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File: 1506195620367.jpg (171.39 KB, 490x406, 1502172453191.jpg)

No. 438380

Previous threads:

In the course of the last thread:
>Tragically, Marmalade died after being hit by a truck outside of Logan's house. Raven posted a photograph of her bloody remains on Instagram.
>Raven continued to flaunt her and Josh's Love That Was More Than Love in four lengthy and repetitive Q&A videos and all over Facebook and Instagram.
>Following precedent, she changed her surname from "Marshall-Sparks" to "Sparks Bradley" on one of her Facebook accounts.
>In addition to wearing Josh's military ring, she started wearing the wedding ring set she purchased for her aborted nuptials with Cj Jaggard who was supposed to be husband #4.
>She is presumed to be staying with Ryan Cradock (aka graveflower426 aka Acid King), ex-husband #3 who paid her way to New Zealand and who bought her tattoos, clothing, and other gifts throughout her marriage to Logan. Ryan's presence and behavior clearly make Josh uncomfortable.
>Despite her crowdfunding page generating a paltry $95, she proceeded to get new tattoos in addition to getting several existing tattoos finished, rationalising that she had already budgeted for them them from her sales on TradeMe.
>She also made $200 in mostly frivolous purchases on TradeMe, spent $120 ordering lipstick, $40 on a second pair of glasses for a product review, and $40 on a stuffed unicorn and headbands.
>Despite being separated, she remains Logan's ball and chain and claims that he still loves her: she wears his wedding ring on a chain around her neck, he payed her a weekly stipend, helped pay for her ticket, and he bought her a $200 collectible bear with an ugly face which she didn't really want and other toys as a farewell present.
>She gained 5 kilos while staying at Ryan's because she has been "just sitting around and living out of fast food boxes."
>As her end-of-September deadline to leave Ryan's home neared she resorted to eBegging on Facebook to raise the remaining $300 needed to repay the loan for her $1266 ticket plus $200 for excess baggage. She leaves on October 6th.
>She celebrated her 41st birthday on September 17th with two separate trips to the mall with Logan and Ryan in which they bought her more mall goth clothing, toys, and sparkly things which she admits she will not be able to take with her; dinner at Denny's with Ryan; and a lengthy video tirade directed at the hate sites.
>She mentioned on Facebook that she cracked her phone and three people sent her new S8, S8+, and Note8 devices. In reality the crack was a tiny chip along the edge. She promptly sold the S8 and S8+ on TradeMe.
>Meanwhile, in South Carolina, Josh landed "a dream job that pays so much more" (identified by farmers as working for FedEx Ground) and is saving to get them their own place, a vehicle, and a bed to replace his mom's couch. If he doesn't have a place for them by the time she arrives, she says that he can afford to rent a hotel room by the month.
>They are planning to marry as soon as possible after she arrives and gets a new Social Security card (presumably for her name change from Diana to Raven).

* All $ are in NZD

https://www.facebook.com/Official.Raven.Sparks (community)
https://www.facebook.com/gorgeous.gothic.ghouls (community)
https://www.facebook.com/Goth.Boys (community)

YouTube and Videos:
https://www.youtube.com/c/RavenStarblood (current)
https://youtu.be/gwAiXPmMoJQ (unlinked video about being cyber-bullied by a fake website)
https://www.youtube.com/user/LeonbergerLoverNZ (her pets and Ryan's dogs)

Archived Leaked Videos:

Social Media:

Image Galleries:



Joshua Manning Bradley:

No. 438389

So I wonder what happens when Raven hauls her skanky ass across the Pacific to meet up with a bridegroom she's never met, and discovers they have zero sexual chemustry together.

My theory at this time is the Love That Is Greater Than All Other Loves will not survive the first week, either because of lack of actual attraction, or because of Josh's circumstances / Raven's circumstances. They've both been lying off their respective asses.

No. 438438

Why didshe get loads of birthday shit that she can't take with her? surely a gift of american dollars or useful things would have made more sense

No. 438441

Because she's a dumb whore. Seriously, she overestimates and exaggerates her intelligence.

No. 438443

inb4 "haha i'm just tricking the haters with false infomation xD"

No. 438446

to the person in the previous thread asking how Rayray gets so many men interested in her: she is damaged and there are weird people out there who are interested exclusively in damaged/victim types. hero complex type shit. men become obsessed with her because she seems to be an eternal victim when they buy into her narrative (everything is always other peoples fault, she is always having huge life crises that normal people have once every decade lmao). she attracts these damaged people who want to fix or take care of her.

No. 438508

She also opens her legs. The men she has 'fawning' after her aren't the smartest men around. It's very easy to manipulate stupid men with sex. Logan was a child, and Ryan and Josh are Neanderthals.

No. 438540

Side note: does anyone have the really long video about her and Logan's "story". It seems like she's deleted it. Not surprising since it probably made Josh uncomfortable.

No. 438543

Oh and also someone in the last thread said something about wondering if the people who are supportive and nice to her online and in her videos are farmers. The answer is yes, yes we are. I used to talk to her all the time just to get information. Don't really have the time for it anymore. But it seemed like she would tell anything to anyone if they listened. She would more talk at me than any sort of back and forth.

No. 438557

I also think it has something to do with her image. A lot of stupid guys and girls tend to put you on a pedestal if you are alt looking. When I first dyed my hair an unnatural colour (we are allowed it where I work) the random comments I would get from men and the types that would hit on me were weird creeps. They would all try to name drop certain bands/shows and assume I was a certain way and try and treat me like I was 'different' when in reality I'm just some regular bitch with dyed hair. Sage for blogpost, but I think people kind of do this with Raven. Because of her alt look, and the way she stresses to them 'she's not like the other girls', these guys get suckered in. I have a feeling Ryan and Josh have some kind of alternative fetish.
Also, I totally was on Logan's side, until he started being all snarky 'I do what I want to do' and parroting Raven's bit about wanting to pay for her. Fuck you Logan haha, enjoy wasting your cash on this dumb bitch.

No. 438562

Can't agree with this more! I have a fair few tattoos and bright hair and I have this one guy who follows me around my gym total goth ( works out in studded belts and cuffs he's perfect for RayPal ) but I'm very normal, People get weirded out when they meet my very normal very all American husband ( I'm British )

TLDR Weird guys are naturally attracted to alt girls.

No. 438626

I find it hilarious 3 people got her brand new phones and she sold 2 of them. The one she's keeping? Aint gunna fucking work over in the US.

No. 438633

not defending her, but it will if you can put a sim in it.

No. 438653

As an alt person I have experiencd the same. I have pircings, people think I like pain. I Hate pain. Or they think I'm kinky. I'm just plain Jane in the bedroom.

Now I don't want sound rude or offensive. Not trying to trigger or race bait. Do you guys have a Asian fetish or just an alt fetish?

In past experiences I know some half girls get no attention until they say they're half asian, and then guys are just blowing up their phone. Couple other girls I know get guys that come out of no where and ask for merriage and shower them gifts.

Now I'm not saying this happens to every girl. Just past experiences from some of my friends. Hope I understood the rules.

No. 438667

Sage goes in the email field.

Unfortunately Logan isn't going to mature and gain confidence in himself until Ray Piggy leaves. For now he's still her puppet.

No. 438668

Thanks for replying. White knight complex makes sense.


After the split, Logan appeared to make his own Logan Marshall account, with none of the telltale touches of Raven's interference.

But now the old Logan Sparks (Raven controlled) account has changed to the name Marshall and a deceptively similar profile pic. It still has pictures that are probably Raven's doing, and is public while the account he made is private. So if you talk to Logan Marshall with a community college listed for him, you're really still talking to Raven.

No. 438672

I did lose respect for him when he hung out with her again, had shaved his beard, and appeared to be less grumpy (probably got words from Raven about last time)

I'm giving him just a little longer to come to his senses but if he stays in contact long after she moves, she'll be in the same category as Lainey of Onion fame - a victim turned accomplice.

No. 438688

If he sends her money in America, or helps her to get back to NZ, he's toast. he needs to shut that gate. She's playing him off against Ryan for 'most attentive ex-husband' right now. This can go on for years if he lets it.

No. 438731

Did she not say Josh is going to spend 7-8k to get all her shit over to america?
If he doesnt have a bed to sleep on, where the fuck is he gonna get that money from? I know she said something along the lines of it taking a year or more, but honestly who would waste that money on (I'm assuming) useless material items?

No. 438742

There's no way it could even cost that much to move it, just no way. There's also no way she can take the same amount of crap on the plane for $200. She's got plenty in hand right now with the two phone sales also.

Raven's leaving it there like an anchor, will get Logan to look after it and tend to it, and give him some reason to stay bound to her. And some kind of safety net in her mind, something that connects her back to NZ. Imagine if she keeps getting Ryan and Logan to buy her shit and add it to the pile. After all, Ryan owes her that cushion…

No. 438743

Joshua didn't get her a birthday present!

No. 438744

did you see this somewhere?

No. 438745

Shes full of shit or she doesn't know how to shop around. We have family from India that brought back almost their whole apartment (including packing for you, and unpacking when they deliver(also US based)) all for under 5k.

No. 438746

That kind of white-glove service is expensive for sure. Raven isn't going to get it all lovingly packed by someone then unpacked at the other end. Even if she's dumb enough to try and take cheap furnishings, she still couldn't have that much.

No. 438749


She wrote much of the story verbatim on her wedding page:


Photos that were in the video:


No. 438750

What's the bet Josh disappears and goes off the radar, uses his new wages to move somewhere she doesn't have the address of, so she arrives and is stranded at the airport?

He's looking down the barrel of having to ship all that useless stuff and find a place to fit it all, on a courier's salary. Plus he's had more time to find out what she's like, including being hassled while he's at work by her phone calls. I think he'll do a runner soon.

No. 438756

Raven went with Ryan cuz he had all the time in the world to talk online with her. He bought her stuff. He was supportive.
Turns out he was a stupid useless piece of shit living out of his parents house.
She got bored of him. Accused him of rape, dumped him.

She went with Logan who was a highschool kid. He had all the time in the world to be around her.
They married, she made him get a job to support them. He was not around anymore.
She got bored. Accused him of having a porn adiction and dumped him.

She met Josh. He had all the time in the world to talk to her. He supported her online, gave her attention. She found out he had no home, made him get a job.
Now he works long hours… he is not around all the time anymore…

How long until she gets bored?

No. 438757


Logan has always had his own account which appears in this screencap from Raven's birthday video >>435018 and others.

When Raven is chatting with Claudia in the Ugh video, she tells Josh that Claudia had sent a friend request to "Logan's old account" which she alone controls.

No. 438760

How did I miss that? Too much milk at once in that leak.

It's a wonder that he let his mum talk to that profile and not know to steer clear.

It's very weird she still monitors that account and doesn't leave it alone already. How can Logan be ok with her impersonating him on a fake account, I'll never understand.

No. 438762

she made huge deals how every one got her presents and spoilt she was by strangers and her ex's but NO mention of josh at all. if i was engaged and making a video about what i got the first thing i would talk about would be what my husband to be got me. but no word at all

No. 438763

theres a good chance he doesnt know

No. 438770

He didn't get her anything because she doesn't want money involved in their relationship silly! It's totally fine for her ex's to constantly give her money and buy her shit she's said she can't take with her even with them knowing she's leaving but Josh? Nope. He isn't husband yet so is put on the back burner until Oct 6th. and then all the thousands he makes as a FedEx guy will be spent on her. Don't you see, that's why Claudia only wanted Josh again?! Because of how much money he was making and totally didn't live with his mom!

Sarcasm aside, this makes her look even more awful than when she was with Logan and constantly bitching about not having money to buy food yet was always getting in new hauls and buying shitty clothes. I wonder if couchboy knows about that? Like knows if RayRay starved her family just so she could buy stuff she never wears or uses. I hope he is looking forward to all those wonderful home cooked meals of contaminated mashed potatoes and eggs she cooked since he supposedly wants her as a housewife. But then again, she'll be back in her America and will go to Taco Bell for every meal and eat on it for a week.

No. 438777

File: 1506249604644.png (1.53 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3076.PNG)

Josh used to actually be kinda handsome, Meth is a hell of a drug….

No. 438780

That really him? O.O

No. 438785

watch out, slut whores! he's raven's!

No. 438787

File: 1506254744034.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3077.PNG)

Yeah it's on his Facebook !

Speaking of that why would you trade Claudia for Raven bet he's kicking himself now

No. 438790

Like the other anon said, Josh thinks he's gonna get some freak sex goddess. When in reality he's gonna get a mall goth grandma that can't even cook because of her "back" lmaoooo.

The move can't come soon enough guys.

No. 438805

My bet is on Raven having a second birthday with Josh when she gets to the US. It will be lame and sad, just like that time Raven and Logan went to that swanky restaurant with the money from the sale of the kittens for their anniversary. Josh will also have to borrow his mothers car to take Raven to the nearest mall so she can force him to buy a bunch of useless American crap to replace her bunch of useless NZ crap.

No. 438812


Claudia is a cutie, but honestly, she's the one who dodged a bullet. And her kid too.

As terrible as he is, I still feel kind of sorry for Josh since he clearly has no idea what he's gotten himself into. He's not anywhere near the same league of Raven's awfulness.

No. 438822

Ugh whenever she films herself at the mall grabbing her bags or packages from the sales clerks, she's SO RUDE!! She just grabs them and quickly walks away without a word. Not even a small thanks!

No. 438828

and the clerk is clearly uncomfortable with her filming but she doesnt care. shes an awful person

No. 438859

Giant almond eyes, olive skin, neatly groomed eyebrows and fresh, clean long hair. Meanwhile, he's moving on to a hag with saggy eyelids, disgusting clogged skin from not washing, sharpie eyebrows and 2-dollar bleached crispy hair. You earned it Josh! I hope you're excitedly waiting for your broken down mall goth to arrive in October! Let's hope you have a vehicle for her, are around enough to emotionally satisfy her insecure ass, have a house a bed and furnishing in a few weeks! I know fedex salaries are high enough that you'll be able to rent out a hotel room per night and save up for a home if you don't have enough time.

No. 438891

So i looked through her goth boys page for the first time. She has albums dedicated to quite a few of my friends and she has a picture of my bf when he was 16. Wild. I wonder if they know about ravens antics.
I put an o2 sim card in my american phone when i moved to germany and it worked fine. But she's a vapid cunt.
Fugg. I'm gonna put it up to good lighting and the right angle.

No. 438952

Only 4 hours left to bid on the unwanted gift!


No. 439093

I'm finally sitting down to watch (with adblock) some of her videos for the first time in ages and my god, I forgot how awful she is. Logan looks miserable. What a spectacle she must be, too; a greasy, unwashed, overweight, older woman wearing ridiculous tacky clothing with her boobs hanging out clomping through the mall with a teenager while she films the entire thing with a straight face. Absolutely wild.

No. 439215

File: 1506330841423.png (142.56 KB, 800x845, Screenshot_2017-09-25-02-03-19…)


The S8 sold for $775 to the bidder who asked for the IMEI number.

It was given to her by someone in NZ.

No. 439216

File: 1506330946059.png (96.08 KB, 615x456, Screenshot_2017-09-25-02-08-40…)


She was supposed to have cancelled a bid as requested.

No. 439219

File: 1506331517793.png (268 KB, 800x718, Screenshot_2017-09-25-02-22-32…)

She bought a case for the Note8, so she appears to be keeping it.

No. 439220

she'll be shopping up a storm. trust. all very important stuff to go in the storage.

No. 439241

You know she's 'fooled' us all and the 6th isn't the day she's leaving. Bet it's a day or two before. She thinks she's such a mastermind

No. 439242

>Then my 3rd and most recent husband stepped in to "save" me, making me think he truly was "the one". However- he ended up being just like my 1st husband, but without the hitting. He brought me here and stopped me from meeting anyone, going out without him, using a phone without him listening on the other end, talking to my son alone or even watching a movie with him- even if the three of us were in the same room! He put key loggers onto the computer to monitor everything I did and basically treated me like a wanton slut that needed jailing- even though it was him that couldn't be trusted. When my dad was dying and we went back to the States to help my mom, I caught him online looking at porn and trying to find other girls to have sex with. We had been married 4 months by this time! When I asked him why he would do this to me, he said it was because I had "changed". Of course I did! My dad was dying! Through the next 4-5 years, he kept on getting caught looking at porn and chatting up other girls, while key-logging and screenshotting me, stopping me from even having friends online. I was fed up and miserable. All I wanted to do was die. It just seemed that no matter how careful I was, or what I did, I never made the right choices and never came out on top, or even had it halfway easy. My life was always in ruins, with people wanting nothing more than to control me!

Farmers, this is who she's been staying with for the last month, per her wedding story. Who she's using in a "my exes are showering me with gifts" story to make Couchboy jealous.

No. 439243

No. 439257


Screencap of her Expedia itinerary >>434748

No. 439267

I like how that is all on her wedding website. How….romantic? Even her freaking wedding is a medium for her to complain about her life.

No. 439273

File: 1506357082232.jpg (53.05 KB, 336x475, content.jpg)

While we are on the topic, she and Logan are legally married, contrary to her attempt to cast doubt in her latest rant at us.

No. 439321

'Raven's Story' clocks in at just under 5000 words, half of which are 'rape' what a diehard romantic.

I give it a month before Josh joins the unholy ranks of the sinister shadowy figures who just want to control poor innocent little Raven.

No. 439389

>>When Dorian logged in and showed me the photos, I was instantly dumbstruck. See, where I'm from, I'm used to kids looking like kids. Small and petite, like my own son. Not little boys in men's bodies!

No. 439430

sounds like pedo/ephebophiles who are always on about how young girls don't LOOK young and so it's perfectly normal to be sexually attracted to them.

No. 439446

File: 1506373402245.gif (26.48 KB, 397x200, 200_s.gif)

No. 439489

I was watching her latest video ( with Adblock of course raven )

My husband walks past and says, Fuck she's a train wreck

Best day ever

No. 439498

>I must confess- out of desperation and the need to urgently help him come here, I became a prostitute. It's something I will never, ever do again, and I hate myself for it. All this, I did for him, and how did he repay me? He left me for one of my online friends.

Holy crap. I didn't know she sold her body. I though ya'll were just joking about that. Wow. That really explains a lot. I'm totally 100% convinced (not that I wasn't before) that she's Borderline. There's no two ways about it. It's kinda sad.

No. 439501

I… can't believe this shit is on her wedding site…..

No. 439504

File: 1506377191666.jpg (57.46 KB, 807x432, screenshot.JPG)


Playlist won't show. But follow the link to see Raven admitting to killing and torturing small animals at 2:28 mins into the video

No. 439534

Oh boy, thats the old vids which were in her old youtube ch.
She talks all about her childhood and first husband.
This is right when she got to NZ and was still in love with Ryan.
The rainbow rape story is there somewhere.

She will take it down once she sees it here, I would reupload if I could, but Im on my tablet.

No. 439594

jesus christ i do wonder if shes just trying to be super edgelord it seems she embellishes everything in this story i couldnt put either past her honestly

No. 439597

Is this CJ that left her for an online friend? I suppose a different online "friend" than he was married to at the time?

No. 439612

She says she tried to commit suicide by taking triglycerides, albuterol, and iron tablets.

I get teenagers can be uneducated on this stuff but why throw in the detail that you tried to kill yourself with a dietary supplements, asthma meds, and I assume she means anti-triglyceride medication (or fish oil pills)

Makes me think she hasn't embellished, at least not consistently, because a bullshitter wouldn't leave that embarrassing fuck up in deliberately.

No. 439648

This is Raven in all her glory.
How long untill we have a updated version of this series in her couch in USA?

No. 439657

>> I was taken advantage of, being extremely naive. I was also raped early on- not yet 12 years old.
>>One boy wanted to break up with me, and instead of just doing it, he set me up to be raped by his own brother. I was 13.
>>To cut right to it, I was raped by four guys that night, and got jumped and knocked unconscious by one jealous girlfriend at school the next day when the guys bragged about it.
>>a guy I was staying with (who had raped me in front of my friend
>>The girls who robbed me, broke my things, set me up to be raped and homeless.
>>One told me that if I didn't have sex with him, he would rape me.
So it is safe to say raven has never been raped. This shit is so fucking fake it makes me sick. She's such an awful just vile and disgusting person.

No. 439679

yeah really all this bullshitting about being raped makes people who really were seem like theyre lying

No. 439691


This channel was listed on her Raven Sparks II channel. It's a channel
with videos of what pets she had at the time with Ryan and of her pets when she was with Logan.

No. 439748

Her past with animals makes me incredibly sad. She doesn't deserve to have them. I wonder what happened to all the cats/dogs/rabbits/younameits throughout the years. I'm hoping they are being loved somewhere but that might be too optimistic of me.
Yeah I believe she was talking about CJ

No. 439814

Ok, I take it back, she definitely has embellished and then some.

No. 439852

I started listening to the first part and 5 mins in its full of contractions. Claims she was hated at kindergarten because her Mum taught her how to read and write and the other kids didn't like it - 2 mins later 'my mum didn't know any England, she couldn't read or write. Get your story straight ray

No. 439856

I know kids can be crule but cmon…. For -everyone- to hate her, even kindergarten children?? Give me a break. And ofc it's for some brilliant reason like "I was too smart for them" and not maybe like "they saw me kicking a cat", which I would believe more.

I couldn't get past the part where she said she would torture the animals first. I didn't think I could hate that bitch more than I already do.
I bet she would still hit her pets to this day when they annoy her.

No. 439865

She is absolutely ridiculous.
This is why Raven is my favourite cow - she tries so hard to be sympathetic and the victim, but she will never succeed. She lies about absolutely everything, and even seems to convince herself of her own bullshit.
She wishes so hard she was a victim (all the lies about rape, bullying and abuse), but when people actually do talk shit about her, she seems absolutely scandalised that anyone could not like her or be on her side.
Every person in her life who isn't creepily obsessed with her has ended up disliking her, yet she can't see that the commonality in every relationship is her.

She's fundamentally unlikeable and a demonstrably bad person, so it's impossible to feel bad for her because she brings allllllll of this on herself.

Raven's udders may be saggy and old as fuck, but her milk is a fine vintage.

No. 439871

I call bullshit on the kindergarten thing too. If they really did all hate her and it was anything to do with reading ability, it'd be more likely she teased them for not reading or bragged about it. I can't imagine kindy kids giving a fuck otherwise.

Also, it doesn't show that she is smart at all. Lots of average people were taught reading before kindergarten and lots of high iq people didn't learn beforehand or even had trouble to begin with.

No. 439872

AND she also lied about it clearly, as this anon states:


She can't keep up with her own bullshit lies.

No. 440277

File: 1506469979598.png (177.18 KB, 800x841, Screenshot_2017-09-26-16-46-34…)


Let the last minute spree begin!

No. 440279

File: 1506470060179.png (286.93 KB, 800x714, Screenshot_2017-09-26-16-47-11…)


He can keep Annabelle company in storage.

No. 440282

File: 1506470199304.png (209.14 KB, 800x715, Screenshot_2017-09-26-16-47-53…)


Is this a weight loss device?

No. 440284

Are the prices in NZD or USD?

No. 440286

File: 1506470423036.png (242.15 KB, 800x708, Screenshot_2017-09-26-16-58-21…)


I hope Josh can find a place with a large enough stable for all of Raven's ugly unicorns.

No. 440288


NZD. Current exchange rate is 1 = 0.72 USD.

No. 440289


For the price of 2 burritos, it had better be!

No. 440290

wew boy and here I thought she was wasting a shit ton of money on a fucking doll. Well thats not to say its not nothing in usd.

No. 440294

File: 1506471461846.png (488.99 KB, 800x856, Screenshot_2017-09-26-17-14-17…)


I bet she bought it for Josh since Chucky was his background image on Facebook when they met.

Someone please shoop his head onto the Chucky doll!

No. 440296

I bet she didn't. since when has she given a single solitary fuck about anyone else.

No. 440382

I bet she told him she loves Chucky movies since she is SO into horror and the 'proof' is gonna be that doll.

No. 440500

File: 1506501471494.png (96.19 KB, 800x490, Screenshot_2017-09-27-01-33-16…)

No. 440502

File: 1506501511430.png (169.92 KB, 800x709, Screenshot_2017-09-27-01-30-51…)

No. 440503

File: 1506501530451.png (97.3 KB, 800x706, Screenshot_2017-09-27-01-30-14…)

No. 440510


Jeez look at all this garbage. She's a classifiable hoarder.

No. 440512

Wow, she tortured and killed small animals.
Jesus christ.
Serial killer in the making.

No. 440515

Ratbaby leggings… pretty sure Emily Boo mentioned them recently. But you know, Raven totes doesn't know anything about that

No. 440519

Holy waste of petrochemicals, Batman. Where is she getting this clearance bin shite sent to at this late date?!

No. 440556

File: 1506524142644.jpg (94.82 KB, 336x593, ipn5rwx.jpg)

Yep Emily has them, but Raven's not copying her you guuuys she obviously had planned to buy those leggings years before Emily did. Also size M? lmao yeah right, unless they run super large

No. 440563

I thought she said in her bday video that she didn't wear leggings…?
lol@size medium fitting her too



Just the essentials, yo

No. 440568

File: 1506526804245.png (920.78 KB, 800x968, Screenshot_2017-09-27-08-33-37…)

No. 440570

Damn even on tiptoes her ass looks sad and flat.

No. 440577

shes so desperate to be emily!

No. 440592

lol she's got that body type that's very specific to fat Asian women and it's so unfeminine and unattractive even when they drop a lot of weight.

No. 440593

What I don't understand is why the fuck is she buying all this shit and she is about to move across the planet? Doesn't she SUPPOSEDLY have to spend $7k-$8k just to bring all of her stuff to the US? Why in the hell would you add more to the hoard?

This does not compute.

No. 440707

I took a quick gander at Dorian's FB. He and his gf moved in together and seem to be happy. They are super cute together.

Dorian living his best life post Rayray's abuse.

No. 440723

Because she's a fucking idiot and all she cares about is material possessions.

No. 440885

File: 1506553159964.png (209.58 KB, 800x842, Screenshot_2017-09-27-15-55-44…)


Don't be so hard on her, anon. She bought a suitcase!

No. 440899

She has a 50% off promo code for her viewers for contact lenses. She bought a pair for herself for $24 including expedited shipping.

She is on her way to get what will definitely be her last tattoo which will be her first on her right leg. She doesn't know when she will show it to us because she won't be depilating her legs until right before she leaves so that she can be as perfect as possible when she sees Josh in 8 days.

No. 440904

File: 1506554010847.png (36.86 KB, 800x206, Screenshot_2017-09-27-16-01-00…)

No. 440954

wah wah no money left for excess baggage fees. help pls.

No. 440955

Haha and the registration's due, isn't it? Plus the fees and admin of transferring ownership. Plus I bet it is very well maintained.

No. 440981



Sorry girlies, but I just have to address this, even if it is nitpicking.

I am a logistics load manager with a very well respected fleet and I can tell you that FedEx is one of the highest paid fleets in the world. The average FedEx driver's salary is around $70,000 annually, and drivers with seniority make upwards of $100000. However, these salaries are for long-haul drivers–not light delivery drivers (van driver). Even still, the light delivery drivers make a respectical average of $24.00 per hour, which is nothing to sneeze at. Also, FedEx drivers usually get annual rage increases on average of about $1000. Not to mention that both types of drivers earn very healthy bonuses and enjoy excellent benefits.

I would have to assume that he is a light delivery driver, that is unless he already has a CDL, which I highly doubt. It usually takes some time to get a CDL, and the timespan between her demanding he get a job and him actually landing this wonderous job from Elysian Fields was too short to earn his CDL in time to qualify for driving tractor-trailers. In addition to this, FedEx long-haul drivers need thousands and thousands of safe miles under their belts to even qualify for an interview–this of course being due to their high pay.

If Josh is indeed running for FedEx, then he is making good money. FedEx is also a very well respected fleet in the trucking industry. Some may still believe the stereotype of truck drivers being smelly, uncouth, imbecilic louts, but in reality it is not a job for losers.

TL;DR–Josh does have a very good job if he is indeed running for FedEx, and he won't be couch-surfing for very long.

No. 440984

'Pay no attention to the stupid cat fur'
Then why not take a photo somewhere else or clean it up Raven?

No. 440985

Sage for off-topic, but holy shit. That really isn't bad money, assuming there's probably decent benefits for full time drivers on top of it. Well well Gravy Ravy, looks like you lucked out with Couchboy.

No. 440986

I was going to say it too.. My best friends hubby makes enough for multiple vacations and a fairly large house and she's just a bartender so he does fairly well off.

No. 440987

Sorry, logistics load managerfag again, but I forgot to add that if he is running for FedEx then there is no way in hell that Josh is using drugs. If they are anything like our fleet then FedEx pee tests randomly, and on the regular.


No. 441018


The webpage you cite states

>Long Haul…This position, according to company employees, is meant for only owner-operators

He doesn't own his own truck.

No. 441052


Agreed. My half brother works for a competitor and the drivers have great pay considering that the education level is low. It's not 100k. But the benefits are good. However the stress is high. You get followed by the tracking system and it is looked at regularly.

No time to piss away talking to anyone. You are always moving. Also yes they drug test the shit out of you. My worthless two cents.

No. 441053

Are you challenging Raven to waste all his money?

He could be Fedex CEO for all I care, she will toss it all away in bad tattoos, fast food, unicorn plushes and funko dolls.

No. 441068

>get annual rage increases
that's so raven.

No. 441071


Can you please learn to read? Anon said that Josh is likely NOT long haul but a local driver doesn't matter because Fed Ex still pays well.

No. 441073

I had thought his twitching was neurological maybe? He did do service in Iraq.

No. 441082

She moaned when Logan was working all the time and josh has only just started his job which means he won't be able to book holiday days off. Does that mean she's going to the US and then he's going straight to work the next day or same day?

No. 441084


If he is working as a FedEx Ground delivery driver, he is working for a contractor and without benefits or PTO.


No. 441087

She just posted her latest matching tattoo with Logan on fb (after buying matching shirts and socks with him on her birthday) This woman is unbelievable, surely she's taking the piss at this point. Joshua can't possibly be cool with this

No. 441088

No. 441089

File: 1506598122779.png (247.46 KB, 1242x1139, IMG_1512.PNG)

No. 441091

This just tells me that when Josh rolls her ass out the door for not being a freak in the sheets like her pictures show then she'll be back with Logan in NZ.

Lord Jesus, this is the ride that never ends.

No. 441093

She's mental can you imagine if Josh had a matching tattoo with Claudia?!

It'd be like that scene from saw 3 where the guy cuts the tattoo off his own neck

No. 441094

Funny that on those Q&A she said that she would cover some of her tattoos with Logan, but not the matching ones because they were 'too many'.
And she just got another one?
BTW, why do those matching tattoos always look better on Logan? That 'tattoo artist' must really hate Raven.

No. 441097


Can anyone verify that she posted it only on her Raven Sparks account and not on her Raven Bradley account?

It's almost as if she is trying to maintain concurrent separate identities with each relationship.

No. 441098


But he has yet to get his ex-wife's name covered or his Raven finger tattoo as he promised.

No. 441100


She bought a second pair of red contact lenses for $24 after buying a pair of red contact lenses for $47 >>440502

No. 441101

This design is kind of cute, but too bad it's joining Raven's garbage clutter.

Raven seems to be really acting out since Josh got his job. She desperately needs attention and validation. Josh, I can't wait till you get this pig in your home (when you get one).

No. 441105

I'm ravens birthday video Logan buys a Harry Potter shirt, and a sort of similar one for raven but in a woman's cut. When raven goes back to the mall later with her other ex she has him buy the same men's Harry Potter shirt that Logan had bought himself. Idk I thought that was wicked strange..

No. 441107

hers isnt straight

No. 441109

Anyone else think she's trying to cover as many of her leftover bare spots before she gets to the U.S. to create the illusion that she's not as fat? Like how she essentially just recently CONTOURED her neck, with tattoos.

No. 441111

File: 1506605874085.png (194.24 KB, 926x238, Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 14.3…)

She always thanx for the haters for giving her money and rambles on about how many views her channel has but they're all cat videos. Literally all her popular videos are the cat ones aside from the one about Cj which she stole from Emily any way. I do particuraly love how emilys channel shows up on her profile that must grate on rayray

No. 441117


But one has a black background and the other a white background, so she just had to get both.


The pic was not taken straight. She posted a pic of herself standing on her community account. Hers is a bit less detailed than Logan's and is missing the shadow near its base. It looks like a cross between Jack Skellinton and a Copypasta and as gloomy as Logan. I tried cropping it and reverse image searching but got nothing.

No. 441119

File: 1506608035820.png (820.56 KB, 800x933, Screenshot_2017-09-28-05-40-12…)

No. 441131

Do delivery drivers ride in the passenger seat though?
My husband worked for UPS after high school and while the job paid well with good benefits it was not an easy job. They expect you to bust some serious ass - no walking you run everywhere and you move fast, there's a lot of memorization involved and the quotas are very strict. If he's working in the warehouse as a freight loader it's hot and grueling with very few breaks, maybe enough time to cram and sammich in your mouth and chug a bottle of water before your boss is on your ass.

I can't see this as something long term for couch boy. Having a boss yell at you all day, then having a fat scary monster yelling at you at home all night is too much stress. Maybe it's just the accent but he comes across as boarderline retarded to me and there is no time to sit around and smell your fingers at FedEx. He'll be back at uncles nursery in no time.

No. 441139

I figured the image was flipped since he was probably using the selfie cam.

Which is funny to think Raven demanded him to watch the video then and there, while he was DRIVING

No. 441165

She posted on Raven Sparks on friends only. I don’t see the other account anymore, so it looks like it may be gone again. Josh posts to this account so he does see it.

No. 441168

does she go outside like this??

No. 441170


The reviews of the various FedEx positions are in line with your husband's descriptions.



No way would he be using his phone and driving, a major violation of the rules of the job. That video was recorded right after he got the job, if not during his first week, while he was in training as Raven stated. Using his phone as a passenger is also probably against the rules, hence his telling her that it wasn't a good time for her to call. He was glancing down at his phone and did not speak which indicates that he was watching her video on the sly.

No. 441172

File: 1506619998983.png (476.05 KB, 800x681, Screenshot_2017-09-28-10-30-18…)


She posted it a few hours later on her community page. Despite her apprehension about her hairy leg she is unable to resist compulsively showing-off.

No. 441181

She posted a new video talking about Logan and her among other things.

Saying how lolcow always came between them and they never had their relationship to themselves.
Is she dumb? Just don't look at the site Raven. No one was ACTUALLY interfering in your relationship. It's your stupid fat ass that checks here regularly.

No. 441205

Her entire new video makes it sound like she's just with Josh because it would be mean to leave him and get back with Logan. I know I'd be thrilled with that if I was Josh lmao.

I really hope that Dorian can talk some sense into Logan once Raven has left.

No. 441216

Sage for not contributing, but how in the fuck are people like her able to live a life such as this? I'm busting my ass day in and day out trying to survive. And this lady gets a free pass? God shes in for it when she hits the states.

No. 441231

Extracting the subtitles now so you don't have to listen to her blather and give her views.

No. 441232

highlights from the new video:

> complains that NZ wages are too low, despite not working a day in her life there and NZ minimum wage being higher than US.

> says she's gained a "little bit" of weight from starving herself. good one, Raven. all those anorexic people always gain weight too.

> says she is used to smalltown USA and that small isn't the problem, despite whining for years about how small NZ is.

> says her brother and sister don't speak to her, and that she hates Dorian's "stupid little fucking bitch girlfriend" and that she's a big part of why they're not talking. Raven, how can you not see that you're the only common denominator here?

> says her tailbone has magically stopped hurting and she wants to work.

> complains for a good five minutes about NZ's lack of junk food and how much better it is in America.

> reiterates that Josh likes bigger women. she is gonna get huge over there with the fast food and Josh feeding her.

> she seems really not excited about the US and keeps giving reasons as to why it won't be that great. seems the delusion is wearing off.

No. 441238

She contradicts herself 1000 times in this new video.

Btw Raven… I have 3 pistols and 3 Rifles and it's almost hunting season bitch!(calm down)

No. 441244

I've never heard anyone ever say NZ doesn't do spices lol. That's the thing cow, you can go buy chicken and spices and make "spicy chicken". I live in Sweden and I don't remember ever seeing spicy chicken anywhere? I just make my food spicy if I want it spicy.

This bullshit is also coming from a woman who thinks everything is uber expensive. She probably never tried proper food there in a "normal" restaurant. Like anyone would ever trust her for NZ advice, geez.

No. 441245

She is spewing all this bullshit and you can clearly hear someone is in the same room. Does that person really agree with all her "facts" on NZ? "everything is bland" kek.
I watch a few NZ vloggers and their food doesn't look anything close to being bland.

No. 441247

Said what she earned from selling the phones is going towards the move.
I guess she made that video before seeing there's screenshots of her buying pointless bullshit again lol.

No. 441248

Complaints how hard it is living there, how hard it is to save up… And then goes to say everyone there has money and just throws it around. "I'm like, how do you have all this money?? But they just do"

No, they don't just magically have it. They earn it, hag. Work. Ever heard of that?

No. 441254

>hopefully I won't be looked at as a witch and then fucking shot or something

You are not Misty Day and this is not American Horror Story: Coven.

No. 441255


Maybe relax

No. 441272

Why is anyone allowed to be such a garbage human being? seriously… She acts like her shit doesn't stink. Sage for mico rant.

No. 441302


So, Josh is a feeder and a BBW lover.
He will get her fat and miserable in no time. Just grab a popcorn and wait.

Funny how much she kept saying she is 'not as thin anymore'BITCH YOU WERE NEVER THIN, ARE YOU DELUSIONAL?

Also, now that she is 'not that thin', her tailbone does not hurt. But it did hurt before she got the surgery, right? Her logic makes no sense.

She is so regretting the decision. And if she thinks Josh is gonna let her stay in touch with Logan… just you wait Rayray.
That's your grave, and you just dug it.

No. 441349

Thanks for the summary, anon. Absolutely disgusting woman. I do wonder how Raven will react when Logan gets a girlfriend. No matter what, Raven will be furious. Just like Dorian, she'll be insulted and demeaned because Raven hates women. However, Josh doesn't seem like a cuck and I wonder how long he'll put up with Raven's insanely dramatic life.

No. 441357

She sounds like she regrets leaving Logan but now its too late to go back to him because of josh. She admitted she is bad st saving money and the tattoo thing was bad planning so she was never serious about moving as we know. She also seems to be trying to talk herself into staying with josh? She could go back to her husband lol many couples get back together like that. She could put a 5 year relationship before a few month one. Must be hard to choose a plane ticket over your “love of your life”.

It also sounds like josh may be not as ok with Logan as Raven wanted, if Logan does move to the US raven isn’t into him visiting anymore. She was ok with 3 guys on her until she had to realize that most guys will be protective of their partner. Josh is just being polite at this point it was never going to be a friendly thing.

No. 441371

Man, that vitriol aimed at Dorian's gf, who is like what, 16 or 17? If my mother talked like thatvand acted like that about someone I loved, she'd be cut out too. You don't keep cancer around.

Also, wtf is Logan doing?!! Holy crap dude, you were almost free. Don't let her back in the door, are you fucking insane??

No. 441374

What about that girls mother? If I knew some 41 year old whore was talking shit about my child I would be looking for an address so i could personally deliver an ass beating.

No. 441375

totally agree. she has always disliked the girlfriend too, it's so pathetic. the only reason she's ever cited for the hatred and vitriol is the gf's "annoying voice" and that she was rude to Raven (and even then the only example was that she came into Raven's house without asking, when that's Dorian's fault for telling her she could).

she needs to be the only woman in Dorian's life and it's painfully obvious that's her reason for disliking the gf. she's so disgusting, treating teenage girls like absolute shit and calling them slut, cunt, bitch, etc.

you're hopeless, Rayray.

No. 441378

That video is gold! She sounds in love with Logan and sounds like shes regretting getting with Josh and wants logan back!

No. 441379

She's also the one who chose to publicise their relationship, and relay the info from lolcow to Logan, who apparently doesn't live on the internet like Raven does.

No. 441380

Why yes anon, yes she does.

No. 441381

We would know nothing about either them if she didn't overshare constantly. Bitch, get off youtube and we wouldn't be able to interfere. Though our interfering is only talking garbage on a practically unknown part of the internet. She became obsessed with us and every comment drives her insane because this negative attention is the only part of her life where she gets the amount of attention she needs.

I would certainly beat the fuck outta out of Raven if she was talking about my child. I could understand thinking your son's girlfriend is a brat, but speaking about this child as a peer shows how low her intelligence is.

No. 441382

She couldn't resist showing up on kiwifarms, to start shit, either.

No. 441383

Well of course lol. She can't pass up an opportunity to run her cock sucker.

No. 441384

She also seems to make major life decisions around her haters. Her latest video sounds like she didn't think she'd end up leaving anymore than we did, but once she saw us point it out, she made it happen.

It's pathetic. She only cares what people think of her in all the wrong ways.

No. 441386

Diana's last job, I think, was as a prostitute.
Think about that. Her last gainful employment was selling her flesh for money.

No. 441388

this is so true. i feel like by saying she and Logan's relationship was real, she was trying to get a dig in like "see, even though you broke us up, what you said wasnt true!!!" but like…that just makes it even worse for her. we don't suffer from that at all, she just loses a husband she actually loved.

No. 441391

She's in love with attention not Logan. She's changing her mind now that Logan is giving her more attention since she's moving. If what most of Raven is saying is truthful and I'm thinking it's somewhere in between. She does make him seem like he's the ultimate cuck.

No. 441396

In one of her recent previous videos, she points out that she and Logan talk all the time and hangout. Then in this video, she contradicts herself by saying they rarely speak or see each other.

No. 441408

I laughed so hard when she said she really needed the money from selling her S8. If you need money so bad bitch quit spending it… Fucking simple. I know plenty of people here have said the same shit. She is a walking contradiction.

No. 441413

That $35 cupcake pillow is very important for the move though!

I feel like she said that anniversary meal with Logan was the first time in her life she had been to an actual restaurant?

No. 441416

I think Josh must have yelled at her for spending too much time with Logan now he is working 'all the time' to buy a new couch.

No. 441417

Does anyone else feel like in her latest video, Raven was trying to convince herself that she was excited to meet Josh? Like if she said it enough it would happen kek.

No. 441447

Exactly. The more Logan is doing what she wants him to do, the more she suddenly 'cares' for him. Logan should watch it, he's about to escape here and shouldn't fuck that up - unless he wants to be miserable and poor forever.

No. 441451

this is exactly how it sounded.
she sounded like she was really apprehensive and worried and finally realising that maybe putting your entire life in one random ass person's hand on the other side of the world is not such a great idea.
she kept coming back to how nervous she was, how she isn't sure Josh will like her, how she hopes they'll get along.

you know, Raven, this is why LDR people tend to actually take some time to get to know each other BEFORE moving to another country for the other person.

No. 441499

File: 1506662605492.png (371.25 KB, 716x557, Screenshot_2017-09-28-21-59-48…)


Final Thoughts Before Moving Back Overseas

All right, so this is just a kind of…this is just a kind of a retrospective chatty video that I wanted to make lets thinking about this earlier when I was driving to my tattoo appointments. I kind of wanted to make a video before I left here since I'm leaving in about 7 days now. I want to talk about this whole moving situation and how it affects me, what's in my head yada yada yada. I don't really know what I'm gonna say, where I'm gonna go with with this. I just know I just want to open my mouth and just let words come out.

So, uh, first of all, I'm moving very soon. I didn't think it was gonna happen. Most of you guys didn't think it was gonna happen. But it is happening. It is gonna happen. It is a shock to the system because I didn't think it was gonna happen. Yeah, I mean…I've got a cupcake scented cupcake pillow this is adorable, sorry, I just…I'm, like, sitting here smelling it! [pic related] Um…I've been trying to go home for so long, and I started thinking it was never gonna happen, you know. I wanted to go home, just to go home. I wanted to go home when my mom had a stroke. I wanted to go home to start a new life with Logan, and shit just kept happening and happening, and I was, like, thinking to myself, I'm never gonna see America again, I'm never gonna be back, I'm never gonna go home ever again, I'm gonna die here, and it wasn't a very nice thought, but I was trying to come to terms with it.

And then we found a sponsor for Logan, and it became a reality again. Um…Logan and I are kind of bad about saving money so we kind of would go, like, spend heaps and not save, and trying to get our tattoos done before we left and, you know, little things like that. We weren't spending our money too wisely and…um…more time passed and passed, and shit happened, and…and then, as you know, we split up. I have a bit to say about that as well. I was hoping to do it with him, but he still does not like being on camera. It's not that he doesn't want to do shit with me, he just…he's not a camera kind of person, and so I guess I'll…I'll briefly touch base with it myself because I'm not gonna force him to be on camera. But in that video I had said basically we were…we couldn't make it work, we just…it was better this way. We just wanted to go our separate ways.

But…uh…maybe we just got used to each other in the end, and it wasn't like love, you know. There was a lot that was said that we both felt, we both thought. And now that enough time has passed, we've been apart, we've been away from each other, we're able to, I guess, separate the truth from what we were thinking was going on. And I know that part doesn't make sense to lot of you guys…but…uh…the truth of the matter was that we actually did really love each other…um…he has told me that he loves me. I mean, we're not together. We don't live together. We don't see each other. We see each other sometimes. We don't see each other often. We don't really talk, you know, he does his own thing, I do my own thing. He has told me that he's not interested in any other girls. He doesn't want to date. He doesn't want anything to do with anybody else. He misses me. He loves me. And he regrets that we just kind of called it quits like that.

We were both really frustrated with where we were in our lives at the time, and that one decision to just kind of give up and walk away because we weren't so sure we had anything to fight for. You know, having lolcow and everybody constantly on our case, never having our relationship to ourself, it kind of gets in your head. You're not sure what's real, what isn't…and are we together because we were used to each other, because we've fought so hard to be together? Or was it because we actually loved each other? We had no way of knowing until we separated. Once we separated we realized, you know, if anything, it cleared up what we had was real, and we did love each other, we do love each other, whatever…

That fateful day that we just mutually gave up at the same time and walked away is the day that's changed both of our lives, and…Our marriage is over, and I'm moving without him, and it's just…it's kind of…it's a really weird feeling because I have this new future with this new person…well, with Josh, you know, with a new guy, and I'm gonna be going over there, and I'm gonna be starting a whole new life back home, not the way I envisioned it, not with…I've got nothing to do with my son, I'm not having my husband, it's just…it's…it's going home, but not in the way I thought it was. It's…it's almost like those stories of, you know, wishes, you know, you get granted three wishes, and you might wish for a shit ton of money, but you only get it because, like, a relative has died or something, like things don't work out the way you envisioned them. You might get the end result the same, but your path to that end result, this is never the way you think it's gonna be, and so this is the way my path has taken me.

Um…Logan has said he…he is still interested in going to the States, and his sponsor said he would still be willing to sponsor Logan, so there's a possibility he will move to the States and we can still be friends or whatever, and, you know, that's cool.

He wants to come visit. He told me just today, actually, that he would like to come visit, probably next Christmas, and so that's something…I don't know how it's gonna of work out though, because I know…I'm pretty sure Josh would go out of his way to make sure Logan knows that Josh and I are together and be on me and everything, and I couldn't…and I wouldn't push him away just to spare Logan's feelings because that would be disrespectful to Josh. And it would cause problems with him if I was, like, "No, don't be all over me because Logan's here," that would just look bad. And if I was, like, all over Josh in front of Logan, that would be disrespectful to Logan. So it'd just be a big mess. It's kind of easier if Logan doesn't visit now that I know he doesn't want to move on. He's not gonna be coming with a girlfriend, he'd just be coming. It would be a bit awkward, so I don't know how to handle that.

But it's a sad but also very good feeling to know that our marriage was real. We were together because we did love each other. He did actually love me, because now that he's free he could do whatever he wants, he could be with whoever he wants, he could date around. I can't stop him, obviously, I mean, I've got no rights to him anymore, but he's not interested, and the only thing he says is that he misses me, and he loves me, and he wishes we had worked a little harder. But there's nothing that can be done about it now. I wouldn't just say, "Sorry Josh, I'm not going to go," cuz, I mean, that's not fair to Josh…and, you know, we met…we got together with Logan's blessing. Maybe Logan didn't think it would go this far. Maybe he…he didn't think he'd care. But at the time when he gave me the go-ahead to start dating around, we were both still frustrated and just angry with each other, so I said, you know, "I'm gonna get a boyfriend. If I'm…I'm gonna move, you know, I want to start dating, I need to start dating, or whatever." And he was like, "Go ahead." And I kept asking him, "Are you sure, are you sure, are you sure, are you sure." And he was sure. We thought he was sure, but I guess he was sure at the time, not so sure afterwards.

But nothing…there's nothing that can be done. We can't go back in time. And even if we could…um…I'm moving, you know, I've got my new life set up, and that's just the way it is. That's what's happening, that's…that's…this is where my life is going now. I'm just glad that I know that my marriage was real. It's a nice thought to end on. My marriage was real, love we had for each other was real. It wasn't fake. I didn't fight and sacrificed for nothing. I did it for love. And, you know, it is what it is now.

Now I have this new path ahead of me. It's scary because, contrary to popular belief, I don't expect America to be the way it was when I left. I know it's changed. I'm actually scared of getting shot because, like, everybody gets shot over there.

So Josh lives in this small town for the moment. The place that he's gonna be getting is…is elsewhere, but the whole area is kind of small. It's smaller than the area I'm in now. I've lived in small towns. I've lived in Alapaha, Georgia; and Crescent City, Florida; Welaka, Florida; Palatka, Florida. Really, really small places. Tifton, Georgia; San Mateo, Florida. I mean, these are like tiny, tiny, tiny places, and for some of them I just look like a metalhead. For other ones I looked kind of like this, not as extreme, but I still did look very different, so I know the kind of reactions I get in small towns, and it depends on the people, the age of the people.

I've been on call with Josh when he's gone into stores, and he's gone into places, and I've heard the way that the people there treat him. And he's really outgoing and friendly, and they're very outgoing and friendly. And he has assured me they won't treat me badly, and if they tried to he would stick up for me which…that's all I need, you know, there's no…even if I changed my hair color and change my makeup, there's really no hiding all this, so why change anything, you know? They're gonna have to either accept me for how I am or don't, but there's nothing I could do about it. This is…this is me, and I'm going to a small town, and I've got to prepare for lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of stares. But at the same time it might be lots and lots of attention, and I might just meet some cool people. Um…aside from that I'm worried about getting shot.

I'm not worried about not having anything to do because in America you can drive and find something, it's not a big deal. They still have Walmart. They still have 24-hour places. They still have the places that I like. So, I'm not the same person I was when I left there, to where I'm gonna want to go party and dancing and getting drunk all the time. I'm not, as much as I would, in my head, I would like to. I know physically I couldn't handle it, probably have a fucking heart attack or some shit, be in the hospital with alcohol poisoning just trying to drink, so that's not the kind of life I'm trying to go there for.

What I want to do is just go. My days with him are gonna be just cuddling up in front of the laptop. I don't even want a TV. I just want the laptop, watching movies all day and just being with him, me homebody with him. He's a homebody, I'm a homebody. I just want to be a homebody with him, have a peaceful, quiet life with him. I'm not into anything else, I'm not looking for anything else, so it doesn't matter to me if I'm in a small one-horse town, that really has nothing…I'm not ignorant, I'm not stupid, I did look into the town, I did ask some questions, and I don't mind, I don't care, you can always travel. I don't want to fly anywhere, but we can always drive.

My thoughts on New Zealand now that I'm leaving. There are…there's good and there's bad about this place. I still hate it here. I just…I don't like change. I've never been able to handle change very well, and I think that's problem I have with New Zealand. It's not as such New Zealand itself, it's just that I don't like change. This is a foreign country to me, and it kind of fucks with my head a little because they speak English here so, you know, I think it would be easier if it was a foreign country with a different language, then I'd have a constant reminder I'm in a foreign country. I know that sounds really fucking stupid, but like, if I were to go back to Germany I no longer speak German so I'd be completely lost, but it would be like I'm in a foreign country, things are different​. But here, it's like, everybody speaks English, and there are some things that are similar to America, and it's like…it's like a brain tease in a way because I expect more things to be familiar but they're not. Things are done very differently here, but it's like, it shouldn't be. Like, you look around, there's mountains in the distance, I could be in El Paso, you know, when you're up on the mountain you're looking over the city, that could be El Paso. I mean, trees, water, that could be Florida. You know, there…there's a lot of the…the landscape that's very similar to places I've been to in the States, so you could…you could fool yourself into thinking you're…you're still in the states, you know.

But the food is bland, even the fast food places from here that are from America, McDonald's, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Wendy's, they're different. They don't have the same menu. Denny's, you know, not the same menu, not the same price, it's not the same cheese, not the same anything even though it's the same brand, and so that fucks with you as well. Well, it fucks with me, these things fuck with me. Maybe they shouldn't because they're very simple things, but they do get inside my head and they do fuck with me, and that does make life hard, has made life hard for me here.

Um…there are some nice people here like there are some asshole people here. Just like in the states, there's a lot of assholes there, but there's a lot of nice people there. I still think the scenery is beautiful but I'm…I'm an indoor girl, I'm a city girl, so I don't really like nature.

I don't like the food still, I hate the peanut butter, so like peanut butter, the very, very few peanut butter flavor things you find here sucks. The food overall is very bland. I remember like my first few months here looking for spicy chicken, and there's like no spicy chicken, they just don't do spice, they don't do flavor. It's…it's all really boring, really bland, and that's been a struggle I've had the entire ten years I've been here is trying to find a brand of like potato chips or meats or something. Even you go to the deli and you get the precooked chicken, you know, there's just…there's just no flavor on anything.

And the prices, the fact that the rent starts, you know, an average of like 400 a week…yeah, it's just so hard. You can't get ahead, you can't save, you can't really do anything because there's just not enough money. Everything closes so early so there's usually only one shift which means you make less money. Taxes are so high, cost of living so high, that's the kicker here, that's the big thing here that has made living here so fucking difficult.

I am gonna miss the Clothing Warehouse, though, cuz I found so many bargains and deals. The Clothing Warehouse! I love that place so much, that's like my number one place I'm gonna miss, the Clothing Warehouse!

And it is pretty easy to get credit here, it's pretty easy to get approved because of the fact that if you miss a payment they fucking go after your ass like right away.

Another thing is people throw money around here like nothing. I mean, if you get, like, something you want to sell, you could charge a disgusting amount and somebody will buy it, so that was just…wow! I was given the go-ahead to sell my…the S8 that I got from my birthday because I don't need three phones, and I was able to sell that for a pretty penny, and that's going towards my luggage because my excess baggage is, like I've mentioned before, $800, so I really need the money…um…but you go to America, and people aren't gonna pay the kind of prices that they pay here without blinking an eye. It's like, "Oh, what $1,200? There you go! 500? There you go!" It's like, how the hell do you have a bunch of money? But they do somehow, there's a lot of like old, old money here from what I've been told, old money, and people just have money somehow.

I guess that's about it. I'm really excited to start my new life. Of course I'm scared because I don't have family over there anymore. I've got people that are like family. But like, my mom…I want to go see her of course, but she won't even know who I am. My sister and brother don't talk to me. That's all. So I'm going over there, my entire life is gonna be in Josh's hands, so I've got to trust that he's gonna take care of me, you know, in every way, not just financially. We've discussed the financial shit, and I've made it very clear to him I don't want to just live off him, to be a burden. He is not concerned, he's not worried about it. He would prefer I don't work, but if I did work it will probably be, he said, like a work at home thing will probably be best for me, so that would be cool.

I'm struggling right now because I wanted to go over there skinny and sexy. I can't get my head around the fact that he doesn't like skinny girls. He likes girls that are my weight or bigger, and so the way I hate myself, everything I hate about me he loves, which can be good, but it's hard when you've been led to think one way your whole life, to think somebody else likes something different.

And since I've put on this little bit of extra weight I'm not freezing cold anymore. I used to not be able to warm up. So I've got a normal body temperature now. My tailbone doesn't hurt me anymore. I can sit and I don't have to fidget. My back doesn't hurt, like, I've got enough of an ass now again to lift me up off my tailbone so I'm not just sitting on bone anymore. And…and you might remember months ago I was complaining my tailbone hurt so much I couldn't sit I couldn't lay, I couldn't sleep, I couldn't do anything. Um…my tailbone's fine now because I've got a butt again. I've got boobs again, not much, a little bit.

And my periods aren't debilitating like they were. Like, they hurt for like the first day, or it hurts…for like the first day, I need a hot water bottle, but I'm not bedridden anymore, and I haven't bled as much. It's been pretty tame.

And I don't understand because I've only put on, like, five kilos. Well, five kilos to me sounds little, but when you put in pounds it's a bit more, it's about ten pounds I've put on. And I think it's because actually, my diet since I've been here, because I've been leaving more than usual, but I've been living off of frozen cherries, just flash frozen cherries, and I'll have the occasional take-out or buy a steak or something. I had bananas and these, like, oranges, Manalos is what they were, they're really, really sour like lime mixed with orange or something.

But for the most part I think what's happening is I'm starving myself, and so when I do eat my body's just taking it all and it's just…and it's just put on lots of weight, and I'm not happy with the way I look. I'm actually quite miserable with the weight I put on. Josh is happy with the way I look. And my body is responding to the weight gain in a much, much better way because I don't hurt anymore, so I have to make the decision: vanity over comfort. And it's pretty sad to say that I actually have to think about that. Do I want to be in agony and freezing cold and sick and in pain with my periods and all that just to lose 10 pounds? Or do I want to stay at a weight I'm not really happy with to feel better, especially with the guy that I'm with prefers me that way? I mean, I can't wrap my head around it. It's a very hard decision. It should be easy but it's not, especially since I've gotten made fun of for my weight so much; it's made this decision really, really, really hard. It's not healthy to, I mean, to lose too much weight obviously. But I wasn't exactly skinny to start with, but my body wasn't happy with it even so, which is just really weird for me. So I don't know what to do. I'm probably gonna go over there and then work on losing weight because I'll be able to eat, like, proper meals more often. I won't be starving myself anymore and my, you know, I'll be out and about doing stuff, and my weight should regulate again.

Super stoked to meet him at the airport and to see him, especially with that height because he's so fucking tall. I have a thing for tall guys. It's gonna be exciting. It's gonna be so strange to touch another guy and to start a life with another guy. But I feel like I have known him my whole life almost because we talked so often, and we know so much about each other. And it'll just be surreal to kind of finally be face-to-face with him and look and touch this person that I've had this relationship with and just to be able to physically be there with him.

And I know there's a lot of you guys that want to see that, too, you that are gonna be watching and tuning in. And I'll do my best to show you what you want to see and whatever which is our meeting and us together and our first sit-down. He suggested doing a Q&A, so I guess I'll drop a mention that if there's anything you're gonna want to ask us you can do the usual. You can message me, you can email me, or you can leave it in a comment. And once we're together we will sit down and make it…make the video together. Like, about…maybe, how did you feel when we first saw each other? How was your first night together? Do you have any plans? Things like that I've been asked already, so those can go into Q&A, if we do one if we get enough questions to make a Q&A, if that makes sense.

So yeah, uh…a lot of people have asked about Dorian. I don't want to go into why we're not talking, but we're not talking at all, and I fucking hate his stupid little girlfriend. She's got a big part to do with us not talking, and I'm not even going to go into that because I'll probably get the cops called on me for saying shit I shouldn't about some stupid little fucking bitch. But suffice it to say, she has ripped apart our family because she's a fucking cunt.

Um…so yeah…so my life is just gonna be me and Josh, me and Josh, me and Josh, me and Josh, and trying to find my way, try to live life again, join the real world, and be back home. It's gonna be hard.

The hard thing about leaving here is gonna be never seeing Logan again. That is something I'm struggling with a bit. I've told Josh all this so you know none of this is a secret from him. I don't keep secrets from him. It is gonna be hard because I had always thought that we were gonna be together forever. And when you put so much time and effort into somebody and you think that you're always gonna be with them, it is very hard to go on a different path. I never pictured myself split from him, much less with somebody else, much less going back home and being with somebody else, you know, so all this has happened quite quickly, and it is a lot to deal with.

I've told Josh I'm gonna really need support during this time because probably when I go over there there'll be moments when it hits me, and I'm just probably gonna break down crying. I'm just gonna be really overwhelmed. And especially being a person that doesn't like change, it's gonna be really hard for me to adjust to at first because, you know, before it's like, "Oh yeah, heehee! I'm gonna move, I'm gonna be with you, we're gonna be together, oh I'm going back to America! Haha!" But then as it gets closer it's like, wow this is really happening this…this is happening, this isn't just a, "Yay! Haha!" This is like a, you know what, next week I'm gonna be in America, so it kind of changes a little in your head. It doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad thing, it just…reality is just kind of hitting right now, like it didn't hit before. It still didn't seem real. It seems very, very real now, obviously, so there's…there's a lot of emotions going on even now, and I'm still here, so in a way it feels like nothing's changed because I'm still here.

Being on the plane and being there with him, it's not like I'm just gonna go visit him and then I get to come back here or…or whatever. I…I'm there, I'm gonna be living with him. He's gonna see me at my worst. There's no "getting to know each other visiting" kind of period. It's like, from the moment we see each other face to face, that's it, we're together. And we're gonna have to deal with everything that comes with that, so that's a big step. That's a scary step. And so obviously we have to have a lot of faith and love in each other to want to take that step. So, you know, there's that, and a big move like that's scary to start with, but especially starting a new relationship when you never thought that you would ever be with anybody again, that's scary. And I have a lot of faith and hope that this will work out and we will get along like we do now, and I'll finally have a good relationship.

Logan, it was good. It was just different. But, I mean, a relationship with someone that likes the same stuff I like, and we could just talk and talk and talk and that can, you know, interact with me a bit more and not stop me from posting online and doing stuff. And we're not gonna give away, like, highly personal things, but just who wants to be in that part of life with me while I have it, because I'm not gonna stay online forever. I'm gonna wean myself away after the initial…maybe up to year or so of posting, you know, "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here, we're going here, we're doing this, we're doing that." This is, you know, if I run out of things to post about, then I run out of things to post about, cuz I'll have a life, like, I keep saying that, I'll have a life, so I won't need to be online posting this kind of shit. And I don't know…all the best for the future, I guess.

I'm looking forward to this journey, looking forward to it, but I'm also a bit scared. I would be an idiot if it wasn't scared. But I'm not scared so much that I don't want to go. I do completely want to go. I just…I'm worried because I don't look the way I thought I was gonna look as well, like, that whole thing I was talking about earlier. I just um…I wanted to go there and be hot, be my version of hot to where I thought I looked my very best for him, and I don't feel like I am that, so I'm really scared that I'm gonna go, and he's gonna be like, "Ew..uh…what…" you know. But I know the opposite, he prefers me how I look now.

And then when we first go home and I shower and take off my makeup…I don't like to wear makeup at home. I prefer just to have nothing. I don't wear makeup unless I'm making a video, taking pictures, or going out. And so he'll see me without makeup on a lot which is also what he prefers, so the way that I prefer to be is the same way he prefers me, so it should all make sense in my head. I've just gotta …like, I've got to get, like, my brain on straight. I just I haven't met somebody new in so long I…and I…I have such bad self-esteem I think so bad of myself. I just…I don't wanna project that onto him, you know, it's not good, so I'm trying change I trying, I'm trying, trying, trying.

I'm mostly scared about flying, though, because I am terrified of planes. I'm terrified of flying, and I get claustrophobic, and so I'm gonna be in this fucking plane…my itinerary says fucking 35 hours which is a long time, a long, long time.

This is exciting. This is scary. This is overwhelming. I'm not naïve. I'm not blind to things. I've got my eyes open. I know both the positive and the negative, what could happen, and all I can do is just get my head on straight, think of why I made this decision in the first place, listen to Josh because he, you know, reassures me obviously, trust in him that somebody out there could actually love me and want to be with me, with even the way I look, and my age, and all this other…my weight, and all that shit and…um…believe that I can actually be happy and have a future.

And I will get to be back home again. And I know it'll be vastly different, but it helps that I'm not going to El Paso because El Paso will be a harder change for me because it'll be what I remember clashing with what it is now. I've never been to South Carolina so I've got nothing to compare it to, so that'll make life a lot easier. And I know, like, prices and things, restaurants and stuff vary state to state. I've lived in, you know, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, been to New York, and lived in El Paso and in New Mexico, so I've got to experience, you know, a few changes. Even between El Paso and Dallas there's differences, so being somewhere that I've never been, but on the East Coast which I prefer, the east to the west. It'll make the transition easier being in a small town where everybody's really nice. Hopefully I won't be looked at as a witch and then fucking shot or something, but…um…here's hoping for the best, here's for a good future.

Thank you guys for being with me through all this and for listening to me babbling. I don't even know if I'm going to upload this or if I'm going to cut it or what, but I just um…I'm looking forward to it and I'm super scared. I don't want to fly. I just wish I could just go BLOOP! and I'm there but..um…I'll catch up with you guys again. This is probably gonna be the last video that I make before I leave because I'm leaving in like seven days, so I don't know what else I could possibly make a video about before I go, so this is probably the last time I see you until I'm boarding the plane and blah blah blah. But I won't be uploading that obviously until I'm already there. So take care and I'll see you guys on the other side.

No. 441524

this screams "regret" to me. she may have not had the passionate, love-that-is-more-than-other-loves she was craving, but marriage doesn't have to be about that. being comfortable is love too, even if you don't have mindblowing sex every night.

i think it's normal to feel wishy-washy before a big move, but i think even her delusional ass knows she's fucked herself by ditching logan for some dude she barely knows (and probably cheated on logan with). she's going to be in a totally new, unfamiliar environment with some guy she met a couple months ago. it's going to be a huge adjustment for someone as unstable as her. i predict it goes poorly.

No. 441544

Lmfao she's full of SO much regret! Raven is the dumbest person since Lainey. What the fuck kind of person throws away a 5 year long intimate relationship for someone they've only known for a few months and never seen prior? Rational people in a LDR visit one another a few times before they decide to move in together–especially across the world. What an idiot!

No. 441549

Her not saying exactly what caused the rift with Dorian is interesting. Usually she has no discretion. Was she imitating Dorian online too?

And how basic is she that everything she talks about for NZ comes down to fast food and a bargain clothing store. Not exactly major kiwi exports. No insight on the culture or politics. They just had an election, no?
Did she ever explore NZ much? Even if you don't want to go on nature walks or cook your own food, what about any of the live music scenes, what's that like? The goth scene? Things you'd think she'd have opinions on, good or bad.

And it's hilarious she thinks she put on weight by starving herself.

No. 441554

by starving herself she just means “not eat all day then binge uncontrollably because i’m so hungry.”

since she had weight loss surgery you’d think she’d understand how this shit works, but wonder’s never cease i guess.

No. 441556

I really think there is no big "reason". I think she told him it was her or his girlfriend, and he chose his girlfriend. I think if he'd done anything bad she's have said right away - since when has Raven been one to shy away from ANY story that can make her the victim?
I think Dorian cut contact over the jealousy bullshit she's spewing about his girlfriend and she wants to make it seem like it was her choice and his fault, so she says she "won't talk about it".

And at least Lainey was a young teen when she got with Grease. Raven is fucking 41. Jesus.

No. 441571

I was thinking the same thing. How sad your life is that you hate a country because they don't have "spicy chicken" lol.

I don't understand Logan. If they didn't get matching tattoos I would think she is lying about Logan still "loving" her and wanting her back. Now I'm not so sure. Maybe he really is borderline autistic so he thinks he loves this hag? Lol please Logans mom, do something, call a priest or something.

No. 441582

Oh my god the regret is so sweet, I'm sure even Josh will be able to detect if after watching this video. Raven, you threw away your marriage to someone who actually cared about you to go and sleep on a couch in some Podunk town with a guy who fetishises your fat pictures and could not care less about you as a person.

No. 441585

the regret is the sweetest milk of all for me.

No. 441591

pretty sure hes finding tattoo pictures he likes and shes saying 'oh i like that too i'll also get it'
he recently got a mimikyu pokemon tattoo and then she also got it even though she doesnt like pokemon and mentioned she didnt know who it was until she googled it

No. 441594

Nah, he's trauma bonded. He needs therapy and a deluge of early 20s poontang.

I dont want her to change her mind though. As much as watching her destroy her life through mere immaturity and boredom makes me cringe, it seems like Logan will never recover his chance at life if she doesn't go.

It is pretty appalling that she married someone so young, and then taught him that if your marriage has a rough patch, you should just bail. Why get married at all then?

No. 441599

File: 1506688700448.jpeg (94.74 KB, 600x446, B2990603-6C1D-4B16-A866-6D9EF1…)

A week my dudes!!

No. 441600

I agree that he's acting so weird because of psych issues associated with Raven. She acted like his mother more than his wife, and there are Oedipus issues all over their relationship. The breakup must be pretty traumatic for him in a lot of ways. Logan has been a stand up guy in all of this. There's the makings of a pretty decent man there, I think, if he can shed Raven's skanky ass. It's too bad that man has been stunted by the association with Raven. Hoping she doesn't change her mind about going to the US. And that his mom keeps standing in his corner.

No. 441601

Yeah, I guess you are right. I forget sometimes that he was 16!!!!! was she lured him in. Jesus fuck.

No. 441603

File: 1506690457593.png (304.31 KB, 502x595, Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 14.0…)

She needs constant verification it's kinda sad because it means she'll never really find true love only temporary infatuation

No. 441604

Ugh, it's soo awkward that they talk like that over comments. Does everyone on the internet need to know that you want him to call you that more often? And then his defensive answer… Jesus, so unnecessary. The entire thing.

No. 441605

This is..sad. Lmao jfc.

No. 441606

Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks his reply was a bit defensive. Maybe he's getting annoyed and tired of her and the idea of seeing her as the day of reckoning approaches lol.

No. 441607

She blames lolcow:

>…that one decision to just kind of give up and walk away because we weren't so sure we had anything to fight for. You know, having lolcow and everybody constantly on our case, never having our relationship to ourself, it kind of gets in your head. You're not sure what's real, what isn't…and are we together because we were used to each other, because we've fought so hard to be together? Or was it because we actually loved each other? We had no way of knowing until we separated. Once we separated we realized, you know, if anything, it cleared up what we had was real, and we did love each other, we do love each other, whatever…

But if it weren't for her need to constantly be in a relationship (to which she readily admitted in Part 10 of My Story https://youtu.be/SazDMqen96U), she would not have rushed into dating Josh and set herself up in a situation from which she believes there is no turning back.

And unlike all of the previous times she rushed into relationships, she was not in a life-threateningly desperate situation. Her only reason to rush into this relationship with Josh is her desire to leave New Zealand.

When she was approved for weight loss surgery she said that it would "lighten my mood about New Zealand. I would remain forever grateful to the system and to the country" and "even if I never get to move back to the states, it would give me a better quality of life here because I would actually have a life."


No. 441612

Her refusing to speak about Dorian makes me wonder if his gf/her mother threatened legal action against Raven. She mentioned in her video that she didn't want to speak about it, because she might get in trouble. Then there is a jump in the film right around when she's speak about his gf - we all know this bitch is too lazy to edit without good reason.

Also, if I recall correctly from the video where Raven leaked private text messages of Dorian and his gf, the gf is very smart and mentioned taking legal action against Rayray because she was a 40 year old woman bullying and harassing a teenage girl.

I also vaguely recall the gf's mother being pissed at the situation too.

Makes me wonder if Raven will go back to harassing the gf once she is in the safety of America. It wouldn't surprise me. Poor girl.

No. 441638

we this and we that and we the other … nah Diana, this one is all you. You realised you fucked up, you have regrets, you want to walk it back. Logan hates you lol.

No. 441644


>the way I hate myself, everything I hate about me he loves, which can be good

Raven, you dense motherfucker, have you not learned ANYTHING from Ryan?

He will get you morbidly obese, your already nonexisting self esteem is gonna drop, you will be a couchbound frigid asian granny.
He will watch porn, he is gonna cheat on you. All of your """""""hard work""""""" with the weight loss is going to waste.

And god forbid you try to loose weight, if Josh is realy a feeder and a BBW lover, he will sabotage every attempt.

No. 441653


Is this confirmed the same girlfriend?

No. 441656

I wonder why she abandoned her look book haul video that she was so excited about putting together?

No. 441665

OMG, I laughed way too long and way too loud at this. I was imagining it spoken in Raven's voice.

I'm still giggling.

No. 441673

File: 1506707393121.jpg (350.33 KB, 1300x1010, sumner-from-whitewash-head-chr…)

I'm just in awe of a woman who is willing to give up the beauty and splendor of Christchurch, New Zealand for Dogpatch, USA. I'm an American, and I love the USA, but c'mon. You already haveva life in this paradise, and you are giving it up for a dying little town in the American South? It just boggles the mind.

No. 441676

but they have shit take-away food, anon. I mean look at that fucking picture - not a taco bell in sight. barbarians.

No. 441677

That's hilarious, she's clearly mad about her decision to break up ! She seems so sad, almost on the verge of tearing a little bit, and keeps bringing up Logan.

The way she talks about how she asked him if he was sure about her dating makes me think she was trying to get Logan into fighting mode or something and steal her from Josh (who she wouldn't have cared about hurting since he lives in the US and doesn't send her money)

I can't believe she doesn't see how rude it is to publicly rant about her failed marriage, say that her ex is still in love with her and on top of that wants to get him to visit her not even in her own home, but her new beau's place. That bitch would go ballistic if Claudia even left a comment on something about Josh, let alone go see him or let him spend money on her.

Raven is the master of delusion. She publicly broadcast a video with her ex calling her stupid and then claims he loves her. Incredible.
I'm gonna bet he tells her he's not interested in girls because he knows she'll call crying and be a general pain, boy learned coping mechanisms.

No. 441683

File: 1506709122457.png (85.22 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-09-30-07-00-52…)

I'm having some trouble uploading images that Dorian and I (his girlfriend) want to share to clear up any mysterey as to what happened between us and his mom. If there's a more experienced user who would like to contact us to get the images please let me know.

In short, there was a police filing against her after she physically attacked Dorian. At this point she had kicked him out of the house (which he had signed the lease for and rented with her because she couldn't afford it on her own) and he had simply gone back to collect his things because it wasn't worth figthing her on the rent issue. She is on a police watch-list in Christchurch and I believe that if she comes near us or we have reason to file another report that she will be detained and issued another restraining order. She begged us not to contact the police after the fact, after many threats of legal action, because she realised that though she said "without Dorian I don't care what happens to me, if I can't have him no one can," (obviously not a direct quote but similarly along those lines, implying that she would not care if she went to jail for phyicalling harming her son.

Since then we happily live together in our own place, I'm still in school because I love studying and he is currently studying as well to widen his career options. Everything's going really well and we mostly just laugh at her. However because she brought it up again in a video we figured we might as well show someone the whole story that she's carefully vetted for her purposes.

I know you guys proyally know how to find facebook through either ravens or Dorian's. If someone would like to message me I can send you all the screen shots and explanations.

No. 441684

and lately he's seen exactly what happens when Raven catches wind of one of her playthings having other interests with Dorian and his girlfriend.
of course he's not gonna want her to think he's interested in dating/seeing other people, she's an insane, jealous piece of shit.

it is possible he is still affected by her as well - she is extremely manipulative and emotionally abusive, and he was with her from a young age and for many years. that will take a lot of getting over, especially with Raven hanging around keeping up the manipulation tactics (trying to force rivalry with Josh and Ryan is obviously the latest strategy).

No. 441686

I'm so sorry for what Raven has put you two, and especially Dorian through. No one here had any doubt that whatever happened between them was Raven's doing. If you want to post more screenshots here, feel free. If not, I hope someone with an FB account can get the full story, because it should be shared.

It's really great that you two are happy and able to move on, and shows maturity beyond your years.
All the best for the future from a sappy Anon.

No. 441688

I wish you both a happy, drama-free life in beautiful Christchurch. I do have a question though. Does Dorian have any desire to go to the States? Does he have dual citizenship? Are you ultimately going to stay in New Zealand? Just being snoopy. Thanks.

No. 441689

You are clearly having a more positive impact on Dorian's life than his own mother could ever have. Bless you both and kudos to Dorian for escaping Raven's abuse.

No. 441691

if you’re trying to upload more than one screenshot at a time you can’t, but you can make new posts with just the images in them.

sorry to hear about what’s happened between you. we knew raven is a piece of shit but confirmation is always nice. i hope she fucks off to america and leaves you guys alone for good.

No. 441698

It is very brave of you to speak up and we all appreciate it.
You seem like a good influence for Dorian and I think we're all very happy to hear he has you, finally someone who cares for him.

No. 441699

I talk to Logan daily and she's so fucking manipulative. He still says he "loves" her but it's too late to get her back because she's for sure leaving. I hope he can move on. Oh and yes rayray, I'm a girl.

No. 441701

Honestly it's best she's out of both of your lives. You do not need her toxic ass around you or anyone else. She will just drag you down to her lonely pit in hell just for shits and giggles.

No. 441702

Honaaaay, spill more tea!

No. 441703

I mean we all pretty much knew she was a piece of shit but this just confirms it. Good luck to both of you. Hopefully a willing anon gets those receipts.

No. 441706

We are rooting for you and Dorian! Thank you for helping him through such a difficult time.

No. 441707

I don't want to say too much because he's honestly so sweet and I value him as a friend. It just pisses me off that she lies to much and continues to control him. I think she's either lieing about him not talking to other people or she really has no clue that he is.

No. 441708

He probably told her he doesn't so she doesn't go crazy on his ass. Don't worry, if you don't wanna stay stuff you don't have to. Just try and help him escape her grasp lol.
So she is 100% leaving?

No. 441712

Last time we talked about her he said she was. Who knows if she will actually leave but I hope to god she does. He deserves better than her, and I can tell what this is doing to him. I've been trying to lightly bring it up by getting him to talk about how he's been, and he seems to be adjusting quite well. We don't talk about it often, but I'll try so that maybe he can see that he can do better. He's not as bad as some people on here think he is, he is really sweet and he's done a lot for her ungrateful ass. And you wanna know what's the worst part? He thinks their relationship was mostly great (this is his first relationship and love, literally robbed from the cradle).

No. 441715

for what it's worth (and I'm sure you know this) most everyone views their first love through rose tinted glasses and puts up with a lot of shit from them. hopefully time and distance put things into perspective for him (and hopefully a few more years and he'll no longer be weirdly racist/sexist, which os the only things people here really criticised him for).

it would be so much better for everyone if Raven just left.

No. 441717


I haven't heard any racist/sexist things from him so I can't comment on that, but yeah I also told him the same about 'first loves' from my experience. He works like 40+hours and doesn't have that much time for himself. It saddens me to know she sat on her ass while he worked those kinds of hours. Working full time + overtime hours at the age he was when they met to now is not a good way to spend your youth. She literally took that from him. He will be so much better off with her gone, so I really do hope that's the last time they talk.

No. 441722

Of course you don't have to tell us if you don't want to, but is Logan's family helping him detox from her? I'm assuming they are jumping for joy now that he's away from her.

No. 441724

He hasn't talked much about his family, but I'm pretty sure he's living with them again and knowing how much they disliked her, I think they're pretty relieved. I can ask about that stuff and get back to you guys if there's anything you guys want me to ask. Just nothing TOO assertive or invasive, please. I don't want to make him uncomfortable or suspicious why. He doesn't like social media.

No. 441725

You certainly don't have to ask him anything on our behalf. We respect his right to privacy.

I think most of us are just hopeful/concerned that he gets away from her permanently.

It's also fun to hear the truth, as opposed to the way Raven spins reality.

No. 441728

Exactly. And Raven obviously reads here so I'm afraid she's gonna be on him now, knowing that he is talking to another human being lol.

No. 441730

Don't feel obligated to give more info unless you personally want to. You owe no one an explanation. But your side on the whole matter is greatly appreciated. Feels refreshing to have the truth come out amongst all her lies.

No. 441733

This. It's probably best not to ask him anything for some time because Raven will be hounding his ass to try and figure out who he's been talking to. He'll cut contact with you to shut her up. She lurks here a lot so be careful.

No. 441738

Has anyone contacted Dorians gf?

No. 441740

No one has contacted me (Dorian's gf). Feel free too.

No. 441747

Coming from a mother's perspective all I can say is that he was still a child when she took him and he was, at that time, as moldable as Play-Doh. Children are VERY susceptible to manipulation and coercion. His racist/sexist views were spoonfed to him by his mother/wife-Raven. As he spends time away from her he will mature and develop his own opinions and personality. Just look at kids who go into University, they almost always go in with a set of beliefs and opinions that do a 180 by the time they graduate. He will be okay. I just want whisk him away from her until her lard-ass boards that plane-and then release him safely back into the wild.

No. 441754

I shot you a friend request on my throwaway Facebook.

No. 441762

Thanks for looking out for me guys. I'll be more careful, but I'm pretty sure he talks to a few other female friends from his town, too. I cant imagine her successfully weeding his friends out after her getting a divorce with him. But if you're reading this raven, fucking have the decency to leave him and his friends alone. YOU chose to leave him. Not the other way around. Don't say this is a mutual thing because that is a LIE. He didn't want you to leave, you can quit your bullshit. At least let him have his fucking friends because we actually care about him, and will when you're long gone.

No. 441774

Yeah I'd also like to say he's been nothing but super kind to me since I've known him. Never once came off as a dick, not even a little bit. He is way more of the shy/cutesy type. I don't know why, but I think maybe Raven is one of those people who bring out the worst in people. She makes him out to be an asshole, like her, who "hates all women", and all that crazy shit she spews, but I can tell you right now, with less of her influence on him, he definitely does not represent anything she made him out to be. I just wanted to clarify that. Thanks all

No. 441775

File: 1506720958548.jpg (71.84 KB, 625x468, df1d6bd643815041ebceb6cfbcf474…)

I hope this is just me being my usual sceptical self but… Isn't it a huge coincidence that just as Dorians gf posted here, Logans friend did too…
I believe this really is his gf. Don't know about logans friend tho….

No. 441777

Fuck anon, thanks so much. We may have been bitches about Logan from time to time, but for the most part, we all knew he was a child and understood what affect she was having on him. I'm happy to know he's a good guy and I hope you and his family and other friends can really help him break free from her death grip. He's an okay looking guy and could find himself a sweet girl around his age and have lots of fun! He doesn't need the baggage of a functional 41 year old much less a disgusting animal abusing cow such as Raven.

I love the details you provided and want more details, but it's best if you don't post about you or Logan on this site for awhile. At least lay low until Raven leaves or until Logan is able to de-brain wash.

No. 441778

I have all of our conversations viewable and undeleted but I really don't want to screenshot anything for his privacy and mine. It's just a coincidence that we both posted same day.

No. 441779

Plz post deets, anon. At least Raven already hates Dorian's girlfriend and there's no way she can manipulate him so the milk is free!

No. 441780

Nah don't worry, you don't have to prove anything. Everything you said we all kinda knew already.

Btw this is totally old news but how come Logans mom allowed him to get married? I mean he was underage and needed their consent, right?
I know this was probably discussed but damn there's a lot of threads…

No. 441781

Patiently waiting for the anon who contacted Dorians gf to spill some milk…

No. 441782

Most of the details are in threads that no longer exist in the grandmother sites of lolcow. I don't remember the entire story, but pretty sure Logan's mother tried to get Raven arrested and tons of other drama. Trust me, they didn't let Logan go without a fight. I think it all amounted to Logan doing what we wanted.

No. 441791

You're a wonderful lady and have done so much good for Dorian. Really happy and proud of you two! So glad you're living your lives without Raven. I wish you guys the best of luck!

No. 441792

You're awesome for teaching Logan that he is worth so much more than that stupid rayray. You're doing him wonders and I thank you for that.

No. 441793

I'm in my 30s and am absolutely disgusted someone as old as 40 would insult a child. Don't be offended because I even see 20 years as kids. I'm sorry you had to put up with someone as vicious as Raven, but you're an absolutely amazing youth. Most older women wouldn't deal with an insane mother and leave their boyfriends, but it seems like you've introduced him to a better life. You're on the right track and continue to focus on your education. Even if the job market is difficult for those with degrees, it really enriches your life. Sage for sounding like a grandma, but good for you! I could never imagine talking to someone as young as you the way Raven had, but you certainly held your own. Good luck and enjoy life!

No. 441797

Thanks guys, I just hope he believes me when I say that stuff.

No. 441808

That smelly smell.

No. 441825

Did anyone make contact with you. If they still haven't I will.

No. 441827

They waited until Logan was 18 to legally get married, and had a commitment ceremony before it. Logan’s parents eventually gave in enough to be at the wedding but there was a lot of tension up until he was an adult.

Her excuse at the time was that plenty of kids at his age were getting married and pregnant so it isn’t a big deal. Note that she is OLDER than his parents, and she had Dorian pretty young so there is merit to that. Doesn’t excuse the pedo logic, I’m sure his parents wanted him to do better than them.

No. 441831

I'm so pumped for these screen shots I'm gonna scream

No. 441837

No. 441841


So they are now divorced without abiding by the 2-year separation requirement?

When Logan proposed she played by the rules.

>… just because I said yes, it didn't mean we were going to run off and get married the next day (besides, I was still in my forced "two years of living apart before you can fie for divorce" stage they make you go through). [sic]

No. 441856

File: 1506729540963.png (41.25 KB, 357x675, censored1.png)

FB anon here. Dorian's girlfriend messaged me; here is the conversation thus far.

No. 441860

File: 1506729664030.png (46.64 KB, 613x738, censored2bq.png)

None of her pictures have gone through yet, but I'll post them when they do.

No. 441864

File: 1506729779829.gif (84.71 KB, 498x372, IMG_3351.GIF)

>I went to sleep happy and excited, thinking I was going to meet a really hot 16 year old the next day…flirt a little…and that was it.
He was able to come over, so I sat in my room for ages getting ready- hiding until I was as perfect as I could get. I was actually really nervous! When I was finished, I opened the door and they walked in. As he passed me, I just stood stupidly in awe and amazement. He looked even better in person than he did in his photos! His arms were muscled. He was a head taller than me. His voice was deep. This was no kid! Not to me anyway. This changed things considerably. Now I was uncertain and scared…far more shy than before, and more than a little depressed. As we put our attention into Dorian (we were both shy, and Dorian was a good distraction), I snuck many quick looks at Logan.
My heart ached for him! He fit every single thing on my list of the perfect guy…and he was sitting right across from me.
: taller than me, younger than me (I like younger guys, as I don't feel my age and am considerably younger emotionally than I should be- but I do not and have not ever gone after anyone as young as him. My limit was 25-30), thin, pale skin, dark hair, long hair or an interesting cut, blue eyes, accent, alternative, has tattoos and/or piercings, no glasses or facial hair, hairless (I discovered later that he shaves it all off, but in the end it's same result)…Not to mention he is of the same mindset as me. He thinks like me about most things, and can agree with my disgust for most things other people seem to love. He's mature beyond his years and has proven that time and time again.

Reading this made me put the phone down multiple times to stare at the wall and wanna die. Holy fucking shit, this is disgusting. Age differences aren't a problem like say a 24 year old with a 30 year old for example, which is 6 years apart, but THIS?!?? I just. NO.


No. 441876

My favorite part in this is Raven founding it out and the video rant that is about to come.
This is milky

No. 441892

Thanks anon. Also, "holy shit" was the appropriate response. She threatened to silt her throat!? I just…..holy.shit.

Stay strong Dorian and gf, you're almost free!

No. 441899

What the actual fuck.
And the thing is, it's not even that surprising. Like it's surprising to find out the details, but in terms of what Raven is like, there's nothing out of character. She's so disgusting.

I can't wait for her to go to Couchland so that all her NZ victims can get on and have better lives, and hers will continue to spiral downwards into feederism and paranoia.

No. 441902

I cannot believe the audacity of her demanding Dorian and his long-suffering girlfriend to go to the States with her! For what?! To share a shack and couch with a stranger in a foreign land in a rundown hamlet in the middle of nowhere?! Wow….just, wow.

No. 441907


I am really glad to hear that Dorian is doing so well, and that the two of you are happy. I don't even know you guys or Logan, but I do think Raven has been a terrible blight on literally everyone around her, and I so hope Logan can get away from her as well. It is great Dorian is going back to school and trying to build a good life. It sounds like he has found some stability and blossomed, and I hope the two of you continue happy together.

No. 441909


I have read this before, and it still is as gross and disgusting as the first time. Yeah, I know Logan was of age, and that this was all legal. Legal does not mean ethical or moral, you fucking sow.

No. 441910

Are Dorian and Logan in contact? Maybe Dorian could help Logan deprogram too.

Completely not surprised that she was on Dorian's social media impersonating him.

Having grown up with a BPD mum, though not as extreme as this, I really sympathise with Dorian and his girlfriend, and hope he can undo a lot of the damage of his upbringing.

No. 441912

Dorian is going to be so much better off when she leaves. Good on him for making a life with you in NZ, and for studying.

>Blog: as a kid who stayed in contact with a parent like this far too long and paid the price, the best thing is a clean break, get some therapy support right away, and never listen to another word she says.

No. 441913

File: 1506733817964.jpg (2.85 MB, 490x10400, fb convo deleted.jpg)

Alright, I took all of her individual images and compiled them all into 3. Hopefully these aren't too big to upload. I censored all names/images that weren't Raven's.

These are messages between Dorian's girlfriend and Raven's old account that she deleted.

No. 441914

File: 1506733879919.jpg (421.34 KB, 480x1600, 2nd fb convo.jpg)

Messages between Dorian's girlfriend and Raven's second account, which is why Raven's messages aren't deleted here.

No. 441916

File: 1506733946343.jpg (875.96 KB, 480x3844, 3rd fb convo.jpg)

Aaaand messages between Dorian's girlfriend and Raven via Logan's account.

No. 441919

Oh yeah, sorry for the breaks between some of the messages. I compiled them exactly as she sent them.

No. 441920

Oh man. Can't wait for the epic video/rant that's coming when she sees this

No. 441922

>no … facial hair, hairless (I discovered later that he shaves it all off, but in the end it's same result)
Creep confirmed.

No. 441933

File: 1506735905107.gif (1 MB, 350x191, 9507D20B-1BE4-4083-8485-4036FC…)

Oh man am I ever ready for Raven to blow her top over this. Delicious, delicious milk incoming.

No. 441934

Almost thought she might be a troll when she said Raven requested Cheetos for dinner instead of food or a smoothie, lol

Pretty mature considering all the horrid shit coming from Raven.

No. 441936

Don't get your hopes up. When she knows we're anticipating the response, like when she accidentally realised that playlist of milk, she does her freak out off camera and then pretends it doesn't matter.

She also seems very reticent to bring their attention to the situation with Dorian because of fear of legal consequences, which would fuck up her escape trajectory.

No. 441944

Honestly, if it was reversed and it was a 41 year old man talking this way about a 16 year old girl everyone would flip their shit and he would be arrested…

No. 441946

Lmao there's parts of the story in the original link where the police did show up at her doorstep multiple times so…

No. 441948

Didn't do much good if she still ended up marrying him when he turned 18. At some point she should have been a responsible adult and made him stay away instead of being a disgusting waste of a human being.

No. 441959

To the poster who talks to Logan- do you know if the story about Marmalade being hit by a truck was factual? The video she made shortly before the poor kitties death featuring him and talking about how upset she was that she couldn't take him to the US and his subsequent sudden and tragic death with several artistic photos of the corpse had many of us very concerned.

No. 441966

File: 1506741256343.jpg (93.37 KB, 518x207, questions.jpg)

Dorian's girlfriend is willing to answer whatever questions we have. Posting screencap because relevant. Forwarded >>441959, will post her response when she gets off work.

Off-topic, but she's really sweet. I know I'm just echoing everyone's sentiments but I'm so happy for her and Dorian. Also lol, I bet Raven foams at the mouth knowing Dorian found a cute ~alt~ girl with more ambition in her left finger than Raven has in her entire grotesque body.

No. 441975

No wonder Dorian wanted to stay and be with his girlfriend and her family. Ms Dorian sounds stable, smart and kind. Her family must be very supportive and level headed to raise such an articulate young woman. I can only imagine Dorian meeting them and realising how fucked up his own home life at Raven's rearing was.

And Dorian would never tell Raven that there was a problem because it would have set off one of her screaming tirades at him. It's easier to nod and say yes than wake the saggy bipolar dragon. Same with Logan. I think he just agrees and says what she wants to hear to make her shut up and go way.

Good luck, Couchboy Josh! You're going to need it.

No. 441980

raven's whole M.O. is to pose as other people in her life online. how do we know its not her.

No. 441981

Unless Raven created dozens of Facebook accounts just to connect them over the course of several years and hoarded pictures of someone's entire life, it's definitely not her.

No. 441984

Lmfao, this person said she was at work… You think Ravens lazy ass would ever say that? lol

No. 441986

I've known people who do this.
Unlikely, but not impossible. Seeing as she sits on her ass all day she would have the time..

No. 441987

I've known people who do this.
Unlikely, but not impossible. Seeing as she sits on her ass all day she would have the time..

No. 441988

and Raven does not use a single one of those profiles to bash herself. it's simply impossible for her to do so.

No. 441990

You're giving her far too much credit. Let's be realistic here. Also, Raven is totally incapable of convincingly changing her typing style.

No. 441995

File: 1506745241456.jpg (209.76 KB, 375x390, marmalade.jpg)

Here are some responses to a few questions.

No. 441997

Question: what does Dorian think about Raven divorcing Logan and moving in with some random bumpkin from America?

No. 442020


As aside anon thanks for relaying and doing so in a respectful way.

No. 442033

A guy raised by Raven got lucky enough to get with a nice, smart girl - warms my crusty heart. You'd expect him to be used to chaos and pick a girl with problems. Instead, he found a girlfriend ten times more mature than Raven herself.

I'm wondering if Dorian and Logan are in touch at all? Didn't seem like they were very good friends but it would be hard for them both to be in that situation.

No. 442034

If it is possibly. I would like Dorian to shed light on the truth on her many versions of his upbringing.
She always tells the tale from her eyes, with a lot of abuse, rape, drugs, homelessness. In the back of my mind I always wonder 'WHAT ABOUT DORIAN? WHERE WERE YOUR SON?'
If it is too traumatic, please ignore me.

If he knows something that she is deliberately lying about righ now (with the whole divorce from Logan/relationship with Ryan etc), and could comment, also.

We appreciate you guys taking your time to come her, you don't have to answer anything if you don't feel like it.

No. 442041

Yeah, I would like to know too if there is any lies that you specifically know about?

Kek at her being "nice" in those last messages but calling her a bitch in the latest video.

No. 442047

I can't answer that because I don't know, honestly. I'd ask but I'm not sure "hey did your cat actually die by a truck" would be something he would be comfortable talking about. Also I'd like to point out I think the fake accounts of Logan are now deleted. I don't think he even knew she was controlling them. I know this because I messaged one to test and see and all I got back was an insult and block. It's pretty crazy.

No. 442048

good on you for fielding a weird question with discretion, and considering Logan's feelings.

No. 442057

Yeah, I second this. Interested to hear what opinions that Logan, Dorian and you have about Josh?

No. 442063

Especially since Josh claims to have tried contacting Dorian at some point and called him "disrespectful."

No. 442065

I can imagine
>uh, hi Dorian, I'm your new dad
>yeah whatever

No. 442067

Thanks for answering questions here! Don't feel pressured though. I wouldn't share tooo much until she actually leaves NZ in a few days. She's crazy and the type to try and control Logan and Dorian as much as she can before she goes.

No. 442068

Ugh my post looks weird lol… sorry, first time actually posting here.

No. 442069


Agreed. After her windfall from selling the phones she offered to buy him a tattoo as a farewell present. He chose the design and she decided to get a matching tattoo, just as on her birthday she bought shirts to match his shirts.

The design itself could be symbolic of the effects of their relationship: hollow soulless eyes, no mouth with which to speak up to her, no hands and no legs with which to be autonomous or to escape, instead rooted in place with blighted bare branches.

Sage for tinfoil hatting.

No. 442070


Leave the name and email fields blank. If you are not contributing milk, sage your post by typing "sage" in the email field.

No. 442073

Ok, and what does sage mean? Thanks.

No. 442074

It is used for stuff that isn't direct information about the thread topic, for example giving commentary or rants or whatever. Using sage doesn't bump the thread, so it is a polite thing to do when not providing new information.

No. 442086

Do we have any clues as to how frequently Raven checks lolcow? She had Kiwifarms bookmarked, but not us, right?

I'm curious how long it will take her to find out the happenings here kek. Hopefully not until after she moves.

No. 442092

With Raven, no doubt it's on the daily. She might be busy with moving and packing so there's a possibility of this being Raven-free for awhile.

No. 442152


You are a dote. Raven didn't deserve it but you still approached her with respect and politeness.

It's utterly gross that she call you such terrible things even if they were true, which they obviously aren't. But plenty of us have worried about Dorian (and Logan) because we understand how damaging his upbringing has been, wondering if he'd be doomed to repeat terrible patterns simpy because he's never been given any life-tools to succeed.

You are obviously doing all the things he needs whilst giving him the security he's never known. Everyone's said the same and we really wish you both all the best. You have more going for you in your little toe than his ghastly mother has ever had, and that means you're building your lives on a solid foundation. But we realise it doesn't come without pain. Really, I hope for everything good for both of you.

No. 442170

Wishing Dorian and his girlfriend the best! If you two ever need inspiration or any sort of support you're welcome here and you should check out the Margaret Palermo topic. Her daughter married a boy in Japan to get away from her and they're really happy despite Margaret's endless attempts to try and ruin their life.

No. 442347

Compiling the questions so far:

> Question: what does Dorian think about Raven divorcing Logan and moving in with some random bumpkin from America?

> If it is possibly. I would like Dorian to shed light on the truth on her many versions of his upbringing.
> If he knows something that she is deliberately lying about righ now (with the whole divorce from Logan/relationship with Ryan etc), and could comment, also.

> Yeah, I would like to know too if there is any lies that you specifically know about?

> Interested to hear what opinions that Logan, Dorian and you have about Josh?

> Do we have any clues as to how frequently Raven checks lolcow? (if Dorian knows how paranoid his mom is, maybe he knows this)

No. 442349

I wonder if ravey knows Josh's grandma still keeps in contact with Claudia on Facebook….

I bet that wouldn't go down well

No. 442364

File: 1506828424335.jpg (447.17 KB, 610x1051, questions 01.jpg)

Here are her responses to a few more questions. At some point tomorrow I'll be censoring/posting the screencaps Dorian sends and whatever insight he decides to share.

Thanks for this, anon!

No. 442369

this girl seems like a gem. Dorian seems to have found someone who is the opposite of raven, and I think that is fucking wonderful. All the very best to them.

No. 442373


No. 442380

Hearing all this stuff with Dorian makes me even more glad she miscarries all the time and can't reproduce.

No. 442388

What does Raven DO all day? Does she have hobbies. Where does the money even go.

I saw a video where she told Dorian "You're more asian than me!" referring to his appearance (then Logan said that's not how genes work, kek) she made a comment about his hair too. Did she tease him about his heritage/skin? She worships blue eyes and wears contacts daily. Does she bleach herself too or is it all caked makeup and photoshop

When Dorian got kicked out, how did he manage? He knows he's not responsible for the miscarriage, right? I hope he doesn't carry any guilt about the "draino." She just can't admit her own flaws, and couldn't accept she's just too old.

>Does she really have a tailbone issue or she just pretends to be a cripple in videos?

>Who's gonna get stuck with her hoarder pile of useless crap?
>What do you guys think of Ryan and why is he letting her stay with him?
>Do u guys look at other cows here?

Like others asked, are there any lies we take for granted about her. For ex, we assume she's half German, but that could be some snowflake shit. She said she has a bunch of ~secrits~ and puts out misinformation. You guys read here, do we pretty much see the real deal?

No. 442393

Lastly just some comments. She might be back. It seems she's gone for good, but if she doesn't like it there or finds flaws in Couchboy (very likely: he's more willful and she may not be able to break him, plus they don't even know each other) then she'll cry RAPE and fly on her broom back to NZ ASAP. Hope you guys are prepared and really go restraining order on her ass. Hope you guys can reach out to Logan too. He may not have enough time to detox and get over this hag. Like I said, I think she'll be back. She's clearly regretting the Couch migration.

also feel free to post at the farm anytime, even under Anon for fun. Ranting here might be therapeutic. Raven is a tried and true old milk cow, one of our best.

No. 442404

Being disowned is fortunate, in this instance. Even though it may feel bad for now.

What I love about this flood of info from the others involved is it will drive Raven that little bit harder to actually get on the plane, at a time when she looked like she wanted to backpedal.

No. 442406

damn anon, this is why she's lovebombing Logan (as much as she's able anyway). how depressing. he really needs to get out there and date; she seems to have sworn him to chastity or something.

No. 442432

YES the suicide deets!! Please and thank you Dorian! No detail too small or too petty.

I am so happy, first Venus escapes Margo and does well with her new man, now Dorian escapes Raven and is doing great with a lovely young lady. Excellent news.

Apparently Raven says she has nothing to do but play Facebook games all day. Which would explain some of the fake accounts (so she can send herself stuff for the game missions). I didn't even know FB games were still a thing?

No. 442436

File: 1506842922423.jpg (1.56 MB, 600x6844, dorian fb convo.jpg)

Last "conversation" between Raven and Dorian in which she literally says she would slit his girlfriend's throat if she could. wew lad

No. 442439

What a piece of shit, somebody should expose her in a youtube video

No. 442441

holy FUCK. why is she so fucking possessive over her son??? she’s actually jealous of his girlfriend. what a sick pathetic piece of shit, guess i shouldn’t be surprised when she’s talking about “hot 16 year olds.”

No. 442443

Wow… All this talk about wishing she had aborted him (once again), and how she can't wait until he's all alone the world, etc. She sounds like a bipolar 14 year old. I can't believe that's actually a mother speaking to her child like that. Terrifying that psycho people like this can become parents. And the revoltingly disgusting way she talks about sexual things with him, just scarring. I could go on. This is just sick. I can't believe I used to be a fan (due to how unique she still looked at that age, I thought it was bold). I mean, it's been a while since I've become put off from her but this just tipped the ice berg over. I don't even know what's worse from her -all the previous severe animal abuse she's openly admitted to on video, or raising a child in this way, or even…honestly I'm just shocked. Makes my overly conservative mom seem like a flawless angel compared to this nauseous bs.

No. 442446

>because trust me trash like that doesn't stay around forever
Oh, I trust your judgment there, Ravey. You would know that trash never stays Mrs. 5-marriages.

>i cannot WAIT for the day you're all alone in the world and you realize just how much you fucked up, and trust me that day will come!…Everyone needs family, and you just lost yours.

Couldn't have put it better myself. We've all been waiting for that day, but it will be you who will have nobody. YOU lost your family forever; your son is young enough to build one. You're alone in the world, and burned down your bridges for some couchbum that lied to you about some major stuff before you even met him. Nice priorities.

>I would slit your whores throat for what she's done if I could.

As disgusting as it is for bat grandma to say this about a 16-year old, it's laughable in another way. She is so deluded about what she can do. She always speaks like she's so tough and apathetic and hard, but the mere opinions of internet meanies control her whole life and hurt her feefees. She's weak as shit. Between the obesity, bad food for decades, osteoporosis (asian females are more susceptible, Ravey-kins!), age, never lifting a finger or going out, she's physically weak too. She couldn't murder anyone. A lively healthy 16 year old girl would kick her ass in an attack.

No. 442447

I know it maybe doesn't mean anything from a random anon online but… Dorian, we are with you and cheering for you. We can only imagine how hard it was having this monster as a mother. We are all truly sorry, but also very happy you found someone nice that can let you begin to heal.

I wonder what excuse she will make on her rant video. We knew she was sick and insults people with no filter, but this is just another level. And it's her fucking son…

>>I did my best with you

Kek, I guess her best is never giving up her mall goff style, never having a job and feeding her son with one piece of cheese?
Raven I hope you rot in Joshs hands and you are never able to come back to NZ. You are terrible and deserve the worst.

No. 442448

And just in case you do, don't believe in any of the things she said Dorian. It's not normal at all for a parent to react like that. Or for that matter, any human being. You do deserve all of the love you have, and you definitely won't be alone with a loving partner like that. This will be a brand new start for you.

No. 442449

"We knew she was sick and insults people with no filter, but this is just another level." Exactly. Well said.

No. 442451

Ho-ly fuuuck..
Poor Dorian. Your mother is a sociopath. Absolutely mentally ill and shouldn't be raising children.

No. 442453

Funny how a woman who has erotic pics of her spread all over the internet and has admitted to be a prostitute thinks she can say a damn word about a 16yo young discovering her sexuality. Fuck you, Raven, you're not entitled.

For Dorians gf > we dont judge you, even if it is truth. You've proved yourself a better person than Raven will ever be.

No. 442458

Just… wow. I am actually speechless. Absolutely unforgivable, she truly is a monster. She only thinks he is "selfish" because he no longer tolerates her shit, good for you Dorian. Please stay the hell away from her! All the best to you and your girlfriend, she seems great.

No. 442459

She was verging on tears in her last vid where she just realized his/her feelings were real. According to witnesses (Dorian's GF/FB anon) he does love her and didn't want to end it. When he said he wouldn't date, it wasn't just to shut Raven up. He won't be up for dating for a while, and he's really stunted anyway. She keeps repeating that shit, "He says he'll never love again," it's clearly important to her, she enjoys being his only love. She doesn't want him to sully himself with a SLUT while she's off making mistakes.

And couchboy IS a mistake. They've never even met, he's already lied to her a lot, and is capable of throwing away an engagement like it's nothing. He's a man closer to her age so he'll be harder to control. The reasons she stated on why he was perfect were 90% superficial. She even admitted they were already arguing, and he wasn't even happy about the one-way ticket. It's like a tacky Second Life marriage between those two. It's doomed to fail. Now it's just a matter of when, and can Logan snap out of it in time.

Often people don't believe a relationship is over til one party moves on. So Raven still feels connected to Logan, thus the tats, matching clothes, insisting he move to the US, asserting that he'll not date anyone else. Christ, he's even following her orders about never talking to Dorian, his friend since he was 16.

No. 442460

File: 1506847753551.jpg (241.34 KB, 342x679, dorian01.jpg)

Alright, incoming screencap dump. Dorian came through. 1/4

No. 442461

File: 1506847766352.jpg (230.74 KB, 331x601, dorian02.jpg)


No. 442462

File: 1506847777475.jpg (352.89 KB, 321x742, dorian03.jpg)


No. 442463

File: 1506847822505.jpg (534.34 KB, 524x1459, dorian04.jpg)


No. 442465

Dorian and his girlfriend, I'm rooting for you guys. Legit. I'm rooting for Logan too.

No. 442466

I will say this: I had always felt bad for Dorian but now I see I don't have too.
You guys are awesome, and are leaving all that shit behind and will have a great future.
Thanks for sharing, thanks for telling the truth.

Now is #saveLogan program

No. 442467

I feel bad that he had to suffer such a shit childhood because his mom is a psychotic whore, but I'm happy that he's got a much better life now and is finally free.


No. 442468

My favorite parts:

> Confirmed that Raven took control of Dorians facebook page without his permission during the "fake suicide saga".

> Confirmed she lies about how bad her life actually was for self-pity attention seeking.
> Confirmed she cheated on Logan MORE THAN ONCE.
> Confirmed she uses Ryan for things and money, and that he did not rape nor kept her captive like she said during the "CJ saga".
> Confirmed she is a patological liar.
> Confirmed she fucked up Logans mind pretty badly (like, who the hell marries a boy younger than her own son and than asks him to 'daddy up' and beat his stepson?).

Again - Dorian and the lovely girlfriend - you guys are awesome, we wish you the very best.

No. 442469

sorry for samefagging
But also:
>Confirmed she copies Boos tattoos ideas.

No. 442471

Dorian, being a mother I have this overwhelming desire to give you and your girlfriend a big, warm hug, and assure you that everything is going to be alright. Trite as it may sound I'd want to bake you some cookies and pour you a big glass of milk, lol.
That freakish wreck of a woman will be gone very soon. She has no right to refer to herself as a mother. She is a vicious bitch who miraculously whelped out a gem of a son. Do not allow a tittle of her vitreol to sink into your heart or mind as truth, hard as that may be. My heart bleeds for both you and your girlfriend. That bitch is a monster; I am sickened by the filth this bitch spewed at her own child.

Dorian, for the love of all that is decent and holy–latch onto the good in the world, and know that most people are decent and loving, and hold onto your girlfriend and your friends because they are your true family.

If you ever decide to have children of your own please remember never to repeat the travesties inflicted upon you by that bitch, Raven. That, and the living of a happy, peaceful, stable life with a loving partner by your side would be the greatest comuppance of all.

No. 442472

Hoooooooly shit. is she trying to compete with Margaret Palermo in the most horrible mother contest? I'm not even sure who's worse at the moment. What kind of parent says that to and about their child and the person they love who has been nothing but nice to her Ms. Piggy looking ass?

I hope that she gets more than a rude awakening when she moves to the States. I hope the bitch becomes homeless. She deserves so much worse than living without a roof over her head.

Dorian and lovely girlfriend, please don't let a person like that get you down. Even if she is your mom, it's fucking wrong what she said. She's projecting her own flaws and problems onto you guys because she is the one who's an entitled bastard. I wish you two the best of luck and all the love in the universe!

No. 442474

Fuck. I never want to be so mentally deranged that I spit such unexcusable vitriol at my son. I'm so so sorry for Dorian having a mother like this.

Dorian, I hope you don't internalise any of that shit. None of this is your fault. You didnt choose your parents, and as much as your gf seems wonderful, you are good enough on your own too, so there's no need to fear the future either way.

I hope she does stay in the states. It seems like it would make life better for a whole bunch of people who surely don't deserve this shit, Dorian and his lovely girlfriend only for starters.

Sigh… I'm going to go hug my kid.

No. 442475

I am so fucking impressed by Dorian (hoping you read that). It's incredible how well adjusted you are despite all the abuse you faced since your birth, and let's be honest, Raven is downright abusive towards everyone around her.

Being a narcissist kid is no joke and good on you for getting free of her clutch and finding a proper gf to support you.

Also good on the gf for not bailing out of this ridiculous shitshow, even though I wouldn't blame anyone for it. You're a saint and proper wife material. It warms my cold cynical heart to see you guys sticking together against that fucking slime boss Raven.

No. 442477

H o l y shit, nothing beats seeing people actually escape their shitty life and have such a proactive stance. Atleast not on a /cow thread, GG GUYS GO BE HEALTHY YOUNG ADULTS.

(Sage for no contrib)

No. 442478

the guy she had on facebook before josh was called Eddie, he's the one who catfished her when she posted that video a few months ago ranting about it as if it happened years ago, but really it was recent. she was just as head over heels for him as she is for josh now.

No. 442479

Logan's friend here, she's full of shit when she says he's not going to be talking to other girls. Just saying. But let her believe whatever her crazy ass wants, I guess.

No. 442481

It's 4am in my part of the U.S. and I cannot yet go to sleep due to the deluge of cold, creamy, grade A milk that floweth forth. Thank you so very much Dorian and Girlfriend.

To reiterate: we farmers are all on your side, and we want nothing more than for you two to be safe and happy. Please, never EVER feel pressured to answer any questions that make you uncomfortable in any way, or for any reason for that matter. In fact, you could tell all of us to fuck off right now and we would understand and be grateful for the answering so many questions already (your answers have cleared up so much for us, and we thank you for that). Also, please be careful, i am serious. Raven is going to lose her shit, i imagine, when she sees this.

I do have a few questions though: do you know whether or not Raven has been officially diagnosed with BPD? Has she ever sought help in any capacity? Also, Dorian, did Raven ever beat you as a child?

Thank you again.

No. 442482

To remember is to live again > Eddie story starts at 06:58

No. 442483

I can't agree with this enough !

I'm not a mother but I just want to give you guys big hugs !

You're both awesome it's not easy to make it ( I moved out at 16 ) and I definitely didn't have a mom like raven dragging me down, It's amazing that you had the courage to set the record straight and finally break free ! I genuinely wish you and your gf the best !
You guys are adorable!

No. 442484

wow, she's so cut up over it even though she was clearly with logan at the time.

No. 442486

Yeah it's the first time I've watched that video and by her timeline she was very clearly cheating on Logan…

And now Dorian has confirmed it, I wonder how she'll try to explain it away this time…

No. 442488

Poor Logan, roped in at such a young age, and then once he's grown up a bit more, she cheats on him and runs off.

No. 442489

Is Dorian still willing to answer more questions? I was curious about the start of Raven and Logan's relationship. She claims you (Dorian) were constantly asking her to look at Logan's pictures and to meet him, but I'm pretty sure all of us here call BS on that and it was in fact her who pursued him. Could you shed any light on this?

Also, is it true she made you take nude/semi nude photos of her at any point?

If you are too uncomfortable answering anything then no worries, you've already provided a lot of insight and for that we're grateful!

No. 442491

she'll claim we made it all up somehow

No. 442492

> tells story about a couple who posed as a friend to Raven online
> was devastated when they faked the friends' death, couldn't believe anyone would do such a thing
> fakes her own death later on anyway

No. 442505

Question for Dorian
> I know this is old, but I always wanted to know the truth about Ally - the 'foster' girl Raven and Logan wanted to adopt.

No. 442512

File: 1506867259418.png (510.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3178.PNG)

This may be old news but the photo of her vag that was floating around?

For someone who has to constantly protest that they aren't a slutty whore, This seems an odd reply…

No. 442517

No. 442518


She also submitted nudes to this site but angrily demanded that they be removed after she got together with Logan.


No. 442520

Oh Dorian. I am so sorry you went through all of this.

Even though she likes to pretend it was horrible for her, it seems you bore the brunt of her terrible decisions.

And to add to her mother of the year award, she tells her exes not to help you should you ever need it, and they agree!? I hope karma wreks her fatass.

Dorian and gf, if you ever need help with something, please do not hesitate to ask us. I think most people on here are happy to help you, should you ever need it. Please never give those fucking assholes the time of day ever again.

People love to complain about the younger generations. But you two prove that younger generations are so kind, caring, and smart. The world is better for you.

>cry RAPE and fly on her broom back to NZ ASAP<

fuckin keeeek! I hope Dorian and gf slap her fatass with the law book should she try.

No. 442521

The picture of Dorian and his girlfriend makes me smile. I actually can't believe he's come out of this okay. I would be an absolute mess if my mother treated me the way Raven has treated him. Those messages she sent were absolutely disgusting!!! To think that this evil woman wants another child!? What, so she can abuse it like she did Dorian? Wtf

No. 442529

I wasn't referring to the photos as such but her own reply to them, I knew about the photos just not her approval of men openingly jacking off to them

No. 442533

You two are so cute I just want to cuddle you both! I know life is tough and you're young in difficult circumstances but keep trying your best. You two are young and even if your relationship doesn't last forever enjoy each other and set each other up to have great lives together or apart. Just have a lot of fun.

I'm so sorry for Dorian. His mother let all her boyfriends abuse and she's probably the cause of a lot of issues he'll continue to live with. Not only that, but she goes around wishing he was aborted. She really is the worst cow aside from Margo. I can't WAAAAAIT tills he gets to America. She can eat all the words she so cruelly threw at Dorian.

No. 442534

I love the milk but I'm kinda scared she'll do something since they helped US, her wost enemies -eyeroll-

I wonder if Josh reads here and if so, is he scared? Lol. She said he has no problem fighting the haters but I haven't seen a word from him. Probably because he has a job so he has no time for Ravens nonsense. Wonder how much his work bothers her lol.

No. 442535

So she's said twice now (that we know of) that she wishes she had him aborted? Unbelievable.

No. 442537

File: 1506873610368.png (154.68 KB, 1440x723, 20171001_175906.png)

She posted some random picture YESTERDAY evening and Josh commented too late apparently (9 hours ago as it says) and Raven was not happy about it kek. Is Josh really such a cuck??

No. 442541

Oh how this has changed from the original comments!!

I think whichever anon called him not showing up at the airport might be right on the money! It's so awkward

No. 442547

She said she forbid Josh from coming here because she feared 'our lies' would get to him. But she said his brother came here once to have a look at it when we're talking about their mom and the couch.

Not twice. I've lost count, multiple times in facebook and youtube rants. She ended up deleting most of them.

No. 442552

I thought he just posted late because of time zones and him having a job now

No. 442555

Let's not forget: job she made him get to buy a new couch.
This is textbook Raven, she finds useless man who can be online with her all day, but then she decides they need to work to provide and gets angry 'cuz they are not around all the time anymore.
She then looks online for another useless man, and repeat.

No. 442563

She wants validation, attention ect, but ALSO wants a provider. She isn't capable of thinking of anyone else outside herself and wants to be entertained 24/7. Can't possibly fathom that the reason they aren't there all the time or lose interest is because they are tired from working. She's selfish and just wants it all. I cannot see what she'd provide as a partner in a relationship at all. Sure she compliments them for a short while when she's on a love high, but the compliments are all very shallow, mostly things to do with physical appearance. Woman is an absolute nutcase.

No. 442590

That's true. She's one of those people that live for a new relationship. When everything is fresh, everyone is nice and trying their best to please eachother, your partner is interested in you and asks you questions about yourself (I mean she lives for that, talking about herself is her hobby) and when the heat goes down and they get comfortable with each other she just starts being worse than ever and demanding shit without giving anything back.

No. 442594

I hate raven. I really do not "hate" any other lolcow, I dislike a lot of them but it's just petty but raven? I actually DETEST her. reading what she did to Dorian made me fucking sick. I hope she dies. Sage for rage.

No. 442597

You aren't alone. I used to only browse this site for years without really commenting until I found Raven's thread. I actually couldn't believe her drama was real. It's unbelievable that she is so far removed from reality that she treats people the way she does. I can't wait till shit falls apart for her in the states. I want her to get her bad karma back. Her poor son. Poor Logan. I even feel sorry for that Ryan bloke that she's using. Sure he's an idiot, but Raven is a serial liar. Who knows what shit she's spinning to him?

No. 442600

Seeing Dorian and his girlfriend has honestly made my week. They look so happy and stable, despite what that vile cunt of a so-called 'mother' has put them through. I want them to do so well in the world, I can't even begin to describe how much good they deserve.

Raven, I hope you read this and see that you are less than the shit at the bottom of a dumpster. Your job as a mother is to love and protect your baby, you CHOSE to do neither.

No. 442601

It still grinds my gears that this is the same bitch that wanted another child. I don't get it. She sounds like she absolutely despises her own son. She's a bad parent, what makes her think a second child would be any different?

No. 442609

I also wonder this. Does she realize that babies require work? Like, a lot of work? And time? And money? All things she does not like giving up for other people, regardless of age.

No. 442612

File: 1506883112971.jpeg (18.28 KB, 480x405, CA3C6075-DA30-4ABE-B9D2-DD3113…)

Same anon, raven is one of those people id laugh at if they ended up dead. I’d hate onision in the same manner if he didn’t take care of his kids (I think he does somewhat at least)

No. 442616

I really hope we get a rage video before she leaves. Wonder if anyone told her about what's happening here (or if she checked on her own).

No. 442649

This seems awful to say, but I'm so happy Raven had those miscarriages and isn't able to have children. A child does not need to go through the trainwreck Raven is. She is the scum of the earth and a terrible mother. I don't think she deserves to be called "mother" tbh. Call her an Incubator. That's all she did really for Dorian.

No. 442658

In this video she talks at length about what a bad and abusive mother she has been, admitting that lolcow was correct, and says that she has apologised to and patched-up her relationship with Dorian.

Did she lie or is she simply unable to correct her behaviour?

No. 442662

Samefagging but I'm also happy to hear Dorian is doing well. Still, as anybody who was raised by abusive parents know, it's a process to manage, it's not just "a you move out and it's over" situation. . Sounds though like they are both willing to use the mental health system and that's good. Understanding all the ways your crazy mother fucked you up can take years.

Raven is wrong, she assumes someday Dorian will need family, meaning her. She's not understanding that he's making his own family right now, with his girlfriend, friends, and others who care. That's your family dude, not some crazy cow who gave birth to you.

I have a kid and there are no circumstances under which I would ever say anything like that to him, and I'd help him until the day I die if he needed it. So Dorian didn't have a real mother and he shouldn't feel bad if he decides never to speak to her again.

No. 442664

That video is 2 years old, try to not make it misleading next time.

No. 442671

not that anon, but meh, the 'weightloss adventure' bit should have made it obvious it was old. sage your nitpicking next time.

No. 442680

Raven has seen lolcow and all the updates.

No. 442681

lol of course, wouldn't expect anything less.

No. 442682

Any more sauce on this, anon?

No. 442686

I'm Dorian's girlfriend aha. I've sent the screenshots via Dorian to the anon who is helping us use lolcow via facebook so they'll go up whenever the anon is active again. I speak for both Dorian and I when I say thank you for listening to this side of the story also. It's been pretty lovely for him to find that the people who dislike his mom don't dislike him-He's always afraid because she's made so many enemies in christchurch that people will hate him too. It's been nice to see support and actually kind, even helpful messages here.

No. 442687


You should check out https://www.reddit.com/r/raisedbynarcissists/ They have a lot of info for dealing with people like Raven. I wish you two the best!!

No. 442689

Thank you for coming on lolcow and sharing your side of the story. I think I can say that pretty much everyone who's followed the Raven saga thus far wants the best for Dorian. He's been through so much with that leech and you've been such a positive influence in his life. You're seriously the best!! I also wish you guys the best!! <3

No. 442691

One of the reasons we find Raven reprehensible is telling Dorian she should have aborted him. We never hated him and despite an occasional anon crit (we can be hateful bitches. That's what this site is for), we still, as a majority, would never blame Dorian for Raven's actions. Even when Logan would read Raven's scripts on camera, we truly never even disliked him. Dorian isn't close to horrible person material and seems to focus on his own life. You two are welcome here if you need to vent about the things Raven has done. We're grateful that you shared stuff we have no right to. And don't get discouraged if you get an anon hate message every now and again. There's always a queen cunt lurking in our mists.

No. 442698

File: 1506901499220.jpg (985.8 KB, 540x4188, dorian joshua.jpg)

Here are the screencaps of the message Dorian received today from Josh's account.

No. 442704

File: 1506902443883.jpg (10.91 KB, 281x180, all your fault.jpg)

>dorian never had to photograph the abyss
THANK FUCK. I really needed to know that wasn't true, the poor guy has suffered more than enough without that horror.

also top fucking kek at 'Josh', who absolutely doesn't read here and writes exactly like Raven.

>I wish you'd been an abortion

>I'm going to tell everyone to cut you off
>badmouthes the fuck out of the poor guy every chance she gets
>you destroyed your relationship with your mother!
this bitch, wew

No. 442706

Cry more you fat bitch, why don't you fake your death again?

No. 442707

question: why does she have such a vendetta against dorian's gf? even if that stuff were true and his gf left him why does raven rabidly bring this shit up every fucking time? it's literally none of her business, especially if she apparently disowned dorian.

No. 442710

She takes yet another opportunity to claim a teenage girl is a whore. Fuck this woman hater. Keep reading, Raven, you fuck. You deserve all of our hate. I'm going to watch Josh react poorly to your fatass surprising him with your move/burdens. You call a kid a fucking bitch on your channel and expect her to let you own the narrative? You're just angry that a pretty alt girl showed your son that women aren't fat disgusting slobs like yourself. Choke on Taco Bell, cunt.

No. 442712

Is that you, Raven?

Raven already has control of Josh's social media, confirmed

No wonder Josh is less than excited about her imminent arrival. He's seen some of the truth by now.

He can't even do a day's work in peace.

No. 442713

Laughing my ass off at "Josh" saying no parent/child relationship is perfect and it's all in the past.
Bitch, this goes so far beyond normal imperfections I can't even express it. All parents make mistakes, but repeatedly telling your son that you wish he was dead, that he's scum like his dad, that he'll never amount to anything - that's no mistake. That's malicious, cruel, manipulative trash.

And to blame your child for how your relationship is completely ignore someone your responsibility as a paren to be the fucking adult one.

Raven, I'm so glad you're reading all this, you hateful, spiteful hag. Enjoy knowing that his girlfriend has had more of a positive effect on his life in months than you have ever had. You deserve all of this, you pathetic excuse for a mother.

No. 442714

She's like a virus. Infects all your social medias and it spreads if you get exposed to her.

No. 442716

Because she’s young and has her whole life ahead of her, his girlfriend has shown Dorian that is true for himself too. All Raven wanted for her son was to get on welfare and do nothing, just like her.

No. 442718

It sucks that them speaking here has caused further harassment to them, it was to be expected and I’m sure they knew that. But, damn. Thank you guys for speaking out for us and for yourself, hopefully when she leaves you won’t hear from them for a long while.
There’s a reason why she is on here and you haven’t done anything wrong for speaking out.

No. 442723

Let us not forget that in her most recent video, published only THREE days ago (9/28), she says the following:
>So yeah, uh…a lot of people have asked about Dorian. I don't want to go into why we're not talking, but we're not talking at all, and I fucking hate his stupid little girlfriend. She's got a big part to do with us not talking, and I'm not even going to go into that because I'll probably get the cops called on me for saying shit I shouldn't about some stupid little fucking bitch. But suffice it to say, she has ripped apart our family because she's a fucking cunt.< (Gravy, 24 min into the "Final thoughts before moving back overseas" video)

But Gravy, then you say to leave it in the past? Or is it that, because of your restraining order YOU can't speak on it (aka lie and control the message), therefore no one else is aloud to get their message and should respect "that shit that happened in the past needs to stay that way", hmmm?

Seems a bit hypocritical demanding the past is the past, seeing as how you were the one to bring up Dorian and his gf in your latest video.

No. 442724

Please tell me you've blocked the "Josh" account.

No. 442726

Lol I thought Josh wasn't allowed on lolcow? Hi Raven. It's clearly you, drop the charade. It's flattering that you care so much about our opinion of your honesty, but no, you broke your oath to never speak to them again. Also very sad your white knight can't even come to your defense in his own words, by his own volition. Instead you hijack his FB and use him as a channel for your vitriol. Sad. What's he good for then?

Also lol you have no right to judge. This girl cuddles or some shit, okay. You were literally a prostitute and talking to two men behind your husband's back when he wasn't allowed to fap. Even now you're living off a man's paycheck without contributing. The more you judge her, the worse YOU look, having done 100x worse.

Also Josh in case you're listening: Is this how you imagined yourself at middle-age? Letting some fat old bitch you never met have full access to your FB so she can yell at her adult son? You'll never have a son yourself but you'll be raising a child, Raven's all yours now.

No. 442728

She lost control of Dorian after the GF. He's standing up for himself now, so obviously his gf brainwashed him! Why wouldn't a grown ass boy drop his job and whole life to move to bumfuck hicksville and live on taco bell in 1-room motels while his mom flirts with and fucks a stranger. She blames the gf entirely for his sane choice to stay in NZ.

She doesn't even want to bring him out of love. She's just a pussy, scared of living there by herself. Like the child she is, she wants her hand held. So hardcore and dark-souled, muh unicorns, muh plushies! She wants her son to take care of her and validate her Twilight story RP. Now she only has the net for that; she has no friends left (that haven't fucked her.)

And yeah she's extremely jealous of this girl's youth, beauty, likableness, she has a job, etc.

No. 442729

She can't comprehend women and men being friends so she's probably blowing shit like that out of proportion. It doesn't matter, because unlike Raven, Dorian's gf is not spending all day every day putting her personal life online and screwing people over. If it weren't for Raven putting everything in excrutiating detail online, neither of them would have any of their private life made public.

No. 442732

Oh my god, Bless you two. This makes me so happy to see that you both are there for each other no matter what. Thank you so much for coming forward, I'm sure you guys will be successful!

No. 442734

While I realise this is Raven, it is very disturbing the way she has used partner after partner as "proxies" to abuse Dorian.

Keep your head up, mate.

No. 442738

Well, Raven is being super cautious because she knows she can't speak directly to them, restraining orders also aply to online chats.

No. 442758

I love that Raven’s favorite thing to call other women is “cunt”. Because no one is a bigger cunt than she is.

No. 442775

Yeah I agree with this. I'm pretty sure he hates Dorian's gf because she has helped Dorian out of a bad situation and Raven HATES losing control. She liked to control Dorian, the amount of times I heard her say MY son. She sees him as her mere property. She also hates any woman more attractive than herself.

No. 442787

If that really was Josh, him and this waste of life deserve each other. Josh, if that really was you, I don't feel bad for you. She's going to ruin your life and you'll deserve it, and it's a good thing her uterus is a toxic swamp and you two can't create more children to use and abuse. Gross. Raven, the only good thing you've ever done with your life is Dorian, lol. If you DID abort him, then you would be entirely worthless. Fuck you, Raven and potentially fuck Josh too if he actually thinks it's okay to do what you did to Dorian lol.

No. 442790

she's also always been a fucking weirdo about other women generally. like she is just automatically jealous and hates other women, it's really awful.

i'm so glad she never had a daughter, with what Dorian went through as a male, I can only imagine how she would have treated a girl. she's so fucking awful.

No. 442794

I feel like she would've purposely mutilated a daughter's face to try to make her ugly.

No. 442849

You are both so amazing and I'm so happy for you both. I know I'm just an anon on the internet, but I truly wish the best for you guys. Dorian, I am so sorry you had to live and grow up with such a piece of udder shit mother. I am on your side and so thankful you have such a wonderful woman as your girlfriend. Keep fighting and don't stop, you deserve all the happiness in the world.

No. 442851

^ I agree. Keep your chin up Dorian! We're all rooting for you and your gf.

No. 442899

Blantantly Raven's writing

No. 442900

Raven must be dying from the inside right now.
She wants to talk about it, but she can't.
She can't release a video while she is in NZ or she will get arrested.
So, she will arrive in the states consumed by rage and highly torn by it.
Josh is thinking she will fuck him, nah, she will record a rant kek

No. 442904

How would she get arrested though? Unless she makes a threat. I'm just curious. But yeah I'm surprised she hasn't already made like 2-3 explosive videos about this.

No. 442911

I'm not. It's the same as when that playlist of videos was accidentally public. She will pretend to be calm and nonchalant about it, and until she can hold it together enough to do that, she will hold her tongue.

In this case, it also depends on whether she wants Joshie to know. Josh might have given her a password to his account, but does he know she spoke to her son that way with it? Will he want her meeting his family if this is how she gets? Will she want everyone to know her own son has given information to those evil irrational haters about her lies?

She won't respond until she's cooled down and figured how to twist the story. This one is a doozy so it could be a while.

No. 442914

because dorian’s gf took out a restraining order against raven. if she contacts them then a call to the cops will get her ass arrested.

No. 442915

I am not fully convinced she has his accent tho. Imo, it might be that she just copied and pasted what she wanted to say and made Josh send it.

Can't wait to hear what the excuse for her finding out will be now. Did a friend stumbled upon lolcow again? :D

No. 442916

I'm not sure if she took control of his facebook, remember when just recently scorned him for not liking her pic fast enough?
Maybe she just gave him a text to copy and paste.

No. 442917

kek anon
same thing
same time

No. 442918

I can't wait to see how she's going to twist this story around. Dorian made it very clear she is a liar and that he has been abused by her. See rayray, being a shit person will catch up to you.

No. 442921

She still wants actual Josh to look at her stupid pics, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have his password as a "sign of trust".

If he actually cut and paste that filth, what a shitty guy.

I'm still confident she won't reply until she can pretend it doesn't faze her.

No. 442925

You are giving her too much credit.
I think she have already recorded something, and maybe even uploaded it privetly.
She won't release it untill she is out of NZ.

She will probably make a vid about Dorians lovely gf, with screencaps of whatever she thinks proves she is a "cunt".
Because thats all Raven does when she feels attacked, she launches her ad hominem mode.

No. 442927

I'm so proud of you both for not rising to her bullshit. It's obvious that Raven was the one who wrote that message but even for argument's sake if it was Josh, who the fuck does he think he is? He's not his father, he's barely his mother's boyfriend. I'm glad Raven is frothing at the mouth over this, she's a spiteful, vindictive washed up hag with nothing going for her except a couch and Taco Bell.

Dorian, you are a wonderful young man and your girlfriend is just amazing. I wish you both nothing but happiness in NZ.

No. 442929

I don't know why she thinks "your -whatever she is- is a slut" is a good enough argument against everything she ever did to Dorian? It does not erase the fact that you're a horrible piece of shit, Raven. You don't deserve to be a mother, you hag. I'm soo happy you lost the only good thing you ever had. You will never have Dorian back, enjoy your miserable life, fat and being cheated on in the US. Safe travels!

No. 442932

Will be interesting if she goes that far, given that it burns her bridge back to NZ. Wouldn't put it past her.

The countdown begins. 4 more sleeps until the Beast leaves New Zealand.

No. 442935

I fucking love that we farmers are more excited about the move than her and josh put together.

No. 442941

We are excited for the same reason they are not: it is a mistake.
Everyone's realized by now.
She cheated on Logan, the only guy who fought for the right to be with her, who puts up with her shit, who works extra hours the get her all the stupid $200 plushies she wants, damaged to the point of loving her and getting a freaking portrait of hers in his chest.
All that for a twitching fedex driver who lives in his moms couch and won't even get her little name tattooed on him and is already forgeting to like her pictures.

No. 442969

No but Josh is ALWAYS there remember

He's her knight in shining armour, He's always around to defend her whenever she needs it!

She must be so drove over how quickly this changed, I honestly don't think it's the job, I just think he's already bored of her drama and he hasn't even met her yet, I wouldn't be surprised if his family have freaked out knowing how quickly she's moving over and that's changed his mind too.

Either way there's no way josh was smart enough to realise what he was getting himself into but he might just have realised at the point of no return.

The level of disinterest on his part and the level of try hardness on hers is pathetic, I met my husband online and moved to the states and we spoke every single day, If he'd have made that face when I showed him my ticket i wouldn't be married to him!

No. 442998

She wanted a knight in shining armour and all she's gotten is a meth head in tinfoil

No. 443000

top kek

No. 443018

Is anyone else getting "sorry content not available" when trying to view her Raven Bradley facebook page?

No. 443033

Yep, me too.

No. 443034

Compare the regret she expresses in her latest video to the regret she expresses over ending her relationship with Chris (husband #2) in her My Story #10 video which she filmed in 2013 after being with Logan for over a year.

She attributes her need to be controlling on having been abused and controlled by her exes.

>I do feel really really bad for what I've done with Chris. In a lot of ways he was the best, but in a lot of ways he obviously wasn't because he he hurt me a lot. He was really abusive and really controlling, and I just think that I wasn't really emotionally ready for a heavy relationship like that. And I was really unfair to him and, well, he's moved on now and he has a wife and he has two kids and everything. I missed how it was back then, you know, there's a lot of things that I wish I would have done differently. I would have grown up a bit more, not been such a cunt. I mean, you see how immature and stupid I was back then.

>And here I am with a guy that's, what, three, four years or more younger than I was at my youngest and, yeah, my youngest during all this, and he's able to handle it. You know, he was 16 when I got with him, and he's like already having to be a dad, and I'm doing…I 've had all these relationships I've been in where they take my freedom away. I've ended up becoming like that, and it's like, "No, I don't want you going to school. No, I don't want you having friends, damn sure no female friends. I want your passwords to everything and blah blah blah," you know. And everything that we do is, like, I know everything that goes on in his life, you know. Granted, most of it he has given me just to try to calm me because he honestly is like, "I have no interest in cheating on you or anything, so if I have no interest in doing anything wrong what's the harm in giving you my information?" So that's his way of thinking about things which is a very mature and good way, and it does help me with all of my issues, it helps me quite a bit.

>But the thing is, is that, like I said, he is younger than I was when I was a mom and a wife for the first time and everything, and he is able to to handle this relationship, and I wasn't. I was really immature and I was really selfish, and I did a lot of hurtful things, and if anything I wish that I could at least just take that back and, you know, not have caused Chris unnecessary pain, although he did plenty wrong himself. I just, you know, I have trouble remembering the bad, I always remember the good and what I've done wrong, not what other people have done wrong. And so I guess I need to work on that I guess.

>But..um…yeah, my life's really gone to hell a lot worse since I left him. It's been a non-stop struggle, worse than anything else, and I do kind of in a way think it was because I left him. It's like I get non-stop thinking bad karma from that, so I kind of wish sometimes that I had never left. And I remember things or sometimes I'll hear songs that we used to listen to and it's like, I remember that and it'll just instantly transport me back to when I was like 19 and we're in Florida and we're going to the, you known to the flea market and getting books and stuff, and I don't know…I had a young protective husband with me and it was just…I had my little boy and he was actually a cute little boy, not this brat he's become and stuff. And I don't know, I just miss it when life was a little bit simpler, and I wish I had been more clear-headed to actually take advantage of it back then instead of just like being a stuck-up self-destructive bitch, you know. I wasn't a very good person when I was younger, and that's why as I'm older now I've tried really hard to be a good person because I know I have a lot to make up for.

No. 443040

I'm calling it: she's gonna end the thing with Josh, not return to the US, and try to get back with Logan. The question then is, will Logan take her back, despite knowing she's literally cucked him, at least emotionally, and possibly physically with Ryan, and with 2 different men, at that.

SPOILER: I think he will.

No. 443043

Lets not forget the video she would post calling Josh a rapist and or abuser.

No. 443049

I think this too. She is so predictable honestly.
Love the way you dance for us rayray <3

No. 443055

She's changed her name back to Sparks on her main profile…oooh dear…I really want her to go though! Leave Dorian to flourish and Logan to be set free! Plus Christchurch is a lovely place, she doesn't belong there!

No. 443058

Gonna have to get that Joshua tat covered. Thankful that Dorian and his gf are protected by law from her.

No. 443060

I wonder if Josh called things off.

That letter to Dorian using his account would be a dealbreaker to a lot of people; I wonder if that really opened his eyes to what/who he was dealing with. But yeah, although I think she will call off the trip, I wish she'd gtfo of NZ. No one there deserves her. Hell, Josh doesn't deserve her either (unless he actually did send that letter, in which case, game on), but at least she'd be away from a group of people she's harmed by pretty much any definition. And he has resources they don't.

No. 443061

File: 1506955709361.png (6.78 MB, 1242x2208, 3191CCD1-EC98-4389-99D1-2307FE…)

On her Instagram she has been buying hundreds of dollars of makeup. First one there is a KVD vault collection from last year, worth around 150$ usd. The 5th pic is a set of a recent Sephora haul, a bunch of stuff I would eyeball around 200 at least. A bunch of kvd kipsticks, foundation, and eyeliners. She got brushes and maybe a mascara applicator?

No. 443066


Which profile?

She has always used Sparks on blood.upon.my.soul.

She changed her name on Vv.Raven.vV to Raven Bradley (Sparks) from Marshall-Sparks in August.

No. 443067


Why does she have or need two Instagram accounts?

No. 443071

I'm keeping an eye on her youtube.

No. 443075

File: 1506957726945.png (169.58 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3186.PNG)

I never noticed this on her profile before

Ole' racist ravey strikes again

Also can agree with anon on this profile her name was never Bradley, She has to go now there's no way she can stay after all this has come out..

In regard to the makeup/crazy spending I wouldn't doubt if she'd got a NZ credit card and is just running it up thinking they can't touch her when she's back in the states..

No. 443077

"i have zero tolerance for ignorance, abuse, harrassment blah blah blah"

Oh Gravy, if you actually had zero tolerance, you wouldn't spew nothing but that crap towards other people

No. 443080

Logan and I sorted things out. We love each other, our love is true, lolcow cannot get between us, no one can, I'm calling it quits with Josh, we weren't meant to be. I will ask for a refound on the tickets and Logan and I will move back together.

rate my fic.

No. 443081

Cue video blaming everyone and everything else for her shitty decisions and foul behavior toward others…and her getting back with Logan…

No. 443082


I rate your fic a 5/10. Airline tickets are gunna be a fucking BIATCH to get a refund on so…. yeah

No. 443099

she won’t get a refund. she’ll get a credit with the airline at the very most.

No. 443107

No. 443109

6 /10 from me.

try: josh cheated on me / dumped me, logan has stepped up, someone else paid for the ticket anyway so lol.

No. 443110

I wouldn't be so sure, She booked through Expedia and they're well known to be an utter nightmare to get refunds through, The t&cs are ironclad and she's already stated that she's flying with different airlines through the trip which normally voids you of most of your rights.

No. 443113

Actually it's pretty easy to get refunds from Expedia now. They've become a huge company and ass kiss their customers. I was visiting Cali this summer and there was a small leak in the hotel. Long story short, they completely refunded me and found a new hotel for me. Took them over an hour talking to the hotel's manager but they succeeded.

However, airplanes don't work in the same way lol, there is a strict cancellation fee option with an additional charge. If she selected that, then she can receive a total refund if she changes her mind. She probably didn't though. And airline credit is only given if the airline was at fault (like arriving so late that you miss your next flight, etc.)

No. 443116

Y'know how there was some speculation that Josh was getting high on his mom's couch?

Maybe he actually was and cut back or had to quit for the job. I'd assume it was only a casual thing. And maybe the drugs were part of why he felt that vile beast was a good idea. Now that he's sobering up he's realizing the mistake/giving her less drug fueled attention. He seems much more 'sobered' up at least, even if not in the literal sense

No. 443117

Holidays are protected differently though if they're in a package like you said, I tried to move a flight I booked with them last year and they wanted to charge me £200 plus the cost difference of the new flight

No. 443121

It's been over 2 months since Raven's "Joshua" tattoo. Where's Josh's "Raven" tattoo? Lol…
He also stopped religiously liking her social media posts, and pretty much completely stopped liking her Instagram posts. It seems he's lost that initial interest.

No. 443125

Interesting, sorry you experienced that. I went to Hawaii as well this summer though and once again had an easy time moving hotels and changing my plans throughout my package deal. It was almost a joke, so I do believe they're improved a lot since last year. I can't be sure though, of course. It's also worth noting that Expedia is international and each place's rep may be a little less understanding, etc.

Having said this, in no way do I believe Raven is getting a discount. I'm sure she planned for no cancellation and has to go through with this now.

No. 443127

Yeah, it seems the initial novelty of Raven has wore off… Or the drugs have wore off, either way his interest in her has dwindled dramatically.

No. 443128

Josh and CJ booked the tattoo artist together, they will have it done like… any given time now… maybe like… soon.

No. 443131

Probably because he has a job now and can't be online 24/7, which is why she is getting agitated with him (hence the photo where she called him out for being "late" on commenting kek).

No. 443134

I appreciate all the speculation and all the milk but god damn it makes me scared she's gonna stay and haunt Logan forever lol. Hope she comes up with a ranty video soon, telling us how she's really leaving…

No. 443136

i just cancelled a flight that i booked through expedia (american airlines) and did not get a refund, only a credit, and not for the full amount of the flight either.

if she goes full hysterical customer mode she MIGHT get a refund but airlines usually don’t give a fuck. they aren’t retail and will get business no matter what.

No. 443137

Full hysterical mode… sounds like someone we know…

No. 443140

She could. I mean it's not like she paid for those plane tix herself so she probably doesn't care how expensive it is to just back out of a flight like that.
And sadly Logan would probably take her back.
I hope his mom intervenes more heavily if that happens.

>In regard to the makeup/crazy spending I wouldn't doubt if she'd got a NZ credit card and is just running it up thinking they can't touch her when she's back in the states..
I wonder how this even works. It would be funny af if she was doing this and it caught up to her.

No. 443141

Shoot :( Darn Expedia. I did sound very angry each time though (on purpose, lol) so maybe that played a small part, who knows. And yeah, I agree with you.

I mean there's for sure a small doubt, omg that would be bad haha. But considering aaall the trouble she's gone through for this, it just makes sense for her to leave.

No. 443143

even if raven does cancel, let’s face it, she’s going to try to pretend she’s in the states for like a month to keep the haturZ guessing.

No. 443148


I agree with all of you haha. He's backed off significantly. His life isn't defined by Raven, but for some reason she thinks it should be. I can't believe she gets so salty when he doesn't like like her post fast enough. He also replied in a defensive way so maybe he's finally getting sick of her.

I do wonder though. Is Raven seriously this dense and doesn't see through his lies? Like how they have to find a new place even though he apparently had one lol… How he hasn't gotten that tattoo. How he's been backing away from her. Does she really believe he's genuine and genuinely in love with her? Damn… lol.

No. 443155

File: 1506964262764.png (374.11 KB, 505x759, checkusplease.png)

Found her excuse…

Fixed, ty!

No. 443191

my mistake Raven Bradley profile is still unavailable though - what will dirty grandma do next…

No. 443193

File: 1506968909868.png (108.56 KB, 1013x431, couchpotato.png)

So… Raven bought the ticket and uploaded that vid on september 16th.

I really think Josh was not expecting to leave his momma couch untill it 'got real'.

No credit crack head won't get a place for his LURVE.

No. 443194

Every time I read her 'wedding story' I'm struck by its resemblance to a story in a shitty true romance magazine. It is the nonstop, mentally ill ramblings of a next level tacky dumb-dumb.

No. 443196


Brilliant. He so does not want her there.

No. 443199

Raven is so lucky she has lolcow sleuths to do her critical thinking for her. If not for the anons who figured out all of Josh's bullshit, she would have been moving there blissfully unaware that she was getting a oneway ticket to Josh's mom's sofa.

I still think she'll go, because she has such a hard time admitting she was wrong about anything, and she's been selling their "love" and this move sooo hard. I think she'll go just to not have to back down from that.

However, even if she doesn't, either way will be milky as fuck. I can't wait to hear the lies she comes up with about Josh to excuse if she doesn't go, OR the inevitable meltdown if she does go.

No. 443200

File: 1506969469157.png (697.87 KB, 1242x2208, 025C4A28-D212-47E1-B45E-20F8F1…)

Excuses for the spending. In her mind spending money now is going to make her self sufficient.

No. 443201

Urgh I'm pissed because I bet that's what gonna happen. I knew they were both getting cold feet and the honeymoon phase was over pretty fast, but she probably lost her last marbles when she saw Dorian's gf spilling the beans.

For all the love I have for them, I honestly wish they'd have waited till she was in that damn airplane. I bet she ranted and ranted about it to Josh who saw was a goddamn awful person she is and made him post that stuff.

I wonder if Raven wasn't self sabotaging her trip anyway, she was being a huge asshole rambling about all the men loving her. It's crazy how old she is and yet so transparent, even middle schoolers can be more subtle.

I can see that vid clearly.
>Lolcow ruined my life
>Josh wasn't strong enough
>He lied and was abusive (probs referring to the problems they had a while back, fat chance she'll let that slide and not use it against him)
>Gonna stay in NZ but it's so awful I'll still try to go to the US with Logan
>For now we decided to put off the divorce but we'll see if we live together again (ie in 2 weeks) and he's not allowed to talk to girls in the meantime anyway

No. 443202


tbh i want her way gone from logan, so maybe less sleuthing at this point

No. 443204


Seriously, Ravey, your narrative skills are non-existent.

Everything in the world is high drama to this retard.

No. 443221

>I just can't put that on him

But it's OK to put it on a 21 year old kid who she's browbeaten and mentally abused for 5 years. Gotta love her ethical and moral code.

No. 443224

File: 1506972432595.jpg (515.65 KB, 440x1000, dorian answers01.jpg)

Here are a few more answers from Dorian and his lovely girlfriend.

No. 443227


She bought the ticket around August 25th, six weeks before her departure date.

No. 443231

This is amazing! He clearly doesnt want her there, isnt ready to leave him moms couch at all! He's backed off majorly. I almost feel sorry for her. She'll ogo of course, gotta prove the haterz wrong hasnt she but shes going to be stuck in a very lonely drug addled hostel life. His family love Claudia and she'll never compare to her

No. 443235

>she's worried about the consequences of saying something else actually attached to her name because of screenshots<

Gravy, you should be worried. We are documenting all of your bullying and harassment. Ain't nothing we'd like more than to provide receipts for the police.

No. 443243


She brought money so that Josh wouldn't have to buy her makeup, clothes, or PADS? There's something I wasn't actively wondering. You have to love cows who volunteer so much weird tmi shit.

No. 443245

>All I ever said was hey "I made a new friend" because I was excited that I made a new friend

jfc. I come to this thread to get bitchy not sloppy lol. So many hugs to you, Dorian.

No. 443247

I second that, the thought of a son being happy they've made a new friend and their mum deciding to seduce their friend….ugh. So sad.

No. 443254

I cannot say how much I'm sorry that you had to go through it, Dorian.
I wish you the best, with your lovely gf, with your school and future.
Congratulations for stepping out of that fat hag claws of abuse.
Be brave, be better!

No. 443257

Seems like she is just hell bent on destroying Dorian any way she knows how. Physically, emotionally and mentally… He couldn't even make a new friend without his mom taking that away from him. I'm disgusted that someone is capable of doing half the things she has done to her son. Honestly I am really hoping she does go through with the move so he and his girlfriend can be safe and happy with no chance of ever seeing her again. Dorian and his girlfriend, we all stand with you! Stay strong and don't let her bring you down to her level with her petty ass drama. You are stronger, smarter and better than her.

No. 443280

>a small part time job

wait what? why is this the first she ever mentioned this?

in b4 a handjob is still a job

No. 443293

Small part time job as in Ryan and the johns who gave her the phones are paying her for sex.

No. 443295

not just that … the way it's phrased. it speaks to his loneliness and difficulty making new friends because of cyclone fuckwit deciding to hag around all over the place and drag him along. heartbreaking stuff.

No. 443298

It really upsets me that because ravey has made so many enemies in Christchurch that dorian gets tarred with the same brush. i really want her to leave so everyone can just get on with their lives. i've been to Christchurch multiple times - it's an amazingly arty city hit hard by the quakes…which oddly raven never mentioned…my sister lived there throughout the earthquakes and found an amazing do it yourself community and lots of love…i guess raven was just indoors playing facebook games the whole time…

No. 443301


Earlier this year she mentioned having "a small job that I love."

No. 443302

Damn… I'm sorry you were abused like that, Dorian… No child deserves that kind of a childhood. I'm really happy you're in a better period now. I admire your courage and ability to be a kind human after years of… This. Truly, I'm proud of you.

I was reading her wedding blog yesterday with the details of her looking at Logan for the first time… It made me sick. The way she was describing a 16 year old boy, a boy younger than her own son… She is disgusting.

I hate the way she was talking bad about Logans mom because Logans mom was younger than Raven and Raven couldn't believe she is not being respected, since she is older.

Raven you beat your son and mentally abuse him, fake your own death, tell lies 24/7, date a 16 year old… But god forbid someone disrespects an elder. Geeee… Now that's a sin.

No. 443319

I used to be fucked up half the time and I couldn't even go through with party plans or continue conversations I started while fucked up once I was sober for even a day or two lol. If Josh actually was just strung out while getting all serious with Raven and is now sober for work, it would explain a lot. I can't get his reaction to the ticket out of my head. Even later on the porch he seemed so fucking defeated and uncomfortable. I wouldn't be surprised if he's so overwhelmed and repulsed once she gets there that he just goes back to using lol.

No. 443321

sorry if this has been discussed - but has she ever mentioned the earthquakes in her vids/updates…cos it seems like she's so self obsessed and petty that natural disasters arent on her radar.

No. 443328

The only times I remember her mentioning the quakes is in relation to how many amenities she can't get in Christchurch and how much she hates it.

I am from Christchurch and lived there during the quakes, and I can't imagine talking about it like that, as though it's just an inconvenience to HER. Everyone is inconvenienced, Raven, and you got super fucking lucky that your house, family, pets were all okay.

No. 443332

She sometimes says something on fb. Nothing big enough to note, I think in a video she brought it up but more about damage of one a year or so ago. I am not local so I don’t know if she brings it up as often as they happen or just when it’s big.

No. 443333


She made several posts on her Official Raven Sparks Facebook page and posted a couple of videos which are now private or have been deleted.

No. 443334

my family live there, and it was a big fucking deal - a lot of people with ptsd - so in some ways i'm confused she didn't dine out on disaster. but anyway the place is getting back on its feet and will be 100% better without her…so i pray she actually leaves.

No. 443477

I really don't think she'll leave. Why? Because she's a narcissist who would be losing control of Logan as well as her son (even though she doesn't actually control him, as long as she's physically around she knows she can make him uncomfortable). There's no way she can let go of that control. She will desperately claw her way back in with Logan and will stay with him for a couple of more years until a better white knight comes along. Thing is, she's rapidly ageing out of the dating scene. Sorry Ravs, no matter how young you think you look a 40+ y/o woman's worth on the dating scene is nil. She'd be smart to look for an older man but of course she's not smart.

No. 443496

I am really torn because I agree with this, but on the other hand I also think she WILL leave because she's so narcissistic.
She needs to prove the haters wrong, that's why she does everything she does in life. She needs to be right about Josh, and I don't think she knows how to handle admitting that they were never in love.
Unless she can find something to lie about Josh so she doesn't feel like it's her failure (he cheated, he lied, etc etc.) then I think she has to go because she can't handle the haters being right again.

No. 443508

True. I think she will go because if she stays, she opens up conversation about her cheating on Logan with Josh and another dude. If she goes, that story line kind of dies.

No. 443544

I THOUGHT THE SAME THING. In Australia, there's a magazine that mostly elderly women buy for stories and crosswords. It's named 'that's life'. If you send in love stories or stories about your life, you can get $200. Sage for blogpost, but my babysitter growing up was an old lady who used to buy the magazine, and I used to read the stories in it. Often they are sent in by white trash women, with titles like 'I ended up marrying my boyfriend's brother!' complete with photos. Even as a kid I would cringe at the way they wrote about true love ect…the first time I watched Raven's video and recently read her wedding story, I was reminded of the way those stories were written. Trashy and drama filled.

No. 443562

I think she enjoys being gossip fodder. She probably thinks she's on the same level as celebrities who are constantly written about in trashy magazines , and it makes her feel important and like people are obsessed with her. Raven… just a reminder that those celebrities don't self submit and then have a million messy public reactions after the fact. Keeping giving yourself asspats and convincing yourself that you're making money off of us , though.

No. 443586


Haha, yeah, I'm glad I wasn't alone in noticing this. She's definitely old enough to have checked out those magazines as a kid, they were way more popular back in the day. True Romance and True Confessions were the big ones in the US. They're so out there. It's always unwanted pregnancy, wrong baby daddy, rape, or screwing someone you shouldn't.

Most wtf story title I ever saw: Carnival Rape Date.

Ravey definitely missed her calling.

No. 443588

Catching up. Too fucking angry to say much.

Except this.

Raven somehow, against all the odds, actually did have something good to her name. Dorian. Despite all her fuckery, all the men, all the guilt, blame and drama.

Unfortunately, she doesn't know real worth if it smacked her in the face. And fortunately, she's not some,self-apointed arbiter anyway.

Dorian honey, this is not a place known for "nice." But I truly hope you can free yourself from this vile woman and all she has inflicted. Your gf is a diamond, the two of you are great, but you alone define yourself. And you show more maturity, kindness and manners towards your mother than she's ever shown you. You're absolutely the bigger person.

I really truly wish you only good from hereon in. It's not easy to get over having the responsibilities of the world dumped on your shoulders and, if you ever find yourself struggling, please reach out for help. You are a very valuable human being - never, ever forget that.

No. 443589


As if an older man would publicly go for this fat slob covered in ink with a face full of holes, don't think so. She is stuck looking for people trashier and more retarded than she is.

No. 443606

I forgot…

Dorian and lovely GF - you know Raving will release some kind of attack on you.

Don't worry about it, especially not in terms of any support you may have got from here. I have no doubt you acted out…but what your fucknut mother needs to realise is that kids act out FOR A REASON.

It's incredibly sad that her repulsive behaviours have left D thinking he'll be tarred with the same brush. No doubt we're going to hear all about how you beat her, screamed at her, strangled her. I doubt I'm the only one who'll think "he should've squeezed harder."

No way can you be unscarred from it all though. If it IS Couchie trying to shut you down, he should be thoroughly ashamed of himself; he's nothing to you, just the latest side-prick. Nothing to do with us or milk or gossip; you just have a right to be heard. The theatre for that is YOUR choice, not hers or her latest neanderthal. If anonymous people here help you speak, then so be it. If we don't, then so be it. This is about you and what's right for you and your life.

No. 443608

This is so true. Decent older men who would be willing to take care of her probably prefer women without all the shit on her face and body, and her shit face/body in general. With some class, and without the shit personality. She wants considerably younger men, but younger men only want an older woman who's willing to take care of them. It's clear she isn't the person to do that, what with her utter lack of work ethic and morals, y'know, her fucked up "tailbone" and all. Gravy is fucked.

No. 443615


The Love That Was Greater Than Love tirned oyt to be The Love That Was Smaller Than My Need For Fluffy Unicorn Shit.

She probably thinks she's being clever - everything with Couchie is fine but she's sending us on a wild-goose chase. She never got the memo most of us don't read this obsessively….just when we're on the lavvy.

If she 'n Couch Potato do go tits-up, wonder if she'll spin it as "too intense, we loved each other too much." Barfsome to anyone who doesn't treat life like a ten cent shitty romance booklet.

I hope she fucks off tho. NZ, Dorian and Logan have done enough time.

No. 443617

It's also so predatory that a mere casual comment of "MILF" had her zero in on a kid, using the advantage of an adult woman's knowledge about male insecurities and especially teenage boy insecurities, to ensnare him.

It makes sense that she's sugarbabying… well, it explains the phones.

Maybe she's findomming.

No. 443642

All the money she spent on bullshit could've gone towards advance rent or extra bond to make up for Couchman's credit rating in the rental market. If I were Josh, I'd be pissed.

Then again, if I were Josh I'd be changing my name and moving to Mexico about now.

No. 443679

The thought of Raven toting a two-year supply of sanitary pads across the world. I fear she won't leave purely because of the amount of garbage she's proposing to pack.

No. 443694

This is a good point, anon. Raven is a predator. The average woman upon finding out her son's friend thinks she's a MILF doesn't immediately scheme and plot to find a way to ensnared him. Most women would probably cringe a bit learning such information - they certainly wouldn't find it so flattering that they'd do their solid best to fuck a minor younger than their son.

She's such a sewer person.

No. 443700

True. Surely it would have made more sense to save the money and buy pads in the US? It's not like they dont sell them there

No. 443707


It really warms my cold heart to see all the encouraging and loving paragraphs of support here towards Dorian and his gf. It goes to show this isn't about bored bullies. There are multiple reasons why Raven has garnered all the negative attention that she has, and obviously people here are sensible enough to recognize good from bad. Good luck D and gf, stay strong and as another anon said, you're definitely the bigger person here :) Good on you.

No. 443760

it's the language of someone who acquires things compulsively. her priority in this move is acquiring as much shit as possible, as if the things will somehow prepare her for this change.

No. 443761

put 'sage' in the email field (see like I have here). it's not needed to say it in the post too.

No. 443763

also I agree wholeheartedly with you

No. 443774

File: 1507027831039.png (185.97 KB, 800x712, Screenshot_2017-10-03-03-34-19…)

Why does she need a spiderweb shirt when she is already covered in spiderweb tattoos?

No. 443785

it will look so bad with her tattoos

No. 443804


So many beautiful, classy goth clothes and Raven always manages to buy shit that looks like it's part of a Halloween costume.

No. 443856

Moans about putting on weight
Moans about being self conscious of said weight gain

Buys see through shirt…. K.

No. 443857


She's made her body a trashy caricature of goth aesthetic, no reason she shouldn't dress the part. (I agree with the larger point– there are some really beautiful clothes in that aesthetic, but Raven isn't going to buy those. She is really amazingly trashy.)

No. 443859

Classy older men wouldn't go for her, but she could always latch onto some old codger with dementia and spend his pension coins and maybe inherit a paid home. You're in your 40's dear, the ovaries have shrivelled, you haven't taken care of you body physically and kept it in good order. It's time to start punching down. A meth sore pocked loser is a good start tho so cheers to that!
I wonder if she'll latch onto the meth thing we've brought up here and site that for her inevitable breakup reason.

No. 443860

The whole pads/sanitary napkins statement was fucking bizarre until I parsed it out.

She's moving to a different country to be with her new victim. He knows she has no job lined up and he knows she did not work or live well in New Zealand so she has no savings. They plan to "marry" as soon as they can and will live together until that happens.

In this situation just about every woman could expect their soon-to-be-husband to be willing and able to pay for their pads, toilet paper and similar necessary hygiene items. Instead Raven is going to buy them in New Zealand and take them with her, eating up precious space in her luggage.

She knew he didn't have a pot to piss in when she began all these machinations. She was just so bored she decided blowing up her life in order to play Annabel Lee to Josh's Romeo was worth it. She is moving across the world to live with a man she doesn't have enough faith in to have enough money to purchase dire necessities.

Maybe Josh will flog her the money to buy a diva cup. It will take up far less space in her luggage when she flies to another country to meet the next victim.

No. 443867

Machinations is the word of the day

( saged for pointlessness )

No. 443872


Even Ryan sent her money for cigarettes and sometimes food before she moved to New Zealand.

No. 443879

And he will prob be sending more money and stuff for her while in US, because as Dorian said she uses him for everything.

No. 443887

but why does Ryan go along with it?

No. 443895

She added "pads" to act like she's getting the necessities. She probably bought a package like any woman because you don't want to start bleeding and not have sanitary napkins with you.

My guess is that she's buying all this shit out of anxiety. I know when I went to visit my bf out of state I'd buy a new outfit (end of blogging). I'm assuming she's starting a new life in America and wants to be surrounding by new shit and clothes. It's all for vanity. She's doing it before she leaves because she wants to be glamorous for Josh? Or a simpler explanation is that she has money and doesn't know how to leave it in her account. She can buy shit so she's going wild.

No. 443931


No doubt she plans to keep on using him. But I can't see Couchie "allowing" that - guess we'll find out if he's a total cuck too. But i think it's more likely poor Ravy will have to choose between The Love That blah blah blah or pointless shiny things.

Either way there will be endless whining and drama. And, unlike the current situation where anybody has to feel desperately sorry for Dorian and at least a degree of sympathy for Logan, this time we can just enjoy the shitshow. Frying pans at dawn!

No. 444000

Three days until Gravy gets on the plane!

No. 444001

What's Raven's excuse again for having to buy a new place in the States, when Josh already apparently owned a place to begin with? Like why does she think he needs to get another house, when they already have one? (It's an obvious lie since he never owned a place so now he's scrambling, but does she seriously not see it?)

No. 444025


Sooner than that. New Zealand is GMT +13. It is Wednesday morning there.

No. 444026

She was saying that he has his own place and how we are soo wrong. Then all of a sudden she posted a video saying he is looking for his own place, not explaining why and not mentioning the house he "owns", so yeah. She didn't give any excuses. She just stopped talking about it lol.

No. 444031

File: 1507062090815.png (375.4 KB, 800x625, 1505574698460.png)


She edited this in over her video when she said, "Yeah, I mean he does have a place [caption for emphasis], so I mean if worst comes to worse there's that, but then also there's hotels, like you can rent it by the month, and he'll make enough money. We can stay in a hotel month by month until we figure out what we're gonna do as far as a place to live."

A more believable excuse would be that he needs to live closer to work since Saluda is 50 miles from Columbia.

No. 444044

>diva cup
Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if because of how much of a "prude" she makes herself out to be, she doesn't wanna stick things in her vagina. I wouldn't be surprised if she's one of those who thinks that tampon use makes you a whore. She seems the sort.

No. 444061


You must be new here.

No. 444093


Thanks guys. I guess she's somehow accepted his lies and covers up for him? Or she's actually that blind. It's almost like she /wants/ her life to go down the dumb path.

No. 444115

he "loves" her. also, he has a fetish for middle aged goff queens.

Remember how Josh said that he did not like Ryan and was not comfortable with her living with him?
That's why the whole "birthday in the mall with my exes' for me sounded like a bitchslap in Joshs face.

No. 444156


He didn't say that explicitly, but in the Q&A #3 video his demeanor and reticence (when otherwise he was outspoken in his answers) communicated his doubt and discomfort.

>Have you met or do you know about her other ex Ryan and what do you think of him?

>I've never met him. I don't want to message him because of the situation. I'm not sure of the situation. I don't want to make things difficult for Raven. I think he's definitely unique. I'm not sure how to say this actually, and I've actually talked to you about this before.

>R: Everybody thinks he and I are and have been fucking this whole time.

>J: It's not just how you feel about him, and you could be lying to me, but you're not. I've seen how he makes it out to be in front of me, and that has got me thinking, and she knows, I mean that's just common sense, that's gonna make you think that. He makes it out to be that they're together …I know it's nothing like that at all. He's unique. I know they're not fucking or anything like that. I know how she feels about him.

No. 444159

sage for repeating this but I'm so relieved that she wasn't able to have anymore children. Can you imagine if she ended up having those twins? Babies are SO much work and if it's anything like the way she treats animals I wouldn't be shocked if they ended up getting taken away from her if she did end up having them. Phew. What a relief.

No. 444178

I can only assume it would end up like this.

Raven has twins and ends up asking for donations because she can't afford 2 kids at the same time. She makes a few rant videos on how expensive it is to have children in New Zealand and how she hates it. A couple weeks go by and she is noticing how much less money she can spend on herself. Raven (knowing her track record with animals and her own son) gives the children up for adoption because she can no longer afford them. She makes a video about it explaining it was a mutual decision seeing as how they can barely afford to pay rent they can't take care of children… Then a week later she takes the rest of the donation money and blows it on more shit tattoos, horrible clothes, shitty makeup and a bunch of other useless shit. Then Raven makes another video explaining she bought all that stuff because she was sad. Lol But like i said, I am just assuming it would have went this way.

No. 444184

Nah, that's pretty much spot on. That's what she does. She gets something (i.e. animal, baby) and has a high. It's exciting! Aaaaand then you have to feed it? Are you kidding me? You mean I have to put the needs of SOMEONE ELSE before my own. Formula wouldn't be this expensive in the US and because of that I'm putting my children up for adoption.

No. 444234


Please sage your tinfoil hatting.

No. 444248

I honestly think she's purposely keeping ties in NZ (prob part of the reason that she's so upset about losing control of Dorian) because she suspects it won't work out and she'll need to run back to someone who will support her. Also, I'm really curious as to how much Josh has disclosed to his family. If a family member told me they were going to be flying in a person they met online , I would immediately​ search them up, ESPECIALLY if they mentioned a significant online presence. Can you imagine what they think if they actually googled her name? I wouldn't be surprised if Josh had actually planned to have her crash at his mom's with him for a bit but got a flat out "no way in hell".

No. 444267

So I'm out eating and that raven kids show is on and on this 50" screen it pops up RAVENS HOME and I start hysterically laughing…

( sage jus' cause )

No. 444282

I wonder if she'll wait to make a video until she's with Josh in a couple days? I'm surprised she hasn't responded yet. Maybe she's afraid of the lash back since she doesn't really have a defense.

No. 444307

She just said her flight got pushed back 2 weeks
She’s not going

No. 444309

File: 1507093117488.png (11.15 KB, 415x354, 3D861945-DDB1-4497-A40B-C82DAA…)



No. 444310

File: 1507093255214.jpg (246.85 KB, 1418x1066, Screenshot_20171004-005951.jpg)

She's going nowhere… RIP Logan

No. 444315

Oh, fuck. Fuck. FUCK.

It's never going to end.

No. 444317

What do the comments say ? Has josh chimed in?

No. 444320

Fuck. Fuck. FUCK!!!!

I want New Zealand to be free of this hag. She doesn’t deserve to live in such a beautiful country. Jesus. Will Dorian and Logan ever be free of this nightmare?

No. 444324

File: 1507093731882.png (26.18 KB, 412x304, 762CDDDA-BE55-4BB0-9BD6-25D7BA…)

This is as devastating as it is completely fucking unsurprising.

No. 444330

File: 1507094104941.jpg (528.36 KB, 1420x2118, Screenshot_20171004-011356.jpg)

So far no answers.. isn't Dmitri actually Ryan?

No. 444333

I was under the impression that it was Ryan, I wish someone with a throwaway would message him and ask him his side see what he comes back with

No. 444337

File: 1507094312818.gif (233.62 KB, 320x240, gfd.gif)

this fucking hag …

No. 444342

she fucking pussied out like the dumb whore she is.

She could have never made it in america.

No. 444343

It is Ryan, he uses an account not connected to him personally.

No. 444344

sage for tinfoil hatting but… what if her flight hasn't been pushed back and she's just trying to throw us all off? you know just like how she totes fooled us with her and logan being a real couple.

No. 444348

I bet Josh isn't ready for her to come. No way can he be self sufficient after living with his mother on her couch for god knows how long. I wonder how he finally found enough courage to tell his beautiful narwhal that he needed more time. That's why you don't surprise people, Raven, you dumb shit. She's been constantly talking about how Josh has her entire life in his hands to manipulate him into being able to provide 100% for her. This fucking sea cow.

No. 444351

File: 1507094739628.png (15.02 KB, 229x229, A1997802-4E15-4701-9A92-0E6B4A…)

I wonder how many are unhappy for the same reasons we are.

No. 444352

That is possible with how she thinks she “feeds the trolls false information” successfully.

Raven, you aren’t that bright.

No. 444353

File: 1507094874554.jpg (232.94 KB, 1407x1002, Screenshot_20171004-012628.jpg)

update.. I'll try to keep them coming if they're wanted.

No. 444355

Maybe. Let's hold on to that hope.

This is it. He doesn't have a place, and can't just shack up in a hotel while still saving bond money.

No. 444356

yes they're wanted. SHE NEEDS TO SAY WHY

No. 444360

Yes please, you're our correspondent from the storm front.

No. 444362


the ironic thing is that I started off with a genuine interest in her (I'm pretty into goth and I watched her and a few other goth youtubers) but I quickly realized what a turdbag she is and found you guys… now I'm posting screenshots here…

(I saged my blogging, don't hate me)

No. 444364

For the Empire….

No. 444365

i wonder if he was fired

No. 444366

Looks like she has complete control over Logan again. Can't say how I know, but I found out today.

No. 444368

Give us clues!
Type it in binary !!!!

No. 444371


This is not the milk i ordered. I'll drink it, but I won't like it.


No. 444372

No. 444373

I'm so sad because he was my friend and I have a feeling she's behind me getting blocked out of nowhere…why do I deserve this, Raven?

No. 444374

are you female? because that's probably why

No. 444375

Actual proof

No. 444376

I wonder if she's trying to buy some time so that she can force Josh into making a "mistake" and then blow it way out of proportion so she has an excuse not to go.

I know it sounds tinfoily, but I really feel like everything she's said recently points to her realising that Logan is the most whipped man she will ever get (mainly because he wasn't a man when they got together, he was a child), and that Josh won't give in to her so easily, and also won't pay attention to her 24/7 now that she's made him get a job.

She is realising that it's all a mistake and trying desperately to back out of it without making it look like the "haters" were right.

No. 444377

That's awful the woman is a psychopath, She really is unlike anything I've ever witnessed, Do you have a phone number you could contact him on ?

No. 444378

LOGAN IF YOU ARE READING THIS PLEASE UNBLOCK ME, you were my friend and I feel hurt because whatever she said to make you do this is not true or fair to me…

No. 444380

I'm sorry but would he still tolerate her if he read about all her antics here?

No. 444381

This !

Total gaslighting!!

No. 444384

He does. I can't believe this shit.

No. 444387

Sorry anon but begging Logan to talk to you only makes Raven happy. It's really best to leave Logan be until Raven leaves, then try to talk to him again.

No. 444388

I'm calling bullshit, this is just to take away tinfoil time on what gravy is really up to.

Unless you can actually provide actually information that you were chatting with Logan as in with pictures, screenshots stop now.

No. 444390

File: 1507096805249.png (153.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3907.PNG)

Is everyone happy? I'm really upset right now. I can't believe she would do this to me. I at least deserve a reason and goodbye like wow…

No. 444392


aaaaand you're a dick

No. 444393

If Logan wants to ruin his youth and be an ultimate cuck that's up to him. No one can save him but himself. She's cheated on him and paints him as a fool and he still tolerates it. We all feel bad for the guy since he's been groomed as a child, but he's an adult now. If he leaves his friends for that trash bag of a woman than maybe he deserves her. Logan, if you're reading this, then think about yourself and think about how your life will be while remaining with Raven, if she'll cheat on you again, how you'll spend your later years. Just think about yourself and your own self respect.

No. 444394

You tit, Raven controls his FB. He doesn't even use it.

No. 444395

Jesus. Raven sure knows how to pick the perfect victim. Prey on them while they’re still a child and their brain hasn’t fully developed then damage them from life thereon out. Full brainwashing.

I’m sorry she’s done this to you.

No. 444396

No, that's his personal fb. We've been friends for a bit.

No. 444397


it's because you're a girl

No. 444400

I think she accused me of being from this site but I only got in after and now to try and reach out to him. Idk what else to do but I'm worried now. I may never talk to him again if she's made up some crazy shit about me.

No. 444401

He might unblock you after she leaves. She's probably on his ass about it and blocked you to shut the bitch up. Don't blame yourself anon, it's up to Logan to decide on if he wants friends or not. If he's going to let Raven keep him from having caring friends then he doesn't deserve to be your friend anyway. Don't be too sad over it until after she leaves. Then see what happens.

Also >>444397 what this anon says.

No. 444402

Was FB the only form of communication you had to him? Tbh if he let Raven block you and is okay with it it's not worth being his friend. Especially with no good-bye or explanation. I'm sorry anon.

No. 444403

Thanks. I hope he does. But this 2 week thing she posted about and then him blocking me is what really concerns me…:'(

No. 444404


again it's because you're a girl. Gravy HATES other women so he's probably blocked you to shut her up

No. 444407

Eh, it's only two weeks. It'll fly by before you know it. Don't give it any more thought until then cause your sadness makes Gravy orgasm. And that's a vomit-inducing thought.

No. 444409

I meant I'm worried she's not going at all. It's weird timing and super suspicious I guess….and if you're behind this Raven. You're vile. Someday you will get what you deserve, and it won't be pretty.

No. 444411

I still don't see how she was able to change a flight so last minute that sounds very dodgy and there's still flights on that day so they haven't all been cancelled

No. 444412

it'll be fine.

No. 444420


She isn't going and I doubt she was ever serious about it to begin with.She's still "in love with Logan and he's clearly still her puppet. They'll be back together within a month and couchboy can get back on the meth. Everybody loses.

No. 444426

You probably don't understand how desperate Raven is to get back to the land of Taco Bell. She's been talking about returning for years now and she has a ticket…both a plane ticket and Josh. I'm sure she's trying to salvage her relationship with Josh to use him enough to get grounded in the US. She probably also wants to keep Logan pining after her so she's giving him mixed messages.

However, I do wonder if any of this has to do with Dorian and his girlfriend coming her and releasing tons of information. Exciting time, but I feel bad for Logan's friend. Hope that works out.

No. 444432

Honestly, I think a lot of that is that Raven just loves to whine.
Wherever she is, that is the worst place ever. Whatever is happening to her right now, that's the worst thing ever. She loves complaining, she'll complain about the US if she goes too - just like she complained about it before she moved to NZ.

No. 444436

She's probably not done buying things yet.

No. 444441

I think she's secretly like a less hot Melisandre

If she takes the shit out of her face BOOM she's 200 years old again, She probably just needs the blood of a child bride sacrifice before she flies.

Either that or her broomstick broke.

No. 444442

He reads here?

Logan, you have so much to live for, don't do this.

She is possibly an actual witch. There's no way men are willing to be treated like such shit based on her personality or aesthetics.

No. 444447

If he is your friend, just ask him in person. If you're the same person who was posting here the last few days, you said yourself you see him at work or something.

I just find it stupid, you know Raven reads here and your crying will only make her happier.
Just chill and ask Logan in person and if you can't… Sorry to break it to you but he was never your friend to begin with.

My guess is Raven is probably doing this because she knows we'll all go "Nooo" and she can act like she fucked up all of our lives.

My only hope is that she makes more ranty videos now that she is staying for another few weeks.
Cmon Raven, you know you wanna call us all lifeless, basement loving stalkers again.

No. 444448

Not to be a dick but I think he may never contact. Raven probably yelled at him for letting himself get a friend that's "a lolcow hater" and said you got close to spill the deets, that you're not a real friend who happened to just stumble on him randomly outside of the Ravensphere. if he had any doubts he could come here and see info on personal conversations and it would confirm the infiltration story, also he's probably getting yelled at hard for letting it happen. He must feel dumb, he does't have friends and the one he cautiously gets close to is from the internet hate machine lolcow ragging on his only love.

Sorry I just think it's best to move on, the boy is in too deep. I doubt he'd befriend a known farmer. Or did he know? That would be very interesting and rebellious of him.

No. 444453

But what about him not even having a bed?

No. 444458

If Raven gets satisfaction from watching people go "nooo" wanting her to leave the country and her victims alone, she can have it. That's just really really embarrassingly sad.

No. 444467

She is playing with her haters. Two weeks makes no sense. They were going to stay in a motel until they found a house, so that hasn't changed. She's worn out her welcome in NZ, and that hasn't changed. And she sure as fuck doesn't want to miss Halloween in the states. So I think she's playing just to make us "mad."

The other possibility is that she's too damn lazy to have finished packing her two years worth of menstrual pads and clothes. But I think she's going-changing her international and connecting flights would be a pain and could even be costly.

No. 444472

There’s no way she just went up and cancelled the shit, right? Like the other anon said, there are still flights that day so this probably is just a ruse to throw us off possibly.

No. 444475

Imagine how much this cost. Couple of hundred bucks at the minimum, plus the difference in the new fare. It's very fishy.

I know it's hard to lose a friend but Logan is an adult, no-one can make decisions for him. As painful as this is to watch. I'm sorry you suddenly lost a friend, and I hope he comes back even if it takes some time.

No. 444482

I always knew she was never going back to America. She's pretty much a fat, old, goth, America-obsessed version of pt; she'll constantly complain about how terrible NZ is and talk about how amazing America is but will never go back unless she finds a perfect boyfriend/husband there who will fund the entire trip, spoil her, and give her constant attention.

No. 444490

Really hoping this is just a ruse to throw us off and get a reaction out of us.

she doesn't need that many pads surely, she's not exactly far off the age of menopause now kek

No. 444495

This. She's more than likely trying to fool people. And like she has said, she likes to make us guess and shit because we're so obsessed with her.

If she did cancel the flight, she's not getting a refund back, even with insurance on it, only if there was a medical emergency or death and even then it'd be difficult to produce anything. Especially traveling with multiple airlines. I just lost out on a flight and the only thing that was refunded was the taxes on it. And if she did move her flight up, she'd have to pay extra on it and usually you can only move your leaving date a few days before or after, not weeks.

There's a couple of reasons on why this could be happening. She's trying to distract people from the things Dorian has said/leaked, Josh didn't know about the message that was sent from his account and they're in one of their "couple big fights". And other little things like her probably not wanting to get off Ryan's dick or major regrets over Logan. But I honestly don't believe anything has changed.

There's no way she'd just up and cancel a flight that's a few days away that costs $1,000 USD to see the love of her life. But then again, she didn't pay for it so she could probably care less.

No. 444500

File: 1507112443140.png (305.97 KB, 574x484, Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 11.1…)

I've not included the picture of the poor dog (like ray did) as i care about animals. If the neighbours did that to a dog imagine what the southern rednecks would do a sasquatch like Gravy!

No. 444501

Poor doggo has since died :( Shell be happy though, it means animal loving josh will have all his attention for her

No. 444502

Well I'm not a farmer and never really got on this site until now. We never even talked about Raven. I think maybe once we talked about it, but it was mostly about ourselves and our interests. Never asked about that part of his life. Whatever he believes and thinks now, It's not true. She just turned him against me once she found out I existed, I guess. He did lose a real friend…but I'll be here for him if that ever changes. I hope you see this soon, Logan.

No. 444504

this is BS

No. 444508

is it, though?
I don't really doubt the veracity of it.

No. 444512

I think it's soo weird and unnecessary for her to share these news. Who is she publishing this for?? I hate that she talks instead of Josh. Like oh this will PROBABLY be very hard on Josh…. Like bitch let the man post his own updates on his life.
I don't understand the point of her posting that. It would be another thing if she was there and half witnessed it.

And if this is the reason for them postponing it… Wow. You'd the her "true love" would want her there in hard moments of his life, eh?

No. 444513

She had said that she has overstayed her welcome and that she must leave "where she is staying by the end of September because they are having relatives come visit."

She said that before she bought the ticket in August she had asked Josh, "How about October 6th? Do you think you'll be ready by then?" and that he said he thought he would.

No. 444516

File: 1507116069566.png (35.29 KB, 538x97, Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.2…)

Josh wouldnt want pictures of his dead dog being shared around so she does it and blocks him from seeing! Why is every thing she does for self obsessed attention?

No. 444518

aaaand bad energy is already visiting Josh's life. good luck, Josh.

No. 444526

What the fuck was the point of her post anyway?? Why do HER FANS have to know such a thing happened? Jesus she is such an attention seeking whore, it's unbelievable.

No. 444527

She probably just thinks she being clever and "tricking" us. It's weird that Ryan would comment "WTF" on her status. I doubt he would find out via facebook that Gravy decided not to leave.

But then again, the Gravy Train would have no problem inconveniencing someone else so she could continue her drama storm in NZ.

Gravy, waddle your fatass onto that airplane and gtfo!

No. 444529

Maybe he did found out by facebook 'cuz she moved back in with Logan.
That would explain Logan blocking his friend out of the blue.

No. 444531

Reminder that Raven wanted to “shock” people by being in the US while pretending to not have a ticket yet, until the video leaked. She was willing to ask for money by ebegging after she bought the ticket to keep it up.

Plane tickets can be transferred to a different date but it would cost her to do so, maybe a hundred or 2, plus the difference of the two tickets. She would need to get another loan to do this since she is broke. This means new video soon I bet.

No. 444537

I hope she's doing this so she can publish a video of her in the US and being like "haaa tricked you!" lol.

No. 444538

Anything is possible, that's for sure. But I don't think Logan would have had time to find a new place (he's living with his mom) and I highly doubt his mom would let her move in.

My bet is that she's lying.

No. 444539


I love the tea that was spilled but I really wish it had waited until she got on that plane. She was already feeling remorse for leaving Logan, now she's probably going to try even harder to get him back.


No. 444543


Well, I hope that he has blocked you to get Raven off his case, and it will blow over in a couple of weeks. I am sorry you are feeling badly, this whole thing really does suck in pretty much every way imaginable. Keep your chin up for another couple of weeks and see how things fall out.

I hope against hope that he is not going back to her/ taking her back; I can't imagine a more self-destructive thing he could do.

No. 444550

He might go back. But their relationship will end up being the same (shitty) and she will cheat on him again with another Love That is Greater Than Love and the same thing will happen again.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

No. 444558

he can easily end up like ryan, on the hook financially and emotionally for years

No. 444567

This, she'll just keep using him to buy stuffed bears and food at the food court in the mall. Logan's best chance is for her to get the fuck out of NZ

No. 444569

Tbh, I'd be pretty freaked if i found out one of my friends was talking about me on a site like this, however nice they were being.

Especially so if I found out via the medium of being screamed at by my narc grannywife, furious about me talking to other girls when she has decreed I won't (in Raving's mind, Logan is going to cry himself to death over her. And if he doesn't, she'll bloody well give him something to cry about.)

He's already been manipulated into virtually no social media presence - it's actually one of the most vile things she has done, utterly removing his agency in a comms forum which is the norm for his generation - and not hers. So, against a backdrop of suspicion fostered by Fucknut McCrazyface, his first forays into something he's already wary of end up exactly as Goffbag has told him endlessly they would - "they only want to be friends with you to get to ME."

Kinda an own goal. Maybe he doesn't deserve friendship if that's how he treats friends. But we all know how this will have gone down and he's likely jacked all his "friends," feeling very betrayed and not knowing who did so.

Sorry, but….I would too.

No. 444577

I completely agree.
Especially because that person brought literally nothing important to this site. "haha yes he does talk to girls!" is not really milk.
I think you fucked up that friendship on your own (no matter how Logan also doesn't know how to treat friends, obviously). I would be hurt too if I knew you were talking about me.

Maybe that's why he blocked you, tbh.

No. 444578

Coming from a rural area myself, it is totally possible it could be an accident. If the neighbor was practicing in his yard for the upcoming hunting season, it's very well possible that the dog ran in front of the arrow and got hit, either in the neighbors yard or from a stray arrow. Shit happens sometimes but unfortunately some people do it on purpose. I believe it was an accident. Raven wasn't there so she can't say that the dog was/wasn't in the yard. Even so, why put up a picture of the dying animal of someone you love so much? Does she realize this isn't normal behavior?

No. 444581

What's fucked up is that she's probably doing this for attention, just like when she posted up the picture of Marmalade. All for a few moments of attention from people on facebook.

No. 444595

Ok real talk about Logan's "friend" that came out of the blue, you guys do remember someone pulled this shit last time saying they were Logan's friend and that they don't know why he blocked them and how hurt they were. Like I can't be the only one who remembers this. (Like around last year or the beginning of the year and it ended up distracting us from milk that came later)

I'm on to you gravy.

No. 444602

this friend isn't giving us any pertinent info. Dorian and his gf came through - this other friend isn't exactly blowing the lid on Raven's lies…so i'd not give them that much credit

No. 444607

I remember that, and fell for it then. Not this time. I’m glad there hasn’t been much interaction this time around. No caps? Mo proof? We don’t buy it, and it’s best to ignore them. They didn’t even give us any relevant or interesting milk anyways.

No. 444611

True. And also notice there was no bad mouthing Raven at all from this anon, it was clearly her. Try harder next time Raven, you pathetic fat whore

No. 444634

Why no one is sageing is this thread all of the sudden?

I think the delay has something to do with the excess baggage, maybe she could not afford it in time.
Plus the hole couchboy motel saga.

No. 444642


Read again starting with >>441699
She posted a screencap at >>444390

And sage your shit.

No. 444657

If friend anon is really friends with him, I'm just wondering why she didn't go to his mother about her concerns instead. Like other anons pointed out, it's a really stupid idea to go to us since we can't do anything about it and it's only going to make things worse.

No. 444659

And as someone said… Anon didn't give us any milk or said anything important. For all we know, Logan maybe blocked her himself because he realised she is sharing info about him.
I don't even care if she's lying or not. Her posting info here was unnecessary and attention seeking and now she's whining she "lost her friend :(". Sage your shit at least.

No. 444666

Would you really go find someone’s mom that you never met to talk about the adult son? The family knows he is fucked up, but it’s creepy to bother his parents over personal convo.

If she was real I hope he gets back in contact, but if not it isn’t a big deal.

No. 444668

Shitty proof was brought up like that last time too. Like I call bullshit on the whole thing.

Like it may not be gravy doing it but you act like she won't use on of her cucks to do it. Or it is her and one of the million psycho things she would do.

No. 444670

Honestly , who cares about friend anon. I'm more interested in her suddenly delaying her flight. She hasn't given any real explanation, has she? And where's Josh on this, shouldn't he be devastated considering how overly excited he looked when she told him she got the ticket hahah

No. 444671

That bitch isn't going anywhere. Not with Josh.

She's pushing back the date so she can get back together with Logan. His sponsor in the US is still willing to hook him/them up, as she said. 2 weeks for Logan to quit his job and get his last pay check, sell his car and his possessions, buy a plane ticket for the US.

She gets to symbolically kick Josh in the head for not being who she pretended he was, and he can't say shit about it because he didn't pay for her ticket, everyone else did. Logan proves how devoted he is to her by leaving his new friends and family behind for a life of isolation, abuse and Taco Bell in the US. Dorian is left behind with no chance of reconciliation between him and Logan and Raven is now free to harass and stalk Dorian and his girlfriend internationally without the fear of being prosecuted.

Or something.

No. 444672

I think Logans friend was Raven too.
Her reaction to the question about Marmalade being killed was totally off. She acted personally offended over a legit concern.

No. 444681

I think she's lying too and will leave on time. Raven, it's the FINAL COUCHDOWN!

No. 444702

and it it's well-known that a) logan hates social media, and b) raven controls all his accounts and impersonates him to everyone, including his family
this 'friend' should hurry her fat ass up and get on the plane.

No. 444722

File: 1507145065350.png (389.45 KB, 541x520, Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 20.2…)

a makeup page i follow is selling lipsticks. Thought the names were very fitting

No. 444746

File: 1507148545914.png (538.28 KB, 750x1334, 1505641035495.png)


Do we know that Logan hates social media independent of Raven saying that he does?

This screencap shows Logan's account in Raven's history as having chatted 2 hours prior.

No. 444748

File: 1507148619127.png (70.64 KB, 640x676, IMG_6274.PNG)

'Just a hiccup'
Josh hasn't liked or commented on this status at all and her husband she's living with knew nothing about it. She's still going on the 6th but trying to surprise the haters my guess is she blocked josh from the status

No. 444756

If she did do a custom status for blocking out Josh, wouldn’t the symbol be the settings icon instead of the friends only one? Idk if I’m explaining this right but yeah.

No. 444761

Idk if others can see that, the dog status is the same friends locked, although she made the graphic one public…

No. 444769

that just means he was on two hours earlier not that they were talking.

although the people that pop up there tend to be those you talk to most and are tagged in stuff with the most.

No. 444780

i thought that but she said in anearlier post that josh was blocked from seeing it and that icon was 'friends' too

No. 444781

I think for others it just has the friends-only symbol so as not to advertise that you're excluding someone. The settings icon only appears for the person who is posting.

No. 444783

File: 1507152479221.png (2.25 MB, 1242x2208, AE9941CB-8CDB-44D3-90AD-2FA603…)

Raven shared this from the brother. Note the wording, Joel says it is his backyard and his dog. Nothing about Josh here.

No. 444786

Probably his couch too.

No. 444792

Sage for ot but that's kind of incredible there's no legal ramifications. A guy in my country got a suspended sentence for shooting arrows into a cat on his own property that he mistook for being feral.

No. 444793

It's ok if no one believes me..I only came back here to reach out to Logan. I never talked shit about her to him because I didn't know much about her until after I met him and being that he was my friend (and that he still loves and cares about Raven) it wasn't worth throwing my friendship away. Seems I've fucked up but all I wanted was the best for him. Sorry

No. 444795

I'm really surprised no one mentioned it yet but I guarantee you my animal had an injury like that you bet your fucking ass I wouldn't be stood around taking fucking photos I would be rushing them to the vet, Those photos were clearly in the yard.

No. 444799

Posted the wrong photo…. if admin could delete that'd be awesome. …. fuck iPhones

No. 444801

you can delete it yourself, tick the white box then click delete, it's a time limit though

No. 444802

I didn't make a password, like a genius

No. 444803

Report the post, don't worry anon happens to the best of us.
Report it so admins can remove it.

No. 444804

Yeah I reported it, Thanks ha

I'm not too worried it's not like I'm her friend but my point still stands SC law says you can't wound, main an animal so why wasn't this guy prosecuted ?

No. 444805


Josh and Joel share the house with their mom.

No. 444807

Thank you farmhands!

No. 444826

I don't think it was Raven - I jut think she's irrelevant

No. 444827


I'm really sorry you lost your friend to this emotional vampire, anon. Abuse is nothing to fuck around with. All you can do right now is wait. I'm sure if he reads this site, he knows you'll be there for him when he escapes.

Tinfoil hat but I'm guessing she noticed you're a girl that talks to him and is more attractive than her (jesus christ it would be a hell of a task not to be) and twisted it into "She probably posts on lolcow since she mentioned it to you. Why would you be friends with someone who talks shit about me?"

All bitchy lolcow stuff aside, she's a real piece of shit. Aside from Onision she's the only cow that I genuinely think is an irredeemably shitty person that the world is better off without.

No. 444832

Since you read here, Raven, just wanted to say that you're a child abusing piece of shit. I'm glad your son got away from you, but what I absolutely can't wait for is the day that Logan realizes that you are a literal rapist and that you stole his childhood from him.

Once people who've been gaslit all their lives wake up to that fact it's not pretty for the person who did the abusing, because what he'll do is cut you off completely and you'll have no control over him any longer. There won't be a thing you can do about who he talks to or what girls he fucks or how he spends his time and it will destroy you, just like it does every other narc.

I know shit like that makes you rage to the point of fucking with your own health, you psychobitch, so while you try desperately to maintain a facade of disinterest at all the shit that's come out about you in the past few days, just know that we can all tell how fucked off you are about Dorian finally getting out from under you and your shit. I hope he lets you rot in an old folks home. Good for him. One kid free, one to go.

lol, human garbage.

No. 444834

Tbh if they ever took the dude to court for it, the pictures really aren't a terrible idea and could probably help their case a ton.

No. 444849

Anon, you're killing me. please no

With the friend thing, there's no way imo Raven will come here to say something detrimental about herself. In this case, that Logan is going behind her back and having a female friend. Raven has to portray herself as winning (even if her measure of what that is, is warped).

No. 444853

having the pictures may help but the post and subsequent comments may do more harm than good

No. 444873


Take the neighbor to court (ie. file a civil suit with the associated costs) over the death of a dog that is not theirs and for which they did not attempt to seek medical attention before it died?


If they were concerned about whether it had been separated from its owner they should have taken it to a shelter or vet to have it checked for a microchip when it showed up months ago. If they are truly empathetic towards the potential owner of the dog after it was unjustly killed they would have it checked now.

No. 444886


This exactly, anon. I highly doubt Raven lacks the self-awareness to admit (even posing as a "hater") that she forces Logan to cut ties with friends. She always has to pass it off as "Logan doesn't like sluts".

And even if she could admit to that, there's no fucking way she'd admit to Logan sneaking behind her back to talk to a girl unless she was announcing it publicly for pity like she did with porngate. Why would he do something like that when he loves and worships her? Why would he need to talk to some skinny slut bitch whore when the only person he cares about is Raven?

No. 444889

This Raven woman is some piece of shit.. Wow just wow with her fucked up life..

No. 444893

To post normally, leave every field (name, email, subject) blank. it will auto-fill. When your post is not contributing new information, type the word 'sage' into the email field only, leaving the others blank (it's what I've done in this post). There are good explanations here: https://lolcow.farm/info

Yep, she is an absolutely awful person.

No. 444897

100% but you can take them at the vets after the dog has been stabilised or in the car on the way to a vet, I bet that dog wasn't even taken to one

No. 444906

Just another perspective. I live in Ohio and bow hunting season for deer started this week. I tried to look up the season for SC and it seems it may be around this time as well. Most people go out at dawn or dusk when the lighting is poor outside. It doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility that this was just an accident? I’m not defending the neighbor by any means but this may be something to think about.

No. 444937

Who knows what the real circumstances were… we just see that they posted a pic of a dog with an arrow through it rather than take it to a vet.

Hey, maybe Raven has switched to the brother now. He already has a place and a job, right?

No. 444940

I don't think she's trying to bait us with the "can't go for another 2 weeks" thing. She's way too narcissistic to fake anything that might make people think there's trouble in paradise. i think she's not going, and she's just buying herself some time to construct the "logan is my 1 tru luv, we were almost torn apart but our love for each other brought us back together, and josh was a liar" story.

No. 444943

File: 1507175495884.png (349.62 KB, 1010x732, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.50…)

then again josh DID just post this

No. 444946

he probably hasn't found out about the delay yet lmao

No. 444947


The source of the image he used.

No. 444949

I remember her saying in a video that she really wanted to “surprise” her followers with a video of her in the USA with a Josh. Of course that didn’t happen because she released a video “by mistake” (ya, right!). Raven thinks she’s such a highly-followed public figure that droves of fans will be waiting for her at the airport in S.C. She probably told Josh she needs to throw-off her fans and of course the paparazzi!

No. 444952

She’s definitely going?

No. 444954

She’s definitely going (thanks for the pic of Josh’s post) Get the popcorn ready!

No. 444959


Sage goes in email field, click on post number you're replying to and it'll insert a link in the text field, and avoid posting several replies in a row.

I'm confused - how have we determined shes definitely going?

No. 444962

I'm probably just as confused as you are. All I can see is assumptions based off of one post Air Head Josh made. No definite proof as of yet.

No. 444966


lmao me too, i'm the one who posted the screencap and even i don't think it's definite evidence. what was the "file deleted" pic of?

No. 444970

It just seems to me that she made that delayed flight post to throw off people for whatever reason, and hid it from Josh (or he knew but forgot, and later posted the "it's almost time" photo). Plus, in the comments, didn't she say she's still going to go?
She probably just doesn't want us cheering on her leave from NZ.

Also, I saged this but I'm not too sure… Is saging also meant for opinions? Like every time something is said that isn't new info about Raven? Thanks.

No. 444971

Shoot I'm so sorry, I picked the wrong field. Ahh.

No. 444972

I deleted my comment as I put in a question mark by accident and I wasn’t asking a question. No pic.

No. 444974

Raven isn't considered a reliable source for anything. She says she will go but who knows.

We're not sure yet why Josh posted that pic. Maybe he hasn't even been informed yet, or maybe she's bluffing, but nothing is definite as yet.

Sage should be a default setting, really - unless you're sharing milk like new screenshots, videos, info, etc, it should be saged.

No. 444978

saging is for any post that does no add new information, yes. you need to put sage in the email field though (so your post looks like mine here), and I think that's been mentioned three times in recent hours here (if the posts referred to are yours, that is). it's all made clear at https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 444979

* meant for >>444970 only

No. 444980

I'm kind of enjoying the uncertainty. she's kind of fucked either way, and as much as it would be a negative for the nz folks if she stays … it's raven. she won't be able to help herself. she'll do something stupid and get arrested for harassing certain someones. Or she can go to live on the couch of a guy who doesn't want her there, do something stupid like throwing a shitfit at taco bell and assaulting the manager over forgotten sauce, and get arrested. It's all good.

No. 444982


to be honest, if she is still here when she no doubt posts a response to the screenshots we made public then we probably will either try to have her arrested (which honestly wouldn't be hard at this point. Could probably still do it which would either make it fairly hard for her to leave the country or make sure she has to leave, either way it would be funny), there is ample evidence of her creating issues in the community and abusing her kid. Any psychiatrist could tell you that point blank.

No. 444998

and now I feel kind of guilty because I didn't realise you were still here … shit. Sorry to be imagining complications for you. I'm firmly #teamfuckoff, it was just a twisted optimism.
Also, how are you two being so chill about this? You've been so calm about all this, it's really something.

No. 445001

File: 1507189216376.jpg (675.16 KB, 1437x1617, Screenshot_20171005-033717.jpg)

Puke… if only she "needed" him enough to just get on the fucking plane already.

No. 445003

File: 1507189478070.png (82.19 KB, 540x408, Screenshot_2017-10-04-15-50-23…)

And she has had how many dogs plus helped care for and show Ryan's?

No. 445011

Haha, don't worry. We're calm because at this point there is nothing she can do. We're happy. We have our own place, we have a stable relationship, we have work and school and privacy to the point of only sharing what we want to share, we have a family and friends and shit to do. I have actually lurked around lolcow for ages because it made me feel slightly better after she threatened me and hurt Dorian because it made both of us feel like we weren't alone (as I didn't really feel I could tell anyone what was going on with Raven, or Dorian and I because there was too much deeply personal stuff in it). At this point, we're both fairly public people (as in we don't really mind sharing information about ourselves or her) because we are comfortable with each other. That's why we're chill I guess. I don't care if she stays or leaves, she's never hurting me or Dorian again. There is nothing left she can do-I thought I was pregnant while I knew her and I was honestly terrified she would try to take our baby, I was terrified she'd physically hurt us, get my parents involved, share my nudes (which she still has i assume) etc, but at this point, we have defences. we have the legal system and adults we trust and heaps of friends and my whole family on our side. There's really shit all she can take from us or do to us now. the worst she could do is talk to Dorian again and start to abuse him mentally (which wouldn't be hard, he's very open and honest and therefor trusts people when they say they're sorry almost regardless of anything they've done) but I don't think at this point he even would talk to her because our life has too much riding on stability; Being financially codependent, cohabitating, helping out friends, and on our way to starting our own family…there is really no room left for her you know? I like ranting here, I'm actually feeling so much better about everything and so is Dorian. He likes seeing all the comments and drama unfold without having to touch any of it, or hear about it. I'm on school break and we're both sick so it's something we do to keep entertained aha. Hope you don't mind us lurking around

No. 445012


Be wary, guys. We can speculate about personality disorders, narcissism and downright batshit crazy in relation to Goffbag Granny but it's very much reality to you two.

It won't help that we are genuinely on your "side" - not just to annoy her, but because both of you have more maturity and sense in your young years than she has, or will ever, muster. Drama aside, we more than anything don't want you two to have to deal with any more. Dorian's a credit to her; shame she's too up herself to realise she threw away one thing that could have made her mental life look good.

But she'll hate that we feel that way (I'm not meaning to speak for others, but the support for you two has been unanimous) and we don't want you to have to deal with even online vitriol. You've done your time. I just hope she is going, purely so you two can breathe easy. I'm sure Dorian is just at "whatever" after decades of this, but every bit adds up. Take care, eh?

No. 445013


Nuts, posts crossed.

Can I adopt you two? D's greatest revenge will be to be happy. You make my cynical old heart weep.

And so fucking what if she does release your nudes? The hypocrisy is hilarious! Don't ever let her make you feel ashamed.

No. 445015

>>445012 (Blogging)

Yeah, we're still careful and are actually fully ready to press charges if she even as so much starts sending abusive messages again, but to be honest, speaking for both of us, hanging around lolcow for the last couple months has legitimately helped us through because it was a reminder that it wasn't just us that thinks she's crazy, and we weren't overreacting by leaving and cutting her out. Seeing all the support here has been really actually quite nice, and very unexpected. we sort of expected more backlash…But instead, we found a source of sort of validation? which we don't need, but does help one keep their chin up when shit is upsetting. I think my mom might fight you if you tried to adopt us because she called dibs aha. There could be issues for both of us if she releases my nudes (family would be upset, i'm not really wanting that on the internet…but i could prosecute her under the revenge porn laws, i belive). Anyway, aside from all this blogging if it's okay we'd like to stick around lolcow. And to whoever the anon was who contacted us on fb they were a dreamboat and so helpful in releasing all that stuff.

No. 445018


You've earned the nickname "lovely girlfriend" here.

I think all of us are genuinely thrilled Dorian is doing good and he's found the very best. He was set up really poorly by circumstance and to see you both rising above it is just….oh ffs. Someone bring me tissues.

We know there will be baggage though. Never, ever be too cowed or stressed to reach out for help. I left home really young too, I know the challenges - and I'm staggered by how serene and mature you are. Even misanthropic old bitches like us will always cheer on the young ones rising above it.

Go Dorian and Lovely Girlfriend. I'm having banners made!

No. 445026

>I don’t even like dogs.

As if we needed any more evidence that she is a terrible person.

please don’t get butthurt if you’re not a dog person

No. 445028


She posted both of these on her Official Raven Sparks community page, too.

No. 445029

she also had multiple dogs she said she liked…

No. 445032

To be fair, and not to defend the bitch, but maybe she just meant she isn't a dog fan overall. Like I know some people who dislike dogs but like just the one breed. And then there are people who hate cats but might like kittens or whatever. In any case she shouldn't allowed to have pets and posting that picture was unnecessary…

No. 445034

It is now Friday the 6th in New Zealand!

Will she stay or will she go now?
If she goes there will be trouble
And if stays it will be double…

No. 445035

File: 1507202653875.jpg (165.15 KB, 1186x1230, byebye.jpg)

Theoretically, she takes off in 6 hours or so?

She mentioned flying with Qantas, Jetstar are affiliated, there are three early morning options if she passes through Sydney: http://www.christchurchairport.co.nz/en/flight-information/airport-arrivals-and-departures/

No. 445036

Does anyone have her profile added? If she's offline for 15+ hours we know she fucked off !

No. 445037

The version I looked at in Expedia, which may not be hers but could be, says 32 hours total journey time including two 5-hour stopovers. Three flights, there is the 15-hour flight in the middle.

No. 445038

Where are the longer stopovers at?

No. 445040

File: 1507203496803.jpg (81.16 KB, 976x1592, flights.jpg)

5hrs Sydney and 5hrs Dallas. I don't know if that's the itinerary she's flying but pic is the one I saw.

No. 445045


Dorian and the Lovely Girlfriend - I can relate, having a narc parent sometimes you think is your fault, that you are provoking, that you are doing something wrong. You believe when they apologize, you believe, the cycle of abuse goes on and on. When you finally shut them out, they slander you to any and everybody.
If you guys ever need to vent, to tell us something that happened, something that she said or did, not for the 'gossip' sake, but for 'getting it out' - we are here!
You guys are always welcome! Much love.

No. 445050

I just think it was a unnecessary thing to say to a person who is hurting. It's just not appropriate. Even when giving her condolences she has to make it about herself. But I guess that's just Raven, eh.

No. 445055

I think she might be clever enough to purchase in-flight wifi to 1. Continue her obsessive stalking of lolcow and Dorian/gf and 2. to throw us off her trail by posting.

If her flight was changed/cancelled, I think she would be howling about it and making Josh post too. His comments are pretty neutral - probably means he's just playing long.

BYE RAVEN! Welcome back to the land of Taco Bell!

No. 445056

>and i don't even like dogs
lol way to make it about you, raven

No. 445061

My transatlantic flights have never had wifi only domestic, It's never been available

No. 445073


from small european country anon - much hugs and you guys are fully welcome here <3

No. 445098

Thanks! And nah that was my first post. I think Raven has attracted quite a few people here by talking about it so much.

I agree. It's rude and insensitive and you definitely don't have to be a dog lover to sympathize. I'm not even a dog person myself but I wouldn't say "sorry to hear, and I don't even like dogs!" Wth.

No. 445238

sage for OT, but it reminds me of those people who are like "i dont even LIKE Ariana Grande but i feel bad for her" about the bomb at her concert.

bitch no one cares that you don't like dogs, it's completely irrelevant to you feeling sympathy/empathy for a dog that got shot. it's like she's trying to get extra nice person points because omg, guys, she doesnt even LIKE dogs and she STILL cares! what an angel!

No. 445346

Anyone who has her added got any updates ?

No. 445360

very interesting and thoughtfully written. thank you for being so open, it's really added so much to the conversation, and it's a relief for me to know that it's only the cow that we piss off, you know? It's even better this has been so cathartic for you. We're all here to vent; for me personally, someone like Raven is an avatar of all the shitty things I hate about people I know or have known, plus some extra horrible thrown in. Now you two come along and it's just a totally different dimension to the story, and it's awesome.
Since you mentioned it, yeah, thank you to the anon who helped them image dump.

No. 445449

She's not getting any wifi to purchase on a 15hr Qantas Economy international flight. Source: Australian anon here. If she follows the itinerary I found here >>445040 she'll be on that 15hr portion now.

No. 445455

File: 1507261771814.jpg (1.13 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_3259.JPG)

OR IS SHE?!!!!

No. 445456

I laughed so hard at this… Why Anon… Why? lol!

No. 445463


I wonder if she's actually gone. It'll be funny to find out where she is when she pops up. Surprised Josh hasn't mentioned anything since the post last night if she is coming. She could have instructed him not to, but she doesn't seem concerned about him talking about it?

No. 445464

live link for anyone hosting a bon voyage party rn

here's to her being on it.

No. 445469

Thoughts and prayers to whomever has to sit next to her.

No. 445479

and the brave staff who have to serve her

No. 445481

Coincidentally the flight times match up with the shit she's posted, Hmmm

Unless people who have her added can see more than I can ?

No. 445487

Only able to see her public postings but yeah, posted 3 and 6 hrs ago.

Doesn't matter, she could get Josh to post from her profile mid flight if she wanted, and she loves the game too much. Time will tell where she is.

No. 445488

You think she'd let a man into her profile? God no…

No. 445489

This page gonna blow up when we find out if shes in the US. lol

No. 445538

File: 1507284193977.png (1.97 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3276.PNG)

I was rewatching this old gem…

Are you kidding me ? She looks 60 here ! I honestly gasped.

No. 445539

What video is that, anon? Don't want to have to go through all her shit vids to find it.

No. 445541

Doing my makeup with brushes


No. 445542

File: 1507285011598.png (1.89 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3277.PNG)

No. 445543

lmao someone needs to show this to Josh
remember how she said she doesn't like being on cam much, even with him? he probably doesnt even know what she looks like for real.

No. 445544

Thanks anon.

No. 445545

Ofc she disabled the comments. People were probably saying she looks old af.

No. 445546

I knew she looks old, but damn… didn't realise just how much she looks like those old asian gannies you see with a stroller on a bus stop…

No. 445547

She looks much better (still horrible but better horrible lol) without those awful contact lenses.

No. 445548

Yeah first thing I noticed too, Her smile lines are soooo deep which is ironic because she's always miserable

No. 445553

Holy fuck, that anon's Melisandre comparison wasn't far off

No. 445555

Ironically I'm the same person who posted both ?

No. 445556

Oops didn't mean the question mark !

No. 445570

If she laid off the salt in her diet and bothered to wash her makeup off before bed (actually had a proper skin care routine) with her Asian genes, she could probably look about 30, but it's a combo of no sleep, bad diet, weight gain and loss, no exercise and poor hygiene that she looks so old. Sage for blog post, but I'm quarter asian and have maintained a good skin routine and maintained the same weight give or take a few kilos, I am almost 30 and have been constantly mistaken for a 19/20 year old. She wouldn't look like such a hag if she actually looked after herself!

No. 445573

I want to send her that korean skincare book, maybe put a bat on the cover to trick her into opening it.

No. 445574

No. 445596

Are we thinking she's almost in couchland ? Raven doesn't stay silent this long…Ever

No. 445598

She posted a generic new zealand thing a couple hours ago but nothing else for many hours now. I think shes on her way to couchland

No. 445601

I really hope so. According to the itinerary posted by anon above, she should be in couchland in 2 hours or so.

No. 445605

Kids, it's like 4am down this way. Even the undead sleep.

We'll have confirmation soon enough, and it'll be milky either way.

No. 445608

Now go back to her comment about sleeping in her make up and that she looks better than most people. Hag is the best definition for Raven.

(Important sage because we're all waiting for actual updates)

No. 445610

File: 1507307184043.jpeg (293.74 KB, 750x1334, ADCB97CD-DEF2-4C37-91EF-B797E5…)

She’s on her way over to you guys in America.
Ravens never offline more than a few hours.
So far it’s 13+ hours offline.
I’m on her friends list. I have chatted to her a few times.
New here so unsure wether I’m doing this right.

No. 445613

Thank you for the deets

No. 445615

when anons called her a granny i didn't take it seriously since a lot of posters here think anyone over 25 is a senior citizen, but without the makeup she legit looks like someone with a few grandchildren. i audibly gasped.

if you drink enough water, don't use excessive amounts of makeup and keep your skin clean and moisturized, you don't even need to be asian. blogpost: i'm as caucasian as they come and in my 30s, i also look at least 7-8 years younger even though my weight fluctuates if you treat your body like shit, even asian genes won't save you, as evidenced by raven who does the exact opposite of what needs to be done.

No. 445616

This Milk will be too good.

No. 445618

File: 1507308605043.gif (834.72 KB, 350x200, IMG_3300.GIF)

No. 445619

Yeah sorry, I didn't mean for that to sound racist. Also, didn't mean to sound humble-braggy apon reading that again.

On another note, I can't wait for her to land. I can smell a shit storm already.

No. 445620

Not just the saggy face, but there is something extremely aging about the way her eyebrows are tattooed on. I feel like the way they are up so high, hilights the saggyness and bagginess of the jowls and face. I know she has mentioned they are tattooed to make her eyes look bigger, but they don't. They just make her look weird.

No. 445624


she says she only wears makeup for videos and going out, which means Joshie-boy should get nice and comfy with ole leatherface here kek

No. 445627


SERIOUSLY. Those fucking blue lenses NEVER looked good on her!

OT but I've noticed some weird inferiority complex in brown-eyed people when it comes to blue/green eyed people, so much so that they'll wear cheap blue lenses and be in denial about how shit they look.

Next time you talk to a brown-eyed person, tell them the light makes the green in their eyes pop, and then watch them get all happy about it. Every time.

No. 445633

Imagine the smell coming off Raven right now ?

She'll be loving it though, Plane food is her idea of fine dining, All that processed goodness!

No. 445635

I wish I could be a fly on the wall when those two lovebirds first meet. Just imagine if there is no sexual spark or chemistry at all, as frequently happens when two people who have only interacted online. Awkward.

No. 445666


oh no anon, no worries, i typed that reply and i didn't mean it in that way at all. i agreed with you but wanted to expand on your point.

No. 445676

Not really, I have light brown eyes and always wanted darker brown, I wear darker lenses all the time.

If all she wanted were blue eyes she would wear natural-looking blue/green lenses, not this crap. She wants it to look freaky and unnatural.

No. 445700

well how else is she going to be interesting, anon!? Certainly not by improving her personality!

No. 445720

Raven is probably wedged in the tiny airplane bathroom, furiously shaving her legs at 30,000 feet. She's glopping on red lipstick and tightening all the metal in her face. Get ready Joshua, your lady is arriving! The couch will be a bouncing before you know it. Woohoo!

No. 445765

File: 1507326866629.jpeg (52.22 KB, 1193x193, CDDEE55E-D4E2-4F2A-AAD6-E40F94…)

Bitch didn’t go. She moved out of Ryan’s to someone else’s house most likely

No. 445766

Last leg of the journey coming up! http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL3637

No. 445769

Her last (proposed) flight doesn't leave for 1h45min. If she's on the journey, she's on stopover in Dallas still.

No. 445770


i need to see a date on that one anon

No. 445772


Does DFW have a Taco Bell?

No. 445775

Shout out to lovely girlfriend and Dorian:

Do you two know if she left the country?

No. 445778

Diff anon but I checked and it says 5 min ago for me..so she is at least on a phone with data. Not sure how to show it and the time without shop.

No. 445782

she probably wouldn’t have data coming from NZ to US. she would need to replace her sim card (or have a mobile plan that automatically charges you for overseas use, similar to verizon). if she’s in dallas, she’s probably using wifi.

No. 445783

Google says yes but surely she is saving the first Taco Bell visit for Josh. If she truly loved him, that's what she would do.

No. 445784


Such a romantic first date for those who love with a love that is more than etc!

No. 445786

Well, something is going on. She normally posts once a day on Instagram. Nothing ye. I'm surprised she wouldn't post something old, to go along with her story. Hmm

No. 445787

We have no clue aha. We're lurking here waiting to find out same as everyone else sadly.

No. 445790

It is equally possible that she went or she is keeping quiet to fuck with the haters. Everything she does is motivated by how she is perceived to us. Pretty sad.

No. 445791

this is a person who lets the public see her own 'secret' videos. she couldn't fake something if she tried.

No. 445821

The time on her phone says 5:52 PM which is the time in South Carolina (the time almost an hour ago)! I’m thinking she is in couchland!

No. 445826

That's the time in DFW according to timeanddate.com. Columbia says 6.52.

No. 445829

bloop, I thought you meant right now.

at any rate, she's probably not going to be offline anymore as she can get wifi on this plane, probably.

No. 445841

I really hope she went and isn’t trying to prove us wrong with some ghosting shit.

No. 445848

Same lol, I really prefer the bold and dark contrast :) As for the "makes the green pop" comment by the other anon, uhm… that sounds exotic and I wouldn't be surprised if anyone were to get happy hearing that.

No. 445850

Wait, are her "eyebrows" tattooed on? Oh my god. Why.

No. 445852

Evidence that she went to Couchland:

1.Obscure, vague status saying that, for unexplained reasons, her flight was postponed. (we know Gravy loovvvees to complain, and this would give her a great reason to. She complains about shit as dumb as getting the wrong fast food order - there's no way she would stay silent if her 1k+ flight was delayed)

2. Ryan's weird reaction

3. Josh's vague reaction

4. She is unusually quiet on social media the day of her leaving

5. Has recently been talking about how she likes messing with da haters and how "good" she is at misleading us

6. She has attempted to mislead us before (faking her own death)

7. She is pissed that info was leaked about what a terrible person she is, so she is trying to "stick it to us" by not giving us any info

8. She already had planned to leave without telling anyone

Personally, I'm convinced she went. How's that sweet, sweet Taco Bell tastin', Gravy??

No. 445855

Good points. She also wasn't online for 13+ hours which is highly unusual for her.

Yeah, they're tattooed. The OCD in me or whatever secretly wants to fix them every time I see it ha. No clue why she picked the shape of a noodle but it pisses me off.

No. 445861

On the subject of her eyebrows…
Not only do they look like noodles, but they are uneven and the COMPLETE wrong shape and in the wrong place on her face. Different shape might age her less.

No. 445864

File: 1507334864878.png (462.26 KB, 391x581, IMG_5353.PNG)

Completely agree. What was she thinking? I attached a photo of her before she ruined her looks. She could look so much better today, but look where she ended up. Her interpretation of beauty kills me.

No. 445866

File: 1507335338277.jpg (68.43 KB, 1280x720, 1410388035680.jpg)

How did she go from that to this? She was really pretty before and Gravy ruined her looks with her mall rat look.

No. 445877

I thought she looked quite lovely before too. Now she looks similar to the Joker from the Batman movies and can't wash off half of what she's permanently altered even if she wanted to. I die, lol.

No. 445878

She doesn't exactly have a small nose, but the way she just puts white foundation all over makes her nose look wider and more shrek like and because she adds no colour to her cheeks or contour or anything, it really emphasises the roundness of her face and she looks like a moon.

No. 445880

she was the same person inside, at any rate.

No. 445881

Yeah Raven and Kiki have always been pieces of shit on the inside, but it's always fun to pick apart/give them beauty advice. I know it's petty, but I enjoy.

No. 445882

File: 1507336474320.png (18.77 KB, 1059x96, horriblemother.png)

Here's a homecoming present


Seems to be repeated in her "My Story" videos but that shit is 10 parts, it's better in text.(The links on top are kinda milky, and the "Contact me" has even more links)

a summary of highlights

>How Dorian got his name

Sure enough, on January 3, 2995, I gave birth to a baby boy. I named him Dorian Mitchell- Dorian after Lee Dorian from Cathedral and Napalm Death, and Mitchell after Mitch Harris from Napalm Death and Righteous Pigs. The decision was helped along when I saw a hit guy on the bus. He introduced himself to me, saying his name was Dorian. That cinched it for me!

>Suffocating him

One day, Dorian needed his nails cut. My mom thrust him at me and told me to do it. By this time I had held him so little I didn’t know what to do- it didn’t even feel like he was mine! He had colic and cried all the time, nothing I did was enough and my mom would yell at me for it. Once I was so mad at him I put my hand over his nose and mouth until he couldn’t breathe to make him stop crying. I’m so ashamed of myself when I think of the things I’ve done and what could have contributed to how he is now. I’m a mistake all around.

>CPS investigating while she's on drugs and confirmed pedophile

CPS was called on me again by an electrician who came over to the house. The room I was in used to be a garage. It was totally dark- no windows. When the guy came, Dorian and I were napping. I answered the door and let him in to do his job. The report? I was dressed all in black, with long, black hair, and we were in the dark. WTF? CPS was called on me a total of 7 times that year. All for nothing.

I began to party more, and experiment with drugs. I was obsessed with getting Victor to come take part in his son’s life. I was 18 and still alone. I went to a lot of shows, smoked a lot of weed, did a lot of coke, and dropped acid very often. I started dating a 15 year old, Ray, who cheated on me with some whore he knew from school. Then, I met Ernie.

>She works at a bar, Dorian's in a closet

I asked Billie to watch Dorian for me while I worked. She agreed…but then later on, I discovered she had been shutting him in the closet al night because she hated to hear the crying. Fuck!!! I let my parents take him then, for a while.

>She finds a nice guy, Chris, that likes Dorian

…He didn’t drink or do drugs, and I’m sorry to say I corrupted him. My life at that time was nothing but drugs. I dropped acid every single day. I built up such a tolerance for it I needed 5 hits to feel anything. I did coke daily. Random people would come over at any hours- like 3, 4 am, to bring me drugs and we’d do them while Chris slept. My entire pay from the Texas Stakeout went to alcohol (as I discovered a love for Blue Hawaiians) and coke.

>Pedophile confirmed again

[Paragraph complaining about skanky 17-18 year old mother of 4]
One day, when Chris was at work, I called up one of my exes, Ray. Ray was the 15 year old who had cheated on me back before I met Chris

>Dorian starving

Dorian saw us fighting a lot- I don’t even remember what me and Chris fought about, but we did- a lot. … I wasn’t allowed to change Dorian’s diaper or bathe him, as he looks just like his dad and Chris thought somehow I would get turned on by that. … Dorian was stressed out and stopped eating totally. He’s always been small, and by that point he was nothing but bones. Nothing we did would make him eat. He would hold his food in his cheek all day and night, not swallowing it. He would shove the food in to pretend, and then vomit because he was trying to hide it all. He got bruises from lack of protein, is hair was even falling out. It wasn’t all because of our fighting, as he as never a big eater, and the doctors called it” failure to thrive”. Looking back, I’m lucky he didn’t die. It seems so possible his heart could have stopped. You have no idea how thin he was- you could see his ribs, his throat, and his pubic bone. It was awful. Of course CPS came sticking their noses in plenty.

>Tied down

He had taken to getting so fed up with Dorian he would beat him, tie him to the bed face down and leave him there all day. Dorian would piss on himself of course, and then be thrown in an ice cold shower naked. … I started on the sleeping pills again … I slept for days on end and would wake up to hear Dorian screaming. I’d run out to see him being beaten for not eating … To see a little two year old tied with pajamas face down on his bed, hands and feet both tied…and he was locked in his room and e in mine. I learned to pick my lock and I’d go get Dorian and try to get him up and out but he refused. He was so scared of Chris catching him he didn’t want to move. I’d go into my room, dope myself up, and cry myself to sleep.
[Note that she loves this guy and regrets ever breaking up with him, even while writing this]

There's a lot more, it's a lot to summarize. I highlighted this because, histrionic lies or truths, it's all Dorian's GF should need to legally prove this bitch is crazy and a danger to Dorian. These are Raven's own words, one look and the cops will grant you anything.

>Welcome back to America, from lolcow

No. 445883

Yeah, I know. It just drives me crazy when people ruin good things in general. I guess her true colours reflect better on the outside now…

Yeah. The way she does her entire set up isn't suited for Asian faces overall. I'm Asian myself and it's like a textbook manual on "what not to do." Looking at her now, I can't even tell what ethnicity she may be apart of. It's all just a mess of a drag queen ghost she likes to portray, I suppose.

Same, lmao.

No. 445886

I have watched so many vids and read so much shit and never read this. This is awful. Poor Dorian. Yet she blames cps numerous times. Yet she still wanted to have another child….wtf? I still don't understand. It's like she thought another kid would make everything better. What a fucking idiot.

No. 445889

File: 1507336959142.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.94 KB, 774x1032, ho_ho_ho_by_starbl00d-d4k2ii8.…)

Also Raven, you're in no position to threaten anyone about nudes

No. 445892

File: 1507337251249.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, gross.jpg)


No. 445893

what is it with cows and hank hill asses

No. 445894

The grinch who stood Christmas

No. 445895

Insane. Here's the thing. After going through all this, and having remembered a lot of the abuse which he shared here, if someone like Dorian can make it out okay then I don't see why people like Raven have to moan about their sad childhood forever. I had a very similar childhood to Raven myself (assuming what she said is even true). Experienced a lot of abuse, a lot of poverty and literal starvation. My mom was a refugee and dad left us after he beat the shit out of her and got in trouble since she collapsed in the apartment hallway. I was molested by my stepdad later on.

Whatever, I don't even need to explain more. Shit happens. I get it. We all do. I just will never understand why some people /have/ to capitalize on their childhood trauma. It really belittles the experiences of others since they make it sound like a dramatic, endless joke.

I'm so proud of Dorian for having made it through just fine. Not once has he mulled about the past repeatedly in public. Most don't. Thanks to Raven, it desensitizes people to actual pressing issues like rape since she's apparently obsessed with it. All the while, staying over at Ryan's place, who she alleged as her rapist in the past. What a joke.

No. 445896

it's so fucking sick that after ALL of this she still feels she is entitled to a relationship with her son. if she was in any way remorseful about how she parented him, she would respect the possibility that Dorian would never want to speak to her again. that's his choice, as the victim of an abusive parent. but no, she thinks he's evil for not wanting to be under her thumb.

No. 445897

Well, I no longer want to celebrate Christmas after seeing Ra-mpus

No. 445898

ahhh im so excited for couchland!

No. 445899

Imagine waking up to that instead of Santa. Lmfao. Happy Holidays!

No. 445902

Life is different for everyone, anon. I don't want to comment on Dorian's situation because only he knows how he is feeling right now. He's the one who will experience impacts (or the lack of them) in future.

Attachment dysfunctions (on the part of the parent, affecting the child) are a big fucking deal and the way they affect lives is not as easy to measure as trauma effects are. After trauma is dealt with comes the long road of finding our who one is.

I'm not trying to tell you how you should feel, but it doesn't serve you to judge others too much about their path through life or what they personally struggle with.

As for Raven, it's said that narcissists are produced by narcissistic parents. It's sad 9I guess?) but it's far too late, she's disgusting. It doesn't make her a sympathetic figure just because she claims she's the Top Victim.

No. 445904

Why the fuck would she think posing like this is attractive rotfl

This looks like a parody photo or some shit.

No. 445907

File: 1507338080770.png (Spoiler Image,33.55 KB, 1057x270, psychward.png)

>Here' Raven on her truest real soul mate.

We sat on my bed and just…talked. For hours and hours, until sunlight, we talked. We talked about everything and anything. We had so much in common it was like we were the same person. Literally. That was our downfall I think, and why I went looking for people I was different from afterwards. Only two guys have ever made such an impact on me that I just can’t get over them- Chris and Andy. Andy was my other half, my soul mate, if there is such a thing. He told me he thought so too. I asked him if we were going to see each other again. I said I didn’t want a boyfriend, as I had been hurt just so, so much. … As the sun came up, he kissed me and asked me to be his girlfriend. I was the happiest I had been since I lost Chris. I had been through more guys than I mentioned here, because they just didn’t matter.

>Sound familiar? Run Josh RUN

So after having Dorian:
>Tried to suffocate her crying baby and blamed it on being dumb.
>Did acid with paranoid schizo where she lived with her child
>moved 11 times and cps investigated 7 times in 1st year after having a baby. then partied more and experimented with drugs
>dated 15 year old while 18
>stole a ring from employer (she was a nanny), put a social ad in paper that had creepy guy hang around employer's house with kids.
>Became pro shoplifter
>domestic violence in front of her son, hits her husband, won't stay in women's shelter
>Dorian is starving and she won't leave her dude
>Went to a looney bin and jail
>held knife to her throat to prove she loved a guy

I'm still reading through it all

No. 445909

File: 1507338125074.gif (1.64 MB, 300x225, 1485972270811.gif)

Was she trying to ruin somebody's Christmas or something?

No. 445910

oh and there's the JD guy who was constantly masturbating dogs?

No. 445913

reference: >>12471

No. 445915

She mentions that in the blogs
>When Angel and I started dating (even though we were States apart), my ex decided he wanted me back and was furious I had moved on. Why the hell not?! There was no future for us anyways- he used to fuck dogs! Yeah that’s right. He sucked off and jerked off dogs all the time-I saw it in front of my face! And NO, I didn’t fuck him!

There is a lot of shit on an ex over in the blog. I think this is Ryan. This is…something else:

He’s racist and hates Asians, Mexicans, and blacks. I’m Asian and my son is Mexican. He has my own son talking shit about Asians, and he’s half! You have no idea how sick I am of hearing about “Dirty, lazy Spics and fucking ugly Chinks with their big nigger lips”. He’s also very stupid…and I hate stupid people SO much. … Then he makes fun of me for being short and Asian, and he makes fun of Dorian for being a “lazy, stinky Mexican bean”. He also always talks shit about Dorian being filthy and retarded, but he’s just as dirty and it’s worse because he’s older! He showers occasionally and almost never brushes his teeth. I can’t breathe around him as all I smell is unwashed teeth. They are yellow and black and he wonders why I won’t kiss him. He’s also a mouth breather and always has his mouth gaping open because he says his nose doesn’t work. His favourite phrase is “I can’t be bothered” or “I can’t be fucked”, usually preceding me asking him to pick up after himself. I’ve mentioned before his little dick and huge belly and tits, and the skin tags all around the head. He also has cysts in his ass, and a scattering of little hair-filled holes at the top of his ass crack which he asks me at times to shave or pluck (gag!). I also have to shave his back. He picks his nose and rubs it on stuff. His earwax falls out and lands on his shoulders. He has tons of dandruff and won’t comb his hair. It gets really dreaded and then it’s up to me to comb the knots out…yuck. It took until last year (2010) to get him to stop farting all the time. He has shit on himself, when I first got here he farted in bed (he says he can’t tell if it’s gas or shit) and ended up shitting in bed and on the rug, which his mom had to clean. He pisses on himself all the time, because his dick is so small he can’t grab it and he can’t control where it goes. Then he thinks he is done but piss trickles out and runs down his legs. And he thinks he can find better than me?!

No. 445917

File: 1507339454928.png (47.04 KB, 164x184, 1464777919017.png)

jesus christ I don't want to live anymore

No. 445918

>you have no idea how sickening it is to hear racist shit

>calls Latina woman a nigger, tells Dorian he's more Asian than her, always trying to look less Asian and saying she hates her Asian features

alright then.

No. 445919

I'm not discrediting what anyone goes through. I do realize everyone is different. I just don't agree with mulling about it for years and years and making a joke of it in the process.
It reminds me when people try to defend killers by saying they had a rough life. In many ways, we all do. However, some people like to capitalize off trauma and it's insensitive af. If Raven was truly traumatized by rape as she has made it out to be, then why stay at the offender's house? I can't stand people like this.

No. 445923

Yeah, if I had the money, I'd pay her ass to go get them done to look REAL. Paper thin lines do NOT do her face justice.

No. 445928

File: 1507340346580.jpg (Spoiler Image,832.42 KB, 875x3206, bitterandpetty.jpg)

This is the most petty, bitter shit I ever read. Most of the photos don't work anymore but it's good to know Raven 100% believes in shit-talking people online and posting their pics too. You're worse than your haters, Raven.

No. 445929

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS! I had a good solid 10 minutes of laughing. And the responses…lmao.

No. 445930

She was 33 here but she thinks and types like a 13 year old. "I hate them now, I hate them both!!!"

The sad thing is… She is the same. Almost 10 years later.

No. 445938

File: 1507341167266.jpg (Spoiler Image,15.43 KB, 277x500, 2277576.jpg)


No. 445940

Where is everyone finding these photos?? Lmaoo

No. 445943

This is really disturbing. For a young child to refuse eating, to the point of becoming anorexic, means they suffered serious abuse.

We might want to spoiler stuff like this in the future, on behalf of Dorian since he comes here from time to time.

No. 445946

Wait so some guy told her that she's not allowed to take care of her baby…so she didn't? Well, who told care of Dorian as a baby then? Also what a fuckin idiot. If some guy was jealous of my relationship with my child, i would tell him to fucking piss off. With all that said, i think Ravens full of shit and was probably neglectful, by no ones fault but her own.

No. 445947

Going by the image tags, the juxtoposition of glitter graffix and grayven bitching about sluts and all her miscarraiges must've been wild when this was posted.

I know this has been brought up before, but jsut seconding (or thirding, or fourthing, or tenthing idk) how can she be that chub and have such a flat ass? her body defies science.

No. 445948

there's no 'probable' about it. very single story is about how other people governed what happened.

anyhoo, plane has landed. the "love that was loved more than love" meeting is about to happen!

No. 445951

Ok but what if Josh doesn't show up at the airport? Could you imagine?

No. 445956

sage here but are we honestly believing any of the shit Gravy has written about Dorian's childhood? I don't doubt abuse happened to him but it reads like shitty shock fiction. Also pretty rich of her posting a nude of Emily Boo.

No. 445961

File: 1507342373919.jpg (12.15 KB, 275x500, 2277500.jpg)

D-Did she photoshop the coyote's eyes on herself or…what, why?

Soulmate #5 (or are we in the double digits now) is the REAL forever love this time.

No. 445963

she faked her own past, and although that is way more vile than that I don't really put it past her
by what Dorian told us his childhood wasn't great by any means but I doubt it was THAT bad and I trust his faulty memory infinite times more than Raven's bullshit

No. 445968

No. 445976

Someone with a fake Facebook please send this to him and ask him to comment !

Oh and add the " fisting rape " comments too

No. 445989

File: 1507345853117.jpg (195.5 KB, 950x900, nun09073.jpg)


Her eyebrows started as slashes of Sharpie.

Happy Halloween 2009!

No. 445990

She always poses with that solemn gorilla face. I know some girls don't smile because it looks sexy or whatever, but she just looks like a chimp wearing makeup.

No. 445991


Who do you want comment from?

No. 446000

File: 1507347199878.png (20.58 KB, 342x72, Screenshot_2017-10-06-20-27-21…)

No. 446001



2 + 2 = kek

No. 446002

She's obsessed with rape. You would think someone who 'hates sex' and has been raped numerous times would not say something like 'rape me with your eyes'

Ps- not having a dig at rape victims.

No. 446004

There are parts of her story that I think are exaggerated (the LSD "habit" is ridiculous and doesn't make sense to how things go when people trip too much).

But by her own words she's a monster. Why would anyone lie to make herself seem worse?

And she wants another baby to replace the lost years with Dorian? That seems typically selfish. I used to wince at people being happy about her miscarriages and infertility but now I understand.

Dorian wouldn't remember what happened at age 2 or earlier, and even after that, people often stop remembering painful events in order to move on.

No. 446008

She is the least appropriate person to name herself Raven. They're highly intelligent birds who stay with the same mate for life. She's a stupid bird with no loyalty at all. She's just a tit; her name should be Tit.

No. 446023

File: 1507350688475.gif (2.32 MB, 347x200, 468BE2EB-7626-498D-80C1-2E3D10…)

No. 446047

>why would anyone lie to make herself seem worse

because … that's so Raven. she's the victim of everyone ever, so she should get all the sympathy. and she is crazy oblivious to how stuff makes her look (the It's Over video) so yeah.

No. 446063

I'm watching the "A Final Goodbye" video from June for the first time and Jesus. How in the fuck can you claim the internet destroyed your marriage?! I don't know if I should laugh or cringe from all this. You can tell by Logan's body language that he's upset by all this. Raven, you cheating landwhale. Logan can do so much better than this doughy, soggy sea hag. What a grandma.

No. 446083

Nah it was posted, We just think she's full of shit

No. 446093

what site is this? that girl is my friend and she will go ballistic!

No. 446102

thats emily boo isnt it?

No. 446103

Which girl exactly? The girl on the picture is Emily Boo.

No. 446104

Gotta love that she tries to blame everyone but herself for Dorian's upbringing. None of those exes made her do anything, if she gave a shit about her own kid she would've upped and left the minute they laid a finger on him. Also no mention of her hitting Dorian but we have confirmation from the man himself that she did physically abuse him. A real mother always puts her kids first, yet she has ALWAYS put men before her own kid, it's all on you Raven you disgusting whore.

>She's one of those 'Oh, I'm hot and sexy and better than you, and if you are any competition then I hate you'

Soooo like Raven herself then? Except replace hot and sexy with ugly and fat.

No. 446105

No. 446107

File: 1507365638820.png (95.5 KB, 800x325, Screenshot_2017-10-07-01-33-58…)


No. 446109

File: 1507365696035.png (54.08 KB, 800x212, Screenshot_2017-10-07-01-35-42…)


But a month earlier she had declared:

No. 446111

No. 446114

topkek where did you find this?? had a quick skim through the entries and they have ALL put their weight stats except our very own cow herself lmao. also rofl @ raven thinking she could beat any of those women, even the least attractive ones surpass her lard ass.

Bet she was raging over this girl:

No. 446121

File: 1507369886398.png (21.19 KB, 637x198, IMG_6341.PNG)

Lots of time gaps. Think she's there

No. 446122

if that screenshot is from now, it fits with when she landed in couchland.

No. 446123

awesome, I hope she's there!

No. 446126

That's from now. The milk will flow soon enough

No. 446127

File: 1507370925863.jpg (461.65 KB, 1600x2042, a_bit_of_before_and_after_by_s…)

Do you guys think she has had S E X with Josh by now? Despite "muh tailbone"
Makin the couch bounce

No. 446128

File: 1507371037414.jpeg (67.87 KB, 722x349, AB2BADA8-8D6D-447C-A80D-261960…)

No. 446131

Maybe I'm on my own here but she doesn't look far off the weight I was before I started going to the gym recently and I'm down 22lbs, Granted I dress more appropriately but in my opinion there's no way Someone of that weight needs weight loss surgery maybe 350lbs + but if I can go to the gym 5 night a week, She can.(blogposting)

No. 446132

She has to raise her arms up to stretch out the fat so it appears shes slimmer. Shes still the man beast she always was and now shes with chubby chaser josh the weight is going to pile back on

No. 446133

Check the box beside anonymous and then press the delete button at the bottom of the thread. Ignore password, don't fill it out or delete what's in the box.

Congratulations, after foĺlowing these instructions you will have amended your mistake and have freed us of your shitty, unsaged blog post!

No. 446135

Wtf, Aggressive much?
Normally my sage is automatic but for whatever reason it didn't that time, No need to be a complete douche about it…

No. 446136

god, she repulses me even more than Asherbee. and that's quite the statement.

don't worry anon, I love you.
i'll sage for us both!

No. 446137

Friendly mutual Raven hate is the way forward!

No. 446140

File: 1507375639107.png (158.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4722.PNG)

What's the bet she sockpuppeted to leave some of those comments? Two of them use the same phrase "very beautiful and unique".

No. 446141


dunno about you guys but I'm actually enjoying this quiet before the storm chit-chatting with other anons and Dorian's lovely gf. i love u savage bitches, let's reserve the hate for Raven.

No. 446145

is she having a lovely denny's or taco bell breakfast rn? got to get that feeding started.

No. 446151

File: 1507377746805.jpg (616.6 KB, 1280x719, FuckinKeK.jpg)

We're gonna see this bitch on the next episode of My 600 Pound Life with how excited she was about Taco Bell lol!!!

No. 446153

A fan put together this slideshow in 2008. I found it by searching for references to Raven's Myspace account.

No. 446156

Lol it's what Raven wishes she looked like haha

No. 446157

Does anyone know how to check SM of the meathead ex she was stahing with? Might confirm whether she's off to luuuuurve…

Even assuming she us, and that her and Couchie bust all the odds and still feel the lust IRL, how long will she last? He won't be able to take time off this soon into a new job so what? He's just gonna leave her on the couch/in a skanky motel room, no car, no money, nowhere to go anyway, nobody to shriek at…and fuck off to work for hours, leaving her to amuse herself with nothing but her tiny brain?

And Ravy got the idea we are somehow AGAINST this huge luuurve?

No. 446158

As long as she has the internet, she will be entertained. She can have plenty of other losery guys online to chat to and like her pics, while Josh adopts Logan's old role.
Hear that Josh? Enjoy being a future cuck while she finds another the second you annoy her or 'abuse her'

No. 446160


Are they the same "friends" who traveled 50 miles to the library to vote for her in the 2009 costume contest?

No. 446161


Her natural hair color revealed!

No. 446165


Oh for sure. Well, assuming Couchie can pay for internet access. But she'll still moan her saggy old tits off the minute he has to Life and leave her to her own devices.

She moaned enough in a secure situation with Logan, so how the hell is she going to spin sitting in one small room in a dingy per week motel (at best) taking potshots at the roaches? It's not what she envisioned and she'll make damn sure the world knows it.

And it's all funny as hell cos its pure drama with none of the pathos. I felt desperately sad for Dorian and a degree of sympathy for Logan, both, really, innocents dragged into a nighmare. Now? Bring it on!

No. 446166

Same idiot anon. Think I forgot to sage that - sorry guys.

No. 446169

jesus, I'm goth and this shit makes me cringe. Covering yourself in fake blood looks so try hard, is that all she come up with for her "shoots"? Not to mention that wonky ass eye makeup.

kekk accurate

No. 446176

There's so many other cool and creative ways to incorporate fake blood into photo shoots. You can still have lots of blood and gore and make it look artistic. The way that she does it is cringey because it just makes her look dirty and it looks so obviously fake and terrible. Despite her 'gothic' image, Raven is an extremely uncreative and unoriginal person. Hence her photo shoots, tattoos and overall appearance is a hot mess. Absolutely tacky and always borrowed ideas. Ugh!

No. 446177

Yeah I agree. There's a tiny sliver of me that feels sorry for Josh, but all he would have had to do is read this site and would have saved himself the pain of Raven.

No. 446181


TBF all of those photos were taken ten years ago. When she first got together with Logan she created a few impressive costumes such as the half teddy bear head, but since then she became an uninspired consumerist off-the-rack mall goth.

No. 446184

File: 1507384622945.png (914.94 KB, 802x1254, 2017-10-07 15.54.11.png)


Have we trashed her cosplay skills yet because if not we absolutely should. This is so bad. SO BAD. Like, what the fuck is this even supposed to be? Ripped tits? She's a horrendous "goth cosplayer". She's Asherbee of goths.

No. 446185

Every picture she posts has to have her tits or ass as a star of the show, but she calls Dani Divine or Starfucked (can't remember which one) a whore and a slut lol.

No. 446186

saw this on the front page, thought it was a new asherbee cosplay, disappointment ensued

No. 446196

File: 1507386947958.jpg (8.27 KB, 257x196, images.jpg)


Right?? Ugh. The only cosplay she did that was alright was the bear mask one and god knows from whence she stole that idea from.

Clock that horrendous shooped waist fail kek

No. 446204

Yup there are plenty of tutorials around showing how to do the split teddy bear face thing since way before her and Logan

kek @ the image, looks like a merge of her and Ryan

No. 446208

wtf i'm so sorry Dorian. I hope you're allright. If you can, please seek help (therapy) to overcome this.

No. 446209

And this monster really wanted another child?! One annoying moment and back to "wish I aborted you" abuse. She is fucking disgusting. She is equally guilty as those "men".
"crying myself to sleep" yeah right.
I honestly say this everytime but I didn't think I could hate this bitch more.

I'm kinda new to her story (found out about her a few months ago) and didn't read all about her in detail (fuck she writes about herself a lot lol). I thought she was a stupid and bad person but… I don't even wanna call her a person after this.

Dorian you are amazing and I hope you have a great life.

No. 446211

I bet she is fucking furious everyone here thinks Dorian is a good person and wishes him luck.

No. 446213

Wait, most bumblefuck places in the US don't have the infrastructure for fibre internet and have horribly slow download and upload speeds. Not to mention it's crazy expensive. I can't imagine that shithole she's moving to is any different so on top of everything else her only solace is going to be throttled. I'm genuinely smiling rn.

No. 446214

Yeah. She's probably like 'you don't know what's he's REALLY like'
Raven, your own son is more mature than you will ever be. That's not a compliment either. You need to take a hard long look at yourself as a mother and as a person.

No. 446215