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File: 1440245712420.jpg (228.85 KB, 930x543, kiku & taki.jpg)

No. 166812

No. 166818

This bitch has mastered the art of suggestion.

No. 166820

File: 1440246271596.png (23.18 KB, 553x125, cringe.png)

I know people say in videos he looks like he's sick of her shit but judging by her tweets about Taco (if they're true) it seems like he's her actual Japanese male counterpart.
It's kind of terrifying.

No. 166821

Snaggletooth is a Jigger

No. 166822

That forehead…why doesn't she get bangs…

No. 166826

He seems like her counterpart because she's projecting herself onto who she thinks her ideal bf would be like. I'm pretty sure "take" doesn't actually do this shit.

No. 166828

That new video. I'm particularly glad to see things like those winged shoes outside in the real world. It really gives you a chance to see how actually horrid and cheap it looks. Way to dress like a Middle Schooler, keeks!!!

No. 166830


Because foreheads are beautiful!!! In Asia!!! Rihanna has a big one too!!!

No. 166831

She looks like a cancer patient.
Why isn't her hair ever styled like in her self portraits with ~hair ornaments~ she's so obsessed with.

No. 166832

I know right? It was cute when Dakota did it and she ps'd herself to look younger.

As an adult with an aging face, those shoes make her look desperate. Margot jr in the making.

No. 166834

File: 1440247334688.png (68.97 KB, 585x303, Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 2.41…)


No. 166836

Walks up and punches baldy in the face

No. 166837

This bitch talks like an out of the loop 40 yr old aunt that is still trying to relive her 20s.

No. 166843

Wow he's not very attractive… not someone I'd be talking about and showing off all the time just sayin

No. 166844

I just wanna know where she gets the money for all her stupid clothes and excapades… She's never worked a day in her life and Scott and Cathy HAVE to be reaching the end of their credit limit with their keeping up with the joneses and living vicariously through their daughters… I guess taco is supporting her but how long will that last? She never talks about him working and he looks a bit too scraggly to be a trust fund kid (do those exist in glorious Nippon?)

No. 166846

*cue Twitter updates about her ~modelling career~ or google ad sense or tacos job or some other bs*

No. 166847

This is fucking retarded given the fact that she decisively plots how she puts out her media. She wants you to think she's there. If she actually was, she'd film a current event.

No. 166848

Can someone photoshop a pic of kaka to be completely bald , I want to see what she is going to look like in 10 years.

No. 166849

This is a mistery to me as well (though she used to have a job on retail so yes! She worked a day in her life, probably). Scott and Cathy, an maybe Taku parents are supporting them. They are probably well-off too.

Andddd… Dakota? Idk, I imagine they'd guilt-trip to her to it at some extent.

No. 166851

More like 10 weeks with those crap genes

No. 166852


She did film..! Herself in a taxi. With a outfit different from the fuzzy jacket or the slutty black top.

No. 166853

File: 1440249880990.jpg (83.33 KB, 640x502, image.jpg)

> you're doing what you love

… Riding cabs?

No. 166855

Aren't all her clothes from Taobao though? China so cheapu

No. 166862

All her clothes are from the Dakota 2011 collection.

No. 166864

File: 1440251614370.jpg (175.26 KB, 750x746, image.jpg)

Because bacon is fucking delicious.

No. 166866

File: 1440251686016.jpg (72.41 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Lmao not even that far. i mean.

No. 166867

File: 1440251715442.jpg (74.14 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 166870

File: 1440252381123.jpg (22.95 KB, 622x187, image.jpg)

Does anyone remember Kaka complaining about people copying + pasting her bio? I found this chick. She's one of the five active fans of Kiki so… Yeah. Maybe it was aimed at her.

Bad move, dissing a fan though.

No. 166874

File: 1440253479111.png (15.97 KB, 579x102, Untitled.png)

Why can't she ask Taco or Kota? Or Taco's family?
Why can't she just Google it?
Now she's using any opportunity to say ~LOOK I'M IN JAPAN GUYZ~

No. 166879

You'd think that with the amount of time she has claimed to have lived in/visited Tokyo (seems like over a year altogether at this stage), she would already know the answer to her own question or would've built up enough Japanese/Tokyo contacts who would be more suitable to ask than the 5 weaboos who follow her on Twitter. Everything she posts gives herself away.

No. 166880

I agree. In almost all of the videos we've seen of him, he acts completely normal. He does act a little like that in that "orgasm face" video, but I feel like he was just playing along with her. In that video at that space thing, she was acting weirdly, but he literally didn't acknowledge her at all. I feel like if he was actually like that, he'd do some weird shit with her and there'd be videos of him doing this shit without her initiating it.

She did this on her first trip as well.

No. 166881


she's not cute. at. all

No. 166889

What's weird about Kirsten is that there isn't a single appealing feature on her hideous mug.

She has those beady little downward sloped eyes, her nose is a hooked honk, her lips straight-up look like they don't belong on her face, you could screen a projector on that fivehead, her hair is lank and greasy looking, and out of carefully angled photos and videos like >>166812 you can tell her actually face is saggy and bloated looking with little to no jaw or cheekbone.

How sad that she is as thin as she is but has no defined features.

No. 166890

File: 1440255710852.jpg (234.22 KB, 1366x870, baldkaka.jpg)

cbf shooping out all of her hair but thought it ended up looking pretty lulsy regardless.
if anyone is actually not lazy like me and can be bothered to make her 100% bald, please be my guest.

No. 166891

File: 1440255719225.jpg (713.78 KB, 811x720, verydesu.jpg)

No. 166892

jfc that is the scariest shit ive ever seen

No. 166894

File: 1440256018427.jpg (24.74 KB, 117x128, pleaseletmekeepmysoul.jpg)

Also would just like to share how terrifying the thumbnail looks in my folders.

No. 166899

No. 166904



No. 166912



No. 166953

File: 1440259730517.jpg (131.62 KB, 1505x571, image.jpg)

Oh look another livingdoll wannabe

OT but who tells these people theyre good at drawing….

No. 166969

Dakota wannabe indeed. Bonus for "showing sensationalist videos to change people's mind" mindset.
The drawing doesn't bother me much. She's clearly learning. As much as she's not claiming "vegan. Empath. Self taught artist."

No. 166973

File: 1440260684510.jpg (80.63 KB, 640x699, image.jpg)

No. 166998

'My place'
You mean Taco's parents' place.

No. 166999

Those are fucking perfect!

No. 167003

Oh no, Kiki has to cook. What an outrage!

No. 167004

OMG why are there no vegan Mexican options? Because vegan Mexican fucking sucks you stupid ass twat and you are in Tokyo

No. 167045

What are you even talking about? Corn cakes, salsa, guac, corn cobs, roasted chiles, rice, beans? All vegan and delicious.

But yeah, she should consider herself lucky that she has some vegan options in Tokyo at all.

No. 167047

Original alien baby

No. 167052


But these are just average food that simply don't have V E G A N written over them so they're clearly not good enough for Kiki.

No. 167101

File: 1440271878059.jpg (16.69 KB, 228x300, image.jpg)


Look like the time warp guy

No. 167104

She's been reading lolcow so much she's starting to crave tacos. kek

No. 167109

Ngl, she's actually really cute.

I'm surprised Kaka didn't attack her for copying both her and Kota because she has been dropping Kota's name a lot lately.

I still think it's really shitty of Kaka to attack her on twitter. She seems to be a fairly young girl and she really looks up to Kaka/Kota. I know it's creepy/weird to be a copycat, but a lot of younger people will try copy someone they look up to. Idk, just imagine being attacked publicly(I know Kaka didn't @ her or anything, but you can still find out who she is easily) by someone you look up to a lot.
Also it's really hypocritical of Kaka to do this because she always goes on about adults bullying her and Kota when they were ~minors~, but now she's an adult bullying a girl that seems to be a minor.

No. 167111

I rarely see any difference

No. 167113

She means "my hotel room"

No. 167114

If you had a full body shot of Kiki bald , she would look like a holocaust survivor

No. 167124

But they're cooked with lard

No. 167129

have you ever had dog bacon tho?

No. 167142

At real Mexican places, yeah. I live in a hipster city with tons of vegan-friendly "Mexican" food though. And shit, it't not half bad. Of course, it wouldn't be good enough for Keekz because it's not Nippon desu.

No. 167153

Always with that same hairstyle…

No. 167157

If her Japanese is so ~fluent~, can't she just ask for whatever it is she wants without meat?

Also last time she was there, she was making it seem like Japan is the most vegan place in the world…

No. 167162

This is Japan though. Unless someplace is specifically vegan (usually kinda expensive) there's going to be animal products involved. Ask for no meat salad, get salad with ham on it cause ham is "not meat". And most places won't make change or substitution to menu items. Unless she's eating plain rice onigiri and vegetable sticks from combini or making her own food from scratch she's guaranteed consuming animal products.

No. 167170

No. 167175

File: 1440280848237.png (31.87 KB, 300x318, Capture.PNG)

Yeah, but let's not forget she was acting like Japan was incredibly vegan friendly during her last trip. And I think she did say that Taku asks for things to be vegan for her?

No. 167191

I own a pair of the black ones and they don't look that bad :/

No. 167196

this is another reason why i don't believe she's actually in tokyo AGAIN
plus all that about going to disney world together and taku coming to pick her up in america just to fly back to tokyo
all of that shit is SO. FUCKING. EXPENSIVE. there is no fucking way her family could afford all that in such a short time. and what are the chances of taku's family being that wealthy either? and being willing do all that stuff for HER. he JUST met her.
who casually just flies back and forth from japan/usa whenever they want?
kota never comes home to visit, so how would kiki be able to go back and forth whenever she wants?
i don't believe any of the bs she's spewing

we'll see if she ever makes said video

No. 167198

Even asking in Japanese, the meat will not magically go away. She's full of shit

No. 167517

>> we'll see if she ever makes said video
LOL dude that comment is from the second time she went to Japan (spent 3 months etc). So yeah, unlikely she's moving her ass to get anything done. She's 99% full of shit. 1% onigiri.

No. 167580

File: 1440339031029.jpg (10.67 KB, 250x293, 250px-Voldy.JPG)


full voldemort mode

No. 167603

wow she doesn't care about her few actual fans. at. all.

No. 167607

Where did you get them? I can't find them on taobao

No. 167609

I'd tell them that I was incapable of digesting animal proteins, including those that are present in dairy, eggs, and fish (they have a really hard time with fish). Some places were really accommodating while others told me that it wasn't possible. I respected it either way and it was much easier to just cook at home. A lot of tofu restaurants have plenty of vegan options and most buffets give a list of possible allergens in each plate. So it's possible, just incredibly inconvenient and irritating to others.

No. 167616


Aw man I desperately want to eat tofu but every time I have it's given me horrible stomachaches and diarrhoea.

I think I must be one of that unfortunate 10% of people that can't digest it properly.

No. 167617

Oh… I guess I should've mentioned they're real ones D:
I got them almost four years ago from some UK site… Sorry about that!

No. 167619

That would most likely be why yours don't look like shit if they're real VW.
Kota's/Kiki's are 100% Taobao garbage.

No. 167620

Nope, no fucks given at all. " I want to help others but haters are stopping me!!! :((( ". Damn us!

No. 167627

I've noticed that 'velveteencockroach' person is like her #1 asslicker on instagram too (with an exception of that "kiki my queen, notice me" guy); they're always commenting on her shit and sucking up to her.
If Kiki doesn't care about her most 'avid' fans then that just proves she has absolutely no loyalty or actual interest in them except that they aid in boosting her online 'fame' (if you can call it that).
So much ~love, light, help and guidance~ coming from her.

No. 167646

There's no need to. She's already seen them on here and has most likely screenshotted them and added them to her Jane Doe folder.

No. 167648

>not わたしは

No. 167665

Why do you care
That isn't kaka

No. 167669



>not 私は

No. 167687

hahaha what an excuse
i think it's a combination of that plus i like to think she ignores people to give the impression that she's too busy with life or has too many followers tweeting and commenting to reply. only the cool popular people with tons of followers don't reply to everyone yknow

No. 167694

So she's going to have a dinner party at 1 am?

No. 167715

File: 1440355758220.jpg (226.96 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Ok, she claims this is her apt. In Japan? https://instagram.com/p/xi_X1KDRIN/

So if she's been there so long and made a home there, why she still got this suitcase just chilling in the bedroom?

No. 167716

Also note the hotel style phone in her "apt."


No. 167717

that was from her other visit.
but dude why is she calling it an "apartment"
it's a hotel bitch it has a bed already.
so she's been trying to pass this shit off since her other visit

>apartment or hotel?

no answer

No. 167718

Well that sure is a dumb move. The most famous do make the time to acknowledge their fans/followers. She's just highlighting her own superiority complex. No wonder she has so few fans.

No. 167753

This room is a weekly rental apartment, I've stayed in one before. Most of the time they're cheaper than hotels if you're staying more than a few days

No. 167755


Is it cheaper than a hotel for 3 months?

No. 167782

No. 167807

File: 1440360496670.png (533.86 KB, 500x677, 1.png)

I found an old tumblr of her that I didn't know existed.


No. 167808

File: 1440360525063.png (106.75 KB, 534x485, Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 10.0…)


Personal shopper. Kek.

No. 167820


Yeah, I used to think she was still quite pretty but couldn't style herself for shit


these recent pictures and videos
holy fucking shit

No. 167822

This is old as fuck and everything's been reposted at least 3 times. Keep up.

No. 167823


Sorry, it was part of the post with the text. I've seen the picture multiple times, but never knew she offered people to be their personal shopper and other ridiculous things.

No. 167824

File: 1440362352117.png (506.36 KB, 458x750, tumblr_le7vsnp9671qecnmao1_500…)

I think this is the only time I've found her to be attractive. Its a shame shes not doing what she use to do.

No. 167827


I would gladly pay Kirsten NOT to dress me.
It's like she broke into a Taobao stockists, rolled around and waited to see what stuck.

No. 167828

She looks like Heidi Montage from the Hills

No. 167829


I think Kiki and Kota just after their scene phase was probably the best they ever looked

No. 167858

File: 1440363882708.jpg (114.19 KB, 375x500, 8888888888888.JPG)


looks like J*

No. 167860


I agree actually, looked normal. From goth shits to weeb shits.

No. 168061

also agree
too bad kota went down the shitty kawaii route and kiki followed

No. 168073


they actually looked like potential model material…not runway model but still

No. 168084

Agree with kota but I think keeks only looks good with generic blonde whore style. She should bleach her hair and tan. Pale looks so bad on her.

No. 168090


Wasn't it around that time that she tweeted people told her she looked like Heidi Montag and she was all like "Heidi looks like me! She got surgery and I was born this way"?

No. 168134

File: 1440382859739.jpg (40.19 KB, 640x260, image (1).jpg)

Yup, Angelina Jolie too.
True Kiki 'Konceited' Kannibal style.
These days she tries so hard to cover her egotistical attitude with all this *~love&light~* shit, trying to seem selfless and modest but her true ugly personality still peeks through.

No. 168182

File: 1440385012100.jpg (165.33 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)


No. 168192

God, these tweets are just dripping with arrogance. This is supposed to be "healing"? From what, a non-excessive level of confidence?

No. 168205

What a surprise, she tweets about "wanting to help others but JANE DOE and CESSPOOL INTERNET TROLLES!! :'(" after we say she doesn't care about her fans.

No. 168238

If she would go back to bottle blond and tan, and embrace her inner preteen hoodrat that keeps leaking through.

No. 168239


It's hilarious to me how she's so retarded that she thinks anyone would believe she's relevant enough to warrant the kind of shit she claims the Internet is trying to do to her. The truth is she's a sack of shit and every time anyone points it out, she bawwleets everything and cries, claiming she's being raped and stalked just because everyone is jealous of how beautiful and popular and famous she is.

No. 168242

I can actually see some resemblance to pre-ps Heidi though.
Her comparisons are a lot more accurate than Kota's one. I remember Kota once said something on tumblr about how her parents think she looks like Gogo from Kill Bill

No. 168274

So basically has a whole wall of tweets defending herself for being an arrogant egotistical twit

No. 168279


>I wish I could share my progress & journey to help others in a safer environment.

>Maybe I can start/share w/ a private community of people who are interested in bettering & healing themselves & want the tools to do it.

Is she legitimately expecting people to reach out to her and beg her to tell them what's going on in her life as if anyone except her gives a shit?
And under the guise of 'giving them the tools to heal themselves' as if she's doing them some kind of favour?

Fucking hell, Kiki. Just when I think it's physically impossible for you to be any more narcissistic, you prove me wrong.

No. 168287

Look up the traits of a sociopath, it screams kiki

No. 168293

Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.
This one stuck out #1.>>168287

No. 168295

>Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle
Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.


No. 168299

She's also wearing warmclothes It's hot in japan.

No. 168300

It's an old picture

No. 168342

Ok Kiki I couldn't give a duck about your wall of tweets on mantras or wht you're cooking for dinner but this picture looks HOT

No. 168343

File: 1440409863999.jpg (59.83 KB, 640x611, image.jpg)

No. 168351

the lower the quality the better she looks
excluding the fivehead

No. 168354

Oh my god is she doing Kota lips now?

No. 168356

File: 1440411189252.png (841.82 KB, 929x581, 54.png)

Fucking lol.

No. 168357

anyway why isn't she doing yoga with them instead of standing outside and taking a photo
inb4 googled

No. 168359

Tbqh with the
> volume in the hair
> red lips
> (apparently) non all white bridal bondage outfit
I'm just like "approved". Dat forehead isn't going anywhere anyway :P
Though you're right about the low quality lol

No. 168363

holy fuck this summer i did yoga in nature and the place where we did looks very similar to the place kaka posted (we were also in circle) so i shat my pants thinking kiki stole a picture from my yoga group

but they are actually in a different place and it seems to me they are all asians so it was a fake alarm

i am guessing she stole the pic from some site

No. 168364

If she really wanted to help people she wouldn't talk about it, she would do it and wouldn't use her haters excuse or let them get her down. There are plenty of people on the internet who are better known than Kaka and get a lot of haters but they don't let that stop them from doing what they want to do. Michelle Phan is just as full of shit as Kaka with her love and light fairy sparkle piss, she gets haters and threats all the time, and she doesn't let that stop her.

No. 168365

why did she tag the photo with "vogue"?

No. 168366


It must be a "haha I'm smizing the hell out of it and am all made up! I should be on vogue! LOL jk!!! #random #funny"
Grav3yardgirl does say smthg like "somebody call Vogue!" When she's posing or whatever.

About the yoga picture, she's trying to imply she does smthg more in her day, I guess. But can you imagine "omg guys we are in contact with the nature in this special community moment… HOLD ON AND LET ME SNAP A PIC REAL QUICK"

No. 168367

File: 1440414710115.jpg (121.88 KB, 640x846, image.jpg)

Go to her Twitter. It's crazy new age all over.

Yes, Kiki. Loving yourself is great. But narcissists don't really love themselves. Ego =/= self esteem

No. 168368

actual mile-high forehead

No. 168373


It's like a fuckin' billboard.

Why doesn't she take decent pictures anymore? What is with the bad Iphone camera pics?

No. 168381

Yeah but the difference is when grav3yardgirl says it, it's when she purposefully looks ridiculous and she's being sarcastic.
Kiki on the other hand probably legit thinks she's fashionable or should be in Vogue.

No. 168382

File: 1440416556906.png (328.95 KB, 640x611, kbangs.png)

another look that could have potentially been improved with bangs/fringe

No. 168383

They need to come down a little more, to her eyebrows or just above them maybe?
But still an improvement.

No. 168387

she looks sooooo much cuter like this

No. 168392

File: 1440418396586.jpg (151.58 KB, 640x611, kbangs1.jpg)

Something like this maybe?

No. 168396


No because she'll start wanting to dress like an uguu kawaii baby

No. 168397

She looks miles better, but I still think she suits side-swept bangs the best

Anything is better than that gross flat thing she got going on now though

No. 168406

File: 1440420428893.jpg (221.4 KB, 640x611, 1440418396586.jpg)

No. 168416



No. 168424

I'm into that! Love baby bangs. Besides her hair is thin af. She wouldn't have enough strands to get ill on straight bangs. They'd just look greasy like Dakota's

No. 168425

File: 1440422906198.jpg (186.9 KB, 640x611, y.jpg)

this is shitty, but she would look 10 times better this way. why does she insist on that alien forehead?

No. 168426

File: 1440423047762.jpg (123.42 KB, 640x860, image.jpg)

> wants to spread love and light
> but only in a private community with those she deems worth of it

No. 168427

she should cut it in half at least and idk eat some food

No. 168428

If she had bangs she'd look super cute

No. 168429


She looks much nicer like that, anon

She says big foreheads make her look kawaii or something, but honestly I'm starting to think she can't be bothered doing the very small amount of regular maintenance bangs require

No. 168430

I get the idea, it looks nice!

This also looks nice, maybe a bit longer?

I don't think it would suit her current color though. I wonder what she'd look like with black hair. Can someone do a quick photoshop of this image: >>167824

No. 168433


I think a side fringe, if she had bangs she'd just hop on the kawaii train and start trying to be uguu. Everyone has bangs… it's boring.

No. 168434

File: 1440424182627.png (678.52 KB, 668x639, Capture1.PNG)

different image, because lazy….
this is kiki pulling of a Katy Perry

No. 168438

File: 1440424531755.jpg (241 KB, 458x750, blackhr.jpg)

Here ya go, anon.

No. 168441

She should consider extensions again, just to giver her hair volume as she has enough length.
Even if she just used Halo extensions, as they require little effort and cause zero damage.

No. 168443

File: 1440425650073.png (733.67 KB, 621x590, 66.PNG)

What am I doing with my life…
She would look best blonde, too bad she's too crazy to see that.

No. 168444

Thanks! She looks great :(

Rip kiki

No. 168446

jesus, do people that are actually "secure" with themselves constantly post about it??
it sounds like she is constantly giving herself the positive reinforcement and putting up a front

No. 168449

File: 1440427971969.jpg (169.46 KB, 640x611, fringe.jpg)

Me too tbh.
I did this and then saw you posted yours so I just left it but I guess I might as well post it anyway since it's done.
She looks so much better with a side fringe, I don't understand how she can't see that. Doesn't she look in the mirror and get frustrated with how lank and dead flat her hair is? Why would she not be actively trying to improve it? Just one fringe cut and she could look a million times better. Like, come the fuck on, Kirsten.
This >>166812 hairstyle is not okay.

No. 168451

File: 1440428091996.jpg (51.35 KB, 815x407, 34923749.thumb.jpg.d086c525a48…)

Someone on pull posted this side-by-side pic and it's really obvious she's wearing circle lenses in the left pic. I guess she now thinks Japan will love her if she wears circle lenses too.

People on pull think she's the one with the skirt, pink socks, and black shoes. I can see it. It looks like she's wearing that mesh cat jacket.

She looks like that girl Lauryn (the one who used to be a Kota clone)

No. 168453

Guys… I think it's time to put the keyboard down now…

LOLJK make her with a side shave Skrillex style!

No. 168454

I thought it was her too when I saw it but then I thought that outfit is too mom-like and atrocious, even for Kaka.
Looks like her hair though, definitely.

No. 168455

We should start betting when she's getting bangs.

My bet: next week.

No. 168456

I knew there was something fishy about her eyes lately… Thank you Anon!

And also for pointing out who she is. Now I can safely say: that outfit is atrocious and awful af to practice any activity in (besides walking). She tries so hard.

No. 168457

File: 1440428502144.jpg (174.91 KB, 1076x1048, Screenshot_2015-08-24-15-57-59…)

Andi Autumn just posted this and the massive forehead reminded me of Keeks.
I hope it's not becoming some sort of trend…

No. 168459

Ugh her eyebrows piss me off

No. 168460

File: 1440429191054.png (945.63 KB, 599x597, Untitled.png)

i want to backwards image search. anybody find anything?

No. 168462


I agree but there's no such thing as extensions that don't cause damage.
Anything that places extra weight and stress on the hair is going to damage it.

No. 168463


This is the best look imo.

No. 168465

No. 168467

Andi's always had a huge ass forehead but a lot of the time she wears bangs to hide it.

No. 168474

File: 1440432222306.jpg (211.72 KB, 1078x1058, Screenshot_2015-08-24-17-02-00…)

Andi's another one with Benjamin Button disease… This photo is from last year I think

No. 168475

where is that top from, I need it!

No. 168476

This is probably Yoyogi park, there are yoga meetups and workshops usually.

No. 168482


I totally agree, every weeby kawaii wannabe out there has blunt bangs

Besides, her hair is so thin, there's a good chance she'd look really stupid with blunt bangs anyway

No. 168485

This was probably the event http://heyevent.com/event/iij2ks3wu72fia/pose-and-paws-presents-park-yoga

The teacher could be Kaka's best friend

>Yoga teacher/Holistic Health counsellor/Animal Rights Activist/Ocean Lover/Vegan/Raw Vegan/Handstands & Chaturangas

No. 168492

>Vegan/Raw Vegan
Why put both…

No. 168506

Whoever took this image is standing on the outside of the circle. So either she wasn't participating and was just creepily standing off to the side sneaking pictures (like she loves to do) or it's another stolen photo.

No. 168507


omg lol has to be it

No. 168509

yeah this is why the photo is weird to me haha
she could've asked someone to take it but who would? i highly doubt the one with the skirt is her. its just not something she would wear. the socks and shoes are especially hideous lol and it looks like a plaid skirt if you look closely. it had to be her taking the photo

No. 168512


ALSO it's at 9:30 am, and if she's been posting in "tokyo" in the middle of the night lately, how the hell would she get up early for a yoga meet? she would have to get up extra early to get ready, then probably extra time to be able to take a taxi or bus or whatever

No. 168547

When my yoga group did this, one of the yogi took the pic simply to be used for promotion of the group, everyone else were busy actually doing yoga.

For her to leave the circle, not concentrate on the actual exercise and take photos instead while being just a participant who is supposed to concentrate on yoga poses…idk seems weird to me

Probably found it and posted it from someone's facebook. That's why you can't reverse google it.

No. 168557

>start a community of people for healing blah blah
>don't email me with your problems I won't respond!!

Really, girl? Do you think she's delusional enough to believe the shit she spouts?

No. 168558

truth. even if i search the photo it doesn't find anything, not even her instagram. she could've found it on someone's instagram even.

remember her interests aren't actually real, they're just for posting on the internet. same with the anime stuff she posts. she never liked that stuff, she straight out lies about how she used to like it when she was little.

No. 168572

If you search 森ヨガ on INSTAGRAM or Google, some similar photos pop up.

No. 168577

Similar or the actual pic?

No. 168594

She looks gorgeous like that. Shame she wastes her time on bullwhip and not just be vain.

No. 168596

She also looks much younger with fringe.

No. 168603


now let's try to photoshop her personality

No. 168611

I actually do think she does genuinely believe her ridiculous fan fiction about herself and meaningless crystal vegan "inspirational quotes" somehow "helps" people. You can just tell she thinks she's doing everyone a massive favour by simply existing.

I'm surprised she hasn't gotten a fringe with how desperate she is to catch up with Kota. Limp stringy hair plastered to your head like an old man is definitley not kawaii. I suppose she thinks it makes her look like an all natural vegan elf goddess or some shit.

No. 168622

so have any of you fags discovered taco on social media?

No. 168628

File: 1440449261267.jpg (19.75 KB, 519x147, keekz.jpg)


Sure thing

No. 168637

She already think she's blonde hahahahaha

No. 168639


this tard just wants to have the free ability to not have to post about japan.

No. 168641

is that new? lol? again? Sure keeks, you'll be back in less than a month

No. 168643


I do think it's her on the ugly long skirt. You can spot the "kitten" mesh jacket and abnormally long (BROWN) hair.

No. 168644


I guess I was thinking something like getting a job? Volunteering? Getting an education? Anything normal human beings generally do yet Kiki thinks is beneath her?


Call me an autist, but I really can't tell if you're joking or not

No. 168645

Andi without makeup and shoop has a super disgusting look

No. 168657

pics pls

No. 168668

they were taken down with PULL, but let me see if I can find them

No. 168685


Lol that was a joke!! Anon was "photoshopping" her personality

No. 168798

Probably, Taku took the picture for her.

No. 168811

I've been wondering that too…
any taco links?

No. 168826

Shes not that bad calm down…..
For anyone interested google 'cake injection' for her early fame

No. 168829

File: 1440463934826.jpg (23.2 KB, 185x273, image.jpg)

Its not that terrible
People plz we all had a shitty teen phase

No. 168832

huh? how come is this disgusting? she's cute, her eyes are big, face has a nice shape.. only that style is ugly, probably because it's already outdated.

No. 168847

File: 1440465347339.png (460.85 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-08-25-03-06-35…)

Found this. Her eyebrows are like a nightmare and her skin is so fucked up.
she shoops every cm of her skin.
Not as beautiful as she wanna make instagram believe.

No. 168869

Post more so I can feel better about myself.

No. 168870



besides kaka is too mother earth for that shit

No. 168884

For bangs??? But. There isn't even chemical involved -_-

Also I see some anons commenting on how she has to make sure to have the longest, most naturally blonder/copper hair 5evah. I used to have that vibe coming off her as well. Anyone can back me up on this? Because a part of me is like "what cmon what kind of dimwit feel superior because of hair" and then the other part is like "lol its Kiki"

No. 168921

File: 1440471259177.jpg (43.94 KB, 346x400, image (1).jpg)

No. 168923

File: 1440471592790.png (198.82 KB, 369x358, 2zpoc9s.png)

No. 168939

this looks like lainey & shiloh

No. 168983

File: 1440481140023.jpg (258.5 KB, 1899x786, image.jpg)

Kaka's male counterpart

No. 168984

Yeaah except she posts regular pictures to instagram, she doesn't pretend like she doesn't use beauty apps and filters on her pictures.
I mean is this what it comes down to, we no longer have blatant liars and snowflakes to make fun of so we have to find any normalfag person who posts on instagram and "expose" them? Shit fuck, I would hate for ya'll bitches to come for me, ya'll be like "look at this picture she used a filter" and look at this one from a different angle with flash,what a musty ugly liar".

No. 168988

Pretty much.
This isn't a case like Dakota where she actually believes she looks like an alien baby and only posts pictures that look like that, it's a case of someone who should stop using that fucking Chinese app on their pictures.

No. 169003

Farmers go crazy when they run out of milk

No. 169006

File: 1440486821177.png (61.91 KB, 1219x606, 1.png)

Jesus fucking christ, she's annoying

No. 169008

It looks like one of those obnoxious clickbait advertisements or someting

No. 169014

Ugh. How old is this bitch again? She's obnoxious

No. 169017

File: 1440489228042.jpg (358.82 KB, 930x702, 9999999.jpg)


Here we go.
>look at me, i'm so pritty~~~
>no photoshops
>no editins
>no filturs
>i'm just being me (naturally bootiful :^))

It's almost like she's having a stab at Kota, kek.

No. 169020

Does anyone know where those shoes are from? Theyre super cute

No. 169021

File: 1440489475859.png (116.24 KB, 2419x889, 1.png)

In case/when she deletes the post

No. 169022

File: 1440489545397.png (248.5 KB, 2464x1080, 2.png)

No. 169023

File: 1440489625142.png (667.71 KB, 479x720, IMG_0372.png)

Note how the file names say .png instead of .JPG/JPEG or PNG. She must have copied a filename to make it look original, adding 72/73 thinking we would never notice. haha, loser

No. 169024

File: 1440489691576.png (744.98 KB, 479x720, IMG_0373.png)

While in reality, it was a JPG or JPEG file (in upper case as well), and probably 500 photos. I highly doubt those are taken right after each other.

No. 169025

An archived copy was made automatically anyway.

The entire amount of text below the pictures is hyperlinked with some adsense shit, lol.

No. 169027

Yeah, there's no doubt she would have sifted through tens or hundreds of photos to use the ones that were most flattering.
She can't go on about using 100% natural photos of her "just being me" insinuating she doesn't care about looking her ultimate best if she picked the best looking ones.

No. 169032

I'm on my phone but can someone check the exif data? It won't really matter much but would be interesting to see how far apart the photos were taken

You can find them anywhere in Japan. If you don't mind scammy Chinese Storenvy stores, you can probably find some in those ~*~kawaii harajuku babydoll~*~ stores (or just Taobao)

No. 169036

File: 1440492152244.jpg (198.54 KB, 656x558, Untitled-19.jpg)

There's nothing to show unfortunately.

No. 169040

Except that PNG would not ~magically~ become "png".

Even if she used WP to upload, it would keep the original file extension. I mean it's the same just lower case.

tl;dr, she's still a loser. Always will be

No. 169041

File: 1440492826421.jpg (225.5 KB, 750x1086, image.jpg)

More proof that her fans are just old fans who stuck around from her MySpace era days

No. 169043

File: 1440492947991.jpg (80.57 KB, 750x407, image.jpg)

"I wanna inspire and help people by posting pictures of myself"

Is she for real?
She can't even reply/compliment others properly. Like 1 tiny sentence to "help" someone, and a long reply about herself

All I see is "Me me me me me".

No. 169044


No. 169045

They're from Wego.

No. 169047

I love you thank you

No. 169048


I hate Kaka and her ~*~love & light & ME kawaii elfu goddess empath~*~~ act, but goddamn, she really does have a nice enough body. Those legs make me want to cry.
But I think that's probably just me being incredibly insecure. Sorry farmers.

BTW: she needs bangs, stat.

No. 169049

Her legs look like pipe cleaners,nothing any girl should ever want

No. 169050

"Lowlives bully me and my sister for editing photos.
Here's a photo of me 5 feet away from the camera."

JFC, no Kiki I never felt that pressure. I don't even put on makeup when I take most selfies Bc I have a real life outside and people from the real world don't care.
Peace out

No. 169054

Same. I was thinking how these new pics are so much better than the usual she's been posting and realized it's because it's got her whole body in it and I don't even really look closely at the flat, balding hairline and mature face.

She should do way more pictures at least with her whole body in it. It's so much better than her face.

No. 169055

You know who she looks like here…. You know that Russian barbie doll who thinks he's from out of space? Her.

Kaka is desperate af for attention

No. 169061

Am I seeing things or is her forehead lumpy?

No. 169062

And yet she still only takes pics of her face from certain angles so she doesn't show off the big honking beak. She is s soooooooo confident with herself,nice try princess balding hawk

No. 169063

Yeah she kinda looks like a Klingon

No. 169069

seriously, I think she's pretty, I like her forehead and her body is perfect (though that nose should go under a knife) but what made me dislike is her personality. the way she acts in those videos, that bullshit she says, faces she makes… it's just ugly beyond words
that's why I believe she's with taco - because only a foreigner from a distant country wouldn't notice those things, he's probably a creep too in his community but kaka won't notice that because she's not able to read the signs

No. 169072


I agree. I guess it's a subconscious thing. When you dislike someone all their "flaws" become 100x more noticeable. Also, narcissism. So I guess that's why farmers tend to be pretty harsh on her looks.

For the blog post, if she really wanted to make a point, she'd be posing with no makeup and sweats or smthg of that sort. I've seen plenty of other blog posts/vlogs regarding the same topic and there's always a "no makeup don't care" selfie or whatever
This just sound like a sorry attempt to jab at lolcow/PULL while fishing for compliments.

No. 169074

Jesus, vendetta much? Barely anyone was biting, yet you just keep posting. Andi doesn't have any real drama, she's no lolcow.

No. 169075

File: 1440501309032.jpg (236.18 KB, 549x1044, Kiki-Kannibal-demolitionvenom-…)

>crappy digital camera amd just pop them on my computer


No. 169076

>I just stood in front of a giant window on a sunny day
Didn't Kota once claim the lighting in her Tumblr-era images was just her standing by a window?

>It's a paradox, quite ironic
I don't think she really understands what either of those words mean.

Forgive me if I'm forgetting someone really obvious, but who's been 'bullied' for being open about editing? People usually don't mind if the poster is truly honest about it (and not just claiming they only use PS to crop or brighten images).

No. 169077

Speaking from experience, most Japanese guys who date these kind of foreigners like Kirsten are creeps and/or have a fetish of some sort and they're often found on language exchange websites. You're right in saying that those girls don't notice it as in "I scored a Japanese guy, nothing else matters!"

No. 169078

You're still here, Audrey?

No. 169079

That's what I was thinking.
People rip into her and Kota because they don't admit to shooping and continue to claim 'natural beauty'.
Xiaxue is very open about using PS in her pics, does anyone shit on her for it? Nope. Most people find her cool and genuine because of it. She doesn't try to hide it and if anyone tries to call her out she can just be like "yeah, duh I shoop my pics. So?".

No. 169084

I know similar couple from real life - an acquaintance of mine, a guy, with a nasty personality, even worse than kaka's, finally got married. No one could believe how come any woman would choose to marry someone like that until we found out that she's from some tiny village in Thailand where they met and married after 3 weeks. None of them are fluent in english, each of them knows only their native language. She got visa, he got wife.

No. 169086

I bet they met on some S/M site - Lonely Japanese guy looking for a Kawaii White Princess to beat the shit out of me.

No. 169087

I am pretty sure I have on my computer screenshots of someone calling Kaka out on using photoshop and she goes off on a long rant how she is naturally beautiful abd never would use photoshop. This is why I cant take her seroiusly. She constantly contradicts herself.

Ill see if i can find the photos when i get home.

No. 169092

I wonder how traditional Taku and his family is

And if they expect Kiki to get knocked up soon

Omfg, can you imagine her as a mom? She would vegan her baby, and probably refuse to breastfeed because it "isn't vegan"

No. 169093


Kiki as a mum would be Lifeofagreatmommy 2.0

No. 169095

she'd become a self-proclaimed mom-guru

though I think she's too vain to have a baby, she'd rather adopt a pig and nurse it as if it were her own

No. 169104

If they're super traditional then most likely they'd hate the fact that Tako was even with a white girl. So i doubt they'd want spawn of .. that.

No. 169106

>>"I just want to take a picture and be able to post it without spending a couple of hours fixing lighting perfectly, adjusting hues or editing out any perceived “flaws” that low lives try to put on blast to try to hurt others. It becomes draining and time consuming."

So she plays the 'internet fantasy' game for years and years, gets 'drained' from trying to keep up with HER OWN INTERNET IMAGE (no one pushed it on her or asked her to spend hours shopping 1 insta pic and no one expects that either!) and now she's blaming selfie culture and 'haterzzz' for feeling the pressure even though said pressure is self-inflicted i.e. her real life self didn't match her internet image (no one else's fault but her own) and it hurt her self-image in the process.

She lacks so much self-awareness that she can't even see how photoshopping herself and being unable to live up to her standard of beauty that she presented herself to be online was affecting her own self-image. She can't even take responsibility for her hurting her own self image - it's always society's fault or the haterz fault, never her own.

No. 169107


Her and Kootz are lazy af tho, they shoop one photo and one video per light year and it's still -oh so too much-

No. 169108

Wait…that's not a thing is it?
There aren't some people that think breastfeeding isn't vegan, right?

No. 169113

if that's the case then pregnancy itself isn't vegan either….

No. 169122

Needless to say while she had a mini identity crisis over Internet pictures, low lives were actually enjoying themselves URL and IRL without a care in the world.

Yes, there's an entire industry profiting off making people feel bad about themselves but it sure has nothing to do with what Kiki is crying about here

No. 169131

I heard something about that once. But it might have been a troll post. I have a hard time believing anyone would seriously think something so stupid.

If there is anyone that stupid they are probably the types who think it's ok to feed cats and dogs vegan diets despite the fact that they are natural carnivores.

No. 169139

I once lived with vegans and yes - they fed their pets (2 dogs and a cat) with vegan food. Cat has run away after 6 months.

No. 169150

You would be surprised

Trust me, if people are selfish enough to turn their helpless babies into vegans, they are often stupid enough to refuse breastfeeding solely because of that

And I feel kiki would force her kids (and probably pets) into her lifestyle

No. 169159

I don't know if she would actually make her kids/pets into vegans. When people were asking if Taku was one, she said he wasn't and seemed to be completely fine with it. This is another thing that makes it obvious that she's really just a vegan and animal rights activist so she can be special.
She constantly goes on about how eating meat is horrible and how she cries for the animals, but she seems to be completely fine with him eating them. (Also it's really strange she apparently nags him about smoking but not about being a vegan)

No. 169172

Just saw that Kota set up an instagram account (https://instagram.com/koti.rose ) and started her highly edited images on it a day ago and Kiki just had to come along with her "I refuse to play the internet fantasy game" bullshit within the same day. Jesus Christ! If anyone needed any indication that Kiki was threatened by Kota's popularity, this is it! Because, Kiki knows she won't get as many likes on her photoshopped selfies as Kota does so she needed that "I refuse to photoshop anyore" excuse so that people couldn't compare their popularity as easily. I can already hear the "she photoshops, and I don't and as society wants perfection that's why I'm not as popular on insta as she is" spiel.

No. 169178

she has really small tits and no ass

No. 169179

kiki acts like baby. I really hope kota will soon get really famous just for the sake of seeing kiki die out of jealousy.

No. 169185

File: 1440518935654.png (89.96 KB, 619x376, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.0…)

starts the hail kaka prayer
Our Kaka, Who art in Japan…

i was doing japanese homework and found this page and it reminds me of kaka. i hope she doesnt talk like this in japanese

No. 169193

What class is this? I'd love to add more slang to my moonspeak.

More on topic, I can't believe she is talking about being so naturally ugu no filter when her sister is 100% all photoshop. Even though Kota denies it, anyone with half a brain can tell she edits the shit out of her photos. So she's kinda throwing her under the bus.

Also, Kota didn't mention that Kiki got her that card captor stuff on IG. kek

No. 169211

That'd be a whole new level of wtf. I'm still convinced it's because "boohoo haters dissing my 5head" etc. and everyone keeps photoshopping her face with decent brows and bangs?

No. 169214

Not that anon, but I found the website

No. 169217

I'm a vegan and I would never not feed my cats meat because I understand what an obligate carnivore is. Not every vegan is a complete idiot.

Also I'm pretty sure most vegans are fine with feeding their babies breast milk as most have no problem with swallowing semen.

No. 169218

that's probably the main reason she's writing it though, i mean come on. we all know how salty she is about her sister.

No. 169232

didnt she edit that pic though? she looks like a giant. her heels arent even that high and shes not even that tall but she looks a mile high…

No. 169236

I think it's just the angle. I'm short and a little stumpy looking but in angled mirrors/some pictures people have taken of me, I look really tall and skinny. Since she's really skinny to begin with, she's going to look a lot taller.

No. 169249

What's with her constantly touting herself as this "environmentally-conscious", "tapped in", spiritual and down-to-earth person when literally all she does is post materialistic photos of herself and new shit she buys

No. 169252

File: 1440525695273.png (738.41 KB, 1024x587, Troll.png)


This is from Kaka's first trip to Japan. 1/3

No. 169254

File: 1440525779149.png (893.21 KB, 1026x587, repsonse.png)

Her denying using photoshop. 2/3

No. 169256

File: 1440525819975.png (735.23 KB, 1024x588, response2.png)

She sure did tell me. 3/3

No. 169259

she looks much shorter and stumpier in the yoga pic

No. 169261


Oh wow, she writes essays over the "did you shoop your legs?" question

No. 169302


Yeah, holy fucking shit, Keekz
The lady doth protest too much, methinks

No. 169308


Yeah jesus lol. I don't think she shooped this photo (thigh gap is probs because she's standing a bit pigeon toed and honestly she's looking right haggard enough to be that thin) but no need to write a fucking novel about how she didn't photoshop just one pic. OMG. The "ain't nobody got time for dat" comment is really ironic too, innit?

No. 169310


Cos this is what all neohippie tumblr trendwhores do? Pretty much.

No. 169311

>Fat seems to go to my outer thighs and butt
She still wants people to believe she actually has an ass. kek

No. 169324

File: 1440531167769.jpg (48.93 KB, 286x500, unnamed.jpg)

She always shoops a stupidly fake bubble butt on herself but I've never seen her look like she has thick 'outer thighs' or hips. She's shaped like a fucking plank.

No. 169326

how old is she on that photo? you know a lot photos of her are from the times when she was a minor, hence the plank body

No. 169329

She can't bitch about wanting to be worshipped for her """"beauty"""" and not have to fucking work for it.

She has no job or education, she's Florida white trash and she's a GROWN ADULT that thinks she should not have to work for a thing.

Those girls on instagram that make temporary money off of whoring themselves do so because they have carefully curated a brand- she can't crucify that while trying to gain a following from that too.

I can't even form a sentence this is so stupid. SHE CAN'T EVEN SIT AROUND AND DO NOTHING CORRECTLY. She's just straight up the epitome of everything that's so easy to hate- the extremely spoiled girl who thinks she's such a princess because of her shitty delusional parents and now she has some ridiculous complex. People only care about her because it's instinctual to want to bring a reality check to someone like that.

No. 169330

Hi this might sound weird but I actually live in the same "neighborhood" as this girl. Someone linked me here. This is really bizarre.

No. 169332

post pics of her or it didn't happen

No. 169333


God who can seriously buy a sequin stripper bikini for their underage daughter.

She looks so old in this. Now I just feel bad. She should take a break from the internet and truly just go have a childhood and learn what having boundaries feels like…

No. 169334

Proof and deets or gtfo

No. 169335

So you gonna give us deets about her or nah

No. 169336

also think of that makeup that makes her look +30

No. 169337

Hello neighbor-chan!
Please give us deets!
Have you seen her in the past couple of months or is she actually in Japan?

No. 169338

prove it, we're all waiting

No. 169339

Of course her legs are photoshopped. They are a lot longer than in the picture someone posted in the previous thread where she's standing sideways and Taco is doing something behind her.

No. 169341

this could be an amazing thing Mr.Hello-chan
pls post proof, no need to reveal identity.
especially deets about the boyfriend and who he is.

No. 169342

guys, be nice.
if they're legit I don't want them to be scared off.

No. 169343

farmers are thirsty
but no need to be scared we welcome any information

No. 169345

I'm calling bullshit.

No. 169346

No. 169349

I am an international student in Japan doing a special internship/study that I'd rather not go into. This girl (Kiki?) lives on my street.

I haven't taken any pictures because I don't typically take pictures of random people.

I'm not sure what else to add.

No. 169350

Nigga if you live in winter garden, is the coldwater creek still at wgv? love from a fl fag.

No. 169353

You gotta post more details than that or nobody's going to believe you.

We had that person coming in claiming they found Taku online before and they never posted again.

Proof or GTFO.

No. 169354

so she lives alone? or with her boyfriend?

how come you know she lives on your street? where did you seen her?

No. 169360

I don't know what questions to ask that you would know the answers to but I want to know more.
There's also the possibility that this is Kiki herself trying to convince us she's actually in Japan.

No. 169362

File: 1440532539047.jpg (95.7 KB, 720x960, BUh-d1GCcAAcfzh.jpg)

She's not stumpy at all?

No. 169366

well then how did you know about kiki? and who linked you to this site (or how rather). i have neighbors and the odds of this would be slim, i dont talk to any of them or rarely see them.

No. 169369

I was thinking this, but she is that loud and obnoxious.

No. 169374

I do sometimes joke about her to my friends because of her hairline. It's kind of rude, thinking about it, but then again it's nothing compared to this website.

I was talking to a friend on Skype about it and she sent me a picture, asked me if it was her, and then linked me here.

I've passed Kiki on the streets a few times. I've never seen her with anyone before.

No. 169379

I'm not sure how to edit my post but I've added my name.

No. 169380

Every time I see OP's picture I cringe. She reminds me of those girls in high school that were really annoying and clingy but everyone in your group was too nice to tell her to "GTFO."

The ones who had a boyfriend that "went to another school" and were "actually famous models" in other countries.

No. 169386

You can delete the post by checking the box in the top left corner. Then just erase your name the next time you post and it'll stop remembering it.

No. 169387

Really? That's odd that you haven't seen her with Taku at all.
Thoughts, farmers?

No. 169390

hi joseph or josep! nice to see you here. please spill everything you can. we'd be very thankful if you did. ever seen her pull any really crazy shit? where is her brother? is he actually an autist or what?

No. 169391

tell us more about kiki then

No. 169393

Really? That's odd that you haven't seen her with Taku at all.
Thoughts, farmers?

No. 169397

lol you don't need photoshop on your phone to edit pictures. I use apps like Facetune and Meitu to make my nose and jaw smaller. She triflin

No. 169399

Really? That's odd that you haven't seen her with Taku at all.
Thoughts, farmers?

No. 169400

lol you don't need photoshop on your phone to edit pictures. I use apps like Facetune and Meitu to make my nose and jaw smaller. She triflin

No. 169402

Thank you. I want to keep my name added so that it's easier to see when I post because there aren't usernames.

No. 169403

Whoa, all the double-posting.
Looks like the site fucked itself for a minute.

No. 169405

You don't need to add a subject by the way, you can just keep it blank.

No. 169407

I'm not sure to to reply to comments. Anyways I mostly see her going to and from the conbini/convenience store with food. I've never seen her with anyone before. Her boyfriend doesn't seem familiar but he looks like most Japanese young men. That hairstyle is popular right now.

No. 169412

You just click on the post number you're replying to and it will add it to the reply box.

No. 169413

Click on the post number you want to reply to and a reply box will pop up with the number in.

No. 169414

Anything else you can tell us related to her?

No. 169416

I find it really strange that you haven't seen him, or even anyone at all with her. Or just him on his own separately.
Does she seem to live in her own apartment or whatever or possibly with the parents of her bf?

No. 169419

it would be kind of cool if you could sneak a picture of her, if you're comfortable doing that :p

No. 169420

Thank you

No. 169421

I would but unfortunately I have a Japanese flip phone which automatically makes noise when it takes a picture.

No. 169423

so it's as we predicted - she's just posting old photos from her last trip to japan and there's no boyfriend atm

take it from a distance, doesn't have to be right in her face

No. 169425

When you see her coming back with food, does it look like food for one or two/more people?
You probably don't notice but I thought it's worth a shot asking anyway.

No. 169429

So her balding hairline really looks that fucked up in real life?

No. 169431

It's in a plastic bag so I can't see what she buys.

No. 169432

Take it from a distance, pretend you're taking a general shot of the street, there's plenty of solutions.

Either way what's she going to do about it? She's a total coward in real life.

No. 169434

I have to finish getting ready for work/my study so I'll try to come online when I get home tonight.

No. 169436

Can you take a picture of her apartment mailbox as proof?

No. 169441

or at least the building she lives in

No. 169445


Wait so kaka is actually in Japan?

No. 169449

i'm pretty skeptical about josep i understand taking a picture of her would be pretty awkward if your phone makes a noise and people are around but what if this is just kaka or one of her family members pretending to be someone else?

No. 169453

what about dakota? do you see her with her sister?

No. 169454

tbh if it was kaka or a friendly they would've said she was with her boyfriend or having fun or something that didnt make her seem lonely and pathetic lol

No. 169459

he said she's always alone

No. 169460

Like a crazy cat lady with no cats

No. 169462

Josep, 日本語しゃべる?
Do you live in Tokyo proper or a suburban area like Saitama? Is your neighborhood mostly family homes, or in a hip/bustling area? Does Kiki wear the same crazy outfits when you see her? When was the last time you saw her?

Sorry for the barrage - Just think you could provide some great insight :^)

No. 169465


inb4 Keekz posts a tweet about 'legit being stalked in japan', jane doe, etc etc

No. 169466

No. 169471


She will be alone because taku cant be with her 24/7 and she has to realize that she's living in a country where she barely knows anyone and its not exactly US like is it?

i give it a year at least before she goes home

No. 169472


Plus are you guys sure she isn't living with kota? They both posted the SAME white suite… makes me wonder…

No. 169473

Shes now following Kota on IG, a few minutes ago she wasnt

No. 169476

Can't find the new kota thread, idk what happened to it.

But someone's been posting links to kota and kaka's racist video on kota's pics

No. 169478

Unless Josep actually provides proof I'm gonna just think he's an ostrenga trying to convince us Kiki is actually in Japan instead of her bedroom in Florida

No. 169479


Yeah they're both following each other. They're not both jumping on the IG bandwagon a and some bloggers still have more followers than the pair of them put together. Anyone else think kota will bail on IG? Plus, can you actually moderate comments like on YT?

No. 169480

File: 1440540660256.png (195.24 KB, 500x384, tumblr_lyyeyduL0s1qh59n0o1_500…)

When ever I think ok kaka I think of this.

No. 169487

Hi Josep! That's cool. does your friend post often?
I hope we haven't freaked you out too much, this site can look kinda crazy. did your friend told you why Kiki's a lolcow or she just sent you the link?

Either way hope you're having a good time in Japan!

No. 169488

Basically everyone who proclaims to be a raw vegan. That's when they don't give a shit about animals and turn a lifestyle into a competition.

No. 169490

Can't moderate them by turning commenting off like on Youtube or turning on comment approval before posting like on blogger. But she can delete the ones she doesn't like after they've been posted - would be a lot of work less work now than at the height of her internet fame in 2012 as not many people are bothered to expose her now for racist comments/photoshopping/lying like they were back then.

No. 169491

Wait, is convenience store food vegan?

No. 169492


I agree, it's not like she's viral anymore. I doubt it'll do anything to her career anyway, the Japanese don't care lol and nor do her fans.

No. 169493


Click on the numbers on a post you want to reply do Jospeh.

Is it a fancy area? I keep thinking she lives with her younger sister.

Plus, have you ever seen her with her little sister Dakota Rose (just google her) by any chance?

You'd think they'd be together lolin

No. 169494

I keep thinking about cute little Josep off at work in Japan while Kaka stuffs herself full of conbini onigiri

No. 169496

lol I doubt it.

No. 169502

They… Can be? I had people claiming that Oreo is vegan and some sorts of Cheetos. shrug
Depend on what you buy. Water is vegan lol

No. 169506


Regardless of what she's bought, anyone else think her stay isn't going to last long though? I mean… living in Japan is like… I know it's Tokyo obv but isn't it a whole… new page? Can kaka really settle in there?

No. 169508

File: 1440544629832.jpg (50.55 KB, 400x253, konbinibento.jpg)

They probably meant konbini bentos like pic related.

No. 169509

Theres all kinds of stuff so yea its possible.
Gosh i dont know why people think its literally impossible to be vegan or even gluten free in japan. Makes me wonder what people thing vegan/gf mean ….
Like do you eat fruits and vegetables? Those are vegan. Its not hard

No. 169510

Joseph, I hope you can sneak a picture for us sometime. We need the proof, too many trolls.

It'd be nice to have our own little spy.

No. 169511

So far the only commenters are japanese teen girls and creepy men from around the world

No. 169512

Most sauces (including soy sauce and miso paste) have fish in them. It's difficult to eat vegan there because most Japanese foods are cooked with these products. But yeah, she can eat raw carrots or some shit. Like anywhere else.

No. 169514


I've never been Japan before but I'm going next year… are these fresh in the conbinis though? In England we have convenience stores here too which sell sandwiches/meals but they're out of date sometimes…

I don't feel like these conbini meals look appetizing either to be honest.

No. 169515


That's true, it pisses me off how vegans whine about Japan not being vegan. They've never been fucking vegan, stopped eating meat in some era but they were still troffing on fish. They'll NEVER be vegan lol and god help kaka go China because the chinese would just laugh at her

"im vegan i dont eat meat/fish"

"no meat? laughs oh u funny"

No. 169517


She put her "birth date" and "age" on there, lollin forever.

No. 169518

I can vouch for the Japanese phones making sounds when taking pictures. I live here and it's super annoying. But I guess all the pervs ruined it for everyone.

No. 169519

Yesss, they are super fresh. Japanese convenient stores are excellent. The food is delicious, and they'll heat it up for you there.

No. 169525


Okay, thanks! I'm super fussy and just wondered :)

No. 169526

Yeah, you won't be disappointed.

No. 169527

"Pleaaaaase join IG with me Kota"
"No, it's too abusive"
"All you have to do iz delete all da haterz comments! I do it all the time!"

No. 169536


Lol what if the person makes sure kota and kaka cannot see their comments/profile tho?

No. 169537


and blocks em

and reports em


No. 169552

She doesn't go outside in Florida
She doesn't go outside in Tokyo

What's there to adjust to, really

No. 169559

Idk why but I imagined her going to BTSSB and Innocent World. God please don't make this happen. Kaka is better far away from the lolita comm

No. 169562

No let her go.
My god other lolitas tearing her apart would be gold. 20 plus post on btb would be glorious.

No. 169567

Imagine Kaka going to the events when Kota is the special guest just to scream IM HER SISTER HEY LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME IM SO CUTE AND I DONT SHOOP LIKE HER IM NATURALLY KAWAII

No. 169568

recycled photo from last trip.

No. 169569


Lol and then jumping on the stage in rage, dragging the microphone out of the hosts hand and ripping the flowers away from her sister's arms

kota just backing away and kaka is just heaving with rage into the microphone… "I'm cute… I'M THE CUTE ONE! I WAS ALWAYS THE POPULAR ONE! LOVE ME JAPAN! LOVEEE MEEEEE!"

and everyone is just either laughing, whispering or filming this shit for insta

No. 169570


I swear to fucking god, the ostrengas could be a manga you know.

No. 169574

I'm going to do some shoujo parody pages of it eventually.
I've never wanted to be a drawfag but this is tempting and sounds like a fun little strip to do.

No. 169577

Dude so many snowflakes you can't barely point why's vegan anymore. I had a guy tell me he has no pets because he's vegan and that's animal exploitation. Others say that Oreos aren't vegan because at some point in the manufacturing of Oreos they use a tool that has animal content in it. Like.some people go way beyond not eating meat/dairy.

Meh, habits. If she brings her paranoid mindset with her to Japan, it's unlikely she'll settle there. Or if she does, it'll be same old same old.

No. 169581


Lol im sketching this shit right now anon

I've already thought up a story for these two!

- Two teenage american girls come from a shitty family

- Both want to be models

- Little sister is scouted and moves to Japan (doesnt have to be Japan)

- Older sister does everything in her power to stop her sister

- Crashes the event and has a mental breakdown

- Ends up in hospital somehow

- Younger sister goes to visit her, tries to be nice and older sister throws the flowers back in her face/ smashes vase and tried to kill sister

- Ends up in mental institution

- Ends with her in a wheelchair all thin and frail laughing chanting how shes the cute one

No. 169582


No. 169597

File: 1440554125022.jpg (964.55 KB, 2448x2448, image.jpg)

I'm a traditional art fag with no tablet for convenience, but here's a preview of a shoujo parody short series I plan on inking for shitsngigz. Forgive it's poor quality, there's really no point in uploading something so sloppy but I don't really have time to make anything neat atm.

No. 169603

it's so funny how now she loves her fans, the lurk continues.

sup kaka

No. 169605


LOL looks jus like her

well done anon

No. 169606

Very nice anon.

No. 169622

Thanks to the anon who made the comment about how their lives could be a manga, you sparked some fierce inspiration in me.

This will be great art practice for me in my free time, and I plan on making it look like it was any novel made by an official mangaka. Of course it will take time because although it's easy to browse lolcow on mobile, setting aside time for serious arting isn't nearly as convenient.

However you all are definitely going to get the Ostrenga saga in mangoo form. Perhaps I can my partner to do a Japanese translation.

Obviously this is all talk but trust me, farmers. This'll be good.

No. 169624

You better deliver! I miss jackotass and this could fill my void

No. 169636

The picture she posted with Tokyo Tower in the window and the video with the kittens on TV were both taken in a weekly apartment rental place. If she's that close to Tokyo Tower it's somewhere in Minato-ku, maybe Roppongi or Azabu area

No. 169638

If you're in that area, are you going to Keio or Temple?

No. 169649


>hurr tired of editing mah pics!!1! fuck society pressuring us to look good!!!

>posts carefully angled pic wearing ott outfit & makeup

oh the irony

No. 169650

I thought we already narrowed her down to Roppongi

No. 169653

On her fb she said she lives in Minato-ku

No. 169654

it's like a dick contest for the obnoxious kind of vegans

No. 169668

I thought that was from her last visit though?

No. 169670

That's disturbingly close to my area…

No. 169779

It still says that she lives there on it.

No. 169782

Josep, where are youuu.

No. 169865

Probably out having a social life, unlike Kiki.

No. 169945

he said he has a flip phone so he has to be at home to post, too

No. 169966

I didn't know flip phones still exist especially in Japan. I remember them being a trendy with gyarus girls

No. 169974

They're still pretty common in japan. It's weird, they're very technologically advanced but most people have way old tech at home. Most houses don't have dryers, for instance.
But yeah flip phones aren't uncommon. As other anons mentioned, I think all of them have a picture-taking noise now that can't be turned off because there were so many people using them to take upskirt pictures in places like crowded subways.

No. 169980


That's actually really fucking cool they make noises now to protect people, specifically women. not sjw, but it's so uncommon for the government to actually give a shit about women lol, respect for Japan

No. 169984

All phones in Japan do this, even iPhone, due to laws. And the shutter sound is extremy loud too.

No. 169991

I like that they have these laws but what's to stop someone from getting a foreign camera or something with the shutter sounds off? Creeps would do anything for their panty shot pics.

No. 169993


Because I don't know who else has noticed but they've actually begun to integrate this law into the West as well.

I'm in the UK and with my last Android update now the only way I can turn the snap sound off is if I put my phone on mute completely, I can't switch it off in the phone settings any longer.

No. 169995

Well obviously people can do that
But it's the idea that counts

No. 169996

Actually, in Japan the local operator forces the phone to switch on the shutter sound. A lot of my friends who have visited Japan as tourists have had their phone's shutter sound turned on automatically and they've been unable to turn it off.

No. 170002

IDK if it's actually enforced in the west but I'm in Canada and I can't figure out how to turn the shutter sounds off of anything I own.

No. 170013

Fuck you Josep

No. 170051

He aint comin back

No. 170055

That's odd, I have a Galaxy S4 and it's stayed off.

No. 170062

My iPhone 5s shutter sound stayed off. Not sure what phone you're talking about if both android and iOS work their way around it. Maybe it's exclusive for local phones. Or people on the sex offender registry, cough cough

No. 170089

I think dryers are only being used in North America anyway. It's perfectly fine to hang your clothes.

No. 170131

I can hear and speak okay, but my reading/writing is really weak. I'm actually doing a study in English, it's not for foreign language. So I'm getting used to hearing and using the language a lot, but not reading or writing it.

No. 170136

I'm going to try to answer questions but there's a lot to read and it's kind of confusing. I'd rather not talk much more about myself or where I live, seeing people list schools in the area is really creepy.

No. 170139

that's okay man. just see if you can tell us more about kiki or her sister.

No. 170150

Im not holding any hope for josep

No. 170151

I'm not sure if my friend posts really, maybe? I have no clue how she got here or how often she uses it. I'm also not sure how she connected the dots to it being the same girl.

No. 170154

The area is ok, not super fancy but far from run-down. It's a pretty typical neighborhood area, we live on a street with a lot of apartments. She lives in a different apartment than me, but on the same street. It's Tokyo but I'd rather not say where.

I don't know if I've seen her. I don't read fashion magazines or watch variety TV shows, which it seems like she mostly does. She doesn't look familiar.

No. 170155

Sorry, I mean I haven't seen Dakota Rose before. I'm not sure how to edit posts.

No. 170156


Sorry if this forum is a lot to read/confusing. You have to forgive some of our behavior.We have had people come on here and make similar claims when they were false.

I know you rather not give more information out, intact that is a wise idea. I rather you not face Kiki's wrath. But is there any way you can prove you live near her?

No. 170157

Oh, I remembered something. The first time I saw her, she was listening to really loud music with headphones, but it was so loud that the people around her could hear it. I was walking a few meters behind her so I was watching how mad the Japanese neighborhood ladies looked when they walked past her. I thought it was really funny. I was also going to the conbini so I ended up seeing her face, and her receding hairline is what made me remember her.

No. 170161

Does this girl have a history of stalkers? If so, I feel bad for posting. I never try to follow her or anything. I'm not sure what I can do to prove it, I don't want to make her uncomfortable.

No. 170162

>her receeding hairline is what made me remember her
oh goodness this makes me laugh so much. thats do tragic.

No. 170163

File: 1440635310837.png (116.64 KB, 400x400, 1331352066002.png)

I'm laughing thank you Josep

No. 170164

She would like the internet to believe she does, but she does not have a history of stalkers. She says it for attention.

No. 170166

Oh. Does she have paranoia/anxiety? That's not normal, is it?

No. 170168


Ha. Let me explain at one point she was internet famous, With that comes people who did not like her, I believe because she came off as a bitch. There maybe one incidents where her "haters" got out of control. Ever since that one incident she claims there are people who stalk her. These claims are false. She over exaggerate to get attention and play the victim card. She is very rude, she lies and cheats. Do not feel sorry for her.

No. 170169

thank u based josep

No. 170171

I see. That's weird. If she's a rude person then I guess that explains the loud music.

No. 170178

She is basically an attention whore

No. 170179


Very rude. She has taken art from someone's tumblr and used it on her website without permission. She has taken jewelry from esty, marked up the price and has sold it as her own. She has even stolen music and said she created it. I hope this gives an idea who she is so disliked.

How noticeable are Americans over there? Of course They aren't going to blend in, but it must speak volumes that Kiki stood out so much.

No. 170181

I don't think this guy is real. he has NO proof, talks like he is pretending to be an innocent bystander WITH NO idea who kiki is, and I doubt it. Seems like a troll anon. Although i will say this was kind of entertaining

No. 170184

Yes, she comes off as super obnoxious at times. If you visit her blog or Twitter you'll have tweets of her complaining about haters, being stalked, people ("low lives") being jealous of her over and over… Plus some humble bragging like "I'm always told I look like a model" or "I'm constantly told I should model in Japan" etc. all jammed up with a "omg love yourself peace and light xoxox"

Yes, she really has a bad history of people stalking her but it was mostly because she was an unprepared girl who put too much information online trying to build a business. She also lashed at "bullies" and got out of hand (making fun of disabled people at times etc), which fueled people's anger and things gor out of control.
2007 was a crazy yet for everyone I guess lol

She's basically discussed in this board because of the occasional narcissism and hipocrisy. shrug

By the sounds of it she must be pretty much how we picture her to be IRL

No. 170186


This kind of thing, for example. She's basically giggling while talking about being sexually harassed by a clique of Australians. The story, as discussed before here, sounds 100% fake, especially judging how she talks about it.

I hope I'm being helpful! And please don't do anything you don't feel comfortable with ok.

No. 170192


Basically Joseph, she's only in Japan because her little sister ended up in a teenage girls magazine as a token model who isn't even featured half the time. She's appeared on some minor tv shows and events but that's about it atm compared to her debut in 2012.

Kiki is envious because during 2005-2007 she had glorious e-fame (her story is so long) and now wants it back. But due to a bad rep online, dead ex boyfriends (she got Danny killed), scamming/stealing people's music, lying and just being weird. She's desperately trying to do anything to get attention day in and day out.

She even ventured on interpals that Japanese lang site in search of a Japanese guy to be her boyfriend, found one eventually called Taku. Now all she needs it the marriage visa.

Most of us think it's just an easy ticket to landing her stay there and searching for any outlet to get noticed in Japan… but so far it isn't looking good. We all know what she's doing.

Kiki never had an interest in Japan UNTIL her sister Dakota got scouted and signed without Bravo the agency even meeting her (they thought her ps pictures were real and videos 2010-2011 era because of the After Effects she used on them to make her look almost… real).

Neither of them were interested in Japan until Japan noticed one of them (Dakota) and Kiki followed.

Kiki has had 'fame' once and she won't get it back again. She played it, used and abused it.

No. 170207

I agree with you tbh

No. 170215


You forgot that she killed her ex-boyfriend.

No. 170225

Guy doesn't wanna say where approximately he lived despite how many thousands live in the same place, but willingly writes his name? Yeah, no

No. 170226

its a lame troll. so obvious

No. 170227

This. It's amazing how gullible many of the people here are both here and in other threads. Those posts are nothing worth considering until some sort of proper proof is given.

No. 170230

pretty much. plus his innocent japanese desu act is annoying and see through

>omg who is kiki?? is she mean???

>I noticed her hairline! (fucking huge bait)

>I see. I talk like a fucking robot to try to mask i'm a troll

No. 170232

Of course I want it to be real, but the odds are just way too small.

Unless you hang out in Takeshita Dori every day, the chance of running into a snowflake in Tokyo is just way too damn small

I never even run into my own friends or people I know here, because it's so huge with so many people

Nice try tho josepm8

No. 170238

File: 1440644517980.png (201.32 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-08-27-04-57-59…)

Now we're kpopers.

No. 170241

File: 1440644659447.png (197.11 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-08-27-04-59-04…)

That's why you two take pics and upload them right? You could take a pic of the pizza if your sister doesn't feel like spending 2h editing it.
>lies lies lies, too many liessss
I'm sure Kota follows Kaka because sooner or later Kaka would discover she had an account and would threaten her to throw dirty laundry if senpai doesn't notice her on instagram

No. 170258

A Japanese man names Josep?

No. 170260

>hanging out, eating vegan pizza

How does she expect anyone to take her seriously… She constantly has to brag about the dumbest shit.

No. 170264


Wtf? I thought maybe the person mentioned kpop on their account or something, but she literally just pulled that out of her ass.

I remember a lot of pull members' signatures/icons had kpop artists in them, maybe she think this person is a pull member. Either that or she thinks her and Kota are on the same level as these kpop artists.

I agree, she's definitely not hanging out with Kota right now. She'd definitely post pictures at least of the pizza because she's so desperate to prove us wrong.

He's a gaijin >>170131

No. 170265

He said he was an international student

No. 170266

Does she realize what kind of psycho she looks like when she goes on these 8 page rants?

No. 170269

I'm praying to Josep right now to smite down the nonbelievers. Based Josep pls return.

No. 170276

not only that but she's confirming how fucking obsessively she follows the threads. like, that comic book storyline was made up just yesterday (?or earlier today?)

No. 170279

The fact that she didn't mention Josep/a guy following her in Japan says a lot.

No. 170288

"her receding hairline is what made me remember her"

seems to "farm-y" to say i call bluff on "Josep"

No. 170291

yeah, like most people would first assume she has a natural fivehead. only farmers would know how bad her hairline has receded since the start of her internet appearance.

No. 170293

File: 1440650572679.jpg (307.77 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Kaka triggered pt 3

No. 170299

I wonder if her balding is from her bleaching her head or from her shitty vegan diet.

No. 170300

I wondered the same thing, she is crazy enough and we all know bored enough.

"I do sometimes joke about her to my friends because of her hairline. It's kind of rude, thinking about it, but then again it's nothing compared to this website.

I was talking to a friend on Skype about it and she sent me a picture, asked me if it was her, and then linked me here.

I've passed Kiki on the streets a few times. I've never seen her with anyone before."
(earlier post from "Josep")

or cathy…..

all of it is too fishy

No. 170304

She's so annoying

No. 170307

If it was Kiki why wouldn't she make her sound more awesome? Like "oh yeah she's always with her boyfriend, she looks good irl" etc? It would be so easy for her to fake it, she can take pics of her own street.

No. 170308

Let's just not talk about Josep or reply to his messages unless we get solid proof. We're just giving "him" what he wants by showing we care/believe the shit

No. 170309

I hate how all these cows always end their spergouts with "I hope you find peace & love & become a floating beacon of euphoria on earth my sweet angel baby"

Like no, you're still a retard.

No. 170312

Her way of saying "I'm so much better than y'all"

No. 170315

File: 1440652058234.png (1.34 MB, 1024x768, Tranny Wearing Roses.png)


Oh, what's this…


When Kiki was more of a chan newfag she actually thought this ad for exposure would work. Probably because of mass Kota hate at the time.

This shameless shit sounds just like her. And no one in the fucking world would plug her like this because she doesnt have fans. No on thinks of her as "that advice guru with fairly priced awesome sales!! ^o^" but herself.

She tried to throw her sis under the bus at the height of her fame. This ad is seething with bitchy, competitive jealousy. I hope Kota sees this. "pfft Dakota who?" must become a rallying chant.

No. 170316

That's a troll. There's no way you think it's Kiki.

No. 170319

the slight chance that people could think it's her is enough to make Kiki go apeshit. She'll acknowledge this in another rant, at least. kek

No. 170321

shes like the female Peter Coffin.
she is obsessed with lolcow cause this is the only site that will acknowledge her existence.
shes always replying directly to the chan.
never posts any actual proof of what they claim, but somehow are still super concerned that what they claim is legit.

it goes on. milk milk milk.

No. 170322


inb4 Taku is actually a realdoll

No. 170323

real snaggle-toothed doll.
hes the reject model. bahahah.

No. 170326

I know the Japanese are into some freaky shit but is there a "white bald girl with the body of a 12 year old boy" fetish?

No. 170328

man……go to efukt.com
there you can witness the absurdity that is japanese porn.
i highly recommend the videos titled "the trolling of wannabe porn stars"….gold.

No. 170330

Some of you guys freak me out tbh. Who cares what street she lives on. Also it's funny she wrote 3 long IG comments but deleted the op

No. 170333

I know, I would have loved to see what the person said to have pissed her off so badly. she tries to act like she's not affected but it's pretty obvious that she is when she goes off on a rant like that.

No. 170334

and her doing that doesn't freak you out?
nobody here threatens to do anything but expose the fact that she's not living in Japan.
get over it.

No. 170335

Those videos are hilarious. I feel kinda bad for those girls bc they look like inbreds. But then Im just like, if I were gonna do porn I'd get in the best shape of my life, why can't they?

Back on topic though. Do you guys think kiki was ever an escort? I feel like she complains about vegan shit too much

No. 170338

Omg thank you, that was hilarious

No. 170339

dude, the girl that tried to be the new sasha grey was on facial abuse. shes the bitch that went to Dartmouth and pretended to do it all for women's lib.

honestly though, who would pay to fuck that soggy chicken?

No. 170340

Yeah I'm sure Kiki tries to find out where I live.

No. 170343

The hairline thing is what made me think it was bs. I seriously doubt someone who has no idea who she was would ever comment on it.

No. 170345

sperg, exact coordinates are one thing. stfu kaka

No. 170346

has dakota acknowledge her sister's post? lol

No. 170347

sperg, exact coordinates are one thing. stfu kaka

No. 170348

But what if it's much more extreme irl than it is in pictures. Females don't usually have receding hairlines, so it might be notable.

Additionally, if they were trolling, wouldn't they want to stir the pot by saying that Kiki was in Florida and not Japan? How would Cathy/Kiki benefit from saying that Kiki was balding and listened to music too loudly, even if it was to 'prove' she was in Japan?

The only way this can be close to solved is from OC. We need candid pics of Kaka. Or a timestamped image of the street would work as well.

No. 170351

what???? no! trolls exist to push you to your limit. they want you to take the bait and then take you for a wild ride to fucking nowhere.

No. 170352

No. 170355

Tbh I assumed it was a fake name or his middle name or something and he just used one so we can easily identify which posts are his.
I wouldn't completely doubt him. He probably read all or most of this thread so far and that's where he thought to mention the 'receding hairline' as we talk about it all the time.
I do find it suspicious how his friend somehow knew the girl he happened to bring up on Skype was Kiki. I dunno. I want to have hope though. I don't mind being trollololed!! XDD for a chance at some milk.

No. 170356

dude this is worse than the pt molestation scandal. not legit at all.

No. 170358

Dumb question:

Does receding mean it moved back or can it also refer to high hairlines/big foreheads? Wasn't kiki always like that, except it shows a lot more now because of her mid-part?

No. 170360

basically: in your youth, your hairline is more forward, towards your eyebrows.
as time goes by, you age, whatever, your hairline recedes…meaning it goes backwards, towards the crown of your head.
so where you once had a normal forehead, now you have a huge forehead.

No. 170372

What the fuck.

I hope that was a spoof.

No. 170380

That only really happens to men though, it would be very unusual for a woman's hairline to recede from the front, though I'm sure it has happened. When women experience hair loss it usually starts with the crown thinning. Kiki's hair isn't actually receding, she just has a really unfortunately high hairline that makes her look like a sweaty old man without bangs, and she always has done.

No. 170384

It's actually quite common for women. It's more likely to start in the late 20's to 30's but some people aren't as lucky.

No. 170386

nah, unfortunately thats a lady named lena kochman who is a schizo in her 40s that thinks she being stalked.

No. 170389

You sound retarded

No. 170390

It's ok, we're all fat and retarded here

No. 170397

Just had some delicious bacon, I wonder if Kiki wanted to send it some soothing energies first from arch angel st Francis

No. 170399


i just had to share this. check out the british kaka from around 6:40

No. 170400

At least that girl realized she needed to grow up and regrets that shit.
Kaka on the other hand…

No. 170410

Dear Kiki. Ok, you have a good relationship with your sister and you go out to eat vegan pizza and make fun of us. Also ok. Meanwhile, we make fun of your huge-ass commentaries over it because of a comment- which you deleted. Meaning, it could've been a single sentence. But you had to write huge comment essays to that person. Maybe you thought this would make you less cray? Yeah didn't work. lol

No. 170424


That made me laugh so hard.

No. 170426

I don't know a single person who would immediately notice Kaka's hairline and not mention other stuff about her. It's hot in Tokyo and her clothes are bizarre. But he made fun of her hairline and didn't mention how it was odd to see a pasty white girl decked out in see-through clothing and collars in his area of Tokyo?

I'm not getting a male vibe from his posts either.

I know this person didn't claim to be Japanese, but I would put money on the fact that their native language is English - which makes me wonder why he/she is studying that in Japan.

No. 170427

Calling bullshit on josep. Would be awesome if it were true, but nah, there's no proof.

No. 170429

I just looked at that johngaina guy IG and there was a few people insulting him. I assume Kiki has socks puppets or there's actually some fans left.

No. 170430

You think Kiki deleted the comments or him?

No. 170431

You know I understand kota has to be careful what dhe saids and does on social media.There shouldn't be anything wrong with say a picture of her and her sister eating "vegan" pizza. It would show how she cares about family (and isnt that a huge vaule in Japan)

BUT because Kota is either ashamed of her family or some other reason like disliking her sister she does not post these pictures. We have yet to see one picture of them together in Japan.

Someone should call Kiki out about deleting the tweet saying she would answer questions about Kota. Why write it about the time Kota reveals Kiki is going back to the states.

Kiki is so full of shit. She will write a fucking essay to make her seem she is normal

TL;DR - Why haven't we seen one picture of the two sisters together. Isn't family big in Japan .They also seem to have negative interactiond on Twitter.

No. 170433

What did he say for her to go off on one? I did read the comment but I've forgotten it already. Shit memory.

I notice It took her 2 days to reply though.

No. 170435

The thing is I seen many Japanese idols taking pictures with family members so it's hardly a culture thing

No. 170437

They just don't like to take pictures with children which is perfectly understandable

No. 170440

I am laughing at 'vegan pizza'
By now everyone knows you are vegan Kaka. She really has to mention that everytime

No. 170450

In fairness, if she said just pizza, someone would harp on about how pizza isn't vegan blah blah blah.

But her three comment essay to a 'hater' was ridiculous. She constantly baits trolls by replying to them and because trolls see the OTT reaction, they keep at it. It cyclical and if she really wanted to stop this and break the cycle, she would've stopped replying years ago. She constantly goes on about love and spirituality and the importance of personal growth and feeding your soul etc. etc., but she doesn't follow it as she has the need to constantly protect and feed her ego by replying to trolls. She needs the trolls to keep posting shit about her, because she needs proof that she's still victimised - so much of her identity is wrapped up in that of 'vicitim', not survivor (postive!), but victim (negative!). In order for her to really grow and be a positive rolemodel for others, she needs to let go of this 'victim' identity (along with the other shit she's done) and stop feeding the behaviour (both hers and the trolls) that goes along with it. I hope she gets it one day, but I won't hold my breath thinking that'll be anytime soon.

No. 170451

Dude I agree with all you said. And sometimes they're not even trolling. They're just people asking stuff. Period. A d it sounds so ridiculous to call him/her a "lowlife obsessive harasser hater" and then finish her essay by saying "hope you find inner peace and happiness ^^".

Btw. Anyone got to read what the person said to make her lash at him like that?

No. 170453

She sees anyone who asks her a question she doesn't like, as a troll. She can't separate genuine fan questions from bored trolls.

Yeah, like you can't insult someone and then try to pull the "I'm an enlightened being who is hoping you find inner peace" card. It just doesn't work like that. Genuine enlightened beings don't throw personal insults at their detractors as insults show hatred which Kiki is claiming to be against, no? She starts off with her Myspace style defense and doesn't realise the image she's trying project now doesn't mix. It's like oil and water. And then she wonders why people don't believe her when she spouts on about all of the personal growth and healing she's done over the years. Smh.

No. 170455

all i told her was she sounded a bit salty towards kota lol

No. 170459

Well!!! Didn't she answered you! :-)
Btw, did you deleted your original comment or she did?

No. 170460

i'm guessing she deleted it and blocked me because all those paragraphs aren't in my notifications

No. 170466

Goes to show, she's not interested in helping you to reform from your 'hater' ways (if she did, she'd make sure you could read what she had to say) and more interested in making an example of you. ~such compassionate ethereal angel~

No. 170471

"You look completely insane writing conspiracy theories about me and my sisters relationship." where the fuck is this even coming from it just sounds salty as fuck saying she won't photoshop (to play into this fantasy) when her sister is overly photoshoped and more successful than she'll ever be. she obviously was trying to make an example of me deleting my comment and saying shit like that and i knew she would respond like that and that's why i did it because she's an lulzy bitch

No. 170472


I was the one who made that instagram account "therealkikiandkota" and posted up shit about their past including that asian video lol and I was gaining japanese followers! It was only up for a day and half guys. I even blocked both kaka/kota and made sure they couldn't see the profile. But I defo think kaka has private instagram accounts… she's a sneaky fuck. She's constantly on there!

I don't think kota will update instagram as much tbh, I don't think it's her thing especially since she's ONLY JUST getting it now.

No. 170475


Exactly. I don't think kiki realizes just how much more exposed she is now 'being in Japan' I think it's worse. She's got no mummy and daddy to look after her and I doubt Taku will be doing it for the rest of his fuck offs nor his family either. Some of us cows live in Japan… In Tokyo. We'll know if she's bullshitting about certain things. There will ALWAYS be someone who'll catch this cunt out.

Kota is smart, I don't blame her for not interacting with kaka and wanting her in pictures. I wouldn't either. I mean, I can't say kota is fabulous either but at least she keeps her mouth shut and keeps herself to herself. It's the best way to be.

They've been a weird pair from the start.

No. 170478


Does anyone actually listen to kiki? She was late getting into tumblr, if she was clever enough she'd probably have more of a fanbase like kota has. I've noticed kiki uploads on tumblr and tags herself but nobody really likes her posts.

She barely gets THAT many comments on her pictures, compared to other bloggers who have fucking tonsssssss and likes. Kaka is lacking!!!!!!!!!!

You can't say anything cos it'll upset her. She's not thick skinned at all, she's been weak from the beginning. If she cared then why lurk here and make a long rant? It's sad.

No. 170480

And how do we know you're him tho

No. 170482

Creating conspiracy theories? Does she think we are the illuminati now?

No. 170485

File: 1440689019283.jpg (79.08 KB, 720x1280, 37117.jpg)

i'm assuming this is for me

No. 170491

Sorry the the spelling and grammar on this shitty phone.

Thoery1) Kiki and Dakota are living together and that's why they used the same picture. That apartment from IG is either her bf house, his presants house or a hotel since dokota doesn't like them having next in the room next to hers.

Theory 2) Kiki stole that picture from her sister because she wanted people to think that she can afford her own place when in reality she lstaying at her bf perants house. Her sister lives alone and they book that hotel room because his parents don't want to hear them having sex.

No. 170493


So the person who insulted you are Kiki fans or something completely different

No. 170500

the rude comments are from a long time ago, and tbh i don't think her fans care enough to do something like that

No. 170507

If they were just going to hotels for sex I don't think they'd go to one like that. Love hotels are smaller and cheaper and don't usually look like a typical hotel. It looks like she rented either a weekly or monthly apartment.

I really doubt they're still together. She just can't resist proving people wrong so it's strange that she can't even give undeniable proof that she's in Japan or that they're together. There's a ton of things she could snap a photo of as proof while still keeping her privacy.

No. 170509

Right now she is talking about vegan condoms, I can see her withholding sex from snaggletooth for not having a proper animal friendly condom.

No. 170512

Yes but she mentioned love hotel before

On the other hand we all all know Kiki likes to spend extra money on something that can be cheaper just to show off

No. 170520

All that white ?

Acting like a virgin being touch for the very first time.

All know that's not true

No. 170521

The pill or the implant is far too good for her? Oh wait they was tested on animals at one point.

I thought all latex free condoms are vegan. I guess she's not happy unless the word vegan is written all over it.

No. 170524

sorry for OT, but that fox mug is the cutest thing i have ever seen! where did you get it, if you don't mind me asking?

No. 170528

I might be totally wrong, but aren't latex free condoms made out of sheep intestine or lamb skin?

God, talking about this makes gross images pop in my head. Imagine her making the face in the OP while you're having sex with her… Gross.

No. 170529

Three parts? Jesus.

>Hope you find a nice positive hobby in real life

You too, Kiki. You're the one who's spending so much time writing these essays.

No. 170531

why does this keep being mentioned? since when do people wear all white to say that they're a virgin?

No. 170532

Can't you just picture snaggletooth taco's massive 2 inch penis pounding Kaka's bony ass as she makes random high pitched nonsensical sounds

No. 170538

I'm surprised she ever showed his face. If all she had shown were back and body shots she could have swap him out with any Asian guy around.

>bae put on some weight from eating so much of my fantastic vegan meals #saladofpondmoss

>bae is now so skinny from eating my delicious vegan meals #treebarksoupsohealthy

>bae's hair grew super long thanks to my ethereal vegan tea #handpickednexttoswans #earthwarrior

>bae needed a hair cut because his hair had grown too long thanks to my healing energy #sailormoontwin #crownofflowersandcrystals

No. 170541


We just saying White is often represented as pure. She thinks she pure like a virgin for wearing it so much. She can wear as much white as she wants it still won't convince us

No. 170543

Quoting posts was literally explained a couple of days ago. Click the post number.

No. 170544


Yea she could of pretended that him and jack crash was the same person.

No. 170546


? ok

i got bored and looked through the images she used for her website. all stolen from tumblr lol
some of them she didn't even get rid of "Tumblr" in the file name.

No. 170547

Click the post number doesn't work for me. It takes me back to the top of the page again

No. 170549

No. 170550


Don't ask a question if you're going to get freaked out by the answer.

No. 170552

Can we please stop talking about Kiki being a virgin and her plans to have sex with a vegan condom.


No. 170554

speak for yourself

No. 170555

Where's the latest Dakota thread? I'm new

No. 170556

god she is so unoriginal.

she copied this http://www.lilkitten.com/watermelon-lime-refresher/
exactly from this http://kirbiecravings.com/2013/07/watermelon-thirst-quencher-juice.html (even the photo)

doesn't make any of her website layout herself, just steals them from tumblr

but oh she gets so pissed off when people "copy" her

No. 170557

lol thanks it's from wal mart, they have different animals too

No. 170575

The Ostrengas tried to get spoonies address when she was running her anti Kota tumblr. Scot got hold of her mobile number from the dmca counterclaim form and actually called her. That and the "Jane Doe" case she's compiling. So. Yeah. She has tried to get people's addresses multiple times.

No. 170580


That's crazy that it. I'd get the fucking police involved.

No. 170581

lmao bitch didn't even bother to take a proper photo, instead of reposting the original picture

pathetic as hell

No. 170583

exactly!! she made her own video, why did she have to steal the photo? she couldn't have just taken her own after the video?

No. 170585

Shame I liked that recipe

No. 170589

She can't, the whole point of the counterclaim is to give the party making the dmca request your details.

No. 170592


At the end of the day, it's the ostrengas own doing. They placed themselves and pissed around in the first place. I really hate how this family gets away with murder (literally lol)

No. 170593


Anyone else remember when kaka laughed and jumped around on stickham how danny was dead tho?

No. 170594


~~~~ such an amazing inspirational person ~~~~

No. 170595

sociopath confirmed

No. 170596

Her blog gives me headache.

No. 170597

what the fuck
for real??

No. 170599

Please tell me this was recorded.

No. 170604


ngl when i was 15 i dated someone danny's age who manipulated the hell out of me for sex to the point of emotional abuse. obv i'm omitting the worst detail because it doesn't matter here, buuuut if he chose to jump out a mall window and died -

actually i take that back, i don't think i'd be too happy that's weird now that i'm trying to empathize. like a small part of me would feel "safe", but that whole process of accepting the death of an abuser is not one that i would publicize in any way and if anything would make me step away from the internet.

i do think it's weird that people say "she killed him". he still showed up to meet a twelve year old for drugs, yeah it was a police set up, but he agreed to it?? and no one pushed him out a window, he thought he could escape and he fell in a way that killed him. he made that decision. sorry that's harsh, he did a stupid thing.

No. 170606

right… click it and immediately face front-on assault by her face
"love your self as much as i clearly love myself"

No. 170608

it was kaka's mom who instigated the whole thing didn't that sticky drama guy state all this already?

No. 170611

Since we are on topic: do you guys think Kiki swallow? I mean, semen is animal product (human beings are animals)

No. 170613

Nope. But I do remember her laughing at midgets, "retarded people", fat girls in wheel chairs, a girl who got into a car accident that flipped three times… Etc
Also the one where she's very young and talks about thinking she's very pretty and intelligent. (Anyone got these?)
But I'd love to watch that though!!!

No. 170617


True but I still find it icky how she went on stickam loling about his death.

Since then kaka screams how she's been touched and all the other shit with some Australian guy all the time. She's getting as bad as Mira tbh who also makes videos about sexual harassment ect and it's old. They do it often and I don't even feel sorry for them anymore. Same with kaka in that Japan harassment video where she's giggling, I can't take her seriously. I mean course we don't know what goes on in their lives, maybe this does happen. But I do think some of it is pure bs to get sympathy tbh.

No. 170618


Those videos are like, you'd have to search far and wide for those. Tudou and Youku don't even have them anymore…

I can believe she did though, I really can. If she laughed about all that then I believe she laughed about Danny's death. It doesn't surprise me at all. She's full of shit and I don't know why anyone should feel sorry for her or look up to her.

No. 170619



Maybe she uses taku's cum to roll herself some onigiri instead of the salt lmao

"all new recipe, homemade onigiri ALL VEGAN NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED!"

No. 170621

yeah i feel bad saying someone is lying about stuff like that.
but just look at the facts. she doesn't leave her house, she doesn't have a job or friends or any reason to leave the house. she's always on the computer and barely in public.
Me and pretty much every girl I know has a job and goes out so much, and neither me nor anyone else ever complains about being sexually harassed like that. yes, the occasional cat call happens and it's gross and annoying, but nobody has ever actually TOUCHED me when i've been out.

No. 170622



I go out weekends, I have two jobs, I go uni, shopping and I get weirdo looks/creeps sometimes too but I never really pay much attention to them. I mean worse probably and has happened to women in public, I can't say it doesn't happen because it sadly does. But like you said, kaka doesn't go out.

If she's a blogger/vlogger then why don't we get fancy ass pictures and videos of Tokyo? Even if it's just 2 minute shit videos with her phone, why don't we get those? she has a fancy camera, why not take pictures and review items? She can afford expensive shit it seems.

I can't really picture kaka out late though, pfft. If she doesn't go out in daylight then I can't imagine her leaving the house any later than five.

No. 170626

if anything she would get a catcall or a weird look and that's probably exactly what she got because of how she dresses and she blows it wayyyy out of proportion and exaggerates about all of it

and yeah i'm STILL waiting for her to post something that's actually interesting. she's such a bore. it wouldn't be hard to gain followers if you're living in tokyo.
if her blog/videos are the only thing she's trying to make happen right now, why isn't she making an effort at all? she's a lazy bitch or she's not even in tokyo. or both.

No. 170631

I was just thinking, (Idk about Florida laws, so sorry if this is a dumb question), if Danny was already at the mall with no provocations (other than hanging with the girls), and Kiki had the ulterior motives, why didn't they get in trouble/sued?

Is the Petitioner always in the right for Floridian law?

For example, Charles has a restraining order against Becky. Becky goes to a really popular bar in the small town both her and Charles reside in. She's been there for about a hour or two, and in steps Charles. Does Becky get in trouble?

For Kaka and friends, is it because he was stated as a rapist they didnt sue, or they didn't have money? Somehow I want all that shit to come back to Kiki, but that'll be A-logging at best.

No. 170634

I don't see her ever getting catcalled at all, all the people who have seen her irl have said that she was with Cathy/Scott when they saw her. I don't think a guy would catcall someone with their parents, they usually catcall girls who are alone.

No. 170640


Nah, I wasn't dumb enough to use my real address or phone number.

No. 170642


Not sure anon, have a look on tumblr because I vaguely remember some girl knew Danny and she wrote the story about what happened (detailed).

All I know is that kaka and her fam went bankrupt or something. Then twisted things in that Rolling stones article.

How even the fuck old were kaka and kota back in 2006? You see their ages are so messed up, no one even knows how old the pair are. We know they're above 21+

No. 170644


Most people even the weebs who go Tokyo blog shit loads and aren't shy about it at all. I mean why should you be if you enjoy the culture? Just go mental!

But kaka doesn't do that. Notice how everything she's bought up till now from Japan or Japanese has been all mail imports?

That's why I don't believe this Joseph guy. I bet it's kota fucking with us or some troll.

No. 170648


I mean… okay so if she IS in Tokyo and WANTS fame. Isn't the idea to start blogging more about shit you've bought/places/music though?

C'mon kaka you can't just get followers for doing virtually fuck all. You need to be active, doing and showing us all. If she was THAT thick skinned, didn't care then she'd go "okay fu haters imma blog and do my own thing so there!" but she doesn't.

It's not good enough. This is why she isn't noticed.

I think she's just trying to ass lick her sister some more in the hopes that kota will let her link arms, go to popteen agency and they'll sign kaka's miserable egg head up. For free.

Knowing kaka she'd bring snap shots Scott took of her or her old shitty myspace pictures because "it's modelling".

Fucking hell at least kota stuck to the cute dolly image that Japan looks for and actually has a cute face even without shoop despite being average looking. Kaka doesn't even have that D:

No. 170660

of course she does, she's a total whore.

No. 170703

Honestly? I wouldn't be surprised if Kota was just as annoying as Kiki. If she's as close to her sister as Kiki claims, there's no way she isn't a piece of shit. I thought I liked Kota better but I bet they're just as obnoxious and pathetic as they used to be. I'm sure all they do is sit inside and make fun of people (no different than what they claim we do! with more dishonesty tacked to it even.) The only difference is that Kota hides behind silence and Kiki pretends she gives a fuck about anything other than herself to look good.

They're both so full of shit.

No. 170708

I remember something about Danny's family suing the Ostrengas over Danny's death, but because the Ostrengas filed for bankruptcy the lawsuit couldn't continue. The lawsuit is mentioned in this article: http://www.miaminewtimes.com/news/florida-is-home-to-women-who-got-burned-by-4chan-myspace-and-stickam-6521202

No. 170719

did any of you guys see this?


No. 170722

Those videos were posted in the first Kiki thread, actually! They're all still there and you can still watch them.

No. 170729

Westerners wear white to appear pure to he Japanese. Japanese see the color as clean and "pure". That's why people keep bringing it up.

No. 170739


lmao if she's trying to dress in a way that makes her seem 'pure', she should probably give up the mesh tops, bondage harnesses and stripper heels

No. 170741

File: 1440719406804.jpg (425.3 KB, 955x1227, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)


she's trying to be the next creepyyeha but white girl edition

No. 170743

File: 1440719663809.png (53.66 KB, 153x441, kiki.png)


Personally, I don't really like creepyyeha's style, but you gotta admit she pulls that shit off better than Keekz

Keekz' white bondage gear makes her look even more washed out, like an old balding man

No. 170747

For some reason the videos on lolcow won't work for me anymore…? Anyone else on an iPhone having this problem? Didn't used to happen.

No. 170748

I agree, plus Yeha is hourglass shaped (unless it's all shoop/angles) which suits this sort of look better.

I'm surprised she has never gone on about how she did this look first like with the striped hair.

No. 170750

Wait… why the fuck is taco wearing a wedding ring in op's picture?

No. 170751

She looks pretty bad in those get ups. I don't understand why she insists on clinging to these styles that look terrible on her. The whole "staying true to herself" excuse doesn't really work because if you think that applies to your aesthetic choices you're being ridiculous.
She looks awful and she's so insistent on continuing to look this way because that would be a silent defeat in her eyes. She'll see it as admitting the Fat Jelly Haters are right.

No. 170762


cos shes an old hag who wants to fit in with teens

No. 170764

File: 1440722346179.jpg (49.93 KB, 537x429, image.jpg)

I was thinking how much better she looks when she does something about her invisabrows and you crop her sixhead but this is really edited

No. 170770

I've been touched several times, mostly while walking home or when I used to go to school, and of course in the train and I've been offered money SEVERAL times for sex or a blowjob. Japanese see a foreigner and think they're easy, it's pretty common to be harrassed like that in Tokyo.

No. 170771

Uh, he's not? Lots of guys with his dark style wears ring and necklaces.

No. 170776


Thing is, kaka is known for playing games and playing on the sexual harassment act. She's good at it. We're not saying it doesn't happen there in Tokyo cos I believe and have heard stories about it. But kaka is no doubt definitely lying about some of the shit she says.

No. 170777


When you cry wolf too many times then laugh about it, people stop listening.

No. 170779

Did Kiki really have Danny killed, though? From my understanding of the whole situation, it sounded like Cathy did set him up to be arrested at the mall but Danny WAS a grown ass man ready to hang out and do drugs with a 12 year old. And beyond that, /he/ was the one who tried to run and wound up killing himself. Kiki is delusional, narcissistic, obsessive, petty, lazy, manipulative, and thirsty as fuck for attention but I don't think it's fair to pin his death entirely on her. I think, if anything, Cathy is more to blame for it. As for how she acted after he died well that's just regular 15 yr old Keeks being the annoying, abrasive cunt we all know her to be.

No. 170781


Probably, they're a cunt family and all as bas as each other tbh. It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 170787

Her face is so asymmetrical here

No. 170789

I'm just saying what went down in the police report was out of their control. They're shit people, there's no denying that but Danny running and trying to jump off a second story balcony like a retard was out of their control.

No. 170790

File: 1440723967549.jpg (50.18 KB, 640x288, image.jpg)

No. 170799

File: 1440724782879.jpg (84.45 KB, 600x419, keeks.jpg)

damn yall she was a cute kid but that hairline

No. 170831

Swallowing cum ≠ whore.
Just sayin'.

No. 170847


and 0 curves

No. 170850


10/10 banner material

No. 170852



is that another of her sockpuppet accounts, like the dakotanyan one?

No. 170865

i was thinking about this too. why did she tag kotirose and not her real instagram (koti.rose) unless she's just dumb and doesn't know her own sister's actual instagram. how many instagrams does dakota have and why

No. 170866

Probably just a tag mistake

Don't think too much of it

No. 170870


lol her shoops are just as bad as kaka's

No. 170893

I hope that guy comes through with her address and where she lives, I'm going to gut this bitch.

No. 170895

lol slow down there egglord

No. 170898

Haha, stop it Kiki.

No. 170903

Inb4 haterz are trying kill me!!!!!!!!

No. 170984

LOL isn't this funny how this sort of comment only pops up on Kiki's thread

No. 170987

Oh look, Kirsten Ostrenga is threatening herself again.

No. 170989

God damn what if these kids had a normal story from here
Didn't get pulled out of school
Were encouraged to have a social life
Knew the meaning of parent supervision especially on the internet
Oh what a fantasy

No. 171000

File: 1440763598542.png (280.86 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-28-08-03-26…)

Here are some photo dumps from her twitter. To me they are pretty lulzy.

No. 171001

How come back in the scene era kaka seemed to have lots of friends even kota did?

Why is it now… kaka doesn't seem to have anyone?

Kota has yula but that's about the only person we see her with

No. 171002

File: 1440763675477.png (329.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-28-08-04-22…)

And it wouldnt surprise me if Kiki took a screenshot of that threat and be like "OMG the haterzzz." Even though she probably wrote it.

No. 171003

File: 1440763704483.png (472.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-28-08-04-49…)

No. 171004

No. 171005


She acts like she's hard done to… You know Kaka spends more time online ranting and preaching stupid shit than she does actually bettering her 'online persona' and blog. You're failing kaka.

No. 171017


Hi Kirsten.

No. 171035

They've never had friends. They've always been self-entitled and wholly absorbed in their "celebrity" bubble. They don't know how to make real friends because they're paranoid liars who hide their true personalities. They sit in a room swimming in their delusions making fun of everyone else. That's all they've ever done and all they ever will do.

No. 171041

Wouldn't it have been AMAZING if Kiki turned out to be troll of the century?

Almost as award winning as Mira.

No. 171064

In one of her three (yes, 3) Q&A videos circa 2012 she talks about friends and says she became a lonely wolf because as a teen she realized "OMG none of these people are my true friends" and basically became a shut-in because she's better than everyone else lol

No. 171069

>for my family
So conveniently these new videos won't make it online because ~muh privacy~.

No. 171070

File: 1440778210749.png (39.99 KB, 148x141, lel.png)

you're too fucking obvious, kiki

No. 171071

i hope she leaves the internet all together but that will never happen because she thinks she will be famous hahaha

No. 171074

>>Posts about taking videos around Toyko and wanting to visit other areas of Japan, three days after this was posted here:
>>She doesn't go outside in Florida
>>She doesn't go outside in Tokyo
And one day after this was posted:
>>If she's a blogger/vlogger then why don't we get fancy ass pictures and videos of Tokyo? Even if it's just 2 minute shit videos with her phone, why don't we get those? she has a fancy camera, why not take pictures and review items? She can afford expensive shit it seems.

If you're Kiki and you're lurking, clap your hands.

As in this whole "the internet is bullying me and wants me dead" paranoid schtick is as fake as Kota's VW sweater and we fell for the bait all these years. Damn.

No. 171083

i feel like kiki is the only person that could come up with this. that is how vile she is. nothing has ever been posted that is even close to this.
that or a troll trying to trigger her and seeing if she'll respond about it lol

No. 171087


Yes because every person who wears a ring on the finger is married right?

I forgot this was the 1950s

Maybe there's a chance the ring only fits on that one finger lol

No. 171088

Kiki would never mention her flaws (receding hairline) even if it was to disguise as a troll. Also the person mentioned her never being seen with any guys.
I think it's a troll but not Kiki.

No. 171089

She forgot the full stop

No. 171091

wow the last few comments are a mess.

idk what you meant to quote but that's the wrong one

i wasn't talking about josep, i was talking about the post i quoted

No. 171111

It's also not even the correct hand.
In most countries, including Japan, the wedding ring goes on the left hand.

No. 171115

File: 1440784427568.jpg (28.75 KB, 640x304, image.jpg)

More like "born a dyslexic" but ok

No. 171117


Isn't "indigo child" the excuse hippie parents use for not disciplining their bratty child? I guess that does make Kiki an indigo child

No. 171119

>I'm so special and different

No. 171124

But you guys… Wedding rings aren't worn in Japan like they are in the west. Most Married Japanese couples who even have rings don't wear them at all times like we do in the North America/Europe. If he's wearing a ring on his "ring-finger", it's for fashion not because he made Kaka his waifu. Jfc

God, I can't stand her ego.

No. 171125


indigo children are supposed to be overly empathetic and whatever, right?

No. 171128

She doesn't even know what an indigo Child is? Is she this daft? seriously????????
Indigo children, according to a pseudoscientific New Age concept, are children who are believed to possess special, unusual and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities.

No. 171129

They are children with high levels of intelligence, mediums, children able to use telekinesis. A child has to be tested to carry this title.

No. 171130

If this 'ron was an indigo child she wouldn't have resorted to her adhd autism videos she did in her sceeeny weeny days. Shes almost in her mid twenties and she wants to bring up things we've never witnessed her to do when she was younger like her fake anime love.

What a joke seriously. I can't take this level of stupidity anymore. seriously I can't

No. 171133

taking pictures of yourself and acting retarded in front of a camera doesn't make you a highly skilled indigo child kiki.
Indigo children actually have an extreme level of skill and intelligence.
If someone eats this hey are just as ignorant as she is.

No. 171135

File: 1440788433350.gif (450.15 KB, 500x254, stupidity.gif)

No. 171136


Indigo child have something kaka doesn't… brains

No. 171147

Onision and Kaka - Perfect couple

>both claim they are indigo children

>huge egos
>thirsty for attention
>can't make friends
>make fun of others
>attention whore on camera
>still acting like they are teenagers

perfect for each other
das it mane

No. 171148

Kirsten calling herself an Indigo Child has to be by far the most retarded thing she's done this year.

Can she really not see how pathetic and pitiable she is?

No. 171150

>etired professor of philosophy and skeptic Robert Todd Carroll notes that many of the commentators on the indigo phenomenon are of varying qualifications and expertise, and parents may prefer labeling their child an indigo as an alternative to a diagnosis that implies poor parenting, narcissistic parenting, damage, or mental illness.

Changed my mind, Kirsten is an Indigo Child kek

No. 171152

Apparently a lot of children labelled indigo children actually just have ADHD or autism.


Does her brother have Autism? Autism tends to run in families i.e. if you have a child with autism, you have a higher chance of your other children having autism. Obviously, I'm not saying outright Kiki has Autism, but considering the links to indigo children and these disorders is worth looking into.

While this article says that many indigo children are homeschooled (wasn't Kiki homeschooled?):

If she weren't helpbent on wanting to be ~special~, I wouldn't have found these articles, but damn do they pose an interesting possible explanation behind her behaviour.

No. 171159

So then what "skill" can she actually claim that has made her successful.
Just because someone has autism doesn't make them stupid.
Indigo children have shown "SKILL" and "talent" in something and actually advance in that skill early on in life. WHAT IS HER SKILL?

No. 171161

Well according to this (http://www.2012-spiritual-growth-prophecies.com/indigo-child.html) your an indigo when:
Strong willed
Born in 1978 or later
Creative, with an artistic flair for music, jewelry making, poetry, etc.
Prone to addictions
An "old soul" as if they’re 13 going on 43
Intuitive or psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people
An isolationist, either through aggressive acting-out or through fragile introversion
Independent and proud, even if they’re constantly asking you for money
Possess a deep desire to help the world in a big way
Wavers between low self-esteem and grandiosity
Bores easily
Has probably been diagnosed as having ADD or ADHD
Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, or difficulty/fear of falling asleep
Has a history of depression, or even suicidal thoughts or attempts
Looks for real, deep, and lasting friendships
Easily bonds with plants or animals.

If you possess 14 or more of these traits you are an indigo

No. 171162

How can we make the japanese see kota and kaka's antics for what they truly are tho?

No. 171165

-Cont-.So you don't necessarily need a special "skill" to be considered an indigo child. I know plenty of people who could fit the bill according to this criteria - doesn't make them rare or special or a divine godess like Kiki tries to make herself appear by calling herself one. Jeez.

No. 171167

LOOL then me and a million people are indigo children lol.
that website claimed these are common traits to make snowflakes feel speshul.
no one is rare and different with that websites description.
Indigo children are RARE, GIFTED, children advanced in certain areas in life i already posted a documentary.

No. 171172

The thing is, I wouldn't be surprised if Kiki thinking she is an Indigo child based on site descriptions like this. If you read the end of the page, it had a "So what would an ideal Indigo's world look like?" section - most of these things, Kiki harps on about when she's not ranting about haterz or what Snaggletooth just did. We have no indication of any special talent/skill that Kiki possesses that shows she is an Indigo child - if she were one, surely she would've used it to make enough money to move out of her parent's house by now…

No. 171173


Does anyone have any "empath traits"? Just to put them together and try to gather how Kiki probably sees herself

Image related: what Kiki sees when she looks in the mirror

No. 171174

File: 1440793969008.jpg (86.84 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Fuck me for clicking the "send" button too fast

No. 171175

Honestly, if she had intense enough empath traits to be an indigo child, she wouldn't have let her parents harass teenagers for simply reblogging her pictures on Tumblr. She wouldn't put her family through the shit her MySpace attention caused - she would've quit the internet instead of being incredibly selfish. She can fake empathy for the suffering of animals on twitter but that does not an empath make.

No. 171179

I agree.
Half these traits apply to most people, same as any quiz:
>Wavers between low self-esteem and grandiosity
>Bores easily
>Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, or difficulty/fear of falling asleep
>Looks for real, deep, and lasting friendships
>Easily bonds with plants or animals.

No. 171181

I should've been clearer there: there's a difference between empathic traits and empathetic traits (the latter - Indigo child related). Empathic traits just relates to being emotionally sensitive (personal level - feeling full weight of your emotions etc.), whereas empathetic traits relate to empathy (relating what others are going through). I stand on my point that she has not exhibited empathetic traits in the past except for the animal posts on Twitter.

No. 171182

Which shes doing only for likes not because she actually cares about animals. Shes tweeting and posting things that are In now. All she wants is people to fawn over her for posting pictures of herself. Sensitive and caring people don't continuously gloat or post about how better they look ad how better they are f everyone else. She's pure ego period.

No. 171183

Yup like comparing that website to the doc someone posted - were talking the difference between most people and super geniuses. It's a pretty big gap. I know a lot of people would like to think of themselves as more creative/intelligent/empathetic/whatever than most people at some point in their lives, but if she actually was better, it would be clear without her pointing it out (like just watch the kids on the doc). She's trying to find reasons why she doesn't 'fit' in and probably exaggerates her sense of self in her head when she reads about indigo children. Something like that website link could've started her on this "I'm special" path and everything she's been reading about it since that 'matches' is probably confirmation bias on her part.

No. 171185

I'm still waiting for Kiki to mention tila going on to big brother.

I wonder if she buys jefree cosmetics. That Kitching girl is still modelling.

It must kill her seeing other well known MySpace users being more successful than her.

No. 171186

Exactly! You can't put on this front of 'groundedness, caring, enlightened being', by saying it - if you're sensitive and caring, everything you do exudes exactly that and your actions speak for you. Her constant posting of it shows how she's not that way at all.

No. 171187

Her ego is too big to admit MySpace users she ripped off are more successful than her. Even though Jeffree's cosmetics are vegan (afaik), I doubt she would post about using them - she's too bitter for that!

No. 171192

Indigo child is that the new excuse she is using for her balding?

No. 171202

sup ostrengas

No. 171209

wow when you compare kiki to them she's such an embarrassing failure hahaha

No. 171210

then again, if you compare kiki to any average person with a job she's still a failure.

No. 171238


… Hanna Beth is also modeling, Amor Hilton is a porn actress (I think?). Anyone know what happened to JakeWolfCrunk (aka Kiki's most bitter breakup?)?

I could never imagine how big Jeffree Star would get with his makeup business tbh. I so would want a "review" from her about it.

No. 171241

File: 1440806604250.gif (1.64 MB, 490x276, tumblr_nam8z2bF7t1rfaqfjo3_500…)

Keks needs to go back to the mothership.

No. 171277

Kiki has been lying about stalking for ages. She has made up SO many stories to justify her shitty behavior.

When her nudes were leaked she claimed her webcam was hacked and she was threatened by a man to post her personal info if she didn't sent him nudes. She hammed it up. Lies.

It wasn't uncommon for her mid-post sceenie weenie to constantly bring up that she was harassed and her home was supposedly constantly vandalized with large spray painted insults.

She is literally nothing but a mentally retarded narcissist and a liar.

No. 171287

This. If she were actually being stalked/harassed irl, she would've recorded it all and posted all about it. Or at the very least, we'd have found evidence of these claims in her hater archive.

No. 171295

She did once

No. 171303

Uh. What am I looking at?

No. 171306

lol why does she still have this up on her youtube?
if anything the stalkers/haters knows what her house looks like, but MUH PRIVACY

No. 171308

I think this was before they moved in with Grandma Tierney so they don't live in that house anymore.

No. 171309

…"regal slut"? Is that some sort of reference? Because regal isn't an insult and if it isn't in reference to something then it reeks of dramatic-hidden-compliment-insult Ostrenga conspiracy aka them doing it to themselves to play victim and get attention, sympathy, and what they see as potential $

No. 171310

>regat slutt
>slut (looks like it says sleet)

That's the shittiest vandalism ever.
Probably muted as kiki films the evidence & has an emotional breakdown reading the word slut.

No. 171317

Also could be a relationship ring, japanese girls love to do that shit

No. 171323

File: 1440821733346.png (79.07 KB, 522x193, 00_20.png)

Of course this isn't Kiki's guy, but I thought it was a funny coincidence

No. 171327

i just realized something funny: even himezawa will be more successful in japan than kiki will ever be hahahahahaha

No. 171361


It used to have music on it. Probably muted because of copyright and realizing it wasn't earning sympathy points.

No. 171384

File: 1440835734699.jpg (47.45 KB, 480x480, image.jpg)

Ew, her hair looks like it hasn't been washed in 2 weeks

No. 171385

That white bag on the left, if authentic, costs 20,000 yen (Samantha Vega x Sailor Moon).

I have a new theory that she's digging gold from Taku and his family. Look at all those shoes in her white outfit image

Then again it could all be replica/old shit like those ugly plastic wing shoes she stole from her sister

No. 171392

No. 171393


let me clarify: you can buy the FAKE knock-off

No. 171399

That's what, about $165 USD? Not exactly gold digger status.

No. 171402

nah, her hair looks fine. she should cut it though. boob lenght suits her.

No. 171403

She looks like a busted whore

No. 171404

I feel like she would brag about it/make it more visible if it was actually authentic

No. 171405

She needs volumizer so badly.

No. 171409


She probably think that jefree still owes her one since he received free jewellery from her. She most likely thinks he needs to return the and give her free stuff I order for her to promote it since she so called famous.

No. 171411


She didn't lie tho. There's a video of her house being graffied on YouTube

No. 171412

I'm trying to figure out what the heck she is wearing.

No. 171415


Grammer sucks

No. 171416

She wearing black for a change. Properly becouse of his influence

No. 171418

I know this is old but you guys remember the sailor moon tazer?

I remember us saying that it was illegal in Japan but what about her home town? Would it be illegal for her to bring it into the country? Is that's the case then she most propably bought it while in Japan. Are illegal tazers and other weapons that easy to find In Japan? If she bought it online and had it sent to her bf then wouldn't that be putting him or his perants at risk with the law since its importing something illegal into the country?

No. 171421


Kiki delivery service was a TV in Japan the other day. Coincidence?

If it's is true then why is she calling herself Kiki in real life? Your name is Kirsten. Deal with it.

No. 171422

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think she has mentioned Kiki's Delivery Service before. Tis funny she's only mentioning it now after being ~so into anime~ for years. I feel she would've posted about this sooner.

Maybe a lot of Japanese people have trouble saying Kirsten (maybe they call her Kristen - which she hates) so goes by Kiki to make it easier?

No. 171424


Still "look at my backpack" we can barely see it!!

No. 171426

Right? No point saying "look at this thing" when you can't see it. What she meant to post was "look at me" because she and her giant ego are the main focus of this picture.

No. 171432

I bet ONE person said it, and now she's trying to make it a thing "everyone says"

No. 171448

A old japanese man on a market stall most probably said it when she was buying the bag so she googled the film to find out what it was

No. 171451

is it wrong to admit now that i actually started growing my natural colour out partly* because of kaka…? though her ends do look quite horrible and dont even get me started on that ragged cut.

*other part being horribly allergic to hairdye

No. 171453

I don't think it's wrong to admit it, although she will love the fact that she positively inspired a ~hater~ with her positively intended lifestyle choices.

However, she probably wouldn't like my admitting that her placing her ego above all else online has inspired me to not be like that. She's all talk/all image/all branding and, I've decided recently, that that is exactly the person I don't want to be.

No. 171471

Meh, I kinda did because of Kota. My hair isn't even blonde but I think natural hair color is always fascinating (except Mira) and more interesting than generic dyed hair

No. 171476


Nah, I did the same thing for years.
Dyed my hair various colours for years until I first stumbled across Dakota and saw how beautiful a person could look embracing their natural colour.
Coincidentally we have the exact same natural colour, but gonna be honest I think you have poor taste being inspired by Kirsten - her hair is so dull, flat and lack.

No. 171489

That awkward moment when your sister who just joined Insta a few days ago and has a third less followers than you is getting double the amount of likes on her pictures…must be killing Kaka.

No. 171491

The SV/SM Luna & Artemis bags came out quite a while ago (end of March special Shinjuku Isetan pop-up shop) and totally sold out within a day or two. I stood in line some hours on the first day to get mine.
Hers is 99.9% certainty a knockoff

No. 171499

I need to know, what was Kiki like back in her Myspace/Stickam days? Obviously (I believe) she was still the same little shit, but did she still do that victim thing? Did she obsess over haters online and do the same shit she does now?

No. 171507

Yes, even more fervently I would say.
I'm guessing you've only just started following her drama, if you go back and read through some of the old threads you'll find evidence of this; that is, her being a psycho and screaming about being the victim of stalkers/haters/rapists/etc.

No. 171519

You do know most normalfags like Miyazaki, right? Even my dad has watched Kiki's Delivery Service ffs. Stop acting like it's a super secret ~obscure~ anime.

No. 171520

I've been following her drama for a few years, but I didn't know about the sisters until Kota was posted/called out on /cgl/

I just wanted to know if she used to be the same kind of crazy

No. 171537


Mmm, I still prefer the moonstick bags though. The SV/SM Luna bags are cute but I find them slightly childish and plus they're shit if you've got a big purse.

Kaka is hopping on any bandwagon known to man. Surprised she didn't do a review about that bag actually… for a blogger kaka doesn't do very fucking much lol.

No. 171538


Most people have seen Studio Ghibli, it's alright but I find it's kinda overrated. People act like it's the holy grail and it's annoying.

No. 171543

That's my point though - it's not obscure, but its the first time she's gone on about it. It seems like she only came across it recently, because you know she would've harped on about the same name long before now - that's all I'm saying.

No. 171547

It's super common for items in Japan to be made out of leather and/or fur, right? I bet that the original SV bags are real leather and not vegan. I bet you she'll pull that card if anyone calls her out on it being a knock off.

Funny how she gets all asshurt when people "stalk and steal" her image and amazingness, but when it comes to replicas? Eh, whatever!

No. 171551


I'm remember her posting on tumblr about false leather alternatives. She mentioned that she bought fake Jefree Campbell and she will often but fake becouse they are PVC

No. 171555

Trying to find that post

No. 171557

Haha I noticed this too.
I secretly hope Kota becomes ~Instafamous~.. just to spite Kaka.

No. 171560


Indigo children don't exist. I bet y'all believe in fairies and Santa too

No. 171570

File: 1440872064156.jpg (107.91 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Is she naked

No. 171572

File: 1440872273660.jpg (137.33 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Found this to

It was her stealing clothes from Dakota phrase

No. 171574

She looks so much cuter with short hair and that fringe.
It's so annoying how she doesn't realize this.

No. 171576

She was actually carrying a stun-gun, which is a little different than a tazer. They're both often confused for one another. Stun-guns are not illegal in the US. Anyone can have one. I doubt she bought it in Japan, because they typically only sell those in weaponry shops (with hunting knives, guns ect).

No. 171581

File: 1440873331530.jpg (16.28 KB, 236x396, keekz.jpg)


yeah my taste is v bad, personally i don't find anything really "wrong" with her appearance like the forehead people brought up. inspiring sounds a bit strong though, considering i most likely wouldn't get along with her at all.

my natural colour is nothing like hers or kota's, it's the shade of no-eyebrows-blonde. (and that i actually have a six finger forehead aswell) but this picture of her with her hair tied up in a bun kinda soothed the anxiety that cutting my tailbone length black box dyed hair made me feel. D:

No. 171582


Then she must bought it online and had it sent to her in Japan. I don't think they would be happy with her taking that on a plane

No. 171587


She does look a little cute actually. Shorter hair suits her more in my opinion and that side fringe too.

No. 171588

File: 1440873893397.png (859.3 KB, 935x598, kikisdeliveryservice.png)

Except it's not.

No. 171589


Nah, she won't get instafamous. But she'll definitely get more followers than kaka!

Kota better start updating her insta otherwise people WILL unfollow. I know she is always active on Twitter but people tend to unfollow those who don't update much on instagram. Most famous/popular people on instagram update allllllllll the time. Kota isn't doing much to her account and her pictures are shit.

No. 171590

File: 1440874033233.png (853.66 KB, 937x603, mononoke.png)

And and older post about Princess Mononoke.

No. 171591


Oh here we go…

No. 171593


Why does she never update with anything interesting?

No. 171599

>inb4 she renames this cat Jiji

No. 171604

Which is why I said "correct me if I'm wrong" here. So thanks.:

Still think it's hilarious she was driving around in an Audi when her parents were supposed to be bankrupt. It most likely was a rental for the sake of the insta pic (and she put the keychain on to make it look like she owned the car), but it shows how image obsessed she is in one post 1)"I drive around in an Audi" 2) "I'm rich enough to own an Audi (like no one puts their own keychains on a rental duh)" 3) "Did I mention I watch anime?" 3) "I'm still down to earth though cause I help people".

No. 171607

Because she's too focused on answering us, We keep saying she never posts her cats so she posts a cat. So she moved one of her cats to japan? Why is this the first time we hear about this cat?

No. 171612

It's an old post…

No. 171696

Uh, because she's not an interesting person

No. 171744

Does kaka still make music? It's funny how Nicole Dollanganger got signed by Grimes yesterday in the space of 3/4 years of making music on tumblr. Yet kaka's been "famous" for years and she's done shit all.

No. 171749

Pfft Nicole is awful and tacky and only got it because of her shitty Internet ~aesthetic~ and following anyways. Being signed by grimes isn't really a great feat. Dunno why that would need to be brought up when it comes to Kiki.

No. 171754


I mentioned it because kaka is also an 'artist' but Nicole is sure doing a hell of a lot better than kaka by far. C'mon, you cant argue with that? At least she provides alright music and is going places, kaka fails at everything. Plus jacks music from other artists.

No. 171877

The thread is dieing today

No. 171884

The thing is, Nicole's music sounds unusual yet familiar to anyone who likes the ~aesthetic~ surrounding her. Yes, it's awful and tacky (like Grimes - no surprise there), but it hits a specific niche and has become popular on Tumblr because of that. People can respond and, dare I say, relate to Nicole's music (maybe not lyrically, but emotionally in the music), but it's harder with Kiki's.

Kiki rips off other artists songs, and plays rather generic electronic music/dubstep to fill in the gaps - there's nothing unusual about her music as that's all been done before. Anyone who's into music can tell she's just messing around with recording software and throwing up the first thing that might pass as a song - it sounds messy, disorganised and like it's being made by someone who barely can navigate themselves around the basic features of Logic Pro X. She isn't hitting a niche because her music is all over the place (whereas Nicole's more is focused). It's like her fashion sense: it's trying to hit a whole load of marks in order to be popular, but is coming up short because she doesn't do anything with said marks. It's awful and tacky and not in a good, cohesive way that would actually gain her a lot of fans (e.g. the sort of fanbase that Nicole has for instance).

No. 171897

Yea but those people were already adults in kikis myspace days and had way more followers ("myspace friends") than her anyway

No. 171918


Agred, I think Nicole doesn't mind that her music is tacky tbh. I think she gets away with it well. No wonder Grimes likes her, they both have the squeaky babydoll ugu voice thing going on. Cept' Nicole tries to be more doll.

Nicole set herself up well, knows her shit. Doll image, doll bedroom, doll name. Doll face even! She's a bit of a weirdo but I think it suits her.

Kaka has no image anymore. Her image died and you're right her music is all over the place, isn't working. I cannot imagine her ever singing, nor kota or acting. I'm starting to think kaka is giving up. Big time. What else does she have to work with, honestly?

No. 171961

she has given up. her new aspiration is to just be a japanese housewife.
she can be a lazy ass forever

No. 171969

Pretty much. never mentioned music or her failure of a store again, etc.
It makes me think back to the super professional music devices she has on her room in Florida, collecting dust and shit (if she hasn't auctioned them on eBay to buy for her stays and flight tickets in Japan)

No. 171974

always amazed at how posters think people care about their life

>cutting my tailbone length black box dyed hair

gurl……. no one gives a fuck

No. 171980

This so much.
I'm sick of seeing mememe brag posts and cunts trying to bring attention to themselves. I feel like there's been an influx of these kinds of posts lately.
Seriously, no1fuckingcurr.

No. 171981


I know, what a waste of money. It's not our business but jesus christ. Fuck know's what she'll do next.

No. 171982


so talentdoo

No. 171984

I'm still trying to figure out how much shit she had. Like, the little box thing from "how I make dem sick beats" vid, the whole Dj set, the image reflector, the guitar…
And this without counting the gimmicks unrelated to music like the pole she had in her room/whatever, power rangers/Where The Wild Things Are outfits…

No. 171985


You have to be in the mood for Nicole's music tbh sometimes I have to be in the mood other times I am.

No. 171986


she's definitely not shy with her music

No. 171988


I don't get how she could afford all this shit and you know what? It was a waste of time.

No. 171989


Well the grandmother did pass away so maybe Kiki inherited it. Or because they have money Scott and Cathy have no problem spoiling Kristen.

No. 171993

Yes there are ways she could've afforded it all but it's just too much waste to have nothing in return

No. 171997

File: 1440959723683.png (197.52 KB, 583x566, crazytalk1.png)

Lol Kiki is going on a rant on Twitter and the milk is delicious.

No. 171998

File: 1440959741767.png (138 KB, 583x564, crazytalk2.png)

No. 171999

File: 1440959798245.png (138.91 KB, 584x551, crazytalk3.png)

No. 172000

File: 1440959895619.png (142.7 KB, 589x559, crazytalk4.png)

No. 172001

File: 1440959934213.png (123.31 KB, 590x475, crazytalk5.png)

No. 172003


god she does ramble on about some shit

No. 172013

File: 1440961498308.gif (1022.55 KB, 500x254, unnamed.gif)

Fucking yawwwwwn.
I love when she produces milk but jesus christ, sometimes she just makes me roll my eyes so fucking hard.
It's almost humiliating to watch her go on these rants thinking she's being so ~wise & insightful~
That ego.

No. 172017

im imagining josipondeck typing all of this

No. 172021

Fucking use your blog Kirsten! Do you even understand the concept of Twitter??

No. 172034

Yeah I rolled my eyes at that but ignored it cuz I thought maybe it was just me. Glad I'm not the only who noticed it.

No. 172035


Right? Fairly certain shit is all ripped from those natural healing self-help books - Kiki, it's not an epiphany if you read that thought in a book. You can't lay claim to have thought of something if you clearly read about it almost word-for-word before.

No. 172051

Holy shit, what is this new age ~spiritual~ bullshit? I'm all for being thoughtful and reflecting, but she sounds so convoluted and forced.

No. 172060

> It's 3 AM and I'm having massive epiphanies ^ ^ #enlightenment #alwayslearning #forevercurious always expanding, shifting & changing
is she on drugs
> #whyisntsheondrugs

No. 172062

Nah it hasn't reached Jaden Smith tweet level stupid, yet. She's just regurgitating new-age positive thinking and claiming she came up with it. It's a new low, if anything.

No. 172065


in other words… kaka knows she's failing and trying to find a new outlet but it aint working

No. 172067

Pretty much. If she wasn't such a tool, you'd almost feel sorry for her.

No. 172068


Yeah…. but I don't kek!

No. 172069

> dimly lit rose garden

Wtf are you, Kirsten, a YA novel writer?

No. 172072


Few years ago it was "omg fucking fuck nigga"

now its "roses in a dimly light garden <3"

"so spiritual and pure goddessu thy am"

oh fuck off kiki

i bet you're sat there on you ass scratching your pussy and hackin up lugies with a slice of pepporoni pizza

No. 172086

*VEGAN pepperoni pizza

No. 172088


I don't even think she's vegan tbh, it's all lies to make herself hop on the vegan trend train.

No. 172113

she certainly looks like a vegan

No. 172114

Just you wait.. next big project will be a book!

No. 172115

Weird, this girl was tweeting at her earlier though? Can't remember if Kiki ever responded. She's probably on Kiki's block'd list.

No. 172127

File: 1440977184440.jpg (118.38 KB, 500x750, image.jpg)

kiki reminds me of the singer of one eyed doll, personally i think kiki would look good if she had that sort of style?

No. 172137


dont give kaka anymore ideas

shes a wreck enough as it is

No. 172160

She insists on doing everything that looks awful cuz she thinks taking good advice means succumbing to ~tha fat jelly haterz~.

Some side swooped bangs, lowlights, and layers would improve her appearance exponentially. So would some very light peach contour and eyebrows filled in fuller closer to her nose. Real clothes and not bondage wear would also make all the difference.
Will she listen? No.

No. 172172

lolcow mentions if she were in japan it'd be really late at night, mentions "it's 3am!"

>~misty full moon~
>~dimly lit rose garden~

sure kiki that definitely happened.

No. 172206

File: 1440995096992.png (99.91 KB, 1154x887, Screenshot_2015-08-31-00-20-42…)

So now she's bragging about her bf giving her money…

No. 172208

oh girl..
that's tacky

No. 172209

That's his payment for fucking you, ho

No. 172210

She's aware that barely anyone visits her blog. And her blog looks like shit.
She likes Twitter better because she has a few blind minions and sock puppets over there.

No. 172215

i'm beginning to think she's mentally ill and delusional and she's living out her delusions through her tweets.
she meets some japanese guy and they instantly fall in love and they go on romantic trips to disney world and he will do anything for her and he's rich and his family is rich and they're gonna get married and the romantic walk through the rose garden, now he's just slippin money in her wallet so she can go buy whatever she wants!
seriously like when does this ever happen? this cannot be real.

No. 172217


No. 172218

to me she makes it out that he's rich. he comes to america just to stay in a disney hotel and go to disney world with her. then she mentions them staying at multiple hotels and having his own apartment. and i've never heard of anyone just giving away $300 to their girlfriend for no reason just for spending money but i'm glad you're so well off anon

No. 172219

Remember Jack Cash.. It was just a one-night stand but girl drew all over his back about how much Jack loves her. We all know she exaggerates a lot and tend to leave out other details.

Our Kaka who art in Japan, return the imaginary money Taco gave you because he needs it for dental work.

No. 172220

can't tell if
1. they're not even together anymore
2. he's some kind of sugar daddy/paying her for sex
3. they're actually together
but no matter what it is, she's exaggerating

No. 172230

Her whole life is delusions of grandeur. She couldn't even leave the fucking nest properly so now she's relying on mooching off her sister and some random uggo Nipponese guy you know she doesn't actually love because she wants to be able to live out her fantasies. She's going to be so far up Dakota's ass. She's completely incapable of doing anything herself.

No. 172246


Kiki wants so desperately to be like those pretty, popular, well rounded and successful women with happy lives and rich boyfriends who go on expensive trips and dream vacations and show off the stuff they buy and have people fawn over them. Pronlem is she's so trashy, ignorant and conceited that she literally can't see that everything in her life is her and her parents' fault. She an asshole, she's a twat to everyone who doesn't OTT worship her for exactly no reason, she doesn't do anything or aspire to do anything yet she thinks she's so amazing and talented and kind, yet she's none of those things. She is not living in reality, she's stuck in the rich adventure girl fantasy persona she's created for herself and that her parents have perpetuated for her. And it'll probably never end because we've already seen how hard she can twist literally anything to suit her fantasy and make her seem in the right. She's fucking sick.

No. 172249

File: 1441011677769.png (436.56 KB, 597x599, 1.png)

New pointless video showing off her ugly shitty jewelry https://instagram.com/p/7CrX6SDRMo/?taken-by=mmmkikikannibal

No. 172251

File: 1441012016290.png (27.88 KB, 581x248, 0.png)

Also. lol. I have no words.

No. 172252

Ugh, she's so vain and conceited. It clashes so hard with her fake humble and selfless bullshit personality.

No. 172254

No. 172255

Such an ugly, pretentious personality.
She couldn't be any more full of herself.

No. 172256

"Are you a model?"
"Ah, I see. But you look like one!"

No. 172258

Is the online translator bad or is she not forming sentences properly?

No. 172260

She has no idea how to behave like a real person, she can't even humble brag properly. She might as well tweet…


Agree with whatever anon said Kiki is probably a human shaped sack of flesh piloted by bugs. She is demented.

No. 172264

Also, isn't it really unusual and kind of a faux pas for a Japanese person to just go up to a stranger and start speaking to them (when they're not drunk), let alone a foreigner. Speaking to her in Japanese as well, don't they generally assume all westerners don't speak a word of Japanese?

How come we never see pictures of all these Shibuya trips and only ever musty aparthotel selfies?

No. 172265


Very much the believer of pics or it didn't happen.

I have lurked here from time to time and from what I've read if she's realy as sick of online as she said she is she would remove herself from it eg. delete every profile. Failing that make everything private if she felt left out of having them. Like the saying goes "If it's too hot get out of the kitchen"

No. 172267

Because muh privacy. Also it wouldn't be sad to just be taking selfies all by yourself when you're shopping?

About the rest, I agree. It sounds so unusual, unless she has spoke to a salesclerk or smthg. Either way, I missed that Kiki humble brag lol

No. 172275

Since when 3man is a lot of money? Like seriously getting 3man makes you feel so good that you need to brag? I feel sad for her

No. 172277

She's not, also japanese say model-san, not just model. She's probably never heard that sentence before

No. 172284

File: 1441020953414.jpg (79.12 KB, 640x537, image.jpg)

sure, Jan

No. 172285


Nice circle lenses kaka. You'll never be koots though, sorry

No. 172286

File: 1441021126197.jpg (86.38 KB, 640x567, image.jpg)

No. 172288


If this ever actually happens (which it doesn't because Kiki is demented), it would only because she dresses in such a "Look at me!" way when she's simply walking around town or going shopping. If I saw someone dressed in OTT bondage gear while buying groceries I would probably think "there must be a reason she's dressed like that" and I guess model would be one conclusion. Well first I'd think stripper, lol, but that's too rude to ask someone. But nope, she's just an attention seeker.

No. 172289


Huh? How do you interact with natives from an apartment sitting on lolcow and bitching on Twitter?

No. 172291


Didn't you say you was fluent before going to Japan? Now you saying you weren't? Make up your mind when it canes to your lies bitch

No. 172293

File: 1441022694663.jpg (168.28 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Does anyone else find it really suspicious that her pics from when she goes out (or… out to google image search) are buried in fucking hearts and sparkles and filters? To me it screams 'fake', she never did this before (pretending?) she went to Japan. Just makes me think she steals images from Google and doesn't want us to reverse image search and find out she's lying.

Like the time she first ~went to Japan~ and someone reverse searched her photo of Tokyo and it came back with an unfiltered, cropped version. I feel like she thinks nobody will suspect her of filtering pics of food from Google but… come on. It's Kiki.

That hand in the burrito image doesn't even have her stupid rings or disgusting fake nails and the words on the wrapper aren't even Japanese. Could have been taken anywhere.

No. 172295


Also, another overly messed about with food picture

No. 172296

File: 1441022785567.jpg (138.29 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 172297


Oh yeah very suspicious. I am 99% sure most of her photos are stolen.

I am looking over instagram and whatnot to find >>172296 .

Ive look at tags like japan chcocolates, japan chcocolate boxes….any ideas what tags it might be. Too many to choose from.

No. 172299

Wow, so if you go to a country and you're in an environment where people only speak their language, your skills on this language will improve? WOW I'VE NEVER GUESSED THAT, THNX KIKI #enlightenment #alwayslearning #epiphany

Lol is she 16? Bc she sounds retarded. What normal adult person brags on twitter about her boyfriend giving her money to buy cheap crap?

No. 172300


Doe, thing is she can't even brag people ask her if she's a model correctly

No. 172304


There is a reason kota doesn't want to be seen with her sister anymore, this is why. Can you blame her?

No. 172305


Thing is we've yet to see her model for anything. Aside from her own content obv. How can people fall for that shit?

No. 172306

She wrote it fine (it's very basic tho) but what >>172277 said is true

kiki probably made it up anyway

No. 172307

No. 172310

It's so painfully obvious she wants to show off that ugly clutter she has on her hand.

No. 172317

you can get those in a job lot on Aliexpress for like £1 each tbh

No. 172318

>love and light, believe in yourself, your beautiful soul is the most important thing! don't listen to other people!

>look at my material possessions! be jealous!

>look how rich my boyfriend is! be jealous!

>look everyone thinks I'm a model! be jealous!

She's a fucking moron.

No. 172319


Still, they look so ducking ugly when they're cluttered all the rings in just one hand with the bracelet
She has absolutely no fashion sense at all

No. 172321


I preferred it when she used to do hair and make up videos tbh

No. 172322


but she used to act retarded in them tho

No. 172325


Everybody did even when she was acting all "randumb" and shit. Last ask she received was someone asking her for one of those.

No. 172332

File: 1441029776074.jpg (Spoiler Image,31.88 KB, 500x375, 6-4-09001.jpg)

Don't know if I'm right and if it will help, but that burrito looks just like Chipotle's Vegetarian Burritos.

No. 172334

I bet tons of anime fans "speak" better Japanese than her.

No. 172336

Kaka, it's ビーガン(bii-gan) not ベーガン(beh-gan). It's ridiculous that she's going on about how ~fluent~ she's becoming but she can't get the words you'd definitely think she'd know right. (Another example: she literally said 赤ちゃんな猫 to say "kitten")

I bet that as well.

No. 172337

Funny when I saw her picture the first thing that came to mind was Chipotle.

No. 172340

File: 1441030933672.png (498.98 KB, 926x590, Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 15.2…)

Burrito is from Frijoles, that might help find the original photos, if they are stolen.

No. 172341


Where? I'm always on that site and I can't find them.

No. 172343

File: 1441031422826.jpg (49.48 KB, 629x483, image.jpg)

Shes on fire today

No. 172344

File: 1441031481873.jpg (77.8 KB, 640x537, image.jpg)

Also how to know if you're an indigo child, by Indigo Child Kiki herself https://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal/status/638355385250770944

No. 172346

All autistic*
Wow, she's egotistical as fuck today! Worse than normal, it's nauseating.

No. 172349

Yikes, just the fact that she believes in this indigo children bullshit proves how stupid she is. And if her grandma believes in this shit too now I can understand how all the family is so fucked up.

No. 172350

File: 1441032258023.jpg (159.6 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Jesus, she will find any reason to state that she has an S.O. Is talking about a box of Orville relevant to anything in this shitty vanity video?

No. 172353

This is pretty common around Shibuya but its basically a pickup girls ploy. They'll ask any basic white girl if they're "models". So nothing to brag about really.

No. 172355


I read the first tweet as "Nancy said my parents are idiots." at first.

No. 172359

Of course she did, so your dumbass
family would buy more of her dumbass books.

How exactly does she think she spreads "love and harmony"? By posting about it on Twitter and bitching out and blocking anyone who isn't kissing her ass sufficiently?

Maybe she's having a manic episode.

No. 172363

It's called nanpa

Audrey married her nanpa, lol

No. 172366

No. 172368

Audrey Mh, another baka gaijin kawaii moderu in Japan. There's a thread on her in /snow/

She also browses this board

No. 172379

if this bitch weren't so egotistical and fake i wouldn't have a problem with her just trying to #enlighten and #love
idk why she's pulling this shit or where she got it but it's so annoying. just another way she thinks she can gain followers. she's so fake about it and constantly tweets on and on and on about this bullshit though that it would be way too annoying to follow her even if i didn't know who she was.

No. 172380

File: 1441036295490.jpg (84.65 KB, 637x534, image.jpg)

> embrace your goddess energy!
> I manifest harmony wherever I go
> shitty haters with their shitty lives

Well, even this is a reason for her to brag. She has been going on about that way before Japan.

No. 172387


Now please, tell us about how you're an ~empath~ while you smash your keyboard about us some more. top kek

No. 172388


Oh she's on her fucking "moon cycle" you guys. Her period is making her act more schizo than usual. brb grabbing some of babe's popcorn

No. 172390

File: 1441037872054.jpg (153.2 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

I got excited and thought she'd made another "everyone sexually harasses me" video, but it was just a sunflower growing video. wtf man.

If Kiki was a sunflower she'd be the one wilting in the shadow of a much more glorious sunflower. You lean forward to read the label beneath the magnificent beast

It reads: Kota-chan

No. 172393

Kek'd too hard.

No. 172394


Oh god, it's too real

No. 172396

>babe's popcorn


No. 172410

I'm betting money that Taku is some rich boy with a daddy that works for some corporation, but he has a gaijin fetish so he's paying Kirsten to be his fake-gaijin girlfriend and fucking her until his next squeeze comes a long.

No. 172413


It's called nanpa/ナンパ and is basically where guys will hang around popular areas of Tokyo like Shibuya and ask any reasonably attractive Japanese girl or any thin foreigners if they're models in order to attract them into unpaid work and sham contracts.

It's a scam basically and Kirsten is a complete moron for falling for it.

No. 172415


Wow are you serious? I thought kitten was 子猫.

That's like, the most basic shit holy shit I learnt that in the first week of my Japanese course.

Shit she is embarrassing.

No. 172426


lol oh there's a name for it

No. 172433

File: 1441042402857.jpg (27.1 KB, 640x193, image.jpg)

It's a banner!!!
I feel like I've been Kek-blessed

No. 172435

File: 1441042670524.png (56.09 KB, 616x443, Capture.PNG)

No. 172437

lol still don't understand why she's tweeting in japanese
does she think the haters can't use google translate
some of you even speak it and apparently she sucks at it haha if anything it's giving us more to laugh at

No. 172441

She's only doing it to show off. There's literally no other reason for it.
I get if you are trying to learn another language, you'd want to actually use it and practice. But it's best to do that with a native/someone at a higher level than you are. From what I've seen, none of her followers are natives or at a higher level than she is.

No. 172443


she knows fuck all Japanese and is just using a translator

at fuck kota made an effort

No. 172444


thank fuck*

No. 172446


fuck her japanese is so bad

No. 172450

Lol at this period=feminity crap.
If she weren't so washed up and irrelevant, the sjws would have a field day with this one = more milk, because "not all girls are born with a vagina."

No. 172459

Lol can I interest one of you to bait an sjw with this information for the lulz?

No. 172462

that'd be hilarious. It'd be fun to watch her argue with an sjw.

No. 172468

that would be easy. all you gotta do is post the screenshot to tumblr and tag it with the appropriate tags. since she's so washed up and irrelevant she's only gonna be known as that offensive girl

No. 172472

File: 1441045953119.png (68.3 KB, 585x381, Capture.PNG)

It seems like she's lurking the last thread since we discussed how the one picture of the cats in that long tube that she retweeted was kind of cruel.

No. 172474


No. 172484

>"moon cycle"
>"goddess energy"
What is this cringy as fuck shit? I have so much second-hand embarrassment from reading this, how do you type this out and pat yourself on the back thinking you're so wise and ~enlightened~?

No. 172492

Does anyone else think that the reason why Kaka keeps mentioning she's on her period is to maintain her "pure white maiden" status?

Even though we all know she's a whore, she can pretend to be sweet and innocent and virginal because she's ~not pregnant~ and ~on her moon cycle~ since she doesn't take birth control or have sex, kyuuu~~~

No. 172493

I wonder how many Plan B's Kiki's had to take over the years

No. 172499

Ha! Actually cannot believe she genuinely believes this.
Yeah, if you're not putting the study in now while you're immersed in the language (tip: even Kanadajin "studies"), your language ability will stagnate. You know that's if you wanna go beyond basic stuff like what toppings you want on your pizza and, you know, want to actually have a meaningful conversation that isn't Google Translate phrases.

Kiki, this ain't cute! Posting this makes you look tacky at best, golddigger at worst unless you think sex work is degrading…

This shit is why all that ~enlightened~ stuff looks like bullshit. I know humans are multifaceted etc. etc., but the superficial/materialistic boastfulness shits right in the face of that spiritual stuff.

Also, if Kiki really looked that much like a model, SHE WOULD BE ONE BY NOW INSTEAD OF BRAGGING ABOUT IT!

Holyshit! She actually looked up the cliffnotes/wikipedia of a book that she didn't instagram?

Kiki, how are these passive aggressive tweets attacking us treating your wellbeing - you dole it out, but you don't realise/won't accept how much you should be following your own advice.

No. 172501

I could see that.

Some people may think it's childish for me to say this, but honestly it's kind of gross for her to go on about periods. I know it's a completely natural thing, but so is shitting and no one really needs to hear about that.

Back to the whole pure white maiden thing, I wonder if she tells the guys she sleeps with that she's a virgin.

No. 172502

No. 172506

She used to tweet pics of her period blood running down her legs so she probably thinks this is classy in comparison to that…

No. 172509


Tons, I remember some old video or old post ages ago that she used to beg her mum to buy her preggo tests and the pill all the time. Then actually had a pregnancy scare… fucking hell kaka just use condom and a pill.

I bet #pray4taku's swimmers are shit tho

No. 172510


but then again he's asian and they fucking breed like rabbits

No. 172511

Asians don't breed like rabbits. They have some of the lowest birth rates ever.

No. 172512

This Is so disgusting and middle school as fuck.

No. 172513

Nah she just over shares a lot. She probably thinks the blood off her indigo vagina is a holy grail or smthg

Also I don't think she lies about being a Virgin as someone else pointed out BUT I bet money she probably pulls a ~frail raped lil girl~ sob story

No. 172514

This is so cringey and pathetic but Kota looks hot in these vids.
What happened.
Also I only just realized her voice sounds so different in these to how she speaks in her YouTube vids (when she's speaking English), it's strange. She has a different accent and everything on YT.

No. 172518

>BUT I bet money she probably pulls a ~frail raped lil girl~ sob story
Definitely. I would bet that's the very first thing she tells people.

No. 172521

File: 1441053016484.gif (399.1 KB, 245x225, Floridians during a hurricane_…)

She has to be in fucking fl that second tweet confirms it for me.

Its hurricane season here and it has been raining non stop for three days.

No. 172523

This bitch is so corny.

No. 172533

Ok I'm on my phone and I can't view it :'( help?

No. 172534


HAHAHA please get to her yard and shout "Kiki Kannibal"!!

No. 172544

yup, i can vouch for this. how's the weather in japan?

No. 172548

Cloudy and rainy, and the forecast says it'll be like that all week.

No. 172551

File: 1441054770857.jpg (100.79 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Derp, dropped muh pic

No. 172555

dammit hahaha

No. 172560

File: 1441055056757.jpg (320.16 KB, 716x1230, Screenshot_2015-09-01-05-00-48…)

I don't know how it has been for the last couple of days but it looks like it checks out; forecast is rainy.

No. 172562

Whoops, sorry, phone didn't auto-refresh and didn't see your post.

No. 172585

I distinctly remember a video on stickam where Kiki was asked the age difference between her and kota and she put one finger and said 1 year and then her mum was in the background talking about how Kiki was so upset that she wasnt the youngest anymore and didn't want the new baby to have the same birthday as her.

No. 172593

Thanks for giving my disgusting dyke ass a reminder that there's a 99% chance Kota is still a homophobic piece of shit

No. 172596

meanwhile the real kiki rocks herself back and forth, alone, on the floor of her florida bedroom. it is hurricane season, so heavy rain is falling outside her window. its steady rhythm provides a comforting distraction from reality which allows her to fall further into her delusions with each passing day. sometimes the plodding raindrops sound vaguely like japanese whispers…

No. 172602

there is an iphone on the floor beside her. the screen is dark. the phone has actually been disconnected for years.
a floorboard creaks somewhere in the house.
a shadow passes through the crack under her bedroom door.
maybe it is kathy or scott walking by to check on their daughter.
it's actually the family cat who, after a brief pause, just continues walking; even he wants nothing to do with this girl.

No. 172614

as for the model question… do we know how tall is she?

I always thought she's tall, like 170-174cm but judging by her sister's size, she should be way below model's height

No. 172619

On one of her language exchange accounts she said she's 5'5

No. 172621

anon, your comment just made me smile so hard. thank you.. thank you

No. 172627

so she finally acknowledges her brother

No. 172646


www!!! :^)

No. 172648

But it's been raining constantly here in Japan too.

No. 172650


How on earth did she learn 赤ちゃん and even basic use of な before she learned 子猫?? Did she skip Japanese 101 and try to go right into intermediate?

No. 172655


Apparently yes. There were some random tweets about it from a (supposed) classmate from her

No. 172657

Frijoles burritos are like half that price

No. 172669

File: 1441066775108.png (1002.66 KB, 929x594, Capture.PNG)

The even more ridiculous thing is she's actually seen 子猫 before, pic related. I know it was before she started learning Japanese, but I'm pretty sure the "赤ちゃんな猫" picture was taken at a cat cafe so she'd most likely see 子猫 again anyway.

No. 172699

why does she do this to her photos? i'd say this one was fake if it weren't for her being in it

No. 172731

File: 1441080234487.jpg (17.81 KB, 600x600, CM3oDBwWoAElVPS.jpg)

The caption on this picture infuriates me for some reason

No. 172740

She has actually gotten some shit from sjw's when she went on a rant about racism. When they confronted her about it, she told them a sob story about how a ~poc~ called her a "white bitch" or "white whore," something along those lines, and tried to stab her at school. She also kept going on to them about how she's never done anything racist ever and they hated her just because she's white, lol ok Kaka.

I was just thinking about it, I'm surprised she never got onto the whole sjw/feminist thing since she loves being a victim. But then again, with the whole sjw thing, she wouldn't be that much of a victim since she's able-bodied, white, straight, and cis.

No. 172755

with how malnourished she is, i doubt she has had it since that photo

No. 172759

>>"Kiki is probably a human shaped sack of flesh piloted by bugs. She is demented."

pls be new banner
i want this engraved

No. 172761

Can you imagine if xiaxue made a expose blog post about Kiki like she did with peter coffin? That would be so fun to read and witness

No. 172763

These little Japanese pet shops are extremely cruel; glad the plucked her heart stings tho

No. 172764

File: 1441088233417.png (31.51 KB, 300x100, kakasrevenge.png)


It doesn't move but

No. 172767

omg, please can you add bugs crawling all over her (animated if you can)?
Then it would be fucking perfect!

No. 172771

I knew it was missing something!
Unfortunately, I'm just some faggot using pixlr. I don't know how to do animated stuff :/ but I'm sure there are many talented anons who could make a better banner than me.

No. 172773

Meh, she wouldn't find more than what we have

But the potential drama would have been amazing

No. 172774

I'm on mobile, but try Googling for "add gif to image online"?

No. 172779

It'd be funny if a cockroach crawled into her mouth, ha.

No. 172807

The photo Kiki posted has the Frijoles logo right there on the wrapper.
She's probably just lying about the price or getting it at all.

No. 172809

File: 1441102094285.jpg (39.39 KB, 628x260, image.jpg)

go to her Twitter for more #enlightenement
She's on a roll

No. 172813

Is she equating hersled to Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa?

wow, kiki's ego never disappoints

No. 172818

She's constantly posting shit like this about how she doesn't let the ~haters~ affect her and that she doesn't think about it and stays ~enlightened~ but by churning out this long-winded drivel every hour it proves the complete opposite; she's completely fucking consumed by the hate and criticism she receives to the point of paranoia, her life truly revolves around it. It's all she thinks about and it's stupidly obvious.

No. 172822

But Kiki, unlike those people, you ain't shit. What the fuck does she even do to actively contribute to society?

No. 172823

her bragging, and pictures. That's pretty much it.

No. 172824

LOL I think it's more like "well this people had haters too there's nothing wrong with me ^^"

Agreed 100%. It gives off a vibe she has nothing else going on and while she acting positive now, it's only a matter of time before cracking and going on a 3 page long rant, posting screenshots etc

No. 172829

natives lol. she trying to avoid white bitches who speak better than her.

No. 172831

File: 1441108818834.png (265.14 KB, 795x435, energyprotection.png)

turning out just like her insane mom. she would be so proud

No. 172832

What's funny is that she doesn't realize how valuable a white/black/non-Japanese person who speak fluent Japanese is when it comes to learning. I'm talking about people who have passed the high levels of JLPT and are very good at it. They usually learn a lot of things (grammar, verb conjugation, etc) that natives don't always do properly.

Example: TONS of native English speakers are shit at it and there are so many who have English and second/third language with a way better grasp at it, because they have studied it well and have a deep interest in actually learning. You can't just assume a native is the best person to teach you shit. lol

It's often easier for a second-language learner to teach someone else based on how they learned it, by hard study and not just "picking up shit and words while growing up"

No. 172835

>Akachan na
Kek this is probably what Taco used to call her: Akachan. And she probably thought it would be kira kira cute to call a kitten a baby cat in Japanese.

Kira kira alien akachan empath goddess sex-worker on her period

No. 172842

File: 1441111065303.jpg (58 KB, 640x442, image.jpg)

No. 172845

She'd probably be the one causing all the drama while everyone else avoids her and wonders why she's even there.

No. 172846

No Kirsten because whilst Japanese television is ultimately some of the worst, most inane broadcasting on the planet, it'd have to be a special kind of trashy to broadcast a show featuring a balding, caterwauling human shaped sack of flesh piloted by bugs.

No. 172849

She'll be the one too stupid to stick chopsticks upright on her rice bowl because she is just too Buddhist, guise.

No. 172851

Except you're not his wife Kaka…you've known Taco for less than a year and you're already babbling on about marriage like it's definitely going to happen, Jesus fuck.
She wants that spouse visa baaaad.
Shame she's just his temporary gaijin fucktoy.

No. 172864


if kaka ends up on japanese tv kota will have a breakdown

No. 172866

Just out of curiosity, is Rogain vegan?

No. 172875

mira tried a video series on this.
and some other women also document it on youtube.
and… its not that glamorous kaka. but i guess if you have no education and dont speak the language, you have no choice but to be a hosuewife. have fun cleaning taku's dirty socks and underwear for 50 years.

No. 172876


She'd be causing all the drama and then twist everything around so she's the victim.

She can't even be a housewife either since you'd know she'd refuse to do actual house work.

No. 172880

How well known is Kiki the delivery service in Japab? Well enough for a old middle age man to talk to her about it?

No. 172884

she made a beautiful housewife ~audition~ vid before tho


No. 172887

She'd be one of those housewives who has a maid, nanny and cook but still claims she works SO HARD.

No. 172893

The amount of shade in the post could block out the entire Eastern hemisphere.

No. 172894

*in this post

No. 172898

Nah she's probably thinking "The Real Housewives of…" Kind of thing.

I'd love to see her and Mira team up on that.

No. 172907

Studio Ghibli is as well-known in Japan as Disney is pretty much everywhere in the world.
It's a household name.

No. 172909

if youre gonna link her music at least link her good songs

No. 172914

Good songs? GOOD songs? Ok Kiki, you're right, some other hard-working musicians (definitively, undeniably not YOU) do deserve attention for their subpar electro songs.

No. 172919

Well, yeah I can think of Space Vampyres (it isn't Bethoven - or Skrillex - but, meh) and… Alright, anon. Your turn, I ran out of songs.

No. 172920

im that anon and I was talking about Nicole Dollanganger not kakas music. chill.

No. 172922

Also Nicole doesn't make electro music???

No. 172923

Who decided bringing up Nicole was a good idea anyways? She's a random generic tumblr bitch with no affiliation to Kiki. Go plug your precious tumblr idol somewhere else. She's nothing like Kiki and has no connection to her.

No. 172932


At least she can actually get a following to listen to her and get her music out there with no lulz. Kaka can only probably just about wipe her asshole let alone make actual music without ripping off other people.

No. 172942

I think it was because she was signed by Grimes or something like that. But tbh, I think Kaka desperately wants to be like Grimes instead.

No. 172945

But that has literally nothing to do with Kaka? No reason to namedrop your fav

No. 172946

Whoa, tru. What was I thinking assuming you were referring to Kiki's music on Kiki thread. Gotta chill g2g

No. 172948


Who said I was namedropping? I'm not even the anon who posted her. I'm just saying, at least she can get somewhere. Geez.

No. 172955


So? There are thousands of Disney films out there. That doesn't mean A old man will know everyone of them

No. 172959

Why are you so concerned about the Ghibli knowledge of Japanese geezers? Trying to form a thesis on a potential Kota sugar daddy?

No. 172960

Why are people acting like Studio Ghibli is so incredibly obscure?

No. 172964

Because they like to nitpick everything Kirsten does even if it's uninteresting?

No. 172982

Gonna break Poe's Law here, but she did in this tweet by taking that extreme: Kiki, you know who also had "haters"? Hitler…Damher…Saddam Hussein…Bin Laden…Vlad the Impaler…Judas…are you saying these people had no reason to have haters too? Don't forget you pulled/are pulling your fair share of shit - and if you don't admit it, you're not in the #enlightenedbeings group that the Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa are and never will be if you can't even admit your wrongdoings online (they were committed online - hence an admittion is fitting).

(also: note she suddenly started putting haters in quotes :p - only "haters" do that!…)

No. 172983


>(also: note she suddenly started putting haters in quotes :p - only "haters" do that!…)

I also noticed that lmao. We do it because the term refers to people who hate someone for no reason/out of jealousy/etc. (also it's just a stupid term imo) It's ridiculous she'd start doing it because she genuinely believes we hate her for no reason and are jealous of her.

No. 172988

I want to add:
If she's already copying us with that, I wonder if she'll start giving out the life advice we try to give her to her twitter followers and act like she came up with it on her own.

No. 172998

It depends. If it happens, I will not only know that have we hit a nerve, but she'd also be admitting we're right with the advice. So is plagiarising our legitimate advice to her really the best for ego? Because she's be a fucking hypocrite if she didn't follow the advice that she doles out…oh wait…she already does that.

No. 172999

*we have hit
*her ego

No. 173003


Don't flatter yourself dear. I wanted to know to see if Kiki was lying yet again. I find it hard to believe that 50 something year old man went up to Kiki to ask her if she's a model, sold her that cat bag and spoken to her about anime in the pace of a few minutes.

No. 173004

No. 173008

How am I flattering myself by asking you why you care about old Japanese men? If you're going to insert a personal insult in response to my non-personal comment, at least have it make sense.

No. 173039

File: 1441146799787.png (414.77 KB, 660x791, Capture.PNG)

This isn't all that interesting, but Kota actually acknowledged Kaka for once.

No. 173054


holy fuck

No. 173070

Did she happen to tell her happy birthday tho..?

(What day is Kota claiming to be her birthday again?)

No. 173071


Remember that year where kota got those presents and didn't like them? lmao

No. 173078

Nope. But her birthday is on the 19th.

No. 173100

Hm? Explain

No. 173103


I remember seeing that post ages ago on PULL. It was like the second year kota was in Japan? She got gifts off kaka (the painting), some gifts off her Japanese friends I think it was like gel pens, plushies, jewellery box, anime. Something else aswell like tights or something. It was translated into "I didn't want these" or "Not what I wanted but…" I don't remember anyone calling her out for it apart from the PULL users. Kota probably still has the post up on her personal blog (not Japanese one)

No. 173105

http://kotakoti.com/?paged=5 <<< this one at the bottom idk you might have to translate it or w/e

No. 173107

File: 1441159079833.png (594.6 KB, 947x575, veganchocolate.png)

So… for anyone who can actually read moonspeak, does this saw ~raw vegan chocolate~?

No. 173108

File: 1441159146592.png (74.17 KB, 612x401, studying...right.png)

Kaka Kardashian is active on twitter. (Doing anything but studying.)

No. 173109

File: 1441159341180.png (92.06 KB, 597x511, crueltyfreetho.png)

She's such a condescending bitch.

No. 173110

File: 1441159380697.png (201.28 KB, 603x431, themiracleoftaco.png)

She needs a miracle.. the miracle of bangs.

No. 173152

kiki if you really read and "studied" books about mindfulness and spirituality and happiness/love and those subjects and follow pretty much any website like tiny buddha, you have to know that EGO is a huge thing to do with those.
you are doing the complete opposite of what you think you're preaching. your ego is so fucking big that there is no room for anything else.

does vegan chocolate even exist in japan

No. 173155

also the chocolate isn't ~raw~ if it has been melted and put into a mold you fucking idiot

No. 173158

It says:
"raw chocolate
<100% natural organic plant>"

No. 173161

highly highly doubt it's vegan
how common is vegan chocolate in japan? she's claiming you can just buy it at cafes? i barely see it in america even.

No. 173163

It's not common but not impossible to find

Just gotta know where to look

No. 173169

dude, c'mon now

this is lolcow, whenever a cow does anything it's always either autistic, hilarious a lie or impossible, they're not capable of doing normal things

clearly this is both a lie and impossible, vegan chocolates are highly, highly uncommon in Japan considering it's not even on the same planet as the rest of the countries. How could they possibly have access to it? And even if Japan was a part of Earth, vegan chocolates are super exclusive. You can't just buy them with money, you have to sell your soul.

No. 173178

It's pretty easy to find cruelty free products here in the U.S. but Japan is a country that has very few vegetarians and vegans. Not saying people who eat meat wouldn't care about buying cruelty free, but most of my friends don't give two fucks about buying from cruelty free brands. I really can't see the demand in Japan being there. And I KNOW licensed products like that will test on animals.

No. 173182

I forgot what a third world country Japan is

Look at their technology for instance, it's utter shit

No. 173185

Ok I live in Japan and the vegan options are VERY LIMITED

But they are not IMPOSSIBLE to find

So y'all need to stop acting like she could never in her life find anything vegan

No. 173201

I don't think you realize just how huge Tokyo is…

No. 173203

if you know how to read ingredient labels that are in Japanese, it is easy to find items that are technically vegan, but not advertised as such. With items such as chocolate, you just need to make sure dairy is not listed. This is actually a really handy website: http://isitveganjapan.com/food-products/chocolate/

No. 173213

Yeah, but are you aware that anons friends represent all of Japan?

No. 173215

You his act like Kiki just pretend she isn't a massively self centered egomaniac narcissist. IMHO I think she's just been so conditioned by her parents to believe she's a super special unique and different angel indigo child, that she thinks she's the only person on earth on a higher plane of existence, a true empath alien princess from Mars. She actually believes this. I think if Kiki ever became self aware enough to realize what a train wreck, failure and loser she is she would kill herself.

No. 173220

Here's to the tip over that ledge

No. 173226

File: 1441172846022.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-02-06-46-30…)

She's tagging to get random likes on her photos. The white girl is getting desperate.

No. 173236


No. 173239

#iwassupposedtosellthese #nowmyfingersaregreen

No. 173251


You're tacky, and I hate you. (But no really where in the world do you think it looks nearly good????)

No. 173254


Ugh thank you I'm so over the overuse of raw. Tbh, if a chocolate doesn't contain diary it can be vegan. Nothing special. No need to even go look in a far away, special organic cafe made specially for you and your needs in the center of Tokyo

No. 173256

That's it, it's probably just chocolate for those who can't have dairy.

She honestly believes that Japan cater to her every kira-kira vegan need. If it were "raw" it would just be the cocoa bean, unprocessed.

No. 173257


No. 173259

She's hardly the candidate to be selling a vegan lifestyle. Her hairline is blinding and her body is so weak and dainty, she'll snap against a strong wind.

No. 173262


Is her arm even strong enough to wear those tacky rocks?!

No. 173268

Actually their tech is pretty shit. Let me print out this entire document I typed in Excel and fax it to you to file in our giant paper mound

No. 173270

Please someone make a Nicole thread

No. 173275

File: 1441192533885.jpg (69.59 KB, 640x665, image.jpg)

Ugh I lurked thru her profile to find a insta/tweet where she claimed she was crying in a café and this guy approached her, said "everything's gonna be fine" and gave her his number. So. It seems for Kira Kira this kind of shit always happens. Later, she posted some photos of her outfit in the cafe, taken by someone else and I just went like "holy shit Kaka he gave you his number, you were crying because the world was sooo cruel and dark and you STILL had time to have him taking a picture of your outfit??"
But I couldn't find it :( found a bunch of old kek-y stuff though

> picture related
U kidding? She always looked supah young! 21 going 12'

No. 173277

I thought it was her elven-irish-danish-russian-polish bloodline that blessed her with kira-kira genes?

No. 173278

Do you think Dakota's sister ever looks back on the things she once said and thinks "wow that's embarrassing"?

No. 173285

I highly doubt it. If she was actually embarrassed about the cringeworthy/delusional shit she's said, she'd delete most of her tweets/ig captions. She doesn't see anything wrong with them because she sees it as just having self-love/confidence. She doesn't get that there's a huge difference between loving yourself/being confident and being egotistical.
I think the only thing she's done that she's actually embarrassed about are the videos from the scene days that show how she truly is.

No. 173286

File: 1441195346328.jpg (116.74 KB, 640x769, image.jpg)

Nah. She still has this classic beaut up, even when youve laughed our asses off over and over.

She's probnaly embarrassed of the old videos that don't quite fit with the persona she wants to sell nowadays.

No. 173287

so in 5 more years when its not trending to be spiritual love is light vegan earth mama, she will be embarassed of her 2015 self as she clings to the newest trends of the time

No. 173347

C'mon #pray4taku pop the question and ask kaka to be ur new tsuma <3

No. 173351

Absolutely not. Kota is the only one capable of feeling embarrassment, even then she's too lazy to do anything to make sure she avoids it.

No. 173361


Are you Kiki? You seam to like complementing her and yourself.

No. 173362


The jewellery box was a gift from her parents and pull proved that it was a fake.

No. 173364

I never lurked pull so I guess I'm out of the loop. Was it supposed to be designer or s/t?

No. 173365


Is its vegan then simply don't buy it bitch

No. 173370


What are they? It looks like a necklace on my shitty phone. Why would a necklace be tested on animals?

No. 173375

All she does is whine that there are so little restaurants/ take out that are vegan, but why not just make her own fucking food? I never see her talking about her cooking, she's either doing basic smoothies or its her dad doing the cooking. Stop being lazy kaka

No. 173377


Why does she keep posting the exact same jewellery but in different pictures. See seen them all before Kiki. Countless of times in fact

No. 173380

Eh #couldntsellthemsonowimwearingthem

No. 173384


Ew she looks like a kinky grandmother with all the white, non vegan silk, lace, balding, non padded bras and bondage.

No. 173385


Don't for get Welsh, English and German

No. 173386


Now she copy and paste it back into Twitter to used now. Properly update it by alterations tho

No. 173392


Yes by Mele Candy. The jewellery box discounted by the time it was her birthday so they accuse it of being a knock off. I guess her perants bought it in advance

No. 173394


Its can be considered designer but it's cheap disigner

No. 173398

I think it's eyeliner.
Which makes me think, why does it matter if your eyeliner is Sailor Moon? No one would known the difference??

"Oh wow I love your makeup today, is that *~raw vegan kawaii sailor moon~* eyeliner you're wearing today??? Sugoi desu ne! So model like Kira Kira Princess of Mars"

No. 173402

Is this it? Got to admit it's pretty even if it is fake. Mele & Co Mele & Co Candy Stripe Jewellery Box https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00BJLY4X8/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_40W5vb78XQX40

No. 173407

Exactly. Don't me wrong I'm a sucker for cute packaging but overprice brands, limited edition and item collections never appealed to me. What the point of buying making that you will never use?

No. 173410


I meant something

No. 173419

If she punches someone she'll fuck up the face of the other person

No. 173423

sup with the last ten posts or so being so poorly written? Samefagging detected

No. 173425

Sup with yours being formatted exactly like those posts? Bored paranoiac detected.

No. 173433

Who the hell cares about spelling and grammar when they outside of school/work/uni/collage??

No. 173438

File: 1441209752973.jpg (36.1 KB, 336x226, 3231222-i-see-what-you-did-the…)


No. 173439

File: 1441209790137.png (26.15 KB, 1024x1024, Bait 10 try harder _cb187d587d…)

No. 173469

I can be considered an evil person because I hoped to fuck that wasn't cruelty-free, so it wouldn't be another thing Kiki could be all over "wearing my new cruelty free Sailor Moon eyeliner today out shopping in Shibuya! ^_^ got asked if I modeled when I was eating raw vegan pastries in the organic café again! LOL…"

No. 173488

I get being suckered into this stuff because I always am, but it's really pointless for her to get it. Usually people get cute/cool versions of plain things because it's something that people will be seeing. She doesn't leave the house, have friends, or even make makeup tutorials anymore, so why does it matter that it's kawaii sailor moon eyeliner?

But then she'll make a tweet going on about how much she wanted it but didn't get it because she loves animals much more, like she did with that sailor moon tea cup.

No. 173502


Pfft, it's not even expensive I picked it up for £30 because I liked it myself. How the fuck did she end up getting a fake?! They're not even pricy!

No. 173508


HOW the fuck does she afford such expensive meals? When I lived in Tokyo I would spend 500-800 yen on most meals, 1000 max. Also, fresh produce is generally very expensive in Japan! She must be loaded/taku must be loaded if she can afford being vegan in that country.

It's plain dumb. I'm vegan, but I live in Australia and we have excellent agriculture so it's affordable. I would not be vegan if I moved to Japan unless I could afford it.

No. 173542

File: 1441219249739.jpg (92.79 KB, 640x868, image.jpg)

>LOL Letwo sides of Kaka

No. 173547

26€? For that menu is SUPER EXPENSIVE. WTF I can eat in Spain for 9€ 2 dishes, dessert and drink included… and for 26 I can go to a fancy restaurant with a wonderful menu. Dafuq if you're vegan you can eat for 10e in Madrid

No. 173549

Honestly? I find the Sailor Moon eyeliners they've been dishing out like mad lately to be pointless. Only crazy collectors that lose their shit over a Sailor Moon wash cloth really buy the eyeliners. The dumb thing about it all is that they don't even use the shit. Whats the point of makeup if you're not going to use it?

No. 173551


Being vegan seems like more stress, effort and money than its worth tbh

fuck it kaka just eat a burger and look healthy again

No. 173553


I have some sailor moon 21st anniversary merch. I buy the bags but the make up is kinda shit. The eyeliner pen is crappy and the blusher/powder isnt even noticeable… waste of money.

No. 173557

She probably thinks she's too good for it, she doesn't know how to, she's too lazy, and/or says that she eats out all the time to seem "rich."

If she really is just eating out all the time, I wonder if she'll gain weight from it. It'd be really funny if she did become fat since Kota used to be the fat sister living in her shadow and then she'd be the fat sister living in Kota's shadow.

No. 173558

Not all vegan are anorexic looking or overweight. They are vegans out there who are normal.

I'm vegan, I'm 140lbs and eat everything in moderation. 80% healthy and 20% junk. I look after myself Kiki clearly doesn't.

The girl lives on sweets and junk.

No. 173563

Vegan diet looks cheap in the UK

No. 173564


We don't care about your weight. Kiki is naturally thin and boxy

No. 173565

If a vegan diet is as easy and as affordable as she claims then Dakota would still be one or at least veggie. She so full of shit

No. 173568


If anything kaka looked skinnier back in 2006/2007 in those haggard bikinis with that horrid hair