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File: 1501988121302.png (225.53 KB, 540x308, Screenshot_2017-08-05-23-51-25…)

No. 419492


Kiki made her much waited YouTube comeback in the best Kiki style: late and poorly done.

She's putting weekly videos that consist of nothing but the same recycled garbage of false positivity, boring vlogs, pointless Q&A's while hinting Taku had an awful secret, without really getting into detail, and not having a clue of the proper date of her first TV appearance as an actress.

Previous thread: >>401819

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lilouvos/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lilouvos
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kikikanniballl
IMDb: http://www.imdb.me/lilouvos
Actors Access: https://resumes.actorsaccess.com/lilouvos
Backstage: https://www.backstage.com/u/lilouvos/

No. 419578

File: 1502009654570.png (1.34 MB, 1869x1200, dallasbuyersclub.png)


take your iron supplements and come up with a new joke, lilou

No. 419598

Oh no I missed the new Video before she deleted it again… :(

No. 419610

File: 1502026483008.png (37.68 KB, 540x265, Screenshot_2017-08-06-10-34-49…)

This was posted 6 hours ago. Really. Is that too much to ask her to proofread her video title before uploading?

LOL of course you don't, lilou. You half-ass nearly everything you've been doing. Nbd thinks you take anything srsly. Dun worry beb.

No. 419612

For anyone wondering the video title was WHAT I EAT TODAY + VEGAN RECIPE // TREJO TACOS

No. 419643

It's back up. Didn't catch it the first time she uploaded. Is there anything different? (Aside from the title change.)

No. 419646

Her voice sounds really forced in this video compared to her Q&A's

No. 419649

File: 1502035495462.png (226.12 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-08-06-12-52-04…)

She said the title was different but I didn't see anything different from when she uploaded the 1st time

Well. What did we learn?
- Kiki still can't grasp the concept of what's a What I Eat In a Day video
- her clothing choices remain horrendous
- has a thing for using powdered stuff in her recipes (like, onion, garlic… instead of the fresh stuff - so you cant really complain since it makes cooking at home 99% easier) and most of the "organic" products come from a can instead of products from the farmer's market
- mentions her messing up the date of the TruTV thing… a week later
- is very grateful for the support of her "true" fans
- "everybody gotta start somewhere"
- mentions she's following her passion for the 92727279th time
> Bobby looks pretty ripped
> her house is a clustered mess of plants, garbage and japanese luck cats

Image related: try harder hon

No. 419651

I was thinking that too, that I'm surprised how much powdered stuff she uses but I guess she doesn't eat as bad as I expected.
She made me miss Bitchin' sauce a little.

No. 419652

Maybe the anons who said she sounded kinda like Taylor in her last video got to her.

No. 419656

In my case, I thought she doesn't eat as freshly as I expected. Everything is either canned, boxed or powdered. "Organic vegan" my ass.

No. 419684

Tidy your damn house Kiki, jesus.

Also lol at her telling people to look at her IMDb rather than posting links to any films, she's clearly embarrassed about the total crap she's been in so far.

No. 419693

She lightly mentioned "even the small things, like students films*… you gotta start somewhere" and then right after that she thanks her fans and says "as I grow in this career I will always acknowledge you"

LMAO she went from "I'm just starting" to "I'll remember you when I'm famous ^^"

* I personally think it'd be smart to post link to the projects she was in (like Daisy) even if they were students films bc she does have a small exposure in her channel, she could use it as a way to put her work out there for others to see and maybe motivate more people to work with her if they like it

No. 419708

>as I grow in this career I will always acknowledge you
Hilarious considering that she can't even seem to acknowledge simple IG comments.

No. 419722

File: 1502047352179.png (195.01 KB, 830x567, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 20.3…)

christ, she's annoying.

No. 419723

Hoooly fuck. Two sentences sparked that whole essay? She's so insecure it's unbelievable.

No. 419727

Funny considering she gave Taylor shit about needing to cut her hair

No. 419731

She sure seems troubled by that that to write paragraphs damn LOL.

No. 419734

File: 1502048375843.png (175.21 KB, 540x706, Screenshot_2017-08-06-16-39-36…)



What's the matter with you it was a one-liner comment you could've ignored or just said "nah thanks! I'm happy with the way it is now"

Ikr, gotta love that taste of hypocrisy

No. 419735

File: 1502048498742.png (53.78 KB, 540x341, Screenshot_2017-08-06-16-39-43…)

> those who find your natural beauty unacceptable

That's such an overly dramatic point and I'm sure as fuck the person commenting didn't mean harm.

Also she kept going.

Why does she turn everything into a cliché inspirational essay?

No. 419736

Damn, she's pressed
Her hair wouldn't look half as bad with some layers, bangs or at least not parting it in the middle. She looks like she's in some cult were people are not allowed to care what they look like or have mirrors.

No. 419740

Did she get triggered by her balding again

No. 419744

File: 1502049988792.png (24.6 KB, 815x113, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 21.0…)


Maybe by changing and improving herself she means that she only lurks here now, rather than posting.

No. 419746

That wasn't even the single comment about Taylor's "covering her body like a blanket" hair. Kaka, your envy and insecurity are showing.

Think in a more macro level on how this kind of stunt she pulls just drive people (followers, viewers) off. People see this kind of shit and get scared of saying anything to her or realize how overboard she went and decide "fuck that".

No. 419748

So she went to Danny Trejo's restaurant and then made a video on how to make your own food that she ate there at home? Isn't that kind of driving business away? I mean pretending that people give a shit and watch her videos that is.

No. 419749

File: 1502050966438.png (368.88 KB, 864x315, Capture.PNG)

Can we talk about the cringe that is this tweet she posted @ Danny Trejo?

No. 419750

File: 1502051206277.png (555.58 KB, 1684x1094, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 4.25…)

LOOOOOOLL shit! Spergchan's come out again! Any time someone replies 4+ paragraphs to a short sentence you know they've been triggered out of their shit. Keek, your hair is both thinning and receding, stop trying to explain them away

No. 419751

Who the fuck even says MEEEEP in 2017?

No. 419752

every time she tries to do one of these "for those of you.." like she did with her scoliosis and now thinning hair, it's just an ill disguised excuse to further talking about herself. No kaka, NOBODY can relate to you. Balding hair isn't that common.

No. 419753

It's one of the moments she tries to come off as relatable but in the end it's just cringy

Nah burrito bowls are pretty much the easiest thing there is to make. Or just burrito bowls for that matter. And it's not granted shes making the same recipe as served in the restaurant, either.

No. 419755

"I just wanna help people"
"That's why I'm writing a rage essay against a two sentence and one emoji comment I got on my video"

She goes full sperg and use the "this is for those of you who…" talk to try and disguise it as "Kiki enlightened pep talk".

Also,let's be honest, people with fine straight hair have it pretty easy compared to curly/coarse/kinky hair in terms of styling and "self acceptance". they just need a flattering style and they're good to go. They don't need "words of encouragement to embrace" their fine hair wtf Kiki.

No. 419758

wow her shitty vocab (if you can even call it that) hasn't updated at all…

why not drop a rawr XD while you're at it

No. 419759

File: 1502053156889.png (72.76 KB, 540x618, Screenshot_2017-08-06-18-00-11…)

I love it when they respond

No. 419760

Girl is gonna get blocked so fast.

Good job pushing away your few fans once again, Keeks.

No. 419762

watch. her paranoia is going to kick in and she's going to dead ass accuse her of being a h8er, then block before she can answer.

No. 419763

yeah, there's nothing wrong with fine hair that you need any kind of "self acceptance" motivational talk. it's like people who have oily or dry skin. neither is that bad. her hair is just beyond flat, that's why even randoms like this girl notice it so much.

No. 419765

File: 1502054159073.png (98.68 KB, 296x227, Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 2.06…)


Am I just reaching when I say this :

> She be throwing shade at Taylor who has recently been admitting to changing her looks for attention/ appeasing others, while simultaneously being a salty butthurt cunt?

There is no way that having your flat hair pointed out can be this triggering ? right ? Maybe a one two sentence, but an essay + 2 tweets ?

For shits an giggles someone should also tell her to get fillers because her face is looking flat/ hallow too.

No. 419769

File: 1502055095045.jpeg (4.6 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

>There is no way that having your flat hair pointed out can be this triggering ?
Spergchan wouldn't be a thing if she didn't go apeshit every time she was triggered. If you read her posts, there were times she got mad af over something and would go on these "YOU FUGLY WORTHLESS UNLOVEABLE NEETS" spam posts for hours.

No. 419773

basically yeah.
You put yourself out there, you're going to hear all kinds of things, and most of the time not as nicely put as this girl did. How does she still not understand this.

No. 419778

"i wonder if you ever saw me in real life if you would say that comment to my face" hell yeah you psychotic bitch she's bat shit insane how are you going to be an "actress" if you cant take any criticism she lives in a little bubble

No. 419786

It's like she doesn't have any really close friends beside her family/bf who only kiss up to her. She probably spent the day talking about it with Cathy and is now babbling on Bobby's ear nonstop..

No. 419843

File: 1502068989255.jpg (28.32 KB, 960x119, 1234.jpg)

Countdown til this person gets blocked. Damn h8rz

No. 419852

lol definitely not going to answer that one with an essay. just delete it quick before anyone sees

No. 419857

But wasn't she home schooled? Also, I'm pretty sure this never happened to her. Never heard of children knowing what flat hair was, let alone bullying for it lmao.

No. 419863

She did go to a public school for a while before being home schooled. I seem to recall her talking about supposedly being bullied by black kids (and hispanic I think?? My memory on this is pretty fuzzy now.), mentioning the 'flat ass ugly white girl hair' comment specifically makes it sound like she's talking about the same era.

No. 419870

according to rolling stone her old school was called sawgrass middle school. I just googled the demographics:
>Racial makeup is: White (35.7%), Hispanic (29.4%), African American (25.4%)

as far as i know hispanics and whites can both have the same hair type (thick, normal, or fine). so i don't think the 25% black was enough for them to gang up on her specifically for "white girl hair". if they did bully her for it, it's probably because her hair ultra, ultra thin. koot's ponytail has about as much hair as most people's bangs. so again it probably catches attention easily.

No. 419889

> omg all the things that suit fine hair will damage it

Fuck off that was your own stupid doings as a dumb teen. Grow up look up "haircut for fine long hair" go to a Salon and stop being stuck in your middle school bullying phase.

Stop demonizing everything.

So much for "you're not what happened to you" positivity message.

No. 419894

Hilarious. She made it sound like the white population at the school was the minority but it seems skewed differently. Typical Kaka, lying again. She talked about being bullied by the hispanic and black kids a lot as if that excused her racist shit. She said they called her a white ass ho.

No. 419908

>She said they called her a white ass ho

They probably did cause she was one

No. 419917

More people in the comments saying she blocked them on insta even though they never commented or liked her pics. Can't wait to see more of her innocent "I only block haters" spiel. If she ever took responsibility for something she did the world would stop spinning.

She and her bf are perfect for eachother. They seem the same equal kind of annoying. It's good they found one another to make eachother happy.

No. 419921

Such a hypocrite and so thin skinned! Strange that such an innocuous comment made sperg chan come out.

>white ass ho
They didn't lie tho.

No. 419940

> i don't think the 25% black was enough for them to gang up on her specifically for "white girl hair".
Even if it was majority black, I'd still doubt they'd insult her hair. I live in a predominantly black city and while it is common for white people to be bullied for being white here, I've never once heard of black people insulting white hair. Actually, I've only ever seen/heard them do the complete opposite and compliment white hair.

And even if all of this is true, I don't get why she's still fucking harping on shit that happened in middle school. Everyone gets bullied in middle school and it's not due to any personal grudges or anything, it's just because kids are fucking assholes. I would bet money that the people who bullied her haven't thought about her once since middle school/the scene days and if they did see her again, they'd most likely be nice to her.

>She talked about being bullied by the hispanic and black kids a lot as if that excused her racist shit.
The funny thing is, all it does is make me believe even more that she's still racist. Like if it weren't for her doing shit like this, I could've easily just written off the racist shit she did as just a teen trying to be cool/edgy and would've never thought she was an actual racist. All this makes me think is, "wow, she's really holding a grudge against a group of people over petty shit that supposedly happened in middle school."

No. 419986

> All this makes me think is, "wow, she's really holding a grudge against a group of people over petty shit that supposedly happened in middle school."

Same here. That really struck a cord that back then she really was being racist bc of what this group did to her in the past and it seems she still holds that grudge.

No. 419988

Remember that Wynona Rider interview Kaka was fawning over? Can you imagine her trying to do the same if this career works out?

> hispanic/black middle school bully: lilou Vos! Lilou vos! Can I have your autograph?

> keeks: … do you remember calling that girl white ho with a flat ass hair in middle school?
> bully:……I guess so
> keeks: well, that was me! Fuck you.

No. 420061

File: 1502129033245.png (286.9 KB, 545x354, Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 1.43…)

Hmmmm, I wonder why black/hispanic people wouldn't like Kiki as a kid ? Its not like she's racist or anything and hasn't made fun of the POC/Asians.


I half ass keeping up with her and her sister, but did Keek's ever address any of this ? I know Kooter gave a half assed apology.

No. 420067

It's shit like this that sometimes makes me wonder why she puts herself out there and tries so hard to garner fame (online or otherwise) if she can't handle even the most miniscule amount of criticism, even when it's conveyed in the most polite way possible, but then I instantly remember her neverending hunger for attention and admiration and how much that overpowers it all.
I don't know how you can go through years of receiving criticisms from strangers and still be so fucking sensitive.

I also love how she added the part about "I had hair down to my butt and my friends would always braid and play with it because it was so nice and soft and I always received so many compliments on it outside of school~".
After watching the first couple of her new videos I for some reason sensed that she had become just a slight bit more modest but nope, there's the good old humblebrag Kiki I know.

No. 420080

No never. What's funny is that during the time when the issue with the videos was most heated and everyone was raining down hard on Kooter for being "racist/homophobe/horrible person", Kiki never said a peep about her own role in them, she just let Dakota take all the heat for it. When imo she was worse than her. people only paid attention to Dakota because she was the most popular at the time, but Kiki made some really disgusting tweets and videos that would burn a massive hole in her "compassionate empath" bullshit if we still had caps of them.

No. 420081

a bit OT but I noticed yet another obvious spergchan/kiki connection.


Only her and Cathy have ever used phrases like "piece of flesh/bags of flesh".

also, the rage is that text is so evident, i wonder if she was crying while typing it.

No. 420109

Spergchan was obsessed with pussy appearance too. Kaka must be insecure about her own beef curtains.

Keeks, it's fine if you've got low hanging cow tongues. All vulvas look different.

No. 420152

To this day she hasnt taken an ounce of responsibility, even when she was basically the one enabling Kota and "leading" the stickam shenanigans (I'm not saying Kota is 100% innocent though).

In her last video, when she touched the aspect of "Kiki kannibal" being a persona, I thought she'd go in details like "I was hurting others bc I was hurt so this Kiki Kannibal persona shielded me from my own feelings" but this would require showing vulnerability and humanity, so I guess she'll never go there.

>"I had hair down to my butt and my friends would always braid and play with it because it was so nice and soft"

That Humblebrag ♡ never change, Kaka! You can try to act like it isn't there, but dat superiority complex is latent

Still. I thought you were bullied af to the extreme and had no friends? Who was braiding your "nice, soft hair", then?

No. 420160

>did Keek's ever address any of this ?
Nope, never. I remember when she got into a huge argument over racism against white people with some blm people on twitter, she outright said that she wasn't a racist and that she was just targeted due to her skin color.
Here are the tweets:

Here's a bonus tweet where she also claimed she had a knife held up to her stomach at school:

No. 420185

File: 1502142939782.jpg (267.72 KB, 980x606, lsy0oBC.jpg)

>I was hurting others
lmao, she would never say this. or anything that would even briefly make her share some blame. She acts like she has no memory of ever being on the shitty end and bring others down.

but either way, it wouldn't matter even if she made a full confession at this point. she was out here rage-typing telling people to kill themselves all the while saying on her public sites "my experiences has made me more compassionate, I intuitively know when someone is hurting, and I wish everyone well". She's nothing but a fraud. She only likes the aesthetic and positive image of being a ~love and light~ healing powers flower child.

No. 420187

File: 1502143088923.png (57.35 KB, 540x424, Screenshot_2017-08-07-18-59-27…)

Always gud 2 hav dem screenshots

No. 420188

File: 1502143129002.png (123.99 KB, 540x604, Screenshot_2017-08-07-18-59-09…)

Hahaha my fave

> I can't possibly be racist I dated asians

I wonder who the 100% Korean guy was tho.

No. 420189

File: 1502143152815.png (138.12 KB, 540x703, Screenshot_2017-08-07-18-58-37…)

No. 420193

OK fuck me with a chainsaw but I have to address this statement:

"Racist people don't visit other countries/learn multiple different languages*"

It is the dumbest statement I've ever read I refuse to believe she actually thought it was a good point. Also *multiple different languages aka basic Spanish and basic Japanese. Such multicultural Kaka. Well done.

No. 420195

>literally using the "I have black friends so I can't be racist!!' argument

Good god this girl is dumb.

No. 420199

>>I wonder who the 100% Korean guy was tho.
If you take that anon that was apparently Jack Cash's ex gf (>>/pt/52933) as being legit, he's Korean - no idea about the percentage though. And considering that was a clearly a fwb thing at best (one night stand more like), Kaka referring to him as her bf is even sadder…

No. 420201


Despite mocking blacks and asians… fuck off kirsten

Only reason she wants an asian guy is to probably do one better on her sister or jump on the asian boyfriend bandwagon

No. 420220

>Racist people don't date outside their race.

Um… Kirsten, you can't be serious with this. I know this was three years ago but it's been known for a while that racist people do date outside their race and then use it as an excuse to negate their being racist.


Well you obviously aren't up to date on LGBTQ issues or preferred terms but keep trying to use that one trans girl you were friends with for two seconds in the MySpace scene days to prove what a champion for equality you are.

No. 420222

What? LOL Cash was literally a one-night stand whom Kiki knew had a gf (according to his own gf). Wtf, she's making that up for brownie "I dated nonwhites" points. That's so, so sad.

Even worse, she's making a own card - the "learning languages/going abroad can't be racist" card.

these claims were made in 2014/2015 I wonder if any of those views have changed or if she still believes being abroad and half-assing at Japanese count as "not racist" argument

No. 420247

File: 1502146896480.jpg (95.12 KB, 1680x928, 16991972_700183100151508_55582…)

Couple of random Acheron bits

No. 420248

File: 1502146907191.jpg (97.51 KB, 1675x909, 17015893_700182660151552_14390…)

No. 420269

She looks like an old immigrant woman.

No. 420270

Y'know, this one genuinely isn't bad >>420248
But sis looks pretty rough here >>420247 What in the hell is going on with those yellowish splotches

No. 420276

Just about all non Asian girls who thirst over Asian dick because of their kpop/animu interests are in fact racist
nice try

No. 420286

File: 1502148350259.png (334.02 KB, 956x402, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 00.2…)

Also, the reel from the guy who directed Gemma Vu features Kiki a bunch

No. 420309

Aside from the weak-ass face slap in the beginning it actually looks pretty good

> "I wasn't casted because I looked too young"
…….. girl

Either way! Thanks for the heads-up muh dude

No. 420349

File: 1502152402694.jpg (37.93 KB, 275x275, 1502151826880.jpg)

Hâte to be that guy and beat a dead horse but… Kiki, you're balding. It's ok to have fine hair and a huge forehead but this shit is actually balding. You can see the hair loss patches in the scenes at >>420286 where she has her hair up. women sometimes have thinning hair and start balding in the front part of their head - it can be for many reasons and there are many treatments out there that you can look for - even ~natural & organic~ ones.

Image attached is kiki's and a woman in a much advanced stage.

No. 420359

File: 1502152659441.png (173.53 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-08-07-21-39-28…)

Just to reinforce my point bc it isn't even trolling,I really want her to get some help

No. 420380

I mean she made racist jokes on stickam so I don't doubt she'd say that at school, of course she'd be bullied by them.

No. 420404

She hid this nose so well for so long

No. 420453

>"I had hair down to my butt and my friends would always braid and play with it because it was so nice and soft and I always received so many compliments on it outside of school~".

My mom braided and dyed my hair until I started balding and people outside noticed.

No. 420498

Her nose looks like a small penis. She's got a huge beak. No wonder she hid it.

No. 420526

File: 1502159667314.png (436.47 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2017-08-07-23-35-27…)

I know, even in her vlog it seemed… less beaky. How does she do that.

No. 420527

I know the guy who owns the Taco restaurant name is Danny but it makes me a little sick thinking how she can just say "Danny" after what happened to her ex.. kind of creepy Keeks

No. 420533

k, don't push it. more than one person can share a name and there's no reason for her to not even be able to utter it again in her life. there's nothing creepy or sick about that. Daniel/Danny is super common anyway

No. 420536

What kind of dumbass logic. She's never supposed to say the name Danny bc her statutory rapist bf fell to his death running from the 5-0??

No. 420537

Referring to show she said the name. Keeks is such a sensitive thing and anything can put her into a downward spiral. Like, Dakota got mad at this one girl for having her middle name (Rose). I'm talking about the crazies here.

No. 420540

she must of had something done to the beak

No. 420541

The desperation. . .

No. 420548

File: 1502163663197.png (113.96 KB, 606x1111, sperga.png)

For posterity.

No. 420550

At one point, she was claiming to be learning Korean and Chinese too. Pretty much what Kota did and then quietly just stopped both.

No. 420556

lol what? you really expect that saying the name Danny out loud should cause her a mental breakdown?

>Like, Dakota got mad at this one girl for having her middle name (Rose).

that has literally nothing to do with what you're saying about kiki. Dakota was a stupid kid on myspace who was apparently unaware that more than one person can have a middle name.

No. 420560

File: 1502165274384.png (50 KB, 229x119, c.png)

>racist & homophobic people don't have good friendships w/transgendered people, gays & people of other races like I current have/ & have had
this is the first tweet i've ever seen her use the word "gay" in a positive light. obviously bull though, she hates lesbians and mocks gays. she's such a gross narc, she used to think any lesbian that makes eye contact with her wants her. she literally used the words "don't make eye contact with me". probably still thinks this.

No. 420561

File: 1502165544331.gif (12.08 MB, 600x338, keekslap.gif)

A gift for y'all.

No. 420563

File: 1502165675004.gif (10.54 MB, 600x338, kkact.gif)

No. 420564

File: 1502165856290.gif (13.17 MB, 600x338, backooooofff.gif)

No. 420566

File: 1502166104899.gif (11.56 MB, 600x338, roiydl.gif)

I have to admit, I'd really like to watch her act. Some of these scenes convince me she could be entertaining.

No. 420571

wrong on everything. she was 18 in that video. for reference, she was 19 when she started her tutorial youtube channel, so it wasn't more than 10 years ago lol. and no, spergchan showed she hasn't changed one bit since her petty scene era. if anything she's even worse than what i read she was like back then.

No. 420572

Don't forget the pedophile lesbian teacher she had in college who made a comment about her Ramune bottle looking like a sex toy. She was def staring her down because she was hot for Kaka.

No. 420573

i remember lol. she made several tweets about how disgusted she was about that a female teacher was supposedly hitting on her/sexually harassing, and then got into a fight with "angry lesbians" on twitter who called her out.

No. 420603

I hate when she does that thing with her bottom lip. It's Kristen Stewart bad acting 101.

No. 420634

Oh man, she's looking rough.

No. 420683

That honker.

No. 420727

File: 1502194747282.png (449.3 KB, 540x611, Screenshot_2017-08-08-09-20-23…)

No. 420736

I apologize to you guys for my dumbass logic last night about Danny's name with the taco guy. Monday nights after work is when I get tanked. I wasn't thinking right.

No. 420737

Thank you haha

No. 420738

Yeah. Lol she claimed she was traumatized and all. Give her time.

No. 420741

File: 1502210919521.png (166.83 KB, 677x814, Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 17.4…)

Lol, yet another mistake on Lilou's resumes - the short film is called Jamais Vu, not Gemma Vu. The script is fairly OK, until the ending which comes out of nowhere which I swear always happens with student crap.


No. 420743

FFS Kirsten get your head on the game, when you can't get a TV schedule right is… acceptable since it's you but messing up the name of a project is really careless. Even for your standards.

No. 420789

this is so cringey

No. 420851

She looks like she's about to break and laugh when she goes to 'slap' him.

No. 420888

Yeah I was fine with most of it but the slap was just weak-ass. C'mon, Kristen. Imagine the guy is an obsessive hater.

She looks pretty darn good in this one. I like how her hair isn't as flat, too (and I do think she thought about it before posting it, lol)

No. 420903

Don't fucking give her ideas lmao.

No. 420905


It certainly does activate the almonds.

That's why whenever Keeks starts spewing out her typical garbled vitriolic nonsense, you can be 99% sure she's projecting.

No. 420921

I feel like the more obvious reason she dates Asians is bc she clearly loves being put on a pedestal as the ashy haired, blue eyed pasty white girl by Asian men. It's like reverse exoticism, the same way creepy Japanese men fetishize Russian and Eastern European girls.

She wants betas who will constantly shower her with attention, validation and compliments, which is exactly what her fragile narc ego needs.

Let's face it, the only things she has going for her are her super sheshul blue eyes, lank dishwater hair, and, uhh, 'badonkadonk', all of which she's extremely proud of. If she ever got mistaken for a Ukrainian prostitute, she'd probably be thrilled.

No. 420926

Damn, she looks so haggard and tired. That vegan diet and those $90 tubs of honey are really working wonders for her skin, kek.

The nose knows.

No. 420931

> If she ever got mistaken for a Ukrainian prostitute, she'd probably be thrilled

LOL she did have a taxi driver (I think it was?) Ask her if she was Russian when she was in Japan and she WAS thrilled meanwhile ppl here hinted that russians/eastern European women often go to Japan for prostitution. So yes, you're absolutely right.

No. 420946

>tfw ur hispanic costar triggers all those bad 'white ass ho' memories

No. 420969

nah, I think it's 100% because Dakota is in Japan and kiki wants to feel close to that too. i mean it's obvious. she had her own kotaclone phase, tried to make it in Japan as a DJ etc etc. she wants a piece of Japan too even if a Japanese dick is all she can get.

and by any chance are you the same anon that keeps going on about what a white supremacist you think she is? knock it off already. it only makes you look like the one thinks "speshul blue eyes and blonde hair" is something so huge.

No. 420975

I'm a little worried for her, just a little. She isn't getting enough iron obviously but she looks so tired… and washed out.

No. 421001

I think reality is simpler, it's just a "My sister lives there and I go there sometimes" and yeah, that's definitely "Kiki is a white supremacist" anon.

No. 421020

>"narc ego"
is it everyone in LC a narc now? Lol Seriously it's fucking boring

No. 421048

File: 1502236282664.png (1.02 MB, 1050x1260, aas.png)

Apparently Lilou did actually get paid for two of her roles.

Reading through the You Can Do Better parts makes me wonder how Kiki felt about being around 'gays'.

No. 421055

honestly i'm going to start rooting for kaka now. especially because dakota has given up completely on herself or having fans.

at least she's actively trying again and she realizes an active social media presence IS THE MOST IMPORTANT for actresses now.

the actress playing sansa from game of thrones started she got the role over somebody better because she had more followers

give the ppl what they want kiki ;)

No. 421062

She's trying, indeed. PERSONALLY I think she could try way harder but at this point, I think she's being the most consistent.

> Rose: a young woman who's doll-like. Emotionally numb.
Damn,if only Dakota was around..

Are these all Kiki's roles til now? And I can assume that >>420247 is her as Pandora? I mean, she is in a hospital and all…

No. 421068

I mean she probably has projects we don't know about… but is this really most of what she's achieved in almost a year?

>September 2016

>Puppet Master
>Low budget direct-to-streaming horror
>Supporting role

>January 2017

>Student film
>Lead (?)

>Room 8

>Web series

>February 2017

>Knock Knock
>Student film
>Supporting role


>Student film
>Supporting role

>March 2017

>You Can Do Better
>Low-rated TV
>One scene skit

That's so depressing that I actually want her to prove us wrong by showing off some other work.

No. 421072

As she said, you really gotta start somewhere. Still, that's an year of living in LA. I wonder how much $upport she gets from her family or if it's all bobby since they became an item

No. 421091

To be fair, Kiki is the one always humblebragging about how beautiful her soft, silky, natural blonde hair is with its 'copper highlights' (how hair can be dirty dark ash blonde and simultaneously copper I have no idea)

No. 421107

I actually thought maybe they used tape or glue to give her deeper furrow lines or nasolabial folds, but close up, nope…I know going after her looks is low hanging fruit but it is quite a shock to see so many lines for someone so young.

I'm all for veganism and when people cut out dairy and meat, often their skin improves. But when people go hardcore vegan and exclude entire food groups, often their skin's appearance actually deteriorates, and they start to look pallid and sluggish. I just hope she's supplementing.

No. 421128

this light isn't doing her any favors either, it accentuates her facial lines but I don't think its THAT bad and the heavy eye makeup does give her a worn down look.

If it really was as bad, it'd show in her videos/selfies and they all would be blurried af 24/7.

No. 421132

>Jamais Vu, not Gemma Vu

kek, super cultured leeloo wouldn't know French.

Would the keeks ever graduate out of non-speaking roles or student short things?

I just can't see her memorizing an actual script and being a character other than herself. She can't even act on her youtube channel.

I also wonder if she's going to pay to join a union or if she already has.

This needs to be turned into a banner, but what should be pasted on the left..

No. 421156

> This needs to be turned into a banner, but what should be pasted on the left..


> Would the keeks ever graduate out of non-speaking roles or student short things?

We will only know when the TruTV episode comes out I guess.

No. 421160

All we can do is speculate, but I would bet that she heavily relies on Bobby. I guess there is nothing wrong with that, they both get something out of it.

It makes me laugh that so many of her roles are the "naive, dainty" girl roles. I have a feeling her "rougher around the edges" gigs will be much better and more entertaining, and I feel she will express herself better.

No. 421161

>Kiki is the one always humblebragging about how beautiful her soft, silky, natural blonde hair is with its 'copper highlights'

To be fair, she only mentioned the 'copper highlights' part two years ago, once. White-supremacist kiki doesn't exist.

No. 421170


Not that anon but… yes the copper highlights were 2 years ago but she was recently RT'ing a ginger guy, who complaint there are no ginger emojis, and (Kaka was) saying "#the struggle is real" to that. It's gone now but the screenshot's at >>411697

Wouldn't surprise me if she still thinks that but learnt better to not go around spewing this kind of snowflakey cringy shit.

No. 421501

No1curr, calm your tits and stop being such a WK for Keeks.

No. 421507

Except all her selfies ARE filtered to shit.

Just look at >>419578 I mean how can you tell me that's not blurry af.

No. 422407

I agree with you anon. It is blurred asf. I'm guessing it makes her have more of dainty appearance than her current haggard look.

No. 422419

File: 1502487907041.png (51.09 KB, 540x463, Screenshot_2017-08-11-18-42-24…)

> 2017
> "pwn"

No. 422434

Adjusting my tinfoil hat here but do you think her slang and memes haven't evolved past 2007 because she's trying to hide the fact that she's on the internet constantly reading what people say about her?

No. 422437

Jesus, she really hasn't evolved at all has she.

No. 422443

I think it's more of the same situation of people who've peeked at a certain age (let's say soccer mom's who were popular in HS and kinda got stuck on that time and never really evolved with the times and let go)

No. 422524

Koots was her only friend and didn't she leave to live in Japan on a certain year?

Seems around that time their slang both stayed frozen in the past.

No. 422630

File: 1502537843617.png (308.52 KB, 540x751, Screenshot_2017-08-12-08-33-17…)

Blah "I need to set my TV" apparently bobby is playing smthg idk.

No. 422632

File: 1502539174207.png (96.22 KB, 540x848, Screenshot_2017-08-12-08-56-22…)

The first comment "is this your natural hair color????" Kiko stated so multiple times and it isn't even that unusual. Fucking stans, damn.

No. 422641

What is it with both her and Kota leaving TVs/pictures and shit on the floor? Pure laziness? There were a few pictures on the ground in her recent video.

No. 422644

Did their parents do the same? That would also explain it quite a bit.

No. 422777

>A young woman who is doll-like

so Kaka's still trying to come for Dakota's gig? lel

No. 422814

Nah I think she's aware slang has progressed in the past decade, she just knows she has absolutely no social reference as how to use it believably. I'd rather believe that but there is a possibility she is that fucking stupid.

No. 422834


Still trying to be a "gamer" but not really a "gamer" I see. Bitch where are the new videos at?

No. 422842

I don't think she can pass off as a timer. It looks more like it's somebody else playing and she's just filming herself and then the TV

> where da video at


No. 422942

she's extra cringe in this video and of course asking her followers for more money if you send her 40 bucks you get a "custom tshirt by dakota rose"

No. 422952

Sounds like she's still trying to sell crap from before.

You Are Brilliant
$60 or more per month
It's Your Birthday, Every month!
I will purchase a personal favorite as a gift to send to you each month.
(crystals, gems, pins, kits, every month will be different!)

+ all of the previous awards, yay!

No. 422956

She should work on her presentation in these food videos.

No. 422984


>custom tshirt by dakota rose

Oh does she mean those dated monstrosities with Kooter's weird anorexic alien people ironed on that she has been trying to unload for 10+ years? They were trying to get rid of them on their desperate Kickstarter too. Those were tacky and never in style even once but ok Kaka.

>I will purchase a personal favorite as a gift to send to you each month. (crystals, gems, pins, kits, every month will be different!)

Who wants to bet these will also be recycled Kiki Kannibal/LilKitten store rejects that she couldn't get anyone to buy?

No. 423007

Yeah, I think the what I eat in a day videos of hers are very lazy, but I actually cackled at how batshit she goes over a hummingbird bc "it's a good sign".

She promised to make videos for Patreon people and on YouTube. Hmm ok Kiki.

> there are products who are cruelty free but hurt your liver and kidneys

Wtf? Does anyone have any legit info on that or is it pseudoscience?

I was the anon who said she should set up a Patreon/super chats so yeah. You're welcome Kiki. Good for you you're not just sitting around, waiting for your "birthday money" to come in. We know she won't do livestream chats bc she's afraid of people screenshotting her bad angles, though.

No. 423010

Yeah, $60 for taobao crap and shirts that are either faded or yellowish or smelling like cat urine sounds like a great deal

No. 423012

File: 1502628258541.png (414.45 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2017-08-13-09-41-10…)


You don't come off as endangered at all keeks

No. 423013

All the food looks massively unappealing - what happened to all the lights you had Keeks? Why do you need other people to pay for all this equipment when you had plenty before?

That ~quirky~ voice is so irritating and fake, literally every line sounds rehearsed. She's even laughing at her own dumb voOooiiIiceeEe as if she's actually entertaining, really annoying.

Also that's not even 'kinda' bibimbap. Veg with rice doesn't equal bibimbap. And maple syrup with gochujang? I'm fucking TRIGGERED

>I stay up at night thinking about the videos I want to make

Then make them! You're barely squeezing out one low-effort video a week. It looks like she's spending about 2-3 hours a week on YT, but now she's claiming she's obsessed and has a vision for her channel? Yeah right.

No. 423014

File: 1502628334925.png (548.41 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2017-08-13-09-41-21…)

> tfw a specific bird shows up across your yard and you immediately think it's bc the universe is conspiring in your favor

No. 423015

> All the food looks massively unappealing - what happened to all the lights you had Keeks? Why do you need other people to pay for all this equipment when you had plenty before?

Same here. She did say the food was fridge leftovers so yeah. It only makes these videos come off as lazy and poorly done ("scrape fridge leftovers and make a video of it").

She had lights, reflectors and a green screen a while ago. I'm half believing she probably sold it off on ebay in a whim, like she did with the music equipment (some people claim she did so yeah, the filming equipment probably went away as well if that's true)

>I stay up at night thinking about the videos I want to make

> Then make them! You're barely squeezing out one low-effort video a week. It looks like she's spending about 2-3 hours a week on YT, but now she's claiming she's obsessed and has a vision for her channel? Yeah right.

I don't buy this either. I read her Patreon page and it comes off as… she will just use the money to make videos she could be doing right now, except without a tripod, lights, etc.

No. 423017

So you're telling me I should hand my info over to someone who's known to stalk and create documents on practically every person that ever talks to her? And I pay for this privilege? Hmmm.

No. 423018


>I have sooo many ideas.. so many books full of ideas.

In other words just like Taylor she has a bunch of empty planner books hanging around doing nothing.

I sorta wonder if Dakota is going to make a Patreon eventually, seems like everyone these days is. Lazy fuckers should just get a job or second job like the rest of the world.

Also her food and cooking skills is appalling … It looks like she's making dog food ( though she is a bitch soo.. )

No. 423027

But hey! You get a tee shirt designed by Dakota Rose!


Tbh Patreon seems to be more of a north-american youtuber thing… they'll either set up a Patreon or sell merch to make more money, it makes it possible for YT creators to actually focus their entire days on making high quality youtube videos while making a living off it.

I'm surprised Kaka did one, I always thought she'd be too proud (and maybe paranoid) to set one. She puts so little effort or her channel, though. The videos are half-assed, poorly edited and very unoriginal. She needs to step up her youtube game before promising ~Moar exclusive content~ to patrons and youtube "once I reach my goal".

No. 423035


I'm not surprised she did. Easy money. Sadly not all Youtuber's are using it to make better content/art, a lot are just using it as easy cash and another way to milk there fans. Knowing Kiki's history with scamming ( asking for money for Mac, but having one already spotted in pictures/ ripping someone else's music ect ect ) She's probably going to pocket the money and whip out the old studio lights and claim them as "new".

I'm curious about the shirts she's talking about though.. Is she splitting the earnings for those with Kota ? as they are " designed by kota" .. Also I wonder if she's going to buy shit off of taobao and pass it as "Dakota's fashion design " as Kota always wanted to have a fashion line ( but was always to lazy ). Sorta like what Kota already did with BabyFang.

No. 423048

> I'm curious about the shirts she's talking about though..

Me too, people are betting it's those really old ones with Dakota's anorexic drawings on it. It's even more shady that Kiki didn't upload any pictures of said shirts.

> Is she splitting the earnings for those with Kota ?

Lmao I doubt it

No. 423053

It's another testament to her laziness that she doesn't even have photos of the stuff people will be pledging money for. The details for a lot of the tiers are vague too - I wonder how long she'll manage to keep up the monthly rewards for and how often they'll actually be on time? Since the rewards include all the previous tiers she could end up with a lot of letters and DMs to send. She also doesn't specify whether she ships internationally.

Even if someone had no clue of her history of scamming and shit, they'd have to be pretty foolish to give money to someone that barely sticks to their one video a week schedule and constantly breaks promises.

No. 423063

The rewards also include penpals (letter stuff) and even vlogs? Like, her rambling about her day and personalized video messages to certain patrons.

I see her promising these things and, let's recap what went down in her videos:

First video: "should my next video be on home sickness?" A lot of the commenters said yes. She didn't deliver.

Q&A's: "should I make a Spotify Playlist with my favourite songs?" Ditto.
"I will make a video on my top 10 books" "I will make a video on my beauty routine and the products I like the most" Ditto and Ditto.

Without mentioning "2 sunburnt 2 film" so, there you have it.

I think even a hard-core fan would be uneasy to spare money on someone like this

No. 423076


Kek !
So she's profiting off of her sister's name and design ? And not splitting profits.

I wonder if Kota knows about it. Kota's not exactly doing financially well right now either.

No. 423079

She probably does, now ;)

No. 423113

I just saw the video and came here to laugh! It's kickstarter all over again, I can't believe what a narc she is. She really thinks she's such hot shit that people should pay $3 for her to type their name in a tweet lmaoo. $15 and I'll actually respond to your DM! $40 for amateur t-shirts that's been collecting dust in my house for 8 years :OO!!

but the best: $60 and I'll buy something for you with your own money!

she has literally nothing to offer anybody except "i'll write something, i'll say something" just. lmao. It'll be cool to see how many literal ass suckers she actually has.

No. 423114


I agree the food looks so fucking disgusting especially the sandwich.

Also I didn't realize regular coffee was so bad for you and there was a healthy alternative. I can't help but facepalm at her.

No. 423117

>she could end up with a lot of letters and DMs to send.
that's too optimistic anon lol

No. 423160

The tempeh looked gross and she could've replaced the industrialized vegan mayonnaise with homemade hummus

I laughed out loud at the coffee bit. You eat almost everything industrialized but your coffee has to be organic~ with freaking mushrooms in it? Youre such a vegan snowflake regular coffee is beneath you?

She will just use the Patreon money to keep buying expensive stuff at Whole Foods

Bruh, the Patreon already has like, 4 people in less than 24 hours. Many people are that dumb. Plus, let's say these 4 people sign up to get DMs or letters. She's a slacker and will just let them down.

No. 423162

The mushroom coffee doesn't have any actual coffee in it. It's supposed to a substitute. I tried it when I wanted to cut back on coffee and I thought it was disgusting, but I guess there's people that like it.

4 people in 24 hours are not a lot though.

No. 423173

Lol yeah, true.
But don't forget one YT video a week and one student film every couple of months is 'a lot' to precious Kiki.

No. 423202

>inb4 these four people are mommy and daddy ostrenga, marimonstur and a sockpuppet

No. 423228

I see! Thanks anon. "Mushroom coffee" made me thing it was some weird mix of both (since she didn't clarify or anything,so helpful and educative <3).

She said they have no "mycotoxins" and after a quick research: http://www.healthline.com/nutrition/the-mycotoxins-in-coffee-myth#section3

Kiki basically breathes paranoia and pseudoscience

LOL that's what I thought
> daddy & mommy
> marimonsturr
> Bobby or sockpuppet

Either way, let's see how long it takes her to give a twitter shout-out to these patrons (even if they pledged 60 dollars she promised all the other "awards" in every value - which includes a twitter shout-out from your Vegan Cruelty-Free Majesty)

No. 423265

File: 1502668481494.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.07 KB, 750x694, IMG_6875.JPG)

Amazingly she does seem to have at least one genuine supporter.

No. 423287

And it's not a sock account neither Marimonsturr damn. I'm legit impressed.

Did you see the comment bellow Kiki's tho?
> you look like a character from a Godard movie
Like bitch wtf chill with the ass licking

No. 423289

Is this going to be like the Onision situation where a bunch of Farmers pledge with empty gift cards, then the numbers drop like flies around collect time ?

If so …
You guys trying to make her sperge again ?

No. 423290

File: 1502670860155.jpg (222.88 KB, 1280x960, Cafe-Gratitude-Menu.jpg)

is this the old menu for an infamous new-age restaurant chain, or kiki's patreon levels?

No. 423313

bishibottom is real it seems

No. 423314

Oh no please dont. Kiki is completely different from Onision, she'll just disappear and we'll go thru another milk draught

No. 423337

Nah Dakota would't make a Patreon because she likes to brag about her fancy lifestyle as a runway/editorial model in japan and "beg for money" wouldn't be "classy" also to do things like personal letters to her "fans" or send them things on the mail involves too much effort and come on she doesn't even clean her room.
You know, I think Patreon is a good way for someone who really do some kind of art or just do/knows some skill to get some money teaching or sending original artworks, etc. but I'm so sick and tired of this online personalities who thinks because they're "famous" they can ask their fans for money, fucking leechers man why don't they have a job like normal people do? I bet people who'll donate to kaka's patreon will be only silly kids who aspire to be like her and kooters someday

No. 423405

File: 1502685641374.png (64.41 KB, 750x428, IMG_3876.PNG)

Pinterest teir shit right here

No. 423474

File: 1502710045153.jpg (29.98 KB, 311x472, images.jpg)

Her WIIAD/recipe videos be like

No. 423480


Yea, Kooter's is soo classy sleeping on the sofa at a friends. ( well she has her own tiny room and bed ) Kota is spiralling downwards, and her 2 gigs a year aren't good enough to hold her in place. I guess her depending on hand outs from a friend disqualifies the theory she's married or dating.

I could see Koot's using patreon and sending out signed shooped images of herself. I'm actually surprised Kiki isn't offering signed pictures as a reward tier. Maybe Kota's hand is in on this ? but discretely. They may be sisters, but I wouldn't put it past them to be stingy and not want one another to financially gain off the other. In other words Kota probably doesn't want her sister earning off of her old dusty designed shirts.


I don't have high hopes, its summer and all the edgy kids are out of school.

No. 423637

I wasn't speaking seriously tho, dakota lies in everything and maybe she's sleeping in a box into an alley but she'll upload on instagram photos of her in a fancy party with partially "famous" people and stuff, that was my point she still lives in the social media fantasy, Patreon is for broken people who wants easy money in an open way to beg for it, kooters pride won't fit into the patreon girl profile, but kiki's career is so fucked up she has nothing to loose anymore (not saying kooters has a brilliant career as a model in japan or something bc I know she's broke too)

No. 423723

What a pathetic bum begging from people, she would probably get more money if she tied a hankerchief around her head and pretended to be a cancer patient.

No. 423797

Kiki finally makes her TV debut tonight - anyone able to record it?

No. 423801

File: 1502816395450.png (2.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-08-15-07-04-26…)

Lol since when are eggs vegan

No. 423820

File: 1502817067360.jpg (202.76 KB, 750x866, IMG_6893.JPG)

You can get algae made to be vaguely resemble eggs. I imagine there's some other equally disgusting substitutes out there too.

No. 423822

File: 1502817141439.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6890.PNG)

The other half of her Instagram story for posterity

No. 423855

So I guess this a one year anniversary? That would mean she went to LA earlier than we previously thought.

Sperg-chan's last spam was on 13th July after that it was more 'normal' posts on the 21st, 27th and then a big gap until September.

Yeah yeah tinfoil hat I know but I do wonder if she had some kind of breakdown and her parents agreed to give her what she wanted and make a significant change in her sorry life.

No. 423882

When did she come back to IG again? She posted a picture from a contact from her line on her IG and hinted it was her bf not too long after her comeback, and it def. wasn't bobby.

No. 423932

You can't see much of his face but I don't think it's Bobby
Plus she deleted that stuff which says a lot.

It's amazing just how many posts she has in that thread.

No. 423976

No. 423978

A balding polyamorous pansexual judging by the casting list - there's a trans character, genderfluid, lesbian, etc. This must have been the toughest role yet for poor Kiki lol

I wonder how the Wizard character fits into this…

No. 423982

You Can Do Better Episode:Casting

No. 424051

God this whole channel is so cringy

> I do wonder if she had some kind of breakdown and her parents agreed to give her what she wanted

I think so. It makes sense and it'd kinda explain this whole "I'm following my passion now" shtick when she realized she didn't turn out to be a huge music hit/ didnt have a great break thru as a model in Japan/ husbando-to-be left

No. 424199

>inb4 kiki's definition of "vegan egg" is eggs from laying hens who are being fed plants and seeds only

No. 424203

Wow they were not generous with camera angles, her nose is humongous

No. 424205

>kooters pride won't fit into the patreon girl profile

I agree but she def will piggyback whatever begging Kaka is doing. Remember that video where they begged for kickstarter and nobody wanted to give bucks.

No. 424206

File: 1502867654896.png (1.33 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_2017-08-16-02-11-45…)

The skit was under 2 min. And cringey af

No. 424273

I hate to say it but she is not going to make it with that nose, no way in fucking hell

No. 424276

Lmao why do I find her crazy/cringey self loveable???

No. 424279

I'm still surprised that she could hide her nose for that long. It's so big.

Yeah, the video wasn't too bad unless you think about what kind of a person she really is.

Some people celebrate their 1 month/ 3 month/ 6 month so it could be anything. But it sounds plausible.

No. 424324

File: 1502895376067.png (1.78 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6911.PNG)


18:26 - 20:14

Cringey is definitely the word for this.

No. 424331

Thanks for the link, anon. It's definitely cringey but she's not worse than the others in it. I just don't get why they would cast a straight cis female for this role. At least pick someone that is actually involved in LGBTQ and hasn't made homophobic statements in the past.

No. 424351

It's a stupid script, but I actually think Keeks is pretty cute in this. You can only do so much with bad material. She has a certain charm about her. I hope she continues her acting efforts and keeps investing all of her energy into it so she doesn't have to keep feeling so angry and unfulfilled all the time which IMO was probably the main cause of all of her worst behaviour in the past.

No. 424372

This wasn't bad considering what it was. Like >>424351 said, I sorta hope she's finally found her niche with this. These days I can't help but feel bad for her (not so much in a "poor girl" way, but in a "wow, I hope this crazy person gets their life sorted out" way).

No. 424386

Is it just me or is her voice fake af in this show? Like she's trying way too hard to sound like a wide eyed, innocent little girl lost in a grocery store, not a grown woman in a bar.

No. 424389

Reach. She's doing what was asked of her, see >>421048

No. 424391

> At least pick someone that is actually involved in LGBTQ

Yeah not so much for the homophobic past statement but if they gotta go socjus they better go all the socjus way

No. 424429

Yeah I agree. The tone and script of the sketch were weird at best, but she looked genuinely adorable next to the host and sold the character. I think she has a solid career here. I'm rooting for her.

No. 424551

Yes let's root for sperg-chan who probably changed a lot in a year and is no longer racist and homopobic.

No. 424562

After seeing her filmed without her angles and lighting I'm even more convinced that if she gained some weight and filled her face out even a little, she'd look more youthful. I even think just five pounds could help. That's just imo tho and otherwise she didn't look too bad

No. 424575

OK the whole thing was really fucking awful. The first part was like watching a tumblr post featuring people on their 30's. Even the part where the guy "talks" to people's sexual identity on the street seems forced. I can't even talk shit about Kiki bc she actually came off as better than the other actors.

That tight hairstyle didn't do her any favours I'm bemused HOW the hair/makeup crew couldn't think "hey, why not put her on some loose braids with tons of dry shampoo and some teasing instead of that greasy mass" and the filming seemed specially fond of her huge beak.

No. 424603

> I think she has a solid career here. I'm rooting for her.

She wasn't even on the same wavelength with the other actors. She comes across as thinking of herself only still, like in the youtube videos.

Can't unsee that huge nose though. She's been hiding that shit for years!

No. 424641

Maybe she told them she was. She's representing the Q in LGBTQ and there are a lot of "queer" identities she could've claimed. Tbh it would be great to see the show get some backlash for casting a racist homophobe for a skit like that but it's not worth the faux outrage.

Nice beak on display Keeks.

No. 424643

Yeah! Let's all wish misery and death on her like she deserves because nobody should ever be allowed to turn over a new leaf!

idk about you but a lot of us visit this site hoping that these cows will learn from their mistakes and change. Kiki still has plenty of time to change and I hope she does.

Oh pray tell what magical "wavelength" this is and how one detects this esoteric quality? lmao

No. 424644

File: 1502936003242.png (274.49 KB, 540x773, Screenshot_2017-08-16-23-10-28…)

LMAO even in the most flattering shots she could grab you still can spot the massive nose

No. 424646

File: 1502936020715.png (360.17 KB, 540x773, Screenshot_2017-08-16-23-10-32…)

No. 424647

File: 1502936038019.png (327.99 KB, 540x775, Screenshot_2017-08-16-23-10-36…)

No. 424649

Not that anon but ain't nbd wishing death on her etc dude. Plus they're right, it's not like her career is "taking off" super smoothly or that this TruTV is a big deal at all.

Tbh I like to imagine cows will learn from their mistakes but with Kiki we are way past that. I do hope she succeed in whatever she wants to do now but you have to be some next level naive to ever think she can possibly change for good after the Sperg-Chan tirade

No. 424654

>Kiki still has plenty of time to change

Clearly, she has her whole life.

In the meantime she will continue to sperg out and create milk for us. Your praise for Keeks doing the literally the absolute least only enables it.

>how one detects this esoteric quality

The exact same way anyone can spot whenever Kaka comes off as insincere or fake. Through her awkward af interactions with other people.

No. 424712

I know she had about 10 seconds of acting there, total. But she was likable, and that's the first I think I've felt that way towards her in a long time.

No. 424734

I really do wish her luck, and I am excited to see where her career goes. If she became famous we would have so much to talk about here and that would be fun. I don't believe she is beyond redemption. People learn and grow all the time. It's too bad YOU BLOCKED ME Kiki for following Taylor. If she thinks the general public isn't going to gossip about her scene days if she makes it as an actress she is so delusional. She really needs accept her past and make light of how stupid it all was, and how different she is now, then everything would be fine. idk if she would ever handle anything like that so gracefully though!

No. 424760

> I really do wish her luck, and I am excited to see where her career goes. If she became famous we would have so much to talk about here and that would be fun.

Same here. I think most farmers think so? Like, there is always someone who'll see it as unfair, annoying but overall I think we'd have a swell time if she got big (or even moderately ok). Kiki is an infinity cringe and narcissism source and doing well in life will only fuel it. If she fails, she'll just go MIA.

> She really needs accept her past and make light of how stupid it all was

The closest we got was her low-key admitting Kiki Kannibal was a front she put "bc of haters", so I don't think that'll ever change and even if she does, we will always have her Sperg-Chan tirade and that's smthg she cant get away with, not even if she came clear with it or claimed it was a "persona" to protect herself, too.

No. 424769

I like how cows are always calling us hateful and the worst people in general, but y'all are so soft and forigiving
I can't root for her, I still vividly remember all those horrifying, disgusting stuff she posted, and her whole fairy vegan hippie persona is so fake and forced I don't doubt she's the same Kiki under the facade. But also I don't care enough to wish her bad nor to follow her "career". I just think you guys definitely put too much faith in her alleged change.

sage because who cares about my opinion

No. 424777


Yeah everyone was saying the same thing when she went to Japan, that she's changed and they're happy for her, and then when she didn't get that marriage visa she came back and went full A-log on disability

No. 424794

The fucking agenda that this show has. Pink Tax is not real.

No. 425183

File: 1503065899098.png (57.84 KB, 540x347, Screenshot_2017-08-18-09-12-49…)

Damn Kiki that's so impressive

Most patrons pledged on Sunday. You're only less than a week late.

How hard is it to make a tweet giving them a shout-out tho (one of the "awards")?

No. 425270

I can't believe she actually managed to get 7 patrons, even if it did take 6 days.

No. 425296

Wonder how many are sock puppets?

No. 425321

File: 1503091807891.jpg (174.51 KB, 1476x793, c.jpg)

>To my Patreon Supporters
>on twitter
lmao, doesn't she know she can make a post on patreon exclusively for them to see? typical kaka, can't resist any form of bragging. has to make a public tweet for all 7 people to see.

you can't make socks on patreon.. you actually have to pledge money to be one of them. i'm kind of surprised she has so little actually. Back in 2013~ there used to be a number of salivating Dakota wannabes that would have jumped at the opportunity at being able to question keek on their photoshop/makeup/fashion secrets (pic related..). nowadays the only one of those I see around is the dakolei girl.

No. 425325

Is that #Spoony?#

No. 425328

lol, no. her name is Lauryn Lawler i think. she has a thread here.

No. 425332

Yep, the exclusivity is supposed to be half the appeal of Patreon but Kiki takes a while to figure out anything invented after 2008. Girl, you're lucky to get even those 7 idiots, give them what they want, even a tweet-length update on Patreon.

No. 425335

It's actually pretty easy to have a fake account on Patreon. You just need an empty gift card and can put in a fake name. You'll get suspended from the page your supporting at the end of the month but until then you can see everything they post.

No. 425411

You don't have to pay right away because patreon pledges are charged only on the first of the month, so it's possible to pledge and then cancel to inflate numbers temporarily. She's also not above paying for followers, if history tells us anything, so I could see her paying herself and eating the fees.

I also suspect that the tweet was meant to get new patrons on board/more visibility. I didn't see her pushing patreon as much as I expected on social media, so I think she's going for the "mention casually as often as possible" approach rather than spamming and blasting it everywhere, which is actually pretty smart. Also if she's shipping out gifts, that means people have pledged into the highest tiers for physical items, so she's probably pulling pretty solid first month money already.

No. 425414

>to inflate numbers temporarily
Anon she has 6.

No. 425422

Some anons suspected sock puppets. Regardless, it would be nice if she could post those twitter shoutouts so we'd know if her patrons real or not.

No. 425431

but.. 7 is nothing. if she had like 70 then suspecting sock puppets is ok, but it's pointless for the current number. imo 7 is perfectly believable in terms of asskissing followers willing to pay for her to chat with them. Doesn't she have one follower in particular that copies her instagram bio and leaves cringy comments from time to time? she was talked about in a previous thread.

either way, it's kinda funny that her "goal" appears to be exponentially high. she's only at 8%, i bet it's like $2,000+ monthly. that's really delusional since her rewards are literally "i'll talk to you, i'll send you a written letter, i'll buy you something with your own money". Patreon is suppose to be to help artists make an income by delivering goods to paid subscribers. It's not a platform for narcs to charge people for the opportunity to talk to them.

No. 425441

File: 1503126770997.png (337.55 KB, 500x372, IMG_0646.PNG)

No bully for remembering an Adam Sandler movie pls but she looks SO much like the character Alexa from 50 First Dates…

No. 425445

Yeah but what she's going kinda makes sense. She's a vlogger/personality who generally shares personal stories and footage. Making her content even more personal is the most obvious extension that makes it more attractive to patrons. She's pandering to a part of her fan base that wants to wear her skin and doing pretty much the same thing she's always been doing. I'm surprised she doesn't have a tier to get lunch with her or something. What other content could she provide anyway?

No. 425466

So is she going to be @ mentioning people who are her patreons? That will be funny.

>nowadays the only one of those I see around is the dakolei girl.

Dakolei is kaka herself so..

No. 425471

Oh my God 100%

No. 425475

I've thought this for the longest time. It's uncanny!

No. 425535

>Dakolei is kaka herself so..
How do you know it's her?

No. 425582

(not the same anon, just putting on a tinfoil hat on this one) the "lei" in the username is Kaka's middle name leigh, and the account uses some really basic spanish to throw us off…also, they seem to post a lot of Dakota's not-so-flattering photos (even her first japanese interview with her real face), and the account seems more dedicated to Kaka than it is to kooter, even the person owning the account knows the titles of Kaka's "acting jobs."

I think that this account is owned by at least one of the Ostrengas, and I'm thinking Kaka, especially when Kaka had her sperg meltdown, she did say some pretty rude things towards her own sister.

No. 425606

File: 1503174252396.png (39.29 KB, 765x180, Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 4.21…)

Anon, pls. Even the things that point to it not being them you called it "trying to throw us off", you're reaching. It's not like there hasn't been several stupid people do this sort of thing before. And Kiki's middle name isn't a secret, so i don't see how lei in the username points to it being her.

as spergchan she had to say "rude" things about her sister. if she didn't, she would have come across as just a whiteknight and nobody would have taken her "she has no milk, move her thread to /b/" posts seriously. i mean, she said rude things about herself too LOL, she called herself "kaka and even threatened to "gut this bitch" in her own thread. Yet 70%~ of her sperging was still whiteknighting anyway.

No. 425608

>audrey wishes she was kota


No. 425611


Yes that's pretty much it. Whoop dee doo.

> Also if she's shipping out gifts, that means people have pledged into the highest tiers for physical items

Thought the same. If they're legit she's pulling more than a couple of bucks from this. I wonder if we'll have any follower saying "omg I pledged for Kiki's Patreon and just got my top designed by Dakota. Love it <3" or smthg

No. 425612

File: 1503175519594.png (203.62 KB, 540x625, Screenshot_2017-08-19-17-43-09…)

> unless I get a bad sunburn
> or messes the video title
> or the video takes too long to upload
> etc

No. 425685

It's great how her videos are always late Saturday evening LA time, ie: Sunday for most people. How hard is it to get it out a few hours earlier?

No. 425698

I said I was tinfoiling, no one truly knows if dak0lei is Kaka or not.

No. 425707

It's pretty weird that they were stanning for Puppet Master so hard too. What are the odds? Most of Kaka's old scene followers were too young to gaf about those cheesy movies and I doubt her new love and light vegan ass kissers do too.

No. 425712

File: 1503202300467.png (108.14 KB, 902x910, lilou block.png)

These are comments from her previous video. Can we just talk about how she's so paranoid of ~h8rz~ that she's blocked actual fans and they've started to notice? These people have supported her in the past, most likely with positive comments, and that was how she repaid them. Why would they continue to support her by giving her money after she has blocked them for literally no reason? And she's almost definitely blocked a lot more fans than just these.

No. 425713

I wonder what her criteria for blocking is besides inactive lurker accounts. Probably also seeing if they follow other cows, too. I looked up the childofmild account and it just looks like a personal account that is on private though.

No. 425714

I followed her on my main, and she blocked me. I had no intention of being mean to her either. Just because someone goes on lol cow doesn't mean they are forever a hater, only doing hateful things! I come here to read milk not tear people down. She's probably blocked half her her fans in the process. At this point if someone knows of her and and the new Lilou name they are probably from here. This site is not a secret. It's probably half the reason anyone is interested in anything she does.

No. 425747

How would she know you post here? Do you post on your account about it?

No. 425764

I guess cooking videos are her schtick now?

No. 425765

File: 1503219771437.png (150.37 KB, 640x981, IMG_7693.PNG.fdcd1364232910252…)

It definitely seems like dak0lei is Kaka, Cathy, or Kota. I just saw this while lurking on pull and I can't see any reason why a "fan" would get this upset over a comment about Kota's shooping.

Here's a link if you want to see the post I got the screenshot from:

No. 425767

I don't think I truly appreciated how important presentation and lighting is in cooking videos until I watched Kiki's crap.

Also her fashion is getting worse than ever.

No. 425793

"I've never rolled sushi before so if you want to learn how to roll sushi there are YouTube videos for that"

"I haven't rolled sushi before… well I've not rolled it for a few months"

She compulsively lied about knowing how to roll sushi lmao, dis bitch. Like it even matters.

No. 425796

>Also I've changed my Patreon a little bit, I've taken out the Twitter shoutouts because some of my Patreon people don't have Twitter


No. 425798

True. The lipstick was super poorly applied and wtf is with that ruffled top.

I skipped most parts of the video. The recipe, as always, looked pretty gross and her voice-over is so cringy

It's what? The 3rd recipe video she does in a row? Kaka, get some ideas.

Also "I'll be posting a vlog of the TruTV experience". No, you'd be "vlogging" if you brought your camera with you to film while doing things there, since the whole thing is over, what you'll be doing is posting a "story time" type of video. It's so obvious. Goddammit get SOMeTHING right

No. 425802

Jesus it must suck to be a loyal follower having to ask your almighty vegan princess to PLEASE unblock you on her instagram/twitter. I wonder how many of them stick around after that stupidity.

No. 425807

File: 1503248556079.png (212.74 KB, 540x520, Screenshot_2017-08-20-13-59-32…)

Yeah sure, that sounds reasonable lol

No. 425819

File: 1503249426144.png (203.24 KB, 616x501, Screen Shot 2017-08-20 at 18.1…)

Turns out Kiki did actually do one Twitter shoutout but she didn't bother to stick anything before his username, so it wouldn't have been seen by her followers. Money well spent!

No. 425866

>I know some actors don't like to watch themselves, but I like to watch myself

no surprise there

No. 425881

saddest looking sushi rolls ever

No. 425889

ikr? not to mention the weird use of「」especially for someone who poorly tries to pass as a native spanish speaker.Not even hardcore spanish speaking weebs do that. What gives?

You'd think Kiki would follow her own advice and watched those videos beforehand but no

don't get it either, of all the tons of vegan youtubers with actual content, they followed a nobody like kiki

Hope that Advent person is satisfied.

No. 425910

File: 1503264601458.png (381.76 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2017-08-20-12-33-18…)

Imagine looking in the mirror like this and thinking "yeah. This is a good look"

Not even uploading it in SUPER BLURRY mode could make it look good

No. 425921

>pours maple syrup on everything
>rice cooker precariously close to the edge of the counter
>green onion use in sushi roll
>obnoxious muffled comments from boyfriend in the background
>"don't worry guys, he's Japanese so he can say whatever he wants!"
>no lack of foresight; cluttered countertops
>claims she just leaned how to roll sushi. back tracks and says she did it a few months ago.

4/10 snooze fest

No. 425928

I wonder if all 7 of her patrons have their amazing exclusive truTV vlog yet or if she's leaving that to late in the day too.

No. 425947

awkward when the bow is meant to sit on your hair, but it sticks up weirdly from your skull instead because your hair is nonexistent.

No. 425954

>"don't worry guys, he's Japanese so he can say whatever he wants!"
That and her cluttered disorganized kitchen triggered me even the room she films herself in looks untidy

If they do get it it'll be uploaded at 11:59pm and something she filmed and edited today in a hush

No. 425956

the quality of her videos always annoys me. even in 1080p it's so grainy. i wonder if she purposely uses a shitty camera compared to others who have crisp quality because the blur and graininess helps her look younger or something? idk it's just weird to me because i thought kaka would drop money on a proper camera if she got semi-serious about videos again for quality purposes or to brag (or at least so she could be somewhat up to par with Taylor since she has had a couple of nice expensive cameras) but she still has a camera that makes all her videos look old.

No. 425987

I think so. Even with the awful blurriness you can see the haggardness >>425910
Even when she had a decent camera and posted HD videos, she had a TON of bright-ass lights all over

No. 426000

This is the episode she is meant to show up in:

Someone who has an account take screenshots or record the segment shes in. I'm so curious how she looks on a TV studio camera.

No. 426010

Already posted, see >>424324

No. 426043

i can't believe this person would still want to send her money even after being blocked

No. 426054

All the motives behind posts, coincidences, posting style and voice confirms it as Kaka for me. The info and photos are also quite obscure at times.

She'd never block it because she is running it. Meanwhile she's blocking her fans lol.

Well how did you think she's been hiding this? >>424206

No. 426057

I don't talk about lolcow on my account or anywhere, I have no idea how she came to the conclusion that I am a "hater"

No. 426060

I checked that account and as far as I know Kiki doesn't draw and doesn't speak Spanish?

No. 426062

File: 1503284568958.png (370.33 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-08-20-23-47-04…)

Bitch you gon be featured in a F-rated horror film where people will be able to see all your "bad" angles multiplied by 10. Why you even bother blurring the fuck out of your videos.

So much for "you define your own beauty" >>419735 (she'd probably pull that argument if someone told her to properly apply lipstick. I used to think she'd look good with red lips but this clown look is just bad)

Image related:I remember in an older thread (b4 she was gone forever) an anon tried to "undo" the filters on her photos & videos.
This is my attempt. I half think I'm being harsh on her and half think I'm being fair if you consider her "candid" pics.

(Feel free to do a way better version than this cuz this one's shit)

No. 426063

She used to claim she did in the past. "Took 2 years of Spanish classes in college" or smthg

No. 426072

Anon I think this will only make you look stupid if it turns out that's not Kiki.

No. 426083

K. I'm not the same anon that's been claiming dak0lei is Kiki although I once suspected that. now I've pretty much dropped that theory. Chances are it's just an ass licker "fan" IMHO.

I just wanted to clear the air on why anons are saying Kiki can speak Spanish.

No. 426103

yeah it is definitely kiki, nobody gives a single fuck enough to make a fan page about those two, let alone some alleged latin foreigner with 9/10 posts in english with japanese hashtags

No. 426108

nah, i've seen comments of dak0lei on instagram and she/he speaks spanish very fluently I'm latina and I would say this account belongs to someone who lives in south america for the way she writes/speaks spanish

No. 426115

Literally no motive or reason someone would make such an account with such oddly specific post content and timing.

No. 426120

Yes, that person is pretty fluent, I don't think is kaka, that spanish is too good for her.

No. 426124

Yeah, I second that.

Anon, who knows? stop this stupid tinfoil, that's not Kiki.

No. 426178

hahaha, she should make it into a reward on her patreon

>Pledge 20 dollars and I will unblock you on Instagram

No. 426189

>Why you even bother blurring the fuck out of your videos.
the same reason why dakota continues to shoop herself into an actual fetus despite there being an almost overwhelming amount of footage of her unedited face. i'll never understand these two.

No. 426482

Anon.. It.Has.Happened.Before. Maaaany times. Since the myspace days little girls who idolize them have been making fanpages for them. From myspace to buzznet to tumblr, to facebook, and now instagram. It's not a difficult concept, almost every cow here has these types of people. Even fucking Mira who looks an ogre has one crazy dude whiteknighting her and putting her name on his bumper sticker. Please stop trying to fool yourself.

No. 426521

File: 1503363738550.png (371.45 KB, 540x798, Screenshot_2017-08-21-21-50-45…)

I agree with you but I get where other anon is coming from. Kiki is majorly irrelevant but her and Dakota have a latino Stan that posts hashtags in Kanji and posts shit like this:

Yes but with Kiki is even more absurd because she praises light, positivity and "accepting" your "own beauty" while she goes thru unnecessary lengths to hide her humongous squidward nose.
I get the vibe she's not happy with the way she looks (otherwise she'd not get butt hurt over a one-line comment about her thinning hair) but insists on staying the same to "prove the haters wrong" or whatever.

No. 426582

I don't rly think her having a big nose is going to hinder her career as an actress at all. I mean, look at Chelsea Peretti

No. 426639

it always amazes me how south america idolizes so much american/european people just because they're blond-white skin-blue eyed, not to go so far one friend of mine loves kooters and likes every fucking photo on her instagram, kiki and dakota are barking at the wrong tree at the weaboo dream just go to the latino side maybe you'll earn more money

No. 426662

Yeah but the difference is that Chelsea Perreti is actually funny as fuck and talented, where as I really can't see any good acting chops on Kiki. I'm not saying that as a hater, and I'm sure she could work on it, but I honestly can't see any natural acting talent. Maybe performing or promo modelling or something, but not spoken roles or like main characters roles.

No. 426663

I meant to add that I agree with you that her big nose is not the issue, there are heaps of big nose/actresses models, but her lack of talent is

No. 426664

LMFAO Chelsea Peretti is fucking hilarious and has actual talent you dumb bitch how can you even compare an actress to Kiki, let alone a legitimately skilled comedian/actress.

You guys this shit isn't real Kiki does not and never will have a career as a fucking actress - never ever ever ever. This is LA, there are beautiful, sociopathic girls literally everywhere there that can act circles around Kiki drunk. Stop.
She's going to crash soon if she stops taking her Abilify. She'd get better acting roles just going to a bar and falling on someone, people in LA love nothing more than enamoring you with how connected they are.

Sorry to burst your bubble she's a self centered cunt who will fuck this up to, she's only pretending to have a life purpose because she got caught trying to Buffalo Bill Taylor. Actually the only reason she wants to act is Taylor, so who cares if her videos are never on schedule because something will inevitably cause her delusion to crack.

Yo. No one cares. Sage that random shit. They will never go the Latino route what kind of opinion is that

No. 426667

omg bitch no she can't "just work on it" this is Kiki Mother Fuck Kannibal you're talking about she possesses no fucking skill and has been trying to act on Stickam/their home video skits for decades and she still shows only one emotion - dead inside.

And you can't just learn a talent, she could develop a skill with years and years of dedication to a craft but that will never fucking happen. This is cooking videos. This is make up tutorials. This is lilkitten. This is Japan. This is DJing. This is any attempt at mental health. She. does. not. work.

She just wants to fuck Taylor stop shitting up the thread with your non lesbian drama.

No. 426671

Looks are less important in comedy, which Chelsea Peretti does exclusively; Kiki seems to want to take serious roles too. Also Peretti partly came up through writing and improv and once you're in one of those circles they all tend to hire each other for their shows.

No. 426701

I don't even think that Kiki knows what she really wants to do. I get that it's important to get roles, but so far they haven't had a common theme. Which genre is she even interested in?

No. 426707

Okay I get what you are saying, but can you stop referring to everyone as bitch? I wasn't defending her saying she could work on it. I even said I couldn't see any natural talent in acting, I was saying MAYBE if she worked on it, not like that would actually happen. I also disagreed with the other anon saying about Chelsea Peretti, but no need to call her a bitch just for commenting on nose sizes. Like I mean, I disagreed with them without insulting them. Anyway, I agree that she doesn't have the chops for acting and should just get roles as an extra or minor character. I also agree with you that it will most likely be a phase just like lil kitten, YouTube ect…

No. 426710

She seems to always dabble in things that are somewhat narcissistic. Acting, modelling, YouTube. Even things like her music or jewellery/clothes, a lot of it she still made about herself. Like I think one day she'll realise that she's only really good for a pretty face and will realise she has no real talents or friends. I think she's a sad person.

No. 426719

What Kiki is trying to do is to make big buck fast. Not only is she narcisisetic, she is also extremely lazy.

Most recent evidence is her lackluster videos where she is unable to uphold one (1) weekly deadline.

No. 426721



No. 426975

I dont think anyone here meant to say that. Yes, talent and skills over looks but she ain't got those either, so…

She did try to do improv once and TruTV was a comedy show, so maybe… she thinks she can do comedy? It's a wild shot I think. She be interested in anything that gives her some attention.

No. 427108

>Actually the only reason she wants to act is Taylor

I forgot about this. There was extreme sperging when Taylor was in that lame drama. Thing is Taylor seems responsible as a worker with and got tasteful roles on TV while Kiki's biggest break is uh… that Puppetmaster soft porn thing on a niche platform.

atm I'm just waiting for the inevitable vlogs or tweets about how Hollywood sucks and she's a victim of it, and that's why she never got roles other than the ones her parents bought.

>she's only really good for a pretty face


No. 427128

Damn, I totally agree with you but you need to chill, no need to be mean.
Anyway I have the same idea of kiki's being an actress because of taylor. And I don't like her but still, sometimes I kinda feel bad about her, she needs to do something with her life.

No. 427164

are you following any accounts associated with the 'hate blogs', there's ways users can mass block people that are following certain accounts.

No. 427814

You think this girl has Borderline personality disorder ?

No. 427996

Do you even know what that means? No she doesn't.

No. 428119

File: 1503622762737.png (318.41 KB, 540x924, Screenshot_2017-08-24-21-56-20…)


No. 428125

literally who? "you've been doing this for years", how does she know that? is this some popular PULL user?

No. 428152

Tinfoiling or not, this sounds so much like mama ostrenga.

No. 428156

yeah, I'm still 100% it's not kiki, but this person sure has done a good job of copying how they talk.

>if you had had the balls to use your personal account to express your unpopular opinion

this though lol, bitch you're on an anon account expressing an unpopular opinion too.

No. 428191

Who knows, Cathy might speak spanish..

No. 428210

File: 1503633241636.png (170.48 KB, 636x946, Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 11.2…)

I was getting ready to say that I take it back, and it's probably Cathy but.. nope, definitely not an Ostrenga. I speak spanish too and I agree with the other anons, she sounds native. I read one of her posts to this girl where she put "ay mija por qué diras tantas pendejadas?", the first part "ay mija" is not translatable with something like google, and I really don't think it's even something that a casual spanish learner would know. it's a slang phrase that literally means "oh my daughter" that's used sarcastic or exasperatedly. I can't even think of a close english equivalent.

she's just one seriously invested fangirl..
if you're reading this, here's some tips: 1. your idols don't give a shit about you, 2. Caca didn't answer your instagram FAQ questions because you're cringy. 3. Caca was too afraid to come here as herself and rage at us. she pretended to be a random anon, talked about herself in 3rd person, and bullied Taylor. so you can stop with your hypocritical pic related.

No. 428226

Maybe "oh honey…" ? Like "honey, no."

No. 428228

I'm dying to know what kind of person would be this obsessive about whiteknighting these girls. It has to be an old fan because nobody is going to just come across them randomly and become this much of a stan. It's hilarious how much they end up sounding like an Ostrenga when they type in English though. I'm picturing another Rima character.

No. 428337

besides thinking Dakota isn't fake or doesn't shoop is actually a much more impopular opinion

Yeah you gotta take a hint when not even Kaka is gonna give you the time of the day bc of how creepy you are

No. 428344

ayy mija = o ok sis

No. 428376

Um, what? Mija and mijo are such common tearms of endearment, even the Ostrengas would not be so ignorant of the meaning. If you live amongst a sizable Spanish-speaking population, you would easily recognize those exclamations. Do we forget Danny also spoke Spanish and Kiki claimed to study it?

Not saying this super fan is either woman since I've seen Latin American fans get absolutely OBSESSED with internet celebrities, but your example was so strange.

No. 428430

dif anon but I've wondered that tbh. i do not have BPD but i read about it a lot bc what i do have has overlapping symptoms so i pick up tools that way. sorry to armchair, i hate that, but to me this could be valid or at least interesting to think about, we'll never know for sure anyways.

Though if she came right out and admitted her diagnosis and what she does to cope she'd instantly win my respect and i don't even like her at all. Hope she's lurking because mental health is a hot button issue rn ……..

people with borderline have an extremely weak self of self and are always getting into (usually risky) situations where they can define themselves by their circumstance/friends/or for kiki specifically social media trends until she became an obsessive Taylor skin walker. As far as the identity thing goes I feel like there's abundant evidence Kiki actually has no fucking idea who she really is. To be honest I think she defines herself by who she's claims she's being victimized by, rather than doing the work she needs to while returning to herself. She's obviously not a whitelightempathgoddesu either.

they tend to self harm, usually for attention or manipulation. kiki has cuts and a very real eating disorder that gets skipped over here because she takes an inordinate amount of pride in her low weight.

it gets commonly mistaken with PTSD (i have) and I know Kiki may be convinced she has that from what happened to her over the years - and she could. BPD people also have paranoia with abandonment usually and very weird social reasoning. Kiki thinks literally everyone is going to rape her and can't even make friends, but she probably convinced herself by now she doesn't want them for whatever reason.

The only reason she has Bobby is she she can define herself through him. I read an amazing book about BPD and their initial example was a woman who never had friends but keeps boyfriends/husbands for the same reason, and usually narcissistic men (like Kiki has) because they will want a high degree of control.

Lastly there's splitting, seeing people as just good or bad and that's it. I guess Kiki does this, based on who hurt me (bad) and what hasn't (good). Sorry for the length!

No. 428448

I think we all know kiki hates herself but is desperate enough for attention to continue plastering her face all over the internet trying to be somebody. Someone who obsessively browses their own thread on a drama site and proceeds to spam each thread with insane one liners is insecure and doesn't have anything going for them 100%.

No. 428724

that's like…entry-level slang anon. .

>t. another native spanish speaker.

No. 428804

i just meant that it won't translate through google, and i hiiiiighly doubt any Ostrenga can construct sentences with slang and all. I once saw a stickam video of kiki speaking spanish and it was very broken with very basic words. i'm positive they don't know that much. anyway, i think this girl is probably an ex hater turned fan. that would explain everything about how she knows so much info about them, knows how they talk and where to find content. she said in a post that she was "nostalgic" about pre-viral Dakota, so she's been around for a while.

No. 428862

File: 1503746238960.png (131.69 KB, 540x596, Screenshot_2017-08-26-08-11-23…)

tons of compliments

No. 428965

Can we please stop with the armchair BPD diagnosis? It's happened in every single cow's thread and I'm not surprised to see it in Kikis. But seriously, no one care about your opinion, especially if you're some high schooler who has only taken a semester of Psych 101 before.

It gets really tiring to see you all try to diagnose a cow with a PD when you're really misinformed about personality disorders in the first place.

No. 428967

If she's still living in the south, I can definitely see other trashy basic bitches complimenting her feather earrings.

No. 428970

yeah I think that too, "mija" it's a common word tho like "pendeja/o" o "carajo" they use it in every single latino character in sitcoms/series for example, but I've seen another dak0lei posts in spanish (I don't have screenshots tho, I'll search later) and she definalety is a native spanish speaker
Isn't she a vegan? how in the world can someone who is vegan use feather earrings? that's tottally absurd, it's like a vegan wearing a real leather jacket

No. 428975

How does she know its "cruelty free" or whatever, like her picking it up off the ground herself? Is that the same as someone else killing a cow and you taking the hide to make leather? I feel like it's the same thing.

No. 428976

i think it's acceptable bc they're cruelty free - i.e. they dropped off the bird of natural causes and were collected.
the bigger problem is how gross you have to be to wear feathers that haven't been properly treated. yik.

No. 428977

As far as I know with things like cosmetics/make up you can search in PETA or some others groups which brands are certificated as cruelty free, but there are a lot of brands who claim they're cruelty free and don't have a certificate so you'll never know if it's true. So my doubt is, does this brand of jewerly count with a certificate of CF product?
Still tho, if you are a vegan you don't use any animal origin product, it's contradictory in so much levels like claiming you use Lime Crime because they're CF but buying chinese copies on alliexpress

No. 429002

It's the same thing as the honey. These are "cruelty free" and ethical made but it's still coming from an animal, so not suitable for vegans, really

> Still tho, if you are a vegan you don't use any animal origin product, it's contradictory in so much levels

Yup. pretty much. And she's going thru all this mental gymnastics to justify the use of feather earrings, which are atrocious by default.

No. 429200

File: 1503826070036.jpg (145.33 KB, 750x969, IMG_6929.JPG)

What a surprise…

I really wonder if the Patreon people got anything last weekend and whether it was a proper video or not.

No. 429218

File: 1503835538755.png (145.26 KB, 540x702, Screenshot_2017-08-27-09-00-21…)

I agree it'd be nearly impossible to eat vegan at Dunkin' Donuts but she is not exactly in the best position to judge if smthg is "vegan enough" is she >>428977

No. 429254

If she's such a great cook that she's posting YT videos why's she looking to eat out a shitty chain anyway?

No. 429260

She isn't really looking forward to that. She just wanted to have a "gotcha" moment at Mercy For Animals, while procrastinating her weekly video upload that's already late

No. 429265


I don't get why she'd try to "gotcha" MFA if she can't even be bothered to check the ingredients herself? As if she knows more about veganism than MFA/ChooseVeg? None of the items they listed contain L-cysteine, which is required by the FDA to be included in the ingredient list.

Kiki is such a self-righteous idiot.

No. 429293

> I don't get why she'd try to "gotcha" MFA if she can't even be bothered to check the ingredients herself?

It's the good old combo of self righteousness, hypocrisy, narcissism and warrant self-importance that pretty much defines Kiki

No. 429428

Agreed. I highly doubt it.

No. 429600


No. 429602

oh sis, no…those butterfly clips are not for you.

No. 429618

The Gains Goblin would be proud of those Frankenpancakes.

No. 429638

I hope Bobby never tells her how ridiculous she looks when she does videos or goes out into public. Gives us something to laugh at.

No. 429641

>>I've been having a lot of requests to bring this one back into the game.
>>I use it for my favorite famous 2 sandwiches.
>>this is homemade cashew milk; store-bought is okay too.
Must've hit a nerve when anons wondered why she didn't just use fresh ingredients instead of store-bought powders and canned stuff.
>>Snagged this recipe while I was in Tokyo about 2 years ago.
Never. Fails. To. Mention. Tokyo.

No. 429665

She tries so bad to be quirky, but she's just cringy.

No. 429666

>Never. Fails. To. Mention. Tokyo.
well.. that was the biggest event of her internet hermit life, so it's no surprising she likes to think back on it a lot.

No. 429670

File: 1503916166438.png (291.49 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2017-08-28-07-18-44…)

If you're not 7 these butterflies are not for you. Look at this shit.

I love how she asks for audience feedback when she hasn't done shit they asked for - beauty videos, the sick home video, Spotify Playlist with favorite songs… and we know for a fact if someone hints her videos are not helpful she gon flip on them, 7 huge paragraphs, Kiki style

But oh wow. ANOTHER COOKING VIDEO. That is not getting boring at all…

No. 429684

I bet he doesn't since he knows he won't hear the end of it. We all saw how she wrote a novel to someone who just said that her flat, thin hair wasn't doing her any favors. Just imagine how much more annoying she is irl about criticism.

Jesus Christ, you guys weren't kidding about the butterfly clips. Though tbh I feel like they wouldn't look as ridiculous if she just styled her hair for once.

No. 429685

Got to become a patreon member so you can get the real passion vids

No. 429689

Did she just take her old blackberry smoothie footage and drop it in this video as if it was new? The video's suspiciously not on her channel for comparison anymore.

No. 429691

I think so. I'm actually really sure it is the same footage.

No. 429710

How convenient that video is no longer on her channel.

She make some of the simplest recipes so complex. That pancake recipe did not have to be so long, there are definitely easier and better vegan & gluten free pancake recipes.

No. 429745

I bet $20 she's fobbing them off with excuses too. I'd be seriously angry if I was actually paying money and not getting decent content in return. You'd have to be an idiot to give money to Kiki.

No. 429872

Anyone else she got kinda sloppy with the last two videos? In the sense she didn't even mention those on her instagram - which probably doesn't help her view count.

No. 429959

She's sloppy at everything she does. Lord help her when it comes to putting actual effort into something other than kissing her own ass.

No. 429962

Her house just looks so tacky and cheap with all the crystals and shit.

No. 429982

the quality of her filming is atrocious. I know we've talked about it before, but jfc Kaka, you had so much expensive filming equiptment and now you're using a potato to film your potatoes? it makes everything look grainy and shitty. her food doesn't look appetizing anyway, and the camera quality only makes it worse.
she really thinks she's interesting enough inherently to get away with shit content like this.

No. 430030

>you're using a potato to film your potatoes
Lame Joke [Sound Effect]-BA DUM TSS

No. 430043

File: 1503971030256.png (637.55 KB, 540x745, Screenshot_2017-08-28-22-40-57…)

No. 430049

(very) poor man's Taylor lol

No. 430059

>more of that tokyo obsession

Aaaand trying to pose like a bargain bin Taylor.

No. 430123

gumby lookin hoe

No. 430145

File: 1503997624915.png (455.13 KB, 540x739, Screenshot_2017-08-29-06-04-22…)

Omg I'm baffled she wear her ridiculous outfits on public - that hat + the frilly Taylor-esque top? Jesus, Kaka

No. 430146

that cringe inducing pose…. what year does she think this is

No. 430147

Those pancakes seemed very… disappointing. I'm not a vegan, but I can't imagine eating that.

I was confused about the potatoes being "dinner" but maybe she can't figure out how to eat a proper dinner on whatever kind of budget she's working with.


No. 430151

Why does she seem to have so few clothes these days…?

No. 430153

I'm a vegan and those pancakes were a disgrace to humanity.

No. 430178

She and Koots waiting for that ~birthday and xmas~ money.

No. 430228


She's not vegan. She's vegetarian. Vegans don't eat honey.

No. 430229

Yknow when you're at a certain age where you get fixated on specific items of clothing so you wear them everywhere?

Yeah that's Kaka.

No. 430242

some vegans do some vegans don't.
but she likes to come off as a pretty dedicated one sooo… well I'm not surprised she fucked that up lol

No. 430251

Couldn't surprise me if she sold off most of her clothes along with her music equipment.

No. 430252


No. 430268

So Kiki's Patreon is topping out at 7 patrons? Ouch.

I honestly thought she might have a few more nostalgic fans than that, I guess she blocked too many people?

No. 430272

you don't wear feather earrings either if you are a vegan, but we're speaking of kiki here, wouldn't surprise me if she jumps into a bbq once in a while too

No. 430281

I just noticed she didn't include the patrons names in the description for this video (instead she says "I know, I know… the video quality is meh!"; clearly mad about anons' comments about the presentation).

Now, I know the tier technically does say 'I will put a list of everyone who contributes in the description of the "main" video at least one time!' but holy shit that makes first two tiers such rip-offs then. She's not doing the Twitter shoutouts and only posting people's names on Youtube once? The only way to get a 'decent' reward is to pay her ten dollars a month?!

How hard is it to copy and paste some names? Other Youtubers with Patreons take the 10 minutes to create a credits screen they can stick at the end of every video.

No. 430302

Because she doesn't want to hear shit or answer for having blocked half the world in her paranoid fits on every social media platform.
It's mentioned earlier in the thread how someone couldn't access that because she blocked them. Her excuse was that not everyone had a twatter.

No. 430319

I was just pointing out her laziness on this matter, we already know she's paranoid and blocks almost everyone.

No. 430369

Was thinking the same. She could very well add some credits on her own video for her patrons, that's what most of youtubers do

No. 430436

I'm cracking up at her video intro with the pink wig, her head turns to the side but never enough to see how huge her shnoz really is.

No. 430535

i thought this too. like i said before a few posts up, during the viral era, there would have been girls foaming at the mouth for her patreon rewards. but 7.. and she's only at 8% of her goal, assuming she's making around $60 at the moment that would mean her goal is probably set at $1,000 monthly.

No. 430549

File: 1504095171315.png (67.3 KB, 540x496, Screenshot_2017-08-30-09-10-45…)


No. 430550


Then they are vegetarians simply pretending to be vegan to feel special. Kiki is no different.

No. 430558

fuck off with the gate keeping. she eats a vegan diet, she is vegan. anything else called into question is you being militaristically petty. vegan or not, it's enough and people like you blow.

No. 430567


No. 430589

By this logic if I wear leather, fur, wool, feathers and eat honey, as long as they companies are ethical, I can be called a vegan bc I don't eat dairy/meat?

The whole vegan shtick is that it's a lifestyle, not only a diet (which brings to the table why so many people think vegans are annoying and self-absorbed)

Kiki went from militant vegan to sloppy vegan

> Sage for thread derailing

No. 430601

My first Patreon vlog?? So what has she been posting then cos in her last video she made it sound like she'd been posting a lot, but it's taken her almost 3 to upload a single vlog.

No. 430603

*almost 3 weeks

No. 430614

stop. this is not tumblr, a post cant be underrated.

No. 430635

LMAO IKR watch that small patron number start falling bc she's incompetent and doesn't deliver what's promised

No. 430794

This, totally this.
You can't go for the world telling and braggin about your religiously veganism if you're not really doing it or feeling it, as far as I see Kiki justifies her vegan diet for "the good of the animals" but there's a whole ethical conflict between what she praises she does and what she really does and it starts in the moment she is consuming honey because that's not vegan

No. 430814

I remember when this thing was friends with Jeffree Star. Funny how things turn out. I miss her old drama. She used to be the Scam Queen.

No. 430864


They were never friends.

I really want to see her live stream again like on younow

No. 430867

Do you think vegans should also avoid eating plants pollinated by bees for rent? Has Kiki ever told which side of the honey debate she takes? If not then you are just being ridiculous. Veganism isn't some homogeneous cult where everyone has to think and act exactly the same.

No. 430874

Not me, but she did use to post on how you should avoid honey, wool and silk back in the day (posted in the last thread, if you feel like lurking).
In one of her old Q&As (posted on the last thread too, I think) she went out of her way to talk how "farms who claim to be ethical are really not bc the legislation has loopholes".

> Veganism isn't some homogeneous cult

It is though lol

But you don't even need to go that far - the very definition of veganism is to abstain yourself from consuming animal products.

TLDR: words mean things

No. 430884

Can't really stand watching her videos so tried to look through couple of previous threads with the help of ctrl + f and found this one >>405176

I don't think she has any consistent thinking behind her veganism though and just picks whatever arguments suit her. She is not the only vegan eating honey anyway so I can't see how her eating honey shows that she is not a serious vegan.

>But you don't even need to go that far - the very definition of veganism is to abstain yourself from consuming animal products.

This is really a simplified view but I think going deeper is too ot.

No. 430939

The thing I would say is most obnoxious about Kiki's vegan ways is the virtue signaling she's been doing for years.

>"My sister has turned down jobs because they didn't coincide with her strict vegan views!"

>"I saw pigs on their way to the slaughterhouse and it gave me PTSD!"
>Criticizing MFA for posting something for "not being vegan".

I mean, really, I could go back and look through Twitter and really dig stuff up, but I don't think it really matters. Maybe she is mature enough to finally admit you can be vegan without being "all in". I'm not vegan, but it always bothers me when people do it mostly to appear to be better than others, or lie about what they're actually doing.

No. 430983

tbh the one thing i think is genuine about her is being vegan for the right causes and actually caring a lot about animal welfare. literally the only genuinely good-hearted trait with no hypocritical nasty shit behind it. Kiki is just an attention whore who needs validation from strangers for literally everything, so of course she can't help herself from being obnoxious about it.

the two things she's done, getting honey from a humane place to help the growth of bees (or whatever), and getting peacock feathers without any mistreatment to the peacock, are not bad imo. i get that it goes against the strict rules of the vegan label, but if there is no harm i don't see why it discredits her morals.

No. 430997


The thing is there's nothing wrong with calling yourself plantbased so I don't get why she can't call herself that.

No. 431017

>actually caring a lot about animal welfare

>posts animal gore under the guise of ~awareness~


No. 431035

Because Veganism is about taking decisions that can help not only about what you put in your mouth. It's a whole debate because bees are disappearing so some Beekeepers came up with that idea to help.
More examples
Some vegans are against zoos but zoos also help to preserve endangered species.
Antivenin, "you got it from a snake?
don't save me I'm vegan" said no one ever. Vegans understand it's a life saving necessity.

No. 431127

Plant based doesn't have the same "I'm super special mother nature moggle" to it, does it?

Plus she's been riding this hard-core vegan wave for a while and most of her current following is there because of her "veganism" and being an "animals right advocate"

Yeah, it's pretty creepy how focused she's on this kind of shit instead of just volunteering and signal boosting about it with pics and videos (annoying, but makes you look way better)

Up until now veganism has been the only thing she hasn't slacked. Like, that was the one single thing she kept boosting about and didn't jump ship or faked. Now not even that.

No. 431406

are you… suggesting… she retweets animal gore because she likes to look it? that's the only thing your stupefying post could have meant. those are tweeted from actual awareness accounts meant to shock people into seeing the realities of the meat market. it's an effective way of getting people to go vegan. in fact it's the core reason people go vegan.

By your logic, maybe vegan accounts also post those images because deep down they're animal sadists, not real vegans right??

No. 431413

She probably enjoys it, although not exactly because the image itself makes her happy, but it's a way to shock others, show her righteousness at being able to look at/confront it, and it's virtue signaling her vegan status. So it makes her happy and suits her to continuously look at and post it on her feed.
Also it's 1am and still no Saturday video…

No. 431453

Yeah, noticed the same. She's probably shitting bricks over the FL hurricane.

People in Kiki threads have already pointed out that Sperg-Chan loved posting gore and Kiki loves RT-ing it bc animaks. It may be a coincidence or it may be that she's super fucked up in the head. Either way, stop trying to pick up fights.

No. 431454

It would be a baseless accusation for a random vegan activist, but remember we're talking about a girl who spent hours spamming gore on here.

I still don't buy the idea she gets off on gore or anything, but Kiki =/= average vegan.

No. 431487

By your logic,she spammed us with gore to warn us about genital diseases too lmao



No. 431585

lol she's active on twitter like ain't nothing happened. Bitch where's this week's video?

If you ain't gonna upload this week at least say it and why. Last time at least she came up with the sunburn excuse.

No. 431587

Surprised she hasn't tweeted about the delay, especially considering she's currently posting on the platform. Being worried about her family in the hurricane is a fantastic excuse.

No. 431635

You're getting kinda hung up on the message thing. I'm saying that I don't think that the majority of vegans post gore because they get off on it, but if any of them did it would be Kiki.

No. 431639

>I was so worried about Irma that I couldn't make a video in the whole last 7 days!!

Maybe she's started to realise how silly it sounds when she offers those lame excuses when she has a whole week (or even more if she planned ahead!) to make the videos. I don't know if she actually has that much self-awareness though.

No. 431673

I dont think so. She has made it very obvious that she films on Saturday, edits and uploads in the same day.

No. 431688

She said in her grocery video that she was filming her shopping trip because she forgot it was Saturday until just then. That means she spent the whole week not thinking about it. I'd be super annoyed by now if I were paying for this shit.

I'm sure she thought the Patreon thing would be much more successful than it is, and since it isn't, she just doesn't care about it. But not following through on the perks she promised won't do her any favors.

I predict that eventually some of her patrons will pull out or say something to her about her lack of effort, and she'll shut down the whole thing, and then complain that the haters and bullies ruined Patreon for her.

No. 431689

Yeah, of course it's obvious that she does everything last minute but Kiki tends to live in denial pretending it's that she's sooo busy with her acting career and not that she's lazy.
I was half-heartedly wishing she would gain an ounce of self-awareness and realise that nobody believes her excuses, but I know it will never happen.

No. 431702

File: 1505087902068.png (100.81 KB, 540x361, Screenshot_2017-09-10-20-56-29…)


No. 431705

File: 1505087975087.png (92.92 KB, 540x345, Screenshot_2017-09-10-20-56-34…)

No. 431709

File: 1505088725805.png (68.74 KB, 587x158, october.png)

No more videos until october. Guess she couldn't pop out a few more low-res vlogs for her subscribers until then.

No. 431711

she's probably gonna wait for her birthday money to come (damn Kiki your family back in FL are facing a natural disaster and you're still counting on extra cash?)

God, that's embarrassing. She's been making videos all this time just fine, it's absolutely pointless and lazy to pause it until October - plus a huge bummer to any patrons she got.

No. 431714

File: 1505089051130.png (30.37 KB, 540x220, Screenshot_2017-09-10-21-15-37…)

> informative and helpful videos for everyone :3

Can't complain tho. They paying for this shit

No. 431736

Does she just check lolcow to figure out what she needs to say?
It's like it's word for word.

No. 431769

She checks lolcow and manages to make it worse

Too worried about hurricane because of my family > too worried about the hurricane bc of the animals (tho I'll drive past by a vegan protest leaving a huge carbon print and using copious amounts of plastic bags)

Gotta keep that hypocritical aesthetic, I guess

No. 431886

Off topic, but does anyone have the video from her kickstarter to go to LA? The kickstarter page has been taken down. Or any other since-deleted videos?

No. 431921

File: 1505120599103.png (45.65 KB, 540x303, Screenshot_2017-09-11-06-01-12…)

Aaaand she remembered she had a family in FL

You're welcome, kiki

No. 431922

U didn't worry about all the animals last week when that other hurricane hit

Just say you're worried for family reasons kiki

No. 431923

File: 1505120634864.png (70.1 KB, 540x497, Screenshot_2017-09-11-06-01-22…)

It was a "diary post"

No. 431943

So by the sounds of it she's managed just one video in a whole month of Patreon?

No. 431946


Which is pretty impressive for her standards

No. 432148

When is she going to make that video about the organic and CF beauty products she uses? Probably never. Even before she went into hiding she posted on her Lilkitten blog about how she only uses organic beauty products but never elaborated on what those products were.

No. 432267

she says so in her Patreon she'll get em done when she gets her new updated equipment… and she said she'd get those in october

Remember her shitty yt comeback? She claimed she'd be back in June and uploaded smthg in the very last minute of the very last day?

Yeah expect to have any content by thanksgiving and I'm pretty sure it'll be just as helpful as her latest stuff

No. 433200

sorry for being a month late on this topic, but i only just noticed she was casted for a show on sexuality identity and still wanna join the convo
>Maybe she told them she was.
nah. i've read so many of Lilou Vos' homophobic tweets, posts and videos that I literally can't imagine her doing anything but physically gagging and cringing at even the thought of lying that she was queer to get a roll. like she legit put the phobic in homophobic, it was that bad. that's what makes this so ironically hilarious, i think i snorted when i saw this

No. 434539


queer is such a bastardized term today that it means anything not heteronormative or typical. kaka is a liar not above doing anything for fame. don't forget she stole music and passed it off as her own even playing it on a radio show in japan. anything to get more recognition. no i don't think that means she told them she was queer but there is possibility of it.

No. 434784

File: 1505587142652.png (37.23 KB, 810x136, Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 19.3…)

Episode 1 (of 3) of Puppet Master is out, anyone wanna sign up to the free trial to see if Keeks has any scenes in this part?

Those reviews are great.

No. 434866

File: 1505605014437.png (217.11 KB, 540x810, Screenshot_2017-09-16-20-34-58…)

lol enjoy

No. 434872

Awesome I totally always wanted to look like a balding hag with horrible fashion taste.

No. 434874

I'm screaming, she's trying to sell one of those crappy wing backpacks ~*that she totally made you guys*~ for 60 bucks. https://www.depop.com/cherrybombgoboom/cherrybombgoboom-real-life-angel-anyone-this

>It is not the cheap flimsy versions on eBay or taobao!


No. 434875

Didn't sell many of those ""exclusive"" white wing backpacks under Lilkitten, eh Keeks?

So she needs this money, her birthday money, her Patreon money and some sum that's apparently coming in October to buy the lights and decent cameras that she used to own to make a few low view YT videos?

Money management has never been the Ostrengas strong point.

No. 434876

Kiki's last 3 videos have all had under 3k views within 3 weeks.

I guess that's why she lost that tiny scrap of motivation to actually post. I'm sure it's somehow the haters' faults and not that her content is shit.

No. 434878

File: 1505607596697.png (157.43 KB, 540x736, Screenshot_2017-09-16-21-15-25…)

The "for another fashionista" part had me

Also the captions to the items are hilarious
> swoon
> I always get compliments on this

Also the wing backpack is the only item she's actually wearing? The other ones are from the store's websites so you cannot know for sure the state of said clothing

No. 434879

Verrry late on Kiki's latest video due to site outage but random point: she talks about 'finally' cleaning up her house - do you think she's pressed about people here pointing out what a mess it was with all the boxes/paintings on the floor etc?

Also lol'ing at her rambling about age and how much she doesn't care about it (which obviously means she very much does). I really can't wait to see what a mess Kiki is in her 30s. She's going to evolve as a cow, no doubt about it.

No. 434882

File: 1505608613200.webm (17.02 MB, 1280x800, 4463bf2d14014142b5e271fbf2d860…)

I come bearing gifts

She didn't appear until the final scene, so I recorded the trailer for the next part as well to show the two other short clips of her (and because it's terribly trashy and I'm having a hearty kek at her trying to pretend this is some artsy cinema)

No. 434883

I'm dead.

No. 434885

God bless you, anon.
I would have grabbed it myself but apparently Charles Band messed up uploading it to any non-US store because PROFESSIONALISM.

Every single thing about this is awful, cringey and trashy, from the 'sexy' walk to the accent to the script.

No. 434886

her fucking evil "I'm stabbing you with many needles" scream was so fucking bad wtf thank you so much anon, that was awful

I'm pretty sure it was that. She only started to ramble about the mess on her life after people here started pointing out.

No. 434887

Be sure to leave a review :^)

No. 434888

>dat sexy seductive walk
>dat piss-poor accent
>random screaming while she attacks
>looks like she's laughing instead of screaming because she can't act
(don't tell me it's supposed to be a psycho scream with smiles, it's obviously her being unable to act)

No. 434893

This is gone and I'm sad.

No. 434913

File: 1505615180864.gif (15.35 MB, 600x375, ezgif.com-optimize.gif)

Nevermind it's a webm and I couldn't play it.

No. 434927

Her shnoz from the side sure is a beeg suprize.

No. 434974

Suprised she hasn't come up with a story of how the other actor tried to rape her

No. 435045

eBay says
Item location:
Ocoee, Florida, United States

guess her parents are the ones going through her closet to sell, lol? also, no wonder she has to wait for birthday money for equipment if she's been buying $400 dresses

No. 435081

or on how "many compliments" she got on her ~bubble butt

Pretty much. She's selling the shit she left back in FL, so depop folk will have to rely on Cathy's efforts to get the item in a relatively good state and on time.

No. 435132

bless you anon

No. 435153

My bad. Uploaded it to YT as well, how long until she claims it?

Vimeo mirror:

No. 435161

File: 1505677204105.png (353.35 KB, 1600x772, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 20.3…)

What are the chances this is Taobao crap? I would never pay $250 for something that only has stock photos and no genuine/proof pics.
Also what is it with these two and Vivienne Westwood?

No. 435172

File: 1505679891017.gif (5.73 MB, 410x228, kiki1.gif)

No. 435173

File: 1505679959430.gif (1.03 MB, 300x100, kiki2.gif)

Admin pls

No. 435174

File: 1505679993902.gif (822.95 KB, 404x228, kiki3.gif)

No. 435176

File: 1505680101312.gif (408.98 KB, 300x100, kiki4.gif)

No. 435184

File: 1505682457074.gif (587.06 KB, 360x202, tenor.gif)

>gothic kiki

No. 435199

All of her usernames are cringey - cherrybombgoboom?
And while I recognise that kikikannibal was probably taken on Twitter, mmmkikikannibal is pretty shit too.

No. 435205


pathetic how she claims it's from japan. like they don't have replicas there smh

No. 435223

File: 1505688464342.png (314.94 KB, 446x528, Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 6.44…)


God, its probably as crusty as Kota's rings are and never gets cleaned, and I'm pretty sure we've also seen Kota wearing all the vivienne crap…

Whats the original retail price for the necklace if real anyways ? I have troubles believing its "250" or more.

No. 435249

File: 1505690115144.png (128.56 KB, 841x371, eQDKy2m.png)

>Whats the original retail price for the necklace if real anyways ? I have troubles believing its "250" or more.

Did you never learn how to google or something? She put the whole search query out there for you.
If it's authentic, the price is in the right ballpark. This isn't the exact same model, but it goes for 235€, close enough. If hers is out of stock (and it might be since I can't find the exact one on the VW page) a markup would be normal too.

Even found the Rakuten listing she got the photo from:

No. 435268

Actually iirc someone on old pull pointed out that the mmmkikikannibal thing was copied from some girl one of her exes started dating.

No. 435280

They both wear a ton of taobao VW garbage, not surprised they're trying to scam people into buying it from them while parents take the blame.

Perfect for the halloween season!

No. 435283

> ifit's authentic

Big detail there. Most of Dakota's stuff was pointed out to be VW knock-offs so there is a chance that this one isn't authentic at all. Plus, we can't see the real picture of it, just a stock photo. A markup would be "normal" if it was legit and never worn (or at least in a very good state) which you can't know for sure from a stock photo.

IM getting way too attached to the detail of her only using stock photos of the items but it's actually really important when selling things online.

"New, with tags on" "original VW" are rightfully more expensive than worn stuff but again - you gotta provide proof of it. Take a picture of it yourself, of the tags in the dress, of the jewelry and then compare it to the legit stuff as proof it's not a knockoff.

Its very fishy when you don't do any of this stuff and charge super high prices. The probability that it's stuff she bought in a whim ages ago and left to rot back in FL in a pile of old clothes is too high (it won't look "brand new" at all if you handled it like garbage)

Gosh this girl is so shady, from lilkitten to the recent YT video promises to the kickstarter to this shit. Massive scam alert.

No. 435284


I think it's weirder that she'd have a $250 necklace that was never worn. Was it a gift? Did she buy it just to never wear it and sell it again? Did Dakota get it rather than her?

I wouldn't buy something like that without proof that it's real like a receipt and photos of it. So weird.

Same with one of the dresses: "New With Tags! ‼️Retails for $ 398.00"
Who buys a $400 dress and doesn't wear it or return it?

>Never worn, new without tags, retails for $ 140.00.

But she doesn't have enough money for camera equipment, ok.

No. 435358

Iirc Dakota has some pics of her wearing her orb necklace on her IG, so maybe she got one and Kiki got one, way back when they originally bought them from Taobao.

Btw, what happened to Dakota's thread? Did it not come back over from tempcow?

No. 435364

No tags and box or no receipt = no real

I like that she herself brought up taobao because that's exactly where she gets everything.

Someone report to depop.,

No. 435370

This is just fucking embarrassing. The film was already crowdfunded. In order to watch all of it you have to either pay $6 to rent or $20 to buy a 30 minute segment, so if you want to watch each segment that's going to be $18-$60. Or you can get a subscription to the channel on Amazon and it's $7 each month. Am I understanding this correctly? Or do you have to have a subscription and pay to rent too? Real professional. For as much as they're charging they should've at least been able to have actual puppeteers instead of screening in actors in costumes to look like the puppets. Of course Kaka's involved in a bloated turd of a scam.

These used to be all over eBay before they cracked down on VW fakes. Chances are this is a fake too. It's eBay 101 to provide proof of purchase through a receipt or something for high priced items or else buyers will be suspicious it's a knock-off. Good luck Kaka.

No. 435373

koot's thread is still kicking around in the snow catalog but it was bump locked since there really isn't much drama coming from her end these days. you'll find it if you just ctrl+f for her name.

No. 435390

ngl i'm jealous she (her parents) paid to be in Puppet Master, I love shitty movies and if I won the lotto I'd do it for shiggles. However she thinks she's famous or a good actress for being in these is sad.

No. 435437

Her depop says she's shipping from LA though, so it could just be that she hasn't updated her ebay address to her new location. But it's also totally possible that this is all being sent from FL. Wasn't Cathy the one actually packaging and sending the lilkitten stuff, especially after kiki lost interest?

Also surprised that she's choosing to sell shit instead of making videos. That implies that her youtube ad revenue is significantly less than the profit from selling her stuff (assuming it sells at all). Or maybe she's just lazy enough that she doesn't care and thinks this is an easier way out.

No. 435443

>Also surprised that she's choosing to sell shit instead of making videos
Don't be. She's been doing this since the diamond necklace days. Once scene fads started dying off she revamped her shop to sell all of those tacky pieces of jewelry alongside her diamonds and bats, those bedazzled Kimmidolls, Kooter's jewelry, and leggings. When that failed she started lilkitten to sell her taobao knock-offs. She's always sold through the internet but her practices haven't exactly been honest.

No. 435492

All I'm finding in the catalog are ones that aren't getting posts anymore. I can see the thread in tempcow but not the snow catalog

No. 435516

No. 435526

> Who buys a $400 dress and doesn't wear it or return it?

She used to wear pretty pricey stuff back in the day. Like, 700 dollars mesh jackets and shit, 500 dollars jewelry… this shit doesn't surprise me, but it really puts it into perspective that she spent so much in clothes but needs a Patreon to afford new equipment.

Mommy and Daddy money fountain is draining…

No. 435671

File: 1505763044649.png (100.42 KB, 571x500, Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 20.2…)

>as many as 4 patron-only posts
I still can't believe people are paying for this shit.

No. 435681

Lilou is no longer listed on the agent/management website:

When you visit her page directly all the images are broken:

Ostrengas don't seem to have much luck with their agencies, huh?

No. 435718

this must be a lie lol. these small, unnecessary lies are the reason lilkitten crashed and burned so bad. if she didn't go out of her way to lie for no reason, nobody would have had anything to call out in the first place, and it wouldn't have affected her business whatsoever.

with that said, none of these things are going to sell. her patreon numbers are surprisingly very few, so how does she expect her followers to shill out hundreds of dollars for her hand-me-downs when they won't even pay $10 for a handwritten note.

>I like that she herself brought up taobao
me too. name-dropping taobao is like saying "btw we don't photoshop" without it being brought up

No. 435720

File: 1505771635034.gif (86.46 KB, 400x267, 817131960_2059183.gif)

almost forgot. happy birthday kaka

No. 435724

wait when did she mention taobao? am i missing something super obvious here?

No. 435773

'Bout to get dat b-day money!!!!

No. 435787

No. 435825

How old is she now? Twenty…four?

No. 435826

File: 1505787805993.png (401.78 KB, 540x613, Screenshot_2017-09-18-23-20-21…)

Either that or 25? I'm guessing 25, almost sure

Pic related: when I think her outfits can't get any worse she comes with fucking high-waisted yellow pants and a super frilly top that makes Taylor's look good

No. 435827

File: 1505787836512.png (411.37 KB, 540x615, Screenshot_2017-09-18-23-20-14…)

No. 435829

File: 1505788033100.png (462.11 KB, 540x768, Screenshot_2017-09-18-23-25-46…)

Yup 25

No. 435846

> youtube ad revenue

You think she has ad revenue with her max 2k views? kek

No. 435849

>:・゚✧I sprouted from a honeysuckle and made it 25 cycles around the sun:・゚✧(◡‿◡✿)
Can you not for once, lord.

No. 435918


Lookin' like she belongs in that sarcophagus

No. 435944

Okay, I know it's stupid but for fucks sake Kaka–if you're going to resell a dress for $300, get the brand name right. Jesus. It's Nanette LEPORE, not Nanette Lenore.

No. 435958

The vimeo upload is gone already :( hi leeks!

No. 436148

File: 1505866758778.png (1016.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-09-19-19-17-24…)

Wow what kind of egotistical cunt gets their likeness on a cake? Oh yeah this is kaka we are taking about

No. 436330

File: 1505883248891.jpg (77.42 KB, 587x590, spergcake.jpg)

So cringe but so her, wishing she was TaylorR before blowing out the candle.

No. 436360

that outfit. can we talk about that outfit.

No. 436364

I find it really weird that he calls her "lilou" when that's not her name. Did he just do it for her instagram or is she always Lilou now? Also how did she come up with Lilou as her new name? Is it a derivative of LilKitten?

No. 436367

pardon the nitpick, but did she seriously not spend time with anyone else other than her bf? how long has it been since she's spent time with someone not related to her or not in a relationship with her?

No. 436397

File: 1505908723705.jpg (25.63 KB, 240x320, 38433164.jpg)

Haha, maybe she did buy a fake after all

No. 436413

She got it from The Fifth Element, her favorite character is Leeloo Davis. Lilou is a French name pronounced the same way. I'm not surprised she makes Bobby call her Lilou, after her breakdown she probably needs this "new start" where she's not Kiki Kannibal/Kirsten Ostrenga anymore so she can pretend to be normal.

No. 436423

Her parents are out in Florida and she never seems to have any girlfriends. The only friend/ person she ever hangs out with is whatever dude she's dating. Its kind of really sad

No. 436441

It was so fucking cringey having him call her "lilou"
Not only its NOT her name, it's a cringey ass name.

It's Kiki's level of bad fashion. Not only that she managed to pick smthg that's not only tacky, but makes her breasts look like an old lady's

No. 436531

Not that surprising really. If she's Lilou to her coworkers then better not get awkward questions if your boyfriend calls you by another name. Kirsten/Kiki has such a god awful rep that she would have had to change it eventually.

also, Lilou is a popular name for baby girls in France atm. idk whether Vos is meant to be German(Voß) or French, but it's clear she went for a euro-foreign sounding name.

No. 436666

Is there any evidence of her actually having work recently? She did Puppetmaster, the student films and You Can Do Better from approx Sept 2016 - April 2017 and then…?

I mean, maybe she's just keeping a tighter lid on it, but it's starting to look like she hasn't done anything in almost six months?

No. 436687

Only just watched this and noticed she has yet more of those water bottles lined up in the background - tidy your shit 'Lilou'! Every time we see your house it's a fucking mess.
Also bottled water is terrible for the environment but obviously you don't care.

No. 436762

wow, she's just turned 25? I honestly thought she was at least 27.

No. 436768

Judging from her birthday IG she's playing Pennywise in a student production of IT.

No. 436995

What if she's just in LA as a college student and the other gigs she's getting are in the side? She's doing an awful lot of student films, I would have figured she would go agree better roles by now.

No. 437001

>I would have figured she would go agree better roles by now.
why are you so optimistic about her?

No. 437182

Other that her paid for Puppet Master part, Think he agent got her the You Can Do Better and the rest have been student films. I don't think major productions want her.

No. 437538

Did you take that literally? I was talking about her hideous clown outfit she was wearing and her complete spergout. I don't know what she's doing in LA or what roles she's going after and I don't care. The fact that she can get any gigs at all is miraculous.

No. 437998

A random 24-year-old girl going to LA and not getting major roles is hardly uncommon.

I do kind of hope against hope she is in college for something practical though, it's probably her last chance to do something useful with her life. Sage for wishful thinking.

No. 438001

If she is then she has been in college for at least 10 years. She claims she started going at 14.

I just love Ostrenga lies.

No. 438075

25 now. she's probably taking acting classes somewhere, waiting to get jobs while her boyfriend and 10 patrons support her. remember she went to LA on a craigslist plane ticket+hotel+film role gig, stayed there, and called it the start of her acting "career". i think she's relying on her looks™ to do the rest, lol

No. 438498

> I do kind of hope against hope she is in college for something practical though

That sure is some wishful thinking. She switched a "career" in music for a "career" at acting. She's never going to go for something practical to do in life ever.

No. 438792

Her last Patreon post was on September, 11. She made a total of 4 posts -one of them being her first Patreon vlog.

So, it's tolerable she's gonna slack on YT bc excuses excuses but shes gonna pull that on Patreon and still expected to have money handed out to her?


No. 438796

File: 1506260176395.png (102.31 KB, 255x245, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 00.2…)

Anyone know if there's recourse for her patrons to get their money back considering she hasn't kept her commitment?

>Video every Saturday, Patreon every Sunday


>To my Patreon supporters: I will be publishing an exclusive post every Sunday for you


She really fucked up. That first tweet reads to me as implying there would a Patreon vlog every Sunday, but she could have reasonably tried to claim that it was only a Patreon post every Sunday, including those 5 second text posts she's made - but she hasn't even managed to do that weekly!

Even claiming she's waiting til October for filming equipment is no excuse, what happened to the set photos? They must be months old but you still can't take the effort to post them with a couple of sentences about love and light? She really is one of the laziest cows.

No. 438815

File: 1506266619682.png (68.45 KB, 528x534, Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 11.1…)

don't bother. it was their choice to give her money, if they didn't get what they expected then they can take it up with her. The real reason she probably stopped taking it seriously is pic related. she vastly overestimated how much she would get, just like kickstarter lololol, remember when she said "if we go over $20k we'll.." and then all they got was their dad donating and like 10-20 people donating. back then she also got disappointed and just gave up mid-way.

No. 438832

So, she has all these great ideas that she expects other people to us for her while she gets the spotlight and all the credit, while tossing a few thank you tweets out to seem kind and humble in the process. This is why nobody likes her, she won't work for any of her "passions" herself, she expects everyone to just give her money for nothing because she wants to "start over" again.

No. 438833

*expects other people to fund for her

No. 438842

Yeah, I realized she has 10 patrons by now… so instead of losing the ones she had she actually got more of them. But it still isn't enough to make her get off her ass and do smthg.

It probably has to do with te amount of money donated

There's 10 people but the bids are probably not as high as Kiki'd like so she's just slacking on it… like in Kickstarter.

You'd think she'd learn from her past by now

No. 438910

The low paying non union things and student films are probaly garbage she found on craigslist lbr.

No. 438962

I bet you $50 she didn't know that non-patrons would be able to see the number of posts and thus her laziness in all its glory.
In one of the videos she posted not long after announcing her Patreon she was babbling about how she was posting updates 'every Sunday and here and there' and creating a 'community', but when I went to look? Literally one post and it appeared to be a text post.

No. 438973

Shouldn't she already have the things needed to start her series? Then if she's really hard up the Patreon contributions would go towards furthering the series. It seems really ignorant to expect patrons to fund the whole thing without knowing what they're going to get out of it. You have to give them a taste, Kaka.

No. 439675

> Shouldn't she already have the things needed to start her series?

Truth be told I hardly believe shell ever get around to making the series. I'm just really not buying it.

No. 439823


she hasn't followed through with anything thus far so if her patrons think she's going to because of them lol.

the second ep of her bought role is up can someone rip it? she's on the episode artwork but not listed on cast credit for amazon.

No. 439928

She's always been known for promising things and then not doing them. Like when she ripped off all those people with her weird store back in the day.

No. 439935

File: 1506437843024.jpg (238.3 KB, 700x638, IMG_6960.JPG)

Her signature would be kinda nice if it wasn't for the cringey angel shit.

No. 440046

So somehow both eps 2 and 3 of Puppetmaster are showing for me on Amazon. Everything about this production is professional.

Working on downloading Lilou's clips and getting them online, bear with me.

No. 440083

File: 1506456331518.png (276.3 KB, 442x429, Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 21.0…)

Here is all of Lilou in episodes 2 and 3. 4 whole clips.


She doesn't appear on screen again after that last part and I don't fancy sitting through 25 minutes of this utter shlock to see if they explain what happens to the character in the dialogue. Perhaps someone else is braver than me.
It's a shame because I was kinda looking forward to her having a stupid death like the other Nazis. (Don't interpret that as a death threat, Ostrengas…)

No. 440093

Thank you, anon! All these terrible accents sound nothing like German.

No. 440114

The editing is terrible and I really wonder if these were the best takes they had. Love the visible thought process of Kiki in part 3: should I life my arms? Yes! No, wait. Yes I'll do it! So distracting.

Kiki will most likely have them deleted from YouTube soon, does someone want to upload them on vid.me?

Yes. Please hire some actual German speaking people for your roles if they're more than a minor character, there's tons of people that speak the language… She even tried to have that fake German accent when she said German words such as 'ja'. Her accent sounded more Russian?

I'm kind of sad that her acting is so terrible. I kind of wish that she'd find something she's good at.

No. 440116

As a German they all sound so Russian/Polish to me. We don't even roll the R like that.

No. 440126

Yeah, I'm German as well. Don't know why people always try to roll the R. I'm not surprised that they didn't have any help to learn accents.

No. 440152

kek. she really never grew up. this is something a 14 year old does on their year book signature

No. 440193

Oh my. On top of it not even being her fucking name, she signed it like that…

No. 440216

File: 1506465582023.png (403.26 KB, 960x540, Screenshot_2017-09-26-19-35-17…)

This whole thing is a huge offense to actual German people and their accents.

Bear in my mind Kiki stated she "had to practice her German accent for a week" for this.

Screenshot wise: what if Kiki had eyebrows.

No. 440239

>"had to practice her German accent for a week" for this.
probably just made a "funny" mocking accent the whole time, like she did with the asian video. i bet she sounded like a poor imitation of a Dracula voice the whole time.

No. 440244

>what if Kiki had eyebrows
thaaat's what it is. i kept looking at this screenshot like "weird, why does she suddenly look better?"

No. 440247

I imagine Kiki's excuse would be along the lines of: it's a campy horror so the director forced her to do a bad accent and she can totes do a great, realistic German accent otherwise!

No. 440291

There is not one star in this piece of shit, $75 is way too much

No. 440297

I'm giggling at the idea her character disappears with no explanation
Her role is so short??

No. 440421

Thanks, anon! Not as cringe inducing as I would have thought, but definitely not good. Even for campy horror films, bad acting is bad acting. If you look at Evil Dead and Army of Darkness (more so the latter), you have an example of excellent acting in a campy film. The worst is when she's pulling the "I'm GERMAN HAPPY WOMAN!" exchange. It's like she can't pull it off with a straight face. Her accent is horrible, but the woman she's always with is even worse. It completely disappears.

Kill me, but I like her signature. If Kiki was actually eccentric and not a desperate try hard it would be endearing. But because it's Kiki it seems like a left over of her past weeb persona.

No. 440517

>but the woman she's always with is even worse.

Yeah, you expect an on-camera faceplant from Kiki but this Tonya Kay person has a long list of credits stretching back to 2003. Hilariously shit accents aside, she's slightly less wooden and awkward than Keeks at best.

No. 440524

Thank you, just watching the clips with kaka are bad enough I'd hate to have to sit through this garbage.

No. 440553

The most shocking thing is that she sounded almost decent compared to the woman with the bob haircut.
I also found her almost cute, kill me

No. 440584

File: 1506529020107.png (33 KB, 587x197, Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 17.1…)

I mean… you were supposed to do it every week but OK.

No. 440585

By this week she means Sunday at 11.48pm.

No. 440587

Kay's acting ranges from good to bad, but some of it is a product of bad editing and directing. Her accent is what kills me. She comes from sounding American to a sloppy Russian accent. Kiki is at least consistent despite how terrible it is.

No. 440591

File: 1506530841795.jpg (132.65 KB, 1294x417, Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.4…)

sorry but i get the feeling this tweet is for lolcow (wouldn't be the first time, pic related).

No. 440907

Sounds like she posted to lolcow herself tbh

No. 440964

unless i'm mistaken what you mean, yeah, both of those are her. it's one of spergchan posts

No. 441095

Hey cool cats

No. 441218

File: 1506624196730.png (89.01 KB, 459x524, Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 19.3…)

I miss old show-off Kiki.
She seems less confident these days in a way. Like failing in Japan made her depressed and crazy, so Sperg-chan happened and she's toned it down (or hit meds) now she's an 'actress'.

No. 441262

Same. I think so as well. I also feel like it's sort of our fault that she's not like that anymore since we would laugh at her and tear her to shreds over every little thing she did.

I also feel like she's always been insecure but would post about how amazing she is/everyone thinks she is since that's how she wanted people to see her. That seems to at least be what Kota does since she has humblebragged about being skinny enough to fit into Kiki's clothes from middle school even though everyone knows she's been gaining weight.

No. 441336

no anon. ever since all of her cringe-fest tweets flattering herself were stacked next to each other, she started deleting most of them and toning it down. must have felt embarrassed seeing them all compiled like that, i don't blame her.

it's kinda obvious that someone who can't live without constant validation from internet strangers is insecure. her sister is tenfold, she hates the whole lower half of her face.

No. 441351

She's lost a patron. Not at all surprising when she hasn't updated for almost 3 weeks.

But muh haturrzzz trying to ruin my life, or something.

No. 441908

File: 1506733316472.png (250.81 KB, 540x839, Screenshot_2017-09-29-21-58-28…)

Kiki ur doing amazing sweetie that's not creepy at all

I keep imagining her going after celebrities in LA, bothering them during lunch… lol

No. 441935

File: 1506736175077.png (323.74 KB, 540x787, Screenshot_2017-09-29-22-47-21…)

> Oh cool she's asking people to pitch and help this animal-
> "been receiving messages on having a PO box for birthday presents"
> …

Yeah sounds legit

No. 441968

>"been receiving messages on having a PO box for birthday presents"
LUL just when anon said she stopped humble bragging out of no where, there she blows

No. 442114

how the fuck is she this narcissistic? i wouldn't be surprised to see her doing a cutesy face-only vlog of her at an animal shelter or something

No. 442161

i would pay her $100 myself if she showed proof of a single person asking her for "a po box for birthday presents"

No. 442166

It's honestly sad that she has to invent these stories to make herself look important. The 9 patrons and lack of responses to her tweets etc reveal how popular she actually is.

Remember when she got caught sending herself asks on lilkitten?
And of course all those made-up stories about 'haters' coming to her house in goddamn 2015. Not to mention that bullshit about people contacting her professors and her classmates laughing at her.

No. 442219

Well there was that time she went to some wolf sanctuary and it was nothing but a photo op for her in her tacky jewelry.

No. 442225

> classmates laughing at her

Well actually that part is very believable…

No. 442281

File: 1506816793870.png (160.8 KB, 2103x900, Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 8.05…)

>Remember when she got caught sending herself asks on lilkitten?
that's nothing anon, check these out. and it's not even all of them

No. 442287

?? Yeah, we're all well aware she posts about herself.

I was just giving one example, in relation to the idea that she acts like she has an actual fanbase that cares about her life.

No. 442289

>Remember when she got caught sending herself asks on lilkitten?
oh my god, and the bitch had the gull to try and play it off and say that tumblr was glitching out or some shit and just left the embarrassing ask up on her blog. kiki milk used to be the best, i miss those days.

No. 442501

Kaka being angry she couldn't write on his back.

Kaka being angry nobody bought her presents.

No. 442532

bet he wouldn't have been so peaceful and relaxed if he knew this bitch was creeping on him. honestly how was writing this a good idea, she is exactly the type of person someone successful wouldn't want to meet

does anyone else get paranoid they might be anything like kiki because she is the type of socially embarrassing it just sticks with you, i'm the same generation as her and raised by the internet so i just feel a way

No. 442636

We're kinda getting close to that now…
Almost 3 weeks without a post, good work Kaka. You sure proved us haters wrong about your work ethic!

No. 442891

Wtf does this even mean? Is she trying to act like she had lunch with a famous actor or does she really not understand how psychotic she sounds by bringing up how she was staring at him in a public space?

No. 443001

That’s exactly what she’s trying to do. Her “hard work” isn’t getting her famous fast enough so she’s going back to bandwaggoning celebrities on twitter.

No. 443054

Maybe even trying to get his attention. She's so delusional maybe she thinks some attractive celebrity will notice her and date her. She certainly thinks she's attractive enough.

No. 443084

Still no new posts on her Patreon by the looks of it.

So much for >>440584

No. 443182

I'd fucking hug whoever does to her the same she did to the japanese middle aged man, taking pics of her ugly mug and tweeting them with snarky remarks

>This weird woman has been staring at me for minutes…what a creep

>Do I have an extra eye or something? Why is she looking at me?

No. 443798

File: 1507032015601.png (96.44 KB, 540x852, Screenshot_2017-10-03-08-58-30…)

I'm wheezing

No. 443801

now i kind of want someone to draw a picture of kiki looking in a mirror but its taylor's face in the reflection

No. 443843

Oh man, I feel some premium milk coming in the next few days. Kiki isn’t taking off like she expected to as an actress, so now she’s getting insecure and posting passive aggressive stuff on IG for the ~haterzzz~ who are forcing her to be late on her patreon and making it harder for her to get jobs!

No. 443876

I feel like she wrote this bs herself and is trying to pass it off as some random #quotespiration she found online. They always make sure to imply all the hate and ridicule she gets is just jealous losers who hate her bc she’s ~so pretty and successful~.

No. 444009

It really does sound like some of the sanctimonious, obnoxious bullshit she would write. It’s so interesting to see the difference between her sperg chan posts and the things she posts publicly. I’ve never seen a bigger sham of a person.

No. 444024

sorry for responding to a month old post but imo it's still relevant
i don't want kiki to fail but within the last year she made stalker level psychotic posts about taylor and spammed mutilated genitalia here - she is a fucked up person with no sense of remorse or empathy. no one wants to see that shit, and if i were taylor i would be legitimately scared if i wasn't in another country. kiki is actually fucking crazy and doesn't care who she hurts and never has. given how she has always treated people and how sheltered her life is she may be a sociopath or allows such behaviors because she does not give a fuck.

i for one don't want her to fail but she is a crazy bitch who has hurt and scared a lot of people recently and never apologized, so yeah i want some consequences. but her rapid aging, balding, beak, zero talent, and zero work ethic while she publicly fucks up her career are satisfying.

No. 444027

Does she not think that if she ever does gain recognition that she will ever escape Sperg-Chan? Sperg-chan is for life and no one will want to fuck with her if we link her new name to her crazy bullshit that only happened a year ago.

No. 444032

File: 1507062121951.png (95.49 KB, 257x275, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 00.1…)

I think she posts this pinterest level rubbish whenever she's feeling bad/angry. Compare the dates of her past love and light tweets and her crazy sperg-chan ranting and they're always fairly close.

No. 444052

'Harmonic' is not a word used to describe a person, you dumbass.

No. 444054

File: 1507064554592.jpg (278.11 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0548.JPG)

Oh god, someone actually bought her 4 year old backpack for almost $70 and she proceeded to write on it with a permanent marker before shipping it out

No. 444056

WTF! (Though I feel like that shit will rub off real fast)

Where'd you find this?

No. 444058

Where did you find that?
It's all smudged and looks terrible :( What did the person say about it?

No. 444103

I really wanna know what this person though bc this could go either very wrong or very right

No. 444116

Wow, she still can’t let go of her Kannibal persona. How long before she tries to merge the two and her Danny/Taku/Sperg-chan drama becomes linked to her Lilou person?

No. 444122

With the filename I'm wondering if this anon bought it…?
Decent milk either way.

No. 444167

>now i kind of want someone to draw a picture of kiki looking in a mirror but its taylor's face in the reflection
someone please do this

No. 444215

I second this

No. 444266

>a nobody giving autographs without being asked

idk about that person but I'd open a dispute, their purchase arrived damaged.

No. 444290

How narcissistic does one have to be?!?
Love that smudging, that's some class you got there, Keeks.

No. 444292

This, all of this.

No. 444294

>What's this beaky gawker's problem?

No. 444297

File: 1507091418879.png (1012.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-03-23-28-30…)

Hate to tinfoil but has anybody seen this picture before

No. 444298

Yeah it's been posted before. She looks cute there in that pic.

No. 444496

wow, did she actually have short hair here or is it just tied up? an asymmetrical bob might actually look nice on her, but maybe it's just the potato picture quality making me think that.

No. 444498

I assume it's because Lilou Vos has no fans, and everybody buying stuff from her are Kiki Kannibal fans stuck in a dead emo phase.

No. 444521

File: 1507117692007.png (482.81 KB, 599x681, Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.4…)

Working hard, as usual.

What's your bets on when in October she'll start uploading to YouTube again? Mine is 8th November.

No. 444525

She’s reverting back to her Kiki tactics. Avoid work, post live&light BS, sell her old junk, and take tourist selfies pretending to be busy.

No. 444533

It's from the period when she hacked off her fried hair to go "virgin". She sort of had a bob back then and it suited her quite well.

No. 444536

File: 1507121808238.png (268.91 KB, 500x383, tumblr_lfg512aSN81qecnmao1_500…)

Here is another picture from that time.
Walk the talk the WALK TALK

No. 444574

Her hair that length covers up a multitude of sins but mainly her balding bulbous forehead.

No. 444583

I'm the >>444054 poster, and I just found it randomly by searching @mmmkikikannibal replies on Twitter. There are more photos there, I just didn't wanna involve the girl who posted it.

I saved it from Twitter to my phone so no, not me.

No. 444584

File: 1507128717199.jpg (156.08 KB, 750x838, IMG_0563.JPG)

No. 444585

File: 1507129853266.jpg (376.79 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpg)

expectation vs reality

No. 444594

whaaat, did Kiki sell her a knockoff or what? they look very different

No. 444596

definitely a knockoff lol

No. 444631

Probably the same backpack, but with different contents and lighting, and I imagine the wings were bent to fit into the shipping box.

No. 444637

Agreed, I think Kiki only ever had one of these, and no one wanted to buy it until now.

I'd be real fucking pissed if I paid for something so overpriced, and it smeared all over the shoulders of my clothes.

No. 444750


I’d still believe it’s a knockoff, back in 2012 when she got them and everyone called them fake, she made up that bs story about contacting a seller and having them made of vegan fake leather for her.

No. 444760

>she made up that bs story about contacting a seller and having them made of vegan fake leather for her
she's such a dummy. even if that was the case, she probably would have been called a plagiarist for bumming a pre-existing design. not that stealing other people's work is anything new to her.

i could swear that the wings on these bags were detachable? maybe i'm wrong.

No. 444787

I had a couple of these bags back in the day (they’re sooo dated now, Kiki always lives in the past) and they didn’t have detachable wings.

On the vegan friendly topic, I seem to remember a few pics of Kiki wearing Jeffrey Campbells circa 2010 even though they didn’t have a vegan collection until after that. She has a history of playing off fakes as ~real vegan~ goods.

No. 444854

She looks a thousand times better with short hair holy shit. I think it's because it gives the illusion of some actual volume but I guess she's wearing heavy makeup too. Looks so much better than her natural vegan elf uwu look

No. 444885

No, the wings she wore in her hair were from Dakota’s knockoff VW platforms.

No. 444993

i agree, though if she din't want to cut it even getting slight bangs like she has in the pictures would help her long, gaunt face. she's proving nothing by just preserving all of that dead shit growing off of her stressed scalp, no one is jealous.

No. 445146

my goodness, I went through her twitter and it's filled with retweets of animal torture wtf… I know it's to bring awareness but wtf I'd never follow her

No. 445211

She should probably delete those, even actual celebrities get massive shit for using images of violence and abuse to promote their personal agendas.

No. 445240

She's one of those assholes who think people aren't truly against animal cruelty if they don't watch that shit. We don't need that shit for awareness.

No. 445256

This. Only a maladjusted nutcase like Kiki would want to see that shit. I wouldn’t be surprised if she only shared it so she could pretend to be empathetic by being saddened by it.

No. 445257

File: 1507242196843.jpg (6.17 MB, 4272x5696, IMG_20171005_181739.jpg)

TFW you in line behind Kaka. She's back in Orlando guys.
Did the best I could without drawing attention to myself.

I also have a few more, but this felt really weird seeing a cow out in the open, also she was out with her mom

No. 445261

holy shit she's looking haggard

and that outfit… ugh

No. 445263

File: 1507242709639.jpg (4.47 MB, 4272x5696, IMG_20171005_181511.jpg)

No. 445265

File: 1507242758313.jpg (4.41 MB, 4272x5696, IMG_20171005_181345.jpg)

No. 445267


Should have asked for autograph OP!

No. 445268

Even recently I've always thought kiki doesn't look so bad. But holy shit. She really is haggard looking. Like really really haggard.

No. 445270

File: 1507242919204.jpg (4.99 MB, 4272x5696, IMG_20171005_181315.jpg)

Also her boots were super scuffed (which really bothered me but that could just be my autism.)

No. 445272

Wow! Nice, I’ve always wondered why there weren’t more live sitings of cows in the wild!
I wonder if she is permanently back or just visiting.

No. 445276

"Haggard" is so appropriate. She looks washed out and malnourished. Also lmao at her shopping at wallymart

No. 445278

File: 1507243728228.jpg (5.03 MB, 4272x5696, IMG_20171005_181334.jpg)

Wild cow op like I was on my to check out and I was like holy cow is that Kaka and one the outfit was a give away. (She seemed normal in person from what I could see, well besides her outfit)

Hope I didn't post this but it sure as heck caught my eye.

No. 445279

File: 1507243899266.jpg (20.35 KB, 558x527, recognise meeeeee.jpg)

I love her "You might know me from such films as Nazi Puppetmaster and Daisy" face.

Good job in sneaking these pics, anon. That fucking outfit is amazing in high res.

No. 445285

Good job, anon. I'm usually against people taking candid photos of anyone, especially extremely paranoid people like Kiki, but I can't deny the milk this is giving us.

I wonder what she's doing back at home with her parents. It doesn't seem like she and her bf broke up since I think if that happened, she wouldn't even be leaving the house.
It does at least make sense as to why she hasn't been posting as much lately.

No. 445286

Look at that totally blonde hair, guys!

No. 445291

No clue why she's back home she did however buy four decorated pumpkins, and four pumpkins with faces on them. Nothing too wild.

No. 445293

File: 1507245455915.jpeg (163.14 KB, 750x1080, A733AF86-1270-4F8A-93B4-3B73D2…)


No. 445295

She's probably there to celebrate her birthday with her family. I'm assuming she's staying awhile since she said she'll get back to making videos in mid-October. This is obviously why she hasn't been posting anything lately since I'm sure she doesn't want people to know she's spending her evenings in line at walmart

No. 445298

Last thing she was out with mom also(not a huge deal) her mom is the woman in the blue capris and green tie dye shirt.

No. 445299

It’s impressive that she’s as thin as she is in her pictures, but wow, her face looks so old. I don’t think she’s wearing makeup so that could help explain it but she just looks.. ill. She has such huge dark circles and no color to her face. Her hair is so long but it’s thin and stringy.

Congratulations on your cow spot!

No. 445309

Brown eyes? I thought her eyes were blue!?

No. 445319

Aren't they closer to grey? I always remembered Dakota having the lighter, more intense blue of the two.

No. 445320

She wears contacts, also consider how far away the picture was taken too.

No. 445342

I think that's one of Dakota’s old Taobao skirts, kek.

No. 445344

Tinfoil time:

What if she’s doing the same thing she did with Japan? Staying there for a little bit, taking fuckloads of pics a spacing them out to make it look like she moved there to start a successful career. It would explain the gaps in her work and why she isn’t posting anything consistently.

No. 445383

lol doesn't shopping at a walmart go against her whole earth mother persona considering that many of their meat suppliers keep their livestock in deplorable conditions?
))): you're indirectly funding their abuse, kaka

No. 445398


This is some real people of walmart shit. I can't get over the haggard faces and the ruined clothing they're wearing.

I guess she got the money for cheap groceries thanks to the poor soul who bought the knockoff taobao bag.

This. She probably only went to whole foods or whatever vegan places once, took a bunch of pics and stretched that out for a year.

No. 445411

She looks cute here, amazing body.
But yeah shes probably gonna see this and have a mental break-down and be afraid to leave her house, not that i blame her.

No. 445413


because most of her face is covered?

No. 445414


For the love of fuck Kaka please do something with your hair. I will overlook the eye bags because a lot of people get those. But cmon, you're in perfect control of your hair.
I like her skirt, though, I'm wondering where she got it?

No. 445434

peep those teeny holes in cathy's shirt. you can drop literally hundreds of dollars on garish white clothing but you can't get your mom a decent t-shirt?
i'm not being entirely serious, but i do think this is sorta funny.

No. 445451

any money is her parents' money to begin with, so…

No. 445453

Her parents must have put all their money to get her in that horror porno.

No. 445457

lmao you're right, i somehow managed to forget that she piggybacks off of her folks and mistook her for a normal self-sufficient adult

No. 445466

She looks so fucking basic without IG/video filters

No. 445480

I actually think this outfit is cute? Minus the scuffed boots. But holy shit her face. Ouch.

No. 445483

I think so as well but I wish it was a different color since it makes her look even more washed out.

No. 445490

tbh i really like kikis outfit but her hair is doing her no favors she needs to cut at least half of it off her body does look good but like everyone else has said her face is really haggard she does not look 25 also the fact that she barely has eyebrows isnt helping either i have the same kind of nose as hers so im not gonna say anything about that
i'm imaging kiki shitting herself rn

No. 445494

Dude some vegans age so fucking horribly like that, mostly ones who eat low fat vegan diets agh. She's only 25, that has to be the reason?? She doesn't smoke or drink or even go in the sun much it seems? And uses all natural products?? To look like this?
I know Walmart lighting is unflattering on anyone but it's not that far fetched

No. 445495

File: 1507269195829.png (198.21 KB, 548x434, 1.png)

It's the nasolabial folds imo. She is unfortunately cursed with terribly deep ones that probably got worse from smoking as a teen. Even removing just her dark eye circles doesn't help much with such deep folds there. Yes, meme I know, but they really do age you a lot and I have always religiously moisturized mine to help keep a youthful appearance.

No. 445502

Tbqfh no one cares what’s you moisturize, buddy.

I think what ages her the worst is the complete lack of color in her face. No blush in her cheeks. The dark circles are awful but she just looks unhealthy and dehydrated. Her hair looks so limp and dry, and her thin frame only makes her look malnourished.

I feel like those folds may be the least of her problems.

No. 445509

It's hard to believe she's 25 because of how haggard she looks. I think she just doesn't eat and doesn't exercise.

Shes thin but everything about her is so long and droopy. It will only get worse.

No. 445513

if some random anon taking harmless photos in a public area and a couple of strangers criticizing her appearance bothers her so much that she can't leave her home and she thinks everyone wants to murder her-

She should consider a different career.

No. 445516

Honestly this could well be the case. The anon who dug up all the details for her jobs said You Can Do Better was filmed in April and there’s no evidence of her booking a single thing since then.

I know acting is a very unstable career but 6 months without even a student film? Or doing one of those plays that you pay to be in? It certainly seems possible that she quit.

No. 445520

It's tough to be a famous Hollywood star

No. 445522

Also wasn't Lilou taken off her agent's site?

No. 445528

Is dat you Keeks?

No. 445531

Hate to speculate, honestly, but I wonder if her and Bobby are not together. I would say that if anything, that would be a reason she'd move back.
Honestly, I won't believe a thing until we see something. It might take a while. If she disappears for a long time, it's probably a safe bet.

No. 445532

Who cares tho, there is no milk with them other than him being Asian, because she's got that yellow fever

No. 445533

Not implying there is. Just tinfoiling for her not being in LA. Carry on.

No. 445549

Anon bought milk and some kind of meat!! You are evil and heartless!!1

No. 445560

Damn, who let the haggard faced balding lady wear the figure skating costume?

No. 445562

Well, she was living with him, if they broke up she would have had to move back home, since we know she couldn’t get her own apartment. This is starting to feel like Taku 2.0. She “moved” to a major city to be famous, shacked up with a guy, started dropping marriage hints, got dumped, then stopped posting and ended up back in FL as Sperg-Chan.

No. 445566

>Take some face time

Kiki, listen to the sign behind you. Like, it's right there.

No. 445567

I actually think her profile looks good, the nose gives her some character and her smile is cute.

But holy shit her hair is so bad and her complexion is so sallow and sickly, and that makeup is doing her no favours.

No. 445569

My thoughts:
- holy shit she looks like a 40 year old chain-smoker trying to relive her youth.
- she needs to eat healthier. She looks so sickly. No youthful-looking fat on her face.
- Her hair is long and lifeless. Pls cut it oooofff
- Her nose isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. No toucan sam nose after all?
- The outfit is only half bad but it clashes so much with going to a walmart making it double the cringe geezz
- I know I shouldn't feel empathy for her considering how twisted and narcissistic she is but I can't help but feel sorry for her…. I hope she somehow manages to snag a normal, adult job someday just so her cv isn't so empty for when her reality breaks down……. :/

Also awesome job anon for being able to get some many photos.

No. 445571

TBH I wish there were more pics of ole' Kathy. You can really see where Cooter gets that profile from this pic.
Kaka looks fine here, well not fine but just like a normal girl. But imagine being so hard pressed for attention you dress like a 1970's marching band majorette to go to Walmart, but don't have the sense to put makeup on first. If you're going to have a scrubby face have a scrubby outfit and be dedicated to the look you fucking turnip.

No. 445572

Why are you so angry about people sharing random facts? Nasolabial fold insecurity detected.

No. 445576

That anon didn't sound mad at all. They were just mentioning all the other things that age her beyond the folds.

No. 445580

>I don't edit my pictures

No. 445585

I mean to be fair she did admit to obsessively editing her photos
>I just want to take a picture and be able to post it without spending a couple of hours fixing lighting perfectly, adjusting hues or editing out any perceived “flaws” or attributes & characteristics

The low self-esteem is real.

No. 445586

>Tbqfh no one cares what’s you moisturize, buddy.
>not mad at all

Sure Jan.

Anyway, this is the girl who takes selfies with reflectors in front of her face. Of course she looks nothing like her pics. But she's clearly got some deficiencies by the combo of those incredibly dark undereye circles, wrinkles she shouldn't have at 25, limp hair, and the sallow skin. I find it weird someone so image-obsessed wouldn't at least slap on some foundation before going out in public.

No. 445587

When she shitposted on lolcow she said something in the line of ''kaka don't shoop like kota, milk is dry, delete the thread'' etc etc

No. 445588

File: 1507302345314.png (22.74 KB, 606x75, Skærmbillede 2017-10-06 kl. 17…)

found it

No. 445589

Source is the 'The internet fantasy game gets old' post
How do people forget the classics so quickly…

No. 445593

hahahahaha, there is no fucking way the pictures posted on her blog isn't edited as well.

No. 445603

way to throw your sister under the bus kiki

No. 445611

Oh bollocks dude. I get mad when people blogpost. No one cares about your super special skincare routine that keeps you ~youthful~. And if you’re so afraid of getting those dreaded folds, use a microneedler and some Vitamin C serum.

Kaka certainly is the queen of projection. The warm filters on her face give a bit of life to her skin and hair, but it’s obvious she changes her nose, eyes, teeth, and erases her wrinkles.

Was Kiki’s ED ever confirmed? Or did she just replace it with “veganism”? Because, even though I do like her body, her hair and face make her look like a victim of starvation and hard labor for 15 years.

No. 445629

File: 1507311225062.png (548.59 KB, 958x720, itgetsold.png)

No. 445644

File: 1507314408320.jpeg (42.42 KB, 640x636, DA113765-BF18-4E02-B8B3-2F511C…)

It’s not just the WM lighting, anon. This is Kiki’s true form.

>~goddess of love & light~

No. 445662


i think she's reasonably okay-looking, just (obviously) not nearly as attractive as she shoops herself to be. her gauntness and flat hair can't be denied and probably a result of her veganism, but some of her pallor and harsh lines of her face are probably caused by wearing stark white head to toe, muddy coloured hair that doesn't compliment her complexion and harsh white lighting in the supermarket. she even looks cutish in >>445265 when she's smiling naturally.

personally, i think she'd benefit from not wearing that frilly living doll crap with decidedly adult facial features like hers. her bare face, long flat hair and "mother earth vegan goddess" schtick would go better with a boho-hippie-mori style with flowy layers and earthy-vivid colors that might make her look less ill.

sage for typing out makeover advice for kiki fking ostrenga.

No. 445667

>Was Kiki’s ED ever confirmed?
I don't think it's ever been confirmed if she has an eating disorder but I'm pretty sure Kota once said she had one while still living in America in an interview and she has talked about her shitty eating habits plenty of times. I wouldn't be surprised if Kiki's eating habits are similar to hers.

If she does have issues with eating, I don't think it's a conscious thing she does since she's naturally thin already and I'm sure her weight wouldn't really change at all if she ate normally. I think she would have shitty eating habits due to laziness.

No. 445691

Girl is too washed out and sickly looking to be doing the pale look. I know autists like to sorry about sub damage but really, some sun wouldn't kill Kiki. What she really needs is some hair color TLC, layers, eyebrows, and a damn skincare routine. Extra stress on the layers and eyebrows because whew. Girl looks like a falmer from Skyrim.

No. 445692

*scream about sun damage

Clearly, I take my lolcow posts super seriously nowadays.

No. 445695

>Was Kiki’s ED ever confirmed?
My shitty memory is totally betraying me right now, but I seem to remember her being briefly hospitalised in the scene days for something that was speculated to be ED related (eg: low blood pressure). Hopefully someone smarter can dig up those ten year old receipts.

No. 445697

Don't let this fool you just because it's a Polaroid scan, its still heavily edited. Kiki has never looked like this.

No. 445735

A lot of Kaka's "best" pics were toaster quality and edited ones, so I'm not surprised.

No. 445743

She has this gaunt, severe look about her that really, really counteracts the whole fresh-faced youthful thing that she's desperately trying to do. I'm not even trying to say this to be a dick, but not every girl looks that great barefaced. And Kiki's definitely one of those girls. Her best looks have been when she's all done up. She's not even bad at makeup judging from her older videos. She obviously had some idea as to what suits her face so it baffles me even more why she's doing all this. She's so scrawny and pastey, and not in an interesting model-esque way. She looks like she's in remission from an illness. If she toned up, started eating a bit better, at least cut the dead ends from her hair if she's not ready to divorce herself from long hair quite yet, and got some sun like you said, that alone would do wonders. She's so irrationally boneheaded.

No. 445788

This. Kiki would suit an OTT style much better than this kinky crystal hobo look she has going on now. When she flies back to LA she should invest in a professional makeover.

No. 445807

mte. anyone who is saying she has a great body is delusional and feeding her ED. she looks stupid. when are women going to stop believing thinner=desirable

No. 445816

I see your point, but her body seems fine she just needs to get a better diet and tone up is all.

No. 445823

or just has a different taste from you? if you like fatness, that's on you. liking thin doesn't = ED

No. 445854

i guess she is fine in the sense she is not emaciated but it is obvious she is unhealthy and starving herself. therefore i don't really think it's good to say stuff like her body is awesome, because it's a body perpetuated by unhealthy means.

just because i don't like how thin she is doesn't have to mean i like fat people. i don't. you realize there is a huge area in between thin and fat right. being skinny does not always look good if you're starving yourself. i agree she would look better with just a better diet and some toning up

No. 445885

>toning up

I hate this fucking meme.

No. 445925


i see what you did there

No. 445931

She has a nice body, her legs look nice.

No. 445960


I must have some sort of ED, because she doesn't look all that thin to me. She doesn't look large in ANY way- not saying that- but i def dont see this emaciated starving waif that some of you are.

No. 445965

>i don't really think it's good to say stuff like her body is awesome, because it's a body perpetuated by unhealthy means
this baseless assumption shit is getting really annoying. you don't sound like you're aware of the fact that people can have skinny frames by means OTHER than starving themselves or having an ED (which makes me think you're a probably a lifelong fatty). there's such a thing as a fast metabolism, or simply eating mostly healthy food that doesn't make you gain weight.

No. 445969

Shit she does look like she was in LOTR on this (but not as an elf lol)

The candids are amazing!! (She must be feeling full blown like "Kim Kardashian or something")

When you put the beak, the bland greasy hair, sallow skin, aged face and $5 taobao outfit while doing groceries at Walmart (guess the Whole Foods hauls were only in LA, on bobby's tab) the result is hilarious.
If it was anyone else (a non-cow) I'd defend them ("the lightning is bad/angles/smthg privacy") but it's Kaka being exposed for how ridiculous she looks IRL, her hypocrisy >>445580
and HOLY SHIT BITCH IS IN ORLANDO LOL. It's like Japan and Taku all over again.

Kiki needs to get a little more down to Earth

No. 445972

That anon saying she has an ED is exaggerating, she has always been thin and everyone looks bad under certain lighting.

Fuck.. every time there's a bad picture of someone that's their "real form" but when there's a good one "omg filters".

Rolls eyes
fucking annoying.

No. 445973

she looks like she dying of consumption lmao. the long stringy hair, the sallow grey skin, the bruised eyebags, she looks miserable. she looks like she's a nap.

this isn't a 'bad picture' this is her at several different angles looking beige and sad as fuck

No. 445974

jesus fucking christ why has no one mentioned how ridiculously short her skirt is, especially as a skater skirt that flips about everywhere.

and it's because she's crazy with an eating disorder. of course she's going to look like that. she needs hella vitamins and filler for all the facial fat she rapidly lost. the only reason Taylor looks younger, despite being much older, is because of her cheek fillers. people start loosing cheek fat and it's the most noticeable sign of aging.

No. 445975

fuck sorry i forgot to add, she's probably back because of the hurricane, maybe helping her mom out.

No. 445977

i honestly think she looks like shit because she doesn't eat enough on purpose, and i do not think that is a stretch considering it is kiki. we have speculated whether her or dakota had EDs, some anon who lived in her town said she looked anorexic IRL, but i could be wrong too, who knows, she has always been thin. i just think she looks a little strange

No. 445978

She's anti animal cruelty but totally fine with child labor/abuse!!!

No. 445988

>because she doesn't eat enough on purpose
Fucking tinfoils again…

No. 445997

Not that anon but from the vids we saw she eats garbage only.

No. 445998

Ask any friend of yours to take you several pictures at walmart when you are not watching and share your results here anon, reveal your true form anon, be honest!!1

No. 446003

well i'm so oily you could my face to pan fry chicken so i'd look very…moist.

but frfr, when kaka doesn't control the camera, she looks tired and in need of sunlight. in the height of her acting career she always looked like this.

No. 446015

Nah, only fugly.

No. 446029


Found the Ostrengas.

No. 446042

No. 446044

OMG!!!! Yes I'm Kiki. Kiss me ;3
how did you catch me????
You are super smart anon!

Kiki is MODEL


photo of Taylor's fillers

No. 446045

Get surgery, oily bitch.

No. 446050

so why did your azn boifurendo dump you this time?

No. 446053

We knew you really wanted that, so we wanted to make you feel happy.

jk it was because I'm in love with you.
Touch me anon, feel me.

No. 446058

yup, she's triggered and extra cringe… Spergfest incoming

No. 446061

File: 1507356108496.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, MrW5mUX.gif)

Keek Week part two coming soon, perhaps?

No. 446064

File: 1507356554440.jpg (43.5 KB, 352x550, EveryoneIsKeekz.jpg)

No. 446065

Sperg out, Kaka. You deserve to feel the lowest of lows, and what a pity your azn bf left you. Nasolabial folds bitch ayy lmao

No. 446066

Are you seriously that butthurt because I called you oily bitch? Lmao(stop infighting)

No. 446080

I’m not even that same anon, you idiot lmao.

Anyway, since she’s probably back in FL all I can see in her future now is leeching off of her parents and failing as a person to society. Pity.

No. 446112

Really don't get why she doesn't just throw in the towel on this fame chaser shit and go back to school or something. She's already 25, which isn't old by any means but time moves faster than we give it credit. Does she really wanna be where she's at right now in another two, three, or four years? Is she that scared of just quietly settling into a life of normality and being a regular person and not ~*Lilou Vos: ethereal kirakira purincessu*~? Idk, maybe I'm being too critical.

No. 446129

Anon, that's been her past, present, and will remain her future unless she stops chasing dead end whims she never puts any effort into anyway.
Too bad internet sperging isn't a real career.

No. 446130

You know how it becomes a deeply seeded habit to put yourself down and be self deprecating because you had shitty, abusive parents? Your inner voice can become their voice in your head, even as an adult.
I'm sure the opposite happened to her. Her parents have to be responsible for cultivating her special snowflake image of herself and behavior.

No. 446155

Kiki wants to be famous because she wants an easy ride. She wants to be spoiled and worshipped, but she also wants to pretend she earned it somehow to prove everyone else wrong.

No. 446162

It's the same reason Raven doesn't go offline to stop the haters 'ruining' her marriage, she needs the validation. She's a narcissist and extremely insecure. Unfortunately like Raven, she can't seem to realise that even if you are mother Teresa and look like Megan fox, you are still going to have people out there who dislike you no matter what you do. So instead of ignoring that and focusing on actual fans, they constantly bring up haters in passive aggressive tweets and posts, follow hate blogs and try to change their image/delete things hoping to improve or change the haters minds.
They want fame but do not want the consequences or criticism that comes with it. They pretty much want to live in a perfect world where people only post nice comments ect. I also think in Kiki's case, she grew up having a lot of her self worth based on how she looks, so she lacks self esteem and personal skills to make friends and have a normal life. When it comes down to it, narcissism and insecurity is the main reason in my opinion.

No. 446207

How is it that she's nearly at 4 weeks without a Patreon post but she's only lost one patron? Yikes.

No. 446225

All of this.

>When it comes down to it, narcissism and insecurity is the main reason in my opinion.

I used to think laziness was the main reason she wants to become famous so badly (and I still do think it's a factor in it), but now thinking about it, you're definitely right. If she was all about not having to work a real job, she could easily just do what Trisha Paytas does and milk the fact that people don't like her for money.

No. 446269

I mean with numbers that low it's obvious those patreons are either the only people actually into her, farmers waiting for exclusive milk, or people that just forget they're auto-paying a charge.

No. 446272

She misses her window to monetize on that.
I feel like she could've easily carried over a Kiki kannibal caricature to accomplish this. People like watching over the top, flamboyant train-wrecks. Nobody likes or buys this ethereal angel bullshit. It's too saccharine and dripping with insincerity.

No. 446278

File: 1507402919793.jpeg (203.63 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

I think I found a Kiki or mama Ostrenga sperg out. This person tweeted to Kota that her pictures look different from her TV appearances,and then all this hate spam shows up.

No. 446279

Not to mention boring as all fuck. Even If her persona was sincere, she’s doesn’t do anything and isn’t interesting to watch. She just does the same basic shit everyone else does, and then goes back to lurking lolcow.

No. 446281

File: 1507403056398.png (50.71 KB, 605x279, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 20.0…)

Damn, this really does sound like an Ostrenga. How many times has Kiki tweeted about the terrible people that use evil hate sites?

No. 446282

This person has a lot of suspicious tweets praising Kota.

The only Ostrenga fans are the Ostrengas themselves, so it has to be one of them.

No. 446283

This is especially hilarious because all of those points are true about Dakota herself. Such blatant projection, mmmm.

No. 446285

File: 1507403249410.png (33.96 KB, 581x126, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 20.0…)

Just gonna post the direct link so that it gets archived before she deletes it:

No. 446288

Holy shit this SCREAMs Ostrengas!

What's the matter keeks, jealous that this girl gets to be I tv commercials in Japan, while you're paying to be an 'actress' in LA?!

No. 446291

Oh my god, please let this turn into Sperg-Chan Part 2!

No. 446293

File: 1507403506554.png (54.49 KB, 575x217, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 20.1…)

Huh and archive shows more ranting about 'hate sites' in December 2016:
I assume they're talking about Kiki/Lilou here?

No. 446295

File: 1507403639785.png (246.21 KB, 751x1022, image.png)

No. 446297


>talks shit about people who bully and use hate sites

>rips a girl apart for havin an opinions she disagrees with, calls her ugly and fat and says she needs plastic surgery
>does not see the irony
>many vagueposts about bullying and hate sites and “hiding behind screens” during times when Kiki or Kota were being discussed here
>worshipping Dakota for literally nothing and calling her beautiful

This is absolutely an Ostrenga.

No. 446301

File: 1507403952842.png (40.09 KB, 601x263, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 20.1…)

So this one tweet prompted ten (!) abusive responses from this person? A whole lot like when someone made a two sentence comment about Kiki's hair and she hit back with five paragraphs
- >>419722

And, of course, anyone who says anything that isn't ass-kissing must be spending all their time on hate sites, trying to get people to kill themselves.

No. 446303

File: 1507403975580.jpeg (170.68 KB, 640x1085, 090A1B6A-4642-42EB-A230-FE8C54…)

Wowza, she’s on a roll.

No. 446304

File: 1507404046250.png (28.66 KB, 584x105, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 20.1…)

Kiki go make some fucking content for your PAYING patrons rather than obsessively F5ing yours, Kota's and Taylor's threads.

No. 446308

File: 1507404350347.png (166.94 KB, 1044x788, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 20.2…)

No. 446309

Some one needs to tweet this thread to KeiraAshley so she can give is her first hand experience with an Ostrenga

No. 446310

I reported her for harassment. If Twatter decides to do anything about it I’m sure we’ll find out, lol.

No. 446313

File: 1507404679868.png (165.06 KB, 751x901, image.png)

Sperg chan 2.0. Ostrenga confirmed.

No. 446314

I love how Kiki thinks she knows who the anons on lolcow are, and makes such a hilarious asshole of herself accusing randos of being stalkers. I wonder if this Kiera girl will end up coming here? Someone with a Twitter PLEASE go message her and ask her to come in the thread! Maybe she can give deets about modeling in Japan and Dakota’s suspicious career.

No. 446315

File: 1507404964320.jpeg (189.17 KB, 640x1094, D9CC4557-9A18-40F4-A1B2-83F7B7…)


No. 446316

It honestly is the perfect storm for a Kiki sperg what with the Walmart photos from yesterday showing her looking awful, the subsequent speculation on whether she'd broken up with Bobby/quit acting (if either/both are true then she'll be so mad that people have worked it out) and then the comments on Kota's appearance these days.

No. 446317

I love seeing Kaka chimp out like this, you stupid bitch you’re so obvious about all of this too lmao wew.

No. 446318

Are the Ostrengas going to try to come for everyone who does modeling in Japan? I'd love to see them try that. There are lots of girls who get way better jobs then Kota, and they aren't even with ~speshul~ agencies like Bravosama.

No. 446320

Thank you for baiting her for us, Keira Ashley

No. 446321


This is obviously Kathy. Someone call her out and watch her start frothing at the mouth.

No. 446325

File: 1507406465284.png (892.69 KB, 640x1136, B3BCD048-4422-45C4-A165-063F28…)

No. 446326

This absolutely 200000000% smells like Cathy. I'm not even among the people that jump at these
assumptions so quick.

>That kid was 15 when he had kicked her out of a show - 80 pounds of her.
literally no one but an Ostrenga would have memory of this, let alone know her weight

No. 446328

who is she implying committed suicide? that munchie who ODed?

No. 446329

File: 1507407061976.png (100.01 KB, 743x738, image.png)

Tweeting at celebrities again Kathy?

No. 446330

File: 1507407087869.png (827.87 KB, 633x2337, MmdOOSC.png)


Da mn lol so she's been sperging about kiwifarms too, they listed her tweets from december 2016…turns out it's kaka lmaooo

No. 446331

Fucking lol good to see the Ostrengas are still holding on to their grudge for Jeffree kicking them out of his show like ten fucking years ago.

No. 446333

i guess she's not even trying to hide the fact that she's Cathy anymore. Btw, your daughter contributed to this website and encouraged the bullying + made new threads herself about Taylor Richards, in addition to planting fake death threats to her own threads. who's a hypocrite ;D?

No. 446334

File: 1507407634945.jpeg (187.61 KB, 750x1213, 47086A71-8C82-4D6E-99AC-5A9164…)

Just in case we needed to know who was behind the dak0lei instagram…

No. 446335

File: 1507407653650.jpeg (242.64 KB, 750x1213, 7F5B652E-73BA-48CA-A66F-C05311…)

No. 446338

it's not them. it's some low functioning latino girl who thinks parroting their phrases will make them like her lol

No. 446340

I'm convinced one of the Ostrengas speak Spanish.

It's hard to believe than anyone would be that obsessive of two nobodies from Orlando

No. 446343

Yeah, the whale Kadie. She's also been harassing people about Julie Terryberry's suicide; anyone who commented that maybe Julie shouldn't post photos of her cutting and sticking things in her butt on facebook, Kiki is convinced they personally drove Terryberry to off herself (that's more on Kiwi than here, but Keeks is just raging across the board atm.)

No. 446344

Kaka spoke spanish on one of her last stickam streams. Doesn't mean she's fluent but it's something.

Merry Keekmas everybody!

No. 446346

Kiera Ashley seems rather outspoken, so I'm hoping she makes a video about this. I bet she would get lots a views and we would get lots of fresh milk

No. 446347

whatever, just stop giving her attention. you realize that account just talks to itself and tries to get involved in everything? no one would even know about the shit it spews if it weren't for screenshots being brought here.
personally i'm convinced it's an ex-hater turned fan. maybe the Ostrengas know this too and that's why they haven't acknowledged her. kiki seems to be grateful to genuine fans but not this one.

No. 446348

>>whatever, just stop giving her attention

Hi, Kiki (or Cathy)!

No. 446349

File: 1507408753798.png (403.31 KB, 462x543, surecathy.png)

Just for the record, this is the girl Cathy was sperging about.
>giant chin
>hook nose
…Sure, Cathy

No. 446351

pretty sure "Hi ___!" is against the rules now dipshit

No. 446352

If this girl has a hook nose, Kiki is literally a toucan.

No. 446353

They're heeeeere

No. 446354

It absolutely disgusts me when lolcows like Kiki and Raven try to use other people's suicides as a way to get people to stop criticizing them.

No. 446355

i wonder if Dakota knows this is her mother, or if she's letting her believe it's a fan called Rizzo

No. 446356

Funny, isn't it? She mentioned features that her own daughters have. Dakota's jaw is bigger, her chin is actually protruding, and last time I saw her she was on the thick side. Kiki has a humped nose. This girl is slim, her chin and jaw are fine, her nose is fine.
It's like Cathy was mad projecting in those tweets.

No. 446357

>>Anon bought milk


No. 446361

Cathy is mad because this girl has a better body than both her daughters. She called her thick(as if it's a bad thing) Keira looks great and healthy.

Better than being stumpy like kota or skeletor keeks

No. 446367

Every single insult that was hurled at Keira was a feature of Dakota that has been mentioned here before. This is just an Ostrenga on their period, getting buttblasted that the rest of the world doesn’t lick their cunts the way they do for each other.

No. 446374

right? the "shave your jaw, giant jaw/chin" part killed me

No. 446375

Oh my lordt they are here. Mods, pls IP check? We know they're watching the page right now, and I don't doubt they're still using a VPN but it might be worthwhile to keep an eye on.

This salt seemed to spring up over just the past couple days. Is Kiki's visit home going that badly? Jeez.

No. 446379

File: 1507411489337.png (560.03 KB, 640x1136, D0A9A3E7-257C-41EE-820F-892E34…)

Bless you, based anon.

No. 446384

File: 1507412437251.jpg (75.64 KB, 640x424, 1507375015048.jpg)

Please Tweetanon, reference the "beady eyes, lose weight, shave your jaw and chin, get a nosejob" tweet with this picture

No. 446389


I never noticed how huge her face actually is! Probably due to all the shoop. Damn she looks bloated

No. 446391

These tweets in particular.. it's like her mom is catfishing her.

No. 446402

It makes all those “Japan loves Dakota bc of her small face” comments from back in the day even funnier.

No. 446432

LMAO, absolutely living for this omg

No. 446436

File: 1507418888982.png (57.84 KB, 618x283, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.26…)

And it continues…

"I am not a crook!"

No. 446438

File: 1507418927259.png (101.81 KB, 580x407, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 4.27…)

No. 446439

Cathy will spew hate on anyone prettier than her own spawn, that girl on tumblr who looked like Dakota's shoops IRL, Audrey, now this Keira… and probably anyone modeling in Japan in general.
Kaka is so obsessed with Taylor that she literally wants to wear her skin.

No. 446440


Does Kiki not ever see the irony of she herself having AVIDLY participated on this site, and on PULL? That she has told and continues to tell people to commit suicide?

No. 446443

So… she thinks Keira is posting the tweets here? No sweetie.

No. 446444

Def an Ostrenga. Who tf else would specify "Lilou Vos"? No one gives a fuck about her acting persona.

No. 446451

File: 1507419414158.png (67.99 KB, 584x263, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 00.3…)

The other couple of tweets.

There is literally nothing to suggest Keira uses 'hate sites'

Always remember - if you're not kissing the Ostrengas' asses then you are a hater who wants people to kill themselves.

No. 446452

File: 1507419500758.jpg (159.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

>When U operate on sites
>sick brain bullies
>do not be self-righteous

for all the recon ostrengas do online why does cathy still sound like r/oldpeoplefacebook?

No. 446453


no she belongs on r/insanepeoplefacebook

No. 446456

File: 1507420065479.jpg (176.59 KB, 910x595, hypocrite.jpg)

It's denial and hypocrisy.

No. 446458

holy shit kiki you never learn the lesson
it's the same post-Japan chimpout all over again

No. 446463


Yeah because we all figured out she was gonna keep posting old pics from LA pretending to still be there like she did with Japan kek

No. 446467

File: 1507421683911.jpg (551.79 KB, 978x2166, Bully_ostrenga.jpg)

This isn't even Cathy's first time sending anonymous bullying messages to other girls. You can't attack the notion of "hate sites" while being perfectly in league with them (or even worse).

No. 446479

I reported the posts for bullying - I mean, it is bullying by the standards of the person running this account.

Holy fuck all this sperg, you don't know what is a Ostrenga or an obsessive Latino girl

No. 446488

The Ostrengas are pretty racist against Latinos so I don't buy it, no. They probably think throwing out a fake fan persona presented as Latina would throw off the scent but lol No.

No. 446510

My exact thoughts. They're using the deaths of these girls to try to get the sites taken down for their own selfish reasons. We already know they're desperate to get their threads taken down. That's so gross.

No. 446516

legit models and actors in the public eye are nitpicked and criticized on every platform imaginable, not just your "hate sites", kaka. You want to be a great Hollywood actress, grow the fuck up.

No. 446517

but I'm not calling >>446510 kaka lol

No. 446518

Neither are they. They're speaking to Kaka because her whole family's probably reading the thread. It's no coincidence that her thread's been boring af lately and then the second candids of her get posted the spergening 2017 begins.

No. 446521


Cathy and Spergchan is back!

Eating popcorn rn, I knew the Walmart shit wouldn't be for nothing. Thanks based Walmart anon and thanks random model for unearthing their troll account.

>i'm convinced it's an ex-hater turned fan

Totemo legit. IP check adminsama?

No. 446533

>inb4 kiki and cathy frantically trying to remember the faces of the people around them that day

No. 446536

Guys, admins only check IPs for rule breakers. Sorry.

No. 446540

i'm the anon who posted it, and this is ridiculous. all i said was to not give dak0lei attention, and respond to the annoying dumbass who said "Hi Kiki!".

No. 446547

Underrated, I’m laughing so damn hard fam.

No. 446562

File: 1507437226721.jpg (5.66 MB, 4272x5696, IMG_20171005_181738.jpg)

Ayyyy no problem guys.
Have one more.

No. 446563

Why does her eyes looks so brown??

No. 446565

File: 1507438025926.png (120.03 KB, 581x549, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 9.45…)

It continued a couple hours later. Keeks can't stop, won't stop.

Anon who found that twitter: she mad. Kek.

No. 446567

File: 1507438312418.png (730.5 KB, 840x1015, keeks.png)

"people participating n those sites are the worst kind of low"


No. 446569

they're not. her eyes are just a dull grey color. the lighting makes them look dark

No. 446570


ok free speech and all but holy shit get off twitter this ain't what it's for 'rizzo'.

No. 446571

if this is Cathy, there's a big possibility kiki convinced her we're just lying about spergchan and she didn't do anything. i mean.. i can see why she wouldn't admit it to anyone.

No. 446574

Since this all started with the poor model tweeting that random comment at Dakota, I wouldn't be surprised if she was the one who who sicced Mama Ostrenga/Kiki on that chick.
And of course Kaka is jealous of any foreign model in Japan.

No. 446575

She doesn't have to lie. Cathy has always been this way over her spawn. She's never admitted anything they did was wrong. Never4get the video where she denied a girl had died and Cathy ran her mouth saying she didn't have to believe it. They called her whole chat of people stupid and said they'd been duped. Even when confronted with actual video of news coverage of her death the two of them never admitted fault or apologized for what they said. Self-absorbed cunts.

No. 446576

just me or is cathy starting to sound a little psychotic? repeating herself over and over like she's building up to a mREEEEltdown

she probably did try to hide it but with the solid proof admin provided i think even cathy must know it was her

No. 446577

File: 1507439948998.png (529.28 KB, 1144x750, Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 7.51…)

>deranged bullies
take a look in the mirror Cathy

No. 446585


i wish we knew how many non vegan shit was bought on this trip

No. 446590

jesus christ the ostrengas need to be put in a mental hospital. First they mercilessly harass Taylor and now this girl I've never even heard of. what the fuck

+ some other random foreign girls in Japan, I think there were a few. Audrey? idk

why do foreign girls in Japan trigger them so bad?

No. 446591


inb4 unflattering facial expression, my face doesn't even do that when I try lol holy shit

No. 446592

anon cathy always sound psychotic


No. 446593

File: 1507444054644.png (428.22 KB, 1147x667, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 2.26…)

same, never heard of her. she's apparently in the jvlogger scene, i checked out her youtube and aside from having bad crooked teeth, the rest of her is perfectly fine. she's very naturally pretty and does look model material. and not afraid of filming herself in any angle or lighting. her jaw is also perfectly normal, so the fact that Cathy said she tries to "hide her massive jawline & cleft chin" like.. bitch where? insert photo of Dakota nervously covering her jaw with her hair

No. 446594

She has nice full lips which balance out her chin. I also really like her nose…it fits her face nicely. This girl is literally everything Kiki wishes she could be.

No. 446605

File: 1507446896273.png (99.48 KB, 599x793, screenshot-twitter.com 2017-10…)

go to sleep kaka

No. 446607

Manic-driven, spewing venom Kaka. Gurl go to sleep lmao.

No. 446609

does this bitch seriously think that someone (hundred times prettier and with an actual life-unlike them) would be in japan for the sole purpose of following and stalking kota's fat jobless ass? kek

No. 446610

>You still don't get it. I used very similar words that U used on one of your targets on your own kind
lmafo she still thinks Keira is from lolcow, is trying to use that to justify viciously attacking her, and is backpeddling hard on the reason she did it. It totally wasn't because she was triggered into blind rage from her tweet that Dakota doesn't look like her pictures, noooooo, she was just setting an example of what it's like to have those words used on.. "our own kind".

>You post fake B.S to try to get your victims to fight w/ one another

and this is her saying Kiki being spergchan is bs? spergchan is a conspiracy by the lolcow admins to get the family to fight with another.

No. 446611

Kiki is on the fast lane to becoming a crazy paranoid psycho, she got the psychotic stare down.

She'll never make it big unless she starts to accept roles such as "that ugly girl in horror movie who gets jelly of the preppy ones and start to kill everybody once she's dead".

I can see her being someone's crazy neighbour in the future, except instead of being your ditzy hippie nice nighbour she'll be the one you have to look out for and who slashed your tires because you accidentally stepped on an invisible gnome.

No. 446612

>You will be your own demise. Karma is real.
To everyone but Kaka, apparently. Because people talking shit and exposing her is never karma, it's bullying and haters and she doesn't deserve this. Yet she's the lunatic ranting and talking to herself instead of walking away.

No. 446618

I wish someone one of these days would attempt to press charges for the the Ostrenga's stalking and harassment. Even if the charges didn't go all the way through, their greasy balding heads would finally be undeniably exposed for the bitter psychopaths they are.

No. 446620

That's a pretty typical white model girl face in Japan. Not shooping or hiding anything. I see no issue here.

vs dakota's bloated face that looks 100x worse when compared to her own ridiculous shoops

No. 446625

She's going to be Kiki's new Taylor

No. 446629

all for one tweet posting one basic fact anybody with at least one semi functioning eye could see.

doesn't take much these days to trigger Kaka/Cathy I guess

No. 446642

This is the best of the lot kek

>Write their own hate, screenshot it, & tag it & accuse 1 of their targets of doing it
What's she referring to here? Sperg-chan?

>now you are following around and harassing one of your targets in real life
Girl, taking a couple of shots in Walmart is not stalking. Anon didn't follow Kiki and certainly didn't harass her.

No. 446649

File: 1507454576579.png (281.57 KB, 570x735, 3B9CC3B7-7927-4DC6-B923-93BF1F…)

As much as it pains me to hurt my boi Igor, she be looking like him 100%, holy fuck.

No. 446656

Daaaamn, Kaka looks like she's screaming out the tweets here >>446605

No. 446668

>> Nice full lips
lmfao where? This girl is below average at best

No. 446670

because this is the most important now, right
stop derailing the milk with irrelevant pettiness

No. 446682


Cathy has always sounded like this, that's how you can tell the Rizzo account is her and not Kiki or Dakota. Remember that time she told that pregnant girl she hoped she had a miscarriage?

No. 446687

Yep, this is an Ostrenga. Cathy, most likely.
I knew that the Walmart pictures would've triggered a reaction.

(thinking emoji)

No. 446689

File: 1507472011824.png (186.44 KB, 540x927, Screenshot_2017-10-08-11-07-35…)

Dude. They're going non-stop.

No. 446690

File: 1507472065861.png (175.81 KB, 540x922, Screenshot_2017-10-08-11-09-41…)

No. 446692

lmao you wish

too bad they don't have money to go to court again anymore kek. I bet they want to do it again.

No. 446702

>how did you see it then?

Cathy how tf did you see it if you weren't on the site you literal handicap?

No. 446708

I'm fucking C A C K L I N G right now. It's honestly incredible how insane and retarded this family is.

No. 446709

I hope she comes on here so we can tell her all about Dakota and Kiki, maybe her being a real model in Japan can shed some light on a few things with the k dustru and Dakota’s special treatment.

No. 446710


I love how they all think it's a small group of people that have been stalking her for years as opposed to hundreds of people who like to watch and laugh at their try-hard mentally ill shenanigans​

No. 446712

File: 1507477245606.gif (2.1 MB, 456x336, 2EE0375F-6F77-40EF-ACE3-624219…)

Posting some old gold to go with the new milk.

No. 446716

im crying

this needs to be next op image

No. 446717

I love that the sign in the background says “lash extensions”.

I guess now we know where she got them!

No. 446723

File: 1507479386641.png (61.05 KB, 540x269, Screenshot_2017-10-08-13-14-30…)

> pushed four ppl to commit suicide

Bitch where

No. 446724

File: 1507479462196.png (157.25 KB, 540x777, Screenshot_2017-10-08-13-14-11…)

Ok I guess now it's "several ppl" who committed suicide over lolcow. A shame she doesn't even name them bc oh yeah, IT'S A FUCKING LIE

No. 446727

>"Keirashley is an adult woman"
Bitch, you're too. What you're on about?

No. 446728

She is literally talking about herself. This is such hilarious projection

No. 446731

File: 1507480862125.jpeg (301.04 KB, 750x919, B29769FC-E380-4A35-80B7-046C27…)

Love that Cathy doesn’t understand how Twitter works

No. 446735

>Keirashley is part of a group who has been attacking a 22 year old since she was 15
Is… she a paranoid schizo? What is she even talking about? All for a comment from that girl stating the truth - that Dakota doesn't look like her pictures? Everyone with eyes can see that

No. 446747


Can't hide the crazy! She comes off like a fucking lunatic trying to lecture on the internet, that's how you know it's Cathy. She's such a know-it-all yet she can't relate to the people she's targeting to talk to because they're much younger than her. I do love watching her desperately try to string things together to expose identities of "bullies and haters" though. The old Kiki archive is full of that. It's so funny how wrong she is every time.

No. 446755

Still. Going.

We bullyin hoes to death and doxin they funerals.

Cathy (and / or Kiki) have truly lost the plot. Methinks Kiki may have moved back home, why else would they be tweeking so badly?

No. 446756

File: 1507487552304.png (119.8 KB, 586x556, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.3…)

dropped pic

No. 446759

File: 1507487568717.png (120.9 KB, 587x540, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 11.3…)

No. 446760

Does she think Keira is posting her tweets here…? Despite them being posted in multiple formats?

There is no evidence Keira posts here or even that she was aware of 'hate sites' before this incident. Cathy get some goddamn meds you are a paranoid mess and have managed to fuck up your kids with it.

No. 446762

>>Does she think Keira is posting her tweets here…? Despite them being posted in multiple formats?

That's about the size of it. She's got zero evidence besides "tweets I sent her showed up on lolcow" - despite both accounts being public and visible to literally anyone. An anon had found Cathy / Kiki's sock twitter before because of its random nonstop Dakota ass kissing, in English. Enough people know about Dakota and Kiki's histories to put 2 ad 2 together from a public twitter.

No. 446768

holy shit!!! It's Kiki if Kiki was attractive. Nice dolly forehead without the balding. Pretty youthful glowing skin. Long blondish brown all american girl hair and a balanced face.

No. 446770

it must kill Kiki inside to know she'll never look that good. Thanks anon for posting those candids, I had my doubts over whether people were exaggerating when they talked about how rough she actually looks without the filters and photoshop but it's nice to see concrete proof.

No. 446774

this would rather adhere to the kota thread though.
keira tweeted something about how kota looks so much different on tv then on social media, then kota blocked her.
this seems to have triggered cathy.

No. 446777

It's really insane that they think she even looks at this site/pull since if she did, she most likely would've never said anything to Kota. No one who looks at this site/pull is dumb enough to expose themselves to them since everyone here knows that it's just going to end in us being stalked/harassed by them.

No. 446781

The only thing I can remember is this one girl killed herself for being posted on thedirty. I believe Kiki was posted on there at one point. It's a serious reach and I don't even think you can find it on the internet anymore.

I know that Cathy likes to talk about hatesites collectively but she can't be that stupid.

No. 446786

>but she can't be that stupid.

She literally thinks that everyone posting about her are people who hold grudges over what happened during the scene era. She saw someone using a ~*~*~ signature on Tumblr and then saw it somewhere else and determined it was the same person posting about them even though every girl had those accents in their AIM profiles and away messages. Cathy thinks she's a lawyer and a detective but she's not so good at solving anything. She's fucking retarded. She thinks she gets the internet and culture surrounding it but she's too retarded for Twitter. She's too retarded to see her hypocrisy. The Ostrengas are all short on brain cells.

No. 446790

>Keirashley is an adult woman who is part of a group who has been attacking a now 22 year old since she was 15 years old.
lmao i can't breath. she's like an actual parody of herself. this would sound like a troll account if we didn't know she was this legit crazy

No. 446793

Couldn't agree more with all of this.
I was honestly surprised that she didn't accuse Kota's haters of stalking her since the Myspace days like she does with Kiki.

Let's not forget that as recently as 2014 she was still trying to sue haters from 2006

No. 446795

she's either lying or Cathy knows way more about lolcow than i do. what funerals have been doxxed??? who even died???????? is she talking about kiwifarms maybe? that's the only place idk anything about.

No. 446820

She's conflating lolcow with kiwi. Kiki had a freak out over the summer when Kadee Konstantino and Julie Terryberry (from kiwi farms) both died. Kadee didnt commit suicide - she OD'd, there was a newspaper article about it because she died at her dealer's house. Julie did indeed commit suicide - but she was suicidal and cutting years before any type of farmer knew about her. Julie's family posted some appalling obits which entirely focused on their own fucked up family dynamics, rather than on the dead child they shunted off to an adult foster carer. I believe the criticism of Julie's family's behavior at the time oif her funeral is the "funeral doxing" Kiki / Cathy is ranting about.

But niether situation is related in any way to either the farms, or to Kiki or Kota. They're (Cathy and Kiki) just that bored, everything everywhere is about them, in their eyes.

No. 446822

i'm glad she's tagging Keira in all of these. i hope she makes a video. imagine how crazy? "i tweeted something at this girl and got this string of insults from a troll account, and then i come to find out it's the girl's MOTHER behind it". it's like one of those crazy dr phil episodes

No. 446823


goodnight sweet prince

No. 446830

>The tweets were reposted all over the hate sites waaaah
Lmao. Hi Cathy! That Keira girl is cuter than both your daughters combined.

No. 446831


isn't that what happened with megan meier? cathy brings her suicide up as proof the internet and hate sites are toxic but doesn't see her own role in it. imagine if it were teenagers right now and someone did commit suicide because of cathy's attacks. but in her fucked up head it's deserved. good lort cathy go outside for a breath.

No. 446843

I bet the Ostrengas are also buttmad about how many supportive tweets keirashley received. Kiki's tweets get approx 5 engagements at best, not to mention that pitiful Patreon.

No. 446849

File: 1507499067392.png (53.52 KB, 629x322, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 22.4…)

Obviously Keeks is going to pretend her mother's breakdown isn't happening and carry on shilling

No. 446851

reported her orb necklace on depop and now its gone they take counterfeit reports seriously gonna report it on ebay too fucking bitch

No. 446873

She’s listing hers with one stock image for even higher than the sponsored link for the actual authentic one. Jesus, Kiki, nobody pays more for used jewelry than new jewelry.

No. 446886

File: 1507503109042.png (434.13 KB, 1224x775, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.44…)

rizzo, japanese people are also saying Dakota doesn't look like her pictures. Are they from lolcow too? the poster and all 1,078 that thumbed it up http://girlschannel.net/topics/1379717/

No. 446890

Obviously all 1079 people are Keira, Taylor and the other Jvloggers with mad sockpuppets.

No. 446899

Things to do when your mom is having a meltdown on twitter bc an anon posted candids of your haggard mug on lolcow and ur sister is a fake:
( ) produce a video with updated equipment, like you said you would
( ) post anything for your patrons
(X) literally anything else

IMO Kiki is losing a mad opportunity of playing the victim once again and try gaining some more patrons and YT views
> storytime: I was stalked????

No. 446901

Farmers here searched for Kadee's funeral home announcement and posted it here also, as Kadee was a serial liar and anons wanted some way to confirm the story. Even I missed the manslaughter charge news story and I was kind of following along. Kadee did not commit suicide.

No. 446909

File: 1507506553438.png (51.7 KB, 605x245, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 22.0…)

I guess Frank Wolf's funeral was sorta doxxed because people thought he faked his death?

Who knows honestly, the Ostrengas are queens of exaggeration.

No. 446912

>one girl killed herself for being posted on thedirty.


No. 446914

right. I never clicked on Frank Wolf's old PULL thread until it blew up after his suicide, but i remember he was a cam-stripper for gay sites, and he was supposedly bullied for dressing like a girl and being a homosexual. i think all/most of the bullying was done by 1 french-canadian person who harrassed him in French and who later made an account PULL, but i don't remember anything else.

No. 446931

My favorite part about this tweet is that she's describing her children

No. 446956

File: 1507520606372.jpg (522.1 KB, 2359x589, c.jpg)

i just remembered that Audrey Hayashi was once harassed through twitter in identical fashion as Keira through a sock account. back then people thought it was Dakota doing it, but what if Cathy's hobby this whole time was to make fake accounts and harass japanese models who say anything about her daughters? I just checked Audrey's thread and kiki had posted there too. idk how cathy can deny spergchan is kiki, they all say exactly the same things.

No. 446964

>bash people behind the scenes and play the innocent card

You'd know something about that eh kaka

No. 446974

It's fucking hilarious how their version swings from "legion of haturrrrrzzzz" to "a single person creating forums and posting in hate sites" kek

No. 446976

How do Scott and Cathy even procure money at this point…? Do they have real jobs? I can't imagine Cathy being able to handle reality given the depths of her obvious mental illness lol.
We've all said it a thousand times but it's no wonder Kota and Kiki turned out the way they did. And with the way their mother has praised them and deluded them, it's obvious they didn't realize age would hit them like a ton of bricks. They clearly never thought they would have to put effort into looking good, and now they're total trainwrecks. I guess they just thought photoshop and hiding away forever would shield them from free radicals.

No. 446989

Kaka and Cathy, the Spergening.. I wonder how many random models they've terrorized.

No. 447025

What's wrong with this family holy shit
they just have a weird obsession over girls who model in Japan and jvloggers

Audrey Hayashi…
god knows who else

No. 447029

Can't forget about Taylor lol

No. 447044

Yes! I remember too.

No. 447054

One girl called her an "edited gorilla", Japanese girls have no chill lmao

No. 447067

Congratulations on a full 4 weeks without a Patreon post, you waste of space.

No. 447113

I checked out her patreon prices and after $15 you're pretty much paying to be in a shitty long distance relationship with kiki for as many months as you can stand. I think she's discouraged because she's making like $24 off of 8 $3 patrons.

Also, I remember she posted a pic of the menu of cafe gratitude, she seems to have deleted it? Imitation is not always sincere.

No. 447119

File: 1507573751691.png (332.7 KB, 524x728, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 19.2…)

No. 447122

She probably watched it with her mom.

No. 447130

She should make a video for her patrons about what happened with Taco. She vaguely brought it up once and said she might talk about it in a video. These people are paying her something she could at least be personal with them.

No. 447176

How long has she been in Florida? One anon said because of her birthday, but wasn't that a little while ago and she celebrated with her boyfriend? Why is she even there? I mean I guess because she's a woman-child that needs to see her parents?

No. 447179

oh look she's using perf 5 years too late good for her

No. 447185

>Is… she a paranoid schizo?

yes. She is. For a long while she believed it was only 1-3 people who kept making sock accounts that were talking shit about Kiki/ Dakota on Efagz, /cgl/, twitter etc. And this is also the same woman who has admitted to having binders full of caps of people saying "mean" things.

No. 447239

What about that Lauren Southsomething person that was schizzo and thought she was Kiki, do you think that was Kiki all along?

No. 447241

no.. and what does that have to do with anything?

No. 447273

They attacked Emily as well? When?

No. 447309


they didn't take attack her but Emily said Koots (maybe kaka too) blocked her on twitter one day and was really confused by it

No. 447377

File: 1507594570101.jpg (96.91 KB, 697x697, 17076046_615099948673262_83281…)

Tell me about Kiki! Why does she wear the mask?

No. 447402

She can't post anything while she's in FL, she doesn't want people to know she's not living a lux life in LA.

No. 447426

She could have shot it in a room of the FL house we haven’t seen much and claim she had to move house (in LA) again because of that ‘house sickness’ bullshit she was talking about a while back.

No. 447443

Don't give her ideas anon

No. 447463

I was thinking she just left for FL the day after her birthday? It’s plausible I guess.

No. 447484

I have a feeling she celebrated her birthday early with Bobby and then posted the video on her birthday.

No. 447515

no. she said somewhere that due to the hurricane she canceled plans to go to FL on her birthday, so i guess she just went later.

No. 447552

What stopped her from doing it four weeks ago? She hasn't even promoted her low budget horror porn. She's just shit at everything. She makes half-assed attempts and that's why she's never going to succeed.

No. 447559

That low budget show was her one big credit on IMDB. If she's going to succeed, it's through similar degrading roles.

No. 447566

File: 1507609941206.jpeg (27.82 KB, 332x443, AnWVZzC6n52FOOJ_jaaJy_89.jpeg)

that site really has a lot of shit about her..

No. 447575

lmao if kiki is such an empath~ why didn't she post anything about florida/relief funds ??? what a cunt

No. 447578

She's looking more like Trisha Paytas here…

No. 447597

LMAO a little bit late with all the cathy twitter drama but wasn't cathy the one who tweeted dalai lama begging for help or something like that?

No. 447608

File: 1507615855193.png (893.13 KB, 1188x850, Cathy_Ostrenga_Begging.png)

Yes. and if you look further down on this new account she's also tweeting at politicians and calling them psychotic and toxic. she still tweets at famous people thinking they'll see it.

No. 447640

File: 1507622347521.png (182.87 KB, 600x293, AnWVZzC6n52FOOJ_AJkvD_59.png)

Yikes. She looks rough as fuck

No. 447651

File: 1507624587412.jpg (51.34 KB, 500x570, F3bEuoXC3mA.jpg)

No. 447698

File: 1507639701943.jpg (168.42 KB, 644x354, 1507435780346.jpg)


Equally as rough as her sister…

They both look one step away from starting the zombie apocalypse.

No. 447709

This is nothing new, girlschannel has been talking shit about Kooters for years now. Unlike the image she portrays, she's really not that popular over in Japan. If you guys would look at her threads on /snow/ you would see that.

No. 447735

one of my friends has a dad who does stuff like this. he makes kickstarters for a "charity" he made up to get free money and tweets celebs all day. i never thought i'd encounter a series of tweets just like his. is cathy bipolar?

No. 447751

oh that makes a lot more sense anon, thanks for the info

No. 447753

The dakota thread is a lot of fun these days, I'm sad its on auto sage

No. 447771

I wonder if all of her patrons are mommy ostrenga so she knows she doesn't have to worry about it

No. 447785

Probably. There's no way her spergouts are the product of someone mentally healthy.

No. 447913


This is hilarious in so much levels

No. 447930

If I pull that off, would she die?

No. 447983

Careful, out of the loop and loopy Cathy's going to screenshot that as a death threat, kek

No. 448049

It would be extremely painful.

No. 448055

flat stringy haired, split ends having, hook nosed, banana head, mentally insane fucking creep(learn 2 sage)

No. 448109

When she goes without eye makeup, it only further accentuates her wonky uneven eye sockets.

No. 448118

…when did she get all those moles?

No. 448128

Her tweeting at everyone was unreal, from the Dalai Lama to Trent Reznor. After seeing spergchan, apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

No. 448129

you can get moles as you age and shit

No. 448130

KEK I love the venom here anon.

No. 448137

no, shes always had those. covered with makeup or shoop.

anyway is the sperging fest over :'^(?

No. 448168

RIP Dakota Rose Ostrenga

No. 448178

Has anyone been following the Harvey Weinstein ordeal? It's that easy to get acting roles in Hollywood apparently. Everyone is just fucking for roles lol. Kiki, take notes.

Basically sell your soul for acting gigs out there. Wow.

No. 448180

Cathy is definitely not above that. She tried to sell off both daughters to Jim Carey lol

No. 448188

File: 1507701876430.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.23 KB, 622x427, Kota Dennis.jpg)

can't unsee