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File: 1431049258182.jpg (165.68 KB, 960x1280, CDvfRv0VAAA4TDM.jpg)

No. 95298

No. 95304

File: 1431049448099.jpg (130.38 KB, 1024x1365, CC0WTKmUUAE5nQb.jpg)

I have to repost this video here because I am in awe.
I have no words.

Even if the Twitter doesn't belong to her, which I believe it does, this is 100% unbridled PT in this video and she has lost it completely.


No. 95305

doesn't link to the video, just the rukia folder. Which one?

No. 95307

Aren't a ton of these old?

No. 95308


Oh, the very bottom one on the left.

No. 95310

Reposting her sexy Kokoro dance vid, with a proper link this time. You have to click on the "Share Link" button to get a permanent link or else it shows the whole folder


No. 95311

Watching these newly released Dropbox videos I'm actually more concerned than ever about her mental health.

At this point she needs to be sectioned.
This is the lowest I've ever seen her, she's going to end as one of those haggard, psychotic homeless women you see sleeping unto trash in the corners between buildings.

No. 95312

They're old in the sense that they were made a while ago, but they're considered new because no one has seen them before.

No. 95313

ok weird, you have to copy and paste the URL in the address or else it redirects you to the folder

No. 95314

I dunno about the twitter, she just said on line play that she hates superhero stuff, but there was something form a superhero anime posted on her twitter. Also, on the twitter she called a Japanese girl cute and sexy which we all know PT would never do.

No. 95315


Here's a proper link:



I think she's bipolar, like her mother.
I wonder if she's taking meds for it. She needs to.

No. 95316

This isn't that bad. I mean, yeah it's bad, but she's not going crazy, just reciting Rukia's lines.

No. 95317


She's stood under what looks like a rusty old shelter in the middle of the night dressed in a school girl's uniform with a tripod set up recording herself repeating lines from a manga whilst playing both voices.

You don't think that's fucking mental?

No. 95318

Back when she had a tumblr, there were multiple times when she'd reblog pretty girls and write "sigh I wish I had that body :("

No. 95319

PT’s first follower on that account is also following multiple other lolcows

No. 95320

This video is weird.

It's only 21 seconds long but it starts off with her at a bench looking miserable, and then she audibly sighs and says "Fine…" and then starts posting on the bench.


Is she speaking to somebody or just herself?

No. 95321


Her cheerleader folder is beautiful. My favorite is te one where she's posing behind the slide on a playground, looks around subversively, and flashes her panties and bra. All with those dead, dead eyes.

2015 is truly the Year of the Cow, my fellow farmers. Let us rejoice.

Question: could pixyteri possibly be the greatest troll in existence?

No. 95322

I dunno, at least she's roleplaying a character. In this one she's randomly at school at night, dressed like a Japanese grade schooler, soaking wet from the rain, prancing around and smacking her ass for "otou-san".


No. 95323

Holy shit, I always thought it was tripod taking these videos. Is there someone else?

No. 95325


I don't know but it did make this a whole lot more potentially sinister.

I keep noticing those orange bottles of medicine in her bedroom on a night stand in some videos too.

Sometimes I do wonder, back when this game started sure she was loopy, but by weeb standards she was actually pretty normal.
Would she have gotten this bad if we hadn't egged her on?

No. 95328

Debbie-okaasama's voice makes an appearance in this one, which means she films this shit around her family wtf


No. 95329

She has been on bipolar meds before but she goes on and off them. during her trying to be a JET teacher phase she did say she was on birthcontrol.

No. 95330

This video is strange. I assumed that she was playing some kind of odd roleplaying character or something. Like other anons I always thought that she used a tripod, but who else could be filming this if there's someone else? I don't think she'd be able to hold back that big of a secret.

No. 95331


That explains why in the previously linked Dropbox videos she was always looking over her shoulder and checking doors and shit.

No. 95332

Can anyone make out what Debbie is saying?

No. 95334

it makes more sense she is just role playing to the camera, she has done that in other videos where she starts saying dumb random things to the camera while she is "being in character".

No. 95335


I can't but Debbie is also heard multiple times in this one too, and at 04:03 Sarah even tells her mom to be quiet. How fucking rude.


No. 95337


"How do you photoshop somebody out of the picture?"

No. 95339

I wonder does Debbie here her talking to her self or what, Debbie has to have walked in on PT doing sexy photo shoots.

No. 95342

It was pretty obvious from the other OneDrive that PT does this shit around people. Why are people surprised by this.

No. 95343

I'm still skeptical about the twitter. Like other anons have said, it could just be a troll that got photos from talking to her and posted them. Next time she says she's considering making a LJ on Lineplay someone suggest a twitter and see what she says. I won't believe it until we get Queen confirmation.

No. 95344

Do you think PT has Snapchat? I want to add her.

No. 95345

She named her Earthbound characters Sarah, Kris, Scott, and Kubo. Who's Scott again?

No. 95346


If it is a troll they'd have to be pretty fucking dedicated to upload all these new videos, all these new pictures and 288 tweets for almost a whole year on a Twitter with minimal followers.

It's her.

No. 95347


Scott is her oldest brother, the one that was married to Nyan.

No. 95349

yeah I feel like they would have dropped a link a little earlier if they were a troll.

No. 95351

She's probably talking to whoever she's sending these too, but there are a few videos that make me scared for her mental state.

This one has such a quick change of personality/ attitude in just 17 seconds its kind of freaky. Especially the "Its alright, I'm fine" under her breath.

No. 95352



I don't think she's queen anymore, she's empress of the heavenly realm.

No. 95354

Soon to be reaching Goddess level

No. 95359

A great time in Pixyteri History:

Our true Messiah has been found. He left us with our Gospel. Praise be, Webm-sama.

We, despite the influx of PULL heathenry, have found our Promise Land, with peace kept by the great Seer, Admin-Sempai.

Our Empress has chosen to restore her heavenly word to us once again and has opened her twitter (I'll believe in a false twitter. That is what means to be one of the Faithful.)

Our Gospel, the only one drive drop box has truly shown us how to properly follow the light of Empress Pixyteri.

No. 95362

Someone please ask her about it on Line Play somehow

No. 95363


Oh my god, I don't know who's more insane; PT or us.

No. 95365

Her complete lack of social grace and awareness, her awkward movements, the speech patterns, just everything about her screams aspergers syndrome. There is no way on god's green earth this is a neurotypical woman.

No. 95368

don't ask her about it on line play.

No. 95369

Agreed, my fellow Sister. Sow the fields, dear farmers. (Seriously, do you guize think we can get confirmation of her twitter on line play? I don't want to scare her away.)

We were made in the image of Pixyteri. Amen.

As Jesus was tempted in the desert by the Devil, Pixyteri was tempted by the Prince of Faggotry, known by many names: Destroyer of Light, Tempter of the Goddess, Accuser of Brethren, Drought Bringer, and most notoriously, Rico.

No. 95371

I mean subtly, not straight up ask about the account. Like she's following Morikubo Showtaro and a One Piece-centric account on that twitter - someone ask her if she likes one of those things.

No. 95372

I think someone should just suggest for her to get a twitter on one of her line posts.. In a very nonchalant way, of course. I don't think any of us should say anything about her videos. We should probably also back this up, we don't want it to suddenly disappear.

No. 95373

Its so fucking confusing because while it sounds like Pixy, it also doesn't…

I'll read a chain of posts and I'm like "THIS IS HER!" and then another chain and be like "…10/10 troll?"

I dunno, I think we should back off the line play questions, subtle or not. A wild pixyteri will poot herself into oblivion if we so much as approach from a non-kawaii angle.

No. 95375

Yeah, a lot of them don't sound like her at all. She was just having a tantrum over having to mix alcohol at her job and how it doesn't suit her because she's so ~pure~ and then she posts "drinking orange juice with Absolut Mandarin liquor"??? Seems strange.

No. 95376

It would be creepy if so, but wouldn't there shadow show on the ground.(saw the queens)

No. 95377

I agree. We don't want to scare her off.

No. 95378

If it isn't her, it begs to wonder who would go through all that to hold a twitter account for over a year.

No. 95379

I think she tries to project a different personality on LinePlay. I think she's also just kind of a wad of emotions anyway despite her obvious personality disorders. But I really think it's a bad idea to mention this on LinePlay…let's lurk for a while before we decide what to do.

No. 95380

Its funny you dont hear her forced kawaii voice when she talks to her mom.

No. 95383

Kek, Debbie chan replied with a "no" in a very low tone.

No. 95384

Could she possibly be schizo-affective? Her mom is bi-polar but I dunno, does manic behavior manifest like that?

There is definitely something wrong with her.

>Praise be to the Queen

No. 95386




To pray to that of a man when it couldn't be more clear to us that our goddess takes the form of a beautiful, voluptuous woman who hath forth condemned time and time again the wretched seed that is the male gender.

From here on in I degree that in all matters of speech relating to the holy one we enact the proper prayers, awoman.

A woman, such as is our saviour.

In PT we trust. Awoman.

No. 95387

she looks so happy and retarded here i want to pet her.

and agree, i think she lost it but i'm not sure about the twitter. I think is another webm-sama taking one for the team

No. 95388


If it were somebody else they would have linked to this ages ago, and it's been running for almost a year now. I think it's really her.

No. 95389

Oh there's another folder here for Soul Calibur, but I haven't looked at any of the vids yet.


No. 95390

I think I'd hate my mom too if she had that voice.

No. 95391

i'm amazed by us not thinking about cheking pixy_teri. is easy as fuck. shame on us

No. 95392


It's okay anon, we thought we'd lost us forever.
We almost lost our way.

No. 95393


Shit, she made a load of characters that were supposed to be her and they've all got names like ptdesu, pixychan, moe

No. 95395


Jesus she made one of James…

No. 95397

File: 1431055201757.jpg (278.55 KB, 1535x878, dasdasd.jpg)


No. 95401

No. 95402

File: 1431055640434.jpg (37.27 KB, 570x288, pt.jpg)

damn pt you should have said it before i lost 4 years becoming an illustrator

No. 95407

…we opened up several sites in defiance of fucking Moot's tyranny and not allowing us to worship the Empress in peace.

We are definitely capable of this.

Those duck lips of Rico made me lol hard. I love Pixyteri so fucking much guys.

Group hug? Group hug. hugs

No. 95408

i made the same comment in the last thread. it's pretty shameful.

No. 95412

File: 1431056148945.gif (2.99 MB, 320x240, 1413020_o.gif)

No. 95438

Is the "real" Vic fag every gonna report in on the queen? ( I knew vic fag you were sick but we want irl info)

No. 95440

Her twitter summed up is

>her whining about how old and fat she is

>Crying about men
>calling random chicks whores

Also the kicker is her saying "CANT I GET HUMAN RIGHTS?"

…. what rights does our queen not have?

No. 95441

The right to have a man that will never leave her side.

No. 95446

The right to have a man who is good looking,fit,japanese and showers her with money so she can be kawaii all day and never has to work again.

No. 95448

The right to find out her true Nihongo father.

No. 95449

Uh, not for PT. I don't see how any of this is "insane" or out of the ordinary for her, just particularly bad.

Also she has complimented other girls before.

No. 95454

True. PT is pretty on and off on her girl hate. Ive seen her compliment only asian women.

No. 95455

She's called some white girl cute on tinychat, actually.

No. 95457

Too bad shes too batshit crazy and doesnt accept the fact that shes in the BBW category. She could profit a lot making videos. She isbalready is known and tons of guys would pay her top dollar for private videos. She probably wouldnt have to work anymore. But PT is too proud for that.

No. 95458

I'm just stating from what Ive seen. Ive never been on any of her tiny chats. But Im sure she has her moments.

No. 95459

uh, excuse you, pt is already a goddess, tyvm.

No. 95464

She has commonly complimented women. Often Japanese/Asian but not always.

Yeah, it's really a shame how much she could be making. Not just money but kawaii shit too, from her wishlists.

Hell I'm sure she could even get a feeder willing to buy tons of mochi just to watch her eat it.

No. 95467

No camera shaking at all. Even professional camera men can't film a video totally without shaking. So it's obviously Tripod-san.

No. 95485

I would like to see the desperate losers that would fap to that fat pig

No. 95491

you can fucking leave

No. 95498

I'm sorry did I insult your shitty lesbian taste in women

No. 95499

What game is this?

No. 95500

Do you not know what board you're on?

No. 95501

Just kidding i'm retarded, didn't see the "voldo" under rico

No. 95504


No. 95507

>insulting the heavenly daughter like this

Heathen vacate

No. 95508

File: 1431065805826.jpg (26.38 KB, 301x470, stock-photo-photo-of-hands-fin…)

Evil be gone!

No. 95510

Holy crap I have a different opinion and like to read about the other lolcows on this board. I must be the devil

No. 95511

One must stay loyal to the Queen, and only the Queen.

No. 95512

Why don't they just move all non pt threads to /b

No. 95513

File: 1431066202384.gif (495.92 KB, 296x160, tumblr_meql1bDEhu1rz9j86o2_400…)

It's so fucking rude.


No. 95515

I don't have Twitter on my iphone, so I may be wrong, but is it a Twitter notification sound in this video? I'm pretty sure it is tho, it sounds totally similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tFks8ovsI8

So it's obviously means she has Twitter on her phone and it has some activity. Sounds like a proof to me.

No. 95516


Get out.

No. 95520

>ugh- ughh, it's becoming a lot more difficult to move in this body
i can imagine, Sarah

No. 95521

File: 1431068292303.jpg (86.24 KB, 500x700, tumblr_n0j6tz1wSz1r4i6nno1_500…)

Amen, sister!
All hail the queen you unkawaii gaijin peasants!

No. 95522

wait a minute, I must be fucking retarded… where exactly did she mention britfag? ffuu

No. 95523

No. 95526

how did the two british guys who said she made cp know ricos name?

No. 95529


That bunny shirt is actually pretty kawaii on the goddess-sama Pixy

I want one too so I may be like our goddess

No. 95532

I remember her mentioning a Rico way before that event in a tweet. I know she tweeted about a guy in Britian because she had a minor JAPxENG (Hetalia) ship for a bit. She wanted to crossplay Japan and thought they were destined. I think he was the one to send her a Hetalia doujin too.

Those two fags were from a LOLCOW board and likely they followed close enough to the drama. They both admitted to trolling. Anybody who still believes them is retarded and in the worst sense of the word.

No. 95533

I wouldn't give half a shit about her if she had a job and wasn't living with her family.

No. 95535

File: 1431072591945.webm (2.75 MB, 720x1280, DSCN4138_shortnosound.webm)

I dunno I don't know that I can switch to the goddess. I've been saying the queen for so long it feels weird saying the goddess or our goddess. MFW it's been 6+ years.

No. 95537


Queen or goddess, as long as you give her appropriate amounts of pocky and ramen as tribute it'll be fine

No. 95541

Well, she's a living goddess who happens to be the queen regnant, like the emperors before Hirohito, so "the queen" is just as legitimate.

No. 95542

It's like she's trying to be tsundere.

No. 95543

File: 1431074348723.png (62.93 KB, 509x552, 2 (2).png)

Here she mentions Rico. I'll look to see if I have more.

No. 95555

Yeah, I remember her mentioning Rico when she had her actual twitter account too. Anyone who diligently follows PT would have seen her mention him.

No. 95557


lol sounds like she almost, or maybe even did get caught flashing the camera in this video… there's a couple more vids like this in the ones preceding it, too. There's a particularly unnerving set of her in a cheerleader outfit with way-too-small shorts in a field and you can actually hear in the distance people talking and and maybe even kids shouting…

No. 95565

did somebody say jerk? lol

No. 95571


I'm more mad she owns a legit copy of earthbound for the SNES. Wtf

No. 95575

Shhot i kinda like this pic
She looks au naturel and the huge glasses balance her jawline

No. 95579

Idk, these videos fascinate me in a way sort of. Like, nothing is wrong with her like she would make people believe, but her weeb level is so high it makes her seem that way. For example, when I was 12, I used to look around in my room, and look out to see if anyone was coming before dancing around to anime theme songs. I grew out of that really, but Pixy did not. Paired with how she was raised or grew up (not exactly her mom's fault, but how she somehow got entitled?), she just stayed a kid.

But then, it makes you wonder if she has a smidge of autism that a doctor or her mom missed, mixed with niiiiice Peter Pan syndrome.
In other words, if Pix had lower standards I would totally ship Chris and her together.

No. 95581

No. 95584

> i must be upset
lol i love this woman. so in touch with her feels.

No. 95603

i thought i heard someone say "sarah" right at the end

No. 95614

ikr? Getting a real copy of Earthbound is ridiculously expensive. it's like over $200 just for a used copy. No wonder she doesn't have any cash, she spends it on shit like that. I'm positive it's not hers from when she was a kid or something, because she has earthbound on her amazon wishlist.

No. 95615

It's her brother's copy. She also has a fucking original game manual. I jelly! But seems like an old copy from her childhood.

Hail Our Queen, Empress and the True Goddess.

No. 95617

That's good, then. I was imagining only the worst of how she just got $200 out of nowhere. Ugh they're so lucky, at least Nintendo finally got around to releasing Earthbound for the wiiu's virtual console.

No. 95618

this is so exciting

No. 95619

i'd love this to be a creepy story. i secretly wish there's another angle to all her crazy shit but maybe it's just me desperately wanting to comprehend why she's doing what she's doing…

No. 95621

This video is so scary. Like genuinely scary. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it freaked me out a little. The feeling you get watching a particularly eerie horror movie.

No. 95623

i dont think she's ever been egged on. she's been bullied and laughed at more than encouraged, you'd think that she'd STOP being such a weirdo in response to being mocked all the time, but instead she got worse.

No. 95626

Wouldn't it be nuts if there actually WAS someone else behind the camera? Like she's forced to do all these videos and act all weird in the event she breaks free and tries to tell someone about they don't believe her.

Knowing her though she would develop Stockholm Syndrome and now she considers her captor her husbando

I need to stop watching SVU

No. 95631

why is she always simulating penetration in her vids? that's what she's doing, right?

No. 95633

SO WEIRD!! Also, what if some really unsavoury people are out and find her? I mean…safety…c'mon, Pixy.

No. 95636

File: 1431100165577.png (278.76 KB, 530x318, hfgwfjw.png)

So what are we going to do with her newly discovered Twitter? Any ideas on how we can make her confirm that it belongs to her without scaring her off?

No. 95650

when do we get pt horror doujinshi?

No. 95667

File: 1431105064097.png (69.4 KB, 225x225, szMsu.png)

Holy shit, I'm baffled at how fucking bad she is at SCV. She's spamming one button over and over. Wtf are combos, god damn. I shouldn't be surprised though.

No. 95668


She confirmed to me on LinePlay.

I asked her if she had an Instagram or Twitter and she said "my Twitter is pixy_teri". Bam.

No. 95681

got a screenshot. you know how it goes, pics or it didn't happen, that's the rules.

No. 95692


It's public on LP. On the post with her cat sitting in the candy box. I can't take a screenshot at the moment, so calm yoself.

No. 95706

File: 1431109602586.jpg (165.15 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Proof for all the stupid people. Now shut the up about the account being fake.

No. 95709

fuck up*

No. 95714


Non-believers btfo.
I knew it was her.

No. 95718

I think if Pixy did this kind of stuff as her kinky hobby and had a whole life outside of these vids, that would be one thing. I still dance alone to animu songs, but the difference is that I have a social life and a job and I don't think that my anime dancing is going to take me somewhere in life when I'm 29.

Having a weird hobby/fetish doesn't ruin one's life, but letting your hobby consume you to the point where you deny other opportunities certainly does.

No. 95719

Not gonna lie, I'd bone pt, just to say that I did and so I could come post about it on here.

No. 95723

Is this for reeeeal? I was 100% convinced that twitter was a troll, it seems too ridiculous to be real! AHHHHH what a glorious day, though!!

No. 95725

I'm so glad our queen is finally returning to us and she's crazier than ever. After over a year of darkness we truly are being ushered into a golden new era.

No. 95733

>>95633 That was the first thing that came to mind. She is doing all of this at night, in revealing clothing, with a camera and behaving sexually. It could be very easy for a creep to come by and assault her in some way by seeing that as some sort of "invitation".

No. 95744

It's official then. She's lost it. Oh my queen…

No. 95759

The twitter has been confirmed. Rejoice.

And where's that fag who said she's here for other lolcows. Probably one of the PULL faggots that come here to talk about exposing Berry's bad attitude and photoshopping. "SHE'S NOT KAWAII!!" Fuck you and give our Queen her proper due you pathetic piece of fucking shit. I MAD. HOW DARE YOU! THIS IS THE HOLY LAND OF PIXYTERI AND YOU NEVER EVER EVER FORGET IT.


No. 95766

They have medications for that now a days

No. 95823

you're a wizard, anon

No. 95830


Pixyteri IS the unsavoury people.

No. 95833

this is indeed a sad, sad day for canada

No. 95834

her expressions are hilarious, trying to subtly check no one is coming.

No. 95878


I would too, but not for those reasons just to see if I could take her under my wing, make her happy and clean and make her not so crazy, either that or turn her into a crazy lesbian. Either way is good

No. 95894

Well, I'm a guy, I kinda just wanna put my dick in her. Maybe if she's a good lay I'd go ahead and try to "uncrazy" her, maybe.

No. 95933

I'm surprised she remembers, or even cares about that character still!

No. 95938

I keep trying to open these dropbox links and I always get an error so it never loads, what am I doing wrong?! I'm desperate to see the queen's new insanity.

No. 95971

If you're in her area and asian I'd say you have a pretty high chance of succeeding. There was once a time where if you were in her area and male you had a 100% chance but as the crazy has seeped in the whore has died down in her a little.

No. 96214

It's where her name comes from. There's nothing to be surprised about

No. 96292

File: 1431131595544.jpg (61.33 KB, 600x800, CEhYWVRUIAACyND.jpg)

>it fits

No. 96293

File: 1431131633656.jpg (57.41 KB, 600x800, CEhPFUdVIAEDy_B.jpg)

>it fits so well

No. 96294

PT-sama so delusional as always
but her workout lines are so fucking great.

No. 96315

>didn't get it though.
Wouldn't she have to get it since I'm sure that bra is completely ruined after that? Is she even allowed to try those items on? Sorry if I sound ignorant, I've never worked in retail or even really tried anything on in a store.

I'm surprised she was even able to get those bras on tbh. I think forcing on clothes way too tiny for her is be the only thing in her life she actually puts effort to into.

No. 96317

based on these I'd say 38c is her correct size

No. 96327


She's bigger than a C for sure. Definitely a D. 36-38 sounds about right.

No. 96335

You're allowed to try them on. Maybe higher end retail stores don't but where PT shops you can.

No. 96343

She's got to be at least a 38 band. Way back on her old twitter she posted a pic in a bra she claimed had a 36 band and it was digging in something fierce.

No. 96350

Oh happy day! Our queen has returned!
Long live the queen. <3

No. 96353

eh, it looks like the 34dd cups fit but not the band, so going with sister sizes is why I figure 38c would prolly fit

No. 96361

File: 1431136176032.jpg (139.29 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Oh my poor queen

No. 96363

File: 1431136202272.jpg (146.14 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

No. 96365

She actually looks really really pretty here, She's not scowling or pulling a horrible forced smile, her relaxed face isn't too bad

No. 96367

She's prettiest when she's just calm and not having some kind of anxiety sugar high attack.

No. 96368

File: 1431136673426.png (20.3 KB, 583x103, 823759.png)


No. 96371

Pixy_teri: Why do I have more people following me suddenly? It's weird….

No. 96384

Uh-oh, we're spooking her off after all!

No. 96385

Nah. She's still tweeting. She only gained about 10 followers, I think. If she asks any of the new ones just say LP.

No. 96402


Actually her follower count was only 21 when her profile was first posted. It's 58 now.

No. 96406

Ah shit. Looked at the wrong number. Thanks for correcting me.
Still I doubt it'll run her off. PT loves attention.

No. 96408

I was going to follow her but thought I probably shouldn't as it would arise suspicion but it seems like others went right ahead. I hope she doesn't turn it on private..

No. 96409

File: 1431141921874.gif (481.74 KB, 400x300, KH5TE7S.gif)

Not now, when she is scared of mysterious Rico who has something on her which forces her be quiet.
I'm nervous guys. We can't fuck it up right after we finally found it.

No. 96413

Hmmm, then what should we do? A mass exodus would look suspicious.

No. 96415

You've got to be fucking kidding me, jfc

No. 96418

I wonder who is driving her around, her mom?

No. 96423

File: 1431142671176.gif (657.99 KB, 295x223, no.gif)

That would be perfect if we stopped right here, at 58, but those who see the thread will first of all see the link to Twitter and of course follow it, and only then read the thread and see this:

So I guess we can only pray that the Queen would be naive enough to think that all those people come from her Line Play…

No. 96439

>>Pixy_teri: Why do I have more people following me suddenly? It's weird….

At least two or three of you guys should reply to her that you came from LP. I already did it, now it's your turn. Only two or three, more replies would look too try-hard-to-not-look-suspicious.
Please let us know if you replied to her in this thread.

No. 96447

fuck her twitter has been posted to other safe lolcow sites like kiwif.arms hopefully they know not to follow

No. 96454

maybe .. we should just come clean.. tell her we love her.. all of us..

No. 96455

please dont be a total tard

No. 96461

I can't believe you guys followed her. No one knows how to chill anymore. God.

No. 96467

Oh god please don't let the queen leave. Why did everyone add her suddenly?

This, just slowly trickle in and tell her you saw her post her twitter on LP (which is true).

No. 96469

…people actually followed her on Twitter? In droves? She could very easily become suspicious if this is legit.

No. 96470


No. 96473

File: 1431145394793.jpg (43.85 KB, 426x258, immigrant-cat.jpg)

In mah country, we call our best lolcows exactly "goddess" (boginya). You might have known that if you're into Russian lolcows from baginya.org.

So it's still quite unusual to me to call PT "the Queen", when it's clear as daylight she is a living Goddess, and everyday I pray that she gives me and other farmers on here the light of her kawaii wisdom!

Juz saying tho.

No. 96479

>>Oh god please don't let the queen leave.

You sound like someone who understands what she's saying in that tweet, so tell the others, too. I don't understand moonspeak at all.

No. 96481

It's very profound and a very important message to all of the Queen's loyal followers:
Blur Sha ping is hate

Correction: I hate bra shopping .

No. 96484

She made one of her mom. Hilarious.

No. 96490

Nothing special, just the queen's painfully awful japanese.

No. 96528


Holy shit shut up it is legit it has already been giving confirmed.

No. 96529

Why is everybody freaking out about her maybe leaving? She won't be upset by people following her, this is what she wants. It's even in one of her tweets that she wants an Internet presence again and that Rico was previously restricting her.

No. 96533


It literally says "bra shopping hate" with virtually no Japanese grammar.

No. 96539

That Rico has something on her, it's probably related with that nasty CP story. God, I would be scared, too, even if I was totally innocent, 'cause there always will be people who won't believe you. Even if police will find nothing against you, your reputation will be completely ruined anyway and there always will be people spreading nasty rumors about you. God knows Sarah already has enough of this shit in her life.

No. 96540

Big dick man here. Women can just try on underwear without anything on underneath? So when you buy a bra at the mall, you are just basically rubbing nips with a stranger? Does this happen?!?

No. 96554


>Big dick man here

sure thing boss

No. 96566

No no, I meant to quote the one below it. >>96371

Nothing to do with bras, just people spooking her by following her suddenly.

No. 96568

your aspergers is showing, pleathe leave.

No. 96589

That was a good laugh.

No. 96590

@Chan the Wizard, namefag yourself next time

No. 96645

I wonder if Rico said he wouldnt talk to her if she was on twitter, because in her tweets it made it sound like Rico was ignoring her. And on her old account she would cry about Rico not sending her gifts or ignoring her. So maybe Rico was like a pennybags sugar dad?

No. 96651

Hmmm, I must have missed those tweets. Now I'm completely confused.

Still, we generally were talking about Sarah's reaction to her new followers. According to someone's version, she's been dreaming of attention and finally got it, and she must be happy right now. But admit it, she doesn't sound like she's glad at all! She sounds like she finds it very suspicious. So we need to be really careful right now, as we're walking on eggshells.

No. 96669

I have read this whole thread and the past 3… What is this CP thing? Was our Queen and Khaleesi caught with CP or was this Britfag Rico guy? I'm confused.

No. 96678

If you believe the CP story existed anywhere outside of stamina rose your autism is terminal.

No. 96679

Have I said I believe it really happened, asshole? Then point me to that part. I'm surprised to know that I actually said that.

No. 96680

I didn't say you thought it really happened, what I'm saying is that if you think it was anything more than a story some attention whore made up on the spot in SR you're retarded.

No. 96682

those tweets about rico and her crying about not getting gifts from britian where under her old twitter, i wonder if they are still there or she deleted them.

No. 96686

oh my gosh if thinks that bra fits what must she normally be wearing? Her poor boobies must be so squished…

No. 96691

I'll give you the lowdown Anon.
>PT leaves internet
>Sometime later PTNR gives nudes, chatlogs, and tales of her catfishing PT by pretending to be kawaii Japanese husbando prince
>Two guys come into StamRose thread claiming to know Britfag
>Say PT left due to being blackmailed by Britfag
>Also Britfag is a member of a super secret underground gang of BDSM enthusiasts who troll and blackmail people on the internet because he is extreme, edgy, and dark
>Anyways, the supposed blackmail materials are images of PT molesting a girl and that Britfag conned her into doing this by saying he'd like it and put a ring on it
>He totally showed his two buddies because they are like BFF5ever, and all had a giggle
>PTNR then proceeds to drop the bomb and (rightfully) freak out because she could confirm that PT baby say a young girl
>Queue the board freaking out, the two guys saying they were trolling, and SR shutting down
>On her old twitter two tweets were posted hinting at the whole thing as a hoax to shut StamRose down, but by then the Twitter had technically been deleted by Twitter due to it not being reactivated within the 30 day (I think?) deactivation period

It's just a bunch of bullshit done to stir up the board. PT is a weirdo but she's not a child molester.

They got wiped when Twitter deleted the account and somebody swiped it.

No. 96705

I really can't see PT molesting children.
She's the child waiting to be tainted by onee-chaaaaan~

No. 96712

Yeah, I can't believe how many people fell for that utter bs. PT might be a lot of things, but a child molester is not one of them. She wants to be the child, not molest one. Even if her "nii-san" told her to, she's not that fucked up. She'd probably just rage about how he must think she looks old or w/e.

On another note, I guess britfag/Rico has gotten bored of her, seeing as she has an online presence again and she was bitching about him ignoring her on Twitter.

No. 96724

She probably realized he either lost interest or was trolling her.
Hopefully she'll stay online and go back to the old days of constant lolling.

No. 96726

OT of this certain topic, and not same anon as before but I was thinking of doing a PT visual novel-Esque game for a nice while, and have a good chunk of the outline game written.
She wants to go to Japan, but to do so she has to complete tasks (taking pictures, baking cookies, freaking out bystanders, take a showers ect.)
I was wondering what everyone would like to see in it, like Easter eggs or other tasks that should be added.
I was thinking of have an image/item gallery so you can go back and see all the PT pics and items you bought her.

No. 96727

Game outline** ugh hate typing on a phone

No. 96744


I can see her doing it if pressed.

God knows we've already seen the lengths she goes to to try and impress any man she can get her hands on.


Bullshit we all know she's a lolicon.

No. 96746


Trust me when I say this, those two guys were not from lolcow.

Thing is none of you actually spoke to any of them directly, I did, daily, for nigh on a month.
Being British myself I can one hundred percent confirm that they were in fact British as well, although that counts for nothing in the long of it.

Whatever the hell the truth is what I know for a fact is that after the whole PT child molestation debacle, they went ahead and smeared their own claims because they were worried, and it worked because virtually everybody believes they were now just trolling.

I can tell you that they did lurk Staminarose and for a while were doing damage control on anon because I watched them and talked about it with them on Skype whilst it was happening
I can also tell you that the reason PT has a new Skype account is because this Rico guy has possession of it and the last two tweets:

>glad to see the rose has wilted, no more thorns in my side! Haha didn't know it was so easy to take it down :3

>don't blame the British for this one

These were made by one of them after they went into overdrive trying to take back everything they'd said about the incident. They even came here on Anon and tried to pretend they were a random lolcow Anon that has the account because I was talking to them on voice chat as they were doing it and I deliberately did not tell anybody from lolcow because I knew none of you would believe any of it and because I wanted to milk them further and see what I could get out of them in regards to Rico's identity.

I am not saying whether I believe the whole molestation was real. It could have been a bullshit story that suddenly got them worried for whatever reason because the police crack down hard even on fake CP claims and they would have gotten in major shit for it.
Hell it probably was, but I can tell you they weren't from one of our sites because whenever I brought up references to other cows they didn't have a fucking clue what I was talking about, they only knew about PT.

Like I said, none of you actually spoke to them, you were just people on the end of the damage control and obviously it worked. I did and whilst I can't confirm anything, these are my experiences. Take it as you will. Most of what we talked about a lot of the time wasn't even PT related stuff, it was British banter in general, about work and education, and politics.


Because whoever they were they legit did know him in real life.

I actually don't know if they migrated to this board but I wouldn't be surprised if Rico is monitoring it. I would be a little on edge now that PT has start throwing his name around and started making avatars in his likeness.

No. 96747

She would need to get jorbs to earn money for her trip, and be totally kawaii while doing them.

She would have boss battles against impure maidens like that evil slutty unkawaii red-headed stripper

There would be a mini-game where she'd have to avoid/fight people who try to keep her from shining when she takes her gravure public pictures

Ooh, another mini-game where she has to squeeze into kawaii clothes that are too small for her.

The point system or point rating or whatever is used should be her
"shine meter", or maybe her "kawaii factor", or something like that.

I'm picturing an overworld where she walks around, and she'd have to go to all the spots we know she likes to visit like Hastings, the bathroom in the public park, her houses bathroom and some creepy-old-abandoned building.

The secret side-quest is to find her REAL father, by finding hidden messages like windchimes.

I have so many ideas floating around in my head, I'll come back every now and again and dump them here.

No. 96749

Thanks for responding and being a patient awesomefag to my ignorant arse.

No. 96751


Sorry for the doublepost, but I'm suddenly reminded of this game:


If you haven't seen The Room, it's a hilariously awful movie with a cult following. This game is a loving, beautiful tribute that makes fun of it perfectly, while being a surprisingly fun game to play. There are a bunch of hidden secrets that are nods to the game like weird shit the characters get into, silly "acheivements", and hidden spoons that you have to collect to get to the secret ending.

No. 96752

Anon I love the mini games and father quest I'll have to work those in.
And I actually had an idea for her 'kawaii meter'' as stats you can level up. Her kawaii, sexy, idol and all that goodness to get her dream Aidoru Nippon Status

No. 96757

Fuck off dipshit. You've posted a million times BUT I TALKED 2 THEM AND THEYRE LEGIT I SWEAR!!! and no one believes you or cares.

No. 96761

File: 1431185033412.jpg (24.08 KB, 251x298, image.jpg)

Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Every time those 2 are mentioned >>96747 comes around saying "THEY'RE TOTES LEGIT! I SWEAR! EVEN tHOUGH THEY HAVE NO PROOF I KNOW THEY'RE LEGIT BECAUSE WE TALKED!"'
No one wants to here anymore. Seriously.

No. 96763

*hear it anymore
Fucking iPad

No. 96768

okay seriously we don't care.
Unless they can really PROVE PT has CP or something, why do they matter anymore?
Leave it alone and let my queen flourish on the web again ;3;

No. 96771

Ooh I just thought of another. When she completes certain sidequests or minigames, you unlock different outfits and costumes for her. You can dress her up as you want like one of those doll dress-up games found all over the internet.

Some little optional sidequests would be things like tending to her garden, giving attention to Suki, playing a videogame, and other little things like that.

Gosh, these ideas are more full-fledged videogame-related, not so much visual novel-related. Sorry, I'll try to think of more story or visual-related ideas.

No. 96807

Lol it's all good, the ideas will help a lot. And I had first started as a more rpg style but I saw someone else wanted to start one.
I could pull a more rpg style, just wondering what everyone would like to see in a game of PT since I'm actually having fun making it

No. 96814

please give it some dark/horror elements. like pt having a mental breakdown and going paranoid or the delusion wearing off, exposing deep-seated self-hatred or sth and you need to get her back on track/turn the creepy dark world kawaii and pink again

No. 96817

oh god yes, this is so brilliant.

No. 96820

so that only proves pt either a) gave her password to rico or b) use to have a password that was easy to guess

No. 96823

pixy-sama blesseth your beautiful soul anon-chan
I will be playing this heck out of this game when it is finished

No. 96838


He blackmailed her for access to it. I don't know what it is he has on her but it's something big. Bigger than just nudes or something like that which we know she's pretty loose about.

What spooked me when I was talking to these guys is the accuracy of some of the statements they made.

I actually really don't want to believe the whole molestation claims but one specific detail really freaked me out, like how they claimed it was a female toddler she was babysitting, and then I spoke with somebody who knows PT in real life and she confirmed that she was for a short period like half a year ago at the time babysitting the toddler of a family friend or co-worker. I can't remember which. Her babysitting a couple of times was something that nobody on Staminarose knew about.

I don't care who calls me retarded or gullible, you're not the only ones with statements or opinions and when it does eventually come out what this guy has on her, and he definitely has something, if it turns out to be really bad you're beyond twisted for trying to hush it up in order to continue exploiting her for lulz.

I don't know why I'm in the minority in being interested in exactly what it is Britfag has on her. Nobody can deny it at this point that she's afraid of him for some reason.

No. 96842


Yes, we all can have our own opinions, but you have shared yours many times and no one is interested.
Just sit on your hands and wait for it to all come out and you can say "told you so!" all you want.
Until then, stop accusing people of being pedophiles because you got rolled by some anons.

No. 96843

God, please just go away. You're so full of shit.

No. 96844


You don't just get to come into a thread and say "you're wrong and I'm right" based on absolutely zero personal experience.

Like I said, I'm the one that actually talked to them. They knew details about things nobody here knew, I know that for a fact. As far as I can see you're the one being rolled. Logical deduction biatch.

No. 96845

Do you have any other evidence?
It's not really good to believe something like this, is the thing.
If you have nothing else than your word no one can just jump on the bandwagon and call her a child molester. Is that so hard to understand?

No. 96847

Hahaha I actually first had the idea of a 'sanity' bar that would fill up the more you did, leading to a breakdown which lead back to her being good ol' pixyteri again

No. 96848

So where the fuck is your evidence if you know so much?

No. 96849


No, I feel like a twat for not saving the file logs but I just scoured Skype and they're all gone.

However that doesn't mean I'm to discount at this point there is more evidence to suggest that he has something serious on her than he doesn't which people seem to be foolishly ignoring in lieu of more idiotic videos on pictures. I want to know what this is.

And by the way I'm not accusing her of being a paedo, all I'm saying is that Britfag has something on her and people are like "NO NO BRITFAG DOESN'T EXIST HE'S NOT REAL, STOP BEING RETARDED, STOP BEING GULLIBLE, LEAVE MY QUEEN ALONE WE NEED TO MILK HER FOR LULZ" despite even PT virtually confirming it herself.

No. 96851

File: 1431197322028.jpg (56.03 KB, 395x400, image.jpg)

So you have any evidence at all?
Screenshots? Chat logs? Anything? Wait.. No?
That's what I thought. No proof, no truth.

No. 96854


Nigga what are you talking about, PT even Tweeted about Rico on her Twitter?

No. 96855

Yeah, right, all your skype chat logs are gone, such things always happen right before people tell you good old "proof or gtfo".
But you know the rules. No excuses. No exceptions. So GTFO, desu~

No. 96856


>such things always happen right before people tell you good old "proof or gtfo"

Yeah well amazingly, things like that tend to happen when you reformat a computer.

You see, and it's quite impressive really, when you format a hard drive it proceeds to erase all previous data once stored on that hard drive therefore making it inaccessible.

Are you able to understand that or do you need me to speak slower?

No. 96857

I mean proof of cp or whatever it is they supposedly have on her.
Anon is talking like they saw the stuff they had on PT but have nothing to show for it.
Britfag is real as far as we know but what shit could they have on her that the rest of the Internet doesn't?
I seriously can't believe PT would be so crazy and sick to molest a child, even if she IS hanging on the edge of sanity.

No. 96858

How about you stop talking and leave?
Or are you too stupid to process that through your brain?

No. 96859

Just an anon that wants attention. We're tired of these false prophets.
Your logic that the story was TOTALLY TRUE! is about as naive as Pixy's Japanese heritage.

We all know Britfag is real. That's not even being debated. The CP scandal has ZERO validity. We do know for sure that Rico has something on Pixy, but there's no fucking evidence of it being CP because you had an "inside" scope to conversations between spergs.

No. 96860

File: 1431197904869.jpg (154.17 KB, 1107x484, dsadas.jpg)


I don't want to believe either but he does have something on her and I want to know what.

Also just scoured my Skype main.db, this is all I have left.

Chatlogs are gone but here they are, added as friends on my Skype sock account. All contact from like 2014 is gone though.


I never said the story is true. Why are people saying this?

No. 96863


I'm not the one that doesn't understand what formatting does to a HD kek

No. 96865

Because you are pushing like its fucking real you yard

And ooooooo you have them added as friends on ~skype~ that's it! It's PROVED!

No. 96866


No. 96867


I haven't once said in this thread that I believe in the story, this is you jumping to conclusions and it was you that asked for any semblance of proof that I actually spoke to them. I don't have logs so here it is.

No. 96869

until either
1. someone posts evidence that can further the discussion of what Britfag has on pixydesu or
2. someone goes under deep cover and somehow manages to get her to tell them what it is - -

this discussion is insanely pointless
(unless the goal is to get everyone to hysterically call her a pedophile or something.)

just because no one is talking about it, people are curious what he has on her (and it does get mentioned btw) but just spazzing out about it isn't going to produce anything useful.

If he's actually blackmailing her with something and not just withholding attention, couldn't it just be something personal like she got an abortion? please calm.

No. 96870

Nobody here knows when you format your harddrive, Nor do they care, kek

No. 96871

File: 1431198301922.jpg (46.89 KB, 719x720, consider the following.jpg)

> if it turns out to be really bad you're beyond twisted for trying to hush it up in order to continue exploiting her for lulz.

That's far from the case. Evidence is needed and no, your "I TALKED TO THEM! I BELIEVE THEM" doesn't count as evidence. Even if these claims were true it would be up to law enforcement to handle it, not us. Besides, waiting for evidence before someone jumps the gun isn't trying to "hush is up."

If you can't understand that we aren't going to believe you without evidence then please go back to tumblr. They (being the crazy bunch they are) might be willing to nail someone to a cross without evidence, but I think we are going to wait until some proof surfaces before we do anything.

No. 96872

You want people to believe you, but you give them no proof, only your pity excuses.
I have all my important chat logs backuped, so if I format my computah, I won't lost that shit, duuuuuh.
No one cares of your little story unless you have no proof, and you don't have any, so grab yourself a cookie, sit and shut up, 'cause adults are talking. Do you understand or you need me to say that slower?

No. 96873

>just because no one is talking about it, doesn't mean that people aren't curious

No. 96874


>someone goes under deep cover and somehow manages to get her to tell them what it is

I want to do this but at this point she's more guarded than she's ever been, and I'm willing to bet that Britfag is monitoring this thread too and will warn her in advance.


Again, I never once said I believed their story. Not sure where you're getting this from.

No. 96875


>posts to lolcow

>refers to herself as an adult

kek none of us are fucking mature here. That's why we're here and you're no different nor are you special little girl.

No. 96877

So can we please shut up about shit we obviously have no clue about because no proof exists, and get back to shit we do know.
Crazy cows

No. 96884

>Again, I never once said I believed their story. Not sure where you're getting this from.

Really? Because you're pushing everything and anything they said to be fact and expect us to believe into it too. Britfag is blackmailing her and/or trying to control her. We know this. You're the one here trying to connect some dots that may, or may not exist and is getting pissy when we say we're sick of your posts saying "I TALKED TO THEM! THEY SAID THINGS! I BELIEVE THEIR THINGS EVEN IF IT'S TO AN EXTENT!"

No. 96892

File: 1431199581199.png (17.9 KB, 575x164, PTbelly.PNG)

Should you really have grease popping with over easy eggs? Something tells me you shouldn't.
>Grease landed on her gut.
I find this humorous!

No. 96893

File: 1431199634605.png (100.6 KB, 549x582, recent.png)

everyone let's calm down

No. 96897


Er bitch, I'm not the only one that knows about these things. If you weren't so fucking new and were actually around when Staminarose then you'd know that it actually came to light that Sarah had indeed babysitted a little girl after somebody went and dug up an old tweet with her referencing it within the exact same timeframe.

No. 96902

>grease landed on me and my belly!

never change, my Queen~

No. 96903

No one cares fucking bye. Go back to sucking a bunch of troll dicks on Skype. Don't come back until you have concrete proof. No one gives a shit that ~u rly talked to them~.

No. 96910

I was at StaminaRose, Cunt! If you weren't a dumb bitch, you would remember it was a co-worker's child that she babysat and someone that knew her asked her about these allegations and PT's response was to tell them to "go to hell" and then blocked them.
If this shit even had an ounce of truth do you really think PT would have just done that? PT is obsessive about dumb shit and would have over reacted like she does to every fucking thing!
We're fucking sick of you! Go back to tumblr, or wherever else you came! I'm done talking to you and I'm done taking your bait!
>10/10 for making me reply and slightly mad.

No. 96911


Still getting that last word tho :^)

No. 96912

File: 1431200846769.jpg (56.03 KB, 625x468, 0999958bf0d611c0c126c24cb23431…)


>I was at StaminaRose

Sure you were buttercup.

No. 96913

Admin-sama, can we have this trolls posts along with anyone's replies deleted?

No. 96920

Like most of us weren't at STD, MaxFag and 4chan. Hell, some of us were from her lolita community and bleach forums. Being a part of StaminaRose is not even oldfag, sperg.

No. 96921

File: 1431201332224.png (105.41 KB, 578x576, friends.png)

can we just leave it at everyone is waiting for proof and hush? look! PT is welcoming the new friends. let's just chill guys.

No. 96922

Indeed, Sister.

No. 96923

I remember the good ol' days of DA and /cgl/.
Those were the days!

No. 96925

Please stop arguing.

No. 96928

Can't there be some kind of rule about bringing this cp shit up without an ounce of proof? That is such a serious accusation to make. Pt is already good enough at ruining her own reputation that we don't need to accuse her of being a pedo.

No. 96929


Nobody here has accused her of being a pedo.

No. 96955

File: 1431204251689.jpg (24.76 KB, 615x83, sadsada.jpg)

This is suspicious to me.
By "somebody" I take it she means Rico/Britfag.

No. 96957

Omg shut the fuck up, we have been blessed with great news about pt having a twitter and here you guys start to bitch about stupid proof of her being a pedo. Fuck our queen can't even have a day of rejoice.

No. 96960


>people stop arguing almost an hour ago


No. 96986

her belly had to be exposed to get hit with grease. i can only imagine what she was wearing. hope there's video of it.

No. 97011

File: 1431209511777.jpg (50.1 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)


No. 97027

File: 1431210830965.jpg (72.13 KB, 459x564, image.jpg)

No, my Queen! D.;

No. 97028

I'm guessing it's more to do with quitting her job. She can't afford her cosplay and outfits.

No. 97035

Did she quit her second waitressing job, or get fired?

No. 97038

Quit due to discrimination.

No. 97041


No. 97043

she already left that job? I'm having issues finding a job and she goes through TWO in less than 3 months. Entitled.

No. 97053


No. 97063

lol I have been chatting with her. She says she was wearing a sports bra and pajama pants.

No. 97065

also, I am shocked at how pleasant and nice she is at the moment. I am wondering when it will flip and she will be pissed at everyone and herself again.

No. 97075

Same. How do these fucking cows go through jobs so damn fast? I have a great resume and references yet I've beened turned down constantly for nearly a year. How do they have another job in a couple weeks? Do they apply for anything? Low standards on both sides?

No. 97080

They're just waitressing jobs. It's not like she's applying to corporate CEO positions.

No. 97089

File: 1431217086771.png (193.72 KB, 627x269, friendship.png)

I missed PT so muuuuch

No. 97101

She must have gotten some dick from that guy that wanted to take her out to the movies.

No. 97112

Can you not get a job at Home Depot or a restaurant? If not, your resume is not as good as you think it is lol.

No. 97119

They go for jobs with high turn over rates, and most cows probably give off the "special needs" vibe.

No. 97121

Just sayin since I'm a waitress myself, server jobs and kitchen help jobs are pretty easy to come by.
Someone is always needing more time off, or quitting, or you just never have enough call ins if it's busy. So I can see why pixy went through two in three months if she was bad at her job/ couldn't keep up.

No. 97132

Lol touche, I did get a few "over qualified" responces.

Yeah everyone made good points. It's not like they're getting some great positions, it's just the same crap job in a new place. I was just raging. Sorry for taking the spotlight from the queen.

No. 97135

File: 1431221164508.gif (374.59 KB, 300x169, 1392920528241.gif)

>tfw the queen welcomes you into her loving embrace

My life is complete once more.

No. 97173

Pfft you're both dumb as shit thinking you can un-crazy somebody (and of all people the Queen) by sticking your dick in it, or by trying to befriend her.

No. 97176

Lol, nah nigger thats why smart women know to wash anything they buy first before wearing it.

No. 97180

Kek exactly that.
PT would bitch about how she looks old and why all men are scum for liking young chicks.

No. 97188

That hasn't stopped her before.

No. 97193

But when things are tight and you need a job it doesn't matter if it's flipping burgers or bagging groceries it will fucking pay for the bills.

I'm just mad as shit that cows go through jobs so fast.

No. 97199


W-wait….. we do?

Oh… oh god….

No. 97221


Cooking eggs half naked. Truly, her reign is glorious.

No. 97469

You're trying too hard, tone it down a notch if you think anyone was actually being serious in that exchange.

No. 97560

she said she went dancing at this place http://www.cactuscanyonvictoria.com/ , any local anons know if they regularly put pictures of nights up on their website? also is this where the bikini competition was held?

No. 97634

File: 1431253638325.jpg (4.22 MB, 5312x2988, 20150207_150107.jpg)

It's good to be back
Sorry if double post.

No. 97669

The queen follows me back on twitter, what do i do. I feel so glorious.

No. 97674

Same here, Sister! It's an amazing feeling.

No. 97679

My queen approves of me! She followed me back oh glorious day!

No. 97692


>"Onii-sama… daddy… I shouldn't be doing this here with you"

Whilst dressed as a Japanese kindergärtner.

And some of you try to argue that PT isn't a lolicon kek

No. 97696


Everyone knows she is a lolicon. That doesn't make her a pedophile. Wanting to be babied and infantilized doesn't make you a child molester. People have fetishes. Jesus, stop talking.

No. 97698


Er what. I only said she was a lolicon.
Shake that sand out of your vagina sister.

No. 97699


Lolicon detected.

No. 97702


You said people here are arguing she is not a lolicon, which no one has ever done. This is just more bullshit suggesting she is a pedo and I'm sick of it.
People have fetishes. It's ok.

No. 97807

She needs to get naked on vid already

No. 97838

you need to fuck off already.

No. 97875

Spot the chubby chaser.

No. 97885

bitch gon' get boob gangrene.

No. 98004

File: 1431294802390.jpg (39.62 KB, 520x236, queen.jpg)

Queen is concerned about how wet she got last night

No. 98053

I remember on her old Twitter someone suggested she get a fitting since it looked like she was having trouble with bra sizing. She replied that if it's comfy that means it fits. Something along those lines. But as we all know with PT, comfy seems to imply that she can squeeze into something without completely cutting off her circulation.

I really wish she'd get a proper fitting.She seems to have no idea what bra size she is.

No. 98072

oh PT, just take a shower lol

No. 98119

Lol not surprised she still refuses to wear deodorant. She truly is japaroo.

No. 98144

File: 1431303014396.png (358.52 KB, 849x466, mybraincannot.png)

No. 98317

The amount of sweat/how quick a person is to begin sweating is largely genetics, but how bad your BO smells/how quickly your sweat begins to smell is based largely on diet. Not surprisingly, acrid smelling foods like lots of garlic/onions/broccoli that contain sulfur will be emitted from pores. Furthermore, if your diet is lacking of insulin (such as people with diabetes), your body odor can also change, due to the body breaking down fat for fuel, leading to a buildup in ketones in the body.

This is more worrisome than anything, I hope the queen doesn't have diabetes!

No. 98319

*if your body is lacking in insulin.

No. 98321

All jokes aside, does anybody here actually like PT or feel any level of endearment for her? Because honestly I just see her as a bitter, wretched, rude engorged brat.

I was just curious to know if anybody didn't dislike her as a person.

No. 98331

I also don't like her at all. I think she's pretty disgusting/hilarious. I have fond memories with making fun of her with friends though, so my feelings for her are kind of sentimental.

No. 98342

I feel you 100%, anon. I can't stand her ass, but goddamn she intrigues the hell out of me. Like a monkey at the zoo.

No. 98345

I probably sound like an absolute psychopath saying this, but I feel like I would have to beat PT up if I ever met her irl. Like, to teach her a lesson. She needs an ass-whooping.

No. 98349

WTF lesson would that teach her?

No. 98353


Trial by combat.

No. 98368

File: 1431314390464.gif (2.64 MB, 264x240, 1403366875956.gif)

As a person, of course she's pretty shitty. She's basically a spoiled child in an adult's body. However, I've been reading about her for years now, since she was into lolita and had red hair and everything. Maybe it's just because I've grown accustomed to her, but her stupid antics, her bizarre videos, and all the other things she does has become almost endearing to me. Part of me wants to see her get her shit together, start working out and lose weight, take care of her body, work hard at her jobs and save money, and finally make it to Japan and get a decent guy who isn't just a fuckbuddy. I can only assume it's like watching someone else's retarded child grow up, you know they probably won't do much with their lives, but a part of you wishes that they will, at the very least to free the parents of their burden.

>mfw people are A-logging PT
Really? PT? Of all the people posted in this board, you wanna beat up some sad old floppy bratty weeaboo who would just whine on twitter for attention about some sperg who got in a slapfight with her? How would that do anything other than further her delusion that everyone in the world is a bunch of meanies who hate her just because she's a kawaii maiden and not like those other red-headed sluts?

No. 98406


I'm really endeared to her, to be honest. It's like how is hard to hate someone after knowing them for a long time - you feel like you start to understand them and empathise with them. Can't help it.

Also, I think she is just so spoiled and willfully clueless, I don't think she really means to be awful. She's just too lazy to grow out of it.

No. 98410

Honestly I only found about her pretty recently and I'm already kind of fond of her. She has an odd appeal, like a weird daughter you want to support but also not be too close to.

No. 98417

so many people have suggested that she probably has diabetes based on things she has said and i'm starting to wonder if she really does.

No. 98421

They got a divorce.

No. 98426

When did this happen?

No. 98431


Yeah, I know, hence the "was married".


Ages ago, but it doesn't really matter any more.
I don't think Nyan wants anything to do with PT now and I don't blame her either.

No. 98432

Any sauce on this?

I'm one of the anons that make our following seem like a devout, insane cult, but I'll be frank for a minute.

The fascination with Sarah has a lot to do with her attitude. She's…she genuinely comes off as a shitty human being. Her entitlement is off the charts, her superiority complex masking her inferiority complex is fucking Psychology 101, her level of delusion makes it look like we are all getting massively trolled. It's like someone made an Anti Mary Sue and named her Pixyteri. A fairly unattractive girl who makes herself look worse, is conceded about herself and has an unforgivable personality even if her looks were 10/10. There's this idea that ugly people are nicer human beings. Don't judge a book by it's cover. But Sarah blows that shit out of the water. She destroys logic and behavior.

Another interesting thing about our community is that we are endeared to her but I believe it's out of guilt. While she's pretty vile and petty, we also get a huge kick out of her misfortune. A lot of us anons justify our fascination with her because she deserves it. And she may well deserve worse, but that doesn't mean we don't know how shitty we are. So in the end, we root for her. We hope she'll be a better person so she'll deserve a better life for herself. Then again, we all know that won't happen and we are pretty amused this anomaly of a human is happening before our eyes.

Summed up: car wreck; can't look away

No. 98433


No. 98436

Nyan here. I left him about a year and a half ago. We drug ass on getting the divorce but finally did it. It was finalized Friday. Their whole family, aside from my ex-husband, hates my guts but I really don't care.

No. 98439

Well, good on you. I hope things are much better for you Nyan.

No. 98441

I always liked you, Nyan. Thanks for responding and glad you got away from this side show. I'm sorry we often got you involved in senseless drama. (I, for one, desperately discouraged the whole K calling the police after Sarah's suicide threat, while it was happening.)

No. 98443

and sorry we have such an unhealthy obsession with your former sister-in-law. …

I'll try not to milk you for details, but does Sarah hate you too?

No. 98444

It's unfortunate that you had to put up with all of those nasty people for so long.

No. 98445

As much as I felt for Nyan having to put up with the Queen's family.
How the hell do we really know its her.

No. 98448

Thanks. Life has improved quite a bit for the both of us since we have parted ways. Good to know that PT is still up to her cray cray shenanigans. God I remember the first time I went to /cgl/ after she cried to me about getting trolled. So very long ago.

Shit, I have to admit, for a time I was pretty obsessed with her antics as well. Mostly because I hated to see my in-laws and my ex getting pulled into it. I'm pretty sure she hates me too. It is hard to care about her opinion though.

Nice trips. Ant it wasn't all bad. For the most part they were pretty nice to me. It was just that one year when the shit really started hitting the fan with PT that her mom really harassed the shit out of me. But oh well. Crazy people gonna cray.

No. 98450

We don't. But in all likelihood, it's her. She knows about these communities, was actually put on pixy-detail during the end of the Golden Age Era and just generally will honestly answer a direct question about herself. It's her style.

No. 98451

That's what I was thinking.

No. 98452


Thats how. lol

public for just a little bit.

No. 98454

Lol, okay good enough Nyan.

Can you go into the cray cray shit mama PT would try to drag you into?

No. 98455

Would you mind being a namefag too please? It would make things a little easier

No. 98462

Nah, I'd rather not. You all know MamaPT can be crazy at times. I don't have to tell you that.

I mostly just popped in to say I'm out of the Guilbeaux clan.

No. 98465

PT reminds me of being younger and hunting down every scrap of kawaii with my friends plus she's so stubbornly salty I think it's fun to see her complain about everything.

I just realized.. I'm part of a cult following of a derp.

No. 98466

>one of us
>one of us

No. 98479

Sperging with the spergs over a sperg.

Awwwwww yeaaaah!

No. 98487


10/10 post. Very articulate.

No. 98506

Nice insight

No. 98520

This was beautiful.

No. 98545

I hope you're doing good away from that toxic family.

No. 98552

File: 1431324249939.jpg (35.24 KB, 600x278, itscoming.jpg)

No. 98564

How will you celebrate the 30th birthday of the queen?

No. 98569

Pray to the Kami-samas that we get a Tiny Chat.

No. 98571

well it falls on a Wednesday a very boring day ;_;

No. 98581

hump day

No. 98592

the queen is live on tiny chat!!

No. 98593

Holy Shitt!!!

No. 98606

not gonna lie, her giggle is pretty adorable.

No. 98608

she actually has a cute laugh etc

No. 98609

holy shit i am overwhelmed by the queen's presence. she acknowledged what i said OH MY GOD

No. 98620


No. 98621

i wish i could join you guys ;_;

No. 98628

the queen is engaging me
i feel like a disciple who has had jesus wash their feet.

No. 98629

File: 1431326043373.png (738.75 KB, 1074x601, fuckbaltimorethisistherealstru…)

Oh my God she seems so happy, its making me sad/ happy

No. 98630

Truth be told, I've followed PT since CGL, to staminarose, to here, and I've actually never caught one of her tiny chats.

this is awesome.

No. 98637

is anyone recording the tiny chat?

No. 98639

"If you insult me I will close this chat RIGHT NOW"


No. 98640

so stop mentioning her tits guys, shes already threatened to close the chat like 3 or 4 times cause of it

No. 98648

she always says that. It's a hollow threat.

No. 98649

So she found a new guy to message and she doesn't want to text them first so she doesn't seem desperate. It's good she is learning, I think?

No. 98650

That would be great if someone would do that.

No. 98651

God she looks so pregnant, she just gains all the weight in her stomach.

No. 98652

THIS! Please tell me someone is recording. I'm on mobile at work and I can't believe I'm missing this!

No. 98657

"describe your ideal man."

"small penis."

fucking queen strikes again.

No. 98659

>I want a older guy
>who can teach me japanese

>this new guy I'm talking to blond, I like blonds too…

No. 98662

>I feel lonely

She has a room of 25 people who just flooded the room only to talk to her, she really missed attention.

No. 98664

>"I'm the most perverted girl I know"
>"I just try to hide it".

Oh PT…

No. 98666

i kind of want to get on cam… but I don't want to chase the queen off. Eek.

No. 98667


No. 98668

I just got on, but I'm recording now.
Go at it.

No. 98671

no one wants to see you at all, why do people always want to get on cam when PT is on.

No. 98677

Not the OP, but she said she wanted people to come on chat.

No. 98678

Not that anon, but she keeps asking people to use cams

No. 98680

She asks but honestly, she rather be the center of attention. If you get on focus on cute stuff or pets.

No. 98681

because she keeps asking. She wants people to come on so she can look better than them…. not hard when you're the Queen.

No. 98682

She is still sitting satza? and she says old women are short because they sit satza.

No. 98683

"If it fits even a little bit too tight, then no thank youuu~"


No. 98687

this is my first time in one of her tinychats. she seems so…normal…

No. 98688

It's also so weird have picky she is about how she doesn't want to cosplay characters who aren't the same height as her. Like anyone notices height.

No. 98690

She says the restaurant didn't cook the food right, the restaurant place always rushed her and the other girls picked on her.

No. 98694

she says people would put trash near her tables and they would change her sections all the time, and she gave the other girls pocky but she was always nice and smiley all the time.

No. 98695

>worked at restaurant
>gave her co workers pocky
>Still didn't understand why they were rude to her
>claimed they mysteriously changed sections on her, wrote down the proper sections on her hand.


No. 98696

this is fascinating

No. 98699

>because it was like origami

No. 98700


Fucking idiot, she wants people on cam.

That aside guys, there's 27 people in her room without a single other person on cam, she is going to get suspicious. Somebody cam up.

No. 98701

I like one customer was like just give me scotch or whiskey. and then got pissed at other workers who talked about how they are engaged and went places. She was trying to make me jealous. OMGOMGOGMGGGG

No. 98703

mentioned james. She mentioned james.

No. 98704

> customer was like just give me scotch or whiskey.
I meant to finish that they customer was trying to give her any excuse to just give him alcohol, any alcohol and she was like I DUNNO I DUNNO

No. 98705

>cowoworker talks about fiance and a trip to san diego
>thinks the coworker is making fun of her and trying to make her jealous


No. 98706

you guys are spazzing the fuck out

No. 98709

Aw so she is hanging out with a guy and she was able to get him to watch an anime movie she liked. That sounds kind of nice.

No. 98711

I wonder if thats the Cream guy she mentioned earlier

No. 98712

she's loving it though

No. 98713

>i take showers every now and again

No. 98715

'I take a lot of baths'
'…I also take a lot of showers too'

We know PT

No. 98719

Man whatever dick PT is getting must be gooood to make her this happy.

No. 98720

I only hope he is worthy of basking in the Queen's presence

No. 98724

AO ONI. YES. I want to see Pixy play Ao Oni.

No. 98728

I love she gets so jealous and angry about anime characters having big boobs.

No. 98731

she doesn't get jealous and angry. she acts mad because she wants people to tell her her boobs aren't small and that she's a kawaii tiny loli

No. 98734

She was just complaining about how anime characters boobs are too big and "oppai" for her.

No. 98737

"She is just, WAY too Oppai."
-PT 2015

No. 98739

Aki and Catbug were dominating that convo. I'm glad they are gone. Hey guys, in the future, when you have the queen's attention, can you actually try and talk to her and get some info instead of just rambling? Thanks :^)

No. 98744

Oh, my, god. Onii-chan, look at her oppai.
It is so big. [scoff]
She looks like one of those otaku guys' waifus.
But, you know, who understands those otaku guys? [scoff]
They only talk to her, because, she looks like a total daughtru, 'kay?
I mean, her oppai, is just so big.
I can't believe it's just so round, it's like, out there, I mean— gross. Look!
She's just so… asian!

I like big oppais and I can not lie
You other onii-chans can't deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round oppai in your face
You get sprung, wanna pull out your tough
'Cause you notice that breast was stuffed
Deep in the kimono she's wearing
I'm hooked and I can't stop staring
Oh baby, I wanna get with you
And take your picture
My homeboys tried to warn me
But that oppai you got makes me so horny
Ooh, Rump-o'-smooth-skin

No. 98748

'A guy wants to get me pregnant'
'I'm not ready for a baby, I wasted all my time being old.'

lol what

No. 98757

John is the guy she took on a date with movies and Cream is the Japanese (?) guy who wants to get her pregnant but they only talked online.

No. 98767

File: 1431333449217.png (64.54 KB, 230x509, rub.png)

No. 98768

She's afraid if she visits Rico, she'll die or he'll kill her.

No. 98770

>>thought James would make me into kobe beef

idk why i laughed. trying so hard to make every aspect of her life japan.

No. 98773

omg that reminds me of Benji from itsjudyslife with his $30+ kobe beef on toothpicks

No. 98780

File: 1431334232376.png (726.98 KB, 1585x848, grtgtr.png)

>>the queen is live on tiny chat!!
Why do I see this shit instead of my dearest Queen? I just went to buy food and… I totally fucking missed everything, didn't I?

No. 98787

She's in the chat, I don't think she's been on cam at all. It's night in the US

No. 98788

she was on cam most of the time but she got sleepy

No. 98791

File: 1431334792039.gif (1.09 MB, 320x240, 4SI7nzM.gif)

Baaaawww, I'm gonna kill myself! I totally fucked up this glorious day! D':
Somebody please say you recorded her webcam broadcast.

No. 98799

she reminds me of a know it all 14 year old.

No. 98801

wow she's rude tho

No. 98806


No. 98810

He was so fedora looking. I'm amazed he wasn't wearing one.

No. 98816

File: 1431336515469.png (6.25 KB, 233x71, adsa.png)

No. 98817

So she does see a psychiatrist.

No. 98818

>>So she does see a psychiatrist.
Thank goodness.

No. 98823

guys like >>98806 stalking her doesn't help

No. 98825

she doesn't really help herself if he's somehow managed to get her phone number, and she doesn't have the sense to block him

No. 98826

Yeah. She probably keeps him around as an orbiter or back up.

No. 98830


I want to say the plot thickens, but I've already personally known for a while that this guy is potentially dangerous and is blackmailing her with something.

No. 98831

File: 1431340892616.png (23.22 KB, 369x262, sdasdaa.png)

Calling it now.
PT is one million percent bipolar. She's flipping on and off like a light switch. I've seen this before.

No. 98832

I didn't get why she even showed the video. Sometimes she astounds me.

No. 98833

holy shit

No. 98834


Her Twitter has exploded with Tweets. This looks exactly like a manic phase.

No. 98835

Pixyteri just said that Rico said he'd marry her…

That's exactly what those two trolls said when they came to Staminarose…

No. 98836

the way PT tells everything, EVERY GUY promises to marry her or wants to get her pregnant.

No. 98837

Guys, people that are in the chat right now, I don't know about you but all these things she's saying about Rico are starting to sound extremely sketchy.

Like, coincidental.

No. 98838

Pretty much this: >>98836

He's a sketchy fuck, I'll give you that.

No. 98840


I don't know it just has me on edge that piece by piece more and more details are starting to match up.

PT said he lived in Bath but I'm betting he's using a fake name or location. PT even said he'd never sent her a picture of him not wearing sunglasses.

No. 98841

Fucking cap it jesus christ

No. 98843

File: 1431342688206.png (15.08 KB, 588x120, dadad.png)


Not much to cap, I will just relay the details I've gotten out of her so far.

He's extremely abusive, calling her fat and ugly, and udders.
He controls and manipulates her.
He's been telling her not to go on Twitter and social media and not to talk about him, which she is currently defying.
He's only ever sent him pictures of him wearing sunglasses because he says he has an eye sensitivity problem (sounds like a lie/excuse in order for him to not reveal his face to her).
She says he's extremely secretive.
She says he lives in Bath, UK. Potentially a lie as well.
He told her he'd marry her.

Also, a new Tweet referencing him.

The plot thickens.

No. 98844

File: 1431342737540.jpg (48.13 KB, 230x438, rico-tc-05-11-2015.jpg)

No. 98845

File: 1431342866495.jpg (46.46 KB, 224x436, rico-tc-05-11-2015 b.jpg)

No. 98849

He wears sunglasses like Tite kubo, this is getting weird. I am also guessing he is pretending to be asian.

No. 98866

Wonder if this explains her recent burning hate for Tite and his recent chapters.

No. 98867

It's been two hours since an update on here, anything interesting happen?

No. 98868

She may or may not have given somebody Rico's KIK. My browser crashed and I got kicked out after she get to bed so I don't have it.

No. 98877


She did, his Kik is "rucomac". It's probably a throwaway; I tried googling it but didn't come up with anything interesting.

No. 98880

File: 1431352110911.jpg (38.8 KB, 640x427, image.jpg)

What the actual shit is this? Is this her real account? How did she find me??? I have literally one tweet, this is creepy as fuck

No. 98881

It is her real Twitter.

No. 98882

I wonder if Squid, Fluffyknight and Milky ect.. are farmers or just random people who are trying to befriend her?

No. 98911

File: 1431357540878.jpg (20.69 KB, 241x454, image.jpg)

So you think Rico watches lolcow and tips her off? Maybe she was getting sick of it, and she's lashing out by being over the top like the old days.

No. 98964

I knew a guy who wore special sunglasses all the time because of his sensitivity to sunlight/light, so that ''could'' be true.

No. 99002

inb4 it's mystery guitar man

No. 99039

No wonder she hasn't had a happy relationship, all of the guys she's involved with are mean and/or crusty.

No. 99122

>Orihime behind bars
>"mom" looking fucking evil
>James being eaten by a shark ("This one's perfect!")

>"Oohh, it's dad!"

I can only imagine her parents asked her to wash the car and she saw it as a sekushii gravure video opportunity.

No. 99181

From what I know of bipolar disorder, it varies over a pretty big period of time, like weeks/months, and it isn't an on off switch. http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/bipolar-disorder/#.VVEWUNNVikp

sits into armchair I think it's more likely borderline personality disorder. http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/types-of-mental-health-problems/borderline-personality-disorder/#.VVEVPtNViko

> you have emotions that are up and down (for example, feeling confident one day and feeling despair another)

> you have an unstable sense of identity
> you take risks or do things without thinking about the consequences
The last one is referring to flashing her cheap-o grandma underwear in public.

No. 99185

she's immature and tries to act like an anime guys, I've typed more cringey shit when I was younger

No. 99302

Did anyone record her TinyChat?

No. 99336

yeah, she's just being tsundere.

No. 99365

Quit posting the lolcow link in tinychat you're ruining everything

No. 99447

Whelp, she knows about lolcow.

No. 99463


Laughing at pretty much everyone on this board having BPD

Yeah, I get what you mean there though. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure accounts from people who have met her would be the best judge of whether or not she has BPD.

I personally think she has a higher chance of being histrionic if we're e-diagnosing her for fun but I have absolutely no fucking idea

No. 99473

Okay why would you post the site in the tinychat?? What is wrong with you anon!?

No. 99476

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Rico posting the link. He texted her about SR during a tinychat once, and I'm sure he knows about lolcow.

No. 99480

the sad thing.. is I think we're nicer than he is

No. 99483


Imma find this Rico, and imma leave him in the middle of the Atlantic

No. 99488

I think we like her more than he does honestly, like, not love her or anything but generally like her.
She may disgust me but man Rico is a dick.

No. 99498

This Rico guy is a pile of shit. Who is he to tell her what she can and can't do? He's not her mother!

No. 99506

File: 1431388292091.png (9.95 KB, 587x91, Craigslist.PNG)

I hope people are going to keep an eye out for this!

No. 99512

So other than the lolcow link being posted, what else happened?

No. 99513


Yeah, Rico seems like a manipulative cunt. I know Sarah can be a spoiled brat and etc etc, but she seemed to actually somewhat like him and maybe even trust him, I mean she deleted her twitter for him, and there's been absolutely no indication he ever gave the slightest fuck about her or even just felt a little bad for fucking her about for so long.

I know I sound like a huge moralfag but the difference here is that people like PTNR tricked her for shits and giggles and he seemed to isolate and manipulate her just because he could, and because he knew she'd be an easy target.

Not saying Pixy wasn't kind of a tard for falling for it but he seems like a bell-end to me

No. 99569

File: 1431390767828.jpg (75.11 KB, 500x394, 1350234171897.jpg)


>Plot twist

>Rico is one of PT's many personalities.



Etc, etc, etc.

No. 99632

Why doesn't she just make an okcupid? Somehow I met someone there and I am a complete sperglord. She should do it before she turns 30 bc when she does she won't get as many messages

No. 99635

ugh god no pt don't do that. i swear that's an express ticket into rape town. just go to a bar and go home with a regular drunk guy, don't fuck creeps on craigslist, come on

No. 99637

Someone once made a dating profile for her and just copypasted shit she had written about herself and she did get messages. I'm guessing she maybe somewhat well known around town but she can't be that famous, she really should. Plenty of guys seem to like her.

No. 99642

Thing is, she'd get messages, just from "old cowboy types" and she wasn't fond of that.

No. 99644

the thing is, id wager those old cowboy types are still better looking than the greasy assholes she has been with in the past. heck, she could even get one to be her sugardaddy. young guys are nothing but trouble, she should go for a mature man who might find her ridiculous youthful behavior endearing

No. 99659

She's gotta be trolling us. PT, your crotchrot will come back/get worse if you do that.

No. 99660

File: 1431396679393.gif (511.3 KB, 330x260, 1397605875331.gif)

>tfw you're worried for the queen's safety
>tfw you don't want her to block you on twitter for saying anything about how unsafe that could be

Kami-sama please please please don't let some crazy guy kidnap her and stick her in a well in his basement and kill her and wear her skin while dancing to Goodbye Horses.

No. 99662

she'll be fine. exposure to her whiny attitude has a brain melting point of 20 min.

No. 99664

It would have to be a really short man. PT is tiny as hell. Unless they stretch her skin out. LOL

No. 99665

say it anyway.

No. 99666

File: 1431397157945.png (36.98 KB, 578x162, 34958.png)

Why does she think every single activity in Japan has an age limit?

No. 99694

Why does she think there's no one over 29 at Comiket??

No. 99699

The same reason she thinks no one over 30 is allowed to look at the cherry blossoms in Japan

No. 99711

>>no one over 30 is allowed to look at the cherry blossoms in Japan


No. 99715

What can we do for our queen at this point?
How can we push her to go to Comiket and follow her heart?
Its our voices that need to reach her about Rico, get rid of him for good. Possibly somehow blackmail him or ban his IP here and get Pixy to change all of her emails to keep him away?

Ladies, we have to stop kissing her ass and start pushing it, if she turns 30 i'm really sure its going to have more and more excuses as to why she couldn't go out and enjoy her life.

No. 99720

We need to find her some 30+ Japanese women to inspire her to keep living her dreams.

No. 99723

File: 1431400569526.jpg (131.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5788.jpg)

No. 99728

>we have to stop kissing her ass and start pushing it

yeah, good luck with that. people have been trying for years, but she'll just block you if you do anything but kiss her ass.

No. 99745

thats actually a good idea, I remember someone mentioning that she felt more comfortable about her breasts after finding one japanese porn star who had large breasts.
We need to find some older women cosplayers or something….

Being weeaboo is a disease, none of this would be happening if she didn't want to be a lolicon and shes only acting like a lolicon because the great 3 0 is coming up even though that means NOTHING in any world. No one was going to treat her like a petite japanese girl anyway.

I know, maybe the queen needs to be burned in order to learn

No. 99770

She probably just needs more in her life, honestly.. I have a friend that's really hung up on stuff like how she has brown eyes (??) and you can't argue with it, she just needs to.. idek man

No. 99795

OT, but does anyone think PT would be interested in this? it's a dating sim/fitness app called "Burn Your Fat with Me!!" where the more you work out, the more of the story you unlock. Maybe this would motivate her to "work out", if even a little

the guy version is only available in japanese though, while the girl version is in both japanese and english

No. 99876

are you retarded, that sounds like everything PT would hate. being force to work harder to get more and being called fat?

No. 99939

File: 1431409998683.jpg (48.62 KB, 500x500, 3bkeS4J[1].jpg)

I found male PT

No. 99981

Sounds interesting. I wanna play both the guy and girl version though. Bah

No. 99987

How about Rumiko Takahasi? She's 57 and still creating manga, and PT's looked up to her works for ages. It may not inspire her with her looks or cosplay but at least it's someone that she's already familiar with. She's even mentioned in this post >>95402 that she wouldn't want to be a writer or illustrator while she's still young, so maybe we could throw her in the direction of being a mangaka? Plus if she gets into it I can only imagine what hilarious sort of stories the Queen would write and draw about.

No. 99989


No. 99991

oh wow, they really do look alike. I was scrolling past and saw this pic, wondering if pt decided to give up being a sexy woman

No. 100007

He even has the ducklips going on

No. 100033

That's why I'm considering to make a fake Twitter account to give her friendly and non-offending advices instead of kissing her ass, so if she gets mad and ban me for that, I'd still be able to follow her on my real account.

No. 100041

When PT pictures going to Japan she pictures herself young, kawaii, thin and looking fiiiine in a seifuku blushing cutely as her senpai reaches up to pick her a sakura flower to wear in her long black shiny hair. She will giggle behind her hand before she clumsily drops her choco banana crepe. This is endearing to senpai and he pats her on the head and whispers "Pixy be my waifu o kudasai" PT is shocked. "I need to finish my last year at kawaii highschool! I'm too young". She runs away with tears in her eyes. Everyone at hanami is saddened seeing such a cute girl running and crying her beautiful eyes out. She goes back to her aparto confused. "I love him but I'm too sweet and innocent.. Surely I'm not ready?" Senpai appears dramatically standing below her balcony! "Pixy I daisuki you and I cannot live without you! No other girl is as kawaii. No other girl has such cute small breasts. I bought you a sugoi pastel dress. Come with me to Kyoto and our love will be eternal."

She wants this. She can't have this delusion.. Therefore she won't go to Japan because it destroys the fantasy.

No. 100046

according to this PT would be a really really handsome man. He has life in his eyes though,which is maybe swaying me to consider him handsome, pixy does not anymore.

No. 100047

But there are cherry blossom trees everywhere, in vast numbers, she doesn't need to go to Japan, just outside to a park that has them and she can play pretend there

No. 100049

File: 1431424650158.jpg (86.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Isn't Misako Aoki in her thirties by now?

This is pretty spot on. Sarah wants to be the kawaii protagonist of a shoujo manga, which are all about innocence and youth. There's no room in that genre for 30-year-old fat Americans. When she's sitting around in her room she can fantasize about being in her own shoujo/hentai animu but if she ever were to go to Japan then reality would slap her in the face, and she knows it.

If anyone ever finds a cute manga about a Japanese woman in her late twenties/early thirties finding love and living the kawaii life despite being out of high school, please share it.

I'm pretty sure she does play pretend but of course those baka gaijin western pig disgusting American trees aren't really good enough.

No. 100160

Isn't the protagonist in Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish in her late twenties? Seems to fit her life - single, shy, otaku girl who only needs a makeover to be beautiful or whatever. Seems right up her alley, how has she never mentioned it before?

No. 100170

Maybe we should mention it to her? She may actually really like it.

No. 100193


>Plus if she gets into it I can only imagine what hilarious sort of stories the Queen would write and draw about.

A slice of life manga about our Queen and her kawaii antics would be fucking brilliant

No. 100205

File: 1431453334894.jpg (67.12 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

>stories of PT eTing cakes and shopping for the perfect bra before going on a date with her sugoi rich sugar daddy who loves her for her kawaii, pure, but silly antics.

Yes, all the yes.

No. 100222

This is the only reason why I want a smartphone is that damn app. (sorry ot)

No. 100242

I'm surprised she's posted that busted white bitch twice on her twitter.

No. 100256

Moon Kana is 33 and like a giant annoying ball of weeb attracting kawaii

No. 100258

What about Turning Girls?

No. 100289

>If anyone ever finds a cute manga about a Japanese woman in her late twenties/early thirties finding love and living the kawaii life despite being out of high school, please share it.

I don't know about "kawaii" but there is a lot of josei manga about women finding love in their 30s after never having really had it.

Nah, Tsukimi is 19. But everyone else she lives with is in their late 20s-30s.

No. 100300

Ah dang, so close. I coulda swore she was in her 20's…

No. 100313

I don't know, a lot of Josei isn't very kawaii desu~. They tend to be more mature and we all know PT is a pure loli-chan.

No. 100314

I would suggest Pochamani but she won't like it with the lead being a cute chubby girl.


No. 100316

No. 100332

No. 100343

File: 1431467033137.jpg (297.2 KB, 917x1042, Untitled-2.jpg)

No. 100345

This is lovely, but also pains me.

Glad you like them.

No. 100352

>"You're a grown adult working part-time! Why don't you do something productive for a change!"

No. 100362

What do you expect, she might have read all the anime section of tv tropes as far as we know.
This is what she's talking about.
She's almost 30, for Nippon standards she's already stale and nobody would like her… not too far from reality but meeh, we're not in fucking japan.

No. 100364

Is there subs for this?

No. 100368

On youtube, the creators did a nice work translating it, just enable the annotations.

No. 100369

*Captions, couldn't remember the word…

No. 100371

It's not even really a thing anymore though. It's so old fashioned. In Japan it's becoming pretty normal to get married after 30, if at all. Same as America.

No. 100372

Thank you~

No. 100373

But our PT doesn't know how shit works. Her Japanese animes are enough evidence to prove that nobody like obaa-sans!

No. 100400

Heres one thats dead on about pixy lol


No. 100454

I've never heard of this one, but I'm enjoying reading it SO much, so thanks for that!

No. 100483

Damnit, I check out the first pages of the manga and get sucked in immediately.

No. 100531

File: 1431476770838.jpg (111.69 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 100532

File: 1431476854431.jpg (86.58 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 100534

Pffft loos nothing like her.

No. 100541

File: 1431477446100.png (308.29 KB, 750x1334, New Canvas.png)

fixed it

No. 100552

10/10, I had a giggle

No. 100555

H anons, that was actually me who drew that lol. I know it looks nothing like her; that was the point. She seems sad lately, so I figured fuck it it'll probably make her happy.

No. 100557


That's kinda sweet of you. Nice work remembering to make her skinny and kawaii with small boobs so she wouldn't get mad

No. 100568

i want this.

No. 100571

>That drawing really made my delusional PT day! :)

Is she trolling us?

No. 100573

File: 1431479842873.jpg (72.23 KB, 700x525, 1369675586794.jpg)

No. 100574

that's really thoughtful anon

No. 100575

also a nice safe way to give her a gift, no sending her creepy flowers or gifts to her house or doing something else that other anons done.

No. 100577

she doesn't enjoy creepy flowers??

No. 100584

I just found it weird that she used "delusional". I know she has moments of sanity but that was still an odd word choice. But she's been writing a lot of odd things lately so…

No. 100596

where did she say delusional? am i retarded?

No. 100597

File: 1431482085574.png (24.32 KB, 645x322, xDZdgGh.png)

No. 100601

The best troll of them all.
God bless the Queen.

No. 100604

ah, didn't think to check twitter

No. 100637

File: 1431484400959.gif (674.43 KB, 267x200, jig.gif)

she drew those boobs 90% faster than she spent on the whole face

No. 100752

These PT videos actually make pretty good references for drawing.

No. 100765

No. 100768

File: 1431490453334.png (781.08 KB, 531x778, Untitled.png)

dropped image but WTF??

No. 100775

I don't think so, I remember seeing that (or pictures from it) before her waitress jobs.

No. 100779

i think we talked about that at least two threads ago.

No. 100803

where the hell is she? She keeps glancing over like she's trying not to get caught, did she just waltz into a restaurant in the morning and do this or what the fuck

No. 100812

IHOP, as clear by the bottle she's holding in her hands.
Pixy is weird but she's not fucking retarded, she wouldn't wear that to work.

No. 100816

This was talked about before and she brought that syrup herself.

No. 100821

Probably. She's always glancing around in 90% of these videos, it blows my mind that she does this shit in public.

No. 100855

oh shit, I stand corrected.

No. 100868

She has asked for permission to do shoots in cafes before; I remember her talking about it for a shoot in a blue maid outfit and she had polka dot nails and there was a really cute picture of her holding up cupcakes.

No. 100886

File: 1431501371273.jpg (33.74 KB, 591x262, 97545678.jpg)

No. 100891

No. 100897

Is this happening? It's so fcking late though, I have my final to study for D:

No. 100898

File: 1431504346355.png (585.67 KB, 575x572, grtgtr.png)

I can't get rid of the thought that this is how she portrays herself in her wet lolicon dreams

No. 100954

File: 1431528353852.gif (1.87 MB, 400x216, tumblr_na0exjLwRy1r3gb3zo1_400…)

I hate when people upload videos of their toddlers like that on youtube. Yes, is cute and innocent, but I wouldn't want a PT or a Pedo creeping on my kids.
Fuck off.

No. 100976


Arguing that people should be denied the ability to preserve familial memories because there may or may not be a pedo watching it is kinda dumb.

No. 100982

Don't you know we should all be living in fear, with every move made with the worst outcome in mind?

No. 100984

I dont think they meant it as a case of not being allowed to preserve memories. It's about posting them on public sites like youtube for anyone to see

In the end it is the parent's choice whether they post their kid anywhere online. Arguing about whether it is right or wrong all comes down to opinion.

No. 100986

I think anon means sharing the video publicly. You can preserve memories without uploading to YouTube ya know. I kinda agree. I remember a friend uplpaded a video of their little boys playing in the snow and there were creepers commenting on how "sexy" they were. Like wtf. Besides, who else would wanna watch stranger's children just playing?

No. 100988

Do you think PT feels freer having outed Rico and come back to livechats/twitter? Despite her vocal dislike of farmers, I can't help but feel that deep down she knows we're a more positive audience.
Been watching her and this community for a few years and the overall reception of her photos/videos has changed from venom to chuckling appreciation.

No. 100999

When and where are her live chats? Are they like, streams? Because that would be beyond amazing to see

No. 101003

Lately she's been posting tinychat links on twitter. You gotta be there at the right time…

No. 101089

Can we get a better name? I'm not comfortable with farmers.

No. 101094

are you triggered

No. 101097

File: 1431545510112.gif (100.36 KB, 266x400, 1416706721742.gif)

The best part is I was just telling my girlfriend I should have used triggered in my post, I actually "lol"ed when you responded with this.

No. 101104

I was considering whether or not to post this here at all but hey, I've decided not to get involved in this directly any more and because I don't trust this Rico guy as far as I could throw him, why the fuck not, I'll dump what I have.

Rico is actively monitoring lolcow (for Admin-kun, he's believed to be located within the city of Bath, UK, so if you can see any IP's connected to that area that's probably him).
Rico is the one that linked PT to lolcow in the Tinychat the other night.
I believe the reason Sarah made a new Twitter is because Rico made her shut down her old one and has gained control of it.
I also believe he has access to her Skype and used it to speak to me directly whilst pretending to be Sarah, which I fucking fell for and didn't realise until like half an hour later. I could be wrong on this but the communication I had prior made me extremely suspicious that it was him talking to me due to distinctly un-PT like behaviour.

From talking to him he's essentially told me that what he's doing he's only doing it to try and help or protect Sarah, which honestly I believe is bullshit. I think he's doing it to isolate her from people so he can fuck with her singularly.
I asked him why it was that Sarah said that she was afraid of Rico and that she believed that if she were to visit him he would kill her and he said that it was just her exaggerating.
I asked him, that if he really cared for her, why would he promise to marry her and keep her dangling on a string like that, he told me it's none of my business, but that he intended to visit her, travelling from the UK to Texas, which is plainly never going to happen.

This guy is fucking snakey as fuck and there's something really sinister about him.
I'll screencap our conversation and dump it here from my phone.

No. 101107

File: 1431546390696.gif (495.62 KB, 300x247, tumblr_inline_n037xozXhx1rpl7t…)

Pretty sure we've all established and agreed he's sketchy as fuck and an absolute slime, but this might be interesting.

No. 101110

File: 1431546460625.jpg (26.44 KB, 500x619, 529005_383172861748319_1089773…)

Caps would be great.
But yeah we all knew Rico was a fucking sleazy asshole.

No. 101111

File: 1431546461565.png (229.85 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-05-13-20-43-57…)

Aha, now isn't that convenient.
I don't usually use Kik but u just signed into the app and almost the entire convo is gone. Idk if this is normal for Kik but this is all that's left, but it doesn't really matter because it was a boring convo anyway.

At any rate I don't believe any of what he says.
A guy that plans to visit/marry PT won't publicise his full name to her, show her his full face in photos and frightens her? Yeah, okay Rico, sounds legit.

No. 101112


Also the bit that says "My Name" is literally his Kik name, and this is the app he uses to talk to PT through. Suspicious as fuck.

No. 101113

a strange man is catfishing our queen!!! D:

No. 101114

> not blackmailing her
Okay, then why the fuck is she so afraid of some guy in the UK?

No. 101116


He basically said she was imagining it or exaggerating it. Dodged a lot of my questions and just kept repeatedly reiterating that he was only trying to protect her.

He also lurks actively those other Kiwi forums that I've personally never visited.

For somebody that's only trying to protect her he spends a frightening amount of time monitoring her and all the evnts around her. Like, way more time than the average lolcow user.

No. 101118

If I remember correctly, he's been in contact with PT for at least two or three years now, possibly longer, and back when I used to talk with PT on Skype (before I was blocked, of course) she said he'd been promising to come visit her for over a year. There's no way in hell he isn't just leading her on and using her for personal lulz. Sick fuck.

No. 101119

he could be, but the child thing is bullshit and the faggot that accused it said that you have to be a fucking idiot to believe it
so whatever it is i dont think its illegal, probably just wayyy more embarrasing that pixy is used to

No. 101121

Oh I don't doubt he's blackmailing her, I was attempting sarcasm. I have no doubt he's full of shit.

No. 101128

This s weird as fuck.

No. 101132

File: 1431548215011.jpg (63.13 KB, 960x540, 1431547790410.jpg)

Also, to expand on why I believe it was Rico logged in on her Skype account, I had used the exact same name for Skype as I had Kik, and after speaking to Rico through Kik I decided I was going to log in to Skype and earn PT, to which I was met with what seemed like an angry PT repeating back to me some of the exact same things is said to Rico.

At first I thought, "Okay, Rico just linked PT to our convo", so I went ahead and warned PT about Rico, tried to tell her not to trust him, that I knew he was blackmailing her etc., but what was weird was that normally with PT she'd just instantly block you right? Here she actually just say and watched me type and read everything I typed. So then I logged back into Kik to engage with Rico and he immediately started repeating back to me what if just typed to PT's Skype.

After I argued with him for a bit I went to PT's Twitter to see if there was any mention of what has just happened and my account was not blocked, she was still following me and was Tweeting happily away as if nothing had happened.

It legit seems like Rico is controlling every facet of her life.

No. 101133


login to Skype and warn PT*

But yeah, I'm almost positive I was speaking to Rico in both instances and that for some reason he wanted to prevent me from speaking to her directly.

No. 101142

How did you end up getting through to him?

No. 101146


I added him through his Kik: Rucomac

At first he was suspicious as fuck, asking me who I was and what I wanted, then obviously it clicked and he said that he didn't know how I managed to get his username off of PT but he had no intention of talking about PT nor himself with me.
Evidently he only uses that Kik account for PT-related purposes.

I feel kind of bad because afterwards he must have given PT a right bollocking/threatened her some more for giving me his Kik username.

No. 101151

File: 1431549003483.png (328.91 KB, 724x423, evil woman.png)

this manga

No. 101152

Dude I just read that part, too, haha! This thing is great.

No. 101154

File: 1431549236036.png (142.35 KB, 238x535, jelly.png)

No. 101163

ok rico seriously sounds like a control freak creepy stalker and if sarah really is afraid of him then i believe she is right to be. there is definitely something wrong with his behavior. i hope she never attempts to go visit him because i wouldn't be surprised if he prevented her from leaving once he got her in his clutches. i legit have a bad feeling about everything i've heard about him

No. 101167


The fact that it really did seem to be him intercepting me on Skype so that I wasn't able to talk to PT directly is what really threw up some red flags for me.

He definitely has something on her but I can't think of what. I know PT does has a tendency to exaggerate but for her to have disappeared for as long as she did, it really does sound like she's afraid of him.

No. 101171

i dont think he has anything on her for real, i think whatever hold he has is something he's manipulated / brainwashed /mindfucked her into believing. that's like saying women who are being abused by their husbands / boyfriends have done something to deserve it and thats why they are afraid to leave them. yeah sure rico has never been in physical contact with pt, but that doesn't mean he doesn't control her emotionally and mentally

No. 101172

I think he probably has threatened her, but I also think she probably secretly likes the idea of big, strong, mean onii-sama punishing her for her unruly behaviour and has worked up herself up over it and convinced herself he's more "dangerous" than he actually is.

No. 101175

It can't be something too bad since PT did talk and send pictures to other people during the time she was talking to Rico.

But I feel like what >>101171 said. He is using PT's dumbness against her. PT has a history of oer exaggerating and falling for the dumbest lies and He is DEFINITIVELY manipulating her for what ever reason he has.

That's seriously what I find so god damn fucked up about this rico guy, it doesn't seem like he is doing this for the 'lulz' or because he likes her or even finds her attractive. It feels like he just likes having control over her.

No. 101179


I just think he's a neckbeard edgelord that thinks it's cool to have a mentally unstable woman catering to his whim because he's an autist irl. I don't think he's dangerous, just knows Sarah well enough to exploit her weaknesses (promise of marriage, blackmail of something "so bad", etc).

No. 101183


>it can't be something too bad since PT did talk and send pictures to other people during the time she was talking to Rico

To be fair we do also know that PT is phenomenally stupid.

No. 101192

You know what's odd? Her userpic on the picture provided by you looks different than the userpic I saw on her Skype profile (@pixyteri) recently (she has set that Rukia fan art as her new userpic). What is her username on there? Who did you talk to?

Is it possible that this "Sarah" is actually Rico? And that's why "she" knew about your conversation with him?

No. 101196

File: 1431551864293.jpg (48.89 KB, 693x425, asdsadd.jpg)


The screenshot was taken last night, but I just looked now and it is this now.

Also I'm still not blocked.
If that was really PT I was talking to I would be hella blocked by now.

No. 101223

What can we do to help her get away from Rico?

No. 101232


Have you considered PMing PT on twitter with the cap from your conversation with her skype name (when you think it was Rico)?

There's no way she would be cool with him pretending to be her on Skype, right?

No. 101234


Or maybe just try Skyping with her again (hopefully when it's her and not Rico)?

No. 101387

File: 1431564387932.png (133.05 KB, 1162x850, why.png)

ugh, she was gonna start a chat but someone told her she had big boobs and now there is no new content 1:Y

No. 101391

On twitter?

My bet it's Brit fag under a troll account.

No. 101393

He's actually quite attractive, would date mPT.

But PT wants kawaii Japanese flowers, not baka Western ones.

I'm so glad she's back, I can't wait for her birthday meltdown. I'm so happy.

No. 101397

This, I think he's trying to play up how edgy and dangerous he is and PT fell for it. He likely doesn't have anything really good on her the way some have implied (re: the PT being a pedo thing which is bullshit). If he has really wormed his way into her life and her accounts the way he seems to then she has plenty of reason to be nervous just with that.

Maybe I'm not understanding the situation as a whole, but is she moving away from him at this point?

No. 101398

File: 1431565376528.png (302.55 KB, 724x669, NO.png)

she linked tinychat and said for people to go on and i guess someone said she had big boobs and she got all upset and went "no chat!!!1"
we could have had something here, if it is britfag, someone needs to tell him he is a shitty troll and should just give up

No. 101400

Yeah, it seems fairly obvious, especially because it was such a pointed thing she is insecure about.

Anyone want to console her and tell her we want to see her?

No. 101404

I think she'll come around. She likes the attention.

No. 101409

its funny how he calls everyone here weens, yet has to be the weeniest "troll" i have ever seen
yeah, pixy only makes good content when people arent straight up trolling\mocking her in front of her face. hope she eventually comes back around

No. 101412

Watch it be something stupid as fuck like she took a picture of her sticking her mom's toothbrush up her ass and he's threatening to show her mom.

No. 101414

I sometimes feel like I am the only one who genuinely kind of likes PT. Like, she's not a good person, her cosplays are usually not great, etc etc, but like….idk man. I kinda like her.

No. 101415

I feel the same way

No. 101416

Idk I like her in her tinychats and think her voice is p cute, and really she seems to be pretty happy and consequently nicer since she came back

No. 101419

i think its the confidence and the fact that every time the internet mocks and pushes her down, she still manages to keep at it. she is fucking persistent on dressing like a loli, despite being older now and still constantly shows her cosplays and pictures online yet it being featured on numerous bad-cosplay blogs\message boards ect
its kind of inspiring how little she actually gives a fuck. if it were any of us im sure we wouldnt ever show our face online again (i know i wouldnt)

No. 101421

The PT Lyfe

No fucks given.

toddler punch

No. 101582

guys…just because pt kind of want to be a kid and stuff doesn't make her any less of a pedo. she might not be exclusively pedo but she certainly is in some ways. for me chicks like her and those tumblr girls with creepy nymphet blogs are female pedos. male and female sexuality works differently in many ways so i don't think i'm far off with my assumption.

No. 101586

oh and please don't misunderstand! i'm not saying she's a child molestor or views cp or anything!

No. 101617

it was a premium tinychat member under the name of smth like "imbritish"

No. 101640

File: 1431594375728.png (315.23 KB, 1063x509, Untitled.png)


No. 101651

Why doesn't she just move out?She could get a housemate andd everything

No. 101652

> i'm not saying she's a child molestor or views cp or anything!
>calls her a pedo
A paedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to young children. The porn of choice they would view would have children in it.

Pixy sees herself in the child role and wants a stronger, mature man to take control. She wants to be the submissive one in the relationship, someone to look after her, care for her and make the bad things go away.

Studies have been done into the cult of celebrity and have found that females were fans of female celebrities because they wanted to be like them. Men were fans of female celebrities because they wanted to fuck them. I think this can also be applied to female nymphet bloggers.

No. 101659

because she would have to grow up and pay bills.

No. 101667


That doesn't make any sense and you sound like a preteen.

No. 101679

File: 1431609749638.jpg (67.64 KB, 625x346, a74.jpg)

I really doubt anyone would be able to put up with her shit other than her parents. She's lost so many friends over the years, I can't imagine how it would be living with her.

No. 101692

File: 1431611703696.jpg (72.47 KB, 1023x793, CEYkF1bUEAAeMHl.jpg)


I don't know about the rest of you but years ago I personally saw her post to her Tumblr mentioning that she's into lolicon.

Even it's because she was to be in the role of the child that's still pedophilia as she's getting off to the fantasy of her child version getting fucked by an adult.

No. 101696

thanks anon. i was starting to feel alone with this. i feel like it's a controversial opinion to have, thinking that women who imagine themselves in the role of the child mostly in a context like this are pedos, too. to me this is largely what female pedophilia is. i assume many male pedos like the thought of being a little boy themselves, which would make their feelings ok and all that. for women it just tends be focused inside/on themselves and for men it seems to be more about the object of their desire. i don't think this is about gender roles so much as it is about natural differences in the psyche of men and women.

tl/dr? sorry. i'm just rambling maybe. I just think the subject of female pedophilia (psychology is general) is interesting.

No. 101697


If you think this stuff is interesting, you should try trading about it somewhere credible instead of spewing baseless nonsense.

No. 101704

i don't understand why this makes you so angry. it's not baseless either but tbh, i don't really think citing any sources on a site like this is a great way to spend my time. why can't i theorize a little, it's not like this is unrelated to the subject, which is our queen who obviously has some issues in that regard.

No. 101708


It is pretty interesting and it's not explored anywhere near as much as it needs to be and I believe that's due to the fact that it's natural in present human society for females to be socialised into submission whilst exuding childlike tendencies such as fragility, innocence, purity and helplessness where around men.

A good example being, you go to /r9k/ and most of the men complaining about how there aren't any good women left any more and you ask them to describe their ideal woman, the majority of the time they basically go on to describe a child.

No. 101709


Because what you say is stupid and poorly thought out and has no basis in any psychology and you are accusing a demented woman we all stalk of being a pedophile simply because she can't grow up. Also, your ideas about men and women pedophiles are completely absurd and make it clear you've never even taken high school psych.

We are here for Pt, not your retarded opinions on sexuality.

No. 101710

absolutely. that's at the core of it.

No. 101711

File: 1431614480979.jpg (146.56 KB, 800x1204, CE7azoZVEAAFl6W.jpg)

is it just me who thinks she looks quite nice in this picture?


No. 101712

That women are infantilized and expected to be childishly pure and obedient is one thing, as is women - as a reflection of this culture - taking on that role and turning it into a fetish. Pedophilia is however different. It would still imply that a woman is attracted to children, not that she wishes to be treated as one.

It is true that due to these social roles even pedophilia manifests differently (not always, but often enough) in women, but that entails the sick woman in question letting the child be abused by a male proxy and deriving pleasure for it. So, yeah, you guys are making extremely baseless hypothesis.

PT has simply been led to doubt herself and her abilities to provide for herself and reach her goals; this with the stereotypical gender roles that Debbie drilled into her head led her to find a 'safe' space in the idea that if she finds a man who can provide for her she'll be okay. Stop trying to make her into some sort of pedo.

No. 101714

anon, i'll drop the subject here because it's clearly not worth it. btw, i'm not accusing her of anything, she's into ageplay or whatever and is obviously looking at children in a slightly fucked up way (even if it's because she doesn't want to grow up). i find it creepy and i'm wondering what's up with that and why that kind of thing seems to be quite common in women, whilst men seem to be more agressive/outward focused in their sexuality. pt obviously has internalised some very conservative gender roles which has got a lot to do with all that stuff.

No. 101715

Not really, female pedophillia usually is when they touch and want to touch children. Just because they don't have a dick doesn't mean they are incapable of being sexual predators. When I was a kid I was… Yeah. And it was disgusting. Seeing yourself as the
Child isn't "female pedophillia" female pedophillia is the same as normal pedophillia. Just with women

No. 101720

you're making good points, too. i don't want to figh anon, i just thought it might be an interesting discussion. i still think that those fetishes are pedophilic in nature. i'm aware of the fact that there are women who actually focus on children in a predatory way which pt obviously isn't. she can have her fetishes like anybody else, even if they're creepy, let's leave it at that. she's not going to harm anyone but herself, i'd say.

No. 101722


No, we're accusing a demented woman of being a pedo because she's openly stated that she's into lolicon and gets a kick out of running around her town with a camera recording herself spanking herself in children's play parks whilst dressed as a Japanese kindergarter.

There's plenty of basis for this in ALL forms of psychology.

I don't think anybody here has actually seen this specific video yet, but of all the ones uploaded to her Dropbox, this was the one that unnerved me the most and basically cemented for me that she does indeed possess paedophilia fantasies.


No. 101723

This is like saying that people with the fetish of rape are rapists

No. 101726

nope, false logic here. pedos don't necessarily act out their fantasies while actual rapists do.

No. 101729

not sure who you are replying to but people with a rape fetish are people with a rape fetish and pedophiles are pedophiles. pedophiles are not rapists just as being gay doesn't mean having anal sex.

No. 101730

Stop being a faggot and getting off topic

No. 101733


Except the diagnosis for pedophilia is based on the subjects sexual orientation and primary fantasies. You can be a pedo without actually attacking a child, but you can't be a rapist unless you rape somebody.

No. 101734

People who want to rape don't always act on it, same as pedos
by your logic
keep shooting yourself in the foot and getting off topic

No. 101736

File: 1431616126728.jpg (193.3 KB, 801x1204, image.jpg)

poor venus shoop

No. 101737

Stop being a faggot and getting off topic
this isn't a pedophile thread, this is a pixy thread
and calling her pedo is silly because because she doesn't have a sexual orientation toward kids, she wants to be the kid. If your a straight trans, it doesn't mean you have a sexual orientation towards the gender you used to be

No. 101738

Fuck, I worded that wrong, if you are transitioned to a girl and you like guys, that doesn't make you a lesbian

No. 101740


No. 101742

This makes no sense. Seems like PT fans are very much stoops.

No. 101766


>people who want to rape don't always act on it, same as pedos

If you don't act on it then you're not a rapist.
You don't have to act on your impulses to be a pedo. It's technically an orientation.

No. 101768


I don't know why you're trying to compare transgender people and pedophilia. They have zero correlation and make for a very foolish attempt at an argument.

No. 101784

A correlation doesn't have to be present between two things for someone to make a simile out of them. That's kind of the point of them.

No. 101786

The original point was that people who have rape fetishes/fantasies are not necessarily rapists/don't necessarily want to be raped, just because that's what they like to imagine. Just because PT has pedophilia related fantasies doesn't mean she's a pedophile.

Women who have rape fantasies where they are the victim don't want to actually be raped. They're getting off on the idea of a man desiring them so much that they can't control themselves, and they have to surrender.

PT is getting off on the idea that she is a helpless, innocent child/victim, who can't help that men are so attracted to her purity. I'm guessing because it is the exact opposite of her reality; it is a fantasy, a way to escape.

Not to mention her favorite thing (Japan) pushes that narrative a LOT, that the ideal object of desire is basically a child.

No. 101787

can you all stfu and take this discussion to /b/ because i don't want to have to wade through a bunch of expert internet psychologists debating what is or is not pedophilia.

No. 101793


No. 101794

It's no use arguing with stupid, anon

No. 101796

File: 1431622530768.png (1.79 MB, 1260x857, ptcar.png)

Alright let's get back to the point, then - wtf happened to PT and her car?? Did she flip it into a ditch???

No. 101799

Do you even read published academic studies instead of pop psychology internet blogs? This subject has been explored to death. Even undergrads know how to search their schools' peer-reviewed journals. This is literally every other article in some of the journals I subscribe to. And btw, you.are.wrong. Cute that you're trying to form opinions, but look at some data instead of trying to form your opinions based on your personal logic structure. Get some real sources. Hell, even NPR has an entire podcast regarding habits and case history of pedophiles.

"This is interesting and not explore anywhere near as much as it needs to be…" is a great way to start a high school argumentative essay, but it'll make you sound like a retard on the internets.

No. 101801

Ugh, used the word "literally." I suck.


No. 101802


No. 101804

k i'm a retard and i don't know hot to crosslink but anyway i made you guys a new thread on /b/ to discuss your pedo theories. take it over there.

No. 101806

File: 1431623321148.png (157.5 KB, 1038x1302, for the morons.png)

Spelling it out for the idiots that can't tell the difference.

No. 101810

Good. Done. PT is an ageplayer, not a pedophile.

Moving on, I tried to ask her what happened re: her car on twitter, but no replies, yet…

No. 101811

It looks like she did flip it.

Hope she's OK. I think we will know soon enough.

No. 101812

I wish someone post the video from her tinychat room.

No. 101817

She got into an accident before this one too. Is she taping herself or using a vibrator while driving? My poor Queen is probably scared to death.

No. 101822

Probably both at the same time…

No. 101823

Ugh. Thanks to you, I imagined scared PT running out of the car bottomless, with a dildo sticking out of her smelly vag.

No. 101825


Jeez how many times is it that she's crashed her car now?

No. 101834


>cute that you're trying to form opinions

Everything on this is just a collective of varying opinions, sweety.

No. 101837


No. 101845

File: 1431627405841.jpg (63.71 KB, 600x402, 202587408_Z4Jge-M.jpg)

Its looks more like she just went mud bogging to be honest.

No. 101854

It does! I think she's over reacting. It looks like she tried to drive through a deep mud pile and the splash covered her car. She's dirty because our brilliant queen either had the window down when she did it or tried to wipe some of the mud off afterwards. She's not dirty in a way that suggests she had to get out and push.

No. 101860

Expert opinions in the field and faggots on the internet are two different things, retard. Go queef your idiot ideas about pedos in /b/.

Someone suggest a tiny chat tonight on twitter and we can talk about her terrifying experience.

No. 101867

File: 1431629126048.jpg (184.73 KB, 580x385, p490357517-3.jpg)

Yeah im thinking she got some of it on herself from getting out of her car, cause if she had to push it she might have died. We all know she's too fragile to do any heavy lifting besides her body.

No. 101869

that car obviously has not been flipped, there is no damage. looks more like she wasn't paying attention and drove into a muddy ditch, perhaps it got stuck and she had to push it, hence the mud on her legs

No. 101870

doesnt she have the sense to like… hose off her feet before getting into the house and walking around on carpet with feet that dirty? i'd never walk into my house like that wtf

No. 101873

it looks like it is dried on her feet and hands. And the other pictures show her sitting in the back seat of the car? So maybe her parents had to come and help her get the car out the mud and her parents where just probably bitching at her while she cry twittered in the back seat about getting mud on her arms and feet.

No. 101874

I hope she didn't ruin any of her pretty kawaii outfits.

No. 101876

Pixy Teri @pixy_teri · 7m 7 minutes ago
I know a man who should be washing my car right now for me hand and foot with a paper towel. Instead, I'm left alone with a ruined car.

who do you think she is talking about? this def can't be britfags fault right?

No. 101879

File: 1431630237430.png (24.44 KB, 587x362, ptcar.png)

Jesus fuck, no one called PT a pedo until those two edgebeard trolls came along in SR. Fuck off with that bullshit, you people who scream PT IS A PEDO!! are almost as bad as those who believe she's a child molester.

It makes me think that someone (that guy she'd been seeing maybe?) was driving her in her car and got it stuck in the mud and just left her to deal with the mess. Maybe he asked her to help push too.

No. 101882

She mentioned in another tweet that it happened because she was "too trusting". Think somebody gave her bad directions?

No. 101884

I get why she would be pissed if someone else did that to her car, but come on it's not hard to pick up a hose and spray the bitch off.

No. 101885

ok so she said last night she got her car stuck in the mud but the muddy car pics where posted 2-3 hours ago, around 7-8 am she started tweeting in japanese about her car and money and she did tweet like 3 tweets inbetween her editing her photos so what the fuck happen in that short amount of time.

No. 101887

Or she trusted someone else to drive her car.

I assume she went out last night, the car thing happened, got bitched at at home, cried her kokoro out, and just posted the pictures today.

No. 101889

If it happened in the evening, chances are you couldn't see how filthy it was so she waited for daylight to take the photos.

No. 101892

I think you might be right about her taking some of the pictures at night, her hands and feet pictures look like they where taken with flash at night since the shadows change angles dramatically in each photo. I wonder why she took the muddy hands photos in the back seat instead of the drivers seat.

No. 101893

Something that strikes me as odd, is that there aren't any clear shoe marks. If she was wearing shoes, her feet wouldn't be this dirty, and if she was wearing sandals wouldn't there be more pronounced lines?

No. 101896

I don't think so mud finds away to get under and around shoes and shit or maybe she took off her kawaii shoes so they wouldn't get dirty.

No. 101897

Mud bogging anon.
If she had on flip flops/sandals on it would be like she was bare foot.
My guess is she had to get out of the car and push maybe.

No. 101899

ok so she said she got mud on the inside of her car

>Pixy Teri @pixy_teri · 3m 3 minutes ago

$74 for car wash of the incredibly muddy interior

>Pixy Teri @pixy_teri · 4m 4 minutes ago

Walking to the mall now it'll take 1.5 hrs to wash my car

No. 101900

Can't someone just straight up ask her what happened? Or would she get mad and block you for unknown reasons?

No. 101902

I tried, but she never replied…

No. 101903

Like 4 people have and she keeps being vague about it.

No. 101912


カシー ‏@AwkwardChawn 8m8 minutes ago
@pixy_teri 大丈夫ですか? :c ピクシテリちゃんはすばらしいよ!

@AwkwardChawn 大丈夫ない。私は憤ろしい。


No. 101915

watashi wa dame - I (am) useless (she left out the verb for "to be" / am)

The other user says, "Daijoubu desu ka?" Are you okay? "Pikushiterichan wa subarashii yo!" Pixyterichan (is) wonderful!"

No. 101921

File: 1431633604705.png (420.17 KB, 640x1241, Untitlecsdchgsd-1.png)

No. 101922

ugh bitch stop tap dancing around what happen, I wish she would JUST SAY WHAT HAPPEN.

No. 101924

Its just fucking mud.
JFC she's acting like she hit someone with her car and can't get the fucking blood off.

No. 101925

INB4 Rico flew to Texas overnight and tried to run her off the road.

No. 101926

File: 1431634077245.png (519.69 KB, 760x436, 1345935300711.png)

No. 101927

Seriously! It's not like her car is even damaged, just dirty. Sounds like it was her fault (or whoever was driving) for driving into a muddy ravine… if it was someone else driving they should really pay, right? So it was probably her.

No. 101945

File: 1431636611868.gif (504.87 KB, 500x258, 2487924897554.gif)

Ugh, I hate that Rico creep. I wish he wasn't lurking around this board so I could tell what I know. If only there was a place to talk without knowing that Rico is around and reads everything we say. Fucking hate him.

No. 101947


Oh no, accomplishing something manually, through your own manpower, without the aid of technology.

How terrible.

No. 101949


The only solution I can think of would be for Admin-kun to get involved and ban his IP from even being able to open the site. We know he's in Bath, UK, it couldn't be that hard to pick it out of a visitor list.

Actually I don't know why they haven't gotten involved. Don't we have a rule not to directly interfere in the lives of cows? And Britfag is essentially lurking here and reporting back to PT. He needs to be banned from accessing the site fullstop.

No. 101950


Also, I want to know what you know.
Why not make a Skype group or a TC?

No. 101951

That doesn't make any fucking sense.

No. 101952

It's because she doesn't want to pay rent or for bills. She explicitly said this in one of her tiny hats years ago.

No. 101953


No. 101955

What DO you know?

No. 101958

File: 1431637758817.jpg (83.35 KB, 592x333, image.jpg)

Hey Rico if you're reading this please tell us what happen!!!!

Ps glad cancer didn't kill you

Long story short: Rico according to Sarah convinced her at one point, he had cancer and obviously he made a miraculous recovery!

No. 101962

Rico sounds like he has potential to be a bigger cow than PT. Maybe we should start an all out hunt for him.

No. 101963

What if admin is Rico. lol jk

No. 101966


>Rico if you're reading this please tell us what happen!

Fuck man don't fraternise with the enemy.

Also how did you know this.

No. 101967

I wish she would do this.

No. 101969

File: 1431638747440.jpg (12.99 KB, 250x223, 1345498734528.jpg)

Some anons tried to "hunt" him down on SR, and out of the blue here came two faggots who "knew" Rico suave and started to call PT a pedo.

I'm sure it's not that hard to track him down.but it would take time and we would have to keep it off this board.

No. 101970

>>ban his IP
He can always find another way to check the board, maybe not that often, but still. His goddamn mobile device, internet cafe, friend's PC, anything.

No. 101971

I believe we need to stop giving him attention. Obviously he enjoys it. Seriously, who the hell cares about this faggot?

No. 101974

Don't get me wrong, I'm not this kind of mysterious Anon who have to keep a terrible secret which would create a huge drama on the board or something, I just have this intolerable itch of knowing some additional details about what's happening in PT's life (just to bring the discussion on more extended level), but being afraid of telling anything.
A skype chat doesn't sound bad, but we'll need to prove our identities and stuff to be sure none of us is goddamn Rico.

No. 101977

File: 1431639537809.jpg (43.13 KB, 625x416, 532936513719789e64bea9c19bbd62…)

Only the front half is dirty, looks she drove into a muddy ditch, and when she got out she got mud on herself.

There, class closed.

No. 101982

She seems to get in a lock of car related problems, like she totaled her last car but didn't she also get in a few crashes?

She was probably looking at her cell, getting shitty directions and went off course in the rain since I think that part of Texas is getting bad weather.

It's probably completely her fault but she's shifting blame to whoever was with her. (Curious who it might be though)

No. 101985

Prob Avengers movie dude.

No. 101988

I forced myself to watch it til the end…
I feel sick now.

No. 101993

File: 1431641572419.jpg (121.54 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

This is all I got from her.

No. 101996

Fucking christ did she even look around for pricing.

Its just mud. Its not that hard to clean off, yet alone get it detailed. It should cost max for a carwash and detail 60-70 bucks.

Ugh her reckless spending always pisses me off.

No. 101997

Sketchy as fuck. Damn, just tell us already PT!!

No. 101998

$235 to wash a car. . .?
Don't they have a fucking hose and some soap?

No. 102003

>$235 in debt to father
>being this poor at her age

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

No. 102004

We're talking about PT here, she always chooses the hard/expensive/dramatic way for everything.
Poor Queenie.

No. 102024

She might have got some mud inside too. She got it on her feet somehow, and then she would have gotten in the car to get home again. We don't even know what happened, so it could have been anything.

No. 102026

File: 1431645569114.jpg (235.96 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 102027

File: 1431645608952.jpg (144.51 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

No. 102029

File: 1431645740808.jpg (20.68 KB, 340x340, Oh my sides _7cd68fd68a320801a…)

Kek, the queen working hard.

No. 102035


Yeah but it would enormously hinder him if he had to walk out to a library or a cafe every time he wants to check lolcow, and then Admin-kun could systematically start banning those too every time they accessed lolcow.

No. 102036


I am down for coming on camera to prove who I am.

Just say the word and I'm cool to jump on a TC whenever.

No. 102037

On Twitter she called the interior "Incredibly muddy". I hope she doesn't waste money on the exterior. Seems like a waste when it can be washed off manually for free.

No. 102038

I wonder if she had sex in the back and that's how it got all muddy.

No. 102039

actually, she had to have her car towed out from being stuck. I spoke with her on twitter earlier about this. She got the thing stuck pretty bad. I wouldn't be surprised if she flooded the cab even (Texas has been badly flooded the past week).

No. 102041

I'm not buying any of that stinky stretched out brand. NOPE.

No. 102042

I am so down for that.

No. 102043

It is muddy as fuck in Victoria right now. Its been raining off an on for a few weeks.

No. 102054

>$250 debt
>debt hell
>doesn't have to pay any bills
>meanwhile I'm $20k in debt because school
>fucking PT

No. 102055

Also thats why you don't quit your fucking job because some people are "mean"

No. 102073

She was thousands in debt a couple of years ago and you can bet your ass she hasn't paid any of it off and owes even more now. That was before she totalled her other car, too.

No. 102087

File: 1431655606407.jpg (235.06 KB, 750x1200, hm-shiki_princess_v001_ch001_p…)

The queen jumped into my mind once I started to read this.


No. 102091

File: 1431657398163.jpg (76.57 KB, 750x600, weeaboo.jpg)

like i said i used to be friends with sarah, and she told me this before but this was like 3-4 years ago, yea rico has been in her head….i mean life for a long ass time.
she use to call him doctor who

No. 102093

Why has nobody stepped in and tell her that she is too good for him???
Like what the fuck.

No. 102097

File: 1431657832247.jpg (48.42 KB, 200x343, notaCOOLPOPPA.jpg)

is britfag STILL pushing this pedo bullshit
we aint falling for it again after he went on 8chan and joked about how pathetic we are for believing his serious allegation

No. 102100

Of course he is. If some dumbass does believe him, he probably hopes they'll contact her family or the police and then she'd really be off the internet for a long time. Even though there no proof supporting the allegation, he knows PT's parents will likely freak and go full lumberjack on her internet.

He truly is a sad little man.

No. 102105

how can someone try so hard, yet fail so much at trolling?
what a ween

No. 102124

It's simple, we kill the brittfag.

Perhaps he'd like a nice doxxing for all the drought he's brought upon us?

No. 102138

I hope Rico falls down the stairs soon.

No. 102151

Yes kill the fucker, or doxx his sorry bitch ass.

No. 102157


No. 102164

calm down edgelords

No. 102173


It was a Batman reference.

No. 102369

File: 1431702629566.gif (1.74 MB, 300x290, 1378950356565.gif)

God damn… She could go to the 99 cent store and buy everything to clean that car. She could clean it herself since she doesn't have anything better to do.
Her bitching and self pity pisses me off. How could an adult be so entitled with out accomplishing anything?

No. 102375

>wants something
>doesn't get it
>tard rage

Remember how they say that fat people are the happiest? I actually think fat people are the most inclined to irrationally lash out at people and get angry over things more than normal people. Like have you met someone similar to pixyteri in body who hasn't been a total angry asshole?

No. 102377

me. though my body disgusts me so much with added social anxiety, people don't really see me much.

No. 102388

I have, but she was a retired schoolteacher with children and grandchildren so I think her body was just "squishy granny" mode.

No. 102459


I remember once she tweeted about almost getting into an accident, and then said "don't text and drive!"

PT confirmed for being worst driver.

Does she not keep a blanket in her car in case she gets dirty so like she can put it on the seat and keep the car from getting dirty? She keeps all sorts of other bullshit in her car.

No. 102497

she's in tinychat right now


No. 102521

File: 1431724755641.png (398.85 KB, 651x485, Untitled.png)

get in here y'all

No. 102522


No. 102527

File: 1431725138840.jpg (44.38 KB, 790x507, pidgeonbread.jpg)

> when was the last time you showered?

can you BE anymore obvious!? jesus christ.

No. 102532

STOP RUINING THIS which one of you fuckers asked this, blowin our cover

No. 102536

it's not 'blowin out cover', no one wants to talk to assholes! it's not confusing.

No. 102537

If you say something like that she might end the tinychat
and then we'll have people baawing that it's over

No. 102538

Yeah, be fucking nice. Show some respect. This is the Queen we're talking to.

No. 102540


see >>102536

No. 102541

SHES LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 102544

Which dick head linked the forum? >:(

No. 102545

>I like that Yoruichi seems paler. I'm evil(live action Bleach thingy)
>Cute but eeew red hair (in response to gekkan shoujo)
This is great

No. 102546

Probably Rico

No. 102548

stop trying to be edgy trolls in the tinychat ur gonna ruin it for everyone

No. 102549

??? I'm in the chat right now, no one's linked to the forum or done anything but kiss her ass

No. 102550

Someone needs to ask the Queen to ban them from the chat.

No. 102552

Scroll up a little, someone linked to lolcow

No. 102555

~*RICO*~ trying to gaslight the Queen.

No. 102556

File: 1431726728181.png (50.36 KB, 258x584, ayyy.png)

This is all I see. What'd I miss?

No. 102557

It dosen't seem to be Rico…or is he trying to seem like he's defending Pixy ?

No. 102558

it's been linked twice now retard

No. 102559

Fuck, nevermind.

I made that post before crippledickmidget started shitting things up. Fuck off.

No. 102564

lmao @ the "its a virus" damage control

No. 102568

i know it's retarded, but i gotta think something

No. 102569

Gotta love how everyone tried to protect the board

No. 102570

File: 1431727192420.png (7.76 KB, 229x47, 536e2956d0053c9b4c663dfa3d098e…)

this salty fag lmao

No. 102572

I doubt there's any rivalry between us and kiwi. I still think it's Rico trying shit and blaming kiwi.

No. 102573

Midget dick indeed

No. 102574


No. 102576

It's Rico. He wants PT to be insecure and think that he's the only one she can trust. He's a creep.

No. 102577

Putting up your 3 inch dick sure shows all of us!!!!!!!!!
I bet he likes the attention, he's probably one of those faggots that likes being told how small he is

No. 102578

can someone brief me on who the fuck rico is

No. 102579

so that's his dick then?

No. 102580

Must be

No. 102581

looked like a spic and rico is a bean name so maybe???

No. 102582

Britfag. Catch up.

No. 102583

did anyone cap when he had his face on cam earlier?

No. 102584

No one capped the dick? Disappoint

No. 102585

No but i'd recognize him
short curly black or brown hair
brown skin fat nose

No. 102587

It all happened so fast

No. 102588


It's Rico.
He's desperate to get PT away from us, offline so he can fuck with her exclusively.

No. 102589

And tiny granny lips

No. 102591

Al you have to do is press one button

No. 102592

i thought britfag was her "boyfriend" no?

No. 102593


More like her abuser tbh

No. 102594

File: 1431728017426.png (259.17 KB, 670x527, nuts.png)

don't worry

No. 102597

You are our priest and savior, anon

No. 102598

>>102592 He just takes advantage of Pixyteri by making her think she's all alone and he's the only one she has

No. 102599

Holy fuck, it really is tiny. The girth fooled me for a sec. Bet he's a manlet, too.
Literal crippled dick midget.

No. 102600

i thought britfag was some fat white kid

No. 102601

That plush has my exact reaction

No. 102602


No. 102604

She's actually adorable.

No. 102606

of course, this is the queen we're talking about

No. 102607

File: 1431728422817.png (323.92 KB, 1017x542, Queen.png)

Look at our queen smiling and laughing

No. 102608

No one actually knows what Britfag looks like, and PT says she's only ever see pictures of him with sunglasses on. He's an abusive, manipulative, catfishing troll.

No. 102609

Britfag is back too

No. 102611

File: 1431728535605.png (222.59 KB, 741x279, happy queen.png)

I love her smile

No. 102612

I see, thanks for educating my dumbass
damn, is there info on him in one of the threads because I've never heard about him.
I thought it was that one guy on facebook who would post pictures of girls, and pixy would say "ew"

No. 102613


No. 102614

My "virus" damage control worked, lol

No. 102616

No. 102617

File: 1431728684217.png (333.2 KB, 753x408, cat.png)

I'm really glad her cat is still alive

No. 102618

We did it highfive

No. 102623

>I don't really get the Asian guys being small and black guys being big myth.
>I had a black friend once, and we played truth or dare
>And he proved it….not true.

No. 102624

Someone mentioned her age, now her mood's ruined.

No. 102627

britfag confirmed for half black?

No. 102629

Her ex that she lived with for a bit way back was black, old news

No. 102631

File: 1431731230522.png (245.33 KB, 747x470, attention whores1.png)

I don't get people who feel the need to show their face in this chat. For what purpose?

No. 102632

File: 1431731256682.png (428.27 KB, 1017x580, Dicks.png)

This happened

No. 102635

loli stop with the constipated expression

No. 102636

it makes pt more comfortable to have people on camera.

No. 102637

File: 1431731428292.png (577.42 KB, 1008x534, And this.png)

And this. And now she's talking about her brother doing drugs, and about she tried weed 2 weeks ago

No. 102638

thats just my face :(

No. 102640

why the fuck would you call yourself loli you dumb shit

No. 102643

Did fuckin Spoony just cam up?

No. 102644

i wanted a name that pt would approve of

No. 102645

Why hello there Annedere / ecchi2 at the top left.

No. 102646

hi :0)

No. 102648

tbh it just makes you sound like a disgusting white bitch kek
using PT as an excuse ok

No. 102649

No. 102651

Get the fuck out of here annedere no one fucking likes you

No. 102652

File: 1431733141887.png (368.95 KB, 508x406, muhdick.PNG)

Fuark, is this seriously spoony?

No. 102653

lol her bangs

No. 102654


stay out of the PT thread you wannabe chink trash whore

No. 102658

Why are you so surprised, I've always been open about browsing lolcow.
Don't turn this into a "hurghh spoonie" thread ffs.

Yh I haven't washed in like 3 days and I'm growing them out shhhh

No. 102659

clip them back and become a fivehead do eet

No. 102660

Too bad, nigger.

No. 102662

violetta is really pretty the fuck is she doing in a pt tinychat you need to do some shit w/ ur life

No. 102664

Alex you in here, you were super cool

LOL when some fag came into the chat and on cam, PT said "c'mon stop just because loli is on cam" probably fed that wannabe jap's ego.
whatever happened to annedere's thread, did this bitch get doxed yet can someone report her shit to her parents already get this racist bitch dead

No. 102666

to show off pretty face

No. 102669

Seeing pt so giggly and happy because she really believes we love her is so damn heart warming. I desperately want her to escape her lolcow status and achieve something. Goddamn I'm crying so much

No. 102671

Temporarily stickied, and added note to OP.

No. 102672

after seeing her in tinychat, she looks so much better than her cosplay pictures
really want her to achieve something for herself too, bc she has a nice personality

No. 102673

She is pretty cute. I'd definitely cum in her hair.

No. 102677

she's too good for u anon

No. 102680

The same reason as all of these on cam idiots. Looking for attention. Good job giving it to her.

No. 102681

I'm a better candidate than you, pal.

No. 102684

no need to be rude everyone, it's tiring being the only one on cam

No. 102685

PT looks good when she isn't trying to be kawaii. She has kind of a cute personality too, when you get her more relaxed.

No. 102686

Then get the fuck off?

No. 102687

agreed, it's even somewhat fun

No. 102689

I can't do anything about juan, but please cam down. You're taking up the queen's space. And it's obvious you're on cam for compliments.

No. 102690

I agree, I was expecting her to be really unpleasant, especially when other girls got on cam.

No. 102691

Spoons will take any chance she can get to camehore. Fuck those ugly ass bangs lol
Self post

Anyway, I am super upset that I can't get on chat with Pixy right now. She's so cute and sweet, she answered almost every question I asked her. Praise be to pixy chan~~

No. 102692

I'm not PT, I meant she has said a couple times she doesn't like being the only one on cam

No. 102693

wow she is surprisingly cute and chill when she's not weebing the fuck out. she's like a totally different person than the weirdo who posts bizarre shit on twitter.

No. 102694

I mean i'm not on cam LOL

No. 102695

Oh god, here comes more camwhores.

No. 102699

File: 1431736817209.png (458.18 KB, 673x399, figs.PNG)

Violetta is still my number one contender.

No. 102701

I hid all their shit. I came for pt.

No. 102702

I dunno man, juan looks pretty fucking sexy

No. 102703

muffins has a pretty adorable cat tho

No. 102704

These people are average at best
We all know that Pixy is the most beautiful hime in all of Nippon.

No. 102705

File: 1431737123961.png (207.17 KB, 342x278, 555454455445.PNG)

She's a good runner up to Loli. I'm a bit torn here.

No. 102706

how many times does it have to be said that pt wants other people on cam?

No. 102708

File: 1431737188422.jpg (14.51 KB, 229x224, ddd.jpg)

Yeah but she's annoying af.

No. 102709

rando flirting it up with pt

No. 102711

Rando is number 1 qt

No. 102712

obvious self-post, hey annedere get your racist ass out of here

gross whiny personality

No. 102713

then chickening out like a chump

No. 102714

Alright, I've been recording this Tiny Chat in the name of my glorious Queen to upload best moments on Youtube for you guys, but since you can't stop being faggots - fuck it.

I've been trolling, okay?

No. 102715

File: 1431737359342.png (22.56 KB, 229x102, Screen Shot 5.png)

No. 102716

I am not the person you think I am.

No. 102718

Please keep thread somewhat on-topic.

No. 102720

>go on cam for lols
>Get told im hot
>literal doushio I dont know what to do

t. rando

No. 102722

File: 1431738020097.gif (126.48 KB, 185x224, 1384279871281.gif)

You know what to do, rando. Be sure to wear protection.

No. 102723

its ok rando
just listen to ur doki doki kokoro

No. 102724




No. 102726

ur a real qt tho

No. 102727

Can anyone explain to me what the fuck this chat actually is? I mean there are tons of people who seem just to be as retarded as the queen.

No. 102728


….for the good of mankind

No. 102729

you've it the nail on the head, my friend

No. 102730

its a smoke screen bro. you cant expect everyone to sit in there asking her retarded questions or being totally silent waiting for her to do something lulzy. it has to function like a regular chat.

No. 102731

Welcome to Tinychat, friend.

No. 102732

My kokoro belongs to my cat unfortunately, Gary's purrs when he sits in my lap gives me all of the doki doki.
So are you anon

No. 102734

It gives PT people to interact with, gets us information (possibly), and hopefully lets her know that's there's more to life than just Rico.

Of course. It's TC. Got to keep it busy or she'll just leave. It also makes it more fun and distracts her from the few fail trolls that pop up.

No. 102735

>Your eyebrows are so groomed, Rando
I think she's in love

No. 102736

damn pt wants a piece of rando man. maybe its his tiny slightly asiany looking eyes?

No. 102738

This he's 120% nihonjin.

No. 102739

dat benis though

No. 102740

Come on, Rando, take one for the team.

No. 102742

Rando when you gonna whip them titties out girl

No. 102743


No. 102745

I have 0 interest in pixyteri lulz unfortunately. I'm more of a CWC person. Friend linked me this thread.

No. 102748


PT has said repeatedly she doesn't want to be the only one on cam and that's boring.
When are you going to get that through your fat skull.

No. 102750

>dat german

No. 102754

>pixytery confirmed for naziboo

No. 102757

No. 102762

Rando and PT smiling and giggling, they really just need to step up their game.

No. 102763

ilikeyourmom seems to be getting it in

No. 102764

PT is wicked cute when she wants to be.

No. 102765

Rando got cucked by the spic.

No. 102766

>neye: hey chappy! your whiteknight here. Everyone here is trolling you >>102054 < see

fuck you m8

No. 102768


No. 102769

>PT is clearly having a good time
>white knights trying to fuck it all up

No one is bother her, it's just pleasant conversation. If someone was harassing her it'd be one thing, but there's no need to go full sperg when it's just a bunch of people having a good time.

No. 102771

im not even in there to troll her or make fun of her honestly. she is being legit cute and fun to hang out with.

pt is love. pt is life.

No. 102772

Who the hell are these people?

No. 102773

I'm guessing they're from kiwi.farms?

No. 102774

This kid though. I'm very confused.

No. 102775

does PT mind if girls are on cam in her chat or will she get jelly?

No. 102776

Do it anyway. This sausage fest is getting boring.

No. 102777

Generally doesn't mind. Just don't be all attention whore about it. Like tits out or acting supa kawaii.

No. 102778

looooooooooool what is he doing here

No. 102780

How in the fuck did he even get in? That's why I'm confused. I don't mind though. At least he's better than EvilSin or random penis 3480.

No. 102781

File: 1431741977518.png (318.85 KB, 804x592, children.png)

No. 102782

what the fuck is happening

No. 102784

>PT is good with kids
>PT is cute
>PT can cook basic things like macaroni n cheese

Go for it rando!

No. 102785

File: 1431742281446.png (341.01 KB, 810x642, football.png)

"Hey dude with the fricken chuckie doll what's your favorite football team"

No. 102786

Pixy looks so happy with all her weird friends, good for her

No. 102787

This kid tho. Lmao.

No. 102789

>What kind of deodorant

No. 102790


No. 102792

Ugh… The chat became too boring.

No. 102793

File: 1431743465606.png (419.81 KB, 811x639, more children.png)

kids should not be allowed on the internet

No. 102794


Nobody cares.

No. 102795

File: 1431743623952.png (89.54 KB, 520x686, help.png)


No. 102798

File: 1431743849547.png (323.62 KB, 808x642, we have lost pt.png)

someone plz do something

No. 102799

What's your problem anyway? I came to support the Queen as I promised her on Skype, I did it, I even stayed on cam when others gone, as I know she feels uncomfortable being alone on webcam, and note that I asked people in the chat to join us and you ALL totally refused to do it for like 30 minutes, so it's you should be ashamed, not me. I did everything I could for my Queen, so fuck you and don't you dare to shame me for two fake PT-like messages.

No. 102800

Nobody cares about "trolling" you're too cute for that, now get back on cam so rando can have you.

No. 102801


No. 102802

where's PT?

No. 102803

Thank you, but no, time to sleep, but let me know if mom's back, I'll be on cam like in a minute lol

No. 102804

did rando and PT get it on?

No. 102805

What's the URL?

No. 102806

PT is at the store right now :(

No. 102807

File: 1431744854434.png (487.83 KB, 809x638, the police.png)

No. 102808

tregel is SO much better looking than rando was
had to pop in the chat to see what rando looked like and i was not impressed at all

No. 102809

tregel's voice hnnnnnnnnng

No. 102811

this chatroom is

it's a mess

No. 102812

you love it though

No. 102813

meh. he's like a 4.

No. 102814

tregel is married tho, so no chance

No. 102816

he's a faggot

No. 102817

apparently "that man" messed up her car

No. 102818

Tregel is annoying now.

No. 102819

File: 1431746907020.png (441.74 KB, 807x637, Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 23.2…)

No. 102820

tregel is taking over this chat and it's annoying…

No. 102822

he's not even attractive, he looks inbred. y'all are crazy.

No. 102823

I agree, he looks like common white trash. At least rando had a cutie face.

No. 102824

he keeps bringing his gun into his cameras focus omg what a showoff

No. 102825


>i'm german, i moved to 'murica, my wife is mexican, LMAO no i'm not naked i have boxers on u guize

>why r u guys paying so much attention to me LOL ur all so thirsty

No. 102826

OMG Tregel no one cares about your guns!!!

No. 102827

hes ignoring the queen he must leave

No. 102828

File: 1431747280517.jpg (79.58 KB, 790x751, shitgotreal.jpg)

probably drunk babbling

No. 102829

he even asked once who pt was..what is he doing in here anyway, and how dare he question the queen like that?

No. 102830


he fucking showed us his condoms as proof he fucks his wife with protection wtf

No. 102831

he just loved the attention jesus christ what a loser

No. 102837

PT's back which is awesome.

No. 102844

Poor Ryan. He's fairly decent, and it's obvious he likes her.

No. 102846

seems like a cool guy

No. 102849

ryan is making us watch chris-chan videos lmao

No. 102851

I'm so surprised with being a cow herself that she has never heard of Chris.

No. 102852

ugh this is so much better

No. 102853

love it! i was wondering how the queen would react to him.

No. 102861

I'm glad Ryan is fun, but that kinda awkward, nerdy guy.

No. 102863

lmao at ryan being a manlet

No. 102867

i think she found us

No. 102868

File: 1431751290298.png (33.65 KB, 271x267, 52f5103eae83c7eaebd328758073d7…)

No. 102869

Nah. Looks like dad things.

No. 102872

is that crying in the background

No. 102875

Aww, Ryan is pretty cute.

ohars is my goddamn twin and it's freaking me out.

No. 102876

what's going on
i can't see or go in the chat
is everything ok

No. 102877

pixyteri is ded

No. 102878

PT is/was pretty upset about her dad getting mad at her. Talked about overdosing, lots of hugs and pats, and now she seems okay. She is scared of him emotionally so we may get another bout.

No. 102879

I didn't say tregel was good looking, just he was better looking than rando

No. 102881

"Loli" looks like she is from pull. Typical weeaboo trash that thinks she is superior to other weeaboo trash :/
like, why the pink/white wig? We can see your face so it doesn't make a difference
what's the point?

No. 102882

queen servin up those geisha fun facts. i'm impressed tbh

No. 102884

she is from pull if you want to read up on her she's annedere/ecchi2 she edits her face a shit ton and has a huge nose

No. 102885

I believe loli was said to be Annadere or at least a look alike?

And to the people that ask why kids are there, are you forgetting that lolcow 14+ and PULL is even younger?
Anyway, may someone record for people who download tinychat and see this glorious moment? Don't if you know she may plan future tinychats, thanks.

No. 102886

Oh yeah? Didn't know I had a twin. Maybe I'm adopted….

No. 102887

You girls should smile more

No. 102888

Totally called it
but seriously, why? Pixy's tinychan seems to just be all casual, why the fuck would they feel the fire need to dress up like as though you were a anime character on a chat where everyone else is dressed normally?

No. 102889

quit trying to oppress them you cis white male scum.

No. 102892

pt as lady macbeth

No. 102893

i love how encouraging we are to her

praise be to pixy

she's actually really cute
this is great

No. 102894

File: 1431754438018.jpg (208.92 KB, 625x469, enhanced-buzz-32216-1375134195…)

I would eat the shit out of Pixyteri's ass. That's how much I adore her.

No. 102895

thats some next level shit

No. 102896

No. 102897

haha omg
"I think all princesses deserve princes too. . ." looks down sadly and frowns

"I'm too old to see the sakura"

Never change, pixy. Never change.

(Admin-sama, are you in the chat?)

No. 102898


No. 102901

i kind of want to be her friend you guys

No. 102902

u better not be obama

you don't have to be mean lol

No. 102903

Britfag, you are one sad. Strange. Pathetic little man

No. 102904

admin-sama is pixyteri

No. 102916

Please tell me someone is screencapping this!

No. 102918

please stop encouraging PT to sing, I'm getting a headache, even after turning her volume down.

No. 102921

we should keep doing it

No. 102922

File: 1431757596678.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, 1430941325595.png)

fuk u this is glorious

No. 102923

>I'm going to play this but not sing it
>sings immediately
I guess she'll never change.

No. 102924

fucking finally I was waiting for her to sing that damned chobits song


No. 102925

Don't anyone dare tell her to stop.

The queen is gracing us with her voice!

No. 102926

one word: attention. from what i saw, she wasn't adding a single thing to the conversation, she was just sitting there and staring the entire time on cam.

i really hope someone is recording this all, i really need to get some sleep.

No. 102927

fuck i can't wait to see what cosplay she's gotten into

No. 102928

is she nervous showing her cam now because of it? even tho she flashes her panties on a schoolyard???

No. 102931

She needs more asspats.

No. 102932

Damn guys, get in there and do it!

I've been trying. -_-

No. 102935

If I hide the fucking youtube stream will I just get pixy's cam?

No. 102936

File: 1431758192388.jpg (17.03 KB, 480x480, 11046458_1571978943057780_1649…)

i've been asspatting her at every turn omg

No. 102937

No. 102945

i can feel myself losing consciousness

No. 102951

I hate bleach and it's just gotten really boring.

No. 102954

yeah wtf she needs to get back on cam this is shit

No. 102957

This has been the longest stream I've ever seen.

No. 102960

I'm trying with all my might to stay awake just in case some last minute shenanigans ensue.

No. 102966

drunk singing
maybe she'll take off her panties for us

No. 102968

Since when she drinks? I thought she is a pure maiden who can't even do alcohol coctails!

No. 102969

Holy shit, she is still on?
I was there at the beginning, chatted with her, went to bed and slept 8 hours, woke up and ate breakfast, came back and she is still streaming?

No. 102970

she didn't know how to make them and didn't have the certification

No. 102971

she's on cam again

No. 102973

same HAHA. Well I haven't eaten breakfast or taken my morning dump yet

No. 102974

She always has, but it's one of those things that she's still a pure maiden for doing, but every other girl is a big sloot.

Yup. I went to dinner shortly after she started and am honestly surprised she is still going. More so that nobody pissed her enough to leave.

No. 102975

chat's been really fun! she's back on again btw

No. 102980

>dat japanese

No. 102987

is anyone else still alive

No. 102988


No. 102989

I am but just barely. I just hope she doesn't start showing youtube videos again.

No. 102995

my brain is hemorrhaging

No. 103006

If she's bipolar, maybe she's having a manic episode? It warms my heart to see her so happy and smiling but jesus christ it's been like 10+ hours.

No. 103007

yes holy shit i went to sleep bc it was almost 6am and she is still goin strong apparently

No. 103012

honestly that must be it, I used to host tinychats and it's tiring being on cam for all that time

No. 103013

No wonder she is tired all the time if she stays up so late all the time

No. 103018

anyone recorded that?

No. 103021

good night sweet hime-sama

No. 103022

I did. Though I'm a retard who forgot to change settings, so the sound is probably shitty as it was recorded by my webcam's mic. Still better than nothing.

No. 103024

I hope we made her happy for awhile.

No. 103025

We sure did! I'm actually kinda proud of us. She seemed very happy and it was really heart-warming to look at her naturally smiling ang giggling without this creepy weeaboo acting.

No. 103026

If you could upload it anywhere that would be awesome.

No. 103027

she's surprisingly adorable when she's happy. i wasn't expecting her to be such a sweetheart, honestly.

No. 103029

I sure will upload some moments from what I recorded a little later, though I'm still pissed off with those of you guys who can't stop bitching about people who are fearless enough to show their face and be a nice company for the Queen, so she wouldn't feel lonely.

Same here! She really was a cutie today, I had no idea she may be so sweet!

No. 103030

don't mind them, lolcow has a bunch of crazy people. i would have cammed up if i could! pt said over and over she would rather have other people on cam too.

No. 103032

Pixy-chan meets baka Peenis-kun

No. 103033

Whoops, I'm a retard. Now fixed.

No. 103035

loli is surprisingly cute

No. 103036

She's actually in a lot of debt for quite a few other things, including medical expenses (bc she keeps going to the ER or ~tummy trouble~) and credit cards

No. 103043

I saw your boobies.

No. 103045

No one asked. This isn't PULL, no one cares if someone looks like you. Who are you, Totemokawaii?

No. 103060

Lol no she isn't, get back to pull "loli"

No. 103061

>>PT tells about her car and smoking weed, trying to speak Japanese. Enjoy

I know I'm annoying af re-posting stuff all the time, really sorry about that, there was just something wrong with the video's quality, so I had to reupload it.

Admin-sama, could you please delete my messages with removed vids? Thanks~♥

No. 103064

>tow truck

made my day

No. 103065

"loli" detected get your gross ass out of here

No. 103068

Gonna upload some more vids later, gotta things to do.
Picking worthy moments and video editing in general takes more time than you might think.

No. 103074

you have a strange definition of the word cute, friend. those "weird weeb" levels make pixyteri look downright normal in comparison, holy shit.

No. 103079

yeah annedere/ecchi2 (she deleted her instagram) is insane, I'm surprised she doesn't have her own lolcow thread
she's definitely worthy

the tinychat isn't going on still right

No. 103086

my guess from what she's implied about the car thing is that she went on a date with the movie guy, or set up something from creepy craigslist personals and it didn't go well, and maybe due to her emotions from whatever happened, she wasn't paying attention and got the car stuck somewhere. she's really been implying that the car is related to men / someone she was with and that's the only explanation i can come up with

No. 103087

violetta's face is freaking me out, she's making so much effort not to move anything or change her expression from that blank, calm pageant smile, and she even seems like she is being delicate about touching it (when she rests her cheek against her hand its like she's trying not to touch her face.)

No. 103088

pixy's excitement from seeing my cats made me so ridiculously happy lol

No. 103089

I'm actually here and the reason why I look weird is basically because I'm trying to watch others on cam, listen to the Queen and understand what she's saying (it's a bit difficult to me as I'm not a native English speaker and can't understand English speech well if a person speaks too fast or quiet), and react to what she's saying, and read the text chat, and all of this at the same time, and this makes me feel a bit nervous (especially because I fail to understand many things PT's saying while she's sucking a lollipop).

No. 103091

my grasp of the car story is that guy wanted her to drive to under some bridge for some reason untold (draw your own conclusions…). She got stuck in the mud, he tried to help her at first, but then just ran away lol. later while watching memoirs of a geisha clips in tc, she said that while he was helping her he did something with a rug in her car that reminded her of tying an obi or something and she thought that was him giving her a signal that he was interested in helping her put on kimonos (i don't even know, pt logic).

No. 103094

>>my grasp of the car story is that guy wanted her to drive to under some bridge for some reason untold (draw your own conclusions…). She got stuck in the mud, he tried to help her at first, but then just ran away lol.

Aaaand we have a winner! That's basically what happened.

No. 103096

so i assume it was a craigslist guy? i cant imagine someone who was actually interested in her and wanted to see a movie with her would abandon her because the car got stuck.

pixy don't fuck guys from craigslists damn

No. 103100

It was some other guy which she liked, not the movie guy. He adviced her to drive to the muddy path and then when they got stuck left her in trouble and asked to not tell her parents about him. What an asshole, if you ask me.

No. 103101

sounds shady as fuck. i wonder if the guy was planning on raping and killing her or some shit. wtf is up with telling her not to tell her parents about him? was he going to dump her body out under the bridge and steal her car but his plans got foiled so he ran off? i cant think of ANY reason why someone would choose to walk when you can just wait until someone shows up to get the car unstuck. unless pixy was really freaking out and being insufferable so the guy ran off to get away from her crying.

No. 103103

File: 1431796529173.jpg (110.3 KB, 1440x1080, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

>he did something with a rug in her car that reminded her of tying an obi or something and she thought that was him giving her a signal that he was interested in helping her put on kimonos

No. 103104

>>wtf is up with telling her not to tell her parents about him?
I think he's just a classic coward who wanted to avoid a conversation with momma & poppa PT, and they obviously were pissed off to Hell when they were going to pick baby PT up.
My poor scared little Queen had to go through her parents' yelling all alone, all because this irresponsible immature jerk.

No. 103120

PT speaking Japanese, haha.
A glorious thing indeed.

No. 103146

queen is back live

No. 103150

File: 1431806521052.jpg (73.53 KB, 461x523, 1293031079923.jpg)

>starts chat
>I gotta go get a pizza

why pt it's getting late here I know it's not even 4pm in Texas but come on

No. 103151

she said her mom got her a bra that was too big, i'm curious if it really is big or if it just actually fits her. i want to ask to see it or the size, but i don't want to be weird about it

No. 103155

Just tell her to try it on live.

No. 103157

she said she wanted to wear something skimpy on the chat you can ask for that i guess

No. 103160

i'll ask, i just have to wait for the right time since i left for a few min and she's on a completely different subject now

No. 103162

we should have a code word so we know whose from here in there lmao
my curiosity is killin me

No. 103163

come up with one

No. 103164

I'm Kuma

No. 103165

I'm ruru.

No. 103166

I'm Megs

No. 103169

I'm fucking disgusted at what I just saw.

No. 103170

I'm nyanpassu because that was the first damn thing that came to my weird af head

No. 103171

I'm wondering as well, why not just share our usernames? I can't see her coming on here and finding out and Rico would out us anyway with a code. I'm kotori, but I haven't tried chatting yet or anything, I'm just lurking.

No. 103174

I'm a lurker as well, I'm Hokorie.

No. 103175

i'm ghost

No. 103176

I'm cle, I only really comment when conversation slows (and to give asspats)

No. 103177

idk, i'm actually being completely sincere in what i post in there. i'm not trying to mess with her or lie to her

No. 103178

She's so sweet, and she followed me back on twitter <3

No. 103179

Same here. She's very cute on TC.

No. 103180

same for me as well
i dont have anything to shut her down with anyway lol

No. 103181

I think all of us aren't here to mess with her, at least I hope. But I'm sure Rico has her convinced we're all horrible and I don't think she's ever seen this site for herself. I'm pretty sure she has said that she never looks at hate sites.

No. 103182

Nope i'm just chatting, seems pretty chill in chat.

No. 103183

The codeword, if anyone wants to use it, is "~~~" (exactly 3 tildes).

Anyone here trying to mess with her will be banned. Be (genuinely) nice and respectful, please.

No. 103184

She won't click the link when given so doubtful she has.

Thanks Admin.

No. 103185

o yeee

No. 103186

jesus christ did you guys already get her to show the "too-big" bra? Or is she just in her underwear no reason

No. 103187

for no reason i think

No. 103188

It any other of our fellow Sisters disturbed when men show up on cam? I just assume us to all be female.

No. 103189

I'm pretty sure this TC is public, meaning people in the room are finding it from the Tinychat directory. Most of the people on cam are not from here.

No. 103191

Oh shit, another Crimson Chin has appeared!

No. 103192

Thank god. I don't think I'd be comfortable with the idea of that many males infiltrating the farm.

Anyways, Sisters, Pixy is so stubby she has a bit of a hump back these days. :(

No. 103193

Yeah, it's really weird. But it's weirder to me when I see people who don't look they'd know of her, if that makes sense. Like I think a lot of us here have interests in gaming, cosplay, jfashion, etc, basically things pt is also into. It was weird yesterday when the girl smoking an ecig(I think that's what it was) and then that guy came in, asked for her skype, and then they both left.

No. 103194

mamic reporting in

No. 103195

What the fuck, she's STILL on? I was on all of yesterday, went to sleep, woke up and got groceries and she's still online? Someone please tell me she did take a break to sleep or something.

There's probably a lot of guys that lurk here. Guys from kiwifarm and stuff.

This nexos guy though, kek.