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File: 1611678379330.png (443.24 KB, 720x800, Screenshot_20210126-111349~2.p…)

No. 818510

Since the last one postlocked right as Sperg-chan started posting again, this shall be the new Kiki Kannibal thread.

A few little updates since the last thread:

>usual manic cycling between being OTT horny&bitter, posting elaborate and detailed rape fantasies, desperately clinging to her scene phase pics and shaking her ass on cam

>made a long, graphicly detailed (and hilariously false) Halloween post completely rewriting the story re: her and Danny and the alleged rape
>also casually reposting her old Stickam videos of her chimping out in full scene makeup andher underwear, claiming she was labelled a 'coquettish Lolita' and that pedos creeping on poor, innocent Kirsten just trying to make friends her own age is what ruined her life, not her own greed, ego, and entitlement
>Anons in the thread point out that Kiki and Danny had less of an age gap than she and Kota, suddenly she drops it and doesn't mention it again as she starts posting her love & light positivity more often while also trying to casually goad Kota into interacting with her online (and failing)
>Kaka posted IG stories of her and Kooter dancing like idjits with light sticks in Orlando, confirming Koots is no longer in Japan during the latest Covid travel ban
>pics & vids she posts confirm that neither of them has really "matured" their sense of humor in almost a decade, complete with wild flailing and screeching in public gracefully captured on video by Cathy(?)
>Kiki also goes from being a precious, pitiful victim who believes all abusers should be exposed, no matter how rich or famous they are, to using the Armie Hammer cannibalism drama for clout by retweeting picrel
>anons speculate about where she lives, as she still posts content featuring her LA bedroom despite confirmation that she at least was in Orlando recently for an event
>aside from all that, our sperg queen has been quietly posting stories to IG while stalking Twitter for any use of her scene pics to RT, in her usual rollercoaster pattern of highs and lows. I recommend using an anon IG story viewer for anyone who wants to look but doesn't follow her so keeks can't see who is and possibly stalk you. Beware the Sperg.

Twitter @mmmkikikannibal
Instagram @mmmkikikannibal
Youtube @mmmkikikannibal
(If anyone has links to other accounts she still posts on just lmk)

No. 818553

File: 1611696738432.jpeg (618.02 KB, 828x1433, E33F4E61-8858-486D-8F46-19F1B4…)

Thanks op. I’ll just share some caps from her latest cringe ig post. Unremarkable white woman still thinks it’s hysterical and sew le quirky desu to dance like Napoleon Dynamite in 2021.

No. 818554

File: 1611696823624.jpeg (391.54 KB, 828x821, 01D52765-7BB4-44CE-92E6-42D0A1…)

>says the week she spent with her sister had tantalizing highs

No. 818555

File: 1611696885388.jpeg (394.07 KB, 828x814, 5696975F-D3EB-4D5B-9A0B-090920…)

>wants to be desired while talking about probiotics

No. 818566

Is this a sheer top she's going free titty under?

No. 818572

File: 1611702104434.png (930.78 KB, 720x1087, Screenshot_20210126-175914~2.p…)

She has a new victim/potential rapist… or could this be the same "hottie Bugatti" she was crying over last year?

No. 818573

File: 1611702244304.png (944.8 KB, 720x1091, Screenshot_20210126-175726~2.p…)

No. 818577

She's wearing the blouse for a drindl. It looks not only cheap, but absolutely ridiculous.

No. 818579

Right, well I was more pointing out the obvious nipples going on in her vids, especially since she keeps gesturing toward them and wiggling her fingers over her nips while she flails. Hell, in the pic posted here you could outline her silhouette in the screenshot jist by turning up your screen brightness.

No. 818584

Absolutely no style or sex appeal in sight

No. 818585

I just noticed that the front of the bike and Kiki's helmet are numbered, could this be something like a scenic Venice Beach motorcycle ride-along she paid for and posted pics of trying to act like she has real, living males interested in her?

No. 818586

Why does she write so strangely? She's never talking about any one thing in particular. Everything she says and types is a constant stream of consciousness. Vexing.

If that's her breasts we're seeing, there sure isn't much to look at.

No. 818592

Kiki's mentality is like she lives her life standing beside herself, watching and guiding herself to do and say things that she thinks other people will find cool and deep and meaningful, but to sane people she just sounds and looks batshit/on drugs.

No. 818595

File: 1611706623408.jpeg (142.41 KB, 750x844, E8B7755B-3D3E-4238-B7BB-F36004…)

She posted this on her story. Aside from the constant recycling of her dancing in her bedroom like the loser she is, here we can see she thinks her tits will give her attention her face couldn’t possibly garner and also that she believes nobody will notice that crusty lipliner mustache, apparently

No. 818599

File: 1611709721093.jpg (779.86 KB, 2335x2305, 21-01-26-20-05-31-125_deco~2.j…)

Resorting to covert nipslips for views? That actually makes perfect sense, considering this set she posted >>818555

Looking at her IG stories, she's back to posting sad, bitter memes that seem like she may have got pump n dumped again.

No. 818644

It's a replica of a Valentino Rossi helmet, his race # is 46.

No. 818690

Ok? If anything, that makes it seem more like a rental ride she's trying to make look like a new boytoy (despite moto guy not being AZN).

No. 818710


Looks like the "how things started" pic from a gore before and after meme.

No. 818764

File: 1611791754999.png (409.9 KB, 720x809, Screenshot_20210127-082846~2.p…)

Another IG story from earlier; wonder what this could be referencing?

No. 818766

Does she have a towel stuffed in the top of that hemlet??

No. 818769

File: 1611792642520.png (219.27 KB, 410x500, towel.png)

I thought you were joking. But no, there is actually a towel stuffed in her helmet. Why???

No. 818787

Google says you can sometimes wear a rag or knit cap to make a loose helmet fit more snug, but with that being a whole ass towel and how low her face is showing through the front, my guess is this is the best she could do to make it work for the pic- but no way would any rider worth a shit let her ride with a helmet that is so obviously too big, it wouldn't do much for her in an accident but make the mess easier for EMTs to clean up (bc towel included kek).

This was probably a photo opt, which could be why she's barely touching him, and why the guy has the "pls send halp" eyes.

No. 818842

Aw I love when people do king gestures for sped women <3 so nice of that man taking her on a ride around the block <3

No. 818883

It means nothing, she has no friends and the only social contact that she engages in besides pestering Kota is having sex with men off tinder

No. 818904

File: 1611847461652.jpg (369.61 KB, 2514x1587, 21-01-28-10-21-45-012_deco~2.j…)

Keeks trying to make it seem like she's ever worked a single day in her life.

Maybe it's about Kota, it wouldn't be the first time she's vaguely hinted at spilling tea on her sister.

No. 818924

She does harbor tons of jealous resentment toward her. It isn’t like Kota’s life is completely depressing the way that Kiki’s is. At this point, Dakota seems content. She’s managing her weight, stays off socials, and it appears she’s finally accepted her face which is a big thing for her. Meanwhile, well… we have enough threads documenting Kiki’s failures.

No. 819032

Any idea which rental service it might be?

I'd love for a motorcyclefag to analyze this.

No. 819066

This had to be a tinder hookup, no bike rental shop that is insured would ever allow her to ride with a towel stuffed in an improperly fitted hemlet. If she rode around like that it was privately bc some fuckboi wanted to show off for a low effort lay. Otherwise, Kiki's thirsty ass would have tagged the shop or the guy.

No. 819077

File: 1611943819188.jpeg (196.21 KB, 828x824, 98E7C201-4923-4B28-B8DF-D4F295…)

Pretty sure it’s just the guy Kiki referred to as a “hotty bugatti merman” in that extremely manic video where she kept trying to pose like a model and was pretending she was on a motorcycle.


Btw the motorcycle photo is the first picture of her with another person on her ig since February 2017, and that was just a fan pic with Willam Dafoe.

No. 819149

File: 1612028312889.png (395.82 KB, 720x696, Screenshot_20210130-123214~2.p…)

Sage for kinda old, but I found it funny that Kiki still hasn't changed at all:

Her Twitter crosspost from December about being left out used some art by another IG user that she tagged on IG, but not on Twitter. It was just funny to me how the queen of selfishness can't even properly credit the artists whose work she uses to pad her enlightened empath persona. Even on IG, she placed the tag where it's hard to see on both pics.

Artist is @jeffreythelin on Twitter, @tevleen

No. 819150

File: 1612028760876.png (573.22 KB, 720x1097, Screenshot_20210130-123238~2.p…)

No. 819426

Is Kiki the only cow we’ve had who has literally never had a single friend? I’m blown away by that glaring red flag alone. I imagine she’s still here sperging everyday still, at this point just because she has nothing else to do.

No. 819469


someone give that girl some vitamin and nutrients stat. That lifeless, flat hair is tragic.

No. 819472

Kiki changed her entire Halloween rape story post, and it looks like she removed all the comments continuing the story past the caption which she updated with her accurate age. Comparing the current caption with the caps from the last thread, she edited it according to everything that was posted in the last thread. I wonder, what would it actually take to prove kaka lurks here, aside from the fact that she and her sister both have had years-long proven histories of deleting and changing things as soon as they are posted anonymously? And another thought I had- back in the day, the Ostrengas avoided a lawsuit over their role in Danny's death by filing bankruptcy (the Cespedes family were PISSED), but could they possibly have a case for all the lies Kiki has published slandering Danny and lyinf about dates and ages and timelines? Kiki's Halloween rape fanfic claims Danny took her virginity when he "held her down and raped her", but I remember there was an actual police report mentioning Cathy collecting their used condoms, as well as mentioning they lived and slept together with Kiki's parent's permission. Isn't claiming this rape story as true, in any sense, slandering a dead man? I doubt Danny's family has much online presence so I doubt they would randomly come across her claims, nor do I believe they would want to look her up or keep tabs on her after so long, but still. Kiki still trying to claim Danny was a violent rapist when it was proven before he even died that their relationship was both sexual AND consensual and approved by her parents feels like a crime somehow, since she only posts that shit when she needs attention afterna pump n dump or when kota won't reply to her mentions.

No. 819475


Lurk more. Kaka was outted posting hundreds of times in previous threads.

No. 819476

I know that, I was here for the Sperg-chan invasion and reveal. I've also been here since then for all the anons claiming they both outgrew the site. I wasn't asking if, I was asking what would be needed aside from her editing herself based on lc posts would prove it.

No. 819483

It's againts her religion or is she still a vegan?

No. 819500

Kiki was never really vegan, anon. She was caught lying at least a dozen times over the years about her speshul expensive whole foods shit and imported snacks from Japan being vegan when they weren't. She's an exclusionary vegan at most, meaning she calls whatever she assumes is meat/dairy/egg free at a glance "vegan". She's just anorexic and calling it something else.

No. 819568

>I wonder, what would it actually take to prove kaka lurks here
We don’t need it. It’s obvious and it’s been obvious. Even upthread you can see posts that she obviously made. She clears her cookies now, but we all know she’s still here and that’s good enough. Still obsessed with Taylor R. Given just how sad and pathetic she is, almost thirty and has never had a single friendship in her life, I’m confident she is also the sperg who used to constantly try to shoehorn Dakota being a prostitute. Bitch is psycho. All you have to do is go through her post history and connect the dots—you’d be crazy to give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 819815

File: 1612356831670.jpg (217.26 KB, 1080x1920, mmmkikikannibal_2021.2.3_ial57…)

Kaka posted a story of her videochatting with someone showing her a squirrel in their yard, possibly Kooters? Though idk how she would have gotten around the recent travel ban to return to Japan after being in Orlando recently.

No. 819819

How do we know this isn't in a backyard in Florida? I posted in Kota's thread that I had a theory their parent's downsized homes which could explain Kaka's new room she's always in. Possibly why she only ever films/takes pics there and nowhere else. Maybe Kaka is at her bf's house face-timing home or… This is an old screenshot she posted. Also, isn't it winter in Japan while it looks warm in that video screenshot?

No. 819825


You seem confused about what the word 'prove' means, tinfoil-chan.

No. 819887

Different anon but you seem confused about the point of this site? Why do we need to “prove” absolutely anything when anyone with half a brain who reads here knows exactly what Kaka’s doing?

No. 819939

>t. spergchan

No. 819944

But she was definitely in LA around the time she moved into that new room and got with Bobby, and she's still in that same room.

Maybe Scott and Cathy divorced, Cathy moved into a smaller house after selling the huge one mama Tierney willed her (their childhood home), and Kiki moved to LA with Scott. He had a good job in IT and there have been posts in past threads mentioning that he may have silicon valley job connections there. Maybe Kiki is in LA with her dad and Kota is riding out the travel ban in Florida with Cathy.

No. 819968

Cathy wouldn’t leave Scott tho he’s the one with the job.

No. 820026

But maybe Scott would dump dependa Cathy, and no way he could move to LA without leechy Kiki coming with him.

No. 820318

File: 1612543403292.png (98.26 KB, 720x698, Screenshot_20210205-114213~2.p…)

Kiki somehow managed to exclude herself from anonymous IG viewers, she has a new story up yet the 5 I just tried to view then with all say she has no stories in the last 24 hours. Is there a way to do that now??

>Sneeky Kiki

No. 820321

File: 1612543798873.png (777.1 KB, 750x1334, BD25B816-E781-4544-879D-3C3A85…)


This one usually works for when insta-stories is down.

No. 820334

Lol she can’t do that, I’m sure she wishes she could however. A lot of the times when one server is down so are most of them, if not all. The best ones tend to disappear after a few months too, so you can’t rely on any one viewer site anyways.

No. 821268

File: 1613007703027.png (1.38 MB, 1080x2167, Screenshot_20210210-224021.png)

She probably has rabbies

No. 821269

opossums usually have a body temperature too low to carry rabies. I know this was probably a joke but it wasn't a very good one.

No. 821283


No. 821403

There’s something deeply wrong with her but we all know that already

No. 821411

Aw damn :(

No. 821416

This is why nobody likes Kiki. She posts pointless shit that ends up just being mento-illness porn for pickmes and their simps. If she wants followers and shit, she needs to actually post something other than her selfies and manic sperging/crying/eyefucking herself. Her entire SM is just a shrine to her self-worship because she never posts anything anyone can relate to- just Spergchan, all the time.

No. 821438

It’s been said a thousand times before but she’s beyond any reform. She’s going to baby Jane until the day she dies.

No. 821572


Most likely not a rental because of the racing number. Ducati's are usually super expensive (his is a ~2010 or so bike) AGB helmets and Dainese jackets/gloves that he's wearing are too. I'm surprised he spent all this money on accessories but still wears skinny jeans (which are super uncomfortable to ride in) and no riding boots lmao. I'm also surprised he hasn't changed the cans or the tail either, that's usually the first thing people change on every bike. If he were to crash his jeans would rip like paper and he would suffer from some serious road rash, no doubt he rides a bike for image more than anything (Most people who buy Ducatis do kek) but it does seem like he visits the track often because his tires are pretty fucking cooked. Laughing my ass off with how ridiculous that helmet looks on her. As previous anons have said, it's obviously way too big for her and it's totally his old helmet because it would be too big on most women. That jacket is GOD AWFUL as well, it makes her look pregnant lmao.

No. 821683

Amazing, thank you anon for this rundown. This explains her meltdown over being dumped by him even though he's just probably cycling through chicks on tinder.

I cringe at the thought of her asking someone to take a pic for her insta, only to latergram it.

No. 821734

File: 1613242613273.jpeg (463.1 KB, 828x972, DBE86797-3E82-4F1A-86A0-2F63B4…)

She tries really hard with these captions.

No. 821739

File: 1613243842935.png (75.81 KB, 313x300, Capture.PNG)

Minor, but that dark indentation/crease near her nose/inner eye looks strange, as if her nasal bridge curves inward and then suddenly widens. I can't tell if it's an actual shadow or some weird thing she was attempting with makeup.

No. 821763

whoa so she actually got full bangs and is wearing her hair pulled back. it's a mild improvement until you read her word salad captions.

No. 821775

Wish she’d wear some blush and do something about her lifeless fleshy lips but it’s already taken this long to get even a mild improvement and she’s a babushka now, so.

No. 821909

She deleted the pic of her and the guy on the motorcycle, I wonder why?

No. 821920

Once again, no photos with other human beings on her feed. It has to be her boring, washed out face front and center at all times. Bumping only because this spam is reminding me of when Kiki used to spam to bury her thread.

No. 822035

File: 1613436817478.jpeg (622.75 KB, 828x1100, 37FF633A-FBC5-4A4A-9C55-8C3CD8…)

She’s so weird

No. 822054

Does she have any other white blouses other than this one?

No. 822110

Why does Kiki’s thread keep getting bumped down? I wonder

No. 822123

Probably because she’s boring, washed up and the milk is drying.

No. 822124

Couldn’t have possibly been referring to the influx of spam bringing ages old threads to the surface today specifically now could I?

No. 822129

That implies hers was the only one bumped down.

Not related to Keekz but it’s almost refreshing in a nostalgic way to see the old lolcows. I forgot about Amor Hilton.

No. 822131

>dirty mirror with smears on it
>lifeless, stringy hair
>cryptkeeper hands
Looking great as always.

No. 822144

Funny how she's posting pics from other parts of her place after it was mentioned here that she only posts from the one room

Also that shirt is fucking hideous

No. 822212

I bet someone tagged him and he asked her to remove it.

>so much garbage on the floor

Is this in the family Florida home?

No. 822220

Lol, she deleted it because anon deflated the obviously fake fantasy she was trying to curate with that pic: >>821572

Kiki doesn't react much to being shit on and insulted herself, but any and every male she posts to her social media gets deleted as soon as everyone finds out she's just a temporary cockwarmer. The ONE successful relationship she had ahe never posted, and ended it by claiming Bobby Hatanaka (what happened tp him, BTW??) raped her in her sleep.

No. 822242

That literally looks like a ghouls hand

No. 822295

He has 2 IG profiles now, a public and a private one, and the public one looks like a random mashup of him trying to be a male model, plus one clip of him lip-synching to a rap song while eyefucking himself just like Kiki likes to. I see why they were together for so long- he seems like an Asian male Kaka sans the crazy- but I'm really curious why they broke up if he's okay with her leaving up the caption where she claimed he raped her in her sleep?

No. 822309

File: 1613526008111.jpeg (84.86 KB, 1242x2208, 20D0FE69-69CC-4ECF-8A47-DAF9F1…)

She has 22 ig stories up right now and they’re all passive aggressive infographic quotes whining about men

No. 822563

That must mean "Hottie Bugatti Ducati" got tired of her & now she has to project her shit onto men. Poor Kaka, too stupid to realize no man wants to baby a self-worshipping nutcase who is a sinkhole of emotional labor and executive dysfunction.

No. 822602

Hotti Ducatti was out of the picture months ago, she’s just a psycho

No. 823188

Not even gonna watch them, but I assume it’s more victim complex schizophrenia shit.

No. 826016

File: 1615406346667.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_20210310-165559.png)

Home girl is going through an schizo episode again

No. 826017

File: 1615406430707.png (231.63 KB, 1080x1713, Screenshot_20210310-165508~2.p…)

No. 826018

File: 1615406459476.png (236.33 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_20210310-165516~2.p…)

No. 826019

File: 1615406495070.png (222.68 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20210310-165501~2.p…)

And this in the comments because instagram limits schizo rants on captions

No. 826042


She looks/ this reads like she is fucking high.

No. 826054

she sure does make a lot of verbose pseudointellectual posts for a very average, uninteresting 28-year-old who has had an uneventful life and done nothing notable since they were a teenager

No. 826092

Does she think this word salad is going to get her a book deal or something? It’s hilarious.

No. 826155

Kiki's behavior and history has always suggested at least weed use, I wouldn't be surprised if she got into psychedelics in Cali like all those stream-of-consciousness hippie burnouts do. Either that, or her meds got adjusted and are wreaking havoc on her brain… Or, she got pumped and dumped again & is starting to slowly become aware of the fact that she's not the hot shit she believes, and that she attracts shit bc of it. I smell a new persona on the horizon.

No. 826159

File: 1615477341751.png (831.04 KB, 1080x1923, Screenshot_20210311-124014.png)

The ego stroke

No. 826183

I get the feeling she might be manic or hypo manic too, always picking up and dropping new hobbies. Right now it’s self insert fanfic writing. Before it was music, fitness, getting in internet fights etc

No. 826235

Well at least she's not obsessed with looking perfect in pics any more…?

No. 826253

she 100% thinks she looks hot af in that pic

No. 826266

oh you know she spent a good amount of time concealing her tucan bean

No. 826280

she looks trans in those pics. adams apple ass

No. 826287

Love that back-handed compliment, anon.

No. 826418

File: 1615557497017.png (881.85 KB, 1080x1938, Screenshot_20210312-105736.png)

This thread's image is so relevant

No. 826419

File: 1615557549144.png (444.82 KB, 1080x1915, Screenshot_20210312-105603~3.p…)

"matcha cacao and sex don't do it for me anymore, so I'm fishing for internet compliments"

No. 826430

File: 1615562319404.jpeg (60.61 KB, 500x500, 39E43E72-C8E6-49EF-837A-E14296…)

Kiki it’s called too much free time, go volunteer for those vegan organizations or a farm that you’re so fucking passionate about

No. 826443

>someone in Dakota's thread posts a bunch of arguments for her being stuck in FL
>Kiki starts posting again worshipping herself instead of her usual schizoid projection or sad sack selflove bullshit

hmm… I like it.

No. 826460

"Who is Kiki Kannibal?" is what most people who hear the name "Kiki Kannibal" in 2021 will ask.

No. 826515

File: 1615580887939.jpg (422.99 KB, 935x1352, Screenshot_20210313-091633_Goo…)

They also stopped following each other

No. 826580

They haven't been following each other for almost a year now, anon. I think the last time they mutually unfollowed was documented in the last thread but idr.

No. 826633

File: 1615665647690.png (1.92 MB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20210313-165744.png)

Probably does >>826092

She published a fucking recipes e-book and charging $12 for it

No. 826634

File: 1615665689582.png (457.36 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210313-165914.png)

I'm baffled

No. 826644

wonder how long this will stay up

No. 826666

File: 1615675486020.jpg (80.42 KB, 625x1000, 61W7LKlloDL._SL1500_.jpg)

This is the actual fucking cover of her ebook. It looks like a bad vaporware graphic, you can't read shit

No. 826669

File: 1615675624288.png (1.68 MB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20210313-194532.png)

I thought these were just bad graphics for the book but now I'm kinda wondering if… The book looks like this. Like, is it an actual page? With THAT don't? OVER THAT BACKGROUND?

No. 826671

File: 1615675719560.png (1.96 MB, 1080x1210, Screenshot_20210313-194609.png)


Either way, I really wonder if the pages actually look like this. If so, hilarious.

No. 826672

>Kiki's go to almond mylk
>Kiki's to go almond mylk

No. 826706

>these were the wild dogs that ripped through the villages of my body and mind
Oh my fucking god

No. 826710

File: 1615681528580.jpeg (129.14 KB, 1242x1209, BE47BD75-4770-4D66-BCE0-C265AC…)

Just documenting. Love that Kiki took a break from sperging in her sister’s thread and posting cp to try to get lc taken down long enough to update us on her delusional antics <3 so charitable of her

No. 826712

Are you supposed to talk about yourself and use “i” in impersonal cookbooks. Also she can just write what almond milk it is, assuming it’s store bought

No. 826715

File: 1615681706232.jpeg (125.58 KB, 1242x1222, B37A8C13-52D4-4B9C-909D-78387B…)

Also vague theory, but do you ever think Kiki posts such bizarre things in Dakota’s thread to keep her “trauma bonded” to her? I think she does it because she’s angry she’s now more of a cow than her sister. What will her sister have in common if Dakota isn’t a victim with her? What would she have to talk about with her sister and isolate with her if she’s happy and has moved on with her life? What better way to lovebomb her and get attention from her than by bonding over having so many fat jelly haters?

No. 826716

File: 1615681765361.jpeg (125.93 KB, 1242x1222, 559D85BF-C1B3-4BCA-8667-51A29A…)

No. 826728

I don't know if it's supposed to be impersonal, but it should keep the same tone during the whole thing

So if she's gonna use "I/me", then drop "Kiki's to go/go to mylk" for just "milk (I use xyz)".

No. 826761

The whole design is so overworked and gaudy, it’s gonna look as tacky as her scene phase in the years to come, especially for someone who wants to look like a timeless baby cherub

No. 826764

It's only in ebook form, she isn't offering a printed copy, but yeah, all the pages look like this. It's free if you get the Kindle Unlimited trial but don't waste your time. It's fucking lazy and pointless, literally every smoothie "recipe" ever is the same:

- bananas
- mylk
- some expensive fruit that's only sold at the foreign grocery store on the bad side of town and definitely just tastes like water

Spend nearly an hour prepping the ingredients, guzzle it down in <5 minutes, then spend twenty minutes cleaning the fucking blender. Realize you just consumed an entire meal's worth of calories in the most disappointing way possible

No. 826788

Shit, even if it's just in e-book form, this design is so tacky and unreadable(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826815

This sounds absolutely disgusting.

>>826712 It sounds like she makes her own since she refers to it as ‘her almond mylk recipe’ in >>826671

No. 827107


Even if this goes viral as a joke mocking her, it would still blow up her ego so much. I can see this becoming anothee failed Ostrenga project that gets laughed at in the future. But it does make me wonder, maybe Dakota is/was quietly working on publishing something online in Japan? The one and only time Kiki ever does anything in the real world is when Dakota can't for whatever reason.

No. 827183

File: 1615924166454.png (377.83 KB, 1080x936, Screenshot_20210316-164719.png)

Her ego is probably blown then. Welcome to the writer Kiki era.

No. 827184

File: 1615924624758.jpg (57.6 KB, 742x533, wut2.JPG)

nice shoop to make it look like a "bestseller".

No. 827185

File: 1615924651452.jpg (193.95 KB, 1664x883, wut1.JPG)

No. 827186

File: 1615924805499.jpg (152.47 KB, 1343x804, wut3.JPG)

also, the design of that ebook cover is atrocious.

No. 827205

It's funny how she still uses her legal name as her pen name, but titled the book "Kiki Kannibal Blender Magic", because she can't ever let the 15 minutes of Myspace fame she had in the late 2000s go. She can't let go of it even if it's an unrelated book about blender recipes she's publishing nearly 15 years after that point of her life.

You're almost 30, Kirsten. Maybe it's time to understand that you aren't a teenage scene girl anymore, and that dancing in front of your laptop webcam for social media doesn't substitute for not having a job.

No. 827214

Kaka clapping to herself for a fake #1 shoop and her horrendous cover art that everyone glancing at it will think hard pass. Summarizes her life.

Normalfag vegans looking for recipes might run into this on amazon, only to be confused by the dated illegible design and the name "Kannibal" to boot.

No. 827230

ooohh boy, I can't believe she fucking shooped that
I looked up the first/second release shit so…
> #1 New release means it has beaten the #2 New release and its now #1 New release. Or, it was #2 and the current #1 sold out, or… retired and the #2 is now the #1.

According to >>827186 her atrocious looking cover is #5. Embarrassing. also, not even going into the name, just compare this cover to the other ones. I understand the need to make your book standout but this looks ridiculous

No. 827258

>#1 release
In case any of you have forgotten how batshit psycho she is

No. 827304

>Due to it's large size, this book may take longer to download

Classic Ostrenga- huge files that kill your device. Why?? And how the hell do they store their archives of massive files?

No. 827352

File: 1616021212365.jpeg (993.22 KB, 750x1186, DD8A9F25-AE69-4441-9395-969A97…)

Every page took a while to dl on my phone even with a decent connection, I guess Kiki’s idea of a book is a huge PSD for every page.
Nothing is worth posting, every page is the same boring crap as >>826764 described.

No. 827357

This looks like those obituary life cards black churches give out at funerals about the dead person life. All that’s missing is a small pic of her with angel wings in the top middle. This is so fucking hilarious.

No. 827381


Anon this is the funniest thing I've ever read on lolcow, fucking bless you

No. 827383

No. 827450

Shoop savvy anons, please make a kiki-kannibal-blender-magic style obit for her scene persona omfg. in memoriam of the future she sacrificed for any scrap of quick attention she could get.

No. 827548

File: 1616119608530.jpeg (24.63 KB, 370x297, 15A9D567-EF8C-48E1-B91E-CC34B8…)

She should have made fans.

No. 827584

Is there even a single photo of the actual finished product or no? I don’t think I’ve ever see a recipe book with no photos of food/drink.

No. 827586

Does she even still (as in, does her father still pay) own the copyright of Kiki Kannibal? Bet he bankrolled this recipe obit shitfest as well.

No. 827588

File: 1616133726990.jpeg (1.07 MB, 750x1283, 84D5DCB9-1C09-4C61-A082-440FEE…)

No. 827648

File: 1616169991329.jpg (112.44 KB, 1200x786, caneca-graphic-design-is-my-pa…)

No. 827974

File: 1616334010159.png (636.57 KB, 1080x1521, Screenshot_20210321-103653.png)

She was live on instagram apparently. Either way, big Heaven's Gate energy.

No. 827993

She's got the "terrible attempt at cutting my own bangs during quarantine" hairstyle on point.

No. 827997

How is it possible that her hair looks worse than ever?
Also still sticking to the same make-up style for what… 10 years now?

No. 828000

I don't know how she fucked up so bad. The makeup and bangs look ok here >>826710
She looks crazier. If you watch the videos, her eyes look bulging.

No. 828105

she's just going full girl, interrupted. it's her aesthetic.

Did anyone actually manage to listen to whatever she was rambling about?

No. 828140

It looks a lot like Dakota's old makeup when she debuted in Japan, meanwhile, the bangs seem like TaylorR's too-short bangs.

No. 828311

She pretty much realized that she allows herself to be abused, and it’s because she has low self esteem. It seems like she cut her bangs in an attempt to regain control.

No. 828393

Pretty sure she just cut her bangs because she watched Girl Interrupted during a manic episode

No. 828416


I thought she was babbling about the abuser not having self-love, so that's why they treat and abuse others. And the victim doesn't have self-love so they allow this kind of treatment.

Aka she's going on about BS that doesn't make sense and isn't qualified to talk about.

No. 829016

File: 1616948203293.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1451, Screenshot_20210328-131650.png)

No. 829017

File: 1616948235994.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2172, Screenshot_20210328-131627.png)

OF COURSE she believes in manifesting, OF COURSE

No. 829020

yes, amazing powers of manifesting a big piece of furniture people in every city are giving away free on craigslist

No. 829070

I'm going to bite and say that despite her faux self-deprecation with the caption implying she's the Pale Man, if I didn't know anything about Kiki or who this was and I saw this photo, I'd think she looked nice.
Funny how she's clinging to Dakota's makeup.

No. 829071

Oh look, yet another hobby for her to immediately give up on…

No. 829099


No. 829101

She's so strung out. Maybe she's hoping Dakota's makeup will manifest her a career

No. 829102

To think she actually released music and had somewhat of poor suckers willing to listen to it and she just… Dropped it.

Wouldn't be surprised. manifestation is about manifesting the feeling of having something, and just by this feeling and visualization, such thing will become true

No. 829116


Oof I have to disagree. Those Taylor bangs were tragic (but she knows lol).
I actually think Kiki looks so much better with the bangs. It offsets how stringy and thin her hair is. And I’ve always liked her eye makeup and she’s got some nice lashes…but unfortunately she just looks best under filters and lighting. It doesn’t translate well into real life imagery (which we saw in her short films and that tabloid esq Walmart photo).

No. 829120

Baby bangs are a… Meticulous art.

These baby bangs are waaaayyy different from this atrocity >>827974

No. 829469

she dropped it because she got exposed for ripping off other artists. almost every song she claimed as her own was made by someone else. i think the russian dj that got tipped off might've threatened to sue or got the song taken down with a copyright claim. once her sources were found she forgot all about her music career to become an actor. if she continued to put out music anything about it would've been overwhelmed with calling her out for the music she stole and profited from. there was no way to keep making music and gracefully save face for being a thief so it was never spoken of again.

No. 829493

insane how she’s such a lazy failure that she can’t even attempt anything on her own. Not music (stolen), not acting (bought a role for 5k), not clothing or jewelry (lilkitten didn’t even last a week right?) etc

No. 829586

Wasn't the jewellery and clothing just stuff dropshipped from China too?

I wonder what her parents think at this stage, they truly believed their kids could do no wrong and funded the delusions.

No. 829863

Some of it was especially during the lilkitten era but when she was trying to be indie couture she had actual designer pieces she marked up real high. She was delusional and probably thought because she sold $100 diamonds and bats people would pay anything to buy from her. Problem with that is her diamond necklaces were niche pieces that were a big part of scene. You weren't shit if you didn't have a Trashy Life cupcake or one of Kiki's necklaces. They were bought up by kids who didn't know any better with permissive parents just like Scott and Cathy. When the higher priced pieces didn't sell she just went full cheapskate and started reselling Taobao knockoffs. Always taking the easy way.

No. 830001

File: 1617557728659.png (10.42 MB, 1242x2208, 6D0A804E-799E-4E9A-9340-C52E32…)

Kiki has a new fuckboy.

No. 830002

File: 1617557768518.png (4.45 MB, 1242x2208, 51714384-88E9-406E-A56F-46705D…)

Welp, that was fast!

No. 830005

What is this weird comparing skintones photo…?

No. 830032

lol yeah definitely, nobody buys a fucking Rossi-themed helmet for their passenger. It's clearly his old helmet. If he does go to track he's trash at it, hella chicken strips on that rear tire.

No. 830036

damn, couple of blonde gorillas, those are some hairy fuckin arms

No. 830039

I COULD understand if it was something like "haha after x mins in the sun! He tans so easily"

If he's a fuck boy… Can't wait for the "I'm going to cure myself after a toxic relationship" instagram post in a week.

What about the 50-min yt videos, btw? She dropped those because writing fanfiction about herself on instagram is easier?

No. 830112

Because she has yellow fever.
If he's white, then she's probably doing to show her uwu pure Lily white fairy skin.

No. 830179


KEK only 7 hours? Did she even fuck this one before she decided he was the toxic one I wonder? Lowkey I feel like Kiki just scares guys off then acts like she was the one who dumped them bc of some vague, arbitrary nitpick sane people are willing to work around/talk through.

No. 830182

File: 1617667485959.png (690.4 KB, 720x1354, Screenshot_20210405-195013~2.p…)

Oop, I should have looked before posting. Could this be him? He seems rather white and old for Kaka, especially with that 70s porn 'stache… maybe she's taking a page from kooter's book 10 years too late and latching onto older men? They already have matching bangs.

No. 830189

Bob had a similar mustache. maybe she's way into insufferable hipsters (you know the type, to get a mullet and/or use this 70s mustache ironically).

Can't WAIT until she decides to falsely accuse him of being toxic.

also, confirmed she just wanted to show off her uwu white skin

No. 830194

Her and kota HARDCORE fangirl over Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson(?), I guess weirdo ugly older men are their rype thabks to their pervy dad grooming them since puberty?

No. 830234

File: 1617712992367.jpg (59.23 KB, 1000x444, velk.jpg)


He's into natural medicine and was apparently interested in acting at some point, truly a match made in heaven.


No. 830259

File: 1617730045796.jpg (186.02 KB, 1080x1282, Screenshot_20210406-102719_Chr…)

Was his instagram always private, or only after he was outed here?

No. 830263

It was already private.

No. 830264

File: 1617736134267.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20210406-150540.png)

girl making herself look like a haggard witch on purpose

No. 830275

I love a good roast of Kiki but I can’t pretend like that guy isn’t hot. That is not an ugly man.
Let’s see where she goes with it though.

No. 830305

I thought so too when I visited his backstage profile, wondered how she got a guy like that and… This shit… >>830234 is where I was like "oh makes sense"

Potential TREATMENT for Alzheimer's?
> The current overall evidence that Ginkgo has a predictable and clinically significant benefit for people with dementia or cognitive impairment therefore seems inconsistent and unreliable.

Of course this idiot would chase Kiki.

No. 830310

File: 1617753340349.png (461.68 KB, 1366x564, shrooms.png)

$1000 to anyone who can fact check all of his bullshit videos. Not really though because there are so damn many and I can't even pick one to demonstrate how dumb it is.
I wonder whether Kiki's Blender Magic pdf 'book' idea came before him or whether he inspired her.


No. 830316

There are toxic compounds in mushrooms (including the ones he espouses the benefits of lmao), but they are destroyed with heat. It seems like he's angling to become a diet woo influencer. Keeks may have met her match; they're going to be a granola power couple.

No. 830327

Oh my god I didn’t even look into that video.
So a holistic hottie with a pseudo-medicinal god complex.
Coming from a science/medical background growing up, I gotta gag. It usually takes people with these beliefs longer to catch on to crazy, so maybe this one will last. Kikis pseudo-psychology earth goddess blabber probably hasn’t sparked any red flags for him.

No. 830347

File: 1617767433117.gif (593.16 KB, 500x234, 439903F8-F8C1-4A7C-B87E-AD2ED8…)

I know I can’t be the only one who immediately thought of this

No. 830349

File: 1617768455647.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2184, Screenshot_20210407-010550.png)

She's selling those at $13.13


No. 830350

“Big heaven’s gate energy” is the funniest fucking thing I’ve read about her well done

No. 830366

It's so, so awful looking.

No. 830378

Pseudo-intellectual foreign guy who wanted tp be famous as well?

I see 2 things happening moving forward: kiki slowly adopts a new persona based around being an elven foodie healer babuska and starts aesthetically using some random European language depending on where this guy is from

No. 830379

He's not ugly, but hot is a reach. Remember how low the bar is for men, also that obnoxious 'stache is an abomination- I can barely see the rest of his face around it.

No. 830431

no, she will just claim this guy sexually assaulted her

No. 830465

File: 1617839733184.png (576.96 KB, 1080x2176, Screenshot_20210407-183621~2.p…)

No. 830479

Why is she bitching about capitalism? She doesn't work and her parents pay for everything.

No. 830534

Those are the people that bitch the most. They squandered their privilege and it’s capitalism’s fault.

No. 830720

>He's into natural medicine
eww he's an anti vaxxer for sure

No. 831629


Has anyone posted this yet …? Many mentions of Kiki.(necro)

No. 832126

File: 1618755568698.jpeg (329.1 KB, 828x1368, 5CD9BFF3-9168-4AFC-9BE8-5E84E2…)

Crossposting to announce that Dakota claimed her sister on main a few hours ago for the first time in how many years?

No @ because I watched from third party but the story is still up on her ig if you need proof

Since when is six days a necro…?

No. 832229

File: 1618799920049.png (575.95 KB, 720x1371, Screenshot_20210418-223255~2.p…)

Kiki is posting some prwtty positive stories, implying she's still in college since how long now? And one about how beautiful women attract all men but choose fuckbois, implying she has her pick of men in LA who aren't undesirable or toxic in some way.

Also, pic related. Could it be a jab about her sister's crumbling virtual façade? Kiki herself relies solely on curatinf and rewriting her online persona too much for it to be about herself.

No. 832388

bizarre. kooter's been ignoring keeks for so many years. why pay attention to her now?

No. 832445

The few rare times Kiki has been on an upswing during long breaks of work for Kooter, she has tagged and commented her sister. They only acknowledge each other publicly when one is doing better than the other because one of their schemes fell through.

No. 833613

She’s looking very late 30s midlife crisis recently. Not surprising since that’s closer to her real age.

No. 834492

Kiki has been posting hella stories lately, including her actually going places and blurry shots of what honestly looks like Kiki herself sperging, sent back to her by Dakota. Though, I'm having trouble seeing them because almost every time I try to look, it says the server is overloaded. Anyone else able to see them?

No. 834493

File: 1620295239272.png (454.93 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210506-054934.png)

Nevermind, I got it to work. She and Dakota are posting the same stories, audio clips of Kiki trying to be funny and falling flat, a SS of a text convo showing kota's icons she carefully cropped out of her own stories, those two blurry ass shots of what seem to be Kiki and a video of Kota walking in the dark next to someone in a giant fur coat I can only assume is Kiki while her voice plays over the video with more randumb nonsense. I was able to download the video, but I've never posted non-YT videos here so I'm not sure how to upload.

No. 834494

File: 1620295314926.png (612.14 KB, 720x1238, Screenshot_20210506-054915~2.p…)

No. 834495

File: 1620295489779.png (1.3 MB, 720x1222, Screenshot_20210506-054344~2.p…)

No. 834497

I tried uploading but it downloaded as an mp4.

It's Kiki and Kota walking together somewhere at night while someone (Cathy?) records them being derps. The one on the left is surely Kota, you can see her distinct profile when she turns toward Kiki in front of the lights, and the implication is that the other person in the fur coat is Kiki. So much for Kota being in Japan again?

No. 834518

You can barely see the outfit, and yet you can tell it's hideous.

No. 834519

Dude, I saw the stories, you know she's embarrassing af to hang out with, being 30 having full-blown sperg attacks in public

No. 834544

I feel like I've seen that hideous puffy jacket on her before but idr where.

Based on the one she posted of her guy in the car, they're all 3 equally cringey with a similar sense of humor.

No. 834575

Dunno, it's kind of endearing that they're still comfortable having fun and being silly in public together after all these years. It's spergy and age-inappropriate, but who do they have to impress?

No. 834611

There’s no way she would be wearing a fur coat in Florida even if these are from winter.

No. 834622

Florida's weather is bipolar as hell, plus imho that looks to tall and walks too much like a man to be Kiki, maybe it's her new boytoy and she's the one filming? It's definitely their voices and Kota in the video.

No. 834628

I live in Florida and it’s bipolar but not THAT bipolar. You’d have to be crazy cold natured to wear a fur coat here.

No. 834664

They're so cringe and Kiki looks like she's having another manic episode from these pictures alone.

No. 834669

Yeah, and Kiki's new boytoy is Russian. I am also a Floridian and the heat doesn't deter people from dressing like spergs in public if they want to, trust me. Plus, the nights aren't hot enough here that wearing a fur coat for a little while would be uncomfortable. It's also possible they took it off after the video or at some other point in the night. Whoever it is hangs with the 'Tard Twins so they obviously have a few screws loose.

No. 834670

File: 1620384804762.png (602.6 KB, 720x1293, Screenshot_20210507-064638~2.p…)

Kiki has a new music project. Totally called it.

She's calling it "Death by Dopamine", made two IG accounts for it and both of them follow only her. The only post so far is a 5 second clip of her st her desk laughing with her saggy tits practically hanging out. No discernible musical genra or direction in sight, it just looks like another "Look at Kirsten" vanity project to abandon. She announced it with a selfie tagging the account posted to her stories, and shared the spwrg post from the account on her stories as well. If not for the "musician/band" label and her caption, I wouldn't have any idea it was a music project.

For some reason, she also posted andnold ass scene pic of her with some brunette girl, and as always kooter is crooped out.

No. 834671

File: 1620384870310.png (523.92 KB, 720x1233, Screenshot_20210507-064613~2.p…)

The name sounds like ghostemane-tier soundcloud trap shit

No. 834672

File: 1620384901270.png (164.29 KB, 720x1323, Screenshot_20210507-064741~2.p…)

No. 834676

HA can't wait to see where she'll steal music from

The name sounds like it was made up by a 13 year old gen z that has no idea how biochemistry works.

No. 834677


Kiki's boytoy is in LA, maybe this was filmed there while kota was on a visahop.

No. 834679

It's crazy to me that Kiki can have her stolen music on Spotify. Does she get paid at all from that do you think?

No. 834686

>For some reason, she also posted an old ass scene pic of her
Nearly 30 and still hanging on desperately to her late 2000s scene phase… That's quite literally the closest she's ever been to accomplishing something in life. No wonder she misses it so much.

No. 834738

File: 1620419572481.png (985.87 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_20210507-064536~2.p…)

No idea who the other girl is, but I feel like I've seen this pic before with bleached blonde baby kotex in it.

No. 834744


I think that’s her cropped out on the right…

No. 834750

She hasn’t stuck to anything so let’s just make bets on how long this one last. She’s always been a terrible content creator.

No. 834751

It’s so cringey it hurts. I can’t take the second hand embarrassment.

No. 834819

She's so stuck in a scene timewarp that she's using instagram like myspace.

No. 834853

why do so many people think baby bangs are flattering

No. 834858

keeks you're almost 30. by this point in your life you should have a stable career. you are not young and hip, you haven't been for nearly a decade. nobody is going to listen to this.

No. 834922

Yikes, scene aged so badly.

No. 834936

In this new era she has tried:
- 50-min length YT videos in a shitty podcast format about spirituality and SA, mimicking Matthew McConaughey
- badly written ebook recipe with horrible fonts, which she shooped to make it seem more successful
- Fanfiction about herself

And now I guess we are entering the "I'm back to music" phase, right after lol cow pointed out she stole from others

It's quirky~

I'm all for "trying things", but at 30 you should be realistic and self-aware about where you are at in life, and your whole style, etc.

No. 834981

Kiki wants to be an influencer that monetizes her hobbies, problem is she has no hobbies or personality, goals (long or short term aside from "get attention/fame"), no standards and apparently no shame. She just isn't the kind of person people want to support while she sits on her ass living easy, but she also isn't the kind of person willing to work a job that doesn't put her on a pedestal.

No. 834997

I'm actually bummed out we didn't get a tiktok kiki phase. I can totally see her doing something like this: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMebpaWQc/

But spergier

No. 835055

Kiki is too sperg for tiktok. She doesn't realize that her chimpouts are only funny to her and people mocking her because to everyone else with a real sense of humor, she just looks like a mental patient in her room all day talking to herself with a webcam & that's just not fun to watch unless you dislike her. Tbqh watching Kiki sperg kinda makes me feel bad for her.

No. 835083

She could make something from that:

> The top tier of digital cringe is created by people who not only lack self-awareness but lack it enough to share themselves in the hope that other people will be impressed, then fail to realize when the general response is laughter.


She'd be no Addison Rae, but any publicity is good publicity, right?

No. 835090

Isn't tiktok for teenagers/Gen Z?

No. 835094

when did that ever stop kiki

No. 835102

Kiki on tiktok would be hilarious because it would just be teens watching a near 30 year old NEET with zero social skills or self awareness try to hop on current trends while halfassedly attemtping to create new ones. Kiki is like a walking psychological experiment on social isolation throughout one's formative years & how it changes the way adults interact with the world and their peers.

No. 835107

File: 1620696805999.png (479.83 KB, 712x1274, Screenshot_20210510-212323~2.p…)

Dakota is pretending to be back in Japan again & Kiki is reposting her like crazy, in between shots of her old kawaii uwu Valencia College notebooks from the music class they took in 2009 and her fancy new ~Gemini~ microphone.

She also posted something yesterday subtly digging at her mom "being human", and since Kota is pretending to be back in Japan again Kaka is peppering in her emotional turmoil vagueposts as well.

But an interesting thing to point out, as mentioned in Dakota's thread, is that Kiki shared Kota's IG post to her story which Kota then reposted to her own story, but a second look shows that they both actually uploaded the same clip from each of their respective phones, yet Kiki's is larger and she didn't crop out Kota's wall art. Then right after, she reposted Kota's story clip with an animated sticker on it. Why repost Kota and upload the same clip Kota just posted but bigger?

Why would Kiki upload the same clip at around the same time (1am JP/12pm FL/9am LA) as Dakota, when she could just have reposted it from Kota's IG? Unless Kota sent it to her and told her to post it to help her out.

No. 835108

File: 1620696935470.png (316.88 KB, 720x1275, Screenshot_20210510-212425~2.p…)

No. 835109

File: 1620697049213.png (625.64 KB, 720x1186, Screenshot_20210510-212238~2.p…)

>notes from sound engineering school AKA a community college elective class she took 12 years ago and never applied to real life until her sister flopped

No. 835110

File: 1620697078958.png (462.13 KB, 720x1198, Screenshot_20210510-212339~2.p…)

No. 835127

File: 1620714328460.png (614.93 KB, 720x1230, Screenshot_20210511-021409~2.p…)

And as if in response to the thread, she doubled down kek

peep the timeframes though

No. 835128

File: 1620714379906.png (473.45 KB, 720x1239, Screenshot_20210511-021432~2.p…)

Posting screens of their spergy chats also

No. 835171

Is Kota pretending to be a cop now?
The uniform is way to big for her and officers can't post shit on social medias. They can be fired for anything said or posted online.

No. 835186


Is impersonating an officer illegal over there?

No. 835200


Kota's police uniform is for a TV role lol. she's an cop in whatever this >>835108 show is.

No. 835207

Anon you're retarded af. She had a bit part in some show as a cop

No. 835257

>>835171 (samefag)
I went on her insta yesterday and she posted this with japanese caption, I google translated but she said nothing about a role. In the comment someone were saying she couldn't believe she was in the police force now. I don't closely follow the drama that's why I sked here.

They still couldn't find her an outfit that fits keks.

No. 835279


Last year Kota got a role on a show called ToppaTV on a sketch called American Police. This last time was her 3rd time working on the show, but her part is much smaller now and they replaced her initial role with another white woman who is related to another cast member somehow.

Seriously, look at the details on the patches and badge. You'd have to be special to think she's seriously trying to impersonate a cop.

No. 835552

Not that anon, but Dakota was trying to pass as if she had had a severe health issue, I think cancer?, not long ago

Wouldn't be surprised.

No. 835566

pretending you had cancer for uwu kawaii menhera points is not the same as impersonating a cop, dakota is being facetious. she's a dumb bitch but this is a dumb take

yeah this, she has nothing interesting going for her. no one wants to watch her esp not in an age where vloggers and influencers have likeable personalities and can pull a million dollars per post of product placement. keeks thinks she can make bank off her scene fame which was literally just photoshoots. images. just pictures. nothing else there.

No. 835691

Yeah but stop reaching. The caption has been explained to you. She is not and never was impersonating a police officer with an obviously fake uniform.

She claimed to have Acute Leukemia over 3 years ago to justify gaining over 30 pounds while working as a runway model for Rakuten and modeling for Popteen. Her goal was to claim she had minor blood cancer but her lack of education fucked her up so she claimed to be deathly ill instead.

BUT she only managed to pull that off because back then, ModelPress ran her story as she said it and she couldn't correct herself. She only got fat, she nevee looked like she was suffering from severe blood cancer.

>It's time to stop posting

No. 835889

File: 1621082943980.png (436.47 KB, 720x1225, Screenshot_20210515-084700~2.p…)

Someone bought an actual copy of her blender book, I can't believe she still has real fans with how rarely she ever produces anything other than pics/vids of herself or her voice.

No. 835898

It was not the first person to do it either!

People are just eager to waste money like that

No. 835914

Funny- not accusing you of being Kiki, but this is exactly how I imagine Kiki thinks of her fans.

No. 836309

File: 1621338774744.png (512.62 KB, 720x1228, Screenshot_20210518-074906~2.p…)

Something must be wrong in Kakaland, for the past few days she's been spamming depressing anime memes and songs from her Spotify instead of the vintage pinup-style posts of the blondes she must think look like her. Maybe the cringey Russian boytoy is gone? Otherwise this random ancient "soyboy" scene selfie seems too random. Wasn't "soyboy" an insult kaka used on vegan/sxe guys who wouldn't kiss her ass on Stickam?

No. 836452

File: 1621376488199.png (657.83 KB, 1080x1680, Screenshot_20210518-191647.png)

who said that, Cathy? What bar? That's a spiky shag hair and she's wearing a black top.

WHAT style.

No. 836519

Censoring compliments? Why?

No. 836533

Look at any of the comments on her pics and you see nonsensical thirst like this from so many accounts, even ones of successful looking prettier girls with actual friends. The weird "Guillermo Del Toro Approved" pic of her with her hands on her face had at least 3 different comments begging for a "tutorial" on how to do it. Like… Look at her, copy her, done. Wow. How would that be hard or need a turorial?

Kiki's fans are part of why she is how she is, they have to either be just like her or high level trolling to keep her chasing online fame instead of getting offline for good and improving her actual life.

No. 836890

Lads. I physically need to COOOOOOM on, in and around kiki’s face.(scrote)

No. 836915

Hi Kiki

No. 837241


hi cow

No. 837346

File: 1621862049555.png (969.25 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20210524-101251.png)

Ok so Russian guy seems to have left, leaving kiki to reminisce of her teen years and a scene guy she dated, hinting they're trauma bond or wtv

Imagine dating a girl in HS and ten years later she's posting stories with you, saying you had trauma or wtv

No. 837347

File: 1621862450792.png (946.4 KB, 1080x1905, Screenshot_20210524-101554.png)

Kiki just write a fanfic-y book detailing all the times you were SA.

No. 837349

File: 1621862487231.png (857.09 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20210524-101712.png)

No. 837350

File: 1621862528746.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1899, Screenshot_20210524-101752.png)

No. 837351

File: 1621863522815.png (659.13 KB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20210524-101830~2.p…)

No. 837352

File: 1621863544063.png (783.55 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20210524-101801~2.p…)

No. 837390

Is this the situation she already talked about or a new rape? How many times as she actually claimed to have been sexually assaulted?

No. 837391

Was Kiki well liked during the scene days or was it more of a hate following type thing? I wasn’t aware of her back then but from what I’d seen I had always thought she was like, a Trisha Paytas troll type character but whenever I see people reference her now it seems generally positive, but I’m not sure if that’s more just because of general nostalgia people have for the time as a whole opposed to anything related to her specifically.

No. 837392

She was mainly a scandal type person. She was heavily reported on by a teen shock gossip website back in the day and had her nudes posted on there too (underaged, mind you). She would claim to have been groomed by men.

She wasnt exactly liked as much as she was just sort of an OG lolcow of sorts. She also briefly appeared on a web reality series that had a bunch of scene teenagers housed together in a penthouse and given as much drugs and alcohol as they wanted.

This was actually a crossover with Amor Hilton, another scene cow from that era

No. 837393

Samefag, but the most well known Kiki stuff is covered in this video alongside some other notable figures at the time. Should give you a pretty good idea about how Kiki was perceived at the time

No. 837411

She says it was a date rape, so maybe her second rape in 2020? First SA in Jan and then date raped

No. 837424

>If you're going through or healing from assault - I see you, I hear you, I understand you, I'm here for you.
She's acting like she's some kind of compassionate savior for sexual assault victims, who they can turn to when they need someone who shares their traumatic experiences to listen to them, and yet all I can think of while reading that is how those sexual assault victims would feel if they read Kirsten's hundreds of weirdly aggressive sexual posts about Taylor R alongside the pictures of mutilated and diseased genitals she used to spam.

No. 837443

She's still talking about Danny Cespedes, who never raped or forced her and didn't steal her virginity against her will. It's all made up bullshit to slander him so she doesn't look as bad for lying to get him killed.

She halfway alluded that Bobby/Tetsuo Hatanaka raped her when she claimed she was raped in her sleep by "a long term live in SO" (after being with Bobby and largely MIA for 2 years).

Being with Danny and the drama around their breakup and his death was literally the height of Kiki's online "fame" and she tried to milk his death by painting herself as a rape victim afterward to avoid backlash and cancellation for it. She and her family had a webshrine dedicated to mocking his death complete with leaked pics of him in his casket with a shaved head. His family tried to sue the Ostrengas over his death and their role in it (lying to him and the police to get them both there & coming out and scaring him instead of letting the cops handle it) but they filed for bankruptcy to get out of it because you can't be sued if you're in the middle of bankruptcy. They always have been evil, slimy selfish people and Kiki still trying to claim Danny ever raped her, voilently or otherwise, is bullshit. That's why all the cops, doctors and detectives in her stories follow the Adults Are Useless trope and everyone who empathises with her is powerless to help her. They took loads of evidence that was inconclusive to rape, their best hope to make a rape charge ever stick to Danny was statutory only. If he raped Kiki as voilently as she claimed in her Halloween fanfic (choking her, holding her down, forcing himself inside her dry, throwing her against a wall and door, dragging her by her ankles) there would have been evidence of at least one of those claims, and despite how hard he would have been trying to silence her there's no he could have done so while restraining her and raping her that graphically without ANY of the 4 other people in her house hearing anything or him leaving evidence on her body or in the room.

Kiki is a self worshipping rape fetishist using her most popular dead ex boyfriend's dumb teenage horniness and her parents sexually grooming her to be a starfucker from puberty to twist the past in her favor every time she can't fuck her way into an easy life with a loser she met online.

No. 837444

TL:DR; Kiki wants attention for sex but also wants to be a tragic victim so she makes up fake, vague rape stories her exes can't defend themselves against that she never pursues legally for attention from strangers online she thinks should pay her to read lolcow and talk to Dakota.

No. 837445

I was active in a lot of Livejournal snark groups (madradrant/efagz/etc.) during her peak and she never had "fans" beyond a superficial level. Kids on Myspace liked her style but she only sustained relevancy because of drama. Comparing her to Trisha Paytas is giving her too much credit, Kiki was never in on the joke, her parents made her do weird shit and she liked getting attention. People refer to her positively now because she genuinely was a victim in a lot of ways and the worst thing she's done is have an annoying personality– but yeah, nostalgia is a factor, god, I remember the scandal when she claimed she was the first person to dye horizontal stripes in their hair. I had pictures of her saved in my thinspo folder. Had she been born a decade later, she would be a helluva lot more successful than she is now.

No. 837569

File: 1621979730232.png (2.18 MB, 1080x1742, Screenshot_20210525-121746~2.p…)

No. 837602

…Context? Caption? This looks like a pic from the Orlando light stick saga months back.

No. 837706

She didn’t get him killed, that guy was busted when he showed up at a sting where he agreed to bring coke to a twelve year old and meet up at the mall. He ran from the cops and tried to jump out onto a moving truck and died. Kiki was a kid and statutory rape is real, her brain is not formed, what is wrong with you.

No. 837721

>what is wrong with you

Take a look in the mirror there, bud.

No. 837770

Are you new? We've been over the fact that she definitely did get him killed by luring Danny to the mall where the cops were

No. 837845

She posted with no context lol but I think it's from that one day with kota

No. 837882

As well as the fact that her parents knew and consented tp the statutory rape relationship and allowed him to live with and share a bed with Kiki. And knew they were having protected, consensual sex & collected their used condoms to prove to Kiki's Myspace haters that they were really fucking. Which was even mentioned in an actual police report/court document (idr which).

But yeah Kiki is not, never was and never eill be Danny's victim, he was at the mercy of her & her family's insatiable greed for fame and revenge.

No. 837891

That just means her parents were complicit in the statutory rape, not that statutory rape didn’t happen. Parents aren’t allowed to give permission for adults to fuck their kids!
The whole family should be rocketed into the sun.

No. 837906

What? He agreed to meet a fake twelve year old with coke, who the fuck would agree to that who didn’t deserve to be arrested? And he made the decision to jump? Are people seriously defending him really

No. 837955

There's honestly no way to paint Danny as worse than Kiki in the situation, hands down. Regardless of his reasons, twp grpwn adults lured a teenager to his actual DEATH all because he broke up with their attentionwhore daughter for being too filthy to live with and she MADE UP THE RAPE STORY FOR REVENGE. Scott and Cathy knew they were having sex and allowed it. The law will never care as much about that as they would his wrongful death caused by the Ostrengas who managed to weasel their way out of faving consequences for literally scaring a teenager to death with a lie. It doesn't matterbwhy he was there or how old an imaginary kid was he thought he was meeting. Kiki is exactly as shitty as henis whoch is why she was so butthurt by the breakup that she and her crazy whore parents illegally lured him to the mall and caised his death by trying to play revenge detectives instead of reporting Danny for rape and letting the cops handle it..

By the way, they did exactlt that- and the cops didn't care becsuse there was so much evidence back then that they were dating consensually and already fucking. Kiki literally advertised it on Myspace for bragging rights and Cathy helped her. Cathy herself had accounts where she heckled teens and tweens who didn't like Kiki or said they didn't believe her.

Danny didn't die because he was a monster, he died because the Ostrengas are soulless, heartless, unfeeling selfish hogs who can't accept or admit that they have ever done anything wrong despite all theor actions only ever being motivated by selfishness or greed, which is why neither Kiki or Dakota ended up doing anything with their lives other than dicking around online for clout.

No. 837964

So, we are going into our bimonthly "Did Kiki kill Danny" debate? A traditional event in Kiki's threads, truly.

No. 838061

There's no debate, it's a settled matter of past factual events people other than the Ostrengas also have memory of. Kiki just needs to spergily victimize herself using her long-dead teen boyfriend (despite allegedly having been raped over a dozen more times since his death, but only the dead one can never sue her for a wrongful rape accusation) because she got dumped and her ego needs soothing.

No. 838072

We need a copypasta summary post with references for whenever this happens. The timing is always suspect, too.

No. 838184

I know, what I meant is that whenever people mention him there's an anon popping up saying "well, you see, acshually…" And it's the same talking points over and over.

I agree with >>838072 that we need a copypasta summary

No. 838324

Time to dig up the old Kiki/Kota threads?

No. 838327

File: 1622382067164.png (877.73 KB, 1080x1550, Screenshot_20210530-103424.png)

Kiki tells us about buying condoms and seeing the guy that "violently raped" (Her words) her.

Just a note, she NEEDS to add that she was >violently< raped, as if rape is not violent in itself.

No. 838329

So now she's directly associating her consensual sex life with also being a victim of multiple "violent" rapes, and it's becoming the only consistent element of her personality that she puts real effort into.

She's so disgustingly obsessed with forcing people to see her as a frail, battered victim AND a sexually irresistible nymph. She dresses up and decorates her room more to narrate her rape fantasies and brag about being an instahoe than she does for her new band she supposedly gives a shit about, because making people think about her in a sexual context that also makes her irresistible without making her a whore is her only goal so she can go back to using her pussy to get anything and everywhere in life like she originally tried to with Danny and Myspace fame.

Kiki just wants the ability to fuck her way through life while being idolized for her ~beauty, grace and intellect~ that she's too stuck up to realize she doesn't have. Kiki spergs because she legit doesn't know why she can't just do what she wants without any consequences, choose how people perceive her and her actions, or control people for her own gain while she does and gives nothing in return but lay around or tag along like a 14 year old.

No. 838341

This is genuinely so sad. She has nothing to make herself feel important but these sexual assault stories. As soon as she feels like she's losing people's attention she brings it up again

Also, why does she only take webcam-style pics of her sitting at her computer in the same spot? Surely she has an iphone and can take a normal selfie sometime

No. 838369

OT but her bangs are so stupid. Is there a reason she keeps it like that? Dark age retarded bowl hair cut for monks. Why?

No. 838466

She's trying to do the middle part 70s curtain bangs that all the teens on tiktok are doing, and is failing because her hair is limp and thin

No. 838479

She's been posting stories latwly too, but I can never get the anon ig viewers to work to see them.

No. 838546

Last night she posted several stories of her hanging out with Kota, including some kind of Star Wars battle and them shopping at a mall or something

No. 838572

Why do I feel like she’s just talking about herself? You can view stories if you care that much on

No. 838599

Every time I try it says no stories posted.

No. 838600

So is Kooter in LA or is Kaka in FL?

No. 838752

File: 1622641042709.png (213.37 KB, 1080x1748, Screenshot_20210602-103515~2.p…)

How down bad do you have to be to wear this type of stuff

No. 838753

File: 1622641117361.png (764.18 KB, 1080x1500, Screenshot_20210602-103607.png)

She made a bunch of videos saying you should follow sparkles of inspiration when you feel them. A tame advice, except she makes it sound like mania

No. 838754

It's funny how painfully average she is looks-wise when she makes any face other than that one specific face she makes in nearly every picture.

No. 838863


I hate how flippant she is with rape in general, but it really chuffs me how every time she gets dumped by a guy she claims she was violently raped. Does she even truly know what those words mean, or is she trying to keep her hookups from exposing whatever nasty degen shit she has to keep doing to pull in guys one after the other with no personality by calling them all rapists after the fact? That in itself is also fucked up, how she claims basically every man she's been with has raped her or tried to rape her. That's not even… remotely believable in the realm of even fiction if every time she's held down & thrown around like she claims. She's always made up, dressed sexy and moving/dancing around a lot spewing her love and light garbage, while claiming she was violently raped- no sane person does that.

No. 838932

Obviously Kiki was never violently raped, her rape fetish spawned from needing to be Danny's victim instead of his killer.

I don't think Kiki even has consensual sex as much as she lets on, and I doubt she was ever forced or held down either. I think she has some infrequent hookups where she agrees to whatever up front, then gets dropped when the guy gets bored and cries rape. I know she claims to use sex to heal from her trauma, but her own claims of her rapes are so OTT that it just doesn't match. She would be too physically damaged from being "voilently" raped the way she keeps claiming (her Halloween rape story says Danny held her down, forced her legs open, penetrated her dry and slammed into her, then threw her against a wall when she tried to crawl away). There's never any evidence of her claims, and the way she acts about both sex and rape together makes me think she's just an awkward womanlet trying to come across as more sexually liberated than she really is just sitting half naked in her bedroom all day. The guys she gets with are always foreign or awkward cringetards like her, they never stick around and she ALWAYS claims they voilently raped her when they disappear, as though that's the only reason a guy would get tired of her.

I think Kiki is just obsessed with equating sex = value and uses her fake rape stories as a shield for getting dumped so that she doesn't feel like all she was good for is pussy- but if the guy was a rapist, then getting used for sex doesn't have to be her fault or make her look stupid over how obvious it is to everyone but her.

Basically Kiki is a shutin weirdo using sex to feel important and claims rape to avoid facing the fact that she's not enough of an adult (not even self aware enough) to keep a real relationship that isn't based entirely on sex. Hard to call a rape victim a pickme without looking like an asshole, after all.

No. 839073


> her Halloween rape story says Danny held her down, forced her legs open, penetrated her dry and slammed into her, then threw her against a wall when she tried to crawl away

That's plain angsty fanfiction writing. No one talks like that irl.

Even worse, it would've been noticeable to her family, you just don't get up the next morning and have breakfast as usual after something like that.

No. 839144

Exactly. Her Halloween rapefic also claims she was bleeding afterward and that she went to the hospital but there was no evidence somehow, hence all the cops and detectives were powerless to stop evil monster Danny and the Monstrengas HAD to take matters into their own hands! (jk)

The biggest indicator that Danny never raped Kiki is the fact that they tried to lure him to the mall under a false pretense instead of just… reporting him for statutory rape and letting the cops handle it. If what she claimed actually happened there would have been plenty of evidence and an open and shut case. But it never did, Kiki killed Danny for moving away from her bedbug infested rathole and breaking up with her, and she was enraged because she can't ever stand being told "no".

No. 839251

It’s just textbook HPD shit to be honest. I know a couple girls who have it and they also accuse all their exes of rape and abuse after the guys dump them. It’s really fucking gross.

No. 839252

Remember she complained about old lesbians sexually harassing her. LOL.

No. 839301

File: 1622844508011.png (842.41 KB, 640x1136, E4EB35D2-3315-4CC2-BF2C-4672BD…)

From her Insta stories . I wonder who this is. Are they frying pans on the back wall . Wtf is with her face. This poor dude

No. 839304

Tinfoil but I think his name might be Vincent

No. 839331

That's so random bc she didn't even have bangs, so this be an old pic.

No. 839376

This must be an old Japan pic, she and Vincent are the only white people in the pic. Plus, she's wearing her cringey sheer dirndl top she likes to dance in for attention, so whatever event that is she must have been there trying to fuck her way into something.

Maybe her and Kota have been tagging each other so much because Kota is finally helping Kiki into her circles?

No. 839377

What are the other 5 stories? The viewer I'm using only shows the one pic with the guy.

No. 839387

Regal slut.

Only oldfags will remember.

No. 839401

KEK I forgot about that, even when Kiki was 13 they thought being slutty was a plus, and something other girls would be jealous of her for. As if another tween would ever call Kiki "regal", that's pure Ostrenga fantasy.

No. 839437

it's just her sharing meme posts/reels, like "me when thing happen xD"

"Splendid, royal slut" lmao

No. 839466

Sage 4 blogpost but I’m actually feeling depressed at how old everyone is getting now. Kaka is like 35 and Kooter is basically boomer tier now too. I miss the old days. So much fresh milk.

No. 839513

It's only depressing because they have no future aside from pulling a Syd and trapping some schmuck into daddying them into their 50s while they whittle away the last of their youth editing their selfies and staring at videos of each other.

No. 839605

That’s the thing though. What are they gonna do in the future. Kiki isn’t young or cute enough to pull off the ADHD spaz shit anymore it comes across genuinely unhinged and mentally ill cat lady behavior. She’s too old and lacks experience to try and make it as an actress and her broke lazy fake disability benefits ass is too dumb to make money or carve out a real career any other way. Kooter is getting older, fatter and less kawaii by the day and isn’t getting enough modelling gigs to sustain herself.

No. 839606

Also Kooter has definitely always had Japanese sugardaddies. No way could she afford to live in Tokyo long term on her sparse ass modelling and TV bookings. Kiki is probably on a couple sugarbaby sites too.

No. 839607

Late to the party but her waist looks burly and wide as hell here

No. 839631

They'll stay under their parents' wings, of course. Scott can help Kiki shill whatever scam book or project she can make people pay for short term, Cathy can help make sure Kota stays anorexic between work trips to Japan for token gaijin cameos.

No. 839632

I wish there was a wave of Kota-sleuthing through the old threads to bring back those clues that used to have them chimping out in self defense here, the ones from her near-jobless peak when she was living the best and had the most famous friends, but I am absolutely not doing it solo. I'm pretty sure she was fucking with Mickey Mikitani and that's why she stayed on at Girl's Award for so long despite being so fat and bouncy, also why Modelpress printed everything she claimed as truth. Come to think of it, Dakota also had AKB48 connections as well, which I only know about because of the pedo and escorting scandals.

How did ANYONE ever take Dakota Rose seriously as a model?? Was the fact that she was fat, ugly, and being worshipped and spoiled for dressing like an edgy lolita not obvious to anyone else?

No. 839645

I don't know about Kiki being a sugar baby. 100% she'd mention it online bc she's all about being "sexually liberated" while also being a rape victim.

No. 839649

Idk I’m sure this has been discussed before I just know from friends who live in Japan that it’s so expensive to live in Tokyo long term so it’s very common for young gaijin models from the US and Russia etc to get sugardaddies as soon as they come to Japan. Old gaijin pussy hunter dudes will hit on you constantly especially if you have that pale blondish whitebread look that they love there, and will offer you large sums of money for dates and sexual favors and so it’s tempting for a lot of girls. Pretty much any young white non obese girl who goes to Japan gets offers often from complete strangers but model agencies and such are always targets for sugardaddies an srich gaijin hunters. Girls who work at hostess clubs or go on compensated dates can make thousands of dollars in a night. And yes the MM and Girls Award lore was sus as fuck. Definitely some strings being pulled and tugged there.

No. 839651

And rich gaijin hunters**

No. 839673

File: 1623102208285.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1867, Screenshot_20210607-184237.png)

Who's gonna tell her she's the character with a beak nose and crazy person eyes?

No. 839691

Keeks doesn’t have a kawaii animu girl face its oblong and wonky and her toucan Sam nose is very distracting

No. 839719

hum her eyes are far from giant wtf. they're small and long

No. 839722

She's always been so obsessed with comparing herself to various actresses/models/celebs etc.

No. 839735

She wouldn't last as a sugar baby in Japan, the men there don't want someone who is going to share pics of him on socials.

Keeks and Koots must live in a world with funhouse mirrors. Both have never had big eyes, just big faces.

No. 839787

This lol, a manic sanpaku stare isnt the same as big kirakira anime eyes.

No. 839788

File: 1623187532653.jpeg (87.08 KB, 836x536, B307F9A3-8B97-4939-BDA0-2DB146…)


No. 839790


Kiki already tried escorting/sugaring in Japan, remember? She bought some tacky silver fake nails to meet and then fucked Fangophilia, and got him drunk as hell and posted videos of him rolling on her bed on her IG She only took them down after her threas at the time compared Fangophilia's profile and moles to Taku's and they weren't a match, she kept the video of her showing off the nails but removed his tag and changed the caption afterward. That was when she was for some reason there for like 3-5 months and went everywhere dressed like an elven hooker, bragging about having to carry kawaii Sailor Moon pepper spray and an illegal butterfly knife bc ~everyone in Japan recognized her as supermodel Dakota Rose's sister~.

Kiki tried and failed at whoring in Japan because she can't keep shit on the DL or resist vaugeposting, has 0 chill, and acts likeshe has brain damage in public- that's why she can't keep anyone around for long that she doesn't share DNA with.

No. 839792

This. Kiki is incapable of not bragging about who she fucks. Daota was only as successful as she was at escorting because she never mentioned or posted her dates, just the gifts they gave her and the food they bought her. Dakota made it obvious enough for Kiki to feel comfortable to try doing what she did, but Kota still had at least one speck of sense about it all whereas Kiki thinks being an obvious whore is a goal.

No. 839814

I have a feeling before her ~vow of celibacy~ to recuperate from being ghosted by various Brads, she went on tons of dates with tinder randos and got pump and dumped over and over many times. That’s why she is always bumping into her various ‘’’rapists’’’ at every turn.

No guy who isn’t a complete desperate beta doormat victim would be able to put up with her ADHD cluster B autism mania for long after she puts out, the pussy just isn’t good enough to compensate, clearly.

Not only is her personality annoying and unhinged, but she’s painfully unfunny and cringe too. In a way I feel sorry for her since she obviously can’t lock down a quality man and probably will never be able to, but at the same time it’s all her own fault for being so damn insufferable. She’s her cockblocker kek.

No. 839819

Scott was with Kiki her entire time in Japan as well, while she claimed to be going to language school and then claimed she got an entertainment visa, before ending up back in Florida. My thinking is Scott ia the type to hang around New Lex Tokyo and sleaze with any washed-up perv he thinks can put either daughter on a pedestal. There used to be comments from anons wondering why, if Scott brided Bravo to sign Kota, he wouldn't do the same for Kiki. Maybe he tried, had some moderate success, and then she fucked it up via posting herself breaking laws and posting people on her social media without their knowledge. Not to mention her cringey dancing videos and her spergout about forcing Taku's restaurant staff to wash any utensils that touched meat before making her precious vegan Japanese food.

God, the Kaka in Japan saga was fucking golden, she was so painfully unaware of her behavior that Kota wouldn't acknowledge her at all the entire time Kaka was in Japan.

No. 839820

Promiscuity is literally Kirsten's only draw to heterosexual males. Zero standards for someone who talks so much about loving herself.

No. 839829

Keeks in Japan was the greatest but was she really there longer than a few weeks? She was living out of a tiny carryon bag and like 3 outfits.

No. 839844

Y’know, pale skinny white girls in the US probably have it the easiest in terms of dating, especially considering 75% of American women are overweight now. So being thin automatically places you in the top 70th percentile of women (in men’s eyes at least)

The fact Kirsten literally has it on tutorial mode when it comes to dating yet still can’t lock down a rich good looking high quality man (or just any of those 3 things) long term is a huge concern. Her personality must be even worse irl when every guy ghosts her after the first couple dates. Or maybe her pussy game is really really shit. Her long term past bfs just seemed like desperados and cucks who were tolerating her and all those guys she has initially gushed over in her histrionic obsessed idealisation phase over the years seem to disappear as quickly as they appear. I’m a bit worried for her love life, especially considering how codependent narcs and other cluster b types are. As the dates and offers dry up as she ages we are undoubtedly going to see more spergouts and crazy cat lady behavior.

No. 839845

Does anyone have the video she posted about guys in Japanese clubs grabbing her ass?

No. 839852

She was there for at least 6 weeks, long enough to wonder why she's there, and IIRC she didn't announce her return to America either & just kind of fell off for a while so it's hard to say for sure. Someone would have to go back and look.

Try checking the old threads?

No. 839858

If she's using Tinder and hookup apps to meet guys, in LA of all places, she's already scraping the bottom.

No. 839874

Kiki is the female version of a scrote who wants a mommy/maid/whore to baby them while they play online, except she wants a daddy/BFF/mentor to fill the void where there was obviously never a positive male in her life. Scott sexualized his preteen daughters and defended her posting pics in her underwear at age 13 by saying "she's gonna make some guy reslly lucky one day". Kiki was raised to be a whore for male approval and jealous female attention, she doesn't know anything else and she can't function without a guy holding her hand through life like a toddler. Kiki's entire mentality boils down to "oversexualized, undersocialized prepubescent doesn't know how to do anything except perform for whoever is willing to watch her cringey performance", and she's trying to find another Scott who will baby her, bankroll her hobbies AND indulge her SeX pOsItIvE whoring for attention without getting jealous or making her act right.

I honestly think both Kiki and Dakota should have been removed from their parents long ago, and if they had been placed with adults who actually cared about keeping them in line then there's no way they would still be such failures. They have so many opportunities and no responsibility, so much free time and yet still neither ofnthem can create anything that lasts.

No. 839937

I thought her return to USA was sometime when she was pretending Taco was with her at Disney. I might be mixing things up though.

No. 839965

In a way I think Kiki really used Kota as her narcissistic appendage for years and groomed her into being a mini me version of herself (as narcs always do) Which is why I’ve always felt slightly sorry for Kota and understood why she took such extended periods away from her insane family.

To be fair, as you mention, Cathy and Scott did the exact same thing to Kiki when she was growing up, lacked sexual and physical and psychological boundaries (like all narcs) then Kiki ended up extrapolating the same behavior onto Kooter. Their family is just one giant codependent narcissistic mess.

You can tell Kiki missed having her little appendage Kota around to give her narcissistic supply when she went to Japan and probably even got jealous at times, but at the same time she is always very protective and defensive of Kota because she views Kota as the high status (ahem) kirakira moderu goddessu SHE always wanted to be. Just like one of those crazy trophy kid parents. And all know narcs will continue ass kissing and fiercely defending someone/something as long as they get to bask in the glory of the person they are idolizing.

No. 839968

And yes 100% agree both narcs and the kids of narcs are permanently stunted emotional children which is why they can never form healthy attachments. Kiki has major daddy issues and subsequent issues with men obviously. I can’t exactly blame her when both Scott and Cathy encouraged her to use her barely pubescent body to get as many hits as possible and get ~famous~, sexualized the shit out of their own daughter, allowed an older boy to stay in their home and fuck their daughter, then two seconds later screamed pedophile at anyone who came near their little princess and ended up making their daughter feel like she indirectly killed someone - the same person they had allowed into their home and let groom their teen daughter. That fucks with a kids head. Kota was always in Kikis shadow growing up but after her modelling career got off the ground you can bet Kiki was shoved to the side by Cathy and Scott which is why Kiki never stopped clawing for relevance. Her entire acting schtick was a calculated attempt for more validation and attention from her mom and dad.

No. 840021

You're right, Kiki loves Kota but also is insanely jealous of her and anything she does without Kiki or that makes Kiki look bad in comparison. I don't doubt Kota loves Kiki too, but keeps her at arms' length to avoid her narc pestering to help her find a JP sugar daddy. Dakota marrying a loser to stay in Japan makes a lot of sense considering the family she came from is all she has left without Japan.

No. 840025

File: 1623351894422.png (1.05 MB, 750x1334, 2B839465-2B32-4148-8F52-B2E395…)

I feel like this confirms she’s still low key clinging to her scene phase. I’m assuming this video from her Instagram story is an old video of the guy she’s currently with and she feels like she needs to show him off. Crazy how fast she can jump from one guy to another, and she always hypes them up.

Side note, did she suddenly forget about her own music? Wasn’t she claiming to make a comeback? Not like she’s stick with it anyways.

No. 840031

I think it sounds like a guy she dated way back in the day.

The guy mentions kiki in the video He said "there's that video kiki made… Acting like me" makes mind blown hand gesture "i don't care, I'm with this other girl, she's 19, cooler, way older. No drama. That's why she's big on Stickam, because of the drama" and Kiki is just bursting out laughing as she films.

She genuinely believes this is not embarrassing at all for her.

No. 840032

I think Kiki is very angry that Kota didn't help her in Japan. I remember Kaka being so mad that she was about to expose Kota or something on her twitter.

She must keep videos and photos of all her exes and honestly believes she was the best they could do, what a cope.

No. 840033

could be danny cespedes / mr myspace

No. 840036

That is, in fact, Daniel DeJesus Cespedes. Wow, so she's lowered herself to using the dead MySpace scene king from 10+ years ago for attention? The same guy she and her parents killed bc he broke up with her over a bedbug infestation? Yikes.

No. 840038

File: 1623357999360.png (829.21 KB, 750x1334, E6CD99ED-88F9-4229-8503-CB871B…)

Is it Danny or a throwback of this other guy on her story?
I think they look similar.

No. 840040

File: 1623358401007.jpeg (17.46 KB, 400x400, images (3).jpeg)

Unlikely, specially if he's trash talking Kiki. To me it looks a lot like Corey Pattakos, who she dated for a while (if you look up his name on Google this dude entrepreneur with Lamborghinis and shit comes up and the other one is Kiki's ex-bf, which leads me to believe they might be the same person? Idk I'm not good with faces).

No. 840041

the guy in the picture has blue eyes tho

No. 840042

If that’s actually Danny than she’s especially terrible for laughing at a dead man, and it’s petty of her to keep revisiting content of her ex that she can’t let go of. So much for “healing”. I worry about her current followers for being so ignorant as to how vile and sickening she truly is as a human being. Like she’s actually nauseating.

No. 840043

Actually now that I think about it, does anyone remember the video she posted of her laughing her ass off at a woman who got in a car accident? She laughed her ass off because it was an overweight woman and the car rolled 3 times.
She will never change.

No. 840052

He’s unattractive. Looks like a soiboi cuck who enjoys being pegged.

No. 840054

File: 1623365352688.png (667.46 KB, 1080x1767, Screenshot_20210610-194110~2.p…)

I think it really looks like him

plus, it's safer to reminisce of an ex-bf who (coincidentally) happens to be doing well for himself rather than the one who supposedly "violently raped" her. Especially bc the guy is saying he's dating a 19yo, so not a pedo (which she keeps claiming Danny was, that he dated 12-14 year olds)

No. 840055

File: 1623365380317.jpeg (24.92 KB, 374x499, images (5).jpeg)

Like, if you compare their profiles

No. 840061

Found a better link with comments

No. 840062

Yikes. So either way she still obsesses over her ex’s years later. She needs to be admitted somewhere.

No. 840069

So it is Corey

Hella embarrassing. Imagine being an adult, living life and a random ex from your teens post an instastory with you on it, with a video you didn't even remember existing.

And if this is actually him today https://wikitia.com/wiki/Corey_Pattakos you can assume Kiki is secretly thirsting for some of the wealth he shows off.

No. 840074

So she is posting old videos of some ex from ages ago who has been off doing his own thing, probably in hopes that he'd get in touch with her again?

She's so desperate rn, the second-hand embarrassment is so strong.

No. 840078

Since she believes in the law of attraction, i wouldn't put it past her

No. 840092

I could understand her obsessing over her ex if he was a 7ft billionaire male model lol. And even then, doing so publicly would be horribly cringe, that shit should be kept private. But seriously? Digging out old photos of some 4/10 emo faggot and obsessively posting them to her stories? She needs help.

No. 840093

It’s kind of funny seeing her so desperate. Dude clearly moved on years ago and has probably fucked hundreds of 10/10s from all over the world since and is living his best life. I guess she doesn’t have any connections left to use to social climb, so she is begging for scraps using her rich ex from 10+ years ago for relevance? Insane. She’s like one of those sad old trashy middle aged women who fucked some rockstar 30 years ago and never shut up about it.

No. 840124

> Dude clearly moved on years ago and has probably fucked hundreds of 10/10s from all over the world since and is living his best life

Yup. It's so sad she went to YouTube and filmed a 10+ years video where he talks about her for 30 secs, laughing like a maniac. She sounded unhinged.

No. 840133

It's Danny, not Corey. Danny has a more aquiline nose whereas Corey has more of an upturned nose. The guy in Kiki's "time capsule heartbreak" pic is Danny, not to mention the pic of Danny that she posted has him in the same outfit from the day they did the pool party shoot that became Dakota's site banner ("slut u just wait").

Kiki is going back now and lovebombing Danny now that everyone knows he was just a normal teenager who was killed by her greed and lust for attention. She's going to do what Dakota did and claim it was all her evil family's fault and all she wanted was a knight in shining armor to save her from them, like Kota did, but then kept in touch with her family, indulged their vulgar sense of humor, and kept her shitty entitled princess syndrome because of it which cost her everything.

Kiki is gonna do the same thing, now turn around and claim she had no culpability or choice in anything from the day she met him to the day he died, and that she still loves him and misses "the good old days" before literally everyone on the internet knew she was a soulless sack of shit piloted by bugs. She will conveniently forget that she was the one who posted the pic of Danny in his coffin to MySpace and made a website mocking his death, calling him names and saying "this is what happened to the last guy to mess with my family".

No. 840134

I remember that, Kiki made a tweet that said "Hey everyone, ask me anything about your favorite top model in Japan" or something like that, alluding she was gonna spill about Kota's visa/contract situation. Kota responded in kind by posting Kiki's WorldFriends (a language EX app) handle, Kirleios, which she was using to troll for any JP guy who would marry her for a visa complete with cringey weeaboo google translate bio.

No. 840135


No. 840140

The video says it's Corey multiple times anon >>840061

No. 840147

I wonder how Kiki ended up on that specific app and Kota quickly knowing her name on it.

My money is on Kota telling Kiki that it's how she found her partner and so she knew the moment Kiki signed up.

No. 840152

Anon. It is Corey. >>840061
The video literally has the part she posted.

No. 840179

WorldFriends wasn't a dating, hookup or escorting site, it was literally a language exchange. My guess is Kota told Kiki to make a profile or, even made it for her to help her meet guys in Japan who spoke English so she wouldn't need Kota as a translator on dates.

No. 840202

File: 1623471256618.png (395.48 KB, 1376x824, 1427284634371.png)

you either remember wrong or are lying. Kooter never posted anything public against Kiki. She's been silent as a mouse on her socials since 2011 onward. Kiki's tweet only said this… I don't see any kind of allude of visas or contracts. I remember just thinking she did this to answer fan questions and feel vicariously popular through Kooter's fans. That's it. She deleted it herself within minutes without any response from Koot. Stop fabricating stories, weirdo.

No. 840204

Oh shit I remember her world furendos dating profile too, where she was shopping for Asian sugar daddies and claimed she could speak Japanese and Chinese but didn’t even know that nyan was Japanese for meow LOL.

No. 840211

Because it wasn't posted to their socials, it was posted anonymously in a Kiki thread here during a time when they were beefing, it was a random one off post that only said:


You know what to do."

Someone googled it and found Kiki's profile, which at the time wasn't a name she had used anywhere else before and the app was relatively unknown for someone to have just randomly stumbled upon it. Also the way it was posted was too quick and dirty, not "omg look, I found Kiki trolling for jap dick on my language app!".

No. 840212

File: 1623489859322.png (142.87 KB, 712x992, Screenshot_20210612-052148_(1)…)


Posted June 2015 in an old Kiki/Snagglepuss thread

Happened when Kiki was in Japan mid 2015, which was also when Kota leveled up the most, moved into that big apartment and made her Instagram.

No. 840213

File: 1623489907308.png (146.35 KB, 646x919, Screenshot_20210612-052028_(1)…)

One month later anons started betting Kota posted it, then…

No. 840214

File: 1623490116691.png (156.35 KB, 642x803, Screenshot_20210612-051506_(1)…)

… three months later after Kiki and Taku split, another thirsty dating profile gets posted claiming they got it from Kiki/Kota's favorite gossip hole, PULL.

Again, posted quick and dirty, and shortly after this was when Kiki went back to FL & pretended Taku went to Disney with her.

No. 840216

Kota was cashing in and Kiki wanted a piece, but she was so cringey and unaware of how to act so Kota kept her at a distance to protect her own handouts.

No. 840217

File: 1623492363871.png (432.39 KB, 1365x1856, 1444719524055.png)

Here you go! Her cringey Worldfriends profile.

No. 840218

File: 1623493287129.png (312.02 KB, 1079x1643, 1425629106185.png)

Here's where Kiki claimed to get scouted, which was right in line with her dating profiles getting leaked. Notice Kota's reply can be taken multiple ways if she knows Kiki is escorting for sone kind of entertainment deal like she did.

No. 840221

How to link posts from old threads?? I'm reading a Kiki thread that has a LOT of Danny info and receipts. It has Danny's diary entry about breaking up with Kiki (his side of it) and a post from a friend of the family who knew info on the whole situation.

Cathy and Kiki lied to Danny that she was 17 when they met, so him being a pedo who chases "12 year olds" was all Kiki bullshit. He almost broke up with her and moved home over it but his home life wasn't good so he stayed, until the bedbug infestation and Kiki's histrionics became too much.

The post also says that Kiki had a restraining order against Danny, so that the night they lured him to the mall & she jumped out to surprise him in front of the police which is why he ran, NOT because the cops were eager af to catch him selling come to a fakeb"12 year old he wanted to fuck". Kiki and Cathy lired him to the mall to meet someone else, Kiki jumped out when the cops showed up, and Danny ran because of the RO. Cops don't just hauk off and chase teenagers on sight unless they've actually done something, but if Kiki popped out being 14 with an RO against Danny and Cathy was there screaming that he raped her, he would get chased for that.

Seriously there's so much info I forgot about, like I can't believe I forgot Kiki lied about being 17 to get with Danny- she always made it seem like he knew she was 14 and pursued her because of it, when really he ghosted her for 2 days bc of it. He wasn't a pedo, he was an immature teen from a bad home who made the mistake of giving a shit about a soulless twat.

No. 840222

Kek at all the lies that contradict themselves.




>Graduate Degree

>Have you lived Overseas? For How Long?

>Japan multiple times for a few months

>I would Like Travelling To…


This must have pissed Kota off and that's why she tipped us off not once but twice!

No. 840234

File: 1623506950066.jpeg (17.02 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg)

> Let's play a little q&a

No. 840284

Do you by chance have a link to this thread?

No. 840301

To link posts from old threads, right-click on the post number and copy the link address. Also if they are old posts on the same board (so /pt/ here obv) you can quote the same way as posts in the same thread, by just using ">>" and the post number.

No. 840309

File: 1623579744672.jpg (179.7 KB, 579x793, 1424815820498.jpg)

Thank you!!

Danny's side of things: >>>/pt/120342

Cespedes family friend's POV of the situation: >>>/pt/120345

There's also several screencaps from the police reports over the incident that have details that have been long forgotten, pics of her 3 Tokyo bondage fairy hooker outfits she wore for months, the pepper spray and knife she bragged about carrying illegally, her claim of being scouted, claims of being groped, harassed in "university", the Pisscab Saga, forcing Taku's restaurant staff to rewash their utensils before making her food, fucking Fangophilia and recording him drunk in bed without his consent, the Jackotass sketches, and so so much more.

No. 840310

Here's all the 2015 Japan saga Kiki threads:

OG thread
(June 2014)

(November 2014)

(March 2015)

(June 2015, Part 1)

(June 2015, Part 2)

(July 2015)

(August 2015, Part 1)

(August 2015, Part 2)

(September 2015)

(October 2015)

No. 840395

File: 1623633018044.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20210613-220903.png)

ok but I want to see how it looks irl with her nose, long face etc.

Is there any picture taken at the salon or the hairdresser's Instagram? Nope.

No. 840402

She alsp reposted Kota's Fila pic and Kota reposter her again. They sure have been posting and interacting with each other a lot lately, and now Kiki has a weeby haircut? Maybe with with new music thing there will be another Kaka in Japan saga??? I can't think of any reason why Kota would want to risk the last scrap of her career associating with Kiki publicly when she always avoided it before, unless it's just because it looks like Kiki has more going on currently (beleive it or not).

No. 840403

She tagged the salon and stylist & promises better pics to come. Imagine giving an almost 29 year old woman a hime cut, then possibly seeing yourself and your job tagged on pics of her naked & covering her tits seductively. Cringe.

No. 840421

Kiki starting to act like PT 2.0 out here.

No. 840430

> Seductively

Dude. Where.

I'm no stranger to girls posting revealing pics on insta and shit, but Kiki just gives off a weird vibe.

AND there's the issue with tagging a professional hairdresser. Like, c'mon. Put on a shirt for this one

No. 840435

Well, true, but you know Kiki thinks those pics make her look seductive. She must think they look like some sultry boudoir lewds, but really it looks like an autistic woman with a tween weeb haircut being naked on camera and fondling herself while high on seratonin.

No. 840438

Just FYI being “scouted” in Japan as a foreign woman is super common. Sincerely not intending to humble brag but it happened to me a handful of times when I’d visit cities when I lived there, and to lots of other women I know. It was always creepy and extremely sketchy. No one from a legit, well-respected agency is scouting people in Shibuya. Kiki actually believing she’d been scouted is naive and hilarious.

No. 840441

Her lies were on overdrive during this time but yes, if it did happen, it was when she was dressed like a hooker standing around waiting to be noticed. It wasn't going to be for modeling work because none ever materialized from this little story of hers. Kota's non-reaction also suggests she knew.

It also wouldn't have happened if she was going places with a guy. IIRC she was with one most of the time.

No. 840523

Well, clearly it didn't "happen", or else she wouldn't have immediately went home. She threw out that she was back in FL pretty quickly, calling Japan a concrete jungle and saying she missed the nature of Florida (KEK you missed pine trees and weeds?). It was pretty obvious she was trying literally anything to stay in Japan, and I think if Taku ever did go to Florida Disney with her it was part of a marriage scam (your spouse has to meet your family and you have to leave Japan to reset your visa), but also didn't work so he just went back to Japan without her. It's the only reason I can think of why she would randomly drag him to Florida, also Kiki copies Kota trying to be successful and Kota visited home with an unrelated older male right before she immediately came back with that popteen ring and Shibuya apartment (after 3 years of posting pedobait lolita thirsttraps and blogging on her Bravo contract).

No. 840531

File: 1623765958328.png (939.3 KB, 1080x1483, Screenshot_20210615-110121.png)

She posted the pics on her Instagram feed, but I think this one gives some idea on how it looks IRL.

Makes her face look 5x longer. since it's cheekbone length and turned towards her face, it naturally brings attention to her nose. Also, she's the only human being that manages to have a 5head, thanks to the baby bangs.

GOSH I wish we could see this haircut under WalMart lights.

No. 840533

What is wrong with her nose?

No. 840542

I love that she captioned it "kiki hime", I hope this is the return of weebykiki. I feel like she only dropped the Japan/AMWF thirsting because she was so enraged that Taylor married a rich Asian who gave her everything kiki wanted. Maybe she's ready to try Japan again now that Tay is boring and normal in HK?

No. 840544

Oh no honey, how did Kiki not learn like the rest of us that hime cuts look terrible on thin white girl hair? I swear we knew this 10 years ago

No. 840568

I honestly don’t think there’s anything terribly wrong with her nose but it just emphasizes her already narrow face shape and narrow lips. She would look better with a few plumper features on her face, like cheeks, lips, or slightly wider nostrils/nose bridge, but she’s just narrow all over including her body. It gives a hawk-like appearance. All that on top of her eyes that she bugs out in pictures to make them look bigger. Some ppl on this thread say that her nose is humped but I don’t think it’s terribly humped.

Her previous hair parted in the center just drew attention to her narrow lines and now her teenage weeb hime cut literally points straight at her nose, but at least it covers her narrow face and non existent cheek bones.

No. 840576

I hope it's for her "new music" shtick.

No. 840579

This haircut is not only objectively awful, but about one of the worst cuts Kiki could have got for her features.

No. 840580

Her face is fine, she just has a big nose

No. 840607

File: 1623808731067.png (849.15 KB, 1080x1893, Screenshot_20210615-225544~2.p…)

She does it with outfits too. she either sees herself in a completely different way or just likes looking haggard

Pic related: queen of scraping any appraisal that comes her way

No. 840611

File: 1623809853435.png (1.67 MB, 1080x2186, Screenshot_20210615-181707.png)

Agreed, and there's a lot of pretty girls with big noses but… there's something with her face that gives off weird vibes. i might be biased.

pic: felt like digging it and picturing that face with the hime haircut with her current makeup and fashion choices walking around LA, looking for dates, trying to manifest Corey Pattakos back.

No. 840635

Her nose is just bjg for her face, a hairstyle with volume and layers would do wonders for her, but her hardon for long elf hair guarantees she'll always have an unflattering style for her long, sallow face. She reminds me of one of the ghoulish character sketches from those Are You Afraid of the Dark books with the frizzy, flat, pin-straight long brown hair and crazy bug eyes & collarbones poking out.

No. 840637

she reposted something from “scenesluttzz” ……… was she just searching herself and why promote that account that picture on the left is likely underage tf

No. 840638

After years of making fun of her elevenhead she finally decided to cover it

No. 840640

Her nose doesn’t suit her face at all because it’s kind of a typical meaty Slav/Polish potato nose and she has quite a narrow oblong face with close set eyes, her wide fleshy beaky nose just makes them look even closer together. Something about all her features is just mismatched. I’m usually easily able to tell what plastic surgeries would work for someone but I don’t even know where to start with her face. In some pictures she reminds me of Chloe Sevigny but rather than being harmoniously quirky looking and easy to look at, Kikis face is kind of jarring and unharmonious.

No. 840643

Maybe the real reason Kiki is so anti-PS is because deep down she knows she still wouldn't turn out like she thinks she looks. The best she can do in reality is to just pretend she looks the way she thinks she does Dakota Rose style.

She's just lurking and posting vague shit about music and anime as well, it makes me think she's gonna try some kind of Japanese weebpunk music comeback… at 28 years old.

No. 840645

Kaka’s life is one big cope. I feel kind of bad for her at times. But then I remember what an evil cunt she is.

No. 840653

How her brain would read this post:

>She reminds me of Chloe Sevigny [redacted] being harmoniously quirky looking and easy to look at

No. 840661

I can’t stand Chloe Sevignys face or style but yeah Kaka would take this as a massive compliment

No. 840680

>one of the ghoulish character sketches from those Are You Afraid of the Dark books
Kek, I instantly knew which one. Kiki in her 60s.

No. 840685

it's because she has literally no upper lip and her bottom jaw sort of jutts out weirdly.

No. 840736

File: 1623928518750.png (1.2 MB, 720x980, Screenshot_20210617-071103_(1)…)

>good morning lil kittens!

No. 840739

Nitpick and OT but the book is called "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark". "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" was a Nickelodeon show from the 90's. I know this because I'm a part of The Midnight Society.(no1curr)

No. 840757

She looks fine except for her hairline. Nonnies are nitpicking about her nose.

No. 840786

File: 1623963715163.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1969, FFA760EF-DE31-4517-84D6-7E067F…)

(New IG story but not really milk so I saged this comment)

I get the feeling that Kiki is the kind of person who revisits past memories to write fanfics about herself or romanticize her trauma under the guise of introspection/acceptance. In reality she’s torturing herself and can’t let go, she’s too wrapped up in being Kiki Kannibal and everything that came with it

No. 840794

Why do I get the feeling looking at this that she put makeup on just so she could cry, take a picture, and post it online?

No. 840812

She’s crying cuz a new thread was made(no proof, no milk)

No. 840835

She realized how bad her new haircut looks.


No. 840995

Must suck going from the most popular attention grabbing e-girl in the mid 2000s to a literal who cat lady begging with terf bangs

No. 841113

She wasn't the most popular, she barely ranked on her own. The bulk of her "popularity" was either Myspace friendwhoring or secondhand envy from being a starfucker with sleazy parents who let her and kota slink backstage with Blood on the Dance Floor and took pics sitting in their laps, and sticking Kiki with whoever had online popularity like Danny. She was never an icon in her own right, she was a dramacow or a tagalong. Most people hated her personally and just wanted her shameless, obsessive parents who funded and pushed her desire for online fame since puberty.

No. 841207

Super OT but I just noticed the badly photoshopped in septum in the thread pic. What didn’t they photoshop back then?(offtopic)

No. 841237

She's been steadily posting scans and art from the manga Nana, when before the only anime she showed interest in was Sailor Moon when Kota went viral. She's regressing into weebdom again and I can't wait to see what milk it brings.

No. 841290

For the first time in God only knows how long, Kiki has no stories up. Has that ever happened since she started using IG stories??

No. 841733

File: 1624596936514.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, 960C02D2-2FE8-4CCF-B3AF-21BF96…)

Is this a boyfriend or someone she is following online? He’s come up a few times in her stories

No. 841773

He must be the new pump & dump. Anyone gonna do like the last guy & find his profile?

No. 841949

seems to me it's motorcycle man again

No. 841962

Motorcycle guy's face was never shown, how could it be? Plus, ahe ditched him pretty quickly for the Russian guy, so if it is the same guy he's likely just as much of a loser as all the others to go back to Kirsten Ostrenga.

No. 841973

This is either an old pic, or he's a tard like Kiki who dresses for winter in June in LA.

No. 842072

she reposted the pic of them on the bike the other day. sry for no caps.

No. 842226

If he was around, why would she ve reposting old pics instead of posting new ones? The motorcycle pic is old as hell at this point, so if it is this new guy (which is doubtful) then he's no better than any of the others & won't last long either.

No. 842249

File: 1624903191312.png (1022.41 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20210628-104133~2.p…)

New instastory.

Trust fucking Kiki to take edgy pics with acupuncture needles.

No. 842386

Needles aside, what's happening in this pic? There's another girl's face on her tits?

No. 842416

Is it okay to wear heavy makeup while stabbing needles into your face? I feel like the answer is no, but idk.

No. 842456

No. It's probably DIY or she went to some shady acupuncturist who doesn't know what they're doing.

No. 842553

I never had to take off eye makeup, but we are told to remain still, the acupuncture points are extremely precise and you have to stay still

I'm leaning towards >>842456 DIY

No. 842637

They tell you to lay still, yet Kiki takes selfies and dances with needles in her face. Gotta love it when cows prematurely age themselves with halfassed skincare.

No. 842696

Where's the hime cut??

No. 842728

File: 1625159053221.png (996.92 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20210701-140253.png)

LMAO deadass think she messaged him with a borderline flirty message or smthg

That's an old pic. She posted one in her instastory yesterday, but she must've taken it down. It made her chin 5x longer.

No. 842730

His comment was made 3 days ago, btw while the pic was posted a couple of weeks ago. My bet is her trying to slid into his DMs since she posted that video with him in it

No. 843025

File: 1625407156161.jpg (147.59 KB, 1080x1920, 209842064_699059274213763_2321…)

Kaka's posting a fuckton of manic stories, one is abouy Tetremce Mckenna questioning reality and one of the last is a meme about LSD microdosing. I hope she does, I cannot wait to see Kiki on LSD, sperging out in front of her webcam and posting 50 IG selfies of her with dilated pupils and clips of her regurgitating Terrence Mckenna's ideas through her own batshit POV. Though now that I think about it, maybe Kiki isn't as unfamiliar with LSD as she's pretending to be and has already fried her brain?

Side note, Kiki is starting to make me feel like she needs to be in a facility receiving care somewhere.

No. 843042

Kek anon. There is no brain frying that happens when microdosing. If she microdoses hopefully she'll shut the fuck up with her manic antics. That's a big IF, because most don't know how to do it correctly or have unreliable sources.

No. 843049

I can totally see Kiki using this type of shit to open her third eye or whatever. she was very anti-drugs in the past, but who knows.

No. 843080


She's posting it to be edgy. LSD doesn't go with her "vegan pure anti-drug" lifestyle she's bragged about for years.

> Side note, Kiki is starting to make me feel like she needs to be in a facility receiving care somewhere.

I think she's autistic. Didn't she mention being on disability when she was sperging here?

No. 843083

I know, but I don't think Kirsten is capable of moderating anything, I can see hee "microdosing" 5x a day once she decides she likes it & it's a new part of her persona.

Her disability is for fake scoliosis she doesn't need a brace for and that doesn't keep her from working or going to school when she does feel like it. Kiki would never admit to a mental disability.

No. 843576

File: 1625749039065.png (595.71 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20210708-095511~2.p…)

Never let these golden years go, Kiki!

No. 843577

File: 1625749134980.png (461.13 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20210708-095534~2.p…)

No. 843578

File: 1625749510326.png (125.75 KB, 1080x1740, Screenshot_20210708-095541~2.p…)

No. 843584

Pretty accurate considering attention whores like Belle always end up exactly like Kiki- old, irrelevant, begging for attention, always "hey guys! Remember this? Remember when I did this? Haha that was so cool, I'm so cool". Sh0eonhead is going down the same slide.


No. 843591

Was Kirsten even around (online) at that point? I don't recall her having any kind of internet presence until 2006, late 2005 at earliest. I'm sure she loves being compared to a slightly-younger slightly-more-relevant e-whore, though, even though Belle can hardly be considered relevant in 2021.

No. 843597


Kiki is worse. Belle at least sold some bath water, the only cash Kiki got was from the necklaces (and she was relevant in 2006/7)

No. 843625

How many unreleased scene era photos are there of Kiki?? And why did she wait 10+ years after scene died to post them?

No. 843631

Are you trying to say these pics you see were unreleased? These are stills from a video her fucking parents took. It was posted as soon as it happened.

No. 843647

I'm pretty sure the video is even still on her youtube channel

No. 843762

File: 1625887800835.jpg (199.26 KB, 925x1390, los-angeles-ca-august-19-domin…)

somewhat ot but it reminds me of a bit of dominique swain - woman who played dolores haze in that 90s lolita movie - and how there was an article about her that mentioned there was something sad about how she continues to style her hair in the way dolores did in that movie. a grown adult trying to cling to when they were young, when they were at their most male-gazey and "sexy" according to only moids' standards. having no sense of pride about getting older and being okay with that. it's just tragic to me

No. 843810

Just say Kiki is a womanlet who is afraid of aging out of being a pickme.

No. 843900

File: 1626003667232.png (464.68 KB, 462x822, Screenshot_20210711-070749_(1)…)

Kota posted new pics, so Kaka is spamming her own story hoping for attention.

I hope she really makes an OF, I would kill to see what kind of pics she puts up trying to look like a vintage lolita nymphette with almost no lighting, weird yoga/Sperg posing and sad titty/ass shoops.

No. 843921

I would be excited for this messy era. Even if it was inevitable she would try OF, she won't make much and will drop it like everything else.

No. 843943

File: 1626044178204.png (754.79 KB, 1080x1808, Screenshot_20210711-173416~2.p…)

No. 843946

File: 1626044432445.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1819, Screenshot_20210711-173359~3.p…)

Ah yes, just the person who I want to hear break-up advice from

No. 843947

File: 1626044500063.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1809, Screenshot_20210711-173425~3.p…)

So I guess that Russian guy from a while ago is done with her?

No. 843959

We're so close to a cabbage cures cancer phase, I can smell it.

No. 843980


her whole life really is just dating a guy and then immediately after getting dumped and her telling the Internet how she feels about it, rinse and repeat several times a year. like… focus on yourself for a while (not just a few weeks or months) and actually harness skills that aren't posting pictures of yourself as a scene 13 year old with fake deep captions

No. 844011

>I used to react to breakups like a death.
Yeah, because you have no identity or personality outside of occasionally having a boyfriend

No. 844176


You mean hookup, lol. Only a career cockwarmer like Kiki could believe these cringey fuckboys were/are actual relationships.

No. 844265

That's cringe since the closest thing she ever had to a real relationship ended up dead because of her.

No. 844318

File: 1626352554316.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1936, Screenshot_20210715-093519.png)

Oof that Hime haircut

Apparently she's working and studying full time.

No. 844332


and taku was her ticket to living in japan.

No. 844348

She thinks making a shitty ebook and cheap jewelry is "work", anon. Also she has a history of taking classes and courses at community colleges for certificates to pretend she's working toward a degree in an actual career field.

And what is that shirt? I see every basic hoe whipping that ribcage shirt out lately now that it's past the 4th.

No. 844352


She and Koti were sent on some very expensive (15k each I think?) sound engineering/electronic music course and that birthed Kiki's mediocre-at-best (for the time, it might be better than the shit people listen to now for all I know) music "career".

No. 844360

>kaka claiming to be at work and school

I guess to a homeschool sped like her, those things are considered actual school and work.

No. 844371

Aren't degrees super expensive in the US though? 15k doesn't sound bad.

At some point she claimed she was studying science and then, it said somewhere she was studying law (but it was never proved)

No. 844413

Kiki and Kota went to a community college using government grants like the Pell grant before they were 18 & while still being homeschooled so they wouldn't have to pay them back as long as they graduated. They would have walked away with at most an AA and some credits toward an actual degree, but they didn't go long enough to complete an entire college education. At most, they attended college for less than a full year. They went to kill time, get a free check to blow on music and photography equipment for their classes (likely the only reason they enrolled, couldn't afford it otherwise) and pretend to be more educated than middle school dropouts. Neither of them is a sound engineer, they didn't attend Valencia college that long before Kota uploaded her shoops and went viral, which probably only ever happened due to having assignemts with After Effects and Photoshop in class, which is why her first batch of viral shoops and videos were the best quality and that quality was never again replicated.

They were broke Florida hicks using the state to get more freebies for their scams and they dropped it as soon as Danny and Japan came along because suddenly they both had better shit going on than having to pretend to care about their education.

Sound engineer. That would be hands down more interesting than anything either of them have actually done since college, but it's a lie because if not then Kota would have used itnto worm her way into music more than just acting as a fugly mannequin in an MV. It was hilarious 5 years ago when Dakota tried to shill it then & it's still hilarious now. I feel like the only reason she ever even said it was to dig on Kiki who was always the more musically inclined of the two while Kota preferred fashion. Kota became a kawaii model and Kiki became nothing, and Kota never pretended to give a shit about music before or since making that tweet and comment on the show. It was a one-off humblebrag during a spat with Kiki and not even a halfway beleivable one, so don't parrot it as fact just because Kiki wants to latch onto that lie now (even though Kota said she had the degree, not the both of them).

No. 844419


I only remember it because Kiki whined that the tutor hated both of them and the mother and told them it burned his ass that they're getting 15k worth or whatever when other people can't afford it. She left out the part where they didn't pay anything and that explains why it burned his ass.

No. 844429

It wasn't 15k for a whole degree, it was 15k for a class or two

No. 844444

15K per school year, but it's 2-4 years for a full degree. They took a semeater of classes to get into music and editing/photography classes just to use the low income grants to buy the class-required equipment to take their selfies and make their vanity projects. Valencia college was a means yo an end for 2 broke minors to get their hands on HQ equipment to fake their careers, which they both sold off when kota went viral.

No. 844483

Pell grants are for people whose total family income is below $50,000. Pressing x to doubt the Ostrengas were at that level.

No. 844522

The girls Would have been eligible bc their parents filed for bankruptcy less than 7 years prior to avoid being sued by Danny's family, which by Florida standards counts as financial hardship even if you did it willingly and for a shit reason. Pell grants were stupidly easy to get in the early 2000's, that's why educators got pissy about spoiled cunts like them sitting in classes just to take up space and own equipment (>>844419). Exactly the reason the standards changed and aren't as vauge now.

No. 844523

They're known for being broke rednecks who wear decade old knockoffs, kek. They only lived in a big house because their parents moved in with their grandma and stayed when she died. Plus, Cathy can at any point quit working retail and let their income drop to qualify for freebies, especially if her mom paid off the house before she died. They have always projected the image that they're middle class, but their white trash patterns and behavior have been consistent forever. They blow money on shit to look like they have money, but don't have or do anything that other middle/upper middle class people do.

No. 845052


Have either of them graduated with any degree other than the audio engineering certificate? I feel like Kiki has been in college since forever and didn't she claim to be a university student while in Japan? She's spent over a decade claiming to be in college and has absolutely nothing to show for it.

No. 845116


Kiki has unlocked the warrior rank of "blooded".

No. 845304

Neither of then finished college, they have no degrees. Kiki sharwd a pic of a thank you certificate she earned via taking notes for her autistic brother who enrolled alongside them (he recorded the video of Kiki and Kota standing outside the college talking). Neither of them mentioned college again once Kota started gaining traction on Tumblr until Kota was in Japan and invented the Sound Engineer Degree lie. Kiki never claimed to have graduated or had a degree in music before or since then, she only ever posted pics of her notebooks and equipment breifly over the years. Besides, if they graduated then theirnnames would be listed somewhere, like how that Haku fakeboi was outed for changing her legal name to Kohaku Aoki bc they had to list her legal name in her graduating class.

No. 845307

I highly doubt Kyler is as autistic/disabled as they always claimed, based on what I found below he might be the most stabe of the 3.

Idk if Kiki graduated, but she made it on the President's list and Dean's list a few times, and usually only in the Fall: https://valenciacollege.edu/academics/deans-list/past.php

>President's List

>These students completed at least 6 credit hours, and earned at least a 3.75 grade point average in all coursework.

>Dean's List

>These students completed at least 6 credit hours, and earned between a 3.50 and 3.74 grade point average in all coursework.

Kiki on the PL/DL
>Fall 2008, PL
>Fall 2010, PL
>Fall 2011, PL +Kyler
>Spring 2012, DL
>Fall 2012, PL +Kyler again

Times Kyler made PL/DL solo
>Spring 2013, DL
>Summer 2013, DL
>Fall 2013, DL
>Spring 2014, DL
>Summer 2014, PL
>Fall 2014, PL
>Fall 2015, PL

No mention of any Ostrengas past Fall 2015 or before Fall 2008 on either list, and Dakota wasn't on any of them. From the looks of things, Kyler was consistently a good student, whereas Kiki could only do well in the Fall intermittently? And it looks like she attended between 2008-2012, but I can't find a graduation list for Valencia college.

No. 845442

At least now we know how Kiki kept coming up with money for all her harebrained ventures- she keeps enrolling in college for the grant money to blow on new projects since she lives at home & her parents pay for everything she has. That would explain all the electronics she suddenly had that slowly all disappeared over the years.

No. 845456

File: 1627075480429.png (588.71 KB, 720x1087, Screenshot_20210723-171843_(1)…)

Looks like she may be doing it in LA now, maybe that's where her sudden interest in at-home accupuncture and rekindling her music career (featuring her old college notes). Pics of Kiki's room from the last thread showed some weird peice of equipment by thendoor for a while that looked like it belonged in a health spa, picrel.

Also, if she's enrolling for funding and blowing it on bullshit in true Kiki style, it would explain where her new clothes and room decor came from after being empty for so long since Bobby dumped her: the neon wings sign, the giant fortune cat, the weird new clothes and cheap hotep jewelry, etc. all popped up around the same time she started vauging about being a student after months of her room being bare & her reposting ancient selfies and old outfits. It would also allow her to meet new guys to fuck via being near human males.

No. 845480

Holy shit, and she was also talking about "doing music again". She posted on https://instagram.com/deathxbyxdopamine?utm_medium=copy_link for the first and last time back in May…

I remember some videos of her playing her songs with some massive visual effects in her room, so she's definitely making sure she has the decor for the music… Instead of the music itself.

No. 845528

Suddenly it makes sense why she can only start new projects in the fall/spring (grant $) and why at Valencia she could only make the Dean's or President's list at the start of the year- the first term is always the cakewalk where they give you the easy A for showing up and having your class materials.

No. 845530

So in addition to being on full ride disability for fake scoliosis, she's been scamming grant money from the government for over a decade. Great, glad this bitch hets to sit on her bony ass and blow taxpayer money like it's there to support her while she lives in her head and talks to herself in her bedroom. The only reason I'm not seriously mad abt it is because I know tha she's likely to secretly be mentally disabled on paper & lying about it bc she's a screeching, immature retard incapable of learning lessons & she clearly get triggered by being called crazy/spergy (& loves casually using "retard" as an insult, which is dated af).

No. 845543

File: 1627130135798.png (915.91 KB, 1080x2206, Screenshot_20210724-000951.png)

Great. So she decided her music was a flop before she even began working on it and is well on her way to be a full-time thot.

No. 845549

sorry to necro but why do you bitches call her talking about her SA/CSA as 'fanfiction'? it was literally documented in the news that Cespedes was a prolific pedophile who groomed teenagers and was under investigation.

No. 845552

It's the way she writes about it in excruciating detail. When you read her writing about it, it comes off as romanticizing and self-imposed martyrdom. As a CSA survivor I think her writing could do with less details, it's genuinely triggering to women who survived SA and just gives the reader an uneasy feeling. That's what I observe from anons here. We do know he was gross. I don't think that anyone claiming he wasn't is fully informed. However, Keeks totally loves to write misery/torture porn about herself for pity points, also I guess she just refuses to get a diary.

No. 845553

File: 1627137489988.jpeg (23.72 KB, 739x415, keeks.jpeg)

God she tries so hard to sound hip and quirky.

No. 845554

Read her writing about her own rape, and then look up stories featuring rape in Wattpad (bonus if the writer is a 14 year old edgy lord). It's the same writing.

> 'Queen, no'

She tries so hard.

No. 845555

Kiki & her family loved him enough to move him into their house, let them fuck their daughter and then didn't even kick him out for it. They never reported him for raping Kiki until he dumped her and moved back home. The reasom Kiki isn't a legitimate rape victim and why her story is called a fablnfic is because it's a massively embellished lie built upon Kiki's cripplong guilt over causing the death of her first real boyfriend/relationship. No guy since Danny put Kiki on such a high pedestal (he got her face tatted on him like 3x?) and she knows it's because she was using him for Myspace clout and he was using her for a cool plave to live with cool parents who let them drink, smoke and fuck consensually (despite is being statutory from the day they allowed Danny into their house, making her parents at least partially responsible).

Also, the details contradict not only known information from poloce reportd, but also plain logic. Her story claims she was brutally raped, beaten, thrown, penetrated dry and held down while being raped and trying to scream and get away (in a house with both her parents, both siblings and her grandma there during) AND that afterward her parents took her to the hospital and they talked to detectives that night who ALL said "nothing could be done" because of vauge, unspecified "loopholes" and that despite the severity of her attack, "he left no marks". That's Kiki having her cake and eating it, too: she gets to kill off Danny for scorning her & destroy his reputation, and gets to be a brutalized teen rape victim betrayed by her first true love, without her parents ever facing any trouble for their gross negligence or the entrapment. The Cespedes literally tried to sue the Ostrengas for wrongful dearh because they had enough to takenit to court, but Scott & Cathy filed for bankruptcy bcnin Florida you can't be sued if you're bankrupt. Wht would they destroy their credit willingly just to avoid going to court over Danny if Kiki was the only victim and none of the Ostrengas ever did anything wrong? I bet if the Cespedes case were reopened the Ostrengas would be in a world of shit.

Nobody will ever really know what happened but the Ostrengas, but based on the fact that after over 10 years Kiki still can't allow anyone to see her at any kind of fault over any part of the Danny Drama, and how she chimps out on anyone who doesn't shit on his name and seethe in the process, it's pretty safe to say she's always gonna be hella guilty and defensive over it. They may have barely managed to get away with it, but life is strange and if Kooter can land a Bravo contract based on shoop, then maybe the Cespedes family can fuck up the Ostrengas if they got a good lawyer. Kiki hasn't stopped slandering Danny since the day he died, and she's gone above and beyond in doing so too- like painting him as a brutal, violent rapist and pedophile and herself the innocent, unguarded victim.

No. 845556

Sorry for all the typos, I'm on a laggy phone in a shit reception area & I got sick of waiting for my phone to catch up to spellcheck.

No. 845570

well, thanks for the info. but i hardly think the ostrengas are at fault for Cespedes' death. he ran away from the police and stumbled and fell. it seems like such a reach to sue them for wrongful death.

No. 845576

Imagine defending a man who dated an underage girl while he was an adult. He ran because he had something to hide. If he was innocent he wouldn’t have ran. His fault.

No. 845583


Statutory rape is the bottom line. And yes, this means the victim will usually drop the hammer on the perp once they break up. The protip is to not fuck minors.

No. 845591


Actually, a preventable death caused by jealous pettiness is the bottom line. Making 3 posts to pretend multiple people think Danny is worse than ant Ostrenga is too obvious.

>Scott and Cathy, Kiki'd adult parents, allowed his 19 year old ass to move into their home and fuck their underaged daughter

>Cathy collected their USED CONDOMS as proof to Kiki's Myspace haters they really were having sex
>Kiki never spoke ill of Danny until he broke up with her and moved back home, which was when the Monstrenga plotting began
>Cathy herself impersonated an 11 or 12 year old girk using a fake Myspace profile and asked Danny to meet "her" at the mall to get high and have sex
>somehow 19-year-old Danny is a disgusting pedophile akin to a middle aged serial rapist creeping on toddlers bc of every other underaged girl he was into- except Kiki???
>by the way, Kiki and her family lied to him about her age when they first got together
>also testimonials from friends of his claimed he vented about Kiki's family/home situation a lot and just couldn't take the bug infested white trash hell anymore so he split, which is when Kiki and her family took ot personally and went off the rails scheming

No matter what you say, the Ostrengas are at fault for manipulating Danny into the relationship with Kiki by lying about her age, moving him into their house and letting them sleep with their daughter after getting kicked out of his own for seeing her. His parents did the right thing, but the Ostrengas are just overgrown, selfish spoilt children who can't accept being told they aren't special and better than everyone else.

They are also at fault for his death which is why they were scared of the lawsuit, why Kiki can't fucking shut up about it to this day every time she gets dumped (deep down she knows her entire life now is just her own karma bitchslapping her for being such a rabid, unapologetic twat then & refusing to face it) and why she can't stop adding in wildly unrealistic and unbelievable details to make herself look as pure and Danny as evil as possible. Every time it all gets brought up again, she waits a bit and rewrites the story with new details that add more trauma to her backstory. 'Strengastans out themselves by being so blatantly biased and trying so hard to force their narrative & tell people what to believe, and how pissy they get when anyone starts recalling factual info or digging up receipts. They need it to stay buried or else perhaps the Cespedes family may try to seek justice again for the decade of slandering him after the fact.

No. 845593



> Her story claims she was brutally raped, beaten, thrown, penetrated dry and held down while being raped and trying to scream and get away (in a house with both her parents, both siblings and her grandma there during)
In case anyone is still wondering why we call her rape stories "fanfiction". She has a rape kink. She even changed the Halloween post after it was posted here bc that was BS >>819472

I can't give less of a fuck about Danny's being innocent or not, but it is certain she gets off talking and writing about brutal rape scenarios, and it's convenient for her that he's dead and can't get a say in it

No. 845597


Cespedes-chan it's possible to hate all of these people for different reasons.

No. 845601

Are there caps of the original post she made?

No. 845602

She was also misrepresenting the age difference between them until it was pointed out that Kiki and Danny were closer in age than Kiki and Dakota.

No. 845604

Danny never went in on Kiki like she & her fam did on him. According to his friends, he actually cared about her, and based on their posts before they split & the Ostrengas killed him he was trying everything he could. From the outside, based on the actions of Kiki and her family vs. the accounts from people who knew Danny longer than they did, he just wanted out of a fucked up situation he was too young to handle, and a family of emotional, bitter rednecks took action against him for it to get him arrested but instead got him killed. Without their self-righteousness and persecution complexes, they would have been able tp simply let them break up and let him go home, but instead a whole family, counting two grown adult parents, decided to play internet tough guy for revenge.

They should have never fucking contacted Danny through any fake profiles tp solicit him to meet anyone anywhere for any reason. The sane, healthy thing to do is walk away. Only batshit crazy, dangerous people do shit like they did and there's a reason they need it to stay buried.

No. 845606

Ironically, the same bullshit love&light empath mentality garbage Kiki is always spewing is exactly what she should have done then- walk away, talk to your support group, self care & heal. She was never bullied the way she bullied people, so her being such a hardon for sich a fake persona is hilarious and has got to be at least partially motivated by crippling guilt.

No. 845614

from what i remember she claimed to be a student at temple japan, but drop out because someone assaulted her.f

No. 845620

Yeah, she said an Aussie guy did it and a lot of girls were supporting him.

Starts at >>802771 and goes on until >>802776

No. 845648

You’re being a fucking idiot because you hate Kiki so much. No one made the statutory rapist jump off a roof.

No. 845718

NTA but iirc some friend of the cespedes family made a post after he died & explained that the fake profile had asked him to bring cocaine to the meeting place so they could get high before having sex. so yeah, he did have something to hide - hard drugs - but the story about the profile being an 11-12 year old is new to me, where did that come from?

No. 845770

It's Kiki lore, for years after his death when they were still humblebragging about killing guys who mess woth Kiki every chance they get, they loved to point out how he was going to meet a 12 year old girl for drugs and sex bc he was a such a big ol' pEdOpHiLe. I vaguely recall a SS of a Myspace message from their Danny Deathshrine website (the one they made to mock him, where Kiki uploaded the pic of him in his coffin with his head shaved). It's one of those things the Ostrengastans repeated endlessly for effect until they realized how fucking stupid it was to keep claiming any responsibility for it- which was also when they had to file bankruptcy.

They bragged about killing Danny so hard that the Cespedes family built the case that scared them into destroying their credit. And, thanks to shady Florida laws, they can't be sued twice for the same thing, so the Ostrengas get away with both murder and slandering a dead teenager. That's why Kiki isn't worried about slandering him anymore, they pussied out of ever being held accountable.

No. 845776


You can say whatever shit you like about a dead person, legally. This is why it's considered shitty to do it.

No. 845794

Well, in her case she can because she can't be sued for slander against him 2x, but slandering anyone else who is dead with claims that can be proven false can be fought by the decedent's peers.

So, who thinks deathbydopamine is a school project that will never release any actual music or produce any posts besides selfies?

No. 845854

Thinks? I'm pretty sure of it. She will jump on the twitch bandwagon and make an OF before posting again on the death by dopamine insta

No. 845858

File: 1627345496219.png (276.56 KB, 703x1189, Screenshot_20210726-201925_(1)…)

Keeks is triggered

No. 845927

File: 1627377352716.png (939.32 KB, 1080x2210, Screenshot_20210727-061416~2.p…)

"straight edge dating a drug dealer" LMFAO this bitch is rolling on LSD for sure

No. 845961

Oh my god, Kiki is dating a weed/pill dealer? This is gonna be a juicy fucking saga, farm. Imagine her threatening to bust him when he tries to ghost her crazy ass.


She's about as sxe as Dakota is vegan lmao

No. 845969

Either she dat-ED or is dat-ing (which is crazy bc it's not been that long since she sadposted about being dumped).

No. 845973

She's trying to fuck her way into a relationship with a drug dealer, there's no way it isn't going to end in rape claims at least, an arrest or threats of snitching if we get lucky.

No. 845984

File: 1627407292133.png (92.48 KB, 698x1182, Screenshot_20210727-133248_(1)…)

Imagine being an acquaintance of Kiki, and trying to subtly tell her to stop taking random dick like she needs it to survive, and she keeps treating it like a joke while advertising how easy it is to get with her.

No. 845993


she was just posting about a break up and now she's dating someone new. no new music, no new works being put out. just endless revolving door of men that she thinks will save her

No. 846005

Imagine being almost 30 and having so little going on in your life that you consider this something to brag about.

No. 846012

This womanlet really thinks sex + attention = love doesn't she?

No. 846070

File: 1627449648720.png (803.7 KB, 640x1136, F1AB8F2C-0603-4416-BC6A-6EE2AB…)

Keeks studying? Something to do with physiology or biology?

No. 846077

Lol i bet its a naturopath herbal medicine school

No. 846103


ngl, that kind of woo woo grift is a good fit for her. Wouldn't want her to be an actual nurse or something.

No. 846113

But to be honest,the standard for nurses is very low. The dumbest, meanest girls from High School always turn out to be nurses.

No. 846140

Why is that so true?

No. 846141


>invented the Sound Engineer Degree lie.

I remember she posted a picture of the certificate. It was right before Kota exploded on tumblr so unless the certificate was fake, she graduated the audio engineering course. It was a pretty short course from what I remember.

No. 846142


For a "straight edge" person, she has dated a lot of guys who do drugs.

Either she has always been a secret drug user or she thinks she can "change him".

No. 846173

The only Valencia certificate she ever showed off was her award for helping students with disabilities take notes, probably Kyler. She never said anything about a "sound engineering degree", that was only ever Dakota.

A lot pf people who smoke weed, do psychedelics and drink heaboly don't consider themselves to be addicts or even drug users, so ig it all depends on what Kiki considers to be "straightedge" or not. I know people on Myspace used to make fun of her for claiming to be straightedge yet smoking weed, she used a bullshit hippie loophole by saying weed isn't a drug bc it's natural.

No. 846187

File: 1627519900897.png (1.13 MB, 1080x2134, Screenshot_20210728-214857.png)

She posted a couple of reels.
> First date
> "Let me impregnate you"
Yeah, sure happened.

No. 846207

Whew, some guy giving her the cheap trailer park Floridian treatment. How very flattering.

No. 846222

File: 1627561658041.png (571.75 KB, 720x1560, Screenshot_20210728-041559.png)

Kiki is sexualizing fat rednecks in booty shorts while diving headfirst into another "relationship". Has she ever turned down a guy since she turned 18? She used to shit on ppl one on one all the time in the scene days, but now it's like she takes any scrote who acknowledges her. She intentionally chases and sexualizes the types of men other women have learned from experience to judge on sight and avoid.

As an aside, she seems to be in a good mood lately despite being dumped again?

No. 846231

I think this is just her trying to be funny. The joke is "hurdur men in diy jorts".

No. 846236

Eh, I just think it's odd howshe and Kota love cringily sexualizing fat, ugly old men that look like their dad, yet Kiki goes for skinny guys who dress and act like they spend all day on imageboards and Twitter & sniff their own farts. Her taste in men is so coomer-tier for how highly she regards herself.

No. 846263

File: 1627576143970.jpg (49.53 KB, 600x450, 98b0da1151c2f888654e57279e5a4c…)

No. 846269

Not that anon, but an audio engineering certificate is not the same as an audio engineering degree, like a bachelor's one.

But in all honesty, she could have a Master degree, she isn't doing music.

They do that as a cringy joke, being that those men are horrendous, no one would be into them.

It's the same humor as school boys walking up to the fat girl and saying, "yo my friend likes you hahaha". It's just weirder bc she's fucking 30.

No. 846270


I know. The only person who said it was a degree was the person who the picture is a reply to. Everyone else said certificate.

No. 846276

It says diploma, but it isn't from Valencia college and the corporate seal says 2004? She also covers any info about the school or program but the name, so for all we know it was a class she took back when being homeschooled taught by Scott. This is very flimsy tbh.

No. 846277

Do you have the certificate she got for the disabled student note taking thing too?

No. 846280


Nope. I've only ever seen her post the music one.


It was a short course and not at a college but it wasn't taught by Scott. She used to get on stickam and complain about the creepy guys in her class. Typical kiki shit.

It was after she was homeschooled. Probably around 2010 or so when I followed her heavily. It was right before she released the rage kitten album.

No. 846281

An old thread says this is the school.



No. 846284

> She used to get on stickam and complain about the creepy guys in her clas

I just remembered her on Stickam making fun of the disabled people she saw in school (making fun of how 'retarded kids' eat, of a 'fat girl' on wheelchair, etc). Must be the same place.

No. 846287


The fat girl in a wheelchair was from when she was in community college.

No. 846288

oh yeah, it was before 2010, right? She had the platinum fried hair.

No. 846297

So even though she completed the course and got this "diploma", it was still basically just a class anyone can sign up for, not a degree from finishing college with a BA?

No. 846298

File: 1627603078800.webm (9.18 MB, 320x240, 1405986775622.webm)

strangely enough, I have the video. was that Kathy and Koots laughing in the background? she basically talked shit about everyone who went to school with her.

No. 846300

File: 1627603780283.png (400.02 KB, 625x1094, Screenshot_20210729-200248_(2)…)

Hell, maybe it did. I can see Kiki pulling a Syd before she turns 30 just to trap a man.

>impulsively bored

Great reason to create a human life, Kiki. Totes not white trash breeder logic.

No. 846301

File: 1627604272224.png (119.15 KB, 659x1136, Screenshot_20210729-201210_(1)…)

She posted that reel to both her story and feed, the caption was "nine inch bun in da oven", and then she posted pic related followed by her usual self-healing-after-a-breakup and sisterhood shit. Plus, I think the reel of the black couple had audio of Dakota singing to Kiki, it sounds a lot like her voice.

My guess is the guy said it as a joke based on their shared cringe sense of humor that Kiki ran with & it chased him off.

No. 846302

Yuck. That gotta be one of those videos she'd do anything to wipe off the internet, she says so many despicable things. I definitely think it's Kota's laugh.

This poor fella. She's going to start posting about toxic men again in a couple of days, and heartbreak or whatever.

Gotta wonder if this guy and drug dealer are the same person.

No. 846303

If not, then she must "talk" to multiple guys at once hoping one will make her GF status after she puts out. This girl must be a walking petri dish.

No. 846304

So does this mean she does it rawdog on the first date?? wtf kaka

No. 846307

She did say in one of those recent 50-min rant videos on YT that she's allergic to condoms, and almost got it on with a guy knowing full well he had an incurable STI, so getting pregnant is child's play.

Makes sense, its just too much for a single guy.

No. 846308

You can be allergic to latex and lube, but hypoallergenic condoms are a thing. In addition to that, you can refuse to fuck a guy until he gets tested. Kiki is just a desperate pickme whore with no standards who has to say yes to immature guys who can't stay hard in a rubber bc they're too selfish bc that's the best she can do after 15 years of calling everyone she dates a rapist.

Jeez, now all her crying rape in the past makes sense- she dives into bed with guys on their terms and then cries rape after she agrees to any nasty shit and gets dumped anyway. I guess now that she's thinking about p-trapping a guy she's relaxed on crying rape, instead now she'll have missed periods, cramps and moodiness every 3 month.

No. 846309

Her body count must be in the triple digits by now.

No. 846313

according to the fake age she keeps claiming, she would have gotten this at 12.

No. 846320

There are multiple articles, reports and documents stating Kiki was born in 1991, I don't recall her ever faking her age? That was always her sister.

No. 846322


2004 is the year the school was founded.

No. 846348

At F.I.R.ST. Institute anyone off the street can pay for a short course like the audio one and get a participation certificate.

She didn't take a full program and such certificates aren't worth anything when the person touting them has no work history or ability to back it up.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

No. 846350

what the fuck is this hair like seriously what the actual fuck it is so funny

No. 846369


From all her years in college, this certificate is the only thing she has. I don't think she has graduated from anything else.

No. 846370

Kaka's hair looks about as normal as it ever has there.
If you're referring to the face filter, I assume it's probably somewhere in the Instagram app under "LSD Juggalos" or similar.

No. 846372

NTAYRT but I'm certain that anon was talking about the cringey ass hime haircut on an almost 30 year old American woman with no remaining interest in Japanese culture or fashion.

No. 846373

Does she really need to graduate if she only enrolls for the government handout neetbux?

No. 846376

That's true. You look at this shit >>844318 you can only imagine how bad this looks on the daily

No. 846398

It's a style that requires regular maintenance trims & suits round faces best, she waited 28-odd years to even get bangs so it's not like she's going to put in thw work to maintain the look she wants. Her crazy brain will just fill in the gaps for her with imagination.

No. 846400

What happened to her sooper speshul vegan cancer-free condoms she had shipped to Japan for her & Taku?

No. 846794

File: 1627755772269.png (537.18 KB, 1080x1880, Screenshot_20210731-152119.png)

"sensitivity is not a weakness" - Sperg-chan

Goes well with this >>846298

No. 846810

lmao yes i was, didn’t even notice the filter couldn’t see through the tears. it should look like a helmet but because it’s too thin it’s just really fucking weird. like ok she got bangs but now she legitimately looks full on special needs, and she doesn’t even deserve to be part of a group that she tormented. she can’t fix her crazy eyes and now she has this wet french fry hair that looks like she did it at 4am. it looks like an adderal haircut that started out as “just a few snips”.

i had to google this and i guess it’s a runway trend in 2021 because the world is so desperate, but all the models have very thick hair and it’s styled with a lot of volume as most mullets always have been. i would’ve suggested layers with bangs if she wanted a mullet but i seriously don’t think there’s enough hairspray in the world to help. ngl the last thing i think of when i see that hair on a non asian person is princess no offense wow it is baaaad

No. 846840

hime haircuts are ugly on everyone tbh
terrible style

No. 847500

File: 1627912777217.png (426.42 KB, 1080x2129, Screenshot_20210802-105835.png)

Lmfao whatever you say keeks

No. 847502

File: 1627912834574.png (1.16 MB, 1080x2010, Screenshot_20210802-100350.png)

Those dangly, tacky shit is back! She wore them a lot in Japan, I think?

No. 847521

>farm points out how Kiki has shit taste in immature fuckbois she leaps into bed with bareback
>suddenly she pretends to be talking to a third new guy in a week who is ~responsible~

Kiki, regardless of the type of guy you draw in, they know it's all about sex bc nobody wants a 30 year old oversexed womanlet whose only goal in life is efame. Any guy she ends up with is gonna end up being her new dad essentially, since she'll never be willing to support herself of live alone.

No. 847530

File: 1627923663128.png (31.69 KB, 1080x130, Screenshot_20210802-140010.png)

I don't even think she meant it like that, this is the caption.

So, basically, she's talking trash about a guy, like "ew he is not checking his dick".

No. 847677

Which she only posted in an obvious metaphor because we pointed out how nasty and desperate she was. Cue her new era of pretending to suddenly have standards after 29 years, kek.

No. 847708

File: 1627962380901.jpeg (315.61 KB, 640x1096, 83509724-B3A0-4DA7-8EEF-D3A1E2…)

Saw this mess coming.

No. 847763

File: 1627982033671.png (807.39 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_20210803-051043_(1)…)

She took out the band profile link but put it back? What are you pointing out?

In other news, it looks like Kiki may have fucked the guy with crotchrot after all.

No. 847764

File: 1627982312154.png (663.48 KB, 610x1109, Screenshot_20210803-051541_(1)…)


I find it funny how much redneck-ified AAVE she uses for someone who used to throw the word nigger around so casually. "Shmick shmock" sounds like something a kid with tourettes would say as a tic. Kiki is so unsocialized she's losing her English skills due to takiing to trashy fuckbois all day every day.

No. 847783

Is she not just saying she caved and made a TikTok or wtf are you two reading into that I'm missing here

No. 847809

File: 1627995198018.png (823.49 KB, 1080x1734, Screenshot_20210803-094025.png)

Yeah, you're right. She just meant to say she caved in and made a TikTok account.

She's trying to appeal to gen z. Bussin' means "really good". The caption makes no sense, unless you think it's a dig at this thread.
> "am I really busted (caught) if I'm doing good?"

Image related: she must be the only person who still believes this empath bullshit.

No. 847865

Kirsten, you are the energy vampire. That's why after 30 years of being enabled, coddled and handheld you still somehow have less of a defined personality than the average 12 year old trendhopper who just noticed boys.

No. 847884

If she wants her fame back she should be doing her old scene kid phase, cause gen z kids eat that shit up

No. 847886

I can't see that happening without digging up old scene drama, which is what Kiki is secretly terrified of. All the Danny stuff happened at the peak of her scene popularity.

No. 847899

Oh but it's gen Z, she just needs to drop the words "gaslight" and "trauma", and boom. Their critical thinking skills are outta the window.

No. 847908

File: 1628031447039.png (386.14 KB, 734x696, Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 6.56…)


No. 847991

So she's an OB/GYN pretending to be a shrink? Hack physicians pretending to be psychologists and psychiatrists is beyond cringey, what the literal fuck does a vagina doctor know about psychology?

No. 847992

Nah, abusers using victim language to turn the tables once they're found out is a huge thing now. At least one OG sceneenie would say something somewhere about the old lost drama even if it wasn't directly to Kaka herself. She hasn't tried more than posting old selfies because she's scared of opening that can or worms again because the reality of Kiki Kannibal is that she's all chuff and smoke. Her parents have always been the puppeteers behind the scenes cyberstalking and copyright claiming anything they dislike.

No. 847993

File: 1628091889913.jpg (1.24 MB, 2560x1920, 21-08-04-11-42-52-524_deco.jpg)

Another one bites the dust.

When is she gonna learn that ANY guy attracted to her is gonna be a fuckboi? Decent guys don't want a high strung unsocialized dependa with no life goals other than being seen and envied by strangers online.

No. 848016

Because it's easy money, Anon! She knows shit, but slapping "M.D." on a pseudoscience book cover is sales guaranteed, as we can see at >>847809

Kiki is so close to falling down the QAnon rabbit hole, she probably doesn't even "believe" in vaccines.

LMAO her talking like they weren't the ones who decided to look twice at her attention starved ass

No. 848035

File: 1628113692487.png (1.28 MB, 1080x2010, Screenshot_20210804-163938.png)

Ok, Kiki

No. 848040

so she wants emotional messes to fuck her or not what is she saying. she had self sabotaging mormon hair for like over a decade as some bizarre way to prove her purity, yet she can’t like idk keep her vagina clean by not letting toxic dudes fuck her raw? why doesn’t she have a better sense of humor by now

No. 848063

kek why tf does she own a douche

stinky kannibal

No. 848092

Given her past history of rancid hygiene plus her habit for rawdogging strangers, this is one of the least surprising things to see her pose with.

No. 848133

The oversharing of getting STIs from scummy guys is over a decade long now. I think it qualifies as a kink.

No. 848137

Maybe if you stop jumping into bed with guys right out the gate, you could find one who likes you for more than just pussy, Kirsten. JFC, most girls figure that shit out early on in life.

No. 848262

File: 1628213755784.png (231.21 KB, 1080x2117, Screenshot_20210805-210026.png)

Post about toxic men in 3 days.

No. 848267

Can she even function without male attention? Kiki takes "daddy issues" to a whole new level, jfc. Idk how someone who has so much sex can't managw to keep a man. Ugly, fat BPD whores can keep a toxic relationship going longer than Kiki can keep a guy in bed.

No. 848480

I haven’t been here in a while because the 2nd hand embarrassment/cringe from her attempts at slang and attempts to be cutesy are really hard to sit through. I see nothing has improved. And the music went nowhere. No surprise there

No. 848516

All her new "projects" and life announcements are just designed to trick people who don't know much about her into thinking she does something with her time other than fuck losers and surf lolcow. Her hobby is pretending to have a life instead of trying to fuck and lie her way through it.

No. 848579

This is probably just part of a general undergrad degree since she never got one (but who tf has midterms in July/august??). My guess is that she’d be going for some mental health something as she’s trying so hard to sound psych knowledgeable all the time (poorly).

No. 848596

My guess is she only goes to private "schools", that way she has lower standards to meet to get that sweet gubment handout. "Schools" like the online one she and Dakota tried to claim gave them "sound engineering" degrees nobody ever saw that were then never used to get a single job having anything to do with music. The closest Dakota ever got to music was her Belebel jingle, her mannequin role in the Fallin Snow PV, and getting the music from her YT videos muted for using copyrighted songs. A real musician with a degree would never do that bc every credible music program covers copyrighting.

No. 848640

She's the trope of an uneducated person doing what they think educated people do in hopes of looking smart.

No. 848684

Same with money/looking like she has money in fact. Ostrengas are really just imitation people trying to play human.

No. 848709

File: 1628439894919.png (1.04 MB, 1080x2002, Screenshot_20210808-132339.png)

Well, that was quick.

No. 848813

Doesn’t she realize how debilitating cringe her tiktoks are? Is she trying to be relatable to teenagers? Is this what she thinks is funny?? Fucking 30 something year old hag skinwalking a young 20 something online.

No. 848820

You'd think after all these uears of putting on eye makeup to sit indoors all day she would be better at it.

No. 848824

The cycle repeats. If Kiki had a teen relative she'd be in the background like Cathy used to on stickam shrieking her 2 cents and showing off to the kids.

No. 848888

Broskis. I am going to have sexual intercourse with kiki cannibal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 848970

She isnt 30 yet and even if she were she is allowed to still use the internet. You are gonna be 30 some day too, hope you are ready to give up all hobbies.

No. 848988

NTA she's 29, so yeah, basically 30. Also, there are 30 year olds all over TikTok but they aren't painfully unfunny, and desperately trying to relate with the youth.

No. 849002

Kiki doesn't have hobbies. Spending 20 hours if your day lurking online, posting stream of consciousness thirst traps and airing out your own sex life aren't hobbies. They're desperate bids for attention from an aging hag with no future and nothing to offer besidea her vagina and horrible sense of humor.

No. 849034

Enjoy the herpes and rape accusations!

No. 849085

File: 1628782298632.png (657.17 KB, 628x1136, Screenshot_20210812-112656_(1)…)

>I don't get on my knees for NO man!
>except Edward

Idk which is funnier, her dated, chad-like taste in men or how hard she's trying to pretend she isn't a sexual welcome mat for any scrote who DMs her. Or maybe it's the UWU faces she insists on making while dressing like an 11 year old autist's idea of a cool teen while also trying to thirsttrap?

No. 849308

File: 1628965253032.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1927, Screenshot_20210814-151714.png)

kiki will be feeding herself off sunlight and water by her late 30's

No. 849470

File: 1629108966946.jpg (476.61 KB, 2560x2501, 21-08-16-06-11-29-857_deco_(1)…)

Idk what to point out first:

>how awful that hairstyle is growing out to look

>how mentally delayed it is that a 30 y.o woman can't stop referencing her vagina publicly online bc she has literally no personality other than cat memes, reels and anime selfies
>calling her period a "moses river"

….Moses river. She so badly needs to socialize with someone age appropriate who isn't an Ostrenga or imageboard user. She tries so hard to be funny and younique but it just comes off as a cringey, out of touch NLOG performance.

No. 849484

File: 1629122014255.png (874.72 KB, 1080x2018, Screenshot_20210816-105153~2.p…)

She thought it was funny enough to facetime someone. Embarrassing.

No. 849485

File: 1629122172542.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2022, Screenshot_20210816-105520.png)



No. 849487

Oh my Christ this is so cringey, I can't imagine the second-hand embarrassment from actually watching this happen in motion.
Keeks really needs some irl fucking friends.

No. 849498

Vegetarian and vegan are two different things, Kiki

Who is this person? Did she just pester some poor abuela that joined her live?

No. 849505

All I see is a flashback to Kiki smearing that red shit on herself, cackling to no one with manic serial killer eyes. Saying to herself "this is hilarious, this one's gonna go viral." And then she just ended up annoying people and getting no attention. Kek. Fuckin Keeks.

No. 849508

File: 1629134972831.png (1.17 MB, 1080x2197, Screenshot_20210816-142937.png)

Yup. Can definitely see it.

No. 849509

Imagine answering a FT from Kirsten, seeing this, THEN seeimg her post your face on her social media next to her sperging out topless in red paint as part of a period joke. I hope these aren't her classmates, teachers or coworkers.

No. 849510

Both people look so annoyed/concerned lmfao

No. 849511

>be a colleague to Kiki
>blissfully unaware of her history
>FT call, oh it's her, wonder what she is up to
>maybe she needs help with something or needs someone to talk with
>what appears to be a skinless Kiki appears
>cackling like a boy who's balls haven't dropped yet
>"Look at my reels on Instagram you'll get it"
>no expression
>hears screenshot noise
>wow Kirsten that looks really messy anyway I have to go
>hang up
>go about your day
>check insta
>your unamused face from a low angle is plastered on her IG
>Kiki you fucking blood clot muncher
GOD I would blacklist her number and block her on everything

No. 849645

File: 1629247562903.webm (2.55 MB, 640x1138, 238271924-391026565702417-3211…)

Imagine being this dude, all "spit in my mouth" and you receive THESE as replies

No. 849648

(These are from her Instagram stories btw)

No. 849661

If you look at the stories right after where she continues with her awful humor he hearted the spit noises one which wow. She didn’t even flirt it was just ugly giggling and elementary jokes it was so embarrassing and she posted it which is pathetic. Why would u want kiki’s spit tho he fucked up

No. 849679

Guarantee Kiki can only pull the kind of guys who fuck for sport, the type who will do or say anything the girl thinks is funny just to get her naked.

No. 849687

It's supposed to be a dominatrix kind of thing, turned into gen z meme - but trust Kiki to make it plain gross with '07 elementary school jokes

No. 849694

Idk anon, her humor seems way more "grew up isolated in the woods by pervy weirdos" than elementary grade. Kids have weird, random humor but Kiki has sexually inappropriate schizo vibes.

No. 849726

love how the guy was horny thinking they're sexting and she just continuously sends him unfunny obnoxious voice memos, they've probably fucked already or will very soon.
in his head, they're just fucking which makes sense cause she's slutty and he's sending horny messages, and in her head, they're "twin flames" because they've sexually bonded and he doesn't ghost after hearing her dumbass jokes. but that's cause guys will sit through boring dumb bitches' conversations if she allows him to fuck

No. 849728

to go along with that, i think on a subconscious level she knows that no guy would ever stick around if she didn't entertain them sexually or go along with their sexual advances. if she held off or told them "hey, i don't wanna talk about sex" they would immediately ghost. she's just not as funny or smart as she thinks she is, and she's not drop dead gorgeous enough that a guy will stop at nothing to fuck her. the reason she's so slutty imo is because she knows that'll keep em around for a week longer, sex, then a week longer, sex, then a week longer, etc.

No. 849756

> love how the guy was horny thinking they're sexting and she just continuously sends him unfunny obnoxious voice memos

That was the best part IMO. Imagine trying to be sexy, and the girl starts making weird noises, making weird references and talking about spit shakes… AND THEN POSTS EVERYTHING ON HER STORIES.

She's talking to him like she acts with Dakota around (absolutely embarrassing), and making it very public.

No. 849757

Part of me thinks the only reason they aren't so blatantly sexual in public together the way they are privately is because if they'd have developed a habit of doing weird sexual shit for attention since before puberty, the state would have stepped in long ago. It's like she thinks she can broadcast anything she wants as long as it's ~online~. With that and how hard she pretends to not have her Madonna/Whore complex (everyone else projects it onto HER!) Kiki really does have glaring issues with separating herself as a person from Kiki Kannibal/any of her internet personas.

No. 849781

sorry for dumb questions but,
1. where are you guys getting this content from? i only go to her twitter or instagram to see if anything new and it's usually just one pic every 5 months.
2. what is she doing now? last i remember she moved to LA to be an actress, then only started talking about hooking up with men nonstop. does she have a job? how does she pay her rent?

No. 849784

Np. Most of these are from her instastories or Instagram reels.

As far as the rest of us are aware she wasn't in any more acting roles and has started studying (something science related - which is weird for someone reading antivaxx, qanon authors, judging by her notes and some randumb reels she shares). She also mentioned working and studying full time >>844318

…All of that in LA

No. 849821


ngl, i remember when she was 17 and acted so arrogant about how her future was going to be so bright and she had big things in store that would leave everyone shook. now at age 29 is seems her only real personal achievement is that she lives in an apartment in LA.

No. 850373

File: 1629726810788.png (992.08 KB, 709x1197, Screenshot_20210823-094503_(1)…)

Kooter posted a memory tagging Kiki which spawned her to post all their old childhood pics again, plus a pic of their dad trying to be a musician before he got fat and ugly. Then, she posted picrel acting like she did something profound and mature bc she doesn't realize that most women don't keep contact info from all their hookups hoping to be the one to change their ways. She also posted a pic of her dad's blue guitar shenpretends to play the other day, so based on history she's repeating the pattern that means Kota must've managed to shit out some new gig and Kiki is working overtime to make sure she stays in the spotlight over her.

>post old shit tagging kota

>post old pics of their dad/instruments she doesn't play
>post vauge "life update" that's really just her talking about doing shit everyone else does, but she acts like it's a BFD
>pretends to be busy with work/school/new project whike Kota revels new gig

No. 850375

File: 1629726940137.png (423.21 KB, 495x1052, Screenshot_20210823-094435_(1)…)

Taco Bell, so animal friendly!

No. 850376

File: 1629727190186.png (246.4 KB, 671x1180, Screenshot_20210823-094442_(1)…)

Correction, Dakota posted the pic of their dad, but Kiki posted the pics of their parents when they were young together. A bitbstrange to randomly publicly post childhood pics that have already been shared online several times before just to interact on social media, they must be apart again while Kota tries to cook up another halfass job to go take selfies in Japan for 2022.

No. 850380

File: 1629731412475.gif (743.79 KB, 500x250, 546398754.gif)

>sifting through the ashes of burnt bridges while constantly being pinched and disoriented in a miry of open revolving doors in a musical chair purgatory

No. 850381

The 'what ever happened to baby jane?' saga except they're both baby jane.

No. 850392

File: 1629738626993.png (926.17 KB, 1080x1778, Screenshot_20210823-083151~2.p…)

weird how there's a SHIT ton of contacts she had to delete… And ALL of them did her dirty, all of them wronged her etc etc etc. The word salad is just ludicrous.

Either way, she's going back to her old ways - including boasting about celebrity comparisons. Keep it up, Kiki. We'll be back to her saying so and so stopped her in the streets and complimented her etc in no time.

No. 850394

Do they not have recent pics of their parents being normal together?

It's always old pics and comparisons to try and prove a point with the Ostrengas. Their family is like the definition of peaked in highschool.

No. 850411

To be fair this photo resembles Kiki more than the other celebs she's tried to compare herself too.
I remember the angelina Jolie 'likeness' and that was the silliest.

No. 850413

There are some decade old screens of them on cam with the girls from maybe Stickam, Scott is a fat, balding scrote stereotype who wanted to be a rockstar and Cathy is a fat former small town beauty with dreams of being a bigshot lawyer. They met and had kids and the rest is history, so yes, they are the definition of "peaked-in-highschool". They cling to their past delusions of grandeur so hard they shoved them off onto each of their daughters and ingrained them so deeply they became their own delusions of grandeur: music for Kiki and modeling for Kota.

Tl;dr they're both fat, average breeders who only looked good before their 30s. That's why you don't see pics of them that are current.

No. 850417

Oof, Angelina Jolie, Sophia Loren… Then she moved to compliments from randos "So and so said xyz about my butt".

I miss that era the most. Hope it's making a comeback

No. 850431

i feel like i have read this same shit from her 10 million times already. is she just going to be perpetually "wounded, healing and learning to cut off toxic people" forever and ever?

No. 850434

File: 1629786026414.jpg (566.63 KB, 843x1055, rem.jpg)

what an a-log salad lmao. age hardly adorns anybody. especially if they went on to have 3 kids by their 30's. you don't see them because they are two middle aged people who don't want to be stalked.

no, but here's this.

No. 850494

Is it me or Kiki looks like Mackenzie Davies doppelganger?

No. 850499

>didn't wantnto be stalked

LOL Cathy used to be as active on Twitter as Kiki was. She had an account using her name that she used to capslock scream st any famous person to donate money to her screeching feral kids so they could be stars. Cathy and Scott both also liked to occasionally hop on stickam in the background to egg the girls on. They all clearly admire themselves more than the average person, and as critical as they are of looks they deserve the criticism- having kids and reaching your 30s by themselves doesn't necessarily turn you into fat creeps with no friends trying to live through your abused, neglected kids. These two fat slobs would rather mock teenagers online than clean their house or take their kids to the doctor for their STDs.

No. 850549

Way to slander poor Mackenzie.

Agreed, they used to be more than eager to be featured on Kiki's Stickam videos, but stopped since the whole thing with Cathy spamming celebrities on Twitter for money.

No. 850912

File: 1630030732094.jpg (22.34 KB, 275x199, 1463425231665.jpg)

Nice job using ancient pics of Scott. Picrel is over a decade old and he still looks like a scrote complete with scrote gesture. Cathy is the only one abused by his ramblings.

No. 850952

Thanks anon, i was confused as to why they used two old pictures of Scott.

He aged horribly. Damn. Cathy at least has the "got pregnant 3 times" excuse.

No. 850972

I'm one of the people who used to feel sorry for their parents who are dedicated and paying to build the illusion that their adult children are successful, but they are very much to blame for enabling everything.

No. 850975

Were there any pics of Cathy from the Walmart saga Keek pics? I know she's a heiffer but idr if the anon who got the pics got one of Cathy or not.

No. 850977

File: 1630089197324.jpg (6.17 MB, 4272x5696, 1507242196843.jpg)

Nvm, I used the search. Cathy isn't as fat as Scott, but she is shaped like a man. Damn, no wonder Kik has been anorexic since puberty, she's probably terrified of turning into one of these smugly lumps.

No. 850979

File: 1630089280783.jpg (4.99 MB, 4272x5696, 1507242919204.jpg)

The other Cathy pic from that thread, you can see her profile and her shoulder in that same shirt as the woman Kiki is talking to.

No. 851027

Are those sweat stains on her shirt or is it tie-dye? Combined with the unhealthy Kaka in dated clothes, it's as if we're looking at a picture from long long ago.

No. 851033

They're from October 2017, when kaka was still pretending to be in Japan after Taku disappeared. She got spotted at a Walmart with Cathy in Orlando.

No. 851035

Very shitty tye dye

No, think it's post-Bob. I remember thinking it's funny how in vlogs she shopped on Whole Foods in LA but in the candid it's Walmart FL lol

No. 851046

See >>>/pt/445257

This was a year before she randomly got with Bobby and moved to LA.

No. 851084

File: 1630198597693.png (642.06 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20210828-201800~2.p…)

If that was shared by anyone, any other time, I'd not think twice… But since it was shared by Florida-bred Kiki after Pfizer got FDA approved…

I'm inclined to think it's some anti vaxx/antiscience bullshit.

Can't wait to have her working in the sciences with her totally serious degree

No. 851119

She's manicposting again, must've either gotten pump n dumped again or Kota got another job in Japan.

No. 851237

This post actually has over 80000 likes now. Saw it pop up on a meme page I follow.

No. 851248



Congrats Kiki you made it

No. 851282

File: 1630373812506.png (887.84 KB, 1080x1934, Screenshot_20210830-221832.png)

Ok she shared this girls saying j&j's sunscreen has cancer ingredients and it's all misinformation: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CSH7m4-BfRl/?utm_medium=copy_link

> low levels of benzene in some samples of the products = recall

> "It's paramount to understand that sunscreen does not include benzene as an ingredient—benzene levels are due to contamination."
> "Benzene is a known carcinogen and is linked to cancer and nervous system issues," BUT "Short term, it can cause irritation and redness on the skin if applied topically."

So, no, they're not "adding" carcinogens to their sunscreen.

can't wait to find out where Kiki is studying (and what - bio? chem? …homeopathy?), she's as informed as a 70-year-old Facebook page.

No. 851290

Too bad as soon as she notices she'll start sperging so hard in an attempt to stay funny and relevant she'll scare off all the viral attention, kek.

What if Kaka pulled an old school Kota and started paying to sponsor/promote her posts? She's trying to act like she has a lot going on right now while her sister stays quiet.

No. 851598

File: 1630553907787.png (1.62 MB, 640x1136, 943EFB99-1D1E-4E74-9C5B-5967C2…)

Kikis standards are fucking disgusting look at her new scrote
Get help Kiki and learn to love yourself.
Just bleak

No. 851624

A homeless person?

No. 851639

White dreads really always look like petrified sausages found in some ancient Roman ruin. Yiiiikes

No. 851642

this reminds me when she would post pictures of her period blood running down her legs

No. 851643

is she not into asians anymore?

No. 851647

When an easy access skank like Kiki starts scraping the bottom of the barrel I always get curious as to what happened and why. This guy is nothing like her type, I wonder who he is and who he knows/is related to.

She's into whoever is into her at the moment, anon. Her standards are lower than the typical scrote's.

No. 851648

File: 1630579046749.png (513.29 KB, 664x1170, Screenshot_20210902-063246_(1)…)

Kiki doesn't get ghosted/pumped-and-dumped, guys! SHE does the ghosting and dumping because guys are just soo obsessed with her beauty and empathy and cookbook skillz!

Classic kaka cope.

No. 851649

File: 1630579217273.png (600.47 KB, 658x1160, Screenshot_20210902-063254_(1)…)

Part 2 complete with kakanalogies.

No. 851651

File: 1630579502999.png (284.67 KB, 679x1096, Screenshot_20210902-063311_(1)…)

She also posted more kotachats, but it looks like it's a group chat, says seen by 2. Maybe Cathy? Also I personally find it funny somehow that Dakota is using cringe weebspeak. All Kaka's other stories are borderline hinting at another PnD or just her aesthetic posts.

No. 851653

One of the phrases to "not ghost people" is… "Thank you for your time" lol.

She's acting like guys don't ditch her as soon as they finish (she did a reels about it? "When his cologne lingers longer than he does"?), she's "dating drug dealers for love" and whatever the fuck.

I mean, what's it Keke? Weren't you the one "doing anything for love"?

No. 851654

File: 1630581566562.png (924 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210902-081745.png)

Sure thing babes very powerful >>849645

No. 851795

>This guy is nothing like her type

Besides her yellow fever that was only so that she could compete with Kooter he seems a lot like her type. Remember how crusty all of her scene boyfriends were? She used to brag about how a lot of her boyfriends were dropouts and uneducated.

No. 851836

File: 1630655756604.png (542.82 KB, 606x1054, Screenshot_20210903-035308_(1)…)

A, what is she even talking about? Puppy Mills??

B, the Texas abortion ban was hot news like, 5 years ago wasn't it? Like it's not a new issue. And since when does she care about Texas (or the midwest)?

No. 851837

File: 1630655864061.png (335.48 KB, 613x1074, Screenshot_20210903-035314_(1)…)

Back on her rape shit again.

(Is it just me or does that sign look shooped in the protest pic?)

No. 851838

File: 1630656012797.png (332.43 KB, 610x1071, Screenshot_20210903-035228_(1)…)

And of course, a "subtle jab" at lolcow that also implies kaka stays up to read her thread at 3am, yet somehow is the one laughing at us.

So crusty dread guy fucked off I guess?

No. 851846

It went down yesterday. They banned abortion after 6 weeks and created a bunty system. If you snitch on someone getting an abortion, you get 10k. Absolute bullshit.

She's talking about it bc all the US social media is.

No. 852146

I want her to stop being so fucking uptight and out of touch, stop pretending to be this “warm and pure” person and just have actual fucking fun with some skate dude like him. Usually if people are so socially awkward like her they know better than to make their lame jokes and say less and observe. She’s not tragic looking and she’s a girl, all she has to do is tone everything the fuck down because no one needs that. Does Kiki smoke weed? Can’t remember, her $60 activated almonds ass needs some indica and meditation.

She probably just met him off tinder though so he knows he’s going to stick some disappointment in her and ghost, doesn’t look very emotionally mature. She needs to stop fucking every weasel man in la no one else will touch it’s not spiritually healthy

No. 852186


Wooks are known to be anti-vaxxers and a good chunk of them are militant, air-headed vegetarians/vegans who spout psuedointellectual garbage on the regular. Seems perfectly like her type.

No. 852190

File: 1631029279153.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1922, Screenshot_20210907-123834~2.p…)

She's trying so, so hard with this blood thing she did once.

No. 852195

Wtf those nails, girl needs to maintain her tips bc she looks like those crackheads who never trim their nails until they break off.

No. 852357

she has such a heavy flow

No. 853346

File: 1631969087094.png (435.56 KB, 1080x2207, Screenshot_20210918-091405~2.p…)

Ok, so Kiki has fallen victim to a peeping Tom, and although that's some bullshit on the peeping Tom's part, this did make me laugh

No. 853347

File: 1631969135263.png (1.23 MB, 1080x2205, Screenshot_20210918-091338~2.p…)

Here she's proving she means it bc She's been dealing with him since last month

No. 853348

File: 1631969333934.png (1.39 MB, 1080x2180, Screenshot_20210918-091315~2.p…)

Said peeping tom in question

No. 853350

Old bastard is casing her house.

Stop sperging on instagram and call the fucking cops, Kiki.

No. 853364

But then she doesn't get asspats online and doesn't get to pretend she isn't 29 today.

No. 853366

File: 1631982018744.jpg (192.38 KB, 1080x1920, 242127193_2742508562640757_768…)

In all honesty, where the fuck does she live, Skid Row? You got the pic, you got the talk with your neighbor. Call the police wtf.

No. 853367

Why does he have access to her garage?

No. 853369

File: 1631982405116.webm (5.63 MB, 640x1138, 241958900-385918766272953-4129…)

No. 853378

Why would she not get the authorities involved unless she's exaggerating everything?
And just gonna casually mention her rapes. ok
Kiki get help

No. 853401

I love how quickly she goes from acting all thug and unbothered to acting like a scared little girl complete with vocal fry all bc an old man keeps looking in her uncovered windows & she won't call the police or do anything about it. What about her dad, even?

Buy a can of window frosting, Keektard. Sunlight AND privacy at the same time.

No. 853402

This is amazing coming from Kirsten "the last guy to mess with my family ended up dead" Ostrenga.

No. 853403

Os she seriously choosing to make her 29th birthday ALL about her neighbor peeping at her & her pretending to be scared? What a waste.

No. 853426

File: 1632015738126.jpg (82.45 KB, 1080x1920, 242341856_290635312456271_5155…)

Now the neighbors are spewing the same "sex offenders can't help themselves cuz you're hot" rethoric the Ostrengas have been spewing for ages.

I was feeling sorry for her, still am, but boy I'll start taking this shit with a whole lot of salt.

No. 853460

Lmfao what is this pickme bullshit? No way her neighbor is a female based on the way they talk about the issue. Maybe if she would stop dancing around in her underwear with the windowd open hoping to attract a musician, she wouldn't have this peeper problem? I bet Kiki isnthenkind of narc who thinks she shouldn't have to "hide herself" in case a hot rich guy might be walking past her suburb and glance in her uncovered window and fall in love.

No. 853462

File: 1632053812020.png (111.75 KB, 668x1170, Screenshot_20210919-081253_(1)…)

Kirsten thinks she suffers because she's so gorgeous that people can't act right around her, not because she's a 30 year old sperg who still begs the internet for relevance because her sister one-upped her. Wild that she's skipping her own birthday just to help flog Kota's delusion of not being in Florida, but ig Kiki reslly did have the better year of the two & now has to throw Kota a bone so she won't be miserable? Her book may be fugly but at least she published one and seems to be in school and going out regularly, which is more than Kota has done in years.

No. 853470

It's supposedly the gf of her neighbor, so I'm assuming that's a guy… Bc no woman would ever say that. Still. Even if it's a guy. Nobodyy says shit like that, especially if they know their neighbor (Kiki) has been raped in the past. It's literally tying the peeping tom dad to actual rapists.

Since she won't show the rest of this talk and >>853346 (unlike the "haha I'm gonna spit in your mouth bit) I'm assuming that's fabricated for clout.

As for the old man, I'll stick with "why haven't you called the police yet", it's not a "date rape" situation where they keep grilling you as if that was your fault. It's a literal guy having access to her garage AKA trespassing property and looking inside her windows.

She'd caught him multiple times.

Idk what's up with people telling her to get security cameras when she has photographic evidence. Most neighbors have a neighborhood watch/association, people she can speak to and they'll shame her neighbor to hell and back, if not involve law enforcement.

Someone tell Cathy to come pick up her 30 year-old, she's too spergy and vain to be living on her own.

No. 853501

Going to the police and handling it quietly won't get her attention, though. The neighbor she texts is definitely not a female, but may be the son of the old man and maybe Kiki wants to bone him and thus not get on his bad side by calling the cops on his dad.

No. 853502

If he isn't a musician or actor or someone she can say is "in the industry" she won't wanna bone him.

$50 these conversations are fabricated or she's treating it as a joke with the neighbor

No. 853570

File: 1632098722613.jpg (97.97 KB, 1080x1920, 242212053_1266773687078250_248…)

Posted on her stories.

This bitch is 100% a QAnon antivaxxer there's no way

No. 853571

File: 1632098887381.png (332.25 KB, 1080x1481, Screenshot_20210919-214353.png)

This is what Dr Campbell (a chiropractic internist) said just before that tweet

I can't. I can't. I have to know what she's studying in LA, it can't be a serious course.

No. 853637

Come to think of it, has Kaka been seen wearing a mask since the pandemic hit outside of her "school"/"work"??

No. 853690

Why don’t she call the police get a restraining order rather then go on Instagram.

No. 853710

No. 854177

File: 1632430283556.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20210923-175110.png)

Nip slip

No. 854249

File: 1632487857997.jpg (863.23 KB, 2560x2560, 21-09-24-08-50-00-582_deco.jpg)

More like low quality thirst baiting. She's fucking some small time label guy, probably for networking or free voice lessons, same old same old.

No. 854256

It's so tiny it might be legitimate an accident.
Well, if she's fucking a small label guy it means she'll finally put some music put, right?


No. 854268

Anon, are you having a stroke?

No. 854302

god let's hope not

No. 854364

File: 1632557409159.png (1.37 MB, 945x1301, Screenshot_20210925-100815~2.p…)

No. 854445

Married men are her type now?

No. 854801

File: 1632858988451.webm (236.63 KB, 640x1138, 243470966_531994547897418_7620…)

This was posted today. Istg. She has one joke.

No. 854813

She must've spent hours in this makeup googling jokes about blood so she could stock up on clips and pics to latergram for years to come.

No. 854847

File: 1632880038797.jpg (108.49 KB, 1080x1920, 243366494_609433037084330_6820…)

So yeah, this happened.

No. 854848

File: 1632880074092.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1912, Screenshot_20210928-224613.png)

She really thinks she invented scene.

No. 854849

File: 1632880118245.png (927.44 KB, 1080x1908, Screenshot_20210928-224632.png)

Ok Keeks.

No. 854873

You could make a wojak based off of this holy shit. Yikes.

No. 854881

I'm sorry, is this just a massive reach? Nothing in that cap from that shop looks scene at all, unless maybe the necklace is a knockoff of her diamond ones? Either way, she stopped making them long ago yet old trends are being recycled a lot lately, so if she were smart she would make more and get that GenZ money, plus she would make a name for herself with the new crowd of teens and 20-somethings.

But as for "I should be consulted on scene revival!!!", yeah, delulu. Nobody is copying Kooky Kiki in 2021, she wasn't the only scene girl and for that matter, she wasn't even the prettiest or most popular one- she just had the most white trash drama. Aside from the animal print haor and diamond necklaces, both Kiki and Kota were pretty generic scenesters.

No. 854884

This looks like kaka is wearing kooter's berries n creme lad hair as a wig. That cut really doesn't work IRL, yikes.

No. 854900

File: 1632931402663.png (1.19 MB, 1080x2008, Screenshot_20210929-130205.png)

Its a huge no for her face shape. She could've stopped at the baby bangs, they were passable.

No. 854902

File: 1632933754868.jpg (6.43 KB, 196x257, image.jpg)

No. 854904

Wow this might be the worst she's ever looked

No. 854913

Is her maintenance trim on those side pieces uneven?? (Also why won't she maintain her eyebrows???)

No. 854917

There’s nothing wrong with her eyebrows.. it’s the haircut that’s atrocious.

No. 854922

She's doing a "make eyebrows bushy" look

No. 854927

They look like homeless albino carerpillars squatting on her face. I get what she was going for, but she missed the mark- she nearly has a unibrow.

No. 854965

she has such a hollow face from poor nutrition being vegan and anorexic. that eyebrow trend doesn’t work on everyone and it’s not even styled into a shape that suits her. she has no idea how to style her hair or use the right products and that’s a higher maintenance haircut. the color is shit. her makeup is shit. what happened to her big angelina jolie lips did she starve those away too. she could have smoked cigarettes and drank this entire time and looked exactly the same. is she on any medication yet she looks insane and i love it but what next

No. 854968

i know this is kiki but people do talk like this and because it’s la maybe this guy is using flattery to get his worthless father out of trouble. she’s a fucking sperg i get it and people with sexual abuse, and i’m remembering her nasty pedo photographer dad who shot her in stripper bikinis, post stuff like this because they don’t know when the line is crossed. her mom took her to the cops but kathy was running all of this and was the one who allowed the man to stay there, without her parents to tell her what to do i think she struggles until people confirm the issue. i agree she needs to go to other people i that community, she has more than enough evidence. it’s fucking stressful though and triggering because the neighbor could be vengeful even if his dad is a piece of shit.

No. 854987

I thought this was a pic of whatever homeless guy ghosted Kaka lately while scrolling. Can't believe it's her face.

No. 855008

>without her parents to yell her what to do

She's almost 30, this is no longer an excuse. Milennials have guides for reparenting themselves everywhere online to counter the toxic codependency caused by being raised by selfish narc Gen-X to just be housepets. Kiki is 29, she needs to look up how to actually handle her problems instead of publish them to instagram fishing for attention.

No. 855060

Her makeup is fine. I think she’d look good with those heavy bang shag cuts going around now, or hat 70s long layer kind of look. And dyed her hair blonde. As for the rest is she actually anorexic or just naturally thin and has poor nutrition bc “vegan”?

No. 855066

Definitely poor nutrition. She posted not long ago about finding out she's 'allergic to avocados', and she's super into pseudoscience/diy research, too. I think she had some 70s bangs before going "girl interrupted" mini bangs (her words) and this Hime cut now.

> what happened to her big angelina jolie lips did she starve those away too

They never existed. They were probably all angles.

No. 855070

She doesn't understand nutrition yet tries to be a health guru type. She herself has posted about puking from drinking too much matcha and kombucha, and on top of that she downs shady Chinese herbal diet medicines like candy and has for over a decade to aid her anorexia. Aside from that, she likes sweets and pastries/"cute" food and unlike her sister has never been seen eating a whole piece of fruit, only processed vEgAn shit. Her history of menstrual issues probably has something to do with her diet considering it's mostly fad snacks, unregulated foreign supplements and lazy "vegan" versions of bland normie food with the meat/cheese/egg removed.

No. 855121

And despite all that she still looks less beat than an average British 20 year old.

No. 855129

OOT but:
> average British 20 year old
I suppose you mean English, and have never been to Scotland. Even then, the English are not a fair comparison.

A fair comparison would be Kiki vs Avg Floridian her age… Which is a pretty low bar and Kiki will still look psychotic and malnourished.

No. 855130

I think you guys forget how long it's been since a raw candid of Kiki has been seen without her beauty filters and selective lighting. She turns her entire toucan beak into a dainty button nose, imagine what that kawaii freckled sun damage on her nose looks like IRL after running around LA.

No. 855260

File: 1633181568891.png (981.93 KB, 655x1144, Screenshot_20211002-092903_(1)…)

lol, she cleaned up her Wolverine brows

No. 855265

She removed her "freckles" too. kek.

No. 855302

File: 1633201601827.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20211002-160506.png)

Imagine finding this woman while high off LSD at a LA rave

It was a filter. Explains why her nose didn't look like a beak.

No. 855303

File: 1633201711279.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20211002-160527.png)

The only 30 year old that wants to revive her middle school years

No. 855379

File: 1633264035366.jpg (1.11 MB, 2560x2560, 21-10-03-08-26-13-350_deco.jpg)

Check out Kiki's latest cope, everyone! Trying to pretend that a bumpy, uneven nose is something people who aren't already stuck with one would ever want.

No. 855382

Wait, if she would pay for one, why's she using filters to make it look cute

No. 855383

The reel has a final frame of the blonde girl smugly saying "oh wait, I already fuckin have one". Hence, cope. Nobody wants that type of nose but the people that already have them and can't afford or get away with obvious plastic surgery.

No. 855402

I meant Kiki. The blonde girl isn't using any filter, so the video makes sense but Kiki has 0 content showing her toucan beak. >>850979

No. 855406

Maybe she's about to start posting more pics that are better lit and show off her beak more? Or maybe she was just butthurt and posted because she does have a nose like that despite hiding it in every pic, and wants to feel like it's desirable.

No. 855409

File: 1633292360011.png (173.53 KB, 540x960, 1502152659441.png)

I don't think so, she's probably coping hard.
Imagine this cut and brows
On this face?

Damn wish she'd go back to acting so we could see that

No. 855413

She finally looks like the hick the she is lmfao I just can’t with her

No. 855415

Neighbor’s…. Girlfriend’s….. peeping Tom dad….. I don’t get it… who’s girlfriend is he? His daughter’s? Anyone else confused

No. 855432

Beak kiki was peak kiki, the horror b-movie she was in was truly her best work.

No. 855448

File: 1633341389143.png (553.15 KB, 720x686, Screenshot_20211003-232707_(1)…)


Definitely a cope- she erases her beak and adds these cute freckles every time. I thought humped beak noses were GOALS, kiki? Why shoop yours away if they're soo desirable? Unless she pulled a Kooter and got nose fillers/bridge work without a full nose job so she can say ~by technicality~ that she didn't have PS.

Also, how can she keep acting surprised and heartbroken by getting dumped when girl has like, a 99% failure rate with guys?

No. 855488

File: 1633391968793.jpg (255.65 KB, 1080x1920, 244463807_536834910976387_3563…)

The drama. I wonder what she classifies as 'heartbreak'. To me, it's always someone doing dirty, really dirty. she doesn't seem to have one single mutually friendly breakup.

Nose wise: >>855448
she used to have a Squidward beak nose. She's probs editing it out.

No. 855490

If she were actually heartbroken, she wouldn't go on a selfie spree. This is all fake, the best part is nobody would kmow what a skank kiki is if she wouldn't keep blasting her sex life for free to the public, so it's like… Why should anyone feel sorry for you? What type of guys do you really expect to atract by using public social media as a mental illness diary?

No. 855496

all this purple writing, emotional self-torture, and navelgazing because some orbiting scrote probably stopped sending her thirsty dms, liking her pics, or whatever

No. 855506

Not even 12 hours and she's already pulled a full 180.

No. 855532

>my int world is on fire
hopefully not another STI

No. 855533

File: 1633450824828.png (496.9 KB, 1080x2208, Screenshot_20211005-092525~2.p…)

I have a guess why she's ~heartbroken. The guy on the video says it's a "red flag" when men say they're not ready for a relationship lol

God forbid some poor fucker not wanting to commit, and you simply agree to go your separate ways (you know, what adults do).

No. 855534

File: 1633450848775.png (440.71 KB, 1080x2208, Screenshot_20211005-092504~2.p…)

No. 855535

File: 1633450891268.png (987.27 KB, 1080x2212, Screenshot_20211005-092549~2.p…)

This is 100% the face of someone that listens to relationship coaches.

No. 855553

File: 1633470527395.png (345.91 KB, 1080x1858, Screenshot_20211005-165017.png)

Damn I hope she writes a book

Like, a real one. With these type of texts.

No. 855554

File: 1633470587747.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_20211005-165223.png)

This middle school shit.

He probably didn't want anything serious with her, and it took her a WHILE to realize it.

No. 855555

File: 1633470609595.png (952.37 KB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_20211005-165052.png)

No. 855556

File: 1633470707720.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20211005-165309.png)

No. 855585

Did she post these like they're new? If so, she's pulling a Kooter, bc she posted pics from this set before.

No. 855586

>radical acceptance of what I can't control
You can control yourself not constantly getting into flings with fuckboys and convincing yourself it actually means something. All this woo-woo listen to the universe bullshit is an excuse for never taking responsibility and actually working on improving yourself. You have complete control over your own choices and standards, Kiki.

You truly have to be a moron to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over but that's our Kaka for you. Speaking of never changing - she still hasn't put any music out so that's yet another project abandoned before it even really started. She really is still going to be the same person at 60 years old.

No. 855593

She didn't even update that music profile anymore, in a "I'm working on it" kinda way. She dropped music harder than her regular YT uploads.

No. 855609

Sorry for OT and maybe dumb question since I don't follow kiki's antics but is her hair here brown or dark blonde? mine is the exact same color and idk

No. 855622

Brown. Under natural light without overexposure and filter abuse, her hair is brown. Both her and her sister have been stealth-lightening their hair for years now to cling to their imaginary blondeness like it means something.

I think the thing she "cant control" is when she meets these guys she flirts online with and they realize she's a spergy catfish. We need to remember, IRL Kirsten looks nothing like the pics and reels she posts. IRL Kiki is like an autistic trailer park closet cosplayer who wishes "Kiki Kannibal" was and how people saw her.

No. 855685

File: 1633605649494.png (256.38 KB, 540x909, Screenshot_20211007-071538_(1)…)

She posted her stories and old selfies from the past couple of days as a long-winded purple prose piece, alongside playing story tag with Kota. I wonder why? Kaka isn't the type to keep posting old pics like her sister.

No. 855699

> She posted her stories and old selfies from the past couple of days as a long-winded purple prose piece

The huge text is bc she was dumped again. The old selfies, she was probably feeling herself (they are from before the Hime/sideburns cut), and they fit her dramatic mood.

No. 855776

I really do think she doesn't even meet half these guys IRL, I think they just ghost her when they realize she's a spergy leech. She only goes for trashy fuckbois and guys who have what she wants, and I feel like those long rants come after the guys who have what she wants ghost her and it bruises her ego so she posts these… emotional masturbation pieces

No. 855946

File: 1633792369380.jpg (167.51 KB, 1080x1920, 244568315_104837231929031_8345…)

So yeah
Heartbreak > cling to golden years > unhinged reels > new man

And so on…

No. 855947

File: 1633792442817.jpg (173.48 KB, 1080x1920, 244636785_371384148009802_8995…)

No. 855948

File: 1633792535385.jpg (116.18 KB, 1080x1920, 244606091_4302355266480306_138…)

"Let's make some more"


No. 855949

File: 1633792619449.jpg (154.34 KB, 1080x1920, 244978181_157310803271193_6460…)

No. 855950

File: 1633792684032.jpg (152.73 KB, 1080x1920, 244771393_387972009647664_6290…)


No. 855956

I’d honestly feel sad for her if she wasn’t such a gigantic asshole.

No. 855963


I…. I really thought they were better quality than this. She charged $100+ for these? I never actually saw one IRL or that wasn't posted by the Ostrengas, her fans really have always been braindead bully buttlickers with no sense of style.

No. 855966

This one looks specially cheap.

Also, what exactly did she "make"? It's a plastic bat, at most she glued the bling

No. 856017

File: 1633871651257.png (651.52 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20211009-201832~2.p…)

Less than a week later she's on hinge

No. 856018

File: 1633871812412.png (370.82 KB, 1080x1929, Screenshot_20211009-201839~2.p…)

If that is Matthew Perry (doubt)… c'mon Kiki, he's very public about his personal issues with drugs and mental health. Leave the poor old man alone, your thirst for fame dick is not a reason to "troll" on Hinge.

No. 856019

File: 1633871919814.png (126.04 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20211009-222244~2.p…)

No. 856031

Why the need to crop this so selectively? Why not just censor the avatar like usual? I feel like she sent this to herself (hence what looks like her bed selfie BG behind the text) to post with the other 2 caps hoping people would assume a celeb would not only know who Kiki Kannibal is, but would send her some trashy GenZ netspeek flirt as a reply like this. Feels like she's pulling a Kooter and trying to make her fantasy to become a reality by forcing it hard enough.

No. 856051

> Burned thru every bish on raya

Is she talking about the (supposedly) famous and rich women that made it to Raya? She sounds bitter.

It reads like a twitter stan talk, not even flirting

No. 856149

Dude shut the fuck up with this “poor man” shit, he’s such a nasty predator go read what he said to girls he’s grooming. Not an excuse and he shouldn’t be on dating apps involving innocent people. He deserves Kiki.

No. 856206

Bc he chatted with a 19-year old on Raya? I didn't know that, just found out, that's crazy.

No. 856246

I may be missing something but 19 is a legal adult, so what's the problem?

No. 856251

It is. Idk what anon meant by 'grooming'

No. 856264

19 is a legal adult, which is more than kiki is inside her sperg brain.

No. 856723

perry is over 50 and a celebrity. she is 19. that's a very unbalanced relationship.

19 year olds' bodies and faces are very close to child ones. you don't stop growing until you are 21.

creepy as hell.

No. 856724

File: 1634444356399.png (445.28 KB, 569x1046, Screenshot_20211016-175512_(1)…)

Kiki posted picrel, though I skimmed EP1 of You and couldn't find the scene for context.

They choose to chimp out over the weirdest, most random coorelations to themselves or their names, don't they?

No. 856726

19 year olds do not look like "children" unless they are trying to, they look like teenagers. What kind of bubble do you live in?

No. 856771

lol dude, no

It's a coincidence, "omg daughters named dakota and kiki". Kiki's probably sees it as a sign the universe is gonna make her a Netflix star.

No. 856787

a 17 year old is still a child. a 19 year old can be just a year and a few months away from that (end of 17 plus a year to go to end of 18, then a few months to go to 19). therefore they are still childlike. they even use 18 and 19 year olds in school uniforms to make legal CP because they know they look similar.

she can't even drink in the US. what are they even going to do together. him help her with her college essays?

No. 856830

yet there are people who are 19 and look 30. will you stop your demented useless sperging now?

No. 856895

File: 1634557966018.png (491.88 KB, 720x1125, Screenshot_20211018-074651_(1)…)

My guess is Kiki tried to slife in his DMs and failed bc too old, so now she's calling him a pedo creep and trying to make herself look like the less thirsty one in the situation while also calling teenagers literal children as a cope.


Kiki dropped more fake caps of Matthew Perry pretending she spent the last week or so chatting with him… Problem is, the chats look like they came from a Matt Perry chatbot.

As if even a washed up 90s TV star would go near the walking social suicide pact that is Kirsten Ostrenga.

No. 856896

File: 1634558071034.png (123.43 KB, 621x1040, Screenshot_20211018-074645_(1)…)


It looks like she posts these just to have something to post alongside her quirky name-themed playlist.

No. 856897

File: 1634558325746.png (83.56 KB, 626x1081, Screenshot_20211018-074638_(1)…)

No. 856916


Imagine spending a week making this shit up to try and make it look like a 50 year old washed up actor is remotely interested in you.

No. 856922

> yet there are people who are 19 and look 30. will you stop your demented useless sperging now?

so you agree that people can look a much different age than they are which must include looking and younger therefore 19 year olds can look like children. thanks.

No. 856924

Scrolling by but damn, got ‘em with their own logic. Nice

No. 856934

she took down death by dopamine

No. 856936

NTA but the whole argument is so fucking stupid. Bitch was 19 and wanted TikTok fame, there, boom. Americans overuse 'grooming' sm.

Ooohh so it was the music guy that dumped her >>854249 + she Was never gonna get shit done

No. 856938

its like wake up kiki - its 2021 women can do music on their own just go on Amazon & buy some shit

No. 856941


what does she even do to enrich her life? she didn't even release or even insinuate she was working on music, just made an empty music page and then delete it.
genuinely all she does is ride the high of a new guy for a week (he thinks they're fuck buddies, she thinks they're twin flames) and then she writes a novel about how she's heartbroken and how beautiful and special her heartbreak is, rinse and repeat. what kind of a life is that?

No. 856954

She sounds completely codependent. She can't do anything without someone else involved, but at the same time she thinks she's an empath starlet angel and that everything should either be about her or reference her.

No. 856973

It's Ostrenga logic- use whatever flimsy reach to justify your jealous, petty bullying. I bet the same "19 is child" logic wouldn't apply to Kiki's parent's "grooming" Danny to help make their unwashed, bedbug infested daughter MySpace famous when he got kicked out for dating her.

No. 857017

File: 1634639914609.png (634.36 KB, 672x1170, Screenshot_20211019-063407_(1)…)

Shit that will never happen, picrel.

She also reposted her "beat the devil outta life's paintbrush" and "are you who you sleep with?" posts to her story again, fishing for those YT views.

No. 857495

File: 1635004271967.png (825.52 KB, 692x1180, Screenshot_20211023-114254_(1)…)

2 months seems like too soon to be doing midterms, but I'm not a collegefag so ​I wouldn't really know. Calinons, does this mushroom tea have drugs in it or something?

Notes look like she's studying nutrition or some other type of holistic health scam.

No. 857507

They market it like it had… But it really doesn't. It's a mushroom tea with lemonade, but only the 'wellness' part of the mushroom (which they don't detail either, so you know it must be minimal).

Aaaand they sell at erewhon, which is known for being incredibly overpriced. Like, $30 for "organic chips" type of overpriced.

So yeah, Space Tea is a new age scam. Can't wait to learn more about her ~degree.

No. 857516

this makes me feel really sad

No. 857535

Two months sounds about right for midterms, a semester’s usually ~4 months. Looking at her notes I’m wondering if she’s doing nursing or phlebotomy or something along those lines… I shudder to think of Kiki being responsible for anyone else. Maybe it will help her finally grow up? Whatever it is it’s hard to imagine her working well with people in any capacity, her behavior and sense of humor are just so immature.

No. 857537

>>857495 Midterms happen in October. The semester starts in late August or early September and ends in December so October is in the middle.

I doubt she is attending an accredited university so who knows what is actually going on here.

No. 857541

Kiki would definitely not be the first QAnon-er, antivaxx nurse.

No. 857567

Those are nutritional notes, not nursing notes. Besides, can you imagine Kiki Ostrenga changing a bedpan or giving an old man a sponge bath? If anything, this is the beginning of a new health foodie era where she tries to replace medicine and therapy with trendy vegan food. IF it's not just a scam to get grants, which it likely is since Kiki has been a college student for over a decade yet has literally nothing to show for it but selfies.

No. 857684

it is real weird that she claimed to be in college at 14, went to that audio program thing, went to a university in japan, and now she's in college again yet she has no degree and no job to go with it

No. 857699

She's been doing this since she was a teen to get all her equipment, clothes and decor. After what, 16 years of being enrolled in various schools she has no degrees on her walls and no professional title? Smells like a $cam.

No. 857706

Didn't TaylorR study nutrition for two whole minutes as well? Wouldn't be a stretch if Kaka's trying to copy that.

No. 857798


Anon who tf puts degrees on their walls in 2021?

No. 857811

File: 1635256381021.png (858.72 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20211026-104919~2.p…)

NTA but kiki is a fucking narc, she would blast this shit all over the place.

Pic related: I really wonder what she's working with. I don't think Scott and Cathy are paying for all her overpriced LA shit, she must be making money somewhere.

No. 857815

If she "works" then it has to be remotely doing something computer or IT related, Scott probably helped her get a PT job answering phones and reading a script. Every time she whines about work she is sitting at home, in her own clothes, and always mentions "FT school" at the same time. She probably isn't used to having to actually work in any amount, wants to vent about it yet wants to make herself seem more busy than lazy.

People with legitimate degrees not from a shitty trade art/school or state college. People who want to display the result of their years of real work and spent money because they earned it, unlike grantscammers who just enroll in any course they can with no long term end goal so that they can call themselves "students" if anyone asks what they do.

No. 857820

Yeah, having a FT job and studying FT sounds like the schedules would clash… Unless she's taking an online course and working remotely, so she can half-ass both things at the same time.

I vaguely remember her tweets about turning down jobs because they "only paid" $15/hour (a looong time ago), too.

No. 857829

It's hard, but not impossible. However, all her photos just seem to have her house in the background so I imagine everything is WFH

No. 858028

she honestly looks gorgeous these days.
damn some super jealous gals up in here

No. 858038

File: 1635409120998.png (143.79 KB, 567x635, 4ZDbDEX.png)


No. 858055

It's ok anon, everyone has a taste

Yours is just super bad

No. 858214

File: 1635523176056.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20211029-093730.png)

~emotionally unavailable~ is chronically single woman code for 'he just wanted to fuck'

she's still not over some small music label guy

No. 858230

>funny how the emotionally unavailable can't be with other emotionally unavailable peeps

So she admits she wants a man to boost and support her that she can dump on a whim guilt-free if a better chad comes along, but thinks it's unfair if a man treats her the same way?

No. 858231

Every pic she posts looks like it's from the same day and shoot wtf

No. 858257

oh no, anon, it's men that are the emotionally unavailable ones, and they don't go for emotionally unavailable women, they go for her.

It's always other people.

She started doing this a lot more after the Hime haircut and I do believe there's a connection there.

No. 858265

nah you just sound jealous, imagine hating on this girl for more than a decade.
let it go, she's harmless now.

No. 858275

Either she reposts pics from that shoot (post-bangs, pre-himecute) or she puts her hair up in those buns, so I guess it grew out in an unflattering way and now she's waiting for it to grow back out.

Kiki must be bigmad about musicguy dumping her, oof.

No. 858280


> She's harmless now

I agree, she's washed up, boring, and not even low tier LA scumbags want her, but you're wrong about the 1 decade bit there, bud :/

No. 858292

Never forget that the Ostrengas fully believe that they only ever had one "hater", they can't imagine being laughed at for the things they do by random strangers online while acting painfully unaware and obnoxious. In their minds, they're so beautiful and unique that they can't possibly be stunted cringetards.

No. 858321

Kaka is emotionally unstable. Nothing to be jealous of.

No. 858374

But what about when kiki was caught posting here, (when her posts were marked) and raging at all of us for hating?

No. 858376

That happened bc Taylor revealed Tom, Kota was doing well in Japan and Kiki had just gotten dumped by Taku- Kaka was spiraling out of control in a jealous rage bc she was the only skinny white girl unable to fuck her way into Japan and money.

No. 858417

Have you ever heard of filters? Go back a few threads and check out what she actually looks like.

She’s thin and has some good lashes, tho.

But no, anon. None of us are jealous of her lack of social ability, desperation, and pseudo psychological babble. She’s a cringe view. You must not be aware of her history on this forum.

No. 858463

IIRC they're fake, she used to have almost no lashes without falsies. It was a meme until she disappeared for about a year and came back posting about her ~long, blonde lashes~ over and over.

No. 858497

She's both pretty and an absolute sperg. A deadly combination.

No. 858514

Someone forgot about the Walmart candids and her Lilou Vos headshots, kek.

No. 858518

She's got a big nose and a 5-head, but she looks fine from the front and the average westerner would find her pretty. That's part of what makes her batshit insanity so amusing; she's able to chew through a steady stream of social climber scrotes.

No. 858520

Kiki is average, she has the potential to be pretty but she won't change up her style and doesn't know what looks good on her. If she could style her hair and do more than 1 thing with her eyeliner she might get somewhere, but every time she has to step out from behind her screens she looks like a special needs woman out with a chaperone.

No. 858530

File: 1635813207399.jpeg (153.51 KB, 615x952, 1599676050785.jpeg)

If she really was considered pretty, she would have been married by now or something. Instead we get to watch her downward spiral as she keeps getting dumped.

No. 858531

This is the oldest milk ever, why even bother posting. Idk what’s sadder, Kiki or the anons that can’t move on

No. 858556

Kiki is sadder. At least Kota cabed and got hella PS to fix her busted face, Kiki just hides behind filters and fake freckles- she has shown consistently that she would rather fake it than make it.

No. 858570

>oldest milk ever

Real nose hit a nerve? Kaka constantly posts sad ancient pics like >>855946 because she can't move on.

No. 859197

9/10 could be ten with a nosejob

No. 859267

for as long as you can stand her dogshit personality

No. 859313

Is much as I love this thread, I’m not sure I could say she’s not pretty. I mean she’s pretty compared to your average American woman. I don’t think it’s her looks holding her back kek. She gets dumped for her awful personality

No. 859323

File: 1636729908881.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1909, Screenshot_20211112-120909~2.p…)

> digital witch hunting
> persecution
> decade long aftermath

yeah, sperg chan was full of anger, can't argue with that

No. 859368

is this thread fucked up for anyone else? i get big gaps between posts and they sometimes appear if i hover a cursor over the blank spaces. no other thread but this one seems to do it.

No. 859376

it sounds like you have saged posts hidden ! you just wanna click the thing by expand all images
this insta story reminds me of her rolling stone interview and her butterfly in a jar comment. although she's pseudo intellectual she does have a way of drawing you in with her words. i wish she would grow up.

No. 859397

Imo she is too melodramatic and tries so hard, her texts ends up like Wattpad word salads. They could be good if she grew up though.

No. 859432

Good god, for the thousandth time: get some fucking therapy Kiki. A proper, trained psychiatrist, not someone who tells you to detox with juices and meditate with crystals or whatever bullshit.

No. 859439

Both of these posts are exaggerating her looks in opposite directions. She is average but she might not stay there for long. She peaked when she had white hair.

No. 859444

>If she really was considered pretty, she would have been married by now or something.
to be reading this on lolcow dot farm in current year…

No. 859450

NTA but she's desperate for a ring >>855533

No. 859463

nta but her personality is horrendous
being pretty is enough to get a date, but to get married with a horrible personality you need to be breathtakingly beautiful (not her) or settle for an absolute chump (she would never)

No. 859466

She has been trying to get married for years and literally sperged out when Taco dumped her and Taylor was engaged.

No. 859468

She's not ugly or beautiful, she's a good blank slate but the only lool she will do is so watered down and basic she ends up looking like every other standard white girl in America. She's so basic now for someone who used to do wild shit to her hair and make her own clothes/accessories.

Now that I think about it, sewing or jewelry making would be a great hobby for her. She could incorporate crystals and precious metals into bracelets and pendants for protection from those negative energies she always talks about. I personally don't believe in any of it, but she could make good money and a name for herself making cute, trendy stuff for people like her who are into that holistic crystal stuff. Recently I saw a clip on Pinterest of a mini copper and rose quartz bonsai tree anchored to a lavastone, and even I thought abt buying it because it was so pretty and unique.

Kiki has way too much time and resources at her disposal to keep trying to go viral for just herself. She has so many eclectic interests and she writes very well when she's not spiraling or in one of her funks, and idk it kinda makes me hella sad how messed up she is AND how hard she fights anyone who tries to concrit her. It's like she thinks she can only be truly liked by people in the "warts and all" sense, but she doesn't understand that you can't curate which "warts" to show people and then force them to swallow it and praise you the way you want it. It's like, she's not stupid, she just locks herself up in her internet box and refuses to come out.

No. 859472

i didn't mean jealous of her life, bc her life is like any woman her age tbh.
but jealous in terms of her looks. she's fit, can pull off hime haircut & has pretty eyes. wish i was as pretty as her, and i'm not really hating on myself, i do find her pretty, she's just super annoying.
wayyy prettier now than her cringe scene days, but then again she was an insecure child then.

basically every gal uses filters, so what? i still find her "ugly" photos decent.
again, her persona is nothing to be jealous of and is very common from any attention seeking womyn online lol esp one that grew up in a dysfunctional family like hers with literally no irl friends. i just pity her tbh, she seems really lonely.

No. 859485

>shes fit, can pull off hime haircut

The sheer amount of cope in this post is hilarious, but this is the icing on the cake considering last month we pointed out that she was hiding it with those updos and latergrams before she tried cutting it herself.

No. 859487

File: 1636895734360.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1901, Screenshot_20211114-092432.png)

Image related. She's coping hard.

> her life is like any woman her age

lol ok man… sage your posts

No. 859490

> bc her life is like any woman her age tbh
Imagine posting this unironically. Touch grass.

No. 859491


Kiki just say you're a whore and want a rich spineless simp you don't actually care about to fund your NEET webshrine to yourself, Jesus fuck.

No. 859492

>has pretty eyes

She has generic blue eyes, nothing special. Look up the origin of that gene sometime. Protip: it's incest

No. 859495

an aging millennial woman with massive insecurity and relationship issues seems pretty common to me (including myself)

her eye shape is nice and they are also big, I never once said that the color of her eyes is the reason they are pretty

No. 859497

can you at least sage your ladyboner reports on how pretty you think this freak is? thanks in advance.

No. 859498

File: 1636926532955.jpg (46.78 KB, 500x750, 1241613692326262119822685.jpg)

i think objectively keeks is pretty but she really loves making herself look as unflattering as possible, she needs to go back to the LA skank look. she looked amazing like this and she could still pull it off imo. too bad she's an autistic retard who doesn't know how to either monetize her brand or work.

No. 859499

I'm the anon who said she peaked when she had white hair. This picture is exactly from the time I meant but that was over 10 years ago. I don't think she can get back to this simply due to aging.

No. 859500

That, plus the fact that she can't seem to do makeup at all anymore unless it's that pitiful little "wing" she copied off her sister.

No. 859501

honestly i think she could pull it off but i might just be so sick of her boring-ass "natural princess firey sprite uwu" look that i'm desperate for anything else

No. 859505

No. 859506

I have to disagree, that white hair, side hair thing is incredibly dated. Reminds me of slayyter ironic y2k paris hilton bimbo-core. I prefer the natural hair color, and I can imagine bleaching it that white causes so much breakage and damage that its not even worth it.

No. 859575

I agree it's dated now but 10 years ago when she had it, it was cute.

I think she should go back to heavy makeup. She's one of the rare people where it suits her better.

No. 859579

you say this as if y2k fashion isnt making a comeback

No. 859599

That's true and there's olaplex now. The thing is… She has a Hime haircut. Better wait for that mistake to grow out a bit.

> I think she should go back to heavy makeup.
She could do graphic eyeliner/subtle eyeshadow looks with lipstick/gloss. The eyeliner on her bottom lashes makes her look like a psycho.

Btw, she's still serial posting about healing, blah blah blah. That brunette mediocre man probably had a dick made of gold.

No. 859695

The question now is, WILL she let it grow out, or will she pull a classic Ostrenga and double down on the weeby cringecut and try to make it a trend??

No. 859791

surprised keeks isn't sperging about koots being in florida now that it's confirmed

No. 859818

yeah maybe back in 2017-2019
y2k comeback is over lol

No. 859871

It didn't really pop off until 2019-2020, stop acting like you're soo ahead of time or whatever. Kiki still has time to take advantage of the y2k trend.

No. 859883

It's almost 2022 anon, and the trend is about to change again. Shebstarted reposting her scene pics a year ago and still chose to get a himecut instead, she isn't gonna jump back into heavy makeup and scene hair at her age. She would be too scared of going bald again and of her makeup aging her faster.

No. 859940

Her hair here is 70% extensions, you can see it's basically a bob with a diagonal cut and straight, choppy red and white extensions.
She definitely needs a new look but I agree with anons about this being a bit too dated. But light haircolor and edgy dyejobs can be done without frying your hair nor looking like a scene kid. She just needs to take it to a decent hairdresser.

The biggest problem is the narcissistic immature posting/topics she goes for, she needs some inspiration which isn't looking back at the past or feeling sorry for herself due to the (unfortunately universal female experience of) sexual assault.

No. 859998

> She just needs to take it to a decent hairdresser.

In all honesty, if a client comes in asking for 'Girl Interrupted microbangs' or 'hime princess haircut', you give it to her. If she asks for a Y2K outdated bleach job, or to do nothing at all with her mousy brown color, that's exactly what a hairdresser will do.

She is set on keeping this weird weeny fairy in cowgirl boots style.


She's too busy word vomiting about self-healing, and posting multiple reels every single day.

No. 860318

File: 1637686084690.png (829.21 KB, 1080x1067, Screenshot_20211123-134704.png)

She looks like an egg

I'm laughing so hard I can't even lay attention to the self help bs she's saying

No. 860353

Why does she always wear the same damn clothes? She's so boring to look at.

No. 860424

Now that Kiki has confirmed that she’s in full time school and work, could it be a possibility that she’s no longer on disability? Whether it “ran out” or she no longer qualified for it. Tbh I was always envious of ppl who could collect disability and shitpost (cough healingpost) all day long

(Sorry not a burgerfag so idk how their disability laws work)

No. 860438

you don't get that much money from disability and they're very strict about it. currently one of my coworkers is struggling to get her mildly retarded daughter back on disability. i was always surprised that keeks was able to be on it for so long just because of scoliosis. she must have exaggerated the shit out of her symptoms.

No. 861283

If I had to guess, I'd say she was on it for autism.

No. 861299

her threads are indisputable evidence of her autism so well done everyone we got her a tugboat.

No. 861837

I don't know hownto post audio clips here, but has anybody else seen all those stories of the audio clips she has on her story rn? Lots of voice clips from 2 different chads:

Chad 1
>I'm really uhh proud of how… you have been… working through… your-your stuff clears throat and you had quite the life and to be here at your age really facing and taking responsibility and going through shit. It's profound and I- and I think that you are such a… a rad, wonderful, beautiful woman and-and uh I'm really uh, I-i'm just really happy to hear that your, your uh… coming to these feelings around everything that we went through too
>Even if… yaknow even if you don't wanna talk to me, if you don't wanna be friends… I accept that… and I just want you to know I appreciate you, I appreciate… different pieces and aspects and roles that you've played in my life, and you've helped me to grow and change along my journey, and that will forever be true, regardless of how we feel towards each other or wether or not we are in contact. I had a fun time being your friend, and… I just hope you're well, man.

Chad 2 (This was the breathy husky one)
>Thank you so much for everything you have shown me, and being in my life so far. It's been incredible, an unprecedented… experience, full of so much love. I hope… it continue and that… we uh, do the best for ourselves and each other

Is it just me or does it look like she dumped one guy for another & is bragging abt it bc they both told her shit she loves to tell herself?

No. 861939


fuck i don't know why she posts this shit, it's so fucking invasive and uncomfortable.

No. 861951

She was raised in a bubble by reactionary perverts who isolated her from her age group & rewarded her for exposing herself online. Now that she's too old to pull that same shit off without being trolled off social media, she just posts other people & the stuff they send her likely without their knowledge, like this shit: >>849484 >>849485 >>849508

No. 862044

I heard those. Weird af. It's so creepy when she posts these audios. Those were dudes genuinely being nice to her in a private convo. Is she so deprived of external validation she need to do it to boost her ego?

Btw, to post audios/videos: