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File: 1435281420611.jpg (123.29 KB, 640x844, 1435247358368.jpg)

No. 127490

No. 127511

I would have loved to witness that.

No. 127534

Her "quirkiness" is so forced and bad, I don't get how she thinks it's cute. Nobody has ever told her it is cute but she keeps trying.

No. 127538

yeah…her jokes are cringeworthy.

No. 127553

I don't think she realizes that scene (behaviour) is dead.

No. 127554

You got the youtube link wrong, op:


No. 127571

the longer i look at her the more she looks like a drag queen

No. 127572

Fuck, and the Google+ one.
Tbh She should just drop the extra L's… Or the whole username


No. 127578

Dropping the Kannibal shit would help her out sooo much. Too bad she STILL thinks people remember or give a fuck about her scene days. Cannibalism isn't kawaii, if she really gave a shit about being kawaii (which we know she doesn't) she would think up some cutesy pseudo-Japanese moniker she could plaster everywhere in kana/kanji.

I wonder if she understands that scene is like, the exact opposite of the kawaii living doll aesthetic? Obviously not.

No. 127593

Well, she tried to drop the Kannibal thing with Mimieux, right? And for a while last year she was trying to just do kira kira. Now she's going by just KIKI but yeah she needs to just change her urls.

No. 127604

Despite her wanting to move on, and crying about people still bullying her, she will never change her URLs because she KNOWS the only fans she have are those old naive fans who were there since her scene days.

She's so stupid. She claims people can't move on, and she obvious is suffering with her online presence. Yet she can't do what's best for herself, like either leaving the internet or changing her alias/starting over.

No. 127607

She should just stop fucking around and go straight to KiraKiraKiki or something. Kannibal is doing her no favors, despite what she thinks. Yes, most of her fans are from the Myspace Kannibal era, but at this poInt it's only holding her back from getting more attention.

No. 127610

I think she is trying to change her alias a bit. When she was in Japan, she tagged a ton of her ig pics with キキニャン (kiki nyan) and she recently put that on her disney bracelet things.

No. 127612

>X-posting from the old thread

I feel like the main reason Dakota got noticed in Japan is so the universe can shit on Kiki in the most scathing way.

I mean think about it- the better Dakota does, the more we know it pisses Kiki off. She's younger, not as skinny, her hair is thin as fuck, she's not considered as "pretty" as Kiki, yet she's doing a million times better than Kiki and is an actual model who gets to be on TV, meanwhile Kiki still lives with her parents in Florida and has to lie about a casual hookup being a serious relationship and Dakota couldn't care less.

Now, if anyone else had been In Dakota's place, Kiki would be talking mad shit all over the place, but since it's her sister she really can't say anything negative about Dakota without catching shit for it from the entire internet and probably her parents too, since Dakota is now their cash cow. I'm not saying Kiki hates her sister, but I guarantee she's insanely jealous, her "fat, ugly" little sister who used to hang out in her shadow now has everything she ever wanted handed to her, and she can't even keep an SO for longer than a few days.

It's like the greatest cosmic joke on Kiki ever.

No. 127619

This is very true, keep in mind kaka had everything handed to her while kooter had to work for it.

Kooter having to work for the attention, even if it meant fabricating her appearance and knowledge of Japanese until the bait was taken was all it took.

She's not all that smart but she is a great example of how someone with privilege can fake it till they make it.

No. 127621

>She's not all that smart
oh I beg to differ. When she saw she was suddenly going viral and getting "half a million views per month on tumblr", she immediately made a website with business inquiry e-mails and ads to get money off her viewers, as well as watermark all her pictures so that even when they spread around the internet they would still link back to her website. Then she made videos subbed in Japanese to shift the audience to Japan as much as possible. She took full advantage of the peak of her popularity, scored, and ran with it. She was cunning as fuck. Venus could have easily done the same, she was in the same viral coaster as her, but was too dumb to know how to properly milk it. Same goes for Kiki back in the scene day, and all the tumblr famous girls like peachmilkytea etc

No. 127625

And this is what I admire about Dakota. Bitch saw an opportunity and ran with it.

It must feel great to rub her success in Kirsten's face, even if she hasn't doing it directly.

No. 127627

I think her shoops/pictures/videos also made a big part of it. Pmt actually did try a lot to get a Japanese fanbase when she started making videos, she had a Japanese blog that she still uses to this day, and most of her google+ posts were in Japanese back in 2013. It's not that pmt and these girls are ugly or anything, but they just don't have that 'wow' factor Kota had in her pictures/videos. I remember becoming completely obsessed with her immediately after seeing one video, which is something I can't say about pmt and other girls like her.

No. 127632

>thinking she did this all herself

Shoops and after effects aside, she had help in every way, including money.

The reason why the average teen is unable to do the same is that they're busy getting an education and their parents have higher expectations of how their time is spent.

No. 127633

True, that too. The only person I can think of who I think had a chance to get popularity like Kota's is Mila Mortice when she was in her lllunabelle phase and she's rich.

No. 127640

File: 1435309669462.jpg (126.58 KB, 421x750, tumblr_mbst8jTWLv1rhv9uvo1_500…)

LOL what? Idek where to begin because this is one shitty ass excuse that makes no sense. The part about parents and expectations is completely irrelevant because Kotex turned out a success. She's living on her own with a modeling career in Japan and swimming in yen. That's a lot more than what the average teen will even accomplish in their life. This isn't even the reason the average teen can't do what she did. They can't do it because they don't have the internet experience, business/marketing experience, and photography/makeup/shoop knowledge that she has. I've seen wannabe living dolls, like one girl called "Andy Santana" that got some minor attention and attempted to cash in on it by copying everything Kotex did, including the 'business enquires for booking opportunities' thing, but failed because she didn't know what the fuck she was doing. Pic related is her.

No. 127641

and when I say copied everything, I mean it lol

No. 127648

Kota's parents helped them gain success though. Kota's mother even fought all over the internet to have all her pictures removed, get money, etc. Kota's parents had an assisted in making them "e-famous" (that was their "expectations"). When in reality when a "child", is gaining too much attention on the internet (positive/negative) most parents would make the kid get off and focus on school. However, for kota she was homeschooled and had time to do whatever she wanted.

No. 127668

File: 1435322002697.jpg (165.89 KB, 800x375, tomie2.jpg)

The whole thing feels like it should be horror manga series (or novel or film, but that ain't kawaii). Not too long from now, Kiki will
>A) make a deal with some sort of evil supernatural entity to bring Dakota down (I'm thinking voodoo or selling her soul to Mephistopheles)
>B) start stalking Dakota full-time and tries to become her a la Single White Female, eventually killing her and trying to impersonate her, showing up to shoots and events wearing Dakota's scalp as a wig
depending on the genre

Remember when Kiki was comparing herself to Tomie?

No. 127669


Tbh I think the whole thing was planned out. It wouldn't surprise me back in 2009 when Kota was still growing her hair out, she and her mother sat down at the kitchen table at like 11pm while everyone was in bed or something. Talking over "how to become e-famous" and her mum like "K bby I'll help you."

My mum would do the same too, I guess Cath only 'wanted what was best' but if it's leading Kota somewhere then fair play.

No. 127670


Exactly, I don't blame her. Honestly, as if those two would go to college anyway. Kota saw this as a career option and thought "fuck it, I've nothing else going for me."

So kudos to her. But I think her barbie persona will only last another few years, if that. The doll thing is becoming overplayed.

Venus is stupid, it won't happen for her. It's too late.

No. 127671


It won't happen again though. I really do not think the doll thing will happen again. Now that it's been exposed. Well, Kota's way. It'll have to be something new.

Girls who want to be kawaii doll aidorus: You need to find a new path to become 'famous in Japan' and make it work your way. Don't use Tumblr though, everyone is milking that site. Use ANOTHER SITE!

No. 127673


I said this in the previous thread, there should be a manga about sisters who are obsessed with fame. It'd be more dramatic obviously.

Kiki ends up in a psychiatric unit lol

No. 127678

> greatest cosmic joke

No. 127685

File: 1435324679555.png (127.96 KB, 581x443, 1414400858436.png)

I kind of want to write something about PT, too. Their antics are downright fascinating to us so there has to be a good story in there somewhere, right?
>PT's true Nipponese father randomly shows up in the background in the form of a mysterious talking windchime, much like Chiyo's father in Azumanga Daioh

No. 127701

No. I was there for the whole ride and it was not planned out. She began slowly shooping her pictures and buying from Liz Lisa a couple of months before she got any popularity at all. But during that time, she was only on twitter and only had 8,000 followers. She randomly made a tumblr as a "photo blog", and since tumblr has a reblog system, it spread out her pictures to more and more people and that's how her popularity started growing.

No again.. she told Charms in their AIM chats that her dream was to be a model. It's not that she thought "fuck it, I have nothing else going for me", this really was her #1 dream and goal in life. She said in the chats that if this didn't happen, her second choice was to be a fashion designer.

Seriously, I'm a little embarrassed about being an oldfag know-it-all but some of you guys and your theories/speculations are all wrong.

No. 127702

OH yes! Because men are killing themselves for her and women are driven to jealousy of her beauty. But it's all because someone told her to! Totes legit.

… I liked the second part. Now if Kiki ever go back to Japan I can see her renting a room next to Kota's and being all "The Roommate" style on her.
Story climax: Cathy calls Kota and asks "is Kiki taking her meds?"
Kota: "…what"

No. 127714

>When in reality when a "child", is gaining too much attention on the internet (positive/negative) most parents would make the kid get off and focus on school

lol stop implying that people can't have internet hobbies while continuing their education. that has fuck all to do with anything. And no, that is NOT what "most parents" do. That sounds fucking awful.

No. 127722

lol I read the Tomie manga after that, and it sounds incredibly narcissistic to compare herself to Tomie. In the manga men become so obsessed and infatuated with the mere sight of her that they literally go insane with trying to impress her and most of the time end up committing murder-suicide. Tomie also has so much power over these men that they eagerly do anything she tells them to.

No. 127756



Well who are we talking about?? :D lmao

About Internet hobbies: agreed but these girls were straight up obsessed. Kiki spent the entire time on Stickam and barely did anything that did not revolve around her life online. I'm pretty sure after a while a decent parent would be like "honey… Time to put the keyboard down…"

No. 127773

File: 1435336734429.jpg (141.59 KB, 526x502, 2015-06-26--18_36_30.jpg)

I'm on my mobile and i wanted to check the old kaka thread. It directs me to this pic. What's habbening?

No. 127782

WOW. Her Buzznet profile was linked yesterday in the previous Kaka thread - http://kikikannibal.buzznet.com/photos/default/?id=57811351#id=56669801 - and now the profile is suddenly private.

If that's not proof that the Ostrenga's lurk here then I don't know what is…

No. 127783

She doesn't have any real peers to influence her behaviour, she's isolated as fuck.

No. 127786

pfft they copyrighted a new video that was only linked on here too. idk if it's kaka or her mom, but somebody over there has become a regular lurker.

No. 127788

I wonder what was on it that she's ashamed about. I read through it a while back and while there were tons of cringeworthy posts on it, they were things I could see her saying today.

What video?

No. 127789

She lurks the whole internet, hence the lolcow caps in her stalking folder.

No. 127791

File: 1435339332587.jpg (76.1 KB, 550x880, Kotakotirealface.jpg)

all I remember is her buzznet had a couple of very unflattering videos of Dakota, like this one

No. 127797

Do you think this is what Kiki was trying to get in contact with Buzznet about?

Its just weird she would make it private now, that page has been around since 2009ish and linked all the time whenever people talk shit about Kiki.

This pretty much confirms to me that Kiki is just embarrassed of her old self is trying to expunge her everything to start new as Kiki-nyan.

No. 127842

Stop trying to make Kiki-Nyah happen, that is just as fucking stupid as Kiki kannibal

No. 127851

OK but what other sites are there? Pinterest is shit.

No. 127854

She should just go with kirleios instead of kiki whatever.

No. 127858

Twitch. Streaming is the new cool thing to do.

Vine, tumblr, and Youtube have become so over saturated, its hard to gain any sort of following. Twitch is heading down the same road but its becoming the hot new thing.

No. 127865

I agree. I don't get why she just doesn't start using her middle name like Kota did.

She's already ruining the alias for herself because she's connecting it with her current alias. I'm pretty sure Jrcock made a few Japanese tweets talking shit about her and he tagged them as Kiki Nyan. (I know he really doesn't have any power over how people will see her, but it's not helping her get the fresh start she wants.)

No. 127867

What the fuck are you going to do on twitch? Without using tumblr or something else how would you even have viewers? The stuff that makes sense for twitch are gaming streams and shit.

No. 127872

Well, she claims to be a gamer.. and she claims to make music. She could stream either of those things!

No. 127881


To claim she is =\= to actUally be something, let alone good enough to stream stuff

Idk with the talent she has I think she's better off trying YT, Instagram and Twitter. Maybe she could pump up her kikikannibal.com domain, create a "Kirsten Leigh" but still have a hold of it so people won't use the domain name for other stuff (it's a well known name). Maybe redirect from one site to the other.

Lots of updates so people won't get bored… Outfit, veganism, "follow me around" (people love this shit), blogs, music, pole dancing, fitness, Japanese.. ANYTHING to keep 'em views coming.

Oh yeah. And realize google+ isn't happening.

No. 127895

"I feel insulted that @peta has showcased someone who eats meat as their sexiest veg for publicity reasons. Ive done a lot of work for peta.."

Wait, so KiKi things PETA gives a fuck who she is and would name her sexiest anything?

No. 127897

File: 1435352840398.png (61.51 KB, 586x407, dgbfhg.PNG)

wow you weren't even kidding

No. 127899

She sounds so much like pt here. Also I love that she stopped supporting peta because she's not the sexiest veg and not because they're a shitty organization

No. 127904

You don't have to be good at something to get views on Twitch. if you're a skinny bitch playing any sort of anything then people will come in drooling and lusting for you.

No. 127910


I run a minor website: I still get sent products / paid to post by companies.

If I was Venus I would have saw what Kota was doing and being like, THIS is the way forward.

Back on topic. KAKA needs to get a grip. Manage to keep the URL so no one else can get it and go by something else that doesn't lead to making you look like a washed up trend hopper when they Googl you.

No. 127914

She isn't saying she should be named - only that the sexiest veg eats meat unlike her angelic Kira Kira self… Which is still pretty lulzy.
PETA makes sexist ads objectifying women, ridiculing fat people, using African slavery as a mean to get attention, once I saw a tweet of them on how eating dairy can cause autism (her brother??? Duh???) which sucks for autistic people I guess.

… But no, nothing like this is as bad as naming Miley Cyrus a sexy veg - she wears fur and took a picture of a pepperoni pizza without hash tagging it with "vegan"!!!

No. 127916

File: 1435355763926.jpg (114.06 KB, 640x805, image.jpg)


For the lulz and just in case it gets deleted

For fairness: she later on added "she hashtaggs all her food vegan so why didn't she do it with the pepperoni pizza?" Which is a valid point.

No. 127926

File: 1435356856389.jpg (80.46 KB, 469x296, vegeball.jpg)


i feel like kiki would beat me up for wasting paper on this scheiße, but bibi vegeball and dabota the living robot make such a perfect comic. the new wedding dress pictures of kota make a perfect ending scenario

No. 127936

Those nasolabial folds like a 50yo… how old was she?

No. 127941

I love it when the Kaka thread becomes about Dakota.

>not sure if self post

No1curr about some nobody's fail story. I never heard of this person until now.

You haven't met any strict parents in your life, lucky you.

No. 127945

She's a fucking idiot.

Lets ignore PETA and its general shitiness for just a few moments and think, maybe Miley Cyrus wants to be vegan and into that lifestyle? Not everyone is sucking on their soymilk basil smoothies as soon as they pop out of their mom's hairy vagina. People decide these things later in life.

Also, lets be real, Miley Cyrus has probably done more for animal lives than Kiki ever has. All of Miley's animals are rescues and she actually takes VERY good care of them. Kiki just brags about how she's vegan. What a good animal rights activist.

No. 127950

File: 1435359160737.png (41.12 KB, 530x180, 2015-06-26 06.50.12 pm.png)

I am truly amazed that someone who claims to be a seasoned vegan / environmentalist / feminist is JUST NOW remarking that PETA is a bunch of fuckwits. I might be reading into things but I mentally finished this tweet with "so they could have chose me."

No. 127952

Oh this is hilarious. I remember this video. All things considered, Dakota actually had a really great sense of humour and could be hilarious on camera, it's too bad she has to maintain a straightlaced moderu image now.

No. 127954

Idk about you but all the twitch streams I've seen are just the game with the person playing talking. You can't even see them…….

No. 127957

She still has those and they're only going to get worse. Is there even a way to fix those?

No. 127973

Nah she just sticks to animal rights (and fails at it), no knowledge on environment other than that.

AND THANK YOU FOR THAT OMG please make it happen. Do it!! Make it the piece of art it's meant to be

No. 127974

You're not the only one. The last phrase shoved there is really unfortunate. I'd go as far as play Freud and say… The subconscious is a bitch

No. 128016

File: 1435365443101.jpg (130.02 KB, 640x637, image.jpg)

Bitch just called herself "angel" and is using the hashtag "kikikannibal" in her photos. How desperate can you actually get!?

No. 128019

she actually did used to have her twitter name as kiki leigh or kirsten leigh or something.
But you know.. she changes it & tries something else if it doesn't catch on in 15 minutes.

No. 128020

File: 1435365939429.jpg (60.19 KB, 486x309, 1417245638860.jpg)

shes soo high fashion lol
sad af

No. 128037

Could you believe that they choose a person with a huge fanbase, hit albums + million dollars over THE one and only Kiki Kannibal! I can't believe it!

No. 128038

what, when was the last time you saw a twitch stream? they pretty much always have a face cam, male or female

No. 128041

Oh. Well guess I just don't follow faggots on twitch.

No. 128059

Don't cut yourself on that edge.

No. 128066

fuck, where is that vid of Kiki and Kota acting autistic (I know it's all of them, but this one took the cake), they were banging their hands on their dining table and speaking garbled words while laughing

No. 128070

Omg I know what you're talking about. Idk where that video went. It gave me angina. I'll see if I can find it.

No. 128198

Sorry to be OT but do you guys remember Kiki stealing her Opal Rain from someone? You still have the guys website?

No. 128210

This one? >>32802

No. 128222

Oh yeahh, I remember that. He has a YouTube… I bet the link is somewhere in the first Kaka thread.

No. 128223

Oops, didn't see this guy.

No. 128328

Opal Rain isn't the only song she stole from him, either. So shameless.

No. 128570

File: 1435504267039.png (341.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-06-28-11-06-38…)

Lol where to begin.

No. 128735

At this point she has waited too long to distance herself from her kiki kannibal alias. If she ever does legit try, it'll never work.

I love the universe sometimes.

No. 128754

File: 1435526387136.png (621.79 KB, 1025x706, gggfhf.PNG)

I think she could, but she'd literally have to get off the internet for a while, get a new look, and make a new twitter/yt/website/etc. And considering the fact that no one really cares about her now as Kiki Kannibal, I highly doubt she'll get half as many followers/subscribers that she has now if she restarted everything.

Did any of you guys see this ig post? She just basically outed herself for lying about Taku being with her at Disney World since this pic was posted 6 days after the room service pic.

No. 128756

I don't even know what I'm looking at in that picture.

No. 128757

It's a package she sent to his house, she says so in the description.

No. 128760

I got that much but its so overfiltered that it took me like 5 minutes to realize its a screenshot of her text with Taco-kun

No. 128761

she has a boyfriend? who the fuck would date her? she's crazy

No. 128763

>I love you so much baby
Taku-boy got himself caught in some fine shit.

No. 128773

We're not entirely sure. It's possible, but the entire thing seems fishy. I personally think they're not actually dating and they're both basically using each other(she's using him as a kawaii accessory to show off and he's using her for sex).

No. 128788

Some Japanese guys will do this, they know some white girls only go after Japanese guys to show them off to their friends, and they play along in exchange for sex and arm candy, they both use eachother for sex and an image.

Aaaand it's also entirely possible that Kiki bragged to him about being Dakota's sister and this guy wants to use her to get closer to Kooter.

No. 128790


lol at the filter over filter over filter thing so we cannot reverse image search it

No. 128800

With the way he acted in that one video of them in bed (especially since he told her aisiteiru), I wouldn't be surprised if Kaka is one of many gaijin girls he fucks/talks to.

No. 128801


kota has a boyfriend, hey isn't her boyfriend called kai or something?

No. 128804


I remember my friend from Japan asked if I liked Japanese guys (I'm not white tho) but I told her about this. How people like Kiki want to use them and Jap guys use gaijin girls/white girls as an accessory. She was grossed out by it lol

No. 128814

Idk, but does it matter? If a guy likes a girl enough he'll probably try to get close to her even if she has a BF or not.

No. 128819

Why anon he clearly spent about a week over in a super fancy hotel only to spend more time with her! And then flew another 24 hours back to Japan, and immediately found the Sailor Moon goods and contacted her straight away, enabling her enough time to screenshot it and post online

Bonus: time zones do not work on Kiki Kannibal universe

No. 128821

Lol less than 10 people asked questions till now. It'll sure be a shorter FAQ than her last one (which lasted three videos! Three video of +10 mins featuring Kiki talking about Kiki)

No. 128842


I doubt he's after kota. I just think he's either after a visa or to shag a white girl tbh. Taku-chan seems like one of those gaijin pussy hunters.

Yeah, Kota has a boyfriend called Kai apparently. No one knows what he looks like mind, I do actually believe she has a boyfriend. I actually do strangely enough. She keeps it private, I don't blame her. I would too. But her sister… LOL

No. 128843


I tried to go way back in the old Kiki threads and establish a timeline, but I just can't do it on my peice of shit tablet, just trying to load 3 tabs takes 20 fucking minutes.

So far all I have is that Kiki arrived in Japan January 2015, but was hinting at having a Japanese guy in her life before that (the "lover from another race" tweets).

No. 128844

judging by the video he's not very good looking, so that makes it easier to understand

No. 128848

Didn't someone say in one of the older Kota threads that he's in his 30's and she didn't know when they started dating, but by the time she found out she didn't care anymore (hence where her "I like older men" line came from)? If that's true, then ew. A guy in his 30's lying about his age to get with a "teenager"? What the fuck, Dakota.

No. 128859


We are way past the "Kota is a teen" kind of thing aren't we?

Also… 30's sound ok. It's not like he's +50.

No. 128863


Maybe? But I don't even think she was a teenager when she came to Japan. I honestly don't believe she's 19. 21/22 but not 19 and yeah, that is a little bit big of an age gap. But still people will argue and be like "well age dont matter guyyyzzz" whatever, everyone has their own opinions.

Personally, I don't care.

No. 128864


No doubt the guy has dolla tho

No. 128870

I thought her bf was named Nao? When did she say she had a boyfriend named Kai and all that other information? Man, I missed some shit.

No. 128871

That wasn't the point, the point was that a guy In his 30's lied about his age to get with a girl he thought was a teenager. And this happened a while ago, so when she was "16" or "17", when she probably didn't speak much Japanese yet. It all just seems so… predatory and creepy.

No. 128873

> wouldn't be surprised if Kaka is one of many gaijin girls he fucks
yea when he opened the box i bet he's like "oh my fucking shit she went back to her country and i still cant get rid of her"

No. 128874


That is true, it is wrong if he did that. I don't know the full story, I'm only going off what you've told us. But yeah, it is wrong. I mean I don't believe she is 19 and she was 16 when she came to Japan. Still, if she WAS that young then, yeah I do think it is a cunt thing to do.

She could have thought he was younger, Japanese tend to look younger than they are (not all) I guess. I dunno… I bet he has money tho.

No. 128875


I've noticed that, Jap guys tend to get easily moody and pissed off lol

I bet he doesn't care really and when she does go back to Japan, he'll be up on her like a dog with ten dicks.

Satisfies them both I guess lol

No. 128878

Japanese guys can look pretty damn young. And they can't tell ages on foreigners very well either, which is why Dakota gets away with it so easily.

That aside, it's gross and creepy but still not surprising if the guy has money or social influence, considering the relationships Dakota has been exposed to in her life (Kiki&Danny, her manipulative, greedy white trash parents, etc.).

No. 128881


Well… kota doesn't really smother her relationship in our faces so that is why I don't care. Kiki on the other hand DOES and she's a train wreck anyway.

I wonder… when she said "I like older men" in on that show… Reckon she was just saying it as how it was or not? As in… inviting? I'm just curious to what your opinions are…

No. 128885

Idk, it's just weird to me how, even in her outspoken scene days, Dakota never mentioned dating or relationships or what kind of guys she likes. Then she gets to Japan, and a few years later she comes up with "I like older men (the word she used implied 'uncle types', it's hard to explain/translate)" and we have that story of her older boyfriend that happened before she started getting on TV/right around when she got to Japan. It all just seems really weird to me, I can't quite put my finger on it, but I guess the easiest way to say it would be, I guess Dakota has some daddy issues, and maybe some other self esteem issues caused by her sister being the favorite/using guys for her own benefit. It also just came back to me that Kiki lied about her age to date an older guy for personal gain too, hm.

No. 128886

File: 1435541325803.jpg (127.35 KB, 652x1533, image.jpg)

Completely OT but I did a thing while browsing her tag on tumblr.
2012 vid (her very first makeup tutorial!) vs the most recent selfie.

Don't wanna start the overplayed discussion in PS, whether she's attractive, how old she looks etc.

just, comparison

No. 128895


I think kiki should go back to make up videos, I quite liked them regardless of how much of a tool she made herself out to be in them. But they're better than her showing off her and taku-chan-san-sama in bed and pretending to be kawaii

No. 128896


Maybe she's into the daddy kink thing? Who knows lol

No. 128957

File: 1435547229155.jpg (72.48 KB, 1280x720, insidious-chapter-3-teaser-pos…)

top pic looks like a creepy lady from some horror movie. cant put my finger on which

No. 129036

I thought Dakota was saying this because a good chunk of her fanbase that sends money directly to her are old men…

No. 129054

Insidious 2 maybe?

No. 129132

Wait a second, wasn't there a picture of Dako with a boy (it was implied he was her boyfriend) that was posted soon after she got to Japan?

Let me see if I can find it.

No. 129151

take the Dakota talk elsewhere

No. 129164


I just think it's the mad gray lightning effect. Saturation was low af.

I just think how it's funny to compare the same person with a couple of years of difference - sparkly eyes, perfect glowy skin, pink pouty lips, much fuller lashes..

Funny thing was she used to get way more views/attention than she does now

No. 129171

I made an old timeline a few threads ago >>116665

Here is an updated and more detailed timeline because I have nothing better to do:

>On January 1 (New Year's) she announced she was staying at a hotel claiming it was her new apartment in Tokyo.

>She hung out with some guy for this month. Suspected to be either a sugar daddy or just Scott. https://instagram.com/p/xjGgg2jROn/?taken-by=mmmkikikannibal his form can be seen in the reflection.
>During this month she attended things like sumo wrestling and press conferences, furthering the theory she was with someone else.
>January 27th, vaguely suggests she's studying evidence of the heart's cellular memory.
>Around February 1st, she moved out of that apartment. https://instagram.com/p/yn4G3aDRC0/?taken-by=mmmkikikannibal Either that or she was just taking all her stuff with her for some reason.
>February 4th, starts talking about how she's thinking about modeling.
>February 4th, reposts someone's photo of matcha soup.
>February 5th, she tweets the Rilakkuma videos. https://instagram.com/p/yuSOCEjRAA/?taken-by=mmmkikikannibal
>February 5th, she tweets >>123630 implying she was sexually assaulted before February 5 by an Australian man, later confirmed in a video.
>February 10th, piss taxi.
>February 14th, posts a picture that was obviously taken by someone else but no mention of who. https://instagram.com/p/zP59EJjRDm/?taken-by=mmmkikikannibal
>February 15th, vague-posts about receiving Sailor Moon compacts for Valentine's day.
>February 16th, reposts a photo from Kota's blog with a blinged out Sailor Moon thing.
>March 8th, tweets about being asked if she's half-blood….hahahahahahhaha
>March 9th, posts some weird yandere video on instagram, talks about having video footage to edit, despite later saying she never intended to post her videos and was just taking them for memories.
>March 10th, posts >>123260 talking about how she's going to stop pleasing douchebags and whatnot, which is a weird thing to post and not then delete if you're going to later claim you're in a relationship.
>March 11th, someone else assumes she's a model.
>March 11th, tweets "Going from a small town in Florida to a huge city like Tokyo where I'm on my own for the first time ever in my life, I've grown a lot." Implying she's alone, so she's not staying with anyone. She may have been earlier but she's not now.
>March 13th, she talked about a hot monk at "her local temple" because she's totes living in Japan now.
>Around this time, she posted a video on instagram of some Japanese guy in her room with her. It was deleted. He was jewelry designer Taro Hanabusa/@fangophilia. NOT her bae.
>March 13th, despite never mentioning him even indirectly before, started posting videos with her BAE, Tako-chan.
>March 17th, posts the first video of him where she drew on his face.
>March 17th, posts photo of herself with Taku, his younger brother, and his mom.
>March 19th, posts video collage of Taku sleeping in his undies with Rilakkuma.
>March 25th, makes a passive aggressive tweet about Kota in response to Kota revealing Kiki would be leaving at the end of the month on her blog which has now been edited. >>68174
>March 31st, posts video of the sakura in bloom.
>Kiki posted about cats and stuff and then dropped off the face of the earth around the time she was supposed to leave Japan.
>May 31st, posts another video of her drawing on sleeping Taku's face – old video from Japan.
>June 3rd, posts a sneaky-cam video of Taku singing along to rap music in the car while driving – old video from Japan.
>June 7th, she she informs her twitter followers she is back in Florida. We knew that already though thanks to Kota.
>June 8th, posted a video of she and Taku in bed including Taku in his underwears again – again, old video from Japan, probably taken around March 17th.
>June 10th, posted a recipe video of some vegan shake – newer video from after Japan.
>Around June 14th started talking about doing a boyfriend tag video, despite the fact that at this point we all know she hasn't seen or been with Taku in at least 3 months.
>June 15th, posted video of she and Taku walking around Tokyo Tower under the cherry blossoms – old video from Japan BUT wearing a different outfit. Probably taken at the end of March.
>Around June 17th, some anon tipped us off about her kirleios profiles. By the way anon, who are you and how did you get that tip? Over the next few days anons suspected they found Taku but it was generally agreed that wasn't him. Profiles went private.
>June 17th, posted a vlog about her sexual assault, wherein she seemed objectively unshaken by the whole thing despite the situation having happened recently in the context of the video. This video was from February 5th confirmed against older videos and tweets.
>In a response about the above video regarding what she was wearing, she said she was dressed that way to go out with her boyfriend later that night, February 5th. We know that she didn't start posting video of Taku til mid-March, and she had some kind of a falling out on March 10th, so…who?
>June 20th, started vague-tweeting about wedding dresses and diamond rings. That was dropped.
>June 21st, posted a photo on instagram of herself ordering room service in a Disney World Florida hotel, presumed to be taken by Taku because of the hashtag vacaywithbae
>Over the next week, despite her boyfriend flying in from Tokyo to be with her, she takes no photos of them together, she takes no creepy photos of him at all, no video, just posts normally on twitter about copyright claims, PETA, and posting pics of herself.
>June 22nd, posted a selfie of Taku on instagram with the [redacted] caption "My Ono." It was clearly taken by Taku himself. Could not be reverse image-searched thanks to the pink filter.
>June 22nd, posted a selfie of herself drinking lemonade.
>June 22nd, posted a new song.
>June 22nd, posted a photo of she and Taku's Disney World pass bracelets with the names Kiki-nyan and Taku-nyan. So we can assume Taku is STILL in Florida at this point, June 22nd, or at least she is implying he is.
>Or she just put Taku's name on the wristband since you can obviously make it say whatever since she put "-nyan" for both of them.
>Over the next week she just is dropping various photos from a photoshoot but no other mention of Taku.
>June 24th, uploads an old video, a room tour of her room with Taku, the Hyatt in Roppongi Hills. In the caption she says she hadn't intended on uploading these videos (lol) but confirms she will be returning to Japan soon.
>Over the next few days she has been trying to contact Buzzfeed to remove old profiles.
>June 26th, posts an over-filtered screenshot of a text from Taku showing off new Sailor Moon goods she had delivered to his house and him saying he loves her…even though he was just in Florida.

So this would mean that Taku flew into Disney World for a weekend, then flew back out to Tokyo.

We cannot confirm he was actually in Florida, but we can assume that she did want us to think that he was just in Florida on June 22nd as she seemed happy to receive their wristbands, so it was not the famous latergramming that Keeks likes to do. That's at least 16 or 17 hours from Tokyo to Orlando, 16 hours back. Flying overnight, that still knocks out a few hours of the day, not to mention the time it takes in the airport and catching connecting flights. Flying overseas is no joke, you basically have to set aside a whole day just for travel.

He may have been there earlier than the 21st, because Kiki has a weird idea that it's unusual to post photos of things happening right when they're happening and would rather post unrelated photos and selfies he obviously took of himself and wait several months to post actual photo and video from stuff that happened before. I feel she will use the excuse, "I don't like to post these things that are personal online" or something like that, but she has no problem whoring him around for attention and views half-naked on video so what's a quick shot of them in front of the Magic Kingdom or something?

If he left very early on the 25th he MAYBE would have been able to get back home in time to take a photo of the package and then send it to her so she could edit and then post it. If he left on the 24th or 25th it's definitely possible that this is a legitimate text, but who the hell flies out to Florida from Tokyo to go to Disney World and be ignored by their girlfriend for 4 days before flying all the way back to the other side of the world?

It's possible but not plausible especially given there's no proof he was even there.

No. 129210

Has anyone noticed that Kiki's now twitter following the exact same number of people dakota is?

No. 129211

No, and I'm not sure that was intentional.
But she is definitely trying to get back into the vegan persona.

No. 129242

This is a really nice timeline, ty so much. I don't think Taco was ever with her in FL. Its just too weird that she wouldn't post pictures of them together. She did when she was in Japan with him, and obviously she didn't post anythimg but in March almost all her Instagram posts had to do with him in some way.

No. 129264

I agree, I don't think Taku was in Florida with her either. It doesn't really fit. I am almost believing that they have some sort of relationship but I doubt it's as serious as Keeks is letting on (wedding dresses? come on…) and I doubt it extended before March.

I feel like she could have pretended a little better that he was totes here. It's like she flooded her followers with new content so that they wouldn't ask questions.

No. 129271

He was definitely never in Florida with her. I wouldn't be surprised if Kaka thinks they're in a serious relationship tbh, she seemed to have thought her and Jack Cash were in a relationship just because he gave her attention.

>It's like she flooded her followers with new content so that they wouldn't ask questions.

I think you're right about that. But she really failed with that since I questioned it even more because of that, like what kind of person spends the entire time on their computer/phone when the person they're in a serious ldr with comes to see them? The place she stayed at in Japan had plain white sheets, if I were her, I would've screencapped videos of them in bed together from Japan and crop them so you can only see the sheets and claimed that it was a picture at that Disney World hotel or in her bed.

No. 129275

>plain white sheets
Yeah, exactly. She honestly didn't even have to go that far. She could have taken a photo of their feet walking on some kind of pavement and said it was at Disney. She posted literally nothing. All she even posted about the whole damn thing was the pic of herself ordering room service and the pic of the bracelets.

It's just weird for someone who has talked about the guy nonstop since the beginning of the month to take not even a sneaky cam picture of the back of his head. Just saying.

No. 129288

What happened with her and Jack Cash? Refresh my memory pls.

No. 129289

She went to LA and fucked him, drew all over his body "I LOVE KIKI" and posted a pic of it online (sound familiar?)…he later got mad about it and told her to take it down, and disappeared into the eternal void of Kannibal ex-boyfriends.

This was last time she went to Japan (can't remember if it was from when she actually went to Japan or the second time when she just said she was in Japan but probably wasn't actually there) and she was insinuating he was a guy she met in Japan. His ex girlfriend (his girlfriend at the time of fucking Kiki) came into one of the threads and told us he was actually in LA and had never gone to Japan and he was half Korean. lol.

This trip she acted like it was her first time in Japan despite supposedly having gone there two times prior. What's up with that? haha.

No. 129294

From what I remember/understand:
>He started talking to her because he thinks she may be able to help promote his band.
>Because he had a fiance, he had no intention of ever dating her and according to his fiance, he made sure that she knew that.
>She comes to LA to visit him and they end up fucking.
>She takes a picture of stuff like "I <3 Kiki" written on his back and posts it on ig.
>He flips out and makes her delete it
>Afterwards, she goes on a twitter about how all the musicians she's dated are abusive and sociopaths(or something along those lines, I can't remember). I think she also made that video about Relationships and Boundaries about him. I know for a fact she was ranting a ton about relationships after him.

No. 129302

File: 1435606802597.png (51.93 KB, 629x366, fffgfgh.PNG)

No. 129312

Jesus I never knew any of this happened. This must have been when I fell off the face of the Earth and stopped caring about lolcows.

Thank you for the history lesson anons

No. 129325

No problem :)
If you want to know more, I'd suggest skimming the previous threads or pull threads. If you weren't around during the first Japan trip/Jack Cash thing and want to know more, you should read the "Kiki in Japan" and "Kiki's Tweets/Instagram" threads.

Speaking of all this, I really think we should update her ed page. I'd be willing to help.

No. 129327

>the eternal void of Kannibal ex-boyfriends.
requesting that this description be rendered as an illustration.

No. 129343

File: 1435613709960.png (283.92 KB, 473x617, tumblr_mzt2sizi1b1t9k994o1_500…)

I wonder how much of this has been tampered with.

No. 129351

File: 1435614735645.jpg (53.52 KB, 636x443, image.jpg)


Omg these photos were the bomb. Especially the ones with her hair down. Butttt I think you can say they edited her skin (wrinkles, lines, tone etc). Yeah. Bout that.

Picture wise:#1 "this is Kiki right?" #2 "Omg that insufferable weaboo girl again?" #1 nods #2 "ugh lets just create a roll with her name so we know when a client is gonna be a pain in the ass"

No. 129355


I believe not all of those were Jack Cah related. Once upon a long time (real long) she posted caps of her convos with a guy who she later on found, had a gf.
Peculiarities: his messages were very naughty such as "and then I can cum all over your face" but Kiki blurred out her answers to it
She contacted the guy's gf and when the gf was hostile to her, she posted the convo she had on FB with the girl, but forgot to blur out the girl's name. However, she'd blurred out the guy's name, face, number etc.
Then her and Kota made fun of the girl via Twitter.
So this all came off as very douchey of her (even if I agree with her approach).

And, as expected, it's all deleted now.

No. 129361

File: 1435616194201.jpg (37.23 KB, 225x400, image.jpg)

Here's the picture for reference

No. 129375

she is a child

No. 129430

File: 1435625971709.png (123.53 KB, 644x471, Sushi.png)

So I admit I have too much time on my hands. I am bored as fuck so I decided to look at Sushi restaurants to see if any had a "Kiki" roll.It's most likely bullshit. I am looking at local reviews and I come across this. This is just a coincidence right? We think she was in Japan at the time.

No. 129433

Well we know the Kiki roll thing was bullshit from start butttttt… This, now… this is interesting.
When did exactly she got back?

Either way, her working at a sushi bar makes a lot more sense, money wise (she saved the money to go to Japan, afford her pricey clothing etc)

I'm trying so hard to not jump on conclusions here!

No. 129437

File: 1435626593009.png (59.1 KB, 1218x508, whitepages.png)


Yeah I am not trying to stir shit up or make up rumors. I thought it was interesting too.

Also I went to go look up the Ostrenga's address to look in the area and I came across this tidbit. There is someone else living with them?

No. 129438

I don’t know, I feel like Kiki would brag about something like that or talk about how she’s able to talk Japanese all the time with her super Japanese coworkers and eat endless vegan sushi~~ but who knows.

That's her brother isn't it?

No. 129439


I mean the name at the top.

No. 129443

File: 1435627141787.jpg (46.28 KB, 542x201, image.jpg)


She did imply she needed to speak Japanese for her job before lilkitten…even though it's not what she says on that YT video

But yeah. She'd be bragging about how all the guys hit on her, about petty Caucasian coworkers, sexual harassment, same old

No. 129444

When searching my name there I get people I never heard of too so that doesn't mean anything, probably somebody that did live there before them/their grandma.

No. 129445


Whatever happened to her being signed?

No. 129449


Yeah that makes sense. Also that might have been the old address. I can't keep up with the crazy.

No. 129484

Do you think we get a video tonight or has Kiki already given up

No. 129487

File: 1435631233627.png (1.33 MB, 1261x639, lilkitten.png)


No we get something even better…..


Oh my God………

No. 129490

holy shit. she can't seriously think that site design looks good.

No. 129493

So thats what she was doing while she was in "Japan"

Also her aesthetic is terrible.

No. 129495

This is like someone's Geocities page in 2002.

No. 129496

File: 1435631603662.png (1006.73 KB, 1242x480, desperate.png)

She is milking this "relationship" hardcore.

Wtf is going to happen when they break up?

No. 129500

File: 1435632175621.png (47.71 KB, 303x78, lawl.png)


Where to begin.

The design is obnoxious to say the least.. There too many objects moving trying to grab my attention. The colors clash and don't really mix.

There is so much going on I am having a hard time loading and scrolling the website; however it might just be my computer

I saw this image at the bottom of the webpage which is hilarious. How long do you think it will be until someone finds some stolen work?

No. 129505

The website fucks up for me too anon.

No. 129506

>shit tastes, shit tastes everywhere

Both kaka and kooter really don't have an eye for design.

No. 129513

Go listen to the music. It's… interesting.

No. 129518

i looked up vince mckelvie and found his site: vincemckelvie.com (he has a tumblr by the same name). guess she took some inspiration from him lmao

No. 129519

Kiki steals almost all of her "original" music.

No. 129525


>wellness, vitality and longevity

u wot

No. 129559

"Lil Kitten" sounds like some daddydom nabokov lolita porn shit.

kiki grow the fuck up and pick something a little more mature so people can take you seriously. she needs to reframe her entire image and dump this DYING kawaii pastel goth/grunge trend

can't tell if she's trying to appeal to the weebs, living doll bullshit, or that lana del rey nymphet crap anymore

No. 129560

That's because it actually WAS the name of the website of some webcam sex girl (that Kiki apparently hated+stalked according to some caps of her archives?) before.

No. 129561


No. 129564

File: 1435641152665.png (810.71 KB, 2276x1105, Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 12.1…)

can anybody properly waybackmachine this my dumbass mac keeps timing out

No. 129567

Holy shit it all comes together now!

No. 129573

kek is that for bikkuri sushi in orlando?
If so that cows never worked there even though they hire a new waitress every other week.

No. 129574

There are screencaps of the website that usedto be lilkitten.com before Kiki grabbed it up in one of the last two or so Kiki threads. I'm not exactly sure which, but I know it's there.

No. 129576

File: 1435644138312.png (569.24 KB, 1275x891, tmp_8638-1427274110310-1014142…)

No. 129582

no you're getting this lilkitten porn star confused with hilary haywire, who turned into 'mycherrycrush' that kiki was frenemies with on myspace then turned into a jelly h8r bc hillary got extremely pretty and transitioned out of scene into a bad bitch making $$$$$$$$ off creeps.

which is hilarious bc as much as kiki wants to bitch about creepy dudes, she voluntarily lets them define her and fuel her victim complex, while the girl she hates is making bank off of them as a cam girl. if kiki wasn't such a narcissist that harbors internalized misogyny to fuel her ego and delusions of her being perfect, she could grow the fuck up and stop letting boys define her entire fucking life.

and i was going to end this by saying scene kiki was my favorite kiki, but all she did was copy audrey kitching in the most tacky way possible ;(

No. 129584

Holy fuck….she's only been dating him a few months. She's so fucking crazy.

No. 129586

So I guess she's actually trying to shed the Kiki Kannibal persona. Everything on KikiKannibal.com is just feeds from her various social media.

No. 129590

File: 1435648871557.png (151.3 KB, 638x119, eyeroll emoji.png)

I love that she feels she's the authority on being nice to others and mental and physical health.

No. 129591

File: 1435649310511.png (118.93 KB, 605x338, tonight in tokyo.png)

I noticed something.

She has decided to reuse the name "Tonight in Tokyo" for the most recent EP – she already had an EP called that. It was the one with Opal Rain and some other found-to-be plagiarized songs on it.

Now Opal Rain is gone. I imagine there are other songs missing as well.


Also has Dream Baby Dream been out for a year? Why is she pumping up the promotion of it suddenly? Or did she just replace an old song's post with DBD and change the title and image so it'll look like it's been there all along.

No. 129592

I hate when the first thing you see is the person that covers up the whole page! It's supposed to be a banner and its not supposed to be a whole page full u narcissistic fuck..

No. 129594

Her ask me page is the tumblr ask me page, connected to this tumblr:


Definitely trying to go by lil kitten now I guess. That's a barely-legal porn star name, Keeks.

No. 129595

Don't think so, she made similar stuff for KND too, it's only for SEO.

No. 129597

This is the most hideous website I've ever seen in my entire life. The foreverkailyn reddit (which is supposed to be a tacky eyesore) is a billion times more aesthetically pleasing than this site.

I don't see the point in changing lilkitten into a blog, she already has a blog and she never even uses it. I guess she really is trying to drop the name Kannibal because literally this is just kikikannibal.com 2.0

Seriously. Even if a few people actually read this blog, I highly doubt anyone will share it with their friends. I know if someone was like, "check out this site called lilkitten," I would assume they were trying to get me to look at porn and ignore it.

I think it was actually the girl's username on all of her accounts, twitter, ig, pull, etc. And Kaka hates this girl because the girl corrected her and told her that Native Americans aren't Indians, lol.

I hate it as well. On the "media" page, you can also get a huge list of selfies to look at.
She should've just made this a picture/fashion/modeling blog. I mean, that's her ultimate goal in all of this, to be known for her looks. I don't get why she feels the need to pretend that she's got such a huge passion for veganism, health, music, etc, when it's really obvious all she cares about is getting her face out there.

No. 129609

If she was even half as decent a person as she claims to be this thread would disappear. WTF Kiki?! Get some psychological help!

She barely has a following.

Her previous name has so much shit attached to it that she's realized she can't keep it and achieve anything.

She knows people hate her real personality and puts on this fake new age earth mother shtick she's seen work for others.

So where the fuck is she getting the validation that allows her to keep right on being the same shitty person? I realize her parents are god awful but damn. It's years later and just like with PT there are even more questions than answers.

No. 129645


Yep, she'll never get the 'glory days' back. Kiki fucked it right up for herself, serves her right.

No. 129646


> So where the fuck is she getting the validation

From her swollen-ass ego.

I'm disappointed. I was expecting an entertaining YT video. But this is ok too. OFC I hate the layout with all my heart but, she's tacky. So's Dakota. Not having taste… It's their thing. She'll probably slack off it like she's doing with YT videos (for the 100th time)

Hm, points up for giving credit to the designer? For once???

No. 129649

LOL I'm using the Internet from my work environment and the system administrator won't let me access lilkitten.com because it thinks it's porn

No. 129650


Nope, Hilary and Adrienne (cynicalkitten/lilkitten) are two different persons


No. 129661

File: 1435673688341.png (766.65 KB, 1882x917, Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.0…)

whoever did this, you have way too many feelings invested in this bitch my nigga.

No. 129663

Probably the A-logging Kontrakoti.

No. 129664

Definitely one of the PULL regulars.

The first sentence was nice and normal, then it spiraled into sparkly-sparkly darkest places rise like a phoenix shooting star -blahblah. Just a bunch of pretty words thrown in there without barely getting the actual message across. this has been said for years, but keke, this writing style is called "purple proses", and it annoys everybody. even in fiction writing. it distracts the reader from what you're trying to say.

No. 129667

>international relationship

Fuck this bitch. Hahahahaha. This is the funniest shit I've read all day. The rest of the world (aka everyone but you) don't care that you had some Japanese cock in your mouth, Kaka. What the fuck is this, United Nations?

No. 129669

She's getting validation from farmers here.

No. 129671

calm down

No. 129672

Nah it's KiraKiraOstrich. 99% sure.

Not only that! But her ~adventures overseas~ lol doing what? Visiting hotel rooms?

No. 129678

I love how she writes in her About Me that this website is for everyone to learn to love themselves, and be healthy, and be happy, etc etc etc. But every single fucking section on the website is about her, her, her. She's such a narcissistic

No. 129685

you mean KiraKiraOstrich is still active?? LOL I left PULL a long time ago when she/he was shitposting every single thread, every single day on the Kiki forum. I even remember them saying that they used to follow her way back into the Jake Wolf stickam days. If they're still at it, doing this shit today, then they need serious professional help to get over her.

No. 129692

Seriously…the "media" section is just a bunch of selfies.

I believe she is definitely trying to become a model. And she's doing it exactly the same way that Kota did, except she's missing two key parts to Dakota's success:

>Kota completely rebranded herself as "Kotakoti/Dakota Rose" and distanced herself from her scene days.

>She interacted with her fans and followers at least in the beginning.

Furthermore, the kawaii schoolgirl living doll thing was new and exciting at the time, and Kiki's riding the wave of a trend that's on its last leg.

I believe her endgame is to go to Japan and get her spouse visa and be a model and designer like Kota, because I think she truly believes that anything Dakota can do she can do better and more easily. She might even succeed at getting some modeling gigs…but I really don't think she'll be even as modestly successful as Dakota is. Her look is too mature, and it doesn't suit any interesting fashion movements currently happening in Japan that would be of interest to her. Maybe something more aimed at gyaru-style. But really, mature-looking white girl models are a dime a dozen. All she has going for her is that she's tiny and Dakota Rose's sister.

If she changes her look for more edge, like a grown up version of her scene days, I think she could have some success. She needs to stop hopping onto trends as they're in the process of dying.

No. 129693

Oh! And she also refuses to use Tumblr, which is THE best way to get your face around the internet these days. Honestly, does anyone really read regular blogs that much anymore? The only ones I even sort of keep up with are like Xiaxue/shit I started reading 10 years ago.

No. 129698

I don't even remember Dakota's scene name. Did she go by Dakota Rose back then too? Even if she did, Dakota Rose is still a way better name than Kiki Kannibal

No. 129701

File: 1435680812876.png (642.51 KB, 639x633, Screen-Shot-2015-06-26-at-6.56…)

Just went to her media page and saw this. Maybe she isn't trying to distance herself as much as we thought, lmao.

No. 129702

And her "Dear Kiki Column" is literally just screenshots of emails she sent to people.

Its so fucking embarrassing.

No. 129704

post some, i don't wanna go to her website.

No. 129705

She didn't rebrand herself, she has always called herself Dakota Rose, and still does. And it isn't a scene name, it's her real name.

No. 129707

No shit its her real name, but its what she used even when she was in her scene phase, unlike what Kiki did. My point was even after all that Dakota was still able to use her "brand" and actually be somewhat successful in Japan. But Kiki won't be able to do that.

No. 129708

File: 1435681183622.jpg (209.32 KB, 1024x882, dearkikicolumn2-edit-1024x882.…)

I didn't read any of them because second hand embarrassment. But here's one.

No. 129710

File: 1435681248727.png (960.74 KB, 1261x633, keeka.png)

Exactly. She will never drop the Kannibal monkier. It's the only reason she has any sort of fanbase. It makes he feel important to have had a Rolling Stone article written about her, to have "invented" hair stripes, to be such a "pioneer" for the scene movement.

It really is. She could have at least taken the time to like copy/paste/format them into text.

No. 129711

File: 1435681271062.png (919.71 KB, 1194x616, vomit.png)

also the layout of the page which is just terrible. She literally just uploaded screenshots of emails.

No. 129712

Koti Rose, Spooky Koti or some shit.

No. 129713

File: 1435681625983.jpg (13.74 KB, 250x375, tumblr_m6ypicpR0D1ray85eo9_250…)

Her scene name was SpookyKoti, just saying.

No. 129714

So hey guys, let's update Kiki's ED page!

It hasn't really been updated since she tried to be CocoRosie.

We of course need to include the recent Japanese boyfriend stuff but we can go all the way back to Jack Cash, her previous trip to Japan, her previous "trip" to Japan, her experiences all kinds of stuff. What else should we include?


No. 129715

It really needs to be rewritten…it's very 2007.

No. 129718

I agree with everything you've said.
I don't get why she didn't make lilkitten a modeling/fashion blog, at least the name suits that a little more. Although it still sounds really pornish. It's really obvious that the website is all about her getting her face out there and not about being healthy, happy, vegan, whatever.

Definitely the lilkitten drama as well. I thought it was really funny how she made this huge thing after it about how everyone bullies her and threatens her so she's staying off social media, but then comes back literally a week later, lol.

No. 129724

Are… are those hairclips the wings off of the Vivienne Westwood x Melissa wing platforms?
Because they sure as hell look like them/are about the same size.

No. 129725

no it wasn't. that was a random username she used like once or twice

No. 129726

No. 129731

File: 1435684090734.jpg (139.47 KB, 1365x705, h76g.JPG)

Imagine some random normal person, not knowing anything about Kiki's infamy, stumbling across her advice page and this is what greets them.

The first thought would probably be "what the fuck".

No. 129735

They would think "wow, she's really full of herself."

If she truly believed anything she preached she would realize how narcissistic she seems. Most bloggers who are attempting to convey the messages she is attempting to convey tend to focus on minimalism and nature. She opts for consumerism and drug visuals.

Earlier when she was talking about how "no one ever orders vegan sushi but me!" I was just kind of smirking to myself. She really thinks she's interesting and unique for something completely normal. I order vegan sushi. A bunch of people I know order vegan sushi. It's not uncommon to be vegan, Keeks.

No. 129736


Guys, I think Kiki might actually legitimately believe she's in a serious relationship with this guy. Think about it, when she left Japan he could have just stopped talking to her all together, but he didn't, and as immature and naive as Kiki is, him saying "I love you" so much to her must sound to her like the real thing. I don't think it's 100% Kiki lying through her teeth, rather her being completely inexperienced with guys beyond hookups and her obsessive, manipulative relationship with Danny that her parents pushed her into.

No. 129737

yep if i saw that i'd be thinking "now what kind of adivce can be got from someone called lilkitten?"

No. 129739

> he could have just stopped talking to her all together
has there been any solid proof that he HAS been talking to her at all since then?
she showed an uber filtered partial LINE message once but its totally possibly that was from ages ago or from someone else entirely

No. 129741

its also not uncommon to simply dislike raw fish lol.
or because, you know, cucumber and avocado rolls are just damn tasty

No. 129743

Is Kaka's kirleios profile on WorldFriends cancelled now?

No. 129745

it was deleted before we even found it. for the nth time.

No. 129747

I was just about to say that, you said that much better than I would've.

>Earlier when she was talking about how "no one ever orders vegan sushi but me!" I was just kind of smirking to myself. She really thinks she's interesting and unique for something completely normal.

It really shows how sheltered she is when she goes on about this sort of stuff thinking it's interesting/unique.
I think that's another reason why she'll never become popular again. She has nothing interesting ever to say and the whole lifestyle/advice blogging thing she's trying to do isn't going to work out because she doesn't really have any life experience at all. From what I've skimmed of the advice she's given, it's all just cliche answers like, "do things that make you happy, love yourself talk to family/friends, blah, blah, blah."

No. 129752

Yeah, her advice is great for like…14 year olds. Which is where she still is, mentally.

I think there's also a language barrier that is causing a lot of miscommunication and confusion. There's an idea that Americans just say "I love you" any old time. And it's true, but there are certain inflections and contexts that make it clear whether you're genuinely saying "I truly feel romantic love for you and want to spend my life with you" and "HAHA, I love you, you're so funny!!" and "I really care about you! Friends forever!" etc. Whereas Japanese, and other languages, have different phrases for different situations. I am sure he's probably saying "I love you" and meaning to seem casual about it, but it's generally understood in male-female relationships whether casual or not, you never say "I love you" until you're IN love with someone, which is something that could be lost on someone who is not a native or fluent speaker. Could also be lost on someone who is, as we all say, really naive and inexperienced in love.

Of course, he did say "aishiteru," maybe he's just a manipulative dick (her type!), but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

No. 129754

If she wanted a blog that was seriously about herself but also not as "me me me" looking she'd take a look at forever amber.com, or milk Bubble tea!

Hers looks wrong. Header of herself far too big etc

No. 129755

or maybe he is saying aishiteru ironically because
1) its one of the most common phrases foreigners might happen to know, even though no one actually says it
2) because no one actually says it

No. 129757


> it's ok if you have no friends but a boyfriend, just make him get in touch with his female side to fulfill your needs in having a friend

9 chances out of 10 if anyone followed this advice they'd end up bullied, friendless and Boyfriendless.

What the girl talked about was straight up harassment cruelty and Kiki just took that so lightly

No. 129760

I agree.

It's because her way of dealing with harassment is to just block people, and the only times she's really been harassed are for things that she, deep down, knew she was at fault for.

No. 129764

What do these basic bitches with their minimalistic blog designs know about ~originality~
Kira Kaka Princess of Mars is bringing tacky narcissistic aesthetics back! Along with unreadable and unloadable shittastic blog design featuring myspace glitters.

No. 129768

lmao you're so right. myspace is back.
again kiki is the original, bringing myspace back.

No. 129780

just signed up there.
it's entirely possible that she found taku through the site, especially since the website seems to be heavily focussed on bringing weebs and asians together.

No. 129787

yeah, we went over this 100 years ago mate. Good luck tho, find something we couldn't.

No. 129791


If the girl seeking advice could block and report people IRL, though…

No. 129816

Kiki only has experience interacting with people online. She doesn't know how to handle stuff irl

No. 129828

Dream Baby Dream and all of the songs you're seeing, sans Opal Rain, were part of her Tonight in Tokyo EP. It's funny because Opal Rain isn't the only song she stole from that Russian guy but it's the most popular pointed out one. Someone should find and post all the others so she has to take it down. Opal Rain is still part of the EP on iTunes so I guess Apple doesn't care about shitty ripoff brostep.

No. 129843

Oh, OK. I never actually listened to her music but I remember Opal Rain being on Tonight in Tokyo. I think it's still on Spotify, too. I'm sure it's just because it's a longer process to remove stuff from either of those vs Soundcloud where you literally just click delete.

No. 129847

What I find off putting is that she used the wings from her shoes (Vivian Westwood wing sandals knock offs) as ribbons. Now the picture is enlarged I can see how awkward they are.. maybe it's just me though.

No. 129850

the only reason she thinks this is ok is because that's exactly how she lives, hopping from dick to dick without bothering to make any long-lasting female friends. I have never seen her mention another female friend. Now that Dakota's gone, she probably doesn't have any.
To her, befriending other females is probably a daunting task. If they're not as pretty/skinny/whatever as she is, she'd consider them 'beneath' her and probably talk shit to them all the time calling them ugly and fat. Nobody wants to put up with that in a 'friendship'. If they're as 'kirakira' as she is, she probably views them as competition.
Privately, I think that's why Dakota and her never hang out or talk about seeing one another, even when she was in Japan. Dakota has real friends now; she's realized how toxic her sister's influence was, and no longer puts up with it out of desperation/admiration.

No. 129852

I agree. A lot of people think it's silly to think that Dakota and Kiki don't talk anymore but I have to disagree with that idea. I'm sure they talk sometimes or see each other when one is in the other's country, but they are obviously not as close as they used to be. We would know. I haven't seen a photo of them together since 2010.

I mainly believe it because I went through a similar thing. I used to be really close to my brother–inseparable–but he developed some weird superiority complex and started living in his own little world where he was the most talented musician etc. No one was as good. Eventually that wore down on me, I moved away, and we talk maybe once every few months about nothing in particular. Sorry to blog but my point is, it happens. Sometimes you're only hanging around with someone because they're there…even family.

Kiki definitely doesn't have any friends, or at least any close ones. She's good at tricking people into thinking she's a kind and caring individual so I'm sure she's not unpopular with others on a shallow level but once they get to know her for real they probably don't stick around longer. She needs to do some soul searching. Fairly certain the only reason she and Taku have lasted as long as they have (assuming they're even together) is because of a language barrier and the fact that they don't see each other much/at all.

No. 129863

New video. Boring and pointless tbh. Her jewelry looks the same.

No. 129865


She could've made the video about all her drawers but then, she would probably ran off video ideas. Typical.

The sad thing is, people asked for this video. There are people out there who think this kind of shit is, pretty…

She filmed a video on Numerology and she has them on during the video of you want to see if they indeed look as off putting (I was thrown off by the numerology video itself so…)

No. 129866

Just a bunch of kitsch crap

well to give her one compliment, her current hairstyle (with side bangs) is better than the previous one.

No. 129868

oh wait, at the end of the video she exposes her ugly forehead yet again. goddammit kaka

No. 129869

Her jewelry is so boring and cheap. It all looks the same and where in the hell would you wear those giant gaudy rings?

No. 129879

Sorry, I didn't think about that. It could be more of a process. But she's stolen so much and deserves to be called out for it. At least three or four of her songs are from that Russian guy and possibly more. I only remember people calling her out for a few.

She has some that are kind of cute or look like they'd be fun to wear to a party, out to a club or a music performance, or for a night hanging out with friends but they definitely weren't in this video. Some of those look like she just grabbed a rock from behind someone's house, glued it to metal and called it a day. The saddest part is she puts these on in her room to sit around playing dress-up and make believe musician/DJ. That is barely an existence.

No. 129881

"Collecting since she was 8 guise" LOL. More like she bought all this junk at the same time.

No. 129882


pfft she got all that in an aliexpress job lot

No. 129883

All of this.

I'm starting to feel like her style truly hasn't changed since the scene days.

No. 129896

LMFAO OK KIKI as if you didnt just buy all this cheap shit from hong kong on ebay please bitch please

No. 129955

File: 1435714402939.jpg (66.89 KB, 570x672, image.jpg)


Excuse YOU! She makes jewelry since she was 9, mind you (saying "hoe", no less). A prodigy designer for sure /s

Either way I believe these are not knock offs, there are these kind of jewelry sold on etsy by hippie self-important "artists" that make them with "raw crystals" so you ~can get in touch with nature~ blah blah and they're pricey.

No. 129968

nah, they're all way too similar… i've seen shit like this for sale in bulk on taobao and ali express

No. 129969

Post some links? I've never even heard of this and I'm so curious.

No. 129970

Yeah I was thinking the same, they are all clearly from the same designer/ store/ wherever she got them. It does not look like 15~ years worth of collecting.

No. 129974

aren't these the rings from her failed jewelry store? where she was trying to palm off "hand-made" rings and ugly-ass huge necklaces for like $400? someone should write a list of kiki's failed business ventures, that one was my personal fav tbh.

No. 129975

Sounds about right. I don't even remember what the url was for it, and I'm sure its long gone by now.

No. 129981

No. 129982

File: 1435718466852.png (45.04 KB, 170x170, file_8_17.png)

$545 dollars for this piece of shit?? Wow, I have no words. Sooo beyond greed.

No. 129983

File: 1435718686485.png (40.18 KB, 191x301, ohshi.png)

I don't think this specefic piece was shown in her video but its almost the same exact style. Same stone, same casing, and it has the same… uhm… I can't think of the word. But the thing that the chain goes through lmao.

No. 129984

No. 129985

She was selling stuff for over $1000 on that website. It was ridic.

No. 130008

keeeek I never noticed that

No. 130012

Damn this sounds so true, I feel like Kooter wrote it lol.

No. 130018

No. 130022

I left a comment saying that she got all that shit from taobao, which of course was deleted.

No. 130029

No truth allowed duh

No. 130030

File: 1435722790213.png (122.7 KB, 1024x768, sockpuppet.png)

No. 130032

Honestly this was probably the most interesting music she's ever done.

Now its just shit.

No. 130038


she once mentioned some vegan australian chick learning japanese food vocabulary from her (lol) and promised to make a video together (obviously it never happened)

No. 130042

This video was so… weird.

As >>129974 mentioned, these are obviously items that she procured for sale at some point and never got rid of. All just very slightly different iterations of the same item. What gives?

No. 130043

Don't even think she used it ever, I was around back then. There were edits of her photos everywhere, that's one of them. Koti had a stickam, and a buzznet, neither of which were called 'spookikoti'. That's it.

No. 130044

She went by both dakota rose and koti rose. I don't think 'kota koti' came about until tumblr, which was short lived.

No. 130051


iirc l her Kiki Mimieux shit was either stolen or made by her dad.

No. 130068

Any more info on this? I always thought she tried to abandon the Kiki Mimieux project because people thought it was no good and a blatant copy of Cocorosie. It's even funnier if it's because her dad made that terrible stuff.

No. 130069

didnt she mention in the video that that wasnt the full collection and she would show the rest if asked?
i mean, yeah, thats all ebay shit but calm ur tits cause shee didnt say those were the ones she had since she was a child (most likely these are the most recent)

No. 130118


Okay Kiki.

No. 130125

I'm surprised that Kaka didn't post anything about Usagi's birthday yesterday because she's such a huge Sailor Moon "fan." (I guess I'm not really surprised considering we all know she likes pretend to love things because they're trendy) It sounds like a really petty thing to criticize but literally everyone I saw was posting about it.

No. 130128

File: 1435752644677.jpg (58.97 KB, 640x388, image.jpg)

That comment…

No. 130129

File: 1435752709576.jpg (62.75 KB, 640x881, image.jpg)

… And OFC it's an absolutely dead account who just took their time to comment on Kiki's voice is so "relaxed & elegant"

No. 130133


kaka's voice is the total opposite of ASMR's purpose

it would be a total cringe fest

No. 130135

Charles albert is the jewellery designer she got things from him to sell on her website that no one bought. They are all legit expensive even from the designer

No. 130210

That's really embarrassing she spent all that money and didn't sell shit

No. 130219

>angel aura angel aura angel aura
it's quartz, kiki. it's quartz that they made colorful in a lab. jfc.

also it's hilarious how the only commentary she has on the 'jewelry she's been collecting since she was 8' is 'this is a pendant. this is a ring. it's pretty big.' no duh, keekz.
my bet is she's trying to drum up interest in her 'style' so she can open up another web store…

No. 130230

yes i love having giant rocks and heavy metal dangling from my neck and fingers, almost as much as i love carrying bricks in my purse

No. 130255

Yeah. I've watched "shoes collection" video and usually people talk when thy bought it, why, how, maybe a funny story, how it feels to wear them etc. which makes the videos kind of lengthy. 10 mins or so.

Kiki is just not that interesting I guess

No. 130267

> made in a lab
probably in china
probably by children
kiki why not take your activism to china
they'll love you

No. 130308

So it's basically her "collection of shit nobody bought from me"? Hilarious.

No. 130397

"So ya, here's my collection of titanium aura and angel aura. I bought them on taobao to resell but not one bought them from me. Some are larger than others."

She has nothing to say about the rings.

I feel like yeah she just only covered the one drawer so her fans will be like "show more!" That's potentially 3 more videos you guys!

No. 130407

Kiki is queen of sockpuppeting and isnt the girl she stalked also ASMR on youtube?

No. 130408


hurrdurr evrr1 is kaka omg so edgy

No. 130430


Fuck off Kiki, we don't want your used goods thanks.

No. 130443


What girl she stalked?

No. 130460


kaka don't care about non-japanese human beings

No. 130485

Holy shit she's so annoying to watch, as is the shitty shaking selfie cam and constant cuts. And as mentioned the quartz collection (lel) is a pile of garbage.

No. 130487

How dare you take about her gaudy jewelry like that , those are magical healing crystals

No. 130488

Talk…….fucking auto correct

No. 130502

File: 1435819054668.png (55.71 KB, 726x343, Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.19…)


She asked a question to herself on http://asklilkitten.tumblr.com/ and forgot to click on anon.

No. 130503

wow thats just sad… most likely all the anon questions were submitted by herself too then

No. 130507

we should submit questions asking about dakota, imagine the boiling rage kaka will feel >>129594

No. 130509

i'm not even surprised, but that's hilarious

No. 130511

File: 1435820621311.jpg (9.4 KB, 300x158, tumblr_mmhbin6Zsf1sov64wo1_500…)



No. 130512

That's fantastic!

I archived the page in case she decides it's been edited haha.


No. 130513

it's still there, what a dumbass

No. 130515

btw every ask except only one is anonymous lol

No. 130517

except the one offering criticism of her shitty advice page, which she just ignored.

No. 130518

Haha omg, it's still up?!?

Stupid Kaka.
Also lol at the "how old are you" ask underneath… ttly not sent by kiki thx.

No. 130519

I'm pretty sure she's asleep right now.

No. 130523

yeah, it's 3:30 in the morning for her. can't wait til she wakes up in a few hours and finds out what she did.

No. 130524

File: 1435821792948.gif (1.77 MB, 309x234, kiki.gif)

omfg I'm so embarrassed for her…

No. 130526

This shit is gild, I bet Kota be dying laughing if she sees this shit!

No. 130527

I wonder how she's going to explain this one

No. 130528



No. 130529


OMFG, imagine when she wakes uo, checks this thread and realizes what she did, she might just lose it completely. All this time we knew Kiki was just talking to herself on anon, but now we have proof uploaed by her herself!

No. 130530

Either delete it and never mention it again or

"Sorry, I forgot to say that that question was emailed to me by a fan who I asked if I could post it here so I could share the answer with all of you kittens!! >^..^<"

No. 130531

well i doubt anyone else aside us, her and her 2 fans actually bother to read her blog, so no one will ever notice.

No. 130532

This, totally. She’ll just try to play it off as if she totally did it on purpose.

No. 130533

Shit, haha. I had to go see for myself. So careless.

No. 130534

shit, don't give her any ideas!

No. 130536

I bet all of the anon ask's are her.

No. 130543

And they all have the same writing style. lol

No. 130545

I will go ahead and say I am the anon who told her to change her advice page.

Don't know about the others.

No. 130547

I didn't believe that one was her anyway, we all know she wouldn't send herself anything remotely negative that wasn't praising.

But the rest are so obvious, lowercase i to make it seem like it's not her. lolz so sad

No. 130550

Bitch is truly the queen of sockuppets. She's probably posting here to defend herself and is still on PULL to boot.

No. 130552

The typing here looks like


No. 130558

No. 130559

File: 1435830806893.jpg (19.14 KB, 356x429, does-my-haircut-make-me-look-r…)

>be anon
>don't read last 3 hours of posts

No. 130560

meant for

No. 130566

What? How do you know that?

No. 130572

File: 1435833336480.jpg (52.54 KB, 350x400, image.jpg)

No. 130574

It says "Ask lilkitten" asked to herself. Read it. So she clearly is sending herself messages. How embarrassing….

No. 130582

it's already been posted friend.

No. 130584

(psst, it's already been discussed. Keep up, buttercup.)

No. 130588

Is she fucking autistic? Genuine question.

No. 130590

someone reblogged it…

No. 130591

What a great idea….

No. 130593

yeah but it was like some weird fan blog so they'd probs take it down if kiki asked them to

No. 130596

or momstrenga will get on the phone with tumblr because GET MY DAUGHTERS CONTENT OFF THERE!! THIS IS COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT I TELL YOU

No. 130597

complains about reblogging
aka the main feature of tumblr

No. 130601

File: 1435843599219.jpg (68.16 KB, 640x718, image.jpg)


Not only the fan blog did though! It's multiplying…

No. 130603


I reblogged it in case she tries to delete it.


If the Monstrengas try to get it taken down I am sure Tumblr would laugh n their face.

No. 130605

No. 130608


Fingers crossed for a blog with a huge following to reblog it LOL

No. 130615

This reminds me of a tidbit from her old tumblr

>I’m doing a lot of things offline, the internet does not interest me much at all anymore, so I update my pages every so often. If my goal was to be popular on here, I very well could do that, it’s simple, but by doing that it would take too much of my time for other things I could be putting towards my real life goals. The internet RARELY creates real life success or friends. It’s a video game.

now she's become so desperate for it she's resorting to sitting on her ass sending herself asks on what to post next

No. 130616

This. Pls let there be someone who has a lolcow tumblr blog with huge following browsing this thread right now.

No. 130619


I have 1,750 followers :^)

Buttttt my content is all dark landscapes, makeup and naked laydees. I'm gonna reblog it anyway kek

No. 130622


LMFAO thank you, tumblr famous farmer!

No. 130630

This damage control is gonna be fucking legendary.

No. 130633

It's still up. At this point I'm hoping she just leaves it up and doesn't say anything, I think that'd be the most baller thing to do.

No. 130636

We will know she was on lolcow when it changed :P

No. 130638

File: 1435852311865.png (150.19 KB, 696x382, Untitled.png)

Dude, have you seen that fanblog? It cant be serious! I somehow get the feeling this person is being sarcastic!

No. 130639

File: 1435852431065.png (203.79 KB, 704x348, Untitled2.png)


Another example lol (sorry for not combining them)

No. 130641

No. 130642

That blog sound like shit tbh. Is this wylona?

No. 130643

Pretty sure its this one
but she retweeted her so lets be nice :)

No. 130644

Bitch is gone for like three months and then returns IN FULL FUCKING FORCE.

PT is our queen but I think Kiki is our princess

No. 130659

not even fucking close.

No. 130660

who wants to bet that Kiki made a fan blog for herself?

although tbh I'm starting to wonder if Kiki has just decided to become a massive troll. The evidence she leaves lying around is just too easy to find. And look how well stirring up controversy worked for Dakota.

Kiki's Guide to E-Fame and Success in Japan:
1. be a kirakira vegan angel princess western beauty
2. rack up page-views by leaving evidence of your asshattery lying around the web so people will eventually notice and start talking about you
3. reel in those sweet, sweet page-views
4. tout yourself as an e-celebrity when applying to overseas modelling agency, milk your fading looks and ex-scene-queen status for all it's worth
5. ????

No. 130663

Pretty sure 5 is sucking someones dick

No. 130665

can't wait til she gets indignant about being "posted" on a porn blog.

No. 130668

Retweeted? Lmao.

No. 130669

Just as I thought. it is shit.

No. 130671

Wooops yeah, not really a tumblr fan over here ;P

No. 130683

i can't believe i'm the first person to point this out… dat spoony. hi spoony. i'm giving you attention.

No. 130688

Kiki is too predictable though, when the eventual Taku related meltdown happens it will still be predictable because we had called it the moment she started posting videos without him knowing he's being recorded.

No. 130689



(also kek I can't wait for Kirsten to get online and see what she's done).

No. 130690

She's online now and doing more fake asks but hasn't seen this yet???

No. 130691

you're not the first one, everybody else was just choosing not to point it out because no need to derail a perfectly good thread.
mentioning the s-word these days is kind of like summoning Candleja

No. 130693

Shiit ya'll beetlejuicing

No. 130697

Guys, what if she did this on purpose because she knew it'd be the only way to get attention on her irrelevant blog?
We're playing right into this shit, this is probably the most attention she's gotten since 2010.

No. 130702

Ugh, this actually could be right. Even someone in the Kota thread pointed out she photoshops way too ridiculous these days. That just adds a whole new level to evil to the Ostrenga sisters. Negative or positive attention, they'll take it all. Greedy af.

No. 130710

Mannn, I wish somebody would confront her about it. Though, I kinda wanna see howong it would stay up without her noticing.

No. 130713

I feel like she's been trolling us a bit lately.
Like with calling Taku ber bf/bae when it's pretty obvious they didn't spend that much time together, posting videos where it's incredibly obvious she's trying to be sneaky, talking about wedding dresses, claiming he's in Florida with her and then posting a text she got from him when her got her package in the mail a couple days later, etc.

I've heard that her and Kota would always try to make up drama for attention. (Although I'm not entirely sure because I started following them after Kota was already in Japan and wasn't really associating herself with Kaka anymore)

No. 130714

Kek, howong, I meant how long. Ching chong ding dong

No. 130716

Huh I can't access her website

No. 130717

me either.

No. 130719


i'm not kiki jfc
i'm a brazilian sloth, check my ip if it bothers u so badly
just because i think kaka is stupid doesn't mean i won't point farmers being stupid either ffs

No. 130729

Nobody really cares, just ignore it if it bothers you that much.

No. 130731


i guess u are actually right, it just boils my blood so much that everytime, everyone throws the "u r this lolcow" card just because.
anyway moving on

No. 130735

Lol she broke her website

No. 130737

I think almost every farmer has been accused of self posting at some point. I have, and it's totally annoying but it'll stop only if you don't reply to it.

No. 130738

Maybe she noticed and freaked out Kek

No. 130747

File: 1435870019491.png (47.93 KB, 742x698, dgdfgf.PNG)

Kaka, no on truly gives enough of a shit about you to go to your school and stalk you. Maybe in the scene days people did, but not now. Even the people who recognized you in that Japanese class didn't give enough of a shit about you to sneak pictures of you and it literally took over a year for anyone to even post about it.

She's most likely just saying this because we all know for a fact she never was in a university in Japan, maybe a language school, but not a university.

No. 130753

why even answer either of them in the first place? they're random anons she could have just clicked ignore. btw has she taken down the self-ask yet?

No. 130756

Nope, it's still up there.

No. 130757

They're not random anons, its just her asking herself questions so that people can be like "omg! thats terrible! poor kiki~~"

Also, i understand not saying where you go to school, but why won't she say her major? Unless its some super unique major (lol) people wouldn't be able to find her just on that information.

But of course the real reason is because she isn't going to university, and therefore not majoring in anything.

No. 130764

yep thats the real reason

in a recent tweet didnt she said she uses japanese at her job? lol lol

No. 130766

Yeah, I found that ridiculous as well.
I guess it's because people would probably still be able to prove she never went to university there even with info like that. (It would probably be pretty easy since she can't speak Japanese at all and I'm sure there aren't many universities for people that don't speak any Japanese.)

I believe it was in the comments of one of her videos about learning Japanese or the Japan vlogs she posted after her first trip. And I think she said it because she thought her music career was going to take off there.

No. 130773

it wasn't a recent tweet at all, it was from when she was first learning japanese.

No. 130782

Imagining some randomer who's genuinely curious about her education, and she just goes off on that self-absorbent rant about haters. She's so batshit haha

No. 130842

that's exactly what I thought.

No. 130845

File: 1435877574923.png (147.59 KB, 471x649, de.png)

same charge for Dakota's shitty digital drawings, google pasted backgrounds and all.

No. 130861

i'm surprised you think she's that smart.

No. 130863

five bucks says her major is east asian studies with a minor in graphic design

No. 130880


>tfw my degree is in East Asian Studies/Japanese language

m8… you wound me…

No. 130911

Even if that is her end game, it will never work for her the way it did for Dakota because Kili is far too immature, obnoxious, narcissistic, bitchy and rude to ever have what Dakota has in Japan. Kota was able to change her behavior and drop all her drama so she could pretend to be what the Japanese like, but Kiki is the exact opposite of everything their society teaches you to be, she's anti-Japan incarnate.

No. 130918

I just figured out who Kiki reminds me of, or who reminds me of kiki 'cause kiki was first, she's like Amy from that episode of kitchen nightmares!

No. 131069

as long as you're doing something with it other than being a weeb wannabe, then you have nothin to be embarrassed about

No. 131073


Nah I have a legit reverence for Linguistics and am studying Svenska on the side. The Japanese language and Japanese history both have fascinating origins too. World highly recommend researching into.

No. 131118

No new video today. I'm sad.

No. 131120

File: 1435891817571.png (18.65 KB, 587x138, dsgfdgfd.png)

wait there is a new video. she's just a fucking idiot and never took it off private

No. 131125

File: 1435891994612.png (10.86 KB, 723x229, snap.png)

she finally admitted she doesn't live in japan. but i wouldn't say that one visit to japan equals "often"

No. 131127


She just put a video up. Too bad its private.

No. 131134

i find all the east asian cultures to be fascinating
chinese is also a very interesting language to learn and the written form is the basis for both japanese and korean
also longest living culture in the world wooooah

(sage for chingchongaboo ot)

No. 131136

No. 131137

She loves playing this victim card over and over, like she's famous or recognizable in real life or something. Kind of like faking her importance until it becomes true but that doesn't really work when the stories are ridiculous.

No. 131139

This! It is second hand embarassing to air out your personal problems in Japan, especially to the public the way Kiki does. Posting every (fake) detail of her life for all to see is something Japanese simply don't normally do.

No. 131140

Did people every buy this trash?

No. 131151

She has already admitted so many times that she doesn't live in Japan.

No. 131154

She still hasn't taken this down, people are reblogging and laughing.

No. 131193

No. 131194

she looks so sad

No. 131198

lol omg.

"how to make watermelon lime juice:
put watermelon and lime in a juicer.
that's it!

btw I'm very vegan and conscious of the animals.

look at my website!"

No. 131205

wtf is this background music, it sounds like some halloween version of clair de lune

No. 131223

five bucks says she's not working towards a degree at all.

No. 131224

yep its a terrible video and she should feel bad

No. 131229

check oot mahy accent

No. 131292

Of course not, but it will be fun to see her daddy pay for 5 more "year 1s"!

No. 131293

She whitewashes her videos so much they hurt to see.

No. 131333

Just a bad video. It doesn't always have to be about your face, Kaka.

No. 131339

Her brows look a lot better! She is taking some notes she filled them in lightly. Now listen to us and fix your existence.

No. 131346

they don't look anymore filled than usual to me

No. 131362

Her lips look so strange to me, but I can't quite place why…
She looks kind of nuts in this video, as well, but thats nothing new.

No. 131366

she's so visibly off and trying so hard to be moogle mother kitten =^_^= lel
ladies, we're watching a post-breakdown nobody attempting to make it look like she's relevant and genuine in anything that comes out of her mouth

No. 131368

File: 1435912716075.jpg (295.1 KB, 1600x1200, h67.JPG)

No. 131373

They look even more horrible to me!

No. 131377

lmao you don't know what "whitewash" means.

No. 131382

>Even the people who recognized you in that Japanese class didn't give enough of a shit about you to sneak pictures of you and it literally took over a year for anyone to even post about it.

When did that happen?

No. 131385


I wanna say it was the last thread. Someone found a tweet by a classmate from when Kiki was taking Japanese at school. She came to one intermediate class and then dropped the class. She was acting like she knew Japanese better than everyone there.

No. 131394

Looks like she's trying to hold her eyes open wide as possible, starts talking, keeps forgetting the eyes and snaps them open

No. 131397

I feel like a weeb learning nihongo but then I realize I like learning languages in general
Same for kaka obviously since she's soon darn fluent in all those languages

No. 131400

File: 1435921941977.jpg (98.17 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I'm fine with this video but she should call it smthg like "juicing and 4th advice/vlog" or smthg like that.
Her lips do look fuller and… Idk the makeup looks good when the video's not in HD (You can notice how paler her face is than her neck (foundation malfunction) and the abnormally wide eyes). It went through my mind she'd look better with no makeup at all other than this; this headpiece is probably smthg she thought was flashy enough for Japan (she had it in some insta videos from there) and is trying to make it work now but, no.

Lastly: girl, use a tripod.

Picture related; BECAUSE YOU R A CREEPER

No. 131403

Who told her those ponytails were a good idea? I couldn't stop staring at how thin they were the entire time. They really age her as well.

The only positive thing I can say is that she didn't do the god awful thick eyeliner look that she was doing for a while.

Omfg, that woman. Is she really surprised that she was blocked? This is one thing I'm actually on Kaka's side with, I know she's harmless but I feel uncomfortable/creeped out just looking at her trying to interact with girls young enough to be her daughters.

No. 131418

>I know she's harmless but I feel uncomfortable/creeped out just looking at her trying to interact…

Totally agree. I don't think she realizes how creepy she is because I think she views herself not as a creepy old lady going through a crisis and trying to be them but as one of the teenage fangirls of Kiki/Kota/Venus etc.

No. 131425


HA! She got blocked aswell, the silly old cow! Oh my god, something I agree with Kiki on!

Everyone should know by now, you can't ever get close to kaka or kota.

No. 131426


Just like Wengie's used to be like… fucking bright as fuck

No. 131428


There is nothing wrong with learning any language. I'm learning Japanese myself, but sometimes even I think to myself "im such a fuckin' weeb" but then I realize, I'm not?

It's just the dicks like kaka who make us feel weeby because so many weebs want to learn Japanese and proclaim they KNOW and are FLUENT in Japanese when they aren't, which make us feel a bit… yeah.

Just keep doin' what you're doing (:

No. 131429

I'm not a native English speaker so I can't really tell until it's heavy, but someone mentioned that she faked an accent here. Is she trying to sound foreign?

The only time I noticed she faked an accent was in a previous video where she ~magically~ had a Japanese-like accent, but I'm not sure I can tell in this new video.

No. 131431


Probably, it wouldn't surprise me.

I know before Dakota went off to Japan for the first time she sounded normal. Soon as she stepped foot on nippon soil, she automatically started putting on voices. Now she does it all the time… I guess it's just to fit in. But recently there was a video with kota on a bus with some black guy, Japanese man at her side and kota spoke in some English. I was SURPRISED to hear how gruff and deep her voice was… It sounded literally nothing like the voice she used to put on in her videos.

Don't be fooled by the ostrengas.

No. 131432


She's doing the kota eye make up thing again… the "look at my kawaii eyes" thing.

Gomen kaka-chan but don't have a baby face or kawaii features unlike ur barbie doll sister xoxoxo

No. 131434

Kota does it to fit in. I know some people sound slightly different depending on what language they are speaking (myself included) but Dakota is obviously doing it on purpose. Most Japanese girls do this automatically now and I guess koti hates her own origin enough to pretend she's not foreign/American.

No. 131435


Again, wouldn't surprise me. But kota must remember, it's she DOES do this. That she isn't Japanese, just like Mira. She's not Japanese, she isn't Asian. She works in an Asian country, lives there. May even get hitched or have a child to one. But kota or Mira will never be Japanese. It's just how it is, simple as that.

Japanese know that they're not Japanese too. What was that rom Wolverine lol, "You wouldn't understand, you're not Japanese."

Precisely the point.

No. 131550

The whole blocking thing seems to have really upset her because looking at her google+, this is the second comment about being blocked(the first comment wasn't really asking about being blocked though, it was her asking why she couldn't find her on ig) she left on Kaka's videos. And she tagged Kaka on one of her selfies https://instagram.com/p/4owyhCkeuz/ asking about why she was blocked.

I kind of hope Kaka confronts her about why she was blocked. It'll probably be the only time I'd actually be cheering her on.

> I think she views herself not as a creepy old lady going through a crisis and trying to be them but as one of the teenage fangirls of Kiki/Kota/Venus etc.
I think you're right. Sometimes it feels like she's trying to become friends with these girls.

I think we can all agree that this makeup looks a billion times better than when she was making her eyeliner cover her entire lids.
I do agree though, her makeup does make her harsh face look even harsher for this style she's trying to go for. It would work if she was going for an edgy look.

Jw, has she ever done a makeup look without a winged eyeliner?

No. 131598

File: 1435945032130.png (378.21 KB, 1430x521, 67890p.png)

i have to disagree.

No. 131600

Uh, just looks like a bit more light and different/more round make-up.

No. 131602

She's just not pretty

Have you guys seen the wellness warrior who was a path logical liar fuck it I'll just link it. I get serious kiki vibes from her

No. 131606

Her name is Belle gibson. Watch it all. It's seriously hilarious. I'd love the lady to interview kiki. Especially the age part. Please watch it guys :3

No. 131607

She looks so different in the middle video. More like her candids.

She is pretty, don't be salty.

No. 131610

Nah she has an ostrich nose and a man face to me. She's just not pretty at all. Especially her smile is unpleasant. Even her body is like weird. Sure she's skinny idk not a fan. I think there are pretty lolcows but not kiki.

No. 131611

Woops sorry didn't mean to link it twice.

No. 131613

i don't even mean the way she looks, or these specific caps.

i'm referring to her whole demeanor and mannerisms in these videos.

No. 131614

Kiki is not pretty though. She's like sweet dee from its always sunny.

No. 131623

File: 1435947018687.jpg (58.53 KB, 638x450, image.jpg)

THANK YOU FOR THAT.it represents me lol

Yes she had more natural makeup in the Backstage profile pictures and she looked a lot better than this. Anyone have these?

Picture related: my eyes watered a bit thinking about the possibilities…

No. 131631

either she suddenly forgot how to google, or posted this to 'prove' she wasn't the one suggesting ASMR videos to herself

No. 131634

File: 1435950292691.jpg (73.64 KB, 640x549, image.jpg)


FIY a lot of people were requesting ok!!! Like, all 3 of them counting the sock account /s

But LOL even Venus has tried it already

No. 131654

I'm actually really surprised Kiki hasn't done this already, it seems like a bandwagon she would have jumped on way sooner… I guess she really is out of the loop.

No. 131659

Because she wanted to be praised and worshiped as a materialistic nihonese idoru princess music model in fantasy fairy internet land. Why else has she not jumped on this old bandwagon.

No. 131671

she looked way sad at the start and all throughout you can tell she was struggling to seem happy. Her voice was shaky, and idk, it was weeeird

No. 131730

File: 1435962404497.jpg (118.31 KB, 640x708, image.jpg)

She changed the title already lol

No. 131731

She's not gonna be able to handle the asmr community. Even the most popular channels get hundreds of comments complaining about shit on every video. It's supposed to be focussed on the viewer as well, not her.

No. 131732

Holy fuck, just what kind of person is she? Just sad.

No. 131738

Kaka's now claiming her and Taku met in Florida. I'm 100% positive she said that she met him on a language exchange app in the description of one of her creepy videos.

I don't get how she wants anyone to believe that lie because we all know she never leaves the house and I don't get why he'd go to Florida in the first place tbh.

No. 131740

Haha what. If they met in Florida, then why weren’t they taking pictures together long before she went to Japan? Or even when she first got to Japan. The pictures/videos of him didn’t start until some time into her Japan trip. She's so full of shit it hurts.

No. 131743

File: 1435964694574.png (9.41 KB, 719x241, dgfdfh.PNG)

No. 131744

Bullshit! I just checked the videos and she changed the description of one of them where she said they met in a lingo app (the first video).
Where the hell she claimed that?

Two things she can't handle: critics and not being the center of attention :P

No. 131749

This. She really needs to start thinking her lies through.

She said it here http://asklilkitten.tumblr.com/post/123144353661/how-did-you-meet-your-boyfriend

No. 131764

It's such a weird way to answer that question, too! They asked "how" not "where" as in "what's the story?" Just answering in Florida makes it sound super dodgy. Is she even trying at all? Or has she been reading this thread and decided she liked the idea of intentionally acting suspicious to score drama views?

No. 131766

>What is ASMR guyz I haz no clue and can't look it up because I'm a kawaii elf princess
>Let me rename this video I already made that has nothing to do with ASMR and allegedly knew nothing about when I made it as an ASMR video!
>Because my voice is already naturally soothing without even trying ^_^

No. 131767

File: 1435966372335.jpg (13.64 KB, 200x200, image.jpg)

That nose curve

No. 131772

File: 1435966722825.jpg (37.01 KB, 640x492, image.jpg)

Shit girl do you even genuinely like to do things at all?

No. 131774

is that a forehead or an IMAX screen? jesus

No. 131775


She's going full on kotalicious, milking the fuck out of that pale skin and those big blue eyes.

Oh god… Japan please don't give this bitch a modelling contract.

No. 131790

I wouldn't worry about it. She's been there twice to get fame already, tried to milk the fuck out of her sister's fame, and even was featured on a radio station there, and they still didn't want or care about her there.
And even if she was given a modeling contract, it wouldn't last long and she definitely wouldn't be getting any jobs. She's got everything going against her with this, her past, her shit personality(especially this. Her personality is the complete opposite of what is ideal in Japan), and the fact that she's just not cute.

No. 131794

I'm getting a 'flood me with comments asking so I can look like I'm popular' vibe. She knows she can't rely solely on sockpoppets this time, the internet is too big and people have wised up to tricks like that. Since Kaka is trying to recreate the circumstances that blessed Dakota, that's going to require a large YT following of real people.

No. 131801

obvious shoop is obvious BUT it does at least look really good, definitely an improvement.

No. 131802

I think getting a tumblr for 'asklilkitten' was a good move. It's definitely a platform that invites more interaction than youtube. I mean, I actually think she should have just stuck with a tumblr as an entire website rather than making lilkitten.com, which is a visual eyesore whose infrastructure makes no sense. Someone should post it to /gd/ and invite 'constructive criticism'.

I guess she didn't want more 'stop copying kota' accusations though, or maybe couldn't handle the virality of tumblr (as in, once content is reblogged its out of the poster's control). Idk. Nonetheless I think tumblr would be her easiest path to replenishing her fame.

No. 131805

The whitening/brightening of her photos and videos isn't helping her. Anyone can look good with that much filtering. Anyone. Consequently, it's less impressive than, say, Dakota's, whose photos were just really well lit and obviously didn't require much color editing (or employed more intelligent, subtle light editing.)

Sorry if I sound like a massive jrcach here.

No. 131809


Tumblr probably is, but she already has a /tag and the internet already which reveals her past. People would just look and already get the vibe that she's a sketchy character who's after something. At least kota was kinda fresh when she was active on tumblr. She didn't have as bad a past as kiki does.

That's why it's gonna be even harder for kiki and plus she's already coming up to 23, so she isn't exactly a fresh face kawaii little darling either. She'll have to milk a new fad to get any type of fame. Maybe she'll go after that asian nymphet thing with the eggs/milk and dumb weeb Japanese text tshirts.

No. 131811


Yeah, kota's 'doll pics' looked so natural with the lighting despite them being edited… Hence again why they looked more realistic… compared to now ofc where she whitens the fuck out of them and obv editing

No. 131828

No. 131829

File: 1435974239591.jpg (113.79 KB, 640x859, image.jpg)

"Totes random anon gurl"

Kiki. U aren't even trying anymore.

No. 131832


ballet dancers body ok kiki ok youre skinny fat and you look gross

No. 131861

I just noticed something. I was looking at Dakota's ameblo and saw that she had post talking about some Sailor Moon tablets… Which is the package in Kaka's Instagram pic that she said she'd sent to her bf's house. So I'm thinking she got caught in get another lie

No. 131881

That would make me laugh if she sent them to Kooter and not Taku and then just edited in the little convo

No. 131886

That’s probably it. That or Kaka didn’t order them at all and just stole a photo that Kooter sent her.

No. 131891

I just feel like it would make more sense to send it to your sister than your new boyfriend. What if you broke up before you could get the items and he never sent them back to you? Maybe thats just me being jaded, and thats also under the assumption that her and Dakota are even on good terms.

No. 131894

No. 131895

God, it's so obvious she's asking herself these questions. If you look at her instagram comments, her (delusional) fans mostly just ask her about vegan stuff and food.

Now SUDDENLY they ask her other shit?
I don't fucking buy it. Especially not after her hilarious self-ask.

No. 131899

File: 1435983166925.png (183.76 KB, 630x183, oop.png)

she changed the title of her video back to what it was before lmao

No. 131903

She did say they met on a language app. Maybe she means they actually MET irl in Florida but then why didn't she mention him at all until she was suddenly in Japan and even then not until she'd been there over 2 months?

The only way I could see this being plausible is if he were an exchange student or something, but he doesn't look young enough at all imo. And as a student he would probably NOT have the budget to travel around with her and stay in these nice hotels.

No. 131905

I know every ask on her blog is herself but man she's not even trying. They're all anon. She could at least make some fake kawaii tumblrs to ask her some questions to seem more real.

No. 131906


Our daily chapter of Stuff that never happened

No. 131908

cap whatever blog post you're talking about, I can't find it.

No. 131913


anyone can look pretty under 10 filters

No. 131931

I think Kiki claimIng shemet Taku in FL is just her losing interest in and distancing herself from Japan. Pretty soon Taku will fade into the void of Kiki's many lies and she'll move on to some other poor sap. Maybe she'll try to get a sugar daddy again in Orlando.

No. 131934

Yeah, she seems to be dropping the i’m-so-kawaii thing already and she hasn’t mentioned her Japanese studies in ages. I think her Japan trip made her super bitter because she wasn’t handed fame the second she stepped foot in Tokyo, so now she has no use for it.

No. 131936

she probably says that though she met him online while she was in Florida. Technically, that wouldn't be a lie. I feel like it's wordplay on her part– she loves to do that.

No. 131938

This is late af but I finally logged onto the ig I used to follow that taku444 account and he accepted my follow request. Definitely not him.

No. 131966

File: 1435994938880.jpg (15.04 KB, 200x220, ayy.jpg)

fixed it

No. 131970

File: 1435997415335.jpg (40.76 KB, 250x275, 1435994938880 copy.jpg)

>make dis a thing

No. 131975


No. 131978

You know, she can actually genuinely work with her 6head going on. She can mix in with the spacekin and starseed crowd, and with the right fashion, can turn into their aesthetic space alien princessu. She doesn't even have to believe in it really, just learn general info, start a tumblr, look pretty. Oh and she should invest in a whole new username that doesn't deal with kittens, ~kannibals~, or kiki so she can gently shake off her past. And offline she could get a damned job.

No. 131984

It may make more sense for her to send it to Kota instead, but Kaka has the mentality of a 14 year old in the myspace days. I mean, Jack Cash, according to what we've heard/we were told, was upfront about not wanting to be with her, but she still wrote all over him and seemed to genuinely think they were ever in a relationship. I feel like Taku is just playing her like every other guy and she does genuinely believe they're in a relationship, in that one video they were already saying "I love you" and they most likely only hung out for a month.

I think so as well. When she was there, she had nothing but complaints about how people weren't nice to her and how all the food had msg/soy. And let's not forget her calling Tokyo a 'concrete jungle.' The first time she was going on about how she felt at home there, everyone was so nice to her, etc. She probably only felt that way because of her being on the radio there, people giving her attention for being Kota's sister, and because of her "bad experience"(aka people getting pissed off at her for drawing on them and posting pictures without their consent) with "awful people"(aka Jack Cash) in LA.


No. 131996

right then you know it's a self-ask.

No. 132005

Not only that but PULL used to have a aster thread of Kiki's self-compliments in Twitter and I'm prettttttty sure one of them was "everyone thinks I have a dancer body"
She has become so lazy she's not even creating new self-compliments content

No. 132031

On her website's ask page it doesn't say who actually asked the questions, so most likely that's why she's not really putting any effort into making non-anon asks or deleting the self-ask.

And she's obviously just saying a bunch of compliments to make herself seem very important for whoever stumbles upon her blog to give her a modeling contract.

They really just have to google "Kiki Kannibal" and they will see all this shit about her though. I think she really doesn't think her online handle is hurting her.

lol @ her saying she met Taku in Florida now. Does anyone remember where she said they met on a language exchange app? I remember her saying it but I'm not sure where…we should probably screencap if we haven't already.

No. 132033

It was in the creepy video with Taku in bed but she changed it already

Bitch sneaky af

No. 132034

I definitely remember her saying that. I'm pretty sure it was in the description of one of her creepy videos of him. I think she changed the description or deleted the comment/post/tweet about it(if I am remembering it wrong), because I looked all over for where she said it when I saw that she was claiming she met him in Florida.

We really need to start taking screenshots of every little thing she says because you never know what stupid little thing she's going to lie about next.

No. 132035

File: 1436015723587.png (27.05 KB, 755x264, changu.png)


>She said suggested that they found each other doing language exchange in the video description, someone should try digging for him on language exchange sites because this is super fucking creepy and he needs to know.

currently the description has removed all traces of that. i also looked through the comments and nothing.

No. 132059

i get so much second-hand embarrassment checking up on kiki these days. i've been following her since efagz (2007?) and i honestly thought she would have snapped out of this phase where she believed that people worship her. does she actually believe that people will look up to her as a "health guru"? she relies so much on validation through other people because her own self esteem is so low, i don't know how she can't feel humiliated reading through all of those anon asks she sent herself.

if people wanted health tips they would go to one of the 100s more intelligent and switched on health-bloggers on youtube or instagram. you know … people that have hundreds of thousands of followers; people who actually interact with their followers; people who have nothing to hide; people who don't screen comments on their videos; who have degrees in nutrition and actually know wtf they're talking about; people who actually seem real and happy. she is so amazingly self-obsessed, she doesn't give a shit about helping people. all she wants is for everyone to kiss her ass and tell her how beautiful and unique she is, when in reality she is average at best. she isn't charismatic at all, her videos are cold and awkward and focus 90% on herself rather than anything to do with her "lifestyle" and she has nothing new or exciting to offer anyone. i don't get why she's still trying. bitch needs psychotherapy for her narcissistic personality, a break from the internet and to like … get a job and work on herself. her downward spiral is so fucking cringe-y i dunno if i can watch this anymore.

No. 132060

What I just found out on PULL

"So in Kiki's video "Sexual Harassment in Japanese University l Tokyo l American transfer student l VLOG" the first thing she states is that she is in Minato-ku. This struck a cord with me because I have been looking into a certain university in Minato-ku, myself. The school is called Temple Univeristy, Japan campus, and it is the only foreign university in Minato-ku. So, it makes sense that she would be going there since it is the only university in the area with classes taught in English.

She also mentions a lot of people from other countries (Austrailia, China) being in her classes, and the school is known for having students from around the world.

And strangely, at 2:11 in the video Kiki goes, "Oh my temples!" out of nowhere. Why? Hmm…temples…Temple University, Japan Campus?

Now, about what Kiki is majoring or minoring in. Something else she said in the video is that she is taking Chinese class. Why would she want to take Chinese when she is already trying to learn Japanese? Well, in the major or minor of East Asian Studies, it is required that an asian language aside from Japanese be taken. So it is quite possible that she is majoring or minoring in East Asian studies. It would also make sense because having this kind of degree would allow her (being a foreigner without speaking native Japanese) to find a job in Japan one day easier. This is why so many foreigners who want to live in Japan get one

Lastly I would like to say that Temple University is very expensive, and so are plane tickets! Does Kiki or her family really have the money for her to be traveling back and forth for her boyfriend? She states that this is what's happening in her 'Ask Lil Kitten'. That would be thousands and thousands of dollars! She also states that she doesn't live in Japan and just visits often. I don't know if I would consider attending university in Japan to be "visiting often"…"

No. 132061

File: 1436019394543.jpg (11.74 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

agreed. you wouldn't take health advice from someone who looks like this, just like you wouldn't go to a salon where the hairdresser has fried brassy hair.

No. 132070

>that asian nymphet thing with the eggs/milk
It would be hilarious if she dropped her vegan persona just to jump on a new trend.

And she could use those tumblrs to keep up with what's actually popular with her target demographic now, rather than hopping on trends that are already starting to fade. It's not like she has anything better to do.

No. 132072


Well, this is all speculations… But a very certain speculation with a good foundation for sure!
And it all makes sense. OFC, except for the money part but we know Ostrengas are spoiled af - and, she has Kota. She has Taku as well. she's setting up more YT videos for views and a website with ads too. She's tryna get that money.

… Except she spent what, 3 months in Japan? Does universities with LEGIT programs actually have a program that's so short-lived?

No. 132078

>Lastly I would like to say that Temple University is very expensive, and so are plane tickets! Does Kiki or her family really have the money for her to be traveling back and forth for her boyfriend?

We already know her parents don't mind going into debt financing their daughters' dreams, but if she really is in university she could easily get loans for however much she wanted. I knew a bunch of people who would pull out an extra 5k on top of living expenses and tuition for burando and shit. It's not smart but I wouldn't put it past Kiki to do something like that since she has such role models as her parents.

That said, Temple University is in Philadelphia among other things wrong with your theory. So no, I don't think she's going to Temple University. Pretty sure she just went to language school and called it university to seem smarter than she is. There are tons of them there and they have tons of foreigners in them. You can definitely go for only three months, too.

No. 132079


Thing is, I don't want her to start jumping on new trends. I don't want to see kiki anywhere but off the internet tbh.

No. 132080


It's a fishy situation. She's definitely doing something on the side to even afford all of this.

Plus, the fuck does she want to work in Japan for anyway? What exactly would she do?

No. 132081

>"Oh my temples!"
Or she visted a bunch of temples in Japan because she's totally vegan buddhist goddess desu.

No. 132082


Exactly, same here in England. You can just pay like £400 for so many month classes and get some qualifications or do a GCSE/A1/A1 in Japanese if you've got the money.

No. 132083


omg dont bash ppl for liking culture

No. 132084


She's desperate as fuck for a let out.

Christ kiki, just go ahead and marry Taku-chan. Get hitched and be happy with your shit visa.

No. 132087

>She's definitely doing something on the side to even afford all of this.

Nah. She has her parents to help her no doubt, she doesn't have to pay for rent etc because she lives with them, and I doubt she has to pay for food either (except maybe specialty foods).

Youtube ad revenue.

Spotify, itunes, etc revenue. Donations from fans through spotify etc.

Probably selling old stuff on ebay and similar, especially things from her shops that never sold. She has expensive stuff and expensive stuff still resells for a lot.

like idk man I make just above minimum wage and it would be super easy to save up money to go to Japan and language school and shit if all I had to worry about spending my money on was like MAYBE some extra food and stuff. I could easily save up several thousand dollars in a matter of months.

No. 132094


Same here, I work two jobs and online shop on the side. So yeah, it is pretty easy I guess.

Girl her age though… really should be either working or studying or doing something. Not being funny, but I find it pretty sad lol.

No. 132097

she never had parents who told her to "get a real job" and instead told her to keep doing what she's doing so why would she even think about going to school or getting a job?

No. 132098

I make 10.75 an hour and saved up enough for japan in only 4 months.

No. 132099

I know there's the tons of Internet ads she makes but she also spends big cash in clothes and silly shit. I still think her parents afford most of it, though. I'm just in awe on how much money she spends on herself (that hotel in Roppongi too, gotdamn)

And it doesn't matter what she'd even do in Japan anon! She probably would sit on her ass all day but she'd be doing it in glorious Nippon and I guess that's more than enough for Kiki.

No. 132100

True. She worked retail but guess mama Cathy (and Kiki herself) didn't want her in POSSIBLE DANGER by POTENTIAL RAPISTS and AWFUL work colleagues calling her gasp "Kinky Kiki!" (Sexual harassment much) in the non-vegan, evil outter world

No. 132102

I get what you're saying, but I get the idea that Dakota's pretty busy and might not be the type to go and post her own packages. Taku might actually be the more sensible option here.

No. 132103

>… Except she spent what, 3 months in Japan? Does universities with LEGIT programs actually have a program that's so short-lived?

A study abroad could easily be 3 months. She might be pursuing a degree at a US university that just sent her overseas for a bit.

No. 132105

She did have a regular job at some point but mostly complained on Twitter about how everyone she worked with was super mean, stole stuff from her, and sexually harassed her. Kiki can't function in the real world.

No. 132106

lol, how busy is she?

i think it makes more sense Kiki would have something shipped to Dakota than Taku if she could really only ship inside Japan.

You can easily order those things on amiami or similar though.

No. 132111

…what does that even mean? She's appearing on television, doing shoots and event appearances on a weekly basis, doing magazine shoots or interviews on a monthly basis and with the number of car selfies she's taking I get the sense that she probably does go-sees on the days she's not got something booked. Dakota's working nearly a full time job.

And I'm speculating here, but with the amount of nutso stalkers she's got I can't help but wonder whether she's so keen on going to the post office– a task that requires her to write down her personal information (address, full name, phone number, sister's address)– in person, in front of an employee who will very possibly recognize her as Kawaii Yumeijin Dako-chan. The defining character trait that distinguishes Kota from Kiki is her caution.

No. 132120

You guys really overblow her popularity lmao.

I'm saying, how busy is she that she can't allow her sister to have something shipped to her apartment/mailbox, which costs her nothing, then snap a picture of it and sent said photo to Kiki to let her know that the package arrived? Takes like 20 seconds of work for her.

More likely, if Dakota ordered the tablets, maybe Kiki also ordered some and had them both sent to Dakota.

Then Kiki manipulates the conversation to look like it's from Taku or takes the photo and again makes a fake convo with Taku.

Honestly >>128754 is ultra saturated so it's hard to tell but it looks like there is a huge gap between the two texts Taku supposedly sent even accounting for the speech bubbles so I'm leaning toward fake convo.

No. 132123

So she never receives or sends any mail or packages because she's constantly being stalked by everyone?

No. 132124


PUll and lolcow are the only ones who actually make Dakota popular tbh.

No. 132133

lmao, I know. I laugh so hard when people say shit like >>132111 as if precious Dako-chan can't possibly live a normal life and do basic everyday things because she's JUST SO POPULAR AND STALKED BY EVERYONE.

No. 132137

You don't even have to go to the post office to send shit. lmao

No. 132139

Even ACTUAL famous Japanese people who appear on national TV every week have no idea who she is. I know, because I asked, and it was a female who is a regular (aka almost daily) at one of the TV stations Dakota has been on at least twice.

No. 132142

Eh, whatever– I did say I was speculating. This is someone who has her old websites manually removed from wayback and manually sends copyright infringement notices to the most obscure chinese reposters of her videos. I wouldn't really put it past someone who guards their personal information that fiercely to not be eager to go out in public to do normal person chores that involve writing down her personal information. But even if I'm wrong about my cray cray post office theory, the fact remains that she is actually busy.

No. 132145

>implying it isn't Cathy that's doing all that.

Either way she's not so busy that she can't let her sister use her Japanese address so she can buy some Sailor Moon shit. Your theory is dumb.

No. 132146

She doesnt show them because theyre not shopped good enough

No. 132147

>I know because I have a japanese tomodachi desu

And I once asked a Japanese friend if she knew who Kim Kardashian or Kanye West were and she said no. I've brought up the subject of Dakota to a few Japanese friends, some of them knew who she was and most of them didn't. I think her fame is comparable to like, most members of denpagumi or one of the more popular idol troupes. The fans are the people who are already obsessed with a particular niche of celebrity.

No. 132150

I on the other hand would love to see what harebrained get-famous-quick scheme she comes up with next. She's like a cartoon character.

>What exactly would she do?
Be a kawaii exotic kira kira crystal vegan princess model DJ health guru, of course.

No. 132155

This is all derailing, but either way she's not famous enough to not be able to mail some Sailor Moon crap to her sister.

>Be a kawaii exotic kira kira crystal vegan princess model DJ health guru, of course.
Honestly I think she does plan on this. I think she basically plans on getting married, having kids, and being a DJ and self-styled model and health guru.

No. 132158

File: 1436032335261.png (758.97 KB, 632x607, kawaiielfgddess.png)

full picture

No. 132173

Why does this look so similar to Dakota's latest picture, does she hope to get something from copying her sister, kek.

No. 132184


It's definitely fake. The text isn't even lined up with the side of the pic. Not only that, there are no chat bubbles around he words, but the edges of the pic are rounded, which happens to pics when you send them via text or virtually every messenger.

I'd bet money that Dakota sent zkiki a pic of her cute new Sailor Moon swG, and Kiki stole it, added a fake convo in and filteed the fuck out of it to fit her story. We know Dakota likes Sailor Moon shit, Kiki couldn't care less about it but has stolen pics of Dakota's SM stuff and posted it as her own before. That's probably all this is.

No. 132188

Not only that, kaka's response is way out on the right. I've never seen a screencap of a text convo that wide, not even on a tablet.

No. 132193

Also: "I love you baby"


It's the forehead :P but that's about it. Kota makes her eyes wider and face brighter, Kiki just brightens the shit out of everything

No. 132194


Pfft, kiki could've easily ordered that sailor moon case off taobao tbh I bought a few of the new samantha vega sm bags myself its cheap enuff

ugh kiki

No. 132197


Kim K and Kanye would be more well known than Kota, they're not even on the same scale. If they're Japanese then they may have seen Dakota on a show briefly or saw her online. She isn't that big guys, a catalogue model at the most and a dead trend from 2012 who still lives and works in Japan. That's about it tbh.

No. 132200


If kaka really wanted fame, she should hop on a plane to the UK when the next big brother season comes up just like John from Australia did in 2010 during that BB season. Make out like she's some Japanese talking stupid lulzy doll, fuck a ton of guys in the house, be a drama queen bitch and get the papers talking.

Easy fame there and done!

No. 132202


Hence why they keep asking everytime they invite kota on these shows about herself and the barbie thing. C'mon Japan, you guys can't keep milking the barbie thing. It's old as fuck.

No. 132203

Remember the Japanese french living doll tho

No. 132205


And all she'd need to do is to be herself!

No. 132215


fuck thats scary, she looks like my spanish teacher.

No. 132218

File: 1436037338152.jpg (33.99 KB, 640x449, image.jpg)

Go to her tumblr. New lolzy/batshit/self absorbed cray stuff.

No. 132227

>What gave you that impression?
Idk Kaka, maybe because you literally said so? It's not a rumor if more than one person can recall it. (Idek why anyone would start a rumor like that anyway, there's nothing wrong with meeting someone online.)
That video was uploaded like a month ago, does she really think people are going to forget about something that quickly?

No. 132228

>that's a rumor
among who besides us h8ers?

No. 132232

File: 1436041011546.png (508.44 KB, 632x607, 1436032335261 copy.png)

Kaka please fix your eyebrows

No. 132236

Damn, that fivehead. I seriously thought these were more of the pictures that were Photoshopped to elongate her head.

No. 132246

Would 10/10 watch this.
Would also probably help her with her "DJ / Model" career.. Student nights would lap up "ex bb housemate on the decks"

No. 132251

Dept incoming.

No. 132256


Oh my god, I know. She'd be such a wreck, be the new Nikki and crying in the diary room at how mean people are being to her. Then you'd have kota sat back watching eps on her macbook, laughing her tits off at kaka making a vagina out of herself in the UK

No. 132257


omg just like sam pepper did! i forgot he was on big brother!

No. 132265

Ooo…this would be perfect. Someone suggest this to her!

No. 132269

Does anyone have screenshots of her saying she met Taku on a language app?

No. 132270

her eyebrows are more empty than my savings account damn

No. 132286

who IS she? who is she???? where did you find her?!

No. 132287

Sadly, I don't think so. I looked in the last thread since I was hoping someone linked the video and it was archived, but it wasn't.

No. 132291

I FOUND AN ARCHIVED PAGE OF THE VIDEO. https://archive.is/Ulsqj
Apparently she changed the video description twice because I know for a fact the first description outright said that they met on a language exchange app, but this one just says, "We met by pursuing to learn each other's languages. We taught each other and then the rest is history."

No. 132298

Does anyone know for sure she even said that? I feel like she did say they met on a language exchange app but now I'm wondering if I just saw that written on lolcow…but i get why no one screencapped it. Who would think she would change her story this fast?

No. 132302


I can tell for a fact because I saw written in the video description at first. Didn't think she'd change her story so fast.

No. 132304

I feel like I definitely saw it. But there's no definite proof she said that other than our memories and the comments in the last thread.
I feel like she really did say that because "language exchange app" is pretty specific. I think if it was just speculation or something, we would've just said she met him doing language exchange. idk

No. 132335


tilt the screen, it gets worse

No. 132409

File: 1436063909793.png (64.01 KB, 557x328, Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 10.3…)

excuses… excuses

No. 132410

File: 1436063980773.jpg (76.59 KB, 632x555, image.jpg)

Sure Kiki whatever you say

No. 132411

I meant to reply to>>130530

No. 132412

No. 132414

File: 1436064140500.jpg (113.07 KB, 640x855, image.jpg)


No. 132415

File: 1436064172591.jpg (147.04 KB, 640x752, image.jpg)

No. 132418

Why is the way she writes starting to remind me of Valerie Lukyanova?

No. 132419

Haha. This is exactly what we said she would do.

No. 132422

i feel like i saw it too, but i can't remember WHERE but i know it was on youtube, either a comment or in a description of a video. reading that is why people went digging around in language exchange websites for taco

No. 132423

what kind of shitty ass website do you have where smiley faces are fucking up your code

No. 132425

The false superiority complex

No. 132426


Buhahahahaha nice cover Kaka.


Oh yes because she is so innocent and pure. We are just haters that spread rumor. Duh guy!

She is just trying to cover for her mistakes. It's very apparent she doesn't know how to make a website.

No. 132429

File: 1436066083567.png (3.09 KB, 240x130, images.png)

No. 132431


apparently the geocities-era website she's using now kek

No. 132433

Not to mention all her profiles on language exchange sites went down pretty soon after. I think she changed the description so that people would stop looking for Tako.

I love how she is only just now saying this and editing the answer despite apparently knowing about it for days since she had the foresight to self-ask with her own account. Nice damage control.

Oh Keeka, when will you learn not to respond to the haters?

No. 132436

>Oh yes because she is so innocent and pure. We are just haters that spread rumor. Duh guy!

Honestly she's so full of it. I get you wouldn't want anon a digging for ya man in language exchange apps but yknow. shrug tell him to keep an eye out? Idk. Don't try to play as if everyone was stupid enough to believe that.

You go through her tumblr ask and there's another saying how she played with her hair because she was bullied and only broke out of it to be the ethereal au natural vegan desu Mars princess and got out of the negative mindset she was stuck in and now just wants to help people. Like, fuck off. Start off by lying better since you clearly can't keep yourself from it and try not playing the victim for once.

No. 132443


If she was being truthful with him she would explain to him what is going on and why strangers are searching for him.

She has been on the internet for how long now and she still can't handle the "haters" Really Kaka you are barely famous and barely get harassed. You couldn't handle real fame.

She doesn't know how not to play the victim card.

Lol forgive my ass, stop acting so innocent and desu. We know who you really are and how manipulative you are. You get caught in your lies then wonder why people don't like you.

You are one to talk telling the "haters" not to look at your website. Why stop reading the hate sites since it bothers you so much :^)

No. 132444


It's possible she's trying to either protect Tako OR she's trying to make it seem like she met hIm before she went to JP, so she can pretend she didn't just go there to leech fame off her sister/for being white.

No. 132445

File: 1436067566636.gif (2.9 MB, 300x226, mj5kly.jpg.gif)

Bitch please, the people viewing your site out of "malicious intent" are like half your unique viewers.

You should be thanking us.

No. 132447

File: 1436067933890.png (43.44 KB, 751x493, ohkeeka.png)

She changed her reply a little. She also added tags to the ask. Only this ask though. None of the others.

No. 132457

She's so condescending. Positive my ass.

No. 132458

dude, stay faaaaaaar away from Temple. It is a shit University that hosts all of their student "get togethers" in seedy neighborhoods in Roppongi. It will also bleed you dry financially (more so than other places).

No. 132459

How is she helping people when she isn't an honest genuine person, but only a pathological liar?

No. 132464

she changed the layout of asklilkitten to where you ask the question on the main page, there's not a link to the "ask" page. i imagine it's so she can track IPs. either way you can still go to asklilkitten.tumblr.com/ask and ask on the bottom ask box where there isn't a tracker. or use a proxy.

No. 132466

No. 132476

thats not rare it was on her yt channel

No. 132477

So she's claiming that emoticons screw up her website so she re-submits them herself…
but some of the other asks have emoticons in them and they're fine??
Oh Kiki, seeing you trying to cover your ass is hilarious.

No. 132483

Quickly screen cap before she deletes them.

No. 132486

her parents are so embarrassing.

No. 132503

Ugh I miss those days, she was actually really entertaining. She and Dakota were so goofy, now it's all so staged.

No. 132511

No. 132531

Ok? We've all seen and talked about this 2-3 years ago.

No. 132552

I still remember the blurb about how they already rejected because she needed a taper instead of a barbell.

No. 132556

How would she even meet him irl in Florida "learning each other's languages?" Did she go up to random Asian guys on the street and start speaking broken Japanese to them? Also where would she even meet him? I'm pretty sure she lives in an area that's predominantly elderly people, so I don't think he'd be there(I don't think he'd be in Florida at all to begin with tbh, the only people I know who actually want to go to Florida are old people and people visiting their older relatives). Plus on the rare occasions she does leave the house, it's most likely just to shop or go to some special snowflake vegan places. And if she actually is in school, I doubt she'd meet him there because his English is too bad to go to school here.

Also I'm gonna ask this again, why the fuck would anyone make up a rumor like that? There's literally nothing wrong with meeting someone online. If we were going to create some rumor of her, it wouldn't be some weak ass bullshit like this.

>I think she changed the description so that people would stop looking for Tako.
I'm starting to think that too.

No. 132557

If I download a yt video via jdownloader does it count as a view? If she wants to make it without haters she can have it.

No. 132561

File: 1436092967392.jpg (223.89 KB, 2446x1010, Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 6.38…)

lmao! holy shit she did this EXACT same thing a few years back on formspring, literally the same excuse after she was caught sending herself asks on there.

No. 132569

And of all places…Orlando is really only a tourist destination if you're interested in Disney/Universal/Harry Potter World etc. It's not some international hub. There's not really a city even like that in Florida, it's mainly Cuban immigrants, the elderly, and Mickey Mouse. Unless she met him at Epcot.

It was said earlier that the only way he would even possibly be in Orlando or Florida at all to learn English is if maybe he was an exchange student of some sort, but he looks too old to me. Florida is the other side of the country for most Asian travelers, hence why Asian immigrants tend to settle on the west coast/Hawaii. Why not just go to California? Lower cost on airfare and more to do there, plus they have their own Disneyland.

She probably met him online at the very least and beyond that who knows, but we really had no indication she had a boyfriend until mid March and the silhouette of the guy in the window from the alleged sugar daddy days doesn't really match Taku's bodytype imo. And what is a 20/30-something year old man doing going to sumo matches and English-only conferences?

I don't know why she won't just admit they met online. It's not shameful.

No. 132573

I agree with all of what you said.
Are there even any good/well known schools in Florida? I live on the east coast and there are tons of people coming from East Asia to my state because we have Johns Hopkins University, so I could get him being there if there was at least a good school or something.

I'm starting to agree with that anon earlier who said she's saying she met him in Florida because she was there when she started talking to him online.

Also wasn't the alleged sugar daddy in that one video wearing a colorful(and by 'colorful' I just mean it's not black which is all we've ever seen him in) varsity jacket?

No. 132577

>Are there even any good/well known schools in Florida?

Honestly…no, not really. Just state schools, University of Central Florida being the one in Orlando, with the others being in Tallahassee and Gainesville, which are North Florida and not really close to Central Florida.

There is Florida International University but it's in Miami which is a 3 and a half hour drive. They also don't have a Japanese campus, nearest one is in China, but they may have some exchange programs.

None of these are bad schools to my knowledge, they just aren't the kind of schools to go to just to learn English.

Florida just isn't the place to go if you want to learn English. Maybe Spanish.

No. 132582

Also, where would she even meet him? Does she even do anything?

No. 132588

I was wondering that as well. I doubt she ever leaves the house considering the fact she lives in Florida and is pale as fuck. And I also doubt that Taku is interested in the whole spiritual vegan thing, so I don't think she'd meet him somewhere relating to that. I can't think of anything else she'd do, maybe clothing shopping but I feel like she just buys all of her clothes online.

No. 132594


LOL oh burn Kirsten! How long did it take you to come up with the last bit?
She probably still spent a while reading and rereading her answer before editing it.

No. 132613

what a trashy annoying family omg

No. 132617


Two points: what's up with Kiki and Kota wailing their arms around when they walk it's so weird. And what's up with this family need to document everything on video? Kiki filmed her and Taku in the Hyatt hotel and said it was to keep for herself. Is that an American thing?

No. 132618


Wow, it's so weird seeing kota looking like her old self and being… well kota.

Dunno, I kinda like her bitchatude. Most girls, well teen girls are like that anyway. So whatever.

Bet she never thought there in that video she'd be featured in Popteen and on Jap tv lol

No. 132619

No. 132620

File: 1436108560894.png (338.09 KB, 800x292, r_banner.png)

new PULL banner

caught kaka just perf and kota looks like chucky

No. 132626

Kiki still looks like Kylie or Danni Minogue, Dakota is too fat, Venus looks nothing like Venus. I think Mira is spot on though.

No. 132628


that kaka needs more forehead and less eyebrows

No. 132633

That's honestly a really generous portrait of Mira

Also yeah Kiki doesn't really look like Kiki but w/e

No. 132636


I think they caught Kiki, Kota and Wylo very well - as well as the girl between Kiki and Mira (Johanna herrstedt)

No. 132646

File: 1436112208676.png (1.07 MB, 1866x1079, life_is_strange.png)

At first I thought Mira was Max from Life is Strange and it took me a second to realize who it was supposed to be.

They're all pretty good, imo. Venus is the only one I'm not so sure captures the person it's meant to portray.

No. 132657


Mira needs more buck teeth and sloth eyes

No. 132658

>Is that an American thing?

It's more normal to take photos of stuff. Even then I've never really heard of people taking various photos of a hotel room unless it was really nice, and that hotel room was p nice imo. Even in that case it's mostly to show off to others, not to "document for personal memory."

No. 132661

Thank you! I was thinking the very same (especially with Kiki's mirror-licking in the room) but wasn't sure, since it seems to be a common thing with the Ostrengas

No. 132704

kootz looks like bride of chucky

No. 132706

It's not an american thing, It's a narcissistic thing.

No. 132715

kinda late on replying about this but just throwing my tidbit out there as if it weren't already obvious - I develop websites professionally and can confirm this 100% hilarious bullshit. hahahahahahahahahahhah

No. 132729

kek, lets send her asks with smilies in them. She wouldn't be able to resist reposting them as anon because it would show that a real person is actually asking her a question.

No. 132754


Kek post REAL nice, ass-licking, ego-stroking asks with a TON of smileys on them so she can't resist ignoring them but at the same time will need to repost them as herself… and her needing to explain this over and over
Or watch her post them and be like "fixed my website ^_^"

No. 132757

tbh in this instance it looks like a legitimate excuse? she straight up said she went in an edited the dude's email out soooo

her recent excuse is bullshit tho

No. 132764

we should ask her the specifics of the issue, and offer to fix it.

No. 132769

Hahahahaha what a fucking childish lie, jesus. It's the kind of thing I would have come up with when I was 12. Who does she think she's kidding?

No. 132791

So… couple of questions:
a) has anyone else EVER had this issue?
b) if it was possible, why didn't she originally include the message about having to re-enter the ask that's in the edited version (>>132409)? Just to make it clear.

Such bullshit, Keeks.

No. 132810

pro webdevfag again.
what is submitted in an ask form then printed onto the blog will not have any affect on a tumblr layout unless it's like.. a massive image and your theme is not styled to display them nicely within a parent div tag. this is just. embarrassing she'd even make these claims lmfao, she must really think we're all idiots.
I know this because I used to develop tumblr themes for fun.
I mean the only emoticon that could have an effect on anything but absolutely doesn't in this case is like a :> face or something because these - <> - are used in html tags. again, it won't have an effect because there is no conflict between the inputted text and what displays on a layout.

No. 132890

No. 132915

she still has only this entry tagged. guess she's hoping someone will stumble upon that answer and be like "wow, such a mature and forgiving soul!"

No. 133008

File: 1436191877036.png (101.05 KB, 603x784, Capture.PNG)

No. 133012

i think we triggered her.

No. 133025

I'm thankful for not being so cliche and desperate for attention

No. 133029

Her theme is so ugly and hard too read, jesus like a graphic designers worst nightmare

No. 133033

No. 133036

Is she thankful for parents that she can sponge off of?

No. 133038

or is she thankful for the Japanese guy she's fucking for those free trips to Japan?

No. 133039


The biggest thing she should be grateful for is Adobe Photoshop.

No. 133043

Mira does not look nearly retarded enough.

No. 133045

Kooter is the only one who is done well, the rest looks like shit.

No. 133054

dude stfu, bring the topic back on kiki no one cares about pull's banner

No. 133057

so true. looks like utter shit, except for kota. mira could have been done so much better. she looks like a cartoon character irl already.

No. 133060

Even so, the majority of websites have a special snippet of code to make sure to "clean up" whatever input of text goes in so code injection won't happen and I don't see why an emoticon would break everything, you'd have to be intentionally stupid.

It hurts my soul. Everything's bad
>Takes fucking forever to charge
>Fucking huge pics of princess kaka with a terribad quality
>Backgrounds not even seamless
>Fucking huge geocity gifs of different styles
>Moving header background WITH and added gif for the hell of it
>Horrible script font that look pixellated
>Media page bg is white
I'll stop here otherwise I'm going to charge her for an audit.

No. 133062

her header just stopped loading for me completely after the second day lmao

No. 133095

File: 1436206582838.png (1.35 MB, 2000x2000, takoyaki21.png)

>June 29, redesigned and rebranded lilkitten.com as a blog.

I think we can assume she was also making her website during the week that Taku was allegedly in Florida, along with the assumption she was editing/posting photos and a song on Youtube.

No. 133122

She dodged the "do you work/how do you make money" like Jackie Chan in an action movie

No. No ones going to stalk you at your work like once happened in 2007. Get over yourself.

No. 133163

she sounds like fitveganginger

No. 133165

she's close
but she can't see jesus' light from her dark spot in kota's shadow

No. 133169

from the blog
> " demented people online have gone to crazy lengths to hurt me and keep me from success in my real life "
the only one keeping you from "real life" is you. and maybe scott and kathy.
seriously if you really have that much to offer the world, get off the internet so the haters have no amo

No. 133170

She's written seven paragraphs about her nose.


I had the reverse happen - none of the images were loading for me at first but now they're working.
What a total mess.

No. 133204

I didn't think you were serious about that. Honestly, if it doesn't bother her so much, why is she writing a long rant about it? And if she loves her nose so much now, why does she still shoop/hide it and never show it from any other angles? The only time she's ever showed how her nose really looks is in that blackberry drink video. She even shooped her nose in her new default picture on twitter.

Also her rant is exactly like the one twitter rant about her forehead. She goes on about how you shouldn't follow beauty standards but then goes on about women who are considered beautiful with ___ feature.

Also Kaka, no one is jealous of you. Honestly, I'm pretty sure everyone here, including myself, finds you pitiful.

No. 133210

>Also Kaka, no one is jealous of you. Honestly, I'm pretty sure everyone here, including myself, finds you pitiful.

I use Kiki threads to make me feel good about being able to support myself, having friends and a social life, and an awesome boyfriend I can actually pose in pics with and show to people.

Kiki is the reason I moved out of FL tbh. I didn't want to end up sad and lonely and living with my parents for the est of my life like her, and now my life is great!

No. 133229


>You are so much more than that doll!

No. 133233

The only crazy thing about Kiki's situation here is how she constantly blames others for her lack of success.

No. 133236

Can someone please tell me a list of times when people from the internet fucked with her professors and somehow caused her issues?

I feel like if someone contacted any of my professors with internet gossip and shit they would be like "um, ok." I don't think it would really uhhh cause them to fail me or something, unless it was proof that I was cheating or some shit.

No. 133238

>Can someone please tell me a list of times when people from the internet fucked with her professors and somehow caused her issues?


No. 133239

Honestly, Sticky probably did try to do all those things. He is a fucking psycho and was obsessed with her for a long while. He's the reason all the police reports are floating around. But other than that… nah. Sticky is one very extreme case.

>I have known people who have gone under the knife in hopes to feel better about themselves and they were left feeling worse than they did before going under.
Confirm Kota getting a nose job

No. 133241

also this is another tagged ask she did, but no one wants to read an essay on this shit. Kiki has no awareness of how to to gain popularity online

No. 133245


"Truther wrote:
Wish I could create a new topic about this but I do not know how to

So in Kiki's video "Sexual Harassment in Japanese University l Tokyo l American transfer student l VLOG" the first thing she states is that she is in Minato-ku. This struck a cord with me because I have been looking into a certain university in Minato-ku, myself. The school is called Temple Univeristy, Japan campus, and it is the only foreign university in Minato-ku. So, it makes sense that she would be going there since it is the only university in the area with classes taught in English.

She also mentions a lot of people from other countries (Austrailia, China) being in her classes, and the school is known for having students from around the world.

And strangely, at 2:11 in the video Kiki goes, "Oh my temples!" out of nowhere. Why? Hmm…temples…Temple University, Japan Campus?

Now, about what Kiki is majoring or minoring in. Something else she said in the video is that she is taking Chinese class. Why would she want to take Chinese when she is already trying to learn Japanese? Well, in the major or minor of East Asian Studies, it is required that an asian language aside from Japanese be taken. So it is quite possible that she is majoring or minoring in East Asian studies. It would also make sense because having this kind of degree would allow her (being a foreigner without speaking native Japanese) to find a job in Japan one day easier. This is why so many foreigners who want to live in Japan get one

Lastly I would like to say that Temple University is very expensive, and so are plane tickets! Does Kiki or her family really have the money for her to be traveling back and forth for her boyfriend? She states that this is what's happening in her 'Ask Lil Kitten'. That would be thousands and thousands of dollars! She also states that she doesn't live in Japan and just visits often. I don't know if I would consider attending university in Japan to be "visiting often"…

So, I don't post much on this site, but I figured that I would now because it's 5:30 AM here in Tokyo, and I'm slightly drunk.

I actually attend the Japan campus of Temple University, and I have never seen Kiki on campus at all. Now, Temple isn't a very large school, so we get to know and recongise most of the people who attend the school, and Kiki is not among them at all, that is, unless her face is worlds different than what she posts online, and I don't doubt that it would be.
And, it is actually Temple's policy that if you are not taking classes during any semester, even the summer semester, you have to return back to your home country because the student visa is not valid during that time.

However, she may attend the university, and our schedules just may never coincide with each other, but I have never seen her there, so that's just my two cents."

No. 133246

HAHAH oh fuck I see what you did there. Her subconscious is showing.

No. 133253

I'm pretty sure there is at least one anon posting here who live in Florida/sometimes go there who could easily stalk her if they wanted to. But do you see anyone here posting pictures of her house, trying to find her, or anything? No. No one really even stalks/harasses her online because in order to stalk/harass someone you actually have to try interacting with someone. I really don't think any of us here actually try tweeting her or anything, and from what I've seen, people here who do interact with her, are actually civil towards her. I've never seen anyone directly telling her to kill herself, calling her names, etc.

I highly doubt she was even harassed irl in the scene days. The shitty advice she gave to that girl who was actually being harassed makes it quite apparent she's never actually been through that in her entire life.

No. 133257

>Confirm Kota getting a nose job
Duuuude, that's probably right KEK
We all know Dakota is her only "friend", that actually makes sense.

No. 133258

>Something else she said in the video is that she is taking Chinese class

Can confirm she knows 0% about Chinese, except for how to use google translate.

I do find this post interesting and kind of hilarious, though. I also feel like that if Kiki was actually attending university, she would have pictures at her school. I keep a very low social profile but I still have pictures of my campus on instagram. (also pictures with my boyfriend where we are wearing different outfits each time, but I digress…)

Why would Kiki suddenly start school in March? Thats when she got to Japan, right?

Kaka is nothing but a show. She lies about everything 100% of the time to pretend she is a better person than she really is. She pretends she is interesting, that she is cultured, sophisticated, educated, talented and beautiful. But she is nothing. Nothing but the washed up older sister of a low ranking model, desperately clinging on to the fame and notoriety of her obviously damaged youth.

No. 133265


someone cap thatshit right now before she baleeets it

No. 133268

Eh, knowing how protective she is of that shit I'm not actually that surprised. I imagine if she posted photos of campus one of ours would quickly ID it with google earth or something.

No. 133273

People wouldn't know half the shit that is known about kaka if not for sticky ,you stupid cunt bitch

No. 133282

Understandable. But she still is definitely not going to school right now.

No. 133284


pretty much

No. 133285

you angry huh

I don't need police reports to know Kiki is an insufferable idiot. Sticky IS a fucking psycho. Grown ass man that was obsessed with scene teenagers. And by grown I mean 30 something when the trend was going on.

No. 133288

Ok Kiki how a how adding this to your creepy screen cap collection

No. 133289


Kaka is probably just butthurt from when someone told her supplier for her lilkitten shop she was marking up prices and not giving credit where it was due. As well for the stolen artwork she had as the background on her website.

Also didn't a PULLtard try to report her fake corporation? I don't think it went anywhere though.

Oh yes we are the reason Kaka can't succeed in ripping people off and getting famous.

No. 133290

File: 1436219006323.gif (1.79 MB, 245x245, bitchwat.gif)

learn english please

No. 133291

File: 1436219075241.png (162.27 KB, 1349x2468, kikigoaway.png)

No. 133293

theres so much retard in this thread

>Confirming Kota got a nose job / Duuuude, that's probably right KEK

even in the oldest photos of Dakota, her nose looks more or less as it does today. she hasn't gotten a nose job, she just has a pointy little nose. There are actual things to lol @ dakota for; that is not one of them.

>I've never seen anyone directly telling her to kill herself, calling her names, etc. I highly doubt she was even harassed irl in the scene days.

This is also wrong. Back in the buzznet days, there were a few people who stalked her (or interfered with her in more 'real' ways) because she was actually among the 'most' internet famous people existing back then. As another poster said, Stickydrama was the worst of them. There's even an account by one of her ex boyfriends complaining about how annoying it was to go out on dates with Kiki because she'd let strangers who recognized her get to her and would throw fits about it.

Now that all the tweens are caught up, can we get back to legitimately kekly things kiki has done please, like this terribly designed website and its glorious self-asks

No. 133294

she was in jp on new years

No. 133300

Proof she lurks, whole account gone missing. Video non existent.

No. 133304

i imagine its kathy f5ing this

No. 133312

>there were once a few people
Can you provide any proof of this, or be more specific?

No. 133323

Didnt someone hack her account and leak her nudes? I remember her nudes but not how they got out

No. 133325


Literally an essay. Reading it on her websites' layout is enough to attack my labirintitis

No. 133328


No one knows. Some say she did to get bak at Danni when they broke up, sent a bulletin (it was a thing back then) out with it on them and later said she was hacked..

No. 133353

I feel like she posted them herself becauses thats the reason she got banned from myspace. Why would she get banned if someone hacked and posted the pictures?

No. 133356

>jealous self hating people used to harass me all the time

I laughed so hard. This is such a Kiki thing to say.

No. 133357

I'm pretty sure none of us would wanna go out of our way to stalk someone irl. That's fucking creepy, anon. Get your shit together.

There is a huge difference between showing up at public events snowflakes participates at, and random stalking.

No. 133358

I'm sorry, I actually only read your first sentence before replying. kek

No. 133364

I feel like lolcow really is the last bastion against the Monstrengas at this point.

I wonder what country this website is hosted within that allows it to be immune from their false DMCAs?

No. 133368

I wonder if this is a jab at Kota (since it is highly speculated Kota had her nose done).

No. 133385

What is there to be jealous of though?

Plus Kiki keeps changing her personality or interests to match whatever is in at the moment, how can she love herself?

No. 133400

Unfortunately a lot of the evidence would've been on buzznet and stickam. I'm just telling you what I remember. There's also the Rolling Stone article, and while parts of it may have been fabricated I know most of the information about stickydrama is true– that guy was a fucking psychopath. I think in our last thread (or the one before?) someone copypasted what I was talking about with her ex boyfriend, about how he'd go out with Kiki and people would yell nasty things at her. Amor Hilton also constantly made hate videos about her.

No. 133403

File: 1436231204079.webm (9.92 MB, 320x240, 1183904_553196371394775_21195_…)

No. 133412

>manipulate yourself into liking your nose
You scary Kiki. Inb4 quack detox videos and juice cleanses.
I agree with the points she made, although sometimes a nose one simply doesn't like is the root.

No. 133413

i forgot they used to call dakota "koko."

No. 133439

Not everyone who does stupid shit is autistic anon, I'm kind of bored of seeing this post in literally every thread.

No. 133463

File: 1436235346173.jpg (97.71 KB, 625x480, uhm.jpg)

So, her last ask had emoticons on it. Did she supposedly fix her problem, or what? I didn't really understand her issue in the first place.

No. 133520

File: 1436238309450.jpg (79.45 KB, 640x906, image.jpg)

lol this

She didn't even had a problem in the first place. Just got caught sending asks to herself

No. 133525

She has like 2 notes on that long ass ask she posted about her nose. She tries so hard.

No. 133543

"HEY KITTENS! I fixed the glitch in my asks! Feel free to send me as many emoticons as you want now!! >^;;^<"

til she gets caught self-asking again.

She also tweeted about it. She's promoing her answers now.

No. 133582


TL:DR please?

No. 133586


to be honest, I expected some comic sans on it.

No. 133594

iirc it was on the kaka's creepy stalk archive, she tried to mix threat screencaps with PULL posts (dumb bitch left both unmatching urls partially visible lol)

No. 133595

I was bullied and sexually harassed for my strong features me me me me love yourself but love me more

No. 133596

>People bully me about my nose/features but they're just jealous and insecure.
>Love your nose and don't get plastic surgery
>"Look at Cleopatatra, she has a strong nose and is considered one of the most beautiful, educated, strong women that once lived."
>Don't follow beauty standards
>"Jealous self hating people used to harass me all the time about my nose online. They still do today send me nasty anonymous asks trying to make me feel bad about my features or my thin body. And you know what? None of it effects me." (that's why you wrote 7 entire paragraphs about it)
>more shit about how haters are jealous and self hating (she literally wrote 2 paragraphs on this)
>more stuff about beautiful people with strong noses/features.
>"Beauty is positive energy you emit" love yourself and others blah blah blah….

It's probably not everything because I just skimmed through it tbh.

No. 133607

"I Iearned to love myself, but I actually didn't, considering how I use 10 filters on my photos to make my massive beak nose fade."

No. 133626

>I'll stop here otherwise I'm going to charge her for an audit.

No. 133697


Precisely (I'm divided. I like this picture but hate the braids and sticky flowers on them). Also, nose. https://instagram.com/p/40mrmEjRMe/

No. 133734

I feel the same way about the picture. First it was ponytails and now it's tight braids, I don't get why she's insisting on wearing hairstyles that show how thin her hair is and age her.
I would love to see pictures of the waves the braids probably gave her or just curls/waves/volume in her hair in general. I think curly/wavy hair would be perfect on her, they fit the whole angelic look she wants to go for imo, they would add some volume to her hair, and they may even soften her look.

And Kaka, we all know your nose doesn't look like that. I wonder what she'd say if someone pointed out her hypocrisy. Is she gonna claim that the haters photoshop her nose in the candids or something?

No. 133735

how long do you think it took her to pull off all the cockroach legs and glue them to her eyelids

No. 133738


She's going for an ethereal look so yeah I also believe smthg like wavy hair with rose petals/tiny flowers (if she MUST put flowers in her hair) on it, a lose braid, etc
She tweeted about her 4th July (VEGAN) bbq and French braids so I think she took these while the rest of the U.S. Was enjoying the holiday with their loved ones :)

Hipocrisy wise, she'd flip and say "yeah you probably has screen caps of it Bc you're spreading malicious rumors!!! Since 2007!!!"

No. 133757


No. 133760

File: 1436278971628.jpg (259.45 KB, 605x574, kiki-shadows.jpg)

No. 133764

She always claims her eyelashes are natural.

No. 133770

Her top lip looks so wonky and odd, why do the Ostrengas insist on having no cupids bow these days?

guuuurlll NO
u know kaka only uses the finest spider legs

No. 133779

did she meitu?
i see the blur under the eyes and around the nose.
idk i am no photoshop wizard

No. 133784

She always makes me feel so much better about my hair. She's such an ~inspiration~

No. 133790

I agree about the lip thing. Kaka's most likely doing it because Kota is because she has no identity of her own and if it works for Kota it must work for her too.

I can see the blur as well.
I know the photo is definitely shooped because her real nose looks pretty crooked. In that blackberry smoothie video her nose seemed to be pointing to her right (our left), if that makes sense.
Plus her lips really aren't that full.

No. 133795

Her hair is probably so flat and thin that she can't pull off waves/ curls very well.

No. 133800

Nah man. She edited the hell out of her nose. So much for !accepting yourself! !cleopatra had a big nose! Etc

She does, but you compare her "3 min makeup" to this or her Harassment in Japan video. Fakey fake. No wonder she stopped making makeup tutorials

Not only that, but her hair must be ass length by now and blunt cut. it's a pain to style it in any way

No. 133809

I guess she probably would look like that girl star(the one who thinks she can talk to video game characters with the thin, flat, curly hair) if she did do it.
I was just thinking because my hair is just as thin as hers but looks super thick because it's wavy, that she should style it that way.

>Nah man. She edited the hell out of her nose. So much for !accepting yourself! !cleopatra had a big nose! Etc
Someone should confront her about it, lol.

No. 133843


>dat soft light opacity layer with red hue messily painted over her forehead/ears/pigtails

Why has nobody pointed this out yet?

No. 133847

…I thought it was her baby hairs?

No. 133852

me too.

No. 133854

She should cut her hair. The longer, the heavier and harder to keep volume. It also ages people like fucking crazy. I don't normally find her any attractive, but I think she looked really nice with shoulder length hair.

Her hair now is just long, flat and really damaged looking.

No. 133855

I didn't notice it honestly.
This isn't the first time she's done this, though. Remember the one pic she put a red filter over and said her hair turned red in the sunlight or some bullshit like that?
I guess she decided to do it again because a couple days ago someone(or more likely she did) asked her what her hair color is and she said, "It's a dark ash blonde color with low light copper in it." (Kaka, your hair is fucking brown. Kota is the one with ash blonde hair.) Which I don't think is even possible because ash is the complete opposite of red.

No. 133861


Looks like Wednesday adams

No. 133864

She did suit shoulder length a lot actually. Seeing her in that picture with kota at her side with the wonky ps eyes.

Long hair does age her, reminds me of those weird hags with a ton of cats in small cottages by themselves.

Her hair is very flat and thin… Doubt there is much she can do about it though.

No. 133868


"Which I don't think is even possible because ash is the complete opposite of red."
Kiki washes her hair with fairies' pee didn't you know?

No. 133869

Not defending Keeks, but that defo looks like a contour job on her nose and it being face one more than photoshop. The rest is blur tho, so she prob did something to it

No. 133873

if that is her contour, it looks really nasty.

No. 133892


inb4 hi kiki but i think she is physically better looking than her sister, however her horrendous attitude proves that being ugly on the inside makes you look uglier outside

No. 133894

Oh yeah, no denying its nasty but that light on nose is 10000000% contour

No. 133915


It looks as sharp as when she filmed the "booty and spider" video. So, she probably did the same thing right?

But fuck it's so much sharper. It's like, H O W

No. 133926

File: 1436304402986.jpg (181.06 KB, 1815x574, Untitled-1.jpg)


Yep she has definitely overlayed a red hue onto her hair, albeit sloppily.

In the last picture I took the sponge tool to the suspected areas (the Photoshop sponge tool desaturates targeted areas) and surprise, surprise, now it looks normal.

Wasn't it a while ago she was putting filters over her Instagram photos and claiming the sun had turned her into a redhead?

No. 133933

File: 1436305258364.png (8.59 KB, 820x237, Capture.PNG)

Yeah, I mentioned it earlier.
She also said this on tumblr recently.

No. 133959

wtf? if your hair is ashy it's not going to have copper tones in it

No. 133961

I can't take people who dole out extremely specific descriptions for their hair color seriously

No. 133970

It's the Abao filter on the MEITU app, i'd recognise it a mile off, it's the cutest filter IMO but it does polarise reds and blues a bit too much

No. 133972

Yeah, it's like the people who say their eyes change colors in the light. YA HAIR IS BROWN.

No. 133976

ew thats the ugliest one

No. 133979

It's for people with ginger hair I reckon, but it really doesn't suit people with cool toned skin/hair/eyes

No. 133986


Oh yeah! Thank you, anon :D
She was both saying (first) that her hair had gotten copper undertones and (then) that it just "kept getting blonder! Thank you elves!"

…. Is it that hard to admit you have ashy dark hair?

No. 134000

Me neither, this is what I'd expect from a tween girl in middle school trying to be special, not a 23 year old woman.

That's exactly how I reacted when I read it.
I don't get why she thinks she has dark ash blonde hair, it only looks that color when she takes a picture/video in the sunlight and adds a fuck ton of brightness to the picture/video. Kota is the one with that color, in fact, if you google "dark ash blonde hair" Kota's tumblr shoops come up.

No. 134003

>I don't get why she thinks she has dark ash blonde hair
>in fact, if you google "dark ash blonde hair" Kota's tumblr shoops come up.

that's why. she is basically trying to market herself as "dakota's neechan," dakota 2.0.

No. 134020

File: 1436314519158.png (Spoiler Image, 154.43 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-07-08-02-12-37…)

Mira has advised her well.

No. 134024


O lawd.

She realises that in marrying Taku she'd have to default on her American citizenship? She really isn't thinking this shit through is she? She stills believes Japan has the keys to the kingdom for her.

No. 134034

Wow she just posted on Instagram saying she's getting ready for marriage. Just wow.

No. 134039

File: 1436315888377.jpg (281.97 KB, 960x960, SI_20150708_022945.jpg)

She really wants that spouse visa. Screen cap before its gone.

No. 134041

The way she writes is SO annoying, she tries too hard to sound like somebody japanese writting english.

No. 134043

Her "appartment" she's probably gonna live in his house…

No. 134044

Calm down farmers!!! I feel we are about to enter a new era of the Kannibal.

1st she said on the blog that they're getting serious and will live together
2nd posted the word "marriage" on insta because attention
3rd followers are eating that shit up

Success achieved!

Either way I'm loving it. I'm loving it with all my heart. She said Taku is flying his ass to The U.S. and theN BACK to Japan. Like, he'll fly over just to pick her American ass up.

Please read the post I swear it's one of the best materials we've had in a while.

… And she's happy! Everybody wins, especially Kota because now they can hang out together allllllllll the time :)

No. 134045

I don't think he has one or otherwise she would've stayed with him rather than the appartment she made her videos of him at.

No. 134046

File: 1436316261608.png (Spoiler Image, 202.94 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-07-08-02-28-06…)

lel her twits about wedding dresses all make senc now. Run away taku…she'll break your heart and take the yen.

No. 134047

>ran out of room because of recent projects

You really mean keeping tabs on all of your "Haters" Don't you, kiki?

No. 134052

File: 1436316553678.png (289.09 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-07-08-02-44-23…)

No. 134053

Someone tell kaka that it's actually believed that Cleopatra was probably ugly to average, and was popular with men and considered "beautiful" because of her intelligence and attractive personality, so maybe she should take it as a hint and work on her own instead of writing long-winded bullshit essays about noses…

No. 134054


Oh my gawd; This is pure gold. How long has Kiki known Taku?

No. 134055

File: 1436316848783.jpg (329.76 KB, 960x960, SI_20150708_024713.jpg)

Im so happy for your kirsten. You've dated less than 6 months and you gonna get married already. Gurl you desprete for that spouse visa. I mean you would at least have something dakota doesnt have: a japanese husband. Always one step ahead kirsten. Thats ma gurrl.

No. 134057

Christ she is so white trash.

No. 134058

Who needs t.v shows when you can just sit and laugh at Kaka.

No. 134060

So the Disney World rings were proposal rings?

No. 134061

Considering >>129171, for at least 6 months.

No. 134062

You do know questioning her puts you into the jealous hate category doesn't it?!

Lol like what? Selfies? Looping tunes? Blogging about stuff that never happened and making juice? filing DMCA's? Such stuff! Much project Kaka

I want this botch to become a reality tv show star I don't even care

Calm down. Read the post. They're considering it because it got super serious in the 1 year (I'm being generous) or so they dated (mostly) in a LDR.

No. 134063


I know, fucking right?


I think they were just bracelets.

I have a hard time believing Taku is flying back and forth in between Japan and Florida.

This is so hard to believe I seriously wonder if she is making all of this shit up. I wish we could find Taku and ask him.

No. 134064

Can we add like a countdown widget or something to the website to keep track of how long her marriage lasts?

No. 134065

Sit his ass down and ask "nights you know what you're getting into? You seen dat mother!?"

No. 134067


No. 134070

>>134064 Amazing idea. She will probably fail to get married like all of her other plans to get famous

No. 134071


No I mean I wouldn't put it past Kaka to make up the whole thing. She saids she is living in Japan but in reality she is still in Florida stealing pictures off of Google.

Or she is telling the truth and it will back fire in her face like most things in her life.


Yes please.

No. 134072

Yeah, they're moving in together to see if it's a fit for marriage.

As if it's going to work out.

You all see how fake she is on social media, and we know how she is in real life. She can put on a fake personality for days at a time when he visits her or she visits him and thru text, but being with her every day is gonna drive him mad.

They're either going to break up before they get married or they're going to get married too fast and eventually divorce.

No. 134073

Keeping Up With The Ostrengas
I'd watch all seasons

No. 134074


We need a fucking countdown widget that tallies up the days until she gets married, and on her marriage day we need wedding bell MP3's playing on the sight with petal graphics falling across the screen.

Then, we can have a new timer widget that tallies up the days until their divorce :^)

No. 134075

What visa is she even gonna be on? Since she says shes going to be living with Taku now and all…tourist visa?

No. 134079

I want to keep reading the drama and her fails but I hope she doesn't end up being a single and broke mother. I may be a bitch but that would be going too far. She should wake up and realize it's too soon to get married to him, she doesn't know him very well.

No. 134080

Most likely tourist visa. I think those last about 6 months. So til around Christmas.

No. 134085

Why does she write like English is her second language? And she doesn't say anything interesting at all, if she didn't have a baseline popularity from myspace/ Dakota she'd be a fucking nobody

No. 134087

this is irrefutable proof that Kiki's marriage has broken lolcow. The only thing we need is for PT to be the bridesmaid. THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN, I WILL WRITE A FANFICTION ABOUT IT IF I HAVE TO

Ew no. I don't think anyone thinks of that. I, for instance, think they'll get married and she'll find fame in Japan at last! No joke. Or settle down, find happiness and have a baby… Who'll grow up to be the next new thing in world of e-celebs. Vegan at age 1, Instagram star at age 3. Vine celeb at age 5.
And she'll be like. 50/50 Kiki and Taku….

…. Excuse me I need to visit make-a-baby.com

No. 134088


>Why does she write like English is her second language


No. 134089

That poor bastard

No. 134098

yeah but she hasn't always written like that, just recently

No. 134102


Lol I'm sorry couldn't resist the joke. Maybe just getting lazy with it? Force of the habit because she interacts with people who do?

… Nippon appeal?

No. 134116

"We've known eachother for a while now" HAHAHA no, what the fuck.
They're so awkward around each other in her videos.
She has to talk in broken english to communicate with him.
And they've known eachother like 6-8 months at most?
She's thirsty as fuck for that visa/green card/whatever the fuck you call it.

No. 134119

I'm pretty sure a tourist visa is 3 months only though. And if so, you gotta have a round trip ticket too.

No. 134128

He is pay $2000 to fly to Florida to pick her up to fly back to Japan ?

No. 134129

I'm gonna puke

No. 134130

Am I the only one who thinks they aren't going to get that far?
I mean, There's no way you can get to know someone in the few weeks (or couple of nights) that they spent together, regardless of if they've known each other online for a whopping 6 months. I don't think that if he is actually agreeing to this (which I don't believe he is, or even knows about the intent to wed) that he understands what he's in for. He'll probably figure that out after the first week tbh. This would be a train wreck move for both of them.

No. 134132

You can live in Japan and keep your American citizenship.
You can live with your spouse in Japan but have to renew the visa every 1, 3, or 5 years (it depends. And you must be living together and doing normal spouse things or it is deemed sketchy)
After 3 years of marriage you can get permanent residence (does not hinge on still being married.)

No. 134151


She does it for the same reason all weebs who start learning Jaoanese do it, they want people to think they're "un-learning" English because ~Japanese just comes sooo much naturally to them~.

No. 134155

You guys are getting soo stressed about this Kaka marriage thing, lol. Look, even if we don't know shit about Taku, we know Kiki, and only so many things can happen:

-He only wants her for his token white gaijin and she marries him for a visa and keeps trying to be famous, either by modeling or being a ~housewife jvlogger~ like Mira

-He's marrying her hoping for an American visa, which she would pitch a huge fit about

-She's full of shit, going back on another tourist visa for 3 more months to sponge off Dakota and her parents just like the last two times she went to Japan with a mission.

Kiki can barely talk to this guy, even if they are considering marriage it's gonna be for a visa or arm candy. Plus, Kiki is a child and I juat cannot see her living with anyone but her parents. Even close friends can't always put up with living together, Ictjink once this Taku realizes she won't work or do anything he'll get sick of her. Unless he's loaded and can afford housekeepers and to buy her all her expensive shit she likes.

Even if she does end up marrying him and staying in Japan, it's still gonna go tits up because, come on, it's Kiki. She's just too developmentally and emotionally stunted to handle something like this.

No. 134164

I think its weird that he'd fly all the way out to Fl to go to Disneyland for like a week and then leave… and then fly out AGAIN to get her to go back to Japan? If any of that is true that this dude must be rich as fuck and thats probably why she wants his dick so much

No. 134167

I highly doubt he went to Disney with her, it's hella suspect to have the guy you want to marry at Disney with you (assuming he's never been there before) and not take a pic with him. Especially since she's posted pics and vids of him before, so we know what he looks like.

No. 134175

It's only a 1 and 3 year visa. Sorry to correct you!

No. 134182

lmao no one is stressed, we are excited about the incoming drama.

No. 134183

I'm wondering how the fuck she's gonna make money while living there. Is Taku rich? Housewifing is mostly for after you have kids. I'm 10000% sure she would mention modelling if that's what she was gonna do. Since she never mentioned any, I believe she'll either leech off of him, or be just another English teacher.

No. 134187

>english teacher

i think you have to meet certain qualifications to be an english teacher in tokyo unless you're doing like…private lessons. to work at any reputable school you would have to have a degree at least. she didn't even do real high school.

No. 134190

He a rich guy i'm sure of it. So with that being said i'm sure we'll be able to find him soon online.

No. 134197

I think we have to wait until she slips up reveals some more personal deets about him until we can find him online. We don't have much to go on.

And that will happen eventually. Stupid bitch will realize that the reason people love blogs/ vlogs is because its a window into people's personal lives. Why do you think Shaytards is so goddamn popular? Or even reality TV that follows families? People want to feel like they're a part of the person's life, her blog that doesn't talk about shit is going to flop.

No. 134200

She also stretched her neck out or something, on the right side. You can see some weird stretching and warping in the "baby hairs".

No. 134202

She doesn't have the patience, or the ability to care about anyone else required to be a teacher. She can't even talk aout anything that isn't focused on herself for five minutes, there's no way she would teach. She would pull a Kota and pretend she forgot English.


I think her last trip to Japan made it clear for her that ship has sailed. She doesn't want to model, she wants to be a famous model, there's a difference. She wouldn't want to put in the work of going to little shoots for adverts or leaflets or whatever small fry shit they use random white girls off the street for, she wants magazines and TV spots.

No. 134205


wherever he is, Danny must be laughing his ass off

No. 134208

b-but it was turning super yellow blonde anon! thanks to her elf heritage ofc!

No. 134209

I don’t think Taku is rich. If he were rich, he could have probably landed Kaka some kind of modeling job while she was there, even if it were something menial. Kaka definitely wants big modeling jobs, but I think she would have taken anything just for the chance to brag online about being at a photoshoot or whatever and shove in the faces of her ~haterz.

I think it’s just a case of them both wanting visa and using each other, but Kiki is playing it up as being them being so in luv (and taku probably doesn’t see her social media and can’t say otherwise).

No. 134210

>Either way I'm loving it. I'm loving it with all my heart. She said Taku is flying his ass to The U.S. and theN BACK to Japan. Like, he'll fly over just to pick her American ass up.

I wonder if Kiki is scared of flying? Both times she went to Japan, her dad went with her, now Taku is (suposedly) flying to FL juat to fly her to Japan. How bizarre. Either she's scared of flying or she really is just that helpless and dependant that she can't sit her almost 23 year old ass in a plane seat for a few hours on a flight she's made multiple times already.

No. 134215

why do you bother packing all that shit Kaka? Japan isn't the vegan-friendly paradise you claimed it to be after all?

No. 134217

Yeah, no matter which way I turn it, his 'picking her up' from the fucking united states is weird. That actually does smack of wealth, flights to and from japan aren't so cheap.

>If he were rich, he could have probably landed Kaka some kind of modeling job while she was there
What crevice of your ass did you pull this speculation from? Just because someone's wealthy doesn't mean they're well connected.

Anyway, here is my primary prediction: Kiki's not disciplined enough to learn Japanese. Even in its fucking country of origin. This whole situation is going to crash and burn within the year.

No. 134220

File: 1436331117575.jpg (161.86 KB, 937x899, braids-1-baby-breath-border-fo…)

posting full photos of this shit

No. 134221

File: 1436331135401.jpg (140.93 KB, 950x899, braids2-baby-breath-border-nar…)

No. 134222

ehh despite the sloppy hair editing I thought these were among her better portraits

No. 134223

She got a new shirt!

No. 134224

I'm 99.99% sure poor Taco-san don't even know they're getting married now lmao

No. 134225

Oh my god I wish it were real

No. 134226

File: 1436331337720.gif (5.86 MB, 801x463, 1.gif)

Wonder if she's still going to post a video?

No. 134230

Probably because she can't read Japanese enough to know how to buy that shit in Japan, and too much of a shut in to bother finding a store with shit in English on it.

No. 134233

You know she isn't, don't get your hopes up.

Methink she's going back on her parents'/sister's dime for another 3 months to look for another meal ticket while pretending she plans on getting married to a guy she can't even take a legit picture with or talk to.

No. 134235

She said in her blog she was updating her editing mac, so no video until later in the week.

She also said the reason she stopped updating while in Japan was because she had no room on her phone.

No. 134236


(yet kaka claimed to ~teach vegan related kanji~ to some imaginary australian chick lol)

No. 134237

who only brings a phone to record and take pictures??? wtf.

No. 134241

The shaky video of her walking with Taku she put on her IG was recorded with a camcorder, she said so herself. She had more than her phone, and we know the Ostrengas have fancy tech, such bullshit excuse.

No. 134243


>She also said the reason she stopped updating while in Japan was because she had no room on her phone.

She had a camcorder in the roppongi hotel video.

It's not like she couldn't buy an external hard drive at Akihabara.

No. 134245

just saying what she posted on her blog post~

No. 134246

Man, she full of excuses

No. 134248

Don't you have to wait X amount of months before you can return to Japan on just a tourist visa? Maybe not the first time, but this isn't her first trip to Japan either. I recall something about a foreigner being able to stay in Japan on a tourist visa after 3 months as long as you leave and come back?

No. 134252

I kind of wish Kiki wrote self-insert fanfiction about herself usurping Dakota and becoming Japan's top model princess desu.

I would read the fuck out of that, not just because Kiki but because I miss cringey fanfics.

No. 134253


Sorry Anon I should have worded it better.
We all know tech stores are easy to find in Tokyo, it's a stupid excuse to run out of space on your devices nowadays.

No. 134254

Someone needs to make an advice video for taku explaining the red flags of some needy gaijin pussy who wants to marry you

No. 134268

Nah, if he's stupid enough to do it, he deserves what he's getting. I can't wait for shit to hit the fan.

No. 134274

Not really. When you go as a tourist, you get a 90 days visa. As long as that one has expired, you're free to go back any time. So if she left before it expired, she'd have to wait until she could enter Japan again, even though it becomes disabled after she leaves.

He probably doesn't know he's getting married, lol

No you don't. Pretty much anyone can become an English teacher. She gets bonus for being white, American and female. Sadly, but that's how it is in many places.

Of course it would be hard to get a job at a proper school, but most schools are private and desperate for teachers. So unless she was doing University teaching (which would actually require a real professor degree), it's easy as fuck to get a teaching job in Japan.

There are toooons of random schools that would hire her, just for being white + American (and female). DOesn't matter what education she has, really.

No. 134277

I can't wait for him to get fed up with her needy, lazy self absirbed and childish bullahit and send her packing, the fallout will be exquisite. That shit would make the post-Jack Cash "men are all scum out to take advantage of you" fit look like nothing.

No. 134292

>The only thing we need is for PT to be the bridesmaid. THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN, I WILL WRITE A FANFICTION ABOUT IT IF I HAVE TO
Omfg, that would be glorious. I just imagined pt and chrischan fighting over the bouquet.

I don't think so either. There may be a language barrier between them, but I don't think he will need to understand her in order to realize she's insane.

I wonder if she's going to be posting, lurking, etc, less frequently when/if she does actually go through with this, she definitely wouldn't want him finding out about her reputation online.


No. 134357

Not sure how it is in Japan, but when I got married to my US spouse, I had to wait around a year until the paperwork for immigration was ready in order to move to the US. So if its even close to this we wont be seeing a housewife blog for a while.
And..where the fuck does all this money come from! You'd think the Ostrengas are rich!

No. 134368

You can get married while in Japan (Even on a tourist visa), but you also need to register your marriage in your home country and bring the proof as a part of the visa application documents.

The marriage part is fast as fuck though, but the visa lart is long and dreadful.

No. 134372

and also, getting married and applying for a spouse visa are two completely different things. Anyone can get married, no proof needed. The only thing you do need is a paper from your country that shows you're eligible to get married (like proving you're not already married). The other papers would be your spouse's stuff, and the application itself

No. 134374


No. 134389

File: 1436352805212.png (307.14 KB, 849x465, Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 00.2…)

I admit I was worried when Kaka disappeared for so long earlier this year, I thought maybe she finally wised up and was leaving behind her quest for efame. But, no, I clearly overestimated her.

And now we're entering a new golden age.

No. 134394

Are there any signs he's rich? Like do his clothes look expensive? I assume the car in the car rap video is not his. Flight prices range from 600$ to 1900$.

No. 134404

Why would you assume it's not his? It's not normal to rent/lend away cars in Japan, mostly because those who have cars only have one and would need it. Plus most without cars don't have the proper insurance to driver other people's cars.

No. 134424

kiki is so full of shit but she is by far the most interesting she's ever been right now

No. 134425

its as low as $600 if you have multiple layovers.
considering a nonstop alone is 15 hours,
having more than one layover likely makes your whole trip over 24 hours and aint nobody got time for that.

No. 134426


You say American like it's a bonus.
These days Japanese educational boards prefers British (specifically English) teachers as they feel we enunciate our words better or some shit.

This is just what my native Japanese teachers told our classes at uni though.

No. 134427


Good job I'm British then, YAY!

No. 134428


A part of me thinks that aside from the money she makes online and from the past. I think she does managing online or something to gain that extra dolla tbh

There has gotta be something…

No. 134429


Don't start because you'll only upset the Americans who dream of working as teachers in Japan…

No. 134430

She was also practically invisible to her subjects except for artistic depictions of her. No shit they're going to try and make her look more beautiful if she's supposed to be a Godlike figure to them. Her appearance also varies wildly from depiction to depiction depending on who it was intended for. Sometimes she looks more Greek, sometimes she looks more Roman, sometimes more classically Egyptian/African, etc. Her depicted appearance seemed to change to suit the people she was trying to curry favour with at the time.
>sound familiar?
>too bad for Kaka she doesn't also share her intelligence, charm or political savvy

I would pay money to watch "Pixteriyaki and Kikikannibal take Tokyo!"
>only leaving apaato to walk around seedy neighbourhoods wearing ridiculous ~kawaii~ outfits and do creepy dances in back alleys
>desperately trying to get that Japanese D and score a husbando
>in Season 2 PT keeps trying to steal Kiki&Taco's kawaii kira kira haffu baby's vegan toys to use as sekushii photoshoot props

To be honest I'm expecting Weenus&whatshisface 2.0, except Keekz might not manage to stay in Japan after the breakup.

No. 134431


Me too but bear in mind it depends what part of Britain you hail from.
If you come into the country busting out a full, thick Glasweigan/Scouse accent they'd probably slam the door in your face.

They fucking love received pronunciation. I speak this way but I don't understand why because I grew up outside Newcastle, then in Carlisle, then Nottingham, then Scotland for like 8 years, then Cumbria and finally Yorkshire.
It makes zero sense.

No. 134432

not discrediting you but the JET program (a somewhat sought after gateway to teaching in japan) statistics say it accepted ~2400 americans, ~366 UK citizens, and ~300 australians.

ive also heard from japanese friends that they dont care what accent they learn, as long as its consistent through their education. maybe part of the reason japanese struggle with english is all the different accents they might face

No. 134434

i think its just because japan and usa suck each others dicks

No. 134435


Oh no no I don't think Americans would have any problems. It's just that if you were doing face-to-face interviews (which is highly unlikely anyway) you'd probably lose out to a British person, but that's even assuming you're applying to the same position.
I think there are more Americans working there as teachers then there are British.

No. 134436


It's worrying. I mean, she'd be living over there and yes, she has Dakota but I'm sure kota has her own life now and I don't think she would want kaka hanging around her 24/7 because I sure wouldn't want that. Not when I have my OWN connections and made a life for myself, to have the idiot big sister fuck that up for me.

Kiki is going to definitely be another one of those 'white wimmin' housewives, living in Japan and having to figure shit out for herself without her parents help. Down to reading labels, signs, working this and that. Even if she has kids over there, she'll have to know more than basic Japanese to communicate with their preschool teachers and actually, well, LIVE!

I hope kaka realizes it's not all going to be roses, kawaii and famous kira kira when she's marrying this spineless worm. He won't be there all the time, he'll have to work to provide and shit. She'll have to get off her lazy ass and do something.

You know, it doesn't surprise me that kaka and mira are in contact you know. Mira giving the bitch tips and advice on how to come over / get youtube funds and bla bla, I bet you if this happens they'll start making videos together and kaka will be the new sharla.

Kaka will get preggers, have a hafu child and if she can't make it as a famous model then she'll just give that title to her child in hope that she can sponge off that instead.

It won't end pretty.

It didn't end well with Danny and it won't end will with Taku-chan-whatever the fuck his name is either.

No. 134437


Nope, I'm definitely not from those parts. I mean anywhere you go in Britain you'll have an accent but some parts I do understand you can't always grasp properly. Mancunian isn't so bad but I speak properly and not like those off Corrie HA!

No. 134439

This is by far the best thing that's come out of the Japan saga for Keeks. I can't believe she's getting married to her one night stand.

o what do you think Kota thinks about all of this, lol

Also what if Dakoots was planning on getting marred and this is all a ploy for Kaka to steal her sisters spotlight?

>tinfoil hat

No. 134440


No offence to Americans but every Jvlogger or living in Japan vlog I've seen is always an American. You get the odd Aussie here and there but apart from some other girl and AbroadInJapan I've YET to see any other Brits!

Most Brits are Kvloggers so I've noticed… Pfft

No. 134442



I'd just laugh and cheer kota on

No. 134447

Sorry, I meant American/British/Australian.

Americans do have less of a reputation in Japan as teachers (because of their problems, like hit-and-run kind of job situations), so I can see why they would prefer British people.

No. 134449


I know what the JET program is friend, my degree is in Japanese.
You forget that whilst Britain has an estimated population of 64.1 million (in 2013), America possesses an estimated 322.5 million which means there'll be a fuck tonne more applicants hailing from the states. Given this information those statistics you provided are actually pretty on point.

That being said though, it REALLY does not matter where you come from so long as you're able to enunciate the taught language in a clear and comprehensible manner.

My one and only beef with American English is that from being online I've noticed time and time again that a lot of American's have this habit of discounting or openly mocking the usage of archaic modal verbs that whilst no longer taught in American schools, are actually very much alive and well in British ones, i.e. ought, shall, shan't etc.

Sometimes I even catch myself using "wouldst" and "hath" and get accused of being a posh cunt for it when I grew up in a fucking council flat.

I-I just like books yo'.

No. 134450

Honestly, Japan can be boring as SHIT.

She will have a hard time making friends (even worse for her because she thinks everyone is a stalker), even worse when she can't speak Japanese. She won't ever feel at home, and Taku is all she will have. Dakota is way too busy and smart enough to not deal with Kiki's shit. Kaka probably imagines living in GLORIOUS NIPPON will be ~amazing~, but she's in for a surprise.

Either way, all hail Kiki's new Prime Time!

No. 134456


Hmmm… I know what you mean.

It's like I worry because I talk quite quickly and miss out parts of words? If that makes any sense…

or just slang "don't know you know" or "s'that?" and "ite'" but if I go to an interview or ever had presentations in class it was the Queen's English lmfao

Yeah… gotta stop with these habits, I will admit. I keep telling myself off…

No. 134461


I've heard a lot of foreigners have a hard time keeping close with their Japanese friends. Like, they have to plan their meet ups or just generally can't be close to them and sometimes block you out for no reason.

Most Japanese friends I have made, they kind of do their own thing and go their own way while not speaking that much about their personal lives. Kiki, who's a bit of a gob shite and loves to "me-me-me!" will find that hard because I doubt many Japanese females will honestly give a flying fuck and pretend they do to her face.

Exactly, everyday won't always be running-to-school-with-toast-in-mouth-then-turning-into-magical-girl!!! It's gonna be like anywhere else in the world and she'll get fed up to fuck after she's done everything.

That's if she leaves the house ofc

OH and plus all the expensive shipping she'll have to pay for her shit to come over ~ vegan and fancy magic herbs ~

Can she even speak Japanese tho?

No. 134465

No, she speaks Japanese like pt speaks Japanese. I don't think she even really used it her entire trip. She only speaks English with Taku, she'll say a few words in Japanese because it's kawaii but that's it. Like in that video of them laying in bed, they were talking about a movie or something in English, and she just randomly blurts out "omoshirokatta"(translation: it was interesting) like a weeb.

I agree with the anon earlier in the thread, I don't think she'll ever be able to learn the language. Look at pt, she's just like Kaka in a sense that they expect to be successful at everything they do without putting in any sort of effort. Pt has been studying Japanese for years and she's still at a beginner level.

No. 134467

I told my 27 y.o brother about this and he told me they're going to break up in 4 months haha

No. 134470

Guys we should now use #pray4taku while this is ongoing because the poor asshole has no idea what hes in for lol

(i wonder what he'd say if he knew about the danny situation)


No. 134472


No. 134476

seems like many have a different concept of friendships/relationships

people (friends, lovers) go weeks without messaging and they take it in stride.
husbands (with kids!) go get jobs on the other side of the country. and this is common

No. 134477

true true
to be honest i quite think many people envy the english accent

No. 134479

Will she think of Japanese/Asian people as stalkers, though? I got the impression Asians can do no wrong in her eyes and don't bully, stalk or harass her unlike those stinky white Australian skankwhores she had to share a space with in glorious Nippon. Then again, at best she's probably think of them as fans rather than friends.
Shit I'm so glad I didn't grow up with a paranoid stage mom.

I'm just picturing her showing up at his house like HAY BEBE WHERE MY DIAMOND RING AT and he'll have no idea why she's even back in the country

No. 134483

yeah, Dr.Who fags anyway

I have a Japanese friend who learned English from a Scot, and her accent is hilariously off. It's kind of cute/endearing though, but hard to understand the mixed accent at times.

Of course she will. She has already talked about be harassed by Japanese men in one of her first videos I think. You know, because no man can resist her sublime, angelic beauty.

No. 134485

wait, weren't we supposed to get a new video yesterday?

I think so as well, in that video she was basically going on about how all the kawaii sugoi Chinese people loved her and how all the Australians hated her.
I still don't think she'll make friends with any Japanese/Asian people. I feel like she thinks she's way too good for friends in general.

No. 134486

>Babies breath traditional western wedding bouquet flower
>Red traditional Japanese wedding colour

I see what you're doing here kiki. I'm slightly impressed.

No. 134489

yea sorry scottish can be really hard to understand even among native english speakers

No. 134490

forgot to shoop tummy skin tone ?

No. 134493

I've moved around about as much as you and also speak in basically RP. I think it's a factor of the different accents mixing up. No matter where I am in the country people tell me I'm "Posh" - Thought it would stop happening when I moved down south 'cause I don't have the long a sound they use (Path vs path and bath vs bath) but nope.

No. 134495


Wonder if it'll be a big white wedding or a quick jot down on the papers at the registry office ha

No. 134496

Yeah that's what I mean. Not only are friendships usually way different in Japan than the west, but most people are just too busy with work, school and their own thing.

No. 134497


Yep, it's very true. So kaka is going to be a very lonely soul. Then again, I doubt she'd care and that she'll be making a fuck ton of pointless videos anyway. She'll probably try contacting gimmeaflakeman and rachel&jun to team up with the jvlogger parade.

No. 134498

File: 1436370054552.jpg (32.36 KB, 800x450, 2.jpg)


Oh man gimmeaflake man is THE biggest shit stirrer, if he caught wind of her past whilst she was trying to make it big in Japan she would be permanently finished in that country.

I really hope she does try to align herself with Mira because he reputation is already trashed after the Rachel & Jun debacle.

>you're playing with the big boys now

No. 134502

She already has no friends so it might not make any difference to her. But poor Taku…imagine how clingy kaka will be.

No. 134505



Victor would rip her to shreds because yeah, 24 years in Japan, japanese waifu and hafu child and o yes god father of the jvlogging community of morons ofc

cos yes victor is gaijin king of japan (it makes me laugh how many people try licking his ass) ohhhh kaka would be… done.

Mira and kaka would just be a joke, I mean people WOULD start looking kaka up if those two began making videos. Plus kaka and mira, you know one of them would turn on the other after a short period of time. They're both seedy bitches and wanna be more japanese than the other…

Christ… it wouldn't end well.

No. 134506



No. 134507


Just like we were suppose to get a new video every Tuesday and Thursday lol

No. 134519

She said her computer had to update or some shit.

I hope Taku knows that if he makes one wrong move he will be kill.

No. 134526

Is she fucking 80? My grandfather at 80 can install updates in 5 minutes

No. 134540

Well. It was quite obviously an excuse. She probably never had a video. She revealed this news around the time everyone was expecting a new video. She planned this whole thing.

She also worded her tweet in a way that said she is DEFINITELY GETTING MARRIED when the reality is she is just moving in with her short-term bf who will soon realize she is crazy.

No. 134556

Oh but you know anon she got just so many data from her projects she needs a lot more time to sort out her MacBook.

My favorite part is that she's not even trying to tell the truth to the people wishing her "congratulations" on Instagram.
(Except now, since it's being pointed out. Wait out for a "kittens! I'm not getting married! Not yet! =^_^=" tweet/Instagram caption)

No. 134558

>the first time i will travel with a boyfriend

didn't they just fly from japan to florida together and visit disney land? oh kiki, you scatterbrained nasalis larvatus you

No. 134559


she moved back to florida at the time that dakota said she would.

he came to visit her in florida like two weeks ago or something.


No. 134560

File: 1436381206234.jpg (103.25 KB, 512x768, b-christensen_untitled2014_058…)


>mfw Googling nasalis larvatus

No. 134568

> i know it sounds ho hum
oh you modest girl

No. 134570

> She's just too developmentally and emotionally stunted to handle something like this.
definitely. she will find something to complain about and make herself the victim. but thats nothing new.

my prediction is its a repeat of her last trip. sporadic, pointless updates shedding no light on her "serious relationship"
disappear for a few months then, "PHEW its great to be back in hicksville amurica"

No. 134603

>I know it sounds ho hum unlike when I did a post-sex vlog of us

No. 134636

it back

No. 134638

waiting for copyright claim in 5 4 3 2 >>134636

No. 134664

So, Kaka changed her location on twitter to "The Universe" and took the Chinese characters out of her name.
Idk, it's not very interesting but there's nothing really going on right now

No. 134666


Give it time and it'll be changed to "Tokyo, Japan" and everything will be badly translated in Japanese lmfao

No. 134673

That's what she had before.

No. 134679

lol, I can't wait.

It was actually "USA, 日本, 中国, 台灣, 한국" (USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea)
I guess she changed it because she doesn't have to pretend to give a shit about those countries anymore.

No. 134694

File: 1436399847190.jpg (78.12 KB, 640x564, image.jpg)

Kirsten Leigh: official judge of the sincerity of your veganism and positive tabloid reader queen

No. 134708

Honestly, I don't get why she cares so much.
She isn't the most perfect vegan either, in that vegan ramen video, she was saying top ramen is vegan, when all flavors but the oriental flavor have animal fat in it. Plus, she really doesn't do anything for animals, the only thing she does is preach about veganism and sign petitions online. You will never see her volunteering at shelters or anything.

No. 134733

She doesn't really care, she's just keeping up her image as the One True Vegan of the world, she can't stand it when celebs her age jump on the bandwagon.

No. 134751

That recent tweet
> omg hall can't stop eating seaweed
I'm pretty sure those are the nasty ones with flavoring and added oil that aren't even any good for you
Real nori comes in strips cellophane pack

No. 134754

What I think is funny is that she cares an ounce about what TMZ is saying about a random popstar, really. i thought people who were as negative didn't have nothing going on in their lives? Don't rip others down…?

No. 134759

At first I thought it was the one used to make sushis lol but I checked online and it's like, a "hype new snack". Like, green tea, goji berry, maca, etc.

No. 134760

I think that's funny as well, she's so against sites like these but we're really not that much different than tabloids and the like. Actually, we're much better than those because we don't stalk anyone posted here and take pictures of them irl.

No. 134778

monsanto: helping to advance agriculture in developing countries and feeding hungry people
kiki: sitting on her weeaboo ass trying desperately to become something other than a washed-up scene queen

No. 134780

I doubt she'd make friends with their company. She hates Mimei and Ciaela.

No. 134782

My favorite part right now is how she still calls him boyfriend while they are supposed to get married. Why not fiance?

Oh, right. Because he never proposed since he doesn't know he's getting married.

No. 134786

Ariana Grande: tiny singer with ironic last name and donut licker plagued by demons from Hell

/sorry for derailing couldn't resist

No. 134787

Uh, Monsatno isn't helping anybody.

Though, Kiki's retarded for even throwing that into her tweet, like it's somehow relevant to Grande being vegan. Her thought process is so strange.

No. 134799

File: 1436406164456.jpg (116.63 KB, 640x804, image.jpg)

Aaaaaand she keeps going

No. 134808

dude look up water efficient maize

No. 134809

Why does she hate them?

Part of me wants to make a twitter account and drag her so hard right now tbh, but I'm not really articulate enough to do it. It's really irritating for her to go on about how passionate she is about these things when she has never lifted a finger to actually do anything for the causes. Wow, you're a fucking vegan, you've signed a few petitions online, and gave shitty advice to people on the internet, you're sooooooo fucking passionate about helping animals, people, and the earth.

No. 134811

I like to help humankind by sending as many DMCA notices as I can to help my fellow people learn about respecting my copyright~

No. 134813

I can't acces her youtube or her blog, is it possible that she blocked me, or are the pages down for everyone? Lol

No. 134820

lilkitten.com is up, kikikannibal.com is down

her youtube is fine, it's not possible to block someone there

No. 134825

File: 1436409299211.png (55.38 KB, 832x583, mimei1.png)

I think it may have started from a J-vloggers event or interview during Kobe Collection that Dakota was supposed to go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YHlErY3rew_, but Dakota refused because she was "tired".

Then when the interview of Dakota for MUTV appeared, Mimei commented on it, then Kiki attacked her there. Got the caps from PULL.

Here is what Kiki refers to as bullying: https://twitter.com/mimei/status/223267407802810368/
Ciaela's in the replies.

No. 134826

File: 1436409325617.png (28.34 KB, 839x270, mimei2.png)

No. 134832

File: 1436409711571.png (20.73 KB, 504x71, mimei3.png)

Dakota was supposed to be interviewed by the Jvloggers. I bet she just said she was tired so she could avoid them.

No. 134834

Well, not as often anyway

No. 134865


I'm curious to know what would be Tako-san's reaction when he learns about his gf & mother-in-law involvement on Danny's death.

No. 134873


>says the pseudovegan

No. 134875

He's most likely already heard her twisted view of things and would label us haters and victim shamers.

That is until she finally goes full psycho on him, and he starts checking out those stories. Then she'll wish she had actually learned Japanese and snagged a guy whose English is limited to "this is a pen".

No. 134876

No. 134916


I feel like Kiki not going full blown "IM GETTING MARRIED TO A JAPANESE AND MOVING TO JAPAN" and keeping it to "we're gonna just try it out first, teehee" is a sign. If she were 100% on board with marrying this guy she would be bending over backwards to shove it down everyone's throats. And why not? This is literally all she has going for her anymore, real or not.

No. 134923

has anybody seen this fake shit??


No. 134940

Thanks for the explanation!
It's weird thinking that Kaka used to spend a lot of time defending Kota from "bullies." I wonder if she thought Kota was going to do something in return for her if she did this.

Yeah. I was actually going to mention something about it because she literally has 2 fan blogs and she's not even popular enough to have one. I think both of them are her tbh.

No. 134942

Nah, they can't really communicate with each other on that level because of the language barrier. I highly doubt he has any clue of her history tbh.

No. 134953

Not that anon, I don't think he really knows or understands but I'm sure she has tried to tell him about this stuff in messages. I feel like she is the type of person who immediately lays all their emotional baggage onto someone the second they start talking. She'd definitely tell him about this stuff when people were trying to find him.
And besides, what else does she really have going on in her life to talk about?

No. 134960

Regardless of if she told him or not, there is still a significant language barrier. Kirsten is no way able to form the complex sentences/ideas in Japanese to express these topics. It just wouldn't get that far.

>I don't think he really knows or understands but I'm sure she has tried to tell him about this stuff in messages.

And how are you sure of that?
I understand what you mean however about Kiki and her inability to keep personal shit at bay– but, I just don't see him at all understanding what has happened in her past without being able to communicate with her properly (or be able to read info from sites like lolcow).
It just seems unlikely.

No. 134963

She is fucking insufferable. I like to read her stupid rants while eating a bucket of KFC and pissing in a pot of green beans.

No. 134985

Has anyone bothered to go through Kaka's +7k of IG followers to see whether this Taku character is following her?

No. 134987

What? Were they even "bullying"? I don't get why Keeks is so mad.

No. 134988

>Other self-proclaimed vegans getting attention? THOSE BITCHES

My jerb involves bioengineering for agriculture and Monsanto is pretty much an evil vampiric overlord trying to fuck everyone over for money. You'd probably be better off having Sauron descend on your farming community, especially if you're from a vulnerable developing country. They employ more lawyers to sue farmers and indebt their families to them for generations than they have scientists to actually develop shit. Shitting on Monsanto is 100% legit, although I'm pretty sure Kiki doesn't know why and just thinks it's fashionable.

No. 134990

kiki is always so weirdly obsessed with people's age whenever she rants.

No. 134991

>wetting donuts with your tongue
wtf!? Does she mean licking?
Does she have a brain lesion?

No. 134992

Google translate works both ways.

No. 134993

I assumed she meant like…drooling? idk.

No. 134994

Priorities… Kiki set em straight. Wanna fight animal abuse? Get of your flat ass and start something up. All that money you spend on 400 ugly look through kitten shirts u could invest in a good cause, hell make an animal rescue if you love em so much. But this would actually involve some brain and somewhat hard work.. instead you bash ppl that licked donut… might as well flip out cause someone swapped a mosquito..

No. 134995

Sorry I am so angry I cant write right.. :)

No. 134999

Watch her go to Japan and kick off about the whales and dolphins

it'd be like that south park episode

No. 135000

Ah man I could totally see Kaka as a South Park character. Is t there a website where you can make your own South Patk character? I am doing that wjen I get home.

No. 135005

Nah man, she would never trash on holy perfect glory nippon.

No. 135013


not at first

but give it time after a few months

No. 135017


What if the donut was vegan?

No. 135027

File: 1436449205196.jpg (277.08 KB, 770x770, sp-studio.jpg)

I tried

No. 135029

She'd probably react the same way she did with that Miley Cyrus pizza thing, she was basically saying that if you're a vegan you should tell people what you're eating is vegan.

No. 135034


yeah, also I find amusing how kaka is shitting on Ariana for licking a donut while few months ago Dakota ate a non vegan popsicle at some Morinaga event kek

No. 135042

thats a big difference between kota and kiki right there.
kiki cannot make it big in japan because she is not willing to make any sacrifices.
kota realizes veganism can be pretty difficult in japan - she has been saying she a vegetarian on tv (just doesnt eat meat).
kiki on the other hand expects the world to cater to her and her beliefs - if you dont, you are wrong and demonified.

No. 135044

Am I the only one totally amused that this fan blog's layout is dramatically cuter and more well designed than kiki's?

No. 135045

Someone should ask her about that.
I was thinking about it, but other than the obvious reasons it would be shitty for Kota if Kaka really does move to Japan, I'm sure she's really going to shove the whole veganism/animal rights thing down her throat. I feel like Kota only became a vegan because of dietary reasons but Kaka was the one who went on about how they're both vegans because they love animals and the earth. I don't think I've ever seen Kota talk about veganism/animal rights.

No. 135046

> Here is what Kiki refers to as bullying
LOL flan likes that tweet
who remembers flan…. she's still at it in tokyo btw

No. 135048

I think this is the only fan blog that might be hers* (…"purrfect"?). The kaps one is a 100% troll.

*however this is debatable since their layout isn't pure shit. But it'd be funny to imagine Kiki making gifs of herself and tagging "kawaii" on them

No. 135050

Is Dakota vegan? She's said she's vegetarian but maybe that's just because "vegan" isn't as common in the japanese lexicon.

No. 135051

On the cover of on issue of Popteen she said she doesn't like eggs, milk, meat, fish, and natto.

No. 135054

They can be kawaii big-nosed moderu-chans together~

No. 135057

It can only be kiki who is running those blogs because no one gives a flying fuck about her anymore.

No. 135058


He'll find out eventually, someone will stumble up and say something one day. But tbh I don't think #pray4taku would even care, as long as he's getting visa and some white pussy, he's not gonna be bothered.

No. 135059


They'll get hitched eventually though. I hope they honestly don't because it will NOT end well but at the same time, it'll be hilarious to watch it crash and burn.

Plus wouldn't cath and dad get a little lonely without their ruckus daughter hanging around? Maybe they'll cater to their son a bit more and try getting him into something. Package his crippled ass off, fedex him over to nippon and try find him some desperate japanese girl wanting a white boyfriend.

This family will go to lengths, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

No. 135060


Who's flan?

No. 135062

old cgl troll
bad-mouths dakota while being her copycat, trying to model in japan, etc

No. 135064

File: 1436454831155.jpg (221.03 KB, 580x905, vntW5vX.jpg)

sorry for OT

No. 135074

No. 135078

I sympathize with this girl cause I have a big ol nose too, but… I don't know why she'd post this online. This is embarassing. Us large nose chans should know better.

No. 135085

Basically this >>135062, also used to selfpost all over /cgl/ back in the day so there were multiple threads devoted to her going on at the same time. Involved her boyfriend in her quest for e-fame and sockpuppeted like the best of 'em. Got into slapfights with She Who Must Not Be Named a lot where people actually took the other one's side because flan was just that insufferable. Then when the /cgl/ dramaban happened she created Maximum Faggotry, which was a site just like lolcow and staminarose. She was an annoying cunt there too so people doxxed her and all moved over to stamrose before that also imploded and we all moved here.
~the end~

She could actually be bffs with Kiki since they have so much in common, but they'd both think they're too good for the other one.

No. 135099

File: 1436459927698.png (64.87 KB, 335x345, sdgsadg.png)

Have another.

No. 135106

File: 1436461065040.jpg (131.32 KB, 385x385, sp-studio.jpg)

No. 135112

File: 1436462186736.jpg (82.15 KB, 385x385, sp-studio (1).jpg)

Here's a Dako one.

No. 135128

He probably doesn't even know what Instagram is. I doubt Kiki would even want him seeing her account, let alone following her. She wouldn't be able to make up whatever the hell she wanted about him if he did.

No. 135139

and its funny, because on that gaijin in japan thread here, they're complaining "anyone can be a model"
looks like flan never made it lol
guess japan DOES have standards…

No. 135149

She's going at it about smoking on Twitter
> it worsens depression and anxiety (?)
> cigarette corp executives don't smoke (???)
> its bad for your appearance, gives you bad wrinkles/dull thin hair (HAHA OK KIKI)
> she made her bf quit smoking (everybody loves a SO who tries to change them)
> etc

In another note, does anyone remember charms commenting that Dakota used to smoke?

No. 135152

File: 1436469694092.jpg (57.64 KB, 621x506, image.jpg)

same fagging because a tweet where Kiki gives you advice on how to not have thin hair and wrinkles

No. 135158

Even more excuses to smoke so people can look like kaka

No. 135163

I also see on her Twitter that she talks about taku being a secret smoker and nagging at him until he quit smoking.

No. 135165

Wow, she seems like a fun girlfriend.
I bet he went straight back to it the second she left Japan.

No. 135172

she just described her self

No. 135175

Seems like everyone smokes in Japan. She's gonna love it.

No. 135249

File: 1436478490102.jpg (70.46 KB, 531x350, Untitled.jpg)

It's funny how she tweets about Catty non natives in japan right after we talked about the incident where she accused mimei off being a bully! Guess someone was getting new inspiration from lolcow.

No. 135262

Everyone's catty and horrible except her. She's always the victim in every situation.

Even when she goes off on people like in >>134825 she's still an angel. All hail goddess Kira Kira, so gracious and kind.

No. 135263

I always imagine Dakota feeling a twinge of annoyance every time Kiki references her in any context ever.

No. 135271

what a stupid bitch

i'd be catty too if i knew some white bitch fetishised my country and nationality

No. 135274

Kiki is right though. For once. Weaboos are effing annoying.

No. 135276

I think she does too.

She may be right, but let's be real, she's most likely the same way.

No. 135280

are you trying to imply that kiki isn't a weeaboo?

No. 135283

Lol Kiki weren't you suppose to be uploading a second video this week?

See that's why you can't be productive

No. 135286

I can't read japanese, but based on the first English comments, maybe memei was making fun of her saying she's 16 when she's possibly not? And then they pointed out her photoshopping of course. All of that = bullying to Kiki.

Probably that's why Kiki brought up her ? Idk I don't understand japanese nor Twitter lol

No. 135291


Don't because you'll only upset the weebs who go Japan for animu and kawaii.

Kiki is no prize herself, she's shagging some jap for visa and hafu babies

I said this would happen in the last thread and someone was like "nah she isnt the type"

heh oh rly

No. 135296

Wasn't there a Mimei account on pull though?

No. 135318

File: 1436482354174.jpg (96.32 KB, 640x701, image.jpg)

Not related to Kiki but ew

No. 135337

It is a parasitic fungus found on insects. Chinese use it as a Health supplement
Others use it as caramel flavoring in candy.

No. 135338

No. 135342

No. 135345


No. 135406

No. 135407

File: 1436490763834.jpg (50.71 KB, 400x600, KeraKeraSP.jpg)

ops dropped my pic

No. 135422


No. 135423


stop with these cringey south park shits.

No. 135425

No one really feels like that about Dakota though except jealous weebs who are not in Japan. Dakota has a job. Unlike Kiki.

I don't think anyone is like "how dare you come here" except weebs, more like "you're so fucking ridiculous and can't act your age for 5 minutes when in public, go back to florida."

No. 135427

File: 1436493316104.png (111.94 KB, 256x256, nope.png)

No. 135490


kaka embodies all of this lmao

No. 135498

File: 1436502294856.jpg (36.9 KB, 640x485, image.jpg)

Kiki should be a pilitician she's such a pro at dodging the real question

No. 135507

she probably sent that to herself to not-so-lowkey advertise her website

No. 135509

Whats her tumblr?
She doesn't have it listed on her "website" and it's not in ops links.

No. 135513


No. 135585

I do t think so

The ask questioned her dropping making two videos a week and her reply regarded smthg completely different
She probably still tried to self-advertise though

No. 135743

File: 1436556489604.png (15.56 KB, 579x112, ootd.png)

No. 135746

File: 1436557133934.gif (541.17 KB, 480x228, lel.gif)

> curvy

No. 135754

i'm so excited about this one.

No. 135763

Cross your fingers she won't need to do a 5-day long update on her computer!!

No. 135764


It's gonna be a ton of crap she bought off taobao and any kind of edgy lacy angel speshul snowflake store with stupid remixes she made and sailor moon ugh

No. 135765

it's probably going to all be stuff we've already seen kek.

No. 135785

Except this time she will even post the websites where she got that shit from! Like all the two followers who care about her have been begging her to

No. 135881

Curvy? Really Kaka?
I know you read this shit. Please explain how you fulfil 'curvy' in the slightest. Genuine question.

No. 135892


Kaka has basically near to nothing and her sister is a delicious apple

No. 135903