersal a rant response, may even record some videos for later, OR she needs to keep track of all the lies she needs to excuse her erratic behavior if someone confronts her.

No. 507286

I’m on lunch and I am starting to go through messages. She had 3 Raven Sparks accounts. One in which I said she was speaking about our mutual friends. I’m going to keep that part out. But there is some things that collaborate with the cheating on her ex (I see you all refrain from using his name so I’ll just say Poor Kid)
I’m about to post it to the Facebook account I made and will post the link in a few.

No. 507290

How about next op photo include her wonderful shack and robin leech lauding it as a palace kek. Those videos of her making it sound like a palace were epic. THANKS ASH! a true heroine.

No. 507291

Photos of the conversation we had April 2017
The post is public so you can see everything

No. 507294

Thanks Ash! So this is the NZ guy she physically cheated with?

No. 507295

Can someone post screen shots here? I don't have an FB and I don't want to sign up just for the goods. Plus, Raven might get it removed in a hurry.

No. 507297

No. 507298

Thank you Ash for doing all of this!
I love how she just casually thows in that her and Logan were not together anymore, as if. She just didn't wanna admit she was cheating.

She's truly pathetic. Every guy is "the one" and she falls in "love" after one FB convo. Paaaathetic.

No. 507303

No problem. The first time she and I had a falling out is because she tried sending my bf nude photos of her. She has a hard on for guys with long hair especially goth guys.
I forgave her for that. I shouldnt have.

No. 507304

She just met the guy and already they're moving in together. It's soo obvious she just uses men for a living space and slimjims.

No. 507305

She has also either deleted or privated all her content in the old youtube channels described in the OP

Those are gone:

Those have being privated:

Also, some of the newest videos that are gone from her main chanel

Funeral day is now known
Help for Doja
New winners drawn
Congratulations winners!
Giveaway additions!!!
10k subscriber givaway
2017 year in review
Zaful and Dresslily site FAIL
Doctor Who gifts
How quickly things change
Crash update
Giveaway ideas?
Makeup removers and cleansers review
A small makeup review/Concentrated foundation and blur powder
My makeup collection
We were in a car accident

Basically all the videos regard that giveaway that we called would never happen are gone and the clips about her e-begging for her moms funeral and Doja are gone (proof that she scams her fans), some clips of her hauling things are gone (proof that she takes the money and applies it into futile things), the videos about the car accident also gone (where she blamed it on Josh and got momma couch pissed).

This, farmers, is what I call damage control.
But Raven is TOTS offline, she never visits the farms. Top fucking kek.

No. 507306

That's also what she did when she announced her and Logan were breaking up, when it was immediately clear that she had been talking to Joah (e.g. cheating on Logan at least emotionally) for months. Seems like it is her go-to rationaliztion. "We were broken up (even though we're living together and he's still supporting my lazy, broken-tailbone ass) so I can do whatever I want even though I am atill married." For that matter, she's STILL married, as far as I know.

No. 507307

Omfg that bitch. What the fuck?! But god forbid someone says her EX looks nice and she's on their ass!

No. 507309

File: 1524086427246.jpg (70.84 KB, 540x960, 1.jpg)

I actually have no idea which photo is first.

No. 507310

File: 1524086437473.jpg (67.41 KB, 540x960, 2.jpg)


No. 507311

File: 1524086458189.jpg (56.96 KB, 540x960, 3.jpg)


No. 507312

Did you discover this when he started projectile vomiting all over the room?

No. 507313

File: 1524086474578.jpg (61.79 KB, 540x960, 4.jpg)


No. 507314

File: 1524086487956.jpg (57.82 KB, 540x960, 5.jpg)


No. 507315

She can emotionally and physically cheat on her husband but he can't have girls on his FB? Seems logical kek

No. 507320

Lol no. She told me she was going to do and I told him. He has seen her named before through the modeling site we both were on and it made him cringe. He never wanted his eyes to burn out

No. 507321

You have it in chronological order

No. 507323

Wtf, girl!!! You forgave her? You don't forgive that. Were you practicing on becoming a Saint? Surely you're anointed as one after all these deets anyways. Man, you're nuts for forgiving her, but we've all been in your shoes.

And fucking kek at this guy just fucking her and leaving. "MY HEART IS BROKEN. HE WAS THE ONE. I WAS READY TO PACK MY BAGS." Uh, hear any of this before? SEE ANY OF THIS BEFORE?! This woman is a real fucking piece of work.

Anyways more deets on how she tried to seduce your bf? I mean obviously, he isn't going to leave you for that thing, but did she just offer? Who does this?! I know…Raven, but man, every time I think the milk has reached it's peak.

No. 507325

Oh good, thanks!

I really wonder what level of panic and rage Hagraven must be right now. She did it to herself and Ash probably wasn't even the only one she messaged on multiple accounts.

Were you at all suspicious as to why she had so many accounts throughout your friendship or only towards the end, Ash?

No. 507326

Wait she told you?! How does one approach their friend with that info? "Hey, I'm going to send your boyfriend nudes so watch out!" What?

No. 507328

Holy shit. And these are the messages Raven DID NOT try to delete. Can you imagine wtf are in the ones she did?

No. 507329

I hope Logan is out there hooking up with some prime qt3.14s, I can’t believe this bitch. Just seeing proof of her shady shit makes my heart sing.

No. 507330

I was thinking the same thing! Hopefully Ash can still access those..

No. 507331

The guy who fucked her over was another online american guy called Eddie Bain. She fell head over heels for him after like one conversation and scared him off with her intensity til he just admitted to having an irl girlfriend and ghosted her

No. 507333

hahahahahahahaha. This is perfect. If anyone is wondering how Raven makes me fall for her, it's merely just putting herself out there. Safety in numbers. She gets intense quickly and lonely dumb fucks like Josh bite. Most run away like this Eddie dude. I bet he didn't have a gf, he just didn't want to be responsible for a fat lazy haggard goth.

No. 507335

Omfg this bitch! For real though, we’ve all known trash like this. Sometimes you don’t want to believe the person is that awful. Thank god your bf saw that bullshit for what it was.

No. 507336

I tend to forgive people for anything. I hate having negativity harboring in my mind. It stops me from being happy. What happened was, when cj dumped her, she blamed me because he and I still talked. So she made a fake aol account of me and sent him photos of dead babies and other gross things. Things I didn’t even know had happened but he believed her and blocked me. All good and fine. But when someone impersonates me and brings a dead child into it, I was like no. So I contacted aol and told them what had happened and they were able to see the email, she used my name and just added a period at the end. I told aol that I had a feeling it was someone in New Zealand and they confirmed it by checking the IP address and said yes. It was in nz. So I confronted her and she tried to say it was cj pitting is against each other. I knew better and she said that she would send my bf nudes and a video that would entice him enough to never look at me again. I told her to go ahead. She tried to but my bf couldn’t care less about her. So we didn’t talk for 3 years. The second time she went on kiwifarms pretending to be me so I was trolled pretty hard but they found out it was her. Now this crap. Sorry for the long post

No. 507337

Eddie Bain, does he have a Facebook, hmmmm, time to do some digging lol

No. 507338


TheRaven0us1 has not had any videos for as long as I have been the OP since thread #5. After her last round of damage control, the videos on the other two channels were mostly of her pets and had already been uploaded to her main channel.

The associated Google+ accounts are still open.

All of her videos since the end of November are still mirrored on the other site. Can they be downloaded? I am not on a computer to do so.

No. 507339

men not me. Usually I don't bother corrections without sage, but I thought this one mattered. puke*

You don't even have to worry about Logan having romance because it'll eventually happen. What's best is that he has his mom back. Seeing that picture with him and his grandma was great. The healing must be monumental because of the distance. I know there's bank account speculation, but seeing how Raven ran this huge scam, I'm sure Logan isn't giving her much. I mean his mother got reins back I'm guessing.

No. 507341

No wonder she's been married soo many times. She thinks if she marries them asap, that's it, they can't leave easily. Why else the need to get married after what, 5 failed marriages?

No. 507342

Maybe you don't want to do that? Let's keep this poor guy outta it. He probably knows nothing about Raven. In fact, he's probably either: 1) smart; or 2) a good person if he ran away from raven so quickly.

No. 507343

I feel like this is the accumulation of forty years worth of milk finally coming to light.

What a fucking time to be alive. Cheers to you, Ash!

No. 507344

Yeah he does, Eddie Bain from Columbus Ohio, just another young looking alt kid

No. 507345

I did ask why so many profiles and she claimed it was to protect herself. Now I realize it was to mess with people. I have a feeling she will say it was fake or some silly lie but I’m glad I could retrieve these.

No. 507346

LOL she's been trying to get to America for years pming every guy she could. I wonder how many guys she fucked behind Logan's back, that fucking cunt whore. JOsh was probably the last resort.

No. 507347

Ash I hope you know you shouldn't trust if a person randomly messages you… It might be her. She's crazy enough to wanna try getting closer to you know.

No. 507349

File: 1524087994950.jpg (49.51 KB, 395x319, tits.jpg)

I have a couple of those from that list if they're needed.

No. 507350

Oh I know. I’ve had about 4 friend requests and I’ve denied them. I’m being careful now

No. 507351

Holy shit he is young looking. What the fuck is her issue?

No. 507353

I have a feeling multiple people have contacted her through email about wanting money back or proof of the funeral in which she cannot provide. I’m assuming she also knows what she is doing is Fraud. To use a dead family member to gain funds from people who don’t even know her. That’s bottom feeder low. She’s trying to hide.

No. 507355

Do you have to ask anon? Pedophilia. Funny thing is that she falls in "love" with young men, but they're the least likely to take care of her which is what she wants. It would be good if she dated a guy in his 60s that owns a house and is financially secure…however that guy is probably way out of her league. Even if dumb, a 60 year old wouldn't be that naive.

She better be gone for a long, long time because lolcow is waiting. Justice for Logan and Dorian! Not really, but let's make sure to let this cow know the internet never forgets.

No. 507356

Is hooktube a good place to upload vids these days?

No. 507357

File: 1524088447341.jpg (32 KB, 1042x253, sadpanda.JPG)

No. 507358

No problem honey, we’re on it.

No. 507359

File: 1524088591857.gif (663.47 KB, 480x324, 70C9355D-E325-4A8B-867D-57EA65…)

>all speculation and lies
>so far caps prove everything we suspected

Sure, Raven.

No. 507361

Oh ho ho. "I don't care, I have your money anyways."

No. 507363

Yes, I was trying to remember where I had saw that same story (it was here >>442478 and >>442482) and was the guy Dorian told us she had cheated on Logan with prior to Josh (>>442462)
I also have a faint memory of Eddies girlfriend posting either here or on kiwifarms, but could not find it.

But it was all online. So… still waiting on the NZ guy milk.

No. 507365


He was spotted in one of the leaked videos:


>She has some fake profiles, in some screecaps you can see she was also chatting with a Eddie Bain, at the same time, and her ex.

No. 507368

Yup, A girl came on here proclaiming to be a girlfriend of someone raven had been chatting with I assumed it was Eddies girlfriend then.

No. 507369

The New Zealand guy she cheated with was named Ricky V
He traveled quite a distance to see her she said. He was another alternative guy. He’s also on Goth Boys I think.

No. 507370


All of her videos since the end of November are still mirrored on the other site. Can they be downloaded? I am not on a computer to do so.

No. 507372

This might be a stretch but does anyone think it would be a good idea to make a anon FB page with the timeline of the scam and the evidence clearly laid out?

She's doing damage control rn so she can erase this scam from the internet's collective memory so she can do it again. I hate that people are sending her their hard earned money, and it's more than likely some of her benefactors are young and dont know any better. These are good people who thought they saw someone suffering and wanted to help. It's beyond fucked up.

A link to the page could be sent to white knighters with a copy and pasted message along the lines of- "I know you think you're helping a person being bullied, but she really is doing these things she's being accused of. I don't want you to be taken advantage of like so many other people have. Here's a link with evidence." Something simple and sympathetic.

These threads are kind of intimidating. There's alot of information to go through and some farmers can be aggressive and that's off-putting to a newcomer.

Her cash and narc supply need to be cut off asap. I would do it myself but I don't have the time to maintain something like that. Just an idea.

No. 507373

File: 1524089422512.jpg (55.26 KB, 1163x441, amazon.JPG)

She's not on the internet, guyz

No. 507374

She's refreshing this thread more than her fat sausage fingers can take.

No. 507375

Why is she always posting that people “Make fake emails and screencaps” of her. Is it to make people think that what she says isn’t real? She screwed herself by sending videos in messenger. So now she can’t claim that it’s made up

No. 507376

Don't get me wrong, Josh has been very punchable in Raven's video with that smug-ass attitude of his, but, geez, I actually feel bad for him. Hope he gets out fast. Once a scamming cheater, always a scamming cheater. The evidence is all here.

No. 507377


And why is she asking people to buy her MORE shit as of yesterday? Raven, use that $800+ you stole and buy it yourself.

No. 507380

If I’m remembering correctly she said this Ricky fellow drove around 600 kilometers to see her and that no one has ever even attempted that for her before. He brought her candies and a flower. I know that much. She wouldn’t give me his last name though. Presumably she just didn’t want to get caught. But maybe he can be found on goth boys. I don’t have the time to look just yet. I need to pass out medications and check sugars.

No. 507381

I agree that we need an archive webpage. I don't think FB is the right tool for that though - too easy for her to report. Is it finally time she gets her own page on Encyclopedia Dramatica? No idea how that site works though. Or another wiki(?) like Life of Onion.

No. 507382

She probably spent that already on plushies, rent, and a new dress to wear to the funeral she skipped.

No. 507383

This has all been so beautiful

No. 507384

File: 1524090539264.png (275.86 KB, 800x1024, Screenshot_2018-04-18-15-26-13…)

No. 507385

So wait did she fuck Ricky or Eddie?

No. 507386

Probably both.

No. 507387

File: 1524090776242.png (715.54 KB, 800x1165, Screenshot_2018-04-18-15-29-57…)


This is publicly available; I am not logged in to Facebook.

No. 507388

My thoughts were that if the link were sent in a private message it would take her a while to hear about it. I think if someone wants to devote to time to making a website that would be great. I think an important point would be for it to be from the perspective of someone who doesn't want anyone else taken advantage of. The pettier stuff should be omitted (no judgement, I love that shit). Something like encyclopedia dramatica might also be a turn off, but yeah, a website might work if anyone is up for it.

No. 507389

More Eddie stuff

Found the girlfriend stuff >>452937

Eddie was american. Ash said she fucked a NZ guy named "Ricky".

Also, blast from past threads, top kek at her having all her exes facebook pages linked so she can stalk them >>404704

Top kek at >>507384 having a picture with a Black Friday t-shirt on.

No. 507390

That IS him

No. 507391

File: 1524091217610.png (1.39 MB, 800x1034, Screenshot_2018-04-18-15-35-52…)


Was Raven an active mod of the Goth Boys page when this and the previous pic were posted?

No. 507392

File: 1524091406118.png (1.06 MB, 800x799, Screenshot_2018-04-18-15-36-12…)


The last and latest pic of him on Goth Boys.

No. 507394

Seeing these fuck boys Raven probably stopped being attracted to Logan. He gained weight and dressed normal. That plus running out her lust meter probably cooled down to he relationship. Poor kid

No. 507395

Yes she was. Just maybe a week ago she changed herself to Admin again. It popped up on my news feed

No. 507396

Also, the actual mod of the page stated that while he is in charge of the Goth Boys page, Raven is still very much apart of it and he gets her approval to post things ( >>507027 )

No. 507397


Using a wiki site would simply invite her to edit.

No. 507398

God knows she has an infinite amount of time

No. 507401

There’s no way she can sway an ED article, though. Any fucking with it will just get reverted.

No. 507402

File: 1524093046977.gif (464.86 KB, 200x154, itsoverOVER.gif)

You know the easiest way to tell the diff between a normal person and a toxic psycho? Toxic people have the energy to fight you for hours, days, YEARS. They'll stay up to plot against you. They feel alive and awake when they manipulate. They are unwilling to let go of any slights against them. Slight PL but I've had two narcs I haven't contacted in ten years trying to talk to me now, trying to manipulate again. Shit's draining and enraging. People like Diana/Raven are broken beyond repair.

I feel so sorry for D and Poor Kid, because this bitch is harder to get rid of than herpes. She will never stop talking about them. She will never let go of them. Her hatred of NZ is their saving grace. You need to put as much fucking distance between yourself and pieces of shit like her.

Please stay strong, Ash. DO NOT CONTACT HER EVER AGAIN. I know you know that already but maybe you could use the echo from a friendly stranger. She can't change.

On a more positive note, I am loving this week's episode of Lolcow: Narc Hunter Edition so much. It's so damn vindicating.

It's over, Raven. You'll have to uproot and find a fresh batch of innocents to scam and exploit online. And I think not even your fellow pieces of shit are gonna hang around while you get cornholed by your own damning words and videos.

No. 507407

I'm new here. Been reading for a while, never commented. We call Raven the "train wreck" in our house. We got pulled into one of her videos as recommended by youtube and then like a train wreck haven't been able to stop. I found this site after she talked about it in a video and I was so glad other people feel the exact same way we feel about here. But this whole thing was a new low and a line was crossed for us. I actually feel sick to my stomach. I unsubscribed and I don't care if she ever comes back I'm never watching her videos ever again, I don't want her getting one penny from my view. How could anyone be so stupid to think she went to this funeral when she clearly did not.

My question for you guys is, has anyone reported her as a fraud to gofundme? Because that needs to be done in great numbers. Spam that. She is nothing but a Fraud and just cheated a bunch of people out of a substantial amount of money. Can she be reported to youtube? Does this scam violate any of their rules? I just don't understand how she's able to walk away with this much money for something she didn't go to.

No. 507408

Anyone who has enough compassion to be sympathetic to her would probably would be dismissive of an ED page. Something not associated with any other drama would be more credible. The stigma with these sites is that everyone is a "hater" and a "troll".

No. 507409

Another anon mentioned it before but gofundme won't give a damn and there's no real evidence that she didn't go. She also covered her ass by saying that the money would go on bills if she didn't go to the funeral.

On the bright side, she's going to have a hard time coming back after all of this milk.

No. 507410

Good point about scaring people away
. I appreciate where you're coming from. Maybe just a free wix site or something.

And also good point. I'm a dumb.

No. 507411

GFM does not care. Maybe if she scammed $100 K and it made the news. Her small time con isn’t worth their effort. They made money, the campaign closed time to move on. We have no real proof and she is busy creating Raven and Josh the photoshopped funeral edition.

No. 507412

Oh I definitely will never speak to her again. 3 strikes and she’s out. I can’t have people like that in my life. Aside from work, I have 2 sick parents that I take care of frequently and a bf to keep happy. She’s like cancer and I won’t allow it to spread around me any further. I hope the people who are around her see through her lies and manipulation enough to get away. And her followers, I pray they can find something better to like rather than a heathen who thrives on other people’s pain. I really have appreciation for you all here. Who k owe what she had in store for me next. I was a pawn in her game I know she’s going to try and manipulate, photoshop, edit to the end of time to try and hurt me, but it won’t bother me. I’m happy in my space and whatever comes up with, won’t hurt me. I know she’s going to see this. So Raven, don’t waste your time.

No. 507415


Welcome! We're always happy to get new former fans.

No. 507417

Honestly “former fan” is offensive lol. We hated her from day one when we found out she married a child and killed her cat. But like I said we couldn’t look away. We watched her videos and just said “is she fing serious? Who buys into this? What’s next a car crash? Oh look a car crash!” Can that be considered a fan? If so I just vomited in my mouth and I feel like I need to rethink my life.

No. 507419

OMG, this is even better than the Kiki and Vicky Shingles reveals!! And the best fucking part is that Rave-on did this to herself because she is too egotistical to resist fucking over someone that knows her secrets!! I’m drunk from all this milk!

Waddle away and hide, Rave-on, but trust and believe: Lolcow is ever watching. If you were as smart as you think you are, you’d be a good partner to Josh, make nice with his family, and spend the rest of your life in Saluda sans internet presence. Because otherwise: We’ll be waiting.

No. 507425


This. And it would really be up to the donors to file complaints since they are the victims of said fraud.

In addition to the report page


GoFundMe has a guarantee


No. 507426

>Lolcow is ever watching.
>We’ll be waiting.

We're not Batman.

No. 507429

Speak for yourself.

No. 507430

Let's not get cringy.

No. 507431

We may not be the watchdog the internet wants, but we're the watchdog the internet needs.

No. 507433

File: 1524097693453.jpeg (161.34 KB, 1242x1038, 1D24065C-A8F3-4FAC-A47D-05B4EC…)

I’m sorry guys. I was hoping it would work but it shows nothing she says. She covered her behind really well reporting the conversation. I really wanted everyone to see this proof

No. 507434

There's one other thing you can try if you want to. Supposedly you're able to access deleted conversations via WhatsApp. I don't know if it will work for this sort of deletion, though.

No. 507435


The answer on the page linked to >>507225 says that it won't work if you are no longer friends.

No. 507436


Didn't mean to offend anon! I meant in general, here's hoping people who used to watch her vids or think she wasn't as bad we portray her to be, will join the farms and stay! I soooo didn't mean to call you a fan kek maybe a fan of watching the dumpster fire that is raven's downfall

No. 507439

Damn. She deactivated that account or blocked me. I’m not sure.

No. 507440


Other sites and Facebook community help pages say that messages are blocked when the other user has deactivated or deleted their account or if their account has been suspended. I am still unable to find an official answer from Facebook itself.

She didn't report the conversation. The error message you received is the error message for all situations resulting in messages being blocked. Why Facebook uses that error message has been mystifying and confusing users for years.

No. 507441

I was thinking Raven should really use some of her blind dog and dead mother scam money to buy Josh that tattoo of her name he so wants to have. I mean they have the extra money now so she should get his ass down to the tattoo parlor so he can prove his love.

Probably a good idea to also put down a deposit for that horse drawn carriage for your wedding too. I’m sure your numerous friends and family are waiting for their invites. But I bet your future in-laws can’t wait to throw you a bridal shower Raven!

Ha, well at least that $800 bought you another month with Josh. I’d tuck some of that away if I was you because I don’t think you’ll be able to GFM hotel funds or rent and a deposit when he dumps your ass.

Better luck with the next idiot who’s name you get tattooed on your body. You’re getting close to being a human bathroom stall with all the names you got tattooed on you at this point.

No. 507443

This speaks volumes of how sick in the head Raven really is.

No. 507444

Sadly I don't think Josh is going to leave Raven anytime soon, even if he did find a way to see the evidence and screencaps. I'm sure she already manipulated the story to him so she is the victim as usual.

No. 507445

Yep. All she’s going to do is cry play the victim and say that nobody wants her to be happy that everyone is trying to ruin her life and that she’s going to kill herself or she’s going to claim that she’s pregnant again. And the poor guy will feel bad and keep her around even though he will be miserable.

No. 507446

I don't think uploads are a part of Hooktube. I have some of her videos myself and am wondering where would be good to put them?

No. 507447

He's a cheater himself isn't he? But he should still run.

No. 507448


Narcs love suicide baiting, which is ironic because they love themselves too much to ever do it. So what you get instead is Flintstone vitamin ODs, and fake orbituaries on social media. I would kek so hard if when Gravy pulls the suicide bait on Josh he just goes "do it" - either calling her bluff or fr being so sick and tired of being with her.

No. 507451


The other anon used archive.org (see the OP).

Have you or anyone else downloaded the mirrored videos?

No. 507454

The ones from Bitchute you mean, or the archive.org ones? I have the archive.org ones, a few from her channel like the 'my story' ones, car accident ones etc. A bit of a jumble. I was wondering whether to pop some up on streamable but can look into archive.org too.

No. 507458


Before they had even met in person Josh was warned of the level of histrionics she will employ in order to manipulate when she told him how she had held a knife to her own throat and threatened to kill herself when she confronted Logan about his using porn. The act of telling Josh was in itself manipulative and a test of his committment and subservience. What's more, she recorded the conversation with Josh (one of the leaked videos).

No. 507459

The main pleasure for her was in taking him away from Dorian I think. Then discovering he was pretty malleable due to his age.

No. 507460


The ones on bitchute.

Does streamable respond to copyright takedowns?

No. 507465

Any reporting should be your own decision and these threads can't be used to organise it, see /rules.

If you personally donated to a GFM, then reporting your concerns with it is effective in my experience. But they run on the back of scams so they aren't going to respond to outsider reports really.

No. 507469

I can't find any info about that. It's easy to use at any rate, let me post some there and also archive them.
I have some of the bitchute vids for sure, not all.

No. 507475

Example - We were in a car accident: https://streamable.com/9kvn3. Cute but only works for vids under 10 minutes though. Not the ideal solution.

No. 507476

It's not even worth it. It's less than what a minimum wage job brings in a month or a part time job brings in. I mean the fatass paid a little bit of rent while Josh pays video games and beats her up for pills.

Anyways, Ash, no worried about the conversations. The few things that were verified with screen caps were enough and your spilled milk is a gold mine. I believe you and anons suspicions are more than confirmed.

To be one of the multiple flies on Raven's trailer's walls. I wonder if she can even rant to Josh about this stuff because him white knighting her or getting him curious about what's said would force him to read about her DOCUMENTED claims about pills and her fucking men around the time she met/started talking to Josh. Plus, he would see the shit she said about his family. I mean, she must have complained about his family in some way to isolate him. Maybe about how his mother treats him, etc. You know Josh hasn't tried to reach out to his mom for a reason. Raven is fucked and it's beautiful.

Anything else you can remember, Ash? I'm sure you spilled the best stuff, but I've gotten greedy. You've just gotten better with each info drop.

No. 507486

I wasn’t trying to organize anything. Just venting my frustrations that this bitch is getting away with fraud. I apologize if I violated any rules it wasn’t my intention. I’m not familiar with how go fund me works. I’ve never hosted one or donated. I appreciate the info you and previous anons posted, that’s why I asked here I knew you guys would know.

No. 507493

Mind you. This is random stuff over the years. Things she told me in messages on deviant art and MySpace years ago

No. 507502

>not juicy
>explains her fake rape claims
>yet another man before Josh
>more deets about Raven abusing Josh's ex
>confirmed Josh manipulation so she could have a meal ticket
>nothing too bad

This is all juicy and really, really bad. She fucked over Josh with his family and his ex and admitted fake rape accusations. You're the best. Keep going. All of this is gold.

Anything comes to mind, drop it! I know you have a lot of more horrible dirt about Raven you already talked about, but you're saying it's not bad because Raven has done worse. Doesn't mean this isn't fucking insanely good milk.

No. 507503

WHAT? Raven made a fake Josh account to talk to Claudia and tell her he never loved her and that he cheated on her with Raven and said he hated her kid? I got it right?
This is so fucking low Raven, even for you, you are an incridible insecure cradle snatcher.
You have to manipulate others because otherwise no one would care for you sorry 50yo fatass.

No. 507504

Why did you delete?

No. 507505

>There was another older guy in Texas she was going to move in with but he had a 17 year old daughter and she said she didn’t want to compete with that.
Found her 'mystery sponsor' guys.

No. 507506

I thought I accidentally posted twice. I’ll rewrite it. Sorry about that. I’m halfway asleep.

No. 507511

Here, I copy pasta'd it…

From Ash:
Not so much anything juicy that I can remember. It’s been such a long time with so much ranting. It’s hard to wrap my head around it. She did tell me cj messaged her last year saying he was sorry and the reason he did what he did was because he thinks he liked men. She has had a few abortions during her marriage with Ryan because he didn’t want children and she thinks that is why she kept having miscarriages. She blames him for that. Her rape claims were all false. She allowed sex and felt dirty afterwards and one guy she liked had a girlfriend so she claimed rape. And that is how she ended up with a bad reputation in her hometown. She’s very racist and hates most other ethnicities because she wants to be white. She tried to date guys off model mayhem while she was with Ryan. I’m
Not sure if that panned out. She wasn’t originally supposed to be with Josh. There was another older guy in Texas she was going to move in with but he had a 17 year old daughter and she said she didn’t want to compete with that She doesn’t want dogs but said Josh gets depressed and it rubs off on her. Oh! I forgot. His ex (I forget her name), she said she made a fake account of Josh saying he never loved her and that he cheated on her with Raven and said he hated her kid. And that she did that so she and josh would hate each other enough to never speak again. She said a lot of bad things to her. And josh doesn’t know about that. She did tell me that she knew Josh lied about owning his own home and she said he was a mommas boy that wouldn’t get out and get a job so she used her sm following to call him out so he would get a job and a home for her.
That’s all really. Nothing too too bad.

No. 507515

Ok round 2:
Her earlier teen years she slept with 3 guys at one time. A guy she really liked was part of it and when she went to school the next day she found out they told everyone and that he had a girlfriend. She then claimed they raped her because she was hurt and angry
She’s well known for being a slut (sorry) in her hometown. She would go to bars and concerts and have random hookups all the time. Plenty of her life story is false. She uses part of a book she read to make claims. She blamed that on her childhood.
While she was with Ryan, she says she was pregnant twice and that she had abortions because Ryan never wanted children. Thus the reason why she has failed pregnancies. She hated him for that
She says Cj contacted her last year to apologize and says that he dumped her because he likes men.
After she found out about Joshs ex, she took it upon herself to make a Facebook pretending to be him and said nasty things to her like she was overweight, ugly and that he never loved her and hated her kid and he cheated on her with raven online. This the reason why she apparently called josh having a fit.
She knew josh had no job and no home. She said he was a mommas boy loser and she used her social media to scare him into growing up and getting a job and house for her because she refused to live with his family.
She has called people of other races rude obscenities which leads me to believe she is highly racist.
She claims to have had another older man she was talking to that was going to move her out to Texas. (This is while dating josh) and she found out he had a teenage daughter who lived with him and she decided to go with josh instead. She told me back in July that she had multiple choices and was weighing her options.
I think I covered it all. If anything else comes to me I will post it. I’m really tired right now lol.

No. 507516

Lol thanks. Good to screenshot this stuff.

No. 507520

I’m sorry if I don’t make sense about her social media and josh. She strategically led her fans and followers to pick about josh living with his mom and not having a real job. Basically so he would feel bad enough about himself to get up and do something

No. 507521

>After she found out about Joshs ex, she took it upon herself to make a Facebook pretending to be him and said nasty things to her like she was overweight, ugly and that he never loved her and hated her kid and he cheated on her with raven online. This the reason why she apparently called josh having a fit.

That is why she was recording the 'ugh' video. Josh had no idea why Claudia was flipping. It was all Ravens doing. This is disgusting.

No. 507523

There’s a video? I never k ew about this. I don’t watch her videos.

No. 507524

Well that’s not true. I’ve watched a few old ones.

No. 507528

She posted it by accident and we grabbed it.
It is on this playlist
It's an hour long video of Josh being on the phone with Claudia, screaming, throwing a fit, telling "I did not cheat on you Claudia", and you could her she was in tears.
Raven was casually recording everything (she was still on NZ at that time, they were skyping) while she played around in her facebook.
She doxxed herself a lot in that video, she clearly had no intention on publishing it.

No. 507530

Whaaaaatttt? Holy crap. So she did that and then knew she was going to contact josh and recorded it? That’s sick. And private for one. Omg. That is so wrong. That poor girl. Josh was probably blindsided wondering what the heck was going on

No. 507531

I honestly, truly really wonder how many times we've all seen and berate anons for cowtipping/going too far, but it was Raven all along???

And the fact she's blatantly admitted in screenshots trying to use proxies/proxy browsers to post here/get other people to do it for her…?

Jesus H Christ

No. 507532

This is even better than the first one! Fuck she cheated on Josh too!!! No wonder she hates sluts and whores, the competition must be unbearable.

If only Josh could believe what this woman did to him. But I'm sure living with her and being with her during this scam, he should know enough. I wonder if he's full blown Stockholm syndrome? And another hilarious example of Raven calling someone fat when she's this huge whale. Poor Claudia. She's so pretty and it must have been devastating thinking Josh said he hated her kid. Raven goes to the jugular and attacks children while crying about bullies. I love to hate this cow.

No. 507534

The part about her leading everyone to the truth about josh not owning the house is a lie. Farmers found out about that by looking at property records and good ol' fashioned sluething. She was obviously blind sided by that and you can hear it in her voice in the recording. This psycho will lie about anything.

No. 507538

Wow. How many times did she record their private conversations? I would have been peeved

No. 507541

Yeah. We thought someone from the farms had tipped Claudia, but it was all Ravens doing.
Now I'm thinking if it wasn't really her who posted that video to her moms memorial so she could be overdramatic about it and throw a smoke screen.

It was already bad when we thought she had posted a private conversation between Josh and his ex.
We hated Josh for how he treated Claudia on that vid.
But knowing that Raven said so much crap to her to make her flip, and make her sound crazy paranoid, and did it without telling Josh, lying to both of them.
I can't.

No. 507551

She was mad that he apparently still talked to his ex and was close with her. I guess she helped him out. So that is why raven did all this. To isolate him. Jesus.

No. 507555

When Josh and Raven started talking, he still had pictures with Claudia and her kid on his facebook.
That was prob what Raven needed.

No. 507558


Raven really makes you feel for her victims. This makes me feel even worse for Claudia. Imagine the things she thought he said then he gets aggressively angry at her for confronting him. A mother who actually loves her kid, heart broken that Josh insulted her child when he spent so much time with him. Raven has no soul.

No. 507560

She loves to keep guys isolated and away from friends and family. That is top notch insecurity and manipulation right there. She’s a verified looney toon

No. 507562

Imagine how much energy and time it takes for her to lie and scam. For what? A hillbilly boyfriend, trailer, trashcan from her amazon wishlist and $1000ish every 5 months. She could get a job at McDonald's and work less and be rolling in plushies and ugly clearance hot topic clothes. Being a lazy piece pf shit is a full time job y'all.

No. 507568

She does not want a boyfriend.
She wants a cuck slave that will do and say as she pleases and will work to provide plushies, slimjims and tacos for her sorry fatass to be laying down sperging on the internet.

No. 507571

We hated Josh and I can't say he's my favorite person, but…the guy lost his family, a friend (Claudia) and probably more friends, and his beloved dogs. Ash said that she lets Josh have dogs because Josh gets depressed without them, but it's interesting how it was phrased. Not that she feels bad for Josh, it's that he's a downer and it rubs off on her. She's definitely a monster and I feel bad for Josh. Not because he's a good person but because he's a human being unlike Raven. It's amazing how you can visually see a person's soul be sucked out of them like we have with Josh.

It's also interesting that we can't assume that Ash is lying, but the things Raven told her were lies, such as knowing Josh didn't have his own home. No way would she have invested so much if she knew that. I bet things fell through with Texas John and she already put her Taco Bell Border run on Josh.

No. 507572

Well unfortunately for her the best she could do was a pill popper (dubious) who can't even pay the electricity bill let alone buy her tacos and ugly junk from Wal-Mart.

No. 507574

>the guy lost his family, a friend (Claudia) and probably more friends, and his beloved dogs.

Now you know why he looks drained and dead.

No. 507576

In my opinion. I am thinking she may have made things public about him so you all COULD go and find out if he was lying about a house or not. I don’t know. But this is just things she’s told me. A lot of the time I take what she says with a grain of salt and listen to her. And it’s omay to think I could be lying. You all don’t know me. Your just being cautious and I can understand that.
I’m hesitant to talk about it anymore if I find anything else or remember something. I don’t want to have anyone thinking I’m making things up or causing problems. I’m not into that. Sorry if you think that is the case here.

No. 507580

I think the original poster was saying that raven was lying to you, not that you were lying about what she said.

No. 507581

Thanks, anon. That's exactly what I meant, I just phrased it awkwardly. Too much milk; I'm drunk.

No. 507595

Yeah. Not that Ash is lying, but prob Raven was lying to her.
Raven is known for feeding people false info and lying to her teeth to gain sympathy. I, for instance, don't believe Josh was popping her pills and assaulted her for more. I think she was addicted to it, and wanted a excuse so she could ask you for it. One that you would me sympathetic for.

No. 507598

Hmmm, so her using guilt over her pregnancies/abortions with Ryan would explain how she still milks him for money. (If it’s even true, we know faking pregnancies is a fav Raven tactic).

Love she blames him for not getting pregnant again instead of taking responsibility for it herself. (Much like him forcing her to post slutty photos lol) if it’s true she chose to have the abortions too but as with everything blame someone else. Safe medical abortions rarely cause problems with future pregnancies. But I really think she lies about pregnancies like most ppl breath, so i doubt she had abortions and any subsequent miscarriages - it’s all just drama fodder for her to manipulate men in her life. Hell she pulled it with Josh before she was even in the USA a full month.

She hates her only son. I think Dorian taught her actually having to care for a child means less $$$ and attention for her. Faking pregnancies gets her all the drama and leverage she wants without any of that responsibility or motherhood crap getting in the way.

No. 507599

Gotcha. Sorry about that

No. 507600

No worries. The schadenfreude is making me feel loopy too.

No. 507601

I don't think Ryan gives a flying fuck for her pregnancies. He does not strike me as the dad type.
I really think the spiel with him were blowjobs and now nudes.
Josh, on the other hand, may fall for the 'you killed my babies' guilt trip. Southern families and all.

No. 507604

Didn't she call her a n**r too? She's accused at least two ex's of being racist. Talk about projection.

No. 507605

Can we all agree Raven is a fascinating cow? I mean can we get this level of evil from anyone else posted in /pt/? Is Margo worse than this? Raven seems to hit every single cow crime out of the ball park. I mean the offenses are:

1) sleeping with a teenager; cradle robbing
2) animal torture
3) animal hoarding
4) animal flipping
5) attacking people's children
6) using fake profiles to troll family/friends
7) faking pregnancies/miscarriages
8) scamming people out of money
9) drug abuse
10) falsifying rape
11) cheating
12) destroying family relationships
13) faking own death
14) nudes
15) hating women
16) delusional, hypocritical, etc.
17) Being the cause of significant destruction of property (Josh's mom's car)
18) eyebrow crimes
19) berating and abusing own child
20) leading men on and using them for money
21) racist
22) fake or unfulfilled giveaways
23) attention whoring
24) spending too much time at the "library"
25) illegally claiming benefits and committing federal fraud
26) Talking shit about friends
27) Turning friends against each other
28) Isolation tactics

Did I forget anything? I quickly scrolled through and got this huge list. Can anyone compare unless they murdered someone or raped them?

No. 507607

>18) eyebrow crimes

All of my keks

No. 507608

It's kind of scary that the only way she could be any worse is to murder or rape someone. Jesus.

No. 507609

Yes; just look at OP pic in >>400701

No. 507630

The hilarious part is right now she is ranting and raving about not being able to trust anyone and how everyone turns on poor Raven. She has no friends and all her family members hate her but never for a second will she think the problem lies with her, it’s everyone else who has problems and is awful. She’s an evil scumbag but also a professional victim.

She puts all her energies into manipulating dumb dudes. It’s a good thing she’s so dumb and shallow she ended up with Josh. If she had any sense she’d try to nail down an older sugar daddy, but ofc sugar daddies want cute, younger girls not suicide girl rejects well past their prime and 70 lbs overweight. Josh was just stupid and vain enough to finally fell into her “get back to USA” trap.

No. 507637

I'm happy because she's probably losing her fucking mind reading all this. Hopefully she's not taking Josh further and further away. Free Josh!

All of a sudden he's an abuser too. I know we shouldn't cowtip but I wish someone could contact his mom so she can save him.

Oh well, let the milk flow anyway.

No. 507665

Josh went along with the funeral trip scam, watching her beg for money for a trip knowing damn well they weren’t going anywhere. He’s right there in one of videos
where she’s blathering on about it. He’s also watched her hoard and get rid of pets. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but he’s shown himself to be a redneck scumbag. I mean the first big red flag was that he found Raven an human being he wanted to date, but his complicity in her BS makes him typical white trash, not a country boy.

He’s certainly not the kind of evil narcissistic garbage person that Raven is, but he’s a trashy, dumb, lazy redneck who moved in with a lowly grifter just because she thought he was so purdy

I’m glad, it would suck if Raven was using a decent guy but it’s hilarious she’s with a shiftless, broke, chainsmoking redneck with the IQ of warm oatmeal who’s main hobby is video games

No. 507666

In a way, she did statutory rape Logan.

No. 507668

What I never understood is that he knew about her youtube channel and she had already told him about lol cow before she even came over to America. Why the fuck didn't he have a look at lolcow or at least google her first? Like I get she lied to him and said don't look ect, but if I had a long distance relationship and my partner was a supposed youtuber ect, or had 'drama' I'd probably do a quick background check.

Call me paranoid, but in this age of catfish and weirdos, I wouldn't wanna take chances!

No. 507673

I don't know if this makes sense but… Some people just don't understand the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if Josh was just nodding his head to her bullshit while he didn't even know what she was talking about. I know a lot of people who don't even understand how twitter works (and they're 20, not 40) so I can only imagine someone like that being told about lolcow haha.

As we can see (for the millionth time) Raven is extremely manipulating. I think Josh is a POS too but then again I wouldn't be surprised if Raven was actually telling him they're going to the funeral until the last second when her taibone magically started hurting more than even and she asked Josh to stay so he did. I do think he's dumb and not hard to manipulate, especially by someone who has yeeears of experience under her belt.

No. 507674

getting into a relationship with Raven comes with a million warnings. More and more as time passes. That's why she can only get idiots and children.

No. 507678

Yes and behind the scenes, told him something else, like her family were assholes about the timing or something. I do think she did a bit of lying at home when it came to the weekend and that's why she really went offline.

No. 507697

She may have also told him they could rent a car and she called earlier in the week, got him off work early, packed, cooler full of sandwiches, pics on the way. When they show up with no credit card, surprise suprise, the person on the phone lied so now she can’t go. She knew all along but had to fool him. Then she tells him the fans said she could keep the money so time for a plushy trip to Walmart.

No. 507700

This does sound just like her actually.

No. 507702

I dunno if she would have committed to all the sandwiches.

No. 507704

That’s fair. Making sandwiches is more work than she is used to. She would also have less reasons to go to Taco Bell with her GFM lottery winnings.

No. 507709

Yeah like whatever point she pulled out of the plan it was before she even packed.

No. 507712

She might have packed some Slim Jim's, but only to tide her over on their drive to Walmart to spend that sweet sweet GFM cash.

I think what bothers me most (a bold statement) is her capitalizing off of child abuse. She posted tons of videos REEEing and crying about what monsters we were for making fun of her miscarriages. First of all, I'm convinced she lied about the miscarriages with Child Bride and that she stole pictures of from the internet and used them as "proof". Second of all, weens aside, I've never seen anons or Kiwis stoop that low. And yet here we find out that SHE is in fact the one harassing others about their actual deceased child and trolling Josh's ex about hers. And probably countless others.

Not to mention that She knew she couldn't get pregnant during the Ryan era, and then years later blamed another faked miscarriage on her own son because he washed the dishes.

She really does project 100% of everything that comes out of her fat mouth. I used to think she was a piece of shit, but now my eyes have been opened to what a fucking monster she really is.

I said it once, and I'mma say it again. Attention Raven: You. Are. Nasty. And. You. Need. Jesus. And please, screen shot this you hag. Maybe it will start to sink in while you're stewing over it.

No. 507713

>messages are blocked when the other user has deactivated or deleted their account<

Does this mean that if the hagraven reactivates Ash will have access to the convos again? Hopefully some of them were sent from her official/fan accounts. It would make me happy if Gravy couldn't restore her prized FB accounts and had to restart her path to internet slut fame.

No. 507714

So I don't get it, might be not quite awake, but did she get her tu es singed or did all the abortions she supposedly had make it so she can't have kids? Both?

No. 507716

My understanding is that she told Ash she had her tubes singed to prevent another ectopic pregnancy (Ryan), but that she also lied about Ryan making her get abortions so she could blame her infertility on him when it was convenient for her.

No. 507725

this is an archive most of the current videos as seen on bitchute, with the exception of some makeup ones and everyday videos about doja.

No. 507737

Wait did I skip this part or was it too long again…
She blamed her son for a miscarriage because he did the dishes?! Whaa?

No. 507741

Yeah she reckoned when dorian did the dishes he left draino on the plates and didn't rinse them or some shit and then she 'supposedly' had a miscarriage a week later after eating off the plates.
1-probably a lie
And 2-who can't tell if a plate is rinsed properly? Get off your fat ass and do your own dishes if they aren't up to your standard you ugly cow.

No. 507745

Dorian is the only person in this life long trashy story I feel sorry for. Because he's the only one who didn't choose to be connected to this lunatic.

No. 507747

Plus who the hell puts Draino on dishes, that's just dumb. If her teenage son was putting Draino on dishes to wash them, that's on her for not teaching him how to do the damn dishes.

No. 507750

iirc the sink was clogged so they used draino. the sink was empty when he washed the dishes but he didn't rinse off where the draino was.

No. 507751

That's what I remember her saying too. All lies. She just needed an excuse to give Child Bride why she wasn't showing signs of pregnancy.

No. 507752

Oh OK gotcha, although it's still dumb. It's not a teenager's responsibility to know everything about everything. This is where a responsible parent (e.g. not Raven) steps up to the plate and says "Wait a sec, we should probably redo those because I forgot about the chemicals we used in the sink.

But honestly, at this point I don't think she had a miscarriage anyway; it was just likely a ploy to control and manipulate Logan and Dorian and pit them against each other.

No. 507754

That's right. The stupid bitch likes to blame Dorian for things, but how the fuck would he know how to do anything if you didn't teach him? She had one job, to raise her son, and she failed. He basically raised himself. Im happy that Dorian saw what a miserable bitch his mom was, and bailed on her.

No. 507755

Hell no she didn't have a miscarriage and shame on her for even using a nasty excuse like that. A lot of women have issues with fertility so for her to use that line for the sake of a lie is disgusting.

On top of that, others in the household would have gotten sick as well and I doubt a little residue is enough to cause a miscarriage.

No. 507756


Don't let Josh off so easily. He expressed the desire to physically harm Claudia.


Raven had an ectopic pregnancy with Logan, so she has only one tube left. She documented her stay in the hospital with photos and video.


In her most recent retelling of the story she says that she blamed him at the time because she was so upset. But she stops short of apologising for blaming him.


>As far as the whole Dorian causing me a miscarriage thing. Way back when I first lost the twins. I've also explained that. I didn't say a hundred percent he did. But, you know, when you go through a loss you always question, you look for answers wherever you can. It's part of the grieving process to try to put an answer to why. How did this happen to me. You try to just look for something in your world that makes sense. And I was reading online different things that could cause it, blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. Wondering if I did something wrong, wondering what the fuck could have happened, cuz I felt so pregnant. Everything was going along swimmingly, and then suddenly they were gone. And it mentioned drain cleaner, poisons, things like that. Well, conveniently right before I lost the babies we had had a stopped up drain. We filled the sink full of drain cleaner, and next thing was Dorian's turn to do dishes. I asked Dorian, did you scrub the sink before you did dishes, did you clean the sink at all? He said, no, he did not. So every dish we were eating off of pretty much was covered in drain cleaner. He didn't even rinse it down. Come a couple days, a week later, whatever, my babies are dead. In my grieving mind it made sense. If you can't understand that, then you're a fucking idiot. End of story as far as that goes as well.

No. 507758

Exactly. They all would have experienced some side effects, which are also no joke. If that really did happen, they all should have gone to the hospital especially a "pregnant" woman.

No. 507763

Thanks for clarifying anon. So we can confirm that her last real pregnancy was an ectopic with Logan and that her tubes were singed. Making it extremely unlikely if not impossible for her to get pregnant again?

Now to go back and see how many pregnancies shes fake since. Two it seems: The Draino and the car accident pregnancies. Am I missing any?

No. 507766

Yes. But at least in the process he got out of shithole 'Murica to NZ which is far better than some redneck hillbilly trailer park where he would've ended with Raven.

No. 507767

Not that we didn’t already know about ravens mounds of Facebook profiles but I took a quick peek at Dorians friends and there’s some real real red flags on there that could 100% be her it’s actually quite worrying how many could be.

No. 507772

File: 1524155092045.png (528.3 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-09-15-46…)


She found out she was pregnant in September 2012 right before their commitment ceremony.


No. 507773

File: 1524155313561.png (468.65 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-09-06-04…)

No. 507774

Trying for 19 years? How old is Dorian now?

No. 507775

“The twins” lol why do narcs always, always fake twin pregnancies. Double the drama?

Also her idea that Dorian not doing dishes and drano residue caused a miscarriage is absurd. If it was that easy it would be the secret abortion go to for unwanted pregnancies, screw coat hangers, Lysol douches and punches to the gut - just a sink with some drano fumes will do the trick!

I love that Dorian caused a miscarriage by not doing dishes and Logan chased away “the one” by not cleaning the cat box. Does Raven do anything beside blame others for being a lazy bitch?

No. 507777


Yea a 19 year old wants a fucking family with a dependapotumus? The fuck outta here with that shit.

No. 507778

>twins and had no heartbeat

Sorry for blogging but my sister is a lot like Hagraven and also used this very same line. It seems like the go to excuse when faking pregnancies.

No. 507780

File: 1524155496302.png (370.14 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-09-06-14…)

No. 507781

File: 1524155579185.png (883.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-09-06-20…)

No. 507782

File: 1524155645878.png (402.42 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-09-04-58…)

No. 507783

Funny she found out she was pregnant “right before the commitment ceremony” guess she thought a fake pregnancy would seal the deal and double the attention for her. She could rub her belly at the ceremony and pretend to be a young, fertile bride and try to distract from the whole mother of a teenager marrying a teenager thing.

Sad she lied to Logan and he believed all this shit. She’s such a vile ugly cunt. Thank god Dorian is the only child that will have to bear the burden of her as a “mother” and that he’s as far away from her as possible

No. 507787

File: 1524155744059.png (474.75 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-09-06-42…)

No. 507788

She found out during the epropic that one of her tubes was already shot and the other couldn’t handle this again so they burned it. She 100% cannot get pregnant.

No. 507797

I am seriously, unironically in awe of some of you guys' memories and ability to find things. Thanks for posting caps and clips of all her stuff we're discussing to keep our information on the level.

No. 507798

Narcs love to fake pregnancies, miscarriages and illnesses. Thanks to medical privacy laws none of the medical professionals can tell others what’s actually going on, all info must come from the narc.

Raven was probably in the hospital for hemroids and told Logan it was at ectopic pregnancy.

She’s eager to show photos she thinks prove this shit but none of it does, it’s all easily faked stuff crazy bitches use all the time. You’ll never see actual medical records just “scan photos” and “pregnancy tests” which are super simple to fake.

The only thing I might believe is that she did get an abortion when she was with Ryan, only because Raven doesn’t want any of the work raising an actual child takes (her mother took care of baby Dorian) she only wants the easy attention and drama of fake pregnancies and use them for manipulating men. I could totally believe that if she actually got pregnant she ran to the abortion clinic as fast as she could.

No. 507801

File: 1524156774681.png (417.29 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-09-06-55…)


She says that the doctors told her that she has "scarring on her uterine wall which is what has been giving me my miscarriages" and that her remaining left tube "is really, really bad and most likely not functional…With one tube not functional and scarring on my uterus I can't have IVF, in vitro, I can't try for a baby. Pretty much, I'm done. Sixteen years of trying, and all I wanted was to be a mom again. And now that dream is gone."


She did not say that they removed her remaining tube.

No. 507802

God her web of lies is so dense it’s mind boggling.
She might of actually had a ectopic only because I can’t imagine she would lie about something that could prevent her from faking future pregnancies..or she just didn’t think it through when she was milking the drama. She had to keep upping the drama with each pregnancy ploy twins, ectopic, sterility, etc..
Makes her lies to Josh about him causing a miscarriage extra hilarious.
If there was ever a case for forced sterilization it’s Raven.

No. 507804


Dorian is 23 now. His birthday is in January, and he is 8 months older than Logan.


Logan was 16 when they met in February 2012.

No. 507808

She posted photos of the embryonic remains on her wedding website iirc. They might be capped in a previous thread.


>As far as keeping my dead babies in a jar, I was given my babies after my surgeries, my DNC and my ectopic surgery. The doctors did that. They said they always offer the tissue or the baby back to the parents so that you can properly bury your baby. What the fuck is so wrong with that? I got little wax encased blocks with my babies' remains in it to bury. Logan and I had no home of our own. We had nowhere special that we knew our babies would be safe, so therefore we were told just to leave them in the freezer until we knew what to do with them. We had no fucking idea. I'm damn sure you're not gonna throw my babies away. Whether they were alive for long or not, they were still alive, they were in me, they were growing, they were something that could have been. They were children we could have had together. And it was very hard on us to lose those babies for whatever reason. And when we were given their remains, of course we're gonna keep them. We're not gonna just say, oh, this is just the remains of our babies. Pfft, trash. Who the fuck does that? So we were given these two, and they were in a brown bag, sealed in wax, in hospital sterile containers, little little things. And they were left in the freezer until came a time when we had somewhere to bury them. End of story. I don't keep babies in jars, and it's nothing sick or disgusting to be ashamed of. They were my babies for however long they were in my body. And the doctors in New Zealand offer you your returned tissue so that you can bury your babies.

No. 507809

Every time someone says this and I have to read it again I want to stab my eyes with spoons. Who screws their sons friend while they are both minors? That is statutory rape and here the states people have done that exact same thing the difference is they went to jail not wedding dress shopping.

No. 507813

>>Logan…hid them all so that I wouldn't have to see them when I got home from the hospital<<

Does this mean he got home before her, or that he never went? Because Diana is now guilty until proven innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. She could have faked all that shit - had a friend pee on a stick, made her own miscarriage care package, stole the ultrasound from online, etc.

No. 507815

Remember this is from a person who has claimed to have multiple abortions. Holy twins vs. fetal abortion trash? What a dumb shit. I'm not advocating pro-life vs. pro-choice, etc., but the level of convenience for this whore is mind numbing.

You know, she's got no creativity. Josh felt so bad about my miscarriage and accident! He waited on me hand and foot. Logan did this and that. Imagine being a man in her life and her expecting that treat day in and day out. She often would brag about how Josh would hug her and say he loved her every day and that's what she needs. I wonder if the expiration date on that one will be cycled through quicker. He has half the resources Logan did and is now cut off from his only safety net, his family. I wonder if Josh found out and believed what Raven said about his family and said TO Claudia if he'd stay. Hmmmm. Mysteries of life.

No. 507818

>>Holy twins<<
The period that was more than a period

*I apologize for this terrible joke to everyone but the Hag

I wonder if she will continue faking pregnancies into her 50s, 60s, and 70s kek.

No. 507823

Friendly reminder, if you have any advice for Ash to retrieve FB messages don't post it here. Raven monitors this thread more than any Farmer.

No. 507832


Raven can't do any more than block Ash and deactivate her account which she already has.

No. 507838

Just in case, anon. I'm not too savvy when it comes to data retrieval.

So do anons believe that Raven's disappearance is because to avoid questions about her mom's funeral and to keep the cash or because of Ash's revelations?

No. 507839

Actually doctors don’t give you miscarriage remains so you can “bury it”, that’s just a lie, they only do that with stillbirths (babies past 20 weeks) Medical anon there are usually three routes for when no heartbeat on ultrasound, go home an let it occur naturally, two be given a drug to miscarry at home and down the toilet it goes. The other is a DNC and no one offers “remains” from a dnc. At even 12 weeks you are dealing with something the size of a pea, it’s not some tiny little baby you can see with the naked eye it’s a bunch of expelled tissue. Miscarriages are sad but no one offers to bury them, they are usually referred to as “products of conception” and get sent to pathology or down the drain. Stillbirths are very different and many doctors will offer to let you hold the baby/give you the remains for burial if you want them.

Could you ask a doctor for what’s sucked out during a DNC? I’ve never seen it happen but I guess you could, but as others have said it’s basically just a heavy period.

It’s these lies and her elaborate theater around these “losses” that convince me it’s all just bullshit. She doesn’t act like a woman grieving miscarriages she acts like a woman performing elaborate grotesque theater for online attention and manipulation of partners.

I’m kind of wonder if she didnt put a period in a jar after the car accident so she could yank it off the shelf if Josh shows some backbone. I also wish we could ask her where these precious jar babies from NZ are now. She was so dedicated to the grief theater, but the second she decided she was done with Logan I bet they went in the trash. They were only useful to elicit pity and manipulate Logan with, tho the idea of her unpacking them in her trailer along with her plushies is pretty funny.

No. 507841

Without a doubt, that’s exactly what she has done and had planned all along, she never had any intention of going to El Paso

Ash spilling tea was just an extra bonus but Raven has already pulled her disappearing act with the dead mother scam money before Ash did anything.

No. 507857

Ah! So Ash was just our happy coincidence. I mean, it's clever in a juvenile way. Say you're going to return money if asked, but then you disappear because of the same tragedy you used to scam people out of money in the first place. I thought many of the people who gave her money were horrible morons, but Ash was a supporter and seems like a nice enough person. Maybe they aren't scummy, but just honestly don't follow her shenanigans and tried to help out because they're too nice for their own good? It's a bit clever, but Raven is stupid at heart and greedy. The fact that she raised the amount once she saw money pouring in showed that she needed to keep it open till the last minute, cutting the deadline to make it to El Paso so close that it wouldn't be foreseeable. Plus she overshares and stupidly underestimated people's decency like the friend who told Ash of the scheme and Ash herself. For someone so paranoid and always screaming that she can't trust anyone, she does trust a few people too much. Plus I guess that's the nature of her "sickness." Being an attention whore always crushes your ambitions for the perfect scam.

No. 507870

This makes sense. thanks for the input, medical anon. Any thoughts on her Ultrasound pic? I tried Googling twins unltrasound 8 weeks to see if she ripped it from the internet. Everything I found looked very different than hers but I'm no medical expert.

No. 507878

The thing with pathological liars is that they often breed their lies with half truths. So Raven has probably had one or two real miscarriages. Sorting through which one was real is harder to do, but we do know the majority of them are lies.

No. 507887


>The second time she went on kiwifarms pretending to be me so I was trolled pretty hard but they found out it was her.

Raven's fakery begins on page 47


No. 507894

File: 1524166022888.jpeg (56.11 KB, 585x464, 09CC1CAE-9002-4BE4-81D4-976FCF…)

Raven’s purple ass seventies romance novel prose lol.

I hope that Dorian, Logan, LG, hell, even Josh, his family, and Claudia can maybe see this someday and know that there was nothing they could have done differently or better about this pig.

Raven is a shitty garbage creature and you all got sucked up into her orbit. Victims of a seasoned, insane narc who needs a fuckton of supply. I genuinely feel for everyone this bitch has thrown her shit at. Ash, too. What a fucking horror show she is.

No. 507895

You can go to any forum for expectant mother’s and get as many ultrasound pics as you want, they are constantly posted by expectant mother’s and there are tens of thousands online, singles, twins, triplets are all readily available in a few seconds. Anybody with a tiny bit of editing skills, which Raven has, you can add name to their surname to the image to make it more authentic looking.

No. 507898

At first, she ducked out because of her mom and fantasies of all the Slim Jim’s she could eat while reading the thread and laughing at all the dumbfucks.

Now she’s hiding out because she’s scared. She doesn’t have a clue how to spin this to put her in a less shitty light. The catfishing alone is difficult to explain away, and that’s one of the lesser foul things she’s done to people.

How many times has Raven self posted in here? Creepy just to think about it. She’s definitely become one of the very worst cows I follow.

No. 507901

ashesanddust? That does sound like Raven, tbh. Her writing style that she thinks is so unique isn’t all that. It’s hard to explain but I think you can tell when it’s her if you try to read it in her voice. It becomes really clear.

No. 507902

Did anyone download the "My life so far" video published April 2, 2016? It was posted on one of the channels she has deleted.


I briefly discussed it in >>>/pt/501975 but regretfully did not download the transcript.

No. 507903


Google reverse image search doesn't even return ultrasound images.

Her name is not on the image she posted.

No. 507904

She necroed the thread herself because she wasn’t getting enough attention.

How many times has she done the same thing in here? Hundreds, I’ll bet.

No. 507912

Holy shit I forgot all about her taking in Ally! That girl dodged a fucking bullet! Diana’s list of victims is so long you start to forget about some of them. I feel like we need a list of people she’s fucked over through the years

No. 507914


Actually the thread was very active at the time. Ally, the teen Raven had taken into her home and then threw out, had joined the week before.

No. 507920

Ha I had never actually never bothered to look closely at “her” ultrasound pic. Every ultrasound has the patient name and gestational info listed on the image, she’s purposely cropped all identifying info out. Now there isn’t much there at 8 weeks but that only shows one sac, not two as you would have with twins. I don’t see a fetal pole either but at 8 weeks sometimes you don’t because you are basically looking for something the size of a grain of salt. She obviously took this image from somewhere online and cropped out the real mother’s data. She also did a piss poor job of even bothering to get an ultrasound showing twin gestational sacs and figures no one would know the difference. (I’m not an ultrasound tech or reader but I see them often enough to look for key details. All the patient data being cropped out pretty much proves she’s full of shit tho)

No. 507924

I wish Diana Perez would swing by and have a chat with us, I really do. Does anyone think she’d try to pull another faux suicide? I don’t think people like Raven ever actually go through with it; they’re way too important and it’s all just a game to them to see how much people ‘care’. I do think she’s gearing up for something big though.

Josh is probably getting screamed at rn.

No. 507926

I was just going by the word of the KF user who said she necroed.

No. 507939

Raven is like that old junkie adage. How do you know if Raven is lying? Her lips are moving or fingers typing.

Must suck to have such an empty pathetic existence that you are compelled to lie about everything just to make it seem interesting or manipulate ppl to care about you. The fact she’s ugly af and also insanely vain must compound the misery x10000 over.

No. 507944

That was her pretending to be me

No. 507949

You know, you can tell, Ash. Your typing styles are actually pretty different. Why did she pretend to be you? Did you know she was going to use an alias of yours to defend herself, or was this something you learned later on?

No. 507950

I love how she said "lowcow is watching so I have to pretend me and Logan are perfect." How fucking pathetic is that?! I mean lying about your life for a dingy part of the internet. And that she thinks she can upkeep the image of "perfect" is mystifying. Disgusting house, no prospects, sitting in front of the computer screen with nothing new to add to a conversation other than hoarding animals…must be karma at work. She acts like she keeps up a Martha Stewart image for the haters.

No. 507955

Has she pretended to be you before?

I almost wish the mods would give you a trip because it would be so easy for Raven to come in here and start stirring shit.

No. 507958


Is that something they would do? It’s not a bad idea, it would keep things from getting out of hand.

No. 507964

Just make sure not to abuse it. If you've noticed we have a very particular culture here and are prone to sperg about the strangest shit. The best thing to do is lurk, keep involvement if you get a trip to just posting deets on Raven or answering questions. Lolcow will turn on people pretty quickly and you've been awesome so far so I'd hate it if you got attacked just because you weren't accustomed to Farmer culture.

No. 507976

File: 1524170257453.png (115.57 KB, 800x540, Screenshot_2018-04-19-13-30-46…)

The list of purchased items was empty when I checked it last week.

No. 507982

Given the fact that Raven has had multiple "miscarriages," the tactful thing is to wait until after the first trimester to announce a pregnancy. However, that would mean Raven can't be a pretty pregnant princess for extra online attention!

And don't you usually get ONE scan in the first trimester (if that)? A doppler is used to detect a heartbeat and then there's blood tests for whatever levels and to make surethat the woman isn't Rh-negative or showing signsof gestational diabetes. So her stories on ultrasounds seems pretty sus.

The size of a pea? At 12 weeks? Not to blogpost, but that isn't right. I had two abortions cuz i r teh dumb and when waiting for the pill for the medical abortion, I was looking at my file and it could just be the place I went to, but the remains from the first one went into a mass grave. I think a lot of hospitals have a thing with cemeteries where remains from miscarriages go to a mass grave. Some states have it so the parent has to sign over fetal remains to the hospital for final disposition. But you can't take a miscarried fetus home since that's still considered y'know, still human remains/medical waste.

No. 507984

File: 1524171124760.png (583.6 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180419-134724.png)

I totally forgot about this.

No. 507986

thanks for that, so pathetic

No. 507992

Yes she has. 3 times. First with CJ, then another time with the ashandcinder on kiwi and the other one someone just posted. I didn’t know until maybe a year ago. She tried to say it was another mutual friend of ours. I believed her since I didn’t think she would verbally attack herself. I’ve never been on kiwi before. I only tk ew of this place but never read up on her here. Just Black Friday and Drac Makens. She always told me she was being harassed but I didn’t want to be a part of it so I never looked until a couple days ago. And I thought she made up the part of multiple threads. I’m not online too much. Mainly posting photos for memories, reading up on current things and books. So I had no reason to be on these sites before. Even when she and I were not on speaking terms. I should have been. That way I would have found out and made it known that it wasn’t me

No. 507994

did she ever say any thing to you about copying emily boo?

No. 507995

she can pose as me pretty well. I’ll give her that. But she loves to throw in the obscenities. She can’t help herself

No. 507997

Just once. It’s in the screenshots. Basically saying she doesn’t copy her looks but everyone here thinks she does.
I think she does. After she showed me Emily, I checked her YouTube. Raven always did the more classic goth with latex clothing and long black hair. She changed her look drastically. She did resemble Emily quite a bit on the hair and clothing style.

No. 507999

Ohh, wait, so that account was Raven also? I knew ashesanddust was, but thought that second one was actually you there to clear things up.

So… does that mean that RAVEN herself posted that she made Dorian take close up photos of her vagina?

No. 508000

I noticed that she did an okay job of faking how you type. A common grammar error you make is using possessive "your" instead of the contraction "you're." She used it every single time she posed as you.

No. 508001

Yes it was. I dont know why she did that to be honest with you

No. 508002

It’s the phone. My keyboard is messed up so I use voice to text. Sorry about that

No. 508003

Funny how she did not fool us. We were here all the time saying "he looks miserable", "logan is a hostage", "free logan".

No. 508004

Oh god, same with Josh. We're reliving the same horrible cow dream. She posts on how they're so happy and just want to live life yet Josh is dying inside. It's so bad that people here actually feel bad for the hick despite the Claudia video and him being a total douche and loser.

No. 508005


The CinderHella account was also Raven?



The ashesanddust account was created a month after the thread started, but she did not use it until May 2015. Does this mean she had plotted to impersonate you 7 months in advance?


No. 508006

I’m actually confused about the poor kid situation. I didn’t start speaking to her again until close to the end of their relationship. She said he was 24. So how old was he actually when they got together? Because she said he was NOT underage. I’m still going through all the previous threads.

No. 508007

Don't apologize. Who cares. Your language is structure is fine aside from mistakes every human being makes. What I find more interesting is how much Raven noticed it. I only notice it because I have to edit papers constantly and it's something I always correct.

No. 508009

No. 508010


The Ally saga ruled. So sad that I didn't save any of those vids, because those vids very milky and shit went south very fast. User I Just Want to See Attachments on KF supposedly has the Ally videos on a hard drive. That was good milk.

Ally was a little shit to Raven the entire time. It was so damn satisfying to watch Raven try and manipulate Ally into behaving the way she wanted to on videos but Ally acted like a teen and was very loud and childish.

I still for the life of me can't understand the logic behind taking in a teenage girl, when Raven supposedly hates "the competition" and she would have raged the entire time the girl was there because Logan would talk to her and maybe laugh with her. The disrespectful little cow! She probably did it for the sympathy points, like with Doja. See? I'm an adoptive mom!

Not only was a super shitty thing to pull on a 16yo girl who had no place to stay, but it was also incredibly stupid on Diana's part to underestimate how difficult it is to raise children. Almost as if, dare I say it, she has no experience in raising children.

Ally was "messy and disrespectful" and even if that was true, and it was unbearable, a good person would still power through it instead of kicking her out, because that's what a good person who genuinely wants to help does. They act responsibly, they compromise, they try and work with what they have. Not that Gravy has an ounce of any of those qualities.

If y'all can stomach the atrocious grammar, this is what Ally's fiance shared on KF about Raven faking her death and the whole Ally drama:

>>Righteo, Hi everyone i am the infamous Rob (Allys fiance').

I plan to tell the story of my history with Miss Raven Sparks.
I met her many moons ago long before she was married to logan.
I met her through logan and my at the time partner knowing each other.
Raven befrieneded both my partner at the time and and myself.
Only she only ever messaged when she needed something like at the time a smoke when her and logan still smoked.
I went to their house a few times and watched Dorian be treated as basically a house elf, the slave not only to Raven but to his friend and to be step daddy Logan.
He was expected to take orders from someone younger than himself.
Anyway we all drifted apart me and my partner at the time split and that was that until……
You may all remember the rants and raves she had about the person who had a nut at her about messaging at ungodly hours of the morning well that person is my ex the mother of my son.
ALthough the relationship between my ex and i is volitile to say the least i still defended her and had one of the many rant and rave videos removed.
Then i didnt hear anything from her for a long time until i hear about her apparent death on Facebook.
I messaged DOrian and logan with my condolences but their responses seemed off so i did a bit of digging and eventually they admitted that the whole thing was a hoax.
I assured them i would keep it quiet and infact helped them keep up the roose of Raven being dead.
During this time Ally and i had gotten alot closer and started a relationship.
Then when Ally ended up homeless i asked Raven if ally could stay there and explained the situation she was fine with it.
As for her saying i am angry at them for 'kicking me out' when i asked Raven if Ally could stay i amde sure to point out that on the days i dont have my son i would be there also she had no issue with this.
In the beginning Ally with no income was expect to provide her own food etc so i did this for her i also gave Raven and Logan money towards power.
They then decided i was no longer welcome and the 'lets control ally' game began.
It started by saying when and where she could and couldnt go (remember at this stage she was just a boarder) then came the offer of a family.
Them knowing full well that it was the one thing ally had always wanted.
Ally had a few issues along the way of this but never wanted to give up as she felt it was her one and only last chance at a family.
And because she didnt feel comfortable she wouldnt mention them to Raven or Logan.
SO instead of seeing my fiance upset and feeling trapped i would go to Raven only to be heavily abused and attacked myself.
Then we get to recent events.
I was sent a message from a 'Cristopher Holbrook' (account is now gone) pointing out about Ravens 'asking for help status'
Ally was here at the time so i mentioned it to her and she was deeply hurt that Raven had gone behind her back and said some pretty nasty lies about her.
And so it began.
The rest im sure you have seen or heard by now if you watch her videos and Allys.
But Raven has now decided to direct her attacks upon me and my family.
So far she has rung my parents and made up lies which they saw straight through.
So that didnt work ….hmmmmm….. what next???
SHe has now filed complaints against me about my son for abuse.
She has never seen or heard me around my son so she would have no idea however it is still lies anyone that knows me and my family and how i parent will be able to tell you that including a Family Court Psychologist.
She has also broken a few laws along the way that are being investigated that i cannot mention due to legal bindings.
Now as you are probably all aware i have stayted right out of this since ally was kicked out of that house.
But now Raven has crossed a line i felt i had to say something.
I know many of Ravens victims and im sure a few of them will be surprised im commenting on here.
Also i only turned 26 on june 2nd.
Ally and i did start dating 2 days before her 16th birthday however we were not sexually intimate untill around christmas time.
The police have already investigated this and closed they case with no charges being laid.
Raven you gave Ally her final warning to collect her gear or you will post the video however now that the police have contacted you and told you they are collecting it tomorrow you still upload the video AFTER the police told you to stop.
So Raven here is your last warning from me LEAVE ME ALLY AND MY FAMILY THE HELL ALONE!!!!!

No. 508011

I thought he was 18 when they actually got married, and 16 when they met/ hooked up.

No. 508012

Whoa. No it wasn’t me. She said it was another girl we were both friends with whom I no longer speak to. 7 whole months. Crazy
She knew I didn’t go on the sites. So it’s possible she figured she was in the clear. fortunately I found out and quit talking to her the second time. But I forgave her again. She said ashes and dust was her. But the other one was someone we both know. Her reasoning was that it was an easy way for her to spy without someone knowing it was her. She apologized and I let it go.

No. 508014

if CinderHella is Raven, then Raven is the origin of that made up 'fact' that she had Dorian take pictures of her vag. Dorian told us himself with LG that this never happened.

Raven is a sick fuck.

No. 508015


The CinderHella posts are from June 2015. If Raven mimicked your use of "your" then you were using voice to text prior to June 2015?

No. 508016

yes, he was sixteen when she started fucking him, which is why we call her a pedophile.

No. 508017

Whoa. She said that Alisandra/Aly was licked out by Poor Kid because he caught her (forgive me) mastirbating with a toy with the bedroom door open and it made him uncomfortable. So it was husband in and not hers. She said she really wanted her there and she was like a daughter and she was being victimized over it for no reason. Jesus! How many tales can she spin to people?

No. 508019

Here we go. Too much heat is on, Raven is here. Watch the thread carefully, everyone.

No. 508021

Depends on the country how they dispose of products of conception or fetal tissue. A 12 week fetus is about 2 inches, 8 weeks is an inch. They used to have to wait until 8 weeks to preform DNC abortions because they couldn’t be sure it was removed because they were dealing with something so small.
Ultrasounds usually aren’t done in the first trimester because such little detail can be seen, usually only IVF and high risk women get ultrasounds before 12 weeks.

A heartbeat can usually be detected by 7 weeks and a gestational sac seen, sometimes a fetal pole.

No matter what there is nothing visible to the naked eye after a DNC or miscarriage before 12 weeks but a bunch of bloody tissue. At least where I’m at “burial” is only offered to women who experience stillbirths. If doctors felt the same about miscarriages they wouldn’t give cynotec to women to cause a miscarriage at home on the toilet, it would be far too traumatic.

We tell women that Miscarriages during the 1st trimester are very similar to an extremely heavy period plus extra terrible cramps. I’ve never heard of a woman “saving tissue” from a miscarriage unless she suffers from RPL (recurrent pregnancy loss) and is directed to by her doctor to have the tissue tested for genetic issues.

I’ve worked at OBGYN and RE offices for years and Raven was the first person I ever heard of “saving” a miscarriage or asking for the tissue from a DNC to take home.

Of course I was in a big American city, things might be different in other places

No. 508022

Yes. On my iPod. I’m not about to spend over $100 on a new one when it works perfectly fine aside from the keyboard not typing out correctly. If I press on any letter it sticks there and won’t continue. But it’s only used to Facebook and music so it doesn’t really bother me.

No. 508023

Sorry. Kicked out

No. 508025

This is true. I went through it twice. It is exactly like a heavy menstrual. I was 8 week at my first and 12-13 the second.

No. 508026

Yes, just like she said it was Logan the one who kept kicking the cats and dogs away. Not her. Never her.

No. 508027

catching the same vibe, not going to say why i think it but yeah, watch the replies, i don't think some of these are ash.

ash, you should get to the discord, ask someone to verify you and then ask if you can use a tripcode only for answering questions. there's some fuckery going on.

No. 508028

Ok. I’ll do that

No. 508030

It’s just going to an app?

No. 508032

Agreed. The fetal tissue wouldn't be differentiated from the endometrial lining that's been shed as well as other tissues that end up in menstrual linings. Doubt her precious babies were in a jar to be mourned over.

No. 508034

Not Ash but, interesting. I think I see what you mean


No. 508036

yeah, you have to go in and see if there are any farmhands around. this would be easier at KF but you're already here the trouble is i'm pretty sure raven is too.

No. 508038

That is absolutely disgusting. Regardless of where she lives, that is still having sexual relations with a child. And forcing him to work and take care of her at that age. It’s awful. Those years should have been the best of his life. No being sheltered and forced to be a full grown adult. I feel truly sad for him

No. 508042

Well I can always confirm if it’s me or not by the Facebook I made I’m not sure how to do it otherwise. I’m not tech savvy so I’m pretty clueless on the farmhand/code thing lol

No. 508046

Agreed. Something stinks.

No. 508047

Oh definitely, graven's look went from typical long black haired mall goth to blue shorter hair along with the exact same tattoos and interests as Emily. She's even admitted to copying Emily's tattoos in the past.

No. 508048

File: 1524176372048.png (64.4 KB, 800x404, Screenshot_2018-04-19-15-12-04…)


I was about to ask you about the video "you" said that you had made to prove that she had been online.

Why would she direct people to your blog?

No. 508052

File: 1524176660754.png (69.34 KB, 800x432, Screenshot_2018-04-19-15-22-33…)


CinderHella's last post.

No. 508053

I’m not entirely sure. I havent been able to get into that for years. That was a personal blog about my life that no one really knew about. There was no video ever made by me about her then. I’m clueless.

No. 508057

What repells the venguful spirit of the Hagraven? Can we perform a blessing on this thred? The power of Christ compels you, Hagraven!

No. 508060

I am highly embarrassed about anyone reading my personal thoughts. No one was ever supposed to see this besides my boyfriend.

No. 508063

Very OT but given what we know about Raven I think this is perhaps important–how can we get a farmhand in here to give all the prior ash posters a name or a tripcode for further responses? I'm on mobile and not at home so I can't access the discord, does anyone know if there are farmhands in there?

Ash if I were you I would hold off posting for a bit until you can get sorted with a mod.

The weirdness started this afternoon but I'm not sure about some of these posts.

No. 508067

I will. I’m a bit sick to my stomach about my old blog being posted. So a break right now is definitely looking good. If I do post anything, I’ll confirm it on my actual Ash Sangre Facebook saying “Needles and Thread” so you all will know it’s me.

No. 508068

That is probably why she directed people there.

No. 508069

Actually I’ll just post the number associated with my posts. Have a good day you all.

No. 508080

Sounds like a good idea. You can always just answer a bunch of questions in one post and add a picture of your fb wall or do a timestamp or whatever.

That would prove it's you and not Raven fucking around. Thanks for all your help!

No. 508083


She / CinderHella also imitated your tendency to omit the period at the end of the last sentence of your posts. You do it in about half of your posts as did CinderHella.

No. 508084


Sounds good! Thanks, Ash!

No. 508091

Hey Ash. Friend of Sarah and Shane here. I actually found Lolcow through them because they told me you were threatening to post them here. Of course all that info came from Gravy. I'd love more info about that if possible. I've been trying to get Shane to see how disgusting Raven is since I discovered this thread.

No. 508093


I wish we had a "cow among us" sound like we do with Ashley the Skeletor. just seeing "rattle rattle" made me kek every time. What sound should Gravybones get?
flap flap?

No. 508096

>I hope that Dorian, Logan, LG, hell, even Josh

hold up there. Josh bought into it in a way the others didn't. he only knew her online so had plenty of time to check it out. he didn't think it was actually going to happen, but he definitely tempted fate by inviting it.

No. 508098

Looks like b8 to me. Only Raven would know who the "mutual friend" were, since Ash has tried to protect them since the start.

No. 508100

Ash here. I’ll post the number on my page in a second. I never once threatened. I’ve actually held off posting anything about that conversation because they’re personal lives shouldn’t be brought up because of her. They are both great people and do not deserve the things she said about them. I don’t want to bring attention to it here. You can always message me on Facebook. Sorry if that is an inconvenience. Also if you go through all of these posts, you can clearly seeI’ve stated multiple times that I will not bring up mutual friends, it’s private I formation that should never be shared to anyone.

No. 508101

It's been a few days and Raven probably used up her funeral cash to pay bills and blown the rest on taco bell. She's bored out of her mind and I expect we'll get a real shit storm in this thread soon. My old bones are aching.

No. 508103

No, I posted about this weeks ago on a comment. How I found lolcow via two friends that knew Raven. I am real life friends with them, I have pictures of myself in their wedding I can show to Ash, I was a bride maid for Sarah and have known Shane since I was 13.

No. 508104

buckle up buckaroos

No. 508105

Samefag, didnt see her response.

I appreciate that Ash, I will message you. Just wanted to make sure it was okay to do so.

No. 508106

Of course it is hon.

No. 508107

The sound of her tits in the wind? Seems appropriate

No. 508108

So, you found lolcow weeks ago through the mutual friends because they told you Ash were threatening to post them here, several days prior to Ash even coming here in the first place?

No. 508109


swish swish

No. 508110

Be careful with that FB message ash. Sounds like the Hagraven attempting to impersonate a human.

Also, good on you. She is clearly trying to misslead you down to her level. Thank you for protecting your friends.

Kek at Gravy calling herself Gravy. I was hoping that named bothered the shit out of her. Glad to see it does! PS go fuck yourself Gravy!

No. 508111

Better message Ash via FB with some proof because no one has posted other names here but you and only Raven has some absurd idea that names get posted here and “we go after them.” We talk about dumbasses doing ridiculous attention whoring shit online. If you don’t relentlessly attention whore no one here cares about discussing you. Raven is the idiot who thinks a name posted her magically turns us into a PA ready to “tear people to shreds” kek

No. 508112

File: 1524179870980.png (8.21 KB, 523x152, ash.png)

Ash verified by facebook post.

I don't even know if that is possible. Can a farmhand tag or name all the posts that came from that IP? Since we know that one belongs to Ash herself?

No. 508113

No I found it months ago when the bs in those screen shots was going on. Shane told me the name of the site, because Raven told him Ash was going to blast their private life. So curiosity led me here. Been following the thread since. I posted weeks ago just saying how I found this place through all of that drama. Today I saw their names appear so I am reaching out.

No. 508116

Their names appeared where? You were the one who posted it. No one has ever known who Ash was talking about.

No. 508118

Right there. Sarah and Shane. I can prove I am who I say I am to Ash.

No. 508119

No shit, sounds like she copied some wedding photos from these ppl’s wedding. Unless the person sends you the wedding photo plus a selfie of themselves holding a sign with today’s date - and that selfie matches the person in the wedding photo - don’t bother to respond to them. But I think we all know Raven just couldn’t help herself and had to try and sock puppet and stir up drama btw Ash and other mutuals. Its why she posted their names. She’s just shitting her granny panties in anger and furiously trying to think of a way to cause Ash trouble. Lol, this was the best she could do.

No. 508122


Oh I bet you can. But can you prove it to us by dropping some recipets exposing more of Gravys bs?

No. 508124

Take a selfie with a sign that says “hi Ash April 2018” (or whatever Ash request it should say) and send it to her along with your wedding photo. No current selfie, no one will believe you. Raven steals too many photos and has too many fake profiles for anyone to believe random posters claiming to be mutuals.

No. 508125


let the shooping begin!

No. 508126

No because I don't know Raven. I just read her thread.

I've already gotten ahold of her and my identity has been verified. I understand worrying about sock puppets though.

No. 508128


then stop using this thread as your personal messenger. you should've contacted her on FB in the first place. unless you're here to give us the milky milk that's milky, no one gives a shit that you know Ash.

No. 508129

Going on Raven’s terrible stolen ultrasound photos I doubt her shooping abilities, but I could totally see Raven knocking on a trailer down the road and asking them to hold this sign and let her snap a photo for this hilarious online prank.

maybe a quick YouTube or Facebook live thing would be an easier solution

No. 508132

File: 1524181088321.jpg (88.53 KB, 345x359, notsoslimraven.jpg)

I'm laughing so hard at the thought of Raven sitting and screaming at the screen for the last few days while playing facebook games on her sock accounts and reading here. Of course with her trusty slim jims.

No. 508134

fuck. actual lol

I thought the saggy tit cake should be next thread's op but this one is just as good.

No. 508135

Sadly I cannot verify. The profile says it’s very recent as of last month and what is being says doesn’t match with what is posted here. So I won’t release personal info that Raven said. It’s morally wrong. And to the Mutual Friends that we’re mentioned, please be careful. Your great people. Sorry you were brought into this mess.

No. 508138

Good intution, Ash. You're a good person.


No. 508140

File: 1524181359236.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.9 KB, 286x400, flapflap.jpg)

Flap flap it seems we've summoned the Hag

No. 508144

Remember, Ash's boyfriend was going to be seduced with THIS! How could any man resist.

No. 508145

No one was brought into this mess until you brought them in. We didn't even notice their names in that message it was too blurry. And literally NO ONE talked about them. Try harder raven

No. 508146

Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name.

No. 508147


>>flap flap

more like gag gag

No. 508159

File: 1524181915841.png (9.57 KB, 523x179, ash.png)


Nice try, Raven.

No. 508160

File: 1524181927400.png (151.15 KB, 300x297, 182b6d801d50d16d7de3fc67decfd5…)

No. 508161

File: 1524181974708.jpg (92.16 KB, 288x768, dinnertimesluts.jpg)

Raven, come play with us. We have farmville trades and candy crush lives for you.

No. 508165

File: 1524182298866.png (4.86 KB, 194x259, b8.png)

>I've already gotten ahold of her and my identity has been verified.

>Sadly I cannot verify. The profile says it’s very recent as of last month and what is being says doesn’t match with what is posted here.

No. 508168

My page is friend's only. We talked, she knows who I am, I shared screen shots. We coo. I will quit posting but I'm not Hargraven.

No. 508169


She / CinderHella also imitated your tendency to use short and sometimes incomplete sentences, to start sentences with "So" and "And", and to conclude paragraphs with a one- or two-word sentence for emphasis.

In the "Ugh" video while she was chatting with Claudia from Logan's account, she bragged to Josh that she pretended to be Logan all the time messaging his mom, and his mom never knew.

How long has she been honing her talent? I envision her as a child forging school notes from both her parents and teachers.

No. 508174

File: 1524182931557.jpg (73.51 KB, 898x720, addtext_com_MjAwODMxMzIxODU.jp…)

This bitch.

No. 508183

i want this laser engraved on my death certificate

No. 508204

File: 1524184995271.jpg (54.66 KB, 480x718, 1413829103075.jpg)


She named her miscarried twins Ciel and Sebastian after "Black Butler" and her ectopic zygote Miracle.

She then had these plaques made which is even more ridiculous.

I tried to find the pics of their waxed remains, but anons only posted links to Logan's Facebook, and the gallery pages and images from her wedding website are not archived. Apparently she posted the pictures on the Christchurch Brides group, too.

No. 508213

okay what in the hell?


awaken in the night
hearing screams that don't exist
my arms are aching to hold you
thinking of all that i've missed
your name is a moan
drifting softly from my lips
i feel my heart breaking
as i dream of your kiss
is this something
that was never meant to be?
why, oh why,
were you taken away from me?
there is nothing quite like
all the love that i will miss,
in the arms of a child that
does not exist…"

that poem doesn't sound like it was written for an unborn baby, what the fuck! that's like a chick writing to her lover or some shit! she is NASTY holy fuck

No. 508215

File: 1524186123022.png (251.97 KB, 679x642, 1411585545443.png)


>she is now going by her original name from the US which is Diana Perez

She legally changed her name to Raven Diana Sparks while she was in New Zealand [pic related]. When she moved back to the US she talked about the complications her name change presented in getting a revised Social Security Card and state ID (her US passport bore her previous name, presumably Diana Dawn Sparks as her surname reverted to Sparks from Perez after her divorce >>>/pt/12471).

Legally changing her name to Diana Perez in South Carolina would have required a police background check, an appearance before a judge, a sworn affidavit, and several related fees.



No. 508217

File: 1524186173974.jpg (53.05 KB, 336x475, 1506357082232.jpg)

No. 508218

Doesn't a legal name change usually require a post in the local paper's classified section? Or is that not a thing any longer?

No. 508219

This is the best, hoping this one makes it as the next OP pic.

No. 508220

Oh my god. She's gross. Reading that, you get a better picture of how she confuses boundaries between parental affection and the love you feel for someone you have sex with. She is disgusting.

No. 508221


It varies with the locality (state, county, city).

No. 508222

And making up the lie that Dorian had to take pictures of her, naked, seriously what is wrong with her? She has some twisted fantasies playing out in her head. Why would she ever go there?

No. 508223

Awww that's his full name? Some cute little alt chick is going to love calling him by his first and middle name and while holding his hand. Meanwhile Raven Diana Sparks is stuck in America living in a smelly trailer surrounded by people that hate her, sleeping next to a snoring caveman who sniffs his fingers and mumbles. Best of all there is nothing she can do about it. Spring is here.

No. 508229

Your name doesn’t revert after a divorce, you have to legally change it all over again back to your maiden name.

Whatever name changes she made in NZ wouldn’t do her any good unless she had them legally changed on her passport. The US federal govt doesn’t care what paperwork you file in other countries about the name you use there, what’s on your US passport is what you name is as far as the USA is concerned. Not surprising she never bothered to change her name in the country where she was actually a citizen.

I have no doubt her laziness and multiple name changes have made life and getting residency/ DL in SC an epic pain in the ass. That’s what sloppy paperwork gets ya.

No. 508231

Can someone please explain this poem, like did she write this herself?

No. 508232

File: 1524187007158.png (353.79 KB, 942x647, Screenshot_2018-04-19-18-13-21…)


Proudly displayed in their home as a reminder to everyone of her victimhood.

No. 508235

I always thought the situation with Logan was fucked up, but…

Reading that poem, taken along with those old rumors about Dorian that she started, and the whole thing with Logan makes me think that she genuinely is a pedo.

It clearly bothers her enough that shes never stopped mentioning it, hell, she even mentioned it in her most recent I'm leaving the internet forever, again video from the other day. I think she protests a little too much.

No. 508245

The poem is just more proof that all the miscarriage shit is just pure awful, narc theater.
What’s bizarre is that the two bottom tiles have been tacked on to the creepy poem tile. The poem tile has small baby foot prints with dates going back to 2001. So she’s claiming her poison womb has had five victims if I’m counting correctly all the years on there. Logan must have enjoyed seeing her display her lost pregnancies by various other dicks, and the icing on the cake is the first one was probably just a few years after he was born.

Must be weird to think your wife was out fucking random guys while you were still in diapers.

No. 508253

I don't believe that's a mass produced poem. It certainly sounds like some sappy glurge Raven would write. Also disturbing. I don't think she has the faintest understanding of the love a mother has for her child. It sounds more sexual than not.

I feel like her narcissism is on par with Venus' mother. They're close in age too.

No. 508256

she's dying to have a baby because she unashamedly wants to "start over" with a fresh one because she thinks D is no good any more because she fucked him up and made him this way. I hope you burn in hell, you cunt.

Any normal guy, assuming he made it as far as moving in with Diana would be told or ask about the tiles. What I don't understand is why anyone would stay in a relationship with someone who acts as if they don't have ANY living children. Shit's baffling to me, but maybe that's cause I'm a normal person capable of love.

No. 508260

Diana wanted Dorian to be an obedient slave and what she got was a level-headed, kind person. For some reason she absolutely hates that.

No. 508261

Dorian's fiance said he suffers from bipolar or she does or something and they're working on getting help. Of course Raven probably had a problem with anyone getting help with mental illness. She fucked him up royally and now that he's getting his shit together she hates him. Typical Raven.

No. 508265

File: 1524188991909.png (128.17 KB, 800x712, Screenshot_2018-04-19-18-42-00…)


Reverting one's surname during dissolution of marriage is usually included as part of the court filing. The person(s) who changed their name is given the choice to keep their married name or revert; they cannot change it to a third name.

Of course she was too lazy and too poor to get a new passport with her new name from the US consulate. But the name on her passport didn't matter when she returned to the US. All that mattered was that it was valid. US passports are valid for ten years. Her's must have been close to expiring.

In order to have legally changed her name in New Zealand, she had to have been a citizen or permanent resident.


Changing her name with the SSA was the necessary first step before she could get any other IDs [pic related].


No. 508266


I Googled several lines from the poem and found nothing.

No. 508270

A lot of women keep their married name after a divorce if they have children so that they all have the same surname. It’s totally up to the woman, but a good portion of divorced women I know didn’t revert back to their maiden name mostly because of their kids.

Ofc Raven doesn’t give a fuck about her son so that wouldn’t factor into her thinking. I don’t want to drag any extra details about Dorian into this but I didnt think he and Raven shared a surname. She’d would have had to file no less than eight surname changes (never mind the first name stuff) if she took her the last names of all her husbands and then reverted back to her maiden name in between marriages. We all know she’s too lazy for that but what a mess her paperwork must be as a result. People like her like to have regular name changes though because it helps them hide their shady past and “start fresh” conning new ppl every few years.

No. 508272

Oh there’s no way that’s anything but pure cringey garbage by Raven. There’s some bad poems printed on mass produced stuff out there but nothing that bad. Seriously that poem would get angry “what the fuck is wrong with you” letters to any company that printed anywhere.

Only Raven would write something that awful and then think it good enough to print up on a wall hanging.

No. 508275


His last name has always been Sparks on Facebook.

No. 508290


That means Logan was about 8 at the time of her first "miscarriage"

No. 508293

It’s so damned gross. Out of all the stuff she does I feel like this poem was a peek into the workings of her brain that I didn’t need.

No. 508296

So are we saying that she never bothered with legal name changes after Perez? I’m sorry I think I’m too stoned, I’m not getting the drift of this discussion about name change, lol, don’t mind me I’m confused.

No. 508304

File: 1524193840926.jpg (6.24 KB, 275x179, 1471251070019.jpg)

No. 508308

I found amusing how Raven claims to be so real but at the same time ranted to Ash in text how much effort she put into the facade of having a “perfect relationship” with Logan. She is that concerned with her online “image” and convincing everyone how wonderful and worshipped she is by her boyfriends. Think about that, a woman who’s first entire page of search results is nothing but people laughing and mocking what she puts online about herself was worried about her image. A 41 year old woman who posts embarrassing half naked fattie photos of herself and who’s entire aesthetic looks like she’s drowning in discount Halloween bin.

Gives you insight into how bad shit must be with her new side kick mumbles too if those videos is the best she can do to maintain the online fantasy version of the Love that was more than Love

No. 508309


>too lazy and too poor

Ryan's parents paid for her passport to go to New Zealand.

>Her's must have been close to expiring.

Does anyone know when she moved to New Zealand? I know she moved there sometime in 2007. In one of her life story videos she says that she went back to the US with Ryan that November to see her dad before he died the following January. She stayed for 6 months and returned to NZ with Dorian. All on Ryan's parents' dime.

She returned to the US on October 6th last year, so how was her passport not expired?


See >>508215.

No. 508311

File: 1524194587330.png (585.44 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-04-19-19-46-53…)


And entire groups were created by victims of her harassment.

No. 508313


Will she add a plaque for her "miscarriage" with Josh? Will it be named Castiel?

No. 508318

I don't think she bothered changing her name when moving to NZ nor moving back to US.

She was Diana Dawn Perez (from her second marriage) when she left US.
In NZ, she changed from Perez to Craddock (from Ryan).
Then back to Sparks when she divorced Ryan.
Then Marshall-Sparks with Logan.

No. 508328


In >>>/pt/12471 she says that her name reverted to Sparks when she divorced Andres and that her dad was angry that she was using his name.

There is no evidence that she legally changed her name when she married Ryan or Logan. I have never seen her use Cradock. She and Logan hyphenated their names on Facebook, but Facebook does not require proof of name unless the account is reported and suspended for authentic name verification. But I wouldn't be surprised if they did legally hyphenate their names.

No. 508338

What is this cringe level bullshit?

No. 508342

Holy shit this thread blew up. Can someone summarize the drama, or at least link the post to where it starts?

No. 508345

File: 1524199036163.gif (337.16 KB, 326x227, PortlyKaleidoscopicIndri-max-1…)


>>Ciel and Sebastian

maybe the twins sensed their mother was a tryhard mall goth weaboo and lost the will to live


No. 508352

File: 1524199925787.jpg (71.39 KB, 640x1138, R2MB8ly_d.jpg)

This image belongs between >>506709 and >>506651.

Raven went on benefits just before October 2016 which may be due to Logan being laid-off (the year without Christmas).

She and Logan lied about the date of their separation to hasten their divorce, telling the court that they split in October 2015. Couples are allowed to cohabitate for 5 months out of the required 2-year separation (hence her comment about living together being illegal).

Whoever made those posts scared her enough about getting caught in her lies to ask Ash for advice and reassurance.

But the Customs Service had already informed the benefits department that she had left the country. I wonder if she tried to pursue receiving overseas benefits if she qualified (or by lying in order to qualify)?

tl;dr Raven did not commit benefits fraud unless she did not inform the department of the change in household income when Logan became reemployed in 2017.

No. 508355


Fast forward to 29:00.

No. 508357

>>508345 if she actually had any miscarriages the fetus was just making the wise choice to vacate the premises.
It’s a good thing Dorian had his grandmother raising him until Raven took him to NZ, because Raven is the type of woman who either accidentally or on purpose would raise a serial killer. She would love all the infamous press attention once they were caught.

She should never be trusted to care for a baby or small child.

I hope Dorian totally dumps some of the goth stuff he picked up from Raven and becomes an Alex P Keaton type guy. It would be awesome if he became super successful and Raven tried hitting him up for money and he could enjoy telling her to get lost.

No. 508358

No. 508359

File: 1524201060206.jpg (57.43 KB, 640x1138, CFyGz3p_d.jpg)


This image belongs before >>506709.

No. 508367

Holy shit, thank you farmhands!

No. 508375

These two I though were Ashs, and they are not.

Apart from that, nothing sus.

No. 508377

Thank you to the mod who gave me a way to verify myself.

No. 508379

Glad it worked! Thanks farmhands!!

No. 508387

those sausage fingers!!

No. 508394

Scrolling through the first thread, I checked her various old accounts. This one appears to be deactivated rather than deleted:


No. 508401

File: 1524216239812.png (311.95 KB, 800x802, Screenshot_2018-04-20-02-19-34…)

No. 508402


OT but this reminds me of that South Park episode where Mr Garrison was upset his father didn't abuse him as a kid kek

No. 508404

It's not like you're trapped in a foreign country if your passport expires and you're not a citizen. If it did, she would just have to go to the US embassy in NZ and get a new one.

No. 508406

File: 1524220868946.png (36.98 KB, 800x249, Screenshot_2018-04-20-03-26-23…)


I perused her chat logs with Cj. She mentioned two Facebook accounts, one of which was /raven.cradock. She told him he could send mail addressed to her as either Sparks or Cradock.

So much of what she said to him was identical to what we heard her say to Josh in the leaked videos [pic related]. Over time she began to mimic his typing style and vocabulary.

They had known each other for four years prior to the beginning of their romance.


No. 508407


Yes, but she would have needed another unwanted gift S8 to afford a new passport. Remember, she budgeted the rest of her money for tattoos.

No. 508417

>I’m kind of wonder if she didnt put a period in a jar after the car accident so she could yank it off the shelf if Josh shows some backbone.

Raven was incredibly lazy this time around. She claimed she knew she was pregnant because "all the signs were there". She didn't even bother getting her grubby mitts on a pregnancy test. Literally just "These Slim Jims are making my gut fatter and my period was a couple days late after the car accident. OMG JOSH YOU MADE ME MISCARRY!!!!!!!!!"

No. 508420

Well it's almost impossible for her to have flown without a valid passport so either it wasn't expired or she had it renewed. There's no way Customs would overlook that. If NZ is anything like Australia it's all electronic - so there would be no chance for user error - the computer would've flagged it.

What's possible, but pretty unlikely, is that they saw she was returning to her home country, which doesn't require you to have a valid passport to enter, and let her go. Considering how long she lived in NZ/residency status the odds are super slim.

Either way it's a pretty minor issue in the sea of gravy.

No. 508427


So with Ravens passport due to expire we know, she was thinking she had to find her meal ticket into the US quick smart!

No. 508430

>my nakedness
She doesn't seem to mind getting naked any other time.

>I'm diabetic
So Hagraven has diabetes? I don't think she's mentioned taking insulin within the past year, has she?

No. 508432

Breaking up a marriage to avoid a passport replacement fee seems very Gravy.

No. 508433

>the lady was extremely rude

Bitch thinks EVERYONE is rude. Just like those fans that told her what items they wanted for the giveaways. Or literally anyone she talks about in customer service, when in reality, it is her that is the rude one. Anyone remember about when Logan bought her the overpriced bear? The lady at the floral shop was packing up the bear into a box and chatting along happily to her with small talk and Raven just fucking ignored her the entire time even when the lady asked questions and then when Raven and Logan sat at a table to get fast food after, she bitched that the lady was struggling with the bear box. She's so oblivious to how rude and abrasive she is and just blames everyone else.

No. 508434


Losing weight after her sleeve gastrectomy cured her of the 'beetus.

No. 508435

I'm suprised she even gets her period still because she's getting old and also I thought you don't get them anymore after your uterus/tubes is burned or whatever. I actually wouldn't be suprised if she pretends to get her periods every month. Or pretends not to get them when she wants to pretend she's pregnant. I get pretty bad period pains to the point I throw up, so I thought it was weird that she said she had scarring from constant hot water bottles on her stomach and that's why she had to get the goat tattoo thing to cover it. I've used super hot water bottles most months and never had any scarring which makes me think that she was just trying to justify spending money on tatts to cover her 'scarring' because honestly hotwater bottles shouldn't scar you. Orrrr they were just stretch marks but she didn't want to admit she had stretchmarks.

No. 508439

She uses strategies to capture and manipulate a man. She may be an idiot, but she's not quite as stupid as Vicky and any idiot can be a genius at one specific thing with practice and cultivation. Not to say she's a genius since she uses the same god damn word for word manipulation for every guy. "HE WAS THE ONE! I'VE NEVER FELT THIS WAY ABOUT ANYONE! IT'S JUST SO BLAH BLAH BLAH"

And regarding her fake pregnancy. I don't know why Josh would even feel bad. He didn't want kids and Raven said the same in a video. Plus, maybe it's because he's really uneducated, but a woman in her 40s is more likely than not to have a child with a genetic disorder especially downs syndrome. Imagine Raven and Josh having a downs kid?!

No. 508440

she's only 41 anon. also tubes and uterus are not the same thing.
>having your tubes tied (or whatever) prevents the sperm and egg from ever meeting up. But it doesn't stop your ovaries from functioning and doesn't stop the lining of the uterus from responding to the hormonal fluctuations of your menstrual cycle.

No. 508442

This just demonstrates how dedicated Raven is to these fake pregnancy dramas and how badly she does them. She made some stupid mistakes here that totally show she's lying, including naming tests/units of measurement she'd never have in NZ. So she obviously started reading some pregnancy forums and picked up on a few terms/tests and then stupidly tried to weave them into her story to make it more believable. The only part of the story I believe is the nurse giving her the eyeroll because she was "insisting she was pregnant" when she was not.

I don't want to give her tips so she can make up better stories - but I'll point out two really obvious lies.

If it was ectopic no "sac" would have ever been seen on a scan because it would have been in her fucking tubes, that's the whole definition of a ectopic pregnancy ffs.

But the big things is she posts what are "beta blood test" levels - you don't get four "beta level" tests unless you undergo IVF treatment, you just get a standard yes/no HGC test.

Also those beta test "dates" she posts are all wrong. If you're having those tests done they have to be done every 48 hours to mean anything. What they are looking for is the number/level doubling - not just rising or a particular number. In a healthy pregnancy Beta levels are supposed to double every 48 hours, so no doctor would test her one day apart, then a week apart and then 3 days apart. It's just utter bullshit because she didn't even take the time to read the science and reasoning behind these tests, but she thought it sounded good and added extra authenticity to her lies. The ultimate irony is if she did have an ectopic pregnancy her levels would have skyrocketed - ectopic pregnancies cause explosive rises in HCG levels. In fact having a level that's too high/rises too fast is a sign of ectopic pregnancy, so she got that totally wrong too.

She even adds the caveat that she noticed she missed her period and miscarried "two days later" - that's not how it works!! That's not a miscarriage, at most it would be called a chemical pregnancy because the only way any one ever knows there was even the hint of conception was because of a chemical test showing HCG in the blood. Literally chemical pregnancies are only a term that was invented after at home urine pregnancy tests because that's the only way they are detected. Until at home tests they were just regular periods to every woman.

You can hear her trying out various scenarios to the board to get feedback so that she could then see if they would work online or with doctors/Logan.

It's all just so obviously stupid narc lies.

I did love the delicate modest Raven adding the nurse didn't even let her "cover her nakedness." That was a real special add on Raven to show the board what a sweet, innocent little lady you are.

No. 508443

Sorry anon, for some reason I thought she was older around menopause age. When they burn the lining of your uterus doesn't it mean you don't get periods though? I heard when your tubes are tied you can still get them, but the uterus thing you cannot. Again, sorry for ignorance, just wondering.

No. 508444

Not true. She is still diabetic. You can never truly be cured of it. She was asking me for help trying to find resources on how to get freebinsulin here. She takes Lantua and Apidra. And now, she’s gaining weight back, so her diabetes will get worse over time. She doesn’t have a diet regimen to keep her sugar under control I am sure.

No. 508446

Kektacular. Pathetic. I usually feel the upmost pity for any person who has trouble getting life saving drugs in the US since we're shit when it comes to covering disadvantaged communities, but fuck if Raven isn't the one person who doesn't deserve free meds. I say this as a person who thinks every human being deserves medical treatment. Raven isn't human however.

The fact that she's drinking sugary alcohol drinks like Tequila Rose, popping opiates, and getting Josh into accidents for fries and shakes shows that she'll probably be getting dialysis soon.

No. 508448

Exactly my thoughts.
The reason she was no longer taking insulin after her surgery was from not being able to eat enough to get a high glucose, therefore no insulin was needed at the time. But she does seem to have a very unhealthy diet consisting of Cereals, pop, alcoholic beverages. And countless others. And your definitely not supposed to drink alcohol while being diabetic. It can cause low sugar. Sorry if I sound like a tyrant here. I’m type 1 since early childhood so I’m pretty adamant on helping people sustain a long life while being diabetic because it is no picinic. But I’m thinking her weight gain, poor diet and no exercise, her diabetes is most likely progressing. Eventually her vision will get worse, neuropathy, renal disease and other countless issues that arise if you manage it poorly. I see it every single day with patients. It’s sad but someone can live a full life if they take care of it properly. I don’t think she will though.

No. 508449

You said that she was interested in another old dude from texas and didn't wanna compete with his teenage daughter. Any more deets on that situation? What exactly did she say? That's absolutely hilarious that she'd get jealous of someone's kid. I wonder if she'd be the same if they had a son.

No. 508450

Not much really. He was near 10 years her senior and he had a good job and a huge home. She was making plans to leave poor kid to be with him, but around a week before she was finalizing plans, she seen a photo of him and his daughter appear on his Facebook and assumed her was cheating. He told her that it was his 17 year old daughter that decided to move in with her dad for her last year of school because he lived semi close to the university she was going to be attending. Raven flipped out about it. Heaven forbid another lady be in the home. A daughter at that. She wouldn’t allow raven to manipulate her father I’d bet. So she told him she couldn’t be with him because he didn’t let her know about it and she told me it would be too hard to compete with his child being there. I have no clue if she meant affection or what. I do know that this man sent her phones and cash. And then she dropped him like a dirty sock.

No. 508451

I don't know what "burning the lining of your uterus" even is other than something Raven made up. No one burns uterine linings. Every month a uterine lining is grown and then shed when you have a period, no medical procedure burns the temp tissue in there.
You still have a period even if you don't have tubes, because its just a lining being shed (difference with no tube is that no egg travels into the uterus, so you can't get pregnant. You do however still grow and shed your lining. Basically you've just lost a connecting road btw uterus and ovaries but they still function)

Maybe you meant her tubes were "burnt"? An ectopic usually causes a fallopian tube to rupture, which requires immediate surgery where the doctor will remove it.

That's the odd thing about Raven claiming ectopic pregnancies. 99% of women have no idea they are ectopic until they start feeling intense pain because of a rupture, it's actually terrible dramatic and scary.
Until that awful event happens most women just think they are having a totally normal pregnancy, if they even know they are pregnant yet.

You have to be rushed into surgery because its life threatening. I just can't imagine Raven not giving every drama filled detail about such an event and never shutting up about it - a narc would be in heaven.

You actually can't detect a ectopic with an ultrasound, only sometimes the lack of a sac in the uterus is a tip off but so very few women have scans that early on that its generally only women going thru IVF treatments that get any forewarning a pregnancy could be ectopic due to all the extra tests and monitoring.

Even then it's difficult because at 5 and 6 weeks its hard to see anything on a scan, so not seeing a sac in the uterus could mean ectopic or that it's still too small/not in an easy place to see it with the ultrasound equipment. (Many women uterus and ovaries can get tucked in some weird place making scan difficult, not to mention some uteruses are oddly shaped making scans harder.)

No. 508452

Regarding her pregnancy with Josh: she had at least one period prior. In a video posted on November 29th >>>/pt/469952

>I've got this guy that treats me like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, with makeup, without makeup, fat, not fat, on my period sick first thing in the morning

Their car accident was December 3rd. In the aftermath video >>>/pt/477542

>I had the same belly that I had when I was pregnant with the twins. Everything was the same. Missed periods, implantation bleeding, nausea.

Missed periods, plural. She arrived on October 6th. Eight weeks and two days is not enough time for one period and missed periods.


That was her pregnancy with twins that ended in miscarriage >>507772. Her (apparently second) ectopic was the following year.


41 is in perimenopausal range, but natural menopause typically starts closer to age 50 and lasts around 10 years.

Did she undergo endometrial ablation? I don't recall her ever saying that she did, and she would not continue to experience heavy bleeding if she had.

No. 508453

Oh my gosh she's terrible! I bet she would have moved in with him had it been a son instead of a daughter. Drama and shit would have still ensued, but she wouldn't have been as insecure.
That's shitty that he sent her phones and cash ect.
Before you stopped talking, did she say there was any other dudes she had on the side apart from Josh? Like do you think she has other dudes on her list right now if Josh falls through?

No. 508454

Ooooh so that's who she got the phones from!

No. 508455

I can't imagine she would have had ablation since she never shuts up about trying to get pregnant for 18 years and ablation sterilizes you. Its done for women with very heavy periods who are sure they are done with childbearing/don't want any children.

No. 508456

this makes sense with Raven and her creepy parent/child views, she sexualizes the relationships.. ew

If it was a son raven would have tried to fuck him, no doubt in my mind

No. 508457

Ah okay. Some old lady at my work said she no longer gets periods because they burned her uterual walls or something. I can't remember the name of the procedure but it sounded similar to when the cauterize a wound. She said they only do it if you are older, never wanting to have children or have major reproduction issues. Again, sorry for being a retard, I just remember this older woman telling me something about it and wondered if it was the same thing that Raven may have had if she kept having eptopic pregnancies. I am not making it up, but I will stop sperging about it because I'm coming across as a child asking how is babby formed haha

No. 508458

I don't buy that story about her "choosing" not to go or the details about this guy. I mean her being jealous of a daughter sounds totally in line but no way she'd let that stand in the way of living in a "big house" and getting presents. I'm betting the guy was a lot like Josh, but maybe he actually owned a home. She didn't have some rich sugar daddy in Texas, no way. Raven just isn't the type of girl who appeals to a rich sugar daddy. Even one into gothic or SM shit could do far better than her if he was looking to "take care" of some chick and wouldn't need to import goff granny from NZ. I think he just wised up to the trap Raven was setting for him. She thought it was in the bag but it wasn't.
I mean she was ready to jump on a plane to come to a guy who lived on his mom's sofa - it's not like she has standards. It's a beggars can't be choosers situation. But her ego wouldn't allow her to tell you the real story, so she said it was all because of the daughter.

No. 508459


She did record a short video after her surgery >>507801 and posted about it on Facebook.

What strikes me as curious is the fact that this was her second ectopic according to >>508401, yet both tubes were still intact after her first ectopic and she did not mention her first in the video. She said only that her remaining tube was "really bad and most likely not functional."

No. 508460

She sold them and scammed a person out of one of the phones. That guy invested money and she fucking left security for a hick in a fly invested trailer. I'm happy for the daughter of the Texas John. Poor thing being pulled into Raven's drama while going to university would have been awful! That's already a tough time.

Ash - Interesting that she was so up and ready to leave poor kid for just about anything. Was she sick of him that she needed to leave him for just about anyone or anything? Or was it just a desperate grab for the States and taco bell?

No. 508461

Same anon here - actually that's probably endo ablation. I just didn't even consider it in regards to Raven because it does sterilize you and not something done to women who are trying to get pregnant. It's a procedure done for women with really heavy periods, and it's not terribly common. It's kind of a last resort thing if meds don't work and they totally sure they don't want any future pregnancies.

No. 508463

Reminder that having a big house in fucking Texas is not that big of a deal, especially if you're over 50 and had a job your whole life. Houses are cheap af there. I mean Raven was excited and bragging about that trailer, if this guy has just a semi big house that doesn't look like a meth house - he's a "rich guy" to her soooooo…

No. 508464

Let alone 8 weeks would not show a belly that large.

No. 508465

Just a side note, we are talking about a woman who said she can't get a new dress she lost in the car crash because it was fucking 100 dollars. Not 1000, 100. So what "rich" means to her is questionable.

No. 508466

See I wouldn't believe anything Raven said "filming from a hospital" because she can just lie all she wants and we know she's a pathological liar. She could have been in there for hemroids or something to do with her WLS surgery, but privacy laws ensure she can lie her ass off and we only have her lying ass's word believe as to what's actually going on.
Narcs love medical privacy for this reason, it allows them free reign to lie with no medical professional able to say a word. This is why it would have been so easy to fool Logan too. She goes in the hospital for constipation but tells him she lost a baby. Probably why she likes them young and/or dumb, easier to fool with this drama. A older or smarter guy would ask the type of questions, or see some of her charts, and could blow it out of the water.

No. 508467


That would be endometrial ablation.

The condition of the uterus does not cause ectopic pregnancy.

Don't feel like a retard, anon. Knowledge about reproductive health is important to have. But we are quite OT now.

No. 508468

Not only that, she would just get jealous of someone younger and or prettier. Even if said texan's daughter wasn't a daddy's girl she'd simply get jealous that she was younger and in her vicinity. Hell, even if the daughter was older and or ugly, she'd still find reasons as to why she needs to go. She can't stand not being the centre of attention to whoever she's dating hence they aren't allowed to watch porn or already have kids.
Extremely hypocritical because she is a single mother and pursues relationships but won't date someone that has kids of their own.

No. 508469

I bet that one was also "love that was more than love" until she found out about the daughter kek

No. 508470

I tried getting it for my absolutely painful endometriosis, however, I don't have children and even though I don't want any, doctors nope right out giving you. Ablation destroys the uterine lining. I think it's just the functional layer (the one involved in shedding during your period).

Raven never mentioned this. The procedure she got involved her tubes (if what she told Ash is true) and she can't get pregnant, but probably has regular periods. 40 is too young to go through menopause.

No. 508471

So was this guy in TX the sponsor she was going on about a few weeks before she declared that she and Logan were breaking up? The one that fell through suddenly? Because I thought Logan was going along with her at that point.

No. 508472

Lol. I’m not sure. She just states that her and poor kid no longer had a relationship and he hadn’t treated her well in years. She said 2013 was when he stopped being nice to her. But that was 5 years ago, so why stay?

No. 508473

Women who think they show anything at 8 weeks are hilarious. At most you are bloated from hormones, there's no baby bump. Unless you have many children you generally don't start showing until mid way through the second trimester. I give serious eyeroll to women who start saying they have a "baby bump" in the first trimester…which of course Raven would be one of those women irregardless of if she's actually ever pregnant.

No. 508474

I don’t know anything about a sponsor. I just know she “Dated” these guys.

No. 508475

Especially Raven who had no flat stomach lol

No. 508476

Exactly. When I was 12 weeks, I didn’t show a bit. Let alone women who are chubby tend to not show until later in the pregnancy

No. 508477

Mannn aren't they ALL the 'one that was more than the one'? Like literally every dude is her true love until she fucks it up somehow or moves onto fresh meat.

No. 508478

"this is the one I have been waiting for my whole life" kek

No. 508481

I second this. ALSO Raven is a serial bullshitter and even if she ended up with an over weight juggalo who lived in a tree, she'd find a way to boast about it.
For example-
Fat guy he's sooo cuddly/tank
Weirdo he's a creative type

There's many more examples I could use but I think you get my drift.
She loves to not only act like they are the one but also loves to boast about everything and anything, so anon is right, the house probably isn't even that fancy.

No. 508482

No…wait…THIS is the one I was waiting for my whole life. The other one? You mean the one I was talking about in my last video? Oh he tried to rape me and beat me up. He wasn't the one at all.

But THIS one…

No. 508484

It's odd because she only needed a "sponsor" if Logan was going to move with her. We had assumed the term sponsor was in relation to a financial sponsor for a spousal visa but it would seem we assumed wrong. Raven was literally calling some thirsty dude in Texas a sponsor because he was going to sponsor her new Logan-free life. God she's such a nasty parasite.

No. 508486

Ash you mentioned earlier that she gets the whole blaming exes on rape idea from her own fantasies about rape. Has she disclosed this with you in the past? Or any deets on her weird fetishes ect? She sounds like such a freak yet she says she's a prude in videos like all the time.

No. 508488


After we voiced our skepticism, she posted comparison photos of her pregnant belly >>>/pt/479850.


Oh, of course she could have embellished or fabricated the incident. I'm just presenting what she has said. In the first thread is a pic of her in a hospital bed with large blood stains on her compression stockings. And in the video she included an interior laparascope image from her surgery which I did not post.

Her gastrectomy was three years later in 2016 iirc.


Logan needed a sponsor for his visa since she could not sponsor him. She said that they had one lined up but the arrangement fell through, as noted by a previous anon.


The dress that was more than a dress was a Lip Service design from about ten years ago, so replacing it would be fairly impossible. But she pushed the point beyond eliciting sympathy from even the most diehard Lippy fanatic by making its loss the focus of two videos.

No. 508491

Sex is just another tool in the narc manipulation box for Raven. It's to be used to get what she wants out of men.
But I could totally see her being into rape fantasies only because she is that dedicated to being a victim in every aspect of her life - even in bed.

No. 508495


Yes, photos of her holding her gut one way and holding her gut another. It's hilarious she thinks those photos show anything but a very sad deluded woman.

That Logan needed a "sponsor' is just mind blowing because Raven is an American citizen. For him to get a greencard she would have just needed a minimum wage job to sponsor him herself, but you can tell how important Logan was to her that she couldn't even been assed to get a job for a few months. Raven work? Never. It's only the glamorous life of e-begging, scams and welfare for Raven.

No. 508496

She used to read books about abuse and rape. She did confide in me after the claim she made about Ryan because I asked her about it. Back then I was on her MySpace and DeviantArt. She said he raped her one night and the next she posted a video of them at a party all over each other. After having this happen myself at an extremely young age, I tried to get the story out of her because it baffles me why she would say he raped her and then dance sexual and make out with him the next night. She said they were both drunk and they had sex, but during the encounter he became forceful and she wasnt in the mood. I told her that is not considered rape and that could destroy someone’s life by her spreading that. She literally did not care at all. I guess during her younger years, these erotica rape and abuse things she read got her into bdsm and other such things. Her prior rape stories were falsified because she was mad over another female. She spins tales better than rumplestilskin spins gold. And she knows she is good at it. She loves the attention. Everything she says about what people do to her, telling rape at someone when it didn’t happen is the absolute worst. It’s people like her who stop real victims from being believed.

No. 508507

Sorry that it happened to you. It's gross that she lies about serious shit like miscarriages and rape. She's a disgusting human being.

No. 508517

Yeah, she definitely was not the one who called it quits. It's probably closer to something like: he was a normal older man who had a job and a house. not some super wealthy dude. he found her online via her slut photos and decided to send her money/gifts to get more nudes and attention. he offered her to come live in his house as he was under the impression she would be his personal goff sex kitten (barf). she found out he had a daughter and REEEEd about it so he dumped her crazy ass for the next online ho willing to suck his wrinkly dick.

And she moved onto the next sucker who bought into her shooped nudes aka couchy

No. 508518

I'm still a laughing at that post she did on the mothering forum. It really shows she tries to comb the internet to find authentic details to her lies but gets it all wrong, but thinks she's being smart.

In NZ literally no one gets beta level tests unless they are seeing a reproductive endocrinologist/fertility specialist and have undergone IVF treatment.

Regular HCG level checks are only done for IVF patients, not for women with natural pregnancies. Beta/HCG levels are only done because they are checking to see if the frozen embryo implanted and growing, there is no other way to check at such an early stage other than blood draws. Raven would have just gotten a standard HCG test and told if she was pregnant or not, they would have not told her her hgc levels much less run them four times. She even says "she's not seeing a doctor" but is someone having blood tests and hcg level monitoring on senseless time pattern in a country with socialized medicine? No.

Not to mention For the time period Raven is claiming (after a missed period) her hcg levels
would have been over 20,000 - she stole or copied numbers that mimic someone who had IVF at ten days post transfer (well before in a natural pregnancy a period would have been missed.)

No. 508520


In addition to the income requirement, she would have needed a domicile within the US or to have been taking concrete steps towards moving back the US like signing a lease. In their situation (ie. Raven would never have been able to get her shit together), their only option was to find a joint sponsor.



No. 508528

File: 1524245599525.jpg (57.48 KB, 571x414, googleultrasound.jpg)

I don't think she was ever pregnant with twins. Here >>507781 is her supposed ultrasound of her "twins" at 9 weeks (I think). And attached is what you get when you google "ultrasound twins 9 weeks".

Now again, I am no medical expert. But as >>507920 said >that only shows one sac, not two as you would have with twins.< I assume the sacs appear as the black space, and yeah, there is only one (that my untrained eye sees).

Given Raven's need to exaggerate, I think it's safe to conclude she was never pregnant with twins. It MIGHT have been one. Maybe.

No. 508531

Not to mention that almost every guy she dated/married abused her or raped her. That is just… highly unlikely. It's weird how she always sticks to those stories. She can't just make up "oh he cheated so I'm leaving", nah, she has to make up this super dramatic "poor me look at me how horrible everyone is to me" story and I still can't believe all her exes are… kinda okay with it lol.

No. 508541

wow wow wooow I didn't know she was diabetic. Does she know how hard it's gonna be for her to get ANY treatment while her id situation is fucked up? She definitely has no healthcare whatsoever, and you can't go the ER for that. She is going to die from shock or something because can you imagine her in a rural SC doctor office, looking like that, with no id, no manners and certainly no money! She can't get an intake appointment, forget about dialysis. The US does not give a fuck. I bet that Texan dude at least had health insurance kekkkkk

No. 508542

Na, it wasn't even one. See how the identifying details had to be scribbled out on that scan? See how Raven purposely posted a blurry ultrasound with no patient details? It's because it's just took some random online ultrasound photo and claimed it was hers. She wanted so bad to prove to people her latest fake pregnancy is real but cut out all the details and text that would have shown it was her scan and not some random woman's? Sure, sure.
Raven was doing fake pregnancy dramas like most people celebrate birthdays, it's a once a year kind of performance for her. They are usually spurred by something at home (partner not paying enough attention, fighting and threats of break up or simply needed some online drama in her life)
She follows the narc fake pregnancy drama script like a pro every single time. I'm sure some people might give her the benefit of the doubt and think she really did have a loss at some point, but not me. The only thing I would believe is that she had two abortions while she was with Ryan, that sounds about right. (Also Ryan didn't force her to get any abortions, it was just as much her decision because child rearing is hard and thankless, but fake pregnancy drama is easy and gets you attention/pity.)

No. 508549

I have never in my life seen a twin ultrasound refer to them as fetus 1 and fetus 2. It’s always always Baby A and Baby B.

No. 508550

If Logan "stopped being nice to her" in 2013, why did she marry him in 2014?

That couldn't possibly be utter bullshit, could it? Not like Gravy to make it up as she goes along.

No. 508554

It’s screencapped of her saying that.

No. 508558

Depends on the doctor and region. Fetus is the correct term but baby is used to make it easily understandable to all women.

Weirdly enough the pro-life fanatics hate anyone using the term embryo or fetus, even though that’s exactly what you have at 8 weeks. A baby technically has to be out of the womb. It goes embryo, then after 8 weeks it’s a fetus and when it’s born it’s a baby. There’s a push to have two day old embryos in Petri dishes called “babies” by the same people.

No. 508560

You're probably right. Which makes it even funnier that she faked both and used an ultrasound showing one baby and not twins kek. She has all the time in the world to research and she still can't get this shit right. Or even remotely close.

Ya idk I just wanted one showing the two sacks vs the one sack she showed.

No. 508562

I think Anon meant that it was bullshit that he stopped being nice to her in 2013 since she got married in 2014, not that it was bullshit she said that or that your screencaps are BS.

She was just per-emptively throwing him under the bus, like she did with Josh. Just in case.

No. 508572

Sorry for complete ot, but the healthcare system in 'Murica sounds terrifying and sad simultaneously.

No. 508577

Oh I know. I was just saying that there are screencaps proving it if she ever tries to deny it. Sorry if it came out wrong.

No. 508584

I just love that it hasn't been a year and Raven was accusing Josh of fucking her up for pills.

I don't give this cunt any credit, but I'm a normal basic bitch and it's hard to imagine someone getting a special needs pet for a scam. I'm 100% certain she got Doja to rake in money. Strange how she mentioned in passing "Doja is with the rescue" however the rescue was just that sperg that allowed Doja into their care without a real home check or basic vet care.

Remember Josh, if you ever get over being cucked and want to check out the thread for curiosity's sake, Raven said:
Your mom smells and is dirty
Your brother is a meth head
Your sister or sister in law looks anorexic skeleton
That you, yourself, are an abuser, a loser and momma's boy (apparently with no momma since she doesn't talk to you anymore)

Remember that no one at the Farms believes any of that gross stuff about your family. From the photos they seem like decent human beings with flaws like the rest of us. Go back to your mom, god damn it! Go pay for the car you fucked up and make up with her. She was kind enough to lend it to you, right? Go help her out instead of supporting someone who probably got rid of your dogs and is ruining your life.

No. 508596

File: 1524253927116.jpeg (64.48 KB, 441x765, D975E7AC-81EC-4B8C-8130-2DC2F8…)

Gravy confirmed for bodice ripper reader
she wants every relationship to be like Sweet Savage Love shit

No. 508597

OT it is a very expensive nightmare for people who work or own businesses. Not so much for a broke leech like Raven. The irony is broke jobless ppl are some of the few that can get free healthcare via Medicaid. I’m so glad Raven’s documents and names are such a mess that she hasn’t been able to leech here just yet.

It’s also why her leaving NZ is so fucking hilarious and shows how stupid she is. For a lazy bint who doesn’t work only maybe Sweden would be better choice than NZ. She could have sat on her lazy ass gotten free healthcare, subsidized housing and collected decent cash welfare benefits. But instead she left and came to SC where a lazy bint like her can easily end up on the streets and there is no generous social safety net like NZ. But she gets to shop at Wal-Mart with her e-begging money lol!

No. 508598

File: 1524254249313.png (169.51 KB, 800x1044, Screenshot_2018-04-20-12-14-44…)


She announced at the end of February in >>>/pt/490850 that she had gotten her state ID.

Now that she has her ID and has established residency, she needs to apply for Medicaid.



Her hospital bills from their car accident were most likely covered by MIAP.


She is even more despicable for ebegging because they have not signed on for benefits. Their power bill would be a fraction of what it is if they utilized South Carolina Low Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP). They could have free phone and internet service through the South Carolina LIFELINE Program. Julie-Ann wouldn't have to feed them if they received SNAP.

Now that we know she was on benefits in New Zealand until she left, she cannot claim that signing on is beneath her or embarrassing.

But apparently she would rather validate her victimhood by exploiting her viewers' finite resources and goodwill instead.

I can't decide if she is more of a cunt or an idiot.

Plot twist: They are raking in the free assistance programs and she is greedily ebegging anyway, in which case she is both a cunt and an idiot.

No. 508608


This. Although not all states opted for Medicaid Expansion under the Affordable Care Act or provide Medicaid to people solely for being poor (people must also be pregnant, disabled, or a caregiver to qualify). South Carolina did not opt in, but their program encourages everyone in need to apply.

South Carolina does not offer cash welfare to solely indigent adults, so at least she can't buy more plush unicorns and Tequila Rose on the tax payers' dime.

No. 508610

I’ve never known a welfare leech who wouldn’t take free money from as many sources as possible.

Due to sheer laziness she may not yet be on Medicaid but no amount of welfare would prevent her from e-begging. She used her dead mother to scam money ffs, she has zero shame and thinks scams for money make her smart, instead of pathetic.

I’m so glad Dorian is no longer a minor and in NZ and she can’t get knocked up. She’s fucked for free welfare money in SC. Bitch will have to get a job once Josh detatches the parasite from his body.

I’m totally revved up for her homeless saga.

No. 508612

File: 1524256155921.png (158.36 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_20180420-162023.png)

Aaah I missed that particular development, thanks. She's still going to have a hard time getting benefits though. SC did not expand its medicaid coverage, and without a documented disability, cancer or minor children that's going to be a tough road for the hag.

South Carolina has an eligibility form you can fill out, so I did. It really only asks your name, age, number of children and on her own and with no income, she doesn't even qualify for SNAP benefits. Two able bodied adults with no kids don't usually, not in my state and not in SC. In my state, you can get ebt for yourself as an adult only if you have a job that pays practically nothing and even then you get like $64 a month. Certainly no cash benefits either, they hardly even give them to single moms much less dried up goffs who should be working a fucking job.

No. 508616


Sorry Ash - I know,she said it. I was being sarcastic about her, not saying you were lying. Lost in translation.

No. 508628


Like I said in >>508608, their program encourages everyone in need to apply. Her diabetes may tip the scale as a chronic condition or at least qualify her for subsidized prescriptions under their prescription program.

Together, she and Josh would probably qualify for SNAP. SC does not require recipients to be pregnant or have minor children.


I used a different eligibility assessment site and gave them a combined gross household income of $1200, and they qualified for SNAP and LIHEAP. Their eligibility for Medicaid could not be determined with the info provided. People who qualify for SNAP and/or Medicaid are eligible for LIFELINE.

But we both know that our efforts here amount to no more than an intellectual exercise. Unless it is necessary to satisfy some whim, being a responsible adult is simply not one of her pursuits.

No. 508633

>that our efforts here amount to no more than an intellectual exercise

You know, you're right anon. She couldn't be bothered to spend that same ten minutes doing it. And honestly, I don't want her to. I would much rather sit and wait for the Box That Was More Than A Refrigerator Box, coming approx June 2018.

No. 508646

I wouldn’t exactly put applying for govt assistance in the responsible category, more the opposite. Ha