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File: 1710649388705.png (540.76 KB, 612x965, 1000004054.png)

No. 1977045

A thread dedicated to the worst subsection of the Commentary Community. This community is characterized by contantly infighting, regurgitating the same points that another person had said with little to no new input, cannibalizing one another when they feel like their own reputation is at stake, and moral grandstanding.

Notable Figures:

>HopelessPeaches: A fat, mentally stunted, british woman. In a borderline DDLG relationship with LioConvoy. Uses her mental health as a shield. Very vile and toxic despite the sweet and soft image she portrays to her fans.

>LioConvoy: A fat and smelly, Chris Hansen wannabe, scrote who collects mentally damaged women as "daughters" like the Thundercats figurines he has. He's Peaches biggest defender and owns/operates a Discord server called "The Senate" in which he and his cult members will often threaten and coerce people to join in able to interrogate and berate them. Had 3 other adopted "kids" that he adopted only to disown/neglect them in favor of Peaches.
>Omnia: Kai's Ex. Has an actual life outside the internet, but can't help but run back to it. Made claims against Kai being abusive and took his cat, along with collecting money for items that probably weren't stolen.
>Kai/Zae: Volitile, but recently has made a resurgence with his Kooleen video. Admitts to beating Omnia and tries to say it was mutual.

Others in the community include: JustARobot (autistic grifter), PonderSprocket (well respected, but also has a weird dynamic with her teenage fanbase), HitenMitsuru (pretentious vtuber wannabe, another senate drone)

Last Thread:
>Iilluminaughtii Drama happened
>CasWarFox video fell through as he and the rest of the Fox Mafia were exposed for being degenerates
>Lio and Peaches were both confirmed to lurk
>Spoctor came back to defend himself. Really didn't go anywhere
>HarleyTBS distanced himself from the Senate and Peaches despite years earlier being her biggest defender
>Omnia came back to make a video on her court case after it ended. Kai made a response to it. Both are idiots and toxic
>Stalker simp Veritas that was shitting up the last thread, fighting tooth and nail to defend Peaches gets permabanned and exposed by Lio and Peaches
>Peaches kicked her abusive ex out and resorted to e-begging despite supposedly having a job
>Peaches and the Senate went in hard on Camilla Cuevas and the GlitchTale crew
>BoxovFox/BluDavu was exposed as being a toxic partner to her ex SkittlezJuice
>Leaked video on Lio and Joshua Vida contemplating telling MintHeart to record her SA
>Peaches makes a NSFW twitter
>Peaches goes into a random minors DMs to get them to take down a post they made about being groomed. Minor doesn't budge and Peaches gets angry and pushy. DMs are leaked and she and Lio also try to get the groomers personal information. Peaches gets absolutely dragged for it and suicide baits
>Kai makes a video on it and the minor gets mad at him for it
>Hiten rescends her previous vitriolic statements towards Chuuli over the Feghost situation
>MintHeart reveals that she was disowned by Lio over Peaches. Also reveals that Pink (another adopted child) was as well, and the last one, Opal, left because of Peaches
>Lio ducks a debate with Kai and instead, makes a video where he calls Kai enabling with the sole evidence being guilt by association. Kai makes a response and surpasses him in views
>Leaked call where The Senate verbally berate and bully, Rosa, a brian damaged autistic woman for not banning a predator in a server she was in. Peaches deletes any comment asking her about this
>FruitCakeKlub leaks are made public where it shows that Peaches, along with other ACC members, were in a server with minors where sexual content was shared
>CoyoteLovely is attempting to comeback
>Peaches may have directly ripped off Illymation's grooming video
>CystalFlame, the main victim to Vier, CamillaCuevas's ex, speaks out against Peaches for the FCK leaks
>Peaches left The Senate server
>NezzieMonster, another person in the FCK apperantly attempts suicide because of people trying to hold her accountable
>MintHeart released a video talking about her experience with Lio
>Peaches deleted her Youtube, NSFW, personal, and Youtube Twitter
>Lio makes a video slandering Crystal because he went against Peaches
>Peaches is suspected to be trooning out

Old Thread: >>>/snow/1817812

No. 1977048


Typical autistic moid behavior, not surprised.

No. 1977050

same nonna from the last thread but

>stuff from Mali-Malware being discussed. It feels awfully specific kek.

No. 1977056

I think this is more related to the Minecraft Youtuber drama going on right now rather than ACC. Still funny to think this is Mali low-key trying to tell Peaches and Lio how to respond kek.

No. 1977067

Mali is apart of the Senate no? If so, I wonder if she has any skeletons in her closet regarding Senate drama.

No. 1977200

File: 1710701832824.jpg (486.5 KB, 1051x1753, 1000004066.jpg)

Remember when Harley said that a new video on Omnia/The Senate would be dropping in 2 days? I swear Peaches/Lio must have some sort of blackmail on him.

No. 1977214

I’m not sure they do (even if they do who’s gonna take Lio/Peaches/Senate’s claims seriously at this point), what’s more likely is Harley is waiting for Peaches/Lio to drop their responses and/or had to add in stuff about the Crystal situation last minute just so people can’t use the “they made a response go watch!” I know Harley is known for milking situations but since Peaches and Harley seem to have had a closer friendship it may be different cuz of the personal involvement

No. 1977215

Same anon but Crystal and co have dropped their response video

No. 1977217

I wouldn't be surprised if he decided not to after people pointed out his odd priorities. He made no statement about the Senate's/ Peach's shenanigans but the moment Omnia tweets, he's ready to go mask off. He's still a Senate cronie through and though

No. 1977220

>Omnia tweets
It’s funny how this community starts shit with Omnia every 5 minutes and goes on about how “Omnia bad, look at Kai’s recent stuff” but then once Omnia starts focusing on IRL shit and not acting as terminally online they’ll scream “Kai’s not a trustworthy source and abused Omnia” like they weren’t just basically saying Nia faked all the abuse. Fell from 100k subs and has had who knows how many dramas and yet this community still leeches off Omnia for content that’s both sad and hilarious

No. 1977228

File: 1710707783034.png (949.97 KB, 1080x2190, Senate Freak simps for a Landw…)

"Nobody is allowed to mock Peaches for crying because she is based and peach-pilled!" so she's allowed to do that to others?

No. 1977229

No one is leeching off Omnia for content where did this even come from? None of these people even entertained Omnia until she started imposing herself in all of these dramas. Harley didn’t even think to make a video until Omnia accused him and Ponder of being complacent in the Rosa call despite the both of them speaking out. Omnia dissociated from him and decided to let the internet know she did that, then Harley responded. Omnia still sucks kek

No. 1977239

“Leeches for content” was a bad way to describe it but they’re definitely dependent on Omnia for ammo/defenses/deflections. For example
>Peaches and Lio are willing to side with Kai when he posts Omnia and co being weird on Discord
>Then Peaches and Lio go “Kai is an abusive evil person” when Kai calls out how shit they handled the Camila Cuevas and Spoctor situations
>Lio tries to say Omnia is being dodgy by not playing court recordings and was in Kai’s stream chats
>Lio continued to frame Kai as an abuser when the drama kicked in months later
>Harley makes a video with Omnia about the allegations then immediately privated it when the 2022 drama happened and made 2 videos about it
Im not an Omnia stan by any means because Kai has been right about things with Nia and Senate but you can’t deny that this community basically uses everything Omnia and Kai say about each other to deflect their criticisms and sucks off whichever of the two is more popular at the moment

No. 1977242

I wonder if any commentary channel is going to bring up that rebecca/ryan is a manipulative abuser that used Rosa's history of CSA to defend himself against mr enter's claims. I have heard people say Rosa is ''guilty'', but it honestly seems to me like she was being manipulated and abused by the tranny.

No. 1977244

“Based and peach-pilled”. The way that community wants to be so tough and edgy while crumpling from the slightest insult is hilarious.

No. 1977250

I agree that Omnia shouldn’t have lashed out at Harley and ponder, but I still can’t stand Harleytbs, or any annoying clout chaser that grifts. Any issue that arises in the CC is bound to have 12 videos made on it by him until the topic is milked dry.

No. 1977254

I mean it has worked out well. Uploading popular topics daily bootsed their numbers. It's how they got to be popular. By posting like 20 creepshowart videos. Too bad it also means Harely wont do a topic unless it benefits them

No. 1977264

>and Ponder
Honestly Ponder kinda deserves it, she’s been in the senate participating in their BS for over a year at this point and the last thread went over her inability to behave herself around her underaged fans, (specifically Chuuli/Dulu/Vabzuycin) and she’s continued being silent on Spoctor while agreeing with Senate’s claims on him and is continuing to stay silent on this from what I know

No. 1977266

Pretty sure they tried to get Ponder to say shit on Spoctor but all they were willing to do was like a post. But still, shame on Ponder. She was a grown ass woman who agreed that Spoctor was groomed to be hyper sexual as a teen and hasn't done shit since. She watched as the senate labled him a pedo for being sexual as a minor to other minors. While they're adults being way creepier to the minors in their server. I don't like Spoctor, but what happened to him was BS

On a petty note, I wonder how Peaches's weight loss surgery went. I like to think she's still as big as ever since the surgery isn't a fix all and is still eating take out for every meal.

No. 1977267

anon you replied to:
Yeah I get that it made Harley popular, but it’s annoying when it’s a serious topic. People in the yandere dev Reddit were asking him to be respectful of victims and he replied back “who cares, this video is doing numbers”. Harley doesn’t even pretend to care about victims

No. 1977268

Leigha Something is doing another stream, watching Crystal’s video, figured I’d post this one too since anons liked the last stream she did, according to the comments she’s also gonna touch on Coyote Lovely and the Mr. Enter / Star Giant thing later

Not shocked, the CC but especially Senate is known for making these serious crimes into drama / entertainment.

No. 1977270

someone needs to tell her to change her fucking logo it always reminds me of that pedo that made daisy's destruction

No. 1977271

File: 1710713469516.jpeg (473.36 KB, 1284x1364, IMG_8044.jpeg)

I’m honestly shocked JAR hasn’t had any comment about the situation outside of picrel, I’d figure he’d be quick to white knight Peaches maybe it’s cuz Senate has dirt on him like has been speculated so he can’t backstab her for clout?

No. 1977274

I haven't seen JAR defend Peaches in a while. Guy is probably secretly upset that Peaches went for Lio and not him. Guess he didn't realize She gets her peach soaked for bullying and controlling others. Lio has a whole ass server dedicated for that sole purpose.

I don't think it would have ever worked anyways. I know Peaches wanted the Autism diagnosis for victim points. However listening to senate calls I think I can confidently say she hates autistic people and Jar has it.

No. 1977286

This i absolutely agree with. When Kai is Relevant Omnia is suddenly valid, and when Omnia is relevant, Kai is suddenly valid. Both have questionable credibility but are less insufferable than those calling them out

No. 1977332

“Art CC is strange” and he decides to tag a diaper fetishist trying desperately to cosplay as a woman and a cuck kek

No. 1977364

Honestly anon, how can you like any party involved in this? They are all awful in different ways and I can't think of any of the main players in this drama would come off as good in anyway. They're all social vultures.

No need to use "they/them", Harley is a man, let's keep it real kek.

That's what made me see that Ponder can be pretty dim and lacks conviction at times. she was able to see that Spoctor was just a horny teen groomed into the sexpest stuff unlike Doodletones who was already exhibiting that behavior before he was "groomed". and still decided to go with him being a pedo when he obviously wasn't. I know that the drive thing is controversial but as someone who has two old portable hard drives with old stuff on it that i have forgotten about in years, I can understand how Spoctor may have forgotten that he had those old pictures on it and if I remember correctly, there has been no evidence that Spoctor was hitting up minors since his drama with Stories & Pentagrin. IF I'm wrong, someone please correct me but I don't recall.

>Peaches weight-loss

IF she still is repeating her eating habits, then she likely is still overweight and not much changed. You're not just born as big as she got and it takes years of a sedentary lifestyle of next to no exercise and poor eating.

No. 1977366

The tone-deafness is hilarious isn't it? lol
He may not make as much ACC content these days but he's still very much a part of it.

No. 1977399

what is with you guys and "blackmail" theories lol
the situation is a mess and everyone is clearly waiting for the final arch
anything that can be pulled on justarobot and his fans will be excused with his autism anyway

No. 1977546

File: 1710785010955.jpg (301.77 KB, 1080x1183, 1000004068.jpg)

IT FUCKING HAPPENED. Peaches has officially come out saying that Lio abused her. We all fucking called it KEK.


No. 1977547

File: 1710785068029.jpeg (222.6 KB, 828x749, IMG_7836.jpeg)

Peaches is now throwing LioConvoy under the bus by claiming that he abused her. Nonnas we fucking called it !! I hope they keep in mind that Peaches was a grown ass woman that got in a ddlg relationship with him. She was not groomed, she’s not a victim, and she’s just pissed that she couldn’t successfully homewreck and make things go her way.

No. 1977548

File: 1710785155145.jpeg (860.46 KB, 828x1634, IMG_7837.jpeg)

Sorry for double posting but here’s part of the statement.

No. 1977549

No fucking way! KEK

That's perfect, literally the absolute ideal of a Peaches cycle. Like poetry, it rhymes.

No. 1977551

I don't have twitter, but does Peaches admit to the ddgl relationship stuff in the "statement?

No. 1977556

not directly but she claims she was fucking “age regressing uwu” what a loser

No. 1977561

Forgive me if I'm skeptical on the "abuse". Sorry but this woman has proven to be drama and take the internet too fucking seriously. More importantly, this doesn't absolve her from the shit she has pulled over the last two years and the writing is on the wall that her troon out is to get away from the Hopeless Peaches name that is now associated with drama. And if she hasn't apologized for the shit she pulled, this revelation to me is rather pointless.

Thank you for keeping it real anon. She's a grown ass woman who joined the server when she was in her early 20s, she is not a teenager and I hope people realize that. Remember peeps, she acted disgustingly toward a literal mentally challenged woman showing no signs of remorse and while she claims she has apologized, I don't believe for a second that she was "out of character". Lio didn't make her do that, she did that of her own and the way it came off felt like something she probably did with Creepshow Art when they'd make fun of people. Or how she totally copied Illymation's grooming story.

All I'm saying is that people need to hold Peaches to task. She can change her name and stupidly think she's a man but it means jack shit (the name change, not the retarded gender crap) if she doesn't take accountability for what she did. And even with this >>1977548 I still have little no sympathy because she's not a fucking kid, she should've been keeping out of social media while she was getting her therapy to deal with her issues but she didn't. It's different to a teenager who gets sucked into Lio's little cult. And even when she explains Lio's MO of who he seeks as targets she manages to do in a retarded way. They aren't AFABs, they're women and girls you idiot, he doesn't care about the stupid gender lingo, he goes after vulnerable women and girls.

No. 1977562

File: 1710786509105.gif (133.25 KB, 150x120, 1e6626c4d810.gif)

This is hilarious holy shit imagine putting this fat monstrosity over your wife, defending her ass on stream, and all of it for her to throw you under the bus. I hate peaches but I hate Lio then times more, what a disgusting pedo scrote. I can't wait to hear Leiah's reaction to this shit.

No. 1977565

I'm looking forward to Leigha's cover as well, she seems to be pretty fairly rounded with this mess but I hope that she doesn't let Peaches off easily and let this absolve her of her behavior.

No. 1977567

this reeks of "I'm not responsible for my own shitty behavior, Lio is". While I have no doubt Lio is abusive, fuck this bitch. She's just as toxic

No. 1977569

she acknowledging that peaches trooned out just to get away with it an even 'misgendering' her a few times was funny as fuck. I hope she's a cryptoterf.

No. 1977572

I agree anon. Something juicy behind the scenes happened that pushed Peaches into making this. If she thought Lio was going to leave her breadwinner wife for this fat ugly bitch then she had a rude awakening. Peaches knew that her reputation was burning down and there was no coming back from it. Just like the Creepshow art saga, she needed someone knew she can pin her bad behavior on and Lio fit the bill. Unless Peaches is chased away for good, she’s gonna rinse and repeat with this sob story. People need to be reminded that she’s not a fucking victim. Jordyn, Seaprincess Opal and the rest of the “daughters” are. Fuck peaches and fuck anyone that tries to coddle her

No. 1977573

Yeah I noticed that and I agree, funny as fuck but still, I just hope that she doesn't fall for Peaches', ahem, "Eren" (could she be any more of a weeb, we know it's from AOT kek) manipulative tactic. Lio is asshole but so is "Eren".

No. 1977574

kek this would be the perfect time for Lio also to throw Peaches under the bus. He can claim that peaches was throwing herself at him and publish those dms. Don’t be shy Lio, expose her so you two can both go down

No. 1977576

Fucking kek, this is pure Jerry Springer (for us Americans) &/or Jerry Kyle (for you Brits) in the making. I hope Lio drops the other half of the tea on this because both parties are toxic and ridiculous.

No. 1977577

Peaches is acting like she's a 16 year old grooming victim and not a mid 20's home wrecker who's mad Lio didn't divorce his wife for her. She also def an away because of the heat, not because of Lio.

Keep in mind that after she left she went on call with Lio in tears as she was defending herself because of the Fruitcake server and was acting baby girl with him. She realized that Lio defending her didn't work, so she went with plan C, blame Lio. If she wanted to get away from Lio how come she was in contact with him while he made a video defending her?

No. 1977579

yes please i love tard on tard violence

No. 1977585

She had all the time to "run" from her abuser but waited to leave the internet when people realize she's a bitch with no morals who draws loli and shota. And I swear it wasn't just her behavior in the Fruitcake server. I've seen her make fun of people's mental health, verbally abusing teens and harassing people for no reason other than jealousy or hatin. She needs to atone for the people she went after just because they didn't defend her during the Creepshow drama.

No. 1977587

>No need to use "they/them", Harley is a man, let's keep it real kek.
NTAYRT and this maybe derailing but I was subscribed to Harley 3 years ago, when the initial Peaches drama happened, and I remember them making a video about being trans. They outright said they were part of the trans community, it didn't say explicitly if they were born male or female but I was always under the impression that Harley was a TiF. I have no caps for this and the video seems to have been deleted, I'm not smart enough to dig for proof but I thought it might be of interest to the more investigative nonnas in this thread.
(Only they/them'ming because I actually don't know, it could be some shit like the 'she/they's that say they're trans because "they're non-binary" despite being obviously just girls but for men)

No. 1977593

AYRT and oh wow, I honestly had no idea of the possibility that this person was a TIF/Enby. The voice just sounded male to me so I assumed but I forgot that girls who take testosterone can get a deeper voice so fair point anon, my bad. I'm personally leaning toward girl because there tends to be more girls and women involved in the ACC vs the CC that seems more men and boys dominated.
Anyway sorry for derail kek

No. 1977596

I just hope that people are finally over the Creepshow thing. It happened 3-4 years ago and is old. Creepshow attempted to return, it didn't work and she's been out of the social media public eye (that we know of) since then. Peaches can't use the Creepshow art situation anymore, she's a grown ass woman who has been acting on her own without Shannon's influence and it turns out she's just like her in terms of manipulative tactics and unpleasantness. I hope that people realize that and don't default to the Creepshow excuse anymore. Though now it seems like people may switch Creepshow for Lio as a "negative influence" but again, she's an adult, she knew what she was doing.

No. 1977597

File: 1710789955831.jpg (344 KB, 1080x914, 1000004069.jpg)

I don't trust a damn word that peaches says, but this part caught my eye. It just goes to show that Lio really is a fucking predator.

No. 1977601

This dumbass is trying to group herself with the girls that were minors when they fell victim to Lioconvoy ?! And her being a “victim” isn’t gonna change the fact that she was bullying them and caused them to be ostracized to gain Lio’s favor. I wish Peach’s biological sister saw this nonsense. I want her opinion

No. 1977603

Exactly this. There will always be people who will see Peaches as a victim. However she's a grown ass woman comparing herself with children when she was part of their abuse. She's a fucking troll who's upset that Lio's defense didn't work and that he didn't leave his wife for her. Her plans failed, that's it.

Also fuck her age regression shit. She just wants to be a teen forever. She's obviously into ddgl and Lio wasn't around when she drew that loli art and was larping as a teen. Even her OC looks like a teen. Peaches has a bad habit of putting all the blame on her ex's. Apperently every single one of her ex's has abused her and I call BS. Her family disowned her for a reason. She's a bitch

No. 1977604

Adding AFAB was a nice touch. It's true he only targets women

No. 1977605

This is tinfoil but I realized something after watching the Leigha Something stream and I can’t get it out of my mind. Lio had a mod called “Lios twink secretary” that was barely 18. I don’t know if he nodded while he was underage or what the deal is but here’s this: what if this is Lio’s kink? Lio obviously has a thing for butches or femboys, since he encouraged Mint heart and Peaches to troon out after they were being adopted. He gives me huge pedo creep vibes and I hope his drives get checked at some point.

No. 1977606

honestly, peaches might be a cunt, but Lio is way worse. He's a disgusting scrote that collects mentally ill 18yo girls like pokemons, is friends with creepy trannies with diaper fetishes, wanted an underage girl to record her abuse, berated and bullied a mentally ill disabled woman, and probably more shit that peaches is going to spill out. He creeps me the fuck out and if peaches manages to stop this gross manchildren from abusing more autistic women it will atone for some of her sins.

No. 1977608

i am pretty sure the twink was a TIF though, he's definetly only straight and he doesnt seem to have interest in your boys.

No. 1977610

I agree that Lio is worse but I hate male centered women the throw other women under the bus as much as the male perpetrators. Peaches would’ve happily gone along with what Lio does to girls as long as she was getting attention and protection. Make no mistake, but this was all calculated. Now we wait for Lio’s response to see what made Peaches turn against him, because it’s definitely not out of the kindness of her heart kek. Lio is the Anthony Parker to Peaches’ Creepshow art

No. 1977626

I know she's a manipulative pickme. I am just happy she's at least doing something good by dragging and exposing Lio. ''killing two birds with a stone'' as they say.

No. 1977631

File: 1710794537815.jpeg (625.16 KB, 1284x1956, IMG_8048.jpeg)

Long time coming, genuinely maybe I feel a bit for Peaches but let’s be honest with ourselves here, the Rosa call was not the only instance of Peaches being an ass to others there was also shit like the Miles situation which was completely Peaches own will. Genuinely I wonder how the Acc and Scc will try to defend Lio now, are people like Doodle, Hiten, Boonslayer and Ephrommentator still part of Senate or have they fucked off and smartened up? Furthermore I can’t wait to see how the people Lio and Peaches have had drama with will use this to wash their hands like they did with the Kai and Creepshow situation and how CasWarFox, CarmenRider, SeptyPaws, and Veritas will use this to act like the poor baby victims
>Lio is the Anthony Parker to Peaches’ Creepshow art
More like the Kai to Peaches’ Omnia
Only other thing is Lio has confirmed the statement as real and from Peaches and is planning on responding, wonder if he’ll bring up the obvious lolcow lurking and claim he was “pressured into it by Peaches”

No. 1977639

Peaches is gonna come back as Rebel Eren and drop an hour video on how Lio Convoy “abused” her. The rest of the ACC are going to make videos to rehabilitate her image and the fucking cycle begins again. Calling it now

No. 1977641

That’ll be entertaining, Peaches actually has a live-streaming channel still up (it was from the ThatRascalRosie days) so be sure keep an eye on it
(Repost, the link didn’t work for me for some reason)

No. 1977644

Moral of the story is never joined a Discord channel ever. Pretty much the situation. Or Listen to wannabe predator catcher fat loud mouth neck bread moid with a katana collection.

No. 1977646

Enlaa is live talking about Peaches and so are Akumu and Kumo 1/2

No. 1977647

Several nonnies called it–of course Peaches would turn on Lío and throw him under the bus as an abuser. Of course this would come, Peaches and Lio argue often after all. The "perfect found family" dynamic was a lie

No. 1977648


Peaches doesn’t give a fuck about Mint/Jordyn or what they went through, I guarantee you that Peaches going trans was at least somewhat to mock Jordyn >>1976576 shows this to me

No. 1977651

So there is a stream going. Peaches only went against Lio in senate VC calls after she started getting heat for the Rosa call. She's really manipulative and calculated. Seems like she was planning to blame Lio for a little over a week.

No. 1977653

Also in stream Peaches recorded a private convo between her and Lio with her personal OBS acting like a six year old fake crying

No. 1977655

Here’s my personal timeline on how I think stuff went
>Jordyn disowned
>Lio and Peaches ruthlessly mock Jordyn behind the scenes
>Other kids of Lio’s leave as Peaches favoritism grows
>FCK leaks
>Peaches leaves senate and deletes everything as criticisms grow over shit like the Rosa Rey Ramsey call
>Jordyn and Lio’s other kids come out to Kumo
>People like Crystal Flame also leave and start to discuss it
>Lio tries desperately defending Peaches while Peaches hides out as usual
>Trans Peaches
>Lio gets mass disliked and Crystal and co respond and get even more people on their side
>Peaches, seeing that shit’s fucked, drops Lio and tries making nice with the victims in this little statement

I dislike Kai but honestly good on him for not joining around with Lio and Peaches, I fully agree with what >>1977286 said (btw I think they meant to reply to >>1977239) Peaches and Lio were leeches trying to make nice with Omnia and Kai why they could use one of their popularity against the other

Fucking hilarious, what was it about?

No. 1977657

So in a recent senate call it was like 100 people per usual. Lio was shitting on another autistic person. He asked if the autistic person had a drivers license. Then Peaches started to tell Lio he's a POS for asking personal information and started crying. Peaches left.

So Lio called Peaches privately pissed off that Peaches "embarassed" him in call. Eren started to fake cry and baby talk "Y-you were mwad at meeeeeeee. Aboose". Peaches also admitted they were recording Lio. Lio called Peaches out saying Peaches is over correcting now that the Rosa call got leaked.

They're both POS however Lio is right. Peaches only had this call to pretend to be lil baby who has morals. Peaches was planning to blame Lio for their shit behavior for over a week lol.
The thing is, Peaches doesn't have any proof they fought against Lio before the Rosa call. Peaches only has "evidence" of having a problem with Lio when they make it in advanced. But yuh she's fake crying through the whole thing for victim points. It's actually annoying hearing her.

No. 1977658

LMFAO I fucking CALLED it she threw Lio under the bus omg she's so fucking predictable!!

No. 1977659

long story short. Peaches only had a problem with Lio and realized he was abusive when Peaches started getting heat for the Rosa call and the FCK leaks.
Lio was actually confused AF in the call because of Peaches's sudden personality change and even asked why she was even crying. Then she was claiming "Age regression! I'm a baby now!"

No. 1977660

I’m watching the stream and…
>Kai: Peaches fake crying just like she did during the ”Addressing the Creepshow Art allegations” video in 2020
>Peaches: The Rosa call makes me hate myself
>Kai: And whose fault is that?!
>Peaches: My memory issues make me age regress
>Kai: Always an excuse when you do something bad. Your memory issues only come up when you can victimize yourself. Lio I see why you’re upset but I warned you! I don’t have time for this nonsense and fake crying, get your shit together! if you have age regression get help for it, your mental problems don’t absolve you of responsibility!
Fucking finally someone said it, Kai/Xzae is insufferable and obnoxious but he’s right on the money with this one! Surprised he’s talking like Lio but to Peaches who should be talked down to like Lio does to people. Also Peaches is definitely a sympathy seeker like Kai said years ago. If Peaches ever was genuinely harmed mentally it’s not been any time recently. This shit feels like a bad soap opera climax, the fake crying and recording and releasing this with shit about “age regression” screams “trying to seem more sympathetic that I am” Peaches was right about one thing though, what Kai called “TERF shit” lmao, Lio has a big moid ego he strokes with Senate shit

No. 1977661

Also her age regression is BS because her therapist said she didn't have anything wrong. Also Lio called her out in the call saying she's being dramatic on purpose, stop crying and just talk. which, he's right. But also why the hell is he harassing an autistic person?

No. 1977664

Same anon but you both will be glad to know Leigha’s next stream about the Lio stuff is scheduled for tomorrow

No. 1977666

Peaches suddenly stopped crying when she got mad with Lio and called her a narcissist
He's not wrong lol
Who the hell stops heavily weeping words apart. LOL!
Both Peaches and Lio are awful but Peaches is emotionally manipulative and abusive

No. 1977667

cant wait. I hope she points out how creepy it is that lio participated in the stars giant video considering it has a section where rosa, the woman he berated and called a whore, talks about how she's a victim of CSA.

No. 1977670

Yeah it’s genuinely refreshing that someone, even if it is Kai, has picked up on Peaches pattern over the years. Shocked Tobi hasn’t mentioned anything though, usually she’s the first one to say something like
>”Kai’s snapping at another woman with mental illness? Looks like nothing changed in years.”
Also Kai’s screeching about Omnia on stream, jfc their court case has nothing to do with this shit, Omnia’s just calling out Peaches even Nia hasn’t mentioned it so far in reference to the FCK stuff from what I know

No. 1977676

Lio is a creepy piece of shit. But damn Peaches lol. Lio paid Peaches's rent an bills when they ran out of money. This guy did nothing but defend Peaches and she threw him under the bus when she was getting heat because she didn't see any other way. I'm glad they're both going down.

No. 1977679

Agreed, it’s honestly shocking to know the catalyst of this all was the Tobi Majestic drama, some millennial being bratty and having tantrums online has turned into some other millennial being bratty and having tantrums online and ending up in with a creepy dad with an abusive rabbit hole backstory and a cult server cuz she defended the other brat and got whiny on Twitter when called out for it

No. 1977681

Uh is this a picture of Lio’s wife? We shouldn’t be posting irl pictures of his wife should we not? I do feel horrid for her though, she’s not like Peaches or Anthony, she didn’t know the unstable creepy fuck she was about to get into shit with

No. 1977682

Can we not put his wife's face? I feel bad for this woman

No. 1977683

My apologies. I hid the photo of Lios wife

No. 1977684

unironic stacy behaviour on peaches part kek. Thats what you deserve for simping for morbidly obese terminally online manipulative pussy.

No. 1977688

Kai has been on an Omnia rant for like half an hour. The stream is useless now

No. 1977689

File: 1710801615851.jpeg (328.48 KB, 2048x1477, IMG_7847.jpeg)

Harley is still planning on releasing a video on the Senate. I really hope he doesn’t do stupid shit and coddle peaches again

No. 1977691

Kai’s been ranting about the Miles situation now too, apparently Peaches triggered him lmao. This is why Omnia and Kai are insufferable, they can’t stop mentioning each other for 5 minutes but especially Kai cuz Omnia at least pays attention to IRL stuff more so we don’t hear it from Nia as much at least. I like Omnia more cuz being inoffensive mostly and occasionally right (usually when mentioning Peaches) compared to Kai also being occasionally right (also usually about Peaches) but never shutting the fuck up any other time. I’m just watching to hear the call by now he seems to be back to Peaches as I’m finishing this thankfully

No. 1977693

Where did you get this from? Also I’m wondering if Harley and Peaches are gonna be friendly now until another Peaches drama happens, like what happened with Omnia which was basically
>Kai and Omnia get into drama
>Omnia makes allegations against Kai
>Harley helps spread these
>Drama happens with Omnia and Harley privates the video and goes against Nia
My guess is it will go
>Harley will spread Peaches’ allegations
>Encourage Peaches to come back
>Peaches will eventually cause another drama
>Harley will haul ass again
Maybe Harley making a video will spread it to the more mainstream commentary community (aka people like Tipster) since Harley hangs with them a similar thing happened with the Creepshow Art situation

No. 1977699

ayrt: I got it from Harley’s twitter account and yeah I agree. Harley definitely made a deal with peaches behind the scenes and I wouldn’t be surprised if she begged him to make a video that makes her look good . He can pin all of her bad behavior on “Lio manipulating her personality”

No. 1977701

File: 1710803713963.jpeg (40.75 KB, 828x265, IMG_8052.jpeg)

Another doc has been dropped by that Lio’s Twink Secretary person AKA Zack it’s not much milky, just them saying they’re leaving Senate/Lio after what Peaches dropped


No. 1977706

Omnia tweets about “her abuser” so much and even mentioned it 10 minutes into her latest video unprovoked. Why does this thread always treat Omnia like they have a life as if she isn’t actively tweeting and participating in this drama all the time? Kai wasn’t wrong in the fact that Omnia keeps mentioning him for no reason, and here he is again on stream responding to her bringing him up. It looks like it’s the other way around.

No. 1977709

same anon but he went on to wonder why Omnia even assumed that Kai would care where she lived, and does the same thing Peaches does where she claims the only reason Kai does anything in regards to her is because of attraction. Kai mentioned his new girlfriend and how that’s creepy for Omnia to even do that. I agree with the previous anon that Peaches is the Omnia to Lio’s Kai. I don’t like Lio either but there are parallels in how Omnia has victimized themselves. There are even biases in this exact thread.

No. 1977714

Respectfully idgaf about either of those two but in pretty sure Omnia has mainly tweeted about peaches since like February kek. She definitely has mentioned Kai a couple of times but she isn’t dumb enough to screech about him on live the way Kai is doing right now. This isn’t me bashing Kai but his main problem is his temper. He explodes over the littlest things easily and he’s even making himself look bad for being a little sympathetic toward Lio. Him going “I told you so you’re kinda like me trusting the wrong people” when Lio is a fucking creep preying on underage girls does not look good. At all. Hoping Kai sees this and stops going for that angle. sorry for the autistic rant

No. 1977716

AYRT, Nonnie no one is treating Omnia like a saint, I fully agree there’s holes in Omnia’s retelling of the story but Peaches’ doc has literally nothing to do with Omnia until the end where Peaches throws a mini-tantrum and proves to still a shit flinging brat with no Lio needed. I went to Kai’s stream to watch a stream about Peaches not hear how Kai is so triggered about Omnia, I’d rather a brief vague not by name mention in a video about Peaches than a 10 minute rant and constantly bringing it up

No. 1977717

File: 1710805386674.png (584.32 KB, 1123x608, peachestestimonykumo.png)

People may mock the idea Peaches was abused but I believe it. We already have screenshot testimony taken from the Kumo video of Lio basically disowning her from the family unit to win an argument.

She may be extremely unsympathetic but we know that there's a history to this so I'm not gonna doubt it happened.

No. 1977718

I'm not giving her a fucking ounce of sympathy when she didn't give a shit about Lio's abuse to other people. She will take an inch and stretch it a mile this bridge troll deserves absolutely nothing.

No. 1977720

Okay but I’m not surprised if the person who very clearly sees the parallels to his own situation and this one, is going to point them out. Kai didn’t want to be mentioned by Omnia at all, just because he was “mentioned a few times” does not make Kai wrong in his upset. His screeching was about how “Eren” and Omnia do the same things in terms
of victimizing themselves. If you’re not defending Omnia and see the holes in her story you wouldn’t be confused as to why Kai is “screeching” about it. Omnia has been weird and creepy in her own right to him and I don’t get why some anons just treat it like it’s coming from nowhere.

No. 1977721

My take is Peaches was the Golden Child and while Lio favored Peaches he probably did still do the same abusive shit he did to his other kids to Peaches just to a lesser degree and less often as Peaches got him clout. I have said before that Peaches has done plenty of scummy shit with 0 involvement from Lio and shit like the screenshots of Peaches making hate art of Jordyn is something Peaches seems all too eager to ignore making me doubt a lot of Peaches’ testimony but I do believe Lio is at least to some extent guilty and Peaches is partially just trying to look good

No. 1977723

I don't doubt that Lio is a POS. However I wouldn't trust ANYTHING Peaches says since she loves playing the victim. Unless there is proof of Lio "disowning" her then take it with a grain of salt. Also I don't feel bad for this bitch. how many dramas has she been a part of? She was a bitch daily having daily fights with someone. The fact she's doing the uwu baby victim shit again? Fuck off.

No. 1977724

Again the issue is its just not relevant, there may very well be parallels between Omnia and Peaches but we are talking about Peaches now, you don’t need to keep pausing the video to go “This is just like Omnia” “It’s what you and Omnia do” if it triggers Kai so badly that he can’t think rationally he needs to just sit it out or make a separate video where he can prepare himself, I 100% agree with >>1977714 Kai has made good points but has a problem with temper and being impulsive, making a stream about abuse claims knowing it could trigger you and then getting triggered is really your own fault, I wanna hear about the new shit with Peaches not a ramble and rant about the allegations that we have no new evidence of coming out or anything

No. 1977728

Omnia and Peaches are both relevant in the doc. Both are actors in the situation. Is it really irrelevant or are you just not interested in hearing it? Kai has had a personal experience with both. If anything I’d think his criticisms to both are fair regardless of triggers, and he got through the call either way with breaks in between? idgi

No. 1977730

It’s fucking crazy how many people on Twitter are jumping ship on Lio, many of them are pretty big creators too. Yet again everyone jumps to pendulum swing in opinion once Peaches claims she was hurt, ISTG no one is this community has a brain of their own they just agree with whatever side Peaches is on this week

Didn’t Peaches say in the call video (through text) “I told Lio I didn’t wanna do family stuff anymore”? You’re mad he did what you asked? Or was this before that or something in that case did he take you back? But why did you let him if you didn’t want it anyways? I stand by that Lio was likely abusive to Peaches to an extent but something isn’t adding up here…

No. 1977731

ugh eyeroll. Every time there’s juicy info on the senate and Lio some anon has to bring Kai and his whining into it. we don’t care. He’s old news and there’s a milkier cow staring you at the face. Kai and Omnia are old news and the least important thing right now. The ACC is imploding ffs

No. 1977738

I actually don't see anyone defending peaches on my timeline. Because this is hot off the Rosa drama, Most people are very correctly assuming that this is to take the heat off of her for what she did.

No. 1977742

I'm glad people are seeing the Peaches pattern. First she tried saying it wasn't true. Then she "forgot". Then it was her groomers fault. Lowkey scuicide bait. They tried trooning out for victim points. Now Lio is abusive and she's a victim. ~Age regression~. She literally threw the whole deck on the table

Lio is def a POS but I'm glad people are seenig Peaches as more slimey for plannnig and calculating stabbing her one defender in the back. Though kek, I'm glad Lio is going down as well. Dude is 40 jfc

No. 1977751

Hate to say it but I'm actually excited to see Lio cannibalize Peaches too. Something's gonna be weirdly cathartic about him having his tard rage towards the trog he went to bat for. Some parts because it'll be hilariously ironic, and some parts because it'll be an amazing shitshow watching how this divides the ACC.

No. 1977761

File: 1710813140336.jpeg (55.26 KB, 749x166, IMG_7848.jpeg)

Fucking kek he’s trying to go after patchwork heart now but here’s the kicker: no one accused him of cheating on his wife outside of these chats. So he’s probably projecting and really did cheat on his wife with Peaches lmao. Even if peaches is a “victim” people are still gonna get on her ass for being a weirdo freak homewrecker

No. 1977763

He did say "I love you that's why" in a very hurt and confused tone in the video Peaches recorded. Honestly Peaches is a POS homewrecker. But also fuck Lio betraying his wife who's keeping a roof over his head for some ugly bitch the the UK.

No. 1977765

I don’t feel bad for Peaches and I don’t feel bad for Lio either. Another anon said that Peaches is throwing Lio under the bus because she didn’t get the romance and attention she wanted and anon is right. Lio ( or his wife )if you’re lurking, now is your chance to come clean

No. 1977767

Wasn't Peaches viciously mocking and delighted that Lio's wife thought she was a homewrecker. And instead of listening to his wife Lio made her apologize to Peaches? This bitch

Also didn't anons say that Peaches would claim Lio was another one of her abusers last year? This dumbass didn't see the writing on the walls

No. 1977782

Wait peaches recorded the video? Does anyone know where it is ?

No. 1977783

Yeah I ain’t buying it and everything seems to coincidental. back in February when peaches was getting her ass beat in the twitter qrts and Harley said that he would be making a video in 48 hours ? Harley usually can and does upload a video that fast is he wants to. I believe THAT is when Peaches acted fast and reached out to Harley with information that would benefit them both( peaches getting protected and Harley getting clout). The best evidence is Harley himself admitting that was waiting for evidence. If he was waiting for evidence then why is he now dropping the video asap? Why is peaches realizing right now that she was “abused” when Jordyn’s interview is still pending ? Even in her testimony, she excluded the fact that she was being disgusting to Jordyn and accused her of being evil for “running to akumu”

No. 1977797

So where’s Hiten? I’d pay to see her reaction after being the biggest lio defender.

No. 1977808

File: 1710823375214.jpg (143.9 KB, 1080x490, 1000004075.jpg)

This is all she's vaguely alluded to. My bet is on her trying to breeze past this as much as possible because she was one of the loudest but also one of the smaller creators so she can get off easy if she keeps her head down and mouth shut.

No. 1977821

>Lio paid Peaches's rent and bills when they ran out of money.
Wait really? That is very interesting. I wonder what Peaches is gonna do now if she finds herself low on rent money. I've heard she has a job as like a waitress or something but it doesn't seem like it's enough to keep her afloat at all times.

No. 1977822

His wife is the only innocent party in all this. From everything so far, it doesn't seem like his wife was being a horrible person and was merely trying to put up with her fat idiot husband. I feel like his wife might be more of a "normie" so she may have seen this crap as silly internet stuff until Lio had her apologize to Peaches for being suspicious which she rightfully had the the right to be.

I seriously hope she leaves this disgusting lard ass. He clearly doesn't respect her and it's clear that he is holding onto her until he could get Peaches to the states and leave her for her. Which is really stupid when you think about it because the fat ass isn't self-reliant if he has to depend on his wife to be the breadwinner and Peaches is a mental wreck and the two would definitely be struggling financially which would make their "relationship" implode.

Either way like Leigha said in her stream, this southern woman needs to kick his ass to the curb, she deserves better.

No. 1977823

I missed Kai's stream and tbh I really don't wanna watch it because I really don't wanna hear him going "nigga this" and "nigga that" while having his tantrum. I think what Kai really needs is a second person to stream with who can keep him steady. On his own he clearly can't control his outbursts and if he had a trusted friend streaming with him who might be able to reel him in and keep him focused, it would make his streams on stuff like this a lot more bearable.

No. 1977824

The cherry on top of this would be if his wife decided to leave him after all this. She deserves better than some tard raging manchild who argues with teenagers on the internet all day long. And it just seems like he seriously was gonna leave her if he was able to get Peaches a visa to move to the states and be with him. That or try to convince her to have an open relationship so he can do his DDLG shit with her.

No. 1977825

File: 1710831236806.gif (369.04 KB, 220x165, jerry-jerry-springer.gif)

No. 1977856

Honestly, in listening to the calls, I can't believe Peaches thought they made Lio sound abusive. Peaches recorded herself talking to Lio in true Cluster B fashion, complete with gish-galloping, narc rage, and DARVO. Lio is a dumb scrote but he was absolutely right that Peaches was performative as hell in that call. She 100% smelled the smoke from the Rosa situation and scrambled to set up the narrative that "he's the true abooser! I tried multiple times to stop him and I would have never bullied poor Rosa if it weren't for his influence!" I can't believe people are actually falling for this but I'm not surprised since Peaches introduced Lio to commentary to begin with. This is her ballpark

No. 1977895

I’d sell my soul just to get an official testimony from both Lio’s wife and Peaches’ ex boyfriend. Now that everything’s coming out I have no doubt that both dumbasses were involved in making their relationships turbulent. After all peaches did first encounter Lio around 2021 and her relationship collapsed shortly after.

No. 1977903

Theres some kind of irony with how peaches now goes by he/they and in her doc against lio made this statement about how she's "not a woman" despite before all this went down she had no problem drawing her sona as sexy anime cutesy waifu to the point of making an nsfw account dedicated to it (even funnier is that no one would've known about peaches' sudden name and pronouns change if it weren't for lio's video. LIO of all people KEK)

but watch her now try to use this to invalidate all the videos and streams calling her out because they still referred to her with "peaches" and she/her at the time and make a stink about any thumbnails and video assets that use her sona becus "muh dysphoria"
Im calling it now kek

No. 1977904

Kai's videos are alot easier to watch than his streams because he doesn't go off on rants.

No. 1977920

The only time Kai is genuinely entertaining to watch during his streams is when he openly insults Lio and peaches kek. Everyone else tiptoes and tries to be kind but Kai will literally call them fat, ugly, retarded and every name in the book. It’s refreshing to see

No. 1977942

File: 1710860666454.jpeg (433.82 KB, 587x1516, IMG_7850.jpeg)

Hopeless peaches after successfully scamming a 40 year old man, home wrecking then playing victim by cosplaying as an uwu anime girl, then trooning out and throwing Lio under the bus:

No. 1977971

I hate peaches but i respect the game

No. 1978005

I wouldn't say she has game. Lio is just retarded. At least JAR had an excuse with his autism


I never seen this pic/tiktok of her. Did you grab it before she purged her socials of her face? But man, no wonder she larps as a child. Girlie is over here looking like she's 40 in her 20's. Also this person was calling people fat whores? The call is within the house.

No. 1978018

Kek peaches used her irl name to like her own shit so it wasn’t hard to track her. Can’t show it for obvious rule reasons but sheesh. A LOT of her actions are starting to make sense given her background

No. 1978089

It’s funny how Lio is trying to give off this unbothered vibe when literally everyone on all sides know that’s he’s seething and throwing a fit behind the scenes. Kek no amount of miku content is gonna stop him from being jumped in the comments

No. 1978130

>Lio obviously has a thing for butches or femboys, since he encouraged Mint heart and Peaches to troon out after they were being adopted.
tinfoil: I think that's just an excuse to abuse them harder. I know with at least one of them as soon as they came out he started withdrawing support and demanding that they "be a man" "man up" etc.

Granted as usual most of the people involved are horrible people themselves, but Lio's collection of maladjusted little girls also appear to be people whose families neglected to teach them any useful life skills whatsoever and they would genuinely be fucked without the support of another adult. All of these retards needed to have been in occupational therapy and DBT to fix their shit but what they got instead was psycho daddy rp.

No. 1978161

> All of these retards needed to have been in occupational therapy and DBT to fix their shit but what they got instead was psycho daddy rp.

This but specifically for Peaches. Instead of actually doing the work to heal from her abuse and trauma ( assuming that she’s telling the truth) , she decided to rant on Twitter about how her psychiatrist isn’t helping and being toxic and continued to be chronically online. I’m pretty sure her psychiatrist called her the fuck out with hard truths too

No. 1978165

I've noticed that whenever Peaches burns a bridge it's always the fault of the other person, and it will continue to be.

No. 1978174

Oh my fucking god I’m going through peaches testimony right now and she can’t help but blame everyone but herself ! She claims that she was feeling suicidal from the guilt over the Rosa call. Bitch that’s like the 5th time you’ve suicide baited are you not tired ?!

No. 1978292

So while this downfall for Lio and Peaches has been pretty neat to see since both parties are not great at all, is anyone else getting annoyed of these people using the word "degenerate" so fucking much? I swear, I wish they could find another word to describe some of this BS because that word has been so heavily used and it's just so annoying lol.

No. 1978296

It’s overused but words like pervert, deviant and retarded aren’t as strong lol

Anyway I’m so invested in seeing everyone’s responses to this and how this affects everything. People like Ponder are radio silent on the matter because they’re waiting on Lio to drop a response which makes sense but I have another theory. They actually don’t give a fuck about peaches at all really. She’s just that annoying bitch they have to deal with to avoid being dogpiled. Notice how whenever events like Vidcon or irl meetups happen between ACC creators, she’s never invited? She’s literally the elephant in the room that you need to tip toe around and cater to her every need. This is also a big reason why she doesn’t have irl friends either because she’s so toxic kek

No. 1978320

they are correct though. Lio associated with filthy degenerates like doodle, and is a degenerate himself for hoarding barely legal mentally ill girls. Peaches is a degen too for being in the FCK server and roleplaying DDLG with Lio. Also, almost everyone involved is a flavour of gendie lol.

No. 1978327

I do think the reason she's not invited to meetups is because she's a poor bonger, and too lazy to travel to America. But it's funny to think that she probably has zero irl friends kek

No. 1978354

Honestly it’s why I’m grateful for people like Leigha, it’s nice to have someone who’s generally unbiased analyze these claims, Kai makes good points on Peaches and Senate but being in this community for 4 years and going against everyone from Tobi to Lio and everyone in between has made it so that Kai has such a hatred that he just can’t put aside anymore, not that I blame him but it’s very much an issue when it comes to things like staying on topic in streams

No. 1978374

AYRT and fair enough kek. And I agree with what you said, it's pretty funny how the bigger players in the senate have still remained silent even after Hopeless Peaches' statement came out. I think you're right that deep down most of them probably didn't a fuck about her and you can't blame them necessarily because she really is annoying. But But still, I have a feeling that Lio is going to play the waiting game until the drama calms down because the only people really talking about are Akumu, Kumo, Enlaa, Leigha, and Cope and Seethe and frankly they are small channels who are mostly making long streams that not many people are going to be willing to sit through. It'll be shorter videos that go over the topic that will truly get the word out.

No. 1978376

you know something I've been wondering about with Lio and the whole "found family" thing is how many of the people involved clam that hey have abusive parents. I know that Peaches claims her family was abusive and Mint Heart was being SA'd by her mother's boyfriend (IIRC?) but I'm curious about the others. Were they really being abused or is it just something like their parents not validating their retarded gender BS and/or making them get a job and/or pay rent or something?

I'm just finding it a bit concerning how so many of those in the senate make this claim of having abusive parents.

No. 1978381

Crystal dropped a call with a user named JibzThePig, Lio, Serafina, Peaches, and some other Senate members

>The context of this is that Jibz was groomed by Vida and started talking to him again between 17-18, call happened around the time of the Coyote Lovely shit

>Peaches, LumitroArt (Peaches’ partner), and someone named Cosmic used this in Peaches’ “fuck you letter” without Jibz’s permission so they’re making this video
>Jibz relapsed into speaking with Vida again, he asked Jibz for a minor’s discord to contact them
>Call starts, goes over Jibz and why Jibz and Vida started talking again because Jibz didn’t wanna cut Vida off
>Lio immediately says he’ll call Jibz’s parents while knowing Jibz’s home life was rough
>Lio: “Wanna tell me what was so valuable about Vida that you contacted him again?” I dunno Lio I’d figure the predator hunter would have found out that predators tend to be manipulative of their victims
>Lio KNEW Jibz’s family would hurt them if they found out but still threatens to call them
>Peaches and co lied about Jibz being physically abused, Jibz was emotionally abused and neglected but not beaten
>They accused Jibz of being manipulative and attention seeking for relapsing
>Lio repeatedly asks Jibz what the final straw was, when Jibz doesn’t remember Lio gets aggressive and starts demanding an answer constantly
>Lio angrily tells Jibz to go get the logs, Jibz says they were all deleted
>Lio acknowledges Jibz was 17 and barely 18 doing this but was old enough to “know better” Our protector of kids ladies and gentlemen!
>Serafina and others in the call apologized for this, Jibz asks to not involve them
>Jibz plans to make another reply later
>Lio asks if Jibz filed a report, Jibz starts to give an answer and Lio snarkily shouts for just a yes or no, Jibz says no, starts explaining and Lio cuts Jibz off
>Jibz didn’t finish the police report, they started to again but the call made Jibz decide not to out of fear of their family
>Lio says Jibz facilitated Vida grooming another kid because of being manipulated into talking with Vida again
>Lio apparently said this to other victims then backtracked on this sentiment to get Jibz off his ass, no wonder Peaches loved him so much
>Lio: “You hid your interactions with Vida and that he preyed on another child! Why?!” Gee maybe it’s cuz they were also a child and Vida had been manipulating them for years from the sounds of it
>This kid wasn’t even groomed, just talked to Vida, Jibz acknowledges this was still bad and irresponsible
>Lio: “You like talking to a guy who wants to put his hands on kids, you, “I’m such a lesbian I wouldn’t like a guy” Fucking wow, and there it is, the proof Lio is nowhere near as much of a progressive “you’re valid” daddy as he acts
>Screenshot of multiple Senate members mocking Jibz, Lio calls Jibz an idiot and mock Vida trying to give them his surname
>Lio and the Senate did lesbiphobic shit multiple times, typical moid behavior
>Lio snaps at staff for staying muted and literally screams, according to Peaches’ text box in the video this happened often also more of Peaches “He did this to me while age regressing wahhhhh” lmao
>Jibz was sensitive to yelling as a trigger and cuz they have a syndrome that could cause a fucking heart attack, Lio risked someone’s health cuz he can’t stop being bitchy
>Multiple Senate members unmute and shame Jibz
>???(I think BusyRobotHands): “We’re not shaming you for anything” yet you call Jibz an idiot in chat, mock the grooming, are ganging on them. JFC these people were grown adults letting Lio go off on a teen/barely legal person and getting intimidated. There’s no excuse they’re just bootlickers, IDC about “manipulation” your fucking mid 20s-30s is old enough to be able to stand up to this man baby and not dogpile a kid
>Lio apologized for the call but Peaches had to make him, he didn’t apologize for any other calls with Jibz which were worse, between this and Mushroom Girl it seems like Peaches had at least some standards for the kids in the Senate and how far Lio would go, still a fucking snake but slightly less horrible than Lio
>Lio told Jibz “I’m sorry you got used as a cudgel against me” on the 18th of March. No Lio, you’re sorry your toxic, abusive, misogynistic, lesbiphobic, fat ass got called out bullshit got called out
>Lio: “Dont make me yell at you like I did with the rest of my staff” this is more scummy knowing that could give Jibz a fucking heart attack
>Lio apparently used sexually explicit language like “dick down little girls” and “human flesh light to Vida” behind the scenes, if you needed more reason to believe he’s a creep here you go. Ironic cuz Lio got onto someone for calling someone a human flesh light as well
>Jibz tried hard to cut off the minor and Vida
>Lio, Busy, and Serafina go off on Jibz for sitting on it for a while
>Lio asks if Jibz and this minor are still in contact, Jibz says they’re added but the two haven’t talked, Lio goes off cuz “I didn’t ask for the details, yes or no” Jibz has to explain the situation was messy and the answer couldn’t be that simple, Jibz is only fucking 20 but more mature than a near 40 year old
>Lio says for Jibz to invite this person who contacted Vida who was a MINOR (keep in mind Senate is 18+ but may have been 16+ at the time) to the server or he’ll find the minor and call their parents, having no idea what their parents may be like and says he’ll do it live in call, fucking sadistic
>Lio mocks Jibz for not being consumed by the trauma of Vida cuz Jordyn is still affected (ironic knowing how Lio treated Jordyn) god forbid someone doesn’t play into your broken woman fetish Lio, mentions Jibz being obsessed with Vida’s “two inch erect dick”, again, our hero everyone!
>Lio (harshly): “You lied to my face and went behind our backs while working on the Vida video. How many more times did you ERP and get sent voice messages about licking your body after that? Tell me.” JFC this is physically sickening
>Peaches: “This was when Jibz was still a minor so can you not ask those questions?” I NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD AGREE WITH FUCKING PEACHES BUT HERE WE ARE
>Lio: “They’re 18 now” Peaches: “They’re 18 NOW can you not ask those questions please?!” Peaches being right wasn’t on my bingo card but here we fucking are
>Jibz didn’t come out sooner due to fear, stress, and irl life stuff

Overall this just proved to me Peaches, Lio, and the rest of the Senate don’t give a fuck about minors or their trauma, Lio mocked Jibz multiple times and Peaches used this call to look like the hero (that may even be the reason for speaking up at the end). Fuck this scrote and fuck people like Doodletones for defending him or staying “neutral”

No. 1978386

I think the only one that was explicitly abused was Mint heart. Opal mentioned that her relationship with her father was strained while her mother was chill. Peaches however has stated a few times that her relationship is relatively fine. In one of her panhandling streams she was talking about her former job as a waitress and she could make her parents yell at the manager like a bunch of Karens kek. She also mentioned on Twitter shortly before the coyotelovely situation that she was watching a new movie with her mom. So here’s the question: if you’re on good terms with your dad and your mom, exactly what is Lio supposed to be? It doesn’t sound like you ever needed a “father figure”, peaches.

No. 1978389

Thanks for the slight context. With Opal, I don't know much about her but is she a gender tard? If so, I suspect her strain could be her father not validating her gender crap if this is correct. As for Peaches, well fuck then why did she need a "father figure" if her relationship with her father was fine? Maybe her parents don't baby her and she was seeking that out with Lio? That's the only thing I can think of because aside from that, she didn't need one.

No. 1978404

"Lumitro (Peaches' partner)"
Sorry, did I completely miss something? Lumi and Peaches are dating?

No. 1978407

Opal slightly gendertarded because she’s a biological woman but goes by “she/they” to feel special kek. But from what I remember, she met Lio because of the Lily Orchard situation where that troon freak wrote mlp pedophile Stockholm fanfic

No. 1978469

I think this is recent. Remember Peaches is a serial cheater. She was probably flirting with Lumitro a couple weeks ago when the Rosa call got leaked and needed to throw Lio under the bus.

Honestly I don't feel bad for anyone who dates Peaches at this point. If their history isn't a red flag then I don't know what to say

No. 1978472

Putting money on "Lumitro groomed/abused me" in a few years

No. 1978477

Wait but aren’t they “siblings”? I dunno even if it’s an adoptive family, if you can’t differentiate familial bonds with romantic ones then you’re a freak. This also supports the theory that she was in a relationship with Lio kek if she keeps blurring the lines like that

No. 1978492

I don't have ss of it, but from my kowledge the Senate is pretty much dead, and in it's stead, both "The House" and "The Supreme Court" have popped up. They might be the same but I'm not sure. Either way, chronically online retards need their groups I guess kek.

Lumitro wasn't one of the adopted kids to my knowledge. Opal, Mint, Jay/Pink, and Peaches were. I have no idea where people are getting the idea that they're dating from.

No. 1978494

> Senate, Supreme court, the House

Bet you anything Peaches is in both the house and supreme court. What's the point of the senate going down when two more pop up in it's place? like a god damn hydra

No. 1978497

AYRT, on Peaches’ rebel Twitter there was a tweet along the lines of “Lumi is the only allowed to simp over me” I wish I could find it but sadly you’ll have to take my word for it so I just assumed they were dating

Any idea of who still may be in Senate besides Lio? Also I heard about those servers in Leigha’s stream, apparently they just use the “template” of the Senate. Apparently Serafina also has a server, not sure if it’s one of those but regardless of if it is I don’t doubt that it’ll probably just lead to the same shit after a while or die off without Lio and Peaches’ popularity. In general making argument servers is a shit idea and the last thing this community needs. I genuinely hope these don’t catch on because of what Senate was. Senate itself was a rebrand of a server called Barrel after Vida got outed so history repeating itself doesn’t seem unlikely

No. 1978505

That's a common fake-out that Peaches uses to convince people she's not straight. She used to do it with Malimalware too. The House is owned by Serafina as far as I know whom also started the Senate before leaving. If these servers aren't ACC or "Predator Hunting" focused, I don't see them as becoming anything more than your typical Discord circlejerk. I can't imagine Peaches being in either of them considering alot of the Senate former Senate hates her right now for going against Lio. I think she's just going to rebrand in the future and probably try to distance herself from The Senate as much as possible. I might be wrong because we know she's terminally online.

No. 1978508

Well Peaches has a week before her channel is gone for good. You're right, she is terminally online. I'm sure on the last day she'll change her mind because some "hero" convinced her to not kill herself and bring her channel back.

No. 1978512

File: 1711006077147.png (497.13 KB, 571x607, GJIRXHPWIAAcwoN.png)

Lio really wants his wife to dress as a 14 year old anime character. he has to be a closeted Lolicon.(retardation)

No. 1978514

>because some "hero" convinced her to not kill herself and bring her channel back.
Fucking kek, I see this happening, who do you think the "hero" would more than likely be? I feel like it could be Malimalware since she's been super quiet about things and her recent video seems like it could be a secret type of message to Peaches.

No. 1978520

reaching a bit here. Every weeb woman dresses as a sailor moon at some point

No. 1978554

File: 1711028472844.jpeg (305.97 KB, 828x1152, IMG_7863.jpeg)

I’m not familiar with this commentary youtuber but I think she nailed it on the head. I’m not doubting that Lio was abusive but I don’t think he was abusive to her. Peaches has this consistent thing where she calls someone their abuser even when they haven’t done anything to her. Think back to when she tried to accuse Kai and Omnia as being her abuser for …. exposing her loli art ( kek) .

No. 1978562

The only way Lio was "abusive" to her was yelling at her, which he does to everyone, this whole "age regressing" bullshit is just her trying to cover her tracks from the very obvious ddlg shit. She's a narc. It's always someone else's fault, never hers.

No. 1978615

File: 1711046658909.jpeg (453.37 KB, 828x1427, IMG_7864.jpeg)

More information about Peaches being weird af around minors has come to light. A 16-17 called out lio and peaches for being bullies and they decided to be sexual around the poor. This event happened in July 2023 and peaches decided to go after Camillia

No. 1978617

File: 1711046900550.jpeg (439.77 KB, 828x1378, IMG_7865.jpeg)

Zach, who dubbed himself as “lios twink secretary” and senate mod, will be sharing their testimony of a situation that happened to him in the Senate. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Lio was being a degenerate around him either

No. 1978625

Why are so many people obsessed with posting Lio’s wife? She’s as tired of Peaches’ BS as we all have been and should we even be doing it considering the whole “don’t post family members” rule? Not trying to minimod or anything, genuinely asking

I’d be cautious with Jesska Pizzle since she played Creepshow Art’s white knight back when she was exposed (vidrel). While she’s right about Peaches being quick to call every ex friend an abuser it wouldn’t shock me if she’s only speaking to white knight for Shannon a bit more. (repost i fucked up the replies)

No. 1978628

>Why are so many people obsessed with posting Lio’s wife?
She's an enabler. Simple as. There is no innocence in this scenario. She allowed this to happen under her roof. The Daughters only think of her as an angel because she wasn't the one actively abusing them. This is dysfunctional family 101.

No. 1978633

You’re shocked when this is the same Lio who called mocked a barely 18 year old’s grooming as a kid by talking about their groomer wanting to lick their body and how Vida “gave them his two inch dick”?

Zak was mentioned in one of Leigha’s streams about how he faked leaving Senate. Apparently he joined in April 2023 and is “freshly 18” according to Leigha’s chat so he probably joined as a minor too. At about 2:46:03 in vidrel Leigha starts covering the stream Zak and Lin Lin did about the situation with Senate/Lio/Peaches

No. 1978712


iirc peaches was on the chat during lio's premiere on his video on kai that he made when he chickened out on a debate he agreed to, saying kai was "sexually humiliating" her all becus he got some of his sources on lio from gilded and the fox mafia KEK
peaches has this habit of stretching details to both victimize herself or make the other party look much worse than it really is

No. 1978811

we don't need to excuse creepshow now, the petty revenge campaign she did against peach is still insane behavior. It's just funny that peach ended up morphing into shannon

No. 1978918

I know I probably should just try to search this on my own but if you're open, do you think you could give a TL;DR on what Shannon did to Peaches? Like did she do the same stalking and harassment on her that she did to Emily Artful? Or was it just like insulting her appearance or something?

No. 1978932

welp, I guess it's safe to say that Lio will remain silent about Peaches throwing him under the bus. That guy is so whipped. He'll make a video on someone for sneazing but Peaches over here gets nothing.

He's a POS for sure. But I can't believe that Peaches threw her number 1 defender under the bus. I do think Lio is abusive, but I agree he was never abusive towards Peaches. The guy is in love.

No. 1978947

I wouldn't be too sure anon. He's quiet right now but I suspect he's gonna wait a good while until he mentions her again, I don't think he'll devote a ton of attention about it but still, I have a suspicion that he's not too happy about what Peaches throwing him under the bus.

I think what will more than likely determine this though is if Lio tries to start another Discord server to have a clean slate sortaspeak.

No. 1978992

Hopefully Lio is just stalling and collecting enough evidence for a video. Not evidence for redeeming himself, but enough to take down Peaches with him. He knows that his credibility is basically shot so he’d better go and expose the rest of the goons that stood by him

No. 1978998

All Shannon did was lie at Peaches was mean to her. Emily, who arguably has a reason to still be talking about Shannon and her husband to this day because she was stalked for almost a decade and raped, has not spoken about her since probably because she has her own husband and child to raise. She spoke her piece and then dropped it. Peaches only claim to fame was Shannon lying about her and "contributing to her attempt on her life". She has no real reason to still be talking about Shannon or acting like she was this huge victim of her.

No. 1979000

what sucks about Shannon lying about that one thing is that every other shitty thing Peaches has done at that time was thrown out the window.

Technically what Shannon said was a half lie. Peaches was shit talking other friends behind their back.

No. 1979002

That was the issue with the Peaches drama as a whole. Everyone lumped every criticism that she had thrown against her together and when she started crying about how she made a suicide attempt, people gave her asspats and threw everything else out the window to treat her like a victim. Since then, everyone was walking on eggshells around her and just like streamline workshop said, this just enabled her worst habits and now here we are. The timing of her drama with everything else just aligned perfectly to let her get away with it all.

No. 1979003

Emily hasn’t mentioned Creepshow since making a retrospective on it in 2022 (where Shannon wasn’t even name dropped) yet Peaches has gone on about it forever since 2020. It’s clear why, Emily has a husband, kids, job, and a real life outside the internet, she’s said that she doesn’t make drama videos because she just doesn’t have time for it, meanwhile Peaches seems to have nothing irl and has constantly surrounded herself in drama (or felonies that Senate turned into drama)

You’re part right, the whole reason the Peaches drama happened was cuz Peaches had to stick into the Tobi drama and white knight her and Prison Mate Luke and others tore those tweets apart and the whole “I’m just about done goodbye” tweets. Shannon didn’t necessarily lie but she did blow a bunch of shit out of proportion or try to frame it as worse than it actually was which is why people were able to dismiss Prison Mate Luke, Omnia, and Kai’s videos, cuz they fell into the same traps as Shannon by making it seem like a world ending event instead of what it bluntly was: Peaches being a bitch.

No. 1979112

she lied about Peaches being a bad friend. Then told every youtuber she knew that Peaches is scum. It's not that big of a deal on its own, but in the art commentary community, people pick one subject to hate on for a few weeks, so a big number of nonsensical callout videos came about peaches, throwing accusations like being racist for arguing with a black girl or something. Peaches couldn't use this drama to defend her shitty behavior if it wasn't the gigantic mess it was. Because it was, and the other anon is not being fully honest.

No. 1979115

File: 1711186516433.png (761.55 KB, 1170x1806, This is just embarassing .png)

says the one who was trying to fuck Sappho..

No. 1979156

Fucking called it! I mentioned that now that Senate is being called out everyone who had drama with them was gonna use it to wash their hands of any wrongdoings. I also knew Coyote Lovely was gonna be one of the first to do it because of how big his callout was. This exact same shit happened when Kai and Creepshow were called out, now everyone who’s ever had beef with them is claiming “See? I’m innocent, they’re the bad ones!” Fuck Coyote as well because he was one of the longer Senate members and let Lio pull his BS while claiming to care about kids

No. 1979201

>she lied about Peaches being a bad friend
no that was one of the things that was true.

No. 1979208

That's stupid as fuck to drag out for this long regardless and also Shannon wasn't even wrong about it kek.

No. 1979222

File: 1711218125761.jpeg (385 KB, 1270x951, IMG_3772.jpeg)

It’s kinda strange that seems to even be secretive about this to his friends, people like Doodle are out here saying they’re “waiting for Lio’s side” but shouldn’t the people he knows personally be some of the first he wants to prove his innocence to? It’s obvious Doodle is just trying to white knight him, the CC isn’t “reserving judgement” they picked a side already and will continue associating with Lio even if/when his response is shit

No. 1979238

File: 1711223126197.jpg (5.18 MB, 4930x7114, FuchsiaStatement.jpg)

FuchsiaButter has made a statement on the FCK stuff, formatted this kind of weird so for context the left side is the first and second parts and the right is the third and fourth. Thoughts?

Full thread: https://twitter.com/FuchsiaButters/status/1771062759993594104

No. 1979257

This apology sucks balls and shifts blame so hard between "I was traumatized" or "Toasty made me"

Nobody in this community can take proper accountability lol.

No. 1979271

because to them an apology is an admission of guilt. I mean, not being perverts in front of kids should be easy enough. And honestly being a dick isn't a crime. It's just they made it into one

No. 1979295

File: 1711235973550.jpeg (350.43 KB, 1173x964, IMG_3778.jpeg)

Patchwork Heart released a doc
>This >>1977761 was part of a video Lio is/was going to make and Lio was fully aware of Patch being coerced into the Lily Orchard stuff, and Patch’s partner forgave them so I additionally question why this is being brought up by Lio
>Lio is also defending someone named Weebus who tried coercing Patch into sexual shit
>Lio tried weaponizing some zoophile hunting acc Patch was a part of
>Lio was unhelpful when Patch was falsely accused or harassed multiple times
>Lio didn’t take Jordyn to a psychiatrist when Jordyn started showing symptoms of a disorder
>Lio associated with someone named Ruza after they threatened to kill themselves on call unless Patch got someone to talk with them
>Says Lio has a victim complex
>This all happened when Patch was talking good about Lio to Zena and Poppy (those two may be familiar names if you follow the Lily Orchard thread or the drama around LO)

I don’t really know if this is necessarily milk but I still found it interesting lots of this behavior that Lio didn’t do anything about shows that Lio certainly has a type he seems to like hanging around with

No. 1979297

Same anon but here’s the video/stream Patch mentioned by Cope And Seethe Podcast as 1:58:02 they start going over Lio’s script on Mint Heart / Jordyn / Jay I haven’t finished watching it yet but it’s honestly really telling the way Lio talks about them

No. 1979299

Three more days until Peaches can't recover their youtube and socials. I have my fingers crossed

No. 1979304

While we’re speaking of Peaches did the doc exposing Lio give anyone else “Shannon’s response to Emily Artful” vibes? Especially the whole “they hurt me so much” with blatant lies and the random snipes at Kumo and Omnia towards the end, it felt exactly like Shannon getting snippy at her siblings and Tipster and both claim being online has hurt them oh so much and have said they won’t be returning (which is probably a lie in both cases). Like jeez she was a desperate imitation of Creepshow to the end, the only difference being Lio’s an actual creep who deserved being called out

No. 1979305


> nobody in this community can take proper accountability lol

and yet they'll be the first to nitpick on apologies and preach about how "it's not hard to take accountability" when it's on anyone BUT themselves
we already saw from nezzie where the first thing she did when confronted on her participation on the fck degeneracy was to pull an hero and cry about how akumu just did it to "ruin her life" or w/e.
if they're not shifting blame they're being over dramatic about it kek

No. 1979311

Speaking of Nezzie does anyone else find it disappointing that everyone except for Peaches and Toasty Vanilla have basically gotten off scot free? Nezzie’s streaming on Twitch like nothing happened after playing the victim a bit more, Nawnii rebranded months ago and has been on an alt acc drawing MLP or whatever and was able to ignore it, Fuchsia got away with it cuz of trauma (which while I do feel for Fuchsia cuz sexual abuse and trauma is a bitch you need to acknowledge “yeah I fucked up” somewhere in your statement), Miss Zi Zi (arguably the worst aside from Toasty) got off with an “I don’t remember it well” and “I’ve changed”, MadLibbs made a thread and took some decent accountability but as Omnia has said it should not have taken an account threatening to leak screenshots for her to make an apology, TheNamesJunkie has been irrelevant for years and just quietly deleted his socials,. Even Peaches got off ever since making the thread about how “Lio was so cruel” and turned all remaining eyes to Lio after DFE and Toasty briefly tried and failed a rebrand and also has also DFE’d it seems. These people got off way too easy for the shit they did to kids

No. 1979331

I also find it fucking hilarious how Nezzie came back like barely even a few days after her blow up with "back from grippy sock vacation" (I'll grab screenshots when I get the chance if nobody beats me to it) and has been apparently fine ever since. Nezzie is such a sympathy seeker it's unreal.

No. 1979334

Nezzie is just as bad as Peaches when it comes to using suicide and mental health as a shield from taking accountability for their actions. All she has to do is scream that she's going to kill herself and people immediately start fawning over her.

No. 1979336

The only rare case I believe someone when it comes to mental health or attempting scuicide is when they're gone for 6+ months. None of these people ever do that lol

No. 1979354

File: 1711252034157.jpg (714.96 KB, 2360x2360, DoodleSus.JPG)

Doodletones has possibly pulled a Kai and struck down one of Akumu’s videos. Doodle tries to defend it by showing the takedown requests tab on YouTube but as Leigha points out a privacy complaint won’t show up in those, shows how far the remaining Senate members are willing to go to try to silence criticisms of Lio. Saged cuz this is admittedly still a bit tinfoil

No. 1979355

Nah this isn’t even tinfoil. I fully believe that Doodletones struck it down because akumu poked holes in his stupid “groomed into diaper fetish” backstory. I hate that gross pretend woman gooner so much. His videos are shit despite always being 2-8 hours and are filled with shit pseudo intellectual jargon and art that hasn’t improved in a decade. Fuck Doodletones for hiding behind the likes of Jar and lio convoy for protection from rightful criticism

No. 1979370

I like that in leigha's stream everyone was making fun of DoodleDiapers shitty artwork lmao

No. 1979381

File: 1711264015776.jpeg (373.06 KB, 1154x933, IMG_3788.jpeg)

Someone on Twitter posted a statement by SeaPrincessOpal, overall it’s Opal stating that being in Senate was unhealthy for her.
>She had been involved in drama related to people in the brony fandom and Senate since she was 15.
>She became terminally online posting about Lily Orchard and lolicons.
>Opal also clarifies she actually left Lio first about a year and a half ago
>Clarifies their relationship wasn’t sexual at all or DDLG (did Kiwi accuse them of that? I thought it was just lolcow but I don’t lurk Kiwi)
>She wants to be there for Lio’s other former kids
>She hasn’t kept up with Senate since the Coyote stuff.
>She, Lio, and other Senate members recieved Rule 34 hate Art (links deleted) and hate Art from Kiwifarms (links don’t work properly but someone please post that KF art it would be hilarious).
>One thing of note was Opal, while apologizing for hurting anyone in Senate, mentions she has memory issues and can’t remember all her time in Senate well which got me thinking, did Opal tell Lio about her memory issues, then Lio told Peaches and is Peaches now using Opal’s memory issues as their own to get more ammo against Lio?


No. 1979382

Doodledone's craptastic art is such an enigma. The dude doesn't have an IRL job nor does he go to school, he has nothing but time to practice and get better at his art but he's simply that lazy and it's hilarious how his art skill has not improved at all in over a decade. Maybe instead of making pointless commentary videos, he should devote that time to practicing.

No. 1979385

Everyone in the ACC has shitty art to be honest. The best one skill wise is Ponder Sprocket but she has that disgusting thick lines and ugly colors western style. They all need to go outside, touch grass, maybe attent figure drawing classes.

No. 1979425

I feel you anon, he's the definition of pretentious and when you look at him for what he is, he really is pathetic and doesn't have anything going for him. Crap videos, crap art, I mean come on. I think his big problem is that he's so sucked into his little anime uwu girl persona with the fake voice changer and doesn't focus on his actual life.

No. 1979426

>Everyone in the ACC has shitty art to be honest.
You know, that's fair. I was trying to think if there were any art that I liked from ACC people but I honestly can't think of any that had an appealing style to me. Ponder definitely is the most technical but I admit I'm not into the heavy Western style but that's personal taste. Honestly though, I can see her making an official Western comic and seeing it in a comic shop.

No. 1979433

I think it's because autism, it makes it hard to reach beyond your cognitive restrictions and become "good" at art (which I assume most people here would say some weeb shit, or realism, since one of you is shitting on western style)
Blogposting but, I had a deeply autistic guy in one of my art classes and he improved but he never got out of his "autistic" and more childlike style. Since I'm an artist I didn't mind it since it had an unique expression, but most ACC people tend to mimic cartoony or weeby styles and are super shit at it.

Honestly the best artist is Peaches out of ACC/Senate (Maybe Serafina if she makes her own stills) kek. It's the only good thing she has going for her.

No. 1979445

In my opinion thumin, ponder had the best technical skill in the ACC. I just wish Thumin would try something new for once instead of the usual anime girl. Ponder’s art is great but gets weighed down by those gaudy harsh shading. If you count callimara as part of the acc then her art is also pretty good. But everyone else’s is either super shitty or has remained stagnant since 2020

No. 1979446

File: 1711288435784.jpeg (643.75 KB, 828x1540, IMG_7887.jpeg)

Holy fuck nonnas sorry for cutting into art discussion time but MaliMalware just dropped a statement on peaches and lio and this part stood out to me

No. 1979463

People have been saying since forever that Peaches is incredibly vindictive so this is no surprise. She's definitely some flavor of cluster B, possibly histrionic/narcissist.

No. 1979466

Wouldn’t shock me, Peaches has been vitriolic to everyone who didn’t get involved with the drama from 2020 and Mali is friends with basically the whole art cc or people frequently involved with it like Thumin and PrettyCringey who both pissed Peaches off. Speaking of Thumin I heard in one of Leigha’s streams chats that Thumin would be making a video about the situation (wouldn’t shock me since she’s been tweeting about it) and I wonder, would a video from Thumin as well as the video from HarleyTBS be enough to bury the remaining parts of the Senate with how large both their platforms are and how they both reach outside the ACC?

No. 1979477

This throws peaches’ “uwu he manipulated me this entire time” statement because if Mali said that she had a hold over Lio and made him pressure her, then there was no power imbalance. They were both toxic

No. 1979478

and yet Mali banned Patchwork heart out of her server…not buying Mali's bullshit.(learn to sage)

No. 1979481

File: 1711298524102.jpeg (91.11 KB, 554x1200, IMG_8110.jpeg)

Screencaps? Also speaking of Patchwork Heart and leaving Discord servers this is apparently how Senate is talking about Patch now that they’ve left, honestly this shit is definitely some kind of cult, the second you leave unless you’re Lio’s (formerly) favorite little sub-I mean daughter, Peaches, you’re completely shit talked and lambasted. Also yes that is Baiji the Dolphin Vore man, Lio is still friends with him and keeps him in his server despite him owning drawn zoophilic porn and Lio being the first to call out how “it’s still gross if it’s drawn” Tobi flashbacks lmfao >>1774814

No. 1979482

I love that the ghost of Shannon looms large over all of this KEK. Once again she was right about Peaches being a horrible friend and Mali echoed what she said as well. Also Mali still comes off as very unreliable to me, she's just as bad as everyone else that's jumping ship from Lio, Peaches, and Senate to save their own asses.

No. 1979484

she was the main one who would baby and enable Peaches' behavior so I don't know why she is acting so surprised to find out Peaches was a shit friend. lol(sage your shit)

No. 1979485

Actually I’m glad that Mali is speaking up. She was Peaches’ biggest supporter and defender. A whole stupid therapist interview and a “welcome back peaches” animatic was made for her so mali can be seen as reliable for making this statement. Plus she isn’t like a shit person or anything kek. Just chose the wrong friend to white Knight.

No. 1979493

Leigha’s in stream going over the Coyote stuff and the Jibz Call

No. 1979524

That's another fair point anon. I won't lie, I'm autistic myself and I do like simplistic art styles like for example, I'm not sure if TheStarFishFace is considered a ACC artist but I think her art style is cute and it's not the most detailed art style out there. Or how the art looked like in Scott Pilgrim takes off, super simplistic but I found it cute.

But I also like stylized art like Cosmic Spectrum and Fungzao. But I'm just not into super western style or super realism, it does nothing for me beyond being impressed when someone manages to draw that detailed to mimicking real life.

But going back to Doodletones, at least the other's art styles no matter how basic or lacking fundamentals, at least it actually has something of a somewhat style while Doodle's just looks like something a 8 year old drew when the man is pushing 30. Autistic or not, you'd think he'd develop a more fleshed out cartoony style.

No. 1979541

File: 1711313903057.jpeg (403.33 KB, 828x1413, IMG_7891.jpeg)

Thumin has the largest amount of yt followers since Creepshow Art left so it would be a huge impact if she ever decides to come out with a video. Also Harleytbs and thumin confirmed that peaches was talking behind their backs and playing the mean girl

No. 1979558

Peaches being a two faced bitch shouldn't be a big deal. It's just Peaches shot herself in the foot by making this uwu innocent victim persona. So now it's a big deal.

No. 1979575

File: 1711324240782.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1203x1678, IMG_8113.jpeg)

Correction but >>1979481 is apparently from Queen Serafina’s Supreme Court server meaning Serafina is associating with Dolphin Man not only that but apparently JAR is talking about the situation behind the scenes, him bringing up Akumu being a POC minor when the ACC went at him is so funny because you know he’d cry if anyone else did that. Akumu has an interesting point about how Lio is suspiciously quiet about the Supreme Court having Baiji in it maybe because then he’d have to admit he kept the creep around too, there’s another picture in the tweet but it’s just showing Baiji sending the Dolphin Image to Akumu and I don’t think any of us wanna see that

No. 1979582

Kek so Peaches is going apeshit and releasing a “LioConvoy abused me” manifesto, only to get a collective eyeroll from the very people she backstabbed. I wonder how Peaches thought the scenario was supposed to go ?

No. 1979598

>He hasn't groomed anyone or posted loli or anything
What, so has JAR reneged on his loli stance? I remember popping into his server for like 5 seconds a couple years back and immediately seeing fuckloads of lolicon in the NSFW chat.

No. 1979601

Man if it isn't a little girl he can groom into hisweird little family he really doesn't give a fuck about kids

JAR really said Akumu is a minor and Lio is upset he knows a pedo? Like bro no, be worried for him. Also what's up with these people being more upset at people just in a pedo's space and not the actual pedo??? Because they don't really care that's why(sage your shit)

No. 1979663

Anon you were right to an extent. I think the ACC genuinely did care enough to coddle and protect her when the creepshow art drama happened, but then quickly regretted when they realized that if Shannon was wrong about everything else, she was at least correct on peaches. Seeing how other creators were bonding irl and peaches being nowhere to be seen was the first hint that something was off. Let’s be honest if peaches really wanted to come to America she could’ve started another stupid gofundme or get her “daddy” to fund her. The reality is that Peaches is a terminally online NEET, with no friends, no boyfriend, and no hobbies outside of being a toxic leech. She’s probably just maladaptive dreaming and using her uwu anime girl persona art to fuel her delusions.

No. 1979847

I finally read all of Peaches's statment. It's all just one long suicide bait
"Lio made me self hard and made me try to kill myself three times"
sure jan. jfc

No. 1979922

File: 1711437008683.jpg (123.04 KB, 1080x1579, 1000004125.jpg)

She's still e-begging, albeit to a much smaller audience. She is supposedly starting a "new job" in 6 weeks so here's hoping she stays gone for good for the foreseeable future. I have a feeling she'll come back to bitch about Lio's response once he officially makes his kek.

No. 1979924

>One long suicide bait
Hopefully people don't fall for this this time, it should be obvious by now how she plays this stupid game of rinse repeat.

No. 1980015

>Peaches e begging
Yeah, She'll be back. It hasn't even been a month since Lio stopped paying her bills and the lazy fat ass is already begging for cash from her friends and fans. You can count on Peaches to scream and suicide bait her "friends" to give her money for rent and her parents for food. What a parasite

Also, Peaches rebranding as a gay raccoon femboy era to capture a new audience?
Also Peaches: "the Internet drove me to self harm and nearly kill myself. But I miss you guys sooo much. You're my family. Here's my commission! Support me or I'll really do it this time!"
I'm so sick of Peaches lying about fake hospital visits. I know it's sick, but I would have to see pics/ videos of wounds to believe her. Prison mate Luke was right. She does suicide bait whenever she's in trouble.

No. 1980022

>You can count on Peaches to scream and suicide bait her "friends" to give her money for rent and her parents for food. What a parasite
Add a truly awful "friend".

>I'm so sick of Peaches lying about fake hospital visits. I know it's sick, but I would have to see pics/ videos of wounds to believe her. Prison mate Luke was right. She does suicide bait whenever she's in trouble.

Same anon, you're not alone in feeling this way. This bitch is a compulsive liar and her self-victimization is old, it's not "getting old", it's just old and tiresome. And you know what? Fuck her mental health. In this day and age of people being on the internet/social media, who doesn't have mental health problems? Peaches is not special and the fact that she yammers on and on about "muh mental health" is her own fucking problem now. No one is stopping her from getting help if she genuinely needs it but with how much she lies and dramatizes herself, it's to a point where she shouldn't be surprised if people don't want to hear it anymore.

I'm really hoping that when she comes back, people give her the Creepshow Art treatment when she tried to come back last year.

No. 1980028

Peaches has two days left to recover her YouTube Channel. I don’t think there’s anyway you could craft a good enough video to get people back on her good graces since multiple people have already disavowed her. And her stupid kofi has already given away her new “name” so it would be easy to find her rebrand

No. 1980046

I can’t believe that for a period of time up until now there were so many people who just blindly defended peaches on everything, including Lio. Lio and any other youtuber who tried painting her as some kind of innocent angel who could do no wrong only to be thrown under the bus are getting what they deserve. To be honest, I actually don’t doubt Lio abuses women but this adult woman claims she’s a victim to everyone ever while in every situation she’s in she’s been an awful person, bullied some random retarded woman for four hours straight, and now that she’s been called out she tried pulling an Ellen Page by trooning out to take the focus away from the drama and is even changing her social media names. Hoping that Peaches tries coming back with her new gay tranny furry persona only for no one to care.
I know what video you’re talking about since I was subscribed to him as well, but I very explicitly remember that he just called himself a he/they. I have no caps either which sucks but I’m confident he’s just another moid tranny.

No. 1980050

Anon I’m pretty sure harleytbs is a ftm. He’s like 5’4 and that voice usually occurs when a woman isn’t committed to taking their testosterone and obsessed with the fem boy image kek

No. 1980134

File: 1711501125807.jpeg (80.72 KB, 637x637, IMG_7914.jpeg)

So apparently this is LioConvoy according to gilded poo. There were even videos posted with a guy that matches this picture on lio conoys early YouTube videos. The photo also matches Lios profile pic on Twitter. Is this what we’re supposed to be scared of ? He looks greasy

No. 1980135

File: 1711501211138.jpeg (286.64 KB, 828x1522, IMG_7915.jpeg)

Sorry for double posting but this is his profile pic and the outfit resemblance is an absolute match

No. 1980142

This is why Lio runs from interviews or calls with people who aren't children or mentally disabled. Look at him
This guy was def bullied viciously throughout his life and now he has to punch down.

No. 1980144

If this actually is a photo of him, I don’t think anyone’s surprised. This is how I imagined him in my head except he had a greasy neckbeard. Hilarious to think that this is the man who likes to act all tough in his circlejerk fake predator hunting discord calls.

No. 1980146

This must be an older picture tbh. Lio now seems like a morbidly obese fellow by looking at his hands.
He looks like he's about to say "M'Lady" unironically.

No. 1980156

Yeah this photo is over a decade old. Judging by his fat sausage fingers and his struggle passing a basic fitness test, he’s definitely fatter now

No. 1980174

I don't know what I want to happen more, her to let it go and give up her biggest cashflow- or for her to comeback and prove to everyone that she's a massive hypocrite.

Either way we can expect a rebrand and return in one way or another, whether that comes in the form of changing her existing channel or making a new one entirely. She's too addicted to sitting on her ass and making money doing nothing that it's inevitable she tries to cling on to whatever relevance she'll have left.

No. 1980184

haha lmfao he looks like the nerdy kids they shove into lockers in 80s teen movies

No. 1980203

>"While you were arguing on DeviantArt, I was studying the blade…..!"
Wouldn't he have been in his 20s? Jesus Christ man.

No. 1980356

Apologies if this is too much of a personal cow and since isn’t exactly the kind of art commentator talked about around here I’ll save this but honestly The Crow Formerly Known As Piper Sweeney is so similar to Peaches, recently there was a situation Crow and Brad Taste in Music had where Crow pulled the exact same “I’m gonna kill myself” and over sharing cards Peaches has in vidrel (28:41). I apologize if this is too OT for the thread but given Illuminaughtii was talked about last thread I figured I may as well throw another “ACC person not necessarily related to Peaches” cow in

No. 1980362

Honestly we all know she's turning into a fake-boy cuz her victim complex. Like get a job Peaches, everyone now knows you're a spiteful bitch, or just take yourself out at this point. And others are still willing to run defense for her is laughable. Just let her die in a ditch, she digged this hole herself. I'll be expecting "My story -I was emotional manipulated/abused by hopelesspeaches/Eren" video. Only reason the ACC becomes a shit show is cuz these dumbass keep letting their friends(obviously just look at FCC leaks) get away with it. Plus the ACC members always have depraved fetishes. I mean I remember Ponder's deviantart gallery doing a weight gain fetish commission years ago. Very weird how ACC keep following moralfag degenerate's words.

No. 1980369

We take light in her scuicide baiting because we know she doesn't want to, not that we want her to. We just want her to fuck off. But we know Peaches wants to live forever. She just doesn't want to work. We also know she would cry for days about a paper cut. Her claiming she self harms is also laughable

No. 1980382

Alright fair. I still think she needs to stay off the Internet at least.

No. 1980399

Right. If it was any other person who has not had a habit of bringing up suicide baiting, I'm sure most of us would take it more seriously but Peaches has worn out the sympathy card with that threat since she's said this multiple times at this time. When it comes to her, you simply have to say "bet" and stick to the issues.

No. 1980547

love that she admits that Lio was a lying sack of shit but just goes "ohh it was because of Peaches uwu" basically giving this abusive moron an out. Not that Peaches doesn't suck but it's extremely slimy.(sage your shit)

No. 1980558

I liked her melanie martinez video. I am not going to sit and watch 6 hours of an ugly scrote named brad, did he actually debunk her video or just glossed over it?

No. 1980647

He did actually respond to points but a lot of the stream was just dismissing every point TCFKAPS was trying to make. Admittedly Brad’s a bit of a cow himself (Kiwifarms has info on him) and his jokes about the Timothy situation are really tasteless but he’s not Art Commentary so I won’t harp on it. I do think, unlike Peaches, Crow is actually suicidal since Crow has mentioned it in videos when it’s not just drama and has had actual therapists agree that they have illnesses but bringing up personal shit and mentioning this situation made you attempt in detail when you could’ve just said “It made me go through Mental Hell” or something is odd to say the least. I was a fan of the crow once but this along with shit like defending Johnny Depp and hiding the criticisms really ended any enjoyment the videos had. Regardless of your thoughts on the Mel/Tim situation Crow and Brad were two grown adults bickering like children, Brad made a final stream and Crow said any video Brad makes after their own they’d just report and Crow’s been MIA on all socials since December so admittedly this is dried milk. Only other milky stuff is Crow ignored some allegations Brad made of Crow moving in with 15 year old and treating that kid like shit and Crow’s planning another Creepshow Art video more about the two’s history. Probably will post that here when it’s done since the Creepshow thread’s been dry since her channel was terminated

No. 1980674

What the actual fuck is wrong with these people? Fucking terminally online nerds who fuck up their own lives of their own accord. To give short context, this dude tried to livestream killing himself with a pill overdose and before that, took all his savings and donated all of it and when the overdose suicide attempt failed, he's now in a fucked living situation. I just have no words to grasp such over dramatic online bullshit.

No. 1980708

Didn’t Lio make a video on this CallMeNil person and they apparently hung around the lolicon degenerate/JAR fangirl/SCC cow CarmenRider during the hilarious beef Carmen and SeptyPaws had. Side note, while I was looking to get this video I noticed Lio’s channel didn’t show up when I searched Lio Convoy there were unrelated videos with nothing to do with him popping up and even in channels he’s pretty buried, is it possible that Lio’s been shadow banned? He’s bleeding subs as well and is at 19.1K so it’s possible for sure

No. 1980731

So is Peaches out of her account now or is it possible she just has it hidden?

No. 1980735

She recently deleted her livestream so I don’t think she’s coming back to her “peachesl” persona. I can’t find the evidence, but I do remember right after the Creepshow art situation, peaches admitted to having another account she uses to browse Twitter and YouTube so she didn’t have to use her official account to comment and interact with people kek. The question is just how many sock puppet accounts

No. 1980953

File: 1711743057687.png (46.44 KB, 796x298, bluedavugroomulta.PNG)

More dirt on one of the former Senate mods BluDavu who was in the Rosa call.

No. 1981049

Holy shit if this is true, it just makes everything even more infuriating. Whats the source of this comment?

No. 1981050

Can someone direct me to where the Rosa call thing is in the threads? I’m not trying to be spoon fed but I swear I’ve combed through all these threads and cannot find what that incident is.

No. 1981109

Sage for no new milk but here you are. Beware, it's a 4 hour endurance test. You can find more of a condensed version in Omnia's video.

No. 1981139

No. 1981344

File: 1711838735009.png (61.51 KB, 826x537, Peachies.png)

I was reading some of the old threads and I remembered this >>1103234 (attached the pic if you don’t wanna go all the way back) and now I’m wondering, did Peaches ever go after D’Angelo Wallace for this comment? The most I remember was Peaches mentioning how disappointing it was that such a big creator would leave a comment like this in the second response video, though honestly he’s pretty nice in it all things considered. Really makes you think about how Peaches only really punched down at people who already were having drama or that there was dirt on (like Spoctor, Camila or Omnia and Kai) I wonder if Dangelo has any opinions on this considering he followed the ACC a while back, if we got a video from him that would be it for Peaches, Lio, and the remains of Senate but sadly he did anything on Shannon and that situation was far bigger and from someone he personally knew so maybe not but could imagine how satisfying it would be to see a larger creator taking down these dumbases

No. 1981348

Sorry for the double post but wasn’t Ghost Exe / Holy Majesty accused by JAR and Definitely Bored Oranges of being some kind of lolicon/shotacon/cub porn enjoyer? It’s this video at like 5:28 apparently it was cuz Ghost had a situation with this person>>1980674. JAR seems to have some kind of beef with this Ghost guy and it’s really strange how Oranges and JAR just casually accuse him like this, maybe it’s cuz of the racism allegations JAR’s been dealing with for a few years?

No. 1981360


oh that comment.
iirc peaches and scrittus replied to him (I forgot what they said, though scrittus' was definitely along the lines of defending her) but they got massively ratioed by the other replies. Also that comment of his was on peaches' first response video, the one that didnt perform well.
Later on Mangakamen mentioned that comment on his video going over the acc drama (yknow back before he transitioned to just going nerd reviews) and I remember noticing how salty he was over that one comment kek. That was probably back when he and peaches were still close. Idk if there still friends but he was the one who talked peaches out of committing suicide during her drama (the event prison mate luke references as her "suicide baiting")

No. 1981369

You mentioning MangaKamen really made me realize how all of Peaches’ defenders just fucked off and left Peaches to the mob now. I don’t think Kamen’s said anything, JAR had those tweets and that’s it, Lio tried to do that hit piece on Crystal but it backfired and now they turned on each other, Peaches really has no one left other than Lumitro and Cosmic it seems.
Lio showed a bit of his face in a video before, it matches up decently well from what I remember, can’t find the clip for the life of me sadly
I doubt Peaches has an actual job starting soon, even if all the Hopeless Peaches socials are gone there are still videos that will probably pop up in background checks and Peaches’ has made their legal name public, I find it funny that Peaches used RebelRaccoon as that name cuz you look that user up and a bunch of unrelated accs pop up, seems choosing a generic name was intentional. Keep an eye out for a green raccoon going around Twitter being followed by Peaches’ old friends

No. 1981379

I remember MangaKamen. Peaches had a HUGE crush on him and had the idea of having "Matching" sonas by adding the Peach in her hair like Kamen had the skull in his.
He also "validated" her scuicide attempt. And by validate just enabled her. She just called him wailing that she wanted to die when he confronted her about her previous drama. There was no proof that Peaches swallowed any pills or went to the ER. And we know better than trusting her word.

No. 1981427

I remember a little bit about this drama but it's also quite hazy and since GhostEXE/Holy Majesty deleted/privated his response video to JAR plus his own video addressing the accusations, it's hard to trace but from what I remember, Ghosty did admit that when he was younger, he did draw shota/cub, not like full-on porn but softcore suggestive (he didn't show examples of it) but when he realized how problematic it was, he deleted it all and moved away from it. I think he also mentioned that he was groomed by an older guy he had feelings for as late a teenager which clouded his judgment which is what initially made him think there was nothing wrong with cub art.

That's really all I remember from the gist of it. If Holy Majesty is being active on his YouTube again then maybe he will re-upload it.

No. 1981428

To be fair, MangaKamen has seemingly been staying out of drama in recent times. I heard that he has a KiwiFarms account though so maybe he is still active on there? Either way, I haven't seen him commenting on Lio Convoy or Hopeless Peaches so I think he's just avoiding it. Honestly even though he was the one who talked her out of committing suicide, I feel like it's more perplexing that JAR has been silent with her because he was one of her biggest asslickers for awhile.

No. 1981431

She had a crush on Kamen? Huh lol. Well she seems to have a thing for men in relationships doesn't she? I mean I'm pretty sure MangaKamen is in a relationship no? I also agree that her cries of committing suicide, I have suspicion that she wasn't actually doing anything neither. There's a difference between saying you're suicidal and actually doing the steps while in your breakdown and since all of this is online, it's hard to say what's really happening or not.

No. 1981439

Same here anon, I followed the situation when it was happening but now that the videos are gone I can barely remember it. I think it was mentioned in the Art CC thread that came after Tobi’s briefly since Spoctor covered that Akumu got onto Kai for being friends with Majesty and supposedly condoning Majesty’s cub art, wonder what Majesty’s thoughts on Kai are now, only other thing I know is Majesty in the Ghost.ExE days was accused by an SCC members of being a pedophile, the vid’s gone now but it was by Dan Stein if I’m remembering right.

Speaking of SCC people Only Jesp / FISHLIZARD.ZIP / YoPalGal made a video on the FCK leaks, it’s nothing new though, just goes over the screenshots and summarizes the victim testimonies so far and shows other screenshots like stuff with racism. The part the farmers may find interesting is that it showed Peaches (Abandoned Account) directly being tagged by ToastyVanilla / Ruby while they were sending porn to kids, so Peaches can’t pull the “I didn’t see it” card. Only other thing of note is that the video is apparently age restricted which is dumb because how are minors in potential danger gonna see this? I swear these people commentate first and think of a reason for their videos to exist second, especially bad since apparently Toasty is trying to come back

No. 1981516

File: 1711901439043.jpeg (392.63 KB, 828x1454, IMG_7929.jpeg)

Thumin is making a video on the FCK server but I just feel like it’s hopeless guys. All these degenerates aren really gonna get away with all this by either deactivating and fucking off the internet forever or pulling a suicide bait to make the audience feel bad. Especially shitheads like toasty vanilla, who thinks it’s something to laugh over and reminisce about. Like what’s the link between shitty artists and degeneracy?

No. 1981525

File: 1711903046940.jpeg (89.05 KB, 1066x1096, IMG_3877.jpeg)

JFC apparently Toasty flirted with this fucking 12-13 year old, this is the person Tobi, Peaches, Nezzie, and co. were all completely fine with hanging around with, the one that Peaches dated and drew loli/shota-ified versions of their characters together and conveniently Peaches left out all the gross shit Toasty did in that “Tweet of my exes” thing despite being fully aware
Honestly we already know Peaches is gonna come back and Toasty tried to, Nezzie has the Scc Still supporting her cuz “I'm gonna kill myself so there’s one less bad person” and Miss Zi Zi still has her following unaffected and is followed by large creators like Emily Artful and Blaire White so the news clearly hasn’t spread far enough. Even if Thumin flames ZiZi it’ll probably just send her into privating her acc until shit calms down

No. 1981539

File: 1711903985919.jpeg (458.07 KB, 828x1379, IMG_7931.jpeg)

lol. Lmao even. I’m so glad this smug bastard is getting some type of karma for being a peaches bootlicker

No. 1981550

AYRT and I saw that GhostExe actually did a livestream on the Rosa call and in it he mentioned that his viewers should watch Xzae's video on her so I think he has no negative feelings about him if he's willing to direct his viewers to his channel.

>nly other thing I know is Majesty in the Ghost.ExE days was accused by an SCC members of being a pedophile, the vid’s gone now but it was by Dan Stein if I’m remembering right.

I remember the Dan Stein thing and I remember Ghosty/Holy did do a response video on him. I'm pretty sure he did address it and apologized but Dan was making up other things about him and he shut that down. Again it's so hard to remember specifics since everything is gone and that one YouTube channel
"Nice Stories: Not the real Stories" didn't seem to have any re-uploads of the drama neither.

Also my suspicion on Holy/Ghosty coming back is incorrect, he addressed in the stream that he had no plans on coming back to the ACC and moved on with his IRL getting married and just having a life outside the internet.

No. 1981634

Part 2 of Omnia’s video is premiering now

No. 1981636

Has the little troll resurfaced yet? Wonder if any of her bootlickers are following any newly made accounts.

No. 1981667

Honestly anon, is it worth a watch? Does she provide any new information that is not known?

No. 1981673

File: 1711946463629.jpeg (123.58 KB, 828x893, IMG_7937.jpeg)

Not the anon you replied to but I think it’s an okay watch. It’s not necessary but it does break down each instance of lio and peaches being hypocritical & disgusting. As for upcoming vids, there’s one being made by Chuuli specifically covering Hiten kek. The Feghost drama pissed her off so bad that I can’t blame here
Also this little gem that a twit user dropped made me chuckle so I’m sharing it here:

No. 1981674

AYRT and thanks for the heads up, I may give it a watch sometime later. picrel is spot on, it's pretty much guaranteed kek

No. 1981825

File: 1712005286498.jpg (4.36 MB, 5983x10363, ChuuliDuluVabzuycin.jpg)

Yeah I looked for what Chuuli / Vabzuycin / Dulu / PoppyyDu had to say on all of this and fucking wow whatever they have on Hiten and these other SCC people is probably pretty big, apparently she’s also still malding over something Chuuli did as a kid when she’s in her mid 20s lmao. Honestly I gotta give Chuuli credit, no matter all the dumbasses from the ACC/SCC that have come for them they’ve done nothing more than mind their business or give it a passing address and usually they come out on top, probably because they focused on their real life instead of screeching and making 20 videos whenever someone mentioned their name, I’d love to see Hiten try to ignore this one like she did with the Senate shit lol

No. 1981976

I could only watch an hour of this before tapping out. I understand that everyone except Ponder were awful to Rosa in the call but Omnia's commentary is just obnoxious. I just feel like she's being so unnecessarily overly dramatic and I don't know if it's me being insensitive or she really is just being a drama queen blowing things out of proportion. It wasn't like Rosa gave out all her personal information to these fucks (that I know of)and Rosa really could've left at any time but her mental disability was interfering but not enough to where she foolishly got her mother involved or gave out her address or phone number. and I'm sorry but if people truly get traumatized over hearing someone get called fat or retarded, that's just really sad.

No. 1981980

File: 1712042672046.png (307.66 KB, 585x1184, chuuli.png)

>>1981825 I can't stand Chuuli but they didn't deserve being a minor in the inner circles of this community. No kid deserves to be exposed to these freaks.

No. 1982004

calling a victim of CSA slut is fucking vile

No. 1982008

This is a shit take anon. Maybe you didn’t watch the videos that leigha something made but she thouroughly explains that the senate will mass harass you through dms and threaten to contact your family until you get into a call. As soon as you finally “agree” the sentate pings everybody to join in, that’s why there always like 60–100 people in call.

> but if people truly get traumatized over hearing someone get called fat or retarded, that's just really sad.

I don’t think you understand how bullying works but I genuinely want to know how you’d fare in a mass group call being called a slut while trying not to cry. Rosa was genuinely in distress and they still wouldn’t leave her alone. ( also sorry nonnas if I was Reddit spacing)

No. 1982019

File: 1712069205441.jpg (163.16 KB, 1060x881, 1000004229.jpg)

And now Hiten is pulling a classic ACC move. Being held accountable for your past actions that contridict what you've said before? Just threaten to an-hero! Isn't she like the 3rd or 4th person that's done this? How anyone is fooled by this at this point is asinine.

No. 1982058

fucking coward

No. 1982141

File: 1712091950608.jpg (386.53 KB, 1956x1080, GoatCatto.jpg)

Well glad to see the remainders of the ACC keeping Peaches’ spirit alive lmao. While we’re talking about Hiten being a dumbass I found a thread on Twitter that was made where Hiten got pissy at some kid named GoatCatto for bringing up a situation with Spoctor. Hiten immediately tries to pressure them into Senate like what happened here >>>/snow/1781350 and they don’t join the server cuz of seeing disclaimers about being bullied and all the Senate shit. Lio apparently then tweeted about this shortly after this kid turned 18, so yeah just another autistic child Senate tried intimidating. There’s more screenshots but I couldn’t fit them all sadly, it’s all in the thread

No. 1982142

File: 1712092156262.jpeg (641.64 KB, 1167x1324, IMG_3783.jpeg)

Same anon because I’m a dumbass and forgot to link the thread, really though it’s telling Lio and Senate are so willing to attack random kids/barely adults. If a young person mishandles accusations like these intimidation is the dumbest fucking thing you can do and they took the Spoctor call shortly after this which even Spoctor’s “victim” said they sidnt want public according to his community posts, these people have such contradictory morals I swear to fucking god

No. 1982152

Art. Well I mean, I wouldn't ha e gotten in the call on the first. For context, I'm a tad older than most in the community (I'm in my 30s) and I have autism as well. Clearly Rosa is a lot more impaired but I would like to believe if I was in a similar position, I wouldn't go in. But I am a bit in a haze because though I'm a few years older than Rosa, I still remember learning from my parents not to put all my stuff out there on the internet and this was during the MySpace/ DeviantArt days. I didn't know that these people would harass by massive spamming dms though so that makes me understand why Rosa felt the way she did and got her to do the call out if desperation.

Don't get me wrong, I feel for Rosa that she genuinely felt in distress because of her disability that enhanced the discomfort she felt. My commentsry wasn't on how Rosa was acting, I was referring to Omnia who I'm sorry but her commentary was annoying to me.

And I was called retard quite a bit when I was in high school but it was back in the day when everyone said it and it was a part of slang so maybe I'm just desensitized to the word.

No. 1982165


Fucking KEK. no wonder she and Nezzie are friends. Wouldnt even surprise me if they were also friends with peaches too (probably not nezzie though since I remember them having a petty Twitter spat about anime a while back)

No. 1982191

Okay but in retrospect does anyone feel like we should’ve seen this coming from the tobi majestic drama ? In all honesty the people who sided with Shannon turned out to be either extremely awful ( Shannon and Kai being stalkers and domestic abusers ) or just insufferable shady people( Omnia and Prison mate Luke) . BUT, I think it’s kind of funny how everyone who sided with Tobi turned out to be a degenerate porn addict that can’t be trusted around minors ( peaches, zizi, madlibbs, toasty, Doodletones, Nezzie and fuschiabutters) . Laugh and point folks

No. 1982234

Birds of a feather flock together
I haven't genuinely enjoyed ACC content for years now. Because the ACC is just drama tubers and degenerates. Like watching a train wreck or a house burning down. You just stare in awe.

No. 1982236

Honestly who did you enjoy watching before all this drama? There are still some art commentators who actually commentate on topics relating to art like Duchess Celestia and Fionapollo . There's also BreDrawz but I'm not really into her stuff purely because of age difference as I'm in my 30s and she's like 18-19 and a lot of the topics she talks about are things I already know about but she could be good for people around her age range.

Personally I did watch DeviantART rant videos for background noise back in the day but I never took it seriously and it helped that the "draama" was never anything super serious and was usually fangirls fighting over shipping and crap like that kek.

No. 1982237

Well I notice not many do this anymore, or well. But people who did speed draws/tutorials. Lavander town and Neytirix are people I use for background noise now. But they don't really cocunt as ACC. more like if any of these people were talented, they could be more like them

No. 1982243

>But they don't really cocunt as ACC. more like if any of these people were talented, they could be more like them
The shade kek But you're not wrong though to be honest. Like what was discussed above, Ponder Sprocket was the only one who had technical skill even if her western influenced style wasn't for everyone. And dare I say if Peaches didn't turn out to be a deplorable bitch and continued refining her art skills, she could've improved a lot as well.

I used to watch LavenderTowne back in the day as well, I know that people here tend to either like or despise her but imo, she was okay.

No. 1982245

If this was a few years back then I would’ve agreed on Peaches, but I feel like her art has gotten stagnant. In fact I think she ceased growth in every aspect of her life ( if you don’t count her weight )
I was enjoying D’angelo Wallace tbh. I know he’s not in the ACC anymore but I really liked his videos because they’re either really well made or good enough for background noise

No. 1982248

God forbid anyone holds you accountable, right? My God these maladjusted weirdos need to get a grip. You're not going to die because you were shitty on the internet.

I feel like if even ONE person stood up and said "Yeah I liked bullying people." They would get off the easiest out of all of these degenerates. At least we would know they weren't lying lol.

No. 1982254

These people cannot take one little bit of their own medicine it's actually pathetic. Congratulations, this is what you've been subjecting other people to for years, the only difference is that you actually deserve it lol.

No. 1982482

Recently watched this video, aside from the hilarious everything about this, at the beginning it’s shown that Lio may be botting subscribers I’m not entirely sure of how sub bots work but if there is an anon who is more knowledgeable feel free to chime in but full honestly I don’t at all doubt that Lio would sub bot for damage control or to make the sub loss not look as bad, any other anons feel the same?

No. 1982711


We are just a day over 3 weeks since she deleted all of her socials. Safe to say, she won't be coming back to the hopeless peaches brand. I'm guessing like everyone else, that she's just going to come back going by He/him and calling herself Eren. Everyone start placing your bets on when she'll be back. My guess is sometime around Thanksgiving or Christmas.

I wouldn't doubt it if Lio does bot his subs, but he has made several videos that have gone semi. Viral like his Coyote lovely video.

No. 1982777

>Safe to say, she won't be coming back to the hopeless peaches brand. […] she's just going to come back going by He/him and calling herself Eren.
I guarantee you her new talksprites are already in the works as we speak. And $5 says the bow gets repurposed as some kind of uglyass neckerchief.

No. 1982968

I know people are just tired of Peaches's shit. However I saw a couple of her male fans admit they dipped once they realized what she actually looked like. A lot of people made videos of her calling Rosa a fat ugly whore while showing Peaches's irl picture next to her sexy blonde sona.
A lot of her down bad fans only defended her because they thought she was some cutesy 16-18 year old "baddie". kek

Good luck to Peaches trying to rebrand

No. 1983002

My tinfoil is her real face getting leaked contributed to her gender rebrand kek. Let’s be fucking for real she wasn’t struggling with gender identity or whatever bullshit she’ll claim when she “transitions”. Peaches is upset that people know her irl face and body doesn’t match the sexy cute uwu persona she had on for years.

No. 1983008

I think what contributed to people thinking she was this cute uwu blond girl like her avatar is her voice because she doesn't have a stereotypical "fat girl" voice. When I first came across Peaches years ago, I assumed she looked some young blonde girl who was either skinny or average built (not fat or skinny, just in the middle) wearing overalls and a t-shirt underneath it kek I don't know why but that's what I pictured in my head until I saw those IRL photos and I had to do a double take, not what I had in my head at all but then it sense why she was such a bitch commenting on people's weight when she's just as big.

Agreed, she's just butthurt that her fans who were licking her ass saw what she truly looks like and a lot of the moids were turned off (except Lio but he's nothing to write home about in the looks department) and they were not hypnotized by the image they thought of her in their heads anymore. I think this is especially why JAR backed off from her and stopped giving her the "muh queen" treatment kek.

And since she values being treated a certain way, a way that she can't come back from since not only is she unattractive on the outside but also on the inside and so she's going to try larping as a fat unattractive man thinking that people will accept her more as opposed to a fat unattractive woman but she's in for a rude awakening when she comes back.

No. 1983010

I think she assumes people will baby her for being trans. But people give less shits about a mans feelings that a girls. I still can't believe she's still e begging and trying to take commissions. I hope she losses her home, serves her right for everything she did to everyone in her life.

On a last note, she's so fucking stupid. She got her house by squatters rights from her ex bf. She was paying her bills because of Lio. Who's going to pay her bills now? Dumb bitch.

No. 1983104

Right and not many people are gonna roll over for a fat trans-identified woman the way that we typically see normies do for TIMs, she's out of her league and it's gonna be funny to see her flop. As for her home situation, yeah I was wondering how she's gonna stay afloat now that her sugar daddy is cut off. My guess is that if she loses her home, she'll try to go back to her parents and then e-beg some more telling people that she's in a desperate situation because her parents "transphobic" or some shit kek.

No. 1983622

File: 1712534632626.jpeg (238.69 KB, 1284x861, IMG_8377.jpeg)

Well looks like Doodle has joined the fuck Peaches crow to continue white knighting Lio, from the sounds of it Doodle will also be in Lio’s video responding. I swear I can’t find the screenshot (I think it was on Akumu’s Twitter but I cant find it so maybe one of you might wanna check) but Doodle’s nickname in the Senate is now “Lio’s best friend and the Queen of The Senate” or something, lots of people tinfoil that maybe Doodle will be the next one Lio gets into some kind of obvious relationship with and I could see it with how much Doodle is white knighting for Lio

No. 1983647

I don't even think it's tinfoil at this point to say that Doodle has probably been "adopted" by Lio. He stepped up to the plate to be the new kid when Peaches left kek.

No. 1983651

Ew. Does that mean Doodletones is gonna pump out an 8+ hour video of him talking with that stupid voice filter. That bottom feeder definitely latched onto Lio the minute peaches dipped and is now the newest “daughter”

No. 1983653

Akumu’s made a long video on Lio. Goes over a lot of stuff like proving Lio had the FCK logs, and shows Lio had complete knowledge of Nezzie and ZiZi’s shit and did nothing even continuing to associate with Nezzie and Peaches joking about Toasty’s creepy shit

No. 1983654

Sorry for double post as I didn’t see this before posting the Akumu video but it wouldn’t shock me. From what it seems Lio’s helping Doodle cover up shady shit in the SCC. I get being questionable of Gilded Poo but according to Leigha the accusations seem to be BS and I trust her judgement more than the average ACC member. It’s strange how Lio and Doodle can get onto people like FuchsiaButters for sexual jokes around minors but when it’s their friends they don’t say a thing, this the person who was in call with Lio going over the FCK leaks by the way and is likely still in Senate, how many Senate creeps are we on by now?

No. 1983670


honestly too damn many at this point.

I'm surprised more and more people outside of the ACC/SCC are talking about it. Leigha, Beckett of Crabs (Cope and Seethe Podcast), Mv Kvlt, and some others I'm forgetting about atm.

No. 1983690


Speaking of beckett/cope and seethe podcast and gilded poo, they pointed out how peaches releasing those voice recordings somehow ended up making her look worse than lio. Kai too at some extent in his latest stream but beckett and gilded touched on it more.
Peaches talks about "age regressing" as a trauma response but people have pointed out on those clips that she seems to do it selectively, and in certain instances like when she gets sassy and talks down on lio on that one specific clip near beckett played near the end of his stream, its completely nonexistent and makes her just as abusive and manipulative as lio with her constantly twisting his words and changing the narrative. Honestly those two deserve each other KEK

Idk if it was the same comments section of the stream but a user pointed out peaches releasing those clips to "prove" lio was abusive is the same as when creepshow tried to show how Emily was a stalker, in the end they just ended up making peaches/creepshow look worse lmfao

No. 1983804

File: 1712599042549.gif (80.45 KB, 220x220, ew-beatz.gif)

>8+ hour video of him talking with that stupid voice filter.
That is going to be soooo unpleasant to hear anon kek. I wonder how Lio's wife is gonna feel about this since Doodle seems desperate to be his little slam piece.

No. 1983805

It is pretty interesting how this drama seeped outside of ACC though I wonder how long it's gonna last? It feels like things are simmering down a bit which I'm sure is what Peaches is hoping for before she makes her return. I wonder if she's waiting for Lio to make a video first before that though.

No. 1983812

File: 1712601710109.jpeg (720.39 KB, 1108x1478, IMG_8485.jpeg)

I’d like to believe that but I doubt it, Nicholas DeOrio made a comment on the situation basically dismissing it and his tweet has over 500 likes albeit I’m not sure what his reputation there currently is or how many other creators liked this (side note I got this from Kai’s Twitter and I'm pretty sure we’re getting a video from Kai too and he’s going on about how he was always right). The mainstream moid dominated community will continue jerking each other over and measuring dicks instead of capitalizing on the cow material we got here

No. 1983836

File: 1712605437373.jpeg (128.7 KB, 1420x961, IMG_7993.jpeg)

Not a fan of Omnia but I fucking hate Nicolas deoreo and his track record of dismissing sexual/ physical assault allegations and female victims. When EmilyArtful was talking about how she was sexually assaulted by Anthony, he called her a liar and had his followers harass her until SHE apologized to him. I don’t know how he wasn’t cancelled for that incident alone but fuck that guy specifically. He wants to be this edge lord on the internet as if he isn’t morbidly obese himself and blocking anyone that makes fun of his weight. Here’s this moid’s photo for reference

No. 1983862

It's always the fucking scrotes that look like they would still unironically shoved into a locker in present day that try to be the edgiest tards. All the commentary scrotes are ugly as sin. Nicholas, Turkey Tom, Leafy, AugieRFC, Tipster, etc.

No. 1983946

>all unattractive
So true kek.ike the only one who looks okayish is Edwin's Generation and that is being very generous since he's the only who isn't morbidly obese or has a whack haircut.

No. 1984019

Actually I think AugieRFC looks pretty okay. He’s not obese or ugly he just looks like a teenage boy

No. 1984134

File: 1712706875238.jpg (321.12 KB, 1215x1072, JespGalbanumDamian.jpg)

Lio finally said something and tried to come for OnlyJesp / Galbanum Blossoms accusing them of running an acc harassing Streamline Workshop because it had similar name as one of their accs? Nobody’s taking his attempts to respond seriously and he’s getting fucking dragged in the replies

No. 1984147

File: 1712708348000.jpeg (364.81 KB, 1284x673, IMG_8537.jpeg)

Apologies Nonas, I’m illiterate, what actually happened was Lio got pissy with Jesp/Galbanum for thinking that tweet was about them and is now trying to label Galbanum as a stalker, he seems to really like making this accusation to discredit pretty much everyone who speaks out against him (picrel from Akumu’s latest video)

No. 1984149

Literally doesn't prove shit in defense of Lio. Lio still willingly hung out with creeps, weirdos, pedos and dog fuckers.
Also Lio still saying nothing about Peaches. He really was down bad

No. 1984691

File: 1712869677545.png (348.44 KB, 1175x2326, Doodle.png)

Popped into to Leigha's stream yesterday for a brief moment and found out about this,
Doodletones spoke up about being in the
FruitCakeKlub finally but tries to excuse it with "I didn't know that there were minors" which is an obvious lie since Doodle has talked about the Madame drama so Doodle would've at least known Slimurs. Also Doodle
mentions having some kind of exclusive info about the stuff basically confirming Doodle and Lio are getting extra friendly. There actually is some interesting milk I've found on Doodle and the SCC recently if any other anons would like to hear about it, only other thing is I ended up seeing that apparently Doodle's been talked about here before >>>/snow/344048 the KiwiThread linked is pretty dead though and it's nothing really new

No. 1984694

File: 1712869913541.jpeg (60.52 KB, 1087x635, IMG_8472.jpeg)

>>>/ot/344048 Wrong thread linked, apologies for double post nonas

No. 1985019

File: 1712960137099.jpeg (607.55 KB, 1284x1602, IMG_8532.jpeg)

>>1980735 Well looks like Peaches didn’t actually delete the livestream channel, if you doubted there was gonna be a comeback and rebrand a few months after this all dies down you can stop your doubts now >>1982711
If Peaches actually takes being trans seriously and it isn’t just a way for Peaches to get some distance from the past then this is definitely what the end result will be kek. At least if Peaches was skinnier there could be some attempts to look like a Twink/femboy the weight is what’s gonna really make any transition difficult

No. 1985054

File: 1712966752309.jpeg (210.28 KB, 828x782, IMG_8019.jpeg)

This isn’t milk but I’m adding this because it’s some good news in this terrible shitstorm. Good for mint heart

No. 1985092

File: 1712985544407.jpeg (631.3 KB, 1284x1547, IMG_8531.jpeg)

Does anyone else wish Kai would just stop trying to argue with the ACC every 5 minutes? It’s clear he lets his emotions take control during these encounters and if the way he’s gone into literal breakdowns listening to that Lio and Peaches is any indicator he’s just hurting himself by this point and screaming at a brick wall of a community

No. 1985119

This is why I roll my eyes when anyone in here glazes Kai. He's just as volitile and childish as he's always been. Sure his actual videos may have gotten marginally better, but his twitter and livestreams are just endless sperging.

No. 1985189

this tweet is from march 19th, maybe you’re the obsessed one? the context is that kai said people shouldn’t instantly believe peaches claims of abuse, which are sentiments in this exact thread. you are creating an issue out of nothing.

No. 1985193

File: 1713025521394.jpeg (251.28 KB, 1290x705, IMG_6612.jpeg)

it surprises me that anyone is even making this an issue, everytime i read this thread you all agree with kai until he starts talking about his own experiences. now people are taking his month old tweets and arguing that he’s arguing with people every five minutes? crystal quote tweeted him. it’s a response. regardless of how you feel about him he’s not doing anything wrong or different than anyone else in the community.

No. 1985209

This is definitely a good start, hope it goes well for her. I just hope that she works on her sex ("gender") issues as well and eventually desists while not doing any harm to her health.

No. 1985287

Honestly I'm getting kinda tired of Akumu and Kumo gabbing on about the Lio Convoy thing with them making videos on Lio and the Senate post senate collapse is pointless because nothing has happened since Peaches attempted to throw Lio under the bus. Honestly it feels like Akumu is just butthurt that he was never invited to be a part of the main "cool kids" (kek I know) of the ACC back in the day.

I guess I'm just lost at what these guys hope to accomplish. What their end goal is because the truth is now out about the FCK & Senate and the only people defending it are those within those servers because of course they will since most are stupid kids who lack critical thinking and/or terminally online autists but so what? Is that really a big loss?

No. 1985302

akumu sucks but he was genuinely done dirty and turned into a pariah by a lot of these people. same with kumo. i’ve seen his TTR series and they are actually decently well made dives into some of the contradictions of these people’s statements. i do agree he’s doing it to no avail though.

No. 1985327

I mean I see both sides but Akumu and Kumo do themselves no favors because they both come off as unlikeable douchebags (moreso Akumu) and that was even back then. I'm pretty sure that Akumu is trying to be like Metokur and if that's the case then what does he expect? Again I'm just wondering what their end goal is here.

No. 1985349

Agree anon, Akumu was definitely fucked over and a lot of the people bitching at him ended up being extremely shitty themselves but I’m not gonna pretend Akumu’s whole “I was always right” condescending attitude doesn’t get annoying after a while. The only real milk was about CarmenRider (an SCC cow and JAR fangirl that fantasized about Akumu arrested and beat by the cops with Lovelina in a GC) and another video he made on ElliMoMelli (some wannabe Coomer porn artist that hang around with Doodletones) these people are definitely cows but really there’s no point in bringing them up other than more victim points when really he could just bring up Madlibbs, Fuchsia, Nezzie, ZiZi, and Doodle and that would’ve been enough. Like yeah he was screwed over by the ACC but after a while it just feels like he’s making these to jerk himself off

No. 1985350

Akumu and Kumo are cringe edgelords at worst, and good instruments at best. I don’t think he ever wanted to be part of the ACC because he’s not the sjw type but remember that he was around 16 when the ACC harassed him and I think ms zizi ( or fuschiabutters) was sexually harassing and being fucking weird to him. So I don’t blame akumu for going after the FCK crew or exposing Kai as loser back in 2021. Nobody was willing to do it even though people like Lio had full knowledge about the server.

No. 1985355

File: 1713070989684.jpg (362.61 KB, 1155x2000, PeachesBack.jpg)

Saw this in the comments of Akumu’s video but Peaches is back and going by Rebel Raccoon and pretending to be a different person. Peaches couldn’t even wait a few more months to stay gone kek
>>1979922 It’s the same exact name as this and Peaches is also planning on coming back to videos, the fact that there’s a playlist about Lio proves to me that Peaches has made Lio their new victim card now that the Creepshow one is expired

No. 1985360

I really hate this man. I'd never wish any harm on him but god I wish he didn't have internet access.

No. 1985376

is that really her? it looks like the channel of a 12yo

No. 1985436

I'm going to be skeptical on this until we get concrete proof that this is really her. Because I can't imagine Peaches, being as fucking retarted as she is, using a new handle that was so blatantly close to her old one. I know people said that she would come back under "Eren" but if she did that, I dom't think it would be this soon off her controversy. People are still mad at her.

No. 1985480

There WAS a Ko-Fi advertised in the senate(?) while Peaches was away under ko-fi.com/rebelraccoon but that user no longer exists. But that link was distributed in the discord that Peaches was in, by a person who said that Peaches asked her to send the link. So I'm pretty sure that's Peaches.

No. 1985481

File: 1713111905737.jpg (123.04 KB, 1080x1579, 1711437008683.jpg)

samefag, but I'm referencing this post attached. That youtube channel is definitely Peaches.

No. 1985499

Right and I get that Akumu was in high school but my sympathy is not that great because back then he was still carrying himself as an douchebag know-it-all and from what I remember, did try to troll people to get their attention and then get upset when they blocked him. You wanna be a troll? Don't be surprised when people don't want to deal with you and block you.

I agree that the salivating over the thought of his getting beat down and arrested over being a troll is ridiculous, I won't disagree there.

No. 1985515

Again I just have to wonder though what is Akumu hoping to accomplish? Make them quit the internet? Doesn't seem likely to happen. Get an apology? Less likely to happen neither. The ACC is in a fucked state as most of the big players are hardly releasing as many videos as they used to. I get that Akumu might want closure but I hope he has other things going on in his life and not just wasting it away on this crap.

No. 1985585

I hope Peaches gets slammed for trying to get a new victim card. They literally only went trans to hide from deserved crit. I bet if anyone brings it up they'll claim transphobia because "I'm not Peaches! I'm Eren!"

No. 1985599

Yeah exactly and not to mention Akumu was always a troll but then randomly got serious about stuff like make up your mind, are you just trolling and trying to piss the CC off or are you making legit points because no one can tell the difference at this rate, it’s why no one took his allegations seriously back then because everyone thought he was just making shit up to get a rise out of the ACC and SCC. Also from what I know Akumu has a real life and has mentioned he works at an animal shelter or something so he’s smarter than most CC people for actually having a life outside of it. I don’t think Akumu thinks long term though, my guess is he thinks “let me just drop videos on whatever is coming out” to get some kind of win over other people no matter how small

Also while we’re talking about CarmenRider and SCC related topics anyone else find it weird CarmenRider is making all these videos on some teenager for defending a creep as if they weren’t likely being manipulated by them, additionally anyone else disturbed that the SCC is sending a minor to defend them from sexual harassment and groomer allegations?

No. 1985671

File: 1713163044212.jpeg (225.31 KB, 1284x615, IMG_8652.jpeg)

Kek at the obvious farmer being in the comments, anyways don’t know why we don’t laugh at CarmenRider more, they’ve been a cow for years at this point and even had beef with Kai, the Senate, Lio, and Peaches so I’m genuinely shocked there weren’t more posts about this one tbh.

No. 1985860

File: 1713216698450.jpg (463.68 KB, 1296x1483, JarTobi.JPG)

Well looks like JAR is still trying to defend his shit coverage of the Tobi drama. I swear to god not even Tobi gives a shit anymore but JAR is still salty that the community woke up to him being a grifter for a while, at least he’s not gonna try to milk this for a video again. Side note but I really hope JAR is joking and Lio isn’t actually planning at least 3 videos on this shit because that’s gonna be such a wreck if this is true

No. 1985869

>Lio making 3 videos on this
WTF why? What could he possibly say that will absolve him from his creepy shit behavior? The most I can see him saying is confirming that behind the scenes Peaches was manipulative but that doesn't change how he himself is seen which is just a creepy egomaniac. I agree anon, hopefully it's just a rumor.

No. 1985922

File: 1713236357730.jpeg (81.67 KB, 912x211, IMG_8665.jpeg)

And would you look at that, just as lolcow notices the Rebel Raccoon channel and says it’s Peaches the name is changed, not to mention we know Peaches lurks here since lolcow was mentioned in the Veritas call and Lio/Peaches obvious typing style
>>1985480 some additional evidence this was Peaches is the Ko-Fi was supposed to be up until Peaches started a new job in May but was suspiciously deleted before that and shortly after this channel starts popping up commenting on a video about the new ACC drama really gets you thinking

No. 1985979

File: 1713263065980.jpeg (135.83 KB, 1290x439, IMG_6692.jpeg)

This channel has been under the comments of Kai’s livestreams on the matter. It’s not Peaches.

No. 1985981

Does this really clear up the accusation that it is Peaches? Didn't we have an individual run around pretending to be her own hater for a bit? Started with a "C" if I recall correctly.

Peaches is likely doing the same thing. But, as always, you can't be sure it is him (no matter how obvious.) so don't harass the account or anything stupid as shit like that.

No. 1985992

What adds to the evidence that it is? If you check their channel they have an entire playlist of xzae and akumu videos, plus some nba 2k, gta, and dashie videos in another. this is schizo levels of tinfoil

No. 1986054

Honestly this screams “Peaches desperately trying to kiss up to direct attention away from this obviously being the same person”
Honestly that seems on brand for Peaches, we’ve accepted Peaches is discount Creepshow at this point and while this is tinfoil I find it suspicious that in the playlist about Lio and Peaches there’s no videos from Omnia or Kumo, two people who we know Peaches is still salty at thanks to that doc exposing Lio having snipes at them both. Regardless we’ll know the truth when this person makes their first video if it’s some shitty voice changer with a clear British accent underneath in the video it’s more than likely Peaches

No. 1986073

Okay this helps with the tinfoil because it does seem on brand for peaches to hide behind a sock puppet account and pretend to be their own hater. It is funny that as soon as we brought attention to their account here, the profile pic and name suddenly changed. While I’m not entirely convinced it’s peaches, there’s a good chance

No. 1986099

peaches was equally salty at both kai and akumu. they’re likely not under omnia’s videos because they’re a fan of kai. i doubt peaches is watching dashie or playing nba 2k in her free time. you sound starved for milk. it’s more than likely just some kid who saw the drama and interacted. unless you think everyone is scrolling through lolcow or have been refreshing that person’s page alongside the thread, this is nothing more than a coincidence. it doesn’t connect to peaches at all. you’re making a correlation based on circumstance.

No. 1986103

Not ayrt but nonna please calm down. there’s nothing wrong with harmless tinfoil kek.

No. 1986118

i am calm? im just saying the tinfoil isn’t based on anything of substance. why believe it, makes us look as dumb as peaches is

No. 1986130

File: 1713302095712.jpg (911.98 KB, 1919x2484, SCC.jpg)

I checked on the Chuuli and Hiten situation and the entire SCC is now publicly pissing themselves and screeching at Chuuli doing the crime of being mean to poor baby Hiten. Some of them are even threatening suicide yet again now that they’ve been called out kek. Also apparently they got weird a while back and made comments about Weyrwhulf /Gal/Jesp/Rin’s genitals out of fucking nowhere. What is it with these people and suicide threats? Even when they are suicidal that means they’re genuinely unhinged enough to kill themselves for some win in internet drama also apparently KlownTeeth (previously IcyHazardX if you recognize the name) is getting involved too. Hiten’s apology meant 0 to both Feghost victims

No. 1986137

Hiten Has been private for over a week now ever since Chuuli called her out kek

No. 1986267

I truly hope that one day, the mods will expose which poster is Peaches, because I believe she's been here from the start. These kind of touchy responses that are so concerned with tinfoil being accurate make me suspicious. Not saying it's Peaches, but these exact types of posts keep showing up in the commentary thread and I have a feeling it's someone trying to sway people away from certain trains of thought. Why not let people tinfoil if you're so calm?

No. 1986268

LMFAO I was debating saying "one of us is peaches its just a matter of who" and post a spiderman pointing edit. I've felt that the whole thread. "This can't be Peaches here is an uber specific detail which only someone who has been stalking their comments sections would know"(sage your shit)

No. 1986341


or they’re just concerned with accuracy. if you’re so convinced the karmakri account is peaches then please continue to look foolish. your evidence for this claim is “they changed their name in response to the thread we have no idea they’re reading” when everything else points to it not being peaches. moid response to call someone touchy when they’re arguing against your tinfoil. i could just as easily say “you might be peaches by trying to make everyone else think it’s this random account.” it’s schizo levels of retardation

No. 1986347

File: 1713380356782.jpeg (373.29 KB, 1290x921, IMG_6750.jpeg)

i decided to see if there are any other comments by this karmakri person and lo and behold they’ve also given their take on kai’s video on rosa rey ramsey. no one is being ‘touchy’, this account has been shitting on peaches since before this thread was even aware of its existence. being told you’re likely very wrong about who is running it is not anything to tell someone to ‘calm down’ over. i’m seeing more tard speculation than actual milk

No. 1986371

I hate retard slap fights here so much ): >>1986130
The Hiten/ SCC defenders are fucking pathetic because they want everyone to believe that chuuli is bullying the chronically online older woman that’s using her “uwu mental illness” as a shield. Hiten isn’t even taking a break from the internet because she’s still on twitch streaming like nothings going on and dodging questions about Lio and her involvement with the Senate.():)

No. 1986469

Meh that doesn’t really disprove it, I’m pretty sure another anon mentioned that Peaches has said there’s sockpuppets as far back as 2020. I’m not sure if I believe the channel is Peaches as much anymore though, I do stand by that we should wait for them to post their first video and see if it seems like Peaches.
The SCC is filled with dumbasses and to catalog all the milk and retardation that’s happened in it within even just the past 3 years would take forever Neorah or whatever was questionable but in the last thread she documented the Senate’s stupidity pretty well >>1921794 not to mention like half of the ex-Senate cultists mentioned in her walls of text were also conveniently associated with SCC. I have no idea how this many creeps can come out of a community and still be around and it can still be viewed as a safe place for kids to be in by so many people

No. 1986491

Didn't Shannon also shit on herself and defend people she hated to get people off her trail? I think this is why people are only tinfoiling that it's Peaches. Not that it is. We're just sus atm

No. 1986501

I don't even know why people are calling this tinfoil. We know for a fact that Peaches and Lio both lurk here. Lio, because last thread he got into a slapfight with a Kiwifarm scrote, and Peaches because she slipped up last thread and said "I". This isn't even tinfoil, we know they lurk here if you've been in here long enough kek.

No. 1986502

File: 1713414295571.png (251.11 KB, 318x675, 4Chan.png)

I think what’s being referred to as tinfoil is that Karma person being Peaches, we all know Lio lurks Kiwifarms as OldManBoomer and goes into threads about himself to white knight so I doubt it would be different on other sites and I got picrel from one of CarmenRider’s old videos and it shows Lio possibly lurks 4Chan too. Also if you mean these slap fights they’re from the first thread, not the previous. >>1770343
These are definitely Lio, the typing style is the exact same and Peaches’ tweets are quoting Lio from years ago which was only mentioned here >>1770328
>>1770639 Can’t find where Peaches slipped up though so I’d like if you could send that

No. 1986552

Well Kumo posted a leak of an upcoming Doodle video on that Jibz person that Lio attacked and shamed for being a grooming victim that didn’t feed his trauma kink. TLDW version is “Lio is some poor baby who grew up not knowing how emotions and mental illness worked” despite him having 40 years to learn. If Lio really was changing he would remove himself from these situations until he could handle being in them yet all we’ve seen, even since March 2023, has just been Lio being an ass sucker for Peaches (until Peaches dropped his fat ass) and him posting calls screeching at everyone who dared disagree with him. Anyways yeah there’s been rumors Doodle getting super chummy with Lio and was his new internet daughter and this just confirms it

No. 1986575

Yuck is that Lio ? He definitely aged badly and here I thought the old photo of him was peak ugly kek.

No. 1986589

First off, holy fuck look at this ugly ass scrote. Secondly, I hate Lio, but I have to respect how he's just been able to come into the ACC and in the matter of about a year, have it burning with just his mere presence alone. He's dragged so many down, Peaches, Hiten, Nezzie, Etc. Doodle is just the next one on the chopping block. I can't wait to see him go up in flames too kek.

No. 1986638

>Doodles is next
Honestly I'm for this too. Let this dumbass be the next on the chopping block for this ridiculous man because if there's anyone who needs a harsh slap of reality, it's Doodles himself. And he can't say he didn't know any better because there's plenty of examples in his little server that showcase why it's a bad idea to get close to Lio.

No. 1986656

Honestly if Doodle fails to notice the pattern with Lio and dies on the hill that’s defending him that’s fine with me, it’s been a long time coming.
Speaking of Doodle can we talk about this video for a second? Apparently a few months back some of Doodle’s old friends were found to be hiding someone having contact with Vii Omega (a groomer) and for some fucking reason Lio goes in the call doing his anime larp “I’ll steal your essence” shit and it’s genuinely so creepy and uncomfortable. I’m convinced he’s getting off on some kind of sadistic pleasure during this because there’s no reason for this to be as long and drawn out as it is, half the call isn’t even them asking questions it’s just Lio screaming and threatening to call these people’s parents (they’re literally adults to so wtf are their parents going to do). Lio is always talking in creepy Daddy Dom speak to some extent but this is the worst it ever was to me, the only reason this didn’t get as much shit as the Rosa call is the people he did this to were also fucked up but all he does is feed his kink for degrading people in half of it and I barely learned anything watching this for the first time. Guess Lio got salty that someone criticized his new submissives, Doodle and Hiten kek

No. 1986668

Yeah I agree because one of the victims he was harassing was a lesbian at the time and he kept on going into graphic detail of how the dude was gonna sexually assault her it was icky the entire time. Lio has always been a fucking creep . He even admits it himself the he could never have biological children because he’d abuse them so why do people willingly become his “kids “ after he explicitly states that? Aside from the victims that were literally manipulated and coerced into living with him since they had no one else, what about the rest ?

No. 1986732

>He even admits it himself the he could never have biological children because he’d abuse them
I know this was ripped straight from the Peaches doc, but do we know this for sure? Where did he say this?(sage your shit)

No. 1986735

I don’t have any proof other than Peaches doc, sorry nonna. I’m just assuming that this is one of those cases where peaches sprinkles some truth to give herself more leverage over the person she tries to smear

No. 1986771

>one of the victims he was harassing was a lesbian at the time and he kept on going into graphic detail of how the dude was gonna sexually assault her
JFC when was this? I know Lio’s been accused of saying he’ll put his dick in someone’s mom’s mouth to shut them up by Fox Mafia when it was still around and was weird to Jibz but this is new (can’t get the screenshots cuz it’s long gone now). I’m somehow shocked and disgusted and yet not shocked at all

No. 1986783

You're telling me this grown man who bitched at others about being properly socialized "doesn't understand how mental illness works?" LMAOOO, this community never fails to choose the best hills to die on

No. 1987120

Akumu made a new video and there’s actually some milk in it this time. Doodle is definitely super buddy-buddy with Lio now and cataloged everything from the FCK for him even. Also Lio was found possibly liking degenerate furry/inflation/feral porn but I’m not sure if I’m entirely convinced the account was him, still interesting to bring up though. Akumu does bring up a good point that Lio’s a 40 year old man and doesn’t need other grown adults defending him and saying he was manipulated into all this, guess his internet tough guy persona has finally fallen apart.

No. 1987190

Lio is denying the accusation currently. A user in the comments section informed Akumu that FurAffinity had swapped to a tag system after the post was made, and an account was likely matched with the post automatically with the same name as the Twitter handle, Lio Convoy.

No. 1987354

I'm sorry if this is gonna be seen as a bad take but honestly what the fuck happened to common sense? I'm an oldfag and listening to what was going down in these servers, it makes me wonder why these people are so dumb. I know that they were teenagers but back when I was growing up and the hot social media was Myspace, DeviantART, and AIM, I remember my parents and my school warned us about what not to do when you go online. Do not hang around creeps, do not give out private information, and do not meet up with people you don't know (unless it was someone around your age and even then, be accompanied with a parent or guardian). I'm not saying that there weren't problems back in the 00s with teens who made dumb mistakes but it feels like it's a lot worse now than it was back then.

I was listening to a livestream talking about this drama and something he said was so true which was that there comes a point where even the teenager has to take accountability for making a terrible decision. When it came to the Discord, the moment they started feeling uncomfortable with the people there, they had the option to Leave the group and not come back yet they - chose - to stay in there. The whole "grooming" thing is becoming a bit of an overused excuse now because we're not talking about little elementary kids here but teenagers who should have at least some common sense, at least enough to know when something is wrong and that they shouldn't be engaging in it. Don't get me wrong, the adults creeping on minors are scum but some of the blame also falls on the teenager for making an irresponsible choice that they more than likely were warned about from family and/or their school guidelines for online safety.

And I know someone will say that they have a mental disability like autism but I have autism myself and even I knew not to get involved with creepy adults, especially creepy moids and to not give out my personal information. I know everyone is different but fuck man, there has to come a point where you ask yourself where has common sense gone?

No. 1987378

Oh yeah, that video has been posted here before >>1981439 I do think that the reason most teenagers don’t seem to have the sense to just leave is that there’s normally some kind of additional pressure. From what I know TeddyThatDraws (one of the people that Toasty was creepy to) tried to come out about it and got flamed from all corners of the ACC and accused of slandering Toasty, and this was before Senate so on top of that these teenagers now have a cult trying to find where they live to worry about. Also I don’t think teenagers are exactly as protected as they used to be, most of Gen Z was raised without proper advice on how to act online (Gen Alpha seems to be getting that as they’re the first generation online from Day 1) and sites like Discord have basically made talking to strangers normal. That and Toasty seems to have had a friendship with these teenagers prior, and no matter who you are, you’re gonna excuse weird shit happening to you from a friend more than some stranger who suddenly DMs you sexual shit

No. 1987388

Oops my bad kek. I should've scrolled up to see the og video post.
> From what I know TeddyThatDraws (one of the people that Toasty was creepy to) tried to come out about it and got flamed from all corners of the ACC and accused of slandering Toasty
And I get that but at that point I'm sorry but fuck them then, give them the proverbial finger and exit out of the server and don't come back. This is not real life, they owe no one an obligation to stay when they are uncomfortable and/or see people being creeps. This goes back to common sense but again, it's probably me being an oldfag but whenever I got pulled into drama that didn't concern me in fandom groups, I would essentially just "nope" and leave the group when I would see the bullshit. I didn't owe them an explanation and neither do the teens in these discord servers, they can leave at any time, there computer is not spellbound to redirect them back to the server if they try to leave it lol.

>and this was before Senate so on top of that these teenagers now have a cult trying to find where they live to worry about

Again, I understand the fear there but if these teens were being smart and responsible making sure to not give out their personal information to these people or listing that information in other online spaces, they have nothing to worry about, bet lol.

>Also I don’t think teenagers are exactly as protected as they used to be, most of Gen Z was raised without proper advice on how to act online (Gen Alpha seems to be getting that as they’re the first generation online from Day 1) and sites like Discord have basically mai de talking to strangers normal.

I was curious about this so I looked up to see what some younger people's experiences were like in school when it came to internet safety (I'm in my mid 30s for context) and from what I see, t seems gen z's experience is pretty mixed where I saw half saying they were taught internet safety in either (or all) of grade school ,middle school, and high school while the other half claimed they didn't learn anthing about internet safety in school nor from their parents so okay, that tracks.
Something that the zoomers mho got internet safety in school mentioned was that it didn't really cover Discordwhich makes sense I suppose since it's somewhat newer so hopefully schools will teach about that.

>hat and Toasty seems to have had a friendship with these teenagers prior, and no matter who you are, you’re gonna excuse weird shit happening to you from a friend more than some stranger who suddenly DMs you sexual shit

Well I mean personally, this is anecdotal but I remember being 16 and talking to a guy I met on DeviatnART where we later moved to MSN messengerafter awhile and he started asking me for pics of me in my underwear and thankfully I never gave him those things and after he tried asking for like the 3rd time, I blocked and washed my hands of him. You're right that I gave him a chance and it was because I somewhat knew him but I still followed my gut feeling on not doing something I knew I shouldn't do. But again, I acknowledge that that is me and not everyone is the same.

No. 1987695

Old milk but does anyone else remember Ponder going off at some kid for mishandling predator accusations with Major Cloog or whatever? Like I’m not defending this kid or whatever because I can barely tell anything about the drama since it seems to all be deleted but if they really did mess it up then why did Ponder think publicly flaming and subtweeting them like a Creepshow/Peaches style mean girl was the smart idea? People have said it before but Ponder has 0 idea how to act with kids around, no wonder she was/is in Senate

No. 1987727

Anyone who forces their young fans to call them Mommy, daddy or uncle should be put on some kind of list

No. 1987734

I honestly don't know so I can't really speak on that. But if this is true, this is why it's so fucking retarded that these dumb ass teens run to tell stupid YouTubers about these kinds off things instead of their parents or the police.

No. 1987740

I can get why some people don’t go to the police because it’s well known that (unless actual CSEM is involved) they don’t take cybercrimes too seriously but I agree they should at least try. Even if this Phxntom Graffiti kid wasn’t in the position to go to the cops or their parents Ponder could’ve done it for them or even told them how to CyberTip the FBI. If the allegations were true Ponder dismissed a serious case, if they were false why the fuck did she publicly flame a child instead of privately educating them about the dangers of getting involved so young? Someone’s said this before but the only reason Ponder was so popular was because all the people she responded to were dumbass kids who are literally the lowest hanging fruit and easiest people to debunk

No. 1987774

I remember this shit kek. Turns out the kid Phxtomgraffiti or whatever made the grand majority of it up and lied about screenshots that they were in/blurred by daying it was someone else, and was an absolutely insane, attention seeking 14 year old that made new accounts over and over because they were so toxic. I don't even know what they currently go by, but it was really funny when it was happening.

No. 1987852

AYRT and I get that but still, what the hell makes them think a YouTuber, a person who is not an officer of the law can help them? It's true that police hardly take cyvercirme seriously but it's still worth trying vs telling a dumb ass YouTuber who really can't do shit at all. I agree though that if Ponder really was this responsible person, she could've helped them by point them to the authorities but she didn't do that. Though if >>1987774 is right that it was all just a made up thing for attention then fuck lol. This is why I can't blame cyversecurities for taking all these cases seriously

No. 1988151

Since Doodletones has been brought up as he's the next on the chopping block for when Lio throws him under the bus, I find it very funny and pathetic that some of these commentators who are commenting on this drama and try to come off as "edgy" but yet they're too scared to (properly) pronoun someone like Doodletones and play stupid on not knowing that trans is bullshit and that people like CrystalFlame, Doodle, ToastyVanilla, and Peaches have not changed sex. And I don't really understand why this is since most of these people are not big channels and more than likely make no YouTube adsense money from doing these videos.

No. 1988233

I appreciate that Legiha is continually giving the business to Lio and Doodletones and keeping a spotlight on them but my god is she really annoying when she yells her fucking head off to the point where you think she's gonna give herself a heart attack. Her "they are wasting my time" phrase is honestly a tad annoying because let's be real here, no one is forcing her to stick around and continue commentating on this stuff, she can commentate on other things. Like if she's seriously this bothered, she can take a little break and wait until Lio and/or Peaches pops back up and then jump back on it but as is, there's no point in screaming your head off for them (well for Lio) to post a video when he clearly isn't going to do it (if at all), he would've done it by now. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually is still on YouTube on a second channel tbh.

No. 1988244

Dude I don't know how Lio's wife is supporting him. Lio bascially cheating on her with Peaches and now possibly Doodletones is absolutely crazy to me

No. 1988247

I feel like his wife must have very subpar self-esteem which is why she sticks with him through all of this shit. I mean could it be possible they have an open relationship? Because I agree with you that any sane woman would've noped the fuck out of this scenario by now.

No. 1988263

It just doesn’t make sense to me why she’d stick with lio even with low self esteem. Like i get that the south has strict beauty standards on what’s “southern beauty “, but she’s too smart for lio and can do much better than an ugly man child

No. 1988274

Unfortunately low self-esteem can do a lot of damage on one's psyche and we see this from time to time, usually the boyfriend or husband is physically abusive but I feel like in this case, it's all mental. She probably was with Lio for a long time even before he became an unironic basement dwelling neckbeard.

No. 1988350

File: 1713921949255.png (1.7 MB, 1003x3671, ponder spite.png)

> if they were false why the fuck did she publicly flame a child instead of privately educating them about the dangers of getting involved so young?
Because she is spiteful. Fantastic example: Those videos she made about Dollieguts were entirely in retaliation against Chimerama for going to her for help when she didn't want to. Just to punish her she skewered her own credibility with incredible leaps of logic.

See, she has this habit of threatening people who have irked her and as you can see in picrel, while she pretends to be cordial, when they don't back down and disassociate themselves from the situation she makes posts attempting to ruin their reputation. Another example, Her pals (Diapertones, Chuuli, and some other Literally Whos) on top of threatening to ruin Yoyo's life with a "movie length exposé" for six months also went to the extraordinary lengths of drawing and posting an entire animatic trailer for the commentary depicting their "poor baby dragon" TheNamesJunkie being persecuted by Yoyo, then Yoyo being locked in stocks similar to the Stories thumbnail. All that, only to never post even so much as a .doc detailing the supposed evils they uncovered. Because they got what they wanted, for the problem to go away and be forgotten.

>what the hell makes them think a YouTuber, a person who is not an officer of the law can help them?
They don't really. Kids in these circles believe that these videos are being made as genuine PSAs for the sake of people who may otherwise get preyed upon by the individual in question. They can't see that this entire sphere of YouTube exists solely to generate clout.

>Like i get that the south has strict beauty standards on what’s “southern beauty“
That's a meme. Southern people don't actually have any standards. I've lived here 16 years and watched a chick that looked like a toothless addict be called the most beautiful young woman in the county. Even if his wife was a 3/10 she would have plenty of options. This is definitely a self worth problem.

No. 1988374

I'm almost certain that it's a classic case if them being nerdy highschoolers, each other's first real relationship, and together since then as they really didn't have any other options so why not. She probably could do way better even being average looking, but she probably doesn't want to through away all the work she's put into a probably 20ish year relationship.

No. 1988937

File: 1714077526924.jpeg (117.12 KB, 748x589, IMG_8125.jpeg)

Harley finally dropped the video on Peaches and the senate.

No. 1989007

Currently watching and will give a summary.

No. 1989020

File: 1714097138789.jpeg (459.87 KB, 1284x1358, IMG_8802.jpeg)

And already the comments of Omnia’s videos are starting to get the “apologize to Harley” shit lmao. Harley’s really the same as JAR imo, an autistic grifter, slightly better as Harley stopped white knighting for Peaches but I still heavily question Harley since Harley was sitting on the shit with Senate for like a year now, even by March 2023 a lot of the shit with Lio was out and yet Harley, JAR, Ponder, Streamline, Oranges, etc. were silent. And Harley has a shit ton of milk from outside the ACC and only really looks good when put next to other ACC tards

No. 1989050

Nothings more cringe when random people doing in the comment section demanding an apology on behalf of a YouTuber. Harley isn’t a victim and has been proven to be as shady as Omnia and the rest of the ACC. No one is owed any apology

No. 1989060

> Intro is just on how he was friends with Peaches and didn't really want to make this video
>First hour is just a recap of the Rosa call. Nothing of interest outside of Harley saying the reason he didn't ge involved before Ponder spoke up was because of anxiety and the fear of being dog piled
>In Sep. of 2022, several staff of Harley's discord and friends were brought into senate call by Peaches and other Senate members to interrogate them on false accuastions that they were spreading
>Harley says that this shouldn't have been made a public call and should have been brought to him directly
>One of the people came to Harley and said they had a mental breakdown because of how Senate treated them
>Harley removed all parties that were involved
> Harley hasn't been friends with Peaches in over a year, due in part to several instances, one such being Harley not wanting to go into senate publicly to settle a personal dispute between them
>While they were friends and even after they cut ties, Peaches was actively trying to dig up dirt on Harley, even Lio admitted his perception of Harley was influenced because of Peaches
>Harley plays a call between Mali and Lio where Lio says alot of allegations on Harley and ends it by saying that Mali shouldn't associate with him. Mali rebutes this by saying that Harley fucked up but has improved
>Lio has since apologized for this call, but Harley still points out the hypocrisy of Lio being a "say it to my face" person, doing this behind Harley's back
>Harley has since cut ties with Lio
>Goes into the Omnia part. He approached Omnia with information regarding Senate because he heard Omnia was doing research on it. Just alot of petty shit
>Basically Omnia went to Harley and SisterZio on how to deal with apologizing to Peaches. Harley claims Omnia misconstrued this in one of her ranting Twitter threads where she said they were hostile to her
>SisterZio did reach out to Omnia in a hostile manner 2 days later but later apologized

So, Omnia wasn't wrong then technically? I don't get what Harley is trying to say here when he admits, that at minimum, SisterZio was indeed hostile.

>Just and back and forth about her shit with Kai. Omnia tries multiple times to lump Harley and Zio together even though Harley disavowed what Zio said/did

>Omnia brought up Harley's abuse/grooming to prove a point of which Harley did not approve of
>Omnia later apologized about her accusations towards them siding with Kai
>They all apologized and the conversation ended there
>Harley moves onto Omnia's video and interviews Ponder. Ponder says that Omnia's criticisms of Harley are a bit unfair due to Harley's age, anxiety, and the chance of the hostility being turned towards Harley
>Interestingly enough Harley brings up multiple times that he was not present for the fat-shaming comments aimed at Rosa and doesn't like that Omnia frames it as such, but I don't see anywhere where Harley directly expalins this to Omnia which would explain her confusion on this front
>In the end Scrittus contacted Omnia in dms after her video dropped and she admitts that she doesn't think Harley or Scrittus should be heavily lambasted for how they handled themselves in the call

Overall it's just more of the same points we've heard about the Rosa call with an entire section dedicated to Omnia at the end that, while has good points against her, seems more like petty infighting. I agree with >>1989050 in that no one here deserved an apology because they're all shady. Alot of this could be spun as Harley trying to weasle his way out of things, but who cares. He's not Peaches or Lio so not alot to say.

No. 1989068

I agree, from what we know of Lio and his wife’s relationship it does very much give me “married your high school sweetheart” vibes
AYRT, I agree, half of this video about Peaches, Lio, and The Senate is just about Omnia and I just wonder why I should care, even if Omnia’s acting in bad faith over past drama like Harley says, Harley was completely fine doing that for Peaches with the Camila shit. Nothing Omnia said was even technically wrong other than than maybe the thing about Harley knowing they were fat shaming Rosa and being a bit too ungenerous with Harley’s wording. This community doesn’t learn, they white knighted Peaches under Omnia’s videos for being mean to Peaches now they’re gonna do the same to Harley and spam dislike and comment every video about “apologize to Harley” and the C-Tier creators like Oranges and Lin Lin with their obsessive hatreds for everyone involved in the 2020 Peaches drama will circle jerk about it
So Omnia literally gave Harley and Scrittus the benefit of the doubt but because they were briefly critiqued they’re now both screeching at Omnia basically? Something you’re forgetting to mention is Harley talks about how mods like Peaches and such muted Lio when he went too far in a call and threw a tantrum. So Doodle was telling the truth that Senate may have been trying to improve after the Rosa call but was lying that they actually followed through. also using Ponder for an interview is major kek. After the Senate arc is over I hope Ponder is who the ACC cannabalizes next

No. 1989280

I don't know why this idiot put Peaches at the forefront of the title when the video (apart from regurgitating the Rosa call for the 100th time) is focused on Omnia.

Was really hoping to hear someone with a platform bring new dirt up on Peaches. But I guess we're just continuing the echo chamber gift.

No. 1989293

If Harley wanted to be make another hate video on Omnia then couldn’t he just do that instead of hiding it behind a peaches video ? The senate wasn’t the only shitty thing peaches did ( the miles situation being handled badly and peaches being toxic to her “friends” behind their backs ). Harley fumbled the video badly

No. 1989340

He sure did fuck up. And funny but reading how Peaches talked shit behind her friends back, hmm sounds familiar kek (Creepshow). Makes it even more disappointing how not many people are connecting the two on a verbal level.

No. 1989379

It's been a while since I've been here, seems like I've missed some fine milk. Oh marvelous, we've been saying this shit was gonna happen eventually and low and behold. Wish I could've been here to see the fireworks but alas, I'm happy these perverts have been exposed. To think this entire shitshow started from Tobey exposing Benthelooney's pedo art…

No. 1989382

i wish creepshow would come back to YT
that drama was unparalleled

No. 1989386

Lio convoy is streaming right now.
Tuned in when he said Peaches tried to kys bc of not being the imposter on Amoung us. LMAO.(sage your shit and integrate)

No. 1989421

File: 1714201279487.png (625.76 KB, 1080x2240, 1000002482.png)

ZakNotKyle has dropped a statement on his Twitter with links to Lio's, Doodles, and co's responses alledging that Peaches was the one who was abusive towards Lio spanning from 2022-2024.

No. 1989433


No. 1989434

Why would Lio and Crew say Peaches is abusive now after sucking up to her for so long?

No. 1989494

Nonna it’s just a game of “who’s pushing who under the bus” We all called it here months ago that Lio and Peaches were both toxic and had no problem getting rid of each other the moment they got in deep shit

No. 1989533

Lio finally opened his mouth and made a response, already the comments are sucking him off, Akumu and Cope and Seeth have made responses so far and Lio has deleted the Crystal video kek

No. 1989540

Exactly. The funny thing about this drama is that all of the parties involved, every single one of them are terrible in their own ways. There are no "good" guys in this drama. Terrible toxicness all around. If you have to worry about having your conversations recorded without your knowledge and then have that be used to fan the flames of a drama when they decide to push you under the bus, that is not a friendship.
couple all this with these people all have mental illness and using them as a shield to one up on each other, it's all absolutely pathetic.

No. 1989563

I agree that recording calls and saving them in hopes of “cancelling” or blackmailing them later isn’t true friendship. I’ll go as far as saying my tinfoil of Harley not covering the full peaches drama because it will make him look just as bad as well. Harley, Hiten and others have used the same tactics as peaches like threatening minors in dms with videos, recording and screenshotting private calls/ dms and so on. Peaches and Lio might’ve been the most toxic but they’re no different from the rest

No. 1989571

See reading all that, I would hate being a teen or young adult in todays time as an art & fandom nerd. Makes me appreciate the online friendships I had in the 00s during DA days where we just you know, vibed and enjoyed each other time and not using mental illnesses as a ploy to seem more interesting than we actually are or throwing each other under the bus for drama.

The only good thing about this drama implosion is that everyone is on display of their awfulness and that Peaches won't be able to snake her way back in. She'll more than likely get the Shannon 2.0 treatment, she didn't stalk and harass anyone like Shannon did but she proved herself to be an entitled, spoiled, toxic brat who no one will want to put up with. And for the rest well, hopefully people will continue to hold them to task when they repeat patterns again because let's be real, we know they will.

No. 1989609

Doodle made 2 new videos on the situation just as Lio dropped his response, guess Doodle is trying to soften people up

No. 1989612

Other video about the Raven Pines person ZakIsNotKyle mentioned. I find 2 things funny. One is that Lio and Doodle are getting into this girl and got onto FuchsiaButter for “exposing minors to NSFW” but Lio referenced in his video and is friends with this Ephrom person from the SCC who has accusations of being as bad if not worse than Fuchsia and RavenPines >>1983654 the other is only now is Lio making apologies for the DreadfulJax and JibzThePig calls despite having years to apologize and is only now bringing up the situations with Rin/Gal/Jesp but despite having seemingly years to do so. And all we’ve seen of Lio being him being an overly aggressive and creepy scrote even after he “changed”

No. 1989637

Doodle is really Whiteknighting Lio in overdrive right now. two videos right after Lios like NO TIME to take anything in! this is Damage Control lmao

No. 1989639

Off topic but…. I'm sorry, did Lio admit to spending over $8000 dollars on Peaches?…Excuse me, what the fuck? How did he think it was ever outrageous that people began to believe he was cheating on his wife? Lio was Peaches' whale figuratively and literally

No. 1989650

File: 1714257718571.jpeg (96.13 KB, 1284x284, IMG_8822.jpeg)

Peaches used Lio as a DDLG daddy Dom and sugar daddy, this is well known lmao. I can’t find the screenshot in Lio’s comments but someone asked Lio what his wife’s thoughts were on this whole thing and if the rumors about her disliking Peaches were true and Lio acted clueless. Pretty sure the comment has been deleted/hidden (probably by Lio). Also kek at Lio pretending to not have seen all of what was going on in the FCK but he was also invited to it and looked around according to his own words. Lio you were in every position to have seen the full context, between this and what Akumu pointed out this isn’t looking good, Akumu, JAR, and Lio will be debating later as well and I’m keeping an eye out for that. Though Akumu said it would be 7 pm at the latest so I think Lio ran away just like with the Kai debate

No. 1989692

Lio actually bothered to get in debate with Akumu and JAR (so much for not getting involved) guarantee you Lio will twist this. Also that Karmakri person is in chat and so is Leigha. I can’t be bothered to sit through this and all those other multi hour long videos so I’m just going to hope some nona is so masochistic as to subject themself to these. When I joined they were talking about Doodletones’ weird degen past shit

No. 1989736

File: 1714279286956.jpeg (427.01 KB, 1163x1097, IMG_8833.jpeg)

Hopeless Peaches has deleted the doc on Lio/Senate

No. 1989747

This entire shitshow is better than soap operas.

No. 1989842

The fact that hopeless peaches ran to delete her statement on Lio Convoy has me inclined to believe Lio. Don’t get me wrong I don’t give a fuck about either of that toxic retards but only one is standing their ground on their testament. But kek how big of a loser do you have to be to willingly drop 8,000 dollars on an obese whale ?

No. 1989920

>8000 dollars
I had to do a mental double take when he said that kek.8k for someone like her? This unironic bitch who's not even anything special in the looks department? Absolutely pathetic and again, I'm baffled how his wife is still with this tard. Like you, I don't care about either Peaches or Lio, both are terrible and deserved each other but even with that, it still is unnerving that Lio did all this for her and fell for her suicide baiting. He's a grown ass man and I know that anyone can manipulated at any age but come the fuck on, I have to agree with Akumu on how absolutely mental you have to be to continue to stay with someone repeating the same pattern numerous times.

This is why many believe that there was something more going on with them. Because who does this for someone you haven't even met in person?

No. 1989923

File: 1714335152735.jpeg (353.4 KB, 1154x828, IMG_8836.jpeg)

I’m recapping Lio’s video currently since no one else will but it’s so long and I only just got done with the Peaches segment so in the meantime Hiten has released a statement

>Hiten’s been waiting until Lio’s video came out to release this because they were going through evidence for her

>Kumo lied about Hiten telling him to go back to his abusive ex who he allegedly made cut his name into her
>Addresses the Rosa call, says she was not ok with telling her to die, slut shaming her, or calling her slurs (despite being in call and not saying anything until Ponder stepped in just like Peaches did)
>Says she’s apologized to Chuuli multiple times for the thread and that while it’s ok for Chuuli to be mad that Chuuli is framing her as some monster to people and lying about her intentions, she sent an apology to Chuuli through Aeron Tempest
>She was asked to not be in the call Chuuli and Feghost had in Senate
>She cried about Chuuli celebrating Feghost’s downfall because she doesn’t like it, thinks it’s downplaying the situation, and that prodding at someone mentally unstable could be dangerous
>Says she took a year because they were mutually blocked and she didn’t know anyone had an issue
>She talked with Lio, AeronTempest and Ponder, Ponder specifically told her more about the situation and the victims which led her to apologize
>Says she never defended Feghost and always agreed what he did was wrong
>She didn’t speak about Chuuli in 2022 because of an argument happened in a server related to something from 2019
>Didn’t like JAR victory lapping about TheNamesJunkie or Spoctor
>”I’m a flawed person, I never claimed to be an angel, I’m too impulsive sometimes”
Overall it’s just more shit we’ve already seen, she just sat in call with Rosa doing nothing about it, casually let the shit in Senate happen, forgets she literally said “I feel bad for Feghost” and wonders why people thought she was defending him. There’s various mental health shit put in for literally no reason (apparently by request of Ponder) and it’s just a mess. She’s also probably lying about not knowing there were 2 victims, since she mentioned Klown_Teeth / Icyhazard in the thread, Hiten’s still a whiny nobody

No. 1989924

File: 1714335219656.jpeg (252.57 KB, 642x1637, IMG_8837.jpeg)

Same nonna as above, Chuuli has released some tweets in response and confirmed they’re making a video

No. 1989954

I'm about an hour in on this vid and it's genuinely shocking how actually well put together Lio is when he isn't among the Senate. He's able to have a real and productive conversation with no screaming. I think this is because he isn't around Senate, but also just because he finally has Peaches off his back. He's still a creepy Scrote and I don't like him, but I think Peaches is such a toxic hellhole of a human being that she was probably taking a toll on his mental health and causing him to be more aggressive. Either that or he just doesn't have his claws when he's talking one on one with someone kek. This video isn't bad in the slightest. I was fully expecting a screaming match, which I would think would have happened with Kai, whereas Akumu is able to keep a level head and stay on topic.

No. 1989984

File: 1714350893023.png (11.44 MB, 5000x5000, capture-min.png)

While we wait for Lio's response to be recapped by our lovely nonnie, here is a compilation of some notable screenshots from Lio's video. Peaches is unsurprisingly a classic narcissistic abuser and other people's value begins and ends with their ability to make her feel better.

No. 1989987

I imagine that Lio has a looser grip on his temper when he's surrounded by dumb teenagers that worship him

No. 1990013

I was listening to this as background noise even though I personally don't care much of what happened within the server but being bombarded with how all these fucks are some sort of troon or enby, it's just so cringe. In >>1989692 Lio makes a joke that he troons men since two of the guys involved in the senate eventually trooned out (ignoring DoodleDiapers of course since he was a troon long before Senate). i can't help but feel that the only reason why some of these guys in the Senate trooned out because of Lio is because they feel like failures of men next to Lio since Lio is older, has a job, is married, and has haggard masculine appearance and it's retarded since most of these dudes are like 18-21. It's so pathetic and sad. As for Jibbs, I don't understand why this young woman thinks she's a man but my guess is that that is what happens when impressionable girls hang around troons. I suppose it's no different than the yaoi/slash fangrisl who congregate in their cesspool and troon out to live their yaoi fetish. Still it's just absolutely fucked.

No. 1990025

I remember he made fun of literal teens for being lazy and not having a job and fixing their own problems. But it seems like he was paying all of Peaches bills for over a year with no question. Peaches in theory is everything Lio should hate and despise, but because she was willing to do that gross ddgl rp shit with him he was cool with her.

No matter the ecxuse he def cheated on his wife with Peaches to some capacity. He spent HOURS with Peaches daily, ignoring her. He financially supported another woman fully while doing nothing for his wife. For 8k he literaly could have taken his wife on countless dates or took her on a nice vacation. Peaches was def not his "daughter", it was obvious flirting.

No. 1990033

There is four hours I'm not getting back. Lios response is meh, but hearing him talk about his former "kids" was the worst. He even brought up that Jordyn accidentally killed a cat just to make them look bad. Everyone is a bad actor but Lio./s Funny how he's the only one who's tying ally these terrible people together. Almost like he's the common denominator.

No. 1990038

File: 1714369045427.jpeg (63.21 KB, 759x281, IMG_8848.jpeg)

My biggest question is why Lio’s response can’t stand on its own, why do Doodle and Zak need to come out making videos on this at almost the exact same time? They’re clearly trying to butter people up. Also predictably the only time someone who doesn’t already have a platform comes out defending Lio the comments are filled with criticisms (and JAR but that’s to be expected by now)
I’m the anon trying to recap his video and the Peaches segment (the only one I’ve recapped in full) is ok. But we already knew Peaches was at best over exaggerating some shit and at worst lying to look good so don’t give Lio points there. I also watched the Jax segment which is just “I said I was sorry and Jax is bad too” and the FCKLeaks segment where Lio’s only point is just “well Rin (or whatever they go by now) did the big bad too” and deflections
I thought it was funny that Jax was calling Lio and trolling him which got Lio to get bitchy and borderline threaten him again which chat pointed out also I think one of Lio’s ex friends was pizza bombing him which was weird

No. 1990091

he has to be lying zak has one of fucking ugliest avatars in this whole community

No. 1990157

the only way this wouldn't massively affect how people view Peaches is if the entire audience is composed of children who don't understand how emotionally manipulative she is… oh wait, nevermind. Peaches, the community would be a better place if you stop begging people to validate your existence. If you want people to stop thinking you're a piece of shit and you're abusive, why not log the fuck off and work on yourself?

No. 1990181

What a snake kek. If you’re gonna be a manipulative loser, at the very least don’t talk shit or bad about the very people that defended you ? I can’t find the evidence atm but even MangaKamen ( the person who talked peaches out of suicide back in 2021 ) spoke up about how Peaches was talking shit about him. how did you manage to burn every bridge ?

No. 1990230

-whispers in Shannen- kek

No. 1990270

Weird how mangakamen decided to nope this one good call fam

No. 1990271

That android thing is one of the ugliest though so not surprised

No. 1990272

Yeah I have Autism too I don't like go for other terminally online weirdos (like myself

No. 1990273

Mangakamen just avoided the whole thing lol

No. 1990274

Don't give omina any credit she is bad

No. 1990275

Because how dare you defend a friend

No. 1990276

The irony is I feel like he didn't have a great childhood but that isn't an excuse man your 40 she might have brought out his worst tendencies out they both are toxic still.

No. 1990277

He is probably washing his hands still he was her biggest lawyer

No. 1990278

Yeah I remember you'd think they would have a word

No. 1990279

>Yeah I have Autism too
That's so cool, John. How goes the cooming?

No. 1990286

Your looking into this deal to much their liars and grfiters themselves just that they were exposed let peaches get away with her own actions

No. 1990290

I agree its not like everyone defending peaches is a bad person(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1990300

Off topic. Lio said in his video that Peaches abused him. When it's looks more like he/Senate Enabled her behavior. Like come on. How many times does Peaches gotta take jabs at you and say she'll KYS until you realize she's not gonna

No. 1990304

Senate absolutely enabled Peach's behavior. It's pretty typical for your average unmedicated BPDer to gradually get worse when they're surrounded by people who are guilted into praising and comforting them under the threat of suicide.

No. 1990322

I agree, Peaches is a cow with the personality of Shannon, the victim mentality of Yandere Dev, and the looks of a bargain bin Shayna Clifford but how many times would Peaches have had to threaten suicide before Lio just told Peaches to quit commentary and stop interacting? He’s told people to quit the internet for far less but apparently someone constantly threatening suicide because of online shit is completely fit to be here, nice logic you got there Lio (not saying you’re Lio nonna, just generally).

Also something I noticed was he says he’s able to get the info of random people online without even speaking to them but he can’t get the information of legit groomers and people threatening their lives? Highly doubt it, I think he just doesn’t care enough because some can fight back against his shit and would not let him blindly get off on the power trip like he wants

No. 1990346

fucking hell learn to integrate

No. 1990434

>He’s told people to quit the internet for far less
>he can’t get the information of legit groomers and people threatening their lives
Internet vigilantism and the ego boost he gets from an audience half his age legit rot his brain. I'm sure everyone here knows that his whole pedo hunting spiel was never done for the good of victims and his poor grasp on his own emotions (screaming at people and going to extremes to threaten them) makes him unfit to handle anything that demands any sort of sensitivity and levelheadedness. That's why his only solution to groomers is "help the victim report it to the police" without thinking about how his internet bullshit can impede that process.
And since he places himself on this moral high horse, he has to put a front of prioritizing victims, so when it comes to Peaches it means enabling maladaptive behavior.

No. 1990472

Yeah we know Lio isn't gonna quit is MamaMax LARP anytime soon. Give it a couple of months and you'll see a video titled Nezzie Monster Dishonest Dork

Everything in his video is just so fake. He just goes. "I might've been bad Buuuuut look what this guy did" along with over using the term Sexual Harrassment when it's clear that Kumo and Gilded are being Edgelords and not serious.

(With Lios edgy past I think he knows that. We've seen his Kiwi post from 2023.)(sage your shit)

No. 1990620

Fucking hell where are all of these newfags coming from.

I am so glad Hiten is so small and irrelevant enough to not have a ton of people simping for her like they did with Peaches. She's just as bad and her only upside is being insignificant enough for no one to give a shit about.

No. 1990667

Is anyone else fucking tired of people making videos about the Rosa Ramsey call? I've seen 3 new ones pop up and it's pretty much become a bandwagon. We get it, they were awful and most of these leeches are not gonna add anything new or insightful to the call. Sorry, it's just so annoying lol

No. 1990724

File: 1714573817502.png (151.7 KB, 719x769, Screenshot 2024-05-01 072741.p…)

Funny you say that nonnie because hiten posted this and I immediately thought of Peaches tbh. The vid in question is the Chuuli vid.

No. 1990731

Sorry for doubleposting but this was too fucking funny. nezziemonster released ss talking to the biggest degenerate in the fck server and actively proved that it was well known toasty was gross and that they knew and were aware there was a nsfw channel for slimurz (a minor). She didn't do anything but call the nsfw channel a bad look basically not that not that having a nsfw channel dedicated to a minor was gross af. Tldr: Nezziemonster told on herself trying to prove she wasn't a bad guy in the fck server.

No. 1990790

>"Because I have bad memory"
I swear all of these chucklefucks use this excuse of having a "Bad memory" when it comes to drudging up very important situations. I can understand if it's been like 5+ years but still, I can't help but feel that most of these people who say that are full of shit.

No. 1990808

Hard agree, I could almost recite the Rosa call by heart with how many fucking videos decide they're going to just play the full thing.

It was too much to expect anyone to really be original in this community though. Hell, they can't even come up with their own excuse, always relying on 'memory issues' or whatever the first person to defend themselves chooses to go with.

No. 1990821

AYRT, it's just fucking tired. I saw a video pop up yesterday where the guy was talking about the Doodletones video defending Lio and in the first few seconds the guy said he was originally going to do a response to the Rosa call but decided to talk about Doodletones instead and I'm just like fuck off. There's nothing more to say about the Rosa call, we've all heard it like 10x now and like you said, I'm sure most of us can recite it with our eyes closed kek. How many times do we have to hear that Hopeless Peaches and Lio Convoy were horrible in the call? WE KNOW, MOVE ON.

And yeah the memory issues thing is so annoying and full of shit. I'm glad that Leigha called it out for the BS that it is.

No. 1990911

They're acting like the Rosa call is the only horrible thing these people have done. If someone does a video of them abusing others (Which there is a ton) it would be better. Like Peaches's old tweets where she's just a flat out bully to rando teens.

No. 1991005

Agreed. These people should just talk about the other horrible things they did. Stop focusing on Rosa, it's been said and done. I think the reason why they go for the Rosa call is because they want to get cred points for pointing out how they all ganged up on the mentally disabled woman but at this point, it comes off as virtue signaling for clout and it's both gross and annoying.

No. 1991085

Probably because the Rosa call is the easiest to exploit since nobody adds any new commentary to it and just let it speak for itself.

No. 1991112

Nah you're right but I hope more people in the comments just tell these people to shut up and talk about something else he had done lol.

No. 1991125

Not particularly milky but now that Lio’s reputation in the ACC is ruined is he just gonna start making videos about people like Mr. Enter, Star Giant Productions, Crimson Mayehm, and the typical subjects of the Western Animation Industry Cows Thread?

No. 1991591

Finished recapping Lio’s response, this may take multiple replies because it’s so long and it’s going to be a wall fair warning

>Intro confirming Peaches planned to drop Lio for a while, giving timeline of the found family

>Late 2022 Opal told Lio she wanted to leave the family she also had a friend who shoplifted
>Lio claims Jordyn was bratty
>In February 2023 Lio and Peaches had a fight, Peaches told Jay and Jordyn about attempting suicide with pills, they didn’t tell Lio and haven’t apologized for it
>Peaches got upset the Rosa call got out because “me and Ponder turned it around at the end” (it was only Ponder)
>Goes over the Peaches doc, Lio says Peaches is dodging accountability by not making a video, lying that the deletion was to get away from “harassers” like Kai and Omnia, says there’s barely any evidence, that Peaches is implying Lio’s a pred, that Lio never claimed to be a savior of the innocent, and Peaches dishonestly framed Lio’s family as “mostly minors abused by older parents” when half were adults, Peaches used Lio as a mouthpiece, Peaches weaponizing being groomer, Peaches being emotionally manipulative and lying about past interactions with Lio
>Kumo told Lio a story that he didn’t know what to do with that Peaches said was defending Kumo making a girl cut
>Peaches got adopted after a suicide attempt and Lio adopted Peaches after Peaches admitted to struggling with men
>Lio doesn’t force anyone into his family like Peaches claims since Jibz wasn’t adopted due to Opal being possessive and Lio not having the resources for it, gender had nothing to do with it,
>Lio didn’t describe Opal and Jordyn’s grooming to shame Peaches, it was to help make Peaches accept that there was actual grooming
>Lio’s “trying to be better and not use slurs” and the only reason there wasn’t a rule against slurs was because Peaches wanted to keep using them
>Lio was worried for Peaches and Peaches tried to reverse this and say Lio was trying to get Peaches to self harm/suicide Peaches also lied about Lio saying to “get over it” it was actually Lio’s wife and she doesn’t remember that
>Peaches cut off Lio March 6th, all he did after was ask Lumi if Peaches was ok
>Peaches tried to call Lio’s number on March 8th to get Lio to tell Crystal the videos on Camila were down
>Peaches said Lio was misgendering despite being a she/they for the longest time and constantly changing pronouns
>Peaches leaked Lio’s first draft script Lio says it was “Just a vent”
>Lio says the reason he was worried he would abuse kids if he had them was because he was abused and is trying to change, he never threatened possible future kids
>Lio says he’s trying to get help, Peaches and co mocked Lio for struggling to get therapy
>Goes over Jay/Pink’s history, will come back to this later
>Goes over the call Kumo had with Pink/Jay, says Pink is poisoning the well, lying, setting unreasonable and contradictory standards for Lio, that Pink and Jordan never reached out to Lio which is why he favored Peaches, didn’t follow standards Lio had (ie not smoking cuz Lio didn’t like it), and that Jay/Pink was “giddy” about Lio’s downfall (according to Opal at least, who still seems to be going soft on Lio if her doc is anything to go off of and according to Lio she was possessive). >Denies being a vigilante and says Pink doesn’t know what the word means
>His wife is brought up briefly, Lio says Jay is lying about respecting her and that she cut Jay off because she agrees Jay is manipulative and that Jay is encouraging people to make fun of his wife, something I find funny is that Lio says Jay has no proof for any of her claims but is very selective on what he shows screenshots for, makes you think
>One of Jay’s friends came in Senate with a loaded gun threatening their life
>She was an ex of DeviantCringe / CyberRampage when she went Blue Latoris / Patricia Pink / Baby Blue Bones then went to date JAR and get him to make a video on DC and then Ponfer for a video on JAR, then Lio for a video on JAR
>JAR gives a statement says Pink (or Sugar as he calls her) might’ve lied about witnessing a suicide and tried to force JAR to a poly/open relationship, he thinks she cheated on her
>Goes onto Patchwork Heart’s response, says Patch jumped to dump Lio when the accusations came out but didn’t do that in the past when Buttons / EdenDarlingLamb and such came out with accusations like that against FNGR
>Says Patch is biased and plays clips of Opal arguing with Jordyn to prove Patch and Jordyn didn’t even talk prior to Patch’s video
>Accuses Patch of letting their daughter Forest move in with Bombastic Blake Diamond (another Lily Orchard Victim >>>/snow/1981537) who had a sexually abusive past that Patch knew about
>Brings up Patch drawing NSFW for Lily Orchard in response to Patch accusing Lio of impropriety, it’s really just this >>1977761 restated a bit calmer, Lio basically just no u’s Patch and tries to frame it like Patch and Lily met up IRL and had actual sex for some reason when it was just weird art Patch drew in desperation and regrets (side note I was gonna link Patch’s video about Lily but the channel it was on belonged to Opal and she conveniently deleted it recently, it might be reuploaded on Patch’s though, I do agree with another anon in that thread that Patch needs to be less online cuz of this shit and Patch left recently cuz of the Zena and Poppy situation so honestly good for Patch >>>/snow1974669)
>Lio says he apologized to Jordyn and Patch said nothing when Lio humiliated Jordyn with the help of Vida and Jase (another former Senate, current Supreme Court member)
>Lio just says Patch is a hypocrite for the Lily Orchard shit and takes some hot shots, that’s about it
>Introduces Jordyn, says Jordyn commented positively on Kumo’s first video that Queen Serafina would later respond to and this prompted Jordyn to make a video to avoid backlash
>Says Jordyn’s emotional issues only popped up when Jordyn was in trouble, two can play that game though because continently now that people are calling Lio out for mentally berating people and being abusive Lio and Doodle are claiming Lio was abused by his dad and that excuses it all
>Lio says Jordyn being up Lio and Peaches fight was irrelevant and says Jordyn’s still wrong for not saying anything to Lio about Peaches downing pills, despite Jordyn clearing up that there was an assumption Lio already knew and literally saying “I fucked up”’in that clip? But yeah Jordyn took no accountability and wanted Peaches to die!
>Says Jordyn’s mental issues didn’t last all day because Jordyn messaged a friend and Jordyn didn’t wish Peaches a happy birthday also Jordyn got sick of Lio in November 2022 and some shit in September happened.
>Lio says Jordyn was warned about being kicked out 5 months in advance and left on Christmas, despite Jordyn having no high school education due to moving so I doubt Jordyn had an actual reliable job to afford a new place
>Lio says Jordyn helped their ex Neko Koda IP trace a kid

Now I’m gonna pause for a moment here, because not only does Lio mention a screencap and not show it because he’s only playing the audio but because of this >>>/snow/1975994 not only is Lio alleging Jordyn helped Neko Koda stalk this Shaggy kid but also he did the same to that XxMushroom.GirlxX kid when she was seemingly 14-15 if I’m getting my math right, just for making videos on topics Lio didn’t like and Lio gives no apology to her in this video or to any other kids he may have threatened to find the info of or pressured into Senate. I’m not saying Lio is only apologizing for what he got called out on to look good but with everything else I’m saying that’s just a possibility to consider

No. 1991592

>Says Jordyn was fully aware of the allegations against Kumo and Gilded Poo and still associated with them
>”Jordyn has a problem of starting problems when he’s mad only to backtrack when it blows up” replace Jordyn with Lio and I fully agree kek
>Says Jordyn doesn’t have DID cuz the voices Jordyn heard went away in a more stable environment, despite the point from what I can see being that Lio didn’t care that Jordyn may have had a disorder and was dismissive of how a possible disorder like that could affect people, Patch didn’t diagnose or gaslight Jordyn either, just said Jordyn might’ve had it and should get tested to see
>Alleged Jordyn still was lazy and didn’t pay for anything and mooched off of a friend
>Says Lio’s wife is ok with him pred hunting and only cares when it’s destructive to his health
>Says Jordyn twisted Lio’s words to make him seem like advice was being destructive
>Says Jordyn made a joke after an attempt that stressed Lio’s wife out
>Claims Jordyn would have friends makes jokes about Jordyn trying to attempt, Jordyn deleted messages about this
>Jordyn took Lio warning Jordyn not to date to not risk more heartbreak, Jordyn and Neko Koda then started dating as a joke, then Jordyn came crying into Lio’s room after Neko ran off the internet and possibly attempted suicide
>Jordyn claimed “I care more about my friends than my family” when Peaches asked why Jordyn was more concerned for Neko’s attempt that Peaches’
>In 2022 2 cats were adopted, one named Sherbert had to be put down because Jordyn didn’t keep an eye on them
>Lio got Jordyn into a call to check on Jordyn, who said everything was ok, 15 minutes later Jordyn called Lio with a gun and about to attempt, Lio kept a closer eye on Jordyn
>Lio’s wife claims Jordyn got lazy with chores and tried to get attention after Lio’s wife’s dad died from cancer
>They confronted Jordyn after this and Jordyn didn’t apologize, they then kicked Jordyn out
>Lio claims that when Vida was found to be a predator but before they knew Jordyn was victim of his that Jordyn had meltdowns and doxxed someone FNGR / Anthony Aguilar was dating at the time
>Lio says if Jordyn tries to mess with him again that Lio will sue him, Lio tells Jordyn to get offline
>Brings up Rosa Rey Ramsey and her call, says she was constantly trying to deplatform Misanthro Pony / Zaid Magenta and doubles down on the “She kept Nekopan in Star Giant’s server” thing, saying she was obsessed with Lovely Lina possibly lying about Star and her and tried to get Tek-No to make a video on MisanthroPony
>Apologizes to Rosa for the call, says he “didn’t know” Rosa was autistic and is sorry with calling Rosa a retard cuz he’s a Christian, he found out about Rosa being an sexual assault victim after the call and didn’t know that when she was being called a slut
>Lio says Rosa claimed to be possessed by a demon to avoid accountability, she says she had voices in her head, between this and the Jordyn thing I don’t Lio knows what schizophrenia is, her family says Rosa wasn’t bed ridden like she claims and Rosa tried to go after Lovely Lina and Lina’s mom
>They tried to get Star Giant Productions into call, Star just ran away every time
>Apologizes to that Raven Pines person Doodle and Zak talked about, says he got invasive about Raven to see how to approach a person on the spectrum
>Apologizes for the DreadfulJaxGames call, clarifies it was because DreadfulJax was sexually harassing NoraskiQuartza (the other person in the call) and Lio admits it was basically just a chest thumping competition
>Lio didn’t follow through with the life ruining threats but did call Jax’s school (which could ruin him anyways but ok)
>Lio got into more calls with Jax and apologized, he didn’t do this sooner because Jax is “unhinged” because he does interviews with pedos/zoos (how does that make him unhinged) and left weird voicemails to Lio, he actually did this on Akumu’s stream and made Lio try intimidating Jax again so I doubt he’s changed that much
>Jax apparently “sexually harassed” Queen Serafina by spreading necrophilia copy-pastas about Sera, let’s just ignore that Lio’s friends with some people who have similar allegations
>Says he’ll sue Jax if Jax bothers him again
>Apologizes to Jibz for the call, said he’s apologized multiple times in the past but according to Jibz that was forced out by Peaches
>Lio deleted the Crystal video because he regrets that and apologized to Crystal and their partner WaterDorito13
>Lio apologizes to Harley, Mali because he tried making Mali cut off Harley, Thumin, and PrettyCringey, and apologizes to MangaKamen and 2 others named Asuka and Nicky
>Apologizes to Akumu for calling him the “king of false allegations” says Peaches made him do this
>Restates his history with Peaches, Peaches accused him of being abusive since March 2023 and made him tell everyone he was or else Peaches would totally KHS for real this time guys
>Had a disagreement over some anime and Peaches “emasculated Lio” by mocking his appearance (aka portraying him as the fatty he is)
>Claims Peaches started a serious stream with “mockery” (they were mutually joking in the clip he shows) and he doesn’t show Peaches derailing the subject anymore
>Literally says what we’ve been saying that Shannon was right about Peaches being a two-faced fat ass snake
>Had a hate-boner for Thumin and said she never apologized when she did multiple times
>Did this to many like Callimara(that person who makes a bunch of videos on YandereDev >>>/snow/1951499
>Did this to “friends” like Mali despite Mali defending Peaches during the drama
>Peaches made Lio do a call to cry at Mali, it didn’t have someone else Peaches wanted Lio to yell at in it and his OBS died which made Peaches throw a tantrum and berate Lio
>Tried to prevent Lio from talking to Ponder
>Shit talked Harley and said Harley “Invalidated muh grooming” and said when Peaches vented to Harley that Harley said “Peaches is proving Creepshow right” (based Harley)
>Called Nezziemonster racist and a retard
>Told Lio to block a teenager named Musikenna (you may know the name, she was a Roblox/Gachatuber who has some cow like qualities herself and commented on some ACC related stuff
>>>/snow 1103083)
>Told people to just block harassers while continuing to bitch at Kai and Omnia
>Peaches made Lio private a call with MangaKamen cuz Lio didn’t defend her despite not having even known Peaches when the call happened
>Peaches had a tantrum over Among Us and wanted to die over it
>Peaches got Crystal in a call and she sang Happy Birthday on surprise to Lio even though he hates his birthday, has a tantrum over Lio not liking this
>Lio has Sleep Apnea and Peaches constantly tries to whine to him
>Lio was making a response to the abuse allegations, Peaches whined to Lio about Crystal’s statements on the situation and made him make the video. Peaches did this while having a server shittalking Lio
>When Lumi and Peaches saw the video Lio made being torn apart they started plotting to hit Lio
>Lio spent over 8000 dollars on Peaches as has been mentioned, literally Sugar Daddy Dom shit kek
>Peaches and friends shit talked Lio and manipulated them, even (and especially) Lumitro who helped shit on Lio for the Crystal video despite helping with it
>Peaches was mean to poor baby Hiten and her trauma related to shit talking
>Lio had a breakdown as people told him Peaches was abusive
>Lio yelled at his mods because he felt bad and like he was the only one dealing with these situations, really it’s his own fault
>Peaches lied about Senate mod MissyDrip being modded as a minor and doing NSFW as a minor
>Points out how Peaches is overall dishonest and deflected blame for everything, even the 2020 drama, onto Lio
>Lio confirms Peaches has only privated the Livestream channel and likely will come back
>Peaches has a history of hypocrisy including body shaming, racism from Lumitro, naming servers after concentration camps, used slurs all the damn time etc. not so progressive there Peaches. You can find some screenshots here >>1989984

No. 1991593

>Goes over Kumo and his allegations of making a girl cut his name into her leg >>>/snow/1781317 and he references that Ephrom freak with sexual harassment allegations also says Kumo tried framing Peaches as a predator for being in some love triangle with VanillaToasty and TeddyThatDraws
>Tries to go for Enlaa and says Kumo and her are ok with an 11 year old being sexualized, also brings up HeyItsCosmic for no reason and Kumo put Peaches’ (public) legal name as a server nickname
>Clears up the Furaffinity and Inkubunny accounts with weird fetish shit weren’t him, Akumu and Kumo already admitted to being wrong on this which he conveniently leaves out
>Cries that Kumo joked about Doodle being a pedo but the implies Kumo is one (basically a no u)
>Says Kumo hung around Fox Mafia to look for dirt on him and plays clips of Kumo joking about gang raping someone
>Says he didn’t send cops to Kumo IRL like Kumo claims since he doesn’t know Kumo’s IRL identity but if he does find it out he’ll doxx Kumo’s IRL name in a video and report him to the cops cuz “No anonymity for a sexual harasser” do I need to bring up Lio’s friends again?
>Calls Kumo an edgelord, segment ends there
>Says Gilded Poo collects zoo porn again and is obsessed with sexual assault, said that Queen Serafina should be raped as well
>Says Akumu over exaggerated the claims of Peaches in the FCK and called her a groomer
>Akumu took a clip of Lio telling a necro to kill themself and said it was to Rosa
>Denies that Nezzie helped with the video
>Says he didn’t know there was grooming in the FCK and Akumu had the logs longer but waited years to make a video
>Brings up ElliMoMelli the porn artist friends with Doodle and how Ellie was oh so harassed >>1985349
>Tries to defend Nezzie cuz she “tried to stop Toasty’s actions” BS >>1990731
>Says Leigha is a mid-30s pick me girl that goes after Lio because he called out someone named Papa Riveter, also says she let her chat be homophobic and sexually harass Zak for obvious jokes and I guarantee you Lio and co say far worse about people lmfao
>Talks about Rin aka Only Jesp / Fishlizard who was behind the FruitCakeLeaks accounts
>Says Rin is a stalker for doc related to an SCC person named 2Jun and that Rin’s a big bad for calling it funny, pretty sure 2Jun is that Chimi person from the Tobi thread >>>/snow/1175467
>Rin told Hiten that if Hiten kills herself she’ll be forgotten
>He’ll release a call with Rin and make a video on the drama with them and the SCC
>Lio claims Rin used Ephrom to keep attacking 2Jun
>Lio said he called Rin and passed it on to Rin’s mom, Rin framed this as “Lio threatened to call my dad but called my mom instead” but later walked back on it
>Rin agreed to take a year long break, apparently didn’t
>Rin doesn’t like the SCC coming after them but follows their stuff
>Lio says Rin used the FCKLeaks Twitter to get revenge on the people they’ve been allegedly “stalking”
>Lio cries that the account mentioned him a lot, “think of the victims” but we know Lio doesn’t think of the victims unless it gets him clout
>Rin released a doc about someone (SeptyPaws I think) before Lio made a video instead of waiting like Lio told them
>Rin doesn’t like their dad being a republican but associates with people like Akumu and Kumo that Lio claims as transphobes
>Says Rin was ok with CallMeNil having minors in a pred busting server
>He’s trying to change and do better after the Rosa call which is why he didn’t drag Peaches Nezzie and Ellie
>He dealt with people like CallMeNil calmly but acknowledges that no one would know since he never made videos on it (despite all his videos still showing him being agressive since then)
>He’s trying to get help and therapy/meds to do better overall. He won’t do predator hunting anymore
>He archived Senate and started a community server that will be used for the same thing but more “civil” he’ll try to take criticisms better

This took me nearly a week and this video was a slog. I watched it on 2x because Lio talks so damn slow. It’s basically just “I did bad but so did the other people don’t be mad at me too much!” It’s not the worst response but I put “Lio claims” and “Lio says” a lot because I doubt he’s being completely truthful, there were multiple segments where he omitted screenshots and already responses are coming out from the people mentioned throughout the video. Again sorry for the actual walls of text and 3 replies

No. 1991734

Thank u for doing this. I tried to watch the vid but my mind started switching off whenever Lio went on some long-winded tangent about how the people talking about him are bad. So it's just like what everyone thought it would be just a giant "No u." For three hours straight. UGH.

No. 1991739

>JAR gives a statement says Pink (or Sugar as he calls her) might’ve lied about witnessing a suicide and tried to force JAR to a poly/open relationship, he thinks she cheated on her
KEK how did Jar’s autistic ass always manages to get wrapped up in shit like this ?

Also thanks nonna for summarizing all this bullshit. I tried watching several times it gets frustrating trying to seperate the truth Lio says from his bullshit so here’s my theory. Everything he says to defend himself is a lie but the dirt he has on Peahes is mostly true due to our shared knowledge on Peach’s predictable psycho behavior

No. 1991752

File: 1714844174674.jpeg (173.73 KB, 1157x406, IMG_8924.jpeg)

Not sure if this is milk but kek at Rin/Gal’s victim from the SCC not even liking how Lio and his fans handled the shit, few weeks old screenshot sorry

No. 1991783

Alot of this shit is just deflection on his part save the Peaches parts because he has sufficient evidence as well as other people like Mali, Thumin, and Harley echoing the same sentiment. I think he's just ahamshed to admit that it was his favortism that caused his whole "family" unit to fall apart. He still can't get through a video like this without whining about Kumo and Gilded which is pathetic. I'll give him credit for not running like Peaches, but alot of this video is alot of fucking nothing.

No. 1991806

Out of boredom I checked a bit of this call out and it’s actually really incriminating on the SCC and extremely ironic for Lio. Lio bitched that Peaches “implied he was a predator” but uses language like “exposed minors to adult topics” to Raven and CarmenRider, he literally does the same shit in these calls. There’s also a part where he cries at Raven for being an adult friendly with kids but Doodle seems to hang around lots of kids too, as did Peaches (we know at least Lin Lin was friendly with Peaches). My personal favorite part that I hope all farmers note was how Fractured Light and Umbrus (2 SCC people who show up in the comments) at 1:16:00 that they had an 11-12 year old named Hound King in these servers while weird shit was being talked about! Fucking 11-12 in this degen community? These people need to be investigated, that actually disturbed me when I heard it

No. 1991811

That's kinda fucked up because look Doodle may have done that degenerate roleplay a long ass time ago but considering how often they try to minimize it and the fact that senate has jumped down people's throats for a lot less. Im side eyeing doodle hanging around kids online

No. 1991831

File: 1714870888864.jpeg (463.85 KB, 828x1034, IMG_8211.jpeg)

So looks like Peaches is allegedly hiding behind an alt account on discord. Putting this out here in case someone in YouTube or Twitter pops up with a similar username as peaches’ alt. Also I don’t know how to add multiple media files here, but one of the comments claimed that Peaches, Lumi, and several other senate members would make sock puppet accounts to harass their targets.

No. 1991867


So Lio got interviewed by another user that goes by the name of Starlight and man it was hilarious. She confronts Lio on a lot of stuff he's done like Doxing that Jax kid and Lio bounces around the point by saying "it wasn't doxing because he didnt post Jax's info publicly".

Along with getting a Lawyer to confront him on his knowledge of the Law, how what Kumo said isn't really illegal, and the suggestion of Jordyn to record herself and he gets steamed.

1:28:00 for the Kumo stuff
1:34: for the Lawyer parts.(learn to embed)

No. 1991946

>>1991831 The account has been posting since summer of 2023. It very likely isn't Peaches unless Peaches is batshit crazy and has been running the long con upholding several art accounts.

No. 1991949

>Since Summer 2023
>Made March 24th of this year
>And it’s been mentioned multiple times Peaches has sock puppets
Oh I know about StarDustStreams, they did a video on Doodle too and I’ve seen some of the Zena and Poppy stuff, nice to see some people outside the ACC taking this down

No. 1991951

The discord account was made recently. The art in question is posted to a user's DeviantArt, and has been posting since mid2023. You can find the DeviantArt in the Twitter thread.

No. 1991952

Doesn’t debunk much of anything, Peaches had other people’s art as PFPs on Discord and Twitter. Crystal didn’t say anything about Peaches drawing it, just using it so I don’t know where this is coming from?

No. 1991957

File: 1714923862685.png (32.83 KB, 600x325, Screenshot 2024-05-05 104045.p…)

Crystal Flame responds to a tweet asking how they came aware that the account was Hopeless Peaches. Crystal Flame responded with "smile." The assumption is that when they say "Smile" they are referring to how the art was drawn. It is possible that it is simply a miscommunication in their claim.

No. 1991960

File: 1714924402000.jpeg (199.7 KB, 1054x857, IMG_8940.jpeg)

Seems like an intentionally vague answer, I know Crystal’s planning on releasing a video on Peaches and I’ll wait to make a judgement when that comes out

Also I saw this on Crystal’s Twitter and kek at Peaches trying to milk out money still from the people who forgot to unsub

No. 1991970

Let's be real here, his whole "family" unit was a joke and wasn't gonna last. He adopted 4 mentally ill women and he's a raving narcissist, it was doomed from the start kek.

No. 1991971

I watched the stream and I thought that Stardust and the lawyer did a great job confronting him. It was rich seeing Lio's sexism come out when the lwayer was brought on and he was doing everything he can to make her look like she didn't know what she was talking about when she clearly did. She didn't take the bait. He didn't know that there specialized classes that teach about child safety on the internet available for adults who want to help kids.

I mean we already knew he was full of shit but this interview really cemented it and the funny thing is he thinks he came out the victor and looked good here.

No. 1992028

File: 1714944371472.jpeg (327.18 KB, 1284x692, IMG_8943.jpeg)

I got this from Gilded Poo’s community tab (yes it’s this stretched) but Lio and the remainders of Senate are trying to mass report him. Also kek at NaiTaiDai in this screenshot (he’s another SCC/Senate person who’s been orbiting Doodle and Lio for years and dies on the hill that is white-knighting both of them)

No. 1992231

Shoutout to Leigh’s, stardust, the lawyer and anyone who refuses to let Lio Convoy get away with shit. The rest of ACC wants to fall back in line and be on good terms with Lio and ignoring his misogynistic bullshit and the fact that he’s abusive.

No. 1992254

Found this thanks to Omnia tweeting about it but Lio’s friend with the sexual harassment allegations made a video still trying to defend the Rosa call. The fact that the Senate and SCC have to send to defend themselves is so pathetic to see. Side note I’m pretty sure this one self posted here a while back >>1639181

No. 1992262

Kek the comments scrambling in that video scrambling to justify yelling at Rosa is so funny that I’ll agree with Omnia on this one instance. There is a difference between trauma and drama and the ones that dog piled her for that video are the ones that view “not being invited to a birthday party” or petty chronically online shit as serious trauma

No. 1992344

Hilariously enough, a majority of the Senate hate Ephrom as well because of how much of a kiss-ass retard he is KEK. He's just screaming into the void with this video.

No. 1992459

In relation to Ephrom and his allegations I found this video, CarmenRider has a few videos on the situation but this is the most telling as it has screenshots that show what the SCC is like behind the scenes
>Implying Carmen is a nazi and pedophile to deflect the allegations
>Bringing up past drama to discredit Carmen
>Goes after Carmen comparing to Carmen to Blaire White for being a pick-me trans (while true it’s really not relevant and it’s the lesser of the offenses being alleged)
It’s sad and disturbing how desperate the SCC is to defend this freak, Carmen’s a cow for sure (one I’ve considered making a thread for before deciding to just post shit in this one) but Jesus

Not saying I don’t believe you but is there any examples or proof of this? I know someone claimed that under Omnia’s tweets but is there any evidence? Lio seems pretty buddy buddy with the guy all things considered and Senate seems to just blindly follow his views

No. 1992468

Goodfucking god not Ephrom. Kinda expected him to speak up sooner, because he seems to drop a vid licking the asshole of somebody from the former Senate like once a week before the Lio shit. Pretty sure that Serafina acknowledged in cope and seeth's stream Ephrom is an annoying pain.

No. 1992479

If what Sera claims is true I have to wonder why they keep him around? I doubt they’re telling the truth though, Sera’s still pretty clearly in some secret friendship with Lio and defending him

Anyways there’s so much milk about Ephrom beyond the SCC and Senate situations, prior to being in Senate he was known for white-knighting for Lily Orchard years back and became a cow on KiwiFarms’ Lily thread for a time. He’s been making videos on basically anyone the Senate got pissed at for years too. He also hangs around kids a lot and has a SCC group of mostly children, including the Mushroom Girl kid Lio threatened. Any grown man hanging around teenagers and getting involved in their dramas is extremely questionable so it’s no shock him and Lio are friends, here’s a whole video of Ephrom and Mushroom Girl attacking some kid for making a video on MushroomGirl

No. 1992520


Ephrom is the literal embodiment of the nerd emoji with how much he hyperfocuses on semantics and the most nothing details as a means to gotcha whoever he covers
Whats even more hilarious is that Lio actually refers his video as a reliable source during the kumo section in his response video KEK

No. 1992533

File: 1715131749589.png (295.44 KB, 1187x1619, LurkMore.png)

What are the chances he’s lurking and Lio dropped the link to the thread in his new server? Ephrom Josine is Ephrommentator’s full user, for clarity

No. 1992550

As a "cis woman" (in quotes because I'm really just a woman), I am not upset when I'm called a dude. I have short hair and wear baggy clothes. Humans rely on sight above all other senses, and categorize to make sense of the world quickly. Just get over it, tranny.

No. 1993045

File: 1715293321166.jpeg (969.09 KB, 1284x1955, IMG_9033.jpeg)

Chaos55T made a burner acc on Twitter and some of the claims (particularly about Spoctor and Feghost) are pretty incriminating on people like Ponder

Full Thread: https://twitter.com/chaos55tburner/status/1781444980193591599

No. 1993046

File: 1715293408481.jpeg (635.93 KB, 1284x1551, IMG_9032.jpeg)

Same nonnie as above but I love how Lio doesn’t actually debunk any claims Chaos is making, I would take Chaos with a grain of salt considering past dramas but with how shady the ACC is I don’t put anything past them

No. 1993250

Honestly I'm not surprised that quite a few in the ACC are still wanting to support and be associated with Lio despite him showing just how much of a misogynistic trashfire he is. I saw people in the comments in that stream pretty much ass patting Lio for "taking accountability" when he did absolutely nothing of the sort but you know, scrotes gonna scrote even though there were some women doing this too. I just cannot with the internalized misogyny.

No. 1993255


It's so wild to me that there was drama surrounding this person because I only ever knew of them through their YouTube videos which were just storytimes and I thought they were harmless. A little overly dramatic but nothing that bad. I guess it's true that a lot of these people really do have secret online lives that you don't notice if you don't follow their social media.

No. 1993257

You know as great as it is having these things being talked about with Hopeless Peaches and LioConvoy, I'm honestly getting very annoyed at this trans bs. Most of these ACC people are some kind of troon and there's always this need to talk about pronouns and shit. You saw this in the Akumu call with Lio where JAR said something along the lines of how the whole pronouns thing is "confusing" and that you "can't really tell what people are". It was mainly in relation to when he kept "misgendering" Peaches and I'm just like come the fuck on. Or when talking about Doodle, QueenSerafina, Ephrom, Crystalflame, Nezzie, Jibbs, Jordyn, etc.

At this point I wish there was just someone in the ACC who would tell these people to fuck off and that they're just delusional fucks. I would think Gilded Poo would do that but he seems to pick favorites. Akumu kind of does this by not using "preferred pronouns" and just uses their names when referring to them but still, I just wish someone would tell these losers to just fuck off with their delusional bullshit. you hear their voices and it's fucking obvious who is a woman and who is a man and I just wish someone would just give these people the cold hart slaps of reality that they need to hear.

Because all that this troon crap does is become a distraction that can go into stupid pointless tangents when talking about their drama.

No. 1993261

The fact that Lio didn't just say "No, you're lying." about Chaos55T's burner is interesting. He seems to favor slamming someone as a person when he can't disprove the claim being made (Kumo, Akumu, Gilded Poo, Enlaa, etc.). Tinfoil but there might be some truth here, maybe not the whole truth, but some truth. I'd like to see some evidence from Chaos55T tho.

No. 1993280

JAR talks about it in his videos about his past, basically it was over Chaos accusing him of being a groomer falsely over a decade ago like Lio said, it all started in 2021 and it led to Chaos making an alt continuing to accuse JAR despite it being over a decade and the kid not even knowing who JAR was. Someone named Fluffy having to do Senate calls that are on Lio’s channel then others like LakaMokoLaka were jumped too. There’s a part 2 as well where JAR says Chaos downplays TheNamesJunkie stuff with Hiten by subtweeting and calling it hurt feelings when it was actually “trying to ruin people’s commentary careers” (so basically hurt feelings). I think it was actually the first time the Senate got involved with the ACC since Opal and some other Senate people got onto JAR for implying adult grooming or something
That seems to be Lio’s go-to now, “I can’t be bad, you did the bad too!”

No. 1993313

Speaking of JAR he’s made a video on Mannis and decided to try and revive the dead Spoctor drama, despite him being offline for nearly a year by now, also he’s come back at commentary but on his second/old channel this time

No. 1993325

Call me a schizo, but I think what's left of the Senate are doing this to cover up and distract people from what Lio has done.

Doodle, LinLin, making flimsy defense videos.

Digging up the Spoctor drama.

While Lio is getting Roasted by everybody outside of the ACC.

Place your bets on whos gonna backstab next.(sage your shit/learn2integrate)

No. 1993329

Oh god I didn’t even see Lin Lin made a video. Lin Lin’s been reporting on every Omnia drama since the art tracing/trauma drama thing from 2022 because Omnia decided to stop being friends with Lin Lin over Harley and JAR. Maybe I felt a bit more forgiving because Lin Lin was like 16 at the time but it’s been 2 years and Lin Lin’s still holding onto this “Omnia bad” grudge and dying on the hill that is defending the Senate. Ironically these SCC people think they have high ground when there’s people in their servers with all these allegations against them and the comments just eat this shit up, and they always go for Omnia and Kai (who are disliked by Harley, Lio, and Peaches fans (who have all just lumpted into Lio’s fans) instead of going for Leigha or Stardust. It’s no coincidence they refuse to pick on someone who comes from a community that won’t take their shit especially Stardust who has a platform that could rival theirs

No. 1993330

>Place your bets on whos gonna backstab next

IF we're going off the people you listed in your comment, I see JAR flipping first because he just comes off as a grifting flipper who will do whatever to be in the good graces of who's the better on in public opinion. Doodle is content with Lio since he validates/puts up with his fetish crap and and that Zach guy is up Lio's butt too so I don't see him turning anytime soon neither.

No. 1993356

My question is why did lin lin wait until now ? Or is his only relevance in the community is to chime in on old drama or rehash things that other people said ? He’s literally a combination of Harley’s clout chasing and Doodles long videos featuring an insufferable tranny voice changer

No. 1993395

JAR is viable because he claims to not care about the community (only to come back again after people stop watching his shit), but personally I think it'll be Elliemomellie or Hiten Mitsuru. Hiten especially because the whole Chuuli vid coming out. I think it's gonna create a fissure in the community and Hiten will go scorched earth (despite being not much better than anyone else in the ACC)

No. 1993475

File: 1715439836985.jpeg (400.45 KB, 854x2038, IMG_9028.jpeg)

SCC had a 17 year old make a thread on HeyItsCosmic despite constantly crying about how “minors shouldn’t get involved in serious drama” also the woobifying Lio ugh. How is it that leaking Discord chats (what Cosmic did according to Lio and Lin Lin’s videos) is worthy of years of callouts but sex pests and zoophiles have been allowed to run around these communities for years? (Side note the proof is Cosmic is under videos about Mv Kvlt and in the live chat of Cope and Seeth highly doubt some twitter kid tweeting about cartoons and music is watching these videos in their spare time) This community is vile for using kids as their human shields while preaching minor safety


No. 1993603

I'm so glad that the grand majority of the comments are saying this video is worthless and didn't need to be made. People aren't blindly kissing Lio's ass as much. There's nothing really to even bitch about on Omnia's video outside of saying the jokes she makes isn't funny and she has "bad intentions" being mad at Peaches, which is the only thing that LinLin and Ephrom seem to be able to do.

No. 1993855

File: 1715543628279.jpeg (60.64 KB, 1169x436, IMG_8982.jpeg)

Well looks like Crystal’s getting all friendly with Lio, what is it with the CC now blindly licking Lio’s ass since Peaches was shit? Do they just need to perpetually woobify someone because first it was Peaches now it seems to be Lio, glad to see nothing has changed

No. 1993864

Idk nonnie I think that's Lio trying to get back in Crystal's good graces. Crystal was just in Stardust's stream with Jibz a day or two ago talking about the jibz call. Plus I think Crystal mentioned dropping another vid, so lio blantantly asskissing isn't surprising.

No. 1993879

Side note about Stardust but I was watching her stream about Some Ordinary Gamers video on Keffals last night and around 1:15:12 she admits that she lurks lolcow lmao what are the chances she’s reading/posting in this thread?

No. 1993896

At least she’s being honest about lurking kek. Hopefully stardust uses it to her advantage because Lio shouldn’t get away Scot free the way his senate lackeys are trying to baby him.

No. 1993910

Been following Ephrom for a while to see if he’d post about the Senate stuff again and he posted a video on Rin no doubt to try and discredit the FCKLeaks and since Rin can’t bite back due to DFEing, points were not made and there’s gonna be a part 2, didn’t watch the full vid but I skimmed it. You cannot convince me Lio isn’t sending people to make videos on everyone who’s gone against him, first it was Omnia now it’s Rin, watch Lin Lin make a video on them too now since Senate’s clearly trying to smother their critics in videos to shut them up
Small correction but Ephrom’s not trans, he just hangs around a bunch of them, my tinfoil is he has some fetish for them and masks it with “trans rights” but doesn’t believe a word of it kek another small thing but it’s Jibz not Jibbs, sorry to be nitpicky but I’m just trying to make sure you don’t accidentally have an over obvious type style

No. 1994108

Oh is he? I could've sworn that Ephrom was a troon as well but okay kek. And my bad on Jibz. The point is, I'm getting tired of this fuckers and their non-existent problems from "muh misgendering".

No. 1994140

File: 1715634681371.jpeg (46.45 KB, 822x456, IMG_9092.jpeg)

Omnia’s been tweeting about Lin Lin’s video a bit and yikes even for a 16 year old this is pretty fucked up to say about someone (this was in reference to Kai)

No. 1994189

Oh but if someone said this about Lin Lin watch the senate retards scream “muh transphobia”. Lin lin wants to act like tough shit for a man that can’t handle hearing his own voice and looking in the mirror kek

No. 1994219

>TIM says deranged shit
And water is wet, anon

No. 1994241

>Linlin at 16 says this shit in Senate
Everybody is fine

>Lio threatened Jax with coming over to his house and Jax says if he does he'll shoot him


No. 1994314

I love how even Omnia finds that message deranged kek.

No. 1994540

what are ya’lls thoughts on streamline workshop? I know she rubs elbows with ponder and bored oranges.

No. 1994631

I mean, her work is meh. I've seen her vids on undertale fan content, but it seems like she won't comment on actual acc drama. She steers clear of anything really controversial, so it's hard to know her honest opinion on the situation. Can't really lambast someone for staying in their lane and not talking about something even if it involves friends.

No. 1994692

File: 1715797196205.jpg (607.1 KB, 1080x2115, 1000004481.jpg)

She actually did comment on it on twitter and made entire thread on it.

>Like Spoctor’s situation, people were too wary of her being wrongly cancelled before no one was willing to speak up on her mistakes because they did not want to be accused of falsely cancelling her again. Her community continued to dismiss and enable her bad behaviours until it lead to the Rosa call where Peaches was completely out of pocket because she believed she was entirely in the right for acting that way.


No. 1994737

She’s alright, I felt bad for her during the H0peful Lucille situation but she has some meh videos. Her video on the PhxntomGraffiti / Braindead Robin drama wasn’t that great as she’s just going “oh be nicer guyz” through a lot of it and she admitted to being biased against a bunch of people she covered like Father Ashton over past dramas with them. She kinda just acts perpetually 15 imo since she makes videos on animation meme dramas mostly from what I see. Only other thing is she was in the Senate I don’t think she was that active cuz it wasn’t her main acc but still I don’t trust her word that much and it really does make her look bad in my eyes, I didn’t like Camila either but she did fuel Peaches obsessive hatred with the videos mentioning GlitchTale and is now seemingly trying to pretend like she wasn't one of Peaches’ enablers when she never spoke out against Peaches either >>1994692 not a bad creator or person but a meh person who ignored the BS of the server and has some actually nice looking art is basically a saint in comparison to some of the shit in this community

No. 1994751

Double posting because I didn’t see until just now that JAR dropped his “final” (probably not) video on Peaches and her latest drama

No. 1994753

Watching jars video on peaches and it definitely made me chuckle. Apparently JAR donated every cent he made from the “defending hopeless peaches” YouTube videos to Peaches. All of that bootlicking just for peaches to run to Lio Convoy and claim that JAR was sexist and racist kek. Another thing jar admitted was that Peaches routinely made fake discord pages to troll around in the discord and bothered everyone with her bullshit. I would say props to him for making a better video than Harley but they way he simped for this ugly obese troglodyte for years makes me take it back.

No. 1994814

That is what I didn't understand why JAR was so up her ass in defending her. Because I remember when JAR was making videos defending her ass and it was to the point where people speculated that they were dating. I wonder if JAR knew what she really looked like and if he did, would he still have simped for her as much as he did?

No. 1994827

This ogre-ass looking bitch managed to scam thousands out of these two retards. I hate Peaches, but I have to respect that grind because fuck both of these pathetic scrotes kek.

I would bet good money that JAR was one of those dudes that fell off of Peaches when they realized what she actually looked like. I bet he thought she genuinely looked like her avatar, notice how around the time where Peaches face started going around is about the same time that he stopped openly talking about her so much.

No. 1994837

Anyone else think Stardust is annoying and dumb? I feel like any time I listen to her streams it’s just “I don’t understand. I don’t get it. I’m so confused” over things she should already know from her own research on stream.
The last stream I saw was the call where Mint confronted Ichabod. Stardust asked if Vida was ToonCritic. This stream happened after all her research streams and her call with Lio.

No. 1994957

I don't feel bad for anyone who gaves Peaches money. ti was so obvious that Peaches was just a lazy bitch who wanted people to pay her rent and take out. She was never disabled, she was just a bitchy parasite. Her parents kicked her out, she lived with her friend, made someone feel bad for her and she squatted in their house. Made Lio, JAR and other online "friends" pay her rent and all her bills. I wonder who she's screaming at now to pay her rent.

Last note, what an ungreatful bitch. Everyone who paid her bills or helped her is suddenly abusive, racist whatever. Can someone explain that shit? Also seems like heavy projection on her part.

No. 1994968

>I would bet good money that JAR was one of those dudes that fell off of Peaches when they realized what she actually looked like. I bet he thought she genuinely looked like her avatar, notice how around the time where Peaches face started going around is about the same time that he stopped openly talking about her so much.
Holy crap anon you're right. I do vaguely remember that. At most JAR was up her ass for a few months but then stopped all of a sudden and like you mentioned, one of her earliest face pics came out which showed she was not the skinny, cute uwu blonde woman that she made herself out to be. I agree with you though, I don't feel bad for JAR because he should've been judging her on her actions which again, it was mostly her fault for getting involved in the dramas that didn't concern her.

You're preaching to the choir anon, I don't feel bad for any one who got taken advantage of her neither. The sighs were there showing justh ow much of a lazy ass awful person she was/is. I remember initially thinking before I caught on to her pattern of why her parents kicked her out because she claimed they were abusive but nah, I feel they just wanted her to be productive and she took that as "abuse" when she refused to stop being a lazy glutton.

Now that she's claiming she's a troon, she's going to use this as her next means to get out of criticism because look at how these stupid fucks in the "community" view people who claim to be a troon.

No. 1994969

I feel you anon. I do think that her call with Lio was genuinely amazing and much needed to knock that lard ass down a peg. And she sometimes makes good points but you're right that her not knowing certain key things about the drama is annoying. Her saying "I don't get it" or "What is she talking about" is not helpful or insightful and with how she's doing these 4-6 hour plus streams, you would think she'd be more informed. Enlaa is much better in this regard when it comes to remembering things.

No. 1995020

Kek and peaches can’t even open her fat mouth about racism because Jar showed evidence of her and Lumis messages on discord being racist against Mexicans on his videos. She really is a diet Shannon when it comes to being an sjw in theory but an edgy loser in private. She even hides behind an lgbt label knowing damn well she’s a basic straight

No. 1995040

Something really funny is the way JAR draws Peaches in the thumbnail is almost exactly like how people drew Creepshow back when she got outed for being a lolcow lurker and stalker, bet she still lurks lolcow and is laughing her ass off at this. Hey Shannon if you’re reading this, if you wanna come back to mock Peaches now’s the time
I kinda get where you’re coming from, I’ve been following Senate drama since 2020, including shit the thread missed, and a lot of the relevant videos on the pre-2020 dramas are difficult to find understand due to so much being deleted. I was watching the archive of that stream CrystalFlame did and most people there who were in Senate were even confused at what was happening so I think it’s more a problem that Lio expects people to watch his other multi-hour long videos to get context for his 4 hour response, or for them to just know about some of the previous dramas. Even as someone who’s followed their shit I have no idea who that PapaRiveter person he says Leigha is a “pick-me commentary girl” for is. He does this in some other videos and it’s clear why, if he doesn’t give full context people won’t know enough call his shit out, Patchwork knew most shit and was able to use it against him and it’s clear he struggled since he had to bring up unrelated shit with Lily Orchard and Patch

No. 1995050

Oh yeah speaking of Stardust one of her more interesting videos on End0 or Prince Eme (one of the people that was going at Rosa in the call) wasn’t even groomed by NekoPan despite claiming to have been, I remember this was brought up in the Lio lawyer debate and all Lio had to say was “Oh really?” or some shit.

No. 1995278

JAR doesn’t draw any of his thumbnails he comms them

No. 1995284

Gonna link Leigha’s stream on this cuz of her and Akumu’s it’s the shorter and milkier one but a call and doc dropped on Doodle by LakaMokoLaka TL;DR is Doodle admitted to knowing ToastyVanilla sex pest so all that feigning ignorance was a lie and ElliMomElli is here crying about “harassment” and derailing the call a Shitton. According to the chat there was a call with Rin/Fishlizard last night where Lio threatened them and Queen Serafina pulled some shit. Eden/Buttons (apparently going by Kirby now) showed up as well and said Lio is apparently extremely bigoted and mocked abuse/rape and is using Doctored evidence? Yikes if true

No. 1995338

Just got finished watching this after watching Akumu's and I appreciate that they are not letting up on this highlighting all the hypocrisies that Doodletones and Lio had within the Discord groups. I especially appreciate how they're not letting the "muh memory" excuse slide.
As for LakaMokaLaka's interview, I understand why she soft-balled Doodle but even when she mildly pushed just a bit to get to the root of the topic, it was telling how Doodles would get super defensive and whiny. My only criticism of Laka's commentary is when she said she got "disabled" from past internet drama. What the fuck is she on about there? That is just fucking ridiculous and beyond cringe and she should've not said that.

No. 1995399

Not sure if I remember right but laka had an abusive parental figure that got contacted by someone they had dumb deviantart beef with. Lakas wrist got broken as a result that's probably what they are talking about.

No. 1995415

Thanks for the clear up anon. I suppose that makes more sense then. It's just you know how people in this "community" tend to be overly dramatic with things so it's normal to be skeptical lol

No. 1995594


Anyone find it interesting that Peaches claimed to have autism despite being told by doctors she doesn’t have it so she could use the word retard and criticize others for using it?

No. 1995713

Gonna link Akumu’s stream on it since I don’t think the actual call itself has been uploaded but Lio’s call with Rin/YoPalGal got out, it happened a couple nights ago in Lio’s new Cat’s Lair Discord

>Lio got Rin in call to talk with someone 2Jun about a situation they had a while back with the Google Doc when 2Jun was Chimi >>1175467
>The call is apparently “moderated” by Ponder, Doodle, Ephrom, and Crystal
>Rin made a throwaway Discord account for this as their family found the old ones, is hiding under a different name
>SCC apologizes to Rin for calling Rin OnlyJesp when Rin asked them not to
>Jun plans to make a video on Rin
>Overall this part is really a lot of nothing, it’s not much new info (at least that I saw) I do know Jun thinks Rin’s a doxxer for using their name and birthday but it seems those were public anyways
>Lio makes it about himself despite saying it was for Jun and Rin only to talk
>Whines about Rin making the FCKleaks account and mentioning him and believing Jordyn’s claims of abuse and continues to say that Jordyn is abusive
>Says Rin brought up the FCK/Toasty’s victims story without asking them
>Accuses Rin of only making the account to go after him and the SCC despite the fact that they went after Rin first
>Complains that Akumu and Kumo are “transphobic” again despite Rin disliking their dad who is a Trump supporting right winger
>Basically threatens Rin if Rin ever speaks out again
>Doodle and Crystal speak later in the call to shame Rin for not asking each individual victims permission, Crystal’s joined the people sucking Lio off it seems sadly
>Funnily enough all the victims (except maybe Teddy) were happy that it all came out
>Related to Crystal, according to Enlaa Crystal’s in their server yet Lio hasn’t framed Crystal as a freak for it (yet)
>Lio gets upset Rin didn’t file a police report despite not having the victims info or knowing the law that well
>Threatens to call Rin’s parents and have them kick Rin out, makes weird comments about Rin’s genitals for no reason
>Ephrom comes in, cries at Rin for some tweet from over a year ago
>Lio “broke down” over the FCK leaks
>If Rin fucks up again Lio will let an entire server tear into them

Basically just the Rosa call 2, I know Akumu’s planning a video on the call but it doesn’t seem to be out yet and I figured I may as well post the proof Lio hasn’t change

No. 1995758

do you know where the original call is? i wanna listen to it without the commentary?(sage your shit)

No. 1995764

File: 1716080750682.jpeg (672.02 KB, 1058x2876, IMG_9262.jpeg)

AYRT and no idea, it’s not in the description of Akumu or Enlaa’s streams. Someone in the comments asked for it though so maybe we’ll get it, I know Leigha is gonna cover it either tomorrow or the day after. Also Rin got a friend to leave a comment on the video. The photos joined with a different aspect ratio but the first one ends where the second one starts to be clear. Seems like 2Jun may be more reasonable than the rest of the ACC/SCC who just suck Lio’s unwashed ass both in and out of this call and participated in the bullshit. Lio’s such a fatty that he went in the call at McDonalds kek

No. 1995798

No. 1995799

To slightly correct this, it’s stated that Rin/YoPalGal did as a matter of factly file a police report, but had to be coaxed into it. Not like the report would do shit anyways though.

No. 1995950

File: 1716143182312.jpg (833.55 KB, 1170x5053, Zaks .JPG)

ZakNotKyle tried to go after Leigha because she’s gonna cover the Gal/Rin call, apparently him and Lio are doing the pervert DDLG/DDLB shit now, making weird jokes with each other, making possible rape porn his pfp in Lio’s server, and apparently drawing suggestive shit of him and Lio? How long before Zak pulls a Peaches and goes “Lio abused me”

No. 1996018

>Threatens to call Rin’s parents and have them kick Rin out, makes weird comments about Rin’s genitals for no reason

Wow, really making a change from the Rosa and Jibbz calls. What a geriatric mess this man-child is. Someone in the ACC call him out on it, please.

No. 1996205

I feel like it’s safe to say that the art CC is at this point basically dead. The only people left are Ponder, Streamline workshop, maybe Mali and oranges? Maybe Harley? Most of the biggest names either dipped or deleted everything. The one I’m the most surprised survived was JAR, but that’s just because he kinda played both sides and then when people called him out he just acted dumb and his audience ate it up. What’s left of the ArtCC are literally just children and autists.

No. 1996222

Why did this Rin person call the police to file a report? Is she a minor? Parent assault? Rape?

No. 1996224

Because morons in the ACC know they cant do jack shit about internet crimes and so filing reports that will ultimately go nowhere is a marker of “i actually did something”
This is the exact thing that Lio got schooled on during his disastrous interview with stardust and an actual attorney

No. 1996225

I'm confused about the name of "ACC". It's about "Art" Commentary so you would think it would cover anyone who talks about art and/or does commentary while having art as their background and if that's the case, what does that make channels like Duchess Celestia, Fionapollo, and LavenderTowne? Are these channels not "Art commentary"? Because if they are, they are still making videos that get engagement.

>JAR surviving

Yeah it's because he was a fence-sitter in most of the dramas only taking a hard stance if the channel he was beefing with was significantly smaller than his. Kinda like MangaKamen only MangaKamen actually stopepd making drama videos and actually stuck with (mediocre) reviews.

No. 1996226

Right but was there a legitimate reason why Rin tried to file a report in the first place or was it just stupid internet drama that these idiots take way too seriously? I'm currently listening to Enlaa's stream and it's long as fuck and they just mentioned the report but not the reason for it.

No. 1996252

Rin was behind the fck leaks Twitter so the police reports in question were probably about Toasty. Which really would do fuck all because it's not like Rin or the victims or Toasty are in the same state/country let alone district.

No. 1996258

> What’s left of the ArtCC are literally just children and autists.
That’s really what it was before, anon. It’s just that Peaches (the biggest pick-me autist of them all) fucked off for now, there’s honestly so much more with how much ground the genre of art commentary covers and I’ve seen so many Lio and Ponder calves that will probably start their own shit sooner or later
Rin is YopalGal/Galbanum and Rin isn’t some rando btw. Rin was formerly OnlyJesp / FishLizard.Zip / Mind Your Business from the early threads it’s just lolcow lost track and then there was a million failed rebrands and Rin/Gal got outcasted by Senate and the SCC and Peaches turned her back on Rin in 2022, I just say Rin cuz it’s short and easy and every one else in these videos is anyways
It was over the FCK situation and Toasty sending porn to people like and Teddy and Slimurs (yes the Madame / PrincessAsh victim) when they were minors. Not that it would’ve done much because no one has any idea where Toasty lives, Rin didn’t have Toasty or the victims’ info, and it probably wouldn’t have done much of anything since there weren’t nudes or anything shared. That and Lio thinks he can act superior to Rin when he’s never gotten a single creep behind bars and seems to refuse to speak on the FCK or just do the damn report himself if it’s such a big deal and would change oh so much

No. 1996275

Thank you for the clear up. Okay so it was Toasty sending porn to these people when they were minors but because they don't know where they live, they can't actually report them. And seeing as how this is the case, isn't it rather pointless to continue trying to punish this person when they can't really do anything about it? At best, they should just be warning people and leaving it there because all this will be is a never ending cycle.
Lio is already a fucking joke, doubly so after the Stardust/Lawyer call and so anyone who decides to still get involved with him after that trainwreck, they have no one to blame but themselves since the real Lio came out in there. A fat unironic neckbeard manchild who has a superiority complex who uses religion to shield him from criticism as well as seek people a fraction of his age and are mentally ill.

The fact that this Rin person called in the first place is retarded altogether.It's still fucking pathetic that he did that in a McDonalds, can you imagine if you were his wife and you heard about this? kek Fucking loser.

No. 1996351

The names you listed do count as "ACC". I think as long as you do commentary with art in the bg you're classified as ACC. The only thing being is the ones you're talking about generally keep to themselves and just talk about everything from actual art to storytimes, very rarely will you see them get involved in shit like Shannon, Peaches, etc. did. The cows we talk about in here are a sub-species of ACC all their own, more akin to the old "ranting" community.

No. 1996555

Ah okay, thanks anon. Because I do watch those names and they don't involved with drama and can be a breath of fresh air from the drama stuff lol

No. 1997081

Has anyone else been following the recent situation with Queen Serafina? Apparently falsely accused someone named Database Productions / Adepteye / NefariousNPC of stalking, harassment, and revenge porn of his ex with shit proof and got it exposed by Nef for the ex (Zhavia) being crazy. Also pretty sure Nef is lurking lolcow if 1:09:00 is anything to go by since there’s literally a screenshot that got posted here >>1774814 Also I think Lio is in Queen Sera’s Supreme Court server, so much for being better than the Senate

No. 1997092

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-Dp_WO2oa88?si=tioFrvofONtbUq9W" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" referrerpolicy="strict-origin-when-cross-origin" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So Doodlediapers is going on an indefinite hiatus because of the fck victims. Totally surprised she actually listened to the victims and laka because touching grass is something she avoids like cats avoid water, but hoping she isn't such a weird lio bootlicker after this.

Tldw: Suzy is leaving and uses clips of the second call they had with Laka where laka relays victims wishes. She immediately stops crying when laka brings up her misbehavior and continues that she didn't know there were kids in the server, but she still knew toasty was a creep when she left and did nothing about it. Which was laka's whole point so…(learn2embed)

No. 1997093

Whoops I boomered tf out and didn't embed my bad

No. 1997095

Seen it, I also saw Doodle’s little “commentary group” The Cloud Palace is disbanded now and apparently 2Jun (Rin’s victim that was in the call) deleted their channel and is leaving the SCC too, looks like someone smartened up. There’s also an SCC wiki, kinda telling with some of the stuff that’s on there https://scc.fandom.com/wiki/Slideshow_Commentary_Community_Wiki

No. 1997098

Doodles really was the next to go kek. We already said he was next on the chopping block, but I didn't think it would happen this soon. Who's up next nonnies? Judging by this >>1997081 I'm putting my money on Seraphina.

No. 1997101

Could easily be Sera, also possibly Hiten because of the Chuuli video coming soon or Zak will claim Lio was abusive because of the femboy LARP these two seem to have been doing

No. 1997222

I know this is mean but I couldn’t get through this video without laughing kek. Doodletones trying to conjure a weepy, remorseful sob while using that stupid voice filter was so funny. That and the majority of the comments celebrating and telling Doodletones to stay gone for good

No. 1997302

Saw this video because Lio boosted it on his community tab, a smaller creator named JunoAteGlass made a video about their experience with Peaches

It was hard to watch honestly, not because I felt bad for Doodle or because there was some bombshell dropped and a bunch was exposed but because it’s just so fucking overdramatic, all Doodle had to do was say “Yes I was in the FCK server, I didn’t pay as much attention to what was happening as I should have and I am sorry to the victims” instead Doodle went on a months long sperg fest trying to downplay the FCK server, seemingly still ass licking Lio and having SCC continuing their ass licking of Doodle in the comments certainly doesn’t help. I bet if/when Doodle comes back it’ll be more sucking off whatever the main dumbass of the acc is at that point (assuming Lio finally gives up which he probably won’t)

No. 1997488

File: 1716594932013.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 1284x2374, IMG_9362.jpeg)

Well KiwiFarms has a semi-active public thread about Lio and CasWarFox now made around the time of their beef, here’s a disturbing Tidbit I found but apparently SeaPrincessOpal was sending zoophile porn she found while researching Vida while minors were in the server (spoilered the image because while it’s censored it’s only blurred not blacked out) Really says something about Lio and Serafina with how much they try to accuse Gilded of being a “zoo porn enthusiast”

No. 1997553

Sorry, this drama is years-long & there's so many moving parts, haha. I'm really not familiar with all this.
I feel like I need a spreadsheet. I totally get why you'd feel frustrated lmao.(sage your shit)

No. 1998001

File: 1716785365841.jpg (770.27 KB, 1284x1690, Rosapology.jpg)

Lio apparently gave an “apology” to Rosa Ray Ramsey, it’s so funny to see his tough guy persona die off and him going “oh I’m so sorry for threats” Rosa’s clearly not having any of it because it’s clearly just said to save ass and Lio’s clearly not changed at all given how he’s been trying to defend the Rosa call for months now, the response to this apology is so funny because calls of him being an asshole to people are piling up yet he’s continuing to sperg about Peaches on all his public platforms instead of addressing anything. My tinfoil is he’s gonna do what Peaches did with Creepshow and use Peaches as a victim card for as long as he can until his next drama

No. 1998516

File: 1716942893910.jpg (103.97 KB, 900x900, Kanin.JPG)

Unsure if the thread is interested in following a new cow but since Senate’s a bit dry at the moment may as well

KaninCotton / GodlessSnowshoe
>Furry artist, has an extremely uncanny fursuit
>Makes videos sperging at religion and random gender shit, ironically while being (I believe) MTF
>Shitty doc was made on Kanin filled with petty shit and then made a rambly response
>Constantly goes on about having BPD and being suicidal, gets drunk and posts stupid shit
>Constantly interacts with obvious trolls and people clearly just trying to be offensive/shocking, cries harassment at it
>Gets into slap fights with anyone who makes responses on YT/Tiktok/Twitter
>Recent example being beefing with some obvious troll named Postman on TikTok and getting laughed at in the comments
>Got suspended from Twitter and Reddit for being unable to stop getting in retarded slap fights
>Constantly makes video/twitter/community posts about random comments while claiming to totally not be mad

Again unsure if farmers are interested enough in this possible cow but fuck it may as well introduce some new cows if our usual suspects aren’t doing much for the time being


No. 1998749

Something new finally happened with Creepshow Art and Anthony, they’re currently being suspected to have hid out on a true crime channel named Dreading, Anthony’s voice got pitched down and it sounds exactly like the guy running Dreading. Our favorite Fatty seems to have come back just as Peaches left Nonnas!
Anyways to all the Senate dumbasses we know are lurking or even some of the good creators like Stardust that we know lurk wanna make some easy money now’s your chance kek

No. 1998775

Oh you have got to be kidding me. He was one of the few interrogation video channels I picked up after JCS went dark.

No. 1998876

Oh my god please let this be true that would be so fucking funny. It would be perfect timing for Shannon to comeback right after Peaches runs.

No. 1999331

Kek I’m not surprised that Shannon found a way to come back via her boyfriend. I am wondering how Peaches will come back though. We all know she’s not seriously transitioning into a guy and she doesn’t have any niche other than her art

No. 1999525

I know this thread is probably dead again like the last time Creepshow was outed but Lagovirt dropped a video about his history with Senate, I do remember a similar video he put out a few months back where Lio (Mr.I hate the Fox Mafia) got him into call to accuse him of being into feral porn when in reality he wasn’t aware of any of those accounts being into it and only like two actually posted anything weird, also Lio and Peaches used religion against Lago? I think the call is in the video somewhere but it’s an hour long and I can’t be too bothered to watch it right now so I’ll see if another nonna will before trying to recap it myself

No. 2000365

New Lio call dropped, this time with someone named Sasufrasu. Context is he’s a mentally disabled man who I’m pretty sure has the mindset of a child and an ex Senate member. Lio, Crystal, Ponder, and someone named Sunny are in this call speaking. Hiten is in the audience.
>Call opens with someone named Sunny (who calls herself the better Peaches apparently) berating Sasu
>Lio jumps in to get pissy at Sasu for saying him and Peaches were friends with benefits and for doing an interview with that Tommy guy
>Sasu gets upset and says the only reason they don’t care about his mental health is cuz he’s a “cis straight white guy” Crystal says that’s not true because Lio went after Crystal who’s MTF
>Sunny says they tried being nicer to Sasu in earlier calls
>He tried to join Crystal’s server for Senate related stuff, Crystal gets upset because the server is 13+ and supposed to be separate from Senate, apparently also cuz Sasu doesn’t respect boundaries well?
>Ponder comes in trying to do some sort of meditation shit to calm Sasu and speaks in this fake soft valley girl voice, apparently this is because Lio was doing a good cop bad cop LARP with Lio as the bad cop
>Ponder tries to be more understanding with Sasu and get him to think about how he crosses boundaries
>Tells Sasu to find people he can get along with, try doing meditation, her and Crystal tell him to seek a new therapist if his current one isn’t working out. Ponder also tells him to just live in denial at some point
>Sasu starts breaking down and crying about how he feels like an awful person and is scared of hurting people, Ponder tries to tell him he can improve and Lio basically just says he is
>Lio says Sasu is a liar about everything and uses some quote about kicking someone’s ass for lying to say if the truth gets out it’s his own fault
>Crystal throughout this call just keeps repeating whatever Ponder says to try and calm Sasu down which doesn’t work cuz Lio keeps antagonizing him
>Lio brings up Rosa and how he’s oh so sorry yet again
>Brings up Lumitro again because Peaches and Lumi are his and Crystal’s new victim cards
>Sasu starts crying about having intrusive thoughts/homicidal ideation, Lio and co use this to make him seem crazy and say he abuses his parents by throwing things at them
>Sasu says he wants to kill himself because of all the drama he’s had with Senate
>Lio basically just tells him to shut up while he’s blubbering and Crystal just keeps talking for some reason
>After the call Crystal goes “oh well that went well”

For some context this was the 4th of 5 calls with Sasu, this one happened before the Rin/YoPalGal call and the 5th was after that. Then after the 5th (which apparently Jibz, Zak, and Dolphin Man Baiji are in) Lio said he’d stop doing gallery calls for damage control once Rin’s call got out. Also Crystal acted like an ass in Leigha and Stardust’s streams since it’s clear the reason Crystal and Lio disassociated was for Crystal to pull a Peaches and play optics since Crystal had no issue with this call and the Rin one. Crystal only denounced the call June 1st despite the call being May 2nd and claimed “well in hindsight it wasn’t that great” and that was only because GildedPoo brought it up in a debate he and Lio had. Also Crystal got berated in call by LakaMokoLaka earlier and got dropped by Leigha, wonder what the response to this will be since apparently Crystal and Lio were friends to group together dirt on Peaches

No. 2000651

File: 1717453182211.jpeg (218.89 KB, 1170x1057, IMG_9924.jpeg)

peaches attack dog acting like he totally wasn’t peaches attack dog lmao
this kid was like the senates biggest glazer and now he’s acting like he didn’t do shit

No. 2000987

File: 1717533244090.png (1.96 MB, 796x2734, Ponder.png)

Looks like Ponder is the next person who’s gonna die on the hill of defending Lio to the death and lose her online presence cuz of it. People are getting on her for the Sasu call too. This is under her latest video about people changing and the first minute of it is basically “well I believe in giving most people the chance to change and see what they’ve done wrong!” to give context for what she’s saying in response

No. 2001070

I feel like Ponder might be able to survive she’s close with a lot of the remaining ACC like streamline and harley so theyll vouch for her
then again I assumed the same for spocter and he was kicked out of the community

No. 2001117

Zak and Leigha had a debate last night, community is hyper fixating on “Leigha Bad” now. Also apparently Leigha makes a rape joke towards Zak somewhere in the stream? That’s like the one thing I’d say she did wrong but otherwise Zak honestly deserves mockery for being Lio’s new barely legal sugar baby. Apparently what Leigha said that pissed the community off was
>"I'm actually winning. I'm, like, raping you right now."
I’d feel worse but Lio’s creepy ass has made similar comments to people in the past
Clip: https://streamable.com/t66t4i

No. 2001473

idk leigha absolutely sucks in this call, she’s been getting progressively more unnecessarily aggressive in these vods that she’s essentially becoming abusive herself

No. 2001523

In other news JAR has quit being a full time YouTuber and has to get an actual job now lol. Apparently he doesn’t get enough views without drama not enough to live off of. Ofc he also has a massive target on his back for all the dumb bs he’s pulled over the years like supporting hopeless peaches and being a massive flip flop.

No. 2001546

do we have a source for this? hilarious if true

No. 2001627

File: 1717680207733.jpeg (558.2 KB, 828x1401, IMG_8401.jpeg)

I actually don’t feel like Ponder will survive the ACC cancellation if she continues to support Lio. Streamline and Mali have turned against Lio because of the Sasu Frasu call so I wonder how long the “he made mistakes but he changed” bullshit argument ponder made will hold up.

No. 2001664

A mod call with Lio, Mali, Ponder, Crystal, etc. Came out where Mali is basically telling Lio off for his behavior in recent calls. He spends the whole time playing dumb and um actually-ing her criticism. He even is still bitter about barbie and Stardust's stream with him. He's only being halfway decent because Mali has views and clout when anyone outside the community or less views he'd brush them off or kick them or be a massive dick.

No. 2001688

Honestly while I enjoyed Leigha's commentary streams on Lio calling out his BS and taking Zak to task in passing, she absolutely sucked in this call. I understand her not taking Zak seriously and seeing him as a dumb kid who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing but if that really was the case, she shouldn't have agreed to the call altogether. Her constantly interrupting and not actually trying to legitimately counter back ("I don't need evidence to support my claim"), it honestly was annoying.
I've never watched a full "Bloodsports" "debate" because they are just loud and annoying and after sitting through this, I just don't understand how anyone can find this shit "entertaining" but maybe it's just me. I just don't find loud screaming matches entertaining at all.

>The rape thing

Yeah this is not a good look neither but I don't think we should be surprised that she'd make a joke like that since that is what the crowd she hangs around engages in, especially Gilded Poo and Kumo.

You know what's fucking rich with these edgelords though? After the call they took delight in calling Zak a faggot, obviously a gay slur but they won't dare call CrystalFlame or Doodletones a tranny. I always found it fascinating how they'll call women "cunts" and gays "faggots" but refuse to call a troon a "tranny"/ What's the deal with that?

Agreed. I really expected better from her because she is older but she came off as an unhinged drunk (I know she wasn't drunk but YKWIM). Again, if she doesn't take Zak seriously and wasn't gonna actually take him to task, she should've not done the call at all. She says it's "for content" and I'm just like, what content? The only people she looks good to are her edgelord associates which I guess is what she means? I dunno, I just can't imagine being proud for something like that.

No. 2001689

After seeing this, what are y'alls views on Ponder, Mali, etc. Ponder is being dense and it's a gamble if she won't be cannibalized by the ACC. She has views and subs but a lot of people are increasingly getting agitated with Lio and his holier-than-thou bullshit and may reach a breaking point where the public opinion will be annoyance to anyone who still supports this egotistical dick.

Mali, I'm still iffy on. There's just something about her that rubs me the same way similar to Peaches (before it was cemented that she was a manipulative, lazy, asshole).

No. 2001695

I haven’t liked or trusted ponder since the whole Spoctor situation. It’s shady as fuck to fight tooth and nail to defend a person and then “suddenly” go after him because it was popular to do so. If you were sitting on evidence that could condemn someone but don’t disclose it till it’s convenient, then you’re scum. I’ll give Mali some grace because even though she bootlicked peaches, she cut her off back in November before she was officially cancelled

No. 2001698

That's fair. I really want to give Mali the benefit of the doubt because she hasn't been involved in any truly big controversies but I've simply become wary of many ACC content creators who involve themselves (even if lightly) into the drama side of it. Like you, I'll give her some grace for cutting out Peaches before it was the popular thing to do so but I won't be surprised if something unsavory pops up about her if that happens.

No. 2001721

If ponder, a woman pushing her 30's wants to stand by Lio so much because she believes in 4th or 5th chances, then she can go down right along with him. I do not know what all these retarded ass women see in this scrote to stand by him so much. Is he really that good at manipulating people, or are they just so thirst starved for male attention that they'll take whatever they can get? I don't get it.

No. 2001723

Honestly I think it's the latter, the starved for male attention thing. In the ACC it's mostly dominated by women (whether sane or identify as enby) and there aren't many men in it, let alone men around Lio's age. I feel like women like Ponder in this drama that are on Lio's dick is because they crave male attention because they sure as hell aren't getting it IRL, especially Ponder who has said that she doesn't like being around people IRL and it doesn't seem like she gets much male attention irl neither.

I mention this because I lowkey feel the same way about Enlaa and how she throws herself to defend Kumo and Akumu whom express misogynistic tendencies (calling women cunts and whores, more-so Kumo as I don't recall Akumu doing this as much). I'm probably in the minority because I've seen girls say that guys who make misogynist jokes are fine and I'm getting to an age where I have no patience for men and their misogynistic bullshit, especially when if you dare criticize them when they take misogynist potshots at women and you dare fire back, they call you a "misandrist".

Anyway aside from the potential of being starved for male attention, it could also be daddy issues and I mean that unironically. But this one is more of a stretch since I haven't heard these women say they have strained relationships with their fathers so in that case, I'm gonna go with the starved for male attention thing.

No. 2001731

Is there anything noteworthy or is it just more people having legitimate reasons to dislike Lio and him acting like an edgy teenager while ironically calling everyone he makes a video on a man/woman child? Any noteworthy comments from Ponder, Mali, or Crystal?
Ponder is overly volatile and inserts into drama with literal kids and often times just ends up saying something retarded, being a hypocrite, or both. Examples being Mushroom Girl, PhxntomGraffiti/ GraffitiAlopia , and the Sashley and Goatcatto shit in 2019. Mali’s ok but I could’ve done without her being part of Senate’s shit and helping them cover it up as well as being part of the leave Peaches alone shit. I think Crystal did good with exposing Veir (aside from letting Peaches make it about herself) but needs to stop jerking Lio’s victim mentality and just release whatever there already is on Peaches, especially since Lio isn’t a trustworthy source anymore. Vid linked is Crystal getting confronted by Kumo and Enlaa but I haven’t watched it yet so I’m not sure if there’s milk. I also think there was a call with LakaMokoLaka and some others confronting Crystal the night the Sasu call got out
>>1995713 Small correction but Ponder wasn’t in this call, she was in the Sasu call though and all the other tards like Hiten were in the Rin call, I believe Hiten was in the audience of the Sasu call as well but I’m not sure
(Repost I forgot to link the call)

No. 2001732

>Is there anything noteworthy or is it just more people having legitimate reasons to dislike Lio and him acting like an edgy teenager while ironically calling other man/woman children? any noteworthy comment from Ponder, Mali, or Crystal?
Just got through watching and honestly, nothing truly noteworthy happened. The only thing here is that Lio was not being nearly as ranty and angry like he was in the Stardust call. Aside from that, he continues to stay make excuses. One of the big things Mali told him to think about is if he really thinks that his server helps people and he kept doing his usual deflection and wahtaboutisms. I'm iffy with Mali but I will say that she did stay on point here and didn't let up and that was refreshing.

No. 2001745

It was in one of his recent commentary videos on his other channel lol. He spent like 3000 bucks on his Star Wars vids that flopped and then begged people to watch it.

No. 2001746

Mali, Streamline Workshop and Bored Oranges all acted like Peaches attack dogs when she was still around, going after people like Spoctor and Camila on her behalf. They actively contributed to making it hard to criticize her pre FCK leaks. I find their self righteousness annoying as fuck.

Ponder by art cc metrics should have been gone along time ago, from hiding the spoctor stuff, hiding the fehghost stuff, generally playing dumb. Others lost their careers for far less than what she’s done. She’s kinda like a female JAR, she only really goes after kids and easy targets like the rest of the Art cc. But she’s better at playing politics and has a decent amount of allies. It’s a coin flip really.

No. 2001754

>>2000651, >>2001746
Oranges is so much like Harley/JAR especially JAR with how his stances on a person can change with the wind. Oranges has been skin walking off of Peaches even before she was part of Senate. It all started when he made a whole video white-knighting Kai when CarmenRider called him the bad suicide baiter word, partially because Peaches QRTed Carmen bitching about it. Then Omnia made the allegations towards Kai and he’s all apologetic in the comments for defending Kai, then Senate starts siding with Kai over Omnia and he makes a video about them and gives Kai asspats, then months later he’s beefing with Kai as he starts calling out Senate and regrets being so nice to Kai. Now Peaches and Lio are called out and he wants to pretend he never liked them like in his latest Camila video (where he’s continuing to attack dog for Peaches). I’m pretty sure the only friction between them was because he didn’t immediately shit on Camila’s apology like Senate wanted and thought she was redeemable. Oranges is full of shit

No. 2001766

I wasn’t familiar with Oranges past before he was a bootlicker. I knew he was weirdly attached to harleytbs but I didn’t know he was a kai fan once upon a time. Also didn’t he have a falling out with JAR or did I misremember?

No. 2001767

Possibly, you may be thinking about Harley and JAR >>1848528 I do think he joined in on calling JAR out for being dumb about Omnia and Kai or maybe it was the racism shit he was agreeing with? Not sure and can’t be assed to go through his tweets or videos and find it. I’m pretty sure the reason he bootlicked Kai and went after Carmen was to get good with Peaches. I mean this isn’t been going into other situations like him going after Spoctor for LinLin or Spete for MissZiZi. Pretty noteworthy moment was him defending and even getting fanart from MariAkutsu and ass kissing JAR but more recently he’s been commenting pretty critically at her. Yet again he’s just another grifter, it honestly shocks me him and Carmen didn’t get along with how they were both kissing JAR’s ass kek

No. 2001768

He’s very much in the same spot as JAR as he has to make drama to survive without it he’s nothing he has not talent and skills other than acting morally superior all his art is outsourced his editing even his research he just says whatever everyone else says no original thoughts. He also makes like 50 billion videos on the same topics he’s a worse topic milker than JAR. He just got away with it because he’s young but people will see through his shit sooner or later

No. 2001994

File: 1717778376617.png (1.43 MB, 1125x2093, TobiMarz .png)

Doubt anyone gives a fuck about Tobi anymore but some recent tweets of her’s that feel oddly specific kek. I know she still gets herself into shit on VRChat too but it seems to never really go anywhere beyond some behind the scenes beef and her subtweeting it

No. 2002081

I honestly forgot about Tobi lmao. I don't follw VRChat stuff but I will give some credit to her, when she wanted nothing to do with the ACC and left, she actually stayed true to that word and moved on. Again, I don't know how bad her drama is in the VRChat stuff but still just figured I'd give some credit.

No. 2002082

no way those shitty thumbnails are that expensive, what the fuck did he spend on?

No. 2002097

Kek JAR wanted to be TheQuartering so bad but he doesn’t even have enough talent to be a conservative grifter.

No. 2002116

File: 1717794843680.jpg (1.08 MB, 1133x1344, JAR.jpg)

Kek JAR’s channel is so dead now so that these are the views on his second channel’s new commentary vids. I guess his channel died because Omnia’s tweets on him got like 10k likes once and his shitty “it’s fine to talk weirdly to minors as an adult” take from his Peaches video. Now he’s beefing with nobodies like CommunistCreeper and OrganizedChaos with some of these videos being multi-hour too, is it any wonder his channel is dead? Who cares about Communist Creeper or ToxicDistress or whoever the fuck when their worst crime to JAR seems to be making videos on him years ago? He’s even trying to revive the TMossBoss beef and is drawing them fucking in a thumbnail lmao. This is getting close to Peaches or Shannon’s levels of pettiness and at least those two had white knights they could use against their critics, who gives a fuck that much about JAR? He dropped his fangirl CarmenRider and now no one gives a fuck anymore

No. 2002133

I’m glad JAR decided to self report when it came to the FCK leaks. I remember when he kept bringing up the age of consent being 16 in states and no one batted an eye about how weird he was when it came to minors.

No. 2002169

Toby actually got a life and went outside to my knowledge. I don't know if what she's doing now is even drama or milky enough, but she might better belong in a VR chat thread if one exists because she's not ACC anymore.

No. 2002174

I’m seriously doubting that she’s truly offline if she’s still stirring shit up online. I remember when she attempted to re-enter the ACC during the kai and omnia situation and got bullied off for still being a pick me camehore. And she’s probably still browsing lolcow even after she was caught here

No. 2002175

File: 1717803789718.jpeg (476.25 KB, 828x615, IMG_8407.jpeg)

Mali and Streamline are dropping a video on lioconvoy soon. Hoping this gets more people to turn against Lio tbh

No. 2002194

To be fair she is the one this all stemmed from, I wonder if she still does camming and would qualify for the camgirls thread then? Tbh I feel like with how close her name is tied it would be for the best to just keep her here anyways. She left long ago yet she was still posted in the 2nd thread when she was just running around Twitter.
Yeah that was during 2022 with that twitlonger right? >>1628121 She’s still infamous cuz of the whole Love Or Host thing to some extent I think, don’t know when she was outed for lurking lolcow though, are you talking about the time her ex boyfriend showed up here >>1169983 or are you mixing her and Creepshow up?
It’s a livestream and I know Mali and Stream had a call with Lio recently, regardless I don’t know what they’ll do, maybe it’ll just be a rant/vent stream for them or there will be some milk, guess we’ll see.

Also New Milk as Akumu dropped yet another video this time of a recording of Nezzie, Doodle, ScarletOtaku (SCC person), and some others in Ponder’s server bitching at Rin / Only Jesp’s old video on Tobi and Toasty and Nezzie continuing to lie about not knowing Toasty was a sex pest. Despite there being audio evidence in Rin’s old video that Toasty was sending porn to Akumu and Foxton The Freakshow Hound when they were both minors. Yikes so now Nezzie and Doodle both knew he was a freak and did nothing, and since this was in one of Ponder’s old servers this isn’t gonna do her favors

No. 2002196

File: 1717807159776.jpg (74.2 KB, 720x759, Nezzie .JPG)

Sorry to double post but I don’t think you can link pics and embed videos. But I am floored by Nezzie’s response

No. 2002203


it’s so weird how transparently political the acc is. when daft left everyone canabalized him despite mooching off of him for years
I honestly never really thought that Streamline and ponder would be the last ones standing
I don’t like them that much but they’re at least better than peaches

No. 2002240

She replies like this and then threatens to kill herself when she gets the slightest bit of bad press KEK. She's got a big fucking head for such a nobody in the grand scheme of things.

No. 2002449

Actually I remember there was this one smaller ocmmentary channel who did comment on how that was still creepy. I can't remember her username but maybe someone here watched it. I know that it was a black woman artist who did it and she made a two part commentary on JAR. But she got heavily downvoted by his fans who found her video and were saying she was being dumb since she thought that JAR is a creep and a racist.

No. 2002450

My views on Ponder have been slowly turning. I used to like her because I thought that she really was coming from a good, understanding place. But then you realize that most of her targets were dumb teens and how much she's sucking on Lio's micro-peen not seeing just how awful he really is (when she's supposed to be the insightful one). I just can't view her the same anymore. I can't even re-watch her old videos for background noise these days when I draw. Like girl, get it together.

No. 2002453

>Threatens to kill herself when she gets the slightest bit of bad press KEK.
Fucking pathetic. So she's no different than Peaches in that regard. At this point, people just need to tell her and the others like her "BET" and to fuck off with their threats, they're talking out their asses when the threaten this.
And agreed, before the drama no one really talked about her anyway, she's really not that important. She only had some small relevance during the DeviantART ranting days and those days are long gone.

No. 2002469

File: 1717876555992.png (821.33 KB, 481x1454, DamageControlling.png)

Lio copyright striking calls now, Crystal is on hiatus now because of some breakdown in another call and was apparently banned from Senate for publicizing the Mali call, Lio is in full damage control mode now.

No. 2002477

Lio's damaged ego is fun and all but is anyone else getting tired of CrystalFlame. Ignoring how people are really thinking that this Britfag is any kind of woman, especially with that man-voice (with a look that I'm sure would be exactly as what his voice gives off aka some skinny guy in a bad anime-girl getup), people like Kumo, Enlaa, Leigha, etc who are featuring him on their platforms and not catching on that he is just a clout-chasing hobgoblin is so annoying. The dude flip-flops and talks like he's giving a PR while suffering from the (usual) convenient memory loss whenever he's asked questions pertaining to the drama(s) he is a part of.
The only one who has called him out and notices this clout-chasing is Cope and Seethe and Gilded Poo and I just don't understand how any of the others seriously believe anything that this guy says.

No. 2002483

Crystal is kinda retarded for giving Lio another chance

No. 2002490

File: 1717879316640.png (3.2 MB, 633x2778, CrystalFlames.png)

Crystal’s in a similar position to Oranges, Streamline, and JAR in that all 4 of them wanna pretend to have been victims of Peaches and/or Lio’s abusive behavior despite egging Lio, Peaches, and Senate on for years. Pic related, Crystal claiming to have had a meltdown before talking to Kumo and Enlaa and going on about same vague shit with Senate/Cat’s Lair. It’s really funny how Crystal wants to go on about how horrible the Sasu call was but didn’t do shit during it, it’s so obviously just a PR move and it’s legit frustrating to see. It’s actually funny how all these ex-Senate members are ok with Lio until he lights a fire under their asses or they start getting backlash for defending Lard-voy
It was so Crystal, Lio, and Lio’s retarded friends and fans could roll around in the remains of Peaches’ career. As if Crystal needs Lio’s support, no one likes Peaches or Lio anymore. Just drop the proof that she’s abusive instead of trying to fuel Lio’s masturbatory victim fantasies jfc

No. 2002890

No. 2002955

Again it’s weird to me since Stream and Mali were part of the reason it was hard to go after peaches for years. Stream worked with peaches on all the Camila Cuevas shit she basically inherited peaches crusade. Meh at least Lio is getting wrecked.

No. 2002961

I agree. I get that Mali unfriended Peaches pretty early but it's annoying how she tries to act like she wasn't an enabler of Peaches with her defending of her dramas and I wish someone in the chat would've called her out on that. If Mali wants to move on then fine but stop acting like you weren't just as big a part of an enabler of Peaches.

No. 2003009

Listening to old clips of peaches, I don't understand how she can sit in calls bullying speds whilst simultaneously telling them that she's way more disabled than they are so they "have no excuse".

No. 2003132

Seen it, I checked out at a certain point because it became rambly after a while. There is a noteworthy moment where they say “Oh Ponder was actually trying to help Sasu with that meditation stuff” and saying she was just being manipulated by Lio which is why she’s been hanging out with him. It’s clear they’re both heavily biased and desperate to save Ponder’s image for her by painting her as a victim. In reality even if she is easily manipulated she’s a 30 year old woman, consciously defending him and she doesn’t need 2 girls in their early 20s defending her. Especially since Lio was accusing Mali of trying to isolate him and threatened Stream while tweeting about her stalker without asking her first and getting her into more shit with him like? Really Ponder? If you’re not gonna drop the fatso for your own sake do it for your friends he’s slandering, jfc. I won’t cry for them when Ponder abandons them and lets Lio drop a video slandering these two, it’s willful ignorance on all sides except for Lio’s at this rate

No. 2003165

I agree with you so much anon. I thought Mali was in her late 20s though (how old is she? Please tell me she's not like 20-21 kek). Either way listening to the chat, Mali says that outside of videos, Ponder is a very naive and "sweet" person who tries to see the good in people and it's just, woman WTF? Here you have this grown lard ass man who has been doing all kinds of stupid shit that has not actually been helping much of any one. He's an egotistical narcissistic prick who uses his age and his male ego to intimidate the young people he hangs around with. How can you be this retarded to not see just how problematic this fuckwit really is? He can't even accept when he's wrong or admit fault without casting blame on someone or something else. He's literally fighting saying that his server(s) has caused not much harm and is not a big deal when it clearly has been and that's me being generous because I think anyone who joins these servers, especially Cat's Lair after the Senate implosion have to smoking some serious crack or be legitimately brain dead.

Ponder is not some fucking clueless victim here and it's time for her to grow the fuck up and see Lio for the obese neckbeard loser furry that he really is. Some anons speculated above that the reason why Lio has so many of these women on his dick is because they have father issues and I have to wonder if that's the case for Ponder here as well.

No. 2003227

this was what I was wondering
it seems like stream and mali are trying to create an ‘escape route’ for ponder and signal they’ll back her up if she tries to leave lio

ponder I don’t think is a bad person either but she’s not this intellectual titan she’s made out to be none of the art cc are most of them are teens or early young adults or weird man children pushing or over 30 weirdly no inbetween. Most of them stick to easy topics they can moralize they aren’t capable of having nuanced discussions
Stream obsessed with animation meme community shenanigans and Ponder with zoophiles all easy targets

No. 2003229

I think they’re desperate to save her image because it makes them look suspicious by association. If one of the biggest commentary names and their friend isstill supporting lio it looks bad on them

No. 2003233

They can’t be fucking serious and try to paint a woman in her 30s as some ignorant victim. But then again these are the same people that babied a 40 year old man and a fat 25 year old and trying to sell their stupid ddlg relationship as normal

No. 2003309

File: 1718076027496.jpg (62.33 KB, 839x604, Retards.JPG)

Senate/Cat’s Lair is currently getting autistic over Stream and Mali’s video because these people have no minds of their own and need to continue licking Lio’s unwiped asshole

No. 2003347

I don't think Ponder is a bad person either but either she really has daddy issues or is that much of a bleeding heart that is making her make terrible choices. And I agree, she really is not this deep intellectual that people in the ACC think she is. I was fooled myself until I realized what you pointed out about her videos and stopped feeling that way about her years ago but like you mentioned, most people in the ACC who consume the content are teenagers and early young adults with no life experience (and also seem to be terminally online) and so they consume this crap and think it's deep and insightful when it's as deep as a puddle to anyone around Ponder's age and older.

Ponder just needs to do herself a favor and get away from this haggard, crusty ass, mangy-lion mask having neckbeard.. I don't understand how even after all that he's done, she still thinks he's this great guy who needs coddling. The man is a grown ass adult Ponder, touch grass and smell the roses.

No. 2003631

>Ponder is a very naive and "sweet" person who tries to see the good in people
What version of Ponder do you have access to? Where the fuck are you seeing her be nice to anyone?

No. 2003644

AYRT and I was quoting what Mali said in the stream lol. I'd timestamp but I really don't wanna watch that stream again tbh.

No. 2003700

File: 1718202168537.jpg (89.63 KB, 1080x798, 20240612_071939.jpg)

Taken from Chuuli's Twitter but the cat's lair is getting salty af that people aren't shitting on omnia lately. Also "POC Community" kek. They make it sound like being a certain skin tone is a fandom.

No. 2003776

So I'm watching Stardust's recent call about the Ichabod and Jordyn thing and something that really made me annoyed was when her lawyer friend started thinking critically about Jordyn's "gender transition" and how it could be an emotional response to all the abuse that she was getting both online and offline. One of the comments told her that it's not right to "question one's gender" and just accept it as it is and while I'm thankful Stardust explained the reasoning why they questioned it, it just shows how this troon fuckery permeates in this community where you are essentially told to not question people's delusions.

I'm convinced that with Jordyn, her "gender" issues were definitely a trauma response. Let's put the facts together, Jordyn was getting molested by her mom's boyfriend as a teenager whose mother didn't seem to do anything about it. It also sounds like Jordyn may have autism or some other mental disability which tends to be a running thing with a lot of TIFs/TIMs. So because of her shit home life, she turns to social media as a mentally ill teenager and gets involved with older men who she shouldn't have been around to where she got taken advantage of and told to do things like send out pics of herself (not sure if she was sending nudes but still, it was inappropriate and wrong all around). She engages in sexual chat with this Ichabod person who was essentially grooming her as he intended to date her once she turned 18. Meanwhile she gets an infatuation towards Lio where in her mind, she looks at him and sees this large imposing male figure who not many people would call out or mess with and played up this strong masculine fatherly (yuck) persona and perhaps Jordyn felt that if she can become a man like Lio, no one would ever mess or take advantage of her and so she started "identifying as a man" as a way to escape womanhood and not be the weak little girl that got taken advantage of.

And even though she got away from her mom's boyfriend and Lio, I don't think she's actually getting real therapy to really deal with the post-trauma she got from the things she went through.

It's just so obvious that her (ridiculous) gender problems come from emotional trauma and abuse.

No. 2003814

File: 1718228248986.jpeg (80.54 KB, 828x529, IMG_9646.jpeg)

>It’s funny how we can’t address your abuse but you get to invalidate ours, Omnia
Ugh the fucking ego in that statement, Lio’s hug box members are so retarded, have any of them considered maybe the reason they were “abused” by Peaches was because they all just blindly sucked her fat ass? She didn’t make any of you do that and instead of just admitting she’s a retard you shouldn’t have validated it has to be that she was abusive. Is all of Cat’s Lair just claiming to be abused by her because they were in VCs with her? They haven’t even learned anything since they’re sucking off Lio now, they went from sucking off one fatso to another, even if they all were abused I don’t feel bad. That Supreme Court server (which is just diet Senate) also cried about Chuuli like 2 months ago (picrel)

Speaking of stream chats is anyone getting really annoyed with Kumo, Enlaa, and their friends like RomanticGoblin and Villainilla popping into every stream chat to start shit? They keep sperging out about SasuFrasu and CreationsOutOfEden / Buttons and half the time they’re just repeating whatever Lio and Senate spergs said about them because people in the chat aren’t shitting on them every 5 seconds, which they of all people should know to talk with massive grains of salt. For a group that hates Lio so much they sure like parroting all his talking points. Kumo even got into a slap fight on one of Stardust’s streams because him and his friends were crying about Sasu and no one in the chat had any idea what they were talking about, literally none of them have any proof for why the people they cry at are so bad beyond word of mouth from fucking Lio of all people. They do it in this “well I agree what happened to them was bad but…” way, like it’s clear they just don’t like getting pushback for being douchebags and spreading Senate rumors like a bunch of mean girls. Truthfully Kumo and Enlaa and all their friends are probably cows in the making and I won’t be surprised if by the 6th thread or some shit they fuck themselves over. Kumo’s peak moid behavior of using Vagina as an insult is a major tell of some possible future shit with him

No. 2003975

>Speaking of stream chats is anyone getting really annoyed with Kumo, Enlaa, and their friends like RomanticGoblin and Villainilla popping into every stream chat to start shit? They keep sperging out about SasuFrasu and CreationsOutOfEden / Buttons and half the time they’re just repeating whatever Lio and Senate spergs said about them because people in the chat aren’t shitting on them every 5 seconds, which they of all people should know to talk with massive grains of salt. For a group that hates Lio so much they sure like parroting all his talking points. Kumo even got into a slap fight on one of Stardust’s streams because him and his friends were crying about Sasu and no one in the chat had any idea what they were talking about, literally none of them have any proof for why the people they cry at are so bad beyond word of mouth from fucking Lio of all people. They do it in this “well I agree what happened to them was bad but…” way, like it’s clear they just don’t like getting pushback for being douchebags and spreading Senate rumors like a bunch of mean girls. Truthfully Kumo and Enlaa and all their friends are probably cows in the making and I won’t be surprised if by the 6th thread or some shit they fuck themselves over. Kumo’s peak moid behavior of using Vagina as an insult is a major tell of some possible future shit with him
I don't really pay too much attention to the chat tbh but from the snippets I've seen of Kumo, he tends to say edgy stuff and occasionally mentions something about the situation or anyone involved. I can't really comment too much on Kumo and his little brigade are like but I wouldn't be surprised if they turn into cows of their own in the future. With Kumo, I feel like people (mostly women) will get over his casual misogyny. I'm already over it myself but I was never into it anyway and this dude is like 10 13 years younger than me so that's probably the reason why as well but I'm hoping the younger women will pick up and tell him to knock it off.

No. 2004059

>There's no way being this obsessed with getting a one up on Hiten and having the last word isn't having some kind of impact on them
>I don't like Chuuli, but I also don't like seeing someone essentially self-destructing like this
I asked myself how have they still not moved past this kind of juvenile behavior, and then I remembered something that happened 6 or 7 years ago. Chuuli and Ponder had together entered the SimplyDad discord long after everyone had gone to bed and started posting in the serious chat. Chuuli left multiple screens' worth of text replying to every single mention of their name, and both of them left before anyone could really reply. I believe Ponder was in her mid-20s at the time and instead of modeling maturity and being the bigger person she was stooping to teenage behavior with them. If Ponder and these other emotionally stunted commentary autists were the only adults consistently in their life it's no wonder that Chuuli is still acting like a bratty kid.

No. 2004102

I know Chuuli, Akumu, Omnia and Jordyn to an extent are annoying but I’m never gonna criticize the way they lash out in response to the actual abuse they went through. The ACC and SCC were quick to mock their abuse while uplift their abusers for years and only switched up when it was convenient. While Kai is essentially irrelevant and faced backlash, Hiten, toasty vanilla, Nezziemonster basically got away with it. That’s why you can see which of the people I mentioned be able to get closure and who’s still lashing out from lack of closure. Sorry for ranting nonnas

No. 2004150

Re-watching Cecil McFly's full coverage of the drama that took place with the ACC two years ago and I'm at the Peaches part and it's so funny how the tides have changed and she really was a rotten peach. I wonder if Cecil will do a part 2 to this since so much has happened since this video was done. And more insane is how it all still ties back to old events like how Jordyn spoke of the FCK server. It's all just interesting in hindsight how the chips have fallen.

No. 2004157

Pretty sure Cecil mentioned in some commentary chat ,(stardust maybe) but she said she won't and only covers drama after the fact not ongoing shit. Which I can honestly respect getting involved during the fact seems like a lose lose situation

No. 2004181

Ah okay thanks for the heads up. I can understand why she'd rather wait and see things out first because even with the first video, she waited a good while till after things more or less had settled so maybe with a potential sequel, she can do a follow up in a year or three provided nothing big happens which I mean, what more can happen at this point?

No. 2004255

Famous last words honestly. We all know how quickly the creep show shit went sideways. (Idk if it was predicted here beforehand didn't really look at creepshow posts when that was happening)

No. 2004304

I really wish Cecil, or anyone else of her caliber would cover this shit because frankly I lost the line weeks ago. It's such a mess and everyone trying to cover the story rushes to every update too much

No. 2004538

>Kumo, Enlaa, and their friends like RomanticGoblin and Villainilla popping into every stream chat to start shit
>he tends to say edgy stuff and occasionally mentions something about the situation or anyone involved
Yeah they keep clowning on people in stardust's streams sympathizing whoever is the punching bag of the Lio call they're listening to without actually providing any solid proof of what they're saying. Just the other week that creations of eden person was arguing with someone in star's server, and it seems like that person regularly follows eden into servers trying to convince moderators to ban her.
Kumo and co were defending that until they ceded that it was pretty creepy to follow someone around servers after that spat was broadcasted on stream and chat agreed that it was unhinged. I don't have any doubts that Eden is also a cow who supposedly did smear campaigns, but how can you expect normies to think you're the reasonable one when you upload eden's (admittedly dramatic and baity) voice recordings on twitter where you can hear that she's very clearly unstable.

No. 2004574

Apparently a server of Peaches’ got leaked where she was plotting to go against Lio, also apparently she suicide baited yet again! Lio mentioned she had servers like this so I guess that was one of the few times he told the truth. There’s some screenshots on Beckett’s Twitter but sadly all the photo joiners I use mess them up and make them all pixelated and hard to read so if another nona could get them that would be appreciated but for now here’s his stream on it.

I can’t find the comment but under one of Akumu’s videos someone asked her this and she said she might so it’s not impossible, and she’s been showing up in the stream chats of people like Leigha talking about the situation

No. 2004631

Are we really surprised that peaches is some edgy loser hiding behind an uwu aesthetic? This is as predictable as those Bella Delphine hello kitty e-whores that follow and repost Nazi shit.

No. 2004973

I really wish the people who make these videos would just stop interacting with ZakisnotKyle. He's so fucking annoying and his glazing of Lio is just ridiculously cringe. His entire personality is just being a femboy why should anyone take anything he has to say seriously?

No. 2005032

Imagine putting a roof over someone's head and they still want you murdered(sage your shit)

No. 2005187

Agreed. Zak is just a giant pain to listen to even through some third party reaction. He's just a dumb brat with some cringe crush on Lio the neckbeard and has no real points worth listening to because he'll keep metaphorically sucking Lio's dick. At this point he needs to be ignored like Ephrom.

No. 2005201

Agree with you both. I was listening to the stream last night and when it got to his part, it was just insufferable because he provides nothing new to the discussion and his obnoxious accent is nauseating to listen to. The only funny part about that section of the stream was all the people in the chat spamming the tomato emoji lol. Seriously He's just a Lio fanboy who will never take the neckbeard's dick out of his mouth and for that, he just needs to be ignored at best. But he won't be ignored because Beckett admits that the drama is "good content" so don't be surprised if he brings him back on again.

No. 2005390

Kumo and Lio had their debate and it seemed civil for the most part. Lio's ego is present again where he can't concede where messed up or was wrong (as per usual) though he does apologize to Kumo for insinuating he's a rapist. It's interesting how Lio was being level-headed with him while being a defensive and boastful on the Stardust & Barbie stream.

After Lio leaves they bring on Gilded and Leigha to talk and I'm just gonna say it, does anyone else think Gilded is just some tryhard, insecure, edgelord who never grew out of that teen phase? I'll just be real, I don't see how saying "You deserve to be raped by a bunch of niggers" is funny. I'm around the same age as him and maybe it's just me but I don't think randomly saying slurs just to say them is funny but these people in the chat seem to swear that it's funny and I can't help but find it pathetic.

Someone above in thread mentioned how people, mainly the women fans may get tired of Kumo's misogynistic "jokes" on women calling us cunts, holes, and sluts and using sayings like "rubbing my sad vagina" and I look forward to it and the reason I say this is because I find it interesting how his female associates like Enlaa and Leigha don't call him (or any of the men in the community for that matter) gendered slurs back like scrotes or even just "dick". I suppose I understand why they wouldn't because most people in the community are men and they will gang up on them and they may not want to deal with that (understandably so) but still, I just find it intriguing.

No. 2005639

It's pathetic because GildedPoo is the same as LioConvoy in a lot of ways. He's an obese, middle aged man with a whole wife engaging with internet drama like he's terminally high school. You can tell both he and Lio were locker stuffers growing up.

No. 2005649

>misogynistic "jokes" on women calling us cunts
>his female associates don't call him gendered slurs back like scrotes or even just "dick"
none of what you just listed is gendered outside of this forum

No. 2005652

tbh the most blatant form of misogyny I've seen from the ACC was kai's streams where he blasted peaches for being a "radfem" whenever she talked about men, but he kept making sexist remarks about women

No. 2005726

File: 1718692823109.png (761.93 KB, 1295x993, Kumolurkingonlolcow.png)

Looks like someone is lurking on the farms kek.

No. 2005733

Pretty sure the majority of the ACC lurks here, especially the edgier ones. They just don't outright say it out of fear of being compared to Shannon.

No. 2005736

Yeah it definitely seems so lol. I still stand by what I said. And he can go on and continuing to run his jokes but time will catch up and only the most desperate pick-me women will have the patience (and non self-respect) to deal with his humor.

The only thing he slightly has going for him is not cow-towing to troons compared to the rest of them who seem to do that but that's a low bar considering the troons are guys like CrystalFlame and QueenSerafina and the comedy writes itself when it comes to those two.

No. 2005738

I didn't really think about that but in a way you're right, they are kinda similar but they present themselves in two obnoxious ways. I didn't know that Gilded had a wife though, I know he has a kid but I assumed he was divorced or had the child out of wedlock.

I know that's true for "dick", I've honestly never heard someone call someone a "scrote" outside of here but I feel like that would be the male equivalent of "cunt". My point is that I find it interesting how a lot of the women in these groups tend to be less assertive when dealing with their edgy friends and let them shit on them but they don't really do the same, at least from what I've noticed.

No. 2005923

Who’s gonna tell Kumo that sperging in his server over being called a moid/scrote and potential future lolcow does not make him look like less of a future cow. I’m convinced the reason him and his friends are so determined to smear other possible Senate victims is because they want heat off their own asses, Lio does the same thing by making videos on randos to get cow focused sites to talk about them instead of him and pretty much always fails, I see this happening to Kumo one day too.
>the majority of the ACC lurks
Literally, I find it so weird how they can all reference KiwiFarms but lolcow is just too far? Gilded, Tommy, Akumu, etc. are out here putting screenshots posted on Lolcow in their videos but are coy to admit it. Hell Stardust admitted to lurking lolcow and no one cared, most we did was tinfoil she was a farmer for a bit. It’s only when these people wanna hide that they lurk/post on lolcow that it becomes a big deal to anyone, don’t see why they even wanna pretend to have some kind of moral high ground while being edgelords anyways. The Streisand effect in full force

No. 2006038

File: 1718766226172.png (822.41 KB, 1284x1882, Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 7.35.…)

Ugh I can’t be bothered to watch this, I watched the Gilded and Lio thunderdome debate on Stardust’s channel and it’s literally just a dick measuring contest so I feel like this will be the same, even Stardust was going “Oh that’s not a good point there Gilded” at some parts. These people want you to take them seriously yet they can’t stop acting like middle school edgelords for 5 seconds
It’s so retarded honestly, their main reason for getting at people for sympathizing with Senate’s punching bags was because Leigha and co turned on Crystal, when the whole reason they did was because Crystal started licking Lio’s ass and being two-faced, no shit everyone in the community dislikes Senate and their asslickers by now. The reason people felt bad for Kirby/Buttons/Eden and Sasu was because they were victims in calls and not enablers like Crystal became, yet Kumo and friends refuse to listen. Lolcow never even liked the KumoCommentary videos on Lio IIRC since everyone called it overly edgy shit that no serious adult would make with barely any substance, Stardust and Leigha get on my nerves occasionally but I do feel they give overall good commentary but Kumo, Enlaa, and Gilded feel like they’re slowly just becoming diet Senate members and using their same shitty arguments against people, Beckett’s fucking around with Serafina, Zak, and some other Senate-tards and repeating Crystal’s mistakes, I feel like a major infight is coming to their circle soon enough.

Also some milk I found but looks like Kumo’s private on Twitter, I can only wonder what caused that

No. 2006071

> The reason people felt bad for Kirby/Buttons/Eden and Sasu was because they were victims in calls and not enablers like Crystal became, yet Kumo and friends refuse to listen
To be fair sasu is a legit schizo who poorly manages his outbursts and regularly alienates people, but most of the people who tuned in during stars stream wouldn’t know that and all they heard was an obviously unwell man breaking down.
As for buttons, they kept defending that one person who kept stalking her into servers by saying that all queen of mean did was question her rape claims, but again all everyone had was their words and no actual proof backing that up.
No surprise they ended up looking like assholes for continuing to tell chat how they dont care shes being harassed, and backed down when they had to admit its insanely unhinged for queen of mean to continually stalk buttons.

No. 2006090

>>2006071 The Queen of Mean did recently strike down one of Button's videos talking about what QOM and the Senate did regarding the harassment and them making fun of them for being raped for "nudity and sexual content" when it was the same shit Stardust shown on their stream, then the Queen Of Mean decided to livestream about it as well because I guess they wanted to sperg about how much of a weirdo they are like it some kind of accomplishment kek.

No. 2006212

>sasu is a legit schizo who poorly manages his outbursts and regularly alienates people
Honestly though what’s that change? Change “schizophrenic” in that sentence to “autist” and you’ve described most of this community, the fact that any of them wanna grandstand over another person for being anti-social is funny
That QueenOfMean / SpokenMind93 / Beep1404 person seems to be a fairly milky cow herself honestly. Looking at her YouTube and Twitter she seems like…autistically obsessed with Eden. Not sure if she’s ACC but she does seem pretty closely tied, here’s what I’ve found on her
>Most of her tweets are about Eden, she has like 5+ videos and streams all about Eden.
>Looking into the Eden situation what prompted this all was Eden making seemingly false rape/sexual assault allegations to Anthony Aguliar / FNGR. Seems scummy on the surface but looking more into it FNGR was almost in/actually in his 40s and Eden/Buttons was barely 18-19, like no shit a barely adult isn’t gonna handle dating a 40+ year old man well, leave it to the ACC/Senate to dismiss this creepy shit like they did with Lio and Jordyn.
>Vida made a KiwiThread on Eden to get Eden’s dox info as well (won’t show it for obvious reasons)
>QOM got one of her videos taken down for spreading dox info
>It’s apparently not doxxing according to QOM and Lio because they could find it by digging through Eden’s childhood accounts
Reminded, all this to defend a scrote trying to get it on with an (at the time) barely legal girl.
>QOM left Senate because they told her to stop being so obsessed with Eden since she tried throwing groomer allegations around.
>Eden does seem to have some pretty cow like tendencies and some strange sort of piss/ageplay/shota/incest kink and is even crossing over with others cows like Lily Orchard, but at the end of the day it seems like a double edged sword and they’re all extremely milky and horrorcow material at this rate

No. 2006222

File: 1718824181793.png (410.38 KB, 601x791, LeighaButt.PNG)

Same nonnie as above but it also seems she went to Leigha to get her to block Eden, Spoken/QOM seems to haul ass to get anyone to throw out Eden, likely because she wants to her wrongdoings getting out. Kind of retarded on Leigha’s part too since she seems to have just taken the word of some rumors spread in her DMs. Leigha also admitted to blocking Eden in a stream when Eden tried to set things straight because “No one is owed a conversation” not looking forward to this video from Leigha since she seems to have shut out any opposing viewpoint but wants to continue to comment on the situation.

No. 2006225

>Ugh I can’t be bothered to watch this, I watched the Gilded and Lio thunderdome debate on Stardust’s channel and it’s literally just a dick measuring contest so I feel like this will be the same, even Stardust was going “Oh that’s not a good point there Gilded” at some parts. These people want you to take them seriously yet they can’t stop acting like middle school edgelords for 5 seconds
AYRT and honestly, it's more or less the same thing here of it being a dick measuring contest, you're not missing much at all. They literally spend like 1-2 minutes having a "no, you" argument, it was fucking pathetic. And right, I don't understand how Kumo and Gilded expect to be taken seriously when they act so immature. And I don't even understand what Kumo even wants from Lio at this point, most of the community does not support Lio and see him as as a loser so I don't understand what more he wants because especially after that "debate", Lio still has a huge ego and will never admit when he's wrong about something so it's arguing against a wall.
And gilded just comes off on the same coin as Lio being an egotistical edgelord and it's to a point where I don't even understand why he thinks i'ts weird that people would think he's a zoophile for having zoophilia porn on hard drive to begin with. Even back in the day, people outside of 4chan viewed individuals looking at that shit as disgusting even if it was for "lols".

No. 2006229

>Literally, I find it so weird how they can all reference KiwiFarms but lolcow is just too far? Gilded, Tommy, Akumu, etc. are out here putting screenshots posted on Lolcow in their videos but are coy to admit it. Hell Stardust admitted to lurking lolcow and no one cared, most we did was tinfoil she was a farmer for a bit. It’s only when these people wanna hide that they lurk/post on lolcow that it becomes a big deal to anyone, don’t see why they even wanna pretend to have some kind of moral high ground while being edgelords anyways. The Streisand effect in full force
Yeah I've always been confused by this as well. They have no problem mentioning that they lurk KiwiFarms but Lolcow is off-limits? They can't say it's because we're "tRaNsPhObIc" because Kiwifarms is just as much, they even have a tranny sideshow thread that's been very active for years so I don't get why they're so reluctant to mention that they view here.

>It’s so retarded honestly, their main reason for getting at people for sympathizing with Senate’s punching bags was because Leigha and co turned on Crystal, when the whole reason they did was because Crystal started licking Lio’s ass and being two-faced, no shit everyone in the community dislikes Senate and their asslickers by now. The reason people felt bad for Kirby/Buttons/Eden and Sasu was because they were victims in calls and not enablers like Crystal became, yet Kumo and friends refuse to listen. Lolcow never even liked the KumoCommentary videos on Lio IIRC since everyone called it overly edgy shit that no serious adult would make with barely any substance, Stardust and Leigha get on my nerves occasionally but I do feel they give overall good commentary but Kumo, Enlaa, and Gilded feel like they’re slowly just becoming diet Senate members and using their same shitty arguments against people, Beckett’s fucking around with Serafina, Zak, and some other Senate-tards and repeating Crystal’s mistakes, I feel like a major infight is coming to their circle soon enough.

I agree, especially on the CrystalFlame part. What I find especially stupid with Kumo and Enlaa is them not seeing how much of an obvious grifter Crystal is. It's not a fucking coincidence that Crystal has been flip-flopping since day one to get clout. He's in Senate, gets kicked out, bitches to them about it, then joins Lio's second server (Cat's Lair) and kisses his ass, goes back to them and talks more crap. I mean how are these two this fucking stupid? The only one who has caught on is Beckett and to an extent Leigha (I feel her handmaidening is getting in the way of completely calling him out).

And you're right about public perception of Kumo's old Lio videos, they were taken with a pinch of salt and viewed as edgy bullshit. Akumu's videos were the only ones that were viewed in a slightly better light because he's cut back on the edgelord shit and just stuck to delivering the points he wanted to make in a concise and mature way and that's why people take him slightly more serious in comparison to Kumo.

Your criticism on Leigha and Stardust is also fair, they can be annoying but compared to Kumo and Enlaa (who honestly comes off as Kumo's PR), they do make better commentary observations despite them being huge handmaidens to the troons.

>Beckett's fucking around with Serafina, Zak, and some other Senate-tards and repeating Crystal's mistakes, I feel like a major infight is coming to their circle soon enough.

The year isn't over yet and anything can happen lol. Beckett claims he wants to move on from the Lio stuff but he's not gonna be able to do that if he associates with his butt-mates, 1 of whom is still up on Lio's dick. It's just not a good route to go if you really want to move on.

No. 2006245

Lio is live right now and sperging at Crystal over a call with the GlitchTale victims, looks like everyone’s turned against Crystal now

No. 2006270

Not only Crystal but even Lumi has turned against Peaches. There’s a call posted of Lumi talking to Lio about Peaches’ behavior

No. 2006273

HAH, god bless, I can't imagine chasing away people half as easily as Peaches.

No. 2006537

File: 1718936341540.jpg (687.89 KB, 1224x2337, LolPeaches.jpg)

Looks like Peaches is back to being a woman. Peaches’ trans shit was fake, who could’ve seen it coming?!
Context: The comment is left by Rin/YoPalGal/Fishlizard and the info they’re using came from Crystal
Additionally this was under the video/call that
>>2006270 talked about. TLDR is it’s a slapfight between Lumitro and Lio because Lumi stopped licking Peaches’ asshole, Lio claims Lumi as abusive still and starts traumadumping about being molested as a kid and how he’s suicidal cuz of the drama with Peaches. I feel 0 sympathy for either of them at this rate, Lio needs to get help because I’m beginning to see why he called himself Peaches’s dad, this is exactly what she did in calls half the time.
The call/video the comment is from (not embedding as it’s not the main focus, just wanted to give nonitas some context)

Correction but this was in support of Crystal, who is also modding for the chat. So much for leaving Lio and taking a break I guess. Allegedly this call of Crystal’s was shared without the other Glitchtale victims’ permission

No. 2006576

Peaches realized that she wasn't getting the sympathy/people going easy on her for trying to troon out KEK. It's obvious Lio has some serious unresolved trauma and it's caused him to become this bitter and jaded man who's constantly angry.

No. 2006730

Each bootlicker is trying so hard to act like they’re a victim and kek!! You’re telling me that Lio constantly accusing women of having daddy issues was just that Scrote projecting all this time ? I hope he isn’t expecting sympathy

No. 2006783

"Eren de-transitioned"
The transition never even began, god, these people are such a joke.

No. 2006880

I love how Peaches is just constantly outed by the people she hangs out with LMAO These people will sell her nasty ass to the wolves the moment they can. I hope she's seething rn.

No. 2007216

Looks like Nezzie had another meltdown on Twitter. 11:49 for when the tweet coverage starts. I agree with >>2002240 a lot, she gets vitriolic with people on a hair trigger but the second she’s even mildly criticized she threatens suicide, probably to scare people into silence. Side note: This Alex The Critic guy has art quality that would make Doodle blush, I actually thought he was using wojacks kek
Kek literally, Crystal has been sucking off Lio to validate each other’s victim cards on Peaches, as if they aren’t both retarded for trusting her in general with her history, I don’t feel bad. She dumped YoPalGal in 2022 likely to get the SCC to keep ass kissing her since she called out whoever they were mad at that week, ironically being the one to defend Gal when Junkie accused them of being a doxxer, the fact that it took so long for people to see she was 2-faced is beyond me, the signs have been there for years
It’s another case like Nezzie and Hiten really, vitriolic beyond all belief but his sugar baby conning him for money sends him into a meltdown and threatening to shoot himself in call. We all know he won’t actually and it’s a scare tactic to shush people into being scared to criticize him. I can only imagine being his wife and having to learn your husband killed himself because of his internet sugar babies scamming him, from what I know his wife’s the breadwinner in the house too so chances are a good chunk of that 8000 dollars he wasted on Peaches wasn’t even out of his own pocket

No. 2007250

Yeah I saw this guy's videos and I appreciate him calling out the BS but I agree that his art quality is laughable. I don't understand why these people are too lazy to study anatomy. Even if they are going for cartoon art styles, learning anatomy can still be helpful in developing a cartoonier art style.
Sidenote aside, I really hope that more people tell people like Nezzie who threaten suicide to fuck off and do it. They aren't gonna do it, they're clearly threatening it to get away with their bullshit and more people need to just tell them to knock it off. That and the "I don't remember" excuse.

>from what I know his wife’s the breadwinner in the house too so chances are a good chunk of that 8000 dollars wasn’t even out of his pocket

That's what is so fucked here. I know his wife is more than likely a geek and not the most attractive looking woman but she doesn't deserve this. I haven't heard if she's done something fucked but I can't imagine being married to this pathetic neckbeard manchild who uses your money to spoil some homewrecking brat. I would've left his fat ass after finding that out.

No. 2007477

I was watching Streamline’s new video and at 37:57 she says something interesting
>”Maybe The Adults should protect themselves since they’re adults”
Not saying I disagree but this is so ironic with how her and Mali are desperately trying to claim Ponder as some innocent victim of Lio’s, she’s even linking Ponder’s old Spoctor videos in the description. Stream’s one of the better people in the ACC all things considered but she seems to have just as many double standards for the people she likes. The whole video feels like a scrapped Ponder script she picked up because honestly going for some low hanging animation meme shit was exactly what Ponder used to do especially when the whole thesis is “but they person you’re calling out is a kid”

No. 2007481

File: 1719181035827.png (1.3 MB, 694x2778, HappyComments.png)

Also in the comments she’s slap fighting with this HappyLikeAWall girl she covers in the video. Happy seems to be a cow herself all things considered especially since she hangs around other cows like DaftPina and has some really freakish takes like shown in the video. Wonder if this will go anywhere since UnKnownSpy and Happy both have some pretty big platforms and Stream’s vid on them is getting a lot of support

No. 2007550

I don’t really like Happylikeawall but I followed this drama when it began and Unknownspy and Happy are both in the right. Basically this kid named BumbleArt_Bee has been plagerizing people left and right and continues to do so after people tell him to stop. On top of that he infiltrates nsfw discords despite being underage and changed his age each time. And whenever people try to call him out he threatens to call them a pedophile. He even tries to organize raids and hate campaigns to slander people as pedos. This kid is a genuine menace and the callout docs actually do a good job documenting his behavior. Most likely he recruited to Stream to help him out and fed her BS info. That being said I reccomend reading the docs to get some perspective and make up your own mind. I know Stream and Happy got into some hot water earlier this year and it ended with Stream insinuating that Happy was a pedo. I definitely think Streams self righteousness is gonna get the best of her someday.

Plus your right, considering all the sus flirty stuff Ponder has done with her fans it’s a massive double standard on her part to not call her out.

No. 2008006

File: 1719291513009.png (4.2 MB, 952x2778, HappyGroomerClaims.png)

Stream situation with Happy seems to be getting pretty milky as Happy’s trying to imply Streamline as a groomer or some shit? She’s a cow in the making herself and like Western Animation Cows mentioned she has Doodletones tier fetishes >>2007492 and apparently drew herself fucking the Penguins of Madagascar. Like >>2007550 said, Stream’s dumb for trying to glaze Noi and act like he did nothing wrong because “he’s a minor and doesn’t know why it’s wrong”. This isn’t a Mari Akutsu situation where the kid’s worst crime was being a bit rude, they had a right to warn people that he’s going into NSFW spaces and more than likely knows what he’s doing and why it’s wrong especially when he falsely accuses people of being pedos, they’re both fucking up even if Happy is arguably worse, she’s not technically art commentary though so I’m mainly updating nonnas for those following Streamline’s shit. I know Enlaa’s taking Stream’s side here since she’s been commenting under Stream’s post so I guess it’s not just Kumo she’s blindly glazing

No. 2008108

To be perfectly honest looking at this stuff from the outside (meaning I know fuck all about this), I kinda get why stream is mad at the adults. Minors tend to push boundaries and trying to get into NSFW spaces falls under that category (they don't have fully formed brains and aren't thinking about the consequences of getting themselves involved there.). Happy and Spy should let people know that this kid is doing everything they can to get into NSFW spaces, but should've left the plagiarism shit out (honestly who tf cares if they copied art or some horse shit fanfic or whatever). If there was a kid harassing you and keep trying to get into your 18+ discord then idk give up on it? I'd just nuke the whole server, but wouldn't be surprised if chronically online morons with fetishes to rival doodle would rather die on the hill of villanizing minors than nuke their precious porn den. Like everyone else I am a bit annoyed that Stream is going to bat so hard for Ponder, who had this flirty vibe with her community and then sent a hate mob after a minor (akumu) for being edgy and.stupid, the critical thinking goes.out the window when it comes to ponder fans.

No. 2008429

stream has always had a massive weak spot for double standards which makes her moral grand standing a lot harder to take seriously. kinda goes for the entire art cc but for her especially.

No. 2008441

yeah i’m waiting for the moment that everyone finally stops taking her and ponder sprocket seriously

No. 2008470

Yeah this could be a massive blow to streams rep. She already fucked up the Erin Clover stuff massively. And she’s made so many glaring mistakes here, she’s defending some minor who continues to make the same mistake. Noi literally just made a new account and talked about plans to doxx happy. I genuinely don’t know why Stream is defending this kid so hard.

No. 2008596

>Erin Clover
Oh yeah I remember that situation, from what I remember Ponder really got onto Stream and Harley for saying Erin was a pedo for drawing aged up hentai and was boosting some videos heavily criticizing them and the situation as a whole and Mali made a vid on aged up stuff in general and briefly criticized the situation at the end. Now they all seem to be BFFs (except maybe Harley but I think Stream and Harley are friendly at least) and they did that live VOD about aged up art on Stream’s channel. It’s really funny how Ponder went in so hard on Stream and Harley for the Erin stuff but Stream is giving Ponder kids gloves now, additionally funny when you consider Ponder was like a decade older than stream (at the time I think Stream was 18-19 and Ponder was 27-28). Not saying I liked Harley or Stream’s actions there or that they didn’t deserve the criticisms from the smaller communities especially cuz iirc they boosted faked groomer accusations and neither of them have issued any corrections and just quietly deleted shit. Stream hasn’t been getting as involved with the ACC since then so I guess that was a wake up call that taught her to go outside. It was a mess and really milky but iirc it happened Summer 2021 and lolcow didn’t really focus on the art cc at the time cuz the Shannon outing took all the focus.

In other news Lio has released the Lumi call on his channel, guess he still needs to milk the Peaches stuff for sympathy points. Honestly I can’t feel bad for him, he’s been excusing sex pests like Vida for years and the Ichabod call where he’s mocking the grooming he did to Jordyn and blaming Jordyn for it also putting Jordyn in call with the freak while Jordyn was underaged but that’s besides the point >>2003776 but now thinks he has room to preach about his molestation getting mocked by Lumi and Peaches? Also threatening suicide to Lumi in the middle of call is legit depraved, I have 0 idea how he thought this made him look better, the added context changes nothing for me, it’s still hypocrisy. No one even feels bad for Lumi and everyone agrees both Lumi and Lio need to just go outside and stop bitching about Peaches and that they’re both just shitty in general

No. 2008836

I thought Lio's "talk like an anime protagonist" retardation was exclusive to him. Now here we see Lumi doing the exact same thing as she pities herself for "oo Peaches manipulated me Lioooo I'm sowwy I don't know anything elseee"

Fucking kill me these idiots are so cringe.

No. 2008866

I hope someone in her circle ends up recording a Peaches meltdown so we can laugh at it, that'd probably be the cherry on top to this clusterfuck.

No. 2008998

I hope lumi drops more screenshots or calls about peaches. Also I don’t know if anyone caught it, but for some reason peaches sent nudes to lumi so that’s definitely nightmare fuel

No. 2009062

File: 1719567241565.png (2.06 MB, 426x2778, Sparrow .png)

Some kid on Twitter made a thread about having been doxxed and sexually harassed as a 13-14 year old by some person named Sherman who has a history of doing this to people associated with the CC and it seems Lio had a role in shaming this kid to being quiet about it. Sage because I can’t find the original tweets but I do recall the kid saying Lio was part of the reason it was so hard to come out about it. I find it interesting how many SCC members are in the likes/retweets, I’m sure that dying community’s desperation to defend Lio had nothing to do with it. Pretty sure this person is the Slumber person referred to in this video >>1985599 and in the Raven call >>1989612 meaning Lio seems to have a history of threatening this Sparrow kid and their friends like Raven, as if Lio wasn’t scummy enough we may be able to add this to his list of gross shit

>peaches sent nudes to lumi
KEK I CAN ONLY IMAGINE! I’d bet it was some wannabe Belle Delphine type of DDLG pic or some seriously revolting Venus Angelic or Shayna type shit, I’m pretty it was already mentioned how she looks like Shayna so it wouldn’t shock me if she took a bit of inspiration after lurking lolcow one day

No. 2009212

I really wish she would stop trying to act noble and morally correct since we've already seen how nasty she can be. Just go full throttle bitch, leak her meltdowns, give us the dms!

No. 2009558

If it makes any difference, the group who did that has long since been dissolved, and the people involved no longer speak to Sherman with the exception of one. That dude was just an asshole so he drove away everyone who liked him. The Sherman guy is known for being troublesome to picarto streamers.

No. 2009994

File: 1719800454931.png (50.71 KB, 604x378, Sera.PNG)

I don’t know if Queen Serafina is necessarily art commentary or if farmers are interested but it seems that Sera has gotten this person >>1997081 into some kind of actual legal trouble. I heavily doubt anything will come of this because every person who’s fucked around with Senate tries to start lolsuits and they go nowhere every time, and basically no one takes anything any of these people say or threaten seriously unless they come from Senate or Senate-adjacent circles

Tbh that doesn’t change much because chances are Lio still did something to whoever this person is, we know how much he loves threatening/silencing kids, he already has been accused of covering up evidence of NekoPan being a groomer so he can make some big “exposing” video and it wouldn’t shock me if it was a similar case here

No. 2010001

File: 1719801804997.jpeg (196.54 KB, 875x1144, IMG_0757.jpeg)

now were in the vague posting stage of online drama. streams vid is spreading. now those people who are all ‘i always knew she was bad’ will start joining in. i have no idea why streams defending this kid but this could get potentially more milky down the road.

No. 2010008

File: 1719804019636.png (1.17 MB, 307x2493, HappyPost .png)

Happy put a statement on her Twitter and YouTube
>Happy’s tweet about “muh BPD”
>Noi has done more than Stream claims, this includes attempted doxxing and false groomer allegations.
>She believes Noi was groomed but thinks that should be why he should get off the internet and get help
>He falsely accused Happy of being a groomer and is talking about doxxing and framing Happy in his server
>They sent a kid to her server to “try to get groomed”
>Stream admitted that she didn’t talk to anyone about her video to try and get more context, she admitted her video was biased
>Stream claiming Happy drew suggestive art of Noi was wrong as it was Noi’s own art in the thumbnail
>Stream brought up Happy’s unrelated past Twitter controversy
>The drama was settled and done with shortly after Happy’s original video was posted
>Stream used Happy’s fans calling Stream a groomer as proof Happy wanted her harassed and falsely accused
>Stream is using cropped and out of context screenshots to villainize Happy
>Happy will be making a video response

What I don’t get is why Stream thought this was a good idea when the Lio shit is still going on. She already has Lio going after her and then she decides to post this video and get her into more shit. Not only that but if Stream does get a good amount of backlash from this no one is gonna take her seriously on the Lio stuff either because she’ll have ruined her credibility, DaftPina style
See the issue isn’t just that the kid is doing this shit, it’s that he’s planning on trying to dox and falsely accuse these people of grooming as well as encouraging other minors to “try and get groomed” and getting minors groomed by adults. Regardless of if he’s aware of the consequences or not there’s a certain point that they need to do something to keep kids away from him. The plagiarism claims are stupid and don’t matter I agree there. The issue is also not that he just tries to sneak in because he doesn’t try going back so there’s no need to nuke the servers. While that’s part of the problem it’s also an issue how he’ll make fake claims and fake evidence to say people are groomers, I honestly doubt he isn’t aware of the consequences if he’s actively telling kids to join 18+ spaces and “try to get groomed” for fake evidence against whoever banned him. Even if they had no 18+ servers they could just go to Twitter or Insta DMs to do the same

No. 2010324

So I think we’ve officially reached brain numbing territory we haven’t seen since the Shannon outing. Mr Enter has made his sequal about the Star Giant Productions situation, first vid is here >>1976770 and Star Giant has been talked about in other threads like Lily Orchard’s and Western Animation Cows if you want more context. This one is specifically about Lio, The Senate and the art CC’s involvement in it and how they called out NekoPan. In this video he apparently gets onto Stardust for calling out this End0 person for possibly lying >>1995050 and there’s also fairly big YouTubers like Lazy Bedhead enabling them, boosts the rumors of Kumo making a girl cut herself for him despite Lio admitting to misrepresenting that situation, and goes after Akumu for some shit. He also talks about the Rosa call for the millionth time. As much as I agree Kumo is a cow in the making, Enter boosting fake claims against him is just stupid and given how messy this End0 kid’s story was I have 0 why him and Lazy are trying so hard to boost these claims, especially with End0 going behind both Omnia and Lio’s backs. I can’t be bothered to watch this so some other anon please put yourself though it for the rest of us because I’ve had to recap too many videos at this point. The only other thing of note is that this video has this Danganronpa motif throughout all of it which makes it hard to take seriously and Akumu is in the comments. I guess we’re in for another Shannon situation of this spreading outside the art CC and every rando jumping at the chance to make a video on the latest drama since Omegon, Turkey Tom, Nicholas DeOrio, and now MrEnter have all boosted it to their audience or gotten involved

No. 2010330

i genuinely have no idea who all of these literal whos are lmao but i am glad he did a video on stargiant, he was one of my favourite niche cows

No. 2010366

I understood like half. Some are "commentary" youtubers that I'm pretty sure are confirmed pedos or something? The end bit with turkey tom, are basically youtubers that get paid to read off of kiwifarm threads while claiming it's "research". With the exception enter who's just an autist that was the ire of the "cartoon commentary community" because he would get really mad at spongebob and once told his followers to harass a writer on the show… That didn't even write the episode he was pissed at. He, I think, apologized for that? Along with making a book series that just shows off his arrested development and thinly veiled fetishes. Hence why he's exposing all this pedos and autists that once worked for him.

No. 2010391

NGL I'm getting annoyed about cc people getting pissy about Stardust's take about End0. End0's vid was incomprehensible trash in terms of testimony and did nothing to "get their story out there" because it just sounds.like wild friend drama with zero grooming aspects. I'm not one to doubt victims, but their original vid made no sense let alone proved they were groomed.
Sounds about right, but honestly Happy has no screenshots/proof this is true. And after akumu I'm sideyeing any adults accusing minors of being doxxers. Idk I'm just gonna err on the side of caution and call.everybody involved as a shit head, but that is definitely a massive L on Stream's part not talking to all.parties.

No. 2010575

File: 1719956695455.jpg (706.82 KB, 1284x1603, Enter.jpg)

I skipped to the second half about the Senate and all that and he did an ok job at pointing out how Senate mishandled this and their tactics are ineffective, but it’s clear he’s still missing a bunch of context. Like him saying “Oh Lio’s changed since the Rosa call and he’s calmer now” as if we don’t have proof of him threatening to out YoPalGal/Rin to their homophobic parents to get Rin kicked out or the Sasu call where he punches down at a mentally unstable man with Ponder and Crystal, both of which happened long after the Rosa call. He literally tries to call Stardust, Omnia, Akumu, Streamline, etc. “deranged clout chasers” alongside boosting the false Kumo allegations. The thing is people aren’t going on about the NekoPan allegations or going harder on Rosa because it seems Rosa’s worst crime was annoying MisanthroPony/Zaid Magenta when Zaid could’ve just blocked her and let her mald, and no one has any clue if she could’ve even done anything about NekoPan in Star’s server. Even if people were “using the Rosa call to villainize Lio when they don’t even know about the NekoPan situation” can you really blame them? The NekoPan rabbit hole is years long, filled with literal who’s names like MysticMongrel and EmePrince/End0. I get the feeling Enter didn’t even watch these videos but End0 just told him “hey Stardust mocked me and Kumo did this” Stardust mocked them because they showed literally 0 incriminating proof of NekoPan grooming them and made it clear they care more about being treated rude by NekoPan than her actual victims. Not that this will matter because Enter has over 10x the following of the biggest names in this part of the ACC at the moment (aside from Thumin but I doubt she’ll get involved beyond the Peaches stuff), so even if Enter is called out for lying by Leigha or Stardust their platforms are practically nothing compared to his and he’ll just tell his fans to ignore what they say.
Hell that’s already happening, here’s some milk and a good kek for you but CarmenRider, one of the people that used to be involved with CallMeNil that he mentioned in the video, went to the comments to correct him and he deleted this person’s comment, literally just proving he doesn’t care about the actual context of the people he’s going against. Enter’s been a cow himself for years though so maybe people will see through the BS

No. 2010894

Can anyone here give a short rundown of Ne0Pan? Was this woman really as predatory and awful as the moids who usually go after minors? I've tried to look into this Nekopan person awhile back but I only saw her being talked about in ex-ACC GhostEXE video since she was in his discord server and the only thing I remember was that she went for a young guy. It's been a a good while though and I can't remember all the details but NekoPan gets mentioned so much in this drama and how problematic she was so I'm just curious if she really was as bad as they say. Did she molest anyone? Solicit nudes from minors? Meet up with minors?

No. 2010896

>The Kumo situation
Even with the context of how the girl was already a mess, Kumo has to realize and or at least not be too surprised when people outside his little group hear about that and would still think he's a bit crazy for even being involved with a person like that. Whether she was gonna cut herself or not, it doesn't mean you have to be complicit in the action. And with how much of an edgelord he can be, why does he care if other people, mostly people who he doesn't even know think he's crazy? I just never understood this.

No. 2011620

File: 1720202079093.jpeg (309.58 KB, 1284x649, IMG_9859.jpeg)

Sorry for the wall I’m about to drop but both of these took so much research and turned out long

It’s kind of gone over in Enter’s video, what she did was make a support system for victims of people like Cristali and LumiStarBun and later on she started flirting with minors while being in her 20s, I’m not sure of the ages of her victims but I believe she is/was about 22-25 and looking into it I found claims of the victims having age ranges from 17 to as young as 12, like Enter said though the whole situation is such a fucking mess I can’t even tell what’s happening and a lot of the people making the claims aren’t exactly reliable (ex: that CallMeNil person or End0). From what it seems she went for minors with shit home lives so she wouldn’t have to worry about their parents finding her out or people who had past trauma from grooming like Cristali’s victims but I can’t be 100% sure, there’s a lot of “ifs” in relation to this because of Senate’s habit of being diet To Catch A Predator

Kumo made some old videos on it, apparently him and the girl (Aasta) were in some kind of really abusive and unhealthy relationship where she was older than him (not sure by how much but he 17-18 and she lied about being underaged while they dated and the cutting incident happened). Apparently he had her cut his name because she wanted to cut someone’s name, he couldn’t talk her out of it, and he wanted her to cut his name cuz it was 4 letters and everyone else in that group chat’s name was really long. She seems to have had a habit of suicide baiting and threatening to cut herself if he didn’t do what she asked and got him to cut himself cuz she had a self harm kink or some shit. To an extent I have to apply the same logic to Lio and Peaches where it’s like “how many times does she have to threaten it before you realize she’s not gonna do it?” But then I remember this girl did show herself doing it unlike Peaches who probably never did shit and Kumo was either a minor at the time or barely an adult so I give him more leeway than the 40 year old DDLG freak. He made some videos on it a while back and I haven’t seen them posted here, they seem pretty milky so I’ll bump with them, not embedding though because I don’t think you can embed multiple vids
Vid 1: https://youtu.be/YptpLkaA4eg
Vid 2: https://youtu.be/n4MrFlJl_nI

No. 2012195

Lio was live the other day and is now trying to go for Stardust and LetsTakeASidebar / Truly&TC / Barbea (the lawyer that dunked on him). Now he’s claiming Barbea has fake credentials and isn’t a lawyer, he apparently also got one of his friends named Grim to find Barbea’s dox info according to Stardust. Stardust did a response stream when Lio did his and him and his white knights are coping in the comments about it, it’s funny because the comments on the video by DaWiesel that he was reacting to are all calling him out but all the comments on Lio’s videos are sucking his micropenis, I really get vibes he’s deleting comments. The funniest part of this is Lio sperged about “Studying law in school” and thought that made him an expert during the Kai/Omnia case and now that he’s getting humbled by an actual lawyer and told his “studying” means fucking nothing he has to deflect everything.

No. 2012397

It's fucking ridiculous that he's still butthurt that he got his ass handed to him by an actual lawyer. This fat-fuck just can't accept some humility can he? Through the call, it was shown that he didn't know how to properly handle a case and even when both Stardust and Barbea explained what he should've done (and could do in the future), he throws a mantrum.

Why do people still fucking support this fat ass? Even after having his ass shown showcasing how incompetent he really is, why the hell does he still have supporters? Are they just mostly teens? Well I suppose that can't be entirely true since he has Mr Enter and Ponder Sprocket under him and they're pushing 30.
I just don't understand. Do these people have daddy issues or something?

No. 2012408

Thank you for the info anon. I watched Mr Enter's video to try to get more context as well and it's such a mess indeed. So okay, Nek0pan was a creep who seemingly targeted troubled teens. So she's the rare example of a woman predatory who tries to find victims on Discord (seriously, what is it with Discord and the pedos on there, has there been a study/analysis on this?).

>Apparently he had her cut his name because she wanted to cut someone’s name, he couldn’t talk her out of it, and he wanted her to cut his name cuz it was 4 letters and everyone else in that group chat’s name was really long.

He still could've said no.

>To an extent I have to apply the same logic to Lio and Peaches where it’s like “how many times does she have to threaten it before you realize she’s not gonna do it?” But then I remember this girl did show herself doing it unlike Peaches who probably never did shit and Kumo was either a minor at the time or barely an adult so I give him more leeway than the 40 year old DDLG freak.

I don't disagree that Lio is much stupider in this compared to Kumo because he's older and should've known better. With Kumo, from what I heard in a livestream, him and that woman were around the same age, like I think she was just older by a few months but if I'm wrong, please correct me.

No. 2012591

From what I know, Kumo was a minor and the girl was older then him and has groomed Kumo but I cannot be too sure if that is the case so take this info with a grain of salt.(sage your shit)

No. 2013518

>Apparently he had her cut his name because she wanted to cut someone’s name, he couldn’t talk her out of it, and he wanted her to cut his name cuz it was 4 letters and everyone else in that group chat’s name was really long.

Yeah no, I don't buy this. In the video, when the girl asks what she should cut, Kumo immediately suggests his name and told her to place a napkin on the wound and then hang it up on the wall. Nobody else in the chat really engaged with this chick much or suggested their name so the best option here was just to ignore her as well. Kumo actively chose to engage with this and like all else in this community, dodges accountability with the tired "I was groomed" line.

No. 2014128

I watched the clip again and you're right, he doesn't even hesitate to pop off. If he really didn't want her to do it, you'd think there would be a slightly long pose until he suggested his name. Nah, I'm with you anon, I don't buy that it was a matter of protection because like you and >>2012408 said, he still could've said no.

No. 2015217

JAR is now acting like he didn’t enable Diapertones, not much new considering we’ve well established how he’ll be two-faced and switch his opinion about someone on a dime

No. 2015331

This is like the third time he’s done this lmaooo. He does this shit every time, he openly participated in dog piles and harassment campaigns until that figure gets disgraced and then he just repeats the cycle. He joined in every drama daftpina started, then when the tides turned against daft he made videos against him. He would do dogpiles with spoctor and junkie till they declined. He then backed lio and peaches for a year till their downfall and now is trying to pretend he didn’t enable them. It’s because he’s an untalented view hungry little bitch. He tried going drama free for a year and basically stagnated in views and relevancy, so he has to go back to drama. Hope someone calls out how fucking obvious he is. He’s genuinely one of the worst members of the acc, he constantly makes shit worse and muddies the water, he enables some of the worst members of the community to abuse and harass others carte blanche but then acts fucking oblivious. He gets away with it every time, it’s fucking annoying and I’d love to see him put in his place.

No. 2015367

Fucking all of this. I agree with you 120% on your take as a fellow person who has been following the ACC for years and also noticed how JAR really is a disingenuous grifter I don't understand how anyone can take this guy seriously but then again maybe not many people have noticed how much of an opportunistic swisher that he is. I hope that he gets called out as well but I don't think it'll be someone like Enlaa, Leigha, Kumo, or Stardust because they seem somewhat new to the scene and aren't as familiar of JAR's past history. In Leigha's recent stream she said that JAR seems trustworthy so that kinda shows she's not familiar with him.

If any creator is likely to call him out, I feel that it could potentially be Akumu since he's been in the ACC for a awhile now (at least longer than people like Leigha, Enlaa, and Stardust) but on the other hand, I don't think he goes that far back and he would've been in the tail end of middle school and early years of high school and I doubt he was paying attention to what was going on then.

The only other person I can think of who might be likely to call him out is Lakamokalaka since she's been in the acc for a good while and she remembered some of the early stuff that happened in the FCK.

No. 2015383

his worst sin is his ugly voice and cringe chuuni personality

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