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File: 1409172176877.jpg (89.86 KB, 681x1024, 1408067292694.jpg)

No. 10352

Discuss recent developments and feel free to shoop our queen to victory

No. 10358

Since we have a fresh thread up, can I request someone try to contact PTNR again? I don't want her to forget about us and she did spend 6 months milking those sweet cow tits.

Even if we know all of the major gossip and got the grossest nudes, our holy queen's chat messages are always gospel to me.

No. 10376

I just want to contact her to let her know nothing bad has happened and that we're all here, she seemed to get a little freaked out after the whole britfag thing

No. 10379

File: 1409182094303.jpg (179.27 KB, 1024x682, DSCN3350_zps33b75278_meitu_1.j…)

I tried to make pt more as she sees herself but I only had meitu

No. 10380


I'm certain she hasn't forgotten and she knows exactly what's going on. People have told her about lolcow, so she could well be reading this board/posting under anon. If she wants to post more info, she will, I don't think she will though, it's been too long. Trolls remorse, imo.

No. 10381

That's highly likely. She probably doesn't have that much more to give either. I doubt she has many interesting chat logs.

No. 10386

File: 1409184775060.jpg (127.08 KB, 732x1024, DSCN10872_zpsd95d975c.jpg)

Why is her head so fucking huge?

No. 10401

It's because she shoops it bigger to make her body look smaller

No. 10407


Admin-san, can we get rid of this faggot that's spamming the board?

No. 10408

I love how they called pt curvy. She would throw an ultimate fit if she was called curvy to her face.

No. 10409

Way ahead of you.

This person was actually a regular poster for a while, so you may notice a lot of other random posts in other threads gone, too. The easiest way to get rid of it was to delete everything by them at once.

No. 10410

Vielen dank admin-san

No. 10413

File: 1409188550865.png (137.32 KB, 749x797, PTflippingoutagain.png)

I got a screencap of this? idk if it will do any good but it was interesting to read. Sorry Anon that you had to find out the hard way that she's nuts and won't change.

No. 10414

see, everyone who sticks up for her, needs to remember that she's like this. She's 29 and acts like a spoiled brat. That's a ridiculous reaction even to a sexual statement

No. 10417

File: 1409192297901.jpg (78.55 KB, 1000x750, 1000px-Tina_DOA.jpg)


Had to look up that Tina character…I lol'd. Of course PT flipped out, how dare you compared her to the American character when PT is a delicate Japanese flower?!

No. 10432

File: 1409199135586.jpg (144.2 KB, 682x1024, Dscn3105_zpsb4ad8297[1].jpg)

No. 10433

File: 1409199280638.jpg (82.63 KB, 680x1024, Dscn3006-001_zpse78f8d0a[1].jp…)

No. 10434

File: 1409199321393.jpg (84.2 KB, 682x1024, Dscn2982_zpsa9adf847[1].jpg)

No. 10435

File: 1409199348905.jpg (71.51 KB, 682x1024, Dscn3051-001_zps6af91f09[1].jp…)

This looks like a maternity shoot.

No. 10436

File: 1409199365246.jpg (70.51 KB, 681x1024, Dscn3028_zpsaf51853b[1].jpg)

No. 10437

File: 1409199570181.jpg (184.33 KB, 1024x680, Dscn3018-001_zpsaa169d07[1].jp…)

No. 10442

File: 1409201392771.jpg (253.17 KB, 661x492, aliens1.jpg)

No. 10443


This one is decent. Probably because she's not awkwardly poop-posing outside of a derelict building with her panties hanging out.

No. 10444

Can this or zoidburg PT be a banner. I still really want banners…

No. 10447

She looks really sunburnt
Does PT not put on sunscreen because she thinks she won't burn?

Kami-sama forbid, I wouldn't put it past her to be one of those "I didn't know I was pregnant!" women.

No. 10448

She probably is sunburnt. If HD puts her outside most of the time, then she probably doesn't have time to reapply it since she's likely sweating it off.

No. 10449


Considering how little she takes care of herself, I doubt she wears sunscreen at all.

No. 10461

From the waist up, she actually looks pretty good (for pt). Most people as they get older suit shorter hair but she looks so much better with long hair

No. 10462

Of course she won't burn. The sun pales in comparison to her intense radiant beauty.

No. 10463

Yeah, I'm pretty sure she doesn't either. Which is pretty dumb, considering how obsessed with looking young she is. Plus, aren't they super obsessed with sun protection in Asia as well? Someone should tell her how totarry nihonjin sunscreen is.

Then again, she probably has some super PT logic reason for not using it, like she's just so naturally youthful and wearing it is like admitting she needs it. Or she misinterpreted something in a manga/hentai/porno and now thinks no Japanese people use it.

No. 10468

File: 1409226293357.jpg (182.72 KB, 670x1150, 1409179538081.jpg)

No. 10481

File: 1409247759308.gif (47.38 KB, 200x200, DSCN3175_zps0868cf34_meitu_2.g…)

I…I made pt into a dancing panda

No. 10486

C-can you make that banner sized? This would be a nice banner.

No. 10487

I can try but I don't know how, you could add it to a larger banner if you like

No. 10491

File: 1409255299529.jpg (100.74 KB, 677x985, 1409172176877.jpg)

I tried so hard and got so far.
But in the end, it doesn't even matter.

No. 10493

PT's horribly blended extensions give me life.

No. 10494

Holy fuck does she look terrible with those extensions!

No. 10499

That is terrible. Did you try and make her look Asian? What did you do to her eye?

No. 10500

File: 1409260571188.jpg (132.36 KB, 673x1024, 1409184775060_副本.jpg)

what have i done

No. 10501

File: 1409260706365.jpg (81.62 KB, 467x467, amigarafault.jpg)

it's slowly coming this way!

No. 10502

File: 1409261275832.jpg (153.69 KB, 681x1024, DSCN3175_zps0868cf34_meitu_1.j…)

I tried to make her true and pure

No. 10503

>thinking this was worth posting

Dem wibbly wobbly lines.

No. 10504

File: 1409265062454.png (680.41 KB, 682x1024, ptphotoshop.png)

omg guys I shooped PT lol

No. 10505

File: 1409265693431.jpg (198.87 KB, 640x360, 180e27bc69y9ujpg.jpg)

No. 10506

I'm trying to figure out how long I've been following PT, when was it that she posted to egl(?) stuffing herself into a Lolita dress (chocolate something?) and taking pictures of her crying that it doesn't fit? I know I first saw her on cgl and it was around when Kipi was being posted as well so like 07-08?

No. 10508

File: 1409266546248.jpg (176.2 KB, 681x1024, heyyouguys.jpg)

No. 10532

File: 1409282274454.jpg (66.8 KB, 729x1024, 1407799255950.jpg)

No. 10533

File: 1409282425155.jpg (66.49 KB, 682x1024, 1408251521469.jpg)


No. 10534

File: 1409282553741.jpg (113.16 KB, 665x938, pixy.jpg)

what pixyteri thinks she sees.

No. 10537

this pose and quality of her background and lighting still looks terrible if she was thin

No. 10538

File: 1409285197872.jpg (204.36 KB, 682x1024, 1409199135586.jpg)

Tried Meituing the shit out of this and I kind of gave up in the end

No. 10542

File: 1409293242191.png (220.58 KB, 331x515, Pixyteri_QQ.png)

I was about to call you a 'baka' anon because it's supposed to be on her ED but I can't seem to find it anymore (I just skimmed through it though), can't find it on her gtfo egl tag either….anyways, have a different pic of her crying…

No. 10543

Also read this on there
> Despite all the posts, she has not buckled under the pressure, and this is frustrating.
If only…..
I miss the golden days, we didn't realise how good we had it

No. 10544

File: 1409293740541.jpg (59.25 KB, 369x600, 1280374363042.jpg)

No. 10548

I always forget how much weight she's gained until I see an older photo again…

No. 10554

I'm not sure if these are totally and completely shooped but I think she looks decent here, at least in terms of facial expression.

No. 10572

File: 1409332994637.jpg (89.66 KB, 682x1024, 1409282425155.jpg)

No. 10588

When she actually fit in clothing..

No. 10589

File: 1409340690950.jpg (457.09 KB, 682x1024, 1409282425155_meitu_1.jpg)

Is she kawaii enough

No. 10591

File: 1409341414270.jpg (394.2 KB, 729x1024, 1409282274454_meitu_2.jpg)

Posting again but god damn this is fun

No. 10592

I always thought she made those backgrounds so she could shoop them when she was done? Like, it's a plain background so she can shoop herself all she wants without bending the curves of objects and then after fix the background

No. 10599

What annoys me is that she doesn't even stand in front of it, it's pointless.

No. 10606

It's pt, you can't expect too much of her

No. 10615

You would think with how often she does "photoshoots" that she would have invested in a proper backdrop by now, instead of those stupid sheets. I'm sure you can get ok ones for not that much. Though I guess that's money that could go on clothes that obviously won't fit, Japanese bath salts, dildos and stickers, you know, the necessities.

No. 10617

Maybe part of why she doesn’t have a proper setup is because of her parents. She needs something she can slap up quickly and pull down even faster, so mommy and daddy don’t catch her mid-photoshoot and yell at her. It seems like her crappy sheet backgrounds tend to be in her backyard or in front of her house.

No. 10618

it would be fascinating and hilarious to be her neighbours

No. 10624

File: 1409353188029.jpg (185.4 KB, 677x1063, 78.jpg)

This is all I can see.

No. 10627

Traditional Japanese beauty

No. 10629

File: 1409356917466.png (205.93 KB, 361x361, aged_wb20140829070037498847.pn…)

No. 10631

There is basically no difference. At all.

No. 10639

>in 20 years
I give it 5 max.

No. 10656

She tries to hide her photography from her parents, so I think most of her shoots (around her home) are kind of rushed and generally unprofessional, hence why they look like shit.

She has occasionally done some in very nice outdoor settings, she should do that more often.

No. 10666

if the expression is "I'm hungry"

No. 10696

her legs look too frail to hold up that ass mass
also, if her breasts are that large and her waist that small she wouldn't have that massive fat line

No. 10718

This one is actually pretty damn good

No. 10721

I only had meitu so it can only go so far lol. I tired to give her the body she thinks she has, but you can't hide the fat rolls.
Thank you. maybe I should get her to hire me as her professional Ps master.

No. 10733

a professional pt master.

No. 10756

Well they're certainly better than her usual facial expressions. But you can clearly see her fupa through the kimono. Especially here
You can see the rolls and that weird crease in the middle that starts to form when you are really getting fat. There's a blur at the top of the split in the skirt. I don't know if it's because of motion or bad shooping, but to me the gut part looks like it might have been shooped a bit too. Bad shooping is nothing new for PT though.

After all this time I still cannot understand how she can see pics with such glaring flaws that make her look even more like a whale, have derpy or otherwise bad expressions and awful poses like "I'm poopin'" and this they are good enough to keep. I don't even know why she's doing it. She doesn't go to cons and she doesn't have her pics posted anywhere these days besides photobucket. They aren't on DA or a cosplay site. No one is gonna really see them. Why waste the money on the clothes and costumes then? She really can't afford it. Nothing ever fits right anyway. She should be hanging these clothes on the wall as inspiration and working her ass off to fit into them if they are so important. All of the money she wasted on precious burando that looked like it was ready to burst at the seams could have been used for a really nice trip to Japan. I just don't get it. I ask myself these questions over and over. I've been following PT since the beginning on CGL. The first time she disappeared I thought that she was going to change. That she finally got a wakeup call and would grow up. But she did not. And now I guess she won't ever change. She's just another delusional sea cow who she's she's a kawaii Japanese schoolgirl.

I guess she does these while her parents aren't home. I can just imagine PT gathering up her duct tape and sheets, grabbing Tripod-san and making a mad dash to the garage, laundry room, bathroom or backyard as soon as her parents are out the door.

No. 10763

Most of these new photoshoots are taken for Britfag or whoever she's hounding after. I assume she puts them on photobucket because her parents check her camera/computer for evidence that she's spending money on costumes/embarrassing the family.

No. 10773


This is actually a good point and I think says a lot about PT logic.

She only posts her photos to Photobucket after years of keeping them on cosplay sites, DA, Facebook, etc. I think she largely abandoned those sites because she couldn't deal with the comments. Even so, she expects people to fawn over her photos and is angry that she doesn't turn up in cosplay search results. There's no way she doesn't realize that all of her trolls/stalkers/fans? check her Photobucket and she had it linked on her Twitter, so she knows we see them… she just doesn't want to hear what we have to say. She's just willfully shutting out all criticism so she can imagine that people love them. If they were just for Britfag (who we really know nothing about or if they are even in contact), she could easily keep them private (as she does with the nudes).

No. 10774

I don't think all of what you said is necessarily true. Yeah, she deleted DA Facebook etc because of the comments she was getting, but she barely has an online presence anymore beyond posting on Photobucket, so you can't really say she gets mad when people don't fawn over her photos because we don't know that for sure. From what I remember from the newest chatlogs with PTNR, there was hardly anything about her not getting the recognition. She probably does know we look at her Photobucket and I wouldn't be surprised if she was reading this and monitoring these sites. It's also not her who has control over her twitter account, so she's not the one who's linked her Photobucket to her twitter account.

No. 10776

wait… do her parents really not know she's buying all this?

No. 10778


Okay she used to get mad that she didn't get recognition from her cosplay and I doubt that has changed. And she did have her Photobucket linked on her twitter back when she was on twitter. I assume whoever took it over did that for consistency, so she certainly knows that it has viewers (plus I think there are view counters for PB?)
I have never believed and certainly do not believe now that she has ever read through these boards about her. She is in super-denial and will protect herself at any cost and has never made a point to read anything written about her because she can't handle it.

No. 10857

File: 1409502840177.jpg (55.44 KB, 600x800, t70ahk.jpg)

I remember when cgl would rip on her for being fat and a landwhale while she was this size. It's sad I think she has a cute bodyshape here minus the ill fitting bra

No. 10918

She's still really fat there, it's just compared to now she looks amazing.

No. 10922

why does it look like there is a spider or something caught under her panties on the right? #.#

No. 10932

Omg I totally see it. What even..

No. 11048

File: 1409510136632.jpg (124.44 KB, 600x350, japanese-sun-protection-visor-…)

>aren't they super obsessed with sun protection in Asia as well?

Yes, I saw people wear stuff like pic related all the time when I lived in Japan. They wear more layers in summer than in winter
>ankle length skirts with dark stockings in summer
>booty shorts with ass cheeks hanging out during winter in fucking Hokkaido

No. 11054

It's supposed to be a bow, but because her fat eats her undies it gets smushed
Her mother actively tries to stop her from buying costumes/kimonos, which is why PT previously kept a PO box. Now that she works minimum hours and makes next to nothing she can't afford it and has to sneak her purchases by her parents.
I really think PT keeps her Photobucket open as photo storage and a quick and easy link for anyone she wants to show her pictures to
(or hide them from like >>10763 said)

As for Britfag, she may post them there for him or she may post them solely to have a comprehensive album of her "work."

No. 11056

That's the thing though: she's still fat there. She's just less fat than she is now. /cgl/ has only recently become more accommodating to bigger girls.

No. 11061

I will say long hair suits her very well. Her hair actually looks rather nice here.
(Much better than that rukia-esque thing she had going on for a while.)

No. 11071

The really sad thing? This photo is from May 2013. A little over a year ago.

No. 11217

That all seems pretty true. I wonder how she is handling the lack of attention she's getting now though.

They were generally accommodating in certain contexts, namely if bigger girls admitted they were bigger and did a good job with their costume/outfit. Of course, PT does none of that.

It's a shame she couldn't embrace her size at the time, she actually had a pretty nice shape for a bigger girl and she could have been very popular with chubby chasers (which she was, she just got too pissy when it was brought up). She could have even cammed or whatever and gotten more money for whatever cosplay/lolita crap and mochi she wanted.

No. 11251

File: 1409600198896.jpg (160.86 KB, 600x800, 1409569909387.jpg)

Transferring this here from the old thread. Can anyone tell me why did she write 'se-ra' instead of 'sa-ra'?

No. 11255

Because you don't say Sarah in the same way as as Sara?



No. 11263

I'm pretty sure that she only has a nice body shape in that photo because angles. She still has that disproportionate gut, and she's probably sucking in and arching her back a little to give her some waist definition. You also can't really see how fat her arms are. She's the same body shape she is now, just less heavy.

No. 11299

I don't pronounce sara(h) as sar-rah, but ser-rah. Japanese uses the phonetic spelling for foreign words, not how it's written.

So Jennifer would be ジエー二ファ or something like that. I often make them too complex when I try to spell but it's not based on spelling. So, PT is half right but her wording is like the Sailor Moon in Seeraa and I think it would be Saara or Seera instead but I can't say for sure.

No. 11300


サラ seems to be commonly used for Sarah…that's how Sarah Michelle Gellar and Sarah Jessica Parker's names are written on Japanese Wikipedia, for example.

No. 11303

Really? I've never heard that. I live in the NE states though. Maybe it's different elsewhere.

No. 11326

I'm from the Midwest, so yeah it's prolly different where you live.

That makes sense

No. 11328

Her gut really isn't as bad as it could be for someone her size. Plus her arms have always been unusually thick (maybe emphasized because they are t-rex short). She's definitely fat, nobody is denying it, but among fat girls her shape isn't bad.

PT's real issue is her fucked up proportions.

No. 11373

See, for me, body shape is about the whole body and proportions. Her fat distribution and proportions work together to create and aesthetically displeasing body shape IMO. If she had been say, more pear or apple shaped, I would probably agree more with you. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

No. 11374

Should be
>pear or hourglass shaped

No. 11423

Yeah it's usually Se-rah. There are people who say it as Sah-rah though. My grandpa says it "Sey-ruh" though.

Source: my name is Sarah

No. 11425


Who is this guy and is he the same person shitting in all the other threads? Admin, can you look into it please?

No. 11429

Nobody is laughing you fucking virgin faggot, gtfo

No. 11431

It's likely the same person posting the pic of James with "be gentle," hoping to be mistaken for James so we'd fawn over him.
Hopefully they'll get bored and go away soon.

No. 11432

I'm guessing this is a result of people posting links to here on /cgl/

No. 11454

>Are you retaded?

No. 11475

Now I'm imagining someone with a New York accent or something.

>"Waht ah ya, retahded?"

No. 11552

Taken care of.

No. 11727

File: 1409961818114.jpg (70.71 KB, 681x1024, Dscn3166_zps143f06e6.jpg)

No. 11728

File: 1409961884492.jpg (46.73 KB, 682x1024, Dscn3181-001_zps7143c5f0.jpg)

No. 11729

File: 1409961929289.jpg (75.16 KB, 681x1024, DSCN3202_zps313f1413.jpg)

No. 11730

File: 1409961970419.jpg (78.24 KB, 682x1024, Dscn3203_zps69328877.jpg)

No. 11733

why doesn't this bitch just try to lose wieght. isn't she tired of being hideous

No. 11735

File: 1409962627751.jpg (99.75 KB, 735x1024, Dscn2995-004_zps569bb704.jpg)

The pooping pose returns

No. 11737

File: 1409962678234.jpg (84.56 KB, 681x1024, Dscn2995-003_zps8a9dc579.jpg)

No. 11738

File: 1409962718881.jpg (100.78 KB, 681x1024, Dscn2996-003_zps3c4676a2.jpg)

No. 11739

File: 1409962760037.jpg (81.48 KB, 683x1024, Dscn2993-004_zps0a235cca.jpg)

No. 11740

File: 1409962803656.jpg (83.6 KB, 1024x681, Dscn2993-003_zps46777865.jpg)

No. 11741

File: 1409962873690.jpg (84.77 KB, 681x1024, Dscn2993-002_zpsd4ed55d6.jpg)

No. 11742

File: 1409962910686.jpg (82.72 KB, 679x1024, Dscn2986-001_zps30d5d150.jpg)

No. 11743

File: 1409962985755.jpg (74.46 KB, 678x1024, Dscn3022-001_zpsea7ce0b1.jpg)

No. 11744

File: 1409963088545.jpg (159.43 KB, 680x1024, Dscn3108_zps409677cf.jpg)

No. 11745

File: 1409963120591.jpg (111.7 KB, 730x1024, Dscn3067_zpsaea5478c.jpg)

No. 11747


Did she tuck the costume into her panties? lol

No. 11756

So Japanese desu. You can tell by those serious eastern Asia facial features!

No. 11765

oh my god she looks 40 here

No. 11766

I-is this supposed to be Tifa?

Decent for PT since I can't see the rest of the outfit and from the thumbnails they look passable but she needs to lose weight and invest in a good bra.

No. 11768

Why does she keep doing this with her hands?

No. 11769

Someone answered this in the old thread >>10387

No. 11773

>I-is this supposed to be Tifa?
It's Kokoro >>10387

No. 11805


goddamn, these are the fucking saddest photos I've seen. She looks genuinely unhappy, like that light is finally turning on in her brain that all of her dreams in her life have been pointless.

No. 11807

Wow this looks so unfortunate. It's like her upper body is way larger than her lower body. She looks like she's gonna flop over.

No. 11813

Her proportions are so weird. It looks like the camera is angled above her but then again it clearly isn't. PT: Wonder of the Universe.

Jury's still out on whether she's consciously aware of said hideousness.

No. 11843

there's a demo on my ps4 called PT, I wonder if it's the pixyteri experience. I've heard it's terrifying, so.

No. 11861

I don't know why but I really want to see PT just get gangbanged until she can't walk straight.

No. 11863

So does she, probably.

No. 11864

God that fabric looks so cheap and horrible.

No. 11896

She doesn't even look like she's having fun anymore. This looks like another series of costumes she's been pressured to do.
Does anyone know if she plays this game?

No. 11936

File: 1410147402630.jpg (355.99 KB, 1282x1800, Txb3YTg.jpg)

No. 11959


It is.
When I was playing it at one point I literally threw my controller up in the air behind me from terror when a jump-scare got me.

Hard mode: play it in the dark alone.

No. 11969

>no kawaii pantsu shot in that Tifa set
I'm impressed

No. 11984

there are plenty of pantsu shots (her pulling the robe away to show her black undies) but thankfully no pooping pantsu

No. 11993

I think PTNR was around on one of the other chans after this whole thing, I forgot which one. Hopefully they'll come back.

We need to get the word out about this place.

No. 11995

That's because she was trying to speak japaroo, phonetic japarooo…Yet she fails even at that.

No. 12012

File: 1410218182977.jpg (115.89 KB, 732x1024, DSCN0315_zpsb5af8522.jpg)

This must be shooped, no way did her legs shrink this much this fast.
That's pretty good anon, I like it.
Yeah, I love when people rush to whiteknight PT, even whilst whiteknighting they'd manage to gravely offend her somehow.

No. 12013

File: 1410218303338.jpg (62.05 KB, 732x1024, DSCN0196_zps6e9a19e1.jpg)

Is it just me or does that second cosplay look ok? I mean by PT standards of course.

It's interesting that she isn't on any other websites though, you'd think she'd love to have hordes of comments about how she's hot and dudes wanting to bonk her.

She should become a camwhore or something, it would be perfect.

No. 12014

File: 1410218533657.jpg (76.56 KB, 681x1024, DSCN1426_zps1769a58a.jpg)

Isn't she an apple shape though? She seems to store most of her fat in her upper body.

She has thick legs, but they're most flabby at the thighs and then the calves are slim in relation to the rest of her body. I would call that an (overweight) apple shape.

If she were normal weight she would be slim with big titties and a chubby face. Super cute.

No. 12026

Being a camgirl goes against her view of herself, though.
PT is only sekushii for guys she wants to fuck, not just anyone. She also is under the delusion that when other girls cam they're impure sluts and that all the filthy things she does are just an innocent girl "expressing her sexuality"

A more appropriate career for her at this point would have a 24 hour cam feed of her room/life. With all of us here and the occasional seagull she could charge a membership or hourly fee (like 5.99 for the first 48 hours, then 50 cents an hour after that or something.)

No. 12029

She probably doesn't. She's known to own Playstation systems, not an Xbox.

No. 12050

Yeah, I corrected myself to 'hourglass or pear shaped' in the next post.

No. 12051

I think she has a Wii too. She was complaining on Twitter once about how hard it was to get her Harvest Moon husbando to marry her. Then she equated it to her real life. The old "i'll never be a bride" thing.

Dead or Alive is available for PS3 too. I'm guessing she got it from there. Who knows if she actually played it though. You'd think the boob physics would offend her. But then again she's out of her Rukia phase.

No. 12055

The second one looks pretty accurate, but
>that trapezoid for a slit
I think I just lost it.

No. 12064

Like… The Truman Show: Pixyteri Edition?
Big Brother is watching Pixyteri?

Someone contact MTV and make this a thing. They gave Flava Flav all those shows, they'll give one to PT.

No. 12084

File: 1410265009826.png (240.05 KB, 430x565, PIXISHOOP.png)

Welp since we're all shoopin.

hey, she's kinda bangable now and looks like a cougar.

No. 12088

This shoop is damn amazing, you should do this as a job anon wtf.

It makes me sad that she has so much potential but chooses to squander it on mochi.

No. 12114

You left her arms short and oddly proportioned.

No. 12122

It's more realistic that way

No. 12139

>horrifically fake looking lips
>badly proportioned hips and arms
>should do this as a job

you're joking right? this is some kota-level shit

No. 12141

I'd absolutely pay to watch The Pixyman Show. I don't think any major corp should do it because they'd script the shit out of her (unnecessary) and censor her nasties, plus they'd take a cut of the profit.
All of PT's embarrassing earnings should go to PT to fund more insanity.

No. 12154

File: 1410314313255.jpg (222.77 KB, 800x559, pt.jpg)

I want to master in the art of shooping PT.
This is my first attempt.

No. 12171

The fuck is up with her bra? It looks like some sort of Chuck E Cheese print fabric.

No. 12172

Doubtful. She cosplayed Lei Fang before they made a PS3 version of the game. I remember they made DOA2 for the PS2 way back in the day but man… that game was probably the worst in the series–not that it's an example of prime gaming, anyway. Dem shitty boob physics.

No. 12185

Does anyone know a way to get in touch with her?

No. 12186

Why? Are you MTV and are giving her a reality TV show?

No. 12192

I would watch the shit out of that

No. 12198

well yes, we all would

No. 12246

Not quite. Just kinda want to meet her irl.

No. 12287

Why? Do you want to date her? Be her friend?

No. 12289

File: 1410374556561.jpg (92.79 KB, 731x1024, DSCN5598_zps7c93694c.jpg)

No. 12316

ugh she looks so filthy.

No. 12324

she looks like an extra from Orange is the new black

No. 12340

Kind of?

No. 12382

I understand you, anon. I want to run her a bath and wash her hair and feed her kelp and broccoli.

No. 12384

Why kelp?

No. 12386


wipes tear

You are a good man, anon.

No. 12390

File: 1410391916535.jpg (160.94 KB, 768x1024, 1400741059203.jpg)


Because she's a landwh- I mean mermaid.

No. 12392


actually I meant to type kale, but other anon made it work even better.

No. 12394

Fucking PT, how many photoshoots has she made?

No. 12395

Reminds me of that time I called her a beached-whale on PULL and caused a shitstorm.

No. 12396

her boobies look so droopy and sad;_;

No. 12397

File: 1410392488659.jpg (65.6 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2681_zps788b7183.jpg)

You meant to type cake not kale. PT obviously needs more sweetness in her life.

I would run her a bath with pale blue japanese salts, read to her some bleach manga and feed her mochi cake.

No. 12398

File: 1410392536482.jpg (82.66 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2721_zpscad541ee.jpg)

Coughing too loudly causes shitstorms on PULL.

No. 12406

File: 1410392825782.jpg (15.91 KB, 200x233, asdas.jpg)

PT in her senior year of HS. PULL said she looks like a chubbier Jessica Nigri. what do you guys things?

No. 12408

Proof she doesn't use a tripod and she has a photographer/other people who enabled her madness


No. 12409

Erm, the Jessica Nigri comparison is a bit much, but I agree that she looks nice in this picture. I wouldn't have imagined that blond hair would suit her, too bad it goes against her heritiji.

No. 12411


Hmm, I kind of think she does look like JNIG in a way because of the large nose. Plus we have yet to see a picture of Jessica Nigri with no make up/few make up.

No. 12422

But JNigri has a rather small nose imo, but I can kinda see the resemblance in the eyes and thin lips.

No. 12427

You DO realize that this video is from 2009 when she actually had friends, right?

No. 12428

File: 1410393779935.jpg (105.05 KB, 768x1024, DSCN6136_zps8f72e22d.jpg)

I think she had potential. A bit of makeup and nicer eyebrows could have gone a long way.

No. 12429

File: 1410393821375.jpg (65.89 KB, 681x1024, DSCN2764-001_zps5bbaac16.jpg)

She does use tripod-san though.

No. 12449


The mermaid photoshoot shows the shadow of a person taking pictures and it's more recent.

No. 12460

No. 12464

iirc, the mermaid photoshoot was with a guy who she said she'd give a blowjob to then didn't? Like, he was trying to date her but I think she was hung up on James, Britfag or someone? I remember reading one of her photographers was into her back on SR.

No. 12475

File: 1410396937981.jpg (73.27 KB, 682x1024, filthyhumanpig.jpg)

Cat looks really upset.

No. 12477

File: 1410398224312.jpg (51.38 KB, 490x416, c01cf.jpg)

No. 12478

That does not look like a happy feline…

No. 12486

I believe the story was that the guy wanted to date her and she responded that she was still in love with someone else, but would give him a consolatory blow job. He declined, and she had a big shitfit about it because who could turn down PT's feminine wiles?!

No. 12491

No lie, if I did anything sexual with her I'd record it.

No. 12500

I am really not a fan of the blonde hair on her. I feel like the only one who thinks this. I liked the reddish color she had and I think a lighter brown would also look nice. Just not blonde.

No. 12502

same here. Blonde hair makes her look the same age as her mom

No. 12503

You're not the only one. I feel the same.

No. 12504

File: 1410409808506.jpg (50.38 KB, 450x600, sdf.jpg)

You mean this?

No. 12505

That hair color looks so good on her.

No. 12506

File: 1410411685948.jpg (37.6 KB, 277x359, 1323233290301.jpg)

Gosh no, that's even worse than the blonde IMO. I mean like the colour in the left picture.

No. 12507

File: 1410411785308.jpg (54.71 KB, 463x650, 1315417301069.jpg)

This is nice too. A bit plain, but still nice.

No. 12508


She really is like female Chrischan, decent in highschool then spiraled downhill from there on.

No. 12509

God, the weeabooism hurts on the right. 90s anime bow and kimono combo desu.

No. 12510

This is my least favorite outfit. Even the kawaii vomit unicorn fairy kei bs was better than this.
>shirt looks like a menu placemat
>dat camel toe
>dem bangs
>completely out of the blue necklace

No. 12511

That was Ryan and he was in the last thread


No. 12512

We could advertise on /cgl/
It should take a while before the mods notice it

lol, good luck, you're gonna need it

No. 12514


Ryan doesn't even live in Texas, he's the guy that would kiss her ass in TinyChat. He just knows her from the internet, never irl.

The guy that was taking the photos was some guy named Jose? Juan? (K's ex) I don't know some Hispanic name, anyway from what I remember he wanted a blowjob for taking her pics, she said ok, but her heart belonged to James and she would be thinking about him, and he was the one that got mad and left.

No. 12516


She knows about this place, I linked her twice, she just wont come. I don't know what happened and I'm inclined to believe the theory that Britfag probably went into PT's skype and managed to D0x her.

Them chat screencaps were precious. Adieu Adieu.

No. 12543

This reminds me of one of those tacky lawn ornaments with the fat lady bending over so you see her bloomers.

No. 12572

File: 1410453473798.jpg (222.9 KB, 732x1024, 1410218182977.jpg)

I want to jump on the shooping bandwagon too even though I murder backgrounds.

I really hope if PT does end up loosing weight she doesn't loose any in her hips.
Because goddamn, them hips

No. 12574


PT's weight is so evenly distributed that she just comes across as a hambeast and not a fatass. I'm pretty jealous because every time I gain a little weight, it all goes to my belly. Her stomach doesn't overly protrude as much as it could be.

No. 12582

OMG, man, she looks so fucking cute, haha… Nice job, Anon!

No. 12584

dem Crisco coated bangs

dat camel toe

dose cellulite kneecaps n elbows

and ofc nasolabial folds fer days

No. 12633

File: 1410472954507.jpg (863.39 KB, 1042x788, pxyphotoshop.jpg)

how'd I fare?

No. 12634

Really, really badly.

No. 12644

File: 1410475133774.jpg (59.98 KB, 681x1024, IMG_3045.JPG)

Not kawaee sagoi enough

No. 12649

I kinda like it. Try shooping a japparoo face on her.

No. 12652

This place is bad enough with the 4chan rejects

No. 12658

File: 1410483415978.jpg (630.32 KB, 1327x1024, pixyteriphotoshop.jpg)

I got bored and decided to shoop pt to look Asian and slightly thinner. I'm not really good but here's my attempt.

No. 12659

File: 1410483605631.jpg (410.52 KB, 520x788, howeven.jpg)

this is taking up too much of my life.
if anyone wants to finish it feel free

No. 12660


Please stop.

No. 12661

File: 1410485213893.jpg (31.47 KB, 327x421, retardpixy.jpg)

It's kind of just terrifying

No. 12665

File: 1410486607356.png (1.19 MB, 681x1024, 1410392488659_meitu_1.png)

iz she da kawaii yet

No. 12667

File: 1410490204795.jpg (40.91 KB, 393x566, jehfkjehrfhek.jpg)

No. 12668

File: 1410491432769.png (666.83 KB, 751x563, Michelle.png)

oh my god, she looks like Michelle from Chulip in this shoop

No. 12675

I agree that she's rather lucky in that regard. Also, considering how big she is, her face really isn't that fat, if I start to gain weight it really shows in my face.

No. 12696

File: 1410503505131.jpg (32.54 KB, 650x487, 1267-spongebob-smirk.jpg)

May I remind you that all of this started at 4chan and most of us are probably from there. PT was originally the queen of /cgl/, not of this place.
Or is it perhaps that you are…..a newfag?

No. 12698

Well IDK, this anon >>9932 said he was but Ryan aaid so himself that he doesn't live in Texas so you're probably right

No. 12699

File: 1410505134275.png (1.28 MB, 1042x788, what have i done.png)

I really like turning PT into someone's hot-ish mom

No. 12700

She looks like a fat Flan.

No. 12701

File: 1410506603478.jpg (101.15 KB, 580x923, pixypuddi.jpg)


No. 12746

she's just so matronly, why can she not see that dressing up as a child is creepy anyway but when you look like a dumpy old spinster it's just horrifying

No. 12889

Well, at least you shooped out the camel toe.

No. 12908

File: 1410626333312.jpg (37.35 KB, 337x450, pt_pretty.jpg)

I liked this one.

How could you fall this hard? Why be weaboo trash when you could be a real kawaii princess?

No. 12924

Makes me sad, because in this era she looked lovely.

No. 12939

She actually looks so beautiful in this picture. Like not even "PT-level decent" or something, genuinely really pretty. If she had continued to look like until now she probably would've scored herself a few (decent) guys already.

No. 12960

I think the abuse took its tole on her and it was all downhill from there.

No. 13009

File: 1410669663417.jpg (188.54 KB, 973x399, ).jpg)

pretty PT pictures

No. 13011

aw she looks really nice in the snow white one :(

No. 13012

Which is ironic since it's from one of the most quintessential PT moments:
"Gay people didn't think my modest costume was the sexiest, so I no longer support the LGBT movement!"

No. 13019

i still can't believe that picture of her with the red hair is the same person who squats over playground equipment while dressed like a retarded 3rd grader and making "i'm shitting myself" faces. it's mind-blowing. and sad.

No. 13030

That Snow White photo was shopped by someone with decent skills.

I do miss the Queen.

No. 13032

File: 1410705362839.jpg (81.39 KB, 683x1024, DSCN8876_zpsaadca02e.jpg)

BTW there was a girl on staminarose chat that had a shrine dedicated to PT (don't we all), did you manage to migrate here?

What do you guys think of having another go at a PT chatroom? The last one we had was kinda a failure because people are too lazy to sign on IRC all the time, but maybe someone has a suggestion?

No. 13035

Maybe a tinychat?

No. 13043

File: 1410713008988.jpg (144.16 KB, 1024x683, Dscn0941-001_zpsb29cf7f0.jpg)

I'm a bit of a noob, is tinychat the one where you can have cams and voicechat?

No. 13062

No. 13099

PT poses with the weirdest things and poses like she has no idea wtf they are and is asking you.

No. 13114

Downside of tinychat is camwhores. We attract a lot of wanna-ecelebs so the owner would have to have camera's turned off or something.

If that's even possible…

No. 13119

It's definitely possible.
If we had a room mod who banned obnoxious camwhores it'd be fine, though. 1-3 dedicated mods (preferrably in different time zones so there'd be overlap) could handle the traffic and eventually (if we kept on topic and didn't rise to bait) the wannabes would get bored.

No. 13134

ooo, a tinychat would be cool and we could always make fun of the camwhores.

No. 13140

True. I never got the point of going on cam it's a chat based around a lolcow (PT's tinychats) or an anonymous image board. Aren't those some of the last places you'd want to show your face considering the cruel chatroom participants? Lol

No. 13155

Yep, that would actually be awesome because it would help us weed out/scare away stupid people from this board

No. 13185

File: 1410796646126.jpg (368.51 KB, 600x800, pt_stylish.jpg)

She can even be pretty with dark hair

No. 13210

Waa she's a pretty woman, why'd she have to gorge herself and because obese. She was chunky there, but not unattractively chubby she looked lovely. She is smiling normally also which I didn't think was possible for her and looks mature whilst still looking a fun person; you don't have to look like you are having a poo and wearing childrens clothes to do that.

No. 13212


Pretty sad that she can only look normal with the help of someone else. Otherwise she just naturally defaults to mismatched, ill-fitting clothes and unflattering poses/duck face.

No. 13216

File: 1410812282256.png (934.72 KB, 800x1100, Six Flags over Sarah.png)

This is absolutely true.
PT only looked this good with Miyu's help and even then only for the sake of some good pictures. She dumped Miyu pretty quickly after that.
The trouble with PT is that looking like >>13185 and >>12908 requires effort, willpower, and restraint. None of these are PT's forte and delay from the instant gratification of buying frivolous things.
Pic related: People who try to change PT do so by projecting what they want on her or presenting an illusion that PT tries to follow.

No. 13243

10/10 for that image. I fucking lol'd.

No. 13255

>PT only looked this good with Miyu's help and even then only for the sake of some good pictures.

I disagree, PT had a few other good photos without Miyu's help. >>13009 shows some. There's another set with her in a white dress (it looks sort of like a marching band uniform) where I thought she looked really lovely.

PT was always chubby but there were times when she worked with it and wore better clothes. With her hair washed and, most importantly, makeup she can looks sort of normal, and pretty at best (I think PT was blessed with large, pretty eyes, the color is gorgeous and it contrasted well with both dark hair or auburn hair).

Anyway, the main thing is makeup but she really resists wearing it. Which is odd to me because Japan/Asia is really into cosmetics, you'd think she would jump right on it.

No. 13260

Marching band dress was a Miyu choice, too. Very few photos of PT exist that are genuinely lovely without someone else interfering/offering advice/photoshopping.
The only photo in >>13009 without help/photoshop is the far left (and it's several years old/fat girl angled.)

No. 13298

File: 1410846335938.png (843.56 KB, 530x800, Sarah-Rose-Loli-041-1.png)

>Marching band dress was a Miyu choice, too
I don't think so, this was AGES ago (probably about 5ish years old now, gosh)

I think PT just has flukes where she looks really nice.

No. 13300

File: 1410847400052.jpg (25.95 KB, 400x600, Imgp1038-1.jpg)

If you mean this dress, she was friends with Miyu at this time.
This is also pretty much straight-off-the-mannequin so, again, no creativity/effort on PT's part.

No. 13311

This image is halarious.

No. 13319


Incorrect. The way pre-Miyu circa.
I used to speak to Miyu and she was actually only helping PT for about 3-4 months before giving up.

No. 13325

Even if both if these are off the rack it looks great on her. I remember her saying in a Tc she wanted to get back into Lolita but hated the red haired Lolita days.
Those were her best days, I think. She was even in a magazine and looked really happy.

No. 13433

I'm pretty sure that was pre-Miyu, but yes, that was the white dress referred to. I don't see the issue with it being simple or uncreative, that's fine–not everything has to be super unique and trendy.

No. 13437

File: 1410920495027.jpg (86.17 KB, 680x1024, DSCN2779_zpsdc509d65[1].jpg)

Don't know if anyone cares, but I bought this shirt and just out of curiosity I measured how wide it is. It's 18 inches across, meaning it can accommodate up to 36 inches. PT fills it out pretty well, so she has a 36ish inch waist measurement.

I also think that her fat might be making it ride up, it's longer on me, but it is China quality so the measurements might vary from item to item.

No. 13445

Am I the only one that doesn't like red hair on her? Maybe it's the contacts but I just think red hair looks bad on her.

No. 13446

I don't know if it's the lighting, but I like >>12908 but not >>13298

No. 13493

Her waist is wider than my chest and ten inches wider than my waist and she's shorter than me. I am not a particularly thin woman. Goodness me PT.

No. 13517

I definitely think it's overrated. It washes her out and makes her look almost sickly in some photos.
I think a middle auburn-brown would do her the most justice, or even her black hair with just a little sun.

No. 13518

Didn't she herself measure her waist and it was at least 40" so she claimed the measuring tape was off? Or was that her bust? 36" is still big, especially for someone her height, but her waist looks bigger than that to me.

No. 13522

so a couple months back i bought one of her tops on ebay and tried it on. it was one where she fit pretty snugly into iirc by the pictures, while I'm 36-26-40 and the shirt was a 4L by bodyline standards. It was pretty loose on me, fit pretty comfortable.

No. 13532

Yeah. Her waist is at least 40in. I remember when she bought a Bodyline dress in the largest size possible and she was practically busting out of the seams. The max waist was 40in. I wish I could remember which photoshoot that outfit was for but that was back on SR.

No. 13535

I remember it was a really ugly blue school uniform

No. 13587

Since when does PT buy bodyline in the largest size?

No. 13589

File: 1411015976856.gif (340.7 KB, 320x289, excited6.gif)

No. 13614

I could be wrong, the measurements of garments from China can vary piece to piece which I think has happened with the length. I really wouldn't be surprised if she had a 40 inch waist.

This has just made me realise how fat PT is, the shirt is really quite loose on me and I'm not even a skinny minny, but it's really snug on her to the point where it's straining in some areas.

No. 13618

and that piggy maid dress was a 2L or 4L I think

No. 13619

They sent her the next size up of what they had or something.

No. 13726

File: 1411090431534.jpg (123.28 KB, 730x1024, DSCN3393-001_zps73a8a4f0.jpg)

No. 13727

File: 1411090491253.jpg (127.4 KB, 731x1024, DSCN3394_zps9a25b460.jpg)

No. 13728

File: 1411090543352.jpg (107.83 KB, 729x1024, DSCN3396_zps317f761a.jpg)

No. 13729

>calves so fat she cant zip up her boots the whole way

oh lawd. and where is she? it looks like some sort of office/business type area. imagine the people looking out their windows from their desk jobs and seeing her like that

No. 13730

File: 1411090584680.jpg (55.18 KB, 683x1024, DSCN3397_zps8db9354d.jpg)

No. 13731

File: 1411090621539.jpg (64.02 KB, 680x1024, DSCN3398_zpsb41484a4.jpg)

No. 13732

she totally looks like a whore on a street corner in this, i wonder if shes ever been stopped and questioned by police

No. 13733

File: 1411090674302.jpg (65.71 KB, 681x1024, DSCN3398-001_zps4a5314b2.jpg)

No. 13734

File: 1411090753486.jpg (59.96 KB, 682x1024, DSCN3399_zpscf3bcc69.jpg)

No. 13735

File: 1411090845971.jpg (73.21 KB, 682x1024, DSCN3402_zpsf76af40b.jpg)

and last but not least, my favorite picture of the set.

No. 13738

wtf it looks like she is in some industrial wasteland, or like, some movie where most of the population had died and shes the only survivor

No. 13739


She lived from sitting her ass on their faces while they slept and made them into kawaii bento boxes in the morning

No. 13743


It looks like there are lights on in the building. why the fuck would she do a photoshoot in front of a public building dressed like that…

No. 13749

>>13743 I hope this was after hours…
Sometimes lights are left on in buildings that aren't being used or after hours to deter break-ins, loiterers and the like…doesn't seem to deter PT though! Pretty sad that it looks like she is there by herself? There is just the tripod there…what if someone saw her doing that?

No. 13750


Excuse me but Tripod-San goes where he pleases

No. 13751


I wonder if this building has security cameras…would love to see that footage.

No. 13753

the parking lot is empty, the only car is hers, right? is that her SUV?

No. 13754

chuckled heartily
I can't get over how far out her gut sticks compared to her butt
The inimitable panty shot

No. 13759

File: 1411098809619.jpg (59.91 KB, 682x1024, DSCN3367_zpscbde005e.jpg)

No. 13760

File: 1411098852158.jpg (70.15 KB, 682x1024, DSCN3368-001_zpsef277878.jpg)

No. 13761

File: 1411098948670.jpg (120.5 KB, 729x1024, DSCN3393_zps6d752d38.jpg)

No. 13762

File: 1411099108361.jpg (101.6 KB, 683x1024, DSCN3413_zpsee67eb27.jpg)

No. 13763

File: 1411099177069.jpg (66.93 KB, 680x1024, DSCN3377_zps687c6081.jpg)

No. 13764

File: 1411099273963.jpg (67.85 KB, 730x1024, DSCN3421-003_zps190b005c.jpg)

No. 13765

File: 1411099325179.jpg (97.4 KB, 729x1024, DSCN3417_zps0a316a37.jpg)

No. 13766

File: 1411099381816.jpg (109.26 KB, 1024x731, DSCN3412-001_zps19534b18.jpg)

No. 13768

File: 1411099474333.jpg (112.51 KB, 1024x731, DSCN3411-001_zps9f2a63d3.jpg)

No. 13769

File: 1411099575273.jpg (114.71 KB, 1024x731, DSCN3414-001_zps782795a4.jpg)

No. 13770

File: 1411099630435.jpg (93.64 KB, 729x1024, DSCN3422-001_zpsfde2d328.jpg)

No. 13771

File: 1411099705499.jpg (98.04 KB, 732x1024, DSCN3423-001_zps53244b45.jpg)

No. 13772

File: 1411099767916.jpg (100.75 KB, 729x1024, DSCN3424-001_zps7f11c211.jpg)

No. 13774

File: 1411099839989.jpg (61.68 KB, 728x1024, DSCN3390-001_zpsccda44b2.jpg)

No. 13775

File: 1411099889945.jpg (51.51 KB, 683x1024, DSCN3388_zpsb86e3987.jpg)

No. 13776

File: 1411102829804.gif (1.72 MB, 324x193, tumblr_mv78f3bKDG1sgl0ajo1_400…)

No. 13786


No. 13787


I wonder if we someone can link Tripod-san this thread and see if we can ask how pixyteri is. She hasn't been uploading that many pictures recently, maybe some drama happened between them?

No. 13788

File: 1411109119648.png (911.7 KB, 786x697, raggedy ass-desu.png)

I feel like my only options are to photoshop her into a drag queen or leave her looking like an old man.

No. 13800

Those fat calves! Oh PT, I know your pain. My fat little legs won't fit into the boots I like either.

Imagine if there was some poor traumatised office worker on the other side of this window. How would you put this on your worker's comp form?

No. 13826

Those extensions! I'm screaming

No. 13829

jfc her arm looks so short. I tried to stand like that and my hand hovers about 3 inches right above my knee.

I honestly cannot fathom how she's been getting away with all these public photoshoots or just even walking around in that costume where her ass is literally sagging out of it. That skirt also looks like it's pulled tight and just safety pinned on the left side.

lol I just noticed she didn't do her boots up all the way. God damn those must be some huge calves.

No. 13834

She's been banned from places before. She's bitched about it on Twitter. She never said why, exactly.

No. 13843


Yeah, it was a school or playground or something, wasn't it?

No. 13845

In a way, there's kind of something poignant and artistic about her driving to these desolate, empty places, wearing crazy outfits and taking bizarre photos of herself. Someone should make a Gummo-esque movie about her.

No. 13885

File: 1411157010918.jpg (134.9 KB, 681x1024, tumblr_n8umytY1mw1t62z92o1_128…)


Maybe Pixyteri is now a confirmed sex offender because of doing this kind of shit

No. 13889

File: 1411158580814.jpg (17.99 KB, 300x315, mmmm.jpg)

In the thumbnail of this she really does look like a creepy old paedophile man. All you can see is nose and chin.

No. 13902

Jesus Christ she looks like an Oblivion character

No. 13907

I think she's been banned from a couple? One must've been a storefront of some kind because she said the owner bitched her out. And I think another was a playground. Shame we lost all the screenshotted tweets on SR.

No. 13936

I'm having a fantasy in my head where a police officer asks her what she's doing after many complaints from children of an obese woman wearing a slutty school girl costumes and flashing towards a camera. she also trespasses to take her photos.
she has tripod-San and so she brushes off and says it's just a photoshoot. The officer thinks it's some porn related stuff and takes her in for questioning. Eventually they say she's a sex offender for doing something something so shameless and they only require her to do community service and to go door to door and tell people she's a registered sex offender.

No. 13948

You know with Halloween coming I wonder if we will get a new photo shoot….

No. 13965

Oh I pray to kami-sama that we do.

No. 13974

I wonder what she plans to do this year?
Buy a whole bunch of candy and just binge eat in her room? Take a bunch of photos with horrified trick or treaters in the background?
Go to a bar in a sekushii costume and complain when silly boys hit on her?

No. 13975


What the hell is wrong with her hair? I'm not familiar with extensions, but I'm guessing it's the really out of place straight black parts? What's the frizzy brown? What is even happening

No. 13986

It's no surprise PT has really bad extensions in, really. I've never seen such obvious ones.

No. 14045

I would actually really love that. Someone ring up Harmony Korine and tell him about her.

No. 14052

Nah, she wasn't thrown out from a playground, it was behind a school. There was an old man that was all 'nope you can't take panty pics desu here'. I remember pixy whining about him on twitter. Also something about a shop.

No. 14070

File: 1411263555446.png (269.58 KB, 697x645, 169q0pf[1].png)

No. 14236

File: 1411358850060.jpg (24.51 KB, 500x328, Sarah_Music_loli_042_small.jpg)

The shop was a a bakery or deli that she kept trying to take pictures in. Apparently they had a cute cupcake display and she tried to do her poopin' poses in front of it before the manager shooed her away (bad for business.)
She whined about it on Twitter and I think they ended up banning her altogether.

No. 14238

She looks so fucking normal here.

No. 14239

Lmfao wow. If I were the manager/owner person, I'd do the same. I wouldn't want someone doing an "Imma Poopin'!" pose in front of one of my cupcake displays. Was this when she and Bunny did a photoshoot together? I remember her complaining about them not giving her stale pastries to use for free. Really, no one in their right mind is going to give a customer, or in her case, a time wasting lookie-loo a stale product. That shit is bad for business.

No. 14240

I'd let her do it. Then I'd post footage as webm here

No. 14241

File: 1411361413421.png (936.61 KB, 992x657, bambi vs banned.png)

No, the Bambi shoots were with the maid uniforms from Bodyline. PT did a few photoshoots in a similar outfit with a deli in the background.

No. 14242

I think the time she got banned was the photoshoot she did in that really short blue maid dress.

No. 14243

I remember that one. She complained about "preppy bitches" laughing at her or something like that so she did a creepy laugh in reply. Way to add more fuel to the fire, PT.

No. 14246

No. 14250

File: 1411366398640.jpg (93.48 KB, 729x1024, image.jpg)

who you gonna call?

No. 14251

nope nope nope NOPEBUSTERS

No. 14253

File: 1411368333143.jpg (58.13 KB, 634x808, 1411366398640.jpg)

No. 14261

File: 1411374912292.jpg (96.11 KB, 1024x768, DSCN2758_zpsa3826a8b[1].jpg)

She legit looks like she's mentally retarded and her creepy caregiver took advantage of it to make home-erotica here.

No. 14263

Oh my god, she really does. I feel like a sex offender for just looking at this.
Excuse me while I delete my browsing history and destroy my hard drive

No. 14264

She didn't even bother to make her bed properly, goddamn it pt

No. 14265

Well, at least she's kinda having a wash, and we all know how rare that is these days

No. 14268

File: 1411380014394.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.99 KB, 768x1024, DSCN2780_zps30cadab1.jpg)

Wet underwear "I'm poopin" pose

No. 14269

File: 1411380094937.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.75 KB, 768x1024, DSCN2779-001_zpse118267d.jpg)

No. 14270

Her Rukia phase was possibly one of the most embarrassing. The drawings on the bath make it even more like she's challenged

No. 14276

Who's bed is this, I wonder

No. 14278

File: 1411390174110.jpg (132.43 KB, 680x1024, soon.jpg)

Piggu meido in question.

No. 14279

>why yes I pooted in your general direction
>whatcha gon do about it?

No. 14280

File: 1411391478057.jpg (647.44 KB, 1920x1080, doa-5-kokoro.jpg)

More like complain when silly boys DON'T hit on her. Some guys may have low standards but at this point she looks legitimately insane in most of her outfits. Why risk sticking your dick in crazy when it's not even attractive crazy?
Seriously though, imagine sitting at a bar, turning to scan the place for sexy ladies and seeing >>13735 staring at you from some dark corner.

I do very much hope she goes out, though. Or at least that she posts a sekushii new Halloween photoshoot wearing some approximation of pic related.

No. 14281

Should go on Yandy.com and take bets on which costume she's gonna get this time

No. 14284

File: 1411394559904.jpg (125.93 KB, 650x1170, Chinese-Take-Out-Costume-812-3…)

No. 14285

omg this has everything! Asian theme, cleavage exposure, short skirt… I seriously hope she buys it and shares wonderful chinese takeout poopin' poses for all of us~

No. 14286

It's hers.
PT tore down all of her Japanese stuff during a tinychat, so now her room looks fairly sane.

No. 14290

Was she wearing the maid outfit when she got kicked out the bakery? If she was, no wonder the owner got freaked out, they probably thought she was trying to do some sort of fetish shoot. Which I guess she technically was, though I'm sure she doesn't see it that way. It's kinda sad really, she see's herself as a cutesy young girl, but everyone else see's a middle aged woman wearing her fetish stuff in public. Which is why she doesn't understand when people get weirded out by her doing her shoots, in her mind, she's just being cute.

No. 14291

So..how do we get PT back on the social media?

No. 14293

It's simple.
We kill the Britfag.

No. 14298

Tripod-chan! It's been so long since we've last seen you!

No. 14321

File: 1411424637173.jpg (35.19 KB, 325x585, adult baby costume.jpg)

My money's on this one.

No. 14324

File: 1411426939778.jpg (126.46 KB, 682x1024, pt.jpg)

I made her a little less grotesque, probably what she'd look like if she lost weight

No. 14344

I never thought I'd be asking this, but source on that dress?

No. 14380

It's from Forever 21. It's probably about 5 years old now. I love it too, but I've looked for it and can't find it anywhere.

No. 14454

File: 1411514525364.png (613.45 KB, 711x696, pixy reinvented.png)

She has a lot of photos where she could pass as a normal girl with a tendency toward eccentric fashion.
You can make a completely separate persona just with pulling the right photos.
Sarah should just leave Pixyteri behind in TX and move somewhere where she can change her name and reinvent herself.

No. 14462

She could. If she wasn't batshit insane and disgusting, that is.

No. 14463


She should, but she doesn’t want to. She could have gotten a decent full-time job, saved up some money, and gone to Japan and/or moved out by now, but she doesn’t seem to want any of that.

Dressing like a mentally challenged child and taking sexual photoshoots in public places is her true self desu~

No. 14469

I know it's shoop but she looks so pretty in the top left picture. If she took care of hersf that could be reality.

No. 14488

File: 1411532175492.jpg (71.9 KB, 731x1023, Img_0538.jpg)

Not a shoop. I just cropped out the panties and she washed her hair.

No. 14490

File: 1411532249339.jpg (115.5 KB, 681x1023, IMG_1310-1.jpg)

She looks absolutely lovely in a lot of these, but that may be perspective

No. 14491

File: 1411532262316.jpg (73.2 KB, 640x478, CopyofIMG_5407_zpse7de7f2f.jpg)

No. 14494

I think with these it's a combo of makeup, clean hair, and no stupid posing/faces. She does look nice (though the last one is shooped).

No. 15215

She could look so pretty if she could just wear some makeup and do her hair correctly.

She's fat, but that's the least of her worries. Drinking enough water, wearing sunscreen and moisturiser, exfoliating and not being a giant weeb should be her priorities.

If she doesn't scrub up she'll be an old maid at this rate.

No. 15231

she's already an old maid

No. 15259

Christmas cake stuff aside, I wouldn't necessarily say 28 is old maid territory yet. Though perhaps it is because she just expects to marry some guy and live off of him.

No. 15272


Why does everyone want to know about that dress? It's hideous.

No. 15275


Because tastes tend to be different

No. 15276


She's 29, 30 next June.

No. 15294

28/29/30 whatever isn't really all that old, but with how she's taken care of herself makes her more so 'old maid-ish'. She easy looks ten years older.

No. 15377

…can anyone tell me sauce on this dress? Please?

No. 15428

Forever 21. It's from their plus sized range. I wish I could find a link, PT left a hilarious review on it.

No. 15431

File: 1411931339189.jpeg (110.04 KB, 846x657, 1411930698155screencapture.jpe…)

here you go

I think it might be a troll

No. 15525

Ah thank you!!

…I'm choosing to believe it's real. It's so much more delightful that way.

No. 15579

Nope, it's real. When her facebook was still up, she posted a link to the review when people were asking where she got it.

No. 15582

Thank you anon

I thought it could be a troll because the "this encourages me to lose weight" sentence doesn't sound like something PT would say at all.

No. 15583

"This is going to motivate me!"

Sounds exactly like PT

No. 15612


I thought she's in denial about her weight? openly recognizing she needs to lose weight to fit into a dress was quite strange for me.

No. 15660

She is but she also knows if she says she needs to lose weight other people will chime in that no she's not fat at all don't be silly sarah

No. 17377

File: 1412941234579.gif (1.03 MB, 682x1024, pt.gif)

Quick shoop, mostly on the face. I want to take a crack at making her dramatically thinner/more youthful-looking on one of these newer pics though.

No. 17379

Whoa fuck, nice job anon! She looks gorgeous!!

No. 17383

Every time I see a realistic shoop of PT the real deal ends up looking like some asshole photoshopped her to look uglier. But no…

No. 17406

File: 1412958984677.jpg (133.83 KB, 720x480, casting.Still004.jpg)

Hey guys! Slightly OT, but I'm currently producing a satirical mini-series using The Sims 4 and looking for voice over talent.

I have a character called 'Pixie' who is very much inspired by the legend that is Queen PixyTeri. If there's anyone here interested in auditioning for the role [or any other] full details here - http://www.mrjoiee.com/2014/10/voice-actors-wanted-reality-love-house.html

No. 17430

Just a few things about the Sims.
Her arms are too long and thin along with her legs not being short and stumpy.

Not sure how much you can really do with the sliders in the sims 4 but if you could fix that it would be a 10/10.

No. 17431


One issue I have is that PT isn't a pear, she's a straight out brick, but idk whether or not you get a back slider.

No. 17443

Maybe anon was being nice and giving her the "real" womanly curves she has.

No. 17446

File: 1412966808541.png (163.07 KB, 624x318, pixiev.png)

haha for sure ;]

nah I made her legs as stumpy as I could but there's only so much you can do when it comes to proportions etc. on Create-a-Sim unfortunately :[ Still, I like to think she looks better in-game.

I just downloaded a custom Hello-Kitty dress especially for her also :]

No. 17447

I kind of want to try but I feel like I'd be too young sounding

No. 17461

Much better. I understand you can only do so much with the sliders.
Can't wait to see her in the dress.

Off topic but are you the one anon from waaaaaaay back when on cgl, and did the Sims3 life of pix?

No. 17465

Despite her appearance, I've always thought PT has a pretty cute voice, so I think you should go for it at least for fun!

No. 17473

Thanks for the encouragement! I'm hoping I can only do my queen justice….

No. 17474

Nope, I'm not the same anon, though very much a /cgl lurker haha

No. 17517

Different anon but I have a shitton of sliders and weeby custom content for the Sims 3. I'll get working on a PT sim soon.

No. 17518

fuck sims 4

No. 17576

You should get Mitchal Verley to do the voice

No. 17778


No. 19194

someone gut that britfaggot already

No. 19196

LOL why did you call yourself 'reply'? Are you new here? Shitstirring?

I'm guessing you're that guy who pretended to be britfag (who was for the record an american who wrote in a painfully pretentious way in order to appear british).

No. 19198

Britfag isn't real. Are you new?

No. 19200

If he isnt real, why dont we have our queen back?

No. 19205

Not on purpose, I fucked up something somehow. I am just missing pixyteri

He isn't? Wasn't he the guy who keep ordering her to get away from social media?

No. 19207

He was,but we don't know for sure if hes British even though we call him britfag.

No. 19221

PT and that american guy (and a friend) conspired to wreak havoc and succeeded.

I had him on skype and he types like what an american person thinks brits type like- i.e uses the word "quite" incorrectly and in incorrect contexts etc.

I'll look into my logs (if I have any) if anyone cares to see

No. 19222

Yeah, she did have an e-relationship with a brit guy, or at least he claimed he was brit. She was over him by then though.

She also made that famous post about how easy it was to remove 'that thorn in her side'soon after it all went down.

No. 19241


I think that tweet was about Staminarose being taken down, though.

No. 19242


And it wasn't done by her, someone took her twitter name.

No. 19243


The one who made that Tweet was Britfag. It was him that blackmailed her into handing it over.

And yes Britfag is real and lives in the UK.

No. 19244

I wouldn't find that hard to believe, but is there any proof of that or is it just a theory?

No. 19250

never heard that. Got any proof?

No. 19251


You know after those guys came to SR? I kept them on Skype and talked to them candidly for about 2/3 months and actually got to know them pretty well and found we shared a considerable amount of shared ground.

I voice chatted with them a couple of time and they are 100% confirmed English as I live in the UK too and as far as I know were actually in pretty close vicinity of each other.

I asked them straight out whether it was Britfag that made the Tweet shortly after and they told me yes because he was freaking the fuck out over those guys coming to SR and drawing attention to him and potentially compromising his identity, which is why like a couple of hours later they were like "OH HAHA IT WAS ALL A TROLL WE REALLY GOT YOU DIDN'T WE".
Britfag has complete control of most if not all of her accounts online which is why she's vanished entirely. He was cool with allowing he to continue making a fool of herself whilst keeping her on a leash a while back but after the debacle with his mates coming here he locked this shit down tight. Supposedly Sarah is in complete terror of him, which I can easily believe as this is the first she's actually left the internet entirely and stayed away this long.
He doesn't actually like her though of course, he just enjoys making her suffer.

They did actually accidentally drop Britfags name once on voice chat but the connection was bad and I didn't catch all of it, and fuck knows if I can remember it now.

If they're on lolcow they'll probably read this soon, if so, sorry guys, I like you and all but I love the dramu more. Anyway it's not like anybodu believes you any more after you successfully pulled the "haha we trolled u" card. If I were you though I'd drop britfag fast on account of the "hot goods" and all. He's a fool if he's actually kept any of that stuff.
Anyway you know what I think about it. Certainly never be able to look at PT the same way. Didn't actually believe she was legit mentally ill until now, just super delusional and immature.


I thought I had chatlogs but apparently reformatting your PC wipes them, so no. Doesn't matter though anyway does it? I mean, I know it's true because I talked to these guys candidly for a considerable amount of time but it's not exactly convincing coming from a third party right? You'll never know for sure I guess.

No. 19252

I think you're full of shit.

No. 19253


Yeah well without evidence I knew people wouldn't believe me anyway.
The only thing I have t provide is a screenshot of the guys on my sock Skype account, and even then their usernames don't connect to anything. Believe me, that was the first thing I tried when I first added them.

No. 19254

Here we go again.

No. 19255

If this is "Emily," mind getting on Skype to chat?
Whether it's true or not or if anyone actually believes what PT was accused of, we can all agree that Britfag has been mentioned here and there for years by PT herself, so he DOES exist.
If he has any control over her life remains to be seen because we all know PT won't admit to anything, but you have to admit she's been almost non-existent online since SR went down. She changes her Skype icon a lot, and sometimes to pictures we haven't seen that aren't even on her Photobucket, so SOMETHING happened. If the CP accusation scared her off, I could understand her laying low, but it's been quite a while, so who knows if she'll come back this time?
Either way, I don't doubt Britfag is a sadistic fuckhead who enjoys not only tormenting PT, but the fact we don't get to enjoy her shenanigans anymore either. Dick.

No. 19256

britfag is an example of taking things too far with a lolcow. Some idiots just don't know the difference between being a troll and ruining someone's life.

Just like Chris Chan before her, she just isn't funny anymore. Only sad.

No. 19259

That's the only thing I really liked about SR, that we had a rule to not get involved with the lolcows or their family; we were just observers. I can't help wondering how Britfag got his claws into PT, and I honestly feel bad for her since his involvement in her life and the way he treats her really isn't good for her.

No. 19267

>I can't help wondering how Britfag got his claws into PT
He probably wasn't someone from SR, and even if he was, he wasn't doing that shit to anyone's so he could have been posting there and grooming her at the same time. She still had some avenues for contact open back then, it wouldn't have been difficult for someone to start talking to her.

No. 19268

Sorry, I meant how he got so involved with her in the first place. He was around back when PT threads were still on /cgl, he definitely wasn't from SR.
I agree he may have been grooming her for a while, probably just for shits and giggles, and only recently became a shit to her maybe the past two years. But since he supposedly has something on PT, she won't cut him off out of fear. I wish she had someone to turn to.

No. 19269

You're full of shit.

No. 19271

Oh right, I must have misunderstood you. And yeah, he's almost definitely been doing it for a while if he has some huge shit on her.

But what if it's not objectively that big of a deal? From what PTNR said, PT doesn't exactly seem to be sane, she might think it's something huge when it's not

No. 19273

It's not Britfag who has her Twitter, that poster is full of shit on that. I know because I snagged it a while back on a really high impulse. I dunno what i'm gonna do with it, i'm just surprised I got it before anyone else

No. 19274

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that's the case, as with most instances of blackmail. It may not necessarily be anything all that bad, but to that individual it could be devastating to them if anyone found out. Britfag got her with some hook and now she's screwed, and pretty sure she won't tell anyone about it for fear of someone else having that power over her as well.
Or maybe it's all some sick fetish for both of them. I've been in the kink scene before and have met people who get off on being blackmailed or blackmailing someone, no lie. It's fucking weird, but hey, to each their own.

No. 19275

No hostility meant, but can you provide proof?

No. 19277

None taken at all, logging in now. Check the twatter or I can post a screen shot. I wanted to see if people would respond to "PT" but it was a bit overwhelming and well, sad.

No. 19279

Ha! I love it.
Let's face it, everyone thought the post about SR was a bit too clever for PT, so we assumed she lost it to Britfag or one of the guys who started the CP claims.

No. 19280

Thanks for that and thank you for proving that the cunt >>19251 is full of shit.

No. 19281

Heh that's when I knew I blew my cover. Again, high when I posted it and I tend to write like a pretentious ass when so.
I really don't know why I snagged it or what to do with it. I thought pretending to be her but it really just made me depressed and evaluate my own life. I've changed some things that I was very similar to PT in regards to and doing so has helped immensely. I don't understand how she can keep doing all this to herself;she must be very tired physically, mentally and emotionally.

No. 19282

I wouldn't blame them completely if the assholes from SR told them Britfag DID make the tweet. We all knew it obviously wasn't PT, and if >>19277 hadn't proved it was them, we'd still have no idea who was in control of her Twitter. >>19251 didn't say they knew for a fact Britfag DID post it, just that they were told it was him. Get the sand out of your vagoo, it's the assholes' fault this shit happened in the first place, not anon's. Let them believe whatever they want and calm down.

No. 19283

File: 1414116191831.png (34.04 KB, 590x198, creappy.png)

I have to say though this guy is pretty funny/sad.Dunno what good censoring is but figure I might as well although if you search "@pixyteri" in mentions you can see all twats toward the account

No. 19285

Sorry but they're not exactly helping since they're trying to bring up this dead horse all over again. They're an accessory to keeping these false allegations alive that everyone with a brain knew were lies. Shit like this can ruin a person's life.

No. 19286

Which I think is why some anons jumped to talk to these guys; they want to prove whether or not they're true, maybe even for PT's sake in some way. Sadly, it's a dead end no matter what since PT won't talk like >>19274 said, and we all know we wouldn't believe Britfag if he came here. The only one who could tell us the truth is PT, and she's not talking to anyone anymore. Can't say I blame her, but it's really a shame.
As for bringing up the accusations, sure, it's probably all bullshit from these guys, but whatever. Our biggest concern is our queen and the fact she's unhappy because of Britfag.

No. 19287

To be honest, I think at this point we may never hear from the Queen again thanks to shitheads trying to falsely accuse her of having CP and such. Her trust was horribly broken by PTNR and as soon as those accusations came out, that was the end. I really wish we could do something to help her but she's impossible to contact now and truthfully, I can't blame her. She has every right in the world to be paranoid since she doesn't know who she can trust anymore.

No. 19288

Not to sound awfully suspicious, but how do we know YOU'RE not Britfag?

No. 19294

How do we know we're not ALL Britfag?

No. 19295

I'd rather not turn on location on twatter, doesn't that show city? I guess i have no way of proving that I'm in/from WI but if I were Britfag what would I gain from this?

No. 19306

I just feel like at this point, we really can't take anyone for who they say they are at face value when it comes to PT.

No. 19309

I kinda trust Twitter-anon, but I agree, it's pretty tricky at this point.

No. 19312

I want to trust them, but every time we have it's come back to bite us in the ass. My brain says no but my heart says yes Twitter-anon

No. 19329

Hey, we can always ask Farmer McDonald to verify your location to us. That'll put everyone's mind at ease.

No. 19333

Would the location work though? Britfag may be based in the UK, but he could really be anywhere now.

No. 19345


Britfag didn't come from /cgl/ or SR. He was an external anomaly that stumbled across her.

No. 19347


Shut the fuck up you piece of shit, all of you are from 888chan.

Fuck off unless you got some screencaps. If you don't have any screencaps or audio then you are of no use to us.

No. 19355

wow, calm down

No. 19356

Is there really nothing we can do to help PT?

No. 19362


I agree. I wish these shit-stirrers would be banned. Ruined the other board and maybe pushed PT more into hiding. Who needs this bullshit and why does anyone respond?

No. 19363


Yeah, I am totally from 888chan, a board I've never visited in my life.

Bitch I've been on /cgl/ since before you even knew what a Nipponese mango was.

I've been there for every happening since it began. Miyu, MJ and her chlamydia to Blue and Piratetoaster, Eva Braun raping a dude, Charms' choker, spoony, The Flan epidemic, Static, the /fit/ invasion, the /fit/ mod, the day Cathy came to /cgl/ etc.


Why would want to help her? She's vile.

No. 19364

I wish she'd just marry some guy, any guy, and leave her old life behind buuut we know thats not her way.

No. 19365

No one just fucking stumbles across pt, ever.

No. 19366


Yeah I mean it does sound kind of difficult.

I mean honestly, it could all be bullshit. I'm gonna choose to believe them personally, just because obviously I was the one communicating with them directly and if they were bullshitting me for 3 months whilst enjoying a mutual, platonic relationship, they did a pretty convincing job.

No. 19372

Please stop your 5edgy4 me. Unless you are atcully bring real facts about the queen there is no need for you.

No. 19373

But were you there during the Kipi postings?

No. 19376


I'm still not ready to talk about Kipi…

No. 19379


Seriously, just leave. Whether you're a troll or too stupid to not get played by trolls doesn't really matter. Either show some evidence or get out - no one believes you.

No. 19380

File: 1414170917593.jpg (36.13 KB, 600x812, awwwwshit.jpg)

No. 19394

Kill yourself. You do realize SR got trolled out of existence? What makes you think you could come here think we'd fall for it AGAIN.

If you don't have proof and have shitty "I REFORMATTED BAAAH" excuses, then kill yourself. Our queen has left us and we're left with horrorcows and kiki. You don't know our pain and what life is like without the guiding light that is PT. GTFO

No. 19395

I agree, but jesus christ, calm down.

No. 19396


I get that we're all assholes, but why does every dissent go to "kill urself" now? Is it the same 15 year old or is this what we do now?

No. 19399


If you don't understand my devotion to the queen then…well, I stick by my "kill yourself" statement. These betas come here trying to garner attention and stir shit up when they completely destroyed a pile of delicious pt chat logs from PTNR. And, I'm sure we all got all the juicy bits out, but every word from PT is gold. This guy was caught minutes ago in a lie and still tries to come in here with same ole shit.

No. 19400

I like how the whole "PT is our queen" thing seems to just straddle the line between ironic joking and actual devotion.
Imagine a PT cult.

No. 19401

It's a definite mix of the two, anon.

No. 19404

File: 1414186842128.jpg (371.6 KB, 901x1235, DSCN3170_zpsf39db4a0.jpg)

No. 19405

Oh my god, you actually believe those fucking trolls? Stop shit-stirring for crap's sake.

No. 19407

I was there too. They were full of shit, I had them on skype. If anyone's retarded enough to believe they're real, I'm very sorry.

No. 19751

>Imagine a PT cult.
Where do you think we are?

No. 19794

We are here we are here.

We chant nightly for the Queens return.

We leave out offerings of mochi for the queen.

We are her loyal followers.

No. 19803

I wish pt was like Santa and if you left out mochi and waiting very very quietly waited she'd come down the chimney and you could kidnap the ptclaws

No. 19819

Have you actually tried it? Maybe she got stuck.

No. 19825

oh dear, I live in a very cold place and we have a wood burning stove thats on all the time. Maybe I slow roasted pt

No. 19832

Does it smell like bacon on your living room?

No. 19857

this is now canon

No. 20805

I decided to check her ebay since it tends to be a pretty good indicator of what she's up to, and I've got to say, I hope she posts new pictures soon because it seems she's become obsessed with sexy cheerleaders and China.

No. 20806

Her purchases or the collections she makes? I do admit I like going through her collections, she saves some really cute stuff. I've been looking for a strawberry umbrella for a while, thanks PT!

No. 20807


I like how her "Japanese Culture" collection is mostly just bath salts and anime art books.

No. 20810

File: 1414979132543.jpg (66.41 KB, 937x298, ggj.jpg)

I don't know how she doesn't see this as an indicator of her needing to lose weight.

No. 20817

Both. All four of these >>20810 are cheerleader uniforms, and she has a relatively new collection full of various types of Chinese clothing.

No. 20826

2edji-sama please tell us the tales. (i'm kind of a newfag and just already knows about Charm stealing stuff and being cray and Flan being an abominable meanie pants though)

No. 20835

But I thought the great and mighty Queen hated Chinese and Korean people, for lest they hurt poor nippon in WWII?

No. 20838


As if PT knows anything about that. We’re talking about the woman who didn't who Osama bin Laden was, and didn’t even know about the 2004 Indonesian tsunami or the earthquake in Haiti.

No. 20895

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Pixyteri Nip'pon wgah'nagl fhtagn

No. 20897

Is anyone else excited to see how much weight PT has gained when she finally posts new pictures?

No. 20904

>item is too tight IMHO. Whatever, I still wore it.

No. 20913

I like your style, anon.

No. 20926

IIRC someone once said something about the Korean massacre to her on her fb when she asked what the big deal was between them and went on to say that the Koreans started probably started it or something?

No. 20970

File: 1415031666933.png (217.49 KB, 1150x774, fff.png)

WTF is she getting ready for?

No. 20972

To get the train run on her, I guess? It would be far more cost effective to go to planned parenthood and get birth control.

No. 20977

Isn't she too heavy for Plan B? Uh-oh…

No. 20983

She is. You have to be under 175.

No. 20984

Imagine if Pixy got pregnant.

No. 20985

That poor child, but the prophecy will have been filled.

No. 20986

I once wondered if she's aware she can get pregnant by a Japanese via sperm bank.

No. 20990

Does PT use credit cards to afford all this shit over all these years? Or does she buy it all on her meager pay checks?

No. 21075

She probably still has the same old mindset about how they just don't cut the clothing for real women. Remember, a 26 inch waist is tiny and no one can fit into something like that unless they are anorexic whores.

She's mentioned credit card debt before, so I'm thinking yes. Wasn't it a debt of about $3000? Or was the the medical bill she kept bitching about? I'm not surprised that she still refuses to live within her means. She just keeps buying ill-fitting unflattering kawaii desu clothing as always. People like this make me wish they'd bring back debtors prisons. And only put in people like PT.

No. 21076

>debtor prison
That's not very kawaii.

No. 21081

I think much of her credit card debt is from medical bills. There was a time when she basically went to the ER every time her "tummy hurt" and that shit adds up fast (never mind that it was typically over nothing and she could have gone to urgent care but whatever). I think there was an unnecessary car purchase at some point too that she mentioned.

I think her mochi/ill fitting clothing/assorted kawaii crap buying is most of her paycheck since she pays no rent or bills.

No. 21104

Yeah, last year she got her old car "totaled" in an accident when she was on her cell phone. I think she just dented up the area around the drivers tire up some. She got an ancient mazda suv.

She's probably also in debt for having to go the hosipital that night her friend from stamina rose called 911 about pixy's suicide threats.

No. 21106

She got a new car from the insurance money IIRC

No. 21126

You're correct. Mostly medical, and then there was that car her ex Matt made her buy, which ended up totaled.

On a related note to pregnancy prevent stuff, IIRC PT said on Twitter she had to go off BC because he had blood clots or something.

No. 21581

All I want for Christmas is PT Chan.

No. 21582

We need to overthrow the Britfag to get our Queen back

No. 21613

File: 1415261840625.jpg (145.25 KB, 683x1024, 1409962760037.jpg)

ok i tried my best to make her look as japanese as possible

No. 21614

OH MY GOD, THIS IS PERFECT. She could actually look nice

No. 21645

nice one

No. 24859

so where can I find these nudes of her in the car. I need them for scientific research

No. 24966

File: 1416343034884.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.77 MB, 2400x3200, n00d3.jpg)


I only saved a couple

No. 24967

File: 1416343075238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 265.82 KB, 1632x1224, n00d5.jpg)

No. 24968


This is the picture that she complained about the most because she can barely get any pussy shots anymore because she's so fat. (has to lift her fupa and angling the camera is a bitch for her)

No. 24982

But where are her ariolas?

No. 24983

they're the same color as her skin. I think that's a good thing if you have pancake nipples, cause people won't notice.

No. 24987

Oh god, why did I click that without reading the above posts for context.

No. 24989

It's okay, I clicked without thinking as well and I'm actually eating right now.


Is.. Okay, can I just.. I'm going to be honest here, is her pus not groomed because she's trying to do what some Japanese girls do and just not shave? My family is Asian. We shave. I don't really..

No. 24991

*I don't really understand what I'm looking at right now..

No. 24994

Back when PTNR was talking to her, they convinced PT that "real Japanese women" don't shave and used porn as examples. She stopped shaving to prove her heritage. Lulz were had.

No. 24995

I've known some who don't, but only because their mothers didn't ever have "that talk" with them and they grew up sheltered. My Father's side is Asian and god, they do wax.

No. 25099

I never dared talking about shaving to anyone so I asked 4chan :<

>They did help me

No. 25321

I wish she took more nudes. I dunno why but I like'm.

No. 25324


No. 25330

File: 1416458692668.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.78 KB, 1632x1224, 14031940136.jpg)


You're on /pt/ where pictures of pt are sought after.

No. 25331

File: 1416458768378.jpg (340.82 KB, 1632x1224, 14032080569.jpg)

PTNR picture dump

No. 25332

File: 1416458840165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 331.18 KB, 1476x1476, 14032088155.jpg)

No. 25333

File: 1416458903503.jpg (Spoiler Image, 396.18 KB, 1632x1224, 14032091162.jpg)

No. 25334

File: 1416458983586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 432.03 KB, 759x1139, 14032093116.jpg)

No. 25336

File: 1416459089679.jpg (48.49 KB, 531x346, 14033661539.jpg)

No. 25337

Fucking gross

No. 25339

File: 1416459438342.jpg (Spoiler Image, 498.09 KB, 1224x1632, 140320780472.jpg)

No. 25340

File: 1416459502352.jpg (Spoiler Image, 368.48 KB, 1224x1632, 140320813274.jpg)

No. 25341

File: 1416459583371.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.97 KB, 555x740, 140320836983.jpg)

No. 25342

File: 1416459662710.jpg (Spoiler Image, 393.89 KB, 1632x1224, 140320847568.jpg)

Warning: tampon string

No. 25343

File: 1416459725688.jpg (Spoiler Image, 329.11 KB, 1632x1224, 140320853610.jpg)

PT took a lot of pictures of her cunt for PTNR.

No. 25345

File: 1416459805411.png (502.11 KB, 1032x1920, pixy.png)

Anyone have any screenshots of her claiming to be Japanese/not fully white?

Unfortunately I came across the queen too late and have barely ever seen any claims coming directly from her, only third person recounts.

No. 25347

File: 1416459866891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 320.43 KB, 1224x1632, 140320861854.jpg)

Can you smell the tuna through the computer screen yet?

No. 25352

File: 1416460245056.jpg (Spoiler Image, 11.36 KB, 217x288, 140320868666.jpg)

No. 25354

File: 1416460426118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.53 MB, 2400x3200, 140320905262.jpg)

PTNR convinced PT to shave her hairy pubic mound to a landing strip for their amusement.

No. 25355

File: 1416460542448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.23 MB, 2400x3200, 140320926354.jpg)

No. 25356

File: 1416460645288.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.46 MB, 3200x2400, 140320987233.jpg)

-And then PTNR convinced PT to shave her landing strip to a Hitler mustache.

No. 25358

File: 1416460825048.jpg (Spoiler Image, 275.69 KB, 1632x1224, 140320995368.jpg)

No. 25359

File: 1416460904081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.73 KB, 555x740, 140321001618.jpg)

No. 25360

File: 1416460954163.jpg (Spoiler Image, 10.33 KB, 245x352, 140321128637.jpg)

No. 25361

File: 1416460992034.jpg (Spoiler Image, 517.79 KB, 1643x3200, 140321167332.jpg)

No. 25362

File: 1416461031627.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.17 KB, 532x709, 140322053586.jpg)

No. 25363

File: 1416461072502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.95 KB, 532x709, 140322056826.jpg)

No. 25364

File: 1416461149416.png (5.54 KB, 504x145, 140322413078.png)

PT bitching about her mom and work

No. 25365

File: 1416461206268.png (12.55 KB, 550x251, 140322472434.png)

PT feeling emo

No. 25366

her crotch looks a bit chaffed

No. 25370

File: 1416461330358.png (31.45 KB, 456x213, 140324321042.png)

No. 25371

sorry, I meant chafed.
thanks for the dump!!!

No. 25372

File: 1416461386201.jpg (19.11 KB, 477x214, 140336675132.jpg)

No. 25374

File: 1416461477905.jpg (53.85 KB, 549x326, 140336708695.jpg)


No problem, anon.

The results of her mom's DNA test

No. 25378

File: 1416461578364.jpg (52.31 KB, 554x463, 140336813111.jpg)

Her idea of her imaginary Japanese father is a racial stereotype.

No. 25379

File: 1416461674636.jpg (77.42 KB, 491x609, 140337132111.jpg)

Pt claiming that her complained about being able to smell PT's pussy from the other room.

No. 25382

File: 1416461768030.jpg (7.01 KB, 541x56, 140345230744.jpg)

PT talking about her "loli-like" pussy again.

No. 25384

File: 1416461876733.jpg (74.84 KB, 733x1024, 1406789586361.jpg)

That's all of it.

No. 25393

Can we bury this fat digesting turd again

No. 25395




No. 25419

I can't believe she really believes shampoo lightens your hair. PTNR said she was smarter than average, I wouldn't know, I never spoke to PT, but from her TC's and Skype logs, she sounds pretty average to me (she actually sounds like an airhead to me).

So, I want to discuss why PT is so afraid of Britfag.

I don't believe she molested a girl, but I do think she's been stealing and pawning shit from her parents. Probably every time she gets in a scuffle with them, she justifies taking shit, like jewelry or even power tools if her dad has any.

Either way whatever it is, she's scared of getting kicked out for it.

I mean she gets such a tiny paycheck, how does she afford all the stuff she gets? She's so selfish and narcissistic I wouldn't put it past her. Maybe she pawned an heirloom and her mom is broken up about it.

No. 25424


Do you think maybe she steals from work and he knows about it? Home depot used to have this weird little glitch in the system where you could apply a coupon upon the RETURN of an item at the end of the transaction, AFTER the tender had cleared. Basically the cashier could apply a coupon to an item that had already been re-entered into the store's inventory and pocket the difference in cash.

Now, this sneaky little trick hasn't worked for several years, but when it did people got into big trouble for using it.

I'm not saying pixy used this particular trick, but she could be supplementing her paycheck by doing something similar.

No. 25425


Seriously though, what could britfag possibly have on her that's worse that the shit she's already posted on her own?

I don't know why, but I feel like it's an abortion. I can't even explain it, I just feel like that's the most rational explanation.

No. 25433

Well i really believe it is stealing from her parents. She buys really expensive shit like brand lolita while she only has a paycheck from home depot and she really doesnt Sem like the type to just save up for something she wants. She is probably afraid that britfag sends proof of her stealing to her parents and that she will get kicked out of the house or even reported to the police for being a thief.

No. 25435

Asians are usually working at Asian stores/restaurants because it's a family owned place. It's cheaper and easier to get your family in to do the work than to hire someone else.

LOL classic PT
"My mom said my vag smells bad. I am so upset I can't even go to get Chinese food"

Wait… how do we know there even IS a real Britfag again?

No. 25436

PT has mentioned him candidly for years now, even dropped a few things in Tinychats (he was even texting her once back when SR was still up to tell her a bunch of us from the board were in the chat and talking about her in the forum), and I can personally attest for her mentioning him now and then back when she and I used to talk on Skype. I can't provide caps, sadly, since this was over a year ago and I've gotten a new laptop since then, but his name (according to her) is Rico.

No. 25437

>I can't believe she really believes shampoo lightens your hair.

Well, if your hair is dyed a darker colour to your natural one or you dye over bleached hair shampoo will lighten it. I suppose she could have read something to do with that and got confused.

I'm really curious about this as well. The whole stealing from her parents thing is definitely plausible. In the grand scheme of things it's not THAT bad though, definitely not worth being blackmailed forever over. I'd personally rather people know I stole from my parents than have pictures of my pussy and dildo's rolling around my car all over the internet, but that's just me though. PT also seems like she'd be shameless over taking their money, like she thought she was entitled to it or something. I'm kind of leaning towards the abortion theory, you know how she hates to be thought of as an ~un-pure slut.

I'm hoping it's actually just something really stupid/hilarious like she likes to wear diapers and crap herself or steals her dads underpants and sniffs them. Or maybe something only PT would get upset about, like her REAL age/weight lol.

No. 25447

When this thing first went down on SR I immediately thought she'd been stealing from her parents, too. Compared to child molestation it's practically nothing but we need to look at it from PT's perspective: she is completely dependent on her parents, and they have already threatened to kick her out a few times before. Finding out she steals from them would likely be the final straw. All her own income goes to "essentials" like sexy maid costumes and vaginal tightening creams, so in her mind she would not be able to afford her own place and pay all her own bills. She's also far too lazy to do chores and while she cooks sometimes, I doubt she prepares all her own food. For her, getting kicked out of her parents' house would completely ruin her life and her chance to shine. I honestly think she's more afraid of repercussions from her parents than from the police. Her world view is pretty much limited to her home, her family, her workplace, Hastings and her delusional image of Glorious Nippon. She's like a young teenager in this regard.

No. 25450

I can attest that his name is "Rico" and after a few years of knowing him shes only seen one or two pics of his face.

Also apparently he's a ginger
>PT's nastiness knows no bounds

No. 25459

I call bullshit unless you have actual prof

No. 25464

anon wasnt saying THEY knew britfag, is that what you are calling bullshit on? they are saying that after years of PT speaking to britfag PT has only see two pictures of the guy. What about that is bullshit worthy?

No. 25467

I was calling bs on them knowing PT has only seen two pics of britfag, how do they know this, or are they pulling it out of their ass to get attention which too often happens in the threads for pt.

No. 25475

OBJECTION! Do you have proof she hasn't seen more than a few pics. No?….Therefore you are the attention seeker.
Get your knickers unbunched and chill the fuck out!

No. 25477

Forgive me, but can someone recap what exactly happened with StaminaRose? I missed that whole shitstorm and now I just see allusions to it but honestly have no idea what happened or who/what PTNR is… I read up on her ED but it didn't mention anything…

No. 25479

Ptnr was a girl on SR who pretended to be a dude and had PT wrapped around her finger for months. Pt would tell her everything from the way she bathed to her sex kinks. Ptnr would feed her asspats to obtain nudes and would say things like "Asian girls don't shave their pussy" so pt would grow a jungle down there. There convos ended when PTNR told PT to quit at home depot and try to find a real job. PT got insulted and blocked PTNR.

No. 25481

PTNR stands for PT Nude Repository btw, since she had so many nudes.
PTNR found out that the reason Britfag had so much control over PT that he was able to make her get off the internet was because he was blackmailing her with some information. PT was terrified of him for this reason. It was never revealed what this information was, but a couple of trolls came into the thread and started claiming that PT molested a young child she was babysitting and took pictures by Britfag's orders. PTNR freaked out a bit and said that PT had indeed been babysitting a girl around that age. SR's admin then freaked out A LOT and deleted the whole board because she was afraid of being linked to child pornography.

No. 25484

Ahh okay, thanks you guys, that helps a lot.

No. 25485

Also to add the two trolls claimed they knew PT molested the kid because they were apart of a ~secret sadist~ group that Britfag was a member of that would have monthly meets up some obviously made up bullshit.

After SR got shut down PTNR also freaked out and vanished so we missed out on a bunch of PT chat logs because of some shitty trolls and people who were dumb enough to believe them.

No. 25502

we need pt nude depository back

any ideas?

I'm thinking of

a- getting the staminarose domain name back, just so we can have contact with pt nude repository

b- posting on /cgl/ et al to find them perchance

No. 25504

Somebody who has an account could check if she's logged into CWCiki forums recently. I hate to say it, but even if she does get contacted, there is a chance she freaked and deleted everything.

No. 25506

PTNR already knows about here, they're just choosing not to post.

No. 25507


she said she was working on big projects at school. She's probably just stressed and busy.

No. 25508


I still believe the molestation thing, especially after PTNR confirmed that PY had been babysitting a little girl of the same age.
There is no way for those guys to have known that information otherwise, and honestly at this point nothing about PT surprises me any more, not even the potential of child sexual abuse.

No. 25509


No possible way.

For some reason she went to cwcki forums after Stamina went down. I have an account there and noticed she started posting on the PT thread.
Under her profile it says she's a female and 31.
I contacted her and we had a couple of back and forths. I gave her a link to this board, but she never came. People in the thread gave her the link to this board and she never came.

People speculate that since Britfag has access to all of PTs accounts, he went to investigate PT's skype. PTNR probably wasn't as careful as she should have been and probably has her doxxed.

I did ask her why she didn't come here, but she never responded back.

No. 25511

let me tell you, those guys were trolls, they even admitted to it, ADMITTED later on

I added them on skype, it was me and a few other anons, some were on the fence about believing them, some weren't

one thing that REALLY tipped me off was that one of them was really hamming it in with trying to sound british, he kept using 'quite' in a manner a british person would never use it and it was just so obvious he was faking it

No. 25512


The guys that said PT molested a child namefag at 888chan.org. Mirrorman and P-Logic. They're autistic as fuck, they shit their pants when people were planning on contacting Interpol (since they both claimed to be British). They called the whole thing off after a day.

They said Britfag super secrets sadist club meetings, and that Britfag was their leader. When asked why they didn't report a child being sexually abused, they said fuck no, they would never tell on a friend.

When they went running back to 888chan, they tried to act really cool about it. The whole thing was cringy.

And the admin to Stamina had threatened many times to shutdown the board. She had a hardon for PT_Fucker (fucking ewww), and when he left because AMG SHIT JUST GOT REAL, PT SCRATCHED HER WRIST AND NOW SHE'S IN THE ER, the admin lost her shit. You also weren't allowed to say a damn thing about that faggot without the admin doxxing you and calling you an a-log.

PT WANTS a kid. She's been trying to get pregnant. I doubt it was an abortion, if anything, her mom would make her get an abortion if PT ever did get pregnant.

No. 25516

I think any year now PT is going to go baby crazy, her bio clock is ticking and she knows it.

No. 25517

> e's a ginger…

I haven't seen this brought up but back when PTF was still around and he posted his snapchat name to talk with people I used to back-and-fourth with him a lot as I work graveyard shift. He was in Europe for his job and what few pics I would see of his skin (a shot of his legs while kicked back lying on the bed) he was a ginger… could it be that PTF is britfag? I really wish I could have showed those pictures to you guys now as proof… :(

No. 25521

could be, tbh I never really bought ptf's story about always travelling and blah blah to explain why his IP was in the wrong area.

but you couldn't say anything about ptf because the stamina admin was sucking his e peen 24 7

No. 25525


I really doubt it’s an abortion too. It seems like that’s something that PT would totally milk for sympathy, or at least allude to it. Plus she seems like the type that would use a baby as an excuse to get a guy to stay with her, so she can quit her job and sit around playing waifu all day.

I think stealing from her parents seems like a safe bet - that or it’s something totally stupid that only PT would see as being terrible.

No. 25528

>PT WANTS a kid. She's been trying to get pregnant.

Does she actually want kid? Or does she just want one because she thinks it's a means of trapping a husbando who will have to marry her and pay for her to sit at home all day? I can't for the life of me think why she would want one, she'd have to spend all her money on it and if it was a girl she'd probably be really jealous of it. How do you know she's been trying to get pregnant?

No. 25529

I suspected it was PTF, but like someone already said, you could not say a damn thing about him. I think him and Rose would talk, then he dumped her like a sack of shit when he left and she raged.

I was the one that asked her on TC if she had any friends IRL that were in Europe, because I met a guy that said he knew her IRL and they used to be friends. She said she didn't have any friends (even though PTF said they were friends and still in contact), and that she didn't know anyone IRL that was in Europe.

PTF never revealed any screencaps
PTF had her phone #, email, and he texted her.

I think he panicked when people were trying to find out his real identity and that's when he (possibly) texted and emailed her like crazy to get her off TC before people could slowly pry information out of her.

PTF also alluded to liking BDSM, and degrading girls (but couldn't get any good looking ones to go for it so he had to settle for girls like PT).

Was he skinny? Scrawny? Fat? Freckles? Big/small feet? Did the room he was staying him change? Why did you guys stop snapchatting?

No. 25532

Also PTF works with computers, is/was a weeb.

We first heard of him when he came to 789chan (right before it got shut down). People asked him a shit ton of questions (that's how we know he fucks strangers and doesn't use a condom, he didn't use a condom ever with PT). After they were done with him (and he was basking in attention) the board turned on him. He couldn't stand having a shit ton of people laughing at him for being proud of fucking PT so he left, then he suddenly popped up in MaximumFaggotry, which is weird because no one gave him links to the new site.

What came before Flan? Did Flan create the first /PT/ board?

No. 25535

oh ya she wants a kid, with a japanese man prefferably

she'll probably end up going to a sperm bank or putting out a craiglist ad for some jap dude to bone her so she can get preggo

No. 25539

yeah someone said pt is into giving guys bjs while they take a poop, was it ptf who said that

No. 25540

>Was he skinny? Scrawny? Fat? Freckles? Big/small feet? Did the room he was staying him change? Why did you guys stop snapchatting?

He seemed heavier. Thick I guess you could say? Sometimes caught a glimpse of a beard. Freckles- yes but not crazy amounts. A good smattering though not dark. The lighter ones. I've never been to Europe but the room I would see didn't look like a hotel room and was probably a short-term apartment. He said he'd spend anywhere from 3-6 months in one place and said he could never talk about his job due to "confidentiality". Maybe government or something so specific figuring out who he was would be easy. I never saw the room change.

He just stopped one day and deleted his snapchat. Maybe because people weren't caring about him anymore? I should have paid more attention to timelines as things happened. I'm sorry.

No. 25542


you knoooow Chris Chan is offering to donate sperm. I'm JUST saying…

No. 25543

he may have been staying in a hostel, hotels are a bit pricey

No. 25544

She's also not on any birth control.

I think… it's a little hazy, but I think she at one point said she was going to trick one of her fuck buddies into thinking she was pregnant. Does anyone remember that?

Also, I wouldn't be surprised if PTF was hoarding all the cocks because people shit on him if there isn't someone there to fend off his haters

No. 25545

>the offspirng of PT and chrischan

their unholy union would surely spawn the antichrist

No. 25548

File: 1416527440150.jpg (166.64 KB, 960x720, 308474_10151075616231144_83862…)

she probably makes half hearted attempts at birth control, thus all those spermicide gels on her amazon wishlist. She wants to get creampied bareback, but doesn't want to invest in long term contraception for whatever reason

No. 25550

File: 1416527489398.jpg (80.1 KB, 720x540, 199102_179116135468643_1611212…)

was it pic related? I can't remember either anon

No. 25551

File: 1416527988684.png (226.16 KB, 1966x1071, japsperm.png)

it surprisingly took 4 sperm bank websites to find one with a pure Japanese, and he's only 5'5 lol

if she only had a spare $700.

No. 25552

this is pretty cool, it's like a 'design a baby' workshop

No. 25553


I think we can all agree he lied a lot and really liked the attention he got. That's why he never revealed any screencaps, no proof of anything.
It was all so fucking convenient for him "I can't disclose what I do" "I have to his behind 20 proxies because ?" "I can't say who I work for" "I'll get fired if PT doxes me" He said he had a super important job, but who gets fired for typing trivial shit on the internet? Who puts an important employee in crappy motels? Someone dispensable, if he was that important, his company wouldn't give two shits about what he did online (as long as he wasn't a liability to the company, last I heard, fucking PT wasn't one of them).

Also he supposedly had to undergo physical exams for his job (every two weeks I think). This is how he knew he was STD free. Anons at 789 told him that that's not how you check for STD's, he later changed his story and said he gets tested for STDs every two weeks, but what does it matter? You get AIDs, Herpes or HPV it's for life nigger. No test can protect you from that.

Just wanted to add, that fag had a huge ego and it got bruised pretty easily. For a while people would bait him on SR and he would take it and talk about how he was such a sexual t-rex, what an awesome life he had, how chill he was, blah blah blah.

No. 25556

File: 1416529086003.jpg (2.05 KB, 92x125, Kris.jpg)


I think it was Kris. This was back when she was on twitter and updating it every hour.

No. 25570

If I remember correctly the only reason PTF had any sort of credibility was that the SR admin, who we now know to be a total moron, claimed he had sent her "proof". It could have been absolutely anything, for all we know, god knows she was so thirsty for his dick.

As far as I remember he never actually really gave any new information, everything he said was just stuff someone that spent half an hour reading up on PT could say. I'd put money on him being just another attention seeking troll.

No. 25574


I think he maybe took a picture outside of PT's house with a sign that said PTFUCKER

But he had said that sounded too stalkerish and would think of something else.

Rose is really stupid, I wouldn't be surprised if he wrote PTF on his tiny dick and she was like AMG GUYS HE'S LEGIT!!!!!

No. 25576

Well, let's be honest. Her only two real draws for her board was that she wasn't Flan, and she had exclusive PTF info.

Though I will miss not having K's faggotry capped.

No. 25581


Dude, what exclusive info? You act like he scanned his ID card and sent it to her. That broad was so stupid and excited to have interaction with a guy that it could have been anything.

No. 25586

Meant to put exclusive in quotations. No need to get flustered, Anon.

No. 25604


Sorry bout muh autism suh.

Seriously though, I wonder what he sent her and how stupid she feels now that he's been proven to be a charlatan.

No. 25612

Probably a time stamped image of himself, or some blurry phone pic of Skype convo with PT. Hell, could have been nothing at all, and after all the hype she built up of having "proof" he was legit she couldn't reneg on those claims.

No. 25659

I think someone mentioned WWII Japanese war crimes and said something about how well in the Korean War Koreans were really mean to the Japanese anyway.

I remember being super fucking buttmad about this because I'm Korean and that's not what the Korean War was even about anyway. I can't believe this woman used to be a substitute teacher.

No. 25669


Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit son.

One of my modules is Japanese History and one of my roommamtes is from Incheon so I'm pretty well aware of how vicious the Japanese were back then.

Petition to start a fund to send PT to South Korea so she can walk around saying it was all Korea's fault and that Nippoon didn't do anythink wrung.

No. 25678

Ptf was a big fat liar. I love how he claimed that PT doesnt smell bad and then PTNR posted her screencap where PT describes her disgusting bathing habits. Guy was a huge faggot that was thirsty for attention.

No. 25683

Wait, I thought her father was the Asian one and he left the windchime or some shit? I'm not sure why she is upset. And how is her father's recycling related?

No. 25684

I don't think PT wants a kid, not really. She may want a little doll to play with and she'd probably relish the attention, though ultimately it would all be about getting a guy to stick with her. If she couldn't get some guy to stick with her I really doubt she would ever want to keep it, so I could see her getting an abortion. However, I also don't think that's her awful secret because I get the feeling she would have fessed up to it for sympathy (some awful guy used her and defiled her maidenhood, now she has to get an abortion to survive or some shit, plus sometimes Japanese people get abortions).

The stealing thing seems a bit random though, I must admit. PT has pulled a lot of shit and they haven't kicked her out, plus she always whines about lacking money. I think someone tallied up her ebay purchases and they ended up being about what her earnings would be, and since she has no bills she has plenty to spend on weeb crap.

Considering her lack of shame and ability to twist everything with PT logic to fit any number of weird justifications I have to wonder if it was something as dramatic as child molesting (though yeah, those guys on SR were trolling). Maybe she did something online with someone underage and fears repercussions? I can see her trying to live out some weird shota fantasy and having it backfire once she told rather than molesting an actual child.

Mystery of the ages.

No. 25685

>She's been trying to get pregnant.
Whoa what did I miss?
I can certainly imagine PT trying to get pregnant to trap a man and out-waifu all the sluts but I didn't know we had any kind of confirmation on this.

Can you imagine though. Chris-chan definitely wants a daughter but I can't imagine PT wanting another female in the house to compete with. Especially if she manages to convince herself that the father is Japanese, because that would mean the kid is 3/4 Gloriously Nipponese as opposed to her own 1/2. At best she'll see it as an opportunity to get matching sekushii kindergarten outfits.

No. 25686

If I ever somehow became rich I would pay for that to happen. Could you imagine it.
Although I don't know if I could live with the guilt. Imagine being raised by PT and Chris. Kid wouldn't have a chance.

No. 25692

Yeah their life would be doomed from day 1. They might turn out okay if they were given away to foster parents or something.

No. 25717


>>The stealing thing seems a bit random though, I must admit. PT has pulled a lot of shit and they haven't kicked her out, plus she always whines about lacking money. I think someone tallied up her ebay purchases and they ended up being about what her earnings would be, and since she has no bills she has plenty to spend on weeb crap.

That's just Ebay, what about other sites like Jlist? Amazon?
What about IRL? Hastings? Clothes?
She has to buy her own food last I checked.

We don't know how much she actually spends. I doubt she just limits her purchases to Ebay.

PT is a piece of shit. I know some of you find her lovable and endearing, but holy shit is she anything but. She lies and hides her purchases from her parents and I would not put it past her to steal something precious from her mom and pawn it.

No. 25723


>PT is a piece of shit. I know some of you find her lovable and endearing, but holy shit is she anything but.

Yes, but she's OUR piece of shit, anon~

No. 25725

Can we just stop talking about this fat disgusting smelly thief?

No. 25730

No. 25734

Why isn't this troll banned? This was meant for refugees of the holy PT religion you dumb fuck. You defile our land.

Anyways, there's no way PT wants a kid. I was obsessed with PT before it was cool. You could call me a PT hipster. And, during her twitter era, she often said how difficult the idea of raising a child was and all her selfish bullshit. The only time she mentioned having a kid was when she was day dreaming about being a house wife in glorious Nippon with her precious husbando.

Another misconception of PT is that she wants a Japanese husband. She's said often times before that she doesn't like guys smaller than her and whenever she drooled over a guy he seemed a lot more Caucasian than Asian. This really explains a lot about her obsession with James. He was some white hick guy that lived in Japan. A military brat? I don't remember, but PTNR said PT was convinced he was haffu. PT's real dream is not a Japanese husband, but some white guy that can be as delusional as her and will take care of her 100% as she fills her holes with dick and mochi.

No. 25735

PT was obsessed with James because she was in her "real-life-Rukia" phase and believed that he was the living embodiment of Kisuke Urahara, the Bleach character she lusted after.
The fact that he lived in Japan for a short time was a bonus, but her obsession was completely animu related.

No. 25740

I disagree and think the Bleach crap was post-knowing Jamesy boy lived in Japan. She wasn't ever that into Urahara until she realized James looked like him during her Rukia obsession.

Chicken or Egg? I miss my queen.

No. 25843

File: 1416682501689.png (62.91 KB, 1075x641, dsaads.png)

Have some new PT content

I'm going to look and see if I can find the chatlogs or whatever, but this is the only screenshot I took I think

No. 25844

File: 1416682679420.png (37.13 KB, 656x243, okiii.png)

You can add her on skype too, her skype is 'pixyteri'

there's also the sarah saichiko one but I don't think she uses it

No. 25846

Its really hit and miss when someone tries to talk to her on skype.
But godbless you anon for new stuff.

No. 25848

check it out guys! it's an exclusive look at pixy's first anime appearance! she finally did it. she finally made it to nihon and is living the dream of being a real japanese schoolgirl. (11:30 to 12:55)

No. 25849

I recognize her icon, its from that Yandere eroge game.
I wonder if PT sees herself as the cute moe yandere girl from the game

No. 25852

File: 1416685798210.jpg (43.4 KB, 516x532, 1228935230784.jpg)

>can we stop talking about PT on a board named after her
What answer were you expecting, anon? She's our Queen. Everyone other lolcow is pretty much only here to fill the sexy-real-woman-with-curves-shaped hole in our hearts.

I don't think she actually wants a child, either. She might daydream about perfect haffu babbies because they complete her waifu fantasy but there's no way she actually wants to take care of anything that requires more attention than a cat.

As for men, she seems to want someone masculine who can dominate her, which to be honest doesn't really describe the average Japanese salaryman. Like many weebs she probably lusts after bishounen-type guys who are technically Japanese but tend to look mixed-race or downright white in most media. We know she has a thing for Tidus, who is pretty much supposed to be Okinawan but hardly looks like an actual Japanese guy.
I also remember something about her having a cuckold fantasy, where she's married to some guy but continues to have sex (gangbangs, even) with other men. At this point I doubt she has a real type beyond "anyone with a dick who both flatters and degrades me".

>blonde hair
>blue eyes
HDU anon that is clearly some shallow airheaded slut, not our pure dark-haired demure yet yandere lost Nipponese princess.

No. 25895

File: 1416706721742.gif (100.36 KB, 266x400, pixy_shampoo.gif)

what the fuck am I doing

No. 25910

v kowai

No. 25916

She can't take BC because it gave her a blood clot before and she probably has the lame excuse that condoms "don't feel good…"

No. 25946

>watch the part you mentioned intending to have a laugh and forget about it
>end up watching the entire thing

No. 25950

Actually, PT reminds me of the delusional, blond fat chick more than the mochi monster.

No. 25958


The fuck kind of anime is that?

And PT reminds of a mix of Cindy and miss Mochi Elephant.

No. 25962

So is this chick mtf trans?

No. 25965

how dare you

No. 25993

What the hell are you going on about?

No. 26126

I think that's anon's icon

No. 26202

File: 1416859957262.png (512.29 KB, 708x432, ptba.png)

Thought you guys might like to see this. Pixyteri's reality TV debut, ala The Sims 4! Voiced by Mitchal Verley [who else?] :D


No. 26211

omg squeeee this is great!

No. 26253

Fat smelly rollo eating retards is not entertainment

No. 26268

gr8 b8 m8 8/8 etc

No. 26272

No. 26457

Too funny!

No. 27774

File: 1417561981138.png (70.81 KB, 649x274, PTSkype.png)

I'm seriously starting to believe the Britfag blackmailing thing. I mean, look at her profile pic she uses for Skype. PT looks like she's been crying, she obviously doesn't want to take this picture, and she's wearing high-waisted granny panties. She hasn't posted anything on her Photobucket in months, but has clearly been taking new pictures (her Skype icon changes regularly enough to something obviously recent) and looks more miserable each time. Fuck Britfag, PT is miserable.

No. 27776

wonder what torn fan letter is referring to.

No. 27788

i'm really curious as to what he has on her to make her this miserable. she has already admitted to some weird/gross stuff in the past about herself, i can't really think of anything that anyone could blackmail her for. she's a pretty harmless weeb, i don't see her doing anything really horrible to anyone or anything illegal. part of me wants to reach out to her and see what's wrong but i don't think anyone will be able to after the whole ptnr thing.

No. 27790

Part of me wonders if the picture was taken to show the red mark she has on her side. I'm sure whatever caused it hurt which is why she might have been crying.

No. 27792

Typical attention whoring. and PT not want to take photos?! The reason why she's not being a spaz on social media etc is because of brittfag. He doesn't force her to take photos he forces her NOT TO.

It's like you don't know my queen at all.

No. 27793

Maybe I should have worded my sentence differently. I think the red mark was her "excuse" to take the picture and possibly get ass pats even if she can't respond to them because of Britfag.

No. 27819

Whoops, I replied to the wrong anon. I meant to reply to the anon with the file attachment.

I understood what you were saying. I agree. It was like her wrist slashes of death she posted on FB. And the entire PT STINKS; EVEN DOGS TAKE A BATH video.

No. 27839

So am I. I'm really damn curious and I do feel kind of sorry for her (assuming it wasn't the actual child molestation thing or something similar) because it must be pretty big for her to keep away from everything like this when she's been so shameless in the past.

No. 27844

A lot of SR got trolled (well probably less than a handful, but the admin was a pussy) with the child molestation accusations because:

1. coincidence of PTNR saying PT talked about baby sitting a young girl
2. PT's loli fetish
3. PT being a sexually deprived freak

the trolls didn't realize child molestation in a community riddled with women will spark serious intervention with law enforcement. Not saying that men are less likely to report, but I could literally (YES LITERALLY) see ovaries bursting and maternal instincts put in over drive. Too many an heroes, but it was hilarious watching trolls desperately squirm back, trying to convince us it was all bullshit. The few anons who insisted on calling law enforcement scared the shit outta them.

Now, those accusations made perfect sense as to why PT wasn't online and let brittfag control her life, but this is PT WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. Fairy desu, I'm haffu, windchime tou-chan, PIXYTERI doesn't live under normal people's standards. She didn't seem to have a melt down when her nudes leaked, she, in fact, saw it as an opportunity to start doing semi nudes (gravure). What lies in the mind of Pixyteri is obviously of the divine and impossible for us mere mortals to comprehend. It really could be anything. An actual porn video (would she even care if that got leaked?), theft?, dirt she leaked to brittfag involving her parents (tax evasion?), who the fuck knows what would freak out her. This girl gets vapor locked at animu parties, so…unless we ever get the leak, we will never know. The speculation will always be beyond touch. :(

No. 27847

Knowing PT its something fucking dumb.

No. 27848

Maybe her parents got a paternity test proving her father is her real father and she doesn't want anybody to know.

No. 27850

lol everyone but pt knew this.

No. 27855

Not in PT's mind.

No. 27856


It's probably something totally stupid like this. Honestly I don't think PT has the smarts to do anything too cunning (like steal from her parents) or illegal.

No. 27857

Seriously. When it comes to PT, this is plausible as the CP allegations. sigh

My queen, you vex me so.

No. 27866

The only cp PT is gonna have is lolicon shit.

No. 27905

I don't want to but a part of me still suspects something like child molestation.

She was an assistant teacher so even she knows how bad something like that would be, enough to make her lock down fucking everything.

Has anybody considered asking Nyan?

No. 27907

I don't really think it's that, she doesn't want to touch children, she wants to be the child. And she refuses to do anything with her teaching degree because she didn't make it into the JET program the first try. If she was molesting children, I think she would want to keep teaching.
But pt is strange as hell, so she could surprise me.

No. 27912

>she doesn't want to touch children, she wants to be the child
I will just say, this doesn't necessarily clear anyone. There are pedos who regress to a younger age and get off on "playing with other kids."

But I don't think it's CP. I don't think she's being blackmailed. I think she's crying in >>27774 because she's a "little girl" who hurt herself. What >>27790 and >>27792 said are probably accurate.

No. 27914


Goddamn that's a sad ass.

No. 27915

plz stahp

No. 27919

Does Nyan even reply to this shit anymore?
I thought she washed her hands of pt.

No. 27993

Man…part of me wants to yell "leave that poor child alone!" But dang if she isn't inviting all the pain upon herself…I'm an Apex Ass-man, but there is just nothing I could do with hers…she needs some tlc, guidance, a firm hand and some direction and structure.

No. 28001

I don't think she has access to any of her accounts anymore. She's always on a mobile device on Skype now and never responds to my messages anymore, so I'm assuming Britfag has total control now. We used to talk occasionally, never anything lulz worthy, and I honestly just wanted to give her someone to talk to, so I never posted caps since I didn't want to get blocked. Despite how rotten her personality is, I think it's only gotten worse because she knows she doesn't have any friends because she pushed away all her old IRL ones by being catty and vicious, and is now bitter because she really IS alone.

No. 28003

So I got on Skype to get a better look at that picture and that red mark on her side is pretty big and actually looks like she was hit with something. It may not entirely be an attention whoring thing, despite the fact this is PT we're talking about. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Debby finally snapped and hit her or something…Or PT got into another car accident for being on her phone again.

No. 28018

Is that a skirt or a dress on the right? It's fucking adorable.

No. 28019

I personally think it's hideous, but it looks like a skirt to me

No. 28020

This made me laugh way harder than it should have.

No. 28032

Friend of mine who knows her personally IRL says she changed her phone number without saying anything and friend can't even contact her anymore.

Fuck Britfag. It's one thing when she's miserable because of her own decisions, but because of some dickhole blackmailing her? Not okay.

No. 28034


Beautiful, anon. It's like we're really a Lovecraftian Pixy cult now.

No. 28037


Wow, weird. Part of me would like to believe she’s just trying to start fresh with her life, but that's probably not the case.

Also she added a few security boxes/safes to her Amazon wishlist…I wonder if she's trying to hide something.

No. 28041

I don't think she can really be bitter (aside from her usual) because she actually never pushed anybody away this time (and, in her mind, nobody necessarily did anything to "attack" her), it seems like she's being forced away from any of her usual socialization.

Also, and I will say it was only a handful of times, if you are okay walking on eggshells she's actually kind of sweet for normal conversation. Total block heard (really stubborn) but not necessarily terrible to talk to.

Debbie smacking her aside it may have also been a work accident.

No. 28042

PT is incapable of making a wise decision to start things anew, someone is forcing her.

Though in regards to the amazon thing maybe she wised up to hiding her hentai/sex toy collections.

No. 28060

>knows her personally IRL
I'm sorry, but I don't believe you unless you can prove it. Nothing personal, I just don't believe anything about PT without solid evidence now.

No. 28061

If she's only ever on Skype on mobile, it's possible her parents cut down the internet and she's using network data. Skyping from a phone sucks and kills your battery.

Regarding the safes in her wishlist, her mom goes through her stuff.
If Debbs found a cleverly hidden stash of hentai, sex toys, Japanese pornography, what have you, she would have given PT the bitching of her lifetime.

I don't know why PT thinks that will protect her (the safes), Debby WILL make her open that safe. There's a chance PT will cry and sob and refuse, but I wouldn't put it past Debbs to just take the thing to the garage and make papa bear open it. What they will find inside, Lord have mercy on their hearts.

I wouldn't be surprised if at this point they removed the lock from her door.

No. 28083

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it's someone you guys already know about, and no point dragging her into this again. I just wanted to update you guys with what little tidbit I got. She's cutting off the few friends she had left.

No. 28085

Hmmm. Well I have 3 guesses, 2 of which are unlikely…
Hanako (or whatever her name was), Sarah (aka I'm totally irl Sonico XD), or K.

No. 28113

We already knew she's shutting herself off from everything, that really isn't news to us.

No. 28168

It's a skirt with a knit top. I have the same skirt… (It's from Old navy btw)

No. 28191

Could also be Nyan.

No. 28210


Nyan is family, she can just call PT's mom and get her new number.

No. 28218

I don't know if it's just me or my region or something, but as of recently, even if I'm not on Skype it keeps my status as "online". After a while it sets me to "away" but I'm never offline. I can't help but think PT isn't actually there.

No. 28220

I kinda wish Nyan knew that PT was being abused by some psycho online.

But PT hates Nyan.
Nyan would talk to her mom, her mom would ask PT about it, PT would deny anything and everything, and then drama drama drama, and in the end, we still wont know wtf is going on between PT and Britfag, just cause more drama in that toxic household.

No. 28279

Does nyan still reply to people on fb about PT?

No. 28285


Nyan posted on SR when PT threatened to kill herself on twitter and K called the cops/ambulance(?) to her house and PT was put under suicide watch for 3 hours in the ER.

She was pretty upset about it and said K could have gone to her about it and she could have checked up on PT instead of causing so much drama and racking up PT's medical bills.

Even though when the cops asked PT if she was planning on hurting herself PT would not answer them. Sooooo… It was kinda PT's fault there, she should have just come clean and told them she wanted attention and they would have left her at home. /crisis averted

So I think she would look into it, but maybe not say anything to Debbs. I don't know how that's going to work out because PT really does hate Nyan.

No. 28290

Thank you, anon!

No. 28300

It happens to a lot of people. Including me. It really sucks. I know it's off topic but if anyone knows how to fix this I would love you forever.

Though it makes me wonder if she ever checks out on here to see what's going on, I mean if she even cares at this point unless it's something drastic.

No. 28327

The last time I talked to Nyan was the SR incident and she said before that she was keeping her distance from PT since she had school and life to focus on.

I think after SR went away she didn't bother to keep up and I don't think she or PT talk much irl.

No. 28387

I get that, but I feel someone really needs to help her sorry ass out.

Britfag needs to be cut out of her life.

No. 28401

True but there's no way to contact her anymore. Unless someone knows her irl and can talk to her face to face.

In her latest Skype pic it looks like she lost some weight, so that's something.

No. 28405

I want to contact her because tbh I'm pretty concerned with the Britfag situation, he just seems so controlling and creepy.
But I feel like talking to PT would get frustrating

No. 28411

The red mark doesn't look like she was hit with something. It looks like a friction-type wound you'd get from wearing something that squeezes your body. Knowing PT, she was likely trying to wear something too small again and it dug into her fat and left a mark.

No. 28421

Yeah, I think that's what it is too. If it is, she probably put up the picture as either:

A) Look at these baka Chinese companies that don't know how to size properly for REAL women desu
B) I'm a fat whale and okaa said I'd never get a hasubando pls gib asspats itai itai ;___;

No. 28447

Has anyone tried contacting her on LINE play? She's updated on there recently.

No. 28449


What's her username there?

No. 28456

I was thinking the same thing. Anything with a tight, stiff waistband will dig in and leave marks, and that red mark is right where her rolls would overlap if she were sitting for a long period of time. I'm chubby/fat/whatever and I get the same thing.

No. 28515

You shouldn't if you're wearing things in the right size and not squeezing yourself into a much smaller size. We all know PT is delusional and won't do that, but you should know better anon.

No. 28543

I know it sounds silly, but we know she loves getting letters, so why doesn't someone just write to her if you really want to talk to her? Just write it on some kind of kawaii uguu stationary and she'd go apeshit over it.

No. 28567

I would absolutely do it and I have a collection of kawaii Japanese stationery.

How would one go about it though? That's what seems weird to me. I could get her address off of ED (assuming it is real, some anons tried to change it at some point to protect her) but it seems random and even creepy to receive mail from someone.

I have spoken to her on skype a few times but I highly doubt she'd remember me.

No. 70429


No. 70430

File: 1427564915345.gif (426.7 KB, 200x198, 1416098360227.gif)

>mfw it changed back into the real PT.

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